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1 Denny Cemetery Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones First Burial c1875 Denny Cemetery is situated off the A803, Denny. 1

2 Whether monuments or gravestones are very grand and ornate or are the humblest of stones tucked away in some forgotten corner of a Churchyard, they represent part of our heritage and although etched in stone, their inscriptions are disappearing at an alarming rate. Whilst some may still be standing, others have either toppled or have been laid flat, all eventually suffering from the elements, becoming so weathered or eroded that their inscriptions have faded or at worst, dissapeared completely. The care and attention once given to tending that special place long gone shrubs and weeds taking over, obscuring or even hiding a once prominent site. In many old Churchyards, gravestones are removed or relocated to assist in the maintenance of the burial ground or because the land is up for re-development and can end up as nothing more than a path. Monumental Inscriptions or gravestones are far from being the permanent records our forefathers hoped would last forever so I hope my efforts over the past years in photographing and transcribing some of the old and not so old Churchyards, Cemeteries and Burial Grounds in Stirlingshire and a few surrounding areas may help to preserve this valuable information before much of it is lost forever. Photographs and complete Monumental Inscriptions available from For details on prices, how to order etc., see Page 174 From the inscription one can see the parents and their children, also that at least one, even if their only daughter, was married. Ages at death can assist in determining not only years of birth, but can indicate the time span over which children were born. On this particular stone, by using only the information on the inscription, the first child s birth (John) would have been in 1851, the last child (Samuel) in 1867, so this couple s family were born over at least a 15 year period. This information provides enough detail to make internet searches both faster and more economical particularly as the Marshall Family would appear on both the 1851 and 1861 Scottish Census Returns. This stone shows the common practice of repeated use of two particular forenames i.e. John and James. 2 Erected by William Marshall In memory of his children JOHN died in 1853 aged 2 years JOHN died in 1855 aged 2 years JAMES died 20 th August 1857 aged 2 years JAMES died 8 th July 1871 aged 21 months And his son SAMUEL MARSHALL Died 3 rd August 1888 aged 21 years And his son WILLIAM MARSHALL Died 19 th September 1898 aged 38 years Also his daughter MARION MARSHALL Wife of Alexander Rankin Died 25 th March 1901 aged 36 years The above WILLIAM MARSHALL Died 9 th June 1901 aged 74 years Also his wife JANET ROBERTSON Died 8 th December 1910 aged 84 years

3 Denny Cemetery Index Where possible and legible, Maiden Names and Married Names have been listed as separate entries, e.g. Smith, Jane (nee Jones) - Married Name being Smith, Maiden Name or nee, Jones Jones, Jane (Smith) - Maiden Name being Jones, Married Name, Smith Any name(s) appearing in bold italic letters refer to individuals found listed on stones in other locations and the inscriptions indicate that their Place of Burial was Denny Cemetery. (Details of these locations can be found at the end of the Index) Appearing throughout each Index are the letters (DN). This refers to a Newspaper Death Notice which indicates a person is interred in a specific location. If the text appearing in the Index is in bold italics, no matching stone has been found. 3 Died or Date of Age at Killed Name Death Death in War 1 ABERCROMBIE, Agnes (nee Miller) ABERCROMBIE, Charles ABERCROMBIE, Janet (Nee Stark) ADAM, Agnes (nee Thomson) ADAM, Alexander ADAM, Alexander ADAM, Alexander Laing ADAM, Andrew ADAM, Andrew ADAM, Andrew ADAM(S), Andrew Seath ADAM, Ann (nee Stewart) ADAM, Ann Ure ADAM, Anne Stewart (Binnie) ADAM, Annie (Patterson) ADAM, Annie (nee Simpson) ADAM, Annie (nee White) ADAM, Annie M. (nee Graham) ADAM, Bessie Rennie (nee Dunsmore) (DN) ADAM, Catherine (nee Aitken) ADAM, Christina Allan (nee Busby) ADAM, David ADAM, David ADAM, David ADAM, David ADAM, Elizabeth ADAM, Elizabeth ADAM, Elizabeth ADAM, Elizabeth Joyce ADAM, Elizabeth (Bennie) ADAM, Elizabeth (Bennie) ADAM, Elizabeth (Munn) ADAM, Elizabeth (Stevenson) ADAM, Elizabeth (nee Forrester) ADAM, Elizabeth (nee Muirhead)

4 36 ADAM, George ADAM, George ADAM, George ADAM, George ADAM, George ADAM, Hannah ADAM, Helen ADAM, Helen Jack (nee Dunn) ADAM, Isa ADAM, Isabella ADAM, Isabella Mary ADAM, Isabella (Bennie?) ADAM, Isabella (Hillhouse) ADAM, Isabella (nee Bennie) ADAM, Isabella (nee Laing) ADAM, James ADAM, James ADAM, James 54 ADAM, James ADAM, James ADAM, James ADAM, Jane ? 1 58 ADAM, Jane ADAM, Janet ADAM, Janet (Robertson) ADAM, Janet (nee Carruthers) ADAM, Janet (nee Miller) ADAM, Jean (Taylor) ADAM, Jessie Wason Ross (Corkill) ADAM, John ADAM, John ADAM, John ADAM, John ADAM, Maggie??.06.18?? ADAM, Margaret ADAM, Margaret Laing ADAM, Margaret (Carruthers) ADAM, Margaret (Park) ADAM, Marion (Stirling) ADAM, Marion (nee Fraser) ADAM, Mary ADAM, Mary ADAM(S), Mary (nee Johnston) ADAM, Mary? ???? 1 80 ADAM, Mary (Bennie?) ADAM, Mary (Miller) ADAM, Mary (nee Dobbie) ADAM, Mary (nee Marshall) ADAM, Mary (nee McGregor) ADAM, Mary Reid (nee Forbes) ADAM, Robert??.??.18?? 87 ADAM, Robert ADAM, Robert ADAM, Robert ADAM, Thomas ADAM, Thomas ADAM, Thomas ADAM, Thomas ADAM, Thomas

5 95 ADAM, William ADAM, William ADAM, William G.M ADAM,? ADAMS, Agnes (nee Lenathen) ADAMS, Agnes Neil (nee Stewart) ADAMS, Agnes (nee Wilson) ADAMS, Alexander ADAMS, Alexander *ADAMS, Alexander ADAMS, Andrew ADAMS, Elizabeth (nee Smith) ADAMS, Isabella (nee Miller) ADAMS, James ADAMS, James Munro ADAMS, Janet (nee Cordon) ADAMS, Mary ADAMS, Sandra ADAMS, Susan ADAMS, William ADAMS, William ADAMS, Williamina (nee Penman) AITCHISON, Isabella (Milligan) AITKEN, Agnes (McNicol) AITKEN, Alexander AITKEN, Catherine (Adam) AITKEN, George AITKEN, George AITKEN, George AITKEN, George AITKEN, Isabella AITKEN, Isabella McKenzie AITKEN, James AITKEN, Janet (Dyet) AITKEN, Janet (Thomson) AITKEN, Janet (nee Somervlle) AITKEN, Jean (Gillespie) AITKEN, John AITKEN, Margaret (Binnie) AITKEN, Margaret (nee Anderson) AITKEN, Mary (nee Frew) AITKEN, Robert AITKEN, William ALEXANDER, Catherine ALEXANDER, Catherine (Gardner) ALEXANDER, Charles Angus ALEXANDER, John B ALLAN, Agnes (Nisbet) ALLAN, Agnes (Nisbet) ALLAN, Alexander WW1 145 ALLAN, Andrew ALLAN, Andrew ALLAN, Andrew ALLAN, Annie (Thomson) ALLAN, Annie Watts (Fisher) ALLAN, Annie (nee Wright?) ALLAN, Christina m 2w 152 ALLAN, Christina (Fergus) ALLAN, Christina (nee Grant)

6 154 ALLAN, David Gemmell ALLAN, Elizabeth (nee Kirkwood) ALLAN?, Elspeth (Johnston) ALLAN, Euphemia (Mochrie) ALLAN? Helen (nee Marshall) ALLAN, Helen (Stewart) ALLAN, Isabella m 2w 161 ALLAN, Isabella Robertson (Richardson) ALLAN, James ALLAN, James ALLAN, Janet (Gray) ALLAN, Janet (nee Duncan?) ALLAN, Janet (nee Fisher) ALLAN, Jean Ann (nee Watson) ALLAN, Jeanie (nee Smith?) ALLAN, John ALLAN, John ALLAN, Lilias (Dunn) ALLAN, Malcolm WW2 173 ALLAN, Margaret ALLAN, Margaret (Rankine) ALLAN, Margaret G. (nee Blair) ALLAN, Mary (nee Smith) ALLAN, Mary (Kay) ALLAN, Mary (McLaren) ALLAN, Robert F ALLAN, William ALLAN, William ALLEN, Georgeanna Maria (Glenday) ALLEN, Elizabeth (nee Forsyth) ALLEN, John ALLISON, Catherine 186 ALLISON, Marion 187 ALTON, Betty Forrest ALTON, Janet (nee Lawrie) ALTON, Lawrence F ALTON, Lawrence F ALTON, Lllias (nee Murray) AMOS, Catherine (nee Graham) ANDERSON, Agnes ANDERSON, Alexander ANDERSON, Alexander ANDERSON, Alexander ANDERSON, Alexander Rankin ANDERSON, Andrew ANDERSON, Ann (Duguid) ANDERSON, Annie B. (nee Buchanan) ANDERSON, Annie (nee Buchanan) ANDERSON, Annie (nee Comrie) ANDERSON, Archibald ANDERSON, Bertha (France) ANDERSON, Catherine Marshall ANDERSON, Catherine (nee Finlay) ANDERSON, Catherine (nee Marshall) ANDERSON, Catherine (nee Webster) ANDERSON, Christina (nee Brown) ANDERSON, Christina (nee Graham) ANDERSON, Christina (nee Millar) ANDERSON, Corinne

7 213 ANDERSON, David ANDERSON, David (DN) ANDERSON, David WW1 216 ANDERSON, David ANDERSON, David ANDERSON, David ANDERSON, David WW2 220 ANDERSON, David ANDERSON, David 222 ANDERSON, David R ANDERSON, Edmund Hardie ANDERSON, Edmund Hardie ANDERSON, Eliza (nee Dunn) ANDERSON, Elizabeth ANDERSON, Elizabeth (Hibberd) ANDERSON, Elizabeth (Hill) ANDERSON, Elizabeth S. (Sharp) ANDERSON, Elizabeth (nee Goodwin) ANDERSON, Elizabeth (nee Harkins) ANDERSON, Elizabeth (nee Twaddle) ANDERSON, Elizabeth, (nee Walls) ANDERSON, Ellen (Miller) ANDERSON, Ethel Infancy 236 ANDERSON, Euphemia (Gillespie) ANDERSON, Euphemia (Shirra) ANDERSON?, Euphemia (Paterson?) ANDERSON, Euphemia (nee Graham) ANDERSON, Evelyn 241 ANDERSON, George ANDERSON, George ANDERSON, George ANDERSON?, George Infancy 245 ANDERSON, George A ANDERSON, George Campbell ANDERSON, Gilbert ANDERSON, Graham y 6m 249 ANDERSON, Graham (Drummond) ANDERSON, Hamilton ANDERSON, Helen ANDERSON, Helen Burness Lawrence ANDERSON, Helen Burness Lawrence (Simpson) ANDERSON, Helen (Fotheringham) ANDERSON, Helen (Paton) ANDERSON?, Helen (Pearson?) ANDERSON, Helen, (Smith) ANDERSON, Henry ANDERSON, Henry ANDERSON, Isabella 1y 6m 261 ANDERSON, Isabella (Dyche?) ANDERSON (Isa) Bella (nee Campbell) ANDERSON, Jane Sharp (Thomson) ANDERSON, Jane (Harkins) ANDERSON, Jane (Hendry) ANDERSON, Jane (nee Gillies) ANDERSON, Janet 268 ANDERSON, Janet ANDERSON, Janet Turnbull ANDERSON, Janet (Lockhart) ANDERSON, Janet (Manson)

8 272 ANDERSON, Janet (nee Hoggan) ANDERSON, Janet F. (nee Manclark) ANDERSON, James ANDERSON, James ANDERSON, James ANDERSON, James ANDERSON, James Marshall ANDERSON, Jean 280 ANDERSON, Jean ANDERSON, Jean Gillies ANDERSON, Jean (Robertson) ANDERSON, Jean (Scott) ANDERSON, Jeanie y 5m 285 ANDERSON, Jeanie Grahan (nee Hamilton) ANDERSON, Jeanie G.H ANDERSON, Jeanie Risk (nee Totten) ANDERSON, Jeanie Russell ANDERSON, Jeanie (Boyle) ANDERSON, Jessie (Dewar) ANDERSON, Jessie (nee Campbell) ANDERSON, Jessie (nee Hallay?) ANDERSON, Jessie (nee Millar) ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, John 302 ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, John Millar ANDERSON, June ANDERSON, Lillias R ANDERSON, Maggie Hardie ANDERSON, Margaret ANDERSON, Margaret 311 ANDERSON, Margaret Mary ANDERSON, Margaret (Bingham) ANDERSON, Margaret (McPherson) ANDERSON, Margaret (Provan) ANDERSON, Margaret G. (Aitken) ANDERSON, Margaret McInnes (nee Ramsay) ANDERSON, Margaret (nee Fleming) ANDERSON, Margaret (nee Fraser) ANDERSON, Margaret (nee Hunter) ANDERSON, Margaret (nee Johnston) ANDERSON, Margaret (nee Muirhead) ANDERSON, Margaret (nee Newlands) ANDERSON, Margaret (nee Quigley) ANDERSON, Margaret (nee Taylor) ANDERSON?, Maria (nee Somerville) ANDERSON, Marion (Lucas) ANDERSON, Marion (Ross) ANDERSON, Mary ANDERSON, Mary ANDERSON, Mary Somerville (Wright)

9 331 ANDERSON, Mary (Cooper) ANDERSON, Mary (Dunn?) ANDERSON, Mary (Faulds) ANDERSON, Mary (Ferguson) ANDERSON, Mary (Forsyth) ANDERSON, Mary (Gentles) ANDERSON, Mary (Kerr) ANDERSON, Mary (Morton) ANDERSON, Mary (Murphy) ANDERSON, Mary (nee Bryson) ANDERSON, Mary (nee Fotheringham) ANDERSON, Mary (nee McQueen) ANDERSON, Mary (nee Somerville?) ANDERSON, Mary (nee Tough) ANDERSON, Maryann ANDERSON, Moses Blakley ANDERSON, Nellie (nee Waddell) ANDERSON, Peter B ANDERSON, Robert 5m 350 ANDERSON, Robert ANDERSON, Robert ANDERSON, Robert (Bob) ANDERSON, Ruth (nee Paterson) ANDERSON, Sheena (nee Waters) ANDERSON, Thomas ANDERSON, Thomas ANDERSON, Thomas ANDERSON, Thomas C ANDERSON, Thomas Millar ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, William Infancy 367 ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, William Alexander ANDERSON, William W ANDERSON, William Westwater ANDERSON, Two Infant Sons Infancy 376 ANDREW, Agnes Couper (nee Lochhead) ANDREW, Barbara Wilson (nee Lockhart) ANDREW, Catherine (nee McDonald) ANDREW, George Harvey ANDREW, Jane Mackie ANDREW, John McDonald ANDREW, Nelson Edward ANDREW, Robert ANDREWS, James WW1 385 ANDREWS, Jean (nee Kirkwood) ANDREWS, John ANDREWS, William /25 WW1 388 ANGUS, Andrew ANGUS, John A

10 390 ANGUS, Joseph ANGUS, Mitchell (nee McDonald) ANTHONY, David ANTHONY, David ANTHONY, Euphemia (nee Harkins) ANTHONY, George ANTHONY, Jean (Shirra) ANTHONY, John ANTHONY, Margaret (nee Hoggan) ANTHONY, Margaret (Ross) ANTHONY, Marion H. (McArdle) ANTHONY, Mary ANTHONY, Rena (nee Turnbull) ANTHONY, Reta (nee Boyd) ANTHONY, Robert ARBUCKLE, Alexander ARBUCKLE, Barbara (nee Taylor) ARBUCKLE, Jane (nee Wardrop) ARBUCKLE, Jeanie W. (Miller) ARBUCKLE, William (DN) ARCHIBALD, Christina (nee Henderson) ARCHIBALD, Frank ARCHIBALD, Frank Sneddon ARCHIBALD, Hugh ARCHIBALD, Ishbell Robertson (Low) ARCHIBALD, Jane ARCHIBALD, Janet (Dougan) ARCHIBALD, Mary (nee Hannah) ARCHIBALD, Thomas ARMSTRONG, Charles ARMSTRONG, John ARMOUR, Agnes ARMOUR, Annie ARMOUR, Elizabeth (nee McKerrow) ARMOUR, James ARMOUR, Jane (DN) ARMOUR, John (DN) ARMOUR, Robert ARMOUR, William m 429 ARNOTT, Christina (Sutherland) ARNOTT, Christina (nee Waldie) ARNOTT, Daniel ARTHUR, Marion (nee Muirhead) (DC) / ASHWOOD, Annie (nee Ferguson) ASHWOOD, Helen (nee Nisbet) ASHWOOD, John P ASHWOOD, Margaret (Scobbie) ASHWOOD, William ASHWOOD, Wilma ATKIN, Florence (Johnston) AYTON, Agnes (McDonald) AYTON, Annie (nee Waddell) AYTON, Annie E. (Boyd) AYTON, Helen (Strachan) AYTON, Isabella (McGlinchy) AYTON, Jean 446 AYTON, John AYTON, John AYTON, Marion

11 449 AYTON, Marion (nee Robertson) AYTON, Walter BABB, Catherine Stevenson (Melvin) BABB, Jeannie (nee Duncan) BABB, Thomas Scott BABB, William Duncan y 3m 455 BABB, William Duncan y 3m 456 BAILLIE, Elizabeth y 6m 457 BAILLIE, Elizabeth (Walker) BAILLIE, Francis BAILLIE, Jane (Bennie) BAILLIE, Jean (nee Sneddon) BAILLIE, Jean F. (Smith) BAILLIE, Jeanie BAILLIE, John BAILLIE, Joseph *BAIN, Agnes (nee Muirhead) (DN) (LR) BAIN, Andrew *BAIN, Annie* (LR) *BAIN, Archibald* (LR) BAIN, David BAIN, Elizabeth (nee Renwick) BAIN, Hannah (Dobbie) BAIN, Helen Morgan (Fulton) BAIN, Isabella BAIN, Jackie (John) BAIN, Jean BAIN, Jean (nee Paterson) BAIN, Jean D. (nee MacLaren) BAIN, Jeanie (Neilson) BAIN?, Jessie (nee Potter) BAIN, John BAIN, John WW2 482 BAIN, John A BAIN, John Gillespie BAIN, Margaret BAIN, Margaret BAIN, Mary BAIN, Mary Denholm (Meek) BAIN, Mary Jane (nee Denholm) BAIN, Sheena y 6m 490 BAIN, Thomas BAIN, Walter BAIN, William* (LR) BAINBRIDGE, Annie (nee Band) BAINBRIDGE, Annie (nee Miller) BAINBRIDGE, Nicholas (DN) BAINBRIDGE, Richard BAIRD, Alexander BAIRD, Andrew BAIRD, Andrew F BAIRD, Ann Wells Bartholomew (nee Ure) BAIRD, Annie (nee McNeilly) BAIRD, Catherine (Beck) BAIRD, Christina (Lynch) BAIRD, Elizabeth BAIRD, Helen (nee Forsyth) BAIRD, Isabella (Shearer) BAIRD, Isabella Peddie (nee Dalziel)

12 508 BAIRD?, Jane (MacFarlane) BAIRD, Jean (Dickson) BAIRD, John BAIRD, Lilias (McGregor) BAIRD, Margaret Meg (Moffatt) BAIRD, Margaret F.R.T. (nee Dobbie) BAIRD, Margaret J. (nee Brown) BAIRD, Marion BAIRD, Mary (nee Goodwin) BAIRD, Mary (nee Moir) BAIRD, William BAIRD, William BAIRD, William John BALD, Alexander BALD, Isabella BALD, Jane (nee Robertson) BALD, Mary (nee Bateman) BALD, Robert BALDWIN, Elizabeth D. (nee McLaren) BALDWIN Evelyn J. (Cathro) BALDWIN, James B BALDWIN, Jeanie B BALDWIN, Jessie (McNair) BALDWIN, Jessie Cleghorn (nee Black) BALDWIN, John Caleb (DN) BALDWIN, Mary McMillan (Jack) BALDWIN, William R BALLANTYNE, Agnes (Hamilton) BALLANTYNE, Euphemia (nee Hill) BALLANTYNE, Samuel BALLANY, Archibald ? BALLANY, Christina Brown Infancy 540 BALLANY, Helen (nee Henderson) BALLANY, Helen (nee McArthur) BALLANY, William BALLOCH?, Margaret (nee McLaren) BAND, Annie (Bainbridge) BAND, James BANKS, Joanna (Stewart) BARCLAY, Jane (Lamont) BARCLAY, Mary Ann (Watt) BARNARD, Norma G BARNET, Amelia (McLaren) BARR, Agnes (nee Leishman) BARR, Allan BARR?, Barbara (nee Herd) BARR, Catherine (nee Swan) BARR, Hugh BARR, Hugh BARR, Isabella BARR, James BARR, Janet A. (Brownlie) BARR, Jean 561 BARR, John BARR, Johnstone BARR, Johnstone BARR, Margaret (Liddell) BARR, Margaret Gray (Taylor) BARR, Mary (nee Marshall)

13 567 BARR, Mary (nee O Donnell) BARR, Matthew 569 BARRET, Bridget BARRIE, Jane (Johnston) BARRON, Catherine (nee Brown) BARRON, Christina BARRON, George BARRON, Henry C BARTLETT, Barbara (Crawford) BATEMAN, Annie (nee Grant) BATEMAN, Catherine (Killiard) BATEMAN, Eileen BATEMAN, George BATEMAN, Helen (nee Wilson) (DC) BATEMAN, John Wislon BATEMAN, Margaret (nee Clark) BATEMAN, Mary (Bald) BATEMAN, Thomas WW2 585 BATEMAN, Thomas Paxton BAXTER, Adam BAXTER, Alexander BAXTER, Andrew BAXTER, Catherine (nee Gray) BAXTER, David BAXTER, David BAXTER, David BAXTER, David A BAXTER, Elizabeth (nee Bennet) BAXTER, Isabella (nee McLaren) BAXTER, James BAXTER, Jessie G BAXTER, Janet Guthrie BAXTER, Jessie Guthrie BAXTER, John BAXTER, John BAXTER, John Easton BAXTER, John G BAXTER, Margaret (nee Young) BAXTER?. Mary (Buchanan) ? 606 BAXTER, Mary (Douglas?) BAXTER, Mary (McLachlan) BAXTER, Mary (nee Forrester) BAXTER, Mary (nee McClung) BAXTER, Sarah (Boslem) BAXTER, Thomas A BAXTER, Thomas Young BAXTER, William BAXTER, Four Children Infancy 615 BAYLISS, Minnie (Reed) 27? BEATON, Alexander WW1 617 BEATON, Donald BEATON, Jean Cowie (nee Moffat) BEATON, Margaret (Crystal) BEATON?, Marion BEATON, William Infancy 622 BEATSON, Susan (Lind) BEATTIE, Catherine (nee Munro) BEATTIE, Catherine (Rutherford) BEATTIE, Daniel

14 626 BEATTIE, Dolina (Simpson) BEATTIE, James BEATTIE, James BEATTIE?, Marie 630 BEATTIE, Mary (nee Wilson) BEATTIE, Peter 1965 Infancy 632 BECK, Agnes (Connell) BECK, Catherine (nee Baird) BECK, Robert BEDFORD, Samuel D BEDFORD, Williamina (nee Ramsay) BEDLAY?, Isabella (O Hare) 638 BEECHLEY, Alan John BEER, Doreen Joan (Ovens) BEISZK, Augustus BELL, Bessie Gray BELL, Clementine (nee Laird) BELL, Elizabeth (Moffat) BELL, Jessie (Sneddon) BELL, Louisa (Kelly) BELL, Louisa (nee Kelly) BELL, Margaret (Robertson) BELL, Margaret (nee Fleming) BELL, Walter Hnery BELL, William BELLINGHAM, George 07? BELLINGHAM, Helen (Dawson) BELLINGHAM, John? BENN, Braithwaite BENN, Helen Martin (nee Fergus) BENNET, Elizabeth (Baxter) BENNETT, Annie (Fitzgerald) BENNETT, Christina (Henderson) BENNETT, Elizabeth W. (Russell) BENNETT, Ellen (nee Geoghegan) BENNETT, Joseph BENNETT, Josephine Infancy 663 BENNETT, Mary (Booth) BENNETT, Mary (McGuire) BENNETT, Michael WW2 666 BENNETT, Patrick BENNETT, Patrick BENNETT, Priscilla BENNETT, Sarah (nee Gilliland) BENNIE, Agnes Cowie (Adam) BENNIE, Alexander Infancy 672 BENNIE, Alexander BENNIE, Alexander BENNIE, Alexander Gillespie BENNIE, Annie BENNIE, Annie (nee Brown) BENNIE, Anne Cowie (Erskine) BENNIE, Charles BENNIE, Charles BENNIE, Charles Infancy 681 BENNIE, Christina ? 68? 682 BENNIE, Christina ? 683 BENNIE?, Christina (Neill) 684 BENNIE, David

15 685 BENNIE?, Elizabeth (Comrie) 686 BENNIE, Elizabeth (Gowe) BENNIE, Elizabeth (Jenkins) BENNIE, Elizabeth (nee Adam) BENNIE, Elizabeth (nee Adam) BENNIE, Henry BENNIE, Isabella (Adam) BENNIE, Isabella (Johnston) BENNIE?, Isabella (nee Adam) BENNIE, Isobel T. (nee Scott) BENNIE, Jane Norrie BENNIE, Jane (nee Baillie) BENNIE, Janet BENNIE, Janet (nee Dobbie) BENNIE, Janet (nee Hopkins) BENNIE, John BENNIE, John BENNIE, Maggie (Reid) BENNIE, Margaret ? 704 BENNIE, Margaret (nee Bowe) BENNIE, Margaret (nee Denovan) BENNIE, Margaret (nee Fraser) BENNIE, Margaret Waugh (nee Taylor) BENNIE, Marion (McKechnie?) BENNIE?, Mary (nee Adam) BENNIE, Peter BENNIE, Roy J ? BENNIE, William m 713 BENNIE, William BENNIE, William BENNY, Christina Richardson (McRae) (DC) BENNY, Isabella (nee Leggatt) (DN) BENNY, Isabella Charlotte (Lumsden) BENNY, Jane Cuthill (nee Gray) BENNY, Janet McDonald (nee Cuthill) BENNY, Jean Cuthill Gray (Joss) BENNY, John BENNY, Johnnie BENNY, Michael (DN) BENNY, Robert BENSON, Agnes T. (nee Millar BENSON, James R BETT, Charles BETT, Jessie (nee Chalmers) BETT, Children Infancy 730 BEVERAGE, Agnes (nee Westwater) BEVERAGE, Catherine (Fergus) BEVERAGE, Hugh BEVERAGE, Jean R. (Hogg) BEVERIDGE, Elizabeth (Skinner) BINGHAM, Isobel (Robertson) BINGHAM, Margaret (nee Anderson) BINGHAM, William BINNIE, Alexander BINNIE, Alexander Hardie BINNIE, Andrew BINNIE, Andrew Johnston BINNIE, Anne (Gardiner) BINNIE, Anne Stewart (nee Adam)

16 744 BINNIE, Annie (Harkins) BINNIE, Annie (Harvey) BINNIE, Annie Telfer (Forbes) BINNIE, Catherine (Thomson) BINNIE, Elizabeth (nee Cameron) BINNIE, Elizabeth (Sneddon) BINNIE?, Elizabeth Morrison (Waddell) BINNIE, Isabella A. (nee Dunn) BINNIE, Jean (Stewart) BINNIE, Jean (Watson) BINNIE, Jean B. (nee Waddell) BINNIE, Jeanie (Morrison) BINNIE, Jeanie (nee Paterson) BINNIE, Jessie C. 1930? 758 BINNIE, John BINNIE, John BINNIE?, Margaret (Kerr) BINNIE, Margaret (nee Aitken) BINNIE, Margaret A. (nee Dunn) BINNIE, Mary (Lafferty) BINNIE, Mary (nee Cullen) BINNIE, Mary Shaw (nee Paterson) BINNIE, Robert Y BINNIE, Robina (Gardner) BINNIE, William BINNIE, William BINNIE, William BINNIE, Wilson BINNIE,? 773 BINNING, Elizabeth (Cumming) BIRD, Jane ???? 775 BIRNIE, Isabella Finnie BISSET, Henrietta (Spark) BLACK, Alexander BLACK, Annie (Faulds?) ? 779 BLACK, Annie (Lyons) BLACK, Annie (White) BLACK, Annie (nee Hamilton) BLACK, Catherine (nee Blair) 15? BLACK, Elspet (nee Law) BLACK, Finlay BLACK, Finlay m 786 BLACK, Isabella (Reid) BLACK, Isabella (Purvis) BLACK, Jean (Paterson) BLACK, Jean (nee Dalrymple) BLACK, Jeanie BLACK, Jessie G. (Baldwin) BLACK, John BLACK, John H BLACK, John H BLACK, Margaret (nee Whyte) BLACK, Margaret Love (nee Gardner) BLACK?, Mary reid (nee Brown) BLACK, Meg (Leckie) BLACK, Robert BLACK, Sarah (Mitchell) BLACK, William BLACK, William

17 803 BLACK, William BLACK, William BLACKADDER, Richard M BLACKADDER, Theresa K. (nee Munro) BLADEN, F.J.F BLADEN, Helen BLADEN, Thomas S BLAIKIE, Alexandrina (Couper) BLAIKIE, Anne T. (nee Campbell) BLAIKIE, Isabella (nee Smith) BLAIKIE, James BLAIKIE, Jean BLAIKIE, Jean S. (Stewart) BLAIKIE, Robert BLAIKE, William BLAIR, Agnes Infancy 819 BLAIR, Agnes Cunningham (Clarkson) BLAIR, Agnes (nee Finlay) BLAIR, Agnes (Turnbull) BLAIR, Alexander BLAIR, Alexander G BLAIR, Alexander G BLAIR, Alexander G BLAIR, Alexander Paterson BLAIR, Annie S.D BLAIR, Annie (nee McArthur) BLAIR, Catherine w 830 BLAIR, Catherine (Black) 15? BLAIR, David G BLAIR, Eliza (nee Sinclair) BLAIR, Elizabeth (Moffat) BLAIR, Elizabeth (White) BLAIR, Elizabeth Edgar (nee Brown) BLAIR, George BLAIR, George BLAIR, Helen (Lauder?) BLAIR, Helen (nee McLeod) BLAIR, Isabella (Stirling) BLAIR, Isabella (nee Greig) BLAIR, James BLAIR, Janet y 6m 844 BLAIR, Janet BLAIR, Janet Duncan BLAIR, Janet (Clelland) BLAIR, Jessie (Henderson) BALIR, Jim (James) Infancy 849 BLAIR, John BLAIR, John BLAIR, John D BLAIR, John Finlay BLAIR, John Henry BLAIR, Margaret BLAIR?, Margaret BLAIR, Margaret (nee Fyfe) BLAIR, Margaret G. (Allan) BLAIR, Mary BLAIR, Mary (Coulter) BLAIR, Mary (Hall) BLAIR, Mary (Miller)

18 862 BLAIR, Mary (Neill) BLAIR, Mary (nee Duncan) BLAIR, Mary (nee Gillespie) BLAIR, Mary (nee Neilson) BLAIR, Mary (nee Paterson) BLAIR, Robert BLAIR, Robert BLAIR, Robert Neil WW1 870 BLAIR, William BLAIR, William BLAIR, William BLAIR, William BLAIR, William BLAIR, William BLANE, Mary (Fleming) BLYTH, Jean (Duncan) BLYTH, Maud (Paul) BOAK, Mary (Gardner) BOARDMAN, Charles H BOARDMAN, Christina C. (nee Hair) BOARDMAN, Denis C BOARDMAN, William H BODEN, Mary (Hill) BONING, Mary (Murdoch) BONNAR, Alexander BONNAR, Annie Nan (nee Hood) BONNAR, Ellen (nee Boyce) BOOTH, Mary (nee Bennett) BOOTH, William BOOTH, William BORTHWICK, Margaret R BORTHWICK, Margaret (nee Laing) BOSLEM, David Gray BOSLEM, James BOSLEM, Janet (Richardson) BOSLEM, Kathleen (nee Dooley) BOSLEM, Margaret M BOSLEM, Sarah (nee Baxter) BOWE, Janet McDonald BOWE, Margaret (Bennie) BOWE, Rena Sinclair m 903 BOWIE, Grace (Campbell) BOYCE, Ellen (Bonnar) BOYCE, Joseph?? ? 906 BOYD, Agnes (nee Burns) BOYD, Agnes (nee Pettigrew) BOYD, Alexander BOYD, Alexander Smith BOYD, Annie E. (nee Ayton) BOYD, Barbara (Paterson) BOYD, Betty (nee McGuckin) BOYD, Charles BOYD, Crawford BOYD, Eizabeth (nee McFadyen) BOYD, Elizabeth (nee Welsh) BOYD, Georgina (Henderson) BOYD, James Infancy 919 BOYD, James BOYD, James R

19 921 BOYD, John WW1 922 BOYD, Margaret Scott (Hutton) BOYD, Mary (nee Smith) BOYD, Reta (Anthony) BOYD, Robert BOYD, Robert BOYES, Catherine (Henderson) BOYLE, Andrew BOYLE, Bridget (nee Mullhall) BOYLE, Cornelius BOYLE, Cornelius BOYLE, Elizabeth 933 BOYLE, Helen BOYLE, Jeanie (nee Anderson) BOYLE, John BOYLE, Mary Dunnigan (Scott) BRADBURY, Adam R BRADBURY, Fanny (nee Law) BRADBURY, Joseph BRADBURY, Lillias Bell BRADBURY, Lillias Bell (nee Rutherford) BRADBURY, Margaret C BRADBURY, Margaret (Shields) BRADBURY, Mary Jane Jenkinson (nee Welsh) BRADBURY, Thomas BRADBURY, Thomas BRADBURY, Thomas y 6m 948 BRADLEY, Annabel (nee Higgins) BRADLEY, John BRADLEY, Maria BRADY, Andrew BRADY, Elizabeth (nee Crawford) BRADY, Mary (Comrie) BRAID, Hebron (nee Ronney) BRAID, Jean y 6m 956 BRAID, John L BRAID, Marion BRAN, George BRAN, Olive (nee Newton) BRANDER, David MacDonald BRANDER, Lily Spiers (nee Gray) BRANNAN, Edward BRANNAN, George P BREINGAN, Alexander BREINGAN, Ebenezer BREINGAN, Mary (nee Sorril?) BRENNAN, Ann BRIDGETT, Margaret (Doyle) BRIGGS, Margaret (Brown) BRISBANE, Jane (nee McDougall) BROADFOOT, Agnes (Buchanan) BROCK, Abigail (nee Fleming) BROCK, Andrew BROCK, Andrew Wilson BROCK, Helen (Russell) BROCK, Jean (nee McLaren) BRODIE, Alice (Jeffray) BRODIE, Ann Hope (Smith) BRODIE, Christian (nee McLauchlan)

20 980 BRODIE, Christina (Millar) BRODIE, Gabrielle (Martin) BRODIE, Jean BRODIE, John 28? BRODIE, Margaret (Main?) BRODIE, Margaret (nee Gentles) BRODIE, Margaret M. (nee Douglas) BRODIE, Robert BRODIE, Robert BRODIE, Stanley BRODIE, Susan (McGurk) BRODIE, William BROMFIELD, Martha (nee Johnston) BROPHY, Mary (Busby) BROUGH, Catherine Kinross (Stevenson) BROWN, Abraham WW1 996 BROWN, Agnes Burns (Watson) BROWN, Agnes Muir (McMillan) BROWN, Agnes Shearer (Watt) BROWN, Alexander BROWN, Alexander BROWN, Alexander BROWN, Andrew BROWN, Annie (Bennie) BROWN, Annie Teresa (Thomson) BROWN, Bethia (nee Snedden) BROWN, Bridget (nee Brunswick) BROWN, Catherine (nee Connolly) BROWN, Catherine (nee Farrell?) BROWN, Catherine (nee McMenemy) BROWN, Chrissie (Kay) BROWN, Christina (Anderson) BROWN, Christina (nee Grant) BROWN, Daniel BROWN, David BROWN, David 1016 BROWN, Dugald N BROWN, Edna Elena BROWN, Elizabeth BROWN, Elizabeth Edgar (Blair) BROWN, Elizabeth McG. (Millar) BROWN, Elizabeth (nee Cormack) BROWN, Elizabeth (nee Fotheringham) BROWN, Eva (nee Stark) BROWN, George BROWN, George G BROWN, Georgina (nee Gardiner) BROWN, Henry BROWN, Henry BROWN, Isabella BROWN, Isabella (nee Gray) BROWN, James BROWN, James BROWN, James BROWN, James BROWN, James BROWN, James F BROWN, James Neill BROWN, Jane

21 1039 BROWN, Jane (Murrie) BROWN, Janet BROWN, Janet 1042 BROWN, Janet F.M BROWN, Janet (nee Thornton) BROWN, Jean (Campbell) BROWN, Jean (Livingston) BROWN, Jean Day (Anderson) BROWN, Jean (nee Forsyth) BROWN, Jeanie S BROWN, Jenny (Drummond) BROWN, Jessie BROWN, Jessie H BROWN, Joan BROWN, John?? ? 44? 1054 BROWN, John BROWN, John BROWN, John BROWN, John D BROWN, Julia BROWN, Madelina Vetesse (Galloway) BROWN, Maisie (Esplin) BROWN, Margaret (Mitchell) BROWN, Margaret (nee Briggs) BROWN, Marion (nee Cairns) BROWN, Mary (nee Livingstone) BROWN, Mary (nee Low) BROWN, Mary Gilchrist (nee Russell) BROWN, Mary Neilson (nee Burns) BROWN, Mary Neilson (Stewart) BROWN, Mary Reid (Black?) BROWN, Milly BROWN, Moira A.F. (Nedokis) BROWN, Patrick BROWN, Peter BROWN, Robert BROWN, Roddy 1076 BROWN, Rosa BROWN, Thomas BROWN, William BROWN, William 1080 BROWN, William BROWN, William Ewart Gladstone BROWN, Margaret J. (Baird) BROWN, Maragert (Lees) BROWNLEE, Mary (Dennistoun) BROWNLIE, Agnes (nee Finlay) BROWNLIE, Alexander BROWNLIE, Helen (nee Hunter) BROWNLIE, Isabella BROWNLIE, James C BROWNLIE, Janet (nee Barr) BROWNLIE, John BROWNLIE, John BROWNLIE, Joseph BROWNLIE, Margaret BROWNLIE, Marion Clarkson BROWNLIE, William BROWNLIE, William

22 1098 BROWNLIE, William BRUCE, Catherine (Johnston) BRUCE, Elizabeth (nee Dillon) BRUCE, Sandra m 1102 BRUNSWICK, Bridget (Brown) BRYCE, Ann (Morrison) BRYDEN, Christina (nee Lockhart) BRYDEN, George BRYDEN?, Helen y 7m 1107 BRYDEN, John BRYDEN, Mary BRYDEN, Mary (nee McGregor) BRYDEN, Thomas BRYDEN, William Bell BRYNES, Agnes (nee Milligan) BRYNES, John BRYSON, Agnes BRYSON, Alexander Clark BRYSON, Annie Strang (nee Buchanan) BRYSON, David BRYSON, David BRYSON, Duncan Clark BRYSON, Elizabeth (nee Edward) BRYSON, James BRYSON, Janet (nee Thom) BRYSON, John R.C BRYSON, Margaret (nee Harkness BRYSON, Mary (Anderson) BRYSON, Mary (nee Ferguson) BRYSON, Thomas BRYSON, William BUCHAN, Barbara (Jarvie) BUCHANAN, Agnes (Hoggan) BUCHANAN, Agnes (Westwater) BUCHANAN, Agnes (nee Broadfoot) BUCHANAN, Alexander BUCHANAN, Annie (nee McIver) BUCHANAN, Annie B. (Anderson) BUCHANAN, Annie B. (Anderson) BUCHANAN, Annie Strang (Bryson) BUCHANAN, Archibald BUCHANAN, Bridget (nee Traynor) BUCHANAN, Catherine (Sharp) BUCHANAN, Charles y 6m 1142 BUCHANAN, Clarke Forsyth (Hay) BUCHANAN, Daniel BUCHANAN, David BUCHANAN, Elsie BUCHANAN, Isabella (nee Paterson) BUCHANAN, Isabella (nee Thomson) BUCHANAN, Jane (nee Inglis) BUCHANAN, Jeanie (Stewart) BUCHANAN, Jessie BUCHANAN, John BUCHANAN, John BUCHANAN, John BUCHANAN, John H BUCHANAN, Lizzie (nee Duff) BUCHANAN, Margaret S. (Easton)

23 1157 BUCHANAN, Mary BUCHANAN?, Mary (nee Baxter?) ? 1159 BUCHANAN, Mary (nee Strang) BUCHANAN, Peter BUCHANAN, Robert 08? BUCHANAN, William BUELENS, Melanie BULLIONS, John BULLIONS, Margaret (Inglis) BULLOCH, Alexander BULLOCH, Annie Infancy 1168 BULLOCH, Charlie Infancy 1169 BULLOCH, Elizabeth (nee MacDonald) BULLOCH, James W BULLOCH, Jane (nee Swan) BULLOCH, Janet Reid (nee Hill) BULLOCH, Maisie BULLOCH, Mary BULLOCH, Mary (Duncan) BULLOCH, William BURDEN, Ann (nee Dyer) BURDEN, John BURGOYNE, James BURGOYNE, Mary (nee McQuillan) BURKE, John L BURNETT, Alison (Hamilton) BURNETT, Mary (Taylor) BURNS, Agnes 1185 BURNS, Agnes (Boyd) BURNS, Agnes (nee Muirhead) BURNS, Agnes (nee Young) BURNS, Alexander BURNS, Alexander 1190 BURNS, Anne (nee Johnston) BURNS, Bessie BURNS, David 1193 BURNS, Henry BURNS, Isabella BURNS, Jane BURNS, Jane (Waddell) BURNS, Janet D BURNS, Janet (nee Maitland) BURNS, Jean (Cuthill) BURNS, Jeanie 1201 BURNS, Jeanie (nee Kirkwood) BURNS, Jessie BURNS, Kate (nee Duncan) BURNS, Maggie 1205 BURNS, Margaret (nee Muirhead) BURNS, Mary 1207 BURNS, Mary Bulloch (nee Liddell) BURNS, Peter BURNS, Robert 1210 BURNS, Robert BURNS, Robert BURNS, Thomas BURNS?, Thomas (Stirling?) 4m 1214 BURRELL, Agnes BURRELL, James

24 1216 BURRELL, James McLaren BURRELL, Jessie BURRELL, Mary (nee Menzies) BURRELL, William Menzies BURROWES, Frederick BURROWES, Mary BURT, David C BURT, Jean (nee Henderson) BUSBY, Agnes Bunty (McLelland) ? BUSBY, Agnes Roll (Hair) BUSBY, Alexander B BUSBY, Catherine (nee Dewar) BUSBY, Christina Allan (Adam) BUSBY, Elizabeth (nee Henderson) BUSBY, Henry Paterson BUSBY, Isabella (nee Scott)?? BUSBY, John BUSBY, Mary (nee Brophy) BUSBY?, Sarah (Sneddon) BUSBY, Williamina Milne Dewar BUTCHER, Bertha (Lilley) BUTCHER, Freda Doris (Wright) BYRNE, Catherine (McMahon) BYRNE?, Charles m 1240 BYRNE, Helen (O Brien) BYRNE, Margaret B BYRNE, Patrick BYRNE, Thomas CAFFERTY, Alice (Jack) CAFFERTY, Anthony CAHILL, Catherine (Doyle) CAINE, Jane (Stewart) CAINE, Margaret (Skillen) CAINE, Mary (nee Russell) CAINE, Thomas CAINE, Two Sons Infancy 1252 CAIRNEY, Annie (McEwan) CAIRNS, Elizabeth CAIRNS, Elizabeth (Crawford) CAIRNS, John CAIRNS, Maisie CAIRNS, Margaret CAIRNS, Marion (Brown) CAIRNS, Robert CAIRNS, Robert Hudson CALDER, Elspeth CALDER, John CALDER, Peggy CALDWELL, Beatrice (Hamilton) CALDWELL, Beatrice (Paul) CALDWELL, Helen CALDWELL?, Isabella (nee Waugh) CALDWELL, John CALDWELL, Mary (Spottiswoode) (DN) CALDWELL, William CALLENDAR, Jean (Milligan) CAMERON, Alexander CAMERON, Ann D. (Davidson) CAMERON, Christina Ferguson (nee Dunn)

