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1 ISSN The Arkansas Family Historian Arkansas Genealogical Society Volume 30, Number 4 December 1992!

2 Arkansas Genealogical Society 1992 Officers and Directors Editor Margaret Harrison Hubbard 1411 Shady Grove Road, Hot Springs, AR President Carolyn Earle Billingsley 2301 Billingsley Lane, Alexander, AR Vice Presidem Russell P. Baker 6526 Magnolia, Mabelvole, AR Treasurer Bobbie Jones McLane 222 McMahan Drive, Hot Springs, AR Corresponding Secretary Frankie Y. Holt #5 Custer Place, N. Little Rock, AR Recording Secretarr Franccs Jentigal1 52 Colony Ro,d, Little Rock, AR Historian Lynda Suflridge 3801 Caraway Court, N. Little Rock, AR Herald Mrs. Larry P. Clark 1211 Biscayne, Litde Rock, AR Parliamentarian Ed Sanders Box 861, Sta. A-HlJ, Searcy, AR John Sanders 4500 Purn':!l Drive, K Little Rock, AR Jan Eddleman Route 1, Box 178, Hackett, AR Robert. Hollis 628 Balmer, Camden, AR David Malone PO Box 1048, Fayetteville, AR Eddie G. LaJ,dreth 1510 Jameson Ave., Benton, AR John;ta Glover 4008 Holly, Pine Blun; AR Teresa H.:trris 943 Ouachita 47, Camden, AR Freda Massey PO Box 478, Mountain View, AR Virginia Wright PO Box 726, Camden, AR Beth Brownlee 2216 Rock Lalle, Heber Springs, AR Edwin Moss PO Box 216, Star City, AR Desmond Wall, Allen 99 LaWtcn(c Landing RO'ld, Conway, AR Joe R. Goss 1025 W,,,kill' Srrcct, Conw",y, A1~ 72032

3 The Arkansas Family Historian Published Quarterly by Arkansas Genealogical Society, Inc. PO Box 908, Hot Springs, Arkansas ( Editor Margaret Harrison Hubbard Publication Information The Arkansas Family Historian, the official publication of Arkansas Genealogical Society, Inc., is published four times a year - March, June, September, and December. Commercial advertising is not accepted. ISSN Editorial Polley AGS welcomes contributions of family records, public record transcriptions, and other information of interest to those interested in family history and genealogy in general, and in Arkansas specnically. Responsibility for the accuracy of information and for opinions, omissions, or factual errors is that of the contributor. Manuscript Submissions Submitters of articles and material for possible publication in The AFH are requested to send typewritten or mechanically generated manuscripts on white, B tl2 X 11 inch paper, double-spaced, one-inch margins on all sides, with all pages numbered. The sources from which Ihe material was obtained, specific statements of facts, or statistical information MUST be documented, that is, the specffic, detailed source description must be listed either within the body of the text or as noles. Previous publication of the material in any form must be brought 10 Ihe attention of AGS. AGS encourages submissions on IBM compatible computer disks in WordSlar or ASCII format accompanied by a hard copy of the material. Individual membership is $15 per year. Queries Members of AGS are invited to submit one fiftyword, Arkansas relaled, query each year. See the Query section for details. Book Reviews Authors and publishers who wish to have reviews or notices of their works published in The Arkansas Family Historian are invited to submit a copy of the work with ordering information and price, if applicable ,CONTENTS President's Page 140 Box Petition To Remove Creek Indian From Saline Co. 142 Cel1ificate of Arkansas Ancestry Repol1 143 Bible Records of Family of Brunetta W. COulter 144 Riggins Family Data 147 Sylvania Cemetery Conclusion 150 Queries 159 Book Reviews & Notices 169 Call For Arkansas Researchers 171 Index to Queries of Sept. Arkansas Family Historian 173 Index 177 Membership AGS offers individual, institutional, sustaining, life and honorary membership classes. Membership is by calendar year and may be entered at any time of the year (Iale subscribers will receive the year's back Issues of The Arkansas Family Historian) ''llle Arkansas Family Historian Page 139

4 President's Pagee Since my term of office as president of AGS will conclude at the end of this year, this will be my final President's Page. Although the deadline for this column often "snuck" up on me, I have enjoyed having a forum to ramble about what interested me or whatever I felt was important in the field of genealogy and, particularly, Arkansas genealogy. I can only hope that what I found to be of interest or important coincided with what you, the reader, found to be of interest or importance! AGS has continued to grow and prosper and Improve in the two years I have served as president, but the cred~ lor that growth, prosperity and improvement can be more accurately conferred on the many people who do all the work and invest so much of their time in AGS, rather than being credited to anything particularly astounding or innovative that I personally did. I particularly credit AGS' continued success during my tenure to Desmond Walls Allen, Bobbie Jones Mclane, Margaret Harrison Hubbard, Russell Pierce Baker, and all the other hard-working, dedicated members 01 the AGS Board 01 Directors, as well as many other members who made important contributions. Without willing volunteers, no organization will prosper lor long. It is not enough merely to sit on the sidelines and belong to a genealogical society or to attend meetings. We're all 100 busy for our own good these days, but each of us should strive to choose at least one organization to which we can make a contribution. Each time I have volunteered (or displayed a lack 01 resistance when drafted), I have ended up enjoying the experience, as well as learning something. Furthermore, my interaction with the other people involved has generally turned out to have been a positive experience. So-I guess in my final moments on this "soapbox," 1"11 leave you with a message exhorting you to get Involved and make a contribution. Serve as an officer or in some other position in your local society; let AGS know what we can do to serve our members beller, then help us do It; write up at least part of your lamily history (with good documentation please!) and share It w~h the rest 01 the world-either photocopy It or print it, to share with relatives, or send It to an appropriate organization lor publication; volunteer to help out at your local genealogy library; pass on genealogical research methodology you've discovered or learned; volunteer to help less-experienced genealogists, either one-on-one or as a teacher or lecturer; help clean up a cemetery or form a cemetery association to protect that cemetery in the future; organize a family reunion; transcribe or index a census or some other record group, to publish or at least place in your local genealogy library. There's no end to the number of things you could do to help genealogy andlor genealogists. When you think of all the things other genealogists have done to help make your research easier, bener, and more interesting, you'll know it's your turn to make a contribution. And the funny thing is-it may begin as a chore, but the end result will be a positive and rewarding experience for YOU. Good luck with your genealogical pursuits and thanks for making my tenure as president a pleasurable one. Carolyn Earle Billingsley AGS President Page 140, Volume 30, Number 4. December 1992'

5 BOX908 Guilford Courthouse National Military Park Information Wanted by U. S. Park Service Guilford Courthouse National Military Park is actively seeking information on any participant who fought In the Revolutionary War Battle of Guilford Courthouse in North Carolina on March 14, Men from Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia fought there,not just North Carolinians. The information may concern an ancestor or a soldier known by an ancestor. This information gathering program has been an on-going historical research project for many years and has produced a growing card file containing the narnes of more than 75% of the estimated 4,400 Arnericans who fought in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. There is also an interest in the names of any of the British and Gerrnan (Hessian) soldiers who fought in the arrny of Lord Charles Cornwallis. Fewer than 20% of the British and German soldiers are known. The information form below may be used, or it may be copied and the copy used instead: BAnLE OF GUILFORD COURTHOUSE PARTICIPANT INFORMATION FORM Soldier's Name: --;=~:----..,..",_;_;; Last First Middle Rank held on 03/15/1781 State: Unit: Participation Inforrnation (I.e., killed, wounded, etc.) Source of Information: Would also appreciate copies of information such as pension applications, discharge papers, documented sources or others that would serve as proof of participation. Inforrnation Supplied By: Address: Send inforrnation to, or contact to request information: Guilford Courthouse National Military Park AnN: Participant File Project Box 9806 Greensboro NG For a fee, records of Revolutionary War soldiers rnay be obtained by requesting and completing Form GSA6751 frorn: Military Service Records (NNCC) National Archives, GSA Washington, DC Thc Arkansas Family Historian Page 141

6 Mrs. Lorraine Mannix of 160 Waler Wheel Dr., Montgomery, NY , has sent AGS a small book which she purchased at a book sale, The Longfellow Birthday Book, copyright 1881 The inscription states: Compliments of a friend, Robt. B. Thomas, Jeffersonville, Ark. July 7, 1888", and ft lists birth years of several individuals: Hattie K. Andrews 1864; Jennie S. Bixby 1888: Sadie M. Elrick 1870: Ella J. Holmes 1870: Chauncy H. Hayden 1857: Mrs. C. H. Hayden 1862; Allie J. Perham 1867; Myrtie C. Wallace 1870; Bertha C. Wells 1867; Mabel L Whitcomb 1872: and Mattie A. Wilcox PUblications Armstrong A new family newsletter is being commenced by Opal Turner, 7001 Grandview Ave., Arvada, CO 80002, who states collateral lines of Wade and Vaughn were pioneer settlers in Arkansas, and who served as Postmasters and in t~e legal profession. Plans are to publish four to ~ issues per year, with no subscription rate at this time Oust send an amount to help cover printing and postage): and excess funds will purchase research documents. Stovall Family ASSOCiation publishes the Stovall Joumal on a quarterly basis and has a listing of some 3,500 Stovalls or Stovall descendants. Each issue contains 40 + pages of information and con tains a query section. Annual dues are $15.00 and the address is Mrs. Barbara Stovall Haynie Umewood Ave., Memphis, TN Phillips Family News, edited by Richard H. Kerr and coordinated by Dale F. Phillips, 1927 South 7th St., Chickasha, OK 73018, concentrates on the Phillips lines. Subscription rate Is $10.00 per year and membership should be entered with Donald B. Bright, Treasurer, RR 5 Box 67B, Emporia, KS Berry Bulletin is a quarterly publication with an active Interest in seeking and sharing information on Berry lines and related kin. Queries are free and subscription rate is $10.00 per year. Contact Dorothy A, Koenig, Editor, 1322 Carlone Ave., Berkeley, CA 94707, for more information, Petition To Remove Creek Indian From Saline County Submitted by Russell p, Baker From the Gulley Collection, Arkansas History Commission State of Arkansas Saline County To His Excelency the Governor of the State of Arkansas Whereas we have a certain Indian of the Creek tribe in this county who has been guilty of several misdemeanors, to wit an altael upon one of our citizens on his own premises and also an attempt to open a house, and said Indian also mixes and attaches himself to and with the negros of our county. We your petitioners do therefore pray that your Excelency remove said Indian beyond the limits of our State, Sept. 24th, 1845 W, E. Beavers J, G. Eason J. M. Eason Thomas Jenkins Louis Barton Wm, W. Haley? Stacy Lockhart J. R. Pumphrey John Small B. McDaniel William Pratt J, B, Hester H, Carr Jordan McDaniel John F. Jolley I. N, Keesee Spencer McDaniel Azriah? Cobb Page 142, Volume 30, Number 4. December 1992l _

7 ,CERTIFICATE OF ARKANSAS ANCESTRY REPORT By Desmond Walls Allen Arkansas Genealogical Society's certificate program is still doing well. To request an application booklet, send the 52 cents postage required for mailing to me, Desmond Walls Allen, 99 Lawrence Landing Road, Conway, AR The booklets may be photocopied to submit for more than one line or ancestor. The following people were issued certificates since the last report. Territorial Monroe G. Davis, Jr SE 461h St. Oklahoma City, OK Arthur W. Simmons Hel1'pslead Co., 1836 James Allen Talbot 605 Highway 63 North Trumann, AR Isaac Knighton Lawrence Co., 1829 Monica Sue Sweeten Martin 4209 Squire Court Grapevine, TX Eliza Jane Durror Pope Co., 1828 Mildred Pearson Vander Heeven 636 Knighl Way La Canada, CA Sarah Gray lawrence Co., 1817 Rei B. Corbin 4715 W. 291h Slreel Utile Rock, AR Hezekiah Jenkins Pulaski Co., 1830 Antebellum Howard Andrews Barrett 3415 Hibiscus Drive Fort Myers, FL Howard Welcome Barrett White Co., 1861 (evidence submitted by daughter, Anne Barrett Chamlee 227 Lakeshore Circle NE Milledgeville, GA31061) JoAnn Spore 3826 E. Glenn Street Tucson, AZ James Marion Moore Perry Co., 1850 Mildred Pearson Vander Hoeven 636 Knighl Way La Canada, CA John Wesley Pearson Van Buren Co., 1860 Carolyn Yates 619 Wilson 0. Duncanville, TX Elisha Nelson Union Co., 1851 Sharon Benton Lessenberry 1550 Haley Lane Conway, AR George Washington Blythe Conway Co., 1860 Lewis L. Harness 1850 Williams St., #206 Simi Valley, CA John Harness Searcy Co., 1844 Elba G. Johnson PO Box 87 Galena, MO George Washington Carter Conway Co., 1859 Nineteenth Century Kathleen (Narey) Walton 601 Hunters Horn Ulburn, GA Joseph Taylor Paxson Conway Co., 1878 Katheryne Bradley Littleton 4179 Buckingham Road, #B Los Angeles, CA Daniel Hunter Pulaski Co., 1888 JoAnn Spore 3826 E. Glenn Street Tucson, AZ Franklin Pierce Smith Clay Co., 1889 JoAnn Spore 3826 E. Glenn Street Tucson, AZ William Jennings Nix Conway Co., 1880 Eugene W. Paxson Route 8, Box 470 Russellville, AL Joseph Taylor Paxson Conway Co., 1878 The Arkansas Family Historian Page 143

8 BIBLE RECORDS OFTHE FAMILY OF BRUNETTA W. COULTER-- Town of Lockesburg In Sevier County, Arkansas Submitted by Robert W. Worley, 1208 W, Elm St.. EI Dorado. AR Ida Margaret Coulter Stone gave me loose pages from a Coulter FamUy Bible In the Spring of 1992, In July of, 992, at the Coulter Reunion in Nashville, AR, she loaned me the Family Bible of Brunetta W. Coulter to study and add to family information I am compiling. This Bible had been preserved and rebound years ago by John W. Coulter of Ashdown, AR. Verda Coulter, his widow, passed the Bible on to Pearl Coulter, her sister-in-law, to keep with other records olthe Tom S. Coulter family. On comparing the copies of the loose pages with the bound Bible, It Is evident Information In the Bound volume was originally copied from the collection of loose pages. All th~ information included in the loose pages was copied to the bound volume except one entry as follows under DEATHS: Sarah Props, Mother of Polly D. Burton, departed this life 28th at 4 o'ciock A.M. The bound volume contains additional information nol included In the loose pages. Inconsistencies in the bound volume and loose pages are minor and consist of spelling errors such as: Mathew Matthew Kearney Kerney Weslty Westley Plckton Picton One error of note occurring in transcribing to the bound volume was the year Polly D. Props was born. It is listed in the bound volume as 1824 when the loose pages use the date of I took the liberty of corect ing my typrwrltten transcript to the year THE HOLY BIBLE Containing The OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, Translated Out Of THE ORIGINAL TONGUES: And With The FORMER TRANSLATIONS DILIGENTLY COMPARED AND REVISED. NEW YORK: AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, I nstituted In the Year MDCCCXVI ('age J44, Volume 30, Number 4 - {}co:cmber

9 BRUNTETTA W. COUL TER Family Bib/e MARRIAGES Pleasant H. Burton and Polly D. Props was married on the 10th day of August 1823 John G. McKean and Moille E. Coulter were mar ried on the 26th day of April 1866 David B. Coulter and Rhoda F. Clardy were married on tne 12th day of December 1867 James M. Coulter and Brunetta W. Burton married on the 14th January 1841 was Charles P. Coulter and Ida H. Ratliff was married on the 26th Aug 1884 Charles P. Coulter and Rosa Louise Rea was married on the 1st day of November 1899 James R. Coulter was married to Alice Irene Neal, Oct. 23, 1913 Mary Murphy Coulter daughter of John Wilkerson Coulter & Verda Coulter was married to James Hedrick Cauthron on June 9th He is son of Charles Clayburn Cauthron and Della Wesley Cauthron of Booneville and Little Rock, Ark BIRTHS Pleasant H. Burton was born on the 16th day of April 1799 Polly D. Props was born on the 22nd day of February,1805 Brunetta Wilkinson Burton daughter of Pleasant & Polly Burton was born on the 7th day of May 1824 John Avery Coulter was bom on the 26th day 01 OctOber A.D Martha Rebecca Coulter was born on the 14th day of February AD Charles Pickton Coulter was born on the 6th day of August A. D Nanie Kate Coulter was born 2nd day of November 1866 Nancy Coulter, Daughter 01 William Reddotch and Mother of Jas M. Coulter was born on the 21st day of March AD John Coulter was born on the 4th day of January AD James M. Coulter was born on the 6th day 01 December 1815 David Burton Coulter Son of Jas & Brunetta Coulter was born on the 12th day 01 November 1841 James Wesley Coulter (Westley) was born on the 2nd day of October 1843 Mary Elizabeth Coulter was born on the 20th day of March 1849 Mathew Hill Coulter (Matthew) was born on the 28th day of June 1846 Mary Murphy Coulter was born March Daughter of John W. and Verda T. Coulter Martha Neal Coulter was born Apr daughter of John W. and Verda T. Coolter Jno Gilbert McKean son of Joseph W. and Lucy D. McKean was born on the 3rd day of April 1837 Lucy Burton McKean Daughter of John G. McKean & Moille C. McKean was born on the 9th day 01 April 1867 Ida H. Ratliff wife of C. P. Coulter was born December the 10th 1863 Jas. Ratliff Coulter was born on the 17th day 01 December 1885 Richard Murphy Coulter was born March the 4th 1887 David William Coulter was born September the 7th 1888 Rufus Keaney Coulter (Kerney) was born January the John Wilkerson COulter was born December the 15th :TheArkan'a' family Historian Page 145

10 Kerl Murphy Caulhron born September 2, 1959, Daughter of James Hedrick & Mary Murphy Coulter Cauthron Joseph Coulter McKean Son of Jno G, & Mary C, McKean was born 16th day September 1868 Charley Picton CouHer, Junior was born Jan 16, 1893 Mary Brunetta Coulter was born Aug 11, 1894 Thomas Sumerville Coulter was born Aug 21, 1 B96 Rea Carter Culter was born Sept 6, t 900 Rosa Louise Rea, wife of C, p, Coulter was born July 21, 1876 Burton Galloway Coulter borned December the 2Oth,I901 Edward Keener Coulter born Jan 28, 1904 Louneille Coulter Borned April the 22, 1906 Annie Quinn Coulter Born October the 5th 1908 Nathaniel Graves Coulter Born May the 7th, 1911 Joe McKean Coulter born June 15, 1914 Frances Eugenia Coulter born Nov, Lucy Burton, infant daughter of Jno G, & Mary C, McKean died October 3, 1867 Mary Brunetta Coulter Blount died May Rosa Louise (Rea) Coulter, wife of C. P. Coulter, died In Pine Bluff Ark on Feb 25, She was 82 yrs of age Mathew H. Coulter Departed this Ine on the 23rd day of July A. D at one o'clock P.M. Martha R. Coulter Departed this Iffe on the 4th day of September, 1857 John Avery Coulter departed this life on the 13th day of February 1861 at6 o'clock A.M. James W, Coulter was kuled at Port Hudson La. on the 27th day of May A,D" 1863 while defending the rights of his Country Brunetta W, Coulter departed this IKe November 17th 1889 James M, Coulter departed this life 16th day of March 1892 Ida H, Coulter departed this life 21 st day of September 1898 Burton Galloway Coulter departed this life 19th day of August 1908 Frances Eugenia Coulter died June 5, 1918 DEATHS James R. Coulter died Oct 20,1918 Betsy Burton, Mother of p, H. Burton, departed this Infant Child died June 15, 1914 life on the 14th day of September A, D, 1824 C, P. Coulter departed this life Dec, 5, 1930 Edmund Burton, Father of P. H. Burton, departed this me on the day of August, 1830 Edward K. Coulter April Pleasant H. Burton departed this life on the 28th Richard Murphy Coulter died Jan day of January 1840 at 2 A,M, David William Coulter died July Mary D. Burton departed this life on the 16th day of June 1855 at 2 o'clock p, M. Rufus Kearney Coulter died April John M, Coulter, Father of Jas, M, Coulter, departed this life on 5th of October, 1843 Nancy Coulter, Mother of Jas, M, Coulter departed this life on the 15th August, 1852 Page 14(), Volume 30, Numbcr4. Dc("clllbcr

11 !RIGGINS Submitted by Jean Dalrymple, 2205 Butterfield, No.8, Yakima, WA Both Mr. and Mrs. George Washington Riggins born in SC. They moved to GA (date unknown). He served in CSA, Co. G, 4th Reg!., Ga. Reserves. George Washington Riggins, b. 14 Feb 1847 in GA. He served in the CSA, in AR, standing guard at Jackson Prison. Married 9 Dec 1884, at age 36, to Miss Fannie Vann, age 22, both of Pope Co., AR, at Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., AR. Fannie Dorsey Vann b. 10 Dec 1862, Milam Co., TX, father Ben Vann, mother unknown, both from TN. She had a brother by the name of Ben. Fannie d. 9 Jan 1912 in AR. George m. Really? Clemens? in Cotton Plant, Woodruff Co., AR, where he worked at the Denning Yards Railroad on the cook and paint gang. To my knowledge no children were born of this second union. George died of a gunshot wound 20 May 1917 in Cotton Plant, Woodruff Co., AR. Children born to George and Fannie were: 1. Mellissa Mae Riggins, b. 2 Nov 1885 Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., AR, d. 5 Oct 1959, AR, m. William Drury Barn Osborn 2 Sep 1904 in Memphis, TN. Known children: Doc Osborn of AA. 2. Sarah A. Riggins, b. 8 Aug 1887, Kensett, White Co., AR, d. 29 Sep 1960, m. 1) Ace Roberts; m. 2) Earl Davis; Children: George, Daisey, Agnes and Lindsey. 3. Nancy Ann Riggins, b. 20 Aug 1889, Russellville, Pope Co., AR, m. Harvey Winston Williams, 10 Dec 1908, Kensel!, While Co., AR. Children: Robert Lee m. Laura Mae McDaniel. Roy Henry m. Bella Mae Harris. Mary Ann m. James F. Thoroughmorton. James Harvey m. Lily Mae Shaw. Lydia Katharin m. Earl McAlexander. Beulah Etta m. Floyd Allen Chaney. Stella Mae m. Homer David Manasco. Orner Eugene m. Evelyn Trout. Lela Ruth m.l) Laurence M. Mosely; m. 2) Ralph Emerson Justason. 4. Pearl Riggins, b. 25 Mar 1892, d.?, m. Samuel Houston Williams (brother to Harvey Winston Williams) on 8 Nov 1908 in Kensett, While Co., AA. Children: Albert Barm m. Sarah Johnston. William T. m. Isabelle Doyle. Calvin Ray m Mandy lone Davis. Elsie Mae m. Herbert L Herrington. 5. Katie Cathrine Riggins, b. 18 Aug 1894, TX. Died 23 Jan , Kensett, WMe Co., AR. On 20 Dec 1910 In Memphis, TN, m Samuel Marshall Osborn/Ausburn (changed his name, but brother to William Drury Barm Osborn), they made their home in AR. Children: Clara Lucille m. Homer Ferrin. Rasia Mae m. Charles D. Moore. Florence H. Margie Lorene m. Chester Byon Barnard. Opal Irene m. Willie Taylor. John Howard m. Virginia Manus. lona Myrtleen m. 1) Oint Burnett; 2) Kennilh Botts. Agnes Evelyn m. Wesley Wyatt. Herbert Lee m. Joan Lindsay. Floyd Oneal m. Eualus Kldd. 6. Andrew Ancil Riggins, b. 29 Aug 1898, TX, d.?, served in World War II, stationed in Breast France. Married 1) May Baum of Germany. Children Bobbie, Dewey. Married 2) Florence? no issue. 7. William Thomas Riggins, b. 28 Aug 1898, TX, d. 24 Oct 1900, Ellis Co., TX, buried Smith Cemetery, 7 miles NWof Palmer, Texas. 8. George Washington Riggins, Jr. (my father), b. 23 Jan 1901, Rockett, TX. Living in S!. George, Utah. Married 1) Ophalee Chandler in AR. No issue. Married 2) Josephine McDaniel (sister of Laura Mae McDaniel who married Robert Lee Williams). Child. Opal Eugena, m. 1) George Evener of Ohio; m. 2) Wayne Emmett Alexander of WA. G. W. Riggins, Jr.m. 3) Caddo Gap Hastings in AA. Children: Mary Opha Lee Aldonie m. Gilbert Hillery Phillips. Martha Lorener m. 1) Richard Albert Ellis; m. 2) Billy H. Dykes; m. 3) Elmer J. C. Smtth. Andrew Franklin m. 1) Elsie?; m. 2) Nora Jane Phillips (sister to Gilbert Hillery Phillips). G. W. Riggins, Jr., m. 4) Sadie Ruth (Cates) Mitchell, the widow of Donald Lee Mitchell, on 29 Jun 1940 in Yuma, AZ. Step-child: Oeveland Lee Mnchell m. Barbara Ellen Rogers. Children of George and Sadie: Doris Jean Riggins, m. 1) Daniel Wayne Franklin; m. 2) Steven Lester Koutnik; m. 3) John Robert Dalrymple. Submitter needs information on any of the lines mentioned above, particularly parents of George Washington Riggins and Fannie Dorsey Vann. Also related to Fannie were these names found on an obttuary passed down in the family: Ruby Florence Vann m. Stanley Stewart of Dardanelle, AA. Brother Bill Vann of Cnterville, AR; Ben Vann of Conway, AR; Eva (Vann) Stubbs of Fresno, CA; Della (Vann) Dunn 01 Centerville, AA. How are they related? TheArkansas Family Historian Page ]47

12 Letter From A Settler In Arkansas Submitted by Gloria Cook, 160 Rosewood Dr., McDonough, GA DURTON'S GENTLEMAN'S l'fa.g AZINE. ; Jl11'1tl) lit WILLIAM E. BURTON AND EDGAR A. POE. VOL lj.m I~ V. t'jtom. JULY '1'0 Dl,CI,MUEH. By.. gtntlt"ln:ln, Wf'l me,n not t~ dnw Il tine tta.t 'WOIlld he rn...-j(linlu Iwlwt't"11 higb :Hld in\\', rank ~thl jjllhnn1inn~ tiun.. rlchi" IUlII lui"f"cl'ty. Nu. The rihlinctioll ij in tile 1I1illl/. \tthol'vcr i~ Ol'i'Jl, jud 1 t\.llti I1"HI"; wltt".,,'t'l" i" uf 1\ lutll ntn,hlt: l!l'llw-nrlur; whn.'vt'r i. Imnotflb!c' in Ilim'Ii,II', lhh! ill I,j, judgml.'lh II' udu'rl<, IItHl r':'quil'\'s 110' law bql hi. wont tu InBk.. him fullil &n clil;"geml'ut ;-Auch :, 1111\1\ i, t1.r.r.llllrmft1l.-:t.u} auch 11 thall 11111)' fottud :timoog the tillent of the t:arth AS weu ill the drawillj;' r<.k>jus of thl' Illgh horn :lilcl tb..: tj{!u. PHILADELl'IllA. I' U n j, I S II E Jl Il Y W r I. f. [ A ME. U IJ Jt TON, Page 148, VOlume 30, Number 4 December

13 We have thought il right 10 give publicity to the following very intelligent letter, lately written by a settler to his molher, in SI. Gile's, London, on account of the valuable statistical information It contains. My dere Muther, Catchum's Shallow on the little Red River Arkensaw April Yer muslent wander il you havnt herd 01 me for some time, but grate grefe Is dumb as Shaxplre, and I was advised to hop my twig and leaf old Ingland, Which Indede I was very sorrorful, but now i am thanks gudnes saf, and in amerrykey, I hardly no ware miself, but the hed of this will tel my tall. I ham a sqwatter In the far wurst, about 1/2 a-mile this side of sundown, an H i ad gon mutch father i shud av found nothin but son, and no nile at all. You kno how the hummeggrating Agent tolde me that if peepel cudnt live in Sent Gilses ammerkey was capltle to dy in; besides ses he H youre not verry nere you can ade yure mother in distres, so i went aborde a ship that was going 10 Noo 0r11nes. Ive herd peeple tawk abowt rades at C but the rodes on the atalantick is the very rufflest i evir rade on and it was very long an very cold an we had nolhln 2 heal hardly, but we founde a ded rat in a water cask witch the flavur was grately Increased thareby. at last we cam to the arbur at the citty of Noo 0r11nes witch is all under the bottom of the top of the rivver and we ad a ankering 10 go a-shore. I ad no idear as the rivers was so hi in this contry, but as the assent is so very easy i didnt fele it at al. The noo orllnes peepe! Is add fishis and not at all commun plaice; wen all the peepel in the streets is musterd it is a pepper and sault poppulashun, there is blak wttes and wtte blaks an a sorte of mix! peeple caled quadrunnts because they are of four colors blak, an wite, an wile blaks, an blak wiles, Has the rivver is so verry hi it is always hi water, an the munnilold advantiges of the cilly dipends on the gudnes of its banks. there is loks in em to let water out and keys to kepe it in. munney ere Is very common and is called sentse, and everything is cheep in Noo Orlines 5 dollers bills being only worth 2 dollar. We went up the rivver in a large bote like a noise ark only more promiscus. the current acount was against us. it dont turn and turn again like putny bridg, and as it runs always won way I wonder it dont run away altogethir. Thire is no towns nor tailer shops nor pallisses as I expectorated there wood be. the wood was all quite wilde not a bit 01 tame no ware nor no sines of the blessedniss 01 civilazashun as jales and lin shops nor no kitchlng gardins nor fields nor ouses nor lanes nor alleys no gates nothin but alleygators. after a grate dale ot settlln i settled to settle as above ware you will rite to me. These stalls is called the united stalts becawse thelre mails and femalls all united. there's six of them wimmin staits. 2 Carolines, Miss Sourry, Missis Sippy, Louesa Anna. an Virginia, all the rest is malls. i have sene no cannibels and verry lew ingins besides steam Inglns they're qutte unhedducated and dont emply no tailers. I dont like lammln mutch but praps I shal wen i get used to it, tho it is very ilconvenient at furs!. I am obliged to wurk very ard and il i have to chop my one woad much longer i han determined to cut my stick. Dere muther, i think i shud be more comfortable ff i had a lew trhels witch you culd bye me, if yew wud only sel something, and send me all of the bills particklar, and 1'1 be sure to owe it to you--namly sum needils and thred, and sum old buttens, but thems of little use without you send me sum shirts, and a waistcote, and upper cote, to put them on, when those thumbles off thats on when you sends em, and some brads, and some hammers to drive em with, and a spade and a pickax, an a saw, and sum fish hooks, and gunpowdr, an sum Shot, witch they will be of the gratest convenlency, if you can send me a gun. IIkewls som stockins, an shues and other hardwears, only its no use to send me any bank nots, lor my nerest naybours is some ingin wagswams above 70 miles 01, an I cudnt get change thare. so dont forgit some led, and some buill! moldes, for some blak fellers has bin fish in close by, jist within 10 miles an I wants to have a pop at em with luv to all youre dutiful son Sam. Stroller. ---'The Arkansas Family Historian Page 149

