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4 OXONII Exculiebat Horatius Hart, A.M. TJ'pographus academicus

5 IN DE X. A. A. Owner in 1642 of A., M. Inscriptio Germ., mutila, in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Lubecm, 1612, A., S. Letter to H. Gandy, with reply (1714), A., Th. Discourse concerning divorce, addressed to marq. of Winchester, ABBADIE, Pierre, French pastor. Lethe du synode de Charenton it messrs. de Geneve; 1631 (two copies), , 169. Lettre au Roi (orig.), ib ABBEYS: v. Monasteria. ABBOT, George, archbp. of Canterbury: v. Porter, Geo. Epistola ad Cyrillum, patr. Alexandr., 47. S. Opinion on the case of the divorce of the earl of Essex, 1613, Speech to James I against toleration for R. Catholics; 17 July, 1623,853. 2; b ; Speech, as spokesman for Parl., to the King about the Palatinate and the Spanish match, 6 March, 162~, Two letters to Tho. James (copies), b, SOh. Signature, b Versus D. Featley in effigiem ejus, 47. I2b. Letters to him from Featley (copies), ib. 41, 42a,b, sob. Letter [to him?] frqm Dr. John Bastwick, I. ABBOT, Robert, bishop of Salisbury. Prmfatio D. Featley in ejus Cygnceam Cantionem, 47. lob. Letters to him from Featley, ib. 391>, 40, 41 b, 165. ABBOT'S ASTON, Bucks. Grant of the right of the next presentation to Tho. Geeres, [c. 1621], ABBOT'S LEIGH, Somerset. Epitaphs of J. Trenchard and Sir G. Norton, ,93. ABBOTT, John, M.A., Hart hall, Oxf. Miscell. note-book, 954. ABBOTT, Robert. Signature; 1653,888. I. ABDY, Antony, alderman of London. Letter to a nobleman enquiring for news from Scotland, with reply [1639; copies], 11. 3b, 4b VOL. II. ABDY, John. Signature, Notice of a maltster named Hodgkins or Potkins, 1697, b. Libel' [geoman ticus] Arnaldi scientim, transl. aplatone Tiburt., ABDY, Sir Thomas. Journal of travels in France and Italy, ; and miscell. ABIZARCH, Alpharinus. notes, Fr., ABELL, Joseph, Linc. and Merton coil., Oxf., rector of Farley, Surrey. Two ABOUT, Isaac, Middelburgh. Inscriptio Ital. in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; letters; 1718, , 3S. Possessor of art. 41 in 809. Troia, 8 Jan., 1621, Signature, ABRAM, Giov. Batta d', Chaldee: v. Rossi, A. ABELL,William. Signature; 1671, ABULPHARAGIUS. Two leaves of the ABELLIN, Samuel, merchant, Bristol: v. printer's copy of Pococke's trans!. of Jardeau, Dav. the Hist. Dynast., ABENyUFIAN, Alij. Almallf;:or, Vida del Rey Jac. ABUSES: v. Anglia. ACADEMLE: v. Windsor, Miles. ABENDANA, R. Mention of a proposed sale of MSS. by him and his brother to ACAPULCO. Rough sketches of town Pocock, 166S, and harbour, from the sea, , 43. ABEN-EzRA, Abraham. Commentarius ACCA, S., episc. Hagustaldensis. Oratio in Ecclesiasten; Lat. per S. ab Amama, ad eum, 894. So. 1616, ACCORAMBONI, Vittoria. Relazione della sua morte, ABERDEEN: v. Strachan, James. Excerpta e martyrologio eccl. Aberdonensis, Account-book of interest paid for loans; ACCOUNTS: v. Household Accounts , 991. ii. ABERGAVENNY. Description of St. Mary's church, ACESTORIDES. Nota brevis de eo, 323. I. ABINGDON: v. Beckett, Will.; Harcourt, Simon, earl. Abbatia: v. Rowlond, -. Two grants to the last abbot, Warrants for supply of powder &c. to the garrison and camp, , 395. II, 31. Notes of a few deaths, and of the making a new churchyard, 1656, Notes on the charter and the right to take tolls, Queries about the free school, ib. 22. Ordinances for it, ib. 23. Queries touching the Hosp., with replies, S. Letters patent of Edw. VI for Hosp., 1553 (copy), 384. II. Statutes for the Hosp., 155S, Proposal by bp. Fell to annex the chaplaincy of the Hosp. to the vicarage, Particulars of the revenue of St. Helen's vic!l,rage, Coat of arms in Mr. Beesley's house, ACHE EN, Sumatra. Outline, ACIDALIUS, Valens. French transl. by P. Lorrain of his Mulieres non homines, 421. ACLE, Norfolk. Order for the making a rate for repair of the church; c. 1604, 108S 38b. ACLYF, John. Application on his behalf from K. of Engl. to K. of France (fragm. of copy), ACTON, Middlesex. Valuation of the parish, 1646,1649,715.5, for monthly assessment. Dec. 1653, ib. 1. Mem. of payments there in , ib.210. Epitaphs,and extracts from registers, ACTON, Edward, curate of Shalden, Hants. Certificate of his conformity; 1750, ACTON, James, proctor in the Vice-Chanc" Court, Oxford. His bill for defending T. Hearne in 1718, Mm

6 528 INDEX IN OA.TAL. CODD. ACTON, Oliver, Bridewell Hosp.: ii. Butler, John. Nutt, Joseph. Comyns, John. Peck, John. Cooke, Sam. Sanders, Will Harrold, Capt. Some, Benj. Hyde, Fred. Taylor, John. Letter to Dr. Rawlinson; 1742, Catalogue of his library, by himself, 716. Papers relating to the Bridewell property at Wapping, ' List of charitable gifts payable to Bridewell Hosp., ib Power of attorney to him from the governors of the London hospitals; 1728, Possessor of 414, 708, ' AQUNA, Spanish family. Casa de AQunas, ADMIRALTY. senores de Valencia, duques y condes, ACUNA, Diego, governor of Guatemala. 584 dedicated to him. ADAIR, P. Signature~ ADAMS, Samuel, M.D., Magd. coil, Oxf. Epitaph in the college chapel; 1711, b ADAMSON, Charles. Letter to L. Howell; 1716, ADAMSON, Patrick, archbp. of St. Andrew's. Responsum ad propositiones ministrorum Scotire ad regem [J ac. VI], b ADAMUS, Tho~as Ludolfus, Heidelb. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Fred. Lossii; 1615, ADDA, sive Abdua, Ferdinandus d', cardinalis. Felsina e Roma; dial. per musica nella venuta degli cardd. d' Adda e Barberino, ADDAMS, Elizabeth, Bishopsgate Street, London, 1638, Sb. ADDAMS, Mary, West Smithfield, London, 1638, ADDERBURY, Oxon. 14-1Sb Epitaphs, ADDERLEY, Sir Charles, fl. Wright, Rob. ADDERLEY, Robert, M.A., All Souls coli. Notes of a sermon by him at St. Mary's, Oxf., 24 (23?] Dec. 17II, ADDISON, Anthony, fellow of Queen's coli., Oxf. Application on his behalf for a living; 1683, ADDISON, Dorothy, widow of lieut. Anthony, Bedale, Yorkshire. Power of attorney for receipt of arrears of pay, with seal of arms; 1711, ADDISON, Joseph. Letter to him from Dr. J. Morrice, 1713, Possessor of D. 610, and of the other foreign MSS. from the collection of Somers and Jekyll among Rawlinson's MSS. ADDISON, Lancelot, Magd. coil., Oxf., dean of Lichfield. Part of a Latin account, possibly by him, of the proceedings against Magd. coil. in i687 (copy), 91~ Letter from him and the Chapter of Lichfield to E. Ashmole; 1688, ADEN, Arabia. Sketch, as seen from the sea, List of State Papers, cent. xvi, xvii, S14. 19, 42. List of twenty-six documents, , ADVENT, Cornwall. Notes on the parish, ADVERSARIA: fl. Loci Communes. ADVICE: fl. Nelson, Rob; Stanley, Will. "Ten precepts" from a father to his son Robert; unfinished, ADAMS, Fitzherbert, D.D., rector of Lincoln coil. Signature, ADAMS, John, Ely. Notes (from a book of his) about bishops and deans of Ely and their monuments, L24b. ADAMS, Richard. Verses on past and pre ADY, Thomas. Petition to Charles II for prohibition of exportation of coin, ls.21. sent Christmas-keeping by the Chapter ADYE, Edward, M.D. Two letters to him of Windsor; c. 1630, from Dr. John Bastwick, , 8. ADYN, Robert: fl. Williams, Margerie. }EGIDIUS CORBEIENSIS. Versus de urinis, cum commento, &c., 122L ELFREDUS MAGNUS, REX ANGLI.IE: 1). Hearne, Tho. Spelman, Sir John. Hickes, Geo. 2EL1!'RIC. Notes out of his Easter sermon, Ilb 2ENIGMATA, carmine, , 167. }Esopus. Fahulre 67 a M. Maittaire e quodam cod. trallscriptre, cum leott. var., Life, b. Phrases out ouhe Fables, II r. 2ETHICUS ISTER. Nota brevis de eo, 323. I. 2ETHIOPES. Excerpta ex' Ant. Arnaldo aliisque de canone Al]thiopum in Missa, ETNA. Lines on the volcano; Lat., AFRICA. Questions about the African trade, Outline map of a part, AFRICAN COMPANY. Letter to the court of assistants from a dismissed agent at Cape Coast Castle; 1742 (draft), AGANAUT, Simon, Prutenus. de magia veterum, Arbatel; AGLIONBY, -, Leicester abbey. Letter to T. Hobbes; 1629 (copy), AGNOLO DE LA CHAUSSE, Michel. Two letters respecting a pillar at Rome; transl. from Ital. by Rawlinson, ,88. AGOSTINO, Antonio: 1). Julius III, papa. AGRICOLA, Georgius. Transl. of books ix-xi of his treatise De re Metallica, 246. AHMED, Arabsias. Historia Tamerlanis ; Latine a Lud. Du. Four, 298. AILESBURY, Earl of: 1). Bruce. AILMER, John, fellow of Jesus coil, Cambro Signature, Alx. Short notice, AKELEY, Bucks. List of rectors, from B. Willis' collections, ALABASTER, Gulielmus, S.T.P., e coil. Trin., Cantabr. Elisreis; poema de rebus gestis Reg. Elizab.; lib. 1, Epigrammata, ; Verses, Lat.-Eng., on the mutual interconversion of the brothers John and Th. Rainolds, ALAN, R.: 1). Matthew, Tob. ALBANI, Francesco. List of some pictures at Bologna by the Caracci and others, in his handwriting; 1651, Two pictures by him bought for lord Somers in 1715,1162. i l, 19. ALBAN'S, St., Herts. Sale to Sir W. Smyth of the tithes &c. of St. Michael's; 1613, Epitaph on G. Grimston in St. Michael's church, Abbey. Copy ofa deed, 1435,404.[134.] Notes by Bagford on printing there, 375. I; Owner of 858. ALBEMARLE, duke and duchess of: 1). Monck. ALBERGATI, Ant., vesco di Biseglia. Instructions to him as papal collector in Portugal, 1622; Ital., ; ; ALBERl'US, Fr., ord. Prood.: fl. Socius. ALBINUS, Hadr., sifle Candidus, q. fl. ALBRICIUS, Aloysius: 1). Petrucci us, Hieron. ALBUMAZAR. Flores ejus, Mention of' Po cocke's acquiring some leaves of a MS., ALBUQUERQUE, duque de: 1). Cueva, De lao ALBURGH, Norfolk. Articles against Stephen Hurry, rector; 1644, ALBURY, Surrey. Rectors, , b. ALBUTIUS, Paulus. Epist. ad Jesuitas, ALBY, Norfolk. Articles against Rich. Plummer, rector; 1644, ALCARICIUS, aliter Alkabucius. Citatus, ALCANTARA. Rejoicings ordered in London on the news of its capture; 1706,

7 ALCESTER, Warwickshire. Bond for preservation of the Bray parochial library there; 1712, ALDENHAM, Herts. Precept for an assessment for repair of Ware and Wadesmill bridges; 1595, Particular of the manor and rectory; 1671,658.7b Mortgage from Henry lord Falkland; 20 Jac. I, ib. 24. Licence of alienation; 20 June, 18 Car. I, ib. 42b. ALDERTON, Marian, Stepney, 1637, ,90b ALDHELMUS, S., episc. Shirburn. Epistola ad Eahfridum; e cod. Digb., cum lectt. var., manu Usserii, 280. * 49Lso. ALDOBRANDINI, Pietro. Instruttione per la levata in Germania d'un regimento de fanti, 1621, ; ALDRICH, Henry, dean of Ch. Ch. Protest against the removal of the prrelector of moral philosophy; 1698, Signature to another protest, ib. 16S. Signature; 169S, Oratio in laudem ejus, ALDRICH, John, senior, alderman of N orwich. Inq. p. m. lob. 24 Aug. 1583]; imperj., t ALDRICH, John, junior. Inq. p. m. 31 Aug. IS87. with will, ALDRIDGE, Family of, Berks. Short pedigree of branch at Charlton, 1664, signed by Tho. Aldridge, b - of branch at Windsor, signed by Sam. Aldridge, ib. 91. ALDRIDG:&,William. Epitaph (aged lis) in Acton churchyard; 1698, b RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 529 ALDUS, William, rector of Copdock, q.v. ALDWORTH, family of, Wantage, Berks. Short pedigree, 1664, signed by Tho. ALCHEMICA: fl. Aldworth, Arms, in trick, B., F. Lully, Raym. attested as entered in 1623, ib. 236b Bloomfield, Will. Lussher, Nich. ALDWORTH, Charles, D.C.L. His case De alchemio., V~rsus Merlini, respecting- the endowment of Camden's his death; 1691, ib.68. ReadershIp of Anc. Hist. (copy), 742. Fragmentum narration is cujusdam de ALINGTON, Giles, Horseheath, Cambro 26. confectione elixir philosophorum, Two letters to Hildebr., lord Alington ; ALEFOUNDER, Robert, B.D., fellow of , 861. $4, 66. Fragments of Thesaurus philosophorum; Engl., Eman. coil., Cambr.: fl. Holbech, Tho. two letters to him [from lord Alington?], ib. 62, ALEGRE TTl, Capt. Franc. Instructions Twenty-three receipts, b for him with regard to the fortress of ALINGTON, Hildebrand, fifth and last Ten rhyming lines, Clissa, C. IS94; Ital., baron: fl. " The philosophical and physical ALE-HOUSES. Orders of Privy Council Alington, Eliz. Le Fevre, -. wilderness"; an alchemical romance; for their regulation, 1608, Alington, Giles. Maitland, Eliz. 1659,310. Alington,Marm. Mesn[ ard 1]. -. Chaos; a poem, I. Poem on ALEPPO. Ledger of an English merchant Alington, Will. Mordaunt, J. transmutation [by Rich. Carpenter], in , Berard, -. Newmarket. ib. 5.' Treatise of the elixir, ib. 8. Plague there in 1686, in Cholmondeley, Palmer, Ralph. Catal.libb. MSS super rebus alchemicis; 1692, ib. 24. Loyal address from the A. Raidegg, Ch. von. srec. xvi, English there to James II on his Conan, Fr. Rasigade. Alex. Lists by Ashmole of some books, 864. accession, ib. 9S. Cunliffe, Ellis. Rooth, Rich. 213, 22S, 231. ALESSANDRI, Vicenzo de lit Relatione ErnIe, Sir John. Seymour, Chas. French poem entit. "Songe philosophique du grand reuvre," ALEXANDER III, Papa. Bulla contra di Persia, Green,.Tohn. Vandersteghend'Hol- Jacob, Hildebr. lengnoul, -. <Euvre des sages; trad. de Gr. et Lat., Petrum [Lombardum], episc. Paris., e Jacob, John Varia; Gallice, ib. 44-Il2. cod. Bodl. 655, List of the soldiers in his company of foot; 1667, Draft of a ALCOCK, William, rector of Brettenham, ALEXANDER VI, Papa. Latin verses, q.v. with Engl. trans!., against him, 853. ALCOCKE, Thomas. Signature; r6ii, 178b-9. Extracts, &c. relating to him, , IISb. ALEXANDER VII, Papa. Genealogical tree proving his affinity to Sultan Achmet of Turkey, ALEXANDER VIII, Papa: 11. Augustiniani. ALEXANDER, -. Note of two MSS. in his possession; 1720, ALEXANDER, John. Transcribed art. 2 in ALEXANDRIA. Fragmentum dissert. de academia olim ibi fiorente, ALEYN, Sir Thomas, knt., lord mayor of London. Signature; 1660, ALFOLD, Surrey. Note about the living, Note that the register commenced at ISS5, b ALGEBRA: v. H., G. Traite d'algebra; en trois livres, 412. ALGIERS: 11. Carolus II, Magn. Brit. Rex; Jacobus II. ALIENATIONS. Vindication of the lately erected office for compositions for alienations; [c. 1600], ALINGTON, Capt. Argenton. Notice of him and of his death in an engagement with Algerine corsairs; 1670, 861. S. 6,10. ALINGTON, Diana, third wife of William third baron: 11. Gorges, Rich. Two letters, ,20. Rents assigned to her [?] for her jointure, ib. 83. ALINGTON, Elizabeth, wife of William first Irish baron. Two letters to her son Hildebrand; 1670, , 10. ALINGTON, George. Penance for fornication commuted for a money payment; 1620, ALINGTON, Giles. Signature; (early in cent. xvii), ALINGTON, Giles, fourth baron. Notice of letter to his brother William, from Copenhagen; 1669, ib. 78. ALINGTON, Marmaduke, Lincoln's Inll. Letter to Hildebr. lord Alington; 1702, ALINGTON, William, third Irish and first English baron. Six letters to his brother Hildebrand, , , 28. Draft of a will in 1672, ib.16. An Italian reading book, compiled for him at Rome in 16S2, 445. Art. 36 in 922. sent to him. ALLARDICE, James. Petition to Charles II for employment in cleaning and varnishing his pictures, ALLATIUS, Leo. Instruttione per an dare in Germania per servitio di Papa Greg. XV, 1622, ; ALLDAG, John, Hamburg. His case and offence, 1698 (transl.), ALLEGIANCE: fl. Browne, Tho. Extracts from R. C. writers, , as to their teaching on allegiance to heretic princes, 85~. II I. Two papers in a Scottish hand; one reconciling allegiance to a king de jure with that to a king de facto; the other on the contrary.side, S, 222. Resolution of case of conscience concerning allegiance to a prince ejected by force (copy of a tract printed in 1650), Two discourses on two pleas for setting aside the obligation of allegiance, Papers by Non-jurors on the oath of allegiance, Fragmentary notes on the oath, A book written on the oath of allegiance by Edw. Courtenay, q. fl. Mm2

8 530 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. ALLEN, Edmund, Wootton, Bedfordshire. Lines in praise of O. Palmer and his bell-ringing society at Bedford; 1655, 886.6b. ALLEN, Edward, Dulwich. Mentioned, ALLEN, Edward, Putney. Note to sir T. Rawlinson; 1706, ALLEN, John, archd. of Chester: v. Dodwell, Hen. ALLEN, Thomas, M.A., Glouc. hall, Oxf. : v. James, Tho. Signature, Possedit S. Cuthberti Evang. S. Joh * 41 b. Notlll Usserii de aliis codd. Allenianis, ib. *49b, SSb. Possedit 351. ALLEN, Thomas, rector of Dodington, Kent. Eight letters to him from Hearne; 171<rll, b; , 22b, 43b ALLEN, William, cardinal. Extracts from his Defence of Engl. Catholiques,172. I I2b. --from his letter to sir Will. Stanley, from his Admonition, ib Notice of his Resolutiones quorundam casuum nationis Angl., ib ALLEN, William, i. e. S. Titus, q. v. ALLEN, William. Signature; 1676, ALLERMOOR, Somerset. Survey by R. Scudamore, T. Jenyn, and S. Harvey; 1577,706.. ALLESTREE, Charles, M.A., Ch. Ch., Oxf.. Prologue and epilogue in the Theatre at Oxford in ALLESTREE, or Allestry, Richard, D.D. canon ofch. Ch. Letter to dea.n Granville of Durham j 1680, Reply to a question about cathedral prayers; 1682 (copy), Signature (" Allestrei"); 1678,822. IS. Engraved portrait; '~D. Loggan delin." b ALLESTREE,William. Letter, as secretary to the compo of English Merchants at Hamburg, to sir P. Wyche; 1686, ALLESTRY, Mary Signature; 1681, ALLIACO, Petrus de. Recommendatio Sacrre Scripturre j et alia opuscula, ab9.645 [Sermo in concil. Constant. olim in 339. cod. SIllC. xvii, exstabat.] ALTING, Henrieus. ALLIN, Sir Thomas, S'omerby, bart.: v. Garnyes, Th. ALLISON, John, M.A., rector of Kingston, Cambro Signature; 1673, ALLIX, Peter, D.D. Preface to his Rejlwions sur l'anc. Test., with licence for publication in England; 1687, Fr., 780.,. First three pages of MS. copy of his Discourse concerning the merit of good works, with licence for press; 1688, MS. title and printed first sheet of his Rejlexions upon. Holy Script., with licence for press; 168&, ALMANAC: V. Kalendaria.. ALMANSOR, the Caliph: V. Aben~ufian, AI. Account of him, ~<\.LMERS, Johannes, Bremensis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 9 Aug. 1619, ALPHABETUM: V. Paynter, Edw. Hebr. et Grlllc., I. Engraved ornamental alphabet, ob. ALPHEN, Hier. van. Observationes in ejus 1nquisit. usus accentuum Hebr.; manu cujusdam M. N., 276. I. ALRESFORD, Hampshire, Certificate of Heylin's compounding for the firstfruits; 1633, Valuation, from Valor Eccl. of 15 Edw. III, ib. 98b. Terrier of the rectory; [16361, ib Claim of the rector to trees from the bp. of Winchester's woods, ib. looh, 101. Counsel's opinion about a tax payable by the tenants of the titles, ib Order from the king for collection of the tithes, &c., 1643, ib Copies by Rawlinson of an epitaph and of an inscription about the erection of seats in 1700, ALSOP, Anthony, M.A., Ch. Ch. Notes of two sermons by him at St. Mary's, Oxf., IS Apr. and 28 Dec., 1711, \ 137 List of five duplicates bought by him from the Bodleian, with prices, 732. lob. ALSOP, Vincent: V. Jacobus II. A reply to his tract entitled The mi.schiefojimpositions; imperf., ALSTON, Charles, chapl. to Bp. of London. Signature; 1678, ; , b, 17, 36b, 68, 69, 83b, 1I3b, I87b, 188b ALTHAM, rev. Michael, Latton, Essex. Letter to Laur. Howell; 1690, ALTHAM, Roger, archd. of Middlesex. Letter to L. Howell; 1717, 842. II (see also 14). Letterto his father, M. Altham; 1690, ih. 32. Protests by several persons against his removal by Convocation at Oxf. from the prllliectorship of moral phil., and account of the proceedings m Convoc.; 16g8, Lat., Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Haglll, 24 Maii, 1623, ALTON, Hampshire. Copies by R. and T. Rawlinson of epitaphs, , 81, Note of bullet-holes in the church-door, ih. losb. ALVA, or Alba, Spanish family. Casa de }08 duques d'alba, Toledo, Sb ALVA, Ant. Alvarez de Toledo, dl1ca d'. Signature; 1626, ALVA, Fernando, duque d': 1). Nero,D. del. Letter to pope Paul IV; Naples, 21 Aug. 1556; Span. (copy), 582. II. Tregua collo Papa Paolo IV in Roma IS56, b. Instruttione al conte di S. Valentino mandato a Paolo IV, a nome di Re Filippo, 1556, ib.6c6. ALVAREZ, Spanish family. La casa del conde de Oropesa [Franc. Alvarez], 1535, Sb, ALVEANUS, Bartholomlllus. Emblema ac notitia de eo, ALVERNUS, Gulielmus, Parisiensis. Excerpta ex eo de rhetorica divina et de universo, ", 79b ALVEY, Eldard, D.D., vicar of Newcastle. His sufferings in , AL URED, Thomas. Letter against the Spanish match, 181; ALYEs, Nathaniel. Signature, AMALTHlEUS, C. Pau., poeta laureatus. Epicedium in obitu Fred. III. imp., ad Maxim., imp. designatum, 297. AMAMA, Sixtinus abo Versio Latina comment. Abr. Aben-Ezra in Eccles., AMAYA, Spanish family. Origen y descendencia, de la casa y apellid de los de Amaya y Teine, AMBASSADORS: 1). Fmncia; Rawlinson, Rich. De legationibus tract. brevis, Lists of State Papers about ambassadors; cent. xvi, xvii, , List of English ambassadors and a~ents abroad, , ib LIst of some English ambassadors, t. Eliz.-Car. I, "Scrittura perambasciatori de principi"; an Ital. treatise on the opening of negotiations, &c., "Recordi per ambasciatori," ib "Cose che si dee osservar quando si fa la relatione d'un paese," ib AMBLER, Thomas, vicar of Wenhaston, q.v. AMBRA, Cav. d', Firenze: V. Magalotti, L. AMBROSIUS, S. Spuria: V. Meditationes. AMERICA, North: t'. Boston. New England. Canada. Newfoundland. Carolina. New Hampshire. Dunton, John. New York. Georgia. Poyntz, John. Maryland. Rhode Island. Nassau. Virginia. Plantations: V. Navy. List of governors and clergymen in the plantations and W. Indies to whom letters from the bp. of Londolj. were sent 14 Aug. 1735, ' Coast-map, 1724, Journal du voyage de la freff. L'Aurore a la Louisiane, 1720 (WIth plans), Manier et meurs des sauvages, ib. 81.

9 AMERICA, South: 1). Chili. Guayaguil. Paraguay. Peru. Rio de la Plata. Sailing directions to and from places in S. America and Spain; Span., 586. Fragment of a discourse on the New World, in which it is suggested that the Devil may have colonized Peru and Mexico, I. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 631 ANDERSONE, Gilbert, a quack doctor. Printed advertisement, ANDERTON, James, rector of Boxford, Berks. Signature; 1678,822. (60),64. ANDERTON, Thomas, son of Thomas, Northumberland. Petition to Charles II for recovery of lands, b ANDERTON, William. Dying speech; 1693, AMERSHAM, Bucks. Presentation and admission of John Phillips to the ANDEVYR, William, a monk of Battle rectory; 1658, abbey. Licensed by the pope to hold a benefice; 1484, AMES, Joseph. Remarks on a stone with a Hebrew inscription found in London Wall; 1753, AMESBURY, al. AMBRESBURY, Wilts. Epitaphs, copied by Rawlinson, ANDRADA, Spanish family, of Castile. De los Andrados de Castilla, de Bcendientes de Fernan Perez de Andrada por linea de Juan <Freyre de Andrada au hijo, AMIENS. Account of its capture, 1597, ANDREW, Roger. Letter to J. Rowe; Aug. 1688, AMM (?), Edw., "Juelli alumnus." Precatio metrica contra Missam, ANDREWES,Lancelot, bp.ofwinch. Notes of sermons preached at St. Giles AMOR: 1). Love. Cripplegate in 1594, on the 6th and AMOY: v. China. 7th Commandments, Account of the island, 1703, Ash-Wedn. sermons, iv-vi, Letter to Dr. Parry on Hooker's death; AMPTHILL, Bedfordshire. Pay-books for 7 Nov (copy), building-work done on the king's manor Devotions for Good Friday, collected , ; ; 760. out of one of his sermons by Mrs Eliz. Delaval, A few AMSTELODAMUM, AMSTERDAM. Libri notes out of his sermons, (cod. MSS. quidam in bibl., b. verso), 33. Hist. of the insurrection there in 1695, Extracts from his Preces, with trans! in verse, ". A newspaper in French entitled Am8terdam; no. 103, 1723, Extracts from his Tortu1'a Torti, 986. Note of a MS. of his Form for consecrating churches, S0b. AMULCO, Marco Ant., card. Art 8 in 608 addressed to him in Signature (" Launcelottus Androwes," AMYE, -. Signature; 1577, &c.) while at Pembroke Hall, Cambr., Letter to him, cent. xvii (copy), Ft., II b ANDREWES, Roger, B.D. Advice to Q. AMYRAUT, Moise, pasteur et prof. a. Elizabeth, Saumur. Signature; 1633, b ANDREW'S. St., Fifeshire : v. Hovreus, Rob. ANABAPTISTS: 1). Geree, John. Epit,aph on archbp. Sharp in the parish Minute-book of a congregation in church, 1679, London, , 828. ANDREWS, Benjamin, Magd. hall, Oxf. ANACREON. Carmina, cum verso Lat., 230. Notes on mechanics, &c., ANATOMIA: v. Cheselden, Will.; Mundinus, Mund. respecting fellowships at Jesus coil., ANDREWS, J., Doctors' Commons. Opinion Oratio anatomica in coli. Chirurgorum Oxf:, 1746 (copy), Lond., ANDREWS, John, churchwarden of St. An ore ductus aer subit cor; neg., 908. Giles', Oxford. 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10 532. INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Versus de rebus variis tempp. Jac. I et Car. II, The Brute Chronicle; in French, Sho'rt French Chron. to 1296, Annals, , with miscell. collections, Notes of early historians, ib. (cod. verso) 1. Chron. notes of English history, ,6. ~'ragments of a short Engl. chronicle to 1516,1020. Extract from a MS. chron. in continuation of Harding, " God's motives to repentance" ; part III; a chronicle from the Conq. to death of Hen. VIII, 131. Notes on the kings, to Chas. II, Note of number of churches, towns, knights' fees, &c., Assessment of a tax upon the shires in 1371, Draft for the treaty made at Chateau Cambresis with France; 1530; Lat., Letter from the Privy Council to the Council of the North for garrisoning Haddington r I 548] ; (copy), b From the Council on the reasons for a subsidy; 22 March, 1548, ib. 32 (copy). From the Protector and Council to the people of Scotland; 1548 (copy), ib. 76b The Council to the governor of Calais; 1551 (copy), ib. 83. 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Petition from the" distressed commons of long afflicted England" to the " ChIef Chancellor of Heaven"; in verse; temp. Jac. I, God help the poor: (on reforms with regard to prices, &c. needed, temp. Jac. Il, Catalogue of the nobility. State office~ and officers; royal household and houses; harbours, &c. in 1616; by H. Gartonn, 696. Commission and Instructions for the Council of the Nortl!; 1619, , 12. Ports in England, with the security taken of the customs officers in each, Prognostications for 1623, Ships, and their charge, levied on the various counties; t. Jac. aut Car. I, Forms of royal grants and letters on all subjects; tempp. Jac. I, Car. I, List of some grants, sales and leases of crown lands (temp. Car. I?), 899. I2lb. Copies of instructions, &c. respecting the levies of money in 1626 for the war, Diary, 27 Mar '18 Nov of proceedings at Court, in Courts of Justice, &c. (copy), 392 ad calc. 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"An old prophecy" applied to the Civil War [" a battaile amongst the Bees"], ; Order for payment to the Commonwealth of rents due to the Crown and Royal Family; 13 Sept (copy), Satirical questions conc. the Puritans, the ParI. and the Scots, Impropriations conveyed by compounders at Goldsmiths' Hall, h List of some of the clergy who subscribed the Solemn League and Covenant, Ministers and lawyers who signed in the Engagement enjoined by ParI. I I Oct (mutilated), 711; , 172. Entry-book of some episcopal lands leased out by the sequestrators in ,991. i. Valuations of delinquents' estates in 1651; chiefly in Lancashire and Lincolnshire, 802. List of ambassadors and agents abroad; ,' Lines on the English and Dutch Heets; temp. Cromwell, b. Abstracts of Crown grants; Jan.-Aug. 1661, Catalogue by Ash mole of sqme of the Crown jewels, &c., Notice of the Yorkshire plot in 1663, Chronol. notes of history, , Notes of a few remarkable occurrences, , , 43. Narrative of the Dutch war from Oct to Aug. 1667, Losses sustained by the people of the Isle of Graine through the Dutch invasion in 1667, Four lines in verse on the state of the country in 1670, set to music, Advice to a painter how to draw the en!jllogement of 11 Aug. 1673; [in imitation of Waller's poem in 1665], Index to a volume of forms of warrants for Crown offices, &c.; latter part of 17th cent., Fee-farm rents granted or sold by the. Crown in , 790. A friend to Cwsar [by S. Pepys?], " The heroe "; sat.iricallines on some of the EngliRh generals, &c. in the reign of Charles II, News-letters from London of 27 Nov. 1688, Fragment of an account of steps taken to guard the Tower (where - Shelton was lieutenant) and Whitehall, on K. James' flight in 1688, II. Declarations of' the P. of Orange in Oct. 1688; and proceedings at the meetings at St.. James', 26-7 Dec., 691. Proceedings of the Prince, Convention and Parliament, Nov May 1689, IJetter about proceedings at the Convention, and queries about the same, , 10. Reasons of the dissenting lords against the bill of abjuration; 1689, Title of The memorial of the Malcontents considered; with licence for press, 1689, Title of a tract, The advantages of the present Settlement, with licence for press, 1689, A psalm of thanksgiving for our late deliverance, with licence for press, 1689, , 143, 144. Tract in favour of making the P. of Orange custos regni; 1689, " A song on the present time"; [1689], " Title of A new hist01y of the succession of the crown of Engl., with licence for press, 1690, Copies of accounts, Fr. and Engl., of the battle off Beachy Head, June July, 1690, , 117; Observations by the commissioners for public accounts; 1690, 9:21, 124b. State of the revenue, , with the chargts on it for pensions, &c., 1073

11 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 533 National debt,169s, b Quotas furnished by the allies for the war, in 1696, ib Payments for civil affairs, , ib. 129b. Abstract of accounts of imports and exports, , Letter on hopes and fears at the prospect of a general peace in 1697; by a non-juror, A prophecy: "When a knight of the north shall be lopt in axe-yard," &c., "A song," on the taxes, temp. Will. III, ib. 211b. Another on the same, ib Proposal for a general act of indemnity; temp. Will. III, Texts from H. Scripture addressed to the archbishop of Canterbury and eight peers; end of 17th cent., Classified lists of State Papers of 16th and 17th centuries, 814. Catalogue of some pamphlets relating to the period of the Revolu tion, , " A lampoon; 1701," "A satyr on the present tymes, 1702; the Golden Age retreiv'd, or the 4th eclogue of Virgil," The golden age reversed; [a satire, in verse, on the Whig statesmen t. Q. Anne],986. II. Printed list of 44 En~lish ladies with French names as ShIPS of war: "La Hote triomphante," 1703, 377. Mention of an Ital. transl. of a book entitled F:ngland's interest mistaken in the present war; 1704, b. List of treaties made in 1713, Account of the revenue of excise; tempp. Will. III-Anne, Gross and neat revenue from excise, malt, candles, hops, soap &c., wire and starch, , ib Insurrection in 1715: 1). Clarke, Peter. Jacobite prisoners in Newgate in 1716: 1). Smith, Carl. PopUlation, houses, value of land, in 1717, List of Popish recusants; temp. Geo. I, 387,388. Estimate for the land and sea service; 1721, 1727 and 1729, b, 73b Revenue for 1728 and 1729, ib.67b Number of people who keep coaches, 1730, ib. 72. Common place book of notes and extracts on English history, to 1736, '1085. Account-books of fees in office of Secr. of State, July, 1736-May, 1743, 50. Prospectus of a pamphlet respecting "the late money-loan of 3,000,000"; temp. Geo. II, Advice for writers of English history, 1. Projects for discovery of abuses in Courts, officers, merchants and tradesmen, 14. Treatise on the independence of "the imperial crown of England," and the divine right of the English sovereigns, 389. Trea,tise of the interest of the kings in their dispensing power, [touching grants and resumptions; by Sir M. Hale?], Scheme for a collection of histories relating to G. Britain and Ireland, , 64. Alphabetical catalogue of the gentry ; with arms: letters A, B; cent. xvii, 692.2II. List of some of the Lord Treasurers, b. " LE:ttre de... missionnaire apostolique en Angleterre it M. Fore, doct. de Sorbonne," on the little progress made by Romanism in Engl.; temp. J ac. II, "Les reigles de la langue Angloise," " Relatione dell'isola e regno d'inghilterra"; (imperf,), 172. ~8. Short description, ltal., 589. u b Ecclesia Anglicana: v. Arminianism. Impropriations. Articuli. Jus Eccles. Crerimonire. Lincoln. Canterbury. Liturgia. Consecration, London; Dioc. Forms of. Non-Conformists. Episcopi. Preces; BookojC.P. Goodale, John. T., N. Hill, Sam. Pars dedicationis libri cujusdam ad Ecclesiam, 1351, 285. Assent of kin~ and pari. in 1393 to a papal appomtment to the see of Llandaff, NoteR on the conversion and early eccl. hist. of England, by a Roman Catholic, temp. Eliz., 172, 90. Notes on the origin of Christianity as not derived from Rome, Notes on the state of the Church as to its freedom in the time of Will. Conq., Readings on the article about the Church in Magna Charta, ib.7. List of public documents about heretics, , 376. IIO. In.iunctions of Edw. VI to the bishops, 155 1,692.17,18. Convocation of 1562 : see Articuli. Arguments proving that the reformed Church hath no agreement with the primitive Church of Christ, b, 130 A few historical notes about the Reformation, 857. II4. Copy of the Convocation signatures in 1571 in Selden's copy of the edit. of the 39 Articles in 1563, "-14. Bishops in 1572, with dates of consecration, &c., by A. Wood, II. Articles of enquiry from P. Council to the archb. of Cant., 30 Nov. 1583, with a petition from ministers in Kent, Injunctions for readers and preachers, Rules laid down in Doctors' Commons about rates for church repairs, 1594, i Report to Charles I on the tees of the Registrar of Faculties (copy), I0. Proposal for assignment of tithes due to the Crown for the better endowment of poor town-parishes; temp. Cat'. I, On the king's right to tithes of lands derelict, extraparochial, &c., temp. Car. I, ib. 83. Petition, &c. about London tithes; 1634, ilj Queries by clergy of dioc. Lond. about the oath in the 6th canon of 1640, A short review of the new oath, ib Notes of "a treatise conc. the new oath," ib Arguments against a bill for abolishing pluralities and non-residence; 1641, Sequestrations of ministers in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Suffolk and Norfolk in 1644, List of injunctions for prayers, and list of forms of prayer, , 376. IIO, III. Answers to "Mr. Lisle'ij queries"; as to the duty of all clergymen to observe the appointed ce:remonies, List of state papers on matters ecclesiastical ; universities, Canterbury, &c., , , 108. List of the king's chaplains about 1670, Notes of some violent speeches against the Church, 31 July, 1679, Letter from a student at the Inns of Court complaining of disregard of ritual conformity i temp. Car.II (copy), Short notes by A. Wood on some bishops and others in 17th cent., Minute-book of proceedings of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, , 365. On the comprehensive character of the Church; temp. Jac. II, On the power of our princes (as maintained by divines since the Reformation) to deprive the bishops and clergy, Message from Will. III to the Houses of Convocation, with their address to him 12 Dec. 1689, Satirical non-juring advertisement for the Ohurch's lost loyalty, Epitaph on the Church, whose sickness began in 1688 and ended in 1705; Engl.-Lat., , "The religious turncoat, or trimming parson"; a satire, ib. II 5. Proposals for a new Monasticon, by Laur. Howell, Comparative tables of augmented livings, 1735, 1395 ad calc. Papers relating to Q. Anne's Bounty; , , Counsel's opinion on the case of appointment as Chancellor of a diocese of one not duly qualified; 1738, Notes on pluralities, duties of clergymen, &c., ,

12 534 INDEX IN C.A.TAL. CODD. On the benefit of taking away temporalities from the clergy, Roya.lstyle of addressing letters to the archbishops Form of installing a dean and preb Letter about the forms on induction to a living, ib Satirical address to a village clergyman about his use of words not understood by the people, Peter-pence: v. DariuB, SHv. Pluralities: v. Saywell, Will. ANGOSCIOLA, conte Lodovico. Instructions on being sent by the Pope to the Prince of 'fransylvania j 1594, Ital., ANGUISH, Richard, rector of Starston, q. v. ANHALT. Inscriptio ltal., manu principis Christiani junioris, cum insignibus gentilitiis depictis, in alba amicorum Jac. Brisset; 1618, ANJOU, Duke of (1701), v. Philippus V, Hisp. Rex. ANNA, S. : v. Clagett, Will. ANNA, Regina, consors Jac. I. Verses on her coming to Oxford in 1617, ,69 Epigram on her death, ANNA, Magn. Brit. Regina: v. London, Guildhall. Signature, Portrait, engr. by Burghers, Lines to her on the death of the D. of Glouc., by A. Twyman; 1700, Medical report on her health, Satirical" case of conscience concerninga marriage," representingq.anne as a widow who has expelled her father from his estate, Epigrams relative to her, Verses laid on her dressing-table, Lines on the "newpromotions" made by her, ib. 89b Petition to her from a clergyman's widow, List of treaties made in 1713, Q. Anne's Bounty: v. Anglia, Eccl. Angl.; Londonderry. ANNESLEY, Family of, Notts. Notes of descent, ANNES LEY, Edward, keeper of the armouryat the Towel'. Warrant to him; 28 Oct. 1651, ANNESLEY, Elizabeth, wife of fourth earl of Anglesea: v. Buchanan, Charles. ANNES LEY, James, second earl of Anglesey. Notices of his courtship, desertion of lady Eliz. Livingston, and marriage to earl of Rutlands daughter; c. 1669, 78 5, 163-4, ANNESLEY, Samuel, pres. of the council at Surat: v. H., R. ANNESLY, Samuel,D.D.,London: v.dunton, John. Letter to Dr. Horneck (copy), 1685, b. ANSLEY, Bridget, servant to Q. Anne, wife of James I. Grant to her from James I of 300, b. ANSTEY, Christopher, D.D., St. John's CoIl., Cambro Transcribed art 2 in 803. ANSTIS, John, Garter. Two letters to Dr. Charlett; 1715 (copies), b, 29 Letter to bp. Tanner; 1724, Letter to Dr. Rawlinson; 1728, 902 ad init. Possessed the register of Trinity priory, London, Assisted S. Weale in his schemes for relief for widows and children of clergymen; 170i, AR.., Mons. Lettre it M. de Bethune, sur son changement de religion, Lettre it M. de Beaumont, ib. lib. " Replicque" it l'epitaphe par Card. Du Perron sur Ie Sr. Marion, ib. 13. Lettre a M. Du Perron, ib. ARABIAN NIGHTS' ENTERTAINMENTS, v. Tales. ARAGONES -, a notary at Seville. Sig. nature, b ARANGO, Antonio de, Mexico. Petition to the alcalde of Mexico for a pension, with testimonials; 1699, Span., 581. ANTHUN, DANIEL. Letter; 1703, 849. ARATOR. Extracts by Hearne from Hist Signature; 1716, Apost. [in Rawl. MS. C. 57 ], ANTICHRISTUS. Varia de antichristo, ARBUTHNOT, M. Signature; Frankfort, contra eccl. Romanam, b. 1595, Of the Antichrist [=Rome], ARCHIEPISCOPI: v. Canterbury ANTIMONIAL CUPS: fl. Medicina. ANTIPHONARIUM. Fragmenta, , 30-1,34-5 ANTIQUARIES, Society of. Copy of the charter designed for a Society of Antiquaries in 1626, 136. List of engravings, &c. pub1. by the Soc, Index of the Fellows to 1741, ib Catalogue of books designed to be given by R. Rawlinson, but the gift revoked in 1754, ib ANTIQUITIES. Notes and extracts on Greek and Roman, ANTONIUS, S., Patavinus. Two sermons in his praise; Ital., , 140. ANTONELLI, -, Venice. Letter to G. Como, 1725; Ital., ANTWERP. Description, 1706, , ARCHER, Edmund, D.D., archdeacon of Wells. Account of religious houses in dioc. Bath and Wells, Transcripts from the Wells registers, ib 384. Notes of a sermon by him at St. Mary's, Oxford, 19 Nov., 1711, Letter to Hearne; 1728, ARCHER, Elizabeth, widow of capt. Sampson, Strabane, Ireland. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 17IJ, ARCHER, sir Simon, knt., Tamworth, Warwickshire. Pedigree of Fetherstone drawn out by bim, (see 178\ 179) ARCHER, Thomas, junior, a Quaker. Satan's subtilty discovered; 1661, ARCHER, William and Rose. Epitaph in Description of a visit there; 1712,428. Stanmore church; , ApOCRYPHA: v. Biblia. ApOLLONIUS TYRIUS. Fragmenta duo ex historia de eo ApOPHTHEGMATA. Moral sayings, ApPIAN US. "Delle hist. de Romani il libro intit. Parthico; in \'1llgare," 496. ApPLEBY, Westmoreland. Notes for brief in a suit of Anne lady Clifford v. earl of Cumberland touching the manors of Appleby and Burgh j t. Car. I, ApPLEBY, Ambrose, master of Romaldkirk school, Yorkshire. Two letters to him, 1657, , 21. ApPLEBY, William. Rough pedigree by Hearne of the descendants of his daughters, AQUAVIVA, Claudius. Epistolal dual ad Soc. Jesu in Anglia; , , IlSb. AQUINAS, S. Thomas: v. Nevell, Thos. Suarez, Franc. Dispp. in qualstt partis tertial SummlE, ARCHERY. Phrases and sentences used in archery; Eng.-Lat., ARCHITECTURA. Architectural drawings by a French artist; SIEC. xvi. exeunt., I. --C. BIEC. xviii. ineunt., ib. 23 Drawings of ground-plans of houses, 710. Notes on ancient architecture; Fr., 437. (cod. verso) 2. ARCOS, duque de: V. Ponce de Leon. ARDEN, Edward. Declaration about bp. Cosin's pecuniary condition, ARDERN, Henry, M.A., vicar of Holy Trin., Cambro Signature; 1671, ARDERNE, James, minister of St. Botolph Aldgate, London. Signature; 1666, 796b 114 ARDINGHELLO, Nicolao, card.: V. Julius III, papa. Lettera al card. - (?) ; Melun, 30 Lugl. 1541, ARETINUS, Leonardus. Libellus adversus hypocritas, ARGENTINE, Family of. Pedigree,

13 ARGYLL, Duke of: fl. Campbell, John. ARIAS, Franciscu8, e Soc. Jesu. Transl. of his treatise of the Imitation of B. V. Mary, by Rob. Sm., I. ARIAS DE AVILA, Spanish family. La casa de don Juan Arias de Avila, conde de Puno en rostro, Sb-7b ARIOSTO, Ludovicus. Emblema de eo, cum versibus Lat., ARISTOTELES: fl. Day, Joh. Duns, Joh. Lampugnanus, Jac. Oakeley, J er. Oxford, Univ. Quiros, J ac. de. Analysis libb. I. II. Eth. Nicom., Sententire ex libb. I-Ill, S3b. Conclusio Ethicorum, Extracts, in Italian, 435. Bona notabilia in lib. Meteororum, CEconomia; transl. per archiep. et episc. de Grecia et Durandum de Alvernia, anno 1295, Analysis Physicorum, Commentarius in libb. Physicorum, 217. Compendium qurestt. in lib. 8 de physico auditu, Fragm. parvum prrelectionum quarundam in Politica, Fragmenta duo Boethii versionis Priorum Analyticorum, Notre ex Topicis, Qurestiones de anima secundum eum, \ 81. De regimine principum, ARITHMETICA: v. Beuren, P. De artibus mensurandi, 249. De radicum extractione in numeris integris, &c., S2b-3. ARKESDEN, Essex. Articles against Geo. Beardsall, vicar; 1644, ARLES: v. Dort. ARLINGTON, Earl of: v. Bennet, Henry. ARMET, Timothee, French Protestant advocate. Signature; 1631, ARMINIANISM. Reasons for suppressing Arminianism in the Church of Engl., ARMORER, Sir Nicholas: v. Sylvius, Sir G. ARMS, Armorial Bearings. Notes of coats of arms of many families in various counties of England, with occasional genealogical notes, Forty coats of arms, neatly tricked A series of many coats; rudely tricked, ib ~otes of about 105 families whose arms appear to have been granted or allowed between 1570 and 1597, Addenda to some alphabet of arms 727. IlO-12S., " Abrege du blason des armoiries "; an engraved leaf, with initials C.P.D. T., VOL. II. RAWLINSON"" PARTES IlL IV. 535 ARMSTEAD, Mrs. Isabel. Mentioned in letters to J. Dunton, 72. 6", b. ARMY: fl. Carolus I. Warde, Joseph. Ordnance.. Heads of a petition to Parl., temp. Eliz., about frauds with regard to the troops in the Low Countries, Complaint by a captain ofa company in the Low Countries about the merchants' dealing in the supply of clothes; c. 1593, List of state papers relating to military matters, , Exchequer accounts of the army in Ireland, , 754. Fragm. of an account of alms to discharged soldiers and sailors, &c.; end of 16th cent., Arms and devices borne by captains on their cornets in , 942. Distinguishing marks of the red, yellow and green regiments; 1642, ib. 40. Notes about money due from and to some parliamentary forces in Cambridgeshire and the Eastern Counties, A cal to all the souldiers of the army, 1647; printed tract, Green boughs bought for lord Mark Kerr's regiment, Establishment for a regiment at Tangier; 1667,916. lob-n. The establishment for 1685, 875. Rules of Eng!. discipline; 1686,1130. Charge for conducting some French prisoners, and for relief of some sick men, in 1703, Respites of pay in Lord Essex's regiment of dragoons, 1704, Petition from the colonels of three regiments sent into Ireland respecting their allowances; 17oi, Pay of the various regiments, temp. Geo. II, Journal by an officer in Flanders, May June, 1706,1004. Letters of attorney from widows of officers (many being widows of those who. died in Spain) for receipt of pensions; ,760. Words of command used in the exercise of the horse; c. 1730, Establishment in 1735, List of colonels of all regiments to the time ofgeo. II, in 1724, ib. 56, generals in 1727, ib generals in the W. India expedition in 1740, ib. 71. "The exercise of thefirelock musquets," or form of drill, Ji'irst regiment of foot-guards: v. Bunworth, R. ARMYNE, sir Will., knt. Receipt for a loan to the king, 1612,366. IS. ARMYNE, William, second baronet. Signature; Geneva, 1643, ARNALD.US, Fr. Arnauld, Ant.: v.. lethiopes. Satirical French verses on him, with Latin epitaphs against and for him, , 147, 148-9, 163b-4., ARNALL, Joan. Ludov; d'. Five. Big.. natures; , ARNESANO, F. (?) Saverio, Naples. Letter to J. Piers; 5 June, Ij19; Ital., ARNOLD, Ann, Houndsditch, London; 1637, ARNOLD, Edmund, Doctors' Commons. Table of his nearest kindred living at the time of his decease, ARNOLDUS, Hermannus, Osiliensis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 1612,937. BIb. ARRAGONIA: v. Fredericus. Emblema de Ferrante, AlphoDsi 1. Arrag. Regis filio, cum notitia versu et prosa, ARRAN, earl and countess of: v. Butler, Charles and Elizabeth. ARRIS, Nicholas. Signature, ARROWSMITH, Joseph,rector of Pap worth Evered, Cambro Signature; 1681, ARROWSMITH, Mary, widow of Arthur, Painswick, GIouc. Power of attorney for receipt of moneys due to bel', 1713, ARTHUR, King: 'I). Mapes, Walter; Poemata. ARTHUR, John. Petition (as one of the witnesses against W. Hoderington and J. Colledge) to Charles II, 18. I7b ARTICULI. Articles of faith set forth by Convoc. temp. Hen. VIII (from printers' copy of Burnet's Hist. Rej.), Articuli 39 Eccl. Angl.: v. Hearne, Tho. -, cum comment. Jo. Ellis in 1-5,_ ,71. The articles of 1562 collated with those of 1571, Proceedings in Convocation in 1562 about the 20th Article, ib. 88. "My judgment conc. subscription to the Articles of Religion" j a Puritan tract against the Articles and Book of C. P.; c. 1584, Exposition, 434. I. Observations on the first of the Thirtynine Articles, by a Deist or Socinian,_ (cod. verso) Notes on Arts. 2, 3, 1395 ad calc. ARTILLERY: V. Bourne, Will. ARTILLERY COMPANY. Printed summons to a funeral j 1641,317. gob. ARTOIS, Charles d', comte d'augo. Bond to return to England after going to France to secure his ransom; 1419, Lat. (copy), ARUNDEL, Henry, earl of: v. Fitz-Alan. ARUNDEL, Henry, third lord Arundel of Wardour: v. Herbert, Will. ARUNDEL, Margaret. Gave a book to sir J. Fortescue, afterwards her hushand, Nn

14 536'. INDEX IN UATAL. CODD. ARUNDEL, Thoma.s. Cod. 887 ei inscriptus a.nno ARUNDEL, ThomlloS and Henry, lords ArundeL Notes of by them, ,1480. l8sb-7. ARUNDEL AND SURREY, earls and countess of: 11. Howard, Thomas, Henry and Alethea. ARWAKER, Jane, widow of col. Edmund. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty- 760 rc ASHHURST, Sir William. Denia.l of language reported to have been used by him about Sir T. Rawlinson on Cornish's trial; 1688, ASHLEY, Cambridgeshire: v. Mordin, Oliver. ASHLEY, Sir Anth., bart. Mention of him, 801. dedic. ASHLEY, Christopher, prisoner in Newte. Petition to Charles II for respite money, 1713,. 7.. b rom transportation, ASAPH, St. Deans, , ; ASHLEY, John, merchant, London. Journey to Jerusalem a.nd the Holy Land, 1675,122. ASCANIUS, Card.: 11. Sforza.. ASCHAM, Rogerus. Versio Latina exposit. ASHLEY, John, rector of St. Paul's Cray, fficumenii in Ep. ad Titum; 1542, Kent. Signature; 167~, ASHLEy-COOPER, Anthony, first earl of ASCoT,Oxon.: 11. Lyneham. Shaftesbury: 1). Carolus II. ASH, Nicholas, rector of Ewhurst, Sussex. Letter to him from Sir J. Reresby, 1668, Signature; 1678, ASHALL, Thomas. Signature, Indictment against Edm. Warcupp for libel; 1682, ASH BOCK lng, Suffolk. Articles again:st Theod. Beale, vicar, 1644, ASHMOLE, Family of, Lichfield. Pedigree, with arms in trick, b ASHBORNE, Robert, bookseller, York. Bill for books sent to him from Oxford ASHMOLE, Elias: v. in , Manwaring, Tradescant, Peter. Esther. ASHBURNE, Solomon, vicar of Dullingham, Cambro Signature; 1669, Correspondents: v. Angell, Will. Keate, John. ASHBURNHAM, Sussex: 11. Thurman, Hen. Beisley, Alex. Knight, Walt. Brooke, Rich. Lilly, Ruth. ASHBURNHAM, Carolus. Possedit 101. Collins, John. Lilly, Will. ASHBURNHAM, Col. William. Order for Draper, Tho. Lloyd, Will. supply of muskets, &c. to him; 8 Dec. Englefylde, Lyford, John. 1643, Mentioned, at Weymout.h, ib. 94, 130,186. Goes to Bristol, Fettiplace, Jo. Marten, Symon. Hen. Lyford, Thomas. ib. 96. Sets out two ships, ib. Floyer, Jo. N., T. Garrard, Gilb. Pocock, Edw. ASHBURY, Berks. Founda.tion deeds of Gosson, Rob. Rogerson, Henry. the chapel at Astwick (copies), Harison, John. Sambourne, Hen. Herbert, Edw. Smalridge, Geo. ASHBY, or Esseby, priory, Northampton. Hoby, Kate. Smith, Jas. Deed relating to It (copy), 404. [143]. Holford, Tho. Stonhouse, Mary. ASHBY, Family of. Extracts from the Holloway,Chas. Wakefield, R. register of Harefield, Middlesex, 815. Hoper, Nath. White. John, Horde, Tho. Whitelocke,Bulstr. Hutchinson,. Whitlock. Rob. ASHBY - DE - LA - ZOUCH, Leicestershire. Will. Wilson, Edw. Sale of three acres of la.nd j c. temp. Hyde, Humph. Wright, Rob. Car. I, Hyde, John. ASHE, St. George, bishop of Clogher. Papers and notes connected with his Letter to H. Newman; 1714, Berkshire visitation, 1665, , 94,95, Pedigrees as entered ASHENDEN, Thomas, rector of Dingley, at the visitation, ib Printed Northampt. Public penance and recantation for a profane pamphlet, The 807. ISO; Gentrysummoned, summons for his visitation, 1665, Presbyterian Pater Noster; June, 1681, Notes of his fees, &c., Letters on the business of his Berkshire visitation :-to ASHFIELD, Family of, Bucks and Berks. Pedigree, with arms in trick, Tho. Lee, Sir E. Bysshe, ib. 218b ASHFIELD, Richard. Signature; 1664, J. Lenthall, ib P. Colton, ib. ib. ASHFORD, Kent: v. Udnay, -. J. Mayott, ib. ib. Sir G. Stonhouse, lb. 220b. ASHFORD, Middlesex. Valuation of the P. Hoby, ib. 220b, 221. parish for the monthly assessment. Dec. M. Touchet, ib , Fr. Hyde, ib.221b ASHHURST, Henry. Short letter, R. Lovelace, ib. ib. S. Winch, ib T. Kent, ib Mrs. Hoby, ib Barnes, ib Miscellaneous papers, ,864, 865. Letters to - Turnepenny, sub-chanter of Lichfield; 1662, Seven letters about his standing for ParI. election at Lichfield, to S. Marten; 1685, ib Letter to Rob. Wright; 1685, ib Account of the campaign of Edw. III in France in 1359, Privy-seal warrant for him as controller of excise, 1677 (copy), Letter of thanks to him from Univ. of Oxf. for his gift; Statutes made by him for the Museum, ib Propositions by him respecting the care of his Museum and foundation of a professorship, ib Suggestions made to him thereon, ib Encomium on him; Lat., ib His draft of statutes for his Museum; 1686, List of curiosities, ib Catalogue of the purchasers of goods of Charles I, 695. Inscriptions and arms in the stalls of the Knights of the Garter at Windsor, to 1638, His book on the Order of the Garler acknowledged by the publisher to be entirely his own property, ib. 86. Receipt for payment ( d.) for the paper for it, ib Engravings of arms, &c. from his Hist. of Ordel- of Garter, His original draft of his' Latin preface to his Cat. of Coins in the Bodleian, followed by a fair copy; with the first paragraph in Barlow's handwriting, Notes of medical prescriptions, , Notes of a few pedigrees and of some Berkshire marriages, , 53, Notes of monuments and arms in some Essex churches, &c., 1658, Description of a tomb at Little Wittenham, Berks, b List of some of his books; figures of dances learned by him as a boy, , 199, Notes of a few MSS. in several libraries, Copy by him of a few corrections and satirical criticisms by T. V. on his Theatrum (''hemicum, Measurements of the Temple at Jerusalem, Papers in his handwriting, ; ; Name inscribed, Extracts copied by Rawlinson from a. letter to Ashmole relative to the family of Napier, h ASHMOLE, Elizabeth, wife of Elias: 'D. Lilly, Ruth. Lilly, Will. ASH RIDGE, Bucks. Notice of the MSS. preserved there; 1697,

15 ASHTON, Long, Somerset. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 53'7 Epitaphs, ASTHALL, Oxon. A few notes from the registers, , b, 30. List of vicars, ib. 160b ASHTON, Steeple, Wilts. Fragment of a suit respecting tithes to the vicar, ASTIN, James, vicar of St. Dunstan's, 216. Canterbury. Receipts for tithes; ASHTON, -. List by Ra.wlinson of MSS. in his possession, ASHTON, Elizabeth, widow ofgeo. Ashton, B.D., rector of Beaconsfield. Petition to Charles II for relief, with list of sums given in Univ. of Oxf., and a certificate on her behalf, 1680,18. 67b AS:~ITON, Nicholas. Art. 20 in 1851 addressed to him. ASH'rO~, Roger, vicar of Linron, q. v. ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE. Name cut on the steeple, ASHURST, lady. 1692, Receipt for lip-salve, ASINARIUS, Joh. Bapt., notary, Rome. Attestation of a deed, 1630, 552*. 20. ASSHETON, William, D.D., rector of Beckenham, Kent. Copies, by himself, of letters to D. of Ormonde, archbps. of Dublin and Canterb., Court of Assistants of Sons of Clergy, sir R. Assheton, bp. Atterbury, and sir W. St. John; , Mons pietatis; proposal for a charity-fund for poor clergymen, ib.70. Notes in favour of the doctrine of annihilation, ib. 82, 84. Signature, , IS. Possessor of 339. ASSINGTON, Suffolk: v. Suffolk. ASSONLEVILLA, Gul. de. Extracts from his Atheomastix, 1598, ASSURANCES. Amicable Ass. Soc.: v. Hartley, John. The K. of Prussia desires to be informed about the English office for insurance against fire, 1701, ASTE, Giuseppe de, dean of the Camera at Rome. A commission for enquiry, 1698, ASTELEY, or Astley, q. v. ASTELL, Jeremiah, physician. Report of a conversation with Edm. Warcupp in prison; temp. Car. II, ASTELL, Mrs. M. Letter to Hen. Dodwell,. and his reply; 1706 (copies), , , I17Lu8b. ASTLEY, sir Bernard. Order for supply of muskets to him; 11 Dec. 1643, 395. So. ASTLEY, Herbert, dean of Norwich. Mention of him by sir T. Browne, ,66,80. ASTLEY, or Asteley, sir Jacob, gov. of Reading. Letter to Lord Percy; 16 Oct. 1643, ASTLEY, Richard, All Souls coil., Oxf. Controversy with a R. Cath., in letters between him and his sister Mary Hatton; , Controversy with Christ. Thwaites on transubstantiation; 1618, ib. 217, 248. ASTON, family of, Tixall, Staffordshire. Pedigree to 1663, by Dugdale, Another, very long, to 1663, from ASSEBURG, Rosamunda Juliana. Letter to Rich. Roach; n. d., Beaumont [to Will. I] and Marmion, ASSEMBLY OF DIVINES. Observations on with many coats of arms in trick, ib. ch. 25 of their advice, Qf the Church, Address probably to them, proposing a Body of Divinity, ib. 85. ASTON, William, capt. R.N.: V. Navy. ASSERIUS MENEVENSIS: v. James, Tho. ASTORGA, urbs Hispanire: v. Ossorio, Letter of Sir J. Spelman about the Spanish family. interpolation in his Vita.Elfredi, ASTROLABIUM. Explication des partes de l'astrolabe, ASSHETON, Sir R.: v. Assheton, Will. ASTROLOGIA: v. Albumazar. Le Neve, Geoffrey. Bethem. Messahala. Edgecombe, O.,H. Peter and Palmistria. Sir Rich. Zael. Graves, John. De interrogationibus, cum tabulis quaestionum, De aspectibus planetarum, ; b De nativitatibus sub constellatione unaquaque, Varia, 1227 passim. Fragmenta duo e tract. quodam, "Destinacions"; a treatise of prognostications from nativities, 242. Treatise of the xii signs and their prognostications; transl. from Gr.; with pictures, A judgement of nativities by fixed stars and planets, b. Prophecy on the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in 1682, with predictions for 1684, 810. (codice t'erso) 12. List by Ashmole of some books, Calculations of nativities, Four horoscopes of Calvin and others, , Calculations about the life of a knight, deputy-gov. of Hudson's Bay Comp., born in 1633, ; Schemes for nativities, 244. Calculation for recovery of a. lost ring; 170 5, Engraved table of houses of the signs, Effect of the sun in the houses of the signs, ib.40. Rules for the help of the signs in sickness, ib. 44 ASTRONOMIA: v. Graves, John. Lyndo, Man. Lynne, Nich. de Messahala. Elementa, Introitussolisinarietem, , b De novo instrumento vocato Navicula, Regulre et tabulre pro equationibus planetarum, , 15. Tabulre lunares, Hebraicl13 dictre, cum canonibus, , 7b. Alire tabulre, cum canonibus, , 33. Tabulre planetarum varire, in Oxon. constitutre, b, 109. Tabulre varire, Eclipses solis et lunre, , , 30. Conjunctiones, eclipses, &c., , b, "Tract. de characteribustemporum"; de eclipsibus, &c., 1672, I. Prognostication of eclipses in , b-2. Calcul d'eclipse de lune, 3 Jan. 1703, b. No.tre quredam astromicre, cum figuris, L 4. De signis zodiaci, b, 4Sb. Letter on the motion of the planets, Oll construction of thermometers, &c. (copy), Astronomical and meteorological table s, ,1019. Use of the epact, ASTWICK, Berks: V. Ashbury. ATEY, Arthur, M.A., Public Orator, and Princ. of Alban hall, Oxf. Academical letters and speeches, in his handwriting; , Recommended by the earl of Leicester to be Public Orator, ib. 38. Letter to the earl of Leic., announcing his election; 4 Aug (Lat.), ro. 38b. ATFIELD, Ambrose, D.D., rector of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch. Signature, 1683, ATHANASIUS, S. Notice of a pamphlet, Hist. oj Atkan. and his Creed, 1719, b ATHERTON, Family of, Lancashire. Genealogical notice, ATHERTON, H. Letter to dean Granville of Durham; 1684, ATHERTON, John, bishop of Waterford. Letters to his wife and children before his execution, ATHERTON, Thomas, alderman of Exeter. Signature; 1688, ATKINS, Anne, a converted Jewess. Petition to Charles II for relief, having newly come from Holland to serve him in the art of making "Chokalet" as formerly, b. Nn2

16 Q38 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. AUBREY, William, D.C.L., Prine. New Inn hall, Oxf. Epist. ad eum ab acado Oxon. "ut in iure civili eoram Regina respondeat"; 24 Jul (apogr.), ATKINS, 'Maurice. Six letters to him from Hearne, ,1166. lb; , 47b, 95 b, II6b, II7b. ATKINS, Tobias, Wells, Somerset. Gunpowder-maker, 1643, ATKINSON, -. Signature j (end of cent. xvi), ATKINSON, [quo Arthur, M.A., Queen's CoIl.?]. Notes of a sermon by him at St. Mary's, Oxf., in 17II, lo3b. ATKYNS, Francis. Epitaph in Waltham A UDELEY, Katherine. abbey, 1640, AUCHER, Dr. Name, AUCHMOUTIE, J., Rome. Signature; 1714, b AUDELEY, John. Quartermaster of the king's artillery-train; 1644, A VON, river. Orders for making it navigable from Christchurch to Salisbury; 1697, AURORA BOREALIS. Notes on it, , 135, 136 (see also 159). AURUNGZEBE, emp. of Hindostan. Transl. of a firman to the gov. of Bengal, against molestation of the English; 1691, AUSTELL, St., Cornwall. Warrant for preparation of a grant of a weekly Court-roll fqr market and two annual fairs; May, Lexden, Essex; rentals of ward-silver 1661 (copy), I3. ATKYNs, sir Robert, knt.: fj. Florns. and blanch-silver; 1581, Letter to bp. Fell; 1683, AUSTEN, Henry. Epitaph in Waltham AUDELEY, sir Thomas and Christina his Deed of settlement of a rent-char~e of abbey, 1638, b wife. Part of an inq. respecting their 30 per an. on the vicarage of Clrencester; 1699 (copy), (see also possessions in the hundred of Lexden, AUSTEN, Thomas. Appointed by Chas. I Essex, one of the four Masters of the Navy in 24) room of Rich. Harrice, deceased, 918. AUDIGUIER, Vital d'. Transl. of his ATLYN (?), C. Signature; cent. xvi, romance of Lisander and Calista, AUSTIN, -. Cases in law touching the ATTERBURY, Francis, bishop of Rochester: Dugdale of monuments in the church, AUDLEY, Staffordshire. Drawings by title of the earl of Huntingdon to 1). certain manors in Leicestershire; 1638, Assheton, Will II9. Pearce, Zach. AUDLEY, La.dy. Death at St. Germain's AUSTRIA.. Descent of the imperial house, Smalridge, Geo. in 1705, Relatione dell' origine di casa Letter as registrar of the Garter to bp. Ward, chancellor of the Order; 1683 AUDLEY, sir Thomas. Treatise on the d'austria, (copy), art of war, 363. Eight engravings of various places, 601 hie illic. Letter to sir T. Rawlinson; 1706,.862. AUDoENus, Joannes: fj. Owen AUTOBIOGRAPHY: fj. Diploma from Oxf. for degree of D.D. ; AVERY, John, Corp. Chr. coll., Cambro Painters. Study~ 1701 (copy), Prologue and epilogue to the Doctors, Account of bp. Nicolson's attempted AUTOGRAPHS: fj. Rawlinson, Tho. refusal to institute him to the deanery AVERY, William, vicar of Warnham, AWBERY, Samuel, Jesus coil., Cambro of Carlisle; 1704, Sussex. Signature; 1678, Epistola ad Fr. Turner, Letter to him from Hearne, 1710, A few note.s out of his Rights and Powers AXFORD, Wilts, manor of. Petition in AUFRERE, T. A., French protestant minister in London. Signature, against Tho. Stewkley, claiming the of Conv., 17. Chancery from Will. Gerrard and others 1. ATTERSOLL, William, B.A., Cath. hall, AUGHTIE, _. Epigramma "de puero manor; temp. Eliz., b. Camb. Testimonial for orders j 1673 Aughtie," b for preferment; 167~, lb. 82. AXTELL, col. Notes about him at the trial of Charles I, II b_ 12. AUGIER,Rene,EnglishResidentinFrance. ATWOOD, Peter. Appointment to be Letter to him from the Council j 3 1 AXTON, Thomas. Nomen inscriptum, prior of Canterbury; 1710, c t I 33,. I. 226 in init. ATYE, Arthur, or Atey, AVAux, Ie comte d'. Propositions de paix de Ill. France pour l'empire, faites a. Stockholm; 1693, Representations from C. de Lenthe, on the part of Denmark, to the States Gen. thereon, 1694; Fr., ib. 170, 173. AUBERT, -, Paris. Sir F. Windebank's obligations to him; 1641, b. AUBREY, lady -. Prayer for her in illness; 1654, AUBREY, John. Lives of serj. Hoskyns, Rich. Martin, and Clifford earl of Cumberland, Essay towards description of N. Wilts (copy), Epitaph in his handwriting, 766 ad calc. AUBREY, Thomas, Broad Chalk, Wilts. Cover of a letter addressed to him, 766 ad calc. AUBREY, Timothr, New coli. Notes of a sermon by him at St. Mary's, Oxf., Easter, 17II, b AUGUSTA [Augsburg], urbs Germanire: v. Germania. AYALA, Spanish family. La easa de don Pedro de Ayala, conde de Fuensalida, AUGUSTINIANI, Mona,chi. Representation on their part, I Feb. 1692, against a AYERST, William, the Hague. Letter to brief of Alex.VIII; Ital., H. Newman; 1713, AYLESBURY, Bucks. Judgments of judges Powell and Holt in the case of the men committed by the House of Commons, AUGUSTINUS, S. Hipponensis. Fragmenta ex homilils in Psalmos, , A prayer, Spuria: fj. Infirmi. AYLESBURY, Barbara. Epitaph in the AVIGNON: fj. Ludovisio, Lud. church of Loosduyn, Holland j l , AVILA, Pedro de, marq. de las Navas. AYLESBURY, sir Thomas. His arms Art. 39 in 625 dedicated to him in ordered to be set up again, as formerly, in the hall of the Office of Arms, with AULA. Prrecepta aulica satirica, 399. a mark of diffe:tence; 12 Dec. 1633, AUMONT, Due d', Ambassador from France to England. Satirical ballad AYLESFORD, Kent. Sale of woodland on his arrival in England; 1712, C. by J. Cripps to R.ElliBj 1658, AYLESTONE, Warwickshire. Inquest by Lines on the burning of his house, D. the hundred of Kington respecting the roads and bridge; 1445,

17 .AYLETT, -, M.D., Cambridge. A medicine for contracted sinews, approved by him, b AYLETT, Robert, LL.D. Epitaph on his wife's (Judith GaeU's) monument, 1623, AYLIFFE, John, LL.D., New college, Oxf. Discourses of trade, &c., 12. AYLMER, John, bishop of London. Letter to him from T. Pound, AYLOFFE, Sir Benjamin, governor of the compo of Eastland Merchants. Letter to Sir G. Sylvius, 13 Dec. 1687, b. A YLOFFE, capt. Thomas. Arms, and device on his cornet j 1642, h, 16. AYLOFFE, William, Ch. Ch.,Oxf. Latin theme j 1680, RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 539 B., B., a Roman Catholic. Controversial letter to Laur. Howell j 1716, B., D. Letter to R. Mawson, 5 Sept. 1715, B., F. Alchemical receipt, I5b B., F., Jesuita. Epigrammade Protogene et Apelle, B., H. Two lace and silk samplers, ,3 B., J.: 'I). Balguerie de Chantard, Jean. B., I. Scriba cod. 1355, anno B., M. Lines addressed to John Hewes, B., M. Letter to him from D. Featley, 47.49\ [if. 165] B., P. : i. e. Paul Barne, q. 'I). R, R. Letter to her sister Kath. ErnIe, A YLOFFE, capt. William. Treatise on B., P. H. Missive touchant Ie droit de the government of the passions j 169S' Roy de France sur Ie duche de Brabant, 361. lisb. et autres provinces de Pays-Bas, 396. AYLWORTH, -, one of Q. Anne's musicians. Recommended to Mr. Meredith R, R., prrel. rhet. in lede Christi, Oxon at Naples j 1714, [Rob. Burton?]. Oratio habita in aula AYLWORTH, Henry, D.C.L. Wrote epitaphs on Drs. H. Yerbury and S. Philips R, R. Protest against a sale by S. An.Edis Christi, b in , *. nesley of some cloth at Surat; 169S, AYLWORTH, Henry, M.A., Ch. Ch. Speech as Terrl13jiliu8j 1693, R, T.: i. e. Sam. Grascome, q. 'I). AYLWORTH, Peter. Acknowledgment R, T., Som[erby, Linc.], 1646: 'I). S., R. of money given to St. Christopher's R, T., 1689: 'I). S..., D.D. parish, London, 1674, R, T., Oxoniensis. Thesis brevis academical AYNHO, Northamptonshire. Epitaphs, 1683, 1092_ j 682. li4 j b R, Willelmus: v. Hippocrates. AYOTT ST. LAWRENCE, Herts. Inscription on a brass plate, Devon, and chaplain to Ralph lord BABB, Robert, minister of Werrington, Hopton. Notice of him and his widow, AYRES, Col. Note of a Bible of 1541 in , 223. his possession, BABHAM, Christopher. Appointed a AYRES, or Ayris, Philip. Four bookautographs, , gunner in the Tower of London, b Gifts by him of books to a friend, 878. BABINGTON, Anthony. Letter to Rob. 4, 6, 17h, 25 b, 26\ 29. Pooley, 1586 (copy), 264. I. -- to Q. Notice of him, I. Eliz., ibid. I b, ob. AYSHFORD, Daniel, rector of Swyncombe, BABINGTON, Francis, D.D. Letter from Oxon.: 'V. Swyncombe. Ch. Ch., Oxf., desiring that he may not AYTTA, VigliuR ab, de Zuichem. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii j BABINGTON, Humfrey, fellow of Trin. be appointed dean, Lond., 29 Maii, 1618, coil., Cambro Signature; 1678, AZORES, The. Outlines of the islands of BABINGTON, Thomas, Leicester: 'I). Wells, St. George, Pico, Fayal, Flores, and John. Gratiosa, BABINGTON, Ury. Accounts as armyagent in Ireland, ,754. B. BABRAHAM, or Badburgham, Cambro Extracts of charters relating to the B., i. e. Jane Lead (?), q. 'I). place, b B., -. Sermons in French on Eph. v. 8, BABYLON. Two lines on its ruins, Pet. v. 5 (humility), Matt. v. S (gentleness), Col. iii. 14 (charity), BACCHANALIA: 'I). Roma. 50. B., A.; i. e. Abiel Borfet, q. 'I). BACCIUS, Andr. Excerptum exlibro ejus B., A., a soldier in the Low Countries. de Thermis, Letter to an English lady at Hamburgh, BACHENDORF, Nicolaus, M.D. Inscriptio desiring help; C (copy), b Grrec.-Lat. in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; Heidelb. 9 Jut 1618, B., A. Translations from Horace, BACK, -, Long Lane, Lond. Notice of B., B.: II. Painters. suit with the city of London, 1S3. 38b BACKHOUSE, Samuel: II. Swallowfield, Berks. BACKWELL, alderman Edward; 1661, b-2. BACON, Anthony: 'I). Devereux, Rob. BACON, Barbary. Signature, 1675, BACON, sir Edmund, Suffolk. Signature [c. 1648], BACON, Francis, lord Verulam: 'I). Bodley, Sir 'fho. Stephens, Robert. Advertisement touching a holy war, b Epistle to K. James concerning a digest of the laws of England, ib. 36. Apology for the :proceedings against the earl of Essex, In a letter to the earl of Devonshire, Arguments respecting the Marches of Wales, Considerations touching the pacification of the Church of England, Sapientia Veterum, transl. by sir A. Gorges, Letter to the judges; 25 Apr. 1616, b Speech on taking his place as Chancellor j 7 March, 161j, b Submission to the H. Of Lords, 22 Apr. 1621, His analysis of the 'sovereign good,' Notes out of his Hist. oj Hen. VII, A version of his Natural Hist. prepared by Gruter, Other works about to be publ. from Bacon's MSS. given to Gruter by sir W. Boswell, ib. 101", IOlb. BACON, John. Signature; 1592 (?), BACON, Nathaniel, Gray's Inn. Notes out of his Uniformity oj gov. in ElIgl., b, BACON, Nath., M.A., vicar of Fulborne, Cambro Signature; BACON, Sir Nicholas, Lord Keeper. Epist. ad eum ab acado Oxon. de causa coram eo, extl"a curiam Universitatis, vocata; 23 Apr (apogr.), b Orders respecting the cursitors of Chancery, 1573, BACON, Phanuel, D.D., Magd. Coll., Oxf. Notice of him and his writings, 682, 34. BACON, Philip, Ipswich. Affidavit j 1709, BACON, Thomas Sclater. Miscellaneous notes and extracts, 359. Catalogue of the law books in his library, Sale of his library, 1737, b Owner of 67, art. 1. BADDILEY, Cheshire. Drawing ofa figure of Margaret Maynwaring in the south chancel window, taken 22 July, 1640 (not now existing, and not mentioned in Ormerod's Cheshire, sec. edit.), S

18 640 INDEX IN CATAL 1 CODD," BADEN, Robert, London. Signature; 1682, b. BADGER, John. Highly recommended by the Univ. ofoxf. to the earl of Leicester, the chancellor, to be afpointed a bedel ; 13 Nov. 1571, BADO AUREO, Johannes de. TractatUB de armis, BADOERO, Federigo, ambasc. Venez. 801 Imp. et Re di Spagna. Relatione dalla sua legatione da Carlo V. Imp. etfilippo Re di Spagna. 1558, 635. I. Alcune estratte dalla relatione, 618. u6b BAG'FORD, John: fl. Bullord, John. Johnson, M. Hearne, Tho. L., P. Miscellaneous notes by him of early printed Bibles and other books, ,86; Notes on some books, and account of Reg. Wolfe, Collections for the history of printing, and particularly of its original in Germany, 375, 396, , 399. I, Lists of contents of a MS. of notes about printing, Notes on Oxford printers, Notes of printed Bibles, , Seven letters to T. Baker, IJetter to Hearne List of Bome MSS. sent to sir J. Jekyll, I. Description of a MS. of Trevisa's Higden, ib. 58. Short notice of John Stow, Engravings of some initial letters, MSS. and fragments of MSS. given by him to Hearne, ; j , 63; to Baker, Notices of him, \ lob. BAGGART, J., Copenhagen. Letter to [Dr. Yates?], 1683, BAGLIONI, Mattheo. Instructions for him on being sent by the Pope to Milan with respect to troops in the Valtelline, 1623; Ital., ; BAGNALL, John, Jesus coil., Cambro Complimentary letter to bp. Fr. Turner; Lat., Signature, BAGNI, - de, arcivesc. di Patras, nunzio in Fiandra. InBtruzione; 1621, BAGNOLL, Will. Verses to F. Davison on his metrical Psalms (copy), BAGOT, E. Two fragments of a letter to Dugdale, signed by [him 1], BAGS11A w, Edmund, Trinity coil., Cambro Signature, BAGSHAW, Edward, M.P. for Southwark. Speech in ParI., 7 Nov. 1640, BAGSRA WE, Edward [quo the same 1]. Owner of BAGSHAW,Henry, D,D., preb. of Durham. Abstract of his Diatribes, Signature; 1685, Letter to him from D. Granville; 1682, Gift of a sermon by him to a friend, BAHAMA ISLANDS. Letters and papers, by and against governors Webb and Haskett, 1698, &c., Observations on their importance to G. Britain, Some books sent there by Christ. Knowl. Soc., BAIlE: v. Sabbatinus, Jac. BAIGNOUX, Timothy, French Protest. minister in London. Opposition de la conf. de foi des eg1. reformees de France aux erreurs des Sociniens; I. Copies of 14 letters from him, , 480. lio-i50. Note to J. Forent; 1702, Lat., To the same; II, Fr., ib. 169, 170, 200. To J. Balguerie; Fr., to BAILLY, Nicholas. Signature; BAINBRIG, Christopher,B.D.: V. Clipston, Northants. BAINBRIGGE, Rich., vicar of Witchford, Cambro Signature; 1673, BAINBRIGG, Thomas, vicar of Chesterton, Cambro Signature; 1679, BAINEBRIGGE, Denis. Signature; BAINEBRIGGE: v. etiam Banbricke, Banbrigge. BAKER, Thomas, B.D., St. John's coli., Cambr.: v. Bagford, John. Three letters to J. Lewis, ,71-8. Copies by him from Harl. MSS. of letters from Univ.Oxon. to card. Pole and Q. Eliz., ,52. Attestation by him of copies of MSS., , 85b Extract from a letter [from him?] to Rawlinson; 1733, Notice of publ. of his Reflections on learning, Praise of it by lord Dorset and others, ib. 32, 43. Grace passed by the senate at Cambro respecting the care of his books; 1740, Gave 375, art. 39 in 400, 837, 1377 to Hearne. BAKER, Thomas. Excise permit; 1727, BALBUS, Joannes, Januensis. Fragmentum e libro ejus dicto Catholicon, BALCANQUALL, Walter. Confirmation by Jas. I of his election as Master of the Savoy, b BALDE, Hans Junius, "von Franckenthall." Inscriptio Germ. in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 1629, BALDE, Jacobus, Francothalis-Palatinus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 24 Aug. 1629, BALDINI, Sebastianus, secr. collegii advocatorum Romre. Nomen diplomati cuidam subscriptum, 1669,535. 4b BALDINUCCI;Filippo: V. Rawlinson, Rich. BALDON, Marsh, Oxon. Order to the constables to impress horses and carts for the King's artillery; 9 July, 1643, BAINES, Brenda. Signature; BAKER, -, rector of Bartlow, q. v. BALDWIN, John, M.A. Epitaph in Harefield church; 1673, 89H.47. BAKER, -, secretary to archbp. Abbot. Letters to him from D. Featley, 47. BALDWYN, Edward. Latin epitaph at Little Berwick, Salop, 39 b 1735, , 44. BALDWYN, Henry, minister of St. BAKER,-, capt. (1654): v. Prityman, John. Botolph's, Aldersgate, London. Sig- BAKER, Aaron, Wadham coil., Oxf. Sig- nature; 1746, nature; 1706, BALE, Norfolk. Faculty for a pew in the BAKER, Alexander, surgeon to Charles I. church granted to Thomas Shaxton and Signature; ,61, 69b ; 769. sq?pe; his wife Alice; C. 1601, b et seqq. BAKER, John. Signature; 1646, BAKER, capt. John. Petition to Charles II for a pension, b BALE, John Signature (cent. xvii), BALE, John, B.A., Linc. col1.,. Oxf. Latin theme, when candidate at All Souls coli.; 1680, BAKER, John, warden of the Stationers' Compo Signature; , b ; BALE, William, Humberstone, Leic Bond for appearance before the judges at Westm.; 16 Oct (copy), BAKER,R. Signature [cent. xvi], BALGAY, Daniel, mercer. Tomb and BAKER, Thomatl, rector of Streatham, epitaph in the church of St. Botolph, Surrey. Signature; Aldgate j 1608, 796b 30. BAKER, Thomas, M.A., curate of Stanton "Harcourt, Oxon., and rector of Harriets ham, Kent. Notice of him; 1694, BALGAY, Nicholas, Magd. ColI., Oxf.Gratulatio in adventum comitis Leicestr., In adventum episc. Winton., ib 9b

