List of Screened Applicants for PhD Admission July, 2018 Department Of Information Technology Selection on July 21 st, 2018

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1 List of Screened Applicants for PhD Admission July, 2018 Department Of Information Technology Selection on July 21 st, 2018 Following are the candidates shortlisted for Programming Test & Personal Interaction for the Ph.D. Programme in the Department of Information Technology at IIIT-Allahabad. Sr No Application ID Name Bulla Rajesh Shiksha Singh Kanderp Narayan Mishra Shriram Gupta Sakshi Verma Sujit Kumar Himanshi Agrawal Ashutosh Kumar Shiv Shankar Dwivedi Manisha Pandey Ashish Kumar Garima Rai Utkarsh Tiwari Harshit Gupta Sunil Singh Rohit Yadav Priyanka Gautam Sandeep Kumar Rao Apurva Sarjana Jha Jha Bhaskar Anand Om Prakash Piyush Gupta Pankaj Kumar Pradeep P Vinay Kumar Dwivedi Kavya Gupta Priyanka Kumari Avideep Mukherjee Shobhit Kumar Jyoti Dua Amrendra Singh Yadav Asmita Dixit Aditya Singh Amritesh Kumar Saikat Bandopadhyay Himanshu Kumar Shukla

2 Pritee Pandey Radha Krishna Reddy Pallavali Parag Sachidanand Naik Rohit Kumar Govind Kumar Rahul Rabel Guharoy Prateek Singh Akshay Varshney Raj Kishore Singh Swapnil Singh Ankur Sharma Pankaj Kumar Komal K Devottam Gaurav Pankaj Kumar Akhilesh Kumar Tripathi Anshita Singh Dilip Kumar Rajesh Dwivedi Sujit Sangram Sahoo Nilmani Verma Garima Singh Nidhi Verma Himanshu Gauttam Vijayant Pawar Abdul Mazid Abhishek Kumar Mahesh Kumar M R Manisha Singh Mohammad Nafees Nitu Kumari Ashwin Namdeo Raut Dipesh Das Sanjeev Kumar Dwivedi Lalaram Arya Tinku Singh Govind Kumar Singh Anil Kumar Shubham Choudhary Jai Prakash Kushwaha Amit Chaudhary Atma Prakash Singh Alka Malik Ravi Devesh Abhishek Narwaria

3 Ayush Sinha Girish Chandra Ruchi Verma Om Prakash Singh Rahul Kumar Nitendra Singh Neeraj Yadav Akanksha Singh Utkarsh Sharma Anugrah Srivastava Abhishek Banka Akshat Gaurav Namrata Singh Shubham Singh Lal Man Rajeev Ranjan Kumar Tripathi Shiv Mangal Prasad Anupam Singh Mukesh Kumar Thomas Mathew Abhishek Kesarwani Veerendra Shrivastava Shanvendra Rai Shubhangi Chaturvedi Rahul Shukla Harsh Kishore Mishra Rakesh Meena The Written Test & Personal Interaction will be held on July 21th, 2018 Place of Reporting for Written Test & Personal Interaction Date: 21th July, 2018Time: AM-9.30 AM Room No. 5006, Computer Centre-3, Indian Institute of Information Technology Deoghat Jhalwa, Allahabad

4 Note: 1. The candidates are required to come prepared for a Programming (Written/practical) Test according to the syllabus given below. Thereafter the Personal Interaction process would be held based on the performance in the written test. Syllabus for Programming Test Introduction to Programming Introduction, Pseudocode, Operators, expressions and statements, if-else condition, for loop, while loop, do while loop, Jump statements, 1- d arrays, Strings, 2-d arrays, Pointers, arrays vs. pointers, Functions, Header files (math.h, time.h, custom headers), External functions, Pointers to pointers and pointers to functions, Bitwise operators, struct and union, Pre-processor directives and macros, I/O handling, Operator precedence vs. order of evaluation, Type casting, Integral promotions, Conversions (standard type and arithmetic), Dynamic memory allocation, Linked lists, Command line arguments, Standard libraries, Data Structures- Array, Stack, Queue & Trees. 2. Candidates are required to bring all documents in Original including the credentials claimed for in the application form which will be checked before the interview. The candidates need to bring all the required documents (Degree certificates, Marks Sheets, Caste Certificate, Fee receipt, Experience, Research publications etc.) in original with one set of self attested photocopies for submission at the time of interview (Mandatory) 3. The Ph. D. program of the institute is full time research work supported with Scholarship as per Govt. rules. Instructions: Failure to report at the stipulated place and time will result in cancellation of your candidature. The Institute will not pay any Fare/TA/DA/ etc for attending the said admission test. Non fulfillment of eligibility criteria shall lead to cancellation of candidature. All important information related to Ph.D. admissions will be posted on institute website and any personal communication may not be done. Candidates will be required to check their final selection on the institute website (

5 How to reach IIIT Allahabad The Allahabad City is well connected by Air, Rail and Road to nearby metros. Railway services to this city from all the mega cities of the country are excellent and quite comfortable. Train ROUTE, Nearest Railway Station to IIIT-Allahabad is Allahabad Junction (ALD). Allahabad is well connected by Mail/Superfast/ Express/ Passenger trains from New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gauhati, Puri, Lucknow, Kanpur and Varanasi. IIIT Allahabad, It is 10 km from the town center and 7 km from the main railway station which is situated at Devghat, Jhalwa, and Allahabad. On Arrival of Allahabad Junction, The Invited PhD entrance admission candidates must alight at the Allahabad Junction Station. There are two sides of Allahabad Junction Station. One called the Civil Lines Side (opening at Civil Lines) and the other called the City Side opening on the Chowk Side. All are required to move /come over to PLATFORM NO. 1 (Chowk Side) & hire a direct auto rickshaw for about Rs , depending upon day-night timings of your arrival.. ROAD ROUTE, By road it is well-connected with all places; the distance from Allahabad to Ayodhya is 167 km,chitrakoot 137 km, Agra 433 km, Ahmedabad 1207 km, Delhi 643 km, Bhopal 680 km, Mumbai 1444 km, Calcutta799 km, Hyderabad 1086 km, Jaipur 673 km, Jhansi 375 km, Lucknow 204 km, Madras 1790 km, Nagpur 618 km,patna 368 km, Thiruvananthapuram 2413 km, Udaipur 956 km, Varanasi 125 km, Khajuraho 294 km, Lumbini(Nepal) 406 the City is located in the heartland of the great Indian plains, the road density is quite high in these parts.national Highways 2 and 27 pass through Allahabad. The service of OLA Cabs is great in Allahabad; you can also book an OLA from Station to the campus. Keep in mind that you have to alight at Gate No.2 of the campus (Nearest to the CC3 block, where entrance test process will take place). Bus Services are available from Nehru Science Centre Campus of IIIT-A situated opposite the Hindu Hostel on the Kamla Nehru Road. AIR ROUTE The nearest airport is the Bamrauli (Allahabad) Airport which is 6 Kms. from the venue (IIITA) and 12 kms from Allahabad City and it is open for the domestic flights. The other nearest airports from Allahabad are Varanasi at a distance of 120 Km. and Lucknow at a distance of 200 Km. Allahabad is connected to most of the Metro cities in India, including New Delhi, the capital of India. Note: Please contact at this number (9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday) if you have any query OR on Shailendra Singh ( ).