UNIT OF RESERVE OFFICERS' CORPS FORMED COLONEL COWLES SUCCEEDS CAPTAIN DAVIS. Trinity has been officially recognized by the War Department as a

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1 The Undergraduate Publcaton of ~rntp <!Lolltgt 'VOL. XV FRENCH WAR CROSS ;FOR E. W. LOVE. The French War Cross for mertorous servce on the battlefeld has been g ven to Ethelbert W. Love, of Cambrdge, Mass., who was a member of the freshman class at Trnty College last year. He s a prvate n the Unted States Army Ambulance Servce. He s a member of the Alpha Delta Ph Fraternty. DOCTOR VAN TYNE ON DEMOCRACYvs.AUTOCRACY REPRESENTATVE OF NATONAL SECURTY LEAGUEPROFESSOR AT UNVERSTY OF MCHGAN COMNG. Dr. Claude H. Van Tyne, head of the department of hstory at the Unversty of Mchgan, hstoran of. hgh rank, and representatve of the Natonal Securty League, wll speak.j-n "Democracy vers us Autocracy" at a meetng open to the publc, whch s to be held under auspces of the Poltcal Scence Club n the Publc Speakng Room Thursday nght at eght o'clock. The speaker s the author of "The Amercan Revoluton", and "A Hstory of the Unted States", and s a contrbutor to "The Naton", the "Amercan Hstorcal Revew", and the "New nternatonal Encyclopeda." He was a lecturer at French unverstes n , and has wrtten the followng characterzaton of the French people: "Durng my sojourn n the French provnces durng the year before the War,. wrote repeatedly to frends that the French were the most earnest, serous people had ever lved among. Whence had sprung the dea of a frvolous people, gven to levty, dle wt and persflage? Partly t was due, perhaps, to the character of mere passng epochs n French hstory, partly to travelers' mpressons of Parsan boulevards, and, n part, to mpressons drawn from badly-selected lterature, whch pctured the worst and not the best, or even the characterstc n French lfe. But wh'atever the prejudce n the past, the world now sees, when France stands at the hghest level of her moral attanment, how baseless was the charge of decadence." At a beneft for the Hartford Chapter of the Red Cross, held n Center Church House last Frday nght, Dr. Odell Shepard, James J. Goodwn Professor of Englsh Lterature, gave readngs of "Solder Verse." No. 22 HARTFORD, CONN., TUESDAY, APRL 16,1918 UNT OF RESERVE OFFCERS' CORPS FORMED COLONEL COWLES SUCCEEDS CAPTAN DAVS. Trnty has been offcally recognzed by the War Department as a Reserves Offcers' Tranng Corps. An announcement to ths effect posted on th'e bulletn board by Dr. Luther greeted the students on ther return from the Easter recess. Needless to )5ay the exctement created by ths anxously antcpated pece of news 'Na~ ntense. Colonel Calvn D. Cowles, the Commandant apponted by the War Department, s an offcer of wde experence. He s a graduate of West Pont, class of 1873, and has seen servce n several campagns. As a secor.d leutenant n 1878 he fought n a campagn aganst Dull Knfe n ~restern K:ansas and two years later he served n an expedton aganst the Uncomphagre Utes at the tme of the Whte Rver massacre n Colorado. n the Spansh-Amercan War he was wth the Seventh Army Col'ps at Ha, ana, Cuba. He agan saw acton n the campagru aganst!the Phlppne nsurrectonsts and from the year 1906 to 1909 he commanded the Frst nfantry n the army of the pacfcaton of Cuba. He has three sons at present engaged n the mltary forces of the Unted States. When the college opened last September the work n mltary scence was made compulsory. Dr. Luther recognzng the fact that the country mght have to call on the men n colleges before the war had ended, allowed no one to be excused from servce unless for physcal unftness. Captan J. H. Kelso Davs, '99, who was n command of Troop B durng the Mexcan trouble, was placed n charge. He was asssted by Captan Fred W. Prnce, Leutenant Harold G. Hart, and Sergeant Raymond Dexter, of the Connectcut Home Guard. Although Trnty faculty members have aded n the tranng of the embryo offcers, Trnty professors had not had the work exclusvely to themselves. One of the most nterestng and nstructve of the courses was that gven by Major T. B. Merrman of Harvard Unversty, who had seen servce n France and who s assocated wth Colonel Paul Azan of the French army, now tranng the Harvard men. Among the Trnty professors who have ass sted are: Professor Charles E. Roger-s of the engneerng department, who nstructed the men n mltary map readng and map makng; Dr. Horace Cheney Swan who gave a co u rse :n mltary hygene and camp smtaton and Professor Edward E. Humphrey, professor of hstory and poltcal scence, who explaned the f.~ J d ~ervce reg ulatons. (Contnued on page 5.) FOOTBALL STAR JONS MARNE CORPS. Nelson A. Shepard, '21, who played at rght tackle on Trnty's nformal eleven, has entered the.unted States Marne Cor.p s. He proved to be one of the strongest members of the football team last fall and t was expected that he would be the manstay n the ptchng box for Trnty's baseball nne ths sprng. He came from Kent School. He s a member of the Ps Upslon fraternty. FELLOWSHPS AWARDED RUSSELL FELLOWSHP FOR JAMES; TERRY FELLOW.SHP FOR MULLER. The Secretary of the Faculty announces that by vote of the Faculty tjhe H. E. Russell Fellowshp has been awarded to T. K. James, '18, whle C. J. Muller, '18, has been awarded the Mary A. Terry Fellowshp. The frst fellowshp was endowed by a legacy of $10,000 from Henry E.!:ussell, of New York, and yelds an ncome annually of $500. t s awarded bennally by vote of the Faculty to a member of the graduatng class who gves evdence of superor ablty and who agrees to pursue an approved course of non~pro fessonal graduate work ether at Trnty College or at some other unversty approved by the Faculty. The ncumbent holds the fellowshp for two years. The second fellowshp, whch yelds an annual ncome of $600, was endowed by a legacy from Mss Mary A. Terry of Hartford. The Presdent, upon the recommendaton of the Faculty awards t yearly to a member of the graduatng class who has ndcated superor ablty and who agrees to pursue an approved course of graduate study ether n ths college or some other unversty, approved by the Faculty. The ncumbent holds the scholarsh p for one year and s known as the Mary A. Terry Fellow. COLLEGE