City Fire House Bon~ Will Close Courthouse Seat Belt Gets PcliiUon. may be cir.

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1 221pages four:sections!"nm:f ST YEAR Set riday Ueadlinefor Cof t Dinner Ticket Sales Friday night is the dend- line for getting lickels to S M L.E the Chamber of C"ommerce (1.- mt/aqnf!- annual dinner. A report CHLDQ(" has to bo given to the DENTAL culering service Suturd.1) HEALTH 80 plans for <;erving can be made. Considclable interest. is being shown in the,eb. :.J dinner al G:30 p.m. in the WSC...,tudent Center at which Dr.!\icholas Nv. a"radi, former official in lhe nationa govprnment of lungary, will <.,peaj. The \Vayne (hamler qf (.ornmerce was, so anxious to gel LJr. Nyaradi,as a :1 p e [\ k e r, all precednce was disregarded and the dinner WaS sel fclr il Sunday night. This was the ()nl t.ime the "direclur qf the s c h 0 0 of inlfrnatloflal studie.s at Bradley!)" ((juld he here. Dr. l\yaradils topic \\ill he "l-ree J-:ntrpri<.,e or J)" lie mows hi" subject well [)r h ha<.; he/n a resident of a collnlr, 11;\t hns lost its fret ent(rprie and he is nf)w a cililfn Elf this counlr} whlff frqr enterprise is not f\llh ap. preciated but i,.., still [lvailaole. lie served in the undn ground againsl the ;\azi.., and fled from communi<;1 oppre... siofl. ince coming t.o this coun(r.lhhas written 0001\$, giver! talk"i published arlicles on sub.l versioll and cont.ributed in, ever,y way llossible tel thel well-being- ()f his adopted! Count r.v, cit" and llnivp-r_l i sity. Others on the prorarn include!\an (ramer a<., mas t e r of ceremonies, Hev. (pcil Hliss, Williard \\ i ts l, ( lw r e s rvlc [)e f nolt and Mayor William \ocher.,\11 \... ill ha"e brief rpjilarks tn the tehing devot for ino<.,! pi! () lr. NY:lrldirs t a 1\\, llan itl.t, at lhl tele phfllh office i" in chargr of ticket :1les and those!lot contacted maycallh.illl. j\;() tickeb will be sold l after j-rica.\ due to trwl large numuer expected ancl! 1H [ad lhe catering erv.1 lc has to make definit.e plan.., atllrday for the.-un-4 day evening lh::tl. Loren Park New School Principal. Loren Park, {or three years principal of the! WaynE: :lernenlary School" has ignerl. a conlr:lct to be principal of \\"ayne \.\id. dlf"srhoo\ and federal pro jed coordinator,wd curriculum director of 0 kin lergarten through eightth -rade -;larting this bll. Park is a graduate of ni.xon High School and Set LOREN PAR( p. -\ Wayne fiv -nar-old evidently has not mi.-;sed much on television. The other day after getting a spanking she said to her mother: "You Know, think m allergic to spankings." Winsides school colors are red and white and a WS girl turned both re. cently. Randolph was play* ing at Winside but she Ula derstood the RHS team had not arrived yet. She found out she was wrong when she burst into t,he girls dressing room {used by visiting teams nights of gam e sl and f 0 u n d the Cardinals in various stages of, dress and undress. The man from Omaha had seen telephones at those walk-up facilities attached to poles before. He could :be forgiven then for his frlutration last week a local lounge from which ;he had justemerged. WaynE! frien,ds had to ex. Plainlty he couldnt fillll the t lephon-the faeilit1 attae!f: to the pole and ill which, e was trying to find a ph e is a litter c. seeoad Cl.. PGlta Plldlt WyDe, N,brl.1ul attun... QuJrlatHd Donald Franzen Dies in Mishap ;\ Wayne native, Donald ranzcl, 31;, was killed ridal in the craflh of an army helicopter at Dugway roving (;rounds, ljtah, where he WJS <.;tationed. f,uneral service will be h(re Thllr,,flay, le \\;1,, born hef{.ju!\{!, 1ljll, Ul.f sun of Mr. and \1rs. \\ illial1l,ranzen. ll spent hi.., earh lir{ in th{, and atl./h}/ i \\ a} ne bf fore entering the service. \ "ar(!r :-,oldier, he had heell in tilu arttl\ 17 rs. jrior til going 1,0 he had beln... talloned in GerrTLl\ for hret! \p<lrs and in.\1n<.;)a before that.!lis wi!t i.., tht former l(j/ (;lllnjan, \\elh, 1.;1...."hl, lhret children, hi" rnolilpr, \1rs. 1,:113 ;r;lnz/n,,">iollx {il\,\ sisler \trs. Hett\ liidwll, 0: :lh oullr relut ives -inal ritl will he at p.ll. Jhllrsda \ ill -"t. ]<1111" lulheran (hurch with la"lor Hober( Shirck officiating. \lilitaf\ and VLSllilic ritt,s will )e ("ondllt:tpd hefof( burial in (;rcpl1wood (clllelery. \ Texs paper carried he fol1tl\ving.anecdol e concerning \lr. and l\-lrs. Dick (harnber",. Dixon: ".Just ahead of the cold front wltid1 "Wlpt. the country last week ca me the famil) of DiCK (harnbero;, returnr ing for another wint,ers "i"it at Luke Twakoni fr()m their farm lwrne in ebraska. Phc y S(lrne frozen!teat", in thermal s. The suits were so literally stuffed \lith lhe Teat that Mrs. Chambers worried lhroughout the t rip that the} might have a ",.feck and someone would mistake the bags of meat for \idim." The Chambers 118.\e spent lll( last hi(l winter" at l)uinlan, Tex. Winside Planning Free Feed Again Hememher that free pancake feed postponed a half a dozen times (more or less) sinct \o\ernber" t is being planned aga,in in \\ in::;ide, this time "lleday, Feb.. The \\ inside lommunity (lull rnfol \oncb.\ of lastwee!,,d th l, Trinit\ -llt.t1 eran Church with the pan SCl WNSDE FEED - pc: :i SMOLDERNG RUNS mark the,ite of the Clark Smith, i,., barn south of Lalolrel following Sunday.s fire. The barn, haystacks and hogs burned A ruined coaster wagon stands overtd n the d(r1s Smoke from the still-smoldering debris sho haze lke n hont of outbuildings Trip Home to Fire, Gir/ 0 Agony for Laurel Pair Allen Gets Citation The,\ 11 e n (ommunit) Het-terment Committee has been informed that thp com munity ha sen. rned a cert ificate of honorable ment iun in the nalional "("leanest i\chievpment (on- " The scraphookvvhi;, had been prepared frn the Nehra"ka (ornmunil\ letlerm(nt Program was enlered in (llf. national con (o,( bv(h "l.a((,cofjlmittee. \ fr:\med C(.,rtlficate will be presented n \lln representative at tlw (pancst To\vn (onflre!lcl in \\ ashingiofl f cb Opportunities n Pork Pointed Out for Region Dix(ln People Worllly Economy and efficiency of,pjod.uction, m-erchandi;. Lng and new technolog) hrough researc.h were cited as the lhref areas needed for imp[overnent ir i\ortheat \euflaska swine are to realize upport unitles in the pork industry, farmers were told nl the Swine [)D,J program in \\ :lyne Thurs. Jay. Hetween 2,-1(1 and :j()(l at tended from \\ a nlt (, aunt) and!dust :,;ur rclulding cout;. lits. The turnout ei.cefded epectat JOBS ucc;:llse road conditions were not ideal, ice st.ill covering much of the gravel an(l.asphalt sur facing in the region. Dr. FLink Haler, cklirman of the \Tdepartrnenl of anirn,t! o.;cicnce, pointed out that pork is alreacl J bg busines in :-:ehraska, he slate ranking sidh in product ion. ebraskans garnered per cent of Lheir cash farlll incomp from pork in 1(q::l, $:?(io million, he said. "The pork enterprise ohen is the diuerence be. tween ::tn adef1u3te fami!) income and on that is not," Dr. Baker sald. lie added: "The enterprise reqlj.ires moderate amqunl;:; of capi and ouers a fairh uni. form 1e\e1 of income:" Hesearch and education have combined to lowri.rthe S(( SWNE DAY - pc: H \lr. anc! lrs. Clark Smith, ir., \\ aync (ounty farmer" living south of [,aurel, experienced the agofl,\ and torment of being aw:1y from home when they le:lrned there WlS a ire ;"t their place, being UJilable to contncl three young daughl prs at the farm and heing "lowed in their drive through fug to rhe scene ">llnclay night. The Smiths h:1d gone to to attend a church festiv:-tl, leaving lhree daughter", Marcia, 1 1, 1arl.\ ce, 1:1, and Marta, :,.l horne.,\ftcr church ",,,,r,,icf, thev slopped at lhl hotl( of frienrls for Cofl"{. 1,\ hi E he (he fire a. l;l rrn in 1.3urel. Tln\ (!r,irl0d to call the f;lrlllin rnal\l::--llrelflegirls were all right. The\ were unab\e. Lo,g.,eLap. a.nwer 6 calle d the fite deparlment nnd learned thar their worst flars were rcalized--lhc fire WD,S al their (arm. Dense fog blanketed the area <:nd t1ley,,\ere unable to drive a:-; fast ;:S they \,,rollld like t he more than <;evpll mile" horne. Their hopes..,oared when Lhey could S(P no glo\\ uf flames as the_, drew near ">ldden" l h e \ s::tw a bright or:ange glow when the\ were \\ithinone-fourth mile of horne and they knew it was a uig fire. Their hearts sank, and the last :->1( LAUREL FRE p K Day of Prayer Set for Wayne \\ orld Oa) of win be held Friday, Feb. 10, in \\ ayne. Local officers will preside and special music will be furnished. Rev.-;. K. de Freese, pastor of Hedeemer Luth eran Church, will be the spe<:lker at the service. Hedeemer Lutheran will host the session starting at tj:30 a.m. \11 church.;omen ofthe area are invited to attend. Details on the service will be given in next week s paper. Die One Week Apart Herman Frese, Wayne, died Wednesday morning. Just a week go to the day his wife succumbed. Fun era 1 s e r vic e s are 5 c h e d u 1e d for Saturday, Feb, 4, at 2 p.m. in Re. deemer Lutheran ChurCh. Details On the life of Frese and an account of final rites will be published in next weeks paper.,shrove Pancake Feed Nexl Week "Kiwanis for Kids," a yea r y project. to raise money for various youth pro j e c t 5 o( lhe Way n e Kiwanis Club, will benefit from the annual Shrove Tuesday pan4=ake feed this oming week.,the pancake feed is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 7, from 5 to 8 p.m. in the Wayne City Audit_ rium. Pancakes and the trimmings l,wil1 be served by Kiwaniari. Advance sale of tickets has been ade by club members. 116wever, tickets may be purchased at the door also. Read and Use Ttle Wayne Herald Want Ads - The Little Ads That Do the BG Job Parachute Jump Hurts Hoskinsite,\ Hoskins paratrooper was injured Jan. 19 in a parachute jump at Ft. Cambell, Ky. He is Langenberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Langen. berg, jr. The jump was the last one scheduled for Langen_ berg before leaving for Texas to. begin medical training. He had orders ;ce}v-ed tl1:at week to.eave Jan. 20 for his new as. signment. Airborne policy calls for making jumps periodically in order to qualify for t.he extra pay and the clasei... fication as a paratrooper. Langenberg.scheduled a jump the day before he was to leave in order to meet requiremenls... According to his parents, hi s leg caught in the chute after he left the plane. He \vas faffing head first. Fellow servicemen in his tu1it watched helple$sly as he fell. Langenberg managed to keep from landing head first but could not land in the prescribed mander, coming down on his seat instead of his feet. The landing itself did not injure him but the jerk he received as his leg caught injured his knee. Tuesday of last week he underwent surgery at the army hospital Where Sur_ geons scraped and repaired, sewed, back liga_ ments pulled loose and did other work. His leg was put in a emporary cast See PARACHUTE - pg. 8 The steering committee plans to tart. circulating petitions letn Feb, 14. n order to for m a con. servancy distriet, 60% of the residents inthedistrict must sign,the petition. There l1as not been any oppositiojl)! expressed atlhe meetingls held the past N e e k.. : was generally.greed tht a locally con ;rolled w.:tershed program is>i;he most acceptabletype :f conseryation se.t.up. ", RL and Use wa tteraw Want Ads Dr. Halph ChalanrJer, Shawnee Mission, \an., will be in Wayne Thursday and friday. lie \:rill speak at a meeting open to the pub. lie to explain "1ht Middle Sho(t C oncept" at 9: 30 a.m. Friday in West Elementary School. According to Supt.. Frnncis laun;districl residents are invited to auend t.he morning meeting and find out what the new middle school here will mean Or. Chafander will explain plans and answer questions concerning lhe program. Wayne will go t.o a middle school set-up this fall, See EOUCATOR TALKS - p, " Weeks Temperatures 1.0 January January B January J anua ry 2B 32 f) January 29 4f) 18 January r, January t.e8lt :orate HST soc 1;500 t 8t. lolicololl a H R als08 ""<1,0 reb 3. May Ask Vote on $ 15,,000 ssue City Fire House Bon Will Close Courthouse Seat Belt Gets PcliiUon. may be cir. culatlng in Wayne "00" 11_ lng rr B vole on prdvtdlnu: W avne Count v Court- (redit for Life $75,OPO for a new fir... house" will be.closed for tion i Wayna. That 8- ill two holidays in February. Edward Hatch, Spiril three(ourth the amoudt t will not be open Mon.. Lake, a., drug sallsman, origil;tnly called for" day, Feb. 13, due to Lin.. join n!\ebraska Safety city 9()un.cil meting. cons birthday on Sunday Patrol.trooper in giving n in long" drawn-out apd it will not be open credit to his s{at belt for me. etng Tucsdny nlgh.. Wednesday, Feb. 22, for saving him from serious journing around mldn ) Washingtons birthday. iniury and probably s[tvillg the douncil considereif" (,ounty Treasurer Leona. his lift in an n,cident near Ure $tnlion nlnn llnd many llahde reports this takes Hoskins Thursd;\y noon. othe mntters. Member. off two more days in which Hatch was wstbound at vote<:( to C)t ome of tht to buy license tags in a the Curve lo hl southwest fentuel of nproposed fh, short month anyway. Sales l mile south! of Hoskins. statiqm in ort\er to brine by Tuesday were 850 behind His car,hil,ra slicl< spot.. C08t down. a a year ago. SC:C SEAT BELT!H.: H An englneer l ", e8tlln.te,. on te cosl of a Hre hol. Educator Talks to public.;nb!l:: ci:tni:j: C e Meddl $ h delellng of,omo ealur"l oncernlng e. c 00 wo1iltnc;il 1 circulate. SNOW QUEEN Cathy Bottolt,on, ",hown dt center, La,t years queen,. (yndee Kerstine, hds just crowrled her, Others shown are Belinda Bebee, brunette at left, and i Dee Jorgensen, blonde in center. r AFS Exchange StlJdent Host Family No Pr9blem Will Circulate Petitions to Create Humbug Watershed The Humbug steering committee plans to pro (011 e Student ceed withf:the formalion of eg a watersed conservancy N ( h W d i st ric t, Two more in. ot as nner formational meetings will be held in Stanton County. One will be held at the Begga J"Ountry school Feb. 6., and another at District 23 Feb. 7. Both meetings will be at 7:30. A Wayne State College student, Mary Marguerite Bart!irig, missed out on the S i 1v e r Dollar Night drawing Thursday and thus lost $140, She received$10 consolation prize instead of the $150 major prize., The WSC student is from c!raig, Sre could have daimed the larger amount,had she been in the right place at the time her name was announced-namely ne of the business places in and out of Wayne sponsoring the promotion. n Because she was,,-jl5t: in on e of the participating i, he prize this -yveek goes up to $200. Someone can es,imtbat amount by being m Wayne at 8, being h.. the right business place and by reporting to th, store manager at once. calhf. for n vote. f _." pe r.ant-. of the vohr", at W.SC TeaC,er ReSigns tho..t. oloclion lgt\... t...h.. e. Norman lj,egberg, in. vat. lh be held", structor at 1Wayne Stale Th F.phcool Ct\urch, (allege, submitted his res- curr ntly. meel,ngatwlt ignation in wrliting the past!vortary" asked the.eo k t [) Wl llr B eli l a plot north wee 0 r. : lam.f8of" of Sa Dte Driveln on M&!a;: enburg, college presldelll r b ldl..,.1., He indicated,e will remain an. co or U nlf:;(: at \ the colleg.,e to fulfill ne,,: qhurch t.hcre., ; th t 1 h councl S(f! a special p pr.esen c(mtrad: How. meqng for Tuesday Feb ever, n a sll;\(empnt lsf;ued 7 t i " Tuesday, Dr.iBrnndenburg,onsl1 er recom.. said, ;M Nt 11 menoiatlon of the zonin,, r,:or mun oog. ber.g was su.pended from engiijee r." <Hd the attor. neys. The :p!scopbl pt.n duties a as.slstan.t, profes will be among those:,or of r:nglts!h ;lorn.. l!idered at this time. lg pendlng,cl!!anflcat1on of (e i1 Wriedtw[lHgra>.lttAKi, hs status asia member o( t f ll t the facully or: Wayne Slate a rh rti or a ral er UN C.ollege." d"(t, FilRE HOUSE pg, t- Ken Deiss::ler, counselor at Wayne fligh, reports three appliqations for the honor of beng "hos fam-. iy" for thl1 next (oreilpl exchange student to be brought to 1 Wayne. The \\ HS studen,council hopes to bring aother student here this falil. Some of ithe top famities of, the! area have 0( fered to taike a student into their hqm,es for ayar. Deissler said the decision will be up to the AFS of. fice in New:York and even from that: distance the choice will: not be easy. Next bridge to cross is that of financing. The Future Hofmemakers of Am e ric a iraised around $100 at the winter ball Saturday and t&rned thisover to the AFS!fund but much more is nee8ed. Donation11 are being accepted from group and individuals.l.anyone wishing to hel" out tbrough a club or ars an individual should contct Deissler-. Phadet Hawsombat, Waynes curent exc;.hange student frop, Thailand, i. in great dtmand for programs. He s lined up with at.least tv.[o a month for the rest o his time here and since iafs de,; not want to pjt too heavy a load on h,m in speaking engagemen1!s, there may have to b a limit. R... quests to lave him appear at meetingfor programs should be made a <>Dee, to insure g.ine him Snior Girl NmediWH Sre51g terffmr., lie len lottolf. son, was revealed as snow que n at the Vuture Home,;. mak rs of Amer:ica winter ball Salurd,y nilght at the W a n e Cil.y Audilod.urn. She lis a senior at WHS. Mli S s nouo1cson wis elec ed by populn r vot.. \,>f lhe ludenl hody frorn ottlht canlidate.<, ((our from ea...c....h. grae) previously selected by, A members, All othii,r girl.. were attenanls to the ueen. C nde e. Kere:tine, last yeas queen, crowned tbe nw royalty a\,dpres<!nt.d a r inestol.i crown, a bou: quet of roses and a "Sno,., Que n"banner. Carla a,1;1! inlr duced the candidat88 pdo to the crowning. T e new queen i,s a. tqp stud nt in the homemaking dep rtment on lhe basis of cholarship, Shels a me ber of the rep Cl sing in the choir and ha" bee in othe r activitl.. Thi is her second yea:r of h memaking.,.,i> T e ball raised arowld $10 lo be turned ove.r, to the fund to bring a forelp exc ange student to Wae Hili next term. This: \_ mo ethan double.thl ali unt earned last year whe bad weathe" plagued the :;:i iil- the noriti par of the auditorium,:i"e res nted a park wfth cfjr par benches set ajil,;i!c eve greens (! is c a r.:d Ch istmas trees).,.hle so th part had a band 1l wh re the crowning took pa e..,. Knfghts of Blue,")iJjb sc 001 combo from, played for the. Ad iser Kay Chamber.J.. po ted an orderly c/ of young people enjojbi" th mselv8s tmensel1.: 1l1.j*1)i!i!K:};iJ!il i.". ".

2 1 2 The Wayoe,Nebr. Herald, Thtrsday,. Febr. 2, 1967 t. Pauls the ran Church, (R. E. swlk pastor), Thursda>j, rell. 2: Altar Guild,. 2 p..; catec.hism classes, 7- : 0 p.m. Sunday,,eb. 5: Church,school anddultstudy,9:15 a.m.; divi,?e worship, 110:30; TME visitationsunday, 1 p.m. Sf. Award Wn.. Wednesdar, Feb. 8: Senior choir" 7 p.m.; Ash Wednesday Holy Commun.. 191:tt65 ion, 8. Thursday, Feb. 9: LCW G.o.rel &..n.o.. Conhot sewing, 9 a.rn. 4 p.m.; cate.. chi,sm classes, 7.8:30. Prea AAoc:etian The Wayne Herald, serviog Northeast Nebraska, Great!Farmioll Area lu Main Street Way:ne, Nebraska Phone :matabujhed n 1876: & newllpslj6r: publlahed weekly by Mn. Mar...ret El. Cramer: entflred: in the postottlce at Wa.yne, Nebrallka ,... neood clae:. moll mlltler. Return POfttage Guaranteed Copy mruat bo lubmltted bl)" :..onday acterrloon. Cb Greenle. New. Editor J. Alan Cra.mer.JoJanaglng Editor: Jim!/Jarab Buslneell Manalrer Poetry The Wayne ""rnld does not feature. literary page and not have a literary (duo,. Therefore poelry not accepted for rree publlcatloll ornela, N...p.prr ur thll 1.:11) 0 "-JDe. tile Co tj.f lvara d til. U.te of Neb..._1La 8VD-tlCHJPTON RATE., n Wilyneo - Pierce Ceda.r - Dixon - Thuratpn - Cu.mlng - Slall!vn and Madl3011 counlle.; H,OO p"r year, 13.01) tur six monthlj. $,OO for three months, OUlslde countlell mentioned: $5.00 per } ear,,00 tor _h: monthll, 2.7f, for three months. Sing/, cople. Ut: Wayne st. Anselms Episcopal (hurch (James M. Barnett, pastor) Sunday, Feb. os: Morning prayer, 10::l!) a.m. Trinity Lutheran (hurch \ tona (J<. 1\. Binger, pastorl Sunday, Feb. S: {,,;Junday school, q:}:) LfTl.; ""orship service, l()::w.<;t Church ()f (hris! (:?rlh East. r,ourth Street.) Thursday, Feb. :2: hilgs [)aug-hler. meeting, 2p.m. Sunday, Feb. :J: Bible,... c!jool, ]f) a.rn.; (omrnllnton,.,-. larys (at.holic Church {\\m.!\jeffman, pastor) Thursday, Feb. :.!: rvlas.., H::W Mas, college chapel, p.rn.; confes. sions for colleg!. students, con f e s s i () 11 s, church, ;). F rid a v : c!l. :1: Communion, church, &.m. chapel, 7::10; maiss, chap(l, 11:30; blessing of t.hroat.s, 1:?:1() p.m. Sat.urday, :ell.,1; Mass, church, H a.m.; Nuptial Mass, 10:30; religiqus in- Church News strudions for children at.. tending:public school, 1:30 :3 p.m.; confessions, 4:,10 S::10 and 7:30. 1 ). Sunday, Feb. 5: Mass, 7, H:,ln ami 10 a.m. Monda),, Feb. G: Mass, chapel, R:.1J a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7: Mass. church, 7 p.m.; confes.. sions, C-7. Wednesday, Feb. 8: Blessing of ashes and distribulion, k a.m.; mass, church, 7::() p.m.!<crleerner f.ulheranchurch (.". 1\. de Freese, pastor),-aturday,.eb. 1: (on. firlllation classes, Rth grade, ( a.m.; 7t.h grade, :)::l(); lh grhje, 10; junior choir praclice, 10:10. Sunday, Feb. S: Worship (rvic(s, :) and 11 a.m.; <ldl1lt. Bible class and Sunday school, 10. :v1onday, Feb. (j: Couples (lull, R p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7: Prayer Vigil, 12 noon until 12 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8: L.C. Women General meeting, 2 p.m.; prayer vigil, 6a.m. lmtil r; p.m. Ash \\/ ednesday Services, 8 p.m.; youth and chancel choir, 7:15. OUR SNCERE THANKS United Presbyterian Church (John A. Voth, pastor) Sunday, Feb. 5: Church school, 9:30 a.,m.; worship, 11; Board of Elders, 2;30 p.m.; Youth Fellowship, 7. Wednesday, Feb. 8: Lent_ en services, 7:30p.m.; choir practice, 8. Wesleyan Methodist Church (Fred Warrington, pastor) Sunday, Feb. S: Sunday school, 10 a.m.; morning worship, 11; Adult study, Wesleyan youths and chil.. drens meeting, 7:30 p.m.; evening service, 8. Tuesday, Feb. 7: \\omens World Fellowship Prayer, J a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8: He. vival meeting, Evangelist r:. r:. ledgepath, R p. m. Grace Lut.heran Church Misouri Synod (E.J. Bernthal, pastor) Saturday, Feb. :1:.Junior choir, J a.m.; J1ible school and confirmation instruc. tion, J: 30. Sunday, Feb. S: Sunday school and 3ible classes, } a.m.; worship, 10. Monday, Feb. ri: Past.ors Lenten retreat. Tuesday, [.eb. 7=lJamma nelt.a choir practice, G:15 p.m.; Sunday school staff, 7:.1r1. Wednesday, Feb. R: Ladies :\id society, 2p.rn. mmanuell,utheran (hurch Missouri :-";ynod (,\.. node, paslor) Saturda,Y, Feb. 1: Satur. day school, ;}::30 a.ttl....;unda.;, Feb. :J: Sunda) school, (}:30 a.m.; worship service with holy commun ion, 10:,10. Firsl Baptist Church (Frank Pedersen, pastor) Thursday Feb. 2: Womens Missionary Society, home of Mrs. J1esse Peterman, 2 p.m. Sund,ay, Feb. s:."1unda) TO ALL WHO HELPED MAKE OUR 25th ANNVERSRY Qlld JOHN DEERE DAY 67 A SUCCESS. Followinq ore the winners of John Deere Day Prizes - ELECTRC KNFE --- Donold Rezac, Woyne COFFEE POT - Marlin Westerhaus, Winside STANLESS STEEL MXNG BOWLS (Set of three)- 1. Mrs. Herman Kol, Winside 2. Otto Saul. Wayne 3. Tom MalJ, Wayne 4. Lowell Rohlff, Carroll 5. Mrs. Harry Wert, Wakefield 6. Lowell Glassmeyer, Wayne S M V SGN 1. Virgi:1 Ldewe, Wisner 2. James Jensen, Winside CANNED HAM - 1. Melvin "Butch" Mortensen Wakefield 2. Emil Lutt, Wayne 24 PACK OF JDD GREASE TUBES _ 1. Jim Kirchner, Concord 2. Marvin Felt, Wakefield 5 GALLONS NORTHLAND OL _ Melvin Longe, Wayne 10 bs. NORTHLAND LTHAN GREASE _ Mrs. Paul Dagbrg, Wayn" TOOL SET -Juleene Ann Miller, Haskins school, 9:45 a.m.; worship service, i gospel servlice, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8: Volunteer choir, 7 p.m.; prayer hour, 7:45. First Methodist Church (Cecil Bliss, pastor) Saturday, Feb. 4: Con.. rirmation class onl!, 9 a.m.; junior choir rehearsal, 10:15; confirmation class two, 11. Sunday, Feb. 5: Morning worship, 8:30 and 11 a.m.; church school, 9:45; senior high MY F, 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8: W SC S Executive committee, 12 noon; WSCS luncheon,1p.rn.;wesleyfellow.. ship and junior high choir. 6:30; chancel choir, 7; Lenten Chapel hou-f, Rev.; Herbert W. Jackman, 8. Jolene Pearson, Michael Malone Wed at Wakefield.T ole n e Kay Pearson, daughter or :--1r. am :--1rs..Jerome Pear:-,on, \\akerield, {llul t>.lichae! Patrick \1alon(, son of r..1r. and 1o1r... lus.ell t\blonc, De_ \\itt, n., were rnj.rricd.jan. :n at \\ akefield Evangelical Covenant Church. lusic was furnished b} Paula Koch, Linn Grove, la., soloist., and Merle Hing, organist. Pastor Fred Jansson officiated at the double ring, candle_ light rites. The altar was decorat cd \\it,h gold can dnl3.l>r<.l nd hn:o.kels of white mllm. Tht, bride. given in marh) her father, wore lngth govvd of white \ ( chiffon,.fashioned r, empire bodice, je\velcd Jleckline, long tapered ::;leeves and a detachable train. fler silk illusion veil was held by a crown of beaded pearls and rhine. ston,es. She carricd a cas cada bouquet of white calla lilies. rarol Vencil, Valley, was maid of honor. Melodie Malone, the bridegrooms, and Gwen Olson, the brides cousin, were bridesmaids. They wore floor lenght gowns of forest green velvet wit.h matching circular veils. Each car_ best "man. 0 a v d Park, Allen, and T"rry Malone, DeWitt. were groomsmen. Ushers were Bob and Rich 5ymonds, Cumberland, a A. D. Benson, Sidney, la., and Jim Rasicot, Minneap.. olis. Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Ol_ son werehosts at the recep. Cion in the church parlors. Gifts were arranged by Gail Mortenson, Oianne Salmon, Lynette Fredrickson and Kathy Eaton. Guests were registered by Mrs. Roger Stafford, \althill; Mrs. Celia Asmussen, \\ a y n e, poured. Carolyn \\illiams, Grand sland. lnd Mrs. Phil Finch, Omaha, cut and served the cake which was baked and dec ::lrated by Mrs. Elder Lubberstedt, \\ ayne. Nancr \1osier, Scranton, la., and Peg g y r-.hguire, Omaha, served punch. Waitresses vvere k\usan and Debra Park,!\orfolk, Mary and Peggy Puc 1<.: e t t, Pender, ]lenda Pearson, Mead, and Lynn Backst.rom. Serving at the reception were Mrs. Hut.h \illion and \1ary Lou, lrs. Alden Sa c k s:t rom, Mr-s. Paul Everingham, Mrs. Darrell Puc k e.t t, Emerson, Mrs. Alvin Lueth and Mrs. Carroll Berg, Dakota City. The" newlyweds ar-e senior at \ orne State College. Funeral Services Planned Today for Donald A. Franzen runeral services for S/SgL Donald i( Franzen, 3(;, are planned today (Thursday) "l St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Wayne. Sgt. Franzen was killed Jan. 27 in a helicopter crash at J)ug>vay Proving Grounds, Ut.ah. He\. Hobert Shirck will officiate at the rites. Gor_ don Nederganrd will sing ";\Jearer My God to Thee" and "Rock of Ages." J\1rs. Korman :-vleyer will be or ganist. Pallben rrs will be.eland, \\ :11 W, Theodore and j)onald {eibold, Darrell and hle Franzen, (arl 13. :\e50n, jr., and J. \. Scott. Burial will be in Grrenwood rernetery with 1l,ilil.ary rites by Wayne V F\\ Jlnst and Masonic riles by \\ayne Masonic J \)dge. Donald A. Franzen, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Franzen, was born June 22,11,10 atwayne.lle spent most of his life in Wayne County and attended Wayne schools. le was baptized and confirmed in St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Wayne. He tvas married to Rose Theresa Guzman of Welsh, La. on July 12, 1953 at \\ agner, S.D. He had been in the military service 17 years. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge. His father preceded him in death..-lurvivors include his widow; three children,,beverely, Debbie and Don_ ald, jr.. all of Dugway. Utah; his mother. Mrs. colonial bouquet of Ella Franzen, Sioux City; a sfster, Mrs. Stanley (Betty) Bridwell, Omaha, and two nephews, Jerald and Ran d y B rid well, Omaha. ried a white mums. Dawn Malone was flower girl and l\evin Malone was ringbearer. Kathy Dyke, Lincoln, and Sandy Bolton \ a t hill, 1i g h ted th candles... Bob Gaeta, \Vayne, was Read and Use The! Wayne Hel"ald Want Ads, Audrey Moore {s JamesFredrickson n Carroll Methodit Curch Rites Audrey Moore, daughter of. Mr. and Mrs. i!lard Moore, Carroll, and James Fredrickson, nephew of Laura Fredrickson, Carroll, were married: Jan. 14 lit First Methddist Church, Carroll. Rev. E..John hess officiated at the double ring rites. Mrs. Darrell Moore, Wayne. sang "The Weddine: Prayer," "The Lords Prayer" and tlb e c a use." Mavis Swanson, Carroll. was accompanist. The.:tHar was decorated wit.h sprays of champagne colored Carnations and white pompons. The bride, given in marriage by her brother, Darrell Moore, wore a floor length gown of bridal satin and lace. The bodice was fashioned with a bateau neckline and longpoin ted sleeves. The empire wa i st lin e Was encircled with floral leaf, lace applique:-;. The A-line skirt. featured a brush train. 0h carried a cascarle arrangement of yellow roses, whit.p pompons and white stephanotis. Mrs. Hobert Jones, Fliirbury, served her sister as matron of honor. Delilah Moore, Carroll, served her sister as bridesmaid. They wore floor length gowns of sage green peaudefaille and chiffon. The molded bodices were fashioned with Sabrina necklines. The back of the chiffon skirt was accented with a large peau de faille bow. Each carried a hand bouquet of champagne car nat ion s streamer-so Each wore matching rosette crowns with c ire u r veiling in sage green. Cheri Lei Jones, Fair. bury, was flower girl. Troy Jones, Fairbury, was ringbearer. RobbY Jones, Fair.. bury, and Judy Ka.vanaugh, Carroll, lighted the candies. Robert Fredrickson, Carroll, served his brother as best man. Ronald Stanfill, Carroll, was grooms LAD ES: Send me your fa, verite recipes or helpful hlnt.s n care ef THE WAYNE HE RALD. ThlJyll ell be printed n this column as space pel"mit,s end, evol"y month ll. utld a $5 che-ck to the contl"lbutol" of ttie LO CAL item ludged be" fol" that month by my staff. Chocolate Cookie Squares Oissole 1 tsp, soda in 1 cup bolling water, pour over 1 cup choppt!d dates, cool. Cream 1 cup hortening with man. Us her s were J a c k Rhode.1nd Don Frtdrickson, Carroll. The bridegroom land his attendants wor f: dalrk businl>;.>; >;lil s. Thf: bridegroom:-- b()ul()n nierl was a whitt (arnation centered with a \ ello\\ rort bud. The attendants had white carnation boutonnieres. The brides /lother wort a blue and hit l knit SJit with blacl ;lnd whitp ;\t_ c e s s 0 r i e s.!l( b rid (_ grooms aunt WOrt a hll wool suit,vith h:h\ ;Cc e s so r i e s. Fach hnd n corsage or charr,lpa).;llp t:lrnations. For htr goin/!;.aw<ly dress the bridf chose a Remember wifh -,, l "-$ "i: J ] FBRUARY 14 TE WORLD FAMOUS SAMPLER Wjt be,oljtiful Yafen!ine ovetwrop REMEMBER, TOO.,.,., camel tan and,,... semb" wlthhampj,.o. cessorl"s wit eor,,,ot white pompons; a yalll)"" roros. " l,,_,,; A recepton was he.;tn the church basemontlolo" wing the ceremony, Mre, dwln M./llgan, Mre. J... rj,l1hlan and Mrs. Jack Rohde arrrnllod the.gilts. Mrs. Richard,Jan.sen r,slistered the guests. Hosts were Mr. and Mrs, Ver.non Nelson. Mr.s. Martiq Landanger served. punclli Mrs. Mar ga r et Cunnlnaham poured. The cake cut and servod by Mable and Janelle hodrickson, Waitresses were Bunni e Landang. r and J.ans sen. Assisting n the kit i chen were Mrs. Leon Ste phcns, Mrs. ClnrcnceMor ris, Mrs. Honald Kuhnhenn Cora.Jcnldns, Mrs... Beac llurlberl and Mrs. Wnl Lago. The bridge, a graduat oj Wa.voe jllifth School,: i employed Sams Supe M r k c l, ( 4r roll. Th bridegroom, also lgradu ate of Waylll High, is em played by Cunningham We. Co., Carroll. Fullowing weddingf,rl, to Colorado lho coup1e.wil reside in (arq-oll. l(see By The Herald [Jeai..!ughes, Lanc.ster ( a if., unde rwent majo surgery last ek n 1.ancaster Hospital Hughes, eldest: son of Mrs ): lall, Wayne,isaforme \\;Jyne fl CHOCOLATES HALLMARK CARDS, To Show You Cared Enough FELBER s PARMAC;Y Tw4 REGSTERED PHA1MACSTS TaSERVE YOU YEARS OF RELABLEPRESCRPTON SERVCE crackel"s for the top. Judy Brader. c/o Paul Bradlfl Carroll, Nebr To remove. tipstick:muk from a washable fabric, loa the spot in a saveer :JW& inflamabje cleaning HUJd for a few minut, then.ash the garment f, i Brandstetter hopl. Co. J 16 West 1st i," the fabric is not better the the garment..nil your pl"oblem to your dry cleamr. MM. jlades: Frequently +r Sponiors wilt ohe, in this c"un, items or..rvic.. NOT!,DVERTSED ELSEW RE. Chot their ads c.refulj, r