25 1275 CAMERON, Dan CAMERON, Daniel WW CAMERON, Elizabeth (Binnie) CAMERON, Janet CAMERON, Lachlan CAMERON, Lizzie (nee Frame) CAMERON, Malcolm CAMERON, Margaret CAMERON, Margaret CAMERON, Margaret (nee Hendry) CAMERON, Mary (Smith) CAMERON, Robin y 6m 1287 CAMPBELL, Agnes CAMPBELL, Agnes CAMPBELL, Alexander WW CAMPBELL, Alexander CAMPBELL, Alison 1292 CAMPBELL, Alison (Leishman) 1293 CAMPBELL, Andrew M CAMPBELL, Angus CAMPBELL?, Ann Infancy 1296 CAMPBELL, Anne T. (Blaikie) CAMPBELL, Annie (McArdle) CAMPBELL, Bella (Anderson) CAMPBELL?, Betty Infancy 1300 CAMPBELL, Christina CAMPBELL, Christina CAMPBELL, Christina Binnie (Donaldson) CAMPBELL, Colin CAMPBELL, Donald CAMPBELL, Elizabeth (Mackie) CAMPBELL, Elizabeth (Robertson) 03? CAMPBELL, Elizabeth (Tough) CAMPBELL, Ellen (Stanners) CAMPBELL, Grace (nee Bowie) CAMPBELL, Helen CAMPBELL, Helen (nee Carson) CAMPBELL, Isabella (McGregor) CAMPBELL, Isabella (Smith) CAMPBELL, James CAMPBELL, James CAMPBELL, James Murdoch CAMPBELL, Jane (Hall) CAMPBELL, Jean (nee Brown) CAMPBELL, Jean (nee Cooper) CAMPBELL, Jeanie CAMPBELL, Jemima (Robertson) CAMPBELL, Jessie (Anderson) CAMPBELL, Jessie (Gill) CAMPBELL, Jessie (nee Murdoch) CAMPBELL, Jessie (nee Paterson) CAMPBELL, Jessie Forbes m 1327 CAMPBELL, John CAMPBELL, John CAMPBELL, John CAMPBELL, John McGill CAMPBELL, John McGill CAMPBELL, Kate (Dickson) CAMPBELL, Margaret

26 1334 CAMPBELL, Margaret (Craig) CAMPBELL, Margaret (Morrison) CAMPBELL, Margaret (Sneddon) CAMPBELL, Margaret (nee Henderson) CAMPBELL, Margaret (nee Rutherford) CAMPBELL, Margaret M. (nee Carruthers) CAMPBELL, Marion (Forbes) CAMPBELL, Mark CAMPBELL, Martha (nee Whyte) CAMPBELL, Mary (McAlpine) CAMPBELL, Mary (Penman) CAMPBELL, Mary (nee Hamilton) CAMPBELL, Mary (nee McArthur) CAMPBELL, May CAMPBELL, Murdoch CAMPBELL, Nan (nee Maxwell) CAMPBELL, Peter CAMPBELL, Rachel (nee Mackay) CAMPBELL, Robert 1353 CAMPBELL, Robert CAMPBELL, Robert Walker CAMPBELL, Steven Andrew d 1356 CAMPBELL, Thomas CAMPBELL, Thomas CAMPBELL, Thomas CAMPBELL?, Thomas Infancy 1360 CAMPBELL, Walter Weir CAMPBELL, Walter Weir CANNON, W WW CARMICHAEL, Elizabeth (nee Stewart) CARMICHAEL, John CARMICHAEL, Sarah (Stewart) CARNOCHAN, Archibald CARNOCHAN, Archibald CARNOCHAN, Bessie Infancy 1369 CARNOCHAN, Mary Hunter (nee McBratney) CARR, Ann Russell CARR, Christina (nee Turnbull) CARR, Elizabeth Jane (nee Horner) CARR, George CARR, James CARR?, Joseph Infancy 1376 CARR, Mary (Hogg) CARR, Patrick CARR, Thomas CARRICK, Janet (Gillespie) CARRUTHERS, Jane More (Nicolson) CARRUTHERS, Janet (Adam) CARRUTHERS, Janet Riddick (Paterson) CARRUTHERS, John CARRUTHERS, Margaret CARRUTHERS, Margaret (nee Adam) CARRUTHERS, Margaret M. (Campbell) CARSON, Agnes (nee Todd) CARSON, Harry CARSON, Helen (Campbell) CARSON, Henry CARSON, Jock CARSON, John

27 1393 CARSON, John CARSON, Maggie (nee McDonald) CARSON, Margaret (nee McMurdo) CARSON, Margaret (nee Muir) CARSON, Margaret (nee Reid) CARSON, Moira CARSON, Peter Muir CARSON, Robert M CARSWELL, William Kay CARTER, William CARVILLE, Mary (Dempster) CASSELS, Marion (Drummond) CASSELLS, Thomas CASSIDY, Joseph ? 1407 CASSIDY, Margaret CASSIDY, Sarah (McFall) CASSIDY, Susan (Cruse) CATHRO, Evelyn J. (Baldwin) CATHRO, James Grant CATHRO, James Grant WW CHADDERTON, James CHADDERTON, Jemima CHALMERS, Agnes CHALMERS, Agnes CHALMERS, Agnes CHALMERS, Agnes (nee Forbes) CHALMERS, Andrew CHALMERS, Arthur Infancy 1421 CHALMERS, Catherine (nee Laing) CHALMERS, David Bennie CHALMERS, Helen (nee Cuthill) CHALMERS, Isabella (nee Edgar) CHALMERS, James CHALMERS, James H CHALMERS, Jane (nee Jarvie) CHALMERS, Janet Hay CHAMLERS, Janet Hay CHALMERS, Jessie (Bett) CHALMERS, John CHALMERS, John Tenant CHALMERS, Margaret Infancy 1434 CHALMERS, Marion (Morton) CHALMERS, Mary (nee Cuthill) CHALMERS, Mary (nee Welsh) CHALMERS, Moses CHALMERS, Robert CHALMERS, Robert CHALMERS, Susan (nee Montgomery) CHALMERS, Sybella (nee Johnston) CHALMERS, Thomas CHALMERS, Thomas CHALMERS, Thomas CHALMERS, Tom y 6m 1446 CHALMERS, William CHAMBERS, Elizabeth (nee Spence) CHAMBERS, Samuel CHAPMAN, Mary (Paterson) CHRISTIE, Jean McVay (Mowatt) CHRISTIE, John

28 1452 CHRISTIE, Mary (McIntosh) CHRISTISON, Annie (nee Watson) CHRISTISON, Hugh CHRISTISON, Sheena CLARK, Agnes (Fotheringham) 1457 CLARK?, Agnes (Hunter) CLARK, Agnes (nee Wands) CLARK, Alexander CLARK, Ann (Greig) 1461 CLARK, Christine Kathleen d 1462 CLARK, Helen (Hay) CLARK, Hugh Crail CLARK, James CLARK, Janet (nee McNie) CLARK, Margaret (Bateman) CLARK, Mary (Wright) CLARK, Mary (nee Torrance?) CLARK, Nettie (Murphy) CLARK, Paul William CLARK, Thomas CLARK, William J.B CLARKE, John CLARKSON, Agnes Cunningham (nee Blair) CLARKSON, William CLAXTON, Elizabeth W. (nee MacKimmie) CLEELAND, Agnes (Dickson) CLELLAND, Andrew M CLELLAND, Janet (nee Blair) CLELLAND, Mary (Guy) CLELLAND, Mary (nee Irvine) CLELLAND, Robert B CLELLAND, William CLEMENT, Agnes (McArthur) CLEMENT, Agnes (nee Russell) CLEMENT, James WW CLEMENT, James CLEMENT, Janet CLEMENT, John R CLEMENT, Margaret (Marshall) CLEMENT?, Penelope (nee Mochrie) CLEMENT, Peter WW CLEMENT, Thomas R CLIFFE, Edith (Wilson) CLIMIE, Hannah (McKee) CLIMIE, Marion Infancy 1497 CLIMIE, William CLOSE, Catherine (Ritchie) COCHRANE, Jean (Hannah) COCHRANE, Jessica COCHRANE, Jessie Margaret COCHRANE, William COCHRANE, William COCKBURN, James COCKBURN, John COCKBURN, Margaret (nee Stevens) COCKBURN, Thomas CODONA, Henry CODONA, Laura (nee Gaddick) COLE, Margaret (nee Coleman)

29 1511 COLE, Terence COLE, Thomas COLE, Thomas COLEMAN, Bridget (nee Higgins) COLEMAN, Daisy (Corbett) COLEMAN, Elizabeth COLEMAN, Felix COLEMAN, Helen (nee Miller) COLEMAN, James COLEMAN, Margaret (Cole) COLEMAN, Sarah (Sutherland) COLENIEWSKI, Stanislaw COLLIER, Ann (nee Thow) COLLIER, Doris May COLLIER, Mable y 6m 1526 COLLIER, Samuel COLLIER, Samuel COLLINS, Charles COLLINS, Forrest Edwin y 9m 1530 COLLINS, Mary (nee Mitchell) COMRIE, Andrew COMRIE, Andrew COMRIE, Anne m 1534 COMRIE, Annie (Anderson) COMRIE, Annie (nee Gillespie) COMRIE, Archana (nee MacMillan) COMRIE, Catherine COMRIE, Daniel COMRIE, Daniel Infancy 1540 COMRIE, Elizabeth (Millar) COMRIE, Elizabeth (Stein) COMRIE, Elizabeth (nee Bennie?) 1543 COMRIE, Elizabeth (nee Marshall) COMRIE, Elizabeth (nee Weir) COMRIE, Elizabeth Maria COMRIE, Henry COMRIE, Jean (nee Waugh) COMRIE, Joan Kerr (nee Thomson) COMRIE, Jock 1550 COMRIE, John COMRIE, John COMRIE, Margaret (nee Sharkey) COMRIE, Mary (nee Brady?) COMRIE, Mary (nee McWatt) COMRIE, Mary (nee Thomson) COMRIE, Meg 1557 COMRIE, Peter COMRIE, Sarah COMRIE, William COMRIE, William CONN, Mary (nee Dunn) CONLON, Elizabeth (Muirhead) CONNELL, Billy CONNELL, Bridget CONNELL, Esther (nee Keane) CONNELL, Fenton WW CONNELL, John CONNELL, Margaret (nee Sullivan) CONNELL, Mary (Fullard)

30 1570 CONNELL, Mary (nee Miller) CONNELL, Michael CONNELL, Michael J CONNELL, Nicholas ? 1574 CONNELL, Patrick CONNELL, Patrick CONNELL, Thomas WW CONNELL, Children 1578 CONNOLLY, Catherine (Brown) CONNOLLY, Elizabeth (nee McMullan) CONNOLLY, John CONNOLLY, Mary Ann (Mullen) CONNOR, Agnes (nee McDevitt?) CONNER, John CONROY?, Annie (Gauld) y 1d 1585 CONROY, Catherine CONROY, Catherine (nee Fitzpatrick) CONROY, Joseph CONROY, Margaret (Harris) CONVERY, Rose (Gribben) ? 79? 1590 CONWAY, John COOK, Alexander COOK, Elizabeth (Marshall) 20.01? COOK, Jane Thomson (nee Skinner) COOK, John COOK, John COOK, Margaret (nee Weir) COOK? Margaret (nee Forsyth?) COOK, Mary (nee Sneddon) COOK, May Leonard COOK, Robert COOK, William COOK, William COOK, William B COOPER, Agnes Walker (Hamilton) COOPER, Agnes Wilson (McLuskie) COOPER, Alexander COOPER, Alexander COOPER, David COOPER, Helen (Hoggan) COOPER, Helen Nice (nee Wright) COOPER, Jean (Campbell) COOPER, John COOPER, Margaret Graham COOPER, Mary (nee Anderson) COOPER, mary (nee Forsyth) COOPER, Netta Infancy 1617 COOPER, Robert COOPER, Robert Welsh COOPER, Sophia COOPER, Sophia (nee Graham) COPELAND, Elizabeth (nee Kirkwood) COPELAND, Thomas CORBETT, Daisy (nee Coleman) CORBETT, Elizabeth CORBETT, George CORBETT, Margaret (nee Kirkwood?) CORCORAN, Alice Bridget (McGlade) CORCORAN, Francis

31 1629 CORCORAN, Mary CORCORAN, Thomas CORDINER, Sarah (Pinkerton) CORDON, Janet (Adams) CORE, Andrena M. (McAlpine) CORHAM, Laurence ? 1635 CORHAM, Mary 1636 CORHAM, Thomas 1637 CORKILL, Jessie Wason Ross (nee Adam) CORKILL, Stanley Vincent CORMACK, Elizabeth (Brown) CORNER, James CORNER, Margaret CORNER, Paul James Prudlo CORRIE?, Jean (nee Martin) CORRIGAN, Margaret (McKean) CORSAR, Marion (Donladson) COSGROVE, Hugh COULTER, George L COULTER, James Lawson WW COULTER, Mary (nee Blair) COUPER, Agnes (Steel) COUPER, Agnes (nee Lind) COUPER, Agnes (nee Wilson) COUPER, Alexander COUPER, Alexander COUPER, Alexander COUPER, Alexandrina (nee Blaikie) COUPER, Christina (Campbell) COUPER, Christina (Semple) COUPER, Helen (nee Cramb) COUPER, Helen (nee Muir) COUPER, Helen (Stewart) COUPER, Helen W.C. Len y 6m 1663 COUPER, James COUPER, James COUPER, James COUPER, James Cram COUPER, James Cramb d 1668 COUPER, John COUPER, John COUPER, Margaret (nee Dickson) COUPER, Margaret (nee Murray) COUPER, Mary (nee Fleming) COUPER, Robert COUPER, Robert Muir COUPER, Thomas COUPER, William COUSLAND, Agnes Wilson COUSLAND, Alexander Reddie COUSLAND, Archibald COUSLAND, Catherine H COUSLAND, Eliza Kemlo COUSLAND, Georgina Gray COUSLAND, Grace Sneddon (nee Tarbet) COUSLAND, Isabella Reddie COUSLAND, Isabella (nee Reddie) COUSLAND, James COUSLAND, John

32 1688 COUSLAND, John COUSLAND, Margaret (Hair) COUTTS, Isabella COUTTS, Jane (nee McFarlane) COUTTS, Robert McFarlane COUTTS, William COWAN, Agnes COWAN, Elizabeth (nee McFarlane) COWAN, James COWAN, James COWAN, Jane COWAN, Jane (Troup) COWAN, John COWAN, Margaret (Henderson) COWAN, Margaret (nee Martin) COWAN, Margaret Osborne COWAN, Marion (nee McFarlane) COWAN, Moira Russell ? 6y 6m 1706 COWAN, Thomas COWIE, Alexander COWIE, James COX, Margaret (Speirs) COXON, Jessie Ballantyne (nee Higgins) COYLE, Elizabeth (McGlade) COYLE, Francis COYLE, John COYLE, Mary (nee Drumgoole) COYNE, Bridget (nee Cullen) COYNE, Joseph COYNE, Joseph CRABB, Margaret (Reid) CRABBE, Jane (McLuskie) CRAFT, Jessie (Rankin) ? CRAIG, Agnes (nee Dyer) CRAIG, Ann (nee McGathan) CRAIG, Betsy (nee McPhail) CRAIG, Elizabeth (Mochrie) CRAIG, Elizabeth (Waddell) CRAIG, Helen (nee Pearson) CRAIG, Helen Bird (Morland) CRAIG, Hugh CRAIG, John CRAIG, John CRAIG, John?? CRAIG, John CRAIG, John McGathan CRAIG, Lilias (Salmond) CRAIG, Margaret (nee Campbell) CRAIG, Susan (Taylor) CRAIG, Thomas Pearson WW CRAM, Mary (Turnbull) CRAMB, Alexander S CRAMB, David CRAMB, Eliza (Gray) CRAMB, Elizabeth (nee Marshall) CRAMB, Helen (Couper) CRAMB, Janet (nee Sinclair) CRAMB, Margaret CRAMB, Rachel Graham

33 1747 CRAWFORD, Ann P. (McMurdo) CRAWFORD, Archibald CRAWFORD, Barbara, (nee Bartlett) CRAWFORD, Elizabeth (Brady) CRAWFORD, Elizabeth (nee Cairns) CRAWFORD, Elizabeth (nee Lockhart) CRAWFORD, Georgina (Laird) CRAWFORD, Hugh McMillan ? CRAWFORD, Jane (McMillan) CRAWFORD, Jean D.M. (Wilson) CRAWFORD, John Connelly m 1758 CRAWFORD, Margaret (nee Shirra) CRAWFORD, Marion (Suttie) CRAWFORD, Robert CRAWFORD, Thomas CRAWFORD, William CRAWLEY, Isabella CRAWLEY, William CRAWLEY, William CROM, Marion (Wallace) CROMBIE, Annie (nee Dyer) CROMBIE, John CROMBIE, Joseph ? 1770 CROSSAN, Annie 1771 CROSSAN, Catherine (nee Mulheron) CROSSAN, James CROSSAN, James CROSSAN, Peter CROSSLEY, Catherine (nee Moffat?) CROSSLEY, Graham CROSSLEY?, Mary (Gillon) CROSSLEY, Thomas Moffat CROZIER, Elizabeth CROZIER, Ian Infancy 1781 CROZIER, Robert CRUDEN, Catherine Watson Infancy 1783 CRUDEN?, David Infancy 1784 CRUDEN, Helen Hardie (Duncan) CRUDEN, Henry Gamble CRUDEN, Henry Gamble CRUDEN, Jemima (Millan) CRUDEN, Margaret McFarlane (nee Drummond) CRUDEN, Nellie (nee Gee) CRUDEN, William CRUDEN?, William Infancy 1792 CRUIKS, Alexander CRUIKS, Alexander CRUIKS, Freda (nee Maxwell) CRUIKS, Janet (nee Ross) CRUIKS, Samuel CRUIKSHANK, Agnes (nee Sibbald) CRUIKSHANK, Alexander CRUIKSHANK, Andrew CRUIKSHANK, Annie W. (nee Thomson) CRUIKSHANK, Isa (Jarvie) CRUIKSHANK, Jean (nee Herd) CRUIKSHANK, Mary Ann (nee McDonald) CRUIKSHANK, Robert CRUIKSHANK, Robert

34 1806 CRUSE, Andrew CRUSE, Mina (MacLaren) CRUSE, Susan (nee Cassidy) CRYSTAL, Margaret (nee Beaton) CRYSTAL?, Marion CULLEN, Bridget (Coyne) CULLEN, Bessie CULLEN, Elizabeth CULLEN, James CULLEN, Joseph CULLEN, Joseph CULLEN, Mary (Binnie) CULLEN, William CUMMING, Alexander CUMMING, Alexander CUMMING, Elizabeth (nee Binning) CUMMING, Jane (nee Sharp) CUMMING, Janet (Gray) CUMMING, Robert CUMMING, Sandra Margaret CUNNINGHAM, Agnes (nee Campbell) CUNNINGHAM, Alexander CUNNINGHAM, Alexandrina CUNNINGHAM, Annie (nee Maxwell) CUNNINGHAM, Bessie (Russell) CUNNINGHAM, David CUNNINGHAM, George R CUNNINGHAM, George Reid CUNNINGHAM, Hugh CUNNINGHAM?, Isabella (nee Hobbs) CUNNINGHAM, Isabella (nee McKay) CUNNINGHAM, Jeanie (nee Lindsay) CUNNINGHAM, Jessie (nee McGibney) CUNNINGHAM, John H CUNNINGHAM, Margaret (nee Monaghan) CUNNIGHAM, Marion (Munro) CUNNINGHAM, Mary CUNNINGHAM, Stewart CUNNINGHAM, Susan (Wilson) CUPPLES, Annie (Stirling) CURRAN, Annie (nee O Hara) CURRAN, John CURRAN, Joseph Infancy 1849 CURRAN, Joseph Foster CURRAN, Josephine CURRAN, Margaret (Paterson) CURRAN, Mary Holmes CURRIE, Annie (nee Hamilton) 20.10, CURRIE, Janet H.R. (nee hall) CURRIE, Mary (MacLauchlan) CUTHELL, Jane m 1857 CUTHELL, Jane (Hamilton) (DN) CUTHILL, Christina 06? CUTHILL, Helen (Kirkwood) CUTHILL, Helen (Chalmers) CUTHILL, James CUTHILL, Jean (Muirhead) CUTHILL, Jean (nee Burns) CUTHILL, Margaret

35 1865 CUTHILL, Mary (Chalmers) CUTHILL, Thomas (DC), (DN) CUTHILL, William CUTLER, Hannah Infancy 1869 CUTLER, Thomas DAISLEY, Jean (Davis) DALEY, Anne (Stevenson) DALGLEISH, Christina (Barron) DALGLEISH, Thomas DALRYMPLE, James DALRYMPLE, Jean (Black) DALRYMPLE, Margaret DALRYMPLE, Tom 1878 DALZIEL, Ann (nee Smellie) DALZIEL, Catherine (Jenkins) DALZIEL, David DALZIEL, Elizabeth (nee Ramsay) DALZIEL, Georgina (Paul) 1883 DALZIEL, Isabella Peddie (Baird) DALZIEL, John DALZIEL, Robert DANSKIN, Elizabeth (Dunn) DARROCH, Janet Todd (Gentles) DAVIDSON, Albert DAVIDSON, Alexander Infancy 1890 DAVIDSON?, Ann (Mitchell) DAVIDSON, Ann D. (nee Cameron) DAVIDSON, Annie (nee Dewar) DAVIDSON?, Annie (nee Rankin) DAVIDSON, Christina (nee Simpson) DAVIDSON, Jessie R. (nee Kerr) 14? DAVIDSON, John L DAVIDSON, John McK y 1m 1898 DAVIDSON, Mary G.W. (Ibell) DAVIE, Agnes Paton y 1m 1900 DAVIE, Archibald DAVIE, Helen McKinley DAVIE, Isabella (Forsyth) DAVIE, Isabella (Stanners) DAVIE, Janet m 1905 DAVIE, John DAVIE, Margaret DAVIE, Margaret (Nicoll) DAVIE, Margaret Jane (nee McDonald) DAVIE, Mary (Hair) DAVIE, William Reid DAVIES, Henry DAVIS, James DAVIS, Jean (nee Daisley) DAVIS, Sadie (nee Dougan) DAVITT, Agnes (nee McGurk) DAVITT, Arthur DAVITT, Ian DAVITT, Matthew DAVITT, Sarah (nee Urquhart) DAVITT, William Urquhart DAWSON, Agnes 1922 DAWSON, Andrew 1923 DAWSON, Annie (Lambert)

36 1924 DAWSON, Annie (nee Fulton) DAWSON, Barbara (nee Fotheringham) DAWSON, Cathie DAWSON, Elizabeth DAWSON, Elizabeth (Paul) DAWSON, Elizabeth (nee Millar) 1930 DAWSON, Helen (Monteith) DAWSON, Helen (Watson) DAWSON, Helen (nee Bellingham) DAWSON, Helen (nee Proudfoot) DAWSON, James DAWSON, James DAWSON, James DAWSON, Jane (nee Pinkerton) DAWSON, Janet 1939 DAWSON, Janet (Ferguson) DAWSON, John 1941 DAWSON, Margaret (Morrison) DAWSON, Maggie (Marshall) DAWSON, Mary (Fotheringham) DAWSON, Robert DAWSON, William 1946 DAWSON, William DAWSON, William DAWSON, William DEANS, Joseph WW DEGNEY, Helen DEGNEY, James DEGNEY, Jessie (nee Waugh) DEGNEY, Joan DELANEY, Christina K DELANEY, George DELANEY, James DELANEY, Jessie (nee Peat) ? DEMPSTER, Charles DEMPSTER, Mary (nee Carville) DEMPSTER, Robert DENHOLM, Adam James DENHOLM, Alexander DENHOLM, George A DENHOLM, John DENHOLM, Lilias DENHOLM, Marion (nee Forrest) DENHOLM, Mary Jane (Bain) DENNISTOUN, Andrew DENNISTOUN, Mary (nee Brownlee) DENOVAN, Margaret (Bennie) DENT, Elizabeth (Reid) DENT, Joseph DERMIT, Annie Elizabeth (Gilchrist) DEVLIN, Mary (Gillespie) DEWAR, Alexander DEWAR, Alexander DEWAR, Ann (nee MacFarlane) DEWAR, Annie (Davidson) DEWAR, Catherine (Busby) DEWAR, Daniel y 3m 1981 DEWAR, Daniel DEWAR, Elizabeth (McAinsh) 11?

37 1983 DEWAR, Isabella (nee Harvey) DEWAR, Isobel DEWAR, James DEWAR, Janet Hosie m 1987 DEWAR, Janet Hosie DEWAR, Jessie DEWAR, John MacFarlane WW DEWAR, Mary DEWAR, Mary m 1992 DEWAR, Mary (nee Millar) DEWAR, Mary Millar 02,12, DEWAR, William Milne DEWAR, William Milne WW DEY, Margaret (Thomson) DICK, Christina DICK, Ellen (Jack) DICK, Euphemia (McIlroy) DICK, Helen (Godfrey) DICK, James Young DICK, Janet DICK, Jeanie (Marshall) DICKIE, Margaret (Forsyth) DICKSON, Agnes (McDougall) DICKSON, Agnes (nee Cleeland) DICKSON, Agnes Reid (Gauld) DICKSON, Alexander y 6m 2009 DICKSON, Alexander DICKSON, Alexander DICKSON, Alexander Infancy 2012 DICKSON, Alexander DICKSON, Alexander DICKSON, Alexander DICKSON, Catherine (Halkett) DICKSON, Christina (Wilson) DICKSON, David DICKSON, David DICKSON, David DICKSON, David Reid DICKSON, Helen (nee Low) DICKSON, Isabella (nee Reid) DICKSON, James DICKSON, James Gow DICKSON, James Gow DICKSON, Janet (nee Robertson) DICKSON, Janet Clark DICKSON, Janet R DICKSON, Jean (nee Baird) DICKSON, Jeannie (nee McDonald) DICKSON, Jessie Cameron (Kennedy) DICKSON, Jessie Jean DICKSON, John DICKSON, John DICKSON, Kate (nee Campbell) DICKSON, Louisa DICKSON, Louisa (nee Cameron?) DICKSON, Margaret DICKSON, Margaret (Kay) DICKSON, Mary DICKSON?, Mary Infancy 37

38 2042 DICKSON, Mary (Shanks) DICKSON, Mary (nee McGowan) DICKSON, William DICKSON, William DILLON, Elizabeth (Bruce) DILLON, Francis DILLON, Michael DINALLO, Antonio DOCHERTY, Mary (Wotherspoon) DOBBIE, Agnes DOBBIE, Agnes (McLaren) DOBBIE, Agnes Angus DOBBIE, David DOBBIE, Edith (nee Harris) DOBBIE, Elizabeth (nee Pinkerton) DOBBIE, Elizabeth (Sutherland) DOBBIE, Hannah (nee bain) DOBBIE, Hannah Bain (Gardiner) DOBBIE, James (DC) m 2061 DOBBIE, James DOBBIE, Janet (nee Kerr) DOBBIE, Janet (Bennie) DOBBIE, Janet (Muirhead) DOBBIE, Jeanie (nee Thomson) DOBBIE, Margaret F.R.T. (Baird) DOBBIE, Mary (Adam) DOBBIE, Mary (Pinkerton) DOBBIE, William DOBBIE, William DOBSON, Fossick Hall (nee Fortune) DOBSON, Janet Fossick DOBSON, Thomas James DOBSON, Thomas Scott DOCHERTY, Catherine (Johnstone) DON, Christina Infancy 2077 DON, Henry DON, Jessie (nee Henderson) DONACHIE, Janet Stewart (Jeffray) DONAGHEY, Rosaleen (Kane) DONALDSON, Agnes (Gentleman) DONALDSON, Alexander DONALDSON, Alexander y 2m 2084 DONALDSON, Annie H. (nee Gilfillam) DONALDSON, Christina Binne (nee Campbell) DONALDSON, Christina Reid (MacDonald) DONALDSON, Elizabeth y 6m 2088 DONALDSON, Helen DONALDSON, Isabella (Thomson) DONALDSON, James y 6m WW DONALDSON, Jean (McLaren) DONALDSON, John DONALDSON, John y 6m 2094 DONALDSON, John DONALDSON, John ? 2096 DONALDSON, John C DONALDSON, John T DONALDSON, Margaret DONALDSON, Margaret DONALDSON, Marion (nee Corsar)

39 2101 DONALDSON, Mary DONALDSON, Neil DONALDSON, Robert DONALDSON, Rowena (nee McEwan) DONALDSON, Rowina (McGilvray) DONNELLY, Ian DONNELLY, James DONNELLY, Josephine (nee O Donnell) DONNELLY?, Julie (Hynds) DONNELLY, Shirley y 2m 2111 DONNLEY, Agnes (McColl) DONOGHUE, Christie DONOGHUE, Margaret Infancy 2114 DOOHAN, Bernard DOOHAN, Sarah (nee Foy) DOOLE, Jane (Forrester) DOOLEY, Kathleen (Boslem) DOUGAL, Annie Nan (Gallagher) DOUGAL, Mary (McGinlay) DOUGALL, David DOUGALL, Elizabeth DOUGALL, James DOUGALL, Janet DOUGALL, Jessie (Jarvie) DOUGALL, Margaret DOUGALL, Margaret (nee Turnbull) DOUGALL, Robert DOUGALL, William DOUGAN, Janet (nee Archibald) DOUGAN, Sadie (Davis) DOUGAN, Tony DOUGAN, William DOUGLAS, Agnes (nee Reid?) DOUGLAS, Alexander DOUGLAS, Bella B.S. (nee Esplin) DOUGLAS, Christina H. (nee Sneddon) DOUGLAS, Elizabeth (Henderson) DOUGLAS, George y 6m 2139 DOUGLAS, George 2140 DOUGLAS, George DOUGLAS, George DOUGLAS, George DOUGLAS, Helen McN. G DOUGLAS, Hugh DOUGLAS, Isabella Davie DOUGLAS, Isobel DOUGLAS, James DOUGLAS, Jean (Higgins) DOUGLAS, Jean (Wilson) DOUGLAS, John DOUGLAS, Margaret (nee Scobbie) DOUGLAS, Margaret M. (Brodie) DOUGLAS, Mary DOUGLAS?, Mary (nee Baxter) DOUGLAS, Mary J. (nee Jenkinson) DOUGLAS, Thomas DOUGLAS, William DOW, Catherine (nee Morris) DOW, Margaret (Gardner)

40 2160 DOW, William DOWNIE?, Mary (nee Edgar?) DOWNS, Elison Ellen (Nisbet) DOYLE, Catherine (nee Cahill) DOYLE, Daniel DOYLE, Edward DOYLE, John DOYLE, Margaret (nee Bridgett) DOYLE, Margaret (nee McDonald) DOYLE, Maria (nee Petale) DOYLE, Mary DOYLE, Peter DOYLE, William DREW, Margaret (Johnston) DROMGOOLE, Alice 1936 Infancy 2175 DROMGOOLE?, Ann Catherine Infancy 2176 DROMGOOLE, Catherine (nee Hughes) DROMGOOLE, Joseph DROMGOOLE, Joseph Owen DROMGOOLE, Mary 1936 Infancy 2180 DROMGOOLE, Owen DROMGOOLE, Thomas DRUMGOOLE, Mary (Coyle) DRUMMOND, Alison (Mealls) DRUMMOND, Annie DRUMMOND, Elizabeth (Strang) DRUMMOND, Elizabeth (nee Noble) DRUMMOND, George DRUMMOND, Graham (nee Anderson) DRUMMOND, Henry DRUMMOND, Henry DRUMMOND, Ina DRUMMOND, Isabella (nee Marshall) DRUMMOND, Isabella (nee Morrison) DRUMMOND, James DRUMMOND, James DRUMMOND, James DRUMMOND, James DRUMMOND, Jane (McDougall) DRUMMOND, Jeanie Cassels DRUMMOND, Jenny (nee Brown) DRUMMOND, Jessie C. (Ritchie) DRUMMOND, Jessie Cassels (Ritchie) DRUMMOND, John DRUMMOND, John DRUMMOND, Margaret (Walker) DRUMMOND, Margaret (nee Moffat) DRUMMOND, Margaret McFarlane (Cruden) DRUMMOND, Margaret Moffat DRUMMOND, Marion (nee Cassels) DRUMMOND, Robert DRYNAN, Janet (Lochhead) DUFF, Ann (Miller) DUFF, Annie (Toner) DUFF, Jane (Skelton) DUFF, Mary (Tonner) DUFFY, Bridget (Thomson) DUFFY, Elizabeth (nee Mullen) DUFFY, Francis

41 2219 DUFFY, Francis DUFFY, Margaret (nee Wilson) DUGUID, Agnes (nee Kirkwood) DUGUID, Alexander WW DUGUID, Ann DUGUID, Ann (nee Anderson) DUGUID, David DUGUID, James DUGUID, Jane (Mitchell) DUGUID, Janet (nee Fotheringham) DUGUID, Thomas DUNBAR, Margaret (Duncan) DUNCAN, Agnes ? DUNCAN, Agnes (Watters) ? 73? 2233 DUNCAN, Agnes (nee Stevenson) DUNCAN, Agnes Gilchrist (Sneddon) DUNCAN, Alexander DUNCAN, Alexander DUNCAN, Allan DUNCAN, Ann (Gould?) DUNCAN, Annie (MacKenzie) DUNCAN, Catherine DUNCAN, Catherine ? DUNCAN?, Christina DUNCAN, Christina Waugh (nee Whyte) DUNCAN, David DUNCAN, David Adamson DUNCAN, David Livingstone DUNCAN, Elizabeth DUNCAN, Elizabeth (nee Graham) DUNCAN, Elizabeth (nee Kirkcaldy) DUNCAN, Elizabeth (Fernie) DUNCAN, Elizabeth (Welsh) DUNCAN, Helen (nee McAlpine) DUNCAN, Helen (Thomson) (DN) DUNCAN, Helen Hardie (nee Cruden) DUNCAN, Helen Low (Ferguson) DUNCAN?, Isabella DUNCAN, Isabella (McLauchlan) DUNCAN, Henrietta DUNCAN, Henry DUNCAN, James WW DUNCAN, James DUNCAN, James 28? ? DUNCAN, James DUNCAN, James DUNCAN, James DUNCAN, James DUNCAN, James DUNCAN, Janet DUNCAN?, Janet (Allan) DUNCAN, Janet (nee Johnston) DUNCAN, Janet (nee Kirk) DUNCAN, Janet (nee Thomson) DUNCAN, Jean (nee Blyth) DUNCAN, Jeannie (Babb) DUNCAN, Jessie (Mair) DUNCAN, Jessie (McMurdo) DUNCAN, John ?? 84 41

42 2278 DUNCAN, John DUNCAN, John DUNCAN, John m 2281 DUNCAN, Kate (Burns) DUNCAN, Margaret DUNCAN, Margaret (McGeachie) DUNCAN, Margaret (nee Dunbar) DUNCAN, Margaret (nee Waugh) DUNCAN, Margaret Manclark (nee Smith) DUNCAN, Marion (McNiven) DUNCAN, Martha DUNCAN, Mary (nee Bulloch) DUNCAN, Mary (nee Kirk) DUNCAN, Mary (Blair) DUNCAN, Mary (Stewart) DUNCAN, Matthew DUNCAN, Matthew DUNCAN, Robert DUNCAN, Robert Drummond DUNCAN, Thomas DUNCAN, Thomas DUNCAN, Thomas DUNCAN, William DUNCAN, William DUNCAN, William DUNCAN, William DUNCAN, William Graham DUNCAN, William Kirk DUNDAS, Margaret DUNDAS, Thomas DUNCANSON, Janet Adamson (Fleming) DUNION, Agnes (nee Haggerty) DUNION, Alexander DUNION, James DUNLOP, Adam DUNLOP, Agnes Brown (nee Kirkwood) DUNLOP, Bessie (Preston) DUNLOP, Helen (Stewart) DUNLOP,? (Gillies) ? 2317 DUNN, Agnes (nee Herd) DUNN, Agnes (nee Lawson) 2319 DUNN, Agnes (nee Marshall) DUNN, Alexander DUNN, Alexander DUNN, Alexander DUNN, Alexander DUNN, Alexander DUNN, Andrew DUNN, Andrew m 2327 DUNN, Andrew DUNN, Andrew DUNN, Andrew DUNN, Andrew DUNN, Andrew DUNN, Ann (Goodwin) DUNN, Ann (nee Goodwin) DUNN, Ann (Retson) DUNN, Anne Goodwin y 6m 2336 DUNN, Annie

43 2337 DUNN, Christina Ferguson (Cameron) DUNN, David DUNN, David y 6m 2340 DUNN, Eliza (Anderson) DUNN, Elizabeth (nee Danskin) DUNN, Elizabeth (Inglis) DUNN, Ellen (Kirkwood) DUNN, Helen Jack (Adam) DUNN, Helen (nee Jack) DUNN, Henry DUNN, Isabella (Mitchell) DUNN, Isabella (Stevenson) DUNN, Isabella (nee Hunter) DUNN, Isabella (nee Jack) DUNN?, Isabella (nee Kirk) DUNN, Isabella (nee Muirhead) (DC) DUNN, Isabella A. (Binnie?) DUNN, James (DC) / DUNN, James DUNN, James 2357 DUNN, James DUNN, James DUNN, James Russell DUNN, Jane (nee Headrick) DUNN, Jane (nee Russell?) DUNN, Janet (Hillhouse) DUNN, Janet (nee Ferguson) DUNN, Janet Ferguson DUNN, Janet (Headrick) DUNN, Jean (Rankin) DUNN, Jessie DUNN, John DUNN, John DUNN, John DUNN, John DUNN, John DUNN, Lilias (nee Allan) DUNN, Margaret DUNN, Margaret (Smith) DUNN, Margaret (nee Hendry) DUNN, Margaret (nee Kerr) DUNN, Margaret A. (Binnie?) DUNN, Mary DUNN, Mary (nee Henderson) ? 2381 DUNN, Mary (Conn) DUNN, Mary (Muirhead) DUNN, Mary (Stevenson) ? 2384 DUNN, Mary Ann (Martin) (DC) DUNN, Mary Ferguson (Haugh) DUNN, May DUNN, Rowena DUNN, Stephen Infancy 2389 DUNN, Thomas DUNN, William DUNN, William ? 2392 DUNN, William DUNNINGAN, Elizabeth (nee Ryan) DUNNIGAN, Ellen (nee O Hanlon) DUNNIGAN, Giles

44 2396 DUNNIGAN, Henry B DUNNIGAN, Joseph DUNNINGAN?, Mark Birth 2399 DUNSMORE, Agnes (nee Finlay) DUNSMORE, Agnes H. (nee Stirling) DUNSMORE, Alexander R DUNSMORE, Andrew DUNSMORE, Ann 08? ? DUNSMORE, Bessie Rennie (Adam) DUNSMORE, David R DUNSMORE, James DUNSMORE, James DUNSMORE, James 2409 DUNSMORE, Jane (Manson) DUNSMORE, John DUNSMORE, John Simpson DUNSMORE, Mary (nee Rennie) DUNSMORE, Mary (nee Stewart) DUNSMORE, Mary S DURHAM, Margaret (Hunter) DYCHE?, Isabella (nee Anderson) DYER, Agnes (Craig) DYER, Andrew DYER, Ann (Burden) DYER, Annie y 3m 2421 DYER, Annie (Crombie) DYER, Hannah P. (nee Rollo) DYER, Hugh 2424 DYER, James Infancy 2425 DYER, James W DYER, Jane (nee Hunter DYER, Janet (nee Ferguson) DYER, Jessie (nee Osborne) DYER, John DYER, John DYER, Joseph Infancy 2432 DYER, Joseph DYER, Joseph DYER, Joseph y 2m 2435 DYER, Joseph y 10m 2436 DYER, Marion (Murray) DYER, Mary (nee Robertson) 2438 DYER, Michael Infancy 2439 DYET, Gilbert DYET, Janet (nee Aitken) DYKES, James DYKES, Jessie (Mitchell) DYKES, John EADIE, Grace Scott (Miller) EADIE, Irene EADIE, Jeanie (Waller) EAGAN, Margaret (Jarvie) EARL, Elizabeth (Wyper) (DN) EARL, James EARL, Margaret (nee Laird) EARL, Mary (nee Rue) EASTON, George EASTON, Jane (nee Nicolson) 2454 EASTON?, John

45 2455 EASTON, Margaret S. (nee Buchanan) EASTON, Mary (MacKenzie) EASTON, Thomas EDGAR, Catherine (nee Grieve) EDGAR, Catherine Grieve (McClew) EDGAR, Isabella (Chalmers) EDGAR, John EDGAR, Mary (Downie?) EDGAR, Walter Grieve y 1m 2464 EDWARD, Elizabeth (Bryson) EDWARD, George EDWARD, Mary Elizabeth (nee Moore) EDWARDSON, June m 2468 ELLIOTT, Elizabeth E. (Ewing) ELLIOTT, Iris Mary ELLIOTT, Mary W. (nee Wright) ELLIOTT, William F.A ELLIS, Jane Cuthill (nee Watson) ELLIS, Jemima (Simpson) ELLIS, Peter Finlay ELLIS, Nessie (McKay) EMSLIE, Agnes (nee Gentleman) ERSKINE, Agnes (nee Carruthers) ERSKINE, Agnes Williamina ERSKINE, Alexander ? ERSKINE, Annie Cowie (nee Bennie) ERSKINE, Ebenezer ERSKINE, Ebenezer ERSKINE, Ebenezer ERSKINE, Elizabeth ERSKINE, Elizabeth A. (Templeton) ERSKINE, Helen S. (nee Stevenson) ERSKINE, Helen Stevenson (Hopkins) ERSKINE, Helen S. (Miller) ERSKINE, James ERSKINE, Janet (Riddick?) ERSKINE, Janet R. (nee Dickson) ERSKINE, Jean G ERSKINE, Jessie ERSKINE, John ERSKINE, John ERSKINE, Margaret ERSKINE, Martin WW ERSKINE, Mary (Thomson) ERSKINE, Mary Jane ERSKINE, Robert ERSKINE, Robert ERSKINE, Robert Mar ERSKINE, Walter John Carruthers ERSKINE, William ESPLIN, Andrew U ESPLIN, Bella B.S ESPLIN, Elizabeth (nee Gray) ESPLIN, Frank ESPLIN, George ESPLIN, George H ESPLIN, George Ivor ESPLIN, Helen (nee Waller) ESPLIN, Jane Alexander (nee Lindsay)

46 2514 ESPLIN, Jean Coralie ESPLIN, Maisie (nee Brown) ESPLIN, Milly y 3m 2517 ESPLIN, William ESPLIN, William Alexander EWING, Elizabeth E EWING, Robert (DN) FAGAN, Bridget (McGuire) 05? ? 2522 FAIRBAIRN, Constance Agnes (Miller) FAIRLEY, David FAIRLIE, Archibald FAIRLIE, Jemima (nee Henderson) FAIRLIE, Jessie (nee Gow) FAIRLIE, John FALLON, James FALLON, Sarah FARQUHAR, Alice (nee Keegan) FARQUHAR, Alice (Podmore) FARQUHAR, Alison FARQUHAR, Margaret (nee Paterson) FARQUHAR?, Michael FARQUHAR, William FARRELL?, Catherine (Brown) FAUGHNAN, Agnes (nee Love) FAUGHNAN, Thomas FAULDS, Annie (nee Black) ? 2540 FAULDS, Daniel WW FAULDS, Mary (McLagan) FAULDS, Mary (nee Anderson) FAULDS, William FAY, Eliizabeth (Joss) FERGUS, Archibald Edmonstone FERGUS, Archibald Edmonstone FERGUS, Catherine (nee Beverige) FERGUS, Christina (nee Allan) FERGUS, Elizabeth (McAlpine) FERGUS, Helen Martin (Benn) FERGUS, Mary FERGUSON, Alexander FERGUSON, Alexander FERGUSON, Alexander Infancy 2555 FERGUSON, Alexander FERGUSON, Alexander FERGUSON, Annie (Ashwood) FERGUSON, Annie (McAlpine) FERGUSON, Catherine FERGUSON, Catherine (nee Paterson) FERGUSON, Catherine G FERGUSON, Cecil Bruce FERGUSON, Charles Edward y 1m 2564 FERGUSON, Christina Headrick (Stewart) FERGUSON, Cornelius FERGUSON, Daniel FERGUSON, Daniel FERGUSON, David FERGUSON, Douglas FERGUSON, Elizabeth FERGUSON, Elizabeth (nee Forrester) FERGUSON, Elizabeth (nee Logie)

47 2573 FERGUSON, Elizabeth (nee Watson) FERGUSON, Elizabeth Ann FERGUSON, Euphemia Headrick (Henderson) FERGUSON, Helen (Niven) FERGUSON, Helen (Paul) FERGUSON, Helen Low (nee Duncan) FERGUSON, Hugh FERGUSON, Ian Stark FERGUSON, Isobel FERGUSON, James FERGUSON, James FERGUSON, James m 2585 FERGUSON, James H.W FERGUSON, Janet (nee Dawson) FERGUSON, Janet (nee Headrick) FERGUSON, Janet (Dunn) FERGUSON, Janet (Dyer) FERGUSON, Janet (McAlpine) FERGUSON, Janet Thom m 2592 FERGUSON, Jean FERGUSON, Jeannie FERGUSON, Jessie (nee McLauchlan) FERGUSON, Joan (McQueen) FERGUSON, John 18? FERGUSON, John FERGUSON, John FERGUSON, John Duncan FERGUSON, Margaret FERGUSON, Margaret (Ibell) FERGUSON, Margaret (Rutherford) FERGUSON, Margaret Ann (nee Watt) ? 2604 FERGUSON, Mary FERGUSON, Mary (nee Anderson) FERGUSON, Mary (nee Kirkwood) FERGUSON, Mary (nee Neill) FERGUSON, Mary (Bryson) FERGUSON, Mary (Reid) FERGUSON, Mary (Thomson) FERGUSON, McGregor (nee McKillop) FERGUSON, Minnie (nee Morrison) FERGUSON, Nettie (nee Stark) FERGUSON, Peter FERGUSON, Peter FERGUSON, Rebecca (nee Rutherford) FERGUSON, Thomas FERGUSON, Thomas FERGUSON, Thomas Thomson FERGUSON, William FERGUSON, William FERGUSON, William C FERGUSON, William Gordon Campbell WW FERGUSON, William Headrick FERNIE, Annie Anderson (Martin) FERNIE, Elizabeth (nee Duncan) FERNIE, John FERRARI, James FERRARI, Mary FERRARI, Robert FERRARI, Rosa

