November 15 th & 18 th FLAME Lesson Plan, Gr. 9

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1 Nvember 15 th & 18 th FLAME Lessn Plan, Gr. 9 CATHOLIC BOOT CAMP Sme f ur high schl catechists have expressed cncern abut their students lack f general knwledge f their Cathlic faith. This is an pprtunity t g back t basics and d a cndensed Cathlicism 101 class t make sure students are cmfrtable lking up passages in the Bible, praying the Rsary, etc. Tday s class will be split int three main sectins, with arund 20 minutes per sectin: --Prayer --Service --Scripture Fllw the plan as clsely as yu can. It s a smewhat tight timeline, and yu will be mving arund much mre than a typical class. That said, feel free t adapt as needed fr yur class if yu feel they need t spend mre time wrking n Scripture, take yur time ding s! Primary bjectives: --T ensure that the yuth knw the basic prayers f ur faith (at bare minimum, the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glry Be, & hw t pray the Rsary) --T ensure that ur yuth have a strng understanding f the cnnectin between service and faith, & have a brief experience f serving tgether. --T ensure that the yuth are familiar with the structure f the Bible and cmfrtable lking up passages.

2 OPENING (5 mins) Opening prayer handut will be prvided PRAYER (20 mins) Take the yuth ver t the church (be sure t take the bag f Rsaries & Rsary handut with yu!). Befre yu enter, pause and say the fllwing: We cme here every Sunday fr Mass (at least, hpefully yu d!), but hw ften d yu take time t just be still? T lk arund at sme f the artwrk? T g write a prayer in the bk f intentins, r pray in the tabernacle, r light a candle? We re ging t take abut 5-10 minutes t just spend sme time praying r walking arund the church. Please be quiet and respectful during this time. Then, we re ging t meet up in the back sectin f the church ver by the Mary statue t pray a decade f the Rsary tgether. Allw the yuth 5-10 minutes t wander/pray, then call them back t meet yu by the Mary statue. Pass ut the Hw t Pray the Rsary sheet and the Rsaries, and lead them in the fllwing cndensed versin f the Rsary: --Ask fr prayer intentins --Sign f the Crss --Apstles Creed --Our Father --3 Hail Mary s (fr faith, hpe, and lve) --Glry Be --One decade f the Rsary (Our Father, 10 Hail Mary s, Glry Be, Fatima Prayer ptinal) --Hail Hly Queen After yu ve prayed this decade f the Rsary tgether, cllect the Rsaries and head t yur next lcatin (Sunday AM & PM back t yur classrm; Wed PM t the LLPC) SERVICE (20 mins) When yu arrive t yur designated space, read the handut n the 7 principles f Cathlic Scial Teaching alud (5 mins) Then, say, T put this int actin, we re ging t d sme service tgether right nw! I knw that we have limited time, but just knw that service desn t have t be a big, elabrate thing. When we d small things with great lve, we are serving Gd.

3 Sunday AM Yur class is ging t help make prayer cards fr parishiners in celebratin f the Feast f St. Albert the Great. (These will be set ut fr parishiners t take hme after the 10:30am Mass. We wuld like t assemble abut 300 instructins & materials prvided.) Sunday PM Yur class will d activities frm the Randm Acts f Kindness Kit (materials & instructins prvided). Wednesday PM Yur class will head t the Lwer Level Parish Center t bake ckies and write a nice nte t smene. They will get t take these ckies with them t pass ut t smene in need the next day. SCRIPTURE (20 mins) The final sectin f class is wrking t ensure that students are cmfrtable with the Bible. Please have each yuth take a Bible, then review the basics with them (utlined belw abut 5 minutes) --Tw basic sectins: Old Testament and New Testament --There are 73 bks in the Bible --The Old Testament is structured int 4 main sectins: The Pentateuch (5 cre bks: Genesis, Exdus, Numbers, Leviticus, & Deuternmy) The Histrical Bks The Wisdm Bks The Prphets --The New Testament is als structured int 4 main sectins: The Gspels The Acts f the Apstles The Epistles Revelatin Next, d the fllwing activities (abut 15 minutes) BIBLE RACE: Say, D yu feel cmfrtable lking up a passage in the Bible? D yu think yu knw yur stuff? Let s find ut The fastest persn t get t each passage will get ne pint. When yu get t the passage, stand up and read it ut lud! 1. Matthew 5: Numbers 6: Clssians 3: Jhn 3:16-18

