St. Anastasia Catholic Church. Sunday, December 25th, 2016 Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord

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1 St. Anastasia Catholic Church Sunday, December 25th, 2016 Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord

2 Ministry gathers us and makes us a faith family... Sunday, December 25th, 2016, Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord (Christmas): For unto us is born this day a Savior! In response to so great a love, only the gift of my whole self will do. You have given us Yourself, dear Lord; in love and thanksgiving, I commit myself afresh to You. THE GIFT OF GOD'S WORD On this day of gifts and gift-giving, it seems appropriate that we take a moment to reflect on the great gift of God's Word. Because it is creative, God's Word always points to its author, always calls us to respond. Because it is powerful, God's Word can link the sublime with the ridiculous, the transcendent with the immanent, the divine with the human. Because it is graceful, God's Word establishes a relationship of deep intimacy between us and God. At the heart of God's Word lies a tantalizing tension between the mysterious and the mundane. In our liturgical celebration, this unresolved tension both reveals the meaning of life for us and calls us to respond, to act upon that meaning. Once accepted and opened, the gift of God's Word is a gift that keeps on giving and keeps on calling us to give in return. It dares us to be like the gift-giver and to become gifts for others, not only at Christmas, but at every moment of life. Copyright (c) J. S. Paluch Co. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER ~ For those who are ill, and those in need of our prayers Adoracion Vergara Albert Gonzalez, Jr. Alonia Alexander Baby Adien Sison, Baby Colton Smith Baby Garritt to be born Beatrice Vasek Bertrina De Rouen Beverly Galip Marinelli Brandi Hines Carl Brasil Carolyn Lispcomb Cleofas Prieto Charles Guerra Charles Keglevich Daniel Cathcart David Connolly David Islas Dawn Madere Deanna Marie Messier Deshi Chopra Dina Yordy Donald Sunny Sunderlin Elaine Fischel Elena Gomez de Molina Elizabeth Hauser Faye Johnson Fr. Lancy Pereira Ging Savares Gisela Herrera Hector Salas Ian Maxwell James Dugan Janet Erike Jeff Hebron Jim Canada Jim Tyrrell Joanna Musacchio Jorden Aponte Jose A. Anaya Josephine Sullivan Joyce Lynn Donnellan Juan Salas Judy Scollar Canada Julie Martinez Leo Cullen Lori Caldwell Lupe Vega Lynn Kravitt Lysa Dennehy Manuel Villalobos Maria Giove SUN. 12/25 SOLEMNITY OF THE NATIVITY OF THE LORD 7:30 AM PRIESTS INTENTIONS 9:00 AM PRIESTS INTENTIONS 10:30 AM PRIESTS INTENTIONS 12:00 PM SPECIAL INTENTIONS 7:30 PM PRIESTS INTENTIONS MON. 12/26 6:30 AM MARIA RUIZ 8:00 AM STEVEN CATHCART TUE. 12/27 6:30 AM ZACHARY KIERNAN 8:00 AM DAVE & CANDANCE BRASSARD WED. 12/28 6:30 AM KHOA TRAN 8:00 AM SHIRLEY CRANTON Mary Ann Kwinn Melvin Peluchette Michelle Anaya Michlene Mimi HéBert Nancy Collins Nanette Ponte Norma Aaron Nuria Lavilla Brau Paul Stasiak Peggy Keelaghan Peggy Tyrrell Peter Cathcart Ramiro Gomez de Molina Robert F. Martini Rosado family Ruth Smith Sandy Dalton Seth Brunett Sr. Eileen Marie (Marleen) Corrigan Stephane Lempire Steven Andelin Sylvia Yates Thatcher Hawk Tom Tyrrell Victoria Mitsakos MASS INTENTIONS FOR THIS WEEK: THUR. 12/29 6:30 AM SPECIAL INTENTIONS 8:00 AM DANNY GOLD FRI. 12/30 6:30 AM AVIVA GOLD 8:00 AM MATT MILLER SAT, 12/31 8:00 AM KIM NGUYEN 5:30 PM MARIA RUIZ Birthday Support Anniversary Memorial PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS COLUMN AND RESPOND ACCORDINGLY: Family members please contact the Parish Office to let us know about the condition of those for whom we pray at

3 Ministry gathers us and makes us a faith family... This Week: Saturday, December 24th / Sunday, December 25th Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord - Christmas FOCUS: God is with us. In Celtic tradition, thin places are places of magnificence and wonder where the veil that separates heaven and earth is lifted; we are able to receive a glimpse of the glory of God. Tonight we celebrate one such moment. Emmanuel is born. God is with us. Through Jesus Christ, God reveals Himself. Tonight is indeed filled with magnificence and wonder. We pause, and with heightened awareness, bow our hearts in reverence. Reflections on Today s Readings: LITURGY OF THE WORD: The first reading proclaims that God will bestow many blessings on the people of Israel. In a synagogue in Antioch, Saint Paul proclaims that God s promise of a savior from the House of David has been fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. The Gospel demonstrates Jesus Davidic lineage and recounts the details of His birth. Celebrating Our Faith Next Week ~ Saturday, December 31st / Sunday, January 1st, 2017 Solemnity of the Mary, the Holy Mother of God Masses: Sat: 5:30 p.m. 7:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 12:00 NN. 7:30 p.m. Celebrants: Fr. Semik Msgr. Cox Msgr. Vadakin Fr. Tom Fr. Leszek