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1 CONSTITUTIONALIST. VOL. XXXVI. PLAINFIELD, N. J.. THURSDAY, DECEMBER IO, NO. so. trt tht Constitution, 0 RECLAIM 1fALLEN WOMAN of Hop* Worker T«U» at the Noble Undertaking: In Ootham'a Slum District*. BE8CUING FROM SIN BAH, PATHETIC CASES RECOUNTED Y THE MISSIONARY. MKINLEY GLltS ELECTIONNft! l.s le t»s i Aid U r Wlttealore, of Ne HIM 0. ftrt; amnmd a miaelonary meetlag Jif'd Taseday la Warren*. Cbapel, MiiiDff of «work being Moonjiji.h'd in MTion fallen women In the RrMt nutropolli Her UU «M H lttermil-l <» Sbe told of tbe many pmbttio OBeSe Wbloh b«tb OOtD* IO bar ftttmtloa daring bar experlenoe in»w York Md showed bow necei tary II la that tbla part of tbe mission werk at borne nhonld receive Iba rapport of churohw and chorob member*. It was OOB of tha Urgaat attended netting bald at Wum Chapel In same lima ut at it* oloaa many persons assured the roit.ion.rj that aha ootilil COODI on their rapport, ; The maatlof WM one of a aariaa which baa been planned by Iba prayer oofcmlltee of the o nape I of which Mia. Looli Ely ii obairman. Several mere bave bean arranged for tbe win- Mi by tbe members of tue Christian Btfdeavor Society. Htu Wlttemore la identified with UK work of the Door of Hope Million ID New York. Tbe main object of^tbal organisation La to nn women who tiavf rtiayed from vlrtue'a patb. With tears In bar eyea she related itoiiei of women wbo bad longfal rftokb Is tbe million and bad been awed. Graphically abe related iuraitvea, filled with acirow and woe. of families reanlted through Iba affom of Ibe Blazonries. 80 pathetic W«te MM' Of I IMM t b at tears w e 1 Tiiibta In tbe avea ol aoma of bar bearers, aa the «1» of the greet ally WM enfolded to»yea. Mils Wlltempre declared that good home insuenoe le Iba greatest bleating' in tha world and that If the family altar la* roainl»io*d In tbe borne women would go ulnj A pan Of the collection WH given for tbn worthy cause. PHOTOGRAPHlCJrYORK EXHIBIT COLLECTIONS OF MISSES MARGARET AND EDITH TRACY PLACED ON VIEW. Tbe annual election of offlosts of he Me Kir ley clob at Klitabelb resulted la ihe obotee of tbe regular eket beaded by Former School Oomissioner Bobert M KeUogg, wbo M eleoted by a large majority. Mr. ellags Is a strong Vowler man, and id tbe Fowler aide la Ibe Croat Konon primary flgbl of last year. He rei eigbty-nine votea to tweatyve for his opponent, O. A. Trimble. Mr. KeUogg baa been mentioned as a Mslble candidate for tbe aaaemblj. Repreeentatlvas pretest from Plain* Id were Oeorge Tobln, Andrew Mo- OardeU and Former Amemblyman 'llliam Newcorn. Among tbe promtem members from Elisabeth were idge Joeeph Oroao, CHly Treaaarer im«morrison and County Proeaolor W. a J. English. THE WlBPtCIi ILL TO BE INTRODUCED TO PRE- VENT LOWERIN6OF THE STANDARD. The Bmt end eeoaad of a aart ttiree photographlo exblblm on seottllva afternoons was given 1 day and again yesterday by the Mlaees Margaret and Kdltb Traoy, of Wee Eighth street, at tbe stadia ot Hlaa Margaret Tracy and Mlaa Ha Oeddard, ooraer of Mtntb atreel and First place. Tbe exhibit consisted ot a'verietv ot pbotograpbs taken tbeee young women, tbe emoutia woloh abowed great skill and oarafa attention to technique. & grot Parana taken at Ipiwioh. L. L, oae of the best specimens In Ihe col : Inter-Bt.te fair 1'rodli. I Ai tbe meeting ot tbe board of roeclori of Ihe In Ire-State Fair Ai elation It has been decided to deolare a dividend ot S r«r oaal on tbe < men itook and of 7 per cent on preferred atook. Tbla action has been takes pursuant to Ibe report of aeora tary Metaloo R. Margerum tbal tli profits of tbe fair for tbe last y< wen #l8;0ot>, wblob eiceeda i birgest proles ot any preceding y< li it.- history of tbe fair by more than B Tbe aanaal meetiac of tbe o i aataatlon ot Oo, K WM held Moods Biiht By reaeen of tbe fact that B Mania U aaotala ot tbe oompa be hold, tba saaae position la other orgaatkatioa). Tbe ether ofbr oboeen are secretary. OorparU W. Martin ; flnanclal eeoif-lary, 8ertea& OUvt ~ e l i m n far Ftremee. Tbeeeaea bean a rmamr aboot iba an effort la to be made to aaou iknwaao of pay lor member* of tbe»' aenaiiaiam. Waaa Cb*irm»n Lee * * Ooaeollmanio In committee tt the report " earn r. OWLER M AH S COBES All EASY VICTORY AS CANDIDATE FOR THE PRESIDENCY. Him m Saw-End Collision of Two Freight* at fierckman St., Early Hour This Morning 1. THE ENGINE A WRECK Aa effort will be made when tbe Legislator* meets to bevel- aatborlty Iven to tbe State Board of Education appoint a State Inspector of High Bobools, whose chief daly II will be to see to 11 that tbe high standard of Igh eofaools throughout tbe State ia ainiaiorrt and does not fall below be mark required by tbe Stale eduoaanal body. At present there is no ih Inspection for bigb schools and ue ot these Institutions hare not apt np ire standard. consequence tbe State, it is pointed out, hu lost prestige with r Stairs In educational matters. New Jersey's bigb school gradnbave little or no standing outside be Btale. Tbe Bute blgb school ectioo plan baa been specifically iraea by tbe State Council of Ednoatlonal and State Bigb School Teaoh- Association, and in ita general Iline by tbe State Teachers' Asaolet ion. Tbe State Board ot Medical Kinlnera has alao beoama Interested In its Important matter, and a request IM been sent to tbe Stale Educational Department by ibis board to leave no unturned to obtain sucb lnspee- The Slate Board of Education, al Its Ml i: eeticg in Lakewood. dimmed lejnatler. and II WM decided that as" high time thai proper action 1 iken, and that tbe Legtalatore be appealed to. A bill hm been drafted setting forth tbe requirements properly launch this Inspection and s lulroduoed early al tbe com- OBSERVED J_F E A S 1 DAY SPECIAL MASSES SAID IN ST. MARY'S AND ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCHES. Msmtt were beld yeatefday In th< looal Roman Oatbolio Onorobea IE n- of the Feast of the ImmacolaK Oonoeiitlon. Tbe aerrloea at SI. Mary's Church ware In obarge o' Andrew M. Egan, celebrant father Delabaoty. deacon and Fatboi Frederici. eab-deaoon. Tba aarvloea at St. Joeepb'a Church were la charge of Rev. Joseph Miller. D. OF A. SOCIAL. Wubiafton coairli. Oataored *t Mr*. <;. W. TuGiat'l Horn*. A dime eoolal waa Held ander tbe aaiptcti of Martha Waebiacton Conn Jil. Mo. SS, Dangbtete of America, laet night, at tbe hoine Mt,. Qeorite W. VanCamp. 34 Somer aat place. The evening waa ipeoi playing gamae, latetaperaad 1 pfaooecrapb aeleottona by Will lhatda, vooal icloe by tbe Ml Kldort, Beekman, Flora Moorehoaae end Hn, Jennie Beejamln. Beekmae alao rendered aavaiml aaleo a on tbe or*«a and reeimilion re given bj Maatare J. Harold Mar and John Richard, and tbe luede A. Martin. Btbel VanCamp aod Mabel VacCamp Altar tbe en «*ruiumint refreahmealta were urn by a wommlttee from tbe Oeaneil an m aeoui fouowed. drow Wilson May Attend. L0 o'clock thtt moraine tbere were atz aa*ai uenld fw Ibe Prince ten Qlee, Banjo and H"-Hltn Olab'a oonom which will be *JT«J U the Caiioo Friday nlgm. Tbe bovea bold* BOO people aod no ticket. wm to aold. It ) oet po>i wui IN tiftptuktu WMH^IHE BOOTY BURGLAR CAUGHT ON MADISON AVE- NUE BY PATROLMAN N'CMTHY. W0 COAL CARS BURNED AND FIRE- MAN HOLMAN SLIGHTLY INJURED. *r& Alarm far Fire Tr.rki U lockel CifiaNr of B«M Train Baid Be Coaldi't Se«on Account of Steam. Almost by a miracle, tbree me oaped carious injury or death ia a wend cclliood between two coal aim on the Oentral Railroad a few iiddtet before 3 a m. yesterday. Tbe oabooee of tbe first train, which FM a Oentral, WM lifted falsa la lbs Ir and completely overturned by tbe noe of tbe collision but tba fireman rbo WM riding in It at tne Ume escaped with alight scratches on bis land and arm. Be WM thrown aader ie heap of ooal bet dag his way rithont difficulty. i _ Dlibarn, engineer of tba P. and i. freight wbiob ran into tbe other, hougb considerably shaken up, WM ble to crawl oat of fata oab with a sound body, in spite of Ibe feestnat his engine WM a complete wreck, reman, M Dietrich, WM knocked between tbe looomotlve and tbe teaand although bla trousers cangbt re, be WM polled out and the' Barnes tungulthed without great trouble. Both traina were East bound when be collision happened directly io_the of Powers' ooel yards, 500 to coo Bast of Berokman street. I.T F. Remley, of tbe Oeetr2 rain, drawn by Engine No. 4M, ataoalled to tbe rear train to slow down. Dixbarn, engineer of ihe rear" train o by Engine No , claims tbal be brongbl his train M naar_a top M possible without actually oomlo to a standstill. Be wished so avoid coming lo «lull atop M tbla would have necessitated tbe calling it of a pttah oar to get tbe train atarled again. He claimed also that ra unable to aae Iba train ahead looonnt of tbe denae clouds of Shortly before 1 yesterday mora- DK, Patrolman MoOattby fsnnd two irooko with tne goods on,tiiem aad eaptnred oae, tbe other fellow too ceeding in making his esoape Tbe were detected an Madison avenue, after navtag gotten eoato booty. Tbe mea are colored aal II Is u- deratood that they are not professionals In tbe bottneas ot aoeas break. la«. Tbe burglar who HoOartby nd. d in the police beeequartera U being detained there until a aearob for tbe other man, being made by Ibe department, laoompmed. Chief Kitly tnt to DlMbetb tbaj naming and II aid that bla trip la oa natters connected with the MISSIONRRYJfORKlRS MEET WOMEN'S H.ANDF. SOCIETY OF MON- ROE AVE. H.E.GATHER TOGETHER. A eooial ot tbe Women', Home and Foreign Missionary SooletlM of tbe Monroe Avoaae M. E. Ohutoh WM given last algbt at tbe home of Mrs. Grannatt, la West Fourth street. Tbe attendance was large and a most enjoyable afternoon WM spent n playing orokinole and other garnet. Readings by Mrs. N. Mensuald Smith aad recitations by Miss Bin ma Grannatt and Mra. W. D. Qrennett contributed much to tbe evenlng'a pleas Tbe committee In charge WM Mrs. W. D. Grannatt, president of tbe Woman'i Borne Missionary Society of tbe obnrcb; Mra. J. a Plenaa, president af the Women's Foreign Mts eionery Society, and Mti. Annie Stafford, secretory of both oigkatwuions. TRIAL I T p Y CAR NEW TYPE OF VEHICLE RUN OVER THE LOCAL TRACKS LAST NIGHT. ien the traioa name together,'tb* oabooae and Ibe car ahead* hrown to tbe right and tbe car in front to tbe left and down ad emiikmenl The caboose ai oangbt lire, and alarm* were rnng in from boi 53 by a oltimen and box by Patrolman Meaaler. The PlainBeid apparatna waa on tbe acene at It o'clock and «1:50 tbe flame, were completely extingnlabed. One of tbe and the eabooae were a! moat an entire loaa and the engine of tl 1 waa totally wreoked. An four tracki were blocked until 4 0 when one waa cleared for tha paaaage 0% traina. Tba Oentral train waa in oberge of Oondnctor V. Waller and tbe P. and i. train, wblota did the dam tbarge of Conductor J. Blreeper. I The crew Of Ibe Central train aaaerl tbal tbe engineer of tbe P. and B. nut bare been aaleep to ran by tbe tig> nale, bat tbe latter. DUbarn, eidlaini hu action by Ihe ttatameat that be eonld not aee for Ibe ataam. Holman, tba Bifiiiin, waa the only one lnjnred taffloiently to rpqnire Ihe attention of a phyaiolan. Be.Tee taken to tbe office of Dr. Browning and on hand and arm fli»i»»il KOONS, CHIEF OF ORGANIZATION. Plalaflelder Chosen Chilrm.i State V. M. O. A. Bowling i,,,t Chauncey Koons, of the local T. M. 1. A., waa eleoted obairman of Ibe T. M. a A. bowling league of North. New Jersey ai a meeting Saturday nlgbt in Orange. Tbe application for ibdrawal from tbe league ot Moct- >r WM granted, the action being taken because Moatolalr's players bad Joined other teams. Ueorge Hanokel, -* Monlolair, resigned bis oflioe ol CBorrh Bore* Club Slecte. Tbe Boya' Club of tbe choi h h f tb H O of Iba t laat irtbe *uv u v j l UUV Ol lofl ODOir Ol Church of tba Holy Croat me* -' rht and eleoted these offloers for th aiag year i President, Harry Fabn ararer, H. Davis; owratary, Gewsi ad. This entertainment committee e appointed: Ifnatt Conroy, obeli ID ; Harry AUoa and Oeerge He ad. Tbla committee will have cbargo ol all eatortaiameata. ita Ernestine a Smith, of Medi venue, will eatereals tba Dopli ewe Whist Oleb M bar borne. T*ee dayy algfat. Doc 18. Adverse to the T7M of New- Engine House by Council or Any Other Body. TALK WITH THE MAYOE WAS ORIGINALLY PLANNED TO HOUSE COUHCILMEN IN OLD QUARTERS. A trial trip waa made with on tbe new cart recently ordered by tbe Pnbllo BerTioo Oorporatlob, on, tbe aln line between this city; and Elizaith laet night. The ear la mnob larger than thoae now uaed. It will ry eixty-llte paaaongerk and eaob platform will bold twenty.fl»e people. were carried on Ibe A Committee Appointed to Hold Another Coiftnoc* Wilh Mr. Smaller Matter Belaa: Kept Q«let-Actloo Lsst Might. A spsolal macttag of tbe Common Council of North Plalnfleld BM been oalled for Friday nlgbt at wbiob Ume committee from Warren Engine ly, il it said, will be present to protest against tbe movement on foot remodel tbe plans of tbe Warren gine Company's new bouse, so that upper rooms can Le used M Comn Ooanoll chambers. II ia said that Ibe firemen are not in favor of tbe proposition. Officers of tba Warren Oompany met few aveninga ago al tbe borne ot Mayor Smalley M wbiob time tbla plan WM fully dleoasbed. Tbe Bremen, it Is said, object to the plan on toe gtoand tha* Ihe faoaae WM erected ibe special benefit ot tbe engine oompany and that no agreement was stipulated al the time the petition as circulated for tbe erection of Ihe ouae for any other purpose. It waa originally planned to convert the preaent headquarters of tbe oom- >an j Into a tax oolleotor's office, a recorder's offloe and Common Council chambers. II la claimed by those intareated in tbe project that tbe objeoion to having the Common Oonncil chambers placed In tbe old building ia bat the Council, in session. Is liable o be disturbed by Ibe prisoners oon- Ined In tbe cells on tbe ground floor. A fireman, wb«n in apeakiog of tbe matter today, aald that at tbe regular iting of tbe oompany last evening, the matter waa dlaoassed, and a oommittee WM appointed to wait upon the Council to Tanner dlaonss tbe Tbe eeata, covered with white rattan, are arranged croit wlee la tbe and tbere ii no imokfog apart' men! Tbe can aie fitted with Weat cionae air brakei and are equipped modern matter. Ttaa< platform, where tbe motorman la stationed, la entirely veatlbnled. The oompany baa ordered ISO.and mo it of them will be pot in operation on tbe main line bsiween thie oily and Elizabeth. MWSYWHltt ENTERTAINMENT GIVEN BY WEST END CHURCH CLUB LAST EVENING. A eootal of Ibe young men'a organ! etion of tbe Monroe Avenue M. B. Obnrob waa beld laat nfebt In th iwortb room of tbe oberob. Orotl nole, pinr pong and other garnet ere played. It waa decided to bold leetlnga on Tuoeday ulrbti ID Epworth League room. Tbe organiia- :ion la a new one in tbe obnroh and baa prospered greatly. Tbe committee In obarge of laet night'i entertain- I and npper oontitted ot John J. Praed. chatrman; Clarence Dronard, Adam Netuau, Sober! Lalanil, How azd L. Coi, John W. Daub and Lonii Bnrget. MRS. BODINE BURIED. Re*. Dr. Befceae* Ofnelalked at Services at Home la JaeJtaaa Aven Services over Ibe remains of late Mrs. William a Bodlne were beld yesterday -from ber iat# real deaoe on Jackson evanua. Bev. Dr. Cornelius Bobenck, pastor of Trinity Reformed Ofanrob, WM in obarge ot tbe services. Tbe InKnseirt wi tbe North PlainOeld Cemetery. Tbe floral tributes ware handsome, among tba number bsiag a lara* wreath aeai by tbe clerks of WoodfaaU * MartiD's Trouble with tbe larger ooaiber of brands of oaaned goods is that yon cannot depend open whether tba goods are packed aeioauawly or aet. While Label goode are. Kenman Srothan have Ibal braoa. Try tbelr B. 8. F. Rwdolph, ot Park aveasa baa ratnined from a vfaga with rtla e in Tnkin and Hi H1ER limy PROTEST LOCAL C. A. R. CHOSES OFFICERS FOR THE ENSUING YEAR. Wlnflald Boot! POM, NO. 78. Q. A. R., M l Tseeday >nd elected tbese ider, William a Smith; eenlor vtoe commander, Andrew Cdi; jenlor vloe commander, William Hand aartermamr, John B. Nay lor; BBtgeon, Abram Sing: chaplain. H. C. Dobbin. ; offloer of Ihe day. L L. IcVoy ; officer of tba guard, William Day ; traaaaea, William Hand. William Smith and M. a Dobbina; delegatea to Department Bnoampmeat, J. Ooddlngton end J. R. Naylor; altematee, Andrew Cox and Edward 'lllla. Tbe Inatallatlon of Ihe ofnoera-elect will lake place at Ibe firrt meeting In annary, at wblob time tbe offloera to be elected In tbe Woman'a Belief Corp* may alao be inttallcd. HARVARD l i S I S YALE BUT IT'S ONLV BASKET BALL PUYERS WEARING THE COLLEGE COLORS. ANOTHER BUILDING. round Broken «t Watch urn Avenue aod BMt Fourth Street for B*l*t Structure. Freparetiona bate began towards tbe erection of a row of ttorea and flats at tbe comer of Watohnng eveand Beat Foartb street, a>bi lumber store house foimeily occupied by DeWftt O. Ivins, Is located. Workbeen at work daring tbe [teat few days ia tearing down tho,old itmclnre and the work will I by the middle ol tbe month be foundation. The stores will on Wetchunx avenue and will < tbe entire apace between Fooi atreel and the property of tbe Oentral Railroad. Tbe oost of Ihe structure I be la tbe neighborhood of ^.OflO. Blow Work on Ou Taak. ork oa tbe aew gy taak. East Fourth and Washington streets, has been hindered somewat of late on account of the difficulty la securing iron work from the rolling mills and IOQD dories in Pennsylvania. Operations bave not entirely oeaaed and a oorpt are still engaged In doiag work on tbe inside of tbe Rreat lob. It WM planned to bare the Job plated by Ibe first of tbe year, bat it la probable that It will not (shed until late In Ma rob. Mr. Uellla' VtiBeral. The funeral sarvlou over the remains of the late Archibald L. Bellit took piaoa yesterday afternoon from hit late residence at 408 West Third street. Tbe aervioes were In oharge Bov. J. O. MoKelvey, pastor of Warren Chapel. Tbe interment was ii family plot la Flcmtvgton. Wow Mrs, Jobs Bring. Miss Louise Wenzel, of Hew Terk, and John Brans, of Jack ion avenn were married this morning at 9:90 t the partonare of Bev. J. O. McKel vey, pastor of Wanes Cbapel. Tba wedding WM a quiet one. Tbe wit aeaaas were Hlaa Oarrie Wbotlw Miaa Bertber Wbeatec Fate ir Smyth Golne Abroad. Bishop O'Connor will sail fo Europe oa Tuesday. January S am amonft tbooe wbo will accompany hie it Vary Bev. Patrick Smyth, formerly Of St. Mary's Cburab, Plainaeld. Aaotber aliitril BUow.. P. Greenwood aad Thomss Mul planning to give a minstrel sither jut before or after WayUa, ton's Birthday. Tbe affair will be an ilaltfli ana, it is said. PI W$ Sil Excellent Programme Provided by Sketch Artist* Affords Entertainment. SOME INDOOR SPOBTS LAY ON THE BOWLING ALLEYS AND POOL AND BILLIARD TABLES. BntfanaUam ran blgb Taeaday afiiaooa kmomt Ihe npportera of Harvard," "Tale," "Prlnoeton" nd "Colombia" in the boys' bukel ball leagna of the Y. M. O. A. The iterly rcaatted In two bard fonght imei Barvard beat Tale, 7 to a, oing all ot Ita aoorlng In tbe flnt alt Frlnoeton defeated Colombia, to 1. In the aeriea to date, Harvard e»da with three games won and one on. Princeton aod Columbia are tied or aeoood position with two won and wo loet, ud Tale trails tbe other* with a record ot one Tiotory and three efeata. Tbe inmmanei: Harvard* Doe ringer and Hart, for. warda; Xiengblin, oentre; Oavett and Doettnger. 8narda. Tale Leggett aod VanAradale, forward*; Heath, oeatre; Leland and Williams, guarda i. Harvard, 7, Tale, 8. Qoali rom the floor, Langhlln, 2, Heath. Qoala irom fonli, Doerlnger, Iiangbin, R. Doerlnger. Referee, Kenneth Bobble. Umpire, Paul Collier. Time, 5-mln. faaivea. Piincoton McClintock and Oaldwell, forwards ; Bird, centre; Taylor and Bborp, frnardt. Oolnmbla Hodge and Freeman, forwarda; Woodhnll, entre; B«eker and Morrit, guards., Princeton, 4, Oolombia, 1. Uoals from the floor, OaUwall. 3. Goal from foul, WoodhulL Referee, Collier. Umpire, Uobbie. Hext Tueaday afternoon It will be Tale againrt Princeton, and Harvard itt Oolambia. Tbe men of tbe Park Clob toned oat in lergcfnambera Teeeday to aatoy the olnb'a annual imoker, araced by tba bonte oommlttoe, ajnael TownMBd, chairman ; Nelaoa Miller, George T. Bogera and A. andevenler. Like previoua affaln of be kind tbere waa nothing laoklna to make II one round of pleaanre for Ibe >era. "Church wardini" wee* generously dirtrlbnted and there WM plenty of good tobacco, end-while all njoyed the plpr, an excellent enterlament WM given by New York leart. Ofaarlea H. Blnenoa, wbo appeared t tbe olub a year ago, gave iaaperonatlont and aonga which wen feairea of the evening, while Ibe work! Ronald Beedar, aketob artial and elgbl - of - band performer, called ortfa tbe beartieet applause. He wu r witb tbe crayon and la doing all aorta of tricks. At tbe piano waa Ueorge Leonard, who in addition to 'ling M accompanint, gave a number ' mualoal impersonations of a flte and dram oorps, mandolin, into harp nd mnalo box, and he alao gave banjo aeleotiona. This oonolndad tbe entertainment id tbe members were aerved with an bnndance of refreshments. Than ollowed a social time in wbloh the uesta bowled on tbe alleys, playaa illlardi and pool and otberwim a Ibe lime. A feature WM the r«senoe of many of Plaiafield's eo> olety folks, who have recently ldentled them eel res with tbe olnb. Y. M. C. A. JUNIORS PUT UP GOOD FIGHT IN BASKET BALL GAME. A praotiae game of basket bail WM played last nlgbt between tbe Hope T. M. A. team and tbe T. H. O. A. the Y. M. A. gymnmlnm and WM a viotory for Hope T. M. A. 33 to 23. Tbe players seemed oat of praoltm, tbaugh Diln, for Hope end Oolller, for the T. M. a A., had tboir eye on tbe baskets. Summary; ; Hope T. M. A.-Diltt and Porter, rards; Roeeberry, oentre; Chamberlain and Montrots gaards. Y. M. A. Jra. Brokaw and Joseph, guards; Slier win, oentre; Collier aad Sneppard, forwards. Goals from tbe floor, Dilli, 8, Porter, Roeeberry, a, Collier, 9. Goals foals. Dills, 8, Joseph, Collier, B. Referee, Wooden. Timer. Wbarton. Time, 15-nin. halves. Itallant la Mtxnp. Frank Zarro, arrested by Patrolman Messier for drunkenness aad disorderby atriking Loaardi, appeared before City Judge ~ lyon yesterday and was grantodan adjournment to Saturday morning. Suit for damages tor assail hu been Justice Hull's court by Losardl agaiast Zarro and tbe oaae will be beard Saturday. Heae T. M. _ Tbe Hope T. M. A. grievanae mittee Battled a number of t brought to them last night meeting of tbe Y. M. A. WM bela banjo aetection. by Park Clob Dance. Under tat aosplom of the entertain enl committee af tbe Park dab danoe will be given at tbe olnbbouae on Thursday nigbt, December Si. ber of tbelr friend*. Ill T. L C. L EV. L. B. GREENWOOD COMMENCES A SERIES OF MEETINGS. iv. Lawrenoe B. Greenwood, an iftelist, led tne first of lha teriea f meetings at Ibe V. M. O. A. buiidng last nlgbi, Hs showed by apt lustratione what bad been accomlufaed by evangelloal work la tbe I and indicated a hopetal ontlook the work In Plelnneld. Mr. Greenwood's addreea WM pointed and pithy and contained nnmerona bright illoitratlona. Singing by Mr. Greenwood and violin aeleotlona by Martin A. Korff added attractiveness to too leetlnr. Tbe men's meeunga will be coninned every evening at 8 o'clock and dally Bible leaeons will be (iven afemoona at B for men and wonjoo. KeeUnga for boya will be beld tbia afternoon and Friday and Saturday afteraoona at 4 o'clock. The attendnee at last night's meeting WM moat i 33,655 BIRTHS And 81,810 Deaths la BTew the Record for tne Year. Tbe State Baud of Health and an of Vital Btatlatiea have combinad their annual reports to tba Qovr. Aoooidiag lo tbe tables of figures the total number of births, marriages aod deaths in tba State, are shown, together with like flgaree tor he countlea and larger titles. Altogether tbere were 33,655 births, S.156 marriages and 31,310 deaths. Cbls shows a remarkable advancement for Ibe State over last year, Isjaennuab M a deoraaae of 400 daub, is reported. Tbe increase in births lor tbe year WMTOO, aad ibo Bsamagea a little more than l,«00. On aooo 0 B t ot poor bealtb, P. Ladwig Oonde, formerly of Plainflald, la obliged to give ap bis rlsms in Tiolin la ibis oily, nod go to Denver, Col., for an indefinite Hate. Eeasetb H. Stuart will aaoosod Mr. Conde, oontioning with tbe lattar'a paptls at W. K. MaoClTmcmt'B atadio, room Baboook building, all day each Safer day. Mr. Stuart to highly raoomby Mr. Ooa d a and atbtr w all - known violinists. He will alao fuajafc ww. His resldsnoe is 46* Waal Vroat street. The Constitutionalist. VOL. XXXVI. PLAINFIELD. N. J- THURSDAY. December iq-,903. NO. 30. ^Support tho Constitution, Which is tho Comom/ of tho Umom. as Woti m Its Limitations as m Its Authorities." Madison. 0 m II Fid wim Door of Hop* Workor Toll* of tho Ifoblo Un<tort»kin* In Oottuun's Blunt Districts. FBOM BIB bebcdino PATHETIC CASES HECOUHTED IV THE MISSIONARY. Uri, Ma»»**. lasoasaa.»««*, tm ItaM. Bill AM rrosaohag Ikawstolla. Mlm <1 - Wltla-a«s, of Bow fwk. odd o mlmlooary IM bt-'d Toatday M Worras. Chop-. MUlol of Mo work bolo rocow- JlAtl lo wruf folloo WOOMW lo I ho giau motropoll. Hor MU woo as 7».. Iko IaIA Ikn oooan* ptfmio NM which ban oorn* to hor otlootlon dorlno hor ooportoooo la Bow Took and abowtd bow Mr > X MM Mio port of tbo mlootoo work oo boaoo oboold roooloo lha tap- pon of oboroboo ood oho mb momboro. II woo 000 of Ibo lorooot attaadad OH lime ood ol Ito olooo moor par aararod Ibo Hlmlooorr ihal oho ooold oo Ibolr ooppork - tbo moor lag war too of o oorloo wblob boo booo plaoood bj Ibo prayar ommiura of ibo obapol of wblob Laolo Elj lo obolrmao. SoTorol HOOO booo book arrangrd for Ibo wlo- ur br Ibo moaboro of Ibo Obnotloo M'KINLEY MS ELECTION rowle* MAN SCORES AN EASY VICTORY AS CANDIDATE FOR THE PRESIDENCY. Tbo nnnuni electtom of ofloate of Ih* MoKialey dab mt Kltubelb re- allad la tho oho loo of Ibo rtfiur It boodod by ronn.t School Oom- looor Hobart M Kellogg. who olootod by a large majority. Mr. Kalian In a etroog FowIot bmi. aad led tbo Fowler Bid# la tbo Crete Ron 790 primary " of loot yoor Ho to ooived «l«bij bim twm to twenty- for bla opponent. O. A. Trimble Mr. KeUogg bob been mentioned oo a pooribl* candidal* for ba amenably. laid war* George Tobia. Andrew Me Oardoll and William Nev HIbb Wlttemor* la idealised with «ht work of lb* Door of Hop* Mia Mm in New York. Tba mala object of that organisation lx to aar* woman wba bare strayed from virtue's path. With taars la bar oyoo aha ralatad tar tee of woman who bad sought refege la tba mi as I on aad bad baan eased. Uraphloally aba rautad oar- retiree. Bllad with sorraw and woa. of Tamil Isa raaattod lb rough tba af- fovta of tba mtmienarle* rial bla a tba eyee of aoma of baarars. mm tbo ska of tba groat ally was enfolded to th*lr eyaa Mlm 1 la tba graataat blaoalag la tbit world and that If tba family altar la maintained la tba bom* fewer women weald go aatray. A pah of tba oollaotlon was giren lot tbit worthy caaaa. PHOTOGRAPHIC WOWT EXHIBIT COLLECTIONS OF MISSES MARGARET AND EDlTfl TRACY PLACED ON VIEW. JadgB Joseph Oroa*. Ollr Traaaarar Jaaaa kflorrlaoo aad Ooaaly Proa*- STATE STM BILL TO BE INTRODUCED TO PRE- VENT LOWERING OF THE STANDARD. An effort will bo made when tba Legislature meats to baw aatborlly giro* to tba State Board of Edoeatloo to appoint a State Iotpaotor of High Jt. whoa# chief daly It will be to ana to It that tba high standard of high schools throughout tba State la maintained and does not fall below 1 ark required by tba State eduoa- tlooal body At preaaot there la no such Inspection for blgb schools aad of those Inst Hot ions hare not kept np ttc standard. As a oooseqaenoe iba Slate, II la pointed cot. hae loet praetlge with other States In educational matters, and Haw Jereay's blgb school grade a tea have little or oo standing outside of tba Stale. Tba HUM blgb school Inspection plan baa baan specifically Indorsed by tba State Council of Edo catloual and State High School Teaoh ere Association, and In lie general oatline by the Bute Teachers A mo- at ion. Tbo Stale Board of Medloal Ex- aminers baa also become Interested in this Important metier, end e reqneel wen earn to tba Stale Kdocatlooal Department by tbia board to leers no I unturned to obtain racb Inspec- tion. The State Board of Education, at Its at n eating la Lakewood, discussed ^matter, aad II waa decided that il as blgb time that proper action be taken, and that tba Legislature be ap- pealed to. A bill hae been drafted setting forth the requirement# properly laadch this inspection aad it be Introduced early at tba i Who flmt aad seooad of a series of three photographic aebibiu oo espnllve afternoons was given day and again yaatarday by tba Mlasea Margaret aad Edith Tracy, of Want Eighth street, at lbs stadio of Mlm Margaret Tracy and Mlm Harriet Goddard. comer of Ninth strum First place. Tba exhibit oooslatm variety of photographs lakes 1 esaoatm I aad oatotol t«tacbalqaa A groap of pictures la*an at Ipswlob, L. L. was eaa af the bast specimens la tba aol Istw-BUU Fair Prolta. At tba meatlag of tbe board of dl reactors of I be lnlre-btats Fair Asso- ciation II has baan daoldsd a dividend af 5 per oea* oa tba i moa stock nod of 7 par oaat. oo preferred stock This action has bean token parsaaat to Iba report of tary Mah loo R. Margeram that tba prefile of the fair for tba last yi Ware 1*000, wblob a*reads l largaat prodls of aay preoadtag year It tba btasoey af tba fair by mm f.000. Cowyssy K*a Blaatloa. Tba aaaaal meeting af tbc dvlo or Msattoa of Oa. K was bold Monday «ibt. By raaaao of tba fscl that W. B Martla la captain of the company, ha bolds tba aaase peeltto. I. tba Odlmr Tba ether affioan secretary. OorportI W. B Martla ; financial saoietary, Sergeant OUrorR ham.. Ireasan Asa F. Randolph Tba MINED J_EEA81 IT SPECIAL MASSES SAID IN ST. MARY'S AND ST. 10SEPH*S CHURCHES. Ran wan b.ld yaaufday la lb. looal Somu Oalholio Ob.rota boaor at tba Raaat of tba ImmacalaM Oaaoaptloa. Tba aairlow at Bt Mary'a Oborob wara lo obarge w Bar. Aadraw M. baan ealabiaat ratbar Dalabaaty. daaooo aad Fa*bar Fradmol..ab-doaooa Tbo rorvlos, a* 81 JoMph'a Oborob wara la abarfa of Baa. Joaapb MlUar. D. OF A. SOCIAL. * klafltaa Coaa.ll OatkaraY Bra. O. W. VaaCaHa'a Maw A dlho aoalal waa bald ondar ae.plr.a of Martha Wtohlagtos Ooaa- atl. Ho. It, Dasgbtara af Awarlea. loot Bight, a* Iba bo a at Mr. aad Mro Oaorga W. Van Camp. M Sonar piaas Tba aroatag waa l. P*ay tag gawro. lateteperaed with pboaagrapb nlaeltoaa by WUl Richard,,.oeal eaiea by Iba Mlaaaa Bldara Baakmaa. Flora Maonbosra aad Mra. Jaaale Baa lam I a. Baakua alaa raadarad aararal iec- wan klraa by J. Harold Mar "» Joka Htabard, aad Iba Mlaaro Maada A. Manta. EUral VaaOaro] aad Mabel YaaChap. A fear ih. aa- taa Oka. Baaia aad Maadalla I oaaaan wblob will bo gl. oaataa Friday algbk Tba bt li CBMJLR Baar-Bnd Oolllalon of Two FralghU at Borckmtn St_, Early Boor This Morning. CAPTURED illll BURGLAR CAUBHT ON MADISON AW- NUE BY PATROLMAN M'CARTHY. THE ENQIHB A WRBCK TWO COAL CARS BURNED ANO fire- MAN HOLMAN SLIGHTLY INJURED. Almost by a miracle, three esoaped rorlaaa lajary or death la a aad ocluaroa batweaa two traios aa tba Oaolral Railroad a few mlbbtas before lam. ytatarday Tba oebooro of tba Hral trala, wblol a Oaatral. waa lifted blgb la Iba air aad completely orertaraed by Iba faroe of lbs oalllahm bo I iba flramaa who waa ndlag la 11 al Iba Mma - oapad wllb allgbl aoralobaa oo bu bead aad arm. Ha waa thrown an dr r age heap af oeal bo I dag bu way l wllboal dlffleolly.. '. Dltbaro. oaglaaar af Iba P. aad ST freight wblob ran Into Iba otbar. Ibosgb ooaaldarabiy ahakao ap, waa able to crawl eel ol bk cab wllb a 1 body, la.pile of iba taro that sogior war a oomplete wt Hla flramaa. M. Dletrlob. waa k nook ad between ibo looomollt. aad Iba lan dor. aad allboagb bl. trosaore caagbl Ira, be waa pallid out aad Iba' flamro eitlogaubed wllboal grral Iroabla Both (rotor wara East boaad wbaa tbo oolllaloo happaoed dlraotly lotea of Powers' ooal yards 600 lo da fool Bast of Barokmaa atioat. ^ glooer F. Bamlay. of Iba Oaolr2 Iralo, drawn by Bogies Ho tdt. al^ d lo Iba roar Iralo lo alow da Dizbara. asglaaar of ine roar trala drawn by Engine No «miljsa tbal ba brongbi bla IraU aa near a top ot pooalblo wllboal oetaauy Dom- ing lo a ataadatlll Ha wished ao avoid earn lag lo a tall aoop ao tbfa would have wnaaallalal Iba oal oal of a peak oar lo gal Iba trala tartad agalo. Ha claimed also tbal waa enable lo eoe Iba trala ahead toooaal of the dears oloodr 3 Wbaa Iba Iralo. oaaro logetbar, Iba oa boose and the car awa to Ibo rlgbl aad Ibo oar~aem from lo Iba left and down aa eia- ikmaat Tho caboose and gbt flra, and alarmi ware roai from bor M by a olllsao aad bor by PatroRaaa Mesalar. Tba Plalatald apparalas woa on Iba aoaoa dock aad al 4 (60 Iba flamer were oomplelely eillogaltbad. Oae af lbs oara aad Iba oabooaa wa: eotlre loro aad Iba eagles of Iba rear train waa totally w rooked. AU f I root, wara blocked oatll t AO wbaa one waa oleered for tba pa mage at trains Tba Oaatral trala waa la charge Oondoctor V. Waller and tba P. aad & train, wblob did Iba dama, charge of Ooadaotar J. Bt ran par. Tba craw of tbs Oaatral Iralo aaaort that Iba Beginner af Iba P. aad bare Iron asleep la raw by Iba sig. Dale, be I tba latter. Dlibara. otfllalaa bla aetlaa by the He to meet.bat coaid oot ero for Iba ataam tba flramaa. waa tba oaly oaa la] a rad nmolanlly la rvqolro Iba atlaetloo of a physician Ha.tea tabes to office of Dr, Browning aad bit cola KOONS, CHIEF Of ORGANIZATION. Pleleaeiaer Choaea Ckelrnea tote T. M. O. A. Bowling lroa<aa Obaaaoey Koooe. af Iba looal T. * a A., was elected chairmen of lb. M. G A. bowling laagaa af Hot, b. Maw Jersey al a meatlag Baler day algbe la Orange. Tba application far withdrawal from Iba laagaa at Mem- call' was greeted, the action being tea bocaeaa Moaldalr a playan bad Joined other le t Oeorgo Haacbtl. realgned bla ollloa cseree Mayo- Clab Ml ecu. Tba Boyt* Clab af Iba okolr ad Iba Ob a rob of Iba Holy Cross man last Idhi aad elected Ibeos offlaara fa coming year: President, Harry Paha, roaaarai. H. Dark; eacrotary, Oaorat Maad. Tbk anurtalamest ao m maa. Harry Allan aad Oaorga Moa Tbk oommlttae will bare Charge Mka EraaoUaa a Bml. ad avaaaa, wul eater la Iba aaaa Whim Oak ee bar bsm. orooke wllb Iba goods aa 4bear aad aaptared ana. Iba ether fellow eac osadlag la making bla asoeps Tba me, af r Saving gllln The maa are col tend aad II la sa- le reeood that they are am prolan locale la tba bee aaa of baa break- lag. Tba bargur wba MnOanby land, d la Iba pal lea hoedqbarter, - be log da land Ibero aalll a aearob for Ibo or bar man. bdtog made by tba.klaoampmad. Oblef Klrly i a* nralag aad It i trip U aa mat re com- MISSIOHARYJRKERS MEET WOMEN S H.ANDF. SOCIEtV OF MON- ROE AYE. M. E. GATHER TOGETHER. A aoalal af Iba Wemea'i Hama aad F oral go Mlmtaoary Bonlatlas of Ibo Avaaaa M. A Obareh waa glvoa lean eight al tba beam of Mro. Oroanatt, la Waal Foaitb atroat. Tba attaadaaoa was large aad eajayablo af noon waa apaat la playing orokinol* M4 otbar gamaa. Headings by Mrs. M. Maoeflald Smith aad reel boas by Mlm ISaa Qma- nat! aad Mra. W D. coo- tribe tad maob tba avaalbg't pleat Tba oommlttae la nbarge waa Mra W. D. Oraaaatt, pre-deal of tba i Boms Mlmtooary Beotety af tbo obarob; Mra J. G P noe, pro - it ot Ibo Women 1. Foreign Mia- looary 8a My. aad Mlm Abb 8 f- ford. atoro ry of both orgaal Ilona IIML GlWJpET CAR NEW TYPE OF VEHICLE RUN OVER THE LOCAL TRACKS LAST NIGHT. A trtel trip wmo mud«with oo* of in sow can rooeotlj onur*4 by tbo Public Servioe Oorpmion, oo tbo mtoln line between this oltyj ood KUno- t eight Tbo eor In much larger I baa thoa* bow tod. Il will earry alzty five paeeeogeie and each will bold Iwoaty Nv* people. No pmmann were carried oo Ibo «M roa. The **ale, oovered with while ral- lan, are arranged oroa* win in tbo tar and there la no emokiog apart* neot. The oare at* fitted with Weet- eg doom air brakes and are equipped la modern matter. The- platl* where the aolonau U etatiouei enllrely veetibaled. The oompany haa ordered l&o.aod most of thorn wul hi pot In operation oo the main lioe be lwe*d this oily aad Ellaahalh. MOROE S Y0 6M8i KTIVE ENTERTAINMENT OVEN BY WEST END CHURCH CLUB LAST EVENING. A eoe 1 of Ibo yoaag man', an lion af tao Moa roa A* aa M. A Obarob w held last atgbl the Epwortk no of tbo obarob. Orokl played. meeting, aa Taaaday blgb- lb tba Bpwottb Laagaa lea la a new oaa la tba abarch and haa prospered greatly. Tba oommit a la charge of la alghya entertain meat aad rapper oom-med ot John J. Pro.,, chairman; Olaroaoe Drooard. Adam Neomao. Robert Lai d. How ard L. Got, John W. Dank aad LoaU Uergor. f MBS. BOOINE BURIED. Rev. Dr. Be bench OfBcUked at tav- of tba la Mrs William a Bed I bald ya-arday from bev last daaoa Jaokmm avaaag Aav. Dr. Oo roe Ilea Babaack, pastor af Trtalty Reformed Obarob. waa to ebarge of SIW PROIESI Adveruo to tho XJno of How BnfiM Hoooo by Ooancil or Any Other Body. TALK WITH THI MAYOR WAS ORION ALLY PLANNED TO HOUSE COUNCILMEN IN OLD QUARTERS. pointed to Bold Another Ceaferear* With Mr. Small oy Matter Be lag Kept gain AcUoa LMI Night. A special meeting of the Common Council of North Plainfield ha* bean oal led for Friday algbt at wblob time il too from Warren Engine Company, II is said, will be prsaanl to protest against the movement oo foot to remodel tho plans of tbs Warren Sogtae Company's new beuw, so that upper rooms oaa Le used as Com* Con noil ohsmberv. It le eald that firemen are not la favor of tbo propositi on. UfSoers of the Warren Oompany mot tow evenings ago al tbo homo of Mayor Smalley M wblob lima this plan was folly disossssd. Tbs flrv- eo, it is said, object lo Ibo plan on tbs ground tba* the boat* was emoted for tbs special benefit of tbo engine no agreement was stipulated at the time the petition was circulated for the ereotioo of the bouae for any other purpose. It waa originally planned to oonvort ip present headquarters of tba com- pany into a tax oolfeotor s offloe, a re- corder'e offloo aad Common Council chamber*. It Is claimed by those In- terested la tbo projeot that the objeo- llon to having the Common Connell chambers placed In the old bolldlog la that the Council, ia eeeaioo. la liable disturbed by tbs prisoners con- fined in tbs cells os the ground floor. A fireman, when in speaking of tbs matter today, said that at tbo regular meeting of tbs oompany last evening, ras diseased, and a oom- appoiatad to wait upon tbo Council to further disease the ANOTHER BUILDING. Ground Broken at Watchuag A venae aad Kant Fourth treat tor Flat fitrurture. Preparations bars began towards tbo erection of a row of stores and» oorner of Wntchong ava- il Foartb street, where the lumber store bouse foxmeily occupied by D.W1H O. Ivlot. It loc-a d- Work baro btao at work datlog Iba pa fow dayt lo laarldg dowo the, old atrootoro aod tho work wlu bo com the middle of tbo mooth ho folia,alien, Tbo oroa will faca oo Wo boog ovoooo ood will oopy Iba oallra rpace brow a Foartb troal aod tht pro party of tba Oaolral R Hoad. Tbo ooot of Iba atraotaro will ba to tba oalghborbood of fld.obo. Slaw Work as Gao Task. Work oa tba bow gas took. East Foartb aad Waahlngton ttroata. baa baao bln da rad tom swat of la oo an of lha llbaally to asoarlag lras work fro tba rolltog mill, lad loan dorloa to Paaaaylvanto. Oparattoai bava oot satlroly oaaaad aod o oorpa Of -ao aro -IU tngagod to dolog work aa lha lo-da of tbs groat tab. It woa p ooad bavv tba Jab now.- plated by Iba flrn of Ibo yoor. bat II U pro ba bla tbal It WlU Dot b* Oo Itbod aotll late la March. Tbo fa aar services over lb, malaa af too la- Aroblbald L. B-lli ok plane ya-arday af roooo from bla tore ra-dssoa at BOB Waal Third at. Tba aarvleoa wars to abarga of Ksv. J. O. MeAUvsy. pastor of War- ns Chap-. TM to-rmsst waa to Ibo family plot to Flamlag a. WIRFIEl-D SCOTI_P(BT EIECT8 LOCAL G. A. B. CHORES OFFICERS FOR THE ENSUING YEAR. Wlof-d Booro Poet, So. to. <1 A. L. BMI Taeaday >ad.lacaad tbaaa w tba aomtog yaar: Oom- W1U m a Smith; molar Aadraw OWs; Jaolot WUIIam Baad; Joba B Saylor; Abram Stag: obaplaia. G Dobbin, ; oflloar of Ibo day, L MoVoy; otter of Ibo g.ord, William Day : irsa ao. William Hood. William Dobbloa; dal, gatos to Da panto sal gaoampmoat, J. Ooddlogloo aod J. R. Naylor; rno o. Aadraw Oot aod Bdward Will Tbo lot llalloa of Ibo ometro-oloot will toko place al Iba It mraliog la John ary. at wblob lima Iba offloara to fomao'a R.1I.I Oorpa stay aim ba lortollad. hirvuiio m HIE BUT IT S ONLY BASKET BALL PUYERS WEARING THE COLLEGE COLORS. Enthusiasm ran blgb Tuesday af- moon Among Ibo ooppoxtors of *'Yale, "Prl aoston" ibia" In tba (mys basket ball league of tbo Y. M. a A. Tbo rlvarly reeullod lo two bard fought games. Harvard beat Tale, 7 to S, doing all of Its scoring In tbo Aral bait Prlooeloo defeated Columbia, to 1. Ia the series to dale, Harvard ads with three games won and oos lo.t Price*ton aod Colombia aro lied for seoood pooltloo wllb two woo aad wo lost, Bad Yale trails lbs osbars wllb a reoord of ooe vlotory aod three defeats. Tbs summaries: Harvard Doer lager and Hart, for- wards; Lasgblia, oootrs; Unveil and R- Doeriager, guards. Ynle-Leggetl and Vaa A redale, forwards: Heath. o*o ire; Lei aod aod WUl lame, guard* Boor*, Harvard. 7. Yale, A Ooala from tbo floor, Laoghllo, 1, Heath. Coals from fouls. Doeriager, Laugh- Ha. B. Doeriager. Referee, Eeoaelb Robbie. Umpire, Paul Collier. Tims, lfi-mln. halves. McCJlolook and (Mid- wall, forwards: Bird, centre ; Taylor and Bborp, guard*. Columbia Hodge I Freeman, forwards; Woodboll, lire; Bitter aod Morris, guard* wo, PrlDoeton, 4, Colombia. 1. Goals fro pi tbe floor, Caldwell. A Goal from foul, WoodhalL Referee, Collier. Umpire, Robbie. Next Tuesday afternoon It wlu be Tala against Princeton, and Harvard againtt Colombia. w [;. N. C. A. JUNIORS PUT UP GOOD F16HT IN BASKET BALL GAME. A practise game of bosket hall played last night between tbe Hope T. M. A. team aod tbe T. M. a Juniors in tbo Y. M. A. gymnasium and was a vlotory for Hopa Y. M. A., IS to 18. Tba players seemed oot of praoltee, though Dllts, for Hope and OoUler, for tbe Y. M. a A., bn* their aye oo tbo basket* Summary. Hopa Y, M. A. Dllts and Porter, berlain *ad Montrass guard* Y. M. a A Jre Broksw and Jos^ guards; Bbsrwln, osotru; OoUler and Bbeppard, forward* Ooala from tbe floor, DUu. 8, Portor, Rone berry, a, Sberwia, OoUler. 8. Ooala from fouls. Dill* 8, Joseph, OoUler, A Referee, Wooden. Umplie, Nash. Timer. Wharton. Time, lfi-mln. halve* ii m in ii Preframm, Pro Yldsd by Skotch Arttoto Affords Xntartalamant. SOI INDQOI 8 PORTS FLAY ON THE BOWLING ALLEY* AND POOL AND BILLIARD TABLES.?* Tbs on ad lha Pork Olob load oal to tort^ia-bais Toaadsy to os- Iba ab'i sal Towbasad. ub.lnoao ; NaUoa A. MlUar, OsorgD T. aod A. VaoDavaoler. Uka prorloar off ra ol ptaoiy of flood tobsooo. tsd'wbus ou asjsyad Ibo plpr, as exoauask aakar u dvaa by Now York Obstlro IL Blnaraak. wba sppasisd i tba olob s yaar ado, flare In par. Cl I on and aasga wblob wan fas- loroa of Iba avoslai. wblla lbs work of ReoaJd Raadar, akslnb artiro sad alflbt - of band porformer, oal lad forth tbo basrtleat app-nsa. Ba waa olavor with tba crayoo aod to doli^ orta of tricks Al tba piano waa Uaorflo Loaoard, who la addlnos to Dollop oa aooompaoiri, flora a on bar of (BD-osl Impafaooalloot of s Ms aod dm- oorpa. maodolln. anlo bsrp aod bbmo box, sad bo also,ava bsajs also oos Tbit oooclodad Iba ao r lamast asd tba B bara wara aorvsd with mb aboodancs of rafroobiosa- Thao followed o aool lima to wblob Iba naaom bow lad oo tba auaya, ptoyad billiards and pool moa otbarwlas pa ad Iba tiros. A foalaro waa lb. soa of Buy at Ptoiadald'a -aty folk., who bava raosatly I dan 11- dad ibamaalr with tba slab HMUHJII. M.11 BEY. L. B. GREENWOOD COMMENCES A SERIES OF MEETINGS. Rav. Lswrasoa & Orosowood, as araopellat, lad Iba flrn ot Iba aarlro ot maallofli al lbs Y. IL a A. baud- lag lari nlflbl Ha abowad by apa lllnaarsuosa wbal bad baao booo - pllsbad by ovaoiallo wsik to Iba past and lndloa d n I on Hook for Iba work to Pl-ofltld. Mr. Qnaw- wood'i oddroro w polo d end plifay and ooo load nomarsoa bright lllas- ratloox Blofllafl by Mr. Uroanwood aad violin laollona by Mar n A. Knrfl addsd attraatlrana to lha meollag. Tba man, marotoflo will ba oow- lloosd arary arenlog at 8 o'clock and duly Blbla Kroons WlU ba (Ivan of- rnoooa ro I for men sod wo as. MosUnfls for boyi will ba b-d this rf roooo sod Friday sad Bslsrdsy of rnoooa at t o'clook. Tba»noa at loot nlflbt't maetfnfl wt 33,655 BIRTHS Tary Rav. Patrick Smyth, fat roly n BA Msry'a Charob. PUtoAald. Mlxsp. Fro.k Zarro. srraotad by Patrolmas Moaslar for drankaonaro aad dlsordtr- ly ormdaot by atrlktofl Aotonlo Leasrdl. sppaarad baton Oily Jadfla Ronyoo yesierday and worn (rsn d an adjourn man 1 to Satorday morning Salk for damadoa for a salt baa baas -aafltu is Jarolna Hoff', ooart by Lsasrdl aflainit Zarro sad tbs oass wul bs board Bstordsy. Aad 81,819 Doalha to Bow Jaroay to too Maoord tor too Yaar., Tba But. Board of Health sad Boroso of VI 1 8 atlot bare oo - blaad their aassu roporu to lbs Owv- r. Aooordlsfl to tho bias at flflsraa tba total sum bar of births, matrtoflsa sad death, to lbs Has sis bow., gatbar with Uka flflsraa far " ooantiaa asd largar Has Altoflatbar than wars ttw Mrkl-. 8.ltfl marrtoflaa aad *1,118 deaths This shows a ran rksbla sdvaasa ask for tba 8i Tba Hopa T. M. A (rtsvasoa oos. it a tattled a as bar at < ktosflbt to than last sight Iba T. H A. banjo lections by Jo pb fwsflh d - tba faatsrs r of sir triaods s.oaadlsfl P. Z.. Goads l aooosat of poor basltb, P. Lad- Wlfl Goods formerly ot Plstotold. to bbliflod to giro sp bis olsssas to to to tola oily, and (a to Denver, Oal.. fas aa todadalto Urns Ksasstb H. rt WUl asoosad Mr. Goods sao-