19 BALGUERIE DE CHANTARD, Jean,French Protestant minister, London: v. Baignoux, Tim. Formal notice of his election as a minister in London, Lettre a. mad' e ForentaLondres: signe J.B., ib BALL, -, attorney, Fetter Lane, London. v. Sprigge, Will. BALL, Cae. Signature, 13B HALL, Elizabeth, widow of lieut. Edw. Power of attorney for receipt of bountymoney, 1712, BALL, Henry, Windsor herald. List of his heraldic MSS. bought by P. Le Neve, b. BALL, Joseph, miner: v. Wirksworth. BALL, Richard, D.D. Signature, BALL, Simon, White Waltham, Berks. v. Wargrave. BALLADS: v. Coventry, sir John. BALLARD, George, Magd. coli., Oxf. Art. 4 in 1480 found amongst his papers. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 541 BANDOLA, Francesco, Raguseo. Del Turco j alcune estratte dalla sia relatione a P. Greg. XIII, 1574, 61B BANDOTT, Nicholas, Durham House, Strand, London; 1637, b. BANES, Mary, Fleet Street, London; 1638,145. lil. BANGELLI, Gasparino e Lattanzio. Dialoga tra G. e L. Bangelli sopra la morte del card. Caraffa, &c., 1561, BANGOR. Deans from 1500, BALLOW, M., of Oxford. Name, 2S0*. lb. BANKES, Henry. Signature; 1639,1386. BALLS, Alphonso, musician to Charles I. 32. Signature, 77l. 39, 71; ,50 ; et BANKEs,Henry.D.D.,rectorofThakeham, in voll. seqq. Sussex. Signature; 1679, BALMERINO, visc.; i.e. A. Elphinstone, q. v. BANKES, James, Trinity coil., Cambro Signature; 1708, BALMFORD, Samuel. Signature; 1653, BALUZIUS, Stephanus. Nomen inscriptum BALY, island of,in the Indian archipelago. Outline, BALZAC, Jean Lewis Guez, sieur de: v. Moulin, - duo BAMPFIELD, Thos., Commissioner for inquiring into recusancies in Devonshire. Signature; 1688,876 passim. BAMPFYLD, Rich., Wadh. coil., Oxf. Signature as S.C.L., 1669, BAMPTON, axon.: v. Burford. Epitaph on archd. Ph iii ps, in the church, 1684, Three epitaphs, BANASTRE, J., Chilworth, Surrey. Letter; 1717, BANBRICKE, Thomas. Signature (cent. xvi), BANBURY: fj. Oxford, County. Order for supply of ammunition to the King's garrison there; 13 May, 1644, Contests between two mayors; 1700, Inscriptions on a dial and a gate, J6. BANCROFT,John, bishop of Oxford. Conse- BANTAM, in Java. Sketch of the bay, crated communion plate, table, &c. at S Ch. Ch. cathedral in 1636, BAPTISMUS: v. BANCROFT, Richard, archbp. of Canterbury. Letter to Tho. James, 1607, Johnson, John. Geree, John. Piggott, -. (copy), Infant baptism asserted and vindicated, His life proposed to be written by sir 135L 191. G. P[aule), Account of the Scripture concerning baptism, that it doth belong to believers and not to infants, BANDA ISLANDS. Sketches of the islands of Nera, Great Banda,&c.,813.1I, 12, 15. Objections and answers touching the BANDINI, Carlo, Messina. Letter to G. sign of the Cross, Como; 1725, ltal., Narrative by a woman [Mrs. Cante?) of her conversion to become a baptized Christian; temp. Car. II, BANKES, lady Mary. Epitaph in Ruislip church, Sig BANKES, Will., St. Alb. hall, Oxf. nature as S.C.L., 1668, b. BANKS: V. Carolus II. Killigl'ew, Will. State of the credit of the Bank of England, 4 Dec. 1696, A practical model of a national bank; 1698 (two copies), , 43. Transl. of a speech at Athens against a proposal of Demagoras foranational bank; imperj., , 60. Petition to the House of Commons respecting the Bank annuity,c (copy), List of persons employed in the Bank of England, with their salaries; c. 1710, BARATIER,Joh.Phil.,Halle: V. St. Paul,P. Letter to him from P. H. Zollmann; 1735, Abstract of a paper by him on finding the longitude a.t sea; Lat., ib. 69. BARBA, Spanish family. "El linage de los que si dicen Barbas "; with arms in trick, BARBADOES: v. Codrington, Christ. Payment for engraving a. seal for the island, 1686, BARBARO, Flaminio, Venice. Signature j 1608, BARBAROSSA, Christophorus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Lubecre, 28 Apr. 1612, BARBAROSSA, Fredericus, Imperator. [Breve pro concilio generali indicendo olim in cod. 339, sooc. xvii, exstabat.) BARBERINI, familia Italica. Discorso 4 sopre cinque soggetti papabili della fattione Barberina; 1636, BARBERINUS, Franciscus, senior, cardinalis. Epist. ad Jac. de Riddere, cum responso; 1664 (apogl.), , 14- BARBERINUS, Franciscus,junior, card. : v. Adda, F. d', card. BARBON, Jean. Mutilated fragment of papers in a law-case at Paris relating to him; 1487, BARBOUR, family of, Staffordshire. Pedi BANKS, -, cook to lady Jane Lane. Re- gree to 1663, by Dugdale, with arms in ceipts for jelly, broth, and pickling trick, oysters, , 353. BANBRIGGE, Reginald. Signature (cent. BANKS, Agnes, Somerset House, London; xv!,.) , b. BANBRIGGE: v. etiam Bainbrigge. BANKS, sir John, L.C.J..Argument on ship-money; 1637, Order for supply of muskets and powder to him; Nov. 1643, BANNINGHAM, Norfolk. Lawsuit about the advowson in 1724, BANSTEAD, Surrey. Parish notes, Mention of Puritans there, S6b BARBUT, -. "Instructions pour mon fils Charles Barbut, allant aux Indes Orientales au service de la Comp.,1731," 422. BARCELONA: v. Clemens XI. Majorca. BAReKMAN, Ernestu8, Dantiscanus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; axon., Nov. 1624, BARCLAY, P., curate of Ahoghill, Antrim. Signature; 17lJ,

20 542 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD~ BARCLAY, William. Notes out of hi!! BARKSDALE, Clement. Presentation in- BARNES, family of, Berks. Short pedibook Contra monarchomac1ws, acription; 1640, gree, 1664, aigned by Rich. Barnes, BARCROFT, Hugh, rector of Wyberton, q.v. BARKSDALE, William, M.A.: I). BARDOLF, family of. Descent, b ; 727, 77b ; b BARDON, -, engineer, killed at siege of Cork in Treatise on fortification (2 copies), 1218, BARDON, Claudius [qfl. the same?]. Grants to him from Charles II and James II for compiling a book entitled A Treasury of Arithmeticlc, ,133. Rogers, John. BARLEE, Anne and William. Signatures [cent. xvi], BARLEY, John, Hastin~s. Epitaph on him and his family m St. Clement's church, 1601, BARLEY, John. Owner in 1695 of 288. BARLOW, -. Notes from a sermon. on BAREBONE, John, Magd. coil., Oxf. Two Ps. i. 4 [cent. xvii beg.], sermons on Ps , and Provo X. 1 j 1579, , 282. BARES, seigneur des j i. e. J ac. Briseet, q. v. BARES, - des, " gentilh. de la suite de la Reine mere de France." Inscriptio in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset j 1638, BARET, Christophorus. "Stratfordius Hibernire Pro-rex"; narratio, anno 1658 Massiliis habita, de gestis ejus, 270. BARGRAVE, John, D.D., canon of Canterbury. Signature; 1678, BARHAM, William, apothecary. Latin epitaph in Rye church j 1695, BARKAR, Richard. xvi, beg.), BARKELE: v. Berkeley. BARKER, family of, Berks. 1665, , 79. Signature (cent. Pedigree; J3ARKER, Edward. Signature, 1386, 33. BARKER, sir George, clerk of the Green Cloth. Order to him as Almoner to the Prince of Wales j 17 Aug. 1643, Mention of his death, 1663, BARLOW, Thomas, D.D., libr. of Bod!. and bishop of Linc. Draft in his handwriting of the commencement of Ashmole's preface to his catalogue of the coins in the Bodleian, Two papers respecting books taken by Langbaine from the Bodl. Libr. into the Archives, Promise to ordain on production of requisite papers, 1678, Attestation of a testimonial, ib. 83. Notes on the four Roman roads in Britain, Arguments to prove the Church of Rome guilty of idolatry (copy), Epitaph on A. Drake in his handwriting, Collation of Arts. xx and xxxiv (copy by Hearne), 396. uo-3. Copy by Hearne of MS. notes by him in an edit. of the 39 Arts. in 1633, L19 Copy of a note by him in Longlond's sermons in Bodl. Libr., Fragment of Wood's original life of him, Mention of his will, Owner of 831, art. 6; 1351, art. 18. BARKER, Hugh, M.D. Pedigree by him BARLOW, William, bishop of Lincoln. of his family, with arms; 1665, Notes out of his sermon on the execution BARKER, Jean. Signature; Paris, 1659, of the earl of Essex; 1601, b; BARKER, Ra. Signature; 1693, BARNABAS, Ambrosius. Nomen inscriptum (SIllC. xvi), BARKHAM, sir Edward, knt., alderman of London. Complaint by the Heralds to the E. Marshal that sir E. Barkham's son intends to bury him without funeral ceremony, with the copy of a letter from the E. M. to the son thereon; Jan. 1631,766.43b-4. BARKHAM, Jane, widow of capt. Michael. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 171 I, BARKHAM, John, D.D. Note from a letter from him to sir R. Cotton, BARKING, Essex. Pay-books for the pulling down of the. abbey-church, for stone to be used at Dartford manor j ,782. Lead taken from the abbey to manor; 1541, BARNARD, Richard. xvi beg.), BARNES, -, Maidenhead, Berks:. Ashmole, Elias. BARNES, Ambrose, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Outlawed by judge Jefferies as a" great phanatick"; 1684, , BARNES, Charles, ensign. Affidavit; 1709, BARNES, ]j'rances, The Rose, Rotherhithe, 1638, BARNES, John, a Benedictine. Anon. notice of Parsons' Memorial for reform. of England, 149 ad init. BARNES, Joshua, prof. of Greek, Cambr.: v. Millard, Rich. Epist. ad Adr. Reland, Greek verses on a journey from Oxf. to Woodstock, b Greek verses copied by him, ib. 6. Thirteen letters to him from Hearne ; , b; , 32b,38,42; ; ,80,110. Anon. request to him for advice in studying Greek literature; Lat., Repays money to the executors of Dr. Barnes; 1708, Book-plate, BARNES, Richard, bishop of Durham. Injunction for the holding two synods annually, 1577 (copy), BARNES, Robert, and Anne his wife: v. Markham, Anth. BARNES, William, rector of Patching, Sussex. Signature; 1679, BARNET, Fryern, Middlesex. List of the trained band, 1626, Valuation of the parish for assessment; (1649?), Dec. 1653, ib 52 BARNHAM, Suffolk. Articles against John Crofts, rector; 1644, BARNOLDBY, Lincolnshire. Articles against Anth. Harwood, rector; 1644, Signature (cent. BARON, Jean, French Protest. minister, London. Mentioned, , , 166. Signature; 1703, ib BARNARD,Richard, rector of Dry Drayton, BARON, Robert, D.D. Notice of him, 817. Cambro Signature; 1679, BARNARDISTON, sir Samuel. Notes of proceedings against him in the H. of Lords, BARNE, Paul, Cambridge. A letter exhorting to repentance, BARNEBY, Fr. Letter to the archbishops on the foreign seminaries for children of recusants, 1620, BARONETS. Project for the new dignity [of baronets, 1610], Alphab. list of Scottish baronets, with dates of creation, to 1707, Baronets created from 1699 to 1708, Baronets created from the accession of Geo. I to 1722, Notes of coats of arms of many baronets, 727. lio-125. BARNEKOW, Johannes, Danus. Inscriptio in al bo amicorum J ac. Brisset; Heidelb., BARONIUS, Cresar, card. Notre breves ex 8 Jul Annalibus ejus, ,

21 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 543 BAR OW, M. Scribbled name; beg. of BARTON, family of. Memoranda of cent. xvi, baptisms of six children; ,1386. BARRELL, Robert, preacher at Maidstone. Letter to him and - Jackson, from D. Featley, forthe composingof differences, 4 1,42 BARTON, Steeple, Oxon. : t'. Cockson, Edw b BARRET, sir Paul, knt., serj. at law, and Mary his wife; Canterbury. Epitaphs, BARTON, Charles, deputy registrar of , b. Winchester. Extracts from the episc. BARRETT, of Newburgh, Edward, lord. registers of Winchester, S. Letter to him on his appointment as BARTON, David, rector of Chiselhurst, Chanco ofexch. from T. Wilson; 1628, K t S t 6 Ji b. en. Igna ure; I 79' 74 Signature; 1633, 395. I. BARTON, Edward, rector of Grundisburgh, BARRETT, John. Owner of 948. q.v. BARRETT, Richard. The Psalms, in sholto BARTON, John. Verses at Christ's Hoshand; 1710,1270. pital; 1659, BARTON, Joyce. Petition to Charles II BARRINGTON, Thomas. Signature; BARROW, John, M.A.: v. Windsor. Letter to Dr. G. Thorpe, 3 Feb. 16So (copy), BARROW, Isaac, D.D., bishop of St. Asaph. Analyses of some of his sermons, in French, Note of errors in the engraved schemes in his Conicks; 1673, S. Notes out of his Disc. of the Pope's supremacy, Signature; r67s, , 41. Catalogue of his library, BARROW, N., Fort St. David, E. India. Letter to sir T. Rawlinson; 1705, BARROWBY, Lincolnshire. Articles against Dr. Tho. Hurst, rector; 1644, 9.,;4.193 BARROWE, Henry. Petition to Q. Eliz. for reformation in the Church, BARROWE, Maurice, Suffolk. [c. 1648], Signature BARRY, capt. Daniel. Petition to Charles II for relief and employment, b. BARRY, Elizabeth. Epitaph in Acton church; 1713, BARSOTTI, Michel, Lucca. Letter to G. Como; 1725, BARTER, Elizabeth, widow: v. IW6rne. BARTHOLOMJEUS, S., Apost ". Historia, BARTHOLOMJEUS, Exoniensis episcopus. Libel' pomitentialis, I. BARTLET, John, soldier in the garrison of Calais. Sale to J. Thatcher of a house in Calais; 1530, BARTLETT, Roger, bookbinder, Oxford. Receipt for binding copies of Wood's Hist. Univ.; 1674, b BART!'OW, Cambridgeshire. Proceedings ag~mst the rector, - Baker, and appomtment of Will. Hinton; 164-1, VOL. II. Letter to him from Granville; 16So, BASKERVILE, or Baskerville, family of. Notes of some deaths and burials, b, 92. BARTON, capt. -, of Dorsetshire. Device on his cornet; 1642, BASKERVILE, Constance. Account of for reward for discovering clippers of coin, BARTON, Samuel, D.D. Epitaph in Westm. abbey, BARTON-UPON-HuMBER, Line.: v. Byflet, Will. BARUTH, Georg, burgrafvon. Inscriptio Germ. in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz j Constantinop., 24 Feb. 1621, BARWICK, William, vicar of Hemp nail, q. v. BASILEA. Readings from a MS. there for Beveridge's Synodicon, BASILIUS, Magnus, S. Epistola, forsan ad Libanium, Gr.; 91:.!. 18S. Precatio, ex cod. Oxon.; Gr., ISb. BASING, Hanh. Warrants &c. about supply of ammunition to the garrison; , , 52, 70, 147. BASIRE, James. Two letters to him from Dr. John Bastwick [16291, 377. I, 13. Complaint of his pride and quarrelsome ness, ib. 9. BASIRE, John, D.D. preb. of Durham. Four rules for a quiet life (copy), Signature [1640?], BASIRE, John, junior. Signature; 1681, b. Notice of him, A meditation dictated to him by dean Granville, ib BASIRE, Isaac, D.D., preb. of Dllrhl1m. Notice of him and of the burial of his son John, Notes out of his Prl1yer-book, 851. SIrOI. Mention of him and the sale of his books, Presentation insoription to him, BASIRE, Isaac, LL.D., official of the archd. of Northumberland: v. Grey, Ralph. Mandate to the clergy of the archdeaconry to read an injqnction for observl1nce of the rubrics ooncerning infant baptism; 1685,850.1:>2. Letter to archd. Granville i 1684, ib two of the name, wives of Thomas and Henry Lyte, BASKERVILE, Hannibal, SunningwelI, Berks: v. Blower, Christ. Jones, Walter. Brook, Marg. Lyte, Tho. Chaundler,John. Morgan, Will. Daveys, Tho. Scudamore,-. Eglesfield, Jas. Scud amore, Mary. Miscellaneous papers, 859. Autobiographical account and memoranda. ib. 3L 9, Names of his kindred that he had known, ib b. BASKERVILLE, Hannibal, son of Sir Thomas Baskerville, Bayworth, Berks. Notes, from his books, of accounts of his birth, of relics in the church of St. Denis near Paris, &c., , 6. BASKERVILE, Mary, dau. of Tho. Lyte, first the wife of John Morgan, afterwa.rds of Hannibal Baskervile. Account of her, 859. II b. BASKERVILE, Mary; i. e. lady Mary Scudamore, q. v. BASKERVILLE, sir Thomas. Allowances for his company of foot in the Low Countries; 1596, Died in France in 1597, BASKERVILLE, Thomas, son of Hannibal Baskerville, Bayworth, Berks. Collections about the family of Baskerville, the colleges in Oxford, &c., ,810. Three letters to his father; , 60, 61. Proposed for a place in lord Hatton's household, ib. 42, 44, in that of the arch bp. of York, 1 b. 52. Will j 1694, ib. 75. Account of Constance Baskervile, her husb. Tho. Lyte, and others of the family, ib 76. BASKERVILLE, William, [son of Hanni~ bal?]. Two letters to his uncle Dayrell; 1664, , 64. Owner in 1655 of art. 1 in 678. BASNAGE, Benjamin, French Signatllre; 1637, pastor. BASSANO, Chriflltopher, a deputy at Derby from the College of Arms. Two letters to S. Stebbing, Somerset Herald; 17 1)- 1715,807. III; BASSE, Robert, Bishop's Stortford, Herta. Articles against him for depraving the canons of 1603; 1612, BASSET, family of, StaffordlShire. Pedigree to 1588, by Dugdale, Pedi!l;ree, with arms in trick, by sir R. St. George, 9U. nil. 00

22 '544 BASSETT, Thomas, Warden of the Stationers' Company. Signature; 1687, 130. SIb. BASSOOO, Juan, Mexico: v. Pinedo, B. d~. BASSOMPIERRE, Marechal de.. Chronologie des ligues de Suisse; , Speech to the K. of France against a proposal to surprise Castillon, BASTARD, Edward. Notes on law cases, , BASTIDE,.Anne, widow of capt. John de, Hague. Power of attorney for receipt of pension [17Il 1J; with seal of arms, 760. IS. BASTIN, John. Proceeds of the.sales of Dr. Mead's pictures; 17.54, BASTWICK, John, M.D:: v. Prynne, Will. Copies by him of thirteen letters &c. by himself to various persons on various subjects; with two letters to him, BATAVIA: v. Deane, Lewis. BATOHELOR, Lucy, Canterbury. Epitaph; 1628, BATE, Charles, son.of rev. Rich., Canterbury. Epitaph; 1718, 37~ BATE, George, M.D. Notice of his family monument at Kingston-upon-Thames and epitaph, b-8; 766. ad calc. Elenchus t1iotuut1i in Anglia ; in English, 66. BATE, Henry. Letter to [sir] Thos. Browne; 1647, BATEMAN, John, M.D. Medical prescriptions; 1709 (copy), BATEMAN, Richard. Signature, BATEN, Petrus, pastor Bruxellensis. Memorandum de libro per eum dato in u!um capellanorum, anno 1557, BATES, Elizabeth. Letters, &c. relating to houses at Wapping held by her under lease from Bridewell Hosp.; , BATES, James. Petition to Charles II to be appointed one of his coachmen, in return for having carried to the emp. of Morocco the coach and horses sent by the King, BATES, Thomas, executed for the Gunpowder Plot. Warrant from Jaines I to restore his goods and chattels to his widow, b BATH: II. Hearne, Tho. Thwaites, Edw. Description, in 1646, Index of epitaphs in the abbey-church; to.1717, b INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Law-suit relative to the mastership of hosp. of St. John Bapt.; 1668, Copy by W. Griffith of an attestation of accuracy inserted in his transcript of the Chartulary of the hosp. of St. John Bapt.; Jan. 167~, Inscription commemorating the visit of Q. Mary of Modena, Two letters to the m~istrat~s from the. Secr. of State about Non-jurors, &c., and their reply; Oct (copies), I. Notice of the Red Book of the abbey, ,67. BATH, earl of: 'V. Granville, John. BATH AND WELLS, diocese: v. Archer, 1Mm. Worthington, J. BATHERST [or Bathurst], Lancelot. Legacies to him and his three daughters from his father-in-law, B. Randolph;. 1582,386.37,39,41. BATT, Robertus, coll...en.. Nas., postea Univ., Oxon. Epistolre de rebus amidemicis et domesticis, ac theses academicm, pro maxime parte dum in coli. len. Nas. vitam ageret; , 985. BATTAILE, Roger I. Nomen inscriptum, BATTELL, rev. -, Hertford. Note of his death in 1734, b. BATTELY, Charles. Note of papers relating to dissolution of monasteries, Address of a letter to him at Mr. Craker's, Islip, Oxon., ib. 84h BATTELY, John, D.D., chaplain to archbp. Sancroft and archd. of Canterbury. Four thanksgiving-prayers [1683?J; , 37. Signature; , Sh, 86b,9Ib, 10 7, 14611, 155, 183, 234; I; 13t:l6 46. Epitaph; 1708, Lat., BATHOE, William..Agent in London for the ministers of Norwich in 1606, BATTELY, Nicholas. M..A., vicar of Beakes bourne, Kent. Epitaph; 1705, Lat., BATHURST,.Ann, member of the Philadelphian Society. Meditations and visions; , 1262,1263, Letter to a lady; 1693 (copy), to R. Roach and F. Lee; 1695 (copy), ib. Jlb. -- without address (copy), ib. 27. Mentioned, ib. 36,94. BATHURST, sir Benj., knt. Petition for a &'1'ant to him of a forfeiture by a R. C. pnest, and order for the same (copies), , _ BATHURST, Radulphus, M.D., coli. Trin., Oxon. prooses. Oratio in comitiis, 10 July, 1676 (manu Ric. Rawlinson), 275. Note of his death, A prescription " out of his study," BATTERSEA, Surrey. Draft of an assignment of pews in the church; 1613, b BATTlE, William, D.D. Letter to archbp. Sancroft, 13 Aug (copy), b BATTISTA, Giuseppe. Letter concerning Po&lipo, translated by Rawlinson, lob. _. - concerning the native country of Ennius, ib BATTLE ABBEY, Sussex: v..andevyr, Will. Four deeds (copies), 404. [143]..Abstract of a grant to the last abbot, 400 3b. BATTS, Timothy. Signature; ,48 BA VARIA. Series of Latin chronograms on the death of the electress Mal'ia BATMAN, -, bookseller, London. Notices by Bagford of his stock of books, 896..Antonia; 1692, BATT, Barbara et.annit. Sorores Roberti BAUDAN -, French Protestant minister. Note of a letter to him from DeniR Batt, b Granville; 1679, BATT, Edwardus, Cantabr. Epistol;e ad eum a fratre suo Rob. Batt; \ 16b, 27, 28b,.39. Epistola ab eo ad fratrem Robertum; 1584 (apogr)., ib 57b BAuDIER,Jean, Paris. Excommunication for non-appearance in a suit respecting the will of Jean Gagier; 1478, 867. Sil. BAUE, John,goldsmith. Letters of denization i 1633 (copy), b. BATT, Gulielmus, Birstalim in com. Ebor. Epistola ad eum a fratre suo Ric. Batt; BA UFRE, Pierre de, King Street, Soho. 1582, ' Description d'un nouveau echapage pour les montres, 524 ad fin. BATT, Henricus, Birstalire, in com. Ebor. Epistola ad eum a fratre ejus Rob. Batt; IS83, Mentio de eo, ib 58 BATT, Richardus, Birstalim in com. Ebor. Epistolm dum ad fratrem auum Rob. Batt; (apogr.), b, 42. Epistoloo tredecim ad eum a proodicto fratre; , ib. 3, 6, 13b, 18, 20, 22, 26,35, 36b, 44, 48, 49b, 54b BAUKOOME, Edward, Horsham, Sussex; U3b BAWDWYN, Ralph and Marian, Canterbury. Epitaph; 16u, S. BAXTER, alias Cowper, Elizabeth, widow of lieut. Warren Baxter, who died at Almanza. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1712,

23 R.AWLINSON. PARTES III.. IV. BAXTER, James, minister of St. Botolph's BEAC;HY HEAD, battle off: v. Anglia. Aldersgate, London. Signature; BEACONSFIELD, Bucks.: v. Ashton, Eliz BAXTER, Nathaniel. Epithetons of our BEADLE, John, rector of TrimletJ, q.v. Lord Jesus, BEAK, ~ ev. Robert,Canterbury, and his BAXTER, Richard. Part of a copy of one of his tracts in defence of non-conformity, A defence of rigid non conformists, in reply to treatises by Baxter against Dr. Owen and - Ralphson (imperj.), Notes about him, his wife, his Call to the Unconverted, sayings, &c.; , S9a,", 6ob, 61, 64L S, 67.68,69.' BAXTER, T. Signature; 1570, BA Y, - de. Signature; BAYLES, John, son of Anth., Ronaldkirk,. Yorkshire, 1657, BAYLEY, Mary,widow of Thomas, surgeon, Kenilworth, Warw. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty-money; 1711, BAYLIE, Ricardus, S.T.P., coil. D. Jo. Bapt., Oxon: prreses. Notre theologicre, 1449, Compositio de decimis vicarire de Llanbister; 1666, b. Receipt signed by him as vice-chancellor, 166i, Briefnote in his handwriting, Nomen inscriptum, son Robert. Epitaphs on them and their family; , b, 218. BEAKE, Thomas, Stourmouth, Kent. Lent a copy of Roper's Life of Sil' J. More to J. Lewis in 1727, BEAU)[ON"r, George, inn-holder, Norwich, temp. Car. I: v. Chickering, Tho. BEAUMONT, George. Si~nature; 1682, beaumont, Robert, D.D., master oftriri. coli., Cambro. Theological commonplace book, Presentation to the archdeaconry of Huntingdon; 1560, ib. 41. List of books in his possession; 1557, BEAUMONT, Thomas, Stoughton, Leic. : BEAKESBOURNE, Kent. Epitaph in the V. Grey of Groby, Tho. lord. church on N. Battely; 1705,682.41; 972. lib. BEAUVOIRE, Richard. Owner in 1688 of BEALE, Robert. Epitaph in Harefield churchyard; 1679, BECCATELLI, Ant., Panormitanus. Hermaphroditi libb. ii.; manu M. Maittaire, 343. BEALE, Theodore, vicarof AshBocking, q. V. BEALE, William, fellow of Jesus coll., Cambro Signature, BEAMONT: V. Beaumont. BEAN, Charles; rector of Bishopsbourne, Kent. Speech at election for proctors in Convoc., 1722, in reply to P. Innes and E. Lunn, BECCATELLO, Ludovico. Instrnttione per L. BeccateHo di quanto haura da esponere 11. nostro S. et a mons. di Farnese, per tre legati card. de Monte, card. S. Crucis, et card. Reg. Polo, BECCLES, Suffolk: V. Chapman, Will. Epitaph on T. Wrongey, b. BAYLEY, Thomas, D.D. Epitaph in BEAR, rev. John. Letter to him from.becher, John. Signature (cent. xvi), Magd. coli. chapel, Oxf., T. Hearne; 1709, BEARD, G. Amedicine for a horse, BEARDsALL,George, vicar of Arkesden,q.v. 'BEARN, province of Fmnce.. Discorso delle chiese riformate in materia dei bene ecclesiastici concessi a gli vescovi Romani, 624, 337. BAYLY, John, Plymouth, ". BEAUCHAMP, Guy de, earl of Warwick. Marriage with Isabella de Clare; from BAYLY, John. Signature (cent. xvi), the Worc. dioc. register, So. BEAVER, Edward, rector of East Hadley BAYLY, William, quaker. Letter from and vicar of Tadlow, Cambro Signature; 1674, 340. Newgate (copy), b 23. BAYLY, William, mayor of Oxford. Signature; 1681, BECKET, Thomas, archiep. Cantuar. Versus de eo, Collections in English rlllating to his quarrel with the king, BECKET, William, vicar of Kingstonupon-Thames. Epitaph, 1626, b. Nine quatrains in the dialect of Bearn(?), BECKETT, William, surgeon, Abingdon , 85b. Notes about Abingdon, &c., sent by T I. V. him to Hearne, 1731, BA YLIE, Simon, M.A., rector of St. Mary's, BEATITUDES: V. heo ogica ana. Canterbury. Signature; 1678, BEAU, Michele. Ie, London: BECKMAN capt. Mentioned [1644], V. Como, Gius. ' BAYLIE, Will., vicar of Trumpington, BEAUCHAMP, earls of Warwick, family BEDA, Venerabilis. Tabulre kalendares, Cambro Signature; 1674, of. Descent, , 16b Paper by T. Delafield on the story of Imma and Tunna, Eccl. HiBt. iv. 22, I. BEDEI,L, William, bishop of Kilmore : t'. BAYNARD, John, a non-juror. Signature; Bedell, Will., his son. Clogie, Alex. Three letters to the Lord Deputy; (copies), BEDELL, William, son of bishop Bedell. Life of his father; autogl., BEAUFORT, Duke of: V. Somerset. BEAUFORT, Margaret, duchess of Clarence. 112 written for and dedicated to her by her chaplain. BEDE-RoLL: V. Gilds. BEAULIEU, John, secretary to Eng!. ambo. BEDFONT, Middlesex. 'Valuation of the BAYNES, -. Sermon on 1 Pet. V. 2; at Paris: V. Cecil, W. parish for the monthly assessment, Dec. 1608, b. E C h' 1653, BAYNES, Ralph, [bishop of Lichfield?]. Signature; "Ra. Baynus." BAYNING, Paul, viscount. Oratio ltd eum panegyrica, quum genemlis sophista in acado Oxon. creatus esset, b BAZIE, Alice, Walthamstow, Essex, 1637; b BEACHAMPTON, B1:!cks.: V. Eyre, Reg. BEACHCROFT, Robert. Signature; 1708, BEAUMANOIR, nr. arlo, marc. dl Lavardin. Osservazioni sopm il manifesto di march. di Lavardin, ambasc. Fmnc. al Innoc. XI, 1687, BEA UMONT, de: V. Ar., mons. BEAUMONT, Hammond, St. Peter's coll., Cambro Signature; 1686, Notice of him, b. BEAUMONT, or BEAMONT, Francis, master of the Charterhouse. Art. I in 1350 dedicated to him, and given away by him in BEDFORD. County: Letter from the Privy Council to the Lord Lieut. for a muster of forces, &c., 1615, Town: V. Palmer, Oliver. Memorial to bp. of London from the mayor and council &c. begging for an augmentation for the vicarage of St. Paul's; C. 1679, BJe-Iaws, 1695,

24 546 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. BEDFORD, Dukes of: ti. Plantagenet. Russell. BEDFORD, Elizabeth, widow of bishop Hilkiah. Hearne's library bought from her by Rawlinson, , 3. BEDFORD, George. Assignment of his Crown office of searcher and sealer of madrlerto H. Sherfield; 1628, BEDFORD, Thomas, curate of Plymouth. Anon. diary, ; Lat., BEDFORD, Rev. Thomas, son of Hilkiah. Two letters to Dr. Rawlinson; 1735, 849. I, 3. Letter to J. Proud, with reply, ib. 10. Copy of an epitaph sent by him to Dr. Rawlinson, b Books given by him to a friend, ,8b BELASYSE, or BELLASlS, family of, lords Fauconberg. Arms in trick, with quarterings; temp. Will. III, I6b BELASYSE, John, first baron: 1'. Herbert, Will. Letter to Secr. of State about Tangier; 1665 (copy), 9~ Procla~ations, signed by him, about soldiers at Tangier, ib. lis, 1I6. BEDFORD, Hilkiah, bishop among the Non-jurors: 1'. Lowndes, R. BELASYSE, Thomas, second visco Fauco.nberg, and first earl. Letters to him Answe~ to G. Burnet respecting the situation of Rome and the Tarpeian from Sir J. Reresby; , 204. rock, ,50 Copy of archbp. Parker's MS. of the Owner in 1688 of 48. Articles of 1562 collated with those of 1571; 1711, Thirty letters to him from Hearne; 171O-II, \ b Notes of his life, BELGIUM: V. Flandria. Petrus, Sebastenus. Netherlands. departed, ib. ]34, 157, 158. Arguments against mixed communion, ib Common-place notes on moral and theological subjects, ib IJetter to - Smith on prayer and patience under suffering, ib. I lis. Syllogisms about the origin of man, &c., 156b. Comparison of the con. secrations of bishops propused in 1659 and those of the non jurors, ib Notes on ordination, and the primacy of the Pope, ib. 160, 161. Argument against mere possessory right, ib His will; not dated, ib Letter to Rev. John Cock, 17 9, 202 ad init. BELFIELD, Dr. John, Alresford, Hants. BELLAMY, capt. -. Arms in trick; 1642, Epitaph, 1715, b BELLAMY, John. Signature; 1676, BELLAMY, W. Letter to sir T. Rawlin- BELIDOR, - de. On the measure of son, the area of spherical triangles; transl., BELK, Thomas, D.D. Signature; 1678, BELLARMINUS. Robertus, cardinalis. Analysis Disputationum ejus, Fragmenta e tractatu quodam contra eum, I. BELL, Barptolemoous, ex-pastor Pal a tinm. Inscriptio in albo amicorum BELLASIS: v. Belasyse. Fred. Lossii; 1627, BELLINGER, Jo., warden of the Stationers' Company. Signature; 1686, BEDFORD, William, son of Hilkiah. BELL, Beaupre, jun. Gave arts. 4,10,12, Copied a paper of his father's respecting 13 in 366 to Hearne ISb, 18, 36b, 83b, 86b, 9lh. the earl of Clarendon, BEDINGFELD, Anne. Epitaph in Pinner BELL, Elizabeth: 1'. Borfet, Abr. BELLINI, Lorenzo. La bucchereide (poema), 646. cxxxix. church; 1580, b, BELL, Ellen, widow of capt. John, Westminster. Power of attorney for receipt BELLONI, Girolamo, Rome. Letter to BEDMAR, marchese di: v. Cueva, Alf. della. of bounty-money; 1711, G. Como; ,!tal., BELL, Jane, widow of capt. Philip. Peti- BELLS: V. Palmer, Oliver. BEDWELL, William. Signature; 1588, tion to Charles II for a continuance of [Notes on change-ringing; by P.Mundy, her husband's pension, , Rawl. A b.] BEDYLL, Thomas, clerk of the Council. Letter to Tho. Cromwell (copy from Cotton Cleop. E. vi. 168), 3~ BEE'S, St., Cumberland. Valuation of the cell there, BEES. "Historia apum "; a treatise on honey-bees, 868. I. BEESLY, Thomas, vicar of Little Marlow, Bucks. Signature; 1678, BEEZLY, -, It London attorney, mentioned; 171 3, BEIGHTON, Thomas, vicar of Egham, Surrey. Gave art. 112 in 912 to Rawlinson. BEISLEY, Alexander. Letter to E. Ashmole; 1665, BEISSERUS, Abraham, Sprotta-Silesius. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; Heidelb., Jut 6, 1618, b BELARDINO, -, Romano. Prigionia e morte delli sig'i Belardino e Nic. Missori; 1685, BELL, John, formerly lieut. in the earl of Dumbarton's regiment. Petition to Charles II. to be appointed lieut. of a regiment of dragoons, BELL, Richard. Petition to Charles II for admission to a hospital, BELL, Richard. Letter to dean Granville of Durham, BELL, Rev. Thomas, Non-juror: V. Brett, Thomas. Letters to Dr. Brett, against the Usages proposed by some of the non-jurors; 1717, , IIS. -- copy of the first, ib. 93. Account of the meeting on 27 July, 1716, about the Usages, ib Answer to some aro"uments of S. Parker in favour otthe ante-revolution bishops who took the oaths, ib Answer to two letters from - Sandford about mixed communion, ib Answer to sect. V. of Dodwell's Farther prospect of the case in t,iew, ib Prayers for national pardon, after the storm of 1703, for deliverance from sickness, and of intercession for the Orders of a London society of ringers called the Western Green Caps; 1683, lo of a London society called the Northern Youths; , of the Greenwich Youths; 1683, ib. 35. BELTON, Leicestershire: V. Willes, Sam. BELTRAM, Michael. Presented to a parish in Carniola by emp. Ferd. III; 1648, BENDLOWES, W. Signature, ,58. B}]NEDICTIONES h Benedictio annuli, BENEDICTUS, S. Pars reguloo eius, BENEDICTUS XIII, papa. " Conclave," &c. ; account of his election as pope; ital., 507. Printed Relazioni of his election, coronation, procession, and opening la Porta Santa; 1724, , 2030, 2079, BENEDICTUS, abbas Petriburgensis: V. Madox, Tho.

25 BENGAL: v. Aurungzebe. BENGEO, Hertfordshire : v. Byde, Thomas. View of frank-pledge at the court baron of sir Ralph Sadler, 17 May, 1553, Court rolls of Temple Chelsyn, 26 Hen. VnI-Io Eliz., BENHALL, Suffolk. Articles against Rob. Sugden, vicar, 1644, RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 547 BENTINCK, William,first earl of Portland. Papers against a grant to him by the Crown of lands in Denbighshire, 1695, Will and codicil; 170S-8, ib.15 BENTLEY, Suffolk: v. Meadows, sir Ph. BENTLEY, family of, Staffordshire. Pedigree to 1663, by Dugdale, BERGEN-OP-ZOOM: V. Grimston, Will. Account of the siege in 1622, 33. I. BERKELEY, Glollcestershire. Epitaph on Tho. Peirce, b BERKELEY, family of. Descent, with collateral branches, b BERKrE1LEY, Ann, wife of Hen. King: v. Goff, Tho. BENTLEY, Richard, D.D. Death of his BERKELEY, [George?]. Owner of 104. BENJAMIN TUDELENSIS. ItinerariuUl, son; 1707, Mention of his ex verso C. L'Empereur transcriptum, Horace and Suidas, ib BERKELEY, John, first baron Berkeley of 460. Stratton. BENTLEY, 'rhomas, Queen's coll., Oxf. Letter to Lord Percy; 1t. d BENIGARDI, Petrus, Diploma pro gradu Signature as S.C.L.; 1669, Negotiations with the army on behalf doctoris in chirurgia; Romre, 1698, BENTZINGIUS, Joannes. Inscriptio in of Charles I; , 92. I. 552*.27. albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann ; Lubecre, Signature; 1674, BENLOWES, Edwardus. Exercitia scho- 1612, lastica, 278. BERKELEY, or " Barkele," Oswald. Sig- Letter to him from C. Paman [1652], BENVOGLIENTI,. Uberto. Excerpta ex nature (end of fifteenth cent.), quinque tomis epistt. Italicarum penes BERKELEY, sir Richard. Letter to his BENN, Anthony, Recorder of London. Latin epitaph at Kingston-upon Thames, 1618, and notice of his family, 682. n b, 79b. BENNET OF HULME, abbey of St.: v. Hulme. BENNET, Henry, earl of Arlington. Letter to bp. Compton; 9 Aug (copy), Letter to bp. Cosin on behalf of D. Granville; 1666 (copy), Signature; 1684, Letters to him from sir J. Reresby, , , 44, 46, 49. eum; , b grand-daughter Mary Throgmorton, BENYON, sir George, knt. Petition to 859. I. Charles II for repayment of money BERKELEY, sir Robert. Argument on advanced to Charles I, ship-money; 10 Feb. 163k, BENZELIUS, Ericus, episc. Lincopiensis, postea archiep. Upsaliensis. Epistolre tres ad P. H. Zollmann; , Epist. ad eum a Zollmann; 1724, ib. 66. Epist. ad eum a Mich. Maittaire, 1742, b Possedit 298. BEOMMONT, -. Signature, BERARD, -. Letter to Hildebr. lord Alington; Fr., 86L 74. BENNET, Joan, Tower Hill, London, 1637, BERAULT, Peter. [Part of a dedication to the earl of Dorset, possibly by Berault], So. BENNET, sir John, judge of the Prerog. Court. Signature (U Benet"); 1612, BERDOE, Charles, Ipswich. Affidavit; BENNET, Martha, Barking, Essex, 1638, b BENNET, Symon, Calverton, Bucks. Signature; 1679, b BENNET, Thomas, D.D., Colchester: v. Lloyd, Will., bp. of Worcester. London, St. Giles CI-ipplegate. Proposed methodizing the tracts on the popish controversy; 1699, Notice of him; 1709, b. BENOLTE, Thomas, Clarencieux king-ofarms. Answer to articles of complaint preferred against him by Sir T. Wriothesley, BENSON, Thomas, Queen's coli., Oxf.: V. Nicolson, Will. First printed specimen-pages of his Thes. ling. Angl.-Sax., 1690, Notes on words in the Anglo-Sax. Chronicle; Lat., , BERE, Richard. Engl. military discipline, 1686,1130. DEREBLOCUS, Johannes. Res Oxonii gestre in adventu Elizabethre reginre, Sermon at Oxf. on Col. i. 20; 1579, Signature, BERE COURT, Berks: v. Pangbourne. BENNETT, John. Five letters to him from Hearne, , b; BEREFORD, family of, Oxon.: v. Bright- 36,59 b ; b,118b well Baldwin, Oxon. BERENS, Henricus, Danus (?). Inscriptio Ital. in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., I Jan. 1619, BERESFORD, John, M.A., vicar of West Wratting, CamLr. Signature; 1669, BERESFORD, Richard. Signature (cent. xvi), BERESFORD,Thomas. Slgnature (cent. xvi), BENTINCK, Henry, second earl of Port. land. Rents received for him in BERGAMO, Italy. Notes of a commercial 1716, 923. Sb, 10. traveller in 1678, b BERKELEY, Ry. Signature; BERKENHEAD, sir John: v. Holloway, Humph. Deposition in a suit, Monke v. Rustat ; 1668, , 15. Signature; 1676, ob. BERKSHIRE: v. Ashmole, Elias. Oxfordshire. Maltsters. List of knights in the county, t. Edw. I, Warrant for muster of the trained bands in Hormore hundred, to send forces to Portsmouth j 27 July, 1626 (copy), Warrant for summoning taxable persons about a supply (copy), ib. 13S". Pedigrees of 51 families as entered at Ashmole's visitation in 1665, Persons who disclaimed bearing arms, ib.. 95, 177, 212. Index of names of gentry, ib. lsi, I6 coats of arms, in trick, ib List of gentry summoned at the visitation in 1665, Index of monuments in the parish churches and in St. George's chapel, Windsor [from Ashmole's History], BERMONDSEY: v. London. BERMUDA ISLANDS. Copies of papers relating to the Company of the Islands from 1615 to 1688; being charter, grant of arms, rental of lands, laws and orders, &c., ut infra, 764. Certificates of the Company to the King respecting lands possessed by Owen Roe, Corn. Holland, and sir John Danvers in 1648; (copies), ib. 53b The case of H. Noden with regard to the preceding lands; 1688, ib Petitions to the King against the Governor, sir J. Heydon, 1681, tb. 30,

26 548 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. 31. Petition of inhabitants to the. King against the Company in Jan. 168.)" presented July 4, 1683, with a list of the persons who signed it, ib. 38. Another petition, in June, 1682, ib. 39b Names of the members of the Company in 1680, ib. 32h. Proceedings against the Company by a Quo Warranto, , ib Money laid out upon the Quo Warranto brought against the Company, , ib. 34. Memorial concerning the King's lands, 1687, ib. SIb. Report by W. Blathwayt thereon, 27 March, 1688, ib. 52h. BERNARD, Charles, M.D. Signature; , 61. Inscriptions by him, ib. 61, 62. Notice of him, Sale of his library; 1740, b BERNARD, Chr., deputy-remembr. of the Treasury. Attestation of a document; 1670, BERNARD, Edward, D.D.: v. Collins, John. Smith, Thos. Read the Samaritan Chronicle, and made notes therefrom, b Inscription on a shield of his arms on marriage with his second wife; 1693, Epitaph, BERNARD, or Barnard, Eli1.abeth, widow of capt. Mark Anthony, Portsmouth. Power of attorney to her brother Will. Heasler to receive bounty-money or pension, 1714; with seal of arms, 760. II. BERNARD, Francis, M.D. Gift by him of books to a friend, 878, 1, 2, 4b, 6b, 29. BERNARD, Jonathan, B.A., St. John's coil., Cambro College testimonial for lwiest's orders; 167~, BERNARD, Nicholas, D.D. Letter to M. Casauhon about Dee's Actions with Spirits; 1658 (copy), Mentioned, 165~, b. BERNERS, Barony of. Admission of the BESNIER, or Bennier, Peter, sculptor to claim of Mrs. Bokenham, mentioned Will. III. Mention of his death, 1693, by Tanner; 1722, b BERNERS, B. Letter to her uncle dean BESOGGIO, Matteo, dal Este. Scribe of Granville of Durham; 1684, in BERNHARDINUS, Naamannus, Husanus Holsatus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Dec. 1612, b BERNWOOD FOREST, Bucks.: v. Navy. BEROLINGERIS, Sebast. In Petrum et Paulum ejus poema, BESSARION, card. Joannes, Nicmm episc. Cat. librorum ejus in bib I. Marciana Veneto 1628, 90ts BESSERUS, Johannes. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Witeb. 19 Aug. 1616, b BERRIDGE, Sarah: v. Leicester, Town. BERRIMAN, William, D.D. Dedication BESSONNET, -. Analyses of sermons by him, in French, ; h. List of his sermons, of a pamphlet to him in 1721, BESTIARIUM. Pars bestiarii moralizati, BERROW, C., minister of St. Botolph's Aldersgate, London. 'Signature; 1744, BETANIOS, M. Plea in a Spanish law-case, BERRY, capt. Arms and device on his cornet, 1642, b, 30. BERRY, John, Harborough. Letter to bp. Fell; 1674, Anglo-Saxon words not in Somner's Diet., ib BERRY, R., vicar-choral of Linc. and vicar of Bicker. Letter to N. Lloyd; 25 Dec. 1680, BERRY, Richard, M.A., Oxon. Attested the accuracy of W. Griffith's copy of the chartulary of St. John Bapt. Hosp., Bath; 1678, BETCHWORTH, Surrey. Monumental inscriptions, BETHEM. Centiloquium, SIb. BETHUNE, - de, cousin de mons. de Sully: V. Ar..., mons. BETHUNE, Maxim. de, baron de Rosny, due de Sully. Lettre au governeur d' Orange (copie), Reponse au lettre de card. Du Perron, ib. 19. BETTAN, James. Invitation, in verse, to a feast at his house, BERSELLO, Italy. Descrittione, BE'I'TENHAM, John, printer, London. Note to Rawlinson, BERTANO, Gurone; V. Paulus III, papa. Name, b BERTANO, Pietro, vesco di Fano: v. Julius BETTES, Robert. Signature (cent. xvi, III, papa. end), BERTIE, Robert, marquess of Lindsey. BETTESWORTH, Mary, widow of capt. Case against J. Mandeville with reference to suits against the dowager attorney for receipt of pension; 1713, Maurice, Midhurst, Sussex. Power of countess of Lindsey, Warrant for his creation as Duke of BETTI, -, Venice. Letter to G. Como; Ancaster; 1715 (copy), , Ital., BERNARD, William, Ch. Ch., Oxf. Sig- BERTRANDUS, episcopus Aquensis: V. BETTS, rev. John. Art. 41 in 809 given nature as S.C.L., 166~, b Sixtus IV, papa. to him in BERNARD, William, Merton coil, Oxf. Signature, BERNARDUS, S. Devout meditations, from him, Metrical transl. by H. Gandy of his BERWICK, duke of: v. Fitz-James, James. hymn "Jesu, dulois memoria," BERWICK, Little, Shropshire. Epitaph on E. Baldwyn, 1735, BERNARDUS SAPIENS. Descriptio locorum quos vidit quando ivit Jemsalem BERWICK-UPON TwEED: V. Parliament, HOU8e of Lords. anno 970, Sailing directions thither, BERNARDY, John: v Blackburne, Rob. Speech to the burgesses on delivery Letter to - Clarke; 1719, of the charter in 1686, Copy of a letter to the vicar urging Ethicm compen submission to James II; 168~, ib. 22. BERNAUDUS, Moses. dium, 1644, 240. BERNE, Canton of: 'V. Davel, major. Tranal. of certificates from the ministers and magistrates in favour of J. Litta, 1619, 1(s BERTRANDUS, Ludovicus, Ord. Prmd. Re latio examinationis miraculorum in causa de canonizatione ejus; 1665, ,61. BERWICK, John. Dying speech; 1746, BESLY (1) -, French pastor. Signature; BETTS, P. Verses" on a rustick in autum," BEVER, Rachel: V. Tyssen, Francis. BEVERIDGE, William, bishop of St. Asaph: V. S..., D.D. Letter about his Synodicon to Dr. Fell; 1671, (see also 130). Letter to dean Granville of Durham; 1684, Memorandum of collection for French refugees at St. Peter's, Cornhill, 1688, 897. I. Letter to him [from dean Granville?], 1688 (copy), BEVERLAND, Hadrian. Abusive paper against Jacobites and persons sup~ posed to be his enemies, His books bought by the earl of Sunderland,

27 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 549 BEVERLEY, Yorkshire. Inscription over the burial-place of the relics of St. John in II97, BEVERLY, Frances, Horseleydown; 1637, 145. I2b. BEUREN, Paulus, Dordrecht. A rcadyreckoner for wine, in Dutch; 1670, 432. BEZA, Theodorus. Epist. ad J oh. Whitgift contra ordinem episcopatus, cum responso; 1593 (apogr)., Notre e tract. ejus de particip. Christi in Crena, BIBLIA: v. Bland, J. Rosenheim, Petro de. Historia sacra abbrev., , 34b Pars mutila tabulre cujusdam brevissimre memorialis, in contenta omnium libb., Summa perbrevis Vet. Test. (mutua), Versus 13 memoriales de nominibus librorum, Interpp. nominum Hebr. et nominum Apostt Fragmenta concordantire veteris, Meditationes breves in varia S. Script. loca, ChronologiaBiblica; A.D. 1566, Catal. Pontificiorum qui contra Scripturam et sacra vernacula scripserunt, 280.6,26b Notre Usserii de variis edit. Vet. et Nov. Test., *, Sacra Scriptura a corruptelis pontifi. cum vindicata, Theses dure de qurest., An vera interpretatio S. Scrip. possit contradicere judicio Ecclesire, "The triple surditie of protestants" in maintaining private interpretation of Scripture, Cranmer's prologue to his Bible, Brief notes on various passages, Lat. and Engl., 250. Series of texts, from Genesis to Esther, Texts, under commonplace-book headings, A selection of texts from O. and N. T.,1435. Excerpta brevia de versionibus et var. lectt., Copies by P. Baker of documents relative to the transl. in 1604, Mention of the Alexandrine MS.; 1673, Brief notes on date and authorship of the books; by Laur. Howell, A list by Bagford of printed Bibles and Testaments in various languages, 375. ~7. Notes by Bagford of printed Enghsh Bibles, , seqq.; 1;; ,78-84; -- by J. Lewis, Papers on the part of the Stationers' Co. relating to the printing of Bibles at Oxford [1672], , [see Stationers' Company]. Complaints against the King's printer and the Stationers' Compo for bad printing of Bibles and Prayer-books; 1722, , 147. List of persons to be applied to for help in printing a Welsh Bible; c.i714, Some objections made to it, ib Deistical comment: v. Religion. "Explication de quelques passages de l'ecriture S.," 472. Extrait des textes falsifies dans les Bibles heretiques, I. TESTAMENTUM VETUS. Varire lectt. in libris quibusdam e quodam cod. Lat., "The lessouns and pistils of the olde lawe," copied by John Lewis from Wycliffe's transl., Notes by U ssher of various readings and emendations in all the books, Ib-38b. Names of writers selected for the Oxford Annotations on Old Test.; with the rules, Notes on O. T. from Gen. to Judges; Lat. and Engl., Septuaginta: V. Graham, James. Woodford, Sam. T.,W. Genesis: V. Williams, John. Notre paucre intext. Hebr. cap. i,1435. I. Commentary on chaps. i-iii. 3; 1636 [qu., by John White?], Description by Ussher of the Cottonian Greek Genesis, Exodus. Fragm. e libro, srec. x, Fragmentum aliud; srec. xi, ib Latin poem on Moses and the Exodus (cent. xvii), b LiberJudicum. Dissertation on Samson's foxes, Job. Observatt. in cappo i-x, auct. Rob. Beaumont, h. Short notes on Job's country, time, &c., Psalmi: V. Bland, J. Blois, Jehan de. Davison, Chr. and Fr. Lombardus, Petrus. Rolle, Ric. Fragments from Latin Psalters, , 13, 43-4, 77 In short-hand; 171, according to Weston's method, The Psalms digested under certain heads, Three copies of a description of a MS. containing an Arabic version of the Psalms and the Songs of Moses, Transl. of Ps. i, Paraphrases in verse of Ps. i, ii. iv-viii, xiv, xlviii, and xlix, by Laur. Howell, The veil of the Psalms rent [paraphrases of Ps. i, ii, xxiii, xxiv, lxvii, c, ci], Ps. viii, paraphrased by Sir J. Reresby, Ps. cx, Ps. cxvii, cxxii, cxxxi, CXXXlll, cxxxiv, cxxxvii, versibus Latinis, , et ad calc Ecclesiastes: 1>. Aben-Ezra, Abr. Cantica Canticorum: v: Mainsty,E. Notre super libr. Cant.; 1617, 1:~ b. Esaias. Concio academica in Es. xlix. 24-6, Commentary on Is. Ix. 5; Engl. (lnd Lat., , 458. Jeremias. Concio super Thren. i. 13, 14 de miseriis ecclesire, 280. * 37. Daniel. Exposition of the book of Daniel by John Crookshank; 1662, Commentaire sur Dan. xii. I, 469. Part of a French treatise on the seventy weeks; written after 1681, Prophetre Minores. Comment. in prophetas minores, Scholia super Jonre cap. i. V. I, Sermons on chap. ii of Zechariah, Notes of sermons on the whole book [by John White], ib ApOCRYPHA: 1), Gelasius. Selections from Ecclesiasticus, Fragm. e lib. i. Machab., NOVUM TESTAMENTUM: V. Smith, T. Notre Usserii de codice Bezre Cantabr, 280. *41 b, 44b ; b. Nota ejusdem de cod. antiquo penes eum, Annotations on the Gr. text, The hardest words in the Rhemish version, Peculiar forms of words in Codex Alex. and Codex Bezre, ad calc. 2,6. Reasons for printing the New Test. and Psalter in Arabic, The help of the Prmce of Wales desired for it ; 1726, ib. 78. Letter about the printing; 1724, ib. III. Appeal for subscriptions, ib Application of Chr. Know!. Soc. for payment of the King's promised grant for the Arabic New Test.; 1726, ib Specimen of the type employed; the Decalogue and Lord's Prayer, ib List of engravings for illustrating an edition, Evangelia: 1). Dionysius Amidensis. Tatianus. Nicodemus. Portions of a harmony of the Gr. text of the Gospels, Gospel precepts, S. Matthreus: V. Turrettinus, J. A. Notre in cappo i-xvii. e Theophylacto et Erasmo, Notes on the Vulg. version of a few passages, Reflessioni sopra Ie otto beatitudini della predica di Christo sopra il monte; trd.d. dal Franc., 455.

28 550 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. S. Johannes. S. Giov. xviii. 27: v. Roma. Acta Apostt. Ch. ix. 7 and xxii. 9 reconciled, by.t. Delafield, Notes on XXiV. 16, Epistolre; v. Casaubonus, Is. Epistolal S. Pauli: v. Clogie, Alex. Notes on,apparently, some commentary on St. Paul's Epistles, Notes on Eph. iv-vi, 1330, passim. TraiM sur Ephes. i. 10 sur l'adherenee de tous les esprits a J. Christ, 474. Epist. ad Philipp., Lat. ex Arab., per 'Tho. Horton, Notal in i. ad Tim., 1320, inter Ep. ad Titum : v. fficumenius. Epist. ad Philem.; Se1avon.-Polon.-Lat., b. Ep. ad Hebr.: v. Melvinus, Andr. Commentary, by John Crookshank; 1662, Apocalypsis. Commentary; cent. xvii (imperj.), 856. Expos. of chaps. xiv, xvii-xx; 1670, I. Interp. of the number 666, Short expository notes by Laur. Howell, I6. Apocrypha. Notice of a MS. of the Gosp. of Nicodemus in the possession of W. Nicolson in 1697, ~ BIBURY, Gloucestershire: v. Temple, -. BICESTER, axon.: v. Cornish, Hen. Copy of a deed relating to the priory [130.] BICHI, Vincentius, postea cardinalis. Difesa legale al Memoriale dalli Cardinali, 14 Sett., 1726,539. BICKER, Lincolnshire: v. Berry, R. Featley, Dan.,BICKERSTAFF, Katherine, widow of capt. John, Ahoghill, Antrim. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty money. with certificate from the curate and churchwardens of Ahoghill, and affidavit; 1711, , 23. BICKERSTAFFE, Stuart. Signature and bookplate, , 67. BICKNELL, Edmund. Appointment as third chaplain to Henry lord Cheney of Toddington, 1579, BIDDENHAM, Bedfordshire. Rental of the estate of Will. Boteler, deceased BIDDLE, John, 1\1.A., Magd. hall, Oxf. Testimonial for orders, 1641 (copy), BIFFIN, John, an old soldier. Petition to Charles II for relief, b BIGAMY. Letter containing arguments in favour of bigamy, BmG, Henry: v. Godwin, Tho. BmG, Lovelace, esq., Wilts. Signature; 1699,748. IS. BINCKES, William, D.D. An argument for taking the oath of allegiance to sovereigns de jacto, Answer to a clergyman of Bath and Wells, defending spiritual power in secular hands, BINFIELD, Henry, whipmaker, London. Signature; ,717, srepe. BINGHAM, Joseph, M.A. Letter to Dr. J. BmG, Robert. View of the Lacedemonian Hudson, 1707, commonwealth, 206. Tables of eccles. names, offices, &c. from his Origines, BIGGS, William. Drowned in the Thames, 1104 ad calc. BINGLEY, sir James: v. Coke, sir Edw. BIG NELL, William, Wandsworth, Surrey; BING US, Thomas. Signature j 1560, , 145. I17. 69, 70. BIHOURD (?), D. Signature; 1600,1386. BION, -, French Protestant minister 68. in England. Memoire touchant l'etat present de la France, BILL, John, bookseller, London. Letter to BIONDI, Fr. Engraved border to title of the Heads of Houses at Oxford; 1672, the earl of Monmouth's transl. of his Mentioned, ib. 134 Civil Wars of Eng.; 164 1,811 ad init. BILL. William, master of Trinity coli.. Cambr., &c. Epistola adm. Bucerum BIONDI, Giuseppe, Giesuita. Della prigionia e morte del sig. '1'. Savelli, 1592, super qualstt. eccles. duabus (autogr.), BIRBECK, -. Note of a letter to him BILLE, Janus, Danus.. Inscriptio ~n albo from _ Hurleston, R.C. priest, b. amicorum Jac. Bnsset; Aurehal, 24 Mart. 1619, b. BILLE Johannes, Danus. Inscri:ptio Germ. una 'cum insignibus gentilitiis depictis in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; 8 Jul. 1618, BIRCH, or BURCH, Samuel, M.A., schoolmaster, Shilton, axon. Notes of his system of teaching; t. Cal'. Il, BIRCHET, John and Margaret, Sandwich. They sell a house at Calais to R. Clifton; 1472, BILLERS, John, B.D., St. John's coil, Cambro Speech to Q. Catharine on her visit to Cambridge, 1681, BIRD, Francis, SCUlptor. Notice of his death; 1732, BILLERS, Joseph, cjtizen of London. Supplement to his case; C. 1710, 916. BIRD, John. Signature; 1612, BIRD, John, rector of Knapwell, Cambro BILLESDEN, Leic. Precept to the overseers, Signature j 1679, &c. for settlement of a family; BIRD, Richard, alderman (?) of Chester. 29 Apr. 1652, Signature; 1680, BILLINGHAM, co. Durham: V. Milner, BIRKENHEAD, -, West Chester. 1637, John , 16b BILNEY, West, Norfolk. Field-book, or survey, of the manor; 1651, BILSON, Thomas, bishop of Winchester. Letter to Tho. James; 1620 (copy), Letters to him from D. Featley, , 166, 176, 230. BIRKHEAD, Henry, M.A., Inner Temple. Oratio ad baccalaureos determinantes, 975. I. Account with Dr. D. Granville for money due from the latter; 1684, BIRKHEAD, or BIRKHEVED, Richard and Katherine, Canterbury. Epitaphs; , BILSTONE, Edward, M.A., Wadham coli. Appointment as domestic chaplain to the duke of Wharton; 1720, 923. BIRSLEY, Thomas. Extract from his will; , Mentioned by Tanner; 1722, BIDEFORD, Devon. Notice of the Gran- BIRSTAL, Yorkshire: V. ville monuments in the church, 849. BILTON, John, M.A., vicar of Milton, Batt, R. Farrar, _. 16b. Cambro Signature; 1668, BIRTLES, Hugh. Commission to be a BIERLING, Casparus, Lipsiensis. In- BINALD, G. Owner of 434. scriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffcapt. of foot; 1650 (copy), manni; axon., 21 Mart. 1629, 9~3. BINALDUCCI, Giov. Batt., abbate. Pros- BISH,.Tohn, Burstow, Surrey, 1638, b perita infelice di Fr. Canonici, b

29 RA: WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 551 BISHNELL, capt. -, "the lord maior's BLACKHAM, sir Richard, bart. Con- Draft of a preface to a pamphlet in son-in-law." Device on his cornet and victed at Newgate of coining reply to J. Hutchinson's Glory 01' arms; 1642, b. shillings; 1706, Gravity; 1736, ib. 8. Remarks on proposals for a new edition of BISHOP, William, Balliol college. Ex- BLACKHEATH, Kent. Notice of the entract from a letter to Dr. Charlettj 1720, campment there of German Palatine proposals for a new edition of the Hutchinson's works, ib Printed refugees; 1709, Hebrew text of the Psalms; 1737, ib Notes against the teaching of BISHOPS: v. Episcopi. BLACKMORE, sir Richard. Notice of his the Moravians; 1746, ib Adv. sclection of metrical psalms; 1724, in the Daily Gazettee,' for discovery BISHOPSBOURNE, Kent: v. Bean, Chas andofhisversionj 1721, of a person who on May 8,1746, tore ib. 137, 139 BISHOP'S STORTFORD, Herts. Ecclesia.stical suit arising out of a dispute BLACKSTONE, Charles. Account by him up a handbill announcing part i. of his new version of the Old Test., ib. about the vicar's right to nominate one of a conversation with sir G. Gerrard 20. Letter to the Craftsman with churchwarden; 1612, relative to Blackstone's alleged conversion from Romanism, &c., to sir R. Walpole, ib. a satirical dedication of a pamphlet 187. BISLEY, Gloucestershire. Ordinance for endowment of vicarage; 1360, lb. BISPIIAM, William, subdean of Chester. Signature; 1680, BISSE, H. Signature, BISSE, John, St. Botolph Alc1ersgate, London. Renunciation by his widow of administration of his goods; BLACKWELL, George. Mention of his appointment as arch-priest; 1599, BLAGRAVE, Elizabeth, London: v. Lead, Jane. BLAIR, Robert. Signature; 1675, BLAKE, John, clothier, Reading. Com- BISSE, Philip, Magd. coil., Oxf. Wine- mended; 1665, 8li bill; 1636, BITSKA (?), Stephanus, comes Hungarus, Trannire gubernator. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 24 Apr. 1621, BIX, Elizabeth, widow of lieut. John, Canterbury. Power of attorney to her brother J (ihn Martin Stockar for receipt of bounty-money; 17 II, BIX, John, James and Eliz., Canterbury. Epitaphs; , BLACHIERE,J., Frenchpastor. Signature; 1605, BLACKALL, Of spring, bishop of Exeter. Extracts from his Discourses, ll BLANDFORD, Walter, D.D., warden of Wadham college, and bishop of Oxford. Receipts signed by him as vice-chancellor; ,ll88.24, 2Sb. Signature; 1663, *. -- as bishop; 1671, h. Draft of N. Lloyd's dedic. to him of his Dict. Hist., BLANFORD, Jane, widow of ensign John. BLAKE, Charles, St. John's coli., Ox. Powers of attorney for receipt of Letter to Rich. Roach; 1697, pension; , , 30. BLAKESTON, Thomas. Possedit BLAKISTON, Francis. Put to penance for brawling and violence in Durham cathedral; 1681, BLANY, Henry, curate of Hardwick, Cambro Signature; 1677, BLATHWAYT, William. Report to the lords of the Treasury upon lands in Bermuda; 27 March, 1688 (ropy), h. Signature to an order in Council; 1709, b Epitaph; BLAKISTON. John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Letter to dean Granville of Durham; BLAXLAND, Henry, Thanet. 1684, , BLAKISTON, Marmaduke,preb. of Durham. Complaint8 against him on the part of tenants ofthe church of Durham, BLAXTON, Godfrey. Signature, BLEAN, Kent. Incumbents, 15S8-1716, BLAKISTON, Roger, verger at Durham BLECH, Joh. Geo., Amberg.-Palat. Incathedral. Penance for drunkenness; scriptio Germ. in albo amicorum P. 1686, Golii; Lond., 24 Maii, 1619, BLAKISTON, Thomas, Durham. Dec!. of BLElIlINEX, Gulielmus. Nomen inscrip-.blackamore, M -. List of his heraldic trust of lands conveyed to him b y t urn, SS., 1684, bishop Cosin; 1665,849.89' BLENcow, Mary, Marston St. Lawrence, BLACKBOURNE, John, M.A., non-juring bishop. Common-place book j transcripts of monastic charters, &c., BLANCUS, cardinalis. Thirty two perilous Northants. Letter to her sister Eliz. days, as "card. Blank tellis," h. Wallis on ; 1600, BLAND, Dorothy, widow of John, an a,rmychaplain in Spain. Power of attorney BLENCOWll, William. Epitaph, Letter to Rawlinson j 1730, Declaration respecting his administration of Mrs. Port's charity (copy by 26. BLETCHINGDON, Oxon. Epitaphs,101S4. BLENHEIlIl. Notice of thc battle, ". for receipt of bounty-money ; 1711,760. Rawlinson l, Suspected of writing an English version BLAND, }'ra. Signature, , of S. Drake's satirical epitaph on Rawlinson, Unfavourable account of him, ib. 7S b Latin epitaph, in Rawlinson's handwriting rdifferent from that printed in Nich01s' Lit. Anecd. as the epitaph on his tomb at Islington], BLACKBURNE, Robert. Petition to the H. of Commons from him and foul' others, prisoners in Newgate for nineteen years, to be brought to trial; 1715, YOLo II. BLAND, John: fl. T., W. Papers on Hebrew criticism of Old Test., and particularly on passages in the Psalms, and on the creation of man, 393, 894. Four letters to J. Graham; , , 177, Three letters,to bp. A. Campbell on the creation of man, &c. ; 1735, ib. 200, 203, 208. Letter to Chas. Hayes on Daniel's 70 weeks, ib Three letters, unaddressed" on Ps. lv, ib BLEWBURY, Berks. Notes of arms and monuments, Letter dated there, 4 Apr go. BLISS, Philip, D.C.L. Notes in hib ha.ndwriting, , 7S b ; 985. I; ; I. BLITHE, Samuel, rector of Newton, Cambro Signature; 167f, BLOIS, Jeban de, August. friar. Epitome of the subjects of the Psalms a.nd Canticles; Fl'e'nch, Pp

30 552 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. BLONDELLUS, David. Cogitationes de jure episcopatus, super librum ejus de sententia Hieronymi, Signature j ]626-44, , 158; , 369. BLOOlll, Robert. Mentioned; 1682, BLOOlllFIELD, William. Blomefield's Blossoms; 4 parts, BLOUIN, Bernard, Bourdeaux. Letter to his son Fram;. Blouin in reply to a R. C. book Bent by him; Fr. (copy), BLUNT, -. Epigramma. "de puero Blunt," BLUSHING. Whether a sign of modesty, BLYDE, Andr. Dyingspeech; 1746, BLYKE, Theophilus, Barcelona.. Signature; 1712, , 76. His books bought by T. Rawlinson, BOEHlIl, A. W. Letter to H. Newman; 1715, BOHM, Thomas, Schmidoborgensis. InsCliptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., I Jun. 1619, BOEHMEN, Jacob: v. S., J. G. Brief account of the eternal liberty in temperature, &c. [an abstract from him], BOEN (?), John. Signature; (cent. xvi), BLYTHFORD, Suffolk. Articles against Will. Raymond; 1644, BOESTAD, Abraham. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Hagffi, B. Ch I t BOBADILLA, Spanish family. Casa del BLOUNT, or LUNT, SIr ar es, quar er- conde dechinchon [Fern. de BobadillaJ, 24 MaH, 1623, S. master-gen. at Reading; 1643, b BOETHIUS: 'I). 144 Aristoteles. Hickes, Geo. BLOUNT, Mountjoy, lord Mountjoy. BOBART, Jacob, Keeper of the Physic Colophon of the transl. of De consolo Preamble of creation as earl of Newport [1628], Garden, Oxford. Notice of him, 1683, printed at Tavistock, with portrait by Loggan and Burghers Verses translated from him, engr. in 1675, ,20, 21. BLOUNT, Ricardus, vicarius Provincialis 126b ; at end, 3. BOBBING, Kent: t'. Digges, Frances. J esuitarum in An~lia. Epist. ad Superiorem missionis E,borac.; 8 Sept BOGIANI, Filippo: V. Corsini, Lorenzo. Church notes, b. (apogr.), u6b BOBER, Francis. Signature, BOHEMIA. Notffi ab Usserio de rebus Fratrum Bohemorum ad an. IS38, BLOUNT, Thomas. Observations on his BOBOVIUS, Alb. Relation of the designs Anima Mundi, \ of the wife of sultan Ahmed against Transl. of the declaration of the States Middlesex parishes mentioned in his her grandchild Mehmet Chan; from about the election of the Palatine Tenures, the Italian, and their right to choose their king; BLOUNT, Thomas, Charleton, Kent. Certificate of his appearance to claim the BOCATIUS, Adam. Inscriptio manu ejus j ; Answers to C. 1619, questions respecting the right of King's general pardon, 4 June, 1660, BOCHARD, -, Protest. minister at Caen. the States to elect their king, &c., Pass for him to go home Notice of his death, 1667, Vindication of the Palatine's acceptance of the crown; 1619, to Writtlemarsh from Bristol; BODENHAM, lady Theod., Stamford: v ib Strelley, Nich. Medicines for a cough BLOUNT, sir Thomas Pope, bart. MS. and ague, , 43. A broth restorative for consumption, ib. 43. BOHUN, Edmund: 'I). Seller, Abedn. BOHUN, family of, descent, and printed titles of his Censura authorum celebr1'orum, with licence for BODENHAUSEN, Otto W. et Cuno von. '!'itle and pref. of his Hist. of the Desertion (anon.), with licence in Apr. press, 1690, Inscriptiones in albo amicorum Dav. Possessor of 329, 537, von Filtz; Lugd. Bat., 28 Apr. 1624, 1689, Title of his Character , 104b. of Q. Eliz., with his own signature as BLOW, John, Mus.Doc. Appointment to licenser; 1692, ib. 7. be tuner of organs and au windinstruments to the King; 1695 (copy), from his RepubUque, b, 182, 190b BODIN, Jean. A few passages extracted Signature as licenser for press; 1692, Signature to a receipt for payment for BODLEY -, a merchant in Maiden lane, BOIS, John, preb. of Ely and rector of songs; 1699, London. Letters to him from S. Powle ; Boxworth, Cambro Will, 26 June, (copies), b, 82b. (copy), BLOWER, Christopher. Three letters to BODLEY, sir Thomas: v. H. Baskervile; 1663, , 56, 57. BOlSSE, -. Signature; c. 1634, H., L. Smith, Edm. BOLDUANUS, Paulus. Scriptores cosmographici, ex Bibl. Hist. ejus, 323. II7b BLOXESHAlIl, John, a condemned prisoner at Maidstone. Petition to Charles II for reprieve, i8. 26b. BOLEYN, Ann, Q. Letter to Hen. VIII BLOXHAM. Oxfordshire. Transcripts of deeds relating to the hundred and manors; surveys; Fiennes rent-rolls ; &c.; from Domesday to 1689 [Broughton, Shutford, &c.], , 159, , 188, 198, 208, , , , Endowment of the vicarage, ib Rental of the manor, 1547, Epitaphs, &c., b-36b. List of vicars, 1' ob BLUDDER, family of, Surrey. Notes from the Reigate register, , 10. BLUDDER, Henry, Westminster; 1637, " Hales, Joh. His autobiography, His narrative of his mission to the Low Countries in 1594, Account of an agreement between Q. Eliz. and the United Provinces, Letters to Univ. of Oxford; n (copies), Letter to Bacon; 1607 (copy), Mention by T. James of his friendship with Bodley; 1600, Note by T. Rawlinson of a book that belonged to him, Sob. Petition to th!:l Univ. of Oxford for relief, from W. Snoshill and Jane Hatton, grandchildren of sir 'r. Bodley's sister; (1711), Bodleian Library: v. Oxford. BODlIlIN, Cornwall. Notes on the town, BLUNDELL, Thomas. Notes from his with inscriptions on tomb-stones in book on diseases of horses, the church, from the Tower, 6 May, 1536 (copy), Work done at the palace of We8tminsterfor her coronation, BOLLENAT, or Bolenat, Pierre. French pastor. Arts. 7, 8 in 639 and 17 in 640 marked as, apparently, belonging to him (ff. 49, 109; 327-8). BOLLES, sir John, bart. Possessor of 8 in BOLOGNA: v. Caprara, F. C. Julius III, papa. Constitutiones collegii juris civilis, 413, 'vIatricula doctorum, ab anno 1317, ib. 133; to. 92. Notes of antiquitie~, pictures, &c.; 165J,

31 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 553 Notes of a commercial traveller in BOOKER, capt. Arms, in trick; 1642, 1678, b Lines on an inscription there to "ielia Lrelia Crispis," BOOKS: v. Chiswell, Rich. Rawlinson, Tho. OLSEC, Hier. Hermes, M.D. Life of The Treasure oj Gladness, 1579, mentioned, b. J. Calvin, trans!. from the French, Notes of five rare books, of Clara monti us, BOLTER, Andrew, St. Clement Danes, Longolius, Inchoffer, Sannazarius, and Casaubon, London; 1637, b Three drawings of the outside of an BOLTON, Mrs. Notes of Ussher's sermon old book, Table of on her marriage at Dublin Castle, contents of a vol. of pamphlets of 29 b , ib. 2g6b. BOLTON, Christopher, Fulham, 1638, 145. Notes by Hearne of the authorship of some anon. forei~n books, II 9. List of a few political pamphlets after BOLTON, John, vicar of Caldecott, and 1700; of some books at Ipswich; &c., rector of Toft, Cambro Signature; [81?], , 60. Titles of Italian booksprinted at London BOLTON, William, Mayor of Calais in , of English books printed abroad and in the provinces, 1498, ib. BOMBOLOQUI, Margarita fil. dom., de Book-Binding: v. Oxford: Univ. Pepolis. lnstrum. de obligatione ei Press. data a Barth. dom. Ardicionis; 1334; Painted parchment binding, 345. jragmentum, 483 ad calc. Books, Extracts j1'om: v. Loci- BONANNI, Philippus, e soc. Jesu. Printed Communes. prospectus of his Musreum Kircheri- BOOKSELLERS: v. Francia. anum, 1709, A few business memoranda of a London BONAVENTURA, cardinalis. Synopsis bookseller; 1752,150 ad calc qurestt. in libb. I. II. commentariorum ejus in Lombardum, BOOND, Henry. Signature; BONAVENTURA, Franciscus, Paraccianus. BOONE, Mrs.: v. Lee, Kent. Diploma pro gradu LL.D. in Univers. BOOTH, Barton. Ode Mich. Maittaire Romana, 1669,535. ad eum; 26 Mar. 1730, BONAVENTURI, Pietro. Successo della BOOTH, George, second earl of Warringsua morte, ton. Letter to J. Dunton; 1696, 72. HONCLE, John, divinity-bedel, Oxford BORFET, Abiel, curate of Richmond. Vindication of himself from charges against his preaching, with a letter to Dr. Hody; 16g6, Message to his servant Eliz. Bell; 1706, Mentioned, ; BORGARUCCI, B., Roma. Osservationi pontificie; 1655, BORGHINI, Maria Selv~gia. Poesie 80pra i buccheri, 646. xiii, Iii, ciii. BORGIA, Franciscus, de Candia. Emblema de eo, cum notitiis, versu et prosa, BORLASE, Baldwin. Latin epitaph at Stratton Andley; 1693,29L 15; BORNEO. Sketch of the bay, BORON. Les enseignemens de Boron [moral advice to a grandson], BOROUGH, sir John: fl. Scotia. Tacitus. The sovereignty of the seas of England; 1634, ; BORRELL, John, United Provinces. Grant to him of knighthood and arms; 20 Apr. 1622, BORRETT, John. Signature; BORRI, Franc. Gius., medico. Processo suo; 1659, Compendium vitre ejus, 1695, ib BORROMEUS, Alexander, comes, in acado Patav. protector Anglorum. Subscriptio autographa; 1683, b Notice of him; 1652, BOOTH, Johannes, A.M., coli. Corp. Chr., BORROMlEUS, S. Carolus, card. Versus BOND, Dennis. Lines on his death, 260. Cantabr. Oratio academic a, 5 Nov., ad eum, , 228. IS; BOND, Henry. Longitude found; 1676, BOOTH, Milo., pastor at Knaresborough Answer to Edw. Gee's objections to a BOND, Thomas, vicar of Debenham, q. v. sermon on S. Joh. i. 17; 1655, I. BOND, Timothy, Birchin lane, London; BOOTH, Robert, vicar of Gilden Morden, 1638, b. Cambro Signature; 1678, BOOTHE, Thomas, M.A. Instituted as BOND, William. Pass for him during the Civil War, 134 ad calc. BONIFACCIO, Giovanni. Letter about medals; trans!. from his Lettere by Rawlinson, BONNELL, capt. John BONNER, Edmund, bishop of London. Appointment of J. Bossewell and J. Johnson to be registrars of the archdeaconries of Essex and Colchester; 2 Nov (copy), BONONIA: V. Bologna. BONSIGNORIUS, Johannes, Minorita, ".1'e1'rre Sanctre prreses." Litera certlficatoria de quodam loca sacra in Hierusalem adeunte (apogr.), 1675, BON WICKE, Henry, bookscller, St. Paul's Churchyard. Mentioned, h BORDLEY, W., minister of Hawkshead, Lancashire: V. Thompson, Jer. Sent extracts from Cartmel register to Rawlinson in 1733, Signature; BOREMAN, Robert, D.D. Notice of him, and of his grave in the church of Kingston-upon-'l'hames, b, 18b. BOREMAN, William, Board of Green Cloth. Signature; 1681, BORRON, Robert. Fragm. of an Engl. version of the Romance of Merlin; 15th cent., BORSA, Spanish family. Coats of arms copied from "ellibro de 1110 familia de Borsa," BORSATTI, Cesare. Copies of letters of curate of St. Botolph, Aldersgate, on sig~. Figari and Borsatti about the cession of Edw. Topsell; C. 1621, 818. antiquities preserved in Borsatti's gallery; ltal., tj BORASTON, John. rector of Addington, BORTHWICK, Mary,widow of capt. Henry. Kent. Mentioned, b Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1714, with seal of arms, BORDEN, Kent; V. Digges, Frances. BORWICK, James, a Quaker. Some words BORDESLEY PRIORY, Warwickshire. of counsel to those who are convinced Deed relating to it (copy), 404. [145]. of the truth, BOSCOBEL, Staffordshire. Inscription on the enclosure of the royal oak, b BOSON, Nich., commisso for inquiring into recusancies in Devonshire. Signature; 1688, 372 passim. BOSSEWELL, John: V. Bonner, Edm. BOSSIUS, Petrus, syndicus Univ. Patav. Diploma.ti subscriptio; 1627, Pp2