3 Happy HfmemakCrs Meet in aauwe Home Happy memakers CluJ met fo.r POtl.Udt dinner Ja. n 19 in the home of Mrs. Ed Canuwe. ;ight members and 11 gues, Myrtle Anderson, were, prescnt. Holl call was jnvofiic hand work. The afternoon was opent,knitt n.g and c.,rochel. lng. - cb.,g meeting will be with M s; Val [}amme. Observe Fortieth nniversary Sunday e cning150 rela tivcs.. ". nd. friends,gathered Co" UtcmrkS at Vy akeftcld Legion help Mr. and Mrs. Clarence U l e to ark observe their forlibth weddihg: an niversar.v. Their attend. 8nL, Mrs. Emil Tnrnow, the former l:ilhe Sehade, and Palll ljternarl w(re pr(sent, for the occasion. Mrs. [)a r re Zie;sler, <merson, baked and decorated the calu, which was cut :lnd fcfvl:r! by Mrs. Martill ll J!Tl:-,"cn and Mrs. Ed SchwarLen. Mrs. V1erle <";c!lw[lr!p[l, c;crv{ d [lunch.,. r-..hc;,,llllilftartlow poured. i\.lrs. [lora Pope pr.esided at. thl ir tabie. Tammy Nettleton Hd Cary Hoebcr were in cha rgc of, the guest hook. Ass sting in the kit. (;hen we r e Mrs. Elwin Frcdrick>Jl, Mrs. \lber! \ndtrsun and Mr>. Ho\ lolrn. NanoyFplk Engaged To Rgdr R. Roberts lr.- an)1 Mrs. laroid 1.a 11\, () kin s, ;\nnollrcl the, eng-aement of t1.eir, Nancy h.,om_ alt:l, to Hq>ger H. Hoberts,...(>n of 1\1 r.. ilnd Mrs. Husw sell HObes, ;\len. tiss, alk, a graduate of Nadon ligh School, atw t,endcd. ()laha UniversiLy. She will e graduated in ;\ u gus l!from Mel,hodist llospitoll Slho{)l of Nursing, (lrnaha. -1he i". currently rtignillg!ls Miss Wayne ((lully (tlnt.cnnial (iueen. 11/,1 fi<lfr(" a graduate uf,\len ligh School at elided t h, Universit of Nebrask;l.,lle is ngraduate of (\regon:tedloical nstitute, where he was affi1i aled witl\ Phi Thela (\appa ckqlte df. the national hon or societh : le, is presently serving f11 (,he U.S. Army. 1\0 we(1din,dat e lias been sel. ociafand (flub Sl<ul4 T HlJ KSDA Y lbeseroles gave LZ her reputatiiln! Hat Making opic For Womansfbub Mrs. Ottwin Sch ueter, l.ender., was guest s eaker a Wayne Woman Club meeting Jan. 27. Ung the topic, "1,obbies T at Go!tight 1 to Your Hea," she demonstrated hat aking and materials and odeled several o( her own crea tions., Forty me m be js and seven gueets were resent (or the. meeting. Mr Jean Nuss sang two song. Mrs: R. E. Gormley r ad the opening poem. Mrs, Henry Ar. p was chairmanlo( th,e serving committee., St ate Trooper James 0 Dell will be guess.peaker at the meeting eb. 10. He will use colore,>lides to present the to ic on t,raffic safely, "Ac<tidents and Fatalities.", Esther Loberg-Cpble Plan Summer Wdding Mr. and Mrs. leynold Loberg, Carroll, announce the engagement o their daugter, Esther Marie,tc Lapy Coble, son Jf Mrs. Lavern. Sle. vens, Madison, and the late A. G. Coble. Miss Lob erg atlended Handolph St. Fran es and is lhjl graduate of\\ayin.e ligh :-;c hoo. She is pres en. y :employed by North. west.ern f1 e Telephone (oj, Norfolk. "er fiance is a l:hic ralduate of Madisn High s c 1,00 l. lie servd four yelrs in the U.S. Nvy and is presently empio.yed with Au omatic Electric, Broken! Arrow, Okla. A summer wedding is berg planned. nstall Officers f.or mlmanuet Lutheran Aid (. )fficers were installed at a meet ng of mmanuel,tlt.hera l.adies.aid ThiJrsday. Mrs. LloydRoe_ ber is preident.; Mrs. Mar vin Nelson vice president; rs. Os ar Ge,m,elke, 7easurer, and Mrs. Everet lank, sec retary. Hev. A. W. Gode led devotions and,the topic, "Love That is Heard and Seen." Guests were Mrs. Don Sherbahn and Mrs. Raymond ahe. Hostesses were Mrs. Marvin Nelson and Mrs. Arnold Roeber. Ne",t meeting is Feb. 16. ONO atstevensons ONo Club met Sunday at the 1. a r r y Stevenson home. Mr. and Mrs,/ Ken Dahl were guests Prizes wre won by Jin Marsh and Mrs. John iermier. Feb. 2G meeting will be at the Max Hansen home. Family Night Held for "lljsant Valley Club P.leasant Valley Club held its annual [amily night Jan. 20 at the Womans Club ro oms. Mrs. Ney..ron Woodward and Mrs. Paul Baier were in charge of ent.ertainment. T e nwpoint pit c h was played with prizes going to Mrs. Charles Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. van Frese and Albert BicheL Merlin Preston received the tnlveling prize and Mrs. Preston won _the door prize. Hostesses were Mrs. Ervin Hageman, Mrs. Albert Bichel and Mrs. Walter Baier. Feb. 15 meelingwill be with Mrs. Charles Heikes. Phyllis Moy Weds Kenneth Lehmann PhYllis Ann May, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ar r May, Wayne, and (enneth Lehmann, Wayne. son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lehmann, Norfolk, were married.lan. 21 al t.he home of the bride"s parenls. Judge David Hamer officiated at the double ring ceremony. The bride wore a street length gown of whit.e satin brocade which was designed and made by her s,ister, Mr. Dwain Heece, Sac City, a. She wore a corsage of champagne car nations. Mrs. Richard Pearson Medford, Wis., was maid for her "ister. She wore an ensemble of dark olive green crepe with a corsajke of champagne carnations. Keith L e h man n Wayne, \vas be"t man: nvain Heece,,)ac (ity, and fhchard Pearson, Medford, Wis., were ushers. A reception was held immediately following the ceremony. 1\ arm e n Lehmann e g i s t ere d the guests. Gifts were ar.. ranged b:y Kathy Lehmann. \ Mrs. Dwain Reece cut and served the cake. Waitresses were Mrs. Earl Jensen and,lu e n e Miller Wayne, Karla Pigg, Home; and Pat Anderson,.,Sioux City. The bride is employed by M. J. Schoenig and Co., Norfolk. The bridegroom is employed at Full e rt 0 n Lumber Co., r\orfolk. Following a short wedding trip the c.ouple will reside at 1111 South Sixth Norfolk. Coterie Meets Monday Mrs. n. \Y. Casper was hostess to Coterie Jan. 30. Guests were Mrs. Ralph Carhart and tvlrs..john Einung, sr. Feb. G meeting will be with Mrs. L. W. Ellis. SALE STA TS l THURSDAY, FEB. 2 runs,through FEB. 13 L. E. Johnsons Mark Silver Anniverarv An open house, Jan. 21 at Wayne Womans \ Club honored Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy E. Johnson, Wakefield, ontheir silver wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Jqhnson, Wakefi.eld, were hosts: Sandra Ods, Lin_ coln, was in charge or the guest boo. Assisting with gifts were Mrs. Edward aft e d a hi, Chicago., and Mrs. Kenneth Brader, MOlningside. Mrs. Ervin Hageman, Wayne, served punch. Mrs. Melvin Rih. anek, Denver., poured. The cake, baked and decorated by Mrs. Elaine Nie man, Wayne, was cut and served by Mrs. August LO"- enzen, Wayne; Mrs. Earl Johnson, Thurston, Mrs. Don Hogan, Morningside, and Mrs. Paul Brader,ear_ roll. Assisting in the kit.. e hen were Mamie Sch.. ager, Fla rtington, Mrs. Norma lansen, Car r a, Mrs. Elinor.Jensen, Mrs. Pauline Fischer, Mrs. 1 aine.draghu and Mrs. Don_ na Boeckenhauer" all of Wakefield. TWQ of Mrs. Johnsons ten brolhers and sisters were unable to atten. Of Mr. Johnsons four! bro_ thers and three sisters, one brother, two sit>ters and his mother, Mrs. M[\g gie Conner, Denver, were unable to be pre 5 e n t. Guests were present from Chicago, Emerson"Pendel, 1\0 rfolk, Winside, \\ akefield, Wayne, Carroll, Concord, Thurston, Morningside, Lincoln and Hartington., Mabel Brader and HeRoy E. Johnson were married Jan. 23, at Theophilus Evangelical Church, Winside, by Pstor Arnold 110" ferer. Attendants -:,ere her sister, Mrs. Viol Junek Car roll, and his brother: Donald Johnson,. Thurston. They farmed near Winside for eighl years. The last 17 yearstheyfarmednorthwest of Wakefield. They have two children,: Mrs. Betty Ann Oftedahl, Chi_ cago, and Hie h a r d, who farms with his father. Honor For 5th Anniversary Mr. and M:r;s. Mert Mar_ shall, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sperry, Mr.andMrs.Jerry Darcey and Mr. and; Mrs. Gary Lund held a sul/prise party for the Ron Dend.. ing e r s Saturday, evening honoring their fifth wedding anniversary. Candace Vaught, Robert ZumBrunnen RepedtVows in Ceremonies Jan. 28 AAUW to 1Meet Taday A:\ UW will hold a dinner eeting. tdty (Thursday) n the 31rc!h room at \VSC Phadet Ga\Jsombat, for,ei exchange student from Thai,land, Will be guest speaker. Social Fbrecst i Thursday. Ffeb. 2 Logan H me m a. k e s, Mrs. W bur Nolte Cardette lub, Mrs. Joe Lowe Friday, Fe 3, Eastern:S ar Kensington, Mrs. illard Wiltse \VS Musllc Boosters,. 3 p.m., Monday, Fe. G A c m e CUb. Echten mp Mrs. F:d Monda.y P tch Club, Mrs. Harry eckner Newcome s Club Cotenie,,Wrs. L.W. Ellis. TuesdaY, Felb. 7 Royal Neighbors Hillside C!lub U and Cllub, Mrs. H.l. Hansen i Thursday, Fb. 9 NFB, M" Hick Lund AAUW Sunny H. me m a k e r s, Mrs. Al in Reeg Candace Leigh Vaught,?,aughte or Mr. and,-*-frs (. Vaught, \\:il.yne, and Robert :\. l.umbruonen, son of Mr. und r..hs. \. M. ZumBru.fUlen, hearney, were married in r p.m. 2k at First Melhodist Church, Wayne. Hev. Cecil Bliss offic iated at the double ring rites. The bride, given in rnar ringe by her father, wore a floor length gown of while cut velvet. The hodi e was fashioned with a sabrina neckline and three quarter length sleeves cufr",d with w hit e mink. The chapel length lrain was held at the empire. waistlin with self fabric hows. ler elbow length" veil of graduated layers of silk illusion wa:s held by a white mink hat. he carried a cascade bouquet of white butterfly roses and stephanotis ccented witha.riegaledphil... odendr0!l: aves"a.rrtnged on an heidoom Dible. M,rs. Dwayne Sohrweid, Kearney, served her sister as matron of honor. She wor a floor length gown! of green velvet and silk faille with matching full length coat. Her headpiece. was fa s h ion e d of velvet rose with a short veil. Tim Reeder, \V ilcox, was SHOE The Wayne. Neb,.l He,ald,;Thunday, F b;. 2, 1967 be.t man. Dwayn, Sohr.1.1 J\onrney, was \18or. Th. brld. motih.r chol\! a green suit with! matching acce.sorie.. T i e brld Adml t.d: VlrSl Luhr; crooms mother! woro a Laurel; F.OYd., "1cCrlght, Wayn.; A win nd...on, royal blue.uit ith blaek Dixon; SOllhlo W.iand,_.cees,sorios. Each. woro n Wayne; Arn.ando. Leslmann, corsage of white.! butterfly ros,cs.. Wayne: Domnr Wacker (:nrro11 S.U8ln Peterson!l, A reception was held in Car roll; Mrs. Hlchar. tho church prlor imm.diately following tit. l.oogo, QrrOn; Mrs, Owon Donohoe, Wnynelj Mr Jm ceremony. Mr. ;1nd" Mrs!. onni k, Wayno; Mu. Robert McLcanw r,ehosts. Scolly,rhompson, Wayne: Cherl.Marshregi teredthe Mrs. llol.nd Otanqulst guests. Mrs. Don lelgren Wayne. poured and Mr{. larry Di8ri\ ssod: HOBS YOlfnK, Zaretsky and Ch ri Marsh l)ixonj rs. HolnDelOrin.. c.ut and served he cake. luisto. baby, Wayne;D.mar \ acker, Carroll; "lalerie and Betlj McLean were wailresses. lnry lin c h a r l, Wayne:; The bride attenlled Kearney State College and is \ ])(eil, Wyno: W.11: / susan etor8on,carroll a gr.."duate of Grand hlnnd 1 urn 0 f, Wayne j. J 0 r r y School of Cosmetology. The l\nooll. Dixon; Mrs., Jim, bridegroom attended Wyo. Tooter, Wnyno. ming State and Kearne) Slate College aocl is em Fortn; htly Club Mee.. played by Nebr<\sWn r riga. Uon and Engineerng, nc., F{)rt ightly club mot last Kenrney.. FolJo"i ng: 8 sl10rt wedding tflp t.he colpl{ will reside in carne/. Births Jan. 25; Mr. nnd Mrs. Roland Granquist, Wayne, a son, Michael LeHoy, (i lbs., :1 oz., Wayne Hos_ pital. Jan. 27: Mr. and Mrs. Hoger Pehrson, Laurel, i son, James Hoger, G bs., 8 oz., Wayne Hospital. Jan. 2): Mr. and Mrs. Jim (onnicl\, WaYlC,a son, Brinn James, Klh.1., iloz., Wayne 10spital. Jan. 21: Mr. nnd Mrs. Owen!}(}nohoe, \,ayne, u daughte, 7 bs.,i 1 OZ., Wayne Hospital. Jan. 0(\ Mr. nd Mrs. Hichard Longe, C,lf fall, a daughter, :1 lhsi R oz., ayne Hospital. Tuesdn with Mrs. Mar,ie Lov. rs. -.John Ahornwn. a.glos" Prlz_oR wont i(j": Mrs. J. M. ShatulO, Rnd "- Mrs. John T. lr,eta.!,f jr. Fel. H meeting wili be fit. illers Ten Hoonl, <.. See y The Herald, "Dr. a d Mrs. H.E. Gormley C t urn e i fhur8dn after n thrtlc-week vncn lion. T ley visited (rlends in Tues 0, relatives ill Los Angeles and made stops at,dis ey Land, Hoov:j Da m, and ( i 0" 0 n Austin" Tex., Las Yo. S;.:, Nev. al d uarez, MeXicQ.".. Jfk fd1 FREEMAN. c-<fdj 11M/(, Excitin!J fa mous footweo. all from our r gular st(!ck. Come and see the great savings you can h "e,butshop ary! Stk is im"!:1.ted...! NTERNATONAL FLM FESTVAL Early Show 6 p.m. Wed _ ;,."""" Aurd Wtltil. ibq tr6imi, ""ij". Sponsored bj AAUW and Sgma T.i.u Delta \

4 ._... _ _..""r ;:., J,,RE fntthr:wa:::t;:::: all he received. was three stitches bove his eye in the Pierce Wo-yne game Friday night. Jorgensen was starting up court offensively when Doug Shelton, Pierce "tied him up" for a Jump ball Other" Wayne players in dark Jer Pierce Bluejays Adjust Defense to Nip Wayne Blue Devils Friday 64 to SS Hrown ()1\lw() field. ers and two frel throws, Hob Morri" hit for wo,,ynn LeSSrll,lnll for:\ and lerh Swall in on :1 free throw<.., to accolillt for first period "coring. Piercpls (;:)" llon Lldhardt wa<., held scofe]{<.,s in thl per lod. Wa)nc Jligh caers fell to ierce j-riday nighl Cil to in a \\ (;<.;1 lusker battle at ier( c. -1 lipdeft:lt lit,erally nuffed Hny hop( Wayne may hold for (()n fennce lallrel. "ir:-;t quarter play found larolrl t\.lnci( jewsl.;;is 1l11lE llevlls in complele control whill rackillg p!(lint:-; ;ljul holding Piere( to,c;. (;ordon J;\,(- The Jj e j a.\ <., llelhodieal,l.\ changed (heir defense, halting the l>evils scoring f3ll1page. \lorri;., ;Hlded hflp field goill:-; and a pair of free throws and,jorgensen aided with two fiel.ller:-; for the 1:2 puinls \V.ayne nelled in the second flua,rter. r..!p:.wwhile Pierce, having found a defense La their liking,vent 10 work on their offense oulscoring the Blle Devi J:.., lj\ fi \c points and cullin/; \\aynes lead to :2 :l by halftime. Big Don l:ldhardt carne out in Piercps thirr:! quar4 tel plnyingtht role()fspoil pr ;lnr cashed in on iquick [loinl ".,\s W:lyne attempted t(j "top him l.arry Toelle and {ireg l.ucbe took upthe sllck. \\- ith 1 :()(j left in the tllirij quarter ljierce wrestled the lead; at 1:!-11loend!( quarter. wan, Brown, [clrgen"en ahd Morris each hit on, Jlc fielders in t 11l ;1 r t e t.o rn a k e \J r \\;1 flirt points with \1 () r r i <.; :llding the fret throw. ) j (> r c ( jrnaintained it.s!\o!t.h.ll \1[11 t h r 0 ugh lhe. fin;j! pprior to vvin going aw:y,,] to. ::l. Lec;srnanns threc fielhers and free throw ;nri Jrgenc;ens field goal and fie free throws was t.he on1.\ offen:-;e \\ayne ;.()llld llushf in Lhe period. he Ll e j Fc y s meanwhile dultlped in four field goals and hit on 1.1 of 18 free Lhrowo-, in he period for 21 points. i U a e coring honors we.nt Lo.To gens ell with 19 polnl s, foll,owed by Morris with 1.1 andl Lessmann with 1(1, Browrl H and Swan S. l"or Pierce it was Luebe with 1(; Shelton S Eld_ hardt 1:1, Toelle 12 and llrodhagen R. n resr\e action \\ avnes fasl break tore 11ierce J.Plrt to the tune of :)11 to <1. Wavne balanced out their co.ring by quar.: lers by ra klog up 14, 14,,. Standards Games of \he Week WAYNE HGH Leading Scorer Ph. 5_ WSNER (=riday, Fe-b. 10) WAYNE STATE CLAUDES WH STANDARD STANDARDS BLACKBOARD FRDAY, FEB. 3 Wayne High at South Sioux City Preliminary Game at 6:15.m. seys, at the left-, Mark Jo"n50n, Lynn Lessmann 123 and George Eynon of right. Dove Tietgen S barely visible over the shoulder of Pierces Dave Brodhogcn (No. 42 white The other Pierce ployer in front of Eynon is Glen Herbpfshelmer., 4":.-.._-.a a Leading Scorer Ph. : KEARNEY (Saturday, Feb. 11) ws a Entrants & Ph. No " ,, THURSDAY, FEB. 2 WRESTLNG Southern Stote ot Waynll State Rice Auditorium 7:30 p.rjn. 17 and 11 \ihile Pierce had first and fourth cold quarters of () and 4 poinls while scoring 1G and ] in lhe,second,and third. Leading:!.he... coring parade for \\ ayne was Dave TieLgen \iith f; followed by Chuck j."isher with 12 and Sl ve herl and l.arry 1ix with 111 each...;leve John"on added 4,.oedy loogner.1, TGrll Denesia 2 and Bernie ninger and Steve lix 1 each. [ riday night\ e]s to South ioux: un and ( t,he jreliminar) to he \\ ayne Slat e \\ e s 1e van clash.!,-";oulh...;ioux h8shad their ups and downs t.he few year.., and as tay round<; them int.o shape for this year they come into lhe \\ayne game f res h from a w:,i n over Blair. Wayne ss r\/lorri.s Lessmann Jorgensen Brown Swan M. Johnson Eynon Tietgen Shupe lix Total Scoring \\" ayne Pierce 18 fg ft f pts.1-:\ 3 13,1 2-1 :\ 10 r; 7-10,1 19 : D J- 0 0 n_ o J_ 1 () 0 11 n_ () 0 0 n D- () [) 0 1) 1i-25 2: S5 Pierce C;,1 fg ft. f pts Toelle 1 4- r; 3 12 Luebe :\ Brodhagen Eldhardt :1-,i 5 13 Shelton 7-1(),1 15 Herbolsmer () U- (J 1 0 Total 1(1 2(j-.1G G {;4 4 The Wayne Nebr.1 Herald, Thursday; Febr. 2, i967 Wayne Freshmen Advance in Meet Wayne Freshmen defeat.. ed David City in the Schuyler tournament Thursday. Coach Ron Carnes team thus advanced to a second round Wednesday of this week and will play Tljursday regardless of the,outcome of W edne sday s game. The locals hadnotrouble with David City, taking a lead in the first period and jumping to a lead at halftime. Going into the final period it was 58 3S in favor of the locals and the final score was Handy Helgren led Wayne scoring with 17 pdints. Ted rmbruster hit 13, Les Lchtenkamp )2, Mike Biltoft and Dan Sutherland 11,.Jerry Titze t, Pat Chambers 4 and Ooug Maurer, Druce Pflueger and Terry Ellis 2 each. For the losers Hosch and Bock had 12, Martin 10, Grubaugh 4, But.. terfield 3 and Pfiefer 2. The scoring spread for the Wayne team is interesting. [ach of the starters hit 11 points or more in th best - balanced scoring display in years. HERB SWAN grabs rebound and goes above 65" Dan Eldhar, Pierce, to score for Wayne in first quarter a<;tion Friday njght. Softball Meeting Set The Nebraska Womens Amateur Softball Associa.. tion convention will be held Feb at Holiday nn, Grand sland. t is open to players, coaches, managers, church and school officials, city recreation officials and the general public. 0 inn e r reserva.. tions can be made through Bob Ubenhower. 318 Green.. wich, Grand sland, Nebr g!atdea. Howells Loses Game to WHS Frosh Howens freshmen went down to defeat at the hand. of 1Vayne on the How. ells court Monday night. A 20.point output by R. Bazata failed to save the host team. Dan Stherland hit 10 points as: \layne saw"12 of the 14 players scoring. Mike Biltoft hit 8, Ted Armbruster 7, Les Echtenkamp, Doug Maurer and Pat Chambers G, Randy Helgren 5, Jerry Titze and Terry Ellis 4 and Bruce Pflueger, Scott Ked and Fred Netherda 2, For Howells, Bazata had one-hal! the points. Steffel had 5, Gall 6, Bayer 4, Dinslage and Vodra rka 2 and Kalisek L Wayne Boys Club in Splif With Fremont Wayne Boy- Club learns N RESERVE ac,on Friday night Hrry Lidner 1451 controls the tip to Joedy Hoogner (1 as Wayne eser Cs downed the Pierce Junior Jays 59 to 43.. Pierce players 1re German, jumping Taelle 1341,.,. vj".",:,...- ce Darrel Cabe., W D b) de \san aver Mke r.- U a, Norfolk; and a"y0 wei ght novice, R 0. coe.oodpabture, won b d.-\ clolon ovor a Sioux alii bo er. "h ree WSC.tudent de 1.10nA, n welter", 1,b op n, HUBS Nyborg wa de.. cl,ioned by Nat. Mer rick, South Sioux City; ml die. wight novlc. e, Oran. Nel:..(. loh whs decisioned by eve Et:, SSC; and in mdd1e. wight novice, Stoye w s decirione by, otten -,l ack ; Zllmmerer, Crerghto. i,the Wayne Stabe beam \ w*s the l.ading tea wlbh 8i winners. n-fter u,es.. \ days bouts, South Sioux \ ity s tea m had fiv win.- \ ners., Both had boxe,rs who drew byos and wre to ap- " pear for the first Ume. Wednesday in bhe inalb. > ak k P 0!iU e ans n ayn,\ \i Plans ror tho k e r., oncerencc playoff game etwecn the aaste n and.- \ eate,rn champions ill-be mode at n meeting in nyne Feb. 7. Anothor e.etlng Will be.held her. eb. 9 at whic" tim. the Cia B district "lournamen pair,. ings will be made This years ldurnnment i to be al Hice Auditoriutti on the \\SC campus. divided evenly with Fre. was led in the win by Dennis WSC 8.oxers WOn Wayne Musicia s at mont in four games at Fre- Red e 1 wit h G points. mont Sa41rday. The local Vaughn Korth had 7, Ken S G B F S 0 C,o 0 eighth grade reserves beat.jorgenseng, Larry Grone X ove outs rs ring e Fremont ninth grade ind Mike Debe", and Don Six of.!ine boxer from " h W H F rem ont tenth-eleventh Cary 1 each. No score rech i dg t ayne igh _phool V.layne St;ate (ollege who musicians look par illtlie beat Wayne and F re- ord was kept for Fremont boxed in,he C;oldln (ilaves!first stale string c ini,c.1.1n o seniors beat Wayne lo.:,taytth:eren) tournamqnt al l\orfolk,nebraska (as Car a is -. Tuesday! night won their!known it f t) ottd- Hank Overins teams Dennis Redelwith2Gpoints. bouts. Seiver.11 others drew is rs ay play Hubbard Thursday in Doug Flege and Bill Carl- byes the! first round. Win. lal l netlrice. Only erk: n Wayne with the first game son had 5 each and Barry ners anq lhot with byes ;sc oo (were opre e h d. at 6. Fourth-fifth, sixthand Biltoft and Ken Jorgensen were s.d,heduled \0 lox n ) mem er 0 c es.. seventh grade teams will 2 apiece. For Fremont, \iednesdy. t.ra )P.rforred mld t UP oc play. St. Marys plays Jim \Vragge had 20, Joe rastet fight oflhe (ve- luslclansy f(rn N e rlsc, Pierce St. Johns here Sun- Onstott S, Handy Emry ning <.;aw like (hristcn- (,ror, - or, C c rt a day at the auditorium at 8, Dennis Reis 7, Lee John. sen, Walyne, get :1 llchtli-! B:.i\lJ w:: orbo:: 2:30 and Wayne freshmen song,steve l\aubre5,may,cal knok-oul over Bil:! ita Vandgrift n D,on and Wayne eighth grade er 3 and Gordon Peterson Smiley i!n l!1l first found. Schumacher were te chers play Pierce teams here and Nick Steffen 2. Only ot.hier winner by ThO tt d f W" Monday evenl ng. n the senl or game,, Carl by a j a mg r?m aye. S lj( cnt was l) Eugene Stoll, Llincoln,_1 n the eighth grade win Matson made 9 for Wayne. Syd l. aim 0 r e over Bob! was gust conductpr;"ne.l; Saturday, Breck Giese and Duane Peterson hit 7,Steve Vaught, Stanlon. spent a full day workng Ldhnie Biltoft led Wayne Schram and John Matson Here n,re the results for U h d with 14 points each. Steve 4 and Bill Carlson and the YVS: enlries: Lighl- C dire:tnh:faip. Peterson hit 7, Craig John.. Barry Bilton 2. CraigReis weighl pen, {hritensen, i cert. ". on 4, Ken Peterson 2 and hit 14 for Fremont, Dave TKO fir,$t round; welter- Attending from Wayne f Jack Suhr 1. f.or Fremont, Wennstedt, Tom Causey weight rlovicc, Bill (nrl w,ere: Karen Wills, Karen Dave Perry had 9, Wilson 7, Tom Carman G, Smokey wright, Uecision over Glen Wax, Diane Ods, Duane 7, Bill Bo1neau 6, Gordon Kulhanek 4 and Charles Bauer,: Creighlon; light SheJ:!, Daniel Ree,4: and j Echtenkamp 5,GaryHaynes Wilcox 2. heavyweight open,.3more, -David R.. ecs, all ViO.lin."Play-, 5, John Erickson 4 and Dan TKO second round; heavy- ers; and Michelle Harms. Carran 3. FOR FAST RESU\.TS - weighl qpen,.lames Milel<-. and Jean Pankratz yiola ; n. W:ii;.. o";"bi;tdt"o!,. SATURDAY, FEB. 4 Columbus Scotus at Woyne High Rce Auditorium 7:00 P.m. Nebrask Wesleyan at Wdyne State RC, Auditorium - 8:30 p;m. MONDAY, FEB 6 Marn.ingside at Wayne State Rice Auditorium _ 7:30 p. TUESDAY, FEB. 7 Kiwanis Pancake Super Children SOc 5:00. 8:00 p.m. Adults 75c CLAUDES STANDARD! 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5 5! Business Mens Community W L Ben Franklin Lnngemeidr nc Super Valu Little llilps 4(j 35 Carharts 8 4G Lions Cluh 1(i 48 V & Rar Wortman 24 GO High sores: arold Murray 17; Jim Pokett 63-,4j Lang meier nc. )Ol; Ben Fran lih 2(;0(;. City \\> L Fredricl{srJnS f)h,2 1),i Properly fx. 171 fj,i Waynesn;ody.-.;hoplfJ 8 Einungs l:l 11 McNatl Hardware Olson Feel St.ore Sorensenf; f) ( 15 Wolske Alo 17 Sweel Las>-iY fj 1R High slcores; a r 0 d Korn 2251 Willis Lessman 60S; \VaYjn.ef.; Body Shop 948 and 2t(). Pioneer L Nulrena SG1, 23/ Marley:, Slnndard S3 27 Wayne Grain & Fd. 47 Kern Farm i:<juip.,ls( Bill {afe 1S Vi Meyer OiL(n. :Hi 41, Farmers Sl. Hank:l:{,i(;\, Schmi!.z m-eer {:1 47 NDrco l eleds 1O:if) Schlitz Beer Ui (; ligh scores: \B Borst 2S7: Jirn okett f;h:l; 1\11 trena TlH and 7,-)[). Bowling Friday Nite,Ladles W L Marilyns 66l!i 13,{ ::; s! Arnies. 3,{ 46l!i Lymans.0 50 Shrader Allen 3 57 High scores: Te ri Murphy 173 and 446; M rilyns 592 and Friday Night Coupls W L Carman.Zach 2 32 Thompson.Weible 7 37 Woods.Hedrick 7 37 Meyer-Nelson 15 3S}:; flaier-rebensdor! 39 Luschen.Whitney 3 41 Roeber-B,aier flahe.brsch Gathje-Bull 1 43 Jech_Barner ;;; 441;; Thomsen..Greunke 7 47 Skov..Doescher 5 59 ligh scores: rnold Zach 245; Cleone ach 213 and 499; Jerry Bier 609; 3aier-Rebensdorf 695 and Hit n Mrs. W Bills Cafe 5 29.";wan s )4 29%; M &i V, 3 Wagon Wheel 31 Mines at;;; 33Yz Carharls 1Yz 4 Marlenes ;;; 4 Coca Cola 71;; 46X; E tancho syz 48%;."-lqui rt 4 i 50 S.pper Valu 9 55 Pioneer 3 61 lligh scores: arion Titze 199; Jon Hasen 538; Wagon Wheel 8.7 td ;;;:::::sr ljall-burt 4 6 Willers-Topp 4 6 EChten.-Frev,ert 14 6 Janke.W illers, 2 8 Vogel-Ama-8arg. rrl 9 Deck Maben cy,{; Johnson-Janke r () 10 Pinke.-McGowen 0 10 Hupp-Lutl 8 12 l.orenzen-,<ay fl 12 ",\.raigllt,.\\ at.-meyl G 14 "ansen-mann 5 15.";oden-h rueger 4: 16 Mau-r\elson.::% 7 High cores: Joan Han_ sen 2)1i and 545; Herb E.ch_ tenkamp 2:14; Lowell John_ son GOG; Dall-flurl 709 and 1:151. (hurch!:vange lica1 Concordia No.2 Concordia No.1 Chace Lutheran \\ ayne St. Paul, The HASTNGS TNC3310 ser;er i "nstant-play" Portable TV 282 SQUARE NCH PCTURE AREA (22" PCTURE MtASURED DAGONALLY) low, low bank rates We service FREE Delivery makes of Silver Dollar Nite Drawing in 311 MainSt. Wayne W L Coryell Auto 26 6 Wayne Grenhouse22 Swan.MoL an Melodec L nes Wayne ler ld DahlsRet Center12 20 Mint Bar State Nat. (l3ank 8 24 High scolrcs: H. LennarV 233; W. Ti<itgen and R. Lage 591; Corye;1 Auto 976; Mel. odee Lane 2GtO. Monda\ Nit! Ladies!oves.";igns 1;11 20 (;illttps [lain :):\ :21 lotel \lorrisoll :;2 ::U jerrys Carl 1:) :l:),";c!lolode \\ eible,1 j :lc Nu Tavern Ll.l7 N,t.: 1 (i} (0. :l 41 Sav Mor )rllg :n 4:1 Kugler 1<lectric 2 tjr Dahls Hot. Center:!i; 51 Pruetts Bakery 2:l 5:) State Natf Bank 2.f S(i lig-h cores: \erna Bruckner 21S; \larie Pfeiffer ;/C(); ;\1 Tavern BL anti :2,tc7. W L 17 7 G SAVE $20 0 Concordla No Wnside St. P,J mmanuel 9 15 Methodist, No Methodist No.2 19 High scores: M n r len Johnson 226; Virgil Pear. son 613; Evangellcal 917; Concordia No Leigh Surprises Winside in Meet T.ournament yictories do not always go to the teams that are favored, making tournaments the thrillers they are. Leigh was supposed: to. lose 1,6 \\ inside in the Stanton nvitational Tuesday but LliS \0,,00 lhe gme Winside has three games left. The V ildcals play al Hartington Cedar Catholic Feb. 7 and at lartington High Feb. 10j Final game is at home Feb. 17 against Emerson Hubbard. n other first round re. suts at Stanton, the host team.beat Howells by 7 points. Battle Creek was edged by Clarkson 55-.:)4 and Tilden gol by Wake. field Winside plays Battle Creek at 7 Thurs- L.t:wefldat\\; afkre/: F:)i: are Saturday.. Winside started s t r 0 ng against Leigh, leading 1j. H; a,her one period. By halftime the Hed and White led 33-2G and after three quarters the winners had gone ahead 41;-,12. Lach team made 1:1 points the final period. 1a:lndy Jacob:>en was the gamf leading- scorer, hit.. ting 24 for W 11:--\. Heed Wacker hit 14. For Leigh, four players were indollble figures, Darwin Franzen with 17 Kenlan hnnes 14, Doug Morfeld 1 and Steve Brown 10. Heed Wacker led \\ inside in rebound with 12. Keith 1\ rueger had,./ (1(:obsen 4, Bob Wacker :2 ;ml Dave \\ ill l. Following i the b () x score: Winside fg H. Jacobsen 11 D. Witt 1 B. Dangbe rg 2 K. \rueger R. vvacker R. Wacker Total Leigh A. Brown D. Morfeld D. Franzen K. Kohnnes P. Schwich. S. Brown G. Vasek Total [ 2-11_ f pls 2 24,j R,1 ()_ ( 1-1 r; 2-3 1,1 () f)_ () 1 fl 2S i- ( 1(; :-;;) fg ft f pts 2 O i \ ,1- G [) 0_ o 1-, Grain Program Signup Planned John Mohr, chairman of the \Vayne ( ount) Agr i cultural Slabilizntion and Conservation count\" com mittee has reporld that the wheat and feed grain program ignup for this county has been set. Jan. o through i\lar. 17 will be the :-;ignup Jeriod in" Wayne county. County committeemcn have been assured that all farmers will have an opportunit"\ to discuss the progr3m \\ith AS(S office personnel be fore making up their minrl about whether or not tu take parl. Anyone ha \ ing questions concerning the progra m can stop in the office in Wayne to ask for assistance. Further details on the signup and the program plans clo be secured there. Youll Enjoy These Very nteresting f Films on TV 61 Fob. SEENG RESUSCTATON at wark Monday at Dstrict 5,1 were the school pupils, some shown here as Bill Kugler demonstrates mou1th. Wayne State Wildcats Dfeat Peru; Next Three Games Scheduled at Home \\ (l."ne haskethall fans... have nol hau rn<lll\ chances pulled wl1thfll e\en pawls to..,ee l\t. \\ CVile...;tate late in their,so-point effort. team in rpcen! WtEJ;.", buj However, Wayne was makthree i/)nlf games in fl ing :>1 at the same time. row will r1i"lda,\ ;ltl 11J1("(ll- -"ojlhornore forward Dave irlg c;flilad. JOlOst()n ot all.his 12 \ictor" ij four of their pomh after replanng.loel last five, \\ ildc<!l" take ark", \r ho dep3rted on on \\ e,,]l.n.";,d- fouls in mid..,econd half. urnay ahout )-\ (!ope also was a foul vicfollowing \\ a\tll lig-h tim,with R minutl."s left, (O!ldJll"; :--(,/llj opener and Han tnlz left, willi al i. (s r:ri;nt;:ng; ",,O/l!b,\ llighl \lorning..,ide, r1irtcled h\ rorlllfr bit tauter with thrce st:art- \\,",( (o;lt"h ( 1rln (lh.\t, ;(nul sht rf\.: tht i:\(1 fl[1po..,i- been stout. Thi lime il in Hi(e, lind \elrney c;lrne through. tatp conll ",;l!llrd.h,,/h. Peru alsolostlhreq, r :1!-.])\\ <"1;lrl, 1111 crs by rolll, hu all \\ilrlc-ll, hl\l"lwrp- the lastthrcc minules. ltir CLWo, llle1.l--- The victory reviveu most rfcent yictirn being \\ ayn("s conference happ", the )l(ru.lale /lo!jrals. ror.1t least a high fini"h. \\ :lyh whipped Penl, lr.!f \O\\ 2-3, the Cats have,,;, for its rirst victory three \:CC left, on thi Perij collrt... ince at home jlpru 1(jO ( o<lch :\1 :"ivpnning_. Kearney. sons rjr1 S(ilnTl here). Charlron leads at 3-n, t was h( firo,l road Penl i 1 :.2-1, hearney 1-2, triumph in (ol..:i lnsti.ngs ):2. ll"sings:lege (onfcrence t.his.::.:",tclalos,chadr,on 10 a p,ur season. \ thjs.weekpd,,:.,, Unlike the last Waye ;1 <" victory at Peru, a squenk, this one Wll.S c1e cisive lif(er the firt eight. min lj t e s. Five Wildcats scored \"ell over their Wayne Teams in Three Wins Against Hoskins a v era g e s, led hy /lob Str3thman ::;,).!-ourtcen of those poini ", in less than seven minllte:-., f()okettd \\ aynl t,) c i-point lead htc in till first-half. t \\a :l J,il,\ \\ :yne roll.;;s did nol!j()t!l<,towncr [lean.[edson turn in the fine"!.!..;arne lf hi.., fn..,hm,ln Sf>;/"o,n..\ regular starter now"hf ( Olll ributed 1,1 [loint... to the fi r..,1 ha Jr :lss;uj( and adold "e\on rnofl 1,,\ tll finillp, His mo\to, wcre crisp :1nr! :lgincluding s[\eral, that b:l1tlr>r! hrn\lf:;h rldcnc;e. tho \\ ilrlclt" ch:1rgert out of thfhalftirnedr(sing room c0nference,... omoone bello\\fd, ",ds win this one for 11ope. ts hi" last trip rlown herl. \nrl <"enior i cent er Hoh 10pe responcle.d with 12 of his points, D fador in pro!(ctlngthe h, f lead. \" \[( pr:ln \\ nc- Peru obser\ers expected, Peru did not pl:1.\ de:lrl in the econd half. lhe hosts CLP nils AND SAVE! \Yayne Boys Club teams,lefe,lled Jloskin in thrpe games Tuei;dutl night at ljoskins. The.\\"aynefourthfifth won 2ii-11, the sixth fi4-1:2 ami the seventh 2C 17. For the smalle"t bo,y" Doug Wruggeman and Bob lart man each made 1, Mnrk Brog-ie 3 and Parry ::2 fay Jloskins. Marty lnn sen had 17, \1ark Shr<lm 4, Larl Overin J am Brian l.essmann :2 for \\ ayne.?ichard ("roll,,,-e had " Lo lead Hoskins i.\:th grade, Bobby!oppman and BiJh l.angenberg addin;; :::: an:! l.arry.-\nderson l.l"or \\ l\ne. \larty Jlan:-.en had l, Pete Peterson,.\-lark.Johnson :and Charles Ho_ and S, Doug.\11rrn (;,.\han(; (i i e <., e :i, 1i ]\, l row n Hoger aul, Druce Zim: merman and Glen f3iltort 1 and Dave,"icheel and Larl Overin. n th o!esl age goup, John Behmer had r;, Kevin Johnson;, Darwin Smith and Larn Bruggeman 1 and, , , Channel 9, KVTV, Siaux. City Sun., Feb" 5, 4 PM-4,30 PM- (!, "Tall Blua Money" : Wed., Feb. B, 6,30 PM-7,30 P "Technology on the Move" Sun., Feb. 12, 4 PM-4,30 PM- "Magic of S lad SOrlSe" Sun, Feb PM;,30 PM- "Time for DeciSion Sun. Fob. 26, 4 PM-4,30 M-H "Everett Mitchell nterviews!ych::n;?;,,.h. 12-"Tima fo Decision", Feb. 19-"Technology on.the Movt i Fe. 26-???? :l,! Nebraska Harvestore System, nc. 371-&1 \ Highw.y :12 Ml.. South of HoUl.y!nn. Norfolk 1 to-mouth resuscitation on "RC5USC Annie, Teochers n the rear arc Mrs Judy Pcter5 left and Mrs. Nancy Powers.";cott Deck for l!ushill he,ll\" Dill made H for \\"ayn, DOl1 lanst>n and Billy Brown,1, Dave hudrlla 3, Todd Barnhoft, Doug Sturm and Shaut (;ie:-.{ :2 and Bob \elson 1. Wrestle Here Tonight Southern Stale ( (J e g l.. Wftst ler will furnish up. poiliull for \\a.\n(.\tat(" rna! team tonig-ht Cl hursday) at 7:.111 in Hice g-ym. T h t \\ aynf r <l p ple r s travel \0 (wdron Stalt for FridilY night, accorllpani(d 11\ lilt,witlllllirig learn, wh ll has a S:llllr.. d3\ pngag-pltnl wilh ( had r()n. TlH wrlstllr" go 10 \lirllj.nd ( ulltge 111sdav. Super Ayfinal Vitamin - Mineral 1505 $9.47 Value Now DEEP MOSTURE MAGC by Toni Req. $1.00 Sav-Ma Firemen Sw R ral Pupils Resucitation 1arriage.iccn!ies:.Jan. 21, Hobtrt 1\ Hrunnc, 2,1,!\earnc), and ( andacc l.eigh Vaughl, 2. \\ ;1) n<. Jan. 27, Cieraldi (fehn. l, \\.a)ne, and Marilyn Marrine.\chultil., 2[), Two m e m e r s iof the Wayne Volunleor Fie Department, Harvey 1rn,8ch and Bill Kugt r, ud the lifelike dumm, "R BUBel Annie," to dcmfonstr to resuscitation M ndll.y i,.morn. ing at Distri l 51 chool West of \V Clyne The men ShlYCd hbw the dummy works, used plastic isposnble pnp r to ll6nch pupil try resscitl1tion on the dummy, u$cd n mock Hll to show ho1 air is.for- ced down thei throat and gave other inflormntion on life:asaving mhthods nnd when they shduld be used. YOlngsters from nil classes in the! acher school were riapt students for the talle! \lrs. Judy Pet e r s aind lmrs. Nallcy ):ioraned the dem a Wayne fireen will take the dummy t any arell school, to me -ting; and to special SSSiors to demonslratt. "lev have found tlltre is no bpttlr "ay to prove th vnhllc of rnouth. lo-mouth resucitationthfln with tll orv.1egilln "girl" who t3, (S in lir when resuscita!uon is given properly and wlo shdws no reacl ion whel\! it is not given properl)!. :":":----i Wayne Caun Co.urthouse irou"dup \\ 3V(1. CREAM 67c Gary Kindt New Wins e Tedcher Newet, momber ql the.ochlng,.tofl,at llgh Sc 001, Oary Klindt, Deco,horgradlilt. 01 WayneSl.ate Collega. lie doo$ not Teplace nnyoni but s on ad mional.tafl l\em ber. u Klinells a native olllar. nn, n., nnd WllR graduatod from larlan lgh School in 1%2. lie atlonded North_ we!>t fo.- ssourl tato.ono semllsb r. nnd th n hons.. ferred 0 Wayne tao,col. lege, Q"rndunUng Oee. 20 1%6, \ ilh a bncl:helor of arts dgroc wilh double,1 major physicltt lducation and inlustrlnt alrts. He letterct lwo Ytlars {nwrea... l.ling. c 1:-0 ma r ried to the former Judj Pedersen of lin r 1u n. The y hnve one child, daughter two yoar. old. M s. Klindt leach.. n l.aurel.ndl.ho famllytlvu in Way le. hlin t tcuch08 girl, ph y sic a 1 education for hrt-e l; ns to e i covering,first 1 rough lqn,g,a,dol at WillSidc. [e tl hud coach n girls volleyball,, girls track and boys w res lin g. le-- haft two clnsse in indusurial,.art Arm lei Mourer, Wayn", dist r jr repr tsentaflve, for \id i\ sociation for Luth.. eran, placed over a million d J11af.R of life n8 Uir. anc! (ldng: 1(J(jei, AAL hi ii fratc{nlll liftl insur8nct soci(t. based in Applet n. Wis., prving.ulherans in. Canl\() 1 and lilt> ljs. Read and U Th. W yn Her.ld W.nt Adi Why Are More eopl. Having prese"iptions illed at SAV-M R. The reasons are plain. People just naturally like the friendly and per sona! inlerest our professional pharmacists lake in them and in their health problems. We are never too busy to answer questians in an ethical, professional manner. Then, to;o, people know hey can depend on us 10 supply fhe finesl medicines promplly and at reasonable prices. Wouldnl you preier his kinr;i of professional,service? Then, brfng your nexl prescnpl1an to Say-Mar Silver Dallar Nite Drawing in aur stare Thursday 8 p.m tor $200.00, \(T: RUlli., ALCOHOL 29c RESLVE i THE HGH THEllAY SELTZER: TAiLET Reg. 25! 39c t"...,,sav-mor " i PNT :M.ERAL loll 39c fl.