2 consrn UTIONALIST WILL WEAE PALLIUM AKBWCAM AKMTRAL HOMES Glasaon to Bi H;ad of St LouU Archd.oce.e. Mont Rev. John Joseph Glen no*, whe Imams archbishop ot the dlncea-i L LOUU upon IM litath of ArchbUbot Kain, la one ot th* aioai it> it retting ng area In the Uomau Catholic chnreh I; «i *** <» w that tbe America millionaire. had Un to look about than and contracted the habit of rialtid* ferop*. where they are received by royalty, it U DM aarprlsts. thm they aould t» ukto with a d*sir. for sa- Aitbonsh only 41 yean old. bis st esas la his chosen field baa been lin abort of ramarkafale. Ha will be the (oonctm archbishop os the continent of North A merle, aad on* of the joutgest. It cot the youngest, 1 the world. His yonth, hts perfect health and bl* ability make fain a formidable caai date for atlll higher honors within Uu mk ot the Catholic reb. and It It ot at all Improbable that he will Htm* daj M a cardlaal With many years of active service below him, hla chances for succeeding to UM Amerleaa card Insist* are looked poo as better than those of any otbei archbishop In tb* Catholic church li America. Blahop aiennon wu bom ID Count; Heath. Ireland, of aristocratic Irish par- MU. Ha was educated at All Hallows' estles*. Dublin university, and c this country ZO years ago. He finished hla siudlrs In Ireland, bnl when he arrived In Kansas City, when ha Sad been called by Blabop Hogan, b«young for ordination. H«Bishop Hogan foi priesthood and made i s admitted t Istant to Father Dunne, then panlor of St. Patrick'* church In Kaaaas City. The Kansas City friends of Bishop Oleunon well remember him as tb«jonor ecclesiastic sti had a clear-cut, frank countenance, Irish bine eves with wonderfully blight presslon and a clear pink cample: that denoted bla natl\ ity. In tbree years after his admission to the priesthood. Btshop Gleni Record la th* first Impulse several ot bav* bought up tha anonstral «of Impoverished English arists aad attem pted to enjoy the emoiona which are tonaooajy aacribed to aas, who inherit* baronial halls, oil portraits, tombs aad vast same pre- ~». It haa bat* stated, however. hat after a <rtrj brief experi*ac* moat.hem have turned np agala la the neighborhood of Wall street, wh*r* ibclr rural exrliiait and happiest day*, ave been spent. Th* fact la that life i the foreign ancestral home la too Ilk* pioneer existence to please the Amerrmn millionaire fer Ion*. To equip tbe place with electric lights or even with i; to Install a lard coal farnace and air pipe,, and all aoeh modern imvementa at hot and cold water, dnmb tern, electric, bells, swift-footed mg servant*, t-lephonet. soft cars and whatever 1 m s ta living eomortable the things for'which the mliloaalre labored in hla moat active days aald be ridiculous. No man can exlence or pretead to experience the state of mind of a born aristocrat In his Qceatral home without submitting to ident conditional The shrewder American millionaires opose to build their own ancestral iinen In thefr own country within easy tach of.the busy cities and where no radluons bind then to the life of privation which is the lot of the foreign aris- WAHTED QUEEN'S COURIER. ln order to betwr acquaint hlmaclf wl hla dnues aa a prelate of the church wad* a tour of Enron*. He made an tended visit In Rome, was received by Pope U-o. and when he returned to (hi ooumry on* year later, hi fi <»--' pastor of tbe cathedral parts In Kansas City. From this position he was elevated t the pastorate, then to the station Vicar general, and later coadjmor Blabop Hogan. which office he held whe started na coadjutor to Archblshi Kaln. While a Mndent of religious Ittrratui Bishop Glennon does not neglect t literature of the day. He N a grti «r -of the City It waa not anaiiil to» him walk Ing home with a large bundle or Snnday paper* under hla arm. A friend, th* blihop In poanesslqn at several Sun day papers pq day, asked him what h with them. "I study the fnany pictures." aatd tb Mahoo. Th* St Lonls Republic says that ti bishop Is also a student of 8hake*peai OH his Journeys one generally tnda small copy of Shakempeaj-e la th* pretale's pocket. He speaks wonderful MN Bnrll.h. and iw. elements ha c-nthbut«l to thla eioslle HOLDS LUCRATIVE JOB. Isaac Taft Stoddard, of Photnlx. Artx., cretary of Arliona. la la Washington oat a leave of absence to answer charge" preferred at the last uttloa of th* terauthor of U«cnapUUita. Aasocg oth«i things is charged the ~s«alntenacce of s &i ntscr«b*jous lobby at the capitol" Tbe fight acainst Stodiard ts belnt na*n In his own aartr The) say (bey rat furnish»(debt* of eorrnp- TEXAS BOLL WEEVIL Ett. $30,000,000 Worth of Good Cotton Erery Yc*r. ol Victoria. "Whe ir American millionaire ante anything ha wants the beet," ob- M*ved an Englishman, who was a 'queen's messenger" in Victorias reign. He's willing to pay well for It, too. "I know this from an experience I >nce had In Constantinople After my signature on the hotel register 1 added. >r reasons of my own, 'queen's cour "The next Jay I was surprised to reive a card bearing tbe name of a wellaown wealthy American. I couldn't member the gentleman, but, thinking that I'd probably met him on a steami a train somewhere, I told the servant him up. "A rew minute* later a short, fat ma bo conveyed tb* general effect of to much diamond Mud and watch chai as nshered la. - "I rose to meet him. " *How are you?' be starred off In a btuinese-uke vol**. 'You're tbe queei ronrier. alnt yon? Well. now. I'll t 'in I'm here with my -family been lourln' Turkey, y* know and our r ler's tefl os. Now I know you've-got a prvtty eowfartabi* job with tbe queen,, but I dont care how much It ts: If you'll ime with us. we'll give you adarnslgbi lorcn's she'a payln'. Whaj d'yer sayt' RAILROAD to CLIHB ALPS. An electric railway which, when finished, will be the high-st In Europe Is now aearing completion up th Jungfran In the Swiss Alps. It wi ba seven and a half mile* long and li terminal station will be at an elevation of 13.C70 feet. II la for the most part constructed through tunnels, and tha hut station will' be connected the summit of tie Jungfran by a lift 141 f**t In height and a winding staircase. The power for producing th* electric current will be derived fro re waterfalls on th* mountain The start rnc point of tha Itn* is at atatlon. at an I of &.180 feet. on th* Wengern Alp system, aad the rat station la the Blger glacier. T.MI feet high. A Aoetor will b* In attendance at a certain altitude in order to attend to p singers aad adv or aot according to ths lud h«aiih aa to th* safety of their Journeying to the summit Th* aacent will occupy about one and three-quarter hoars, and tha stations ar*, ao that but«l to thla eiosllenc* la hu h. ^au a-riy rt.-.t.oc at Dublin nrtonalr «*< up. slty and hi. constant stndy of th*,-» " ' * V* "I t THE EARL OP SPSHCER. According to all accounts, it la now practically settied thai, should the liberal party return to power aa the result *f tbe present political crisis In Great Britain, the premiership will be handed rr to the earl of Sueccer, Lord Spenr, who for years has been a liberal of Immense Influence, is. perhaps, beat»a throughout the country for the vigorous policy pursued by him as vlceof Ireland, but h-- also was a promlt member of two Gladstone cabinetb. originally ai Dm lord cf tfat admiralty. and afterward aa presided ol the cuun- E States. The fees of the secretary, consting largely In legal tribute from forgn corporations, lacorporatlng undei \f laws of this territory, constituted ar icnme pxrf^fiinc the amount paid b> le country to the pmldenb Gov. Broe recommended In his message to tht pislature lhat these fees go into tht iirltorial tre»enry, the wotfk to be ptrrm< <1 by the anditor. A bill embodyig thlt recommendation was Introiced. The secretary. It la alleged fought It inch by Inch until within s days of the close of the rtsplon. whet) trrowlt passed. He is now accused of having bribed legislators, maklni falae official reports and with the destruction of hie fee books. : r. Stoddard la the son-in-law ol Judge Celora Martin, of Blnghamton. N. Y.. and is credited with having incueoce with Both Odell and Plait. ' ou have to aaj i*tt» cents, instead of!» * centa. l..r aspowl ol marhine eoiton, and from taree to live ceau a yard for nil the dainty dimiuea and anil organdies «ltb which youde- [o attire yu$irself and your sunny- I little daus^hters, yon will have only Mr. Boll Weevil to thank for it. "Who U he, and where did he come from, and what.has he done*" The** am more- inten^stiag questions than i know. Here art some of the things already has $oue, according, to the Chicago Amertcia: He baa made W. P. Brown, chief fac- >r in the cotton market, half a million dollar* richer Uy tb* rise in cotn in a single day. He haa become; ao menacing that the ate government of Texas has offered reward of I50.OOO for any mean* that may be devised to vanquish him. He haa caused a serious shortage In its year's cotton crop. He has baffled! the entomologists of tbe federal government In their efforts check his ravages. He has brought together a convention BIS PRIDE AR0U3ED. n amusing story Is told of bow on he kaiser's sons was cored of a fcabi he bad of getting up and going dow: > breakfast without being washed. If powlble, thf,if[tle prince would slip it of bed and into hla clothes before le nurse arrived on the S-C-LC to at. his dressing, for thus be escapee matutinal bath which he detested. Before entering the room where the r family breakfasted the little prince would stroll aronnd the house, and each time be pasaed the sentry be enjoyed being saluted by the soldier, says H Nes. At breakfast h* would Inform his brothers of the EOldier's salutatl< with great satisfaction, and thus It hap- Whw. a reporter csdla upon th* bishop ll d l B «con-*ms together and thus send *«rtt t ri th lt ft* u»-ux,rsli^evetop.» «*". «" ««"I * -*. -»> that th* renter Is Interviewed in.tea4 * rft Tfca current, at the aan* time. *f the nnssta. actuated a small electrc-magaet. whips Th* a*w arehbaaboct ha* mad* aa *a> llowsd anntr sufefauric add to ran oul Mtl«at liprsmlua apo* th* Henry aa* * P 0011 '"* '«*" «*<*». which. Is, laltr of St Louto aad wklle th* stcknsna wrn - ngat*d,-. spirit tamp under ths and «sath at Archbteao* Kaia an rs- eoffm to!l ' r B * "" Ilm «h «w " d his cosea wu hot ter of coagralnlsuoa on tb* part of those who knew him when he was an obscure. Tb * hah caicuiaiion that can be mad* e parish leas than M "bows inat the avarmge number of chiltr*a to tha white native family a e*atary ago in the United State* waa mot*, than SIR: ta UM It bait fall** to I*** H* Is atalehrav*. with a 1st as hard as I* the»riy dar* of Idaho. ax ev*ryoa* enrrted a pistol. J!Zi ; r knows to whe brought th«tr** to thu couatr? ****""*' r »Fra»«* Tha frai jreharsv-o* ta. PRtNCX AiiALBETtT. Imllar Prtne* Who Waa Mat Al-.i)i road of Water.) pened that a Udy in waiting- waa stmel with a bright Idea, which skn comnunlokud to the emprcaa. Acting on tfali eommanicatloa. the, amprass asntlortha sentry and bad* him notice the little priaoc'a appsaranea and aot I him If he appeared with n a n s Next morning th* young prince again left his room before th* nurse entered: f stroll. bat to hla great disappointment the sentry took not the l*a*t notlea of him. Immensely disappointed and upset, h* told Ua mother, with tears la his eyes, that the aeatrj had not acknowledged him. -It is became you bav* a dirty face," said ths empress. Prom that day forward ' th*r* waa never occasion to reprove tbe little lad for tailor* to tafc* his morel*! hath. ToaJ»»"" bi I la a. During a thunderstorm I In Wabcr county. Utah, th* rain carrisal down saillioni of smalt toads, from» Inch to an Inch and a half In length. * They ware ao de*p on th* highway that they Jted tbe w»*«t» of vahldm. and It with nlbcnlty that teams eonld get litt*/ - % H»«. wmnmrtthu an Inch a4 a *" Mt * * * - m rrwt br Cfcltifl"- aja^asmra, th*r ta. e root In (<_'«( ion Ealln*- > ' 600 busy men at Dallas. Tex., to plot And he la only a tiny bug. Th* boll weevil la a beetle with a age proboscis.' and came originally from Mexico. The extension of cottan growing In Ihe southern counties of- Texas made a bridge for him to cross be Rio Grande, and he wu first no- Iced In Bee county. Tex.. In ISM. The agricultural department experts proposed to the Texas legislature to stop growing cotton along the river for two years. andstarvetbeabsaselnout. "Who la going to paj-.the planters for this urine*?" asked the legislators. Since then the beetle has traveled at ie rail- of TS mill * to the northward. and IS mile* to the eastward every year. On Texas: soil the weevil has thrived like the rabbit in Australia, for females lay 300 to 700 eggs a year. They develop wltn the cotton boll itself, and eventually blight It ao that It»e* not open. Latest reports say that the pest Is present In Louisiana and Georgia, aa well as Arkansas. 'Boll w.eevil news has become a factor In tbe stock markat: the bears try to suppress It Louisiana opinion Is that the soil and the climate off the state will prevent any further spread there. Arkansas and Georgia conbdenuy hop* th* same. Insecticide doe* no good. Going over the field with revolving brushes that sweep off the affected plants la too costly The hope thai a certain "green bug" which waa tb* natural enemy of tb* weevil had been found waa soon dashed. The damag* to th* crop Is ,000 a year In Texas. Last year a large number of representative cotton men, with government experts and entomologists to advise, met In Dallas to begin a systematic light against theenemy. At their behest the ( government offered to any who would Snd a remedy for theevll. '. methoda have been exploited, without anybody having a shadow of a claim to tie reward. Tha Dana* convention lust held consisted of men representing thecottonlntervats, not only of Texas, but of all t parts of th* sonth atid -ven the north Texas to-<"»- would 0onbtlean give Iio,- OOO.OOOasqulr'Ty as It would haveaiven ItO.ODO a year ago for a remedy. Ben Michaels. Genrge Dubery and Fred A. Hodgem were rr»*ted st the Cottax (Wash.) coqtoiy (air for Mdnaptng. They hid a-negro boy 14 years i o( a*>* disguised sst a wild girl from Cuba, and conpeileri him to eat mud. Rufus Stone, the b^y"s father, came front Spot-ane and chirred tbe mem with havfar HAstr** Mi #m TH*T were aoiac a WX batata* when unit*! of Lord Rosebery. or Mr. Asquith. aa a 'BHiin, but he 1B regarded as the ody al leader of the 8rst rank under m the various dlsaereeable factions of the party of Gladstone could work in harmony at [he present time. It lspracly certain that neither Lord Rosebery, nor Sir Henry Cam p bell-ban neran, the present Hberal leader, would ire to hold office under the premier ship of the oiher. but pretty well authenticated report haa It that both would be willing to hold portfolios In a cabpresided over by Lord Spencer. In, case Lord Rosebery probably would affairs, while It Is thougbt Ibat Sir Henry would by made a peer, and thus transferred to the upper house. Mr. Asquith becoming leader of the house immons. with th? ticklish Job on his Chamberlain, who would almoatcertainly be the leader o( the opposition. t ban never been «ald of the "Red I" [hat he has bad any great ambition for the premiership, and although he has held various offices In parliament iml at court, he Is much attached to the life of a country gentleman. He owns acres In Northamptonshire, and bis half brother la his heir. ENTERPRISING BEGGARS. Cheklb Bey, the Turkish minister to rasbington. attended ID Philadelphia ie recent launching of the Turkish warship. Medjldia. at the Cramps' shipyard. During ibe luncheon following the launch. Cheklb Bey animadverted or a moment on the beggars of Phtla- CBEBtX BET. Uter ol th* Bubllm* Port* to th* United States.) delphia. "Ton have hers," he aald, "a* enterprising and intelligent collection of beggars. One of them approached me this morning. He told a moving tale of misfortune; then h* asked m* for a lituo money; I put m» hand In my pocket to find that I was altogether out of change. 'My man.' I said, 'I hav* nothing for yon now, but In an honr I shall be passing this way again. Then, I promise you. you shall get something from me.' 'All right, sir.' aald the beggar; 'but all the same.' be added, frei fully, 'you wouldn't believe the amour of credit I give In this way.' " H M» Omtrlek <bn Wuta*. Lee W. Wright, "the Suman oatrich.- who eata oystar shells, piece* of glass, tacks, buckles, wire nails and tough article, of that kind, lately applied for a place as clerk In tbe Mobile post office. The officials deemed him an unsafe man to have around, and he was so tbfotbmd. Wales the birds showed signs of extreme terror. One would Imagine that of all creatnre*. birds have the least rea son to be afraid of an earthquake; rat It secma to affect them with tha a \!:->;!' fear aa thoew which are tk th* earth. THE HOUSES OP MEXICO. THE CENSUS BUREAU, There Is a minimum of wood naad (or house construction In the cities of 'ilco. and there is absolutely nothing burn except what furnishings th* houses may contain, saya Arborlcttltnra. The walls are solidly built of stone and in the less costly structure*, of adobes, which are thickly plastered id out with mortar or atucco. Th* floor* are ot brict. atone or tiles, while th* rcofs are of brie It. laid in mortar, or. In some dttesc of eetnl-crllodrica] clay tiles. Many roofs are ached with kflmk, laid flat, not on edge, and it is marveli'os how client a enrv* la givt n come of these arches. Vet Ih ippc-r: heavy v e.fchi* and hi Flat roof are supported by 6x6-Ineh hewn pine Joists, placed eight Inches ipart. These jnisls ere often 20 feet In length. Tbe doors ere heavy. bang- Ing upon ornamented wrou&m strap hinges, and secured by strong, handuhich - Us. J arge. mplic ed teys. Pract n are he on'r wooc" HBPR in const :he doom and Joists which support the roof. The church roofs are invariably of brick nrebes. usually several arches In each. Then* nre no such fire traps In Mexico as ' those manoard roofs of French and American cities, or the frail of Cblaa. or the universal ructure* which have made mce so f ri*at a burden In the tes, and which cause so greit and contiguous expenditures for fire protection. \ RATTL2RS D3NE IH STONE. One ol!! the n- ill for Ih. delicate > line of IEH and said '.ha' si According to tntb.3 In the north front iera) building promises ice of min'l of the Inlor on Its surface in a r la apparently tbe oitt tta< old. i lalfl. the pie POBSil rding I i-yway thay colled rere gradually turned ot the where the ratri tr> seen plainly. li i^ 'he fact v <t pt-ilnl ii d If it w ulia featu side of the bn w Yo K-i t,te7. A M-CHIVE. :'jr. b^'leves t lere is no tica! aa the lelegrapb cr.-vr-ect (*ver thla - 1 ' r: ;-rif-t_ s tbe other tlowir^gbtory. eays the l.1 ' -' Ti.«<i<«. I norlred ^R ir. t»l- am Oft^*Ht;B-eiBBt H( T-TT a TusUr-n) "Fm Lcutedo 'reb'operaxmrt, end Mfindthe e'.urnm In r t'-e onrratrrii looved to 'h- other tone which TCC the news. All '.he i k, a- 6 ""very m>.i said he i word about the ihootrfile. aid the b stuff. s-e wetted li n held up a i to of paper conu a short the attack on ihe president. The operator had worked BO mecaanieallj that lie had bandied tf e news without tbeellgbt- st knowledge of Its elgulncanc*." Hot fgirfna-a -rllnwcd Out." The Clmarron salt fields in Indian territory boast of a large hot spring, which forma a pool about 30 by (0 feet A story of thla spring la told by cattie men who ramp near by. One night lmt summer a thunderstorm was ruling over the plain, when a bolt *tf lightning desiended. Instantly a gr-*t me of fl?me shot np a thonsud feet into the sky from the spring-, ud continued to Max* tor M mlnure*. Th* cowboy elaima that the hut springs "bltmed out" and that the location chanced several rods. A perfect phonographic record of t&i exanlstte aon* of the brown thrush was produced before the American Ornithologist! union by Prof. 8. T>. Jndd. With *jnsj success Dr. Jnild haa been eip^rimentlng with o bird*, and hi* achievements are tractlag attention la the «den world. The educational possibilities nf the undertaking are getieraliy,-onceded. Nature study In schools Is Jurt now receiving more attention. Ca»*t!e Alkalis. The electro.; s,-r >i..ction of «alkalis aad chlortn* has proved ot th* greatest importance to ths world of trads. Tha chlorine produced la uaed for making blaachtog powders which. In u n. has revolutionized ths blaachibg trad* hare and abroad. IwtereaUn g Figure* from the Report of Director North, According to the annual report of the director of the census for the fiscal year ng June 30, the twelfth censui of the United States cost $13,116, according to the computation! made ti> Direct** S. N. D. North. The total amount ol disbursements for' the permanent census omce Curing the year was $1,282, To this sum should be added the account! chargeable against the fiscal yea<- ending June 30, 1»J. which bave been presented for payment, amounting to S60.4SS.65. nml.lng. since July 1, tha total cost for thai year It Is estimated that tbe coat of printing ordered during th* ante year, but according to Informal loo ibtalned from tthe government printing ifflce. not begun until after tbe end ol ±t year, and therefore chargeable ic the appropriation for (he fiscal yest ending Jute wli be about The total cost of tbe census office from Its oreaofeation under the act ot ch to the close of tbe tut il year was S S.37. The rott parrying on tbe work of tbe offlct the Decat rrnr covered by this report waa $<o;.m8 29 less than the appropriations available for that purprar. Under the provisions of the act to supply deficiencies In the E.irroprlatlotn for the fiscal Tear, a- conetraed and lute* preted by the attorney?encral. the who> of thi' unexpended balance Is available general census purposes during (he floral year ending June 30, Aiding his unexpended balance to the rprutar.pproprlatlon voted by congress for tbe onduct of the cenfun office for the curem fiscal year *60 fwfcich it- ImUe tte allotmetii of ID lbs.pp'ropriatlon for public printing and bitt<!lck for that year), the lolal tnn< illable for lhat purpose is il.6s5.r.; In excess of the toul exfl. N. D. NORTH tin.) tbe fiscal pendltu June 30, Considerable space In the report Is <:< - o'.ni to a resume of the work cf tha division of manufacturers, one of the t important branches of the bureau. This (Ji. i ion has had charge of the work collecting statistics relating to electric id sm-k railways, mines and quarries, ectrlc light ana power plants, employes and wages, cotton production ald ail thlsgb relating to tnacu(acturea. With regard to the work cone In the collection of cotton statistic*. Mr. North»ye: "Another branch of work Intrusted to tble division has been tbe collection ot atlcs tit the quantity of cotton ginned ae United.States from the crop of In accordance with the provision! otisection 9 of the act establishing tha pejrmanect census omce. Compliance with this provision of law has required employment of 62C local special agents, located in as many counties - ughout the cotton-grow ing states. and SJEO a considerable office force. Three bulletins were Issued during tbe cotton-ginning aeason. Thefirstcovered the cotton ginned np to October 18, utd the second to December 13. and the third tbe quantity ginned from the entire growth of In addition to the colon of the statistics the Held and of force perfected the official list of.eries, which now contains the names of 3I.7S3 gins, of which SQ.MS were active during the season of IMS. Th* collection of these statistics required that.hree reports should be obtained from each of these gins, making a U>U1 of f2,s44 reports, which were obtained by irsonal visit to each (In. The rapidity with which thts vast number ot reports wan secured, transmitted to the ksua office, tabulated, added and th* iu)ta mad* public. 1* an Indication of the perfection of the machinery for th* collection of statistics of this character. "The cost of the field service required In thts Inquiry for the season of 1901 was For the crop season of 1903 five reports are contemplated, and the cost of tbe service will this year be Increased accordingly, and will reach approximately In view of the enormous Importance of the cotton crop, and the advantage to planters and consumers which come* from early and aceurate Information as to the site of the crop, it Is believed that this arnual expenditure on the part of the govfroment la warranted. The recsns office was enabled, by Its perfected machinery, to give the public an accurate and Deal statement of the sis* of the crop of 1»OS as early aa April 1 of tha present year, which w^^ n v t W*P*Mearlier tb*n this important information has»-»r h«fore been available from any ronrtr--hsi eooree. It* important bearing upon the cotton markat, n a aaaaoa of tueh unisual activity aa that through which. w* have passed thla year,to apparsnt," CONSTTl UTIONAUST TEX A 8 BOLL WEEVIL WILL WEAR PALLIUM ;!THE CENSUS BUREAU. to bur* except hat furnishing* ** bouses may contain. sajs Arboriculture. The wall, are solidly built of sum* <1 brick. or.! tbo less costly stnlctsrea. of adobes, which are thickly plaatared According to the annual report of the director of the census for the fiscal year ending June 90, the twelfth renaui of the United States coat $11,116.43* 37 according to the computations made by Director 8. N D. North. The total amount of dlsbureetnents for' year P ra a $I.ZS$.996 2* To this "sum should be added the account*chargeable against the fiscal yrar ending June which bar* been presented for pay ment. amounting to $60,496 IS. mallrg, alere July the total coat for that year It la estimated that the coat of printing ordered during tht same year, but according to Informal loo obtained Horn t(he government printing office, not b«gun until after the end ol the year, and therefore chargeable tr the appropriation for the fucal yeai ending Jure wll be about The total root of the census oflirt from Its orxafffcatlob under the act ot March to the done of the Iasi fiscal year was $13,116, The rent of carrying on the work C* the office far the fiscal year covered by this re- port was $ leas than the ap- propriations amiable for that purpose Under the provisions of the act to sup- ply deficiencies In the arvroprlotlons for The Boors are of brici.. atone or tiles, while the roofs are of brick, laid in mortar, or. In some dtlea.' of aeml-cyl* IndriraJ clay tuea Many roofs are ached with brio, laid fiat, not on edge, sad it la manreu-ua bow slight a curve I* given rota# o< these arches. Vet they upp'-r: b«avy vr^hu and hmva lao.ed lid that the "Red Earl." as r Is called. Is the equal lag upon ornamemed wrought strap hinges, and secured by strong band- made toc'.-a. which have remarkably large, complicated fcfijfi. Practically tbe rn y wood used In construction are the doors and Joists which support the root The church roofs are Invariably of brick arches, usually several arches In each. There are no such fire traps In Mexico as those mansard roofs of French and Americas cities, or tbe frail dwalllcks of China, or the univereil wooden struesures which have made fire InsM-xace ao groat a burden In the United Siatea. and which cause so prevt and congruous expenditure* for fire protection. \ pertence or pretefid to experience the state of mind of a born aristocrat In his ancestral borne without submitting to ancient conditions Tbe shrewder American millionaires propoee to build their own ancestral homes In their own country within easy reach of the busy cities and where no traditions bind tbum to tbe life of priva- tion which is tbe Jot of tbe foreign arts toe racy. RATTL2RS DONZ IN STONE. preted by the attorney renml the who!* of this unexpended balance Is arallamt for general census purposes during tbs fiscal year ending June Atfdlzg this unexpended balance to the regular appropriation voted by cocgreas for Ihf conduct of the census office for the cur- rent fiscal year tl.1tt*fifl f which It- eludes the allotmeht of ffwi.oort In th* appropriation for public printing and hindleg for that year), tbe total row available for that purpose Is $1 OSJ» 29 or In excess of the total ex- t Acknowledged Lender of ths Liberal * Party In Kngiand.) of Lord Rosebery, or Mr. Asquith, aa a statesman, but he is regarded aa the only liberal leader of the first rank under whom the various disagreeable factions of the party of Gladstone could work in harmony at the present time. It la prac- tically certain that neither Lord Roae- bery. n*»r B'.r Henry Campbell-Banner- man. the present liberal leader, would care to hold. fflee under th# premier- ship of the other, but prrtty well au- thenticated report has it that both would be willing to bold portfolios In a cab- inet presided over by Lord Spencer. In such cnee Lord Rosebery probably would become secretary of state for foreign affair*, while it I* thought that Sir Henry would bj made a peer, and thua transferred to the tipper house. Mr. Aaqulth becoming leader of the house of commons, with th- ticklish Job on bis hands of circumventing the assaults of Mr Chamberlain, who would almost cer- tainly be tbe leader of the opposition. It has never been said of tbe Red Earl that he has had any great ambi- tion for the premiership, and although be haa held various offices in parliament and at court, he 1* much attached to the life nf a country gentleman He owns acres in Northamptonshire, and his half brother Is his heir. 8tstee. The fee# of the secretary, con alstlng largely In legal tribute from for- eign corporations, incorporating undo the laws of this territory, constituted at Income exceeding the amount paid b> the country to the president. Gov. Bro- dle recommended In his met-age to th«legislature that these fees go Into th«territorial treatury. the work to be per- formed by the auditor A Mil embody- ing this recommendation was Intro- duced. The secretary. It Is alleged fought It inch by Inch until within a few days nf the close of tbe session. when It narrow.y passed. He Is tow accused of bavin* bribed legislators, making false official reports sad with tbe de- struction of his fee hooka Mr. Stoddard Is the *o*-ln-law ol Judge Celora Martin, of Binghamton. N. Y. and la credited with havlfig InCuence with both Odell and Platt. nomologists of In their efforts WANTED QUEEN'S COURIER. One ol th * plinths in the north front of the n-w federal building promise* ill for the peace of mind of the In- veterate *oi«r. lor on Ha suriace in a delicti* ea-try le apparently the on- line of mmy ratilcaaalea. says the In- dlanapol's News. An old stone man from the Bedford quarries called at- tention ro the freak several days ego and said.ha such marking* were very unusual. Accordlt g to his story these snakes existed m/ny years ago. In prehistoric tlrnra. Inc*, in the era when the pit-ta for fairy itorles were laid, poserly these sn*' e» were cold. a.-cording *o his story, anyway they coiled closely to one ant *h*r and In that form were petrified rid were gradually turned Into xtone The stone e>.pert also pointed oi where the retries of the snal c may b- seen plainly. On- of tl o most peculiar features of the stone In 'he fact that the tracery shows mint plainly during damp weather, a* d If It were on the south sid- of the Solid lag. It Is sa*d the rub would soon bleach Its delicate tracery until It woi. d be no longer discernible. On acco-mt >f Its t resent situation the' «un seldom exrhce It. but when It does tbe outline.*.if the snakes tompletely When your American millionaire wants anything be wants tbe beat." ob- served ao Englishman, who was a "queen s messenger In Victoria's reign. "He'e willing to pay well for It. too. "1 know tbla from an experience 1 once had la Constantinople After my signature on tbe hotel register I added, for reasons of my own. 'queen s courier.* "Tbe next day I we* surprised to re- ceive a card bearing the name of a well- known wealthy American I couldn't re- member tbe gentleman, but, thinking that I'd probably met him on a steamer or on a train somewhere. I told tbe serv- ant him up. "A few minutes later a short, fat man who conveyed the general effect of too much diamond stud and watch chain was ushered la. -I rose to meet him. " *How are your he started off la a courier, ale t you* Well. now. Pll tell vou. I'm here with my family been tourin' Turtiey. y* know and our cour- ier's left na. Now I know you've got a pretty comfortable Job with the queen, but I flout rare hew much ft la: If you'll come with us. well give you a darn sight moren's she's payin Wbaf fyer say7" 8. N. D NORTH. (Director ef the - United fitstre Genius Bureau.) pendlturea for the fiscal year er.dfcg June JO. 190$. Considerable space In tbe report Is de- voted to a resume of the work of the division of manufacturers, one of the moat In porta cl branches of the bureau. Tbla dlv Irion haa bad charge of tbe work of collecting tatlstlcs relating to electric and street railways, mines and quarries, electric light and power plants.employes and wages, cotton production sld all things relating to manufactures. With regard to tbe work done In the collection of cotton statuucs. Mr Norik mnt "Another branch of work Intrusted to tbla dlvliion haa b'e n th- roilrrticn of stntlstic* < f the quantity of cotton ginned in the United.States from the crop of in accordance with the provisions of; section 9 of the act establish Its the pefrmanect census office. Coen pll sue* with this provision of law haa required the employment of 436 local special agents, located In aa many counties th roue bout ths cotton-growing states, and also a considerable office force. Three bulletins were Issued during tbe cotton-ginning season. The first cov- ered the cotton ginned up to October 1$. and the second to December 1$. and the third the quantity ginned from tbe entire growth of la addition to the col- lection of the statistics the field and of- fice force perfected the official Hat of ginneries, which now roe tains the names of gins, of which 99,94$ were ac- tive during ths season of The col- lection of these statistics required that three reports should be obtained from each of these gins, making a total of 92J44 reports which were obtained by a personal visit to each gin. Tht ra- pidity with which this vast number of reports waa secured, transmitted to tbe census office, tabulated, added sad the remits made public, is an indication of the perfection of the machinery for the collection of statistics of this character. The cost of the field service required In this Inquiry for the season of 190) was $6*090 For tbe crop season of 1903 five reports are contemplated, and to breakfast without being washed. If possible. th little prince would slip out of bed and into bis cloches before the curse arrived on the sc see to attend to his dressing, for thus he escaped the matutinal both which he detested. Be- fore entering the room where the royal family breakfasted tbe little prince would scroll around the bouse, and each time he passed the sentry ha enjoyed being saluted by the soldier, says Home Note«At breakfast be would inform his brother* of the soldier's salutation with great satisfaction, and thus It bap- Chekib Bey. tbe Turkish minister to Washington attended in Philadelphia the recent launching nf the Turkish warship. Medjldla. at tbe Cramps ship- yard. During tbe luncheon following the launch. Cbeklb Bey anlmadvertod for a moment on the beggars of Pbtla- A Edison h-'ioves t iere le no ; o, rhxlleal as tbe telegraph 1* tn Err-treet over this i or**» cf frier C% tbe other.1 -*c:.owlr.g story says the 1. i tr;9 a rub* opera- '!. I noticed an Immense V* -t 1- the srrset outside a e. I rai>d tbe att-ctloa r. o the-rowd. and -'r key rut to find the *. l- r-.r.t. M-re cmedia " f i > Letted out e oocratcre looked o*her»o tee whleh the news. All 'he < -very man eald he >rd about the shoot- Latest report* say that th* pent I* present In Louisiana and Georgia, aa well aa Arkansas. (Boll Weevil news has become a factor la the stock market; del phi a "You have here." he said, "aw enterprising and Intelligent collection of beggars. One of them approached me this morning He told 9 moving I promise you. you shall get something from me' 'All right. *lr.' said the bee- gar; but all the earns.' he added, fret- felly. you woulda't believe the imouat cf credit I give tn this way/" MMed of men representing th# cot ton In- terests. not only of Texas, but of all parts of tbs aostb ahd -ves the north. Texas to-da- would doubtless give $1# aa quid'ly a* ft would have given Ls* W. Wright, "thenuman ostrich* who eats oyster sheila, places of glass, taeka. buckles, wire nails and lough ar- ticles of that kind, lately applied for a place as clerk In the Mobile post of- fice. The officials drenxd him aa un- safe man to have around, and he was ao

