Complete News Coverage of All the Pointes GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN, DECEMBER 30, 1948

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1 99 Kercheval TV. 2.89<Xl Grosse 'Pointe Complete News Coverage of All the Pointes ew.s Delivered Each Thursday With Your Morning Mail VOLUME 9-NO. 53 Entered ao Second Class Mattec al he Post OWee at Detroll Mlch GROSSE PONTE MCHGAN DECEMBER Per Copy '200 j'er Year Fully Paid Circulation r -':.'.' EADLNES 01 tbe \VEEK As Compiled by tb Grosse Pointe "CUll Thursday Dec. 23 THE UNTED STATES cuts ot relief to the Dull:h East ndies as its protest against the aggressive move of the Netherlands government against the ndonesians.. relief will be con-. tinued for the time being to the mother country.. ". A JURY OF TEN MEN AND TWO WOMEN after only 58 minutes' dcliberation find Wilbur F. Held fontcr Macomb County Proseculor guilty of accepting a bribe and of conspiring to obstruct justice nnd violnting the state gambling law... Friday. Dec. 24 THE RT. REV. FRANK W. CREGHTON retired Episcopal bishop of Michigan died last night in a Wnshington hospitnl which he entered on Tuesdy He was 69 yenrs old ". " TWO MEN ARE ARRESTED charged by the police with being the brains in the hitherto undis- closed theft of $45000 worth of ball bearings from the Ford Motor Company's Mound rond plant in Macomi:J county. " " " Saturday Dec. 25 THE DUTCH SNUB the Java. truce appeal of the United Nations. prosecute their rapid conquest of the ndonesian strong holds in th"! island GOVERNOR-ELECT G. MEN- NEN WLLAMS ha. announced three key appointments of his incoming administration: Banking Commissioner-rv[aurice Eveland of llaryville; Unemployment Compensation Commissioner-A Kempton Williams of Detroit'; and Liquor Commissioner Tl.. l A. Kozaren.. " THE UNTED STATES cle<lrs Duggan of spying charge... Clark and Mundt sny the case is closed. FB records show lo Red tics Sunday. Dee 28.:n"J;lPXCH ignoring the orders of the United Nations are sweeping through J:wa without majm' opposition... opposition of the ndonesians according to an announcement from the Dutch army headquarters has degenerated into only sporadic opposition hy wandering guerilla bands. " " ". Uomlay. December 27 FORMER SECRETARY 0 F ST ATE SUMNER WELLS was found in a semi-conscious condition near his est<lte in Maryland.. believed overcome by heart attack and lay many hours in the snow... in critical condition ".. HOLY LAND FGHTNG intensifies. Arab planes bomb Tel Aviv <lrea ". Tuesd<lY nec. :?ll GAR WOOD..ay he is not going to defend the Harl11worth trophy.. ay Mi" America X \\ras hi last raccl.. of Delroit. THE HOLDA Y DEATH TOLL acloss the United States is set at 375 ". THE USS CARmER SAPAN is damngd in hu(kin!l high seas in 11('1 rush to C:lf'enland to r('scue maroened flyel on ice cnp llnd!h"!-:: proc('ed 't rcduced speed -Picture bfred RunneHs The Board of Trustees of Cottage Hospital gave a yule party for the nurses and 111embers of the staff in the Nurses' Residence in Ridge road on (he night of December 21. Santa Claus distributed gifls for all. MS Eugene du Pont was chairman of the committee which made the arrangemeilts Mrs Burdette E. Ford is chairman of the executive committee of the Board of Trustees Other tru stees who helped with th party included Mrs. Arthur H Buhl Jr. Mrs. William M. Joy Mrs. Ledyar\1 Mitchell Jr. Mrs. John N Lord Mrs. James McMillan Mrs. Alexander Wiener and Mrs. H. Hunter Williams. Scoreboard Also Serves "As Memorial Top Billing Given War Memorial n Headlines of 1948 <l -- Move Started By To)vnship To End Fi!rht L...J Petitions Being Prepared to Demand Special Election Summary of Outstanding Events of Last Year in Community i Prepared from Files of Grosse Pointe Newsj The move which has already gained considerable 53 ssues Published headway to have the four As has been the custom for many years past h" Grosse Gro p'. ' h' h' P. t N 'tl h b.'.. '-! sse ome V ages w e: - om e ews runs annua y \":1 1 t e egnlog of each New " Year a summary of the most mportant or mteresiing events. no\\ Costltllte Grosse Pomte!is rec.orded. in the files?f each pa[jcr ohronologically under t\:'nslljp take out charters as.ts puohcahon date. ThS summary wll! be found a fai thful CteS and so automatically record of he more important events of the past year that; withdraw from the township happened n the Powte has had an unexpected reper. JANUARY -Pointes studying 13 " t 1 cu-sian proposal of Michigan Bell Tele- mp lea ec " ". pjjone company to install New ' Pelttlons are already n prep- Police Radio n HOl l rlup of arntion for circ.ulation throgh. " l' out the five Pomte cornmumhel JANUARY 8-Mnny loal resi- Ph ell H which will be addressed to the dents are akjng an nctlve part 1 OS Olne County Board of Supervisors ask. n the mol e to boost?eneal ing for n speci(ll election at some Else'!ho."er for the PresJdentwl ---. enlly date to be named by the o:nmatjon. : ' the film of U of Three men mplcated 10 the County Boar at which the elec glllt 1'lctory m the Rose armed robbery at the Alex tors throughout the Pointe. Bowl \\ ii be sho\\ n nt Pierce '' 'would vote for or again.t the School on Jnnuary 19 sell out P 11 os residence on Nottmg- t. f ' ' ".. erec lon 0 a sing ' city m pace on ltckets. ham on December 17 are def- of the live separate municipali. v 1- \" d initely known and one is al- tics which now exist. JANUAR.;)- 00 s reverses. zoning" edict... Vernier road now ready in the county jail await- To Be J.'rcscnted Jan. 28 closed to terraces Civic lead. ing trial. ThiS pelltlon Will be presented.. :. to the County Board of Super. els form ptans to Jnure success The one already caught S Don- visors on Friday January 28 of TB x-ray dnve next month. ad Cameron nged 33 of 2714 The petitions' calling for' the! Holcomb Detroit. At hi; hear- vote 011 consolidation must be JANUARY 22-Cnthrrine Leon- ing beforc' Judge C. Joseph Bel. signed only by qualified electors ard. a nurse at Bon Secours Hos- anger on Dece_mLer 2 he was and' in the aggrgate must e'-lual pital was struck and killed by held under $2;)000 bntl and re- in each municipality one percent an automobile at the cornel' of manded to j<lil to wait trial. The of the population according to Cadieux and Jefferson at 7:20 other two are Sammy Leveigne the last preceding U. S Census o'clock in the morning of Jan- and Hubert Williams both of De- \taking it back to the census of uary 20.. Mrs. Harold R. Boyer trait. All of thcm have poliee is named by Life Magazine as records. No Kidnapping one of the ten best dressed The police departments all!hc filing of qualified legal pc- Old Questl"on of Lakefront Black Xmas women in U. S. through the middle west have hhons makes an eleetlon n:'anda. " been notified and the FB is also tory. but the law does not m any Property Assessments _ Agal" n Keeps Smoke JANUARY 29-The free x-ra on their trail t is expected bysense per:tit he kidnappin& of t\.. examination for TB starl in the the Pnrk police both will be any mumclpallty. - Pointe at the Park on February picked up 50<>0. Each o?e of the Jle P0U1:l4t R "" M ked Att. t" E t B 10 and continues at various 10ca eommumtjes vou!d decde for tecelvlng ar en on a ers. usy tions in the Pointe until Mareh'13. Sk t T" U self whether 1t Wshed o becm. on ssue a ers e p a part of the proposed Single cty. in Ownership-o-f-S-o-m-e-M-ansions /lnd Move to U F' d F' d /' FEBRUARY 5-War Memorial C't' Ph The present debts of the Pointe nseasona!e res an plans are.shifted. ". would Y s ones municipalities would not present Neighborhood Club Uses Change Fund Set Up to Honor Change Villages to Cities Contribute Number of Small Blazes build new Hbrar v on Kercheval any important bnrrier to consoli- Charles Edwards To '>enewed nterest J Y 'b dation as these would be handled F\ Reported in Farms at Fisher... diplomas are given oungsters attemptmg to 0 - by the creation of special assess- to 130 High School students at lain ncws abort skating condi- t. d'. t t. 'th Several weeks ago the News The question of obtaining lower assessments on the man- 'd 't t' h '. th men strlc s co ermmous W \Vhile many sections of the ml -wm er cmecemen tlons we!leen ttemg up e the old boundaries. which would Sports Page carried a plea for sian type properties which line the la k efront in Grosse Pointe fire police nnd office phones of plovide for the gradual iquidaan electric basketball' score- is receiving renewed attention by the local village author- country were enjoying a tra-j FEBRUARY 12-The G ' 0 sse the City of Grosse Pointe. tion of the old and present debt. board for the Neighborhood Hies New owners have taken over some of these properties ditional white Chrislmas Pointe Board of Education at a City Clerk Norbert Neff has prior to consolidation. Purely 10- Club. and are asking for a reduction of their assessments. Grosse Pointe Farms was hav. Fmeebertuinagl.on4 a'dvoepdtneedsdtah)e' renciogmht: announced that skating informa- ca! improvements such as sew. Th b d h b Th t ' l' l k J tion may be obtained directly ers paving etc" would continull. e score oar as een e owns llp w 11e1 ma es' ing a rash of field fires some- mendation b.v the Grosse Pointe lhrough the pier phone Na"arn t b d f b 10 esrerected and is now in oper- the nssessment upon which the been that inasmuch as a ccrtain H R A "' f th b 0 e care or y ca ass thing that generally occurs onor 0 ssoclatlon or e 9726 nnd requests that the ooys ments as at present. alion" schoo!. colmty township and gen- volume of taxes must he forth- only in dry spring or fall erectlon of a War Memollal L- and girls call this number Single Jurisdiction No it wasn't a businessman eral taxes nle levied has been coming from the. Pointe anyway tn brary to be locnted on school pro- The fire and police phones t would however bring under or organization that provided undel constant pressure for sev- if the taxes -are reduced on any We :ms firemen were c<llled perty at the southeast corner of were so husy over the weekend a' single municipal iurisdiction 't era yenrs past to reduce the '. 1 t out on December 26 to battle a Kercheval avenue and Flser with skating calls that it would such governmental agencies al 't was purchased from a fund assessment all this type of pro- part;l ar yp o.f prop(;)' t1y field fire at 331 Moross road road P" Park provides lor have been difficult for <lnyone police and fire protection public' the Neighborhood Club had ac. pel lies '' wou aye to ' ncrease on e They fought <lnother one on Dec. afe swlmmmg. for next year by needing hclp to get an emergency health and all of the usual funccumulated since last August from Subject To Litigation other properties This has mennt 27 <t Williams and Ridge'Uont.?rdertng umpmg and chlolnt- call through quickly. tions of municipal government. money sent in by friends of Mrs t was the subject of litigation that if the taxes were reduced on Again on December 28 the mg machinery for use n lis The township would of course George Bethune Duffield of 93. CalTled on fo' two or three years lakefront property they would help of the department was cement-encloed. po). Woman n]"ured automatically cease to exist ":ith Merriweather on bchnlf of the owners of the have io be incre<lsed on proder. ' needed when a blazc swept por- FE B R U A R Y homes the format!on of the overall city. Last August Mrs. Duffield's propertles. The township won t' ff th k f t ' tions of the Richnrd School play- were built in Grosse Pointe dur- When H't by Car Cad Schwcikart the supervs. son Charles Edwards was acci- out but since then it has been 'S a ' a e ron ground or of Grosse Pomte TovrtlshlP dentally shot and killed on the moved to make some concession Recently however the insist- Rubbish Fire Spreads ing the mobile x-ray -- and at present also the Chairman West Coast. Mrs Duffield sug- and a 1iWe relief has come to the ence of some owners of nkefront ' The carotal"er at 51 James unit is doing a land oltice busj. Neoma Wictersen who lives of the County Board of Supervls. t th th d t b K ness in its TB examinations in 'th th R. t ' d f '1 d r lth a"'o gested to her friends that instead owncrs of thc'se properties. proper Y at ey snou no c! Lutheran Church's new building the Pointe W e ouer er egen ami y ors ec arc s(;vera mon s <> of sending flowers they send the The township assessment is in assesse? for rt1or than H":' plld i in l1ci\lilan lvenue was burning at 60 Kenwood rond was injured r he favorcd the creation of a sin money to the Neighborhood Club effect the basic assessment for for their properties.s hlvtng ts ruhbih nnd the wind spread the FE8RUAR"" 26-F'ornler Gov- when she was struck by a car on gle city to suppbnt thg township t b d thl t. f th t tl l. d. e/fect One case n pamt JS.. Grosse Pointe houlevnrd at 7:45: with its separate villages and th. o e llse to purc lase a e C a 0 e xes 1a arc evle m... f1amcs into the adjoining play ernor Wilber Brucker will de. equipment in memoly of her son the Pointe innsllluch as its ass('ss- where a party rccently ho.ugh_t n ''are' p m. on Del' 1. City of Grosse Pointc which di. f h h h < The Neighborhood Club had. mcnt 0 " liver the ke"note address on '\.ol'c"d llself from t'ne township i nc:cpteci as the has is for property or w C e pal(.;) -' Tl. ft' J She had just stepped off a bus i... t 000 h' h'. 't ld' us Jle was scarce y ex tn- March 4 opening he drive for and \\"ao clossing the!:lulevard and launched nut for :15' f as a thought of purchllsing a flag pole. \'il a!(e nnc city axes am w C s carnes SO guished when another call came funds for the new Memorial i- ' but chan ge 'ts nl'nd fie tll "' ' P assc"'ment of $ G \"hen the "CC'''nt occarred The city mnny yc"rs ago C a ' "omeone "list ay.. ' from Lewislon rod and rosse brary. Senator Robert A Taft y n. News story wns published 'fhe 10wnship's position has Would Be Unfair Pointe botllevnrd <t t p. m of Ohio visits the Pointe in his car wllich struck her was drll'cn Brings ssue to Head _.' The township authoritics have n addition to the field fires a campaign for the Republican by l-'rank Wellington Coolidge of i The move of the township mmntnmed that these new llly(r.; nnllel" of snwlj ('sic!ence blazes i nomination for tle Presidency. " 1127 Kensington road. Grosse: hoard bnngs 111tOc1enl relief the Farms Allows Dl "SCUSS Ro.ZO1"ng 1 Pointc Park i i;tle of whctlter /)r nll Grosse S " L k '- A have' pllrc laser t )('11' P nce;; wtt wre bnttled by the Fnnn fire- bnndit gets $OD n Vlldup at katng on a e F Al ' full knowledge of ts asse5t.d men during the holiday week. i G.P. Drug store The Farms polke repol" says oinle shall dra... togetlwr as a or ger ijouse valup: a!ld t would. be an nfnlr i noes 5500 nam:tgc! " " r Coolidl(e' car stopped' 1St: smgle munclpali'j' or pmc.eed to Gros.<;e Pointe Farms has an- dlscr"mnnt1on agamst the ol.d i There was a small fire in the MARCH 4-G r 0 s 5 e Poi n t e feet bcvonrl the point where he go ts WllY as a col1e<'tlon 01 small b t t'h "\ t k ngdlv separated elt:e. nounced thcrc i skating the A spn'ial l1\('etin of tlw Board owners to pern'lt t\ese argnln. fin'place wnll of the home at 253 Township will cut tax assess- ruc. c w()man S 11' was a en 'Th'" " h" b' new rink on Chnlfonte nnd nt of Tnltel'S of the Farm was held hunters to tep 111 and bcneflt hy 'Hic\geT\19nt on Dcccmber 22'1 ments on lakefront properly to Cottage Hospital suifering. S que<don as on. ten the village hcnch pml<:. on DeCl'lll!Jel 2!l nt the c<lll of a mw.1 l sse. f <sment w()l bel)\\ tl f )'1t 'Dnn1.1ge was estimatcd at $500. despite its recent victory in rom a broken right leg anr\ head rili';<;ale;lrg Rising tempcrnt\lre immediately Preiclent.J"ml' K. W"tkin to whh'h t 1e ormer OWH'rs paid or.. The 'dc'partm('nt visited the courts... GP Rotnry Club col- n)urles.. out into lhe open as a crmclte after Christmns kept the \'ilage elctermin(' tiwir readion to i pro" yenrs. Lit tie Club CotlilgC behind Me- leets.i'ge amount of clothing (1)1' 1111.Cooldge was ch"rged Wth islle. from re-floocling the Chn1fonte po;ll to i11h'nd the villge 7.oning There <lre two chool of mnrial Church twice within two sufferers in Hollanel. no! having his C1r t:::<!er control. There are doubtk;5 many MRS. ELLOTT HOOSEVELT rink ilnd the.<;lll'face is not s orrlinnn('e so as to permit the thought dcvelopinr: on thi as;;('" ' c\\'<.a loaf fire did SOO clamagc ". He was releascd pending further strong nnd valiel arguments on (Faye Emerson) wife of FDn:s smooth now as the n:':lcalil1n: laking over of Algl'r House by m('nt isue One group ackno\\'.: on'decemher 26 aftel' the boys in ""'Hen 1-n the Spring vil- ves:i!l<lti?nand the outcome of bnth side of the CJlestien and second son. slashed h('r wrist with committee wnnts it tn he the township for a mc'morinl and lerlges thilt it ilppears unfair to: hh(' hacl been thel'(' til<' night (Continued on PaRe 2) tne \'ctm s tn)\lr1cs thee wtll be aclvanred as the a ra7.0r and spends a night in a As soon ns the w('athcr tllrns community cc'nt('r. lll)'ers to comp('1 thcm 10 Pll).'! hdore 10 put nllt a hl"zc strrtec! move which h.1" hl'('n ina'.lgurat. Poughke('p;;f' hospital.. fnmily cold enol!lh to insure fnst frec'- The n:llts of thc llh'etin.(( taxe. on il valuation fnr h('.\.ond hv a faulty e1crlrir blank(.t in' H Z"d F F jj111 i cd by the town:i\lp prn;rcsses ays "pulely nn accidr:nt. Tltl're ing tilt'! floodinp; will be undcr- Wf'l'C not ml)wn in lil11e to nn- he purchase price of lhc'ir pro- th" ilp<lrt1;lent of the Charles' 0 lays fly rol1t rerry i Will lake Choice is nothing to it." tllkc'n nounce in this islle pertlc;; Another g1'l111p 11slSls Palms 1r.. Cnncreteh' the issue preented hc'y hnugljt these place with: Another SOO fire \\'ils ('xtin- F 0 F -Z " Fu".n 1 s' means wh0ther all "f Gross. Wednesday. necl'mher 29 d off El their ('es open anc!. could not. gllishecl in the home of J. D. Me- or ne ([11t1 y zn r. POinte shl h' it sind" mlmic. TTO BRf:AKS ALL 'fradtng n 1 erent ectors repllce lhem lndny al a pl'lce C:rae t 252 lorjn r()ac! on Dec... ipality with \ of [t.;; con'moll t 0 S' will be remcmbercd fo r urn ' oune 1(' a na e acn('s 0;'. \\.' "r Tn:s with Russa.. has cut off ' \\(11 ljoyond 11Hi. prc;;cnt "::C'S.'