Diocese of Youngstown 75 th Anniversary Learnin g: St. Columba Grades 3-6

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1 Dicese f Yungstwn 75 th Anniversary Learnin g: St. Clumba Grades 3-6 Objective: T explre hw t live ut ur Gspel call by learning abut the life f St. Clumba. I. Engage the life experience In yur wn wrds: Tday we ll be talking abut hw Saint Clumba trusted in Gd s guidance, and hw he can inspire us tday. Give them each a sheet f plain paper, markers t share, tape t share, scissrs. Have them use the paper t make a symbl f smething Supplies Plain paper, tw fr each child Markers Scissrs Tape Bible Stry f St. Clumba they like t d. It culd shw a subject they re interested in, a place they like t g, a sprt they re invlved in, anything that is ne f their favrite things t d. It will be taped n their backs, s it shuld be sized accrdingly. When they are dne, have them help each ther t tape it t the back f their clthing. II. Explre the cncepts: The Stry f Saint Clumba In yur wn wrds: We re ging t talk abut the stry f a man wh lved t d things in his wrld as yu lve t d things in urs. At the same time he was ding thse things, he listened carefully fr Gd s vice. Listening t Gd tk him far frm hme and gave him a life f adventure. He is the patrn saint f ur Dicese: Saint Clumba. Read: The Stry f Saint Clumba Discuss: What did yu like best f Clumba s qualities? If Saint Clumba came t visit this grup, what might he say? In the cathedral f ur dicese is a stained glass windw ver the frnt dr, with symbls frm the stries f the life f Saint Clumba. The windw is divided int 49 penings. There are symbls abut the sacraments and ther designs. There are 23 symbls just abut Saint Clumba, including: A dg, a cat, a bird, which symblize cmpanins that Clumba had in his life, and that he lved and cherished all Gd s creatures. A demn cming ut f a well shws the stry f Saint Clumba purifying a plluted spring f water A sailbat reminds us f hw he traveled frm Ireland t Sctland. A panel with the names St. Patrick, St. Brigid, and St. Clumba remind us that these three are the mst remembered f Irish saints.

2 III. IV. Reflect and integrate with the lived experience: Hw can St. Clumba, wh lived s many years ag, give yu an example f hw t live tday? Read alud Clssians 3:12-14 ( Yu are the peple f Gd; he lved yu and chse yu fr his wn. S then, yu must clthe yurselves with cmpassin, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Be tlerant with ne anther and frgive ne anther whenever any f yu has a cmplaint against smene else. Yu must frgive ne anther just as the Lrd has frgiven yu. And t all these qualities add lve, which binds all things tgether in perfect unity. The peace that Christ gives is t guide yu in the decisins yu make; fr it is t this peace that Gd has called yu tgether in the ne bdy. ) In yur wn wrds: Gd cares abut us what we d, hw we live, what ur lives are like. But Gd s first cncern is the kind f peple we are. Are we cranky and selfish and critical, r are we kind and caring and lving? Respnd with a way f living: Have them use a secnd sheet f paper t make a symbl fr the kind f persn they want t be. (e.g. a heart fr a lving persn, r a dllar bill fr a generus persn, a peace sign fr smene wh keeps peple tgether). Remind them f the qualities f a Christian disciple. When they are dne, have them tape their symbls t the frnt f their clthes. Have them explain their symbls. In yur wn wrds: Just as yu added the symbls t yur clthes, Gd wants yu t add Christ s qualities t yur life as yu grw. We call Clumba Saint nt because he was perfect, but because he herically tried t live as Gd called him t live. IV. Wrap-Up Prayer Almighty Gd, thank yu fr giving us Saint Clumba t shw us the way t live accrding t yur Wrd. He lved yu, he lved ther peple, and he fllwed yur cmmandments. Give us curage t be the kind f fllwers f Jesus that yu want us t be. Amen.