48 2632 FINDLAY, Agnes (Stirling) FINDLAY, Elizabeth Henderson (Russell) FINDLAY, Helen (Welsh) FINDLAY, Margaret (Skillen) FINLAY, Agnes (Blair) FINLAY, Agnes (Brownlie) FINLAY, Agnes (Dunsmore) FINLAY, Catherine (Anderson) FINLAY, Catherine (Nicol) FINLAY, Catherine (nee O Berg) FINLAY, Elizabeth (nee Nelson) 2643 FINLAY, Hannah (nee Strang) FINLAY, John 2645 FINLAY, John W FINLAY, Joseph FINLAY, Mary (nee Mackay) FINLAY, Mary D. (Stark) FINLAY, Peter FINLAY, Peter Forsyth FINLAY, Robert FINLAYSON, Christian (Sutherland) FINLAYSON, Jane (Turnbull) FINNIGAN, Elizabeth (Ryan) FISH, Jane (Gentleman) FISHER, Agnes (Goodwin) FISHER, Alexander FISHER, Annie Watts (nee Allan) FISHER?, Christina (Gardner) FISHER, Helen (Mills) FISHER, Janet (nee Stewart) FISHER, Janet (Allan) FISHER, Janet Stewart FISHER?, Jeanie (Simpson) FISHER, John FISHER, Thomas William y 4m 2667 FISHER, William y 6m 2668 FISHER, William Bowie FITZGERALD, Annie (nee Bennett) FITZGERALD, Joseph FITZPATRICK, Agnes (nee Reagan) FITZPATRICK, Catherine (Conroy) FITZPATRICK, Mary (McMenamy) 2674 FITXSIMMONS, James FITZSIMMONS, Mary Ann (nee Kane) FITZSIMMONS, Rebecca FITZSIMMONS, terence FIVEY, Isabel (nee McCafferty) FIVEY, Mary Ann (Shaw) FIVEY, Thomas FLECK, Catherine FLECK, Robert FLEMING, Abigail (Brock) FLEMING, Ada (nee Low) FLEMING, Agnes (nee Steel) FLEMING, Alexander Rennie FLEMING, Annie (nee Forsyth) FLEMING, Annie (nee McCorie) FLEMING, Annie (Moore) FLEMING, Annie Atkin (nee Moffat)

49 2691 FLEMING, David D FLEMING, Elizabeth (Poodle) FLEMING, Elizabeth (Welsh) FLEMING, Elizabeth Davidson (nee McConchie) FLEMING, George FLEMING, Hugh FLEMING, James FLEMING, James FLEMING, James D FLEMING, James Dewar y 9m 2701 FLEMING?, Jane T. (nee Skinner) FLEMING, Janet (Gray) FLEMING, Janet Adamson (nee Duncan) FLEMING, Jeanie McGairns y 6m 2705 FLEMING, John FLEMING, John FLEMING, John FLEMING, Magdalene Skinner FLEMING, Margaret (Anderson) FLEMING, Margaret (Bell) FLEMING, Mary (Couper) FLEMING, Mary (nee Blane) FLEMING, T.L FLEMING, William FLEMING, William y 5m 2716 FLETCHER, Hazel Lindsay y 4m 2717 FOOTE, Jessie FORBES, Adam Robert FORBES, Agnes (Chalmers) FORBES, Alexander FORBES, Annie McKenzie (Liddell) FORBES, Annie Telfer (nee Papworth) FORBES, Catherine Ann (Hendry) FORBES, Grace Ronney (nee Moffat) FORBES, Hugh FORBES, Hugh FORBES, Isabella (Henderson) FORBES, Isabella (Hendry) FORBES, Isabella (nee Fulton) FORBES, Jane (nee Hector) FORBES, Jane (nee McEwan) FORBES, Jessie (Paterson) FORBES, John FORBES, Marion (nee Campbell) FORBES, Marjory (Lambert) FORBES, Mary (Shields) FORBES, Mary Hector FORBES, Mary Reid (Adams) FORBES, Baby FORDYCE, Elizabeth (nee Murdoch) FORREST, Annie (nee Gray) FORREST, Charles FORREST, James FORREST, James FORREST, Jane (Kelly) FORREST, Jessie (nee Leggat) FORREST, Marion (Denholm) FORREST, Mary Mamie (Hardie?) FORRESTER, Agnes Adam (nee Goodwin)

50 2750 FORRESTER, Alexander Borland ? 2751 FORRESTER, Anne (Irvine) FORRESTER, Catherine Maxton (Hunter) FORRESTER, Elizabeth (nee Ferguson) FORRESTER, Elizabeth (Adam) FORRESTER, Jane (nee Doole) FORRESTER, Jeanie (Taylor) FORRESTER, Jessie Colvin FORRESTER, Mary (Baxter) FORRESTER, Michael FORSYTH, Agnes (Stewart) FORSYTH, Alexander FORSYTH, Alexander C.P FORSYTH, Ann (nee Muirhead) FORSYTH, Ann (nee Reid) FORSYTH, Anna FORSYTH, Annie (nee McLuskie) FORSYTH, Annie (Fleming) FORSYTH, Annie Melville (nee Slater) FORSYTH, Archibald FORSYTH, Christina FORSYTH, Clementina (Melvin) FORSYTH, David ? 2773 FORSYTH, David ? FORSYTH, David FORSYTH, David FORSYTH, David FORSYTH, David 2778 FORSYTH, David 2779 FORSYTH, Elizabeth ?? 38? 2780 FORSYTH, Elizabeth ? FORSYTH, Elizabeth FORSYTH, Elizabeth (nee Moffat) FORSYTH, Ethel Agnes (nee Stark) FORSYTH, Frederick FORSYTH, George FORSYTH, George FORSYTH, George Smith FORSYTH, Grace, (nee Hughes) FORSYTH, Hannah (nee Neilson) FORSYTH, Helen (Baird) FORSYTH, Isabella FORSYTH, Isabella FORSYTH, Isabella (nee Davie) FORSYTH, James FORSYTH, James FORSYTH, James FORSYTH, Jane (nee McLuskie) FORSYTH, Jane Muirhead m 2799 FORSYTH, Janet (Mitchell) FORSYTH, Janet (Smith) FORSYTH, Jean (nee Fowler) FORSYTH, Jean (Brown) FORSYTH, Jeanie Hamilton (nee Park) FORSYTH, Jessie FORSYTH, John FORSYTH, John FORSYTH, John FORSYTH, John

51 2809 FORSYTH, John W WW FORSYTH?, Maggie (Waddell) FORSYTH, Maisie (McLanchan) FORSYTH?, Margaret FORSYTH, Margaret (Liddell) FORSYTH, Margaret (Weir) FORSYTH, Margaret (nee Forsyth) FORSYTH, Margaret Neilson FORSYTH, Marion (nee Sneddon) FORSYTH, Marion (nee Sneddon) FORSYTH, Mary (nee Anderson) FORSYTH, Mary (nee Pollock) FORSYTH, Mary (nee Smith) FORSYTH, Mary (Cooper) FORSYTH, Nicholas Infancy 2824 FORSYTH, Peter FORSYTH, Peter FORSYTH, Peter FORSYTH, Robert FORSYTH?, Robert FORSYTH, Samuel FORSYTH, Samuel FORSYTH, Sheila Infancy 2832 FORSYTH, William FORSYTH, William 01? ? 2834 FORSYTH, William ? 2835 FORSYTH, William FORSYTH, William 12? ? 2837 FORTUNE, Fossick Hall (Dobson) FORTUNE, Margaret Tair (Miller) FOSTER, Albert W FOSTER, Elizabeth B FOSTER, Mary (Strang) FOTHERINGHAM, Agnes (nee Clark) FOTHERINGHAM, Agnes (Walker) FOTHERINGHAM, Alice FOTHERINGHAM, Barbara (Dawson) FOTHERINGHAM, Bessie FOTHERINGHAM, Catherine FOTHERINGHAM, Catherine (Stewart) FOTHERINGHAM, David FOTHERINGHAM, David FOTHERINGHAM, Elizabeth (Brown) FOTHERINGHAM, Elizabeth (Muir) FOTHERINGHAM, George FOTHERINGHAM, Helen (nee Anderson) FOTHERINGHAM, James D FOTHERINGHAM, Jane Coventry (nee Murray) FOTHERINGHAM, Janet (Duguid) FOTHERINGHAM, Jean FOTHERINGHAM, Jean (nee Russell) FOTHERINGHAM, Jean (Stanners) FOTHERINGHAM, Jessie FOTHERINGHAM, John FOTHERINGHAM, John FOTHERINGHAM, John FOTHERINGHAM, Margaret m 2866 FOTHERINGHAM, Margaret (nee Shearer) FOTHERINGHAM, Margaret (Kirkwood)

52 2868 FOTHERINGHAM, Margaret (Paterson) FOTHERINGHAM, Mary FOTHERINGHAM, Mary (nee Dawson) FOTHERINGHAM, Mary (Anderson) FOTHERINGHAM, Robert F FOWLER, George FOWLER, Jane (Livingston) FOWLER, Jean (Forsyth) FOWLIE, Jean (Stanners) FOX, Jane (Moody) FOX, Janet (Laurie) FOY, Annie (Smith) FOY, Sarah (Doohan) FRAME, Alison (Henderson) FRANCE, Annie w 2883 FRANCE, Bertha (nee Anderson) FRANCE, Daniel FRANCE, Elizabeth (nee Wyness) FRANCE, Elizabeth (Kerrigan) FRANCE, George FRANCE, George FRANCE, Jamesina (nee Wyness) FRANCE, Lizzie (Cameron) FRANCE, Mary (Wilson) FRANCE, William y 10m 2893 FRASER, Agnes (nee Hay) FRASER, Annie FRASER, Annie S.D. (nee Blair) FRASER, Charles y 3m 2897 FRASER, Hamish WW FRASER, Helen (Scott) FRASER, James FRASER, James W FRASER, Margaret (nee Leishman) FRASER, Margaret (Bennie) FRASER, Margaret (Thomson) FRASER, Margaret A. (Millar) FRASER, Malcolm FRASER, Rachel Gordon (nee Machray) FRASER, Robert FRASER, Sarah (Ralston) FRATER, Janet Stark (nee Russell) FRATER, John FREW?, Agnes (Penman) FREW, Mary (Aitken) FULCHER, Allan F FULCHER, Charles F FULLARD, Christopher FULLARD, Mary (nee Connell) FULTON, Andrew FULTON, Annie (Dawson) FULTON, Betsy 2920 FULTON, Bryce FULTON, Catherine FULTON, Catherine (nee Paterson) FULTON, Cissie, 2924 FULTON, Elizabeth FULTON, Elizabeth Infancy 2926 FULTON, Helen Carrick (Higgins)

53 2927 FULTON, Helen Morgan (nee Bain) FULTON, Henry FULTON, Henry FULTON, Isabella (Forbes) FULTON, Jane (Hutchison) FULTON, Jeanie (nee Gilchrist) FULTON, John FULTON, John FULTON, Kate 2936 FULTON, Margaret (McAlipne) FULTON, Margaret (nee jack) FULTON, Nancy 2939 FULTON, Robert Jack FULTON, William FURTEK, Eleanora (Markowski) FYFE, Margaret (Blair) GADDICK, Benjamin GADDICK, Laura (Codona) GADDICK, Sophia GAJDA, Adolf GALLAGHER, Annie Nan (nee Dougal) GALLAGHER, Arthur GALLAGHER, Edward GALLAGHER, Patrick GALLAN, Elizabeth (nee Wilson) (DN) GALLAN, Walter Craig GALLON, Margaret (Kidd) GALLOWAY, Agnes Helen (Hendry) GALLOWAY, Archibald GALLOWAY, Catherine m 2957 GALLOWAY, David Albert GALLOWAY, David Dobbie GALLOWAY, David Paterson GALLOWAY, Jane (nee Taylor) GALLOWAY, Madelina Vetesse (nee Brown) GARDNER, Agnes Infancy 2963 GARDNER, Agnes (Hume) GARDNER, Agnes J. (nee Wren) GARDNER, Alexander GARDNER, Annabella Johnston GARDNER, Annie (nee Melvin) GARDNER, Bethea (nee Shanks) GARDNER, Bridget GARDNER, Catherine (nee Alexander) GARDNER, Christina (nee Fisher?) GARDNER, Elizabeth (nee Stevenson) GARDNER, Helen (Lamont) GARDNER, Jean (Smith) GARDNER, Jessie (nee Johnston) GARDNER, Jessie (Paterson) GARDNER, John Infancy 2978 GARDNER, John Wilson GARDNER, Margaret (nee Dow) 22.02, GARDNER, Margaret Love (Black) GARDNER, Mary (Boak) GARDNER, Mary Pettigrew GARDNER, Peter GARDNER, Peter GARDNER, Robert

54 2986 GARDNER, Robert Pettigrew GARDNER, Robert S GARDNER, Robina (Binnie) GARDNER, William GARDNER, William GARDNER, William GARDNER, William Infancy 2993 GARDNER, William Willie 8m 2994 GARDINER, Agnes (Neilson) GARDINER, Agnes (Wilson) GARDINER, Alexander GARDINER, Alexander GARDINER, Annie (nee Binnie) GARDINER, Catherine (Johnstone) GARDINER, Christina (nee Paterson?) GARDINER, Elizabeth ? 1y 5m 3002 GARDINER, Elizabeth GARDINER, Elizabeth y 5m 3004 GARDINER, Georgina (Brown) GARDINER, Hannah Bain (nee Dobbie) GARDINER, Helen Boning (nee Murdoch) GARDINER, Hugh McLaren GARDINER, James GARDINER, Janet GARDINER, Jean (Smith) GARDINER, Jeanie (Moffat) GARDINER, Jenny (Martin) GARDINER, John GARDINER, Margaret (Graham) GARDINER, Marion (nee Moffat?) GARDINER, Mary (nee Stewart) GARDINER, Robert GARDINER, Walter GARDINER, Walter GARDINER, Walter GARDINER, Walter GARDINER, Walter Towers GARGANO, Maria (Petale?) GARNER, Helen (nee Short) GARNER, John GARRITY, Bernerd GARRITY, Catherine GARRITY, John 7y 6m 3029 GARRITY, Thomas GARVIE, Catherine (Henderson) GAULD, Alexander GAULD, Alfred GAULD, Agnes H. (nee Muirhead) GAULD, Agnes Hutton (nee Muirhead) GAULD, Agnes Reid (nee Dickson) GAULD, Annie (nee Conroy?) y 1d 3037 GAULD, Barbara (Tillie) GAULD, Christina (Kerr) GAULD, Elizabeth GAULD, Elizabeth (Stirling) GAULD, George GAULD, George GAULD, James GAULD, Jessie (nee Gillespie)

55 3045 GAULD, Jessie Gilespie (Innes) GAULD, Jessie G. (Lind) GAULD, John G GEE, Nellie (Cruden) GELLATELY, James Scobie GENTLMAN, Agnes (nee Donaldson) GENTLEMAN, Agnes (Emslie) GENTLEMAN, Andrew L GENTLEMAN, James GENTLEMAN, Jane (nee Fish) GENTLEMAN, Janet (nee Logan) GENTLEMAN, Jean (Steel) GENTLEMAN, John GENTLEMAN, John GENTLEMAN, John GENTLEMAN, John GENTLEMAN, Mary (nee Nimmo) GENTLEMAN, Peter GENTLEMAN, Robert GENTLEMAN, Robert GENTLES, Adam GENTLES, Alexander ? WW GENTLES, Archibald ? GENTLES, Eliza (Higgins) GENTLES, Elizabeth GENTLES, George y 7m 3071 GENTLES, George GENTLES, Helen Main GENTLES, Helen McN. (nee Hay) GENTLES, Isabella ? 3075 GENTLES, Isabella (nee Madden) 13? GENTLES, Isabella (Smith) GENTLES, Jane Graham ?? GENTLES, Jane (Young) GENTLES, Janet Todd (nee Darroch) GENTLES, Jeanie G. Menzies) GENTLES, John ?? GENTLES, John GENTLES, John GENTLES, John ? 3085 GENTLES, Louisa GENTLES, Louisa (nee Woodman) GENTLES, Margaret GENTLES, Margaret (Brodie) GENTLES, Margaret Dobbie ???? 5/15m? 3090 GENTLES, Mary (nee Anderson) GENTLES, Mary (Wighton?) GENTLES, Robert ? GENTLES, Robert GENTLES, William GEOGHEGAN, Christina (nee Kemp) GEOGHEGAN, Ellen (Bennett) GEOGHEGAN, Thomas GEORGE, James GIBB, Catherine (nee Nimmo) GIBB, John McLeod GIBBONS, Barbara GIBSON, Agnes GIBSON, Annie

56 3104 GIBSON, Catherine (nee O Donnell) GIBSON, Elizabeth (Profit) GIBSON, Helen (Wyness) GIBSON, James GIBSON, Jean (nee Kean) GIBSON, Jean (Millar) GIBSON, Jean neill (Taylor) GIBSON, Jeanie GIBSON, John GIBSON, John K GIBSON, Joseph GIBSON, Margaret (nee McMillan) GIBSON, Margaret (nee Wilson) GIBSON, Marion (nee Hunter) GIBSON, Mary GIBSON, Rachel (Marshall) GIBSON, Walter GIBSON, Walter GIBSON, Two Children Infancy 3123 GILBERT, Janet A. (Roberts) GILCHRIST, Agnes 3125 GILCHRIST, Agnes (nee Young) GILCHRIST, Annie Elizabeth (nee Dermit) GILCHRIST, Elizabeth GILCHRIST, Elizabeth (Stalker) GILCHRIST, Henry GILCHRIST, Janet (Thomson) GILCHRIST, Janet Muirhead GILCHRIST, Jeanie GILCHRIST, Jeanie (Fulton) GILCHRIST, Nellie (McAuslan) GILCHRIST, Robert GILCHRIST, Samuel Muirhead GILCHRIST, William GILFILLAN, Andrewina (Drummond) GILFILLAN, Ann (nee Morrison) GILFILLAN, Ann Menzies) GILFILLAN, Annie H. (Donaldson) GILFILLAN, James GILFILLAN, John GILL, Edward Bolton GILL, Jessie (nee Campbell) GILLAN, Agnes (nee Muir) GILLAN, Agnes (McFadyen) GILLAN, Jeanie GILLAN, Robert GILLAN, Thomas GILLANDERS, Agnes (nee Strang) GILLANDERS, John GILLESPIE, Agnes (nee McGregor) GILLESPIE, Agnes (nee Robertson) GILLESPIE, Agnes Taylor m 3156 GILLESPIE, Alexander GILLESPIE, Alexander GILLESPIE, Alexander Infancy 3159 GILLESPIE, Alexander GILLESPIE, Alexander GILLESPIE, Alice (nee Snailham?) GILLESPIE, Andrew

57 3163 GILLESPIE, Andrew Kirkwood y 6m 3164 GILLESPIE, Annie (Comrie) GILLESPIE, Catherine (Stewart) GILLESPIE, Catherine Kirkwood GILLESPIE, David GILLESPIE, David GILLESPIE, Elizabeth (Perry) GILLESPIE, Elizabeth Grieve m 3171 GILLESPIE, Euphemia (nee Anderson) GILLESPIE, Eva Charlotte Kirkwood y 6m 3173 GILLESPIE, George H GILLESPIE, Helen Charlotte GILLESPIE, Isabella (nee Grindlay) GILLESPIE, James GILLESPIE, James Kirkwood GILLESPIE, James Kirkwood GILLESPIE, Jane Duncan GILLESPIE, Janet (nee Carrick) GILLESPIE, Janet (nee Kirkwood) GILLESPIE, Janet (nee Thomson) GILLESPIE, Janet (nee Young) GILLESPIE, Janet Cowan (nee Henderson) GILLESPIE, Jean (nee Aitken) GILLESPIE, Jean (nee Johnston) GILLESPIE, Jean (Peattie) GILLESPIE, Jeanie (Campbell) GILLESPIE, Jeannie Drummond (Meikle) GILLESPIE, Jessie (nee Henderson) GILLESPIE, Jessie (Gauld) GILLESPIE, Jessie Kirkwood m 3193 GILLESPIE, John GILLESPIE, John GILLESPIE, John GILLESPIE, John GILLESPIE, John Infancy 3198 GILLESPIE, John Duncan GILLESPIE, Lizzie y 6m 3200 GILLESPIE, Margaret McEwan Tough (Hogg) GILLESPIE, Mary GILLESPIE, Mary w 3203 GILLESPIE, Mary (nee Devlin) GILLESPIE, Mary (nee Grieve) GILLESPIE, Mary (Blair) GILLESPIE, Mary (McVicar) GILLESPIE, Mary Bowie Kirkwood GILLESPIE, Mary Isabella (nee Hargreaves) GILLESPIE, Matilda (nee Taylor) GILLESPIE, Peter GILLESPIE, Peter GILLESPIE, Robert GILLESPIE, Robert GILLESPIE, Robert GILLESPIE, Robert GILLESPIE, Shirley Infancy 3217 GILLESPIE, Susan (nee Hannah) ? 3218 GILLESPIE, Thomas GILLESPIE, William GILLESPIE, William GILLESPIE, William Henderson WW1 57

58 3222 GILLESPIE, William Kirkwood GILLESPIE, William T GILLESPIE, Wiliamina (Wotherspoon) GILLESPIE, baby 3226 GILLIES, Agnes D. (Miller) (DC) GILLIES, Bessie McMillan (nee McFarlane) GILLIES, Christina (Marshall) GILLIES, David GILLIES, Elizabeth (nee Rankin) GILLIES, Elizabeth (Mirk) GILLIES, Helen Rattray (Hoggan) GILLIES, Hugh GILLIES, Jane (Anderson) GILLIES, Jeanie GILLIES, Margaret GILLIES, Richard Dick GILLIES, William GILLIES, William Richard y 6m 3240 GILLIES,?, (nee Dunlop) ? 3241 GILLILAND, Sarah (Bennett) GILLON?, Margaret (Maxwell) GILLON, Mary (nee Crossley) GILLON, William GILMOUR, Alice (nee Newbigging) GILMOUR, Allan GILMOUR, Catherine (nee Traynor) GILMOUR, Elizabeth (Morton) GILMOUR, Elizabeth (Sloggett) GILMOUR, Hector GILMOUR, Helen (nee Marshall) GILMOUR, Jane Osborne (nee Hutchison) GILMOUR, John GILMOUR, John GILMOUR, Mary (Milligan) GILMOUR, William GIRVAN, Ann (nee McMenamy) GIRVAN, Francis GIRVAN, Kate (O Neil) GLASS, Janet (McGruther) GLENDAY, Georganna Maria (nee Allen) GLENDAY, George Allen y 6m 3263 GLENDAY, John GODDARD, Alan Edward WW GODFREY, Ben GODFREY, David GODFREY, Helen (nee Dick) GODFREY, Margaret (nee McColl) GODZIK, David A GOLD, Annie (Paterson) GOOD, James GOOD, Mina (nee Lorimer) GOODALL, Esther (Hannay) GOODSIR, Robert GOODSIR, William B GOODWIN, Agnes (nee Fisher) GOODWIN, Agnes Adam (Forrester) GOODWIN, Alexander (DN) GOODWIN, Alexander GOODWIN, Alexander (DC) y 6m 58

59 3281 GOODWIN, Ann (nee Dunn) GOODWIN, Ann (Dunn) GOODWIN, Barbara (nee Rennie) GOODWIN, Barbara (Provan) GOODWIN, Barbara (Rennie) GOODWIN, Barbara Campbell GOODWIN, Betsy (nee Seaton) GOODWIN, Catherine GOODWIN, Catherine Caldwell (Nisbet) GOODWIN, Elizabeth GOODWIN, Elizabeth (Anderson) GOODWIN, George B GOODWIN, Henry GOODWIN, James GOODWIN, James Henry GOODWIN, Janet m 3297 GOODWIN, Janet (Hay) GOODWIN, Janet (Rennie) GOODWIN, John GOODWIN, John GOODWIN, John GOODWIN, John GOODWIN, John GOODWIN, John GOODWIN, John Caldwell GOODWIN, Margaret (nee Jaffray) GOODWIN, Margaret (nee Paton) GOODWIN, Margaret (nee Thomson?) GOODWIN, Margaret Y. (nee Miller) GOODWIN, Margaret (Martin) GOODWIN, Marion (nee Wallace) GOODWIN, Mary (nee Baird) GOODWIN, May (Vallance) GOODWIN, Robert GOODWIN, Robert WW GOODWIN, William (DN) GOODWIN, William GOODWIN, William GOODWIN, William Paton Infancy 3320 GORDON, Charles P GORDON, George H GORDON, Helen (McPhie) GORDON, Janet (nee Welsh) GORDON, Margaret (nee Jamieson) GORDON?, Margaret Drynan (nee Lochhead) GORDON?, Mary (nee Robertson) GORMAN, Molly GORMAN, Patrick GORRIE, A WW GORRIE, Andrew GORRIE, Andrew Young GORRIE, Annie (nee Rintoul) GORRIE, Christina (nee Simpson) GORRIE, David GORRIE, David GORRIE, Elizabeth (Ritchie) GORRIE, Isabella T. (McCulloch) GORRIE, James WW GORRIE?, Jean (nee Martin)

60 3340 GORRIE, Margaret y 11m 3341 GORRIE, Margaret GORRIE, Marion GORRIE, Marion (nee Hutchison) GORRIE, Thomas GORRY, Caroline GORRY, Hugh GORRY, James GORRY, Mary (Hogg) GORRY, Michael GORRY, Winifred (nee Traynor) GOSS, Alfred GOSS, Alfred William GOSS, Daniel 1y 1m 3354 GOSS, Jane GOSS, William GOULD, Ann (nee Duncan) GOURLAY, Elizabeth GOURLAY, Mary GOVAN, Jane (nee Grant?) GOVAN, Marion GOVAN, Mary (nee Mealls) GOVAN, Thomas GOW, Archibald GOW, Archibald GOW, Christina GOW, Christina GOW, Helen (nee Walker) GOW, Isabella (nee McKenzie) GOW, Jessie GOW?, Margaret (nee Paul) GOW, Margaret (Paul) GOW, Robert GOWE, Andrew GOWE, Elizabeth (nee Bennie) GOWE, Robert GRACIE, Christina (McCulloch) GRACIE, John GRACIE, Lilias White (Manson) GRACIE, Margaret (nee Paterson) GRACIE, Marjorie (nee McIntyre) GRAHAM, Annie (nee McDougall) GRAHAM, Annie M. (Adam) GRAHAM, Catherine (nee Amos) GRAHAM, Christina [Ena] (nee Laing) GRAHAM, Christina (Anderson) GRAHAM, David GRAHAM, David GRAHAM, Eddie GRAHAM, Edward y 6m 3390 GRAHAM, Elizabeth m 3391 GRAHAM, Elizabeth (Duncan) GRAHAM, Elizabeth (Strachan) GRAHAM, Elizabeth (Thomson) GRAHAM, Euphemia (nee Sneddon) GRAHAM, Euphemia (Anderson) GRAHAM, Euphemia Effie (Taylor) GRAHAM, George GRAHAM, Helen (nee Hillhouse)

61 3399 GRAHAM, Isabella GRAHAM, Isabella (nee Scotland) GRAHAM, Isabella Adam (Johnston) GRAHAM, James Kirkwood GRAHAM, Jean (nee Stark) GRAHAM, Jean Taylor (nee Hendry) GRAHAM, Jeanie y 6m 3406 GRAHAM, Jessie (nee Kirkwood) GRAHAM, Jessie (nee Neill) GRAHAM?, Jessie (Shanks) GRAHAM, John GRAHAM, John GRAHAM, John Hopkins GRAHAM, Kate (nee MacLauchlan) GRAHAM, Laughlin GRAHAM, Margaret (nee Reid) GRAHAM, Margaret (Ballantyne) GRAHAM, Margaret (Gardinder) GRAHAM, Margaret (Henderson) GRAHAM, Martha (nee Paterson) GRAHAM, Mary (nee Templeton) GRAHAM, Minnie (nee McKay) GRAHAM, Richard GRAHAM, Robert GRAHAM, Robert GRAHAM, Robert GRAHAM, Robert GRAHAM, Robert GRAHAM, Robert GRAHAM, Sophia (Cooper) GRAHAM, William GRAHAM, William GRAHAM, William GRANT, Alexander GRANT, Andrew GRANT, Annie (Bateman) GRANT, Belle (nee Murphy) GRANT, Bridget (nee McKeever) GRANT, Charles GRANT, Christina (Allan) GRANT, Christina Gillespie GRANT, Christina Jane (nee MacDonald) GRANT, Elizabeth (McGuire) GRANT, Elizabeth McD. (nee Moir) GRANT, Elsie (nee Wyper) GRANT, Elsie (Stewart) GRANT, Florence Dora (Nee Rooke) GRANT, Grace GRANT, Hugh GRANT, Hugh GRANT, Hugh 3450 GRANT, Hughie 3451 GRANT, Isabella (nee Kirkwood) GRANT, Isabella Kirkwood GRANT, James GRANT?, Jane (Govan) GRANT, Janet Cruikshank GRANT, Janet (O Hanlon) GRANT, Janie (nee Turnbull)

62 3458 GRANT, John 3459 GRANT, John GRANT, Louise y 6m 3461 GRANT?, Martha (nee McCormick) GRANT, Martin GRANT, Nan (nee Kane) GRANT, Patty 3465 GRANT, Patty 3466 GRANT, Peter GRANT, Robert GRANT, Thomas GRANT, Thomas Greive GRANT, Wilhelmina C GRANT, William Angus GRANT, Winifred 3473 GRASSICK, Grace (Kinsman) GRAY, Alexander Cuthill GRAY, Alice (Miller) GRAY, Alison (Johnston) GRAY, Ann GRAY, Ann (nee Johnston) GRAY, Annie (Forrest) GRAY, Bella 3481 GRAY, Catherine (Baxter) GRAY, Catherine (Paul) ? 3483 GRAY, Donald GRAY, Eliza (nee Cramb) GRAY, Elizabeth (nee Straiton) GRAY, Elizabeth (Esplin) GRAY, Elizabeth Brown GRAY, Elizabeth Cuthill (nee Scott) GRAY, George 3490 GRAY, Isabella (Brown) GRAY, Isabella Brown GRAY, James m 3493 GRAY, James GRAY, Jane Cuthill (Benny) GRAY, Jane F. (McInnes) GRAY, Janet GRAY, Janet (nee Allan) GRAY, Janet (nee Cumming) GRAY, Janet (nee Fleming) GRAY, Janet (nee Ure) GRAY, Janet (Stewart) GRAY, Jean 3503 GRAY, Jessie (nee Laird) GRAY, Jessie Colville (nee Hunter) GRAY, John GRAY, John (DC) GRAY, John GRAY, John GRAY, John William GRAY, Lily Spiers (Brander) GRAY, Louisa Abercromby GRAY, Margaret GRAY, Margaret (nee Hay) GRAY, Mary (Marshall) GRAY?, Mary (nee Marshall) GRAY, Mary ((McKay)

63 3517 GRAY, Mary (Molloy) GRAY, Mary Miller (nee Smith) ? 3519 GRAY, Matthew 3520 GRAY, Peter GRAY, Peter 3522 GRAY, Robert GRAY, Robert GRAY, Robert GRAY, Robert Raeburn GRAY, Thomas GRAY, William GREEN, Annie G. (Smith) GREEN, George GREEN, James GREEN, Margaret (Smith) GREEN, Jary (nee McCrorie) GREENHILL, Alexander Stewart WW GREENHILL, Jane GREENHILL, Jeanie Stewart GREENHILL, Laurence GREENHILL, William y 2m 3538 GREENHILL, William Stewart m 3539 GREENSHIELDS, Jean Feguson (McLuskie) GREENWOOD/MORAN 3541 GREIG?, Alexander 3542 GREIG, Ann (nee Clark) 3543 GREIG, Annie (Waugh) GREIG, Frances (Snedden) GREIG, Isabella (Blair) GREIG?, Robert 3547 GREIRSON, Annie (Turnbull) GREWAR, Jane (Low) GRIBBEN, Francis GRIBBEN, Rose (nee Convery) ? 79? 3551 GRIEVE, Elizabeth H GRIEVE, Mary (Gillespie) GRINDLAY, Agnes (nee Peattie) GRINDLAY, Anne (Mackay) GRINDLAY, Annie A. (nee Young) GRINDLAY, Isabella (Gillespie) GRINDLAY, Jane (nee Stevenson?) GRINDLAY, Jane (Russell) GRINDLAY, Jennifer Infancy 3560 GRINDLAY, Walter GRINDLAY, Walter Infancy 3562 GRUBA, Paul Andew GUNN, Margaret (nee McHugh) GUY, Andrew Strang GUY, Mary (nee Clelland) HADDEN, Jessie (Hannah) HADDOW, Hugh Reid HADDOW, Hugh R WW HADDOW, Margaret (nee Kay) HADDOW, Marion Reid HADDOW, Walter K HAGAN, Mary-Jane (Martin) HAGEN, Amy (Robertson) HAGGERTY, Agnes (Dunion) HAGGERTY, Annie (nee Kennedy)

64 3576 HAIG, Catherine (nee McKenna) HAIG, George HAIG, Helen (nee Love) HAIG, John HAIG, Thomas HAILSTONES, Margaret (Stewart) HAIR, Agnes Roll (nee Busby) HAIR, Christina C. (Boardman) HAIR, James HAIR, Janet (Poodle) HAIR, Margaret (nee Cousland) HAIR, Mark Shearer HAIR, Mary (nee Davie) HAIR, Mary (nee Thomson) HAIR, Mary (Jack) HAIR, Mary McL y 8m 3592 HAIR, Robert HAIR, Robert HALKETT, Benjamin HALKETT, Catherine (nee Dickson) HALL, Alan HALL, Elizabeth (nee Reid) HALL, Helen (Smith) HALL, Henry HALL, Jane (nee Campbell) HALL, Janet H.R. (Currie) HALL, Jessie (nee Kidd) HALL, John 1936 Infancy 3604 HALL, Margaret (Johnston) HALL, Mary (nee Blair) HALL?, Mary Shanks (nee Ritchie) HALL, Penelope HALL, William HALL, William HALLAM, James HALLAM, James HALLAM, Mary (nee Muirhead HALLAM, Mary Duncan (Kay?) HALLAY?, Jessie (Anderson?) HALLEY, Janet (Laird) HALLIDAY, Mary (nee Milne) HALLIDAY, Robert HAMILL, John HAMILL, Kathleen (nee Mcpeake) HAMILTON, Agnes (nee Ballantyne) HAMILTON, Agnes walker (nee Cooper) HAMILTON, Alexander HAMILTON, Alexander HAMILTON, Alexander HAMILTON, Alison (nee Burnett) HAMILTON, Ann (Stokes) HAMILTON, Annie (Black) HAMILTON, Annie (Currie) HAMILTON, Arthur HAMILTON, Arthur HAMILTON, Arthur m 3632 HAMILTON, Beatrice (Caldwell) HAMILTON, Catherine (Paul) HAMILTON, Christina (nee Paterson)

65 3635 HAMILTON, Christina (nee Stevenson) HAMILTON, Christina Stevenson (Torrance) HAMILTON, Euphemia (Hume) HAMILTON, Helen HAMILTON, Helen (nee Muirhead) HAMILTON, Helen Ella Muirhead y 6m 3641 HAMILTON, Isabella y 8m 3642 HAMILTON, Isabella (nee Paterson) HAMILTON, James HAMILTON, James HAMILTON, James HAMILTON, Jane Cuthell m 3647 HAMILTON, Jane (nee Cuthell) (DN) HAMILTON, Jane (nee Turnbull) HAMILTON, Jane (Miller) HAMILTON, Janet (Rintoul) HAMILTON, Jean (nee McNiven) HAMILTON, Jessie HAMILTON, Jessie (nee Paterson?) HAMILTON, Jessie (nee Paul) (DC) HAMILTON, John HAMILTON, John HAMILTON, John Paul HAMILTON?, Margaret (nee Wallace) HAMILTON, Magdalene (nee Liddle) HAMILTON, Mary y 6m 3661 HAMILTON, Mary HAMILTON, Mary (nee Rowan) HAMILTON, Mary (Campbell) HAMILTON, Matthew HAMILTON, Myra HAMILTON, Robert HAMILTON, Robert y 6m? 3668 HAMILTON, Robert HAMILTON, Robert HAMILTON, Thomas A HAMILTON, Thomas Young HAMILTON, William HAMILTON, William WW HAMILTON?. William HAMILTON, William David w 3676 HAMILTON, William M HAMMOND, Mary Ethel (Stalker) HANLAN, Clementina HANLAN, George HANLON, Margaret HANNAH, Allan HANNAH, Annie B HANNAH, Graham HANNAH, Isabel (nee Meek) HANNAH, Jane (Sneddon) HANNAH, Janet (McIntyre) HANNAH, Jean (nee Cochrane) HANNAH, Jessie (nee Haddon) HANNAH, Mary (Archibald) HANNAH, Mary Downie (Stewart) HANNAH, Mary F. (nee Miller) HANNAH, Susan Gillespie ? 3693 HANNAH, Thomas

66 3694 HANNAH, William HANNAH, William HANNAH, William HANNAH, Five Children) Infancy 3698 HANNAN, Anne (nee Lavery) HANNAN, Francis HANNAN, Mary HANNAN, Patrick HANNAN, Thomas HANNAY, Esther (nee Goodall) HANNAY, John HANNAY. John Cairnscross HANNAY, Peter G WW HANNAY, Thomas Goodall HANNON, John HANNON, Margaret (nee Madden) ? 67? 3710 HANNON, Peter ?5?y 10m 3711 HANSEN, Christina (Tripney) HARCUS, Jane (Miller) HARDIE, Elizabeth HARDIE, Elizabeth (Sawers) HARDIE, Elizabeth (Wilson) HARDIE, Helen HARDIE. Helen (Lumsden) HARDIE, John S HARDIE, Sarah Ann (nee Hogan) HARGREAVES, Mary Isabella (Gillespie) HARKINS, Annie (nee Binnie) HARKINS, Connie HARKINS, Elizabeth (nee Muir) HARKINS, Elizabeth (Anderson) HARKINS, Euphemia (Anthony) HARKINS, Euphemia (nee Sinclair) HARKINS, James WW HARKINS, James HARKINS, James HARKINS, Jane HARKINS, Jane (nee Anderson) HARKINS, John HARKINS, Martin HARKINS, Matthew HARKNESS, Margaret HARLEY, Jean (Hendry) 03, HARRIS, Arthur Charles HARRIS?, Colin Infancy 3739 HARRIS?, Edith (Dobbie) HARRIS, Edith (Nute) HARRIS, George HARRIS, Jane HARRIS, Margaret (nee Conroy) HARRIS, Thomas HARROWER, Kate (Paterson) HASTINGS, James Walker HASTINGS, Jane McColl (Strang) HASTINGS, Jean (nee McColl) HASTINGS, Peggy HARVEY, Annie (nee Binnie) HARVEY, Annie (Lockhart) HARVEY, Elizabeth Betty

67 3753 HARVEY, George Burgess HARVEY, Isabella (Dewar) HARVEY, Janet (McAuley) HARVEY, Margaret (nee Fallon) HARVEY, Margaret Hay (nee Semple) HARVEY, Nan HARVEY, Peter HARVEY, Peter Fallon HAUGH, Margaret (nee Nelson) HAUGH, Mary Ferguson (nee Dunn) HAUGH, Thomas HAY, Agnes (nee Paul) HAY, Agnes (Fraser) HAY, Agnes Goodwin y 6m 3767 HAY, Alexander HAY, Archibald y 6m 3769 HAY, Alison HAY, Andrew HAY, Andrew HAY, Barbara HAY, Clarke Forsyth (nee Buchanan) HAY, David HAY, David HAY, Elizabeth HAY, Elizabeth HAY, Elizabeth (Muirhead) HAY, Elizabeth McCall (nee Lennox) HAY, George HAY, Helen (nee Clark) HAY, Helen McN. (Gentleman) HAY, Henry HAY, Isabella HAY, Isabella HAY, Isabella HAY, Isabella (nee Lidell) HAY, James HAY, James HAY, Jane ? 3791 HAY, Jane (Mavor) HAY, Janet HAY, Janet ? 3794 HAY, Janet (nee Goodwin) HAY, Janet (nee Liddell) (DC) HAY, Janet (Miller) (DC) 23/ / HAY, Janet (Robb) HAY, Jessie Agnes (nee Munn) HAY, John (DC) HAY, John HAY, John (DN) HAY, John HAY, John HAY, John HAY, John Bulloch HAY, John Goodwin HAY, Margaret (Gray) HAY, Margaret (Robertson) 25? HAY, Margaret R HAY, Mary (Reid) HAY, Mary Neilson

68 3812 HAY, Robert HAY, Robert HAY, Susan (DC) HAY, Thomas HAY, William y 6m 3817 HEAD, Lilias Rose (Leishman) HEADRICK, Jane (Dunn) HEADRICK, Janet (nee Dunn) HEADRICK, Janet (Ferguson) HECTOR, Jane (Forbes) HEEPS, George C. Infancy 3823 HEGGIE, Jessie (Spence) 3824 HEGGIE, Nan 3825 HENDERSON, Agnes (nee Lawrie) HENDERSON, Agnes (Higgins) HENDERSON, Agnes (Nicol?) HENDERSON, Agnes C. (nee McPherson) HENDERSON, Agnes Lawrie (Young) HENDERSON, Alexander HENDERSON, Alexander D.M HENDERSON, Alexander G HENDERSON, Alison (nee Frame) HENDERSON, Alison Grindlay (Inglis) HENDERSON, Annie (McEwan) 21? HENDERSON, Annie (Stark) HENDERSON, Catherine HENDERSON, Catherine HENDERSON, Catherine (nee Boyes) HENDERSON, Catherine (nee Garvie) HENDERSON, Christina HENDERSON, Christina HENDERSON, Christina (nee Bennett) HENDERSON, Christina (Archibald) HENDERSON, Christina (Smith) HENDERSON, David HENDERSON, Duncan McLaren HENDERSON, Elizabeth HENDERSON, Elizabeth (nee Douglas) HENDERSON, Elizabeth (nee McLaren) HENDERSON, Elizabeth (Busby) HENDERSON, Elizabeth (Sawers) HENDERSON, Elizabeth (Wilson?) HENDERSON, Euphemia S. Phemie (nee Wright) HENDERSON, Euphemia Headrick (nee Ferguson) HENDERSON?, Daniel S. Marshall HENDERSON, George HENDERSON, George HENDERSON, Georgina (nee Boyd) HENDERSON, Grace (Waddell) HENDERSON, Helen (nee Moffat) HENDERSON, Helen (Ballany) HENDERSON, Isabella (nee Forbes) HENDERSON, Isabella (nee Forsyth) HENDERSON, James HENDERSON, James HENDERSON, James HENDERSON, James HENDERSON, James HENDERSON, James

69 3871 HENDERSON, James Douglas HENDERSON?, Jane (nee Miller) HENDERSON, Jane Scott HENDERSON, Janet (nee Thomson) HENDERSON, Janet B HENDERSON, Janet (Somerville) HENDERSON, Janet C. (nee Murray) HENDERSON, Janet Cook (nee Nelson) HENDERSON, Janet Gillespie Cowan HENDERSON, Jean (Burt) HENDERSON, Jean (Turnbull) HENDERSON, Jeanie (Westwater) HENDERSON, Jemima (Fairlie) HENDERSON, Jessie (nee Blair) HENDERSON, Jessie (nee Stewart) HENDERSON, Jessie (Don) HENDERSON, Jessie (Gillespie) HENDERSON, John HENDERSON, John HENDERSON, John HENDERSON, John Infancy 3892 HENDERSON, John HENDERSON, John HENDERSON, John HENDERSON, John HENDERSON, John McDougal HENDERSON, Joseph HENDERSON, Margaret HENDERSON, Margaret (nee Cowan) HENDERSON, Margaret (nee Graham) HENDERSON, Margaret (Campbell) HENDERSON, Margaret (Wright) HENDERSON, Margaret F HENDERSON, Marion Wallace (Laird) HENDERSON, Mary (Dunn) ? 3906 HENDERSON, Mary Lyons (Roy) HENDERSON, Robert HENDERSON, Robert HENDERSON, Robert HENDERSON, Robert HENDERSON, Robert HENDERSON, Robert HENDERSON, Robert HENDERSON, Sarah (Thomson) HENDERSON, Sarah Ann (nee McDougal) HENDERSON, Thomas HENDERSON, Thomas Infancy 3918 HENDERSON, Thomas HENDERSON, Thomas HENDERSON, Thomas HENDERSON, Thomas HENDERSON, Thomas HENDERSON, William HENDERSON, William John HENDERSON, William Lawrie HENDERSON, Twins Infancy 3927 HENDRY, Agnes Helen (nee Galloway) HENDRY, Alexander HENDRY, Alexander