14 Sylvania Cemetery Continued From September, 1992 Rowell, Warren, b. 1818, d. 1896, Lac B, Row 13 Weeks, Christine Collard, b. 1925, Sep27, Lac B, Row 13 Weeks, John D., b. 1912, Jul27, d. 1981, Feb 12, Lac B, Row 13 Burnett, Mary Yielding, b. 1879, d. 1919, Lac B, Row 14 (wile B. Rube) Rowell, Fannie C. H., b. 1906, Lac B, Row 14 (H ~ Hurt) Powell, Fred P., b. 1891, d. 1950, Lac B, Row 14 Yielding, Jesse Walker, b. 1900, Nov 24, d. 1958, Mar 31, Lac B, Row 14 Yielding, Johnnie W., b. 1887, Jan 24, d Julll, Lac B, Row 14 Yielding, Semion David, b. 1857, Mar, d. 1905, Aug., Loc B, Row 14 Yielding,Vlrginia A.F., b.l 657,Apr., d. 1932, Lac B, Row 14 (F = Farrow) Blackwood, James A., b. 1904, Aug 21, d. 1971, May 29, Lac B. Row 15 Blackwood, Viola, b. 1907, Oct 14, Loc B, Row 15 Cox, M. Floyd, b. 1873, Feb 12, d. 1945, Aug 17, LacB, Row 15 Cox, Minnie L., b. 1874, Dec 11, d. 1956, Aug 8, Lac B, Row 15 Crain, Isic, no dates, Lac B, Row 15 Crain, WHe, no dates, Lac B, Row 15 Crouch. Burl, b.1918, Apr 28, d.1986, Dec 14, LacB, Row 15 Guyot, Adam, b. 1860, Sep 26, d. 1941, Oct la, Lac B, Row 15 Guyot, Edith, b. 1888, Apr 25, d. 1905, Feb 12, Lac B, Row 15 Guyot, Erma, b. 1895, Oct 26, d 1972, Dec 2, Lac B, Row 15 Guyot, Olive, b. 1874, Mar 2, d. 1950, Jun 20, Lac B, Row 15 Guyot, Walter, b. 1893, Oct 4, d. 1967, Nov 28, Lac B, Row 15 Jackson, Carl, b. 1908, Feb 6, d. 1908, Aug 18, Lac B, Row 15 Jackson, Elora E" b. 1881, d. 1970, Lac B, Row 15 Jackson, Inlant, b. 1911, Feb 4, d. 1911, Jun 31, Lac B, Row 15 (son JK & EE) Jackson, John K, b. 1881, d. 1966, Loc B, Row 15 Johnson, Joe, b. 1910, Dec 5, d. 1952, Sep4, Lac B, Row 15 Johnson, Leonard, b. 1944, Oct 27, d. 1950, Jun 20, Lac B. Row 15 Johnson, Ollie. b. 1917, Jan 15, Loc B, Row 15 Lawrence. Nancy Caroline. b Jul 22. d Feb 17, Lac B, Row 15 Lawrence. Samuel W., b. 1886, Jun 20, d. 1912, Sep 17, Loc B, Row 15 Lawrence, W. J., b Feb 26, d. 1909, Nov 11, Lac B, Row 15 Marsh, Mamie Scruggs. b. 1892, Ju129. d. 1912, Apr 29, Lac B, Row 15 (wi LC) Reid, Mary F. b. 1849, Jul 18, d Jan 6, Loc B, Row 15 Sanders, Sarah. b Jan 29, d. 1905, Feb 7. Lac B, Row 15 Scroggs, David. b. 1844, Jan 29, d. 1913, Oct 31, Lac B, Row 15 (Co C 48 NC Inl CSA) Scroggs. Effie, b. 1889, d. 1966, Lac B. Row 15 (wi Rob.) Scroggs, Ercll Guy. b. 1907, May 6. d.1912, Jan 15, Lac B, Row 15 Scroggs. James L, b. 1883, Dec 9, d. 1905, Aug 8, Lac B, Row 15 Scroggs, Nancy L, b Oct 28, d. 1910, Apr 25, Lac B, Row 15 (wile Dav.) Scroggs, Robert, b. 1888, d.l963, Lac B, Row 15 Speck, A. N., b May 21, d. 1903, Oct 10, Lac B, Row 15 (wife Gao.) Speck, Dillard, b. 1870, Feb 9, d. 1904, Mar, Lac B, Row 15 Speck, Mary Lee, b. 1899, Feb 3, d.1979, Feb 5, Lac B, Row 15 Busbridge, Johnie, b. 1897, May 5, d. 1897, Sep 14, Lac B, Row 16 Cooper, Stephen, b. 1853, Sep 16, d. 1923, Nov 12, Lac B, Row 16 Fisher, W. L, b. 1880, Mar 23, d. 1902, Aug 29, Lac B, Row 16 Harris, Isabelle Cummings, no dales, Lac B, Row 16 McElyea, Brenda, b. 1953, d. 1964, Lac B, Row 16 McElyea, Eddie, b. 1915, d. 1964, Lac B, Row 15 Morrison, Annie, b. 1871, Ju128, d. 1901, Jan 25, Loc B, Row 16 (wife GA) Page 150, Volume 30, Numbcr4 lkecmbcr 19'1)

15 Wadell, Robert H., b. 1838, Jun 4, d. 1901, Oct 19, Loc B, Row 16 Watson, Ever, b. 1889, May 5, d. 1900, Sep 12, Lac B, Row 16 Beasley, Luther Clifton, b. 1884, NO\iI3, d. 1974, May 21, Loc B, Row 17 Beasley, Ruth Simpson, b. 1887, Jul 27, d. 1969, Oct 4, Lac B, Row 17 Cox, Ceril Bradford, b. 1909, Sep 3, Loc B, Row 17 (husb. Z.) Cox, Zenith M. Sowell, b. 1912, May 29, d. 1990, Mar 9, Loc B, Row 17 (wife Ceril) Crump, Hazel Jackson, b. 1906, Oct 28, Loc B, Row 17 Crump, Henry, b 1908, Sep9, d. 1971, Dec 17, Lac B, Row 17 Glover, Callie M. Jackson, no dates, Loc B, Row 17 Glover, Clarence M., b. 1909, d. 1983, Loe B, Row 17 Kennedy, Augustus W" b, 1891, N0\i24, Lac B, Row 17 (married 9/14/15) Kennedy, M. Delphis, b.1892, NOvl!, Loc B, Row 17 Kennedy, Mary Elva, b. 1920, Jun 11, d, 1982, Jan 15, Loe B, Row 17 (married 9/15/54) Kennedy, William A., b. 1925, Dec, Lac B, Row 17 Lemay, Alfred E., b. 1898, d. 1974, Lac B, Row 17 Lemay, Sallie D. Galloway, b. 1693, d. 1986, Lac B, Row 17 Mulkey, Carl N., b. 1922, d. 1987, Loc B., Row 17 (Cpl US Army WWI) Mulkey, Ruth Beasley, b, 1917, Mar 28, Lac B, Row 17 Padget, Mary E., b. 1919, Aug 16, d. 1978, Mar 4, Lac B, Row 17 (married 10/25/37) Padgett, Ewell A" b, 1918, Jan 1, d. 1969, Apr 26, Lac B, Row 17 Waller, Bill Jack, b. 1914, d. 1984, Lac B, Row 17 Wilson, Fred, b. 1909, Aug 30, Lac B, Row 17 Wilson, Lewitt M., b. 1896, Jun 20, d. 1973, Jul 13, Lac B, Row 17 Wilson Maysel V. Jackson, b. 1913, Dec 11, Lac B, Row 17 (married 10/16/29) Wilson, Zada B., b. 1896, May 28, d. 1979, Apr 3, Lac B, Row 17 Young, E. R. "Bill", b. 1914, Dec 8, d. 1990, Oct 22, Lac C, Row 5 Ballard, Cebern J., b. 1903, Apr 9, d, 1935, Apr 25, Lac C, Row 1 Beasley, Aticus W" b. 1898, d. 1976, Lac C, Row 1 Beasley, Blanch 0" b, 1900, d. 1961, Lac C, Row 1 Beasley, Daisy C., b. t917, d.1917, Lac C, Row 1 Beasley, Rebeca A., b. 1920, d. 1920, Lac C, Row 1 Beasley, William M., b, 1918, d. 1918, Lac C, Row 1 Bentley, Florence, b. 1878, Sep 19, d. 1934, Jun 17, Loc C, Row 1 Bentley, lia, b, 1902, Nov 26, Lac C, Row 1 Bentley, John G., b, 1872, Feb 14, d. 1917, Jan 20, Lac C, Row 1 Derden, Lottie M., b. 1894, Lac C, Row 1 Derden, Robert F., b, 1888, d, 1968, Lac C, Row 1 Goodal, Marven b. 1900, Feb 8, d. 1973, Aug 1, Lac C, Row 1 Hall, Lucile, b. 1903, Apr 17, d.1980, May 19, Lac C, Row 1 Hall, Madie, b. 1917, Aug 28, d. 1921, Jun 29, Loc C, Row 1 Hall, Willie G" b. 1897, Sep 9, d. 1949, Jan 28, Lac C, Row 1 Hestir, Infant, b. 1935, d. 1935, Lac C, Row 1 Hestir, John M., b. 1903, May 18, Lac C, Row 1 Hestir, Larry, b. 1940, Feb 13, Lac C, Row 1 Hestir, Vesta Gibson, b, 1901, Dec 16, d. 1984, Feb 8, Lac C, Row 1 Hodges, Herman Ray, b. 1896,Jun 29, d. 1981, Jan 8, Lac C, Row 1 (Pvl. US Army WWI) McGhee, Oscar C" b, 1914, Aug 25, d, 1916, Jun 11, Lac C, Row 1 Rogers, Sarah E., b. 1870, Lac C, Row 1 Rogers, Tom J., b. 1848, d. 1921, Loc C, Row 1 Ballard, Louise B., b. 1869, d. 1945, Lac C, Row 2 Ballard,ParkerB" b, lb57,d.i931,locc, Row2 Ballard, Pearl Lassiter, b. 1913, Dec 31, d. 1988, Jun 11, Loc C, Row 2 Baney, Cleve, b. 1892, Jul 18, d. 1926, May 17, Lac C, Row 2 Baney, Edna L., b, 1918, May 1, Lac C, Row 2 Baney, Ethel (Pearson), b. 1891, Sep 9, d. 1968, Ju15, Loe C, Row 2 Baney, Oris E., b. 1918, Sep 4, d, 1975, Sep 21, Loc C, Row ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---'The Arkansas Family Historian Page 151

16 Cooper, Della, b, 1880, d. 1949, Loc C, Row 2 Cooper, Fred, b. 1909, Feb 4, d. 1964, Jun 30, Loc C, Row2 Cooper, Henry, b. 1866, d. 1938, Loc C, Row 2 Cooper, Maye, b, 1909, Aug 31, Loc C, Row 2 Driver, Annie Heise, b. 1875, Oct 14, d. 1952, May 5, Loc C, Row 2 H., no dates, Loc C, Row 2 (V.tH. no date) Heise, Fred H., b. 1874, Mar 10, d. 1918, Dec 7, Loc C, Row 2 Heise, Mertie Woodiel?, b. 1896, d. 1939, Lee C, Row 2 Heise, Nina Fay, b. 1910, Aug 16, d. 1918, Dec 12, Loc C, Row 2 Heise, Samuel M., b. 1894, Mar 25, d. 1961, Dec 8, Loc C, Row 2 Hestir, Desdemona, b. 1885, Sep 13, d. 1951, Nov 1, Loc C, Row 2 Hestir, Mac Wesley, b. 1880, Dec 13, d. 1958,Nov 29, Loc C, Row 2 Johnson, Maysel H., b. 1910, Jan 27, Loc C, Row 2 Johnson, Roscoe, b. 1905, Jan 26, d. 1971, Oct 10, Loc C, Row 2 Ross, Annie L.. b. 1887, Dec 4, d. 1935, Sep 23, Loc C, Row 2 Ross, James T. (Jim), b. 1877, Jan 18, Lee C, Row 2 Ross, W. H. (Will), b. 1879, Apr 24, d. 1915, Apr 22, Loc C, Row 2 Webb, Camben C., b. 1892, Mar I, d. 1969, Aug 2, Loc C, Row 2 Webb, Mary H., b Feb 19, d. 1984, Mar 14, Loc C, Row 2 Ballard, Lorene, b.1901, d. 1929, LocC, Row 3 Blackwood, Charles A, b. 1865, Nov II, d. 1926, Oct 15, Lac C, Row 3 Blackwood, Ida B., b. 1865, Nov 27, d. 1929, Jan 26, Lac C, Row 3 Blackwood, Lloyd Hale, b. 1894, d. 1945, Loc C, Row 3 Blackwood, Sallie Mae, b. 1903, Loc C, Row 3 Bowker, Nancy Jones, b. 1894, Sep 13, d. 1988,Jan 10, Lac C, Row 3 Brockett, Clyde H., Sr., b. 1890, Sep 13, d. 1971, Dec 20, Loc C, Row 3 Brockett, Myrtle Spence, b. 1891, Sep21, d. 1963, Oct 13, Loc C, Row 3 Brockett, Wilma, b. 1912, Ju123, d Apr 25, Loc C, Row 3 Folks, Helen, b. 1870, d. 1965, Loc C, Row 3 Folks, I. L., b. 1864, d. 1940, Loc C, Row 3 Folks, James Homer, Pvt" b. 1891, Mar 30, d. 1918, Dec 24, Loc C, Row 3 (Co K 3561nl USA) Folks, Louis C., b. 1889, Oct 25, d. 1925, Jun 28, Loc C, Row 3 Johnson, Mable A, b. 1909,May 4, d. 1987, Dec 6, Loc C, Row 3 Jones, John J., b. 1882, May 3, d Dec 13, Loc C, Row 3 McGaughey, Henry, b. 1880, d. 1932, Loc C, Row 3 Moyer, Bessie, no dates, Loc C, Row 3 Ransom, Erma Irene, b. 1899, d. 1987, Jan 2, Loc C, Row 3 (88 years old) Sell, Elvira V., b May 10, d. 1914, Sep 10, Loc C, Row 3 Smith, Cha~es W, b. 1901, d. 1929, Loc C, Row 3 Spence, Birdie Mae, b. 1898, Oct 3, d. 1990, Dec 16, Loc C, Row 3 (Wile EG) Spence, Ernie G., b. 1896, Nov 25, d. 1964, Ju14, Loc C, Row 3 Spence, Lola Ballard, b. 1897, Mar 24, d. 1915, Feb 9, Loc C, Row 3 (S.EG WI-Bethie) Allison, Evelyn E.. b. 1910, Aug 9, Loc C, Row 4 Allison, Hugh E., b. 1907, Jan 27, d. 1982, Dec 1, Loc C, Row 4 Allison, Walter, b. 1892, Apr 1, d. 1916, Mar 9, Loc C, Row 4 Ballard, Georgie T., b. 1875, d, 1955, Loc C. Row 4 Ballard, James H. (Jim), b. 1898, Aug 22, d. 1973, Feb 19, Loc C, Row 4 Ballard, Lois H., b. 1915, Sep 3, Loc C, Row 4 Ballard, Robert A, b. 1873, d. 1937, Loc C, Row 4 Burkhead, Allean, b. 1903, d. 1959, Loc C, Row 4 Burkhead, Herman F.. b. 1902, d. 1986, Loc C, Row 4 Ginther, Charles E.. b Apr 14, d. 1914, Aug 8, Loc C, Row 4 Ginther, Herman D., Rev., b. 1901, Feb 25, d. 1966,0019, Loc C, Row 4 Lenderman, ARon C., b. 1915, Jan 19, d. 1969, Dec 27, Loc C, Row 4 Lenderman, Nina L, b. 1919, May 6, Loc C, Row 4 Martin, Louise, b. 1914, Mar 13, d. 1916, Aug 4, Loc C, Row4 Page 152, Volume 30, NUl1lber4 * December

17 Moore, Allison Dawn, b 1964, Sep 5, d. 1978, Jun 7, Loc e, Row 4 Ross, Daisy L., b. 1884, d, 1965, Loc e, Row 4 Ross, William Oscar, b. 1876, d. 1938, Loc e, Row 4 Scruggs, Elmer, b. 1900, d, 1930, Lac e, Row 4 Scruggs, Ollie, b.i902, d. 1971, Loce, Row 4 Smith, Edwin E., b. 1883, Aug 7, d, 1979, Oct 10, Loc C, Row 4 Smith, Mable L., b. 1895, Jan 28, d, 1988, Jun 28, Loc C, Row 4 Spence, Annie, b. 1871, Jun 25, d. 1953, Jui 15, Loe C, Row 4 Spence, K., b. 1868, Mar 10. d, 1922, Mar 24, Loe C, Row 4 Carpenter. Emma C., b, Jun 5, d. 1954, Apr 3, Loc C, Row 5 Carpenter, H. Earl, b. 1876, Jan 21, d, 1921,Dec 9, Loe C, Row 5 Cates, Dorothy Spence, b. 1924, May 18, d. 1986, Sep 13, Loe C, Row 5 Dunkerberger, Sarah A., b. 1858, Nov 22, d. 1927, Dec 3, Loc C, Row 5 Glover, Carl W., b. 1921, d. 1973, Lac C, Row 5 Gray, Addie G" b, 1887, Ju119, d. 1975, Sep 26, Loe C, Row 5 (Wue TAl Gray, Burney, b 1905, d. 1959, Lac C, Row 5 Gray, Emma Guynetta, b. 1918, Dec 22, d, 1923, Dec 18, Loe C, Row 5 (dau TA) Gray, Erskin R., b. 1894, d, 1947, Lac C, Row 5 Gray, Erskine Maurice, no dates, Lac C, Row 5 (son ER & Su.) Gray, J. 0., b. 1860, Sep 26, d. 1923, Dec 7, Lac C, Row 5 Gray, Possie, b, 1867, Sep 23, d, 1932, Dec 8, Lac C, Row 5 Gray, Susie, b. 1916, Nov 27, d, 1916, Nov 30, Lac C, Row 5 Gray, Susie M. Cate, b 1895, Ju18, d, 1929, Jan 17, Lac C, Row 5 (Wife ER) Gray, T. A., b. 1882, Nov 12,d, 1939, Mar 2, Lac C, Row 5 Scroggs, Helen Gray, b, 1907, d. 1960, Lac C, Row 5 Spence, Cynthia E., no dates Loc C, Row 5 Spence, Earl, b. 1900, d, 1985, Lac C, Row 5 Spence, Willie Ann, b. 1934, Nov 15, d. 1935, Jan 12, Loc e, Row 5 Swann, Neda B, b. 1910, d. 1929, Loe C, Row 5 Young, Nettie L., b. 1888, Apr 17, Lac C, Row 5 Young, Odell Harris, b.1918, Apr 3, LacC, Row 5 (ERwife) Young, Robert A" b. 1881, Dec 11, d, 1966, Apr 3, Loc C, Row 5 Armstrong, Loraine Callen, b, 1848, Jan 21, d. 1914, Nov 12, Loc C, Row 6 (b.smrfld, Ala) Armstrong, R. W., b. 1838, Aug 4, d. 1914, May 17, Loe C, Row 6 (b, Selma, AL) Bizzell, Harold A., b. 1915, Mar 1, d. 1985, May 5, Loc C, Row 6 Bizzell, M. W., b 1868, Aug 19, d. 1937, Aug 15, Lac C., Row 6 (b. Syl./D.LR) Bizzell, Mildred Keel, b. 1907, Jan 22, d. 1970, Oct 15, Loe C, Row 6 Bizzell, Sirena Armslrong, b. 1872, Aug 4, d. 1919, Oc19, Lac C, Row 6 (WileMW) Creek, Lois Spence, b, 1912, Jan 18, d. 1972, Dec 17, Lac C, Row 6 Davies, Beulah, b. 1870, d. 1948, Loe C, Row 6 (Rev JH) Davies, John Henry, Rev., b, 1852, Jun 14, d, 1931,Apr 9, Loe C, Row 6 Duncan, Luther K., b. 1879, d. 1974, Loe C, Row 6 Duncan, Sallie J., b. 1880, d. 1966, Loe C, Row 6 Fawcett, Tommy I" b. 1925,Nov 15, d, 1925, Dec 28, Loe C, Row 6 Fawcett, Willie M., b. 1891, d, d, 1943, Loe C, Row 6 Golden, Eddelean,b.1918,May2, d. 1940, Dec 20, Loe C, Row 6 Golden, Erma V., b. 1899, Sep 15, d, 1 9OO,Feb 2, Loe C, Row 6 Jorden, Carolyn Bizzell, b. 1949, Sep 3, d. 1979, Dec 14, Lac C, Row 6 Lenderman. Era E. Hayley, b. 1904, Sep 3, Lac C, Row 6 Lenderman, Lonnie Raymond, b. 1900, Jan 26, d, 1970, JulIO, Loe C, Row 6 Morden, Tiffany Hope, b. 1971, Jun 13. d Sep 18. Lac C, Row 6 (dau. R & S Goforth) Pale, Charles T.. b. 1876, d, 1926, Loe C, Row 6 Pate, James, b. 1910, d. 1914, Loe C, Row 6 Tally, Sallie Fawcett, b, Apr 18, d. 1979, Nov 15, Lac C, Row 6 Allison, James Ray, inlant, b, 1938, Oct 2, d. 1938, Dec 7, Loc e, Row 7 (Ce & Le) Allison, Lena E., b. 1874, d. 1970, Lac C, Row 7 -'TheArkansas Family Historian Page: 153

18 Allison, W. S., b. 1866, d. 1947, Loc C, Row 7 Almond, Flossie V., b. 1893, Sep 14, d. 1988, Mar 22, Loc C, Row 7 Boyd, Charles A., b. 1868, Mar 16, d. 1934, Mar 6, Loc C, Row 7 Boyd, Fannie, b. 1881, Jun 2, d. 1947, Feb 6, Lac C, Row 7 Boyd, Lennie, b. 1905, d. 1914, Lac C, Row 7 Fawcett, Fannie, b. 1878, Jan II, d. 1955, Apr 18, Lac C, Row 7 Fawcett, I. H., b. 1865, Dec 10, d. 1929, Apr 27, Lac C, Row 7 Fawcett, James W. b. 1855, Jan 31, d Mar 12, Lac C, Row 7 Fawcett, Uris, b Dec 9. d May 15. Lac C, Row 7 Kee, James. b d. 1911, Lac C. Row 7 Kee, Kate, b. 1854, d Lac C. Row 7 Lenderman. Alberta, b. 1910, d. 1972, Lac C, Row 7 Lenderman, Lillie, b. 1908, d. 1981, Lac C, Row 7 Lenderman, Otha, b. 1906, d. 1975, Lac C, Row 7 Robinson, Lottie M., b. 1870, May 24. d. 1928, Jul 30, Lac C, Row 7 Robinson, N. W., b. 1860, Apr 14, LacC, Row 7 Spence, Donnie L., b. 1909, Mar 15, d. 1975, Jan 28, Lac C. Row 7 Spence, Haward B., b. 1906, May 20, d. 1979, Jun 7, Lac C, Row 7 Spence, Haward E., b. 1927, Dec 15, d. 1974, Oct 6, Lac C, Row 7 Tunks, Emma Pearl, b. 1888, d. 1933, Loc C. Row 7 Tunks, William E., b. 1879, d. 1940, Lac C. Row 7 Utley, Barbara M., b. 1911, Dec 1, d. 1968, Feb 6, Lac C, Row 7 Utley, John V. b Dec 2. d. 1982, Jul 14, Lac C, Row 7, no dates, Lac C, Row 8 (pink stone) --, June. b Dec 25, Lac C, Row 8 (no last name) Boyd, Ben Hugh, b. 1903, Apr 22, Loc C, Row 8 Boyd, Cora A.. b d. 1973, Loc C, Row 8 Boyd, Ernest A., b. 1880, d Lac C, Row 8 Boyd, Lillie M., b. 1908, Jun 23, d. 1981, Jan 14, Loc C, Row 8 Boyd, Mable D., b. 1881, d. 1952, Loc C, Row 8 Boyd, Walter L., b. 1884, Oct 30. d. 1930, Jun 8, Loc C, Row 8 Burnett, Letan, b. 1888, Ju118, d. 1944, May 7, Lac C, Row 8 Burnett, Thomas E., b. 1883, Jun 16. d. 1957, Oct 16, Loc C, Row 8 Guyot, Holbert, b. 1927, Aug 15, d. 1984, Jun 7, Loc C, Row 8 Guyot, James, b. 1885, Aug 15, d. 1968, Oct 21, Lec C, Row 8 Guyot, James R" b Feb 21, d. 1941, Mar I, Loc C, Row 8 (son A & 6) Guyot, Minnie. b. 1888, Jul 13, d. 1964, Jul3, Loc C, Row 8 Guyot, Walter, b. 1918, May 22, d. 1919, Sep 28. Lac C. Row 8 Judkins, E. L. (Mr), b. 1855, Jul 25, Lac C, Row 8 Judkins, Katie (Mrs), b. 1861, Jun 27. Lac C, Row 8 (wne EL) Judkins. Rewel E., b. 1882, Jan II, d. 1970, Dec 17, Loc C, Row 8 Killough, Jo Ann, b. 1937, Sep28, d. 1981, Sep 25, Loc C, Row 8 Lampert, Mary, b Mar 16. d. 1921, Jun 15, Lac C, Row 8 Lawson, Grandma, no dales, Loc C, Row 8 (mo. W & K Judkins) Lawson, Walter (Mr.), no dates, Loc C, Row 8 Lenderman. Lloyd L., b. 1898, May 20, Loc C, Row 8 Lenderman, Sallie Fields, b. 1898, Aug 7, d. 1980, Jan 20, Loc C. Row 8 Vanvleet, Charles N., b. 1860, Aug 31, d Dec 4, Loc C, Row 8 Vanvleet, Eunice Lorene, b. 1911, Dec 13, d. 1917, Jun 18, Loc C, Row 8 Chamblee, Lelan R., b. 1929, Dec 9, d. 1983, Feb 19, Lac C, Row 9 Chamblee, Patsy L., b. 1939, Jan 27, Loc C, Row 9 Crump, Emma L. Crump, b. 1873, Apr 15, d. 1953, May 21, Lac C, Row 9 Crump, Jesse J., b. 1864, Apr 25, d. 1947, Dec21, Loc C, Row 9 Crump, John S., b. 1862, Apr 14, d. 1924, Jan 24, Loc C, Row 9 Crump, William Lesler, b. 1905, Dec 20, d.1931, Aug II, Loc C, Row 9 (son JJ) Gray, Dorothy May, b. t928, Oct 31, d. 1928, Nov I, Loc C, Row 9 Page 154, Volume 30, Numbcr4 - Dcccmt}C[