3 THE CONSnnjTIONAUST HE NEW mm ^SbeWil Move the World I 1 II TKdonotllvelna republic: \ A / * ws l 7. T"" «<>» T** V V founders of tbe nation. " * who held It to be aelf evldcnl that all mankind are created equal, thought they wera starting a republic, but they wers mistaken. 1 can wbfcli 'mla^the^cltctas^ or^lnis land, were recently aboeked by tha report that a bachslor belonging to their s»ci*d ranks was going to marry s girl who worked tor her living. Tbe young cism wss nothing extra Intellectually or physically. If be bad been a poor youth be might possibly hsve earned rattotr «!iabby living as some kind of n nniierling. but having Inherited an «nno»l Income that of Itself would h.w ronstltuted a fortune during lifeline for half a doxen large families If 1* tij been divided among them, be WM p«t tbinff*. according to ua, the ^^Mihlp those wbo have money. ol and it lent ss well mannered aa mtny of tbe gay set to which the yostb belonged, jrt tbe rumor that the mflllonalro wu actually to marry her crated almost as much disturbance as tbi story tbst the German crown prince wanted to marry an American beauty, fioefety breathed again, however, for tbf minor concerning the engagement of a millionaire to a working girl was sliawn to be false, as false, for Instance, as tbe foundation upon which imiui distinction In America Is built Th# splendid dream of the signers of tha Declaration of Independence baa besn nearly despoiled. Only this mnch mbslni of It that there la yet In our land opportunity for every person to beeotne s true lady or gentleman In spqe of money worship* There are the public schools, the night schools, tb* free lectures, the literary clubs. Alt may secure a good education. All In.this couuux may acquire the manners and tb* language of tbe cultured man ond woman. Tlie Idea of what true social distinctly Is bated upon has somehow lodged itself In my bead and will not out A boor, whether man or woman, la one who Is Ignorant, selfish. 111 bred careless and untidy In personal habits. There are such often among mil- IHmnlro men and women, and these ciinnut be ladies and gentlemen. On the other band. I bave had a mechanic, swamfltter. come Into my flat to fepllr hot water pipe wbo bad tbe ijiiii.n. r. of a knight He was noblo Itwklnx, clean and aa to bis drew. perfect as to bis English, scientific li knowledge of bis business." That mai.was s gentleman, and George Washington could not have overslaughed him. I*t every one of tha hundreds of thousands of American glrta who earn a modest living In shop, factory of office koow that It la Incumbent on bi»r to be a real lady, gentle, sincere add low voiced, courteous and polish** If ber manners, correct In her English UflT In ber dress. Aa truly as the sui shines. Ibis Is all that constitutes the real lady, and every worn achieve It. t K -The older I grow tbe fewer opinions E hsve concerning other people's ttgirls. learn to use your hands. Learn to use hatchet, hummer, saw, chue and screwdriver as well as tbe needle (earn to draw from the real object and to draw well. You can do that with out a true her. Manual training I> now the demand. Tbe woman who cannot B*e her bands will be left * * Since written blstory began men ba been making fun of women and rev Ibg and blaming tbem. Tbe oldest records sbow It. Adam began It In the garden of Eden. It constitutes a large pan of the stock iu trade of too funny papers today. Vet now, when woman baa learned to write, if she says one Word sgsinst man. Instantly taueals out that she Is "antagonizing falm" and muat stop It for be can' Stand It. Dear..!.. r: What of all the centuries during which man I aslagonielng woman? «* Tbe superintendent of the telegraph company that has recently employe) girl* Instead of boys aa messen, Boston reports. -The girls an u* better service than tb* boya, as they attend strictly to business." «' I I am glad scientific authorities are beginning to Ond out what aouw of us have always known that hard work. does not drive half so many people ' crsiy as laalness. There Is no preaerva. ttve of health, happiness and youthful I ness like steady employment at worl j on* loves enthusiastically. And If you don«t like your work and cant g*t 1 ret make yourself like It Ytsi fan do ; that, and there la everything In It. * During the late campaign In New Vint city s woman's organisation be* one of the largest of tba many poll leal meeting*. Tbe president of tb woman'* league occupied the chair and Introduced tbe men speaker* to an dience consisting mo* IT of men. The speakers were candidates for various offices. Tne same league of women raised snd paid to the men's committee hundreds of dulurs to help ran i campaign. The women raised rhe m< T. and tbe men spent It Thus seem* that politically woman ta get «"jgb to do everything ncept bom KUZ.' \RCHARD CUNNER. The window is perhaps toe most Imjirtunt feature of the room, and if It, uvtefoily decorated tbe whole room looks pretty. Tbe careful bouse furnisher looks out flr»t for the carpsn,.[ curtain*, and then sotnebow tbe rest of the furniture seems to take can of It- WINDOW FURNISHINGS. SEPARATE WAISTS. fe*f ftill An W*r* IK f**m W The separato waist still flourishes to pale tints to match the costume with which It la worn. Gray, Invender and nre white seem to be tbe favorite oolora. Tbe most aervlceabla material Is crepe de chine, but Isce, soft stlka and chiffons are all popular. Tbe wide collar or cape effect la also mart on waists, and where this Is r.t seen tbe long shoulder seam takes ts place. V shaped yokes of moderate abce are effective on a separate blouse, and tbe rich and eipen- -:-.-. The day of beavr brocades la paat and we are no longer limited men ted lace curtains. In fact tbe stiff white curtain' has entirely gone out _ of style. For the drawing room KAWTT BFT*CT. ttmte ape 0]iny curtains or lace or net very soft and amy In tint, and some of these are ite Inexpensive. They sre not auslded by means of hooks or rings, but ) shirred on to a narrow brass bar placed on tbe Inside of tbe window Theae cnrtalna are frequently quite short reaching In some cases only ' lurtalu la desired ft bangs In straight folds down tbe floor and Is drawn back In order to show the dainty Inner curtains, Tbe sketch shows a pretty effect These outer curtain* need not be expensive. There are silk and linen mixtures Iu old rose, pale green, pale bine and yelow, which are very effective. They ome in empire or Louis XV. designs md In wreaths, crowns and fleur-de-lis, riicn there are the linen English creinea so heavily ribbed and mellow their pale colorings that they look Jke tapestry. Figured china silk makes retty outer curtains, too, especially 'hen combined with white woodwork. Tbe Inner shades need no longer be f unattractive linen. They now come i all the pale shadea to match the room, and tbe ends are decorated with 'ringe In scallops or with two lnser- Jons of coarse lace and a lace edge dyed to match tbe shade. For the bedrooms nothing Is prettier mi plain muslin frilled, or If one wlsbes a change from white curtains are pretty French mulls daintily sprayed with rosebuds. These can el- )HT be mode up by tbem selves or nith white ruffles. There are ecru net curtains for the dining room and library, and the newthese come with a border of applique In red, blue or green. They sell " ' 13 i pair. But plenty of pretty itcrinia an* sold by tbe yard, and they only require a narrow hem they an easily made. Oriental weavei ' itripes or solid colon are always In good taste. The figured madras is the prettiest aterlal for window draperies tbat bas been seen In many a day. The grou: work la sheer, allowing tbe llgbt pass through, and tbe figuring* In dull reds, greens and yellows give sc what of a stained glass effect Cnrif this description are not caught back. They hang In straight folds tbe Boor and are not very full in order Dint tbe figuring* may be clearly If tbe woodwork Is pretty they ilrrcd on to a small rod Inside of the frame and close to tbe window. BEATRICE CLIFTON. ENTRANCE HALLS. Nowadays many bouses have squat mm for entrance ha Hi. Instead of the narrow, cheerless affair* of the past ind these are rumlsbed much In style of a living room. Tbe Illustration sbowa bow an tlque Idea was utilised, and a very imart effect was gained. Tb* woodwork Is In squares of dark oak. and tbe celling fs tinted to harmonise. The tnasalr* Dreplace and the carved tables and chairs are all of thla rich, dull Inish. and the tone ts relieved by the red leather cuabloos of tbe chairs, by tbe brass andiron* by tbe old portralta In their dull gilt frame*. The old English window Is particularly attractive, with Its frosted panes and flpiirrd dltulty cumins, and tb* de<r rvd rug aridft another tone* of cujor to tbe vbote. R. DE LA n.vlmi: ; GIRLS WITH SMALL INCOMES with Qraait Or*. The girl with a small Income must hoose her costumes with cans, but If be doea tbfs she will often find herself letter dressed than ber sinter whose rger means sometimesraaksjherpurlase things without doe reflection. Always remember that It Is better t* re-one good costume than three Indifferent ones. Study the styles carefully, snd choose what you find best tutted for you. With one walking costume of mixed poods and a dressy tailor ronde for visting, a fffrl will and herself well dressed for tbe street. Tbe waiving costume be made of black flecked with silk or crepe de chine la tucked la groups all around. Stole trimmings; are Uy In demand, and these are made daintily out of lace and embroidery. Black and white effects In lace - are gained by means of embroidery touch- >. Circular gauging* are used: foi yokes and are often relieved by atripes of fancy embroidery. Elbow sleeves are voluminous affairs, with frills reaching far below tbe length of the arm. These frills are if sheer chiffon net etc, put on very full. Tbe illustration shows a peau de sole gown trimmed will) white chiffon ami issenoe lace. JUDIC CHOLLKT. FOR EVENING WEAR. The flcbu effect decorates sei 'veiling gowns. It is made of chiffon ind fine net and edged with narrow elret to sbow off tbe whiteness of the neck. Sleeves nre becoming larger; larger, and tbis worries the average dressmaker, for she must plan the trimming carefully In order to avoid tbelr appearing clumsy. Spotted and figured velvets are c In demand this winter. Cream evening wrap* are sll the rage again for evening wvaf. They an trimmed wltb Irish lace and sable. French sailor shspes of coarse lace and fur are am sag tbe novelties. Thej are trimmed with beautlftdly shaded i Iff on rosettes are sewed at Interon tace rallies to give n Huffy ef feet lah- decorations are of a more mod. slae to go wltb the low style of hair dressing. Gun metal gray la a very fashionable tint and harmonises well with moleakin and squirrel snd with the rich looking pluabes whlcb no closely follow the shade* and markings ol these furs. A very pale Japanese blue goes admirably wltb the gun metal tint r it It requires an amplitude of lace of Beetle tooe and some brightly enameled or old silver buttons to make a smart gown.. Tbe cat sbowa aa evening, coat of white doth. Irish lace and sam*, JUDIC rilollxt. CHIFFON VELVET. Hsa Bvaaasr «Km.fcion.fcK-. Chiffon velvet bas almost entirely supplanted tbe ordinary make of this material, for It Is so supple and so IBSrous that even tbe best silk velvet poks cheap by It* side. almost any smart function thla irinter chiffon velvet dresses prevail. They are made in elaborate tailor (ashon andvre worn with handsome stoles of fur and much be plumed toques. Tbe most fashionable color aeema to tal gray, and the luster of He, of navy bine or of brown, tbe skirt kilted just to clear the ground ind tbe Jacket three-quarter length. Tbe gloves and petticoat should atcb tbe costume with which they A turban shape ls'pretty to go wltb be walking costume, and It may be trimmed with shaded cock 1 * plumage. Tbe illustration shows a useful gray cloth coat having a tinted lace collar. Is trimmed wltb monflon fur. JUDIC CBOLLBT. WHAT IS WORN. Color, and Fufclva Adnplf-d by Well G«ru< WumrB. Bright blues are very smart lof afternoon gowns, made with tne hat to match. Browns and grayv. are to be met with on all sides, and quite a bit of lavender and purple Is also populi Coarse laces are dyed to match blue and brown chiffons, and the effect of a gown of this description!» very these are boned In a doaen places so that they will be sure to retain the shape of the figure. The new skirts ar* fuller than i and they are much better made lined and simply worn over a slip or a well fitting underskirt Pettlcora are borouiiiik more voluminous, and they fcave more ruffle* than ever In order to bold ont tb* full skirt*. e ni-w pettieo-tttt rcprlre as n skill In cutting n«nn n\m-i\z skirt. Ecru lace in m*d ia n variety of ways for g&n~u*. TT'nist* i'nd even Dgees. In 'tte pirttirp yon *-t:i ligee of ttn*.--" bief- trtnuwd wit* dainty anrrcrw VP!V : <!. >'tmc.''hoixbt. Tb* only violin <n the world; mad* from the claw of a giant lobster has Juat been completed by John H. Dadmun. l 429 Berkley street. Camden, N. t. This unique Instrument strange to say, can be made to produce as sweet musical tones as any high-class violin. Its owner gives the following aa the story ol Its life: The lobster from which the claw WM taken waa caught off Gloucester, Mass., In March, 1SS3. In time It came to Concord. N. H.. where Mr. Dadmun»aw It. Utla Is toned down In spots by of embroidery and deep gray and Next In popularity cornea an odd, rather silvery shade of brown, which goes particularly well with sables ox >r fox. one Of New York's most fashiontea rooms recently no fewer tbau eight beautiful costumes In chiffon velvet of this shade were to be Been., There are also very smart gowns ol black chiffon velvet trimmed with rich Irish lace and black chenille, but these re worn by older women. Tbe dressy tailor made may be of gray doth or velvet made with a bit of fringe or dyed lace and aome pretty buttons. A white or gray lace walsi may accompany this and a large gray ind white plumed bat. Iu millinery chiffon velvet Is posl Hvelv uneqnaled, for* It Is light In weight and lends itself to intricate nanlpulation. Tbe Illustration shows a hat of thii elvet In a fawn shade. It is trimmed wltb a brown ond green wing. JUDIC CHOIXET. SMART BOLEROS. Amn la tfce Cat of Wklat. SDI.11 Coats. Three-qasrter length cloth costumes ire seen for general utility wear. For dressier occasions, however, the short bolero with the wide belt Is to be preferred. This bolero Is made In double ind triple effects, and often the overhanging part Is bordered with fringe. Tbe outline of the figure la loat In uiany of.the new bodices, they are so Ix-frilkili Bertha effects, and especial ly deepf ones, are very smart, especially for evening toilets. Fullness ii A CtJHIOUS VIOUBV LOBSTER CLAW VIOLIN. At that Ume the lobster weighed 1714 pounds, A single claw weighed pounds. The claw that Mr. Dadmun preserved, after the lobster had gon< " way of such things, was 13% Inches long 7 Inches broad and 3% Inches thick. Preserved among other curiosit(> the Dadmun household, the giant remained a claw for many years. Out shaped something like a violin, and b«tried the experiment of fashioning It ti look more like tbat popular musics Instrument. After nnr-h patient effor Mr. Dadmun managed tb transform the claw Into a violin tba! could be played Tbe tone wds sweet, but cot loud enough for an orchestra. Experiment, prov that by changing the fittings and aettln the tone could be much loudi As It Is now the violin when played properly sounds exactly HUe any other lin. It Is doubtless the most curiotu T HERE la no doubt the cat population oogbt to be improved, likewise diminished, one «t the nuisance* of this land hi the ever Increasing number of tramp -it* that Infest It Starved, gaunt, toned by cruel boys, destroying tbe redoua wild birds, making night hldwlth their yowling*, they troop la itry and town. Heal loyer* of tb* ellne tribe can wish nothing bettei ban that these tramp cats be abolished off tbe face of the earth, and ' "i ahonld be done.n the speediest; st merciful way wherever tbey an ind by persons who have at bean he Interest of both the cat and human t rearing falgfa bred, fashlonabl* cats for profit that is a different proposition. Women and cats somehow m to belong together, there being apparently a peculiar sympathy bereen them. A few fashionable Amer an ladle* bave already established itteriea for tbelr own pleasure and entertainment, though not specially ai source of Income. Among these la Bofstm, who la especially fond of Siamese cats. She bas a Often ild to be Vfortb $3,000, wi,ich costi W annually 11,500 to maintain. Mrs. Charles Wood Is another cat fancier. her champion feline Is priced at S.000. In the matter of cat cultnra Englishwomen sre ahead of Ameri. they having mada the cat fad 'ashlonable a number of years ago. Ia ary, 1S9S, Lady Uarcus Beresford founded tbe National Cat Club of Great Britain. It now holds' annum] shows which are very successful, omf cats being entered for competition. Lady Marcus Beresford has the handsomest and most elaborate cattery la England. The cat fad there la all tba more popular because Queen Alexandra warm supporter of Improved cat culture and fond of the animals tbem- Tbere might be profit In cat farming -rearing the common ferine, Just plain cat, for Its fur, which la becoming valuable us the supply of fur bearing animals Is being exhausted. It Is practically certain, however, that rearing choice and fashionable cats Tor ssls ild return a good income. It already does BO In Great Britain, where a numr of women have taken the business hand. A natural fondness for cats POLITE POTATO FREAE.. m Hat T] MUM r HrlnK Soppllert wll Tnlirr Closely IH-.. Hunan Porn. The military looking potat. portrait Is presented herewith, was grown by a New York farmer. Neither tbe man who dug the potato noi those who packed it recognized IU lifelike appearance and expression. It waa unusually large, weighing a trifle more than a pound and a half. When It came to be packed its size ol (he farm' refuily UM 1 not only seen In tbe frost but also In tbe back, where It is foiled in to a wide, tight waistband. Silk fringe with a dsep network is ne of the most fashionable trimmings possible, and It ia mucb used on crepe de chine and veiling gowns. Tbe pouch front Is leas assertive than formerly, bnt It still remains In a modified form. Blouses of heavy lace are made with a thin lining of chiffon and a wide folded belt Velvet blouses are prepared for wear- Ing with coat and skirt costumes, and tbe pin spotted velvets are most attractive when lightly trimmed with a few motifs of lace or made with a small V shaped yoke and collar of lace. Ornaments of cbenllle nnd silk are freely used on bodices find blouses, and lace la decorated with disks of velvet or with Stitched bnndh and borders. The Illustration shown a nnipra made of moleskin In a triple effect, with a wide Jeweled belt. The turknn worn with tbl» la of ett.-!-n>. -rrnir rhoi-let. MUSING POTATO FREAK. barrel which was to bring it to Ne York. It chanced that the commission me chant who unpacked the potatoes wi a man of Imagination, and he Instant recognized the semblarce to the hi man form. Tbe only artificial add) tlons since It left the ground before being photographed were the hat and the pipe and the eyes. It will be seen these adjuncts merely lend an appearance of brightness. KHIHI >r Batlsw Ran VW Charles Wingau, aged SO ywra, rtiad from poisoning by strychnine, a* Peoria Mrs. Wtneate, who has beei mucb troubled by rata. made two plea. One of these she prepared for table uae In the other she pat a large dose Strychnine. It waa th* Intention Mrs. Wyngate to place the rat pie the floor of the closet, but she neglect ed to do so. and her husband, coming In hungry when she waa not In the roon took thifirst pie he saw and ate it U: fortunaflly. it was the wmng pie: Tb* coroner's Jury censured Mrs. Wyngat for leaving tbe poison la a manner a easilt mlatak&blc A rtihiiit. T.I«»«. Galileo's drat t«iea ope uat mad «piece of lead water-pipe, a each of which be cement*d ccmtnoa spaeu- A PERFECT CATTERI/ There b Profit h B and a knack In talcing care of tbem ara lecessary to begin. The rest can b* ichleved by Intelligence, determination and perseverance. A requisite to success would be tba selection of fashioua.bli- breeds to real sale. The most popular at present tlio long, silky, furry haired kinds, ably chinchillas, blue Persians and Siamese. The chinchilla ia of the color of tbe fur of that name. Her coat Is extremay long, thick' and silky, the tall very jiisliy. The cats In tbe cages In ths illustration are J cbinchiilas. The moat famous cat In the world la a chinchilla, Zalda. valned by experts at $1,250. Zaida is a female and has taken mart than seventy cups and prises, longs to Hiss Willougbby, sn '. Chinchilla* are among the moat fashionable cuts of all, but they ara likewise rather delicate, apt to be attacked with pneumonia and consumption. This makes them somewhat difficult to rear. It is to be observed tbat a cat's lungs seem to be Its weak point Consumption, that too, of a very Infectious kind. Is not uncommon among feline*. most or quite equal in favor wltb the chinchillas an tba blue Persian cats. Angoras are the same as Fenian, Angora being merely a Persian town famous for Its. pure bred, handsome cats. The 1 fashionable Persian blue cat i beauty among feline ' fancier* and brings a high price. The pure breed hi all over blue, or wbat passe* for blue, among cat people, without hair's variation trots thla color. Another distinguishing characteristic of blue Persians la an orange eye, tbat appears In no otber cat Then there Is tbe Siamese cat which tewa loader than a cat of any other reed can do. tbougn It spilt Its throat For this reason some persons do not like Siamese cats. Still, tboae wbo d» like them are enthusiaatlcally fond of them, and tbat makes up. This breed of cats In Siam la only allowed to be owned by the royal family. That of Itself Is reason why It should be cultivated by fashionables. The Slave** cat of tola breed Is of a fawn color. Some specimens of tbe tribe owned by Lady Beresford and considered very ran and valuable an of a chocolate Out Tbe hair of cats of thla breed is smoother and shorter than that of the Persians, and tbe eyes are always blue. A characteristic Is two or moce bald spots on the forehead. The most successful and profitable cattery, of course, will b* tbst In wbleh tn* pets are allowed to live most nearly In tbe natural way". ' MAHY EDITH DAT. THE CONSTirUTIONAUST WINDOW FURNISHINGS. Perfect Catter u.< b~o rnmplrud by Job. H. D^lrnun. M in B.rU<; reft. CuMan. N. J ThU uolqqa Inalramint. atrano to tms. can be mad* to produce as sweet musical tons* ms sd y high-class violin. Its own- er sires the following ms the story oi Its life: The lobster from which the elmw wma taken *u cmu«ht off Gloucester. Mass., In March In time It came to Con cortl. N. H.. where Mr. Dsdmun saw It With one welkins ccetnme of mixed poods and a dressy tailor made for vis- iting. Kiri will And herself well dress- ed for the street. The welkin* costume may be made of black flecked with tmslr ulnb,n tmcx - nw lot* the whit* curtain has en- UrH7,on * 001 VVWXVOOO of style Forth* drawing room a ttxtxtr imn. Ib, M gli, r curtains of lace or net. rery soft and creamy in tint, and aome of these are quite Inexpensive. They are not sus- pended by means of books or rings, but are shirred on to a narrow brass bar placed on the Inside of the window frame. These curtains are frequently quite short, reaching in some cases only to the sill. If a second curtain Is de- sired it bangs In straight folds down to the floor and la drawn back in order to show the dainty Inner curtains. Tbs sketch shows a pretty effect These outer curtains need not be expensive. There are silk and linen mixtures In But rearing high bred, fashionable cats for proflt that Is a different pro* ositlon. Women and cats somehow seem to belong together, there being apparently a peculiar sympathy bw tween them. few fashionable Amec lean ladles have already established catteries for their own pleasure and entertainment, though not specially as a source of Income. Among these la Mrs. Hofstra. who is especially food of Siamese cats She has a cattery said to be worth * which costa her annually #1.300 to maintain. Mm Charles Wood la another cat fancier, and her champion feline la priced at #3,000. In the matter of cat cultnre Englishwomen are ahead of Amer leans, they having made the cat fad fashionable a number of years ago. In January Lady Marcus Berreford founded the National Cat Club of Great Britain. It now holds annual shows which are very successful. OOtf eats being entered for competition. Lady Marcus Be res ford has the ban* somest and most elaborate cattery la England. The cat fad there la all the more popular because Queen Alexandra la a warm supporter of Improved cat culture and food of the animals them- ILaui income that of Itself would hast roostitntfd a fortune during Ufo- tor half Urge families If tt kid been divided among them, bo -* great things, according to us. the who get down upon our face* Tid worship those who bare money. 7S girl was a good girl, well edocat- rd and tt hast *» well mannered as many <rf the gay a^ to which the yotfb belonged, yet the rumor that the mill Ion a ire was actually to marry her erfeted almost as much disturbance as th4 story that the German crown prince wsntrd to marry an American beauty. Society b rest bed again, however, for t}* rumor concernlag the engagement of a millionaire to a working girl was sb#vo to be false, as fslae. for In- stance. as the foundation upon which soda I distinction In America la built. Tig splendid dream of the signers of the federation of Independence has bran nearly despoiled Only this much remains of tt-that there Is yet In our land opportunity for every person to bewsne a true lady or gentleman In spile of money worship. There ate the public schools, the night schools, the free lectures, the literary dobs All may secure a good education. All In this country may acquire the man- ners and the language of the cultured this la toned down In spots by masses of embroidery and deep grey and white fringe. Next In popularity comes an odd. rather silvery shade of brown, which goes particularly well with sables or sliver fox. In one of New York's most fashion- able tea rooms recently no fewer than eight beautiful costumes In chiffon velvet of this shade war* to he aeon., There are also very smart gowns of Mark chiffon velvet trimmed with rich Irish lace and black cbenllle. but thee* are worn by older women. The drrtsy tailor made may be of gray doth or velvet, made with a bit of fringe or dyed lace and some pretty buttons. A white or gray lace waist may accompany this and a large gray and white plumed hat. In millinery chiffon velvet la poel lively unequolcd. for* It Is light In weight and lends Itself to Intricate manipulation. The Illustration shows a bat of this velvet In a fawn shade. It Is trimmed with a brown and green wing. JUDIC CHOLLBT. low, which are very effective. They come in empire or Louis XV. designs and in wreaths. crowns and fleur-de-lis. Then there are the linen English cre- tonnes so heavily ribbed sod mellow to their pale colorings that they look like tapestry. Figured china silk makes pretty outer curtains too. especially When combined with white woodwork. The Inner shades need no longer be of unattractive linen. They now come In all the polo shades to match the room, and the ends are decorated with fringe In scallops or with two Inser- tions of coarse lace and a lace edge dyed to match the shade. For the bedrooms nothing la prettier than plain mnalln frilled, or If one wishes a change from white curtains there are pretty French mulls daintily sprayed with rosebuds. These can ei- ther be made up by themselves or with white ruffles. There are ecru net curtains for the dining room and library, and the new- est of these come with a border of ap- plique in red. blue or green. They sell for #3 a pair. But plenty of pretty materials sm sold by the yard, and as they only tequlra a narrow hem they re easily made. Oriental weaves In tripe* or solid colors are always In LOBBTFR CLAW VIOLIN (Carious Instrument Made by s Man In At that time the lobster weighed 17** pounds A tingle claw weighed pounds. The claw that Mr. Dadmun pre- served. after the lobster had gone thi way of such things, was 11% Inches long 7 Inches broad and 1% laches thick. Preserved among other curiosities of the Dadmun household, the giant claw remained a claw for many years. On* day it occurred to lu owner that It was shaped something like a violin, and he tried the experiment of fashioning It tc look more like that popular musical Instrument. After nricb patient effort Mr. Dadmun managed tb transform the claw into a violin that could be played The ton# was sweet, but not loud enough for an orchestra. Experiment proved that by changing the fittings and setting* the tone could be made much louder. As It Is now the violin when played prop- erly sounds exactly like any other vio- lin it Is donbtleas the most curious musical Instrument ever made. silk or crepe de cblne la tucked la groups all around. Stole trimmings, are greatly In demand, and these ara made daintily out of lac* and embroidery. BUck and white effects In Uca ara gained by means of embroidery touch ea Circular ganging* ara and for yokes and are often relieved by stripes of fancy embroidery. Elbow sleeves are voluminous affairs, with frills reaching far below the length of the arm. Tbcae frills ara all of sheer chiffon net. etc, put on rery full The Illustration slwiws a peau de sole gown trimmed with white chiffon and renaissance lac*. JUDIC CHOLLMT. There might be profit In cat farming rearing the common feline. Just plain cat. for 11a far. which Is becoming vs# aabic as tbo supply of fur bearing ani- mals Is being exhausted. It Is practi- cally certain, however, that rearing choice and fashionable cats for aala would return a good Income. It already does no In Great Britain, where a num- ber of women bare taken tbe bn vise SB In hand. A natural fondness for cats BAT CLOTH COST. white, of nary bine or of brown, tbe skirt kilted Just to clear tbe ground and tbe Jacket tbrew-quarter length. Tbe gloves and petticoat should match the costume with which they are SMART BOLEROS. FOR EVENING WEAR. Three-quarter length cloth costumes are area for general utility wear. For dressier occasions, however, tbe short.bolero with the wide belt la to be pre- ferred. This bolero Is made in double and triple effects, and often tbe over- hanging part la bordered with fringe. Tbe outline of tbe figure to lost In many of.tbe r>ew bodices, they are so befrllksk Bertha effects..,,<1 especial- ly deep ones, are very smart, espe- cially for evening toilets. Fullness to POLITE POTATO FREAK. A turban shape Is pretty to go with tbe walking costume, and It may be trimmed with shaded cock's plumage. The Illustration shows a awful gray, cloth cost having a tinted lacs collar. It is trimmed with mouflou fur. JUDIC CHOLLET. The figured madras to tbe prettiest material for window draperies that has been seen In many a day. The ground- work to sheer, allowing the light to pans through, and the figuring* In doll reds. gre*-na and yellows give some- what of a stained glass effect. Cur- tain* of fbto description are not mnghi back. They hang In straight folds to tbo floor and are not very full In or- der that tbe figuring* may he clearly seen. If the woodwork to pretty they are shirred on to a small rod Inside of the frame and close to the window. BEATRICE CLIFTON. The military Inokh.g potato whose portrait Is prevented herewith, wa* grows by a New York farmer. Neith- er the man who dug the potato nor those who packed It recognized Its lifelike appearance and expression. It was unusually large, weighing a trifle mors than a pound and a half. When It came to be packed Us size attract- ed the attention of ibe farmer, who placed It carefully on the top of the tffly In her dreu* As truly ae tbo son shin***, ibis Is all that constitutes the rial lady, sod every woman can Thieve it. M * TU. ld, I rrow tb. Uwrr opinion* I have concerning other people's af- *lrs * * Girls, learn to use your bands Learn to us hatchet, hammer, saw. chisel and screwdriver as well as the needle Learn to draw from tbe rest object and to draw well. You can do that with out a teacher. Manual training Is now Hie demand. Tbe woman who cannot are her hands will be left. I * Since written history began men have been making fun of women sod rev 11- tog and blaming them. Tbs oldest re* CHIHCVTLLA CATS. and a knack In taking cars or them ara necresary to begin. Tb# rest can bs achieved by Intelligence, determination and perseverance. A requisite to success would be the selection of fashionable breeds to rear for sale. The moat popular at present are the long, silky, furry haired kinds, notably chinchillas. blue Penlana and Siamese. Tb* chinchilla to of the color of the fur of that name. Her cost to extrema- ly long, thick and silky, the tall very bushy. Tbe cats In tbe cages In tbs Illustration are'chinchillas. Tbe most famous cat In the world Is a chinchilla. Zalda. valued by experts at $ 1.20a Zaids to a female and has taken morn than seventy cups sod prizes. She be- long* to Miss Willoughby, an English lady. Chinchillas are among the most fashionable cats of all. but they arm likewise rather delicate, apt to be n* WHAT IS WORN ENTRANCE HALLS. Nowadays many houses have square rooms for entrance lulls Instead of tbe narrow, cheerless affair* of the paat. and tbcae are fnrntobod much In the style of s living room. The Illustration show* bow an an- tique klea was utilized, and a very smart effect was gained. Tb# woodwork to In squares of dark sek. and tbe celling to tinted to bar- barrel which was to bring It to New York. It chanced that the com ml salon mer- chant who unpacked tbe potatoes waa a man of Imagination, and he Instantly recognized the semblarce to the hu- man form. The only artificial addi- tions since It left tha ground before be- ing photographed were the bat and the pip* and the eyas. It will be seen that three adjuncts merely lend an appear- ance of brightness. Velvet blouse* are prepared for wear- ing with coat and skirt costumes, and the pin spotted velvets are meat attrac- tive when lightly trimmed with a few motif* of lace or made with a small V shaped yoke sod collar of lac*. Or- naments of cbenllle sod silk are freely a well fitting underskirt. Petticoats are heroin ng more volu- minous. and they have more ruffle* than ever In order to hold out tbe full skirt* These new pettleoats mp-lr* a* much skill In cutting a* an onts ; de skirt. Ecru tore to nred in a variety of ways for gnsn*. Waists and rven neg Vgrea. In tire rictnre you s-t:i re* a

4 The Constitutionalist 4 D KMOCRATIO W EZKLY, Mefc * *' I.-UpriotOT, D»c. le, The oaparb play bonne, baa Maria Tampaat la Iba "Marriage of Kitty" ae Ma av ta ibe com p* Leonard Boyne, Miss Tanpeafa sajbalent to nil tbe facom nlgbtly, nt IB Ibii innaaoe aba has a gcod card, tba "Marriage ol Kilty" being eonethlag lexoepuoaal *~ a-bcle caste ii good. Order yonr in advance by mail. THE CONSTITUTION AUS1. What hladen Iba eompletlaa ol tbe «ra*k aa Olraort aveona? Tba i Maaed blocking of Ibe tboroaghfan la araroa of annoyance to mt deals In ' and poems oa "Tba baaatlfal " an BOW la order. Tbo aai oa "peaob enpa blighted by float' la yat aavatal Bjewtna ofl. Tin report* of tba Plalatetd Urganlaed Aid AtaooMiloa for tba laat yaw la V*ry aooobragiog A aristae oe was iwsfrand ta HI oases, npnaaatlng tba axpaadltan of maob money aa well aa tun. Tbe MM ooatrlbetloae for tbe twelve month, e-oented to 1,875.81, wbtob speeds wall of tba geaerostty af John L Moody, of Oraaford, as aaaaly chaiimao ot I party, has Inenrnd iba dlsplaann of Bonn vt Iba local party worsen be mmm af fala alleged taterfenaoe In neal polllloa. Mr. Moody la a aoianlioni and able Democrat, tbara Is no reason to aaspeet that wbal ba dees Is aat foi tha heal Inter MRS.. J. WMGKLER HUMED KV. C. L. GOODRICH AND REV. DR. E L. EARP OFFICIATED AT OBSEQUIES Dowie blames his downfall on tbe Daniels U a Aied star la iba SKETCH 07 HIS CAREER PROGRAMME AS GIVEW IB THE FINAL DECISION akwspnpira. After tbla la* ao ana say of popalar actor* and M la, that iba laflaaaoo of tbe preaa fat tba Sdlasj newer trigmons to bla npata- FUNERAL SERVICCS HELD AT HIS LATE FATHER ESAN PRAISES THE CHILDREN VICTORIES WON BY WILLIAM VAN ALa*Mlo good U on too waaa. on by hie faaay staats In "Tba fflce Bar,'* which Is enjoying great ran at taa Victoria )aniela Is al bla beet IB tba la saying a good deal considering "The Little Priaeen" ta iba amraoen at tba Madlsoa Square. It 1 'inning nambar amoag. tba ] ork tbesarioal offering* af Iba i aa pwnaii merits which easily aooaut for the largo beaan It U draw n. Tba oairtala dew not go aa antil JO lhaa allowing tfca oabarbaalte to enjoy hia dineer at borne and get to In ample Una for Ta falfltl Iba aipeotattesm of the boaaands wbo taob waafc fa i'a for tbeir aaaoaeansla Ii mall oadertatlag. Hot only meet tba On bill ba nbaagad bat ao twc i ba alike, than naat ba aa) end s Variety ol variety. Bad Ibo faet it ao andlence ever loft tba Unlo«qn»r» Tbaatra disappointed epaaki volume* for tba arrangement of tba Father Andrew M. Euan- Report. tbe planttlff'a onaaael In aa m Mi. Boad wae for a>my raw.amber of tba flrm of Pllo*. Boad * wan nad at tha progreaa mada In the oonita. Ibe floal deolaion having been imenial. second, fourth aad fifth made by tbe Conrt of Errori and Ap Co.. and later of Ibo Ira of Bolea 4 niura;and aa entertaining coo- banal Band, vanish maaufaataren. aat la geography took place among The oaae waa fought purely on teobnicahtiei waa tnaaarer and em af tba ot' tbo pupils ot tbe anond I. In pleading. Franklin Conn Ti ot the Boad Horn Asae Tba exercises opened with Iba Hog- oil nlaeed to ray death benebu aliesmg af Hew Janay. MeSBben of that young TanAlyetloe wai In Ing of tba hymn. "Mr Child, Give tbat orcaaiaatlaa, aad of Badlaal Star Thy Heart." lacladed In tbe prowon arrean In hi«dnea at tbe time of hii Lodge, No. tto, L O. O.»