32 55t Bossu NABO)!: c. Satil'lll. BOSSUET, Jacques Benigna, bishop of Condom and of Meaux: v. Wake, Will. {Dryden's] trans1. of his Expos. of Doctr. Qf Oath. Oh. (copy), Brief heads of a reply to his Exposition; Lat., Bossus, Matthams. Excerpta ex epistolib ejub, BOSSWELL, William, fellow of Jesus coli., Cambro Signature j BOSTOCK, family of. Abingdon. Pedigree, 1664; signed by Will. Bostock, b BOSTON, Massachusetts. Fortifications on Castle Island; 1702, [BOSWELL, major -?]. Autobiography of a nephew of sir W. Boswell, ambas.badar a.t the Hague, INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. BOUGHEY, Eliza.. Signature; 1686, BOUGHTON, Matthew. Inventory of some of his goods, &c., BOUILLON, Henri de Ia Tour, duc de. Memorial to the K. of France on being accused of conspiracy j Pt., BOUILLON, Hen. Rob. de la Marck, duc de. Commission for hearing certain appeals at Sedan; 1610, Pro (copy), BOUILLON, John, of Guernsey. Notice of him; 1633, BOULLOGNE, Louis, painter. Notice of his death; 1733, BOULTER, Hugh, archbp. of Armagh. Mentioned by the archbp. of Dublin as quite unknown when made bp. of Bristol; 1719, b. Note of his parentage, BOSWELL [Dudley?], M.A., J erus coil., BOULTER, John, Gawthorpe. Yorkshire. Cambr., and fellow of Trin. coll., Dub- Le Brun's Travels transl. for him, 61, lin. Notices of him, b, BOURNE, R. Note to Dr. Hudson, offering to purchase some duplicates from the Bodleian Library, b. BOURNE, Robert,M.A., vicar oforpington, Kent. Testimonials for a dispensation; 167~, ,76. BOURNE, W. Signature, BOURNE, William, Gravesend. Treatise on gunnery, '704. BOUSAR, John, merchant. A French Protestant refugee at Bristol; 1689, BOUTERONE, Denis de, French pastor. Signature; 1626, BOWDEN, Joshua: 1'. Lee, Sam. BOWDEN. Michell, St. Andrew's, Holborn. Treatise on Consideration, BOWDEN, capt. Robert. Recommended for a gunner's place in the Tower of London; 1681, an. 52. BOWDLER, Thomas. Two letters to Rawlinson; 1749, , 291. BOWEN, Alic. and Henry. Names written BOSWELL, lady Margaret, wife of sir BOULTER, William, Ordnance office. in Will. Boswell, of the Hague. Epitaph Signature j 1696, in Sevenoaks church; 1692, BOSWELL, sir William, ambo at the Hague. Notices of him and his wife during his embassy, Gave some of Fr. Bacon's MSS. to J. Gruter, b. BOSWORTH, H. Signature; 1653, BOTELER, sir John, Herts. Signature; 1639, BOTELER, Noel. Note about his proposed presentation to the rectory of West Heslerion, Yorks. j 1681, BOTELER, William: V. Biddenham. BOURBON, Charles de, comte de Montpensier. Decree against him for high treason; 1527, BOURBON, Henri, duc de. Letter to the duke of Rohan. and reply j 4-6 Nov (copies), BOURBON, Louis Alex. de, admiral of France. Two grants of letters of marque against England; , , 18.. BOURCHIER, Thomas, archbishop of BOTELER, William, London. Letter to Canterbury. Exemplif. of a licence Eliz. Strelley; 8 Apr (copy), 116. from Sixtu8 IV to a monk of Battle 72 abbey to hold a benefice; 1484, BOTHMAR, baron. Transl. of his letter BOURDALOUE, Louis. Satire sur la fausse to Schutz, Directions au r. p. Bourdaloue, BOTLEY, Berks.: V. Rankell, Henry. BOTTI, Giacomo, abbate. 492 dedicated to him. BOTTISHAM, Cambridgeshire. Articles against - Crossland, the vicar, and. sequestration; 1644, BOTTONUS, Mutius. Signature; 1560, BOUCHlm, Jean. Extracts from his Apologie pour Jehan Chastel, BOUOHIER, Thomas, D.C.L., Reg. Prof. Civ. Law, Oxf. Copy of opinion about the fellows of Magd. coil., 1687,390. So. Receipt for fees at Oxf., 1669, Signature; , , 36b bis. BOUGHE, John.,Name J BOWER, William. Scribbled name, BOUNDES, Henry. Court-roll of his 88b. manor of Kessingland; 1476,1481. I J 2. BOWES, Cuthbert. Signature; 1686,849. BOUNIFEILD, Joseph: V. Strode, Edw. 48. BOURGCHIER, Henry, London. Signature; 1633, BOURGCHIER, John, sieur de Breville, &c. IJease to John Waktild of lands in Normandy formerly belonging to Rich. de Venables and others; 1430, Pr., BOURK, Elizabeth, widow of capt. Theobald. Power of attorney for receipt of pension j 1710, BOURKE, or BURKE, Ann, widow of Henry. Mention of her, , 21. 3b, 6, 29b, 30b, 34b, 41, sob. BOURNE, Lincolnshire. Alrreement by the parishioners to fp-ve 1and for improvement of the Vlcarage if it be augmented by other benefaction, C Ri9h. Haworth, vicar, ib. BOWES, sir Martin, knt. 1543, b. Mentioncd; BOWES, 'fhomas, son of Martin. Draft of a plea relative to the White Lion in Lond., belonging to him, 356 ad calc. BOWES, sir William. Letter to dean Granville of Durham; 1684, , BOWLE, John, bishop of Rochester. Notice of him by A. Wood, BOWLES, -, D.D. Married Dr. Samford's daughter, BOWLES, George, M.D. of Leyden. Gave a book to Dr. R. Knight, la BOWLES, Joseph, M.A., libr. of the Bodleian. Letter to J. Lewis; BOWLES, Phineas. Register of anchorage at Tangier, kept by him, 794. BOWNES, James, master of Hawkshead grammar-school. Two letters to Dan. Rawlinson; 1669, , 13. BOWREMAN, Barbara. Signature; BOWYER, Mrs written for her in BOWYER, John, M.A., vicar of Ninfielll, Sussex. Testimonialin his favour; 167~ BOWYER, William, keeper of the Tower Records. Account of a MS. by hii,u relating to the Dudley family and their estate.s,

33 BOWYER, William. Account of the fire at his printing office, 30 Jan. 171i, BOWYER, William, jun.: v. Smith, Geo. BOXFORD, Suffolk: v. Suffolk. BOYCE, Anne, wife of sir John, Oxford. Latin epitaph in St. Mary's church; 1754, RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 5;)5 BRACTON, Henricus. Notes on his words " Rex non habet superiorem," BRACY, John. Gave a book to Rob. Bettes, BRAD BRIDGE, William, bishop of Exeter. Letter to the univ. of Oxf. about South Petherwin, Cornwall; 28 March, 1573 (copy), b. BRAHE, Georgiua, Regis Danire legatus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 22 Aug. 1628, BRAHE, Tycho. Conjecture of the new starin 1572, (cod. verso) 18. Lines in his p~aise by K. James I, ib. 18b BRAIDLEY, Richard, curate of Easington, Durh. Certificate of the profits of the BOYD, Robert, princ. of univ. of Glasgow. BRADBURY, Henry. Petition to Charles II rectory in 1662 (copy), Notice of him, Jb. to be allowed to make a cock-pit at Whitehall, BRAILES, W orcestershire. Foundation BOYE, Jacobus, ecclesiastes Lubecensis. of the Pakynton chantry at Chelmscote, Inscriptio Heb.-Lat.-Gr. in albo ami- BRADFIELD ST. CLARE, Suffolk. Articles corum Hen. Erdmann; [1612], against Paul Gosnall, rector i 1644, 924.1'}6. BOYLE, -: v. Poemata. BRADFORD, Yorkshire. Nota de electione BOYLE, Charles, lord Clifford, M.P. ludimagistri; 1584, Letterto him from sir J. Reresby; 1674, Note of the building of the church, BOYLE, Elizabeth, countess ofburlin~on BRADFORD, Edward. Signature; BRAINE, Francis. Confession to a nonconformist congregation of adultery; 1673, 848. IIS. BRAITHWAITE, or Brathwaite, Sarah. widow of capt. James, Newcastle-upon Tyne. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty-money; 17II, and Cork. Letters to her from SIr J. 1674, , 87. Reresby; , b, 39, 53. BRADFORD, John, D.D. Signature and BRAKENDALE, Nicholaus de. Fragm. e BOYLE, Henry, Lord of the Treasury. seal of arms; 1678, 822. SK Deponenciali ejus, _ Signature; 1702, Sb. B. RADFORD, Phihp. Signature; 1677, BRAMBER, Sussex. Notes on a suit by BOYLE, Richard, 1st earl of Burlington, the parish for recovery of a bequest by [and earl of Cork]. Letters to him from BRADFORD, Sarah. Signature; 1670, H. Hilton; [after 1670,] sir J. Reresby; , , 33, BRAMHALL, John, archbp. of Armagh_ BOYLE, hon. Robert. Letter to Sam. BRADING, Nath., commisso for inquiring Relation of his conference with a Clarke; 1664 (?), into recusancies. Signature and seal R. C_ priest (in 1623], Notice of his library, &c.; 1692, of arms; 1688,872. 3S 1-2. Extract from his Def. oj Tt"Ue Libelty, 62b Boyle lecturers, , h BRADLEY, Henry, watchmaker, London_ Presentation inscription by him, BOYLE, Roger, lord Broghill, earl of Orrery. Device on his cornet on going to Ireland; 1642, BOYND, Andrew. Signature; 1707, BoYs, James, mayor of Colchester. Letter to Dr_ Rawlinson, with two to him from the latter; 1734, BoYs,or BOYSE, Samuel [two ofthename], Hawkhurst, Kent. Epitaphs; 1627, 1688, Epitaph on Philadelphia, wife of the second; 1668, ib. BOZIUS, Thomas. Notes from his books De t"uinis gentium and De imperio virtutis, BRABANT, sir Henry: v. Hyde, Edw., earl of Clarendon. BRABANTIA: V. B., P. H. Principes Tongrorum et duces Brab. ad 1519, Printed advertisement of a watch stolen 89. from his shop; 1690, BRADLEY, James, Savilian prof. of astronomy. Diploma for degree of D.D. at Oxf.; 1741 (copy), BRADLEY, John, abbot of Middleton, and BRAMPTON, Derbyshire: 'II. Browne, sir 'rhos. BRAJIISTON, Fr. Signature and seal; 1666, Argument on bishop of Shaftesbury. Notice of him BRAMSTON, sir John. by Wood, ship-money, 14 June, 1638, z. BRADLEY, Thomas, vicar of Carshalton, BRAJIISTON, Moundeford. Signature; Surrey. Signature and seal of arms; , BRANCA, Ludovicus, mag. crerimoniarum BRADOCK, John, Catharine hall, Cambro capellre pontif. Rom. Subscriptio autographa; 1574, Letter to him from dean Granville of Durham; 1683, from him to Granville in reply, ib BRADSHAIGH, R., deputy-lieut. for Lancashire. Signature; 1685,862. S. BRANCAS CERESTE, comte de. Account of a feast given by him at Stockholm on the marriage of Louis XV, 7 Feb_ 1726; Fr., BRADSHAW, John, Windsor herald. BRABANT, Robert, D.D., rector of Berkhampstead St. Peter, Herts. Corre Signature; 77L 37, 72b; b, 47b, BRANCASTER, Norfolk. Epitaph in the et in 'Coll. Sl'.qq. church on Tho. Smith, spondence between him and Laur_ BRADSHAW, John. Signature as Pres. BRANCHE, Nicolaus. Ecloga pastoralis, Howell respecting the school of St. of the Council of State; 165 I, , Mary Axe, London; , BRADSHAW, John, rector of Cublington, BRANCH-HALL, Norfolk, manor of: c. BRABANT, Tomazin, the White Harl, Bucks. Signature; 167&, Mountagu, Rich. Southwark; 1637, BRADSOLE PRIORY, or St. Radigund's, BRAND, Mary, Cheswell street, London, near Dover. Notes about it, with names of abbots, 404. [155-6]. 1637, BRACEBRIDGE. Martha. Deposition disclaiming any debt to Will. Stevens; t. Geo. I, BRACKLEY, NOl'thants Lisle epitaph, BRAGGE, John, Wadham col!., Oxf.: v. Glanvill, Jul. BRAHAJII, family of, Berks. Pedigree; 1665; with arms in trick, , Suffolk, &c. Pedigree, with arms in trick, BRAND, Thomas, non-confonnist minister at Kensington. Conversation with him on his death-bed, about his work at Hastings,&c.; June, 1691, b BRANDA-NUS, S. Commencement of his Legend in Anglo-Nonn. flmie, &

34 556 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. BRANDENBURGH: fl. Fredericu8 Willelmus, Elector. Georgiua WilL, Elector. Joachimus Sigism., Marchio. Scharlett, Joh. Suecia. Treaty with Denmark; 1666, Germ., , in 1676, ih in 1682, tb. 47. Agreement with the Danish W. India compo for licence for subjects of Brandenburgh to trade and settle in the island of St. Thomas; 168S-6, Germ., 568. IS, 24. Instructlons from the Elector Fred. III to his ambassadors in Denmark about the trade with St. Thomas; 1691, Germ., ih. 28, 34. " Resolutions" of the K. of Denmark on the agreement with the company; 1686, Germ., ib. 36. Statement about the right of the House of Brandenb. to succeed to Mecklenburgh; Germ., ib Memorandum of negotiations of an amba88ador of the Elector at Magdeburg-in 1693; Germ., ib Treaty with England; 16<)0, Fr., ib Treaty with the dukes of Zen and Hanover; 1692, Germ., ib Relazione del matrimonio seguito tra il princ. Carlo di Brandeb. e mad. di Salmur; 1695, BRANDENSTEIN, Christianus de. Inscriptio ltalica in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 1 Nov. 1618, b BRANDRETH, L., Hounslow. Letter; 1718, & for excluding unsound books from his libraries; 839, 80. Notices of the distribution and contents of his parochial libraries, tb. 8z, 84, 85, 87,198. Signature, Anon. suggestion for appeals for help towards the printing of [Bray's I Martyrology, The book mentioned, ih. 65. BRAY, William, physician and surgeon in army of Charles I: f). Lloyd, Marg. BRAYLSFORD. -Abstracts of deeds of the family of Leake, BREAD. Assize of-bread after the London table; 1543, 9lL 258b. BREAXORE PRIORY, Hampshire. Deed relating to it (copy), 404. [146]. BREARCLIFF, John, Halifax. Letter to sir Thos. Browne; 1669, BRECKLING, Fred., Amsterdam. Fanatical letter to him from Paris [from one of the "French prophets"?], BRETON, Clement, D.D., rector of Church Langton, Leic. Note of his burial, 19 July, 1669, 116. I. Petition in his favour from the parishioners to the committee of sequestrations (copy), ib. 23. BRETT, -, Hatton Garden: f). Sherlock, Will. BRETT, Thomas, D.D., bishop among the Non-jurors: f). Bell, Thomas. Lowndes, R. Hall, H. Non-jurors. Original letters in defence of the Usages; three to T. Bell, two to S. Hawes, and nine (including three to - Creyk) to H. Gandy; 1717, Letter to a lady respecting the Communion office, ib Answer by S. Hawes to remarks in a letter from Brett to - Tireman, ib. 84. Letter to Hawes on the Communion office, with Hawes' reply, ib. 91, 85. Notes out of letters about the Usages, BRETTENHAlIl, Suffolk. Articles against Will. Alcock, rector; 1644, BREDA. Description; 1706, b, u b D D b f 170 d t d f th. 6 BREVAL, Fr. Durant de,.., pre. 0 a e rom ence In I 59 Westminster. Signature, b BREDERODE, lordship of: f). W olfe;d, J oh. "BREDG," [Bridge? 1, -, puritan minister. Sermon on Gal. ii. 20, BREERS, Laurence. Roman catholic prayers sent by him to a lady, b-92 BREIDENBACH, Wolff Henrich von. BRANTHWAITE, William, serj. at law. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Dav. von Sale of his library, 1730, b, 29 b Filtz; Arnh., 1625, BRANZEN, W., Arnl1em-Gelrus. Inscril? BREIDEW ALD (?), Heinrich. Inscriptio tio in albp amicorum J oh. Hoffmanm ; Lat.-Germ. in albo amicorum Dav. 4 Maii, 1629, von Filtz; Constantinop., 11 Feb. 1621, BRASIER, John, B.D., rector of Aldin~ton, Kent. Nomination of Arth. Harns as curate; 1678, BRASSELL, James, Dublin, sailor. Pardoned for treason in being taken in 1694 serving on board a French privateer; 1701, , 464, BREIFFENBORG, Joh. Adam von. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 7 Jul. 1618, BREMER, William. Signature; 1642, 13S6 91. BRENNER, -. Account of the plague in Sweden, ; Swedish,S BRATHWAIT, Richard, registrar of York. Signature; , 1I0S. 50. BRENT, John. Letter to Dr. Fell j 1673, BRATTELL, Daniel, Trin. coli., Cambro Note in a. duplicate sold from Trin. BRENT, sir Nathaniel, D.C.L., warden of coli. library, 1683, Merton college. Letters to him from Blf,AVO, Luigi, ambasc. in Venezia: f). D. Featley, , 47. Cueva, Alf. della, march. df Bedmar. BRENT, Nathaniel. Signature; 1663, BRAY, -, gentleman-carver to James I, S. IS. BRENTFORD, Middlesex. Valuation of BRAY, Amy, widow. Petition to the governors of the Sons of the Clergy for relief in consequence of having maintained the widow ofrev.r. Babb lcopie8), 80S , BRAY, Thomas, D.D. Papers relatin/f to his trustees for parochial libraries; lists of libraries, books in stock, &c., , 884. Drafts of a rule the parish for the monthly assessment, Dec. 1653, , 13. BRERETON, Cuthbert. Acknowledgement of borrowing a book of law precedents; 1667,1066. cover. BRERETON, Mary, widow of brevet-major Thomas, Dublin. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1713 j with seal of arms, BREVIA: f). Jus, AngUc. BREVIARIUlIl. Fragmenta varia, ,8-9, 14, 15, 16-17, 21-2, 23-6, 28-9, 41, 48, 49, 51, 56 (?), 75-6; , 134 BREVIE, Will., S.T.P. Declaratio (impress.) per eum et Joh. Byrde de indulgentiis pro Carmelitis concessis; 1516, ab6.18. BREVINT, Daniel, D.D. Letter of Dr. Comber respecting a proposed marriage for Brevint'B daughter; 1681, Letter from Brevint to dean and chapter of Durham in favour of weekly communion (copy), lb. 313b. Notes for a letter to him from Granville; 1679, b BREWARD, ST., Cornwall. Notes on the parish, BREWER, Lawrence, St. John's coli., Oxf. Wine-bill; 1638, BREWER, Samuel, LL.B., St. John's coli., Cambro The world's tragedie, or humane miserie, 177. BREWING and BREWERS: fl. Broadnax, H. Excise returns of the number of brewers, beer brewed, &c., , b , b. Instructions for brewiilf!'; 1698, 36] Charge of brewldlf a barrel of strong beer in Sussex m 1697, ib. Receipt for elder-berry beer, ib. 36Sb. BREWSTER, -, Fleet street, London; 1637, BRIAN, Thomas, rect.or of Guestling, Sussex. Signature; 1678, 82~. 9-0

35 lirianston, Dorset: v. Rogel'S, John. BRICE, Stephen, deputy registrar, Gloucester. Attestation and extracts; , I, 6-9- BRICKS. A Suffolk maker's accountbook, ,1428. BRICONNET, Guil., episc. Meldensis. Sermo synodalis habitus Meldis anno 1519, BRIDEOAK, Jabez, rector of Swerford, Oxon. Notes by bp. Fell of his neglect of duty in , b Letter about him, BRIDEWELL HOSPITAL: v. London. BRIDGE, -: v. Bredg. BRIDGE, Francis, fellow of Trin. coil, Cambr., and Temple, Lond. Signature j , , H2. BRIDGEMAN, sir Francis. Notes of his will, &c. j , BRIDGMAN, Henry, bishop of Sodor and Man. Signature j 1680, RA WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 557 BRIDGEWATER, earl of,i. e.egerton, John, g.v. BRIDGWATER,-. Signature (cent. xvi), BRIDLINGTON, Johannes de. Excerpta per T. Hearne e comment. in prophetias ejus, 366. I. BRIGGS, Augustine. Militia accounts for Norfolk, , BRIGGS, John, minister of St. Botolph Aldgate, London.. 30 per an. paid him by the parish; 1619, 796b. 47. BRIGGS, Samuel. Signature; 1695,808. 6b BRIGGS, William, M.D. Papers relating to his proposed Anatomical Descr. ojthe Human Body, petitiolls for licence to import paper for it duty-free and for a salary as physician to the king, &c. ; , Epitaphs in the cathedral, I4-21,161-2,183-4, in parish churches,ib.121*, 163-6, 171-2, 178b- 82b, I 84L203b. Index of epitaphs in the cathedral, to 1746, I. BRISTOL, earl of: fl. Digby, John. BRISTOW, Richard, D.D. Demands to be proponed of Catholicks to Hereticks, Gb BRISTOW, Sara, the Green Dragon, Cheapside, London; 1638, b BRISTOWE, Mary Waldron, widow of Cornelius. Will; 1574 (copy), 796b. los. BRITISH MAGAZINE. Notes on an art. in the magazine for July 1746 on the plurality of worlds, BRITTAIN, Thomas, the "small-coal man." Signature; 1683, BRITTAINE, Jasper, Queen's coli., Oxf. BRIGHT, William, capt. Pardoned for Signature as S.C.L., 1669, manslaughter of capt. Roger Gough; 1701, ,448. BRITTON. The treatise so called, on the laws of England; imperj. at the beg., BRIGHTWELL, Berks: v. BRIDGEMAN, Katharine. Possessor of Godwyn, Tho. Ward, Seth A fragment; cent. xiv, , 880, 883, 743, BRIGHTWELL, family of, Padworth, BRIDGEMAN, sir Orlando, C.J. Opinion Berks. Short pedigree, 1665, signed BRITTON, John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. on a tithe-case of lands of the Knights by Sam. Brightwell, Signature; 1704, Hospitallers; 1654, BRIGHTWELL BALDWIN, Oxfordshire. BROADHEAD, Elizabeth, Barking, Essex; BRIDGEMAN, Orlando, Ipswich. Affidavit; Descent ofthe lordship, , , BRIG ITTA, S. Officium in die ejus (imperj.), BROADNAX, Henry, brewer. Petition BRIDGEMAN, Richard. Book-plate of from him as a farmer of excise to his arms, 380. I. Charles II for regulation of the trade BRIDGEMAN, William. Minute-book of proceedings of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners; ,365. Letter as secretary of the Admiralty to the Recorder of London; 1697, His MSS. posressed afterwards by Katharine Bridgeman, g. v. BRIDGER, Dorothy, widow of lieut. Benjamin, Canterbury. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 17 II; with seal of arms, BRIDGER, Mary, wife of Laurence, Canterbury. Epitaph; 1701, BRIDGES, Charles. Letter to Rich. Roach; n. d., BR~~GES,. Gulielmus, sive Brigius. 270 el luscnptus, anno BRIDGES, John, Thanet. Epitaphs on him and llis children; , b BRIDGES, John, Lincoln's Inn: v. Rapin, Note-book of his travels in Italy, &c., , 207. Note of his death in 1724, ibid. ad init. Two letters to Hearne; 1720, , 161. Transcripts desired by him from Bodl. MSS., BRIDGES, Noah. Signature; c. 1649, BRIL, Paul. Picture by him bought for lord Somers in 1715, b. BRINGHURST, Isaac, D.D., Queen's coli., Cambro Of the intelligibility of the Christian religion, I. Of truth, ib.62. of brewing, BROCCARDO, conte. Parere 0.1 Re di Spagna circa il modo... per liberare Francia dalla miseria per 10. confusione della religione, BROCCARDUS, Franciscus. Narratio de fredere contra Protestantes Romle inito, BRISSACUS, J., in acado Salmur. prof. Compendium ethical j 1627, 255. BRISSET, Georges. Inscriptio Gall. in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; 1618,935. BROCK, Ann. A book given her by Nath. 37. Cole in 1616, BRISSET, Jacobus,dom.Desbares. Album BRODERICK, sir John.,Gave a Sa)ust to amicorum, , 935. Tho. Rawlinson in 1698, ISS BRODIE, Alexander, Lyon King of Arms. Two letters about fees to D. Prevereau ; , 50. at f. 85. Receipt j 31 March, 1737, ib. 90. BRISSET, Victor. Inllcriptio in albo amicorum fratris sui Jac. Brisset, BRISTOL: ti. C., A. Hawley, sir Fr. Colston, Edw. March, Rich. Glass. Jardeau, Dav. F~. of a grant to Tho. Hysey and his wife of commemoration in the conv. of 11. M. V. of Mount Carmel, Warrant for supply of muskets to the garrison there; I Jan. 1643, Order for bringing of muskets ~hence to Oxford; 24 May, 1644, th. 76. Survey of ordnance there; 28 July, 1643, ib after the taking of the city, ib Account of the garrison, ib Letter to lord Percy from the mayor and aldermen against his claiming the bells of the city; 21 Nov. 1643, ib BROELL, Joh. Laurentius. Inscriptio in alba amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 18 Sept., 1618, BROGHILL, lord; i. e. Boyle, Roger, q. V. BROKE, J obu, merchant, Calais: V. Clifton, Reg. BROKESBY, Francis. Six letters to him from Hearne; , ; ; , 331>; 37; BROMAGE, James, Hackney, 1637, BROME, -. Application to one of the French churches in London for leave to build on ground adjoining the chapel

36 558 INDEX IN CAT AL. CODD. BROME, Henry, bookseller, London. Proposal from him with B. Tooke for their acting as agents for the Oxf. Univ. Press, BROMFIELD, Matthew. Petition to Charles II for a free pardon for all ofl't'nces to Sept. 1662; with order thereon, 2 May, 1671, b BROOK, Margaret. Five letters to her cousin H. Baskervile; , BROOKE, Nathaniel, bookseller. Declaration that he had no property, as pu blisher, in Ashmole's Order of the Garter, the book belonging wholly to the author; 29 March, 1673, Receipt for payment for the paper for it, ib BROME, William, Hereford. Letter to Laur. Howell; 1710, Six letters to him from Hearne; II, h-70b ; I. Note on the contents of 1234, ad in it. BROOKE, Ralph, York herald. BROMEFIELD. Thomas. Epitaph in Sf.. Clement's, Hastings; 1610, BROMLEY, Elizabeth. Letter from her respecting her depositions about the birth of the P. of Wales; 23 Oct., 1702 (with two copies), , II 9, another copy, BROMLEY, Henry. Signature, BROMLEY, alias BROMHILL, John, Horsehea,th, Cambridgeshire. Note of his parentage, BROMLEY, Richard, churchwarden of St. Helen's, Bishopsgate. Account of the benefactions of the parish; 1703, Memoranda of summonses served by him in the City wards in 1715,ib. 447 BROMLEY, ROBERT. Accounts as army.. agent in Ireland, , 754. BROMELEY, Thomas. Mentioned, 1549, BROMLEY, sir Thomas, lord chanco Letters to him from S. Powle; 1579 (copies), , 81. Legacy to him from B. Randolph, 1583, BROMLEY, Thomas, All Souls' coil, Oxf. Extract from a letter from him of mystic spiritualism, 833. I. A member of the Philadelphian society of Mystics, ib. 64, 82. Notice of suits between" one Yorke, a harrald" and the IJord Mayor and recorder of London; 1600, &c., BROOKE, Richard. Letter to E. Ashmole ; 1665, BROOKES, John, son of sir J as. Brookes: V. Oxford, Unit'. coll. BROMFLET, Henry, baron de Vescy. Writ of summons to Parliament, 27 Hen. VI, BROOKS, -, A.M, ex 1Ede Christi, Oxon Terrre-filii oratio, 1663, ; b BROMLEY, Kent. Epitaphs and benefactions, BROOKSBANK, Joseph, London. Epitaph on his daughter Judith in Wokingham church; 1689, BROOME, Philip. Owner of 1414 in BROOME, Thomas. Signature; BROUGH, Edmund, BaHiol coil., Oxf. Signature as S.C.L., 1669, BROUGHTON, Oxon.: V. Bloxham. List of all the houses in the village and occupiers; 1607, BROUGHTON family. Pedigree (temp. Eliz.?), BROUGHTON, Edward. Petition to Charles II, I March, 168t, for relief, b. BROUGHTON, Harvey, Trin. coli., Oxf. Latin theme; 1680, BROUGHTON, Peter, Gray's Inn, 338 ad init. BROUKEB, Mary, Tower street, London, 1638, BROUNE, Thomas, notary, dioc. Sarum. Document written by him, 1484, BROUSSON, Claude. Notice of him, b BROWHAM, Henry, M.A. Preached before univ. Oxf. in 1692, BROWN, Alexander, Fifeshire. List of MSS. given by him to Bodl. Libr. in BROMLEY, William, M.P., and Secr. of 1698, State. Letter to Dr. Charlett; 1701 BROWN, Edward, Sundridge, Kent: V. (copy), Sarpi, Paolo. Relation to Mr. Harbin of offers of 'Title of his edit. of Fosc. rerum expetendat'um, with licence for press; 161$7, money made to W. Shippen when i.n the Tower and refused, Letter to R. Chiswell, about publishing BROOKE, -, minister of Gargrave, Yorkshire, Inglese; 1690, a transl. of W. Thomas's Pelegl'ino BROOKE, -, D.D. Dishonestly begged BROWN, John, seaman. Alms-man at BROWN, William, London. Letter to J. Proud; 1701, BROWNE, -, t. Jac. I: v. Hibernia. BROWNE, capt. -, "a draper at the Goulding Fleee, London." Device on his cornet, of the Bible knocking down a bishop and mitre; 1642, BROWNE, --, M.P. Speech on the king's letters taken at Naseby; 1645, BROWNE, Annabell. widow of lieut. William. Power of attorney for recei pt of pension; 17I1, BROWNE, Anthony, first lord Montacute. Letter to him asking for the reversion of the manor of Horsley for the lord admiral, BROWNE, Anthony, St. Andrew's, Holborn. Letters of administration to his widow Anne; temp. Eliz., b BROWNE, Christopher, Canterbury. Epi taph; 1657, BROWNE, Dorothy, wife of sir Thomas. Notes to her son Edward, , 61, 63, 81. Copies of two letters to her daughter Eliz., lL7. BROWNE, Edmund. Certificate in his favour; an alms-man's place at Westminster granted to him; 1669, BROWNE, Edward, M.D. : V. Donellan, John. Terne, Fras. Nicolson, Will. Zawaski, J. S. Oldenburg, H. Fragmenta orationis anonymre de studio chirurgire [annon e.ius, anno 1675?], Letters to his father sir 'f. Browne, ; Notes and extracts from various printed books, 309. Notes out of his Travels; 1685, Fragmentary notes on Vienna, BROWNE, Elizabeth, afterw. Mrs. Lyttelton, q. V. BROWNE,[Johannes?l, A.M., e coli. Univ. Oxon. Epistola ad emn a Rob. Batt, petente quod in locum magistri Warynge in collegio Univ. cooptaretur; 1583, BROWNE, John. Commission from Cromwell as lieut.-col. of Geo. Fleetwood's regiment of foot; 1656, 924, 213 BROWNE, John, bricklayer: V. Walthanl, White. BROWNE, Mary, widow of John, gunfounder to the King. Petition to Charles II from her and her hllsband s partners Alex. Courtopp and Will. for alms for Scottish clergy, using un- Canterbury cathedral; 1681, Duke, authorized names; C. 1640, I. BROWN, lady Mary, of Ghent. Safe-con- BROWNE, Peter, Lichfield: v. Clarke, BROOKE, John. Exchequer accounts, duct for her and her two daughters; Will , Jan. 1633, b. Letter to W. Clarke; 1685,

37 BROWNE, capt. Richard. Arms, and device on his cornet, 1642, b, 6. BROWNE, Samuel. Signature; 1652, BIWWNE, sir Thomas, M.D.: fl. Bate, Henry. Evelyn, John. Brearcliff, John. Gruterus, Is. Browne, Edw. Heydon, sir J. Cantabrigia, Paston, Rob. Coil. Trin. Shorte, R. Digby, sir K. Smith, Tho. Duncan, Sam. Verryn, J oh. Ellis, John. Windet, J. Miscellaneous papers, 108, 109, 391. Oratio brevis de anatomia, Relig'io Medici, 162. Remarks in censure of his Religio Medici, 46. I. Drafts of his Oratio Harveiana, and of another, 109. I, 17. Copy by Rawlinson of the Or. Hm'V., Fragment of the Antiq. of Norwich, Letters to his son Edward, , 48-50,56,60-72, Copies of thirteen letters from him to his son Thomas; , b -- of four letters to his daughter Eliz., 1681, ib Letter to his son Thomas [ I 667], Part of a letter on Norfolk nat. hist., Account of urns found at Brampton, Some questions about Greenland, 391. III. Lines on the battle of Pharsalia, Subscribes 10 towards Winchester new school; 1681, Epist. anonyma ad eum, gratias agens pro Pseudodoxia ejus; 1649, Catal. of MSS. in his possession and that of his son Dr. Edw. Browne, ; b Possessor of 125. Portrait, engr. by F. H. Van Houe, 391 ad init. BROWNE, Thomas, son of sir Thomas: fl. Browne, sir Thos. BROWNE, Thomas, B.D., St. John's coli., Cambro QUalstiones theological, Answer to Stillingfleet's Unreasonableness of new Separation, 20. 'fwo discourses on the oath of allegiance (copy), Latin verses to bp. Fr. Turner, , 59,61. Notice of him, I. BROWNE, Thomas, preb. of Lichfield. Signature; 1688, BROWNE, William. Signature (cent. X1li), VOL II. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 559 BROWNE, William, Whitechapel. Notes of his will; , BROWNISTS: v. S., R. Notes of their teaching; extracts from their books, b_'90. BROWNRIGGE, Ralph, bishop of Exeter. }<'our letters [to E. Martin, Qu. coil., Cambro?], 1647 (copies), ll BROWNSEA CASTLE, Dorset: v. Duckcombe, Rob. BRUARNE, -, Windsor. Gave 1228 to W. Lambarde. BRUCE, James, army comptroller.; 1712, b BRUCE, Robert. Quoted by archbp. Leighton, BRUCE, Robert. Prosecution against him in the Netherlands at the instance of Will. Crichton, jesuit, for refusins- to assassinate sir J. Maitland of Thirlestane, Fr., BRUCE, Thomas, second earl of Ailesbury. Notes of Engl. hist. MSS. in his library, of genealogical MSS., > BRUCH, Joh. Eberhardus, Nassa-Serepontanus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Ox on., 6 Maii, 1627, 933. ISlb in Lauenburg and Liinebur~; ib. 46, 84, 86. Defensive alliance of Brunswick, Zell and Hanover with Denmark; 1693, Germ., ib.89. Decl. of dukes Rudolph Aug. and Anthon Ulrich; 1693, Germ., ib Representation of the dukes to the emperor about their quota of troops; 1693, Germ., ib Confirmation by emp. Leopold I of an agreement with Denmarkrespecting the fortifications of Ratzeburg; 1693, Germ., ib BRUS, family of, Skelton, Yorkshire. Pedigree, from Dugdale, BRUSH, George. Signature, BRUSSELS. Description of a visit; 1712, BRYAN, John. Presentation inscription by him to dowager lady Brooke in his Sermons [c. 1677J, BRYAN, Richard. B.D., rector of Little Eversden, Cambro Signature; 1671, BRYCE, Stephen. Signature, BRYDGES, family of, or Bruges, q. v. BRYDGES,.Tames, first duke of Chand os. Account of the preparation of the sale catalogue of his library, 8ll ad init. Possessor of 83, 2ll, 349, 387, 388, 599, 8ll, 889, 903, 9ll art. 6, 1202, 1224,1236. BRYDGES, Mary, first wife of the first BRUCH, Jost David von. Inscriptio in duke of Chandos. Latin epitaph at albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Troia, Whitchurch; 17 12, Jan. 1621, BRYERLEY, -, an Antinomian preacher, BRUDENELL, Francis, lord; son of the Yorkshire. His erroneous opinions, second earl of Cardigan. Notice of ; [7 him; 1667, BRYGGE, Johannes. Scripsit artt. 6, 7, BRUDENELL, George, third earl of Car- in 893. digan. To have a private interview with the Pope; 1704, BUBWITH, Yorkshire. Brief in a suit BRUGES. Laws of the city; Dutch, 533. Description; 1706,1004.6, II. BRUGES, Lewis de, earl of Winchester. Grant of arms to him, 1472, b BRUGES [or Brydges], family of. Pedigree, BRUKLEY, Joh. Ps. cxxxi versificatus; cum versibus in ejus versionem satiricis, lll BRUNING, R., Jesus coil., Cambro Signature; 1673, BRUNIUS, Joh., Neocomensis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond.,31 Oct. 1617, BRUNO, Georgius Lud. BROWNE, Thomas, of Gloucester, uncle of Anth. Hammond. Chronological notes of the hist. of Eng. to 1558; from Daniel and Bacon, Account by his wife of her religious experience chiefly under Calamy's ministry, ib Inscri~tio Germ. in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmanni; 1616, BRUNSWICK TreatywithDenmark; 1666, Germ., in 1672, ib. 13. Confirmation by Elector of Brandenb. of an article of agreement between Denmark and Brunswick of 30 Sept. 1693; Ge1'm., Copies of state-papers relative to the succession respecting tithe of the King's mediety ; end of 17th cent., 9ll BUCCIUS, Fran. M., sacerd. Her. Possedit 586,587. BUCCLEUCH, earls and dukes of: V. Scott. BUCERUS, Martinus. Consilium theologicum an et quatenus Christiani ecclesiis pontificia tyrannide oppressis communicare possint, _ Epistola ad quosdam in Italia, ib. 37. Epist. ad J. Hooper, , ad J, a Lasco, ib ad Gul. Bill, ib ad Cranmer, archiep., ib. 42. Epistollll ad eum de usu vestimentorum eccles., &c.; 1550,346. BUCH, Joh. Burckhardus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Fr. Lossii; 1620, BUCHANAN, Charles, rector of Farnborough, Hants. Confession and recantation for taking the to Will. & M., Reasons delivered to lady Anglesea for his refusing to keep his living by taking the oaths, Qq

38 560 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. BUCK, John, bedel, Cambridge. Letter BULL, Richard. Note to Rich. Roach: to Sam. Clarke; 1662, b. BUCKERIDGE, Amhurst, St. John's coil, BULLA AUREA: 'V. Germania. Oxf. Notice of him, BULLINGER, Henricus: v. Gray, BUCKFASTLEIGH, Devon: 'V. Crocker, Joh. Jane. BUCKHURST, lord : 'V. Sackville. BULLINGHAM, John, bp. of Gloucester: v. Rogers, John. BUCKINGHAM, County: Privy Council letters to the justices, (copies), Livings in lay patronage, b-Sb. BUCKINGHAM, countess of, i. e. M. Villiers, q. 'V. BULLION: v. India Orientalis: East India Company. BULLIV ANT, Dr. Benjamin, Northampton, New Engl. Letter to J. Dunton; 1711, BURCHARDUS, Antonius, predagogii Stetini ex-professor. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 4.Maii, 1613, lady BURCHARDUS, Georgius, Lubecensis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Witeb., 1614, b BURCHARDUS, Joachim us, Lubecensis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 29 Mart. [c. 1612], BURCHARDUR, Nicolaus, Sundensis. Inscriptio, Gr.-Lat., in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Sedini, 12 Jun. 1613, BUCKINGHAM, duke of, i. e. G. Villiers, BULLOCK, sir Edward. A case proseq. v. cuted by him in the Star-Chamber, BURCHET, -, a Puritan, temp. Eliz. 8 J Notice of him, S6b. BUCKINGHAM, sir Owen, Lord Mayor of une, 1638, London. Two letters to sir T. Rawlinson; ,683.70,106. Signature; Bond for annuity to him, with notes BURCOMBE, William, vintner, London. 1705, ib. 71. of other legal papers, BUCKINHAlII, Sam., Hart hall, Oxf. Signature as S.C.L.; 1669, BULLOCK, Margaret, widow of capt. Thomas, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty-money; 17II, BULLOCK, Thomas. A book given him at Leyden in 1632, 1386, 248. BUCKLEY, lady, or Bulkeley, q. v. B UCKLEY, H enry: v. S m1 'th, Th omas, D. D. BULLOCKE,. t h' ThomaE'. Answer. to articles agams 1m respectmg cus t omary BURDEN, Thomas, Trinity lane, London: 1637, b BURDET, K, Commisso for inquiring into recusancies. Signature; 1688, BUCKMASTER, Ann, widow of capt. church offerings, BURDON, Geoffrey. Signature, Nathaniel. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty-money; 17II, BULLORD, John, Amsterdam. Letter to BURES, Isaiah, M.A., vicar of Northolt. J. Bagford, 1705 (copy), Epitaph in Northolt church: 1610,896. BUCKNELL. Oxfordshire. Petition from the parish to the bishop about the vicar's neglect; temp. Car. II, Inscription on Rawlinson monument, BUDE, Thomas, Alton, Hants. Epitaph; 1712, 682. lo6b BULO, Achate de. Inscriptio Gall. in 92. albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Lugd. BURFORD,Oxon. Holiday asked for boys Bat. 1624, at a school four miles off [Bampton?] BUNCHLEY, Edw., M.A., vicar of Caldecott, to go to Burford fair: 1711, Cambr., and of Bourne. 1670, , 13. Signature; BURGESS, Daniel. Notes of conversations with him; , , 61 b, 62. BUDWORTH, Great, Cheshire. Epitaphs BUNDY, Joseph. A warning to the BURGESS, John, D.D. Sermon before in the church; 1752, , Philadelphian Society against hasty 11. the King, 19 June, 1604, with letters assumptions of inspiration, to the K. and the bp. of Linc., BUNEMANN, Joannes LudolphuB. Observationes et catal.libb. in augmentum BUNEY, -: v. Strelley, Nich. BURGH, Cumberland. A Bray parochial Annalium Typ" M. Maittaire, I. BUNGAY, Suffol!!:. Particular of the library sent there in 1712, Epistola de hbro Bupradicto; 1720, ib. estate of the duke of Norfolk in 1678; BURGH, lady De: v Diss. de bibliothecis Mindensibus; impr., ib Stafford, Ralph, earl of. BUNN, capt. Thomas. Order to - Luke BURGH, Richard de, earl of CIanricarde. BUGG, Bir Anthony, knt. Mentioned; for a payment to Edm. Darcey; 1663, Preamble of creation as earl of 1619, h St. Alban's [1628], BUL, John. Epitaph in Kingsbury BUNNY, Richard, of Wakefield and Normanton, Yorkshire. Epitaph; 1584, of him, BURGHERS, Michael, engraver. Notice church; 1621, BULKELEY, Edward, prebendary of Westminster. Signature; 1600, engr. by him, , Portrait of Q. Anne, initial letters &c. BUNWORTH, Remark, Iimner. Narrative Offended Hearne by a bad engraving, BULKELEY, lady Sophia, wife of Henry. of his persecution on account of discovery of frauds in the first regiment Letter to E. Meredith, 5 Oct. 1703, of foot-guards; 1710, BURGHILL, Francis, of the Bermuda Mention of marriage of eldest daughter Company. Letters to S. Trott; to earl of Clare, 1697, 21. 6b. Mention of proposed marriage of a don. Signature; ,717 8f.13pe. 46L49b. -- to W. Penystone; BUNYAN, Alexander, whip-maker, Lon (copies), , 40, 42b, 44, daughter l to Duke of Berwick], 1700 ; (copies), ib. 33, 35 b, 41 b. His BUONACCORSI, Buonaccorse, Florence. ib.7 case delivered to the King in council Letter to G. Como; 1725, Ital., 920. for the governorship of Bermuda; BULKELEY, Thomas. Signature, , ib. 50. Letters to W. Righton 99 BUONAROTTI, Mich. Ang. Biographical and W. Milbourne; 1685 (copies), BULKLEY, Stephen, printer's compositor. notice j Fr., 439. (cod. verso) 24. ib. SOb, 51. Bills for work; , ; BUONVISI, Alessandro, Lucca. Two BURGHLEY, lord; i.e. W. Cecil, q.v. b S letters to G. Como; 1725, ltal., 920. BURGHLEY HOUSE: v. Higden, R. BULL,George, p.of t.david's. Signature 6 6 as rural dean of Cirencester and Fair- 2 4, 2 7 ford, and Jleal of arms; 1680, S. BURCH: fl. BIRCH. BURGUNDIA, Practica phisicalia [receipts, in English],

39 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 561 BURGUNDY, Louis, duke of; grandson of Louis XIV: v. Francia. BURKE, Ann, or Bourke, q. v. BURKE, lieut. Thomas. Petition to Charles II for the re-grant of lands co. Limerick held by his father, &c., with order thereon, 30 Sept. 1683, BURKE, William. Short Latin theme, b. BURKHILL, Margaret, East Smithfield, London, 1637, BURKITT, William, M.A., vicar of Dedham, Essex. Two letters to bp. Compton of London; 1695, , 20. BURLEIGH, lord, i.e. W. Cecil, q.v. BURLEY, Walterus. Tractatus de planetis, a Tho. Hearne transcriptus, 321, 8. BURLINGTON, earl of: v. Boyle, Rich. BURMAN, -. Extract from a letter to Dr. Charlett; 1721, BURNEBY, Mrs. -. Letter to her from some poor persons of Church Langton, Leic., complaining of the distribution of her gift of 5 (copy), BURNET, -, daughter of bishop Burnet. Diary of a journey in Holland in 1707, BURNET, Alexander, archbp. of St. Andrews. Mention of his death and character; 1684, BURNET, Elizabeth, third wife of bishop Gilbert Burnet. Diary of her journey to the Spa in 1707, Ill. Meditations and extracts, ib BURNET, sive Burnetus, Gilbertus, phil os. prof. apud Montem Albani. Prreceptorum physicorum systema, 1608, 256. BURNET, Gilbert, bp. of Salisbury: v. Bedford, Hilkiah. Hickes, George. Autograph copy of his sermon at the coronation ofk. Will. III andq.mary, with licence for press, 1689, Title of his Collection of Eighteen Papers, with prefatory note in his own handwriting, and licence for press, 1689, Title of a sermon on 26 Nov., 1691, as licensed the next day, Letter to Chiswell the bookseller; 1693, Two pages of his autograph copy of his Letter to the Bp. 0/ Cov. and Lichf., with the same in print, and title; with licence for press; 1693, Title of his Pow"e discourses to the clergy 0/ the d':ocess of Sarum, with licence for press; 169f, Last two leaves of his Essay on the memory 0/ the late Queen, with licence for press, 1695 (not autograph), Notes from his sermon on S Nov. 1684, Printer's MS. copy of pp , aj.lpend. vol. i. Hist. Ref., Abnd8'ement of his treatise on the ArtICles, xvii-xxv, Copies of the :{'assages originally suppressed in his Own Times, 404- [I.] Directions respecting his charitable gifts for the clergy of Berks, 1698 (copy), Answer by Grascome to a tract assigned by him to Burnet, The Lawfulness 0/ taking the new Oaths asserted; 1689, Lex ignea, or the just condemnation of fburnet's] Pastoral Letter to be burnt; 1689 [quo by Wagstaffe?], ; An answer to his Pastoral Letter; 1689, IS. Animadversions on his Enquiry into the measures 0/ submission, Notes on his Hist. 0/ the Reform., 1692, 126. " A sample, or proof-sheet" of passages from his Hist. of his Own Time, with remarks [by Rob. Elliot], 73. Notice of a clergyman's refusal to give notice of Burnet's intention to preach in Aldersgate church, b "In episcopum quendam "; descriptio satirica, Satirical epi His epitaph, Ob taph on him, Possessor of 556. BURNET, M. Signature, , 101. BURNET, Thomas, LL.D., master of the Charterhouse. Answer to his tract De officiis et fide Christ., Signature, , 102; BURNETT, Lewis, chapi. to bp. Lamplugh of Exeter. Signature; 167i, BURNETT, Mary, Plymouth, widow of capt. James Burnett who died at Barcelona. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 17II, BURNINGHAM, Mary, widow of Heut. Samuel, Maldon, Essex. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty-money, with seal of anns; 1710, the inhabitants of Kendal, ib. 18. Statement of doctrines affirmed by Rich. Mayo, ib. 21. By-RROUGH, Richard, servant to Thomas earl of Strafford. Epitaph; died 10 July, 1651, BURROUGH, Thomas, Eastwood, Essex. Inscription on monument, 1600, 682. lb. BURROUGH GREEN, Cambridgeshire. Articles against Tho. Wake, rector, 1644, BURROUGHES, sir John, Garter. His notes of the coronation of Charles I entered in the book of ceremonies at the Office of Anns; 20 Nov. 1632, b. BURROUGHS, Thomas, B.D. Signature; 1667, BURSCOUGH, Robert. Notice of him by A. Wood, 912. S8S h BURT, Samuel, New York: V. Willson, E. BURTHOGGE, Rich., commisso for inquiring into recusancies in Devonshire. Signature; 1688, 372 sa?pe. BURToN,familyof, Tutbury, Staffordshire, and Dronfield, Derbyshire. Pedigree to 1662, by Dugdale, with anns in trick, BURTON, -, Cambridge. Letter to him from D. Featley, BURTON, -, of Yannouth, merchant. Notice of offer of bribe to obtain pardon for him; temp. Car. II, BURTON, Edward, Middle Temple, London. Four letters to Hearne, , ,420,426; Transcripts by him from Lambeth MSS., and notes to Hearne, Gave art. 38 in 400 to Hearne. BURTON, Henry: V. Prynne, Will. Epistle in answer to his Protestation protested; 1641, BURTON, Hezekiah, D.D., rector of St. George's, Southwark. Signature; 1678, BURRAGE, Nathaniel, Ipswich. Affidavits; 1709, , 37, 124. BURTON, Richard, St. John's cob., Cambro Letter to dean Granville of Durham; BURRELL, Will., curate of Arrington, Cambro Signature; 1674, BURRIDGE, Richard. Signature, BURROUGH, Edward, a quaker. Circular letter" to the elect and chosen seed of God," Letter to the commissioners for trial of ministers, ib. 9. Concerning true liberty of conscience, ib. II. Address to the ParI. and anny of the Commonwealth, ib. 13. A letter to the Friends, ib. I S. Address to the ParI. of the Commonwealth, ib. 17. Address to 1684, BURTON, Robert, B.D. (" Democritus junior") : v. B., R. Inscription in a book bequeathed by him to one E. M., BURTON, Thomas. Name, 1700, BURTON, William. Note from a. letter from him about his Descr. 0/ Leic. to sir R. Cotton, BURROUGH, -, and capt. James Burrough. Note of two MSS. in their possession; 1720, BURTON, Willia.m. Note to P. Le Neve; 1698, b. BURTON LAZARS, Leicestershu e. Admittance of Eliz. Vachell into the fraternity of the Hosp., 1512 (copy), 404. [145].

40 562 INDEX IN OATAL. CODD. BURTON OVERY, Leic. Brieffromjustices of Leic. for collections for sufferers by a great fire; 21 Aug (copy), BURTON-UPON-TRENT, Staffordshire. Sixteenth-cent. transcript of a chartulary of the priory, BURY, Arthur, D.D., rector of Exeter college. Letters to dean Granville; , , 249. His apology as author of The naked Gospel, Criticism on his Constant Communicant by Dr. T. Comber; 16S1, \ 312. Letter to him in praise of that book from dean Granville; 1681, ib Signature; 1673, , 8. BURY, Mrs. M., wife of Dr. Arthur Bury. Letter to dean Granville, Letter to her from Granville; 1683, BURY, sir Thomas, L. C. B. Exch. Sale of his library; 1724, 716.6h BUSHELL, Ed. Signature; 1621, BUTTON, 106. College. BUSHELL, Thomas. Letter to lord Percy; Bristol, 12 March, 1643, Petition to Charles II respecting a suit against the farmers of the lead customs, with a letter from him thereon, and opinion by W. Tracy, 18.6S-66. Account by him of his water-works at Enstone, axon (copy by Rawlinson), Bussy RABUTIN, Roger, comte de. HiHt. du comte de Guiche et de comtesse de Soissons et de Vardes (anon.), 457. BUST, Henry [Magd. coll.], Signature; 1615, Oxford. William: v. Oxford; Oriel BUTTS. lady -, wife of sir William, Thornage, Norfolk. Letter to her frolll S. Powle; IS79 (copy), S' BUTTS, -. Letter to him from S. Powle ; 1579 (copy), BUTTS, -, a minister at Saffron Walden, Essex. Note of a MS. ill his possession, 1721,888 47, BUTTS, Audrey, dau. of sir Will. ButtR. Letters to her from S. Powle; 1579 (copies), \ 75 b BUTTS, Daniel. Commission from James II as English consul in Norway; 5 Feb. 168t (copy), BUSTERD, -, Oxfordshire. Extract from BUTTS, Henry, D.D., master of C. C. coil. his will; IS34, and vice-chanco of Cambridge. Signa BUSZARD, John and Sara, Church Langton, ture; \ 21; , 46. Leic. Conveyance of 508. to BUXTON, Ann, Philpot lane, London. trustees towards a town stock for the 1637, poor oftheir parish, 16 Apr (copy), BUXTORFIUS, Joh.: v. Cla,rke, Sam. BUTERIUS, Johannes. Ode ad Galliam, BUXTORF, J o. J. Letter, without address; b Engl., 1667, BURY, William, Grantham. Epitaph on three of the name, BUTLER family, Amery, Alton, Hants. BYDE, Thomas. Reasons against a petition from him to the H. of Commons, for BURY ST. EDMUND'S, Suffolk. 'l'raditiones Epitaphs in Alton church, , patrum de consuetudinibus monasterii, Transcripta alia manor of Bengeo, &c., :>2. 106", 106b. repeal of an Act in 1698 settling the BUTLER, Charles, second earl of Arran. monast. spectantia, 404. [1 so]; Letter as chanco of Oxford for the BYES, - [quo Edw. Bisse, M.A., St. Edm ; S. degree of M.A. for B. Willis; 1720 hall?]. Notes ofa sermon by him at St. Note of six leiger-books of the abbey; (copy), Mary's, Oxf., in 17Il, los. 1699, Oratio scholaris cujusdam (forsan Gul. BUTLER, Elizabeth, wife of Charles Butler, BYFIELD, William, merchant, New England. Title of his Account of the late Sancroft) in schola, anno 1633, second earl of Arran. Lines to her (1) 139 on her progress to Aynhoe, Revoltttion in N. Engl., with licence for press; 1689, BUSBY, Ricardus, S.T.D., Schohe West- BUTLER, Ellin, widow of lieut. Francis, Newry, co. Down. Power of attorney monast. didasc.: v. BYFLET, William. Papers relative to the James, Gul. for receipt of pension; 1711, 760. S1. Newton, Ric. forfeiture to the Crown of a mortgage Maittai;e, Mich. BUTLER, Henry, Weston, Northampt. on the rectory of Barton-upon-Humber Frequently mentioned under the initial Bond for a payment to 'rhos. Player; held by Byflet, out-lawed as a supposed B. in July, 1649, R. C. priest, with his petition thereon, Sent some Hebr. and Arab. papers to and the grant of the mortgage to sir BUTLER, Honour, daughter of William : v. S. Clarke for revision in 1667, B. Bathurst; , Met yard, James. Desires criticism on a Persic version of BYLE, Lionell, Liskeard, Cornwall. Dethe Apostles' Creed, BUTLER, James, first duke of Ormonde. positions &c. in a suit concerning his Conditions proposed by him for a Signature; 1684, will; 1656 (impelj.), theological lectureship at Oxf., 912. BUTLER, James, second duke of Ormonde: v BYNE, John. School exercise of a Latin Signature, b, 14; 822. IIO. letter (copy), h. Assheton, Will. Rawlinson, Tho. Mentioned; 1657, , 3Sb. Epitaphium, b. BUTLER, James. Pardoned for high BYNG, sir George. earl of Torrington. Mention of his victory over the Spanish Lat. epigram on hi~ bust, by M. Maittaire, b. BUTLER, John, B.D.: v. Matrimonium. treason; 1699, fleet; 1719, BYNION, sir George. Mentioned; 1644, BUSBY, William, Stoughton, Leic. Copy BUTLER, John. Epitaph in St. Pancras of an epitaph sent to him, b. churchyard; 1731, BYRCHE, John, and Robert his son. Note BUSCH, ];'ridericus, junior. Inscriptio in BUTLER, John, broker, London. Note to in a book that belonged to them; 1588, albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 15 Jun. O. Acton; 1741, , BUSH, Abraham. Signature; 1626, BUSH, Joyce, widow of lieut. Henry, St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, London. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; BUTLER, Lilly, St. Edrn. hall, Oxf. Sig- BYRDE, Johannes, S.T.P.: V. Brevie, Will. nature as S.C.L.; 1669, b. BYROM, Jane, widow of capt. Henry, Warrington. BUTTENDORF, Ludwig Christofer von. Inscriptio Gall. in albo amicorum Jac. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 17Il, Brisset; Aurelire [OrleansJ, 14 Dec. BYRON, family of, lords Byron. Arms b. in trick, with quarterings; temp. Will. BUTTON, John: v. Epitapbia. Ill,

41 BYRON, John, first lord. Warrants for delivery of arms and powder to him; 14 Nov Jan. 164!, , 15. Mentioned, ib BYRON, sir Nicholas. Device on his cornet in the northern expedition, 1640, b BYSSHE, sir Edward, Garter: V. Ashmole, Elias. Report from the Officers of Arms against him (draft), List of his MSS., BYZANTIUM. List of the authors in Corp. Rist. Byz., " c. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 563 CADRAY, Catherine, widow of capt. Noah, CALLIACHIUS,Nicolaus,Cretensis,in univ. Mallow, co. Cork. Power of attorney Patav. prof. Subscriptio autograph a ; for receipt of pension; 1711, , ". ClERIMONIlE: V. Preces: Book of Common Prayer. Tract against the power of the Church to enjoin rites and ceremonies; C. 1660,1321. List of state papers relating to ceremonies and titles, , BYRON, lady Sophia, and William her son. Letters of denization from Chas. r, b. BYSHOP, William, Trinity coil., Oxf. ClESAR, madam. Receipts for brown and Latin theme; 1680, white mead, b ClESAR, Augustine, M.D., Roche~ter. Epitaph, ClESAR, Augustus, second son of Thomas. Signature; 1614, l0. ClESAR, sir Julius. Signature, b ; CAETANUS: V. Gaetano. CAFLIN, rev. John, York. Mentioned, 1711 (fictitious name?), I. CAGNOSSI, Gius. Carlo, Naples. Letter C., A., i. e. Archib. Campbell, q. V. to G. Como; 1725, ltal., C., A. "Bristol's triumph"; on the elec- CAIMUS, Pompeius, prreses univ. Patav. tion of T. Coster for the city in J 734, Diplomati subscriptio; 1627, Two letters to Rawlinson; ib. CAIRON, Jacobus, pastor congreg. Gallicre C., A. [? "Mr. Childs, Gray's Inn "]. apud Thorney. Commentationes in Verses on Good Friday, varia loca Biblica, &c., 820. C., C" Tring. Letter about the bp. of Chester's speech at Magd. coil., Oxf.; 3 March, 168k (copy), C., D. Essay on the qualifications of a courtier, 163. C., D. S. di. Lettera al duca di Terranova sopra 10 governo di Milano, C., G., Pembroke college, Oxford. "Cupidinis apologia ad patrem"; a Latin letter about his love for a lady at Ludgershall; 1636, C., J.: V. Sigonius, Car. C., J. Letter to - Paterson on purification after death; 1739, C., L. Transcriber (?) of art. 12 in 1347 (f. 216). C., M. Letter to J. Forent; 1711, Fr., 641. CALAMY, Edmund, B.D.: V C., P. Letter to sir T. Rawlinson, lord mayor; 1706, C.,R.: V. Lane, D. W.,L. Wythe, Tho. C., R., Berry-street, London. Memoirs of Cecil, lord Burleigh; 1737, 77. ex eo, C., W. Encomium of K. Rich. III, CALDECOTE, Cambridgeshire. CABALA. Ars Hebrrea cabalistica, CADIZ: v. Marbeck, Roger. CA~OGAN, major William, and Ambrose, his grandson. Latin epitaphs in Ch. Ch., Dublin, 166~, 1693, , 37 b CAIUS, Thomas: t'. Key. CALAIS: v. Gattinara, Mere. Willoughby, Will., lord. Notes of' the valor. eccl. of some parishes, Documents relating to Calais, , ib Seal of the mayoralty, ib. 56. Pen-andink sketch of a house built temp. Hm. IV by sir Tho. Rampston, ib. 57. Picture of Edw. III in a window in the church, ib. 57b City of London, an inn, ib. A few extracts from baptismal registers of the Reformed there, CALAMY, Benjamin, fellow of Cath. hall, Cambro Signature; 1673, Mentioned, 1679, ib. 82. Browne, Thomas. Notes of sermon on Ezek. xxxvi. 32, 1277 ad calc. I. Two sermons on Phil. iii. 8, , Life of Baxter: v. Evans, Dr.-. CALAMY, James, rector of Coton, Cambro Signature; , , 42. CALCAGNINUS, Crelius. Notre de silentio, Articles against Tho. Sanders, vicar, and appointment of Geo. Baker; 1644, CALENDARIA: V. Kalendaria. CALFEILD, -. Signature, III. CALLAO: V. Chili. CALLIS, Robert, serj.-at-iaw. Argument for discharge of mesne rates on some lands; 1641, CALLOW, Benjamin, minister of Stow-onthe-Wold. Complained of, for neglect of another parish [Nether Swell]; 1683, CALLOWE, John, vicar of Ticehurst. Sussex. Signature; 167~, CALORI.A, Joseph. Signature as chanco of the college at Messina, 1666, CALPRESE, Gregorio. Letter respecting some natural phenomena near Pozzuoli, transl. by Rawlinson, CALTHORPE, serjeant-major. Accountbook of money received and spent in the eastern counties, in the service of Pari.; 1643, CALTHORPE, William, London. Accountbook; 1638,1129. I. CALTHROPPE, Henry. Signature, II2. CALTON, family of, Goring and 'Milton, Berks. Short pedigree, 1664, signed by Paul Calton, B6b. 85. CALVER, -. A medicine for the wind colic,1074, cover. CALVERT, hon. Benedict Leonard. Gave art. 56 in 400 to Hearne. CALVERTON, Bucks.: V. Carpender, Will. CALVINUS, Johannes: V. Bolsec, H. H. Epist. ad exules Anglicos in eccl. Tigur., 1554, Horoscope, CAMAIANI, Onofrio e Pietro: v. Julius III, papa. CAMBERWELL, Surrey: V. London. Motto on a sundial in the churchyard, CAMBI : v. Exchange. CAMBORNE, Cornwall. parish, CAMBRIA, sive Wallia, q. v. CAMBRIDGE. County: V. Notes on the Army. Preces: Book Of Ely; Dioc. Common Praye'l". Notes from the Ely registers of incumbents of parishes in , 150. Sequestrations of ministers in 1644, List of N. Oddy's disciples "of the church of Jesus Christ," 1675, Note-books of a justice of peace; ,1136. Notes of the treasurer's accounts, Town: V. Jacobus 1. Randolph, Thos. Abstract of laws relating to trades there,

42 564 [Fictitious] catalogue of political pamphlets printed there in 1669, Accounts by the town treasurers of receipts and payments for the year , 678. Notes of cases before a justice; , List of all the ale-house keepers, 21 Apr. 1682, University: v. Carmelitre. Johnson, Benj. Ecclesia. Madew, Joh. Hearne, Tho. Ward, Sam. Composition with the town; 1502, Statuta et injunctiones; 1549, 917, 31, 34 Episcopi Cantabr., , Orationes, ,228. Oratio prrevaricatoria: [perperam a Rawlinson Jacobo Duport adscripta], Commemoratio benefactorum in eccl. B. Mar. Maj. solenniter recitata (cum additt. manu Gul. Sancroft), Experiment in magic proved there in 1557, Note-book of a Cambridge physician; books, furniture; theses in philosophy and medicine; 1592, &c., 213. Orationes dure, in prresentatione scholarium pro gradu, ib. 25L 7. Letter, ordinances, and decree in Chancery, respecting lord Brooke's foundation of a history lecture; , Visit of the Queen in 1681 ; v. Billers, John. Proceedin~s against the University before the Eccl. Comm., 1687, b Notice of state of parties there and in St. John's college in March, 168~, Verses on some Cambridge men; temp. Q. Anne, Number of members of each college in July 1727, List of Carmina Cantabr., 98. ad calc. Addres~ to Tenison on appointment as archbishop; Lat., to Will. IlIon death of Q. Mary, Engl., ib. 22b. Syndicate appointed to watch the case of Peploe v. Gastrell; 1720, Caius and Gonville College. Mem. book of moneys expended by some agent on college business; , Terrier of the manor of Aynils, Bedfordshire; 1614, b Cat. of Knight's MSS. there, of heraldic MSS. there; 1694, ib.61. Christ's College. Bursar's rent-account, , Corpus Christi College: v. Rolle, Rich. Notre Usserii de MSS. ibidem, 280. ~ 41b, *44", 44 b, 56b, 58, 59. Chronol. Hibern. A.D , ex quodam codice ibidem, ib. 56. INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Index codd. MSS. addit. post catal. Jamesii, Transcripts of Anglo-Saxon MSS. there were in the hands of Dr. Milles, Copy of archbp. Parker's MS. of the Articles of 1562 and collation of those of 1571, , 84. Art. 2 in 803 transcr. from one of Parker's MSS. Emmanuel College: v. Holbech, Tho. Fragment of an entry-book of payments; 17th cent., Prayers by Dr. San croft before and after catechizing, I b, 9b Duplicates sold from the library, ll3, Il4 Jesus College. Testimonial infavourofj. Squire, M.A.; temp. Jac. 1., St. John Rapt. College: v. Drake, Sam. Letter to Dean Turner of Canterbury from the College; 1670, Lat., Address to bp. Fr. Turner on his visiting the college; Lat., Testimonial for orders with eight signatures; 167&, Epitaph on Dr. Gower; I7IJ, b. Directions and advice to undergraduates; , b Notice of the Robinson foundation, Notes by T. Rawlinson of a few books in the library, King's College. Case of the College v. Eton in regard to fellowships of the latter college; (copies), Address to Mary duchess of York on her visiting the college, Part of a judgement t. Geo. II in a suit of Snape [provo of the coli.] and others v. bp. of Linc., Epitaphs, , 85-6b Pembroke Hall. Epistola opem exorans ad redes re-edificandas, Discipuli Grreci, ex fund. Tho. Watts, ad an. 1636, ; Fragment of a statement about sir R. Hitcham's bequest of the manor of Framlingham, &c. in 1636, Sidney Sussex College: V. Rolle, Rich. Ward, Sam. Case for counsel respecting the fellowship founded by L. Smith, Trinity College: V. Duke, Rich. Four prayers, written there in 1562 [by T. Cartwright?j, ~, 65. Memorandum-book ofrents; 1665, Part of a rent-roll, LetteI'Il to Sir T. Browne about his help towards building a new library; , Receipt for his subscription, ib. 21. MS. of P. Grebner's prophecy, copied from a MS. there. Notes by T. 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43 Printed anon. pamphlet on The TheOl"y of Ideas; 1727, Catalogue of his Scottish books, Mentioned, 849. lob. Corrections in his hand-writing of a paper jib CAlIIPBELL, C. From Minorca j recommended to Mr. Craggs; 1716, CAMPBELL, Colin, architect: v. Grant, Henr. altd John. CA1IPBELL, Elizabeth, widow of lieut Matthew. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1711, CAMPBELL, John, second duke of Argyll. Signature, Letterto him from Dr. J. Morrice j 1715, b RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 565 CANDIDUS, Hadrianus [al. Albinus, Germanice Weiss]. Exaravit art. 4 in 608 anno CANE, Johannes, coli. Exon., Oxon. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni j 25 Oct. 1624, CANEVARIUS, Octavianus. autographa, ll5. Subscriptio CANHAM, rev. Paul, LL.B., St. Katherine's HORp., London. Epitaph; 1723, CANNE, -. A living offered him in Nor folk by bp. Reynolds; 1662, CANNE, Jaspar, Witney, Oxon.: v. Clarke, Sam. CAMPBELL, John, third duke of Argyll. CANNER, Thomas. Signature; 1684,1386. Letter to him from M. Maittaire j 1746, II 6. Lat. (draft), CAMPDEN, viscount: v. Hicks. CAMPEGGIO, Thomas, episc. Feltrensis. Instructio pro eo in Germaniam a papa Paulo III ituro; 5 Oct. 1540, Lettera al card. Farnese sopra i negotii di Germania, del 25 Nov. 1540, ib. 37. CAMPI, Joannes. Versus ad eum in mortem nepotis sui Gasp. Campi, b CAMPIAN, Edmundus, J esuita: v. H., W. Matthew, Tob. Oratio coram Reg. Elizab. [3 Sept. 1566], ; I. Oratio in obituul T. White, ; Oratio; an possessiones 3lquales, &c.; 1568, Disputation in the Tower with Dr. Walker and Mr. Charke; 27 Sept. 1581,353. I. -- with Drs. }<'ulke and Goad, Sept. 1581, ib. 14. Verses on his death, b Others on the same, ib. 96. Dialogue on the same between Catholick and Consolation, ib. 97 b. CAMPION, Samuel. Statement respecting some poor non-conformist ministers in the Marches of Wales, CAMP LIN, Thomas, M.A., Glouc. hall, Oxf. Oratio academica, CANADA. Official letter respecting army stores brought back from Canada; 1712, CANANO, Giulio, secret. di papa Giulio III. Lettera al secret. de card. 'l'ornone; 18 Magg. 1552, CANARY ISLANDS. Dispensatio a Provinciali Franciscanorum in provo Canariensi, pro ordinatione fratris cujusdam; 1598, o. Letter" to my factor at the Canaries" ; end of 17th cent., Considerations respecting a monopoly of trade thither granted by Chas. II, CANDIA: v. Crete. CAN~IDIUS, Georgiua. Inscriptio in albo amlcorum Jo. Hoffmanni' Lugd. Bat. 23 Maii, 1623, ' CANNOCK, William, minister of St. Nich., Siamfm'd, q. v. CANNON, Luc. (?). Signature (16th cent.), CANNON, Robert, dean of Lincoln. Notice by Tanner of his death, 1722, b. CANONES: v. Anglia: Ecclesia. N ot31 U sserii de collectoribus Lat. canonum et de MSS. Oxon. et Cantabr., , 29-31, 141. CANONICI, Franc., detto Mascambruni, sotto-datario di Innoc. X: v. Binalducci, G. B. CANONS ASHBY PRIORY, Northamptonshire. Lead taken thence to the king's manor at Woodstock, 1541, 809. I. CANTERBURY: t'. Attwood, Peter. Chappell, John. Turner, Tho. Worthington, Tho. Archbishopric. Archiepiscopi, ad A. D. 1278, b. Account of the see, by Laur. Howell; Lat., Arguments in vindication of the archbishop's power to deprive as well as suspend bishops; c. 1700, The archbishop s power of conferring degrees: v. Gastrell, Fran. Diocese. List of parishes, Cathedral. Tithes of Northfleet assigned to chantry in archbp. Arundel's chapel; 1406, Grant to Christina Collett of a share in the prayers and alms ; 1510,376. 2II*. Letter recommending an organist, temp. Car. 11; Lat., Index of epitaphs in the cathedral, to 1722, Godfrey epitaph in St. Michael's chapel, Epitaph on J. Battley; 17 5, on Tho. Cocks and O. Gibbons, A copy of the Rheims New Test. kept by the sub-dean in his stall; 175 I, City. Copy of a deed relating to St. Augustine's abbey; 1351,404. [136]. Lead from St. Augustine's taken to the king's manor at Rochester; 1541, 809 4L 7. Pay-books for building-work done at the king's manor; 1539, for melting lead taken from St. Augustine's, &c., repairing walls broken by the fall of the great steeple, &c.; 1542, Legal charges on acknowledging a fine on a claim in the city, Epitaphs in the churches of St. Paul, Peter, All SS., Dunstan, :Mary Bred man, Mildred; Parish of St. Alphege: v. Palmer, -. Parish of St. Dunstan. Receipts for tithes; , 1624, II 6-20, 137. Tithe-deeds of a house, 1 b. 12bb- 31b. Roper epitaphs; 1433, 1597, Nine monumental inscriptions with notes of vicars and of the register; 1716,972. lillo. Parish of St. George. Inscription on T. Sargenson's tomb in the churchyard, b. CANTLOWES, manor of, Middlesex: 1'. Jones, Walter. CAPE VERD ISLANDS. Outlme of the Praya in St. Jago, and sketch of the town of St. Jago, , 8. CAPEL, Algernon, second earl of Essex. List of 44 ladies, "toasts," printed by him, with the title "La flote triomphante"; 17 3, b. CAPEL, Arthur, baron: v. Morley, George. Reasons against trying him and Goring after quarter granted at Colchester; Account of the burial of his heart at Hadham, and notes of letters; CAPEL, Arthur, earl of Essex. Notice of his refusal to strike the Eng!. flag when passing through the Sound; 1669, CAPELL, Arthur. His name twice written in 96. CAPILUPO, -. Discorso sopra la lega contro Turco; 1571, CAPODIFERRO, Girolamo: 1.. Julius III, papa. Paulus III, papa. CAPON, Joan: v. Reader, Andr. CAPP, Benjamin, heraldic painter, Knightsbridge. Note to Greg. King, with sketch of Hyde arms; 2 Oct. 1682, CAPPEL, Louis, rector of the acado of Saumur. Signature; 1633, ". CAPPERONIER, Claude, prof. of Greek at Paris. Epist. ad eum a Mich. Maittaire (apogr.), CAPRARA, Alexander, card.: V. Cary lie, J. Fitz James, J. CAPRARA, Fr. Carlo. Two news-letters from Mantua, Feb.-Mar., 1691, and onu from Bologna; ltal., , 44, So.

44 566 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. CAPUA. Notes of antiquities; 165 1, CARACCI Annibale. His Descent from the Cr~s8 and other pictures for sale; 903. I. CARADOC OF LHANCARVAN. Note on Welsh history, , translated from him; 280. *57. CARDIGAN, earl of: V. Brudenell, George. CARDINALES. List in 1590, "La giusta stadiera de porporati"; biographical notices of the cardinals about 1645, 477. Istoria de cardinali viventi; [1680], 479. II3. CAREY [Carew?l, Anne, daughter of sir George: v. Rawlins, Giles. CAREY, Anthony, fifth vise. Falkland. Surrender to trustees of his lands in the manor of Isleworth; 1692, CAREY, George, second lord Hunsdon, captain of the Isle of Wight. Letters about levies and musters in Hampshire; (copies), b, 56L~8b. CARBONNEL, William, paper-merchant, London. 26 letters to Dr. Yate at Oxf., , h; Account 434 of paper, Wlt. h' prices, sen t t 0 Oxf., , CARAFFA, Carolus, card. Instructiones Letter to - Worsley about the passldg pro eo ad Phil. Hispp. Regem; 1557, the English coast by some Spanish 633. I34h. forces, ib. 50. Processus contra eum et ejus defensio; CAREY, Henry, first lord Hunsdon. Extract from a MS. that belonged to him, Lettera al duca di Palliano, 1556, b. [Various diplomatic papers [now Rawl. B. 47], and instructions to ambassadors; , Ital.], ib, 6rr-663h. CARY, Henry,firstvisc.Falkland. Petition Della morte del card. Caraffa, del duca to the King for pardon of a son, <Ii Poliano, &c., 1561, Dialogo sopra sua morte, ib Two letters to P. Heylin, 1632, , 95 CARAFFA, Carolo, vesco di Aversa, nuntio aha imp. Ferd. II. Instruttione; 1621, CAREY, Lucius, second visco Falkland: V ; ; 6:00. 78; ; Martin, Rob Speech in ParI.; 7 Dec. 1640, Of the infallibility of the Church of CARBERY, earl of: v. Vaughan, Rich. Rome, Letter to him from the commissioners of,\v orcestershire, 18 March, 1642 (copy), Mention of his will, CAREY, lady Mary, wife of George :rayler. Meditations and poems; copled by C. Hutton in 1681, CAREY, Valentine, bishop of Exeter. Notice of him by A. Wood, CARIBBEES. Collectanea A. Mulleri de insulis Cal'ibanis et lingua Caribana, CARIE, William, merchant: v. Rea, Roger. CARDONNEL, Adam. Signature; 1699, CARIER, B., D.D. Notes from his Missive, , b--9b. CARDONNEL. P. de. Signatures; , CARINI, Fiorniceto: v. Panciatichi, L. Mention of his library, "CARIUS,"[Carey or Carew?], "Robertus." CARDS: v. Games. Signature, CARELESSE, William. Mentioned; 1644, CARYNGTON, William and Andrew. Memoranda of their births in , CARET, -. Oratio prreter formam officii Rhetorices, CARLETON, Norfolk. Articles against CAREW, sir George, earl of Totness. Letter to him from T. Pound; 1579, 320. II. Signature; 1598, CAREW, John. Signature; 1652, CAREW, Richard. A small part of a copy of his Survey of Cornwall, CAREW, Thomas and Elizabeth. Horoscopes of theirthree children; , CAREY, of Hunsdon, family of. Descent, Tho. Stokes, rector, 1644, CARLETON, Dudley, vise. Dorchester. Preamble of creation as visco Dorchester; [16281, Letter to H. de Vic; 1630, CARLISLE. Grant ofthe dissolved monastery of St. Mary for the foundation of the cathedral; 1539, Grant for endowment of the dean and chapter; 1541, ib. 21, An alms man's place in the cathedral granted toj ames Mason by Charles II; 1676, Of the state of Caerluel from the time of the Romans; 1685, [CAREY, or] CARY, -, (qu. Rob., baron Carey, first earl of Monmouth?). Sig- CARLISLE, earls of: v. nature, Hay. Howard. CARMELITlE: v. Brevie, Will. Excerpta ex ordinationibus provo Ang!. de admissis ad studendum apud Oxon. et Cantabr., ", 41 b. CARNARVON, earl of: v. Dormer, Charles. CARNARVONSHIRE. Order from the King tu the commissioners and sheriffs of Carnarvon and Anglesea to provide clothes and food for soldiers coming from Ireland; 7 Nov. 1643, CAROLINA. Four letters from settlers in (copies), b-5. A French minister invited to go out to the parish of St. James's la Sante; 1720, Draught of the sea coast of North Carolina; 1733, CAROLINE, Queen, consort of Geo. I. Chamberlayne's transl. of Ostervald on O. T. dedicated to her, 839. I. A peti. tion to her, ib. 5. CAROI.S. Noels; 1696, Fr., I7b CAROLUS, Cras8Us, ImperatoI'. Epist. apologetica contra Hadr. III papam, CAROLUS MAGNUS, Imp. ["Dictaet facta qurndam" olim exstabant in cod. srnc. xvii, 339.] CAJWLUS I, Magn. Brit. Rex.: v. Anglia. Massimi, Innoc. Berkeley,John Oxford. lord. Philipp us IV, Hisp. Cook, John. Rex. L., J. Preces. Lodovisio, Rebellion. Lodov. Scotia. Oratio de rebellione contra eum et de restauratione Car. II, Dialogue in Latin verse between Oxford and him while prince, on his rarely visiting the Univ., b. Journey to Spain: v. Wynn, sir Rich. Departure from Spain: V. Philippus IV. French version of a letter from him to the Pope on the negotiations for his marriage to the Infanta; 1623, Articles respecting religion as altered in the treaty; Dec. 1622, ib. 96. Extract by Hearne from the printed account of his entertainment in Spain, Verses on the Spanish match; "Our eaglet has flown"; (two copies), , 229. Other verses upon the same, soh-sib, 73.76", 76h Art. 13 in 853 (against the proposed Spanish match) dedicated to him. Considerationl dalle quali si conosce douer esser utile il matrimonio sudetto alla religione Cattolica, ; Testimony of bp. Wren to his attachment to the Ch. of Eng I. while Prince, ~. " A politick dispute about the happiest match" for him, Articles of marriage as propos'ed by France, 20 Nov. 1624, Fr., as finally settled, 8 May, 1625; transl. bym. G.,ib.12, 30 _part,

45 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 567 Speech in Parl., 18 June, 1625, Answer to the Petition of Grievances; 1625, Reply to an address from ParI. respecting religion; 8 Aug. 1625, ; Letter to the judges for execution of the laws against Papists; II Nov. 1625, Heralds' notes of his coronation, taken by sir J. Burroughes, and entered at the Office of Arms, 20 Nov.1632, b. Exchequer accounts, , , 1633, Letter to the Parliament, 20 March, 1626, Two letters to the duke of Buckingham on his success at Rhe; 1627 (copies), 404 (codice Vet"So). Speech at theopeningofparl., 17 March, 162f, Answer on the grant of subsidies, 4 Apr., Speech at the dissolution of Parl., 10 March, I 62f, Declaration of the causes'for the dissolution, Letter to the H. of Lords; 12 May, 1628, Lines on the death of his infant son in 1629, Orders of the College of Arms respecting the delivery of the King's letters announcing the birth of Prince Charles; 2-8 June, 1630, \ 4, 5. Oratio ad eum quum Cantabrigiam inviseret [Mar ], Articles respecting tte restoration of the Palatmate desired by him to be inserted in a treaty with the States General, Diary of his progress to Scotland in 1633, 49. Itinerary in Scotland, 2 MaY-19 July, 1633, Odmporica de itinere ejus in Scotiam, 1633, De utroque S. Jacobi festo; ode ad Car. I, ib., ib. Letters to the judges about the legality of ship-money; 1636, *. Proclamation for calling of a General Assembly and Parliament in Scotland, 9 Sept. 1638, 720. I. Letter to the Lords for assistance against the Scots; 26 Jan., 163f, 11. I. Advice!Lbout soliciting contributions from R. Catholics for his expedition against Scotland in 1639, Speech in Parl., 13 Apr. 1640, Apr., ib S May, ib Abstr. of a }etter from him to Nicholas, 10 Oct. 1641, Speech at the head of his army, 19 Sept. 1642, Ordnance warrants signed by him; , , 36, 39, 43, 47-54, 58,60,64-72,77,79. Order for furnishing horses in W orcestershire for the artillery; 8 March, 164i (copy), Order for collections in Oxf. for sick soldiers; IS June, 1643 (copy), VOL. II. Order for collection of the tithes, &c. of Alresford for P. Heylin during his absence at court; Oxf., 17 Aug. 1643, Printed order for a collection in Oxford for sickandmaimedsoldiers; 29 Sept. 1643, Order for provision of clothes, &c. for soldiers coming from Ireland; 7 Nov. 1643, Three letters to prince Maurice, (copies), Letter to lord Percy; 24 May, 1644, Notice of money coined by him from the plate of St. John's college, Oxf., &, 24b Satire (in verse) on the pamphlet The King's Cabinet opened, Ih. Part ofthe King's Cabinet vindicated from Merc. Britan., ib. 36. A letter on the annotations and three speeches on the Cabinet, ib. 43b The annotations and speeches, ib Letter to the Committee of Estates for Scotland; 19 May, 1646, Procl. for disbanding of his forces in Scotland; 20 May, ib. 69b Resolution of the Committee thereon; 23 Ma.y, ib. 70b. Proposals to him by the army for his restoration, June 19, 1647; endorsed, " Christopher Whitchcote," 399. IS I, 200. Note of a petition from the army that he would trust himself to them, with his reply, Mention of his playing at bowls, of respect paid to him in the 1. of Wight, &c.; 1647, \ 6, 6h Causes of his misfortunes; disorderliness of his army, &c., ib. 4. Reply at Newport to the demand for abolition of episcopacy, I3b. Form of prayer used by his direction during the treaty at Newport, Speech to the commissioners at Newport on their taking leave; Nov. 1648, Notes about his trial and execution, b-13. Epitaph on him, *. Letter to him from Tho. Wilson presenting an abstract of treaties, Catalogue of the purchasers of his and the Queen's goods; by E. Ashmole, 695. "Prophetia antiqua. ex Holandia."; a pretended prophecy of Chas. I and the Restoration, Statement of plots by Jesuits for the bringing up of his children as Roman Catholics; Fr., Mention of the design of printing his works in 1686, His Works ordered by bishop Cosin to be put in all the considerable churches m the diocese of Durham, Opinion by A. Hammond in favour of his authorship of the EiICCoIl1, after reading all the books on the subject; 1699, dedicated to him. Gratulatory speech to him (?) on visiting BOme ecclesiastical or academical foundation; Lat., Lines to his memory, A contemporary list of 148 Civil War tracts, 316. I. Drafts of two forms of prayer for 30 Jan., , 21. Regicides: v. S., W. CAROLUS II, Magnre Brit. Rex: v. Cattierus, Phil. Presbyterians. Ken, Thomas. Carmina in nativitatem ejus ab alumms scholre Winton., 292. Notes of Ussher's sermon upon his birth; IS June, 1630, b Orders made by the heralds for the ceremonial at his being knighted; 1638, Warrant for payment for coach-horses bought for him while Prince (copy), Warrant for supply of horse-liveries to him while Prince, and to the D. of York, W The form of prayer printed in 1648 under the title of "Prince Charles' Letany" (copy by H. Gandy), Warrant to capt. Will. Gardner to seize the isle of Portland; I March, 1649, Promise of the office of Master of Requests to R. Fanshaw, signed by him; 1659, In coronationem ejus oratio, 1110 ad calc. 19. Abstracts of proclamations for observance of 30 Jan., 29 May, &c., Draft of form of prayer for 29 May, Book of some household accounts; , 663. Warrant about the repair of Wore. cathedral; 9 Oct (CO'py), Letter to the earl of Middleton respecting various Acts proposed by the Parl. of Scotland; 14 July, 1662 (copy), Drafts and copy of letters to bpi Cosin on behalf of D. Granville; 1666, , 115, 122, 137, 180. List of his chaplains about 1670, Fee-farm rents granted or sold by him from 1670 incl., Treaty with the Sultan of Turkey; Sept. 1675, with the United Provinces; 1677, Lat., with Algiers; 1682, Message to the H. of Commons ; 4 Feb. 167!, Replies to a remonstrance from the H. of Commons; 10 and 13 May, 1678, Notice of his being at Newmarket in 1679, Secret-service money account; , 872. Prayers for his recovery from illness; 1680, l , 51. Rr

46 568 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Oopies of petitions to him; ,18. Notes out of Account of the com piracy in 1683, Payments for his coffin, Oopies of his papers about the Ohurch of Rome found in his strong box, Sayings of his about lord Shaftesbury, , 215b. Ate mangoes pickled with garlick, Money lent to him by the East India Oomp. unanimously; 1673, ib. 59. Oonsulted Ashmole astrologically about parl. moneygrants, ib. 61. Interested in the courtship of the daughter of earl of Newburgh by lord Annesley, , 264. Title of Account Of the reasons which induced Chas. II to declare war agailtst the States-Gen., with licence for press; 1689, Payments due in 1699 from the Excise to bankers for his debts, 92L 137. Answer to him of a woman who desired to be baptized by Ken, b. Lines on him by the earl of Rochester; 1673, IOb Two lines found affixed to his privy chamber door, ib Britannia and Rawleigh, a dialogue [a satire in verse on the reign of Charles II], ib. 312b. "The Chronicle"; an invective in verse against him, ib Another, entitled "Lord Lucas his ghost," ib Lines to countess Castlemaine, with her reply (satirical), b The Black Box: fl. Fitzroy, James, duke of Monmouth. CAROLUS VIII, Francire Rex. Epitaph in the ch. of St. Denis, CAROLUS IX, Francire Rex. Capitoli dell' accordo tra il Re di Francia et i suoi rebelli; 1570, Treaty with Q. Eliz. of England; 1572, Lat. and Ital., , 257. " Arrest" in a case relating to the Buccession to his territorial patrimony; 1574, CAROLUS V, Germanire Imperator: v. Badoero, Fed. Julius III, papa. Contarini, Gasp. Medici, Alex., Will. et Cosmo de'. Notre ex Sabio et Mauro de electione at coronatione ejus, Lettera al senato di Roma subito doppo ilsacco di essa; 26 Jul. 1527, Summarium pacis cum Clem. VII; 1529, 648. I. Capitoli tra Clem. VII, Carlo V, e la citta di Firenza; 1530, ib. 5. Investiture al Aless. de' Medici e Cosmo de' M. degli stati di Firenza e,sienna; , ib Coronation as King of Lombardy, 1530, Speech to the Provinces of Holland, ad calc.. Emblema de eo, cum notitia, versu et. pros&, Panegyric on him; impetf" CAROLUS VI, Germanial Imperator. A French epitaph on him; transl. into Eng!. and Lat. by Mich. Maittaire, CAROLUS II, Hispanire Rex. "Della ricognitione in re delle Spagne del Carlo arcid. d'austria dalla sede apostolica," 409. Testament, avec plusieurs pieces curieuses; 1700, CAROLUS III, Hispanire Rex: v. Portugallia. CAROLUS X, Suecire Rex. Description and character (printed), CAROLUS XI, Suecire Rex. RegUlations for civil and criminal procedure; 1687, OfOrgrypelige Tanckar huruwyda Jorde Byten och Kiop, &c. [a paper against the King's resumption of crownlands], CAROLUS LUDOVICUS, comes Palatinus: v. Cleveland, -. Epigramma in nativitatem ejus, 283. I; Notes out of his manifesto in 1637, 1414 (cod. verso) 29. CARON, Raymundus, 8ive Redmuncl, Hibern., ord. S. Franc. Epistt. quorundam e provo Hibern., card. Fr. Barberini, aliorumque, contra eum; 1664 (apogr.), , 14. CARPENDER, William, rector of Calverton, Bucks. Signature; 1679,792. 8b CARPENTER, George, second baron. Signature, CARPENTER, J_ Note to R. Roach; 1729, b. CARPENTER, Mary: v. London. CARPENTER, Richard. Alchemical poem, CARPENTER, Robert. Signature, CARPENTER, William, London. Copy of a list made by him of benefactions to the poor of Aldgate and the ward of Portsoken; , 796b CARPENTER, William, senior, brewer London. Bequest to the parish of St: Botolph Aldgate; 1656, 796b. I12b. CARPENTER, William, fellow of Eton coli. Signature, CARPI, card. di: V. Julius III, papa. Paulus III, papa. CARPIO, marq. del: v. Haro, -. CARR, sir Cuthbert: v. Eden, sir Rob. CARR, Robert, earl of Somerset. Letter to the earl of Northampton; 1612 (copy), Letter from Tho. Wilson presenting him with a book; 1614, ad calc. Signature, b Various satirical verses on him and the countess of Essex, CARR, Robert, equerry to the d. of Glouc. and the princess Eliz. Warrant for payment of allowances to him [draft], CARR, Thomas, fellow of Jesus CoIL, Cambro Signature, CARR, Thomas, M.A., rector of West Thorney, Sussex. 'festimonial for a dispensation; 167~, CARRELETT, Mrs. A receipt for a cough; c. 1590, CARSHALTON, Surrey. Measurement of the church, b CARSTAIRS, Lanarkshire: John. v. Lindsay, CARSWELL, Francis, Exeter coli., Oxf. Royal writ for his admission as fellow or demy of Magd. coil.; 1660, CARSWELL, sive Caswell, J oh., A.M., prof: Astron., Oxon. Geometrire planre ele, menta, 237. ii. CARTE, Thomas. A full answer to the Letter of a By-stander, 89. An essay towards the political testament of sir R. Walpole [assigned to Carte, but without evidence], 88. Procured medals of Louis XV for R. Rawlinson in 1752, Paper addressed to him, Art. 65 in 924 seen by him. CARTER, Mrs., one of the household of lady Stanhope at Nocton. Notices of her; c , CARTER, Elizabeth, Dublin, widow of ensign -. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 17II, CARTER, Kenelm. Signature; 1570, CARTERET, lady. Versus Mich. Maittaire de ea (1741), 347.3b CARTERET; Edward, rector of Coates, Glouc. Signature and armorial seal; 1680, CARTERET, Elias, rector of Coates, Glouc. Signature; 1699, CARTERET, sir George, first baronet. Signature; 1674, CARR, capt. Cuthbert: V. Palmes. Fairborne, CARTERET, George, first lord. Mention of the sale of his coins by his widow; CARR, Gulielmus, coli. Omn. Anim. Oxon. 1706, soc. Versus ad eum a Gul. Coker, CARTERET, John, lord. Seven letters to electionem in collegium petente; 1665, him from M. Maittaire; , Lat b. (drafts), , 145b-7, 178. CARR, Mary, dau. of col. Francis Scott. Versus Mich. Maittaire ad eum, 347. Petition to Charles II for pensions for 4 0 herself and sister, 18. 4Ib. CARTESIUS, Renatus: 'II. Descartes.