NEWSPAPERS WAR COUNCL. HOLD Meet to Arrange Cooperaton wth Commttee on Publc nformaton. A meetng of the War Councl of College Newspapers was held on Aprl 4 at the Columba Unversty Club n New York Cty, at the request of the Commttee on Publc nformaton, for the pur.p ose of formng an advsory commttee of college edtors. A commttee consstng of fve members, one from a techncal college, one from an agrcultural college, and three from academc nsttutons was apponted. (Contnued on page 5.) ATHLETC RELATONS WTH WESLEYAN RESUMED ANNOUNCEMENT MADE AT UNDERGRADUATE MEETNG. BASEBALL TEAM TO BE FORMED. SPRNG DAY PLAN APPROVED. Trnty has resumed athletc relaton wth Wesleyan. The expote of the latest development of Trnty propaganda was made at a college meetng held Thursday evenng n the College Unon by Captan Davs, '99. t was receved wth great applause, as the sentment of the stu-dent body has generally been more or less pacfstc toward Wesleyan. Steps were taken mmedately to ncrease the sze of the baseball squad n antcpaton of a comng contest wth Trnty's old rval. The college meetng, n charge of Presdent Walter G. Smyth of the College Senate, was one of the most enthusastc held ths year. t start-. ed off wth "There's a College on the Hll", followed by a short address by Dr. Luther, who stressed the mportance of athletcs under exstng condtons. Captan Davs then s-poke of the present condtons of tjhe Athletc Assocaton and suggested a commttee of fve to undertake ts reorganzaton. On hs recommendaton the followng men were elected to serve on the commttee to collect dres and to act as- a nomnatng board for several offces now vacant: E. M. Hyland, as secretary-treasurer of the A. A.; W. G. Smyth as presdent of the College Senate; H. T. Barber, as Manager of Track;. E. Partrdge, as Manager of Baseball; and H. W. Nordstrom, as representng the Football Team. Captan Davs then broached the news of the resumpton 6f athletc relatons wth Wesleyan. The agreement reached by representatves of the two colleges was three-fold. Trnty s to accept Wesleyan's elgblty rules as they stand at present; Wesleyan s to accept Trnty's present elgblty rules; and each college s to appont an alumnus of the other nsttuton to act as referee n case of any 'P ont of dsagreement. Wesleyan has selected E. Kent Hubbard, Trnty, '92, as ther referee and Trnty has apponted Col. W. H. Hall of Wllngton as ther representatve. Captan Davs closed hs talk wth a few notes on the R. 0. T. C., and spoke of the next Offcers' Tranng Camp to begn n May whch he hoped would be open to several undergraduates at Trnty. Captan Goldsten made an urgent appeal for more canddates for the Track Team and outlned the prospects for the comng season.. E. Partrdge, - manager of 1fue aseball team, gave a clear state(contnued on page 4.)

2 2 THE TRPOD ~be~rtpob TRNTY COLLEGE, Hartford, Conn. Publshed every Tuesday throughout the College year. Subscrbers are urged to report promptly any oerouo rregularty n the recept of Tho Trpod. All complants and busness communcatons ohould be addressed to the Crculaton Manager. The columns of Th Trpod are at all tmes open.to alumn, undergraduates, and others for the free dseuaeon of matters of nterest to Trnty men Edtor-n-Chef. ALBERT E. HAASE, '19. Assocate Edtors. HARMON T. BARBER HENRYS. BEERS, '19. THEODORE F. EVANS, '19. LESLE W. HODDER, '19.. Alumn Edtor. HERBERT E. P. PRESSEY, '19. BUSNESS DEPARTMENT. Crculaton Manager. WALTER G. SMYTH, '18. Assstant Crculaton Manager. FREDERCK R. HOSNGTON, '20. Advertsng Manager. ALFRED P. BOND, '20. Entered as seeond-claaa matter September 24, 1909 at the Post Offce at Hartford. Conn. Subscrpton Prce, $2.00 per Year. Advertsng Rates furnshed on applcaton. "NOW THEN TRNTY" the recent electon n Wsconsn for a Unted States Senator, the Socalst nomnee (beng at the tme under ndctment for volatng the laws of the Unted States) receved the ap.p roval of mo!'e than 100,000 ctzens at the polls, whch was approxmately four tmes the vote of hs party at the electons n the same state n Statstcs of the muncpal electons n ffteen ctes n November, 1917, show that out of a total vote of 1,450,000, the Socalsts polled 314,000, or more than 21 per cent. of the whole, whch was over four tmes the proporton of the vote usually pou.ed by that party n those ctes; and f the Socalsts had secured an equal proporton of the vote n the presdental electon of 1916, ther total vote would have amounted to about 4,000,000. Now what s the sgnfcance of ths? t s to be read n the events whch are happenng n Russa. The leaders of the Bolshevk n that unhappy country have not only runed and dsgraced the great naton of eastern Europe, but, as a New York newspaper lately observed, they have had the sngular emnence of nflctng more harm upon the entre human race than was ever accomplshed by.any group of men n so short a tme snce hstory began to be recorded n the tombs along the Nle. Return now to Amerca and we shall fnd the fnal lnk n the argument. The Socalst party of Pennsylvana, assembled n ther annual conventon on March 3; sent a telegmm of congratulaton to the Bolshevk leaders n Russa, n whch they sad, "your achevement s our nspraton." Do we want ths knd of ns p raton to preval n Amerca? f not, we must look to the preservaton of our Consttuton and our nsttutons. And the way to set about t s to acqure a real understandng of what they mean. So say: "Ye.s, let us study the Consttuton." YES; STUDY THE CONSTTUTON. The Edtor of "The Trpod", Sr: Permt me to thank you for your tmely and admrable edtoral, "Study the Consttuton", n the ssue of "The Trpod" for March 19. The Consttuton of the Unted States s well worthy of study merely as an hstorc document of prme mportance and as a nodel of government whch!h as been admred and mtated throughout the world. But more than ths, t.s the charter of our lbertes. And there can be no study more n~prng to the sprt of true patrotsm, or of more absorbng nterest, than the story of the \\'nnng of freedom n the consttutonal development of the Anglo-Saxon race, culmnatng n the conventon of CAPTAN DAVS. "The Trpod" wshes to express n behalf of the undergraduates ts a-p- t s moreover a study of mmedate precaton of fne work that and practcal mportance. Ths s