19 Gray, Gracie, b. 1905, Jan 21, Loc C, Row 9 Gray, Wilson, b. 1903, Oct 26, d. 1943, Nov 15, Loe C, Row 9 Hestir, A. Clifton, b. 1892, Dec 27, d. 1972, Aug 16, Loc C, Row 9 Hestir, Clifton Ross, b. 1958, Dec 26, d. 1958, Dec 31, Loc C, Row 9 Hestir, Elizabeth F., b. 1900, Feb 25, Loc C, Row 9 Hestir, Gladys A, b. 1893, d. 1968, Loc C, Row 9 Hestir, Infant, no dates, Loc C, Row 9 Hestir, Printus C,' b, 1883, d. 1967, Loc C, Row 9 Light, Clarence Manuel, b. 1912, Jan 1, d. 1978, Nov 21, loc C, Row 9 light, Esmar, b, 1885, Dec 25, d.1979,may 1, Loc C, Row 9 light, Walter, b. 1887, Dec 3, d, 1940, Aug 24, Loc C, Row9 Scroggs, Earl J., b. 1901, Oct 11, d. 1919, Ju112, loc C, Row 9 (son J & N) Scroggs, Jay B., b, 1880, Mar 5, d, 1937, Dec 28, Loc C, Row 9 Scroggs, Nadie A" b, 1882, Dec 2, d. 1965, Ju119, Loc C, Row 9 Seymore, James, b. 1930, Ju17, d, 1987, Nov 16, Lac C, Row 9 Seymore, Linda K, b. 1941, Nov 29, loc C, Row 9 Stephenson, Glenda A, b. 1941, Loc C, Row 9 West, Claud, b, 1931, Mar 5, d. 1936, Nov 16, loc C, Row 9 Allison, Cecil Carl, b. 1914, Jan 16, d. 1968, Oct 26, Lac C, Row 10 Allison, Lela Mae, b. 1913, Apr 10, loc C, Row 10 Blackwood, Florence A., b. 1895, d. 1976, Loc C, Row 10 (wife RG) Blackwood, James Mervin, b. 1917, Jun 23, d.1919,julll, Loc C, Row 10 Blackwood, Roy G.. b. 1892, d. 1958, Lac C, Row 10 Isbell, Jesse E, b. 1898, Aug 2, d. 1959, Apr 17, lac C,Row 10 Isbell, Kate Crump, b. 1899, Apr 30; d. 1970, Oct 8, Lac C, Row 10 Owens, W. H. (Ben), Jr., b. 1877, Nov, d. 1929, Jun 1, lac C, Row 10 Ring, Earnest, b, 1872, d.1937, lac C, Row 10 Ring, Sadie M., b. 1879, d. 19??, Lac C, Row 10 Seaton, Elihue, b. 1898, d. 1981, loc C, Row 10 Seaton, Willene, b. 1903, Loc C, Row 10 Stockham, Charlie Grant, b. 1876, Feb 18, d. 1947, Mar 5, Lac C, Row 10 Stockham, Minnie Townsend, b. 1889, Nov 18, d, 1964, Jun 28, Lac C, Row 10 Walker, Harold Loyd, b. 1929, Sep 16, d, 1941, Nov 27, loc C, Row 10 Walker, Minnie B, b. 1901, Dec 10, d. 1990, Mar 29, loc C, Row 10 Walker, Rudolph D" b. 1895, Nov 13, d. 1959, Dec 11, Loc C, Row 10 West, Mamie Sipes, b, 1894, Ju112, d. 1989, Nov 16, Lac C, Row 10 West, Otha F., b. 1896, Aug 27, d.1978, Jan 4, Lac C, Row 10 Wright, Belle B., b. 1868, Apr 10, d 1936, May 27, Lac C, Row 10 (wife WL) Wright, William L., b. 1867, Oct 30, d. 1947, May 15, Loc C, Row 10 Allison, Hugh D., b, 1868, Jul 6, d. 1928, May 4, lac C, Row 11 Allison, Sarah Ann, b. 1832, Sep 16, d. 1918, May 19, loc C, Row 11 Allison, Will M., b. 1863, Dec2, d, 1929, Feb 20, loc C, Row 11 Brunon, Maggie, b. 1867, d. 1944, loc C, Row 11 (wife Galloway McK) Burnen, lee, b, 1896, Nov 5, d. 1922, Nov 27, Loc C, Row 11 Burnett, Marzie Marvin, b, 1926, Mar 11, d. 1926, Dec 22, Loc C, Row 11 Busby, Artie E, b. 1884, Dec 19, d. 1968, Mar 19, Lac C, Row 11 Busby, Baby Girl, b. 1943,Mar 8, lac C, Row 11 Derden, Glenn W., b. 1905, Ju124, d. 1948, Oct 27, lac C, Row 11 Fleming, Mallie L., b. 1880, Mar 15, d. 1921, May 15, lac C, Row 11 Galloway, Hubert M., b 1893, Mar 9, d. 1976, Nov 25, Lac C, Row 11 Galloway, Leon, b. 1917, Jun 21, d. 1919, Jul 15, loc C, Row 11 Galloway, McKindree, b. 1859, May 27, d. 1920, Jan 20, Loc C, Row 11 Jones, ada L., b. 1898, Jan 31, d. 1977, Aug 1, Lac C, Row 11 (wife lee Burnen) Pope, James C., b. 1904, May 5, d. 1966, Jul2, Lac C, Row 11 Pope, Mrs, Rachel Cloye, b. 1910, d. 1990, Jun 15, lac C, Row 11 (age 80) Tally, Ed, b. 1868, d. 1979, Loc C, Row Thc Arkansas Family Historian Page 155

20 Tally, May Ellen, b. 1891, d. 1947, Loc C, Row 11 VennDiion, Joe M., b. 1880, Jan 2, d. 1959, Oct 29, Loc C, Row 11 Allison, Ida P., b., 1866, d, 1856, Loc C, Row 12 (Grandmother) Allison, Jeff, b. 1896, Nov II, d. 1934, Oct 4, Loc C, Row 12 Bland, Charles A., b. 1877, Nov 17, d. 1956, Nov 13, Loc C, Row 12 Bland, Ella E., b. 1886, Sap 22, d. 1973, Dec 7, Loc C, Row 12 Pleiner, Karl, b. 1860, Nov 7, d. 1937, Dec 29, Loc C, Row 12 Pleiner, Karl, Pvt., b. 1889, Jul18, d. 1973, Oct 4, Loc C, Row 12 (IL US ArmyWWI) Plelner, leopoldine, b. 1869, Dec la, d. 1954; Apr 13, Loc C, Row 12 Plelner, WIlliam W., b. 1911, Oct 31, d. 1979, Jun 8, Loc C, Row 12 Reid, Clifton, b. 1904, Dec II, d. 1957, Oct 8, Loc C, Row 12 (son AM) Reid, F. Marie, b. 1912, Dec 29, d. 1986, Jul31, Loc C, Row 12 (wife CI.) Reid, Richard L, b. 1947, Jan 12, d. 1961, Nov 7, Loc C, Row 10 (son CI & M) Reid, Thelma Jean, b. 1949, Sep 23, d. 1979, J~ 30, Loc C, Row 12 (dau CI & M) Ross, Danny Roben, b. 1945, Apr 8, Loc C, Row 12 VermUllon, Nettie, b.1877, Aug 8, d. 1954, Feb 18, Loc C, Row 12 (wife Jo) Woodle!, John, b. 1898, d. 1872, Loc C, Row 12 Woodiel, Ruby, b. 1900, Feb 17, d. 1945, Sep 18, Loc C, Row 12 (wife In) Balding, Forrest A., b. 1909, Jun 21, d. 1983, Apr 16, Loc C, Row 13 Balding, Gray Alice Ruby, b. 1907, Sep 13, Loc C, Row 13 (wife FA) Bennett, Mary Carmen, b. 1904, Aug 30, d. 1923, Jan 18, Loc C, Row 13 (wife GM) Gray, Olen a., b. 1896, d. 1947, Loc C, Row 13 Jackson, Ava L, b. 1884, Feb 13, d. 1931, Nov I, Loc C, Row 13 Kirkland, Anhur Forresl, b. 1958, May 21, d. 1958, May 28, Loc C, Row 13 MinIon, Jackson L, b. 1947, Mar 7, d. 1947, Mar 8, Loc C, Row 13 (son R & M) Spence, Addle M., b. 1917, May 13, d. 1987, Mar 26, Loc C, Row 13 Spence, Lowell D., b. 1908, Oct 22, d. 1979, Aug17, Loc C, Row 13 Tedford, Apple B., b. 1894, Jan 6, Loc C, Row 13 Tedford, Finis W., b. 1888, Jun 2, d Feb 2. Loc C. Row 13 Tedford. William W., b Jan 28. d May 27. Loc C. Row 13 Austin. Ada Ring. no dales. Loc C, Row 14 Ballard. Kennelh Dale. b Feb 19. Loc C. Row 14 (son LG) Ballard. Lewis G. b Ju125. d Apr 14. Loc C. Row 14 Ballard. Muriel M. b Apr 13. Loc C. Row 14 (wife LG) Ballard. Oreus Derald, b Jun 10. d Oct 18. Loc C. Row 14 (AK2 US Navy) Baasley. Beula. b d Loc C. Row 14 Beasley. Billy C. b d Loc C. Row 14 Beasley, Orphle. b Loc C. Row 14 Forsyth. Glen F. b d. 1979, Loc C, Row 14 Forsyth. Justine S.. b d Loc C. Row 14 Gautney, Olen. no dales. Loc C. Row 14 Mize. Lucille Ring. no da1es. Loc C. Row 14 Rainwater. Infant. no dates. Loc C, Row 14 (Ra/Edna Earl N) Roe. Ida V. b Aug 19. d Dec 23. Loc C. Row 14 Williams. Margaret!. Loc C. Row 14 (infant M & R) Williams, Minnie Lee, b. 1921, Oct 3, d. 1951, Oct 22, Loc C, Row 14 Williams. Sharon Kay. b Dec 26. d Nov 17. Loc C. Row 14 Winter. E. Pauline, b Sep 27, Loc C. Row 14 Winter. Marlon I. b Feb 7. d May 2, Loc C, Row 14 Crump. Roben James. b Oct 30. d May 18. Loc C. Row 15 Fuller. Audrey E. b Jun 29. d Aug I, Loc C. Row 15 Fuller. Burl D. PFC AR 57. b Feb 25. d Sep 17. Loc C. Row 15 (Signal Bn WWII) Fuller. Leonard B. b May 22. d Apr 5. Loc C. Row 15 Pinson. Monrow G. Jr. b Aug 27. d Nov 30. Loc C. Row 15 Pinson, Monrow G., Sr. b Feb 12. d Ju125. Loc C. Row 15 Skinner. I. A. b Oct 31. d May 1. Loc C. Row 15 (bro JE) Page Volume 30, Number 4 Derember 1992

21 Skinner, Larry I., b. 1952,Aug II, d. 1961, Jul 2, Lac C, Row 15, (son IA) Skinner, Louise, b. 1922, Apr 8, Lac C, Row 15 (wile IA) Suzuki, Lucille, b. 1901, Apr 5, d. 1959, Sep 12, Lac C, Row 15 Beasley, James C., b. 1936, Nov 4, d. 1972, Dec 14, Lac C, Row 16 Burgess, Infant, b. 1962, Jan 11, Lac C, Row 16 (dau In & S) Carpenter. Findell, b. 1870, Aug 31, d. 1938, Jan 8, Loc C, Row 16 Carpenter. Rachel, b. 1867, Oct 25, d. 1934, Aug 12, Loc C, Row 16 Gray, Verna W., b. 1907, May 18, d. 1985, Aug 20, Loc C, Row 16 (wife Bmy Gray) Skinner, Ethel Vann, b. 1929, Jun 30, Lac C, Row 16 (wife JE) Skinner, Joe E., b. 1927, Oct 12, d. 1990, Aug 12, Lac C, Row 16 (bra IA) Spence, Mary Lou Lane, b. 1923, Dec 16, Lac C, Row 16 Spence, Waker G., b. 1924, Dec 27, d. 1984, Sep 19, Loc C, Row 16 Valentine, Delbert, b. 1914, Nov 7, d. 1965, Sep 28, Lac C, Row 16 Valentine, Margie, b. 1922, Nov 7, Lac C, Row 16 Valentine, Robert E., b. 1943, Oct 3, d. 1962, Aug 27, Loc C, Row 16 Madding, Omer Connie, Sgt., b. 1919, Aug 25, d. 1983, Dec 20, Lac C, Row 17 (US Army WWII) Myers. Susan T., b. 1922, Jan 30, d. 1986, Jun II, Loc C, Row 17 Myers, William J., b. 1917, Aug 31, Lac C, Row 17 Goodal, Gladys, b. 1905, Dec 20, d. 1979, Aug 29, Loc D, Row 1 Hartman, Helen B., b. 1920, d. 1989, Lac D, Row 1 Hartman, Paul T.. b. 1920, d. 1989, Lac D, Row 1 Majanesik, Mary Lewis, b. 1921, d. 1986, Dec 23, Loc D, Row 1 (55 years old) Richmond. Budd W., b. 1911, d. 1988, Lac D, Row 1 Richmond, Wanda L., b. 1910, d. 1987, Loc D, Row 1 Span, EdWin D., b. 1913, Sep2, d. 1985, Nov 23, Loc D, Row 1 Span, Evelyn E., b. 1915, Mar 15. d. 1988, May 31, Loc D, Row 1 Sunderman, Narveller, b. 1904, Jul18, d. 1990, Oct31, Loc D, Row 1 Sunderman, Theodore, b. 1902, Dec 27, Loc D, Row 1 Tally, Dixie, b. 1923, Apr 9, Lac D, Row 1 Tally, Edward, b. 1917, Nov 3, Loc D, Row 1 Baldridge, Bill, b. 1914, Jan 10, Loc D, Row 2 Baldridge, Marion, b. 1917, Oct 15, Loc D, Row 2 Brockett, Clyde H., b. 1924, Aug I, d. 1989, Aug 8, Loc D, Row 2 Brockett, W. Deanne, b. 1927, Aug II, Lac D, Row 2 Cecil, Velma Boyd, b. 1908, d. 1982, Loc D, Row 2 Cook, Margaret Harris, b. 1894, Apr 4, d. 1973, Oct 8, Loc D, Row 2 Dixon, Courtney Paige, b. 1991, Feb 21, d. 1991, Feb 21, Loc D, Row 2 (inl dau Slev & Tam) Golden, Gladys Joy, b. 1903, Aug 30, d. 1985, Feb 4, Lac D, Row 2 Harris, Walter A., b. 1870, Nov 19, d. 1950, Dec 3, Lac D, Row 2 Lenderman, Alpha E, b. 1913, Nov 4, Lac D, Row 2 Lenderman, Theo R., b. 1905, Nov 25, d. 1983, Sep 19, Lac D, Row 2 Mcintyre, Alice E., b. 1871, Mar 4, d. 1960, Oct 3, Loc D, Row 2 Nixon, Graham Townsend, b. 1913, Mar 24, d. 1974, Apr II, Loc D, Row 2 Summerhill, Gertie C.. b. 1899, Sep 21, d. 1979, Aug 20, Lac D, Row 2 Summerhill, Harvy Thomas, b. 1906, Apr 21, d. 1975, May 10, Lac D, Row 2 Summerhill, Sallie M.. b. 1882, Jun 5, d. 1986, Apr 7, Loc D, Row 2 Fukon, Eula E., b. 1919, Mar 25, d. 1976, May 1 D, Lac D, Row 3 Marsh, Lewis C., b. 1893,Marl,d. 1981,Jun 12, LocD,Row3 Marsh, Mollie A., b 1897, Oct 26, Lac D, Row 3 McElyea, Junie May, b. 1919, Mar 12, d. 1980, Oct IS, Loc D, Row 3 MinIon, Ermon, b, 1902, Sep IS, d, 1978, Aug 27, Lac D, Row 3 MinIon, Lucille, b. 1903, Feb 24, Loc D, Row 3 Richardson, Jimmie W., b. 1938, Mar 29, d. 1984, Apr 4, Loc D, Row 3 Rosell, Leona G.. b. 1919, d. 1975, Loc D, Row 3 Sergnya, Lois McElyea, b, 1939,Jan 1, d. 1976, Mar 4, Loc D, Row3 Babb, Aurora Rebecca, b. 1916, Jan II, Lac D, Row 4 TheArkansas PamllyHistonan Page 157

22 Babb, Ruby B" b, 1912, Apr 4, d, 1976, Mar 29, Loc D, Row 4 Ballard, Audrey, b, 1911, Jan 10, Lac D, Row 4 Ballard, Gipson, b, 1904, Sep 14, d, 1980, Jun 21, Loc D, Row 4 Beasley, Jerry Don, b, 1941, Apr 19, d, 1975, Oct 26, Lac D, Row 4 Beasley, Joy lynn, b, 1941, Oct 18, lac D, Row 4 Beasley, Katie Lee, b, 1919, Sep 20, lac D, Row 4 Beasley, Sterling Eugene, b, 1919, May 5, lac D, Row 4 Cox, Ethel B" b, 1892, Jan " d, 1984, Feb 15, lac D, Row 4 Cox, Owen Westley, b, 1891, d, 1979, Loc D, Row 4 r;nw1) Dollarhite, Douglas S,' b, 1967, Sep 11, d, 1987, Oct 4, lac D, Row 4 (Spence) Dreher, Michael, b, 1959, Jun 1, d, 1977, Sep 20, lac D, Row 4 logsdon, Jo Lee, b, 1948, d, 1976, Lac D, Row 5 Vines, lexie M" b 1918, Apr 28, d, 1976, Aug 18,lac D, Row 5 Vines, William F" b, 1918, Oct 19, d, 1983, Jan 9, lac D, Row 5 Ballard, James C" b, Apr 17, lac D, Row 6 Ballard, Stephen Colby, b, 1979, Feb 25, d, 1979, Feb 27, Lac D, Row 6 (son S &B T) Ballard, Teddene, b, 1937, Oct 3, d, 1976, Sep 28, lac D, Row 6 Davis, D, J" b, 1939, Jun 3, d, 1980,Oct 26, lac D, Row 6 Davis, T, D" b, 1914, Apr 7, d, 1976, Aug 28, lac D, Row 6 Derden, Dennis, b, 1917, Lac D, Row 6 Derden, Lorene, b, 1919, Lac D, Row 6 Guyot, Carlyne B" b, 1920, Sep 13, lac D, Row 6 GUyot, J, Aubrey, b, 1914, Nov 28, d, 1978, Nov 26, Lac D, Row 6 Hayley, Malcolm A" b, 1908, Oct 9, d, 1981, Nov 24, Loc D, Row 6 Hayley, Mary E., b, 191" May 22, Lac D, Row 6 Mulkey, Fred H" b, 1918, May 9, d, 1988, Aug 30, Lac D, Row 6 Sohn, Eric D" b, 1968, Aug 3, d, 1978, Jun 3, lac D, Row 6 Thompson, Marvin James, Jr, b, 1974, Mar 13, d, 1979, Feb 22, Lac D, Row 6 Burkhead, John C" d, 1989, Jan 25, Lac D, Row 7 (61 years) Cachran, Lula M" b, 1922,Feb 14, d, 1981, Mar 22, Lac D, Row 7 Cachran, 0, Eugene, b, 1918, Apr 27, lac D, Row 7 Leffingwell, Charles F" b, 1917, d, 1990, Nov 22, Lac D, Row 7 (73 years) Osborn, George T" b, 1906, Apr 20, d, 1983, Oct 13, Lac D, Row 7 Osburn, Verna w., b, 1913, Jan 16, Lac D, Row 7 Young, Kenneth H" Sr., b, 1910, Jan 14, Lac D, Row 7 Young, Zina Nail, b 1911, Nov 4, Lac D, Row 7 Howell, Marilyn Naomi, b, 1946, Aug 24, d, 1984, Oct 10, Lac D, Row 8 Woods, Dorothy L, b, 1925, Oct 24, Lac D, Row 8 Woods, William E" b, 1923, Nov 5, d, 1983, Jun 7, Lac D, Row 8 Holt, Frances S, Rev" b, 1924, Jan 16, d, 1983, Ju115, loc D, Row 9 Jackson, Cecil M" b. 1912, Mar 4, d, 1983, Apr 4, lac D, Row 9 (US Army) Jackson, Josephine, b, 1922, Jan 13, Lac D, Row 9 Vines, John Wayne, b, 1957, Jan 19, d, 1986, Mar 26, Loc D, Row 9 ~NotEls: 1. Hes1ir, Lenton D. and small daughter, Mary Ullie, died of smallpox in They were refused burial in the family plot in Sylvania Cemetery and were buried in Monk Cemetery. 2. Reid, Oavid, February 24, 1909, has a final resting place at Rose lawn Forest lawn, lot 71. A gravestone has been erected in Sylvnia Cemetery in his memory. He is the son of A. M. (Bud) Reid. 3, Scott, John Thomas, (November 30, 1837 to January 31, 1927) and Mary Elizabeth Cormack (June 12, 1839 to Feb 20, 1916) were married December 13, 85R They joined Sylvania Presbytetian Chutch in November, Their Childten were; John leland, Thomas Felix, Peter Johnson, Fannie Elizabeth, Oavld Soloman, William Maote, Samuel Mellville, Schooler Raymond, and Warren Eldridge. 4, Williams, Rev. Aaron, born York Distffct North Carolina, December 12, 1789, and died Little Rock, Arkansas October 8, He was one 01 the organizers of the Bethe! Presbytery In South Catolina In OctOber 1824, and of Arkansas Presbytery, January He was one of the founders of Davidson College, North Carolina. and a pioneer of Presbyterianism in A(kansas. 5. W1l1iams, Elizabeth Jane, wife of Rev. Aaron Williams, daughter of George and Anne Aikin Davis, born near Steele Cleek Church, Meoklenburg County, NOrth Ca,olina, June 18, 1792, and died in Uttle Rock, Arkansas, Aug 8, Williams, Edwin Milton, son of Rev. Aaron Williams, born York County, South Carolina, Maroh 16, 1826, Died September 18, 1858, l'age 158, Volume 30. l"umbcr4 - Dccember

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24 m Mary Jane Lackey (b. 1843) dlo George W. and Luelza Jane James. Need location of Lackeys in TN/KY. Charles D. Parsons, 784 Hwy 187, Vilonia, AR Allen Need inlo. on Sarah Ellen and Hugh Porter Allen found in 1910 Union Twp. White Co., AR, with son Claud Allen. Interested in death dates. obituaries. and the cemetery in which buried. Any descendents in White Co.? Helen M. Stevens, 7596 Van Buren, Venturs, CA Holt, Thornsbury Rebecca Holt, b. cl830, m. Louis Thornsbury c1853 In Randolph Co., AR or Ripley Co., MO. Who were her parents? Was she related to Holts listed in the History of Randolph Co.? Thomas Niswonger, PO Box 10, Vendor, AR Roberts, Jones, Sandifer, Hornsby Thomas Franklin Roberts b. 11 Nov 1876, Evening Shade, Lawrence Co., AR, slo Wesley Devers Roberts b. 1 Jan 1845 and N. Louisa Jones b. 13 Apr Wesley's father was J. W. Roberts. Sandifer Hornsby family of Columbia Co., AR Exchange Info. Jack Roberts, PO Box 2483, MeAl len, TX Wisner, Johnston Seek info. on John C. Wisner and ancestors, moved to Randolph Co. AR in 1865 and d. there Also looking for book on Johnston clan written by C. G. Johnston. Author's father lived in Randolph Co, in Mary F. Johnson, 1215 Beacon Hill Dr., Tampa, Fl Baughman, Ridenger Seek m, date for Isaac Nicholas Baughman b. 19 Oct 1854 in Old Carroll Co., AR and Deviree Paradine Ridenger b. cl858 in Old Carroll Co., AR, Jiving in Boone Co. 1880, lirst child George Lafayette b. 27 Oct 1874 Boone Co. Barbara Drake Ritter, 607 N. Alexander, Hoisington, KS Medley, Pickering Need maiden name of Mrs. Pickering, 1880 census Clay Co, twice widowed by age 45. Need first names of two deceased husbands, Mr, Medley by whom she had two sons, and Mr. Pickering by whom she had two sons and two daughters. All except middle two Pickering chn. b. AR, those two b. IL. Thomas B. Leonard, 3901 Greenleaf, Waco, TX Cothren, Stout Seek info. on John Eldridge Cothren, b Miller Co., AR, placed in Bottoms Baptist Orphanage (Miller Co.) with sister Lena Belle 11 Aug Baptized Monticello, Drew Co. 1927, adopted June 1928 by W. H. Stout of Harrisburg, AR. Joyce Shuamte & C. Warren, RI. 2, Box 169, Carbon Hill, AL McElhannon, Green Hugh W. McElhannon and Nancy Elizabeth Green m. in 1863, believe in Logan Co. He was b. Walker Co., GA 3 Aug 1847, d. Paris, AR 25 Mar She was b. 11 May 1849 MO and d. in Roseville 6 Oct Both burled in McKendree Cern., Subiaco, AR. Need any Info. on her family or documentation of his par!!nts, Isaiah & Martha Shields McElhannon, from Jackson Co., GA would also be welcomed. I saiah believed to have d. in AR John Mac Carpenter, PO Drawer 430, Ft. Stock1on, TX Greenwood, Baker Request Info. on James E. Greenwood ( ) and families. In 1900, lived in Golden City, Logan Co. wife Clntha (1869-?) and 5 chn, Later, m. Deliah Baker ( ) and had 7 additional chn. Moved to LeFlore Co., OK c1920. Thomas J. Kelley, 1117 S.E. 11th St., Edmond, OK Greenhaw, Hale, Ramsey Seek info. on Louisa Hale b. Feb 1846, m. John Thomas Greenhaw b. 12 Aug 1838, and their dau. Ardella (Dill) Greenhaw b. 1895, d. 1910, Pindall, AR. She was wlo Sidney Ramsey b. 1895, d. 1965, Searcy Co. linda Birtcher, 6205 Greenbank Rd., No. Little Rock, AR Toler, Poole, Barnes Seek Info. on Robert Toler, Union Parish, LA, m. Mrs. Martha C. Poole 12 Oct 1867, Union Co., AR. In Union Parish 1870, b. 4 Feb Johnson Co. NC, m. 11 Nov 1824 Mary Barnes, lived NC, GA, AL, LA, reported to have died Union, Ashley or Bradley Cos. AR. Charlotte H. Alexander, 1024 North Arthur, Little Rock, AR McKinney, Burton, Hoskins, McCaskill, Thornton Need maiden name of Eleanore McKinney b. c1830 TN, d in Mt. Ida. Need parents 01 her husband George P. McKinney b AR, d in Mt. Ida. Chn. Martha m. Will Burton 1877; Jefferson G. m. Phebe Hoskins 1880; James P. m. Sarah McCaskill 1862; Sterling P. m. Nettle Thornton 1863;Clarissa E. m. Patrick Burton Sterl. ing Prlce-McKinney,1202 Garden, Austin, TX Carl, Nancy Scheid, Maxwell, Finger Seek father of Thomas Carl (b Dutchess Co., NY d Benton Co., ARI, m. 1st Nancy Scheid & 2nd Jlage 160, Volume 30. Numbcr4 Oc:cember

25 Cynthia Maxwell. His father possibly William Carle b m. Anna Finger. Mary B. Clark, 4104 Fox Hill, No. little Rock, AR Rasdon, Lutman Seek info. on Rasdon families of Randolph Co., AR. Elbert S. Rasdon b. 9 Nov 1841 TN, d. 8 Dec 1892, Duty Cem., Pocahontas, Ran dolph Co., AR. He m. Rebecca Lutman b. Apr 1847 MO. Need parents of Elbert. Shirley J. Morrow, 758 N. Meridian, Valley Center, KS Marshall, Freed, Stalcup, Presley, Oberg, Hinton, Singleton, Elizey, Cooper Need info. on John H. Marshall b IN, moved Harrisburg, AR c1902, wife Louise Stalcup Freed Marshall. Chn.: Susan m. Presley; Mary m. Oberg; Lois m. Hinton; Emma m. Singleton; Charlie; Lora m. Elizey, Opal Joyce. Wm. & Richard S. Cooper families Craighead Co to present. Doris Cooper Gyarmati, 622 South SI., Mishawaka, IN Nichols, Hopson, Owens Seek info. on John A. Nichols (b. 1847) m. 2nd Rebecca Jane Hopson: sons John Henry Nichols & Ivey Nichols. Also J. B. Buck Owens b. 1857, m. Sallie?, dau. Lula Mary Owens m. John Henry Nichols above. All of Economy/Russellville, AR. Carol Fulbright Stone, 4808 NW 62nd Terr., Oklahoma City, OK Hancock, Thompson Thomas Hancock b. c1832 SC, wife Francis Elizabeth Thompson (TN). Need parents & siblings names and any other pertinent information concerning them. Jonathan Hancock, 3501 Bradshaw Rd. #46, Sacramento, CA Womble, Yow, Phillips Any info. on Sam Tyson Womble b Johnson Co., AR, s/o Josiah b. NC, mother Elizabeth? His 1 st wife Hester Yow b Stanly Co., NC had 4 chn., 2nd wife Martha Phillips had 3 chn, lived in Fort Smith. Anita Howell, 411 South Tall, Okmulgee, OK Neblett I nterested in any information on this family residing in AR 1785-present. Dorothy N. Perkins, 4895 Avion Way, San Diego, CA Grant, Mays, Thomas Need info. on Edward James Grant and wife Clara Mays of Huntsville, AR. They lived on Rt. 5, Springdale, AR when he d. 6 Jan Millard Thomas gave info. on his death certificate. Mrs. Sue Butler, 200S-A West Beach, Long Beach, MS Pickett, McGinnis Lavinia Pickett, wife of Thomas McGinnis. She is buried in Bohanon Mt. Cemetery, Huntsville, Madison Co., AR, grave not marked. Believe she was b. in TN c1822. Need more specif ic info. if possible. Karen M. Bates, th St. SW, Naples, FL King, Morrow, Barber, Herndon Searching for parents of Isaac W. King b m. Catharine L. Morrow 9 May 1850 Hot Spring Co., AR. Chn.: James A. Morrow b & Frances M. Morrow b both in AR. Catharine d Ira W. King b was a brother who m. Mary Ann (Barber) Herndon 10 Oct 1861, Monroe Co., AR. Chn. John E. b. 1850; Mary Etta b. 1854, and Andrew Marshall King b. 2 Jul Andrew Marshall King III, 4704 Quintell, Memphis, TN Hazzard, Hirst Dempsey P. Hazzard (b. 1847/8 MS, d Nevada Co., AR) m. Nancy E. Hirst (b IL, d Nevada Co., AR). Need date and place of marriage. Chn.: Sarah, Martha, Susan and James b. Hempstead/Nevada Co. area Barbara Hazzard, 1703 Carroll Rd., Paragould, AR Castleberry, Goodwin, James Wish to corre spond with anyone researching Silas & Jane (Castleberry) Goodwin; David & Charlotte (James) Goodwin; Patrick H. & Sarah James, lived in Saline, Faulkner & Pulaski Co., AR. Judy Goodwin, 506 S. Campbell, Abilene, KS Brown, Herren, Barnes, Turner, Whitehead Seek info. on these families in the Hartford area, Sebastian Co., AR Nancy B. Fisher, 3231 Winlock Rd., Torrance, CA Reynolds, Harper (Pope or surrounding counties), Smith, Stoker (Little River, Sevier Cos.) Conaster, Martin, Turner (Sevier Cos. & Beyond) Would like to correspond with anyone having info. on these families in AR. Mary B. Elliott, 247 Henderson Road, Gate City, VA Blythe, Cannon Need parents of William Carrol Blythe b. 6 Aug 1850 TN, d. 18 Feb 1920 Franklin Co., AR, lived Madison Co. 1870, m. Franklin Co Anna Hannah Cannon. Cannot find him before Request help from other Blythe descendants. G. McCormick, 6720 NW 30th, Bethany, OK Whitfield Need any info. regarding Hanible Whitfield (Big Whit), a timber contractor in Monroe, Phillips, and Independence Cos. He was of African descent, b. Aberdeen, MS c1876 & d. near Forrest City, AR John H. Whitfield, PO Box 4964, SI. Louis, MO 'Thc Arkansas Family Historian Page 161