Fr. Leszek Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) Saturday, 3: pm and 7: pm. To Receive Holy Communion (For those who are sick, hospitalized, or home bound). Please call Gloria Bowen, Eucharistic Minister to the sick at The Family Visitation Ministry offers spiritual support to those in need. Please call Sr , or the Church SOCIAL CLUB NEWS Let s start the New Year with a casino trip to Pauma Casino on Wednesday, January 25 (9 AM to 7 PM). The cost is only $8, gratuities included, and you will receive $10 in free play on your Rewards Card. We will have a raffle and water on the bus. Payment must be made by January 8, but will probably sell out long before then, so call Laurette soon at WE ENCOURAGE ALL TO READ AND REFLECT ON THE BIBLICAL PASSAGES THAT WILL BE PROCLAIMED AT ALL THE MASSES NEXT WEEK First Reading -- All the ends of the earth will behold the salvation of our God (Isaiah 52:7-10). Psalm -- All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God (Psalm 98). Second Reading -- God has spoken to us through the Son, the very imprint of God's being (Hebrews 1:1-6). Gospel -- The Word became flesh; from his fullness we have all received grace (John 1:1-18 [1-5, 9-14]). The Life of a Swiss Guard: A Private View. This new exhibit comes to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles directly from the Vatican Museums, through the generosity of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is the first stop on its United States tour. The theme of this exhibit touches on one of the lesser-known aspects of the Vatican: the daily life of the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Photographer Fabio Mantegna has captured this world with his discreetly invisible and yet timely lens. Rather than the usual photos to which we are accustomed, Mantegna focused on the daily life: surveying glances, military training, Italian lessons, dressing for the Oath of May 6. The photographs were taken over several weeks during which Mantegna was able to participate in the daily life of this Military Corps. An unusual and rare full immersion in the Swiss Quarter has allowed the realization of unique images such as the Oath Pledge, free time, sport and military training, traditional uniform dressing, personal relationships. In addition to photographs, the exhibit includes numerous artifacts and memorabilia, including uniforms, swords and the like. Mature lady starting school at Santa Monica College in February, is looking for an inexpensive room for rent near St. Anastasia. Please contact Liliana at For information call: The exhibit is located in the North Ambulatory of the Cathedral, including two of the chapels. The exhibit will be on display December 5, 2016 January 15, For more information visit

4 Ministry in Community Shining Light The Light shines in the darkness. - John 1:5 A gentleman was helping his friend search for a lost key. Going through the grass and gardens, he asked, Are you sure you lost it out here? His friend replied, Oh, no, it s probably inside, but the light is brighter out here. We yearn for, we gravitate toward, light. In the northern hemisphere, Christmas corresponds to the darkest time of the year. We light Christmas trees to put up outside lights to pierce the darkness. In all the scriptural versions of the Christmas story, one image is used by every writer: light the light of the star, the light that shone around the shepherds, and Jesus the true light that enlightens every person. The comfort of this day and all our days is that we are always in the light because God chose to be with us, closer to us than we can imagine. The challenge of today and the year ahead is that this light helps us to see who we are created to be: light for others, to pierce the darkness of loneliness, fear, separation, disregard, negativity, and animosity. God of light who shines in the darkness, lead me. Guide me to be your light for others. Kids Living Faith: Sunday, December 25th, Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord Glory to God in the highest - Luke 2:14 Long ago, a baby was born in a stable. He didn t look like much, wrapped in rags, asleep in the hay. But that little baby was God s Light shining into the world! That light still shines today. God gave us a great gift on Christmas. Now it s our turn. We have all year to give! We can love the people around us, help those in need and treat every person with kindness. This is how we give our hearts to God, today and every day. Merry Christmas! Father, thank you for the gift of Jesus! A New Year s Resolution You Can Keep Want to start the New Year in a way that will transform your work, your marriage, your family, and your life? Are you ready to learn the quickest, surest, and easiest way to holiness? In our hectic day and time, Pope John Paul II and Blessed Mother Teresa knew that the quickest way to be transformed into a saint is through a relationship with Our Blessed Mother, Mary. Join us on Jan 12th or 13th as we begin a 33-day preparation for Marian Consecration. Each