The Messenger Hearing the Word; Growing in Christ; Serving God through Service to Others.

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1 The Messenger Hearing the Word; Growing in Christ; Serving God through Service to Others. MARCH 2014 FOOD & FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY WORSHIPING TOGETHER SATURDAY, MARCH 1 5th ANNUAL PANCAKE, SAUSAGE & EGG BREAKFAST Serving from 7:30 to 10:00 a.m. DONATION: $6.00 adult $3.00 children under 6 BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS! SUNDAY, MARCH 2 9th ANNUAL YOUTH CHILI LUNCH & WORLD HUNGER BAKE SALE 11:20 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Warm up with a bowl of chili and support our youth. Help feed the hungry around the world by supporting the bake sale. Individual portions available! Midweek Lenten Series: Making Change Change is a constant in our lives. Join community members for Thursday evening worship at 6:00 p.m. and a tasty soup supper. March13 March 20 March 27 April 3 April 10 1 st Congregational Grace Methodist Messiah Lutheran First United Methodist St. John s Catholic Begin Lent with Ash Wednesday worship at Grace Methodist at 7:00 p.m. March 5 with imposition of ashes and Holy Communion. Messiah Lutheran Church 317 SW Third Street P.O. Box 133 Galva, IL Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to Noon Website: Facebook: Messiah Lutheran Galva, IL Pastor Linda Winkelman H: Administrative Assistant: Brenda Holmes O: Custodian: Harold Smith H: Church Council & Committee Liaisons Council President & Greg Anderson C: Christian Nurturing: Vice President & Dale Spiegel H: Building and Grounds: Treasurer: Bob Thuline H: Secretary, E-Team & Tim Thuline H: Missions: Congregational Life: Sue Bell H: Stewardship: Darcy Jeffries H: Worship & Music: Pastor Linda O: H: Council Members: Gary Coon C: Kurt Gustafson H:

2 March 2014 Messiah Lutheran Church Page 2 From the Pastor s Desk Making Change Contrary to what the title might imply, I am not thinking about knowing how much money to give a customer when they hand you a twenty-dollar bill for an item that costs $6.33. Making Change is the title of this year s mid-week worship services. Each week a Galva pastor will preach on change: Change of Season, Habit, Circumstances, Heart, and Plans. Join us on Thursday evenings at 6:00 for a brief worship followed by a light soup supper. (See front page for weekly hosts.) I am looking forward to talking about change, something that we might eagerly embrace or stubbornly shun, but cannot avoid. For change is part of life. Our mid-week reflections link to weekend worship in which Jesus creates the possibility of change and new life for Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman, the blind man, and Lazarus. Lent is a time for change. Traditionally, it s a time to prepare for Easter. It s a time to reflect on Jesus life, suffering, death, and resurrection with the purpose of drawing closer to God. Many do this through giving something up. What has come to resonate with me is making a change adding a spiritual practice, or trying a new or different one with the purpose of drawing closer to God. Sometimes that change is simply committing to get back on track with a beloved practice. This year that means making Tai Chi a daily practice. I enjoy the intentional movements that connect me with God and all of creation. How about you? Is it time to make prayer a daily practice? Do you have a special Lenten devotional you read each year? Augsburg Fortress has produced Too Deep for Words, available in regular, large-print, or e-book. I bought the e-book version. Each day features a reading from Paul s letter to the Romans to ponder, a reflection and a prayer. You may also use the Word in Season devotionals, available in the narthex and Luther Hall. Wartburg Theological Seminary also offers free online devotions. You can access them at After this long winter, most are ready for a change. I encourage you to find a spiritual practice that works for you and make a change. Come to worship each weekend, and join friends old and new on Thursday evenings. Let s make a change together! See you in worship, Pastor Linda Winkelman It s not too late! The Congregational Resourcing Event (CRE), entitled Money, Meaning, and Faith: Financial Leadership in Communities of Faith is Saturday, March 8, at Kishwaukee College, Malta, IL. SW Conference Spring Assembly Sunday, April 6, 4:00 p.m. Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 121 Meridian Street New Windsor, Illinois Featured speaker is Mr. Russ Senti, Executive Director of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center. Come hear how the church is working in the outdoor setting to connect the word of God with the world of God. Camping is for everyone!! Check out the opportunities for every member of your family to have a special encounter with God through Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center in Oregon, Illinois. Check out the materials on the table in Luther Hall and on the board in the narthex. Additional information is available online at Have you signed up yet? You are part of the church family. We d love to have your picture included in the church directory. Instruction letters have been mailed. Call the office with questions ( ).