26 Hill Need info. on family of Henry Hill, Jr., 1850 Clark Co., AR census, b. c1803 NC, wife Charity b. cl803 TN, Chn.: John "Charles" b. c1827 AL m Columbia Co., AR Susan E. Hill, in Montgomery Co. AR 1880; Allen M. b. c 1829 AL; George Washington (Sr.) b AL m Luisa Tackett, in Montgomery Co., by 1880; Richard H. b. cl836 AL; William b AL; Mary E. b. c1840 AL. Sharon Minton Phipps, 315 Barkley, Hot Springs, AR Nelson, Baley Seek inlo. on Leroy Nelson b. cl825/26 GA, m. Louisa Jane Baley 1850 Franklin Co., TN, left Wayne Co. TN after 1870 for AR. Family tradition says he was killed in uprising before 1880 at Horatio, AR. Suzanne Nelson Thomas, 4301 Hwy. 167 So., Granburg, TX Lafferty, Lindsey, Howell Looking for desc. 01 John Lafferty b Ireland & Sarah Lindsey, pioneer settlers of AR, some 01 which are of Anglo, Mexican, and Afro-American descent. Also need info. on Howell family, early AR settlers Mary Lafferty Wilson, Box 1175, Pearl River, LA Wheeless or Whealess, Gill Mary Cornelia Wheeles/Whealess, b AL, parents b. GA, m, prob. MS to A. Jack Gill, in Greene Co., AR In same county, different twp. were A. J. Wheeless, wife both b. GA & chn., one a son Hardee. Mary Cornelia had a bro. Hardy/Hardee WheeleS/Wheeless. Was A. J. Wheeless the father 01 Mary Cornelia? Edith R. Dawson, 3371 Cabrilio Ave., Santa Clara, CA Hunter, Dinsmore Searching lor descendants or someone having info. about Andrew Hunter, minister of M. E. Church of Little Rock, AR. Andrew b. 26 Dec 1813 Co. Antrim, Ireland, son of John & Rachel (Dinsmore) Hunter. John, son of John Hunter of Secon, Ballymaney Co. Antrim, Ireland. Janet M. Hunter, RR 2, Box 190, Alexis, IL Langley, Butler, Evans, Smedley Seek info. on Miles L. Langley b. NC, d AR, m AR to Sally Butler b. NC, d AR. Joseph Butler Langley b AR, d AR, m. 1 st Mary Ann Evans 1845 AR, m. 2nd Frances E. Smedley (aka Fannie E.) 1871 AR. Rosialee Powers, 1020 N, Gardenia St., Lompoc, CA Blackburn, Jones, Stout Caswell G. Blackburn, b. 3 Oct 1858 Independence Co., AR d. 5 May 1932 in Tuckerman. First wife Betsy Jones, who was 2nd wife? His lather was Gideon H. Blackburn who m. Tennessee A. Stout 18 Sep 1856 In Independence Co. Betty Helms Vlnskl, PO Box 473, Klondike, TX Simmons, Hucklybe, Jones, Bryant, Coffee, Coelleld Will exchange info. on William Simmons & Elizabeth Hucklybe (Jones), chn.: Taylor (Jones), James Simmons b. AR Nov m. Mary Eliza Bryant b. Mar 1869 Grant Co., AR, Alexander Simmons b Marion Co., AR, "Lue" (Coffee Coelield) N. J. Rawson, 1229 SE 23rd Terrace, Oklahoma City, OK Whiteside, Oyer Need info. about a man named Whiteside, sole survivor of trading expedition with Comanches in which Joel Dyer of Hempstead Co., AR and three others were killed, Miller Co., AR{TX Feb William R. Whiteside, 335 Jersey, Cottage Hills, IL Miller, Moore Philip Miller b. PA 1811, merchant, landowner, Sterling & Helena, AR , d Helena, m in Helena Martha E. Moore b IN, d. after Chn.: Rose, Silas, Wm. Russel, Laura, Phil, Thomas, Emma all b. AR. Need parents, bp and burials. Blanche Holbus, 5003 Biscayne #3, Racine, WI Jackson Need info. on Velma Jackson b. 1913, father Charley Jackson b. 1896, Mother GertrUde b Sister Minnie Bell b Lived around Kingsland, Cleveland Co., AR until possibly 1960s, all b. AR. William C. Jones, 663 Abrigo Ct., San Ramon, CA Mclaughlin, Crow, Bittick, Edminston, Carruthers, Finley, Weir, Kelley, Gibbons, Bassett Thomas Mclaughlin m. Elizabeth (Betsey) Crow. Need wife/dates 01 son Benjamin Crow Mclaughlin. Dau Sarah Ann Bassett. Need dates/husbands of daus. possibly Nancy, Rachel, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary (Polly), Jane and Susannah. Pansy Ruth Mclaughlin, PO Box 862, Vernon, TX Boyd, Sterling, McFadden Seek info. on families of Andrew J. Boyd & wife Mary Sterling, possibly Conway or Lincoln Co. in early 1800s. One son Charles Warren Boyd b & wife Lou McFadden b Her lather Isaac D. McFadden moved to AR in 1856 from SC. Karen Engle, 437 Clear view Rd., Hanover, PA VickeryNickrey, Shuey Need Info. on [A]lonzo Vickery (Vickrey) b Stone Co" AR, lived in Dunnington & moved to Oil Trough, Independence Page ](;2. Volume 30, Numoer4 Oct'ember 1991'

27 Co. in Also wije Elsie Shuey who is said to be on Orphans Train. Diane Frank, 4343 N. 81st Ave., Phoenix, AZ Siewart In 1850 census James M. Stewart age 30, res. Black RIver Twp., Fulton Co. wije Cynthia, chn.: Harlet C. 7; Elizabeth 6; James A. 4; and Charles W. 1. In 1860 H. C. Stewart 17 is a domestic with Alex W. Jackson family, James M. Stewart not found. Seek any info. on father and to confirm this Harriet m. Young McCoy Gleghorn cl865. She d. 1912, Hardy, AR. Lewis E. Roberts, NE 140th 51., Kirkland, WA Gossage George L. Gossage b. cl805 TN, possibly Cherokee Indian, m. Lucy Coleman (sister of Nancy Coleman Jackson). Lived Prairie Twp., Carroll Co. cl843. In 1860 census with famiy. See info. regarding ancestors, Civil War service (Confederate), date of deth, burial place. Audrey Alderson Berchdor1, PO Box 145, Bangor, CA Covey, Smith, Pollard, Thompson, Campbell James & Sarah Kelsey Covey were In Hot Spring Co. in 1840, whh sons Thomas, John. and 2 daus. Susanna Covey Smith & Geo. & Eunice Covey Pollard. In 1850 all were in Montgomery Co. Susanna is m. to Joseph Thompson. Eunice & Geo. Pollard d. c18s1. Where in Montgomery Co. are they burled? Susanna's dau. Sarah Jane m. Jarret Milton Campbell. Virginia Parker, PO Box 837, Raymondville, TX Buffington Jake Buffington, a Slave, b, 1825 GA, came to College Hill, Columbia Co., AR cl858 with owner, Alfred. Need info on s Cicero, b. GA, stopped In MS. Ch. Gld and Abner came whh Jake. Need Info. on mother of chn. Family in 1870 need 10: Jane, Eliz. et al. T. S. Eldridge, 1251 So. Lowe, Chicago, IL Taylor, McBride, Hoel, Oneal, Hunsucker, McWhorter, Simmons Need info. on families of Andrew Jackson Taylor b m. Nancy McBride & Maggie Jane Hoe!, lived Franklin Co., AR, son Jessie Lincoln Taylor b, 1896 m. Lillie E. Oneal. Mary jane Hunsucker m. Hugh Lawson McWhorter Sevier Co Need parents of Elzy Simmons b in AR, maybe Joe and Virginia. Terry Taylor, RI. 15, Box 395, Texarkana, TX Boaz, Moss, Green Need info. on Thomas Boaz and 2nd wffe Malita Green, widow of David Moss, who moved to Lonoke Co. cl Irom TN, later to Conway (Faulkner Co.) Thomas Boaz had chn. from 1st marriage: Thomas, Jackson, G. W.?, John?, and BeUlah? Patrick H. Saxon, 137 Hilltop Dr., Portsmouth, RI Pendley, Giesler Elizabeth Pendley m. James Columbus Giesler in Independence Co., R She d. in Lonoke Co., AR Seek info. on these family names. Dorothy Wilcox Willis, 1010 East Sixth 51., Benicia, CA Sawyer, Clayton, Hosto, Barcus, Diedrich, Bartles John B(enjamin?) Sawyer b. c1824/27 NC, m. Sarah D. Clayton b. 1832/34 m. cl845/48, moved to AR after Civil War. Herman Hosto b. 1888? m. Muriel Barcus, chn: William, Albert Eugene, Jerry Lee (Stuttgart. AR) Johann Diedrich b m. Anna Heneritte Bartles b (Ulm, AR) Joyce L. Lovejoy, 816 N. Hibbard 51., Staunton, IL Honea Need info. & Whereabouts chn. of E. B. and Bertha Thorne Honea: William Jasper Honea, sisters Leona and Amy Alice, all born in Lawrence Co., AR during loo0s and placed in Little Rock Children's Home. Last seen In Hermitage, AR after leaving this home. Myrle Turman, Star RI. North Box 94, SUlligent, AL Abbott, Smith Elisha Green Abbott (E. G. or "Gee"). a physician, probably practiced in Washington or Sebastian Cos, from 1855 to Married Widow Smith, had son E. G. & dau. Maud, moved to AR from Decatur, AL, listed In Morgan Co., AL 1850 census. Downing A. Bolls, Sr., 4234 South 5th, Abilene, TX Beck Seek info. on Beck's in Madison Co., AR, from 1873 through 1891, These Beck's lived in Clifty, Kingston, and the Boston area. My g grdfather d in Judea, AR 1 Sep Kay Heckmaster, Rt. 8, Box 344, Joplin, MO McCarn, Qualls, Pitts, Prater, Roper, Nix, Trammel, Long, Badgwell, Emry, Knapp came to Stone Co., AR cl865. Also Passmore, Gates, Mathis, Brewer, Slien and Branlley 01 Searcy, Van Buren, and Stone Co., AR. Hudman family of Carroll Co. before 1870 through carol Ann McCarn, 3114 Jordan Lane, Redding, CA Holland Seek inlo. on Ambrose Holland b, KY Fulton Co., AR census gives Ambrose, wile Clarinda b. KY, dau. Laura B. 4. b. KY and son Marshall M. 1 b. AR. Nothing more known 01 them. Barbara Holland, PO Box 414, Yellville, AR The Arkansas Family Historian Page 163

28 72687 Hildebrand, Parnell Daniel Jefferson Hildebrand came from Bibb Co., AL to Union Co" AR cl842, later lived Ouachita Co, d and buried near BluffClty, Nevada Co. Hewasb.1813SC, m.1836 Dorothy Permelia Parnell. We believe he is grandson of Daniel Hildebrand, Revolutionary Patriot , SC, but need documentary proof of lineage. Mary Hildebrand Cox, Rt. 4, Box 192A, Prescott, AR Balfour Dr. Andrew Balfour ( ) was a prominent Powhatan, lawrence Co., AR physician & merchant, If your family was around Powhatan during this time, your family records probably contain references to him. His lengthy probate record contains references to many of the area's residents. Please share. Rita Stewart Osborne, PO Box 80807, Fairbanks, AK , ( ) Brooks, Humphreys Need help finding parents, siblings, county of birth of Thomas B. Brooks b. cl884, IN; d. cl903 Perry Co., AR; m. (2) 23 July 1901, Yell Co, AR, to Mattie Humphreys b. 4 Nov 1885, Searcy Co., AR. Oma Ballard, 8358 Sanlando Ave., Jacksonville, FL Bacchus, Bushart Seek contacts with any desc. of Asa W, Bacchus ( ) and his wife Sarah F. Bushart ( ), They lived for many years in Ouachita Co. and are buried at the Bethsada Cemetery near Camden. Jerry T. Barton, 209 Soulhcross, Georgetown, TX McAlister, Nail Researching ancestors & de scendants of David McAlister d. cl842, Van Buren Co. m. Dicy Nail 15 May 1822 lawrence Co., MS. Sons: John Franklin, James, Michael, William B. and Joseph. Dau. unknown. J. A. McAlister, At. 2, Box 92, Lonoke, AR Freer, Burgin Seek any Info. on William Freer who d. lawrence Co., AR 1872, and his widow, Margaret C, Burgin Finley. William & Margaret had 3 sons: John b, 1864, Joseph b and William b Mildred K. Freer McCarrick, 3452 Manila Ct., Waterford, MI Rainwater Looking for info. on the James W Rainwater family, Moved from Tyler, TX to Rose Bud, While Co., AR area c1920. James W b. in AL 14 May 1876, d. in Rose Bud, AR 24 June 1934 Would like to hear from friends of his chn: Eula, Eddy, Erin, Albert, Grace, James C., John & Clyde, Cindy Rainwater McMeans, Rt. 3, Box 475, EllenSburg, WA Marcum Need info. concerning Thomas H. Marcum ( ), b. KY, moved to AR Practiced law in Hempstead Co. and FI. Sm~h, AR ( ). Had two daus. Lillian and Gertrude. Ed Busch, 194 S. Nome St., Aurora, CO Arnel(Arnold), Suggs, Reaves, Hinton, Ragsdale, Morgan Seek info. on Dave T. Arnel (Arnold) and his wife Sallie Suggs of Logan Co. Sallie d. cl935, and Dave d. c1940. Peter Mack Reaves and wife Rebecka Jane Hinton of Ozark, AR. Drury Ragsdale and 1 st wife Agness, 2nd wife Nancy Morgan. Joan Carol Isaacs, 128 N. Mills Rd" Ventura, CA Ballew Seek info. on ancestors & descendants of Richard D. Ballew, wife Marama, chn: Joseph W., Mary Emily. Robert Jackson, John E, N. E. (fe male) and W. (male) on Ouachita Co., AR census rous in 1850 and R. D. buried 1878 at Onyx, AR, Lillian Ballew Scott, 7301 Woodson Road, Little Rock, AR Grissom, Shrum, Bearce, Bealey, Odom, Phillips, Daughtery Need Info. on parents of Robert Grissom m. Susan Shrum 1877, Faulkner Co., AR. His siblings were: Henry m, Ella Bearce; Bealey Doc "Judge" m. Flora Zell Odom; laranza; Elick; Mary m. John Phillips; Delia E. m. Simeon Phillips; Marion m. Alice Daughtery; William F. m. Manda. Ervinetta G. Wigger, RI. 1, Box 134-1A, Honea Path, se Johnson, Teaft, Magness, Campbell Descend ants of Berry Johnson & wife Mary Magdalene (T ealt) son Ambrose Johnson, Maggie & Ambrose with her mother Nancy T eaff, Marion Co., AR 1880 census. Later were said living in Madison Co., AR. Nimrod & Nancy (Magness) T eaff 1828 to 1890 Henry & Susanna (Campbell) Milum 1853 to 1880 Marion Co., AR. Vernon loyd Teaft, 19 Shalimar Circle, Russellville, AR French, Anderson Seek parents & birthplace of "Owen" Townsend D. French b. 4 Dec 1837 in AR: m. Caroline Louise Anderson d. 10 May 1880 near Heppner, OR. linda Howard, 3414 S. E, Lincoln, Portland, OR Davis, Brinkley Need info, on following Davis bros.. sons of Anne Davis Brinkley: Travis and Samuel, moved to AR CI leanne Dooley, At. 3, Box 253, Dexter. MO Page 1M. Volume 30..'iumher4 - December

29 Chronister, Patterson In Sebastian Co., AR census 1860, Philip Chronister d. War 1862, wife Mildred m. lived where in 1870? Dau. Tinzy m. William Patterson 1870; others Susan and Margie m. who? Son James died young, where? Will exchange or pay for copies found of these people later. Billie L. McMullin, 701 H St., NW, Ardmore, OK Summers, McClisky, Sellers Seek parents of Malinda Summers , Cleburne Co, AR Mother (McClisky?) IL m. 31 Dec James Sellers b. 1850? d. bef. May 1889, buried Greenbriar, AR lived Faulkner Co. or White Co.? Pauline (Gay) Lybarger, 529 Rigby Ave., Rio Dell, CA Hare I nfo. on Confederate Army Captain John O. Hare (Cavalry) buried near Melbourne, AR in Izard Co. Miachel O. HamiHon, 9300 E. 52nd St., Kansas City, MO Rogers, Smith, Cox, Howard, Brown Ancestors, desc., birth, marriage of: Josiah Rogers d. 1878, Harriett Smith Rogers d Logan Co. Batson W. Cox d. 1864, Missouri? Cox d Johnson Co. John Henry Howard d. 1895, Matilda Brown Howard d. 1863, Pope Co Harry Ellis, 4800 Bunker Hill Or., No. Little Rock, AR Stanlleld, Wilson, Pebsworth, Arnold, Runnells Seek desc. of William P. Stanfield. b. c1825 GA. wife Maria J., son, Alexander m. Ruth Wilson 1893 Clark Co., AR Dau. Florence m. William Pebsworth 1882; dau. Alice m. Wiley Arnold 1889, dau Belle m Charles Runnells Other chn were Fannie and Josephine. Jeanne M. Williams, 4853 Ivyhill Court, Fort Worth, TX Howell Seek record of grist mill explosion possibly in Mulberry Twp., Franklin Co" AR in which John Howell was killed and his bro., George W. Howell was severely burned, but survived. They were sons of Riley G. Howell & Eliza Jane Reeves of Mountain Top, Franklin Co. The accident was likely betw and before 1870 census. Virginia Howell, 418 Dos Caminos, Ventura, CA Rogers, McWhorter Seek to share info. on Hugh Rogers b. 7 Mar 1797 SC, and Matilda (Martha) McWhorter, b. 5 Jul 1802 SC, d. 13 Mar 1873 Washington Co., AR. Census shows they and several adult chn. were living in Washington Co. by Goodspeed indicates Hugh was still living in Washington or Benton Co. with son Cicero at age 92. Rebecca Robinson Morris, 1716 Fourteenth Place, Plano, TX McKibben, Horn Seek Info. on Thomas McKibben and wife Lillie B. Horn, lived Coal Hili, Johnson Co., AR Thomas d. c1894, need when, where and how. Linda S, Martin, RR #2, Box 850, McArthur, OH Henderson, Battenlield, Franks, Robinson, Smith, Cardwell, Taylor Wm. A. Henderson, b Searcy, AR/ In. Battenfield, 1850 Pope Co., Wm. D. Franks, 1840 SI. Francis Co./Jas. Robinson, 1860 Johnson Co./ In. Henry Robinson, 1850 SI. Francis Co.! Martha J. & Mary E. Robinson, 1867 Scott Co.! Smith, Cardwell, Scoll Co.1 David C. Taylor, 1860 Searcy Co. Frank J. Henderson, 7395 Spring Or., Roanoke, TX Barnes, Hodges Ella Frances Barnes ( ) b. & reared in Searcy, White Co., AR prob. by adoplive parents. Married Luther A. Hodges, had one bro. Charlie Barnes who had a son Mansel, lived at one time in Malvern, AR. A dau. Marion lived in Roland, AR and moved to FL. Charlie Barnes was living in Humphry, AR at lime of his death in 1950s. Peggy Lee Blazer, North Sardis Road, Mabelvale, AR Smith, Renfroe Geo. C. Smith & Fanny H. Renfroe m. 3 Dec 1874, Howard CO., AR census shows Geo., Fanny, Rufus K. (bro.), Gertrude and Mary B., 1900 census Johnson Co., TX wife, plus one dau. Nona b. Mar AR. Need Info. on all, especially Nona and/or desc. Also had bro. Julius K. Smith, In TX was traveling medicine man - King K. Medicine Co. Palricia Boatright, PO BOll 807, Lancaster, TX WarbingtonlWorbington Researching these family lines in Lauderdale, Lafayette, Choctaw & Calhoun Cos., MS; Drew, Chicot & Ashley Cos., AR and Butler co., MO. All Warbingtons descend from two bros. who came thru SC, GA, AL - Jacob B. Warbington & William Warbington. Virginia Warbington, 2401 Engleford Or., Arlington, TX Baswell Were any of the many Baswell families in several areas of AR in 1870 relaled 10 John Baswell b. c1804? He and his wife Matilda came from NC to Spartanburg, SC cl840. Of their sons Thomas, Simon, James and John, all went ''West'' cl880, except Thomas. Rumor is John Baswell's anceslars came from County Cork, Ireland. Seek info. Irom anyone working on Baswell lineage. Mrs. Melanie Edwards, 6 Center Street, Taylors, SC The Arkansas Family HislOrian Page 165

30 29687 Angle, Lindsey, Ward Looking for relatives of Joseph W. & Molly Angle who lived in Sabastian, AA, Beverly Twp. 1900, and relatives of George and Margaret Lindsey Ward who lived in AR prior to Susan Ward Fleming, 718 Dune St., Norfolk, VA Stagner, larrimore?, Lester Need Info. Gibson Stagner b either KY or AR, d. Luling, TX & 1 B50 Crawford Co., AR census w!family: wife Susan Larrimore? or Matilda? 1850 census only w/son Jasper Newton Stagner TX census w/dau. Margaret, J. N. & wife Sytha Pink Lester Stagner. Mrs. James B. King, 293 Foutch Road, Pilot POint, TX Patterson, Leeman, McMahan Burrell Patterson b Granville Co., NC, m. Elizabeth Leeman of Franklin CO., NC, 9 chn. Including Tillman b. 26 Dec 1806, m. 1 st Jane McMahan. All chn. of Burrell & "Peggy" b. In Wilson Co., TN. After Jane's death, Tillman m. Katherine (Kitty) Bishop. Tillman & Kitty moved to Sevier Co., AR about 1854 near Richmond. He was a school teacher, and d Juanita Bitton, PO Box lis, Swan Valley, ID Shubert, Hardcastle, Bellamy, Carmical, Cole, Hudson Am writing a history on these families who at one time lived in Bayou Meto Township, Pulaski Co., AR. Would like to correspond with family members. A. Aleene Shubert, 5720 Jim Hall Road, Jacksonville, AR Hester, Pilcher, Holland, Loggins Need info. on Hester family from Stone and Independence Cos., AR 1860 forward. Need chn. & gr-chn. of Ollie Jane Hester/Hiram A. Pilcher; Elsouri "Siss-y' Hester/Charlie Holland; Sarah "Babe" Hester/Oscar Pilcher; Nancy Ann Hester/J. M. Loggins. Need wife & chn. of Abraham J. Hester b Bonnie McCaleb, 2714 Grove Manor, Kingwood, TX Wigley, Mackey Richard A. Wigley & Minerva Mackey in Crawford/Franklin Cos., AR 1860: chn: Temperance A. (Pitts); Henry A. (Gartrell; Hudgins); Mary E. m.?; Andrew J. (Moore; Arthur); Julia A. (Gartrell); Hiram T. (Morse); Eliza J. (Henson). Need siblings, desc., ancestors. Keith E. James, Kimberley, No_ 445, Houston, TX Rose William Philip Rose was b. 26 Dec 1849 in little Rock, AR. A William P. Rose appeared later in Johnson Co., AR. Are they one and the same? Charlotte Rose Smith, 2945 Alendale Ave., Redwood City, CA Wheeler, Aldridge, Hood Sarah Leona Wheeler b AR, d Bald Knob, AR m. "Bud" Aldridge had three chn: Arthur, Ruby and Lonnie. Her lather, James Wheeler b GA, moved to AR c1860 and m. Sarah Jane Hood (b AR) in The Hood family moved to AR Irom TN c1854. Glenette Pollard Fielder, 8 New Oxford, Conway, AR Watson, Edwards Seek info. on malden name and Indian heritage of Winnie Edwards, m. Benjamin Edwards in Perry CO., AR. She later m. James H. Watson 01 MO according to 1860 census 01 Perry Co. They had chn: Leanah, Charles and Richard Watson. Richard Watson was on his way to OK in 1910 to claim his Indian heritage when he became ill & died. Lura Beli Watson DeVargas, 326 Harvard Ave., Salt Lake City, UT84111 Morrison, Nichols, Brown Seek info. on parents of Thomas Morrison, b AR; m. Joseph Brown (b. 1854/1864) place unknown. Chn: Belle, William (b AR), Helen, Joffa, Robert, Laura, and Fay. William m. Pearl Nichols (b. 1880). Also need parents 01 Josephine Brown and Pearl Nichols. Also any history on Morrison CO., AR [Sorry, no such county in AA. - BJM] Karen E. Merritt, PO Box 1424, Edwards, CO Harris, Leak James and Ardelia Harris lived in Benton Co., AR from 1880s to early They had 5 chn.; among them Rachel Annie Harris m. Issac E. Leak and lived In the same area during this time. Craig Bowman, 1647 Vernal Ave., Fremont, CA McNealy Edgar Lancaser McNealy b m. Ruth Haines, Coweta Co. GA 1903 Had one son, Chas. and dau. Marjorie while living in Atlanta. He was a bookkeeper, had lost one hand, wore a hook. Left Ruth 1910, got involved in shooting, went to AR. Supposed to have m. woman with children, and died 1945 in Little Rock, AR. Call Chas. D. McNealy, Collect, 5308 Main St., Springfield, OR Lewis, Englebright John Lewis Sr. and Jr. and Jesse Englebright and mother & sister settled near Lewisburg, AR. They moved to Conway Co. according to 1829 Sheriff's census. Where are John Sr. & Zlipha buried? Lewis m. Elizabeth Page 166. Volume 30. Numbcr4 ~ December