6 1 ; Y04NGEST PERSON present lor the Dixon soup supper sponsore# by St. Annes Catholic Church Sunday was Toni Stanley, dauhter of Mr, and Mrs. Dole Sta nley. Toni was too tired ta stayl awoke for soup Young, Old Attend DiJl!on Soup Supper Young and old were pres ent Sunday evening for the soup supper served by...;t. Anpe,s Catholic Church, Dixbn. in the Dixon Audi Loriium. The church spon_ sored the evenl on a trial bass this year anr! n\ay male it an annual affair. r1oni Stanley. ;, months, dauthler of the Dale Stanley ;s, wa s pro b a b 1\ the yonge...,t one pre"sent. \mioog the older folks pres. ent were Mr. and Mrs. J.e. McCaw, both over M.P. Kavanaugh, almost <lod his wife, in her 70s. Men, women and children lplperl prepare, serve, and clellrl p. Oyster stew, chili land vegltable soup were lhe main wit.h pic, loffee, mill", crackers, carro!." and ce!cn" the ext,r:1 >. " Assessing Work Will Continue Saturdays Counly.\sscssor lene) \rp reports a big turnout for assessing work Salurriay in contrusl Lo previolls \vcekends when aboul ahalf d07.en showed up. necau.-..e of increased work for a;; sessing per:-;onnel, the assessment work will can. lirj.ue at. the sheriffs former p sidencf., People have been coming n all ua\s in a pretty steady...;t ream. There ha been SOlnt waiting but in gdne ra (he opt ration has moved."moothly ""ith as -t1ssing.c;oing on cnntin l,hsh during office hours rile sa e of license tab for plates continues slow!!lj,the ouice of County rreasurer Leona Bahde With another mont.h i wich to gel tabs, there alp,ppa rs to be no rush to r4ty for la,\{>s and tabs. Going to New Guinea Hev, and Mrs. Bennett Hulp and five children are to begin missionarv servilc in 0.ew Guinea soon after two years of training. They will serve am0ng native tribes in Lhe central highlands. Mrs. hulp is the daughte r of the Lenus t\ndersons, Sioux City, but grew up at Laurel, grad. uated from LtS and attended Grace nible lnsti tute, Omaha. ler husband lis a native of Pennsylvania. ithe Klilps leave Feb. 10, arrive in Australia Mar. G and fly 2,500 miles to Goroka, New Guinea from there. Alwin Anderson Dixon, is an uncle of Mrs: Kulp. 4-H CLUB NEWS \Vednesday Workers \Vednesday Workers 4-11 club held an org-anizational meeting Jan. 25 in the home of F:ileen and C lyri Muller. Officers ele Led were Kathy Carlson, pesident; Cindy Draghu, vice president; Susan Og_ ier, secretary; EileenMul ler, treasurer, and Kathleen Woodward and Kathy Draghu, reporter,s. Jana Dahlgren became a member. Discussion was held on emphasis week and projects for the year. Feb 7 meeting will be with Cindy and Kathy Draghu. hathy Jraghu, reporler. Usual Weather Now Unusual in Region The weather in the A: ayne :lrea is unusual most. of the lime anymore. t is seldom a day goes by without..c,o me unusual weather this being the case so mud; of t.he time il is unusual Lo have usual weather Last. week the are; had freezing drizzle that stayed frozen for several nays. Snow finally fell on top of t.he ice to help warm it and get it off the surface. Then it wa-rmed up. Peoples Natural Gas re ports highs of 40 degrees for,sunday and Monday and a high of 3(; Tuesday. Only a trace of moisture was recorded. Omaha Station Pays Wayne Honor Friday Hadio Station, WOW, Omaha, and Lhe Columbia Broadcasting System will salute \A! ayne ten times Friday, Feb. 3. The salute is one of a series of "CDS" tributes, cns in this case standing for Community 3etterment Salutes. Major improvementproj- eet Wayne is undertaking in ::JG7 will be called t.o the attention of the listening audience. Well-known CR and \\ OW pe r sonalir Lie are involved in one way or anolher in the sal. ute.! rojeets to be ment.ioned inc ude the new high school, Seo, t, reation area, m uln C P a building im. proement and other projcts aimed at making \\ ayne a better city,. any Nebr;tska and owa co munities are to be salute in the series, one eac day. Charrrber ana. ger \Yanda Owens was contae ed by \YO\\" to supply inf rmation for Fridays sal tes to Wayne. - Where Do Most Mishaps Occur? Where do mostj+ccidents occur? Cl\ass members studying the procedure fr dehmsive driving learned Tuesday night at Concord that 40 per cent of all accidents occur at inter. sections. Trooper J. L. ODell of the Nebraska Safety Patrol con tin u e s to pour out a wealth of information on how to be a safer driver and not get into situations that jlead co accident. lis course ilt Concord is in its second week and the cour$e in Wayne got under way Tuesday night. lere a re some of Lhe bits of information class memhers learned at Con. cord Monday: A.road with spotted patches of ice is far more dangerous than one that is 100 per cent snow-packed; park: lights are nol legally used in place of headlight,., on a moving vehicle; f you <;top to make a left turn, keep your wheels pointed straight ahead so if a car hits you from behind you will merely go forward instead of to the left and,into the i 1ane of an oncoming car with a resulting head-on crash, very poor drivers slid to screeching halts at stop signs or stop lights; Passing anyone giving a right turn signal is dang era u s - eve n the best driver may absent-mindedly give a right turn signal when he intends to turn lefl so passing could mean an accident; head rests are recommended t prevent whiplash in cas you are struck from behind by a nother vehicle. A moving film, "Saturday Place," made in ;\;ebraska, \\as shown. t is so good it has been purchased for showing in 22 other states. t depicts teenagers with liquor having a gre<lt time. AfLer tbe wreck, one is de:ld, JOe a (ipple for life and the othe menl::dly scarred by what he caused. le can only dream! of the good times lhat might have been, never to be again because of what he had done. Th,ere are three Wayne County Public Power District employees taking the course with fees paid by the district. There were 22 present Monday, which is more than attended the first. meeting. This week. t.he way to avoid ac("ident, with ve_ hicles coming up behind and those coming hend-on weee covered. Ne\.-t week intersection accidents and accidents while passing or being passed \vill be covered. Far more information is given than can be covered in a mere news article. More classes will be offered to give more residents a chance to help themselves to a bigger slice of life. 4-H CLUB NEWS Beat em f"\l1 4-H club met Jan. 2G at District 8R. Officers chosen were John Claus, president; Du. ane Backstrom, vice president; Jean t\leyer, secretary-treasurer, a,nd Nancy Meyer, reporter. Felix Dorcey is leader with La\v_ rence Backstroml as assistant. Phadet Gawsombat foreign exchange stdent shov,,ed pictures of,his na: tive bind, Thailand. Next meeting is Mar. 2. :\ancy Meyer" reporter. Concord Girl Wins Honor in Homemaking Nancy Rastede, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rastede, Concord has been named winner of the, Betty Crocker "Homemaker of America" award at Allen High Schoo!. She finished first among homemaking students at A. len in 8 test liven enior girls Dec. 6. She is now eligible for state and nat. ional scholarship awards. Most schools:of the slate will have repriesentatives in the contest competing for o\l scholarship, an eneye lopedia set for the s.cho:d and other honors. 1 he slate winner will get a trip to Williamsburg Va and Washinbrton, D.C.:net spring to compete for -$5,000. -$.1,000, -$3,000 and $2,000 sch?larships.! Funera,1 Services Held at Winside For Mrs. E. lewis TEACHERS LEARN, Dr. Lyle Seymour and rvin Brandt of the WSC science faculty inspect a gamma roy spectrometer-beta geger Radioisotope in Public Showing f the word radioisotope is a mystery, heres a chance for Wayne area re. idents to learn what the word means-and what fascinating hings radioisor topes accomplish, as in faming, auto engineering, Cflme detection, and lots more. The public is invited Fri. day morning to visit the Mobile Rdioisotope Laboratory now operating on the Wayne State c.amp,us. Open house ho.urs are from :> a.m. till noon in the laboratory, parked north of the Administration Building. Technician Huey Barnett and Jer ry Minter will explain, in laymans language, what they are teaching college professors and a few advanced students about the multiple uses of radioisotopes.. For example, in farm,ipg: Minter poses the questlpn, where should a farmer ap_ ply a certain fertilizerclose to a corn -stalk for instance, or some distance away? The answer is found when scientists treat a fertilizer wit h radioisotopes, then check the corn at intervals with a radiation detector to.learn how soon the fer. tlier reaches the plant, and how much. Automotive engi. neers can determine the rate?f engine wear by treating oil with radioiso_ topes, then checking the,progress of tadiation at key points. This process takes min ute s w her e a s the method of running an engine for a long period and tear. ing it apart for measurements takes weeks. These are but two ap. Funera services for Mrs. Etta Lewis. 84, were held Jan. 17 at Wlnalde Methodist C h u r c h. Mrs. Lews died Jan. 14 in a nursing home at Lexington. Rev. E. John Kess officiated at. the rites. Pall. be are r s were Charles Jackson, Werner Mann C are nee and Do na J Pfeiffer; Warren Jacobsen and James Troutman Burial was in Pleasant View Cemetery. Etta Shirts. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Georlie Shirts, was born June 12 l88 at Red Oak, la. Th famly moved to Nebraska when she was a child. She was married Dec to William B. Lewis. The couple farmed near Win. side until retirement. Mr. Lewis died in Mrs. Lewis lived in Winside until eight l years ago when she went;to Lexington. She was a 50-year mem. ber of the Methodist Chur.:ch, charter member of Social Circle and a mtem ber elf Eastein Star. rvivors include three daligpt,rs, Mrs. Theodore Sladke, Lexington, Mrs. Qerald Hicks and Mrs. Robert Lundak, Californiaj,a son, LaVern Lewis, Seaside, Ore.; one sister; 11 grandchildren and a great gran,dchild. College teachers and stur dents this week and next are learniqg how to use equipment t hat performs such processe:s. The Mobile Laboratory is operated by Oak Ridge As.Sociated Universities under contract with the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission. The lab in \Vayne and two others, each costing $75,000, visit about 40 campuses a year to spread knowledge of the relatively new radioioso.. tope science. Si[ilar thou gh larger jt are t r a vel i n g in Eur pe, Asia, and Latin Aimer,ica, says Minter, who has taught in several Latin countries. This American epterprise has won many ftiends in the Latin nations, he explains, ber c:iause it presents useful fets-not propaganda., Minter and Barnett welcome visitors tothe Friday bpen house-"we like to how the people what their tax m 0 n e y is a c c om_ pushing." Funeral Services For Roy Vernon Held at Laurel.Funeral services for Roy V ern a n, 69, Palo Alto, l!alif., were held Jan. 24 at Wiltse Funeral Home, baurel. Mr. Vernon died Jan. 20 at Palo Alto. Rev. Jesse Wit hee. Dix n, officiated at the rites. allbearers were Jim irschman, Don and ack i luffy, Vern Murray, ara,d Shell andclydeshi ely. Burial was in Cone rd Cerpetery., Roy Vernon, son of Mr. fnd Mrs. Thomas Vernon,, as po-rn Nov.. 27, 1897 at, boo He moved; to NORTHWST Wakefield by 11M..w.n.c. R,..Phone Mr. and Mrs. Thure Johnson, Mr. snd Mrs. as. car Pea,rson, South Sioux City, Mrs. Axel Fredrickson and Clif and Carla Wac k e r, Laurel, we r e dinner guests Sunday inthe J.. Pedersen home, Laurel, observing: Jan u a r y birthdays. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Anderson and chpdren, Oma_ ha,- were weekend guests in the Ern est Anderson _ home to help Mr. Anderson celebrate his birthday. Joining them Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. George An_ derson and Alan Dakota City, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Oak, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anderson, the Dale Anderson family and Jim Kunzman. Dinner guests Sunday in the LeRoy Johnson home were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson and Don. ad J 0 h n son, Thurston Leon Johnson and Paul Craig, Lincoln, and Elli:; Johnso,n. Mr. and Mrs. foe Erickson helped Mrs. Reuben Johnson celebrate her birthday Sunday - evening. Gay len Lund look his brother, Sp/4 Danny Lund to Sioux City Wednesday whe r e he left for ForL 10od, Tex., after a few days -at home. Visitors. in the Lowell Newton home Friday were Mr.. and Mrs. Darrell Nbl. son, Newcastle,. and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence lo.ok. enhauer and Tim. Visitors Saturday we r e Mr. and Mrs. 0 g e r lelkes and family, abert., Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Stalling, Manhattan, Kan. Pack Meeting Held. Pack No. 266 met Jan. 27 at Concordia Lutheran Church. Plans were made for the blue and gold ban_ quet to be held in February honoring the 57th ahniver. sry r Scouting, The boys displayed and told about the mlodel of Concord they had })uilt during lanuary. lan Nobbe, David Sherry, steve Lambing, Jim Allvin Mark Martindale and rhucl Hoi do r f received bobcat pins. Lunch was served by t.he mothers. Chuck loldorf will serve for lhe fob. 3 den meeting. toncord-ettes Meel :\ group of girls and mothers met Jan. -23 in the Norman Anderson home Lo organize a 4.11 club. t was decided lo name the club, Concord.ettes. Mrs. Norman Anderson a nd Mrs. Quinlen Erwin are leaders and Jan e t Erwin, junior leader. The girls chose cooking and sewing projects. Officers are Cheryl Anthony, presidentj vier president, Joan Erwin; sec retary, Janet Erwin, t,ren surer, Glennis Anderson Johnon, Rutb Kenny, C dee Kerstine, Connie Nic ols, leric Nedergaard, J Annahs and Cindy Sabs; even 2.0 averages wer l earnd by Christille Bet t h a1 Douglas Danielso, Char es fisher, DenDi Echl; nkamp, Linlla Ka, Sus Heithold, Jan Ree Jame Wafker and Jan Wacer../. spent the w"ekendt"val1, Nlxo)ls and William St.1.l ngs.....,., ". The.Ker.mlt Turner fam. f lly. Mr. and.mra. Olear \lecker, sr., Mr. and Mr. Charies Peters and falll,ijj attended a blrthday:d!i!ier Sunday in the Gerald,,aCk-. er home, Winside. - CONCa DNEWS Phon J err y Los. k e home, Waverly. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Han. son and family. Couneil Bluffs. spent.sunday and onday in the Paul lanaoli home. Mr. and Mrs. Art Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Anderson and fa",ly were guests in the Alvin Anderson home n observ... ance or the hoste-sjl birthday..,. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clark and sons" Cherokee, la., spent lhe weekend n the van Clark hom. Churches i. e oncordia Lutheran Church (. ohn C. F:fJandson, pasilid, Sunday, Feb. P,,Sunllyi! school, 9:45 n.m.; mot:nlng";"i wor"ship, ll - _., r\vangelical Free Church. (Marvine. l.itorja. paatr) Sunday, reb. 5:, Sup,h,;y/ school, 10 a.m.i mo trt.:lhg worship, 11; evening s,tv. ices. 7:10 p.m.-. Wed n e s day. ".b,8: Family night servfc8)7; ;30 p.m. 11 Mr. and Mrs. Nfl John. and reporter, Sandra Mc Auliffe. other members on guest Tueday n the l\cnnelh Oben! home are Jenny Bees, Rita Me in honor of t.he dlscn B A u iff e. Cindv Holdorf anni VJ rsa ry. A lvina Anderson, Joann Allvin, Loretta McAuliffe Dicl.. Stalling, formedy Sanra Anderson, Deanna of (oncord, hat> :n::cepltld Erwin/ and PauleUe llan ii, position as fidd enginc,cr son. Fb. 1-1 meeting wil for Sout h Cent ral a rea or be in ilhe home of.loa Universal (:onl.rol (orporn. Allvin. Lion, pallas, Tex. lie had been employed by North.;. east \ebr. TelephonnCom_ Bridge Club Meets.1 Bon Tempo Bridge clu pany since lfjs7, tho last: mel V/!ednesday wit.h Mrsj two yeurs;ls assistantmnn. ill agpf. lie began his work \ Cliffor.:.d Lalling..Mrs. Arn! old Will and Mrs. ludolpj in,da11-ls.jan. 2; His wife ( Blohm: had high scores ad daughler,jl\mberly, Feb. 1 meeting will be a: will move Lo Dallasas soon as schoullis out. Mrs.stall. Mrs. [ritz i\raemers. j. ing teaches in the. Webster i McrrY Homemakers Mee, Merlry lomemakers cju s c h a 0 City. system in tiioux..l met Jan. 25 in the hom Uuesls Monday in th of Mis. \eith J ;rickson. Plansiwere made for farnt home of PasLor and, Mrs... John Erlandson for Lisas i1y night Feb. 27 at Wayne. birthday were Mrs. Mqrlen, Next meeting will be wit 1 Johnon and Lane, Mri;. Mrs. prnest Swanson. Wallace Anderson andden- " nis, MrsL Ernest Swanson Twens and Teens and Lon, Mrs. Meredith Tea girls and Lheir Johnson and Jane, 1v1r"i,. " mothhs met Jan. 23 in t e Jla,rlin Anderson and, Kay,.. \V inbn Wa Hin home to 0 Mrs. Jim Ne l"4ln, Toddalld ganie,a 4-H club. Twee s Larae, Mrs. Ke,nneth and Teens was chosen as a Ericks01J and Kevfn, Mrs, nam. Sewing and cooki g Bud lanson and Jill and. Scott Nelson. Eveni!pg lived in the Dixon and Lau_ projcts were chosen. 0_ guests were Mr. and Mrs. rel communities until 1941 ficerf elected were,: pres. C?lenn MaU5Qn and Gloria, when he moved to California. He served for a num_ presdent, Lorie Peterso j dent,! Karen Wallin;.J.i e Mrs. Jerry Jacoby and Lisa, Dale Pearson arid ber of years as Dixon County supervisor, At the time treasturer, Janeen Kardell; secretary, Ruth Lehrna ; Lila, Mr. and Mrs. Verneal Peterson a nd da ughtr.b, of his death he was a repofter, Den is e Ma and Mr. and Mrs. Arvlid custodian for the Palo Alto nusoq. Other members a e Peterson. public school system. Jan$t Lehman, Sher 1 Mr. and Mrs. De:rmar Survivors include a son, Petetson, Nancy Walli, Holdorf and family wr Gene Vernon, Santa Clara, Jani Wallin and Julie Wal. guests Friday evning;:--i Calif., an.d a sister, Mrs. lin. 1eader is Mrs. Wint n the Jack Erwin home:, Jim Duffy, Laurel. Walln. Assistant leader s Mrs.i Don Kardell and Ru h observanc.e of the Er\\!i,fs anniversary. Mr. and Mr:s. Eight Pupils Tops on Lehan is junior leade Feb.! 27 meeling will be n Don Cook and daughtrb, the! Verneal Peter son No.rrolk, we r e J:hursday. Wayne Honor Listing hom. guests. " " : " Mrs. Clare e peaffqn Five boys and three girls Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bra n and Mrs. Harol rwln: head the h 0 nor roll at and amily, Sioux Falls a tended a shower attli Wayne High School for the Mr. nd Mrs. Sid Wisnes., of Mr. D.avid Doll> first nine, weeks, Principal Broqkings, spent the wee day afte.rnood ih 0 D, <> rjn Fred Ric k efr s announced end. n the Harold Gunne Lois Noonan. Mis NQqti this week. They have perfect "1.0" grades. for the sj)n ome. wih marry Jim Neurnb M". and Mrs. Waid ger Feb. 4.,.,:.:.",,:. term. Johson, Wusa, were Mr. and M"s.Kelll1.tlt Lorna Harder, Dave Jensen, Lyle Nelson, Bob Penn, guesfs Saturday in th. R Olsen and David!d E. Johnson home. last weekend in th"mrwyn Schmidt, home,_sioux Winona Peterson, Ver Llj>rna Foster, Siou Preston, Bruce Ring and Fall, spent the,weeke Falls. Beth Schmidt re. Karen Wills had the perfect in th Willis Johnsonhom turried wth her grandpar grades (listed alphabetically). JAl other pupils with Clifford Stalling and P t ents. to. soend the week. Erwn visited Friday in t grades of 2.0 or high-er were named on the honor Hoskins: f. i list. were1 DoTis Baker, Mar, Mrs. J. E.. Ping.l., Those with averages of Jo Cbok, Linda Cary, De P" were Lana Danielson, nis llermeier, Janie Kat h y Dunklau, Patricia G i e e, Randal Helgre, Mrs. Larry Miller aild E win g, Michelle -larms, Sandia Hansen, Jannen children, Arroyo Gtande, Tom H a v e n e r, Marion Johns:on, Lynn Preston an Calif., Mrs. J. E. Pingel, Geewe, Ken net h Jones, Judy isuhr; those with 1.1 and Dick and Mrs. Meta Trixe Jone, Mary Stevenson, Dan Sutherland and be,rg,! Carl Matson, Ronal <;unday in the AlfredMiller Mary. Zimmerman; those Seym,iour and Nancy Wer ; home, Winside, to o8e,rve averges were Connie E Nieman were guests liiilt with 1.25 averages.were Avrages of 1.8 wer the birtbdays of Mrs.L. Dave Brown, Leone Coryelll, earnetd by Ann Barelma f Lynn Danielson, Mark idenesia, Nancy Ham Johnson, PauetteMerchant ley, {;arla Jansen Elain and Diane Ods; Averages of 1.4 were earned by.. Depi Armbrus. ter,,Beck, Amy Cory. counter in the Mobile Rodioisotope Laboratory oj Wayne State, Explaining the machine is technician Huey Barnett. ell, DeAnn Geewe, Linda Lesh, Jean Pankratz, Doug. las Ritze, Dave Roberts, Debby Saul. and DonaldSko. kan; two with av rag es of 1.5 were Rebecca BernthaJ and Cindy Sfiimey;. Ear n i n,1.6 ave:;igsl Miller aod Lori Lynn.. 1\"r. and Mr Harry Pf gel, Aurelia, la., spenhhe weekend in the J. E.Pingel ho,,!d Mrs. Eugene Brgekemeief, (:olumblis, were. guests.sunday,,.,the Pingel home..... Mra. G e 0 r gelang,nberg; sr. and Mra. Walter Fleer.returned last week afl;er attendmg hne!lll seivices for Mr8. Fred Sonnenberg,.Loma: lilbillt Calif.," ";,::": ::Y:::;G,,,, "! ".;;j!?.ffir:"

