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1 1 CURRICULUM VITAE Dr José Luis Bermúdez Professor of Philosophy Samuel Rhea Gammon Professor of Liberal Arts Texas A&M University Work address Department of Philosophy, Texas A&M University, College Station TX Citizenship British and Colombian Place of Birth Bogotá, Colombia US Residency Status Permanent resident * * * Areas of Specialisation Philosophy of Mind and Language; Cognitive Science; Decision Theory and Theory of Rationality Areas of Competence: History of Philosophy; Mathematical Logic Education : St. Paul s School, London (scholar) : B.A./M.A. (Hons.) in Philosophy, Cambridge University (King s College) : PhD The Unanswerability of the Sceptical Challenge, Cambridge University (King s College) Previous Appointments Associate Provost, Texas A&M University ( ) Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University ( ) Director, Center for Programs, Washington University in St Louis ( ) Director, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program, Washington University in St Louis ( ) Professor of Philosophy, Washington University in St Louis ( ) Interim Vice-Dean for Research, Faculty of Arts, University of Stirling (2003) Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of Stirling ( ) Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of Stirling ( ) Reader (equivalent: Associate Professor, promotion awarded for distinction in research), Department of Philosophy, University of Stirling ( ) Lecturer, (equivalent: Assistant Professor) Department of Philosophy, University of Stirling ( ) British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge ( ) Member, Interdisciplinary Research Project on Spatial Representation at King s College, Cambridge ( ) Visiting Appointments Visiting Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, Croatia (May, 2017). Delivered a 5-session graduate class on my book Understanding I by video link, due to scheduling conflicts. Visiting Conférencier, Institut Jean Nicod, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (April 2016). Delivered 3 public lectures on my in-progress book The Power of Frames: New Tools for Rational Thought Visiting Professor, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile (July 2008). Delivered two graduate short classes in the Philosophy MA program.

2 2 Visiting Professor, Department of Philosophy, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada (Spring semester 2002). Taught a graduate class and an undergraduate class. Visiting Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Bogotá, Colombia (August 2000). Delivered lectures in the PhD program Visiting Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Barcelona (April 2000). Delivered a short graduate class in the PhD program. Chargé de Recherche, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris (October 1998 to June1999). Delivered a graduate class in the DEA en Science Cognitives (masters level). Visiting Professor, Centro de Neurobiología, UNAM, Querétaro, Mexico (November-December 1998). Delivered lectures in the interdisciplinary neuroscience program. Citations According to Google Scholar I am in the top 100 most cited philosophers with nearly 5,000 citations and an h-index of 26. My books The Paradox of Self-Consciousness (MIT, 1998) and Thinking without Words (Oxford, 2003) have been cited nearly 900 and 700 times respectively Competitive awards and fellowships American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship (ACLS) the only philosopher to receive an award in this cycle National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend 2018 Arts and Humanities Research Board (UK) Research Leave Award, 2001 to support a semester free from teaching and service obligations Chargé de Recherche, CNRS, France, One year fully funded visiting research appointment that I took at the Centre de Recherche en Epistémologie Appliquée (CREA), at the Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. Visiting European Research Fellowship (Royal Society of Edinburgh), 1998 used to support a visit to CREA at the Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for Outstanding Early Career Scholars, (3 years of no-strings-attached funding awarded competitively across all humanities and some social sciences disciplines in the UK. I held mine at the University of Cambridge.) Grants $37,750 for Rationality and