31 (who? when?) What happened to Jesse? He bought Lewis' plantation in Sept Where did Elizabeth go? Mary Molloy, 3614 Woodruff Ave., Oakland, CA Brumley, Tibbetts Jesse Brumley moved from Neosha, MO to Sevier Co., AR sometime prior to the Civil War. He was b. 9 Jul 1820 in TN or MO. He d in Marthaville, LA at the home of his dau. Mary Brumley Tibbetts. His son Giles Houston Brumley was b. 30 Aug 1855, Sevier Co., AR and d. 31 Dec 1931, at Mt. Zion. Mary Dearman Brumley b. 4 June 1850, Claiborne Parish, d. 26 Mar 1931, C. Wilson Brumley, 423 Ray Ave., DeSoto, TX Sanders, Whltauer Looking for desc. of Dr. Theophilus Sanders (DOD 3/17/1007) and 1st wile Angelina Whltauer (DOD 7/13/1839) or 2nd wile Susan M. Sanders (DOD 12/17/1870). Dr. Sanders & 2nd wife Susan lived in Prairie Co. at Des Arc cl858. Jack Sanders, 1155 Huntsman lane, Memphis, TN Wells, Collier, Harrell, Smith Need info. on John Wells b. c1777 MD, m. Lydia Collier b KY. MO Territory/AR Territory 1816, 1829 Hot Spring Co" AR, 1839 TX. Daus. Mary Wells m. Benedict Harrell, Elizabeth m. Samuel Harrell, living in Montgomery Co. AR Also need info. on family of Nathan Smith in AR Mary Cook Owen. At. I, Box 544, Huntsville, TX Leonard, Blandford, caldwell, Allen Joseph Leonard m. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Blandford 1896 Sedgwick, lawrence Co., AR. She had 2 chn, before this marriage: Kate and Rosie Caldwell. Who was her first husband? Uzzie's parents were Margaret (Martha) Allen and John Blandford. Need proof of births. deaths and burials for all, Who and where was Joseph Leonard prior to Michel N. Shiplet, 401 E. Staunton Ave., Sterling, VA Earl/Earles, McReynolds. Alvis, Turner, Kuchar Henry Allen Earls/Earles b. Paris Jan. 1 BOO. lived New Blaine. left 1930s. Father Stephen Allen Douglas Earles d. 1930s Logan Co. Mother unknown. Sisters Ada Alvis, Alice McReynolds, May Alvis, Mary Turner, cousin Jimmy Lou Earls Kuchar. Linda Earls, 150 S. 1st SI. #131, Kerman, CA Loughran. SheHon. Brown. Gillespie Need inlo. on John Loughran, b SCT; m. Nannie Jane Shelton, widow of Thomas D. Brown, dau. of Joseph Shelton and Nancy Jane Gillespie 12 Dec 1888 in Hot Springs, Garland Co., AR. Reportedly a deputy sheriff lor two years, To Hot Springs from Little Rock? Mrs. Ruth J_ King, Waalew Road, Space 97, Apple Valley, CA Mayes Any info. on parents or siblings of Washington and Mary Mayes who migrated from AL after 1855 to Johnson Co., AR area. Doris Bryant, Los Robles Ave., Hacienda Hts., CA Foster Need inlo. on Robert H. Foster, who farmed in Fayetteville, AR, m. Mary Ellen (maiden nama unknown) 28 Dec She was b. 22 Nov 1864 in Fayetteville and came to Wichita, KS with four chn. in 1901, after Robert was killed in a mine accident. Isabel M. Miller, 3480 lawrenceville Road, Princeton, NJ Hopper, Crow Will pay copy and mailing cosis lor anyone having info. on Eliza Frances Hopper b, in AR. She m Charner Z, Crow and had one known bra., William. She was listed in 1900 census as Uza and was living in lagrange, GA Bette Crowe, 5736 Ventura Ln, Pensacola, FL Jameson Looking for info. about William Henry Jameson (or any spelling) and Robert W. Jameson. Bolh lived Columbia Co" AR ci860. Doyle Jameson, 913 Liberty SI., EI Dorado, AR Keenan, Mclaughlin Need info. on Joe Keenan, age 3 on 1880 census Franklin Twp., Little River Co., AR. Orphan son of Peler S. Keenan and Ann (Mclaughlin) who d Marie Keenan Olson. 35 Chadwick Drive, Charleston, SC Kirkendoll, Britton Searching Fort Smilh, Van Buren, Rudy and surrounding areas of AR for anyone associated with these families who came to AR in the 18405, Family given names are John, Jeramlah, Jordan, Boley, Andrew, Rebecca, Mary and Elizabeth. I nterested also in sidelines of daus. includes George, McFadden, Clem. Griffin, Payne & others, Also In the Leflore Co., OK area. Donna Britton Johnston, At. 2, Box 582, Jackson, LA Cornelius, Wilson, Mauldien Malinda (birth name unk.) Cornelius , Nevada Co., AR bur. Missionary Grove Cern., Prescott, AR. Willis Leonard Wilson b. el83d? Confederate Soldier, d. Nevada Co., AR. John Mauldien had dau. Sarah Jane Mauldien , Nevada Co., AR. Need The Arkansas Family Historian Page 167

32 any Info. on above surnames in Nevada/Hempstead Cos. Michele Wilson Blakely, Rt. 3, Box 298-C, Cabot, AR Norton, Palmer Need info. on Samuel C. Norton, supposedly b. Walker, Whne Co., AR Census records do not list him until 1900 after he m. Ella Palmer in White Co. Where is he during these years ? Ben S. Norton, 810 Bristow, Poplar Bluff, MO Redwine, Sewell Leah Redwine and Jesse Quincy Sewell came to AR from TN betw & 1875 when Leah d. in Searcy Co. Jesse also d. there. Looking for their burial place and info. about their time in AR. Jane A. Lindsey, 1708 Karen Ave., Austin, TX Gransereene, Harp, Campbell Searching for desc. of Oliver Gransereene b. c1820, d Haskell Co., OK, lived in Crawford Co., AR s and bro. Ed, b. c1820. These brothers m. into Samson Harp family. Their mother Julie b France had a son Peter Calmus Campbell. Frances (Flood) Emmerich, 2635 McKinley, Kansas City, MO Knight, Woods, Hicks, Oliver Merritt Knight b. 6 June 1844 TN, d. 4 Apr. 1920, Van Buren, Crawford Co., AR. Siblings: George, Jake, Nancy (m. Woods), Sophronia, Lou (m. Hicks), all lived around Van Buren. Married Melissa Oliver. Need Merritt & Melissa's parents, relatives & ancestors. Janice Knight Brundage, 182 E. Valley St., Willits, CA McCurry, Capps, Winchester Looking for marriage date of Martha P. McCurry & Doctor Capps. Martha b. 24 Feb 1855 in AR, d. 5 Oct 1876, prob. Sebastian Co., AR. Mother Margaret L. Winchester, father Samuel McCurry. Alma L. Costello, La Mesa Dr., LaMirada, CA Morphew, Cantrell, Palmer Need info on Aaron Morphew, b. 1798, Wilkes Co. NC, and Nancy Samples, b. 1807, TN, CNm. & Keziah); also their son, Garner Prince Morphew, b. 1846, Walker Co., AL, and Catherine Cantrell, b. 1850, Marion Co., AL (L. D. & Elizabeth); also their son William H. Isiah Morphew, b. 1867, Pike Co., AR & Eliza Tipton Palmer, b. 1868, prob. Pike Co., AR, and any of their ancestors. Peggy Morphew, Tan Tara Dr" Sun City, AZ , Johnson Co., AR 9 Jul 1891, m. Isaac James Vaught, c1848. He was b. Jackson Co, AL, 15 Mar 1822, d. Johnson Co., AR 16 Feb They were in S!. Francis Co., AR, 1848 til after Between B60 moved to Johnson Co., AR and spent the remainder of their lives there. Jimmie W, Dewberry, HC 65, Box 108, Ozone, AR 71854, Langley, Clark, Gardner Seek info on Miles L. Langley, b. prob. Johnson Co., NC, 25 May 1807, d. cl831, Clark Co., AR; m. 1) Ann Clark; m. 1) Sarah Gardner. Joy Webb Raper, 104 S. Third, DeQueen, AR Arsbern Seeking birth record of my mother, Rose Gladys Arsbern, b in Mountain Home or Gamaliel, AR; also any information on Henry and Louise Arsbern. Maxine Howell, 5735 Park Manor Dr., San Jose, CA Dobbins Need information on parents/siblings Albert May Dobbins, b. 10 Apr 1857, 12 miles out of Little Rock, AR, d. 3 Dec 1919, Dallas, TX, m. 25 Nov 1875 Carrollton, Carroll Co., AR, Lois Elmira Lipps, b. 17 Aug 1857, Carroll Co., AR. Frances Dobbins McDowell, 6545 Overlook Dr" Dallas, TX Brown, Robertson, Shelton Would like to correspond with any descendants of Margaret Brown and James Robertson. One dau., Caroline, m. William Shelton, b In 1870 they lived in Lees Creek, Crawford Co., AR. Violet Shelton Buehler, 2228 Wingfield Rd., Charlottesville, VA Stevenson, Reed Trimble Rev./Dr. William Wilson Stevenson b Pendleton Dis!., SC, d. II Santa Clara, CA; pastor of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Little Rock Seek info on his first wife Ruanna Trimble and mother Jane Wilson Stevenson who came to Batesville w/george Reed c1808. David Lynx, 8320 Lake City Way N.E. #308, Seattle, WA Carter, Bailey, Melton, Hope, Craig, Jones Elenor Hope, dau. of John D., m.? Carter, father of Elijah Harvey Carter. Elijah m. Martha Bailey. Elenor Hope Carter m. John Jones, had a dau., Elizabeth; Alabama, Lawrence Co., Barbara Whisenant, 309 Champion Dr" Austin, TX Douglas, Vaught Desire info on Semiranus Frances Douglas b. 12 Sep 1828, TN or IL, d. Page 168, Volume 30, Numher4 December 1992:

33 IBook Reviews and Notices By Bobbie Jones Mclane and Desmond Walls Allen The following are reviews and/or announcements of book acquisitions for the Arkansas Genealogical SocIety. The reviewed books are permaneniiy housed at the Arkansas History Commission. or in the local History and Genealogy Room of the lillie Rock Public llbrary. The Society expmses Its appreciation to the authors and contributors. In on:iering copies of these books, please remember to say you saw the I'9'IIiew or notice in this publicatlonl Blount County. T,.m_ ChInceIy Cowl: Recon:I. Book 0 end Book by Albeit W. Dockter, Jr., 172 pp., paperback, 1992, $17.50, plus $3.00 shipping. Published by HeriIage Books. Inc., l54o-e Pointer Ridge Place, Suite 300, BowIe, MD Book 0, dated begins the rucon:i keeping for Chancery Court In Blount CO., TN. The Circuli Court heard most cases. with any appeel made to Chancery Court. In the case of settlement of eslates, M/nors'In!eresIl'l required the appointment of guardians, thus these sellfernents named heirs of the deceased person and often gave the names of parents, land grant numbers, etc. lawsuits filed and listed in these records are primarily of a personal nature - the entries describe what transpired in court. In some casas spouses are named as well as children, slaves. saflcltors, sureties. attorneys, agents, and administrators and executors of esrates. There Is a full name index. (BJM) Fisher FIIMI'III Home Recorda, Vicksburg. MI... lippi, e7 by Mary lois S. RaIPnd. 344 pp, paperback $ plus $3.00 shlpping. Published by Heritage Books, Inc., l54o-e Pointer Rklge Place, SuIte 300, BowIe, MD Having been in continuous operation for 147 years, Fisher Funeral Home in VICksburg Is the oldest of Its kind in the state of Mississippi. In addition to the burials of local resklents, iis records also show burial information for saf.. diers of both the North and South who died near Vicksburg before, during. and after the Siege of Vicksburg, together with pertinent military Information. There are three books of entries. arranged separately in alphabetical order. The entries include the deceased's name. date of death, age. cause of death, brief description of funeral arrangements and expenses. and in some cases. the physician's name. (BJM) Suny County, NOI1h CUoIIne WHitt , Annoteted G_1og1ce1 AbItntct.s by Jo WhIte linn, 215 pp. indexed. cloth. 1992, $25.00, plus $3.00 shipping. Published by Genealogical PublIah Ing Co., Inc., 1001 N. Calvert St., 8aIIImore, Me Surry County. at one time during!his period included the pre sert-day He courtias of Ashe.,t,lsghany, Wlkes, Yadkln, Stokes, and Forsyth. Based on recorded wlls and OIlgll181 wiis at the NC State ArchIves, and on "loose Estates Papenl". the absirads cover not only wits but poweni of atioilley. bonds. inventories. billa of 8aIe. etc. many not rucorded in any other place. There are no 8ICI8/1t marriage bonds for SI.nY COImty for the period , so these wit absirads can be V<!1f'/ ImpOItant in proving theaa relatiollshlps. In addition to the usual information found In wit at> Sll'acts, the compier has Included 8fIi)(QIIQIi8 from a variety of supplementary sources and had made additions and corrections to the earlier version of this work published In An ext ellert resource book for this area of North Carolina. (BJM) The Geneliovilt'. Addreu Book by 8izabeth Petty BenIIey. 568 pp. Indexed, paperllack. 1992, $ plus $3.00 shipping. Published by Genealogical Book Company. Inc., 1001 N. Calvert St.. BaltImore, MD The publishers have decided to bring out a biennial edition. which places a select. current, body of Information resources at the fingertips of genealogists. This MW edition updates addresses and Information. includes hundreds of organizations MW to the scene or previously overlooked. There Is a MW index to all the main entries for quick and easy reference. This book will put you In touch with all the key sources of Information, providing names. addresses. phone numbers, contact persons and business hours of government agencies, societies. libraries, archives, professionaj bodies. periodicals, ~ per columns. publishers. booksellers, samces. databases, bulletin boards. etc. Essential for lnstitutions or individuals seriously pursuing genea1ogical research. (BJM) ~ ':n.ej\.rbnsas Family HistorianPajp: 169

34 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts 01 Virginia Land Patents and Grants, , Vol. 1 by Nell M. Nugent, 767 pp., iiius., indexed, 1934, $40.00 plus $3.00 shipping. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1001 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD This is the first of three volumes of Cavaliers and Pioneers and is one of the most outstanding records of early emigrants to Virginia. It records under the name of the patentee or grantee, the earliest Virginia land grants and patents from 1623 to 1666, giving the number of acres, locations and dates of settlement, names of family members, and tt further provides references to marriages, wills, and other legal instruments. It also has the names of some thousands who were transported or brought over by the early settlers as "head rights." The index contains the names of some persons. (BJM) Genealogies Cataloged by the Library 01 Congress since 1986, 1349 pp, 1992, $ Published by the Library.of Congress, Cataloging Distribution Service, Customer Service Section, Washington. DC This.volume, covering the years 1986 to 1991, picks up where the discontinued series edited by Marion J. Kaminkow left off in Used in conjunction with those four volumes published from 1972 through 1987, tt provides a complete listing of genealogies cataloged by the Library of Congress. A really BIG Book! Entries are arranged alphabetically by surname and contains cross references from varient spellings. Section I of this new book has 11,769 entries of cataloged genealogies; Section II is a unique list, never before available, of 10,170 established family names with cross references. It lists the authorized family surnames as used for access in catalogs in libraries throughout the United States and abroad.; Section III gives 3,564 titles on microfilm. This volume will aid researchers in 10Cqting and/or purchasing a specific genealogy on microfilm or a paper copy. (BJM) Samuel and Elizabeth (Sloan) Snoddy, with Some Related Families: Hall, McCorkle, Mitchell, Morrison, Purviance, 93 pp, cloth, 1992, $21.00, postage paid. Published by John Hale Stutesman, 305 Spruce Street, San Francisco, CA This slim 5 by 7 book relates the known history of a family of North Carolina Piedmont pioneers and their children, with the above related families. It includes data on two men who came into Arkansas in the early 1800s: Samuel Snoddy born 1768 Rowan Co., NC, died post 1829 in Arkansas whose children were in Poinsett and Craighead Cos.; and Thomas Snoddy, born 25 Nov 1772 in Rowan Co., NC, died post 1834 in Arkansas whose son Alexander Hamilton Snoddy died 1860, Franklin Co., AR. (BJM) The Warren Family 01 Trigg County, Kentucky, 411 pp., cloth, 1990, $49.95, postage paid. Published by Martha Jane Stone, 810 Cramer Avenue, LeXington, KY This volume is a genealogy and history of William Henry Harrison Warren, his wife Nancy Stewart, and his brothers Manan, Timothy and Booker. It contains a threegeneration descendant chart, family stories, information on early churchs and schools, early Trigg Co. Warrens, Missouri Warrens: James, John Cyrus and Smith. There are numerous photographs, a bibliography, locality finder, glossary and full name index. Allied families included are Blakeley, Burgess, Elliott, Goodwin, Ladd, Majors, Penn, PurSley, Rawls, Slade, Solomon, Stewart, Stone, Tinsley, Turner, Witty, Wood and Woodside. (BJM) 1880 Federal Census, Polk County, Arkansas by Shirley Gross and Wanda Tilley, PO Box 12, Hatfield, AR 71945, $20.00 pp., spiral bound, 119 pages. [Hatfield, AR: the authors, 1992] An excellent transcription of the 1880 Polk Co. census, which includes two pages, which do not appear in the original microfilm for 1880 Polk Co. [They are filmed out of order on this particular roll of microfilm, and actually appear just before the listing for 1880 Ouachita County! - BJM] This census is especially helpful as Polk Co. Court House records have been destroyed by fire three fires, the last in 1883, which makes research difficult for this time period. The book includes a surname index. (BJM) Genealogical Records in Texas by Imogene Kinard Kennedy and J. Leon Kennedy, 248 pp., cloth (1987), repr. 1992, $35.00 plus $3.00 s/h. [Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21202]. Texas covers a lot of territory, but this guide cuts it right down to size and makes record searching much easier. It provides detailed information on the legal and historical background of the state,. the origin of each county, the location of records for each portion of the county before it was organized into its present boundaries,' and the specific records available in the various county courthouses, the Texas State Libary, the Texas State Archives, and the Texas General Land Office. An excellent aid to finding the vast genealogical records of Texas available to researchers. (BJM) Page 170, Volume 30, Number4 - December

35 North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, by Thornton W. Mitchell COlTected and Revised Edition, 630 pp., cloth (1992), $49.50 plus $3.00 s/h. [Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc N. Calvert St.. Baltimore. MD 21202]. This index, in alphabetical sequence, to more than 75,000 persons who died and left wills in North Carolina between 1665 and 1900 Is, with the possible exception of census records, the single-most important finding-aid in North Carolina genealogy. It lists the county in which the wills were proved, the date of probate, the precise location of the recorded copy of the will in each of the counties by book and page number and the location of the original will. The author has provided a concise history of the probate records of every county In NC including the status of the records (intact. lost, destroyed, incomplete). No claim is made that this work contains the names of everyone who died In NC between 1665 and 1900, but ff there was a will involved, and if it still exists, the testator will be found in this volume. Originally published in 1987 In two volumes, this work has been completely re-formatted, Incorporating ail corrections and additions noted over the past five years, and has now been published in one comprehensive volume at a very substantial savings. The original edhion sold for $65.00, but this new revised edition, superior in all respects. is only $ An extremely useful research tool for Arkansans, many of whose ancestors were North Carolinians. (BJM) Quakers in South Carolina, Wateree and Bush River, Cane Creek, Piney Grove and Charleston Meetings, edited by The Rev. S. Emmett Lucas, Jr., Orig. published in 1905, 1892, 1936 and reprinted in consolidated format 1991, 151 pp, indexed, soft cover, $20.00 plus $3.00 s/h. [Southern Historical Press, Inc. PO Box 1267, Greenville, SC ) This material consists 01 considerable early records pertaining to many of the pioneer Quaker families that settled in SC, many of whom Intermarred with other pioneer families and were assimilat ed into other religious denominations. Many SC families will be surprised to find that they have Quaker roots. The consolidation of three major sources Historic Camden, SC, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. I, NC, and The Annals of Newberry provide a storehouse of infor mation on this area. [BJM] The 1833 Land Lottery 01 Georgia and Other Missing Names 01 Winnera in the Georgia Land Lotteries by Robert S. Davis, Jr., 69 pp., index, soft cover. $20.00 plus $3.00 s/h [Southern Historical Press, PO Box 1267, Greenville, SC ). Farris Cadle, author of a new book on the history 01 Georgia land grants and surveys, discovered a Georgia law of 1833 that ordered the fractional land lots of the 1832 Georgia Gold Land Lot Lottery to be dispensed in a special t 833 land lottery. The winners were to be drawn from the remaining losing tickets of the two 1832 land lotteries. A search of the Georgia Surveyor General Department turned up the list of some 1500 Georgia citizens who won the lots dispensed In this forgotten 1833 land lottery. Reproduced are these names, as well as a lit of more than thirty land lots omitted from the original drawing of the 1820 Georgia land lot tery. (BJM) Natchez Postscripts, by Carol Wells, 77 pp., surname Index, soft cover, 1992, $12.50, plus $3.00 s/h. [Heritage Books, Inc., 1540 E Pointer Ridge Place, Suite 300, Bowie, MD 20716]. This volume comprises a compilation of the official documents of Natchez, MS, Which was under Spanish rule from 1779 until It is compiled from a manuscript originally translated from the Spanish in 1818, and includes records such as depositions, declarations, wills, deeds, bills of sale, and reports of disagreements. The majority of the records fall between 1781 and 1798, although there are scattered earlier and later dates. Over 550 surnames are gl\len; o\ler 100 slaves are named. (BJM) State Census Records by Ann S. Lainhart, 116 pp., cloth, 1992, $17.95 plus $3.00 s/h. [Genealogl cal Publishing Co., Inc., 1001 N. Calvert St., Balti more, MD 21202] State censuses have been taken at one time or another by most states since the formation of the country for purposes varying according to the needs of the state. Whatever their purpose, these state census records rank with federal records as a major genealogical resource, and have remained under-utilized. Many state censuses ask different questions; for instance the 1925 Iowa state census asked for the names of parents (Including mother's maiden name) and place of marriage of parents. The author has provided researchers with the first comprehensive list of state census records ever published. State by state, year by year, often county by county she shows the researcher what is available in state census records, where it Is available, and what one might expect to find in the way of data. Arkansas had few state censuses and the information on our state (with the assistance of AGS President Carolyn TheArkansas PamUyHistor!an Page 171

36 Billingsley) is covered on pages 19 and 20 of this volume, (BJM) Secretary of State 1902 Voter Registration Records, Wayne County, North Carolina "The Grandfather Clause" by Kay Waters Sakaris, Southern Pioneer Press, 4808 Fairmont Parkway, Suite 269, Pasadena, TX 77505, $25,00 plus s/h $2,50, A Voter Registration Act of 1902, more populany known as the Grandfather Clause provided that no male could be denied the right to register and vote in any state election due to lack of education, The Permanent Registration Books, one type of record, contained name, age, residence, date of registration, name of the ancestor they were claiming their right under, the state or country In which their ancestor voted, This is the first in a planned series of books covering what was once the area of Old Dobbs County which has suffered numerous courthouse fires and these Voter Registrations are one way to reconstruct who was living in the area at the time, (BJM) Index of Obituaries and Death Reports Appearing in The Arkansas Demoerat-Gazette January 1 to June 30, 1992 by Oscar G, Russell, CAE, 506 Loop Road, North Llnle Rock, AR 72116, 9,653 entries, spiral binding $25, hardbound $40, [No, Linle Rock, AR: the author, 1992J With no access to any sort of index for Arkansas death records, Mr. Russell's continuing efforts in abstracting this data from old and current newspapers are very important for family historians, The books present the material both in alpha order by name and by city name, wkh a listing of other out-of-state localkies in which individuals died, The ages of the deceased persons are given and the Gazette citation, (BJM) Call for Arkansas Researchers List To Be Compiled Arkansas Genealogical Society receives many requests to supply a list of researchers who will do research for a fee within or about the State of Arkansas, In past years, this listing has been compiled from registration sheets printed in The Arkansas Family Historian, It is time to prepare a new lisling that will be mailed to those requesting the names of Arkansas researchers, The 1993 listing will be accomplished from a researcher's information form, and there are some requirements for it First, those wishing to be listed must be current members of Arkansas Genealogical Society, must concentrate their research in Arkansas, and must return the listing form by February 28, To obtain a registration form for this listing, send your request, along with SASE, to Arkansas Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 908, Hot Springs, AR Ruth Mings Goddard, 9901 Chapala Dr., Albuquerque, NM 87111, has sent some 29 pages of Menzies, Minzes, Mingues, Mings, Minns, Minges family data. containing very eany records beginning in Europe and migrating to the U. S, These rb?ords will go to the Arkansas History Commission to be placed on file for researchers. Mrs, Goddard states some of this family were in Baxter Co" AA, and Marion Co" AR in ; a Jacob Mings died in the White River during the CMI War. Page In Volume 30, Nurnber4 ~ December

37 -Index to auery Section of September 1992 Arkansas Family Historian Ackerman Rita Wilburn, ~25 A1dridg. WIlliam, 126 Allcorn Mary Lucinda, 122 A11.rn Heinrich, 127 Wilitam, 127 Anderson Cary, 123 Arnold Lucinda, 127 Ashley Shirl.y, 124 Atkins James, 124 Mary Varnoll, 124 Attaway Nancy, 125 Baker Pauline, 129 Barnes Francis, 123 James calvin, 123 Malvina F. 124 Mary Jane, 124 Susan, 123 T ahllha A., 124 William f 123 Battaile Muriel, 126 Bell John Henry, 122 Marjorie, 124 Berkman Bizabath Eliza Jane, 123 Bird John, 127 Black Helen Harris, 127 Blackburn Ma'llaret, 126 Blackwell Martha Jane, 128 Thom H., 128 Blakey Jame. W, 121 Blanton Joseph M., 129 Bond Josephine C,' 122 Mary B., 129 Minerva, 122 WIlliam p" 122 Bower John, 124 Nancy KathriM, 124 Bo. Mary (Polly), 122 Brady Laura Brentlinger Mdrew Jackson, 126 Cincebaugh Danle'. Carol Edward, 126 Cornelia A, Posey, 121 Beverly, 126 Chrlsade (Sadie) Sykes/Sikes, 126 Clark Eddi., 129 WilHam Arthur, 126 August, 124 Samuel,l26 Bridgeman/Bridgman Cleghorn Darden Samuel,l26 Carolyn, 126 Abirtha, 129 WIlliam, 126 Cogbill Mary, 129 Broadway A1ahansy (, 126 Rache",I29 I. W" 129 Carolyn, 126 WIlliam, 129 Brown David,126 Davidson Dorcas, 127 Ervin, 126 B, G" 123 Nancy, 124 Frank1in, 126 Davis Valentine 0" 124 Phooba,l26 Jeremiah, 125 Bryan Thomas, 126 J Perry, 122 Mn,l26 WIlliam, 126 Levi,l25 Bulle, Coker Martha, 121 Joseph,123 A1bar1 L" 121 Mary E" 123 Byars James Jackson, 121 Myrick, 125 Almeda, 122 Col. Ree H" 124 John, 124 Gone, 124 Soloman, 125 Nancy Kathrine, 124 Geo'ge,l25 Dean Byler Collier Joseph Thomas, 124 Edgat D" 125 Bizabelh, 128 DeGreene Collins Dr. Kenyon B" 127 Cahorn Debra, 128 Dent Julia, 124 Rebacca, 123 H.nry G" 122 Campbell Samuel,l23 Josiah,l22 Henry J., 126 WIlliam, 123 Susan Dunn, 122 Lola E, Murray, 126 ~onnese Thomas Hatch, 122 Capps Judy, 126 Warah LHter Gayle, 122 Charles, 124 Cook Denton Cora, 124 Ida, 129 Absalum A., 127 Jam.s, 124 Jame. W" 129 James M" 127 Mary Lain, 124 Mandy Jane, 129 John, 127 Ransome, 124 Mrs., 128 Nancy E" 127 Carney Sarah A., 124 WIlliam E MarveleM, 121 Corball Doster Catpent.r Joseph,l26 Adollne (McClain), 122 W. B., 129 Josiah, 122 Achaston (McClain), 122 Carter Mary (Box), 122 Duck Jam.s Fillmore, 126 Co<bert ArvinaJSphena, 127 John Grady, 126 Vara Elizabeth, 128 Duff Casey Corn Billy E., 128 George Asbury Danley, 128 Adam, 127 Dunaway M. A" 128 Jasso, 126 Shirley Robbins, 128 Caughorn John Petar, 127 Dyer John Benjamin, 126 Cotton Myrl,125 Cauhorn _ard P., 128 Dyke Witliam,126 Coulson John Edmund, 124 Chand Ie' Wlliam Washington, 128 Mary Viola, 124 Alice, 124 Coulter Chapman Vuel Teague, 129 Edmond Asbarry, 124 Cox Mynle Ashford, 129 Cynthia, 124 Mary E, 127 ElliS Edsat, 124 Crowlay Nancy Jane, 124 Frances A., 121 catherine, 123 Bigroth Martha C" 124 Crownover Baine Castee, 129 Mary, 124 Henry, 126 Erwin Cherry Jasper, 126 Mary S., 121 Dr, Marlin 0., 122 Curti. Thomas B" 121 Robart, 122 Emillne, 128 Ethridge Chi!1endan Alice, 123 Mary Louis, 121 Dalrymple Evans Chronister Doris Jean Riggins, 130 BizaJElizabeth, 125 Tinzy, 128 Daniel Lewis, 125 Lula Elizabeth, 127 ~ The Arkansas Family Historian Page 173