7 ant Ad,CARPETS CLEAN asler with the Blu. Lus re E. For "e ectric Shampoo.r 0 y $1,per day. McNatt Har ware FOR SAtE: 1966 Zig Zag :Wayne, Nebraska. f2 Sew-in.Machine, makes buttonho es,. sews on buttons, d ros, mo)ograms, C.hevy straight stic. A_!FOR SALE: door and mae6 fancy stitches Vln Bar g s-t a d t, W nside, all witllout attachlllent.. Nebr. Phone ASSumej final 4?ay-ments of $7.5. For ore informatidn write 0 & 0 n.. vestmnt Co., Box 434, or Rent Fremont, Nebraska. j26t4 ACC;SSOR;E AUQlmJ 8< 4,-8,!<.10" made toyour epee lf1calons.bring sketch of your needs. Automatic EquiprnEint Mfg. Co., Pen"" der, Ne,br. jl2tf -----r----:-----.: REDUC SAFE, simitle and fast with OoBese tablel. Only 91H. Griess Rexall j2gtb FOH S.\.,::...;chipperkC pups. Little, lively and lovable. $S each. Mrs. James (lusbf<;on, Wakefield, 2R f2 FOB,";:\1.1:: :.?S:)gallonmset bulk tank: 2-Linit D:Laval milker; four good mjlk ("ov... s. Dallas,"iche enbrg, \ inside, phone losklos i(;s1:\s2. 2, BRANDSTETTER MPLEMENT 116 Wnl hl CO\E Sl:r: THE ALL NEW 2020 John Deee RowCrop Utility Tractor :-J\\\."llt)WN; Ntw!lnd stork.johll lltlt PlnW dsk" (urn planler,.(\ultl\atur hilrnl\\,nt\d ;s rn.;i hand llx(r ;"1.;l ftldlr UMd HUSH PUPPES BRATHlN BRUSH!:D PGSKN" CASUALS only by Wol verine FOB :-.;:\.,:: :-;pinet piano. Will sacrifice to responsible party rather than retunn ew \\alnut Spinet. $27.lH1 per month. \\ rite dealer, 11.J. Hanson Box 112, :\twood Colorado d SOETll[\C f\ew for vinvl and other har:! surfae floors l Seal r,loss ends frequent,axing. \1c1\aH la rd. ware, Wa)ne, Nebraska, f2 in LARSONS s32tf PCTUR; FHAMES made to ordr. See our com. plete slections for Frame type s and hanging ha rd.. are. Carhart Lumber Co. d2tf YOUH EATEt EAD- QUAHTFHS [or all types of heaters--oil, gas, coal o,r wood -. new or used. Coast to (oast Stor es Wayne, Nebr. s29t3 PRr-:SCRPTONS The mo$t mportant thing we do S to fill your doctors RX for you GRES REXALL STORE P!hone tf f{!llplllpnt lphl ;lllg Gnntili l1l1:\(r l1!i" John J)l{fl pull plu\\!\1in pull 1.\Pl plo\\". ntilpnl landtlll \ :1l1tl B John Dnre 11,1\ CO FOH HENT: Fivet: hau se, for ahi es or home. Choice cor er on Main. Will remodel rdec orate or after 4 p.. m. f2 FOR RENT: Modern house in W inside. ns lated, two story. Phone j19t3 HE_FNSH THOS OLD f100r.s. ts easy and inexpensive when y u rent our floo,r,sander an edger?nd reflmsh with 0 r qual ty seals, varnish s aod waxes. Brighten yo r rugs by renting our carpe sham 9oer, C 0 a s t - t 0 -, a a s t Slores. Wayne jy5t Lost and Fo. nd LUST: 1%7 W.yn High Scoo[ boyls class rin, posslbly near Cit Audl Larium or Melodee Lanes. Hewa rd. LeHoy chtenkamp, phone 37S f2t3 Livestock FOH."-:1\ L E: Choic Duroc.s u m mer Boar. Hi;;; miles south of Wayne l:\,rnold Stuthman, isner: Nebr.,f2tf FOR SALE: Nation llyac- credited SP, Poland oars. Dean Sorensen Phone m5t; Fon S 1\ L E: lampshir, B red SO W s, due in f< ebruary. 10}-2 miles south of Wayne. Arnold Stuthman, Wisner, Nebr. j19t3 t EGST EH E 0 ANG US for sale, at all times, top bloodhnes; bulls, heifers, cows. He sse Angus, Pender, Nebr. j2tf Wanted WANTED [JEAD OR DSAf3LED LVESTOCK Phone Wayne Collect Wayne Rendering Co. Your Used Cow Deafer f2liu Special Notice Npbrnskas Largpst!\ACliNERY Consignment Sale :"ATVRDAY. FEH am Carnlca, Nebr, Salfs hlld the second Satur ;lh th;ponth, December Consignment,; Open Unlll Sale Da!y. Carnlea AuctiOn Cd. Corniea, Nebr Phone Humphrey 40Qs q-r 2893 Misc. rvices RENT - A- CAR Rates as low as $5.00 per day plus mileae, Mustangs, " door r;:1j,n8, Station Wagons WORTMAN AUTO CO. Ford Mercury Dealer J19 East 3rd Ph, MOVNG? Dont take chances with your valuable belogings Move with Aero Mayflower Americas most recom mended mover Abler Transfer nc Wayne, Nebi Phon 37S a.t7s j17tf We servke "U makes of Radio, and JTV, Why not enjoy both to the fullest McNatts Radio & TV Service Phone OLSENS Expert Shoe RepC;lf Formerly Bob Schenck Clothig NOll 302 MAN WAKEFlEJ,.D Help Wanted HELP WANTED: plarttime desk clerk; part time kitchen help, male or female. Apply in person to Connie Suhr at HQtel Morrison. t"}tf HELP! am in a fastgro ing business and need help. f you have leader ship ability and would like to earn extra money,!phone me for an interview H; or write Roger Bous R quet, 3300 "A" St South Sioux City, Nebr. j26t3 WANTED: Man for genera-l work in feed and ferti. lizer business. Farm experience helpful but not essential. Good advancements for right person Apply in pe(,$on f\.r.y Farm Setvice, Wyne, Nebr. jl9tf AM LOOKNG for a particular type of w 0 man who is interestell in earning $150 per month and up, part time. For interview phone or write Roger Bousquet, 3300"A" St. South Sioux C ity Real Estate fo BUY TO SELL REAL ESTATE Property :Exchange R. G. FulBRTH 112 W. 2nd U Ph f Nebr. j26t3 H f: L P WANTED: Women for full tim e employ_ ment. Apply in person at Be Franklin Store, Wayne, Nebr. f2tf WA.NTED: Sales Girl. FuH tme 1 employment. Hourly pay, Time and half for 0:rertime, Larson Kuhn La.. des Shop f2t3 FOR SALE 160 Acres, SW Winside. good moder:n house. ba rn, equipped to milk, other buildings in good conditon, 20 acres pasture, balance, n crop land. Contract to QiJalified BuYer. 388 ACHS adjoining Carroll of 160 improved NW, consisting all cropland nearly. about l:,l in 5011 bank New well BOA all cropland: 148A creek bottom, real productive land Contract to Qualified buyer KLUG REAL ESTAn: ARLNGTON, NEBR Phone 99W. 23i J. or B3F6 Arlington FOR SALE mproved 160 acre farm located South of Wayne on Hiway S, March 1st possession avail a ble Will consider land con tract sal( THOR AGENCY Norfolk, Nebr. FARM FOR SALE J:!6l2 mproved 648, acre Dixon County farm located 18 miles North of,wayne. Nebrask and 1 mill. East. Modern s:c(d ilarst1a1; n excellnt crop land which lays gently rolling and S,lrrounded by County road on fou.r ldes This is an excellent livestock and grain farm For further informaton contact Taylor & Martin, nc. 150 So Man forcmonl :\ebr. 1lJnc i21 4:)OU j26t2 Cards..f Thnks MY SNC EH E THANKS to all my relatives and friends; who sent cards of encouragement,and cheer and to those who vi+ited me while J was in the,hospital. Your thoughtfuless was dee ply appreciated. May God reward you. Deo om. n THANKS Tq A L1. who came so swiftly to our aid at the time of our car accident; also thanks to the Benthack eli n i c and to Wayne Hospital Staff and to all who visited and sent cards. Mrs. Henry Temme and Alma f2 WSH TO!::\PHf:SS my thanks to friends and relatives for the gifts and cards received while was in the hospital. Special thanks to Dr. Matson and the Wayne Hospital staff and to \Villard and Rowan yviltse for ambyla(nce s. erv ce. Delmar Vv acker. f2 WE WSH TO THANK the members of the Laurel Carroll and Belden ir departments for their resp.onse La our calf, also the milk truck d r i v e r s who hauled extra water. \1 ithout their help we would have sustained a much greater loss. Weare so grateful to our friends and neighbors for their help and thoughtfulnes s, for the food brought in and those who helped serve coffee and diner. Mr. andmrs.clark Smith and family. f2 OUR RECENT SAD LOSS leaves us with grateful he.rts toward neighbors, fr"lends and relatives. T.heir comforting expresswns of sy m pat h y and thoughtfulness will always be remembered. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Perrin and Tom, Capt. andmrs. Lewis M. Hiller, Lewis, dr., and Cherylee. f2 V E WSH TO E:\PHESS our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who has been so kind and thoughtful"to us during our recuperation at the Blair hospital and at home. Thanks to all who visited us, for prayers flowers gi(ts, c,ards, letters and telephone messages. Mr. and,mrs. Charles Whitney Carroll. d MY SNCERE friends and relatives who v,isited me and for the cards and gifts sent while J was in the h 0 s pit a. Special thanks to Dr. Matson and the staff at \V ayne Hospital. Mrs. Ella Sedivy. f2 The Wayne Nebr. Herald, Thursday. Febr, [Dlm.....,.... l l WAYNE HERALD ON.STOP FARM SALE SRVCE NCLUDU 1. FRE L,tln9 in the news..rn.:es:le;roec date you have sel.cted, 2. ou.r F R,E E nle bill print. n bright.nd.nort.d colors of r.gul.r ule bill paper, 3. FREE farm s,le arrowl with your name imprinted on them to dlritt strangers to your farm sale, 4. f RE E we:ath.r insurance or vour sle, guaranteeing that even ;1 weather post pones vour sate we will re ureytr sale ad and billi 5, e.perienced help in drawuj? yourjar.m sale ad; to ewslta 1 Oi that A SNC ER E THANKS to all for cards gifts flo,wers and visit; re celved while was in the hospital and rest home special thanks to Drs. Ben: thack and Matson, the hospital staff and pas tor s These kindnesses will b remembered always. Clara Johnson. f2 THANK YOU to all who rem e m b ere d me with cards, letters, flowers and visits while was in the Wayne Hospital. A special thanks to the doctorsand the staff. Lonnie Henegar. f2 WE WSH TO E:\PRESS our sincere appreciation to all who extended com orting sympathy and help our recent sorrow. \\e deeply a p pre cia t e the cards, memorials, floral offerings and food that was given. A special thank you to the ladies of the church who served the dinner and lunch. Herman Frese and family. f2 OUH SNCERE THANKS to all those who extended sympathy to us at the time of the death of Carl Eller meier. w are grateful to all who sejj1t flowels, cards, food, memorials and other contributions. A special thank JOU to Dr. Brandenburg Dd all of Carls associates at the college and to Rev. de Freese yv ords c..ould never expres; our grattude. The Carl Ellermei,r family. f2 9. L...n... drlvlnll and time.,eeded n po,t. ng: fewtr. bills nttd ed. 10. Your ntwlp.p.r.d in p. per giy. farm.n oppor tunlty t. study your 1. ltt over (lr.full, in their qwn nd decide 011 the.rtlcle. they may with to buy.. 11, f you c.nnot get in to The Her.ld office soon lust b:1l (,oiled: W.!: DATES CLAMED PHON a we. wflf come to YOUR FARM Claim Your S.le Date Early., -, Check Th O.t" Flrstl _Tt.:ESDAY, FEnlll.;,\HY 7 DALE FHNZEr--:: Wayne, postponed closing out farm sale, 7 miles soutb, 2 east and 3/4 south! of Wayne. Se.lling 69 head cattle; full line of macllinery. Lag.e, Troutman, Nixon, Auctloneers. State National Bank, Wayne, Clerk. 6. ".Yell take pictures 0 your TlUnSDAY, FER., 1111, livestock and machinery j" - r...our sale bill if you LYN KAY Wakefield., cl?sing oui:. car, sale, 5 7. With your sale ad in The miles sou t h, " west of Wayne Herald you reach Wakefield, full line of gpod more farmers than n machinery including fbur other medium. any t.raclors; also 11;1 had 8. Com,bination news pap e r livestock including saddle p!an o! sale ad and sale horses. Sale starts al 1:4(] bills tie-up, which makes a.m. Nix a n and 1.:1 g e r:u:nea1::,rtising complete Auctioneers. Wakefield a: t... io"n."a"rn...an_k, ( e rk. llsh 10 f: \ PH ESS my 0 U H E A B F E L T Sncere thanks to those. THANKS to all our relawho sent gifts cards tlves, neighbors and flowers and lette;s and t tiends who extendedcom all who visi.ted me while. larting syf1l.pathy and help wajg hospitalizedandart r,,tbe r"cent d8- h of our returnp.d home; special :1n:0ther. Thanks also for thanks for all the kind- the many cards, the floral neses done for my farpily. offerings, memorials, food EVlerything was deeply ap- and other kindnesses. We pre cia ted. Mr.s. Lloyd are sincerely grateful for) Manske. f2 all. The Family of Mrs. Mary Lund, f2 Marine Corps Seeks Recruits in Region Capt. C..T.Johnston marine corps officer selec: ti.on 0 f fie e r, will be at \\ ayne Stale College Thursday from 10 a.m. Lo,1 p,m. to int erview young men and women inleresled in various ph as e s of rna rine training. Freshmen, sophomore and junior men may qualify for a plaloon leade,rs course leading lo a heutenants com mis s ion up 0 n graduation, Senior men may apply for a 10 week 0 f fie c r candidate co u r s e after graduation. BDth offer ground officer and pilot of jets or helicopters training, o C S courses start in August, October and.jan uary. Women can train for nine weeks to. get commissions. Those signingup as freshmen now gain longevity and thus when they are finally commissioned they can earn as much as. $5,(j)OO more than they could if they wail until they ae seniors to sign up. Women are needed in the marines more than ever and can gel overseas assignments. Starting pay is $436.)8 a month but if a girl signs up as :1 junior finishes school and the takes the nihe weeks course her starting pay is $fi4i,s8 a month. Free medical and dental care, P} and commissary privileges. tax breaj15.s, free or inexpensive entertainment, t r a vel, choice of work and other fringe benefits are offered men and women signing up for officer training no_w_. _ coa"et-to-coaet...,...""".,..., OUR ANNVERSARY SALE S GONG FULL BLAS Clear. thru Fe rary HUE SAV GS ON ALL [NEW and U ED CARS FREE TV Set Just cme n and egister LOOK!! 1 What You $67.67 ia mo th with a ormal dow.. pay ant and 1 qualifiedredit 196 FORD CU$TO 4-dr., 6 cvl. l standard tinted winds ield. 196 MERCURY CO GAR 1 radia,, 2-dr. Harc!top, white sidewa s, eillctric clack, r:ldlio, tinted windshi d,.deluxe wheel cov"rs. Was $3, ANNYERS1RY PRCE $275().OO 1967i MONTEREY HA DTOP Blue and whte color, power 5 eering, radip. tonted wlndslcld,merc-o-mati,deluxe wheal covo;rs. Was 1$3, ANNYERS.bJRY PRCE, Anltiversalry Speciats 0 66 GALAXE! 500, 2-dr. hardto inq, air condtioninq, outo. tro els, radio, tyrquoise in color ranty... $ , power teflrs., wheel av 4 & 50,.lor FORD CqUNTRYSEDAN, -pass., powa; steerinq, airl conditioninq, el ctric tailgate, Cruis-o-mati automatic trans ission 24 & SO, warranty. ;2i FORD C\JSTOM 500, 4-d. sedan, V.-8, outomatic trbnsmission, radio, heater, blrige. in color. 24 4so warronty, " 66 GAL.AX dr. sedan. Gold. in color. Y-B, outomatic tronsmission, r dio, 24 & 50 worranty FORD G! LAXE 500, 4dr sedan, vinyl trim, Y-B 0 to. trans., radio. Anniverllory price...51, FORD C istom 4-dr., 6 yl., standard trons., /radio.! Anniversary price FORD FlRLAN.E Station 3-seat, radio Anniversary price ago" V-8; 1695OO 640LDSMO LE 4-dr. hardt op,1 Y-8, air con- ditioninq, au amatic trans. Annversary price!. "r ,0 63 FORD cstom. <4-dr" Y-, automatic t.r.:ansmissian, r.a.dio, heater.. Anni.verla.ry. price. ".,,.$ PLYMOlJ H, 4-dr.sedan, Vl8, auto"latic transmissionl radio, heater. Annive.,.ary.. price i.. 5 1, MERCUR COMMUTOR St tion Wc:JgCln, Y-B, autamjtic trans.,,radia. Anniversary price.! MERCUR MONTEREY C STOM, 4-dr. radio, air ca ditioninq, auto" tic tralll",i... sion. Annive sary price.,, " j. : 61 OLDSMpSLE B8, r, outomahe transmission,radio. Anniversa prce DODGE 5NECA, 4-door sed n, 6 cylinder,:: autamatic trbnsmissian. Annverlory pric J... :.$495" ",:.0i...,., ,i... :,,1

8 l, j The Wayne Nebr, Herol, Th "day, ebr, 2, 1967 Loron Park -,(Continued: from PJ.;, 1) t_ught for one year in Dlxc/n sixth grade. He also lllianaged the Dixon base. wm :team one year. He attended Wayne State Tes.chers College, Seattle l!acljfic College and Omaha U"lversity. He is working Qll his masters degree at N1ebraska University and Willi attend school there tis summer.!jfter teaching at Dixon op. year he taught fifth aae at Fremont two BiTS, coming here in 1963 principal and half-time acher at West Elemen. try. He has been fumime rincipal since 19G4.! His wife is also a teach.. er. instructing in 8 rural school this\ year, The Parks have three children..$upt..francis Hauo said the- school board is now $ e:e kin g an; elementary J!>dncipal for thll> K-4 grade school. A man who will lbe able Lo work w,ith the federal programs as co ()rdinatol or in the role of inslruclor. Teachers cont.racts arc to be prepared in mid.. February, They are to be returned signed or unsigned by the fi r sl of Ma rc h, Supt. "aun said. Winside Feed (( "l/l11 nlill cake feed being the main lopic of business. There were 2,1 present for an exceplional meal ervedb) -ladies of the church. Plans for t hp pancake feed call for :-.erving from 1 Lo fl p.m. f,;o ot.her (vents are. scheduled that evening SQ unless there j;;.; a bad break in the weat.her, the feed will he held. A,ylw,;been appointed, Hosemary Mintz.,";he takes lhe place of Marilyn Monk, who is now living in \orfolk and is Mrs. Wagner. She Had been,,,ecrelnr) for several years, (lif Burri..., president. of W((, reports \1rs. Paul.offka and her committees wenl way out in preparing the meal and decorations, Tables were decorated with flags, each one bearing a slogan pertaining to a betterment project. Centen_ nial cakes were also on the tables. n the an", other business oj he vening, club member voled to ask the lawn board to set aside a block for sledding. One of lhe hilly streets in Win_ side woll1d be shul off to molor vehicles whenever there is ample snow far sledding. Final decision on the matter is up to the vi llage 110:1 rd. 8 lin. Notl Jrry Bose. Wayne, is one of 37 of the rnost successful newer agents.of Northwe tern Mutual Life nsurance Co. from 23 staes i Milwaukee Jan. 23-feb. 3 for a two._week caeer hool at the firms home lfice, The agents are s t a yin g advanced areas 0 Hfe insurance un.. derwritrg Seat Belt..,. Co tinuct.l, frool Pl.: 1 weht of the ig1ht side of th roa, swrved backacr.pss lh, 1 nes of traffici to he lef side of the rad a d rol ed over two orthre times before coming to stop ups idf down in:a 3 5 oat ravine. (rhe ar out" of control brlbke iff a guard rail post ori the right side, <lipped off anot er on the left side, hils g ard rail and then wnt ov r the embankment. Drugs, money and other itms ere thrown from the st Lion wagon -as_ tulmble. Troo er.j. L. ()Dell, who in estigated, sa id the late m del station wagon was oml1letely demolihed. He added he was unable to find "3 straight, l1iec( of mel al" on the vehiclt. flatd, who said he wears hi.., Sp j bell at all times while (riving, <.,uffered a btuie head, bruised left h)g anj arrn laceration. He wa hospibliicd overnight i Lutheran Hospital, Norfoll, for ouservation and W;1. tlhn released. Edu ator Talks - ( ( " Hd 11( 0111 J the fi st dislrict in the stnte (J adopt this con ("!cpl indergnrtcn through f()urth grade will be the grade chool :11 t ht! present \\est Llcrrientriry, fifth throug 1 eighth griadc will be m i die school at the p,reser high school and ninth h rough l wclflh will be hig 1 school at lhe new slrucl re on \\ esl,sevenlh. Dr. ralandcr will spend Thursday with lht> adminislralibn, represntalives of the 1 state depathnent ot educa ion, facult!v members, school bo::lrrd member:--, 1social studiles leachers, s ience comrritlee and a cur iculum gr9up. lie is brougl t here through efforls f Mid-conUnent Regional Educat iontd Laboratorie The \ansas educator is an au horit) on t1e middle -,?choo concept and is he lping plan the,sh-up here. tie will spend two days here this week and lhen will be here off and on at various times until the jl1::tn t.hc(hlles operational. GAMBLES C:OLGAT TOOTH] PASTE, ze CLP THS COUPON ANNOUNCEMEt 4man PlwtofjrapA!j.C: Laurel -Fire (Contintwd frolll p quarter O[f a mile was the longest. W.hen th y finally reached home they found the girls were. safe The girls haa founa the brnafire at about 10:30, c,jlled neigh1:iors, Frank and Henry Noelle, who sumonea the Catroll and Laurel fire departments Marcia had gone to. te barn to allow \gf bt ald t n,;uoe rh: open the barn door to let sow s out l, wisely decidin to stay awiay from t.he over.. he:rffacr;urel firemen wert.joined by the B.elden fi e department to fight the f ames. The three departtnetsmanaedto put out a fire on lhe roof of a hog house full of sows and bah} pigs, thu" saying a lot of animals. They also saved a tack of hay next Lo a corn rib. Lost tq the flames was the big barn with all cq>nlents, five sows, 80 }itle pigs and four haystacks. Almost eylerythingwas cdlvered by insurance. 11he.-imith gatlage was bli6tered by the hea bul was un.. damaged!otnerwise. Case of the fir e was undetermined. Firemen slayed at the scene until a round :1 a;m. The fire continued 10 srnol. der through :--londa_\ but the barn was andlherf wa,; litllt (n damage. a) w;s: movcr! and neighbors sho\ed up to do what they cojdd 10 hdp the Smiths get bal k 10 normal farming. The Smiths li.(c miles north and llmos (j miles west from \\ ayne or,1 miles r norlh and a liltl( 6ver miles of (ar roll. The) ;lre in l.aurel area and on the Laurd telephone linf: :\nd mail roule. Swine Day - (PlllllllWrl average lard yield ner slaughteired hog from 3:3.8 pounds in (j,/) 10 about 27 pounds in 1f){;G, Dr. Baker reported. t\ssuming that lean cuts of pork replacing the lard, are valued at ap pr?ximartely 30 cepts per pou{lcl the value per pig raised Loday is increased about two dollars, a total of $9 million for the state on the 4.S million pigs slaughtered in 19G5. The people-to-people campaign with pork involving the establishment of the "Husker Chop" as a prestige cut credits the industry with "one of the most au"t standing pork merchandising and marketing programs in the nation," Dr. Daker said. Hewarned, however, that r\ebr::lska is below national average in commitment per unit of gross income from agricultural cornmodit ies to research. Dr. Leo J ucas :-;poke on use of ultrasonics in :-;wine improvement; \Dr. M. J. Twiehaus spoke on ulcers in svvine; Dr. [.:. H. Peo," spoke on grinding and proc-: essing swine rations; Frank Hussey told of his management and building progra m; films were shown; displays \\ere set up; a panel di_",cu$sion was held; and other features were offered. The \VaHle,Chamber of Commerc joined in sponsoring lhe program..linch was sen-cd.11 noon. LAKE STUDO, WLL BE CL SED MONDAYS because of $unday wed ings and evening appoint- ments il i Eedive Mond y, FeL. 6, March of Dimes Starts This Week Th Wayne County March of Dimes.-l. r;ed this week. Mrs. Perry Johnson, Car- roll is county chairman and Pat Gross treasurer. Mrs. Basil Osburn is Wayne city chairman. Envelopes and letters complete with return addresses have been sent to merchants. Farmers have been sent pamph.ts and "key men" will" call on the ones on their lists. Spedal donations can be taken to the State >;ational Ban,k, in care of Pat Gross, or can be mailed in. n.. formation on checks, donations :::tyl memorials can be secured from him. The 1arch of Dimes seeks to conquer birth defects just as it has qon.. quered polio...;ome ofthe money given \will be kept locally and some will go into resea rch projects to see what can be done to eliminate t1:( ragedy of birth,dlfects, Parachute - and H faces." long cupera(ioll pedod. lie had been flown lo the hospital. hj helicopter foll()\\i:ng thc mishap. Thf address fur thl\\ in..,ide ligh c!j()ol gradu.1te while in lh( ho..,pital will be: Pfe. (;(oe.angf:}nberg, lis,\rmy lospitj, \\ ard H-.\l. Fl. Campbell, \y. 122:2.1. le will appreciate hearing from friends and acquaintan(f while recuperating. Fire House - in \\ rifdt -"econd,-\d1ition east of Dca rborn and between :--:evenlh,1ort Fifth:.John "urher receiv(,d a re4 modeling permit for 1115 \\,pc;j Sixth and.\grico (hemical Plant relocation to land ea:o;t of\\ayne(ounty Clrain (\\hltneys) wa ::Jpp roved. Two sanita rv sewer districts came p for consideration. Assessments were revised on Distrid o. 211 following the hearings. A resolution be necessity was passed calling for creation of District 30 which would serve thd \\ riedt.\ddit1onl i\n "aer"laylift" is sought for the po\{e r and light departtl1enl. ft\voldd be used in sveral ways on line and other di:-;tribulion work. The city engineer will prepllre an estimate of cost to present to the counc i. \.aync-\\ ec;tern represenlatil.-l \\0,5 presenl Lo offer a (Jlan for lowering water well No.3 ten feet and for installing a new Boys, Sweaters Mens Jachfs Reg.$S.OO Mens ; Sta- Prest Cord Pant Reg. $5.00 V CoJored Dress hirts Valuesta $11:95 V Mens Hats V ) ((d (11111 P--: Values to $6.95 Mens Sport Shirts,Values to $16.95 V Mens bowl assembly, The plan was approved. Wayne Ministerial As. sociation asked the council to limit Sunaay dancing at the City Auait.orium. The council, decid-ed this was a matt e r for indlviaual families and their churches to decide upon. The council is to pay the Chamber of Commerce $150 a month instead of $100 a month from now on. All of the extra money is o be earmarked to be used solely for inclustrial de. velopment. Finally, the engi.nee r presented a report on proposed power r.nt changes. The city power committee will give the plan further study and report back to the full council. Thai Youth Speaker Monday to Kiwaians Phadet Gawsomuat,.\r:--: exchange student from Thailand, spoke at \\ avne \iwanis Cl.ub londay non. lie ha sileaking engage menl at s e \" e r::l 1 other me e::t in g the ne..! fe\\ wefl\s. Th;e hiwaninns \\ere told Jbout life in Thailann and wert; sllown...,ides of (1\<\1 (ou1htr.\..\f(er five months in this, co u n t r,\, Phadet speaks much-impro\(cf Engl!o.h and hnsa pleasing deliv( rr. Dr. :J. \1. BrO\\"l, hosl father for Phadet, was a guesl along \vith! ney,f! i 11 i e r, ncw chiropractor herl, former (ltlber of hiw:1nis ntlr national in \lontana, 0111(.1 "t e vp [olt, tll\\,",lamia d (lil Co. hulk oil di:o;triblltor in \\ ayne. Two projects coming up are the ebrasl{a-owa district mid -winler conference in Omaha,"iaturdaj \vhich several will attend and lhe pancake (cd Tuesdn), dcljils of which nrc in anolhpr 0.1 Of)- Two Names Left Out The names of Rernicc Moody and Patricia (arnes were omitted fromt.he Wayne...;tatC Deans [onor Roll published in l.1st weks \\ ayne erald. Travels to Canada Edward Weseman of th Leslie community of Wayne County is awaiting a calt to the service. While wailing, he decided to fly Lo Vancouver, B.C., and Lake a camper to-t.he ]\orthwesl T er rit aries where he and friends will use geiger counters looking for mineral deposits. Frozen and m u s keg bnd with many a k e" abounding in trout make up lhe region around the i\--1chenzie l1iver where the) arc camping. Many ac res of land owneyl by an uncle in that region are still unexplored. WEEK-END DOOR BUSTERS Y2 off Y2 off 2 for Sizes 6-18 V Boys Sport pats Y2 off,(/ nstant Credit atr LARSON Mns andba)s Sto...- d Sweaters l TRADE AGf Of Wf ALLOW PAY WASHER UP TO WAY 1-3 $70 LESS 3-.0_+--..:-4 WHEN >..,..,-:0:.-:::O--+-_-",,:,O_+---.-CC:-H YOU 10_or Mor. 40 Mod1,n opralong ond ",abl {ond,loon NO MONEY DOWN-EASY TERMS ANACN 1005 $169,95; $239,95i!, Reg, $239,9S PAY AS LTTLE AS No M".y Down-$ "!, -,-.: ",:M aent poisonng face. bot rural and urb.n P.P!. A though exact fllllr Are. not available, ft,,.sti ated 1,300 peopl. dl ee fromaccld.nlia pois ning. On. mllllon. nvo vea 1n posoning yoa and 200,000,""U. dlaa ling injury,o.tcf the ctlms ate Uot un der ana chilareninth "un er 51 age gro\lp.l. the lot... ;,., U!verslty of Nebr kl. Nor hea.t Station, s.pli sor g the meetlngsi(.; cus safe use and stcl1. " of p isonour, products Co mon y founa aroundt!l hom " ": Seeing,ORiee H.lp: T,e Om nha nler..1# boa d of the civil r,v! examiners has announci nnw l!xamination roi,8r ogr andtypistst\ t"st will be usea for \ job with the f.d. age cies n Nebraska alii Pol awattamie County, lli Ap ti<;nnls intercbt / worldng in Washinltf D.C., moy take the emj,lafting salnrie.s aro., to :J98 a monp,. Cllpl of the unnounc ent "a, avaf,hllbll f(om larg...p...o.i offi (S and trom, lil\ " rna la nteragency noar HOllll 1014, 215 N.,17th St., Omllhn, Nebr. 6810,,. \ 1, i, 6/7 CORQNADO Countess AUTOMATC i LAUNDRY TWNS Wayne, Nebraska.!":p"!!"u",!,,,?!! TRADE ; 6 PUSH-BUTTON WASHER, Delicate to denim laundry care! Nw cold! water cycle washes even "shrinkobles" sofe-! y! Permanent press cold rinse cycle, pre-i soak, infinite water level, ather extras! TRADE PAY AS LTTLE AS Washer Cash Price "-7l,.7 A favorite for many yearsl Proted. and loftel1s your skin: Relieves dry M.,nreaJy.10.5-oz " - :Plan Dental Workshop: Quarter illion A day.long dental work_.., shp is planned in lncoln PO lsons.ered flaily, Feb. 24, Since it "" rs lay people, sev- Flow many products for eral Wayne residents plan home use. are potentially to attend to learn more harmful n one, way or anabout fluoridation of water. otller? Ten? Fmeen? On. Sponsored by the Nebraska lundred? One Thousand? Dental session will Association, include a pro- the Your,e 1 closer! gram in the morning, panel Th.& American!edical AsdiSCUSSio.n in the afternoon 50cin.tion,es..p utes there. and dividing up into groups are a quarter of a mbllon on the basis of sizes o( products for)h me use that cties for further discus- arc potentiality.harmfu. SlOns of mutual problems. Mar gar t (\nn Stahly, Art Work Sho t n rea extenioh :l g C n t at.. wing a Concords ohheast Sta- College Tbls Week tion, is seltirlg a series of meetings, toj review the \n exhibition of art farm and Hod\( produds works,ranging from 15th that are dangeous.all res century woodcuts to con.. idents of the rea are intemrolar -prints will visit vited 1.0 at.to4 one of the the \\ ayne State campus sessions. : Thursd,ay and friday, 10! a.m. to 8 p.m. in the fine leelirigs lae scheduled -\rts Center. Feb. 7 ut :3P in the 1\( :\d the works ar for 1all, lartingtf.,o and 7:O sale, according to Richard in till courhoille, Wnyne;.esh of the WSC :art fac. Feb. A at!\olrlheast Staulty. Among them are or- tion, loncor, 1::1l1; find igina 1 lithographs, etch- Feb. ;1 al -irr Hall, Penings, woodcuts, lino-cuts der, l::w, lall, r":k t;raernsoli: n,,::10j seur:::;. lric s, hy thoe way, \genls sllcl1 ;10. agriculrange fr?m",lk to $:1,00. tural cht"mlicls incfefis( says the pblidty from tht:> number :on)foducls that l.ondon (raflca.\ ts De- arl dangerquj til man ano trait, man.1g r of th l\;. nnim.1l, \i$s tnh:l.\ points hibition. out. The prolilern (l acci- WELL ALLOW U TO $70*-OR MORE-FOR Y UR OLD WASHER WHEN YO TRADE ON, COUNTESS AUT MATC WASHER $ PUSH-BU TON DRYeR Save $20-get new ermonent press cyel.e. for no-wrinkle dry,in Four temperatures., tiondy outomatic sh toff,plus a 90 m.inute- timer. lighted dial, i terior light, too! 0 Else. Dryer".11l7,47 egi. $ Gas Drye, d-l1l7,47 eg. $199:95. " r, L

