OVA-001. SECTION - A 1. Fill in the blanks with correct options given 30 OVA P.T.O.

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1 No. of Printed Pages : 11 OVA-001 CERTIFICATE IN PERFORMING AND CERTIFICATE IN VISUAL ARTS (HINDUSTANI MUSIC/KARNATAK MUSIC/ THEATRE ARTS/BHARATNATYAM/KATHAK/ PAINTING/APPLIED ART/SCULPTURE) (CPAHM/CPAKM/CPATHA/CPABN/CPAKT/ CVAP/CVAS/CVAA) Term-End Examination June, 2013 OVA-001 : INDIAN CULTURAL HERITAGE Time : 21/ hours Maximum Marks : 70 Instructions for students - 1. Section - A contains Objective Type Questions Section - B contains Short answer questions Section - C contains Essay Type questions. 10 All questions are compulsory. O CO CD SECTION - A 1. Fill in the blanks with correct options given 30 below : (a) was a great poet of Kashmir who spoke about rasadhwani, the emotional meaning of the content in Art. (b) Worli tribes of decorate their houses with paintings known as paintings. OVA P.T.O.

2 (c) is known as classical music and is known as folk or regional music at present times. (d) is a principle which gives structure to art. (e) Photography is a part of Arts. (f) A large number of temples dedicated to all 24 Jain Teerthankars are situated in Rajasthan. (g) Pata-Chitra is a traditional folk art of (h) Kalamkari is a traditional folk art of Painting in (i) The sound combination of volume, tempo and make melodious music. (j) The teaching of classical music and dance has been primary through Parampara. (k) Tamil hymns of Divyanamaprabandhas were composed 12 (1) Poems composed by Jnyaneshwara Eknath and Tukaram are written in language. (m) The birth anniversary of prophet Mohammed in celebrated as every year. (n) Birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated as every year. (o) The famous patriotic song "Sare Jahan Se Accha" was written by OVA-001 2

3 OPTIONS : Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, rhythms, Guru - Shishya, Alvars, Id, Marathi, Margi, Deshi, proportion, Visual, Ranakpur, Janmashtami, Iqbal, Maharashtra, Worli 2. Mark True or False against each sentence given 10 below : (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) Ramayana was written by Maharshi Vyas. Buddhists and Jains both profess non - violence. There are two systems of classical Music in India : Hindustani Classical Music and Karnataka Classical Music. Bhangda is a folk dance form of Tamil Nadu. Meera, the Saint Poetess belonged to Karnataka Gurudwara is a place of worship of Jain community. Easter is celebrated by the Christian community. Dussehra is celebrated as Durga Puja in Bengal. Yakshagaan is a form of folk theatre of Punjab. Assam celebrates Bihu when Baisakhi is celebrated in Punjab. OVA P.T.O.

4 SECTION - B 3. Write answer of any four of the followings within 150 words each : 5x4=20 (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Language of Art. Tribal Art How the Arts are interactive and inter dependent? Traditional method of teaching Dance and Music in India. Any one major festival of India. What do you understand by the word culture? Explain within given word limit. OVA-001 4

5 SECTION - C 4. Attempt any one of the following. Write answer within 300 words. 10 (a) (b) (c) Any two Sikh pilgrimage centre in India. Oral traditions in India. What is the purpose of Art? Explain. OVA P.T.O.


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