47 CARTHUSIAN I, Ordo monasticus: v. Narrationes. Qurestiones determinatre in Capitulo generali in Anglia atque ordinationcs, ab an ad an CARTHY, Eliza, Dublin, widow of major Richard. Power of attorney for receipt of pension, with seal of arms; 1713, CARTMEL, Lancashire. Extracts from the registers of the entries of the Rawlinson family, from 1641, CARTRID, Ellen, Golden lane, London; 1637, CARTWRIGHT, Mrs. Armyne, Bloxham, Oxon. Lines to her on her birthday, RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 569 CASE (?), Catharine. Letter [to Rich. CASTRO, Scipio da. Delli fondamenti Roach?]; 1711, dello stato, CASELLUS, Thomas, episc. Cavensis. Memoriale ad Papam de statu religionis, et de Concilio generali non una cum hereticis statuendo, CASLEY, David. Letter to J. Lewis, 1728, with copies of papers about bp. Fisher, , &c. Transcriptum per eum Vitre Ric. II, CASONI, Filippo. Relazione della republica di Genova; 1703, 557. CASSANDER, Georgius. Passages from S. Aug. cited in his Consultatio, CASSERlNI, J. Baptista. Inscriptio Gall. in albo amicorum J ac. Brisset; Heidelb., l'ir Jul. 1618, CARTWRIGHT, Thomas, Theol. prof. Cantabr. Theses quredam in schola Cantabr. propositre anno 1570, Four prayers at Trin. CoIl., Cambr., possibly by him; 1562, b, 65 CARTWRIGHT, Thomas, bishop of Chester: v. C., C. Account-book as treasurer of Durham cathedral; , 664. Letter to dean Granville of Durham; Signature; 1685, CARTWRIGHT, William, Ch. Ch., Oxf. Extracts from his poems and plays, L9 A song, b CARVER, Marmaduke. Of paradise (copy), 943 9b CARVIL, Nicolaus, sire Kervil, q. v. CARUS, Annibal. Ode in obitum ejus, , 53. Versus alii in eundem, w.60. CARYL, Joseph. Notice of him by A. Wood, , 564b. CARYLL, John lord. Letter to [card.] Caprara; 15 Aug. 17 1; Fr., CASAR, Anne, widow. Petition to Charles II for an ensign's commission for h~r son, b CASAUBON, Isaac. Versus Grreci in obitum Henrici prine. Wallire; (manu Josh. Barnes), Notre e:x:cerptre ex ad versariis ejus per Ussenum, Notre in Epistolas Nov. Test., Gr. epigram on sir T. Bodley, and letter to Dr. J. Prideaux (copies), U75.1. Cat. codd. MSS. ejus in bibl. Bodl., 971. I. CASAUBON, Mericus. Utrum ecclesia Protestantium conciliari pobsit cum Po~tificia? Neg., TreatIse on the study of learnino" written to Fras. Turner, 36. I. 0, Letter from him about his publication of Dee's Actions with Spirits (copy), CASSILLS, Robert, a prisoner in Newgate for high treason: v. Blackburne, Rob. Proposal respecting Dagenham breach; 1717, CASSIODORUS, senator. Liber de in stitt. divinarum Scripturarum, CASTELAR, marq. de. Declaration faite a Paris 28 Janv au nom du Roi d'espagne aux ministres de S.M. B[ rit.], de S. M.T[res] C[hretienne], et des Etats Gemlraux, touchant Ie trait!! de Seville (draft), CASTELL, Anne Owner in 1725 of CASTELL, Edmund. Epistola ad [Erpenium?], Eleven letters to S. Clarke, , , 17,283,29. Petition from him,a.huish,and S. Clarke, to Cromwell for licence to import paper for Lexicon Hept., Draft, III Engl., of a prospectus of his Lexicon, CASTLE CAMPS, Cambridgeshire. Articles against Nich. Gray, rector, and appointment of Nahum Renitie in his stead; 1644, CASTLEHAVEN, earl of: v. Touchet, M. CASTELLI, Giovanni. Thirteen news-letters from Venice to abb. L. Grimaldi; 1691, ltal., CASW ALL, John. 1734, b Sale of his library j CATALOGI LIBRORUM: v Acton, Oliver. Orientalia. Cesii, Pietro. Spelman, Hen. Hoguel, Car.. List of books in some library, temp. Car. II, Classified catalogue of a library, end of 17th cent., 878. I. Cat. of printed books on sale by a (perhaps Dutch) bookseller, Chronolog. list of the contents of 14 vols. of pamphlets; , , A collection of historical works printed in Germany in 17th cent., Notes of the number of books in some catalogues; , b. Fragments of four lists of books; CATECHISMUS: v. Ken, Thomas. Religion. A catech. conteyning the chiefe poyntes of Christian religion, I II. "Explanatio catechismi" cujusdam; BC. comment. in Mandata x; 160<)- 13, Commencement of a commentary on the Church catech., A catechism for youth before admitted to the Lord's Table, A short catechism, in 25 qucstions, , 170. Two series of questions and answers on H. Trin., Sacraments, Lord's Pr., &c., , 399 CATELYN, Laur., M.A., vicar ofockington, Cambro Signature; 1670, 340. n. CATER, G. Miscellaneous transcripts, 361. Correspondence with his uncle, Will. Hayes, on the passing of the Act of Uniformity; , ib. 17L22, 4-7 CASTELLANUS, P. Signature, CATHEDRALS. Extracts from some cathedral statutes [Ch, Ch., Oxf.?], CASTLE, Henry. Signature; 1687, CASTLE ACRE priory, Norfolk. A rental CATHERALL, Samuel, rector of Hanley, f h Cheshire. Recommended by bpi Pearo t e priory in Le Neve's possession, son for preferment; 1678, CATHERINE OF BRAGANZA, Q. consort of Charles II. List of rents and manors granted to her as dowry, 883. CASTLETON, viscount: Geo. CASTLEMAINE, earl of: v. Palmer, R. CASTOR, Northamptonshire. List of all the householders in the parish; , CATO. Disticha de moribus, 328. I, 68. Fragm. e Distichis, CATON, Thomas, Thorpe Abbotts, Norfolk. Release to J. Fairclough of all actions against him; 1678, v. Saunderson, CATTHORPE. Leicestershire. The parish enclosed in 1658,1372. I. CATTIERUS, Philippus, Gallus. Poemata, Carolo II et Gul. Sheldon inscripta, 281. CATULLUS. Notre paucre in eum, R r 2

48 570 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. CAU, Bonifacius, Zelandus. manu ejus; 1619, CA V ALCANTI, Bartolomeo: v. Paulus Ill, papa. Essortatione ani signori di Venetia per la confederatione contra l'imperatore, "CAVALIER, Eusebius": v. Non-jurors. CA VALLIER, James. Mention of his book on the wars in the Cevennes, CAVAN, Ireland. Petition from the Protestants of the county to the Lords Justices about rebuilding of churches; 1633 (copy), b. CAUDRY, Jeremy, Putney; 1638, b... CAVE, Bryan, Middle Temple. Elegy on his death, CAVE, John. Signature, CAVE, William, D.D.: v. Leake, John. Seller, Abednego. Abstract of his Prim. Christ., I. Statement as to the sense in which he takes the oath of allegiance; 1689, Enquiry about him by O. Menckenius ; 1692, Inscriptio CAYCOVIUS, Henricus. Inscriptio in albo CENTENARIANS. Notices of, by sir T. amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Stetini, 8 Browne, , 84. Maii, 1613, CENTINI, Giacinto. Relazione dell' abjura CEBES. Transl. of his Tabula, ad e morte del G. Centini e cinque altt'i calc. 10. [1634ove 1635], ; CECIL, -, dau. of [Tho. Cecil, first] earl CEPHALONIA. Short description and of Exeter. Latin lines addressed to map; Ital., 589. sob-i. her sister Mildred, b. CERDA, De la, Spanish family. La casa del duque de Medina Ce1i [Gaston de CECIL, Edward, visco Wimbledon. Signature; 1633, 895. I. la Cerda], 1535,597. 3IlL316. CERNE ABBEY, Dorsetshire. Representa. CECIL, Elizabeth, wife of John, Rixth earl tion to the earl of March about the of Exeter. Probably possessor of manor of Symondsbury; Fr. (copy), [IS3.] CECIL, sir Robert, first earl of Salisbury. CERRI, Carolus, Romanus. Nomen diplomati sub scriptum, 1669,535. 4b The hermit's oration at Theobald's, 1594, Speech in the Star Chamber, 29 Nov. CERVANTES, Miguel. Fragment of some 1599, on the case of the earl of Spanish observations on Don Quixote Essex, with verses by "108 academic os de l~ Things offered by him to J as. I on Argamasilla," occasion of calling a parliament, CESARINI, Giulio: 1'. Julius III, papa Speech, 19 July, 1610, on impositions CESII, Pietro. List of books, chiefly on merchandize, 'freatise on the necessity of taxes; part I, ib 4. Signature; 1616, CECIL, Thomas, lord Burleigh, first CA VENDISH, George. Life of card. Wol- earl of Exeter. 670 presented to him. sey, 104. CAVENDISH, Henry, earl of Ogle, afterwards second d. of Newcastle. Letters to him from sir J. Reresby; ,204. 5, 15l>, 26b CAVENDISH, Margaret, duchess of Newcastle. Latin version of book iii of her life of the first duke, CAVENDISH, William, third earl of Devonshire: v. Hobbe~, Tho. CAVENDISH, William, first duke of Newcastle. Letter to him fromsirj. Reresby; 1668, CAVENDISH, William, first duke of Devonshire. Si~nature; 1699, Letter to him from sir J. Reresby; 1674, b. CAUTE, Mrs., Colebrooke street, Wincheschester: v. Baptismus. CA WTON, Thomas, Scots minister at Rotterdam. Note about a MS. of the Chaldee paraphrase; 1657, Letter to Sam. Clarke; 1658, b. CA WTON, Thomas, jun. Letter to Sam. Clarke; 1662, CAXTON, William: v. Rawlinson, Tho. Life, by Bagford, ; Notes by Bagford on his life, with list 'Of his books, , 61-63, ArmsofChrist's Passion, and The Image of Pity, with indulgences: apparently unknown productions of his press; ,2. Pa~ of a list of the books printed by him; CECIL, William, lord Burleigh: v. C., R. The execution of justice in England, Instructions to his son, Warrant for payment to a Queen's messenger; 1573, Pedigree of the family of de Foix, Signature; , ; Copies of three le.tters to him, without names; [1548],1087.4, 10, 19 Literoo ad eum ab Acad. Oxon. ut eius ope privilegia sua rata sint; 10 Oct (apogr.), b. Transcripts from the Cecil MSS. for Haynes' State Papers, oriental, offered by him for sale, 39'/. 294 CEVA, marchio CajetanuB. Insignia gen tilitia super tegmine cod CHAEROL, -, Protest. minister at Tours. Two letters to him (copies), Fr., L3 Signature, CHADERTON, Laurence, D.D., Master of Eman. coil., Cambr.: v. Dillingham, Will. Signature, CHADWICK, Valentine: v. Swan, Anne. CHAFIN, Edmund, Newcastle-upon-Tvne. Signature; 1704, CHAISNEVERT, Etienne, sieur de la Mille tiere, French pastor. Signature; 1605, CHALAs,Jean, French pastor. Signature; , , 48. CHALDEES, Joseph, patriarch of the: v. Roma. CECIL, William, lord Burleigh, second earl of Exeter. LettertoJohnBeaulieu; CHALDON, Surrey. Pariah notes, , CEDERHIELlII, baron Josias, member of the Council of State in Sweden. Official report with reference to him, 1727, Swed., 569. II 3. CELl, Jo. Jac., notary, Messina. Attestation of a diploma, 1666, 552*. 26. CHALONER, Jonas. Signature, CHAMBER, John, D.D. Original rough copy of part of his Confutation 0/ Astrological Demonology in reply to sll C. Heydon, CHAMBERLAIN, office of the Lord: r. Household books. CELLARIUS, Johannes, Norimbergensis. Inscriptio in a1bo amicorum P. Golii; CHAMBERLAINE, family of, Lon~lon. JJond., I I Jun. 1618, Pedigree to 1634, by Rawlinson, } CELSUS VERONENSIS, i.e. C. Maphoous, q. v. CENCI, Giac. e Beatrice. Della morte di G. e B. Cenci e di Lucr. Petroni, 1599, CENIS, Mount. Note on a lake on the mountain, , 59b CENSURE: v. Jus Canon. CHAMBERLAIN, -, alderman of London (1688): v. Sandford, Francis. CHAMBERLAINE, Geo., vice-master of Trin. coil., Cambro Signature; 1678, 891. IS, 17. CHAMBERLAINE, sir Robert, knt. His daughter Constance married to - Harpur,

49 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 571 CHAMBERLA YNE, family of, Suffolk. Additional orders for the court; t. Jac. I. CHARLBURY, Oxfordshire: V. Pedigree and arms, 727. lb. (fragment), Heywood, Thos. CHAMBERLAYNE, Edmund, Prestbury, Ordinances for redress of abuses, 1635, CHARLECOTE, Warwickshire. Notice of Glouc. Died 22 Apr. 1634, b The authority of the L. Chanco limited - Wenman, incumbent there in 1620, CHAMBERLA YNE, George. Signature; by Pari., b 1663, CHANDLER, -, rector of Oakington, q. v. CHARLES EDWARD, Prince: v. Stuart, CHAMBERLAYNE, Jo., Isle of Wight. Ch. Edw. Letter to Dr. Hickes; 1698, CHANDLER, Wadham, preb. of Durham. Notice of him, lobo CHARLES (Pierre?), French pastor. Signature; 1618, CHAMBERLAYNE, John: v. Dundas, John. Letter to John Dundas; 1709 (copy), CHAND OS, duke of: v. Brydges, James. CHARLETON, Walter, M.D. Abridgement of his Physiology, Letter to H. Newman, recommending a book of Ostervald's; 1714,839. CHANNIN DE NA... GEVILLE, -. LeUer to him; (copy), Fr., b CHARLETT, Arthur, D.D., Master of Univ CHANTELOUPPE, Jean de. Letter to [card. college, Oxf.: V. Ded. to Q. Caroline of his transl. of Richelieu?], condemning his conduct Bishop, Will. Perceval, Will. Ostervald on O. T.; 1716, to the Q. Mother; F,'. (COpy), Bromley, Will. Plott, Rob. Memorial from the governors of Q. Anne's Bounty to lord Godolphin for CHANTER ELL, Anne, and Eliz. Eaton, Burman, -. Robertson, W. Clarke, Geo. Roderick, Chas. a salary to him as their secretary; widows. Petition to Charles II for Clymer, Tho. Singleton, Will. 17 5, ib relief, h. Cole, W. Smalridge, Geo. Signature; , ; CHAPELIERE, -, Rochelle. Lettre a Dykes, sir Tho. Smith, Will. 133 M. de Lombien ; 1626, Harcourt, Simon. Stratford, Will. CHAMBERLAYN, Sir Thomas. Art. 2 in Hinton, Tho. Tanner, Tho. CHAPELIER, Isaac, elder in a French 1072 dedicated to him. Hole, Matth. Wake, Will. church in London. Certificate of a Isham, Zach. Wallis, John.. CHAMBERLEN, Hugh, M.D. Short expla sentence of excommunication, 1700, Kennett, White. Wanley, Humph. nation of his office of Land Credit; c King, Will. 'Voodward, Rob. 1696, CHAPEL-ROYAL, London: V. London. Lancaster, Will. CHAMBERLEN, Peter, M.D. Arrested on Epistolre sex ad eum a quodam juvene, CHAPMAN, -, 1664: V. Smart, William. suspicion of threatening Cromwell's coli. Univ. alumno, b-4b life, 26 Dec. 1653, Notices CHAPMAN, John, Thavies' Inn, London. Proceedin~s against three graduates of him (chiefly in his own handwriting), ib. passim. Vindication by proctor; 1683, 148L 40. Notice of him, b for revihng him when acting as pro CHAPMAN, Rebecca et Rhoda. Epitaphia, him of the lawfulness of laughter, ib. Statement respecting a Jacobite letter Letter to the wife of a converted surreptitiously copied at his lodgingsj 1718 (copy), b Jew, Eliezer, lb. 49. Replies to complaints against him by Dr. Naudin Method for studying civil Jaw (copy), CHAPMAN, Seth, rector of Hasketon, q. v. CHAPMAN, William, Mutford, Suffolk. and others, ib. 63, 80, , 116, II8. Certificate on his behalf signed by Long reply to Dr. Naudin's charges; Letter to Ant. Wood, blaming the Ath. persons; endorsed with note of the marked" not sent," ib Letter Oxon.; 1690 (copy) King's grant to him of the place of to Eliza Monck, ib Guide of the Hosp. at Becclesj 1668, CHARLTON, Samuel. Petition to be exempt from serving as constable in CHAMBERS, Hugh, Queen's coil, Oxf Signature, Langborn ward, London; 1680, 803. CHAPPELL, Gulielmus, episc. Corcagiensis. Vita a se conscripta,123l 144. CHAMBERS, James, M.D., physician to 29,31 Charles I. Signature, b; 770. CHARLTON-MACKRELL, Somerset. A CHAPPELL, John, a maimed seaman. 36, 82b, 86; et in vo11. seqq. genealogy of K. Jas. I, drawn up by Petition to Charles II for dispensation Tho. Lyte, preserved in the great CHAMBERS, James, prisoner in Newgate: from residence as an alms-man at parlour at Lyte's Cary, b. v. Blackburne, Rob. Canterbury, with order thereon, 20 July, 1684, CHARLWOOD, Surrey. Extracts from CHAMBONIS. Petrus, ord. Min. Epist. ad the registers, and epitaphs, fratres Minores, CHAPPELL, Samuel [or Simon], Lincoln col1.,oxf. Note-book,946. CHARMS: v. CHAMPANTE, John: v. New York. Ashmole, Elias. Jackson, Will. Account of rents received by him for CHARACTERS. Of various historical personages; cent. xvi, xvii, Exorcismi. the earl of Portland in , 923. Carmina contra morbos et vulnera, ac 5b,10. CHARDIN, sir John. Notes out of his contra ratones et mures, 25L 36L CHAMPANTIE, Samuel, London: v. Travels; 1686, Sankey, N. Charms "pro febribus," to staunch CHARENTON. The French Protestant CHAMPNES. William, merchant at Seville: synod to be held there, I0. blood, &c., Invocations and charms, in Scottish or v. Luke, Sam. CHARINUS. Narratio ejus et Leucii de Northprn-Eng1., 252 ad init. etfin. CIIAMPVERNON, sieur de, i.e. Guill. Rivet, Christo, et de descensu Christi ad Two charms, q.v. inferos, For the falling sickness, ami for a CIIANCERY. Gaza cancellll1; return of a CHARITABLE CORPORATION. Report of snake-bite, b. jury of inquest on the fees of the the committee of the H. of Commons For cramp and toothache, , court; 1569, 911. for inquiry into the affairs of the 74 I. Orders respecting the cursitors; 1573, corp.; 1732, CHARSFIELD, Suffolk. Articles against Their oaths, ~'b. 347b Their CHARKE, William: v. Rob. Large, vica.r; 1644, answer to a claim of the six clerks; Campian, Edm. W., R. CHART... Forma of anathema. in some 1585, ib. 357b Owner ohrt. 31 in Anglo-Sax. charters,

50 572 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. CHARTARIUS, Vincentius. Imagines de- CHEDSEY, Gulielmus, S.T.D. Responsio orum, in disp. cum P. Martyre de Eucharistia; 1549, ; CHARTE, John. Signature; 1610, CHEESE. Ten faults in cheese, CHARTER-HOUSE: v. London. CHEKE, family of. Note of sir John Cheke's estates and family, CHARTRES, Ie vidame de, i. e. P. de Lafin, Title of "Mr. Check" to his estates in q. v. Essex; 1699, ib City. Roman altar found there, Notice by Selden of an inscription found there, An alms-man's place in the cathedral granted by Charles II in 1679, Short extracts from a register about the abbey, CHARTS. A volume of rough charts in CHEKE, sir John. Letter to bp. Gardiner CHESTER, Edward, rector of Abington cent. xvii, chiefly for places in S. for subsistence for himself and his Pigot, Cambro Signature; 168, 340. America and the Indian archipelago, family; 1554 (copy), b CHELSEA, Middlesex: v. Cheyne, Chas. CHESTERFIELD, earl of: v. Stanhope, CHARTWRYGHT (Cartwright?), Thomas, lord. Ph. D. of Hertford grammar-school. Signature; cent. xvi, taryassessment,7 Apr. 1649, Valuation of the parish for parliamen CHESTERMAN, Ja. Signature; 1624, -- 2 Jan. 1653, ib. 32 9; 20. CHASTEAUNEUF, - de: v. Rivet, Guill. Diarium hyperdidasculi scholre cujusdam, ibi annis habitre, 344. against Rich. Watts, vicar; 1644, 924. CHESTERTON, Cambridgeshire. Articles CHATEAURENAULT, comte de: v. Gatines, mons. de. Epitaphs, I4b-6, 125b Hospital cemetery; see Montmorency, CHATHAM. Draught of the dockyard, CHETWYND, family of, Staffordshire. Two J. F. de. temjl. Cal'. II, long pedigrees (one in Dugdale's hand CHEMICA. Receipt for water of snow writing), with allied branches, and CHATSWORTH, Derbyshire. Lat. and and white vitriol, arms in trick, , notes Engl. lines on it, by M. Maittaire (as "Maner... asmelier ches cristaus et for the same, ib. II3-II6. printed in the Daily Advertiser and autrez," the London Erening Post, 25-6 Oct., CHETWYND, Walter, Grendon, Warw. CHEMNITZ, Martin. Inscriptio Germ. in and as altered), , 6. Directions for coats of arms for his albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 12 hatchment, &c. (ob. cit'ca 1670),865. CHATTISHAM, Suffolk. Articles against Maii, 1620, Jeremy Raven, vicar; 1644, CHENEY, John: v. P., T. List of his MSS., b. CHAUCER, Geoffrey: v. Dryden, John. CHENEY, John, Fort St. George. Signature; 1690, ob. against Rob. Levet, rector; 1644, 924. CHEVELEY, Cambridgeshire. Articles Treatise of the astrolabe, 3; Four copies of his lease of a house in the garden of the Lady chapel at CHEPSTOW, Monmouthshire. Notice of 179 Westminster; 24 Dec. 1399, 809. it; 1680, CHEWNEY, Kath., wife of Nic., vicar of Catalogue of the Bray parochial library, St. Nicholas, 'l'hanet. Epitaph; 1650, Account by Bagford of the editions of his works, CHERITON, Hants. Rectors, , CHEYNE, Charles, lord. Abstract of his title to Chelsea; afragment, CHAUFEPIE, J., French pastor. Signature, CHERRY, Francis, Shottesbrooke, Berks: CHEYNELL, Francis: v. Winyard, Tho. v. Hearne, Tho. CHAUMETTE, -. Account of four inventions; 1728 (transl.), Epist. ad eum ab Acad. Oxon. "cum CHEYNEY, Richard, bishop of Gloucester. Twenty-three letters to him from Hearne; 1708-II, b, 55b, 70; creabatur absens doctor in theologia" ; CHAUNC[E]Y, sir Henry: v. Le Neve, b-68b ; I3b 18, 34, 62 b ; 22 Jul (apogr.), 837. /lb. Peter I2b-43b ; , 67, 139, CHAUNCEY, Isaac, M.D.: t'. Medici. 190b. CHIARI, Italy. Notes of a commercial traveller in 1678, b. Living in Grub Street, London, in 1695, CHERRY, H. Copy by him of a letter of b. Dodwell's, CHIARI, Giuseppe, Rome. Letter to W. Notice of him and his books, Kent; 1715, Ital. (copy), CHAUNDLER, John. Letter to his cousin H. Baskervile, CHERRY, S. Signature; 1712, CHIBBALD, William. Featley's preface to Chibbald's Apol. for trial of Faith, CHAUVE, Jean, French pastor. Sig- CHERRY, Thomas, St. Edm. hall. His nature; 161«}-26, , 48, 104. testamur; 1707, CHA WORTH, Ilir John. Prcecipe for surrender to him of lands in Notts; , CHA WORTH, Patrick, vise. Gave 345 to Rich. Munn. CHAYTOR, -, registrar of Durham. Papers in his handwriting, CHA YTOR, Thomas. Signature; 1632, b. CHEAM, Surrey. Notes on Nonesuch Park a.nd New Park, CREDDINGTON, Dorset. Application for presentation to the rectory; 1683, CHERWELL, the, river in Oxford shire. Notes about the mills on it near Banbury, and return of a jury of inquest; 1676, , 233. Course and boundaries at Banbury, ib CHESELDEN, William. Notes of a lecture by him on the anatomy of the eye; 1716, CHESS. Problems, CHEST, Thomas, vicar of Chepstow. Signature; 1712, b. CHESTER. Some short notes relating to Cheshire and Durham. with a petition from Cheshire to Hen. VI; 1451, County. CHICHELE, Henry, archbishop of Canterbury. Life, Discovery of MSS. at Higham Ferrers given by him to his college there; 1694, CHICHELEY, Richard. Resigns his fellow' ship at All Souls' coil., Oxf.; 1718, b CHICHELEY, sir Thomas. Made Master of the Ordnance, P. C., and knighted; 1670, , 8. CHICHESTER. Index of epitaphs in the cathedral, to 1696, CHICKERING, Thomas, Norwich. Accountbook as executor of Geo. Beaumont; , 964.

51 CHIGWELL, Essex. Inhibition against disturbing Dav. Dunbar in the possession of a pew in the little chancel or chapel of the church; 18 Dec. 1620, ; CH1JJA, Abraham Bar. Figura astrologica, forsan per eum, pro anno u86, b. CHILD, Charles, Farnham. 1750, Signature; CHILD, Francis. Signature; 170S, 842,1. CHILD, J os., Streatham. Letter to sir T. Rawlinson; 16S6, CHILD, alderman sir Robert. Signature; 1714, \ 60. CHILDS, -, Gray's Inn: v. C., A. CHILI. Outline of the sea-coast from Coquimbo to Tierra del Fuego, Sketch of Concepcion bay, ib. 34. Harbour of Valparaiso, ib. 35. Sketch of the island of Santa Maria. ib of La Mocha, ib. 44. ' CHILLINGWORTH, William. Part of his letter to Mr. Lewgar ag'<linst the supremacy of the Church of Rome, Letter on the Roman claim of infalli bility (copy), S. RA WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 573 CHIRURGIA: v. Anatomia. Midwifery. Fragmenta orationis cujusdam chirurgicaj apud Londinenses, Surgical notes, by question and answer, in French, 497. CHISHULL, Edmundus, coli. C. C., Oxon. Logica, CHISWELL, Richard, bookseller, London: v. Brown, Edw. Wake, Will. Burnet, Gilb. Collection of titles, prefaces, &c. of books published by him tempp. Car. 1I-Will. fii, with the imprimatur of the licensers and the wardens of the Stationers' Company, 730. CHISWICK, Middlesex: v. Tayler, Rich. Valuation of the parish for assessment, 1646, IS May, 1649, ib. ISh Dec. 1653, ib. 21. Tayler epitaph, I2h. CHITTING, Henry, Chester Herald. Registrar of the minutes of the College of Arms, ,766. I-52. Signature, ; ; et in t oll. seqq. CHOATE, John. Mem. of a legal agreement; 1666, b CHOBHAM, Surrey. Pay-books for building-work done on the King's manor, , ; 780. IS4-90; CHILTERN [Hundred?], Bucks. Worth pel' an. to rent; 1665, CHOCOLATE: v. Atkins, Anne. CHILWORTH, Surrey. Two epitaphs in St. Martha's chapel, CHINA: v. Couplet, Filippo. Macao. Commencement of an account of missionaries from Portugal; c. 1600, Sketch of the mouth of the Chin-cheu river, showing Amoy, &c., Account of manners, food, &c., 17 3, Notes by Bagford on printing in China, Journal de voyage dans Ie vaisseau Reine d'espagne it. France; 1713~14, 592. I. CHINCHON, conde de: v. Bobadilla. CHINN OR, Oxfordshire. Legal opinion on tithes due from the woods; 1635, CHIPSTEAD, Surrey. Deed of sale by Edw. Huntley to his brother Will. Huntley of Deanes House; t. Car. I, 1217, cover. CHOLMELEY, sir Hugh. A discourse of Tangier, 380. I. Signature; 1674, 916. I IS. Order for a house at Tangier to be given to him and sir P. Fairborne; 1672, CHOLMONDELEY, family of. Pedigrees (from the books in the College of Arms) and genealogical collections by sir R. St. George, Dugdale, and sir P. Leycester, to 1666, CHOLMONDELEY, A. (daughter of Thomas Cholmondeley P). Three letters to l Hildebrand?] Alington, , 24, 25. CHOLMONDELEY, Fr. Letter to Dr. Fell ; 1667, b. CHOLMONDELEY, George, earl. Signature, CHOLMONDELEY, Hatton. Signature; 1600, CHOLMONDELY, Philip. Account of the school at Whitchurch, Shropshire; , List, sis-ned by him, of books delivered to hlm by the Bray trustees; 171S, CHIROMANTIA. "Libellus ciromancie," I. Tractatus alter, ib. 8b Tractatus de palmestria, 247. CHOLMONDELEY, Robert, visco Funeral Treatise of palmistry in connexion certificate, by Dugdale; 1681, with astrology, Th R L Preceptes de la chiromanse; 1610, CHOLWICH, omas, ouen. etter to 500. I. J. Proud; 1701, Introduttione aha chiromantia, 534. CHRISTI, Waltherus. Inscriptio in albo 90 amicorum Frid. Lossii; 1623, CHRISTIAN II, prince of Anhalt, q. v. CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY. Papers of H. Newman the Secretary, 839. Abstract of proceedings, Jan.-June, 1710,376. IS9. List of some books at the Repository, 1712, List of subscribers to the Society (?), 1716, Notes of two meetings, of a meeting 22 May, ib. 147 Deed of sale to the Society by Eliz. Wheeler of goods. &c. in her house in Bartlett's Buildings (dmjt), 1728, CHRISTIANITAS. De re Christiana sub imperio Tartarorum, On the conversion of the heathen, , 134. Discorso nell' eminente pericolo del Christianismo; 1570, CHRISTIANUS V, DaniaJ Rex: v. Jacobus II, M. Brit. Rex. Reply to a memorial of the Engl. ambassador respecting the case of a merchant named James Peacock; 14Feb. 1688; signed; Dan., Appointment of a governor of the isle of St. Thomas, 17 July, 1683 (C)py), Lat., ib CHRISTIAN US, Joh.: V. Rogers, John. CHRISTIE, J. Signature, CHRISTIE, Thomas. Signature, CHRISTINA, SueciaJ Regina. Act of abdication, as notified by K. Charles Gust., Transl. of a pasquinade on her visit to Rome, CHRISTOPHER, Sarah, widow. Petition to Charles II for redemption of her son from Algiers, CHRIST'S HOSPITAL: v. London. CHRISTUS. De natali et de gene alogia Domini, , 9. De natali Ejus (impeli), Versus in festum diem Nativitatis Christi, I. De observantia diei N ativitatis ; impeli, Libellus de infantia Ejus, Libellus alter de infantia et mimculis, ib. 37b. De passione Ejus historica at<lpbp"ui~, Lissert. acado de passione Ejus, et de anima Ejus non omniscia, Epist. Nichodemi de passione Ejus, De origine crucis Ejus, ib. 49h De descensu ad inferos, ib. 57. Fragm. de verbis Ejus, "Ego sum via, veritas, vita," Thesis an Christus sit legislator, Epistola Jesu Christi de regula vitae ChristianaJ; et carta (metrica) redemptionis humanaj, Nomina lxxii discipulorum Ejus, 211. ICO.

52 574 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Notes on the genealogies of our Lord, Letter [by J. Bland] in defence of addressing prayers to Him; 1736, ib. 44. Letter of J. Christ alleged to have been found at Rome, Sermon on the Mount: v. Biblia; Matth., S. Leve ons Heren Jesu Chr. j 1447, Hollandice, 484. CHROMATIUS. Epistola ejus et Heliodori ad Hieronymum, cum responso, CHRONICON. Fragment of Gibson's Latin transl. of the Anglo-Sax. Chron., 398. I I, 12. CHRONOLOGIA. Elementa chronol. sacrre, I. Elementa chronol., Chronology of events in Europe, B. C B.C 332,115. CHUDLEIGH, G. Commisso for inquiring into recusancies in Devonshire. Signature; 1688, 372, passim. CHUDLEIGH, Tho., Ch. Ch., Oxf. Signature as S.C.L.; 1668, CHURCH: V. Ecclesia. CHURCH,Anne, Susan, and Frances, sisters of lieut. Thomas. Petition to Charles II, 18. 4b CHURCH, Thomas, fellow of Peterhouse, Cambro Possessor of 976. CHURCHILL, gen. Charles. Signature, ; CHURCHILL, John, first duke of Marlborough. Letter to him from sir J. Reresby, 204. lb. Notes of entertainments <given him by the city of London in , Warrant to him from the Privy Council to seize horses and arms of popish recusants in Oxfordshire; 1707 (copy), Appointment, signed and sealed by hlm, of an officer in the Tuwer; 17 I I, Satirical travesty of a speech made by him to the first regiment of footguards, Letter to him from the Black Prince (lamentation over his political fall III 1713], Lines on him, 986. IS. Epitaphs on him by R. Roach, in verse and prose j Lat.-Eng., ,320. CHURCHWARDENS. The form of their CIUDAD RODRIGO, urbs Hispanire. Do oath j C. 1590, b. natio per F. (rectiu8, Petro II?) Re? Hisp. ecclesire S. Marire ibidem, turns CHUTE, -. Points in a suit by him de Aguilar et civitatis dictre Calabria; about the jointure of a lady at Sutton 1209, < Court, CHUTE, Chaloner Edward. Epitaph at CLACIUS, Dr. Letter to him from P. H. Rotterdam; 1705, Zollmann; 1731, Germ., CLAGETT, William, D.D. First two pages of his Second letter fl'om the author oj the Discourse concerning Extreme Unction, with licence for press, 1687, Title of his Prerogatives of S. Ann (anon.); with licence in Feb. 1687, Title and preface (in his own hand) of his Answer to the Representer's Reflections upon the controversy [with Rome l; with licence, 168l, Two last leaves (in his own hand) and title of his View of the Whole Controt'ersy, ~c.; with licence, 168~, CLAPHAM, Surrey. Extracts from the CHYTRJEUS, Christophorus. Inscriptio inalbo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Bremre, 28 Apr. 1623, CIAMPELLI -, abate. Sopra i buccheri neri, canzone, 646. xxxix. CIBBER, Caius Gabriel, sculptor to the King. Petition for a warrant to repair the Roman statues in the garden at Whitehall, and the busts in the banqueting-house; 1695, Petition for an allowance of 50 per an., ib. 77. CICCOTIUS, J oannes, J esuita: V. J esuitre. CICERO, M. T. Sententire ex Tusculanis dispp., Commencement of a transl. by Ashmole of the Amicitia, De divinatione, lib. I; in Engl. by G. Smalridge, 176. Translation of some of the Epistles, One, transl. by A. Hammond, Fragm. ex Oratt., Eleven Orations translated, Six Orations, 53. Fragment of transl. of one of the Verrine orations, Transl. of the oration pro Marcello, Translations of the De Senectute, the oration Pro Sylla, books I, II of Epistt. famil., &c., 753. Nota de publicatione libri [Sigonii] de consolatione; 158$, b registers; , , 6. CLAPHAM, Jean, Bishopsgate street, London; 1638, b CLAPTON, Middlesex. Diarium hyperdidaseuli scholre cujusdam, ibi anno 1660 habitre, 344. CLARE, earls of Gloueester, family of. Descent, CLARE, earl of: v. O'Brien, Charles. CLARENDON, earls of: v. Hyde. CLARGES, sir Walter. List of official papers in his study, CLARK, capt. -: V. Romer, W. W. CICERO, Quintus. Discourse concerning CLARK, }~., a minister engaged in contro suit for the consulship; Lat., Engl. by versey in 1621 with H. F., q. V. Herb. Westphaling, 303. CLARK, John, M.A. Letters of orders on CIMIERES, madame de. Lettre a mons. ordination as priest by bp. Fullarton de Joyeuse sur sa conversion; avec of Edinb.; 1726 (copy), b. reponse (copies), CLARK, father William, Rome. Letter CIMMERMAN,Petrus, Bol'Ussus. Inscriptio to E. Meredith; 15 Apr. 1714, in alba amicorum J o. Hoffmanni; Ox on., 1626,933. <144. CLARKE, family of, Ardington, Berks. Note of pedigree; 1623, 8d "CI NOUS DIT"; libel' Gallicus sic incipiens: V. Exempla. CLARKE, -, apothecary, Little Britain, London: v. Bernardy, J. CINQUE PORTS. Charters, agreements, &c.; ,1043. CLARKE, Alexander, Signature, 1386, Instructions to the lord warden for the 138. government of the passage; Dec. CLARKE, Charles, F.S.A. Computation 1624, of the value of the money left by CHURCHILL, Sarah, duchess of Marl- CIPHERS: V. Sylvius, sir G. David for the completion of the tem' borough. Lines against her, pie at Jel'llsalem; 1752, CIRENCESTER. Memorial from the in CHURCHILL, sir Winston, lloard of Green Cloth. Signature; 168~, CHURCH LANGTON, Leicestershire: V. Breton, Clem. BU8zard, John. Burneby, -. CHURCHMAN, Joh. Nomen inscriptum, CHURCH-RATES: v. Anglia; Ecclesia. habitants to the bp. of London for augmentation of the vicarage; letter on the subject, and testimonial to the character of the vicar, Jer. Gregory; , Settlement by sir R. Atkyns upon the vicarage of a rent-charge of 30; 1699, CISATI, Franc. Josephus, univ. Patav. Subscriptio autographa j 1683, b. Signature; 1750, CLARKE, George, St. Botolph, Aldgate, London. Extract from his will; 1606, 796". 61. Distribution of his charity in St. Botolph's parish; 1616, ib. 99 CLARKE, George, D.C.L., All Souls' coli., Oxf. Latin theme, when candidate at All Souls'; 1680, Letter to Dr. Charlett j 1721 (COpy),

53 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 575 Cr,ARKE. Hannah, Bainton, Yorkshire, CLAUDE,.Tean, Charenton. Concerning CLEMENS V, Papa_ Conclave di Clem. V; widow of surgeon James. Power of universalredemplion; tmnsl.,1717, , attorney for receipt of pension; 1711, with seal of arms, CLAVELL, John. Accounts of cures in CLEMENS VII, Papa: v. Ireland effected by his medical treatment j 1636, Conclave, 1523, ; 629. I. Carolus V, imp. Hardi. Jac. CLARKE, John. Letter to his father, Sam. Clarke, in E'rench; Caen, 1667, Directions for taking antimonial wine, Letter to the emp. Charles V about the summoning of a General Council j Ital., CLARKE, John, Ipswich. Affidavit; 1709, CLA VELL, Robert, warden of the Sta- Emblema de eo, cum notitia, versu 383. I. tioners' Company. Signature; 1689, et prosa, , 74\ 85 b, 106, IIlb, 122, 128b, CLARKE, Joseph, Ipswich. Affidavit; 161, 166, 170, 174. CLEMENS VIII, Papa. Instructions to 17 9, various ambassadors; ,607. Distichon de eo, CLA VELL, Walter. Catalogue of his CLARKE, Isaac. Bill of exceptions in library, regard to his committal for refusing to MSS. bought at his sale by Rawlinson; serve in some civic office in London, 1742, Possessor of _ ai't. 2; 805. CLARKE, Matthew, non-conformist minis- A MS. lent him by Bagford, 400_ 8. ter. Latin epitaph in Bunhill E'ields' CLA VERDON, W orcestershire. Approburying-ground; 1725, priation of the church to the arch- CLARKE, Peter. Journal of insurrection deaconry of Worcester; b. in Scotland, 2 NOV.-14 Nov (tu'o copies), 87, 668. CLARKE, Plaford, of the ship Mayflower. Signature; 1686, CLA VERING, Essex. Agreement between the vicar and parishioners as to arrangement of seats in the chancel for reception of Holy Communion; 1619, CLARKE, Richard, and Margery I<'ylder his daughter. Epitaphs atalton,hants.; CLAXTON, Hamond , b. xvi, CLARKE, Samuel, Merton coli., Oxf., esq., bedel of Civil Law and ArchitypographU8: v. Boyle, Rob. Izard, Anth. Buck, John. Langbaine, Ger. Castell, Edm. Leigh,.Tos. Cawton, Tho. Marshall, Tho. Clarke, John. Pococke, Edw. Conant, Sam. Roycroft, Thos. Delamare, G. Scott, Rob. Haak, Theod. Sweit, sir Giles. Epistohe dure ad quendam amicum extraneum, , 282. Rhythmus in obi tum J oh. Buxtorfii; Hebr.-Lat., b Accounts of official payments, , ,163-9,189. Money laid out in 1665 for J. P. Delamare, ib. 162b. Bond to Jaspar Canne; 1663, Some law-fees due from him as bedel paid to the Univ. after his death; 1673, ib Mentioned; 1652, CLARKE, Thomas, Lichfield. Letter to his father Will. Clarke; 1685, 864. II. CLARKE, William, D.D., dean of Winchester. His will, 1679, and papers connected with augmentation of poor. benefices in pursuance thereof, 792. SIgnature; 1678, ; with seal of arms, ib. 85. CLARKE,William,Excis~ Office, London: v. Clarke, Thomas. Smalridge, Geo. Letter to P. Browne; 1685 (copy), CLL~KE, William, a prisoner for debt at elcester. Petition (copy), CLARKSONN, Thomas. Signature; cent. xvi, YOLo 11. Signature; cent. OLAYDON, East, Bucks: I'. Greene, E'r. CLAYMOND, Joannes, prres. coli. Oorp. Ohr.: v. Shepreve, J oh. CLAYPOLE, John, Cromwell's son-in-law. Kept a mistress, CLAYTON, Joannes, auas Will. Crampton, J esuita. Observatio circa rectum usum Scripturarum, super fundamentum r. p. Ignatii; De scrupulis; ib. 132b. CLAYTON, sir Randall, knt., Munster. His testimony to his cure by John Clavell; 1636 (copy), CLAYTON, Robert. Possessor of CLEATOR, Thomas. School exercise of a Latin letter (copy), b. CLEAVE, William, alderman of London. Epitaph at Kingston-upon-Thames; 1667, CLEAVRHER [pseudon.?], Will., butcher, Eastcheap. Abstract of a chapbook account of him j 1719, CLEAVELAND, John. Petition to O. Cromwell from prison at Yarmouth (copy), CLEAVER, Robert, clerk, Drayton, Ox on. Signature; 1637, CLELAND, Margaret, Bothwell, N.B., widow of lieut. Alexander. Power of attorney for receipt of pension j 1709 (copy), CLEMENCEAU, Jacques, secretary of the Reformed Gen. Assembly at Rochelle. Signature; 160S-162Z, j h CLEMENS X, Papa. Three grants of pensions; , CLEMENS XI, Papa: v. Roma. Account of his election; Ital., 594. Letter to the prior of St. Anne at Barcelona respecting a testamentary case; 1705, Lat., Epigramma: supplicatio ad eum pauperum Anglorum exulantium, b CLEMENS XII, Papa (Laurentius Cor ~inus). Lease, when treasurer of the Apostol. Chamber, of Castro and Ronciglione to E'. Bagiani; 17 5, ltal., , 587 transcribed in 1686 from a MS. in his possession. CLEMENT, -. Second and third trialsermons, in E'rench; with some criticisms; 1728, CLEMENTS, William, Hingham, Norfolk. Possessor of 1310 in CLERGY: v. Anglia, Eccl. Londonderry. Angl. Medicina. List of 24 debauched clergymen in London j 1698, Proposal by S. Weale for raising a fund for widows and children by means of an Act for relief of debtors, ,220. CLERICUS, J oannes. Loca difficiliora Vet. Test.; ex eo, II. CLERK, or Clarke, Henry, Fittleton, Wilts. Epitaph; 1712, CLERKE, Edward, rector of Chevening, Kent. Certificate, with seal of arms; 1678, CLERKE, H. Signature; CLERKE, Joan, Bank-side, Surrey; 1637, CLERKE, Margery. Latin and English epitaphs in Sevenoaks church; 1618, CLESELLIO, Melchior, cardinale: v. Verospi, -. CLEVELAND, earl of: fl. Wentworth. CLEVELAND, Johannes, A.M., coil. D. J oh. Cantabr. soc. Oratio coram Carolocomite Palatino apud Cantabr., 4 ~'eb. 1635, Orationes tres apud CantabrigieDse&; 951. IS-lB. Epist.adarchiep.~, W.20. sa

54 576 INDEX IN CATAL. OODD. CLEVELAND, John. Midsummer moon: v. Win yard, Tho. CLEVES. Descent of the ducal house, CLIFFORD, family of: v. Vipount. CLIFFORD, earls of Cumberland, family of. Descent, with collateral branches, b, 26. CLIFFORD, Lord, M.P.: v. Boyle, Charles. CLIFFORD, Dr. -. Letter to him from D. Featley, CLIFFORD, Anne, lady: v. Appleby. Notes on descent of baronies to women, in reference to her title to those of Clifford, Westmoreland and Vescy; , 22b. CLIFFORD, George, earl of Cumberland. Biographical notice, by J. Aubrey; b CLIFFORD, Martin. Note of an artifice by which the licensing of his Humane reason was procured, CLIFTON, Reginald, soldier at Calais. A house at Calais sold to him; 1472, Conveys another house there to J. Broke; 1498, ib. 55. CLIGNET, Henri, Leyden. Congrat.letter to J. Polyander on his birth-day; 1644 (copy), Fr., 559. SIb. CLINTON, family of. Pedigree, CLINTON, Edward lord, first earl of Lincoln. 704 dedicated to him. Signature (" Clynton "); 1565, 908. I. CLUET, Richardus, S.T.P., coli. Oriel. COCKES, Robert. Suit against Eliz. Oxon. Epistola acl O. Nicholson; Amell for jactitation of marriage ; 1562, 1615, Epistola familiaris; , COCKS, capt. -, of Hertfordshire. De Sermon on St. Luke vii. 14 ; 1612, vice on his cornet; 1642, b. Notes of a sermon by him; COCKS, Thomas. Epitaph at Canterbury, CLUTTERBUCK, Thomas, D.D., ar.chd. of Winchester. Sale cat. of his library; 1700,904,905. COCKSON, Edward, minister of Steeple Barton,Oxon. Mention of him; 1681, CLUTTON, Laurence, Witton, Cheshire. Epitaph; 1638, 682. II. CLYMER, Thomas, All Souls' coil, Oxf. Letter to Dr. Charlett; 1714, CNOLL, Vilibaldus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 11 Apr. 1615, COAL. Produce of the tax in , b. A rule to know how to find coal, COATES, Thomas, labourer. Petition to Charles II for pardon, with order thereon, 13 Dec. 1683, \ 79b. COBB, sir Thomas. Letter to bp. Fell; 1681, COBBES, James. Abridgment by him of a MS. dialogue concerning the sabbath; COBERG, Joh. Henricus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Jo. Hofl'manni; Bremae, 28 Apr. 1623, COCKSON, William. Extract from his will, 9 Oct. 1623, 796B. 75 CODIER, Mary, Covent Garden, London; 1638, b CODRINGTON, col. Christopher, Bar badoes. Notices of a law suit with the Soc. Prop. Gosp. respecting his estate; 1711, , 102, CODRINGTON, Walter, Magd. coil., Oxf. Ode in honorem doct. Gualt. Jones, Letter to the same, with mention of Codrington's works, 27 March, 1661, ib COELL, lady Anne, dau. of bp. Howson of Durham. Epitaph in Seven oaks church; 1683, b. COLLN, Hans von. Inscriptio, cum versibus sex Germ., in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Constant., 5 Feb. [1621], ClEN A DOMINICA: V. Eucharistia. COBHAM, Sarah, Icketon, Cambridgeshire. COFER, Ludwig, secr., to the Soc. Reg. Petition to Q. Anne as the widow of Bel'olin. Letter to him from P. H. a clergyman and a prisoner for debt, Zollmann; 1731, Lat., COETMORE, Richard, M.A., vicar of Whitford, Denbighshire. Testimonial from COCK, Gabriel, yeoman, Southweald, Essex. Licence for marriage with Mary bp. Barrow; 1678, Crampe; temp. Eliz., COGGDEN, John, soldier. Petition to CLIPPINGDALE, Susannah, widow of Thomas. Petition to Charles II, Statement of her case against sir Thos. Meares for landsin Lincolnshire, ib. 19b CLIPSTON, Northants. Notes of sermons preached there in 1668 [by Chr. Bainbrig?], Charles II, CLITHEROW, Thomas and Christopher. COCK, James. Signature; cent. xvi, Epitaphs in Pinner church; , 146. COIGNF:E, Mad!!e de, Tours her (copy), Pr., b. 95. COCK, John. Signature; cent. xvi, CLODIUS, Wilhelmus. Inscriptio in albo 145 COINAGE, COINS: v. Letter to amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Lubecae, 12 Mint. Sharpe, John. COCK, John, vicar of St. Oswald's, Durham, Apr. 1612, b. Rawlinson, Tho. Vernon, John. a non-juror. Report by him of a Notes out of a MS., relating to the CLOG ALMANACS: v. Pointer, John. story about the earl of Clarendon coin of England, and his advice to Chas. II, ; CLOGIE, Alexander, rector of Wigmore, Fragm. of a treatise on decay of trade Heref. Life of bp. Bedell; autogr., through the coinage and exchange; Letter [to Jas. Hope?]; 1689, I. temp. Eliz., Letters to dean Granville; 1684,850. Commentary on Ep. to Romans, chap. I; COKA YNE, family of, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Pedigree, b i, 1356; on 1 These., ,; on Medical prescriptions for him; 1708, Coloss., II3b-118, 123, 127. His daily,signature, COKE, sir Edward. Judgement in the diet, &c., ib. 1I2. trial ofthe earl and countess of Suffolk CLONMEL, Ireland. Fragments of an Possessor of 202. and sir J. Bingley; 1619, agreement about property there; cent. COCKE, George; 1609, Argument at a conference between the xviii, 1192 ad init. et calc. two Houses of Parl., Apr. 1628, 922. CLOTH. Touching the vent of English COCKE, John, M.A., Exeter coil., Oxf.: V cloth and the multitude of merchants Folard, J. C. de. Signature, b for the same; 1587,23. 20b, 21b. COCKERAM, Henry. Words selected from COKE, sir Edward, Holkham, Norf. CLOWES, Robert, Inner Temple. Signature; his English Dict., A-J; Notice of a MS. of Simeon of Durham 1669, COCKERILL, Thomas, M.A., Univ. coll. in his library; 1717, CLOWES, William, surgeon-in-chief to Notes of a sermon by him at St. Mary's, COKE, sir John. Letter to him, on his. Charles I. Signature, 770, b ; 771. Oxf., Christmas Day, 1711, b. appointment as secr. of state, from 71; et in vol'. seqq. COCKMAN, Thomas: v. Cruttenden, Hen. Tho. Wilson; 1625,

55 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 577 COKE, Richard, Plymouth, A. D. 1444, COLEMAN, Edward, Jesuit. Letters to COLLINS, Edward. Letter to A. Evans; Pere La Chaise; 1675 (copies), , , 159b, 164. COKE, Roger. Notes from his Detection., COLLINS, James, bookseller, London &c., by A. Wood, , 607b, COLEMAN, Nathaniel. Letter signed by (" servant to Mr. Royston "), grandson 634b. 13 Quakers sent to him in reply to ofbp. Cotton of Exeter. Petition to his Epistle; 1682 (copy), the bishops for assistance after the COKER, Gulielmus, M.D., ex lede Christi, postea coli. Omn. Anim., Oxon. Exer- COLEMAN, Nicholas, rector of Preston St. Fire of London, Signature, citia academica, , 286. Mary, q. v. COKER, James: v. Notley, Black. COKER, Richard. Petition to Charles II for relief, his father having been farrier to Chas. I, COKES, family of, London. Arms, in trick, as entered in the visitation of London and certified by Hen. St. George; 1633, COLASSlEUS, Hieronymus. educandorum ratio, 337. COLBY, Norfolk. Articles against Th. Reeve, rector; 1644, COLCHESTER: V. Diarium. Yehiel, Jos. ben. Note of the dedication of St. Peter's church, b The inhabitants of St. Leonard's authorize presentation of a petition to the bp. of London, &c. for an augmentation of the vicarage; c. 1679, Warrant to the Mayor for appearance of constables, &c. before the commissioners for inquiring into fines for recusancy; 1688, Corporation records restored to the town by Dr. Rawlinson; 1734, 863. II 5-7. COLERAINE, Visc.: v. Hare. COLES, Edmund, rector of Storington, Sussex. Signature; 1679, COLES, William, vicar of Scalford, Leic. Signature; 1678, COLLINS, John, Betterton, near Wantage, Berks. Letter to E. Ashmole; 1666, COLLINS, John, Westminster: v. Nicolson, Hum. Letter to Dr. Edw. Bernard; 1673, COLESHILL, Warwickshire. Epitaph on lady Mary Digby in the church; 1692, COLLINS, Samuel, M.D. Liberorum COLET, William. Signature, attesting copies of records, l0, 115, 117, 140, 147 COLFABIUS, Rodolphus, coli. len. Nas., Oxon. "Convivium phoolosophicum.. ; versus joculares, COLF, Amandus and Katherine, Canterbury. Epitaph; , b. COLFE, Joseph, alderman of Canterbury. Epitaph; 1620, b. COLFER, Henry. Signature; COLIGNY, family of. Genealogie de la maison, C[OLINEAU], Elizabeth, London. of her will; Fr., COLLA90S, Spanish family. Span., Draft Descent; COLLECTARIUM. One leaf from a twelfth COLCLOUGH, family of, Staffordshire. cent. MS., 894. I. Pedigree to 1664, by Dugdale, with arms in pencil-trick, COLDEN, Margaret, Rotherhithe; 1637, b COLE, Elizabeth, Westminster, widow of lieut. Richard. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty money; 17II, COLE, Nathaniel. Presentation inscription by him; 1616, COLE, Nicholas. Signature, , 148. COLE, Will., B.A., usher of the Free School, Ely. Signature; 1674, COLE, William, M.D. Letter to Dr. Charlett; 1710 (copy), b. COLEBATCH, sir John, M.D. Letters to Rev. J. Cock, with prescriptions, 1708 (copies), 202. II4h-16. COLECTUS, Franc., Bargensis. Versus encomiastici ad P. Monaldi, 5S6. I. COLLEDGE, Stephen: v. Warcupp, Edm. Trial, 1681 (imperf.), COLLEMAN, Henry, Turlangton, Leic. Assignment of 250 to his wife Jane for her assent to a conveyance of his lands to James Oliver; 27 March, 1650 (copy), COLLEN, capt. : v. Wimble, James. COLE, John, B.D. Confirmation to him by James I of the rectory of Michel- COLLET, John. Book-plate, mersh, COLLET, Joseph, Hertford, formerly pres. COLE, Michael, Tirley, Glouc. Receipt of Fort St. George, E. Indies. Epitaph for a payment; 1609, in Bunhill Fields' burying-ground; 1725, b. COLLETT, Christina: v. Canterbury. COLLIER, Jeremy, bishop among the nonjurors: v. N., G.; Non-jurors. Defence of his Perswasit'e to comideration, by S. Hawes, COLLIER, Thomas, sweeper at Whitehall. Petition to Charles II, and order for his admission as a Maundy-man; 27 Feb. 168i, b COLLINGHAM, Yorkshire: v. Wood, Benj. COLLINS, Anthony. Signature; Sale of his library ; 1730, b by him, Note of a cure COLLINS, Samuel, Trin. coil., Oxf. Signature, COLLINS, Samuel, rector of Fen Ditton, q.v. COLLINS, Thomas, a convict in Newgate. Petition to Charles II for pardon (two copies), , 63b COLLINS, Thomas, B.D., master of Magd. coli. school, Oxf. Mentioned; 1705, Bequeathed MS. 9. to Thomas Hearne in COLLINS, Rev. Thomas, Swansea. Letter in reply to some objections made by him to the Bray parochial libraries (draft), COLLINS, W. Signature; 1720, COLLINSON, Oba., rector of Eversden Parva,Cambr. Signature; 168q-, COLLY, Sarah. Signature; (1690?), COLLYER, Stephen Signature; 1695, COLMAN, Morgan. Accounts as steward to Lord Keeper Egerton, 406. COLMORE, Jaspar. Signature; cent. xvi, COLONIA, hodie Cologne: t1. Erigena, Jo. Montorio, P. F. COLONIA TRAJANA, oppidulum Clivense, hodie Kellen. Schediasma de vera dis tantia inter Coloniam TraJanam et Veters. Castra, COLONNA, familia ItaHana. Emblema de ea, cum notitia, versu et prosa, Grandezze di casa Colonna, all' a.nno 1684, COLONNA, -, duca di Palliano ( ti. Caralfa, Carlo, card. Various instructions to him, and letters from and to him; , ltal. (copies), b SS2

56 578 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. COLONNA, Marc Antonio. Parere sopra il soccorso di Cipri; 1570, Emblemata tria de eo, cum notitiis, versu et prosa. j COLSON, or COLSAM, capt. trick; 1642, b. COMMON PLEAS, Court of. Certificate of fees taken there; 162k, COMMONWEALTH: fl. Ladies. COMO, Italy. Notes of a commercia! COLONNA, Prosperus de. Emblema de eo, tra.veller in 1678, b. cum versibus Lat., COMO, Adelbert, Cadiz. Two letters to Arms, in G. Como; , Ital., ,271. COLSTON, Edward, Bristol. His charitable settlements (printed), 402. COLSTON, William, Bristol. 1643, Signature; COLT, Sir William Dutton, knt. Commission to him to take the Garter to the Elector of Saxony; 20 Aug (copies), , 102. His speech on investing the Elector, ib. 72. COLTON, Paul, Milton, Berks: fl. Ashmole, Elias. COLVILL, family of. Descent, to fam. of Wandesford, , 238. COL VILL, James. Accredited to France by some Scottish lords in 1640, COLUMBUS, Christopher. His discovery of Cuba and Hispaniola, , 2. COLUMNA, familia Italiana: fl. Colonna. COMBE, Oxon. The Queen's solicitor (Bromley) there in 1573, COMBER, Thomas, D.D. Questions for self-examination in the Command ments, Letters to dean Granville of Durham; 1681, , 309. Letter to him from Granville; 1681, ib Abstract of his Vindic. of tithes, COMo,Giuseppe, banker, London. Articles of agreement with Ang. and Aless. Corticelli of Parma, 1691; Ital., ,255. Business letters to him and M. Ie Beau from fifteen Italian correspondents; , ib , 483. COlIHEDI..E: 'II. Londinum: Gmy's Inn. Maittaire, Mich. Singleton, Tho. Leander; comoodia Latina, 341. Pygmalion; comoodia Lat., The pilgrimage to Parnassus; and, The return from Parnassus, ,207. A Christmas entertainment, Unfinished Eng!. comedy, without a title, Sentences, under alphabetical heads, from plays; , 952. Words and phrases in some Engl. plays with their French synonyms, and French words in a play by G. Daudin, Rise and Fall of Earl Mortimer submitted to Addison in 1713, Essay on humour in comedy, Ital. drama relating to early Christian times; "il Re di Bertagna " and his queen Elena, &c., COMPANIES: fl. London. COMPOUNDERS: fl. Angiia. COMBERMERE ABBEY, Cheshire. Short COMPREHENSION, Bill of: fl. Scotia. extracts from a register, COMPTON, James, third earl of North. ampton. Signature; 1669, COMPToN,Mary,countessofNorthampton. Prayer for her use on the death of her daughter the countesi! of Dorset; 1691, COMULI, Alessandro. Instructions on being sent by the pope on embassy to the northern princes; 1594, Ital., to the duke of Muscovy, ib. 72. COMYN, Christopher, preb. of Lichfield. Signature; 16&8, COMYN, Steven. A copy of 708 given to him. COMYNS, Eustace. Petition to Charles II, COMYNS, John. Letters to O. Acton; , ,305,306. Application to Bridewell Hosp. about a lease at Wa.pping-; ib CONAN, Frances. Petition to Hildeb. lord Alington, CONANT, John, D.D., rector of Exeter college. Receipts signed by him as vice-chancellor; , , 3", 5,6,8. Epitaph, CONANT, Samuel, Higham, Norf. Letter to Sam. Clarke; 1662, CONANT, Samuel, Magd. coil, Oxf. Signature; 1698, CONCEPTIO. Signa conceptionis, b CONCILlA. Notre Usserii de variis editioni bus, L32b. COMPOSTELLA. Privile~ia Magni Hos- CONCIONES: fl. Biblia. pitalis circa indulgentlas; impress., CONDUIT, Samuel, B.A., Linc. coli., Oxf. ib.2. COMPTON, Long, Warwickshire. Brief CONEY, Dr. -. COMB-MAKERS' COMPANY, London. En- church note, b graved form of summons to attend a court, ~5. COMENDONE, Giov. Fr., card. Discorso SOPra il corte di Roma, ; Instrnttione a. i legati del conc. de Trento sopra Ie cose trattati dall' imp.. Carlo V; 1563, COMENIUS, J oh. Amos. Apograpba literarum de bello in Hungaria Turcico; , COMERUS, Anniba!. Possedit 218. COMESTOR, Petrus. Fragmenta tria ex Hist. eius Scho.lastica, COMlIEREL LA RABOTTELWYE, Gedeon. Inscriptio in albo amicornm Jac. Brieset [Heidelb. Jul. 1618], COMMONDON; Jo. Fr., card., vesco ill Zante; fl. Comendone. ~~ON-P.LACE BooB;S: fl. Loci Communes. Common-place book, De vanitate artium, ib. 3. Versus in obitum eius, Sale of his library; 1724, COMPTON, George, Beenham, Berks. CONFERENCE. A summer week's confer- Letter to Ralph Marshall; 1696,862. ence between three young gentlemen, COMPTON, Henry, bpi of London: fl. CONFESSION. Treatise of sacramental Bennet, H., earl Gregory, Jer. confession; 1613,1280. I. Direction of Arlington. Grey, Tho. for making confession, ib Burkitt, Will. Say well, Will. A short pass~e on the need of penance Ghibbes, Giac. Alb. and confesslon for remission of sin j Notes on poor benefices proposed to be headed "Mr. More " [qu. sirt.more?]; augmented by benefactiods of Dr. W. cent. xvi, b. Clarke, Form of confession of pride, Letter to N. Jekyll (copy), CONFIRMATION. Pastoral advice, 214. Letter to Dr. Tim. Hatton; 1685, , A thanksgiving prayer, CONFORMITY: 'II. Signature in 1671, when rector of Non-Conformists. Cottenham, 340. IS. Parliament; House of Commons. Letter to him from dean Granville of Warmestry, Thos. Durham, " The history and fall of the Confonuity Proceedings against him by the Eccles. bill, being an excellent new!long": Commissioners; 1686, ,8b, 33. unfinished, Removal of suspension, 30 Sept. 1688, CONGLETON, Chesbire: fl. Moxon, George. ib 32b 993 formerly in bib PQllsesliion. CONGREVE, W. Signature,

57 RA. WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 579 CONIERS, family of. Pedigree of Coniers CONSTANTINUS, Flavius, imperator. Ora- COOK, John, rector of }'[ersham, Kent. and Darcy, tio funebris in eum; Gr.-Lat. (manu Signature; 1678, CONINGESBY, Francis, Ordnance office. T. Hearne), COOKE, Elizabeth, Westminster, widow Signature; 1641, CONSULS. List of state papers relating of lieut. William. Power of attorney to them; , for receipt of bounty money; 1711, CONINGHAM, J. Signature; CONTADOR DE ARGOTE,J eronymo. Disser CONINGTON, Hunts. Epitaph on sir J. tation proving that St. James was in COOKE, George, bishop of Hereford. Cotton; 1752, Spain (transl.), ii. Notice of him by A. Wood, b. CONNAK, Richard, auditor of the duchy CONTARENO, Dominic, doge of Venice. of Cornwall. Transcript of the return COOKE, sir John. Note of his death at Licence to an English consul, G. Hailes; of confiscated church-lands in Cornwall, Paris, ch'ca 1650, , COOKE, John, under-secr. of State. CONNAUGHT. Want of Christian knowledge among the people; temp. Q. Anne, Papa. of Durham, with his reply; 1674, 850. CONTARENI, Gasp., card. :v. Paulus III, Letter to him from dean Granville Report on the emp. Charles V, his court, 193, 180. government, dominions, &c., made to CONNELL, Thomas, rector ofworlingham, the Doge of Venice; Ital., 606. COOKE, Robertus, A.M., coli. JEn. Nas., Suffolk. Signature; 1678, Oxon. Versus ad eum, auct. Rob. CONNOR, Bernard, M.D. His opinion de anima, 1041, 21. CONOLD, Robert, rector of Burgh Apton, Norfolk. Signature; 1678, CONQUEST, George; v. Stepney. CONSCIENTIA; v. Allegiance, Jus Canon. Extract from a treatise on conscience, Satirical cases of conscience; t. Will. III, CONSECRATION, Forms of. Of a burialground; temp. Jac. I, Of CONVENTICLES. a church; 1622, ib. 30. Of a private chapel; 1620, lb. II8. Of churches, chapels, and churchyards, in dioc. Lond.; 1712,1314. CONSTABLE, hon. Arney. Epitaph in St. Pancras churchyard; 1731,89d. II. CONSTABLE, Cuthbert. Letter to Hearne, CONSTABLE, Philip, Everingham, Yorkshire. Licence to him as a recusant convict to travel from the place of his abode, but not to London; Feb. 1632, b CONSTABLE, col. sir William, bart. Arms, and device on his cornet; 1642, 942 3Sb CONSTABLES: v. Jus Anglicanum. CONSTANTIA, Tiberii Constant. imp. filia. Legenda de ea, Regi Angl-Sax. Elle desponsata, CONSTANTINOPOLIS; v. Filtz, Dav. von. Imperatores. Catalogus patriarcharum,e cod. Barocc. 59, Viaggio a Constant. et alcune cose a quella Porta, &c.; 1582, Descrizione del governo, &c.; 1584, Relatione di Constant. et del Gran Turco; 1606, 499. Relatione al Doge di Venezia; 1684, Relation de la revolution a Constantinople Ie 28 Sept. 1730, CONTARINI, Lorenzo. "Alcmagna"; a report on Germany in 1547; Ital.,618. I, 1l4. CONTINI, Francesco. Plan and description of the Villa Tibul'tina at Rome, CONTREROS, Spanish family. Certified history of the descent; 9 July, 1630; Span., Form of warrant for committal for non-payment of fines for attending conv., Twelve men fined for attending a conventicle at Swarth Moor, Ulverstone; 1664, Queries (by Quakers) upon the late Act of ParI. against conventicles; 1675, CONVEN'l'ION; v. Jacobus II. CONVERTS. Form for admitting converts from the Church of Rome and Protestant separatists; 1714, CONVOCATION; v. Bean, Chas. Parliament. Notice of proceedings of convoc. of Canterbury in Jan. 17oi, Notice of some elections for convocation in 1708, b Books intended to be censured in 1710, Suggested alterations in the Latin form of prayer used at the opening, CONWAY, Catherine, countess. in Acton church, Epitaph CONWAY, Philip. A Queen's messenger in CONYERS FAMILY; I'. Coniers. CONYERS, Gerard, alderman of London. His case; 171 I, I. Batt; 1581, Mentio de eo, lb. 32\ 39b, S6b Epistola ad eum a Rob. Batt; 15is3, ib. 37" CONTI, Lothario, duca di Pola. In- COOKE, Robert, licenseu preacher, dioc. structions on going as ambo to the Ely. Signature; 1676, Emp. from the Pope; 1594,Ital.,607. I. COOKE, Samuel, hatter, Wapping. Letter. to O. Acton; 1729, COOK, Dr. -: v. Sawyer, sir Rob. COOK, -, rector of St. George, Stamford, q.v. Relation de la revolution COOK, John. His charge against K. Mars, 1731, ib. 52. Charles I, COOKE, Thomas, B.D., archd. of Salop. Epitaph at Bampton, Ox on. ; 1669, Lat., COOKE, sir Thomas, knt. His accounts with the E. India Co.; , COOKE, William. Signature; 1664, COOKE, Will., M.A., rector of Harleton, Cambr., and chancellor of dioc. of Ely. Signature; ,340.14,47. COOKERY. Receipts; cent. XI', Two fragments of a 15th-cent. cookery book, , 53. The Form of Cury (copy by Hearne), 194. I. Receipts; end 0/ cent. xvi, "The lady's closset, or royal cab bin " ; receipts, Three receipts, Bill of fare at a banquet, 19 Dec., COOKES, sir Thomas. Extract, from his will, of hie bequest to Univ. of Ox f., COOKHAM, Berks.: V. Vernon, John. COOLY, Thomas, Tower dock, London; 1637, ". COOMBES, Richardus. Versus encomiastici ad Fr. 'furner episc., COOMBS, Mary, Dublin, widow of Heut. Richard. Power of attorney for receipt of pension ; 1711, COOPER, lady Anne, wife of sir John. 301 dedicated to her. COOPER, sir Anthony Ashley, first earl of Shaftesbury;!J. Weymouth. Speech at the King's Bench, 29 JUDe, 1677, Remarks on his grand jury,

58 5RO INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. COOPER, Banj., deputy registrar dioe. Oxon. and registrar of the Univ. Signature, b ; , 516; b, 32, 37h COOPER, George, registrar of the Univ. of Oxf. Signature; , ,166, 167; 1164, 270. COOPER, John. Signature, COOPER, William. Title-page of his Philosoph. Epitaph; 1673, b. COOTT, Katherine, Westminster, widow of capt. Edward. Powers of attorney for receipt of pension; 1711, , 73- COPDOCK, Suffolk. Articles against Will. Aldus, rector; 1644, Copy of the commencement of his satire on the entertainment of James I at Cambridge, h Verses to d. of Buckingham while with prince Charles in Spain, Ib. Lines in supposed vindication of him from the aspersion of writing adulatory verses, ib. 53. His poetical version of H. Cuffe's speech at his execution, b. Found the Puritan ministers the best in his diocese, b CORBUTT, John, Wapping; 1637, CORDWELL, Luke, B.A., St. John's coli., Oxf. Oratio quadragesimalis; 1655, 975. II. CORELLI, Arcangelo. Encomium on him, COPE, lady, Hanwell, Oxon. Mentioned; CORFU. Short description and map; I 00, 375 b b Itat., COPE, Samuel. Petition to the Board of JUll.US Green Cloth against Rob. Maur, or Marr; CORGNA, Ascanio della: v. III, 1683, 400. lor. Papa. COPINGER, Henry, Buxhall, Suffolk: v. CORI, Andrea. Owner of 526. Remball, S. CORNAPJEUS, Matthias. Inscriptio in COP1NGER, Thomas, M.A., vicar of Trumpington, Cambro Signature ; 166~, albo amicorumhen. Erdmann; Witteb., 14 Aug. 1619, CORNARD, Suffolk. Articles against Tho. Newman [rector]; 1644, COPLESTON, John, D.l?, provo of King's coil, Cambro Letter to archbp. San- CORNBURY, lord, i. e. Edw. Hyde, q. t'. croft; 26 Jan. 168% (copy), CORNEO, Fulvio, card.: v. Julius III, COPLEY, family of, Surrey. Notes from Papa. the Gatton registers ; , CORNIANI, Gio. Giac., secretary to the COPLEY, sir Godfrey. Letter to him from Doge of Venice. Signature, 1667, sir J. Reresby; 1677, b CORNISH, Hem""", alderman of London. COPPEN, -. Notes of a sermon by himj at St. Paul's in 1701, COPPLEY, Katherine. Signature, with 12 Latin lines (mutilated) on the death of Q. Katharine Parr, afterwards Seymour; cent. xvi, COPYRIGHT: V. Parliament. CORAM, capt. Thomas. Letter to H. Newman; 1732, CORBETT, Clement, LL.D. Receipt for money paid to his brother John by 'rhomasyn Knolles; 1610, CORBETT, Edmund. Inscription in a book given to him; 1651, CORBET, Edward, Magd. coil., Oxf., proctor of the Univ. Wine-bill; 1638, [The same?] Signature, CORBETT, H. Signature; 1675, His last sayings on the day of execution, 1685 (two copies), CORNISH, Henry, B.D., Bicester. Account of his funeral; 1698, h CORNWALL: v. Carew, Rich. Stannaries. Scawen, -. Return of confiscated church-lands, copied from the orig., I Apr. 16 4, Complaint that royalists are discouraged by neglect; 1644, Letters and proposal by S. Weale respecting the tin mines; 1706, ,237 Notes relating to 24 parishes, 997. Passages in the Cornish language, Sb, 21b. CORNY, -, daughter of Rev. - Corny. Notice of her; c. 1660, CORBET, Richard, D.D., bishop of Oxford COROLD, John, or Couraud, q. V. and Norwich. Letter to the marq. of Buckingham, with reply to R. CORONA, Tobia. Instruttioneper and are Catholic arguments about the origin per servltio di Greg. XV al Re di and character of the Church of Francia et al duca di Savoia; 1621, England, , ; Lines to his son Vincent; Engl.-Lat. CORONATIO: v. Wright, James The faeries' farewell, ib: De coronatione et unctione Regis 186. Journey into France, ro. 188". Anglire (manu T. Hearne), 366. lib. Order of turns in which the Cinque Ports received the canopies, The Coronation stone: V. Edwardus III. CORRAN, [?] -, A.B. Mentio de eo; 1583, b. CORREA, Thomas. Versus ad Lud. Torres, 285.6r. CORSELLIS, family of, Essex. Brief genealogical notice, CORSELLIS, Nicholas. Layer Marney, Essex. Note from him, 22 Dec. 1705, (see 94.) CORSINI, Lorenzo, archbp. of Nicomedia, afterwards pope Clement XII, q. v. CORSINI, Neri, senior, card. Materie politiche, Instruttione quando nuntio nella.francia; 1621, ; ; ; CORSINI, Neri, junior, cardinal. Note to him from M. Maittaire; 1741, Lat. (draft), CORTES, Martin. English commentary. on book I of his Compendio de la sphera; cent. xvi, I. CORTICELLI, Angelo and Aless., of Parma. Articles of agreement with Gius. Como for opening a mercantile house in London; 1691, Ital. (copies), , 255 CORY, John, curate of St. Andrew's, Cambro Signature; 1679, CORYNTON, -, vicar of South Petherwin, q. v. COSENS, B. Account of the expenses of the provo of N. York; , COSENS, Samuel, S.T.B., coli. Exon. nuper soc. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 20 Ju , COSIN, John, D.D., bishop of Durham: v. Bennet, Hen. Granville. Anne. Blakiston, Tho. Monck, Anne Carolus II. and Christ. Four Latin prayers; autogr., , 52 Argument for the bill for dissolving lord de Ros's marriage (copy), b- 8. Letter to his daughter Mrs. Granville; 1666, Two letters to D. Granville; 1666, ib. 150, 155 Letter to Mrs. Thornhill; 1666, ib. lsi. Two letters to the earl of Arlington; 1666 (orig. and copy), ib. 120,176. Letter to the earl of Bath; 1666, ib Two letters to the duchess of Albemarle; 1666 (copies), ib. 129, 131, 146, 152. Two letters to the duke of Albemarle; 1666 (orig. and copy), ib. 133, 144, 178. Declaration by his receiver of his inability to pay his debts, ib Animadversions on Granville's state ment of affairs between them, ib. 164

59 Confessio fidei prremissa testamento ejus, b. Extract from his will, COSMAS, monachus. Excerptum ex ejus Topogr. Christ., COSTA, -. Condemned to the galleys in France; 1700, , 122. COSTANZA, Ignazio di. Letter concerning a gold plate found in Malta, 1694; transl. by Rawlinson, COSTENTIN, - de. Name scribbled on fly-leaf in 497. COSTER, Thomas, M.P. for Bristol: v. C.,A. COSTOBADIE, James, York. Three letters to D. Prevereau; March-Apr. 1741, 50. Il2-6. COSTON, Simon. Signature; cent. xvi, COTTEREAU, John, v. Walker, Jonas. COTTIERE, Matthieu, pastor at Tours. Lettre du synode de Charenton a M. de 111. Vrilliere; 1631 (copy), Proceedings in the consistory about the ordination of his son; 1653, Fr., COTTINGHAM, Susanna, widow of lieut. James. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty money; 171I, COTTINGTON, sir Francis. Signature; 1633, COTTISFORD, Oxon. Epitaph on Eliz. Lord, and brief church notes, List of rectors, ib COTTON, family of. Descent, COTTON, "Dr." Part of a sermon on St. John v. 14, COTTON, Barnett: v. Dadlington. COTTON, Bartholomreus. Notre ex contino Rist. ejus de episcc. Norwicensibus, , COTTON, Clement. D. Featley's preface to his Concordance, COTTON, Frances, Exton, Rutland, widow of ensign Thomas. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 171 I, COTTON, Henry, Hoghton, Lanc. Fragment of inq. p. m., 1593,1042, covet. COTTON, John, minister at Boston. Answers to questions propounded by the ministers of New England, COTTON, sir John, V. Conington. Certificate ofarchbp. Ussher's approval of Dee's Actions with Spit"its (copy), COTTON, sir Rob.: V. Ussher,J ames, archbp. of Armagh. Short view of the life of Hen. III, 91L. 173; RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 581 The danger wherein the kingdom standeth and the remedy, ; Answer to arguments respecting the making ecclesiastical laws by temporal men, On the proposed alteration of the coinage; 1626, ; ; 911. II 6. That the kings of England have been pleased usually to consult with Parliament, Extracts from the records how the kings of England have supplied their necessities both by Parliament and Prerogative, ; 718. go, 109; 91L 93. Considerations for the repressing of priests, Jesuits, and recusants, On the importance of the maintenance of peace, Account of the proceedings against him and others for the Proposition to bridle parliaments; 1629, Notes out of his Posthuma, Notes from letters to him in Hearne's possession, Siguature, CottonianMSS. Catalogue, 901. Extract from Jul. E. IV. f. 215, COUCH, William, anabaptist, Burnham, Essex: V. Upsher, Thomas. COVEL, John, D.D., master of Christ's coil., Camb. Testimonial in favour of W. Read, oculist; 1667 (copy), b. COVENANT, SOLEMN LEAGUE AND :v. War., Wi.. COVENEY, Cambridgeshire. Articles against - Hill, rector; 1644, COVENTRY: V. Hewet, Rich. Dedic. ecc!. Fratrum, 14 Oct., b The indenture f~r building the cross j 1542, Note of the pulling down of the gates and walls in 1662, COVENTRY, Henry. Signature, COVENTRY, sir John. Ballad on the assault on him in 1670, COVENTRY, Thomas, Lord Keeper: V. Prise, John. Charge to the Judges of Assize, 17 June, 1635, ; Speech in the Star Chamber, 14 Feb. 163f, 342. I I June, 1638, ih Ordinances for redress of abuses in Chancery; 1635, Signature j 1633, COVERDALE, Miles, bishop of. Exeter. Epistles prefixed to his Bible in 1535 (copies by J. Leu>is), COVERHAM ABBEY, Yorkshire. Case of Dickenson V. Greenehaugh for tithes of lands formerly belonging to the abbey; t. Car. I, COUGHEN, John, M.D. Signature; 1713, COULANGES, Philippe Eman. de. Recueil de Bes chansons, COULSDON, Surrey. Parish notes, COULTER, Catharine, widow of lieut. James. Power of attol'lley for receipt of bounty money j 1710, COUPER, Adam. Signature, COUPLET, Filippo, della compo di Giesu. Relazione delle missioni della Cina, I8. COUPPE, Daniel, French pastor. Signature; 1637,640. 3c8. COURAUD, John, alias CoroId, Southampton. Sermon, on St. John xi. 5, on the death of Edw. Stanley, COURTEEN, sir William: V. Hollandia. COURTEENHALL, Northamptonshire. Epitaph on sir S. Jones, and inscription over school-house, COURTENAY, alias Leedes, Edward. a Jesuit. Papers relative to his imprisonment in 1634 respecting a book by him on the oath of allegiance, and his conferences with R. Widdrington thereon, b COURTIERS: v. Aula. C., D. COURTOPP, Alexander: V. Browne, Mary. COUSINS, William and John. Epitaphs in Amesbury church; 1709-II, b COUTIERS, Judith Julia de, widow of lieut. Augustus de. Power of attorney for receipt of pension, 1711; with seal of arms, COWARD, Christopher, D.D., Corp. Chr. coli., Oxf., rector of Kingston Seymour, Somerset. Notice of him, COWLEY, Temple: v. Oxfordshire. COWLEY, Abraham. His paraphrase from Anacreon, transl. into Latin, Notice of bis loss of tbe mastership of the Savoy, COWPAGE, John. Signature; cent. xvi, COWPER, -, Chester. A paper sent to him by Rawlinson; 1749, b COWPER, William, first earl. Letter to bim from Dr. J. Morrice; 1716, COWSLADE, Thomas, Donnington, Berks. Account of him; 16g6, His wife Margaret, sister of sir Tho. Rawlinson, ib. 161; Cox, John, Riseby, Suffolk. Signature; 1679, Cox, Mary: V. Dadlington. Cox, Robert, London. Extract from his will, 19 Sept. 160<), 79tSb 75".