70 3930 HENDRY, Alexander HENDRY, Alexander HENDRY, Alexander HENDRY, Alexander HENDRY, Alexander HENDRY, Alexander Forbes HENDRY, Catherine Ann (nee Forbes) HENDRY, Elizabeth (nee Irvine) HENDRY, Elizabeth (Newlands) HENDRY, George Durham HENDRY, Isabella (nee Forbes) HENDRY, Isabella Catherine Auckland (Wilson) HENDRY, Jane (nee Anderson) HENDRY, Jean (nee Harley) HENDRY, Jean Taylor (Graham) HENDRY, Lily (Marshall) HENDRY, Lorraine Infancy 3947 HENDRY, Margaret (nee Whitehead) HENDRY, Margaret (Cameron) HENDRY, Margaret (Dunn) HENDRY, Sarah Strathearn Morag HENDRY, William HENDRY, William HENRY?, Andrew (Reid?) HENRY?, Maggie (Reid?) HENRY, Simone Adrienne Marie (Steel) HENSHILWOOD, Jane (Robb) HEPBURN, Euphemia T. (Neill) HEPBURN, James B HEPBURN, Margaret (nee Paterson) HEPBURN, Sarah A. (nee Robertson) HEPBURN, Thomas HEPBURN, William HERD, Agnes (Dunn) HERD, Agnes (Porteous) HERD, Agnes (Rose) HERD, Barbara (Barr?) HERD, David HERD, Elizabeth (nee Kay) HERD, Elizabeth (Robertson) HERD, Euphamia (nee Thomson) HERD, Helen (nee Hunter) HERD, James HERD, James HERD, Jeannie HERD, Jessie (Law) HERD, John HERD, John HERD, John Walker HERD, Margaret (nee Sneddon) HERD, Margaret (Kay) HERD, Marion (nee Thomson) HERD, Robert Orr HERMISTON, C WW HERMISTON, Mary Pollock d 3985 HERON, Margaret (Maxwell) HIBBERD, Elizabeth (Wilson) HIBBERD, Elizabeth (nee Anderson) HIBBERD, Helen (McLean)

71 3989 HIBBERD, Margaret Sampson y 6m 3990 HIBBERD, Peter B HICKEY, Elizabeth (nee Mackie) HICKEY, Paul HIGGINS, Agnes (Paterson) HIGGINS, Agnes (nee Henderson) HIGGINS, Agnes Eckford (nee Reid) HIGGINS, Alexander HIGGINS, Alexander HIGGINS, Alexander HIGGINS, Annabel (Bradley) HIGGINS, Barbara HIGGINS, Barbara (nee Prentice) HIGGINS, Bridget (nee Coleman) HIGGINS, Christina (nee Marshall) HIGGINS, Christina (Stewart) HIGGINS, Edward HIGGINS, Eliza (nee Gentles) HIGGINS, Elizabeth (nee Lindil) HIGGINS, George Henry HIGGINS, Harriet HIGGINS, Helen Carrick (nee Fulton) HIGGINS, James ? HIGGINS, James Douglas HIGGINS, James Fulton HIGGINS, James Prentice HIGGINS, Janet HIGGINS, Janet HIGGINS, Jean (nee Douglas) HIGGINS, Jessie Ballantyne (Coxon) HIGGINS, Kate M. (Inglis) HIGGINS, Lilias Young HIGGINS, Maggie Sneddon (nee Nicol) HIGGINS, Margaret McGrouther y 4m 4023 HIGGINS, Margaret McGrouther HIGGINS, Mary (nee McNair) HIGGINS, Thomas HIGGINS, Thomas Archibald HIGGINS, William HIGGINS, William HIGGINS, William Clark HILL, Agnes Boag HILL, Alexander HILL, Annie HILL, David Smart HILL, Elizabeth (nee Anderson) HILL, Elizabeth (nee Robertson) HILL, Elizabeth Boden (Miller) HILL, Euphemia (Ballantyne) HILL, Janet Reid (Bulloch) HILL, Jessie R. (Taylor) HILL, John Infancy 4041 HILL, John HILL, John S HILL, Margaret Infancy 4044 HILL, Margaret (nee Millar) HILL, Mary (nee Boden) HILL, Mary (nee Smart) HILL, Robert

72 4048 HILL, Thomas HILL, Thomas HILL, Thomas HILL, Thomas HILL, William HILLAND, Sarah (Laird) HILLHOUSE, Helen (Graham) HILLHOUSE, Isabella, (nee Adam) HILLHOUSE, James HILLHOUSE, Jane Muir (McKillop) HILLHOUSE, Janet (nee Dunn) HILLHOUSE, John HILLHOUSE, John HILLHOUSE, Margaret (Peat) HILLHOUSE, Robert WW HINDS, Helen (McIntyre) HISLOP, Jean Baird (nee Milligan) HOBBS, Andrew Mackie HOBBS, Catherine HOBBS, Isabella (Cunningham?) HOBBS, Margaret y 5m 4069 HOBBS, William HOBBS, William HOEHLE, Hugo HOEHLE, Rebecca HOGAN, Helen (Welsh) HOGAN, Sarah Ann (Hardie) HOGG, Adam HOGG, Agnes (Marshall) HOGG, Alexander HOGG, Christian HOGG, Christina (Whyte) HOGG, Flora (nee Lithgow) HOGG, George Gordon HOGG, Isabella MacPherson (Stein) HOGG, Jean R. (nee Beveridge) HOGG, Jemima HOGG, Jessie HOGG, John HOGG, John HOGG, John Infancy 4089 HOGG, John HOGG, Margaret (nee Tough) HOGG, Margaret (Rae) HOGG, Margaret MacEwan Tough (nee Gillespie) HOGG, Mary 4094 HOGG, Mary (nee Carr) HOGG, Mary (nee Gorry) HOGG, Robert HOGG, Sadie y 6m 4098 HOGG, Susan (nee Aitken?) HOGGAN, Adam B HOGGAN?, Agnes HOGGAN, Agnes (nee Buchanan) HOGGAN, Agnes (McEwan) HOGGAN, Agnes (Welsh) HOGGAN, Christina (Thomson) HOGGAN,Colin HOGGAN, David ? 70 72

73 4107 HOGGAN, Elizabeth (nee McIntyre) HOGGAN, Elizabeth (nee Weir?) HOGGAN, Elizabeth (Wilson) HOGGAN, Fred W HOGGAN, George HOGGAN, Helen (nee Cooper) HOGGAN, Helen Rattray (nee Gillies) HOGGAN, Isabella (nee McDonald) HOGGAN, James HOGGAN, James Burns WW HOGGAN, Jane (nee Marshall) HOGGAN, Janet (Anderson) HOGGAN, Jessie (nee Williams) HOGGAN, Jessie W. (Jarrett) HOGGAN, John y 6m 4122 HOGGAN, John HOGGAN, John HOGGAN, Margaret (nee McKay?) HOGGAN, Margaret (nee Munro) HOGGAN, Margaret (Anthony) HOGGAN, Matthew HOGGAN, Nisbet HOGGAN, Peter HOGGAN, Preston HOGGAN, Robert HOGGAN, William 4133 HOGGAN, William F HOLDEN, Agnes (McWilliams) HOLMES, Mary (Curran) HOLMES, sadie HOOD, Annie Nan Bonnar HOPE, Elizabeth (nee Kavanagh) HOPE, Michael HOPKINS, David Infancy 4141 HOPKINS, Helen Stevenson (nee Erskine) HOPKINS, Helen S.E. (Millar) HOPKINS, Janet (Bennie) HOPKINS, Robert HOPKINS, Robert G HOPKINS, William Infancy 4147 HORN, Alexander HORN, Catherine F. (nee Robertson) HORN, James HORN, Janet (nee Scott) HORN, Margaret 4152 HORN, Thomas HORN, Thomas 4154 HORNE, Christian Monteath (nee Tod) HORNE, John L HORNE, Sallie (Smith) HORNER, Elizabeth Jane (Carr) HORNER, Oswald HORSLEY, Alexander Clark HORSLEY, Mary K. (nee Shanks) HOUSTON, Janet C. (Kelly) HOWDEN, Archibald HOWDEN, Nellie (nee Wilkie) HOWIE, Catherine HOWIE, Elizabeth (Paul)

74 4166 HOWIE, Helen Small (nee Marshall) HOWIE, Isabella HOWIE, Isabella (nee Roberts) HOWIE, Robert Todd HOWIE, Thomas HOWIE, William HOWIE, William HOWITT, Elizabeth T.M. (Stirling) HOWITT, George HOWITT, Jessie M HUDSON, Agnes (Lawrie) HUDSON, Isabella (Muirhead) HUGHES, Catherine (Dromgoole) HUGHES, Elizabeth (MacLean) HUGHES, Grace (Forsyth) HUME, Agnes HUME, Agnes (nee Gardner) HUME, Euphemia (nee Hamilton) HUME, Helen (nee MacKinnon) 4185 HUME, James HUME, John HUME, John HUME, John HUME, John 29.06, HUNTER, Agnes (nee Clark) HUNTER, Agnes (nee Lowrie) HUNTER, Agnes McC HUNTER, Andrew Gorrie HUNTER, Annie Margaret (nee Hyslop) HUNTER, Alexander m 4196 HUNTER, Barbara HUNTER, Bessie (Petale) HUNTER, Bridget (nee McCrorie) HUNTER, Catherine HUNTER, Catherine Jane (White) HUNTER, Catherine Maxton (nee Forrester) HUNTER, David HUNTER, David HUNTER, David HUNTER, Elizabeth (Miller) HUNTER, Harry Anderson HUNTER, Helen (nee Lowrie) HUNTER, Helen (Brownlie) HUNTER, Helen (Herd) HUNTER, Isabella y 6m 4211 HUNTER, Isabella (Dunn) HUNTER, Isabella McIntosh (Miller) HUNTER, James HUNTER, James HUNTER, James HUNTER, James Simpson HUNTER, Jane HUNTER, Jane (Shanks) HUNTER, Janet (nee Nicolson) ? HUNTER, Janet Ann Anderson (nee Waddell?) HUNTER, Jessie Colville (Gray) HUNTER, John F HUNTER, John Russell HUNTER, Joseph

75 4225 HUNTER, Joseph HUNTER, Joseph HUNTER, Margaret (nee Durham) HUNTER, Margaret (nee Jackson) HUNTER, Margaret (nee Smith) HUNTER, Margaret (Anderson) HUNTER, Margaret (Shanks) HUNTER, Margaret Carrick Clark y 6m 4233 HUNTER, Marion (Gibson) HUNTER, Marjorie H, HUNTER, Malcolm HUNTER, Mary HUNTER, Mary (nee Simpson) HUNTER, Mary (nee Stewart) HUNTER, Mary (Lawrence) HUNTER, May (Ross?) 4241 HUNTER, Robert HUNTER, Robert HUNTER, Robina (Mitchell) HUNTER, William HUNTER, William HUNTER, William HUTCHENS, Albert H HUTCHENS, Mary (nee Waters) HUTCHISON, Jane (nee Fulton) HUTCHISON, Jane Osborne (Gilmour) HUTCHISON, Margaret (nee Sherman) HUTCHISON, Marion (Gorrie) HUTCHISON, Mary (Stocks) HUTCHISON, William HUTCHISON, William L HUTTON, John Drybrough HUTTON, Margaret Scott (nee Boyd) HUTTON?, Mary (nee Rankin) HYNDS, Alexander Faulds HYNDS, Julie (nee Donnelly?) HYSLOP, Annie Margaret (Hunter) IBELL, Alexander F IBELL, Charles Sadler IBELL, Margaret (nee Ferguson) IBELL, Mary G.W IBELL, William Thomas INGLIS, Alison Grindlay (nee Henderson) INGLIS, Elizabeth (nee Dunn) INGLIS, George C INGLIS, Gladys Howison (nee Liddell) INGLIS, Helen (nee Kirkwood) INGLIS, James INGLIS, James William Clark INGLIS, Jane (Buchanan) INGLIS, Janet (Ure) INGLIS, Jessie (Tennent) INGLIS, John INGLIS, John INGLIS, Kate M. (nee Higgins) INGLIS, Lilias (Wilson) INGLIS, Margaret (nee Bullions) INGLIS, Mary Henderson INGLIS, Robert

76 4284 INNES, Alexander INNES, Jane (Stephen) INNES, Janet (nee Nisbet) INNES, Jessie (nee Grant) INNES, Jessie Gillespie (nee Gauld) INNES, John INNES, Thomas S IRELAND, Barbara Barr (Thomson) IRELAND, Emma (nee Johnston) ? 4293 IRVINE, Ann IRVINE, Ann IRVINE, Anne (nee Forrecter) IRVINE, Christina C. (Ovens) IRVINE, Douglas IRVINE, Elizabeth (Hendry) IRVINE, Elizabeth (Law) IRVINE, Emily (nee Langley) IRVINE, George IRVINE, Jane Ann (nee Scott) IRVINE, John IRVINE, Mary IRVINE, Mary (Celland) IRVINE, Robert W IRVINE, Robina G. (Simpson) IRVINE, William Douglas IZATT, Frances Helen Infancy 4310 JACK, Alexander JACK, Alice (nee Cafferty) JACK, Andrew JACK, Andrew Infancy 4314 JACK, Andrew JACK, Archie JACK, Christina Infancy 4317 JACK, Christina JACK, Christina (Marshall) JACK, David JACK, Elizabeth JACK, Elizabeth (Kay) JACK, Elizabeth Mary (Joss) JACK, Ellen (nee Dick) JACK, George JACK, Helen (Dunn) JACK, Isabella (nee Shand) JACK, Isabella (Dunn) JACK, James JACK, John Infancy 4330 JACK, John JACK, Kathleen Watson (Simpson) JACK, Margaret JACK, Margaret (Fulton) JACK, Mary (nee Hair) JACK, Mary (nee McDougall) JACK, Mary (nee Mor) JACK, Mary Ann JACK, Mary McMillan (Baldwin) JACK, Robert Infancy 4340 JACK, Robert JACK, Robert Infancy 4342 JACK, Rodger Infancy 76

77 4343 JACK, William JACKSON, Annie JACKSON, Margaret (Hunter) JAFFRAY, Margaret (Goodwin) JAFFREY, Isabella Forsyth (Smith) JAMIESON, John Hamilton JAMIESON, Margaret (Gordon) JAMIESON, Martha (Moffat) JARDINE, IsabellA JARDINE, James JARRETT, Jessie W. (nee Hoggan) JARRETT, Margaret (nee Oswald) JARRETT, Margaret Peggy JARRETT, Thomas JARRETT, William JARVIE, Annie (Lindsay) JARVIE, Barbara (nee Buchan) JARVIE, Catherine (nee Tinto) JARVIE, Elizabeth J.R. (nee McAllister) JARVIE, Helen JARVIE, Isa (nee Cruikshank) JARVIE, James JARVIE, James T JARVIE, Jane (Chalmers) JARVIE, Jean A. (Stirling) JARVIE, Jessie (nee Dougall) JARVIE, John JARVIE, John JARVIE, John JARVIE, John ? 4373 JARVIE, Margaret (nee Eagan) JARVIE, Margaret (nee Sutherland) JARVIE, Margaret (McGregor) JARVIE, Robert JARVIE, Walter JARVIE, William JARVIE, William JARVIE, William Infancy 4381 JARVIS, Andrew JARVIS, Ina JEDRZEJEWSKI, Jan F JEDRZEJEWSKI, Mary (nee O Connor) JEFFRAY, Alice (nee Brodie) JEFFRAY, Janet Stewart (nee Donachie) JEFFRAY, Peter JEFFRAY, Robert JEFFREY, Isabella (Lockhart) JEFFREY, Nettie (Morton) JENKINS, Catherine (nee Dalziell) JENKINS, Elizabeth (nee Bennie) JENKINS, Isabella (nee Leishman) JENKINS, James JENKINS, Margaret Jarvie Stark (nee Miller) ? JENKINS, Thomas JENKINS, William JENKINSON, Mary J. (Douglas) JOHNSTON, Adam JOHNSTON, Albert JOHNSTON, Alexander

78 4402 JOHNSTON, Alexandrina Infancy 4403 JOHNSTON, Alison (nee Gray) JOHNSTON, Ann (Gray) JOHNSTON, Anne (Burns) JOHNSTON, Annie Bunty JOHNSTON, Catherine (nee Bruce) JOHNSTON, Charles JOHNSTON?, Christina (nee Paterson? JOHNSTON, Christina (nee Reid) JOHNSTON, David JOHNSTON, David Graham JOHNSTON, Eliza Bertram JOHNSTON, Eliza Bertram (MacFarlane) JOHNSTON, Elizabeth JOHNSTON, Elizabeth JOHNSTON, Elspeth (nee Allan?) JOHNSTON, Emma (Ireland) ? 4419 JOHNSTON, Florence (nee Atkin) JOHNSTON, George JOHNSTON, George JOHNSTON, George (DN) JOHNSTON, Grace JOHNSTON, Harriet (nee Livingston) JOHNSTON, Helen JOHNSTON, Isabella JOHNSTON, Isabella (nee Bennie) JOHNSTON, Isabella (nee Steel) JOHNSTON, Isabella Adam (nee Graham) JOHNSTON, James JOHNSTON, James JOHNSTON, James JOHNSTON, James ` JOHNSTON, James JOHNSTON, James JOHNSTON, James Bertram JOHNSTON, James Drew JOHNSTON, James Gray JOHNSTON, Jane (nee Barrie) JOHNSTON, Jane McAllister Thomson y 11m 4441 JOHNSTON, Jean W. (Gillespie) JOHNSTON, Jeannie T. (McLaren) JOHNSTON, Jemima Tate (Russell) 4444 JOHNSTON, Jessie (Gardner) JOHNSTON, Jessie (Templeton) JOHNSTON, John JOHNSTON, John JOHNSTON, John JOHNSTON, John Steel JOHNSTON, Lillias Young (nee McNair) JOHNSTON, Margaret (nee Drew) JOHNSTON, Margaret (nee Hall) JOHNSTON, Margaret (nee Paton) JOHNSTON, Margaret (Anderson) JOHNSTON, Margaret (Kerr) JOHNSTON, Margaret (Stewart) JOHNSTON, Margaret Dalgleish (nee Scott) JOHNSTON, Martha (Bromfield) JOHNSTON Mary (Adam[s]) JOHNSTON, Mary Ann (Kelly)

79 4461 JOHNSTON, Robert JOHNSTON, Robert JOHNSTON, Robert Thomson JOHNSTON, Sybella (Chalmers) JOHNSTON, Thomas JOHNSTON, Thomas? 4467 JOHNSTON, William JOHNSTON, William JOHNSTONE, Agnes (nee Dickson) JOHNSTONE, Alexander Millar JOHNSTONE, Catherine (nee Docherty) JOHNSTONE, Catherine (nee Gardiner) JOHNSTONE, Christina W.M. (McMillan) JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth (Wyper) JOHNSTONE, George JOHNSTONE, Georgina JOHNSTONE, Helen JOHNSTONE, Helen (MacDonald?) JOHNSTONE, Helen (McKay) JOHNSTONE, Helen Kirkwood (nee Wilson) JOHNSTONE, James JOHNSTONE, Janet (Duncan) JOHNSTONE, Janet Burns (Preston) JOHNSTONE, Sarah (McIlroy) JOHNSTONE, William Galbraith JOLLY, Isabella (Mair) JONES, Falconer (McNair) JORDAN, Helen Frances JOSS, Elizabeth (nee Fay) JOSS, Elizabeth Mary (nee Jack) JOSS, Jean Charlotte Benny (MacDonald) JOSS, Jean Cuthill Gray (nee Benny) JOSS, John JOSS, John JOSS, Michael Benny KANE, John KANE, Margaret (nee Penman) KANE, Margaret (nee Robertson) KANE, Mary Anne (Fitzsimmons) KANE, Nan (Grant) KANE, Rosaleen (nee Donaghey) KANE, Sarah KANE, Sarah (Kenna) KANE, Thomas KARWOT, Alfred KARWOT, Helen (nee Strang) KAVANAGH, Elizabeth (Hope) KAY, Allan 4509 KAY, Chrissie (nee Brown) KAY, Duncan KAY, Elizabeth (nee Jack) KAY, Elizabeth (Herd) KAY, George L.R KAY, Helen (nee Paterson) KAY, Ian m 4516 KAY, Ian Infancy 4517 KAY, James KAY, John C KAY, Julie Infancy 79

80 4520 KAY, Lilias (McIntyre) KAY, Margaret KAY, Margaret 4523 KAY, Margaret (nee Dickson) KAY, Margaret (nee Herd) KAY, Margaret (Haddow) KAY, Margaret (Paterson) KAY, Mary (nee Allan) KAY, Mary (nee Linn) KAY, Mary Duncan (nee Hallam) KAY, Robert KAY, Robert KAY, Sarah Jane (nee Stewart) KAY, Thomas KEAN, Jean (Gibson) KEANE, Catherine KEANE, Esther (Connell) KEANE, Margaret (nee Reilly) KEANE, Patrick KEANE, Peter KEARNEY, John Barrett KERNEY, Patrick KEARY, Elizabeth 4543 KEARY, Isaac 4544 KEATING, Helen (O Neill) KEEGAN, Alice (Farquhar) KEEN, Catherine (McGregor) KEEN, Margaret (nee Steele) KEEN, William KEENAN, Agnes (Wilson) KEENAN, Helen (Sharvin) KEENAN, Hugh KEILT, Cornelius KEILT, Elizabeth (nee Lenathen) KEILT, James KEILT, Patrick KEIR, Douglas S KELLY, Alexander W KELLY, Archibald KELLY, Bernard KELLY, Catherine (O Hanlon) KELLY, Elizabeth KELLY, Elizabeth (nee Stock) KELLY, Elizabeth Laing m 4564 KELLY, Elizabeth Shaw KELLY, Francis KELLY, Helen ? KELLY, Isabella (Waugh) KELLY, James KELLY, James KELLY, James KELLY, James Lewis y 2m 4572 KELLY, James Lewis KELLY, James Lewis y 10m 4574 KELLY, Jane KELLY, Jane (nee Forrest) KELLY, Janet (McCaskill) KELLY, Janet C. (nee Houston) KELLY, Jessie (nee Grant)

81 4579 KELLY, Jessie Mungall Marshall KELLY, John KELLY, John KELLY, John KELLY, John KELLY, Louisa KELLY, Louisa (Bell?) KELLY, Mandy Infancy 4587 KELLY, Margaret (nee Leishman) KELLY, Margaret H KELLY, Mary KELLY, Mary KELLY, Mary (Valentine) KELLY, Mary Ann (nee Johnston) KELLY, Michael KELLY, Michael KELLY, Michael KELLY, Robert L KELLY, Robert Mungall Marshall WW KELLY, Sarah KELLY, Sarah (nee Loran) KELLY, Thomas KELLY, Thomas KELLY, William KELLY, William KELLY, William John KEMP, Christina (Geoghegan) KEMP, Walter KENNA, Richard KENNA, Sarah (nee Kane) KENNA, Thomas KENNEDY, Alexander Dickson y 11m 4611 KENNEDY, Annie (Haggerty) KENNEDY, David KENNEDY, Elizabeth (nee Munro) KENNEDY, Elizabeth (Robertson) KENNEDY, Grace (Murray) KENNEDY, Isabella (nee Paterson) KENNEDY, James KENNEDY, James KENNEDY, James KENNEDY, James KENNEDY, Jane L. (Mochrie) KENNEDY, Jessie Cameron (nee Dickson) KENNEDY, Kathleen O. (McWatt) KENNEDY, Margaret KENNEDY, Margaret (Cook?) KENNEDY, Margaret (Risk) KENNEDY, Marion Sneddon (nee Forsyth) KENNEDY, Mary KENNEDY, Mary (nee Sheehan) KENNEDY, Michael KENNEDY, William KENNEDY, William KERR, Agnes (nee Plenderleith) KERR, Agnes (Nelson) KERR, Alexander KERR, Andrew KERR, Andrew Aide WW1 81

82 4638 KERR, Ann (Muir) KERR, Annie Malcolm (Laird) KERR, Barbara KERR, Charles d 4642 KERR, Chelsea Marie KERR, Christina (nee Gauld) KERR, David KERR, David S KERR, Elizabeth (nee Wilson) KERR, Euphemia (nee Shirra) KERR, George KERR, George Anderson m 4650 KERR, George R WW KERR, Helen (nee Cumisky) KERR, Helen (Muir) KERR, Isabella (nee Thomson) KERR, Isabella (Mealls) KERR, Isabella Melville (nee Cox) 4656 KERR, James KERR, James KERR, James Anderson KERR, James Wallace d 4660 KERR, Jane Corbett (nee McFarlane) KERR, Jane Forrest Anderson (Linklater) KERR, Joan (Thomson) KERR, John A KERR, John McI KERR, Jessie R. (Davidson) 14? KERR, Margaret (Douglas) KERR, Margaret (Wilson) KERR, Margaret (nee Binnie?) KERR, Margaret (nee Johnston) KERR?, Margaret (nee Lorimer) KERR, Margaret Douglas 4672 KERR, Mary (nee Anderson) KERR, Mary (nee McGregor) KERR, Mary (nee Stevenson) KERR, Mary (Thomson) KERR, Mary Lynn KERR, Robert ? 4678 KERR, Robert KERR, Robert KERR, Robert KERR, Robert KERR, Susan D KERR, Thomas KERR, Thomas KERR, Thomas KERR, Thomas H WW KERR, William KERR, William KERR, William 4690 KERR, William KERR, William ? 68? 4692 KEIR, David KEIR, Maybell (nee Mackenzie) KERRIGAN, Alexander KERRIGAN, Elizabeth (nee France) KERRIGAN, John

83 4697 KERRIGAN, Joseph KERRIGAN, Patrick KERRIGAN, Patrick KERRIGAN, Family 4701 KERSS, James KERSS, Janet (nee Scott) KETLEY, Jessie Neilson KIDD, Elizabeth KIDD, Helen KIDD, Hugh Laird KIDD, James G KIDD, Jessie (nee Hall) KIDD, Jessie (Hall?) KIDD, John KIDD, Margaret (nee Gallon) KIDD, Margaret (nee Lawson) KIDD, Maria (nee Wyne) KIDD, Marie KIDD, Robert KILLIARD, Catherine (nee Bateman) KILLIARD, Peter KING, Catherine (Tough) KING, Janet Bell (Livingstone) KINSMAN, Grace (nee Grassick) KIRK, Archibald KIRK, Elizabeth (Young) KIRK, Elizabeth F. (nee Murphy) KIRK, Isabella (Dunn?) KIRK, James KIRK, Janet (nee McBeath) KIRK, Janet (Duncan) KIRK, Janet (Marshall) KIRK, Maggie (McGibbon?) KIRK, Margaret (nee Millar) KIRK, Mary (Sneddon?) KIRK, William w 4733 KIRK, William KIRK, William KIRKCALDY, Elizabeth (Duncan) KIRKCALDY, James KIRKCALDY, Margaret (nee Paterson) KIRKWOOD, Agnes (Duguid) KIRKWOOD, Agnes Brown (Dunlop) KIRKWOOD, Alexander ? KIRKWOOD, Catherine (nee Strang) 4742 KIRKWOOD, Christina (nee Sutherland) KIRKWOOD, Elizabeth (Copeland) KIRKWOOD, Elizabeth (nee Sneddon) KIRKWOOD, Elizabeth H. (Allan) KIRKWOOD, Ellen (nee Dunn) KIRKWOOD, Helen (nee Cuthill) KIRKWOOD, Helen Inglis KIRKWOOD, Henrietta (nee Thomson) KIRKWOOD, Isabella (Grant) KIRKWOOD, James KIRKWOOD, James KIRKWOOD, James KIRKWOOD, Jane D. (McLaren) KIRKWOOD, Janet (Gillespie)

84 4756 KIRKWOOD, Janet (Smellie) (DN) KIRKWOOD, Jean (Andrews) KIRKWOOD, Jeanie Burns KIRKWOOD, Jessie KIRKWOOD, Jessie Graham KIRKWOOD, John KIRKWOOD, John KIRKWOOD, John KIRKWOOD, Margaret (nee Fotheringham) KIRKWOOD, Margaret (Muirhead?) KIRKWOOD, Margaret S. (nee McCrae) KIRKWOOD, Mary KIRKWOOD, Mary (Ferguson) KIRKWOOD, Mary (McNair) KIRKWOOD, Mary (McPhie) KIRKWOOD, Mary (Shanks) KIRKWOOD, Thomas KIRKWOOD, Thomas ? 4774 KIRKWOOD, William KIRKWOOD, William KIRKWOOD, William KNOWLES, Marion (nee Wishart) KNOWLES, Mary KNOX, Jane (Suttie) KNOX, Jean (Watson) KNOX, Jeanie (Risk) KOTLEGA, Alfons KOTLEGA, Helen (nee Lind) KUGHTA, Rose KURSZEWSKI, Janet KUSTEC, Mary F. (nee Mitchell) LAFFERTY, Archibald LAFFERTY, Margaret (nee O Hanlon) LAFFERTY, Mary (nee Binnie) LAFFERTY, Thomas LAGAN, Thomas Reilly LAING, Catherine M. (Chalmers) LAING, Christina [Ena] (Graham) LAING, Grace LAING, Isabella (Adam) LAING, James LAING, Margaret (Borthwick) LAING, Marion (McGregor) LAING, William LAIRD, Annie (nee Mackie) LAIRD, Alexander LAIRD, Alexander C LAIRD, Alice Smith y 3m 4804 LAIRD, Andrew LAIRD, Annie (nee MacArthur) LAIRD, Annie Malcolm LAIRD, Annie Malcolm (nee Kerr) LAIRD, Christina Chapman LAIRD, Clementine (Bell) LAIRD, Cornelius LAIRD, David LAIRD, David LAIRD, Elizabeth (nee Lynn) LAIRD, Elizabeth (Shirra)

85 4815 LAIRD, Elizabeth (Wilson) LAIRD, Flora (nee Rankine) LAIRD, Frederick LAIRD, Georgina (nee Crawford) LAIRD, Henry W LAIRD, Ira Grenell LAIRD, Isabella B. (nee Thomson) LAIRD, James Provan) LAIRD, Janet (nee Halley) LAIRD, Janet (nee Provan) LAIRD, Janet (Waddell) LAIRD, Jeannie LAIRD, Jeannie (nee Pritchard) LAIRD, Jessie (Gray) LAIRD, Margaret LAIRD, Margaret (Earl) LAIRD, Margaret (Provan) LAIRD, Marion Wallace (nee Henderson) LAIRD, Martha Thomas LAIRD, Mary M. (Todd) LAIRD?, May LAIRD, Robert LAIRD, Samuel M.L LAIRD, Sarah (nee Hilland) LAIRD,? LAMBERT, Annie (nee Dawson) LAMBERT, Annie Cameron Dawson LAMBERT, Charles Graham WW LAMBERT, James WW LAMBERT, James LAMBERT, Marjory A. (nee Forbes) LAMBIE, Matilda (McWatt) LAMONT, Helen LAMONT, James LAMONT, Jane (nee Barclay?) LAMONT, John y 10m 4851 LAMONT, John LAMONT, John LANGLEY, Emily (Irvine) LANGLEY, Jean LANGLEY, William LAPSLEY, Alexander LAPSLEY, Alexander LAPSLEY, Jeanie S. (nee Brown) LAPSLEY, Margaret (nee Winning) LARISH, Gerhard LAUDER?, Helen (nee Blair) LAUDER, Jeanie Ferguson (Reid) LAUGHLAN, Jean (Rankin) LAURIE, Janet (nee Fox) LAURIE, Provan (Mowbray) LAVERY, Anne (Hannan) LAW, Alexander LAW, Catherine LAW, Christina (nee Taylor) LAW, David LAW, David Tough LAW, Elizabeth (Irvine) LAW, Elspet (Black)

86 4874 LAW, Fanny (Bradbury) LAW, Helen (nee McDonald) LAW, James LAW, James LAW, Jessie (nee Herd) LAW, John LAW, John LAW, John LAW, Magdalene LAW, Mary T. (nee Thomson) LAW, Margaret LAW, Robert LAW, Robert Infancy 4887 LAW, Sarah (nee Ramsay) LAW, Thomas LAW, Thomas William LAWLESS, Charles LAWLESS, Elizabeth (O Connor) LAWLESS, Kathleen (McCafferty) LAWRENCE, John LAWRENCE, Mary (nee Hunter) LAWRIE, Agnes (nee Hudson) LAWRIE, Agnes (Henderson) LAWRIE, Janet (nee Scott) LAWRIE, Janet (Alton) LAWRIE, Jean (Logan) LAWRIE, Jean (Stark) LAWRIE, John LAWRIE, Thomas LAWSON, Agnes (Dunn) 4904 LAWSON, Archibald LAWSON, Margaret (Kidd) LECKIE, Annie (Millar) LECKIE, Catherine (nee Stewart) LECKIE, John LECKIE, Meg (nee Black) LECKIE, Thomas LEDWON, Bernard LEES?, Charles d 4913 LEES, James LEES?, James Wallace d 4915 LEES, Jean (Paterson) 17? LEES, John Stuart James LEES, Margaret (nee Brown) LEES, Margaret (nee Brown) LEES, Robert LEGGAT, Alexander LEGGAT, Charles Forrest LEGGAT, Christina LEGGAT, Euphemia (nee Neill) LEGGAT, Helen LEGGAT, Isabella (Benny) (DN) LEGGAT, James m 2w 4927 LEGGAT, Janet (nee Oswald) LEGGAT, Jessie (Forrest) LEGGAT, Margaret LEISHMAN, Agnes (Barr) LEISHMAN, Agnes (Paterson) LEISHMAN, Alexander

87 4933 LEISHMAN, Alison (nee Wilson) LEISHMAN, Andrew Infancy 4935 LEISHMAN, Annie (Stanners) LEISHMAN, Elizabeth (nee Maxwell) LEISHMAN, Elizabeth Brown (Mowbray) LEISHMAN, George LEISHMAN, Isabel (Stewart) LEISHMAN, Isabella (Jenkins) LEISHMAN, James Infancy 4942 LEISHMAN, Jane (Shearer) LEISHMAN, John Infancy 4944 LEISHMAN, Lilias Rose (nee Head) LEISHMAN, Margaret (Fraser) LEISHMAN, Margaret (Kelly) LEISHMAN, Mary (nee Morton) LEISHMAN, Peter LEISHMAN, Robert LEISHMAN, Robert LENATHEN, Agnes (Adams) LENATHEN, Elizabeth (Keilt) LENATHEN, Theresa LENATHEN, Timothy LENNIE, Jean A. (nee Morton) LENNOX, Elizabeth McCall (Kay) LESLIE, Margaret (Millar) LETHAM, Ann (Miller) LETHAM, John LEWIS, John LIDDELL, Agnes LIDDELL, Andrew LIDDELL, Andrew LIDDELL, Andrew LIDDELL, Andrew Dalgrains LIDDELL, Annie McKenzie (nee Forbes) LIDDELL, Charles Montague y 11m 4968 LIDDELL, Charlotte LIDDELL, David LIDDELL, David LIDDELL, David LIDDELL, Donald Forbes Ruthven WW LIDDELL, George LIDDELL, George Frederick Howieson LIDDELL, Gladys Howison (Inglis) LIDDELL, Helen (Paterson) LIDDELL, Helen Rennie (Strang) LIDDELL, Isabella (Hay) LIDDELL, James y 6m 4980 LIDDELL, James LIDDELL, Janet (Hay) (DC) LIDDELL, Jean (Provan) LIDDELL, Margaret LIDDELL, Margaret (nee Barr) LIDDELL, Margaret (nee Forsyth) LIDDELL, Margaret (nee Mungall) LIDDELL, Mary Bulloch (Burns) LIDDELL, Thomas LIDDELL, William LIDDELL, William Reginald m 4991 LIDDLE, Magdalene (Hamilton)

88 4992 LILLEY, Bertha (nee Butcher) LILLEY, Catherine (nee McAllister) LILLEY, Daniel LILLEY, Margaret (nee McDermott) LILLEY, Patrick LILLEY, Patrick LILLEY, Robert LIMOND, Mary (McNairn) LIMOND, Thomas WW LIND, Agnes (Couper) LIND, David Smith LIND, George Smith LIND, Helen (nee Smith) LIND, Helen (Kotlega) LIND, Jean Bain (nee Neilson) LIND, Jessie G. (nee Gauld) LIND, Robert Neil LIND, Susan (nee Beatson) LIND, William LINDIL, Elizabeth (Higgins) LINDSAY, Annie (nee Jarvie) LINDSAY, Francis LINDSAY, George B LINDSAY, Jane (Murray) LINDSAY, Jane Alexander (Esplin) LINDSAY, Jeanie (Cunningham) LINDSAY, Jemima LINDSAY, Margaret (nee Rankin) LINKLATER, Abraham Brooks LINKLATER, Barbara Anderson (McNie) LINKLATER, Jane Brooks LINKLATER, Jane Forrest Anderson (nee Kerr) LINN, Janet (Muirhead) LINN, Mary (Kay) LITHGOW, Archibald L LITHGOW, Elizabeth (Pollock) LITHGOW, Flora (Hogg) LITTLE, Jane (Scott) LIVINGSTON, Francis Baillie Infancy 5031 LIVINGSTON, Harriet (Johnston) LIVINGSTON, Jane (Fowler) LIVINGSTON, Jean (nee Brown) LIVINGSTON, William LIVINGSTON, William LIVINGSTONE, Adam S LIVINGSTONE, Agnes (nee Murray) LIVINGSTONE, Duncan LIVINGSTONE, Graham (nee Scott) LIVINGSTONE, Jane (nee McDonald) LIVINGSTONE, janet bell (nee King) LIVINGSTONE, John LIVINGSTONE, Mary (Brown) LIVINGSTONE, Robert LIVINGSTONE, Samuel LOBBAN, Sarah Johnstone (nee McIlroy) LOCHHEAD, Agnes Couper (Andrew) LOCHHEAD, Christina (nee Stirling) LOCHHEAD, Elizabeth D. (Peat) LOCHHEAD, Gordon Drynan WW1 88

89 5051 LOCHHEAD, James Henderson LOCHHEAD, Janet Lousian Allan LOCHHEAD, Janet (nee Drynan) LOCHHEAD, John Allan LOCHHEAD, Margaret B LOCHHEAD, Margaret (Gordon?) LOCHHEAD, Robert Allan WW LOCHHEAD, William G, LOCKHART, Annie (nee Harvey) LOCKHART, Archibald LOCKHART, Barbara Wilson (Andrew) LOCKHART, Catherine LOCKHART, Christina (Bryden) LOCKHART, David LOCKHART, Duncan LOCKHART, Elizabeth (Crawford) LOCKHART, Harry LOCKHART, Isabella (nee Jeffrey) LOCKHART, Isabella Jeffrey (Taylor) LOCKHART, Jane T.J LOCKHART, Janet (nee Anderson) LOCKHART, Janet (nee Johnston) LOCKHART, John LOCKHART, John LOCKHART, Thomas LODGE, Helen (nee O Donnell) LOGAN, Alexander LOGAN, Catherine Stewart (nee Paterson) LOGAN, Christina (Miller) LOGAN, Hugh LOGAN, James LOGAN, james LOGAN, Janet (Gentleman) LOGAN, Jean (nee Lawrie) LOGAN, Jessie (Mitchell) LOGAN, John LOGAN, Margaret LOGAN, Mary (Straiton) LOGAN, Mary C LOGAN, William LOGIE, Alexander Ross LOGIE, Elizabeth (Ferguson) LONEY, Henry LONEY, Mary Ann (nee McMullan) LONEY, Molly y 6m 5096 LONEY, Vincent LOPINSKA/LOPINSKI, Henry 5098 LOPINSKA/LOPINSKI, Mary 5099 LOPINSKA/LOPINSKI, Nan 5100 LORAN, Sarah (Kelly) LORIMER, Alexander WW LORIMER, Alfred WW LORIMER, Donald Infancy 5104 LORIMER, Helen LORIMER, Isa LORIMER, Isabella (nee McDonald) LORIMER, Isabella Margaret LORIMER, Isabella McDonald LORIMER, Janet (nee Thursby)

90 5110 LORIMER, Janet R. (Stevenson) LORIMER, Margaret (Kerr?) LORIMER, Mary Infancy 5113 LORIMER, Mina (Good) ? LORIMER, William LORIMER, William LORN, Marion (Sneddon) LOUDON? Ann (Meek) LOVE, Agnes (Faughnan) LOVE, Catherine B. (nee Murdoch) LOVE, Helen (Haig) LOVE, James LOVE, Margaret (Pollock) LOVE, Maud Gladys (nee Tucker) LOW, Ada (Fleming) LOW, Alexander LOW, Alexander LOW, Anne (nee McDonald) LOW, David LOW, David A LOW, David S LOW, David Watson LOW, Elizabeth 15, y 6m 5133 LOW, Helen (Dickson) LOW, Ishbel Robertson (nee Archibald) LOW, Jane (nee Grewar) LOW, Jemima (Mill) LOW, Margaret (nee Nicol) LOW, Mary (nee McGuire) LOW, Mary (Brown) LOWRIE, Agnes (Hunter) LOWRIE, Helen (Hunter) LUCAS, Henry H LUCAS, Marion (Anderson) LUCAS, Marion A.H LUCAS, William LUKE, Alexander M LUKE, Eliza M LUKE, Helen (Main) LUKE, Isabella Guthrie (Tennant) LUKE, James LUKE, Jessie May McGregor (Shanks) LUKE, John (DN) LUKE, Margaret (nee Shanks) LUMSDEN, George W.T LUMSDEN, Helen (nee Hardie) LUMSDEN, Isabella Charlotte (nee Benny) LUMSDEN, John Heatherwick LYNCH, Christina (nee Baird) LYNN, Ann (Nally) LYNN, Annie A. (nee Silcock) LYNN, Elizabeth (Laird) LYNN, John LYNN, John LYNN, William R LYNN, Children Infancy 5166 LYONS, Annie (Nee Black) LYONS, Elizabeth (Westwater) LYONS, Robert

91 5169 MABON, Jean (Robertson) MACHRAY, Rachel Gordon (Fraser) MACKAY, Ann (nee Grindlay) MACKAY, John J MACKAY, Margaret (DN) MACKAY, Mary (Finlay) MACKAY, Mary (McGibbon) MACKAY, Peter MACKAY, Rachel (Campbell) MACKAY, Thomas C MACKIE, Annie (Laird) MACKIE, Elizabeth (Hickey) MACKIE, Elizabeth (nee Campbell) MACKIE, Margaret (Smith) MACKIE, Richard MADDEN, Henry WW MADDEN, Isabella (Gentles) MADDEN, Margaret (Hannon) ? 67? 5187 MADDEN, Robert C MADDEN, Sarah MADEN, Janet (nee Sherman) MADEN, Robert MAILER, Bob 5192 MAILER, Margaret 5193 MAIN, Alexander W.J MAIN, Andrew MAIN, Elizabeth MAIN?, Elizabeth (nee Young) MAIN, Helen (nee Luke) MAIN, Isabella MAIN, James MAIN, James Russell MAIN, Janet MAIN, Janet (Murdoch) MAIN, Janet (nee Russell) MAIN, John MAIR, Albert MAIR, Isabella (nee Jolly) MAIR, Janet Wilson (Moffat) MAIR, Jessie (nee Duncan) MAIR, Thomas Wilson MALCOLM, Elizabeth (Marshall) MALCOLM, Janet (nee McLeish) MALCOLM, John MALLINSON, Margaret (Taylor) MALLOY, Agnes (nee Welsh) MALLOY, James MALLOY, Mary (nee Wilson) MALLOY, Thomas MALLOY, William MALLOY, Infant Son Infancy 5220 MANCLARK, Janet F. (Anderson) MANN, Alice (McGurk?) MANN, Elizabeth MANSON, George MANSON, George MANSON, James MANSON, Jane (nee Dunsmore) MANSON, Janet (nee Anderson)

92 5228 MANSON, Lilias White (nee Gracie) MANSON, Robert Stirling MARCINKOWSKI, Jan MARENCHI, Dizolina (Pacitti) MARKOWSKI, Eleanora (nee Furtek) MARR, Ann (nee Waugh) MARR, Annie (nee Meek) MARR, James J MARR, John MARR, Joseph MARR, Mary S.C. (Moore) MARR, Thomas MARR, William MARSELLA, Emilia MARSHALL, Agnes (Dunn) MARSHALL, Agnes (nee Hogg) MARSHALL, Agnes (nee Paul) MARSHALL, Agnes Allan (Scott) MARSHALL, Alexander 5247 MARSHALL, Alexander MARSHALL, Alexander MARSHALL, Alexander MARSHALL, Allison MARSHALL, Andrew MARSHALL, Annie MARSHALL, Annie MARSHALL, Annie MARSHALL, Annie (Kelly) MARSHALL, Archibald MARSHALL, Archibald MARSHALL?, Catherine MARSHALL?, Catherine (Anderson) MARSHALL, Catherine (Muirhead) MARSHALL, Charles C.M MARSHALL, Christina MARSHALL, Christina MARSHALL, Christina (Higgins) MARSHALL, Christina (nee Gillies) MARSHALL, Christina (nee Jack) MARSHALL, Christina A MARSHALL?, Daniel S. Henderson MARSHALL, David 5270 MARSHALL, David Hoggan y 6m 5271 MARSHALL, Elizabeth MARSHALL, Elizabeth (nee Cook) 21.01? MARSHALL, Elizabeth (nee Malcolm) MARSHALL, Elizabeth (Comrie) MARSHALL, Elizabeth (Cramb) MARSHALL, Elizabeth (Murphy) MARSHALL, Elizabeth R. (Walker) MARSHALL, Emma MARSHALL, Euphemia MARSHALL, George MARSHALL, George MARSHALL, George H WW MARSHALL, Helen MARSHALL, Helen MARSHALL, Helen (Allan?) MARSHALL, Helen (Gilmour)

93 5287 MARSHALL, Helen (nee McGeachie) MARSHALL, Helen Small (Howie) MARSHALL, Hutchison MARSHALL, Isabella 5291 MARSHALL, Isabella 5292 MARSHALL, Isabella MARSHALL, Isabella (Drummond) MARSHALL, Isabella (Nisbet) MARSHALL. Isabella (nee Gillies) MARSHALL, Isabella (nee Nisbet) MARSHALL, James MARSHALL, James C MARSHALL, Jane (Hoggan) MARSHALL, Janet MARSHALL, Janet (Suttie) MARSHALL, Janet (nee Kirk) MARSHALL, Jean (Troup) MARSHALL, Jeanie y 6m 5305 MARSHALL, Jeanie (nee Dick) MARSHALL, Jessie Somerville MARSHALL, John MARSHALL, John MARSHALL, John H MARSHALL, Lily (nee Hendry) MARSHALL, Maggie (nee Dawson) MARSHALL, Margaret MARSHALL, Margaret 5314 MARSHALL, Margaret y 6m 5315 MARSHALL, Margaret (nee Clement) MARSHALL, Margaret (nee Dougall) 5317 MARSHALL, Margaret (nee McInnes) MARSHALL, Margaret? (Muirhead) 05.?? MARSHALL, Marion (nee Walker) MARSHALL, Mary MARSHALL, Mary MARSHALL, Mary MARSHALL, Mary (Barr) MARSHALL, Mary (Totten) MARSHALL, Mary (nee Gray) MARSHALL, Mary (nee Gray?) MARSHALL, Mary (nee Thomson) MARSHALL, Mary Jane (nee Ross) MARSHALL, Mary Miller (Shaw) MARSHALL, Matthew MARSHALL, Peter ??? MARSHALL, Rachel (nee Gibson) MARSHALL, Richard MARSHALL, Richard MARSHALL, Robert 5336 MARSHALL, Robert MARSHALL, Robert 5338 MARSHALL, Robert MARSHALL, Robert MARSHALL, Robert MARSHALL, Robert MARSHALL, Robert MARSHALL, Robert MARSHALL, Robert MARSHALL, Robert

94 5346 MARSHALL, Robert Kerr MARSHALL, Samuel MARSHALL, Thomas MARSHALL, Thomas MARSHALL, Wilhemina (Meek?) MARSHALL William WW MARSHALL, William WW MARSHALL, William MARSHALL, William ? 5355 MARSHALL, William MARSHALL, William 05.10, MARSHALL, William R MARSHALL, William Wishart MARTIN, Annie Anderson (nee Fernie) MARTIN, Archibald WW MARTIN, David MARTIN, Gabrielle (nee Brodie) MARTIN, George MARTIN, George MARTIN, James MARTIN, Jane MARTIN, Jane MARTIN, Jane Thomson (nee Stewart) MARTIN, Janet R MARTIN, Jean (Corrie/Gorrie) MARTIN, Jenny (nee Gardiner) MARTIN, John R MARTIN, Margaret MARTIN, Margaret (nee Goodwin) MARTIN, Mary (Nicol) MARTIN, Mary Ann (nee Dunn) (DC) MARTIN, Mary Jane (nee Hagan) MARTIN, Nessie MARTIN, Peter MARTIN, Robert MARTIN, Robert MARTIN, Robert Crawford MARTIN, Tom MARTIN, William MARTIN, Willie MATHIE, Agnes Kay (Murray?) MATHIE, James Barclay y 6m 5388 MATHIE, Jane (nee Murray) MATHIE, Jane (nee Wylie) MATHIE, Marion Wylie (Stewart) MATHIE, William MATHISEN, Elizabeth (nee Wallace) MATTHEWS, Helen (nee McMaster) MATTHEWS, Mary MATTHEWS, William MAVOR, Jane (nee Hay) MAVOR, Robert MAXWELL, Annie (Cunningham) MAXWELL, Charles MAXWELL, Elizabeth (Leishman) MAXWELL, Freda (Cruiks) MAXWELL, James MAXWELL, Margaret MAXWELL, Margaret (nee Gillon?)