> 25 'The Christmas holiday nf that night when \1:'. Morrison functon" rc"rr1ater. b;' jg d('sig. all evports to Eastern Europe and B" St" k F R.]\'nl. t seems 10 be 11 ('n"" of t cd H f t1 p ce t d. h th n.t '. rakc:;er n(po:iv; elng rlc en ron :: :::/'i"d :n t'111po- Police Deliver long time by the family of J:tmcs ran.mked and mw' \'11uahle 10 aflhm :l:or' 1:ctJy than ever " Morrison of 66 Hall platt'. il('ms stolen to its g'rcjtiy l'hcr.<ed principle iron ole ilnd hul1ber with the DOll Goodro\\' the Clk;;r- ng;i-tt(111 to thl'ir own )1l'r-. niscllssed 8y Council 'Ullexpected Gift Grosse Pointe F<lrm.<. The F:tltns polic" rt'pot t made "f rtid on"" li' in rcturn fnr industria! machin-.oonl 1."'< tl'tl'nn. i This "lbject Wib l:tlkl'd (1\1'1' "ut h' Deleeliw Sp.r!:cant Elmcr The cilw:r h... an.!.1re. will Grosse Pointe tawnship is en-" n '.. ". f 11 ' d. ' ' ' p.ry This l;ll'ge nlll1\b('r (f nlllws: 1l Or11W )'. on "on n' nil::t at l'rs 1.0r'lSon was 'll; " 10 Lahadie lists al1\ong th(' l11i"sing i he mo"t d('('p!". C(llll'em'd '\.'tll (gaged in slriking fr"m he town- stricken from the \.otmr:: rolls at! the 'xerutl\'p' meeting r"lowtnr: f\s fldl'cli\'("frgl'ant Arnold Woman's Hospital at 10 a m on nrt\clc: n heilwr CO;! \'nlul'd at: thf' tinarcll1 1'[1c'-" of the pro- FOR MER DE MOCRA 'fc : ship vot('ls' rolls the 1lo11ll('S o( one operation pnintl'dlv illu':tratl's: the rn(ulal mef'ting of the Park. Hough was rlrivllg on NoUing- DeccmbC'' 23 b\' a nt:ighhor :\1:" S ]!n. a rod find red va!ued at : posa!. )f"..\. wih th ' budg('! of STATE SENATOR Ernl'st Broks those who have not voled dul'ltjg the indifference of ll'gf' n\l111-: CO\lCl!. 'fhe ssue ;l1so 'drt much! ham "nd cto"ll11 the l11'y n 1tw Frnncis Lynch of 130!fall SO a m:tn's \l\t. S75: ln!t;!ifln the eomhin.d lnr.!<' nty c()mpare of Holland is to 1he "tempornry" he past four 'ears lie estimates: bcrs of local cilil('n to 11](' v\inl( 10 do with t1"..' pre;c'nt mo\'(' to rl'l' lf :'/Ck ;t :21J on pln('e Mi'S.!nr:'.0!1 g"vl' 1!r" linpn tahiedoth ami a d07.en \\"ith tb<. c(>mh;n0d bu[\r:t'ts or all stnte ([orrections commissioncr ac- tlwt there will be about 4000 pn\'ikgc' As on!' ekclion officinl: changt. the \'lla!(c's to cltif' t Cllri>tll1n" h' "w a park"cl Lynch lhe key to hcr hous(' and matching ni1pkin" $600: a sllwr th'e of the lihnidpali:ic. devoted tel' Jan.. nam('s eliminated 01' an a\'('rage P\lt it. "We hav(' 100 many )('ople) was one of the motivating 101c- clr \l'hf' l1'111hn he let'all"d \lpon returning from the ho'pital tray. SOO: il\'"r p:ntt's S100. t1 the identi(1 pur!">l's l'( 10;:;).1 (f 150 nnmes for eaeh of the 26 Ollt hc''e who ani\' awak(' to the i tors which cnml' into the pict\lre 1Jml r('cenl1y bc'n 'Jloadcast by at about 11:30 a. 111 Mrs L'nrh Lnst hilt fill' from lea"t in thl' g)"'rnl1l'nr' MRS. HENRY r'ord has a township voting precincts voling function wh('n there is a: lip in the Shores wherc' t \\ns tile Detroit )lnlice n stolen inspected the premi:;c's to Cl' ryes of :\adlon orri()n aed A lot of hht need; be shcd on 7 potind 3 Otlnce hahy son born Th()Se citicns whose names lre Pesidp.nt tn he elected" first concei\'cc! that thl'\' would ' He hnd it towed to the Park hat evcrythml( was all nght. fl 11 his toys and Christmas pres- hls qul'.<tinn m lhe n'xt few in Ford Hospital... first son born \ dropped will not be nhle to vote The pxperi('llce in November have gr"..l('r control o\'er asse". municipal. g<llag(' anti it wa re- There was no onc the Mar- : ents werc takm from a clnset. \\c"ks to the couple; already have two agaill in any.t0wnship County i s"ernrrl to indici1t(' thilt many of: mcnt f {lnd"r a (t.. status e11- S!"lf'e1?11.< 1Wn('r 11rs R('tenKa rison horne (pxcej)1 a hul'lar): Thes(' wr'l' \'allled hy :-'11'Mo d. S'1Cl an"r the prlitions have 'daughters. or General 1'!CCtlOl' unlil they. them d.)!lot awalc ('v('n then' vorced floll the townshlp. of 91') L!\'ard that ilme cve111ng. bctwn lher. and o'clock son at another $100 (Continued on Page 4)

2 Page Two may '49 BE YOUR fo/1 Cupids REST.-\ URANT (Continued from Page 1) lill(" ejections in the Pointe Homer C. Fritsch was elected Presidp.nt of he Park James K. Watkins of the Farms and Alois : A. Gh(>sqLlireor the Woods... Supervisor Carl Schweikart of G'P' Township is elected chairi man of the County Board of Sup. en'isors F you have reason to believe' that your heating plant s not op9ratlng at top efficiency-f it produces roo much smoke not enough heat or skows any orher deficiency Celli your 1000alcoal retailer member of Coal Healing Ser'il.;; of Greafer D!ltroit. He helps to maintain a staff of qualified combustion engineers who will expertly anellyze your equipment fuel and rln9 methods and make recommendations which will quickly corred the condition. Ther. s no charne; n the ntereshof &'H.r home hljq1ing this 11- Another free service by YDur local coal etailer member of 8etter Nom" Heatln arrts R. G. & G. R. lhomas L HAUlS GEN."Gl. One of America's Largest Funeral Directors a SNOWPLOW now a tiller and power mower n sealon! "Hand)'. Wor/ter" Pou'er Tillor "HMkiy.Worlln" Pown uu:n Mower THE SENSATONAL NEW ''Htlndy- Worker" Effortless snow r.moval at lalt-fh Handx.Worker's power rotary adion "screws" the snow fo th.sicle lih a. railroad snowplow! deal for estat' factories gas stations. Quick. ly easily convert.d info farm and garden filler lawn mower free spray.r auxiliary POW6r unit. Phone fnr d.monstration. de. livery. DJstributtd. By TERMNAL SALES carp. 1S01.rencH' D.. fit... Mlch Ph... Cld.r 1'00 GROSSE PONTE NEWS NEW r94 r J GREETNGS \Ve gladly take thls opporlumly to...ish you the best for he coming year.. nd to tha'.1k Ollr man" many Grosse Pointe friends for the pri\ilege of scr.- jng hom ior the post 25 Yoars We resolve to continue TU with greater effort to.serve }'our wanj5 thru the _ comlllg year. JQck O'Connor /700/ Kercheval Tele.ision Rodios YEAR "Seeing is Beliel'ing" Come in. 'Compare! See for yourself why RCA Victor is the BEST in TELEVSON. Combinations.Recold Players e1u l!t (il' Records y our Neighborhood Wish "SilCt of Pick-Up NEW Thursdy; Deeember Top Billing Given War Memorial n Headlines of i:;;:;:::':.. offer. sexy comics off newsstands... Bad Axe. Mich... temporary building permits issued since OCTOBER U-Park village ill.'l of the proposed new sewer pro. Poinle census starts on May 10 swim ban is lifted: blamed on January 1... a sable jacket is a\gurates a new Planning. Com- ject" :City told it will have to... baby's. life is saved hen heavy rains a.nd suface water. ' stolen from the Show window of mlsslo With Harold S. Elltngton bear part of the cost of paving alerl bus!'de' spots fire n a St. Paul's High School S given R b "t F i K h' as chairman.. hurglars ransack bome in the Park. grade "A" rating bv U. of M. 0 e.. s lrs on ere e\ a. home of F. H. Nelden at 735 Uni. Jefferson avenue '. f The new Woods school named for versity place and get $460 while APRL 29-Park boosts pay of JULY S-The Memorial Fund the late Charles Parcells is frightened woman alone in the. NOVEMBER 25-The Board of all its employes.. workers get drive having failed to altain its 'opened.. : Total enrollent of house stays hidden in a closet. Education rejects the uncondiraise of 6-2per cent... Park goal in the fifteen days' canvass all schools n Pomte public pilv. tional gift 'of Alger House made village also seeks to transfer its is extended.. Alger house is i ate and parochal placed at OCTOBER 21-Move to akel by the Alger heirs.. took the health service to the County.. again vacant having been given' over police radio by the vil1ags a?vice of thei' professional ad- MARCH S-Alger Shelden is drive for Memorial Libl'ary set up as an art museum by the City SEPTEMBJ::R 16-Farms vil- marks one of first steps to kill visors that t could not be elected to head the War Memorial. for May 30 _July 4. of Detroit... petitions in cir- lage tackles the problem of park- off the t%wnship by the process converted into an operational i- Library campaign and James K. culation for nomination of Fred- ing off Kercheval avenue made of abandonment... Schpnl of. brary window panes ale Watkins Honorary Chairman.. ' MAY 6-Ele\'en Grossi' poite erick M. Alger Jr. for Secrelary acule by 'ecent commercial de- ficials andpta take issue with broken i!1 a!l ew house under 9678' Pointers were examined in Hii'h illumn; receive recogni. of State. velopment. seek portion "of the T.ownship on proposal to l.ift conluctlon m the Park by the X'lay TB examinations just tion for outstalllllng scholastic Richard School playground... the lid from school tax estnc- malicousboy;.. ended. achievement at the Twenty-fifth JULY 15-The Pa'k Council! three-day meeting sponsored by hon as ermlttetl by a ploposed. Annual Honors Convocation of raps the Michigan Auto Club pro- American and Canadian authori- conslltutlonal amendment. DECEMBER 9-New S. Jmes "larch?5-both Park and the University of Michigan. ject for its delay in erecting its ties considers pollutiop' of Great.. Lutheraz: Church on McMllan Ci!'.' f":mc]l" 'll 0n tl.l' C(llmtv Gro"p P"int(' Business Mens' As- club house at Jef'ferSGn and Som- Lakes water system.. attended OCTOBt:R 28--Townshlp Sup. "as ded'caed on December 5... Rod Comn;ission to place a sociation organization effected by! erset... expect regis- by Grosse Pomte ojkials. Cl'\'lSQrCa.rl Schweikart urges. the. all prp.chnstma;; reconls up to brand new paved ;;urface on Jef- the meeting of 60 business and trants to be handled by the new '. onsohdhon of alf Glosse. Pomle thl date are bc: ken n' the Gross.e f'rson avenue.. City Park. and professional men. draft boa'rd serving the Pointe: SEPTEMBER 23-5 e 1e c t ive mto a smgle city n th mteret POne pot office.. The Ll- Farms agree to extend the three- area. service draft exceeds all ex of eonomy and effcency n brar project apears dad ".. monlhs' trial of fare i1crease b' MAY 13-First Annual Mutt peclations.. Pointe registers municipal go:ernment... $12- Boald of EduatlOn.e1Jmmilted the Lake Shore Conch Lines n'. sho\\' in the Pointe conducted by JULY 2 r 0 sse Poi n t e a' protest is registel'ed 000 worth of Jewelry. stol f"?ffi flom the Algel House tangle.. " the News and Rolatld Gray's yachtsmen and fishfimen are ask- by residnts of City against the a car t hlle parked n din e\\ ay APRL -Farms bans all park- Sport Shop is a howling success ed to cooperate With the state proposed parking arrangements L: epomte belonged to a ing on lakcfront... Park charges with more than lop entries... health authorities to determine in St. Clair-Waterloo-Neff area US urgh co.upl:. buses arc damaging F d it stleetd Ca.ptains for the War Memorial the St Cl extent o! pollution in Lake... City police ask for authorit" J l."ovember 4-The vote in paves. arms S Scourage Library campaign are nam(:d.. all'. to' curb "Wild Cyclists." Grosse Pointe is much smallel'.. in its plans to change health au- State relaxes on its requirements th '( f h' f JULY 29 C.t d F than expected... falls well: on y rom twns p to coun Y or a double sewer system for - Y an arm s SEPTEMBER 30-C i t Y and under the Presidential vote in'... Congressman Youngblood the Shores and Village now be-j Polic':! gather up a gang of boys Board of Education await deeis- 1 4 says he hos starten a move to lie\'es it can work out its long who have done extensive damage ion of State Tax Board on taxes 94. secure a new post office buijd- standing problem. breaking windows in the Pointe on Murray Sales property' given NOVElBER ll-the Garden ing for Gro;;se Poinl. ' '$400 '. damage estimated h' at $2000 to to school board.. Fal'ms poll'ce Clubs of Grosse-Pointe call for a: MAY 20-Proposed bus fare 0.. Wittier road is con- petition Board of Trustees for rnaster plan covering all of i APRL 8-Cily faces court ac- raise is opposed bv the Pointe verted to one-way north boun.d raise 1l.pav alleo"ing the v l'ecei\'e G P. t ' 't d. t.. street by th Pa k a rosse om e J J 111 seve opment ' on over mnmg.. General communities-want more and" ment n e ontr r lleds an. expen- t lowest in Pointe.. blastl'ng 'n an db'. eault fi calion... election of i H ouses nc. has brought an ac- better service before agreeing to ' C 0 cross own building qf bg Detroit sewer Mennen Williams as Governor tion in the Wayne County COUl'ls hike in fares.. Farms moves traffic. under the Park area scares resi- and Fred M. Alger as Secretary! against the City of Grosse Pointe step nearer to conversion to a dents... Maumee and Park of State gives Grosse Pointe two ' to o\'ertuln its actl'on 'n n'ot 'S- Cl'ty' J'ol'n..t po' ce rad' 10 urge d AUGUST!i-Official figures of pol' ce stat' Ons; fl 00ded by phone top state offices in new adminsuing a building permit for it to. school census show Pointe has a calls. istration; erect a l4-apartment ten'ace in MAY 27-The campaign for the popuhtion biggest gain Village lane at Notre Dame. War Memorial library starts on lection in Woods in... the thewar estimated Memorial col- OCTOBER 7 - \ 1T b d ' y 0 s votes an NOVEMBER 18-T h e La k e June 1 10 end on June 15 in- Library' campaign is "' $lllooobond issue for village im- Shore Coach Lines nc. lias ' Closed APRL S-Epidemic of rob- stead of July 4 as originally '.. an airplane pilot arrested... for provements and authorizes sale. as'ked Publ' C S' ervlce 'C omffilsslon. Tuesdal'S be-ries has occurred in the Woods panned. 1 names of those who. flving too low over Grosse Pointe' of Mack avenue pol' ' pry t. St orf permisson. t0 chargc straight ""'CK n. at HARVARD villa!'e in.'ecent da"s... To"'n- f J n. ell published in full in this is- blames J his trouble on a nervous Clair Shores \"ants y the W00 ns f ares n 'G rosse P om't e and abol.. Groose Polnle l ship cuts its tax rate despite the P sue. t'.. Ben fi MarSh. Jr.. Grosse woman passenger who J'ammed village to pay its.' taxes 0 n its ish th e use 0f b00k t' C'e k t s.. W ' Low OPA Prices Still increased expenses of the general om e s rst casualty died at his controls. akefront 'ark property which is save the bus 'company about Pre'all election due this year. Pearl Harbor a graduate of G.P n 51. Clar Shores.. thieves $16000 a year... Detroit wants High Michigan and U. S. Naval. get $5000 loot in second visit to the Park City and Farms to APRL 22-City police clear Academy AUGUST 12-R e i0 l' led that Robe t F t d both Park and Farms are making; rs Ur's ore. un erwdtc $56:!OOOOof the cost E "D " in repaving Jefferson avenue.. of government... 'Woods coun- XP ert zagnosls Memorial drive on full blast. cil receives a 'protest from pro-.. perty owner against lettmg real- Ar.. JUNE 3-P 0 i n t e dissatisfied ready to submit to popular vote. with dilatory tactics of county change from village to city form JUNE 10-The Shelden and tors cover a subdivision area with OF YO UR Ford families give $5')Oto the refuse from Detroit used as a!. Memorial Fund Drive filler. 'S will be graduated from the G.P. FURNACE High School this month. AUGUST 1!!-E.s t mat e of damage done to wmdow glass by OR STOKER'S JUNE 17-Pointe swim ban is g:ng of llocal kids placed at lifted when waters are found $ (000.. Jroke one picture wm- safe.'. better bus service is do\' worth $ parenls ALMENTS promised for June Hunt police and probation officers in Club's annual Horse Show starts a huddle to assess damages. call your fora' tdo! r...r for lr.mos.'Y sa.. for YDur fu'''dc. or."01<... f ". "os "0 'a<lil.s 11. "ll'''' Sun""y a" ofl"cry ""m CHerr o.rolt "..."l_ (...m. 10"Dol";'!c... Fo"".lo _.. '-'.10 "_mck Hl!lhlll.d Pok.blo' u... "".. Molvi... 1e Mt. Ci'l'Mn.. 'fymeutt... i...' a. Way".. Wyanllon... ; " 4i')r' :.:.:;kitl;jl!j}t1:';::'z;s.:w...; )/;!f. today.. the public school. teachers of the Pointe contribute AUGUST 2&-:Making ready to $5735 to the Memorial FUnd) resume the dra!t Board Drive. ' and the old Grosse Pointe Board No. 57 are combined in new JUNE 17-C 011 e c tions and Board Grosse Pointe regispledges of $ for the Mem- trations will be carried on in orial Fund Drive announced.. basement of Park Municipal bldg. Woods Council calls a halt to. Grosse Pointe Schools are set practice of stripping to.p soil and for 5300 students when schools selling it.. New Theatre group open to give first legitimate stage pro- duction in Grosse Pointe on June SEPTEMBER 2-Grosse Poinle 24 in Pierce Auditorium. Shores enacts drastic zone law.. limits f u t u ' e construction to JUNE 24-City parking plan single family dwelling houses... for Waterloo-Nell-St. Chir area bans any additional schools attacked by group of dissatisfied churches... many voters' names citizens.. Park police capture have been stricken from the votthe pair who b'pund and gagged ing lists in the Pointe since last the caretaker "and looted the election and vote here this year Lutomshi home on Middlesex. may be smaller than in JULY -Charles A. Parcells SEPTEl'llBER 9-148buildin'g for many years President of the op.erations in Grosse Pointe in ' Grosse Pointe Board of Educa- first eight monlhs of the year tion dies of a heart attack in lolal nearly $ ' i 1635]'East. "'allen at Coun'ille N 7418 Open Evenings PLACE your Order NOW for a beautiful Chrysler Place your order NOW for a beautiful NEW Chrysler... We'll t1i you within d matter of almost minutes when you can expect delivery. Yes evrybody. is placing their order NOW with PETZOLD for a beautiful' NEW Chr'{sler Gratiot Wishing you a Happy New Year. PETZOLD lliotor Sales You '.Albert g Bedford.Audrey C.. :Jill lelj J.A!fi.ed J..A!fi.ed g'ow J" Roberl J. OJcar!j cioui& C. s NSURANCE s 111i(!jch nict{'j S. :J'owbriJge Jr. PROPERTY ANAGEMENT (1/dSlill Growing!" Associates and DeUtlery Service HOMER WARREN & COMPANY A HAPPY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR REAL ESTATE GROSSE PONTE MORTGAGES \'E " f: r' '.

