Christ Church Unity of Rockford. September

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2 Thank you, Shirley Paceley and Jill Dixon! Get well soon, Norma! We send you love and light. Those of you who were in attendance on Sept. 9th know these two women are truly living "Joy-fully," just as described in their book. Shirley and Jill (and Carol!) made the trek from Decatur to Unity of Rockford to share their wit, wisdom and music. Shirley's talk, "Standing at the Crossroads" was made all that more spectacular by Jill's musical talent. If you didn't get the opportunity to attend the 9/9/12, consider listening to the CD from the service or taking a gander at their book, "Living Joy-Fully." Thank you to these wonderful women for bringing so much joy & inspiration to our day. Saludos desde Puerto Rico! Bab's Corner is back! We are seeking your items to sell in Bab's Corner. It's a great fundraiser for our church and it helps your stuff find new homes! Please mark your donation with a price and date. Items that are not marked will be sold on a love offering basis. After one month, items are "recycled" so we always have a fresh supply of items for sale. Clothes must be clean and in excellent condition. Electronics should be in working order. Thanks for your donations and your business! Bueno, en realidad no ir a las islas - Agnes trajo las islas para nosotros. Miembros de la Iglesia trataron de auténtica comida puertorriqueña, con decoraciones de fiesta en honor a su casa. Feliz cumpleaños, Agnes y gracias por la diversión. For those of you who need a little Spanish-to-English translation: Greetings from Puerto Rico! Well, we didn't really go to the Islands-Agnes brought the islands to us. Church members were treated to authentic Puerto Rican food, complete with party decorations honoring her home. Happy Birthday, Agnes and thanks for the fun Manchester Drive, Rockford IL (815)

3 The Truth About Direct Knowing by Eric Butterworth Everywhere there is a professed need for guidance: for children, for marriages, for business. Yet if someone publicly suggests that he depends on divine guidance, he may be looked upon with distrust. Often it is seen to be mystical or some kind of magic. There is an almost instinctive feeling in every person that there is something beyond his personal prejudices, something more than his worries, something that can be reached. However, all too often this something has been dealt with on the level of superstition: the flip of a coin, tarot cards, tea leaves, stars or a crystal ball. We witness fantastic evidences of guidance in nature, and we call it instinct. But if a person has such an experience, we call it ESP or Spirit guidance. Why do we refuse to accept as fact that: "... it is the spirit in a man, the breath of the Almighty, that makes him understand" (Job 32:8)? Perhaps it is because our religion does not deal with the whole person. We walk alone, unaware that we are all One. We live in a field of infinite knowingness, but we are deaf to the process. Emerson says: There is guidance for each of us, and by lowly listening we shall hear the right word. We need to expand our thought of God to a real awareness of omnipresence, to know that the whole of Spirit is present in its entirety at every point in space at the same time. There is no distance between God and man. There is nowhere to go to get guidance. We are in it all the time. The expression, "voice of God," is misleading. When Moses heard God speak in the burning bush, it was a knowing so clear that it was as if God was speaking to him. He was told to take off his shoes, meaning to let go of preconceived notions and to become as a little child. Jesus said: your Father knows what you need before you ask him (Matt. 6:8). God is present, and God knows. Knowing is, and it is at hand. It is now. The way out of the problem is at hand. But this knowing comes only to the uncluttered mind. If you know about a lot of things, it is difficult to know the Truth, to know the Knower. A creative person may be so involved in knowing that he lets go of what he knows about, even if it may indicate impossibility. True creativity flows when the mind is unrestrained by a knowledge of the facts, for direct knowing transcends facts. Few persons experience direct knowing in their prayer efforts because they are preoccupied with preconceived notions that they bring with them into their prayer time. The mind that is cluttered with images and goals successfully frustrates the process of direct knowing. The highest form of prayer is not reaching for things but accepting allness. It is to be still and know that Spirit is present as the Presence. The answer to your dilemma is present, here and now. There is nowhere to go, nothing to reach for, no one to contact or plead with. For that would imply absence, and direct knowing is Presence. When we hear of instances of direct knowing, we tend to write them off as chance or special revelation or psychic intervention. Actually, many of our hunches and leadings evidence direct knowing. We need to have more faith in the guidance process. For the presence of God, the activity of the Holy Spirit is always present where we are. It knows our needs and is constantly seeking to bring them into fulfillment. There are not really thousands of things to learn in life. There is only one thing to learn: to know the Knower within and to acknowledge Him in all our ways. This is to understand the superconscious level of mind, to learn how to get and keep in the flow of guidance. Wherever you are and however urgent may be your needs, you can be still and know that you are in the flow. You will experience an effusion of light in the form of creative ideas, unerring guidance, and answers without ceasing. Excerpted from Celebrate Yourself! by Eric Butterworth. For more about his teachings,