38 Ewing Grumbles Holcombe Leach Jame. H" 130 Aebecea, 127 Amanda loretta, 129 Jo Rene, 121 John, 130 Guile Holder Lehar Sarah Ethel, 129 Bill,l28 George C" 123 Farris Gwin Holland Lites Cathy Hart, t 23 Daniel M., 129 Mary, 126 OHie, 129 Faulkner Ira Eugene, 129 Hopkins Uttle Theodor, 123 James P., 129 Calhan, 125 PennyC" 124 Fincher Jessie, 129 Hopper Lockamy Stella, 123 Marlon F, "Many", 129 Jam D" 126 Kiziah Elizabeth, 124 Findley Thomas, 129 Houston Lookert Nancy, 122 William p" 129 Ann, 128 EII,abeth 6., 123 Finley Hudson Jam, 123 Nancy, 122 Hancock Martha, 121 Locklar Flood Amanda, 124 Virginia Glace, 125 Allene K" 121 Evelyn M" 128 Harris Flowers Ellen, 124 Jackson Madden Mary, 123 Jincy Elvira, 128 Sarah, 125 Mary Louise, 127 Strother, 123 John B" 127 Jarritt Malcolm Forst William, 124 Sarah (Sally), 127 Elizabeth Eliza Jane, 123 Virginia Long. 124 Harrison Jenkins Markow Fowler Thomas George, 121 Mary Barnes, 123 Marilyn, 124 Ruth Berkman, 123 Thomas H" 121 Jernigan Marks Freeman Hart Frances HOOk, 122 Joseph D" 128 Gertrude, 126 Edy, 123 Jo (Bell) Clark, 124 Martin Josiah H" 125 Fereby (Moore), 123 Johnson Mary lou, 124 Martha, 126 James Edward (Edy), 123 ArlOY, 121 Mason Satenja, 126 John, 123 Cosiah, 121 Levina, 125 Sarah,l26 Hawk Dommie Curtiss j 128 Samuel J" 125 Isaac, 124 Levi, 121 McAnally Gann Hayes Mary J" 121 Elizabeth, 125 Joe, 121 MoUle E. Cauhorn, 126 "Blunt",128 Jesse, 125 Gorr Heard Jones Joanne, 125 Marjorie, 125 Amanda Matilda, 124 Coleman, 122 Joseph, 125 Garrett Henderson EII,abeth, 122, 123 Ruth Angeline, 128 Oscar Harold, 128 Alexander, 122 Giles, 122 Sarah,125 Geurin Anna Belle, 122 Hamilton, 122 McClain NanoyJ"I25 Hennie,129 Hurllon, 122 Alpheus T" 122 Gibbs James, 122 James H" 127 Marion, 122 Albert Woodrow, 125 Johanna, 129 John WHliam, 127 Robert H., 122 Alvin, 125 loring, 122 LaVera, 127 McClure Charlln Green, 125 Margaret, 122 Larina, 122 Mary Calahan, 121 Druziller Armstrong, 124 William, 129 Mary Taylor, 122 Samuel,121 Hazel, 125 Henry Nancy, 122 McDaniel Jesse Green, 125 Alma Moreland, 129 Parilla, 122 Robert W, 126 John, 125 Annie Mary, 127 Rebecca, 122 McFarland John Hanison, 124 Beatrice, 1 Zl Wiley, 122 Mrs, Roy E" 129 Marie, 125 Benjamin Frank!in, 129 William, 122 McKinley Gibson George Franklin, 129 Sarah Elma, 125 Ma'gie, 125 JohnR.,I29 Ketscher Mclane Girwern Karen A" 129 Louis, 121 Bobbie Jones, 121 Sarah,l27 Martin Nathaniel, 127 Kimberling McMullin Gist Hensley Mary Jane, 127 Billie L, 128 EmilyJ"I22 leila l., 127 Kirkpatrick MoPete,. Nancy Susannah. 122 Herriman Dianne, 129 Thomas Andrew, 128 Glenn Rachel,123 Kizzia Medlock Wm, M" 125 Hill John C" 126 Harriet, 129 Goodner Joseph,128 Krolman Mello Faye, 125 Hillis Clint Matthew, 123 Judy Stanley, 126 Goodson Bettie Cauhorn, 126 MallOn A. R, 126 Hines Lamb Andrew Jackson, 122 Green Ann, 130 John,Jr., 128 Mendenhall Nancy Caroline, 125 Martha, 130 Lancaster Joanne, 122 Grfce Hinkle William, 124 Milam Beckie, 127 Sarah Ann, 124 Landon Elizabeth,l29 G(iflith Heaven Margie B., 122 Susan Lamb, 128 Mildred Vande(, 126 Langley Mifler Alice, 121 Dorothy L., 123 Page 114, Volume 30. Number4. Occcmbc( 1992:

39 Kim, 127 Richard,129 Harriett J., 129 Dr, D, B" 122 Sarah E., 122 Stephen, 129 James D., 129 Russell Minton Nussle John Clay, 129 James, 125 Virginia Elizabeth, 128 Betty, 122 John Gaines, 129 Oscar G" 125 Monroe Rubin J., 129 William, 125 James, 128 Ott Priestley Sara Caroline, 128 Dora Annie, 127 Mrs. Mary Helen, 125 Sargent Montgomery O'Nale Pyles Thelma P., 125 Beauregard, 126 John, 123 Linnie, 125 Sawyer Moore Mary Ann, 127 Mary Elizabeth, 129 Parish Rader Schinske Morehead Mary, 121 Emma Augusta Morey, 126 Billie, 128 Samuel,123 Parker Ragsdale Schmick Morgan Mr" 126 Jarrett Melton, 125 Judy Bridgman, 126 Augustus H" 126 Partee Ratcliff Schofield Gus, 126 Emeline, 125 Permelia, 123 Constance, 121 John R., 126 James, 125 William, 123 Scott Morris Lewis L., 125 Rayburn Andrew, 124 Bobby B" 123 Louise, 125 Viola, 129 Walter Ferguson, 124 Morrow Pate Raed Scott Drennan Albert, 127 Edwin E" 122 Edna Pearl, 125 Lynne, 124 Benjamin Cicero, 127 Nancy Jane McMillan, 122 Elvie, 125 Sea Bonapart, 127 William Henry, 122 Raep Jack, 127 Cleopatra, 127 Patten Sarah, 126 Selwin C, Mason, 127 Mrs. James B., 129 Renfroe Louis, 121 Oemosthenes Gracki, 127 Patterson James M., 128 Shaffer Fredrick, 127 Hugh,123 Reynolds Sue Beall Blanton, 129 Isophene, 127 John Wm" 128 Ovie, 123 Shelton John J" 127 Pearce Rhoton Matilda Jane, 127 Laura, 127 Michael l., 124 Elisha J" 126 Shepard Margaret, 127 Pearson Rice Rachel, 129 Octava, 127 Benjamin Donelson, 125 Samuel G., 122 Sherwood Robert E, Le., 127 Chestr Alan, 125 Richardson Daniel, 124 Thomas C" 127 Edna Grave, 125 EuDora, 122 James E" 124 Mortensen Henry Lawrence, 125 Ridling John T" 124 Wayne p" 122 Henry Preston, 125 Mary E" 127 Pleasant M., 124 Moss Macaja Lyle, 125 Riggins William T" 124 Lucinda, 121 Virginia Florene Dale, 125 George Washington, 129 Zachariah, 124 Thomas, 121 Wilbur Preston, 125 Risner Smallwood Murray Perry Wiley R., 128 Elizabeth, 123 Henry, 126 Denise, 128 Robbins Ervin, 123 James, 126 John Green, 127 MacAfee Alexander, 128 Rhoda (Morris), 123 William, 126 Josiah, 127 Thomas Clayton, 128 William, 123 Wyatt, 126 Michael, 128 Roberts Smiley Myers Pat E" 127 Rav, Joel V" 123 Mary, 126 Jackie, 124 Peterson Margaret (McClain), 122 Smith Louisa, 121 Robinson!!<Jrrell, 121 Nance Thomas, 121 John H., 122 Charlie, Jr., 124 Mattie Elizabeth (Betsy), 122 Thornton, 121 Nadine G" 125 Charlie, 5/" 124 Nelson Pettitt Rock Connie Medlin, 121 Eliza Ann, 123 Sammie, 126 Vera S., 123 Cynth Ann, 129 Ella, 123 Pettyjohn Rockett Eliza, 121 James, 123 Samuel,126 Edmund B" Jr" 129 Emma F" 126 John C" 123 Posey Rogers Frank, 129 Margaret, 123 Frances, 121 Alahansy/Elkansa, 126 Godfrey, 129 Robert, 123 Potter Ross Jane, 121 Ruth, 123 Virginia Connell, 123 Ted M" 128 John Franklin, 126 William T., 123 Poulson Roston John Tillman, 123 Nichols Geo, W" 124 Hattie F" 128 John William, 129 Allen H" 128 Powell Minnie, 128 Marcus A., 126 Thomas, 128 Hardin, 123 Timey, 128 Margaret Lauretta, 129 William M" 128 Isom, 123 Roumasset Margarette, 121 Nobles James, 123 Helen, 129 Morning Catherine, 129 Andrew, 129 James A., 123 Rowan Moses, 121 Harriet, 129 Lewis, 123 Alonzo, 129 Nancy, 121, 129 Horton, 129 Robert, 123 A. L" 129 Nicholas, 121 Merritt, 129 Power Rudy Paradine, 129 Muhuldah, 129 AJlen, 129 Anna Mary (Johnson), 122 Philip L" The Arkansas Family Historian Page 175

40 Reuben, 121 Sallie J. (Sarah), 121 Sarah Ann, 129 William S., 126 Snow Elizabeth N, Doss Stinnett, 122 Gene C., 122 Spencer Elijah, 123 Elizabeth Deweese, 123 Nancy, 123 Noah A., 123 Stanley James Dickson, 126 Starkey S.,127 Starr Wydia J. Wood, 122 Stencil Phyllis, 123 Stewart Betty J., 122 Stinnett James W" 122 Thomas S., 122 Stirman William, 121 Strauser Bonnie, 127 Sutherland Marjorie Pearson, 125 Swafford Jeannette Lain, 124 Tarkington Mary, 123 Taylor Alexander, 124 Kalh, 127 Robert, 124 William L., 124 Thomason Jackson Payne, 128 Thompson Delphia (Barnes), 123 Martha J., 121 Thurman Ann Rattikin, 124 Tibbets Andrew, 126 John J., 126 Titsworth Lydia J., 122 L. C., 122 Tollett Winfred H" 121 Travis Betsey, 128 Trivette Mary, t25 Troeger Emil Ernst, 121 Turrentine Sophronia, 126 Vander Hoeven Mildred, 126 Vann Ben, 129 Fannie, 129 Fannie Dorsey, 129 Varnell Ann Engles, 121 Eliza Lane, 124 John H., 121 Mary Emeline, 124 William King, 124 Vaught Benjamin Franklin, 125 Everett Francis, 128 Vent Gabrielle, 124 Mary P.(May) Hobson, 124 Patsy, 124 Rolen, 124 William, 124 Vernon Mrs. Thomas G., 123 Waddle Geo. W, 127 Waggoner Isaac Tandy, 126 Waits Arvanzena, 124 Derrel, 124 Mary, 124 Wally, 127 Walker Ann, 128 Linda Doty, 121 William, 128 Wallace Marticia, 128 Roberta Ragsdale, 125 Webster Joyce Ann, 122 Welch William J., 123 lnhite MaryR.,122 lnhitworth Jacob, 122 Jane, 122 Paralee, 122 Pennia, 122 Synlhia, 122 W. A. (WIlliam), 122 Williams Benjamin Franklin, 125 John J., 125 J. Randolph, 124 Linnie, 125 Louis, 121 Willis Fern, 126 Wilson Andy, 128 Irene D., 122 Lorena E., 121 Maryetta (Molly), 128 Posey, 128 Thomas, 128 Wingert Jean Huggins, 127 Wood Abram/Abraham, 122 Elizabeth, 122 Henry C., 122 Jefferson, 122 Malinda, 122 Mary, 122 Woodall William, 127 Woods LUCinda, 127 Zacher Linda (Ernster), 127 Page 176, Volume 30, Number4 - December

41 INDEX Abbott Elisha Green, 163 E. G., 163 Maud, 163 Acord Francis M., 159 Jefferson D., 159 John C., 159 Unda, 159 Martha A' I 159 Mary, 159 Sarah J., 159 William 1.,159 Aldridge Arthur, 166 Lonnie, 166 Ruby, 166 "Bud ll, 166 Alexander Charlotte H., 160 Wayne Emmett, 147 Allen Desmond Walls, 143, 169 Hugh Porter, 160 Margaret (Martha), 167 Sarah Ellen, 160 Alley Margaret, 159 All1son Evelyn E., 152 Hugh D., 155 Hugh E., 152 Ida P., 156 James Ray, infant, 153 Jeff, 156 lela Mae, 155 Walter, 152 Will M., 155 W. S., 154 lena E., 153 Sarah Ann, 155 Almond Flossie V., 154 Anderson Caroline louise, 164 Andrews Hattie K' f 142 Angle Joseph W., 166 Molly, 166 Armstrong loraine Callen, 153 R. W' f 153 Arnel/Arnold Dave T", 164 Arnold Wi ley, 165 Arsbern Henry, 168 louise, 168 Rose Gladys, 168 Atkins Lucinda Jane, 159 Ausburn Samuel Marshall, 147 Aust in Ada Ring, 156 Babb Aurora Rebecca, 157 Ruby B., 158 Bacchus Asa W., 164 Bai ley Martha, 168 Baker Dellah, 160 Russell P., 142 Balding Gray Alice Ruby, 156 Baldridge Bill, 157 Marion, 157 Baley Louisa Jane, 162 Bal four Dr. Andrew, 164 Ballard Audrey, 158 Cebern J., 151 Georgi e T., 152 Gipson, 158 James C., 158 James H. (Jim), 152 Kenneth DaLe, 156 lewis G., 156 lois H., 152 lorene, 152 louise B., 151 Muriel M., 156 CIlIa, 164 Oreus DeraLd, 156 Parker B., 151 Pearl lassiter, 151 Robert A., 152 Stephen Colby, 158 Teddene, 158 Ballew John F., 164 Joseph W., 164 Mary Emi ly, 164 N.E., 164 Richard D., 164 Robert Jackson, 164 W., 164 Baney Cleve, 151 Edna L., 151 EtheL (Pearson), 151 Oris E., 151 Barcus Muriel, 163 Barnard Chester Byon, 147 Barnes Charl ie, 165 Ella Frances, 165 Mansel, 165 Marion, 165 Mary, 160 Barrett Howard Andrews, 143 Howard Welcome, 143 Bart les Anna Heneritte, 163 Barton Jerry T., 164 louis, 142 Bassett Sarah Ann, 162 Baswell James, 165 John, 165 Mat ilda, 165 Simon, 165 Thanas, 165 Bates KarenM.,161 Battenfi eld In., 165 Baughman George lafayette, 160 Isaac Nicholas, 160 B... May, 147 Bearce Ella, 164 Beas ley Aticus W., 151 Beula, 156 Billy C., 156 Blanch 0., 151 Daisy C., 151 James C., 157 Jerry Don, 158 Joy lynn, 158 Katie lee, 158 Luther Cl j fton, 151 Orphie, 156 Rebeea A., 151 Ruth Simpson, 151 Sterling Eugene, 158 William M., 151 Beavers W. E., 142 Bemett Mary Carmen, 156 Bentley Elizabeth Petty, 169 Florence, 151 Il a, 151 John G., 151 Berchdorf Audrey Alderson, 163 B i rtcher Linda, 160 Bishop Katherine (Kitty), 166 Bitton Juani ta, 166 Bixby Jennie S., 142 Bizzdell Mildred Keef, 153 Binell Harold A., 153 M. W., 153 Sirena Armstrong, 153 Blackburn Caswell B., 162 Gideon H., 162 Blackwood Charles A., 152 Florence A., 155 Ida B., 152 James A., 150 James Mervin, 155 lloyd Hale, 152 Roy G., 155 SalLie Mae, 152 Viola, 150 Blakely Michele Wi lson, 168 Bland Ella E., 156 Blandford El izabeth (Lizzie), 167 John, 167 Blazer Peggy lee, 165 Blount Mary Brunetta Coulter, 146 Blythe George Washington, 143 WilLiam Carrol, 161 Boatright Patricia, 165 Boaz Beulah, 163 G. W.?, 163 Jackson, 163 John?, 163 Thomas, 163 Bolls Downing A., Sr., 163 Botts Kennith, 147 Bowker Nancy Jones, 152 BOW'IBn Craig, 166 Boyd Andrew J., 162 Ben Hugh, 154 Charles A., 154 Charles Warren, 162 Cora A., 154 Fannie, 154 Lennie, 154 Mable D., 154 Walter l., 154 Ernest A., 154 lillie M., 154 Braudaway Brian W., 159 Bright Donald B., 142 Brinkley Anne Davis, 164 Broadway/Broadaway/Braudaway Richard, 159 Brockett Clyde H., 157 Clyde H., Sr., 152 MyrtLe Spence, 152 Wilma, 152 W. Deanne, 157 Brooks Thomas B., 164 Brown Belle, 166 Fay, 166 Helen, 166 Joffa, 166 Joseph, 166 Josephine, 166 laura, 166 Margaret, 168 Robert, 166 Thomas D., 167 William, 166 BrunLey C. Wi lson, 167 Giles Houston, 167 Jesse, 167 Brundage Janice Knight, 168 Brunon Maggie, 'The Arkansas Family Historian Page l'n

42 Bryant Doris, 167 Mary El iz., 162 Buehler Violet Shelton, 168 Buffington Cicero, 163 Oid, 163 Abner, 163 Jake$ 163 Burgess Infant, 157 Burkhead Altean, 152 Herman F., 152 John C., 1S8 Burnett Cl int, 147 lee. 155 letan, 154 Mary Yielding, 150 Marzie Marvin, 155 Thome_ E., 154 BUrton Betsy. 146 Brunetta ",I tkinson. 145 Brunetta "'. t 145 E_nd, 146 Mary 0., 146 Patrick, 160 Pleasant H., 145, 146 Potty 0., 144 P~ H,* 146!"Iill, 160 ~illlam E 148 Busbridge Johnie. 150 Busby Artie E., 155 aaby Girl, 15S Bushart Saran F., 164 But ler Mrs. Sue, 161 Sally, 162 Cadle Farris, 171 Caldwell Kate, 167 Rosie, 167 CanlJbell Jarret Mi l ton, 163 Peter Calmus, 168 Cannon Anna Hannah, 161 Cantrell Catherine, 168 El izabeth, 168 L. 0., 168 Capps Doctor. 168 Carl ThOOlaS, 160 Carle ijh liarn, 161 Carpenter Enma C. 153 Findell, ls7 H. Earl, 153 John Mac, 160 Rachel, 157 Carr H., 142 Carter Al fred. 159 Elener HOpe, 168 Etijah Harvey, 168 George ~ashington. 143 George ij". 159 Jane, 159 Thomas f 159 Thomas, Jr~f 159 Willi Cates Dorothy Spence, 153 Cauthron Charles Clayburn, 145 Della ijesley. 145 James Hedrick, 145 Keri Mur,:tly, 146 Ceci l Velma BOyd, 157 Chant>l"" Lelan R 154 Patsy l" 154 Chamlee Anne Sarrett, 143 chandler Ophalee. 147 Chaney F loyd Allen. 147 Chronister James, 165 Margie, 165 Mi Idred. 165 Ph it ip. 165 susan, 165. Tinzy, 165 Clardy Rhoda F 145 Clark Ann, 168 Mary B., 161 Clayton Sarah D., 163 Cleghorn Young McCoy, 163 Clemens Really?, 147 C_ Azriah, 142 Cochran lula M. 158 O. Eugene, 158 Coffee-Coefield "lwe ll 162 coleman lucy Collier Lydia. 167 Cook Gloria, 148 Margaret Harris, 157 Cooper Della, 152 Fred, 152 Henry. 152 Haye, 152 Richard S.t 161 Stephen. ISO 11m 161 Corbin Rei a., 143 Cormack: Mary Elizabeth, 158 Cornet ius Mal fnda, 167 Costello Alma Ll 168 Cothren John Eldridge, 160 Lena Betle, 160 Coulter Annie Culnn. 146 Brunetta loi., 144, 145, 146 Burton Galloway, 146 Charles Pickton, 145 Charles P.~ 145 Charley Plcton, Jr., 146 C. P., 145, 146 David Burton. 145 David Oavid \ilhuam, 145, 146 Edward Keener, '46 Edward K., '46 Frances Eugeniaf 146 Ida H 146 James Hedrick, 146 James M., 145, 146 James R. I 145 f 146 James Wesley (Uesttey)~ 145 James U 146 Jas. ~., 145, 146 Jas. Ratliff, 145 Joe McKean, 146 John, 145 John Avery. 14S, 146 John M., 146 John!"Ii lkerson, 145 John \.I., 145 louneitle$ 146 Martha Nea l, 145 Martha Rebecca, 145 Martha R., 146 Mary Brunetta, 146 Mary Elizabeth. 14S Mary Murphy, 145, 146 Mathew Hill, 145 Mathew H., 146 Mollie L j 145 Nancy. 14S, 146 Nathaniel Gra~eSt 146 Nettie Kate j 145 pearl. 144 Rea Carter, 146 Richard Murphy, 146 RichardMurphY. 145 Rosa louise (Rea), 146 Rufus Keaney (Kerney), 145 Rufus Kearney. 146 Thomas Sumerville, 146 Tom S 144 Verda, Verda T., 145 \.IiHiam Reddotch t 145 Covey James. 163 John, 163 Saran Kelsey~ 163 Thomas. 163 Cox Batson \f 165 Ceril Bradford, lsi Ethel S 158 Mary Hildebrand, 164 Minnie L., 150 Io!issouri? 165 M. Floyd, 150 Owen \.lest ley, 158 Zenith H. So~ll, 151 Crain ISlC, 150 \.life, 150 Creek: Lois Spence, 153 Crouch Burl. 150 Crow Charner Z 167 Elizabeth (Betsey). 162 Crowe Bette, 167 Cn.lll' Enma L. Cn.rnp, 154 Hazel Jackson, 151 Henry. 151 Jesse J., 154 John S., 154 Robert James, 156 wi II iam Lester, 154 Date Tami, 159 D6tr~le Jean, 147 John Robert, 147 Daugherty At ice, 164 Da~ies aeulah, 153 John Henry. Revw, 153 Da~is Agne Anne Aikin. 156 Daisey t 147 D. J 158 Earl~ 147 George, 147, 158 Lindsey. 147 Mandy lone, 147 Monroe G., Jr., 143 Robert S., Jr., 171 SanYJel, 164 Tra~is. 164 T.O., 158 Dawson Edith R 162 oenden Dennis. 156 Glenn W., 155 lorene, 158 lottie M 151 Robert F. 151 OeVargas lura Bell '.latson, 166 Dewberry Jinmie \f 168 Diedrich Johann, 163 DiXon courtney Paige. 157 Dobbins Albert Hay, 168 Dockter Albert U" Jr., 169 Dollarhite Douglas S., 158 Dooley Leanne, 164 Douglas Semiranus Frances, 168 Dreher Michael, 158 Dri~er Annie Heise, 152 Duncan Luther K" 153 Sallie J., 153 Dunkerberger Sarah A" 153 DUM Della (Vann), 147 Page 178, Volume 30, Number 4 - December

43 Durror Et ita Jane, 143 oyer Joel. 16< Dykes Billy H 147 Earles Stephen Allen Douglas, 167 Earls linda, 167 Earls/EarLes Ada Alvis, 167 Henry Allen, 167 Eason J. G., 142 J. M., 14< Edwards Benjamin f 166 Mrs.Melanie f 165 Winnie, 166 Eldridge 1. S., 163 Elliott Mary 8., 161 Ell is HafTYf 165 Richard Albtrt, 147 Elrick Sadie M 142 Enmerich Frances (Flood). 168 Engle karen, 162 Englebright Jesse, 166 Evans Mary Ann, 162 Evener George, 147 Fawcett Fannie, 154 James \ri 154 Tonny I., 153 Urle, 154 WHlle MOf 153 Ferrin Homer. 147 fielder Glenette Pollard, 166 Finger Anna. 161 FinLey John, 164 Joseph. 164 William. 164 Fisher Nancy Bq 161 II. L., 150 Fl~in9 Mattie L, 155 Susan Ward, 166 Folk. Helen. 152 I. l., 152 James Homer. Pvt., 152 Louis c. 152 Forsyth Justine, 156 Glen F., 156 Foster Robert H 167 Mary Ellen, 167 Frank Diane, 163 Franklin Daniel Wayne, 147 Franks IIm.D., 165 Freer Margaret C. Burgin FinLey, 164 William. 164 French "Owen u Townsend D., 164 Fuller Audrey E 156 Burl D., 156 Leonard B 156 Fulton Eula E 157 Galloway Hubert M" 155 Leon, 155 McKindree, 155 Gardner Sarah, 168- Gartrell Jutia WigLey, 166 Giesler James Columbus. 163 Gill Jack, 162 Gillespi e Nancy Jane, 167 Ginther Charles E 152 Herman D Rev., 152 Glover Callie M. Jackson, 151 Carl w 153 Clarence M 151 Goddard Ruth Mings, 172 Golden Eddelaan, 153 Erma V 153 Gladys Joy, 157 Goodal Marven E 151 Goodwin Charlotte (JamesL 161 Jane (CastleberrY}f 161 Judy. 161 Silas, 161 Gordon Mary elizabeth, 159 Gossage George l. I 163 Gransereene Jul ie, 168 Ot iver I 168 Grant Edward James, 161 Gray Addie G., 153 Burney. 153 Emna Guynetta. 153 Erskin R. t 153 Gracie f 155 J Olen 0., 156 Sarah. 143 Susie. 153 Susie M. Cate, 153 T. A., 153 verna 1.4., 157 ~ilson, 155 Dorothy May I 154 Erskine Maurlce~ 153 Possle* 153 Green Mali tat 163 Nancy Elizabeth, 160 Greenhaw Ardella (Dill). 160 Thomas, 160 Greenwood James E 160 Greer Elizabeth, 159 Isaac. 159 Grissom Bealy Doc IiJudgell, 164 Elick, 164 Henry. 164 Laranza, 164 Monda. 164 Marion, 164 Mary. 164 Rebert. 164 william P 164 Delia E~, 164 Gross Shirley. 17D Guatney OLen, 156 Guyot Adam, 150 E Hot bert, 154 James. 154 James R., 154 J. Aubrey. 158 Minnie, 154 ot ive, 150 Walter, 150, 154 Carlyne 8., 158 Edt th f 150 Gyarmati Doris Cooper, 161 Haines Ruth, 166 Hale Louisa, 160 Haley? WIll. w. 142 Hall Lucile. 151 Madie, 151 Willie G., 151 Ham; t ton Miachel, 165 Hancock Jonathan. 161 Thomas. 161 Hare Capt. John 0., 165 Harness John, 143 Lewis L, 143 Harrett S... l. 167 Harris Ardel ia, 166 Bella Mae, 147 Isabelle Cummings, 150 James, 166 Rachel Annie, 166!.Ial ter A., 157 Hartman Helen B 157 Paul T. ~ 157 Harwel l Benedict. 167 Hastings Caddo Gap. 147 Hayden Chauncy H., 142 Mr C. H 142 Hayley Malcolm A' I 158 Mary E., 158 Haynie Mrs. Barbara Stovall, 142 Hazzard Barbara, 161 Def1'4'Sey P., 161 J... s. 161 Martha, 161 Sarah, 161 $usan, 161 Heckrnaster Kay, 163 Heise Fred H., 152 Mertle Woodiel, 152 Nina Fay, 152 Sarr.Jel M., 152 Henderson Frank J 165 IIm.A Henson Etiza J~ ~i9leyi 166 Herndon Mary Ann (Barber), 161 Herrington Herbert L., 147 Hester Abraham J., 166 Elsouri nsissyll, 166 J. e. 142 Nancy Ann, 166 Ollie Jane, 166 Sarah 118abe'*, 166 Hestir A. Clifton, 155 ct ; fton ROSS, 155 Oesdemona, 152 Elizabeth F., 155 Gladys A. t 155 Infant f 151, 155 John M., 151 larry f 151 Lenton D. f 158 Mac!.leSley f 152 Mary Litlie. 158 Printus C 155 Vesta Gibson, 151 Hicks Lou (Knight), 168 Hi ldebrand Daniel Jefferson, 164 Hill Allen M 162 Char i ty. 162 George washington/sr., 162 Henry, Jr., 162 John "Charles u 162 Richard H., 1'62 Susan E'I 162 Minton Rebecka Jane, 164 Hi rst Nancy E., 161 Hodge. Herman Ray, 151 Luther A., 165 l11e Arkansas. Family Historian Page 179