., and Ibe a concert recitation, deetb. Oonnael for tbo defenaa aet aw Jersey Unnd Lodge of the Aa- The Madonna Penitent;" a solo, Ihia op at» catenae although pleading the general laaoe. For thla defect, tbe Union Oonnty Oiiooit Ooarl foond in favor of tbe plaintiff. Then the oiant Order of United Workmei, to "Two Little, Ulna Little Shoes" by enowa offend eaob weak. Bone wbloh tba dead man belonged, at' Miss Walth; solo, "Molly Pitcher," r than others, bat all are good, tended the obeeqaiea. Jcaepb Oollln ; piano solo by Eatbryr wblob to olaaa as best depend* Upon tbe arrival of tbe remaina IB Oalbnlth; tba singing of tbe "National Hyma Of tba Republic;" and a eeta af bla party. The allltade of tba mnob open tbe tastes of tboae la oily Saturday, ftsv. O. E. PlalaSald delegates at tba wbo wllnen them. Bel for all araand Herring, of the First Presbyterian oompostuon reading,-'tbe Spbi sjtssrtloa was snol merit none better oobld be pat to Obunb, accompanied the oorasge tc 'oman" by Nellie Hanraban. i alarm for tbe piospeats of tbe gather than thai which will ba aeei (ha North Plalnfleld Oenwtery, wban Tboee named In tbe month'* roll of loriog tbe oombig week. tbe Interment took plane. At' thi honor In tbe sohocl are: Commercial gnve Mr. Herring conducted a!bon department, boys, Engene Jobnson; loe. There was a very large com,1 aorvloaa over tba remalne o tba Ian Mrs. A. J. Wlnklar wan bald Monday afternoon al 1 :B0 fram hi ton naldcaoa on Park place. Her Charles L. Uoodrloh officiated, aa aland by Bev. Dr. Edwin U Karp Tba earvleaa wan attended by a larg ember of nlntives and friends. Rev. Mr. Oaodrleb read the Scrip tan aad spoke of Ibe departed in Moelo loveia, loog wearied and sar failed witb rag-time airs and bana melodies snppesed to iuomrnate Ibe rtoent flood of masloal romedy SOOTH ill be intonated In hearing tbat con oerted numbers for mala voloea are being given special prominence In 'Winsome WlaBie," la wblob Mtsa Paola Edwardes apdsan. as a star Body of Former Plainflelder Incldontly the Medala Are Junior Interred in B orough Oraltery, After Brief Bervloe. Awarded and Pupils on tha Boll-of-Honor Made Known. HOME IN NEWARK. Uva la Otaes- UrgasJiatloa*. Tbe fmaaral eervioea of Iseao Vanirvaar Boad. treasurer of the Palmer- Prloa Tarulib Oompany, of Newark, wbo and oa Wedaeeday after a brief ea, wan bald fnm tb. rcstdince ta Hewaifc, at 8 p. H. Friday Bav. Dr. Lymaa Wrulnay Allan, of tba Booth Park PnsbyntUa Obareh, bare Mr. Boad was of floral tiibntea from relaliyei and friends. : Hr. Bond-i wife was tragically tilled at Ibe North Aveons talion Is this city acme time Mo, while retainfrom tbe marriage of a relative. was tan la Platnfleld sltar-nlni LiTEEARY. years ago, bm had lived. In Newark Kllubetb Parnt ud Myra ToUivast; Lnd arabblnc. tbe Oaiino. Unlike many atara, sbe IT all bis lite. He is inrvlved by ad primary, boys. James Geary, Qe movement ID OoDneclioui by seen fit to sarroand herself by anthroe daughter, Mrs. Alexander M. ipb Brady and Walter Johnson; toward" nvldg the Connecticut abore" lotllent company of aoton and sine Linuett and H». Alexander Archibald, of Newark, and Mrs. U. W. Oartby; third primary, Albert Nayloi of New England. Iblrly years ago girlf, Ellen Hfggtna and Helen Me is likely to spread to all otber seotlons en, and then Is no time wben sba Ibe only prttty girl In evidence or tbe Tbempeoo, of Los AngaMj, Osl. and Annie Sullivan. > a step wonld have been wholl only one wbo had something of Inter est to say or to do. Tbe medal for Improvement wa* "i mrnmbr FOR THEIR GOOD WORK. Prwa Wlaaan ladade Foortpen PopiK-ContMt In Geograahr a Ke«ta re of the A (Tal r C o m - Parochial School In the aebool Friday afternoon was attended by a largo samber of pleased fathers aad mothers of tha paatla. Tba obaraotai of tba tasks aoomapllsbed daring tbe past month Wat Ml forth In an intereating programme and tba pnpila wan praleed for their good work by B«v. girls, Margaret Luts; second grammar, boys, Henry Forreatel; Klrls, Miss Bebool; fourth grammar, Jamei MotleT and Man Oroaby; fifth gram mar, Jsmea Oomiskey and Mary Mo- Keona and Mary McDonald;flrstprimary, boys, William Sullivan and Oeorge Flatley girls, Theren Mnllin, drawn for by Kllmbath Brown, Oalfairine OalbnllB, Margaret Watson, Ti e programme of Iba third Wetaler a tender way. especially ngardlng SjmpboDy conoert, wblob will take Mollle Trajnor, Elisabeth HoMentey, (VtTwentj! bei tellgloaa faith. Be told of i )laoe Taesday evening, December 8 Edward Hanraban. The medal for ADJUTANT GENERAL'S REPORT POINTS beaaltfal dream aba had a shar Jarnegla Hall oantalaa works by tbe improvement la nwlng waa drawn but boogbt extensive traota overlookwhile baton her death- In wblel three great "B'a" In masle: E OUT THE MERITS AND DEFECTS. for by Helen Hamilton, Ohristlne Mo- Ing Long Island Sonnd. Tbeir view she saw a gllmpn of Iba rotor Beethoven and Brahms. Tba orchestral Kachen, Mary McHepan, Mary Wllbe. being often obatruoted by the publio aad <J tba faosa of loved ooea gon< numbers being a Balte In E Bat by Inoludsd In the annaal report of Punctuality In anendaaoe at Sonday y old landmarks, they Iben beqln bafo»a. Tha pastas nad parta fnm Baoh, orebestra led by Mr. Wotsler, Adjataal General R. Heber Brelntnail, aad Sonday-sobool, medal dnwn tiring the shore itself. Doting Hi niaaim'a ruigien Elmer BaByi and tbe monumental O minor 8ym jnat anbmlttad to Oevaraor Msrphy, by Ocrnelius MoCarthj, aeoond tbe past four years this shore grabbing -1" Stop, on notice to AKe«t sang aanral aalaotlobs and Bav. Dr )ho«y (No. 1) by Brahms; the soloists as tatenating report M Ibe condition of tba gaud by Inspector General Eatbrya Barry ; ottb grammar, imar, John Oaaey; lourtb gramhas advaooed with maraed rapidity. or time from Deabroaaea and Oortiaod^ Harold Bauer, Iba distinguished In Maine it la eitimaled tbst over onehalf the coast Is privately owned. '. W. ATTKKBCKT. J. B.WOODJ jreeta cooiuli local time-tabie«to be pro ired Irom acenta. inlst who wlu i'l ay Beethoven 1! Jeeeph W. Oongdon. i McCarthy. Collier's Weekly. ««! H'a-r. Psss. Tra3o *Wr Tba pall beann wan Concerto In E Oat. It is shown that tbe strength of the GEO. W. BOTD, e«naral Paaapiicer Ajtent. National Ooard haa been tnoreaaed GUILD FOR NURSES. Win**, Edward and Klmar W.t.mao II I. am Dykemaa Wlaklar, It la a gtmtd thing for the, > within a year from 4.T&S men to 5,00a. Branch of Order to be laattte One of tbe Boaaparts. OBGB W. DAS, m*1n»i Wlaklar, aad William Bmltb Feather" aabbagamanl that tba a* Referring to tha condition of tba It would be oaeless to attempt a UaTDAT MAUA Hare on "Tld** Afternoon. «f >aw Bnawatok, aenbews. and pretty Lyric Theatre has nearly ationa! Guard of H*W- Jersey Gen chronicle of Mr. Bonaparte's wilting! Oeneral Auctioneer A branch of St. Bamabai' Guild for 1,000 seals aad plenty ot wtde alslso eral Oongdoa'a report saya: and other activities. He belongs to idles of Personal Property solicited.waasfstt'e" - anea will ba aatabllebed In tbla city and foyer apace. Althoogh tba De This Is a fine National Ooard or moat of the good government organ- >. O. Box 133, Uunelien, N J, or ad.. js. I1KO P. H. I a meeting nast Friday afternoon, Irees In care of Cooetitutionaliat Klein Cook operatic oomfqui ganisatlan. wt 11 oitor med and :iom of the ooontry, and baa been December 11, at a :50 o'clock In Ibe?erms reason a Me II DEFECT IN PRIMRRY U l staitsd off with a raah aad Its bant eqalppsd. It Is uneoubtedly w.ll «. tbe president of several of Item. Be AGENTS WANTED. parish boon of Oraoe OfanroD. Mn. >eak haw sbewa a aabstaa weed and praotteauy effloleal In haa tbe commencement speech Labit, IFl O> T. BKWITT TALBIACE. by U* n, William B. Boaje, of Orange, will j HO PHOVISION FOR ELECTION OF PRES tiaj laanass. Mlaa Qraoa Taa Staddl military discipline, drill, rifl* practice Is wont to tall ambitions eenlon BEV. FRANK DEW1TT TALMACJi and» t tba radoate DOraea of tbe ally IMNTIAL DELEGATES. ford, with bar veloe of eurpaaaini aad the qualities that go to sbeke bow tbe government should be reformed. He bas fought for oivlo ser- [ Relate MlT«M OtetogM IUM Fn* ' eiate editor* of Chrlatian Hermld. Only book bat limr for pncpotei ol organiza- endorsed b, T» liup family. Esonwu profit purity, has aeored tba a practical citla«o aoldteiy. As a. Bev. E. Tioan tmevesaon, of qnickly. Outfit ten eenta. btgaest tladof a hit with Broadway an nig ant sal I wi tba people of Blew viou reform aad a young man still Grace Ohnroh. will ba tbe chaplain. Q. Beebtooks' Jemy should be prond of it ha* lived to eee many of bla dream* k(webber & DON! 5 " fu CHAtt SEBS 1TBU1 ' Street, pfcila.. Pa. afeatkn thi* papc 1 Onlj Had "Tba whale ayssam of toapsetna Is. St. Baraaba Galld waa eatabllabad s irua. Personally be takes life Uka tba alaar," an i my Judgment, faulty. Tba work on 81 Barnabae Day, Jone 11, 188& easily and does not gnw excited. He rcaaeia NEW VOHH!>i a Little Btieet la H«aven oabbot be done ao hastily, as tba time Bl Bav. Oortland Whltebead, biabop blue-blood of Ibe Mae-bloods, but tvevavava>^%^a^avav» Woolston & Buckle, That They Oall Broadway." limit of tba praam taws goren of PlttBbarg, ii ohaplaia general of never mingles In tha povertyetrtoken, aooestor - worshiping "so- THE POPULAR SCIENCE atrtklbgly origins! aad havs boo leceaaary. aad be tba order, and Archdeacon Mann, of aaiiaalon appointed fat Ibal Mgbi ao. well ot even completely dams.; tba dloeaaa of Haw Jenay. gaoeral PAINTERS. lely" Of Baltimore. He Is a millionaire, bat ba does not bother about tbe Wall Papers, Painters' Supplfw avmleafced tba fact that Ma* are tha rmla ratbortbab tbe. exception Tbe ptnwngs ot abeeeioee from obaplaia for tbli Stale. "Bleated an MONTHLY tba muster roua U amauoc than aver Ibe menirol" la tbe «nild'a BMtlo. k market. He la Iba foremost lay FM IB tbe aalaa, that aba baton aad i* a snbjecl of gratinoat Trollay Cheagee. >olio la the Cat colic cajittal of tbe North a ts> a aaj in tbe neater ot Tbe pamenfgt a been i from i bii year's Tba local trolley oara, Bandfty, i Wsatara nemfspbere, and Ibe blend, 09. Lea* ytar'a ab- adviser and oonldabt of Cardinal Gibbons, bat bis religion Is not obtrusive. D'Aublfjn*. 10 par cent of tha eafonad after 74ft at algal, Ibal U M Merle D'AaMcoa, or Paris, a Thla a per cent, fi, bowerar. Bis frieada may be few, but they are laliva at Iba great historian of tbat d anaaceasarily Ursa. friends worth having His enemies IBM, wlu preaob as kbo Flnt Baptlat Tha mischief at the bottom of tbla ire enemln that every decent man ware obliged to do tba work of Oburch, neit Sanday saonribf aad at should never ba ibonld ba prood to bare. From a eara. Tbla Mem to wort all more than 6 per eant. of absent***. Sket-b of O. J. Bonaparte, In Loalle'a right whaa Ibo trade ta light, but II Cborch In Iba evanlnc Ba Is iowreated ID tbo work of tbo Me AIL of ajnavalgbtara took bar MralgM to Ins with sssaa few and particularly Monthly for December. baa bean eaagimil Iba* the rate of r aaatta. Tbla la largely daa tolow-grade oompaalaa." peed for night travel la loo fart, In Anniiary aad It Is tbronsh tba tofloence of ibo Platafleld bnaeb tbat tba faot that taa tbaatn-goiag pabllo P. W. WUNSTEN DBAS, la waa>7 o( baaal BMlodlea aad baagry ootnee to Ptalallald la apeak ooa Tbo naaaeetora and motors aa of apoplexj Carried Him Off, Befar tba Mod aid barwobim of UgM eentaf iba growth of tbat wort In dlatrtata aad faa IfIddleees Oooaty etnat nuvwya will a. witb wbieb Aid Ooald ha Part* bold a ball la Booed Brook Ball, ata'a" as Maa> hi the prallmlnann Boaad Brook, Friday. Deaeaiber 18 Klag'a 8t»Be Line Dtaeoatlaaetf. Bar tba aattaaal eaavaotlaa will be for tbe beaeflt of tha nitatei 1HI0 boa- Tbe affair will be aadar tbe Daaghtera will bold a aala of cake aaddenly at 2 a. m. Saturday In Tha BIlTer Croaa Olnla of Klag'B Fred W. WBeaataa died la bla bad Beeaaee It doas not pay to ran It, a msisiat a* the Dameontl iway, soumwhal Jaded by tbopltal Iba stage heretofore ran between tnla Tb long ooctinead Tiaiutioo of BID aad ntefol artielea. Oalarday morning, hii room al aia West Front itreet. Ha city aad Booth PUInSeld waa dieoonliaued Saturday. Dnring: tha win- U m which Mr Oowny farce*, rrench va*4*villas, ootoaul nected witb Iba hoapual Tba baaeli Dae. l», from 10 to II, at tbe realdaaoa of Mr. John Veltaat, SS Myrtle " Maria Knelen, who, bearing his waa a hired man In tfaa employ of tba Mew Jeteay rapreaeatamv*. plays, motion*! dranaa and "aola la recognition of naat kladaeaaai ter it ( a cold joamey to ride la tfce eell for elety" stage byeterles, haa THE ropulaa SCIENCE MONTHLY, reoeired by tbe trauay aatployaa at Sub-St.tlan a4, M.«V.rk City. snob a vehicle and tbe people do not INS. Folio* in.weksaad fnm Its lelbargy by taa ap tha bande af tbe hoapltal aatborttle» r Sweeney, who WM naming the W-OOperyear. K eenta per copy. patronlae It well. It Is believed tbat oamatlhaea paaraaaa ot "The Oooaly Chairmen. Tor Better Trolley Oarrtee. M, weal to the man's room )oat before many yean there will be trolley wlu taka aotloa. George Ada's new rural miaaail,. Thla a Chaage at CUatoai A< Aa f ffon will ba made next aprlbg aa ba breathed bis lasr. Dr. Oreger eobbeotlon between PlatofleM. Boatb Tba prtmarias to Ibla Buss will, k. pnaaand laat week by Beary Irs. & A. Hea-ier. who haa beea to have tbe trolley company ton a ras called In and notlned tha polios. (*IalnS«ld aad Haw Market, giving all proeaallity. take place ta Apr Savage tor tba Irai lima IB thiaganil at Ibe O! in too Avenue Station, epar from Park arena and Baadolpb vno in run ant word to Dr. Westcott, county physlstan. Death waa A. *OLFF. the people cheap and quiet- transpar- BtoMay. «. BM witb recognition BO an he Haw Janay Central, far many road to Onaeaai Oral ao Ibal batter thattemic and ImiutUMji M tt was yaan. etlu aonuaaas to that position. mmodationt eaa ba glveb tba probably from apoplexy. ;Woensten Manufacturer ot will ba bald la J uaaipeend. Gwge F. Marios, sbt A faw days ago aa aonovooeiaeni was people dvrlng the haarhall aaaaon. was the victim of a pralongrd attack Becept ion far nmrtn*!, is Mr. Bavaaje's general atage director. a tbat Obarleo Satloe, of Annandale, bad aaeairad Iba plaoa. Tba item The aaaaal meeting of atookbolde^a thought weakened hie heart. have sent oat invttatnna la- friends Kleetloa of B*nk Uitrctart, of rheumatism last winter, which It Baidaaaa U a aora afblotloa) aad II la gained renewed distinction CIGARS. I Tbe women of tba Mr AH Aaxlllary aajo waaa BajMlda' Pa tbraagb Ibo skill with which ba haavm Bataiaeil from aa exchange. Tbe And deetler In all kinda ot Smokiiig the CUj Batlenal Bank for iba Bali Taalo, fat aala by T. 'P«l OB" "TBS Ooaotj Chairman. «sot Is Mr. Bottoa baa secur*d a paelttaa aaa helper u tbs The T. A. B Boolety will bold a M.iqu.r.d. Ball. and Chewing Tobacco, and smokers* of minions to meet It Merle election of nine dlnoaora will be bald with Its twfott two apeakiag puyen artlolea, haa removed from Ml West O'Mblcae, of Fane, Monday afternoon, Dana bar 14, at» a'owek at Front street, to Uoutb vide of &omer ataaqeerade ball Hew Tear's Cra atsot»'r«~i flret door from Front strcot. th* borne ot In Craig Mann, la a. from 1 to t o'eloek. J hail an Waal Fourth street. Ws*t Elghtb street. eon P 1ST PRY Cil Order Compelled to Fay Death Benefits,Though Dues In Arrears. STYNE'S COUNSEL, G. W. V. MOY. George W. V. Hoy, Raq., haa aoored a deolalta vlotory In a n i t agantat PnDkltn Oonnell, Kc 41, Jr. O. U. A. M, asd fait client, William Van Alyatiat, of Velobang areaoe, wi be awarded Ibe amount of bia otal for beaaflti due by reeeon of tbe death Of hi. aoo. Harry VanAlyitine. Three Ttcttniea have bee*) woo by oaae wae appealed to the Supreme Oonri witb a elmllar remit. Aa a laat retort, tbe case wai again appealed to the Court of Errore and, and there tbe oplnlone of tbe lower oootta were inetained. Tola doei not eatabllab a precedent ao far aa Ibe payment of death beneflte when dnee are in arreara, merita of tb«oaae oeier baring i iota by tbe oodrte-before wblcb oil waa heard. eoasnry, tinoa the aoast was all pobllo, but about that time the beginilng of private oooapaooy ol tbe ihore began. At Brit, indeed, the owner* did not attempt to secure tbe coast, ENN SYLVAN i ARcading System RAILROAD. * N«w jersey Central. Staadsxd Rellread ef AaMrtoa. FBOTBCTSD TRBOCOSODT BT TK> ".LECTKIG AUTOMATIC BLOCK BIGKALSTSTIH. On aad After HOT. t», IMS, *alna will lea *e EllaabeU aa follows I as an-fut Line dsllr, wlta Pa>)Bai Pa>)Bai Vwitbule Parlor Can, Tor Piitabur* «JI<! C l l i N h d E Technical Deraeta In Pleadlnga C«ie Don Jioi Batabllab a Precede at So War aa Merita of Claim Am Caaeeraed. 'OK K'wiai A«D Naw Yona-3 OS, 1 ST. I I«* 85" ta» tjs «. T 'em 0 " i?" ts: 8 Kit, KIT, MM. j] IB II 4; a on.'um. 1 1tt.1 JO, 1ST.3M.1O «H. 1»,.MB G. * «.KLT'iu AJAIL itfifvlo titioira. S For New York ODI J, IKJCI week day*. FOB FmLAUiLrnii-1 01, «W, SOfl, S J8, SIR,»», 101». JltOa. m. II 40,1ST. HK.IN, * tt. uin,!i4(i, 11 M a. m. i«a. 1 ia, jot BRiUCH, ASBDBT FlWI, O0KAJI GJUJVB, AM) rolbtb fitt NBV YOBS AMD Lovo Dunce K. K..J2a leiofflt Hoodaya: daji l^m10» am and lupm Slop al I. Y. All through train* J Cilj witb boats ot Vtnn- j-lvania Annex, affof41n«direct tranafer to and from Fulton nml, avoid Ins duubla rerrtasa and Journey acroaa New Yoi* City.»t.ii. 1- a mesassm Lehlgh Valley Ifiilroad. l,k» H BOOTH lilmnmii, M. J. SM a.m.da1!7 (except Bnnday) looal to Maaok mediate nations, concrcti JunctloQ (or Nlasara rail* is? J"S%UI, loctf for a_»^».«.. Cbuua, BaBleton. Pottartlleaod Baatuui- M%.'m. dally (aioapt Bondar) "WlUea- Car Tia D. «H. B. B to Ssrantoe and Oari Jl p. m. dally (except Sundajr) local to 1**- B:40 "p. m. daily aolld veatlbnie train to Buffalo. Toronto und Chicago and srlnolpalfnt«nne<liat«*tatlonaaze«ptboomater Irmtl ul (irtniii <1 Mill! n rannnt

5 THE CONSTITUTION ALIST. HRJU MB Borough Council AcU»p«edjiT u Prohibit -a»a«m of iprmnu BtUMln««From City. ILLEGAL liatjob THE AUTHORITIES ARE I I TO PHEVENT ALLEGED ABUSES. Steward O**re«far Ueteeoloa. P««. I>«tT«.Fa-treM Wgbte ' Tbs Beroegb Oonnoll, at tte De- _«, B«etlng held Monday, foond eb bu*in**» or more or lees lmport- «le owepr I" attention, fron* "tba mm l.a*rt*n. «*-» k «*«- n - adoption ol» reaelotion offered b Mr Clerk, -bleb authorised tbe bo: W ooenael»««««onoe an ord.unco prohibiting tbe removal of any fram* bnildins ' u >b * borongb. Ia cobdmiino wiib tbe resolntlon, Mr. Clark rtawd tbel If aoob as act Is level sa ordinance cannot be drafted too jqoloklr * *»» bototlgb Ntm to be the duriping grooods for these kind at rt«m»«a Mr. Clark ad* " the borough does not want to paaa tbrooib soother socb experieno* as It J.i-! recently. ror Ibe pnrpom of baetentng action BO tbe mailer, tbe Council will bold an adjourned meeting next Friday.l,bl» consider lha propoeed ordi tiaooe. Mayor Smaller " *»"*" r-marki In rtlition to tbe reeolntlon, reviewing Ifae action of tbe borough io rtferoaee to tbe Sabring bonee, and he deelared thai as be bad carried out tb* orders ot the Oonaoll la tbat cam am be waa prepared to do tbe MJ» in soy fatnre oaea of a ilmilar aatare. H. *d vocal* il tba refneal of all appllr* for ihe removal of frame paildloge!n the boroagb and a* led for the aadoriement of th* Oonnoil li what be bad done In tbe laat trouble Ba Mtd thai the borongb would likely nave a taw-salt mi Its bands aa a re ml* of tbe arreet of John Goodwin bet ba «M not afraid of tbe anal d* Ha. Another ssatmr tbat waa dlaonaaet: at ton* length wae Ibat in reference *o a complaint received from tin Platoneld Electric Light Oompany re gerdtog the breaking ef Ineandaeoeni iampa ID tb* boroagb. It wee the general opinion tbat tbla Is the TMOI of beys wbo see flobart rifle* real letely. Ia order to pat a atop to th! practice, a reeotoltoa offered by Mi Clark, providlog thai a reward of $6 be paid to anyone securing the date ilon and bonviotlon of any person or persona gnllty of breaking Ibeea or defaolng street signs, waa adopted. Vbe reaolntloa alao provided that an advertisement of this action be ii jhtrted la lbs local paper*. A oommsblaatloo waa received from U-tlll- fcmma Helnold, Olllll* Kmmi 8abaeDer\ Theodora F. Freneh atx BIMon M.^Frtn^b In wblob tbe petl t loner* offereo^fflf 'ad 1 oate tba nsoei tary arty feat at land neoaseary to ex< trad and widen Du*r street 1 Green brook lo wbat la known as per Dnar atreet. Tba matter wa tarred to th* itreet committee and later Chairman Arnold offered a railoa that tbe street wonld be me- apud If ibe petitioner* wonld i(i and grade tbe street. Tbla adopt, a. ' A oommanlolatlon waa received toot* John UoOnMbea, preal dent of tbe Park Club, la * Baked Ibe Oonnoil to oonatruct a short alarm sawei under Waablsgten avea*s an the Park Olab side tor tbe pnrposo of oanrlbc oft tb* anrfao* water that *M**llv floodi Ibe Hreet al Ibat point. Mr Arnold stated later la tb* *v* otnt that impravemeatb bad I made IB Wnablsceea avwa* aaar Barb Olab and iba ooaamlltoa belli ibet no tenner treable woald be pkrleswed tbare Tht* i*p«tt waa preseatsd by Col lector O F. Brown I Taxes and eat, tt.s0i 14; Baard ef Health. 44 OS eaeelal Nhari, ai,«iw: lit & Urao. 1 T. as84^7 ; rebate from State amtoel tax. faltt; flue, received from Bxeorder, til; Inter*** from bank, Mm; aaleawe Kovembar 1, r H ; total receipts. II7.80H n ; di.bera* mente M; eaab «u baud.»10,- m *& Leal nigbl claim* ameaaitag te aboai HOOO were ordered pa the Council Chairman Arnold, of the eireet miitee, reported tbei IH bad beaa vipeuded daring th* put mooih oa I B N I work and thraagb a n*ol*t.**j he aeoured the endorsement of Ibe Council la Ibis eclioo. Obalrmaa dark, rf ibe lr«, water and lamp cttmaaiitee, reported thai flas 89 wee *ir»od>d la hla dvranatent. Mr IM, efcairmaa oi Ibe poliee oemaitttee, stated Ibat Oblsf Campbell rei-ortrd lonr atresta mad* during November and the onllcctloa of 2S io ae*. H* aiao offared a rtaolallon aainorlslng th, r»*ir.iit nf S in rif worn to. A reeolatlon offered brfmr ^Arnold u d adopted, provided far tb* at are tbe ta i d o pilcete the Basses af >af psrsobs, who have tilbtr moved aoay or are DM liable tar tax otb*r reaaoaa. Tb* anoant Involvtd i* aboet *M>. Mayor SmaJley Informed Ib* Oouucll ibal tb* teas* on the pr***at roam* d expire on April 1 nest, aad mn be/believed It w*mm not be neeiry to renew tb* laase as tbe new Mgta bnllding weald be completed flrst of Ibe year, wb*a th* n*w Uonnell roome wonld be ready for oconpaoot. Tb* clerk was Instncted to Dotify the owner of the present oaar ten of this fact. Tbe Mayor also made a few remarks moernlng tbe sale of liquor in Saengarband: Hall, atatlng that no peraon persons wbo oooapy tbat ball nave a right to sell Ilqoors; that no permit had been obtained from him for snob igbt and If any one was desiront making a teal eaee io the mattter they were Invited to go ahead and do to. A eomewbat peculiar condition a to exist at the ball. It Is slalmed tbat llqaor is sold tbere yet DO lloenee baa been given for tbat pnrpoee. II Is a question ln the minds of the official* as to whether they bave a light to stop tbe eat* of lfqoor, nnoh aa tbey have no power to Brant th* sal* of it. Any prosecution this matter wonld bave to be on ibe part of tbe oounty antbotltle*. Before tbe Council adjoarned Mr. Slchoii offered a reaolntion anthortang tbe drawing ot warrant* to pay ihe Watcbnng avenue bond, tases and all notes now doe. Tbls wee adopted. PRAISE FORT. H. KELLEK. Up UK Theodora J ^Miller Taken Biek oti the Tndn, Fa»*e* Away. In a Doctor's OiBc*. HEART FAILURE, CAUSE portidk -»"'" Oontalae Pietwre aadsaya Compllmaatarr Tklaae fof rorntr FlalaSeMer. Tbe «nrresl nnmbet of Ibe Sporting Uoode Dealer baa on lka frobtlepteoe I llkenoaa of Tbomaa H Keller, in iy of tbla elty. In referring to tba peper aaya: 3e made fata borne io one of tbe Iiw Jereey ichorhi nf New fork Oily, and parnap* it waa bia one-time residence in tbe Slate tbat prompted bia fellow ofnoeta to cbooae blm for colonel of a regiment or merki ibey orgaataed at Sea Girt. Howerer ibi* may be, th* fact remala* that Ibe regiment boaated one private and only a *oore or M of officer*. "For aaeeral yeara Mr. Keller hae ten tb* Keatern manarer of lb< Petan Cartridge Company, of Cincinnati, with headquarter* in New York.'IIT, now at W Cbambere atreel. In Ibe center of the aportl^f gooda trade. panx'a loaded ammunition and Ibe phanomenel popalarity of iti Semi kl'u powder are in a very largi aere dae to tbe untiring wotk of Seatern manager, alone evary open to a wide-awake, fanatling worker." UNION COUNTY FREEHOLDERS GIVE AND RECEIVE APPROPRIATE GIFTS. At tbe leal regular msetlns Of tbe Union Oonnly Board oi Freeboldi with lie preecnt memberibip, tbe i Uapt. J. Frank Hnbbard. of tbls oily, remembered tbe Board wltb nisal Obriatmaa gift, a neat II diary oontaining mnch valuable formation. UD motion of Freeholder Bobieon W bill of tbe W T. Kirk Company for rnrnlsblng pipe to Jobn Wabl, Hew, Providenc*, waa ordered paid vben properly andlted. Prevlcas to tb* regalar baatbrm of ib* session a letter of thank* WM read from Mn William T. Kirk, a bride of a few weeks aao, thanking ibara for a wedding gift ef her r*oanl Former Sheriff and Mrs. Kirk married at Btltmor*. N. C Nc bar BS, and tbe freaboldera bad re im**r*d tbem wltb a pretty gift LOUQE OF SORROW. l th» MeaaerU th aa>«bear EllPflM. About twelve member, of PlalMlld Lodaa. Ho. 985, B. P. O. K. altvaded tbe Lodge ot Borrow ef Inelr Ellaa brtb brethren Bander al Klfsebeth. Ksatted Rnler KMraeaaa, of Blisa b*tb Lodge. Ha *». pieaided al tbe meeting aad Bav. Otis H. Glaaebrook, reotar of Obrtet Obarob. Elisabeth, delivered tmnrieaive aalogtea. Poet master Palmar H Clailrook, alao ot Bliaabetb. made an addreea Vmtin aelectlona aad»in(tio«by a qnertette oomnoaed tbe remainder ot *be pro THREE PHYSICIANS WORK HEROKALLV Tp SAVE HIS LIFE. Blxtr-Hlae Tear* of Aae- Hid Been Ko(([Fd tn Varloae 14aee of Bul- «* Member orcreieent Avesae Church Fuiaril Arr*n(«m»U. Tbeodore J. Miller, of 967 Park ave me, died suddenly Saturday aftemooi soon after leaving a train at tbe North Avenne Station. He was taken 111 on oar* while cumin* bom* from New York and at tb* station be i red a oariinffe, giving lnstrectione tbe driver to take him to Dr.' H. H. Lowrle'a offioe ta Park avenne. Tb* phyiician al one* determined that Mr. Miller waa In a oriticei condition. With tbe eastatanoe of Dra. V. H. Murray and M B. Long, who were oalled In, every effort was mad* to nitain the tick man, bnl to no purpose. He died wltbln a half born»li.-r reaoblnc Dr. Lowrie'«offioa. tbe meantime Mr. Millar's dsngb war* notlbad and tbey arrived at tba offioe ]uit before he died. He ronbl* wae tbe oans* of death. Mr. Miller was born la New T< Ixtv-nlnaviars asjo. During Ib* early part of hi* life be waa eagaged in factor* of olothlng aad later was a ooflee and Ma imprter. with ofnoea at 99 rronl street. New York. H* renovad with hi* family to PlalnSeld ibool tweaty-lv* years aa-o. where be oontliined in live. Some yean ago be wa. in a railroad wreak at Graanvlll* on tbe Haw Jersey Central, a fraotand rib puootarlflg tbe Inn*. Tbla Injury healed, bat always caoaed more oi trouble. Mr. Miller was a membt tbe Oreeeent Avenue Preabrteclaa Church It was aboni a year ago thai hie wlfewed. r. Miller is survived bv tea: daagbters, tbe Mieeee Minnie a, Carolini C Graoe E, and 8. Cordelia Miller; alao three aous, Clifford J. Iller, of PaMresn: Tbeooere Miller, it., of Weatneld aad Howard J. Miller, of tbia citv. iii ni ISRAELI. COON PASSES AwAT AT KB HOME IN SOUTH STIRLING. Iarael J. Ooon for yeare a prominent reaident of Warren towoehip, died al home In Bmal ley town or South Stirling Sonday afternoon a ilook. Death waa dne to stomach trouble. Ha is survived by a eon, David, and two daughters, Mrs. Davii Smalley and Mrs. Borneman, wife of paator of tbe Methodist Obnrob, at Smalleytown. His wife, who alao nrvivee him, la the aister of Harrison and Worth Oondins.ou, of North PlkinOeld. He wae seventy jeara o age- Few people were better known Ii Warren townab.p than Sir. Ooon. H* had lived In that part of ibe State nearly all bla life. He held poaltii IB tbe commnnuy in Wfatoh he lived, eerving aaveral torses ae assessor i nolleotor. He was on* of the Ire* imbera of tba Smilleytown ohm and daring bla later years baa held many positions a* truer* and administrator of wills. Ha was one oi tha beavlaet atookboldars la tbe HUla boroagh Fire Iocnranc* Company. Tb* feneral wlu M bald at uoaa, Wedneeday, at tbe Mt Herab Obnrob. Pol) lira I Maaiorairra. A aiapaten irom PblladelpKia, aaya lhal lha ebj»ct of Senator Jobn Keaa'a dinner 1B honor of Governor Franklin Marphy ta to laooeb a boom for the latter tot Ibe Vloe Presidency. The game ia to bead ovt a xsberaatorlal nomination to Edward Stoke, Of Cumberland Ooaaty. boom Mirpby aa a raaalng a«n for Booeeveli and give Kvaa a "olbob" for iwanml nation.. I Preparing tor ruilaima* Mattaew J. Cathie, obotrmaater of the St. Mary's B a Churcn and HI** Mae Smith, erganiat, are preparing tbe Obrlatmas muaic. Tb* muiioal aervtc* ibis year promieae to elaborate. Cklekaa Tatevae * War*. John M. BetMd ba* reported Ib* polio* the.baft ot a luge HUB bet ot ebtehen* from bla place on See* Fifth aereat H* alao ssatse Urge q*e*)tliiee of ooal have beea stolen from hie coal yard*. want Caa«r*ee Jan. 9. Tbe Elisabeth Ob*e* aad w Olab, I«MM winners ot the Mew Jarsay 8ta*e Wblat trapby, will now bav* to maintain ua right to obamvlonahip aaalnet any elab ia to* Iteajt* and it if likely thai a number ef eobtreta will fellow during the winter. Tke next Bute ooaareeo will b* beld la Ells* belb. JaBaary * CASTOR! A roi iiiutaui OkUm. ni CM TM m» Ai«n barki Common OouncU Trgmsacta at Its Bc«- December Iff tjtig. UNDBBGBOUND WIRES BILL TO BE FRAMED FOR PRESENTA- TION TO THE LEGISLATURE. Tbare wa* a great amouat of routine lalnem oonaidered al tha December meeting of the Common Council beld Monday. Tbere WBa tb* appointment of three captain* In the Ore depatlmoat to take tba place of tbe fore- Thie was done lo accordance Wltb a miolatloa offered by Mr. Lee, kirmen of tit* Ire committee. mee DBIJ WBB made oaptaln of No, BOM Osjmpaay: William Towaley «f No. 1 Boa* Oompeoj, and Goorg* Feiriag of Ha. B BOM Oonapaay. Ky Urn* the rale governing tha flue to be Imp* H apoci a member 6t\ the departnteart for an mfraclioo o^, j M " month'* pay. Mayor ieakln* Bpeolnled Peter Hamilton. Jobn Albert end Jacotj Dnnbato BB aponlal policemen, with ibo nnderataading tbat Mr. Hamilton. ho recently psmmd tb* third best rlvil enrvwa asanalnefoo. Is to * on aa a "r*a*lar" at oaoa wltb tbe ulti- lag appointed a ' rbgaler" ia the aeac fataie. II found aotaiy. AoaardlHg to tbe elateof riiahsat Buckle. Mr. Hamilton la ** Ideal man tor the poaltlob Ha is almost perfect physically, M jeer, of kg*, and has bad previosa iperieuce. He U a for mer msmbsr af tbe Board of Alder me* aad a aberib at Klmira, H. T. Mr. Tjlei took exception to Ibe pnimieeno** apfmtnlmeaet of speotali abcnld be nsed aa the wages ottb* PrealdoBt Backle, w well «Mr. Oloak aaw Mr. Baadelpb. tn* latter natters for Mr. Tyler and tell Mm ef the prevailing tba appoint mrnl of snaetalat that la thas tbey cannot be (" only by tb* aeual vote Of the Council after passing an mtoattoa, and tbe >«bave to N *p to tba requirement*. Ia Ifae t of Mr. BamUtoa be limply take* place of aaother man wbo declined Molt**, after pasatnei bia examination. Upon Ik* oonelaaion of In* remarks on tbe subject, the Oouooii oon- need tb* *»B*lnlmiils Tbere woret a (reat many petition* ee.ved, Inolndiui eeverel regarding tax matter* ia which tbere appeared ton. On* of tbom wa* from Eleton I. Freaoh, wbo parnbeaed a property OB Elisabeth street, mpposed to belong to Jane Bandy. It was aold under tbe Martin Act with this understanding. It now appears tbat a 1 Keefa nwns In* property and ha* paid her tax. Mr. French stgniled bis willingness to give np the property, previied Ib* Council reimburses bias to tbe (IHDI of ass 96, tbe i a m t thai 4**1 east him. In accord anoe with a reparation by Mr. Daniel t bli art ten waa taken. E. It Flat*, owning property cm Arlington avanae.aod F. B. Elamman, owaiag as arty In view of the faot tbat tb* reoea* new seaael law wwi dee lei»d aaoosr> atilnuoaej, TllllUlf, Tbalman J> from Cerl Uo'mark, of Pood plae*, objectiag to a wag tai ImBnaed, clalmtog be owae act on a eaala*. Beefdente of ihrw *aaa e»d Eaet Seoond etreot uked tar tbrea electric llgfam and real*aa«a at Lalaan avoana aiked for ml Ib* aewer ibroagb in all referred from Charles varifylaa tbe faet* Ml forth by tb* petitioner. Tbla farred to tbe toaaos oomatittee. Howard a Tracy,.of ProspOut avenne, petitioned for an electric light id b* want* it looated oa a pole dlotly In front of kta duveway, between Blllatd* and Woodland avenue. J. a Daly,Baked for ita^return nf 1S paid a* tax oa property^v 1351 Everett piece, tb* enm having been paid twioe. Ellaa L Brown, of Brooklyn, Mated Ibat he bas t-een aaseeeed for a barn snppoasd to be on bar property on Belvlder* avenue. She stated that th* bnudtng Is on J. W. Beinfaart's property, and the want, tbe matter adjneted. Tb*M petitions all took tbe isnal oonree, being referred to tbe naaoe commit tee. Mrs. M. E. Blsberg, of 2S9 Jackson venne. took exception to paying a tax on her property, claiming thai tbe tax had been paid before. In con.eqaenoe an* asked to bave tbe mm paid by ber returned. Chief T. O. Doane, of tba Firemen's Belief AssolUtion, askad tb* Council to exempt an Elizabeth street property, owned ;be assoolatlon, from taxes, a<tbe nation Is a obaritabli petitions were given, to the finance consideration. Tb bills of tba election officers for MI performed In 1S01-0S were agali preeented and tbls time tbey were referred directly to Ibe Ocrporatlon COUDMI for consideration. Street Commissioner Gavett reported that daring tbe past four months be tad g-anted esventt-nlne sewer permits, while Building Inspeotcr Doaoe reported tbe granting of eleven net it* during November. Al this time Mr. Daniel offered svaral reeotatlona. tbe. flrat being tbal tbe oity treasurer be authorised to pay tbe sum of 41, Plain field's proportion of tbe State and Theeecond rsso lotion provided for Ibe renewal ot a part oi tb* #16,000 not* issued on account of Ore fund, tbe amoont it was iwed for being 97,000, tbe balance having been paid off. Anotbei lor t],000, a patt of a note iskoorant of tb* poor fund, was ln a similar manner and on a bird resolution Ibe enm of 13,000 was borrowed on account of Mwer lmbelng secured hy.note. Mr. Tolls* offered a resolution providing for tbe laying of aidewalk* by the city In front of certain properties, the ooet of tbe eame to be paid tor tbroogb a lien an the properties. This was adopted. appointment* by the Mayor of Cherlei O. Pearson and Bogena V. Lortoo aa call men in tbe flre depart' ment, wen confirmed by a vote of Ibe nan, Chairman Randolph, of the police committee, reported upon the lnveatt gallon of Ibe polio* patrol ayalem by Manager C. W. Ranyon, af the local telephone company, wbo has obargi of tbe system, and W. e Klervln, a representative ot tb* Game well Comit. It will be remembered tbat a tbe last meeting II was reported that tbe elect rio wires appeared to be causing tiovble about some of the nail boxes. The report ot thoie who Investigated tbe matter showed tbat tb* system Is ln perfect condition, tbat tberr is no trooblecibat would -oans* injury to tboee using tbe system. Tbere Waa found a slight aeoapament Of electricity tbtougb electric ligbl 'ires, but this was discovered onlf In damp weather and Is not d*ng*i Mr, Tollea offared a naolatjeai fcring Wednesday night, Deoember 23, at o'clock, a* tbe time when Ibe Ooonoll will meet to treat with the interested property -owner* regarding Ib* opening aad exten.ion of Myrtle newly elected memben wen then ta see bow the UUy Father, do tblaga. They eeemed muota pleased and look dvaatag* at aattlaa acquainted with BBV. ME. FIBN ACCEPTS. L*tt#r In K«pom> to Par Baptist Charch Cell At tb* morning eervicei al Ik* Park Av.ooe Bantist Gbarob. Sunday, tbe elark, Otiarlei Dayton, read tb* iller of acceptance received from lev. A. K. Finn, of Oherryville, who was reoenlly called lo tbe pastorate tnla church. Tbe letter was brief and stated Ibat the new pastor expect* iler upon his new obarg* the first Sunday In Janaary. Rev Frank Fletcher, who occupied the pulpit of tbla chorcl* jeiteiday. took occasion to tpesk oonocrnldg tbe ibillty and blgb character of Finn, wishing blm a locoeesfol «ln tbe saw field. wfcoae basbaad, Harold lost Us life ln tbe MtlUoaed for relief a >1 BOO worth of In connection wits tbls a forseal oetto*. saob ae will be aeat to tbe F owners, waa read and approved. Tb* property-owner* affected B. a Oompta*). Mrs. Mary Moor* aad Ohristian Spreck. with thii Mr. Tolles moved tbal when Ocnnoil adjourn it be to set oa the, above data. Me Tjier reported aa tbe matter ooaaralng tb* ooadlttoa nf tb* electric Wiioe about the oity aad stated tbal Oorporatioa Oouuel Craig A. Mirth bad' Informed him thai th* oity "a only lemedj in protection from ires was a presentation of the tacts to tb* Grand Jury, that to* city is practically wttbout power IB tbe latter. Mr. Marab Mid Ibal ie«i*!ation aloag tola iioe Is needed very inob aad noting oa this nageaticn Mr Tjler moved that Mr. Manb be nqoeetod to prepere aneta a bill to be pieeeneid to the I«gi*lanre and that Da report en tie matter at the first meeting of tbe Condi next vear. la a eommuaiealica from Mr. Clark, clerk of tb* Board of Education, tb* Council waa informed that L. Lovell and C. F. Abbott wet* rece appointed as members ot the Board of School Ultimate to lerva with tb* Mayor and a atmllar number from the OoaaoiL AH oi I Fary wet* prevent, last eight, and la 1 addition J. & Blgbaa, Theodore Witirlth th* ^ ot Hew but am Having aabodated m; ICastorMemban AMoctauuu Torltaty, I employ none I claw mechanics and non-union men. I believe ln every man running hi n business, at nil times and in "b. W. L1TTELL, No. US North Are.. Flalofield, M. Sports In Tha world's play is quite as important as it* work. Ton don't believe it* Then yoa should study year w< biitory more oarefully, to Bnd proof plenty that tbere never was a time when relaxation, onange, and diversions of iome term, were not regarded as essentials by Ihe best and greatest workers aver known. And more and more in these driving modern days Ibe play-bonrs of men of ~ in have prominent plan* on tbeii daily schedule*. Tbe intense and pltllem thought which maps out the Lmost Infinite detail of tremendous reratieni, at which the world learn. at tbe breakfast table, most be broken and eaat aside lor a little time eaob day, or IntoUeot will fail. Lakewood without it* varied opportunities for the sport and amoeement of busy man can hardly be Imagined ; certainly, wonld lost Interest, They eome here, singly and In partlei, by hundred*, for a day or a week or.a itb ; eatabitab tbelr headqnartera, aad thereafter found on tbe golf links, polo eouree, or in Ibe woods. Tbey g their favorite saddle horses and driver* ; order tbelr 'cycle* sent down, ipend boors with their guns at tbe naps, or In boats on the lake.'- In one way or another, they live ;ooi of doors; exerdm In the open, recover appetite and sleep sound o' nights. Naturally tbey return to bniinem new Still safer la tbe bablt of growing numbers wbo are in holiness, t< OBBM bomes here, going into town i day and returning In season foi an hour or two of sport before dlooer. Tbe great tournament! wblob al regular Intervals bav* been beld for yeara are field days for golfers and polo e: pert* ah over the country, and L*k> wood la recognised ae the populi winter play-ground of Ibe great eaatira eitlei. To know more about Lake wood, send to O. M. Bon, General Panenger Agent, 148 Liberty Street, New Tork Giiy, for Booklet on Lakewood. It' free for tbe sskina. Daaoe at Park Club. A delightful Informal dance was given at I be Park Clob, Saturday night, under tbe ausploes of the entertainment committee. There was a rg* nnmber of guests present and all ijoyed Ibe attractive programme of dance* arranged. MILLER Enterod Into rest. Friday. De- «Rnbert_M0E, Fbebe PTMtaec, wife ot the late fell R. Miller, In her sith year. IODINE On Sunday, December 8, ISC*. U i n l, wit* of William O. Bodine, aged 37 yeara, ibllis On Sunday. Deoember 6, IMS, Archibald L, eon of Jemea B., and TJrtBla Belli*, aged H years. wttbbteb Suddenly, on Saturday, Deoember 5, 1903, FiederlnkWnrater, asjad SS years. MILLER Hoddenly, ot heart failure, on Saturday, Leoemr " Theodore Jon< """" year. COON-At Sooth BterUnjr, K. 7., Sunday, Iteo. «, IaraelT Ooon, aged 70 years, 8 mtaitha, 10 days. WOODHULL-On Tueaday. Deoemher 8, isrjs, nenhd., widow of -Lewis Woodhull aged 61 yoara. Sanitary Plumbing Brick and Portable Furoaca Oas Fi«int,TInRoo!lnr, Etc.. Etc., Etc. to do any of the abova NEW IN EVERY DETAIL! MT new barber shop at 143 NORTH AVE. EDTIN B. J1AYNAKU. CARNEY BROS., MADISON AVENUE, Betwaea Tront and Beoond atreet* Timers, Plumbers Gas Fitters, Orates and bricks for alt kinaa of _»vea can be found here at Jobbers' prices. Bring your tinware mending to us. The best tinners, tbe bee? plumbers, and the beet gas-fitter* lit j this section. We use none but tb* very best of materials, and our work alwaya gives satisfaction. Keys of all kinds are made beta. Tinware made to order. Bangee, brick and portable fumaceb. Sanitary plumbing. DIME Savings Institution, Of Plainfield, I. J., Ia now receiving deposits with Interest, allowed on all sums from $6 to OK>. W. BOCKFEI.LUW, ' J. O. POPS, Treasurer. Guarantt-cd Salary Counsellor-at-Law Commlsaioner of Deeds, Haster-tacbaucery,. Notary Public. Office* Corner of Park avenue and Beoond ALBERT lieduen Livery & Boarding Stables * FOURTH BTr, between Watcbung and Park avenue*. Flnt-claw Uvury. Hone* boarded by week or month. Telephone call. No Wm. A. Woodruff Fin and Life INSURANCE AGENT, omoa, comer Front St. aid Park linn, i-lalnflelr!. V. J. aial'i ";e>taad! Bart Era-0 Jm Hale or El?h»»l ' MODej too loan n Appr.,i«n THE CONSTITUTION ALI ST. nmikce to siop ray «s Borough Donnell Aet» Spwwd- Uy to Prohibit Xomoral of Bum Building* From City. ILLXQAL UOUOH UU THE AUTHMdTIC* *«rowe«um ; TO ftevemt ALLEGED ABUSES. r«oflbfad Mr Patootkaa r««dratraflagawaat IMokU f nia-rvt cm* TM Brroakb Oooooll. He- Mbn mrllbf b*14 Ioann <llh»m>» of or loo. Impart- oo u oocopy IU Mtootloo, or tbo moot ibporual oropo to*on troo ^.p«- ' * «Mr 0l«k. oolbort^ Ik. bor- ao(b ooooool to Orofl ol oooo oo oral..race peoblwim roktorol of oaf from. Mild!.! *$ boroafk. la oasotcllao till tbs resolution, Mr. Clark stated Ibel If euob an act la la*,.l.. or. Id OOOO ronoot bo dratted loo q olcklf U >b> boloo.h.ram. to bo lb. doofnop.round! for Mom Hod of Ml.ot.rM «r. Clark odd.a ih.l I ho boroagb dooo aot wral la paao lb rook b oootbor eecb m II bod roooallf. fa lb. porpooo of komo.lal onion oo iho aollor. lb. Oooooll will bold ao odjoarord moollac ooit Friday nigbi lo root!dor lho propaoid ordi- Mooo. Motor Bmallor a fo» robarhk I. rrlolloa lo tbo rooal.iloo, rovloaj.g I bo ortloo of Ik. boraapb lo roforraao lo I bo ft. brief hooor. ood».b bonding woeld D* eomplolo lb. dm of lb. far, or ban I bo ao mil roam, woald bo rood; for 00- oap. Tbo elort mao Inotroctod to ootlfy I bo.our of I bo proooal qt loro of tblo fool Tbo Maror oloo rood, a low romorkr moorulag Ibo oale of llqaer la Boon rbaad Ball, Dinting tbag ao porooi r poroomo mba oaoopy Ihog hall bar. a right to ocll llqooro; that ao pormli od boon obtained from blm for ooob right oad If eoy oae moo dool/ooi I moklog o tool oooo lo Ibo mollur tbop wort laviiod lo go Mood oad oa A oomowbol pooollor ooodllloa o M tint at Ibo ball. I olal mod tbol llqoor lo.old More poi ao llooaoo boo hooo gloon for tbol porpooo. II lo k qooolioa la Iba mlado of Ibo offlololg u to wbrlbor tbop boro a rtgbl la nor Ibo oalo of Ilqoor. laoomnob oo tbop liar, ao pawor la graal Iba oalo of Ik Aap prooooouoa tblo mollor oroold boro lo bo oa Ibo pail of Ibo ooaolp eelbotltlra Ho fort ibo Coaooll odjoarood Mr. Hieholo offorod o rooololloo oolhorlo log Ibo drawing of worraota lo pop Ibo Wolohoog oronoo bond, logo, ood all aatao aow doo. Tblo woo odopltd. PRAISE FOB T. H. KELLER Ibo of Ibo Oooooll lo Ibu oooo ood bo woo proporod lo do tbo ago lo oop fonra oooo of o olmilor aoloro. Ho odoooaotd Ibo rofooal of all eppll minor for Ibo lomaoal of from, keildleg* la iba boroagb and aakod for Ibo oadanamoal of tbd Oooooll la wbol bo bad low. 1. <ko loot iraomo. Ho mid tbol Ibo bwrwogb woo Id Ilk.Ip bar.. low ran mi no kudo «... >oll of Ibo orrool of Job. Oondwla. bol ho woo.oh ofrmld of lb* iaal do Pi.1.Arid ElMlrlo Light Oompaap re- Cll.g Ibo booakl.g of I noon dor ipo I. Ibo hwooogb. II oa gonorol Dpi n loo I bol tblo lo Ibo r Of bopo who ooo Onbon rlsoo i lomlp. Ii or dor la pal a nap to tblo prooltoo, rooolallaa osorod bp M Clot*, providing that a roword of A* bo paid lo napoo, mooring Ibo d lloa and odevlotlaa of up pora porooaa galllp of brooking I boro tamp, or dofootog rtrorl rlgoo, woo adoplod Tbo rooolnltaw oloo prondod tbol oa MrorklmmoM of Iklo ooklaa bo la ortod la Iba local paparo A coromoolcolloo woo rocol.od froo O'llllo Emma Holoold, Onlllo Imam UoboofTor, Tboodpro P Pro Dob ood EMoa A-jfmfh la whloh Ibo poll lloaoro OodlokU Ibo nooao mrp grip fool of load aoooomrp lo oi toad ood wldaa Door olioot Iron O toon brook la wbol lo kowws oo ep- por Door otrool. Tbo manor woo >0 fonod lo Ibo okrool com mil loo oad Mat Obairmob A ran Id oeorod a 1.1 loo I hot Ibo Miorl WOO Id bo oo- oopiod If Ibo polllloworo woald opoo CAP ood 'grade Ibo okrool. Tblo.4 rocolrrd horn E ik Job. MoObKbu. piool AoM of Ibo Pork Ole*. la wblnb bo ookod I hr Oooooll lo bp CM- I or lor G P. Brow. : Toro, oad rotor Mr $* ** II; Board.f Hoolik. Mo 01; Opooin rabaal. gl.mtg: llooaoo. J. gwgfn: robwio from Ibb hi larol raoelpra gh.aop tt. I mrwm. gr.ilk gg; coob ow band. AIO.» ka Lon oigbl rial mo omwwouoi A $4000 won ord.trd pud bp Ibo Owaoell Ukallmoo Arnold, of Ibo mraol mitloa. roponod lb.i $im b.d boo. poogod doing ibo port monrb oa moor work and tbrwogb a rooolatlo. bo mo.rod Ibo o.donrmoal of ibo O..OOII I. tblo oolloo Cbolrmo. <A*rl. at Ik. Ark. w.i.r lad lamp cmmmllro*. raporlrd IkM AIU M wra ripoadod la am Oo ran monk Mr loo, rlarmor of Ibo polio, ro-w I lira, grand Ibog Cblof OompboU toponog loir orroho modo garlag Maoombor rad lb. WIMIa of ph la Aara Ho olra ng.rad a roalollao Mlkorl.l.g lb. mrarol of H la H11 BUI P Theodora J,Millar Token Sick ol Iho Train, Puoaa Away. In i Doctor** Offlco. HEART PAUoHRE, CAUSE THREE PHY1ICIAM WORK HEKOICALLY TQ RAVE HIS UfE. Troll or Ago Had Boor ogogod la V.floor Ural of B..I- io.t M.mb.