a tme when all Amercans, and especally the students n our colleges and unverstes, should nform themselves accurately of the contents and meanng of our organc law, of ts nterpretaton n the lght of hstory, of the sgnfcance of our poltcal nsttutons, and of the nature of popular and representatve government. For what shall t proft us to jon the eonflct of the natons and help wn the war for democracy, f meanwhle we are robbed at home of those very thngs whch have made u~ a people great and prosperous? The forces at work to undermne, and eventually to overturn, the Consttuton are nsdous and powerful. t was well sad by Senator Kellogg that "there s a rsng tde of socalsm today whch threatens the foundatons of representatve democracy the world over." Notce a few facts. n the mayoralty electon n New York last fall, the Socalst canddate polled more than 145,000 votes. n Captan Davs ha.s performed n mltary affars at Trnty College. ' We gladly announce that Captan Davs wll assst Colonel Cowles n the nstructon of the Trnty College Reserve Offcers' Corps Unt. n Captan Davs ths communty possesses a man well versed n mltary affars, and one who ever stands ready to mpart that knowledge to those who are wllng to receve t. He has gven of hs tme and efforts to Trnty College by formng and nstructng a battalon and to the state of Connectcut by adng n the formaton of the Home Guard of ths state, the most effcent organzaton of ts knd n our country. The undergraduates of Trnty College, who were fortunate n havng hm as ther nstructor durng the few months of the last academc year, m<>st of whom are now n the servce and many of whom are now offcers, profted greatly by the n.ltructon whch Captan Davs gave them. HENRY CAMPBELL BLACK, '80. WESLEYAN AND TRNTY. WAR-TME SERVCE. After two years, dfferences between Wesleyan and Trnty on the score of athletc elgblty rules have been reconcled, and these two 'Con-. nectcut Valley colleges wll meet agan ths sprng, probably n both track and baseball. The agreement has a natural ground n the mutual l'ecognton of the elgblty rules of each college. There h:ts been for some tme a feelng at both colleges that a resumpton of relatons would be most benefcal. Wesleyan and Trnty, as has so often been ponted out, are natural athletc rvals. The schedules of both colleges have been _n a real sense ncomplete wthout the tradtonal bg game of the season. Both colleges are to be congrat.. ulated on the resumpton of relatons, and sncere thanks are due from bobh to ther respectve alumn who have brought about ths reconclaton. The Unted States Cvl Servce Commsson s experencng cons derable dffculty n obtanng typewrter operators and stenographers for the Government. Thousands are needed to fll these postons. Everyone must be made aware of the G<>vernment's need. Woe press on you tl\e necessty of gvng wdespread publcty to ths need. The Unted States Cvl Servce Commsson at Washngton, D. C., wll furnsh full nformaton of and applcaton blanks for the examnatons. Your help s requred. THS S LABOR'S WAR. Ths s labor's war. No element of the people of ths country, or of other countres, would suffer more than the workers from a German vctory- a German peace. What the Germans mean by a "strong peace," a "German peace," was recently expressed by Gen. Von Lebert, leadng Prussan conservatve. "For us there s but one prncple to be followed, and we recognze no other. We hold. that mght s rght. We must know nether s entment, humanty, consderaton, nor compasson We must have Belgum and the north of France. France must be made to pay untl she s bled whte. We must have a strong peace." Mr. Gompers spoke well for Amercan labor when he sad: "The R,epublc of the Unted States s not perfect; t has the mperfectons of the human-but t s the best country on the face of the earth, and those who do not love t enough to work for t, to fgh't for t, to de for t, are n<>t worthy of the,prvlege of lvng n t. " sa.y to the Kaser, say to the Germans, n the name of the Amercan labor movement: You can't talk peace wth the Amercan workers; you can't talk peace 'Wth us; you can't talk to us at all now. We are fghtng now. Ether you smash Y'Our Kaser autocracy, or we wll smash t for you." The workngmen of Amerca have a tremendous nterest to serve, a vtal cause to defend, a work of surpassng mportance to accomplsh. What s vtal to them s vtal to Amerca and to the world. That they see ther duty and the great mass of them are performng t wtjh unmpeachable loyalty s a cause for congratulaton to the naton and to the world. PRZE ESSAY. Consderaton of the przes offered by the Amercan Assocaton for nternatonal Conclaton for a revew of the.book, "The Rebuldng of Europe", by Davd Jayne Hll, s asked of members of the Poltcal Scence Club of ths college. Snce the revew of ths book need not necessarly be an analyss of ts contents, and snce the personal opnons of the contestants on the questons rased by the book are welcomed by the organzers of the contes t, those students of hstory who have ganed an ntellgent understandng of.amercan deals and aspratons, are afforded an opportunty to show what Amerca may be prvlged to contrbute to the new Europe. LETTERS TO THE MOTHER OF A SOLDER. By Rchardson W1rght (1910). New York, Frederck A. Stokes Co. Ths s one of the most touchng, most beautful of the books whch we owe to the Great War. Dealng lt- tle or not at all wth the flame and fury of battle, the author of ths lttle volume hears rather the tumult of perturbed souls and brng~ to us vsons of sprtual realtes. To the hundreds of thousands of parents, wves, and other lovng ones whose grefs and anxetes seem heaver than can be borne, word~ lke these are sure to brng-not relef ndeed, but strength to endure. The words brng more than strength. They create and foster a solemn prde of self-sacrfce, a capacty to glorfy the gvng of the costlest jewels of human lfe., that lft mortalty up toward the heghts of Dvnty tself. But yesterday ths wrter was a "college boy" among us, marked by the customary characterstcs and llusons of such. The hurrcane of the world-storm has blown through hm and revealed hm a prophet and seer of vsons. That s what, n varous ways and wth dfferng results, the great conflct s dong for many mllons.