self-control from Philosophy and Psychology of Self-Control project at Florida State University, directed by Al Mele (2016) $23,100 from National Science Foundation to support an interdisciplinary collaborative workshop at the Center for Psychology and Cognitive Science at Tsinghua University, China, 2006 ~$25,000 Senior Grant from McDonnell Project for Philosophy and the Neurosciences ( ) Royal Society of Edinburgh European Visiting Research Fellowship (~$6,500, 1998) Carnegie Trust Major Research Grant (~$8,000, 1997) Editorships Editor, New Problems in Philosophy book series, published by Routledge Editor, International Library of Philosophy book series, published by Routledge ( ) Scientific Editor, Macmillan Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science ( ) Member of Advisory Board, Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences Member of Advisory Board, Philosophical Compass Member of Advisory Board, Philosophical Inquiries Member of Advisory Board, Ideas y Valores Honors and boards Honorary member, Sociedad Colombiana de Filosofía (elected 2003) Honorary member, Scots Philosophical Club (elected 2006)

3 3 Senior Member, McDonnell Project in Philosophy and the Neurosciences, SFU, Canada ( ) Member, High-Level Expert Group advising European Union Directorate of Research on What it means to be human (January June 2005) Member, NINDS Special Emphasis Panel, Specialized Neuroscience Research (March 2013) Executive Committee and Board of Directors, Institute for Nautical Archeology ( ) Board of Directors, Private Enterprise Research Center ( ) Board of Directors, Center for Study of First Americans ( ) Languages French (fluent), Spanish (conversational), Ancient Greek (reading) PUBLICATIONS Authored Books J. L. Bermúdez, The Power of Frames: New Tools for Rational Thought. In preparation for Cambridge University Press J. L. Bermúdez, The Bodily Self: Selected Essays (MIT Press, 2018) J. L. Bermúdez, Understanding I : Language and Thought (Oxford UP, 2017) J. L. Bermúdez, Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Science of the Mind (Cambridge UP, June 2010). Second edition published in February Third edition in preparation. J. L. Bermúdez, Decision Theory and Rationality (Oxford UP, Paperback 2011) J. L. Bermúdez, Philosophy of Psychology: A Contemporary Introduction (Routledge, Hardback and Paperback) J. L. Bermúdez, Thinking without Words (Oxford UP Paperback 2007) J. L. Bermúdez, The Paradox of Self-Consciousness (MIT Press Representation and Mind series Paperback Portuguese translation 2001) Edited Books J. L. Bermúdez (ed.), Self-Control, Decision Theory, and Rationality. In production at Cambridge University Press (Publication date: January 2019). J. L. Bermúdez and B. N. Towl (ed.), Philosophy of Psychology: Critical Concepts (4 Vols. Routledge, 2013) J. L. Bermúdez (ed.), Philosophy of Psychology: Contemporary Readings (Routledge, 2006) J. L. Bermúdez (ed.), Thought, Language, and Experience: Themes from the Philosophy of Gareth Evans (Oxford UP, 2005) J. L. Bermúdez and A. Millar (eds.), Reason and Nature: Essays in the Theory of Rationality (Oxford UP, 2002) J. L. Bermúdez and S. Gardner (eds.), Art and Morality (Routledge, Paperback 2006) J. L. Bermudez, A. J. Marcel and N. Eilan (eds.) The Body and the Self (MIT Press, Paperback 1998) Published reviews of my books Reviews of Understanding I H. Cappelen and J. Dever, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, (11/21/2017), online D. Grcki, Croatian Journal of Philosophy 17 (2017), Reviews of Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Science of the Mind A. F. Beavers, Philosophical Psychology 26 (2013), J. Walsmley, Teorema: Revista Internacional de Filosofía 30 (2011), S. Arango Muñoz, Metapsychology Online Reviews 15 (2011), online Reviews of Decision Theory and Rationality