> of Cl Coa plli rial Tha CTrrral numhsr of I ha B porting Geode Daaler bee oa 11a fraatiapiaea a»aiaa B. K slier formerly of thia city lo referring to bla iba papar aaya of Iba aw Jaraay esbarba af New York City, aad parbapa ll was bla oostim# Iba State Ibai prompted bla fallow ofboova lo ebooaa eolooai of a raglasaoi of i I bay organ! aad al fwa Olrt. However asay ba. Iba fad rsmaias that Iba rogimeal boosted oaa prlraia and only am! y., l Mr. Ksllsr hat kaa agar of Iba Paters Cartridge Company. of Clncli aalt, wtlb headquarters lo Now York City, aow al W Chambers street, la Iba oanter of Iba sporting goods trade The Insaiaoaa eaecaea of tbta coa paaj's loaded am bis nit ion and Iba phenomenal popolarily of lie Bean Bmoktee* pawdar are In a aery large measure dae ta tbe antlrlog work of lu Kaelarn manager. alone every like opeo lo a wide-awake. baaeila g MhS.KIRKIlWMBOARD UNION COUNTY fltccmoldcrs GIVE AND RECEIVE APPROPfWATE GIFTS. At Iba iaa«ngmlar meeting of Iba Ualon Ooaaly Boird of Fresboldtra wllb IU preeeot mem bar. b Ip. iba dl factor, ( apt. J. Frank Bobbard. of U»U oily, rr mam be red tha Board with bla Bsoal Christmas gift, a naat little diary ooalaialog meeb ralaable lo Oo mot loo of Fiee bolder Hobli Iba bill of Iba W T. Klrfc Oosapaay for faroleblog pipe lo John VTahl. at aw, Prorldaaea. waa ordered paid wbe. properly audited. Preeloas to tbe regalar basin# Iba aaaaloo a letter of tbaaka wae read from lira. William T. Kirk, a bride of a few warke ago. thanking iba members for a wadding gift aa Church Fnnurul Arr nag amenta Theodora J. Millar, of 987 Park a* nae. died eoddeoly Saturday afurnc after leaving a train at tbe North iae Station. B# the cam wbjjd coming borne from Haw York and at the seatloa ba oa oared a oarrlage, giving Inesraotlane to Iba driver to taka blm In Dr. H. H. Cowrie's office In Park aveano. The physician al onoa determlnsd that Mr. Miller wae in a oritlcal rood it Ion. With the am!stance of Dra W. H. Marray and K & Long, wbe were called In. every effort wae made la mo si rate the sick mao. bat lo am parpoee. Be died within n half boar after reaching Dr. Lowrta's offloa. In tbe meantime Mr. Miller's death tars ware notified aad Ibay arrived a* Iba offloa jaet before ba died, coble was Ibe caoee of death, Mr. MlUar waa born la New York si sly-nine yvars ago. Daring tbe early part of bis Ufa ba waa engaged lo Iba aad UUr wllb af al # Frool straat. New York, Be re- moved wllb bla family to Pleiad*Id shoot twenty Ova coonnaed to live wa. la n railroad wrack at Greenville oa iba New Jaraay Central, a frnctarvd rib pa notarial tbo long Thin Injury baalsd, bat always caoaad more or iron bla. Mr. Millar waa a member of Iba Ora ao aw l Chnrob, It waa a boa I bla "A a wife'died. Mr Miljar la aa: rvived bv fr dsn gh tars, tbe Mlaaaa Mlaala a. Carol I bs C., Graoe 1. aad a Cordelia Millar; also throe Miller, of Paeereoe Miller. Jr., of Wealtald and Howard J. Millar, of Ibia oily. II THREE SCORE 1)111 ISRAELI. COON PASSES AWAV AT HIS HOME IN SOUTH STMUNG. Israel J Oooo for year* a piosnlneal resident of Warren township, died bla home la Smalleytowa or Boa lb Burling Bonday afterwooo a o clock Death waa dae to slot trouble He Is survived by n eon, David, aad Iwo daughters, Mrs. David Smalley aad Mrs Born am an. wife ibe pastor of Ibe Methodise Obarob, at Smalley town. Bla wife, who also reives blm. la Ibe aiatar of Harriaoo aod Worth Ooddlogloa. of North Plain Bald. He wae eevewty yaars of age. Pew people were belter known In Warren township than Mr. Ooob. had lived in that pari of iba I nearly all hie life. Ha bald poaltiooe in Ibe oommanlly In wblob ha lived, earring several terms as smimer Mx collector. He wee one of the Arm members of tbe Bmalleysown oborcb aad daring ble later years has many poeiiloos as trustee and minietrotor af will*. He waa aa i with a pretty gift. LODOK OF BORIOW. PlebisM Kike Attend «^» MemerUl About twelve LeSgs. No W45, B P O B. Mt#e4s4 Iba Loage of Borrow af their Elian an day al Elisa both.. af Elian ded as IM mmtimg aad Bee Otia H Glaaebroab, roetne of Christ Obarob. Elisabeth, delivered Impressive aaloglea Poes matter Palmer H C*ttroo*. also ot Elisabeth, made aa mhreaa Violin singing by a quartette PaUtleal Hanaenvrea. A aiapaseti tram Pbiladeinbia my. hat tbe ebj ol af Beaamr John Keaa e dlaaer la honor of Goverawr Franklin Msrphy te lo laaarb a boom for Ibe latter for the Vice Presidency The game >e M band owl a gaberaa- arial aemlaasloa lo Edward Bfokm, of Cumberland Ooanty. boom Mnrpby as a raaalag mala give Eeaa a elacb borough Fire laearaaaa Ooapsay. The funeral will ba bald tt Wcdaaeday. at iba Mt Horeb Obarob. J. Oaabio. cbolrmatter af the 8l Mary s a Obarob and Mian Mae Smith, argaattt. are proparlag Fifth large quantities af ooal have seouw from bla ewal yards. WhleS Centre*. Jaw. 9. 7be Eneabeib Obaaa and 1 Club, raeswl wiaei of ibe Maw Jer- sey Siam Wklee trophy, will aow have ta malauia us right la obamptoweblp agaiooi any elab ta Ute Mel# and It Is llksly ibas a number af oswsetts will fallow daring iba winter. The nest Buie oowgreee will be held la Ellas baib. January 9 ILL TO K FRAMED FOR PtESENTA- TION TO THE LEGISLATURE. moating af Ike Gammon Council bald Monday. Tbata wae Ibe appoint- mem of ftbroo napmine In Ibe Are de- partment ka taka Iba place af Iba fern- i made espial, of No. I Hone Company: William Townley of Ba I Horn Osmpeey, aad Feirtag of Ha I Boas Company. Iba earns lime Iba rale govern is raise waa changed from lo oaf month's pay. Mayor Joakiao appointed PeMr Hamllloa. John Alban and Jaoob Denham ao special policeman, wllb ibe anterelnn Aing that Mr. Hmailtoa. who reneakly passed Ibe third bert civil eerviee examlnat'oa. is te go ow with ibe alm- appolniod a fain ip. if found Be is almett perfect yean ef bga. aad has Be Is i for deaewrod 9a txptts matters far Mr. Tyler mf MJMmA IU pro vail lag raw raganalag Iba appeintmewl af epaeiale. that W that they cannot bn mnan "ragawn" only by Iba aaaal vote of Iba Connell after passing aa oaaaa ap ka Ibo reqelrmaeesn nans af Mr. BnmUtoa be almply takes ibe plane of naaebar man who declined tbe peelltew after pn If bis examine- Man. Open Iba eeaclaalaa of Iba ro- Tbara warn a great many positions reeelved, laoladlng esveral regarding la* matters la wblob tbero appeared on Elisabeth attest, supposed to be- long to Jaa* Bandy, ll wad sold Oder Iba Martin Act wllb IhU un- paid be? lex. Mr Freaob sigaiaed bis wllllegweae to ftva np Ibe prop- rty, provided Ibe Ooaaell rol mba roes blm to Ibe osteal af AM 9ft. Ibe J. a Daly asked for Itorttarn of fit paid aa lam oa propartt> 1K1 Evereti piece, iba earn having been pnld Iwtoa. Ellen Ll Brown, ef Brooklyn. sd tor a bnxn supposed to be on bar property ow Bel rider, avenae. 8b* stated that Iba bnlldlog Is on J. W. Reinhart'i property, end she wants the matter adjusted. Tbeee petitions ell look Ibe esuel coarse, being referred to Ibe senoe committee. Mm M. B. Rlaberg, of 109 Jackson reaae, took exception to paying a las on bar property, olalmlng that Ibe paid before. In oo qaeaoe a be naked to have Ibe ram pnld by her returned OblsT T. O. Doans, ef Ibe Fireman's Relief Asso- ciation. asked tbe Ooo noil lo exempt ea Elisabeth street property, owned by Ibe association, from taxes, aa'tbe tlon la a char!table one. Tbeee pelliione were given, to tbe finance ties for consideration. Tbe Mils of tha alaotlow officers for ear- Yioee performed lo were again presented and ibis time they were inferred directly to lb# Corporation loo. Gavetl reported that daring tbe putt four months be bad g anted seventy nine newer per- mite, while Bnlldlog Inspector Donne spurted tbe graallag of eleven mite daring November. Al Ibis time Mr. Denial offered ever*! reeojatlooe. Ibe flwl being that tbe city treasurer be eetborieed to pay tbo earn of ffil Plain* aid's proportion of Ibe Bute and Ooaaly Bcbeol lax The eeeoad reeo- lallow provided tor Ibe renewal of a part ox iba Al6.000 note Issued oa ao- oooat of Are food, Ibe amoam ll wae renewed for being , Ibe balanoe having been paid off. Another note tor LdOO. n part of n $4,000 note In* eaed oo aootont of tbe poor fond, won rawewsd in n similar meaner end on n third resolution Ibe earn of 89,000 wan kerrs wed oo aoooaol of newer im- provements, ibe name being secured by a note. Mr. Tellee offered n reeolatlon pro- viding for tbe laying of aide walks by She city! front of certain properties, east of tbe earns to be paid for tbroegb * lien on Ibe proper! Tbts wae adopted. The appointments by the Mayor of Chartee O. Pearson and Eugene V. low as oall men In tbe Are depart it. weia ood firmed by a vote of Iba OooooiL Chairman Randolph, of tbe polios nominee, reported epom Ibe la reel I gallon of tha police patrol system by Manager a W. Raoyoo, of tbe I ooal telephone oompaay, wbo has charge of tbe system, and W. U Klerpln, n representative of tbe OameweU Com- pany. ll will ba remembered that at tbe last meeting It wae reported tha tbe elec trio wires appeared to be censing non ble aboal some of the oall boxes. The report of Iboee wb< vattigalod tbe matter showed tha tbe eyotem la In peifeol ooadllioo. Iba iberefls oo lroable»het woald lajary to thoro asing Ibe system. There Wae found a slight escapement of electricity through electrlo Ugbt wirae, bat Ibis wa* diooovsmd only in damp weather and ia no* dangerous. Wednesday night, Deeember tt, a 8 o'clock, an Iba lima when Iba Ooenoil w4m mast to traal wllb Iba inters property -owners regarding Ibe open- tag aad exteaatoa of Myrtle avewao to Msisk kef Bsfeimsf blm that tbe ally s awly remedy la protection from faota la Ibe Oraad Jury, Iba the city le proetiowlly wltboat power la iba Ible Has Is CASTOR IA Tm IllklU ui ChlRrou Tk KM Ta Im Uwtjt Mr. Tylar moved tha Mr. Merab ha '.*. rvqaeatad to prepare each a bill to ba pteeeaato to Iba Legislatare and (fiat be report oo Ike matter at tbe Artt ^ meeting of ibe Ooaaell ml jeer. ibroogh! I* eoosraenlcwtioa from Mr. dark, Tkee* warn all referred dark of Mm Board of Education, Iba see informed iba I* H. In. Lmv B. Timllgeim. af Lovell aad a F. Abbott were reeeouy Sixth street, wbm baebead. Harold appoiatod as membaro of Iba Beard of W. Tsmllemr. lea bla Ufa ia tbe Bcbeol IttimaN to serve with the WeatAeid wsvok. petltfewed for raltef Mayor gad a glallar member from (be from a taa amemed aa *1 goo worth of OoaaolL personal peeps rty. She el aimed that All af the membaro. exagpg Mr. aa May I laas. wbwa tba aaaemmsam Parr warn proaeat, last night, aad la J. & Bighorn, Theodore wil- Al Iba morning services a tba Park Avenue Baptiel Obarob. Baaday, iba elark, Obarlaa Dayton, road Iba letter of eooeptanoe received from Rev A. E. Flan, of Obarryvllle. wbo waa raoaatly called to Iba past orate ol bla obarob The later woe brief end seated tba tbe, new pastor expected to r epos ble new charge Ibe Ural Sunday la Jan nary. Rev. Freak Fletcher, wbo oocapied the palpi! of this obarob yetteiday, occasion to speak oooocralag Iba ability aad high obex actor of Ftoa, wishing him a socceeefel work in tbe new field. Aportu la Lakewood. The world's play Is qelte as Imper- ial as its work. Yoa don t believe lt» Than yoa aboeld study year world >ry more carefully, to Had proof id plenty tha there never was n tlai when relaxation, ebaaga, aod diver loos of noma form, were aot rag aided I essentials by Ibe beet and greatest or kero aver known. Aad more nod more in tbeee driving modem days ibe play-boors of men of affairs have prominent plaoe on Ibalr dally so bad also The intense pitiless tboagbt wblob mope out Ibe almost Infinite detail of tromendoos operations, of wblob tbe world learns at tba break feet table, osntt be broken aad one! aelde for n little lima each dar. cr Intellect wlu fall. Z*k a wood without Its varied oppor- tunities for 4b* sport aod amoeemeol may men one hardly be Imagined; certainly, would loot late rest. They com* bare, singly end la parties, by bond rede, for n day or a week or a month ; establish their headquarters, aad thereafter found oo Ibe golf links, polo ooo roe, or la Ibe woods. They bring tbelr favorite saddle horses aad drirere; order their cycle# eeat down, or spend boon wllb tbelr cans el tbe Rape, or la boats oa tbe lake, lo ana way or another, they live loot of doors. exercise la Ibe opeo. recover appetite aad sleep sound o' nigbia. Naturally they retain to basineae Dew Brill safer is tbe bablt of growing numbers wbo in ia bdalaeee, to lo- ooate homes bare, going into towc each day and reluming In season roi aa hour or two of sport before dinner. Tbe groat tournaments wblob al rogo lar intervale have been held for yean are field days for golfers and polo parts all over Ibe country, end Lake- wood le recognised ea tbe popular winter play-ground of tbe greet east- ern cities. To know more about Lakewood, seed to a M. Ban. General Pameoger Agent. 149 Liberty Street, New York Oily, for Booklet on La#wood, free for lb* aakto*. Dues at Park Club. A delightful Informal dance waa ivea al th* Park Club, Hatnrday igbt, coder ibe aosploes of the ea tertaiament oommittee. There was a large number of guests present aad all enjoyed ibe attraotlve programme of dances arranged. E 52d^-3r?*/J nffi. JJR yearn. CAW- Entered Into root oa Deeember ft. WTWCKLKB-on Friday,Deeember 4.1*09., Merewt A., wife of a J. wtackier. aged 10 yours. MILLER Entered Into real, Friday. D ftonber 4, Hot, Pbebe P. Milter, wife. 'EM R. Milter, ta bar 94th yen BODIES Oa Baaday. December A. IKE Leam L, wife of William a Bodies, aged 97 year* BELL18 Ou Baaday, Deeember « Archibald L, eon of Jemee aad Urania Beilis, aged 94 year*. WnB8TER Seddeoly. on Saturday. December ft FrederickWuroier. affud 9ft years. MILLER Huddeoly, of heart failure. 2? Laoember , aa Miller, la ble TOtb OOON-At Booth Sterling.. J^ Sunday, rad^lb^u 44aaa, xal 1 Trar rad I am prepared to do any of lh. aboka braarbra In ottmi? OrrarUoa. unitary B AaeocIaUou but I tflagi *r Membaro i ss sshunsp non-union I believe In every man runnlcg bla own business, a all times and In D. W. LITTELL, Ho. 119 North At*.. Plainfield. H. J. Sckitific America*. NEW IN EVERY DETAILI r a#f tarber shop at 143 NORTH AVE. All tbs LSSiSK^iiffrtrS. CARNEY BROS., MADISON AVENUE, Between Front aad Seeood stroeo Tinners Plumbers Gas Fitters, O rates and brick* for all It I nos of orro ran be found here mt Jobbero* prices. Bring your tinware mending to us. Tbe beat tinners, the beat plum be re, and the beat gaa-fitters la tblo section. We use none but tha very beet of materials, and our work always give* sad ef action. Keys ol all kind* are made here. Tinware made to order. Ranges, brick aad portable fumacee. Sanitary plumbing- Savings Institution, Of PlainfieH, I. J., # 1, now receiving deposits with ldtsreat, allowed oo *11 rum* from M to $3,000. J.Run HcBBftBii, President, Oko. W. Bocs.rEi.Luw, Ylce-Pre*. J. 0. Pora, Treasurer. Gnaranteed $900 Salary. HTArrOKD PBEKH, W H OOUIHO lor., Counrallor-at- Law ahddoery, Rotary Cornsi of Pork Deed*. Maoter-U- Paollc. OOom renw* and Boeoad ALBERT MEDUEN Livery & Boarding Stables FOURTH BT.. between Watching and Park avenora. Plrkt-closa Livery. Horen boarded gy rank or oionth. Telephone oall. Wm. A. Woodruff Fire end Lite INSURANCE, AGENT, oner Frwt St. ud fart iient, flalaflald, I. J. \

6 U n i l l SIGK BENEFITS IB i l l PLEASED I ORANGE F. 6. William Lawin, Noted Tenor, I Gave Song Recital at Truell Court. WAS IN GOOD VOICE THE CLUB IS GKOWIHG ASSISTED BY MRS. M. H. NACDONALD, SOPRANO, AND E. A. IANKE, PIANIST. Mr: l~yln aad Mr.. M.f Oon.Kl Apuwrtil In Korope-Mr. bavin With MB*. PatU-Mrs. Maedoaald In lir.nd Opem. i A ton* leoital at Tro'll Coon Jut Thursday was given by Wm. La 1 Is nor. assisted by Mrs. Maria a gosrlt* Maodoaald. soprano, and Arthur Jante, pianist. AD attentive and well please* aodieno* Oiled tb«i Mi. Lavln, wbo la a alnger of wid.t repute, has Jaat returned from a torn of conquest throog'b Italy, Frauoe, 'Germany and England. In London, he sang In a series of concerts nndei direction of Wood, tbe well known conductor, wbo recently oama to Ibli country on invitation of the Philharmonic Society to represent England in a maiieal festival in New York. "" Levin also tonred England and Scotland with Mine. Paul. Hie voioe is Blear and strong, his tone* rlcb and mellow. He aaag last nigbl selection! from Italian, French, English snd QermsD, and all with line art, pteaslvely and with a high musical concertino. Mrs. Maodoaald'a soprano voioo wai sweei and pare in tone, and If II lacked anything in freshness, tbe de- Hclenoy was i elrl waa corporation of Clab Hlannrd Kooma Will be Srrurnl IMI>UIilon of Move to Combine With Faanrooa and Other Clut... Tbe Orange- Field Glob, the orack DDior athletic association of the city, I loded the bualneae of tbe football at a meeting In the Hotel Keoon laat Thursday. Tweuly-one i per abarv was declared to be tbe lend In tb* football stock lamed y Ihe association. Tbe mi*mng was toded by at lesat tbirty membera of he club and was most enthusiastic. t was planned to Incorporate the olnb r the present name and introduce ick benefits as a permanent feature, Mb member wbo Is ill to reclave ts week and tbe services of a pbysllan. This waa the suggestion of Wiin T. Walters, manage: ii Clinton OH flora Smith presided at Ib* mertlrg, aad Harry Hook wai ascr*- Oaorga MoVoy, who waa of lart year's football learn will be the manager of tbe ttatnhall team next prtng. William T. Waters will be be Brat assistant and Edward Hoar-1 wi committee was ap- reraity 1 than ropplle* by the cleverness of ber art. Her pei formanc- tn two dontts wllb Mr. Lavin was brilliant. Mrs. Macdonald bas snog nosntly la Paris and many places in Germany. In United Stataa, sb«has sung frequently tbe part of "Margnarlt*" in Faaat " "Leonora" in 11 Trovatore and baa appeared In n,iiy other parta in tb* landing operas. Mr. Janki pianist, of tbls olty, accompanied tbe alngera ably: I Tbe programme: Berenata, dnett, ToKli. Mra. Maodonald and Mr. Lavln ; a, "Ah non oredea" (Mignoo), : b, "Dal oampl dal prati' Bolto, Mr. Lavlo "ElDsam in trobeo Tagen" (Loban grim, WaKoer, Mrs. Haodonald; a. ObetlnalioD, (Fontenalllee; b, "Bon Jour. Bason," Peasard; o, "Si me vers," 11 stiii d, "To sonvlens-lu di bstser, ' Onl; e, " Aimons-nonp,' BalatBaens, Mr. Lavin; a. "Thy Name." M«ry Knight Wood; b, awl." TlrindeiU.o, "Bing Ont, Wild -Balls," Jordan; d. "Love Laid HI Sleepless Bead," Herbert. Mr Larla; a, "Onvre te> yens bleo>,* Massenet; h, "Ueber alien Oipfeln i* -Bab," Jaaike, Mrs. piacdonald "'Deter'* Jatar." Van Der Bluekeo, b ["APblr g*gnu*t," o, -Da bin di Lstab," d. Serenade, Bebabert. Lavin; "Dear Love of Mine," duett '' Oorlog Tbonif, Mr*. Maodooald : Hi. I.aTir. - STROKE OF PARALYSIS CARRIES Of ONE OF HARTINSVILIE'S CITIZENS DIES AS SHE Klf EELS. Miss Pansy Ballard. an ts-rear-old atudent at the state university at Lincoln. Neb., swallowed carbolic add taw Mooting Held In other morning while kneeellng at the eonfeaslonsj n 8L Taeresa'a procathedral. Staggerlaa; to Ber feet a few minutes later she whispered to the waiting priest that she had killed ' Ten minutes liter she waa the Parlors of the Hotel Kensington Laat Night. TWENTY-ONE CENT DIVIDEND PAID STOCKHOLDERS IN FOOTBALL TEAM. dead. Tbe K'rl was the daughter of Ellai B. Ballard. a banker at Wl'.ber. b Dodgfe City. tn and wheat interest* Kan. She and her (later coln a few veeka ago to at tate university. Inter Or«an aayi Catholic and waa geetlon of Wil- / tna««r of laat L A ban't.all nine, j \f pointed to f s aaiuble club r and report at tbe next meeting Tuesday evening, Deo. 22, at tbe Hotel Kensington. It Is probable tbat ibe rooms will be located over I. H. Boebm'a itoie on Went Front street. this and urged to [her superior, but rather - lmportunltlea the took tbe Uranse Field Olnb. tbe For the past four yeara ihe haa been Reform Olnb, tbe Cranford Field of a i Club and the Fauwood Club. Thu matter will be disoassed carefully at Ibe celt meeting of the clab. An ffort is to be made between now and he date for the next meeting to selure a total clab membership of sixty. waa attributed t oroee dlspoeitloi Mrs. George W. VanNest, c beat known residents died at be bam* In Marttnavlll*. Tbnrsday morn. I Ing, a third stroke of paralysis being I the ones*. Uhe saffst«d Ib* attack I while sweeping snow from tte parch. I Baa was a daagbler of tb* late Jacob I Loag. of North Plaiaflsld. I Barvlvinp bar ar* a turn an,! aad J asvea children The latter ar* OMrp I W. VaaM*st, Jr., of Daatllea; Mrs. Slason Urattu. of MarttasvlU*; H- win D. VMNHI, of Waatn*14; Mr* 1 M. W. King, of Liberty Carn*r: Mr*. I WeaUy J. rolomsn, of Washington, N I I. ; Miss Barak VaaMeM and Williasa VanS.n of Martlnsville. Tb*re ar* r brothers aad a s lag hei W. M. ol Howerrllle; J. B LoDg, MarilatTiau Or Monroe B Long, of Plai«n«ia: jamb L«M. e( alartb Plain 1.Id, Hd Mia. & O. Staats, also f bl il Lakewood'a Fall Season. With the pawing of tb* summer and he farewells to September there comes aa a rating thought lo tbe minds of reeorten, the eboloe of a mint of healthful aod advantage"" cation for tb* winter, and, more immediately, for tbe mouths of early when mmmt places of eutertaln- I ar* closed and cold weather retorts bav* not yet. opened. To tbe lly tbe problem la a particularly weighty one for tbe schools all over tb* country are opening for tbe year, and It la time tbe little people took ip tb* business of childhood. Aod in aaking choice tbere are to be conidered aa factors, bealthfalneas, Mxotsibility to easiness centers, tfie_ character. of diversions, and social sorroondlngs. that Lakewood very largely o«ei it leading place among resorts to the peculiar points which are moat alaed at midwinter warmth, ahalter and mlldctem of climate and yet, in its elgbt months' aeaaoo, from fall to sprior, there ar* no more perroet month) than Oolob*f and November. For mor* than twelve year* tb* Brat day Of October baa been Ibe dak* on wbleb Lakewood has opened lie doors lo the outside world, and thai tint day' registralloos have been uniformly large, inclnding travelers from moaataln and asaslana. acid ramralag collagen unost W gel sstlisd again In tbalr Lakewood bom** attar a mm- ar's waadwrtags. All ibroagb ib* th* habst of oatwhich go»»ra»d tb* bat MI la proloor»d ta Lake rood, and ib* goldto days of color rate* ImparospUMy paaa mio frasta and' chill of wiatat ar* neb la epportaattl** for sport aad eaerolee on tb«golf links, tb* lak» aad in Ib* wand*. ir yoa bav* c.v.r aejoyad tba sputice. try Lasrwood la early its sea- Sk A book let oa La**wood» «aal frae by O. M. Bart, u. P. A.. Maw Jersey Oaattai. New Tork Olty. 'ears ago, in a spirit of bravado, and while accepting a dare from a companibe placed herself under tbe in-» of a traveling hypnotist, who d ahe tell anyone of her intentii ' threaten at any time Ut end her e. She left her boarding house In e morning without eating breakfast, id. coming downtown, purchased the Id. She repaired to the church and, ter spending an hour In prayer and edltatlou. walked to the cnnfessionaj and swallowed the poison. The tint intimation the listening est ha.l or her act was when tbe r he held to tbe aperture caught tbe ind of a fall aod a groan. aulafd CrouK la Kdaanod O. KTtrftl Mano* man. wbo has bs*a operating hare, ha», aooordlng. barg, Pa., Tfmea. baaa operating la that city. The papa* Mils of tb* of tba dapper little obap wbo, claimed*, dltappsaied at the same ttma Ml and SMM jewelry wished. Whii. la Btroadabarg be koowa as EHis ««a«rlptton eoif ponds with Ibst of Bvsmtt; abort, vtcr Auk M m n, w ean a g a h «a rj blaok MSM. Be alalaiad In haw* oom. f Letter from a not*4 Edltot aad Writer. r. Sp*ar -U l j Doffui Harduag, of London, Eagland, an old of mine, oa taatiag from botue of Bpeer's Ollmas Brandy brought front American, tmnradlately aak*d me lo order some for ter. Yoara craly. Plenties Malford. Editor Grapblo, London. I tbe fact that acvera 1 TOOK HUSBAND'S DARE. MARIKE BAUD MENACED. Bookt A'lded DoTlag November. Aldrlob, T. B., Pookapog paper I; Andrews, W., ed., Onrloas epitapbs; J., Kngllafa lotteries: Bell, Mrs. M. M, Maotarplaoe* of tba great artlato; Bigelow, P., Obildn of the nauoos; Bigncll, E., Mr. Chnpes and Miss Jenny; Billing*, 1. a. ed.. Liquor problem ; Brent, C. H.Witb Ood In the world; UafAn, a U., i masters of painting; Oaitwrigbt, Mrs J, Paintera of Florence : Coocb, A. T. Q., Hetty Wesley; Craig. W. H, Dt. Johnson and tbe skam, J. D., Poems; Deland. Mrs. at, Dr. Lavendar and his people; Doyle, A. C., Adveotarea Gerard; Drnde, P., Theory of optics; Fox. J., Little shepherd of Kingdom Como; (Joanne. O. L, pi, King's story book; Oomme, O. L., ed.; Qosen's story book : Oner ber, H. A., Empresses of France ; Halsey, F. W., Old New York frontier: Howe, M. and Hall. V. H., Lanra Bridgman; Hyn«, O. J. C., Through Arcric Lap- Laonard, R. M., Dog In British poetry; Long, J. L., Sixty Jane, Materlinok, M., Monna Vhnna; Maeterlinck, M., Bister Beatrice; Mwterlinck. M, Treasure of Ibe bnmbl*: Haaterlinok, M, Wladom and destiny; ill, N. J., Hnthroom book; Merwln, 8., Whip band : Hicbrl, E., Rabans; Miller, M. R., Brook book; Monllon, R. G.. Literature of Ibe Bible; Nash, H. S., Higher criticism the New Testament ; Ober, F. A., JoMpblne, Empress of Ih* French; Ostwald, Bils. J, Marine band, after an exlatence of 100 years, may be forced to fall to pieces. The Federation of Maslclaos, bavins aflulated with thejlmerican Federation of labor. attempted lam year to get a resolution through congtess the effect of which would have been to forbid f tbe Marine band to play at any performance In CITII life for pay. Tbe resolution failed, but the musicians, with the backing of the Federation of Labor, are going to try tt again next The unions object! to the Marine band because its members are employed of the RQveramient. but Lieut Santelman says that of!7 members of the local musicians' union, which instigated the war on the hand, IT are government clerks drawing Torroy, B. Telt, T.. D**c family J., Francesco Orlspl Olerk of tbe woods Trollops, A., Way we lira now: Viele, H. EL, Inn of tbe Silver Moon ; Walpole, Blr H '. Memories of King George III; Weyni Wbartoi E, J, Long Sanotnary Whatfly, R., Hlstorloal doubts relative to Napoleon; WlgglD, K. D., Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm; Williamson, C. N., Ugbtnlng condaomr; Wilson. H. L., Spenders. s Next Thursday's issu* will contain abort lint of children's favorite books. Tbere win be none lnolnded which r reading, th«librarian cannot isertodly recommend. It is offered at tbls time aa a Gbiiatmae auggestion for those wbo want to iel*ct boots for their child friends, which are really good aad which tbe children ibemselves Ilk*. LITBRAEY. rum 1 Ol l.ires i a hi ir of wn wa etc Ma sects iched kly y! ' -<! In man'il Eh ladder and a twu-story seosatiott 1: on of Jersey her for hours the color of the aitire. paintframe 1 the City. while ellow to a beautiful Tb«woman was whinskv. formerly Mrs. There was much specul b M Mhlkl d p l undertook the ;ol> Her husband la an axpan with the paint brush and usually paint* all Of the building* which JM owns. M*,- «(Inn,, ; ia well to du and own* muca In literary merit and In the manner of presenting and illastrallag its ooatents, The Metropolitan Magmaln* for i HS wlu obailenge comparison with aw asy other magasina published. In Its short stories tbe aim will be variety and that kind of style of writing tbat compels attention. Important and speelal articles will be contributed by trained observers and tb* whole will be illustrated by artiste whose names arc a guarantee of artlstlo teaoty. Among lbs beat known contributor* will be Thomsi telson Page, Jobn Fox, Jr., "Mr. Dooley," U«org*Ade, Anthony Hope,» Hewlett, F. Hopkinson Smith, Ulias Carman, Gny Wetmore Carryl, Klcbsrd LeUallienne, Clinton Scollard and many others. All of uritera will oontrlbat* tbair irk. A special feature will be Maarioa Hewlett's great romance, talllag the stirring love-story of Mary, Qaa*a of Boots. Horns F. Zogbaam, author and artist, has been specially itastoned by tb* aaagaama to in- TMtlgaU tb* condition of Unole Sam'a agbllng men aad he wilt tell tb* troth il tba army both with pan and il. remarkable faatar* will ba tb* hamoroa* short stories by Iba austen among th* Mr. aad Mrs. Ofaarlas Harden, of PlalDflald, have bew guests of nit- Ii»e* at Sontc Branch. Hiss M«y Murray, of Vast Fourth str««f, has been the guest of MUM Mary Origin, at SoaMrrtlia. Miss May me YanCWf, of Mlllatwe, aa be** tip ge em of Mead*, la this city for a start tim-- It did not suit her ideas iw a bous«sbouid if painted, aar «;.i him eo. I *'lf you don't li' e the way 1 paint" I said Uaachinski, "why dent you p<i on my trousen *;d shew me how U 1 will." said Mrs. Uascbinaki. "Th. house we live in needs a coat ol paint and I wui paint it, but on One com!) non. and that I* that while I am wear log your trousers- you cook the dlnrmi lor the family." : * i ir-o' ih«dare; ^nrf M TEA AT MRS. TAYLOR'S. Aflklr aivaw la Honor of Mr*, sad Bias Cad*, of Mww Tork. A tea at tba horns of Mra. Duncan V. Taylor, of Wast Seventh street, Thursday fiom 4 o'clock to 7 «< by Mrs. taylnr In honor of bar mother and slstar, Mrs. J. Cleveland Cady aad Mia* Oady, of»«w Tork. Mra. Qvuft P. MaUiok, Mrs. D. H Rowland and Mra, Bveratl Slmbeil presided at tbe table* aad those wbo assisted In serving were Miss Kathleen Bnttlay, of New York, Miss Mar garetia Taylor, of H*w York, Miss Margaret Tracy, Misa Melliok and Miss Ursula Rowland, of this olty. Twenty-Two 8a*p«ad*d. Twanry-two Bntgers Oollege soj lores have been suspended by tb* faculty for two week* aa a remit of tee haling of John Bergen, a tre*h- sa, wbo lire* la Hew Brociwick Tbe based student is a son of John B. Bsrgsa. a salissiaa for a New Tork pay of s LIBUT. SANTE^-MAN. at Washington.) i a year each a ne of them runs up to 1 Is not a foi ;gn government which does not permit Its crack bands to take concert engagement* and go on lours." said" Lieut. Santelman. "Many of the famous bands of the world have visited America and have been received with ovations by our people, but whenever 1 baved«elred to play an engagement in or outside of Wwhlnfrton I have been met with a storm of protest from local Why do not the nions obje< II ban. play long i do not. But (hey object t ition. though we arp t with <JB In the Some time Marine band a local i plica IB. fee usldane of the membership The!) iiyf OIK Superb Exhibition Given by Via i ti ne Team Wh ich Found No Trouble in Winning. CAPTURED THE THREE ORANGE AGGREGATION INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY STRONGER. leorsof 80* Made by Out-of-Town Team la First Oam«-PlaIaSeld>s Hla-he.t Mark Was BBS-Detailed Result* ol the Play. Tbe bowling team from the Orange Y. M. O. A. visited tbe local associa- Ueo. 2, and defeated the home team tn each of tbe tbree games rolled. Tbe visitors bad a walki betdg Individually and oollectlvely stronger. They gave an excellent hibitloo of team work and tbere never was a question as to tbe result of tbi games. The totals rolled in the tbrei games by Ibe visitors were SIM, TTO and 789. MoOnrdy, who made a of 226 m the first game, was high bis colleagoes all put op high scores. Plsinfleld rolled 605, 6U5 and 648. a member of tbe borne ti reacted 900, bnl a good attempt was made. It is the purpose of the team to devote more time for practice, so that the coming matches a better ing will be mad*. Ibe tnlrd matoh lo league series will be rolled with the Panaio T. M. 0. A. team In tbls olty, and there will also be a basket ball gam* tbe same nlgbt between Mams Iron these two anoolatli Tbe scores for last night's follow: 1st game 2d game 3d game Orange. Murray... MoOordy. 81U 1M 104 TTO 17C Plalnfield. lat game 3d game 3d garni Wbttley Hummer... Vil Spicier "looas IS8 Sntphen 136 1B hem without pears that the Federation of Mualclam has a clause in Its by-laws which forbidi members to play with any enlisted mar of the United S;atett army or navy. TAKES GLOOMY VIEW. Umpire, Harvey Linbarger. Scorer, Alfred Sampson. HOD. John H. Reagan, wbo Mated in a speech recently delivered in his hom«state that the U u it. rl Slates is dostincd to become a monarchy, has b«en a cor fed. I'raip congressman. United States roneresaman and a I'nited States senatoi from Texas. He wai born in Tennessee, October S. ISIS, served in the Texas war against trie Indians, became a Judga, and tary of tbe treasury ot the %onfederacy. After '.'.. close of the war betwe*& tht states he was held prisoner of war for s time, but upon his return to Texa* wai elected to congress and served as. Uclted States senator from 1875 to 1SS7. He It Ta DO THEIRJWN COOKING COMPANIES OF NATIONAL GUARD TO RECEIVE STORES SEPARATELY. The> annual report of Qnartermaiter General Richard A. Donnelly hit been made pnblio. An important feature of tbe report Is tbe recommendation it contain* that the system of feeding tbe soldiers be changed, that stores be ltsnred to each company separately and tbat tbe different companies do their own cooking and serving. This is the mode tn New York Slate and has been fouod to be entirely satisfactory. bill, which, uodlfled by amtdnitets b) Sentor CUIIOB. of Illinois, la suu it Cove*. ]\K\vr Rsagao made bis now b- nous remftr'. about the retrogreksfot ol popular i.-'. r. : la 1MB country it connection with an argument acblnstlh< divtaion of Texas Into four states, a prlrllcge which was accorded to it wb*n It was admitted to the union. He wants Texs? to remain one great state ao that wh*n the collapse he fears shall come it will be strong enough to perpetuate Its ex iitence as an independent republic.» "" W«Bl«Bt I..t Go. Chicago has a echoo] for barbers Tramps sxd other anlonunatcs wbo cannot pay for a Ghs.v e or a hair cut u ope rs.ted on by the BPlieaj. while patroti who pay an attended by expsrta. Th# other day. while a tramp waa betas hand; ac was aaked: "Doe. the rasor take hold well?" "Y«s," responded th«twija. -M tt dowttl U t io -o r T SPEER'S PORT GRAPE WINE OLD BURGUNDY WINE And ft ft ft Climax Brandy. 8peer*» (Socialite) Claret Speeds P.J. %hen^t Spccr'B -kick CUmax Brandy G0N6RE6ATIONALISTS 10IJE «T Local and Oat-bf-Town Talent Employed to Entertain Musio Lovers. MISS PALMER WHISTLED C. R. TAGGART PERFOMED TRICKS OF VENTRILOQUISM, SANG AND RECITED. Others Sana; Including Qaarteu* of Local Vocalists The Programme Waa Interesting sad tb* I'rrrormiri Heartily Applauded. AD exceptionally fin* oonoert aod entertainment was given Thursday at tbe Congregational Obnrob by local ont-of-towu talent. The proami opened with tbe "Ballad e( Weaver," sung by a qnartette composed of Miss Cornelia Miller, soprano; Mrs. Charlotte RON, contralto; Fred C. Tallamy, tenor and Fred & Cutter, bass. Mr. Tallamy also sang "U Dry Thoee Tears" and Obarles R. Taggart reoited aeveral humorous es which wer«well roeleved. Mlaa Ethel M. Palmer, wbo is known throughout tbe East as a wbialler of exceptional ability gave several selections. Sbe was loudly applauded. Lennox D. Barnes, baritone, rendered two selections. "The Rose" and "The Biver and tbe Sea." Miss Millar sang a pretty selection, "Onoe" and Ibe first part of tbepragamme closed wllb <T Tbe Lover's Song,'' by tbe qnariette. Mr. Cotter opened the secood psrt of tbe programme with two vocal selections, "Tbe Turkey's Song- and Ib* "Skipper of St. Ivet," Tricks ot tiiloqoiam by Mr. Taggart entertained tbe aaaience. Miss Palmer again favored with whistling saleo- IODI and Mrp. Rosa, contralto, sang "Oood Night Little Girt" and one of R. K. Miller's oompoeitloos, notb of il merit and loudly applauded. Mr. BaiDes rendered "When Tbon Arl Tear" and "Tbe Rosary" and Mr. Taggart sang "Old Fancies." The programme closed wltb "Echoes" by :be qnartette. Lennox D. Barneat made a hit with his 'lioglng and was accorded UDDIDBI tpplauae. Tbe entertainment was ar- 'aoged by the ladies' oommittee for the benefit of the choir fund. It ii probable tbat tbe committee will realize at least The oommittee in iharge of tbe arrangements was Frank \, Weeks and M. A. VanArsdale. Tbe uben were Charles Belknap, Samuel Oraig and Everett Morgan. SUPERINTENDENTS OF VARIOUS DE- PARTMENTS PRESENT REPORTS. a W. C. T. U. yesterday afternood received Tarious reporta showing tbat the prospeots for tbe winter's work aie bright. Mrs. Gilbert Van Neat, evangelistic snperlntendent, told of tb* work tbat is being done in a barn on tbe moantainald* near Jobn- ton's Drive. Services will be conllaned tbere dnrldg the winter. Misa May E. Howlett, uperiatendint of the Loyal Legion, reported thai re day ti if the Loral Legion, reported that lgements are being made to bold rel entertainment about the holitime KIDNAPPED GIRL RETURNED. Child Former Plain fielders Are Alleged to Have Mired Away. Llmoat aa mysteriously as aba disappeared, Emma Babr, tbe fonruenycar-old girl, wbo left tbe Waterburg Orphan Farm School at Pelbam on Thanksgiving Day, ba* returned to tbe home, and a charge of kidnapping rests against Mr. and Mrs. Jobn Lang, formerly of this oity. The girl as located in Jersey Oity by bar nnole, who took her to Monnt Vernoo, and turned tier over to Chief Foiey. e sent the child back lo tbe borne. The girl says she was induced to leave tbe home by ber sister. Bertha, aod ber bosband, John Lang, known here aa John Long, wbo are now nodrr arrest In Mount Vernon charged with kidnapping. - She says that they viaited ber at tb* borne on ThaskiglvlDg Day, and aa they were leaving gave bar ten cents to pay faer fare on Ihe trolley car so that so* ooold follow them lo New Roobeile. While ibe police were looking for hei lo New Boohell* Emaaa saya thai the was bidden in an attio ber uncle's borne tbere. She was taken to a home on StaUn Island, when sbe remained until the polios traced ber tbere aad arrested bet sister. Lang and bla wife deny tbat Ihf J kidnapped tbe glrl WeidlDC Invitations Out. Invitations have bam issued for tb* weddica of Miss Kama a Hoagland, Of Somerville, aod William R. Carpanler, of this city. Tbe mat will ber 18, at tbe horns of the bride. will b* mm Th* ba«wi NUrlM band, after u #i-, by glr- Isteac* of 100 year*, may be forced lo Tall twiuem to ptec«* Tb* Federation of Musicians, having.muted wttb tbe/merlran Fed- elll fut tnlira of L^bor. attempted last year to a 1M of *** reaoluuoo through ronirm the ff- 1 foot of which would hare been to forbid any member of the Marine band to play at any performance in civil life for pay TIM raaolutloc failed, bat the musicians, with the backing of the Federation of Labor, art going to try It again neat yenr. The unlona object* to the Marina band becaua* its mem ben are employe* of the govarnmant. but Lieut Santo'.man aaya that of X7 mem ben of t he local musicians' union, which Instigated the war on the band. 17 an government clerka drawing Mias Pansy Ballard, an it-year-old atadent at tha state umiverally at Ua- cola. Nob., swallowed carbolic add tbs other moraine wbllo kneeellng at tha confessional In 8l Theresa's pro- catbadrnl. Staggering to ner feet n few minutes later aba whispered to tha waiting priest that sba had aillad harnelf Ten mlnutsa Idler the was William Lavin, Noted Tenor, Oara Bon* Recital at Truell Court. Planned at Meetin* Held in the Parlor* of the Hotel Kensington least Night. THE CLUB 18 GROWING Superb Exhibition Given by VUitlng Team Which Found No Trouble in Winning. Local and Out-of-Town Talent Employed to Entertain Music Lovers. HE WAS IN GOOD VOICE Tha girl was the da a gb tar of Ellas K Ballard, a former banker at Wilber, but now engaged In extensive milling and wheat interests In Dodge City. Kan. Sba and her alster came to Lin- coln a few we«ka ago to attend tha The Chicago Inter Ocean says tha girl was a devout Catholic and was ORANGE AGGREGATION INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY STRONGER. A TWENTY-ONE CENT DIVIDEND PAI STOCKHOLDERS IN T00TBAU. TEAK. C.