44 Hoel Maggie Jane, 163 HoI bus Blanche, 162 Holland ArrDrose, 163 Barbara, 163 Cnarlie, 166 Clarinda. 163 Laura 8., 163 Marshall M., 163 Holmes Ella J 142 Holt Bebecca, 160 frances S., Rev., 158 Honea Amy Al ice. 163 Bertna Thorne, 163 Leona, 163 William Jasper, 163 HOod Sarah Ja~ I 166 "ope Elenor f 168 Hopper Eliza frances, 167 \Ii II i Hopson Rebecca J&ne# 161 Norn Lillie B., 165 Norton Richard, 159 Hoskins Phebe, 160 Hosto Albert Eugene. 163 Hermen. 163 Jerry Lee, 163 \lilli am. 163 Howard John Nenry. 165 Linda. 164 Matilda Brown, 165 Howell Anita, 161 George W 165 John, 165 Marilyn Naomi, 158 Maxine, 168 Riley G., 165 Thomas Glenn, 159 Virginia, 165 Hucklybe Elizabeth (Jones), 162 Hunphr.ys Mattie l 164 Hunsucker Mary Jane, 163 Hunter Andrew, 162 Daniel, 143 Ja~t Mw, 162 John, 162 Rachel (Dinsmore), 162 Isaacs Joan CarOl, 164 Isbell Jesse L, 155 Kate Crump, 155 Jackson Alex W., 163 A L 156 Carl, 150 Charley, 162 Elora E 150 CertrLde, 162 John K 150 Josephine. 158 Minnie Bell, 162 "ancy Coleman. 163 V.l Cecil " 158 Infant. 150 J-. George W" 160 Keith E., 166 luefl:a Jane, 160 Patrick H. 161 Sarah, 161 Jameson Doyle, 167 William Henry, 167 Jenkins Hezekiah, 143 Thomas, 142 Johnson Alri>rose, 164 8erry, 164 e rly f 159 Draper, 159 Elba G., 143 James H 159 Joe. 150 John P 159 Leonard, 150 Lola H., 159 Mable A 152 Maggie, 164 Mary f., 160 Mary MagdaLene (Teaff), 164 0\1 ie, 150 Richard \I 159 Roscoe~ 152 Sirena C.~ 159 washington S., 159 ""ysel H. 152 Johnston C. G., 16D Donna Bri tton, 167 Sarah, 147 Jo\ley John F., 142 Jones Betsy, 162 El il.beth. 168 John, 168 John J 152 louisa. 160 Od. l Taylor, 162 yit tiarn C., 162 Jorden Carolyn Bizzell, 153 Judkins E. L. (Hr.). 154 katie (Mrs.), 154 Rewel E., 154 Justason Ralph Emerson, 147 Kaminkow Marion J., 170 kee J ames $ 154 Kate, 154 Keenan Joe, 167 Peter S'l 167 Keesee I. N., 142 Kelley Thomas J. # 160 Kennedy Augustus W" 151 Imogene Kinard, 170 J. leon, 170 Mary Elva, 151 M. Delphis, 151 WH liam A., 151 Kerr Richard H., 142 ki llough Jo AM, 154 king Andrew Marshall, 161 Andrew Marshall, Ira \I., 161 Isaac \I., 161 Mary Etta, 161 Mrs. James B., 166 Mrs. Ruth J., 167 Kirkland ArthUr Forrest. 156 Kitt Eualus, 147 Knight George. 168 Jake, 168 Merritt, 168 Sophronia, 168 Knighton Isaac, 143 Koenig Dorothy A 142 I(outnik Steven Lester, 147 Kuchar Jimmy Lou Earls, 167 lackey Jane, 160 Lafferty John, 162 Lainhart Ann S., 171 L~rt Hary. 154 Langley Joseph Butl.r. 162 Mil.s L., 162, 168 lawrence Nancy Caroline, 150 Samuel W., 150 ~. J., 150 lawson Grancma, 154 Yalter (Mr.), 154 Leak Issac Eq 166 Leeman Elizabeth, 166 L.ffingwell Charles f., 158 Lemay Al fred E 151 sall ie D.Gall""ay, 151 Lenderman Alberta. 154 Alpha E 157 Alton C 152 Era E. Hayley. 153 Lillie, 154 Lloyd L., 154 Nina L Otha t 154 Sallie Fields, 154 Thee R 157 lonnie Raymond, 153 leonard Joseph, 167 Thomas 8., 160 lessenberry Sharon lenton, 143 lewis John, Jr q 166 John, Sr Of 166 Light Claronee Msnuel, 155 Esmer, 155 Walter, 155 Lindsay Joan. 147 lindsey Jane A 168 Sarah, 162 Linn Jo Wh; te, 169 Lipps Loi s E lmi ra, 168 littleton Katheryne 6radley, 143 Lockhart Stacy, 142 loggins J. M 166 L~sdon Jo Lee. 158 Loughran John, 167 Lovejoy Joyce l. 163 Lucas Rev. S. Enmett, Jr 171 Lutman Rebecca, 161 Lybarg.r Pauline (Gay), 165 Lynx David l 168 Mackey Minerva, 166 Madding orner Connie, 157 Majaneslj{ Mary Lewis 157 Malloy MarYI 167 Manasco Homer David, 147 Mannix Mrs. lorraine, 142 Manus Vi rginia, 147 MarcLin Gertr\.Kte, 164 Li U ian, 164 Th_s H., 164 Marsh Lewis C., 157 Mamie Scruggs, 150 "0Il i. A 157 Marsha! t Chart ie. 161 El ;zey. 161 Enma, 161 John H., 161 LoiS, 161 Lora, 161 Page ISO, VoI\lme30, :-l\lmber4 Decemher )

45 Louise Stalcup Freed, 161 Mary, 161 OpaL Joyce, 161 Susan, 161 Mart in Linda S., 165 Louise, 152 Monica Sue Sweeten, 143 Mauldien John, 167 Sarah Jane, 167 MaxweL L Cynthia, 161 Mayes Mary, 167 Washington, 167 Mays CLara, 161 McA 1 exander EarL, 147 McAl ister David, 164 James, 164 John Franklin, 164 Joseph, 164 J. A., 164 MichaeL, 164 William B., 164 McBride Nancy, 163 McCaleb Bonnie, 166 McCarn CaroL Ann, 163 McCarrick Mildred K. Freer, 164 McCask ill Sarah, 160 McCoprmick G., 161 McCurry Martha P., 168 Saruel, 168 McDanieL B., 142 Jordan, 142 Josephine, 147 Laura Mae, 147 Spencer, 142 Laura Mae, 147 McDowell Frances Dobbins, 168 McElhannon Hugh W., 160 Martha Shields, 160 Isaiah, 160 McElyea Brenda, 150 Eddie, 150 Junie May, 157 McFadden Isaac D., 162 LOU, 162 McGaughey Henry, 152 McGhee Oscar G., 151 McGinnis Thomas, 161 Mcintyre Al ice E., 157 McKean Jno G., 146 Jno. Gilbert, 145 Jno. G., 146 John G., 145 Joseph CouLter, 146 Joseph W., 145 Lucy Burton, 145, 146 Lucy D., 145 Mary C., 146 Moll ie C., 145 McKibben Thomas, 165 McKinney Clarissa E., 160 Eleanore, 160 George P., 160 James P., 160 Jefferson G., 160 Martha, 160 Sterl ing P., 160 McLane Bobbie Jones, 159, 169 McLaugh L in Ann, 167 Benjamin Crow, 162 Elizabeth, 162 Mary (Polly), 162 Susannah, 162 Jane, 162 Margaret, 162 Nancy, 162 Pansy Ruth, 162 RacheL, 162 McLauthlin Thomas, 162 McMahan Jane, 166 McMeans Cindy Rainwater, 164 McMuL L in Billie L., 165 McNealy Chas., 166 Chas. D., 166 Edgar Lancaser, 166 Marjorie, 166 McReynolds Al ice, 167 McWhorter Hugh Lawson, 163 Matilda (Martha), 165 Medley Mr., 160 Merritt Karen E., 166 Mi ller Enrna, 162 Isabel M., 167 Laura, 162 Phil, 162 Phil ip, 162 Rose, 162 Russel, 162 Si las, 162 Thomas, 162 WIn., 162 Mi Lun Henry, 164 Susanna (CallfJbell), 164 Mings Jacob, In Minton Erman, 157 Jack.son L., 156 Lucille, 157 Mi tchell Cleveland Lee, 147 Donald Lee, 147 Sadie Ruth (Cates), 147 Thornton W., 171 Mize Lucille Ring, 156 Moore Allison Dawn, 153 Charles 0., 147 HeLena Martha E., 162 James Marion, 143 Morden Tiffany Hope, 153 Morphew Aaron, 168 Garner Prince, 168 Peggy, 168 William H. Isiah, 168 Morris Rebecca Robinson, 165 Morrison Annie, 150 Thomas, 166 Morrow Catharine L., 161 Frances M., 161 James A., 161 Shirley J., 161 Mosely Laurence M., 147 Moss David, 163 Moyer Bessie, 152 MuLk.ey Carl N., 151 Fred H., 158 Ruth Beasley, 151 Myers Susan T., 157 William J., 157 Nall Dicy, 164 Neal Alice Irene, 145 Nelson Elisha, 143 Leroy, 162 NichoLs Ivey, 161 John A., 161 John Henry, 161 Pearl, 166 Ni swonger Thomas, 160 Nix William Jennings, 143 Nixon Graham Townsend, 157 Norton Ben S., 168 Saruel C., 168 Nugent Nell M., 170 Cdom Flora Zelt, 164 Ol iver Mel issa, 168 Olson Marie Keenan, 167 Oneal Lillie E., 163 Osborn Doc, 147 George T., 158 Saruel Marshall, 147 William Drury Barm, 147 William Drury Barn, 147 Osborne Rita Stewart, 164 Osborn/Ausburn Agnes Evelyn, 147 Clara Lucille, 147 Florence G. Margie Lorene, 147 Floyd Oneal, 147 Herbert Lee, 147 lona Myrtleen, 147 John Howard, 147 Opalirene, 147 Rosia Mae, 147 Osburn Verna W., 158 Owen Mary COOK, 167 Owens J. B. Buck., 161 Lula Mary, 161 W.H. (Ben), Jr., 155 Padget Mary E., 151 Padgett Ewell A., 151 Palmer ELiza Tipton, 168 Parker Virginia, 163 Parnell Dorothy Permel ia, 164 Parsons Charles D., 160 Pate CharLes T., 153 James, 153 Patterson Augustus GarLand, 159 Burrell, 166 Ti llman, 166 William, 165 Paxson Eugene W., 143 Joseph Taylor, 143 Pearson John Wesley, 143 Pebsworth WilLiam, 165 PendLey El izabeth, 163 Perham Allie J., 142 Perkins Dorothy N., 161 Phi II ips Dale F., 142 Gilbert Hillery, 147 John, 164 Martha, 161 Nora Jane, 147 Simeon, 164 Phipps Sharon Minton, 162 Pick.ering Mrs., 160 Mr., 160 Pickett Lavinia, 161 Pilcher Hiram A., 166 Oscar, 166 Pinson Monrow G., Jr., 156 Monrow G., Sr., 'The Arkansas Family Historian Page 181

46 Pitts remperanco A. (Wigloy), 166 Pleiner Karl, 156 Karl, Pvt., 156 Leopoldine, 156 William W., 156 Poe Edgar A., 148 Pollard Eunice Covey, 163 Gea., 163 Poole Mat'tha C., 160 Pope James C. t 155 Mrs. Rachel Cloye, 155 Powers Rosialee, 162 Pt'att William, 142 Price-Mck.inney Sterl lng, 160 props Polly D., 144, 145 Sarah, 144 PUfl'hrey J. R., 142 Ragland Mary Lois S 169 Ragsdale Agness, 164 Drury. 164 Waney Morgan, 164 Rainwater ALbert, 164 CLyde, 164 Erin, 164 Eula, 164 Grace. 164 infant, 156 James C 164 James W., 164 John, 164 Ramsey Sidney. 160 Ransom Erma I rene I 152 Raper Joy \febb. 168 Rasdon Elbert S., 161 RatU ff Ida H Rawson N. J., 162 Rea Rosa Louise~ 145, 146 Reaves Peter Mack, 164 Redwine leah, 168 Reed George~ 168 Reeves Eliza Jane. 165 Reid A. M. (Bud), 158 Cl.fton, 156 David, 158 F, Marie. 156 Mary L, 150 Ricnard 1.., 156 Thelma Jean, 156 Renfroe Fanny H., 165 Richardson Jirmlie 'MI 157 Richmond Budd W., 157 Wanda L., 157 Ridenger Oeviree Paradine, 160 Riggins Andrew Aneil. 147 Andrew Frankl in, 147 Bobbie z 147 Dewey, 147 Doris Jean t 147 Eugena, 147 George Washington, 147 George Washington#Jr' l 147 Katie Cathrine, 147 Martha lorener. 147 Mary Opha Lee Aldon!e, 147 Mell issa Mae. 147 Mrs. George Washington, 147 Nancy Ann, "7 Pearl, 147 Sarah A.~ 147 William 'Thomas, 147 Ring earnest, 155 Sadie, 155 ~itter Barbara DraKe 160 Roberts Ace, 147 Betsey, 159 Jack, 160 J.W., 160 LeWls E., 163 Thomas franktin, 160 wesley Devers, 160 Robertson James, 168 Robinson Henry t 165 Martha J., 165 N. W., 154 Ja, 165 Lottie M 154 Mary E., 165 ~oe Ida V., 156 Rogers Barbara Ellen, 147 Cicero, 165 Harriett smith, 165 Hugh, 165 Josiah, 165 Sarah '1 151 Tom J., 151 Rose William Philip, 166 Rosell Leona G., 157 Ross Annie L., 152 Daisy L., 153 Danny Robert, 156 James T, (Jim), 152 William Oscar, 153 W. H. (Will), 152 Rounsavall Vicki, 159 Routon/Rowton Jane, 159 Rowell Fannie c. H., 150 Fred P., 150 Rowton Mrs~ Joan, 159 Runnells Charles, 165 Russell Oscar G., 172 Sakaris Kay Waters J 172: S_le. Keziah, 168 NancYl 168 WIn. I 168 Sanders Jackl 167 Sareh l 150 Susan Mq 167 Theophilus( 167 Sawyer John B(enjamin?), 163 Saxon Patrick H., 163 Scheid Nancy, 160 Scott David Soloman, 158 Fannie Elizabeth, 158 John Leland, 158 John Thanas, 158 Lillian Ballew, 164 Peter Johnson. 158 S... l Mel 1 vill., 158 School.r Raymond, 158 Thomas Felix, 158 Warren Eldridge, 158 William Moore, 158 Scroggs Oavid, 150 Earl J., 155 Effie, 150 Ereit Guy, 150 Helen Gray, 153 James L., 150 Jay B., 155 Nadi. A., 155 Nancy L., 1 SO Robert, 150 Scruggs Elmer, 153 Ollie, 153 Seaton Elihue, 155 Wiltene, 155 Self Elvira V., 152 Sellers James, 165 Sergnya lois MCElyea, 157 Sewell Jesse Quincy, 168 seymore James, 155 Linda K., 155 Shaw Li ly Mae~ 147 Shelton Joseph~ 167 Nannie Jane, 167 WiLliam, 168 Shiplet Michel N., 167 Shrll1\ Susan, 164 Shuamte Joyce, 160 Shubert A. ALeene, 166 Shuey ElSie, 163 Sifl'll'lOns Alexander, 162 Arthur \ EIlY, 163 James, 162 Joe, 163 Virginia, 163 William, 162 Skel ton/shel ton John, 159 William, 159 Skinner Ethel Vann, 157 I. A., 156 Joe E., 157 larry I. 157 loulse, 157 Small John, 142- Smedley Fann!. E., 162 Frances L, 162 Smith Charles W~I 152 Charlotte Rose, ~ Cynthia Ann, 159 Edwin E Elmer J. C., 147 Eugene C., Jr., 159 Franklin Pierce, 143 Geo. C., 165 Gert rude, 165 JuLius 1(., 165 Kuyla Horton, 159 Mable L. I 153 Nathan, 167 Rufus K 165 Sarah Jane, 163 Susanna CoveYI 163 Mary B 165 Nona, 165 Snoddy Alexander Hamilton, 170 Elizabeth (Sloan), 170 SanJJe l. 170 Thanas. 170 Sohn Eric D., 158 Span Edwin D., 157 Evel yn E Speck A. No, 150 O! Uard, 150 Mary lee, 150 Spence Addie M., 156 Annie, 153 Bi rdie Mae, 152 CynthIa E., 153 Donnie L~ 154 Earl# 153 Ernie G~I 152 Haward B~ I 154 Haward E", 154 ~., 153 Lola Ballard, 152 lowet ( D.., 156 Mary Lou Lane, 157 Wal ter G., 157 Wi L L i. Ann, 153 Page 182, Volume 30. Number 4 ~ December

47 Spore JoAnn. 143 Stagner Gibson. 166 Jasper Newton. 166 J. N., 166 Margaret. 166 Matilda? 166 Susan Larrimore? 166 Sytha Pink Lester. 166 Stanfield Alexander. 165 Al ice. 165 Belle, 165 Fannie. 165 Florence. 165 Josephine. 165 Maria J 165 William P., 165 Stephenson Glenda A 155 Sterl ing Mary. 162 Ste... ens Helen M 160 Ste... enson Jane Wi lson. 168 Re... /Or. William Wilson. 168 Stewart Charles 1.1_. 163 Cynthia, 163 Elizabeth. 163 HAriet C 163 H. C., 163 James A 163 James M., 163 Nancy. 170 Stanley. 147 Stockham Charlie Grant, 155 Minnie Townsend. 155 Stone Carol Fulbright. 161 Ida Margaret Coul ter. 144 Martha Jane. 170 Stout Tennessee A 162 ~. H., 160 Stroller Sam. 149 Stubbs E... a (Vann). 147 Stutesman John Hale. 170 Suggs Sall ie. 164 Sl.mnerhi 11 Gertie C 157 Harvy Thomas, 157 Sallie M., 157 SlITITJers Mal inda, 165 Sunderman Nar... eller. 157 Theodore. 157 Suzuki Lucille. 157 Swann Neda B., 153 Tackett Lui sa, 162 Talbot James Allen. 143 Tally Dixie. 157 Ed, 155 Edward. 157 May Ellen. 156 Sallie Fawcett. 153 Taylor Andrew Jackson, 163 Oa... id C 165 Jessie Lincoln, 163 Terry, 163 Will ie, 147 Teaff Nancy, 164 Nancy (Magness), 164 Nimrod, 164 Vernon Loyd, 164 Tedford Apple B., 156 Finis 1.1., 156 WilliamW.,156 Thomas Jean Howell, 159 Mi llard, 161 Robt. B., 142 Suzanne Nelson, 162 Th~son Elizabeth,161 Joseph, 163 Marvin James, Jr., 158 Thornsbury Louis, 160 Thornton Nettie, 160 Thoroughmorton James F 147 Thurman Myrle, 163 Tlbbetts Mary Brumley, 167 Tilley Wanda, 170 Toler Robert, 160 Tribble Al fred, 159 Frankl in Coffee, 159 James Montgomery, 159 Jeannine, 159 Rebecca, 159 Trirrt>le Luanna, 168 Trout E... elyn, 147 Tunks Enma pearl, 154 William E., 154 Turner Opal, 142 Utley Barbara M., 154 John V 154 Valentine Delbert, 157 Margie, 157 Robert E., 157 Vander Hor... en Mildred Pearson, 143 Vann Ben, 147 Bill, 147 Fannie Dorsey, 147 Miss Fannie, 147 Ruby Florence. 147 Van... leet Charles N., 154 Eunice Lorene. 154 Vaught I saac James, 168 Vermillion Joe M., 156 lrliiettie, 156 Vickery/Vickrey [A] lonzo, 162 Vines John Wayne, 158 Lexie M., 158 ~illiamf.,158 Vinski Betty Helms, 162 ~adell Robert H., 151 Walker Harold Loyd, 155 Minnie B., 155 Rudolph D., 155 Wallace Myrtie C., 142 Waller Bill Jack, 151 Walton Kathleen (Narey), 143 Warbington Jacob B 165 Virginia, 165 William, 165 Ward Margaret Lindsey, 166 Warren Booker, 170 C., 160 John Cyrus, 170 Manan, 170 Smith, 170 Timothy, 170 William Henry Harrison, 170 Watson Charles, 166 E... er, 151 James H., 166 Leanah, 166 Richard. 166 ~ebb Camben C., 152 Mary H., 152 Weeks Christine Collard, 150 John D., 150 Wells Bertha C., 142 Carol, 171 Elizabeth,167 John, 167 Mary, 167 West Claud, 155 Mamie Sipes, 155 Otha F., 155 loiheeler James, 166 Sarah Leona, 166 Wheeless A. J., 162 Wheeless/Whealess Hardee, 162 Mary Cornelia, 162 Whi llock Margaret. 159 Whisenant Barbara, 168 Wh i tauer Angel ina, 167 Wh i tcorrb Mabe 1 L., 142 Whiteside William R., 162 Whitfield Hanible, 161 John H., 161 Wigger Er... inetta G., 164 Wigley Andrew J., 166 Henry A., 166 Hiram 1., 166 Mary E., 166 Richard R., 166 Wi lcox Mattie A., 142 Williams Albert Barm, 147 Beulah Etta, 147 Cal... in Ray, 147 Edwin Mitton, 158 Elizabeth Jane, 158 Elsie Mae, 147 Har... ey Winston, 147 James Har... ey, 147 Jeanne M 165 Lela Ruth, 147 Lydia Katharin, 147 Margarett, 156 Mary Ann, 147 Minnie Lee, 156 Orner Eugene, 147 Re... Aaron, 158 Robert Lee, 147 Roy Henry, 147 Samuel Houston, 147 Sharon Kay, 156 Stella Mae, 147 William 1.,147 Will is Dorothy Wi lcox, 163 Wi Lson Cecil Carl, 155 Fred, 151 George H., 159 Mary Lafferty, 162 Maysel V. Jackson, 151 Zada B., 151 Lewitt M., 151 Ruth, 165 Winchester Margaret L., 168 Winfrey Gideon, 159 Winter E. pauline, 156 Marion I., 156 Wisner John C., 160 Worrble Elizabeth?, 161 Josiah, 161 Sam Tyson, 161 Woodal Glady., 157 WOodiel Ruby, 156 Woodiell John, 156 Woods Dorothy L Nancy (Knight), 168 William E., 'TheArkansas Family Historian Page 183

48 Worley Robert W., 144 Wright Belle e., 155 William L., 155 \lye" Wesley, 147 Yates Carolyn, 143 Yielding Jesse ~atker, 150 Johnnie W., 150 Semi on David, 150 virginia A.F., 150 Young E. R. IIBill'l, 151 Kenneth H" Sr., 158 Nettie l., 153 Odell Harris, 153 Robert A., '53 ZenaNail,158 Yow Hester I 161 As W"Y AS 1et>9, 1'." tron MD""T"'~ "'j' r L AAI\..Il.OAO 1U.N.,SP.C.IJo..L- ' i ~ *FIWI'T "ltan~s" FROM ST. "CUI S TO AI'O<AIlSAI 11> Aao"''''ODAT~.,..~ M"UA" S1"AAW8~~~Y AARV~IT, i' J l'ap~p. ~ BliiGAM6 60.sGA~G6 DURINe:. Tt'lI:' CIYIl- WAR 1t-1A, 60M~ ARKANSAS PUBLIC RGCOROS W,,"R~ USGD IN MAKINe:. CONFE.De:RAT~ AMMtJNr"fION! Page 184, Volume 30. Number 4 - December 19n~

49 GATEWAY TO THE PAST -...'~r A Cofl/erence For The Nation's Genealogists St. Louis, Missouri 5 7 August 1993 Dear fellow genealogists, Many of you joined us in Phoenix this past August and enjoyed our very successful confer ence there. We enjoyed meeting many of you and sharing in the camaraderie created when so many genealogists gather in the same place at the same time. The 14th annual Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference, to be co-hosted by the Missouri State Genealogical Association, will be held in St. Louis, 5-7 August A pre-conference workshop dealing with society issues will be held on 4 August The conference will prove to be another marvelous opportunity for you to advance your genealogical knowledge, and have a great deal of fun in the process. A national-level genealogical conference is an exhilarating experience! If you haven't yet attended one, here is your chance. Come and join us as we enhance our skills, further our knowledge of resources, advance our understanding of methodology, and last but certainly not least, share our obsession in chasing illusive ancestors with others who are equally obsessed. Once again this conference will feature sessions for every skill level (beginner through professional) on virtually every aspect of genealogy including ethnic and foreign research, regional/state research, computers, society management, methodology, resources and more. The exhibit hall will be packed with vendors displaying the latest in books, forms, computer software and various genealogical services. Would you like to know more about the conference? Would you like to see a complete listing of the sessions? The complete information and registration packets will be mailed early in 1993 to those who have requested them. To get your name on the list simply return the request slip below to the FGS office. We'll see that you' get your registration packet just as soon as it's off the press. Plan now to meet us in st. Louis! Sincerely, The Board of Directors Federation of Genealogical Societies Permission is granted for the duplication of this page for any purpose. N Gateway to the Past Federatlon of Genealogical Societies Post Office Box 3385 Salt Lake City, UT Name Address City State Zip

50 1993 National Genealogical Society Conference in the States NGS will celebrate its 90th birthday in 1993, and the big party will be the Conference in the States in Baltimore ~ The program will focus on the history, records, repositories, and ethnic and religious groups of the Chesapeake region (Maryland, Virginia, and adjoining states), but there will be something for everyone-methodology, problem solving, land records, organization of materials, use of computers and related technologies, and much more. Research opportunities will abound-in Baltimore, the Maryland Historical Society, Peabody Library, Enoch Baltimore, Maryland 2-5 June 1993 NGS: A Chesapeake Homecoming Join us in Baltimore in 1993 for a real Chesapeake Homecoming! Pratt Free Library, Baltimore City Archives, and Baltimore City Courthouse; in nearby Annapolis, the Maryland State Archives and State Law Library; and a little farther away in Washington, D_C, the National Archives, Library of Congress, DAR Library, and NGS Library 'i Baltimore's diverse attractions include the Inner Harbor (with water taxis, cruises, the National Aquarium, the Maryland Science Center, and the U.s. Frigate Constellation), Fort McHenry, a variety of museums and art galleries, R L_ Mencken's home and Edgar Allan Poe's grave, distincti ve neighborhoods and ethnic restaurants, and, of course, seafood! ::;0:-- Please send me the conference program and registration brochure when it becomes available in January :J NGS Member -:---:-: Address :J Nonmember State Zip o Send membership informalion 1993 NGS Conference in the States ~52717th Street, North Arlington, VA 22Z{}7-2399

51 . ~. "' "! "!

Hix Family Cemetery - Hix, Georgia

Hix Family Cemetery - Hix, Georgia Hix Family Cemetery - Hix, Georgia Location: 583 Neese-Commerce Rd. Commerce, GA 30530-4520 Buried in this cemetery are members of a family prominent in the early history of Madison County. Descendants

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Photos of Mitchell reunion circa 1923

Photos of Mitchell reunion circa 1923 Photos of Mitchell reunion circa 1923 Comments by Gerry Lynn Hamilton, Version 3-3-09 In 2008, Luella Mae (Mitchell) Hamilton said these photos may have been taken at the Daniel T. Yentzer farm. Daniel

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Bluff Springs Baptist Church Cemetery

Bluff Springs Baptist Church Cemetery This partial survey was shared by the Henry County ALGenWeb. Name Birth Date Death Date Notes / Source NOWELL, Clarence F. Dec 13 1893 May 07 Son of Jefferson S. and Ada BELCHER NOWELL. [Source: Don 1898

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Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery Inquire and please, ask permission to enter private property. Quadrant Map: Billingsville General Location: East northeast of Pilot Grove Congressional Township: Township

More information

Descendants of Jonathan Finnell

Descendants of Jonathan Finnell Generation 1 1. JONATHAN 1 FINNELL 1 was born about 1699 in Old Rappahannock, VA 1. He died in 1755 1. He married MARY PHILLIPS. She was born about 1703 1. Jonathan Finnell and Mary Phillips had the following

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Copyright, Patricia A. West, All rights reserved. Page 1 of 5

Copyright, Patricia A. West, All rights reserved. Page 1 of 5 Copyright, Patricia A. West, 2003. All rights reserved. Page 1 of 5 Permission to copy, quote, distribute this document, and add it to a personal genealogy database is given to individual family history

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Descendants of Christopher Threlkeld

Descendants of Christopher Threlkeld Generation. CHRISTOPHER THRELKELD was born in 675 in Cumberland, England 2. He died on Feb 0, 70 in Northumberland, Virginia 2. He married Mary??? about 695. She was born in 677 in Northumberland, Virginia

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3 Surviving are two daughters, Helen West of the home and Mrs. Erskine Franklin of Pauline Route 1; four sons, Madison West and Manning West, both of

3 Surviving are two daughters, Helen West of the home and Mrs. Erskine Franklin of Pauline Route 1; four sons, Madison West and Manning West, both of 1 Family Group Sheet Husband: Moses West "Uncle Mose" Lancaster Born: 16 Jun 1850 in Union Dist., SC 1 Died: 23 Mar 1941 in home of son, Route 1, Pauline, SC, Spartanburg Co., SC Buried: 24 Mar 1941 in

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Head Family Genealogy Notes

Head Family Genealogy Notes Head Family Genealogy Notes Arkansas Mark B. Arslan 407 Highlands Lake Drive Cary, NC 27518-9167 Head Genealogy Web Site: 22 September 2015 AR, State

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William Gale. Pioneer of compiled by Stephenie Flora

William Gale. Pioneer of compiled by Stephenie Flora William Gale Pioneer of 1853 compiled by Stephenie Flora William Gale b. 27 Jun 1803 Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky 27 Jul 1881 Jacksonville, Jackson County, Oregon buried Phoenix

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BURGESS CEMETERY Tishomingo County, Mississippi

BURGESS CEMETERY Tishomingo County, Mississippi Courtesy of the Tishomingo County Historical & Genealogical Society Original files are housed in the John Marshall Stone Research Library Tishomingo County Archives & History Museum 203 East Quitman Street

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Shaver Family Genealogy

Shaver Family Genealogy Shaver Family Genealogy Descendants of Michael Shaver [#7] & Elizabeth Mock Generations 1-4 Mark B. Arslan 407 Highlands Lake Drive Cary, NC 27518-9167 Shaver Genealogy Web Site:

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Descendants of Ralph Harden From file of Pat Hardin, Mount Holly, NC July 2009

Descendants of Ralph Harden From file of Pat Hardin, Mount Holly, NC July 2009 Descendants of Ralph Harden From file of Pat Hardin, Mount Holly, NC July 2009 Generation No. 1 1. RALPH 1 HARDEN was born Abt. 1780, and died Abt. 1834 in Abbeville District, SC. He married ISABELLA G.

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36. Juanita Crook. Tails Creek Baptist Church Gilmer County, Georgia Cemetery Inventory Born Dec Mar. 19, Name '1. Florence W.

36. Juanita Crook. Tails Creek Baptist Church Gilmer County, Georgia Cemetery Inventory Born Dec Mar. 19, Name '1. Florence W. Name '1. Florence W. Hyatt \ 2. John L. Hyatt Howard Buren Hyatt na M. Quarles Seth L. Hyatt Hyatt Mattie Lee Quarles Hyatt James Harold Hyatt Ralph Ethel W. Joseph B. Crook Dora Debord E. P. Wells Martha

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Shaver Family Genealogy

Shaver Family Genealogy Shaver Family Genealogy Descendants of Easter Shaver [#A] & John Murray Generations 1-4 Mark B. Arslan 407 Highlands Lake Drive Cary, NC 27518-9167 Shaver Genealogy Web Site:

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ARKANSAS GRAVE TONES.ORG ARKANSAS GRAVE TONES.ORG WHTHOMAS Prairie Grove (Prairie Grove) Cemetery Washington County, Arkansas November 5, 1823 - March 31, 1908 *Obituary The Springdale News Friday, April 10, 1908 THOMAS, W.H.

