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1 ST. MARY CATHOLIC CHURCH 3, , 2018 MECHANICSVILLE Mechanicsville and Tipton TIPTON Contact Information MECHANICSVILLE 302 Reeder ST., POB 457 Mechanicsville, IA Phone: Confession Times 2nd & 4th Saturdays from 3:30 PM until Mass 4 pm. Contact Information TIPTON 208 Meridian St., POB 309, Tipton, IA Phone: Confession Times 1st,3rd, & 5th Saturdays from 3:45 PM until 4 pm. Easter Lilies for Tipton Easter Lilies for Mechanicsville If you would like to remember or honor a loved one with an Easter Lily, please let Shirley know by , phone or collection basket by day, 18. The cost this year is $10 for each lily. Make checks payable to St Mary's Church Mechanicsville. Easter is the time for Lilies. Would you like to donate a Lily in memory of someone? The Lily would decorate our church for Easter day and then you can take it home to decorate your home. If you are interested, please get a message to Sylvia ( ) before 29 th, or put an envelope in the collection basket with the donation and the name of the person/persons you are remembering. The Lilies will be $15 each.

2 2 WELCOME TO ST. MARY CATHOLIC CHURCH MECHANICSVILLE & TIPTON IOWA St. Mary Church Reader List: (1st) Mary Jo Kathy Laing Saturday 3 - Tipton 4:00 PM - Richard Ruth day 4 - Mechanicsville 8:00 AM - Ethel Sexton day 4 - Tipton 10:00 AM - Ann Patzkowsky Monday 5 - NO MASS Tuesday 6 - Tipton Wednesday 7 - Mechanicsville Thursday 8 - Tipton 8:00 AM - Don Goetz Friday 9 - Mechanicsville Saturday 10 - Mechanicsville 4:00 PM - Ann Patzkowsky day 11 - Mechanicsville day 12 - Tipton 10:00 AM - Don Goetz Monday 13 - NO MASS (2nd) Mechanicsville Bethany Newnum (3rd) Tom Salrin Heather Syring (4th) Mechanicsville Cindy Kunde 31- April 1 (5 th ) Ann Pruess / Heather Syring Diane Moon You can remember your loved ones with Mass intentions at anytime - not just at the time of funeral arrangements. If you wish to place a Mass Intention, please specify the intention when making the request, $5 is suggested. When dropping off money for Mass Intentions, please include the name of who the mass is for and whom it is from. With the school year half over, the Social Justice/Peace Commission learned that many children in the Tipton Community Schools need their school supplies replenished. Thus, we will be collecting the following items through 11, 2018; and there is a dropbox in the back of the church into which you may deposit your donation: Elementary School Middle School High School Standard size and colors Black & blue pens Ear Buds Crayola Crayons Dry Erase markers & Graph paper #2 pencils erasers Spiral notebooks Glue sticks Spiral notebooks Pens/Pencils Dry Erase markers Two-pocket folders Wide-rule spiral Clorox wipes notebooks Donating $$ for lunches Two-pocket folders Thank you!!