*. TAGGART PERfOHED TRICKS Of VENTRILOQUISM. SANG AND RECITED. MSHTED tv MRS. N. M. MACDONALD, SOPRANO, AND E. A. 1ANKE. PIANIST. o«uu; Billow. R. Oblldr.ii of lb. HUW; Bi(«ll. E. Mr. Obopeo ud HIM <1.0.7; Bill) ait. J. a. ~1. Liquor problem; Breot. C. H.. Will. Ood la (bo world; CoOs. O. H.. American masters of painting; Oat I vrtgbt. Mrs J, Painters of Florence: Coocb, A. T Q. Hetty Wesley; Craig. W. H. Dr. Jobnsoa and tba fair sex: Daekam. J. D.. Potmt; Deland, Mr* M., Dr Lavendar and his people; Doyle, A. O.. Adventaros of Q«nrd; Druda, P., Theory of optica; Fox. J., Little shepherd of Kingdom Coma; Uomna, O. L, e«l, King s story book; Oommi, O. I*, ad.; go*eo*a story book : Onarbar, H A., Empresses of Francs; Halaay, F W., Old Now Tort frontier; Bows, M. sad Hall. F. H. Laura Bridgman ; Hyna. 0. J. a, Throngb Arotio Lap- land; Leonard. R M. Dog In British poetry; Loog. J. L., Blzty Jana, Mntarliaoh, M. Moooa Yaana; Mas tarllnck, M.. 8istar Boatrloa; Master Veoeeof 894 Made by Out-of-Town Team la First Oame-rialallald # Highest Mark Was flm-ds- tailed Results of tba Play. Tha bowling taam from tbo Oranga Y. M. O. A. visited tha local M»oeta- loo. Dee. 3, aod defeated tba bossa team In aaob of Ibo three gsmea rolled. Tba visitor* bad a walkover, being individually and collectively stronger. They gar# an exoellenl ex- blbltlon of team work and there never was a question aa to tbs retnll of the gsmea Ths totals rolled In the three gasses by tba visitors ware 8W, 770 and 780 McCurdy, wbo mad# a score of in the drat game, was high man, while bis oolleagoea all pnt op high scores. Plainfield rolled COO, CM and C4& Not a member of the home team reached 800. but a good attempt was made. It Is tha purpose of the team to devote more time for praclioe, so that In tha coming matches a better show- ing will be made. Th# tnird match in the league aeries will be rolled with the Pasaalo T. M. O. A. Mam In this city, and there will also bo a basket ball game tbe same nlgbt between teams from these two aeeoolatioos. J The scores for last night s matches follow : d game Sd game ICC ICO 155 Fas wood and Other Glebe. I Tbe Orange Field Clob. the orach Junior athletic aeeoclailoo of the olty. j eoacloded tbe bus torus of the football 1 year at a me*hag la tbe Hotel Kea I legion last Thursday. Twenty one cents per share waa declared to be tbe dividend in the football stock leaned by the association Tbe misting was attended by at least thirty members of the clnb and wpm moat an t Lost eat ic It was planned to Incorporate tbe clnb under tbe present name and Introduce efck benefits as a permanent feature. I eaab member wbo la III to raolsve 96 a week aod tba eervtoee of a phyrt-1 clan. This waa tte suggestion of Wii I lam T. Walters, manager of laet year's Clinton avenue baseball nine. I H. Clifford Smith presided at tbe meetlrg, and Harry Hook was sec re-' Otcrgt McVey. wbo waa manager of last year s football team wlu be I be j manager of the baseball team next' spring. William T Waters will be To rimers Heartily Applauded. An exceptionally flna concert and entertainnsant was glran Thursday at tha Congregational Obarch by local and out of-town talent. Tbe pro gramme opened with tba "Ballad of the Weaver." sang by a quartette composed of Mlae Cornelia Millar, so- prano; Mrs. Charlotte Boas, contralto; Frod C. Tnllauiy. tenor and Fred H. Patter, baas Mr. Tallamy also sang Dry Those Tears" and Charles R Taggart recited several humorous l><eo«s wbfob war* well roelsved. M las Ethel M. Palmar, wbo Is known throughout tho East as a whistler of exceptional ability gave eeveral selec Hods. Sba was loudly applauded. Lennox D. Barnes, baritone, rendered wo selections, "Tbe Rose" and "Tba River and tbe Sea." Mias Miller sang a pretty aeleotloo, "Once" and tbe first part of tbs progam me closed with,t Tbe Lover's Song, " by (be quartette. _ Mr. Cotter opened the seoond part of tba programme with two vocal se- lections. "Tbe Torkey'a Hong and tba "Skipper of St Ire#." Tricks of ventitloqolam by Mr Taggart enter- tained tbs aodlsore Mias Palmar again favored with whistling selec- tions and Mrs. Ross, oontralto, sang "Good Night LUtla Olrl" and one of R. K. Miller's composition*. Doth of great merit aod loudly applauded. Mr. Baines rendered "When Tboo Art Near and "The Rosary" and Mr. Taggart eeng "Old Faoolee." Ths programm# cloaad with "Echoes" by tbe qoattesta Lennox D. Baroeel made a bit with his singing and was accorded nnasial applause. Tbo entertainment was ar- ranged by the ladles committee for the benefit of the obolr fond. It Is probable that ths oommlttec will rsal- lm u Ihii»kv> Th. oommlim In charge of the arrangsmenta was Frank A. Weeks and M. A. VanArsdals. Tbe nebere ware Charles Belknap. Samuel Craig and Everett Morgan. Mr. Lwvla, wbo la a singer of wid.i repute, bae Just returned from n toor Of conquest throngb Italy. France, Germany nod England. In Loodoo. be aang la a aeries of coooerta under direction of Wood, tbe well known ooodnetor, wbo recently came to tbie country on invitation of tba Phllbar- menlo Society to represent England In a mast cal festival la New York. Mr. Xavia also toured England and Boot- land with Mme. Patti. Hie votoe Is nlear nod strong, bis tones rich and Maeterlinck, M. Wisdom and deal!ay; Marshall, N. J, Mushroom book; Msrwia, 8. Whip bead; Michel. K. Rsbeos; Miller. M. R. Brook book; Moulton, R O.. Lite rotate of tbe Bible; Hash. H B. Higher criticism of tbe New Testament: Ober. F. A. Joaapbine. Empress of t?» French; Getwaid, W.. Inorganic chemistry; Rile. J A.. Children of the tea* manta; Rooeevell, T, Doer family; Stillman. W. J.. Franoenco Oriepl; Torray, B, Clerk of tba woods; Trollope, A., Way wa live now; Viola. H. K., Ion of the Silver Mooo ; Walpole, Sir H.'. Memoilee of King Grorge III; Weymna, 8. J. Long nlgbt; Wharton. E, Sanctuary; Whately, R, Historical doubts rela- tlre to Napoleon; Wlgglo. K. D. Rebeoca of Sonnybrooh farm; Wll- li am sod. O. N. Lightning ooodnetor; Wilson. R L.. Spendois. * Nett Thursday's laaoe will coo tain short list of children s favorite book* Thera will be noaa looladed which after r*adlag. the Librarian cannot odreservedly recommend. It is offered at tbla time aa a Christmas suggestion for those wbo want to select books for tbnlr child friends, wbiob are really good and wbiob tba children them LIEUT. SANTELkAN STAGGERED TO HER ttst desirous of seeking an education at.the convent at Lincoln. Her father it assistant and Edward Hber- WM B» tl i U. nl that aha go to the uni- cond. A eommiltoe was ap- varsity she first went to tbs roo- lo secure soluble elub rooms rent and tben to tbe unlrerslty. For or* at lb# DSXI meeting Tuan- thla she Is said to have been gently Ding Deo S3, at tbe Hotel I chided by the sisters and urged to [too. U 1. probobl. «..., m brook *-»J Iron, th. orurorulj. SO. Ill b. locot.d or.r L B. I * to h *' *** " b - r lot,r.i«r.- LV. m.j, * Hh * *> «but rolhor note od WMt Trout *>'»* th, n tac. imponuolilm.h. took I I.. B0.UB.Bl OB fbo. to, h, tb. O..DS. Fiold Ol.b. tb. ( For th. p..t four -~r.,br bu b**b Glob. Ib«OrMfotd Flald of. rrry mnr.m..ll,po«ltton Thi. Club ud Ibo Fan wood Glob. Thl. ' wu attribute to tba fart Ih.t aarar.1 maltrr will ba dlubmad carafollf at yaar. a*o. la.pint of braruo. ud tba coil mi t.llor of tba dub. Ad»bll- *^apuu«a dara Iron. > com pan- effort la to ba made dow ud lo - * h ' Wmwd barulf under tba lo-,h. dd..or th.... meeting to M-?»r«ret l u b7p? 0«m..bc core. total dob lil.lbbar.ilip of.ist7. "" t-rform.o,. lo bar oaua. street and pure In tons, and If It looked anything In frnobnaan. tba de- A leooy waa more than.applied by ha oleveraeas of bar art. Har par formanoe so two daaue with Mr. Larin waa brilliant. Mra. Macdonald baa snag reoeatiy in Purls and In many places la Germany In the "There Is not a foreign government which does not permit Its crack bands to take concert engagements and go on tours.- maid Lieut. Santelman. "Many of the famous bands of the world bars visited America and have been received with ovations by our people, but when- ever I have desired to play an engagement In or outside of Washington I have been met with a storm of protest from local musicians unions Why do not the union* object to foreign bands that come over here and piay long engagements' They do not. But they object to our or- ganization. though we are the repre- sentatives of the t nlted States govern ment. carrying the flsg of our country with us In the be»t sense Borne time are* the musicians of thr Marine band applied for membership In the local musicians onion Their ap- plications. fees. etc., were returned tc, them without any explanation. It up-1 pears that the Federation of Musician* has a clause In Its by-laws which forbid. J members to play with any enlisted mac of tbe United States army or navy. Murray MoOnrdy Thomas. Lorton. Hobbs Boehm s Thera Plainfield. Whitley Hammer Spicer.. The girl left no note behind her. nor did she tell anyone of her intentions or threaten at any time to end her life. She left her boarding house In the morning without anting breakfast, aod. coming downtown, pur.-hased the acid. She repaired to the church and. after spending an hour In prayer and meditation, walked to the confaaaionsd and swallowed the poison. Tbe first intimation the listening priest had of her act was when tbe ear he held to the aperture caught the sound of a fall and a groan. With tbe passing of tbs summer nod the fare wells to September there oomee aa a ruling tboogbt la Ibe minds of roeorters, the oboloe of n point of healthful and advantageous location for tba winter, nod, more im- mediately, for tbe months of early fall, when snastac* places a! entertain- meal are dosed and oold weather re- sorts have not yet opened. To tbe family tbe problem is a particularly welgbty one for tbe scbools all over tb* oouotry are opealog for tbe year, aod It la time tb* little people took np Ibe business of obildbood. Aod In making choice there are to be oon sidered as factor*. he.llhfelneae, accessibility to baslneee centers, th* character of dlveretooe. and social surrounding* II is true that Lakewood very large- ly owes it leading place among resorts to tho peooltar points wbiob are most valued at midwlater warmth, shelter and mtide ess of ollmaee nod yet. tu all He eight mootbs season, from fall to spring, there nr* ne more perfect mootbs t baa Goto bar and November. For move than twelve year* tbe first Umpire, Harvey Linbarger Scorer, Alfred Bampeaa. ions, Mr. Lavin: a. "Thy Mary Knlgbt Wood; b, "Ab n rinds ill; c, "Ring Oot, Wild Jordan; d. "Love Laid His a Head." Herbert. Mr a, "Onvre tea ysnx bless," 4; b, "Leber alien Glpfeln 1st Jaake, Mrs. ^Macdonald; a. s Jabr," Van Dvr Stuckeo, b. ifr gogruest." e, "Da hist die d. Serenade. Bobsbart. Mr. "Dear Love of Mine," duett. Thomas, Mra. M aod on aid and COMPANIES OF NATIONAL 6UARD TO RECEIVE STORES SEPARATELY. TAKES GLOOMY VIEW. la literary merit aad In tbe manner of presenting aod tlloattatlag lte con- tents. Tbe Metropolitan Macasloe for 1901 will challenge comparison with any other magasine published. In Its abort stories th* aim will be variety and that kind of style of writing that bite j The annual report of gnnrtermnater General Riobard A. Donnelly bus I been mad* pabllo. An Important fea- n mviu J,! Ur * of lh "Port 1* the recommenda- dmtlnsd tc 1 ** >l contains that tb* system of c a reefed- i fading tbe soldiers b* changed, that Itate* ron J stores be lasnrerf to each company iee senator separately aod that tbe different cots- Tenflesaee ' panics do tbelr own cooking and eerv- Texxa wai ], og. Tbla le Ibe mode In New York Judge, anc State and baa been found to be eo Hr.1, tcfederact ' 1 SUPERINTENDENTS OF VARIOUS DE- PARTMENTS PRESENT REPORTS. TOOK HUSBAND S DARE. Tbe W. O. T. U. yesterday after- nooo received various reports showing that tho prospects for the winter s wort me bright. Mr* Gilbert Van Nest, evangelistic superintendent, told of tbe work that is being done ia a barn on tha mountainside near John- stoo s Drive Services will be oon- Honed there daring Ibe winter. Miss May B. Kowlsti. superintend ent of Ibe Loyal Legion, reported that arrangements are being made lo bold n novel entertainment about tbe holi- day lime. timely special articles will be eon tribated by trained observers and tbe whole will be lllasttaied by artists whom names are a guarantee of artist lo toaaty. Among tbe best known contributors will be Thomas Nslsoo Page. John Fox. Jl, "Mr. Dooley," George Ads. Anthony Hope, Maarioe Hewlett, F Hopkloson Smith. Biles Carman. Guy Wetmore Carry 1, Riobard LeOaUieene. Clinton HeoJlard and many other* All of I those writers wlu contribute tbelr best work. A special feature will be Maarioe Hewlett s greet romance, tolling tbe stirring love-story of Mary, goeta of Boot* Rofos F. Zogbaom SPEER S PORT GRAPE WINE OLD BURGUNDY WINE And WWW Climax brandy. STROKE Of PARALYSIS CARRIES Off ONE Of MARTINSVILLE'S CITIZENS. Child Porm.r PI.loll.Id.,, dr. Al- Irgetf to Hava Lured Awny. Almost aa mystsrloosiy as abe dis- appeared, Emma Babr, tbs foortren year-old girl, wbo Isfl Ibe Water barf Orphan Farm Ho bool at Pelham on Thanksgiving Day, has returned to tbe home, and n charge of kidnapping now rails against Mr. and Mr* Jobn Lang, formerly of this oily. The girl was located la Jersey City by bar onole. who took her to Mount Vernon, aad tamed ner over to Chief Foley. He sent the child back to tbe borne. Tbe girl says she was Induced to lonv* tbe home by her sister. Berthe, and ber husband, Jobn Laog. known bare ns John Long, wbo are now nn- d*r arrest lo Mowat Vernon charged with kidnapping. 8be says that they visited ber at tbe home on Thanksgiving Day. and as bey war* leaving gave ber wa oeate SPEER S PORT GRAPE WIRE imrr years old. T*S *»d MNM.h..,..,'.p.MI M "75» «TO KX RturuoS Speer's (Socialite) Claret bill, which, modified by nmedraenta bj feeatov Cullom. of IIHqoIs. Is still It fone*. Judge Kaagnc made his cow fa- mous remark about the retrnersealoa of popular government In tm* country It connection w th an argument against ih* division of Texas Into four state*, a prtrl- Uge which was accorded to It when It was admitted to the union. He wants Teas* to remain one great state so that when the collapse he fears shall come It will be strong enough to perpetuate Its tx- IsUnee sa aa indepeadent republic. p- *p»rty In the Jobcstow^ section. When he commenced painting some new bouses be took hts wile to loo* them oeer li did not suit her Ideas Of bow a bouse should be paiated. and *be told him so. If you don't B e the way 1 paint. said Masrhlnskl. "why dent you put on my trousers ard shew me how ti do tbe Job?" 1 will." said Mra Mas-fc.nakl "Tb. boose w* live lo needs a coat of point aad 1 wul paint It. but on one cundl Uo*. and that Is that while I am wear log your tmsser* you cook tbe dmiw*, rum American, immediately le order some for her. Years truly, Malford. Editor Graphic. W*m* WnlSa t L** 8* Chicago has a school for barbers Tramps anc ocher nofertunatea who can- not pay for a shave or a hair cut ara operated on by th* to vi-es. while patrons wbo pay are attended by experts. Th* other day. while a tramp was being khav*d. he waa asied: "Does the rasor take hold well?" Yea. responded th#

7 THE CONSTITUTIONALIST Plainfteld Lodge, Ho- 88B - B t. O. K, FonwdlT Or,rmniMd With Elaborate Cer«moaie«. STKBKT FARADB H»U> auar*a*atauv*«pr***at rroai Haai ' tar **ab*r or Order Wltylt< works, gay deoor*tlons on many 4 tb* bosioes* bo*sas In tle down lews seetloa, and «nlfa*slaam which ooald not * dampened or dlminlabed Where *IMa»sd tb* welcome Riven U tfaa Elks *l>o invaded this olty ill Baadnd *«" V* - * ' * «"* tb«advaxl of Plainlald lodge. No. HW B. P. O. K., M a loo.l fraternal ah«ri*o*d by many promioeit man, waa trained wben tb* first officers of tpe > " loll «B were m««o*d into office en. local lodg* WM started, on pronism lo ba no eventful oaner, lib pomp ud ceremony. Tha Elka owned tb* town. Toward* evening In* Beat Peopl* on Bartb gan to m m la great Bomber*. B< bfongbt wltb tbem bias* banda, all <am«prepared for one of tb* greattat days lo tfa* biatory ot New Jeney * Blidom. Aa tb* various d*legatti arrived tbey war* received by th* * awnberi ot Ib* reception aad entertainment oomaiinees, of Ib* Plainutld lodge. Elks arming oa tnoomlng Iraini were met by Alexander D. Ftntllaj. Bberiff a Frank Condi, former Jadg* William A. Codding ton. Bdward Onion. Herbert Brooka, L 1 VonAlyatine aad Edward O. Bearing. TboM wbo came by I war* escorted to tbe lodge root Hit Bllllman building by the Ulnment committee, consisting of George O. Btaveos, H. G. VaoKm bnrgb. J. F. Lane, William W. War nook and Henry Pedellons. Al ft o'clock the eenmony of insltallng tb* new lodg* WM brgai Tnls WM performed by tb* membei nf New BtonewiQk lodge. No. «*4. Tb* otnears to obarge war* Dlatriot Dcpsty Otaail** H Smith, of Jeraey Olty ; Klalted R*l«r William H. Evei BOB. Eilrrmtd Leading Knight WU litm Hoblaaslnier, Bs'eei Knlghl William Tollman, ttattemed. Lecturing Knight Wllli.m Boylan Eaqnire J. Harvey WUson, Joeepb H. Kldgaway, Treasurer Tbeo dai* Oobn, inner Onard John ~ : Tll*r J. Newton Bine, Jr. and Chap. lain JoMpb Allen. The first officer ' of the local lodg* lo be installed were Stalled Holer Oity J*dg* William N Raayon, Esteemed leading Knigfa A. D. Pladlay, Ksteemed Knight Ueorg* U Stevens, Kl I Leotartag Kalgbt L. L VaoAi I Treaannr L. B. Woolstoo, Bearclar; j W.lier H. FrMUu, Tiler Ka>*td O Hearing ; tt*m**a One inr, a S*a*tor Charles A. Beed : two y, Herbert W. (Mover, ud tbtm y. James T. Hnoslr. Thirty member* wen initiated. Tbe WM eoupoaaw of Peter Moon. J mtn Hoydam and O. Edaard Bo of ib* New Banawlck lodge. After tb* oannjooles, which la*t*d I olmom three hour*, Eialted Role William*-- N. Kooyoa mad* a short addrns to Ib* member* of Ib* new lodge and ihe visitors in which fa* said be L*V*n'* foil baad wblob inailil Ib* Plat oflald lodg* ta tb* parade. fally *ii baadnd Blka la ii> cheers M b*y paaaad h- ba deooratad plaem of ba*raaaa or ntaraad to* aalaa* of frt.ada, roobooi " faatan ot tb* panda WM tb* aalaattoa given Iba by nban of firm Eoctoa Coaa- Korth Plainfield. Tb* doors of ib* engine company wan tbio wn pen and M th* panda marobed into M bau tb* balla in tb* boaae, lnoladtg the gongs on th* apparatus and tb* ball ta tb* tower, were started i. The entire front of he bo lid in* WM lighted and lantern M placed at the top of tm flog stall. Aa elaborate rapam WM served by edifloos in SaengMbaad Hall, nd aongs served to paaa the made apaoohea were: Bxalted Rale: illiam H. Ranyoa, District Dapnty Ubarlca H. Smith, of J«r*ey City odg* Ho. Ill ; EnjMd Baler Newark lodge. Ho. 31 ; Funk Oook, formerly of tbla oity, member of New Tork lodge. No 1; In O. Peck, of Mam la lodge. No wbo enjoyed tfa* distinction representing tb* most distant odg*; Jobn T. Kent, who WM OBI he members of Ibe original organls*' Ion of Klk P. which «u Ibeo koowi M the Order of tha Jolly Corks, bo 1* now a member of Jeney Gin odge, No. 311; Jobn P. Martin, of Syraoos* lodge. No. SI; Harry Both Of Brooklyn lodg*, No. 22; Eialted Edward ttrlfiea, of Bayi No. 434; Robert McDonald, secntary of Jersey City lodae and Exalted Ruler Jamea Murray, of tbi lodge. Seveial vocal aelections rendered by Robert Schwartx. Elizabeth lodge, and the newly elected Boer* of tlim Plsinflelii lodge. i. Representatives were tiers I Perth Amboy. Trenton, Philadelphia Oamdeo, Jeraey Olty, Sooth Amboy Pateraon. Syraooee, Hobokaa. Eli: b*th. New Tork, Brooklyn'and many other place*. A,moag tba promli were Senator W. H. Jackson, of Hlddleeex Ooanlv ; Surro gate Peter Francis Daly, Alierm.n Jobn Harkina, of New Brnnawiok, id Edward II. Kadel. Tb* New runawiok oontingeitt nom beret veaty-sve and that of Klisal aiteodlog tb* lnstliation of Ib* On lodg* of Kiks la thla oily, aod boned for th* beany tarpon of lb«n*w : numbers H* axpraemd a wish I the BOW lodge Imeato in toe inter* la tbe elty. Aflei the cerasjontes alleadani opoo Ibe Inaagaratlng of tfae new lodge, a parade WM held through some of tbe bwsio<*m *tre*t* of tbe town. Tr waa ooe at Ibe eveaifnl Incidents tbe e*eolb. Standing in Ibe driving aoow.oltlaeaa lined the curbs <o watoh the parade pan They bad ptepared roj*v weiooa»i> for tbe vlalilag boa As BOOB M Ibe, flr»l roll of th«dross atidoanced Ibal tbe parade waa aboa *o move colored light* ahot ap from hundred aloeieot placet and great ebeera arose oa the" algbt al». Tte glow frosi the tontei la line ud oa, tbe Siriewalh* among tte ii.--i.tor. sbo«i'< Inflow* fall ot'peonla In many of Ib* batldiaga wbtob lined th* root* of the ptrail-. ohmring tb* vulton idsuir. Tb* lla* of mareb: From lodg* room, down Frost io P*r«av*B*a, to B*at Baoood, to Walcfaaag *Tfim-, to North, to Park BTsoae, lo BoaacnFl *tr**t aad ta BaengnbaBd Uati-r's bmid, oi KllaabatS, which ELK PARAOER BRANISHED FLAMING TORCH IN LAD'S FACE. wnile watching the parade of like in thta city lost week, Harri on tbe son ot Lawreno* Fabi if Bom«i*et a (reel, aimoat had hi* Ight ey* pat cot by a flaming torch o tbe hands of one of th* visitors, [be Injury Is a painful one, tb* flesh being torn and horned benealb thi iptto. Young Fshn waa standing on East Second itreet, ne*,r Pare avenne watobing tb* paiada pass. As stood there a man ruabed op to and thnw tbe spattering torab of t into hla faoe and then ran down Ib* street Wltb cry of tntanse pain ib* lad ft 11 back on tb* sidewalk ) was BOOD surrounded by a large Towd of people. One aide of bis far raa almost coveted wltb powde narks. He wo* taken borne wher Ib* iajnred member WM examine! and found to have escaped serions in Jory oilboogb tbs eye la*bea b>m«d MU6IG AT Y. M. G. A BIS CROWD PRESENT AT ELEVENTH CONCERT Of THE ORCHESTRA. Tfa* Y. M <: A. Ball WM oro' Thursday for tb* eleventh oonoei tb* ***ooution orihmr. under tb* leadership of M A. SorO. Tb* aelno lions wan in ganesal wall played *n< work of tb* reader, His* Kvalfo. Beaton, waa exorllent. Tb* pro Parti: March-" Unoi* Bammv, (* ' Priam* of Pit.dyl-"My AaftV reading S*lected. Bvallna Beaton ; Moorish Iatara ' Boko," J- Arnold; characteristic Dawn IB Lnpisiana," E Boeffci Part II; Matob "Tbe Jolly Oeaeral,' Nell Uorvt; Ora*d Sel-ction fi Krininif," (}. V.rdi ; nadtdg S* leeted. Mix EvaltD* Benton ; Oooocn Valae - Bympbl*." X. Holsmaj d**otlpttvr "Th* Baratag af Roc*< E T. Pao'l; aaarcb ' Amerf Kaala," Raeflar. CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR. FARMER VON SWINRE Wny He Coojiders the Doited Statw a M*rvelotti Country. ml its pern icluua *Bi lent The contvat for placr *nd power *nd the strife of competition at a time Whan ao much atr*m I* laid upon material thing* are *o great that the live* of many en filled wltb undue anxiety concerning the tblng* of life. In addii thla, there are many other that produce worry the affllcind bereavement* of life duties and unnatural ambition*. lot worry is anti-christ las. Jeana Christ, the "author aod finisher of onr ' ith." w*s an optimist and not a pessimist. He mogniaed tbe fact.that were Borrow*, adversities ' and tribnlationa in life, bnt in spite of tbem preached tbe goapel of good cheer. To tbe paralytic He said. "Be of rood cbeer; thy tin. be forgiven tbee." To the disciple* on tbe stormy Galilee He said, "Bo of good cbeer. It la I; be not afraid." To them again when about to leave them in the world a parting word w*^ "In the world ye hare tribulation, but be of good ofaeer. for I hare overcome tbe world." To Paul, face to face with shipwreck in the Mediterranean sea. Be appeared at night with tbe comforting word*, "Fear il." Bo It waa continually In if the Master. Hix-ocnlxIriK tbe Borrow* of life. He' yet preached fiheei fulness and wasaed His disciple* indue anxiety about tbe tilings of this life. And where do we find * better Illustration of this truth than In the Instance before us, where 'when about to leave His disciple* in tbe Id He said. -I*i not your beart b* troubled: ye believe in Ood. believe il*o In Mer. Christ's practice and teaching mate worry wrong for tbe Christian, It is * manifestation of doubt of God. It an expression of lack of faith In Ctirl: Real, genuine faith In God and Jesos Christ aa the Son of God and our Saviour should exclude worry from ur live*, and worry Indulged In beome* a sin. But worry Is worthless aa Well wrong- It improves nothing. It ma bad won*- Instead of better. Nothing n the midst of trouble Is more harmful 'linn worry over It. Cheerfnlnes" atrengtliens and encourages ut, it help* us to endure, but worry weakens ns at every point and mate* us all the lo-s able to stand neninst tbe trouble thai assails us. If not worry, what then! Trusttrust In God. trust in Jesus Christ. "Te believe In God, believe also la Me." That Christ declares should he cm: tltude toward the troubles and ad sitle* of life. W'v are not to fear, but believe; we are not to worry,-bnt to Christ Himself la the basis of Christian cheerful new which should supplant worry. "Be of good cbeer, it la I." He said to the dinctples. and again, the world ye have tribulations, but be of good cheer, for I :be world." Christ has overcome, and lo HU name and [-> Therefore "let not your beart be troubled, neither let It be afraid." HIBLt READIKOS. Joah. 1,7; Isa- xi, 25-31; Ps. xl, J-7: xri. 1-11; xxlli; xxivii, 1-5: xlvi. 1-7; Hark vl, 4B-SI; John xvl. 33; Act* mil Thar* are several ways bf catching Mil a* well M of st-inniofj tbem; after they an caught. Tfa* latest method of Iritis; both has been Introdaced by Fred vonswink*. a German, whocametoorrlngton. Me., laat spring aad began to row peas for market upon aome swamp and which be had purchased near Sernnkedunk stream. The fanner rowed that the rich land* iear the alugeleb water were^capable of yielding more green pea. to the acre than in time* tbe area on tbe hills Tbe >ed came up In due time, and showed an idination to grow, but before the plant. ere six Inches tail every one WM eaten off clo*e to the soil by aonie creature which visited the farm by night. Every pea vine was spoiled, bat < bage*. turnips and other vegetable* were allowed to grow undisturbed. The crop WM planted over many umea without securing any harvest worth the trouble. In August, after Von Swlnke had lost il. seventh crop, and after all kind* ot trap* had failed to Rive relief, He kept watch among the pea vines for two nights. He wu rewarded by MClns; a larg* number of fat eela climb up the bank and Invade tbe pea preserve, gorging themselves npon the foliage, and then escaping back t o'the stream A New Tork correspondent says that Instead of feeling downcast over this dl*covery. Von Swlnke seemed to be ly elated. He went about the village rubbing his bands and telling what a wonderful country America to furnish eels enough to supply a large city in every garden that edged upon a stream of fresh water. Then he bought a thousand feet of narrow boards and plared them end to end around his pea natch until tbey mat and made a frame for the crop. Having done tnis he dug a hole near hi* cabin, sunk a half hogshead unta chines were level with the soil and tilled It with pure water. Then, by opening his fence and putting a line of boards on each aide of the walk leading from his garden he had Included the tub of tracer within Sie cordon. He, Mt up until nearly daybreak th* lowing night, then he went out with Lift up ytfur eyes and look npon tbe white harvest fields in all tfae world. India has enlarged her Christian Endeavor boundarie*. China With her new secretary i. at tbe beginning of a new era of great expansion, Japan haa gained 80 per cent and ha* Just en- Joyed the beet convention In her history. Great Britain has made atndy progress. Germany has maov " tlal gains. France and Spain have bad tbe beat year In all their history, while since onr last convention Switzerland. Italy. Portugal. Finland and., Iceland have fairly entered tbe ranks of Christian Endeavor for tbe Drat time. Bar. Dr. Frond. B. Clark. Let every *odety Inaugurate a n benhlp canvas*. Search tbe Sunday school, go through the entire congregation, for recruits. Enlarge tm *a*o date list. Bring in the Christian young people wbo have not yet learned tbe Joy of aervlc* for Christ. This will be splendid preliminary to a campaign for aotiu further on.--rev. Dr. Edwin Forrest Hallenbeck. It Will Sararla* Tea Try It. Il 1* ttoe medleln* abor* all others for oatarth and is worth Us weight la golrl Ely's Ureaai Palm dom all thai la olalned for it. B. W. Sp*»r. Hartford, ('run My son WM afflict*<j with oatarrh. He aa*a Bly's Ofwatn Balm aad tbe dlaaare«ahl* oatarrh all left mm.-j C OlDund, Arcola, 111 If each man bad the spirit of eatt surrender, the aplrlt of the croas. It would not matter to him whether be were doing the work of tbe mainspring or of one of the Inferior parta P. W. Robertson. For grounding our young people in fttndsmeut.1 truth, for quickening tbe spiritual lire and for developing In tbem a love and a power for CbrlsHsn Ice nothing can be more effectual a day by day feeding on tbe word of God - RM Bdwln F. Hallenbwk, t>. D.. President New Tork BtaU Union. The dally study of the Bible, If possible at some rrgular time each day. a* In the Quiet Hour in the marnlag or In tbe evening, sad In systematic way. ta tbe substantial way-of making progr**» dally in a mastery of the Bible and of deepl* Impressing MI the mind asd beart the life molding trnth. the Blble.-Rolwrt E- Sneer. *o4*d ib* aat»d>. 8*irerfs band, aaaeafag. Bold by drami*«* atso ots. M Bay****, wbtcb ac«ob.n**i*d Bay or mailed by Bly Brothers, M Van*.» Mm - 414, WM followed by 8t, Haw Tort. ve. two minutes. If It 1 whole day. will BMke and rerun* dlffrfvttt wl to do for His sake- what yoo would not have don* fa< yaar nwu er fop 0M*» «*L.-,-Hnirj rrsmaaaiwi THE WATER WAS ALIVE, a kerosene can and smeared the ij; surface of all the boards with the oil After this he blew out his lantern and went to bed. The first thing be did when he got np at nearly noon WM to pour about ten quart, of salt and a bushel ot bamwoood ashes Into the tub of water. No soooner had thi* been dona than the water WM alive will qutrming mas. of eel*, which Ued themselves in knots, turned soiaer- anlta and handsprings, and made the water boll with tbelr convolution*. Soon they were dead, and then the farmer balled out the water and began to skin hu (l*h. There were nearly thr** bushel* of them, all of Rood lie and very fat Once a week *tnce then Voa Swlnke Baa repeated the experiment and haa made good catchea *v*ry time. He i that eels will sooner run through tr* than cro** a board which b u been daubed with oi). Having come U garden to feed on pea* early in the morning they bad round every avenui of aacap* blocked by kerosene and naturally followed tbe path until they bad com* to the tnb of water, into which they had plunged In fancied security. The salt and ashes not only killed th* eels, but removed tha slime from tb* fish, so tb* farmer had no iro In aklnning tfa» catch. la consideration of her father's consent that abe m«y go on tbe ttsge. Mis* Eleanor Lawrec" 1. of South Bethlehem Pa. w*^ signed * contract to "be go.-d.' The contract is unique, for abe promises to eachew midnight suppers, frivolous company, and tide door "Johnny boy*.' Further, she sdda. she will not play card* and always will carry a prayer-book Mia* L*.wr*nc* la th* daughter of Daw- L«wrence. a promoter of bull ItUastandtLgpuutetliai ail blind swim men are able to hold an almost perfect' ly straight conrae for very considerable distance*, though no more galdanc* Is n them than Mme specie* of call or whistle earning lr<>m the wincing gosj A blind man. in fact, desiring to go in ralght line ; OT- " the curious ; er of being abu ' &t so slmotl EPWORTH LEAGUE. "In none otber Is there salvation." What 1* salvation? The answers have been many and varied. Nor is It an ee*t thing to give an ana-wer which r* all the necessary Items and doe* not Include anything unnecessary. It baa something to do with what we be- Ueve. and yet it 1* more than belief, for It la possible for one to know much.bout Ood and religion end yet be far from laved. It has something to do with oar feelings and, actions, bnt nothing we can do will save either our- elve* or others, and it Is far more than feelings of any kind- Looked at In ooe way, salvation I* "pure love to God and man filling the " cart and governing the actions." From another point of view It 1* the [oly Spirit dwelling In tbe soul and working in.11 tbe faculties of mind and body. Its effects are peculiar. It broaden* and clear* tbe understand Ing. giving a grasp and comprehension of truth nevbefore possessed. It deepen, sympathy and awakens sentiment* of purreveraace, devotion and benevoc. It prompts to acts of helpfulness and words of tenderness. It brings harmony Into the Inner life and the de- Hire to see all outer life harmonious and happy. That such a condition is not natural and common to all people Is very plain. That aome do live In such a state Is also well known. That many who have i In the unsaved state have by B means passed into tbe power and purity of the saved life la a matter also experience and testimony. We see ind us many such transformed lives. They are not all alike in tfae extent or intensity of the change, but in some tblng* all have a resemblance. All agree In tbe fact that they have mnd peace when they have come to trust Jesus. Christ aa a personal Savand relv npon Him to give them guidance, pardon and eternal life from Ood tbe Eternal Father. Thla act of faith may be described In various way*, bnt In Its essential Is mblnatlon of all the powers of the soul, taking tbe highest and best It knows of God and In jrlad recognition of His love willingly consenting to become obedient to His directions and i Him aa rnler of all the life. It es the beet of thought and will and feeling in service of Ood. It is not merely a decision to live a better life. It ut not merely acknowledging tfce common truth about God. i not merely feeling sorry for the misdeeds ot the past and wishing'to be good and do good for the future. It. deep soul turning from all evil nnd the conscious. Incoming of power love and do the rigbt, a power not of self, but greater and deeper and purer tlwn ever before known. It also has an element of personal fellowship with " is Chrtat never before felt toward any other one. A bond of union in Kiee and principle and aatlsfaction of *onl desires. This Is salvation, and there is no other one tbe world has ever seei who had power to so affect men, am there la no one who may not be > affected by Him If be -will to decide. n v A MARjnUWT PARTS NEWARK EVENING NEWS SAYS FREDER- ICK'S CURE, A TRIUMPH OF SURGERY. The most oomnostta man lo Haw Jeney. perhaps In the world, 1* Wilaen S. Frederick, of Dnnellen, Hlddlaaax Ooanly. He la now, atmr fala marvellous restoration at tb* banda of doctors, made np of bits ot man than 100 different men. Of ooune tb* gnateat part of this newly restored an onnsjms of tbe original Fredrick, not all the net 11 an aggregate of little patches, aboot 4,900 in aim-. contributed by fala Irienil. and acquaintances. It may seem anmilng to r*ad of aoob a oomposite individual, tut tbe experience haa bean anything bnt amnalng to the man Hlf. Ha WM a victim of the Wortfield wreck on the Central Railroad, id bla body WM so scalded that fully ooe-tblid of the ikln was destroyed. deatb seemed but a tratter of a few hours, but asfa* outlived tbe exptctatlona of tfa* Mnblenberg Hospital physicians, the latter resolved to try skin gnftlng. Piece by piece, daring the pan ten months, little patches of skin, aboot an lnob long and a quarter of an laoh wide, were cat from Mlo brothers of tfae *O*!ded man and Jrom willing employe* of tbe expreas company tor wbloh Frederick had worked-, and were placed on the raw, quivering tleah. Tbey grew, they healed; and now, at loot, Frederick has a who!* skin again aod has been discharged from tfae hospital M cured. Tbla triumph of surgery la marvellous because of Ita extent, tbe heroic constitution Of tbe man which enabled him to endure tbe long treatment, and the liberality of tbe unoanally large number of frlenda wbo have contributed to bi> restoration. Had each one insisted npan patting i name on th* piece of cuticle ooubuted, Fredericks would have looked much like a memorial patob- k q*ill CHANGING JERSEY DAY. Life brings untold pouiblllties of good to tach of us. but what we need Is faith in these, especially when we are Immersed in the petty details, tbe dradgerlea. tbe coarser passions and trials which daily come to us. We need this faith lu a divine calling and in the promise of Ood when the world and tbe Se*h and tbe devil appeal to our sloth or to our self indulgence and we are tempted to take tbe low standard of tbe world and to be, as tbey say. "no better than others." It la then we need faith in Christ and, at whatever coat, to surrender ourselves to the vision which He vouchsafe* of what Is right and true and good. It may be bard juat then to obey, to take this particular cross, to lay aside the Indulgence that fascinate* and to turn at once from the tempter to tbe Saviour. but In doing *o lies the war of faith nd victory.