3 March 2014 Messiah Lutheran Church Page 5 Christian Nurturing / Youth The youth thank you for your generous offering to the SouperBowl of Caring on February 2. Galva s Food Pantry received $221.24! Sunday school children will provide the Psalm of Praise March 9 during our Contemporary Worship. Attention Confirmation Youth! Lock-in forms due to Pastor Linda by March 16 Andover Cluster Lock-in Friday, April 4, 6 p.m. - Saturday, April 5, 8 a.m. St. Paul s Lutheran Church in Orion Get ready for a night of fun! Is your child ready for Holy Communion? Please contact Pastor Linda ( ) by March 28 if you would like your child to receive instruction. Participants will receive First Communion on Palm/ Passion Sunday, April 13. World Hunger and God s Global Barnyard! Both projects will continue through the month of March. Keep feeding your collection boxes to not only provide emergency food but also livestock and the necessary training for our global neighbors to provide a sustainable food supply for themselves and their families. Sarah Circle will meet at 7 p.m. March 4 in Luther Hall. Julie Beeler will host. Women's Retreat: "A Bold Life of Faith" with Katie Luther, Saturday, March 29 at LOMC in Oregon, IL. The cost is $35 and it starts at 9 am. The Bible study is led by Emma Crossen, director for stewardship and development. See Madelyn for more details. Spring Assembly: Saturday, April 26 at Trinity, Galesburg. More info later. Singer-songwriter Gloria Gaither will be the featured speaker at Heartseekers 2014 to be held in Galesburg March If you would like more information on this special weekend event contact Carol Ann Noble at In the Messiah Family Thank you for your prayers, cards, and words of concern regarding the death of Steve s mom. Thank you also for the floral arrangement sent to the funeral. We felt your love and feel truly blessed. You are a blessing. Pastor Linda and Steve Praying for our Family and Friends One month, one week at a time Please pray for God s blessings, presence, and love to be with the following families of our congregation this month. Week of : 3/2 Rebecca Blair family, Teresa Bravata, Gary & Virginia Brock, Tonya Brock-Lococo family 3/9 Nancy Buchert, Darlene Buck, Todd Bussell family, Teresa Byers 3/16 Nathan Byers, Nicole Byers, Al & Donna Carlson, Nancy Carlson 3/23 Richard Carlson, Roger & Judy Anderson, Cindy Carroll, Margo Clark 3/30 Sarah Collinson family, Kent & Vicki Collinson, Kevin & Lisa Collinson, Todd Collinson Past to Present: From a book in the church library, From NYED to North America, Transplanting a Family written July 1996 by Robert and Catherine Edlen. In September of 1872 Nils Nordgren was one of 20 men ordained that year into the ministerium of the Augustana Lutheran Synod at Galesburg making a total of 73 pastors on the roster of clergy. On October 11 that year his family s church membership was transferred from Altona to Galva. Nils was also one of 34 ordained ministers in the Augustana Synod to have received fundamental bible training at Ahlsborg School in Vetlanda, Sweden. In December, 1869 the Swedish Lutheran Church in Galva had been organized with 44 charter members by Pastor P.M. Sannquist who had also organized a church in Kewanee the month before. While Nils and his family were in Altona, Sannquist was resident pastor there as well as itinerant preacher for several other congregations and mission stations. It was predictable that upon ordination Nils would be called to relieve his old friend of some of his widespread responsibilities. Nils first assignment as an ordained minister was as pastor of the Galva church and vice-pastor in small mission churches in Bishop Hill and Kewanee. About 75 years later a grandson, Robert Edlen, followed his footsteps as pastor of the Kewanee church. The Bishop Hill church did not survive, but stories of Nils experience there did.

4 March 2014 Messiah Lutheran Church Page 6 Messiah Lutheran Church 317 SW Third Street Galva, IL Saved by grace, we share God s love. Non-profit Organization Postage Paid Permit no. 1 Galva, IL RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED A new church photo directory is underway! Photo sessions are scheduled for Thursday, March 13, through Saturday, March 15. If you haven t already scheduled your time, you may do so online through the link on the church website at or call the office at Each individual or family receives a complimentary 8 x 10 photo and directory, and there is NO OBLIGATION to purchase additional photos. March Special Events B U L L E T I N B O A R D Bible Wed., 8:30 am, Parish House Thur., 5:00 pm Mar. 6, Parish House 4:30 pm Mar. 13 & 20, Parish House None on Mar. 27 Choir Practice Thursdays, 7:15 pm Church Council Mtg. 6:30 pm, Mar. 12 (Wed.) Note day change Newsletter deadline Noon, Mar. 17 (Mon.) Mailers meet 9:00 am, Mar. 28 (Fri.) Sarah Circle 7:00 pm, Mar. 4 (Tues.) Worship/Music Comm. 7:15 pm, Mar. 11 (Tues.) 3/1 Annual Pancake/Sausage/Egg Breakfast Serving 7:30 to 10:00 am Food Pantry 3/2 Food Pantry Youth Chili Lunch and World Hunger Bake Sale following worship 3/5 Ash Wednesday worship with imposition of ashes and Holy Communion 7:00 pm at Grace UMC 3/8 Congregational Resourcing Event Kishwaukee College, Malta, IL Set your clocks ahead one hour at bedtime 3/9 Daylight saving time begins Contemporary Worship 10:15 am Sunday school children sing 3/13-15 Photo sessions for new directory 3/29 WELCA Women s Retreat at LOMC (see inside for details)

