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1 F.No.A / 07 / 2011 Ad.II Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue (Central Board of Excise & Customs) North Block, New Delhi Dated the 3rd of May, 2011 Officer Order No. 78 / 2011 With the approval of the competent authority, the following transfers and postings in AGT-2011 in the grade of Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise are hereby ordered with immediate effect and until further orders : Sl.No. Name of Officer From Present Post To New Posting 1 BROJEN THAMER ADG NACEN RTI Kolkata Guwahati CX 2 ANIL KUMAR JAIN Guwahati CX Jodhpur Cus (P) 3 OM PRAKASH DADHICH Jodhpur Cus (P) Jaipur -I CX 4 R.K. SINGH Jaipur -I CX ADG DRI Ahmedabad 5 V. RAMU ADG DRI Ahmedabad Ahmedabad-III CX 6 D.D. RISHI Ahmedabad-III CX Vadodara-II CX 7 B.K. BANSAL Vadodara-II CX Rajkot-I CX 8 RAM TIRATH Rajkot-I CX ADG Audit Ahmedabad 9 VANDANA JAIN ADG Audit Ahmedabad Lucknow CX 10 SUCHITRA SHARMA Lucknow CX ADG DRI Lucknow - 1 -

2 11 HARMEET S. SINGH ADG DRI Lucknow Bhopal CX 12 ARVIND SINGH Bhopal CX Allahabad CX 13 D.C. DWIVEDI Kolkata-II CX Bhubaneshwar CX (A) 14 PIYUSH PATNAIK Bhubaneshwar CX (A) Bhubaneshwar-I CX 15 P.K. DASH Bhubaneshwar-I CX ADG DRI Mumbai 16 TARUN KUMAR GOVIL ADG DRI Mumbai Mumbai-I CX Zone-I CX 17 RAJIV BHUSHAN TIWARI Mumbai-I CX Rajkot CX (A) Zone-I CX 18 NAVNEET GOYAL Rajkot CX (A) Kandla Cus 19 D.S. NEGI-I Kandla Cus Delhi-I CX (A) 20 V.K.SINGH KUSHWAH Delhi-I CX (A) Bangalore-II CX (A) 21 HARI BANDHU PRADHAN Bangalore-II CX (A) Bangalore ST 22 R.K. SINGLA Bangalore ST Joint CDR CESTAT Bangalore 23 D.P. NAGENDRA KUMAR Joint CDR CESTAT Bangalore 24 S.V. SINGH ADG NACEN RTI Chennai Bangalore-I CX Delhi- II CX 25 R.K. BARTHWAL Delhi-II CX Delhi CX (Adj) 26 A.P.S.SURI Delhi CX (Adj) Mumbai-III Cus (P) 27 PREMANAND DAS Mumbai-III Cus (P) Joint CDR CESTAT Mumbai 28 W.L. HANGSHING Joint CDR CESTAT Mumbai Mumbai ST-II 29 KRISHAN K. SHARMA-II Mumbai ST-II Chandigarh-I CX (A) - 2 -

3 30 RAJIV BHATIA Chandigarh-I CX (A) Ludhiana CX 31 CHARANJIT SINGH Ludhiana CX Daman CX (A) 32 DEEPAK ARORA Daman CX (A) Daman CX 33 S.R. BARUAH Shillong Cus (P) Delhi-II CX (A) 34 PRASHANT KUMAR Delhi-II CX (A) Kolkata-V CX 35 JAI PRAKASH Kolkata-V CX West Bengal Cus (P) 36 P.K. GOEL West Bengal Cus (P) ADG DRI Kolkata 37 VASA SESHAGIRI RAO ADG DRI Kolkata Pune-II CX (A) 38 ARUSHA VASUDEVA Pune-II CX (A) Pune Cus 39 R. SEKAR Pune Cus Pune-III CX (A) 40 V.MANIVANAN Pune-III CX (A) Chennai Airport Cus (A) 41 M.V.S. CHAUDHARY On return from deputation Mangalore CX 42 M. AJITH KUMAR Mangalore CX Mumbai-III Cus A Import 43 RAJEEV TALWAR Mumbai-III Cus A Import CBEC Commissioner PAC 44 SANDEEP KUMAR CBEC Commissioner PAC CBEC Commissioner Cus & EP 45 P.S. PRUTHI CBEC Commissioner Cus & EP 46 GOUTAM BHATTACHARYA ADG NACEN COE Faridabad ADG NACEN Faridabad Delhi ST 47 R.D. NEGI Delhi ST Indore CX COE 48 VIMAL KISHORE VERMA Indore CX Trichy-I CX (A) - 3 -