9 j Four: erks Serve Dixol,s Town Council.- i,,*1:>00 knoell resigned as rown erk at Dixon the pet w ek. The town s to b. s1v i until April by the lour own board members who ill handle the clerks dutie. Knbel!1 and his ramily hve rr;vedto Kansas. They leist thtr home recently in afir and decided to move to: te place where he is wrklng.. LoweU Saunders, Frank Tomasqn, J. C. McCaw and John:Ydung are town board menlbers, Rather than na mea replacement to e"yo ntil the municipal eection in April, they de.. clded to operate without a cler t" rtk has also been a tqwn bqard member. Tradi tionllly the Dixon clerk is named from lhe.cbuncil membrship So one of lhe board members afler the AprH election will be chosen clerk. Look what we found! ond item of equal value 0... avt..j.., Callere in the D. illan 1 home last Wednesday rere,mr. and Mrs. Richard Lor, enzen and Belinda, Ft. Calhoun, and Mr. and fs. Jim Linn and Te cy,, Laurel. Trio of ACcident t Reported in Way e Three accidents we e in.. vestigated by Wayne p lice the past week. One involves a hit-run case and the other two were attributed to ice. Two occurred Jan. 24. The first was at Third and Douglas. Mrs. Marion Titze, Wayne, stopped at a stop sign. Lyle G r 0 i e. Wayne, had chains on his car but still could not stop on the ice,andhis car stn,lck the stopped Titze vehicile. Datnage came to almost $3, to the Grone car, ae.. coding to Chief. of Poice, V3rn Fairchild, inves ligating officer. n the 900 block on Wal. nut the same -day, Stanley PECE GOODS AND NOT ONS 7.4 PRNTED LUNCHEON CLOTHS - osst.,i es5. First One Reg. Price - Second One 7 LADES FRENCH FLM BLOUSES Jl;irst One Reg, Price - Second One _ 4 NEEDLE CUSHON and THREAD CUTTE Fif"St One Reg. Price - Second One 22 CARDS - BUTTONS First One Reg. Price - Second On.. - Main Floor _ Thlrpe, drand sland, was driving a car owned by Earl Utesch, LeMa,rs, la. Thorpes car slid on. the ice, striking the parked car of Richard Braunger, Wayne. Chief Fairchild investigated.. Jan. 28 in the 200 block 01). West Thi rd a case was reported. A white car was seen leaving the Sgene arter going. left of centet while westbourid and striktrg the parked car of Keith Stingley, Plainview. Repot on the accident was made by Officer Keith Reed. Carroll Firemen Get Call to Stack Fire Carroll Rural Fire Department was summoned to the Merton Jones farm one mile south, and four miles west of Carroll Friday afternoon. A hay stack was on fire. The firemen, were unable to get the blaze out but stood by for a long period to douse the hay., There was smoldering flire and Borne smoke for ti longtime after the fi,e but periodic checks were made to see that the fire did not start up a gain. John W L (.l a m s dl.cov- \ ered the, lire a he was driving by. t was thought,jie flame,!3 had been burnmg fat some time prior to that as wood on the fence was burned UR. An electric [encer next to the stack was blamed for the fire. Carroll Bu,sinessman Overt,urns at Hoskins, A Car row businessman, Sam Zimmerman, operator of grocery stores in CarroB and Dixon, overturned in his truck north, of Hoskins on the former route o( Highway 35, now a county road, Tuesday o[ last week.". Z i m mer man, accompanied by Bob Chapman" Car roll, was northbound i when he came over the i crest of a hill and met a southbound truck. He swerved, skidded on ice and went o[ the road on SPORTSWEAR and DRESSfS.1 22 LADES SKRTS Shes First One Reg. Price - Second One 1 30 LAD ES APRONS, First One Reg Prce - Second One 6 LADES HOODED T-SHRTS, SJ:e small 1 1 First One Reg P>rlce - Second One _ 33 LAD ES BLOUSES, sizes J First One Reg. Price - Second One 2 SLiPOVER SWEATERS, "es First One Reg. Price - Second One 52 LADES COTTON DRESSES, Mlss_ Half sl.e First One Reg Pncl!t - Second One. 93 Ladles BETTER DRESSES, Jr MSS, Half size. First One Reg Price - Second One 9 Ladles CAR COATS and JACKETS, sizes 81". First One Reg Pnce - Second One - Main Floor -;- 91st Yecir - No. 42. the caat sid The trtick came to a stop atop a rence and on ts left side. Neither the driver nor the passenger was injured. The- driver of the other truck stopped, gave the two a i1ft to Carroll and went on his way. Zimmermans truckwas lightly damaged. One door was bent up somewhat and the "head,liner H on the em pt y t rue k box was damaged. A ljebraskasafe. ty Patrolman investigated. Winside Woman Falls, Suft"rs Brken Wrist Mrs. Richard Jugel, Winside, s u ff ere d a broken wrist Tuesday of last week when she feu on tee. She is now wearing a cast and will have t wear it for Thursday - Friday Saturday MEN and BOYS WEAR Wayne, N.braska 68787, Thursday, FebrUGTy 2, 1967 five or.x w k... She was enroute to town when she slipped on the glaze-like ice on the side.. walk between her place and the Herb, Peters hou She wa. able to get up and get to the Peters home and, they summoned 8 doctor. After x-raysl were taken, -it was found her right wrist was broken. The cast was put on her hand ex. tending from fingertips to the elbow. Mr8, Elsie Nelson stays -with Mrs. Jugel so she is not alone. He r son, Alfred Jugl, Laurel, came Saturday to be with hi., mother over the Weekend. CAL N YOUR WANT AD THE WAYNE HERALD Phone fter -nventory 3-day Blitz. BUY,firstitem atourlow, low everyday price and secless for only a nickel. Shop everydeparient. Many more,items that are not listed.,82 PARCBO-fS WA5H PANTS - 2 12 S,First Pair Reg. Price - S,econd Pair..-..-,_-_ Boys Lon Sleeve StflRTS. sizes 3-1,6 First One Reg. Price - S\cond One- 13 Mens Long Sleeve SHR:\TS, ant. sizes First One Reg. Price - Second One 7 Mens Short Sleeve SHRTS, asst. sizes First One Reg. Price - Second One 7 Boys Long Sleeve MATCHED SETS S First One Reg. Price - Second One 32 Boys OR LON SWEATERS, asst. sizes First One Reg. Price - Second One S Boys L. S. FLANNEL; SHRTS, asst, First One Reg. Price - Second One 41 Boys Long Sleeve KNT SHRTS, asst. siz.t!s First One Rg. Price - Second One. ACCESSORES 42 LAOES DCKEYS First One Reg. Price - Second One 13 LADES ASSORTED HATS First One Reg. Price - Second One 7 LADES ASSORTED HEAD SCARFS First Pair Reg, Price - SecOnd pair 119 Pro LADES LEATHER GLOVES.Asst.,First Pair Reg. Price - Second One S GOLD RUSH GARTERS CHLDRENS, WEAR First One Reg. Price - Second One 14 GRLS DRESSES - Sizes 3-6X 170 Pieces LAD ES COSTUME _J EWE RL Y First One Req. Price - Second One First One Reg. Price - Second One 7 CHLDRENS SNOW SUTS, sizes 1 3X 35 LADES ASSORTED PURSES First One Reg, Price - Second One First One Reg. Price - Second One 13 GRLS DRESSES sizes LADES CLNCHER BELTS First One Reg, Price - Second One First: One Reg. Price - Second One 108 CHLDREbS SWEATERS. asst, styles & sizes - Main Floor - First One Reg-, Price - Second One 52 Mens or Boys FACE MASKS LNGERE i:fstegopbrtc, _ Second One tese SC:C; ZAcond One 17 Pro LADES ANKLETS - Size GRLS BLOUSES, broken sizes irst One Reg. Pricr _ Second One First Pair Reg. Price - Second Pair First One Reg, Price - Second One 29 Boy:s WNTER CAPS, asst. sizes 32 Pair GRLS ANKLETS, Sizes 4 61/:: CHLDRENS P.J.s, size" 1 First One Reg. Price - Second One First Pair Reg. Price - Second Pair " First One Reg. Price - Second One 84 Mes WNTER CAPS, asst. sizes 5 17 Pair GRLS PETT PANTS, Sizes , 29 BABY BLANKET Reg. Price,_ Second One First Pair Reg. Price - Second Pair First One Reg. Price l - Second One 12 Pr,o MENS CHORE GLOVES 16 GRLS FLANEl NGHT SHRTS, Size P. Girls CORDUROY JEANS, sizes 3 6Xi 7.12 First air Reg. Price _ Second Pair,. First One Reg. Pirice _ Second One First Pair Reg. Price - Second Pair.... Budget Basement _ r=roi.?r;s ::ESLecJAp::S, Siles 4 12 Main Floo, - l,. HOME FURNSHNGS 26 LADES FLANNEL GOWNS, broken si s SHOES R Mens L. S. FLANNEL SHRTS, size small 5 First One Reg. Price - Second One 28 Pro Mens WASH PANTS, broken sizes First Pair Reg. Price - Second Pair 2 Pro Mens FLANNEL P.J.s, size D. fi,;t Pai, Reg. Pdce - Second Pa" 40 Pro BOYS P.J.s, asst. sizes First Pair Rg. Price - Se,cond pair First One Reg; Price - Secon One,21TH OW UGS - Asst. Sizes t.-s 39 LADES P;J:S, boken,i.os S ":wst Pair Reg. Price - Second One.... _.. au;;y S S:o:OOd:ele::novc:: f::e, ir;tl noe.sprice _ Second One _..._ 5 LAD ES CCf>TTON GOWNS, asst. sizes..,, First One Re91 Price Second One 7 TW1 FTTED SHEETS 21 air.ladief TXTUREO HOSE, 5izt! PAR LADES SHOES First cpne R;eg. Price - Second One, - Fst,Pair Regr Price - Second Pair First Reg. Pric - Second Pair..._.: r; _ Second One..._. h 5 Fi.rS ne R,eg. Price - Second One -.- y. 31.adjes NYLON SLEEPCOAT, sizes S &. First On. Re Pdce S do 24 PLiLADES P.J:s. asst_ S - econ ne 1 - Main Floor - First f:ir teg. Price _ Second Pair. _".:.._.... -_M_.;;; n;.;.f;,;loo.;.r_-_-_..., -l , ote.s,. Pro lr S P.J.s. asst. sizes SplORTSWEAR Fi"t air eg_ Prke - Second Pair.. FOUNDATONS BUDGET o!d DRESSES O"CO MEl-C BAGS, First epne Reg. Price - Second One _ :8;;;:eSiE o:::one :;AEs:::f:;s::n:s -5 if KpJ<_ Second One ---- Fist One Reg; Price - ""cond Dne _. One Reg. P;.e - Second Dne._.. _._-_.-. S THS Ladies GRDLES. si:r.1;- Large Y SO Pair LADES SuACKS, broken sizes 9 TE RY TABLECLO asst., First One Reg Price _ Second One... First Pair Reg. Prie - Second P.air First ne Reg. Price - Second One,.. _ 16 L d, LONG L.lNE BRAS b ok. 73 Ladies. HOUSe PRESSES, reg. and half...s.ize 56 Pair GRLS ANKLETS, asst. $ins Firs:0;:: Regt Price _ Second Onefl! size First One Reg. Prie - Second One.. _ First rair Reg. Price - Second Pair..._..._ 5 Ladies SPOT BREFS, med. Sa large One Grou,p - Ladies SKRTS, broken sizes 13 TWin Siz, MATTRElSS COVERS first One egf Price - Second One first One Reg. Prie - Second One..._._.! First One k. Price - Second One _ Main Floor Budget Basement _ - Budget Basement - Widbreak Plan for Farms to Be OHered Windreak plalldin for farms iil area countl can be worked out at SoiCon. servation Service 0 ices, accorlng to C. W.[Yost, work unit conservatoni,t. Farm rs should cant chhe offices in Wayne, (udar, Dixon, Thurston 9f any eounty in Whic : r they t Application b la n [or tree s cnn be sec4 cd offices of county gents or ASCS. Cos t h r i n g plans are P.Vllilllblet Yost points out ht a recent study s h a e d a farm "home protect d! by a win db rea k on th :north could be heated [olr, 22.9 per cent less than One ex:.. posed to wind. A ho(nc protected on three sidles mny gain savings as igh as 30 per cent. Dairymen, stock feeders and breeders find reduced feed bills result [rolm wind.. breaks. A group of 18G liv_e.. stock feeders camel up with an annual savings bf more than $800, 62 lvestock br-eeders s a v e d i $500 a year and 53dairymnsaed over $600, a year. i 1 you are intee sled, contact the ASCS,: the SfS or the counly agen in your county. Group Seeks, to Pay for. Art W. Sisma T u D.lta,WlC honorary, sponeor n two-night.h wins of" Ulh.t of the Pho nix" F.b.a and 15 at t e Oay Theat,. n an euo t to1 earn th,. romalnlng monjy n... to pay 10 r 0 nowbus til John Nelhar t. Mamb. a will e.-" tickets. n a vance two s.t. urday., re. 4 and F.b., at tho Wayn.Batlk St 0 r e. T ey wtll.atll money only on licket sa_ made n ad ance. The bus was made_ b1. William C rdlner, naw at Co 1.0 r a d State CoU"; Oreeley. is to be on display al Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha thi. spring an then wn. h. brought to he WSC camp... [or perman nt di. play.., Cast n bronze, il will be one en ry in Ue.contennial arl ont.est and show at Joslyn. t, is completed but additi nul funclf,j aro needed to ay for thcwork. One Cast Comes Off; AnotherJcast Put 011 One me rn be r of the My. ron Deck family,-.osldns, losl a CjlS recently. Ana.. ther mem Jer of lhe family had a cast put on lnstweek. First Fire Call of lugh ". kip" Beck broke a leg playing football lust Year to Studet Car summer 4nd had t.o wear Wayne Volunte!er Fire a cast frfm hi! chest to Department, ansered its his ankle nul a few weeks first fire call of ilhe year ago. Last eel< his brother, W_ednesday -evenig of last Doug, ncq irej a need for week. A car ohed by a n cast. Wayne State Col!lege stu.. Doug, f eshmnn at W\fl!o. dent was afire. side ligh School and on i. The car was prkednear of the e ding scorer. Qn.i MelQdee Lanes wflen smoke the res r v e basketbtui was noticed. The alarm, su fered a br,qk(l; was sounded but lpy the time hand Mon ay of last wee;, the fire trucks i could get there the owner! and fire- ; t:n itoot:wii.: men living in thr area had the fire out. broke his leil hand in two places. David Steinaur, Water.. His han wasputtnaca.t 100 is owner aithe vehicle. from pal to elbow. n ad.. Th fire, of un4etermined dition, th cast ej:tes n origin, buj:"ned th ((ont an arc to encase the,lddl.l seat of the car. finger, H wlu have t the cast or. several weeks k and will e unable to play Dent a Heat W ee basketball. the rest..of this Being Mark,d Locally W;oe Man Will Hel Childrens Dfntal Health Y. P We?k is bein obseved Deveo GirlsCa... natonally and ocally Feb. r, Trying fo d thir Richar Lesh, W ayl\" utmost to save! teeth while State Co lege staff memthe saving il) asy are the er, is member o[ the dentists of wae. committee planning- de-wtl. mportance f aily den- opment f Camp Crosuid tal care is hetfeatre. Arrows long, he Elkha:,.l More than 80,. QO -dentists River n ar N 1 C k e r son.,of the Americap Dental As.. Roberl P ter.s, Oaklnd,,i. ociation Wil take part. Wayne denti ts are urg- Chairrrta!Of the seven"man committ e. ing these poi ts o[ care: The d velopment of the rush teeth after eat 130.acre.tact is projected mg-even snac s; Cl,.lt down over a p flod ofhveyears. on s wee t sec a y cau- Tents a d platforms for sers; have rular (dental 128 Girl "couls,din.inghfl.ll, carej and drin fluoridated all.. wea her troop ho.,ll l!j/e water-since ayne water and cam office and a swi is not fluorida.,ed, dt.ntists mingpo are in th.e,pla.. n.. İ::,. cad recomm nd fluoride This summer the -camp treatments an denwrices will get ten 12 by 14 tent. containing fluoride. and pa f9rms, a new unit Parents wht have_ thei wash she-ter and,t.elj chi d r e n obr"erv these porary showers. A pr_ml: rules may fi*d they can tive es ablished camp will benefit from better care be held June l8-30 for 64 tpo. ts, a wek dntists girls ad a tro.op e.ncamp;.., feel should e observed ment J ly is plann.d 52 times a yer rather for gir 5 in the 19 countl than just once serve. Dont Miss The Ot.\ef Great Buys! me Early! Shop nl :OO P.M. Thursday Drawing at 8 P.M. Thursday

10 z T Wayne (Nebr.) Newspper of 60 Years Ag What life in Carroll Area A copy i of The Carroll ndex, the 133rd ssue of ts. seventh y,ar, was brought in the past week by Tom Roberts 01 the W",yoe Coun. ty ASCS flice. The paper gives an insight into what life in Garroll was like 60 years.go. Dated \0., 190,7, the paper wa an eigh publicatior, four page s completer "boiler plate," two page mostly llpatent" and the. e m a i n i Dig two pages strictly local. CarrJ markets in eluded thse prices:, Oats 10/, ; harley 60/, ; eggs 14 ; henb $9; con1 47 ; hutter 19; hogs $5; wheat 90 ; and ax $1.02. L 0 c a i ad-yertisejtb included: Williams & Son, painters Jed paperhangers; John Shaqnon, catye buyer; Pirst Nat,onal Bank of Carroll, E. R. Gurney president; Caholl Stock sale} Pavilion; Wm. B. Hornby 81. Co., ftilrs and supplies; SaunderSfEstrand Elevator Co., hags. coal and grain; Fred Ko ster, optician at the drug store;. Bredemeyer & Tracht The Ger!an Store, cloth... ing; J.. Melick & Son, u m b e f:; Ora Stephens, i ve r Y and fee d barn; \oester iprugco. (Dautsche Apothekei); Beebe & John_ son, clohing and produce; Drs. jtexley & Lovic, over First National Bank, residenc, phone, office phone i Richard Closson (editor),: attorney at law; Carroll!Dray Line (Fred flobinsoj); W.. Belford Dar he Shop; Trautwein Bros., (:ity Meat Market (f res h : s a t and cured meats); land Merchans State Bark, Winside. Advertisements on the inside pges were "plate" and incl1ded Lydia E. Pinkham s Vegetable Com.. pound; F:letchers Castoria; Sl..Tacqbs Oil for pain); W. L. Dquglas Shoes ($3 and $ he b est in the world); iearters Little L i ve r Pills; Mica Axle G rea s e; Dodds Kidney \ Pills; Or. T. Felix Gaurauds <Priental Cream or Mag i c 6. 1 Beautifier (re.. moves! tan, pimples f r e c k lie s, moth patches:,rash, kin diseases and every bemish on beauty); ibuy your idurable metal farm buildings, and efficient grain! storage and drying equip/11ent while products and, construction labor are available. BUTLER offerp you special winter price through your fran chised Agri Builder. NOW is the time to take ad vantge 0, the best farm buy youll find during 1961, Financing Available! and Putnam adjese U:ree. Jokes ins id,e included these two: " dry couldnt take that outi gtrlpwlthout her husband :Why not?" "All her wal ts buttondown the back." Mr, Subbu s..,:so you got rid of, the girl at last. Mrs.\Subbub -Yee;sheleft a few minu es- ago. Mr. Subbubs- uhl. She certainly took er own time. Mrs. Subbub -Yes,andour time, too. Th parlor clock is gone. National lews i"ncluded these items: A bill to in.. crease the pensions of all widows of civil war veterans no drawing $8 per month o.r les to $12 per month ill be introduced in the en,ate by Sen. McCumber of North Dakota. Oklahoma iu be admit. ted to the United States Nov. 16; Sio City market prices were beeves $5..6 and top hogs 5.50; the crew of a ship that set sail!101m! Philadelphia fot the Philippines around outh America is thought 0 have been eaten by c llqibals near Terra del F ego where the ve sse t gr unded; about 1,500 peopl in Kartagh, Russia, were buried be.. neath a mou ainthat shook loos e during n earth.guake. Nebraska ews included: Corn has y eled as high as 50 bush s per acre with the ave age 40; wheat has yielde s high as 53 bushels 0. land and.76 bushels on 1 rigated land; a Springfie d farm home worth $2,00 burned and a Sarpy Count barn full of 50 tons of hay and all implements blilrned with loss estimaed at $5,000. Following lare some Car.. roll items a written: M-rs. a e 0 r g e Yiaryan accom.. panied by a 1UB1ber of little folks of the Busy Bee Society explored the capital of the county lastsaturdayi Misses lia and Ella Buck are e joying a vaca.. tion. Their schools were dismissed st Friday for a m 0 nth uri n g corn picking; }.. William J fryan speaks at the opera house at Wayne ton i g h t. hie gentleman from Platt country stili has a lonin desire to become a P},es. ident of this fair land; The waifl :supper given Monday nig t at the AOUW Hall by the boys of the Methodist Siunday School was a grand! success in every way.1 The receipts of the everting were $26. The boys hd some money in the trealsljry and with the procee of the supper will proba ly have more than half of he money need. ed to build t eir class room at the churdh; A sheet and pillow case party was given last eve.. ning at the Chas. Beebe home by a numbe r of young ladies; Tuesday morning at his home in the settlement, five miles west and two south, William Hamer met with a serious accident. While he was hitching his team, one of the animals kiced him iterrificly in the ribs. The result was two fraeture9 ribs and in.. ternal injuries; Reader ad: Just received a carload of ttlack coal. You had better get a load B(Mf, 9 now while we, have it, for ;., e:"a;:isc;aroll Lumber : n" Along wth: this paper, i ". Roberts brfluht in a copy O. lox 356 of an article tellng of the B ol:)servance! of the goth an... Qttle Creek, Nebr. niversary observance at :iii;iiiiiiiiii;;...:se:en;e;w:s:p:aper- pg. 5 if",". ut i S. ac: c:» z o :z: v z =... ṉ : Q) "0 ụ.. c:a:....2 Q) :::a iii : o a. " Q) Cll: o Z - l - Ụ... o Q <: %... n o V c:.! n.0 :c C"ol.. tit..-.;; :c " CJ U o - " 11 -= otit -.:iii 3:: > c:.. - > CJ :E.5 c: -= n CJ..-.;; -= c:.0; t; o :c -.. tit ::e. - :::s &D Ct :::s C7 >-C., n c:._ o \ -m "... : : O; 111 Z C(... : U 1. "ij " i

11 !:.!l-g.al_ PUC!t!" n tho:n: t::tcounty, N.bruk., n tlu, mathr or the u.te of L T:lU:<:;:c:t brnlklli to nil con_ collned: h.o! i.s;: rn.l ::,ih::t t:t:: chltflrmlmtton o! hlllr.hl. nhe,lt.ncl 1.&,.., fll and commlu!onl, dlltrlbu. UOD- of.tah and..ppr:t!v.. 1 or final t;:o:rld 11lh. :rtehewwd o! ;:tu;j g::d!: r97 DuldJ. n.. mer t County Judie (SuB Ch.rlll E. MrO.rrnott. ",",orney [EG PUBLCATPii! N;:ftof i::r;.ff Settlement of ACflount. County Court 01 W..yne County, Nil. bulka. l!::t of C.. radoc 11. Mo,r":M, De. The il.te of N.bra,k.., to.11 can crned Nollce, hueby rjven lh..t peuu<lin M btl"n fl.df"rfln"\fu.mentherellil, d..te,mlnelioo or htllr5hlp, lohetll."ce ttxu. fus Bnd cominlulonl, dltrlbij. ocnolj[ aoat;i.cfl,,:;p:: il:lns h" htlarlng (n th(8 o urt on rebrua" 14, 1lf,7, a oclock, P.M. kllt... erl th.. lth day of Janu.ry tlf" D,VldJ. lal, C""oty Judie (S... ("hario, Mdle,mott, ahorney j2,;t3 Us. The WaYine Herald Want Ads...AL PUBLCATON Notle. Of frobah n thl! (ounty Court of Wlyn tounty. l:ebruk. n the htt., or the E.tllte 0 lc1tman tutt,o,c.ulld. The Stlte of Nebr.ukll, to 1111 can cuned: otlce e hlj;,by elvn that pllt!uon hn bun flied for thll prob.!c th.\\l.nd the nut Codicil thullt of, tlld d.ceaud and for the appol tment of N.lll1 LuU...cutriJl, whl h will be for hnrlni,n thl.,court on,fl!bru-ry 10, 1161,.t 10;00 oclock..m OlVldJ. lmer, (ount l Judge j2m3 Notlee 10 Creditors St.teOfN.brukal )S..lnth.Countytourt C aunt) Of Wya. eeclh. th11::i:d f; C:i1t::: _10 pr...nt claim, P.t lb...ute of Dou, a.eknlr, d.c.ed, to the County Juet,:. of Wayne Count" N... bruka,.t. M. ortlce n..d county for ex.mln.uoo. pprovl11. thn.lmoh..m rebrury 23rd, 1961,.nd t.[t uld County Judi. will.t at the ounty Court Room n uld County on if y 29, 1961,.t 10:00 oclock A,M., to elmlne, r,.10w 1.04.dJut c:"lt.n Dd, bjlctlonl duly flied. Oded J.nuary 23, jseal) DuldJ, H.mer, W.yne Co. Judll LEGAL PUBLCATON j26t3 Notice of l..rlnlof Pell\lon For Fln.1 Settlement 01 ",ccount. pounty Court 01 WlYoe County, Ne. bre.k.. et.. te 01 Ernnt Elder, Otlcu"d. The Slate 01 Ntlb,.,kll. lo all con tetned: ha a:: ;le rn:1 1 ::rt ttlfht d.erminatlon of heluhfp,, t..., leu.nd commissions, dhtrlbutlon of ulaltl.nd appro...11 of n.1,ccounl.nd dlschule, which wlll be for hurln; n thh court on Febru.ry 10, 1967 t 3:30 odock, P.M. F.nttlred thle 18th d.y 01 JanuarY 1%7. Dlvld J. Hamer, Couaty JlJll (Sull Addiaon & ddi<on, Altorney, Will You Be 1in THS PCUltE? We Hope sol Because 0 0 o! This Week YOU May Be The Lucky Winner f $ UGAL PU!lLCATON Notice at Probata n the COWlty Court of W.yne CoWlltT. Nebr ka.". J" ldh. mathr of the ;ah.ttl of Carl R. Ellerm..r. D.c...d., The St.te or,, to.. 11 c. CUtled: bulka. :::hni f:f11t,.:::: The Steh of N.bra,ka. to.. e<loo cern.d: Notice hsuby riven thlt petlthlld :144;,f:d f:rott:poim of Oeo"e r. Hofe1dt Executor thereot. ;:;1t ff:6d,tl:cckout::: D...ld J. Hamer, COWlty Judl(f S-all ChuJ.. E. McDermott,.ttoroey LEGAL PUBLCATON Notice. hereby rlnn that all clsimll.,alnlt uld..tate mu.t be lled on or b.fore the 4th dly of M-Y, or blll forever b.rred,.nd th.t hurlnl 01 claim be h.ld n tl)h court on February 3, 1961 t 2 oelock P.M. 100 on M.y 5, l61.t 2 oclock, P.M. -" D...ld 1. H.. mer. County Judie jut3 LEGAL PUBLCATPN NOTler. Couny Courl 01 Wayne rrnunty :--;... brllk., Eltate of JQmes J. Steele),DeceBed. The state of 1<ebruka, to all conctlrned: Notice hereby given that a petition h.s been fl,led for a determh,ationolany nherltanctl tak due n the mlsuer of the estate of James J. Steele, dec"ased, :;ewwthbed:roenrainyth:6ou: 2,00 oclock P.M. " (5) David J. Hamer, LEGAL PUBLCATON t: Meefb[h:i;;:b:t o rh:r. of uld dec sad.nd for the l!lpointmet.thlhlj (t ieh:, li\lct: on FebrulUY ,.t :OOodock.,. [S Da ldj, flamer. County J. S.. j26 LEGAL PUBLCATlPN Notice 01 Probate or Will Couoty Court of Wayne CoUllty, N" Notice To Credltou n ths County Court of Wsyne County N.bruka. 10 the M.tter 01 the Eatate of Emmli W. Denbeck, O.ce.eed. c.::d:st.t. 01 N.bruka. to.. eoo.j Addison & Addion, Attorne:lJnty Judge 12 Offer Farmers Guide Area farmers can get a 1967 edition of te Farm. ers Tax Guide tree from county extension agents o-r from the internal revenue S e r vic e. Federal Office lilullding, 15th & Dodge, Omaha. Written in plain language, the book shows what records a farmer should keep and important federl tax dates to rememfer. A sample of a completed tax return with entti s is a popular fea!"" ture. The book is especialr96ei lurns 1:pca: 8 go d tax ref ere n c e thro hout the year. WARM SUNSHNE booms down on told days. ami "Hermon: the three.year-old dog of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Schnoor, Carroll, takes,advantoge of it by sleeping in the window of t,he " (j L Bar. He Wos waking up_just s his picture was being taken. SPUTHWEST Wakefield by Mrs. Lawrenc. R" Phon, The Merle lling family and Mr. and Mrs. Bud Erlandson and children were supper guests Sunday in the Mel Fischer home. The birthdays of Ronnie Ring and Mrs. Erlandson were celebrated. To observe Martin \olmbergs birthday Saturday visitors in the home! were Mr. and Mrs. ReubenGoldberg, Mr. arid Mrs. Thure Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Christiansen, Mrs. Leda Holmberg and Mrs. Clara Nelson. For Mary Boeckenhauer s bi rthday Saturday, overnight gu e st s Friday were Cheryl Meyer, Kathleen Fischer, Joyce Yiken and Kaye Dolph. n the John Boeckenhauer home for dinner Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hansen, Oakland, a nd Mr. and Mrs. Dean Boeckenhauer. Eve- NOTiCE To The Quallfled School ltlctor. and Lesal Voterl 01 School Dialtlct No. 7 a nd Sehool Dletrlct No. 25 n 9he County of W.yne, St.te of NbrP.5ka. You ere hreby notllhd that MEL YN WLSON and BERTHA WLSON, Fruholders of thtl lollowlng d,,!scribed real property in School Oiatrh::t No. 7 of LEGAL._-_. PU-BLlC-liTON Wayne County, Nebraska,,ha...e filed M - petition to trender Slid property to_wit: THE SOUTHWEST QUAfER {SW\( Wllyne County Proceedlnlll 1pSEJNTgvFf2)N: :E /: 15lWAEy3J C ciuntthy ning visitors were Mrs. A,lice Boeckenhauer, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Boecken ahuer and Tim, Mr., and Mrs. Paul Fischer, and the Lyle and Dean Boeck. enhauers. ( Mary Ring, Omaha, visited Thursda:r to Sunday with hel: parenh, the Lawrence Rings. i Sunday a:-tternood, members of th Jim Gustafson family helped Donna Grosc eel e bra te her birthday. o the r s :w ere, at Harold F i s c her S for Richards birthday. Mrs. Marvin Felt - and daughters were in Sioux City Saturday where Sharon appeared on the lot e ens Talk Up" program on Channel9. Last Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. Art Longe and Mr. andmrs. Ric h a r d Lund were supper guests in the Emil,.und home. Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Longe and the Emil Lunds were at Concord visiting in the.a Rubeck home. The Longes will leave Feb. 3 for Africa for a two.. ::::yn;,r; be;;",t::t:.oloo:;gmte::deu::::j:h.r::. NEBRASKA. The County Treasurers quarterly fee report W! examined and appro...ed. g::t:,lecr:,dljtrho lt7ia::; Have you read an good window stickers tely?,. Browse to yourh t content atthe Buick Val iecarnivat i i f you clre in a participating W nt s._re at SlOO p.m. Thur.Sday and youj drawn. You win even if your name is t clra because Wayne stores are loaded with, bargainso $10.00 CONSOLATON GFT F YOU ARE NOT PRESENT WHEN YOUR NAME S DRAWN. 1 w a: t n:n: ia : r:;:e:b;yp::\:t:t ltuahd,and have petitioned that t be ing end administering an area...ocational-technical school referred to ae the attaehedito School Dletrlct No. 25 in the Northeast Nebraska Area YocationalTllehnlcalSchool and requested thll St.te County 0 Wllyne, Sh,te of Nebraska, the Board of VcatlOnal Ed,;,catlon to include WayneCounty, Nebraeka,,all a pllrt of the hearing,n the petition will be held on area n whch an eleetlon will be conducted so that the lldoreh of la!d Couoty the 16th dly of F.llbruary, 967, at 11:00 may have the opportunity to vote thereon. oclock A.M.,,at the Wayne;CountyCourt.,O"fi"d". bond of Owen Jenkins.1.ll1ilnt county A.tellor wj...amined and Houltl n Wlynll. Nebra,ka.i u. Gladys M. P rtel, The following claims were atldlted ajid allowtld. W.rrots sre to )e ready for County Supe lo.ttlndent Of dhtributlon Febr. 2, ncome Wayne CqpnYi;N:tlbr" i - "7::TSt- Jan. Bl.lary, caeh adv.. ::: 1.40 Servall Towel &. Linen, Dec. lervlctl. Otlorg" Stolz, J,..n. 8lary. Roy Da.vis, eame.. : N.F. Weibls, ume Mulan Perry, same Ortlt.. Morris, same..., Don Wightman, Aasociated ns. & rn"ll8t., Bonds. Leona B.hde, Jan. salary.. Juleentl Milltlr, 5/1me... Oeraldlne Gilbert, ume.... Lorreine Johnson, Clerical work. bora Laughlin, same.... Leona Bahdtl, Co. Treas., Potage. Postmatllr, Stamps... Redfield & Co. nc., Supplies.... Burroughs Corp., Maintenance contract.. John T. Breuler, Jr.; Jan. salary. David J. HSffillr, ume (J.R ). Luv.llrna Hilton, Jan. salary... Cheryl Ltlssmann, Clerical...ork.. Don Weible, Salary, mlleage, poltagll, etc. S. C. Thompson, same. _... Nebr. Prison ndushlf,s, New table.,.. GlsdysM. Porhr,S.lary, mileage. pod_gil, tltc.. Ml,xine Kr.em.. er, Jan. sal.ry.... Merlin BelermllDn, Bulb..... Hammond & Stephens Co. Supplies.. Selenee Reee.rch Asaoc., s.mtl.. M. A. Brittain, Bond Donald R. Reed, J.n. s.lary.. Helga Nedergaard, 8me...., Bevin R. Bump, Annual Attorney duea... Henry Arp, S.lary, mllsllgtl, luppllel,. Doris stipp, Ja.n. ulary. ar Commerce Clearing Houae, Supplies... Co. A,sessors ASP., Harold ngalls, Jan. slllary " Bl!tty F. Scheel, ssmtl Dept. of nformation, POlltage & eupplies.. Norfolk Office Equip., Suppllee. Unlv. Extenllion Div., Univ. of Ntlbr. 4._H Club Act. same. Corysll Auto Co., Malol;tlna.nce of tlquip. Agr!. Extension Setvlce, Aua Agents. Nebr. A8SO.Ext. Boards, j%.nnual dues. Chr.letl.n E. Barghob, Salary, pt.age, mdeage Brlckers, nc., Supplies..... ". Emil Steffen, Jan. salary United Chemical Co. Supplies. Peoples N.tur.1 Gas, Ou..., C. A. Bard, Regitrars : Co u;n.,; im p;ovement runj Peoples Nat. G.s, Gas.t new jail.... SwsnsonRadio& TV, Movll rdio tower etc.. County Administration Fund -j Ethel Martelle, Jan. 81lary \e:t::,z,p:; ad iieie.:.. : \ NW Bell TeC. Co., Dec. service. County Relief Fund Etta Meyer, Rent.nd fuel.... Bethph..gtl Mission, Care of client.... Mrs. Dorothy Stauffer, Care of client.. Public Asaist,nce, Transfer.01 lunds....., County Road Fund Harold C"Sho[n. Ro.d work Lonni Heneg r, same Robert eneg r,,ume. f Robert Nissen, same " Ed Skeahan.. me. 25,40 ::: ZS?ltc", Supplin Peoples.tur1 GaS Ou bill. First Natlonall A.tency insurance.. Beach HUrlbe, Road work. Orle M Hurl rt, same C.rl Janssen me Richard Jansllen, me Slanl,,) J Mo ru, Sam" Ted Winterstein, same Central Supp( Co Supphes.. {7.;:.t:lE! ii;;::;:i,i..,. i::. Marvin Donn" Road work..... Emti Hank. s me,.... ::r: :ee:...: : : : : : : : Emil Swanson sam. Hnman M. B own Co. Rep.irs Centr1 suppco., SuppHes t SchmOde Wei e, Battery N Tri-County N Co-oP. Supplies. ele...., l 50*. Sec. 8.80!, , ? , fO 14.9S Bllue U , _ " JO ,.00 :t.j::j A:esln::: :.::::: Noxfoaa Weed CODtrol,t.-t t:: ai=::aj:!::..: : : : : : 31.90f 17:ii 3U John H. Owed;,: Salary , w. A. Thoma.,Salary, la.55 Coryell Auto 0., Gu.,....,.. \ 27_66 COUe-tg..CO:S Store, Supplies..j 6.29 NW Bell Tele. Co Dee. "ervie _\, llu 00 motion, scconded,bysurber,the meetmr, ". c F.r:. _7_,,J.1. i!. ". J 0,:t::i,1:n,T:trL:i7:" vlolt with their daulhter. Mary Beth alld -.:" NSURANCE. EQUTABLE LFE ASSURANCE SOCETY OF THE UNTED STATES KETH JECH, C.LU. il Logan, W8YJe NSURANCE BONDS To Fit All Your Needs n Reliable Companies State National Bank Paone Main Northwestern Mutual Life represented by JERRY.A Bast: and ASSOCATES,i12 West 2nd Professional Bldg or Res FNANCE Tha Wayne NoM He.old, Thu.sdoy, family (tbe Dan Malloysi. were dinner gu.t Sullda) were Oto Sundjlylnthe Mr. snd Mr Dave n the Lyle Merw Kline hoelnobo Cdha!"be.. TJ1hu"ctohn,vlelt- home...ervan e of the holte.. e D t ḣ home Sunday e m afternoon ambe.. Mr. and Mri.. 0 e nn. blrthd. YO.R 1St ur de RY. N,w, onnotwok TV ho:, who you or. hom. e,nloy.hoj. ; More d. light for rlcr..tlon. Mor. d. illght to complete n.e... ry outdoo,chor. Shndud [itrnsportitlon schedule,. Contlnu turlsm growth, Uniform tude.. hou,s with n l n,l firm KEEP NEBASKA N STEP WTH THE i Rdt OF THE NA ON :, Business and [Prole sional DRECO WAYNE CTY dffcals, Mrw. A. KJber City Treasurer.:... Leslie W. Ellis!_ City Clerk - Dan Sherry._ City Attorney - : John V. Addison Councilmen - :i::ith t...:. :t:,.-. Wilmer Ma:rra: ) Jack Kingston \ be Ler l.. : WAYNE COUNTY OFFCALS Assessor: Henry Arp =-- ARMACST i Clerk: Norris Weible Judge: 1--+"-t-=-:-1:"-=- David J. Hamer Sheriff: Don Weible..._, Deputy: S. C. Thompson... : Supt.: Gladys Porter Treasurer: Leona Bahde Clerk of District Court: John T. Bressler :-:-::::-:-::-:---:-c:-=lf- Agricultural Agent: Harold ngall..,...,l =+:.;..::.;..:..:l--=1_ Assistance Director: Mrs Ethel Martelle Attorney: Don - Reed. _ Veterans ServiceOffier: Chris Bargbolz -l75-z/64 Commissioners: Dist. 1 Jobn Surber Dist. 2..+_..G<Oorge Stolz Dis! ROY Davis District Probation c:!..:.. William Eynon SERVCE., WAYNE,.. ---c:"bt:= MOTOR EXRRESS Locall &. Long Distalule ljaunng Livestock and Grain ward:=lvt:ries Phone 375-Z/2s or Nights 315-3B45 AL;MS;tC Dependable nsurance POLCE -. : r FRE Call _-+_-_--_i FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS HOSpiTAL SEW G MACH,NE. Phone Dean C. Pierson Agency 1 1 Tie tke Plumbig< We.t 3rd Wayne Heati g & Applidnce$ Farmers ns. Group All Your nsurance Needs FAST - FAR - FjUENDLY CLAM SERVCE CHRS E. BARGHOLZ Phone Wayne Willis Johnson, agent STATE FARM NS. CO. AUTO - LFE - FRE Prompt, Personal Service 1 mt North of Wayne on Hy. 15 Office:, Res.: 375-1ll65 TRANGLE FNANCE Pesanal - Machinery an,d Automobile Loans Phnne 375-l W. 2nd Catlson..nd so swaredln_ Mre ClaonaWetedtw.. aftar sttending adult Bible nar guests Su dsy n the n Sio x City lot supper c- class din n e r at Salem 0 01 h S Sundsy n tha BraleyPaw- Church. Mrs. Lillian Bow_ C:y son.. me,oux ling h me with hor daulh: ers, Norfolk, was gusst S. walterlchlnij re. te", re. Sherman Naih.peaker and showed sudes turned Satu day after alld Sh ryl. 01 her trip to the Holy dl kith th W.P Land. (f.en ng a we we. nsl e.. uft.i...s Pose. Mrs. Cliff unsons eilrhodeslmlly,ash_ FOd f p" bi r t h day wasl calabratad land. Tha Chhis santsun_ rl a or chlres F rid a y alta.noon when day in the Chate. Keyser Plct res 01 Win.d(jHr.. home. ladies 01 the neighborhood Friday evening,the Nell School and Wlnsle ra e visited her and served co- S r School pupil. will be taken operative lunch. andhls and -;ellvyn Sore Friday Feb, 3. Pte-school Sunday, Joe Johnson and ensens joined la group of chlldr. Can also be pho. 26 relatives at a surprise tha Kermit Johnson family house warming for the Har. tograp ed that day from 2 wera dinner guests in the ris Soren.ens, Wayne, and to 4 p..... Jack Kreuger home, Win Ther will be nollttln, side, in observance of to celebrate h s birthday. charge (or plct.urea.! Saturday, 1.1 and Mrs. Bobs birthday. Harold Olson and Janice Packet 01 pictures maybe Sunday afternoon, the_dr_ went to Manka 0, Kan., to purch. ed for $2.50. ville Larsons joined Mr. Any ne ntere.tedlnhav_ anei Mrs. Fred Lundin and visit in the Rev Mike Hlne. ng pi tures taken of pre. granddaughters, Nancy and home. They re urned Sun- school children should call Heidi Carlson and Mrs. day evening. the Be 001 or contact_ Ma;ry Reuben Holm and the Ber. Mr. and r., Carl Hans n, Thtl til Larson family in the Seburg and 1.1 and Mrs. ollar s open to all rol. Maleolm Jensen home, Clayton. l<i e" Omaha. dents fth area. i Ernerson, to celebrate Can.. r-";:-;o"i:ii"m=-:=::::;;;:;;;;,.;;;":::;;;;::::::_--- dac:rtdison returned home (rom the hospital last Monday, M.s. Reuben Golberg returned Thursday evening from a stay in the DiCk Eckley home, Sioux City. " The Bud Erlandsons re c e i v e d W 0 r d", that the tornado which struck Orick l Mo., near Kansas Citydur.. ing the week demolished a number of buildings on the Dean Frye home at ne. r-by Buckner. Mrs. Fry.e, the (ormer Marian Erlandson, writes that it struck without warning but luckily the house sustained ;. little damage. Contact your] State Senator t inform him Michael Ring and Mr.. " and Mrs. Curtis Ring" Lin,of your inte st in this Unifor Time Ac. coin, spent several days NEBRASKA CMMTTeE ON TME UNFORMTY 1, at Phil Rings. Harry P!ek, Nort Platte- Owlg t Hultm.n, Omh.1 Mr. and Mrs. Arlan Ch.irmln Seer.tar Hansen and Brian, Orikland.L.. :::;::::::.r--- +.:::=z.....,, First National Bank NVESTMENTS SAVNGS NSURANCE i COMMERCAL BANKNG Pono Wayoo y r0 AMlt CAN STANDARD< GE ERAL ELECTRC Wayn/ Nel1.