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Descendants of Larry Faul

Descendants of Larry Faul Descendants of Larry Faul Generation No. 1 1. Larry 1 Faul 1 was born Dec 1850 in Pennsylvania 2,3, and died Unknown. He married Mary A. 4 ca. 1886 5. She was born Nov 1866 in Germany 6, and died Unknown.

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Boggs Cemetery. Clay, Arkansas. Photo by Leroy Blair. This Cemetery is also known as: None known. GPS Location:

Boggs Cemetery. Clay, Arkansas. Photo by Leroy Blair. This Cemetery is also known as: None known. GPS Location: Boggs Cemetery Clay, Arkansas Photo by Leroy Blair This Cemetery is also known as: None known. GPS Location: 611593-3914937 Arkansas Archeological Survey site #: 3WH0731 Number of Marked Graves: About

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a_2-2-_c_-_2_1_2 ~ Oct. 12, 1894 May 28, 1899

a_2-2-_c_-_2_1_2 ~ Oct. 12, 1894 May 28, 1899 .... ' "Namo of C9metery EtHlp Branch Church Cemetery Number Location ------------------------ a_2-2-_c_-_2_1_2 ~-------------------- 1860-1869 Edward Sampson March 9, 1835 July 10, 1867 1870-1879 Henry

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The New England Putnams Ohio to Tennessee to Mississippi

The New England Putnams Ohio to Tennessee to Mississippi UPDATED AUGUST 18, 2011 The New England Putnams Ohio to Tennessee to Mississippi In almost every southern state, there pops up a bunch of Putmans and Putnams that just don't seem to fit in with ours. In

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Shaver Family Genealogy Notes

Shaver Family Genealogy Notes Shaver Family Genealogy Notes Kentucky Mark B. Arslan 407 Highlands Lake Drive Cary, NC 27518-9167 Shaver Genealogy Web Site: 11 September 2011

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Shepherd Cemetery, Athens Township, Gentry Co. MO

Shepherd Cemetery, Athens Township, Gentry Co. MO ?? SHP00019??? SHP00030??? SHP00054??? SHP00055??? SHP00061 name plate missing??? SHP00067 name plate missing?? SHP00091 name plate missing?? SHP00096 name plate missing??? SHP00098 name plate missing??

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Descendants of James Denney

Descendants of James Denney Descendants of James Denney Generation No. 1 1. JAMES 2 DENNEY (ISERIAH 1 ) was born Abt. 1745 in between 1745 and 1750, Albermarle, VA, and died October 08, 1821 in Wayne Co., KY. He married ESTHER SMALL

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POTTER CEMETERY (224) submitted by Earl France on 06/22/2009

POTTER CEMETERY (224) submitted by Earl France on 06/22/2009 POTTER CEMETERY (224) submitted by Earl France on 06/22/2009 The Cemetery is located on the property of Chloe Adcock Magness near the Seven Springs Community close to the DeKalb/Warren County line. Copied

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Descendants of John Beasley

Descendants of John Beasley Descendants of John Beasley Generation No. 1 1. JOHN 1 BEASLEY 1 was born Abt. 1708 in Surry Co, VA. He married UNKNOWN WIFE Abt. 1729. Child of JOHN BEASLEY and UNKNOWN WIFE is: 2. i. HENRY 2 BEASLEY,

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THE DUNN FAMILY FROM VIRGINIA TO TENNESSEE (Submitted by: Ann Bradford Ramsey, 308 Rickman-Monterey Hwy., Rickman, TN 38580)

THE DUNN FAMILY FROM VIRGINIA TO TENNESSEE (Submitted by: Ann Bradford Ramsey, 308 Rickman-Monterey Hwy., Rickman, TN 38580) THE DUNN FAMILY FROM VIRGINIA TO TENNESSEE (Submitted by: Ann Bradford Ramsey, 308 Rickman-Monterey Hwy., Rickman, TN 38580) The earliest Dunn that I know about is John Allen Dunn, born in 1802 in Virginia.

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Descendants of Squire James Ewing ( )

Descendants of Squire James Ewing ( ) 1 Descendants of Squire James Ewing (1732-1825) James Ewing, b. 21 Jun 1732 in MD, d. 20 Feb 1825 in PA +Mary McKown, b. between 1739 and 1740 in MD, m. 28 Jan 1771 in MD, d. 30 Nov 1825 in PA -- William

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THE FAMILY OF JOHN CALVIN AND LUCRETIA McCOMBS THOMPSON By Clarence Crocker THE FAMILY OF JOHN CALVIN AND LUCRETIA McCOMBS THOMPSON By Clarence Crocker Lucretia McCombs, the daughter of William and Arena (Irene) McCombs, married James Allen from Cleveland County, North Carolina,

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BULLION CEMETERY ADAIR COUNTY, MISSOURI BULLION CEMETERY ADAIR COUNTY, MISSOURI may be reached by taking Highway 6 east from Kirksville about 5 miles where you turn north on a gravel road and go about 1/2 mile. The church and cemetery are on

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Descendants of Sarah Shurett

Descendants of Sarah Shurett Descendants of Sarah Shurett Generation No. 1 1. SARAH 1 was born Abt. 1775. She married UNKNOWN SHURETT. He was born Abt. 1775. Children of SARAH SHURETT and UNKNOWN SHURETT are: 2. i. JOHN 2 SHURETT,

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Descendants of John Monroe Webber

Descendants of John Monroe Webber Descendants of John Monroe Webber B. Presley Table of Contents Descendants of John Monroe Webber Name Index 1 10 Produced by Legacy Elizabeth M. SAUERMAN [11887] was born on 18 Oct 1793 in (or Oct 1, 1793)

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Brown Family History

Brown Family History Brown Family History Hugh Carr Brown (1814-1902), his wife Matilda Innman Brown (1814-1860) and five children settled in Marshall County around 1846. They came from Nashville, Tennessee. Hugh was the son

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WARREN HILL CEMETERY WARREN HILL ROAD, ROUTE 151 PALMYRA, MAINE By: Ann L & Nathaniel C. Foss Jr WARREN HILL CEMETERY WARREN HILL ROAD, ROUTE 151 PALMYRA, MAINE By: Ann L & Nathaniel C. Foss Jr From the Village Cemetery continue on Route 151, Warren Hill Road, for 6/10 th of a mile. At this point

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There is no positive proof to date that Nathan was Edward's Father.

There is no positive proof to date that Nathan was Edward's Father. Stories about the Jackson and related Families from the website of Jackson and Associated Families Genealogy Worldconnect Rootsweb: James Jackson: # ID: I0447 # Name: Nathan Jackson 1 2

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George Two-Gun Massey

George Two-Gun Massey George Two-Gun Massey By Gracie Stover Golden George Massey was born February 8, 1920, at Marfork, Raleigh County, West Virginia. George was the son of Abraham Lincoln (Aubry) Massey and Della Sparks.

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Dana Cemetery Hanover Center, Grafton Co., NH transcribed by Frances L Hanchett

Dana Cemetery Hanover Center, Grafton Co., NH transcribed by Frances L Hanchett Dana Cemetery Hanover Center, Grafton Co., NH transcribed by Frances L Hanchett Arven, Albert G. 1827-1901 Arven, Malana Shepard his wife 1832-1916 Noonan, Helena Arvin 1857-1918 Benton, In memory of Mary,

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Vol. 38 No. 2 Spring 2018 Williamson County Genealogical Society P.O. Box 585 Round Rock, Texas

Vol. 38 No. 2 Spring 2018 Williamson County Genealogical Society P.O. Box 585 Round Rock, Texas The Chisholm Trail Vol. 38 No. 2 Spring 2018 Williamson County Genealogical Society P.O. Box 585 Round Rock, Texas 78680-0585 A Family s Jesse James Connection By Barbara Reece Phillips The sister of my

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Pioneer of compiled by Stephenie Flora

Pioneer of compiled by Stephenie Flora Joseph S. Caples Pioneer of 1844 compiled by Stephenie Flora Joseph S. Caples b. 23 Jun 1803 Baltimore, MD 10 Nov 1881 Union, Columbia Co, OR s/o William Caples and Elizabeth Green m.

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Ancestors of Alpha Omega Smith

Ancestors of Alpha Omega Smith Ancestors of Alpha Omega Smith 1. Generation 1 Alpha Omega Smith, daughter of Hiram Judson Smith and Rutha Ann Elizabeth Satterwhite, was born on 17 Nov 1883 in Marietta, Cass Co, TX. She died on 12 Jul

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Descendant Report for JOHN EDERICHE (Gen 1-13)

Descendant Report for JOHN EDERICHE (Gen 1-13) Descendant Report for JOHN EDERICHE (Gen 1-13) 1 JOHN EDERICHE b: 1478 in Tottenham, Middlesex, England, d: 1555 in Tottenham, Middlesex, England + Ann Etheriche b: 15 Jun 1500 in Tottenham, Middlesex,

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GLEANINGS FROM 1910 GLENDALE AREA CENSUS GLEANINGS FROM 1910 GLENDALE AREA CENSUS The Glendale 1910 census was taken in April 1910 by William Y. Dillard Jr. and included much more than the Glendale village alone. Glendale was listed in the Spartanburg

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Jensen, Niels & Kirsten Marie Mary Sorensen Westegaard (parents of members) Herbert Darrington & Anne Mine Jensen William Driver & Mary Jensen

Jensen, Niels & Kirsten Marie Mary Sorensen Westegaard (parents of members) Herbert Darrington & Anne Mine Jensen William Driver & Mary Jensen Niels Jensen and Kirsten Marie Sorensen Westegaard Family (parents of members) (Five-page sketch excerpted from St. Paul s Boomer-Neola Early Families by Robert A. Christiansen. Reviewed by. Revised by

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Round Grove Cemetery Last Name Given Names Date of Birth Date of Death Inscriptions

Round Grove Cemetery Last Name Given Names Date of Birth Date of Death Inscriptions Andrews Dolores J. May 28 1931 nd Andrews Kensie Darleen May 27 1986 Jun 12 2002 In Loving Memory. Back: Daughter of Micki & Ivan, Sister of Casey Andrews Paul D., Jr. May 20 1930 Feb 15 1997 [Married]

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Boonsboro Mausoleum Entombment Records - 3/15/2012

Boonsboro Mausoleum Entombment Records - 3/15/2012 Boonsboro Mausoleum Entombment Records - 3/15/2012 ID # Name Cript Death Entombment Birth Notes/Inscriptions Martz, John G 1 00-00-1863 00-00-1870 Martz, Florence E 2 00-00-1938 00-00-1870 His wife Martz,

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L to R: Harriet Douglas Nichols, taught class at Denny s Seminary, Silver Pt., TN & her sister, Vivian (Nichols) Cunningham.

L to R: Harriet Douglas Nichols, taught class at Denny s Seminary, Silver Pt., TN & her sister, Vivian (Nichols) Cunningham. * See Elizabeth Betsy Ann (Jared) & David Henry Douglas Nichols Story L to R: Harriet Douglas Nichols, taught class at Denny s Seminary, Silver Pt., TN & her sister, Vivian (Nichols) Cunningham. DENNY

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South Cemetery Index A - C

South Cemetery Index A - C South Cemetery Index A - C Last Name First, Middle Parents/Spouse Birth Date Death Date Map Location C38 C122 C123 C124 Eliza C121??? Mar. 18?8?EDE A B139 1st B203 C140 Blaney Esq. Jul. 17, 1855 B97 Darcas

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BIRTH NAME FATHER MOTHER BIRTHDATE FILE NO. RACE BIRTH NAME FATHER MOTHER BIRTHDATE FILE NO. RACE Caro Jeff Caro Lucindia Ramsey 8/22/1888 568 B Caro Jeff Caro Carrie Hunter 10/20/1907 1436 B Carothers C. C. Carothers Johnie 3/4/1911 306 W Carothers

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PEARSON CEMETERY (A NON-ACTIVE CEMETERY) PEARSON CEMETERY (A NON-ACTIVE CEMETERY) PEARSON CEMETERY which is also known as old Concord and Friends Cemetery is located just north of State Route 571 on the East Side of Peters Pike in Monroe Township,

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Boggs Chapel Cemetery. Boggs Chapel Methodist Church Tishomingo, Tishomingo County, Mississippi

Boggs Chapel Cemetery. Boggs Chapel Methodist Church Tishomingo, Tishomingo County, Mississippi Boggs Chapel Cemetery Boggs Chapel Methodist Church Tishomingo, Tishomingo County, Mississippi ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This burial information was transcribed from TCHGS book entitled Tishomingo County Mississippi

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The Children of William Faulkner Wilson

The Children of William Faulkner Wilson The Children of William Faulkner Wilson Henry Oscar Wilson (1843-1907) William F. Wilson's first child and eldest son, Henry Oscar Wilson (known to the younger generation as "Uncle Oscar"), was, according

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Genealogy of the Hand Family

Genealogy of the Hand Family Genealogy of the Hand Family Nathan Hand (M) b. 13 November 1781, d. 18 September 1845 Nathan Hand was born on 13 November 1781 in Morris, NJ. He married Margaret Crandelmire on 15 July 1803 in Wantage,

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Some Descendants of Samuel Benton Pickering

Some Descendants of Samuel Benton Pickering Generation 1 1. SAMUEL BENTON PICKERING-1. He was born Mar 1820 in Tennessee, USA. He died Aft. 1900 in Missouri, USA. Notes for : General Notes: CENSUS: 1880: Brookline, Greene, Missouri (Was living next

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CHAPTER 5 GENEALOGY OF THE FAMILY OF JOSEPHINE PORTER TAYLOR CHAPTER 5 GENEALOGY OF THE FAMILY OF JOSEPHINE PORTER TAYLOR Introduction - Origins of the Porter Family This genealogy outlines the ancestry of Josephine Porter, wife of Charles P. Taylor of Ottawa, Illinois

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Mt Moriah Cemetery Or A. M. E. Church Cemetery Quadrant Map: Clifton City General Location: East northeast of Clifton City Congressional Township: Township 46-N; Range 19-W Section: Northeast quarter of

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The Merchant Family 1

The Merchant Family 1 The Merchant Family 1 Roadmap Note: The information on the Merchant Family was compiled by Angela (Maxted) Dix (England); by David Williams (Massachusetts); and Dennis Boyd, husband of Roslynn Merchant

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Descendants of Doctor Franklin "Doc" POWELL

Descendants of Doctor Franklin Doc POWELL DOCTOR FRANKLIN POWELL descendants FIRST GENERATION 1. Doctor Franklin "Doc" POWELL 1 (son of William Powell and Mary Jackson) was born on 22 May 1827 in Kentucky. 2,3,4 He was a farmer in 1850 in Fabius

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Persons or organizations desiring to use this material for purposes other than stated above must obtain the written consent of the file contributor.

Persons or organizations desiring to use this material for purposes other than stated above must obtain the written consent of the file contributor. BURRUS CEMETERY, Benoit, Bolivar County, Mississippi USGENWEB NOTICE: In keeping with our policy of providing Free information on the Internet, data may be used by non-commercial entities, as long as this

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The Stewart Cemetery Of Tuscarora, NC

The Stewart Cemetery Of Tuscarora, NC Of Surveyed in 2003 R. Allen Humphrey Page 1 of. A photographic survey of the grave markers existing in 2005. Located in the 9 th Township of Craven County, NC near the community of Tuscarora. 25 pages

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Descendants of C. Karl Muench

Descendants of C. Karl Muench 1 C. Karl Muench b: 04 September 1833 Died: 26 August 1890. +Pauline Downka b: 14 March 1838 m: Bef. 1864 Died: 15 April 1900.. 2 [2] Delford Charles Muench b: 22 August 1864 Died: 28 February 1947...

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Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation

Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation BAKER Sarah 03/03/1850 6/10/1903 BALCH Elizabeth ROGERS 1826 1893 Spouse of John BALCH Born in TN; TX Independence Vet.: stormed Bexar in 1835, at Battle of San

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Pittsylvania County, Virginia. SHELTON Marriages

Pittsylvania County, Virginia. SHELTON Marriages SHELTON Marriages 1 1769-1875 DATE GROOM BRIDE GROOM'S FATHER 1769 1774 February 7 1774 1 1775 April 1 May 16 May 30 July 21 19 1792 June 18 1792 17 1792 17 1794 March 17 1794 June 29 1795 October 16 1796

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Slaves Received in 1785 from James Madison, Sr. (In Bold) and Their Families

Slaves Received in 1785 from James Madison, Sr. (In Bold) and Their Families Slaves Received in 1785 from James Madison, Sr. (In Bold) and Their Families Sally Jemmy Jerry Dec. 10, 1763 Feb. 2, 1765 July 27, 1762 Sold Eliza (Lysa) Feb. 17, 1750 Joanna Diana Demas Pendar Billy Webster

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08/16/2011) NAME BORN DIED INFORMATION RELATION(S) SOURCE P Berger, A. Berger Family Lineage Information Chart for the Auburn, Pennsylvania area (Updated 08/16/2011) NAME BORN DIED INFORMATION RELATION(S) SOURCE P Owned three 1875 adjacent buildings Atlas in the

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Outline Descendant Report for Jacob Presnal

Outline Descendant Report for Jacob Presnal Outline Descendant Report for Jacob Presnal 1 Jacob Presnal b: 1684, d: 04 Mar 1716 in King and Queen, Virginia,... + Mary Hedgecock b: Bet. 1680 1686, m: Abt. 1700, d: 03 Sep 1717 in King and Queen, Virginia,...2

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Newsletter January Locust Street McMinnville, Tennessee

Newsletter January Locust Street McMinnville, Tennessee WARREN COUNTY GENEALOGICAL ASSOCIATION Newsletter January 2018 201 Locust Street McMinnville, Tennessee Join Us For Our Next Meeting Saturday, January 20, 2018 2:00 p.m. It s 2018 OFFICERS President: Cheryl

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Descendants to Ane Kirstine Olsen and Anders Sorensen Part 2.1. Part 2. Ole & his descendants. Arne Sorensen 01 January 2010

Descendants to Ane Kirstine Olsen and Anders Sorensen Part 2.1. Part 2. Ole & his descendants. Arne Sorensen 01 January 2010 Part 2 Ole & his descendants 31 32 Ole Sorenson, born 4 Jan 1888, in Lake Crystal, Blue Earth Co, MN, to farmer Anders Sorensen (1856-1945) and wife Ane Kirstine Olsen (1862-1946). Married 22 Nov 1911,

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JON DAVID CLAY LOFTIS JON DAVID CLAY LOFTIS Lineage of Jon David Loftis.. William Loftis, the 4 th child of Laban Loftis (1760 1850) & Elizabeth Holcombe (1769 1859). He was born 7 May 1801, SC d. 16 February 1875, Jackson

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Medina County Compiled by Charlotte Stewart; formatted by Nancy Mehaffie HISTORY

Medina County Compiled by Charlotte Stewart; formatted by Nancy Mehaffie HISTORY Medina County Compiled by Charlotte Stewart; formatted by Nancy Mehaffie HISTORY Medina Co.: Creaded 1812 Parent Co.: Portage On February 12, 1812, the Ohio government authorized the creation of Medina

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Chapter 19 of The Kenyons of Cattaraugus Co, NY John S. (Jr.) and Eliza (Sherman) Kinyon Richard L. Kenyon

Chapter 19 of The Kenyons of Cattaraugus Co, NY John S. (Jr.) and Eliza (Sherman) Kinyon Richard L. Kenyon Chapter 19 of The Kenyons of Cattaraugus Co, NY John S. (Jr.) and Eliza (Sherman) Kinyon Richard L. Kenyon This chapter is one of a series if 24 chapters, which cover the lives and descendants of the pioneer

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Winter Family. John 2 Winter (c1634-c1691) and Hannah (King) Winter (b. c1645)

Winter Family. John 2 Winter (c1634-c1691) and Hannah (King) Winter (b. c1645) John Winter John Winter John Winter Benjamin Winter Benjamin Winter Joseph Winter Betsy Winter Benjamin Robinson Anna Robinson Harland Stuart Dorothy Chandler Stuart Winter Family JOHN 1 WINTER (C1572-1662)

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Known Descendants of William B. Alford & Sarah Ann Snowden he b. about 1808 SC

Known Descendants of William B. Alford & Sarah Ann Snowden he b. about 1808 SC Known Descendants of William B. Alford & Sarah Ann Snowden he b. about 1808 SC This is the current (April 2008) version of a work in progress. It is known to be incomplete and is likely to contain error.

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2016 Volume Lynn Avenue Hamlin, WV 25523

2016 Volume Lynn Avenue Hamlin, WV 25523 Lincoln County Genealogical Society Lincoln Lineage 2016 Volume 2 7999 Lynn Avenue Hamlin, WV 25523 The Missing Adkins The Only Adkins Not Identified in the Adkins Family Books If you peruse the Land of

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The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) Fax (416)

The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) Fax (416) The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Fax (416) 591-7506 1 CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRNCH: HAMILTON BRANCH ADDRESS:

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The Mumma Graveyard Antietam National Battlefield Sharpsburg, Maryland

The Mumma Graveyard Antietam National Battlefield Sharpsburg, Maryland The Graveyard Antietam National Battlefield Sharpsburg, Maryland compiled by Douglas M. Revised July 2014 The following information about the Cemetery, located on the property of the Antietam National

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Descendants of James Boughey (1 of 20)

Descendants of James Boughey (1 of 20) Descendants of James (1 of 20) James b: Frances "Fannie" Lowndes b: d: 09 Feb 1907 Trenton, Mercer, NJ Children John Frederick b: 04 Nov 1860 d: 20 Jan 1925 Corona, Queens, Martha Mountford b: 19 Oct 1866

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Time Line for Sampson Davis By Margie Davis Roe

Time Line for Sampson Davis By Margie Davis Roe Time Line for Sampson Davis By Margie Davis Roe ( Time Age Place Comment 12 March 1755 0 Edgecombe Co., NC Born. Stated in his pension application taken 5 Sept 1834, p. 3 March

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The Sanford Family Bible. By Ellen Scott Brooking Sanford June 2008

The Sanford Family Bible. By Ellen Scott Brooking Sanford June 2008 The Sanford Family Bible By Ellen Scott Brooking Sanford June 2008 Since the death of my husband, Ben H. Sanford, in 1999 I have had the privilege of having the Sanford Family Bible in my care. I have

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Descendants of Duncan McVicker

Descendants of Duncan McVicker Generation 1 1. Duncan McVicker-1. He married Mrs. Duncan McVicker (nee?). She was born on Bet. 1740-1750 in Pennsylvania?. She died on Jul 1830 in Muskingum County, Ohio. Child of Duncan McVicker and

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C Long, Fannie Blair, Papers, folders

C Long, Fannie Blair, Papers, folders C Long, Fannie Blair, Papers, 1834-1944 2222 25 This collection is available at The State Historical Society of Missouri. If you would like more information, please contact us at

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First Generation. On Sept. 12th, 1850, she was married to Wm. G. Baugh, with whom she came to Iowa in 1868.

First Generation. On Sept. 12th, 1850, she was married to Wm. G. Baugh, with whom she came to Iowa in 1868. First Generation 1. William C. Baugh, son of William A. Baugh and Susan, was born on 20 Feb 1826 in Kentucky, 1 died on 20 Jan 1902 in Jasper Co., Iowa 2 at age 75, and was buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery-Mound

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CROY Andrew & OSWALT Susanna

CROY Andrew & OSWALT Susanna CROY Andrew Farmer and Miller Father : CROY Jacob (~ 1759-> 1805) Mother : HUSTON Mary (1761-1824) CROY Andrew & OSWALT Susanna November 2, 1780 - Londonderry Township, Bedford County, Pa December 20,

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Known Descendants of JULIUS CHARLES ALFORD

Known Descendants of JULIUS CHARLES ALFORD 1 Known Descendants of JULIUS CHARLES ALFORD This is not the typical AAFA genealogy. These descendants of Job Alford are from a file created by John A. Rogers, AAFA #0544 who is the AAFA authority on Job

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The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada

The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Fax (416) 591-7506 Email: 1 CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH:

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Lowell Tribune Index Obituaries 1920's 's -- A

Lowell Tribune Index Obituaries 1920's 's -- A Lowell Tribune Index Obituaries 1920's - 1940's -- A Name Newspaper Date Page Column AAGARD, RAY 1/20/1921 1 6 ABLEMAN, SAM 1/24/1935 4 3 ABRAHAM, JEROME JOSEPH 6/26/1941 7 4 ABROMAVIC, JOSEPH 9/11/1941

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Husband: Albert James RYMPH 1-3 Birth:

Husband: Albert James RYMPH 1-3 Birth: Husband: Albert James RYPH 1-3 1-3, 8-9 29 Nov 1851 in Clinton, Dutchess Co., NY arriage: 28 Sep 1881 in Harper, Harper Co., KS 1-3, 8 03 Jul 1926 in Harper Co., KS 1-3, 9 Burial: Harper, Harper Co., KS;

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Gleaves Influence in the Early Local Tennessee Churches Researched by Fran G. Nichols

Gleaves Influence in the Early Local Tennessee Churches Researched by Fran G. Nichols Influence in the Early Local Tennessee Churches Researched by Fran G. Nichols Rutland Baptist Church 1 References of the early influence of families in middle Tennessee are found at Rutland Baptist Church

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Barner Family Bible Records,

Barner Family Bible Records, Online Connections Family Records Barner Family Bible Records, 1783 1930 Natalie Burriss and Ethan Chitty A new name was entered in the Barner family Bible for a son born on January 11, 1810. Born in North

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Family Group Sheet. William STORER

Family Group Sheet. William STORER Family Group Sheet William STORER Subject: Birth: 1763 Monmouth County, New Jersey. Note: Thomas STORER (b. 1725, d. 1800); Monmouth County, New Jersey; Militia pay lists and rosters for various companies,

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Descendants of Thomas Halsey

Descendants of Thomas Halsey 1 Thomas Halsey b: 02 Jan 1591/92 in Great Gladsden, Hertfordshire, England d: 27 Aug 1678 in Southampton, LI, NY.. +Elizabeth Wheeler b: 1599 in Cransfield, Bedfordshire, England d: 1649 in Southampton,

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- b. d. Ancestry. Record /(~~.:r P,;--G- - ;c/i.f. 2- (t.,,c.~/ See. File No. (Over)

- b. d. Ancestry. Record /(~~.:r P,;--G- - ;c/i.f. 2- (t.,,c.~/ See. File No. (Over) - b. d. Ancestry Record /(~~.:r P,;--G- - ;c/i.f. 2- ~~ ~-~!~~ (t.,,c.~/ See File No. (Over) Elder James and Sarah Shepherd Vannoy James Vannoy (27 Jun 1792-19 Feb 1857) was born in Wilkes County, the

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The Andrew Swallows Family. Stray Leaves from Putnam County History by Mary Hopson, pgs. 200 & 201 Courtesy Paula Swallows Stover, Rickman, TN

The Andrew Swallows Family. Stray Leaves from Putnam County History by Mary Hopson, pgs. 200 & 201 Courtesy Paula Swallows Stover, Rickman, TN The Andrew Swallows Family Stray Leaves from Putnam County History by Mary Hopson, pgs. 200 & 201 Courtesy Paula Swallows Stover, Rickman, TN Andrew Swallow (the final s was later added) was born in Berks

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Jonathan Harned Rogers and Decendants of Thomas Elwood Rogers

Jonathan Harned Rogers and Decendants of Thomas Elwood Rogers and Decendants of Thomas Elwood Rogers by Joe Frannea & Patsy Hand Frannea August 31, 2008 Thanks to all the Rogers Decendants for their contributions to this booklet. Additional information including

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Descendants of William Holland

Descendants of William Holland Descendants of William Holland Generation No. 1 1. WILLIAM 1 HOLLAND was born Bet. 1780-1790 1, and died Bef. 23 Jul 1842 2,3,4. He married ELIZABETH UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1795 in Georgia 5, and died

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Shamberger Family Genealogy

Shamberger Family Genealogy Shamberger Family Genealogy Descendants of Nicholas Shamberger [#4] & Mary ----- Generations 1-4 Mark B. Arslan 407 Highlands Lake Drive Cary, NC 27518-9167 Shamberger Web Site:

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Descendants of James Bynum

Descendants of James Bynum Descendants of James Bynum By Paul V. Isbell-Sept.10,2011 Generation No. 1 1. JAMES 1 BYNUM was born in Virginia, and died 1849 in St.Francis Co., Ark.. He married REBECCA. She was born in Virginia, and

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C Smith, Henry Ackerman ( ), Papers, rolls of microfilm MICROFILM

C Smith, Henry Ackerman ( ), Papers, rolls of microfilm MICROFILM C Smith, Henry Ackerman (1837-1907), Papers, 1861-1907 431 2 rolls of microfilm MICROFILM This collection is available at The State Historical Society of Missouri. If you would like more information, please

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JOSEPH ABBOTT and FAMILY Son of Leonard Abbott of Halifax County, Virginia

JOSEPH ABBOTT and FAMILY Son of Leonard Abbott of Halifax County, Virginia 1 JOSEPH ABBOTT and FAMILY Son of Leonard Abbott of Halifax County, Virginia Research Report by Joan Horsley Based on research as of Sept 2013 2013 by J. Horsley Contact:

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Bledsoe Holder (abt ) composed May 2012 by Mary Urban Accepted as facts:

Bledsoe Holder (abt ) composed May 2012 by Mary Urban Accepted as facts: Bledsoe Holder (abt 1789-1861) composed May 2012 by Mary Urban ( Accepted as facts: 1. Bledsoe Holder old stone in the Grayson Co. TX Georgetown Cemetery gave his birth as 20 Dec 1783

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