4 4 M. Kotzen, Philosophical Books 51 (2010), L. Buchak, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, (9/13/2009), online A-M. A. Eder, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 24 (2010, ) P. Weirich, Ethics 119 (2009), G. Pitz, PsychCRITIQUES 54 (2009), online I. Douven, Economics and Philosophy 27 (2011), K. Steele, Metascience 19 (2010), Reviews of Philosophy of Psychology: A Contemporary Introduction K. Lawlor, Philosophical Books 48 (2007), J. Luo, Mind and Machines 18 (2008), R. de Blaiquiere-Thomson, Metapsychology 10 (2006), online Reviews of Thought, Reference, and Experience: Themes from the Philosophy of Gareth Evans M. De Gaynesford, Mind 117 (2008), D. Smith, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (5/13/2006), online Reviews of Reason and Nature E. J. Olsson, Philosophical Quarterly 55 (2005), S. Crawford, Philosophical Books 45 (2004), T. Stewart, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2003), online Reviews of Thinking without Words J. Fodor, London Review of Books (9 th October, 2003) S. Butterfill, Mind, 113 (2004), P. Lyyra, Psyche 11 (2005), online journal E. Rozik, The European Legacy (2004), A. Miller, Philosophical Books 46 (2005), R. Meeks, Philosophical Psychology 18 (2005), D. Perler, Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung 59 (2005), P. Carruthers, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 55 (2005), Reviews of Art and Morality A. Giovanelli, Mind 114 (2005), B. Cooke, Philosophical Quarterly 56 (2006), D. Knight, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 63 (2005), R. Berrios, Journal of Value Inquiry 38 (2004), E. Benitez, Literature and Aesthetics 14 (2004), K. Thomson, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 82 (2004), D. Carr, Philosophical Books 47 (2006, A. Mullin, Notre Dame Philosophical Review ( ), online E. W. Maine, Essays in Philosophy 6 (2005), 1-2 Reviews of Paradox of Self-Consciousness P. Carruthers, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 50 (1999), T. Kenyon, Psyche 6 (2000), online S. Gallagher, Journal of Consciousness Studies 7 (2000), K. Bach, Philosophical Psychology 12 (1999), G. Butterworth, Human Development 42 (1999), R. Kirk, Philosophical Quarterly 50 (1999), N. Manson, Mind 109 (2000), P. C. Vitz, Review of Metaphysics 54 (2000, A. Morton, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 53 (2001),

5 5 M. Slors, European Journal of Philosophy 9 (2001), T. Crane, Philosophical Review 109 (2000), J. Levine, Mind and Language 16 (2001), S. Ashford, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 79 (2001), D. Meyer-Dingrafe, European Legacy 6 (2001), 411 R. D. Ellis, Journal of Phenomenological Psychology 31 (2000), I. Brinck, Theoria: A Swedish Journal of Philosophy 66 (2000), N. P. Power, Minds and Machines 11 (2001), A. Brook, Metapsychology 4 (2000), online Reviews of The Body and the Self M. De Gaynesford, Ratio 10 (1997), A. Hamilton, Philosophical Books 38 (1997), M. L. Johnson, Philosophical Psychology 9 (1996), S. Ashford, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 75 (1997), L. Yardley, British Journal of Psychology 88 (1997), R. Arnheim, Leonardo 30 (1997), Journal Guest Editorships (by invitation) J. L. Bermúdez (guest editor), Self-Consciousness. Special issue of The Monist (April 2004) J. L. Bermudez and M. E. Elton (guest editors), Personal and Subpersonal: Essays on Psychological Explanation. Special issue of Philosophical Explorations (Jan. 2000) Academic Journal Articles (refereed) Bodily ownership, psychological ownership, and psychopathology, forthcoming in a special issue of the Review of Philosophy and Psychology on Disorders of Self-Awareness. Published online at First person awareness of agency, Teorema 37 (2018). In proof. Yes, essential indexicals really are essential, Analysis 77 (2017), Self-deception and selectivity: Reply to Jurjako, Croatian Journal of Philosophy 49 (2017), Strategic vs. parametric choice in Newcomb s problem and the prisoner s dilemma: Reply to Walker, Philosophia 43 (2015), Mental causation and exclusion: Why the difference-making account of causation is no help (with Arnon Cahen), Humana Mente 21 (2015), Selves, bodies, and reference, Journal of Consciousness Studies 22 (2015), Risk, uncertainty, and super-risk (with Michael Pardo), Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics, and Public Policy 29 (2015), Bodily ownership, bodily awareness, and knowledge without observation, Analysis 75 (January 2015), Prisoner s dilemma and Newcomb s problem: Why Lewis s argument fails, Analysis (2013), Immunity to error through misidentification and past-tense memory judgments, Analysis (2013), Memory judgments and immunity to error through misidentification, Grazer Philosophische Studien (2012), The force-field puzzle and mindreading in nonhuman primates, Review of Philosophy and Psychology (2011), Action and awareness of agency: Comments on Chris Frith, Pragmatics and Cognition (September 2010), Pitfalls for realistic decision theory: An illustration from sequential choice, Synthese (2010), Two arguments for the language dependence of conceptual thought, Grazer Philosophische Studien (2010), Music, isomorphism, and metaphor, The Modern Schoolman 86 (March/May 2009),