4 49 S. SUBRAMANIAN Kolkata Cus Port Coimbatore CX 50 C. RAJENDRAN Coimbatore CX Tuticorin Cus (P) 51 AJAY DIXIT Tuticorin Cus (P) Lucknow Cus (P) 52 RAJIV KUMAR Lucknow Cus (P) Lucknow CX (A) 53 SHAILESH BEHARI MISHRA Lucknow CX (A) Allahabad CX (A) 54 C. DUBEY Allahabad CX (A) Meerut-I CX (A) 55 MADHU DAMODAR Aurangabad CX Pune-I CX 56 P. AYYAM PERUMAL Pune-I CX Chennai-I CX (A) 57 ARUN TANDON Chennai-I CX (A) ADG NACEN RTI Mumbai 58 AJESH KUMAR ADG NACEN RTI Mumbai Mumbai-I Cus (Export) 59 SUJIT K. SINHA Mumbai-I Cus (Export) ADG Vigilance Mumbai 60 C.S. PRASAD Raigad CX Mumbai-II Cus (Export) 61 S.K. SOLANKI Mumbai-II Cus (Export) Mumbai ST-I 62 B. RAVICHANDRAN Mumbai ST-I Mumbai-II Cus (Import) 63 MALA SRIVASTAVA Mumbai-II Cus (Import) Raigad CX 64 HARISH KUMAR THAKUR Chandigarh-I CX Chandigarh II CX (A) 65 A.K. MEHRA Chandigarh II CX (A) Delhi ST (Adj) 66 SATYENDRA JEET SINGH Delhi ST (Adj) Chandigarh-I CX 67 Y.D. BANGA Mumbai-II CX Zone-II CX Mumbai-III CX Zone-I CX - 4 -

5 68 SANJEEV BEHARI Mumbai-III CX TAR, Mumbai Zone-I CX 69 UMA SHANKAR TAR, Mumbai Mumbai-II CX Zone-II CX 70 S. KANNAN ADG Audit Chennai Chennai Port (Export) 71 SANJAY KUMAR Chennai Port (Export) Chennai Airport & A 72 R. PERIASAMI Chennai Airport & A Chennai ST 73 S.K. AGRAWAL On return from deputation Calicut CX 74 V.P.C. RAO Calicut CX Cochin CX (A) 75 VIJAY KALSI Cochin CX (A) Cochin Cus-House 76 CHAGAN LAL MAHAR Surat-I CX ADG CEI ZU Ahmedabad 77 PUSHP K. JAIN ADG CEI ZU Ahmedabad Ahmedabad-I CX (A) 78 C.M. CHANDOLIA Ahmedabad-I CX (A) Kolkata-IV CX 79 M.V.B.RAO Chennai-III CX Belgaum CX 80 DEVENDER SINGH Belgaum CX Ahmedabad-III CX (A) 81 K.C. GUPTA Ahmedabad-III CX (A) Mangalore CX (A) 82 C.P. RAO Salem CX Guntur CX 83 S. DHAKSHANAMOORTHY Guntur CX Salem CX 84 B.B. PRASAD Hyderabad-III CX ADG NACEN RTI Hyderabad 85 ASHOK ADG NACEN RTI Hyderabad Hyderabad-III CX 86 JAYANT MISRA Delhi Cus ICD ADG HRD Delhi - 5 -

6 87 M.S. ARORA ADG HRD Delhi Delhi Cus ICD 88 VINOD KUMAR SAXENA Haldia CX Meerut-I CX 89 MANMOHAN S. 'BAGHI' Meerut-I CX ADG HRD Expenditure Mgmt 90 S. RAMESH Nagpur CX (A) Nagpur CX 2. All the officers mentioned above must be relieved immediately, under intimation to the Board, to join their new place of postings. No representations whatsoever shall be entertained before the officers join at their new places of posting. 3. The Chief Commissioners / Directors General shall send compliance reports regarding relieving of the above officers to the Board ( with a copy endorsed to DG, HRD ) by All representations received regarding transfer and postings in the grade of Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise stand disposed of hereby. (R. Sanehwal) Directoe - 6 -