60 582 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Cox, Thomas, M.A., vicar ofswaffham Bulbeck, Cambro Signature; r67t, Cox, William, vicar of Wratting, Cambro Signature; 1676, COXE, Thomas, M.D. Title of his (anon.) Discourse wherein the interest of the patient is debated, with licence for press; 1668, , 78. COXETER, Thomas. List of English writers; , 93. Sent Dr. Evans' copy of Calamy's Life of Baxter to Rawlinson; 1735, Art. 31 in 923 copied from a MS. in his possession, CRABBE, alderman -: V. Crabbe, Tho. CRABBE, G.: V. Crabbe, Tho. CRABBE, Thomas. Glossarial collectionrof Old English, Anglo-Saxon, and French words; c. 1674, Letters to his nephew G. Crabbe, his cousin Mrs. M. Smyth, and his brother alderman Crabbe, , ib. 45. CRANATIS, Matthreus M., Ungarus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Cantabr., 16 Jul., 1623, 933. ISS. CRANE, Ralph. CRANFORD, James, M.A., president of Sion college, London. Signature; 1653, 888. I. CRANGER, Thomas. News-letter to sir CRAYFORD, Robert, M.A., fellow of Gonville and Caius coil., Cambro Testimonial for preferment; 1678, Meditations, in verse, on CREAGH, David. Warrant for his pardon the Passion, &c., 301. for high treason; 1696, CRANE, sir Richard, capt. in P. Rupert's CREAKE, North, Norfolk: t'. Pancke, Sam. Life-guards. Notice of him, Order ejecting P. Scarlet from the CR.ANE, Robert. 'I'ranslations of some rectory to admit S. Pancke; 1660, Gr. and Lat. sentences, CRANE, Symon. Order to him from the CREECH, Thomas. Notice of a sermon King; 21 March, 1643, by him at Oxf. on 30 Jan. 1691, CREED: V. Symbolum. CRADOCK, Daniel, child of Shadrach. Epitaph in Southgate chapel; 1685, CRANMER, Thomas, Canterbury. Epitaph; 896. lio. 1604, CRADOCK, Edward, D.D. Sermon at Oxf. on St. J O. iii. 34; 1579, His Shipp of assured safetie mentioned, b. CRADOCK, Peter. Signature, CRADOCK, Samuel, M.A., Eman. coil., Cambro The Univ. oath [against lecturing elsewhere than at Oxf. and Cambr.] considered, b CRADOcK,Thomas, M.A., Magd. coll.,oxf. Epitaph in the college chapel; 1678, CRADOCK, Thomas. Letter to dean Granville of Durham; 1685, CRADOCK, Zachary, D.D., provost of Eton. Letters to archbp. San croft, 4 Feb. 1680, and 9 Aug (copies), \ 6b. To the archbp.'s secretary [Dr. Thorpe?], 24 May, 1681 (copy), ib.6. Signature, CRAFORD, Humfrey Signature, CRAFTSMAN, The, newspaper: V. Bland, J. Hispania. CRAGGS, James: V. Hammond, Anth. CRAGMILE, William. Poem on election of East India directors; 1691, Letter to sir T. Rawlinson. ib. 54. CRAMBERG,J oachim us, Stern berga-megapol. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann,; Lubecre, 4 Feb. 1612, CRAMPTON, Willelmus, Jesuita; alias Jo. Clayton, q. V. CUEED, Cornwall lob. Notes on the parish, T. Rawlinson; 1703, CREED, Gulielmus, S.T.P., Mdis Christi Oxon. preb. Versus in obitum ejus, CRANLEY, Surrey. Note about the living, CRANMER, Thomas, archbp. of Cant.: v. CREED, capt. Richard. Arms (of lor.d Biblia. Brooke) on his banner, and device Epist. ad Bucerum; autogr., I. on his cornet; 1642, 942, 12b, 13. Extracts from his Oxford disputation, CREMA, Italy. Notes of a commercial 16 Apr. 1554, b-7b. traveller in 1678, h Signature; CUANMER, sir William, knt., Canterbury. Epitaph; 1697, CRANSHA Y, Thomas, rector of Hal'dwid" Norf., q. V. CRANSTONE, William and Ann, Alton, Hants. Epitaphs, , CRAPP, Katharine, Epitaphin St.Pancras churchyard; 1726, CRAPPE, William and Mary, Bridgewater. Certificate in their behalf, for a pardon for their son; 1680, CRASHA w, Richard. Elogium sepulchrale Nicolai Ferrar, CRASHA WE, William: V. Mayhew, Edw. Collectio scriptorum variorum de abusibus ecclesiasticis et de ecclesia reformanda, 339. Signature; 1594, CRAVEN, C. Signature; 1674,916. li8. CRAVEN, John. Signature; CRAVEN, William, first lord: v. Hampstead Marshall. Receipt for a sympathetic powder for healing wounds, brought by him out of Italy, b. CRAWLEY, North, Bucks: V. Hill, Thomas. CRAWLEY, Francis, rector of Hedsor, Bucks. Signature; 1678, CRAWLEY, sir Francis. Argument on ship-money; 163i, CRAWLEY, Richard, deputy register of the Admiralty. List of persons convicted at Admiralty sessions, and pardoned, in , CRAWLEY, Thomas, capt. R.N. Journals of four voyages, CREMONA. List by Rawlinson of pictures and statues in the churches, CRESCENTIO, Marcello, cardinal: V. Julius III, Papa. CRESPIGNY, P., elder in a French congregation. Signature, CRESSENER, Elizabeth. Note of a MS. in her possession; 1721, CRESSETT, Francis. Certificate as to his services and losses for Chas. I; 1661, 371. I. CRESSEY, Edward, Skeasby, Linc. Petitions to col. Hacker for release from prison at Leic., and to the inhabitants of Medborne for relief [1653?], (copies), CRESSY, Hugh. Notes from his Exomologesis,817. II7b-8. CRESWELL, John, keeper of the Compter in Southwark; 1637, CRESWELL, Richard, M.P. for Evesham. Speech in ParI. on the Habeas Corpus; March or Apr., 1628, CRESWICKE, Henry, Bristol. Signature; 1643, CRETE, sive Candia, insula. Short de scription, with map; ltal., CREW, Edward, M.A. Testimonial [for orders?], 167~, CREWE, Nathaniel, bishop of Durham. Letter to the dean and chapter of Durham, enjoining weekly communion; 1685 (copy), Questions to the clergy respecting compliance with the orders of Jas. II, ib. 87 Advice to James II; 1688, Orders made on his visitation of the cathedral in 1685, in 1687,

61 RA.WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 583 Letters to him from dean Granville j CROFTS, William, Paris. Mentioned; CROMWELL, Richard, alias Rich, William: , , v. Huntingdon, Town. Signature; 1664, ll CROISDAILE, _. Signature, CROMWELL, Thomas, earl of Essex: v. CREWE, sir Thomas, Speaker of H. of Henricus VIII. Commons. Speech, 21 Feb. 1621, CROIX, Jean de lao Sentences spirituelles pour les religieux de son ordre, 130L CROMWELL, Walter. Signature as a b. tax-surveyor for Ealing; 1653, ' b [The same?] Possessor of 368. CaEWKERNE, Somerset. Commission for CROKE,orCrooke,sirGeorge. Argument CROOKE, or Croke, q.v. admission of an anchorite there (copy), on ship-money, II Apr. 1638, CROOKE, John. Signature, Presented to the King, ib 40 4 CROOKSHANK, John, Presb. minister at CROKE J h S eake of H of Commons Raphoe. Historical and theological CREYK, -, a Non-iuring clergyman: v.,on, p r.. d Brett, Thomas. S peee h t O. Q Eli z., 30 Nov. 1601, collections " , 830. CRICHTON, William,jesuit: V. Bruce, Rob. CRICKLOW, Robert, London. Letter to Rich. Roach; 1706, CRIMES. List of state papers relating to criminal matters; , CRIPPS, John, Maidstone, brewer: V. Aylesford. CRIPPS, Robert. Letter to bp. Fell; not dated, CRISP, -. Controversy arising from the baptism of his child: see E., V. CRISP, Ellis. Mentioned, b 80. CROOME, John, St. Giles, Cripplegate: v. CROKE, sir Rich., recorder of Oxford. London. Signature; 1681, CROONE, Gulielmus, M.D. Nota de eo, CROME, Valentine, Maiden Early, Berks. Power of attorney for receipt of debts due to him, 1709; with seal of crest, CROMHAUTIUS, Nicholaus, curator acado Lugd. Bat. Cod. 460 ei inscriptus. CROMP, Laurence, York herald: V. Persehowse, Tho. Declaration respecting searches for the pedigree of Lumley, Letter to sir Martin Lumley [1607], ib List of heraldic MSS. in his custody; 1684, , b CROPPER, -. Prices of some books sold at his sale in 1693, CROSBY RAVENSWORTH, Westmoreland. Deed of sale by E. Turner of land &c. at the Haybanks in 1659 (copy), Deed ofsale of Crosby Gill Park by T. Pickering to T. Wilson and R. Rawlinson in 1648 (copyij, ib CROSDELL, Richard, Islington; 1637, CROSEDAILE, Henry. Transl. of Sat. i-v CRISPE, Henry. Signature, of Persius, CRISP, sir Nicholas. His frigate mentioned; 1644, CROMPTON, James, curate of Hinxton and CROSIUS, Ludov., in aead. Marpurg; 318. Great Shelford, Cambro Signature; 293. CRISP, Samuel, son of Dr. Tobias Crisp. 1678, , 49 Life and character of bis sister Mrs. CROMPTON, Martha, widow oflieut. Jolm. M. Carleton, 106. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty CRISP, Tobjas, D.D. Mention of him money; 17II, and his wife, afterw. Mrs. Rowe, 106. CROMWELL fi '1 f V 0 t b., ami yo: V. Ip un 2,30 CRISP, Tobias, jun. Mentioned,106.30b. CROMWELL, Henry. Signature, CRISPIN, Edmund. Notes by Wood about him, CRITWOOD, John. Signature, CRIVELLI, Giovanni. Account of an Italian book by him on the elements of physics; 1731, CROCI US, Ludovicus, S.T.D. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoft'manni; Bremal, 28 Apr., 1623, CROCKER, Johannes, de Lyneham, Yealmpton, Devon. Breve contra eum, et alios de Bucfastlye, CROFT, family of, Chipping Norton, ~xon., &c. Pedigree to 1683, by Ant. a Wood, b-18. CROFT, Richard. Measurements of Tintern and Glastonbury abbeys in , CROFTON, -. Notice of suits by h4n against the city of London, 183; 37\38. CR?FTON, Catherine, Dublin, widow of heut. Oliver. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1712, CROFTS, sir James; 363. lb. CROFTS, John, rector of Barnnam, q. v. VOL. II. xvi, cent. CROMWELL, Henry, brother of the Protector Oliver. Notice of a book that belonged to him, CROMWELL, Oliver, V. Francia. L., G. Parliament. Letter to the Speaker in behalf of capt. Rich. Price; 1650 (autogr. sign.), Warrant from the Council of State for the gift to him of a suit of armour; 28 Oct. 1651, Warrant to the ordnance-officers at the Tower; 27 Jan. 1653, Commission, instructions, &c. to agents in Denmark relative to restitution of English ships in 1654 (copies), 762. Lieut.-colonel's commission signed by him; 1656, Said to sir John Berkeley at Exeter that the sovereign power was in the Parliament, Discussion at an anabaptist meeting whether they should visit him to tell bim of his faults; 7 Feb. 16Si, " Epigramma de cornice super templo Westmonast. crocitante, capite Cromwelli juxta super palwn exhibito, b CROSSE, John, rector of Longs toe, Cambro Signature; 1679, CROSSE, Robert, M.A., fellow of Linc. coli., Oxf. Answers to questions put to him while prisoner in Dunster castle by col. Fr. Wmdham; Nov. 1643,95'1. 1. CROSSLAND, -, vicar of Bottisham, q. v. CROSSMAN; Samuel, B.D. Signature and Beal of arms; 167~, CROSTHWAIT, Thomas, D.D., prine. of Edmund's hall, Oxf. Two letters from him; ,373.67,99- Orders respecting the Hall buttery, CROUCHE, Nic. At school in Clapton in 1661, CROUCH, Thomas. Epitaph in Rye church; 1682, CROUKES, Mrij., Houndsditch, London; 1638, CROWE, Charles, minister of Hawkshead. Lane. Memorial in bis favour; 165i, 863.8b CROWE, Christopher. Signature; 1588, CROW, sir Sackvil, bart. Relation concerning a Spanish Jesuit pretending to be a qup,ker (copy by Ganily), CROW, William, D.D., rector of St. Botolph Bishopsgate. Epital?h; 1743, CROWLEY, family of, Derbyshire. Note of genealogy and arms, Tt

62 584 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. CROWTHER, Joseph, prine. of St. Mary hall, Oxf. Signature; 1675, CROY, Antoine de, prince de Portian. Official copy of his will; 1567, Fr., CROY, Ernestus Bogislaus, dux de. Cod. 266 ei inscriptus. CROYDON, Surrey. Fragm.computicujusdam pro feno empto pro equis, 232 ad calc. CRUCE, Johannes a: 'I). Yepes, Joh. de. CRUES, Dorothy,LongAcre, London; 1637, 145 5Sb CRUGGE, John and Barbara, Exeter. Epitaphs in Harefield church, CRUMBTINGERUS, Matthias, ecclesiastes Lubecensis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 5 Jun. 1612, CRUSlUS, G. Rudolphus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum J o. Hoffmanni; Lugd. Bat. 23 Maii, 1623, CRUTTENDEN, Henry. Extract from a letter to T. Cockman; 1694, CRUUYS, John. Name, CRUX: 'I). Baptismus. Collectanea Andrere Mulleri de cruce, 268. CRYNES, Nathaniel, M.A. Will and codicil; 1745 (copy by Rawlinson), CUFFE, Henry, Merton coli., Oxf.: 'I). Corbet, Rob. Differences of the ages of man's life, extracts, (cod. verso). Confession at Tyburn, 9 March, CULLUM, Samuel, Ipswich. 1709, CUMJE: 'I). Sabbatinus, Jac. 160~, AfHdavit; CUMBER, Thomas. Signature; 1657, CUMBERLAND. List of parishes in the county, with K. B. value, Note of a custom when cattle die from murrain, CUMBERLAND, William Augustus, duke of: v. Zollmann, G. C. CUMBERLAND, Richard, D.D. Title of his Essay towards the 1'eCO'l)ery of the Jewish measures, with licence for press; 1685, CUNJEUS, Petrus, acado Lllgd. Bat. rector. Inscriptio in albo amicorum J oh. Hoffmanni; 25 Maii, 1623, CURY: v. Cookery. CUSACK, John. Via regia [a treatise on crown rights in highways], book ii, 693. CUSACK, sir Thomas. Mentioned, 693.2, CUSAK, Marie, widow of col. Charles, Power of attorney for receipt of bounty money; 1712, CUSPINIANUS, Johannes. Tractatus trei breves, CUSTOMS, The: v. Sylvius, sir G. CUTHBERTUS, S. V. Allen, Tho. CUTLER, Thomas, merchant at Stock holm; 1663,371.4, 4b CUTLER, Will., merchant, London: D. Moor, Rich. CUVILLE, Jacques, French pastor. Sig. nature; 1618, CYPRIAN US, S. Of the unity of the Church; transl. by Will. Reeves, 38. Lectiones var. in lib. de Dei gratia, e cod. in coli. I,inc., Oxon., CYPRUS, v. QUNIGA, Spanish family. Del linage de Colonna, Marcant. Zane, Hier. los duques de Vejar y cassa de Quiiiga, Discorso dell' isola, b Short description;!tal., b. Notes of the family" senores de Villoria CYRIACUS, abbas. Orationes ad B.V.M. y Guelamo," , in formula consecrationis Eucharistim, CUNLIFl'E, Ellis, curate of Hinxton, Cambr., &c. Signature; 1679, 340. CYRILLUS, Hierosol., S. Rough draft of 49 Hearne's three indexes to his works, CSASZARI, Stephen, a Hungarian student. Letter to Hildebr.lord Alington; 1693, Recommended for help; 1729, CUBA, 'I). Havanna. CUNNINGHAM, -, tutor to lord Sunder- CYRILLUS, archiep: Constantinop.; i.e. Short description; Ital., 589. I. land. Mentioned, b. C. Lucar, q. v. CUCHMAN, Edward. Signature; cent. xvi, CUNSTABLE, Christopher, vicar of Meth- CYRILLUS, Bernardinus. Ad eum epi wold, q. v. grammata duo, CUCKOW, Anna, wife of Daniel, Canter bury. Epitaph; 1720, CUCKOW, William, Canterbury. Epitaph; 1700, CUDWORTH, John, B.D., Trin. coli., Oxf., rector of Kiddington. Note-book of scholastic exercises, Four letters to - Vaughan, [Rob.] Mitchell, and the Visitor of Trin. coli. about a disputed college election; 1713, ib. 80L90. CUDWORTH, Ralph, D.D.; 'I). Stonestreet, Will. Satirical notice of Ii grant to him by the H. of Commons; 1647, b. CUELL, Jane. Signature, CUNSTABLE, Thomas, rector of Barnesley, Glouc. Signature; 1680, CURLE, Walter, bishop of Winchester. Letter to P. Heylin; 1636, b. Nomination to be dean of Lichfield, b. Mention of his death, CURLL, Edmund, bookseller: V. Hall, H. Jones, Will. Hastings, Newdigate, sir Rich. Penyston. Sanger, Kath. Horn, Rob. Toovey, Tho. Signed agreements with Rawlinson respecting the publication of Norden's Northamptonshire, and the Law8 of Honour; 1720,1481.3, 4b D. D., -, M.D. Lines to him on his taking offence at being treated with calfs head, D., G. Possedit (?) art. 11 in D., G. Letter to A. M. on affairs in Par!.; 1610 (copy), D., J. Art 2 in 718 dedicated to him. D., J. Transl. of Hor. Ep. ii. 2; D., J. (or T.), Mere, Wilts. Letter to J. Bland on nos. i-iv of his new version of the Old Test.; 1746 (copy), CUEVA, De 10., Spanish family. La casa CURSON, Edward, Waybred, Suffolk. del duque de Albuquerque [Beltran de Will; 1649, D"9JO'8(?)'8 Letter to R. Rawlinson j 175 1, la Cueva], b CUEVA, Alfonso della, marchese di Bedmar, cardinale, ambasc. del Re Filippo III di Spagna in Venetia. Relatione della republ. di Venetia, 1620, 425 ; ; 614; 622.1; 623.2II; ; 632. Instruzione a L. Bravo ambasciatore, del Re Cattolico in Venezia, 558. I ; i ; CURTIS, Edward, weaver, St. Michael Bassingshaw, London. Bond that he will remain unmarried while his divorced wife lives; 1616 (copy), D., W. Directions for travel, D... ES (?), Randal. Formerly possessor of C. 86. CURTIS, John, Sutton, Berks.: v. James, DACRE, barony of: v. Lennard, Margaret: Will. DACRE, Hugh, fourth baron Dacre. CURTIS, Will., M.A., vicar of Pampisford Letters patent for pardon for tha and Sauston, Cambro Signature j death of' his brother Ralph, thir 71,340.7, 16. baron; 1376,692.1.

63 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 585 DADE, John, M.D., Ipswich. Affidavits j DANCEY, Joseph, B.A., Univ. coli., Oxf.: 1709, , 28. fl. Oxford j University coll. DADLINGTON, Leicestershire. Bill of DANCOWE, Johannes, de Saxonia. Alcomplaint, Mary Cox fl. B. Cotton, manach, for subtraction of tithes j 1706, DANDINI, Hieronymo, vesco d'imola, card.: fl. Julius III, Papa. DAFFY, Thomas. His Elixir recommended for sore eyes, 72. go. DAGENHAlII, Essex: fl. CassiUs, Rob. D.,uLY COURANT, newspaper. No j 3 March, 170 7, DAILY GAZETTEER, newspaper: fl. Bland, J. DAILY JOURNAL, newspaper. No j 2 Apr. 1731, DAILY POSTBOY, newspaper. No ; 5 Jan. 1730, DAKYNS, William. A "lewd usurper" of the office of King of Arms j arms and pedigrees received from him to be proved or cancelled j 1580, DALBRYNTON, Robert, an abbot. Brief to him from pope [Eugenius IV?], DALBY, family of, Berks. Descent, 1664, with wax impression of seal of arms, DALE, John, fellow of Magd. col1., Oxf. : V. Hunt, Hen. DALE, John. Letter to him from dean Granville of Durham, on his endeavouring to draw off Granville's wife to non-conformity j 1674, DALE, Valentine, LL.D., dean of Wells. Anecdotes of him, Sb. DALlN, Olof: V. Liudegren, J. DALRYMPLE, John, second earl of Stair. Signature, DALTON, C. Letter to H. Newman j DANIA: fl. Christianus V. Molesworth, Robert. Eastland Mer Recchia, Torq. chants. Sylvius, sir G. Jacobus II, Rex Anglim. Descent of the kings, to Willelmus III. Notice of the King's answer to the proposals of the En~!. ambassador in Dec. 1599, Copies of papers relative to restitution of English ships taken by the Dutch and detained in Denmark; 1654, '762. Copies of treaties with the United Prov., Brunswick andbrandenburgh j , 665. Treaty with England, II July, 1670, 749. I. Copies of various state papers and treaties, from 1680 to 1694, Charter of the West India Company j 1671, Dutch tronsl., ' Regulations by Christ. V about paymentoftheinfantryregimentsj 1688, Germ., DANIEL, propheta: fl. Biblia. DANIEL, Samuel. Notes out of his Hiat. of Engl., ; DANIEL, William. A colonel of foot j 1650, DANIELL, Abel, the King's falconer. Petition to Charles II, 14 Nov j , DANITT, Ot DaniU, -. Memorial about DALT[ON?], 1., D.D. Verses in praise the stone dock at Portsmouth, of O. Palmer and his bell-ringing DANKES, Charles, vicar of Elm and at Bedford j 1657,886,6. Emneth, Cambro Signature; 1669, DALTON, Lawrence, Norroy king of arms. Grant of arms to sir T. Venables, 1560 j copy by Dttgdale, 807. u8. DALUYMARE, David. Name j 1633, b DALYSON, J. Signature, DAMON AND MEDONTHA: V. Romances. DAMPIERRE, J. (?). Letterto M. Maittaire, 28 July, 1725 j DANBY, earl of: v. Osborne, Thos. DANBY, John. Relation of the conference hetw. Bramhall and - Houghton, in Yorkshire; [1623], DA~CES, Dancing: v. Wiseman, C. Flgures of dances learned by Ashmole when a boy, DARCY, family of. Descent from Conyers, DARCY,Conyers,Bon oflord Darcy [afterw. earl of Holderness]. Letters to him from sir J. Reresby j , b, 40. DARCEY, Edmond: fl. Bunn, Tho. DARCY, Edward. Signature; cent. :wi, DARE, William. Reports as agent for Sun fire office j , DARELL, family of, Littlecote, Wilts. Pedigree to 1623, with arms in trick, DARIUS, Silvester. Oath as collector of Peter-pence, taken before card. Wolsey j 1517, DARLAY, John, monk of the Charterhouse, London. Vision about prior Haughton and bp. Fisher j (copy from Cotton Cleop. E. iv), Christ. IV, DARLINGTON, Durham. Declarations about a conventicle there; 1682, DARNELL, sir John, Sale of his library, 6 March, 1735, b. DARRELL, or Dayrell, family of, Bucks. Note of pedigree; 1570, DARTFORD, Kent. Notice of a copy Qf Piers Plowman that belonged to Joan Fane, prioress of Dartford, b. Pay-books for building-work done on the King's manor, 1~41-4, 783, 784. Stone brought thither from the destroyed abbey-church of Barking, DARTMOUTH, Devon. Warrant for delivery of powder from the King's stores there; 27 Dec. 1643, Stores found there on surrender to Prince Maurice jib French congregation mentioned, DARTNOLL, Jasper: V. Dyos, William. DARWELL, Stephen, esq. Warrant for discharge from prison on bail to answer charges of assault; 1720, DAUBENY, sir Giles. Extract from a MS. [now Raw!. B.47] copied from one in his possession, DAVEL, MaJor. Relation of his rebellion against the canton of Berne at Lausanne, 31 March, 1723, DANVERS, family of, Dauntsey, Wilts. DA VENANT, Charles. Receipts for salary Notes of pedigree, b. from the East India Company, DARBY, Ann, Dublin, widow of lieut. 1700, William. Power of attorney for receipt DAVENANT, Joh.,episc. Sarum. Epistola of pension j 1711, 760. go. ads. Wardd~gratiainbapt~o (apogr:), Excerpta ex e.jus comm. In Ep. ad Coloss., ib. passim. DiBP. de judice controversiarum, ib DAVENANT, William, Magd. hall, Oxf. Latin theme; 1680, DAVENPORT, Alice, widow of Robert. Petition from her and five other widows and daughters of warders in the Tower of London to Charles II, DAVENPORT, sir Humphrey. Argument DARDENNE, Eliz. Epitaph in Pinner on ship-money; 28 May, 1638, 842- church; 1703, b Tt2

64 586 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. DAVENTRY, Northamptonshire. Grant DAVISON, Chr. Metrical version of Ps DAY,. Henry, schoolmaster at Chealll. to the monastery of St. Augustine (copy), xv, Two letters to sir Tho. Rawlinson; I. D AVISON, or D AVIDSON, Francis. Metrical 23, 24 DAVERS, George, New Inn hall, axe. versions of four Psalms; ,316. DAY, Johannes, coli. Oriel. axon. Soc. Signature; 1700, Comment. in Aristot. de aubcultatione DAVEYS, Thomas. Letter to H. Basker- physico.; 1589, Qurestionea ' A h' DAVISON, Jonathan, B.D., vicar of Ald- varire Aristotelicre, ib ~3:.j 1 19, 9.13 ccount of 1m, ib. worth, Wilts. Mentioned, DAY, Thomas, musician to Charles I DAVIDSON, Francis, or Davison, q.o. DAVIDSTOW, Cornwall. Notes on the parish, b DAVISON, Thomas, Durham. Letter to Signature, b.. DAVIES, R. Letter to H. Newman; 1714, DAVIES, Roger, clerk, of the parish of St. Sepulchre, London. Suspended for intruding into the parish of St. Laurence Pountney; 20 June, 1620, DAVIES, Bir Thomas. 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Epita~hs in Hadley church; 1678, ,56 (copies), ~o. 19, 19b DAVIES, John, of Hereford. Book of DAUNTSEY, family of, Dauntsey, Wilts. ornamental penmanship, Account of the family, with notes of DAVIES, John, D.D., curate to dean Granville of Durham. Part of a letter to arms and epitaphs in Blewbury and the Danvers and Latton families, and him from Granville (copy), Kingston Bagpuze churches, Berks, Lawsuit respecting bonds for money 682.8,9 lent by him to Granville; 1707, ib. DA W, Elizabeth, widow of an armourer. 91. Paper relating to Granville's Petition to Charles II for payment of money-obligations with him, 85L arrears, b 29 Letter to Dr. H. More; 1682, DAWES, Edward, M.A., an almsman of Notices of him and his disputes with Ch. Ch., Oxf. Receipt by W. Noke for Gl'anville, , 268, 269; a year's payment due to Dawes j 1575, DAVIES, Nicholas. Leyden diploma as 4. M.D.; 1638, DAWES, William, Catherine hall, Cambro Signature; 1720, DAWES, sir William, bart., afterw. archbp. of York. Letter criticizing a sermon preached by him at Cambro on 5 Nov. 1705, DAWNAY, Henry, second visco Downe. Letter to him from Hearne; 171I, DAWSON, George, M.A. Title of his Origo legum, with l,icence for press; 1693, DAWSON, James. Dyipg speech; 1746, DAWSON, Joseph. Pardoned for piracy on condition of his serving in the navy; DAWSON, Margaret. Declaration concerning her attendance on the Queen of James II at the birth of the Prince of Wales; Dec (copies), ; Another declaration relating to the birth, made 31 Oct (five copies), 680. II3-5; , 26. Further declaration, 8 and 13 Feb. 17~ (copy), Copy of a fourth declaration made to N. S[pinckes], in conversation, 25 Apr. 1702, 680. IISb; b Extract from her diary, 680. lis, II7 j b A meeting at her lodgings in St. James's, 14 Apr. J702, Letter by the bp. of W orc. on her evidence, fo DAWSON, Thomas, St., London; 1637, b DAWSON, William. Owner ofarl. 19 in 1848 (f. 357). DA:, Thomas, vicar of Melbourne, Carob. SIgnature, 166~, DAYLESFORD, Worcestershire: V. Hastings, Penyston. DAYRELL, -, Sandford, Berks: 0. Basker. vile, William. DEACON, ThomasTheodore. Dyingspeechi 1746, DEAN, Forest of, Gloucestershire. Proceedings of the }'orest Court, July, 1634,119. Miners impressed for service with the King's army [1644?], DEANE, family of, Codsall, Staffordshire. Pedigree to 1663, by Dethick and Dugdale, with arms in trick, DEANE, Joseph, senior, esq. Petition to Oharles II relative to a suit for debt against the earl of Carling ford, b. DEANE, Lewis. Protest by him and W. Squier against the seizure of a ship at Batavia; 1731, DEANE, Mary, Terling, Essex. Letter of advice to her on choice in marriage j Dec. 1625, DEANE, sir Richard, alderman of London. Order of the heralds about accepting a composition for his funeral j 5 Nov. 1635, DEANS: 0. Anglia, Ecclesia AlIgl. DEBENHAM, Suffolk. Articles against Tho. Bond, vicar j 1644, DEBLOIS, -, London. Note toj. Forenti 1704, Fr., 64L 168. DEBTORS: V. Clergy. London. DECALOGUS: 0. Mandata, Decem. DECKER, sir Matthew, bart. Draft of a petition from him to the Earl Marshal for confirmation to him of the arms borne by his father Dirck Decker of Amsterdam; [1716], DECORUNIN (?), Charles. Signature; cent. xvi, DEDDINGTON: V. Oxfordshire. Epitaphs, u-13b DEDEKINDUS, Frid. Excerpta ex ejus Grobiallo, DEDHAM, Essex: Letters fro~ successive vicars on the ecclesiastical condition of the place, and applying for augmentation of stipend; , 792. IS, 18, 20. Memorial from inhabitants to bp. of Londonfor augmentation of the vicarage, ib. 22. Valuation of the manor of Obel'hlill and Netherhall,

65 DEE, Arthur, M.D. Recommended by Emp. of Russia to Chas. I, DEE, Francis, bishop of Peterborough. Notice of him by A. Wood, DEE, John, M.A. Chemical diary, June Oct. 1581, 241. Account of hi a family from the relation of his grandson Rowland Dee; 1674, Mention of two books formerly in his possession, b, 9. Signature, in Greek characters j 1546, ActifJt18 with Spirits: v. Bernaru, N. Ussher, James, Casaubon, M. DEEDES, William, Linc. coli., Oxf. Latin theme, when candidate at All Souls' ; 1680, DEFOE, Daniel: v. Dunton, John. Four political lines; 1707 (copy by Hearne), DEGELDER, Cornelius: v. Harrington, sir W. IJEGGE, family of, Staffordshire. Pedigree to 1662, by Duguale, with arms in trick, DEIeHMANN, or Dikemann, Henry John. Letters to Rich. Roach; Lat., 1695, , 15 ;-Engl., , ib. 17, 19, 38,40 DELABERE, John: v. Matthew, Tobias. DE LA DAGNERIE, Madlle, Rennes. Letter to her; 1700, DELAFIELD, Thomas, vicar of Stokenchurch, Oxon. Miscellaneous essays, DELAHOYD, George, merchant, late of Cork. A French Protestant refugee; 1689, DELAMARE, G., Caen. Two letters about his son Jean Pierre to Sam. Clarke; ,817.55, 136. Account of money laid out for his son at Merton coli. in 1665 by Clarke, b. DELAUNE, Anne. Calculation of her nativity; 1657, DE~AuNE,Gideon,apothecarytoCharlesI. Slgnature; 768. IS. DELAVAL, Elizabeth, dau. of earl of Newuurgh, wife of Robert Delaval. Meditations and prayers; , 78. DELAVAL, sir Ralph and lady Ann. Mentioned; 1671, , 321.,DELAVAL, Robert, son of sir Ralph. Notices of him by his wife; , , , , DELINQUENTS: v. Anglia. DELL, W. Signature j 1641, DELMEE, Peter, alderman of London. His case; 17II, DELORAINE, Henry, earl of: v. Scott. DELPBIN, Carl. Presented to a parish in Goritz by Emp. Leopold I; 1670, RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV DELPHINO, al. Delfino, Joh., ambo from Venice to Rome, afterwards bishop of Vicenza and card.: v. Julius Ill, Papa. Relatione della corte e stato di Roma j 1598, '- in English, Signature ["Joannes Delphinus "], DELVES, family of, Staffordshire and Cheshire. Large collections, chiefly in Dugdale's handwriting, incluiting copies of charters, drawings of monuments, epitaphs, &c., as well as pedigrees to 1663, 806. n8-125, [Cf. first edit. of Collins' Baronetage in 1720, vol. ii. pp ]!?ELVES, capt. Thomas. Epitaph on him and his family in St. Clement's, Hastings; 1669,682. Sib. DELVES, Thomas, vicar of Bexhill, Sussex. Signature; 1678, DEMOSTHENES. Translations of several of the Orations, DENBIGH, earl of: V. Feilding, Will. DENGAN, Mary, Blackwall; 1637, DENGY, Essex dated there in DEODATE, John, Geneva. L. Womack's transl. of his letter to the Assembly of Divines, DEPDEN, Suffolk. Articles against Tho. Tillet, rector; 1644, DEPRIVATIO: v. Anglia, Eccle8ia.Angl. DEPTFORD, Kent. Draught of the dockyard, temp. Car. II, DERBYSHIRE. List by Dugdale of gentlemen in the hundred of Repton and Greisley, DEREHAM, Henry. Petition to Charles II for pardon, DE RENZY: v. Renzy. DERHAM, Will., M.A., St.John's College, Oxf. Letter to Dr. Rawlinson; 1751, DERING, sir Edward, Surrenden, Kent. Copies by J. Lewis from MSS. in his library, , 281. DERING, Edward: v. Robinson, -, DEROCHEs: v. Roches, - de. DESAGULIERs,John Theoph., LL.D. SyllabUB of a course of lectures (printed), 871. I..J.I. DENHAM, sir John, knt. Opinion, and DESBARES: 1:>. Bares, des. further argument, on ship-money; 28 May, 1638,342. SIS. DESBOROUGH, John, or Disbrowe,!l.V. DENHAM, sir John, son of the preceding. DEscARA, domina de. Emblema de ea, Extract from his will, of his profession cum notitia, versu et prosa, of faith, DENIS, St., near Paris. Relics preserved there, DENISON, Thomas, Leeds. Plenary indulgence from Bened. XIV (copy), DENNE, John, archd. of Rochester. Two letters to J. Lewis; 1722, DENNIS, St., Cornwall Notes on the parish,997. II. DENNY, -. Ill; 1548, DENNY, sir Edward. Epitaph in Waltham abbey; 1599, b DENNY, Margaret, Hatley St. George, Cambr., widow oflieut. George. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1711, with seal of arms, DENNY, Thomas. Signature j DENT, Christopher, Romaldkirk, Yorkshire; 1657, , 39b DENTON, Sussex. Latin verses on the death (1633) of the infant daughter of J. Tillinghast, found in the church wall, DENTON, James. Signature; 1706, DENTON, John. Medical receipts, Eng. Lat.; cent. a:v, DENTON, Rob. Account of annual value of Kirkdale rectory; DENTON, Thomas. Rights of the king's tenants in the forest of Inglewood, b. DES CARTES, Renee. Prrecipulll quills, tiones Passionum ejus, ad calc. DESERTION: V. Bohun, Edm. DESGRANGES, Claudius, musician to Charles II. Petition to Charles II for payment of arrears of wages; Dec. 1683, DESIDERIUS. Translation by Laur. Howell of the dialogue (originally Spanish) so entitled, on the love of God, DESMAISTRES, Samuel. Letter of thanks to Oriel college, Oxf., on his election as fellow j 1677, Lat., Letter to the same, presenting Epitome of Aristotle's Rhetoric, ib. 289b Paper copied by him, ib Owner of 258. D ESPAR:EES, -. A teacher of mathematics in France in 1688, 523 ad init. DES PORTES, -, conseiller du Roi. Son testament; 1607, DESTINATIONS: v. Astrologia. DETRICK, Henry, Richmond herald. List of his heraldic books, 888. Sib. DETHICK, Nicholas, Bluema.ntle, afterw. Windsor herald. Noteaoflettersto him from S. Powle, to whose maintenance at Geneva he contributed; ,79b DETRICK, sir William, Garter. Copy of a. pedigree drawn out by him in 1576,

66 588 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. DEVEREUX Ann, widow of lieut. Walter. Power of ~ttorney forreceipt of pension ; 1712, DEVEREUX, Robert, 2nd earl of Essex : fl. Bacon, Francis. Knights. Egerton, sir Tho. His apology, I; I. Letter to the earl of Rutland before travelling beyond the seas; 1595, 672. lib. Answer to questions of the Council. of War respecting an expected Spamsh invasion in 1596, Letter to the Queen on his retirement from court (copy), Proceedings against him; , His trial and execution, ib. 126b, 167, 184,208; ,.82. Eleven particulars confessed by him, List of his followers taken and imprisoned, lb. 84b, 87 b Mention of his Irish mismanagement; Dec. 1599, Letter to A. Bacon concerning the earl, DEVEREUX Robert, third earl of Essex. Account ~f his marriage to his second wife, Eliz. Paulet, and their separation, 361. IILI5. DEVEREUX, Walter, first earl of Essex. His most Christian death; 1576, 924. gb. His song the night before he died, j:b. lob. DE VIC, sir H.: v. Vic. DEVO(?), Mrs., Greg Street, Soho Square. Name endorsed on fol. 62 in 890. DEVON: v. Bedford, Thomas. Stannaries. Letter from a Devonshire gentleman about the insurrection there; 1549 (copy), Message from the King to the rebels, ib. 71b... Proceedings of the general assoclation of ministers at Exeter, Oct. 18, 1655, Address from gentlemen and ministers to Charles II on his restoration, b Notes of proceedings abo~t t~e oath imposed on non-conformists III 1665, b Returns from -many parishes m Exeter and the county to inquiries of a commission respecting fines in for recusancy and nonconformity, 372. DEVONSHIRE, earls and duke of: fl. Cavendish. DEUS. Thesis de Enteuno, mterno, infinito, 220. I. Placita philosophorum de Deo, The true notion of God demonstrated, D'EwES, sir Symonds. Cat. of his MSS. at Stow Langtoft, ; DEwnuRsT, R. Signature; 1659, DEWSBURY, William, quaker. Letter (copy), DHONA, count, or Dohna, q. fl. DIABOLUS. Biblia sive verbum diaboli; the unholy writ of lord Lucifer to his anti-christian teachers (transl. from the German), DIALOGI: t'. Adda, Ferd. d', card. Anecdotes. Conference. Desiderius. Festa Ecclesiastica.. Gandy, Hen. Grascome, Sam. Leech, Hum. Matrimonium. Montmorency, Janin de. Non.jurors. Preces [Book of Common Prayer]. Roma. S., P. Women. Colloquium metricum inter clericum et monialem, Dial. secundus de vera veri Christi cognitione, inter Ir. et Ambrosium, Between the devil and a maid; verse, ,. Short dialogue in verse, between the corpses of a rich and a poor man; by Laur. Howell, Dial. between Philophitus and Eubulus on unlawful gaining of wealth, Forms of dialogues, in French, L' ombre de Mr l' Abe, de Nant, qui parle a son valet (in the dialect of Languedoc), Dialogo tra un Spagnolo et un Francese, Il pasquino, &c.: v. Roma. DIARIUM: v. Leake, John. Maynard, B. Meteorologia. Diary, : v. Anglia. Musica., Westminster. Of a schoolmaster at Colchester; , Ofa London midwife: ,1141. A religious diary of daily feelings; Lond , Of a person in London; , Al 01'. By a French merchant (. IVlere Exquemesir 1) at Lisbon, and afterwards in Italy (Genoa, Pisa, Lucca, Leghorn); , Fr.,.423. Religious diary, by a JeSUIt, ; Ital., 420. DICK, - (?), M.A. Signature; 1622, DICKENS, John, The Bull, Thames Street, London; 1637, DICKENSON, JliIrs., a shopkeeper at Cambridge~ Lines on her, DICKENSON, Thomas, parish clerk: v. Waltham Holy Cross. DICKESONN, Richard. Signature, DICKINS Thomas, porter of the palace and m~ster of the works at St. Paul's, London. Decree about the rebuilding of his house, burned in the Fire; 1668, DICTIONARIUIII: fl. Latina lingua. DIDSBURY, William. Epitaph in church; 1593, Rye DIES. De inutilibus anni diebus, b. Perilous days in the year, b ; b DIES DOMINICA: t'. E., A. Sabbath. DIETLOFF, Caspar, a Warrensted, Mega. politanus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 12 Maii,1632, DIEU, Ludov. de. Letter to archbp. Uasher about the family of Polyander de Kerckhoven; Fr., 1640 (copy Or tl'ansl.), DIGBY, Franciscus. Poema super Regis Jac. II abdicatione, DIGBY, George, lord, aft. second earl of Bristol. Speech in Parl., 9 Nov. 1640, Speech in favour of triennial parlia. ments; 1641, DIGBY, Henricus, J.C.D., coli. Omn. Anim. Oxon. soc. Versus ad eum a Gul. Coker electionem in collegium petente; 1665, b DIGBY, John, first earl of Bristol. Speech before the Council in Spain, c. 16u, as Engl. ambassador, 400. Il3- Relation of his entertainment in Spain in 1621, Fragment (one leaf) of a copy, N arrati ve of his proceedings with regard to the Spanish match, Articles of the charge agamst him, with his answers; 1626, Petition to the H. of Lords; 18 Apr. 1626, b. Letter to K. Chas. I, 17 Aug. 1626, ib. 89. Fragment of his articles against the D. of Buckingham; 1626, Articles presented to the H. of Lords aaainst lord Conway; 1626, Letterabout his negotiations respecting the Palatinate, Answer to the Decl. of the H. of Commons, II Feb. 164*, DIGBY sir Kenelm. Four letters to T. H~bbes, (copies), b-13"' Lettre a prince de Guemene; 1636 (copy), Letter to [sir] Thos. Browne; 1642, Farewell to England; in verse, DIGBY, Mary, widow of Kildare, lord. Epitaph; 1692, DIGBY, Sarah, wife of Robert first baron Digby. Notes of Ussher's sermon on her death; 1633, DIGBY, Simon. Appointment as English in Russia; June, 1635, DIGGES, -. Letter to him about sir T. Wiat's writings [c.1548], (copy),

67 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 589 DIGGES, sir Dudley. Speech in ParI. DISONBACK, CIa von. Inscriptio Gall.- DODDINGTON, Kent. Notes from archid. against the duke of Buckingham; Germ. in albo amicorum P. Golii; registers, &c., , Sb. Lond., I Nov. 1618, Speech at a conference of the two DODINGTON, sir Fmncis. Mentioned; DISSENTERS: v. Non-conformists. Houses of ParI., Apr. 1628, , Notes out of The Reformed Dissenter; Notes out of his Compleat Ambassadour, 1684, DODSON, William, London. Signature; , DITTON, Surrey. Pay-book for buildin~work done on the King's place In DODSWORTH, Alatheus, puritan preacher, DIGGES, lady Frances. Particulars of lands in Robbing, Borden, and Iwade Ditton Park; 1537, of Romaldkirk, Yorkshire. Copy-book proposed for sale by her; 1685, DITTON, Fen, Cambrid~eshire. Articles by him of his letters and papers; against Dr. Sam. Colhns, rector; 1644, , 327. DIGG[E]s, Thomas. Signature; DODSWORTH, Anthony. Signature; DIGGINSON, John, parson of Selsea, DITTRICHEFELD [Driffield. Yorkshire?]. 1660, Sussex: v. Urwyn, Robert. Lease of land there from Will. son of DODSWORTH, F., King's col1., Cambridge. DIHREN, Ernestus a. Inscriptio in albo Mathew to John de Dittrichefeld ; Letter to Laur. Howell; 1716, amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 6 Maii, 1305, , DODSWORTH, Fmncis, Romaldkirk, Yorkshire; 1657, b DIVORCE: v. DIKEMANN, Hen. John, or Deichmann, q. v. A., Th. Jacobus I. DILLINGHAM, William, D.D. Vita L. Abbot, Geo. Raynolds, John. DODSWORTH, George. Signature; 1635, Chaderton, Letter to archbp. A treatise on the laws respecting Sancroft; 1686, ib. divorce and remarriage; unfinished, DODSWORTH,.Tohn [quo mistake for DILLON, lieut. gen. -. Note of his Roger?]. Tmnscript of a deed "ex death in 1732, DIXON, Thomas, Whitehaven. Letter to collectaneis Joh. Dodsworth," J. Dunton; 22 Oct. 1705, DILLON, Robert, Farthingho, Northants. Reply to a letter from John Rogers about inclosure of common; 1600, Letter to Dr. - Lewis on the same subject, ib DINAMIUS, Patricius. Vita S. Maximi Regensis episc., S. DINDIMUS. "Epiconia Dindimi in philosophia"; dialogus, DODSWORTH, Roger. Extmcts by Hearne DIXSON, William. Citation to the ad- from his MSS., ministmtors of his will; temp. EUz., DOBBIN, Joachimus, pastor Lubecensis. Inscriptio Gr.-Lat. in albo amicorum Hen. Erdtman; 5 Maii, 1612, DOBYNS, John, surgeon. Sale of his library; 1730, b. DINGLEY, Northamptonshire: v. DOCHARTY, Antonius, minister provinc. Ashenden, Tho. Hibern.ord.S. Franc.: v.riddere, J DINGLEY, Will., New ColI., Oxf. Signa- DOCHEN, Nicholas, M.A., All Souls' col1., ture as S.C.L.; 1668, Oxf.: v. Dudson.. DINGWALL, lord; i.e. Rich. Preston, q.v. DOCKERY, Josias, D.D. Short notice of DIODORUS, Notes from Barocci MS. 76, him, Ib DOCTORS' COMMONS: v. Anglia, Ecclesia DIONYSIUS, Episc. Amidensis. Notre de Angl. eo et ejus Comment. Syr. in Evangelia, DOCTRINE. "A litel boke of doctryne for jonge gentilmen," DIONYSIUS. Tabulre kalendares, DOCWRA, Ann, widow of capt. George. DIONYSIUS AREOPAGITICUS. Index rerum, in Opera ejus, , Power of attorney for receipt of pension; DIONYSIUS CARTHUSIAN US. Protestatio DOCWRA, William. Letter to Dunton; fi?ei j excerpta ex opusculo quodam 16 June, 1701, ejus, DoczY, Stephanus, liber baro in Hungaria. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Constantinop., 13 Feb. 1621, DIONYSIUS PERIEGETES: v. Hill, Guil. Fragmentum ex Periegesi ejus cum anonymi paraphmsi j Grwce, D1SBROWE, James. curate of Utisley, Cambro Signature j 1678, DISBROWE, or Desborough, maj.-gen. John. Offer of bribe for a pardon for him, b. DISNEY, rev. John, Lincoln. Two letters to. H. Newman; , ,.13. Hls second essay on the laws relatmg ~ immorality reco~mended to Chr. now!. Soc. ; 1710, ~b. 89. DOD, John, fellow of Jesus colt, Cambro Signature, Sermon on the word malt, Conversations with - Throckmorton when the latter was dying, DODDING, col. Device on his cornet; 1642, DODDINGTON, Cheshire. Licence to crenellate, gmnted to sir John Delves, 9 July, 1364~B DODWELL, Elizabeth. Signature; , , 83. DODWELL, Henry, M.A.: v. Bell, Thomas. Epistola ad Jac. Perizonium; 1708 (apogr.), De parma W oodwardiana dissertatio, A cautionary discourse of Schism, Proposed dedication for his Annales Velleiani, ,94; printed copy, Letter to Dr. Fr. Turner; 1681, 2. I. Letter to thenewarchbishop [Tillotson]; 12 May, 1691 (copies), 36l. 30b; ; b, 128. Letter to Tho. Roberts; 1693 (copy), Two letters, with answers to queries of a bishop; 1693 (copies), b, 7b Correspondence with S. Keble about communion with schismatics; 1694 (copies), , Letter to bp. Frampton on his declaring against foreign help for James II ; 1694 (copies), ; b --Fmmpton's answer (copy), lob. Two letters to archbp. Tenison; (copies), , 142. Letter to Dr. Hudson; 1703, Letter to Mrs. Astell; 30 March, 1706 (copy), Letter to bp. Frampton on mlxed communion; (copy), Letter to capt. Hatton on the oaths, in reply to archd. Allen (copy by Hearne), Letter to W. Lee (copy), Letter to bp. W. Lloyd (copy), I. Letter to W. Sherlock (copies), ; Signa.ture, ; ,

68 590 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Twenty-eight letters to him from Hearne, , ; Io b -44 b ; lz' 20b, 37b; , 58, 77, 78b, 80, 84b, 91b, 124, 131, 151, 191. Epitaph in Shottesbrooke church, Notes out of his MS. Annales Pliniani, &c., , l2b, 13b, 55. Abridgement by Hearne of his Chronolog. Tables, His book on Immortality mentioned, *. DOELITLE, Thomas, a pauper. Order for his removal from Romford to St. Giles Cripplegate; 1666, DOGGETT, Nathaniel, chirurgeon. Signature; 1669, DOHNA, sive Dhona, Achatius, Burg-graf zu. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; it Mart. 1622, DOHNA, count, nephew of the ambass. from Holland. A young man, mentioned as in England c , , 230,241, DOLBEN -. The bellman of De 10. Hay. Ward's address to him (verse), DOLBEN, John, D.D., archb. of York. Form used at his installation as dean of Westminster; 1662, Two thanksgiving prayers; [1683?], , 140 DOLBEN, sir Matthew, judge. Notes of DONNINGTON, Berks: v. Sturt, Casim. Receipts and disbursements for R. Packer, , DON QUIXOTE: v. Cervantes, Mig. DOPPELMEYER, -, prof. of astron. at Nuremberg. Extract from a letter on an eclipse of the sun; 1724 (transl.), DOPPIA, La: v. Money. DORAN, Mary, Dublin, widow of ensign Charles, killed at the battle of Almanza. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1708 (copy), A second power; 1711, ib DORCHESTER, Dorset: v. White, John. DORCHESTER, Oxfordshire. Two copies of an inscription on a Roman altar found there [in 1731], by Mr. Leaver and Rev. Tho. Lancaster, , 80. Ordination held there in 1627, DORCHEST1!lR, lord: v. Carleton. DORDRECHT: v. Beuren, P. The doctrines of the synods of Dort and Arles [ ] reduced to practice [and condemned], DORE ABBEY, Herefordshire. Copy of a deed; 1251,404. [133]. Note of a grant by Rhys ap Griffin, Engl. historical MSS. in his library, DORIA, -. Instructions on being sent 261. ISS. by the Pope into Hungary; 1594, ltal., DOLEMAN, -. List in his handwriting of some MSS., b. DOLEMAN, R., i.e. R. Parsons, g.v. DOLMAN, family of, Yorkshire. Pedigree, 1584, with arms in trick, DOMINICA, island of. Plans of the roads of Cape Fran90is and of Leaugane, , 38, 43. DOMINIS, Marcus Ant. de, archiep. Spalatensis. Epistt. duill ad eum a D. Featley, Notice of him; 1622, b. Discorso sopra l'arciv. di Spalato circa la sua andata in Inghilterra, DONATI, Leonardo, Doge di Venetia: v. Venetia. Doge of Venice in 1608, 617. lb. DORIA, Andreas, prince of MaIH: to. Sigonius, Carolus. DORINGTON, John, surgeon. Signature; 1669, DORINGTON, William, senior. Statement when about to commit suicide, b DORMER, Bernard. Memoranda by E. Warcupp of a lawsuit with B. Dormer respecting the will of Will. Dormer; , 930. DORMER, Charles, 2nd earl of Carnarvon. His case., claiming to be master of the king's hawks; 1687, DORRINGTON, Theophilus. Signature, DONOASTLE, family of, Berks. Attestation of arms in 1586, copied in 1666, DORSET. Orders and warrants by justices; with arms in trick, , DONELLAN, John. Letter, from Germany, DoasE'l', ellj'l of: v. Sackville. to Dr. Edw. Browne; 1669/ DORT: v. Dordrecht. DONGELBERG, Francis, and huson Charles, DORVILLIUS, Jacobus. Inscriptio in albo in Holland: v. Oudart,Nich. amicorum Joh. Hofl'manni; Oxon.,29 Jan. 1625, DONLUIS, Felix: v. Pepys, Sam. DOUAY. A thanksgiving sermon (on DONNE, John, D.D. ; v. Poemata. Signature, with mouo.. Per Rachel' ho Josh. xxiii. 9-lJ) preached there, servito, e non per Lea," , DOUDART [d'oudart?],-, Rennes. Letter Epitaph on him, 817. ISS. to him; 1700, DOVE, Henry, D.D., vicar of St. Bride's, Lond. Testimonial given by him; 1676, Notes of a sermon by him on Acts xvi. 4, 5, DOVER: fl. Ellwood, Thomas. Goring, J. Fiennes, James. Waller, sir Thos. Pay-books for building-work done at the castle, , ; h-8. The custumal of the port, b. Petition from inhabitants to Charles II for payment of arrears due for sick and wounded seamen and soldiers, DOVER, lord: v. Jermyn, H. DOUGHTY, Henry, B.A., a bishop among the Non-jurors. Three letters to Jas. Hope; , Testimonial from the mayor of Stockton; upon-tees and others in 1691 in his favour (copy), Sb. Note of his death in 1730, Invitation to attend his funeral, 848. llo. DOUGHTY, John. Signature; 1687, DOUGLAS, capt. -, slain at Worcester, Arms, and device on his cornet; 1642, b. DOUGLAS, Archibald,British CoffeeHouse, London. Signature; 1740,50. at/. 85. DOUGLAS, James, fourth earl of Morton. Conference with J. Dury and W. Balcanquall the day that he suffered; 1581, DOUGLAS, sir James, Berwick. Men tioned, DOWE, Barjonah. Signature, DowE, John, St. Magnus, London. Letters of administration of his will to his brothers Simon and Thomas; temp. Eliz., b DOWLEY, Robert, whipmaker, London. Signature; , 717 srepe. DOWN, earl of: v. Pope, Tho. DOWNE, visc.: c. Dawnay, Hen. DOWNER, Ruth, wife of Joseph. Epitaph in Pinner churchyard; 1675, DOWNES, Francis. Signature; 1649, DOWNES, Theophilus, Balliol coil, Oxf. Mentioned; 1698, b. DOWNEY, Alban, Rome, a Benedictine. Reasons for believing that the way of salvation is to be found in the Church of Rome, Letter to Rawlinson; 1723, ib DOWNHALL, Henry, rector of Toft, q. v. DOWNHAM, Isle of Ely. Articles against - Mapletoft, rector; 1644, DOWNING, Ad., J.P. for Londonderry Signature; 1711,

69 DOWNING, sir George. Ten letters from the Hague; (copies), DOWNING, John. Signature, DOWNING, Joseph, Barthol. Close, London: v. Reynolds. Edw. Printed list of books sold by him, DOWNING, Mary Forester, wife of sir Geo.: v. Manningham, Tho. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 591 DRAPERS' COMPANY, London: v. Williams, Edw. and Eliz. Money-accounts for building the hall ; , Abstract of the charter granted in 1684, and expenses thereon, ib. 103, 106. Lists of names, expenses and bills of fare of dinners, perquisites, &c.; , ib DRAWINGS: v. Knights Hospitallers. Roma. DOWSE, Anth. and John. Names, 868. DRAYCOTT, Antony. Scribbled name; 67 b beg. oj cent. xvi, D'OYLEY, family of. Pedigree in 17th DRAYTON, near Banbury, Oxon. Cercent., tificates by old inhabitants respecting DRABICIUS, Nicolas. Fragment of a an enclosure; 1637, , 190. translation of his Revelations, DRAYTON, West, Middlessex. Valuation 37 of tlle parish for monthly assessment; Prophetia anno 1652, ob 1653, Mentioned, b. DRAKE, Acton Epitaph; Eat., DREIERUS, Petrus, Lubecensis. Inscriptio 1651, in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 25 Maii, 1612, DRAKE, Elizabeth, London, widow of DRELINCOURT, Charles. Transl. of his capt. Charles. Power of attorney for Prayers for Holy Communion, receipt of pension; 171I, Letter to him (copy), Fr., DRAKE, sir Francis, bart.: v. Tyderleigh, DRESSER, Joseph. Signature, DREWE, Will., St. Edni. hall, Oxf. Sig- DRAKE, Humfrey, rector of Amersham, nature as S.C.L.; 1669, b. Bucks. Gave MS. 957 to rev. John DREXELIUS, Hieronymus. Transl. of Walker. A few notes of expenses and receipts [by him?] at Bras. coil., ib humanw, part ii of his treatise Deliciw gentis DRAKE, John, and Margaret his wife. Epitaphs in Salisbury cathedral, 80. DRIFFIFLD, Yorkshire: v. Dittrichefeld. 29; DRILL: v. Army. DRAKE, Montague. Inventory of goods DRING, Robert, Isleworth: v. Hyde, Edw., left by him at his death in 1698 in lord Cornbury. London, and at Shardeloes, DRINKWATER, -, apothecary, London. DRAKE, Richard. D.D., chanco of Sarum. Narrative of his arrest as a royalist conspirator in 1658, S, 104. Autobiography; 160<)-57, Eat., 80. I; Affronts and insolences in the parish DROGLINGH, Henrich. Inscriptio Lat. of Radwinter against the Divine Service; ,80. 17; Constantinop., 13 Feb., 1621, Germ. in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Signature, DROPE (?),-. Notes of a sermon on Rev. DRAKE, Richard,son of Dr. Rich. Epitaph i. 7, b. in Salisbury cathedral, b; 156. DRUIDS: v. Picts. 42. DRAKE, Samuel, D.D., St. John's coli., Cambro Transl. of the e~itaph on sir T. Rawlinson, Satirical Latin epitaphs on Dr. P. Needham and Dr. R. Rawlinson, with Lat. and Engl. verses; 1730, anon. (printed I, Satirical Latin epitaph on him, and a translation, ib. 81,83 [and C , where it is erroneously described in the Catalogue as being an epitaph on a Fellow of St. John's college, Oxford.] DRAMA: V. Comcedire. Remarks on actors of tragedy, DRAPER, Mary, Ireland. Petition to Charles II for a pension, DRAPER, Thomas, Sunninghill, Berks. Letter to E. Ashmole; 1665, VOL. II. DRUMMOND, James, fourth earl [and duke] of Perth. Letter to E. Meredith; 17 Sept., 16g6, Mention of a letter from him about K. James's Decl. of liberty of conscience, ib.26. Made K.G. by James III in France j 1706, DRUMMOND, John, earl of Melfort. Letter to sir G. Sylvius; 25 Ifeb. 1689, Inscription set up by him at Bath in 16811, DRUNKENNESS. Printer's proof of a leaf let against it, DRURY, sir D.: v. Paulet, sir A. DRURY, -, R.C. priest. Seized at mass, DRYDEN, John. Lines on death of O. Cromwell, b. The character of a good parson, enlarged from Chaucer, Du BIRAL, Geo. Inscriptio Gall. in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; [1618], b DUBLIN. Notes of Engl. historical MSS. in Ussher's library, Note of a deed relating to the Ussher family, 17 Edw. IV, Notes of a commencement-speech by Ussher at Trin. coll.; 1618, Eat., Ib Prayer before sermon as used [in St. Patrick's cath.?] t. Car. II, Latin epitaphs in Ch. Ch. cathedral on Will. and Ambr. Cadogan; 166~, 1693, Letter from a non-conformist congregation to an excommunicated member, Tim. Hyat; 1676, 843. Ill. Notice of studies at Trin. coli. in 1703, Monast. S. Marire possedit Du Bos, Jean Bapt. Extracts from his Rijlexions St,r la poesie, DucAms, Fronto, e soc. Jesu. Art. 45 in 692 ab eo receptus anno DUCK, Arthur: v. Langbaine, G. Notice of the printing his life of archbp. Chichele; 1694, DUCK, Henry. Epitaph in Sevenoaks church; 1618, >. DUCK, John, Holborn, London; 1637, 145.8Sb DUCKCOMBE, Robert. Petition to the L. H. Treasurer for an allowance for repair of Brownsea castle; c , DUDLEY, Worcestershil'e. Warrant for supply of powder for the garrison in the castle; 18 March, 1643, j. DUDLEY, Ambrose, earl of Warwick. Letter to univ. of Oxf., recommending Tho. Kyngsmill to be public orator; 10 Dec (copy), Responsio academire, ib. 13. DUDLEY, Edmundus. Natus (1) 27 Maii, 1429, b. DUDLEY, Joseph. Governor of Massachusetts; 1702, DUDLEY, Robert, earl of Leicester: tl. Balgay, Nich. Oxford, Univ., Ch.Ch. Matthew. Tob. Wanton,-. Copies of letters to the univ. of Oxf., as chancellor :-1. Requiring better regard to rules; 24 July, 1565, Recommending Tho. Kyngsmill to be public orator; 10 Dec. 1565, tb About the election of the vicechancellor; 10 Feb., 156!; 19 and 27 Mar. 1567, ib. 13\ 24, Of thanks for books of orations and verijes; Apr. 1566, ib About a lease of the parsonage of U U.

70 592 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Syston; II May, 1566, ib. 17b 6. About the Queen's coming to Oxf.; 4 July, 1566, ib Recommending A. Atey to be public orator; 24 Julr, 1572, ib Desiring the mamtenance of four scholars for the ministry in the isles of Jersey and Guernsey; 14 March, IS7! (with reply), ib. 45b Epistolre ad eum ab a.cad. Oxon. anno 1564, ; 400. II 9. Epistolre novendecim ad eum ab acado Oxon.; , b-46. Ora tiones gratulatorire in adventum ejus, annis 1566, 1570, 1572, 1574, ib. ISb, 30, 40b, 47. Description of a MS. dedicated to him with an account of his estates, Descent of earls of Pembroke, and Warwick, and lords Talbot; endorsed "Dyvers pedigryes at large of my lord of Lecester's dessent, 1574," Signature; 1565, Leicester's Commonwealth [by Rob. Parsons, q. v.]. DUDLEY, William. Ordnance warrant to him; 15 June, 1643, DUDSON. [or Dochen?], Nicholas. Latin note-book; , 986. DUELS. A history of duels and murders in Engl., ,8. Du FAUR, Guy, sieur de Pybrac, q. v. DUFFIELD, Anthony, mercer, London. Extract from his will; 15 Oct. 1589, 796 b 59 b Du FOUR, Ludovicus, abbas de Longuerue: v. Ahmed. DUGARD. William. Notes out of his Rhetorica, DUGDALE, sir John, Norroy King of Arms: v. Wakefield, R. Power of attorney to Greg. King to receive for him salary, &c. due to him as Windsor Herald (1686; copy, DUGDALE, sir William, Garter King of Arms: v. Bagot, E. Leycester, sir P. Featherstone, Tho. Pigot, Gervase. Pedigrees and genealogical and heraldic collections and papers, 806; , 137, lsi, 153; , 240, 243 ; b ; Notes of the family of Hawes, taken out of his Warwickshire, Extracts from his Short View, b Some notes were copied from his papers by R. Dodsworth, His arms So. Charged by Anstis with being a wholesale ~lagia.ritlt, b-g. EngraVlng illustrating judges' dress, from his Orig. Judie., Index of names in his Waf'Wickskire, Owner of 876. DUGLA, Pierette, widow of Dep. de Priessac and of capt. Dominique Dugla. Power of attorney for receipt of arrears due to her two husbands, 1709; with Beal of arms, DUHAMEL, Jean Bapt. Complains that his book De con sensu phil08. has been badly printed at Oxford, 398. ISO. DUKE, Richard, B.A., Trin. coil., Cambro Verses spoken to the Queen in Trin. coli., Cambr., 1681, Letter to Dr. Fr. Turner; Lat., Signature, DUKE, William: V. Browne, Mary. DUKES. Fees payable on creation, DULICHIUS, Ph., predagogus Stetinensis musicus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 28 Mart. 1614, b Du LONDEL, Jean Bapt. Fasti Ludov. XIV; transl. into Engl, from the French, 94. DULUC, Louise, wife of Benj. Lacoste, q.v. DUMMER, Edmund, surveyor of the Navy : v. Portsmouth. DUMMER, Jeremiah. Letter to H. Newman; 1719, Du MONT, -. Notes for an answer to his letter to Chr. Knowl. Soc. on corre spondence with Lutherans in Germany, Du MOULIN, Louis. Note of his recantation of what he had said against the Church of England, Du MOULIN [Lat. Molinieus], Pierre: v. Schenrix, -.. Transl. of his Apol. for the Lord's Supper, Conference between him and - Cayer (unfinished), ib. 72. Letter to Balzac on the latter's book, The Prince, with the reply; 1632, transl., Letter to dean Granville of Durham ; 1685, Notes for a letter to him at Madrid from Granville; 1679, Abstract of his Epistle to D. oj Batillon, Letter to him from D. Featley, b Signature, DUN, sir Daniel. Signature; , 202. DUN, William Signature; cent. xvi, D UNBAR, David: v. Chigwell, Essex. DUNCAN, Mark, principal of the acado of Sailmur. Signature; 1633, b. DUNCAN, Peter. Inscription by him pr~senting Buchanan's Psal. to W. MIntern; 1581, DUNCAN, Samuel, a quaker. Letter to [sir] Thos. Browne, DUNCH, family of, Little Wittenham, Berks. Note of pedigree; 1623, DUNCH, John. Capt. of a trading vessel, the Baltimore; , DUNCON, or Duncombe, Eleazar, D.D. Determinatio de adoratione versus altare; 163i, ; ; ; ,212. F. Fulg. [Micanzio), the biographer of Paul Sarpi, offered to administer H. Comm. to Duncombe 3 t Venice according to the English rite, DUNCON, John, vicar of Swaffham Bul beck, Cambro Signature; 1672, DUNCON, Samuel. Proposals for various Acts of ParI.; 1652, ~ DUNDAS, John: V. Chamberlayne, John. Letter to J. Chamberlayne about the Scottish Christ. Knowl. Soc., 1709 (copy), DUNDASS, John. Emblematical repre sentation of the instrumentb of our Lord's Passion, with Latin verses; 1692, U7l. 8, 9. DUNELMUM : v. Durham. DUNKIN, Sarah, Dublin, widow. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1712, DUNKIRK. Account of the battle there on 14 June, 1658, DUNMOW, Essex. Account of the custom of the flitch; cent. xvi, DUNS, Joannes, Scotus; i. e. Jo. Erigena, q. v. DUNSFOLD, Surrey. Note about the living, DUNSTABLE, Bedfordshire: V. Wanley, Humph. Note of the register of the gild of St. John Bapt., DUNSTANUS, archiep. Cantuar: v. Osbernus. Willelmus Malmesb. DUNTON, Elizabeth: v. Dunton, John. Anon. letter addressed to her, DUNTON, John, bookseller: V. Booth, Geo. Key, R. Bullivant, Benj. Larkin, Geo. Dixon, Thos. Pett, sir P. Docwra, Will. Ridpath, Geo. Dunton, Sarah. Singer, E. Ellesby, James. Spademan, J. Guysse, Eliz. 'furner, Will. Gwyn, R. W., J. Humble, Ste. Williams, Dan. Two vols. of misc. papers, 71, 72. A tour through Ireland, A summer's ramble; travels in America in , On the royal sport of cockfighting, Essay in praise of an owl, Articles of agreement with D. Defoe for a paper called The Hanover Spy; 1717, with Sam. Wesley

71 and Rich. Sault for contributions to the Athenian Gazette; 1691, ib Agreement with A. Bell for publication of the Athenian Oracle; 1702, Letters to his first wife Elizabeth; 1685, &c., , 196; Letters to G. Larkin, ; b Letter to his brother Lake Dunton, to his sister Sarah, ib to his father-in-law Dr. S. Annesley, ib to J.Woolhouse, ib to R. Wilkins, ib to S. Sheafe; 24 Dec. 1704, 72. I. Letters to his second wife, ib. 32,137. Letter to- Highland, ib to Lord S[underla]nd [?], ib to Dr. Horneck; 1687, ib Various letters in short-hand are in the same vol. passim. List of pamphlets proposed to be written by him, b. Love-letters to him from various females,.72 passim. Anon. letters to him [from Sabina], ,98. Possessor of DUNTON, Lake: v. Dunton, John. DUNTON, Sarah, sister to John: v. Dunton, John. Dl;NTON, Sarah, second wife to John: v. Dunton, John. Two letters to her husband; ,72.71,73. DUNTSBOURNE-RouSE, Gloucestershire: v. Oxford, Corp. Chr. Coil. DUNWICH, Suffolk. Particular of the manor ofwessleton; 1682, DUPAISI (?), -. Letter to him (copy), Fr., b. Du PERRON, Card.: v. Henricus IV, Fr. Rex. Lettre escrite au Roy [on the settlement of the quarrel between Pope Paul V and Venice], 5 Apr. 1607, 498. I. - Ital., b Epitaphe sur Ie Sieur Marion, Lettre M. de Sillery; [1599], ib. 17b Lettre a M. de Rosny [Sully], avec reponse, ib. 18b, 19b Copies often letters, Du PLESSIS, mons. : v. Henricus IV, Franeire Rex. DUPONT, Blany (?). Inscril?tio Gall. in albo amicorum Jac. Brlsset; 1618, DUPORT, James, D.D., master of Magd. coli., Cambr.: v. Cambridge, Univ. Oratio prrevaricatoria, b. Signature as rectorofboxworth, Cambr.; 166k, DUPORT, John, D.D., master of Jesus coil, Cambro Signature, DU~PA, Brian, bishop of Winchester. ~lgnature, Book inscription, lb DUPPA, T. At school at Chelsea in , 344. DUPPA, Thomas [quo the same?], gentleman usher. Acertificate; 1689, RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 593 DUQUESNE, marq. Gabriel. Letter to H. Newman; 1730, Renounces executorship of the will of Jos. Yate; J 722, ib DUBAS, George, earl of Feversham. Arms, in trick, DURHAM, William. Presentation inscription by him in a copy of one of his sermons; 165 I, DURWEY, Walter. Signature; cent. xvi, DURY, G. Signature; J654, DURELIUS, Cyprianus. Signature; cent. DURY, John: V. Schildius, Joh. xvi, Part of a letter to S. Hartlib on ecclesiastical divisions, DURHAM, Diocese and See: V. Matthew, Tobias. Du SOUL, Estienne. Art. 21 in 640 List of parishes in deaneries of Newcastle and Corbridge, with K. B. value, DUTY. "The parent's blessing; the collated by him in divine rule of three; an abstract on Notes on the bishop's seal as palatine, the Whole Duty oj Man," Considerations on man and his duty, County: V. Chester, County I. Places where the King's declaration in June, 1688, was read, , 73. DWIGHT, Philip, D.D., vicar of Fulliam. Latin epitaph; 1729, City. Application from the justices for advice DYER, -. [A printed "collection of as to the King's intentions respecting several paragraphs" out of his newsletters, 3 May, 1705], conventicles; 1674, Cathedral, and Dean and Chaptet : V. DYER, Richard. Note of his obit; cent. Pittington. Willelmus I. xv, b Preces mane dicendre ab omnibus in ecel. Dunelm., ; II I. DYER, Richard, M.A., fellow of Oriel coli., Bishop's assent to election of John Oxf. Gave 321 art. 1, 328, 912 art. Wessyngton as prior; [1416], copy, 54, 1144, to Hearne Notes of molluments of DYKE, Mrs. Verses to her" on her happie priors, &c., ib performance in physick and surgery," List of royal and episcopal charters, bulls, &c. in the registry, 925. I. Notice of a copy of the Great Charter of DYKE,O.,Non-juror. Lettertohismother, Hen. III there, vindicating his refusing the oaths Complaints of 30 tenants against the (copy), dean and chapter; C. J640, 821. DYKES, sir Thomas. Extract from a letter to Dr. Charlett; 1705, b Account-book of the treasurer of the DYMOCK, J. Are angelica sive musica cathedral; ,664. theoretica et practica, The mayor and corp. urged by dean Granville to attend the cathedral in Dyos, William, Remembrancer of the Lent and Advent, city of London. Representation to the Method of hospitality residence; 1687, 1. mayor respecting a suit between him Breaches of rubrics in and J. Dartnoll; 1635,183. the cathedral, ib. 40. Weekly communion enjoined by the bishop; DYSON, Humphrey. Signature, , ib. 47. Irregularities within DYVE, or Dive, family of. Genealogical the verge of the cathedral, ib. 58. notes, , 102. Order respecting despatch of business in the chapter; 1669, ib. 62. Things DYVE, sir Lewis, knt., gov. of Abingdon. required of and enjoined on the prebendaries by the dean; 1687, ib. 69b, Warrant for delivery of powder to him; 21 Jan. 1643, 395. II Observations on the importance of due solemnity in the cathedral service, ib. 77. Disputes between the chapter and E. dean Granville; letters and other papers respecting residence, weekly E., A. " A polemick discourse. touching communion, &c., the Lord's Day, commonly called the Petition to the H. of Lords from the Sabbath, in a letter to a friend," 36L 58. dean and chapter and S. Shipheard in a suit about Jarrow Slake with E., D. S. Discours politique sur les cours the mayor&c.ofnewcastle; [1697?J, etrangeres; 1691, Papers relating to the suit; , E., R. Translator of Scupoli's Spiritual Prebendaries; , Conflict, DURHAM, Jean, Edinburgh, widow of ensign William. Power of attorney for receipt of pension i 1711, E., V. (?), Hamburg. Letter to - Molley, or Mr. Geo. Vesly, in a controversy with - Fowles respecting confessions of faith at Baptism i 1647, UU2

72 594 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. EACHARD, John, fellow of Cath. hall, EATON, Byrom, prine. of Gloucester hall, EDEN, sir Robert. Letter to him and sir Cambro Signature; 1673, Oxf. Signature; 1675, C. Carr from dean Granville; C. 1680, EACHARD, Laurence, rector of Henstead, EATON, Elizabeth, widow: fl. Challterell, Suffolk. Testimonial for preferment; Anne. EDEN, Thomas. Signature; ZIO, 1678, ZI I. EATON, William, churchwarden of St. EADROP, Rebecca, Rotherhithe. Petition Giles, Oxford. Signature; 1751, EDGAR, Devreux, Ipswich. Affidavit; to the I. mayor on behalf of her husband, , a waterman; 1706, EDGAR, Mileson, Ipswich. Affidavit; EAGER, William, Dublin. Two songs, with music to one; 1694, EALING, Middlesex. Valuation of the parish for monthly assessment; Dec. 1653, Citation to the churchwardens to take their oath of office; 1701, EARBERY, Matthias. Letter to a Roman Catholic, - Acton, in controversy on the orders of the English Church; 1687 (copy), Copy by him of an epitaph, [The whole system of British liberty, 1738; printed book, 367.] Notice forgiving thanks at St. Andrew's, Holborn, 25 June, for deliverance from enemies, b. EARLE, Erasmus, serj.-at-law. Mention of his readings at Lincoln's Inn in 1639, EARS HAM, Norfolk. Articles against Nich_ Sherwood, rector; 1644, EASINGTON, Durham: fl. Granville, Denis. Hope, James. Statement of the profits of the rectory in 166z, Disturbance in church upon the rector's (Granville) making a political address; 1681, , 279. A letter of advice from Granville to the people of Easington and Sedgefield; (after 1684), EAST, -. Engraved a seal with the duke of Albemarle's arms, z. EAST, -. Narrative of the fabrication of the Lancashire plot in 1694, EASTBEAR FOREST, Southants: fl. Navy. EASTLAND MERCHANTS, Company of Proposed articles of treaty with Denmark "touching the passage duty of the Sund and Belt, with reasons why it should be allowed us"; (1687), Letter to the compo from sir G. Syl:vius and reply; Oct.,.Dec (copies), ib. 38. Observations on the Danish contre-projet for a treaty, ib. 61. EASTWOOD, Essex. Notes of arms a.nd monuments; 1658,682. lb. EBRALL, Mary. Needlework sampler; , , 14 ECCLESIA: v. Anglia, Eccl. Angl. Assembly of Divines. Biblia. Coorimonioo. Non-Jurors. PeLrus, S. Pope, A. Romana Ecclesia. Romano-Catholici. Epistola Cantabrigiensis cujusdam anon. de misero statu ecclesioo, circa A.D. 1520, Schismata; hooreses; concilia; \ 134. Collectio per Gul. Crashawe scriptorum variorum de ecclesia reformanda, 339. De quinque prooceptis ecclesioo, secta Christiano rum, b Notoo varioo ex chronicis, conciliis, cartis, &c. de variis rebus ecclesiasticis, It Nascentis ecclesire generatio prima; poema de ortu eccl. Christ., 289. Notre de ecclesia et authoritate ejus, , Index libromm quibus Grreci in ecclesire ritibus utuntur, The judgement of the Fathers concerning the church, Part of a R. C. treatise on the marks of the church, Replies to Romish ~rguments for infallibility, A [R. C.] reply to the answerer of the Short discourse consisting of six propositions [on the authority of the church], A treatise of the visibility and perpetuity of the church, Answers to R. C. questions on the visible church: v. Raleigh, Walter, D.D. Notes on pp of some book on early church hist Against the conferring of church appointments upon laymen, The government of Protestant churches beyond seas, EASTER. Letter to the archbp. of Cant. on the right time for Easter in 1664; 13 Feb (copy), 857. Il2. Resolution of the Evangelic Body in Germany concerning the time of the celebration of Easter in 17z4; transl., 871. Il2. ECCLESTON, Thomas de. Fragments (transcribed from a MS. of sir J. Isham's) from Eccleston's treatise De adventu Minorum in Angliam, ECHALERS, Geoff. d', or de Scalariis, q.v. ECK, Anne, Catherine,and Joachim, van. Signatures; , EOKINGTON,Derbyshire: fl. Raylton, Rich. ECLIPSES: v. Astronomia. EDEN, Robert, M.A., fellow of Univ. coli. Oxf.: v. Warren, Will. EDGE, Ann. A covenant with God; 1694, EDGECOMBE, Peter and Margaret. Horo scopes of two daughters; ,1149. II, 12. EDGECUMB, and Eggecumb, Peter [quo the same?]. Signature j cent. x~-i, Z, 213. EDGECOMBE, or Eggecumbe, sir Richard and Elizabeth. Horoscopes of their seven children; , EDGEMAN, William, Part of transcript of books i-v of Clarendon's Hist. Reb. in his handwriting, 811. EDGEWORTH, Roger, chancellor of Wells. Two homilies, 831. I, 7. EDINBURGH. Vestments and altar-ornaments publicly burned there; 1704, b Satirical lines, 28 May, 1723, 383. i28. Notice of MSS. in the Univ. Libr., EDLIN, Richard. Signature, II. EDLYN, John, Philipp[a], and Ann. Epi taphs in Pinner church; , &c., EDMONDS, family of, Newbury, Berks. Short pedigree; 1664, signed by John Edmonds, EDMONDES, sir Clement. Signature; 1615, b Extracts from his Observ. on C(l!S(II"s Comm., EDMONDES, sir Thomas. Advised Charles! not to quarrel with the Parl., " EDMONTON, Middlesex. List of the trained band; 1626, Valuation of the parish for assllssment, 29 May, 1649, Dec. 1653, ib. 28. Memoranda about the select vestry; 1699, EDMUNDS, col. -. Anecdote of him, EDMUNDS: v. etiam Edmondes. EDMUNDSBURY, St.: fl. Bury St. Edmunds. EDMUNDSON, Henricus, A.M., coli. Reg, Oxon. Bellum rationale; synopsis at gumentorum pro et contra in qurestionibus variis discutiendis, 226. EDMUNDSON, William, D.D., fellow of St. John's coil., Cambro Common-pl~ce book;,letters, directions to pupils, verses, &c.; , 214.