3 THE TRPOD 3 TRACK SEASON OPENS FTEEN RESPOND TO FRST CALL. The outdoor track season was forally opened last Tuesday when the rst call for canddates for the team as ssued. Despte the bad weather bout ffteen men responded, most of hom have had experence ether n ormer years at Trnty, prep school, r n cross-country durng the past eason. There were three letter en; Goldsten, Nordstrom, and Fox, ho reported, besdes Capt. Buckley f the Cross-Country Team. These en should form a nucleus around hch to buld a farly representatve team, consderng condtons and the act that other college teams are also affected by the war. The group system of coachng n force last season, wll be employed ths year. Last year, because of the nterference of mltary tranng wth the usual tme for practce, the team was dvded nto sectons each under the leadershp of one man who was acknowledged to be the best n hs lne. Men n each group pr actce together. The f<>llowng assgnments have been announced: Dashes, Captan G<>ldsten; mddle dstances, Fox; dstances, Buckley; hurdles, Kngeter; jumps, Captan Goldsten; and weghts, Nordstrom. Canddates are supposed to report to these men every afternoon to receve nstructons for the day's workout and tmely ponters. Wth the frst meet-the Connectcut Valley nter-collegates-scarcely a month away, the men wll have to show the greatest concentraton and wllngness to work n order to round out a team whch wll place Trnty n the foreground. Manager Barber has sad: "We are fortunate to have as many 'letter' men as there are, for from reports whch Assstant Manager Boyce brought back from a meetng of representatves of teams entered n the Connectcut Valley Meet, other colleges are as badly off REV. J. L. McKM. The Rev. John Leghton McKm, who receved the honorary degree of Master of Artso from Trnty College n 1865, ded at hs home n Mlford, Delaware, March 20, He was born at Newcastle, Delaware, August 1, 1835; the son of Rev. John Lnn and Susan Agnes (McGll) McKm. Hs father was a graduate of Dcknson College n the class of 1830, and ded n Mr. McKm prepared for college at Georgetown Academy at Georgetown, Delaware; and was a graduate of the Unvers ty of Pennsylvana n the class of 1857, where he was a member of Ph Beta Kappa. December 4, 1860, he marred Mss Sarah Fsher Rodney of Lewes, Delaware. 'Dhey had three chldren: Maurce, Helen, and Maran. From 1861 to 1863 Mr. McKm was rector of St. Tmothy's Church, Phladelpha; and from 1863 to 1869, rector of Chrst Church, Mlford, Delaware. From 1879 to 1887, he was rector of Sant Mary's Hall, Burlngton, New Jersey; and from 1887 to 1894, rector of St. Paul's Church, Georgetown, Delaware. n 1894, he returned to the rectorshp of Chrst Church, Mlford, where he remaned untl 1910, at whch tme he became rector of St. Stephen's Church, Harr ngton, Delaware, where he remaned n charge untl the tme of hs death. He was a trustee of Burlngton College. as we and some not qute so well. We are partcularly weak n the jumps, es pecally n the broad, and also n the pole vault, but t s hoped that some dark horse wll develop. Ths s an unusual stuaton, f or last year Trnty nvar ably captured all three places n the broad jump n dual meets and Captan Bjorn took frst place n that event n the New England l nter-collegates. As the season s n ts nfancy nothng defnte as to the real worth of the team can be stated, but Captan Goldsten s qute optmstc over the prospects." The men who are out for the team nclude Captan Goldsten, Bond, Beers, Bradley, Bruce, Callen, F <>x, J ackson, Nordstrom, Matthews, Ransom, P ressey, Buckley, Kngeter, Hutchson, Cassady, Nchols, and Muller. SCHOLASTC STANDNGS DELTA PS AND PH GAMMA DELTA LEAD. The lsts, showng the scholastc standng of the varous unts n the college body at the tme of t he Easter Recess, have been posted. Delta Ps heads the one lst, whch s based on the number of A's and B's obtaned,. e., the greater the number of A's and B's the hgher the rank, whle Ph Gamma Delta leads the second, based on the number of E's obtaned,. e., the smaller the number of E's the hgher the rank. The frst table reads: (1) Delta Ps, (2) Sgma Nu, (3) Delta Ph, (4) Hartford Club, (5) Neutral Body, (6) Alpha Ch Rho, (7) Ph Gamma Delta, (8) Delta Kappa Epslon, (9) Alpha Delta Ph, and (10) Ps Upslon. The second table reads: (1) Ph Gamma Delta, (2) Delta Kappa Epslon, (3) Delta Ps, '(4) Hartford Club, (5) Sgma Nu, (6) Neutral Body, (7) Alpha Ch Rho, (8) Delta Ph, (9) Alpha Delta Ph, and (10) Ps Upslon. R. 0. T. C. ORDERS. Week Begnnng Aprl 15th. Weather permttng, there wll be extended order drll durng the week. Untl further notce drll hours wll be from 4 to 5 P. M., on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Each man. must secure hs rfle and be ready to fall n promptly at 4 o'clock. Any man n the battalon who have reached the ag~ of 20 years and 9 months