4. Current Designation & Grade Pay :- Associate Professor, Rs. 9000/-

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1 TEACHER S PROFILE 1. Name (in Block Letters) :- DR. MAINA SARMA 3. Department :- Philosophy 4. Current Designation & Grade Pay :- Associate Professor, Rs. 9000/- 5. Academic Qualifications: Examinations Name of the Board / Year of Passing Specialization M.A. Gauhtai 1983 LOGIC & PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION Other Examination (if any) PG Diploma in Value Education and Spirituality Annamalai (Distance education) 2010 Ph.D. GAUHATI UNIVERSITY May, 2000 RELIGION B) Title of the Thesis : A Comparative Study of the Religious Concepts of Sankardeva and Nanak. 6) Teaching Experience till date in year(s): 26 years 7) Area (s) of Interest: LOGIC & PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION 8) Publication(s): A) Research Paper (s): 1) M. Sarma, 2012, The Philosophical Implications of Faith With Special Reference to Sankaradeva., Surabharati,, vol.xii. 2) M. Sarma, 2010, Axiological concern of Sankara deva s, MahpursaJyoti, Vol. X.

2 B) Books (Authored/Edited): Title With Page Nos. A Text Book of Higher Secondary Logic and Philosophy Type of Book And Authorship Text book (2 text books) Publisher and ISSN /ISBN No C) Chapter: Sr. No. Title With Page Nos. Book Title, Editor & Publisher ISSN/ISBN No 1. Man and Self- Transcendence, Pg Sankaradeva And Nanak: A Comparative Analysis, pg Religious Language, Pg Integrated per sonality and Emotional Maturity The brahmaputra and beyond Editor- Aradhana Patangia Goswami, Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee, Pandu College Albert Camus Conception of the Absurd Perspectives In Contemporary Philosophy edt. By Prof. Dilip Kr. Chakravarty, Published by Ajanta Publications, Delhi

3 9) Conference/Seminar/Workshop/Symposium (Participation/Paper Presentation): Sr. No. Title of the Paper Presented Title of Conference / Seminar Organized by Whether International / / State / Regional / College / Level 01 In Search of a Universal Religion 02 Nietzsche s Critique of Ethics Vedanta of Swami Vivekananda, ICPR sponsored Congress, 68 th G.U., 1993 H. N. B. Garhawal, Jean Paul Satre s Conception of Bad Faith Congress, 68 th Dept of English, Gauhati, Monotheism in the of Sankardeva Congress, 69 th JNU, Delhi, The Nature of Man in the Religious Philosophy of Sri Sankardeva and Nanak Akhil Bharatiya Darshan Parishad Haridwar, Values and Socio- Economic Re-Construction With Special Reference to Gandhi, Marx and Sankardeva Non-Violence in Socio-Economic Progress, UGC North Lakhim Pur College, 1998.

4 07. Person as Intentional Performer: A Phenomenological Perspective Concept of Person, ICPR Dept. of Philosophy, G.U., The Problem of Values in the of Sankardeva The Problem of Value- Traditional and Modern D. C. B. Girls College, Jorhat, Nature of God as Conceived in the of Sri Sankardeva Congress, Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, World Philosophical Conference. New Delhi, 2001 International 10. Towards a Lasting Empowerment: A Holistic Approach Feminism and Self- Expression, ICPR sponsored Lakhimpur Girls College, Man and His Self- Transcendence with Special Reference to Sankardeva 12. Philosophy and Ethical Neutrality of Science Srimanta Sankardeva ICPR sponsored Philosophy, Science and Technology, ICPR sponsored. Vivekananda Kendra, Guwahati, Under the aegis of the Centre for Studies in Civilizations, New Delhi, 2004 Dept. of Philosophy, G. U., ) Professional Membership: Name of Organization Indian Council of Philosophical Research Congress Life Member/Annual Life member Life member

5 11) Other Activity: Sr. No. Details 1. Recipient of Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund Award, Teen Murti House for securing the 1 st class 1 st rank in B. A. (Philosophy Major) held by G. U. during the year One of the members of the editorial Board of Text Book Committee of Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. 3. One of the members of the committee of courses, G. U. Life member of the Rajyoga Research and Education Centre, Brahmakumaris, International Organization. 4. Published a number of philosophical articles in local news papers and Assamese journals like Gariyosi etc.