3 Mary Barnum, DRE TIPTON Knights Corner 3, 2018 Grades K-8: days at 9 a.m. 4, 11, and 18. First Reconciliation: 18 immediately following the 10 a.m. Mass First Communion: May 6, 10 a.m. Mass Confirmation Class of 2018: Wednesdays at 7 p.m. 7, 14, and 21. Confirmation: May 23, 7 p.m. Juniors and Seniors in High School: Please contact Mary, Lauren Doughty, or a Catholic high school junior for text notifications. Adult: 9 a.m. days in the religious education office. Lent: The zeal of Jesus in today s Gospel can remind us of our lack of passion for God. If our faith is on auto-pilot and we are just going through the motions, perhaps we are in a rut. Lent is an opportunity to get rid of what might be holding us back from becoming more loving and closer to God. The Center for Ministry Development suggests that if you are in the middle of an M nm Lent (where you ve given up M nms for Lent) perhaps you should rethink the purpose of Lent. Lent is not a time to grow thinner, it s a time to grow bigger in God s love. Rice Bowls for almsgiving are available in the church entrances. All are welcome to participate in the Stations and Soup supper see schedule below: Please join us at St. Mary in Tipton: Stations of the Cross: 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Soup Supper immediately following the Stations in the Parish Hall, led and served by: 7 Family Life commission Members. 14 Liturgy Commission Members. 21 Confirmation Class and High School Students. If you are interested in becoming a member of The Knights of Columbus please Bob Thys at or Call Forty Cans for Lent. The Knights of Columbus sponsor this program each year. We are asking everyone who can to donate one can of food for each day of Lent. This food goes to the local Food Pantry so your donation stays here in our community. You can bring it to church each day. This is just another way you can do something good for Lent. Thank you. GK Bob Thys 2018 Tipton Save The Dates: Fr. Eugene Benda council #11468 would like to announce the days of our 2018 Fish Fry Events: 9 th Shrimp Drive Thru 4:30 PM to 7 PM 23 rd Catfish Supper sit down supper serving 5-7 PM To report child abuse Contact: Iowa Department of Human Services Child Abuse Hotline: and if it involves clergy or church personnel also notify Alicia Owens, the Victim Assistance Coordinator, ; or PO Box 232, Bettendorf, IA Tipton Contributions for: February 24 - February 25 Your gift of treasure: Needed each week to make our Budget: $3, Loose: $ Envelopes: $ Catholic Messenger $ Children s Donation: $ Church in Central & Eastern Europe $ Total: $

4 4 WELCOME TO ST. MARY CATHOLIC CHURCH MECHANICSVILLE & TIPTON IOWA MECHANICSVILLE Ministries-Mechanicsville for February 2018 If you are unable to fulfill your responsibility, please find a replacement. Eucharistic Sat Scott Schroeder Josh Poduska Lector Sat Diane Schroeder Altar Setup Host Families Altar Servers Money Counter Sat Ashley Poduska Sadie Stabenow Josh Poduska Brian Walshire Family Ryan Crock Family Children s Mass Stacy Farrington Family Madelyn Walshire and Elise Wihau Madelynn Wagner and Logan Crock Luke Crock and Wyatt Farrington Luke Crock and Logan Crock Jerry Inman Word Among Us: We have received 50 free copies of the Lenten edition of Word Among Us. Be sure to pick one up to enhance your Lenten journey! This edition includes daily Mass readings and additional articles to sustain and encourage you during Lent. MCC Food Pantry: We served 25 families consisting of 23 adults, 11 children and 23 seniors during the month of February. 8 of the 25 families utilized the pantry twice this month. Our HACAP pick-ups are scheduled for Tuesdays 6 th & 22 nd at 9:00 am. We will need help unloading, shelving and bagging beginning around 9:45 at the pantry on these days. Our distributions are scheduled for the following dates: Thursday, 8 th Thursday, 22 n Saturday, 24 th We could use the following items green beans, pork & beans, peaches, mixed fruit, apple sauce, spaghetti sauce, pancake mix, and syrup. SAVE THE DATE: The Knights of Columbus annual Fish Fry is planned for Friday, 16 here in Mechanicsville. We will be offering the Stations of the Cross on Wednesday evenings through Lent. We will begin at 6:00 p.m. with soup and sandwiches. We will then move upstairs to the church and begin the stations around 6:30. This year we will be using The Stations of the Cross by Timothy Radcliffe. The evenings the religious education Students will be assisting we will be using The Way of the Cross for Children. 7 th Religious Education Students 14 th The Guild members 21 st Religious Education Students Rice Bowl: Catholic Relief Services is sponsoring the Rice Bowl program again this year during Lent. It is a great family activity to help children and adults understand the need to combat hunger and poverty throughout the world. Please pick up a Rice Bowl for your family. We will collect the Rice Bowls on Good Friday, 30. Remember 25% of the collections stay in our Diocese to combat hunger locally.