wshng to g an admssojj._ to the Offcers' 'Tranng School at Camp Devens begnnng about May 1st should hand ther names t o the undersgned mmedately.. There wll be company and battalon nspecton at least once a week. F nal payments on unfor ms must be made at once. LEUT. M. B. ROBERTSON, Battalon Adjutant. JUDGE BUFFNGTON WELCOMES ARCHBSHOP OF YORK. Hon. Joseph Buffngton, '76, made the address of welcome 'On Thursday, Aprl 4, when the Rt. Hon. and Most Rev. Cosomo Gordon Lang, Archbshop of York and Prmate of England, spoke at a mass meetng of 3,500 people n the Syra Mosque at Pttsburgh. Hll Burgwn, '06, was charman of the commttee on arrangements for the meetng. n hs address, speakng of condtons n England, the Archbshop sad : "f you wanted a descrpton of my country at the present tme, t could not be better gven than n these s mple words-tred, very tred, but absolutely steady and determned,.'' WLLAMS ASKS TRNTY TO ENTER SUMMER TRANNG CAMP. Captan Davs has announced that a mltary tranng camp wll n all probablty be held at Wllams College ths summer, f the government does not establsh &n offcal camp for all Reserve Offcers' Tranng Corps unts. Offcals at Wllams have prepared a tentatve plan for the encampment, n whch members of the mltary unts at Amherst, Dartmouth, Trnty, Tuftso and Wesleyan have been asked to jon. General Wllam A. Pew, who was superntendent of the camp last summer, has been asked to take charge; f he accepts, Captan Cecl of the Wollams R. 0. T. C. wll work wth hm n supervsng the camp. COMMENCEMENT DAY APPONTMENTS. Speakers for Commencement have been apponted as follows : Valedctoran, A. M. Slverman and Salutatoran H. S. Beers. The F aculty, n makng these appontments, gves no warrant, ether expressed or mpled, n regard to the fnal rank of the speakers. Members of the Senor Class 'Who desre t o compete for a place on the Commencement program should consult one of the followng men, Professors Adams, Barret, or Shepard. :tf l l 4 4 1o toto>jujo l 1 to 4 l oj Z ~ Fashonable Clothes for College Men Look Boys! Here are some Real Clothes! See "Hobby" wth hs Large Assortment of New Sprng Styles at Ramsay's Room, 7 Jarvs Hall, on Frday and Saturday, Aprl 19 and 20 Rch Materals Styles that are Dstnctve Masterful Talorng * ;(: A. SHUMAN & CO., Boston, Mass., 1 Z.toZ.Z.Z.loZ.t1oZ. totottottotltololltoz.z.tz.41ttotolltl t

4 4 THE TRPOD ALUMN NEWS GENERAL nformaton has recently been receved to the eff ct that the death of Thomas Bezaleel Sexton occurred at Atlantc Cty on December 20, Derrll H. McCollough, formerly wth the Unted States Company at Tela, Honduras, s now an export and mport broker and s manag r of the Celba Branch of the New Orleans Underwrters' Agency. Hs address s Celba, Honduras, Central Amerca The address of Elton Gardner Lttell, M. D., s 149 Park Avenue, Yonkers, N.Y Frederck W. Prnce, formerly wth the Hartford Electrc Lght Company, has severed hs connecton wth that company and has accepted a poston wth the Frankln Electrc Manufacturng Co. Hs address wll be Frankln Mfg. Co., 83 Woodbne Street, Hartford Frederck B. Bartlett!has recently accepted a call to be assstant to Bshop Burleson of South Dakota. He has been rector of St. John's Church n W st Hoboken, N.J Wllam Rch Cross has resgned as secretary of The Albert P. Hll Company of Pttsbur-gh, to become vce-presdent of Wlles Advertsng Co., 110 W:-est 40th Street, New York Cty, whch s headed by James Albert Wlales, '01. Mr. Cross was secretary of the Hll organzaton for seven years, after beng engaged n newspaper work n Hartford, Albany and New York Cty. Whle n Pttsburgh he gave lectures on advertsng at the Unversty of Pttsburgh. He wl devote specal attenton to Hartford and vcnty n the nteres>t of the Wales Advemsng Co. He s lvng at the Alpha Delta Ph Club, 136 West 44th St., New York Cty J. Howard Humphrey s secretary and treasurer of the F. S. Converse Co., nc., Johnson Cty, N. Y., manufacturers of coal h<andlng tools and machnery. Hs resdence address s 15 Chestnut St., Bnghamton, N. Y. Mr. Humphrey was formerly at Waterbury, Conn The betrothal of Mss Llan Frances Woodbrdge of Cambrdge, Mass., to Leutenant Bertram B. Baley has.recently been announced. MLTARY Rev. Charles Wrght Freeland, Chaplan of the 6th New York Cavalry s n France Edward W. Robnson s wth the Cantonment Dvson of the Quartermaster's Department n San Juan, Porto Rco. He s executve clerk to Ma'or Stewart who s n command Wllam H. Eaton s a Leutenant Colonel n the Ordnance Department. Hs address s Group B, Army and Navy Buldng, 7th Street, W-ashngton, D. C. Colonel Eaton resdes at Stone legh Court, Connectcut Avenue and L Streets, Washngton Frst Leutenant F. W. Lycett s on actve duty located n Hartford, at Colt's Patent Fre Arms Manufacturng Co Lloyd W. Clark s a captan, nfantry Reserve Corps, detaled to Leon Sprngs Tranng,camp, Camp Stanley, Texas. He