-sunday Magazine. Then la only one great character In tm world that can really draw out all that 1* beat In men. He t»» fir above all otber* in Influencing men for good ttat He Wand* alone. That man waa tb* Founder of CHrl.tiamtv. To be a Christian man 1* to bav* that character oar ideal in life, to live under It* influence, to do what Ha would wlafa us to do, to live tbe kind of life H* would bare lived In our bouse had oar day** routine 19 go through. Jt wonld not, perhaps, alter tbe form* of life, bat It would alter tfae spirit and alma and motives of oar life, and th* Christian man ta be wbo In that e live* under tbe Influence of Jems Christ-Henry Dmmmo&d. Religion la not a perpetual moping rer good book.. Religion is not even prayer, praise, holy ordinance*. These»re 1111 laaaij to religion. No man can be religious without them. But religion I* mainly and chiefly tbe glorifying of Ood amid tb* duties aad trials Of the world, tbe guiding of onr course mid advene winds and currents of temptation, by tbe sunlight of duty and the compm* of divine truth, the bearbag np manfully, wleely. courageously, tor tbe honor of Christ onr great leadn tbe conflict of Wc-John Calrd. FIRST, THE JOLLY COBKS HUMBLE BEGINNING IH A NEW YORK BOARDING HOUSE. Date Originally Set by St. Lionu Fair Comrola.lonera Conflict* With State K«lr Plan*. Secretary Mablon B. Mirgertm, of >e Inter-State Fair Association, who muob chagrined by tbe annonnoeient that the New Jeney commisoner* for tbe St Louis axpoaitloi have decided npon Wedneaday,8eptem her 38, tbe day before Iba InMr-State fair's big Thnnday, at New Jersey day at the exposition, has called tb* attention of the 000a miss loners to thi fact that next year then will t presidential and gubernatorial eleo tions in this State and that for thi* on "Big Thursday, or PoIItioii day" at tb* Inter-State fair will te of annanal importance not only to Ibe politicians of tha Slats, bnt M well to tfae fair association, many of whose. directors are prominent la State affairs. He amid if W«dnesday, September 28 wen made New Jersey day at St. Loan It wonld be impossible for tfae 1 lo whom 11 wonld be important to attend both New Jersey day at Si Lost* and "Big Thursday" in Trenton to reach this olty by Thursday, September 29. if(. Margerum nw former Governor Foster 11. Voorhees ud Ir* W. Wood member, of tbe : Jersey commission and waa aunred by tbem Ibat If possible tbe date lor I ley day wonld be changed. They aid they apprehended DO dtfflonlty in tb* matter. S. J. I EILIS SERVICES HELD IN ST. MARY'S R. C CHURCH, FATHER E6AN OFf ICIAT1NG. Tbe funeral service* of Mn James 8. Ellis wen held Thursday at 9 o'clock bom Itao late lesldsno* on Arlington avenne and 9:90 from Si Haxy's Ohuroh, Rev. Father Sgan officiated. Tb*ro WM a large attand- I Of relatives and friends, and a representation from Central Lodge, 48, Ancient Order TJnlled Work- L There war* many floral tributes, including a wreath from Iba employes al the FlainBeld Eleclrin Light station, where th* dead woman's husband is employed. Tbe interment WM in St Hary'i Cemetery and tbas* wem th* pall bearers: Patrick Oalnee, Oornallns Guinee. Daniel Goinee, Patrick Klaly, Mlehael : J. Klaly and and Phillip WANTKD SEVERAL PERSONS of obanmtor and good npntatlon in each State (one in this ooanty nd) to represent and advertise old Mtabllsbed wealth; business boo** of Mild finanelal standing Salary 21.CX ikly with axpanass additional, all payable 1B 0Mb direct every Wednetday from bead offices. Horn asd carriage furnished wben neoeaaary, Ref irance* Enclose aelf-addreaied an- elope. Colonial. BBS Dearborn Bf, OMoago. S Mm O*org* Flsber. at this oity, m b**n visiting her ao4fc*z H t UK Man Relate a tha True Story of the Birth of the B. F. O. E. rgaalied As Benevolent Order or Elk* oar February IO, 18OS It* First onirer. ud th* ConatltaUon. The Benevolent Protection Order of Elks, wbtob now number* Ita meal' rafalp In tfae hundred thousand*, -es II* origin to a social party of young men who boarded io the same a in New Tork some thirty-six 1 ago. Frank 0. Langborn*. of Potnam avenne, this OUT, WM on* of who composed Ibe group, the maorlty of them belog connected with be stag* M a profession. These jonog en itjled their organisation Tha illy Corks and their place of meetug WM tb* boarding house, at 188 Elm street A few weeks subsequent rgaaihtlon, Tb* Jolly Corks, who wen fond of merry tinea, established hemeelvea at 17 Delaaoy atreel, from wblob tbey lemoved In a snort lima Military Hall In the Bowery, faeie tbe Brat lodge of Elks held ita DlaatTeotioo had arisen In tbe ranka of Tb«Jolly Corks, I* being doe to laloosy over oflloea Is Ihe society, te 'Benevolent Order of Elks was lubliahed and tbe brranlaatlon WM ted on February 10, IMS. Kepon il Ibal there WM also a branch of The Jolly Corks In Philadelphia, but la denied by Ur. Langbortte. who old a Dally Preaa reporter yeiteiday, tbe tint time the trne history of order's blrtb. Nearly ail the original memberi of tbe older are now dead, hot atrange lo lay, Joba Q. Kent, of Mew Tork, * charier mempartioipated in tbe orgaalutlon of Plalnfleld lodge, Mo but night. In ita early days Ibe titles of le several offloe* were different than IOM of the present day. Instead of an exalted ruler, tbe principal offloer of tbs lodae WM tbe right honor.blaimo. Tblt position WM beld in tba Igtnal organisation by Ch.rlM Vivian, an actor. Rlohard R Steirly, professional piano player, who visited Mr. Langhora* a abort tin* ago. WMfirstdeputy ptinto, and Wtllam Oailton, who pom***cd a xlofa tenor volo* frequently beard belor* the footilghti, WM Ib* honorable seo- y. H. Vandermatk, aootharaa. olst oo the boards, WM tbe tre**sw, id William Bfacpnaid WM tjl»r. ir. Langbora* had no conneotloo. Itb the stage. A constitution and Ml of by-law* aj well M role* aod regulations war* drawn ap aod printed for tbe baaall of th* members. Probably wbo* Is tb* only oopy extant ta now la the possession of Mr. Lauaborne. An elk's head is printed on tfa* By loaf. Tbs porpoie of tbe organiaahoa I* best explained in this deolarmldn subscribed to by tfaa charter members: "The nnderaignfd numbers of Iba theatrical, minstrel, equestrian aad literary profession* and others wbo ayninatbim wltb and approve of Ib* object in view (hereafter aei fort* sj ibe constitution and by-laws) do tenby organize an order to promot*. protect and eobanca tb* welfare aad happiness of eaoh ohetr.. "Charles Vivian, Richard Htotfbi, William Oarllon, H. VandermsJrk, William Sheppaxd, K. M. Plait, #.' Bownn, H. Boswortb, M. O. A«h*. John O. Kant. J. <3. Wilton, F. Lang, borne, F. A: Bloom*, C. P. McDonald ud T. G. Bigg*." One of Iba primary object* af tba >rganiration WM to help tfae nnfortw tte or siok aotor. Hz. Lartiborn* do* ;l*res th.t the members h».l Jolly good imea together, and frequently stv* banefll entertainments In tb* Nsw Tork theatres, in which tb* boat' metropolitan talent appealed. Tbo PUInfield man has long sine* dropped out of tbe order. Kuner.l or Joseph Funeral sfrvlcrs over Ib* remain* of JoMpb Karris, wbo died oa HOB. day M a remit ot aa attack of look* law, canoed by a son 00 his finger, ware held Dec. ft, Bav. Andrew M.'' Bgan, pastor of St. Mary'i R. a Ohnrob, ofbolating. Tbo interment a* In SI. Mary's Cemetery. Former Ptataflald*r Dead. Eev. W. 0. Becdriokson, wbo died at his bom* In Bristol pa, Wedaeada* nlgbt, at the ag* of seventj-t wo yaaf*. WM a native of thi* city, aod WM tba son of a foimer t U n of the Orasoent Avean* Presbtterian Obaroh. On* of fala sistera livea In tbi* olty. Mis* 1*1* HeOlaagbaa, ol*rk la ba offlo* Of a U Moffstt, EM*-, is Plainfield Lod*-, Wo B. t. O. Vonnolly Or»«nl«od With WUboroto OoromonUo BTSBMT PARADE HELD orxiuii'k rrro f rn«--» CUM luuuou. MMMi... M»~'l * c ** r - M -' Orfl Wlt- W.M C*rMO>lM. rin '*. *' flraoralloak oo race, 4 bul>«! «I" d w " mcim.»<! olhaalum «Mob nm >m M < >!» > ) or diminished,, cold wlod. o. dtltlod enow bom MM»d.0- -.loo-. «l*m «o Kibe *<> '"'SOU* *hl«oil; all Baodred cataol O»0. 8 1«Mt»ad lha adfaal af Plalnlald lod(., Ha. add H. p. O. 8. aa a looal trauraal VIUIMliM- Tb# dlmb Of ft ymht, PW»»Hftl IBM. bare af w. la North Plainfield. Tbe of tb* l»«coupon BdMtbt pared* in hall tha balls la lbs lag tb* fttega oa tha apparatus and Iba iowar. were start ad ring lag la anleon Tha aatlra front of Iba balldlag was lighted and a laatara aa piaoad at tha lop of Iba flag staff.! ala bora! ** rapaat was «tmd b) la tha baas* lodgawa sad a local lodge was started, oa whal psonisss u> bs an eventful career, aiib pomp and The Klhs owned iba lowo. Towards ertoiog Iba Nsat People oa Barth 6s- gan to arrtva la «broagbl with Iba oasis prepared for ooe of Iba gramas! «ays la Iba bftsftory of Haw Jersey vvluflom. As Iba earloas delsgailom arrived Ibay were received by lb* * aanbfti of Iba reeepftloo and enter aibaieal oommtlteea, of tbs Plata field lodge. Bibs arriving oo Incoming trains wsra Findlay. Hberlff H. Frank Oorlall. Former Jadgs William A. Ooddtng toe. hdward Gael on. Herbert Brooks, * l. 1. VanAlysfttaa and Edward Bearing. Tbona who came by tratlsy wsra escorted to Iba lodga rooms la lbs Hllllmaa building by Iba enter lain meal committee. consisting o! Osorge O. Blevoos. H. a VeoKm burgh. J. F. Lane, William W. War Book and Hoary Psdefloos Alt o'clock Iba ceremony of In siioiidg Iba aaw lodga was began This was psrformed by lbs member! of New Braaawiok lodge. No. 834 Tbs officers la obarga wara District Depaty Obarlao H. Smith, of Jaraay Cliy ; Ksaliod Holer William H Ever son. Esteemed Leading Knight Wil- liam Bohlaastoger, Ks>samed Loyal Koight William Tallin an. Esteemed Laetarlag Kalgat William Bojlan. Keqolrs J. «arvay M'l/sra, Saoiecary Joseph H. Ridgeway, Treasarsr Theo-» dors Ooba, Inner Guard Jobo Hlokey, Tllsr J. Nawftoa Dias. Jr., and Chap- lain Joseph Allen. Iba Aral offloers of iba local lodge lo be Installed ware : Exalted Baler Oily Jodge WiUlam N. KsoyoD. Esteemed Leading Knlgbt A. D. Finding, Esteemed Loyal Knight George O. 8tevens. Esteemed Laetarlag Kaight L. L Van AI ym la a. Treasnrer L B. Woo Is too. Secretary ~ Waller H Freeman Tiler Edward O. Hearing; t rest ess One year. Former Senator Charles A. Bead ; two yearn. Herbert W. Stover, nod three years. Jamas F. Hackle. Thirty charter mem ban wave initiated. Tbe team wee composed of Peter Moore. Benja- min Soy dam nod Q. Ed sard Bart, all of iba Now Borns wick lodge. After iba oaramonies, which lasted { almost three boars. Ksaliod Haler Wllllaat H. Boayoo made a short ad- dress to lbe asombsrs of Iba aaw lodge and iba visllees to which be sold be wee glad to aaa so moob eotbaalasm amaofliag Iba laatllotloa of Iba Aral lodge of Klka la ibis oily, aad hoped for tha hearty anf port of Iba aaw wlab that 3tease \» memkarahlp one of tbe otroageeft William N Bsayoo, District Da poly Charles H Smith, of Jsraay Oily lodge No fill-. ed Baler B Kaafmna. of Newark lodge. No Ftoak Cook, formerly of Ibis oily. a member af New York lodga. No I; Ira O Pack, of Manila lodge. 'a 671. wbo enjoyed the distinction of representing tbe moel dl lodge ; John T Ksol, wbo was oo bars of Iba original organlaa lion of Elks, which was tbeo know aa iba Order of Iba Jolly Corks, be wbo la now a member of Jersey OUT lodge. No. fill; John P. Martin, Syracuse lodge. No. SI { Harry Bailer, or Brooklyn lodge. No. Holer Edward Urtffea, of Bay ledge. No. 4S4; Robert MoDooald, ire lory of Jersey City lodge aad E. ailed Haler Jamee Mar ray. of II same lodga. Several vocal selection* wara rendered by Robert Schwarts, of Elisabeth lodge, and tbe newly elacled offloers of Iba Plainfield lodge. No Representatives were Perth Amboy. Trenton. Philadelphia, Cam den, Jenny City. Sooth Amboy, Paterson. HyracoeJ, Hoboken. Elisa- beth. Mew York. Brooklyn aad other places. Among Iba prominent poapla here wara Senator W. H. Jack sen, of Mlddleees Coantv ; 6a: gate Pa tar Francis Daly. Alderman John Harkins, of New Brwaswiok, and Edward H. KadeL Tbe Bra Bewick contingent ana seventy five aad that of Elisabeth 1*8. wimp dor ELK PARADE* BRARISHED rlamirg TORCH IR LAD S FACE.»n«it* i Alutui apoa Whll. «UchlD lb. P«r.b. of tb (Ik, In Ibt. cltr l* -*-k. a. lb. aoo ol Uvnao* Yalta, of Hom.roat atreat, almoat hata bla right sya pal oat by a flaming torch lo tbe buds of gas of iba visitors. The Injury Is a painful one. Iba flesh being loro and burned beneath the optic. Young Faba was standing oo East Second * treat, oear Pars avi watching Iba parade peas. Ai stood there a mao raabed op to him and threw lbs spattering torch of red light into bis face and tbeo ran do* Iba street With a ary of intense pal: tha lad fell bock oo Iba sidewalk and be was soon surroonded by a large erowd of people. One side of bii was almost covered with powder marks Hs was taksn home l tbe lajorad member was ssamtaed and foood to bnvs escaped ssrioa Jory although tbs eye lashes were boroad 9)00HMJIT. Ill 616 CROWD PRESENT AT ELEVENTH CONCERT Of THE ORCHESTRA. The Y. M. O A Ball was crowded Thursday for tbe eleventh acmes leadership of M. A Kurff. The seine. In geos ml wall played and ha work of tbe reader, Mias Evalloa The pro Kerch ' 1 Uools Sammy, *' A. Holsmano : overt ore- * Prison of Ptl ana." Q. Ladars; Idyl "My Angel. J. Haaka; reeding Selected. Mias Bvallaa Bestow : Moorish - Boko." J. Arnold; ol "Down la Lo* I sinus." Part II: March "The Jolly General. Hall Motet; Oread fislsotlou from la,** O. Vardl; noted. Mbs Evalloa Baoi falsa " fiympbla. ' A. CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR. Dd the strife of competition at a tfbse than ao much strvaa la laid upon ma- larial things art so great that the ffves any are filled with undue anxiety eoocerolng tha things of life. In nddl- to this, there arc many other ra that prod oca worry-tbe affile Boos, sorrows sod bereavements of life as well as Its duties and on natural am blttewa t worry la utl-chrtstlaa. Jesus Christ, the author and flnisbet of our faith." was an optimist and not a pes- simist. He recognised the fact that there were sorrows, adversities and tribulations la life, but In spite of them all He preached tbe gospel of good cheer. To tbe paralytic He said, -Be of good cheer, thy sins he farglren thee. * To the disciples oa the stormy Galilee He said, "lie of good cheer. It la 1; be afraid." To them again when it to leave them In tbe world a parting word was. la the world ye have tribulation, but be of good ffeeer. for I have overcome tbe world" Tn Paul, face to face with ahlpwrrck la the Mediterranean ace. He appeared at night with the comforting words. Tear not. Paul." 8o It was continually In the life of the Master. Recognising the sorrows of life. Ha yet preached cheer- fulness sod w nested ills disclpftee against undue anxiety about the things of this life. And where do we And a better lllaatratloo of this truth than In the Instance before oa. where when about to leave His disripleo la tbe world 11a said, "let not your heart bo troubled: ye believe In Ood. believe also In Mer. Christ s practice and teaching make worry wrong for the Christian. It la a manlfeatstioo of doubt of God. It Is an expremlon of lark of faith In Christ. Heal, genuine faith In God and In Jeans Christ as tha Hon of God and our gar lour should eiduda worry from our lire*, and worry Indulged in be- comes a sin. Bat worry Is worthless aa Well as wrong It Improves nothing. It makes bad worse Inatead of better. Nothing in the midst of trouble Is more harmful than worry or er It. Cheerfulness strong?liens and encourages us. it helps us to endure, but worry weakens us at every point and makes us all tbe leas able to aland against the trouble that If not worry, what then? Trust- trust In Cod. trust In Jesus Christ. -Ye believe In God. believe also is Me" That Christ declares should he our at- titude toward tbe troubles and adver- sities of Ufa. We are not to fear, but believe; we are not to worry, but to trust. Christ Himself Is tbe basis of Christian cheerfulness which should supplant worry. Be of good cheer. It Is I." lie Mid to tbe disciples, and again. In tbe world ye have tribulations. but tie of good cbeev. for I have overcome tbe world " Christ has overcome, and In His name and power We can over- come. Therefore let not your heart be trocwed. neither Jet ft be afraid. BIBLB BKADtBOa. Josb. 1. 7; laa. xl ; Pa. xi.j-7; xvi. 1-11; xx111; xxxvll. 1-8; xlvt. i-t; Mark vl ; John xvl. 83; Acta xxvil FARMER TON 8WINKB Wky Hs Cowldgn tbe Unitod Stfitog g MATTeicKj Coeatry. There are several ways of catching eela aa wall aa of skinning them, after they are caught. The latent method of doing both baa been In trod seed by Fred von Bwlaks. a German, a ho came fto Orr- lngton. Me., last spring aad began to grew pans for market apoa too* sw land whlck be had purchased near guakedonk stream The farmer lowed that tba rich li tar the alugglsh water were.capable of yielding more green peas to tbe acre than times the area on the hills. Tha i came up la doe time, aad showed an Inclination to grow, bat before tbe plants six laches toll every one waft e off close to the soil by some creators which visited the farm by sight. Every pea vine was spoiled, but cab- bage*. turnips and other vegetables allowed to grow undisturbed. Tha crop as planted over many limes without se- irlng any harvest worth tba trouble, la August, after Yon 8winke had loot his seventh crop, and after all kinds of traps had failed to give relief, he kept watch among tha pea vines for two nights. U«was rewarded by seeing large number of fat vela climb up the low bank and Invade tbe pea preserve, gorging themselves upon the foliage, and then escaping bock trftbe stream. A New York correspondent ssys that instead of feeling downcast over this discovery. Von Swlnke seemed lo be highly elated. He went about the vil- lage rubbing hie herds and telling what a wonderful country America te to furnish eels enough to supply large dty In every garden that edged upon a stream of fresh water. Then be bought a thousand feet of narrow boards and placed them end to end around his pea patrb until they mat aad made a frame for the crop. Having done this he dug a bole bis cabin, sunk a half hogshead til Its chines were level with tbe soil and filled It with pure water. Then, by opening bis fence aad putting line of boards on each side of the walk leading from his garden be had Included the tub of water within fee Lift up your eyes and look upon the white harvest fields la all the world. India has enlarged her Christian En- deavor boundaries. China with her new secretary is at tbe beginning of a new era of great expansion. Japan has gained per ceat aad bag Just eo joyed tbe beat convention la her his- tory Great Britain has made steady progress. Germany has made substan- tial gains. France and Spain have had tba beat year In all their Ulatory. while since our last convention Switzerland. Italy. Portugal. Finland and Ice laud have fairly entered tbe ranks of CUrto- tlan Endeavor for tba first Uoa-lev. Dr. Francis K. Clark. CsawM rev Mambeva. Let every society inaugurate a mem- bership caavam Search tho 8uoday school, go through tbe entire congrega- tion. for recruit*. Enlarge the asao- date Use Bring la tba Christian young people wbo have not yet Marked tba Joy of service for Christ. This will be a splendid preliminary to a cam- paign far boo la further on - Bar. Dr. Bdwfa Forrest Hslleobeck. If each man had tha spirit af self surrender, the spirit of the cross. It would not matter to him whether ha were doing the work of tbe mainspring or of ooe of tbe Inferior part* F. W. young people In fundamental truth, for quickening the spiritual Ufa and for developing In them a lava and a power for Christian service nothing Parti agaraking of the aaw lodge, parade was bold Ibroagb some of tba boataeaa streets of the town This was ooe of tbe eve a If a I lost Seat* of the even log. Bloadiag lo tba driving auow.otttsees llaad He curbs»o watch They bad prepared a royal we looms for the visiting boat. Aa soon as ftbn first roll af tba diass parade wm about a move colored lights shaft ap from baodred dlffsreaft place, sad grei tbeerz arose oa tba sight air. Tfce E. «. «-*; waruo asinu. D Preetdaet New York Slat, ITalo^* ' M poop* >! It VIII To. Try II. la tb. Quirt Hour In tb. morula, or F 01 ** b * lldl *«*.blob llu.4 ll U tb. tn'ulel.a uboru ull 0>b«ra In tb. rirnln,. and Id ritruutlr <r.r lb. roum ol IM p.r.t., olmmig in. for smnt IH 1. unit Hu».l,bl I. H tb. ratat.mui wmrtt making prog,.tailor. Iruil. Tb. IM ol m.rcb gol«elr'a Omi E.lm dom all ihu d *UJ l» a mnn, at tb. BibH Fran lodga mm down Front lo Part I..lUmrd for it B. W. Sp.HT >»«Impr^liig «i lb. mind mil, lo Em droon d. In Wuobnog H.iUord. OoM. * " "* ufr mdd'n* trulb. of «wit I Hortl. I. Part armor, lo Up ion nffltatod with > rh IW*. Rolwrt E. Bpwr. ommti nod lo dooog.rbood Ely'. Orrnm Bol- «M "7? to,b ' mpoo- B»" dlmgromblo oolorrk OU loft A *, of * *** N C Ol lood, ink. HI lodgo. So. W0. ' Tbo Holm dor* not IrrttoM or emmm whol. dry. will k. rnwy tkoagbt Bold by dmggl m go. ood feel log different, will ngur joo Boyasoa. wkftab arwampaolsd Bay- or mailed by Ely Broftbars. M Warrau Aa for Hie sake what you would not»» ««. fabowad by Aft. New Tort. i ^ T * aw. «r for any ' BBke. Henry DrsaoaM. a kerosene can sod smeared the.-»p surface of all the boards with th«oil. AfUr this be blew out bit lanlern and want to bad. The free thing ha did wbea be got ap at naarly noon was to pour about tan quarts of salt and a bushel of hardwnood ashes into tbe tab at ter No soooner had this been dona than tba water *aa alive with squirming mass of eels, which tied themselves la knot*, turned ao aaalu and handsprings, and made the water boll with their convolution Soon they were dead, and (hen the farmer boiled oat the water and be- gan to akin his fish Tbefs wara i IT three buahals of them, all of hood alas and vary fat Once a week since than Voa Swmke boa repeated tbe experiment and has made good catches every time says that eels will sooner ran through fire than cross a board which baa daubed with oil. Having come U garden to feed on pans early in tba morning they had found every avaooa of escape blocked by kerosene naturally followed tho path until they bad coma to tba lab of water. Into which they bad plunged In funded se- curity. Tha salt and ashes not only killed tbe eels, bat removed the slime from the fish, so tbo farmer had no trouble In skinning tb# catch. la consideration of her tether's sent that she may go oo the stags. Mins Eleanor LAwreme.of South Bethlehem Fa., has signed a contract to "be good." Tbe contract Is unique, for the promises to eschew midnight supper*, frivolous company, and tide door Johnny boys. Farther, she adds, she will not play cards and always will carry a prayer-book. Mina Lawrence la the daughter of Daw aoo Lawrence, a promoter at basin res given them than si whistle coming from tbs wincing goal. A blind man. In fact, desiring to go Is a straight Uae pce*'w*ft ihvcurious pow- er of being able *o i«to almost tx ERWORTH LEAGUE. am easy thing to giro coven all tbe necessary Hearn aad does soft Include anything unnecessary. It something to do with what we be- lieve. aad fat It M for it M possible for ooe to know about Ood and religion and yet be far from m red. It has some thing to do our feelings sod action*, but noth- ing wo can do will mvc cither our- oelveo or other*, and It la ter more than feelings of any kind. Looked itlnom way. mlvatkm la "pore love to God and man filling the heart and governing tbe actions." From another point of view It la tbe Holy Spirit dwelling In the soul and working la *11 tbe faculties of mind and body It* effect* are peculiar. It broadens and clear* tbe understanding, giving a grasp and comprehension of truth nev- er before possessed. It dee-pens sym- pathy and awakens sentiments of par- ity, reverence, devotion and benevo- lence. It proftnpta to acta of helpful- and words of tenderness. It brings harmony Into tbe Inner life and tbe de- to see all outer life harmonious and happy. That aocb a condition la not natural and common to all people Is very plain. That some do live tn such a state Is Iso well known. That many who have been In tbe unsaved state hare by i mean* passed into tbe power and purity of tbe M«sd life is a matter also of experience and testimony. We aee around us many such transformed Urea They are not ell allka In tba ex- tent or Intensity of tbe change, but In ww thing* *11 bare a resemblance. A!1 agree in tbe fact thftt they have found peace when they bare come to trust Jreus Christ as * personal Sav- iour and rely upon Him to give them guidance, pardon and eternal life from God tbe Eternal Father This act of faith may be described In various ways, but in Its essential nature. It Is a combination of all tbe powers of the sool. taking the highest and he*t It knows of God and In glad recognition of His love willingly contenting to be- come obedient to HI* direction* and take Him aa rulcy of nil the life. It unites the best of thought and will and feeling In service of God. It Is not merely a decision to live a better life. It la not merely acknowl- edging ftpe common truth about God. It Is not merely feeling sorry tor the misdeeds of the past and wishing lo be good and do good for tbe future. It Is a deep soul turning from all evil and the eonacions Incoming of power to love and do tbe right, a power not of self, but greater and deeper and purer than aver before known. It also has an element of person*i fellowship with Jenua Christ never before felt toward any other one. A bond of union Id purpose and principle and satisfaction of soul desire*. This Is salvatkm. and there la no other one tbe world has ever seen wbo bad power Co ao affect men. mad there Is no one wbo may not be ao affected by Him If be will so decide. toroid Poaklkl title. Life brings untold possibilities of good to each of us. but what we need Is faith In these, especially when we are Immerard In the petty details, the drudgerle*. tbe coarser passions and trials which dally come lo us. We need this faith In a divine calling and In the promise of God when tbe world and tbe Arab and the devil appeal to our sloth or to our self indulgence and we are tempted So take tha low standard of tbe world and to be. aa they My. "no better than others." It Is then we need faith In Christ and. at whatever cunt, tn surrender ourselves to tbe tf Moa which He vooebasfes of what Is right and true and good. It may be bard Joaft the* to obey, to take thlm particular cross, to lay aside the Indul- gence that fascinates and to turn at oon from the tempter to tbe Saviour, but In doing eo Ilea (he way of faith and victory. Sunday Magaxlne. There la only oue great character In tba world that can really draw out all that la beat In men. He la ao far above all other* in influencing men for good that He stands alone. That man waft tho Founder of CffrfsUanlty. To be Christian man Is tn have that charac- ter for our Ideal In life, to live under Its influence, to do what He would wish ns to do. to Uve the kind of Ufa He would hove lived In our boose hod He our day's routine ty go through. Jt would not. perhaps, alter tbe forma of our Ufa. but It would alter the spirit alms and motives of our Itte. and Christian Man Is be wbo In that a Uvea under tbe influence of Janus Christ. Henry Drummond. Beflgtou Is not a perpetual moping vur good books. lut&oa la aat erta prayer, praise, holy ordinances. Tbeoft to religion. No man cun But rvh- gten Is mainly and chiefly the glorify- ing ef Ood amid tbe duties and trials of tba world, tbe guiding of our course mid adverse winds and currents of temptation by the sunlight of duty and tbe compass of divine truth, tbe bear- lac ap mtofallj. «rtj, toaracnaatj. mn MM OF Mur PIRT8 F. NEWARK EVENING NEWS SAYS FRCDEt- ICW CURE. A TRIUMPH Of SUNGCNY. in moet ootaposit# man in Mew Jersey, porbape In tbe world, la WU- am 8. Freds rlok, of Du nail aa. Mid- dlesex County. He 1* now. after hie marvel loos reeftoratloo aft ftbe hands of the doctors, mads up of bits of more than 800 different men. Of ooarm the greatest port of Ibla newly restored man consists of Ibe original Fred- erlak, but nil the raeft Is an aggregate of little palohas, about la num- bar, contributed by bla friend* and alstaaoea. It may aoem amusing tn rend of so oh a oomposll* Indi- vidual, tul the aspertsnee baa been anything but amusing to (be man elf Ha was a victim of Ibft Waet- fleld wreck oo the Central BaiJrood. and bis body waft ao Boaldftd that fully third of tbe ah Id was destroyed. His death seemed bal a mailer of a few hours, but aa ha outlived Ibe ex- pectations of tbs Mahlsabsrg Hospital physicians, tba latter resolved to try akla grafting. Piece by plaoa. during past ten months, llttls patches of skin, about an Inch long and a quarter of an Inch wlda, ware cut from Masonic brother* of tbe eoaldad man aad from willing employes of tbe ex- t company tor which Frederick had worked*, and were plaoed oo the raw, qulveriag flesh. They grew, they healed; and now, at last. Fred- erick baa a whole akin again aad baa i discharged from the hospital as cured. This triumph of surgery la relloof becaum of Its extent, tbe be role constitution of the man wblcb enabled him to eadurs tbe long treat t. and tbe liberality of tbe on assaily large camber of friends wbo h*vs contributed to. bla resftoratloa. Had snob oos insisted upon putting bis name oo tba pleoe of ootids con- tributed. Fredericks would bavs locked much like a memorial patch- work quilt. CHANGING JERSEY DAY. Plainfield Man ReletM th. True Story of th* Birth of the B. P. O. B. PIB8T.TH* JOLLY COBK8 HUMBLE BEGIRRIRG IR A NEW Y0BK BOARDING HOUSE. Dale Originally State Fair Pleas. Secretary Mabloa B. Msrgsrum, of tbe Inter state Fair Association, wbo la mnob ch»grined by tba announos- meot that tbs New Jsrtoy commis- sioners for tbe 81 Louis sxpoaitioa bavs decided upon Wednesday.Septem- ber 88, ibft day before the Inter State fair's big Thursday, M Naw Jersey day al the exposition, has oalled the attention of Ibe comtaimloaara to tba fact that next year thare will bt presidential aad gubaruaftorial elec Hons In this State sod that tor Ibis reason "Big Tharuday, or Politicians day" aft tba Iator-8tete fair will to of oooaaal importance not only to tbe polillolane of tba Stale, bat m well lo tbe fair association, many of wboea directors are prominent In State affaire.. He said if Wednesday, September 88 were made New J«reey day al B«. Loon Ji would be Impossible for Ibe men to whom it would be Important to attend both New Jersey day al St. Louis and "Big Thursday" In Tren- ton lo reach this city by Thursday. September 88. Mr. Margerum aaw former Governo» Footer M. Voorbees and Ira W. Wood members of tbe New Jereay com mi sal on sod wm aesn red by them that If possible tbe date for Ns Jersey day would be changed. They Mid they apprehended do dlfflonlly lo tbe matter. MRS. J. HUB BURIED SERVICES HELD IR ST. MARTS R. C. CHURCH, rather EGAN OFFICIATING. Tb. fihnl arr.lorr of Mn J.mrr 8. Kill, war. bald Tbondar.1 a o'clock from lb. low rcldroor oa A rllogtoo orooo. ood > SO from 81 Kilf'l Cbomh. Rr* Tuber Egu cfbol.t*d, Tbo. war. Ur,, wwod oboo of rrullrw ud frtrodi. ood > rrprrwnwtloo from Ornlrml Lodge, No. 4S, AooUM Order Colud Work- moo. There mn moo; floral tribotrs, looudlog l wr.»th from Iba amplo*.i M tbo Pluofleld Eire trio Llgbl no rloo, Iba drad womoa'o bor- bood lr emplojad. Tbo Inwrmeol woo lo 81. Motj'i Ormetrrr ood tbeeo won tbo poll brorora: Polrtok Oolooo. Corooll.l Golooo. Dootol Oolooo. Patrick Elolj, Hlabor! ; J. KUIj ood ood Phillip B.Uobrr. WANTED SEVERAL PERSONS mob Blow (on lo tblo qolredl to ropraorol ood odrutlw old wwmtobod wooltbj bo.low. boom of mild floooolol wooding. Solor, gll.00 wooklj with rrponom oddltlonol. oil porobte la oooh dlraet only W.dooo- dor from bead ooe {. mm III ElK Organised As Benevolent Order of Klka oe February lo, 18S6- Ite rtret Officer* *ad (An Coestltettoa. M Tbe Benevoleot Protection Order af Klhs, whiob sow aambers Its msasilp la lbs hundred l boa roods own Ite origin to a social party g men wbo boarded la tbs satea boose In Mow York soma tbirty-als ysais ago. Freak 0. Lang horns, o am arsons, this cur. was oos of lx wbo oompessd tbe group, the ma- jority af them being connected With lbs stags an a profsesion. Tbsas young tj led their organisation Tba Jolly Oorks and tbelr plaoa of meet- ing was tb* boarding house, at I Kim street. A few weeks snbeeqoenft organisation. Tbe Jolly Oorks. who ere fond of merry llmee, eotabllabed themselves aft 17 Delaney at reel, from wblcb they removed in n abort time Military Hall la tbe Bowery where tbe Bret lodge of Klka held Its meeting! Disaffection had arisen la the rank* of The Jolly Garks, It being due t jealousy over offloee la tb* society. The Benevolent Order of Elks was established aad tbe organisation was effected on February 10, Report has it that there was also a branch of The Jolly Oorks In Philadelphia, but Ibis is denied by Mr. Langborne wbo told a Dally Pt«m reporter yesterday, for tbe flrst time tbe true history o order's birth. Nearly all ftfi original members of tbe order are N«dead, but strange to ray. Joba Kent, of New York, a charter mete- ter, participated lo tbs organisation Plainfield ledge. No lae night. In Its early days tbs MtlM o nveral effloso were different tbna i of lbs present day. Instead of aa exalted ruler, tbe pvlaolpal officer of the lodge was Ibe right bonorabl#- primo. This position was bold la tha original organisation by Obarta Vlrlam, aa actor. Rich aid R Btalrlf, professional piano player, who visited Mr. Lang hora# a short tire ago. was Bret deputy prireo. aad WII- Carlton, who poaaomfd a rich tenor voles frequently beard before Ibe footlights, was tha honorable aao- retery. H. Vaodarmark, soother a*- 00 tbe boards, wm tbe treasurer, sod William 8b#ppard was tying Langborne bad ao counsotlaa with tba stag! commotion and rat of by-latva aa wall aa rales and regulations wer drawn ap and printed for tbe benefit of tbs member! Probably wbaft th* only oopy extant Is now la t fssloo of Mr. Lunaboroa. A 1 bead Is printed on tbe fly leaf. Tbe porpoee of tb«organinemaa l besft explained In this deolaratlou sub- scribed to by tbs charter members: "Tbe onderslgurd members of tbe theatrical, minstrel, vqneeftriaa and literary professions and others who sympathise with and approve of tba object In view (hereafter rat forti to tbe constitution and by-laws) hereby organise an order to promote, protect and enhance tbe welfare aad bapplaem of each obetr. * Charles Vivian, Richard William Oar lion, H. Ve Wliilexa Sheppard, K. M. Platt. Bowraa, H. Bos worth, M. O. Asha John Q. Kant, J. O. Wlltoo. F. Langborne. F. A. Bloome, a F. McDonald aad T. O. Hlgga" One of tbs primary objeote of tba or goal sal loo was to help tbe nnfortuu- n siok actor. Mr. Langborne da- clana that tha asm bars bad jolly good timas together and frequently gave benefit entertainments to tbe Haw York theatres, to whteh tba b metropolitan talent appeared. Tba Plainfield mao bat long ftinae droppafi oat of tba order. ard Btelrly. foaeral af Jaeepk Farrta. ineral oorvloaa over tbe remains of Joseph Farris, who died on Mon day aa a result of an attack af loc jaw. ceased by a sore oo bis finge war* bald Dae. fi, Bar. Andrew M o. paster of 81 Mary s B. Obarob, officiating. Tbo latermea waft to Bk Mary s Cemetery. Former riniaflelder Dead. Bev. W. a Hendrickson, wbo died I bis borne la Bristol Pa. Wednesday alght, at tha ago af seventy-two year*, a native of this oily, aad waa tba re of a former alder of tb* Oreeoeat reuu* Presbyteriaa Obarob. Ooe af la sister* live* lo Ibis city

8 tin mm Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B Merrill Celebrated Fiftieth An. nit.raary of Their Marriage. WAS A FAMILY REUNION I H. MERRILL A STAUNCH REPUBLICAN, WELL-KNOWN IN BOROUGH. C*B* to Daaallea Baortly After Marriage la 1SB3 Made Hay foi O overs meat Dor lag War Celebration at Home of Daughter. Mr. and Mr*. Samnel B. Merrill, of Daaelleo. Thursday oelebratad tbe fiftieth anniversary of their wedding at the home of their son-in-law, Qeorge W. Day, ID editor. Tbe occasion was marked by a family reunion and a gathering of about eighty friends and relatives Is Im even lie. Merrill was one of (he pic of Middlesex County. Although born In Flemington. Hunterdon County, seventy-fonr yean be moved to Dooelleo shortly after his marriage in 18AB, and baa 1 there ever since. Few men In tbe bor oosh are better known than If. Daring the war he conducted a large baj prase in Danallen asd sold large qnantlllei of bay aad straw to tba Govern ment for ns«in tba army. Yean ago be was ons of tbe moat prominent pobliaaoi in his oountv. He occupied positions on tbe Townihip Commute* aad on tbe School Board. Uf late yean he faaa lad a retired Ufa. His marriage to Mtat Mary Bnnyon took place on Ibe old Asm Bunyon farm. Tha officiating clergyman Rev Alfred Mawl, pastor of the Bamntown Baptist Obarob. Mr. and Mrs. Merrill have three children, Mra, Walter Hunt, of Philadelphia Mrs. Ooorga W. Day, of Duaellao, and A. R. Merrill, of Newark. The grandchildren are S. Merrill Hunt, Harry B. D. Hani and Anna Haul, nl Philadelphia; Alfred W. Day and Clarence W. Merrill. Friends were pre.eni last evening from Ffaimngton, Wealon, Newark, Danellea. New Market anil other place*. Mr. and Mra. Merrill were presented wltb a pane of gold, the contend equalling in dollars, tbe Dumber of years of tbelr married life. STATISTICS COMPILED BY HISS SARA N. VAN BOSKERCK, THE SECRETARY. An insight Into Ihe work of the Organised Aid Association of PlainSald aad North Plalnfleld hi given by tha detailed statirttoa of tbe past year ai prepared by tbe general secretary, Mlax Sarah' M VaoBoskerok. Tbe total aember of applications, of all kinds aad from all classes of people, waa TB4, olassibed as follow*: For material aid. 174; far Information, 1«; for Investigation of.opposed Dead, 87; for advice. «7 ; for loans, ' for medical services, 17;.for services of tha city unrse, 18; for legal for Aid for neglected ohildi tram other societies, for invettiga tlos, S3; and Information, 48; for per - eoaal service of various kinds, 37; fo oauido work, 4«; for servant*, 7r Than wire eight* saw eaaea durlai taa year Tba partlcolar approval o aha Orgulaad Aid AssoclaMoaj was aoaerded the street oommlsal Ins) work of having the poorer oily street* watered, a work wbloh aued tbe poorer class«* greatly. MRS. I. J. WIKKLER KID HHSCS AWAY AT AGE OF 72 YEARS UAVtS HUSBAND AND SIX CHILDREN Mr. M.rtaret Koa Wlacklar, of Aasastas J. Winc.ler. died and Italy. Friday M her home. S3 Par puo*. North PletnflHe. 8H«Wl ft»mti T-»i«old ud, though a oatit Of Mew York S».ale. had llred tbirtt va years ID Ibe borough. Sb* wae aaaaaber and aoliva worker la It. Ogr*'Mlo*al Chorch. She le IDI Tired by her hubud. two marrieaaagblsre. lit. W O. Debate ) Mra- 1. Wirarsks. three oihet dangb tart. Stella. M.Bi.jBd Nellie, u «M eon, Tbo-a. wl,fcl«. a eo. MB of Aebary Park. Mia. Wl. feat always baao of a qetet and di mem, mocb belo..d lor he a»d lyaipmby. Tna woama ot tb* Amtliary Board ef MableaWrg Hotpital na*«aaew J. Dubar Wright to gl*e> u lllaetrmad lactnif as "The Tellowi Park aa>d Ouadlan Rocklaa." for tba kmll Of tb* bcwpilal Tba leotfji will b* gi«a at tb* Part Gink, TOM day night, Dao.», and llckeu ar* I will tam CASTOR IA The Kind Ton Have Always Bought, and which ha* btjem in use fbr over 3O jemn, has borne the (denature of and has been made wader haf personal aapervuon >inc«it» lofancj. Allow no onetodeceive you in Uil*. All Counterfeit*. Imitation! and»jost-mfood" are bat Experiment* that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children Experience asalnat Fiui.ilaaiarti What is CASTORIA OMtoria la a harmlesa Bubatttate fbr Castor OH, 1 ajoiic, Drops and Soothing Srrapa. It la Pleasant. It contains neither Opium. Morphine nor other Narcotlo abatainoe. Its age U its guarantee. It destroys Worma and allays FeverlKhness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Oolic. It relieves Teething- Troubles, curea Conattpatton and Flatulenry. It awimllatea the Food, regalateb the Stomach and Bowels, glrto*; healthy and natural sleep. The Children's I1*n»cea The Mother'* Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Bears tha Signature ot The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 3 0 Years. ADDITION H T E LIBRARY ((CREASING COLLECTION DEMANDS SOME EXTENSION TO BUILDING.' The, fact that tbe pi«eeol capacity if tbe State Library at Trenton it aied to Iti nttnoat together with the ortber fact that aa architect baa delared that the walla of that part of be SUM Home la which tb«hbratt klnated will not MMy carry any ter atralo than la now apoo them Deceiiltate tba erection in tbe fntnie of a now building for Ibe ocommodation of tbe library. It la likely that tb* Legislator* will i«aaked to take, tame action In tbe at iti approaoblag Maaloa. me ago But* Librarian H«ary aban called the. attention Of OoTaraor Untpby and otnue of the Ut* offlcen to tb* neooaeity for pro Idlog mot* aooommodatlooa In tb* tat* library for Ibe oonauntly in oramlng nomber of booka. At tbe, time Librarian Bacbanau aak«d bat a modern at eel «ack be bnllt In he, library. In 1001 Ihe Itglalatar* paaaed an aot providing for tbe erection ot tble ik, hat the appropriation- commitee did not im-lode the ooet In the annual budget. Aooordlag to Librarian Bnohaaan here are at preaent in tbe library iboat 05,000 TOlnmei and ttwre are npwarde of 16.00C TOnmee rtored awar n tbe loft, a plae* that waa not built Wltb tb* Id** that It would tttr called upon to carry a great weight. Hvtcblnaon, Artlsf Uoveroor, Qorernor Morplij baa itarm on a o weeka' trip tbrangb tba Writ to ake a tour d Impection of In* «Mtra atacpa and offloei of tb* Marpby arnlab Ootopaay. Tbe Uoremor lore than a aoore of yean ago io aoanrated tba ooitotn of making mob I toor at 1*a*t once a year. Daring tie abaiiilin, bnataeaa raqnirlng the at laatlob of tbe eseontit* will be traaiaaud by B. a Balofatnaao, [seeldent of tbe Sew**. QIFT8 TO MUHLKNBEBG- Edat of PlaJBfleldwre MaJktmaT Doa*- llom to Ho»pll-l Dmrlag ' atoraaitwr. TbeM ha»e made donatione to Moblenberg Heapltal daring Koremter, iiftt balng In fruit, vegetable*. clothing, faraitsie, and literature : 8. Baahary Goion, Hrt. K. Hywar, Mrr Mondy. Mra. Abrami. E MIM Baa*. Miaa Schipper. Obarlea Tall man, W. V. Goriell, Hn P. V. Wllaon, Oeorg* F. BdwarOr, Jr., Mra. John t Loaatr, Mra. J. Edgar Oorllea, Ml** Clara D PuUay, Mra. Bdward Lore, Hra. Samnel Banting ton, V. J. Wtngw, Mr». John L. Henoej. Mlai S. Sehipper, Mra. K. B. Ladfl. Anon. J. A. Snltb A Brother!. Mra. Chapman 'lake. Fred Kndrea*. Mra. Kg*. Orao* Qtmrab, Mr*. Alwood. diaoaarion of tb* proposed ban qget wblob Ibe Board bopea to gire in Janaary, occapitd tbe time at tb* Board of Trade m*eting Tbartday. The plan la to mak* tbe affair wore claborat* than tbe but one. to provide nmodation* for 125 goaeta and hare apeaken of National and State prominence. Them appeari to M no place where nob a gathanng soold be accommodated. Alexander Gilbert la Ibe chairman of tbe comet and farther diaonkion m given ap until a report from tbe encommittee le reoeited. me. E. Martina provoked a diecnealon of tb* gaa qaehion. oiling the reported condition at Atlantic Oily, where it la aaid gaa la tarnfaned for tbirty-dte cent! par thooiand cnblo,'eet. Tba matter waa warmly agitated and Onally a resolution waa adopted aalboriblng tbe Maretaly to e mnnloala with tbe offlotale at Atlantic Oity and leara the exaol condition of the gai qasttlon tb*r«. THE WILL PROBATED. Jade* Strong IMaailaaw the Caveat File-l liy Oi I. O.T. Club 1 * Plan*. The I C. T. Olob held a bo.inei**u>g Saturday and reo*trad tbe t»- ort of the oonuailtt** on tb* fair. It ai ro*»d. ataa> a lively «ppoel I let tbe olab rooaae to ** >'B*UI*y'i daaelag elaaa Tneeday Tba Baaja Otab m*i tor raaaaraa. OF GENERAL DISCUSSION OF PLANS FOR THE PROPOSED FEAST. Jadga Strong, of tba Middli County oenrta, has admitted to probate the will of the late Mrs. Emetine Manning, of Booth Piainfleld, thereby defeating the hope of Mrs. Andrew Manning, who sought to break tha will on Ibe ground that an* believed did not make proper provision for I young (laughter, Kmeline, a beneflciary. Two thirds of Ihe estate Is divided equally between Ihe deceased tan's daughters, tba Missea Bar- T., and Sarah T. Pawning, and Other third la left to these daughter* in trnst lor Emeline T. Manning, granddaughter of tbe dead woman. W. L. Helneld, St., Eeq., brother of Mrs. Andrew Manning, represented her, while Joseph B. Oowsrd, Bsq., counsel for tbe defendants. DONATIONS TO HOD Tbe gancroae gllla mad* Tbaakagl' K Day mad* a nappy on* at the Children's Home. From tbe Needlework timid are tbe lligaat and moat 'alnable aaaertaiaat avar raoatvad, garment*. Pram ^Sorth Flalafield Blgb School Hrroogb Mr. ~ J. Wlgbtmao, aevma dollar* tn money and revaral barrel* of fmll and vegetablee, wltb many groceries piaaerved jell!ti Vraaa Woodhsll * Mari a large package of draat material* and flannel!. Krom Bill A Shopp. bata. aacqoea and a oat!, witb warm andarwear. Krom reception commilf Oicaoaal Avaaa* Ofaarob, a gaa* i mppiy of M* cream aad aaka. Wllb all the** good thin** and many bri the ward rob*, oloaat aad Btara Ckrlitm Taaedar nighi. Pas.», baa baam «a4 ai tha time for balding Otuiatta» eoteruimeat* at tba Trinity Re toiaed, Park Avaaa* BaptM and Marine* EatabliBh a Camp Bblp Trust Hearing Bring! Out Connection of Morgan. HID FOB TBE GOOD OF THEII HEALTH BOW BEIHLtUES WAS ACQUIRED! Scheme Launched by Council to Join With City for Consolidated Pleasure Grounds. COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO ASCE TAIN FEASIBILITYOF PROPOSITION. Co difi«rent Riinn-*.i!i new in each package of COLON, Dec».