3 The Stry f Saint Clumba ( )* Grades 4-6 D yu like learning? Maybe yu like schl because yu get t be with yur friends. And maybe yu like learning a certain subject that yu re taught in schl. Yu might like learning in ther places, t, like discvering what s under the grass in yur yard, r lking at the sky t see hw planes leave trails behind them, r studying and knwing all the rules f yur favrite sprt r game. Saint Clumba lved learning and wanted ther peple t learn, t. He was brn abut 1500 years ag, befre the internet, befre cmputers, even befre printing presses. He had many adventures, and mst f them were abut finding places t d what he lved: learning and teaching abut Gd. He was brn in Ireland, and his name in the Irish language is Clmcille (prnunced like calm and kill. ) It means church dve. In Latin, it s written Clumba, and that s the name we knw him by. He was brught up by his family as a Christian. He was educated by priests and eventually became a priest himself. He traveled arund Ireland, preaching and teaching. Christianity had been brught t Ireland by missinaries (the mst famus f them is Saint Patrick) mre than 100 years befre Clumba was brn, and it had grwn and spread amng the Irish peple. Clumba wanted t help t spread it t even mre peple and t deepen the faith amng thse wh already had it. He helped t establish mnasteries in Ireland, centers f learning, praying, and serving peple f the time. There s a stry tld abut Clumba that tells abut his lve f learning and bks. Anther Irish hly man, Saint Finnian, allwed Clumba t read his bk f Psalms. All bks in their time were written ut by hand. Clumba decided t make a cpy f the bk. When Clumba gave the riginal bk back t Finnian, Finnian wanted the cpy, t. They gt int an argument that gt t be s big, it invlved their families and maybe even a battle. It had t be settled by a king in Ireland wh said, T every cw belngs her calf, and therefre t every bk belngs its cpy. Clumba had t give Finnian the bk he had made. The stry shws hw much wrk Clumba was willing t d in rder t have his wn bk cntaining the Psalms frm the Bible. It als shws that saints smetimes d things (like getting int huge arguments) that dn t sund very hly, but after they realize what they did wrng, they can ask fr frgiveness. Saints aren t perfect peple; they are peple wh seek in heric ways t fllw Christ. When he was abut 40 years ld, Clumba came t believe that Gd was calling him t leave Ireland and g t Sctland t spread his lve f Jesus and f learning, and t use what he knew abut mnasteries t establish ne there. In the year 562, he left Ireland with twelve cmpanins t find a deserted place t set up a new life. They went t a

4 small island, Ina, in western Sctland. They built up what wuld becme ne f the mst famus mnasteries in Eurpe. Ina was the center fr spreading Christianity in Sctland, and beynd. Reading and writing had been imprtant in the mnasteries that Clumba started in Ireland, and they were in Ina, t. There was a writing ffice, a library, and a schl. Clumba taught nt just with bks, thugh, but als by setting an example f hw a Christian lives. He was knwn fr settling rivalries amng kings and tribes, and bringing peace t peple wh had been fighting each ther. He became knwn as a persn f prayer and wisdm. He was famus in his time, and thse wh knew him wanted him t be remembered after his death as a hly her. They cllected stries abut him, and that s hw we knw f him fifteen centuries later. Tday, he is mre famus in Ireland and Sctland than in America. But as peple f the Dicese f Yungstwn, we have the privilege t remember him, and t ask him t pray fr us nw, because he is the patrn saint f ur dicese. *Nte t catechists: There is anther Irish saint named Clumban r Clumbanus, wh live rughly the same time as Clumba. Clumban ( ) was knwn fr funding mnasteries in France and Italy. If yu re ggling smething, be sure yu re lking at Clumba r Clmcille (als Clumcille, Clumbcille, Clumkille, etc.) frm Cunty Dnegal, Ireland, and nt Clumban r Clumbanus frm Cunty Meath.

5 49 penings: Saint Clumba Cathedral 154 West Wd Street, Yungstwn, OH 44503

6 Clse-up f sme f the stained glass panels, with symbls f sacraments and stries frm the life f Saint Clumba