day we ll individually follow four great Marian giants: St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Blessed Mother Teresa, and Pope John Paul II. They ll teach us the secrets to drawing closer to the Heart of Jesus through the Heart of Mary. In our weekly meetings, either Thursdays at 7:30 pm or Fridays at 10 am we ll share our insights within our small group and then watch a 30- minute video. The video by popular author and speaker, Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, brings our individual reflections and group experience into a clear and live-able focus. If you want to transform your relationship with Christ, this is a perfect New Year's Resolution. Contact Kelly at (323) prior to December 19 th, our deadline to order materials. Annual Donation Statement Information!! In late January the parish office will be sending out donation statements to parishioners or families who have donated $100 or more during This level of reporting exceeds IRS rules which require a written acknowledgement only for individual gifts of $250 or more, but we send the statements as a reminder to claim the deduction for those who itemize. Donations will be included in your annual donation statement if they meet one of the following criteria: (1) checks/cash are placed in the collection basket at one of the December or prior Masses, or (2) checks/ cash not placed in a collection basket must be delivered or postmarked no later than December 31st, or (3) online contributions are processed no later than December 31st. Please be aware that a check placed in a collection basket at a Mass in January or received/postmarked after December 31st will be included in the tax statement for the following year, even if the check is dated December 31st or prior. JOIN OUR ST. ANASTASIA PARISH COMMUNITY by visiting our website:, and select: registration. Join our Online Giving Program by visiting our website:

5 Ministry equips us to deepen our love for God and share our faith Dear parishioners, "A savior has been born for you who is Christ and Lord" Christmas! One word that evokes so much emotion and so many memories for all of us. Christmas tree, family, gifts. Christmas is God s special gift to humankind and especially to each one of us. It is the day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the God-man who came into the world to save us. Christmas is a celebration of Joy, Hope and Peace. On this day we meet each other and greet each other with the festal wishes, exchange cards, gifts and sweets. We share with each other this happy moment. It is a joy of love when God showed His love for us by sending His own beloved Son who will continue to live with us forever. This is the ultimate expression of God s love for us. The Savior has entered the world; the creator has become a creature, to give the world a new dignity. God has emptied Himself to fill us with hope. It is a day of peace to the world that is struggling with conflicts and disturbance. This message of peace was proclaimed by the angels at the birth of Jesus: Peace to those of good will. Christmas is indeed an awesome reality. It is a day when we realize that the whole world has changed. It is a day of joy and sharing, of love and forgiveness. Today God tells us that we have to change and respond to God who has become man. Like the shepherds who went with haste and shared the Good News, we, as Christians are also called to go with haste and share the Good News. These days, as we greet each other with the Christmas message, we pray to the Baby Jesus to give us the gift of Peace, Joy and Hope. We ask Him to make us His messengers to the world as He did to the simple shepherds of Bethlehem. Let us also resolve to bring Christ our God and our Savior into the heart of daily life and into the entire year ahead of us. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! May God Bless us all. Your Priests, Fr. Leszek Semik, Msgr. Royale Vadakin, Msgr. Gregory Cox, Fr. Tom King. PLEASE NOTE: MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY, THE CHURCH IS OPEN FROM 6 AM - 6 PM. SATURDAYS, THE CHURCH WILL BE CLOSED AFTER THE 7:30-8 PM EVENING CONFESSION. SUNDAY, THE CHURCH WILL BE CLOSED AFTER THE 7:30 PM EVENING MASS. FACT OF LIFE Ohio Passes Bill Banning Abortions After Heartbeat "Citing the prospect of a more favorable Supreme Court, Ohio legislators have passed a ban on abortions once an unborn child s heartbeat can be detected. The bill was previously defeated twice in the Republicancontrolled legislature. However, State Senate President Keith Faber said the bill was revived given the prospect that President-elect Donald Trump will appoint justices more likely to uphold restrictions on abortion. 