3 i : Th'ursday Deeember * SPECAL \ 3-COURSE New Year's Day Dinner Extra Large Portions \'(/ith All the Nl culO'... jusf phone ENU * Hol Spcy Tomato Juke French Onion Soup or Fresh Fruit Cocktail Grilled Club Stellk wilh Musbroom Saut 2.75 Grilled Filet i\ig/jol filh Musbroom Sauie 2.75.' Fes/i'e Trim1lJil1gs ' Virg;'Jia Raed Ham with Spicy Hot Apple Sauce 220 B:etUled Vel Chop u'i/h Cream Gravy 2.20 Broiler! 1.1mbSteak with Mint Jelly 220 Baked Meat LORfwith 'Seclcel Pear 1.75 fresh Vegetable Plate 1.'35 (Relisb trays optional for 25 additiollal per persoll) Fresh Vegetables Here at Village Manor Family Group Din'ing is a Holiday Feature Children af any age Detroit Juvenile Confesses To Many Pointe 'Robberies Fresh Fmit or Vegetable Salad Spicy Apple Pie Fruit Cake witb Hot Rum Buffer Sallce Plum Puddillg llitb Sberry Had SRuce. ;Hallor Home Hot Rolls - Choice of Be'erage ore welcome. f/janor Kercheval Ave. Grosse PO;lte Headquarters for your special dmners. weddings and anniver!;ar. event!" a Three Villages Okay Radio Plan N:OTCE! Highly responsibte. experie"ced man wjl1 be able to look alter a few addihonat homes this winler whue prncipals arc ab.ent Checking operating lqulpment. fernac refrigeration also care of pets s a part of the service. Highest local Trcrences. Rates by d or week. Call Nt 8629 GROSSE Urge Celebrators Fail to Solve To Shun Driving Light :Mystery At the last genera! meeting of the Grosse Pointe Simians the group discussed and voted for incorporation as a ndn-profit organization. The officers of the club acted promptly and the final pa- PONTE NEWS Communications were read at pel's have been signed. the Park council meeting on Dec. Olher business at he meeting 27 apprising the village that the was electing official. The are: Farms and the Shores had ap- president Frank Shelden; viceproved the plan for the. nter- presidenl. Don Kuhn: secretary Municipal Police Radio Service. Rae Garber: treasurer Julic The Park itself had taken simi-' Micou; chail'lllan of publicity lar aelion at the meeting on De- Jerome Bartop program direccembaj' 13 tor Dave Penniman: tickel chair- This leaves th" Woods as the man \'largaret Harrigan: co-techonly one of th four villages nic:!l directors A! Herman and which CDmpase the township as John Butterfield not endorsing the plan t is the desire of the group to. The City has its own police discovel and develop thealrical radio service Some time ago talent wlthm the ('omnllllity Any when the City was asked 10 join mterested pe.rs0l.l.o high school in with the other municipalities or college age ma' JOlll hy placit stated through its councilmanic' ing an application through an actaction that it proposed to wait ve member. J until the plan was perfected and then would seriously consider the proposed change. The City was loath to give up its channei which it already possessed until assured of the complete workabilily of the.ncw plan. ' Recently the. Woods council visited the township radio station on Verner and had a first hand demc!1stration of how it works. At that time they expressed themselves as well satisfied with the present system as maintained by the township t is apparent however that with the Park Farms and Shores already eom. mitted to the new system and the probability of the City joining in it would be impossible for the Woods to operate a syslem of its own Chilly Tenant Sends Shivers Slick Operators Through Fellow Sufferers Rob Silver Shop New Year's Eve celebrators At 11:45 on Christmas Eve Mrs ' ".' " _ Two men of swarty appenr- Says He Gave Number of Stolen Articles to Waitress for were urged by Traffic Court judo A DR' f]o- _ B f A clll fo police help lame mtd of the f1al \\ sgn complamls ance went mto the AnLlque SilvE'r Whom Detroit Police are Reported ges toa no 10 mix drinking uegseggel o. Ja a OU the Park station at 9:35 p.m on against the heat huntel' had nut Sho at 359 'h' 1 ' S k' W and dnvmg called the police be'mg disturbed Christmas night from Hohert been detllrmine'd eally n the p Fls e: ate n the ee '"9 arrant Judges George T M u r p h y by an unusual dlsplav of lights Klang' oi 938 Becomfield. 111" \\ cd: afternoon of December 23 and FOR THE HOLDAY SEASON 'e.:.:"cty CE CUBES mported Pc!l9 Three mm to the rear of the store. leaving the other mi\n akonr in complete possf'ssion of the trrnt of the store. Soon "fler the thirsl.'.' one came hack nolh left th" store without purenasing anything With them also went seve:.! pieces of si!v('rware A teen-aged Detroit boy who was arrested by the Detroit and John D. Watts said that the in the Wertz home at 1O0 Bal- said a man was running b(lselk evinced much intel'('st in looking YULE LGHTS STOLES police in connection with the robbery of a home in the 15th gayest l1g.t of he. yal' should four. The family wel'e awa. froljl i in the hall of th." apartment l\1ack \Videning at a silver sl'rl'lce. 'fhe Miller home at 505 Ba P recmct has confessed to committing a number of burglaries' Tnhotbbe ntlar.ed t b) tkrafflc trtgdt' home and Mrs Rl("'se" r had! house wah a l'fle n 1m hands udtl('nly one of them de- rington reported the rohbery or. th P. t Tl f' b ' d b F Die es way ma e sure sn offered to keep an '(.g on the! and threatemng tn shoot some- Actl'on Urged veloped a thirst and asked for a deorative Christmas lights rrnm m. e am e le con esslons were 0 tame y arms e-. they said is to follow this advice: place '; one. dnnk of water. Miss Ceeil Gor- the shrubbery on the property tectve Sergeant El1er Labadie.! F' YOU DRNK DON'T DRVE! Th' r '.. Patrolmen CranClall and Van de ' don the owner of the shop took on the night of December 23 The youngster said he had.. ' Most serious accidents at this " po e found no evdence Ginste hrought in one Anthony The Woods village is disslitis taken an ash tray from the sellmg them to a. DetrOt beer period of the year are caused by of house breamg. but were at H Deli' of the samc address fied Wilh the slow progress of :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::= Wright Gift Shop on Mack ave. garden" and o takll Parts from drinking drivers. the judges as- a loss t? explain the unusual il- t seemed that Delie was much the arrangements for the widen- * * * * * *. a motol bke n the Clt of Grosse serted The poli"y of Traffic lummalton. A og belonging to peeved because the apartment inlof Mack a\'enue. At the counnul' at W arren. H e sad he gave Pointe ' ' the family was } the house alld was ot warm enougll to.suil him cil ml.'eting on December 21 a 'S.and.' -.Court.. they added S that all pr- the fact that he ha" gl\'el1 no' not. d'. C 1 th some pen and pencil All the stolen arllcles have sons convicted of driving while ' U /llld Je started out to "make it on was passe Vll mg ar sets he stole from a Detroit de- been recovered and returned to drunk during the holida v sea. signs of excltement led th!'m td wann for somebody" He en- Schweikart. l'hairmall of the partment store to a watress the ow e J belleve there had been po in- countered Klange in the hall on County Board of Supervisors. to a hamburger bar on Mack ave c Dll;;t police are reported on willlreceive the following trder blt the turning lights his wav to find the janitor John attend the nl'xt meeting on J"nnue.. to be seeking warrants tor the. \\'0 pen.a. le:. 5tlll remained a myster:;. ilfe 1hrgie whalile;; in the base- uar\ 4 anrl!itf'n tn tl1f'ir eom- The boy al d "tl' t k'! waitress her with ac- A straght Jal sentence ment of the same building.. plafnt..0 a! mg a mg' " : Ld' 'r r t two hub caps from a Plymouth: cepting stolen goods and cone oss 0 rver s leense or a X' C'. Klange had alj'eady takn the The councilmen wish Lo solicit parked outsic'e the M'lnor bar on ' tl'lbut\ll to he delmquency of a least 90 da) s. as (lj 0 e} S rifle a Winl'heste1'32 special. Mr. Schweikar!'s aid to lll'ge the Mack and four hubcaps from an- ; juvenilc Bl.t SOli}. J\Totes "wy from hin when the olice County Hoad COJllmission to disother.'ar parked in the rear of Hockey Play. er.. arnvcd but tney spied a vlllan- cuss lht; wid('ning and come to the Woods Theater. The biography of a navy diver. d' F' ous looking long bladed knie some definite!'onclllsion lis soon He. furlher confessed to stea)- has just been published" "Down njure a Xmas carolers have appeared j protruding f)'om is coilt sleeve as possible ir.; empty soft drink cases from the Ladder to Success. th ' " Covenng hun wllh a pislol the The \\'id(ning of '.Tack thus far..' -- on e streets ntil'l!jet's re. ' '. d. ' h t tt \\' "' 1 a mar kct on Ma('k a\'enue find -Champagne News-vazette Roherl G (Butch) Edgar sen- " PQ ce O( ell' hnn to (lop t ' sops" a )011 an'en" le e- --- ior at Gross'e Po:nte High Shcool i c:nt n:hs ancl._thlr SJt: h\'_e" ojice la''!; bth knife elaled intention ever since the was injured in a bad fall at the ' nl :a)s beel< L:t'.l:U wlll1 ld plslol al hea'lqu1l ds 1he widening of this thoroughfare Complele Carry Out Ser\'ic-Dinrrs. Buffet Suppero a"d Baked Goods Countl'y Club skating rink Mon- enthusasm by the Ctizens lne \\ as not loac1c d was first P""!Josec1 was that the day night Del' 27. Some have complained that D:lle was locked p at head- project was to be carried on '( n 'j ("7\. " Butch tripped while playing their non-harmonious voices ha\'e {uaer a:\t as stll thl'le lip through the Woods. ou. ew ecu:j o..)illlle. 'al..none in a hockey game and his fore- not added to the Yuletide cheel. o'l'j on f a) a l ernoon: fl 'PON'1'ER K.ED h d t k th f'[' t f ' ll' <ld t \<t the e was not - \ ea 00 e!l1 mpac 0 an n two cases t was also report-! loaded may save il'lt' Delie a perl<. Joel Bremer of 504 Neff ran unbroken fall. He was rushed to cd that the boys 1ft 11 ' t C C C t fi 0 t.' " b... 0 roil) e V len 1e comes 0 ans- Q\"!l' and killed a black and white all. om e omj) e e 1'00n e. vend us Washington road home y a enougq n theil' holidav songs to tl f tl t' t. fellow player Joe Maycock filch a few lights fro'm oll'tide \\' er Lfe ChHll'gt'e0 11'1'<1 enlllg 0 polllter dog on Dec. 22 on Chart bt - 1 d' S ea. levoix th'lt belonged to C P Af tel' emergency treatmen y " ee Ca lsp ays Whethel' or not the occupants Bryant. of 682 Lincoln Dr. Nelson Diebel he was taken _._"----_._-._'-_._-_._ to Harper Hospital. Dr Claire L Sl'ml.(llJS Move Straith well known plastic sur- - geon worked on the jagged cut To 11lCO}'PO}'rlte in Butch's head for Uore than l< an houf following wllit'h he was allowed to be taken home. Direct from taly World.wide is their fame for luxurious quality soft mellolij finish and superb coloring Our Fall Bar. salina line is ready now in the smart bound-brim strle shown. or the popular "crusher" model with welt edge. The price is still at the same level as in past seasons. $20 "r' S 'Men's Wear 617 Woodward l TRACY MOTOR SALES 1M.( ofllcofj and rll/el'cllr'j AuJ'omobiled Kercheval at H/l!J Place Groue Pinte Farms The HOME OF HGH QUALTY LOW COST SERVCE!...on all makes of carj We herald the arrival of 1949 with the hope that it will Dring the blessings of \ P E h" eace on art TUxedo 1.500lt.-.

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GRANDN 551 Filth Avenue New York 17 N. Y"-Tel. VA Entered as second-class matter at the post office Detroit Michigan. under the Act of March The New Yar date is the accepted time for Review and ; Preview in the world's affairs. Both prospects are reasonably : pleasing 'at this period.. "... Probably the greatest Sngle tem m current hlsto.ry as : affecting the whole world has been the vast productln of foodstuffs.\vith food provided the world can address tself : to its other problems. Without it it sickens and dies... The American crops in most categories bok.e all pre- "ious records. European crops also showed a big mcrease n many European countries good. progress has been mde :. in rebuilding their internal economes. Hundreds of miles.: of roads disrupted. by war have been r.ebuilt. Even in.rela- G R 0 sse PO NT E N EW.S carried the ideals of democracy and self government to its most advanced stage in history are the present day heirs of a concept which has taken more than seven centuries for its development. Their experience can in no manner be accepted as a precedent for semi-civilized races wholly without this i background. " t tawes more than the mere development of an advanced H 'culture and the attainment of a high. plan!:' of achievement in the arts and sciences 10 impart this qualily for self government to a people" Even the Germans who stood in the front rank of contributors to the material achievements which we accept as the facade of civilization were noticeably lacking when the test came in these qualities for self government. Grosse- Ezalleratlol1ll A.PRYOR... Just a Happy New Year to All! No poem today.. The Spanish culture which preempted more than half The words "Christmas Spirit" aren't as universal as you of the weslern world in the first century and' a hed! following think. We thought Christmas Spirit meant just one thing its discovery has shown itself incapable of carrying on suc- until we rode downtown in the bus a few times this week cessful operational democrac;ies" The history of America from and got a load oc the other side of the picture. Some of the the Rio Grande to Cape Horn since its first settlement by the broken sentences that met our ears were as follows: white race has been a recorc' )f insurrection and usurpation " wish you could see the awful thing she gave me and of power by politicians and military leaders whose whole pail1 $9.(}(} for a present for HER... " course has been the negation oi honest working democracy. America's experience as a colonial administrator and an "Tnank gomlness m)' husband's people finall)' left. Nothing eventual incubator of democl'acv has been brief. We turned but work work work and the stuff they gave us for Christmas.. over the Philippines Lo native government after a half cen. \\'00 " tury of tutelage and we have high hopes it will turn oul "'m taking this darn ornamnl back to the store. Can )'ou successfuliy but the final score there is not in yet. imagine anyone giving a thing like this?" t was significant of American thinking on democracy a. half century ago when Commodore Dewey the conqueror of " got more junk for Christmas that can't use. t'll probably Manila Bay when the agitation against "imperialism" was end up at some white elephant sale... " already on and men like Bryan were advocating our immedi- ate withdrawal h'om the Philippines said "these Malay "Just LOOK at this handkerchief!.1 brought it along today for pirates will start to cut each others' throats before the last?ughs. My cousin gave it to me and wouldn't be caughl dead American ship has passed Corrigedor homeward bound." carr)'ing it.. " The United Nations organization cannot by any stretch of the imagination be accepted as the medium through which the democratic ideal can be pushed throughout the world. Too many of its component parts are a million miles removed from any semblance of democracy at home. t must follow therefore that the decision on the setting up of the democratic structure in far corners of the world must be made by this country. How far we shall go- with this experiment is a question weighted with limitless responsibilities. Loose Purse Strings ;: lively backward taly more than half of the bndges One of the first fruits of the look-in by the Hoover Com-. destroyed by military operations have been rebullt. mission on the operations of the executive departments of the '; Egland. by the p'oven process of making more than she Federal Government is a blast at the lack of wisdom in. consumes has made good progress and the general morale planning 'and carrying out of the government health service. : of the people has heightened. France has made good l?rogress The government has apparently run wild in th.e building : in recovery but she escaped much of the rlevasta.tlon and of hospitals. The report tells of huge new hospitals bein cost of war by her early elimination from the conthct. Ger- built by one Federal agency although nearby hospitals opermany is yet staggering under the handicap of a d.ivided alien ated by' another had plenty of empty space. t. recommends. political control. " that some of these hospitals be closed down and wiser use be i' Here at home we. seem to be plagued more by our abund- made of the combined facilities of the others" : ance than by any semblance of need. Already tere is a What this commission points out as having already hap- grumbling heard about the great profits made by mdustry pened in one of the government's branches is typical of the : although the nation has wea.thered a third roun? of wage high wide and handsome way in which we attempt too many ' hikes without any apparent dsturbance of the natonal econ- df. our government projects. We seem to proceed on the.. omy Warnings are r :peatedly heard of the danger of pusing theory that if some is enough more is better..!: the price-wage hike too far. A fourth round of wage raises t is small wonder that millions of persons in this country. is looming and when that problem has been faced and met live utterly beyond their reasonable needs. The example is " we will be able to see farther into the probable turn of our set at Washington. This is the reason too. why taxes mount future Employment has been at a high level an.d espite the and contribute to the spiral that plagues the whole country :r. high cost of living the general level of well bemg has been f the government burns its candle at both ends why not the : maintained. private individual? n the field of international relations there has been an Much that we are doing in adding to the sum of general :.t improvement of our position in the past year. We have met well-being is rightly conceived and necessary. We are at-!r Russia's threat in Berlin. by sticking fast and making good tempting too much too soon and too fast We sadly need more '\1 on our declaration not to be forced out of the bastion democ- of the Stop Look and Listen dictum in the government's \: ' racy has created there. The wave of communism... ";"'. has receded dispositions. a d 'f. year ago. t hns been checked in!taly and France and even a Tom Boy's Annual Christmas restiveness among the satellite Russian states has grown :[ bolder under th example of Yugoslavia's action. Pa t B' 5 J t 1000 K'd \ Labor unions which have been infected by the communist r y n ngoy 0 S.1 virus have lost cast with fellow unionipts and some of the j: greatest unions have bo.dl y started the elimination of this N6arly a thousand youll;gsters ad Sa.nta was there in erson... cult frorn their own ranks. attended the annual Chflstms With ftr for all. FollOWing a :" D h d t".t t t f party the. largest n the firm s gala time With Santa who pre- '' emocrac:y. as score.a grea galj1 over 1 s s a e 0 a history given by the Tom Boyd sented each child with a ticket ': year go. P?hlcally speaklj?g was a" g.ood year. The Ford Agency. Thursday after- to a special theater party at the Amencan electons were an mpress:v.!; exhbt to the wor.ld noon December 23. Esquire Theater. the throng en- 'C of how a great state of ctzens could arrange ts The Boyd showroom wrs beau- masse saw Miekey Mouse Donald government for the next four years without the least sem- tifully decorated for the occasion i Duek Rudoiph the Red Nosed " blance of ill will among the recent contestants. t was a re- Reindeer and several eomedy mark able exhibition of the inherent strength of democracy S Add't. shorts. " where it is both understood and practiced. ees lona Mr. Boyd advises that one small. f E t 1 be F d p. C t boy and 'a number of caps gloves And the dumbest. pe.asants 0 uropecanno ong 00 flce U S scarfs etc. were mislaid' during Mattllew ScrlllllJral Fall' eall n "Oh 1.