73 EDUCATIO. Institutio puerorum; poema; EDWARD, Edward, Jesus coli., Oxf. Descent from P. Meyrick; 1749, EDWARDS, -. Poema in pilam palmariam ["ball-court" or tennis], 390. n. EDWARDS, Benjamin. Letter to sir T. Rawlinson; 1701, EDWARDS, George. Ornamental alphabet engraved by him, b. EDWARDS [John?], Ch. Ch., Oxf.: v. Stone, Tho. EDWARDS,.T ohn. Proceedings of him and Michael Evans as commissioners in Denmark for restitution of English ships in 1654, with letters to Thurloe, Fr. Townly, &c. (copies), 762. EDWARDS, John, curate of St. Sepulchre, Cambro Signature; 1678, EDWARDS, Thomas, M.A., St.John's coil, Oxf. Laus bibliothecal; 1654, Terral-filii oratio; 1657, ib. 15. Oratio ad Carolum Electorem Pal a tinum in bibl. coli. Jo. Bapt.; 1680, b EDWARDUS, Rex et Confessor: V. York. His cross found in Hen. VII's chapel, and delivered to James II; 1685, EDW ARDUS I, Rex Anglial: v. Speed, Joh. Engravings of three coins, b. EDW ARDUS II, Rcx Anglial: V. Speed, Joh. Enw ARDUS VI, Rex Anglial. Work done at the manor of Bishop's Hatfield before his coming thither, Dec. 1534, 77d Three letters about military musters [1547-8] ; copies, , 14, 23. Message to the rebels in Devon; 1549, Ib. Draft of his charter to Heralds' College; 4 June, 1549, Five injunctions to the bishops; 1551, , 18. Notes by him of remarks by his uncle lord Seymwr (copy), RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 595 Letter (apparently from him) to Magd. coli.,oxf., respecting O. Oglethorpe (copy), His prayer at his death, Index to a book of grants made by him ann. 3-5, EDWARD US, Princeps Walliae, Niger. Nota de nativitate ejus, EEDE, Will., M.A., rector of Horseheath, Cambro Signature; 166~, EFFIAT, marechal d': V. Rouphe, Alex. EFFINGHAM, Surrey. Parish notes, b EGBERTUS, archiep. Ebor. Excerptiones de sacerdotali jure; e codd. Cotton. et coli. Bened. Cantabr., manu Usserii, 280. *53, *58-9. EGERTON, Elizabeth, wife of sir Thomas. Signature, 406 hie illic. EGERTON, John. Bond to Tho. Gwillim, b. EGERTON, John, first earl of Bridgewater. Consecration of his chapel at his house in the Barbican, London; 1620, , Il8. EILGENAW, Cyprian Jonas von. Inscriptio Germ., una cum insignibus gentilitiis depictis, in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Brieg, 3 Sept. 1623, ". EKINS, John, M.A., vicar of Barrington, Cambro Signature; 1670, 340. II. ELBOROW, Jeremiah, D.D.: V. Rimphoff, H. ELBoRow, Thomas, vicar of Chiswick. A Christian primer; 1667, ELECTION: v. Pnedestinatio. ELEPHANTS. Engraving of a performing elephant exhibited in 1651, with Dutch and French descriptions, ELIEZER BAR ISHAR, a converted Jew. Notices of him and his wife, his baptism, marriage, and excommunication, &c. in an anaba.ptlst congregation; , , 17-19, 27,41, 45-56, 88, Letter to the congregation from his wife Rebecca, ib. 47. ELIOT, John, New England. Christian commonwealth; autogr., ELIOT, capt. Robert. Grant of knighthood and arms by emp. Ferd. II; 1620, 552~. I. ELIOT, Thomas. Possessor of 1479 in EGERTON, John, third earl of Bridge water. Signature; 1699, EGERTON, sir Thomas, Lord Keeper, first lord Ellesmere. Household accounts, , 406. List of poor persons weekly relieved in London, ib. InL 8". Letter to the earl of Essex, with his answer, L l b; h-62~; 924.3, 3b ; , 28. Speech in the Star-Cha,mber on Essex's case, 29 Nov. 1599, b, 2II. Nomination, as chanco of Oxford, of a principal of Jesus coil.; 1613 (copy), Signature, b ; 406 passim. EDWARDUS III, Rex Anglial: V. Islip, Sim. Figural astrological de eo, b, 46b. Writ to the abbot and conv. of Westminster for delivery of the coronation stone for conveyance to Scotland; 1 July, 1328; 'Fr. (copy), EGGECUMBE: V. Edgecombe. Treaty with Scotland, 1357; 'Fr., Account of his campa.ign in France in 1359, Treaty of Bretigny with K. John of France. 1360; transcripts of all the documents; Fr., Notes on his claim to the crown of France; 'Ft'., EGHAM, Surrey. Notes from the register about the Wrightson family, EGLE[S]FIELD, James, vicar of St. Nicholas, [Abingdon]. Payments to him; 1662, b. Letter to H. Baskervile; 1664, EGLESFIELD, Manuel, haberdasher, London. Penance for absence from church on Christmas Day and Epiphany; 1619, 818. IS, 36. EGLISHAM, George. The forerunner of revenge (against the d.ofbuckingham), ; EGLWYS RHOS, Carnarvonshire. Bond for preservation of the Bray parochial library there; 1712, b EWHSTEDT, Christianus ab,eques Marching. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Viteb., II Apr. 1615, ij1;s7. 41b. ELIOTT, William, rector of Fornham All SS., Suffolk. Signature; 1679, ELIZABETHA, Regina Anglial: V. Alabaster, Gul. Oxford, Univ. Andrewes, Roger. Parsons, Rob. Anglia. Rawlinson, Tho. Bohun, Edm. Sommerfeld, Joh. Howard, Tho. Oratio coram acado Oxon., 5 Sept. 1566, 273. III, 205. Oratio anonyma ad eam apud acado Oxon., Oratio gratulatoria in adventum ejus ad acad.oxon., "II" (rectius 31),Aug. 1566,837.20b. Literal gratulatorire; 10 Oct., ib. 22". Oratio habita Oxonii, 27 Sept. 1592, Treaty with Charles IX of France, 1572; Lat. and Ital.; ,257. Causre quibus adducta Belgis copias auxiliares misit; 1585, Causre quibus adducti classiarii ejus quasdam naves in usus Reg. Hisp. destinatos ceperunt, 30 Jun ib. 52. Answer to the H. of Commons about her marriage, 10 Feb. 1559, Dialogue concerning the conveniency of her marriage, b Letter to her when the Duc d'alenf(on was a suitor, ib. 54 h. Letter to sir A. Paulet; Nov. 1586, 264. Ib; Instructions to lord Buckhurst and Rob. Beale (copy), Letter to lady Norris (copy), Letter to earl of Essex on his conduct in Ireland; 14 Sept. 1599, imperf,

74 596 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Speeches by the lords of the council in Mich. term, 1599, on a charge from the Q. for restraint of libels, Feb on the plot of Tho. Lea to murder her, ib. 36. Letters to lord Hunsdon about levies of men in Hants; (copies), b, 55. Reply to a speech of the Speaker of H. of C., 30 Nov. 1601, Letter ordering an execution to be deferred (copy), Her lines on the holy Eucharist, b "'l'he King's Castle "; a treatise on government of England, addressed to her, MSS. 168, 1096 dedicated to her. Descent from sir Geoff. Boleyn; Lat., Petition to her, "the blest saint," from the Commons; temp. Jac. l; in verse, Her gracious answer; two copies; ib. 226, 230. ELLIS, Edm., (n' Elys, q. v. ELSTOB, William. Letter to Edw. ELLIS, Ellis, curate of Eglwys Rhos, CarnarY. Thwaites; 1698, Signature; 1712, b ELSTOW, Bedfordshire. Deed relating to the abbey; 1371 (copy), 404. [ISO]. ELLIS, Johannes: v. Articuli. ELTHAM, Kent. Pay-books for building. ELLIS, John, D.D., rector of Dolgelley. work done at the King's manor, Signature; c. 1650, , ; II3; 779. ELLIS, John, Henstead, Suffolk. Epistola 64b-5; ad dom. Tho. Browne; 1677, ELTINBRODE, Martin: v. Epitaphia. ELLIS, John, rector of Waddesdon, Bucks. ELVIS, sir Gervase. Ordered to provide Signature; 167~, a horseman and a,rms charged on his ELLIS, Robert, Maidstone, clerk: v. lands in Yorkshire; 1676, Aylesford. ELWES, family of, Berks. Short pedi. ELLIS, William, Jesus coli., Oxon. Attested descent, showing affinity to Edm. 78b. gree, 1664, signed by John Elwes, 865. Meyrick of Ucheldre; 1731 {on parchment), , b. EL WES, capt. -. Device on his cornet; ELLIS, Zacheus, Jesus coli., Oxf. Descent from P. Meyrick; 1752, ELY. Registrar's admission-book to pre ELLISON, Nathaniel, archdeacon of Stafford. List of dup licates bought by him ELIZABETHA, Bohemire Regina. Inscriptio from the Bodleian, with prices, ltal., cum insignibus depictis, in albo ELLISTON, Matthew, M.A., vicar of Tillingham, Essex. Testimonial for pre amicorum Jac. Brisset, Transl. of contract of marriage with ferment; 1678, the Elector Palatine; 1612, ELLWOOD, Thomas. Letter to the mayor Notice of her death, b. and jurats of Dover (copy), 190. ELIZABETH~, filia Fred. et Eliz. Regis et ELLWOOD, Thomas, quaker. A dialogue Reginre Bohemire. Inscriptiones, manu ejus et sororis Louisre Hollandinre, in concerning impropriate tithes, in reply to a dialogue by Ellwood, albo amicorum J ac. Brisset; 1632,935. Dialogue in reply to the preceding, 9 and in defence of Ellwood, by J. S.; ELLAM, Brian, Wood street, London , ib. 7 Ci.tation relative to the proving of his ELLYS, lady, at Mrs. Gold's, Oakend, will; 1595, ELLEGER, Mary, St. Pancras, Chichester, widow of Richard. Power of attorney for receipt of pension, 1714, with seal of arms, ELLESBY, James, vicar of Chiswick, Midd. Letter to J. Dunton; 1709, ELLESFIELD, family of, Oxon.: V. Brightwell Baldwin, Oxon. ELLESMERE, Lord: v. Egerton. ELLIOT, Allen, Blackfriars, London. 1637, b ELLIOT, Frances, the White Hart, Strand, London; lo3b. ELLIOT, sir John. Petition to the King from the Gatehouse; 1627, Bucks. Letter to her from M. Maittaire; 1744 (draft), b. ELLYS, sir Richard, bart. Epist. ad eum a Mich. Maittaire; 1741, 347. I. Versus ad eum, ib. 3b Mentio de eo, ib. 34, 37,38. Nota de bibliotheca ejus post obitum ejus, ib. 41. Latin odes to him by M. Maittaire; (drafts), b, Epigrams by the same, ib Letter to him from the same; 1741, Lat. (draft), ib ELMES, capt. Humphrey. Petition to Charles II for a Poor Knight's place at Windsor; with an order in his favour; 1674, b. ELOQUENTIA: v. JUl. ELPHINSTONE, Arthur, sixth viscount. Speech to the H. of Lords before his sentence, 1 Aug. 1746, Speech on the scaffold, 18 Aug. 1746, ELLIOT, Robert, M.A. "A sample, or proof-sheet" of Burnet's Own Times (anon.), 73. ELLIOT, Thomas, groom of the bedchamber to Charles II: v. Manley, Copy by E. Lhwyd of the end of his ELPHINSTONE, Will., bishop of' Aberdeen. Mary. Chron. from the Fairfax MS., 352. I. ELLIOTT, John, Langdon Hills, Essex. The whole had been previously transcribed, ib. 4 b. Mentioned, 1441 (cover). ELLIOTT, William Nassau: v. Kennington. Signature; 1746, ELSMER, Sloane, minister of Chelsea. ELLIS, Bernard, son of Rob. Ellis of ELSNER, Joannes. Inscriptio in albo Greenwich. Jocular notice of him; amicorumwolfg.lossii; 1613, , ELSTOB, C. Signature, ferments in the diocese; , 340. Weekly communion maintained in the cathedral temp. Charles II, Epitaphs, and notes on monuments, &c. in the cathedral, , 77. ELY, Samuel, minister of St. Botolph's, Aldersgate, London. Signature; 1749, ELYGEN, Cornwall, or Illogan, q.v. ELYS, or Ellis, Edmund, rector of East Allington, Devon. Letters to dean Granville of Durham; 1684, , 270. New-year's lines addressed to Joanna Thornhill, ib Latin verses on a book by Dr. T. Pierce, 1683 (copy), [Verses by him in 1694 on Zachary Mayn are in Wood MS. D. ii. 23.] [A letter from him to Anth. Wood, dated 24 Feb. 1692, is in Tanner MS. 454, f. 108, but is not mentioned in the Catalogue of the Tanner MSS.] EMBLEMATA: v. Fraunce, Abr. EMEs, Edward, M.A., Magd. coli., Oxf. Latin epitaph in the college chapel, composed by Phanuel Bacon; 1721, EMEs, Margaret, Thames-street, London; 1637, b EMPEREuR, Constant.!', rector acado Lugd. Bat. Subscriptio autographa; 1638, EMPTAGE, Anne, wife of Edw., Isle of Thanet. Epitaph; 1622, b ENFIELD, Middlesex: v. Middlesex. Pay-book for building-work done at the King's manor, , Valuation of the parish for assessment, 25 Aug., 1648, May, 1649, ib. 35. Forms used by the steward of the court of the manor of Worcester, ,1010. Proceedings in courts, , tb. (reversed) 2-5. Memoranda about the select vestry; 1699, Expensesina lawsuit about a pew; 1707, tb. 220.

75 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 597 ENGLEFIELD, sir Francis, bart. Travels in France and Italy; 1675, 197. ENGLEFYLDE, Henry, Englefield, Berks. Letter to E. Ashmole; 1665, ENGRAVINGS: v. Ashmole, Elias. Germania. Browne, sir Tho. Loretto. Burghers, Mich. Mariette, Jean. Dugdale, sir Will. Marshall, Will. Francia. Monstrum. Franciscus, S. Nutting,Joseph. "The armys off Cristis passyon" [Caxton], "Ymage of pyte" [Caxton], ib. 2. Dies Judicii, "arma beate Birgitte de Syon," ib. 3. Heads of Quintilian, Cresar, Cicero, &c. by P. Ertinger, in 408. Eight small views of places in Austria in 601. A few miscellaneous engravings collected by Hearne, ; ,2; 800. I-II, 121. Twenty-nine satirical Dutch engravings; procession of Christian graces and their opposites, &c., b- 27b Twenty-five engravings of seals in Rawlinson's posression, 907. Engraving of the Jewish cup in his possession, Portrait of pope Paul V, ENNISKILLEN, Emelia, baroness: v. Maguire. ENSTONE, Oxfordshire : v. Bushell, Thomas. EPHRAEM SYRUS, S.: v. Simeon Metaphrastes. Ussher, Jas. EPIGRAMMATA: v. King, Hen. Melvin, Andr. Epigr. Gr.-Lat. de ove lupi catulum alente, 230 ad init. EPISCOPI: v. Anglia ; Ee- Hall, J os. clesia. Reynolds, -. Blondellus, Dav. Saywell, Will. Nomina episcopatuum per orbem, Arms and dates of some English bishops; , I. Notes about translation of bishops, Ordered at the College of Arms that the time of the consecration and translation of every bishop shall be entered in a book for that purpose, with their arms; t. Car. I, Part of a treatise against episcopal authority as an infringement of the royal prerogative; temp. Car. I, A defenee of episcopacy, Objections out of Scripture answered, ib Theses in defence of episcopacy, QUestions on stat. 26 Hen. VIII, cap. 14, with reference to suffragan bishops and Non-juring consecrations, Comparison of the consecrations proposed ln 1659 and those of the Non-jurors, ib List of tracts in defence of episcopacy, Appointment and deprivation of bishops: v. Hickes, George. Mason, Tho. EPISTOL..E: v. Francia. Novo Mercatu, Tho. de. Formulre inter magnates, ex actis legationis Navarrenre; 1484, Formulre in suprascriptionibus usitandre, 643 ad init.; Letter from some monks to a bishop thanking him for sending them an able preceptor to instruct them in Latin, and acknowledging their former idleness; beg. of cent. xvi; Lat., A book of nearly contemporary copies of state and private letters, tempp. Edw. VI and Eliz., Anon. letter from some one at Shrewsbury to his father and mother; 1596, b Letters from a lover to his mistress, , 98, &c. Part of a letter from Oxford, ib. (cod. verso) 17. Letter of remonstrance on a friend's extravagance, Congratulory letter from a princess dowager on the birth of some prince; Fr., Forms of letters, in French, 431. I-SO, 84-5 Forms of address used in letters by the K. of France : v.francia. --by the King of Spain: v. Hispania. Fragment of two anon. and undated letters in French, Unsigned letter to a cardinal, sending a yol. of Latin verses; Rome, 2 Feb. 1692; Ital., LaUdatory letter to some one whose letters and sonnets are praised; Ital., Modi e forme de soprascritti, titoli e sottoscrittioni, 465. " Titolario "; forms of address: v. Viani, A. A. EPITAPHIA: v. Canterbury; Rawlinson, Richard. City. Rawlinson, Thomas. Paris. Transl. of a Latin epitaph, Non- hie ERNST, Wolff. pyramidf$ &c., On Martin Eltinbrode and John Button, On one buried without a name, On two lovers buried together, lb. A few in English, 316.uQ-Ulb ; , 10, 17; b EpPING, Essex. Faculties for the enlargement of the chapel at Epping Street; May-Sept., 1622, Engl.-Lat., , 94. ERASMUS, Des. Parabolre ex eo, 986. Il7-31. Notes from his letters "de creremoniis, &c.," ERCILDOUNE, Thomas of. ~ Prophecy, ERDBURY PRIORY, Warwickshire. Deed relating to it (copy), 404. [141]. ERDMANN, sive Erdtman, Henricus, Lubecensis. Album amicorum; , 937. ERDTMAN, Lorentz. Note by him, in German, of his taking leave of his mother and sister at Stockholm, 4 Apr., 1653,937. I. Note by him of his birthplace, ib ERFURTHAL. Johann Ernst von. Inscriptio Germ., una cum fignra depicta, in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 20 Jun. 1625, ERGHOM, Johannes. Excerpta per T. Hearne e comment. [Jo. Erghom?] in prophetias Joh. de Bridlington, ERIGENA, Johannes, dict. Duns Seotus. Qurestt. super Universalibus Porphp'ii, 235. I. in Prredicc. Anstot., ib. 42. Inscription on his tomb at Cologne, ERINGTON, George, Evarilde, and Frances. Epitaphs in St. Pancras churchyard; , ERIZZO, Nicolo, amba..~c. Veneto nel Roma. Relazione della corte di Roma ; 1702, ERLACH, Christ. Wolfg. abo Inscriptio in albo ami corum J ac. Brisset; Heidelb., 1618, ERLANGEN. A copy of the Bodl. Catalogue given by the Univ. to the library there, ERNAULT, Stephen, London. Extract from his will; 1706, &c., ERNEST THE PIOUS, duke of Saxe-Gotha. Vita; trad. nella ling. Toscana da Enrico Hastings; 1709, 511. ERNLE, sir John. Two letters to Hildebr. Alington j ,861.30, 32. Commended, ib.41. ERNLE, Katherine: v. B., R. Inscriptio Lat.-Germ., una cum insilplibus gentilitiis depictis, in albo amlcorum Dav. von Filtz; 3 Sept. 1621, ERPENIUS, Tho.: V. Castell, Edm. Mention of the D. of Buckingham's purchase of his MSS., ERPINGH.AM, South, Norfolk. Rental of the manor; 1631, ERSKINE, Mary Stewart, second wife of John, seventh earl of Mar. 956 dedicated to her and a daughter in ERSKINE, Thomas, visc. Fenton. Signature, b ERTINGER, P., engraver, Paris. A few poor engravings of classical heads in 408.

76 598 ESCHESOH (?), Hans Dietrich von. Inscriptio Gall., una cum insignibus gentilitiis depictis, in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Brieg, 31 Aug. 1623, ESCURIAL, The. Notice of it, b. ESSAYS. Additions to be inserted in " My Essays"; Co 1700, Criticism upon Locke On the Understanding, to be inserted in chap. 22 of" Essayes," ib. 76. ESSEBY PRIORY: v. Ashby. ESSEX. Tabula alphabetica maneriorum, Fragment of a rent account of some crownlands; temp. Q. Mary, Warrant from James I for preservation of game in Denby hundred, Notes by Ashmole of arms and monuments in eight churches; , ,5 Institutions to livings, 12 Oct Sept. 1622, Notes of twelve presentations to livings; , ESSEX, earls of: v. Capel. Devereux. INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. ERVE, Rinaldo d'. New-year's complimentary letters to Geo. II and his ETYMOLOGIA: v. Glossaria. Queen; Lat. and Ital.; Modena, 9 Dec. EVAGRIUS. Notes out of his Hist. Eecl., 1267.s3-s9b 1730 (copifs), ESCHENDEN, John. Notice by Ussher of EVANGELIA: v. Biblia. his astronomical work, h Ev ANGELIARIUM. Fragment; Lat., Fragments of an Evang. in French, EVANS, -. Account of the Great Turk's manner of hunting and of his exit from Constantinople in Oct. 1682,810. (codice verso) lb. EVELYN {"Eveling"),Jane. Signature; EVELYN, sir John. Device on his cornet; 1642, EVELYN, John. Letter to sir Th. Browne; 1660, Copy of a MS. note by him respecting col. Morleyand Monk and the RestoJ:a. tion, 404. [98]. Mention of German transl. of his Three Impostures, Epitaph on infant daughter in Twyford church, Midd.; 1657, EVANS, Abel, D.D., St. John's coli. Notes EVELYN, John, junior. Note of transla of at hanks giving sermon at St. Mary's, tions by him, Oxf., 7 Nov. 1711, Ba... er EVELYN, Sophia. Signature, Notes on Calamy's Life oj (copy by Rawlinson), EVANS, Arise. Mentioned as having "wholly forsaken" the Anabaptists; EVERARD, 1654, Thanet. EVANS, Edward, cent. xvi. Epistola ad eum a Grufl'. Price, b. EVANS, Evan, Jesus col1., Oxf. Descent from P. Meyrick; 174~, "'. EVERARD, Anne, widow of sir Anthony. Will; 1653 (copy), b Valentine, sen. and jun., Epitaphs; , 376. EVANS, Arthur, Little Britain, London: v. Collins, Edw. EVERDON, Northants. Epitaphs, EVANS, D., A.M., [Carmarthen]. Two 53". letters to him from T. Hearne; 1709, EVERIT, John, a labourer at the Tower II 7, 146. Petition to Charles II about his dismissal from employment, Evans, John. Possessor of 302. ESTE, family of. Historia della sereno EVANS, John, Non-conformist minister, casa di Este, t. Car. II: v. W rexham. ESTE,Rainaldo,ducadiModena. Rinunzia EVANS, Michael: v. Edwards, John. del ~uo cardinalizio; 1695, EVANS, Robert, cent. xvi. Epistolre ad ESTREES, CreBar, card. Copies of two eum a Gruff. Price, , I04b. papers respecting a dispute between him and,. other cardinals" sopra la bolla EVANS, Robert. Epitaph in Ickenham di Innoc. XI contra i quartieri degl. church; 1694, ambasciadori"; 1687, , 151b. EVERSDEN, Little, Cambridgeshire. Ar ticles against - Marley, rector; 1644, EVESHAM, W orcestershire. Iron and shot brought thence to Oxford, May, 1644, Notice of a MS. of Epistolee of a monk, "An excellent oyle or balsam taken out of an ancient MS. found in Esum abby in Lyncolnshire" (sic, but qu, Evesham?), EUGENE of Savoy, prince. Codd. 343 et 532 transcr. a Mich. Maittaire e MSS. in bib!. ejus. EUGENIUS III, Papa. Bull confirming the transl. of the see of Lincoln; 1146, 404. [140]. EUGENIUS IV, Papa: v. Dalbrynton, Rob. EVANS, gen. William. Signature, 919. ETHERIDGE, sir George. The imperfect 101. enjoyment, EVANS, William, vicar of Bangor. Sig- ETHERINGTON, John, vicar of Trentham, nature; 1731, Staffordshire. Letter to - Nixon; 1685, EUCHARISTIA: v. Chedsey, Gul. Heylin, Peter. ETHICA: fj. PhiloBophia YoraHs. EURIPIDES. The Medea and Alcestis in Cyriacus, abbas. Non-jurors. Engl. prose, b, 123b. ETHIOPICA. LeUer [by J. Bland] on Drelincourt, C. Preces. the illustration of Hebrew texts in the Gregorius, S. Transubstantiatio. EUROPA: v. E., D.S. Old Test. from the Ethiopic version; Hakewill, Geo. Prot. and R. C. princes, , Dissertatio de ea, Notre de "Upon AIls"; aims of all the powers ETON: v. Rawlinson, Rich. and Tho. ea, ib of Europe, Tract. brevis de ea, contra transubst., Mottos for the sovereigns of Europe,. Exhortatio metrica ad alumnos scholre, per anachoritam de Lenne, f An laicis communicandum sit sub Reigning families (excepting that 0 Notes of the system of teaching there utraque specie, England), about 1680, Fr.! 527:. temp. Car. II, Of the receiving the Holy Communion under one kind, Ill in 1718, Fr., 439. I. Treaties ~ Birthdays of the royal famllles exlstln~ Benefices in the gift of the college, Note (temp. Edw. VI?), 363. I. peace, battles, &c., , lb. CopieR of Rawlinson of papers relative "Eucharist, altar and sacrifice: the Chronique historique, 1150<1- to the college, , from Tanner verity of [Roman] doctrine," , ib. 40. French battle:s, MS. 158, 755. Two sermons on 1 Cor. xi. 28; 1642, 1654, ib. (cod. verso) 2lb. Index of monuments. in the college 1850.I30b Observations on affairs, about 1690, chapel, to 1712, A meditation (in verse) on the Real Ital., 495. I. 'Memoranda respecting some contemporariell of 'fho. Rawlinson, 912. EUSEBIUS C..IESARIENSIS. Notes out of Presence, EUCLIDES. Geom., libb. i-iv, his Hist. Eccl., b-9, 59b-69

77 RA WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 599 EUSTACHIUS. Notal ex eo de morali philosophia, EUTROPIUS. Collation of printed text with five MSS., by Hearne, 322. I. Preface, notes, &c. by Hearne for his edition, Notes by Hearne, , 66b, 73b, 80, 90b. EWELME, Oxfordshire: v. Leigh, Will. Oxford: County. Pay-books for building-work done at the King's manor; 1535, Trickings of coats of arms in the church windows, with copies of three epitaphs; cent. xvii, , 175b- 6b. EWER, family of, Clapham. Note, with arms in trick; 1718, EWER, William, East India House: v. F., E. EWHURST, Surrey. Note about the living, EXCETER, -, vicar of Soham, q. v. EXCHANGE: v. Coinage. A treatise of exchange; 1564, Trattato di cambi, 454. EXCHEQUER: v. Alienations. Lotteries. Fitz-Nigel, Ric. Lowndes, Will. Gilbert, sir J. Monasteries. Extracts from the Red Book, The Lord Treasurer's authority, Duties of the officers of the Exchequer, 713. Collections respecting proceedings in the Court of Exchequer, 709. Part of a treatise on the Court; cent. xvii, Indentures on appointment of vise. Feilding as Keeper of the Wardr?be for the annual payments to him;.162t (copy), 793. LIst of officers; t. Car. I, Accounts; , , 758. List of books of treasury warrants; , Petitions to Charles II from widows and other persons distressed by the shutting of the Exchequer and consequent refusal of goldsmiths torepay moneys, b State of the Exchequer, 10 July, 1693, Orders by lords commissioners of the Treasury; , Pa,rliamentary report on receipts and ISsues; I I, 980. Rist. of Exchequer bills, Po.rtions of the papers used by Hearne In his edit. of the Liber Niger Scacc., 731. EXCISE: v. London. Receipts and charges in 6! years, to 1650, State; , , , Produce in , VOL. II. Malt duty; , b; Duties on candles, hops, &c.; , Various returns of profits, arrears, and charges; , , 264, 271, 274. List of officers; c. 1730, , Remarks relating to the Excise, Rules of excisemen; a satirical parody, ib EXCOMMUNICATIO. Reply to a query respecting admission of excommunicates into church; 1681, Note bv Hearne on forms of excommunication, EXEMPLA. "Ci no us dit"; a French book of stories so called, illustrating virtues and vices; imperf. ; Fr., 659. Fragment of a later copy of the same book, 913. II2-21. EXETER: V. Devonshire. Poole, John. Pollard, John. Table of possessions and tenants of the cathedral in , by dean Ward, I. LiMt of choristers admitted in 1661, ib. 15. Petition to the magistrates from nonconformist ministers; 1665, Notice of the cathedral and its service, the city, &c., in 1706; Fr., EXETER, Eliza; forsan Eliz. Cecil, comitissa de Exeter, q. v. EXODUS: v. Biblia. EXORCISMI: v. Magica. Conjuratio contra spiritus malignos, EXQUEMESIR (?), v. Diarium. Alessandro Oliviere: EXTON, Edward, M.D., Magd. coil, Oxf. Epitaph, b. Sig EXTON, John, Trinity hall, Cambro nature; 1691, EXTON, sir Thomas. Signature; ; EXTRAVAGANCE: V. Epistolal. EYRE, Suffolk. Articles against Nich. Stonham, rector; 1644, EYNSHAM, Oxon. Epitaphs, &c., ,10. EYRE, sir Charles, knt. Draft of his commission from the East India Co. to be governor of Fort William; 1699, b EYRE, J., A.M. Signature, EYRE, Paul. Survey of Woodhouse, near Tutbury, Staffordshire; 1649, EYRE, Reginald. Certificate of his admission to the rectory of Beachampton, Bucks., on exhibition of his letters of orders; 3 Jan. 1670, 822. I. EYRES, James, pilot of the Gloucester. Petition to Charlt's II, for pa.rdon for the shipwreck of the Duke of York, 8 Nov. 1682, Petition for release from prison; 9 Apr. 1683, EYSTON, Charles, East Henured. Berka. Letter to Hearne; 1721, $. Book printed by W. de Worde III his possession; Gave 5 to T. Hearne. F. F., C.; i. e. Geo. Hickes, q. V. F., E. Letter to W. Ewer, about the E. India Co.; 23 Jan. 1700, F., H., a R. Catholic. Reply to the Defence of a problem proposed by F. Clark, a. [Protestant] minister; 1621, F., Ja. Letter to him from D. Featley, F., L., Utrecht. Letter to Jane Lead; 1701, F., P. Dedication of "Elogiorum fasciculus" to Dr. Jas. Hyde, 912. In. F., P. Statement respecting a conversation in Oct with bp. W. Lloyd (afterwards of Worcester) respecting the birth ofthep. of Wales; 21 July, 1705, F., S. Versus 28 Germanici in albo amicorum Hen. Erdtmann; Stetini, 18 Aug. 1612, FABER Basilius. Short Latin preface to a supplement to his Thesaurus, FABIAN, Thomas, bookseller. Possessor of 329. FABRICIUS, Hubertus, Vesaliensis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 12 Jul. 1624, FABRICIUS, Valentinus, Glogo?liensis Silesius. Inscriptio in albo amlcorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 9 Sept. 1623, FABRONI, l'abbate (French ambas8. at Rome): v. Orsino, Virgo F ABULlE. Fable of an ass that confessed to a wolf, F ACE TIlE : v. Jests. Williamson, JOB. F ACro, Giov. Batt., Paris. Letter to G. Como; 1715, Ital., FADIE (?), John. Signature, (8. FAERNUS, Gabriel. Poema in obitum ejus, ad Gal. Regardum, b. FAGON, -, physician to the K. of Fl'!Lnce. Letter (in reply) to Dr. W. Bnggs; 12 Dec. 1698; Fr. (copy), b FAJARDO, Alonso. Letter to K. Hen. IV of Spain; 20 Aug. 1457; Span. (copy), xx

78 600 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. F AIEROLOUGH, Lawrence, London. Name FALKLAND, viscounts: fl. Carey. asownerofa book; , FANATIOS. The fanatick's creed, 383. FAIROLOUGH, or FEATLEY, 97. How to make a fanatick diascordium, ib. 99. FAIROLOUGH, James, M.D., London: fl. Caton, Tho. FAIREBEARD, Fl'Itncis, Northmoor, Oxon. Party in a suit; 1678, FAIREBORNE, M., wife of major Palmes. Letter to S. Godolphin, 1674 (copy), ' FAIREBORNE, ma.ior Palmes: fl. Cholmeley, sir H. Narrative about his dis:{mtes at Tangier with capt. Carr and his imprisonment there; 1674,720.94; FAIREBROTHER, -, Southampton. Considerations concerning the Non-jurors' separation from the public assemblies, FAIRFAX, family of. Pedigree to 1666, by Dugdale, FAIRFAX, -, serj.-at-law. Dialogue in confutation of errors of serj. Browne on stat. 25 Edw. III, I. FAIRFAX ("Fare-fac"), Henry. Signature, FAIRFAX, Henry, D.D., Magd. col1., Oxf. Letter to him, 8 Aug (copy), Plea [about the college visitation], ib. 32 FAIRFAX, Rhoda, lady. Latin epitaph at Aynho; 1686, 682. lis. FAIRFAX, Thomas, viscount. Correspondence between the Privy Council and him (as a recusant) respecting the education of his eldest son; 1639 (copies), FAIRFAX, sir Thomas: fl. Syke~, Will. Copy of an army commission from him; 1650, Short memorials; copied by C. Hatton in 1681, part ii. FAIRFAX, Thomas, lord. List of his MSS., , 26. FAIRFAX, William and John. Their epitaph in Franckenhalt church, in the Lower Palatinate; 1621, FAIRFORD, Glouc.: fl. Shipman, John. F AIRIIEDOW, Thomas, licensed preacher in Trinity ch., Cambro Signature; 167"{, FALAISEAU, mesdames, jun. and sen., Paris. Letters to them; , , 132, 148. l<'aloobergius, Adrianus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Wolfg. L088ii; 1627, FALCONER, office of Grand: 11. Dormer, Charles, earl of Carnarvon. F ALOONES. Liber fulconum, 483. FALOONUS, Petrus- Josephus, Je8uita. Seminarianlll Argonautm; carmen, 28' FANOHI, Georgius, Hungarus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Constantinop., 20 Feb. 1621, b. FANE, Anthony. third son of Francis earl of Westmoreland: Epitaph at Kingstonupon-Thames; 1643, b. FANO, Italy. Notes of pictures&c. there; 165 1, FANSRA WE, sir Rich. Translations from Horace (copies), The Mastership of the Requests promised to him by Charles II ; 1659, FANSHAWE, Richard. Signature; cent. xvii, F ANTUOCIO, Frederico, vesco de Cariati. Instruttione a mons. Fantuccio per la corte d'inghilterra (1557), b. FARENHEID, Hieronymus. Inscriptio Germ. in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni j Oxon., 8 Mart. 1627, ]'AREWELL, justice -. Calculation of his nativity; 1604, FAREWELL, John, Trin. coil, Oxf. Signature as S. C. L.; 1669, b. FARGISSON, John, Whitechapel, cheesemonger, a soldier in the King's army at Worcester in Petition to Charles II for security from prosecution as a Quaker, IS. 45 b FARINGDON, Berks. Old oath of the churchwardens, FARINGDON, -. Notice of his suit against the city of London; 1608, b. FARLEIGH, Surrey. Note on an epitaph in the church, F ARLEIGH PRIORY, Wilts. Three deeds (copies), 404. [129-30]. F ARLO, capt. Anecdote of the kindness of James II to him when taken prisoner in Ireland; Fr., b-18. Emblema. de eo j accedit eulogium, versu et prosa, F ARNESE, Mario. Discorso circa Ie dif. ferenze tra P. Paolo V e signori Veneti ' FARNESE, Ottavio, ducadiparma: fl. Julius III, papa. FARNESE, Ranuccio, card.: fl. Julius III papa. ' F ARNESE, Ranuccio, duca di Parma I, 564.2, &c. F ARNHAII, Surrey. Notice ofits markets, &c., 8lO. 23. FARNHAM ROYAL, Bucks: fl. Wright, Nathan. FARNHAM. Thomas and Helen, Stoughton Leic. Epitaph j , ' ]'ARR, Sarah. Gave a copy of a monu mental inscription to Rawlinson in 1751, S b. F ARR, Thomas, London. Bonds to him, (copies), 10lO. (reversed) FARRAR, -, M.A., minister at Birstal, Yorkshire. "Non multum abest a fatuo"; 1582, >. His character described by gipsies, ib. 27b FARREN, James, Oriel coil., Oxf. Wine bill; 1638, b. l!'arrow, Richard, seaman. Petition to Charles II; 1684, b FARTHINGHO, Northamptonshire: 'V. Dillon, Rob. FARTHINGSTONE, Northamptonshire: v. Nixon, J. FASTING. A treatise offasting j unfinished; 12S1. 22b. Fragment of a treatise on fasts, I2. Directions about it, FATHERS: fl. Advice. FAUCHIER, Geraud. Inventaire general de 1a viscomte de Turenne; 1617, 64:1. FAUCHEUR, Michelle, pasteur Fmnc. Sermon sur I S. Jehan ii. I, 504. Lettre du synode de Charenton au Roi; 1631 (autogr.), Lettre au synode d'alencon; 1637 (copy), ib. 179 b FARIIERIE, John. Leyden diploma as M.D.; 1589, FAUCONBERG, family of. Descent to F ASRNABYak' Thomas. Latin epitaph in Nevill, eveno s church; 1647, 6S2. 54b FAUCONBERGE, earl of: fl. Belasyse, FARNBOROUGH, Hants.: fl. Buchanan, Thomas. Chas. Three monumental inscriptions in the FAUCONBERGE, Henry. Signature, church j 1717, L41b FARNESE, Alexander, dux Florentilll (?). FAUCONBERGE, Henry. Signature; 1684> Emblema de eo; accedit notitia, versu et prosa, FA VERSRAM, Kent. Privileges of the F ARNESE, Alexander, card., postea papa abbey claimed in 1279 and 1293,787. PaulU81II, q. V. 310, 311 Copies of the surrender of the a.bbey ]'ARNESE, Alexander, secundus, cardinalis. and of the grant of a pension to the Instruttione a. visitare l'imp. per la morte dell' Imperatrice ; 1539, 633. abbot; 1538, FAUKNER, William, D.D. Abstracts of hib Christ. Loyalty and Lib. Eccl., ,79-

79 FAULKBORNE, Essex: v. Strutt, Rich. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 601 FELIX, Baldwinus: v. Torres, Ludov. FAULKENER, Thomas, surgeon. Epitaph FELIXSTOW, Suffolk. Valuation of the in St. Clement's, Ha8tings, rec t ory, & c., FAULKES, Joan, Clerkenwell, London j 1637, FELL, John, D.D., dean of Ch. Ch., bishop of Oxford: v. FAWCETT, Samuel. Survey of the ordnance at Bristol; 28 July, 1643, 395. Berry, John. Marshall, Tho. Atkyns, sir Roger. Lloyd, Will Beveridge, Will. Oxford: Univ. FAWLER, Edward, Chipping Norton, Brent, John. Press. Oxon. Epitaph in Sevenoaks church Cholmondeley,Fr. Prideaux,Humph. on him (1657) and others of his family, Cobb, sir Thos. Richards, Rob b. Cripps, Rob. Scott, Rob. Fulman, Will. Twysden, Will. FAWLER, George. Signature; 1653, Hammond, Hen. Tyrrell, Tim Jenkins, sir L. Willis, T. FEAKES, family of. Notice of a mutilated tomb-stone at Hammersmith, Letters to dean Granville of Durham; King, Phil r680-4, , 306. Letter to FEARER, Rich., vicar of Croydon, Cambro him from Granville j r680, ib Signature; 1675, Four letters to T. Marshall (drafts), , Notes of neglect FEARON, Thomas, a Quaker. Letter (copy), of duty by the parson of Swerford, FEATLEY, Daniel, D.D. Copy-book by him of his early theological pieces and letters, 47. Conference of Drs. Featley and White with the Jesuits Fisher and Swete; 1623, FEATLEY, or FAIRCLOUGH, Daniel, junior, vicar of Bicker, Line. Letter to him from his cousin Dr. Featley, Recommended by Dr. Featley to the warden and sub-warden of Merton coli. and pres. of Magd. coil., ib. 29", b; 4S b Mention of his death, b. FECKENHAM, John, abbot of Westminster. Speech before H. of Commons, 12 Feb. 155i, in defence of the right of sanctuary possessed by the Abbey, 68. Oration in ParI. against alteration in religion, 979. ii. Oxon., ib Letter to the archbp. of Cant. (draft), ib Letter to Dr. Tim. Halton; 168r (copy), b. Letter, without address (01;g. copy), Draft of prospectus of the Oxf. annotated Bible, ,127*. Draft of report on repairs, &c. at Ch. Ch., Notes in his handwriting, , 280. Benefactions to the Hosp. of St. Oswald, W orc., b. Signature; 1678, as vicechancellor; r667, b. Bookseller's account of books sold to and bought of him, 397. r66. Versus varii ad eum dum officio decani JEdis Christi fungeretur, b. Epistohe sex ad eum, ab alumno ejusdemdomus; 1665,286. 6b-9h, 14b. Art. 5 in 315 inscribed to him. FELTHAM, Owen. Reply to a letter from a Jesuit (copy), b Signature; 1700, FELTON, Nicholas, rector of Stretham (r644), q. v. FELTON, Nic., M.A., rector of Hardwick, and Newton, Cambro Signature; , 340. II, 18. FENELON, Franc. Ralignae de, archbp. of Cambrai. Character of James Edw., son of James II (printed), FENNE, Hugh at. Court-rolls of the feoffees under his will of the manor of Kessinglond; , FENNOR, sir John, London. Extract from his will; 25 Sept. 1633, 796b.77. Notice of his bequest to the parish of St. Botolph Aldgate, ib. II3b FENTON, visc.: V. Erskine, Tho. FENTON, James, vicar of Lancaster. Two letters to sir T. Rawlinson; 1689, ,37 FENTON, Joseph. Signature, FENWICK, family of, Northumberland. Short pedigree, to 1615, 396. II9b. FENWICK, sir John: v. Parliament: House of Lords and House of Commons. Abstract of his papers delivered to H. of Commons, 6 Nov. 1696, His two papers of information respecting his conspiracy; 1697, Protest of 44 peers against his attainder, Epitaph on him, C A ring with his hair in the possession of Sam. Hawes, FER.. NS (?), Jo. Signature, FERABOSCo,Alfonso, musician to Charles I. Signature, b. ~'EDERICIS, Nic. Ant. de: V. Gualterus, FERBER, Johannes Philippus. Inscriptio Geo. FELL, Margaret, Quakeress, Swarth Moor, in albo amicorum J ac. Brisset; Heidelb. FEEs: t'. Ulverstone. Persons fined for attending a conventicle at her house; 1664, FERBUSIUS, Matthias, Julia-Hinsbergen 9 Jul. 1618, Common Pleas. Metcalfe, -. King's Bench Prison r 22. sis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. ~'ErLD,.-: V. Penryn, Will. Letter of' remonstrance to Charles II, Hoffmanni; Oxon., 17 Sept. 1624, FEILD, Thomas. Signature; r680, FELL, Philippus, coli. Omn. Anim. Oxon. FERDINANDUS II, Imperator: fl. ~'EILDING, family of. Long pedigree, by soc. Versus ad eum a Gul. Coker electionem in collegium petente; 1665, Trans!. of letter to James I refusing to Caraffa, Car. Verospi, -. Dugdale, with many coats of arms in trick, copies of charters, &c., 806. r make peace with the Elector; 14 Jan. 1621, FErLDING, William, visc., afterwards first FELL, Samuel, ex de Chr., S. Theol. Reply to letters of James I and the earl of Denbigh. Indentures on appointment as Keeper of the Ward Prof. Marg. Prrelectio de Sacramentis; 1628, tinates; 24 Feb. 1636, Lat., orig., 867. Elector Palatine about the Palarobe; 162}, 71)3. Oratio quum anno 1645 officium viceeanc. Oxon. susciperet, \ Signature; r620, 552*. 8b Colours of his cornet; r642, FEILDING: V. etiam Fielding. 184 Paralello tra l' imp. Ferd. II e Luigi FELIBIEN DES AVAux, Andre. Idea of Benefactions to Hosp. of St. Oswald, XIII di Francia, a R ~omplete limner; trans!. by J[ on.] W orc., FERDINAND US III, imp. Germ. Petition [lchardson?], to the Pope forinstitutionofapresentee FELLEY PRIORY, Nottinghamshire. Faint to a parish in Carniola; 1648, FELIBIEN DES AVAUX, Jean Fran9. pencil-sketch; 1726, DeSCription of Pliny's country-seats, FERGUSON, rev. James. Epitaph in St. abnd a diss. upon architecture; transl. FELTHAM, Middlesex. Valuation of the Katharine's Hosp., London; 1736, 682. y J[on.] R[ichardson '?], 31. I. parish for assessment; 1653, XX2

80 602 INDEX IN OATAL. OODD. FERGUSON, Robert: fl. Watson, Tho. FIANO, near Rome: fi.italia. Mentioned, b FUNO, duca di: fl. Valtellina. FEBJ[ANAGH, visc.: fl. Verney, Will. FICORONI, Francisco de. Observations FBRNANDEZ DE TElIIEZ Y BOAN, Spanish on Montfaucon's Diar. Ital.; transl. family of. History; Span., ~ from the Ital. by Rawlinson, Reply by A. Maffei, FERNE, Henry, D.D. Extracts from his Letter to James lord Johnstone respecting an antique cameo; transl. books, , 65. from the Ital. by Rawlinson, FBRNEWORTHY, W. Notice of a book brought by him from St. Domingo FIDDES, Richard, D.D. Chaps. i-iii of when it was taken in 1585, a Life of Sir T. More by him (copy), FERRAND, Thomas, registrar of the archdeaconry of London. Appointment of FIDDES, Thomas. Signature, Rich. Carter as his deputy; 1594 (copy), 699. SIb. FIELD, John, Pallingswick-green, a Quaker. Three letters to A. Lloyd, FERRAR, John, brother of Nicholas. T. Story, and C. Hartford; 1719 (copies), Reply to a letter about his brother's ob. life; 1655 (copy), b. FIELD, Richardus, S.T.P. Mentio de eo; FERRAR, or Farrar, Nicholas: fl. Turner, 1582, Francis. Oratio [" magistri Feild," quo Rich., Elogium sepulchrale,' by Crashaw Field?] de prredestinatione; quod (copy), doctrina a S. Aug. et a Calvino FERRARA: fl. Manolesso, Emilian. tradita eadem est, Notes of antiquities, pictures, &c., with FIELD, Theophilus, bishop of Llandaff, sketches; 1651, lII. St. David's, and Hereford. Licence FERRARI, Giacomo Antonio. Dell' anti to him from the bp. of London to chita. del pa.ese di Lecce (a transcript hold an ordination within the diocese by Rawlinson), 521. of London in Dec (draft),818. FERREIRA, Manuel, Cadiz: fl. Olandez, 114 J.P. Notice of him by A. Wood, b, 626b FERRERS, Henry, Baddesley-Clinton, FIELD OF THE CLOTH OF GOLD: V. Warwickshire. Diary, for three Franciscus I, Fr. Rex. months, in 1620 and 162f, 676. Pedigrees in his handwriting, B FIELDING, lady Betty. Mentioned; 1664, FERROR, John, rector of Trimley, q. v. FIELDING, gen. Edmund. Signature, FESTA ECCLESUSTICA. Dial. de observantia dierum festorum, FIELDING: fl. etiam Feilding. FETHERSTONE, family of, Packwood, Warwickshire. Pedigree by sir S. FIENNES, family of, lords Say and Sele. Archer, continued by Thos. Fetherstone Pedigree and arms, Pedigree, to 1668, b. Papers relating to their estates, &c., FETHERSTONE, Alexander, vicar of 892, 916. Wolverton, Bucks. Signature; 1679, FIENNES, Giles de, and Sibil his wife b. Writ for them in a suit at Worthing; FETHERSTONE, Thomas, Packwood, 1289 (copy), Warwickshire. Two letters to his godfather, sir W. Dugdale; Apr.-June, FIEliNES, Henry. His case in the Starchamber; 12 Oct. 1638, , , 181. FETTIPLACE, or FETTEPLACE, family of, FIENNES, James, first baron Say and Sele. Berks. Pedigrees, , 73, 114. Grant to him of the constableship of Dover castle; 1447 (copy), FETTIPLACE, Charles: fl. Stonhouse, sir Pension paid to him from Southampton, John. ib Inq. p.m., (copy), ib FETTIPLACE, Edmund. Notice of his FIENNES, James, second visco Say and murder of a cousin, Sele. Appointment of a bailiff of his FETTIPLACE, John. Letter to E. manors; 1663, ofagamekeeper; 1671, ib. 21I. Ashmole; 1665, FETTIPLACE, Thomas, esq., Wilts. Signature; 1699, Lyneham. FIENNES, John and Joan, A.D. 1370: fl. FEVEBSHAl!(, earl of: fl. Dums, Geo. F!ENNES, John. Receipts; , 916. FEVRY, -, physician to the duke of 79 Lorraine. Account of a preternatural birth; 1723 (traml.), 871. third visco Say and Sele: fl. Fiennes, FIENNES, Katharine, second wife of Will., J30-1 Nathanael. FIENNES, Margaret, wife of Willialll second baron Say and Sele. Inq. p. m: 1477 (copy), FIENNES, Mary, first wife of Will., third visco Say and Sele. Letter to a brother. 1675, Receipts in : FIENNES, col. Nathaniel: v. Fiennes, Will Device of wreath and death's head o~ his cornet; 1642, Will; 1669 (copy), FIENNES, Nathanael, fourth vise. Say and Sele: fl. Knight, John. Papers relating to his case with regard to his mother-in-law Katharine and his father's will; 1701, FIENNES, Pharamus, clerk. Mentioned b, 256, 312. Receipts, : FIENNES, Richard. Statement of the value of his manors, his father's settle. ment, &c.; t. Hen. VIII, FIENNES, sir Richard, seventh lord Say and Sele. Suit against him by the inhabitants of Bloxham respecting an over-rent; t. Eliz., Petition to Jamea I for the barony; 1603 (copy), ib Order referring his claim to the barony of Say to the Privy Council; 1603, ib FIENNES, capt. Robert. Device on his cornet; 1642, b FIENNES, hon. Susanna: v. Oldfield, Fr. Receipt for a legacy; 1680, FIENNES, Thomas. Receipts for corn, cattle, wood, &c.; , FIENNES, sir William, knt. Pardon from Edw. IV; 1468 (copy), FIENNES, William, first visco Say and Sele. Creation as viscount; 1624, Suit against sir T. Pope for trespass at Shutford, FIENNES, William, third visco Say and Sele. Appointment of Abell Makepeace to be steward of his manors; 1674 (draft), Receipt for his pension, ib Appointment of R. Corpson as chaplain; 1683, ib. 3 I 7. Faculty to him for a pew in the church of Weston-sub.Edge; 1682, ib 319. Particular of Over Norton proposed to be mortgaged by him; 1681, Rental-book; ,915. Signature; 1687, ib. 108b FIENNES, William, second Bon of Laur. fifth visco Papers, and letters to W. Hancocke and J. Richerne, respecting the adventure in 1642 of Nath. FienneB for rebels' lands in Ireland; , , 221.

81 FIENNES, William, Inner Temple, steward of the manors of lord Say and Sele. Bill of complaint against P. Style; 1685, Summons for court leet, ib Appointment of P. Style as his deputy ; 1687, ib Receipts; , FIE SOLE, Italy. Description, &c., ltal., ,67. FIFTH MONARCHY. Consideration of some mistakes about the F. M., I. FIGARI, -: v. Borsatti, Cesare. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 603 Charge to the judges; 13 Feb. 1639, 720. SI. Speech In ParI. 13 Apr. 1640, Nov. 1640, ib Speech before his impeachment, 21 Dec. 1640, FINCH, Leopold William, warden of All Souls' coli., Oxf. Latin theme when candidate at All Souls'; 1680, Protest against the removal of the Pnelector of moral philosophy; 1698, Signature to another protest, ib FILDER, or Felder, Margery and Joan. Epitaphs at Alton, Hants.; 1534, 1578, FINCH, Rebecca, a seaman's wife. Petih 8 b tion to Charles II, b , I. ~'ILICAIA, Vincenzo dlt, senatore di FINCH, Thomas. Mentioned; 1644, 395. Firenze. Sopra i buccheri, sonetto; 74 FILLIAN, J., engraver. Mention of him, FINCHLEY, Middlesex. List of the trained band; 1626, IS. Valuation of the parish for assessment; FILON ARDO, Paolo. Instructions for him 16 March, 1645, (?), from the duca di Palliano and card. ib 46. Caraffa, for treating in Spain and at Account of the parish, in a letter j 1718, Venice; 1657, ltal., Epitaphs, Illb. FILTZ,David von, nobilis Silesius. Album amicorum, prresertim apud Constanti- FINDERN, family of, Derbyshire. Pedinopolim; , 986. gree, b. Copies from Cotton Cleop. E. iv of papers relative to him, Other collections for Lewis' life of him, lb. 2OOh-S. Letter to Cromwell ; his indictment; answers to interrogatories (copies from Cotton Cleop. E. vi), lb. 142, 145\ 148. FISHER, John, Jesuit: v. Featley, Dan. FISHER, Payne. Mentioned; 1655, ,41b FISHER, sir Richard. Signature (?), FISHER, Richard. Letter to him from Hearne, FISHER, Robert, Beverley. Will; 1477 (copy), xlv. FINCHAM, Ralph, Caton, Lancashire. FISHER, Samuel, Bury St. Edmund's. Copy of a certl'ficate as to descent " Note of a MS. missal in his possessiod, FILIOLL, family of. Short note of de scent, July, 1688, FISHER, William, at the Angel, Leicester: v. Ireland, Will. FISHING, and FISHERY: v. Hollandia. Answers to objections to a grant from James I in restraint of fishing, List of state papel"!! on fishing, Greenland fishery, &c. j , A few notes, A universal bait, 16L 80. FIN BOROUGH, GREAT, Suffolk. Particular FINEUX, -, Canterbury: v. Loblowe, FITTLETON, Wilts. on H. Clerk of the manors of Finborough, Alders, Will. in the church; 1712, and Cantelows; cent. xvii, FINEUX, George, Canterbury. Epitaph; FITZ-ALAN, of Arundel, family of. De- FINCH, Mrs. -. Notes for a letter to her 1653, scent to Howard of Maltravers, from archd. Granville; 1679, b. Instructions to prepare her for the Sacrament, ib. 29b Remarks by her on the corruption of human nature, ib Thoughts recommended to her for consideration, ib FINcH,Daniel, second earl of Nottingham and sixth earl of Winchel sea. Letter to sir G. Sylvius, 28 June, 1689, Speech in H. of Lords on Sacheverell's trial, b. Said to have been bought over by Will. III, FINCH, Daniel, third earl of Nottingham and seventh earl of Winchilsea: v. Morke, John. FINCH, Elizabeth, viscountess Maidstone. Preamble of creation as countess of Winchelsea j [1628], FINCH, Heneage, Lord Chancellor, first earl of Nottingham. Opinion on a case in law; 1663, Speech to sir R. Rainsford on his appointment as C. J. K. B., 12 Apr. 1676, ; FINCH, John, lord; Lord Keeper. Argument on ship-money; 9 June, 1638, FINNINGHAM, Suffolk. Articles against Edm. Mayor, rector; 1644, FIRBus, Deborah, Barking, Essex j 1638, FIRE INSURANCE: v. Sun Fire Office. FISH, Augustine. Note respecting his presentation to the vicarage of Gidney, Linc., FITZ-ALAN, Henry, eighteenth earl of Arundel: v. Oxford: Ok. Ch. Order of his funeral; 1579, Extract from a MS. once in his POSselsion [now Rawl. B. 47], FITZ-ALAN, John, ninth earl of Arundel. Decision in Parlilliment, 24 March 1434, as to his sitting by virtue of old creation, b. FISH, George, Halifax. Petition to FITZ-CHARLES, Charles, earl of Plymouth. Charles II for relief, b. Petition of his servants after his death to Charles II for relief, b. FISH, James, Warwick. Catalogue of writings in his possession; 1694, 868. FITZ-GEOFFREY, Charles. Signature, FISCHER, Daniel, Holsatus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 1615, FISHER, sir Edward, Mickleton, Glouc. Twelve coats of arms bornil by him, 865. lio. FISHER, George, lieut. of H.M.S. Albemarle. To be tried for illegal impressment; 1697, FISHER, John, bishop of Rochester: ". Hall, Rich. Oratio coram R. Hen. VII anno 1507, FITZ-GERALD, Ambrose, of the Irish Dominican conv. of Holy Cross at Louvain. Controversial letter to dean Granville of Durham, Notes on the Lord's Prayer, ro Letter to Granville, Aix, 1678, Controversial papers, ro Art. I in 817 sent to him. FITZ-GERALD, col. John. Copies of orders as lieut.-gov. of Tangier; 1662, b-9 FITZ-HERBERT,familyof. Pedigree, temp. Hen. VIII,

82 604 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. FITZ-HEBBEBT, Thomas, Rome: II. Leake, Tho. Extracts from his book of Policy and Religion, Extract from his Dej. of Cat1wliclc Cause, b FITZ-JAMES, Edward and Henry. Names scribbled, FITZ-JAMES, James, duke of Berwick: II. Stuart, Chas. Edw. Payments for him from the Secret Service money of James II; , 872. III, 120, 130, 138, &c. Note to Monseign. Capraro.; 17 May, 1701, Mention of him; 1706, ib 32b Account of his second campaign upon the Rhine, in 1734, FITZ-NIGEL, Ricardus, episc. London. De scaccario dialogus (perperam in codice Gervasio Tilberiensi ascriptus), tmmer. swe. xvii, 349. FITZPATRICK, family of, lords of ":Keyray." Pedigree to 1660, attested by Dugdale, FITZ-RALPH, family of.,pedii(tee (five generations) and arms, 727. lb. FITZROY, lord Charles. Letter to him from M. Maittaire; 1738, Lat. (draft), FITZROY, Henry, duke of Grafton. 'Lines on his death at the siege of Cork; 1690, FITZ-Roy, Ja.mes, duke of Monmouth. Rewards to the messengers who brought the news of his Lyme, and of his oa.pture, bringing his colours, , 86, 87, 88, 121. Aocount of the oasting down of his arms as Knight of the Garter, &c., in the chl!>pel at Wimlsor; 1685, "90 Drafts of tha.nksgivin~-pr-ayer on suppression ofhis rebelhon, , 44, 55,57 Account of his execution, A vindication of his legitimacy, entitle'd " A letter to a person of honour concerning the Black Box," FITZW ALTER, barony of: v. Mildmay, Benj. FITZWARIN, family of. Descent, b FITZWILLIAM, Charles. At school at Clapton in 1661, FITZWILLIAM, or FITZWILLIAMS, John, D.D., Magd. coil, Oxf. Diss. de S. ScriptUI'm veritate, pro gradu S.T.B. ; 1665, Music-speech as Terrm-filius; 1661, I; 125L 262. Vindicie pro fide erga R. Jac. II ser Yanda (autogr. et apogr.), 1241,1242. Engli&h treatise on the same subject, Notes and extracts relative '.. to the same, A discourse against separation, Strictures on [Stillingfleet's] Unreasonableness of a new separation, Discourse on alms, Treatise on prayer, Discourse on fasting, Discourse on forgiveness, Treatise of Divine Providence, Miscellaneous prayers, Letter to the countess of Gainsborough on the death of her husband in 1689, Letter to lady Eliz. Noel respecting joining in prayer for the success of Will. III in Ireland, Chronology of losses and injuries suffered by the English from Dec to Feb. 169*, Letter to lady R. Russell; 1690, Poetical paraphrase of the Te Deum, I. Epitaph on the Church of EngI.: Lat. Engl., I. Lines on the denial of the birth of the P. of Wales, ib. 96. Signature as rector of Cottenham; 1674, Signature, in Greek characters, 'Arts 51 in 842; 8, 9, 912; 12, 920; 17, 921; 8, 922; I, 923; 71, 924, formerly in'his possession. :FLADBURY (?), W orcestershire. Letter to the people. of the place from a Nonjuror on his withdra.wing from the parish chureh; 1696,1238. I. Reasons against coj.nmuniclltidg in parish churches, ib. 28. FLAGS. 'l'he.eize of banners and standards, FLAMSl'EED, John. Signature; 1687, 822. Il9. FLANDRIA: v. Anglia. Hispania. Bagni, -de. John of Austria, 'Elizabetha, don. Angl. Reg. Leake, John. Francia..N etherlands. Forma Inquisitionis Hispan. ibi insti tuta anno 1550,279. I. Consilium de pace per provincias Belgicas constituenda, 1576, 212. Clivim duces, Hollandim et Flandrim comites, &c., Notes of records, 2 & 3 Edw. I, On the necessity to Spain of peace there, 172. SIb. "Discorso intorno rebellione di Fiandra et della guerl'''' tra i Spanioli et Fiamingi" (extracts), Instructions to the archbp. of Patras, papal nuncio in Flanders; 1621, ltal., ; ; ; FLATMAN, William. Certificate in his favour as a wounded sailor; an alms_ man's place at Trin. coil., Cambr., granted to him; 1669, FLAX: v. Hibernia. FLEET PRISON: v. London. FLEETE, John, parish clerk of St. Botolph's Aldgate, London, in b 116. ' FLEETWOOD, George, ambo from Sweden to Cromwell: v. Buecia. FLEETWOOD, sir Richard, bart. A protectiongranted to him; Nov. 1632, FLEETWOOD, or FLETEWODE, William, serj.-at-iaw, recorder of London. Treatise of the commission of Bridewell,708. Account of MSS. at Missenden that had belonged to him.; 1706, \ 43 FLEETWOOD, col. William. An unhappie view of the behaviour of the duke of Buckingham at the French island, 671. FLEETWOOD, William, bishop of Ely. His translation from St. Asaph to Ely objected to by lord Nottingham, Possessed part of the catalogue of Rich, Smith's library, Gave 939 to Hearne. FLEMING, Robert, junior. Miscell. historical note-book, Note-book about his congregations in Holland and London, &c., 205. :Record of his election to succeed his father as minister of the Scottish church at Rotterdam; 1695, Dutch, FLEMING, Samuel. Chronology of English history, , 7. FLEMMING, Jonas, St. Sepulchre'B, London. Petition for employment in the penny-post-office; [1705], FLETCHER, A. Signature, FLETCHER, Andrew, of Saltoun. Notice of his death, FLETCHER, George, son of Will., Hutton Pannell, Yorkshire. Petition to Charles II respecting lands at Billam, 18. 3Sb FLETCHER, Giles, LL.D. "Method of his Relation of Russia," In matrem academiam suos natos lugelltem in exilio vagantes, versus [auctore legidio Fletcher, seniora, LL.D.?], FLETCHER, James, bookseller. FLATMAN, Robert, Canterbury. Epi- bought of him in taphs on him, his wife and family; , b FLATMAN, Thomas. Four of his poems, , 36b. Gift by him of a book to a friend, b 498 FLETCHER, Margaret, widow of William, Yorkshire. Petition to Charles II for arrears of her husband's pay, FLETCHER, Richard, fellow of Jesus coll., Cambro Signature,

83 FLETCHER, Stephen. Receipt for the price of a MS. bought by Hearne; 1717, I lb. FLEURIVAL, sit'e de Florida Valle, abbatia de, in Flandria. Kalendarium obituum ad an. 1584, 898. Catalogus abbatissarum, &c., ib. 64 b, et seqq. RA WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 605 Pedigree of Delves, transcribed from his collections, , 155. Extract by Dugdale from his visitation of Cheshire in 1589 of the pedigree of Cholmley, FOORDER, Richard Signature; 1665, FOPPA, J o. Aloy,ius, univ. Patav. scriptor. Anno 1683 exaravit FLOWTON, Suffolk. Articles against FORBES, Arthur, lord Granard. Par- Will. Franklyn, rector; 1644, ticulars of his pension; , L8,30b -I. FLEURY, A. P., French Prot. minister, FLOYD, -, Oriel coli.. Oxf. Wine-bill ; Lon d on. S Igna t ure; 1703, 641. I , FORBES, St had Gulielmus, episc. Edinburgensis: Mentioned; 1704, ib v. ep ens, n r. FLOYD, Ed. Epitome of Speed's Hist. of FORBES. father James, Rome. Letters FLINT. Fines at the sessions, Oct Brit.; t E M d' h Ch t 'b o. ere It ; ,.2,29.30, ar er; 1700, t. 337 F N' h M t' d b S' t Disputed election; ib LOYD, George and IC. or Lloyd, q. v en lone, i.44. Igll& ure, ib. 53b FLITTON, Bedfordshire. Terrier of FLOYD, or FLOUD, Katherine, St. John Woorthing; 1614, b. FLOOKBURGH, Lancashire. Appointment of a collector in London upon a brief for collections on account of a fire at Flookburgh; 1665, ~'LORENTIA: v. FLORRENCE, William, coachman. Petition to Charles II for relief, b horus, Luc. Ann. Hist. of Roman affairs; transl. by sir R. Atkyns, 57. ~'LOUD [or FLOYD?], Thomas, Petty France, Westminster; 1638, FLOWER, William, Norroy King of Arms. Warrant for supply of livery to him as Chester herald in 1559, Warrant (signed and sealed by him) to the bailiff of the hundred of Macclesfield to summon six esquires and twenty-four gentlemen to attend his visitation; 12 Sept. 1580, Four similar warrants to bailiffs in Durham, ib street. London; 1637, b. FORCER, Francis. Signature; 1665, FLOYER, Jo., Lichfield. Letter to E. Ashmole; 1685, FORD, Philip: v; Penn, Will. FLUDD, Splandian Signature, FORDE, Thomas, musician to Charles I. Signature, ; ,4S b, et in voll. seqq. Julius III. Monaldi, Piero. FOGGE, Laurence, D.D., preb. of Chester. Nomina duodecim legatorum Florent. Signature; FORDHAM, William, vicar and licensed preacher of Bottisham, Cambro Signature; ,340.4,32. ad papam Bonif. VIII, A. D. 1300; FOIx, French family of de. Pedigree, in Ital., the handwriting of Cecil, lord Burleigh, Processus protonotariatus pro archidiacono, canonicis, et capitulo eccl. hand, showing the descent of this FORDINGBRIDGE, Hants. Vicars; Another pedigree, by a French 1724, metrop. FlorentinaJ; 1556, I. family and that of the earls of Stafford FORDUN, John. Hearne's preface to Index libb. MSS. in bibl. Laurentiana, from Edw. I, ib. I I. Third pedigree, Fordun's Chronico1lr, ; showing connexion with the dukes of Copies of documents relating to the Suffolk, with arms in trick, ib. 12. FORDWICH, Kent. l!'orm of a return investiture of Aless. de' Medici by [The Count de Foix was ambassador to from the mayor and jurats to a summons before the L. Warden of the the Emp.; , England in 1571.] Indice de' camei del G. D. di Toscana, Cinque Ports, I. FODe, Henri de. Deux lettres; 1616, Nota dei ritratti dei pittoj:i della Reale FORE, -, doct. du Sorbonne: v. Anglia. Galleria, FOLARD, J. Ch. de. A treatise on the FORENT, mademoiselle: v. B., J. Relatione del ducato; 1576, Short description, in 1652; Fr., 485. [military] column; transl. from the FORENT, Jean, French pastor. Sig- 8-9 French by J. Cocke, 311. nature; 1618, Notes of a commercial travellerin 1678, FOLEY, Paul, Speaker of the House of FORENT, Jean, minister at Tom's, afterwards to the French congreg. in Soho 83h Commons. Parley between him and Cerimonie &c. nella venuta di Fed. IV, H. Guy; lines by A. Hammond, 174. Re di Danimarca; 1709,562. and Spitalfields, London: v Essequie funerali et orazion funebre al BaignollX, Tim. Girard, N.. Luigi XIV di Francia in S. Lorenzo FOLIOT, Gilbert, bishop of London. C., M. Mallide, J. L. Magg.; 1715, Transl. of a letter from him, while abbot Deblois, -. Mongommery,-de. Notes on Florence; Engl. and Ital., 172. of Glouc., to bp. Simon of Worcester, Memorandum-book, with copies of 52b b horentius, (?) -, of Nanterre in FOLIOT, Hugh, bishop of Hereford. Account of him, by H. Gandy, the Isle of France. Latin birth-day ode in his honour, FOLKES, Martin, Pres. R. S. InscrijJtion FLORIDA VALLE, abbatia de: v. Fleurival. on a gold ring deciphered by him, FOLLER, William, Fowey, Cornwall. Letter to John Raynolds; 1675, FONTANA, -. Description of the chapel of the font in St. Peter's at Rome; tranal. by Rawlinson, FONTANA, Ernestus, princeps. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 1619, b FONTANA, Ruggiero; ,564. I, &c.. FOOLS. Solomon's fool and his folly [on the folly of various sinners, in prose and verse], 186. letters; , Fr., 436. Sermons preached in the French churches in London, , 98, 183. Statement of his objections to being sent out to America by the archbp. of Canterbury; Fr., Memorial to the archbp. about his share in the fund for refugee ministers, ib Letter to him from a friend in Holland; signature and date lost; Fr., Signature; 1703, Owner in 1662 of 217. FORESTS: V. Jus Anglicanum. FORGESON [FERGUSSON?], Margaret, dau. of WilL, shoemaker to the king in Scotland. Petition to Charles II, 18. I5b FORMAN, Simon. Fragment of Wood's life of him, FORSTALL, Francis, a friar. 1685, b Signature;

84 606 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. FORSTER, family of, Berks. Pedigree; FOTHERGILL, Marmaduke. Six letters FOWLES, - : 11. E., V. 1665, i-5. to him from Hearne; 1711, b, 71 ; U70. 13, 19, 32b, 36b. FOWNES, family of, Devonshire and Corn. FORSTER, Pexall, Durham. Letter to wall. Arms, in trick, dean Granville; 1684, FOUCAULT, Nicolaus Josephus, comes FORSTER, Bir Richard, Paris. Three Consistorianus. POBBedit 935. FOWNES, William, Peter Rouse, Ca-br.... letters to lord Percy; , , FOUCQUET, Nicolas, conseiller du Roi, Lines on him, ISS, 157. &:c. Petition to the French Chambre de Justice respecting a suit begun Fox, Francis. Note to Hearne, *. FORSTER, or FOSTER, William, D.D. against him in 1662; c. 1665, Fr., Royal assent to his nomination as imperf., Fox, George, Quaker. Letter from Rhode bishop of Man; Feb. 1633, Island; 1672(copy),327.Slb. --from FORTESCUE, sir Faithful. Device on his FOULIS, Da. Signature; 1676, Kingston; 1675 (copy), ib. 71b. On marriages of kindred, ib. 68b comet; 1642, FOULIS, Henry, M.A., Line. coil., Oxf. Hist. of the plots of our pretended FORTESCUE, sir John. The difference Fox, sir Stephen. Signature; saints; 1662,860. between Dominium Regale and D S b minium PoUticum et Regale, 69. I. FOULIS, Henry. Signature, 1386, imperfect copy, Fox, Thomas, Charterhouse. Affidavit Declaration concerning writings FOULKS, David, Jesus coil, Oxf. Descent of a debt due to him by Charles Fox, from P. Meyrick, Sb. bookseller; 1725, brought from Scotland (copied from Digby MS. 198), Signature, FOULKES, John, Jesus coil, Oxf. Descent FOXCROFT, -. Letter to his son John, from P. Meyrick, upon his evil courses; 4 Apr FORTH, earl of: 11. Ruthven, FOULKES, Dr. Robert, Llanbedr. 123 (copy), FORTHE, sir Ambrose. List by Ussher of books in his possessi{)n, L 20. FORTHE, John. Died in Virginia in 1622, 693.4b. FORTIFICATION: 11. Bardon, -. Treatise on the duties of a director of fortmcations and of.under-engineers, 919. II. Ma~hematical diagrams, with reference to the art, 544. "L'art de fortifier"; en trois parts, IntroductiOillaiafortification; 1684,494. "Traitte des fortifications," 523. Small frs.gment from some plan of a French fortification, Treatise on fortification; ltal., imperj., 920. I. FORTRIE, John, -vicar of Washington, Sussex. Testimonialfora dispensation; 1679, FOSSIUS, Nicolaus, Danus. InsQriptioin albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; Aurelire, 24 Mart, 1619, 935.,78b. FOSTER, Anthony. Name soribbled on p. I. in FOSTER, Edward ani Margaret, Canterbury. Epitaph; 1635, Sb. FOSTER, Marmaduke. Notice of him as librarian of the Arundel library at Gresham (lollege, &:c., , 34. copied from a MS. in his possession; FOULMIBE, Cambridgeshire. Articles against John Morden, rector; 1644, FOUNTAINE, SiT Andrew. Four letters to Edw. Thwaites; ,377.29, 31,40,4':1. Two letters to Dr. Hudson; , , 139 Two letters to him from T. Hearne; 1709, U88. 67b, 122. Note of a Bible of 1540 in his possession, FOWKE, John. Signature, FOWLE, Bobert, Sussex. Signature; 167&, FOWLER, Barnard. Letter on his behalf; temp. Eliz. (copy), b FOWLER, Edwa.rd, D.D., bishop of Gloucester: fl. Homeck, Anth. Letter to Mrs. A. Grigg, defending himself for accepting the bishopric, with her reply; (1691, copies), Letterinveighing against the chancellor of his diocese, Dr. R. Parsons; 9 1Mc (copy), Fon, John. Epistola ad quosdam anabaptistas Batavos; [1575], autogr., Art. 6 in cod. eodem (f. 43) ab eo transcriptus. Notes out of his Acts and Monuments, (made in 1635); Notes on Church hist., as to the true Church, in reply to him, 172. II FOXE, Nicholas. Signature; c. 1600, FOYSTER, Matthew. Mentioned; 1583, FBAGMENTA. Miscellaneous fragments, SQ3CC. x-xvii, 893; 913; ; of service-books, 894. FRAME, Mary, widow of Will. Frame, and dau. of John Portlock, post-master at Cirencester. Petition to Charles II for relief, FRAME-WORK KNITTERS' COMPANY. Notes out of a petition from them to Cromwell for incorporation, Memorial from the Company to the governors of Bridewell Hospital against election of one of the company as arts master in the hosp., Signature; 1678, and FRAMFIELD, Sussex. Tho. Hammond, seal of arms, ~'b. 58. a presentee to the vicarage, rejected Abstract of his Libertas Evang., by the archbp. of Canterbury; 1663, FOSTER, sir Re~nald. His wife's receipt FOWLER, Henry, Gloucester. Signature to prevent mlscarriage, and seal of arms,' 1669, FRAMLINGHAM, Suffolk: v. Cambridge: Pembroke Hall. FOSTER,. Samuel, B.D., rector of Red- Bitcham, sir Rob. grave, Suffolk. Signature, with seal of FOWLER, James, Canterbury. Epitaphs arms; 1678, on him, his wife Jane, and others of the family; , b _ FOSTER, T., mayor of Lancaster : fl. Rawlinson, sir Will. Letter to Gilb. Wallis; 1689, FOTHEBlIY, Thomas. Two long letters to air G. Sylvius about the engaging. Da.nish troops for the service of Will. III; 1689,749. 2II-220. FOWLER, commissary Thomas. Warrant from Cromwell for delivery to him of arms for the forces in Scotland; 27 Jan. 1653, FRAMPTON, Robert, bishop of Gloucester: v. Dodwell, Hen. FRANCESCA, Santa, dell' ord. di S. Bened. Regola delle figliole di S. Francese!!, 446. FOWLER, Thomas, curate of Dry Drayton, FRANCKE, prof. Aug. Herm" Halle. Art. 1 Cambro Signature; 1679, in 511 dedicated to him in 1709.

85 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 607 FRANCIA: v. Abdy, sir T. Italia. Avaux, comte d'. Julius III, Papa. Anglia. Leake, John. Bion, -. Messina. Broccardo, conte. Michele, Giov. Comoodire. Nani, Bapt. Corsini, -. Paulus Ill, Papa. Englefield, sir F. Rawlinson, Rich. Franciscus 1. Roma, Eccl. Rom. Grimarest, J. A. Suriani, Mich. Helvetia. Theologiea Varia. Hispania. Travels. Huguenots. Turcia. Reges, ad an. 1514, Notre de successione regni, Descent of the kings, to Hen. IV, b Lists of kings, , 50. Notes of a few records relating to France t. Hen. III, and copies of records Edw. III, , Account of the campaign of Edw. III in 1359, ib. 77. Treaty of Bretigny; 1360, 556. I. Note (from Holinshed) of the treaty at Bretigny, Notes on the claim of Edw. III to the crown of France, Fragments of a copy of the truce with England in 1413, &c., , 106. Note of documents showing the English claim to Aquitaine; 3 Hen. V, 1415, List of some treaties with England, and letters, ib Fragment of certificate of matriculation of a bookaeller (" librarius") in a Fr. university; 1414, Omission of the title of K. of France in the credentials of the Engl. ambassador at Rome in 1504; and notes from records on the title, , 102. Draft of the treaty at Chateau Cambresis in 1530, Abstract in Engl. of a portion of a history of France to 1561, Fragments of chronological notes on French history j , Fr., "Gesta impiorum per Francos"; tract. de fcederibus Gallire cum hereticis, Articoli tra il Re et i rebelli, Aug. 1570, Articoli contenuti nell' editto della pacificatione publ. nella pari. di Parigi, Ottob. 1570, ib Conferenza del privato consiglio del Re, a. Bles, Ott. 1570, ib Discorso sopra la pace di Francia; 20 JuI. 1570, ib Oratio academica in adventum dom. de la Mote et dom. de la Mola, Regis Gallire legato rum, ad Oxonium, 23 Aug. 1572, Acts of the svnods of the Reformed churches, and of several of the conferences of Poictou and Bretagne j , Actes de l'assemblee gen. des eglises reformees a. Rochelle j , I. Lettres et declaration, ib. 133, I~9. Addresse de submission par les deputees Ref. a. Rochelle a Ie Roi; 1628, ib VOL. II. Drafts of two letters from the synod at Rochelle; 1607, Copies of letters concel'iling restoration of union among the Reformed; Aug. 1612, from the synod at Privas to the King and Queen; 1612, ib Discipline ecclesiastique des Eglises Reformees, , , Fragments of a copy of the Articles of Discipline, Fragment of two memorials about grievances from the PrOlestant synods to the King, ib Mem. de la vexation des eglisesreformees par leclerge etautres; 1634, Letter from an English gentleman abiding in France to a gentleman in England; 1640, " A remonstrance to the K. of France" against putting Dunkirk and the coast towns of Flanders into the hands of Cromwell; transl. from the Fr., "Conditions aux queues Ie Roy tres Chr. demande que mons. Ie Dauphin Boit eleu Roy des Romains," Reply of the Privy Council of England to a memorial from the French ambassador to Charles II about seizure of French vessels trading with the Dutch; 1665, Favourable account of the French Protestants by dean Granville of Durham ; 1678, Further thoughts by him about them and the communicatingwith them, Notes out of French 11!tt jgues; 1685, Reglement pour la levee et conduitte &c. de l'infanterie et cavallerie; cent. xvii, Estat des regimens, ib.78. Description,inF'r.,ofthecavalry regiments, being part of an account of the army; cent. xviii, Book of the allowances for the royal household; 1691, for the household of the duke of Burgundy; 1690,418. Supplement to treaty of allied princes against trade with France; 1691, Fr., French orders about prizes taken at sea; , Army lists j , , 99, 173; "Recueil de Pieces"; chronicle of French affairs, and miscellaneous notes; , Fr., Expedition in 1702 to W. Indies and S. America, Charge of conducting discharged French prisoners in Surrey; 1703, Letters and papel's of French Protestants, and also relative to the French churches in London, 641. Note-book of historical adversaria, in French,439. Notes, chiefly on moral philosophy and history, in French, 440. Secretarial book of forms of address used by the K. and R. Family at the end of the 16th cent. in letters to sovereigns and nobles, 599. Description des interets en buict notables corps du royaulme de France, 955. The office of High Treasurer, &c., Revenue of the crown, ib Account of the royal revenues; 1626, Span., Prosopopee de la pyramide du palais ; avec reponse, , 25. Travels in France and Germany, by a young Engl. nobleman; , 76. Short geographical description; Fr., 439 5b Engravings of arms of provinces, &c., "Instruction touchant l'orthografe" de la langue Fran9., 442. Notes on French grammar, on etymology, ib. 73. Glossary of a few French words, Dialect oj Beam: nine quatrains, , 85b Dialect oj Languedoc: a Dialogue, and Eclogue, 468. Fragments of French MSS., , Del regno di Fr., d'un segretario; 1579, "Scritura all' Re di Fra. per la quale si persuade a mettere la guerra in Italia stante la differencia della sua Santita con Ii Venetiani," "Meriti e demeriti della corona di Fr., con la memoria de tutti Ii favori recevuti dalla sede apostolica," ib 77 Nota dell' entrate del regno di Francia, Relatione di quante occorse in cappella in Trento sopra la precedenza degli ambasciatori di Franciaet di Spa.gna; 1563, Sopra il negotio della precedenza tra Spagna et Francia, ib De gli effetti dannosissimi della Lega a 10 stato et corona di Francia, &c., Discorso del principio, &c. dell' antica monarchia di }<'rancia, _ Lettera faceta circa il paese della Fr., FRANCIS, Madam. Receipts "for the mallinchollywater," and to make "hiera. piera," , 362. FRANCIS, Anne, Lamberhurst, Sussex. Epitaph in Rye church; 1704, b FRANCIS, Thomas, M.D., provo of Queen's coil., Oxf. Epist. ad eum ab acado Oxon. " ut in medicina coram Regina respondeat" 24 Jul (apogr.), FRANCISCANI, monachi ord. S. Francisci : V. Canary Islands. "Expeditiones," sive literre, instructiones, &c., temp. P. Manero, gen. ordinis; ,1205. Printed form of enrolment of bene. factors in the order; 1696, Lat., FRANCISCUS, S. Engravings of his house. tree, &c., YY

86 608 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. FRANCISCttS I, Gallorum Rex. Emblema de eo ; accedit notitia, versu et prosa, Fragment of household accounts, apparently with reference to the Field of the Cloth of Gold, Transl. of his letter to his mother after the battle of Pavia, FRANCIUS, Petrus. Versus Grreci in obitum Ferd. Furstenberg, episc. Paderb. et Monast. [1683], Possedit 296. FRANCK, Robert, M.P. Two notes to him from Hearne ; 1711, b ; ll FRANCKENA U, Dionysius von. Inscriptio Germ., una cum insignibus gentilitiis depictis, in albo amicorum Dav. von Piltz; 1623, b. FRANCKLIN. sir John, Willesden, Middlesex. Mentioned; c. 1650, b FRANCOFURTUM-SUPER-ODERAM: v. Oxford. FRANGIPANI, conte Franc. Christof: v. Nadasdi, Fr. FRANK. John, beer-brewe1', St. Botolph Aldgate, London. Will; 3 Nov (copy), 796b 57b FRANK, Mark, D.D. Epitaph in (old) St. Paul's cathedral, FRANK, Mary, Cow Lane, London; 1637, b FRANKLAND,sirThomas, bart. Catalogue of his library; 880. FRANKLAND, William. Signature; 1676, FRANKLEY, Worcestershire: v.lyttelton, sir John. FRA UNCE, Abraham. Tract. de usu dia- FREEMASONS. Note of a procession in lectices, 345. I. Emblemata, ib. 17. London, 7 June, 1733, FREHER, Dion. Ant. Remonstrance upon the divisions in the Philadelphian Society, Signature; 1710, FREDERICK, Prince of Wales. Letter to him deprecating his reconciliation with the King and Ministry; 1742, A welcome to him; in verse, FREHER, Matthreus, junior. Inscriptio FREDERICUS III, Imperator: v. Amal- in alba amicorum P. Golii; Lond. 13 thoous, C. Pau. Jun. 1619, FREDERIC US WILLELMUS, Elector Brandenburgicus. Carmen de nuptiis ejus anno 1667, Cod. 266 ei inbcriptus. FREDERICUS III, Elector Brandenburgicus, Pru8sire Rex I. Transl. of his Decl. concerning thepresent waragainstfrance, and of Letter from the cantons of Switzerland, with licence forpres8; 1689, II. FREIND, John, Ch. Ch., Oxf. Supplicat for the degree of M.D.; 1707, Versus Mich. Maittaire ad eum, ,21. FREIND, Robert, D.D.: v. Graham, James. Arguments against the removal of the prrelectorofmoral philosophy atol\f.; 1698, Letter to Edw. Thwaites; 17 1, FREDERICUS Ill, Danire Rex. Notice of FREITAG, P., sive Fridaghe, q. v. his funeral; Feb. 1670, (erroneously entered in the Catalogue as the FRANCKLIN, Ricardus, M.D. Nota de FREMAN, William, secr. to the L. Chane. eo, b Note to R. Mackenzie; 1731, funel'al of Christian V). FRANCKLIN, Thomas. Signature, FREDERICus IV, Danire Rex. Cerimonie FRENCH, Nathaniel. Receipts, as agent 232. &c. nellavenuta in I!'irenze, Mar. 1709, for lord Say and Sele, in , FRANCKLYN, John. Signature and seal of arms; 167f, FREND, family of. Arms, in trick, as certi FREDERICUS, Rex Suecire. A memorial, while Prince; 27 Feb. 1720, fiedbyedw.norgate, Windsor; b Swed., 569. FRANCOFURTUM-SUPER-M<ENUM: v. 44. Reponse au Mem. de Ie Sieur FREND, Joan, Puddle Wharf, London; Geneva. Rumpf, envoye des Etats Gen.; 1725, 1637,145.8Sb. Fr., ib. 29. Declaration about an alliance with Turkey; 1725, Swed., ib. 33. Letter to his mother Ulrica and her reply; 16 May, 1726, Germ., ib. 39, 40. Letter to the Assembly of Nobles in 1723; Sw. and Fr., ib. 88, 94. FREDERICUS IV, Elector Palatinus. Part of a letter to James I; 30 Dec. 1623, Genealogical table of his family connexions, : --of the family of the Electors, to 1619, ib FREDERICUS V, Elector Palatinus: v. Bohemia. Instructio secretissima ei ab intimo consiliario data, Instructio altera, ex Belgico Lat. versa, ib FREDERIC US, Arragonire princeps. Emblema de eo; accedit notitia, versu et prosa, FRENSHAM, Surrey. Award in a suit respecting the right to cut fern on Hindhead Common in Chert tithing; 1750, FRERE, or Frier, Thomas, merchant, Carlscrona: V. Shuttleworth, Will. FRESCO RUM pro ceres. Emblema de Sinibaldo et Ottobone, Frescol'um pro ceribus; accedit notitia, versu et prosa, FREWEN, Rich., M.A., Ch. Ch., Ox!. Supplicat with reference to his M.D. degree; 1707, FREY, Joh.JacobuB, Basiliensis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 16 Sept. 1627, b. FRIDAGHE, al. Freitag, Petrus. Possedit 211. FRANKLYN, William, rector of FlowtM, q.v. FREEMAN,Alice, wife of John, tailor. Petition to Charles II, FRIER, Thomas, or Frere, q. v. :FRIESENDORFF, Jo. Frid., ambo from Sweden to Cromwell: v. Suecia. FRASER, James. Signature; 1671,1386, FREEMAN, Gwynnett, hatter, Lombard 233. Street, London. Business-label, 710. FRISKNEY, Geo., M.A., schoolmaster at cover. Wisbeach. Signature.; 1669, FRASER, James (another). Signature as licenser for the press; , 730. FREEMAN, sir Ralph. Epigramma in 5, 14, 56, 74\ 76, 93, lllb, 121, 122, translation em ejus!ibn Senecre de 125, 128b, 134, 135, 166, 169, 171, 174, consolatione, ; in 181, 195. transl. ejus libri ejusdem de brevitate vitre, FRASER, Simon, lord Lovat. Fragment of a narrative WTitten against him, with reference to the Queensberry plot, FRASER, William, Fort St. George. Signature; 1690, sob, FREEMAN, Samuel, rector of St. Anne's, Aldersgate, London. Signature and seal of arms; 1679, FREEMAN, William. xvi, Signature; FROLICH, Carolus, Neoburg.-Palat. In' scriptio Gall.-Lat. in albo amicorum P. Golii ; Land. 29 Maii, 1619, FROGLEY, sir Christopher. Name; 1673, 843. u6b FROME, Somerset. Deed of sale of t~e manor of Kayford Magna by T. TwynJO to C. Fysher in 1585, cent. FRONTIN, James, confectioner. Petition to Charles II, 18. lb.