12 4 Tho Woyne Nebr.1 HeralJ, Thursday, F hr, 2, 1967 DXON tne Mrs. Sterling Barg - Phbne :! is Farm Bureau Meets and :family wer l kuests Friday! evening itl>.e William, Wed n e s d ay afte"rnoon Dixon County Far m Bureau Waller home tq help the board met at the ollice in hoss observe heir wed. Allen. Plans were. made lor ding anniversary. a countywide membership Vf!rn Nob e; Martins.. d r i v o. All member5hip burg, was a Hlner guest worker were encouraged :2 in the+fr ed Mattes to attend 18 multi-county pancake sulper at the Laurel auditorum Feb. 1. Next meeting will bo Feb. 22. Society - Card Party Held Friday evening Emil and Amanda Schutte entertained a group of neighbors at a card party. The group played 10.point pitch. At. tending were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schutte, Mr. and Mrs. fo:lmer Schutte, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schutte, Mr. and Mrs. Myr,on Dirks, Mr. and Mrs. NervVell Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. William Pen lerick and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Spath. \ssocialion La Meet Ladies Cemetery Assaciation will meel. f eb. R at. p.m. at Dixon Methodist church. vr,w Auxiliary to Meet VFW,\uxiliary will meet. at t.he post horne in Laurel r,eb. 2. The meeting will begin at B p.m. /" rid a y evening Joelyn Noe enterta ined a group of friends and classmates at an ice skatfng party. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Johnw son and Bernir,a were guests Thursday evening in the r:ph Johnson horne, Wakefield, to help thehosless olserve her birthday. Mrs. Ernest Lehner returned from nes Moines, Friday where he had atlended funeral services for her brother. Mr. and Mrs. j-red "Vol_ and Lloyd, \h. and Mrs. Howard Pauben, M r. and Mrs. Clifford Ciuinn and Vr. and Mrs. Paul Bose Supper gues sllast::atur.. day in tlie Lo eji Saunders home were RoberfMitchell. San! Antonio, and Mr: and Mr. Stanley Mitchell,,: Laurel. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hud- dleston and family and Mr. and Mrs,. Dudley Blatchford and David were dinner guests Sunday in the Harold George home to help the.. host observe his birthday. Churches Methodist Church {Jesse A. Withee, pastor) :iunday, Feb. 5: Worship, 9:,l() a.rn,; Sunday school, 10}fr<,day, Feb. _l: WS. St. l\ nnes ( atholic Church (.John (. Hizza, past.or),":ialurday,,eb. 4: Grade s c h a 0 religion classes, (J:,10 a.m.; confesions, 7:HJ-R:,1() p.m.,":iunday, Feb. :i: Mass, H a.rn. Monday Feb. 4.: High shool religion class, (;:30 p.rn. Tuesday, Feb. 7: Allar Society. Thursday, Feb. 2 \ FW A u x ii a r y, Post Home, Laurel Friday, Feb..1 (ub Scouts Tuesday, Feb. 7 Sl, Annes Altar Society Wednesday, Feb. 8 L C A, Dixon Methodist Church, 2 p.m. Thursday, Feb._ 9, Methodist W,1CS. :vir. and Mrs..arry Lubberstedt and, family, Mr. and Mrs. Gec!Hge Lippolt and Mr. nnd Mrs. Milford Hoe be r and family we r e ests Wednesday evening the Jay Matta. hom to olp the hdsts observe their anniversary. Mr. alld Mrs. Ke.nny Kock and Bons, Fremont, were guests last weekend in the J. L. Saunders home. Sunday alterno,onmr. and Mrs, Etnest Knoell attend. ed a g a de nweddlng anniversary open house hon. oring Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clausen, Fremont. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Macklem and Steven were visitors Sunday afternoon inthe Duane McCallum home. Sioux Citt. Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tomason and Mr. and Mrs., LeHoy Creamer attended funeral services at South Creek for William Breslin. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Quist were guests Sunday afternoon in the Mrs. Hazel Bruggeman home, Laurel, to help the hostess observe her birthday. Honi Meyer, Lincoln, spent several days in the John D. 1eyer home. Mr. and 1rs. Mynard a n sen and sons, Sioux City, we r e guests last",,,:eekend in the Larl Evers home. Mr. and t\-l rs. Gordon lansen and family, Sioux Cit.y, were guests Sunday afternoon in the Soren Han.. sen horne. Alwin Anderson wa,c, admilted LQ \\ <:lyne hospital Thursday for t.reatment of injuries suffered in n fall on the ice Tuesday. Sgt. Torn Carvin left \Vednesday f.or Myrtle Beach, s..c., where he will be stationed un til mid March when he will leave for a years service in Vietnam.,. Monday Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Saunders, l\hs. Jack Westerman and Mr. and Mrs. Lowell,-iaunders attended funeral c;ervices in Yankt.on for (larence Backman. Mr. and \-1r5. Ernest \noe11 were dinner guests Sunday in the Boyd Knoell home, Omaha. Mrs. Velma J7rans spent lasl weekend visiting rela_. Lives at Osmond. Mr. and Mrs.!enry McCaw and family, Hal_ Limited Time\ Offer You SaVe Hundreds 01 Dollas on a Cuckler arm Building r= F YOU KE DELVERY Now :1 son,}and Mr. a. Mrs. J. C. McCaw wore gueats Sunda n the Dck Heaton home AUen, toeelebrat.e Todd brthday. Mr and Mrs. Duane Whiter and famllywerevlsltors Sunday afternoon in the <ileorge White home, Martllneburg. Mrs. Lorene Benton and childen, South Sioux City, were overnight guests Friday n the Fred Mattes home Sun.,daY Mr.a!d Ms. 1;:1. mer Hattlg. and Sillly and Mr...rid Mre; Don.0l1ey and Darlene. were - dinner guests n the. Gary Oxley ham,creghton; Mr: and Mrs. Tom Park. and daughtera; Sioux City, were dinner gullsts Sunday n tha Earl letereonljome. Mr. and Mrs. Garold Jewen were visitors Sunday evening in the Mrs.. Felix Patefleld home, Cole. ridge.. GETTNG OFF a,hot lor Win-ide a9aint Allen wa,. Mark Witt. Nine of the ten players,on the court were grouped, to get her in this octipn. Winside light suits players left to right are Kirk Troutman, Don Longe, Witt and Bob Jackson, Allen ployers are Mike Roeber, John Abts, Charles Geiger, Bob Anderson and Kevin Hill. WNSDE NEWS Gladys Reichert - Phone Mrs. Glen Miller, Mrs. Hartley SmiLh and Mrs. Raymond C h r i s ten sen, Hartington and Mr. and Mrs. John Surber, Wayne, were guests in the Mrs. Herman Rasmussen home Sunday. Churches St. Pauls Ev. Luth.eran Church " ii. M. Hilpert, pastor) Friday, Feb. 3: Adult membership class, 10 a.m. Office hours, 7-9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4: Satur_ day church school and canfirmalion instructions, 1 3:15 p.m.; Sunday school and Bible class teachers, 7-9. Sunday, Feb. 5: Sunday school and Bible classes;, 9:30 a.m.; Worship serv ice, 10:20. Wednesday, Feb. 8: Lent: en service, 7:30 p.m. Theophilus Church A. D. Weage, pastorl Sunday, Feb. 5: Sunday school, 9:30 a.m.; worship service, 10:30. Methodist Chur,ch (E. John Kess, pastor) Sunday, Feb. 5: Sunday school, 10 a.m.; worshi,p service, 11. Trinity Lutheran Church H.F. Otto Mueller, pastorl Thursday, Feb. 2: Junior Choir, 4 p.m.; Third yetr confirmation class, 4:15. J FridaY. Feb. 3, Secand Mrs. Lenor Bragg. OUX rs. Pote.:Vallarson a.._ year canflrmatlon cla.s, ( City., f mlly, Mr.and Mr E&;, p.m.. Vistors,friday the n stl 0 t k, Lrel. aillt. SuRday, Feb. 5: Sunday ErVlnWlttl horns lot Mr. lady-s Fark, Sioux. Clb-..., schaol, 10 a,m,: worship Wittler. lblrthd.aywere ere guests Sundayillthl,;, servlca, 11. Mr. and M $. Melvl Shu- ermlt Fork ham.,. BatU Wednesday, Feb. 8, feldt and 1cjdd and lrold c eek. b., n hanor,r., LCW, 2 p.m. Wittler, N,falk, a1 Mr. a d Mrs.. Fork"w.;" and Mrs. Murray lelcy, ding annlvero:ilry sndjr.. ;. / -Thursday Eldred Smith Duan. and YojlUam. r. lorks blthday""(1) underwe.nt spinal surgery Mr. and ;!>irs. Wesley Mr. and rs; B.a../.... RuebeckiMr. and Mrs. lurlbert, Mr. and. M,.r Cl Hale a Mrs. AlJgusta John Rees and lainhy. :.!:,Beckner a Loren were r. and Mrs" Ed Walf,ra:!!j{;. guests Frl y nnd Marga apont the we.lif, the Otto Ko,," home lor the nd n Lincoln n honor/ot, birthday 01 rs. Koch. rs. Jim Hurlbert s gra"" Dinner gests Sunday n ation Saturday.. i," at St. Jasephs haspltal,. Soux City. Mr. and Mr.. Ray Roland, Chester, spent Sund ay with his parente, Mr. and Mr. A. R. Roland. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Weible and sons. Omaha. were weekend guests 01 Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Weible. W. N. Wagner, SG, who underwent major surgery n the Methodist Hospital n Sioux City, Jan. 9, has returned home. Carroll Mrs. Edward Oswald Phone GST Meets GST met Saturday lor a cooperative supper at the Robert Johnson home. Prizes wer Vlon by Merlin Kenny, Erwin Morris, Mrs. Lynn Roberts and Mrs. Erwin Mo,rris. Feb. 18 meeting will be at the Merlin Kenny home. Card Club Meets Country Card Club met Saturday in the Allan Frahm home. Prizes were Won by Mr. and Mrs. George Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Wittler, Mrs. John llamm and Edwal Rob. erts. Feb. 11 meeting will be in the John Hamm home. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ekberg and family, Homer were Sunday guests in the Harry HoHeldt hom. Mr. and Mrs. Holfeldtweeinner guests Sunday in! the Ray Spahr home, Dixon. Mrs. Wesley Rubeckwas a guest last week of Mrs. Elizabeth Christensen and the Clalr!>wanson home d V", 0 for Mavis ;!birthday were ues oy Sltlngy Mr. son, and. TomMs. nd Lewis Allan John- Prlt, or 50" e"lJrity: chard, Noolk, Mr. nnd i Tuesday is the,day a Mrs. Leoni*rd Pritcha,rd, ocial Socurity re.pr8sen.. Doreen Prlthard, Lincoln, ttivo will visit Wayne. \\ i i a m i$wanson, Gary obert SWlln of tho. Ndr- Munson, r. and Mrs. [< office will be nth., Clarence M1(hris and Patty. \ ayne Counly Courthouso Dinner g)jjesls Sunday in rom 1 to 3, p.rn.."fb:-7... the Edwar1 Oswald home ThoRe wishing to make for the bihhdllys of Mr. l ppointment.s at any time Oswald and! Mrs. Eugene llny do so by, writing the Nettleton i,ere Mr. llnd <fficc at Hox RlH, Norfolk. Mrs. E. NllltOeton, Tammy, ljowcvur, no appointment Teresa and :Brenda, Wakefield, Mr... d Mrs. Donald ts n<"fcssary for.intoj-.views. \ ct.wc(n 1 and :\. Nett.leton,}3oornfield, Mr. Swan poinb; out that the and Mrs. FOirrest Nellieton cd, white and blue Modiand Mr. and Mrs. Erwin are curd is the "kayl! to! Oswald and ternan, \\ aync. rot.ectior:\ and should- be Mr. and Mrs. Clarence arricd llt. all LinH> s, e".. V 0 w i e:r [were wetkend.,. iccially \vhen going 1.0 the guests intheiallan\olwiler (oclor or hopitl\l. Anyone home, Vernillion. osing one should -notify Mr. and Mrs. -:dward til( Norf91k,-:SA office lt Fork and fmily, Mr. and nce ! WNSDE STATE BANK;, Winsid. Nebr... i O ERN, /0 GUARANTEED ON YOUR SAVNGS Membe F.D..C. - Oeposi s rtsured Up To 515,000!WESLEYAN REVVAL Pldee: _.h / YOUll be needing a nei: farm building any lime n he ear fulure, il will pay you 10 order now, take delivery now" and gel he big savings n our TON Spec/al., Heres the Building You Get Clear-span steel main frames. Girts and pur/ins of seasoned dimension lumber. Roofing of white Color-Seal steel panels. Siding of Color-Seal, choice of 8 colors. One sliing door, plus trim, hardware, everything you need for th basic building above the foundation. o Any?uilding longer if you wish, in multiples of 14, at same TON savings. MB.rhart UMB!EACO 105 Main Wayne : Phone i!, Optional Extras: We can supply what ever else you need to specialize your basic Cuckler building f?r the use you have in mind., *You must order before Ma.rch 31. and take delivery at -manufacturers can. venience (nolaler than April 301. <iiive. us a call, now! Let u quote the iqn building you need or will be needing. RNANClNG AVAllAiBLE slno"e... MercmpMarquis olfrs more.udlrpt Ore stg 18 -wif,,a mans.kind of pe!mans! od!ce o;e --.iiitii. The Mercu arqujs is the ki!1 d seats. super:qu.let fult;a.luxurious of the nd of car you need" to (/ of car,y- man promises himself streamventlabod \ hi is ust tameth wideopenwern ace.s. 1 asttl:li!,,.street.,wne :..,.. ;Wi::d;:iiL,

13 fz a ụ Z ::;) C > 0 m >- A. 0 1M A... " [ ii The Woyne Nebr. fierold. Thu"doy. Newspaper + (continu("< (n;)m Pt, Carroll. This, wlll! bo tho subjoet ql an artl9l,o n a!oru.e\oming issue 01 Tho He.. d. i Wayne Natie in Opera Star irole Lorraine Morri. Oibb. daughtar 01 Mr. alid Mrs. Stanlay Morris. W+yne, is t6 hn va ODe of th loud roles in an opera.!gianni Schicci." to be prented Feb. 1.4 by the UnM"sity of Nebraska Theatire,nod the music departrjlont 011 tha school. Mrs. Oibb will ly the female lead, Laurtta. Gi. anni Schicci will b played by Dale cclel1a, Lincoln. The opera is on of two to be presented a,ch of the four eve n n g6,. The other opera, "Hitaj" stars Sally Ar.enson, navle, and Gary Lamb, AllianC:8. Both operas arj under tha direction of illchard Grace and John Zdi of the NU music faculty.! Reser.. vations for the proquclions may be made at the!theatr e box offica. 12th &! l. Lincoln. Youth Groups funds Aid Needy of World J 0 h n Tollaksoni, adult sponsor for the senor high c h u r c h youth grioups of Wayne that raised, money for C A[l E a Thansgiving time, has teceivd word from CARE offic!ials indicating the money! went to many_ countries to aid needy. The officials pu( $114 into food crusade packages to fighl chronic i hunger; placed $OO in school supplies to further education in developing countries; added $50 (or emergency. distribution to ref u gee s in South Vietnam (where over 700,000 have been left homeless); a nd provided $50 for medical aid Lo needy through M F:DCO. Costa Rica received money for a village library -package through CARE and a physical education kitj Si,erra Leone, ndia, Korea and Ecuador received food crusade packages; and Af_ ghanistan received a class kit and class equipment. n all, the young people from several of the Wayne churches voluntarily raised $314 for CARE.. They had some choice in how and where their donated money would be used and CARF: reported back,to give them an idea of how far their money would go and how many countries would bene.. fit. Annual oncord Stag SCheduljd Thursday Flr OV r... lh:e ronco.rtl lirtl ) lilt hat! huon lohhng..,cbslag. This YOllr it -ifi.h:h.,d.. uled Thurfday Foh. 2, at 7:30 p.m. lin the Firellall, lost,lng lnlfo the woo hours 01 r ob. 31 Tho n 0ln 6 y-rq1slngpr jeel is. lhf mnln 80ureo ot lunds lor he VFD, Tickets ara being sold by mombe.. but may be purcha.od at the door lso. Wives (r tho lremenare to prepa e tho lood ",th firemen oing the 1Ulna. Lunch, c rdb, games and olho r e tertainmont are provided with no limlt on the amo ant eaton or, the time spe t at the alfair. Set Swie Confer.qte Nabraska, South Dakote and owa swine produce,.,1 will meet at n hi-state swine-coferencefeb. 7 at t!,a Sioux, City Auditorium. ;;tarting t 10, the program will incqldo D. Ptlnel ds.. cuss!?n vn "Sow Feedng and M a n gl!l m ent During Oesttion," D talk on "Pig Staters" by Or,. Leo LUCDS. fu, talks on BOW feeding [ esenrch, saving baby pigs, scour treatment., sanitatiol and other {ea.. tures. A, all-day sossion is planne. Y;lnl()n il()s JlWt,l r1l(:h:t f lime. Cllwlit,. Jl1ilt n H(rVe yllll far lnh"cr. AJldthll,rll(1ll H Yill1ktn Silo s your whwst i\...t:=,;:-a -f 1,l::rd},,l t 1,-- """ "011pltl" dljll. on la"""wh"la\,.d,. d,\,1.1",, - llj","",-j,, L "-._-1 0 Z ::E: c( " U >- D E C Cl> po Cl c D =.5 Co> >- >- r2 a a... ::: ::z: 0.$ Cl> D....;:... a.;;...c; i :l. :i Ci -...,; - -,Q co 0 :> a., :> 0 Cl>.,;, "iii..2!.:i..a l: llc a:l " -::t (;) 8 n,q Cl "i N 0 ce Cl C c -<t "... o CU h--= : CU =.. CD... a E..c: :::. o E..c: o o Ẹ.... a o....c: ". - CU""C 3:,:;:..... f 0 a- :E _.- 0 vcu... a ;,:E...:-g» c: c:.:=. - o o >- acu -m J " 1M... n 1895, a group of Nebraskans had a use a better) r!-ebraska for t.he future, They formed n organization called AkSarBen for the purpose of pursuing that goal. There were 554 or:iginal me bers. Today Ak-Sar-Ben boasts a membership 0 over 40,000 person,s located in all 50 ates and veral foreign ub:fft:fw8 tn t ea r many worthwhile, charitable activities f Ak-SarBe ;thjiatilfl $OOO;: o/h;" it was in 1895.) And that $10.00 and yo r help can do so much good for ebras. Merribersh p also entitles a couple t.o participate n the man CUltural and entertaining exents which Ak-rBen brings: to the Omaha area ar;.hually.,join Ak5ar-Ben in the interest of a better Nebraska for the future 00 t1 today., v,,""" GE/lEW. cjmcu: MMOTt lltlf,..,.,.."... i

14 Winside Has One of While Romping to Defeat vvinsidf"s \\ ildcat" ud one of thlif bl)tter nights Friday in overcorning an out-manned but never->a \-_ uie.-\llen Lagle 71 :l:l on the WS COtlF..\1_ letl gained some salj"hclion in a \icjofy in the reserve gamf. Conch Dan (ahillrhargad have only throe a!les and two O[ three lou rnam, nt.s to go. The) ill (,hit...;t.anlon nvil-aliona\ week, go t,o lartinglotl (edar (allwlic Feb. 7, to lprlinhrtol ligh Feb. ]() ajld close at horne o.gainst qhcrson-llllhbard Feb. 17. The dist rid lnd state tour. ntlments follow. Friday n i g h t a a in R t!s, \\inc>idf PVt[ tbilcd. t was r;-l(l after c:ne qll;t rt e r al the plf ;lnd {;)-!"l going into t1e final stanza. Both coa cjhes sulsl-ihdcd fnely hc fnal period. i :\t. one point in the secqocl quarter \\ inside ted : :lnd then out.scored tjhe visilrs 1:)- 1 to move to a,1)-2 t lead. :\llencame back with J surge of its Own in the third quarter. 1rrailing (;7-:33, the Blue flnd Gold ra lier! to out. $core Wins ide 1)-:.z and FARM LOANS ong Term-Low Cost No Penalty for Payment in Advance e No Fees or Commissions Federal LAND BANK Association BEN THORNTON, Managet 109 South Second Street Norfolk, Nebraska Phone Bette Nights of Allen ]Juller! up Lo in (;J-4K fie it. Leading rebvunder orthe evening was 1l1ens Mike 1{(Jeber who pljlled the ball down 20 l i1e s. Dennis.chlines had,dale Jack_ son 7,.Jim E, lis and Bob \nderson 3, Jphn Abt.s and (harles Geigr 2 and Da_ vid Abts and evin Hill 1.,or \\ insid,\eith Krueger h:ld 15 re ounds. Randy,Jacobsen tad 10, Reed Wackr 7, DJn Longe and 11.ob :Wacker ), Dave Witt 4, hlrk Trou man 3, Mark \\ itt.,and Bo Dangberg 2 and :4;cott Duefing 1. Allen st e the ball four times, Jackson get Ling :2 and Hcpeber 3. nd An_ derson 1 e"ch. Schlins had 2 as isls and Hoebr, Jackson, D. iabts and Anderson) apielce. For \\ insiqe there were 1:1 steal.", Dapgberg having 1, Jacobsen, D. Witt and l. Wacker 21and Krueger, B. Wacker, Troutman and Bob Jackson 1. \rueger had (; assis, D. Witt 5,!)allgberg:1, p. Wackerand.onge 2 and F. Wacke"! and Troutman 1. Leading skorer in the was Hj \\ acker with fori \Vinside. Jim wa" t{ps for Allen with 21.,acbbsen had 1, hruegpr 121 and n. Witt-. 11 for the \}ildcats. Hoe_ ber poured hrollgh 15 for the j:agles. Jim Ellis hit 1 of l final and Mike Hlwber hit- of,q, to help the \h (,\lde. n the res1r\e \1- :,t; i )ll.l dwkt a _7 tie a fee; one quarterl and,\s "led t(;-! 1 :d hajtime. \\ inside tr:liled 1-2( going into t.he fin:ll periodl :wd tr:lilej as llluch as 11 points in thjt quarte r. hirk froutman led.all scorers with 13 for \VS. \eith \\ :lcker and:bob Jack_ son had,j each, Bob Far.. ran 4, Fritz \\eible and Jeffrey 2 and Bob \\ acker 1. Charles Geiger paled.\llen with U. John \bts hustled through 9, Rob Anderson 7, Rick Hank, David Geiger 3,e,-Carol Knoell 2 and Bruce Trube 1. Knoell had 11 rebounds for Allen, C. Geigefl 8, Bob Meyer 6, Roger Lan. ler 4, Hank 3, J. Abts, Trube and D. Geiger 2 and Dennis Geiger, Tom Maggart and Bill Sachal,l 1. J. Abts stole the ball 3 times, Anderson 2,and Trube and Knoell 1. Da_ vid Geiger.nd J. Abts had 2 assists and Ander Son and Knoell 1. For Winside, Bob Farran led in rebounds with, 8. K. Wacker had 7, n. Wacker 5, K. Troutman and G. Troutman 3, Weible and Jeffrey 2 and.jackson and T err y Cleveland 1. Jackson and Troutman each stole the ball 2 time5 and K. Wacker Wacker Weible, f{. and Farran each had 1 as:sist. Fol 0 win g is the, box score of the varsity game: Winside fg ft f pts R. Jacobsen D. Witt Winside Tourney Pairings Given Winsides wrestlers lost the varsity competition to \\ akefield Monday of last week The \\-inside reserves defeated the visitors 18-ln. Coach G:1fY \lindt will take the \\ inside grapplers to Niobrara Feb. 4.. to Neligh Feb. 7 and to the District Class C_D meet at Milford Feb n varsit\ compelition, these were-the results against Wakefield: David Lehman Wa pinned Steph Carlson in the 95-pound 6 he Wayne Nebr. lerold, Thursday, Feb,. 2, " Q_o... S:P 0 Rfs K. Wacker 1 B. Dangberg 2 K. Troutman 0 K. Krueger 5 R. Wacker 1.1 D. Longe 2 1.Witt 0 A. Wacker 1 Tota O _ _ 0 0 0_ G Allen fg rt f pts K,llill o o. 1 0 J. Llis G g D. Schlines M. Hoeber 4, D. Jack"on 2 -t- G 0 8 B. Anderson 11 J. ) 1 0 D.lbt, C. Geiger 1 O Total JOHN ABTS, smallest player an the caurt, had the hall far Allen in the game agolnst Winside, Teammates include Mike Roeber and Charles Geiger _ Kirk Troutman 1221 and Bob Jackson ore the Winside players shown class; Wakefield forfeited t.o Mike Jaeger in the 103 lb. class; \\-alter frank Wa pinned!job Meyer, 112; Winside forfeited to Merlin Ot.te, 120: Jack Gustaf. The annual \V inside nvit.alional freshman-sopho_ son Wa pinned Roger Alle_ more bas k e t b a tournament is to be held Mon Wa pinned Rich Duering, mann, 127; Joel Gustafson day, Wednesday and Thurs_ 133; Loren Sievers Wi de day, Feb. 13, S and G. Pairings were announced cis ion e d Rich Driskell. 138; Charles Holm Wa pinned Lorence Johnson, thi;nweei7;til t1eal1l could not 145 be tined up :"0 \V inside was Lester Grose \Va pinned given a first-round bye. n Danny Jaeger, 154; Bah games Monday, Wakefield M c Qui s tan Wa pinned meets Norfolk Catholic at R 0 g e r Deck, 165; Glen G, Ponca plays "arlington Johnson \Va pinned Roy Cedar Catholic at 7 30 and Wagner, 180; and Randy Ua rtington ridge at ). Cole_ Brudigan Wi pirmed Dennis Pus, heavyweight. Semi-final games are at n reserve competition, 7 Jnd R::30 Wednesday. rin Dennis Swanson Wi pinned. als will be pla\"ed Thurs_ Merlin OtJe, 133; Neil day WiUl the \\ ednesday rogren Wi pinned Dick night. losers playing for 10hnson, 138;.Jack Christen consolation at and the sen Wi pinned Ken championship itt at 8:10. Everingham, 14:>; Handall \-Vinside High Schools \\ Johnson \Vi decisioned Club is <,p()nsoringthe four_ David Wilkerson, 154; namenl to raisp funds for Denny hohl Wa pinned Lee a new electric scoreboard Traubvein, Go; and Bill for the fool.b,111 field. Details Mattes \\a pinned,a r r y on the tournament will Sievers, 180. be given in [lext we.eks paper. Winside Wrestlrs Lose to Wakefield Wayne Boys Club Has Own Betterment Plan Meeting Tuesday night of last wee k, members of Wayne Rays Club outlined some ambitious plan:s for making the youth center a better place. With (i5 full members, the club aims to drop some whose dues are not paid by Feb. 2. ;\ pool table will be added to the senter facilities if the boys have their way. They plan to hold a teenage dance to raise funds needed to purchase the table. The)! also want to pay for having the "gun machine" fixed. Three campouts for three age groups are planned. One will be for those in sixth grade and Under, another for seventh and eighth grades and the third for ninth grade and up. The) will be held in March, April and May. ntramural league basketball is scheduled following the end of school cage seasons. A new plan for making games more even would cut the margin of lead in half after two quarters in each gamefor instance, a team leading by 10" points would have its lead cut to 5 points at halftimes. Winners of the league will play all-stars from the other teams at the end of the season, B,Ccording to Director Hank Overin.. Read arid Use The Wayne Herald Want Ads Allen Mr.. K_ Llnaf.ter Pho Wrangler Club Meets Wrangler \.H club held their third meeting at the Ric h a r d Chapman home with 14 members present. Dennis Hogan is the newest member. More members are welcome to join. Rope halters were made and plans (or a project tour we r e discussed. Claves will be t.gged in April b) leade r, F ranci 5 Plueger. Next meeting will be Feb. 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the Nor. ris "E m r.r home. i:ancy Chapman, reporter. ELF Club Meels ELF club met Friday with r-.lrs. l\orris Emry. New officers are presi.. dent, Mrs. Gaylen Jackson; vice president, Mrs. Allen Trube; secretary, Mrs. A, Winkler and trea surer, trs. Larry Lanser. Chairman appointee!.1 r ( reading,- r-. rs. Duane; music, Mrs. Bill hjer; publicity, Mrs. \en Linafeter and hospitalily, Mrs. Bill Snyder. The lesson on handieraft was presented by Mrs. l.arry Lan_ ser and Mrs. flill Snyder. Mrs. Gaylen Jackson received a door prize. February meeting will be wilh Mrs. Keit,h lill. Mr. and r-..lrs. Larry Aeherof, Sioux Center, a., were callers Sunrlay in the Ken Linafelter home. ( erne t. e r \ \ s soc i a... tion will meet f,eb. : with Mrs. Ezra Christensen. Mr. and Mrs. Jac k!v1itchell returned t.o ;\len Tuesday from a two.month til tia. Seethe.t:(:P, RCAVictor s 1: Value (:"4: Man during RCAVictor Value Days ThlARTR"... RCA"\HCTOilMw Jfsta COLOR TV 24,OOO-volt chasss, for picture power G1ore proof retangular RCA H,-L,te Color Tube, New Vista VHF, Solid Stole UHF 1uners RCA Automatic Color "cancels" magnetic distortions $399 9 :..h,e THRFT PRCED STEREO COMBO RCA VCTOR TOTAL SOUND SOLO STATE STEREO j:::srfut;l; :t8 20_watt peak power Solid State amplifier Studiomatic 4-speed Feather Action Ton. Arm, 1lop overstyli Solid State rm-am.nd F" Slereoradlo.separate bass. treble. compensated Joudnes.s. torc9 tllilno,on\ro5 trip vlsltl!\g their son and family, MajQr and Mu. Gene Mltchelli"Honolulu, Hawa. Enloute home they spent 4 \\leek n Los An. geles withmra. Mitchens niece, Mrs. Bob Gosman. They als spont several days in Omaha with their daughters" Mrs. Everett Roberts.nd Mrs, Albert.potter and their rami lies. Mr. nnd Mr ClairSchu_ bert and Mr. and Mrs. Del. be rt Linafelter.ttended the funeral of Frank Linafelter Saturday at Wagner, S.D. Bill Mitchell, Cairmont, Cali!., spnt severnl days in the Jack Mitchell homc and attened the luner.1 01 his uncle, Dill Bresslin Thursday at Ponca. G u est s, F r1day in the Mrs. Emil Rodgers home to help her tellebrnle her birthday were Mrs. Carrie Pet.ers, Mrs. Jack Mitchell, Mrs. Ernest :ktnrk, Mrs. \\" i mer Berljstead, Mrs. Jewell hillion,!donna Beck_ enhauer, Mrs.Aliee Steele and trs. Paul Fischer. Leslie by Mrs., Geol"ue BUlkirk Ph., Farm Fans MeC! Far m Fans (\ub met Thursd.1Y at the Haber! Hansen horne for a no-host dinner. Secret "is-ter" were revealed with a gift exchange. Guests were lrs. \\ ilbur Ulecht and Mrs. a r 0 ld Sch:roedff. Mrs. henncth Thoms(11 will be hostess in Fe,bruan. r\-1r. and N:lrs. \\ a t ( r Burhoop, Mr. and Mrs. David Burho(p and Laurie, Jerry, Sandra and Steven Burhoap, fbncrofl, 1\h. and Mrs. Ed \rusernark, liary 125 "l. n. pl!:t-e., "Sweet 16"/18,OOO-voft chassis (design overage). Super Power Grid VHF Solid State UHF tuner Stay-set volume ;OOtro and Brenda. Mr, add Mu.. Del yd Meyer,.: Junlo K. leen, Mr. 1,0 s lansen and Mlchu.1 an Mr, and Mr..EDi Ta now attended a blrthda pa ty for Brlan Samullo Sa rdny..:) nita Schneckloth a.n friend, Donna. N,n S ney, Mon,. tuel." nu sea in Omaha, and Hen ry Dokemper spent Friel. at he RobertHans,enhilme. r, and Mrs. LeRil Hammer and David! a Mrs. Eldor lenlll! an (amlly, Mr. and Mrs E er Bargholz and.fam i, Mr. and Mrs,1 Lyl H mmer of Norfolk, Mr an Mr.s, Willard Hammer M. and Mrs. Witrner Sull de man, Thurston, andmr an Mr. raul Henschk an family were guesq Fr:[ da nt the LeRoy Haminer home in observance of th ee bi rthday... J Mr. nd Mrs, Joe Wlleo. w re.t Norfolk Sunday to v sit with ehas. Wilson and h r: daughter from Hudson Hppe, C.nnda. i M;. nd Mr. Dall Dolp6 a d "ynolle returned Tueso! h d!y fr_om California wherei, 1 ey.tlended the wedlnlll : o Jerry DoFph. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Long attended tho celebration 0-_ tftr. and Mrs. Lawrence;: ielson and Mr-. and Mr8 \, ilford Weddingfeldt atthli Legion Hall, Pender,,F!l"..:: ny for their 25th wedding,nniv( rsarics. T h (l Hol(rt Q. os en..oub Jlanskn, rlif or.,;:.. ake rand!ed l\ru8ear amilies anj Mr. and Mrlsf;; Vilbue Utecht atlended tht lirlhrlay observanc:e Q )can Meyer Friday. rjffi, THS CERTFES ;THAT... j HAS ECEVED A SPECAL SALES ALLOWA,NCE OF FFTY DO_LW) TOWARDS THE El!RCHASE OF AN RCA VCTO,R CbLOR TV CONSOLE MODEL ::::: _ _.:... SERAL,:;t,. DATE.... ::E ::,: :fi:;,...:""". $50.TASL.. MOOLS OR HO." N ERTANMNT $.50 CENTERS NOT NCL OED, THS OFFER EXPRES FURUAR. 11, f961 \11lilfti1lli1iffitlmfn!ltJ11111ffi1iffirnW iwllmu1jt THS lis THE OPPORTUNTY YOU E BEEN W AlTlJllG FOR! Now during RC!A ViCTOR "Value Y" ju.t prelo"t thi* certificate to your Jocal RCA VCT R daaler,and receive SO,OO towards the purchase of any RCA ViCTOR Con,ole Color TV. 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15 WltrTGS 8--G, FEB UARY, THE WAYNE. HERALD 9111 Yeo saleaynes -- No, 42 WAYNE, NEBRASKA 6a1s7, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY HOM&OWNED 2, 1967 SKio. 3- Pogo at FRESH LEAN pdrk STEAK Lb. Lb. ttll. Hight to. _ Prices rtcl"tjvo redncntn), leb. 1 lhru FCb., j ORK SWFTS PREMUM 1 b 491- All Meat Skinless FRANKS c Y Lb 51 pkg. Lb.. P. PNEAPPLE-GRAPEFRUT GREEN V STYLE 9"", p k.--"-"-o-el-m OiiiN-TE-S EA SO N-E-O"SL-C-EO-O----S-l- OEL MONTE a,n or n BLUE LAKE CUT 303", u 4;z. BEANS cans OEL MONTE $1 UNPEELED HAVES 4 Tomatoes --;sii.;;;,,:[::.;;;iia"lat;,enig;hh;""itorawina;;;ut,.s!:iy!iiiil:ti:iii:jmi" or Peas : fo., $200 YELLOW 5 z $1 APRCOTS cans :::T 4!:1 :::rauht6"" 3O1 -.::..:...-= r--- ot Spinae DEL MONTE CRUSHEO 0 SLCEO. PNEAPPLE Size cans 59 SPRNG, RAN,, Box BATH 1Y2-lb. V SOFT Reg.79c TANeLOS AVOCADOS 5_lb 49 Lse 10 Sack Ea. ---,