<>rd. my Goo t rricd lln. n T h. "ner Thou hast hold me-.". (P.alm 3(\:2) lkmillar 2714 '.Jth St. Delrolt t!lloe1< louth 01 Mtchillln) Apl' Onl. TA _._ _._ BAHA' World Faith The teochings of Boho'u'lioh "ove the some bosic principles. as Christianity but they hi the molurity of the world ond the needs of O'Jr time. TV ROlf "-800. Grone Pnlnle Ne. And on and on and on.. ST. MCHAEL'S CHAPEL (EN.copal) Lnehmnor Blvel. at )" nr. The R'. E/le" H. \'nmu. tale comes from a young man who lives in one The following of the mammoth buildings in nd.ian Village. Having discovered that the Christmas tree he bought was not the right size for his room he decided to take it back. He lugged it to the service ele- vator (a self.operating job with double doors) and proceeded to descend to the basemenl There as the door opened he faced a man laden down with Xmas parcels on the outside and holiday spirits on the inside'. The man stared at our hero open-mouthed as he struggled getting the large tree Ollt of the elevator... then he hiccuped: "Shay Buddy... is Christmas over ALREADY?" There is a woman in the Pointe whose "peeping tom" inslincts are g:oingto spell doom for her popularity very shortly unless she gets ivise 10 herself The men as well as the women are beginning to resent her opening sentences. which 1:0 like this: "Well 1 see you slept late this morning. Your bedroom shades were still down at eleven o'clock" or "My Y0l!.two slayed up late lasl night. Your lights were stlll on downstairs at one in the morning;" or " see you had gu sis lhe other night. J saw a Packard and a Ford outside your house when drove b)... ' Another of her little habits is to calion an acquainlance and if she is told by the maid that "Madame is resting"... she will say "Wh)' how CAN she be? The lights are on in her bedroom!" Oh Brother! Someone who read our little blurb last week about the manner in which the leen-aged boy answered an invitation. told us this one that we think is just as amusing. At least it will amuse the mothers who know how hard it is to get junior to WRTE anything. This 'boy telepponed his prospective hostess and when she answered the phone he said th following obviously reading it: "Hello. Mrs. Smyth?... John Jones accepts with pleasure your kind invitation for Sunday December 26." And before Mrs. Smyth could answer he promptly hung up! One of our local Mesdamesgol herself n a tizzy just before the holiday because her young married son was arrivlns: to spend Christmas together with his wife and baby. She wanted everything to be JUST SO... so spent three or four days among the pails and mops and soap llnd Christmas greens and ornaments. So as 'to be standinr in the open doorway -when they arrived. with out stretched arms and a smile of welcome on her face' she was obliged to change a hair appointment so she'd be home and ready and curled to a fare-thee-well. The beauty salon was very obliging about the deal.. 'so off!'adame went. wearing an old wrapper and leaving the house in a state of turmoil. She figured that by the following afternoon she'd have everything ship-shape for the big arrival scene. 'HOWEVER.. what really happened is that she miscalculated the exact date.. sooooooo when she arrived home from the hairdressers there was her little visiting family nlaling themselves at home amd the debris. REPORTS LOST PURSE Mr. He e n Parker of 114 i Grosse Pointe bouleva rd report- ed to the police on Dee'. 22 the: loss oc a bl'clwn leather purse. Me"fi":J C" that day on Kercheval omewhere ' bet\'.'een NetT and Cadieux. t KERBY SCHOOL Kflty N K.....l contained a considerahlp. sum of' money. The puis' contained her $ ERV C identification card.. Vtrar Sundny Se'ie. R'OOa.m.-Hnly Communion 9;3(1am.-Chureh Schonl 11:00 n m-morning!'r'l'et and Sormon 1st Sundn)' Hoty Communion (Nu"ry during er;lcol N Nl 0109 in g.norance of te slgl1lfla!'t fac t.l1-at he grl'!ftes out- the party. The youngster was We. don't know hqw this' will turn out in print but when we pourmgs of materal and spllltual ad 111 te world s history America's-farms and factories promptly restored to his parents heard t we rolled on the floor with uncontrolable glee. A local has come to them from the great people 111 the New World.. but the assortment of clothing couple had their child's portrait painted in New York and had left :. who have chosen deocrcy as their way of life" This was Will produce s much food n i still. ema.ins t. th show room it there to be framed" They expected it for Christmas and were " one of the greatest vlctones of as they did \drmg the rec- awaltmg dentlflcatlon. b.itterly diappointecl when they were told 'it wouldn't be ready in. ord produetion year of 1!l48 and hm.e to shp for the holiays. All their friends knew about the 'porconsumers will probably pay Jess Postage Rates trait AND their disappointment" so it was not surprising that a. for it John A. Hartford prcsi-. woman friend of theirs' should come to the rescue to surprise them. Bradley's Formula for Peace dent of the Great Atlantic & To Be ncreased She had to be in New York for a few days and was leaving for her Pacific Tea company predicts. home 'n th P' t d t b f General Omar N. Brddley chief of staff of the Army. F. d' e om e a ay or wo e ore Christmas so what nicer gave out a Christmas message that was E:Vell more timely pek o Jr;ce:nd r:e dec{i After midnight Frida. Decem- surprise than to bring the portrait home with her? : for the sleepy and peacr.loving citizenry at home than for the steadily since then: M.' Hart- ber 31 postage rates Wll be n- Since the' "framer" of the picture KNEW the womanj she had...'.professional fighting men whom he heads. f.d 'd"t th r. creased on third and fourth class- no trouble in getting him to turn it over to her. When she tele- *.. or sal.n c case c..."...!rown f m ' h d ttj k h" '.. He stated bluntly that freedom from the fear of war prices. for example eansen'ative es al.... p one as 1m to de1i'er it to the train and that she would meet ':' comes only to those "with the boldness the patience and the estimates indicate that butter is Frst class. ncludmg letter post his reprentative at ear number 96 and take the picture back with 1 " strngth to achieve it." down an average of 24 per cent car?s and' postal cards will re- ber the little man sounded rather dubious. He asked if she REALLY He then more specifically places our responsibility to th from the year's high meat and mao 3 cents per ounce; post wanted to do that and when she llsuredhim that she RE\LY did.: d f.. t t th t " r t h eggs are down 17 per cent. cheese caras and postal cards remam 1 be allowed as how it was most generous of her to do it and that.. wor 10 Jeat lis sa cment ba d as a na on o''tm 13 per cent. flour 15 per cent eent each. he was certain tbe Soandsos would be most grateful then he' " many 00 \V lope. we cannot a an on our responsl les lard 29 per cent. oleomargarine Air mail weighing 8 ounces or thanked her and hung up. S like foundlings on the doorstep of the United Nations"" 15 per cent soaps 16 per cent less will be raised to 6 cents per The professional soldier is a realist. While giving re- and produce 10 per cent think ounce but post cards and postal Our heroine. wnt abolt her shopping with a gay and happy spectful ear service to the preachments of those who empha- the.y will stay down and may go cards may be mailed by air for 4 heart... not ldmg a bit that she was obliged to take an upper. '. '. Poses a Problem rot llointt ttbobit CbUrtb O:43-Church CO'wlETE Service 10:1:;- Nllury KlndrRrl.n. Prlm.ry and Junior 12:00.n:30- Youth np.rlmonl. Y0U7H 'AM REV. HUGH Co WHTE"'" 204. v... "..->.4 TV. 1.11" lluild;"1 S;\ Oft M... _d Bet'Wflf!1'l Kerc:he... 1 and.idkt A Heoltbr New Yeor To You! By FRED 1\1. KOPP R.Ph. As YOU'friends wish you a Happy New Year al this holiday season may we. add our greeting fo)' a HlYdlthy New \' ear.. " because happiness is in a.great.measure dependent lpon good health. n the coming year our store \'ill continue to ck the newest and best in' drugs to help your physician keep YOli in good health. Resoll'F- in 1949 to take care of YOU'health. Remember that your physician and }'Olll' pharmacist are always ready and able to erve you. Sixth Chtlrch of Christ Sientist Detroit' Kerehev!l1 Avenue Sunda)' Services 10:30a. m. and 5 00 p. m. Suncy Sohoo! Carving Regilding. Repairing PCTURE Thursday December 30' /948 Wholesale and Retail An Opeu Door to Health and Peace \Vritings that reveal the actual Science of Chriatianity. and thereby have meant the differ- ence between sickness and health failure and succesun. rest and rich satisfaction for thousands. BrB B'ailable for you at the nearest Christian Science Reading Room. Here the Bible and tbe Christian Science textbook. "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy-containing the complete explanation of Cliristian well a.l other Christian Scieoce literature. may be read. borrowed or purchased. CHRSTAN READNG SCENCE ROOM Kercheval Ave. Detroit ViSitors Welcome nformation concern ing free public /cctures. church serl'iees " and other Christian Science acli"itic" 01.0 ami/able. Retouching Oils Processing Prints P A.J 0 T M S \ t KEY. n(' 1509 Parker mar Kercheval VAlley We repeat A HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO YOU! This is the 24Uh fif a srrif's o! Editorial ad'erlisements appearing n this paper each 'l'eek. COPl"right First ussion _ 10'30 a. m. Second session " a. m.. WeanesetiJY c.venmr TtimonlliJ Meeting at B p m. Readine Room Open Wecle Da).'s 10UO a m. n 9:00 p m. Sunday 2'30 e SOO p m SERVCE TO THE POfr'iTE to a week of wondrous SUN and FUN in JAMACA! TU c.. t Mllltt B'B Winter.'HOUrt lt Wise.<l "NT... n (jj e '''...!»... 'NT.. on n'1>10ku [\3' ffi' "tis "NO '"'NS _OSlnlLO W'" lir" HUDSON FRAMNG You'll Like Hudlon T"pert Service AND AROUND TilE CWCK <t1 b size toleration. patience and reason as implements in achiev- even lower. providt'd' labor and cents; Air mail weighing in ex- berth f?r the tlp.. Afte all. THS was the REAL Christmas spirit Dnlit hort n ing international uderstanding he nevertheless inclines transportatil';) costs. which con" cess o[ 8 ounces is subject to the... domg thlllgs like this [or your friends. She galluffiped through. J. towards the Napoleoic maxim that "God is on the side of the sti.tllte'a large part of the retail air parcel post wne rates. the statln Wth all er bags... and on down to the train looking biggest battalion." General Bradley' ar.d our other profes- price of food do not get out of The fees for all special services for th lttle man With the portrait. She found him ail right! The (FORMERLY PONTE.TAXCAB) sional military leaders do not designate bign'ess as the mere hand."..'. such a? Speciai Deiivery St::dal portrat tun'ld out to be a life sized arrangement. approximtelv counting of human noses in armed forces. Thev believe in. r-fr.:. Hartford Cited. tw<l major Handlmg. Collce( on Dellvery 3 feet by.s.xfeet! Not only that but the frame itselc was a gret!.h"rreur Str'lr. th b' ft'. d. t'. deflatonary factors n the food nsurance Money Order Postal heavy altair o[ no mean proportions. / When R<qnrslod e!ness fo t0 ne t CCnC) f th all. N t.clen'h 1 C t prcpara h lon. f. on. price picture; continued hi"h.. pro- Note and R"'.tr<' \"'111 be l'n- " k b " J ' ann a now Wh"lt happened? She manaed to vet nother - 1 S r u a e. or C 1 a O t a we ave a pro ess a duction and "soft.. market$: few- creased. " " element whch inssts on.regardmg thmgs as they are rather er consumer food dollilrs ami Sp.cond class mail which in- upper... so lice.sized junior-in-oils reposed comforlably in a berth than a.s what We would hke them o be.. greater competition for them. " eludes newpaper magazines?n the long trip home. How she got it from the station to her house HS warnmg that we must no' rely on the efftcacy "f a <lnd periodicals will not be in- S yet anolher stoll. which will have to be continued at a future date. mere ideal such as the United Nations still is. is especiajy M ereasrd when mailed as cnmpltc The situation in the Dutch East ndies is only one of pear on each petition. many constantly recurrin' circumstances thro(lghout the world which are inextricably mixed up with the question of i how far the prosecution of the democratic ideal should go When President Woodrow Wilson declared for the self detl::rmination of small nations he had in mind the political well-being of small nations of ancient lineage and high cui- ture in Europe. t is inconceivable that h) intended also to ring under his doctrine the political organization of peoples rn far corners of the' world wholly inexperienced in the ways of democl"9cy and without capacity for self government. Willi we do such peoples a disservice by encouraging them to set up a self government of their own which they are unfitted to carry on? j The English-speaking peoples of the world who have timely.. erg e r copies. There has been a deal of talk in our halls of legisl' lion about this country's recognition of its responsibilities. Brad- CRSTMAS FRE ley talks for the acceptance of these responsibilities hacked Fire which broke out in the J. by a strength to give them substance and reality. (Continued from Page 1) D. McGrae home at 252 Moran been lodged with the County load at 5:34 p.m. on December Board of Supervisors a date will 25 did $500 damage beforll it be set by that body for the cl.. \\'a extinguished by Farm. iiretion. provided of course that a men.. They fought the blaze for sufficient number of names ap' "imost an hour. AJwa.}. rrftmpu Courteous nrlvet' "".150" Snrel & Scrlfce Jcffetrson 01 Copli VA "

5 TnursCf/lY December 30 "1948 'Voman njured As Tree Burns Mrs. Perry Johnson of 100J Maryland suffered first degree burns from n Chriftmas tree file at 1 p.lll. on Decembe;. 27. As she plugged in the electric lights defective wiring communi. cat'd fire to tl1(' t rce which burst l\lr Byren Runde of Anita road charge of the Parcells School Camp Fire Girls troop mide 36 pairs of eyes happy at Children's Hospital on Christmas morning with 36 Christmas stock. ings filled with candy nuts and gifts money for which was sup. plied by the Grosse Pointe Kiwanis Club. inlo flames. The proximity of the Park fire. men enabled them 10 extinguish the fire quick!)' hut not before COnsiderable damage was done to r the room dccorations. Car and ruck Mr. Johnon was giv('n fill r aid at Bon Secour. Hospit1l and langle on Mack dscharged ; Bedridden Kids City Police Keep Given Presents Christmas Vigil At 1 o'clock on Christmas morn. ing' Margery Kayne of 501 Lin- COln road was called on the phone by s'jl11e anonymolls person The speaker a male wanted to know if she was alone. She un- \\'ittinly tolc! him she was. and then he wanted to know when her!)arents were returning. When the conversation ceased the young woman was alarmed ami told her experience to the police. They sent a man around 10 keep watch until her parents returned an haul' later. Child Runs nto Path A p.assenger car and '.a City of :.8. P d Of Car K h 1 DctrOit dump truck hgured in Uppel anne S' 00) ere eva. a collision at Mack and Moross B M tl d' t yeal'.o d Jerry LalorJ e of road on he morning of Decem. y e to 1S S 2.dille- Kpl'dH'\'d. (:l;l}wd c.. 1 i bel' 23. n front of a cm' hemg drivel1. "_.... by Frank B. Glickmann of Claucla Convery of '; Fisher The fal1uhes and friends of the Bedford at 8:30 p.m. 011 Dee 21 road driving her '48 Chrysler Grosse Pointe Methodist Church ard was knocked down. J Cl'rv wesl on l\lack attempted a left Will gathel' togelher for a pot. was KCl'chc\'al againt' tuj'll into Morass. Het' car luck Slipper at the Maire School the lights. tan!;led with the truck being on Friday January 7 at 6:30 p.m Glickmann hurried t he 'oung. driven east on Mack by The feature of the evcning will slel' home and (hen over to Bon J Staten of 32B Canton DetrOt. be a book review by Dr. Paul Seou'. Hospital where it was Both were given tickets for a Morrison. pastor of Trinity ':liscovered he lwd only a bruised laler ilppearance in traffic court. Church Highland Park who will knee and a few minor scraldws.1 r('view "(he Bcst Book Of 1948." 'Camp Fire Girls' Carols "Cry The Beloved Counlry" by FARm'll CAR lilt W'll B H. 1 Alan Paton. A car ownl'd by Edwald Rieg. enent oplta Dr. Morrison has been pastor e' of 165 Lakeview and parked in or the Trinity Methodist Church front of his home on the night of The Cal1)pfire Girls of Grosse for the past five years Before Dee. 26 '.vas strllk by. a hit-run Poirte Park went car)ling on that his ministry was in New drivel The dool' was damaged Thursday evening Del' 23. The York Stale. He is widely known to the extent of $25 moncy colleded Wll! go towards as an author or a lecturer and is an oxygen-tent for the Children's considered one of the outstanding Hospital. The girls stopped at preachers of the Detroit area Mrs H. F Stoncking's lome for All members and friends of the hot chocolatc and cookles. Grosse Poinle Methodist Church Janet Rae Carole Stoneking are invited to this meeting. Sharon Davis Julie Fox Francis _ L W'tlt A""fJlC(!"ell t- Complying with the request of l/a/l.1'of 0111' :/stomen fle wis; 10 altrlo({//ce tbe pellillg of COMPLETE c. W. Babcock Org. VE Dl WAL CHALMERS f(lrl1w Ann Beaut)' Salon Btwefm CourviHe and Three li!e Dr. TERS' \0DERN. Z(f..TLON DEPARTMENT making anti/able 10 Gronl! o;uel's sen';ce fel1tllriug fine wo'kmllmhip at 1011 cosl Addijon Gar/lgs5 V. Beauiifil.J!air at Remodeling Dee:or/liing TU Evenings Recre/lti0l15 Rooms AHie: Rooms Pal/eli/lg ll't'th PlaJtt'c l.ed/ber Vpb!ste..1' 'neees'l'bu'l'e --- l"u.a. 'feums East Warren TU Kercheval at St. Clair Grosse Pointe :Jecial PttJ'chje! GkOSS! PONT! NEWS Tyree AssiglWd [Betty Dansbury To Fort Knox! Decenlber Bride S\NORS TOURNG SOUTH On a fortnight's southern jaunt are 19 lads from sel1ior classes belonging to the Border Cities League. Chet Sampson invited the senior passenagers to accompany him on one of his famous caravan trips. FRE AT DEARY HOME Grosse Pointe boys in the three Fire did $500 damage at the station wagons include Bob Cole- R. L Deary residence at 2531 man Barry Munro Jerry Web- ster Bob Hansen Tom FolliS Rdgemont between 5 and 6 <m Te:d Laitner. Cal Purdy Jim and on December 21. The blaze was 1 Jack Swift Stu Ward George extinguished by the Farms fire. Davis. Bob Sharp George Abbott men and Bill De Grall. Babcock Adding New Services'..... recreation rooms executive of. P');r:!e Fims where they are fices and breakfast rooms 'o.;itn: ercct'ng hclc'l5 nf their own de- Duran Plastic Leather. ThE:Y also' Sign se' erd "f '... hich contain make alterations and additions. th; pht;: leather paneling in FORT RLEY KANS. Dec. 16 At a Nuptial Mass at S1. Paul's n addition to its building and to present dwellings and erect 'ib:"aric: and recreation rojms eh h D b 9 El ' gara ges Lt. Thomoas B Tvree 2B Pro'j urc on ecem er 2 za- architectural services the C. W.. beth Ruth Dansbury daughter B b k 0. f f 9401 The company is developing its The ar.azing fa' ahout our vencall'oad Grosse Pom(e Farms of the late Mr. ana Mrs. William a coc rgamza on 0 own subdivision on the corner of ed "ca\ ion a p' ' b'f5 " the V: ' was graduated on December 16. Dansbury o'f Mapleton road and Chalmers has added a new ser. Morass and Chalfonte in Grosse llitlle that slcldents Sl:em to leam. from the Officers Basic Course at step daughter of Mrs. Anna Dans- vice to its rapidly expanding bus _.._..._- the Ground General School here. bury was given in marrage by iness which will be known a. A total of 281 officers were en- her brother. William to Wilfred The Home Modernization and 'olled in (he course. Of this m ffi- E. pesrocher son.of Mr. and Mrs. Service Division bel' 253 were West Point gladu- Joan P Desrorher of Maryland "This answers equests we've ates of the class of 1948 and dis. Avenue.. ' been receivmg for many years" tinguished ROTC graduates two Te bne ore a sea green gab. C W Babcock. head of the firm were Ensigns in the U S NaVY' ardme SUt Wth pale plllk hat and atd in announcing the departand 26 were foreign students gl?ves and carrle a prayer book ment. "Home owncrs no\\' will The 17-week Officers Basic With a whte orchd. be able to get new.home quality Course is de!:igned to give newly Her maid. f honr Katheine in plans aterials and wo:-kman. commissioned officers the proper Desrocher mece of the bnde. shp n attic room. recreaton and branch immaterial instruction so grom wore a soft rose gabardine porch additions." he added. they may efficiently undertake suit with black accessores Eventually this department will thpir responsibilities and duties Bruce Allor was best man The render anv and all services need. andtheir- part in the air-ground- ceremony was performed by ed in maintaining a home or comnaval service battie teams at Fathel'Bohr and was followed by mercia! establishment sllh. as the basic level. a breakfast and small recepton roof repars carpentry pantng. Joseph The instruction included gen. iin the bride's home. plumbing. Auctioneer 'ral subjects. such as administra"1 The couple will live on Mary- At the present time th\)y are tion leadership' food. service land A:cnue following a honey- specializing in paneling libraries organizational methods and moon trrp to Ganada methods.of instruction; and technical subjects such as com. mllnications motors. weapors in. telligence and physical training After 15 days leave Lieutenant Tyree wlh reporl to the Armored School Fort Knox Ky" for specialized branch training i:clll1ulalhis. Corral Fur Younsters rs...'ss..s..''