87 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 609 FRUGONI, Leonardo and Giov., Genoa. FULMER, Bucks.: f). Morris, J. GADDERAR, James, Scottish bishop. L e tt e r to G. Como, ' 1725, Ltal., 920. FUNCTIUS, -. Distichon de seipso, pro Note of his death in 1733, proditione suspenso, b GAETA. Pen-and-ink view, from Mola; FRUSIUS, Andreas. e soc. Jesu. Poemata FUNERALS: f). Heralds. 1651, "de prresenti religionis Christ. calami- Order of the funeral of a marquis, 807. G E' d I t ti tate," contra Lutherum, &c., AETANO, nnco, car. ns ruc ons to him as legate in Poland; [1592?], im- FRY, -, Gray's Inn, London. Contents FURBANKE, Mary, White Cross Street, perj., Ital., of a MS. in his possession; 1699, 888. L d 6 l A on on; 5 88 I 37, "'. 49 FURNESS, High, Lancashire. FRY, Robert, Alton, Hants. Epitaph: 1620, Customs and bye-laws of the lordship, as declared by a jury of inquest; 1585, 812. FRYERN BARNET: see Barnet. 44 FUCHENBECIUS, Christophorus. Inscrip- FYCHE, Mrs. Notice of her death; 1707, tio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Mentioned, ib. 154 Witteb., 23 Aug. 1619, FUENSALIDA, conde de: f). Ayala, family of. FYFIELD, Berks. Epita~hs, Transl. of the epltaph on Mary Gillman; 1721, Extracts from the parish registers, , GAETANO, Pietro, f). Simonetta, Luigi. GAETANUS, S.: f). Polis, Nic. de. GAGE, Francis, D.D., agent at Rome for the R. C. Chapter in England. Letter respecting the appointment of a bishop in England; 13 June, 1660 (copy), b GAGE, Thomas. Notice of him, GAGIER, Jean, a scholar at Paris: f). Baudier, J. Oxf. Letter to Fell; 1682, b Note in his handwriting, b Notes of his sayings, b-7b, 210, 213\ 216b Notes about him, , 4, 10-12, 21, 22b. ~'URSTENBERG, Ferdinandus, episc. Paderbornensis et Monasteriensis : v. l!'rancius, Petrus. GAGNIER, Jean. L'eglise Rom.convaincue FUGITIVES. List of state papers relating FYFIELD, Hants. Rectors, ,912. de depravation, &c. (orig. MS.), 641. I. to criminal fugitives; , GAILHARD, J. Notes out of his PreR. 117 FVNCHE, R. B. Signature; cent. xvi, State of Italy, UI0. Il3. FULHAM, Middlesex. Lease of the manor fromj ohnleventhorptoj ohnmatheu; GAILL, Andreas. Excerpta ex ejus Pmc FVNMORE, William, archdeacon of Ches- ticis observatt. juridicis, (orig.), ter. Signature; 1680, Order from the bp. of London for the GALARD, Bernard, sub-dean of Exeter. levying a rate for repair of the FYSHER, Clement: v. Twynio, Tho. Letter to dean Granville of Durham; church; Aug. 1618, Two epitaphs in the churchyard; FYTON, master John. Prescription for 1683, ,682.26, 27. the drofby, proved by him; cent. xv, GALATIN, _. Notes of a sennon by him Note of a bequest to the parish, on Jas. i. 27, in French; 1729, GALE,.Dorothy, St. Paul's Churchyard, FULHAM, Edward, D.D., examiningchapl. G. London: f). Huntbache, John. to bp. of Oxf. temp. Car. I. Some questions put by him to candidates for G., -, a minister in the presbytery of GALE, Roger. Essay on the four great ordination, Kirkcaldy [Graham?]. Paper by his Roman ways, FULKE, -. Notes from a sennon on St. son on the Calvinism of the Kirk of Letter, unaddressed; 1709, Matt. xv. 21, Scotland, with reference to his trial at GALE, Samuel. The first sheet of his Kirkcaldy and Cupar, [The FULKE, William, D.D.: f). Campian, Edm. Antiq. of Winchester, ; name cannot be traced among the FULLARTON.J ohn, bishop of Edinburgh : f). ministers of Kirkcaldy and Cupar in GALE, Theophilus. The hypothesis ot Clark, John. Midleton, Pa. Dr. Hew Scott s Fasti Eccl. Scotlcan!.ll.] the Predeterminants, FULLER, Henry, Scole, Norfolk: f). Scole. G., F., a Roman Catholic. Controvel'Rial GALE, Thomas, vicar of Barrington, FULLER, John, St. Giles', Cripplegate, letter to Laur. Howell; 1716, Camb. Signature; 1667, Lond. Bequest to buy land for the G., G. Admonitio ad Lud. XIII, Gallire GALE, Thomas, master of St. Paul's charity children in Cripplegate; 1723, R. [de bello injusto contra Catholicos], School, London. Signature j 1676, no. FULLER, Isaac, painter. Notice of him, G., H., Edinburgh. A short treatise of GALFREDUS MONUMETENSIS. Fragmenta Algebra; 1707,245. duo Hist. Brit., FULLER, T., coli. Corp. Chr., Cantabr. G., J., i. e. James Graham, q. f). GALGANUS, S. Processus de canonizatione ejus, 384. lb. Oratio prrevaricatoria; 1651,228. I. G., J., i. e. John Gurgany, q. f). FULLER, Thomas. Notes out of his T'I'!tth Maintained, GALLACHEY, Roger: f). Gellacii G., R.; i. e. Robert Gordoun, q. f). FULLER, William: f). Tutchin, John. G., S. Explanation by a friend of Calvin GALLIERES, -, Resident for the States Persons impeached by him; 1692,922. Gen. in Germany. Extract of a letter 367. to the States Gen.; Ratisbon, 12 March, Orders of the Houses of ParI. against 1725 (Dutch), him; 1701, , 177. GALLOWAY, Stephen and Elizabeth. FULMAN, William, M.A., Corp. Chr. coli., istic statements made by him, G., T. Thanksgiving prayer for his recovery from illness; t. Cat. I, G., W. Notes on the taking the oath of allegiance to a king de facto although not dejul"e; 1689, GABOR, Bethlem, princeps Transylvanire. Litterre ad vezerium Nakas Hasanem et Schanderem Bassam; , ,448 b Epitaph in St. Pancras churchyard; 1730, GALWAY, earl of; i.e. H. Massue de Rut:igny, q. v. GAMBARA, Laurentius. Odre dure, YY2

88 610 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. GAllES: v; Seconton, John. Leges quibus utitur ludus tictaci, On the use of cards and dice, The laws of Maw, a game at cards, " J eux H; French directions for various tricks and games, Forms of exhortation and examination for the sick, j Forms of private devotion, Prayers for the nation and exiled royal family, , Prayers at H. Comm.; for the dying and departed; &c., ib , Alphabetical selection of texts for use of children, ib Prayers, &c. for young persons, ib , 381-2, Duty of subjects, ; Duty of servants, Transl. of St. Bernard's hymn, "Jesu, dulcis memoria," Catalogue of political pamphlets; , ; of publications relating to the Nonjurors' "Usages," 673. IS. -- of some MSS.relatingto the Revolution, the Us~es, &c., ib. 19; List by himself of his writings, Papers in his handwriting, , H, 40, 43, 59, 87; , 179; Verses in his handwriting, C , 13, 16, Title in his handwriting of a MS. paper, ' Signature, , 238. Papers that belonged to him, I b ; ; art. 2. His papers bought by Rawlinson, His epita~h in St. Pancras churchyard, GANDYE, John, D.D., Oriel coli., Oxf. Note-book, 947. GARI?NER, Michael, Magd. coli., Oxf. EpItaph, GA~DNER, W., one of Dr. Bray's trustees. SIgnature; 1725, GARDNER, capt. William. Warrant to him from Charles II to seize the isle of Portland; 1 March, 1649, GARGRAVE, Yorkshire: v. Brooke,-. GAllING. "The gameing humour considerd and reprovd," b. GAliON, Richard, rector of St. Laurence, GARGRAVE, Robert: v. Speke, Hugh. Norwich. Statement respecting endeavours in 1606 to secure ma.intenance cent. XfJi, GARGRAVE, sir Thomas. Mentioned; for the ministers of Norwich, &c.; 1637, GARLANDIA, Johannes de. Fragmentl\ duo, forsan ex ejus poemate gram. GAIIUL, Francis, curate of Easington, maticali, intit. Unus omnium, 893. Durham. Signature; , b j Lenten directions for him, GARLING, Johan von. Inscriptio Germ. in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 21 GANDY, Henry, Non-juring bishop: v. Ju!. 1619, Brett, Thomas. Hawes, Sam. Miscella.neous papers, 847. GARNET, Henry, Jesuit. Epigramma Collection of papers in respecting the birth of the P. of Wales in splcam ejus, 283. Ib; in 1688, 680. Letters in reply to GARNYES, Th. Receipt for money from statements by bp. Lloyd of Worcester, sir T. Allin; 1695, 92: ib. 132, 147. Memorandum about an GARRARD, family of, Lamborne, Berks. alleged declaration by countess of Pedigree, Clarendon respecting the Q. of Jas. II (copy), GARRARD, family of, Newbury, Berks. Dialogue between A, B, 0, concerning Short pedigree, 1664, signed by JOB. the birth of the Prince of Wales, 680. Garrard, ; 756.2b. GARRARD, Gilbert, Shinfield, Berks. Dialogue between B. and O. [on nonjuring consecrations], Letter to E. Ashmole; 1665, Fragments of his Remarks on Higden's GARRARD, Richard, Southwold, Norfolk. View of the Engl. Dmstitution, 847. Owner of art. 8 in Dialo~ue between A and B vindicating his Remarks on Higden's GANS, sir Cornelius, bart. Grant to him GARRATT, Sarah wife of John, Canterof augmentation of. arms ; [1682],807. bury. Epitaph; 1714, b. View. 1254_ 139. Jure divino j chaps. 6-22, I. 135,GARRET, C. Transcripts by him, with A Scriptural account of oaths, GARBRAND, Thomas, Magd. coil., Oxf. pm-yers, &c.; 16<)0-1, 977. The Life I,etter in vindication of his Answer to Latin verses presenting a Test. to John of his father William mentioned, ib. 14. Queries concerning Schism, , 105, Wright, GARRETT, Robert, Hatford, Berks Postscript to his Answer, ib. G ARDIE, Magn. Gabr. de 1110: 'V. La Gardie. Named, b, 69\ &c. u8. Letter on the question of schism between the Established GARDINER, -. Signature; cent. :xvi, GARRISSOLE/!, Ant., French pastor. Signature; 1644, Church and the' Non-jurors, ib Questions as to the violation of all the GARRITT, Rebekah, Canterbury. Epitaph; 1639, b. GARDINER, Bernard, Keeper of the Ten Commandments by the Revolution-party, Archives. Acknowledgment of receipt of the MS. of Wood's Hist., 1720 (copy), GARsm, Mary. Needlework sampler; Letter dissuading publication of :papers 742.4Ib. Signature,1410 in tegmine. 1704, 151::&. 5. on tm disputes among the Non-Jurors, Part of a letter about GARDINER, rev. Edward. Letter to him GARTER, Order of the: v. the meeting in 1716 respecting from T. Hearne; 1708, Stebbing, Sam. Windsor. the Usages, &c., ib. lis. Papers and Statutes; temp. Hen. VIII, letters relating to the controversy on GARDINER, RicharduB, Vice-orator Pub!. Orders of a chapter, 6 Aug., 1 & :I the Usages; J716-1), Oxon. Oratio in funere R. Kilby; Ph. & Mar., ib. 177b. Letter to J. Walker; 1706, , Reply by knights commissioners to Letter to W. WaIker; 1709, GARDINER, Robert. Mentioned; 1649, a petition from bp. Ward to Ohas. II Letter to J. Presbury; 1714, for certain allowances, Reply to aletter from S. A.; 17J4, 847. Report of commissioner8 appointed to J04b. GARDINER, Stephen, bishop of Winchester: v. Cheke, sir John. Ward the chancellor; 1684, inquire into the accounts of bp. The bargemaster's tale; a dialogue, GARDINER, Thomas. Inscription in a Table of installation fees; signed by Sermon on Pe. cxxxv. I, 2, 12& pamphlet given him by archbp. Laud, sir T. St. George; 1689, [. On the Lord's Supper j and on administration of BaptisDl, ; Proceedings at a chapter, 14May, 1700; GARDNER, George, B.A., Linc. col1., Oxf. List of the Garter Kings-at-Arme, up to.notes on part of the Pra,ler Book, Latin theme when candidate at All Segar, and account of the insignia of " 17 SOUlS'i 1680, the officers,

89 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 611 Prayers, h Notes by Ashmole about arms and successionofknights,&c.; engravings of arms, GARTONN, Henry. Catalogue of the nobility of England; state offices and officers; royal household and houses; harbours, &c.; 1616,696. GAY, John. Sale of his library, 13 May, 1735, b. GAY, Joseph, rector of Speen, Berks. Signature; 1678, , 64. GAY, Richard. Signature, GAYNFFORD, John, senior. Letter to his nephew John Hare; 14 May, 1684, GASCOIGNE, Joseph, rector of Papworth };vered, Cambro Signature; 167~, 8 GAYTON, Elizabeth, widow of capt. Ed mond. Petition to Charles II for GASKARTH, John, vicar of Allhallows relief, Barking. Signature; 1687, 822. II9. GAYTON, John. GASSENDUS, P. Autograph inscription in a book given by him; 1643, Signature; cent. xvi, GEALE, family of. Epitaphs at Alton, Hants.; , b, 81, 108. GAST1N, Jo., Heilbron. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond.,l'i Jul. 1618, GEARNON, Antonius, ord. S. Franc.: v Riddere, Jac. de. GASTRELL, Francis, bishop of Chester: v. Cambridge. Notes respecting Lambeth degrees, embodied in his Manchester Case, GEBENO, prior Eberbachensis: v. Hildegardis. GEBHARD US, Janus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; Heidelb., 8 Jul. 1618, GATAKER, Thomas, D.D. Letter to him from D. Featley, GEDDES, John. Signature; 1687, GATAN, comte de. Priere esc rite par lui en sa Bible, b. GEDNEY, Lincolnshire. The vicar, Lodov. Weemes, sequestered; 1644, GATEHOUSE, Thomas, Stockbridge, Hants. Epitaph; 1716, GATES, sir John. Notice of his execution; 1553,1160. ll. GATESHEAD, Durham. A quaker's address to the church-people, fixed on the church-door; 1681, GATFORD, Lionel, D.D. Epitaph, II. GATINES, mons. de, intendant de Marine. Journal de l'expedition du comte de Chateaurenault dans les Indes Occid., &c.; 1702,514. I. GATONBY, John. Affidavit concerning a collision at sea; 1706 (copy), GATTINARA, sive Gattinaria, Mercurinus. Dialogus Caletihabita, sive Narratio de conventu legatorum Anglire (T. Wolsey) Pontif. Romanre (H. de Ghinuciis); Germanire (Gattinaria) et F'rancire (Ant. de Prato), Aug. 1521, Gallice, cum epist. ad Marg. de Sabaudia, 552. GATTON, Surrey. Extracts from the registers; , GAUCHET, Pierre. Journal de voyage de Chine a France; , 592. I. GAUDEN, John, bishop of Worcester. Notice of him by A. Wood, b. GAUSSEN, Stephanua, Salmuri theol. prof. De atudii theologici ratione, I. GA UTIER, Salomon, Amsterdam. Cat. des desseins, peintures a l'eau, &c., destinees a iltre vendue, 908, GEE, Edward. Copy ofletter to M. Booth, with reply, respecting a sermon by the latter j 1655, GEERY, Elizabeth, widow of Will. Geery, of Gray's Inn. Petition to Charles 1I, GEIER, Georgius Melchior, eccl. Clingensis Palatinre olim minister. Inscriptio in albo amicorum W olfg. Lossii; 1627, GELASIUS, papa. Decretalis epistola de scripturis extra canonem conscriptis, b. GELENIUS, Ai:gidius. Inscriptio in albo _ amicorum J oh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 5 Jun. 1625, GELL, Robert, D.D. Extracts from his Essay towards amendment oj tmnsl. oj Bible, GELLACII [Gallachey?], Roger, a friar at Lisbon. Lent a breviary to Corn. McClery; beg. oj cent. xvi, GELLEE, Ja. Inscription in a book given by him; 1600, GEMELLI, Francisco. Instructions to travellers, transl. from Ital. by Rawlinson, GEMINIANI, -. Lat. epigram on him by ~l. Maittaire, GEMISTUS, Georgius. [Textue impr.libri eju8 de iis post pugnam ad Mantineam, ex edit. 1557], Collatio textus operis ejus impressi de differentia phil. Arist. et Plat. cum cod. Laud. Gr. 15, GEMME: 1). Florentia. GENEVA: v. Helvetia. Letter from the Engl. congregation at Geneva to that at Frankfort j 16 March, 1557 (copy), (parl), b (the rema nder). Recit de l'entreprise du duc de Savoye sur la ville j 21 Dec. 1602, Abstr. of letter of duke of Savoy concerning his enterprise, b. Letter from the pastors and professors to the synod at Alenc;on; 1637, Fr. (copy), to the synod at Charenton, lb Hist. de la ville, a 1655, Inscriptions antiques, ib. 39. Notes on the place, b. Historia della citta e dello stato; 1690, b-42. GENGA, Fabio. Instructions on being sent to the Pope and the princes of Italy to give account of proceedings against rebels in Transylvania; c. 1594, [tal., GENNADIUS MASSILIENSIS. Catal. virorum illustrium, b. GENNARI,Benedicto. Employed to paint pictures for Whitehall chapel; , , 167. GENNES, Daniel de. Inscriptio Gall. in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 24 Sept. 1629,936,114. GENOA: v. Casoni, Fil. Diarium. Account of the State, b, 62. Notes, with three small sketches, made there in 1652, Fr., 484. Sb-7. Notes of a commercial traveller in 1677, Journey from Genoa to Bourdeaux (a fragment, containing only historical notices of Genoa), 125. List by Rawlinson of pictures and statues in churches and palaces, I. Relatione di tutto il go verno antico e moderno, Relatione dello stato, governo, &c., Congiura di G. C. Vacharo: v. Torre, Raff. dalla. GENTIUS, GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE. Observations [by J. Bland], in reference to a letter on Hezekiah's prayer in the Magaz. for Aug. 1746, GENTLEMEN PENSIONERS. Receipt-book of wages,mich.-christm.; 1702, GEOGRAPHIA: v. Hearne, Tho. Turner, George. Excerpta quredamex anonymo quodam; Grrece, Descriptio orbis, De fiuminibus et montibus orbis, 211. I17-8. Tractatus de geographia, Nomina varia regionum quarundam, 225. lb. Latitudo diversarnm civitatuid,248. 4b

90 612 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Tract. cosmographicus, Enarratio geographica j fragmenta qmedam, Description of the world, countries and cities Alphabetical index of maps contained in 20 atlllses, 795. "Geographical and astronomical observations "; one leaf, GEOMANTIA. Compendium artis, Liber Arnaldi scientire, ib. 38. Trattato di geomantia, 534. I. GEOllrETRIA: v. Carswell, John. Mensuratio. Euclides. Some school exercises, 737. t. I7b. Geometrie pratique (problems diagrams), GEORGIA, North America: v. Parker, Robert. Title of a narrative of the colony, printed at Charlestown, S. Notice of the condition of the plantation in 1733,839. ISS. GEORGII, Giov. di, Rheto. Inscriptio Ital. in albo amicorum J ac. Brisset; Heidelb. 8 Ju1. 161S, GEORGIUS I, M. Britannire Rex. Letters patent appointing the P. of Wales custos regni; 1716, Trans!. of a letter from him in reply to one from missionaries [in India?] ; 1717, Letter to the K. of Spain promising to obtain from ParI. the cession of Gibraltar; 1 June, 1721, Fr. (copy), List of treaties made in 1715-S and in 1725, Eirenicon ad eum [verses on the restoration of peace]; Lat. and Swed., Lines on his accession, Notice of his entry into London, &c., with Latin and Engl. congratulatory lines, , 71. Lines on his retirement to Germ., and on the Prince's regency; by Anth. Hammond; ,386.15,56. Satirical verses against him, C , D , 142. GEORGIUS, Franciscus, Venetus, ord. Min. GERVASE, madam. Note of her medical Excerpta ex ejus problematibus theologicis, treatment, b. GERVASIUS TILBERIENSIS. De scaccario GEORGIUS WILLELMUS, Brandenburgensis Elector. Inscriptio Gall. in albo GESCINIUS, Samuel, ord. reg. Boh. ad dialogus: v. Fitz-Nigel, Ric. amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Apr. 1622, Port. Ott om. legatus. Inscriptio Ital in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz [Con. GERARD, family of. Pedigree, b stantinop.], S Feb. 1621, GERARD, Anne. Signature; c. I67S, GETHINGE, Richard. Name, , IS GERARD, col. Charles. Warrant for delivery of arms to him; IS Jan. 1641, His troops quartered in Slaughter and Westmister hundreds, Glouc. ; May, 1643, ib. 29. and GERARD, sir Gilbert. Letter to lord Percy; 21 Jan. 1643, GERARD, Hen., Wadh. coil, Oxf. Terrrefilii peroratio; 1669, GEREE, John. Answer to his arguments in The Mirror for Anabaptists in behalf of infant, GEVARTIUS, Casparus. Libri MSS. in ejus bibl., 192. ro3b. GHENT. Description j 1706,1004. lob. GHIBBESIUS, Jac. Alb., M.D. Epigram. ma ad ducem de Monmouth super obsidione Traj. ad Mosam; autofjl'., 1673, Letter to Dr. H. Compton, about his Oxford degree; Rome, 1673, GHINUCIIS, Hieronymus de: v. Gattinaria, Merc. GIANNONE. Pietro, Napoli. Professione di fedi, al padre G. San. Felice, Gesuitll, 551. GIBB, James, son of John, groom of the bedch. to Jas. 1. Godson of James I, > GERMANIA: v. Badoero, Fed. Hearne, Tho. Caraifa, C. Imperatores. Catalogus. Julius III, papa. Contarini, Gasp. Paulus Ill, papa. et Lor. Philipp us IV. Easter. Suecia. GIBBON, Elizabeth, dau. of Matthew Francia. Articles agreed on at the Diet at Augs- Gibbon of JJondon. Epitaph at Callterbury; 1657, b. bery held by Maximil. II, 31 May, GIBBON, John, BIuemantle. Note to _ 1566, Lat., at Spire. 1570, ib. 87. Morgan, Harangue des ambassadeurs d'allem. GIBBONS, Orlando. Epitaph at Canterau roi Hen. IV; avec reponse du roi ; bury, , b. Mode of election of emperors; lists of emperors, &c. to 1619, , 179. Bulla aurea; 1620,!tal., Reply of the Emperor to letters from James I and the Elector Palatine; 24 Feb. 1636, orig., Lat., Reply of Eng1. ambassador (earl of Arundel?) to final refusal of the Emperor to restore the Palatinates; 12 Sept. 1636, ib. I 13. Answer of the Duke of Bavaria to the Emp. on the same subject, ib Printed broad-side about the mines in the Hartz mountains; 1716, 867. GEORGIUS II, M. Britannire Rex. Satirical elegy on the death of his infant Engraving of the arms of the princes 123. son in 17I 7, Lines on him &c. of the Empire, and the Princess of Wales, ib "Remarques dans mes voyages d' Allemagne"; , Gratulatory poem on his coronation, An abstract of the state of the Empire, Inspected: with his Queen, Will. Kent's restoration of Rubens' paintings at ReHexions sur Ie gouvernement d'allemas-ne, 563. Whitehall, 12 Jan. 1734,540. III. Inscription on his statue at Greenwich, RelatIOne (Veneziana) dello stato, principi, &c. della Germ.; 1623, GEORGIUS, princeps Danire, consors Annre Relatione dello stato dell' imperio et Re~inre. Never laughed and scarcely della Germ.; 162S, 621. smiled, Sb. Journal of a journey from Engl. to GEORGIUS, Elector Saxonim. Inscriptio Vienna in 17 5: v. Usigny, -. in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 1621, GERRARD, sir Gilbert: v. Blackstone, ; Charles. GIBBS, William. Letter to his mother, informing her of his being in prison at Leicester for manslaughter in a drunken brawl [Jan. 1654], (copy), Letter to his cousin Edm. Morgain in reply to one lamenting his crime [copies], ib GIBRALTAR. Notice of a voyage thither in 1720, Fr., 439. (cod. verso) 20b.. Letter from Geo. I to the K. of Spaw promising to obtain its cession; 1 June, 1721, Protest of 17 lords in Par!' against a resolution for not clearly expressing determi' nation to retain it, IS March, 1729; - transl. into Fr., ib. 44. Views of the Rock from the sea; 1729, GIBSON, Edmund, bishop of London: v. Jones, Maurice. Two letters to Edw. Thwaites; 1697, , 122. Specimen sheet of a proposed edit. by hiil1 of Quincti.lian, 377. IS. List of contents of two MSS. in posse~ sion of Dr. Milles, Fragment of his Latin transl. of the Anglo-Sax. Chron., 398. II, 12. Charged with removing from Lambeth Libr., and selling, archbp. Parker's own copy of his book De Antiq. Eee/. Brit'j

91 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 613 GIBSON, James, wounded at Dunbar, GILDING: v. Recepta. Worcester, &c. Petition to Charles II GILDS: v. for relief, b Glasgow. Norwich. GIBSON, James. Letter to him from Bede-roll of members of a gild; c.i5 O, Hearne; 1709, GLASGOW. Ordinances of the guild of merchants and craftsmen; , Notices of some Roman altars and of some MSS. in the libr. of the Univ., b [quo the same?l given to him in GILIOLI, Alfonso, vesco di Anglone, nun by sir N. Lloyd. zio in Toscana. Instruzione; 1622, GLASS. Return from the custom-house j at Bristol of glass exported in , GIBSON, John, Quaker. Copy of a letter from him; imperi., GIBSON, John. Signature; 1712, GIBSON, [John, or Matthew, M.A., Queen's CoIl.?]. Notes of a sermon by him at St. Mary's, Oxf., Christmas Day, I7II, GILLAM, -, doctor of physic. Prescriptions agamst the plague; cent. Xt', b,9Ib. GILLET, J., French Prot. minister, London. Signature; 1703, GILLMAN, John, D.D. Translation by him of the epitaph on his wife in Fyfield church, Berks.; 1721, GIBSON, Katherine, wife of Edmund. Buried in Knaresborough church, 13 GILMORE, Patrick, Stafford. Letter to July, 1547, b the commissioners of excise; 1685, GIBSON, rev. Matthew. Three letters to him from Hearne; , b; GILMuRE,Andrew. Presentation-inscripliSS. 48, I 28b tion in a book; Leyden, 1642, GIBSON, Thomas. Note of a book that GIOIOSA, card., sive Joyeuse, q. v. belonged to him in 1587, GIOVANNI: V. John. GIBSON, Thomas, vicar of HorncaJJtle, q.v. GIESSENBIER, Jodocus, WeBtphalus. InscriptioinalboamicorumJo.Hoffmanni; Oxon.,7 Mali, 1632, b GIFFORD, or Giffard, George and Philippa, of Middle Claydon, Bucks. Record of births and baptisms of their children, , and of another of the family in 1573, , 87. GIFFORD, -, [John Giffard?], M.D. Medical receipt, GIFFORD, Roger, M.D. Letter to the Privy Council from the Univ. of Oxf. about an assault made on Gifford at London by one Copston whom he had, when proctor, offended; 22 March, 15n, Lat. (apogr.), GIFFORD, Thomas. Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy, the art of Navigation, &c., GIFFORD, William, D.D. Extracts from his book De justa reip. Christ. in "eges authoritate, GIFFORD, William, St. Martin's-in-the ]<'ields, London; 1637, 145. loob. GIGGLESWICK, Yorkshire: 1). Shute, -. GIL;Alexander. Skenkiana; gl'atulatoria. Batavis dicata, A.D. 1635, SIgnature; 1624, GILBERT, sir Jeffrey. Treatise Court of Exchequer, 98. GILBERT, Robert, Canterbury. Epitaph; 1624, GILBERT, Thomas. Carmen gratulatorium qui. III dicatum, 336. GILBOURNE (?), -. Signature, GILDAS. Prophetia, b GIPPS, Thomas, rector of Bury: 1). Owen, Charles. GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS. Fragmentumex Expugnatione Hibernica; lib. ii. cappo vii-xiii, 125. GIRARD, N., jeweller, French Court, London. Letter to J. Forent; Fr., 64L 197. GIRDLER, Joseph, Doctors' Commons. Copy of his petition for coat of arms, and of the warrant for a grant, &c.; 1681, GIRDLER, Thomas, Wadham coli., Oxf. Signature; 1706, GIRON, Spanish family. La casa del conde de Urena. [Juan GironJ j 1535, b-3Ub GIRTO~, Cambridgeshire. Articles against - Lmg, rector; 1644, GISBEY, George, St. John's coli., Oxf. Wine-bill; 1636, b. GLAMORGANSRIRE: 1). Lloyd, Hugh. GLANVILL, John, vicar of Barton, Cambro Signature; 1671, 340. IS. G LA NVILL, Julius, Wadh. coll.,oxf. Lines on the death of John Bragge, ll (cod. verso). GLANVILLE, William, Wotton, Surrey. Extracts from his will i 1717, 1l of the GLARGES, legidius de, curator acad. Lugd. Bat. Cod. 460 ei inscriptus. GLASCOCKE, Francis. Order on his petition that his father Philip and his family may resort to Takeley church instead of their parish church of Hatfield Broadoak, it being nearer their house; 18 Dec. 1621, GLASCOCK, William: V. Ley, Jas., earl of Marlborough b. GLASS-SELLERS' COMPANY. PetitiontoL. Mayor and Aldermen to be owned as a livery company, GLASTONBURY, Somerset. Copy of a deed relating to the abbey; (13 1]. Bnef notes out of the Ghronicon in Cotton Cleop. D. iv., 692. IS. Measurement of the abbey; 1662,l48L 348. The MS. copy for Hearne's edit. ofthe Hist.o/GlaJJt., ,138. Hearne's preface, ib. 139 j GLAZIER, -. Note of his medical treatment; c. 1668, GLESRINSKI, Conr. Alphabetum Sclavonicum; atque alia pauca Sclavonica, GLOSSA RIA : v. Balbus, ~. Huguitio. Vocabularium Gr.-Lat., I. Verba quredam Gr.eca, cum interpr. Lat., iEquivocre dictiones, Fragmenta duo e glossario veteri, I. Fragm. e glossario theologico, ib 72 Fragm. of a Lat.-Engl. dictionary, Small fragment ofa dict. of Engl. words derived from Lat., Etymological notes of Engl. and Latin derivations, GLOUCESTER :- Extracts from the episcopal registers; , &c.,1000. Ordinations; , ib DiQcese. County: V. Dean, Forest of. Gerard, col. Chas. Tanner, Tho. City. Notes of the system of teaching in the school there temp. Car. II, "-8, 18. Houses and population j 1697, Epitaphsin the cathedral and cloisters, \ in the churches of St. Mary, St. Nich., and St. Michael, ib. 155"-160. Index of epitaphs in the cathedral, to 1713, b. Abbey: f'. Neuton, J. Copy of a deed relating to the abbey, 404. [135]. GLOUCESTER, William, duke of. Notice of his death and burial j 1700, " A Jacobite satyr" on his death; b "A loyal thought" on his death, ib., ib. Order of pl'oceedings at his funeral, GLOVER, Henry: 1). London, King's Bench Prison.

92 614: INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. GLOVER, John, D.D., rector of Ickenham, GODSALVE, Christopher, victualling- GONZAGA, family of. Middlesex. Epitaph; 1714, cheque at Dover. Representation to the Navy Office of his case, GLOVER, Robert, Somerset herald. Notes out of his visitation of Yorkshire; GODWIN, -, Winchester school. Notices 1584, , 62. of his method of teaching, Bis collections cited by Dugdale, , 54, 106, 165 GODWIN, John, post-office, Exeter: 11. Stocker, Sam. GLOVER, William, Anstey, Leic. Authority from J. Huckell to the sheriff of Leic. GODWIN, Thomas. Notes out of his to release Glover from custody; 8 Nov. Boman Antiq., by Hen. Bigg; 1705, , GODWYN, Charles, M.A. Paper in his GLOVER, William, Canterbury. Epitaph; handwriting, (?), b. GODWYN, Morgan, LL.D. Institution to GLOXIN, - de. Signature, the rectory of Lydney, Glouc.; 1641, b. GLYNN,William. Name oncoverofl085. GOODALL, Charles, M.D. GOAD, -, D.D.: 11. Campian, Edm. GOAD, John, master of Merchant Taylors' School. Signature; 1676, , ll2. GOAD, Roger. Sermon on Levit. x. I, 2, GODING [or,goring?], George. Signature, GODOLEVEUS, Willelmus. De abdicatione Car. V imp., 692. II. GODOLPHIN, Sidney lord: 11. Paterson, Will. Letter to sir D. Hamilton of advice to Q. Anne about the war in Spain; copied by Ha.milton, Let~er of joy on the news of h18 resigna. tion; 1710, 114f GODOLPHIN, sir Will. Answerto Waller's lines on death of O. Cromwell, b. Signa.ture, , 251, 252. Owner of 597. :Mention of the dispoaition of his property; , , 31. GODWYN, Thomas, D.D. Institution to the rectory of English Bicknor, G louc.; 1641, Epitaph in Brightwell church, Account; ltal., GONZAGA, Ludovicus. Emblemata duo de eo, cum notitiis, versu et prosa, ,40. GOOD, G. Signature; 1708, GOODAKER, Nathaniel. Signature, GOODALE, John. The liberties of the clergy, GOODALL, -. Instructions for brewing a barrel of strong beer; 1698, Gift of a book by him to a friend, b. Titles of three books, in his hand. writing, GOODALL, John. Signature, GOFFE, Stephen, D.D., chaplain to gen. GOODALL.. T. Signature, Vere in Holland. Notice of him, GOODDANE, Bartholomew. Name, 520. I. GOAD, Thomas, D.D. Letter to him from GOFFE, Thomas, Ch. Ch., Oxf.: 11. GOODINGE, John. Name scribbled in Dr. John Bastwick, Parlet, Benj. Sutton, Christ in 63. Elegy on the death of A. Berkley, GODALMING, Surrey. Vicars in 1578 and wife of Hen. King, Epitaph on the same, ib. 173b, May, 1739, GOODMAN, Dr. -. Sale of his library, 1682, b GODDARD, -. List of his MSS., 888. GOLAFRE. family of, F'yfield, Berks. GOODMAN, Gabriel, D.D., dean of West. 49 b Pedigree to 1363, and arms in trick, minster. Signature; 1600, GODDARD, Jonathan, M.D. Nota de eo, GOODMAN, George, Trinity col1., Cambro GOLDING, Thomas. Field-books of the Signature, 13li GODEL, John. Signature; 1678, manors of Pentney and West Bilney, GOODMAN, Godfrey, bishop of Gloucester: Norfolk; , 765. v. Williams,.John. GODERICH, sir Henry. Letters to him GOLDMAN, George, D.D., archdeacon of Takes the rectory of Kempton in comfrom sir J. Reresby; 1675,204.20,21. Essex. Suspended for non-payment of mendam; 1637, from his archdeaconry to the Summary of his will; 17 Jan. 165%, GODEVE, Richardus. Nomen inscriptum, bishop of London; [c. 1621?], b GOLDSMITHS: 11. Exchequer. GOODMAN, Samuel, E.I.C. Letter to sir GODFREY, sir Edmund Berry: v. Thomson, T. Rawlinson; 17of, Nath. GOLDSON, John, Ipswich. Affidavit; 1709, GOODRICH, Richard. Letter to the con GODFREY, J. Signature, gregation at Salters' Hall about a schism GOLlUS, Jac. Mentio'ned; 1658, 397. at Salisbury; 1701 (copy), GODFREY, Ry. Legal opinion on the 287b. right of the Crown to certain tithes; GOODRICK, capt. -. Arms, and device temp. Car. I (con), GOLlUS, al. Gool, Petrus, Leydensis. on his cornet; 1642, Album amicorum; Londini, , GODFREY, Thomas, of Lydd, Kent; GOODRICK,Rob., M.A., vicar of Impington, Honywood, Mary. Cambro Signature; 1669, GOLTIE, Miles, vicar of Walton, q. V. GOMARUS, Franciscus, S.T.D., Groning. Inscriptio in alba amicorum Wolfg. Lossii; 1627, GON, Catherine [see Gun]. Nativity, 11 Nov. 1659, GONDI,. Francesco, abate Fiorentino. Orazion funebre in morte di Luigi XIV, Re di Francia, GONDISERR[AN]O, Bali. Art. I in 583 addresscd to him in GONDOMAR, -, Spanish 80mb. in England: 11. Raleigh, sir W. GONES, Richard. Signature; 1643, GONNESSE, Nicholas de: 11, Valerius Maximus. GOODRICKE, H., Office of Ordnance. Sig nature; 1696, GOODRICKE, Thomas, episc. Eliensis. Cod ei anna 1542 inscriptus. GOODWIN, family of, Great Haseley Oxon. Note, by T. Hearne, GOODWIN, -: 11. Sarcheall, W. GOODWIN, James, rector of Newton, Suffolk. Signature; 1679, GOODWIN, John. Appointment as one of the Masters of the Navy; 1629, b GOODWIN, John, D.D. Notes ofascrmon on 2 Tim. ii. 19, GOODWIN, Richard. Lctter to H. NeW' man; In I, ,

93 GOODWIN, Samuel GOODWIN, T. 258 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 615 Signature; 1661, GORLlEUS, Abraham. Note of a book GOWER, John. Part of book viii of that belonged to him, b Confessio Amantis, Signature; 1703, GORMANSTOWN, viscountess: v. Preston, Mary. GOODWIN, Tho., pres. of Magd. coll.,oxf. : v. Hunt, Hen. GooDWIN, William, D.D., dean of Ch. Ch. Thoughts on the uncertainty of the time of his death, Letter to him from D. Featley, 47.40b. GOOD WORKS: v. Allix, Peter. GOODYER, Lewis. Epitaph at Alton, Rants j 1702, GOOL, Petrus: v. Golius. GORDON, John, bishop of Galloway. Apparently mentioned as making his abjuration at Rome in March, GOSFIELD, Essex: v. Lowe, Thomas. Valuation of the manor; 1679, GOSNALL, or Gosnald, Paul, rector of Bradfield St. Peter, q. V. Notes of a sermon on prayer, GOSNOLD, George, Clement's Inn, London. Letter to him; 1673, GOSSON, Robert, Binfield, Berks. Letter to E. Ashmole j 1665,865. li8. GOSTELOW, Thomas. Poem on the incarnation of Christ, GOWER, Thomas, secretary in the Bahamas. Signature; 16g8, 908: 199\ 200, 203b GOWLAND, Ralph, Durham: v.pittington. GRAAL, La Saint: V. Mapes, Walter. GRABE, Jo. Ern. Mentioned; 16g8, b GRACE, John, victua.ller, Berwick-upon Tweed. Petition to Charles II, 18. 6b GRACIAN, Balthazar. Abridged transl. of his Hero, Extracts transl. from his Enchiridion, GRADUALE. Fragmenta, , 56(?), GOSTLETT, Benj., ex lede Christi,Oxon (?), 74 (?). Exercitia varia academica, astron. et geom., 233. GORDON, John. Letter, from the army in Flanders, to sir T. Rawlinson; 1706, GosnVYKE, William, curate of St Michael's, Cambridge. Signature; 1681, GORDON, rev. Patrick. Two letters to him from Hearne j 17og-lO, j GOTHAM. Statutes of Gotham college, GORDONIO, Bernardus de. De urinis, GOTHOFREDUS, Dionysius. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; Heidelb., 26 Mart. 1618, GRADWELL, Augustine. Certificates of his qualifications to be a bchoolmaster; 1717, GRlECIA: V. Glossaria. Grammatica. Oratio de studio lingure Grrecre, Fragment of notes on the seven wise men, GORDOUN, Robert. Note to Rawlinson, Short geographical descriptions, with signed R. G. r erroneously assigned in maps, of the islands of the Adriatic the Cat. to Roger Gale], GOVERNMENT: v. and the legean archipelago; Ital., 589. Other notes to the same, j 1234 Jus. Justitia ad calc. Notice of Tho. Browne, B.D., "The King's Castle" j a treatise on Eccl. GNp-c. Index librorum rituaiium, A line in his handwriting, government, addressed to Q. Eliz., " Fragment of a letter from him, b Memoranda, 1315 ad Treatise on government, i. by a stranger GRAFTONREGIS,Northamptonshire. Payor home-born prince, ii. by a great book for building-work done on the init. monarch or little prince, 96. king's manor; 1537, GORE, gen, Humphrey. Signature, 919. Trattato sopra il modo del governo di 101. stato, [GRAHAM? -], a minister in Scotland: GORE, John. Signature, with 14 English Rlcordi per Ii ministri di prencipi in V. G.-. I mes on C ontent, and three lines in generale, G R AH AM, co I. an d M rs.: v. H' lc k es, G eo. Greek, GOUGE, Nicholas, rector of Westley, GRAHAM, James, marq. of. Montrose. GORGES, sir Arthur, knt. His translation Cambro Signature j 1681, Lines on the death of Charles I; C.986. of Bacon's Sapientia Veterum, GOUGE, Thomas. Signature, IS j n log. GORGES, lady J., widow of baron Gorges GOUGH, Mrs written for her; of Ibrackan. Mentioned, her death (1665), and character, 78. 8, 81-go, Letters to her grand-daughter in GOUGH, John. Signature j 1704, , when 82 years old and upwards GOUGH, Richard. Art. 5 in 809 said (copies), ib to have belonged to him possibly belonged to him rather than to Rawlinson. GORGES, Richard, Covent Garden. Letter to Diana, lady Alington j 1691, GORING, George, first earl of Norwich: v. Capel, Arthur lord. Gave a book to P. de Cardonnel in 1648, li8. GORING, J. Letter about the condition of the Kentish coast and the importance of Dover j temp. Eliz., GORINGE, John, alderman of Bristol. Signature; 1643, GORIUS, Ant. Franc. Printed prospectus of his Museum Etl"tt..~cum; Florence, 1 May, 1735, Il. YOLo n. GRAHAM, James, Southwark and Millbank, Westminster: V. Bland, J. Stackhouse, Thos. Campbell, Archib.. Letter to bpi A. C[ampbell] on the Hebrew Cabala, &c.; 1737, to the same on the eternity of hell-tornlents, ib to Dr. Freind against the Septuagint version; 1733, ;4. GOULD, Dr. William, Chancery-lane, London. Letter to P. Le Neve; 1706, GRAHAM, Richard, visco Preston. Letter GOWER, Humphrey, D.D., master of St. John's coil, Cambr., &c. Letter to Dr. Fr. Turner; 1670, Lat., 739. Sb. Letter to dean Granville of Durham, Signature j , , 36, 51; Latin letters to him from a bachelor of the college; , b, 19b, 40 Epitaph j 171 I, b, to sir G. Sylvius; 30 Oct. 1688, GRAHAM, Richard, principal ofclitford's Inn. Report on a petition to the Crown; 1683 (copy), GRAHAM, William, preb. of Durham. Signature; 1685, GRAHME, Ranald, lord of the manor of Lewisham. Signature; 1676, 822. IIO. z z

94 816 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. GRA.H:ME. Richard. Signature: 1676, GRAINE, Kent. Declaration of losses sustained through the Dutch invasion in 1667, GRAINGER, Walter, Copenhagen: v. Kederus, Nic. Note of his collection of treaties in one vol.; , GRALLACHER (?), Thomas Signature, GRA:M:MATICA : v. Francia. Hebraica. Garlandia, J oh. de. Italia. Elements. Grrecre grammaticre, ; I j I I j Verba grammaticalia; (l1.-lat., b Liber doctrinalis; carmine, cum commento, Varia grammaticalia, prosa et carmine; Lat. et Angl., srec. xv, , 184 Fragm. e grammatic a quadam; Lat., Fragmenta duo e poemate quodam grammaticali; srec. xii, , 79. Fragmenta alia duo, ,2. Qurestiones grammaticre, &c., Constructio distichorum et tetrastichorum, Notes, Engl., Fr., Lat., GRA:MPOUND, Cornwall. place, GRANADA, Ludovicus a, Dominicanus. Transl. of book i. of his Dux Peccatorum, GRANARD, lord: i.e. A. Forbes, q.v. GRANBERG, Lars8 Bengtson. och sn1l,lle Uthr&kning; Curieuse (impress.), 'GRANGER, -, schoolmaster at Liskeard. Mentioned, b. GRANGER, Thomas, Lime-street, London. Note of two Wickliffe MSS. possessed by him, Draughts of two Anglo-Saxon coins sent by him to Hearne, Sale of his library; 1733, b GRANO, John Bapt.; v. Musica. GRANSDEN, Great, Hunts: v. Saywell, Sam. GRA.NT, Henrietta and John. Commencement of their case against Jane Bubb said to be the wife of Colin Campbell; [1729J, GRANT, Simon, Grantham. Latin epitaph; 1700, GRANTCHESTER, Cambridgeshire. Arti. des against Tho. Whatton, vicar; 1644, GRANTE, Edward, D.D., prebendary of Westm. and master of Westm. school. Accounts as steward of the abbey; 1600, Signature, ib Papers addressed to him, GRANTE, col. J. A. Engraved chart of the routes of Pro Charles Edw. in Great Britain, GRANTHA:M, Lincolnshire: v. Williams, John. Copies by Rawlinson of epitaphs, Inscription on Rawlinson gravestone, Epitaph on Tho. Weekes, in the churchyard, 816. IIOb GRANTZ, Tobias, Gorl. Lusat. Inscriptio 'Italica in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., IS Oct. 1629, GRANVILLE, family of. A brief history of the family; 1639; continued to 1660, and later by J. Proud, , 17. Other notes, ib. 23. GRANVILLE, Anne, wife of dean Denis. Signature (as "A. Grenvile") to a vow of obedience to her husband; 20 Dec. 1663, Medical opinions and prescription on her case; Lat. and Fr., II1, 126. Note to her father bp. Cosin, 851. II 9. Declaration of satisfaction with her husband's conduct, ib Declaration denying her being distracted, ib Notice of the GRANVILLE, Bevill. Letter to his uncle dean Granville; 1685, , Owner of 494 in GRANVILLE, Denis, D.D., dean of Durham. Letters from him: V. Basire, Isaac. Baudan, -. Beveridge. Will. Bradock, John. Brevint, Dan. Bury, Arthur. Bury, Mrs. Compton, Hen. Crewe, Nath. Dale, John. Davies, John, D.D. Davison, Tho. Eden, sir Rob. Fell, John. Letters to him: V. Allestree, Rich. Atherton, H. Bell, Rich. Berners, B. Blakiston, John. Bowes, sir Will. Bradock. John. Burton, Rich. Bury, Arthur. Cartwright, Tho. CocK, John. Comber,Tho. Cooke, John. Cradock, Tho. Elys, Edm. Jj'ell, John. Forster, Pexall. Finch, Mrs. Guise, Mrs. Launce, -. Locke, John. Marshall, Thos. Moulin, P. Du. Oley, Barn. Proud, John, sen. Proud,.John,,iun. Samwales, Peter. San croft, Will. Sparrow, Anth. Tonstall, Ralph. Webster, Rich. Galard, Bern. Gower, Humf. Granville, Bevill. Hickes, John. Higgons, Tho. Maddison, Edw. Maynard, Edw. Middleton, Jos. Milner, John. Moulin, Pierre Du. Nelson. Jeremy.,Oley, Barn. Reade, Will. Robertson, Patr. Samwaies, Peter. Smith, John. Sprat, Thoa. Tillotson, John. Tomkyns, Tho. Tynte, Grace and Halswell. Walls, Geo. Webster, Rich. Wheler, Will. Wood, Tho. Miscellaneous papers and correspon. dence, Preces mane dicendre in eccl. Dunelm., ; III. Correspondence with John Locke, Subjects to be discussed with Locke, Order of Council, 17 July, 1674, on his arrest for debt, I. Specification by him of things dis. pleasing to him in his nephew's conduct, His nephew's vindication of himself from the preceding charges, (Not in the handwriting of either Tho. Higgons or Bevill Granville, two of the dean's nephews.) Proposal to the parishioners of Easing. ton for the repair of the church, &c.; 1680, Journal; 1683, 108. Notes on a few points in controversy with Rome, II2. Note of his death in 1703, b. Notices of him and his death, &c. by J. Proud and others, ,23, 128b, 131, 132. GRANVILLE, George, visco Lansdowne. Letter, without address; 1703, Letter to J. Proud; 1712, ib. 77. Sig nature, ib. 79. GRANVILLE, John, earl of Bath: v. Jeffrey son, J. Letter to bp. Cosin (two copies), with his reply; 1666, , 140, 124. GRASCO:ME, Samuel, a bishop among the Non-jurors. Miscellaneous papers, 846. Epist. ad H. Hody, Answer to a pamphlet [by Burnet?] in 1689 on The Lawfulness 0/ the Neu' Oaths, Every man on his own head; a dialogue between Roger Trueman, Andr. Cant, and Eman. Sa., Account of legal proceedings against him; , , Answer to W. Sherlock's Case 0/ Allegi ance, Letter to a Friend, in reply to Stillingfleet, Of obligations to unity amongst Chris' tians, , 200. Animadversions upon a dialogue by Sam. Hill entitled A Debate &c.; by T. B. (i.e. Grascome) ; 1696, Let~er urlf,ing the recall of James II; SIgned r. B.; Three letters in reply to letters froili R. Johnson about taking the oaths; 1706, Letter in reply to the charge against the Non-jurors of schism, Propositions relating to church govel'll' ment and communion, Two papers against mixed communion, 846.,306, 308.

95 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 617 Two anon. letters to a lady criticizing GRAY, Myles, a Quaker. A warning to GREENVILE, sir John. Anagramma in his Case o/conscience concerning going all persecutors, scoffers, &c., 391. I. nomen ejus; 1661, lllo to church (copies), ,45. Letter A cry out of Sion to the desolate towns GREENWICH, Kent: v. Bells. by him in reply to the preceding and villages, ib.25 An invitation unto D d' h h la T le'tters on his Case 0" v Conscience, 846. h' 1m w h'. t' th d f th ee s m t e c artu ry of St. homas, 0 IS rejec mg e ay 0 e Southwark, Lord's love, ib. 39 P b k b" k Answ~r to R. Huddleston's Short and ay- 00 s for Ulldmg-wor done at Wi h F1' h 846 GRAY, Nicholas, rector of Castle Camps, the King's manor; , 775. Plain ay to t e mt, q. v ; ; ; Objections to the papal supremacy, , Sib; 780. I-51, ; ib Answers to six R. Catho- GRAY, Robert, M.D., or Grey, q.v lie propositions, ib. 19S. Further G '". Lead brought to the manor from Barkt th ' 0 answers 't' 890 RAY, Thomas, J'ort St. George. Slgna- 0 e SIX prop Sl IOns,. ing abbey', 1541, 809. I. 45. Dedicatory letter prefixed to a ture; 1690, ob. C... S'. treatise against the R. C. claims of GRAY'S INN: v. London. unosltles at the hlp mn; 1662, t 't 'b S b an lqul y, ~. 10. Mention of a telescope in the Observa- Commencement of a treatise impugn- GRAZIANI, Giulio, Smyrna. Ital. transl. tory 90 feet long; 1743, 394, 224. ing the divine institution of the Lord's of a panegyric upon him, on his death Hospital. Accounts of the Hospital; day, in 1667,920. 2S ,750. Prayer to be used by a condemned GREAVES, sir Thomas. Petition from his Inscription on Rysbrack's statue of criminal, 851. I S3 G Remarks against his Certamen Religio- daughters Mary Stewart and Marg. eo. II, Bum, in a postscript to some pamphlet, t;~aves to Charles II for relief, 18. GREGORIUS NAZIENZENUS. Notre Usserii de editt. operum ejus, GRASSI, Achille de', vesc.dimontefiaseone: GREBNER, Paul. Notice of a MS. of his v. Julius III, Papa. prophecy in Trin. coil., Camb., 399. Transl. of the oration De Fuga, S. Prophecies; 1574, fb. 19S. GREGORIUS NYSSENUS. Notre Usserii de GRASWINCKEL, Theod. Signature,1886. GREDRICKS, William, a condemned thief. editt. operum ejus, Sb Petition to Charles II for transporta- GRATIA: v. N., N. tion; (two copies), 18. SSb, 63. GREGORIUS, S., quidam. Consecratio GRAVE, John, a Quaker. Letter; 1669 GREEN, Anthony. School exercise of a (copy), b. Latin letter (copy), GRAVELINES. An indulgence granted on GREEN, John. Letter to Hildebrand, lord occasion of the centenary of a monas- Alington, 861. S6. tery there; 1712, GREEN, Richard. Signature; [c. 1706], GRAVELLE, Jacques de. Transcriber of art. 2 in GREEN, capt. Thomas. Elegy on him, GRAVENOR, Cooper, bailiff of Ipswich. executed in Scotland for alleged piracy; Affidavits; 1709, , IS. II Apr. 170S, 383. los. GRAVES, John, junior. Astronomical and GREEN, Thomas, bishop of Ely. Letter astrological tables; 1662-S, to J. Lewis; 1729,376. S. GRAVES, Richard, Mickleton, W orc. Transcript by him, Gave 180, 358 to Thos. Hearne. GRAVETT, Richard, a minister. Fragment of proceedings il!- dispute with Dr.. Bond about a chancel-seat, GRAVITY. Transl. from Italian of a paper on the gravity of bodies, GRAVIUS, Samuel, Allendorphensis-HasiUS. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; 2 Sept. 1624, GRAY, Charles, M.P. Remarks by him in llraise of a book against Hutchin- 8onlanism, &c. (copy), GRAY, Henry, M.A., Clare hall, Cambro Testimonials for institution to the rectory of Heyford, Northants; 167~, , 102. GRAY, James, tllapham. Name; 1673, b. GRAY, lady.lane. Epist. ad H. Bullin. gel'; (manu T. Hearne), GR~Y, John, booksellerin London,afterw.. Vl.Car of a parish at Ripon. Possessor of 981. GREENE, Anne, Baldwin's Rents, London; 1637, GREENE, Francis, vicar of East Claydon, Bucks. Answers to B. Willis' parochial queries; 1712, GREENE, Thomas, D.D., vicar of St. Olave Jewry, Lond. Signature; 1687, GREENE, William, London. Extracts from his will; 20 Oct. 1553, 796b. 77b, 79. Inquisition upon his will; 4 Oct. 1634, ib. So. Order and decree thereupon, ib. SIb, 84b GREEN, Greene; v. etiam Grene. GREENELL, John, vicar of Sawston, Cambro Signature; 1674, GREENFORD, Middlesex. Valuation of the parish for assessment; [1653?], GREENHALGH, Henry. Weston's shorthand, graved portrait, ib. I. cover. GREENLAND: v Browne, sir Tho. The Psalms in His en Book-plate, ib., Fishing. eucharistire: [formula quredam orientalis], 135L 3Ilb. GREGORIUS I, Papa: v. Thwaites, Edw. GREGORIUS V, Papa. Sus motivos para quitar a los Romanos la eleccion del imperador del occidente verdadero Rey de Romanos, GREGOBIUS XIII, Papa. Conclave dl Greg. XIII, 547. ls3. Discorso sopra il governo di Greg. XIII, 0.1 Doge di Venezia; 1573, ib GREGORIUS XIV, Papa: 11. Roma. History of the conclave at his election, 70. GREGORIUS XV, Papa. Conclave nel quale e' fu creato POntefice; 1621, ; In~tructions to nuncios in , Ital., 612, 626, 630, 634. Letter to P. Charles of Engl.; 20 Apr. 1623, trallsl., GREGORIUS, Clemens. Book-Iabel,.l Signature,ib GREGOry, family of, Nottingham. Pedigree to 1666, by Dugdale, GREGORY, Anthony, vicar of Sutton, Cambro Signature; 1676, GREGORY, Charles. Latin epitaph in Waltham abbey; 1703, GREGORY, David, Savilian prof., Oxf. Notes of mathem. problems, from him, Recommended by sir I. Newton for the professorship of astronomy at Oxf.; 1691, GREGORY, Francia, D.D. Notice of sermons by him; 1655,216.5, ISh. ZZ2

96 tits INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. GREGORY, Jeremie, vicar of Cirencester. Letter to bp. Compton of London; 1687, Testimonial from eleven clergy in his favour, ib. 25. GREGORY, Johannes, A.M., ex lede Christi,Oxon. Observationes in Chronicam Jo. Malalre, GREGORY, John, archd. of Gloucester. Notes about him as schoolm. of Gloucester, 19L 4b, 18. GREVILLE, Fulk, first lord Brooke. Signature [" Grevyll "], b Copies of papers relating to his foundation of ahistory lecture at Cambridge; , GREY, of Codnor, family of. Fragment of table of descent, 766 ad calc. Pedigree, with arms in trick, 9ll. 27. GREY, of Kent, family of. Descent, G J h D D b f H fi d GREY of Ruthin, barony of: v. Longue- REGORY, 0 n,.., pre. 0 ere or. ville, Charles. Notice of his death; 1708, b. GREY of Wilton, family of. Part of GREGORY, Simon, carpenter: v.waltham, a pedigree, White. GREGORY, Thomas GREY, Anthony, earl of Kent. Cat. of Signature; 1658, his MSS.; 1698, GREY, Elizabeth, countess dow. of Kent: GREGORY, sir William, Baron of the Ex- v. Howard, Alethea. chequer. Signature to a report on a case tried by him; 1680, 37L 47. GREY, Fr. Signature; end of cent. xvi, GRIFFITH, George, bishop of St. Asaph. Sermon at Llanvaithly at the funeral of his sister-in-law, Mary Griffith; 1645, GRIFFITH, Jeremiah, Signature; 1716, GRIFFITH, William, M.A., Christ's coil, Cambr., Privy Seal Office. A volum~ of petitions, &c.; , 371. Deposition in a suit, Monke v. Rustat j 1668, " Copy by him of the attestation of his transcript from the originals of the chartulary of St. John Bapt. Hosp., Bath; 1679, Notarial instrument by him of an appointment of proxy; 1682, Letter to hon. Phil. Warwick; 16 Sept. 1682, Signature; 1690, Endorsement of a paper, b GRIFFITH: v. etiam Gruffith, Gryffith. GREGSON, James, Thurlestone, Leic. GR~Y, Henry, sixth earl of Kent. Letter Bond to him from Will. Read; 12 to him asl. Lieutenant of Bedfordshire GRIGG, Mrs. A. Reply to a letter from May, 1655 (copy), from the Privy Council; 1615, bp. E. Fowler, and letter to bp. }'. GREIBE, Conrad. Allegations against Turner enclosing it [1691; copie8], GREY, Henry, twelfth earl of Kent. List col. Seyger, baron von Rechteren, to IS. of his MSS. at Wrest; 1706, be tried at court-martial at Whitehall; Apr G H fi t I f St ~ d GRIMALDI, abbate Lorenzo, Rome: ~, G RENDON, family of, Staffordshire. Pedigree and arms, , 115, 117. GRENE, R. Signature, &c.; 1559, GRENE, Robert. Judgement about a legacy from him to his daughters; t., Hen. VIlI (?), GRENEHALGH, john. Account of a Roman altar found at Chester, GRENEVILE, Edward (?). Signatur~, GRENVILLE: v. Granville, Greenville. GRESHAM COLLEGE: v. London. GREVILLE, Anne, dowager countess Brooke. Inscription by J. Bryan in a book given to her; c. 1677; Signature, [by her, or her daughter Ann '/], ib. GREVILL, Elizabeth, lady, formerly wife of Hen. Denny. Epitaph in Waltham abbey, b ' REY, enry, rs ear 0 am!or. Castelli, Giov. Arms, and device on his cornet; 1642, b, 23. GREY, Ralph, curate of All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Letter to Dr. Isaac Basire; 1684 (copy), GRIMALDI, Nicolo, ambasc., per l'ord. HierosoI. in Roma. Discorso del modo che si posse defendere Malta contro il Turco, GREY, Robert, subdean of Durham. GRIMALDI, Philippi, di Flurese. His gold ring in the possession of R. Raw Signature; 1685, linson, GREY, Robert, M.D. Sale of his library; 1730, 716. GRIMAREST, J. A. Etat de France; 28b imperj., GREY, Thomas, vicar of Dedham, Essex. Letter to bp. Comllton of London; GRIMBLESTONE, -, M.D. Medical prescription; 1709 (copy), ob 1686, 792. IS. GREY of Groby, Thomas, lord. Letter GRIMER, Robert, rector of Wicken, q. v. recommending Tho. Beaumont to be GRIMSTON, George. Epitaph in St. knight of the shire for Leic.; 14 Nov. Michael's church at St. Alban's, (copy), GREY, Thomas, second earl of Stamford. GRESHAM, Charles. Mentioned as employed 'by J. J. Zamboni, and arrested, Signature; 1716, Notice in 1746, , 173b, 176. of the sale of his books in 172J,1160. GRESHAM, Elizabeth, F~lham: 1637, b GREYSTOKE. Cumberland. Notes &c. of monuments in the church, GRESSOP, Thomas. Verses on H.Scrip. ture, ,G RICE, Thomas: v. Litlington, Middlesex. GRESWOLD, Henry, precentor of Lichfield. Signature; 1688,864;169. burgh. Mentioned; 1669, GRIFFIN, -, English minister at Ham GRIFFIN, Essex, wife of Edward lord GRETHSEN (?), -. Letter out of Germany to Rich. Roach : Lat., I 702, Griffin, and courin to lady Eliz. Living. ston. Mentioned; 1664, &c., 78., 99, 179, 194-5, GRIFFIN, John, M.A., bishop amongst the N,on-jurors. Sketch of his seal, , 17. GRIFFIN, Philip, actor at the Theatre Royal. Petition to Charles II against Charles Killegrew for defrauding the company of actors, GRIMSTONE, sir Harbottle. Speech iii Parl.; 9 Nov. 1640, GRIMSTON, William. Service performed by him and R. Readhead at Bergen-op Zoom in 1588, GRINDALL, Edmund, archbp. of Canter. bury. Note of a book given by him in 1583, GRISBERT, Laurence. Licence to him to practise surgery within the diocese of London; [c. 1621], RISELIDIS, or Griselda, The Patient: v. Roma.nces. Ii. GROBENDUNCK, -, soc. J esu, Pragre Nomen inscriptum, GROBITZ, Casparus, Finsterwald :Misn. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann: Witteb., 6 Apr. 1615, b '

97 GROSSETESTE, Robertus, episcopus Linc. Theorica spherre, b. Epist. 23, ad W. de Raleigh, de prole ante matrimonium nata, 351. [Literre, Cygnrea cantio, aliaque varia olim in 339, codice sreculi xvii, exstabant]. GROTHAFORUS (?), Johannes, pastor Lubecensis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; [1612], GROTIUS, Hugo: v. Gronovius, Jo. F. Synopsis libri ejus de jure belli et pacis, Presentation inscription by him in a book given to Jo. Meursius, Notice of his language conc. the Atonement, GROVE, Hugh: v. Penruddock, John. GROVE, Robert, rector of St. Andr. Undershaft, Lond. Signature; 1678, GROULART, Stephen,Utrecht. Contingent grant to him of augmentation of arms; [1682], RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 619 GRONOVIUS, Jac. Notice by Hearne of GRYFFITH, Owen, Jesus coh., Oxf. his edit. of Suetonius, Descent from P. Meyrick; 1714, GRONOVIUS, Jo. Fr. Excerpta e notis ejus in Grotium De jure belli, 222. GRYMES, -. Donor of a book to Edw. Harrison; cent. xvi, GROSS, Mrs. Receipt for shortness of breath, GRYMESDYCHE, John. Letter relating to the conveyance of lands; t. Hen. VIII (copy), b. GUALDI, Federico. Account of him who died in 1682, and letters to and from him in ; Lat. and Ital b, 15. ' GUALTERUCCI, Ugolino: v. Paulus III, Papa. GUALTERUS, Georgius, Messanensis. Epist. ad N. A. de Federicis de opere suo Inscript. Messan.; 16:u (apogr.), b. GUALTIERI, Sebastiano, vesco di Viterbo : v. Julius III, Papa. Gu ASCONTI, family of, j!'lorence. Account of the family; , GUATEMALA: V. Pina, Ign. de. 'l'wenty-two government despatches from Spain to officials in Guatemala in June, 1704, GUAYAQUIL, Gulf of. Sketch of the islands of Puna and Santa ClanL, ,41 GUICCIARDINI, Francesco. Cap.'b. iv. dell' Hist. di Italia: "discorso de l'imperio de Pontefici," 478.-Extract, in French, about the papal power, Extracts from an Engl. tranal., from book iii, about Pope Alex. VI, &C., GUICCIARDINI, Lodovico. "Dell' hore di recreatione"; reading-lessons in Italian, 445. GUICHE, comte de: v. Bussy Rabutin, Roger, comte de. GUIDI, Camillo, ambassador from Tuscany to France. Copies of two letters from him in ; Ital. (impel;l), n GUIDI, ~'ilippo. Letter, without address, respecting the letters of his brother Camillo; 8 Jan. 1661, ltal., GUIDOTT, Thomas, Bath. Two letters to P. Le Neve; , , 65. GUILANDINUS, Melchior. Possedit 633. GUILDS: v. Gilds. GUILERES, colonel Mentioned; 1697, GUILFORD, George [Magd. coil., Oxf.]. Book-label, and inscription; cent. xvi, GUAZZONIUS, Theodorus, eques HieroBol. GUILLAUMOT, Jean. Name, b GRUBHAM, -. An alch mist, De dragone Rhodio ab eo occiso elegia, GUINEA. Outlines of the islands of St Thomas and Annobon in the Gulf of GRUFFITH, Gulielmus. E~istola ad eum Guinea, , 10. a Gruff. Price, GUBBINES, Robert. Signature, GUINIGI, Lelio, Lucca. Letter to G. GRUN, Joh. Christoph. de, cancellarius G J 68 5 El. Pl' UCHT,.; 1 9, Como; 1725, Ital., ectons a atim. Inscriptio in albo Libri MSS. in GUISE, family of. Arms on seal, b, amicorum Jac. Brisset ; Jul. 1618,935. GUDIUS, Marquardus. 36. ejus bibl., b GRUN, Job. Geo. de. Inscriptio Gall. in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; Heidelb., 8 Jul. 1618, b. GaUTTSCHREIBER, Johan Ulnch von. Inscriptio Lat.-Gall., una cum insignibus gentilitiis depictis, ac scena allegorica de casibus fortunre, in albo ami Corum Dav. von Filtz; Brigk, 12 Sept. 1627, Sb-6. GUEMENE, prince de: v. Digby, sir K. GUENAULT, Petru~, med. bacc.,paris. Inscriptio in albo amicorumj ac. Brisset; Par., 20 Apr. 1626, b. 93 b GUISE, Mrs. -. Letter to her from dean Granville of Durham on the death of her husband; 1683, GUISE, John, chapl. at Aleppo. Three letters to Dr. Thos. Turner; , GRUNDISBURGH, Suffolk. Articles against Edw. Barton, rector; 1644, GmpRCHE, Samuel, musician to Charles I ~lgnature, 768. S7b ; ,77; et GUISE, sir John. Ode Mich. Maittaire GRUNDLER, Bartholomew, and.tohn ~n vall. seqlj. ad eum, de ipsius in patriam reditu; Ernest, missionaries in E. Indies: v. 10 Maii, 1728, Wake, Will. GUERNSEY: v. GRUTERUS, Janus. Epistolre dure ad Tho. Jersey. Saumares, John de. GUITING, Temple, Gloucestershire: v. James; (apogr.), ,79. List of state papers relating to it Oxford: Corp. Chr. call. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Jac. cent. xvi, xvii, ' GULDEFORD, Joseph. Possessor of 412. Brisset; Heidelb., 7 Jul. 1618, 935. GULIELMUS: v. etiam Willelmus. 45 GRUTERUS, Isaacus. Epistolre quinque ad doct. Tho. Browne; , Note of a book that belonged to him, GULIELMU8 NEUBRIGIENSIS. Homilire Account of the blowing up of Castle Cornet in 1672, copied from a printed narrative, Plan of the castle, and description, ib Form of prayer to be used on 30 Dec. in remembrance of the destruction of the castle by lightning in 1672, Five queries respecting the alternate right of Guernsey men with Jersey men to fellowships at Oxford, GUESTINGTHORPE, Essex: v. Willan, Robert. dure; (apogr. recent.), , 422 GULSTON, William, bishop of Bristol. Letter to V.-Chanc. of Oxford respecting presentation to a. living; 1683 (copy), 912. S16. GUN, Elizabeth [see Gon]. Nativity; 20 Sept. 1646, GUNDERMANNUS, UlricuB. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; 11 Jul. 1618,935. So.

98 620 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Gmn., Griffin, B.D., rector of Remenham, Berks. Epitaph; 1737, GUNNERY: v. Bourne, Will. N 3t37. l' d.. th 1.. o re p unmre e varus eo OgIClS, Two letters to J. Tirwhit; with reply to the first; 1657, , 220, 222. Letter to him, signed with initials " F.. " (?); 1681, Will and codicils; , Noticed, GUNPOWDER. Oratio acado in inventionem ejus, per D. Featley, , 102. Versus de eadem, ib GUY, John. Petition of him and N. Osborne to Charles II for a writ of error, with order thereon; 4 June, 1676, GUY, Peter, musician to Charles I. Signature, b, 59b, 69; 769 et Sfgg. GUNNING, Peter, bishop of Ely. Fragmentary papers in his and Pearson's controversy with Dr. Th. Lenthall and John Spencer; 1657, GUYON, madame de la Motte. Theses for discussion with Lenthall on communicating in both kinds, ib. Sa vie (with corrections by herself), 525. Method of prayer; transl. from the French, GUYSE, -, D.D. Notes of two sermons, , 79b GUYSE, Elizabeth. Letter to her brother J. Dunton; 20 Feb. 1720, GUZMAN, Spanish family. La easa del duque de Medina Sidonia [Juan Alonso de Guzman]; 1535, GUZMAN, -. Observations and anecdotes transl. "ex Gusmano," GUZMAN, Pedro de. Account of him, GUNPOWDER PLOT: v. Jacobus 1. GWENNAP, Cornwall. GUNTER, fa-mill of, Berks. Pedigree; parish, , 6. Notes on the 1623, Note of descent, 807. GWILLIAMS, John. Petition to Charles 5 8b II for pardon on conviction for poach- GURD, Roger, Melbury Abbas, Dorset. ing in the forest of Dean, Exchange of land; C. 1676, (reversed) I. GWILLIMS, Lionel. Owner of 1407 in GURGANY, John, Merton coli., Oxf. Sig. Signature; 1638, nature, as J. G.; 1641,, GWINNE, or Gwyn, Matthew, M.D. Nota de eo, GUSSONI, -. Relatione della Toscana'; 1576, GWYN, Edward, M,A., canon of Ch. Ch. GUSSONI, Marco. Book of the laws of Venice; given to him on his appointment as capt. of Bergamo in 1608; ltal., 617. GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS, Suecire Rex. Declaration on his accession; 6 Dec. 1611, Swed., Ordinance; 17 Feb. 1617,Swed., Imperii Suecorum forma et constitutio; 29 Jul. 1632, Suec. et Lat., , 292b Abrege du discours aux princes, &c. pres de lui Ie jour que son cheval fut tue; 1632, Epitaphium, GUTHRIE, James. His speech on the scaffold at Edinb.; 1 June, 1661, Possessed a copy of Raleigh's letter to sir R. Winwood, H. H., 'Dr.' Letter to him from Hearne; 1711, b H., Mr.' Letter to him from Hearne; 1710, b. H., G. "The Scotts' wadin"; description of a Scottish wedding, H., H. [Hen. Harrington?]. Possessor of H., J., i. e. John Hall, g. v. H., J.: a mis-reading of a monogram for W. H., i. e. Will. Higden, g. V. H., J. Exercitia quredam acado (partim poetica) in coll.d. Jo. B., Oxon.; H" J. [guo James Howell?]. Epitaph on Charles I, H., L" T. [guo Leon. Hutten, Theologus 1], Ecloga super mortem Tho. Bodley, 1231, 142 b H., N., L.D., i.e. Harpsfield, Nic., LL.D" q,v. H., sir T. Transl. of Hor. Od. I. 24, H., W.: V. Hewer, Will. H., W. Ad Campiani Decem ratione! responsio, HAACK, Theodorus. Inscriptio Gall. in albo amicorum J oh. Hoffmanni ; Oxon., 30 Jan. 1626, Letter to Sam. Clarke; 1668, , HACKET, John, D.D., bp. of ~ichfield and Cov. Notice of his life of archbp, GWYN, Edward, Furnival's Inn. Note of Williams, heraldic MSS. collected by him, b. HACKETT, William, of Newington Butts, Petition to Charles II, 18. ll. GWYN, Edw. Prideaux, Ch. Ch., Oxf. Transcribed in 1717 entries iv-vi in HACKINGTON, Kent. Two monumental art. 2 in 352. Gave art. 27 in 400 to Hearne in GWYN, R. Letter to J. Dunton; 171S, GWYNNE, Eleanor. Grants of money on her account from Charles II and James II, , 93, 13S, 143. Bought by Charles II from lord Buck hurst; 1672, Mention of her and her son i 1679, 86L 20. Mentioned, GUTHRIE, James. Petition for re appointment as Ordinary of Newgate, 734. GWYNNE, N., rector of Daglingworth, 46. Glouc. Signature and seal of arms; 1680, S. GUTTERIDGE, William, uahertothe King. Petition to Charles II, when nearly 100 years old, 18. ISb. GUY OF W,..RWICK: V. Romances. GUY, G. Signature; 1631, GUY, Henry: 11. Foley, Paul... Secret 8IIl'Vice money a.ccount; , $79. GYLLENBORG, count Carl, minister of state in Sweden: v. Wasenborg, Carl M. Signature; 1724, S. GYNANl>ER, -, Hampton Court. Letter to P. H. Zollmann; 1731, Fr., GYSE, Henry, governor of Gloucester. Slgnature; 1669, inscriptions in the churchyard ;1716, 972 5b. HACKNEY, Middlesex: V. Temple, -'-. Notes of sermons preached there on 2 Sept. 1660,344. 7b-8b HACO (?), Giovanni di, cittadino Fiorenl, Copyist in 1498 of 595. HACON, Hubert. Signature; 1594,1387, 2. HADDINGTON: V. Anglia [IS48]. HADDOCK, John. Signature, HADDOCK, Richard, D.D. 83 dedicated to him in 160S. HADDON, Gualterus, Cantabr., coli. Ma~d. Oxon. prreses, &c. Versio metrlca Orat. Domin., Sh. Observations on his life, HADDON Hall, Derbyshire. Lines on it, by M. Maittaire, HADLEIGH, Essex. Arms in a window in the church, 682. lb. HADLEIGH, Suffolk: 11. Suffolk.