4 5. Psalm 103:8 6. Isaiah 61:8 7. Daniel 12:3 8. Hebrews 4:16 9. Prverbs 10: Rmans 5: Revelatin 22: Deuternmy 10: Zephaniah 3: Crinthians 2:9 THE BIBLE COVER TO COVER D yu knw the basic layut f the Bible? Fill ut the purple half sheet as best yu can yu ll get ne pint per crrect answer. We JUST reviewed this infrmatin a few minutes ag, s d yur best with it! Because yu just reviewed this infrmatin, it shuld be fresh in their brains! But if nt, at least it will be a gd review. OLD OR NEW? Say, Next, we re ging t play a little game. I m ging t read alud a passage f Scripture. If yu think it s frm the Old Testament, yu ll g stand ver by the windws. If yu think it s frm the New Testament, yu ll g stand ver by the dr. We wn t keep track f pints fr this part just d yur best t figure ut where each verse cmes frm! Blessed are the pr in spirit, fr theirs is the kingdm f heaven. Blessed are thse wh murn, fr they will be cmfrted. Blessed are the meek, fr they will inherit the earth. Blessed are thse wh hunger and thirst fr righteusness, fr they will be filled. (NEW! Matthew 5:3-6) O LORD, yu have searched me and yu knw me. Yu knw when I sit and when I rise; yu perceive my thughts frm afar. Yu discern my ging ut and my lying dwn; yu are familiar with all my ways. Befre a wrd is n my tngue yu knw it cmpletely, O LORD. (OLD! Psalm 139:1-4) When the day f Pentecst had cme, they were all tgether in ne place. And suddenly frm heaven there came a sund like the rush f a vilent wind, and it filled the entire huse where they were sitting. Divided tngues, as f fire, appeared amng them, and a tngue rested n each f them. All f them were filled with the Hly Spirit and began t speak in ther languages, as the Spirit gave them ability. (NEW! Acts f the Apstles 2:1-4)

5 Lve is patient; lve is kind; lve is nt envius r bastful r arrgant r rude. It des nt insist n its wn way; it is nt irritable r resentful; it des nt rejice in wrngding, but rejices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hpes all things, endures all things. Lve never fails. (NEW! 1 Crinthians 13:4-8) Trust in the LORD with all yur heart and lean nt n yur wn understanding. (OLD! Prverbs 3:5) The kingdm f heaven is like a mustard seed that smene tk and swed in his field; it is the smallest f all the seeds, but when it has grwn it is the greatest f shrubs and becmes a tree, s that the birds f the air cme and make nests in its branches. (NEW! Matthew 13:31-32) Then I saw "a new heaven and a new earth," fr the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was n lnger any sea. (NEW! Revelatin 21:1) Fr I knw the plans I have fr yu," declares the LORD, "plans t prsper yu and nt t harm yu, plans t give yu hpe and a future. (OLD! Jeremiah 29:11) Be strng and curageus. D nt be afraid r terrified because f them, fr the LORD yur Gd ges with yu; he will never leave yu nr frsake yu." (OLD! Deuternmy 31:6) Fr everything there is a seasn, and a time fr every matter under heaven: a time t be brn, and a time t die; a time t plant, and a time t pluck up what is planted; a time t kill, and a time t heal; a time t break dwn, and a time t build up; a time t weep, and a time t laugh; a time t murn, and a time t dance. (OLD! Ecclesiastes 3:1-4) CLOSING (5 mins) Clsing Prayer handut will be prvided REMINDERS NO FLAME next week r the week after next class is December 6 th r 9 th! Missin Trip Inf Sessin is Wed. December 2 nd at 7pm in ULPC! Frassati Fest registratin is due by Wed. December 2 nd! Service Opprtunity at Cantata Dinner n Sat. 12/12 at 5pm!