<;ss''''''''s''''''s'''''"'''''sl and Ann Marie's cousin Nancy For Takmg Car Mrror i.:' "- were (he girls who participated. -- 'f.... ';. in the clrolling r A reslent of te 1000 block of 'atch [or' Smead- s.theil' guardian v:t:s Waller i rhtti:nobet lo:cfo dc chapeloned the grls. on the night of December 20 and. ' promptly phoned his discovery to Annua January Sa e LOSES BLL FOLD (he police. - Ait 1\lrs. Andr ies \'!. Coie of 423 Patrolmen A. Boone and A'. ernoons and Evenings ill G 1 t' 1lW' l'dsse Pointc Farms re- Conlon and Sergeant Walsh L"" to Mk G;H. :;::.';\:C::; l': b11:dd"' '0 00 th.dd 'v". l3;si tj:"''\._.: '. comple': l::b;if::tof- ;;f;:l;;::ilfl;::: S"ppllos and Original Celamics custody The broken mirror was..!non: as far as they had gollen on their. career of destructioll. 0 FF Report Band E Attempt ''. 0" Pure/Hue of $1.00 or Over On All ; At Turner Buick Sales '1 An attempted Band E was re.ll Gifts -1< Lamps i< Pictures ported at the Turner Buick Sales \ ' and. Service station at on ".\ the night of December 27 or early Stat'lonery morning of the 2Bth. A ClaW bar was used to try to jimmy the rear door but the at- JUST DEDU.CT Fl.OM ORGNAL PRCE TAGS tempt was apparently given up because of interruption Sale Starts 'follday lalwar)' 3rd. and r; : Elizabeth Cass Chapter COllti1l11eSThrough Saturday la/war)' 22. Will Meet on January 3 : Members of the Elizabeth Cass J'- Chapter DAR will meet on Mar. Jmea j day Jan. 3 in the Women's City Club GREETNG CARDS AND GFTS Miss Emile G Sargent director i East Warren Ave. of thp. Visiting Nurses Association BETWeEN COURVLLE AND AUDUBON - TU wili be the guest speaker. Mis" Elise Phinney will pre- '. Op n Thura. Frl and Sat 'enlnss Till 9:00 Ouring Sale side. '''''''';'-''''''''''''''''''S' ART AUCTON ART AUCTON... SALON GALLERES We represent administrators and l'ollectors in the selling of art collections Rare antiques and fine furniture. We will buy from you or sell for you. N. Dumouchelle and Appraiser SALON GALLERES PERFECTFOR YOU N YOUR EXACt SZE AND LENGTH.. J"u Balance Diagonal Control 409 East Jefft'son CHerry 6256 Uppermost in our minds end hearts are best wishes f()r a n 1949" unexcelled in hea!th happiness and good fortue to all our friends old and new! 8& E. Jefferson al Crane CHEVROLET NC HOUHS; 7: Rm \1) 7l)() p.m. Phone VAlley Boys' or Girls' (3. to 8) AlPACALlNED tv' SNOW SUT 19 9.l Regularly $ % '\paca-lined Jacket "if t QuHted J(''e. n.'liulated Trounn and (:nnl'ertihlfj Hood A fmou; br.'jr.d w.'jter.repelienl poplin snw suit with e1.'j!licizl"d!d;v\fb'e houldr strps reinforced lnees "r long rugged wem knitted cuff:!!\' i.ofront trousers /led buill;n edrll wmmtn from he"d to loe. Alp/lc.lir.ed hood l'p or-en 10 form / \')ft shllwl CO!'M. Tdn or NdVY in sies 3 io 8 MAL OR PHONE ORDERS ACCEPTED - TU Or!y Tru Balance gives you thi 5 crever CO:Tl ic '"5 :'" d:agonal control - a revolutionary new design that flat+e-"j.r t:.:rr:my... d '_1 spans your rear an pares your or a -::..."" l"lle" WO" '" '. ". leaner look. Tru Balance is perfectly proportioned in a:l size;!1d :snth5 Come in for fitiing _ see end fee! the differe.1ce! W9 wnt you to meet MSS DOODY Mio.l!:'1 - nown Tru Bo'llrce. Foundt:n onsultont who w;ii be in ou tofler shop Monday and Tuesday J/lnuary 3rd and 4th Miss Doody will be 1PPY to dis. "'. cuss ony ncll/ou igure prooem. Elastic; with Tearose and white Sizes S2..iO to S 15 JaCOOmL KERCHEVAL at ST. CLAR GROSSE PONTE

6 _ _./ _.- Page Six G R OS S E PO NT ENE W S Thursday December Society News Gathered from All of the Pointes From Another Pointe of View.. ARTHUR Accompanied by BET S Y by TOMMY and DAVD MR. and THOMAS W THOMPSON Ja.oe Schermerhorn JR. of Bishop road arc spending _ '1 the holi<lavs in Palm Beach Flc(" Christms brought moro thlln its usual shllre of excitement fo with Mrs: Thompson's parents te home of the Henry Fords second... the F. C. STRCKROOTS. Young Scarcely had ink dried M the Eatern announcement that Mrs. DANEL THOi'PSON is tayin Foord had been named one 01 America's ten best dressed women wilh his uncle and aunt. MR. and Than the nicest rews of all was making page one... MRS. PERRE V. HEFTLER of And that WdS the birth of the third Ford chifd... and their Grayton road first son. on Monday the fwentvseyenth of December * Aiter spenolng several months WA TCH NGHT AT LTTLE CLUB Prac'ically all those who aren't skiing in Northern Michigan when the New Year arrives.. Will join the drge and merry party at the Little Club this Friday evening... t isn'! a club party.. but a subscription affair... and the list of reservations is so long... that the whole club will be filled... *..... FLORDA TME Because their children and their families. are spending the holidays in far flung places... Mr. and Mrs. '.Vesson Seyburn will forego the traditional Watch Night Pady.. in their East Jefferson avenue home And with a large group of friends will join the otkers at the ltitle Club... Then.. shortly after the first of the year.. Mrs. Seyburn will depart for Florida... to op&n her Palm Belich home... She...ill be joined during the Winter by dilughter Edith. Mrs. Manuel Quintanas of Old Westbury Long sland.. and her baby grandson Manuel... : 1e QUlntanas have been vlsiting his fclmily in South America since last October Clrd will arrive at their Eastern home in early January.. * J. Shor tan d tot wilh her son-in. law and dallghter the RCHARD T. BROD- HEADS. MRS. GUY GREEN moved into her l\leadow loin' home in time for the hclidays.... '". MR. and i\rs REX QUEENY have moved into their new domicile on :liau01e road. On Jan. 3 MRS. J. DWYER KNNUCAN <lnd MRS WLLAM K. WLLAtvlS will give a luncheon in the "\Villianls residence on Beaupre road. Honor guest will be debutante BAR. ABRA BLOOM who returns to Finch Junior College J an engagement DO refunds 8100 E. JEFFERSON entire stock of morning afternoon and dinner clothes all sales Disclosed finai he Poi nte lhoh no c. o. d. Phone FL 2466 f B;H:OadM i Yuletide Brings Usual Quota of Engagements guests to a cocktail party from. l d. 5 to 7 o'clock Tueday. Jan 4. Mary Tiedeman to Wed Donald Wright Hoag an i i DA \'N OSUS and her fiance N. J $ h k t Be Bride of HERBERT V BOOK. JR will ata e ean c rec 0 be honored at the affair. William W. Wilcox "... Gl'an Rapids vis:tors here are "The best things come i;;;ll pakages".-and Christmas the HERBERT \\. HEWTTS brought its quota of sparkling engagement rmgs to grace the who have come to spend the week...;. d f with Mrs. Hewitt's parents MR. fingers of fair ladles m the Pomte. Leadmg the pala e 0 'and :'>ms HARRY T. HART. holiday brides-eject is Mary Tiedeman whose be\rnjhal to WELL of Llco!n 'oad Donald Wright Hoagland was told Sunday at an open house Active and alumnae members for members of the family.' "--' :. The bride.elect is a graduale O[ of Delta Zela and their mother. Mary S the daughter of Mr. Ste\'ens College and the Univcrs. attended the second annual T d f Christmas tea Wednesday after. ad Mrs. Carsten e ma.n a ity of Michigan She is a memher noon in the Merriweather road Kenwood road. Her fiance S th o! Delta Gamma sorority. Her home of MARY COBANE. MRS. son of Mrs. Mchael Fast of New fiance whose fraternities me Beta VAN TYLE SANDERSON. JAN York. Mary who ws graduated; Thela Pi anel Phi Delta Phi. will TA YLOft and MRS EOWARD from Chathm Hall m.chalham he grad teated in Jl1le from. the GREN ARD assisted the hosles" Va. and Smllh College S a mem- University o Michigan Law bel' of Sigma Gamma and the School. Smith College undergt'actuates Junior League.. A Sunday!lternoon tea in horne for the holidays. anct their Hoagie a graduate. o! Exeter their horne on Three l\'!ile drive mothers were enlertained.mon- Academy and Yale Unlverslly re- was the occasion on which Mr. day afternoon at a Uni\'C'rsity cived his law degree from CO- and Mrs. George W. Schreck Cb t"a with membet's of the 11nbia University. He erved a chose to :eveal the enl(gement Smith College Club a3 hostesses a l<!ulenant n the N\) All 10f their daughter Natalie Jean MRS. DANEL POTTER. chair- Corps. A May wedding.\s tent a- to William W. Wilcox. man was assisted by ;\lrs. WL- tively planned.. \Villiam's pm'ents are Mr. and L!AM NEWNAN. ARS. ROBER' Anolher trolh a.nnounce JS at "'.<.. \Vnndell G. \Vi1cox of East PEEBLES. 1\1R S. WLLA' of Janel LOlllse ar er an Jefferson avenue. The couple has MR. and MRS SHERMAN r d h FTZSnvl0NS;ere hosts Sun. P k d" L day at a milk punch party in thell VARD En d d C t f SAVAGE. MRS. ED\ " 1\- Thomas E war ou er son 0 set no definile wedding dale. Stephens road home for their; CHEN and MRS B. C. HANKN. Mr and Mrs. Glenn M. Coulter deb nieces HARRET and JEAN i of Merriweather. road. Janet. HOWENSTEJN daughters of MR ' vlr. and MRS. JAMES L. daughler of Mrs. T. G. R an'd all of and MRS. HARRY B HOWEN. LONGLEY of Dearborn an- }<'lint and the late Hugh N. Park- STEN of Vendome road. The nounced the arrival of twin sons er is the granddaughter of Mrs. gills bowed together last week JAMES LAWRENCE JR. and James S. Parker and the late... Nine Debutantes Bow at Parties KERRS VST HERE. at a pre-christmas reception at CLFFORD BOLES on Dec. 19. Judge Parker. Christmas is hams time... and many Pointe girls. returned the Country Club. Grandparents of the twins are i 1 Julia Marshall and Susan John- for the holidays this year... with hbands and families. '..!vr. and MRS. CLFFORD B. Sk' F H ld stone were introduced to society Th e R0ber t Kerrs 0f Por kers b urg W es t V a... arrlve 'd' n t' me FELL MR. of and Battn.!\'RSC.eek LAWRENCE are spend- G. LONGLEY of Bev!'r1y. ro<ld. [ans 0 at a Chrislmas Eve tea dance at.1. "or th e annua Ch rs. tit mas caro s a th e home '0f her paren t s l'ng thl's eek. as house guests of S' WlSS Sk' 'l Ba ii the Country Club. Pqrenls. of the d M Th P dd k ft'. d -Pielurc by Paul Gaeh FREDERCK STEARNS is en- pair Mr. and Mrs Freder;ck \V. tylr. an rs. omas a oc 0 OUrall19 roa.. h Mrs Fell's brother and sister- MSS MARY TEDEMAN daughter of Mr. and Mrs terlaining during the holidays at Pritchard and Mr. and Mrs. W. This is one of the Pointe's oldest and best holiday gat erings in. law MR. and.i\1rs. FRANK. t.. h B h.... t Carsten Tiedeman of Kenwood road whose engagement 0 his Cat Cay Villa 10 tea amas Ski enthusiasts met at the Lit- Gordon Johnstone entel.tame" a growing with the years.. H. BOOS of Le)\'iston road. Hd f "1 Y k d t On Christas DOl}' he was dinner th da c When friends and neighbors gather to sing the beautiful old Donald Wright oag an 0 lew or was announce a h t. th S. B d C.!f d Hall te Club last week for their first e n e. a party in her parents' home on Sunday. as 10 e r eel or Swis3 Ski ball. Guests arrived On Monday Mr. and Mrs. Fredcarols Buffet supper hosls Tuesday of the Cat Key Club. a the downstairs room of the erick M. Alger Jr. gave a dance Mr Kerr drove back to West Virginia on Tuesday. followed in thei! Edgemere road home d d were MR. and MRS. ALBERT A. prnspective bridgeroom is the Washington to spend the holidays club which had been decorated in theil- home on East Jefferson by the popular Nancy on We nes ay.. GRFFTHS. Honored at the son of l\'!rs. JOHN LANG of with Mrs. Quigley's.arenls MR. The M. BEN lfeftlers of like' an Alpine inn in after-ski avenue to introduce their daugh. *..... C. Sh and MRS. ABRAM van DER ZEE Harvard will be at the Otsego Ski costume.. tel' Suzette. CHRSTMAS AT HOME party were their house gue3ts St. air pres. of Pro\'enca l'oad Fr.:ends of Club for the New Year festivities h!1r. and MRS. GEORGE ARA- remaining until Wl'dnesday Jan. Betsy Hollon Chris Caulkins. ;\ Country Club dinner was Erstwhile Pointers... Mr. and Mrs. Hayward Stone T omp. STRONG of Princeton. N.J. and MRS. FREDERC M. SBLEY the van Del' Zees their daugh- 5 MH. and MRS. C. THORNE and Dan Holley invited 50 guests given the following day by Mrs. son.. who now make their home at the WhiHier... Washington D.C" and their mn of Whittier boulevard enterlained ter VRGNA and the Quigleys MURPHY of Rivard boulevard to a dinner party al the club be. Henry B. Steinbach to present Welcomed their daughter Sally now Mrs. Vietor Edward FREDERCK 1. GRFFTHS member3 of her family at an old. were invited to <n informal sup' leave today for the winter sports fore the dance. Midge Oberteuf. her daughter Joyce. Jan Me. Serrell of New York Mr Serrell and their little daughter who arrived from Washington to fashioned Christmas Day party. per on Christmas Day. center near Gaylord and will re. fer entertained a group at a COCk- Millan and Jane. Houghton made Slly.. spend the holidays here. Prcsent with their children' were turn home Monday Jan. 3. tail pour preceding the party at (h<ir bow the same day at a dance And then it's been nice to see the former Jean Ford about the MADGE WN T E R invited the ALBERT A. 'l'etgs of SALLY SEARS bade goodbye i he' home on Edgemont Park. given by their parents fr. and h f d ' JANET ZurSCHMEDE. BETSY Cincinnali; MR. and MRS. ROB- 10 ;\'R. and MRS. R ALP H Eggnog part" hosls Sunda.y Party gue.l included the Wen- Mrs Hugh McMillan. Pointe again t e ew ay!.....arnold. JERRV LULE. SUE h.. J _ J f Ch d '" - "ERT B. POWERS t e Jlmlor THOr.lAS of Mernweather roar e\' 'n thel.l' \\'a.'.lll.nglon 'l.n.'d dell. \" Andel'sons Jr Sara anti \notllel' PO'nte trl'o \nll }'icks Jean. " who S now Mrs. J. F. String r. 0 cago an i MAlR BEV MARTN JACKE HERBERT WYNN MASONS last week and headed home to home were the LEWS P. KALBuS. Marv"Tiedeman jhn"w. Ander- Peggy Baric and Bal:bara Mille Mr. String and their baby son Jacki!l clmie PAT GOYET'TE CAR MR. and MRS. FREDERC "" Omaha!':eb. Sally was honor The parly honored their son-in- son' Merrill McClintock Clilf were presented yesterday at R Came to spend the holidays with her mother OL KRAUSE MAmLYN ROSS SBLEY. JR. and MR. and MRS maid lor SALLY THOMAS who law and daughter MR. and MRS. Ford Mr. Rnd Mrs. Forbes How- luncheon at the Delroit Boat-Club. Mrs. E. Kay Ford of Maumee avenue. HELEN REED and JACKE T. LATTA McCRAY of Darien was married to SWFT GOD. MERRLL HUTCHNSON and ard Liz Robb Mr. and Mrs John Mrs. Charles V. Hicks. Mrs. Rob- * * * WHTTENBURG to her homa Conn. SLK at Grosse Pointe Me- their <lalghter. MERLYN here E.' Caulkins George P. Caulkins. ert F. Barie Jr.. ant! Mrs. W. DORS ZMMERMAN FETED on Berkshire road for a 'holiday The marriage of their daugh- monal Church from Minneapolis. ;\'inn. Jl'. Bill Finkenslaedt George Leslie Mille!' wer(' host:; al tl1f! All of which brings us to debutante fun... party \'ladge's sisler BRENDA tel'. JANE to RALPH STEWART Joint hostesses Tuesday at a i (Continued on Page 8) Holley and the W<llter B. Fords n. ' party lor their daughlers And the luncheon whih Mrs Raymond H. Berry of Lakeview was assisting. ho:tes. PULLAM on.july 23 is an- bridge luncheon for 14 at the h. ' s plalloing this very day (Thurs ay) C d L h t t Herbert Zimmerman. THOMPASON visiling from Dal- couple both of whom are slu- DORS DE SN G NANCY Kerchevn at n leu.'&:. n court. d The ROGEH HUBBARDS of ege ASLL a E[iS estrv f! ran or ane were os s a a avenue. Ralph's parents are MR. SON. MARCY WETHERBEE and J To fete a debutante of the Summer season.. recent Sunday brunch in honor and MRS. RALPH PULLAM o JANET JOHNSTONE. Their: lovely Doris Zimmerman. daughter 01 Mr. and Mrs George of MR. and MRS. ROBERT Mell'iweather road. The young guests included GAL WRGHT' led' aam. The party is being given at Grosse Pointe Ydcht Club. " las Tex. dents at the University of Mich- VOORHEES. JANET DOWZER. ' HAPPY NEW YEAR!! LANTYNE entertained members Eve at a cocktail party in the OSTERMANN BARB ORPHAL And tht b. ht t th d f 1948 pausing of their family at the Country Pulliam home before the Coun- ANNE CANDLER. SUE JOHN. : Q rings us rig up 0 e en 0 '. Club Christms evening. MR. J 'ust for a second to tell you about the overhelrd conversation at a.and MltS. FORD BALLAN- try Club clan.ce.. SON SALLY ANDRUS BARB d BAUMAN GNNY GRANSE Jub deb tea ansant... TYNE Jr. the junior CHARLES R d MRS BRUCE S MEG McKENZE and MARLENE When one of the very young men of the stagline remarked to H. HODGES and their sonsl QG'u:a;. d F 'd f. HUTTON. nother m. o. t. s.. "Wow is that punch potent. 've had four JAMES W. and CHARLES H. \ arnve n ay rom. 1' sups and 'm reeling." HODGES. MRS. WOOD WL. His hostess smiled like the Mona Lisa and went quiettly abouf LAMS MRS. RALPH STOl;p. er duties.... h b d. 1 d.js1:i0... *.. MR. and rvfrs. FORD BAL. igan will entertain New Year's MERRY BAUMAN GLADYS i :' j The punch was frutt 1lces and t? est om.estl glngera e '.. the FREDERCK CAMPBELLS! Ending 1948 this column Wishes h friends at the POlnfe a d their son FREDERCK Jr. '.nd everywhere blessings ill the New Year of health and ha ppi. \\?ere present.' nes5 and good fortune t j MR and MRS ALFRED R. -' GLANCY. en route to Bermuda from their home in Atlanta Ga"j will stop this week to visit their on and daughter-in-law. the! ALFRED GLANCYS Jr of Re. J i naud road. i :! An early spring wedding at Grosse Pointe Christ Church is i being planned by BONNE JEAN LANG and ROY R LANG. The engagement was annoulced by: MR. and MRS. GEORGE E.: ROHDE AND COUPA1\'Y NSURANCE LANG of Whittier boule\'ard parents 0' the bride.elect. The:. :l:ci! pre- i'nventory sae...! step into Spring.. with a new suit in ll:z14 Gr'.wold RA There's spring excitement in \ i"' the imported striped jacket with its Mandarin convertible \ " r collar long. fitted lines and genuine "ather belt. There's flattery in the contrasting pencil-slim sirt with the nar. row hem pleats' for walking ease. All woof in brown or navy. Sizes 10 to 16.! '. '..:.:/ ;W "!J-'o LTTLE BARRYS 2681 East Jefferson - ME 9853 [lntelne Nt. 397 FSHER R;D Open Till 9 P.M. Thursday CLOSNG 5:S P.M NEW YEAR'S EVE (.'