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12 12 Fully online Introduction to Logic (PHIL 240), Spring 2018, Summer Seventeenth Century Philosophy (PHIL 412) Fall 2016 Introduction to Logic (PHIL 240) Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017 Puzzles and Paradoxes (Freshman Critical Thinking Seminar) Fall 2011 and Fall 2013 Graduate courses Reasons and Rationality (PHIL 663), Spring 2017 Undergraduate & graduate Courses taught at Washington University Mathematical Logic 2 (Phil 402), Spring 2008, Spring 2010 Mathematical Logic 1 (Phil 401), Fall 2007, Fall 2009 Introduction to Cognitive Science (PNP 200). Spring 2009, Fall 2009 From Descartes to Hume (PHIL 349), Spring 2007 Philosophy of Psychology (PHIL 419), Fall 2003, Spring 2006 Philosophy of Mind Seminar: Self-Knowledge (PHIL 515), Spring 2004, Spring 2005 Advanced Metaphysics (PHIL 4142), Spring 2004 Proseminar (PHIL 502), Fall 2004 Philosophy of Mind (PHIL 315), Fall 2004, Fall 2005, Fall 2006, Fall 2007 Current Controversies in Cognitive Science (PHIL 418), Fall 2005 Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Language (PHIL 4601), Fall 2006 Cognition and Computation (PNP 4332), Spring 2007 Regular courses taught at Stirling Minds, Bodies and Behaviour (3rd semester core course: unit coordinator) Rationalism and Empiricism (5th semester core course) Honours Seminar (6th and 8th semester core course: unit co-cordinator) Seventeenth Century Rationalism (5th and 7th semester advanced option: unit coordinator) Metaphysics (6th and 8th semester advanced option; unit coordinator) Aesthetics (5th and 7th semester advanced option) Graduate teaching on Stirling-St Andrews Joint Programme Perception (taught option: unit coordinator) MLitt dissertation supervision PhD supervision Graduate student supervision Fiona Macpherson (dissertation advisor at Stirling, graduated 2003) is now Professor of Philosophy at the University of Glasgow, where she is Director of the Center for the Study of Perceptual Experience and Director of Research in the School of Humanities. Her many academic achievements include serving as a Kennedy Scholar at Harvard and a Rosamund Chambers Research Fellow at Girton College, Cambridge. She is a member of the governing council of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council and was appointed by the UK Prime Minister as a trustee of the Kennedy Memorial Trust. Luca Malatesti (dissertation advisor then committee member (after I left Stirling), graduated 2004) is currently Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Rijeka, Croatia (a PhDgranting department). His publications include Responsibility and Psychopathy: Interfacing Law, Psychiatry, and Philosophy (with John Macmillan, Oxford University Press, 2010) Jeffrey Karpicke (committee member, graduate 2007) is currently James V. Bradley Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University. Arnon Cahen (dissertation advisor, graduated 2010) has held a number of prestigious postdoctoral positions: a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship under Dr. Hilla Jacobson at the Kreitman School of Advanced Studies at Ben-Gurion University, a 1-year fellowship under Dr. Jonathan Berg at Haifa

13 13 University and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Open University of Israel, in addition to a full-time position as a lecturer in the department of Brain and Cognitive Science at Ben-Gurion University. Sarah Robins (committee member, graduated 2011) is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Kansas, where she is also affiliated to the PhD program in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. She was Assistant Professor in philosophy at UT El Paso in Santiago Amaya (dissertation coadvisor, graduated 2012) is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia, the leading private research university in Colombia. His department is a PhD-granting department. Visiting examining MPhil in Philosophy of Cognitive Science, University of Sussex ( ) Member of PhD review committee, University of St Andrews DPhil external examiner, University of Oxford (January 2000) Phd external examiner, University of Durham (April 2001) Invited Teaching Abroad Invited Conférencier, Institut Jean Nicod, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (3 lectures, April 2016) Invited Professor, European Summer School on Social Cognition. Alghero, Sardinia (September 2009) Invited Professor (4 classes), First European Graduate School on Mind, Science, and Language, Bochum, Germany (November 2008) 20-hour course in the Center for Cognitive Studies, University of Chile Visiting professor, Simon Fraser University, Canada (Spring semester 2002): Philosophy of Psychology and Thinking without Words Invited course at University of Bogotá (August 2000): El Lenguaje sin pesamiento Invited course at University of Barcelona (April 2000): El Lenguaje sin pesamiento 10 hour postgraduate course for DEA en Sciences Cognitives (jointly organised by École Polytechnique, École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and Paris VI), taught and examined in French (January - February 1999) LEADERSHIP POSITIONS AND ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE Texas A&M University Associate Provost for Strategic Planning ( ) Dean, College of Liberal Arts ( ) Chair, Leadership Steering Committee, PwC Comprehensive Administrative Review of Texas A&M University Chair, Program Review of Texas A&M University Press (2011) Chair, Search Committee for Dean, College of Education ( ) Chair, Liberal Arts Council, Texas A&M ( ) Chair, Executive Council, College of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M ( ) Lead Dean, Cross-college Initiative on Strengthening Democracy ( ) Lead Dean, Council of Participating Deans, TAMU Digital Humanities Initiative ( ) Member, Texas A&M at Qatar Joint Advisory Board ( ) Member, Council of Deans ( ) Member, Strategic Budgeting Council ( ) Member, Task Force reviewing Compliance across Texas A&M Member, Task Force reviewing processes for Capital and Construction Projects Member, Capital Campaign Priorities working group ( ) Member, Council for the Built Environment ( ) Member, Search committee for Dean of Faculties (2012) Member, Search committee for Vice President for Research ( )

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15 15 Adviser of Studies Research project administration (Stirling) Director, Consciousness in the Natural World Project ( ) Organizer, Conference on Epistemology and Naturalism (Stirling, April 1997) Organizer, Conference on Rationality and Naturalism (May 1998) Organizer, Workshop on Colour Perception and Psychophysics (November 1999) Organizer, Workshop on Self-Deception (February 2000) PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Member, Special Emphasis Panel, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (Washington D.C. April 2013) Invited participant, NSF Higher Education R & D workshop (June 2012) Organizer, US-China Joint Workshop on Memory and Language: Interdisciplinary Perspectives [NSF Funded] (Beijing, China: July 2007) Member of Program Committee, Cognitive Science Society Conference, 2005 Member of Steering Committee, Research Project on Abstraction (CNRS, France, ) Member of Program Committee, Third International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context, Dundee, 2001, 2003, 2005 Member of Program Committee, International Conference on Cognitive Science, Consciousness and Art, Brussels, May 1999 Reviewing for the following journals: Behavioral and Brain Sciences Consciousness and Cognition British Journal of Aesthetics Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Mind and Language Canadian Journal of Philosophy Philosophical Quarterly Journal of Consciousness Studies British Journal of Psychology Australasian Journal of Philosophy Mind Erkenntnis Journal of Philosophy European Journal of Philosophy Philosophical Studies Pacific Philosophical Quarterly Philosophia: The Philosophical Quarterly of Israel Manuscript reviewing for Erlbaum, Macmillan, Blackwell, Routledge, MIT, CUP and OUP Evaluation of research proposals for European Science Foundation Austrian Science Fund Canadian Social Science Research Council Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft European Research Foundation Swiss National Science Foundation Polish National Science Foundation German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Leverhulme Trust (UK)

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