bas charge of one of the companes n the tranng camp and also served durng the frst two camps Howard Sam1,1el Porter has been made Regmental Adjutant of Co. F, 301st Engneers. Ths regment s assgned to the 76th Dvson and has been desgnated a regment of sappers and poneers, and s statoned at Camp Devens. Leutenant James K. Edsall has been transferred from the 333rd Feld Artllery, Camp Grant, Rockford, ll., to the School of Fre, for Feld Artllery, Fort Sll, Okla. ' 1909 Lews G. Carpenter who was commssoned a frst leutenant August 15, 1917, was promoted to a captancy January 1, 1918, s n command of Battery D, 340th Feld Artllery, Camp Funston, Kansas. At present he s on specal duty at School of Fre for Offcers of Feld Artllery, Fort Sll, Okla Sherman 0. Hagj}t was commssoned as a captan on August 15, 1917, and s attached 'to the Machne Gun Company, 3o2nd nfantry, Camp Devens, Mass. Douglas Gott has attaned the rank of master sgnal electrcan, detaled to the 677th Aero Supply Squadron, Avaton Secton, Sgnal Corps and statoned at Morrson, Va. George Henry Cohen s COrporal, 6th Company, 2nd Battalon, 151st Depot Brgade statoned at Camp Devens, l\'lass. He has been recommended for a second leutenancy by the Examnaton Board at Camp Devens and s awatng hs comms - son. (Contnued on page 6.) ATHLETC RELATONS W.JTH WESLEYAN RESUMED. (Contnued from page 1.) ment of the status of the Baseball Team and spoke of several of the more mportant games, ncludng a contest wth Wesleyan and a trp to Newport to play the Naval Tranng Team wth an nspecton of the Staton and surroundng fortfcatons. Sprng Day Plans. Mr. C. A. Johnson, Secretary of the Alumn Councl representng Trnty of the past, spoke of Trnty of the future. He emphaszed the mportance of the es tablshment of the R. 0. T. C. as a drawng card for future Trnty men. He spoke of the athletc stuaton and fnally ntroduced 1fue Sprng Day movement to the college body. May 25 s to be set asde as a day for sub-freslj,men. n the afternoon there s to be an nter Scholastc Track Meet between sx or seven preparatory schools and n the evenng the annual Sophomore Smoker s to be held. Mr. Johnson told of the work already accomplshed n gettng the movement under way and urged the support and enthusasm of the unqergraduates for the success of the affar. The commttee n charge s composed of H. T. Barber, charman, C. A. Johnson, F. R. Fox, J. H. Callen, and H. J. McCormac. Cgars and cgarettes for the meetng were suppled through the generosty of the Class of Law Students. The Boston Unversty Law School. gves the student such tranng n the prncples of the law and such equpment n the technque of the professon as wll best prepare hm f or actve practce wherever the Englsh system of law prevals. Course for LL. B. requres three school years. Those who have receved ths degree from ths school or any other approved school of law may receve LL. M. on the completon of one year's resdent attendance under the drecton of Dr. Melvlle M. Bgelow. Spec~l scholarshps ($50 per year) are awarded to college graduates. For catalog, address HOMER ALBERS, Dean, 11 Ashburton Place, Boston, Mass. Wales Advertsng Co. JAMES ALBERT WALES, '01 ADVERTSNG n MAGAZNES and NEWSPAPERS Sellng Plans, Busness Lterature, Complete Merchandsng Campagn 11 0 West 40th Street NEW YORK ALBANY LAW SCHOOL The course of study leadng to the degree of LL.B. extends over a perod of three years. Students who have pursued one or two years n a law offce may enter the second year class as a canddate for a dploma, but not a degree. The hgh standard of the school and the facltes whch the cty affords wth ts legslature, courts and lbrary offer unequalled opportunty for a thorough and practcal tranng. J. NEWTON FERO, Dean. JOHN C. WATSON, Regstrar. Buy Lberty Bonds and Stun the Hun! The enemes of Amerca are attackng you when they attack Amerca. They wll take YOUR MONEY and YOUR property away from you f they wn the war. They wll despol YOUR homes f they conquer England and Canada, and then nvade the Unted States. Buy Lberty Bonds, as many as you can, and Stun the Huns. Brown,Thomson & Co. Hartford's shoppng center F YOU LKE TO WEAR SLK SHRTS see the new lnes we show ths week n our Asylum St.showcase. You'll agree that they're the fnest you've ever seen n Hartford :Uo"fnll$ rr PAYS TO BUY OUR KND 13-!9 ASYL~ M st-=:-140 TRUMBUU.st Establshed "The Frst to Show the Latest." The Peterson Studo 84 7 Man Street Hartford, Conn. WHEN YOU ARE DOWN TOWN lookng for the fellows, you are sure to fnd some of them n MARCH'S BARBER SHOP Room 1. Conn. Mutual Buldng. Vbraton Shampoo. Mancure by Lady Attendant. G. F. Warfeld & Co Booksellers and Statoners, Asylum Street, Hartford, Conn. THE SSSON DRUG CO CHEMCALS, DRUGS AND MEDCNES. 729 Man Street, Hartford, Conn. Plmpton Mfg. Co. PRNTERS ENGRAVERS STATONERS 252 Pearl Street, Hartford, Conn.