7 Thursday December.jU 1948 t GROSSE PONTE NEWS Page Seven Woman's Judy Bosson Marries James Elliot Gibson Candlelight Rites Performed in Chapel of Western J by Jewels For Et'cry Occasio/# of Joins Ranks 'of The annual Christmas concert was held in the Pierce Auditorium Tuesday night Dec. 22. Und('r he direction of Mr. John Finch there were solos by Jackie Whittenherg Judy Nellis Nancy Rus;;e!1. Lois Jongens Ron Knope ' ter Jr.. Tim and Terry and Mr. Michael Wallace. Bob Hansen Gay Stepl1anson Helen Reed and ( cletr 1hU'.';day afternoon al a ' _ Bobbie Boothe. Seen rnil1ling in and out of Alfred R. Glancy Jrs. thc crowd were Joanie Rollings Giving T r"in Parties Jim Brenner an Walker Dick Lord Joyce Wiek. Gerry Jacob. Mr and Mrs. Alfred R. Glancy son Boh Slade Gretchen Klee- Mr. and Mrs. James Wallace Armour of Rivilrd foulevard. have announc<'d the engagement ( their daughtel" Joan to Lowell Blake (Jerry) Mason. Jerry is the son o[ l\rs. Grace Milson of Oak Park llinois and Mr. Gilbert Mason of Wahing ton D. C. The engagement was told al a family dinner party on Christmas day Joan is 11 student at FranC"<'s Shimer college in ML Carroll Jlinois. JeTY is a graduate of Purdue University and his fraternity is Phi Gamma Delta. They plan to be married in the early summer. have been purveyors For 100 Years KNGS of "Fine Things far the Hame" to discriminating Detroit & Michigan Residents FNE CHNA CRYSTAL SLVER LAMPS FURNTURE DECORATVE ACCESSORES L.n. KNG1 co. FSHEl BLDG. numt. College for Women; Couple Honeymooning in South. Joyce Clements Hostess At Tea for Classmates Matinee Musical Plans. Luncheon Meeting Jan. 6 Page A southern honeymoon followed the Dec. 19 wedding of Judy Bosson daughter of the Robert Newland Bossons of ndianapolis and James Elliott Gibson son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Gibson of Portland Ore. For the past five years the bride has made her home with her uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Henry 1.. Newman ()f to.'kkinlev Place. The bride's cousin. Hl':ldon -.:._-_ : - _ Wager.o[ Connecticut W;;le. r the Farmington Country Club in yan linlvel.sty perfomwd the.... ceremony. The candlelight 'ites Charloltesvllle. Va.. and Will VSit \\'ere held in the Kumler chapell \.1'iiamsbur g bcfor. e returning to of Wpstern College for Women at Ann Ar1J()r where Mi. Gibson is Oxford 0 an architecture student at the Wearing a gown of silve'ed University o[ Mil'higan. They Chinee silk fashioned like a hav'e a new home at Portage Lake Vlctonan court dress and em. broideren in white silk roses. near Ann Arbor. Jud' walked up the chap1 aisle A luncheon and business meet. ing of thc Matinec J'vTusical will precede the program of music hy French compo.ers.january 6. llrs. J. W. Woodson of Beacons. fidd avenue will be hostess : assisted hy Mrs. A. E. Benson. An adder! fcal \re of t1lp. pro. ; :ram will he Helen Karl'. pupil of Thelma VonEisenhal\er. Mrs W f. Bl1lleigh will present the progl'anl. Slnith.-Campbell BMt::tly:' 9;om' Smith of Edgemont Park enter. 1 tained at a recent cocktail pariy to announce the engagement of their daughter Marjorie. to Fred'i erick William Campbell Jr.. son of the Frederick William Camp.i. bells oi Beverly road. i Marjorie who attended Grosse: Pointe Country Day School. is a graduate of Walnut Hill.School and Smith College A member of Siglna Galnold :ollie is al$o d pro \"iional member of the Junior L('ague. She 'lade her debut at 11 tea at the Country Club in D'{'('mbel' Her fiance attended Hotchkiss School and is now a senior at Yale University where he is affiliated with Beta Thela Pi fra. ternity (lnd Wolfs Head. "Sandy" also served with the Canadian Army for two and one.half years Wedding plans have not yet been ilnnounced. A h6rt v'eil of silver while tulle 1l1rs. Lightbody fell from he. headpicce of white silk moss ros<s Hnd she ("a!tied Party Hostess a shower bouquet of while roses lvillia.nt ROlleys stephanotis and mistletoe Mrs. William Loring Newman Mrs. W. Hmohl Lightbody of Yuletide Hosis and 4.'ear.old Anne Ncwman Merrlwealher road mvlted eo friends to a cocklail party and -- Joyce Clements gave a tea on Sundar Dec. 27 in her home in Medow lane for 70 classmates at ; Grosse Pointe High. honoring Kathie Stewart a former Grose Pointer now attending Penn Hall. Among the guests were: Joan Masse)'. lvjary Hodges Sally Rey. nolds Myrt Kitchen Bev Crain Joy Perry Jeanne Morrison Rev. Wills Sue Spurrier.Judy Nellis Pat lfordsey Julie Hibbard and Dolli!! Limbrock. Jr. of Renaud road sent out 300 hammer and many more. im'itations this wear for the an. nual train party which their Wednesday night upon allend. friends' children auend escorted ing the last day o[ schoo] [nr a by parents. The first shift of the. short two weeks Jcwne Webb p"rty was held Sunday afternoon Annie Candler Marianne TrolO' and he second will trke place bley N0n11a Neeb Gay Stephan. Sunday Jan. 2. SOli Carroll Grylls Dot Olsen Some of the parents altending Bert Wicking Judy Lyndl'llp with their youngsters are Mr. Carolyn Smith Judy Richardson and Mrs. William J. Croul. 1\11'. Fred Leinemann John Weed Jim and Mrs. John N. McLucas. Mr Sanforn Mickey Walling Dave and Mrs. Bruce Chalmers Mr Connpl1 Jim Mast SU5;2 Mal" and Mrs. Alan P. Beebe Mr. and tin Tom Auch Sue Spurrie.. Mrs. Clarkson C. Wormer ll. Clark vlcphail. Susie Riggs and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Litle.. Katie Wieland all joined the Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Barr Tuxis caroling group for a few M'. and Mrs: George B. HerTer. hours before returning to the nan. Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. church for some games and reo Evans and Mr. and Mrs. Edward freshments. S. Evans Jr. Several friends of MART.WATKNS gathered together Two Couples to Give Wednesday afternoon and went Cocktail-Dinner Party to her house for some Xmas gift exchanging. t was Marti's first Mr. and Mrs. James M. French small party since she had an and Mr. a.n Mrs. Allen Edwards operation. Refreshments were Jr. a:c glv'm.1( a progressive pa.r' served 1.0 Mary Stover Lois Holtz ty this evemng. After cocktal]s Katie Wieland Ellen Jane War. -ules r. scbubot CUSTOM l at the Edwards' h?me in. Bishop ley Gerry Jacobson Joyce Wick. road the guests Will contmue on and Alite Anne Sichler by Mrs. to Touraine roild for a buffet Watkins. supper in the French residence. Among the progressiv" party- The Conservation Club from g.oers will he Mr. and Mrs. Wil. G.P.H.S. held their annllill party lam McMillan Mr. and Mrs. ' at Dick Lord's home thi year. Charles Whte. Mr. and Mrs. Seen bidding their cards in Burl Ecldy Taylor. J. the Georgeihridl:e. playing pinf( pong or fa115. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bur- dancing were Gerry Jacobson gess Mr. and Mrs. William L. Milton Setzer Harry Easton Newman tho junior Ford Balian. Katie' Wieland Alicc Savage tynes Mr. and Mrs. William But. Clarence O'Dell Tih Hosme' C. Mr and Mrs.. Gordon Wood Ora LOll Harnclen Mflry Stover ;md the Granl F.. Armstrong.. : Davc Ramsey and Gen' Ney ' JEWELS 807 Metropolitan Bldg. and 'for Pointe Brides-Elect Wagers of Midr!letown Conn buffet dinner at the DAC Thurs. Mr and t\lrs. William C. Roney were their cousin's only attend..t d b f tl f ants Mrs. Npwman wore a day in celebration of her hus. mvl?. mem ers a l': anll'y bands birthdav. to Chnstmas dmner m ther bustled COtllt dress of silver. '\ Provencal ' 0 a d home Mrs. MSS NATALE JEAN SC}lRECK daughter of Mr. brocade. Her flowers were Dr. and Mrs Eugene Wells of". 1elnnon Pa Mr and Mr' Roy RoneJ s mother Mrs. E. J Hic. nand Mrs. George W. Schreck of Three Mile drive whose Christmas roses mistletoe and'... J" key and her brothers. Msgr engagement to William W. Wilcox son of Mr. and Mrs. "reener.v... A. F'lleha.ltlf M.'. and Mrs Har. r> d \ B 1\1 d M W Edward J. Hickey and Father Wendell G. V'lilcox of East Jefferson avenue was announced The flower girl wore a gold a " U.on. l r. an. rs. a. frederick Hickey O. P" o[ al a tea on Sunday afternoon brocade frock a tiny wrerth of la:e Kllee!" Mr. nd Mrs. FO'r;st Providen<:e R. 1. were among Christmas roses in her hair and tallmg and.m. and Mrs. Vnl. th t. ] t. d b k i!lam McKenZie were among the ' gues s. ca.rned a ace. nmme as et a guests. Others in the family cit'e1e d mllletoe and rose petals. were Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. K Nathan K. Van Osdol Jr. was thers meluded Mr. and Mrs. Hickey and Mrs. Hie-Key's best man Henry L. Newman Jr. Juhan C. cnosh. Mr. and father. James.A. Farley of New William Loring Newman Robert Mrs. Frer!enc C Hlmmelman YO'k: the Joseph L.' Hickeys F J T Bosson of ndianapolis. and Wil. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. suthr'l Wth their.daughter Eileen; N Ar\ ex liam Cook of Kansas City were lan? Mr. and Mrs. Fredenck their son. Joseph L. lhckev Jr. the ushers. : Ollison Mr. and Ml's Syd R. and their and daugh. After a reception at Peabody Scott and Mr. and Mrs. Harlow tel' Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Donnen Hall Western College. Mr. and C Stahl. 1ll1d their son Michael. Jr. Mrs. Boson entertained at a Still more who attended the wedding supper near Oxford. Nancy Cha.p. nch} gathering were the Roneys' son. The newlyweds whi tay at in.laws and daughters the Wal Bows to S ocieiy tel' Auchs with three sons Wal. J A Bet} 'otj-jcl.l Told. anc' Japman owe 0 so. i their son John Jr. (lite rl1tour S N C b d t and M.s. John D. Peacock with tea given at the Grosse Pointe Club by her mother Mrs. Charles G. Chapman. The deb' assistants were Frances Boyer Hilary Whittaker Ann Kamper Joan Young. Annette Shelden and Pat Candler. Mrs. Ju]ian P Bowen Nancy's aunl Mrs James M. Robb Mrs. Simpson C. Leonard and l\rs. H. Gordon MacMorran of Por Huron ilssisted Mrs. Chapman. Mr. and M's. Chapman ga\'e a small dinner Thursday evening honoring Mr. and Mrs. MacMorran :.lod Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Lendell oi Lansing. AT Britt-Rothwell Vows E xc1tangec1 Ro:d a:\nhe FURS JANUARY PRCES Women 1 Dolores' Rae Dossin Picks W ed din 9 Date NorthE'rn Michigan following their Dec. 20 marriage in the Will Become Bride of Robert Emil Schultz in Church of the' Me$siah. Before Ch h J 29 her wedding MS. Rothwell was Pointe Memoria urt on anuary ; Gross Sandra Sue Britt. daughter of Tells Attendants Mr. and Mrs. Cli!nrr! of Bedford road A. Britt The holirl"y season will scarcely be over when brio!':;' Sandra chose a Fh'nrh l'olon:al elect ilnd their prospective bridegrooms in the Pointe becon:(' gown of ivory 5atin ancllare. The i deepl\" l1\'ol\'ed in nuptia 1 plans. Dolores Rae Dossin daught!'r full skirt extended inlo a ciiti' ' of l\ll' and Mrs. Rov L. Dossin of Berkshire road and Robe:" lar train trimmed With rolls of i Emil Schultz have chosen Jan. 29 for their wedding in Gros;:e lace at the hem. An Jlhlslon 'ell! Pointe :\kmnrial Church --_.._.._-.. _ '.' fell from her. Llee eo'lt bnnnf'l n"lnrps ha ak"d 1arv Ere-n. i cc'emom' in Ge"u Churd1. and she. earned. a bouquet n% don tfl he he!' h':'nor mnirl. 'lrs.! Catrl!rlnc' p;htni (:t t:. :-'1r. oj.! stephanotis starlight ro;e" and fdward J Prisb(. lrs. GOlclon Mrs Joseph J. Cavanaugh of Wd. hiles of the valley S t J.. ' k.' N C. r!emere "venue. Wo!lJam is th. Jeannl' Gar?in('J' " tt1 aid 0 f O"lt.rsn aj:lhllgh.'o son nf 1r and :'\r.' \\'1li;m C. honor. worc a nolly "rern velvet. Toleno: Virglllia and t u t h Roney of Prb\'cncal rnd. '\ gown her matclg c1ore b?n: Schl\ltl sister.'; of th" hridl'grnorn Ann!\larie Cavanaugh Will r-.. i net t.llr.d \\.? nstl(l: lip': elect. 'md r;; DeLlguon herslst".s mad of hen)]. Rnn". Red 0. e. nnd V. folnhd hel will be bridesmair!s Glenni Bur. maid Wll mclurl "r(ltrw' 5L"or bouquet. (owned lke' the honor.. '.d Franc"s Jo C' \';jr 'd h' gal11 anal her COllSlll of the "u"h :V." )1'1 e. t. ".. ' h'.. allen d "nt b ut a eeper sane ' " h.. h.d.ri' \Valter '\ucn r" J"hn D Pea. [ 'd. eln'! 1 to Ole JunOr r "Smal..'"..... (1 green. were th e h 1" esmillus. '.' cock and Pegy C"llnns. Laura Lou Raymoljd. Sue Bogle \\ at 1en Schultz Villi sen e nts William has as\;"r! Fred :'-lm. Janel Reid. Carolyn OT Clara hrolhe.' as hpsl man. They are ph\" to be his bps! mrti. ThE' t.'1. Gonion ar! Anna Joyce Scott. SOl<01 lr. and 1111'SEml SChultz of 'ushers is lot vel cromple!". A The bridegroom son of...r. of Berkh'leroa1. Ushers nclude. breakfasl for the bridal party and Mrs. Clarence Br.ooke Rotb. Dolor('s twin orothr Rlcard i family and close friends will foj. well of Waters Mch. asked DOSS1 another brotner Ronert low the wedriin" Robert Evans to be his best man Dossin Robert West V/lllam '" FN'E Ushers were Jack Pt'arce Rob!'t Burn;: Dr. Edward Mack Robert Gregory Keith Kesler and Ja:k Brand(Jn and Roger Shepard. The Woods. "erldin reception will be held A reception at the DAC (ol.: at [he Detroit Yacht Club lowed the ceremony The couple. ext date on the Pointe nuptial will make their home in Lansing calendar is Saturday Feb. 12 when Catherine Cavanaugh and William C. Roney. Jr. will ex. change their vows al an ] 1 o'clock Holiday Dance jat High School 1 i Varieties of paper hats horns and balloons will highlight the annual New Year's Eve danre on December 31 at Grosse Pointe High School. Joe Fromm is chairman o[ the celebration and the decorations Refreshments towards the latter. are under the supervision of Nn. part of the evenmg brought m cy Doherty. John Drake is direct. by. M. and Mrs. Lord conslsted ing publicity Pat Perrons invitaof lce.cream und cake cokes and tions and Sue Riggs refreh. canqy canes.. menls.. Hep Watson is taking care o[ Another Chl'lstmas roll e d i intermission entertainment. around agam on Saturday and the New Year will run. in next; The dance S open to any Friday. coupl&s one member of which is. ' a Grosse Pointe High student Next week:; par.tll:s Will fill from grades 9 to 12. Alumni almost every remammg day of should be escorted by an under. vacaton. graduate. Be on the lookout for Betsy.' W db tl' k t'.t p. t Roston Clark and his band Will a 0 s s mg pal J a supply the music for the feslivi. Underwood s tea. Mary Stover s t' h' h '11 1 t f 9 30 t (").t J r F d' des w C W as rom :. a sno\\. pal Y. u e or S es 1:30 He was asked to return serl-bndge and of course New Year's Eve which will come forth ater engagemets at two pre..h. t' b th b ( VOUSNew Years Eve dances at W mally pal. es 0 e ore G P. t H' h and after the dance. rosse om e g. Have a very Happy New Year! f anyone wishes guest and does not to yet!t'jng have a a See you next week. guest permit. he should call Mr. Ralph Steffek at TU. 2.1 BB6 to make arrangements some time before the dance. Dress for the altair will be semi.formal. Prices are $2.00 if both members of a couple have student association tickets. The fee is $2.25 if only one has an SA. and $2.50 with no SA's. Betw<een Christmas and New Year's Week there will be a get. together pal.ty on Decemr' ' 29 at June Allard's resinencc on Hillcrest road. SOllie of the kids coming are: Bill OSband Nancy Downey Sally McKernan Jan Dlake ilarilyn Smith. Bob H". las. Pat Gant A Schwizter Barbara Houlin. Ed Buckeridge Mary Philosophy is often a lazy Ann Burlingame. Frank West and man's excuse for not doing some. Tom Baker. thing about. SALE - NOW! ntreduces Daughters 11-11'5Lawrence S. Roehm intro duced h('r daugheters Nancy Ann and Grace :-largaret at a Counlry Club tea Thursday The debs' sisters. Belly Roehm ana Mrs R. F. Koebel assisted their mother Fi']rti(l flexibility PLUS /1m.!e support.. perfec! fi t PLUS /lmr'e growirg room ERt";;' FClliurir.g smcolhne;; m 0 ; e.- GROSSE PONT! Kerchevel Nlo.ra ' 9236 we sinc9rely hope the new year will prove to be the grandest one ever E. JEFFERSON rh()da burke Phone F nrodwt\l' Branch Shop 3 "EnCHE\!;\ L ;\ \le. Gross! Poin' farm FUR STYLSTS AND MANUFACTURNG furrers OPERATNG OUR OWN RETAL SHOPS._ _ -.J

8 :"'-: i.'! lliillljjlljl!!l!lolllli::"!jji:llli:lllllli1mll;!:iwi'!!i'i1"i:!lmlili!!n!d:1ii'ii!lllllllillliiliiliililllilillllllllllilili lhllllt>r.. and MRS. KENNETH Club dance honoring debs SUE ""Sh d h P'!il HUljER of Chicago and the REEKE NANCY PERSON and ort.ar1 to t e 01nte i:k''l J CK;/f\'ii:: JOAN MULr:OD. after dinner'i "'Jilllllllilmlllitliiillllill!lllil!'1'i:!il::'lil'i!':: ::5'11'1'i:j:i'''l!il:1:Nii::::lill:::i'lii.:;::ilj;f:::;:' ':::':ill:!:!l:h':\1 H" a'lc! J\ (S FHA NK P. BOOK: Mil and MRS FRANK E. of Unl\'eJSltv plnee '. (Conttnued from Pag 6) bistel'!1r. and MilS EDWN 13 '. S1 ANDS he d. open louse Sun. "'RS BARBOU'R BO E r HENRY r f K day honorjllg CAPT. and MRS. ": :'. W N of i i a amazoo.!\-n. and MRS DOUGLAS FREDERCK DANA STANDSH "; Jndlanapoh fnd.. 15 a )"ue i CAi\PBELL of Rathbone place f F 't B ' G' h" (' gup1 pf th.. )A Vf) " W lilt " i a 01 enlllng. a" \ 0 al e 1 '" ".. -:". _?CK CONNE:L": tlrt'llclcd till': 11;0':1' as. theil' llcs\s fo three visiting Capl. Standish';; parents. :NE1S JR.. of 1-.l.->(.a J{.. 1. De:) CotllllO/1 i"c'w York be-. w('ek:; lie ' on ll. Jaw ;me! 1 the W. COLBURN STANDfSHES fore C'Oll1l1lg. froln Williams Col- : "ughter. Mil. nrl MRS. FRAN-j of Lakeland avenue Weekend gl\(''ls "f.\lr and lege to spend the nnljdavs with CS C. FARWf.LL and their MRS. WLLlA:\! L. McGVE1N hh pilrrnts. MR. and!lnis. M. daught!'rs. SUSAN and i"laro;' i JULE FORD gave a dessert of Ri'ard bon!r"''l ":('('!lls. lett F. COO'{NF.LY of Ridge 1from Lk(' F:m':!. f.ll. bridg!' party- yesterday afternoon :\'l(';l\'l'lill' bmt hl'r-in-l.j\v mil od in her MOl'an road home. Seated _-_.._ i \l!.l a/ld MHS. CHARLES H. at llie t"bles were JANET HOB-! f3lss anrl thclr3011 BLLY \ilme SON. POLLY WLTON CAROL DETROT TOWN HALL FriW'a' 7 Tlck.'.' 1... i t;-om hell' home Van Nuys GRYLLS NAN C Y GEORG Capt. "BLL" 9j!loll:;1D!.\.lrs 13:&.parents Mfl; and MRS : JAMES SUE JONSON JANET Great WED. JAN 5 11 A M JORGE Great BOlET A Dramatic Sma.k. hv WilliAM WSlEr. HANES wlth JAY FASSETT BYRON McGRATH ' JAMES WHTMORE Eve Sat. Tat All JlrJces l1rhll)c Tax "ALASKA. RGHT A WA Y" ART NSTTUTE THEATRE Mush: DOOMelh:::r UHtllg:ushrd Cuhi\l JLlUhl Jan. 12 Richard Lloyd George Jan. 19 Walch'mar JUlek Jan. 26 Nicol Smith JANUARY Great Danclnq Singing. Amcriel'.. Nelf' ("'ledy SOllg Team SellSafirm! TbcJ'rc l'rtjjb! They'll' Dif/rrC! They're W'olldcrful PHL BRUNONE'S OROHESTRA Fcetullnl! J""lee Walcf$-ArnJe Rose. Pi"nn < l'ion 'OSTAV Tr"F.SDAV DAXC1W.TF.\ THH\H l< R"mh. :\'itht f'(lt.t :'dhjlt RolH'cl )'l"rlitan" 7. (n\tjlnn. n"'h> Nghts R n"i Hob Rodrln... fl.od 0 Week s TU J W WAlUllll.'lalMl JT e Wish All Our friends alld Patrons.t Happy New Year Thul.r Ci1f.. 10 pl'/ld the week with JANET 'SKLLMAN KAT i "FlT'lTRJ: Of' AR POWER" C. JlASCAL 131:15S. j.johnstone NORMA NEEB STD'S CAFE l.ounge J)JAECTON-SOL A:-.D SAM 'OESKY Vlsfl Our "Tte\'bton Lounge" Wednesdu)'.Thu.. da)' V 'ccmjer :W-3f).John l.und narr.' FihJ:'rald "JUS TATLOCK'S '1LLOXS.. Ftilla;.".Salurdsy Dec. 31.Jan 1 ned Skelton llrjhj'::}'i's \'\};E" :-;..w Yt.'a r's \'l'.-a!'il le.turc at 11:3U ]lm Sun.)lon-Tu". Januan' 231 l"jrlllr.:uaturc Shellf":\-' "'inlel5 "CRY Of' '' [t; CTY" (f-==q " Floor Show STORK CLUB OF DETROT mirier new Jtlftnftgemetlt GROSSE PONTE NEWS Thurday December MR. and MRS WLLAM RE. WOLDT of Sunningdale drive had as Christmas house guests theil' son-in. law and daughter DR and MRS. JOSEPH WHEL. AN of Minneapolis.... MRS. RAYMOND H BERRY will entertain at a luncheon today at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club for DORS ZMMERMAN a deb of last June. PAT O'MORRSSEY was hosl. ess Thursday <vening at a Christ. mas parly in her home on Audubon road. JOHN MACK was Pat's escort. Olher guests were JOA. l'vassey Featuring: Clams Casino N.9693 Entertllininq by rene Forrut Harpist Also-Three lad and a lllssi Ellt Warren nar Ollte Drive CHUCK GHESQUERE MARG EMMER-: ETT RAY BALO GRACE CLE- ' MENT::; JERRY STRECK LN- DA MUR and HAL PERCE ; MRS. BARBARA WCK HEN- RY of Neli road is spending the week in Cleveland with hel' sis. ter MRS. MAX SUPPES. On Jan. she will leave for Palm Springs Calif. to visit her parents the HENRY WCKS. MR. and MRS. HERBERT W. HEWTT of Grand Rapids are spending the holidays with Mrs. Hewitt's parents th HARRY T. HARTWELLS of Lincoln Toad. o EXCELLENT' CUStE Joe MiceU Engaged Jan. H-losroe Drummoncl-"The Stle or the...alion.. C ' PAT 'HAMMAND SHELA Mac. lcllll :''S \{t\.:\lllt. RAE JEAN WEBB. and JAN ; 'J::l"" JlL"...: /;.. '.. i LUNDGHEN leavl's Jan 2 for San Francisco " "wncl' she will 11.1'10 her ho11 i" " 1l Vli'llmgtoll. Nl'w Zeilland. She i MRS.. EDWARD P: HAM10ND Mr. and Mrs. GllY Lyford of -LAS-T -'--O'--UA--Y--S :'o:'::t:cj -.-- St'.EVE rhe Hard.hitting Comedy Drama PAUL KELLY (OF MOVE FAMn! THE SEASON'S SENSATONAL HT **.******************1 NOW PLAYNG Z:.. ". * STAGE t t PRODUCTONS NC. ::: t Preoent. ::: * * t \ i JERRY LESTER i t * $ / "RAZE the ROOF" i and Dancing * * r With Wiere Bros t : PRO!UCE;D BY MAURCE DUKE ::: l\tellj rear's Da)'! t's a Merry 1vfusical : (Sold Out New Year' E'e) Presenting a Ne.. Band t Slay.Ride ::: i BOBBY SHERWOOD i DON t Chili Williams - Ada Leonard t CARLOS "'<S holl()led Sunday.t <ll egg- entertamed her fanhly Chrlstmas Mapleton road announce the en- i!lug party gl\ en by her SO1-ll-' Dayal 1n eggnog party n her gagement of the!r daughter' Ja wand daughtel MR :md MRS. new home on Edgemere road. MARY MARGARET to William EDWARD J. TUTAG of Blshop J. Palmer son pf Mr. and Mrs road.. i 1R and MRS. CLAUDE A. Robert H. Palmer of Harpel' ' GRENE \Vh? have just n.loved avenu-e. No wedding date has rhe Dec. 11 bij'lh of a naughler. frolo lhel' resdence on Mlddle- been set. MARGARET nuth is announced sex boulevard to the' Lormer by MR. <\lld MRS ALVN G. ROBERT SCRPPS home on Bal- RUSSELL (LELA WYNNE) of four road are entertaining their R obej't Clar kes Devonshire road. friends at a series of informal parties. They initiated the series 0' H01'1eymool SUE HUG fl E S and BLL Tuesday evening by inviting MR. t- t- ' t- MACKEY entertained lasl week and MRS ROBERT CHEETHAM. at a dinner in Sue's home on Lhe JOHN LANGS. MR. and i Rivard Blvd. BEBE BYRNES MRS. HARVEY ZENS lhe CHL- JOHNNY GALVN JANE TAY- TON DRYSDALES and MR. and LOR BOB SMTH ANN HAG. MRS. JOHN LLLEY for dinner : GERTY DCK GUSHEE. JOAN and cocktails. 