95 5405 MAXWELL, Margaret (nee Heron) MAXWELL, Nan (Campbell) MAXWELL, Robert Halliday MAXWELL, Samuel MAXWELL, William MAXWELL, William MEALLS, Alison (nee Drummond) MEALLS, Annie (nee Jackson) MEALLS, David MEALLS, Isabella (nee Kerr) MEALLS, Mary (Govan) MEALLS, Robert MEALLS, Thomas MEECHAN, James MEECHAN, John MEECHAN, Margaret MEEK, Ann (nee Loudon?) MEEK, Annie (Marr) MEEK, David Infancy 5424 MEEK, Isabel (Hannah) MEEK, James MEEK, James L MEEK, Margaret R. (McKechnie) MEEK, Mary Denholm m 5429 MEEK, Mary Denholm (nee Bruce) MEEK, Wilhemina (nee Marshall) MEIKLE, Jeannie Drummond (nee Gillespie) MEIKLE, William C.B MELDRUM, Sarah (Mitchell) MELTON, Annie (Watson) MELVIN, Alexander MELVIN, Annie (Gradner) MELVIN, Catherine Stevenson (nee Babb) MELVIN, Clementina (nee Forsyth) MELVIN, Isabella MELVIN, John Forsyth MELVIN?, Margaret Forsyth MELVIN, Margaret (Nelson) MELVIN?, Robert Forsyth MENZIES, Alexander MENZIES, Ann 5446 MENZIES, Ann (nee Gilfillan) MENZIES, James 5448 MENZIES, Jeanie G. (nee Gentles) MENZIES, Margaret 5450 MENZIES, Mary (Burrell) MENZIES, William 5452 MERCER, Catherine (Scott) MERCER, Helen E. (nee Somerville) MERCER, James MERCER, Jessie (nee Paul) MERRILEES, Davina B. (nee Robertson) MERRILEES, Elizabeth (Retson) MERRILEES, Robert MICHALOWSKI, Julian MIDDLEMASS, Janet S. (Scott) MIKOLAJCZYK, Joseph Peter y 9m 5462 MILL, Jemima MILL, William W

96 5464 MILLAN, Charlotte (nee Deuchar) MILLAM, Jemima (nee Cruden) MILLAN, Lottie MILLAN, Robert MILLAN, William MILLAN, William Montgomery MILLAN, Two Children Infancy 5471 MILLAN?, Grandson Infancy 5472 MILLAR, Agnes (Wren) MILLAR, Agnes T. (Benson) MILLAR, Alexander MILLAR, Annie (nee Leckie) MILLAR, Archibald MILLAR, Catherine MILLAR, Catherine Gillies (nee Provan) MILLAR, Christina (Anderson) MILLAR, Christina (nee Brodie) MILLAR? Christina (nee Paterson?) MILLAR, Christina (nee Paterson?) MILLAR, Daniel ? 5484 MILLAR, David MILLAR, David MILLAR, David MILLAR, David J.M MILLAR, Eliza y 6m 5489 MILLAR, Elizabeth (Dawson) 5490 MILLAR, Elizabeth (nee Comrie) MILLAR, Elizabeth (nee McKay) MILLAR, Elizabeth (nee Sinclair) MILLAR, Elizabeth (nee Templeton) MILLAR, Elizabeth McG. (nee Brown) MILLAR, Ella (nee Tait) MILLAR, Gavin A MILLAR, Helen S.E. (nee Hopkins) MILLER, Henrietta (Potts) MILLAR, James MILLAR, James MILLAR, Jane (Taylor) MILLAR, Janet (nee Spottiswoode) MILLAR, Janet (nee Walker) MILLAR, Jean (nee Gibson) MILLAR, Jessie (Anderson) MILLAR, John MILLAR, John McKay MILLAR, Margaret (Hill) MILLAR, Margaret (Kirk) MILLAR, Margaret (nee Leslie) MILLAR, Margaret (nee Wilson) MILLAR, Margaret A. (nee Fraser) MILLAR, Margaret Taylor (nee Spottiswoode) 5514 MILLAR, Mary (Dewar) MILLAR, Mary (Templeton) MILLAR, Mary Caldwell MILLAR, Robert MILLAR, Robert MILLAR, Robert MILLAR, Robina MILLAR, Robert Hopkins MILLAR, William

97 5523 MILLAR, William MILLAR, William MILLAR, William MILLER, Agnes m 5527 MILLER, Agnes (Abercrombie) MILLER, Agnes (Shanks) MILLER, Agnes (nee Watson) ?? 5530 MILLER, Agnes D. (nee Gillies) (DC) MILLER, Alexander MILLER, Alexander MILLER, Alexander MILLER, Alice (nee Gray) MILLER, Andrew MILLER, Andrew MILLER, Ann (nee Duff) MILLER, Ann (nee Letham) MILLER, Annie Kennedy (McLachlan) MILLER, Annie Shearer MILLER, Annie (Bainbridge) MILLER, Archibald 5543 MILLER, Catherine (Russell) MILLER, Christina (nee Logan) MILLER, Colin Fairbairn MILLER, Constance Agnes (nee Fairbairn) MILLER, Daniel MILLER, David MILLER, David WW MILLER, Elizabeth (McGrandles) MILLER, Elizabeth (nee Hunter) MILLER, Elizabeth Boden (nee Hill) MILLER, Elizabeth Shanks Storry (nee Taylor) MILLER, Ellen (nee Anderson) MILLER, Flora (nee Munro) MILLER, Grace Scott (nee Eadie) MILLER, Grahamy MILLER, Helen MILLER, Helen A MILLER, Helen (Coleman) MILLER, Helen (McIntosh) MILLER, Helen S. (nee Erskine) MILLER, Isabella (Adams) MILLER, Isabella Jane MILLER, Isabella McIntosh (nee Hunter) MILLER, James MILLER, James MILLER, James MILLER, James MILLER, James MILLER, James MILLER, James MILLER, James B MILLER, James K MILLER, Jane (DC) MILLER, Jane (Henderson?) MILLER, Jane (nee Hamilton) MILLER, Jane (nee Harcus) MILLER, Janet 5580 MILLER, Janet MILLER, Janet Hay (DC) y 6m 97

98 5582 MILLER, Janet Simpson w 5583 MILLER, Janet (Adam) MILLER, Janet (Morrison) MILLER, Janet (nee Hay) (DC) 23/ / MILLER, Janet (nee Simpson) MILLER, Jean (McKenzie) MILLER, Jeanie W. (nee Arbuckle) MILLER, Jessie MILLER, Johan (Shaw) MILLER, John MILLER, John MILLER, John WW MILLER, John MILLER, John MILLER, John MILLER, John MILLER, John MILLER, John Anderson MILLER, John D MILLER, Lillias (nee Roberts) MILLER, Maggie (Muirhead) MILLER, Margaret (nee Robertson?) MILLER, Margaret (nee Stark) MILLER, Margaret Jarvie Stark (Jenkins) ? MILLER, Margaret Tait (nee Fortune) MILLER, Margaret Y. (Goodwin) MILLER, Marion MILLER, Mary MILLER, Mary (Connell) MILLER, Mary (nee Adam) MILLER, Mary (nee Blair) MILLER, Mary (nee McLay) MILLER, Mary Catherine (Watson) MILLER, Mary F. (Hannah) MILLER, Mary H MILLER, Rachel Wilson (nee McIntyre) MILLER, Robert MILLER, Robert MILLER, Robert MILLER, Robert WW MILLER, Robert MILLER, Robert MILLER, Robert MILLER, Robert MILLER, Sadie (nee Powell) MILLER, Sarah (Mitchell) MILLER, Thomas 5629 MILLER, Thomas MILLER, Thomas w 5631 MILLER, Thomas MILLER, Thomas James MILLER, Thomas James MILLER, William ???? 5635 MILLER, William 5636 MILLER, William MILLER, William MILLER, William MILLER, William MILLER, William

99 5641 MILLER, William MILLER, William Hay MILLER, William R MILLIGAN, Agnes (Brynes) MILLIGAN, Isabella (nee Aitchison) MILLIGAN, James MILLIGAN, Jean Callendar MILLIGAN, Jean (nee Callendar) MILLIGAN, Jean Baird (Hislop) MILLIGAN, John MILLIGAN, John Callendar MILLIGAN, Helen MILLIGAN, Margaret MILLIGAN, Margaret (Mowbray) MILLIGAN, Margaret (nee Richards) MILLIGAN, Martha MILLIGAN, Mary (Thomson) MILLIGAN, Mary (nee Gilmour) MILLIGAN, Thomas MILLIGAN, William MILLIGAN, William Reid MILLS, Helen (nee Fisher) MILLS, Peter MILLS, Robert MILNE, Mary (Halliday) MILNE, Mary Wemyss (Smith) MINTO, Theresa K. (Blackadder) MIRK, Elizabeth (nee Gillies) MIRK, George MIRK, James WW MIRK, Mary MIRK, William MITCHELL, Agnes MITCHELL, Alexander MITCHELL, Alexander MITCHELL?, Alexander 5677 MITCHELL, Alexander B MITCHELL, Andrew MITCHELL, Andrew M MITCHELL, Ann (nee Davidson?) MITCHELL, Annie (nee Moodie) MITCHELL, Archibald H MITCHELL, Catherine (nee Neilson) MITCHELL?, Catherine (nee Henderson) MITCHELL, Christina (nee Russell) MITCHELL, David Shaw MITCHELL, Don M.N MITCHELL, Flora MITCHELL, George MITCHELL, George MITCHELL, George MITCHELL, George MITCHELL, George Easton MITCHELL, Helen (nee Scott) MITCHELL, Henry M MITCHELL, Isabella MITCHELL, Isabella (nee Dunn) MITCHELL, Isabella M. (nee Taylor) MITCHELL?, Isobel 99

100 5700 MITCHELL, James WW MITCHELL, James MITCHELL, James Brown MITCHELL, James S.B MITCHELL, Jane MITCHELL, Jane MITCHELL, Jane (nee Duguid) MITCHELL, Janet MITCHELL, Janet (Nisbet) MITCHELL, Janet (nee Forsyth) MITCHELL?, Jean 5711 MITCHELL, Jessie (nee Dykes) MITCHELL, Jessie (nee Logan) MITCHELL, John MITCHELL, John MITCHELL, John MITCHELL, John MITCHELL, John H MITCHELL, Maggie (nee Reid) MITCHELL, Margaret m 5720 MITCHELL, Margaret MITCHELL, Margaret MITCHELL, Margaret Scott MITCHELL, Margaret (nee Brown) MITCHELL, Margaret (nee Jamieson) MITCHELL, Mary (Collins) MITCHELL, Mary Angus (nee Prentice) MITCHELL, Mary F. (Kustec) MITCHELL, Mary Walker (Taylor) MITCHELL, Peter MITCHELL, Peter MITCHELL, Robert MITCHELL, Robert MITCHELL, Robert WW MITCHELL, Robert Brodie MITCHELL, Robina (nee Hunter) MITCHELL, Sarah (nee Black) MITCHELL, Sarah (nee Meldrum) MITCHELL, Sarah (nee Miller) MITCHELL, Sarah Angus MITCHELL, William (DN) MITCHELL, William?? WW1? 5742 MITCHELL, William MITCHELL, William MITCHELL, William MITCHELL, William D MOCHRIE, Archibald Allan WW MOCHRIE, Elizabeth (nee Craig) MOCHRIE, Elizabeth (nee Paterson) MOCHRIE, Euphemia (nee Allan) MOCHRIE, Euphemia Allan (Wylie) MOCHRIE, George MOCHRIE, George MOCHRIE, Helen (Paul) MOCHRIE, Jane (nee Neil) MOCHRIE, Jane (nee Profit) MOCHRIE, Jane L. (nee Kennedy) MOCHRIE, John MOCHRIE, John

101 5759 MOCHRIE, John MOCHRIE, John Brown MOCHRIE, Penelope (Clement) MOCHRIE, Robert MOCHRIE, Robert A MOCHRIE, Thomas MOCHRIE, Thomas B MOFFAT, Annie Atkin (Fleming) MOFFAT?, Catherine (Crossley) MOFFAT, Elizabeth (Forsyth) MOFFAT, Elizabeth (nee Bell) MOFFAT, Elizabeth (nee Blair) MOFFAT, George MOFFAT, Grace Ronney (Forbes) MOFFAT, Helen (Henderson) MOFFAT, Hephzibah (nee Thomson) MOFFAT, James MOFFATT, James MOFFAT, James MOFFAT, Jane (Muir) MOFFAT, Jane (Shanks) MOFFAT, Jane (nee Ronney?) MOFFAT, Janet Wilson (nee Mair) MOFFAT, Jean Cowie (Beaton) MOFFAT, Jeanie (nee Gardiner) MOFFAT, John MOFFAT, John MOFFAT, John MOFFAT, Margaret MOFFAT, Margaret MOFFAT, Margaret (Drummond) MOFFAT, Margaret (nee Paterson) MOFFAT, Marion (Gardiner) MOFFAT, Mary (nee Ronney) MOFFAT, May (nee Paterson) MOFFAT, Robert MOFFAT, Robert MOFFAT, Robert MOFFAT, Thomas MOFFAT, Thomas MOFFAT, William MOFFATT, James MOFFATT Margaret Meg (nee Baird) MOIR, Elizabeth (Wotherspoon) MOIR, Elizabeth McD. (Grant) MOIR, Mary (Baird) MOLLOY, Daniel MOLLOY, Mary (nee Gray) MONAGHAN, Charles MONAGHAN, Margaret (Cunningham) MONAGHAN, Mary MONKMAN, Albert E MONTEITH, Helen (nee Dawson) MONTEITH, Janet (Muirhead) MONTEITH, William MONTGOMERIE, William 5815 MONTGOMERY, Susan MOODIE, Annie (Mitchell) MOODY, Helen Infancy 101

102 5818 MOODY, Jane MOORE, Annie (nee Fleming) MOORE, John MOORE, Mary Elizabeth (Edward) MOORE, Mary S.C. (nee Marr) MOORE, Thomas MOR, Mary (Jack) MORAN, Elizabeth (Traynor) MORAN (GREENWOOD) 5827 MORGAN, Bernard MORLAND, Helen Bird (nee Craig) MORLAND, Robert MORRIS, Catherine (Dow) MORRIS, Margaret 5832 MORRIS, Margaret (Purdie) MORRIS, William 5834 MORRISON, Agnes MORRISON, Alice (Somerville) MORRISON, Ann (nee Bryce) MORRISON, Ann (nee Gilfillan) MORRISON, Annie Mcleod (nee McGregor) MORRISON, Anthony MORRISON, David MORRISON, Edith (nee McGregor) MORRISON, Emily (Palmer) MORRISON, George MORRISON, George Infancy 5845 MORRISON, George H.G MORRISON, Graham Roy MORRISON, Iain MORRISON, Isabella (Drumond) MORRISON, Isobel y 10m 5850 MORRISON, James MORRISON, James MORRISON, James MORRISON, James MORRISON, Jane (Stirling) MORRISON, Jane (nee Wilson) MORRISON, Janet (McGrandles) MORRISON, Janet (nee Miller) MORRISON, Jean MORRISON, Jean (nee Binnie) MORRISON, Jean (nee Smith) MORRISON, Jessie (nee Whyte) MORRISON, John (DN) MORRISON, Margaret Infancy 5864 MORRISON, Margaret MORRISON, Margaret MORRISON, Margaret (nee Campbell) MORRISON, Margaret (nee Dawson) MORRISON, Margaret (nee McIntosh) MORRISON, Maria F. McD MORRISON, Maria Floyer McDonald (nee Stark) MORRISON, Mary L MORRISON, Minnie (Ferguson) MORRISON, Nan (Mclellan) MORRISON, Thomas MORRISON, William MORRISON, William

103 5877 MORRISON, William MORRISON, William MORRISON, William Ferguson MORTIMER, Thomas MORTON, Alexander W MORTON, Elizabeth (nee Gilmour) MORTON, George A MORTON, Helen (Purdie) MORTON, Helen (Thomson) MORTON, Jean A. (Lennie) MORTON, John G MORTON, Marion (nee Chalmers) MORTON, Mary (Leishman) MORTON, Mary (nee Anderson) MORTON, Mary Eadie (Paton) MORTON, Nettie (nee Jeffrey) MORTON, Thomas MOWATT, Andrew Youth 5895 MOWATT, Jean McVay (nee Christie) MOWATT, Jeanie MOWATT, John C MOWATT, Mary Youth 5899 MOWATT, William Youth 5900 MOWATT, William MOWBRAY, Barbara (Ritchie) MOWBRAY, Elizabeth Brown (nee Leishman) MOWBRAY, Margaret (nee Milligan) MOWBRAY, Provan (nee Laurie) MOWBRAY, William MOWBRAY, William MUIR, Agnes (Gillan) MUIR, Agnes (nee McManus) MUIR, Ann (nee Kerr) MUIR, Billy MUIR, Christina (nee Reid) MUIR, David MUIR, Elizabeth (Harkins) MUIR, Elizabeth (nee Fotheringham) MUIR, Greta (Thomson) MUIR, Helen MUIR, Helen (Couper) MUIR, Helen (nee Kerr) MUIR, James MUIR, James MUIR, James MUIR, Jane (nee Moffat) MUIR, Janet (nee Strang) MUIR, John B MUIR, Margaret (Carson) MUIR, Mary (nee Reid) MUIR, Mary (nee Reid?) MUIR, Mary Jane (nee Taylor) MUIR, May Infancy 5930 MUIR, Peter MUIR, Robert MUIR, Robert MUIR, Robert MUIR, Thomas MUIR, William

104 5936 MUIR, William MUIR, William Kerr *MUIRHEAD, Agnes (Bain) (DN), (LR) MUIRHEAD, Agnes (Brown) MUIRHEAD? Agnes (Napier) MUIRHEAD, Agnes H. (Gauld) MUIRHEAD, Agnes Hutton (Gauld) MUIRHEAD, Andrew MUIRHEAD, Ann (Forsyth) MUIRHEAD, Annie (McDougall) (MC) MUIRHEAD, Archibald (DC) MUIRHEAD, Catherine M. (nee Marshall) MUIRHEAD, Christina Ingram MUIRHEAD, Christina Ingram MUIRHEAD, David MUIRHEAD, David MUIRHEAD, Elizabeth MUIRHEAD, Elizabeth (Adam) MUIRHEAD, Elizabeth (nee Conlon) MUIRHEAD, Elizabeth (nee Hay) MUIRHEAD, Ellen MUIRHEAD, George MUIRHEAD, George MUIRHEAD, Grace (nee Sweeney) MUIRHEAD, Helen MUIRHEAD, Helen (Hamilton) MUIRHEAD, Isabella MUIRHEAD, Isabella (Dunn) (DC) MUIRHEAD, Isabella (nee Hudson) MUIRHEAD, James y 4m 5966 MUIRHEAD, James MUIRHEAD, James MUIRHEAD, James m 5969 MUIRHEAD, Jane (nee Cuthill) MUIRHEAD, Janet MUIRHEAD, Janet MUIRHEAD, Janet (Smith) MUIRHEAD, Janet (Whytock) MUIRHEAD, Janet (nee Dobbie) MUIRHEAD, Janet (nee Linn) MUIRHEAD, Janet (nee Monteith) MUIRHEAD, Janet (nee Ross) MUIRHEAD, Jeannie MUIRHEAD, Jessie MUIRHEAD, John MUIRHEAD, John m 5982 MUIRHEAD, John MUIRHEAD, John (DC) MUIRHEAD, John MUIRHEAD, Lewis ? MUIRHEAD, Maggie (nee Miller) MUIRHEAD, Marion (Arthur) (DC) / MUIRHEAD, Marion (nee Templeton) MUIRHEAD, Margaret (Anderson) MUIRHEAD, Margaret (Burns) MUIRHEAD, Margaret (McAulley) MUIRHEAD?, Margaret (nee Kirkwood) MUIRHEAD, Margaret? (nee Marshall) 05.?? MUIRHEAD, Margaret (nee Templeton)

105 5995 MUIRHEAD, Marion (nee templeton) MUIRHEAD, Mary (nee Dunn) MUIRHEAD, Mary (Hallam) MUIRHEAD, Mary M. (Struthers) MUIRHEAD, Michael WW MUIRHEAD, Richard y 6m 6001 MUIRHEAD, William MUIRHEAD, William MUIRHEAD, William MUIRHEAD, William MUIRHEAD, William MUIRHEAD, William MUIRHEAD, William MUIRHEAD, William Cuthill ? 6009 MULHEARN, Ina (nee Maclennan) MULHEARN, Mary y 9m 6011 MULHEARN, Peter MULHERON, Catherine (Crossan) MULLAN, Patrick MULLAN, Patrick MULLEN, Elizabeth (Duffy) MULLEN, Jean MULLEN, John WW MULLEN, Mary Ann (nee Connolly) MULLEN, Thomas Hanley MULLHALL, Bridget (Boyle) MULLIGAN, John MULLIGAN, Margaret MULRAIN, May Ann (McConnachie) MUNGALL, Ann MUNGALL, Elizabeth MUNGALL, James Infancy 6027 MUNGALL, Margaret (Liddell) MUNGALL, Robert?? MUNGALL, William MUNN, Elizabeth (nee Adam) MUNN, Jessie Agnes (Hay) MUNN, Norman Richard WW MUNN, Thomas MUNRO?, Agnes MUNRO, Catherine (Beattie) MUNRO, Christina Ellen (Wright) MUNRO, Elizabeth (Kennedy) MUNRO, Flora (Miller) MUNRO?, JANE Sharp (nee Waugh) MUNRO, Johnny (James Taylor?) MUNRO, Margaret (Hoggan) MUNRO, Marion (nee Cunningham) MUNRO, Peter B MURDOCH, Catherine B. (Love) MURDOCH, Charles w 6046 MURDOCH, Elizabeth MURDOCH, Elizabeth (Fordyce) MURDOCH, George MURDOCH, Harry Andrew MURDOCH, Helen Boning (Gardiner) MURDOCH, Isabella MURDOCH, James MURDOCH, Janet (nee Main)

106 6054 MURDOCH, Jessie (Campbell) MURDOCH, John MURDOCH, Joseph MURDOCH, Kate ? 6058 MURDOCH, Margaret (nee Dickie) MURDOCH?, Mary MURDOCH, Mary (nee Boning) MURDOCH, Mary (nee Smith) MURDOCH, Robert MURPHY, Allan 9m 6064 MURPHY, Belle (Grant) MURPHY, Elizabeth (nee Marshall) MURPHY, Elizabeth F. (Kirk) MURPHY, Jean (nee Wilson) MURPHY, Jeanie MURPHY, Jim MURPHY, John MURPHY, Mary (nee Anderson) MURPHY, Mary (nee McCulloch?) MURPHY, Nan (nee McCafferty) MURPHY, Nettie (nee Clark) MURPHY, Peter MURPHY, Peter MURPHY, Thomas MURPHY, William MURRAY, Adair Douglas MURRAY, Adair D MURRAY, Agnes (Livingstone) MURRAY, Agnes (nee Strang) MURRAY?, Agnes Kay (nee Mathie?) MURRAY, Grace (nee Kennedy) MURRAY, H.E ? MURRAY, Helen Frances (nee Jordan) MURRAY, James MURRAY, James MURRAY, Jane Coventry (Fotheringham) MURRAY, Jane (nee Lindsay) MURRAY?, Jane (Mathie?) MURRAY, Janet C. (Henderson) MURRAY, Keith Alexander y 9m 6094 MURRAY, Lillias (Alton) MURRAY, Margaret (Couper) MURRAY, Margaret (Paterson) MURRAY, Marion (nee Dyer) MURRAY, Robert MURRAY, Robert B MURRAY, Thomas McEwan MURRAY, William McC MURRIE, Adam MURRIE, Adam MURRIE, James MURRIE, Jane m 6106 MURRIE, Jane ? MURRIE, Jane Brown m 6108 MURRIE, Jane Cummings MURRIE, Jane (nee Brown) MURRIE, John MURRIE, Peter MURTY, Theresa (Lenathen)

107 6113 MYLES, Jeannie (nee McNairn) MYLES, Jessie (nee McMurdo) MYLES, Mary Bell MYLES, Richard MYLES, Robert MacALPINE, Jessie MacARTHUR, Annie (Laird) MacAULAY, Isabella MacDONALD, Christina Jane (Grant) MacDONALD, Christina Reid (nee Donladson) MacDONALD, Dolina (Rintoul) MacDONALD?, Helen (nee Johnstone) MacDONALD, Elizabeth (Bulloch) MacDONALD, Hughina?? ? 6127 MacDONALD, Janet (Young) MacDONALD, Janet Donaldson Infancy 6129 MacDONALD, Jean Charlotte Benny (nee Joss) MacDONALD, John ? 6131 MacDONALD, John ? 6132 MacDONALD, Margaret (McArthur) MacDONALD, Margaret Ronald Infancy 6134 MacDONALD, Norman McLeod MacDONALD?,? MacDOUGALL, Jane (MacLachlan) MacFARLANE, Agnes MacFARLANE, Ann (Dewar) MacFARLANE, Cissie (nee Walker) MacFARLANE, Eliza Bertram (nee Johnston) MacFARLANE, Elizabeth (neilson) MacFARLANE, James MacFARLANE, Jane (nee Baird) MacFARLANE, Jane (Ross) MacFARLANE, Janet MacFARLANE, Janet H. (nee Stewart) MacFARLANE, John MacFARLANE, Mary McMillan MacFARLANE, William MacFARLANE, William MacGREGOR, Alexander MacGREGOR, Annie Muir (nee Watt) MacGREGOR, Janet (MacPhail) MacGREGOR, Lachlan MacKELLAR, Ann Campbell (Pern) MacKELLAR, Duncan Campbell (DN) MacKELLAR, James Oliphant WW MacKELLAR, Mary McLaren (nee Oliphant) MacKENZIE, Annie (nee Duncan) MacKENZIE, Ellen C. (nee Stanners) MacKENZIE, James MacKENZIE, Jean m 6163 MacKENZIE, John MacKENZIE, John MacKENZIE, Mary (McArthur) MacKENZIE, Mary Easton MacKENZIE, Maybell (Keir) MacKIMMIE, Elizabeth W. (Claxton) MacKINNON, Helen (Hume) 6170 MacLACHLAN, Donald Cameron MacLACHLAN, Isabella (nee Paterson)

108 6172 MacLACHLAN, James (DN) MacLACHLAN, Jane (nee MacDougall) MacLAREN, Gordon Mitchell MacLAREN, James R.T MacLAREN, Jean D. (Bain) MacLAREN, John MacLAREN, Margaret S. (nee Trotter) MacLAREN, Mina (nee Cruse) MacLAUCHLAN, Donald MacLAUCHLAN, Hendry MacLAUCHLAN, Ian WW MacLAUCHLAN, Kate (Graham) MacLAUCHLAN, Malcolm MacLAUCHLAN, Malcolm WW MacLAUCHLAN, Mary (nee Currie) MacLAUCHLAN, Neil MacLEAN, Alastair MacLEAN, Donald MacLEAN, Elizabeth (nee Higgins) MacLEAN, George MacLEAN, Helen (nee Hibberd) MacLEAN, Jeannie MacLEOD, Elizabeth MacLENNAN, Ina (Mulhearn) MacMASTER, Mary C MacMILLAN, Archana (Comrie) MacPHAIL, Christina MacPHAIL, James MacPHAIL, Janet (nee MacGregor) MacPHAIL, John MacPHAIL, John MacPHAIL, Margaret MacPHAIL, William MacPHERSON, Mary (Torrance) McAINSH, Elizabeth (nee Dewar) 11? McAINSH, George McALDIN, Kate (Robson) McALISTER, Catherine (Lilley) McALLEY, Annie (nee Wright) 6211 McALLEY, James McALLISTER, Elizabeth (nee McPherson) McALLISTER, Elizabeth J.R. (Jarvie) McALLISTER, James McALLISTER, James McALLISTER, William McALPINE, Andrena M. (nee Core) McALPINE, Andrew McALPINE, Andrew Stewart McALPINE, Ann McALPINE, Annie (nee Ferguson) McALPINE, Christina (nee Whyte) (DC) McALPINE, David McALPINE, David WW McALPINE, David McALPINE, David McALPINE, Elizabeth McALPINE, Elizabeth (nee Fergus) McALPINE, Ellen Hay m 6230 McALPINE, George

109 6231 McALPINE, George McALPINE, Helen (Duncan) McALPINE, Helen (Ramsay) McALPINE, James McALPINE, James McALPINE, James ? 6237 McALPINE, James Stewart McALPINE, Janet (nee Ferguson) McALPINE, Jean (nee Wallace) McALPINE, John J McALPINE, Margaret (nee Fulton) McALPINE, Margaret Wallace ? 6243 McALPINE, Mary (nee Campbell) McALPINE, Mary (Paterson) McALPINE?, May (Nelson) McALPINE, Robert McALPINE, Stewart Infancy 6248 McALPINE, Susan (nee Stewart) McALPINE, Thomas Core McALPINE, William McALPINE, William Smith McARDLE, Annie (nee Campbell) McARDLE, Bridget (McMullan) McARDLE, Helen (Rankin) McARDLE, Marion (nee Anthony) McARDLE, Theodore G McARTHUR, Agnes (nee Clement) McARTHUR, Agnes (nee McLuskie) McARTHUR, Andrew McARTHUR, Annie (Blair) McARTHUR, Elizabeth McARTHUR, Elizabeth (nee Rennie) McARTHUR, George McARTHUR, Helen McARTHUR, Helen (Ballany) McARTHUR, Helen (McMurdo) McARTHUR, James WW McARTHUR, John 6269 McARTHUR, John McARTHUR, Joseph McARTHUR, Louis McARTHUR, Margaret (nee MacDonald) McARTHUR, Martha McARTHUR, Mary McARTHUR, Mary (nee MacKenzie) McARTHUR, Mary (nee McFarlane) McARTHUR, Mary (nee Young) McARTHUR, Mary (Campbell) McARTHUR, Robert McARTHUR, Robert McARTHUR, Robert McARTHUR, Samuel McARTHUR, Samuel McATEER, Alexander McATEER, Bridget Infancy 6286 McATEER, Jane Infancy 6287 McATEER, Maggie (nee McGuckin) McAULEY, Agnes McAULEY, George

110 6290 McAULEY, Janet (Sludden) McAULLEY, Adam McAULLEY, Janet McAULLEY, Margaret (nee Muirhead) McAULLEY, Peter McAUSLAN, Michael R McAUSLAN, Helen Black (nee Ralston) McAUSLAN, Nellie (nee Gilchrist) McAUSLAN, Peter McBEATH, Janet (Kirk) McBETH, Christina (nee McKenzie) McBETH, Margaret Ann McBETH, Peter McBETH, Walter McBRATNEY, Mary Hunter (Carnochan) McBRYDE, James McBRYDE, Jim McBRYDE, Winnie (nee McMullan) McBURNIE, Mary E. (nee McCulloch) McCAFFERTY, Bernard McCAFFERTY, Catherine 6311 McCAFFERTY, Charles 6312 McCAFFERTY, Ellen McCAFFERTY, Isabel (Fivey) McCAFFERTY, Kathleen (Lawless) McCAFFERTY, Nan (Murphy) McCAFFREY, Fransis ???? McCAFFREY, John 20? McCAFFREY, Susanna McCALL, Mary (Stewart) McCALLUM, Jane (Rutherford) McCANN, Catherine d 6322 McCANN, James McCANN, Jane McCANN, John WW McCANN, Mary McCANN, Mary (McGrandles) McCANN, Rose Ann McCANN, Thomas McCARROLL, Margaret (Pender) McCARTHEY, Jane McCARTHEY, Jane McMillan 4m 6332 McCARTHEY, Mary Ann McCARTHEY, Patrick 6334 McCASKILL, James Lewis Kelly y 6m 6335 McCASKILL, janet (nee Kelly) McCASKILL, Jean McCASKILL, Kenneth WW McCASKILL, Murdoch McCLEMENT, Agnes (nee Douglas) McCLEMENT, Agnes (Thomson) McCLEW, Alexander C.S McCLEW, Catherine Grieve (nee Edgar) McCLUNG, Mary (Baxter) McCOLL, Agnes (nee Donnley) McCOLL, Angus McCOLL, Jean (Hastings) McCOLL, John McCOLL, John

111 6349 McCOLL, Margaret McCOLL, Margaret (Godfrey) McCONCHIE, Elizabeth Davidson (Fleming) McCORIE, Annie (Fleming) McCORMACK, Catherine (nee McDuff) McCORMACK, James McCORMACK, James McCORMACK, Jane McCORMICK, Catherine McCORMICK, Catherine McCORMICK, Catherine McCORMICK, Elizabeth McCORMICK, Ellen McCORMICK, James Leo McCORMICK, Jane McCORMICK, John (DC) McCORMICK, Margaret McCORMICK, Margaret McCORMICK, Martha (Grant) McCORMICK, Mary McCORMICK, Mary (nee McMillan) McCORMICK, Sarah McCORMICK, William McCORMICK, Mrs. Edmund McCOWAN, George McCOWAN, James McCOWAN, James McCOWAN, James McCOWAN, Janet (nee Thomson) McCOWAN, Janet (nee Waugh) McCOWAN, John McCOWAN, Margaret McCRACKEN, Gordon McCRACKEN, Robert McCRAE, Agnes (Thursby) 05.?? McCRAE, Margaret McCRAE, Margaret S. (Kirkwood) McCRORIE, Bridget (Hunter) McCRORIE, Mary (Green) McCULLOCH, Andrew L McCULLOCH, Anne (nee Ryan) McCULLOCH, Christina (nee Gracie) McCULLOCH, Hugh 6392 McCULLOCH, Isabella T. (nee Gorrie) McCULLOCH, James McCULLOCH, Jessie McCULLOCH, John McCULLOCH, John 6397 McCULLOCH, Margaret McCULLOCH?, Mary (Murphy) McCULLOCH, Mary E. (McBurnie) McCULLOCH, Michael McCULLOCH, Robert McCONNCHIE, John McCONNACHIE, Margaret McCONNACHIE, May Ann (nee Mulrain) McDERMOTT, Helen McDERMOTT, Margaret (Lilley) McDEVITT?, Agnes (Connor)

112 6408 McDONALD, Adelaide McDONALD, Agnes (nee Ayton) McDONALD, Angus 6411 McDONALD, Ann (Low) McDONALD, Beatrice McDONALD, Catherine (Andrew) McDONALD, Elizabeth (nee Hardie) McDONALD, Elizabeth B McDONALD, George McDONALD, Helen (Law) McDONALD, Isabella (Hoggan) McDONALD, Isabella (Lorimer) McDONALD, Jane (Livingstone) McDONALD, Jeannie (Dickson) McDONALD, Jim McDONALD, John McDONALD, John McDONALD, Maggie (Carson) McDONALD, Margaret (nee McKenna) McDONALD, Margaret (Doyle) McDONALD, Margaret (McMullan) McDONALD, Margaret Jane (Davie) McDONALD, Maria Floyer (Stark) McDONALD, Marion Jane McDONALD, Mary Ann (Cruikshank) McDONALD, Mitchell (Angus) McDONALD?, Sarah (Parker) 6435 McDONALD, Sarah (White) McDOUGAL, Sarah Ann (Henderson) McDOUGALL, Agnes (nee Dickson) McDOUGALL, Annie (nee Muirhead) (MC) McDOUGALL, Annie (Graham) McDOUGALL, Catherine McDOUGALL, Catherine (Scobbie) McDOUGALL, Elizabeth McDOUGALL, James McDOUGALL, James McDOUGALL, Jane McDOUGALL, Jane (nee Drummond) McDOUGALL, Jane (Brisbane) McDOUGALL, John McDOUGALL, John McDOUGALL, Margaret (Scott) McDOUGALL, Mary (Jack) McDOUGALL, Peter McDOUGALL, Peter McDOUGALL, William m 6455 McDUFF, Catherine (McCormack) McELENEY, Agnes McELENEY, Elizabeth (nee Sludden) McELENEY, James McELENEY, Thomas Patrick McELROY, Arthur L McELROY, Helen Ann McEWAN, Alexander McEWAN, Alexander McEWAN, Alexander Ewen WW McEWAN, Agnes (nee Hoggan) McEWAN, Agnes Couper

113 6467 McEWAN, Annie (nee Cairney) McEWAN, Annie (nee Henderson) 21? McEWAN, Annie (Skillen) McEWAN, Bobs McEWAN, Catherine McEWAN, Christine Infancy 6473 McEWAN, Daniel Infancy 6474 McEWAN, Donald McEWAN, Elizabeth (nee Smith) McEWAN, Ewan McEWAN, Gladys McEWAN, Isabella (nee McPherson) McEWAN, Isabella McPherson McEWAN, James Sneddon McEWAN, Jane (Forbes) McEWAN, Janet (nee McNair) McEWAN, Jean Coralie (nee Esplin) McEWAN, Joan McEWAN, John McEWAN, Margaret Wilson McEWAN, Neil McEWAN, Robert McEWAN, Robert Couper WW McEWAN, Rowena (Donaldson) McEWAN, May (Walker) McEWAN, Thomas McEWAN, Thomas Infancy 6494 McEWAN, William McEWAN, William Infancy 6496 McEWAN, William McEWEN, Margaret (nee Smellie) McEWEN, William McEWAN, William McEWAN, William McFADYEN, Agnes (nee Gillan) McFADYEN, Elizabeth (Boyd) McFADYEN, James McFADYEN, John McFALL, Edmund McFALL, John ? 6507 McFALL, John McFALL, Sarah (nee Cassidy) McFARLAN, Ann Morehead McFARLAN, Catherine Louise McFARLAN, Eleanora McFARLAN, John Morehead McFARLANE, Alexander Infancy 6514 McFARLANE, Archibald McMillan McFARLANE, Bessie McMillan (Gillies) McFARLANE, Elizabeth (Cowan) McFARLANE, Elizabeth (Robertson) McFARLANE, James McFARLANE, James McFARLANE, James McFARLANE, Jane (Coutts) McFARLANE, Jane Corbett (Kerr) McFARLANE, Jeanie McFARLANE, John McFARLANE, John McMillan

114 6526 McFARLANE, Maggie (Waddell) McFARLANE, Margaret McFARLANE, Margaret McFARLANE, Marion (Cowan) McFARLANE, Mary (nee McMillan) McFARLANE, Mary (McArthur) McFARLANE, Mary (McKee) McFARLANE, Peter White McFARLANE, Robert McFARLANE, Robert McFARLANE, Thomas Infancy 6537 McGARRACH, Agnes Bertha (nee Orr) McGARRACH, Elizabeth McGARRACH, John McGARRACH, Mary McGATHAN, Ann (Craig) McGAW, Ian McGAW, Jeanie (nee Sibbald) McGAW, William McGEACHIE, Helen (Marshall) McGEACHIE, James McGEACHIE, James McGEACHIE, Margaret McGHEE, Christina McGHEE, James McGIBBON, Allan ? 6552 McGIBBON, Annie (Parker) McGIBBON, Hanna (nee McKee) McGIBBON, Hugh McGIBBON, Hugh [Barney] McGIBBON, James McGIBBON?, Maggie (nee Kirk) McGIBBON, Mary (nee Mackay) McGIBBON, Rosina (McCann) McGIBBON, R.H. Bertie McGIBBON, Teesha McGIBBON, William w 6563 McGIBBON, William McGIBBON, Stillborn Daughter 6565 McGIBNEY, Jessie (Cunningham) McGILVRAY?, Catherine (Pollock) McGILVRAY, John McGILVRAY, Rowina (nee Donaldson) McGINLAY?, Colin Harris Infancy 6570 McGINLAY, John McGINLAY, Mary (nee Dougal) McGINLAY, Neil McGINNIS, Isabella (McIntyre) McGINTY, Catherine McGINTY, Danny McGLADE, Alice Bridget (nee Corcoran) McGLADE, Elizabeth (nee Coyle) McGLADE, James McGLADE, James McGLINCHY, Isabella (nee Ayton) McGLINCHY, John McGOWAN, Mary (Dickson) McGRANDLES, Edward McGRANDLES, Edward

115 6585 McGRANDLES, Elizabeth (nee Miller) McGRANDLES, Higney Stillborn 6587 McGRANDLES, Janet McGRANDLES, Janet (nee Morrison) McGRANDLES, Joseph Allan McGRANDLES?, Joyce m 6591 McGRANDLES, Marion (nee Shanks) McGRANDLES, Mary (nee McCann) McGRANDLES, Thomas McGRANDLES, William McGRANDLES, William McGREGOR, Agnes McGREGOR, Agnes (Gillespie) McGREGOR, Ann (nee Dunsmore) 08? ? McGREGOR, Annie (nee Stewart) McGREGOR, Annie McLeod (Morrison) McGREGOR, Catherine (nee Keen) McGREGOR, Catherine (nee Wilson) McGREGOR, Edith (Morrison) McGREGOR, Elizabeth Thomson McGREGOR, Ellen McGREGOR, Isabella McGREGOR, Isabella (nee Campbell) McGREGOR, James McGREGOR, James McGREGOR, James McGREGOR, John McGREGOR, John McGREGOR, John WW McGREGOR, John McGREGOR, John McGREGOR, Lilias (nee Baird) McGREGOR, Margaret McGREGOR, Margaret (Jarvie) McGREGOR, Marion (nee Laing) McGREGOR, Mary (Adam) McGREGOR, Mary (Bryden) McGREGOR, Mary (Kerr) McGREGOR, Mary McM. (nee Sneddon) McGREGOR, Murdoch Ross ???? 6625 McGREGOR, Sarah (Paul) McGREGOR, Thomas McGRELLIS, Anne McGRELLIS, Dennis McGRELLIS, Michael McGROARTY, Isobel (Traynor) ? McGRORY, Allan McGRORY, Jim McGRORY, Mary (nee Rennicks) McGRORY, William McGRUTHER, Janet (nee Glass) McGRUTHER, William McGUCKIN, Ann McGUCKIN, Ann (nee Rafferty) McGUCKIN, Annie Comrie (nee Waddell) McGUCKIN, Betty (Boyd) ` 6641 McGUCKIN, Joseph McGUCKIN, Maggie (McAteer) McGUGAN, Mary (Waddell)