16 , MRS. JAYCEES served chili Thursday night. Bob are on the left. The Jahnsoo Among the families were the Jim Keatings and to right} includes Mrs. Johnson, the Bob Johnsons. Mr. and Mrs:...:..K:.:e:..a.:.:ti.:.:nga:..:D::d:..+M:..r_._J.:.:o_h"ns-:o_n_a_n-:d:-C-;ra--:i..:g= --;-_-=----;;= Mrs. Jaycees Serve The ayne ebr Herald. Thursday, Febr. 2, 1967 Dinner to Hundreds Several hundred people turned out for the, chili supper served Thursday by the Wayne Mrs. Jaycees at the W 0 mans ( 1u b Rooms. Cooks and servers were kept busy from 5p.rn. until 9. The line started forming early and did not give out completely until well after 8. Many came in after that hour. Mrs. ii. e it h 1:llis was Ghairman for the projecl. Most of the members of the organization he 1p e d prepare, serve, clear or wash. The money thy earned will be used on varilus chapter projects. Eight Nursing Homes Caring for Veterans Eight nursing homes in Northeast Nebraska are approved for care of veterans formerly housed in the VA Hospitals, according to Chris Bargholz, Wayne County veterans service officer. The eight are at West Poi nt, Tekamah, Wausa, Hartington, South Sioux City, Pierce, Schuyler and Columbus. Others a little more distant from here are also approved. Under a new V A policy, veterans chronically ill can be transfer red from the VA hospitals to nursing homes. The plan is expected to make available VA facilities for an additional 1.37 million bed day,<;. VA hospitals, once used as homes for the chronieally ill, are now llsed :::is treatment centers for acute phases of illness. Long_ term supportive treatment and rehabilitation are increasingly carried on through an out-patient basis while patients resume their no r m a pattern of com- munity living,td the e disabilities will-permt. Congress has autho ized 4,000 nursing home care beds within the 165 VA hospilals, authorized VA Lo place veterans in private nursing homes and authorized a grant-in-aid program Lo he p states build and operate,nursing home care facilities for veterans. Under the plan, vets are placed in nursing homes for six monlhs. Staff members check regularly to,see what Lype of care is giveh. Better care with more interes1: given the aging veterans will rec;ult" Nebraska is one of five DL;lles where approval has been given for construction of stale nursing home Just where this facility will be has not been learned. Fina,1 Rites for Mrs. Hermn Fre$e Held Here Saturday Funeral services for Mrs. Herman Frese, 75, were held Jan. 28 at Re_ deemer Luthera;n Church, Wayne. Mrs. rese died Jan. 25 at her home in Wayne. Rev, S. K. de Freese officiated at the rites. Mrs. Fritz Ellis and Mrs. Ed Bahe sang "Asleep in Jesus" and "How Great Thou Art." Mrs. William Kugle r was accompanist. Pallbearers: we r e Terry and Byron Janke, Harlan Frese, Jerry Houpt, Darrel Rahn and La r r y Smith. Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery. t Anna M. lbers, daughter of G. H nry 1!nd Meta Albers, was1born _Jan. 19, 1892 at Wi nero She was. married 0 t. 9, 1912 to Herman Fr se at Wisner. The couple ived two years near Wi s n eir and then moved eight miles west of Wayne where they lived until 1946 when they moved into Wayne. She was preceded in death by her parents and two brothers, Gustav and Erich Albers. Survivors include her husband; three daughters, Mrs. Marvin (Esther) Dunklau and Mrs. We r n e r (Norma) Janke, Wayne, and Mrs. Richard (Delila) Wade, Lincoln; two sons, Harold of Lyons and van of W.a y n e; two brothers, otto and ferbert Albers and a sier, Mrs. Otto Schlake, Wisner; 11 grandchildren and f i v e great grandchildren. New System Used in Filing Court Charge There were few court cases heard by Judge David Hamer the past week. One Was heard on a complaint filed by County Attorney Don Reed in a procedure authorized previously but seldom. used. Whe a patrolman.,files a charge and the dl!fendant is to appea r later, it wi 11 no longer be necessary for the CroQper to come back just for the hearing. The county attorney can sign the complaint and then he ap pears fo!f the case. OrrinLutt, Wayne, paid $10 fine and $5 costs Jan. 25. He appeared on a charge of making an improper turn, Officer Alan Peck making the complainl Attorney Reed filed the complaint J ah. 26 for Harley Daum, Norfolk. Daum paid $25 fine and $5 costs on a speeding charge. Larry Johnson, Emerson, appeared Jan. 20. He was charged with speeding and paid $15 fine and costs Trooper D. Matejka, Ne_ braska Safety Patrol, filed charges. Area Boy Scout Week Plans Being Reaied " Wayne. three Boy Scout troops are preparing for the observance of BoyScout Week Feb; Scoutmas t e r s Jewell Schock, Dick Manley and Bill R.ichardson report varying degrees 01 plan. for the period. n addition, Troop 22} led by Schack has been war kin g on bird feeders made of plastic gallon jugs; They will take these with them when they go on fl hike and nature stuqy trip and will hang them along the way, coming back aftet a snow to see what birds and animals the feed and seed attract. The h1ke is an indfinite thing. Two other time. the troop planned to hike and each time a winter storm forced postponement. Scouts in the t.roop, newest in Wayne,arealsomak_ ing tie clasps. These will be a little unusual, made out of bonesane S c 0 u t brought to a meeting. Manleys Troop 174 is planning a potluck supper for families Monday, Feb. 13, at 6:30 p.m. in the Methodist Chu"ch, A court of honor t dis d u s s ion of summer" camp plans and demonstrations of Scouting skills are on the program. Thursday, Feb. 9, will be good turn night," Scouts planning to spend the evening in the business dis.. trict in uniform. They will open doors to business pa".. ces for customers as: a reminder of the week being obseryed.. Rev, Herbdrt Ja"CkmoD District Leader Will Speak to Methodists Rev. Herbert Jackman, district superintendent of the Northeast Dis t ri c t MethodisL Church, will be the first of the speakers for the Lenten chapel hour series at first Methodist Church, Wayne, Feb. 8, at 8 ]?m. He is a native Nebraskan,. spending Lhe first 12 years of life on a Cass Codnty farm. He has served sevl!ral state churches, was a p poi n ted district superintendent in 1963, graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan in 1937 and from liff School of Theology in The chancel choir di. rected by Clayton South. wick will furnish special music for the service. A coffee hour following war ship will bo s e r v e d by Martha Circle. Rev. Cecil B, pastor of the church, extend. an nvitation to the public to attend.this.ervlce and all other Lsnten.ervices. l d.nc1 UN The W.Y Her.ld W.nt Ad. Girl Scouts Planning Wayne.Beldon Oirl Scouts are working on plnns lor the observance 01 Oirl Scout week in February. They are also planning lor the taking 01 ordor. lot Grl Scout cookies in the! "Kiwan;s For 1(; SHROVE TUESD,,,,,,,.1 ),alf.:.11;...!j: nnnllal drive; Many of. f nctlons planned the pail f w,6ks. have bef,q ci. od" becau.e of ws.tlll.. ondltlons bul worlis.. am, couts nre hoplng.foun! 1 ctlvitio. durlngthec\l,; ing wool,s Lo mnke,up, hls, PANCAKE rfeedj TU::;;TY ;:;:t 7 i1, 5:00 to 8:00 p.m." Chi dren under The modern fabri cycles on a new gas dry r do more,than dr They iron. : on permanent-pr 55 ctothes.) \ t NOflhem N=as...,... =&"-T,,: " :.1

17 of 1966 n. whch Wayne 1950 other valuabl c naldar.- Roy. And e r son and had no flre cans, records Donald E. Knelfl, Pones, tlon). Esther M. Anderson to of the Wayne Volunteer ChevTrk Bonnie H gman a/ld Valley Ford and Loan Co., Fire Department reveal. Leonard H gmtn, Joyce a corporation, F14 of the Two "rur a fires did the County Court: Magnuson and Me vin Mag. SW", and SW", of the SW, most damage in the area. H f! n rye. Schomaker f Duson, Mar dell: Sypher r and the NW", the SE", of There. were 13 ruralf,re Wakf ield,$15 and costs, Gurn Curry a d Donna Cur. Sec. 29 and the of SE4 csils and 12 in town during spee 109. ry, Darrell Cu ryand Betty of Sec. 30. ali T 30, N, R the year. Of the rural firea, Re.1 Estate Transfers: Curry, Donal Ciufry and 6, East of the 6th P.M., one.was at the city dump Ocar B. Chappeil and Sandra Curry to Gurn N. " Dixon County, Nebraska. so cannot be classified as era Chappell to Gurn N. Curry and Do na D. Curry (One doliar). a larm fire, giving the city a edge. The two biggest fires were on f n r m s. Hurvey Dixon County Courthouse Roundup KNGS SATURDAY, FEB. 4 "SOLD 8" Adm. $1,00 FEB" 5 -PAUL MOORHEAD ond His Orchestra Adm. $1.50 TUESDAY, FEB. 7 lla.t Danca before Lent) ERNE "KUCERA ond His Orchestra. (, Feel Slre you -r your family the best Fryers in town, Serlt USDA Grode.A fryers from Safeway... USDA ",. GA,DE A,.. FRERS 29. (h;k Si;aksor R.astt;" 59c :, Standing Check our Tr_lm Lb.89c Rib ijloust UoDA ChOCe, Age,l Bed Corned Beef Lb.79c Va<:uum-lackcd, Lean o Flavorful Boneless Hams s,,<t, HoS( Lb $1.19 L l SDA Chole( Lb. 68c Bef LOins ;ged cut up." you w"h t S k Lb $ one t.ea. s oll\ """: $1 29 (,lt1 Ca nedpcmes B"o, e" Fi,h Caat;r:::k C,,,llerch lsllllollll Cri!clp_A.,Lb. Ctlts Lb SW", 01 Sec. 10, T 30 N, R 5, East of the 6th P.M., "Dixon County, Nebraska. (One dollar and other val, uable consideration). Lb Lo Lb Lb. 49c 49c 79c 59c 49c 69c Finn n Crisp,! Large Green LET!TUCE f;,49( 229 Lorge Heods " Sherry Elected Concord Leader Bob Sherry, Concord produce station operator, is the new president of the Concord Community Club. l-:e was elected at a meeting of the 0 r g ani z at ion Thursday night at the Bread Basket Cafe. Sherry succeeds eredit Johnson in thoi top post. Johnson has served as CCC head for aroulld i 15 years. Mrs. \Vrihts,,Layer.type 1 2,;,:, 49c 2 L2o:::s 49c The other officers were re-elected. Dick Hanson s again vice prealdent and Earl ughes is secretary. treasurer. Sherry is also mayor 01 Concord and is aosi.tant fire chief. He i. active in several other church, community and school fields. Club members discussed vacant property containing an open cistern near where a new home is being constructed. The vacant property has been turned over to the county for taxes and has been allowed to. CAKE MXES Betty Crocker, Lnyer-typ28e Package, Package EEZER PLEASE BUYS. s,";; 22 COTTAGE CHEESELJ Lucerne Sm,dlL"ge Curd, or {,r.lde-a _.J& oun<e Quart Carton :,. C lemutoes,"29 C Red.npe Sheers. Flavorful t_oshes Bag) you GRllN ONONS Bun<h).:OtAOOS Ea<hl 9 r ChOCice) TGRN PEPPS Ea<hl l, Eaf R!. Grapefruit r::f1orida R ubarb, and ijghly flavore,;, _Fresh n TeMer 1 B oeeo 110(}C( edible.- no wst 8ig88c. Fresh we colored, Lb.)9c.... Cracklin FTSP lery Hearts with Flaor.. Onl 0 F F M tth P f Y Curry and Do a b". curh ỵ ne re- ree 0. as ear;, EU NW", of S c. h,t $0 N, R 5, \i:ast of the 61th Country Fires Cau!.-,Greatest Loss." o:x0f,:. :tr: April was the only month Beck lost a barn and hog shed and Alfred Daler lost a complete burn with con. tenls. There were four fires each in February and,june. August had 3, March, May, July, October-, November and December 2 eflch and January and September 1 each. t was not the worst year the area has ever had nor was it the best. The fact that the city had no major fires helped the record considerably. lr; 7 Mrs. Anna Marie Lovelace, Dixon, Plymoulh Garold M..Jewell, Allen, Ford Pkup John L!\ewton, Ponca, Fd John Tho!Tlsen, Dixon, Clld Jerry F. White, Allen, Chev Sa n on \Vell (0., V/akefield, (hev Pmp 1 (; (; Pn/il:rnan, Wakefield, Forest TreveLL, Allen, (hl\ Leslie Brine.y, Pon(";), (hev l(;s,-chester.. Dagle, l:rnerson, lvrnouth Uonalcl :. \neifl, Ponca, Trailer Glen E. Fluent,. Newcastle, Ford Floydine. ohnson. Wat.erbury, Ford Nebraska Telephone Co., Ponca, Ford Pkup 1964 Wendell H. Bose, Emerson, Chev Roy B i r { ley, Newcastle g Pontiac Linda J. Brennan, New_ castle, Volkswagen Le$lie Briney, Ponca, Chev 1%3 Francis Voss, Ford Nellie Voss, Wakefield, Volkswagen Raymond W. Leseberg, Emerson, Chev Maxine Phipps t Ponca, Fd 1%2 ::Gerald E. Grimm, Wake.. - fie ld, Che\ 1 )(;O Ronald L Nelson, Newcastle, (hev Arthur B. Chamberlain, Ponca, nuick lei Thomas P. Anthony, Con cord, Studebaker Ma,lne Lamprecht, Ponca, Olds 1957 John Schweers, Ponca, nternational Pimp 1 ) Sl1 Gary Richard Tonne, \Yakefield, Ford 195 l.. -Hev OMeara, Allen, Chev. Pkup N.ebraaka. (0 e. d liar am SAllE ON THE AU-AMERCAN BREAKfAST! With Sausage or Bacon, Serve Breakfast Gems large!grade..a EGGS LOW PRCES ARE EERWHERE AT SAfEWA OATMEAL 19e BREAD Skylark: 16-oz. SAY! Loaf. 10, Bread Pow, ",.,k,d Potato Bread l:.:.. B dv bl 49C: Wei r! Bel-air, Premium Quality, Green 4 $1 uttere egeta e$ Beans. Peas. Corn. Mixed Veg. Pkgs. Ch P 16,oz.65 eese la Bel-a". Premium Quahty. Frozen.Pie C Only fine egg3 evcr go in a; Breakfast Gems (arton; each egg :,::d i( ORAN GE JUCE /.,.. :.:..:;.. "...):;;l 1t. ;:::29f!.. 6 Cans SOO CHERRY NUT CE CREAM 1/2-Gal.69elAVE Carton 10, Lucerne; Choose also from Vanilla, Choo]atc, :\eapolitan, Burrer Brickle, Butterscotch 1arhle, Chocolate Chip, and Three Fla,, or Squares. SAfEWAS ALlE WTH THR/fT,US! SCOPE 17_0:18Antisep8" C Doz. RGHT GUARD Od i3:;;:$lo!39 BoHle l: Can. \ Schick Double-egeBlades ;:ess-steel :r k fo$1.09 Silver Dollar Nite Draing Thursday Night, 8 p.m. in our store - $ Prices effectite th Satu rday.februaty4, in.\. The Wayne Nabr. Herald; Thu"dQy, fob,. 2, 1967 deteriorate. t s tho hop. 01 the CCC that county commhsloqflrl wll grant permission to clear the prop.rty. burn the deserted buildings.nd improve the area. Concord firemen have volu.nteered to help if permission: i. granted. The Commelcisl C u b wll ask the Concord town board to send.ter to county commissloaers of Dixon County seeking per- SAVE 19t (ans mission to do som.ttiltll. The pro p 0 sed lmproft" ments ould ba undartak.n a no cost to tha co. Longe in Kansas City a r R n Longe. Wa.yiie youth who lost part of hi. foot in comblna a«,ltlalit last summer, i. now la Kansa. City. l1e h.. t.klng training for a cara.. in office work. H. addra.. s 3741 Gillham Road, Kans.s City, M.o , {)r,ng(". (;raf, -"rplt"!il,pl(.(;r8pfruh, lrllarjlt-l)ranl and il(lrl\!.l Punch. Busy Baker Sandwl<h ljl\11 or Vall, CrlfllTl 1 b Fresh( 00k les 37" Chocolate!"udg,:. kg: C Green Bea n;;j J(AS 0 6 N: :103 $1 00 COHN Ca,l1w SAVE ]. Morton folts( _CHlill SOO 4:1 No Cans K "t h C ft F Town 10\lHl, Vallc) (uhty. Soda CraCkrSMelroseBrand 2 A49c F acla "T"! SSUS Truly rine, 2,ply 6 of Pkg. 20[ 99c SAVt: 6c C en ra. our eo,iehpd Kitchen Crat Flour e 2 SAVE 5g49c g $1.99!i( \ l_iiiich Gal 4 Jug ( Liquid Detergent:"c.. 39c Dishwasher Compound Ma jt.2;: 2Sc SAVE8c SAVE J

18 THlS TABLE was designed and made entirely by Bernie Binger, left, in his first yeor of industrial arts shop ot W<lyne High He had never run a turning lathe eforc but made all the legs. nstructor Mike Mollette is shown wth him. Wayne High Woodworking Pupils Get Experience in Many Lines of Work Wayne gh School has around 180 boys in shop lette and Allen Hansen. classes taught by Mike Mal. Last semester there were ar:nt iat;eclt: past week to the work of l two boys in beginningwoodwork. Their projects the first semester are a little bette,r than average but are typical of the work all boys do in the course. David Sievers, son of Mr. and Mrs. PaulSievers, Wayne, is a freshman. }e took some woodworking n the s eve nth and eighth grades at Wayne High and made plaques r, broom hold.. ers, night stands and other objects. This year he tackle a bigger job. Following blue. prints, he built a walnut desk for his room at home. He will probably enter the beautiful dark desk in the fair this fall. Bernie Binger is a Bopho.. more. He is the sonofrev. and Mrs. E. A. Binger, Wakefield, and is taking woodworking for the first time. He drew his own plans for an rearly colonial table of red willow for the Bing; er living room, He had lever use;!d a ood.turnihg 1athe before but he "turned" all the legs hlmsolf tho past semester classe. and will probably enter the table n the coun. ty fair. Mallette has four shop,classes this semester in comparison to five the first.emester. He had 120 boy. and now has 100. The first,.semestet he taught two sections of shop for seventh grade, one each for eighth and ninth grade (beginning shop) and a class in ad. va DC e d 6 h op -machine woodworking. This semes_ ter he has only one sectiod for seventh grade but other classes are the same. He also has. drivers education for 24 pupils Doe pa,dod each day. Hansen is the lootball coach and assistant track coach. He also teaches hyo classes in general shop (grades 10 to 12) and two drawing classes, one for ninth grade the first semes. ter and for eighth grade the second semester, and the other for a full year. Those in beginning shop now. took drawing the first DAVD SEVERS, left, built this desk f,om blueprints in his first year of industrial,!rts shop. He is shown with nstructor,mike Mallette. The desk is streomlined and the pictures does not do full justice to its beouty. semester. Those in drawing,"d 0 w. took beginning beg inn i n g woodwork the fir-st semester,. Thoh in the most advanced shopclass, machine wooworking, h av e been making even bigger item5 beds, cedar chests, night stands and other items. Most of the boys in the.e courses) have not finished their projects at this time. Both teachers are look. inll forward to moving nto!;he new high school build. ng. Facilities will be more.xtenslve nd will offer m 0 r e opportunities for to a chi n g more skills,n moro!ields l Han s sl!came here the past year rom Wakefield. Mallette ;.taught at West Point B yeas and has been t Wayne H }\,Oars; Conferente in Omaha The annual mld.wlnter conference;of Ne bra B ka ow,a D is t r. let of Kiwanis will be hld at the Fan. tonene H"fel, Omaha, Sat- u day, Feb. 4. Club Qflc. a d club commutee. of t 1 6 club. n tho, dhtr! will be repre.ente4, >YUh 14 lieutenant 10v, n rs and tho chairment t e dlotrlct commue Gov. Rus.en Pearson, a a. a., wl1l preside. tie meeungexpected. d aw 400. Threeconcu r nt panels wl1l deal W c tizenshlp, youth ser"lce and administration. Wo. aruett, Algona, a;, an i ternatlollal trustee, wl1\ a dress tho group at a oon luncheon. R d.nd U.. W.yne H.,.ld W" M!ATTENTON D. RYMEH An especially 111 ya Surge Ulerl ROBERTS FEED and SliD_ 106, t... i is your new sup y center, for Surge Dairy Equipment Pone , W yne, Nebr. or OTTERPOHL SU E SERVCE PHONE , HART NGTON, NEBR.,i"$.0" Field & Road TRACtOR TRES with excluive 23 bars SZE 11.2 i_ 28 $41 00 Fed. Exc. Tax $3.52 NO MONEY, DOWN CROP TERMS. F.E.T. Size Price Tax , 4-ply , 4-ply , 4-ply 113.6,38, 6.plv , 6-ply $68.,00 $5.49 $54.00 $4.29 $72.00 $6.27 $93.00 $6.84 $99.00 $7.90 LUS TRADE-N,TRACTOR FRONTS Easy Steering 3-Rib Design $100:, 5.50_S;6_ply $1500 She $ x164-ply F,E.T. 68( to S1.00 No trade-in needed ", 1\, )1" ).., "" 11,., (, ""."". &tt ijt J, ill d //".fgjtf,! fr!j. iurj....!jd j! " FARM NOTEBOOK * Hanay for keeping your farm recrds. FuJ of useful information Jveryfarmerneeds. Come in and ask for it... No obligation SQ756 Limit 1 per customer" at this price with Ratchet l and.speed-o-matic Attachments -Screw hole Wrrnch set :-;tarter -SKkd Bet Screwdriver Brace N utjriver ami bit fwn A LVE HOG FREEl T Guess its weight. ii" and take home. {(! the"bacon"...: j, $3.95 Ea Closes.t gues: J i is the winnerr!. \. e Join Fun! REE Refr shmentsi YOU NEED NOT BUY TO B A WNNER PACKfGE OFFER B...r.a ke &. ront End Service )--. Our expert "*?::( mechanics do,, all this work: kif L All Weather Co Poly resrists heat and col "Fu1l20-gallon capacity -Snap-on lid Easy to clean O-OOR TO-DO Heavy duty molded rubbe Fits most cars-full canto Black. white. red, blue, g AlignFront End 2. Balance Both FrontWtieers 3. Adjust rakes 4. RepaCkrront Wheel Bearng. 11 All 4 :9.5 Ame:a5 Car Cor SsrV;CB: 9p,rts,,r. f needed., MERCHA T(

19 THE WAVNE HERALD Wayne. Nebraska 68787; Thursday, February Z, 1967 ""---., Home of N. E. Ncbro,kc)s Finest Mcuts Make Arnies your Headquarters for Beef Quarters EMPRESS POUNQ,,!t! 1 YhurtreSh. SWFTS PRO TEN.EF ROASTS ALL MEAT SKNU:SS."o w, "00 "Moo, frnks plkbg 45/ Chopped Pork 69 LUNCH MEAT LB. CQ STEWNDBEEF(. MANDARN ORANGES LB 69 4 A; 8geHs-ile--=--r Dollor-Nite Drowing in our store Thursdoy 8 p.m. $ : i/. Beans &Wieners Basket 1 can (1 b) Van Camps 2 TblSP prepared muslard Por & Beans 3 Tsp_ calsup h pkg dry onion SOlolP mix 1 Tblsp. vinegar 1. Tblsp browh sugar 1 lb. wieners dlenls, mix well Bae uncovered 15 minutes at 375 Cut Place Pork & Beans n 1-ql casserole. add nexl 5 ngrewieners n half and sland around edge of casserole, Return to oven, bake 15 mlnules longer Makes 4 servings KRAFTS MLD CHEDDAR VELVEETA 2 L6F95 1 OUR PRODUCE S F h P &.;J FLAMNG RED i res rauuce EMPEROR 2 / LBS 29 Red Delicious APPLES...:...-GR_A_PE_S -- C RSP RED. Extra Fanc RADSHES US #1 DAHO RUSSET A t: POTATOES 69/ 0LBS i.. (..,..._ r l Beans nwieners Offer f. O. Box 722, Clinton, owa m,ltl;chlflk (llmpll:{v \all (,lm!"!(lrk,llld Ht,ln l. hd". {lhfn i?ooj on all sze> lxcepr K (l; ) Pk,\C <"llhl ll( my ilk rdlllid. (Llnlt OW rl"(und t a. " r,n."y-,," n",,,, n, nv,",,,.,.,.. " 1 -. N"me... AJ,",, SCHOOL DAY.. le Just Across from the College Colllp" ril{ht to.... City. _..._ Swrc /1J1(,,,, " " A-) c.. BLUE BO NET! QUARTERED!\U=,..,: ;:MARGANE 4 $1. ps...