4 CHRIST CHURCH UNITY OF ROCKFORD Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting August 12, 2012 Call to Order & Roll Call at 11:38 AM by President Jerry Glawe. Present: Glennie, Jerry, Steve, Bill, Donna (Addi), Kathy. Absent: Craig. Guests: Carole Buehl, Marlene Fleur, Agnes Pagan, Alana Z, Norma Thoren Opening Prayer Glennie. Secretary's Report Donna. Minutes of June meeting read by Donna. Correction to the minutes: Donna WAS NOT PRESENT for the July 2012 meeting (the notes reflect that she was there). Move to accept minutes by SH, 2nd by GS. Since there was not a quorem at the July 2012 meeting, the Board reviewed & discussed what transpired during the July 2012 board meeting. It was clarified that Glennie will continue to complete all current responsibilities with the only change being that she will speak every other week instead of weekly. The screen & projector will be utilized to show Unity-related/relevant videos; guest speakers will also be utilized. Comments were accepted from guests (CB, AP, AZ), all who voiced support of the change. Treasurer's Report Kathy Income for July 2012 was $ ; expenses were $ Net income -$ Kathy noted that we had a $472 Com Ed bill which is not reflected on this month s report (it will be reflected on the August 2012 report). Our electric bills usually run about $200. Spiritual Leader's Report Glennie Smith Marge Orchard will speak next week; Addi will speak August 26 th. Glennie noted that members on the prayer list are on the mend. Building and Grounds Two-inch yellow safety striping on top of each step will be completed by the next board meeting. Jerry will take a look at the tree out in front of the church and determine if it is dead; if so, we will have it removed. Larry s Library no report Sound Room (Multi-media) Bill: will be gone the 2 nd and 3 rd weeks of September. He agreed there is a need for a new computer in the sound room so we can utilize A/V system to its fullest. Addi: nothing of note about the newsletter. Music: It was noted that the clavinova will need to be replaced. See further discussion about the clavinova in Women of Unity report (below). Women Of Unity Much discussion was held regarding the need for a new clavinova. Ron estimates the cost of a new instrument will be around $5000. The Women of Unity would like to put monies forth toward the cost of a new instrument. There is $3352 in their budget. Glennie suggested a committee be formed in regards to the search & purchase of a new clavinova; the Women of Unity and Ron will work together to complete this task. New Business The Board was alerted that enough money was collected in today s second offering to cover the cost of a new computer ($627). Old Business Board member search: Steve and Bill s terms are ending. Glennie will find church members to create a committee to identify persons who are interested in serving on the Board. The Backpack Ministry Project was deemed a huge success. The next project will focus on providing school backpacks for the homeless. Motion to adjourn by Glennie, 2nd by Steve. Adjourned at 12:20 PM. Respectfully submitted, Addi

5 Our Schedule: We're in Flux! The schedule for the next few months is in the process of being completed. That said, what is printed here is definitely tentative and most decidedly in flux! If you see an opening in the schedule and would like to volunteer, please contact Agnes or Addi and we'll check to see if the volunteer need has been filled. No experience is necessary. We are ALWAYS in need of hospitality and greeters. Sunday, September 16, 2012 Speaker: Marge Orchard Pulpit Assistant: Jerry Glawe Greeters: Cindy Lawson & Colleen Hughes Special Music: Ruth Ann Lillstrom Hymn: #358 I Love Unity (hymnal) Sound: Jackie DeVries Hospitality: Sharon Glawe Youth Education: Michele Bowers Sunday, September 23, :25am Choir Rehearsal Speaker: Glennie Smith Pulpit Assistant: Craig Pearson Greeters: Katie Bowers and Michele LaCount Special Music: Unity Singers Hymn: #306 Come, Ye Thankful People, Come (hymnal) Sound: Bill Edmundson Hospitality: Kate Warren Youth Education: Laura Edwards Sunday, September 30, :25am Choir Rehearsal Speaker: Glennie Smith Pulpit Assistant: Cindy Lawson Greeters: Alex Pollock & Carol Wick Special Music: Karen Drucker Hymn: #21 There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today (hymnal) Sound: Bill Edmundson Hospitality: Phoebe Larson & Kathy Kelley? Youth Education: TBD Don't forget: the SECOND Sunday of the month features our potluck! Everyone is invited, dish-to-pass or not! Youth Education and Child Care is available during service.