5 THE TRPOD 5 COEBLL HATS Are absolutely GUARANTEED te wear to your entre aatsfacton. A New Hat or your money back at ally tme, f they don't. HOOKER & BUTTERWORTH Corm. Mutual Buldng, 36 Pearl Street Hartford, Conn. G EN E R A L N S U RAN C E Thomas W. Hooker. Paul M. Butterworth, Trnty, 1909 Fdelty Trust Co. ~6 PEARL ST., HARTFORD, CONN. We do general Bankng as well aa ll knds of Trust busness. We solct accounts from Trnty Coll<ege <Organzatons and ndvduals. Let us do your Bankng for you. F. L. WLCOX, Pres't. (Trnty, '80}. :ROBERT B. NEWELL, Vce-Prea't. LOOMS A. NEWTON, Secretary. T. A. SHANNON, Ass't See'y. Welcome, Freshman, 1921 At Barber Shop 996 BROAD STREET. OTTO BRNK ~ALHOUN SHOW PRNT DGNAM & WALSH, Propreton POSTERS, PLACARDS, BG TYPE PRNTERS.,Also CALHOUN PRESS- Qualty Job Prnters 356 Asylum Street, Hartford. <Connectcut Trust and Safe Depost Company C.rur Man and Pearl Sta., Hartford, CoaA, 'Transacts a General Bankng Busness. Authorzed to act as Executor, Admnsator, Trustee, or Guardan. Safe Depost Boxes. <:aptal $750,000 Surplus $750,1108 BARBER SHOP Henry Antz 27 PEARL ST., HARTFORD; CONN. Correct Dress Requstes. For Formal Day and Evenng Wear. Gemmll, Burnham & Co. Men's Outftters 66 Asylum Street, Hartford, Conn. Telephones, Charter and GEORGE G. McCLUNE FLOWERS 165 Man St. (only), Hartford, Conn. Opposte St. Peter's Church. 'Member Florsts' Telegraph Delvery Assocaton. H. A. HOTALNG DENTST 353 Yz Man Street, Hartford, Conn. REPARNG For all work on Roofs, etc., call our 'Repar Department - Charter COmpetent workmen and hgh-grade :metals, tn, copper, etc. Olds & Whpple : State Street, Hartford. Cornell Unversty Medcal College N THE CTY OF NEW YORK.. ADMTS graduates of Trnty College, presentng the requred Physcs, Chemstry, Bology, Englsh -and a Modern Language. NSTRUCTON by laboratory methods throughout the course. Small sectons facltate personal contact of student and nstructor. GRADUATE COURSES leadng to A. M. and Ph.D. also offered under drecton of the Graduate School of Cornell Unversty. Applcatons for Admsson are preferably m'ade not later than June. Next Sesson Opens September 30, For nformaton and Catalogue, address THE DEAN, CORNELL UNVERSTY MEDCAL COLLLEGE, Box 438. UNT OF RESERVE OFFCERS' CORPS FORMED. (Contnued from page 1} The work has not been lmted to the plan nfantry drll and lectures. After t}le md-year examnatons two squads of men were gven practcal work on the Vckers machne gun at the factory of the Colt Patent Fre Arms Manufacturng Company. The men were taught all the workngs of the gun and how to fre t. Actual target work fnshed ths course, Whch was n charge of Leutenant Frederck W. Lycett, '06, of the ordnance department. t s not defntely known just what changes wll be made n the course, but, n the man t wll probably be carred on as before. The acton of the War Department marks the culmnaton of the efforts of Dr. Luther to obtan recognton. Last sprng Trnty was promsed the nsttuton Frst Avenue and 28th Street, New York Cty. of a Reserve Offcers ' Tranng Corps n the followng September, but through some slp t faled to materalze. Now matters have been remeded and the men are takng up the work wth renewed entjhusasm. Colonel Cowles revewed the battalon last Tuesday and has assumed personal supervson of the course. COLLEGE WAR COUNCL. (Contnued from page 1.) Edtors of college newspapers as far west as Mchgan were represented at the gatherng. Trnty was represented by A. E. Haase, '19, and H. T. Barber, '19. The meetng was held under the auspces of the P Delta Epslon, the natonal college journalstc fraternty, and closed n the evenng wth a dnner at whch the chef speaker was Arthur Brsbane. of t... t EST~818 MADSON AVENUE COR. FORTY FOURTH STREET NEW YORK Telephone Murray Hll th ANNVERSARY APRL 1918 The next vst of our Representatve to THE HEUBLEN wll be on Frday, Aprl 19th Send for llustrated Catalogue and Centenary Booklet ' Unforms for Offcers n the Servce of the Unted States BOSTON SALES OFFCES NEWPORT SALES-OFFCES * TREMONT CoR. BovLsTON STREET ELL E vue AvENuE o t-ht ' tl t. e t The Connectcut MuJual Lfe ns. Co. offers to the professonal mall who desres to assure hs wfe and chldren for lfe, or for a specfed term of years, the contnuance of a substantal part, at least, of the ncome to whch they were accus;. tomed durng hs lfetme,-a contract perfectly suted t. these needs. For further nformaton, address.the Company, or any of ts agents. John M. Taylor, Presdent. Henry S. Robnson, Vce-Pre.'t. Wllam H. Demng, Secretary. e VAN HATS 100 ASYLUM ST. DOH' DOOLTTLE PRNTNG OF THE BETTER CLASS AT CONSDERATB COSTS Publcaton Work a Specalty. MONOTYPE COMPOS~ON. LNOTYPE COMPOSTON. 284 ASYLUM STREET. PR.NTERS OF THE TRPOD HOTEL GARDE STYLE- VALUE- SERVCB &>eele~ ([lothng oro bl ASYLUfo\,STREET' * The Correct Wrtng, Paper Manufactured by Eaton, Crane & Pke Co. PTTSFELD, MASS.