5 March 2014 Messiah Lutheran Church Page 3 Family Celebrations in March Please let the office know if there are any changes to the birthday and anniversary lists. March Birthdays 1 Barbara Nelson, Erin Rossell, Shailar Webber 18 Margaret Appell, Randy Hagerty 2 James Clark, Greg Peterson, Sally Goodale Rogers 19 Roger Carlson, Margaret Robbins, Bradley Werkheiser 3 Alan Corkill, Patty Werkheiser 20 Arthur Apfel, Steven Love 4 Lynne Grant Faller 21 Brad Kuster, Knute Larson 5 Matthew Hagerty, Kyle Moore 22 Drew Cotton 6 Myrna Quanstrom 23 Joe Anderson, Emilyann Wexell 7 Jeanine Peterson 25 Dale Spiegel 10 Kraig Townsend, Dorothy Nelson 26 Chad Larson, Ronald Bell 11 Robyn Gentle Ella Ingels 28 Richard Bell Robert Anderson, Pam Foley, Curtis Appell, Beth Ann Joyce 15 Jack Engelsen, Collin Landis 29 Virginia Brock, Jane Lindquist 17 Rhonda Anderson, Margo Clark, Don Phillips 30 David Peterson March Anniversaries 23 Scott and Tracy Lindquist 30 Don and Barbara Phillips 24 Greg and Jeanine Peterson The Practice of Prayer For the Church & World Bishops Elizabeth A. Eaton and Gary Wollersheim; Pastor Linda; those in leadership positions; the Council and Committee members; Arusha Diocese in Tanzania; Arcot Lutheran Church, India; Randy & Carol Stubbs, those affected by acts of violence, all men and women in the Armed Services, and those affected by violent storms, heavy rains, flooding, and fire. For those with health concerns Susan Bell, Ella Berry, Verna Blakey, Virginia Brock, Gary Butler, Randy Chamberlain, Arlo Edwall, Tim Edwards, Gwendolyn Everett, Glen Foster, B. Anne Groy, Liz Hansen, Roger Hawk, Del Jacobson, Marilyn Jones, Emily Kavisch, Pr. Laura Koppenhoefer, Cindy Love, Pr. Jane McChesney, Dave Moline, Jay Morrell, Bill Patterson, Joe Rohrig, Glenn Rushing, John Sloan, Julie Yepsen For the homebound Audrey Anderson, Lucille Barlow, Arline Green, Beth Johnson, Lois Lundeen, Donna Palm, Myrna Quanstrom Remember to call the office if you or a loved one is hospitalized. The hospitals no longer call us, so we don t know unless you let us know. Please ask permission first before submitting a person s name for the prayer list. Use the prayer cards in the attendance books or call the church office with your requests; remember to contact the church office with updates, NOTE: Prayer requests will remain in the announcements for 1 month, unless otherwise requested.

6 March 2014 Messiah Lutheran Church Page 4 Server Schedule for March 2014 Saturday (Acc.) Sunday Flowers Ushers Acolyte Lector Communion Assistants Fellowship (Council) Mar. 1 (Ann) Mar. 8 (Darcy) Mar. 15 (Debbie) Mar. 22 (Lorrie) Mar. 29 (Madelyn) Mar. 2 Mar. 9 Contemp. Worship Mar. 16 Mar. 23 Mar. 30 Teresa Byers Ev Troline Bob Thuline Tim Foley Caelin Foley Brennan Foley Lauren Landis Nick Anderson Mason Kaiser Remington Bell Caelin Foley Josie Berry Courtlin Gustafson Josh Jeffries Spencer Kemp TBD Katie Hopping Dawn Gale James Hopping II Deb Miles Nathan Berry None Jack Engelsen Youth Chili Lunch Sue Bell Dale & MaryAnn Spiegel Bob & Cathy Tim & Julie Thuline Greg & Katie Anderson Calendar of Events for March 2014 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Reminder: Daylight saving time begins Sunday, March 9! Set your clocks ahead one hour at bedtime Saturday, March 8. Food Pantry 2 11:20am Youth Chili Lunch & World Hunger Bake Sale Daylight saving time 9 begins 10:15am Contemporary Worship SS children sing 16 Confirmation lock-in forms are due pm Sarah Circle :15pm Worship & Music Mtg. 17 Newsletter items due 5 Ash Wednesday 7 pm Worship at Grace UMC 12 6:30pm Church Council OFFICE HOURS Mon.-Fri. 9 am to Noon 5 pm Bible :30pm Photo Sessions 4:30pm Bible 6 pm Lenten worship 4:30pm Bible 6 pm Lenten worship No Bible 6 pm Lenten worship :30pm Photo Sessions 28 9 am Folders & Mailers WORSHIP Food Pantry 1 7:30-10 am Pancake, Sausage & Egg Breakfast 7 8 Congregational Resourcing Event -- Malta, IL Set clocks ahead am - 2 pm Photo Sessions WELCA Retreat at LOMC Saturday (in Luther Hall): 5:30 pm Worship Sunday: 9:00 am Sunday School 10:15 am Worship 11:20 am Fellowship in Luther Hall