Allah, the Most High said: I am as My slave thinks of Me, and I am with

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1 The reason the remembrance of Allah makes you happy is because when you remember Him, He remembers you, and there is a huge رسالة : ٨ difference in your remembrance and that of Allah. القرآن يتدبرون أفال said: صلى هللا عليه و سلم The Messenger of Allah ب ي ع ب د ي ظ ن ع ن د أ ن ا و ج ل ع ز للاه ي قهو هل و أناي ذ هك هرن ي م ع هه ح ين ف إ ن ف ي ذكرن ي نف س ه ذكر ت ه ف ي :8 نف س ي وإ ن ف ي MESSAGE ذكرن ي مإل ذكر ت ه ف ي مإل خي إر ت ذ راع ا اق ترب DON T THEY اق ترب إ لى PONDER م ن ه ذ راع ا وإ ن UPON ش ب ر ا اق ترب ت إ ل ىTHE QURAN? م ن ه م وإ ن اق ترب إ لي ه باع ا وإ ن أتان ي يم ش ي أتي ت ه هر ول ة جامع الترمذي ٣٠٦٣ ل ن اهه إ ل ي ك همب ار ك لي دب هروا آي ات ه و ل ي ت ذ كر أهولهو ا ل ل ب اب ك ت اب أ نز Allah, the Most High said: I am as My slave thinks of Me, and I am with [This him when is] a blessed he remembers Book which Me. If We he have remembers revealed Me to to you, himself, [O Muhammad], I remember that him to they Myself, might and reflect if he upon remembers its verses Me and in a that gathering, those of I remember understanding him in a gathering better than that. would And be if reminded. he seeks to draw nearer to Me by a hand span, I draw nearer to him 38:29 by a forearm s length, and if he comes to Me by a forearm s length, I draw nearer to him by an arm s length. The Quran And was if revealed he comes for to pondering Me walking, and I come reflecting to him upon quickly. its verses. The blessings from the Quran will be gained when it is pondered upon; its Make beauty the and remembrance secrets will of be Allah revealed. a routine in your life. The name of Allah must be on your tongue and in your heart constantly. Many people recite and memorize the Quran, but few ponder upon it. ال ذ ين آم نهوا و ت ط م ئ ن قهلهوبه ههم ب ذ ك ر للا اال الله ب ذ ك ر ت ط م ئ ن ال قهلهو هب التدبر هو الن ظر والت فكر Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured. Pondering is seeing 13:28 and reflecting To Everything ponder upon revolves the Quran around is belief; different therefore, than the all tafseer; these verses for the are tafseer, you addressing must refer the to believers. the books If of you tafseer believe written in Allah, by the you reputable will remember scholars, Him. you Your cannot scale interpret of faith will the increase, Quran according and your to heart your will own find understanding. peace But tranquility. everyone The can food relate for to the the heart verses, is remembrance with a basic of knowledge Allah; the of heart is Arabic. then satisfied. Voluntary worship, such as voluntary prayer can be increased and decreased according to your circumstances, but the remembrance of Allah must always be increased.

2 أ ف ل ي ت د ب هر ون ال قهر آن أ م ع ل ى قهلهوب أ ق ف الهه ا Then do they not reflect upon the Qur'an, or are there locks upon [their] hearts? 47:24 This verse refers to the منافقين, or the Hypocrites. They are منافقين because they don't do تدبر with the Quran; their hearts are locked, and they are prevented from it. When you ponder upon it, your heart will fill with faith. This shows that تدبر القران is an action of the heart. للا ل و ج هدوا ف يه اخ ت ل ف ا ك ث ير ا أ ف ل ي ت د ب هرون ال قهر آن و ل و ك ان م ن ع ند غ ي ر Then do they not reflect upon the Qur'an? If it had been from [any] other than Allah, they would have found within it much contradiction. 4:82 is the key to faith. The disbelievers don't have a faith, because they التدبر don't ponder upon the Quran. An absence of التدبر can lead to disbelief and hypocrisy. و م ن ههم أهميون ال ي ع ل همون ال ك ت اب إ ال أ م ان ي و إ ن ههم إ ال ي ظهنون And among them are unlettered ones who do not know the Scripture except in wishful thinking, but they are only assuming. 2:78 The Bani Israel have been described as illiterate in this verse, not because they could not read and write, but because they only knew the words of the Tawrah, never tried to go to its depth. of the Quran is the root of the honor of the Muslim nation, and التدبر uniting it into one body. It is a way of reforming yourself and the society.

3 و ق ال الرهسو هل ي ا ر ب إ ن ق و م ي ات خ هذوا ه ذ ا ال قهر آن م ه هجور ا And the Messenger has said, "O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Qur'an as [a thing] abandoned." 25:30 The Messenger of Allah صلى للا عليه و سلم complained to Allah about the people coming after him, as forsaking and deserting the Quran, not understanding it's depth and beauty, because their hearts are not attached to it. saying: by صلى للا عليه و سلم described the Prophet Mohammad عائشة رضي للا عنها هخلهق هه القرآن Quran. His character was the كان How can the heart be affected by the verses of the Quran without pondering about them? Focus on one verse at a time, don't think about finishing the surah, or even the next verse. Rely on Allah, submit to Him,. رسائل رب انية and open your heart to receive the

4 التدبر IMPACTS OF There are some verses in the Quran which help to gauge the impact the.التدبر Quran has, or the scale of للاه ن زل أ ح س ن ال ح د يث ك ت اب ا مت ش اب ه ا مث ان ي ت ق ش ع ر م ن هه هجلهو هد ال ذ ين ي خ ش و ن ر ب ههم ثهم ت ل ي هن هجلهو هد ههم و قهلهوبه ههم إ ل ى ذ ك ر للا ذ ل ك ههد ى للا ي ه د ي ب ه م ن ي ش ا هء و م ن يهض ل ل للاه ف م ا ل هه م ن ه اد Allah has sent down the best statement: a consistent Book wherein is reiteration. The skins shiver there-from of those who fear their Lord; then their skins and their hearts relax at the remembrance of Allah. That is the guidance of Allah by which He guides whom He wills. And one whom Allah leaves astray - for him there is no guide. 39:23 The Quran is the best Book. التدبر makes the skin of the reciter shiver with the fear of Allah. To feel this, you must know Allah, the author of the Quran. The verses make the heart and skin of the one who reflects upon them.عز و جل soft and receptive to the words of Allah ل و أ نز ل ن ا ه ذ ا ال قهر آن ع ل ى ج ب ل ل ر أ ي ت هه خ اش ع ا مت ص دع ا من خ ش ي ة للا و ت ل ك ا ل م ث ا هل ن ض ر بهه ا ل لناس ل ع ل ههم ي ت ف كهرون If We had sent down this Qur'an upon a mountain, you would have seen it humbled and coming apart from fear of Allah. And these examples We present to the people that perhaps they will give thought. 59:21 Allah puts forth a mini-parable: If the Quran was revealed on a mountain, made of hard rock, it would crumble. Imagine the effect on a human being made of flesh and blood!

5 التدبر OBSTACLES TO There are certain obstacles to,التدبر explained by the 'Tank Theory'. Imagine you have a tank which you keep filling with water, by pumping it in. But the tank has leaks, through which the water dribbles away. The tank is your heart, which you keep filling with reciting and reflecting upon the Quran. Your heart should be filled and overflowing, but it does not, because of the 'leaks', which are your sins. You need the input to be more than the output. This is the same for all good deeds. You do good deeds, and sin, so the good deeds are wasted. The solution is to stop committing sins.