6 6 THE TRPOD S ERVCE'S MODERN PHARMACY Regstered Pharmacsts, 299 PARK STREET, HARTFORD. Prescrptons Accurately Compounded. Cgars. Cgarettes, Tobacco, Kodaks and Supples. Your patronage solcted. We carry a full lne of Apollo, Lowney, and Schraft's Chocolates. EAGLE Confectonery PAUL VALLAS, Propretor. Home-made Candy, made fresh daly. We make our own ce Cream; try our delcous ce Cream Soda and College ces. 'Phone, Charter MAN AND PARK STS., Hartford. MOOSE HAS THE GOODS! Cgara made n sght by men n whte. MOOSE SMOKE SHOP 253 PARK STREET, HARTFORD ;- ~ ~ --- "'-~~ TheW. G. Smmons Corp. Dstrbutors Exclusve FOOTWEAR and HOSERY tol Man Street, cor. Pratt, Hartford. ZON ST. PHARMACY 487 ZON STREET, HARTFORD. E. M. ROBERTS, Regstered Druggst. Manager. WLLAM G. COXETER JEWELER Specal Desgns and Order Work. Room 44 Sage-Allen Bd., 902 Man St. The Trnty Bllard Parlor 285 PARK STREET, HARTFORD. JERRY DE VTO Shoe Reparng Best Workmanshp and Prces always rght. 16 years on Broad Street. We call for and delver your shoes. 998 BROAD STREET, HARTFORD. The Hobby Shop THE REAL OLD BOOK, ANTQUE AND CURO SHOP. Old Hobbes are Ours. 218 ASYLUM ST., HARTFORD. Telephone, Charter Sol. Fredberg Custom Talor PRESSNG, CLEANNG AND REPARNG. 123 PEARL STREET, HARTFORD. Opposte Trumbull Street. THE BBLE HOUSE, 177 ASYLUM ST., HARTFORD. The Unusual n Cards and Lttle Gfts. Large1t A11ortment n the Cty. ALUMN NEWS. (Contnued from page 4) 1913 Archer P. Sayres s a s tretcher bearer, assgned to the loth Canadan Feld Ambulance Servce n France. Alfred J. L'Heureux s leutenant on the staff of General Scott, detaled to Headquarters 78th Dvs<>n, Adjutant's Offce at Camp Dx, N. J. Russell C. Nobfe s now detaled to Co. 15, U. S. N. R., Avaton Detachment, Cambrdge, Mass., where he expects to reman untl Aprl Thomas W. Lttle, frst leutenant, Ordnance Reserve Corps, has been transferred from Sprngfeld Arm<>ry to Washngton, and he s n<>w workng under the nstructon Sect<>n of the Ordnance Department and s n charge of Machne Gun Schools. Hs address s 1330 F Street, N. W., Washngton, D. C. Morton S. Crehore s a prvate, Medcal Department, 1st Army Headquarters Regment, A. E. F., France. Prvate M. A. Berman has been transferred from the 62nd Aero Squadron and hs correct address at present s Headquarters, Ar Servce, L. of C., P , A. E. F., France Smart Brand enlsted December 27, 1917, as a frst-class prvate, and s now at the Unted States School of Mltary Aeronautcs, Prnceton U nversty, Prncet<>n, N. J. '1916 Charles P. Johnson s a prvate n the Avaton Secton, Sgnal. Corps and has been ordered to the School of Mltary Aer<>nautcs at Prnceton as an nstructor. Hs address s Graduate College, Prnceton, N. J. Warren L. Hale has the commsson of frst leutenant, Ar Servce, A. E. F., France. James F. Englsh's present address s Medcal Department, 5th Regment, Poneer nfantry, Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, S. C. Englsh recently vsted Hartford and called at College. Hs address s 15 Lenox Street, Hartford. Lowell T. Lyon s assstant pay- Dne at THE Far East Garden THE MOST UP-TO-DATE EATNG PLACE N.THE CTY. Amercan and Chnese Cusne 7 6 State Street, Hartford Opposte Post Offce. Telephone Connecton. THOMAS E. LEE, Manager. master, U. S. Naval Reserve F<>rce, wth the rank of ensgn, and hs address s U. S. S. Saturn, Postmas.ter, San Francsco, Cal Charles B. Spofford, Jr., second leutenant, Chemcal Servce Secton, U. S. A., s at present detaled at M'assachusetts nsttute of Technolo~ gy, Cambrdge, Mass. Leutenant Spofford s enttled to the dstncton of beng the only Trnty man n ths branch of the servce. The address of C<>urtenay K. Page s Army Tranng School, Carnege nsttute of Technology, Pttsburgh, Pa Henry C. Redfeld, a prvate n the Medcal Department, U. S. Army, who has been statoned at Fort Slocum, has recently recovered from a serous case of double pneumona J<>hn Chadbourn R<>rson s a plot n the Amercan Ar Servce and should be addressed Gorng Hotel, London, S. W. 1., England. Gerald H. Segur s a second leutenant, nfantry Reserve Corps, Company B, Camp Stanley, Leon Sprngs, Texas Stewart W. Purdy, whose home address s 3100 W. Lake Street, Mnneapols, Mnn., s detaled to the looth Co., 9th Regment, U. S. Marnes. He should be add1;essed care of that company and regment, U. S. Marnes care of.postmaster, New York Cty. Arthur E. Feldman s an electrcan, 3rd Class, 36th Company, U. S. Naval Rado School, Cambrdge, Mass. Feldman s now studyng wreless telegraphy. He expects to fnsh hs course at Cambrdge n three weeks and then wll probably be ordered to the avaton camp at Mam, Florda. BUCK TAXCAB. CO. CHARTER 930 and 931. DAY AND NGHT SERVCE. 16 Park Street, Hartford, Conn. Genune French 8 ra r LBERTY BONDS The Savngs Bank of the Naton SAVE BY PLAN TO BUY THEM. Don't Delay, Buy Today, at Any Bank Harold G. Hart (Trnty, 1907) Telephones-Charter, 4000, 4001, 4002: 73 PEARL STREET, HARTFORD 741 Man Street 364 Asylum Street The Canton Restaurant The best place n Hartford to dne. Hghest Qualty of Food, Superor Servce, most reasonable Prces. 257 ASYLUM STREET, HARTFORD BE SURE AND BUY YOUR CANDY AT THE SODA SHOP 7 Asylum Street, Hartford, Conn. SHOES OF QUALTY at POPULAR PRCES. The Qualty Boot Shop. & H. Noll and F. H. Worden, Props MAN STREET, HARTFORD. The Alderman Drug Co. Cor. Man and Pearl Streets, Hartford A Real Ppe for Coll~ge Men These are two of the 24 popular shapes n whch yo:u can get the Stratford $1:00 and up W D C Hand Made $1.50and up Each a fne ppe. wth sterlng slver rng and vulcante bt. Leadng dealers n town carry a full as 'sortment. Select your favorte style. WM. DEMUTH&: CO. New York World' Lar11 t Ppe Manufacturen