'fa YLOR AL RUEDl1l1AN and SUE BOGLE and BLL DAHL. MR. and M R S WALTER NG were thei.r guests The THORN CONNER of Rivard couples adjourned to the Country boulevard \vere hosls at a Christ mas Day open house to members of their family... MR. and MRS. MARCEL VER- 1 BACKE of 1348 Beaconsfield are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter (Karen Marie) at St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital on December 23. :::. RAY MALONE-Cecil Stewart's Royal Rogues t Latin American Band * Lila Terris and the GOLDEN GATE GRLS :: BOBBY SHERWOOD'S ORCHESTRA ::: On December 18 a daughter 'tvj:1\1' NGHT: U:lt\TNEES: (1st mal. SUl" : lllihe CHERON ANN 7 bs. was born * Dee. 26-Thereafter Sat. and Sun.) PrCe! nc. Tax. i'!: to Mr: 'and Mrs. Robert Ling of t GALA PERFOR1\ANCE NEW YEAR'S EVE: 8:30 ". ta Maryland avenue Mrs Ling is * LOWER FLOOR. 4.80; BAL ; 2nd BAL. 1.80:.-a."" 00'" the fonner MAHY MADELNE t-tr.;:.;: lll.-l<-l<.-l<-l<l.*l.. +e"'-l<-l< ic.j... l-l<.*.j*-l< l..h' l*.j t 'H40!J E.. Jefferson KOENG.... y "....".r'wv'''' 1 r FOR RESERVATON From Ross Calif. come word ' ( b' :a f.._ Phone ROsevi!lo'9185 that MR. and MRS. DANEL S. Mas k and W 19 u i CHOCE STEAKS WARNER have adopted 'a baby : daughter. KATHLEEN. Mrs. " = of "' SEA FOOD and Warner is the former KATH- :- " LOBSTER LEEN KEENA daughter of The University or Pennsylvania '' MRS JAMES T. KEENA of Ri. vard boulevard and the late Mr. ".'LL PRESENT :. '-t:...! Keena. :: J"-Ss.'''... 'S'S...SSS...SSSS'S"SS''S 'ssssn's.: 0:'" On the Success of Your Party Whel'l your club sodality or prish group plans a dinner or B ; '; luncheon be sure of its suceess by holding it at The Whitti.r. 'i Here's where you dine in an atmosphere of refinemert and beauty. There is always the best in serviee and cuisine. M.ake :w.' reservations now for your spring social events. i ". ': ' A spccl lran i " ded t" lran'porl llio productir>r.. Filly under- " Call VAlley 'i graduate t.1rs.1rc{'d hv a prof sslonal orchestra and pro... fesslonal!ai:ic innd.. drc r.l'{'dd tn mo\'e the massive ets Stals on salt Roo'n 63 R<d ere Bulldinf. 153 East Elzabelh leeet. :w <:71 ) J t Orchctra H 4&. Da[con' $l.o. Telephone WOo 15'3Zl1..: Jhe VUlzi icl'... r'"..w"' ' "rl'.!''o...r'..."w.. Burns Drive on the B'autlfu! DetrOit R[ver. ii."s'"':-''"s"sss''s... sss''". ' Appearing Nightly PAUL SEERS and JOHNNY HAYMER Mr. and 1111'S Raymond G Wegman of Merriwealher roa.d announce the marriage of their daughter Vonnie Marie to Robert W. Clarke son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Clarke of St. Clair avenue. The couple were marri-ed Wed- ' nesday afternoon December 9 at Grosse Pointe Memorial Church. The ceremony was fol- lowed by a reception at lhe bride's home. The new!'1rs Clarke wore a light grey satin ballerina length gown and carried a bouquet of white stephanotis. Barbara Ris. i ing was her only attendant. Midshipman Thomas D. Ftitsch was Dest man. Ushers were Harry; S. Stahl and James Ross Barnes. The bride chose a beige gabar- dine suit with dark brown accessories and a brown fur coat as her going away outfit. The couplf! will honeymoon in Florida and Havana. de1 Refreshment TH SftOH UlWlU' co. DfJllOT 2'. MCH Elaine Gttraldine Wallace To Marry Richard C. Dieh: M'. and Mrs. Robed C. Wallace announced the engagement of their daughter Elaine Geraldine. to Richard Callen Dietz son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dietz of Fairholrn drive. l1t.1 cocktail party in their home in Bedford load. ' The young couple will speak their vows in 51. Clare de Monte. faleo Church on January 22. Rarits OVEN-BAKED ENAMEL PANT JOB $39Q You Always ANT.FREEZE Fnest Quolity Prepale now for 0 colel winter! DlU''t woit fo the lint freele to domog. you' cor and cause cosl. y epoi... WHUR.ZE nstolled in your cor for $ complete BUMPNG EXTRA HOW! Another. STENER Spec/or! New Car Heater As. little a. (Complete) ANY MAKE N c TU to Hold Housewanning Mr. and Mrs Robert Barit of Barbara Simonds M'. and Mr.5. Kenwood road sent out invita- RabNt l\lijligan and M'. and Mrs. tions 10 their friend.; for a house- ' Jillgh H. Loud. warming and eggnog party lhi! On New Year's Day Mr. and evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ames: Mrs H. Gordon Wood of Notre Howlett. Jack Frazer. the junior! Dame avenue will entertam at Alfred J. Fishers. Mr. and [\11';;: their annual eggnog party.!ll'. Thoma:; K. Fisill'r and M.'. :md Uld Mrs William Butler. John 'Mrs Fnmklin!t Walker will. Dykema thl' John H. Gardners attend ' and M'. and Mr5 William G. Othr guest will include!!' Lerehen Jr" will be among their and Mrs Thomas J. Hammond guests You'll find FNER SERVCE at FARER PRCES Drive in toddy for COMPLETE WNTERZNG JOB that will put your car in condition for we/lther ahedd. DOl\"T DELAY-DO Any moke or COD'. Bumping ond Pointing exra. Giye YOur tor thot faolory new look. Another STENER. Specia/! Corr.plete Ring Job $312 including all labor and path T TODen'! 50ve at ALFRED F. STENER CO Mack at Grayton Telepbone Niagara 4000 OPEN SATURDAY UNTL S-SERVCE AND PARTS DEPT. OPEN 8 o.m. TO MDNGHT i illll! nlUl 1JllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillilllllllllllllJl1l11'l:lllillllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllOllll 'i :ttert ; les r ;Z:' t'\\l t' fu _ i Drive in today and beat the winter rush!. Let us check your cooling system motor brakes and front end wheel alignment for =: top performance and your car's protection g li Compl.t. Bumping and Painling S.rvic. i i WASHNG SMONZNG BLUE CORAL i i F... To'.h.d ".<p t< - G... P t<... Aee..... ; WHYTE OLDSMOBLE CO EAST JEFFERSON at BEACONSFELD VA ll1mlllllllllllllllllllllllllll'll!l!llllllllillli !111U' !111111!lllllllmillllilllllllllnllllllllJlllllllllml!lmlmll:iilllllllln!illlll!ill!l!lllllllnllllllllllllllliillllllllllllllllllliiii GlJABANTEED Factory Method-Baked Enamel All Over Remember too... NO )ORE TO PAY! last JEFFERSON at HOnlNGHAM 1!.:o:perlSerda () All Makes "f C"r$ PANT JOB OF CAR ) "

9 Thursday December G R OS S E PO NT ENE W S BY[llClD-- C:"L;:EE;O' :;::::;o:;d'::'::: [ [9 News Office or convenient i :iit 5 i t i \. A 4'' ;' i 'J t i i :t>'ltjons for mh ilds or ca!1 YOUR AD CAN BE CHARGED CALL TUxedo Trunk Lines Tke News Office for cnmge To Serve You Quickly JEFFERSON AVEtoJUE * SeheHer'5 Drug E. Jefferson. at (liottlng. ham KERCHEVAL AVENUE * Mjller Pharmacy H95 Kel'cil(V;l! at \\'ayburn Kopp's Pharmacy 16tl2(j Kcr('b"'\'al. <1t Dame * Cunningham's Drugs Kercheval ;;.t!\'()re Dame * Notre Dame Pharmacy Kerde\'al. en Nolrf' Diime City of Grosse Pointe Allell/i()l Ci/)' ReJid ll/s: Phone NL 9726 Norbert $ Property Sold fnr $10300 ReasOrJa ble Bonus TU TU P Neff Clt." Clerk Paid GROSSE P01NTE WOODS MACK 'COMPLETE typing and telephone service. Grosse Pointe Serelarial Sen'ice :Mack. TU i7. 21 d-curtain Laundry Window Shade Cleaning and Replacements MUMFORD'S A LWAYSthe Very Finest of GOOD SUVC HARPER AUTO SALES Horptr v'irtu. 2.0'1' FOODS FLOOR COVERNG E. WARREN' Nagara Custom Corsets SPENCER CORSETS i NDVDUALLY designed. Dress and Surgical garments Over 13 years experience. Maude Bannrt. 368 McKinley Grosse Pointe. Call Nagara 4027 or TOwnsend Deliveries-t'li HR "hoto finishing SERVCE 1 Rt;CllWS-\hun" or Slugl.. Radios che('kt'd fl!'jlaired promply. "ork guaranteed-rtrason.ltble HARPER-VOGUE Radtrvice J69U Uarprr :\t U;H\'ard 1'lJ'. -:?SSO W.fi66 Grosse Poinle News. freeze. Ne\'Cf used. National kind. William Brockel : eamon _..._ brand. Will sacrifice E. A Hal. ESQURE SHADE CO. Stephens Dr.. E".;t Dc!roit WNDOW SHADE CO. Gf\S. PTE. DSTRCT. A com. sten. 44no CaES Ave. Delroit. 'Mich. ROseville 3315-W. fortable room for business wo TE Charlevoi \2 Charlevoix noar J:astlawn. man or man wilh references. TU EVERYBODY'S SAYNG T.. deaned hy ih(' n1nr1f":'rn SfiAPOONG ETOD 0''''.' nut more evcrl.1ling' n(8ul' in ''otll" horne. Our \wj;"kcrs.1re ('x- }l:"i('frd'1;::1.;.hle. Cdll tl)day ROSEDALE CARPET CLEANNG CO. TO TO !1 F YOU OOH'T GO OVER TOO WELL WTH THE FEMNNE SEX WHY NOT GO MASOH AND DXON - THEY HAD A GOOD LNE.' 01 TOM BOYD has a qood line serve customers courteously with dependable auto repairs batteries Clnd auto parts. Thot's our New Year's resolution TOM BOYD' NC. $ALES ' $"ERVCE. BUMPNG and PANTNG last Jefferson at Nottingham Phone TU '" Shingle Roofs OLED with Pure Creosote We Have New Supply General Home ihaintenance P. P. GRACE VA B4 CONNER T. Schuman COMBNA non WNDOWS COMBHAT10N DOORS WAlnut J.\Tee1 We all of Repair Types Lamps Old and New Lamps VASES and STATUES WRED Glass and Ch; Vmes Dr[!ed Full line at f1or tamp Dna kerosene Al') lamp Fd'9ree paris. ;ar:dmade Vases. Page DEADLNE 5 P. M. TUESDAY ads. i " _ Ail ads must be in The t'-lew 21i-Paint and Dec_ot 2!i-Paint ond Decorat. 3-REAL T_1E FOALE. '21t-Rerat!on 21t-Dressmaking Z_l_V-P_io_i 1 OHice by 5 OC'OcK Tuesday E. WARREN. For im'esl-i GURANn;ED work on all reo EXCLSVE Alterations by!a. PAXO lumn;: C'lcc!ric c!c'anin;: P C OUR CARD OF QUALTY men!. Building only. Leased' frlgeratlon Repared 10.hqme fie..tephens. Also furs. 13t7 comple! ' ;;nice. C. L. Ed. for 10 years. Shows excellent or hermelic unit replaced. Li. Kercheval. VAlley w1rd:: TUxeno "UXEDO articular Distinctive cenred and bonded J. Hayes Trunk retul'n La Bar. TU tt. Refrigeration Service. VAlley i :f:xphtei':ceddr(l'=n1ilkln nd * Grosse Pointe Drug Co Kerchf'\'al :it Sl. Clair * Titus Drug Store 1 Ken.:hcvflt at 1-'i.o:her Road (Farms) MACK AVENUE * Blue Cross Drugs 17S11 :'l'ok Ave. 1 ':etl Rood * Harkness Pharmacy 203t3 1<1('k A\"(. ::;t Lochmoor B\'d. * Pando Confectionery.2:092 Mack Ave. at Anita FSHER ROAD * Schettler's Drugs 337 Fsher Ro. at.\ume'e 1-PUDLC NOTCES _ Chartel Buses lor All Occc'lsions DELUXE MOTOR STAGES Chir./go $3BO S. 'Louis $6.37 Los $ Cass at Bagley Ran 1341 For all inquiries concerning.skating at the City Park on E. Jefferson oposite Uni\'ersity Plare please call lhe park at. tendwt directly at the City Park PCASe m"oid ci'tlling he polic(- tatlon for sx:lting nformation. Ml1RTGAGE WANTED (!:W St('Jre wlh 5ulte lif 4 o!:"icc'$ All \... nl LOST: FULL GlOWN' Cl\T wilh bltlck and grr. 1ig(t" llhl'ki n(!:-: Disapprared Ore. 21. ("hilr1rl'n' pet. Reward for feturl1 TU G. SX lare leatler cowrerl innr-fspring porch ftlr nilme srats. Rear of 'i Clair. Reward Call TUxedo 1.10R!. LOST-Small npnlepoint purse on Grosse Pninle sr"! evt'- ning.)f Decl'mber 181h Scntimenlj! valtle. Rwarrl Write Box B.3511 Grosse Pointe News. ainting e(:qrating alterations. Andr('" Schmidt.:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!t' E S E NJ.!i3ia. MODERN COLOR DESGNNG R AL E TAT 21i-Paint and Decorate ; '_' 1 PATTY BRGGS llir and dress Applied with Superior Workmanship SELLNG or BUYNG FOR THE FNEST inlerior del" designer "lter<ltwll" fur reo orating and outside painting at pairjng rem'lde- ling Excellent EDWARD L/\NGE reasonable cost see Charles A. wolkmall'i1ip. :-;"" locatim Cl Schrader VAlley 4.03H Kr-r"("'1 1T:"do Decorator JOHN C. STAUDT ncl A.COUK. d;;;;ii'g and -=_lw9 and1_g2'_. _ VAlley painting intel'ior and exterior 21 y-piano Servicl:' VAlley W<J1l paper removed. Washing Slr_.r: F":_.rr._A_.a: E_D_.. _' 8-LARNToLCELuE..!ROE-M-N5..A.A;E1-'S We h/lve buyers lor good homel. 9 Ct.i;'nteVAJjey T%)1fp: l:g - -k ' ".. "'. Let us lppr/lise "our property torc --V-A-N-'--f-O.. U-Z.E-N--&-'S.ON C and mothjlruoling. PLaza AN WSHES parl.time wor ' 1. om- Place your order early handyman availabh: from 11 MUMFORD'S FLOOR best mllrket prices. plete painting and decorating. ----' _ a m. to 4 p m.. Ex.cellent ref- COVERNG Servire by hour or contract. r erences. RoseVlle ;152.J. N Ec'lstJefferson _'_9. VOGUE THRFT SHOPP '_ E. Warren agara' NTEROR d JOHN R EXPERENCED w hit e woman lt NoHingham and exterio ecorafwishes washing cleaning to do FOR f.: BETTER grade of used ing. Reasonable. Call 1\1. Brown. HAZEL PARK in own home. OLive furnture see!..atway Furnl VAlley Will Accept Used Clothing for.. _._. _ ture KerchevaL We aj- 19-PETS Resole on Consignment NURSE wishes to care for elderly ways have the things you are 1==--: i-wall Washing LNCOLN baby sitlin in better home loo :: y_:::2115 _ FEMALE PUPPY mother long WALL WAsi--N-G---F-r-ee--e--s-t-i- TUxedo :2' 1 TYPEWRlTERS add in g ma- haired Daschund $5 :uxedo'l: mates. B. F. Gentl:Y Lode. CO U P L E will baby chines supplies. Buy where 5.3D3i. wick TUxedo 1-20: _ ' Year's E\'e. S000 view Call Lake- you get service. N a t ion a Typewriter Co Berkshire. 21-SERVCES 1211-Window Washinq.. _ 'T. -t-d' TUxedo (a}-gliflll'c11 Window Shade Cleaning EXPERENCED grl wan s ay and Replacements work. References. BLackstone: ELECTRC sleam radiator; 6 fl. BEAUTY COUNSELOR Service. MUMFORD'S FLOOR skis with bindings and poles; Mrs. Pierre Herr. Nagara men's ski boots size 10; wom. COVERNG COLORED WOMA Wshes days. an's brown coat; mink col2r E. WAlmEN ExperJeneed wltn references. \ ' 14 TU 1.5d5 CU LLiGAN SOFT WATER N Laundry cleaning. Loraine _.= ' /. M a_ g _'_r.a 04_4_6 ' FLAT TOP while enamel gas kil- SERVCE 2h-Carpenfer 'Nark chen stove good condition. See _ GRL WSHES week work 5 and make an olfer Ken- nvetigate this time c'lnd money CARPENTER days 9 to 5 Grosse Pomle ref. sington BRCK - 'WORK _ CEMENT erences. TOwnsend sc'lving converlience today. PORCHES extra rooms dorm SKATES: Boys hockey size 6 and HAd' COLORED chaufteur wishes posi. 9 $3.00 ea. " size 9 $500. Girl's arper venue e 1s nveways sidewal ks C - roofs guile' work. G en era tion. Excellent rderences. a white shoe skates. size 6 $200. T RO ' W P e. sevi e Home and ndustrial Hepairs B. F. age WOo 5-0i45. size 9 5:J.00. Girl's black hoe H. F. JENZEN ----_._----._----.:-_-! LADY-_;t-Ci;;_k Monday skales size 6 $200. N i2 Dickerson Ave. VA Werlnesday and Friday. Lor- OVERCOAT tailor made. tuxedo TRUCK LETTERNG servlce'l ROAD SERV C ' raine 7:1471. or dress weal' black Call TUxedo for free PORCHES -;;tic;;ti. lei'.. Worn vel')' lillie $ TU estimate. rooms or minor repairs done Fred EXPERENCED white chauffeur by licensed conlractor Quota. j and houseman excellent city BG SALE tions on request. TU M Hr.: Day :.':;' " ::ec\.call VAlley Bk;d lews gr.\ i: _.- n Grosse Pointe Woods t's Nine P: up and Delivery TUxedo ELECTRC SHOP OLLG ELf:CTRC Mdck "ear Barh<!lm KADUR'S STANDARD STATON ALL STAl"[H1W OL PRODUCTS FOR YOUR CAR'S SAKE We DD Welding Ma<;k Ave Cor. Roslyn Rd $2t;lue t;l50;; WiLKNSgrage door ' e p a i ' TU l! (1iJ ELEC(5!:'.pmNYECl ( OJ!.LORS-- Men's and Lallies' Snits Tailored To Order VA Altemtioils RellninJ{ Cleanin and Prrssing 149:111 EAST JEFFERSON at City Limits Sen'illg GroHe Poi/lie Sil/ce 1930 wilh lille 0/ STOR\f Sf/Sf[ and SCF 'E;\'S /01' wood 01' sleel l:il/dows. a c()mplete CtJJ/()m 0/ wood or metal 3CREEN & STORM 'ORCH ENCLOSURES 9939 MACK AVE. UllEn Come and see POWERS WE WLL HfLP YOU-AND SAVE YOU MONEY We Have the BEST FOR LESS! B1lild.. Add lh. t:xtra Room Recrea.tion Room or fl;u:a!ir. C)mpl<le Une or JXrBER. nardwa.r". Paints Windows. Storm Sform Doors. 2nd fine Oak Floorinlt. Gh'e- 111 a call... Yon won't be s('jrry. Re.Roaf and nsulale Your Home Now! All types of Roofing & nsulation. Ready Mixed Concrete. The B::fSit Little Lurnbrr l"ard n the World! owers LUMBER Harper between 7 and 8 Mile Rds. - TU Houn: x 10 S WltL YOUR CAR START? SOME COLD DAMP MORNNG T WON'T LABOR and MATERAL ONLY $650 DETROT'S H ADQUARTERS FOR finer $frvc! JEFFERSON LNCOLN-MERCURY SUES Sve time trouble and money. let us insulte your entire ignition system against this 3100 EAST JEFFERSON Eslnblished 1925 Open Eves. 'till '7 :00!nwN!nplr x Call Nagara clocks $250 up; kitchen 'clocks s e r ' ice. specializing in all E R' 11 d S :-.w and Old \'ok NEAT COLORED girl wishes pos types of doors Call WAlnut ar e e ar service CJ 0 "lutpor:-;t" and OTHER APPL\A:-.'CES. $3.95 and up; manlle clocks \ ' ition day or week work. Lh'c COR 0 N A poflable typewl'ller "lk \'t' 'n. "ljlds " -' 'W--. '"modi'l. Uellver'-Elocl'!c Ran'5 \\'uhers. n. oj' home nighls. C' ll)' re [ er- \\'l'lh labl" S"O.OO RCA \'adl'o $2450 up; chime clocks $29.50 up. -- " '.. R.lrl.r"o" and \'>cullm Clean.". c u V" k f k E d h 1 S "O 00 0 l e stoc 'a types 0 c oc s. x. BASEMENT BARS and recred'" "ff. OUT ences TYler an P onograp 1 ". Storo at Your Sen'lce t. '. door badminton set S8.00. Nt perl guaranteed clock and watch lion rocms. bullt 01" finished : : : EXPERENCED J'AN desires service. Frpe eslimates privale parly.l. SEWERS _ DRAiNS _SiNKS. BAYER'S ELECTRC & APPLANCE COMPANY position as cook buller or EAST SDE CLOCK SHOP LAke\'le\\" 6.03i9. : C"L E A NED : t:. WARREN Rus TUxedo.OHO houseman. References. Call REMNGTON noiseless typewrit Mack TUxedo HoUrS-rr<'s: 9:0 ol1:0!' 30 Res. TUxedo 1-45j2 CheTV er. standard size excellent con STORl\! SASH and \'enetwn : All t N' ht d d ' ': "_u_r_a_)'_"_: O_"_: bllllds attles rec eation and. ype. 'g an a1 servce..... _ 5A--i:mployment Bllreau _!!: TU VENETf\N BLNDS sun loom and "eneral car- :. A. work. G.u.ara...nteed : '..) Carefully selected. Couples $ Boy's bike 28.inch $ c'ly ervlce REPARS: fleclrical Sewer Cleaning Ca. :! SQUER SCREEN CO. Cooks Maids Porters Chauf. Boy's hockey skates. size 5 Als t' d' NTEROR and EXTEROR: VA : feurs Dishwashers and day $2.00. Call NL re- apmg re"cor 109 reo ' GRL'S Schwinn bike 2B-inch pcntry. GEneva 8096 : MOTOR CTY : FREE ESTMA1;ES FHA TERMS AVALABLE - Colored help. 3 5 D S. workers. _ ' : --'---1- pairing" cleaning or repainting. ' Erlc/ase front. or rem porches _---.._- 2 TAFFETA evening gowns b ue k't h.. t " ' Model Service Bure/lu $ Window shades made to measure. en COlnfl s recrepllon rooms CA '. "geen. me. c'lltc roolm remodeling. Prompt VENETAN BLl.JDS TU or replaced on your rollers service good workmanship. WiNDOW SHADES Cleaned Reconclitiel?l. (Houses Apts. Flats. etc.! carved screen" curtains elc. Colors in natural green and Nesbitt Nlagc'lfll 6784 Recorded Retaped FLAT. newly erecled near Ker- Evenmgs or Sunday TUxedo b "'-_'_-'._.. cheval.s. Clair shopping cen rown. FNE CARPENTRY _ Kitchen Ser\'ing Detroit and '"lrb5 '. tel'. mmediate occupancy. S F' TU Cabinefs Recreation Rooms for o\'el' 25 YO'TS 1 A REAL BARGAN. 10 foot home or estimates Cll.' Allics and 'Aterali0110 of any' 6--FOR RENT PNE CHEST drop leaf table Porch shades made to measure. i S. F. BAR BER'. per month. Lease 'Write Box " F W L 7-WAHTED TO RENT "D&R" Best by Far [Houses Api's. Flats etc.) Storm sash screen. vcnetian. BJind\. Free estimates. ADirL'r-C()Uprj:JJ;tll;;;k;ng D & R SASH CO Wth one chld. desre to rent flal. apartment small bolls' or i 1540B Mcock TUxedo A-PER50lALS garage aparlment. Call Will Desl'ochel. Neighborhood Club 9-ARTClES WANTED NFANTS to five veal's day hour Nagara or full time ijc(nscd' home WANTED Roseville 0812 ]\f. ABRASVE engineer and family college graduales need two ST AND FOUND bedronm hnll5c or apartment. 0 de h' -L-OS-T---Dimon(\ frnm ring. Vi- :r e llaie r1:f.rele\o " ot n9 cinily St. Clair. Kcnsingt.)n. Of ward 2.i4i4. BEST PRCES PAiD Agnes ann Scmino!e G""d rc. \vard. C'all VAile." :1.0:J88 YOUNG.' 'r d 2 FOR MEN'S SUTS 1 cxeclhl\'c W e an TOPCOATS AND SHOES children wanl 3.bedlOom house LOST. in Grn.\c Poinlc Park or apartment lip lo $l25. Native TYler boy's gold rimmed glass(':: grey p. R f "fose ornlers e efen('rs. A te!eo horle call will bring us to case. Reward TU Call Nag.ll':J Mr. Richarrl KillllJrough. you immediately! BOOKS ;ought in ani'q;;;tit" FA;d;rO::\\'i::'t: Enlire libraries bookcases and Ple. bus or Jefferfon car by paintings. Bronzes. B. C. ClaeS'l quiet non.drinking Christian 1670 Leverette. Phone CHerry. couple and adull daughter. Ten.!'.. _ ant 22 'ears presenl location. FURNTURE WANTED-f you Heferences. Call VAlley hav(' anylhing in the line of hollsehold furniture and rugs TEACHER needs 2 or 3 rooms call The saae Neatway Furnifurnished or unfurnished apt. ture Kercheval. VAlley income or housekeeping rooms in Grosse Pointe-Jefferson dis. _..._.._.._.. _ lrict. Will rent i room house SMALL UPRGHT pim. Condi. after finding living quarters tion not loo important reason- VAlley able N HELP WANTED (Male and Female) TE\CHER and molher desire USED KTCHEN mixer in!:ood... _ housekeeping room flat or apt. condition. TU EXPF:RlE!':CF.D typi1 and gen. East side. Nlaga "ral oltice 'york. Fl and ac l1-autos for SALE curatef1 Appl' T:'acy Motor A furnihed house Orl or c'lbout PONT'Ac.-'i;;;;l946-S;rrmliner Salcs 1l1 Singer 130 Kcrche' Cour dnor cdan. RadiO and val. TUxedo 15nOO. ' January 1 lor thrm "" fo(r llndl!rsc'at.heater Good condi. WA"NTF:D wo fricnds 01 ist(' motn. Will pal Clny re;o[1ab!e tion. Privah' owncl. Tl! wh'le to s11are huscwork 2. lent WOodward :ill. clllldl'en '1'11001 agc. Goorl " OLDSMOBLF do01' hydra. hollc' RC'fel'cnce TUx e r. 0 malic. radio. hraln Airfoam 2'1881.._.... KENNETH L. MOORE CO. cushions likl ncw. iooo milc'. HOUSEKF.F.PF.H years old N Privatr _SALES.' ownf'l' Sli50 rw hest cook Cillidrell in school. Five ofter; alo ncw Studebakcr _d_a}_'s._!.: 8-ARTCLES FORSALE- Champion $2150. Call N STUATONS WANTED GENUNE Oric-lal Sarouk rug 014ale and Femal.) 9 by 12 perfect condition $250 'WOMAN WANTS hinl: nnd UN :.. _ ironing at homc' Mary'; GRL'S BCYCLE $22.50 TU' land. Nagara j " CARP:':':'RUGS AU Beverages. Open :lon. thrtl ;JS' till 9; Fri Sat" Sun UPHOLSTERY Open New Year's Day Service t/ll MidniGht Mort. tjrll Fr. Mr. 0500