-Two marldea from (be United Vtalea auxiliary crniaer Dixie under command of Captain Wlrt HrCrearr were landed here and have jrt>de by train to Empire, a town on the railroad n*ar Panama, where a catap baa been atafcuahed In tbe canal companr'a bvlldtaga. Tbe p le now tlkinmjilily fonitii-d. and ecpsnarj precanuon* from a aanl- (ary aundpolnt to Inasre tbe faealtb he marfuea have bena takra. The c*mp will be enppued wltb water Tram He Dixie pending tbe anajysi* of the drinking water available thi-rf. If this water should be found to be xrod the remainder of tlte 450 marines on board, the Dixie wul be transferred to tlie imp In batches of fifty. The euted oftirial pnrpoae of Ihimovement la to irive tbe marine* practice In tbe boudlnt of e*ntt>a and to relieve UWBD from their tans confinement on tbe ygaeel Tbe actnal jiurae of UM Cnlted Stab* notprnmnit landtag tbe marine* In, however, beved to be ronnected with the precantunarr menaurea now betas carried on both «f«e* of tbe Ktlimui nnd perhaps also for tbe moral effect wblcb Ute landing of the martaea may hare m,tbe native Karrtamt at Panama, the loyalty of which, thoojrh hitberto abeolj nusweivlnc baa been qneatloun aome qnarten; egwriallj since tbe discovery of tbe plot agalnitt tbe life of General Hnertaa. eonimandpr In f of tbe force* of tbe republic of Panama, and tbe alleawd effort on tbe part of a few armj officer* to peruade the ganiaon to revolt. It la considered significant tbat the point selected for the encampment of the Dlile'e marinea, wbtte It H the highest and moat eanltary on tbe line if tbe Panama railroad, la also rm tbe trail moat frequently uwd in the past lor tbe movement of troops overlanit from tbe Caoca diatrtct into tbe Chiriqtil dlatrtct. General Hnertaa la shout to estnbifsli small garrison of tbe tr*>npn of the ew republic al Yavtaa, a town at Ihe head of San Mlgoel bar. «tbe Pacific aide of the lsthmua. Dr. Manuel Amsdor and Predertco oyd. the special commisaioners rrora e rt'pulillc of Panama who recentlj lalted WashlnKton, have landed here iim tbe Meamer Begnraoca. Tbe mraiiasfonera took a special tratla for Pan- PITTsitriifl. Dee O. The twv men. Morris Opar and Abram Uahlpr. am>*ied here with a large qnantlrj of diamonds and other jewelry in their poalon are. according to foe police dement, a ninth wanted pair. Tbe police official* say tbat in ofllcer ta on il«way here from New York to identl- y tbe men for robberies there and that they are wanted In Orange. N. J.; Bosand Minneapolis for supposed connection with Jewelry robberies In Uwse places. NORFOLK. Vs.. I iw. ft Democrats In the town of Kerkley have driven nty Treasurer I,yont from bis of- Ore. where. It Is charged, he was recnib netrrw voters, and have tbe negroee penned op in one aeetkra of the town. The streets are filled with men eil wltb sbotinine, and a request will be made for a company of mllltary ftom Norfolk or Portsmdttth at once. Sertoaa tranblp Is feared. IBIN6 8DN. ind. Dec S.-Mtes Ellubeth GUIeapie. promlnmt In local iety. was ssseaslnahil here while ting In tbe front room of her realice. Tbe ninrriorer shot her throttjeh window, tbe eattre charge of shot taking efrect In tbe wide of her bead, reason can be aastgnrt for the shooting, and theia la no dnr w> the SACRAMENTO, CaL. H. Wood, a leader of the ccwvlets who escaped from tbe Poison penitentiary last summer, when, a guard was stabbed to death, was convicted of mimw the aecoad decree here. As Wood la already serving a life aentenre. JndRc Hart'ordered him 'to appear in court faf sentence 100 years from date.. PHILADELPHIA. Der. U. - Raining on Jan. 1 the Penn"ylrn^i.T rallraatd will follow tbe plan Cfjllw Rcmicotnpany and other antbrncltp <.ii lers by eatablktiiln*; ttt own ml** department for tbe proddct of Its hard ra«t SOFIA. Bulgaria. Dec. V. -Turks and Albanians at a meeting held In tlie laaak moaqne at U<raa*t1r declared they would not Mthmlt to Ansiro-Rnsida. It was decideal that steps would b» taken to prevent the entrance to bertvu NEW YOHK. I>ec 9. At the hearing In (he United States Shipbuilding re ceiversblp proceedings Lewis Nixon, president of the company, concluded bis testimony and was followed by George W. Perkins, partner in the J. P Morgan & Co. firm, who gave the story of the connection of Morgan * Co. wltl tbe shipbuilding notation. His test tnony on direct examination show that Morgan ft Co.'a Mnnectloi with the shipbuilding company consist ed la supplying trust companies wltt money to loan the ahipbulldlng company snd in the sale to It of ihe Beth Mi.-ni plant. The defense tnnde ^irnng efforts tc keep certain i-atu-gnima and letter; bearing on the French underwriting firm from being published, and at tb< close of the heariui; Mr. (iutbrle pock eted tbe copy of one letter, the new* paper men being uniibie to obtflln it. Mr. Perkins read B cnblenram which. he said, bad been sent by his house to Morgan it Co.. Mr. Morgan's Paris connection: "Mr. Charles IL Schwab and hi* friend are interested In the new shipbuilding company, and we would be glad to have you take na coedul s view of It as la consistent.". Mr. Perkins insisted upon reading the cablegram despite tbe atrennous objections of William D. Uutbrle of counsel for Mr. Schwab. The. witness declared that so much bad been said about this cablegram that It wonld be a real pleasure for him to read it. Tbe Bethlehem plant was acquired from Mr. Schwab by J. P. Morgan 4 Co. as syndicate managers for tbe United States Steel corporation In tbe fall of 1001, the arrangement being, witness said, "that if we disposed of tbe property he (Schwab) should have e. share of the profits." Schwab bad no othet interest In tbe company after its sale. Mr. Perkins then gave an account ot le connection of the firm wltb the shipbuilding company. In Anguat, he said, he was approached by Mr. Tarn. Mr Nixon and Mr. Dresser, who wished to obtain from Morgan & Co. a loan for the shipbuilding company, Mr. Dresser representing to him on Aug. 11 tbat a large amount of the shipbuilding IT]ties bad been underwritten in France, tbat the money would arrive In a week or ten days, but that fund, were needed for the company at once. llr, Perkins said be declined to make the loan for the week or ten days, saying that as a firm Morgan & Co. could B no connection with tbe shipbuilding hid as try. Tbe next day. after another converntion with Mr. Dresser, Mr. Perkins, In behalf of his firm, agreed to deposit ft90,000 In each of three trust companies the Trust Company of the Republic, tbe Knickerbocker nod Manhattan trust companies for ten days. Mr. tsar bavins represented tbat these trust companies were willing to take in Interest in the shipbuilding compaly if they had tbe necessary funds to oan. The money was deposited, but he Manhattan Trnst company sent back tbe loen. finding ibat Morgan A Co. w*ere not interested tn tbe compaand Mr. Dresser made an arranget witb tbe New York Security and Trust company to obtain that portion of tbe money, Mr. Perkins introducing Dresser st the trust company, of which be n-ss a director. Mr. Perkins Insisted that the transaction through* -nit was "merely an ordinary transaction In foreign exchange" on the par! if tbe Mnrcnn company, the money being deposited temporarily with the trust companies In order that they might have funds to make loans ast expected money from abroad. The Tarts branch of Morgan & Co., he aaid, had no connection with the French trwriong. r. ITntermyer pressed him with questions about the knowledge Morgan * Co. had of the French underwriting ind of the security upon which Mr. 3reeaer obtained tbe money from tbe trust companies, but Mr. Perkins Insisted tbat these were details in which company was not contained. BENEFITS rch«mt Drllr l-in a. B4.INB&1DGE, Ga., Dec. e.-john Bapp, a prominent merchant, who waa reported misatng and was supposed to have Iw-sn palled oat of hla buggy and Oiurdered for his money, has been found at the cabin of a negro family a few miles from where he disappeared. He wss without cost or shoes, and bis feet were frosen. He was delirious and cried out against an Imaginary mob Intent on kflling him. R«IIml Tower <>n<r.,«.. PPTTSBURG. Dec. 0 Single handed and with no chance to summon old,. ratof J. It Largonot, stationed In tha Pittsburg and I.ako Erie railroad telegraph tower at AHIquippa Park, a mile distant from any habitation, batfled with three negroes until he wss overcome. He was beaten Into Insensibility and robbed of about $50. Hl» as aallanta left b!m bound la a cbaar. w WASHINGTON. Dee. S.-Tb* president has necked tbe resignation of Becoad UawMUM John a. Doyle Ninth infantry, now «^- ng in the Philippines, "f-.r tbe g«od nf the serr. Ice." Be lo a IA/IT- of Pennsylvania anal was gmdnat^d from the Military to 1S00. IS. HI IS!OF Sinn; Large Gathering to Hear Ad dr«u by MiM Harriett May Mil'" on the Movement. 1 EQUALITY ARGUMENTS IN FAVOR OF WOMEN'S TITLE TO CITIZENSHIP. Tee, follows Address Those Participating 1" Affair Additions to Membership Officers of Local League. As tbe result largely of a clear exposition of tbe meaning of the. woman suffrage movement Friday afternoon by Mies Harriett May Hills, of Syra-, N. Y., fourteen new members i added to tbe Equal Suffrage (ne of Plalnfleld and North Plain. field. The meeting and Informal tea 'as held at the home of M». Florence owe Hall, the president, of Madfson avenue. There was an attendance of fifty membeis. Vomin'i Title to Citizenship" was Hiss Mill.' subject. Sbe spoke of gains made in the oante daring recent years, showing tbat there are twelve State* in wbloh mothers are placed on an equal footing in regard to the aoardian.ntp oi their oblllren. Sbe brought forward the large amount ot taxes paid by women as an rgoment for -planting them equal iffrafte, and stated tfaat if any educational qualittoatians for voting were nary, they should affect men in tbe same way as women. Tbe argnoent tbat granting tbe franoblie to romen wonld affeat the. sise of femlies, she answered by sbowotng tbat D Wyoming onder woman suffrage lltoroes had notably decreased. Sbe further indicated tbat elections were leld in a mere odrerly manner nnder oman raffraiie, again citing Wyom< g as an example. She expressed jrself as pleased witb Ibe progreas of ibe work In Mew Jeriey and referred to tbe fact that women had the inrffage in tbe Stale prior to tbe tea which followed Mits ' talk, Mrs. John L Olapp, Mrs. Robert Kobtey, Mrs. Olaf Baugstad and Mlaa Bertha Whitney presided at tbe table*. Aasetfing them a* waitis weie MIM "Florence Unntlog- Mlss Viola Oonkling, Hiss Stephanie Krom and Mlsa Wilbelmlna Patlon. Green was tfce color scheme tbe decorations of the table* and rooms. The ofooeis of Ibe Equal Suffrage League of the oily and borough are : Mrs. F. H. Hall, president; Mra. I. L. Miller, Tioe president and auditor; Samuel L. Hunting-ton, treasurer ; Mrs. William L. Patton, oorres- secretary and Mra. Harold Do rat, reaordlng secretary. "isa Mill* wlu speak today In Elizatwth where aha will be tbe guest of Mra, Elizabeth B. Black well, tbe flrst woman ordained a minister of ifae gospel in the United States. Tbe local league will bold meeting: every month hli year Instead of every lonth as last year. Councilman Arnold the Father of the Plan-Mayor Appoints Committee of Three to Report on Advleablllty Of Scheme. Following closely upon the attempt to unite tbe public eobool* of North Plalnfleld with those of Plain fleld, ibe boroagb official*, at the Deaeniber meeting of tbe Council. Friday, look initiatory steps toward the eitab> Ilsbment of a public park for Ihe osa of tbe two municipalities. Council-. J. K. Arnold, a* chairman of Ibe street committee. Introduced the subject tbrougb a resolution proriding for tbe appointment by Ibe Mayor committee of three to Investigate and report on Ihe matter. Mr. Arnold, in explaining bis aollon, stated thai be bad been Informed Ibat Plalnfleld's plan of locating a park near Randolph road, bad fallen through, and be also understood tbal Boloe property In Ibe vicinity of Elm place could be secured for a pobllo park. He favored Ibe project and believed tbat tuoh a soheme wonld be advisable and would be a sonroe of aleaiute. to tbe people of Ibe borough and city. Mayor Smalley, before be appointed oommlttee consisting of Oounoilmen Arnold. TanArsdale and Clatk, said int be was sfrsid lbs motive would be mleoonitmed to mean coneolldation of oily, and borough. However. In appointing the ootnmlttee he said tbat wonld aeleot three members who favored a public park, band ooooens, and like municipal iroporvementi. REALTY CONVEYANCES. ORGANIST RESIGNS. rs. Jienaea H. Buckley Tenders Her Ke.igQ.tlon at St. Stephen'.. Mrs. James H. Baokley, organist al 31 Stephen'* Episcopal Ohgrob, baa tendered her resigbatlon. She has been organist al at. Stephens far a number of years. Dunns that time the masioal part of tbe serrloe has been improved Tery noticeably. A Tested boy's choir has been organized aad other in,notasioos bare been made. Mrs. Buckley resignation is regretted by all tbe friends ot the parish. Several member, of tha choir nave alto T. and H. J. vs. The Mosquito, GOT. Franklin Marpby, of New Jersey, will be among those present at a meeting at Ibe Board of Trade and Transportation called for Wednesday. Dec 16. in New York city It Is hopad to organise ' a national tmenl for tba extermination of the mosquito past at tbat time. Transrere of rialafleld Seal P.sUte as Recorded In the County Clerk'* OfBoe at Elisabeth. These conveyances were recorded In the Uounty Clerk's office, Elizabeth between November 14 and tbe prei»l date: Myers M. Hodge el al to B. S. F. Randolph, on southwest line of Grant, ivenoe, near West Plfth atceet l; Thomas Crocker et ux Tbomas F. itb et al, 200 feel on Sixth street, northeast of Clinton avenue, 93,316; Cornelius E. Gnlick et ux to Tlios. J. er, lot 6, block 1, Map of C. Elmer Qnliok, si : Wm. H. Bohl et uz to Delia Lubeck, 128 feet on southeast of West Third street, northeast of Lyman place, 9400; Barry B. Dnoham et nx to Michael P. MoOratti, 60 feet on southeast side of West Sevnib street, sooth west of Hobart aveme, #1; lateiurban Realty Co. to Martin Hamen, lot 40, map of Interorban Realty Co., 91S0; Walter W. B. Wright el nx to Wm. BirrelL 683 feet on southwest line of Park avenue at soutfaweat corner of Edw. L. Finch. Wm. Birrell to Cornelius E. Gnlick, lots U blook II, Msp of Property of a Elmer Gnlick, Cornelius E. Ouliok el al Io Wm. Smalley, lota blook Map of Property of O. Elmer Quliok, f 1 ; Sidney B. Browne et mil to Ella a Smith, 138 feel on southwest line of Bay street al aoutb oorner of a new etreet, 91,000 ; Ella H. Smith to Maxtba W. Browne, Same as last, «1: Tony Martioo to Harry H. Ooward, IIS feet on Honter avenue, at a corner of land of land of W. A. Brower, 91; Harry H. Ooward to Tony Martina at ui, ame, 91; Mary A. Ferjfuion to Jno. D. Ferguson. 7S feet on easterly line of Kensington avenoe, westerly oorner of Falkeaber*;, 94,000; Oormlok Canfleld et nx to Peter Nmi. 137 feel on southeast line of La- Grande avenue northeast of Richmond ireet, 98,600; John M. Jonei to Eliza euman et a), lots 1-3-S-6-7 Map of John M. Jonea Property, 9U.600; James Manning et nx to Ellen F. Mc- 3ratb, (SO feet on eootheesl of West Seventh oorner of southwest line of labart avenue, 91; Helea E. Coombs I al to W, Montgomery Downey, 40 feet northeast line of Wesier*elt avenue northwest of line of Wm. Kelly, ;W. M. Downey el al to Howard TapsooM et al, same, 91 ; Plainfield Real Estate Co. to Allen B. [jalng, SO feel on southwest line of W. Fifth street, northeast of Monroe aveane, 9 ; Cornelius E. Quliok to Oathtlsa A. MoOlynook, lot 4, block Map of O. Elmer Quliok property, 91 ; Same to Harry H. Coward, 1 lot blook 1, same map, 91! a-lot a, eman,»1 Architect's and Builder'a Review. Bis Bello BOIIIMI. On aeooani of Ibe laoraaalng boii- -M. the How York and Haw Jarasy Telephone Company! plaanlag to tose tbe capacity of Hi plant In this oily. GOLDEN I1IH Of DIM COUPli Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Mer- rill Celebrated Flftietto An- nlremry of Their Marriage. WAS A FAMILY EBDMIOS HI. MERRILL A STAUNCH REPUBLICAN, WELL-KNOWN IN BOROUGH. Cam U ItaneUen Saortty After Marriage la IMS ladt Hey for ffratlen at Homo of Daughter Mr. and Mn Bamoel B. MorrUI, of DeBolIoo. Thursday oalebrated (bo fiftieth anniversary of Ibolr wedding el tbe boa* of tbelr eoo-in law. George W. Uij.w odller. Tbo ooo* la we* marked by e femlly reuoloo eed o ysharlo* of e*oal eighty fries da eed relative* le tb* area leg. Mr. Morrill eoo ooo of I bo pkmeor Republicans of Mlddlaeex Oosely. Although born In Plamlngaoo, HinUr- doo Oeaoty. seventy-four yeera ago, be moved bo Duaelleo abortly eflor bio marnago la 1861, and baa lived Iboro ever aleoo. Foe dm la tbo bor- oagb are bettor kaoara than be. Dor- lag tbo war be ooadaetod o largo bay preeo la Doaolloa aad aold largo qaaa title* of boy aad at raw to tbo Govern moat for dm la tbo army. Tear* ag< bo waa ooo of tbo eablloeoa lo hla oo aad oo tbe Bo boo I Board. Uf jean be bee led a retired life Hla mortage to Mtaa M took place on tbo old Am Roayoo farm. Tbo efflolatlog olorgymaa woo Bov. Alfred Mawl. pootor of tbe amptown Baptlot Church. Mr. aad Mra. Merrill have three oblldrea. Mrs Walter Hoot, of Philadelphia; Mrs George W. Day, of Dsoetieo, aad A. H. Morrill, of Newark. Tbe grand children are & Merrill Haat. Harry & D. Heat aad Aana Haat. all of Alfred W. Day aad. W. MorrllL tool loot TOO log from Fleming ton. W oat on, Newark, DoaoUea. Now Market aad other planes. Mr. aad Mrs Morrill wore promoted with a pane of gold, the ooauuu equalling la dollars, tbo nun- bor of yean of Ibolr morrlod Dfs i km limit ITATHTICT1 COMPILED BY HISS SAM M. VAN BOSKUCK, THE SECRETARY. As lulgh* IdId lb. work ot lb* Or. llt- - A 1(1 A wool.lion of PloiololO add»ortb PteloRoM I' k» «to ddtall.n atatirilaa of tbo pool J«00 paoporod b1 lb. pn.rol wmir, MM Borob M. VooBoob.rek. Tbo. aamtot of opplloolloob of Tbo tool I bit lb. pimidi oopbcllr I lb. HUM Ltbrory ol Trentoo I. land lo It. almoal lof.tb.r with lb. forlbwr fool Ibol oo orcbllool boo do* olorwd Ibol tbo w.lli of Ibol port of bo 8M. Hoc lo which Ibo llbru, HIDOIod will ool oorty ooy proolor.trolo Iboo 1. sow opoa Ib.m DIO* ooooullou Ibo.roolloo lo lb. fa late of o now bolldlog for Ibe ot tbo Ubrory. klado ood I woo m. C B Oil olowtlod oo follow!: Pot old lor loforwolioo. j for idtmtli.lloa of Mppoood L 87; for odrioo, 87; for tot III Bodlool aarvlodd, 17;for Mrrlooo to oily.> >. 18; for l.ool old. I; old for ooploowd chlldt.o. 10; o*h.r Mol.Uoo, for lomupo- a; ood loforouiloo. M; for pot- Mrrlc. of rortaaa klldo. 87; fkt I. (8; for oiton, 71. Iphly oow doom dorlo, portico lot opprorol of MII8.1. J. IHi DEAD PASSES AWAY AT AGE Of J2 YEARS- LEAVES HUSBAND AND SIX CHILDREN. Nn Miritm too WlooOlor. wlf. of AifMH J- Wlocklor, M ood (totj Friday M bar bow., a Pork plow. Mono PloloS.ld NO* ofli.. Tot* Inn bod 11 rod IhlrtT too yoor. to in. hoidaak BOo wu wowb.r.od wmir. workar lo It. fmoptwowlwol Ob.rob. (to I. m Ttood by to. I wo worhod *Mb«b Mr. W It Wl Nioi. to Volto, ood mm ooo. roowo. «&* a A.b*rT Pork Hi. fiwl., boo olwoyo koto a o qolm ood -» )E l a tbo A.Hilary 1 a Mobltokorg Hotolia boro mm J. Do.tor Wright loa^ oo I to "Tfco T.1MO CASTOR IA Rka Kind Ton Horn Afwoy. Bought, aad which ha, I la oan fbr over no ywn, hog horn* the dnotofi Allow noc I Counterfeit, ImltaQou aad Jft to good" an I nto (hot trtflo with i - * What is CASTOR IA Oootorltt lo a lutrtnlcu gnbotlttite tar Oootor Oil, Paiw- gorlc, ITropo >nd Soothing Syrnpo. It lo eoutalao neither Opium, Morphine aobotenoe. lu ngn ta Ita g nttr on tec. and olloy. PevrriohnMO. It cared IMorrhono and Wind Oolle. It relieve. Teething Trouble., cure. Conafpotton and Ftatulrary. It nwlmltatea the Pond, r go lotto thn Stautorh and flow el., giving benlthy and notural oleept. The Children*! Panaoen-Tbe Mother*. Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Bean tbe Signature of Tie Kind You Hare Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. MI lojie LIBRARY INCREASING COLLECTION DEMANDS SOME EXTENSION TO BUILDING? ll Is likely that tbe Legislator* will be asked to take seme action la «ba lie approach log ssssioa, Borne time ago State Librarian Henry Bechaaaa called tbe attention of Governor Morphy aad otbsrs of tbo State offloere to tbe aeoeeelty for pro ldlag mors accommodations la the itate library for tbe constantly la nosing number of books. At the ama time Librarian Bncbaaan asked bat a modern eteel stack be ball! lo tbe library. la 1801 tbe legislator* passed aa act providing for tbe erection of tble stack. bat tbe appropriations commit tee did not Inclade tbe cost la tbe aa- anal badges ding to Librarian Buchanan there are at pteeeat la tbe library iboat 06,000 relumes and tbeis are upwards of 15.00C rocmee stored away the loft, a place that waa not be lit with tbe idea that it woald ever te called apoa to carry a great weight HateblasoB, Actlag Ueveresr. Governor Morphy bag started oo a two weeks' tnp through the West to Soar of Inspection of tbe weat- rpa aad ofbeee of tbe Morpfey i Company Tbe Gove ' years ago la* of making saob a tear el least osee a year Darlag Ms absence, beeleeas rsqsirlng Ibe at- teatloa of tbe axmailva will be traaa aeted by K. O. Hetchlaeoo, presidsot BOARD OF MR DDE GENERAL DISCUSSION OF PLANS FOR THE PROPOSED FEAST. A dlecaasloo of tbe proposed bam qoet which tbe Board bopee to give la Janaary, oooopted tbe time at tbe Hoard of Trade meeting Tbersday. Tbe plan Is to make tbe affair non elaborate than tbe last one. to provide mmodatlooa for 115 go eats Aad hare speakers of Hatloaal aad * prom ins noc. Them appears te be no place where such a gatbendg ooul<l be accommodated. Alexander Gilbert is the oh airman of the oom mittee aad farther discussion eras a ap until a report from tbe sa- tire oom ml lies la raoelved. James E. Martins provoked a dis- cussion of tbe gaa question, citing tbe iported condition at Atlantic Olty. here It Is said gas la tarnished for thirty-firs cents per Shoe sand cable feet. Tbe matter waa warmly agitated GIFTS TO MTJHLKNBBBG. list ef PIststsMsn Making Deaa- tteae te Naepltel Darlag govern ber. Tbeee hare made donations te Mab lea berg Hospital daring November, Ibe gifts being la frail, vegetables, clothing, fernttere. aad literal a re: Mrs 0. Beabury Galon, Mrs. S Hydar, Mrs Mundy. Mr* Abrams, Z H. Miss Bass. Miss Sohlpper. Charles W. Tallman. W W Ooriall. Mrs P V Wilson. George F Edwards, Jr. Mra John t. Looser. Mra J Edgar Oerlles. Mias Clara D. Finley. Mra Edward Lava Mra Samael Hunting tea. W. J. Wings#. Mra Joha L Has- 7. Mto B. Bdblpp... Mia E B Lad,. Aaaa. J. A. Smith A Bratton. Mia Otaltoaa rukt Frto t.lrw, Mra I*., Otoaa Gharah. Mn. Atwood. I. O. T. Clak-. rim Tto I. a T. 01.h told tomdm, Bat.rday ud mint tto n- * J wltwa aa tto fan. It a lltoly k Damp UID FOE THE GOOt OF TIU18UUH r Uton' t«to i COLON, toe. h.-twv eoaoaam of OIlM from Ito l-nlim MM I to oaf Ulary rralwv luxto now rnnnuod of Caplala Wirt MrCrvary to lamvd d to.. by irala la Km ( Ira.. Iowa to the railroad Mar ton*- re a ramp has bseet swtabllshsd In tbe canal company's bwlkuaga* Tbe i bow thoroughly fertioed. and eery precautions from a sani- tary standpoint to laser* tbe health be msifuve have brea taken. The ip will be supplied with water from the Dixie pending tbe analysts of tbe drinking water available there. If this water should he found to be good the remainder of tbe 480 marines on board tbe Dixie will be transferred to tbe ramp In batches of fifty. The stated official purpose of this movement Is to give tbe merwe prac- tice In tbe building of ramps and to relieve them from their torn* confine- ment on tbe vessel. The actual pnr- (Niee of tbe Called Statsw govervuaeat landing the marines Is. however, be Utred to be connected with the prvraw tikfiary measure* now being carried out on both side* of tbe Isthmus snd perhaps also for the moral effect which Oto landing of the martweu may here «h. tbe native garrtoou at rename, tbe totally of which, though hitherto abso- lutely answer-ring, baa ben question- ed lu some quarter*, especially since tbe discovery of tbe plot agsin«t tbe life of General Haertsa. commander In chief of the forces of tbe republic of l snams, gad tbe alleged effort on the part of a few army officer* te per snad* tbe garrison to revwlt. It is considered significant that tbe point selected for the encampment of tb* Dixie s marines. wm»* It tbe highest and moot sanitary on tbe line of the Panama railroad, la aim nn tbe trail moot frequently used In the past for tbe movement of troops overland from tbe Canes district lots the Chlri qul district. General Huertas la eboat te establish a small garrison of the troops of tbe new republic at Ysvisa. a town at tbe bead of Ran MlguH bay. on tbe Pacific authorising the man loot* wllb Ibe offiolsu a* Atlantic Olty aad leans the exact ooudltteu of the gas question there. THE WILL PROBATED. Jsdge Strong, ot tbe Middleaex the will of tbe late Mrs. Emaliae Meaning, of Booth Plainfield, thereby defeating tbs hope of Mrs. Andre Manalog, who soogb* to break tbo will oo tbe ground that ahs believed it did act make proper proviate other third le left te these daugh- ters la tract for Emelins T. Meaning, granddaughter of Ibe dead woaraa. Mra Andrew Mane lag. represented bar. while Joseph B. Coward. Esq., DONATIONS TO HOI kaowlsdgss Thaaksglvlsg Tbs gene roes gifts made Tbanksgi lag Day made a happy oao at tbe Oblldrea's Home. From tbs Needle- work Gelid are lbe largest aad Boost valuable assortment ever raoelved. M0 >sw gar meats From Harth Mala field High School through Mr. H. J. Wight mac, seres dollars la money aad tcrural barrels of fruit aad vugs tables, with served jellies. F) tla'e a large pack age of drums aad flaaoeu. From bate, sacqoeo aad a ante with uedsrwuar. From reception oo tee ef Oresooat Avenue Cburoh. a gen- erous supply of ms ereem aad oaka With all tl ON FOREIGN GROUND I»r. Manuel Amador and Frederic Royd. the special commissioners from the republic of l*anama who recently visited Washington, have landed her* from tbe strainer Brguraara. Tbe com- miss loners took a special train far Fan PITTSBURG. Dee 0l The tww men, Morris Opsr and Abram Dobler. arrest ed here with a large quantity of dia- monds sad ether Jewelry hi tbelr pos- session are. ecrurdlag to His police de- partment a much wasted pair. The polio* officials say that aa officer is on his way her* from New York to identi- fy tbe men for robberies there and that they are wanted In Orange. N. J.; Bcs- ton and Minneapolis for supposed con- echon with Jewelry robberies Is those Pieces. NORFOLK. Va.. I*v. 9 Democrats In tb<- town of 1 lock Icy have driven County Treasurer Lyoas from his of lice, where. It Is charged, he was regis- tering negro voters, and have tbs ne- groes penned op la sue sretlon of the town. The streets ere filled with men armed with shotguns, and a request will be made for s company of military from Norfolk or Serious trouble is feared. RISING SUN. Ind. Dec. 8 -Mias Elisabeth (llileaple. prumtamt ta local aorlety. waa assassinated her* while sitting ta tbs front room of her real deoce. Tbe murderer abet her tbrouvh a window, tbe eatire ebarga of shot taking effect In the side of her bead. No reason cub be uuslgwd fbr the nd tbesa la mo Hr* te tbe SACRAMENTO. Cal, Do*. U Joho H. Wood, a leqdcr of the con*lets who scaped from tb* Folsom penitentiary last summer, wbe* a guard was stab- bed to death, was eoo v id id of murder la tb# auruod degree here. As Weed Is already serving a fife sentence. Jodg.* Mart'ordered him to appear la court f«4 Jfintencr 100 yrara frotn date. PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 8. Ucgln- nlhf on Jan. 1 tbe Feno-yltanln rail- road will follow tbe plan ct tlu- H.a-l log company and othw snthrsrlic <y>al carriers by ratsbltaking Its ewa sale, department foe tbe dleonml of»h- prodoct of Ita hard roal mterw through Its own sales a grots Instead of cotn- 0OF1A. Bulgaria. Dee. p. -Turta and d In the M«maa»1r declar-d they would not oabmit to AuitrwHa* elan ai*aaures for reforms Is Mscedo- nts It waa decided that alepa would be taken to prevent Urn *otrance to Monastir of tbe civil commies Wiser* rorttt>wnkkni». Wash. Dec. 0 _ A Usited grate* rove*** cutter off tbl«has overfc*nl«d a stoop with five mb* ixl Chinese and tw" whl** SO beard. One ef the white met PERRINS TESTIMONY Bblp Trust Heitriog Bring) Out Connection of Morgan. aow beibuuim sis icqcibeh SEW TURK, tot #.-At Ito htann. In tto United sure, shlpbnlkun* re cdverahlp proceedings Lewis Mxoa. president of tbe company, concluded hla testimony and waa followed by George W. Perkin*, partner In the J. P Morgan A Co. firm, who gave the story of tbe connection of Morgan A Co. with the shipbuilding flotation. His teatl mony oo direct exatnlnatloa went to show that Morgen A Co.s connect loo with tb* shipbuilding company consist- ed lo supplying mist companies wltb money to loan tbe shipbuilding com paay sod In tbe sale to It of the Beth iebcm plant. The defet»*e made strong effort* t«keep certain caliegrams and letters hearing on tbe French underwriting firm from being published, and at Ibe close of tb* hearlug Mr. Guthrie pock- eted the ropy of one letter, the uvw» paper men being nnable to obtain It. Mr. Ferklns road a cablegram which, be sakl bad been sent by bis bouse to Morgan A Cm- Mr. Morgan s Faria con- -Mr Charles M Schwab and his friend arv interested In tbe new ship- building company, and we woald be glad to have you take aa roqdlsl a view of It os la consistent.". Mr. Parkins lnalmcd upon reading tbs cablegram despite tbe strenuous objec- tions of William 1>. Guthrie of counsel for Mr. Schwab. Tb* witness declared that so much bad been said about this cablegram that It would be s real pleasure for him to read 1*. Tb* Bethlehem plant waa acquired from Mr. Schwab by J. I*. Morgan A Co. as syndicate manager* for the Unit- ed State* Steel corporation In tbe fall of the arrangement being, witness said, that if we disposed of the prop- srty be tsrbwabi should have * aharv of the profits." Schwab had no othsi Interest In the company after Ita sal*. Mr. Perkins then gave an account ot the connection of the firtp with tb* shlphnlkling company. In August he said, he was approached by Mr. Tam. Mr. Nixon and Mr. Dreaser. who wished to obtain from Morgan A Co a loan for tbe shipbuilding company. Mr. Dresser representing to him on Aug. 11 that a large amount of tb* shipbuilding securities had been underwritten In France, that tbe money would arrive in a week or ten days, but that funds were nc*d*d for the company ut once. Mr Parkins said he declined to make tb* loan for the week or ten days, say- ing that as a firm Morgan A Co. could have no connection with the shipbuild- ing hid OR try. The asxt day. after another conver- sation with Mr. Dreaoer, Mr. rerklns. in behalf of hla finn. agreed to deposit $150,000 In each of thrra truat comp* Is* tb«truat Company of the It*> public, the Knickerbocker and Manhat- tan trust companies fur ten days. Mr. Drossar having represented that these trust compsnu-s were willing to taks interrat In the shipbuilding romps- if they had tbe necessary funds to loan. Tito money was deposited, but the Manhattan Trust company sent tort tto loan. Undine Hitt Mnrttnn A Co. were no«interested In tb* comps- ny. and Mr. Drraser made an arrange meat with I he New York Security and Trust company to obtain that portion ym money. Mr 1 srklns introducing Drrasrr at tbe truat roiupsoy, of which be was a director. Mr. Perkins insisted that the transaction through was merely an ordinary transac- tion in foreign exchange" oo tb* pari of the Morgan company, tbe money bo lag deposited temporarily with the trust companies In order that they might have funds to make loans against expected money from abroad. Tb* Tarls braocb of Morgan A Co^ be aald. had no connect loo with the French andarwrltlng. Mr. Untermyer pressed him with qaaotjooa about the knowledge Morgan A On. bad of tb* French underwriting and of th* security upon which Mr. Dresser obtained th* money from the trust companies, bat Mr. Perkins in- stated that th#** were details In which company was not concerned. MSsal Dellrtome. BATNBRJDGE. Ua. Uoe. U-John Bapp. a prominent merchant, who waa reported missing and waa supposed te bar* been pulled oat of bis buggy and murdered for bla mon*y. has been found at th* cal An of a negro family a few miles from where he disappeared. H* was without coat or shoe*, and hla f*et ware frooeu He was delirious and cried out agalnat so Imaginary mob in- tent on killing him. Pil irburg. I»ee.!»- Single banded and with no chance to summon aid. Operator J. R. Largnoot. stationed In the Pittsburg and Lake Erie railroad tetograph tower at AlUqtdppa Park, a mile distant from any habitation, bat- tled with throe negroes until he was overcome. He was beaten tnrt> Insensi- bility and robbed of about ISO Ilia ao- aallants left h'm bound In a chaff. " r * T,fc * o«-*e *r ik, icrvto*." WASHINGTON Deg 0 -Tb# prral ant haa accepted th* rra'guatten of Berond Lffqten.-rT j,. bn R Nlntb infest.y. uqw -ervln* In the Philippines, "for tbe good of the aerv Urn.- He I.., %M,e of and waa gradnnt.d from tbe Military Yarn/ In lfiufi. free Holiday NT* mes t game* all new -'nch package of Lion Coffee nt yoor Grocer *. II Large Gathering to Hear Ad- droas by ICiaa Harriett May Mill, on the Movement. BENEFITS O? EQUALITY ARGUMENTS IM FAYOR Of WOMEN'S TITLE TO CITIZENSHIP. Tan Follow* Addrooa Those Parti- cipating in Affhlr Additions to Membership-Officers or Local League. Aa the resell largely ot n clear «x- poaitloo of tbs meaning of Ibe woman offrags movement Friday afternoon by Mim Harriett May Mill., of Syrn-, N. Y.. fourteen new members were added to tbe Kqnal Suffrage Imago* of Plainfield and North Plain field. Tb# moating and Informal ten waa held at the home of Mr*. Florence How* Hall, th* preaidant, of Mndfaon gvoon*. Thar* waa ao attendance ol fifty mom bars. Vo man * Till* to OltUanablp was Mtaa Mill*' rob jeer 8b* apok* of gnlna made in tbe cam. daring re- ent year*, showing that there fire oow twelve Stele* in wbiob mother* are placed oo an equal footing lo re- gard to th* ganrdianatdp of tbelr obil-. Sir brought forward th* Urge amount of tmoa paid by women na on argument for grouting them equal anffragr. and *tat«d that If any educa- tional qualifications for voting were leoesmry. they shoo Id affeol man la be earn* way as woman. Tbe argu- ment that granting the fmnoble* te women would affect tb* alas of fam- ine*. ah* answered by abowolng that In Wyoming nnder woman roffrnga divorce* bad notably dooreaoed. Hb* forther indicated tbat election* were bald In n more odrerly manner under no suffrage, again oiling Wyom log a* an example. She ogproaaed beraalf as pleased with tb* progress of the work in New Jersey and referred tb* fact that women bad the *urf fag* In Ibe Stole prior to At tbe ten which followed Mtaa Mills talk. Mra John L Olapp, Mra Robert Boblay, Mrs. Olaf Baogatod and Mlaa Beriba WhMnay pretided nl tbe table*. A totaling them aa wall- * wete Mlaa Florence Homing Miaa Viola Oonkllng Mlaa Stephanie Krcro and Miss Wilbelmlna Patton. Green waa tbe color eel. am a In tba decorations of the tables and ama Tba offlosit of tba Equal Suffrage League of tba olty and borongb or*: Mr*. F. H. Hall, p reel den I; Mra. L L. Miller, vie# president and auditor ; Mra Samnel L Hontlngton. tress xer; Mra. William L Patton, oorre* ponding secretary and Mra. Harold Dnror, recording secretary. Mis* Mills will apeak today la Elinabath where aba wvu be tbe gneet of Mra Elisabeth B. Blackwell, the Ural woman ordained q minister of >* gospel in tb* United States. Tbe local league will bold meeting every month this year Instead of every itb aa lost year. ORGANIST RESIGNS. Mrs. James H. Uucklcy Tenders Her MesIgaaUoa at fit. Stephaa s. Mra Jams* 1L Buckley, organist at Bi. Btepben'* Episcopal Oho rub, baa teoderad tar resignation. She ho* been organise at 81. Stephens for o number of years Duriag tbat time Ibe mo si cal port of th* aarvloa boa been improved very noticeably. A vested boy * choir has bean organised and otbar innovation* have been made. Mra Buckley reel gnat I an is regretted by au tbe friends ot tbe parish. Sev- eral members of Ibe oboir have also resigned. T. and I. J. va. Th* Moeqalto. Oov. Franklin Mnrpby, of New Jersey, will bo amoog tbo** peasant at a meeting et tbe Board of Trad* ad Transportation oalied for Wed- nesday. Dm. lfi, In Naw York tdiy Ilia * BIT JR HUB Scheme Launched by Coun- cil to Join With City for Con- solidated Pleasure Grounds. THE SITE SUGGESTED COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO ASCER- TAIN FEASIBIUTYOF PROPOSITION. CoaaeUtaaa Arsold th* FtUw of the Plan-Mayo* Appolate Com- mittee of Three te Report on Advisability of Schema. Following closely upon tb* altewpi to nolta the pobuo eohooit of North Plain field wllb Ibo*# of PUlofiald, Ibe boroogb officials, nl the December meeting of tbe Oooocil. Friday, took Initiatory steps toward Ik* llshmtnt of a pobllo park for lb* at* of tb* two manlolpallliaa Oouncll- mao J. K. Arnold, aa chairman of tba alraat oom ml lies. Inlrodncad lb* anbjaot through n reaoluliao provid- ing for tb* nppointeool by tba Mayor of a commutes of thra* to Invealigaie and report on tbe matter. Mr. Arnold, in explaining bia ac- tion. stated that be bod bean informed that Plainfield's plan of loontlog a park near Randolph road, bad fallen tbroogb, and be also understood that tbe Boioe properly in Ibe vicinity of Elm plno* oould be secured for publlo park. He favored lbs projsot and believed tbat aaoh n schema would be advisable and woald be n source of pleasure to tba people of tba boroogb and eity. Mayor Smalley, before be appointed n oom mittee ooosutlog of Goeocllmen Arnold, Van A redale and Ulaxk, sold tbat be wm afraid tbe motive woold be mlsconstrced to moan consolidation of olty and borough. Ho* ever, lo appointing the oo mm It tee be aald tbat ba would select three members wbo favored a pobllo park, bond concent, id like mnnlolpal Imporvementa REALTY CONVEYANCES. Transfers of Plainfield Real Estate as Recorded In tba County Clerk's Office at Rllsabeth. These conveyances ware reeorded la the County Clerk s office, Elisabeth between November 14 and th* pit ms! fit: Myers M. Hodge *t alto E. 8. Y. Randolph, on south weal line of Grant aa. near West Fifth street fit; Thomas Crocker at ux Thomas Y. itb at nl, 800 feat on Sixth street, nortbeaat of Clin too arsnos, $3,310; Cornelius E. Gnliok at ox to Tbo*. J. Maher, lot 6. block 1, Map of O. Elmar Qollek. $1; Wm. H. Bohl at ux Della La beck, 128 feet oo sou tbs as t Hoe of Waal Third street, northeast line of Lyman place, $400; Harry B. Duo bam et ax to Michael P. McGrath, 00 feet on southeast aid* of Weal Sev- enth street, sooth waal of Hobart ava- me, $1; lateiurbna Realty Co. to Martin Hansen, lot 40, map of Ioter- n Realty Oo.. $160; Walter W. 8. Wright at ox to Wm. BlrreU. 688 tael sooth weal line of Park arenas at thwos* earner of Bdw. L. Finch, $1; Wm. BlrreU to Cornelius E. Gnliok, lou ll-lf block 11. Map of Property of (1 Elmer Ooltck, 1; Cornelius E. Gnliok et al lo Wm Bmalley. lot* block 1, Map of Properly of a Elmer Gnliok, $1; Sidney B. Browne at nl* to Ella B. Smith, 18$ fast on eootbwee* Una of Bay street at aootb corner of n naw street, $1,600; Ella B. Smith to Martha W. Browne. Soma a* took, $1; Tooy Martino to Harry H. Coward, 116 feat on Hunter avenue, nt n corner of land of land of W. A. Brower, 01; Harry H. Coward te Tony Martino et as, earn*, $1; Mary A. Ferguson to Jno. D. Ferguson, 75 feel oo easterly line of Kensiogtao avenue, westerly oorner of Falkanberg, $4,000; Oormlek Canfield at ux to Peter N*u- i. 187 feet on southeast line of La- Grande avenue nortbeaat of Bicbmood street, $8,600; John M. Jonas to Kllsa man at ol. lota Map ef John M. Jones Property, $6.600; James Manning et ax to Ellen F. Mo- Qrolh. 60 feet on southeast of W«st loth oorner of aonthwest Una of Hebert avenue, $1; Helen E. Coombs J to W. Montgomery Downey, 40 fast nortbeaat line of Wealervall ave- northwest of line of Wm. Kelly. $8,800 ;W. M. Dowoey et el to Howard Tapeoott et ol, same, $1; Plain- field Real Estate Oa to Allen B. Lniog, 60 feet aa southwest line of W. Fifth street, north east of Monroe ave- $ : Cornell oa K Gnliok to Oottarlne A. McCIyoock. lot 4, block I, Map of a Elmer Gnliok property. 1; Bam* to Harry H. Coward, 1 let 10. block I. same wap, $1; 8-lot 8, tmap, $1 Architect'* and Build Review. the Increasing ba*l- Bew York and New Jersey Telepboa* Company la plnowlsg to la- the capacity of Its plawl In tkl*