116 6644 McGUIRE, Bridget (nee Fagan) 05? ? 6645 McGUIRE, Elizabeth (nee Grant) McGUIRE, James McGUIRE, James McGUIRE, James 6649 McGUIRE, John McGUIRE, Joseph McGUIRE, Joseph 1944 Infancy 6652 McGUIRE, Mary (nee Bennett) McGUIRE, Mary (Low) McGUIRE, Thomas McGURK, Agnes (Davitt) McGURK?, Alice (nee Mann) McGURK, Alison (Savage) McGURK, Archibald McGURK, John McGURK, Susan (nee Brodie) McHENDRY, David McHUGH, Isabella (nee Wyper) McHUGH, James B McHUGH, Lewis McILROY, Euphemia (nee Dick) McILROY, James William McILROY, Sarah (nee Johnstone) McILROY, Sarah Johnstone (Lobban) McILROY, William McINALLY, Arthur McINALLY, James 6672 McINNES, Jane F. (nee Gray) McINNES, Margaret (Marshall) McINNES, Martha (Thomson) McINTOSH, James Allan McINTOSH, George McINTOSH, Helen (nee Miller) McINTOSH, James McINTOSH, Lachlan ? 6680 McINTOSH, Lachlan McINTOSH, Margaret (Morrison) McINTOSH, Margaret (Petrie) McINTOSH, Martha (nee McKenzie) 19.05, McINTOSH, Mary (nee Christie) McINTOSH, Robert McINTOSH, William McINTYRE, Annie Infancy 6688 McINTYRE, Elizabeth (Hoggan) McINTYRE, George McINTYRE, Georgina (Smith) McINTYRE, Helen (nee Hinds) McINTYRE, Hugh McINTYRE, Hugh Infancy 6694 McINTYRE, Hugh ? 1y 6w 6695 McINTYRE, Isabella (McGinnis) McINTYRE, James ? 6697 McINTYRE, Janet (Hannah) McINTYRE, Jean Infancy 6699 McINTYRE, Jean (nee McPherson) McINTYRE, Lilias (nee Kay) McINTYRE, Margaret McINTYRE, Margaret (Robertson)

117 6703 McINTYRE, Marjorie (Gracie) McINTYRE, Mary (Scott) McINTYRE, Matthew McINTYRE, Rachel Wilson (Miller) McIVER, Annie (Buchanan) McKALE, Mary (Taylor) McKAY, Alexander McKAY, Alexander McKAY, Alexander McKAY, Andrew McKAY, Catherine (Swan) McKAY, Elizabeth (nee Ross) McKAY, Elizabeth (Millar) McKAY, James McKAY, Jessie F. (McLaren) McKAY, John McKAY, Helen (nee Johnstone) McKAY, Isabella (Cunningham) McKAY, Margaret McKAY, Margaret (Hoggan) McKAY, Mary (nee Gray) McKAY, Minnie (Graham) McKAY, Nessie (nee Ellis) McKAY, Richard Ross WW McKAY, Sarah McKAY, Thomas McKAY, Children Infancy 6730 McKEAN, Charles McKEAN, James McKEAN, Margaret (nee Corrigan?) McKECHNIE, Ann Jane (nee Semple) McKECHNIE, Archibald 24,06, McKECHNIE, Irene Gauld y 3m 6736 McKECHNIE, James McKECHNIE, Margaret (nee Meek) McKECHNIE, Margaret (McVicar) McKECHNIE, Martha Vera (nee Poole) McKECHNIE?, Marion (nee Bennie) McKECHNIE, Peter McKEE, Hannah (Climie) McKEE, Hannah (McGibbon) McKEE, James McKEE, Mary (nee McFarlane) McKEEVER, Bridget (nee Grant) McKEEVER, Francis B McKEEVER, John Fulton McKEITH, David McKEITH, William McKEITH, William McKENDRY, Alexander 6753 McKENNA, Agnes McKENNA, Ann (Tonner) McKENNA, Catherine (haig) McKENNA, James McKENNA, Margaret (McDonald) McKENNA, Patrick McKENZIE, Alexander WW McKENZIE, Ann H. (nee Morrison) McKENZIE, Christina (McBeth)

118 6762 McKENZIE, Christina (Welsh) McKENZIE, Isabella (Aitken?) McKENZIE, Jane McKENZIE, Jean (nee Miller) McKENZIE, John McKENZIE, John Milne McKENZIE, Maggie McKENZIE, Margaret Watt McKENZIE, Martha (McIntosh) McKENZIE, Mary (nee Easton) McKENZIE, Mary (nee McLachlan) McKENZIE, Peter Bennett McKENZIE, Robert McKENZIE, William McKENZIE, William McKEOWN, J WW McKERLIE, Edith Ferguson Edgar (McVean) McKERROW, Elizabeth (Armour) McKILLOP, Jane Muir (nee Hillhouse) McKILLOP, McGregor (Ferguson) McKILLOP, Robert McKINLAY, Mary A. (Thomson) McKNIGHT, Alexander McKNIGHT, Mary (nee Reid) McLACHLAN, Alexander McLACHLAN, Annie Kennedy (nee Miller) McLACHLAN, Archibald McLACHLAN, Christina (Brodie) McLACHLAN, Euphemia (nee Sloan) McLACHLAN, Euphemia Sloan (Wilson) McLACHLAN, George McLACHLAN, George N McLACHLAN, Helen (nee Paul) McLACHLAN, Isabella (nee Duncan) McLACHLAN, Jack McLACHLAN, James McLACHLAN, Jean [Jane] (DC) McLACHLAN, Jessie McLACHLAN, Margaret (Stark) McLACHLAN, Mary (nee Baxter) McLACHLAN, Mary (McKenzie) McLACHLAN, May McLACHLAN, William McLACHLAN, Mrs. Dan McLAGAN, Andrew McLAGAN, Isobel Hamilton (nee Watson) McLAGAN, Mary (nee Faulds) McLANACHAN, John Shaw y 6m 6810 McLANACHAN, Margaret (McLaurin) McLANACHAN, Margaret (nee Robertson) McLANACHAN, Margaret (nee Ross) McLANACHAN, Maisie (nee Forsyth) McLANACHAN, Matthew McLAREN, Agnes (nee Dobbie) McLAREN, Alexander McLAREN, Alexander John McLAREN, Amelia (nee Barnet) McLAREN, Christina A McLAREN, Daniel

119 6821 McLAREN, Edward McLAREN, Elizabeth (Henderson) McLAREN, Elizabeth D. (Baldwin) McLAREN, Francis Scott McLAREN, Isabella (Baxter) McLAREN, Isabella (Gow) McLAREN, Jane B. (nee Scott) McLAREN, Jean (nee Donaldson McLAREN, Jean (Brock) McLAREN, Jessie F. (nee McKay) McLAREN, John McLAREN, John McLAREN, John McLAREN, John McLAREN, John McLAREN, Laurance McLAREN, Laurence McLAREN, Thomas Finlayson McLAREN, Jane D. (nee Kirkwood) McLAREN, Margaret McLAREN, Margaret (nee Watson) McLAREN, Margaret (Balloch?) McLAREN, Marjory (nee McPherson) McLAREN, Martha (Scott) McLAREN, Mary McLAREN, Mary (nee Allan) McLAREN, Samuel McLAREN, William H McLAREN, William S McLAUGHLIN, Francis McLAURIN, Margaret (nee McLanachan) McLAY, Mary (Miller) McLEAN, Betty (nee Williams?) McLEAN, Frank McLEAN, Helen M. (nee McMurdo) McLEAN, James McLEAN, Jeanie (Stevenson) McLEAN, Margaret (Wilson) McLEAN, Stewart McLEISH, Margaret (Malcolm) McLELLAN, Archibald McLELLAN, Nan (nee Morrison) McLELLAND, Agnes Bunty (nee Busby) McLEMAN, Margaret (Thomson) McLEOD, David S McLEOD, Georgina Ina McLEOD, Helen (Blair) McLEOD, Mary (Russell) McLEOD, Mary (Smith) McLEOD, Mary (Smith) 6871 McLEOD, Thomas Lauder WW McLURE, John McLUSKIE, Agnes McLUSKIE, Agnes (McArthur) McLUSKIE, Agnes Wilson (nee Cooper) McLUSKIE, Annie (Forsyth) McLUSKIE, James G McLUSKIE, Jane (nee Crabbe) McLUSKIE, Jane (Forsyth)

120 6880 McLUSKIE, Jean Ferguson (nee Greenshields) McLUSKIE, John McLUSKIE, John McLUSKIE, John McLUSKIE, Mary McMAHON, Catherine (nee Byrne) McMAHON, Columbus WW McMAHON. Michael McMAHON, Richard 1y 6m 6889 McMANUS, Agnes (Muir) McMANUS, Margaret Rita (nee Quinn?) McMASTER, Helen (Matthews) McMASTER, John McMENAMY, Ann (Girvan) McMENEMY, Catherine 6895 McMENEMY, Catherine (Brown) McMENEMY, Francis 6897 McMENEMY, Hugh 6898 McMENEMY, James McMENEMY, Jane Maria y 7m 6900 McMENEMY, Mary McMENEMY, Mary (nee Fitzpatrick) 6902 McMENEMY, William 6903 McMENEMY, William McMILLAN, Agnes McMILLAN, Agnes Muir (nee Brown) McMILLAN, Andrew Burt McMILLAN, Anne (Wilson) McMILLAN, Christina J McMILLAN, Christina W.M. (nee Johnstone) McMILLAN, David McMILLAN, David McMILLAN, David McMILLAN, Evelyn Grace McMILLAN, Grace Thomson (nee McVicar) McMILLAN, James McMILLAN, Jane McMILLAN, Jane McMILLAN, Jane (nee Crawford) McMILLAN, John McMILLAN, John McVicar McMILLAN, Margaret (Gibson) McMILLAN, Margaret Crawford McMILLAN, Marion (Reid) McMILLAN, Mary (McCormick) McMILLAN, Mary (McFarlane) McMILLAN, Mary Ann McMORLAND, Helen (White) ? McMULLAN, Bobby McMULLAN, Bridget (nee McArdle) McMULLAN, Elizabeth (Connolly) McMULLAN, John McMULLAN, Joseph McMULLAN, Joseph Infancy 6934 McMULLAN, Margaret (nee McDonald) McMULLAN, Margaret (O Hanlon) McMULLAN, Mary (nee Mcneil) McMULLAN, Mary Ann (Loney) McMULLAN, William

121 6939 McMULLAN, Winnie (McBryde) McMURCHIE, Annie (nee Wilson) McMURCHIE, Donald McMURDO, Agnes (nee Surgeon) McMURDO, Alexander McMURDO, Alexander McMURDO, Andrew Ramsay McMURDO, Ann P. (nee Crawford) McMURDO, Annie C. (nee Ramsay) McMURDO, Elizabeth (nee Stewart) McMURDO, Gavin McMURDO, Gavin McMURDO, Gavin McMURDO, Helen (nee McArthur) McMURDO, Helen A. (McLean) McMURDO, James m 6955 McMURDO, Janet Laig McMURDO, Jessie (nee Duncan) McMURDO, Jessie (Myles) McMURDO, Margaret (Carson) McMURDO, Robert McMURDO, Robert WW McMURDO, Thomas McMURDO, William McA McNAB, Elizabeth (Stewart) McNAB, George McNAB, James McNAB, James McNAB, Jean (Thomson) McNAB, Margaret (nee Paton) McNAB, Robert McNAB, William McNAB, William James McNAB, Williamina McNAIR, Alexander Young McNAIR, Christina Gillespie (Spiers) McNAIR, Falconer (nee Jones) McNAIR, Henry McNAIR, James McNAIR, James McNAIR, Janet (McEwan) McNAIR, Jessie McNAIR, Lilias Young (Johnston) McNAIR, Lillias McNAIR, Lillias McNAIR, Mary y 11m 6985 McNAIR, Mary (Higgins) McNAIR, Mary (nee Kirkwood) McNAIRN, James Watt McNAIRN, Jean Allen (nee Russell) McNAIRN, Jeannie (Myles) McNAIRN, Mary McNAIRN, Mary (nee Limond) McNAIRN, Mary (nee Salmond) ???? 6993 McNAIRN, Robert McNAIRN, William McNEIL, Alexander McNEIL, Alexander y 3m 6997 McNEIL, Alexander

122 6998 McNEIL, James 6999 McNEIL, Jane (Totten) McNEIL, Mary (McMullan) McNEIL, Moira 7002 McNEILAGE, Archibald McNEILLY, Annie (Baird) McNEILLY, Eliza Jane (Ronney) McNEILLY, Emily 7006 McNICOL, Agnes (nee Aitken) McNICOL, Catherine McNICOL, Elizabeth A McNICOL, James McNICOL, Matthew McNIE, Barbara Anderson (nee Linklater) McNIE, Janet (Clark) McNIVEN, James F McNIVEN, Jean (Hamilton) McNIVEN, John McNIVEN, Margaret McNIVEN, Margaret McNIVEN, Marion (nee Duncan) McNIVEN, William McPAKE, James McPEAKE, Helen (nee Ward) McPEAKE, Kathleen (Hamill) McPEAKE, Sean McPHAIL, Betsy (Craig) McPHAIL, John (DN) McPHERSON, Agnes C. (Henderson) McPHERSON, Alexander McPHERSON, Elizabeth (McAllister) McPHERSON, Isabella (McEwan) McPHERSON, Jean (McIntyre) McPHERSON, John 7032 McPHERSON, Margaret (nee Anderson) McPHERSON, Marjory (McLaren) McPHIE, Alexander McPHIE, Ann McPHIE, Elizabeth McPHIE, Elizabeth (Strang) McPHIE, Helen (nee Gordon) McPHIE, Jessie McPHIE, John McPHIE, John McPHIE, Mary E. (nee Kirkwood) McPHIE, Robert McQUADE, Harry McQUADE, Margaret (nee Smith) McQUATTER, Elizabeth (Stevenson) McQUEEN, Elizabeth (nee Shanks) McQUEEN, Joan (nee Ferguson) McQUEEN, John McQUEEN, John Fisher McQUEEN, Mary (Anderson) McQUEEN, May McQUEEN, Robert McQUEEN, Thomas McQUILLAN, Edward McQUILLAN, Mary (nee Curley)

123 7057 McQUILLAN, Mary (Burgoyne) McQUILLAN, Thomas McQUILLAN, Thomas McRAE, Christina Richardson (nee Benny) (DC) McRAE, Donald Daniel McROBERT, Isabella 7063 McROBERT, William 7064 McROBERT, William J McRORIE, Isabella (White) McSHANE?, Mary (nee Skelton?) McTEAR, Annie (Quigley) McVEAN, Edith Ferguson Edgar (nee McKerlie) McVEAN, Farquhar McVICAR, Grace Thomson (McMillan) McVICAR, John McVICAR, Margaret (nee McKechnie) McVICAR, Margaret (nee White) McVICAR, Mary (nee Gillespie) McVICAR, Robert McVICAR, Thomas McVICAR, Family 7078 McWATT, Annie McWATT, Elizabeth (nee Scott) McWATT, Henry Infancy 7081 McWATT, Jack McWATT, James McWATT, Jessie (nee Taylor) McWATT, John McWATT, John McWATT, John S McWATT, Kathleen O. (nee Kennedy) McWATT, Mary (Comrie) McWATT, Matilda (nee Lambie) McWATT, Minnie (nee Pacittie) McWATT, Robert y 6m 7092 McWATT, William McWATT, William McWATT, William McWILLIAMS, Agnes (nee Holden) McWILLIAMS, David McWILLIAMS, James McWILLIAMS, William H NALLY, Ann (nee Lynn?) NAPIER, Agnes (nee Muirhead?) NAPIER, George Gray NAPIER, James NAPIER, Jane S NAPIER, Jean NAPIER, John NEDOKIS, Moira A.F. (nee Brown?) NEIL, Agnes (Stewart) NEIL, Isabella NEIL, Jane (Mochrie) NEILL, Christina (nee Bennie?) 7111 NEILL, David R NEILL, Euphemia (Leggat) NEILL, Euphemia T. (nee Hepburn) NEILL, Jessie (Graham) NEILL, Mary (nee Blair)

124 7116 NEILL, Margaret ???? 7117 NEILL, Mary (Ferguson) NEILL, Robert NEILL, Robert Infancy 7120 NEILSON, Agnes (nee Gardiner) NEILSON, Agnes Gardiner NEILSON, Alexander WW NEILSON, Andrew, NEILSON, Catherine (Mitchell) NEILSON, Christina A. (nee McLaren) NEILSON, David Dobbie NEILSON, David Dobbie NEILSON, Elizabeth NEILSON, Elizabeth (nee MacFarlane) NEILSON, Elizabeth (nee Stewart) NEILSON, Hannah (Forsyth) NEILSON, James WW NEILSON, James NEILSON, James NEILSON, James NEILSON, Jean Bain (Lind) NEILSON, Jeanie NEILSON, Jeanie NEILSON, Jeanie (nee Bain) NEILSON, John NEILSON, Robert NEILSON, Robert NEILSON, Mary (Blair) NEILSON?, Mary (Hay?) NEILSON, Thomas NEILSON, Thomas NEILSON, William Bain m 7148 NEISH, Elizabeth (nee Nisbet) NEISH, John NEISH, Robert Simpson NEISH, William N WW NELSON, Agnes (nee Kerr) NELSON, Charles NELSON, Elizabeth (Finlay) 7155 NELSON, James NELSON, James Kerr NELSON, James Melvin NELSON, Janet Cook (Henderson) NELSON, Jean NELSON, Lawrence NELSON, Lesley w 7162 NELSON, Margaret (nee Melvin) NELSON, Margaret (Haugh) NELSON, May (nee McAlpine?) NESS, Eliza (Scott) NEWBIGGING, Alice (Gilmour) NEWLANDS, Elizabeth (Hendry) NEWLANDS, Margaret (Anderson) NEWTON, Olive (Bran) NICHOLSON, Jane (Peebles) NICOL? Agnes (nee Henderson?) NICOL, Catherine (nee Finlay) NICOL, Daniel NICOL, Joseph

125 7175 NICOL, Maggie Sneddon (Higgins) NICOL, Margaret (Low) NICOL, Margaret G NICOL, Mary (nee Martin) NICOL, Thomas F NICOL, William NICOL, William NICOLL, Christina NICOLL, James NICOLL, James Davie NICOLL, Margaret NICOLSON, Dorothea Stewart (nee Thomson) NICOLSON, Jane (Easton) 7188 NICOLSON, Jane More (nee Carruthers) NICOLSON, Janet (Hunter) ? NICOLSON, John NICOLSON, John NICOLSON, William NICOLSON, William WW NIMMO, Catherine (Gibb) NIMMO, Chrystina (Reid) NIMMO, Mary (Gentleman) NISBET, Agnes NISBET, Agnes (nee Allan) NISBET, Agnes (Allan) NISBET, Alexander Goodwin WW NISBET, Andrew NISBET, Catherine (nee Stewart) NISBET, Catherine Caldwell (nee Goodwin) NISBET, Chrissie (nee Walker) NISBET, Christopher A NISBET, Elison Ellen (nee Downs) NISBET, Elizabeth (Neish) NISBET, Helen NISBET, Isabella (Marshall) NISBET, James NISBET, James NISBET, James NISBET, James NISBET, Janet (nee Mitchell) NISBET, Janet (Innes) NISBET, John NISBET, John NISBET, John Stewart WW NISBET, Margaret B, NISBET, Mary (nee Whitehead) NISBET, Robert NISBET, William NISBET, William (DN) NISBET, William Allan NIVEN, Andrew NIVEN, Helen (nee Ferguson) NOBLE, Christina (Simpson) NOBLE, Elizabeth (Drummond) NOLAN, Frances 7230 NOLAN, William 7231 NOLAN, William Billy 7232 NUTE, Elizabeth (nee Harris) NUTE, Jabez

126 7234 NUTT, Harry O BERG, Catherine (Finlay) O BRIEN, Francis P ? 7237 O BRIEN, Helen (nee Byrne) O BRIEN, John O BRIEN, Thomas O CONNOR, Elizabeth (nee Lawless) O CONNOR, Mary (Jedrzejewski) O CONNOR, Michael O CONNER, Michael Peter WW O CONNOR, Walter Bryden WW O DONNELL, Catherine O DONNELL, Helen (Lodge) O DONNELL, Helen (Taylor) O DONNELL, James Francis O DONNELL, John O DONNELL, Josephine O DONNELL, Margaret (nee Penman) O DONNELL, Martin Infancy 7253 O DONNELL, Martha (nee Hanley) O DONNELL, Mary (Barr) O DONNELL, Michael James O DONNELL, Robert O DONNELL, Thomas O DONNELL, Winnie O HANLON, Catherine O HANLON, Ellen (Dunnigan) O HANLON, Felix O HANLON, James Canon O HANLON, Janet O HANLON, John O HANLON, Margaret (nee McMullan) O HANLON, Margaret O HANLON, Patrick O HARA, Annie (Curran) O HARE, Charles O HARE, Fanny O HARE, Isabella (nee Bedlay?) 7272 O HARE, John 7273 O HARE, John O HARE, Margaret Mary O NEILL, Arthur O NEILL, Frank O NEILL, Helen (nee Keating) O NEILL, Kate (nee Girvan) O NEILL, Thomas y 6m 7280 O NEILL, William O SULLIVAN, Olive OLIPHANT, Alexander Stewart OPLIHANT, Mary McLaren (MacKellar) OLIPHANT, Rebecca (nee Stewart) OLIPHANT, William ONION, George ORLICKI, Czeslaw Wincenty ORR, Agnes Bertha (McGarrach) ORR, Elizabeth (Straiton) OSBORNE, Jessie (Dyer) OSWALD, Janet (Leggat) OSWALD, Margaret (Jarrett)

127 7293 OVENS, Christina C. (nee Irvine) OVENS, Doreen Joan (nee Beer) OVENS, James H PACITTI, Charles Infancy 7297 PACITTI, Christina (Ure) PACITTI, Dizolina (nee Marenchi) PACITTI, Elizabeth C. (nee Spence) PACITTI, James PACITTI, Minnie (McWatt) PACITTI, Victor PALMER, Annie (Smith) PALMER, Emily (nee Morrison) PALMER, John PAPWORTH, Annie Telfer (Forbes) PAPWORTH, George Edgar Wyatt WW PARK, George PARK, Helen L. (nee Strang) PARK, James PARK, Jean (nee Watt) PARK, Jeannie Hamilton (Forsyth) PARK, Margaret (nee Adam) PARK, Matthew G PARK, Robert Adam WW2? 7316 PARK, William y 4m 7317 PARK, William PARKER, Adam PARKER, Agnes (nee Scott) PARKER, Ann PARKER, Annie, (nee McGibbon) PARKER, Archibald PARKER, Archibald PARKER, Janet PARKER, John PARKER, Sarah (nee McDonald?) 7327 PARLAND, Margaret (Watson) PATERSON, Agnes (nee Higgins) PATERSON, Agnes (nee Leishman) PATERSON, Alexander PATERSON, Alexander PATERSON, Alexander Carmichael PATERSON, Andrew PATERSON, Andrew PATERSON, Andrew y 6m 7336 PATERSON, Andrew PATERSON, Andrew PATERSON, Andrew PATERSON, Andrew H PATERSON, Andrew Higgins PATERSON, Annie Infancy 7342 PATERSON, Annie (nee Gold) PATERSON, Barbara (nee Boyd) PATERSON, Barbara (nee Reid) PATERSON, Barbara (nee Watson) PATERSON, Catherine (Ferguson) PATERSON, Catherine (Fulton) PATERSON, Catherine Stewart (Logan) PATERSON, Christina PATERSON, Christina (Gardiner) PATERSON, Christina (Hamilton)

128 7352 PATERSON, Christina (Johnston?) PATERSON?, Christina (Miller?) PATERSON?, Christina (Miller?) PATERSON, Daniel PATERSON, David D PATERSON, David Douglas WW PATERSON, David Rae Infancy 7359 PATERSON, Elizabeth (nee Roslington) PATERSON, Elizabeth (Mochrie) PATERSON, Euphemia (nee Anderson?) PATERSON, George PATERSON, George A.R PATERSON, George Murray y 6m 7365 PATERSON, Gordon y 5m 7366 PATERSON, Helen (nee Kay?) PATERSON, Helen (nee Liddell) PATERSON, Henry PATERSON, Isa H y 6m 7370 PATERSON, Isa H. (nee Finlay) PATERSON, Isabella (Buchanan) PATERSON, Isabella (Hamilton) PATERSON, Isabella (Kennedy) PATERSON, Isabella (MacLachlan) PATERSON, James PATERSON, James PATERSON, James PATERSON, James PATERSON, James PATERSON, James PATERSON, Jane Weir (nee Stonebank) PATERSON, Janet PATERSON, Janet (nee Turnbull) PATERSON, Janet Riddick (nee Carruthers) PATERSON, Janette Infancy 7386 PATERSON, Jean (nee Black) PATERSON, Jean (nee Lees) 17? PATERSON, Jean (nee Stephen) PATERSON, Jean (Bain) PATERSON, Jean (Marshall) PATERSON, Jeanie (Binnie) PATERSON, Jemima PATERSON, Jemima H. (Waller) PATERSON, Jessie (nee Forbes) PATERSON, Jessie (nee Gardner) PATERSON, Jessie (Campbell) PATERSON, Jessie (Hamilton) PATERSON, John PATERSON, John PATERSON, John PATERSON, John 7402 PATERSON, John PATERSON, John PATERSON, John Couper PATERSON, Joseph PATERSON, Kate (nee Harrower) PATERSON, Louis PATERSON, Margaret PATERSON, Margaret 7410 PATERSON, Margaret

129 7411 PATERSON, Margaret (nee Curran) PATERSON, Margaret (nee Murray) PATERSON, Margaret (Farquhar) PATERSON, Margaret (Gracie) PATERSON, Margaret (Hepburn) PATERSON, Margaret (Kirkcaldy) PATERSON, Mragaret (Moffat) PATERSON, Margaret (Paul) PATERSON, Margaret D PATERSON, Maria (nee Richardson) PATERSON, Marion (Smith) PATERSON, Martha (Graham) PATERSON, Martha Logan (Todd) PATERSON, Maureen Infancy 7425 PATERSON, Mary (nee Chapman) PATERSON, Mary (nee McAlpine) PATERSON, Mary (Blair) PATERSON, Mary G. (nee Rae) PATERSON, Mary Shaw (Binnie) PATERSON, Martha Logan (Tod) (DN) PATERSON, May (Moffat) PATERSON, Peter PATERSON, Robert 7434 PATERSON, Robert 7435 PATERSON, Robert PATERSON, Robert PATERSON, Robert PATERSON, Robert PATERSON, Ruth (Anderson) PATERSON, Susan PATERSON, Susan 7442 PATERSON, William PATERSON, Wiliam PATERSON, William PATERSON, William Infancy 7446 PATERSON, William PATERSON, Children 7448 PATERSON, William PATERSON, William PATERSON, William PATERSON, Sisters 7452 PATERSON,? 27? PATON, Alexander Sandy y 6m 7454 PATON, Alexander Haddow PATON, Donald PATON, Donald Infancy 7457 PATON, Helen (nee Anderson) PATON, Isabella (nee Stirling) PATON, James PATON, Jane (nee Ross) PATON, Jeanie Infancy 7462 PATON, John Anderson PATON, Margaret (Goodwin) PATON, Margaret (Johnston) PATON, Margaret (McNab) PATON, Mary Eadie (nee Morton) PATON, Thomas Infancy 7468 PATON, William PATON, William

130 7470 PATON, William Stirling PATRICK, Kim d 7472 PATRICK, Leeanne d 7473 PATTERSON, Annie (nee Adam) PATTERSON, Annie (nee Reid) PATTERSON, Helen (Pinkerton) PATTERSON, James PATTERSON, James PATTERSON, Jean PATTERSON,? Infancy 7480 PAUL, Agnes (Hay) PAUL, Alexander M PAUL, Archibald PAUL, Archibald PAUL, Archibald PAUL, Beatrice (nee Caldwell) PAUL, Catherine (nee Gray) ? 7487 PAUL, Catherine (nee Hamilton) PAUL, Catherine Young (DC) PAUL, David (DC) PAUL, David PAUL, David (DC) PAUL, Duncan PAUL, David Russell PAUL, Elizabeth PAUL, Elizabeth (nee Dawson) PAUL, Elizabeth (nee Howie) PAUL, Georgina (nee Dalziel) 7498 PAUL, Helen (nee Ferguson) PAUL, Helen (McLachlan) PAUL, Helen (nee Mochrie) PAUL, James m 7502 PAUL, Jane (Renton) PAUL, Jane Paterson (Russell) PAUL?, Jean (McLachlan?) PAUL, Jean (Sinclair) PAUL, Jeanie PAUL, Jessie PAUL, Jessie (Fairlie) PAUL, Jessie (Hamilton) (DC) PAUL, Jessie (Mercer) PAUL, John y 10m 7512 PAUL, John (DC) / PAUL, John PAUL, John PAUL, John PAUL, John (DC) PAUL, John PAUL, John PAUL, John PAUL, Margaret PAUL, Margaret (nee Gow) PAUL, Margaret (nee Paterson) PAUL, Margaret (nee Russell?) PAUL, Margaret (Gow?) PAUL, Maud (nee Blyth) PAUL, Mary m 7527 PAUL, Mary (nee Rule) PAUL, Peter Ferguson (DC)

131 7529 PAUL, Robert PAUL, Sarah (nee McGregor) PAUL, Thomas PAUL, Thomas WW PAUL, William (DC), (DN) PEACOCK, Elizabeth PEACOCK, Iain George PEACOCK, Margaret (nee Williamson) PEACOCK, William PEARSON, Helen (nee Anderson?) PEARSON, Helen (Craig) PEAT, David Mealls PEAT, Elizabeth D. (nee Lochhead) PEAT, Helen (Sinclair) PEAT, Jessie (Delaney) ? PEAT, Margaret (nee Hillhouse) PEAT, William PEAT, Willam Wood Watson PEATTIE, Agnes (Grindlay) PEATTIE, James PEATTIE, Jean PEATTIE, Marion (Stirling) PEDERSON, Isabella Finnie (nee Birnie) PEDERSON, Olaf PEEBLES, Janet (nee Nicholson) PEEBLES, Joseph ? PENDER, John PENDER, Margaret (nee McCarroll) PENDER, Marion Paton Anderson (nee Ross) PENMAN, Agnes (nee Frew?) PENMAN, Alexander PENMAN, Andrew S PENMAN, Barbara G PENMAN, Catherine (Welsh) PENMAN, Charles PENMAN, David PENMAN, George Brownlee PENMAN, James PENMAN, James PENMAN, James PENMAN, Janet Hendry (Wilson) PENMAN, Joan (Welsh) PENMAN, Margaret C ? 7572 PENMAN, Margaret (Kane) PENMAN, Margaret (O Donnell) PENMAN, Mary (nee Campbell) PENMAN, Sarah (nee Strathearn) PENMAN, Susan H PENMAN, Thomas PENMAN, William PENMAN, William PENMAN, William PENMAN, Williamina (Adams) PERN, Ann Campbell (nee MacKellar) PERRY, Edward Henry PERRY, Elizabeth (nee Gillespie) PERRY, Janet PETALE, Anna PETALE, Antonio

132 7588 PETALE, Bessie (nee Hunter) PETALE, Joe PETALE?, Maria (nee Gargano?) PETALE, Maria (Doyle) PETALE, Pasqua Dimascio PETALE, Pasqualina 7594 PETALE, Pina (Price) PETALE, Vincenzo 7596 PETERSON, Henry PETERSON, Margaret (nee Fotheringham) PETERSON, Nannie PETRIE, Margaret (nee McIntosh) PETTIGREW, Agnes (Boyd) PHILIPS, Margaret (White) PHILP, Christian (nee Sutherland) PHILP, John PINKERTON, Elizabeth (Dobbie) PINKERTON, Helen (nee Patterson) PINKERTON, James PINKERTON, Jane (Dawson) PINKERTON, John F PINKERTON, Mary (nee Dobbie) PINKERTON, Sarah (nee Cordiner) PINKERTON, Thomas PINKERTON, William PLENDERLEITH, Agnes (Kerr) PODMORE, Alice (nee Farquhar) POLLOCK, Catherine (nee McGilvray) POLLOCK, Christina POLLOCK, Elizabeth (nee Lithgow) POLLOCK, Ellen POLLOCK, David WW POLLOCK, James POLLOCK, Margaret (nee Love) POLLOCK, Margaret Love POLLOCK, Mary (Forsyth) POLLOCK, Peter POLLOCK, William POODLE, Elizabeth (nee Fleming) POODLE, George POODLE, George POODLE, Hendry Infancy 7630 POODLE, Janet (nee Hair) POODLE, Margaret (nee Turnbull) POODLE, Richard POOLE, Martha Vera (McKenzie) PORTEOUS, Agnes R. (nee Herd) PORTEOUS, James PORTER, Daniel PORTER, Elizabeth POTTER?, Jessie (Bain) POTTS, Henrietta (nee Millar) POTTS, Jean POTTS, Samuel B POWELL, Sadie (Miller) POWER, James d 7644 POWER, John POWER, Nellie PRENTICE, Barbara (Higgins)

133 7647 PRENTICE, Mary Angus (Thomson) PRESTON, Bessie (nee Dunlop) PRESTON, Charles Victor PRESTON, James Stuart PRESTON, Janet Burns (nee Johnstone) PRESTON, Thomas Baxter PRICE, Patrick PRICE, Pina (nee Petale) PRINGLE, Alexander PRINGLE, Mary (nee Scott) ? 7657 PRITCHARD, Jane (Wilson) 7658 PRITCHARD, Jeanie (Laird) PROCHOR, Cathy ???? PROCHOR, Ian/Jan? PROCTOR, James PROCTOR, Jane (nee Ritchie) PROFFIT, David Henry Wren PROFFIT, Isabella (nee Wren) PROFFIT, Robert PROFIT, Johnstone Barr PROFIT, Annie PROFIT, Annie PROFIT, Christina PROFIT, David PROFIT, David PROFIT, Elizabeth (nee Gibson) PROFIT, Elizabeth (nee Tait) PROFIT, Emily Beatrice (nee Torr) 7675 PROFIT, Isabella Dick (nee Thomson) PROFIT, Jane (Mochrie) PROFIT, Jean (Stirling) PROFIT, John PROFIT, John PROFIT, Baby Son Infancy 7681 PROUDFOOT, Euphemia (nee Watson) PROUDFOOT, George PROUDFOOT, Helen (Dawson) PROUDFOOT, Jenny (Taylor) PROVAN, Alexander PROVAN, Archibald PROVAN, Barbara (nee Goodwin) PROVAN, Catherine Gillies (Millar) PROVAN, David PROVAN, Elizabeth (nee Troup) PROVAN, James PROVAN, Janet (Laird) PROVAN, Jean PROVAN, Jessie (nee Shaw) PROVAN, Margaret (nee Anderson) PROVAN, Margaret (nee Laird) PROVAN, Marion (Winning) PROVAN, Mary PROVAN, Walter PRYDE, Janet 7701 PRYDE, John 7702 PRYDE, Family 7703 PRYKE, Alice (Sime) PURDIE, Ezekial PURDIE, Helen (nee Morton)

134 7706 PURDIE, Hugh Morris PURDIE, Margaret PURDIE, Margaret (nee Morris) PURVIS, Helen Ann PURVIS, Isabella (nee Black) PURVIS, James PURVIS, Jemima QUIGLEY, Annie (nee McTear) QUIGLEY, Bridget Infancy 7715 QUIGLEY, James QUIGLEY, Margaret Infancy 7717 QUIGLEY, Margaret (Anderson) QUIGLEY, Robert QUINN?, Margaret Rita (McManus?) RAE, Agnes (Stevenson) RAE, Margaret (Hogg) RAE, Mary G. (Paterson) RAE, Nan (nee Shaw) RAEBURN, Doris (Sime) RAEBURN, Robert RAFFERTY, Ann (McGuckin) RALSTON, Helen Black RALSTON, Mary (nee Towers) RALSTON, Sarah (nee Fraser) RALSTON, William RAMSAY, Annie C. (McMurdo) RAMSAY, Elizabeth RAMSAY, Helen (nee McAlpine) RAMSAY, John (DN) RAMSAY, Margaret McInnes (Anderson) RAMSAY, Margaret Russell (Thomson) RAMSAY, Peter RAMSAY, Sarah (Law) RAMSAY, Walter RAMSAY, Williamina (Bedford) RANKIN, Alexander RANKIN, Annie (Davidson?) RANKIN, Elizabeth (Gillies) RANKIN, Helen (nee McArdle) RANKIN, Helen Y. (Reid) RANKIN, James RANKIN, James RANKIN, Jean (Laughlan) RANKIN, Jessie (nee Craft) ? RANKIN, Margaret (nee Smith) RANKIN, Margaret (Lindsay) RANKIN, Margaret Smith RANKIN, Malcolm RANKIN, Malcolm Infancy 7755 RANKIN, Mary (Hutton?) RANKINE, Adam RANKINE, Flora (Laird) RANKINE, James RANKINE, Jean (nee Dunn) RANKINE, Margaret (nee Allan) REA, Catherine (nee Sneddon) REAGAN, Agnes (Fitzpatrick) REEKIE, Janet (Wilson) ? 7764 REEKIE, Wilhelmina (Ross)

135 7765 REDDIE, Isabella (Cousland) REED, Bert REED, Minnie (nee Bayliss) 27? REID?, Agnes (Douglas) REID, Agnes Eckford (Higgins) REID?, Andrew Henry REID, Angus Wyse REID, Ann (Forsyth) REID, Annie (Patterson) REID?, Annie (Robertson) REID, Annie (Thomson) REID, Barbara (Paterson) REID, Christina (Johnston) REID, Christina (Muir) REID, Chrystina (nee Nimmo) REID, David REID, David REID, David REID, David REID, Donald MacDonald REID, Dora REID, Dora (nee Todd) REID, Edward REID, Elizabeth REID, Elizabeth (nee Dent) REID, Elizabeth (Hall) REID, George Wyse REID, Georgina Wyse (Yeaman) REID, Helen REID, Helen Y. (nee Rankin) REID, Henry E REID, Isabella (nee Black) REID, Isabella (Dickson) REID, James REID, James REID, James REID, James Lennie REID, James Thomson REID, Jane B. (nee Renton) REID, Jeanie Ferguson (nee Lauder) REID, John REID, John REID, John Wilson REID, Joseph REID, Maggie (nee Bennie) REID?, Maggie Henry ? 7811 REID, Margaret Maggie REID, Margaret (nee Crabb) REID, Margaret (Carson) REID, Margaret (Graham) REID, Margaret Maggie (Mitchell) REID, Margaret (Sheach) REID, Marion (nee McMillan) REID, Mary REID, Mary (nee Ferguson) REID, Mary (nee Hay?) REID, Mary (McKnight) REID, Mary (Muir) REID?, Mary (Muir)

136 7824 REID, Matthew ? REID, Nathaniel Ferguson Fergus WW REID, Nettie Infancy 7827 REID, Robert Rankin REID, Sarah (nee Ewart?) REID, Walter REID, William REID, William REILLY, Margaret (Keane) RENNICKS, Mary (McGrory) RENNIE, Alexander RENNIE, Barbara (Goodwin) RENNIE, Barbara (nee Goodwin) RENNIE, Elizabeth (McArthur) RENNIE, Ellen M. (Wands) RENNIE, Janet (nee Goodwin) RENNIE, Mary (Dunsmore) RENTON, Agnes RENTON, Andrew Henry RENTON, Elizabeth L RENTON, James RENTON, Jane (nee Paul) RENTON, Jane B. (Reid) RENTON, Jean B RENTON, John Paul RENTON, Johnston RENTON, Mary (Smith) RENTON, Nellie Ferguson RENWICK, Elizabeth (Bain) RETSON, Ann (nee Dunn) RETSON, Elizabeth RETSON, Elizabeth (nee Merrilees) RETSON, John RETSON, Myles Brown RICHARDS, Dawn y 1m 7859 RICHARDS, Margaret (Milligan) RICHARDSON, Isabella Robertson (nee Allan) RICHARDSON, Janet (nee Boslem) RICHARDSON, Maria (Paterson) RIGG, Barbara RIGG, Isabella RIGG, William RINTOUL, Andrew RINTOUL, Annie (Gorrie) RINTOUL, Dolina (nee MacDonald) RINTOUL, Janet (nee Hamilton) RISK, Catherine Archibald RISK, James RISK, James RISK, James Charles m 7874 RISK, Jane Knox RISK, Jeanie (nee Knox) RISK, Margaret RISK, Margaret (nee Kennedy) RISK, Mary RITCHIE, Alistair Robert Simpson WW RITCHIE, Anna Campbell (Shanks) RITCHIE, Barbara (nee Mowbray) RITCHIE, Catherine (nee Close)

137 7883 RITCHIE, Christina Infancy 7884 RITCHIE, Elizabeth (nee Gorrie) RITCHIE, Irene RITCHIE, James Infancy 7887 RITCHIE, Jane (Proctor) RITCHIE, Janet (Stark) RITCHIE, Jessie (nee Drummond) RITCHIE, John Infancy 7891 RITCHIE, John RITCHIE, John D RITCHIE, John Dempster RITCHIE, Marion RITCHIE, Mary Shanks (Hall) RITCHIE, Rachel G RITCHIE, William James RIVETT, Amelia (Wyness) ROBB, George ROBB, Jane (nee Henshilwood) ROBB, Janet (nee Hay) ROBB, Jean ROBB, Thomas ROBERTS, Isabella (Howie) ROBERTS, Jane Smith ROBERTS, Janet A. (nee Gilbert) ROBERTS, John H ROBERTS, John H ROBERTS, Lillias (Miller) ROBERTS, Mary (nee Smith) ROBERTS, William ROBERTSON, Agnes (Young?) ROBERTSON, Alexander ROBERTSON, Amy (nee Hagen) ROBERTSON, Andrew ROBERTSON, Anne ROBERTSON, Annie (nee Reid?) ROBERTSON, Archibald y 6m 7919 ROBERTSON, Catherine ROBERTSON, Catherine F. (Horn) ROBERTSON, Christina ROBERTSON, David C ROBERTSON, David Scott ROBERTSON, Davina B. (Merrilees) ROBERTSON, Elizabeth ROBERTSON, Elizabeth (nee Campbell) 03? ROBERTSON, Elizabeth (nee Herd) ROBERTSON, Elizabeth (nee Kennedy) ROBERTSON, Elizabeth (nee McFarlane) ROBERTSON, Elizabeth (Hill) ROBERTSON, Flora ROBERTSON, George y 6m 7933 ROBERTSON, George H ROBERTSON, Graham John ROBERTSON, Greta (Toner) ROBERTSON, Hector ROBERTSON, Isabella (Smith?) ROBERTSON, Isobel (nee Bingham) ROBERTSON, James ROBERTSON, Jane (Bald) ROBERTSON, Janet (nee Adam)

138 7942 ROBERTSON, Janet (Dickson) ROBERTSON, Jean (nee Anderson) ROBERTSON, Jean (nee Mabon) ROBERTSON, Jeanie (nee McLachlan) ROBERTSON, Jeannie Bell ROBERTSON, Jemima (nee Campbell) ROBERTSON?, Jessie (Waugh) ROBERTSON, John ROBERTSON, John ROBERTSON, John ROBERTSON, John WW ROBERTSON, John m 7954 ROBERTSON, Margaret ROBERTSON, Margaret (nee Bell) ROBERTSON, Margaret (nee Hay) 25? ROBERTSON, Margaret (nee McIntyre) ROBERTSON, Margaret (Kane) ROBERTSON, Margaret (McLanachan) ROBERTSON, Margaret (Miller?) ROBERTSON, Marion (Ayton) ROBERTSON, Mary (nee MacMaster) ROBERTSON, Mary (Dyer) 7964 ROBERTSON, Mary (Gordon?) ROBERTSON, Robert ROBERTSON, Robert ROBERTSON, Sarah A. (Hepburn) ROBERTSON, William ROBERTSON, William ROBERTSON?, Grandchildren 7971 ROBINSON, Anna ROBINSON, Joan (Stewart) ROBINSON, Margaret ROBINSON, Thomas ROBSON, James ROBSON, Kate (nee McAldin) RODGER, William RODGERS, Elizabeth RODGERS, Sarah RODGERS, Thomas ROLLO, Elizabeth ROLLO, Hannah P. (Dyer) ROLLO, Margaret (nee Young) ROLLO, Thomas ROLLO, Walter RONNEY, Eliza Jane (nee Mcneilly) RONNEY?, Grace (Moffat) RONNEY, Hebron (Braid) RONNEY, Mary (Moffat) RONNEY, Robert ROOKE, Florence Dora (Grant) ROSE, Charles ROSE, John Calder 1957? 7994 ROSE, Marion ROSLINGTON, Elizabeth (Paterson) ROSS, Alf ROSS, Dorothy M.F ROSS, Elizabeth (McKay) ROSS, Hardie ROSS, James