20 The Wayne i Nebr. Heiald, Thursday,.br. 2, 1967 EDTORAL Tht tditorinl deparlm,ent Q! a werldy nruspflf!u is an imporlant d/partnl lt. Normally il is one ptrsons.opinion of topics that fofuan most 01 he rtajtr. t ;s he July of an editor-ial wrilt!r to 1(11"( all (vai/able lads hefore hr. sits down /Q Hrill. From this basis he writer should bl! am f) gvl fl clear picture 01 important topus. let em Walk Somewhere Else The position some Wayne reside-nts have laken regarding sidewalks is a little hard to falhom. Some apparently have taken the attitude that pedestrians can change their routes to walk elsewhere and thus sidewalks would not be needed in front of their homes. Try explaining this to a youngster in a hur ry to get to the swmming pool. mpress this on the mind of a first grade pupil in a hurry to get home and show his work to his mother. Draw this out to a girl with a doll enroute to a friends home to play "house.".ure, some lace6 have gotten along without sidewalks in the past. On that basis, some residents are saying they see no need for them now. They also got along without indoor plumbing, electric lights, refrigerators, cars, television and air conditioning in the pat. Who is to suggest tbfly are not needed now? One crippled child, one fatality, one major tragedy, thats all it will take to bring out, the "Oh, my God, my God, why didnt put in sidewalks!" response. t will be too late then. No one will throw it in the property owners face that "We tried to tell you." There will be a feeling of compassion and sympathy for the one who did not put in sidewalks and who forced the kids to walk in the streets, but even that is not going to heal the scars left. on the property owners conscience for Ule rest of his days. This is a pretty vivid picture. Maybe it is stretching the point a little, but not too far. all, similar situations have arisen in other localities, including Sioux ( ity not s a long ago. Sidewalks are nol an absolute necessity but they can be pretty costly in peace of mind when they are not provided. You use your own judgment about whethe r or not you want sidewalks next spring. PuL yourself in the picture of a bereaved resident who has seen a neighborhood kid struck in tfle strefl in front of his place. Better yet, put yourself in the pleture by putting in sidewall{s. They may never give you much pleasure but they should keep you from suffering some sorrow.-ceg. About Defensive Diving lhere are a lot of good dfivers living in this area. A profound statement. There are a lot of people dead and crippled who were once goad drivers. flow does that grab you ).\ defens i ve d ri ving course being offered in (oncord and Wayne right now has alread.v brought out the fact that good driver" are often involved in accidents. t ha also accentd the fact that many of the accidents nee! not have happened if eit.her or both drivers had adjusted to the circumstances by use of common sense. (l Trooper J. L. ODell has pointed out that light, weather, road, traffic, vehicle and driver conditions make a difference in driving. f anyone of these conditions is not right, an adjl.lstment should be made. The course he offers suggests that accidents can be prevented by recognizing the hazard, understanding the defense and acting in time. Even a "pre-trip inventory" can help. Just sitting behind the wheel a moment before driving away, thinking about the conditions of the car, road and driver, considering unusual situations, considering how you feel and thinking over conditions hat may be encountered can make the adjustments that may mean the difference between arriving safely or being in an acc idnt. Stop and think.: f you know it has rained, you should think as you sit behind the steering wheel iin the pre.trip inventory: " could hit shick spots on asphalt." f it has been frosty during the night, you could remember! as you sit there: " may find ice on bridgs and in sheltered spots." As you review; the route you take, you may remembe.r!: "There are curbs to remember so!must not let them throw Capital News School.Organization &to Be Studied in Nebraska LNCOLN - A state sena_ tor has recommepded a study of school organizajl"" tiod to "set a standard of excellence in Nebra ska education" available to l al l who are willing and able to pursue it." The objective, Sen. CaJista Cooper Hughes sai would be to improve til" quality in all levels a1d types of schooling and help break"crucial bottlenecksl in the capacity of the statels educational system. The Humboldt lawmaker estimated the surveywoud cost about $75,000. Recommendations would be made to the 1%9 le. islature. Major emphasis would be placed on scholhl district structure and cutrjculum. Sen. Hughes,sugest11; COMMENT Y (m may "ot agree r1jith an fditqrial - but if you rrad tht editorial and 9;Vt urif.ltu thought to the subject discussed yqu have (Jained. You. as a reader, have given. wrdul thought to an important pr.oblm find the writer is proud to hiwe called your nttentio1l to a1l important lubject thtlt you!flay hllfje overlooked. me a,nd there is construction near Beemer so have to watch for work trucks." Sure, you cant plan everything ahead, ut you can plan something and every Httle bit helps. Even considering the Barrow roads, tke blind orossings you will enco1j.lnter and the soft shoulders ylou remembej on the routes you travel regu lary ca help you stay accident-free. This cd,urse is going to offer a lot moire help. DOS it sound like a bore? t isnt. Last weelk at Concord the class ran a half hour ovetime but no one rushed to $"et away-f. n fact, everyone remained to talk, genuinely; interested in learning mare albout how they can prevent accidents :by being prelipared at all times to avoid ther.n. There are many dead who could be alive[y hd.been a.bie to take such a coursheire are some allve today who willlnot take the course and who may have need for the knowledge offered later. No on1 can force you to take such a course :but perhaps it should become mandatoy for ayone committing a major driving offense. Such a "sentenpe" wold really be:a favor although the one sentenced might not think so at the time. This defensive driving course is purely voluntary. t. should be taken by more residents. Every man with a son who drives, every woman who takes the kids to town, every farmer who gets out on a county 1.Qad-well, everyone who drives to be JPl cific-should take this course. Well offer what we can in the paper but there is no substitute for being in the classes yourself. l ts better to be in the defensive driving class than to be in the injured driver category. Ask anyone who has been in that classification. Ask any officer who has investigated a personal injury mishp. Ask the man who has had one.,ceg. Nebraska S an Agricultural State Some of Nebraskas legislators have forgotten Nebraska is still basically an agricultural and small-town state. They seem determined to serve a privileged few rather than the masses. As a result, they may get reminded of their disregard of the wants and desirl:l:s of their electors the next time an election ralls around. Specifically, the subject of the.moment is daylight saving time (sometimes in correctly called daylight "s,avings" time). At a time when owans are petitioning their state legislators to get rid of DST, Nebraka has unicameral members attempting to ramrod through a bill bringing DST to Nebraska regardless of how the people feel. They claim roads will be safer with DST but owa and Colorado had daylight saving time last year and chalked up worse-than-usual traffic accident records; they say TV shows will be an hour early but we had them an hour early last year and found most Nebraskans were delighted to have the shows earlier; They have endorements from civic groups (like the Scottsbluff Chamber of Commerce) but these civic groups dont represent the farmers, the farm suppliers or the farm service firms and they forget that the people who support the towns are from the country; they ignore the faet that the number who will benefit from daylight saving time is smaller than the number that will be adversely affected; They dont stop to count the number of towns that will lose theatres they forget that daylight saving time Or. Ralph Purdy J chairman of the Miami (Ohio) Unive r sit y Educational Ad. ministration Depart_ me.nt, d ir e c t the study. whch waulld establish long. range principles from kindergarten through g r ad e schools. She s.aid he is conducting a schooldistritt organization survey in N_ braka, owa, South Dakota and Missouri under a co. operative federal-state for all who are willing and able to pursue it." Sen. Hughes admitted the plan will face a stiff test in and out of the Legislature. -But said,!loften the best solution is not the most popular one. am willing to stake my political future on t his p a n. We need dramatic changes-and we need them now." ntroduction Pace Brisk The Legislature has maintained a brisk bill introduction pace, with more than 700 me,asures pour109 fort.h before the cutoff date for individual senators to submit their proposals. The legislation ran g e d from amending a 1919 horse hitching statute, to liberalizing pool room standards, to making the mourning dove a game bird, to revamping the S tat e Boa!d <ff Pardons and Paroles, td expanding the University: of Nebraska Board of Regents. Henceforth, though, only standing committees or the g a v ern 0 r can introduce bills in the current session. This will cut down the number of measures considerably. But many observers are still predicting senators will hit the 1,000 mark before the end comes. More Budget Time year construction program unveiled by the school since The bulk of the proj. ects were announced previously. Becomes New Treasurer Republican Way n e R. Swanson is officially Ne. braskas new treasurer. The keys to the pffice were turned over to him reluctantly by Democrat Fred Sorensen after the state Supreme Court said Sorensen must vacate the post-. Swanson had a sked the tribunal to oust Sorensen, who urlsuccessfully challen g e d the Republicans right to run last November, "t feels great-just great," remarked Swanson after taking over. He immediate y or d ere d funds withdrawn from non-inter est bearing banks and invested in government secu rities. This was.a sore point with Sorensen. County Agents Column by Harold tngalls Chairman Ric h a r d D. Heat and Ventilation Marvel of the Budget Com.. mittee has recommended 1Provision for sanitation, Gov. Norbert T. Tiemann dis e a s e control, heating be given additional time and ventito submit his budget to the id L-egislature. He sa i d the mid _ Feb- Ctrssa!fY loss ruray deadline contained o bay pigs in the State ConsHtution is is to be a voidunrealistic. ed in winter, "This is tough on him. farrowing, a He needs more time to University of Nebraska anresearch the agej!lcy re _ imal health specialist said que s t s so his executiv, this week. budget will be more mean Dr. Crosby Howe said ingful," Marvel said. farrowing housles should be Traditionally, he added, prepared by thorough the governors budget mes- cleaning and disinfection or sage has received!iure fumigation at least two consideration bee au s e it weeks-and preferably four was put together without weeks, be for e the fir s t adequate background. sows are scheduled to be placed in the house. Pledges No-Fat Budget D uri ng c<!lld weather, Governor Tiemann says heat will, be necessary, he he will not press for maxi- added. Heaters other than mum rates outlined in his electric must be vented income tax bill and to prevent burn-out of oxypromises a "rock bottom" gen and an accumulation of 1?udget. carbon dioxide, and pos- "We will not open te sibly carbon monoxide. nfloodgates to wild spendr complete combustion also ing," the Republican chief may produce other toxic!way Back When.. * 25 Years Ago amounted to 972 million dollars in The value of cash receipts from crops was 384 million dollars. Nebraska$ ability to grow feed to be marketed through livestock for m s a productive partnership for. economic g row t h. Recent growth of the livestock en terprises has been in swine prdu-ction which yielded $200 million in 1965 and in cattle feeding where Nebraska is now the second most mportant state. Nebraskas potential for increasing livestock poduction is limited only by the economics of supply and demand for meat, a demand that is steadily in... creasing. Making greater use of our present feed g r a in pro d u c t ion, increased c r 0 p production from new varieties, irrigation or man age men t practices, plus the application of se1,ence and common sense to animal production are the basic ingredients of our livestock potential. Aggressive but sensible leadership must be put into action to achieve even part of this potential. Northeast Extension Notes Myrtle. Anderson Years Ago j, reb. 4,1937: Nice beef raa.ts for sal,, at 15 and H per pound. A nice middle cut shce of sweet sugar cured ham at 3 per pound..wakefield Trojans had little trouble defeating the ;South Sioux Ciy teart) Friday evening. Te score wns 34 o 8 for Wnkefield... Fire of undetermined origin completely desroyed the blac*. smith shop on the Lyle Marotz fnr(n Saturday...Charles ngham has receivd his appointment for hi years internshp at St. Mark1s Hospitall, Sail Lake Cit. reb. 5, 1942: B. J, Brahdstetter ad son, O. K. Brandstetter, LeMars" ow. bought the Simon Strate JohnDeerempl:e. ment firm in Wayne and took charge thiis week...the city of Wayne, a$ well as so!r. rounding towns, have all accepted the nations "war-time" schedule, and wnl soon forget their timepieces have ben turned ahead an hour..ray Harmeiers car was taken from the Carroll busine$s district Saturday night. t was found aban. doned Sunday south of town. A shotgu, scoop shovel, blanket and a pair of glov6 were taken from Monk, Dixf>O trucker, lost the middle finger on his lft hand when hi s glove got caught in a con elevator chain... * 20 Years Ago Feb. G, 1947: Winter took a secohd tight grip on this area last week Wednsday and Thursday when snow, wind aind cold combined to halt travel and aetiviti!es temporarily. Nine inches of snow waire recorded. Several roads were closed uritil Monday...Wayne Chamber of Commerice i cetinducted its membership drive wit.h )24 executive said. gases. Tiemanns tax bill sets The next consideration out maximum income tax is ventilation. f problems rates ranging from two to have been experienced with going to six per cent. However, it moisture collecting on ceilleaves the actual setting ing, walls and floor, ventof the rates to the law_ ilation is faulty, Dr. Howe makers. said. He suggests that con- The Governor said he cerned swine pro d u c e r s will release his appropria- c9ntact Extension agents, Cordless Appliances Cues tions package soon. He said and if necessary, further Cor de s s or batteryit will be lower than what contact can be made with operated small applianes state agencies are seeking. University Extension agri_ are appearinginincreasmg "m mindful Rgencies cultural engineers to work numbers in houseware dehave in most cases a catch_ Qut heating.ventilation partments. The homemaup budget in mind. Neblas- froblems. Heating and ven_ er can find these appliance ka is not able to afford a tilation are all-important, c,a t c h. u p budget, in one he emphasized, and ca.nnot handy to use because a their mbility and freedom biennium," Tiemann said. be separated in dealing with from inconvenient outlets. to do this or refuse to "ts not reasonable. ts swine housing because of The efficiency of these aprecognize, our respon- not good business to ask, the delicate balance be- pliances greatly depends sibility,1l the senator added. the. people of Nebraska to tween the two necessary to upon the source.of eiectri- "Our present school dis- underwrite mistakes that J;he success of a farrowing cahwdless electrical would last six months, rr1eang school in the dark some mornings and putting children to bed while its still light many nights. Nebraska legislators had better stop and think who elected them. The big city representatives should not be allowed to sway feeling away from the over -whelming number of small-town andfarm residents they serve. They had better think before they vote or they may have more time to think f a t a win g next election.-c EG. rogram. Mrs. Hughes said she has discussed her idea with S tat e Education Depart. ment officials and reported they are behing it., "An i!tdependent study of this natv.e is badly needed. We are-lagging many states!in the a)rea o( education laqd,,e c1n ;no tdnger affod ;;:ted\: tbi:d in tt; n e s 7:ron:eb opr:i. e e r s also can appliances r e c e i v e their pot belly, one-room school niums budget." assist in counseling swine power eithe,r from dispos:", h t d t b producers on the possible able batteries or rechargeh ouse dc<:mtehp tand musthe 0 S use of floor heating or able ones. Some of the c ange W ou e ay. e utlines pending Plan disposable batteries such students, want and need it. The University of Ne _ he a t lamps, installation, as used in c 0 c k s and That know." hraska has announced a and operation for maximum radios give service up to Mrs. Hughes Doted that $95.4 mill ion, six-year efficiency at lowest cost. a year before the enelrgy Nebraska has more school building program for is depleted. Some alkaline districts (2,300) than any campuses in Lincoln and t d ecially other state. She said this Omaha. The Potential. :; ::l t:bl:svsare is a roadblock to s tat e ncluded in the massive., A g ric u t u r e S Nebr- recqargeable. There is a progress. blueprint is $32.6 million askas a r,g est industry. batry charger spedally "We neeq to pro v ide for the biennium, Cash income from Nebr- madle to recharge carbon greater opportunities for $32.5 million for Ska t S farms and ranchej:s zinci l bat t e r.i e s. Howver our youngsters to obtain and $30.1 million for 1971_ "was billion dollar suc batteries can onl" be quality education by 73. lin T ransporting, parially recharged. broadening and facilitating The program includes marketing, pro c e S sing, Nckl-e-eadmium is the access to excellent grade $73.9 million in state tax lmerchandising, and credit m o [ widely used type of and"high schools, hade dollars and $13 million in,tassociated with farm pro- ree argebltf battery.t sch?ps, colleges and uni- federal and other ftmds. )duction creates another us ally is permanently verf.itie.," she continued. t. provides for, capital,to 2 billion dollars of bus- bui! into the appliance and "A: program.of this type improvements of $59.7 mil. iness before reaching the is nat readily available in would be carefully designed lion on the downtown cam_ consumer. ncreasingagri. retail stores. Energy is to p*avide a major impetus pus, $17.1 million on the "clltura production brings.restored by connecting the to the solution ofaselected al!riculutra college cam. cash benefits to all Nebr. a p \11 i a nc e directly into numer of critical eduea- pus, and $18.6 million on.,", aska citizens. either a wall outlet or aretion pro b ems. t would the medical collegt! cam_.1ivestoek is Nebraska1 S chaiger.,the lengthoftime e8a,lih. a new standa;rd ps.,, r\:.lea ariulal.cqm-.., nee "t,".ce tes.e of i!e,nc }t:, 11i)N:j ";.::1t:.rt:ld! ltm1wf;,!t;!:+a11n1(<,(1;,:l,:! 1::;-":,, /". men, led by Ed [ ahe, qompletinll tl\.c* v.s..a tot.1 of $ wa. nett.d!rojjl the polio bcnef t. boxing bouts betw"l1 W.yne College. d Maoy [mll.ns Jan. 15,.. Melvin Hothmiller, who h bun build since the ago 0.six months whon he wa. ill with srnnllpo una mqll.slos,.has ove! conlo hi hnndi np and is an oxport radio ropairman. lie hn moved here. from Omaha n.nd will open his Mhop in.oo.e of Vern Thompson s cott.ages wost, of the collego... * 15 Years Ago Letters to ThelEditor J.n. 31, 1952:A Wayne Baseball ao soc i t ion W ls unnnimously approved Thursday evening by 20 men attending a luncheon. \\later Mil1dr-wns oloctcdprcsident. Other board membors nrc Ed nhe. Herbert. wehrlr, Haymond Langemeier and Dick Pinkl nnd Mrs. James Menns. Hoskin,rot"lTned Wednesday from.. a vacation wit 1 relalives nnd {rnds at, Mi n. They were ;nowbo.und.,. for three ays at l.averne.,.mr.. ( Ferdinand <nh received n double rtocture 1 of her right lg when she fell on,an ioecovered walk llnsl Mondy morning Carroll school. bofhd entertained the school faoully Sat.urd.1Y in Tuc.keJl honte,. The occasion was n farewell for Phillip Murphy, musik instructor, who iwul be r inducted soon inlo the armed forces. i< * 10 Years Ag\) ( Darrelll. l\remk,win.jan. 31, 1957: side, was nominated this week by Rep. Bob Harrison as fourth alernote for appointment to the U.S. Naval academy, Annapolis, Md...Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Fisher, Wayne, have purchased R C-oastto-Coast slore in l\odhfleld, Mino" and will leave Waym aool11. Feb. 15. The couple operated til local (onst_to_coast slore 11 }pars... ark fill school, NW Wakefield, held a polio benefit auction Friday nighl at t.h school. van,nix,on was fiudioneer..,arlinc l\lorris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, John Morris, Wayne, appliance! batteries can be an annoyng faelor t.o the housewifei on a rigid t.ime schedule. To p r v e n t cor rosion which ini turn makes an electrical appliance unworkable!it is a good practice to r move lhe dispos, able-type! bat t e r y before! storing, the appliance for any lengt,h of time. The batteries j can b-e kept in a plastic b:g nearby. has Lp(n named hum(rnal\lr of Lomorrow at Wayne llijj;h.. A polio benefit al the loskins school nelted $17K...Mrs. Ralph Olson WfiS elected chairman of the Carroll Presbyle.rian WelminiRLer guild. Dear Edifor:. The firjstgroup of Amefl canvolj,nteers havear, rived safly and have begu to do thpse thipgs whic we mustjdo,to get started, The first lve days wen spent in f\.. suncion and Whil there we met the States ;ambassador, Unite1 Wil Ham Sno and some of hid embas$; staff. We had meeting and conferencesi also with the paraguayaj minister! of foreign affairs extensio$ heads, includin America advisors unde the AD i(agency for nter; national,!development) pr01 gram, alnd the faculty a1 the agriicultural s c h a a Since Jnuary 11 the mel} at Caaqipe and the womeq at Sap Uorenzo have beery receiving further, tr.aininl; in Spansh, GuaraOl, and technical inforn;ation frorrj the expriement farm 0 college iof agriculture i which United States mone under the Alliance fo Progresis has helped estab lish ST:CA which is doin res e a chin the agricu tural school with help fro Americ<in advisors and ha develop d an.experime t (a r m for improving a 1 agriculbral practices!. Just as stepped off th plane te humidity and h t weather! greeted me alon with au!the other official. The terlnperature tends t be very:humid and inerea ingly s ai, until it rains, the is very: coo and co fortable! until the process begins gain. The countr is very!green with sever types of t:ees, in fact one can se many palm trees out in iall the corn fields as an exjample ofthe densi of trees. Grass like ou lawns i everywhere, roue of it in! the towns is ver short lind soddy. Brom and SUdD grass are easil grown!»ut swamp grasse are tb. most prevalen. Sever"d! varieties of tree are evrywhere and th countryappears someh.t as a palradise. The sol11 reddish! and almost an).!. the rain hujlldlty and s to t.h. ingwhi4 W... /... g.r. plants o.becaus.e.f are ex" posed. :.. The fulture S Latm a one ha the feeling he i.., 1--

21 ne Wayne Nebr. Herold. Thursday. Fcbr By Ch.. Gr..n... One nrea farmer has reason to be ext.ra glad he chose to advertise his farm sale in The Wayne lernld. The icy conditions forcod postponement of his sale. Dit! he have to pay for new ads and bills? Nope. lie gets l hem frec because thats part of The Herald sale bill policy. OUf ad service is much Hl:e insurance" -jls mighty handy to have, especially when y.ou really need it as this farmer c1id!.,,/\ss Th(, you n g d y had driven through mud, snow, ire and sleet. She happily walled illlo lhe store which Wa her rlestinalilon. "d lij{e (0 buy "orne chains for flv car,",he said to a c e fl<... "m sorry, maam," re plied the c ler!i., "hut. we dont have chains, j\lslg-ro. cpr if 1. "low annoying-!" the young lady rfsponderj. "orneonl lold me this was a chain slur!" SASS,-;igma Delt.a Tau at spent.. At> can be seen in the article, help has gone in many roays to many coun.. tries. What a worthwhile endeavori, and wh.t 8 fine group of young people we have he.r,e to dev<!>te their own time to doing unto othe r s what they nre fortu_ nate enolugh not to needt done for themselves. John Tollaksor and the kids de. serve more than a bouquet but were out of thousand dollar bills at this moment. Head th article and see if you dont agree that they deserve accolades. SASS The sultan Cell in love at first s i$ht with the tofuists,daughter. "f you let me marry her," said the, "ll give you her weight in diamonds." "(iiv.e me a few days," replied the tourist, "To think it over?" ";";0, to fatten her up." S,\.SS W()\\ will salut.e Wayne ten time,s Friday. f you can stand to put ltp with thf kind of music that station plays nowaday, you might tune in. Wed be more appreciauve of the salute if WOW would play better music that. day in honor of 1/\" ayne, a bette r town. But, youll ge, your Wl.lyne,-;tate i.., arranging fi! of lhe songs they play a showing of "Flight of the, because the same ones will!!1oenix" t.o help for a be played that day that are new bllsl of John :\eihdrdt which lle!lonorarr pla.yed the other six days of he week. They play the-m t.o display at JOSYl so often cant help but \1 "tli Tll, t irl of f they Ticklls must he ""rcli,,,,d change tnllic. frorn Tn e be r So \\ e can mig-ht srit aside a to r{com mend the show a beillg- interesting,l1nusllaland sallite \\()\\ and ( lls. :-li\s," fit all (and t.hats \ cowboy with not.hing in ag-ej. Be milch to do nrnbled into a sidt:, we wuuld like to see blacksm ith shop and picked the bust complet.ely paid up a h 0 r s e 5 hoe wit,hout for hf>fore it g()e on dispial.. Well Lry l( find out realizing it had just. come from the forge. nstantly, where \011 can make conlact he dropped il, shoved his with :-()llleolt selling seared hand into his pocket lickch. \\(! htl[ip heysell and (ried.u actnonchalanl. so many they have to show "hindu hot, wasnt it.?" t.he film twice. chided the blacksmh,h. :-;.-\S." \\ hie h are a s l ale is scheduled for t.he largest population rowth from 1 ll;() to 1 [)id YOU Nebrasla" Youre r igh This state leads hansas, l\li",souri, ()ldahor1la, owa and Arkan,.;ns in t.hat, order in growth. \Vhu sa.vs l\1idwest Hesearch nstitute, han.c.<.js (it.y. :\nd to think \vere doing this without alf income t,ax O-f daylight " iwdi,mp Whod Hlv" thllllk it _\SS A l.os :\ngele:-; reader sent t.hi,.; one. (Jur forefalhers did without l1gar until the Uth century, without. coal fires until the 14th century, without. buuered bread until the 15th century, without pot.atoes until the 1Gth ( E n t u r y, wit h out coffee, tea and soap until the 17th centurv. without. pudding until th lrth century, without gas, mat.ehes and electricity until the 19th c e n t u r.;" wit h 0 u t canned goods until the 20th century and we have had automobiles for on.y a few years. :\ow, what was it you were going to comphin about" SASS Our houquet of the week goes to the church youth groups of Wayne. Word has just. come back revealing w her e the money t.hey raised for CAR E has been When t Comes to Service, We Shine! "\ope," replied t.he cow_ po]{e, ".lust dont take me long to look at a borse. shoe." SASS :\ re you one of the fortu. nate, ones planningtoattend the Chamber of Commerce annual dinner? We are. \\e consider the brining of Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi here one of the "scoops" of the centenni<11 year for Wayne. You can i,ead about his talk afterward but how much better it would be to attend yourself. Dont read the rest of this column now-go make a t.elephone call and reserve your tickets! SASS o Traffic Cop: "Miss, you were doing 70 miles an hour.t Swel:j:t Young Thing: "Oh, isnt that splendid! And just learned to drive yesterdav!" SASS On CBS_TV the other night, v,:alter Cronkite reported on the draft dodgers who are going to Canada and being welcomed there. That doesnt bother us nearly as much as the. fact that in 0 a few years when the Vietnam crisis is over, everyone will forgive,and forget and those same draft dodgers can come back to this country and take up where they left off, happy \1on SASS,----- Page 4 Cheedully. we wipe your windshield, test air, check radiator., We never forget all those little extras that add nothing to your bill, but much to the pleasure of stopping here. 310 S. Main MEYER OL CO. Ph. 37! Bec.use we have decided to Quit farming we will offer the following describe pesonal property ot public auctio on tho farm LqCATED 7...,es south, 2 eost and 3,. south of Wayne - OR - from Wisner, 8 miles north, 3 west ond 14 north _ O _ from Alton.. StOre, 1 egst and 1 1 /4 narth. (Watch for Farm Sole Arrows) on... TUESDAY FEB. 7 SA E STARTS AT 12:30 P. M H( 560 Diesel Tractor,. fost hitch, power steering, wide front, new tires 1942 H( )M" Tracior, very good, new tires HAY and "GRAN 2,000 bu. Corn in crib, can remain until Mdrch bales Straw in barn 300 bales Brome Hay 15 tons Chopped Hay, 2nd cutting 100 bales 3rd cutting Alfalfa 2 stacs 1st cutting Alfalfa 1 stack 2nd cutting Alfalfa 3 stacks 3rd cutting Alfalfa HOGS 20 head open gilts 55 head fall pigs, wt. 60 bs. Not Responsible far Accideits 9 Head Good attle 36 head Holstein 1st calf hfers These are large type Wisconsin heifers ad they will.make te best cows, 10 of these will start fre"htming n March and the othpr 26 will start in Julne. All ar bred to Black Angus. 8 head of Holstein cows 2 head of stock cows &1 calves 9 head black heifers, 850 bs 6 head black steers 1 registered Black Angus bull 5 calves AUCTONEERS NOTE: This sole offers a comolete line of late model mochinery, 011 i",oo condition and with real qood core. f you are in need of good muchinery, be sure to ottend thc No bottom Plow with. r1pp e cou ters 1964 J. D. 14-ft. AW Tandem Disc 1964 J. D. 4-row Cultivator with HC quick tach 1966 thc 24-ft. 4-section Harrow with folding evener 1950 J. D. 4-sectio.n Harrow 1960 J. D. 40-ft. Elevator with motor 1962 J. D. 4-row Rotary Hoe 1966 HC No. 18 Tool Bar Carrier for hoe or spring tooth 1963 J. D. 12-ft. Spring Tooth 1958 J. D. No. 227 Corn Picker, M mountings with new spiral snapping rollers 1958 J. D. No bottom Plow, hy. draulic 6-rbw Big Butch Sprayer with 300 gal. tank and drop nozzles 1958 J. D.No. 5 Mower, 7-ft. 4-row -M Planter with insecticide and liquid fertilizer attachments ZEN LUNCH ON GROUNDS 1960 Massey-Ferguson, No. 82 S. P. (ombine, 14-ft., with cab, huine reel, motor ovcrhauled.o yebr ago an<j in A- shape rowl Hesston milo head MACHNERY-MSCELLANEOUS GAJES, FEEDERS, Etc. 8 Farm Master farrowing crates compljte with feeders and waterers 4 Feed Bunks, 14-ft. 85-bu. Pride-of-the-Farm Self Feeder Arkfeld Hog Waterer 14-ft. Loading Chute 16-ft. Steel Gate 2 Wooden Gates, 16-ft. 2 Gates, 20-ft. 5 Gates 14-ft. F-O Farm Hmd Loader with stacker. head, manre bucket & grapple fork thc Manure iloader and Snow Bucket thc Side Deliery Rake Case 7-ton rbber tired gear with.7x12 box, silag. board, big hoist 5 x 10 Feed }Yagon on rubber 6x 10 Wagn on rubber with hist 300-gal. fuell barrel and stand 275-gal. fue barel Super Snoot for uk "M" Set Trctor Chains Set of M & dual wheels, 13x38, for 560 tractor 2 Heat Housrs, for 560, 1 for M th qntury Electric Welder with all attachments, A- condition 2 sets J.. D Hillers Tractor Radi 2 Electric feners 7-in Black & Decker portable potter Saw Other miscelaneous items NOT MANY: SMALL TEMS, SO SALE. WLL "OVE FAST, DAllE FRANZ : STATE NATO AL BANK of NA!NE, Cler,lt i, LAGE TROUTMAN and NXON, Auctoneers TERMS: CASH. NO: PROPERTY TO BE REMOED UNTL SETTLED FOR " \.-,!, " i

22 41 The Wayne (Ner.1 Herold; ThursaayjFebr. 2, CARROLL NEWS Society - Social Forec:ast Mrs. Edwnrd Oswald-Phone 585.;4881, Mr. and Mrs. Charles )enson and family, Mead, "fere visitors Sunday in the Alfred Denson home. Mrs. Elmer Phillips and Mrs. Wayne Williams were "isitors Sunday in the Enos Vi i 11 i a S home for the birthday of Mrs. E. Will:iams. Mr. and Mrs. LarryWar. l>urton and Robin, Sioux City, were guests Sunday n the Russell Hall home. r. and Mrs. Hall and fam Oy were visitors Saturday $vening in the Mrs. Edna Hall home, Coleridge. Thurs ay, Feb, 2 Happ Workers, Edwarrl For COT ilbur Hefti Delt; ek, Ted Winterstei " SL Pa s Lutheran Sun. day School Teachers meet. PridaYl Feb. 3 Carroll Saddle Club Sunday, Feb. 5 MeUlOdi" Youth Pelloww ship Tuesday, Feb. 7 Pleasant Valley 4-1, Wilbur Hefti Wednesday, Feb. 8 Catholic Guild Senior High St. Pauls,utheran Ladies Aid St. Pauls Lutheran Wal.. ther League Congregational Lad i e s Aid Thursday, Feb. 9 Womans Club Cub Scouts Meet All members were presw nt Monday when Den One met. Mrs. Ronald Kuhnhenn is Den Mother. The group made bird feeders as their project. Delta Dek Meets Delta Dek Club enter. tained husbands at a party Monday evening in theg.e. Jones home. Hostesses were Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Perry Johnson and Mrs. Joy Tucker. Ladies Aid Meets C ongregatiqnal Lad i e s Aid met Wednesday for dinner serv,l by Mrs. Joe Hinkle and Mrs. G. E. Jones. Mrs. Ron Rees was in charge of devotions. "C;rowing in Grace." A pot luck dinner is planned Feb. H. Officers nstalled nstallation of officers at St. r a u s L u the ran Church was held Sunday with Rev. H. M. Hilpert officiating. nstalled were Arthur Cook, GeorgeStolz, Gilmore Sahs!, Edward, Os. wald Edward Fork, Ernest Fork, John Peterson, Clif ford Rohde, Arnold Hansen, Carl Peterson, Allen Stoll; enberg and Harold Stoltenberg,. Teachers and helpers of Sundny scool installed were Edward joswald, Mrs. Russell Hall, Gilmore Sahs, Carl Peterson, Mrs. Way 1and Zimmerman, Mrs. Robert Peterson and Mrs. Allan Stoltenberg. Arnold Hansen is superintendent and Robert Peterson as assistant. Organist is Mrs. Edward Fork. Belles And Beaus Meet Belles and Beaus square dance was held SundfiY eve ning at Carroll auditorium with Dennis Kelly calling. Nex;t meeting will be Feb. 12 when Jerry Junek will call. --_ Fare:fNell Part.y Held Mr. and Mrs. Anton Vlas/!.k were honored, a farewell party Friday at their: home. Guests were Mr, nd Mrs. Melvin Dowling and family, Mr. and Mrs. Art Koepke, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vlasak, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Robert. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. John Rees and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rees. Prizes wenl to Mrs. A. Vlasak, Mr.3, (. E. Jones, Hobert 1. Jones and Wayne Dowling. Dinner guests Sunday in the John flees home in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Heach Hurlberts wedding anniversary were Mr. and Mrs. urllbert, Claude Bailey and Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hendricksen, Dodge. Wedne sday afternoon guests in the John Bergquist home i.n honor of Johnnys birthday we r e Jeanine and Jimmy Harmer, Holly Rees, Rex Larsen, Tam my N e 1son, Shauna Roberts, Douglas Oswald, Cindy Granfield, Larry Hank, John Kavan.. augh, Sandra Bowers and Joni Jodi and Janee som. M. and Mrs. Wilbur Hefti were dinner guests Monday in the Frank Vogel home, Stanton, for the birthday of Mrs. Vogel. Guests Wednesday in the Arlyn Hurlbert home for Codys birthday were Mrs. L a V ern Hurlbert, Mrs. Vernie Schnoor, Mrs. Ed. win Milligan, and children, Mrs. Edward Oswald, Douglas and Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. LaVern Hurlbert and family, Mrs. Ron Kuhn_ henn and Rodney, Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Landanger and family, Mr. and Mrs. Rich ard Janssen and Becky and New Farm Equipment Warranty Huvv tn protpl t your new tnglnt lh, \\/<HrJnly Program 10t.11 t<md.lrd Ud "gent J,"," J ",UlJ " h",, 10" W", 1.1 to,. Tnd,h,nl, "dl,onary nllnt 0 rtl,hhh1 ",h.lllx,lodrv P"f\lnt Do,( the mjntllllh"" (,]<tlfv ill "<11", "i,lrhi ntl h.", qll 01 h" rww (ng"" orn.lrl,h",,/(< lk,litr 0.1 Af\"nl Will,Hang".111 l(" (,,,,,, d".h, 10 ha", vou \\,r<,.,nly (lui and Hrordld 1 n a,,ofn.n(! wflh hl,nnljl,,, t" " [("(,,,"",,nd,llon,,l,,, ( ll"." my loll mol", oil wlih h" reu"h1",n,",1 hrand dr"i g""" r,f AM(H l, \\010 ()t! 4 (}Ufln h" w.lrranly t!hlllnlo< l(l,", h, "("(lwl<!d... "" (,...\010 wlh rnanulatlurlr, "!onmlndalun tor dr."n,nl",yal, and e,,"lung 01 fuel nd.w loll"" How to extpnd your WiHrdnty tu 4ft lwnth... )(4X)( hours YOl can (>llnd your nt"w en!:",,! W.1r.Hlly up ,1 of 48,nunlh, " 4 ijo how,,mply hy """l ou luel,.nd prol(,llng V"lir lu,,1 uppl) wllh hl A"K<" f.,m fuel final llhr" Hfl why w(" (n otte, h" addol,onal gu.h,lnlee ("101,,,,,, burn...,,a". to rn,nrtll[c (a,b,,,, dtp{),,n OU eng t mal,h"d lel,our w{.the" ", qul<k,1<111, ""Mnl,upl dnd 1(" 0,1 dolulon,o,",nld,n, OUl "" t""",lnll «H"",," addl,vt", to educe "arl,n!: w, ;" on,yllndt"...,.lnd p"tnm Q AMi" AN. PRMR 0"1 FUf1 " m.lde lor modern 0."01,,0.-.,, nor a,tb!andtd... matl 0,1 t llw,n tolduf( " (ll.1ne lor J1- "an,nl.,nd,monlh po,",cr,o Ulnl.l!l [JO( " our fllullllllnn,on add,l,v{", 10 prolt(1 l!"( 1(11 part, "f(,lhl ockrng and ru-tlng, ffd you,n Fven,,t lhe d,ffe,,,,nr : The AMlRCAN farm Fuels fli"o<al fllll D""h you lnglne, agj",1 d"l a.le wal",! wh,(h o(loen,,,11((1 on larm tl,age M" and (aut trouble <n lngln"" G,...e all 01,ne<,-new and old-the exra DlOlertlOn n.11 hese uel, anrj this 100le, offef lu,1 call your SJndard Od Farm Man Youl be exlr"!,lad you d,d Sfandard Farm Service - Ag Chemicals & Fertilizer _ - Petroleum Products _ 200 So. Pearl WAYNE Phone ! SCHOLARSHPS from the ebrnsko Congress of Parents and Teachers Q e benefitting eight students ot Wayne Stote allege this second term. Recipients of the $1 0 PTA awards are (seated, from left Linda olter, junior fr*m Elmwood, recently moved rom Pawnee City; Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Hi 1 hiemer and family. Churches -. St. Pauls Lutheran Chur!Ch (. M. lilpert, pastor Saturday, Feb. 4: Satrchurch school, 1.! Feu. -,: \v"orsh P, :13. a.m.;,unda\ ChOl) \Vednestl:1Y, [eh. 8: Ladies Aid, 2 p.m.; \Valher League. Presbv.-tongrc. (hurqh (Gail Axen, pac,torl i Sunday Feb. :J,: \Vorsh p, 10 a.m.; Sunday "chaal,, 1. Our Lady ()Sorrows; Cal-,holic (hurch, (Emmett Mfycr, pastor) Sunday, Feb. S: Mats, 9:30. M0thodist Church 1 (E. John hess, past.or) Sunday, Feb. S: \\orshjip, :l:30 a.m.; Sunday schqol, 10:30; MrT, evening. Susan f am m accom panied Mr. and Mr. red loeman and family to Lncon Sunday. Mr. and MJS John Hamm spenl-, Satur a} evening in the George F r ren home. Guests Tuesday in he Jesse Milliganhomeinh n or of Mrs. Milligans bi thday were Mrs. Arlyn Hfl. bert, Scott, Cody and Br nt. Mrs. Richard Janssen od Becky, Mr). Ron!\.uhnl-le n, Mrs. Marlin Landanger nd Kay Lynn, Mrc;. Ronpie Billhiemcr, 1nd childen, Mrs. Edward Oswa:ld, t Douglas and Daniel nd Mrs. Edwin Milligan nd children. A group of fr iends nd neighbor s were gu sts Thursclay evening in the Henry Haase home for,hc birthday of t\lrs. 1ase. Cards :ierved for en*rw tainment with prizes ging to Mr. and Mr:-.;. Warren Thun and Mr. and rs. lerman Thun. ts Your Mov Moved in: Doug Ba ry, 706 West Thi-rd; Janet ettin, 81-0 Logan; Dar ad Hamm, 409 Lincoln. Moved out: Da vid D lph, 120 West loti], to Car 011. GorgiQ Wachholtz" sophomore, Plain jew; Ellen Carpenter, freshman, Allen; (s anding") Marcia Droke, junior, Fremont; Dave Neuhaus, sophomore, Leigh; Stan Biede, freshmon, Homer; Susan 80rgar, senior, Papillion, and Virgil Swanson, senior, Schuyler. The Service Station There is a news stqry elsewhere in the paper abo u t Gene Langenberg Hoskins, being injured in a parachute jump. He would like mail. -lis address is: Pfc. Gene Langenberg, US Army Hospital, Ward 10.All, n. Campbell, Ky., Georgianna Snyder Spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Snyder, Allen. Her address is: AC/3 Georiganna Snyder. AA , Box 248 CMR-3, Offutt AFB, Nebr Pvt. David Carstensen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Carstensen,. Laurel, completed his advanced infantry training Jan. 27 at Ft. Ord, Calif. The eight.week course included firing rifles, machine guns and rocket launchers and ins t rue h 0 n in small unit tactics. n Germany, Russell Dill, son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dill, \Vayne, is a motor pool mechanic near frankfurt. He expects to be there 23 months. His address is: Pvt. Russell Dill, RA , Co. C, 23rd Eng. Bn. (AD), APO New York,.; Pfc. Jerry Wehrer has fir e d "expert" with the M-14 rifle in -Germany. t is the highest mark a sol,dier can achieve in the rifle :qualification test. Wehrer, son of Mr. and Mrs. V.G. Wehrer, Wayne, is a line- HOT LNE SERVCE BULLETN, man in the 93rd Signal Battalion, Co. D, Darm.. -$tadt. Dean Mann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Werner Mann, Hoskins, has been promoted to specialist-four, equal to the former rating of corporal. He is in survey work for the 24th Division. His address is: Sp-4 Dean W. Mann, RA , Hq., Hq. and Svc. BtrY,$ 3rd Bn., 11th Arty, APO New York, N.Y , Randall Bargstadt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bargstadt, Winide, has left for Europe. No new address has been received for him and information on his work and where he is to be based will be printed as soon as received. Taking basic training in Texas is Vincent Haase,. son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haase, Wayne. He will not get to come home whn that is completed but wl!l jump right into fur the r training and will not be here until September. He is to take a medical course. His address is: Pvt. Vincent J. Haase, RA , Co. B, 4th Bn.. 3rd Tng. Bde (BCT), 2nd Platoon, Ft. Bliss, Tex Concord Fire District Names Same Officers Two directors were reelected to the board of the Concord Rural Fir e Protection District Thursday hight. The me e tin g attracted a small turnout,only the directors themselves showing up for the meeting in the Concord ffi::ahnsonand George V 0 11 e r s were elected to two-year terms. Holding over on the board are Dick Han son, president, Mike f Rwinkel andeli n ton Er_ Wn. " A one-half mill levy was ado pte d for the coming ye,ar. This is an increase since the district operated the past year without a levy of any type. ks 1967 Orville Neison, Wayne, Fd Joe Wil on, Wakefield, Ffl Pkup Robert. Jones, Carroll. Chev OladYf Bauler, Carroll, Buick Brandlstetter mple. mont Co., Wayne, GMC Pkup., Miron r. Jenness, Wayne, Ramljler COh:ll Auto Co., Wayne, Marviln Sc-hroeder, Winside,,Chev Wayne CO. Public Power DisLtwayne. Chev Trk Harold Erdmann, Wayn1, Dodg lkup James ensen, Winside, F1d PkuP Orvid J. Owens, Wayne, Chrysler 1966, Melvin onge, Wayne, Cher l Arnold or Alan Hammer. Wakefield, Chev van D edrichse.n, Wayne, Ford 1965, swansor Oil Co., Carrop., Chev Trk,1964 Hoskinr Oil Company. Hoskins" Ford Pkup " Hert;nap or Fred Utecht. WaHfield, Ford, 1963 Jame;sb J. Baier, Wayne, Ram ler KathrYjl RieCk, Hoskins, Clle" Carl Thies, W,inside, Buick Willia H. Gaunt. Wayne, Chev Kern Far m. Equipment, Cher Trk James H. Sturm, Wayne. Cher 1959 Velma Milliken or Patty ChiJ,oine, Wayne, Cnev T 1958 Paul lao Ericson, Wayne, Fort! 1957 Dorothy M. Thornburg, Watne, CfM;hr Gary D. Henrchs, Wayne, Oldb 1949 Peter J. Jensen, Winside, By Ch.t Gr "" {ontinu d from pg 3 with the th ught they did not serve an they will not have to s rve. Were in favor of m king them "per.. sona non rata" from now on. f they re too good to serve thei counlry nnd if they use very means to get out of slerving, letthem stay in catada-preferably in the nor hernmost part of the Not h w est Territories. Ai, for Canada, if shes so nxious to have our draft odgers, why not take crimilnals, alcoholics and other no.goodniks. Well gladl/y trade t-hem for some of th fine Canadians we know rho resent. this situation s much as we, Violate F derqljlaw Som e,on -i.fgullly of vandallsm i at borders on being mor trouble than they anhclp ted f c.ught. They twiste m.ilbox off a post in W yno lost week, federal flense. Postal authorities lave beon noti.. fled. n ot er fields, the police front was comparatively quie. Three neel.. dents were investigated, n message r om Louisiana was dative od to a Qcni resident wh could no be located by othor means, traffic was hocked, stores were check d nnd parking was chacko. do. SASS, Mos of uo dont. know much,about tbe Dlvlolol\\ of Ne1Jraoka Resourceo, 00 we dont take a stand. on1 "sapnrnlthlg t {rom otherl divisldns. However, when, we sec bhnt Colorndo, spends $888,917 to lutej industty nnd prmote lobll. compared to $165,633 n, Nebraska, we know lom,e,l thing,s wrong. EvenSClutlil Dakota spends $ls2,83l111nd Wyoming spends $339,087, owa spends $934,636, f! were going o be the fast" est.growingstnte in thel nrea well n.edsomethlngl big tol kee us in competl"l, tlon with neighboring, states. Welro in fayot of n! strong department 0 eco n,o i c development. Are: you? SASS l A cor p 0 r a had been over$ens two years" when he reeived word from his wife tha they had a new, Bon iq addition to their two- year-6ld boy. WOfe in order 80 the soldier purchabedoome and beg.n handing them out, telling of the bleseed event,, i After hearing the cor," paruls s.tory" one officor; said: "Shmae, doesnt itt seem strange to you thatl yoli ha va been overseab two years and your wu} just now hud a sec o nuf. baby?", "(H, no, sir/! beamedl,hmoe. "Thore were three:! years belween my brotherf and me.". Arf you taking nd out of the s i bank? \ f(d\ ch" 1""111 u,rr 11.)11111 wh n,l.lncj J0 dken out of tlw oil hdnk and put into (Hn. 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