'I think it has a better chance than it did before,' he said of the bill s Supreme Court prospects, the Associated Press reports. The ban on abortions after the baby s heart begins to beat would apply as early as six weeks into pregnancy. The bill allows exceptions if the mother s life is deemed to be in danger. from Catholic News Agency "I wish peace to every man, woman and child, and I pray that the image and likeness of God in each person will enable us to acknowledge one another as sacred gifts endowed with immense dignity. -Pope Francis, World Day of Peace 2017 Holiday Schedule for Our Parish Office: The Parish Office will be Closed on the following days: December 26th, Feast of Saint Stephen-Closed January 2, Monday Closed The Parish Office will be Open on the following days: Tuesday, December 27 8:00 am to Noon Wednesday, December 28 8:00 am to Noon Thursday, December 29 8:00 am to Noon Friday, December 30 8:00 am to Noon 2017 Calendars available. One per family, please. Prepare holiday babysitters thoroughly - The holidays come with lots of nights out for adults office Christmas parties, last-minute trips to the mall for gifts, neighborhood gift exchanges, etc. and you may need to call upon a babysitter to watch your kids for adults-only events. Think through the policies at your house that you will ask a sitter to follow. These could include basic childcare rules (for example: limits on television viewing, bedtime) as well as safety rules (for example: don t let the kids play with knives or matches). For a copy of the VIRTUS article Preventing Abuse When Selecting and Using a Babysitter, or call

6 St. Anastasia Catholic Church 7390 W. Manchester Avenue Los Angeles, CA Office Fax Website: SCHEDULE OF SERVICES MASSES - WEEKDAYS Mon-Fri: 6:30 AM & 8 AM First Friday: 6:30 AM, 8 AM, and 11 AM (during the School year) Saturday: 8 AM WEEKENDS Saturday (Vigil): 5:30 PM Sunday: 7:30, 9, 10:30 AM, 12 & 7:30 PM HOLY DAYS Holy Day Vigil Mass: 5:30 PM Holy Day: 6:30 AM, 8 AM, 11 AM (during the School year) & 7 PM SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: Saturday: 3:30-5 PM & 7:30-8 PM DEVOTIONS: Miraculous Medal Novena, Rosary and Benediction - Monday, following the 8 AM Mass. EUCHARISTIC ADORATION: First Saturday of the month from 8:30-9:30 AM ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Sacrament for the Sick is celebrated upon request of the family BAPTISM: Parents and Godparents are required to participate in preparation program. Contact the Rectory Office MARRIAGE: Engaged couples must contact the Rectory no later that 6 months before their proposed wedding date. Call the Rectory Office R.C.I.A.: (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) - Becoming Catholics - Please call the Rectory. FUNERALS: Contact the Pastor by calling the Rectory Office, LITURGICAL MINISTRIES Ministers of the Eucharist Gloria Bowen-to the Sick Linda Schmidt Ministers of the Word... Carl Pentis Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers) Evelio Leon Courtyard Hospitality Sr. Teresita Altar Care Dolores Saenz Liturgy Committee Richard Arias Altar Server Committee: Herb Masi Maura Reznik Mel Johnson PASTORAL TEAM Administrator: Fr. Leszek J. Semik Priest in Residence Msgr. Gregory A. Cox Pastors Emeriti Rev. Thomas F. King Msgr. Royale M. Vadakin, P.A. Parish Secretary/Bulletin Editor Sacramental Recorder Aleida Rodriguez Director of Religious Education Jonette Mauch Business Manager Dennis George Confirmation Coordinator Michael Gasparro Director of Adult Faith Formation and Stewardship Director of Music Ministry Chris Roque Parish Projects Ken Lance School Principal Michael Muir School Office Manager, Bookkeeper Louise Lance School Office Assistant Linda Schmidt Consultative School Board Betsy Sichi PTO - Parent Teacher Organization Milana McDermott, PTO President ADESTE (After School Program) Elizabeth Soriano Maintenance Javier Antunes SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION RCIA-Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults and SRE (Sunday School) Jonette Mauch Confirmation Michael Gasparro Infant Baptism Fred & Esmeralda Balsz PARISH ORGANIZATIONS Parish Finance Council Jim Healy Pastor Advisory Council Site Committee Stefan Politz Men s Club Chris Turkmany Knights of Columbus Arts and Education Andy Kozlowski Stewardship J.S.Paluch - Jackie Kooper - Bulletin Ads (Back cover) St. Anastasia Catholic School 8631 S. Stanmoor Drive Los Angeles, CA Office Website: PARISH LIFE MINISTRIES Bereavement Grief Support Group Sue McLaughlin Young Adult Ministry Nancy Albin Prayer Group Lori Mountain Rosary Ministry Rose De Leonardis Ben Oakley Respect Life Safe Guard the Children Rose Healy-Fissinger Karen Diaz Ann Abraham St. Joseph Center. Jayne Cram Homeless Weekend Program/ St. Robert s Center Bob & Lori Caldwell St. Margaret s Center Mary Agnes Erlandson Catholic Charities Cindy Begazo Bundles for Babies and Diaper Drive Teressa Syta Nurses Ministry Linda S. Absher Ministry for Married Couples Jon & Suzette Sornborger Men s Spirituality Joe Berberich Shad Meshad Men s Morning Hour MOMS Ministry Jayne Cram Bible Study Carolyn Godlewski Social Ministry Laurette Bibeau Family Visitation Ministry Sr. Teresita Chronic Pain Support Ministry Patrick Doherty Patty Wiacek INTERESTED IN BECOMING A PRIEST OR IN RELIGIOUS LIFE? Call the Office for Vocations