139 8001 ROSS, Jane (nee McFarlane) ROSS, Jane (Paton) ROSS, Janet (Cruiks) ROSS, Janet (Muirhead) ROSS, Jessie Baird Reid (nee Russell) ROSS, Jessie Mary Reid ROSS, Joanna (Scott) ROSS, John ROSS, Margaret (nee Anthony) ROSS, Margaret (McLanachan) ROSS, Marion (nee Anderson) ROSS, Marion Paton Anderson (Pender) ROSS, Mary Jane (Marshall) ROSS?, May (nee Hunter?) ROSS, Richard William (DN) ROSS, Robert ???? ROSS, Robert ROSS, Samuel ROSS, Wilhelmina Reekie ROSS, Wilhelmina (nee Reekie) ROWAN, Mary (Hamilton) ROY, Alfred ROY, Graham Schofield ROY, Mary (nee Schofield?) ROY, Mary Lyons (nee Henderson) RUE, Christina RUE, Mary (Earl) RULE, Mary (Paul) RUSSELL, Agnes (Clement) RUSSELL, Agnes Beattie RUSSELL, Alexander RUSSELL, Alexander RUSSELL, Alexander RUSSELL, Alison (Stark) RUSSELL, Archibald McIsaac RUSSELL, Beatrice Caldwell RUSSELL, Bessie (nee Cunningham) RUSSELL, Catherine (nee Miller) RUSSELL, Christian RUSSELL, Christina RUSSELL, Christina RUSSELL, Christina RUSSELL, Christina (Mitchell) RUSSELL, Christina Morrison RUSSELL, Elizabeth RUSSELL, Elizabeth Henderson (nee Findlay) RUSSELL, Elizabeth W. (nee Bennett) RUSSELL, George RUSSELL, Grace (Laing) RUSSELL, Helen (nee Brock) RUSSELL, Isabella RUSSELL, James RUSSELL, James RUSSELL, James RUSSELL, James RUSSELL, James RUSSELL, James RUSSELL, James Linn RUSSELL, Jane (nee Grindlay)

140 8060 RUSSELL?, Jane (Dunn) RUSSELL, Jane (Tough) RUSSELL, Jane Paterson (nee Paul) RUSSELL, Janet RUSSELL, Janet (Main) RUSSELL, Janet Stark (Frater) RUSSELL, Jean (Fotheringham) RUSSELL, Jean Allan (McNairn) RUSSELL, Jemima Tate (nee Johnston) 8069 RUSSELL, Jessie Baird Reid (Ross) RUSSELL, John RUSSELL, John RUSSELL, John RUSSELL, John RUSSELL, John RUSSELL, Margaret RUSSELL, Margaret (nee Penman) ? 8077 RUSSELL?, Margaret (Paul) RUSSELL, Martha (nee Shearer) RUSSELL, Mary RUSSELL, Mary (nee McLeod) RUSSELL, Mary (nee Reid) RUSSELL, Mary (Caine) RUSSELL, Mary Dunn (nee Bell) RUSSELL, Mary Gilchrist (Brown) RUSSELL, Robert RUSSELL, Robert RUSSELL, Robert McLaren RUSSELL, Thomas RUSSELL, William RUSSELL, William Robert Findlay Wilbert RUTHERFORD, Catherine (nee Beattie) RUTHERFORD, George RUTHERFORD, James RUTHERFORD, Jane (nee McCallum) RUTHERFORD, John RUTHERFORD, Lillias Bell (Bradbury) RUTHERFORD, Margaret (nee Ferguson) RUTHERFORD, Margaret (Campbell) RUTHERFORD, Margaret (Somerville) RUTHERFORD, Peter RUTHERFORD, Rebecca (Ferguson) RUTHERFORD, Thomas RYAN, Anne (McCulloch) RYAN, Catherine RYAN, Elizabeth (nee Finnegan) RYAN, Elizabeth (Dunnigan) RYAN, John RYAN, John RYAN, Martin RYAN, Mary (Stirling) RYAN, Patricia RYAN, Robert SADLIK, Pauline Marie 8114 SALMOND, Lilias SALMOND, Mary (McNairn) ???? 8116 SALMOND, William SAMUEL, Mary (nee Welsh) SAMUEL, Robert H

141 8119 SANDERSON, Davidina (Webster) SANDILANDS, Jeannie (Stewart) SAVAGE, Alison (nee McGurk) SAVAGE, Harold J SAWERS, Elizabeth (nee Hardie) SAWERS, Elizabeth (nee Henderson) SAWERS, James SAWERS, James Infancy 8127 SAWERS, John SAWERS, Mary SAWERS, Robert SAWERS, Thomas SAWERS, Thomas SCOBBIE, Catherine (nee McDougall) SCOBBIE, Isabella (nee Stirling) SCOBBIE, Margaret SCOBBIE, Margaret (nee Ashwood) SCOBBIE, Peter SCOBBIE, William SCOTLAND, Isabella (Graham) SCOTLAND, William SCOTT, Adam McInnes SCOTT, Agnes (Parker) SCOTT, Agnes Allan (nee Marshall) SCOTT, Alexander SCOTT, Allison SCOTT, Annie SCOTT, Catherine SCOTT, Catherine (nee Mercer) SCOTT, Catherine Jenkins (nee Sharp) SCOTT, Charles SCOTT, Daniel SCOTT, Duncan SCOTT, Eliza (nee Ness) SCOTT, Elizabeth (McWatt) SCOTT, Elizabeth Cuthill (Gray) SCOTT, Elizabeth H SCOTT, George B SCOTT, Graham (Livingstone) SCOTT, Helen (nee Fraser) SCOTT, Helen (Mitchell) SCOTT, Isabella (Busby) SCOTT, Isabella (Yule) SCOTT, Isobel S. (Bennie) SCOTT, James SCOTT, James y 4m 8165 SCOTT, James SCOTT, Jane SCOTT, Jane (nee Henderson) SCOTT, Jane (nee Little) SCOTT, Jane B. (McLaren) SCOTT, Jane S. (nee Middlemass) SCOTT, Jane Ann (Irvine) SCOTT, Janet (Horn) SCOTT, Janet (Kerss) SCOTT, Janet (Lawrie) SCOTT, Janet (Stewart?) SCOTT, Jean (nee Anderson) SCOTT, Joanna (nee Ross)

142 8178 SCOTT, John SCOTT, John SCOTT, John SCOTT, John SCOTT, John Ramsay SCOTT, Margaret (nee McDougall) SCOTT, Margaret (Forsyth) SCOTT, Margaret Dalgleish (Johnston) SCOTT, Martha (nee McLaren) SCOTT, Mary (nee McIntyre) SCOTT, Mary (Pringle) ? 8189 SCOTT, Mary Dunnigan (nee Boyle) SCOTT, May (Watson) SCOTT, Robert SCOTT, Robert Basil SCOTT, Thomas SCOTT, Thomas SCOTT, Thomas SCOTT, William SEAMAN, Henry SEAMAN, Margaret SEATON, Betsy (Goodwin) SEMPLE, Ann Jane (Mckechnie) SEMPLE, Christina (nee Couper) SEMPLE, Helen SEMPLE, Margaret Hay (Harvey) SEMPLE, Thomas SHAND, Isabella (Jack) SHANKS, Agnes (nee Miller) SHANKS, Alexander SHANKS, Alexander SHANKS, Alison SHANKS, Anna Campbell (nee Ritchie) SHANKS, Bethea (Gardner?) SHANKS, David SHANKS, David SHANKS, Elizabeth (McQueen) SHANKS, Helen Infancy 8216 SHANKS, Helen Kirkwood Infancy 8217 SHANKS, Isobel (nee Dewar) SHANKS, James SHANKS, James SHANKS, James SHANKS, James SHANKS, James SHANKS, James Kirkwood SHANKS, Jane SHANKS, Jane (nee Hunter) SHANKS, Jane Hunter SHANKS, Janet SHANKS, Janet (Wilson) SHANKS, Jessie (nee Graham) SHANKS, Jessie May McGregor (nee Luke) SHANKS, John Infancy 8232 SHANKS, John D SHANKS, Margaret (nee Hunter) SHANKS, Margaret (nee Waddell) SHANKS, Margaret (Luke) SHANKS, Marion (McGrandles)

143 8237 SHANKS, Mary SHANKS, Mary Infancy 8239 SHANKS, Mary (nee Dickson) SHANKS, Mary (nee Kirkwood?) SHANKS, Mary Gardner (nee Kirkwood) SHANKS, Mary Kirkwood SHANKS, Mary K. (Horsley) SHANKS, Robert SHANKS, Thomas SHANKS, Thomas SHANKS, Thomas Alexander Infancy 8248 SHANKS, Thomas Kirkwood Infancy 8249 SHANKS, William SHANKS, William SHANKS, William Moffat SHARP, Catherine (nee Buchanan) SHARP, Catherine Jenkins (Scott) SHARP, Elizabeth S. (nee Anderson) SHARP, Finlay SHARP, James SHARP, Jane (Cumming) SHARP, Jane (Waugh) SHARP, William Proffit WW SHARVIN, Helen SHARVIN, Helen (nee Kennan) SHARVIN, William SHAW, Christina (Tripney) SHAW, Elizabeth (nee Kelly) SHARKEY, Margaret (Comrie) SHARP, Helen (nee Taylor) SHAW, David SHAW, George SHAW, Isaac SHAW, Isaac SHAW, Isabella (Watson) SHAW, Jessie (Provan) SHAW, Johan (nee Miller) SHAW, Joseph SHAW, Mary SHAW, Mary Ann (nee Fivey) SHAW, Mary Miller (nee Marshall) SHAW, Nan (Rae) SHAW, Thomas SHAW?, Tracy SHEACH, Lawrence SHEACH, Margaret (nee Reid) SHEARER, Barbara (nee Sneddon) SHEARER, Catherine 23.??.???? 8285 SHEARER, Isabella (nee Baird) SHEARER, James 8287 SHEARER, James SHEARER, James Maxwell Baird SHEARER, Jane (Leishman) SHEARER, John Baird SHEARER, John Miller SHEARER, Margaret (Fotheringham) SHEARER, Martha (Russell) SHEARER, Robert ???? SHEEHAN, Mary (Kennedy)

144 8296 SHERMAN, James SHERMAN, Janet (Maden) SHERMAN, Margaret (Hutchison) SHIELDS, Charles SHIELDS, Glenda 8301 SHIELDS, James 8302 SHIELDS, Margaret (nee Bradbury) SHIELDS, Mary SHIELDS, Mary (nee Forbes) SHIELDS, Samuel SHIELDS, Samuel SHIELDS, William SHIELDS, William Forbes SHIRES, Ina SHIRRA, Bernard SHIRRA, Elizabeth (nee Laird) SHIRRA, Euphemia (nee Anderson) SHIRRA, Euphemia (Kerr) SHIRRA, Jean (nee Anthony) SHIRRA, John SHIRRA, Margaret (Crawford) SHIRRA, Thomas SHIRRA, Thomas SHIRRA, William SHORT, Helen (Garner) SIBBALD, Agnes (Cruikshank) SIBBALD, Jeanie (McGaw) SIBBALD, Madge SILCOCK, Annie A. (Lynn) SIM, Mary (Turnbull) SIME, Alice (nee Pryke) SIME, Betty Infancy 8328 SIME, Doris (nee Raeburn) SIME, Elizabeth SIME, John SIME, Vera Infancy 8332 SIMPSON, Agnes Infancy 8333 SIMPSON, Alexander SIMPSON, Alexander SIMPSON?, Angie SIMPSON, Annie (Adam) SIMPSON, Annie Dutch (Stewart) SIMPSON?, Christina Infancy 8339 SIMPSON, Christina (nee Noble) SIMPSON, Christina (Davidson) SIMPSON, Christina (Gorrie) SIMPSON, Christina Noble Burns SIMPSON, Dolina (nee Beattie) SIMPSON, Elizabeth SIMPSON, Elizabeth SIMPSON, Euphemia W SIMPSON, George SIMPSON, Helen Burness Lawrence (nee Anderson) SIMPSON, Ian Infancy 8350 SIMPSON, James SIMPSON, James D SIMPSON, James I SIMPSON, James McDonald SIMPSON, Janet

145 8355 SIMPSON, Janet (nee Stark) SIMPSON, Janet (Miller) SIMPSON, Janet (Todd) SIMPSON, Janie (nee Waters) SIMPSON, Jeanie (nee Fisher?) SIMPSON, Jemima (nee Ellis) SIMPSON, John SIMPSON, John SIMPSON, John SIMPSON, John SIMPSON?, John Infancy 8366 SIMPSON, Kathleen Watson (nee Jack) SIMPSON, Maggie SIMPSON, Mary (Hunter) SIMPSON, Mary (Stirling) SIMPSON, Mary Ann (nee Kirk) SIMPSON, Robert McDonald SIMPSON, Robina G. (nee Irvine) SIMPSON, William SINCLAIR, Euphemia (Harkins) SINCLAIR, Donald SINCLAIR, Eliza (Blair) SINCLAIR, Elizabeth (Millar) SINCLAIR, Elizabeth B. (Foster) SINCLAIR, Helen (nee Peat) SINCLAIR, Janet (Cramb) SINCLAIR, Jean (nee Paul) SINCLAIR, Jessie SINCLAIR, John SINCLAIR, William P SKELTON, George SKELTON, Jane (nee Duff) SKELTON, Margaret W. (nee Stewart) SKELTON?, Mary (nee McShane?) SKELTON, William D SKILLEN, Annie (nee McEwan) SKILLEN, Helen Love y 3m 8392 SKILLEN, James SKILLEN, James SKILLEN, John SKILLEN, Margaret ???? SKILLEN, Margaret (nee Caine) SKILLEN, Margaret (nee Findlay) SKILLEN, Samuel SKINNER, David Boyd y 3m 8400 SKINNER, Elizabeth (nee Beveridge) SKINNER, Jane T. (Fleming?) SKINNER, Jane Thomson (Cook) SKINNER, William 8404 SLATER, Annie Melville (Forsyth) SLOAN, Euphemia (McLachlan) SLOAN, James SLOAN, Ruth (nee Smith) SLOGGETT, Elizabeth (nee Gilmour) SLOGGETT, John Infancy 8410 SLOGGETT, Rena 8411 SLOGGETT, William 8412 SLUDDEN, Alphonso SLUDDEN, Elizabeth (McEleney)

146 8414 SLUDDEN, janet (nee McAuley) SLUDDEN, John SLUDDEN, Katie 8417 SMART, Mary (Hill) SMELLIE, Ann (Dalziel) SMELLIE, James ? SMELLIE, Janet (nee Kirkwood) (DN) SMELLIE, John (DN) / SMELLIE, Margaret (McEwan) SMELLIE, Peter SMELLIE, Thomas ? SMITH, Agnes (Walker) SMITH, Alan 8427 SMITH, Alexander SMITH, Alexander SMITH, Alexander SMITH, Alice SMITH, Andrew D SMITH, Anne Hope (nee Brodie) SMITH, Annie (nee Foy) SMITH, Annie (nee Palmer) SMITH, Annie G. (nee Green) SMITH, Annie Oliver (nee Wilson) SMITH, Bert SMITH, Charles SMITH, Christina (nee Henderson) SMITH, David SMITH, David SMITH, Desmond 8443 SMITH, Edwin Gibson SMITH, Eleanor Lindsay y 6m 8445 SMITH, Elen Hay SMITH, Elizabeth (nee Adams) SMITH, Elizabeth (McEwan) SMITH, Elizabeth (Wilson)? SMITH, Gardner SMITH, George SMITH, George SMITH, George SMITH, Georgina (nee McIntyre) SMITH, Grace (nee Stevenson) SMITH, Helen (nee Anderson) SMITH, Helen (nee Hall) SMITH, Helen (Lind) SMITH, Hugh SMITH, Hugh SMITH, Ian m 8461 SMITH, Isabella (nee Campbell) SMITH, Isabella (nee Gentles) SMITH?, Isabella (nee Robertson) SMITH, Isabella (Blaikie) SMITH, Isabella (Thomson?) SMITH, Isabella (Williamson) SMITH, Isabella Forsyth (nee Jaffrrey) SMITH, Isabella Gentles SMITH, Isabella McI. (nee Templeton) SMITH, Jack SMITH, James SMITH, James

147 8473 SMITH, James SMITH, James SMITH, James SMITH, James SMITH, James SMITH, James Alfred Preston y 2m 8479 SMITH, James Brown SMITH, James D SMITH, James Gordon Wilson m 8482 SMITH, James Simpson SMITH, Janet SMITH, Janet (nee Forsyth) SMITH, Janet (nee Muirhead) SMITH, Jean (nee Gardner) SMITH, Jean (Morrison) SMITH, Jean F. (nee Baillie) SMITH, Janet (Welsh) SMITH?, Jeannie Allan SMITH, John SMITH, John SMITH, John Milne SMITH, Joseph SMITH, Lizzie (nee Welsh?) ? 8496 SMITH, Margaret (nee Dunn) SMITH, Margaret (nee Green) SMITH, Margaret (nee Mackie) SMITH, Margaret (Hunter) SMITH, Margaret (McQuade) SMITH, Margaret (Rankin) SMITH, Margaret Manclark (Duncan) SMITH, Marion (nee Paterson) SMITH, Marttha (Forsyth) SMITH, Mary SMITH, Mary (nee Cameron) SMITH, Mary (nee McLeod) SMITH, Mary (nee McLeod) SMITH, Mary (nee Milne) SMITH, Mary (nee Renton) SMITH, Mary (Allan) SMITH, Mary (Boyd) SMITH, Mary (Murdoch) SMITH, Mary (Roberts) SMITH, Mary A. (nee Stirling) SMITH, Mary Miller (Gray) ? 8517 SMITH, Mary Wemyss (nee Milne) SMITH?, Maureen Alice SMITH, Robert SMITH, Robert SMITH, Robert SMITH, Robert SMITH, Robert SMITH, Robert SMITH, Robert SMITH, Robert Morrison SMITH, Ruth (Sloan) SMITH, Sallie (nee Horne) SMITH, Thomas SMITH, Thomas Gardner SMITH, Victor Buchanan

148 8532 SMITH, Victor Rudolph SMITH, William SMITH, William D.M SMYTH, Helen SMYTH, James SMYTH, John SNAILHAM?, Alice (Gillespie) SNEDDEN, Bethia?. (Brown) SNEDDEN, Daniel SNEDDEN, Frances (nee Greig) SNEDDEN, Mary McM. (McGregor) SNEDDON, Agnes Gilchrist (nee Duncan) SNEDDON, Alexander SNEDDON, Alexander SNEDDON, Alexander SNEDDON, Alexander SNEDDON, Alexander SNEDDON, Andrew SNEDDON, Andrew SNEDDON, Andrew SNEDDON, Barbara (Shearer) SNEDDON, Catherine (Rea) SNEDDON, Christina H. (Douglas) SNEDDON, Elizabeth SNEDDON, Elizabeth (nee Binnie) SNEDDON, Elizabeth (Kirkwood) SNEDDON, Euphemia (Graham) SNEDDON, David SNEDDON, James SNEDDON, Jane (nee Hannah) SNEDDON, Jean (baillie) SNEDDON, Jessie SNEDDON, Jessie (nee Bell) SNEDDON, John SNEDDON, Margaret (nee Campbell) SNEDDON, Margaret (Herd) SNEDDON, Marion SNEDDON, Marion (nee Lorn) SNEDDON, Marion (Forsyth) SNEDDON?, Mary (nee Kirk) SNEDDON, Mary (nee Stirling) SNEDDON, Mary (Cook) SNEDDON, Peter SNEDDON, Rita (Torrance) SNEDDON, Robert Infancy 8577 SNEDDON, Robert SNEDDON, Robert SNEDDON, Sarah (nee Busby?) SOMERVILLE, Agnes y 1m 8581 SOMERVILLE, Agnes (nee Welsh?) SOMERVILLE, Alice (nee Morrison) SOMERVILLE, Daniel SOMERVILLE, Daniel y 1m 8585 SOMERVILLE, Daniel SOMERVILLE, David SOMERVILLE, Helen E. (Mercer) SOMERVILLE, Janet (nee Henderson) SOMERVILLE, Janet (Aitken) SOMERVILLE?, Jessie (nee Marshall?)

149 8591 SOMERVILLE, John y 9m 8592 SOMERVILLE, Margaret (nee Rutherford) SOMERVILLE, Maria (Anderson?) SOMERVILLE?, Mary (Anderson) SOMERVILLE, Thomas A SOMERVILLE, Tom SOMERVILLE, William SORRIL?, Mary (Breingan) SPARK, Alexander SPARK, Ally SPARK, Henrietta (nee Bisset) SPEIRS, Christina Gillespie (nee McNair) SPEIRS, Margaret SPEIRS, Margaret (nee Cox) SPEIRS, Mary SPEIRS, Robert SPEIRS, Robert SPENCE, Elizabeth (Chambers) SPENCE, Elizabeth C. (Pacitti) SPENCE, James 8611 SPENCE, Jessie (nee Heggie) 8612 SPOTTISWOODE, Agnes Scobie SPOTTISWOODE, David SPOTTISWOODE, James SPOTTISWOODE, James ? 8616 SPOTTISWOODE, Jane SPOTTISWOODE, Janet (Millar) SPOTTISWOODE, John SPOTTISWOODE, Margaret Taylor (nee Millar) 8620 SPOTTISWOODE, Mary SPOTTISWOODE, Mary (nee Caldwell) (DN) SPOTTISWOODE, Michael SPOTTISWOODE, Michael SPOTTISWOODE, William STALKER, Elizabeth (nee Gilchrist) STALKER, James STALKER, James STALKER, Mary Ethel (nee Hammond) STALKER, Mary McDougall (Weir) STALKER, Robert STANFORD, Elizabeth (nee watt) STANFORD, Michael Scott STANNERS, Adam A.W STANNERS, Adam Clarke Laughlan STANNERS, Anne STANNERS, Annie (nee Leishman) STANNERS, Archibald STANNERS, Duncan STANNERS, Duncan R STANNERS, Elizabeth STANNERS, Ellen (nee Campbell) STANNERS, Ellen C. (MacKenzie) STANNERS, George C STANNERS, Isabella (nee Davie) STANNERS, Jean STANNERS, Jean (nee Fotheringham) STANNERS, Joan (nee Fowlie) STANNERS, Margaret STANNERS, Martha (nee Thomson)

150 8650 STANNERS, William STARK, Alexander STARK, Alison (nee Russell) STARK, Annie (nee Henderson) STARK, David STARK, David Alexander STARK, Ebenezer STARK, Eliza STARK, Elizabeth STARK, Ethel Agnes (Forsyth) STARK, Eva (Brown) STARK, George STARK, George Hill STARK, George Hill STARK, Helen (nee Wilson) STARK, Isabella STARK, James STARK, Janet (nee Ritchie) STARK, Janet (Abercrombie) STARK, Janet (Simpson) STARK, Jean Infancy 8671 STARK, Jean (nee Lawrie) STARK, Jean (Graham) STARK, Jessie STARK, John STARK, John Infancy 8676 STARK, Margaret (nee McLachlan) STARK, Margaret (Miller) STARK, Margaret Moncrieff STARK, Maria Floyer (nee McDonald) STARK, Maria Floyer McDonald (Morrison) STARK, Mary Ann STARK, Mary D. (nee Finlay) STARK, Nettie (Ferguson) STEEL, Agnes (Fleming) STEEL, Alice May (nee Craig) STEEL, Isabella (Johnston) STEEL, James STEEL, Jean (nee Gentleman) STEEL, John STEEL, Marion (Thomson) STEEL, Simone Adrienne Marie (nee Henry) STEELE, Margaret (Keen) STEIN, Alexander Hugh STEIN, Elizabeth (nee Comrie) STEIN, Isabella MacPherson (nee Hogg) STEPHEN, Catherine B. (nee Taylor) STEPHEN, Jane (nee Innes) STEPHEN, Jean (Paterson) STEPHEN, William STEPHENSON, William J STEVENS, Margaret (Cockburn) STEVENSON, Agnes (nee Rae) STEVENSON, Alexander STEVENSON, Anne (nee daley) STEVENSON, Catherine Kinross (nee Brough) STEVENSON, Christina (Hamilton) STEVENSON, David STEVENSON, Elizabeth (nee Adam)

151 8709 STEVENSON, Elizabeth (nee McQuatter) STEVENSON, Elizabeth (Gardner) STEVENSON, Grace (Smith) STEVENSON?, Helen S. (Erskine) STEVENSON, Helen S. (Hopkins) STEVENSON, Isabella (nee Dunn STEVENSON, James STEVENSON, James STEVENSON?, Jane (Grindlay) STEVENSON, Janet R STEVENSON, Jeanie (McLean) STEVENSON, John STEVENSON, John STEVENSON, Mary STEVENSON, Mary (nee Dunn) ? 8724 STEVENSON, Mary (Kerr) STEVENSON, Neil STEVENSON, Robert STEVENSON, Thomas STEWART, Agnes (nee Forsyth) STEWART, Agnes (nee Neil) STEWART, Agnes (Duncan) STEWART, Agnes Neil (Adams) STEWART, Alan McP STEWART, Allan STEWART, Alexander WW STEWART, Alexander WW STEWART, Alexander STEWART, Alexander STEWART, Alexander STEWART, Alexander Hardie Binnie STEWART, Andrew STEWART, Ann (Adam) STEWART, Annie (McGregor) STEWART, Annie Dutch (nee Simpson) STEWART, Bertie STEWART, Catherine (nee Gillespie) STEWART, Catherine (Leckie) STEWART, Catherine (Nisbet) STEWART, Catherine McNicol STEWART, Charles STEWART, Christina (nee Higgins) STEWART, Christina Headrick (nee Ferguson) STEWART, Daniel STEWART, Daniel STEWART, Daniel McP STEWART, David McKinley STEWART, David M STEWART, David S.D STEWART, Donald STEWART, Duncan STEWART, Duncan STEWART, Elizabeth (nee Mcnab) STEWART, Elizabeth (McMurdo) STEWART, Elizabeth (Carmichael) STEWART, Elizabeth (Neilson) STEWART, Elsie (nee Grant) STEWART, George STEWART, Harry y 9m 151

152 8768 STEWART, Harry STEWART, Helen (nee Allan) STEWART, Helen (nee Couper) STEWART, Helen (nee Dunlop) STEWART, Isabel (nee Leishman) STEWART, James STEWART, James 20.??.??? STEWART, James McNicol STEWART, Jane (nee Caine) STEWART, Jane (Greenhill) STEWART, Jane Thomson (Martin) STEWART, Janet (nee Gray) STEWART?, Janet (nee Scott) STEWART, Janet (Fisher) STEWART, Janet Dunlop STEWART, Janet Gray Jenny STEWART, Janet H. (MacFarlane) STEWART, Janet Y ? 8786 STEWART, Jean (nee Binnie) STEWART, Jean S. (nee Blaikie) STEWART, Jeanie (nee Buchanan) STEWART, Jeannie (nee Sandilands) STEWART, jess STEWART, Jessie (Henderson) STEWART, Joan (nee Robinson) STEWART, Joanna (nee Banks) STEWART, John STEWART, John STEWART, John STEWART, John STEWART, John Brown STEWART, Maggie STEWART, Margaret (nee Hailstones) STEWART, Margaret (nee Johnston) STEWART, Margaret (nee Wregg) STEWART, Margaret (Speirs) STEWART, Margaret A.B STEWART, Margaret W. (Skelton) STEWART, Marion Wylie (nee Mathie) STEWART, Mary y 11m 8808 STEWART, Mary (nee Duncan) STEWART, Mary (nee McCall) STEWART, Mary (Dunsmore) STEWART, Mary (Hunter) STEWART, Mary (Strang?) STEWART, Mary Downie (nee Hannah) STEWART, Mary Neilson (nee Brown) STEWART, Peter STEWART, Peter STEWART, Rebecca (Oliphant) STEWART, Richard Hope STEWART, Robert STEWART, Robert WW STEWART, Robert STEWART, Robert STEWART, Robert 8824 STEWART, Robert STEWART, Robert STEWART, Robert

153 8827 STEWART, Robert STEWART, Robert P STEWART?, Roy 8830 STEWART, Samuel C STEWART, Sarah (nee Carmichael) STEWART, Susan (McAlpine) STEWART, William WW STEWART, William Infancy 8835 STIRLING, Agnes (nee Baillie) STIRLING, Agnes (nee Findlay) STIRLING, Agnes Baillie STIRLING, Agnes H STIRLING, Alexander 8840 STIRLING, Annabella D. (nee Watt) STIRLING, Andrew Morrison STIRLING, Annie (nee Cupples) STIRLING, Charles 8844 STIRLING, Christina (Lochhead) STIRLING, David STIRLING, David STIRLING, Elizabeth (nee Gauld) STIRLING, Elizabeth T.M. (nee Howitt) STIRLING, George STIRLING, Harry STIRLING, Isabella STIRLING, Isabella STIRLING, Isabella (Scobbie) STIRLING, James STIRLING, James 8856 STIRLING, James STIRLING, James STIRLING, James P STIRLING, Jane (nee Morrison) STIRLING, Janet STIRLING, Jean Infancy 8862 STIRLING, Jean (nee Profit) STIRLING, Jean A. (nee Jarvie) STIRLING, John STIRLING, John STIRLING, John 8867 STIRLING, John STIRLING, John STIRLING, Maggie STIRLING, Margaret STIRLING, Margaret 8872 STIRLING, Marion STIRLING, Marion (nee Adam) STIRLING, Marion (nee Potter) STIRLING, Mary (nee Ryan) STIRLING, Mary (nee Simpson) STIRLING, Mary (Sneddon) STIRLING, Mary (Whyte) STIRLING, Mary A. (Smith) STIRLING, Robert STIRLING?, Thomas Burns 4m 8882 STIRLING, William 8883 STIRLING, William STIRLING, William STIRLING, William

154 8886 STIRLING, William Findlay STIRLING, William M STOCK, Elizabeth (Kelly) STOCKS, David D STOCKS, Mary (nee Hutchison) STOKES, Ann (nee Hamilton) STOKES, Arthur STONEBANK, Jane Weir (Paterson) STORRAR, John STOTHART, Sarah Jane (Kay) STRACHAN, Elizabeth (nee Graham) STRACHAN, Helen (nee Ayton) STRACHAN, Henry STRACHAN, James STRACHAN, John Gordon STRAIN, Bernard STRAITON, Adam STRAITON, Anne Kirk (nee Johnston) STRAITON, Christina STRAITON, Elizabeth (nee Orr) STRAITON, Elizabeth (Gray) STRAITON, Helen Low STRAITON, Mary (nee Logan) STRAITON, Thomas STRAITON, Thomas STRAITON, Four Infant Children Infancy 8912 STRANG, Agnes (Gillanders) STRANG, Agnes (Murray) STRANG, Catherine (Kirkwood) 8915 STRANG, Charles STRANG, Elizabeth (nee Drummond) STRANG, Elizabeth (nee McPhee) STRANG, Hannah (Finlay) STRANG, Helen (Karwot) STRANG, Helen L. (Park) STRANG, Helen Rennie (nee Liddell) STRANG, Jane McColl (nee Hastings) STRANG, Janet (Muir) STRANG, John STRANG, John STRANG, Margaret STRANG, Mary (nee Foster) STRANG?, Mary (nee Stewart) STRANG, Mary (Buchanan) STRANG, Thomas Liddell STRANG, William STRANG, William STRATHEARN, Sarah (Penman) STROMBERG, Gustave STRUTHERS, Mary M. (nee Muirhead) STRUTHERS, William STUART, John Ewart? 01? STUART, Robert Kinnear ?m 8939 SULLIVAN, Elizabeth (nee Waugh) SULLIVAN, Margaret (Connell) SURGEON, Agnes (McMurdo) SUTHERLAND, Archibald SUTHERLAND, Archibald SUTHERLAND, Archibald

155 8945 SUTHERLAND, Christian (nee Finlayson) SUTHERLAND, Christina (nee Arnott) SUTHERLAND, Christina (Kirkwood) SUTHERLAND, Christian (Philp) SUTHERLAND, David SUTHERLAND, Elizabeth (nee Dobbie) SUTHERLAND, James SUTHERLAND, James SUTHERLAND, James McEwan SUTHERLAND, Jessie Pryde (nee Wilson) SUTHERLAND, Margaret (Jarvie) SUTHERLAND, Sarah (nee Coleman) SUTTIE, Agnes SUTTIE, David SUTTIE, David SUTTIE, David SUTTIE, Jane (nee Knox) SUTTIE, Janet (nee Marshall) ???? SUTTIE, Jean SUTTIE, Marion (nee Crawford) SWAN, Andrew SWAN, Catherine (nee Mckay) SWAN, Catherine (Barr) SWAN, Jane (Bulloch) SWAN, John SWAN, John Wright SWAN, Marion SWAN, Mary SWAN, Richard SWAN, William SWAN, William Walker SWEENEY, Grace (Muirhead) SWEENEY, Hugh WW SWIERCZEK, Franek SWIERCZEK, Julian SYME, Ann C TAIT, Elizabeth (Profit) TAIT, Ella (Millar) TARBET, Grace Sneddon (Cousland) TAYLOR, Agnes TAYLOR, Agnes 1943 Infancy 8986 TAYLOR, Agnes (nee Watson) TAYLOR, Agnes Baird TAYLOR, Alexander 8989 TAYLOR, Alexander TAYLOR, Alexander Fraser TAYLOR, Andrew 08? ? 8992 TAYLOR, Andrew Bryden TAYLOR, Annie TAYLOR, Archibald TAYLOR, Archibald TAYLOR, Archibald TAYLOR, Barbara (Arbuckle) TAYLOR, Catherine B. (Stephen) TAYLOR, Celia TAYLOR, Charles TAYLOR, Christina TAYLOR, Christina (Law) TAYLOR, Christine (Mallinson)

156 9004 TAYLOR, David TAYLOR, David TAYLOR, Elizabeth TAYLOR, Elizabeth TAYLOR, Elizabeth Shanks Storry (Miller) TAYLOR, Elizabeth Waugh (Bennie) TAYLOR, Euphemia Effie (nee Graham) TAYLOR, Frank TAYLOR, Gavin TAYLOR, George TAYLOR, Harry TAYLOR, Helen TAYLOR, Helen (nee O Donnell) TAYLOR, Helen (Sharp) TAYLOR, Henry TAYLOR, Isabella Jeffrey (nee Lockhart) TAYLOR, Isabella M. (Mitchell) TAYLOR, James TAYLOR, James TAYLOR, James Jimmy TAYLOR, James A TAYLOR, James (Johnny Munro?) TAYLOR, Jane (nee Brown) TAYLOR, Jane (nee Millar) TAYLOR, Jane (Galloway) TAYLOR, Jean m 9030 TAYLOR, Jean (nee Adam) TAYLOR, Jean Neil (nee Gibson) TAYLOR, Jeanie y 6m 9033 TAYLOR, Jeanie (nee Forrester) TAYLOR, Jenny (nee Proudfoot) TAYLOR, Jessie (McWatt) TAYLOR, Jessie R. (nee Hill) TAYLOR, John 9038 TAYLOR, John TAYLOR, John TAYLOR, John TAYLOR, John Walker TAYLOR, Margaret TAYLOR, Margaret 9044 TAYLOR, Margaret 9045 TAYLOR, Margaret (nee Mallinson) TAYLOR, Margaret G TAYLOR, Margaret Gray (nee Barr) TAYLOR, Mary (nee Burnett) TAYLOR, Mary (nee France) TAYLOR, Mary (nee McKale) TAYLOR, Mary (nee Walker) TAYLOR, Mary Jane (Muir) TAYLOR, Mary Walker (nee Mitchell) TAYLOR, Matilda (Gillespie) TAYLOR, Nellie (nee Watt) TAYLOR, Peter 9057 TAYLOR, Susan (nee Craig) TAYLOR, Thomas TAYLOR, William TAYLOR, William TAYLOR, William TAYLOR, William

157 9063 TAYLOR, William Baird TAYLOR, Twin Boys Infancy 9065 TEMPLETON, Archibald TEMPLETON, Elizabeth (Millar) TEMPLETON, Elizabeth A. (nee Erskine) TEMPLETON, Isabella McI TEMPLETON, Jessie (nee Johnston) TEMPLETON, Margaret (Muirhead) TEMPLETON, Marion (Muirhead) TEMPLETON, Mary (Graham) TEMPLETON, Mary (nee Millar) TEMPLETON, Thomas TEMPLETON, Walter TEMPLETON, Walter TENNANT, Daniel WW TENNANT, John (DN) TENNANT, Robert TENNENT, Isabella Guthrie (nee Luke) TENNENT, James TENNENT, Jessie (nee Inglis) TENNENT, Robert THOM, Chrissie THOM, Elizabeth THOM, George THOM, James 9088 THOM, Janet (Bryson) THOM, Mary THOMSON, Agnes (nee McClement) THOMSON, Agnes (Adam) THOMSON, Agnes (Campbell) THOMSON, Agnes (Douglas) THOMSON, Alexander [ Sandy ] THOMSON, Alexander Erskine THOMSON, Alexander Thom THOMSON, Annie THOMSON, Annie (nee Allan) THOMSON, Annie (nee Reid) THOMSON, Annie Teresa (nee Brown) THOMSON, Annie W. (Crukshank) THOMSON, Barbara Barr THOMSON, Barbara Barr (nee Ireland) THOMSON, Bridget (nee Duffy) THOMSON, Catherine (nee Binnie) THOMSON, Catherine (nee Howie) THOMSON, Christina (nee Hoggan) THOMSON, David THOMSON, David THOMSON, David H THOMSON, David McKinna Russell THOMSON, Dorothea Stewart (Nicolson) THOMSON, Duncan THOMSON, Elizabeth (nee Graham) THOMSON, Elizabeth (Waller) THOMSON, Euphamia (Herd) THOMSON, George THOMSON, George THOMSON, Greta (nee Muir) THOMSON, Helen THOMSON, Helen (nee Duncan) (DN)

158 9122 THOMSON, Helen (nee Morton) THOMSON, Henrietta (Kirkwood) THOMSON, Hephzibah (Moffat) THOMSON, Isabella THOMSON, Isabella (nee Donaldson) THOMSON?, Isabella (nee Smith) THOMSON, Isabella (Buchanan) THOMSON, Isabella (Kerr) THOMSON, Isabella B. (Laird) THOMSON, Isabella Dick (Profit) THOMSON?, Isabella Watson THOMSON, James THOMSON, James THOMSON, James WW THOMSON, James THOMSON, James THOMSON?, Jane Sharp (nee Anderson) THOMSON, Janet THOMSON, Janet (nee Aitken) THOMSON, Janet (nee Gilchrist) THOMSON, Janet (Gillespie) THOMSON, Janet (Henderson) THOMSON, Janet (McCowan) THOMSON, Janet Marjorie THOMSON, Jean (nee McNab) THOMSON, Jeanie (Dobbie) THOMSON, Jessie THOMSON, Jessie (nee Thomson) THOMSON, Joan (nee Kerr) THOMSON, Joan Kerr (Comrie) THOMSON, John THOMSON, John THOMSON, John THOMSON, John THOMSON, John THOMSON, John Clark THOMSON, John D THOMSON, John Reid WW THOMSON, Margaret (nee Dey) THOMSON, Margaret (nee Fraser) THOMSON?, Margaret (nee Goodwin?) THOMSON, Margaret (nee McLeman) THOMSON, Margaret (Todd) THOMSON, Margaret Russell (nee Ramsay) THOMSON, Marion (nee Steel) THOMSON, Marion (Herd) THOMSON, Martha Infancy 9169 THOMSON, Martha (nee McInnes) THOMSON, Martha (Stanners) THOMSON, Mary THOMSON, Mary (nee Erskine) THOMSON, Mary (nee Ferguson) THOMSON, Mary (nee Kerr?) THOMSON, Mary (nee Milligan) THOMSON, Mary (Comrie) THOMSON, Mary (Hair) THOMSON, Mary (Marshall) THOMSON, Mary A. (nee McKinlay) THOMSON, Mary T. (Law)

159 9181 THOMSON, Neil THOMSON, Peter Ramsay THOMSON, Robert THOMSON, Robert THOMSON, Robert THOMSON, Robert THOMSON, Robert THOMSON, Sarah (nee Henderson) THOMSON, Sheila Catherine THOMSON, Thomas Tam THOMSON, Thomas Duncan THOMSON, Thomas Gray THOMSON, William THOMSON, William ???? THOMSON, William (DN) THOMSON, William THOMSON, William THOMSON, William THOMSON, William White THORBURN, Agnes (nee Turnbull) THORBURN, Alexander Sandy THORBURN, Joan 11, THORBURN, Robert S THORNTON, Janet (Brown) THORNTON, Mary Brown (nee Williamson) THOW, Ann (Collier) THURSBY, Agnes (nee McCrae) 05.?? THURSBY, Augustus THURSBY, Augustus THURSBY, Janet (Lorimer) THURSBY, Lovel THURSBY, Robert Burnett WW TILLIE, Barbara (nee Gauld) TILLIE, Henry TIMMONS, Joseph J TIMMONS, Mary Bridget TINTO?, Catherine (Jarvie) TOD, Christian Monteath (Horne) TOD, Martha Logan (nee Paterson) (DN) TODD, Agnes (Carson) TODD, Alexander TODD, Dora (Reid) TODD, James (DN) TODD, Janet (nee Simpson) TODD, John TODD, Margaret (nee Thomson) TODD, Martha Logan (nee Paterson) TODD, Mary M. (nee Laird) TODD, Robert TODD, William TORR, Emily Beatrice (Proffit) 9232 TONER, Annie (nee Duff) TONER, Greta (nee Robertson) TONER, Josephine B TONNER, Ann (nee McKenna) TONNER, James TONNER, Mary (nee Duff) TONNER. Michael TORRANCE, Christina Stevenson (nee Hamilton)

160 9240 TORRANCE, Elizabeth TORRANCE, John MacKinlay TORRANCE, Mary (nee MacPherson) TORRANCE?, Mary (Clark) TORRANCE, Rita (Sneddon) TORRANCE, Robert TORRANCE, Robert Goodwin TOTTEN, Alexander TOTTEN, Anne Infancy 9249 TOTTEN, Jane (nee McNeil) TOTTEN, Jeannie Risk (Anderson) TOTTEN, Mary (nee Marshall) TOTTEN, Robert J TOTTEN, Robert S TOUGH, Alexander TOUGH, Catherine (nee King) TOUGH, David TOUGH, Elizabeth (nee Campbell) TOUGH, James TOUGH, James TOUGH, Jane (nee Russell) TOUGH, Jeanie TOUGH, John TOUGH, Margaret (Hogg) TOUGH, Mary (Anderson) TOUGH, Robert TOUGH, Robert TOUGH, Robert TOUGH, Thomas TOUGH, Thomas TOWERS, Mary (Ralston) TRAYNOR, Bridget (Buchanan) TRAYNOR, Catherine 9273 TRAYNOR, Catherine (Gilmour) TRAYNOR, Christopher 9275 TRAYNOR, Isobel (nee McGroarty) ? TRAYNOR, Margaret (nee Moran) TRAYNOR, Patrick ? 47? 9278 TRAYNOR, Thomas TRAYNOR, Thomas TRAYNOR, Winifred TRAYNOR, Winifred (Gorry) TREARTY, Hugh TREARTY, John TRIPNEY, Andrew Hansen y 8m 9285 TRIPNEY, Christina (nee Hansen) TRIPNEY, Christina (nee Shaw) TRIPNEY, George TRIPNEY, James TRIPNEY, Mary S. Hansen y 3m 9290 TROTTER, Margaret S. (McLaren) TROUP, Alexander TROUP, Alexander Early Youth 9293 TROUP, Archibald Early Youth 9294 TROUP, Elizabeth (Provan) TROUP, James Early Youth 9296 TROUP, Jane (nee Cowan) TROUP, Jean (nee Marshall) TROUP, Nellie 160

161 9299 TROUP, Peter Early Youth 9300 TROUP, Robert TROUP, William Early Youth 9302 TUCKER, Maud Gladys (Love) TULLOCH, Joanne Infancy 9304 TULLOCH, Roderick Infancy 9305 TURNBULL, Agnes (nee Blair) TURNBULL, Agnes (Thorburn) TURNBULL, Alexander TURNBULL, Alexander TURNBULL, Annie TURNBULL, Annie (nee Greirson) TURNBULL, Barbara TURNBULL, Christina (Carr) TURNBULL, David TURNBULL, George TURNBULL, Helen TURNBULL, Hendry TURNBULL, Henry WW TURNBULL, Henry TURNBULL, Jane (nee Finlayson) TURNBULL, Jane (Hamilton) TURNBULL, Janet (Paterson) TURNBULL, Janie (Grant) TURNBULL, Jean (nee Henderson) TURNBULL, Jessie TURNBULL, Joan (nee Waugh) TURNBULL, John TURNBULL, Margaret (Dougall) TURNBULL, Mary TURNBULL, Mary (nee Cram) TURNBULL, Mary (nee Sim) TURNBULL, Rena (Anthony) TURNBULL, Richard TURNBULL, Susan TURNBULL, Thomas TURNBULL, William TURPIE, Christina m 9337 TURPIE, Christina C. Mc m 9338 TURPIE, Elizabeth (nee MacLeod) TURPIE, James TURPIE, Laurence TURPIE, Margaret (nee Gunn) TURPIE, Thomas B TURPIE, William WW2? 9344 TWADDLE, Elizabeth (Anderson) TWORT, Joan Vera May (Wilson) URE, Ann Wells Bartholomew (Baird) URE, Christina (nee Pacitti) URE, Janet (nee Inglis) URE, Janet (Gray) URE, Janet (Wright) URE, John Gilfillan URQUHART, Adam URQUHART, Sarah (Davitt) UNKNOWN 9355 UNKNOWN, Alick UNKNOWN, Gertrude Gertie UNKNOWN, Jean