10 Pllge Ten GROSSE PONTE NEWS Thursday December ( * * * * Feature Page * * * * By whoo:;' Promotion Sunday i. a high. light of the year for the Reverend Mr. Scheid. and the congregation of the Grosse Pointe Con. gregational Church. On this day which was ob"ci'vcd la.t Sunday the entire t<:'aching staff. members of the Church School. and the congregation worship together. Member. of the church school a.isled Mr. Scheid as follows: Cherie McArthur rcad thc Call to Worship William J. Adams the nvocation and the Lord's Prayer. and Bonnie Glasgow the Responsive Reading. The offering was rcreivcc! by Terry Snoday. Ushcrs for the dlly wcre Edward Kay. Harold Drinkaus Nancy Evans. Mllry Meeker and Jack Adams. Promotion rertifirates were prescnted by Mrs. Leonard Slowin Deparlmental Snp(rin.' tendrnl. to children being pro. moted to the.tunior departmenl ls follows: Dirk Adams. Billy Albrecht. Nel Sue Evans. Bar. hara Henderson..lohn Regan Susan Browne. Rog('r Kolvoord James Norris and Brmda Nold. Cerlificates to those entering the Junior Hi Group wel'c given 10 Mary Frizzell Craig Husband. lly Hook<'f and Sus:m Baker by \'vfr. Dor L-:stel' Church School Superintendent Celebrating their tenth wed. ding anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Herman L. Weckler of Edgpmont Park enterlained 125 of their friends at a cocktail party and dinner dance at the D. A. C. on Tucsday evening Dec. 28. Mrs. Weckler received in a dress of filmy gray net trimmed in irdescent sequins and her corsage was of brown orchids. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. C. Hascall Bliss Mr. and r.'i'rs. Fred M. Zeder and their house guest Miss Tessa Smalpage of Australi:!; Mr. and Mrs. E. Llwyd Ecclestone and their house guest. Mrs. Marlha MeKeachie. ()f New York; Mr. and Mrs. Greene renley Jr. the Reece B. OberteuUers and Mr. and Mrs. Don Allen.. Others were Mr. and Mrs. Jos('ph L. Hickey the William C. Roncys. the Armin Rickels Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Petzold and the latter's father. William F. Harrington of Manchester N. H.; the Herman G. Petzolds Wilinm A. Pet:wld Jr. the Raymond H. Brrrys the S. Clifford Mer. rills Mr. and Mrs George Lyon Mr and Mrs. Eoward R. Gracc lnd Mrs Grllee's brothcr Wil. laro Hill who arrived recently from Paris France; Mr. and Mrs. James W. JT and the Frederic C. Himmelmans. r." 'A'" Qllick Cure for noj\d BOGS STROMBOS CO Twelftfl St. Detroit' Save car repair with Lubrieare Lubrlcalion 10 your car 'auored by Buick.poclall.' lp w. STROMBDS AR HORNS FOR PASS KG R CARS Commondthe RGHTOF WAY RGHT AWAY with to<lay' most powerful ai ho" 0" your Cor. The penetroting blost..f 0 Sl'ROMB05 i goocl insuronce ogoinst Slldden deoth on the highwoy. Chrome or bronu finish. '"stalled ot 0'" plont i" one doy. TGlms onangc.d. Ccll TE fol informotion. TURNER BUCK NC Kercheval VAlley Pointer of nterest...""""" "':.'"t:;... APTTUDE TESTS enahle "OU to!ern he kind 01 work "OU.can beu. sucr.ef!d n or the kind or sludle. "OU should follow. (For men and women boys ar.d girl. ). VOCATONAl. COUNSELNG NSTTJTF. 'D.lnlel ' nrc1l Dlreclor 956 MattAbee. Rd/:. 1'E \Yoodwlnd near "'arrrn Cy CYtlA/PER 5'ei:.. LOOKS ARE. DECEVNG ESPECALt.'( GOOO looks. Looks are deceiving in cars too Your buggy may look like a million on the outside but be ready for the junk. yard inside f your car ansers this description bring t to us and we'll get insde of things and really sharpen t up Gifts Today- keirfoontj Fl!orit Ruipes of People ill The K.ow HAWAlAN SPARE RiBS Contribllied b)' Mrs. Harle)' Earl Rub spare ribs with the following garlic sauce: 6 tbs. brow sligar 2 tbs. grof/lld ginger 1 tbs. so)' sauce cup chili sauce or ketchup salt and black pepper. POllr sallce ol'er tbe sjjatuibs 1U hake ntil well dolle 1m illg occtlssiol1ajl)' Birke bours. S'afety Feted from fhe At WoodhAll PCttrols by Police A group of 95 boys and girls members of the Safety Patrols of the Richard. Kerby and S. Paul Schools. were rewarded by lhe Farms police Monday night for.. <llthe help lhey give the officers 1;.) during the school year.... '$ "}... ''. The young. tel's were the guests l\rs. KENNETH SMTH OF BEc'\UFAT ROAD :;.-Picture by Fred Runnells c; J;l_haetadeina By Kilty Cal'l1ey period around 185f}' The pie crust pia. They were escorted by De- Quite a few people take pleasure in Mrs. Kenneth Smith's buttons so called because the tective George C-ampine and hobby- button collecting. Why? Because Mrs. Smith thinks edge is flu led and. many odd Patrolmen Guy Lyford and Tom that a hobby should be useful and she lends buttons from her shaped old )et and pearl buttons Jarrett. wonderful collection to family and friends for their suits 01' are also included. Champine and Patrolmen E'. dresses. i. Collection Totals 150() gene Boylan were co-chai. men The Smiths became inlerested trastings with these lll'e smaller Although they haven't counled of the commitlee which arranged in buttons early in the war Czech buttons which look like them. the Smiths believe they the party. when Mr. Smith was stationed rock crystal candy. have about 1500 buttons. Besides Buses were provided by the in Colorado and his wife reo C"nverted to Earrings the pleawre they get from using Grose Pointe Rotary Club. mained there wilh him. The pro- Mrs. Smilh has also converted their buttons or lending lhem to prielress of the "Anliques and many of her attractive buttons others. Mr. and Mrs Smilh ind U f PAL. Unusuals" Shop in Colorado into earrings. Among these are hours f enjo.yment checing their' 0 Unn Springs gave them their firsl yellow French bullons of shir- collectlon Wth photos n a but- Re"ldy to}' Play' unique buttons. From hen on red wood some heavy gold ton history textbook. t. they were avid collectors. buttons which muke handsome With ldspital Unit earrings and a pair of fancy Two BeJ'ot/ uls old silver shirtwaist buttons. 1 - With the 36th General Hospital The while crocheted bullons D. d H unit overseas Mr. Smith was in on wooden frames France arc like lsc ose ere France taly and Africa Every he old crochete(j bullons of her place he went ("He lovcs to g!'andmother's time according to shop" says Mrs. S.l he bought Mrs. Smith. F" d V Y agate cards of buttons. Mrs. Smith's buttons with dark blue backbrother who was slationed in ground. very old liny brown Algiers also picked up unusual pearl bullons and small jet clov. specimens for the collectors. ers are also French ilems. Pearl Large hollow black and yel. double bultons resembling cuff olv buttons almost cube shaped links which arc used on French in the collection are from Aus- nurses' uniforms arc extrcmely tria. As he did in many cases. good looking. Mr. Smith also picked up match- African Ones Pain led ing buttons in a smaller size. Mrs. Smith has the crude slyle. Because of the varying sizes the less metal buftons which are Smith buttons are grand for costume wear. Other attractive worn ordinarily in Africa. and the Austrian bullons are flat navy imported woodcn bultons painled squares with a transparent gold- wilh bulls and various African the flecked strip cutting thrjugh designs. One furge mclal button the center of each. carries a finely etched figure of Wooden talian Buttons the fameo trumpeler of Cracow in Poland. He Small Julie Smith has some of Lovely old Enrly American the powder blue wooden tal- buttons are in the collection. One ian carved with flower designs of a bird etched against an iridcsgently "is tw.o on her blue sweater. n fact un- cent background is very fine. usual buttons can be found on Buttons with inlaid centers of '" many garments jn t.he Smit.h pearl suede or vclvet dale far Once Marsbal Sialin made tbe hoys laugh. At the Teheran househ?ld. Olhr tahan spec- back Mrs. Smith explained. The conference be told a story about the 11eighbor of all Arab sheik mens. mclude Silver bullons e- grape design is found on a great who asked for /be lo1l11 of a rope. sembllmg'lhmelolnd pha.lvles dwlte many of her bullons from the " '" ' 1 h'k ". d'. pear W go als ey eslgn calln0t "ell' 11 rep lee e s el or nee 10 le up and this is a modem note plastic my mzlk wllb. buttons adorned with Walt Dis- Fireplace "Blt slll'ely" said he olher "yoll do not tie tip your milk i?y characters. Accessories dlb rope." One couid look for hours at Gosond Electric LOgS "Brothel'" said be sheik "//hm J'(jl/ doll't 1( to do some. the colorful peasant buttolls from ) Smith. tbing one reasoll is as!food as allotber':' Czechoslovakia with teir bright Matthews Co. And lharsball Sttl!m bas slood Ol Ttf shades and odd designs. Con Charlevoix Vanhoe '155 On New York's East Side there are what is known as "-Cash-Clothes" men. They go about the streets with 3 large bag and buy c t-off clothing shouting " Cash Clothes." On an extremely hot summer day one of these men working in the Bronx was trudging along hot and persptring shouting the fqmiliar chant. A woman on the sixth floor of an old-fashioned walk-up tenement caned down to him. Wearily he walked up the six flights of stairs and knocked on the door. The woman came to the door with a dirty-faced flve-year-old boy and said to the peddler "Tell the truth wouldn't you put Sammy in the bag if he doesn't hurry eat up the oatmeal!" Church Observes Hosts at Party Prolnotion Day On Anniversary _.. ' ERS<?NAL APPEARANCES.. '\ u Holtday Vsitors mcluded one of.the Pointe's.favorlte!.-.. '\-11 daughters MRS. RoffiRT KERR (httle Nancy Bigelow). t...h. who arrived with that attractive husband to spend Christmas with the Tom Paddocks. The visitor's holiday wardrobe included the b-e-s-t looking black crepe frock cut in the manner grand. Deep plunging neckline extreme dolman sleeves which fitted tightly at the wrists a nipped in waistline and the widest ankle length skirt we've seen this Winter were '''. features of the trig frock. Nancy wore a gold choker with amethyst and diamond clip and her ear jewels matched the clip. Glimpseu MRS. TOM-* PADDOCK.. with her daughter.. and thought she was lovely in a black doeskin outfit buttoned down the front in material covered discs. Mrs. P. looped a narrow crimson ascot around her throat and caught it at one side with a gold pin. Her earrings were also gold and she affected a gold studded leather bell. Slippers were black pumps URS. W. DEAN ROBNSON greeted friends dl/ring he JOidays i" a black Hepe frock the 1leckline of which was finisbed ill ti11)' narrot/! TOll1dcollar. all the frollt of the frock there was a ljlliled crepe bib and ol'er.apr(nl edged in narrow black reil'ct ribboll alld callght here and there wilh till)' black i'elt'et hows. Till)' black 'elvet bows were at each short sieel'e. A young chap wllose swetie had just made him happiest man alh'e went into a jewelry store to buy engagement ring. He picked Up 8 sparkling diamond and Bsked its price. "That one is S " replied the jeweler g<.ntly. "The ;young man looked startled then whistled. pointed to another ring. "And this one?" "That sir" said the jeweler still more whistles." Anothe holiday visitor whose chic caught the eye of Pointers was MSS EVELYN EVANS of Pittsburgh who spent Christmas with her and sister Mr. and Mrs. Emory Moran Ford. Saw her in a stunning brown satin two piece costume the jacket of which was heavily beaded in bronze. Neckline was high and sleeves long and tight. The cocktail length skirt was slim. Miss Evans chose bronze slippers. PLFERNGS " don't understand it" the doctor said to the patient who was still complaining. "Have you carried out all my instructions?" "All but one. doctor. am not able to take that two mile walk every morning that you suggested. get too dizzy." "Dizzy?" asked the doctor. "What do you mean?" "Yoll see" said his patient " forgot to tell you-..j'm a lighthouse keeper." A cal1didat.c for the police 10l'cewas being 1'cl'bally examined. "f YOl were b)' )'ourself in a police car alld were beillg pl/rslled hy" a desper:jte gang oj crimi/lals ;'1 another car doil1g forly miles all hollr flhatwollld rouno?" "Fifly" 'eplied the emldidale. *..... At an evening party a self-made businessman was chatting with a pretty young woman. "You know sometimes feel ashamed of my failure to keep abreast of modern science" he said "Take the electric light for example- confess haven't the least idea how it works!". The pretty young thing gave him a patronizing smile. "Why it's very simple really" she replied. "Y{)\l ju!it turn a switch and the light comes on. That's au there is to it.".. * J (lto fret HOUSE lfbil/zer 11earKelly-VE "HAPPY _PONTE Cllrry Out Orders The Season's PONTE tomorrow from HOLDAY" BARBEQUE T'S NEW E WARREN Greetings Beer - Wine - Chllmpegne - Pop Snllch - Cooies - Groceries _::Ar:EN... WE _ DELVER.. the! TU BEER MART o:n_1_;';:"s- "'1(1 Foctory Approved Service fj4%nte COUtlter Poi nts By JANE ' W'e 1"ih the flappiest and Most Prosperous New }'ear 10 those who make the lews each week for Cowller Points. W e hope hat Poillters 11'ill come to know their Poiute 1lercballis belie' ill he year abcdd alld will [/'/ul boll' me it is Jbal tbe 101t sparkling 1leichamlise fr01ll bread a/1(1billie' to 1//ost. Lid)' Meudl decor. is lilerajly rigbt al'01/1111he corn!'r. the sbopping eenlel's of heallliflll Grosse Poinle. To the smartest and gayel of the Watch Night Parties. will go those perfectly eoited heads dressed at ANTHONY'S SALON. The New Year's toasts will be drunk to the fair ladies who know lhat at Anthony's the bizarre and toa. faddy is scorned... and that milady's own lovely looks are subtly enhanced by these skilled craftsmen. Today Anthony recommends short softly curled hairdo's held so elegantly in place by those new Anthony permanels. Tomorrow there'll be new ideas at Anthony's.. always a little different... in keeping with the modern life... but always becoming. Resolve to give your own individual beauty every chance in We've missed the nasty cold wntery weather to date. but 1949 will be a very new year when feminine pointers turn to the smart but warm items in their wardrobes. At JACOBSON'S we've found the cutest cold weather fashions in their wonderful "separates" you know jackets or blouses to \le worn with malching or contrasting skirts. A snappy one shows a tangerine jacket flared ever so slightly at the waist buttoned in twinkling jets. The match. ing skirt s long and full. Zips in back to fit all the better! Loved a mauve jasket and skirt that had decorative navy grograin bnding on the standup collar. The same binding ellges three quarter length sleeves and is usd as background for mauve buttons from neckline to hips. The mauve skirt also buttons all the way down the front in the same attractive manner. This ensemble mar alsd be had in gray wool with brown trim. There are sweaters and jacket galore to combine with any skirt )'011 clioose. Sweaters come in every COOT au are long-sleeved for more delicious warmth and in addition to the V neck type and the regular button tacks there are jacket dressy with silver disc button trim. The "Separates" are for the warllrobes of practically all. the gals from the sub deb to grandmamma. FRE AUTO TY ALEXANDER Complell! "nsurance U4i7 W. Gran..>m»:1Z life Blvd. & -CO. Sell'lce T...X Delrolt 8 Modernize Parents torever answering questions wish their youngsters didn't have the wonderlust. -Wall Street Journal. HOURS 9.00 A. M. TO 9.00 ' M 106 Kerchevol TU 1.;l262 Groue Point.. forms OpposU Grosse Pointe N"'s A R R Y::::""."""-.'''''""''"lSl!!il CONSULTANT PROFESSONAL TAX SERVrC! FOil CORPORATONS PARTNERSHP NDJVDUALS GENERAL TAX & BUSNESS SERVCE. NC. 14M! KERCHEVAL AVENUE DETRO!T 15. MCHGAN F""olls Hel.ltl. Brut Stix ai. Anlhony's. When the final curtain drops on "Alaska Right Away" production to be given at the Detroit RVERSDE KNW ANS nstilule of Arts Tuesday evec President Willial) A. Post of ning. Jan. 4 by the Mask and the.riverside Kiwanis Club will Holiday l;lfdes.elect nclude Wig Club of the University of be n charge of the meeting ot Rosemary Allce Pascoe and Helen Pennsylvania local alumni Willi the club?n. Decem?er O at te Walauska. Mr. and Mrs. George entertain the 50 undergraduates Hotel Whltler. ThS Wll be his Pascoe.of Helen av;nue announc- in the cast and Delroit girls act- last meeting as president of the cd "ther. daughte s trolh at a inc as ushers at a dance in the club. famly dinner Christmas Day. main ballroom of the Book- Rosemary's fiance is Do'nald Cadillac Hotel. John Barrell son of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. John J. O'Brien. whose Rolland J. Barrett of Nottinghar;' husband is presidenl of the Deroad. They bolh allended DetrOt troit A u m n i Club heads the nstitute. of Technology. where patroness committee.' This will she. was a member of Ea Lamb.da be the sixty-first annual produc- Chi and he was afflhated Wth lion of the Mask and Wig Club. Kappa Sigma Kappa. and the firsl show here since Helen's angagement to Richard Among alumni and their wives C. Long was announced by her who have planned pre-show dinmother Mrs. Benedict G. DeMink ner parlies are Mr. and Mrs. Edand Mr. DeMink of Annott ave win Olney Jones Mr. and Mrs. Richard's parents are Mr. and Sidney S. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Rob- Mrs. Carlyle R. Long of Fisher ert Woodruff and Mr. and Mrs. road. Storm Vanderzee Roberla Mackey Cary Shelden REPORTS TWO i\lysterous Lydia Kerr Mrgal'et McKean Two mysterious cases of (\00- Susie Stoepel Betsy Finkenbell ringings at the Powers resi-.taedt Dawn Osius Dorothy al. dence at 230 McMillan avenue ton Lowry Jones and Sara Tledewere reported to the Farms po man will assist as ushers. lice on Dec. 27. DSCOVER YOUR BEST Self! Mrs. Powers said at about 5:30 DEVELOP... on the afternoons of Dec. 26 and ndjvldual Training n 27 her doorbell had rung. She SPEECH - POSE answered' in time to see a car pull away from the front of the (J 1/ PERSOHALTY house and drive towards Chal. ::fallej\emp COUNSELOR fonte. "elephone TV l\ornlngs VALLEY Record Ployen TU Your Record Ployer With 0 WEBSTER. CHCAGO RECORD manger Websler-ChkAgo du.1 speed slannard and long pl;'lying rlltornatic record ch.angcr pla's hath tilndoird 78 R.P.M. ann.mlcrogroove 33' ::M. record Wth finger-lip con- Tw Models 'ond n. nslolll >1 Sligh :"tra Cosl Jack' O'Connor i 1700 Kerchevlll GROSSE PONTE _T_81_ev_iS_iO"_._Ro_diO CombinoliM Brel'll Ro[g SCJam" Seed Broad On.Sale Rt 1'our Favorite Gi;J('cry Store PZZ.t\ (Tomato Pies) On Sale Friday! 3 r. 1'tJ.. 60e at Main Office Records not RREAO FOR RETAD $ALE AT 12:30 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. AT OUR MA.lN OFnCf: Shoemaker Telephone V '