162 9358 VALENTINE, James VALENTINE, Janet VALENTINE, Mary (nee Kelly) VALENTINE, Thomas VALENTINE, William WADDELL, Alexander H.B WADDELL, Andrew WADDELL, Annie (Ayton) WADDELL, Annie Comrie (McGuckin) WADDELL, Betty WADDELL, Elizabeth (nee Craig) WADDELL, Elizabeth Morrison (nee Binnie?) WADDELL, Euphemia WADDELL, George WADDELL, Grace (nee Henderson) WADDELL, James WADDELL, James WADDELL, James 11m 9376 WADDELL, James Burns WADDELL, James Burns WADDELL, Janet (nee Burns) WADDELL, Janet (nee Laird) WADDELL, Janet Ann (nee Hunter?) WADDELL, Jean B. (Binnie) WADDELL, Jeanie White 1y 11m 9383 WADDELL, Jeannie (Waters) WADDELL, John WADDELL, Maggie (nee McFarlane) WADDELL, Margaret (Shanks) WADDELL, Margaret Ballantyne (nee Graham) WADDELL, Mary (nee McGugan) WADDELL, Nellie (Anderson) WADDELL, William WALDIE, Christina (Arnott) WALDIE, Jane (Young) WALKER, Agnes (nee Fotheringham) WALKER, Agnes (nee Smith) WALKER, Alexander 9396 WALKER, Archibald WALKER, Archibald WALKER?, Archie y 6m 9399 WALKER, Chrissie (Nisbet) WALKER, Cissie (MacFarlane) WALKER, Donald WALKER, Drummond WALKER, Elizabeth (nee Baillie) WALKER, Elizabeth R. (nee Marshall) WALKER, Isabella (nee Neil) WALKER, Isobel WALKER, James WALKER, James WALKER, Janet (Millar) WALKER, Jemima (nee Lindsay) WALKER, Jessie 9412 WALKER, John WALKER, John WALKER, John 9415 WALKER, Margaret WALKER, Margaret (nee Drummond)

163 9417 WALKER, Margaret M.M WALKER, Marion WALKER, Matilda WALKER, Matthew WALKER, Mary (Taylor) WALKER, May (nee McEwan) WALKER, Richard WW WALKER, Susan WALKER, Thomas WALKER, William WALKER, William WALLACE, Elizabeth (Mathieson) WALLACE, George 9430 WALLACE, Gilbert WALLACE, Isabella 9432 WALLACE, Jean (McAlpine) WALLACE, Jessie WALLACE, Margaret (Hamilton?) WALLACE, Marion (nee Crom) WALLACE, Marion (Goodwin) WALLACE, May (nee Goodwin) WALLACE, William WALLACE, William WALLER, Elizabeth (nee Thomson) WALLER, Helen (Esplin) WALLER, James E WALLER, Janet Infancy 9444 WALLER, Jean WALLER, Jeanie (nee Eadie) WALLER, Jemima Infancy 9447 WALLER, Jemima H. (nee Paterson) WALLER, Mary WALLER, Thomas WALLER, Thomas Edward WALLER, Thomas E WALLS, Elizabeth (Anderson) WANDS, Agnes (Clark) WANDS, Alexander WANDS, Elizabeth WANDS, Ellen M. (nee Rennie) WANDS, Isabella WANDS, Isabella W WANDS, John WANDS, John S WANDS, Lilias (nee White) WANDS, Mary Wilson WANDS, William WANDS, William WW WARD, Helen (McPeake) WARDROP, Elizabeth Emily WARDROP, Jack Infancy 9468 WARDROP, Jane (Arbuckle) WARDROP, Thomas WARDROP, William Infancy 9471 WATERS, Gavin WATERS, Gavin WATERS, Janie (Simpson) WATERS, Jeannie (nee Waddell) WATERS, Jessie

164 9476 WATERS, Mary (Hutchens) WATERS, Sheena (Anderson) WATSON, Agnes (Miller) ?? 9479 WATSON, Agnes (Taylor) WATSON, Agnes Burns (nee Brown) WATSON, Alexander WATSON, Annie (nee Milton) WATSON, Anne (Johnston) WATSON, Annie (Christison) WATSON, Barbara (Paterson) WATSON, Elizabeth WATSON, Euphemia WATSON, Euphemia (Proudfoot) WATSON, Helen (nee Dawson) WATSON, Isabella WATSON, Isabella (nee Shaw) WATSON, Isabella (nee Thomson?) WATSON, Isobel Hamilton (McLagan) WATSON, James WATSON, James WATSON, James WATSON, James WATSON, James WATSON, Jane WATSON, Jane Cuthil (Ellis) WATSON, Jean (nee Knox) WATSON, Jean Ann (Allan) WATSON, Jessie WATSON, John WATSON, Maggie WATSON, Malcolm WATSON, Margaret WATSON, Margaret (nee Parland) WATSON, Margaret (McLaren) WATSON, Mary Catherine (nee Miller) WATSON, May (nee Scott) WATSON, Sandy WATSON, Thomas WATSON, William WW WATT, Agnes Shearer (nee Brown) WATT, Annabella D. (Stirling) WATT, Annie Muir (MacGregor) WATT, Elizabeth (Stanford) WATT, George Fordyce WATT, Jean (Park) WATT, Lancelot WATT, Margaret Ann (Ferguson) ?? 61? 9523 WATT, Mary Ann (nee Barclay) WATT, Nellie (Taylor) WATT, William Barr WATTERS, Agnes (nee Duncan) ? 73? 9527 WATTERS, Andrew d 9528 WATTERS, William Dawson WAUGH, Agnes WAUGH, Alexander T WAUGH, Ann (Marr) WAUGH, Annie (nee Greig) WAUGH, Archibald WAUGH, Archibald

165 9535 WAUGH, Archibald WAUGH, Charles WAUGH, Elizabeth W. (Sullivan) WAUGH, George Kelly WAUGH, Isabella (nee Kelly) WAUGH?, Isabella (Caldwell?) WAUGH, James WAUGH, Jane (nee Sharp) WAUGH?, Jane Sharp (Munro?) WAUGH, Janet (McCowan) WAUGH, Jean (Comrie) WAUGH, Jessie (Degney) WAUGH?, Jessie (nee Robertson?) WAUGH, Joan (Turnbull) WAUGH, John Kelly WAUGH, Margaret WAUGH, Margaret S WAUGH, Margaret W. (Duncan) WAUGH, Mary T WAUGH, Thomas WEBSTER, Catherine (Anderson) WEBSTER, Davidina (nee Sanderson) WEBSTER, J WEBSTER, William WEIR, Colin WEIR, Elizabeth (Comrie) WEIR?, Elizabeth (Hoggan) WEIR, George Smith WEIR, Isabella WEIR, James WEIR, James WEIR, John WEIR, Margaret (nee Forsyth) WEIR, Margaret (Cook) WEIR, Mary McDougall (nee Stalker) WEIR, May WEIR, William WELLS, William WELLS, William McMurdo WELSH, Agnes WELSH, Agnes y 9m 9576 WELSH, Agnes WELSH, Agnes (nee Hoggan) WELSH, Agnes (nee Wilson) 23? WELSH, Agnes (Malloy) WELSH?, Agnes (Somerville) WELSH, Andrew WELSH, Catherine (nee Penman) WELSH, Christina (nee McKenzie) WELSH, Elizabeth (nee Duncan) WELSH, Elizabeth (nee Fleming) WELSH, Elizabeth (Boyd) WELSH, Ellen y 9m 9588 WELSH, Ellen y 6m 9589 WELSH, David WELSH, David WELSH, Helen (nee Findlay) WELSH, Helen (nee Hogan) WELSH, James m 165

166 9594 WELSH, James WELSH, James WELSH, James Duncan WELSH, Jane WELSH, Jane Langley y 10m 9599 WELSH, Janet (nee Smith) WELSH, Janet (Gordon) WELSH, Jean WELSH, Joan (nee Penman) WELSH, John WELSH, John WELSH, John WELSH, John Infancy 9607 WELSH, John WELSH, Lizzie (Smith) ? 9609 WELSH, Margaret m 9610 WELSH, Margaret (nee Wilson) WELSH, Matthew WELSH, Matthew Hoggan WELSH, Mary (Samuel) WELSH, Mary Chalmers WELSH, Robert WELSH, Robert WELSH, Robert WELSH, Robert WELSH, William WELSH, William ? WELSH, William Duncan WW WESTWATER, Agnes (nee Buchanan) WESTWATER, Agnes (Beveridge) WESTWATER, Elizabeth (nee Lyons) WESTWATER, Jeanie (nee Henderson) WESTWATER, John 03.???? 9627 WESTWATER, John WESTWATER, Marc m 9629 WESTWATER, William WHELTON, John WHITE, Alexander WHITE, Andrew H WHITE, Annie (nee Black) WHITE, Annie (Adam) WHITE, Betty WHITE, Catherine Jane (nee Hunter) WHITE, Elizabeth (nee Blair) WHITE, Hector WHITE, Helen WHITE, Helen (nee McMorland) ? WHITE, Henry WHITE, Henry WHITE, Henry Grant WHITE, Isabella (nee McRorie) WHITE, Isabella Duncan y 4m 9646 WHITE, James WHITE, James 9648 WHITE, Jean (Wilson) WHITE, John A WHITE, John WHITE, Lilias (Wands) WHITE, Margaret

167 9653 WHITE, Margaret (nee Philips) WHITE, Margaret (McVicar) WHITE, Mary M WHITE, Robert WHITE, Robert A WHITE, Sarah (nee McDonald) WHITE, Thomas WHITE, Tom WHITEHEAD, Margaret (Hendry) WHITEHEAD, Mary (Nisbet) WHYTE, Ann WHYTE, Christina (nee Hogg) WHYTE, Christina (McAlpine) (DC) WHYTE, Christina Waugh (Duncan) WHYTE, James WHYTE, James WHYTE, Jessie (Morrison) WHYTE, Margaret (Black) WHYTE, Martha (Campbell) WHYTE, Mary (nee Stirling) WHYTE, Robert WW WHYTE, William WHYTOCK, James WHYTOCK, Janet (nee Muirhead) WIGHTON?, Mary (nee Gentles) WILKIE, Nellie (Howden) WILLIAMS?, Betty (McLean) WILLIAMS, Jessie (Hoggan) WILLIAMS, Mary McA WILLIAMSON, Alice (nee Young) WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth WILLIAMSON?, Elizabeth (Wright) WILLIAMSON, George WILLIAMSON, Hughina WILLIAMSON, Isabella (nee Smith) WILLIAMSON, James WILLIAMSON, James 9690 WILLIAMSON, Margaret WILLIAMSON, Margaret (Peacock) WILLIAMON, Mary Brown (Thornton) WILSON, Agnes (Adams) WILSON, Agnes ???? 9695 WILSON, Agnes (nee Gardiner) WILSON, Agnes (nee Keenan) WILSON, Agnes (Couper) WILSON, Agnes (Welsh) 23? WILSON, Alexander WILSON, Alfred J.G WILSON, Alison (Leishman) WILSON, Andrew WILSON, Andrew WILSON, Anne (nee McMillan) WILSON, Annie (nee Wright) WILSON, Annie (McMurchie) WILSON, Annie Oliver (Smith) WILSON, Cathrine (McGregor) WILSON, Christina (nee Dickson) WILSON, Christina H WILSON, David

168 9712 WILSON, David WILSON, David Gardiner WILSON, Donald McMillan WILSON, Easter Infancy 9716 WILSON, Edith (nee Cliffe) WILSON, Elizabeth (nee Hardie) WILSON?, Elizabeth (nee Henderson?) WILSON, Elizabeth (nee Hibberd) WILSON, Elizabeth (nee Hoggan) WILSON, Elizabeth (nee Laird) WILSON, Elizabeth (nee Smith)?? WILSON, Elizabeth (Gallan) (DN) WILSON, Elizabeth (Kerr) WILSON, Euphemia Sloan (nee McLachlan) WILSON, Helen 9727 WILSON, Helen (Bateman) (DC) WILSON, Helen (Stark) WILSON, Helen Kirkwood (Johnstone) WILSON, Isabella Catherine Auckland (nee Hendry) WILSON, James WILSON, James ? 9733 WILSON, James WILSON, James 9735 WILSON, James WILSON, James WILSON, James WILSON, James WILSON, James WILSON, James WILSON, James T.M WILSON, Jane (nee Pritchard) 9743 WILSON, Jane (Morrison) WILSON, Janet (nee Shanks) WILSON, Janet Hendry (nee Penman) WILSON, Jean (nee Douglas?) WILSON, Jean (nee Ferguson) WILSON, Jean (nee White) WILSON, Jean (Langley) WILSON, Jean (Murphy) WILSON, Jean D.M. (nee Crawford) WILSON, Jemima WILSON, Jessie Pryde (Sutherland) WILSON, Joan Vera May (nee Twort) WILSON, John WILSON, John WILSON, John WILSON, John WILSON, John WILSON, John WILSON, John McLaws WILSON, Lilias (nee Inglis) WILSON, Margaret (nee McLean) WILSON, Margaret (Duffy) WILSON, Margaret (Gibson) WILSON, Margaret (Kerr) WILSON, Margaret (Millar) WILSON, Margaret (Welsh) WILSON, Margaret F. (nee Wishart) WILSON, Margaret H. (nee Donaldson)

169 9771 WILSON, Margaret Millar WILSON, Marion (Wright) WILSON, Mary (Beattie) WILSON, Mary (Malloy) WILSON, Mary Jane Jenkinson (Bradbury) WILSON, Neil WILSON, Peter 23.??.???? 9778 WILSON, Robert WILSON, Robert WILSON, Robert WILSON, Susan (nee Cunningham) WILSON, Thomas WILSON, Thomas Infancy 9784 WILSON, Thomas Richmond (DN) WILSON, William WILSON, William WILSON, William H WILSON?, William Hamilton WILSON, William Millar WINNING, Marion (nee Provan) WINNING, Margaret (Lapsley) WINNING, Robert Provan WINNING, William WISHART, Margaret F. (Wilson) WISHART, Marion (Knowles) WOOD, Freddie WOODMAN, Louisa (Gentles) WOTHERSPOON, David WOTHERSPOON, Elizabeth (nee Moir) WOTHERSPOON, John WOTHERSPOON, Mary (nee Docherty) WOTHERSPOON, William Docherty WOTHERSPOON, Williamina (nee Gillespie) WREGG, Margaret (Stewart) WREN, Agnes (nee Millar) WREN, Agnes J. (Gardner) WREN, Hugh WW WREN?, Isabella (Proffit) WREN, John WRIGHT, Agnes WRIGHT, Alexander WRIGHT, Andrew WRIGHT, Andrew Infancy 9814 WRIGHT, Ann WRIGHT, Ann Sempie y 3m 9816 WRIGHT?, Annie (Allan) WRIGHT, Annie (McAlley) WRIGHT, Annie (Wilson) WRIGHT, Christina Ellen (nee Munro) WRIGHT, Elizabeth WRIGHT, Elizabeth y 1m 9822 WRIGHT, Elizabeth WRIGHT, Elizabeth (nee Williamson?) WRIGHT, Euphemia S. (Henderson) WRIGHT, Freda Doris (nee Butcher) WRIGHT, George (DN) WRIGHT, George Ure WRIGHT, Helen Nice (Cooper) WRIGHT, Isa

170 9830 WRIGHT, James y 8m 9831 WRIGHT, James (DN) WRIGHT, James WRIGHT, James WRIGHT, Janet (nee Ure) WRIGHT, Jessie (Erskine) WRIGHT, John Clark WRIGHT, Margaret WRIGHT, Margaret (nee Henderson) WRIGHT, Mary (nee Clark) WRIGHT, Mary (nee Kennedy) WRIGHT, Mary Somerville (nee Anderson) WRIGHT, Robert WRIGHT, William WRIGHT, William WRIGHT, William WRIGHT, William WRIGHT, William WW WRIGHT, William George WYLIE, Euphemia Allan (nee Mochrie) WYLIE, Hugh Douglas WYNE, Maria (Kidd) WYNESS, Amelia (nee Rivett) WYNESS, Elizabeth (France) WYNESS, Helen (nee Gibson) WYNESS, Jamesina (France) WYNESS, John WYNESS, Peter WYNESS, William WYPER, Elizabeth (nee Earl) (DN) WYPER, Elizabeth (nee Johnstone) WYPER, Elizabeth Earl WYPER, Elsie (Grant) WYPER, Isabella WYPER, Isabella (McHugh) WYPER, James WYPER, Jeanie Lumsden m 9867 WYPER, Jessie WYPER, Thomas YEAMAN, George YEAMAN, George Robertson YEAMAN, Georgina Wyse (nee Reid) YOUNG, Agnes YOUNG?, Agnes (nee Robertson?) YOUNG, Agnes (Burns) YOUNG, Agnes Lawrie (nee Henderson) YOUNG, Alice (Williamson) YOUNG, Annie A. (Grindlay) YOUNG, Archibald YOUNG, Elizabeth (nee Kirk) YOUNG, Elizabeth (Main?) YOUNG, George YOUNG, Hannah YOUNG, James YOUNG, James YOUNG, Jane YOUNG, Jane (nee Gentles) YOUNG, Jane (nee Waldie) YOUNG, Janet (nee MacDonald)

171 9889 YOUNG, Jean Risk YOUNG, John YOUNG, Lewis Elder YOUNG, Lewis Elder YOUNG, Margaret YOUNG, Margaret YOUNG, Margaret (Baxter) YOUNG, Margaret (Rollo) YOUNG, Mary (McArthur) YOUNG, Robert YOUNG, Robert Waldie YOUNG, Thomas YOUNG, Thomas YOUNG, Thomas YOUNG, William YOUNG, William YULE, Isabella (nee Scott) YULE, John Crawford (DN) Newspaper Death Notice (bold text, no stone found) (DC) Death Registration Certificate (LR) Lair Record (Asterisk, no stone found) Memorial in Old Monkland Cemetery JACK, Elizabeth (Kay) KAY, Elizabeth (nee Jack)

172 172

173 Denny Town War Memorial Denny Cemetery War Memorial 173

Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Plean Churchyard Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all existing, legible stones Plean Churchyard is situated on Main Street (A9), Plean. 1 Whether monuments

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Port of Menteith Churchyard Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones Port of Menteith Churchyard is situated off the A81, at the Lake of Menteith.

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Cadder Churchyard Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones. Cadder Parish Church is situated on Cadder Road, off Kirkintilloch Road (A803), Bishopbriggs, East

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Calton (Abercromby Street) Burial Ground (Bridgeton, Glasgow) Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones Situated on Abercromby Street, (off London Road), Bridgeton,

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Falkirk Parish Churchyard Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all existing, legible stones Falkirk Parish Churchyard is situated between High Street and Upper Newmarket Street,

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Shettleston Old Churchyard Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones Shettleston Old Churchyard is situated on Shettleston Road (A89), Shettleston, Glasgow.

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Norrieston Parish Churchyard Thornhill Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on surveyed stones Norrieston Parish Churchyard is situated on Main Street (A873) Thornhill, Sirlingshire

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index St. Thomas Cemetery Cambusbarron Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones. St. Thomas s Cemetery is situated on Douglas Terrace, Cambusbarron.

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Snowden Cemetery Stirling Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on surveyed stones Snowden Cemetery is situated off Castle Wynd/Esplanade, Stirling Castle, Stirling

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Dunipace Old Churchyard Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all existing, legible stones Dunipace Old Churchyard is situated within the Hills of Dunipace Cemetery, Denny Road

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Eyemouth Cemetery Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on surveyed stones Eyemouth Cemetery is situated on Coldingham Road, Eyemouth. 1 Whether monuments

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Dunblane Cathedral Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on surveyed stones Dunblane Cathedral is situated on Kirk Street, Dunblane 1 Whether monuments or

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Bedlay Cemetery Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on surveyed stones Bedlay Cemetery is situated on Cumbernauld Road (A80) between Muirhead and Moodiesburn.

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Baldernock Cemetery & Churchyard Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones Baldernock Cemetery & Churchyard are situated at the junction of Cragmaddie Road and

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Kirkton Churchyard Bathgate Old Churchyard Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones Kirkton Churchyard is situated on Edinburgh Road (A89), Bathgate.

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index New Monkland Churchyard Glenmavis Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all existing, legible stones New Monkland Churchyard is situated at the junction of Condorrat Road (B802)

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Polmont Cemetery & Old Churchyard Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones. Polmont Cemetery and Churchyard is situated on Bo ness Road, Polmont.

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Bannockburn Cemetery Stirling Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on surveyed stones Bannockburn Cemetery is situated on Bruce Street, off Quakerfield (A9), Bannockburn.

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Clarkston Churchyard Airdrie Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones. Clarkston Churchyard is situated on Forrest Street (A89), Airdrie.

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Auld Aisle Cemetery & Burial Ground Kirkintilloch Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on surveyed stones Auld Aisle Cemetery is situated at the top of Old Aisle Road, off Waterside

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Bathgate (Paulville) Cemetery Bathgate Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on surveyed stones (First Burial 1860) Bathgate (Paulville) Cemetery is situated on Glasgow Road (A89),

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Linlithgow Cemetery Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on surveyed stones Linlithgow Cemetery is situated between Mains Road (A706) and Braehead Road, Linlithgow.

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Janefield Cemetery (Glasgow Eastern Necropolis) Monumental Inscription Index 1 st Burial 27 th August 1847 An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones Janefield Cemetery is on Gallowgate, Parkhead,

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Stipend List of Clough Presbyterian Church 1864

Stipend List of Clough Presbyterian Church 1864 Stipend List of Clough Presbyterian Church 1864 Clough Mills, Ballymena Borough, Antrim, Northern Ireland UK (Surnames Sorted Alphabetically) Courtesy of James Waide Compiled by Nancy J. Rochelle Charlesworth

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Larbert East Churchyard (Formerly known as Larbert Free Church) Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all existing, legible stones Larbert East Churchyard is situated at the junction

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Holy Rude Churchyard Stirling Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones Holy Rude Churchyard is situated off St. John Street, Stirling.

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Slaves Received in 1785 from James Madison, Sr. (In Bold) and Their Families

Slaves Received in 1785 from James Madison, Sr. (In Bold) and Their Families Slaves Received in 1785 from James Madison, Sr. (In Bold) and Their Families Sally Jemmy Jerry Dec. 10, 1763 Feb. 2, 1765 July 27, 1762 Sold Eliza (Lysa) Feb. 17, 1750 Joanna Diana Demas Pendar Billy Webster

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ALICE: see Julia (Sissy), daughter of David & Susan (nee Stubbs) Archer. Identified on one group photograph as Alice - elsewhere as Julia.

ALICE: see Julia (Sissy), daughter of David & Susan (nee Stubbs) Archer. Identified on one group photograph as Alice - elsewhere as Julia. List of Archer Family Members ALEXANDER (Sandy): 1828-1890, 10th child of William Senr. & Julia (nee Walker) Archer. Married Mary (Minnie) MacKenzie (1848-1890) in 1871. Both perished in the "Quetta" shipwreck

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Methodist ministers family members who signed the 1893 women s suffrage petition

Methodist ministers family members who signed the 1893 women s suffrage petition Methodist s family members who signed the 1893 women s suffrage Introduction 2018, is going to be commemorated as 125 years after women in New Zealand gained the right to vote in parliamentary elections.

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New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers Saint John Executive

New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers Saint John Executive Year Past/Honorary President 1 St Vice President 2 nd Vice President Secretary Treasurer Director Notes President 1951- Harold C. Ricker Genevieve Dever Ethel Coles M. Frances Traynor Secretary/Treasurer

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7/30/2006 Page 1 of 8

7/30/2006 Page 1 of 8 Laffords and Robertsons Early Robertsons R 1 b. Struan, Scotland (Colonel) cillan, Christian b. Scotland R 1.1 R 1.2 R 1.3 b. Blair Athol, 1754-1821 Scotland; d. Big Island, NS m. 1794 R 1.1.1 R 1.1.2

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Some descendants of Lilias Staig (daughter of Provost David Staig) (1 of 18)

Some descendants of Lilias Staig (daughter of Provost David Staig) (1 of 18) Some descendants of Lilias Staig (daughter of Provost David Staig) (1 of 18) Catherine Newall Charles Maitland Babington b: 3 May 1775 Dumfries, d: 5 August 1841 Dumfries, Lilias Staig b: 26 March 1778

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WARREN HILL CEMETERY WARREN HILL ROAD, ROUTE 151 PALMYRA, MAINE By: Ann L & Nathaniel C. Foss Jr WARREN HILL CEMETERY WARREN HILL ROAD, ROUTE 151 PALMYRA, MAINE By: Ann L & Nathaniel C. Foss Jr From the Village Cemetery continue on Route 151, Warren Hill Road, for 6/10 th of a mile. At this point

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Descendants of Squire James Ewing ( )

Descendants of Squire James Ewing ( ) 1 Descendants of Squire James Ewing (1732-1825) James Ewing, b. 21 Jun 1732 in MD, d. 20 Feb 1825 in PA +Mary McKown, b. between 1739 and 1740 in MD, m. 28 Jan 1771 in MD, d. 30 Nov 1825 in PA -- William

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Allan, James B Altman, Annie Y40 23 Arnal, Almir Y40 68 Annable, Gordon B. (an infant) E51 110

Allan, James B Altman, Annie Y40 23 Arnal, Almir Y40 68 Annable, Gordon B. (an infant) E51 110 Name of Deceased 1949 File No. Book Folio Allan, James 40206 B45 147 Altman, Annie 40362 Y40 23 Arnal, Almir 40448 Y40 68 Annable, Gordon B. (an infant) 40971 E51 110 1950 Altman, Isaac 38009 E51 242 Allan,

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Alexander Hamilton and Jean Cuthill

Alexander Hamilton and Jean Cuthill Alexander Hamilton and Jean Cuthill Thomas = Margaret Ewan Wright Balquidder 18 Jul 1729 Robert = Elizabeth Ewan St Ninians Christie b 05 Mar 1703 Stirling St Ninians ' ' ' ' ' John Margaret Elizabeth

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Shepherd Cemetery, Athens Township, Gentry Co. MO

Shepherd Cemetery, Athens Township, Gentry Co. MO ?? SHP00019??? SHP00030??? SHP00054??? SHP00055??? SHP00061 name plate missing??? SHP00067 name plate missing?? SHP00091 name plate missing?? SHP00096 name plate missing??? SHP00098 name plate missing??

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Copyright, Patricia A. West, All rights reserved. Page 1 of 5

Copyright, Patricia A. West, All rights reserved. Page 1 of 5 Copyright, Patricia A. West, 2003. All rights reserved. Page 1 of 5 Permission to copy, quote, distribute this document, and add it to a personal genealogy database is given to individual family history

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Electoral History for Hants West

Electoral History for Hants West Electoral History for Hants West Electoral History for Hants West Including Former Electoral District Names Report Created for the public by the Nova Scotia Legislative Library The returns as presented

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THE BLAIR DNA PROJECT When Conventional Research Dead-Ends by John A. Blair, Mem. #0873 BLAIR DNA Project Coordinator

THE BLAIR DNA PROJECT When Conventional Research Dead-Ends by John A. Blair, Mem. #0873 BLAIR DNA Project Coordinator THE BLAIR DNA PROJECT When Conventional Research Dead-Ends by John A. Blair, Mem. #0873 BLAIR DNA Project Coordinator The 1820 Census lists 11 Blair households in Vermont. Three of those households were

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Riddrie Park Cemetery Monumental Inscription Index 1 st Burial July 1901 An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones. Riddrie Park Cemetery is situated between Cumbernauld Road (A80), Royston

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Children. Mary MACKINTOSH. Grandchildren. Flora MACKINTOSH. Euphemia MACKINTOSH. Great-Grandchildren

Children. Mary MACKINTOSH. Grandchildren. Flora MACKINTOSH. Euphemia MACKINTOSH. Great-Grandchildren Children Grandchildren Euphemia Flora Mary Great-Grandchildren Descendants of John Mackintosh 1760-1829 John b: Abt. 1760 d: Abt. 1829 in Isle of Skye, 1760 - Christina STEWART b: Abt. 1760 d: in Isle

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Blairs in the 1860 Census - In Vermont

Blairs in the 1860 Census - In Vermont , June,, was Ferrisburgh, Addison, VT June 23 112 859 88 Peter Blair 32 M Farm Laborer Canada Mary Blair 31 F New York Peter Blair 6 M Vermont Leno Blair 4 F Vermont Lewis Blair 2 M Vermont William Blair

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George Two-Gun Massey

George Two-Gun Massey George Two-Gun Massey By Gracie Stover Golden George Massey was born February 8, 1920, at Marfork, Raleigh County, West Virginia. George was the son of Abraham Lincoln (Aubry) Massey and Della Sparks.

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The Link. The magazine for the linked congregations and community of the West Kirk of Calder and Polbeth Harwood

The Link. The magazine for the linked congregations and community of the West Kirk of Calder and Polbeth Harwood The magazine for the linked congregations and community of the West Kirk of Calder and Polbeth Harwood Rev David A Albon BA MCS 01506 870460 The Manse, 27 Learmonth Crescent West Calder EH55 8AF

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Katy West and Fullinger, October 20, 1814

Katy West and Fullinger, October 20, 1814 Circleville Michael Buskirk and Susannah Davis, November 19, 1815 Joshua Brown and Activies Hall, January 3, 1811 Richard Chaney and Mary Ann Davis, March 19, 1811 Geo Davis and Rachel Glaze, December

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Descendants of James Denney

Descendants of James Denney Descendants of James Denney Generation No. 1 1. JAMES 2 DENNEY (ISERIAH 1 ) was born Abt. 1745 in between 1745 and 1750, Albermarle, VA, and died October 08, 1821 in Wayne Co., KY. He married ESTHER SMALL

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CHAPTER 5 GENEALOGY OF THE FAMILY OF JOSEPHINE PORTER TAYLOR CHAPTER 5 GENEALOGY OF THE FAMILY OF JOSEPHINE PORTER TAYLOR Introduction - Origins of the Porter Family This genealogy outlines the ancestry of Josephine Porter, wife of Charles P. Taylor of Ottawa, Illinois

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The Boyce Family Papers ( )

The Boyce Family Papers ( ) The Boyce Family Papers (1767-1976) The Boyce Family Papers is a collection of private materials chronicling the lives of James Boyce (1740-1803) and his descendants for over two hundred years. The land

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DAGUERREOTYPES, AMBROTYPES & TINTYPES INVENTORY INVENTORY All pictures are daguerreotypes unless otherwise noted. Most individuals in group pictures are identified separately with a key or caption that is stored with the daguerreotype. + indicates item

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The 1627 Division of Cattle

The 1627 Division of Cattle The 1627 Division of Cattle 1. The first lot fell to Francis Cooke and his company joined to him, his wife Hester Cooke. 3. John Cooke 4. Jacob Cooke To this lot fell the least of the 4 black heifers 5.

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The Stewart Cemetery Of Tuscarora, NC

The Stewart Cemetery Of Tuscarora, NC Of Surveyed in 2003 R. Allen Humphrey Page 1 of. A photographic survey of the grave markers existing in 2005. Located in the 9 th Township of Craven County, NC near the community of Tuscarora. 25 pages

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Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery Inquire and please, ask permission to enter private property. Quadrant Map: Billingsville General Location: East northeast of Pilot Grove Congressional Township: Township

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Hix Family Cemetery - Hix, Georgia

Hix Family Cemetery - Hix, Georgia Hix Family Cemetery - Hix, Georgia Location: 583 Neese-Commerce Rd. Commerce, GA 30530-4520 Buried in this cemetery are members of a family prominent in the early history of Madison County. Descendants

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Past Mayors of the Borough of Richmond Yorkshire

Past Mayors of the Borough of Richmond Yorkshire Past Mayors of the Borough of Richmond Yorkshire 1668 William Wetwange 1669 John Kaye 1670 John Bartlett snr. 1671 Richard Dawson 1672 Henry Cowlinge 1673 Henry Bartlett 1674 John Bartlett jnr. 1675 William

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South Cemetery Index I - N

South Cemetery Index I - N South Cemetery Index I - N Last Name First, Middle Parents/Spouse Birth Date Death Date Map Location I C154 J C139 Abraham Hannah Farley 1701 1790 B30 Artemis Aug. 2, 1851 A41 Franklin Jr. Franklin & Lucy

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BIRTH NAME FATHER MOTHER BIRTHDATE FILE NO. RACE BIRTH NAME FATHER MOTHER BIRTHDATE FILE NO. RACE Caro Jeff Caro Lucindia Ramsey 8/22/1888 568 B Caro Jeff Caro Carrie Hunter 10/20/1907 1436 B Carothers C. C. Carothers Johnie 3/4/1911 306 W Carothers

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2015 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP AND COMPETITION WINNERS MALUA BAY MALUA BAY Major Singles: J. Lubbe Runner-up: V. Clarke Pairs: M. Bruce, V. Clarke Triples: K. Signor, B. Holloway, V. Clarke Fours: V. Clarke, H. Rees, N. Taylor, A. Innes Minor Singles: J. Lewis PHOTO:

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Pittsylvania County, Virginia. SHELTON Marriages

Pittsylvania County, Virginia. SHELTON Marriages SHELTON Marriages 1 1769-1875 DATE GROOM BRIDE GROOM'S FATHER 1769 1774 February 7 1774 1 1775 April 1 May 16 May 30 July 21 19 1792 June 18 1792 17 1792 17 1794 March 17 1794 June 29 1795 October 16 1796

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News from the Pews. Alex. See you in Church. From the Minister THE NEWSLETTER OF MARKINCH PARISH CHURCH VOL. 87 AUG 2010.

News from the Pews. Alex. See you in Church. From the Minister THE NEWSLETTER OF MARKINCH PARISH CHURCH VOL. 87 AUG 2010. News from the Pews THE NEWSLETTER OF MARKINCH PARISH CHURCH VOL. 87 AUG 2010 From the Minister The First Word Johann Sebastian Bach, the 18th century composer, was a devout Lutheran. He often annotated

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CHESTER DISTRICT, SC EQUITY INDEX CHESTER DISTRICT, SC EQUITY INDEX This index lists only the names of the major parties. Equity Court files frequently, but not always, contain specific family information. Equity bills for partitions and

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PARISH OF SALINE. BLACKSMITHS. Barrowman & Co., Saline PARISH OF SALINE. THIS PARISH, containing the village of its own name, is on the west border of the County. It is bounded by Clackmannanshire and the Culross district of Perthshire on the west, by a detached

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List of Enslaved Compiled from Notes in the Hite Family Commonplace Book ( ) (Virginia Historical Society: Hite Family Papers MssIH637535a 40)

List of Enslaved Compiled from Notes in the Hite Family Commonplace Book ( ) (Virginia Historical Society: Hite Family Papers MssIH637535a 40) IN Primus (not given in) 1754 Run Away Ned 1758 Dead Chloe 1760 Purchased of (illegible) cost 140,0,0 (noted as having) "had the measles" Frank 1767 Gave George Hite 80 l for him Abba 1769 Received in

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THE KIRKIN OF THE TARTANS THE KIRKIN OF THE TARTANS AT FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Gastonia, North Carolina CARILLON PEAL Please enter to worship in a spirit of reverence. THE WORSHIP OF GOD November 13, 2016 The Twenty-fifth Annual

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Rees Elementary School Spanish Fork, Utah

Rees Elementary School Spanish Fork, Utah Rees Elementary School Spanish Fork, Utah Kindergarten - Morning, Rees Elementary 1952-53, Spanish Fork, Utah Front l to r: Shanna Rae Shepherd, Nelson Hatch, Ronald Hatfield, Frankie Rowe, Connie Knotts,

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Descendants of Patrick Gullion

Descendants of Patrick Gullion b. abt 0 Ireland d. 0 Lexington, Fayette Co., KY + Mary d. 0 Lexington, Fayette Co., KY b. bet and d. aft 0 + Margaret Stenson + (---) (---) Edmund Gullion b. bet and d. bef 0 b. bet and d. abt + (---)

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ELMER RICE. Pastor s Steward

ELMER RICE. Pastor s Steward ELMER RICE Pastor s Steward 1929 - VARICK CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR SOCIETY Miss Gladys Vanderbilt, President; Rev. L. H. Taylor, Chester Cooley, Alma MacGerald, Dorothy Pierce, Helen Reid, Maria Dawson, Lil...

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Descendants of Thomas Devane

Descendants of Thomas Devane Descendants of Thomas Devane Generation No. 1 1. THOMAS 1 DEVANE was born 1663 in France, and died 1773 in New Hanover County, NC. He married MARGARET. She was born Aft. 1690 in France, and died Aft. 1786

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ISAAC TAFT STODDARD COLLECTION-MSS 102 ISAAC TAFT STODDARD COLLECTION-MSS 102 Secretary of the Territory in the year 1903 under Governor Alex O. Brodie, the first volume of Stoddard s collection includes clippings on Arizona s struggle for

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Descendants of Sarah Shurett

Descendants of Sarah Shurett Descendants of Sarah Shurett Generation No. 1 1. SARAH 1 was born Abt. 1775. She married UNKNOWN SHURETT. He was born Abt. 1775. Children of SARAH SHURETT and UNKNOWN SHURETT are: 2. i. JOHN 2 SHURETT,

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Upper West Concocheague Presbyterian Church Records Mercersburg, Penna

Upper West Concocheague Presbyterian Church Records Mercersburg, Penna Upper West Concocheague Presbyterian Church Records Mercersburg, Penna Abstracted from original records by Mrs. H. Virginia Gress Smith, 104 Linden Ave., Mercersburg, Penna in 1985. She transcribed material

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The Seán Reid Society Journal. Volume

The Seán Reid Society Journal. Volume The Seán Reid Society Journal. Volume 3. 2009 3.05 1 3.05 The Mealy and Farrar Genealogies Leslie Drew The Mealy Genealogy Originally from County Mayo, the Mealys appear to have moved first to Horseleap,

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Brown Family History

Brown Family History Brown Family History Hugh Carr Brown (1814-1902), his wife Matilda Innman Brown (1814-1860) and five children settled in Marshall County around 1846. They came from Nashville, Tennessee. Hugh was the son

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CENSUS, 1790 Cheraws District, St. Thomas, South Carolina

CENSUS, 1790 Cheraws District, St. Thomas, South Carolina CENSUS, 1790 Cheraws District, St. Thomas, South Carolina (attempting to associate BEASLEY surname to known families with whom they intermaried and travelled) ADAMS, Burges ADAMS, James ADAMS, Richard

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Bluff Springs Baptist Church Cemetery

Bluff Springs Baptist Church Cemetery This partial survey was shared by the Henry County ALGenWeb. Name Birth Date Death Date Notes / Source NOWELL, Clarence F. Dec 13 1893 May 07 Son of Jefferson S. and Ada BELCHER NOWELL. [Source: Don 1898

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PROBATE ORDER BOOK A INDEX PROBATE ORDER BOOK A 1830-1843 INDEX Allen, John, Estate 88, 241 Bailey Edmund J., Estate 281-301,311,327, 339,341,354 Bailey, Edmund J., Heirs 328 Barker, Enoch, Estate 55,61,84,85,116 Barker, Enoch,

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David Brown collection

David Brown collection FINDING AID FOR David Brown collection PF72 User-Friendly Archival Software Tools provided by v1.1 Summary The "David Brown collection" Fonds contains: 0 Subgroups or Sous-fonds 1 Series 0 Sub-series 0

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South Cemetery Index A - C

South Cemetery Index A - C South Cemetery Index A - C Last Name First, Middle Parents/Spouse Birth Date Death Date Map Location C38 C122 C123 C124 Eliza C121??? Mar. 18?8?EDE A B139 1st B203 C140 Blaney Esq. Jul. 17, 1855 B97 Darcas

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MECKLENBURG TO LANARK MECKLENBURG TO LANARK An Administrative Evolution Following the Conquest (1759) the Quebec Act (1774) incorporated what are now eastern Canada and the southern portions of present day Quebec and Ontario

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Lowell Tribune Index Obituaries 1920's 's -- A

Lowell Tribune Index Obituaries 1920's 's -- A Lowell Tribune Index Obituaries 1920's - 1940's -- A Name Newspaper Date Page Column AAGARD, RAY 1/20/1921 1 6 ABLEMAN, SAM 1/24/1935 4 3 ABRAHAM, JEROME JOSEPH 6/26/1941 7 4 ABROMAVIC, JOSEPH 9/11/1941

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C Long, Fannie Blair, Papers, folders

C Long, Fannie Blair, Papers, folders C Long, Fannie Blair, Papers, 1834-1944 2222 25 This collection is available at The State Historical Society of Missouri. If you would like more information, please contact us at

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Archives of the Law Society of Ontario. Finding Aid - David Brown collection (PF72)

Archives of the Law Society of Ontario. Finding Aid - David Brown collection (PF72) Archives of the Law Society of Ontario Finding Aid - () Generated by Access to Memory (AtoM) 2.4.0 Printed: April 06, 2018 Language of description: English Archives of the Law Society of Ontario 130 Queen

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The Link The Magazine of Haggs Parish Church

The Link The Magazine of Haggs Parish Church Hi Folks, Haggs Manse Winter 2014 Meanwhile these three remain: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love 1 Cor.13:1 As I write this letter we are approaching the Season on Advent once more,

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Sim's Index to WV Land Grants Brooke & Hancock County. Name Grantee Acres Local Desc Year Book Page BROOKE COUNTY, (W) VA

Sim's Index to WV Land Grants Brooke & Hancock County. Name Grantee Acres Local Desc Year Book Page BROOKE COUNTY, (W) VA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 BROOKE COUNTY, (W) VA Adams, William 65 Buffalo Creek 1805 1 500 Alexander, James Adm. 41 Holbert's

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About Natstand family documents:

About Natstand family documents: URL: Root person: Bennet, Arthur (1843-1929) Description: Natstand family document Creation date: 2016 December 19 Prepared by: Richard Middleton Notes: Press items

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Chester County Fugitive Slave Records - Slave Index

Chester County Fugitive Slave Records - Slave Index Chester County Fugitive Slave Records - Slave Index Slave's Last Name Slave's First Name Slave'sAge Slave's Sex Master's First Name Master's Last Name Date of Petition Abraham 11 Male Stephen Rigdon August

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Robert Cuthbertson Handloom Weaver. Susan Hutton

Robert Cuthbertson Handloom Weaver. Susan Hutton Robert Handloom Weaver by Susan Table of Contents Notes for Robert...2 Descendant Tree of Robert...3 Kinship Report of Robert...11 1 Robert Handloom Weaver Notes for Robert He was described as a handloom

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The Children of William Faulkner Wilson

The Children of William Faulkner Wilson The Children of William Faulkner Wilson Henry Oscar Wilson (1843-1907) William F. Wilson's first child and eldest son, Henry Oscar Wilson (known to the younger generation as "Uncle Oscar"), was, according

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BURGESS CEMETERY Tishomingo County, Mississippi

BURGESS CEMETERY Tishomingo County, Mississippi Courtesy of the Tishomingo County Historical & Genealogical Society Original files are housed in the John Marshall Stone Research Library Tishomingo County Archives & History Museum 203 East Quitman Street

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Land Owner or Occupier

Land Owner or Occupier Land Owners and Occupiers Upper Hutt 1915 land owners recorded on the Military Manoeuvre Map [Scan and add image to document] Land Owner or Occupier ALEXANDER A (Aaron John) ALTON (John & Florence) BACKSTROM

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TUCKER, Anne m. Moses Miller 18 Jan. 1778

TUCKER, Anne m. Moses Miller 18 Jan. 1778 TUCKER, Anne m. Moses Miller 18 Jan. 1778 TUCKER, Benjamin ra. Sarah Tucker 12 July 1791 TUCKER, Benjamin W. m. Elizabeth P. Woodruff 11 Nov. 1840 (Tucker of Elizabethtown) TUCKER, Catharine C. m. John

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Persons or organizations desiring to use this material for purposes other than stated above must obtain the written consent of the file contributor.

Persons or organizations desiring to use this material for purposes other than stated above must obtain the written consent of the file contributor. BURRUS CEMETERY, Benoit, Bolivar County, Mississippi USGENWEB NOTICE: In keeping with our policy of providing Free information on the Internet, data may be used by non-commercial entities, as long as this

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District 4 Winners - Individual Events (by Event)

District 4 Winners - Individual Events (by Event) District 4 Winners - Individual Events (by Event) 5K Run/Walk Qualified Bain, Sarah Qualified Evans, Ada M. Qualified Bain, Sarah Owen, Mary "Jo" Nelson, Frances C. Evans, Ada M. 13 of 12 of Poland, Kerry

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Genealogy of the Hand Family

Genealogy of the Hand Family Genealogy of the Hand Family Nathan Hand (M) b. 13 November 1781, d. 18 September 1845 Nathan Hand was born on 13 November 1781 in Morris, NJ. He married Margaret Crandelmire on 15 July 1803 in Wantage,

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The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) Fax (416)

The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) Fax (416) The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Fax (416) 591-7506 1 CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRNCH: HAMILTON BRANCH ADDRESS:

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Descendants of Thomas Craigs (ca Sep 1860) and first wife Ann Crosby (ca ) and second wife Margaret Patterson (ca Sep 1843)

Descendants of Thomas Craigs (ca Sep 1860) and first wife Ann Crosby (ca ) and second wife Margaret Patterson (ca Sep 1843) Descendants of Thomas Craigs (ca 1770 30 Sep 1860) and first wife Ann Crosby (ca 1770 1811) and second wife Margaret Patterson (ca 1780 10 Sep 1843) Undocumented Pre-immigrant Generation **************************************************

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