99 HADLEY, Middlesex. List of the trained band; 1626, Valuation of the parish for assessment; 1649, Dec. 1653, ib. 56. HADLEY, Monken, Middlesex. Epitaphs, HADLEY, George and Ann. Epitaph in southgate chapel; 1654,896. lli-2. RA. WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 621 HALE, Mrs. Frances, Alderley, Glouc. HALL, George, alderman of Canterbury. Extract from a MS. in her possession, Epitaph; 1706, [now B. 47], 6S HALE, sir Matthew: fl. Anglia. Opinion upon a case referred to him; 1672 (copy), SOS Notice of his book on the Origination of Mankind, List of books given by him to Lincoln's Inn, Cat. of MSS. given by HAlRETICI: fl. Anglia: Eccl. Angl. him to the Inn, Placita hrereticorum, Notes about him, HALE, Richard, M.D.: fl. Windsor. HAESDONCK, Mary, widow of Cornelius Versus Mich. Maittaire ad eum in van. Petition to Charles II, 18. 3b ineuntem annum 172!, HAFFENDEN, Mary. Epitaph in Rye HALE, Thomas, Southwark, 1638, 145. church; 1678, 6S HAGA, Cornelius, Ord. Gen. Belg. apud HALE, Thomas. Report of Directors of Turcos legatus. Inscriptio Lat.-ltal. E. India Co. in favour of his plan of in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; sheathing ships with milled lead (copy),. Constantinop., 13 Feb. 1621, HAGEMOND Abbey, Shropshire. Aregister HALES, family of, Kent. Genealogical saved by Le Neve from being burned, note, b HALES, Alex. Distichon in mortem HAGEN, - von, Secr. of State in Denmark. Letter to M. de Rasen at Joh. Walters, eq., HALES, Bennett, dau. of John; Canterbury. Epitaph; 1646, Stockholm; Copenh., 19 June, 1725, Germ. and Fr., HALL, H., Non-juror. Letter to Dr. T. Brett; 1727, HALL, Henry, D.D., bishop of Killala. Mention of his death; 1663, HALL, Humphrey, vicar of Hendon. Letter to E. Curle; 1718, HALL, Jo. Signature, with motto, "Mea messis in herbis," HALL, John, Gray's Inn and Durham. A method of history; 1645, 152. HALL, John, University printer, Oxford. Press accounts; , seljf1. HALL, Joseph, bishop of Norwich. Extracts from his Meditations, The holy orders of the mourners in Sion; collected out of his Works, b. Extracts from his Quo vadis, Notice of his Mercurius B, itan., Answer to his Episcopacy by divine right, HALES, Edward, Univ. coil., Oxf. Speech HALL, Leah, wife of Daniel, Canterbury. HAGGAR, Robert, St. Giles-in-the-Fields, on the erection of a statue of James II Epitaphs on her and her children; London; 1637, b in the college; 168f, , HAHN (?), Ernst. Inscriptio Gall. in albo HALES, John, Eton college: v. Page, Sam. HALL, Richard, D.D. Life of bp. Fisher, amicorum P. Goln; Lond., 1617, 934. Oratio funebris super Tho. Bodley; , HAILES, George. Licence as English On the marriage of cousins germane, HA~~ Thomas. Signature; c. 1600, consul at Venice, from the Doge; 1667, I. Answer to a friend con cerning heresy and schism, ib. 8. HALL, Thomas. Epitaph in Hadley HAINES, Th. Latin lines addressed to HALES, John, son of sir Charles; Canter- church; 1654,896. S6 b John Hewes, b. bury. Epitaph; 1627, HALL, Thomas, M.A., rector of Castle HAINES, Thomas, M.A. Institution to HALES, John. At school in Chelsea in Camps, Cambr: Signature; 16~, 340. rectory of Saperton, Glouc.; 1641, , , 52b b HALES, Matthew, physician. Signature; HALL, Timothy, vicar of Poulton, Lanc. HAINTZ, Matthreus, march. Morav. ad 1612, Signature; 1720, Port. Ottoman. legatus. Inscriptio in HALEWYN, - de. Signature, b HALL, 'Walter, King's Bromley, Staffordshire. Name, &c., scribbled; 1685, albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Constantinop., 1 Feb. 1621, HALFORD, Richard, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leic. Bond for a payment to ,59. HAKEWILL, George, D.D., archd. of Surrey: fl. Lambeth. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 1624, "A dissertation with Dr. Heylyn whether the Eucharist be a sacrifice," The wedding ring; a treatise on the unlawfulness of Protestants' marriages with Papists, 853. III. H~KEWILL, William. Argument against impositions; 1610, HAKLUYT, Richard, Ch. Ch., Oxf. Sermon on 2 Cor. iv. 1; 1582, Notes on the art. of the Creed, He desc. into hell, ib Notice by him (?) respecting his omitting in his Voyages Stadius' account of Brazil, aal~, Edw:ard, curate of Oldbury, Shrop Shire. Signature; 1714, Will. Irela,nd and Nich. Strelley; 29 March, 1650 (copy), Petition to the committee of sequestrations at Leicester for return of goods of sir Rich. Halford (copy), ib. 21. Bond to him from Thos. Watts and Geo. Halford; 14 May, 1653 (copy), ib. ISO-I. HALL, William, Queen's coil., Oxf. Poetical epistle to Edw. Thwaites, on his not writing a Saxon monody on the death of the D. of Glouc.; 1700, Four letters to the same; , &c., ib. 67b, Note on Gibson's Quinctilian, HALIFAX, earl of, i. e. Charles Montagu, HALLAND, or HuHand, -, sheriff of Denq. fl. bigh. Letter to him; 1596, HALIFAX, marq. of, i. e. Geo. Savile, q. v. HALL, Anthony, D.D., provost of Queen's coli., Oxf.: v. Leland,.Tohn. Common-place book, Possessor of 984. HALL, F. Signature, HALL, George, of Katherine'S, London; 1637, b. HALL, George, bishop of Chester. Notice of him by A. Wood, b HALLERVORDT, Hermannus, J.U.D. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 24 Feb. 1618, HALLEY, Edmund, D.C.L. Letter to Dr. Hudson; 1706, Epitaph; 1742, HALLIFAX, William, D.D., chaplain at Aleppo. Relation of a journey to Tadmor; 1691,60. I. -- to Jerusalem, ib. 27. Three letters to Dr. Thos. Turner; , ib

100 622 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. HALLYWELL, Henry, vicar of Ifield, Sussex. Signature j 1678, , 69. HALMSTATT, Georg Philip von. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii j Lond., 10 Aug. 1618, HALSALL, Lancashire: v. Travers, Peter. HALTON, John, a monk. Note of a book that belonged to him, HALTON, Timothy, D.D., provost of Queen's coil., Oxf. Account of him, Signature; 1681, b. HAMBLEDON, Bucks. Epitaph on Dr. G. Roberts, b. HAMBLEDON, Surrey. living, 390, 101. HAMBURGH: v. Jacobus II. Notice of the city; 1669,108. 3Sb. Memorial from the English merchants there to sir P. Wyche, praying for mediation by England with Denmark to save the city from being attacked by the Danes; 19 Aug. 1686, Trial of Dr. C. Krumbholtz, 170S; translated j imperf., 769. Paper about the city and the count of Schaumburg; 172-, Germ.,569. I. Transl. of a vindication of the consistory of the ch. of St. James, in reply to Dr. J. F. Mayer, HAMERS, Abraham, Belga. Inscriptiones Lat. -Gall. -I tal. - Holland. - Germ. in albo amicorum J ac. Brisset; Heidelb., 9 Jul. 161S, Inscriptiones Lat.-Ital.-Gall.-Holland. in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz j Constantinop., 13 Feb. 1621, HAMEY, Baldwin, jun., M.D. Note of a cure by him, b. Note of a book that belonged to him, HAMILTON, col. - [or Maxwell?], second husb. of duchess of Norfolk, widow of the thirteenth duke. Sold part of the Arundel collection of pictures, HAMILTON, sir David, M.D. Memoranda by him of communications between Q. Anne and the duchess of Marlborough, Copy of a letter to him from lord Godolphin, ill., 614. HAMILTON, George, first earl of Orkney. Signature, HAMILTON, James, second marq. of. Letters of denization to him, HAMILTON, James, third marq. and first duke of. Reported to intend selling all his land in Scotland and settling in England j 1629, b. liamilton, James. Owner of HAMILTON, sir Robert, Queries of one desirous to be reconciled to the Church of Rome, HAMMERSMITH, Middlesex. Valuation of the division, for assessment; 18 March, 1645, , ib. 6S. Notes of two epitaphs, and of painted glass in an inn, b. HAMMON, Thomas. Epitaph in Rye church j 1607, b HAMMOND, family of, Burwash and Catsfield, Sussex. Family notes j , HAMMOND, -, mother of Anth. Hammond. Lines against excessive grief for death, Note about the H M M I AMMOND,.1'8. - ; v. or ey, R. HAMMOND, Anthony, Ely, grandfather of the following. Account of him and his loyalty to Chas. I, HAMMoND,Anthony, M.P., Somersham; v. Horatius. Twyman, A. Thomson, Eliz. Miscell. papers and letters, 174, 360, 386,738. Tables of contents of his MS. notes in his almanacs for the years , 360. II7-124' Memorandum books; , ,1207. "Some account of my journey into Spain," through Germ., Switz., and Italy j 31 JUlY-II Aug., 1711, 360. llo-1i5 " An account of my coming from Paris into England in [Oct.-Nov.], 1715," to give intelligence of the proposed embarkation of the duke of Ormonde and the Chevalier, List of some boob he saw at Paris in 171S, &0., Of the eccles. laws in England, 360. S 1. Note that he wrote the papers called the Moderator in J721, b. Scheme of classification for a library, Reflections on Locke's Reasonableness of Christianity, Reasons for a commission of inquiry into crown lands j 1729, Three letters to A. Twyman j 1699,174. 4, 3S, 41. Letter to Mr. Craggs j Marseilles, 21 Jan. 171*, 360. S8. Letter on A. Hutcheson's Letters to the earl of Sunderland; Cambr., 24 May, 1722 (copy), Miscellaneous poems, including a prologue to "'fheodosius, or the force of love" (many marked as having been printed), Lines" to the lady Lawrence, that she would permit her daughters to come to court," Lines on Geo. I, 1716 and 1717,386. IS, against marriage, ib on ambition, ib. 3S. -- on acting of plays at Southwick, lb. S5. On the death of his daughter Anne; 12 Feb. 171&, ib. 40. Lines on absence, ib. 5S h --toamynta ib 66b ' Lines on Speaker Foley and Hen. Guy ' Commencement of a tragedy entit "False aml:iition," Resolution of H. of Commons, 7 Dec 17?8? that Hammond being a CaUl: missioner of the Navy cannot sit in the House, b. Arts. 38 in 809 and in 921 formerly in his possession. HAMMOND, Arabella and Elizabeth Executors, with Dinah Gardiner, of Dr' Barnes' will j 1708, HAMMoND,Henry,D.D.: fj. Saintserf. Tho. Annott. miscell. in varia loca Nov. Test" S. Analysis tract. J oh. Damasceni de fide orthodoxa, cum observatt., De periculo ex immutatione regiminis ecclesiastici; Latine redd., Briefresolutionofthe case of conscience concerning allegiance due to a kino ejected from his kingdom (copyf b. Letter to Fell, Letter without address, Notes of his life by W. Fulman, Mentioned, , 5\ 6, 7, 19\ 21. HAMMOND, James. Letter to his father A. Hammond, HAMMOND, Joan, Canterbury. Epitaph; 1676, b. HAMMOND, John, LL.D. Collections respecting papal excommunications of.kings, HAMMOND, Thomas: v. Framfield, Sussex. HAMMOND, capt. Thomas, of Surrey. Arms, and device on his cornet; 1642, 942. z8b, 29. HAMMOND, Thomas, Lichfield. Signature to letter, &c. to E. Aslunole; 1685, Sb, 147. HAMMOND, Thomas. Monumental in scriptions to his family in the church of St. Dun[ stan, Canterbury?], , &c. (imperf,), HAMMOND, William, St. Alban's, Kent:!' Horatius. HAMON, Judic (?). Inscriptio Gall. in albo amicorum J ac. Brisset j 1618, HAMOND, George, Dorchester. Signature; 1661, HAMP..,William, gent. Mentioned; 1619,1350 5zb HAMPDEN, John. Arguments on his trial; , 342. Said to have been tutor to prince Charles l Charles II], HAMPSHIRE. Names of freeholders in the several parishes j 1590, 666. IS' Orders at the Sessions in about vagabonds and relief of the poor, ib. 1:..l2. Letters from the capt.

101 RA WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 623 of the Isle of Wight and others about musters and contributions; (copie.s), Orders made at Quarter Sessions, with copies of letters from the Privy Council; , Returns about loans to the King, from the division of Basingstoke; 1626, ib. 42, 43\ 93. List of some commissioners for the county, ib Proportions of each division for a weekly levy for Ireland; 1647, ib Printed orders about rogues and vagabonds; 1690, List of parishes in six deaneries, with some names of incumbents, &c., t. Car. I, HAMPSON, Thomas, Gray's Inn sent to him by the author, R. Cluet, in HAMPSTEAD, Middlesex. Judgment by the bishop of London in a dispute between John Lockerson, gent., and Hen. Fletewood, esq., respecting a pew in the parish church; 1618, Valuation of the parish for assessment; 28 Apr., 1646, , ib , ib. 81. Receipt for poll-money, for disba.nding the armies, &c.; 27 July, 1641,ib.89. Mem. of payments there in , ih HAMPSTEAD MARSHALL, Berks. Trees, &c.onlord Craven's estate; 1691, HAMPTON, Middlesex. Lines on the place, from an Epistle to Jos. Addison, HAMPTON WIOK, Middlesex. Valuation of the parish [for the monthlyassessment of 1653?], HANOOOKE, William: fl. Fiennes, Will. HANOORN, Thomas, St. Mary hal!., Oxf. Expelled the Univ.; 1695, HANDBOROUGH, Oxfordshire. Terrier of the glebe, Extracts from the parish registers; , HANDSOORNE, Agnes, Waltham, Essex; 1638, HANGER, George and Gabriel: fl. Nelson, Rob. HANLEY, Thos., M.A., rector of Toft, Cambro Signature; 1670, HANMER, Meredith, D.D. : fl. W., R. HANNER, Robert. Judgment of the C?url of Audience of Cant. against his a}?peal from the diocesan court of Norwlch, fl. Tho. Preston, [c. 1621], HANNES, Ed. Name, ll11 ad init. IIANoVER: fl. Brandenburgh. Poemata. HANSE, William, B.A., master of a school at Uppingham. Gave a book to L. Jacsonne in 16th cent., VOL. II. HANSE MEROHANTS. Controversy between her Maj. and the Steelyard men; 1578, b HANSLAPE, Francis, precentor of Bristol. Signature; 167f, HARDANEOUR, -, directeur de 10. Compo des Indes, Paris. 592 sent to him. HARDI, Jacopo. Discorso, doppo 10. morte di papa Clem. VII; HANWELL, Middlesex. Valuation of the HARDING, Richard. Epitaph in the parish [for the monthly assessment of church of Loosduyn, Holland; 1658, 1653?], HANWORTH, Middlesex. Valuation of HARDIS, James and Thomas, merchants.. the parish [for the monthly assessment Petition to Charles II, of 1653?], HARDISTY, -, "the famous schoolmaster" at Ashbourne, Derb. Men HARBEOH, Thomas, M.A., Merton coli., Oxf. Latin theme; 1680, tioned; 1707, 816. los. HARBIN, George: V. Bromley, Will. HARDRES, Thomas, M.A., Cambro Testimonial for preferment j 1678, 822. Declaration about bp. Turner's belief in the legitimacy of the P. of Wales; (copy), b. A note HARDWIOK, Cambridgeshire. Articles about archbp. Sancroft, ib against - Mapletoft,rector; 1644,924. Appears to have been the author of 182. a reply to M. Tindal's Priestcrajt in perfection usually ascribed to H. HARDWICK, Norfolk. Articles against Bedford, b, 7. Tho. Cranshay, rector j 1644, Three papers copied from his transcripts, HARDWIOKE, Bucks.: V. Wood, Tho. List of MSS. in his library, List of rectors, from B. Willis' collections, and epitaphs, b-61. HARBIN, James. Petition for confirmation in his place as water-bailiff of HARDWIOKE, earl of, i. e. Yorke, Philip, Sandwich, &c.; 1651,1480,354.!I.v. HARE, Henry, second visco Coleraine. History of Tottenham, 405. HARBLEDOWN, Kent. Five monumental inscriptions in the church; 1716,972. lob. HARE, Henry, third visco Coleraine. Part of his will; 1749 ('I), HARBORD, sir Charles. Report on a petition for a lease of crown land; HARE, Hugh, first visco Coleraine. Sig (copy), nature; 1639, HARBOROUGH, John, M.D. 1683, Signature; HARBY, Elizabeth, widow of sir Job. Bill in Chancery against sir E. Harby; 1664, His answer, ib. 29b. HAROOURT, sir Simon, afterwards first earl: fl. Sacheverell, Hen. Four letters to Dr. Charlett; (co.{lies), I, 12. Opinion respecting obstructing the arches of London Bridge; 1702 (copy), His " speech" in ParI. on a :petltion against his return for Abmgdon, Account of his speech at Sacheverell'. trial, HARE, John, secretary (?) to bp. Francis Turner: v. Gaynefford, John. HARE, Robert. Signature; 1571, Note of a book that belonged to him, HAREBY:.~Lincolnshire. Articles against HARBY, sir Job. Copy of It privy-seal Will. underwood, vicar; 1644, 924. warrant for repayment to him of ,000 advanced to Charles I for redemption of a great jewel left with HAREFIELD, Middlesex. Extracts from the King of Denmark, Council the register of baptisms and marliages; , S. warrants to him for importation of arms; 1640, ib. 18b-21b. Schedule of Valuation Df the parish [for the sums of money paid out of his estate monthly as,sessment of 1653?l, 715. after his death, tb Proceedings respecting tb e parish HAROOURT, family of, Stanton Harcourt, Oxon. Pedigree to 1659 (with Eccl. Corom. in 16S6-(" il-12b, against sir R. Newdiga.te before the note added by Ant. a Wood), , 22b, 29b - by Dr. Rawlinson, ' Epitaphs, &c., HABESS, Robert. Signature, HAREWOOD, Yorkshire. Grant of the wood by Hen. II (copy), 404. [ISO]. HARGRAVE, Mary, widow of lieut. Richard. Power of attorney for receipt of pension j 1712, HABINGTON, family of. Descent, 68'- 19b HABINGTON, John. Signature;

102 624 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD.,HARINGTON, Lucy,' wife of John, first HARRIDANCE, Thomas, parish clerk of HARRIS, Tho. Legal opinion on the lord. FuneraJ. oration on her; 1620, St. Botolph, Aldgate, London; right of the Crown- to certain tithes' , temp. Car. I (copy), b. ' HARISON, John, Bearhill, Berks. Letter HARRIES, James, Jesus college, Oxf. HARRIS, William, M.A., master of Win. to E. Ashmole; 1665, Art. 107 in 1481 addressed to him. chester school. Memorandum book 960. ' HARISON, or Harrison, John, LL.D., HARRINGTON, earl of: V. Stanhope, Will. rector of Pulborough, Sussex, and HARRISON, Charles, J.P., Lichfield. Sig. HARRINGTON, Henry: V. H., H. Crondall, Hants. Signature and seal nature to letter to E. Ashmole; 1685 of arms; 167i, Testimonial HARRINGTON, James. No. xix in art b. ' for a dispensation, ib in 912 sent by him to Anth. HARRISON, Edmund, paper-merchant, Wood.' London. Letter to Dr. Yate; 1672, HARISON, William, master of Hosp. of St. Cross, Winch. Signature, 'with seal of arms; 1678, HARRINGTON, sir William. Patent from Chas. II to him, C. Degelder, and S. Sowton, for an invention for recovering wrecks at sea j 1681 (copy), HARRISON, Edward. xvi, II. Signature; cent HARLEY, Edward, second earl of Oxford: V. Pepys, Sam. HARRISON, Edward, Name scribbled, Versus Mich. Maittaire ad eum, in HARRINGTON, William, Hart hall, Oxf b. comitia Westmonast., Jan. 15, 172~, Latin theme when candidate at All De bibliotheca ejus post Souls', HARRISON, Henry, preb. of Ely. Sig. nature; 1675, ubitum ejus, ib. 48b. HARRIS, -, serj.-at-iaw. Abstract of Notice by Bagford of his library, 396. his argument cone. the Marches of HARRISON, John, Ipswich. Affidavit; 36b. Wales, , HARLEY, sir Robert, afterw. earl of HARRIS, Alice, Southwark i 1637, 146. HARRISON, Thomas, B.D., Trin. coil., Oxford. Letter to sir T. Rawlinson, Cambr.: v. Whincop, Tho mayor; 1706, HARRISON, Thomas, rector of Crick, Conclusion of his speech on his triaj., HARRIS, Arthur, M.A. Nomination as Northants. Indictment against him, ~ and opening of trial, for imputing The fate of favourites; a vindication treason to judge Hutton; I June, of him, 37. MSS. bought by him from P. Le Neve, dedicated to him. ttarling, Krutson (?), Munther von. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 21 Jul. 1619, b. HARLINGTON, Middlesex. Value of the manor, 17 Jac. I, Valuation of the parish [for the monthly assessment of 1653?], curate of Aldin!l'ton, Kent; 1678, TestimonIals for priest's orders, ib. 65,66. HARRIS, sir Arthur, bart. Name, HARRIS, "Mr. Dean." Letter to him respecting the Christ. Knowl. Soc.'s Arabic N. Test., &c.; 1726 (draft), [Supposed in the Catalogue to be John Harris, but he was not appointed dean of Hereford until 1729.J HARRIS, afterwards Lambert, Deborah. Signature in both ~ames, HARRYS, Edward. Signature; cent. xvi, HARMAN, Mary, daughter of Will.: v. HARRIS, Elizabeth. Three needlework Davenport, Alice. samplers; 1713, HARMATAGE, _. Name wlitten in 178. HARRIS, John, soldier. Recommended HARMON, James, son of sir Will. Harmon, by sir J. Kempthorne forreward; 1675, bart., and godson of K. James Petition to Charles II; with order for HARRIS, John, M.A., Ch.Ch., Oxf. Testigrant of a land-waiter's place, 24 July, 1.673, , Note of his case, b. HARRISONNE, John. Possessor of 1042 in HARROD (" Harrud "), William. Receipt for a purge, HARROLD, capt. _. Letters to O. Acton; 1729, , 236, HARROLD, Martin. Epitaph in St. Pancras churchyard; 1724, b. HARROTT, George, seaman. Petition to Charles II; 167!, HARROW-ON-THE-HILL, Middlesex. Valu ation of the land in the parish for assessment; 1649, Speeches and declamations at the school in ; Lat., HARSNETT, Samuel, afterw. archbp. of monial for presentation to rectory of York. Sermon at Paul's Cross in 1594 HaJ.ton, Bucks.; 1678,822. IS. on Ezek. xxxiii. 2, HARMONDSWORTH, Middlesex. Valua- HARRIS, Reginaldus, coli. Exon. In- HART, co. Durham: v. Smathwate, Edw. tion 'of the parish for assessment; scriptio in amicorum Joh. Hoft'- 1649, manni; [c. 1624], HART, Rev. -, a Non-juror: v. Hickes, George. HARO, a Spanish family. Descent of the HARRIS, Rene. Payments to him for an family of the marq. del Carpio; Span., organ in Whitehall chapel; 1686,872. HART, Elizabeth, widow of Daniel IlS, 136, 145, 157 Godderson. Petition to Charles II for. restoration of ~oods seized for a fine ~ARO, condes de: V. Velasco. HARRIS, Richardus, coli. Trinit., Oxon. upon a Quakers meeting, Epistolm dum ad eum a Ric. Batt, de loco suo in collegio cuidam juniori et HART, Richard. Warrant for admission alieno non concedendo; 1581, as a Gentleman of the Chapels Royal; , Sb liarpsfield, Nicolas. Life of sir Thos. More by" N. H.," 86; 107. I. Extract. from his treatise on marriage, referring to the divorce of Hen. VIII from Q. Kath., 6. HARRIS, Robert, Master in Chancery. HART, Thomas, Exeter coli., Oxf. Big- Legacy to him from B. Randolph; natnre j 1666, HARPU~ family of, Derbysh.ire. Notice 1583, of an de cent 807 III I12b HARTFOR. D,Hunts.: v.huntingdon: ToWII. I 8,.,. HARRIS, Samuel, prof. 'of Modem Hist. HARPUB, Francis. Name inscribed, at Cambro Latin lines written by him HARTFoim, Charles, a Quaker: 'IJ. Field. 143'1. I. in a Peerage, John.

103 HARTRULL, family of. Pedigree, HARTLEY, John, secr. of the Amicable Ass. Soc. Letter to J. Lewis; 1707, HARTLIB, Samuel: v. Dury, John. Pell, John. HARTPURY, Glouc. Rent-roll, &c. Of the manor; temp. Car. II, HARTWELL, Abraham. Two Latin lines on his name addressed to him, HARVARD COLLEGE, America. Mention of gift of a book; 17 II, HARVEY, -. Signature; cent. xvi, HARVEY, Christopher. Signature; cent. xvi, Gave a book to H. Cholmondeley in 1600, HARVEY, capt. Edmund. Arms and device on his cornet; 1642, \ 4. HARVEY, John. Satirical notice of the publication of a book by him in Aug in defence of his brother Richard's Prean de restituta logica, [No copy of this book is in the Bodl. or Brit. Mus., nor is it entered in the Stationers' Register.] HARVEY, John [junior?]. Letter to lord Percy; 4 Apr. [1644], HARVEY, Joseph, M.A., chancellor of Hereford. Note of his death in 1720, b. HARVEY, Stephen: v. Allermoor. HARVEY, or HERVY, William, Clarencieux King of Arms. Warrant from him to Hen. Mayne, bailiff of the Chiltern hundreds in Bucks, to give notice to 24 persons who presumptuously use the title of gentlemen that they will be proclaimed and" made infamous of the name of gentlemen" in the chief market-town within ten days; [1566], Eleven names of the 24 have been struck out, with a marginal note,.. Spare these."] HA,RVEY, Will., M.A., vicar of Arrington, Cambro Signature; 1669, HARVEY, William, vicar of Great Marlow. Notice of his death; [1708], b HA,RWICH, Essex. Draught of the dockyard, temp. Car. 11, b HA,RWOOD, Anthony, rector of Barnoldby, q.v. HA,RWOOD, Edward, D.D. 1466, 1499 seen by him. HA,RWOOD, Richard, M.A. Institution to the rectory of W y ke Risington, Glouc.; 1641, RA,SELDBURGHAUSEN, Kiiharrtin (?). Letter to her from her nephew P. H. ZOllmann; 1743, Germ., RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 625 HASELEY, Great, axon. Note of the hamlet of Lachford, HASELWOOD, Rose. Petition to Charles II for an alms-woman's place at Clerks' Hall, her husb. having been killed in attending lord Russell's execution; with note of grant; 10 Dec. 1683,18. 78b HASKETON, Suffolk. Articles against Seth Chapman, rector; 1644, HASKETT, Elias, governor of the Bahamas. Memorials against him for tyrannical government, HAS LEMERE, Surrey. Short notice of the place, HASELRIGGE, or Haselrig, family of. Pedigree, with arms in trick, and quarterings, 806. IIO, II7. HASLERIGGE, or Hesilrigge. sir Arthur. Arms, and device on his cornet; 1642, b, 33. Letter recommending Hen. Smith to be knight of the shire for Leic.; 10 Nov (copy), HATFIELD, Yorkshire. Slight pencil sketch of Will. of Lindholm's cell; 1726, HATFIELD, Bishop's, Hertfordshire. Paybooks for building-work done on the mltnor before the coming of Prince Edward; Dec. 1534, HATFIELD BROAD OAK, Essex: v. Glascocke, Fr. HATFIELDPEVEREL,Essex. Lead brought from the priory for the roof of Westm. Hall; 1541,809. lb. HATTON, capt. Charles: v. Dodwell, Hen. HATTON, capt., son of lord Hatton. Narrates an anecdote respecting Dr. Duncomb (q. t,,) to bp. Atterbury in 1699 and 1709, HATTON, hon. Charles. An epitaph from Line. cathedral sent to him, >. Gift of a book to a friend, HATTON, Christopher, first baron. No- HASSELL, Ann, Edward, and Ann. Epi- tices of him and his debts; , taphs in St. Pancras churchyard; , 44, , L13. HASTINGS, Sussex: v. Brand, Tho. Deed relating to the church of St. Mary (copy), Epitaphs in St. Clement's church, copied by Rawlinson, Notice of the town by Rawlinson, 119l. lb. HASTINGS, family of: v. Hastings, Penyston. Vipount. Fragment of Dugdale's history of the family (being the original draft of the second column of p. 586, vol. i. of his Baronage,) b. HASTINGS, col. Name on fly-leaf in 19, with date of HASTINGS, Edward, lord, of Lough borough. Warden of the Stannaries in 1567, HASTINGS, Francis, second earl of Huntingdon. Lands settled on him and his wife Katherine; 1532, &c., HASTINGS, Henry, third earl of Huntingdon. Letter to Univ. of Oxf. asking that a lease of the parsonage of Syston may be given to - Porter for 20 years; 4 Apr (copy), b HASTINGS, Henry, fifth earl of Huntingdon. Cases in law respecting some of his manors in Leicestershire; 1638, 924. Il9. HASTINGS, hon. Henry, B.A., St. John's coli., Oxf. Translatioll into Ital. in 1709 of the Life of Ernest the Pious, 511. I. Aphorisms, ib. 62. Account of primogeniture, ib. 67. HASTINGS, Penyston, rectorofdaylesford. Account of the parish of Daylesford ; families of Hastings and Penyston; extracts from the register, &c.; 1710, Letter to E. Curll, ib HATCHER, Thomas. Signature, HATTON, Christopher, first viscount. Abstract of his title to Ely House, HATTON, Christopher: v. Twyman, Anth. HATTON, Jane, wife of Thomas, Childrey, Berks.: V. Bodley, sir Thos. HATTON, John. Mentioned as donor of a book, HATTON, Mary: v. Astley, Rich. HATTON, lady Mary, or lady Jane. Form of prayer for 30 Dec., on occasion of explosion at Cornet castle, Guernsey; in her handwriting, HA V ANNA. Plan of the road and harbour, HAUER, Martin. Presented to a parish in Styria by emp. Leopold I; 1674, II. HA VIGERO, Bernardo. Relatione della ambasceria a Papa Paolo IV, al senato Venet.; 1558, HAUKSBEE, Francis, clerk of the Royal Society. Notes of lectures by him on mechanics and optics in 1716, made by an auditor, 414. Notice signed by him; 1735, HAUSMAN, Joh. Jac., Simmeria-Palat. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanm; axon., 25 Apr. 1625,933. u6_ HAUXTON, William. Epitaph at Leigh, Essex; 1624, b HAWE, C. (or S.), undergrad. of St. John's coli., Cambr.; to. Twyman, Anth. HAWES, family of. Pedigrees and notes, partly out of Dugdale's WarwickshiYf, with drawings of shields of a.rms (vellum), and partly in Dugda.le's own hand; 1663, A.2

104 626 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. HAWES, Joan, wife of Nathaniel, and HAWKS, HAWKING: ". Falcones. HAYES, Charles. Short reply to a letter Katherine their daughter. Epitaphs Receipts for medicines, \ from J. Bland on Daniel's 70 weeks, in Pinner churchyard; , a,b b HAWES, Samuel, a bishop among the HA WKSltEAD, Lancashire. Conditions HAYES, Daniel, M.A., rector of Papworth Non-jurors: ". of the trust-deed of D. Rawlinson's St. Agnes, Cambro Signature j 1673, Brett, Thomas. Lloyd, Will. gift in 166g, Archbp Hickes, George. Sandys' foundation-deed of the Account of the Non-jurors'meeting, 27 grammar school, to. 24. Orders HAYES, Will., rector of Papworth, Hunts July, 1716, to discuss the Usages, made by the chanco of the duchy of Correspondence with his nephew G' Notes out of letters from Lanc. for preservation of the woods Cater on the passing of the Act ~ him about the Usages, and rights of commoners; 1565, ib. Uniformity; (copies), , Answer to remarks upon him in 36. Grant by James I of a market 17b-22. "Proofs upon the Creed, &c.." a letter from Brett to Tireman, with and two fairs j 1606, ib. So. Notes ib.257. reference to the Usages, relating to the place, b- HA YM, Nicola Franc. Signature, Letter to him from Brett about the 140 want of oblation in the Communion Memorial to the managers of Walker's HA YMO, erisc. Halberstattensis. Fragm. Office, with his reply, , 85. bounty in favour of Mr. Charles ex homlliis ejus, copy by Gandy of Hawes' repl.}', Crowe, minister j 16St, b. ib.87 Catalogue of books in the school library, HAYNE, Robert, Wadh. coll.,oxf. Sig. Letters to W. Higden on the question with names of donors; 1706, 862. nature as S.C.L.; 1669, b. of continuing the Non-juring separation, , go, 139; ,43; Dan. Rawlinson; 1.669, Notices of benefactions from HAYNES, Brian, gent. Petition to Charles Review of Higden's View Letter from the trustees of the school II for relief, having lost all his practice oj the Engl. Constitution, to Dr. Rawlinson, thanking him for in the law for giving evidence against Letter to Higden justifyin~ mixed books; 1727, Letter to the earl of Shaftesbury and others, 18. communion j 1707, ; 845. the same from 25 inhabitants, thank 56. 1, copy by Gandy, ing him for gifts to the school; 1730, HAYNES, Nathaniel, colonel of the Black -- short note thereon, ib Guards. Petition to Charles II for Notes of references &c. used in this Extracts from the register of the relief for the regiment; 30 Jan. 168l, controversy with Higden, , entries of the Rawlinson family from 18.8b , 682. u8b ; , , Considerations upon mixed communion, 148, 158. HAYNES, Richard, London. Two letters to his son Rich. at J. Murison's in. Letter in defence of [J. Collier's] HAWLEY, sir Francis, dep. gov. of Bristol. Amsterdam; , Let Perswasive to Consideration, Warrant for delivery of arms to him ; ter from Eliz. Haynes to her son, ib. 83- Preface to Ii. transl. of a Latin sermon 1 Jan. 1643, Mentioned, ib. preached temp. Eliz., , 102, 108, 112. HAYNES, Samuel. The printer's MS. copy for his Cecil State Papers, Letter respecting evidences of the birth of the P. of Wales in 1688; HAWLEY, Roger, merchant. Petition to HAYTER, Gulielmus. Inscriptio in alba 4 Dec. 1702, , 1IOb. Ac Charles II, amicorumjo. Hoffmanni; [c. 1624], 933. "Count of a conversation respecting HAWORTH, rev. Richard: ". Bourne. 174 the same, ib Letter respecting another conversation; 9 Apr. 1703, HAWSON, Hellen. Bequests to her by HAYWARDE, family of. Fragment of ib Jos. Yate j 1721, Adminis- a pedigree, b. Letter to [Gandy?], tratrix of his will, ib HAYWARD, sir John. Dedication to Note of his death in 1722, His sermons bought by Rawlinson HAWTHORNE, -. Letter to him from earl of Essex of his Hm. oj Hen. IV, among H. Gandy's papers, D. Featley, b b Extracts from his Hist. of Hen. IV, HAWES, Sarah, wife of Rich., Richmond. HA WTREY, family. Eight epitaphs in HAYWARD, John, Coton, Cambro On the Epitaph in Wokingham churchyard; Ruislip church; go, fourth commandment, [partly copied 170f (?), from his uncle bp. Overall], HAWKES, family of, Wiltshire. Notice HAWTREY, John and Jane. Epitaph in of descent from Hawkes of Church Pinner church; 1682, Stretton, and arms; by one of the family, HA WKHURST, Kent. Epitaphs, copied by Rawlinson, HA WKINB, Elizabeth, Southwark; 1637, 145. go. HA WKINB, Francis, D.D., dean of Chichea ter. Burial fees; 1699, HAy, Archibald, surgeon to Charles I. Signature, b, 58, 66b ; et in fjoll. seqq. HAY, G., Doctors' Commons. Letter to Rawlinson; 175 I, 923. u6b HAY, George, second earl of Kinnoull. Order for supply of carbines to him for the yeomen of the guard; 27 Dec. 1643, liawkinb, Jo., fellow of Trin. coll, Cambro Signature; 1678, 89L 15, 17. HAY, James, earl of Carlisle. Epigramma in laudem ejus, ; b. HAWKINS, Mary, wife of Matthew. Epitaph at Alton, Rants.; 1708, 68B. l08h HAYDON, Z. Signature; 1708, HAWKINB, Thomas, Cirenceater. Died HAYES, or" Hees," Middlesex. Valuation a.fter 110 voluntary flloilt of sol days; of the parish for assessment; [1653?], 1672, HAYWARD, Peter, St. Botolph's, Aldersgate. Sequestration of his property on his death, for his children; [c. 1621j, , 102. HAYWARD, Robert. Signature; 1681, HAYWARD, sir Rowland, alderman of London. Condition of a bond from Rob. Savill to him; 1563,699. S6b: HAYWARD, sir William. List of his MSS. bought by lord Somers j 1697, 888.4Ib. HEAD, sir Francis, bart., CanterbUry Epitaph; 1716, HEADLEY, Hants. Terrier of the glebe, Customary payment from the rector to the manor of Oakhallger, ib.288.

105 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 627 HEARD, John. Two Latin lines addressed by him to Abr. Hartwell, HURNE, George, father of Thomas Hearne. Account-book kept by him as parish clerk of White Waltham, Berks; , Signature, \ 71b HEARNE, Peter, Wantage. Named, b. HEARNE, Thomas: v. Spelman, sir John. Correspondence: v. Allen, Thomas. Leach,-. Archer, Edm. Levet, Dr. Atkins, Maur. Lewis, J. Atterbury, Fr. Lhuyd, Edw. Bagford, John, Marshall, Benj. (and infra). Mayne, Dr. -. Barnes, Josh. Musgrave, Dr. -. Bear, John. Needham, Peter. Bedford, Hilk. New, Rob. Bennett, John. Nicholson, Tho. Bridger, -. Nicolson, Will. Brokesby, Fr. Oddy, Obad. Brome, Will. Pole, Germ. Burton, Edw. Prescott, Hen. Cherry, Fr. Rawlinson, Tho. Davies, Tho. Raynolds, -. Dawnay, Hen., Roberts, Rob. visco Downe. Schelgvig, G. Dodwell, Hen. Shipton, Tho. Evans, D. Sloane, Hans. Fisher, Rich. Smith, -. Fothergill, Smith, Tho. Marm. Spavan, J. Fountaine, sir Thomas, -. Andr. Thoresby, Ralph. Fox, Fr. Thorpe, John. Franck, Rob. Thwaites, Edw. Gardiner, Edw. Topping, Hen. Gibson, James. Tyrrell, James. Gibson, Matth. Urry, John. Gordon, Patr. Verney, Will., visco " H," "Mr." and Fermanagh. " Dr." Willis, Browne. Hickes, Geo. Wolfius, Jo. Chr. Hinton, Tho. Woodward, John. Kays, sir A. Wright, James. Kedden, Ralph. Wyat,-. Copy-book of his letters; , ; ,1169; I I, 1166, Letter to Bagford about a book printed at Tavistock, To the same, with remarks on Chaucer, ib. 14b Twenty-nine letters to the same; 1108-I1, ; ; b, Sib, S7b, 68b, 72, 79b, 81, 128,140. Letter to Dr. T. Smith on 20 and 34 of the39arta.,inanswerto [M. Tindal's] Priestcrajt in Peifection, 683. Letter to Thos. Wagstaffe; 1716, Epistohe quatuor ad J. C. Wolfium; , ; ; b, II3b Epist. anon. ad eum; ex..ede Christi, Miscellaneous collections and transcripts, 194,260,261, , 322, 823,332,366,370,878, , 697,731-2,800, , ; art. 1 ; , 11'15-6. Liber feodorum pro gradibus in Univ. Oxon.,891. Geographical collections, Introd. to geography; vol. i, 874. Collections respecting early geographers, Notes on geographical writers, , 1I7b Alphabetical list of geogr. works; A-M, ib. 74-lll. A short system of universal history, to A.D. 1391, Hist. of Engl.; book I, to A.D. 674, book I of another epitome, to 827, Series of the Saxon kings of Engl., &c., Lives of the Saxon kings from Egbert to Alfred, Notes for his Ductor HistoriCU8, 260. passim. Abridgement of Dodwell's Chronol. Tables, 26L 185. Emperors of Germany, A.D , b-213. Annals of Univ. of Cambridge, A.D , Memoranda about the antiquity of Cambridge, Disc. conc. the Stunsfield pavement, Remarks upon a Roman inscription found near Bath, ; Notes of and from various MSS. in Bodl. Libr. relatin~ to K. Alfred, and on Spelman's LIfe of him, Announcement of his intention to republish sir J. Spelman's Life of K. Alfred, Account of the journey of Prince Charles to Spain, Vindication of the Oath of Allegiance, Register of matriculations at Oxford in 1715,978. Notes on Livy, Account of his intended edition of Livy, Indexes to his edition of Livy, 797, Mention of his ivy, , 138; Fragment of a proposed pref. to his Pliny, 370. I. " Index locutionum" to Pliny's Epp. and Paneg., Notes for his discourse on antiquities between Windsor and Oxford, Preface to vol i. of Leland's Itinerary, Notes relating to J. Leland, I. Preface to Fordun's Scotiehron., ; Prefaces to Hist. of Glastonb., Heming's Cartuz. Wigorn., Rob. of Gloue., P. Langtojt, Willis' Hist. of Abbeys, and Joh. Glaston., Discourse on four fragments, at end of Cartul. Wig., ib. 71. The greater part of the MS. of his Disc. about fair Rosamund, as printed at the end of Gu1. Neubrig., Proof-sheets of part of his pref. and app. to Hist. of Glastonbury; 1722, I Miscellaneous fragments of his prefaces Ilolld appendices, Indexes to S. Cyril of J ems., I3 Index to Annales de Dunstaple; 1733, Cat. MSS. Is. Casaubon in bibl Bodl., 971. I. Notes of MSS. on Engl. history in Bodl. Libr., 970. List of Libri desiderati in the Bodl., Memorandum for a pref. to Hyde's Bodleian catalogue, Account of one year's work by him in the Bodl. Libr., 697. II. Descr.ohome Roman coins in Bodl. Libr., Catal. bibl. aul. S. Edmundi, Catalogue of benefactors to the library of St. Edm. hall, Autobiography, Fragment of his autobiography, Certificate of the marriage of his father and mother, Certificate of his baptism, ib. I. His matriculation paper; 1695, Note by Dr. BliBB of his matriculation, 40L 75b Kitchenaccount at St. Edm. hall, kept by him for one year, 40L 73. Articles against him in the Chancellor's Court at Oxf. for his preface to Camden's Annales; 1718,40L I; - and with his reply,757. His proctor's bill in the case, 40L 7. Ordered to suppress Dodwell's Diss. de parma W oodw., Private prayers, ; Criticism by him on some anon. book written against him on account of his remarks against Moyle, Miscellaneous notes, , , 110; ; 896. I09-II3; ; ; , ; 971. Notes from letters to sir R. Cotton in his possebbion, Notes about the foundation of Merton college and St. J. Baptist's church, Account of the building of St. Peterin-E. ch., Oxf., Copies of epitaphs in Magd. coll. chapel and St. Patrick's Ilolld Ch. Ch., Dublin, given to him by J. Loveday, b, 37; Expenses for postage &c. about Dr. Smith's edition of Ignatius; 1708, b List of his published works, to IZII, to 1725, Fragmentary memoranda of subscribers to various works, , 8o-I<l6, 142; Part of a catalogue of books, Catalogue of his library, by John Whiston, of his MSS., by himself, of his printed books, by himself, Sale of his library, 8 March, 1735, ' b. d' Mention of his lanes, Engraved portrait, Engravings of his tomb-stone Ilolld epitaph, , 73; OWller of 5, 9, 118, 123, 141, 180, 192, 193, 221, 224, 243, 253, S68, 267, S74, S80, 289,315, 316,81'1,818,

106 628 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. 319,821,828,882,348,858,875-7, 384,396,397,445,837,893,894, 912. art8. 28, 54, 126, 134, 138, 913. arts. IS. 16, 25,30, 33, 924. art. 18, 939, 948, 946, 979, 984, 1020, 1021,1029,1044, 1059, 1071, 1072, 1110, 1144, 1166, , 1188, art. 2, 1222, 1223,1267,1268, 1290,1373, , 1466, 1499 lent to him, and art. 10<) in 1480 given, by T. Rawlinson. Art. 24 in 896 addressed to him. HEAT. Note of the 4 degrees of heat and cold; Fr., HEATH, Mary, daughter of the rector of Bathwick. Accounts of her sup posed miraculous cure; 1711, Declaration by three physicians that there is not sufficient evidence to prove it miraculous, ib. 47. HEATH, Nicholas, archbishop of York. Oration in Par!' against the Act for the royal supremacy, 979. HEATH, Robert. Signature, HEATH, sir Robert. Opinion on a question respecting the W oodmongers' Company; 1626, 725 B. 44. Argument at a conference between the two Houses of Par!.; Apr., 1628, Legal opinion on a case; [1638], HEATH, Simon, innholder, Birmingham. Certificates on his behalf, petitioning for a pardon for his wife and son for uttering base coin, and order thereon; 1680, HEATH, William. His case, as administrator to John Pratt, with sir Fras. W arr, bart., and Anne his wife, dau. of Rob. Cuffe; 1684, HEATH, William. Latin epitaph Sevenoaks church; 1717, HEATH: v. etiam Hethe. HEATHER, William ; b. Signature; 1622, HEAZE, Robert, curate of St. Botolph's, Aldgate, about 1583, 796 B. 57. HEBBURNE, sir Francis, or Hepburn, q. v. HEBRAICA: v. Bland, J. Kalendarium. Judrei. Institutiones grammat. Hebr., versibus Latinis, Grammaticre Hebr. et Chald. institutio, 943.4,22. Elementa lingnre Hebr., b; HECK, D. von, Leyden. Letters to P. H. Zollman; , Fr., , 323. HECKELIUS, Georgiua. De rationibus agendi Jesuitarum, liectob, -,M.D. His" tysande " ; receipt for. a,!ough, HEDGES, sir Charles, Seer. of State: v. Robinson, John. Letter to him [about Magd. coll.]; 1687 (copy), b. Letters to the lord mayor of London; 1706,862.72; to the Recorder; 1701, Signature; 1701, HEDINGHAM PRIORY, Essex: 'II. Vere, Lucy de. HEDINGTON, Thomas. xvi, Signature; cent. HEDLEY, Thomas, M.P. for Huntingdon. Speech in ParI. on impositions on merchandise; 1610, HEDON, Yorkshire. Epitaph on W. Stratton, b. HEENVLIET, Ie sieur: 'II. Kerckhoven, John Polyander de. Diet at Freiburg about the treaty made by the seven R. C. Cantons with France, 2 Dec Ital., at Lucerne, 9 Jan. 1565, Ital. ib. 14. League made there with th~ Pope, Lat.-Ital., ib. 1I7, 121. "Adiscoursuppon thestateofthe Swizes and Grisons," Brief travel notes (partly in shorthand) on places and monuments at Geneva, Berne, &c., HELVOETSLUYS. Short description; 1706, lb. HELWIG, -. Congratulatory address to princ. Louisa, daughter of Geo. II; 1743, Lat. and Germ., HEMELHEMPSTEAD, Herts. Appointment of M. Marryott as Master of the Poor, house, and certificate of his efficiency;, (copies), HEERBRAND, Jac. On patient bearing HEMERTIUS, Antonius. A treatise on of crosses; extract translated from a tribulation; trans!. from a book by sermon by him, him, HE ERE BOORD, Adr.: 'II. Szaki, Franc. HEMING, Edw., first setter up of street lights in London. Notes out of his HEIDELBERG. Epistola a dec. et proff. printed Case; 1689, fac. theol. pastoribu8 Amstel. et Dordrecht. de libro Vorstii De Deo; HEMINGFORD GRAY, Hunts. Value of the I 1610, vicarage in 1209, Petition to the Univ. of Oxf. from three HEMINGFORD, Walter. Chronici pars professors (Jordan, Schoppius, and posterior, A.D (apogr. recent.), Reinhard) for relief, having been deprived for their Protestantism j Portions of Hearne's papers used in his recommended by the V.. Chanc.; 1626 edition of the Chronica., 731. (copy), HEIGHINGTON, HEINS IUS, Daniel. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Fred. Lossii; 1627, Note of a book that belonged to him, b, in HEISSENSTEIN, Georg. Christoph. von. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond. 1619, b HELENA, Island of St. Relation of the retaking of it by the English in May, 1673, 810. (codice verso) 5. Outline chart, HELL. A description of hell, lb. HELME, Gulielmus, soc. coli. Exon., Oxon. Qurestiones et concio pro gradu S.T.B.; 1604,1313. HELMORE, J., Soissons. Letter to P. H. Zollmann; 1729, Germ., HELMS, Adamus, ecclesiastes Lubecensis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 5 Maii, 1612, HELVETIA: v. Bassompierre, Scappi, Alex. maresch. de. Travels. Epist. a pastoribus Helveticis ad Gul. Laud archiep., una cum ejus responso; 1639, , 18. Formula consensus eccl. Helveticarum de gratia universali, a pastoribus Genevensibus publicata; 1678,459. ' HEMINGSTONE, Suffolk. Articles against Signature, Dan. Wicherley, rector; 1644, HEMINGUS, monachus Wigorn. of Hearne's papers used in of the Cartul. Wigorn., 731. preface, Portions his edit. Hearne's HEMLINGTON, Norfolk. Fragment of a court roll; 1520, HEMPNALL, Norfolk. Articles against Will. Barwick, vicar, 1644, HENCHMAN, Leonard. Letter to L. Howell; 1716, HEN DEN, William, late mate of H.M.S. the Lark~ Petition to Charles II for relief, HENDERSON, Alexander. Satirical an nouncement of questions supposed to be proposed by him for discussion at Oxf.; 1643, HENDON, Middlesex. Parish notes and extracts from the registers, Epitaph in the churchyard on Rev. S. Natton; 1706, Epitaphs in the church, L I06b HENEAGE, family of. Notes of the family, HENKS, Andrew. Signature, HENLEY - ON - THAMES, Oxon. Gray's house near Henley fit to be garrisoned for.the King; 1643,

107 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 629 HENRICUS III, Rex Anglire: v. Cotton, sir Rob. HENRICUS V, Rex Anglire: v. Kings. Letter to the K. of France j 13 Aug. 1417, HENRICUS VI, Rex Anglire: v. Jus Anglic. Excerpta per T. Hearne de "reventu" ejus ad London. post coronationem apud Paris., HENRICUS VIII, Rex Anglire: v. Harpsfield, Nich. Declaratio contra concilium Mantuanum a P. Paulo III convocatum, Letter to the Franciscans at Jerusalem, granting 1000 ducats annually; IS16, Ital. (copy), S; Letter of thanks for Cromwell's election as dean of Wells (copy), Building accounts of his surveyor of works; , Repairs of his barge The Lion; 1534, 777. S0-2. Letter on suppression of the insurrection in the north; IS37 (copy), h. Letter to the commissioners at York respecting negotiations with Scotland; IS42 (copy), Itinerary, from 10 May IS45 to 26 Jan. 154t, compiled from the Councilbooks by Bagford, Fragment of some household accounts, 924. I. Part of Hearne's copies of his letters to Anne Boleyn, II-I8, 139. Cagione per la quale Arrigo VIII si levasse dah' obbedienza del sommo pontefice, ; HENRICUS II, Rex Francire: v. Julius III, Papa. Emblemata duo de eo, cum versibus, &c.; Lat., , 20. HENRICUS III, Rex Francire. Discours des causes et motifs de la St. Bartholomee, Extracts from a treatise De justa abdicatione Hen. III, 858. li9h IIENRICUS IV, Rex Francire: v. Germania. Abstr. of "a discourse uppon the reception of the King of Fr. into the Church"; made by some Card. in the consistory to the Pope, "and I cannot imagine by whom rather than Card. Peron," b Lettre a mons. Du Plessis, 7 Nov (copie), b. "Persuazione all' sereno Re Hen. IV dissuadendolo dalla pace col Re di Spangna," Notes about his legitimated children, IIIlNRICUS, Princeps Wallire: v. Casaubon, Is. King, John. Ceremonies at his creation; 1610, HENRIETTA Maria, Q. consort of Charles I: v. Killegrew, Hen. Verses "by Jack of Lent" on her arrival in England; 1625, C Letter to Univ. of Oxf.; I Dec (copy), , (see also 82). " L' Angleterre paisible " ; a congratulation on her arrival at Oxf., 14 July, 1643,473. Mention of a warrant from her about money at Exeter; Dec. 1643, of her purchases of ammunition, ib. 106, li8, of her landing under fire in Burlington Bay, ib HENRRIQUES, Spanish family. La casa del almirante de Castilla, Fadl'ique Henrriques, y del marq. de Tarifa, Alonso Henrriques; 1535, b b HENSHAW, Joseph, bishop of Peterborough. Notice of him by A. Wood, b HENSHAW, Thomas, Eng!. ambassador in Denmark. Notice of curiosities brought by him from Denmark; 1674, HENSHAW, Tobias, vicar of Cockfield, Sussex. Signature; 1678, A stamp for the binding of the officebooks; 1631, SUbscriptions asked by Dugdale towards the rebuilding; 1678, Power of attorney from the College for receiving arrears due from the Treasury, withsealj 22Dec. 1686, Table of royal funerals, with references to the Heralds' partition-books, and particulars of division of perquisites, Notes of Engl. hist. MSS. there, Notes by Anth. Wood from MS. H. 5, Notes from vol. 18 of Phillpott's collections preserved there, Notice by Bagford of the library, b. Palmer, the porter,expelled for "several abuses against the company"; 1633, b-5, 37 b John Tuckie admitted as porter; 23 May, 1636, ib. 57 b Orders about making some silver plate, and for making an exact list of all the books j 17 Nov. 1638, HERBERT, family of, of Cherbury. Arms HENSLEIGH, Thomas, rector of Shinfield, in trick, with quarterings ; temp. Berks. Signature j 1738,1480. Will. III, b HENTON, Priory of, Somerset: v. Luscote, HERBERT, -, London: v. Thacker, J. Joh. HEPBURN, sir Francis, gent!. usher to Jas. I. Notice of suit with the city of Lond. about his patent for weighing coals, HERBERT, dom. Carolus. Oratio in schola Astron. Oxon. cum C. Herbert sub baccalaureo responderet, I. HERBERT, of Cherbury, Edward, lord. Signature; 1664, HEPHJESTION. Excerptum ex Enchiridio; G 1050 HERBERT, Edward, Arborfield, Berks. r.,. IS L e tea ter to. s h mo I e; I 665, HERALDRY: v. Bado Aureo, Jo. de. Peers. HERBERT, George: v. Ryley, George. HERALDS: v. Bysshe, sir Edw. Extracts from various writers on the order of heralds, Account by a herald of the creation of peers and meeting of parl. in April, 1523, 815. I. Heralds' College. Draft of the charter from Edw. VI; 4 June, 1549, [Printed in Noble's Hist. of College of Arms, 1804, Appendix, pp. iii-vii.] Drafts of warrants for liveries, , Exemption by Q. Eliz. from payment of subsidies; 4 July, 1571 (copy), Minute-book of chapter meetings; , 766. Rough notes of minutes at meetings between May, 1630, and June, 1631, 807. li List of painters who made escocheons and did heraldic work, against the right of the college, viz. Lilly, Price, Drayton, Kimby, Monday, Darcy, Estcot, and Taylor; 1631, Articles for their allowance agreed to, and further proceedings, ib. 14, Isb, 16, 19b, &c. Proceedings against others; 1635, ib. 50. HERBERT, George, of Bemerton. The Priesthood, and Avarice; out of his Poems, , 341. Extracts from his poems, HERBERT, Philip, fourth earl of Pembroke and Montgomery. Letter (as Lord Chamberlain) to Heylin j 1630, Letter to Univ. of Oxf., and reply; [1641], copies, , 79. HERBERT, Philip, seventh earl of Pembroke. Calculations of the nativities of himself and the countess, HERBERT, Thomas, eighth earl of Pembroke: v. Oxford: University. Signature; 1698, List of English Bibles in his library in 1729, Joined the Philadelphian society of mystics, HERBERT, sir William. Desired to come to the help of the Prot. Somerset, Oct. 1549, b HERBERT, William, third earl of Pembroke. Signature, b Epigramma ad eum,

108 630 HElmER'l, William, first earl of Pow. Articles of impeachment against him, visco Stafford, lord Arundel, lord Petre, and lord Bellasis; 1678, HERD, Joannea, M.D., Possedit HEREFORD. County. Notes on a few places, 15. Superstitious customs; 1712, S6b-8. City. Description of the city, 15. 7b ; Cathedral. Note ofa. chapter held in 1512, Order by bp. Thornborough of Wore. and bp. Godwin of Hereford about the residence of the canons, Deans, to 1714, Notes from charters of the cathedra.! and cit, a.bout a. claim of exemption from Civic taxes, , 296. Index of epitaphs, to 1712, INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. HERVEY, -. Elesy on his by C. Paman [co 1646j, HERVEY, madam. Receipts for stewing beef and for sack posset, &c., 86L 354-' b, 356. HERVEY, George,feilow of New Coil., Oxf. Epitaph; 1753, Lat., HERWECH, Christophorus, Brunswicensis Inscriptio in a.lbo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 16 Mart. 1612, HESDIN, Simon de: fl. Va.lerius Maximus. HESILRIGGE: 'Il. Haselrigge. HESKETH, Henry, M.A. Testimonial for preferment; 1678, HERNE, capt. Mentioned; 1644, HETON', -, rector of the Jesuit college at HERNE, John, senior. Longitude un- Holbeck: fl. Turner, Edw. veiled; 1678, HE'VElfYNGHAM, Arthur and John. Big- HERON, Charnock. Signature; 1693, natures j 1623, HERON, Dorothy, widow of Thomas. Petition to Charles II for relief, HEURNIUS, Ottho, prof. acado Lugd. Bat. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Fred. Lossii; 1627, Subscriptio autographs. j 1638, HERRING, - : fl. Ta.lbot, sir John. HEUSNERUS, Sigismundus, junior. In- HERRING, JOhli, M.A., vica.r of Foxton, scriptio in albo ainicorum Fred. Lossll; Cambr., and licensed preacher. Sig- 6 ft19 na t ure; Ivvr7 ~~~ 6, 840., I 19," 3 HERRYS, John, Pinchbeck, Linc. Lends HEWER, William: fl. Pel'yB, Sam. ls to James I; 1612, 866. IS. Papers about victualling; by W. H., HERSEY, fainily of, Berka. Short notes HEWES, Elizabeth, Spur a.lley, Strand, by Ashmole, London; 1637, HERTFORD. County. HEWES, John. The poor man's orator, Oertificate of the trained banda; 1638, I I.,. HEWET, Richard, an old soldier. Petition Order for a muster of the trained banda; to Charles II for relief by the city 1639, of Coventry j with order thereon; 20 HBRTI'OBD, marq. of: fl. Seymour, Will. July, 1684, b, HEsVBTUS, Gentianu8. Oratio de ecclesiastioorum discipuna. reeta.uralida, prayers p088ibly by a monk of Hexham, HEXHAM. Small fragment of a book of , 894. So. HEYDON, sir Christopher: fl. Chamber, John. Fragments of a copy by Ashmole of his.a8trological Discourse, with passages omitted in the printed text, HEYDON, sir John, lieut.-gen. of ordnance. Signature; 1641, Warrant to him; 9 June, 1643, Queries to him of the estimates for the King's ordnance; II March, 1643, Letter to sir Th. Browne; 1652, Petitions to the King against him (when governor of the Bermudas and 80 years of age), (copies), , 31. HEYFORD-AT-BRIDGE, Oxfordshire: V. Oxford: Corp. Chr. Coil. HESSE, John van, lord of Piershill and Wenn in Holland. Grant to him by JaB. I of the rank of a gentleman, with HEYLIN, Peter, D.D.: 'Il. arms, 918. Carey, H., lord Hakewill, Geo. 94b Falkland. Oughtred, Will. HESSE,CASSEL, Maurice, Landgrave of. Curle, Walt., bp. Segar, sir Will. Art. 6 in cod. 818 ei inscriptus. of Winch. Appointment as chapl. to the King j HERMANNUS, Jacobus, prof. mathem. HESSE-CASSEL, Princess Maxe of: 'Il. 14 Jan. 1~, Papers reo Francof. a.d Via.dr. Presentation inscription in a. book given to Br. Ta.ylor, HESSE-DARMSTADT. Letters to the Land Zamboni, J. J. lating to me living of Alresford, and a claim of ten trees annually grave; : 'Il. Zamboni, J. J.. from the bp. of Winchester's woods there; , ib Dr. HERMANSSON, Dr. Frank. Letter to him HESTON, Middlesex. Va.luation of the Prideaux's account of what passed from Rich. Roach j 1728, Lat., parish for assessment; [1653], at Heylin's disputing for the degree of D.D. in 1633, ib. 1<>4. HERMES, Joannes, Stendalio-Marchicus. HETHE, Richa.rd. Signature; cent. a:tii, Notes of an answer to him on the Inscriptio in a.lbo a.micorum Hen Eucharist and on prayers for the Erdmann; IS Apr. 1613, b HETHERINGTON, Avice, wife of Edw., dead, HERMOSILLA, Spanish fa.mily. Account; Alton, Hants. Epitaph, 1697, and Notes out of his Ecel. Restaur., Span., S-7b. note, Mentioned, HERMTAGE, George. Signature, HETLEY, James, page to prince Henry. HEYTESBURY, Wilts. Transl. of. the 18. Grant from James I of a pension, 918. almshouse charter in 1609, S3 b 226. Foundation deeds and statutes of lady Hungerford's almshouse j copied in 1613, 812. I. HEYWOOD, Thomas, D.D., St. John's coli., Oxf., vicar of Charlbury: 11. Poiret, P. Hints for a method of study in the Univ.; 1704, 40. HIALMAR. J. N. Salanus will translate Hialmar's Runic history into Latin; 1699, HIBERNIA: fl. Army. Meloniere,maJ.-gen.1e. Dunton, John. Piets. Hyde, Edw. Salamanca.. Iron-works. Walsh, Petrus.. Ohronologia brevis A.D , e cod. coil. Bened. Cant., 280. *56. Letter from the Council in England for fortification of harbours [to Edll! VI?], copy, Arnly-acoounts in the time of sir G. Cary, treasurer-at-wa.r; , 754- Advice about summoning a. parliament; temp. Elk. or Jas. I, "Mr. Browne's notes" of suggestions as to carrying out the directions of James I for releasing ancient titles in Connaught, Thomond, &c.,

109 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 639' HYMNI: v. Maria, B. V. Undecim, cum notis musicis; 8a?CC. xlii-xv, , 9, Tres sine notis, ib b. Stabat Mater, Part of a medireval Latin hymn to our Lord, Hymns on the Passion. Resurrection, and Ascension of our Lord, Seventeen, transl. from German into French, HYRON, Susan, widow of John: Davenport, Alice. HYSEY, Thomas: v. Bristol. I, J..T.,, a Baptist minister. Funeral character of him; 16 Apr. 1704, J., B. His objections to usury answered by W. Howse, q. v..t., G. (1). Initials, 876. I; 877. I. l, W., or T., W., q. v..ja., Tol. [Jacobus Tolosanus I]. Liber de conservatione sanitatis, JABACH, Ger. Michele, Leghorn. Letter to G. Como; 1725, Ital., JACKSON, -, Maidstone: v. Barrell, Rob..JACKSON, Henry, C. C. C., Oxf. Signature, JACKSON, John: v. Pepys, Sam. JACKSON [" Jaksonne "], John. Signature; 1550, JACKSON, John. Inscription by him presenting his book The worthy Churchman, 1628, to Chr. Pepper, JACKSON, sir John. Letter to him from sir John Reresby; 1670, 204. II. JA~KSON, John, curate of Mepall and Vicar of W icham, Cambro Signature; , , 55 JACKSON, John, M.A., Queen's coli., Oxf., Hampstead. Note of a conversation with him; 1692, b. JACKSON, John, Stow Breccles, Norfolk. A begging-letter impostor; 1730, "JACSONNE," Lawrence, master of the school at Liddington, Rutland. Signature; cent. xvi, hckson, Thomas, D.D. Extracts made from his book of Christian obedience while it was yet unpublished, hckson, Thomas. Petition to E. India Co. to be employed as a factor, hckson, William, St. Alphege, London. Letters of administration for his will ; temp. Eliz., 6BB. 27. VOL. n. JACKSON, Will., B.D., vicar of Swafl'ham Bulbeck and Abingdon, Cambro Signature; , , 18. JACKSON, William. Congratulatory lines to sir T. Rawlinson on his election as sheriff of London, JACKSON, William, smuggler. Charm, of the Three Kings of Cologne, found on him when executed for murder in 1749, JACOB, Hildebrand. Letter to his uncle V. Hild., lord Alington; 1710, JACOB, John, Cork. Letter to Hild., lord Alington; 1691, JACOB, Joseph, and his wife Sarah. Epitaph in Bunhill Fields' burying-ground; , JACOBS, Henricus, coli. Merton. socius. Catal. librorum Hebr.-Rabbinicorum in bibl. Bodl; 1629, Notice of books that belonged to him, , 82b. JACOBS, sir John: V. Wolstenholme, sir John. JACOBUS,Apostolus,S.: v.contador,jeron. JACOBUS I, Magnre Britannire Rex: V. Ferdinandus II, Imp. Montagu, Fredericus IV, James. Elector. Parliament. Letter to Christ. IV of Denmark; 1599 (copy), Speech in Parl., I May 1604, Treaty with Philip III of Spain; 1604, , Treaty with the States General in 1608, Letter to emp. Rudolph II; 1609 (copy), lo70 7 Entry-book of loans to him on writs of Privy Seal; Feb. 1611,745. Form of printed circular letter for loans; 1612, Reply to archbp. Abbot's opinion about the divorce of the earl of Essex; 161 3, Letter refusing to make Cambridge a city; 1616, Lat., Letter to the judges about the case of a commendam; 1616, Circular letter to officers of royal manors about his intending to sell some crown lands for payment of debts; 1616, Speeches in Parliament in , 723. I. Letter to the H. of Commons; 3 Dec. 1621, o; b; b. Letter to Secr. of State explaining his answer about the privileges of the H. of Commons; 16 Dec., ; b. -- to the Speaker of the H. of C., urging despatch of business; 17 Dec., ; Letter to the archbp. of Cant. for restraint of preachers; 4 Aug (copy), Directionsconcerning preachers; 1622,818.74; Letter to Prince Charles and the D. of Buckingham; 17 Mar (copy), Speech in ParI.; 19 Feb. 1621, Answer to the advice of ParI. about the Palatinate, &c.; [5] March, 162?, ; [These copies give the dates 6 and 8 March respectively; the answer was given on 5th March, but formally drawn up on 6th, and reported to ParI. on the 8th.] Declaration to ParI. on Spanish affairs, &c.; 23 [reported 25] March, 162i, Answer to a petition from ParI. about recusants; 23 Apr. 1624, ; noo.9o. Speech to the Lords; 5 May, 1624, Fourteen articles of reformation recommended by him to ParI., Lines by him on the death of his Queen, Lines by him in praise of Tycho Brahe, (cod. cerso) 18b Extracts from the preface to his Works, I. His table-talk, Anecdote of his being told by one of his chaplains that Korah, Dathan and Abiram opposed him in Parliament, Two letters to him from John count Palatine, the marq. of Brandenburg, and duke of W urtemberg, about the defence of the Palatinate; 1620, PI'. (copies), Letter to him from the Great Mogul, Exchequer accounts; , Form of prayer for 5 Nov., as drafted by archbp. Sancroft, A prayer relative to the Gunpowder plot, In conjurationem sulphuream versus varii, b; Reasons to induce ParI. to grant him a large subsidy, Advertisements of a loyal subject to him, Tom TeU-tmuthe; a discourse, addressed to the King, touching the murmurs of the time, Satire on his court; in verse, Supposed reply, in verse, to some petition, Letter to him (?) from Tho. Wilson presenting a book, b His genealogy from Brute was drawn out by Thos. Lyte, to whom he gave a jewel with his picture, ; Keeper of the Wardrobe: V. Feilding, Will. visco JACOBUS II, Magnre Britannire Rex: V. Anglia (1689). Grascome, Sam. Crewe, Nath. Norton, col. Digby, Franc. Parker, Sam., bp. Fenwick, sir of Oxf. John. Ramsay, chev. Fitz-James, Recusants. James. Instructions for ships when in battle, 3 0

110 640. and additional instructions; , ,108. Instructions for sailing, and additional instructions; , ib Commission signed by him of a navallieut.; 1672, Letters to him from sir J. Reresby; 1679, b, 78b. 'l'ract against the power of ParI. to alter the succession [on the Exclusion bill in ], "Some modest reflections" on the bill, ib. 74. Form of prayer for his accession-day, Fragments of a sermon preached by dean Granville in 1686 on the anniversary of his accession, ; Processus ad coronationem ejus, 743. Narrative of his coronation, Abstract, by J. Wright, of the claims at his coronation, ib. 35. Secret service money account; , 872. Army establishment; 1685,875. Orange trees bought for his garden; 1685, At a personal interview requested Ashmole not to stand at Lichfield in 1685 for election to ParI., b, 7b Copies of letters to the King of Denmark: On the death of Charles II ;!OApr. 1685, Fr., accrediting sir G. Sylvius to the K. and Q.; 13 Apr. 1685, ib. 20, accrediting P. Lyell as consul; 16 Aug. 1685, ib offering to mediate between him and Hamburgh; 2 Sept. 1686, Lat., ib of congratulation on the birth of a son; 28 March, 1687, Lat., ib Draft of a proposed treaty with Christ. V of Denmark; Fr., 481. Treaty with Algiers; 1686, Confirmation of treaty with Tunis; 1686, ib His statue erected in Univ. coil., Oxf., 7 Feb. 168, Reply to address from H. of Commons against recusants in the army; 18 Nov. 1687, Speech to V. Alsop, a Nonconformist minister, Trial of the seven bishops, 385. Copies of printed prayers (inserted in a Missal now in the Bodl. Libr.) ured inthe royal chapel during his Queen s pregnancy in 1688, b, 165 ; b Collection of papers rela ting to the birth of his son List of witnesses to the reality of the birth, ib The birth of his Bon announced to the Court of Denmark, Birth of his son: v. Hickes, Geo. Form of prayer issued by him in Council, II Oct. 1688, Several prayers in behalf of him and the royal family, ib Account of the revolution of 1688, by a H. Catholic, 91. Part of an unfinished narrative of his abdication, umanum est errare, or, Faults on both sides; [upon the abdication119. INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Abstract of his expenses for three years; , b. A speech made in the Convention, 28 Jan. 168H, in favour of recalling him, His speech in ParI. at Dublin; 7 May, 1689, b. Declaration; 8 May, ib. 90b. Heads of a proposed declara. tion, ib. 97. Letter to - Sheldon and other Irish officers on their going to France; 1.7 Nov (copy), 9:& Lettre a Louis XIV sur Ill. perte de la bataille de La Hogue, 439. (cod. verso) 26 b Manifeste, ou raisons qui doivent obligir les Princes Catholiques de contribuer it sa restablissement; 1697, Protest against the treaty of Ryswick ; 8 June, 1697, ; Concluding paragraph of his insbuctions relative to his protest against the peace of Ryswick, Lines on his dismissal from France on the peace of Ryswick, and his taking the P. of Wales with him, b, 194. Notice of his falling in a fit; 4 March, 1701, another fit; 12 July, lb. I1lb. Mention of his death, ib. 114, 126, Sketch of his life, (tnd panegyric on him, Extraits des diverses lettres couchant sa vie et mort, Ital., Fr. and Lat., ib Draft of a letter of condolence to his Queen upon his death, ib. 19. Mention of possible objection on account of his Decl. of Liberty of Conscience to a pro-. posalforhisbeatification; 1703, ib. 26. Signature, \ 2, 17, 18,19, 21. Lists of his children, with dates of birth and death, C ; D II7, 182-4; b An address to all true Englishmen on their duty to restore their liege sovereign, Title of a tract, An account of the primte league betw. the late K. James 11 and the French King; with licence for press; 1689, b Eight pages of the MS. copy of a pamphlet entitled The late King"s lettel' to his Privy Counsellors, with just reflections upon it, with licence for press; 1692, Lines on his statue in the Privy Garden, b. Notes of medals of him and his son, V otum pro J ac. II sine regno rege, pro Ludov. XIV sine Christianitate Christianissimo, solut,um, Acrostic on his name, C A dialogue between K. James and K. William; in verse, Receipt for "loyalty, or King James his custard," b. JAMES EDWARD, his son: 1'. Clarke, Peter, Lloyd, Will, Fitzwilliams, bishop of W orc. John. Macdonald, -. Declaration to all kings, &c., Aug. 17 J 4, and deci. promising indemnity, Dec. 1714, ,52Ib. -- the second declaration, Extract from a letter from him to card. Gualtieri; 1714, Letter to the archbp. of Canterbury 1722 (printed paper), ' Statement respecting his wife, and two letters to her in Nov. 1725; Fr. (copies), Declaration; 23 Dec. 1744, Appointment of his son Chas. Edw. as regent, ib Notice of his household; 1695, 21. 3, Notices of him and his sister; , ib. 4 h, 3 I, 32. A design to Neiz1 him by some of the garrison at Cour tray nearly successful in March, 1707, ib. 36b. A dialogue between A, E, C, concerning his birth [quo by H. Gandy?J, ; 758.2h. "The case of N. N. [se. the legitimacy of the prince 1 in syllogisms," with a note signed J. H. (two copies), , with the same note and "a deduction of N. N.'s birth," in Grascome's hand writing, r. Abstract of the depositions concerning the birth of N. N., Mell!. about an alleged declaration of th1 countess of Clarendon, ib. 115; Testimony of sir G. Kneller to hi, likeness to his father, List of papers published on his Lirth Praised by dean Granville; 1701,840, 114,126b. His character, by Fenelon; [prillted paper], Medals of him, Description of four medals relating to him, 1251, 260. Song in behalf of his restoration, on the death of Q. Anne, A health against "the Pretender" drunk 10 June, 1715, [t'o Stuart, Charles Edward.] JACOBUS BERGOMENSIS. Supplementulll ejus Chronicarum citatur, 211. loob. JACOBUS TOLOSANUS: t'. Ja. Tol. "JAEL." Letter to Rich. Roach; n. d. JAFAR. Liber de temperie, [sive, de mutationibus tempo rum], IOZ. JAMAICA: v. Hunter, Rob. India Occidentalis. Consecration of a new church desired; 1680, Payment for making a seal for the island; 1687, Jor Bibles and other books supplied for the island, ib f Representation to Will. III in beha! of the Jews there, in reply to a memorial against them (copy), JAMATHIEU, -. Letter, without address: 1618, Fr., ,

111 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 641 AMBLICHUS. Sententioo ex ejus Vita JAQUES, Adrian, French shoemaker. A pythag., (cod. verso) 22. bill; 1642, AMES, Anna, Southwark; 1637,145. 4b. AMES, Gulielmus, coil. Univ., Oxon., magister. l pistoloo quatuor ad eum a Rob. Batt, petente ut in locum mag. Warynge in collegio cooptaretur; 1583, l b, 33b, 40\), 50. JAMES, Henry, D.D., vice-chanco of Cambro Testimonial in behalf of W. Read, oculist; 1667 (copy), JAQUIN,OU JAQuINI,le pere, prof.1l.l'acad. royale de Juilly. Preceptes de rart oratoire; 1738, Institutiones oratorioo, ib J ARDEA u, David, sen. and jun., merchants, Bristol. Certificate by the mayor of Bristol that they, S. Abellin and D. Rideau, lately taken prisoners at sea, are French Protestant refugees; 1689, Petition from them, ib. 74..JAMES, Richard, Corp. Chr. coil., Oxf..lARRow, Northumberland: 1). 351 given to him by Thos. Allen. Durham. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. JAMES, Roger and William. Epitaphs JARVIS, Elizabeth: V. Rea, Roger. in Acton church; 1712, JAUCOURT, - de. Inscriptio Gall. m albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; 1618, 935 3i'. JAMES, Thomas, D.D., first librarian of the Bodleian. Classified catalogue of books in Bodl. Libr., 984. L~tter tot. Allen about his search for a MS. of Asser; 1600 (copy), F.leven letters to him (copies), b Recommended for ordination by archbp. Whitgift; 1602, ,.,TAMES, Thomas, coli. Omn. Anim., Ox on., custos. Versus et epistola ad eum a Gul. Coker electionem in coil. petente ; 1665, , II h..lames, William, M.A., Ch. Ch., Oxf., assistant-master in Westm. school. Latin diary, Jan. I-May I, 1655, apparently kept by him, 216. Versio Groocacomcedioo Terentii Adelphi intit., Ric. Busby inscripta; 1652, lA.MES, 'V:illiam, Abingdon. Allegation JAVELLUS, Chrysost. Logicoo compendium, ex eo, IBARRA, Francisco de. Letter to 1. Pacheco on the battle of Lepanto; 9 Oct. 1571; Span., ICKENHAM, Middlesex. Valuation ofthe parish for assessment; L 1653?], I5 Extracts from the registers, and epitaphs, ICONOCLASTS: V. Maimbourg, Louis. JEKY,LL, Nicholas, Hevenirigham Sibill, Essex. Application to him from P. Le Neve, on bp. Compton's recommenrlation, for his MS~., , 5 I (Sft also I4b). JENKENS, Anne. Petition to Charles II for arrears of pension, JENKES, Robert, master of the Leathersellers' Compo Signature; 1687, 822. II6. JENKES, William, fellow of Jesus coil., Cambro Signature, JENKIN, Robert, D.D., master of St. John's coil, Cambro Letter about deposition of kings to bp. F. Turner; 1689, I. JENKINS, David, judge. Annotations 011 Dr. Zouche's Cases in Civil Law, 963. JENKINS, sir Leoline. Life of Dr. Fr. Mansell, 79. Letter to Dr. Fell.; 1672, to Dr. Yates; 1672, ib to Dr. Tim. Halton; 1681 (COP!!), > List of state papers in his possession, JENNENS, Humphrey, J.P. for Warwickshire. Signature; 1680, JENNINGS, Munton. Licence to him from James 1 to gather mulberry leaves for the silk-worms at Theobald's, IDDENDEN, Richard andjane, Canterbury. JENNY, family of. Note of descent, with Epitaph; 1676,376. 2I6b. arms in trick, b. JENYN, Thomas: V. Allermoor. JEAMES, Thomas, warden of All Souls' coll.,oxf. Notes on exercises by candidates for fellow.hips; , 912..JAMET, Leon, French pastor. Signature j 1631, lANcARTIUS, Petrus. Nomen autographulll, ,lANE, William, B.D. Signature, and ~eal of arms j 16i~, JANEWAY, Abraham, Wadh. coil., Oxf., a Non-conforming minister at Wenden, Essex. His life and death, 110..lANr:~W (?), Matthoous. Inscriptio in albo allllcorum P. Golii; Lond., 30 Jul. 1619, JANNEAU, Lewis. A Philadelphian fanatic; 1710, b.JANS, James, alderman of Dublin. Im Prisoned for helping Hen. Piers to leave Ireland; 1595, tl3. 3..JANS, Thomas. Married Mary Piers, J~SEN, Hendrik. Declaration of the evelation of John; by Hiel, JAQUES, -, merchant, 1,0ndon. Notice ff his suit agaimt sir 'fhos. Gresham or encroachment, b In a ault against the executor of the will of John Curtis; 1706, p. JEANNIN, lel'l e. R ecueil (le sa negotiation dans les Provo Unies j , 579'-E JEBB, Samuel, M.D. Signature, JECKES, Mary, White Cross street, London; 1638, b. JEFFORD, sir Thomas, commisso for enquiringinto recusancies in Devonshire. Signature; 1688, 372. passim. JEFFREYSON, John, serj.-at-iaw. to the earl of Bath, Letter JEFFRIS, Mrs. Letter to her from R. Roach, JEFFS, Thomas. Depositions at inquest at Portsmouth respecting his murder; 1729,64. JEKYLL, sir Joseph, Master of the Rolls. List of some MSS. sent to him, Possessor of 100, 196, 296, 338, 369, 385, [598,] 605, 606, 607, 610, , ,633,634. Books bought by O. Acton at the sale of his libmry; , h, 46b JENYNS, John. At school at Clapton and Chelsea in ,344. JERMYN, Henry, lord, earl of St. Alban's. Letter to Heenvliet; Fr., JERMYN, Henry, lord Dover. 163 dedi cated to him. Went to Norfolk in 1679 to avoicl receiving Charles II at his house at Cheveley, JERSEY. List of state papers relating to it; cents. xvi, xvii, Letter from the earl of Leicester to the Univ. of Oxf., with reply, urging maintenance of four scholars fol' the ministry in Jersey and Guernsey; Mar.-Apr (copies), b, 46. Proposal to the Council of State for a commission of enquiry into the condition of the island; C. 1652, JERVOISE, Thomas, M.P. for Hampshire. County papers formerly in his possession, 666. Draft, in his handwnting, of a petition to the Queen, on the death of bishop Mews, for the appointment of a better bishop; 17 7, ib. 109 JERUSALEM: v. Ashley, John. Clarke, Charles. Reges Christiani, i'. Annual grant of 1,000 ducats to the Frll.nciscan convent, by Henry VIII; 1516, C2

112 642 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Description of the ceremony of the Holy Fire, , 66h-n. Compendiosa descrizione, 449. JESSEY, Henry. Letter to J. Moor. or More, forwarding one to himself; 1653, JESTS: v. Williamson, J08. Fragment ofa seventeenth-cent. jest-book, :Eight jests, JESUITA':: V. Crow, sir S. Diarium. Heckelius, Geo. Malta. Rawlinson, Rich. Salamanca. Satirlll. Exercitia S. Ignatii, iis qui in nostra societate vivunt accommodata per Jo. Ciccotium; imperl., Epistollll et memorialia soc. in Anglia collcernentes; , b. Idea vitlll apostoliclll secundum institutum soc. Jeau; imperf., Poemata varia, a quibu~dam e coli. Romano, 287. Extract of the decree of the Univ. of Paris against them; r6ii, Promise to be signed by certainjesuits on being released from prison at the intercession of the Spanish amb., that they will never return to England; 1612,399. Ill. Letter from Jesuits at London to the rector at Brussels; 1628, JESUITS' BARK. 170 serons sold for ' 1000; 1725, 10lO. (cod. verso) 7. J EVE, Thomas, Fryern Barnet, Midd. Deposition respecting his will; 1699, JEWELL, John, bishop of Salisbury. Oratio valedictoria in coli. Corp. Chr., Oxon., ; Epist. ad eum ab Acad., Oxon., "cum doctoratus in theologia illi mittebatur"; 22 Apr (apogr.), " ut disputationibus theologicis coram Regina moderaretur" ; 12 Jul (apogr.), ib. 18b. Two letters concerning marriage-questions (copies), , 18. Life, abridged from Humfrey's work by D. Featley, JEWELS. Catalogue by Ash mole of some of (apparently) the crown jewels and curiosities, S Recueil des joyaux, metaux, &c., b IFFLEY, Oxon. Epitaphs, b-31 b. IGNATIUS, S. Printer's proof of the title-page of the edit. of the Epistolw in 1709, Il6. ILCHESTER,Somerset. Copies of charters relating to the place, , 382. ILES, Anne: 11. King, John. JLES, Thoa., D.D. Notes of five sennons by him, I07b, 121b-I24. ILFORD PARVA, Essex. Monumental inscriptions; 1751, ILLOGAN, Cornwall. Notes on the parish, IMMINS, Thomas. Printed application for votes for a place at Bridewell Hosp., IMPERATO RES. Impp. Constantinopol. synopsis chronologica, e cod. Barocc. 18, cum vel's. Lat., manu T. Hearne, ,26, Series inscriptionum eos commemorantium; , Turbatus imperii Romani status; c. 1613, "Discorso intorno aha dignita imperiale" (whether it should be transferred to the Pope), 624, I. IMPOSTOREs. Livre des trois imposteurs (or, L' esprit de Spinoza; copied by M. Maittaire),532. IMPROPRIATIONS: 11. Anglia. A tract against them; temp. Eliz., INCANTATIONES: v. Charms. Exorcismi. INCHOFER, Melchior, soc. J esu. Parodia hymni "Te Deum" in laud em B. M. V., INDEMNITY: v. Anglia. INDEPENDENTS: v. Non-conformists. S., R. Judgment of the Independents (Dr. Owen and four others) concerning their members that frequent the ministrations in the Church of England, INDIA OCCIDENTALIS: v. Gatines, - de. Letters narrating the English expedition to Jamaica, &c. in 1655 (copies), 120S.62. "Descripcion general de las Indias Occidentales "; in a memorial from the city of Lima to Phil. IV; Span., "Descrepcion y grandeya"; Esp., INDIA ORIENTALIS: v. Hollandia. Letters with account of battle between the sons of the Great Mogul, &c.; 1707, East India Company: v. Barbut, -. Charter granted to the E. 1. Company by Jas. I in 1605, 701. Licence to the Compo to transport foreign and English gold to the East; Feb. 1631, Money lent to Chas. II with unanimous consent; 1673, Notes of proceedings in the case of Skynner and the E. India Company in the H. of Lords, 65S. 21 b. Lists of ships of the Company; Il, , 189, Ship Thomas; , ; Sampson; 1696, Howland: 1702, Martha; 1705,862' 54. Friend~hip; 1701, Ruby: lost, 1701, ib. Cardigan; 1713, 914: The Success; 1731, Abstract of charges and long letter of complaint against E. 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List of the shareholders of the old additional stock; 1 May, 1710, Proportion of victuals to each seaman in their service, Printed notice inviting persons to serve the Company as soldiers, Petition from two Armenian merchants to the Company for payment of bills of exchange, Stl Lines on the union of the two COD!' panies, The arms of the Uompany stamped on the cover used for b03. INDICES. Index to two mediooval Latin books, Index of names in some book, INDICES EXPURGATORII. de iis, 2S Notlll Usserii Misc. papers of the Comp., II, INDULGENTIA':: v. Brevie, Will Case of the Company V. Sandye; 1683, INFIDELITY. Lists of books against it,

113 INFIRMI: ". Gandy, Henry. Johannes, de Syon. Visitatio infirmorum; tract. falso sub nomine S. Augustini, "Medicina animffi"; consilia de visitatione infirmorum, Form for visitation of the sick, A brief way to comfort the sick, b, [NGE, R. Signature, [NGESTRE, Staft ordshire. Inscription over the church door, INGLEBY, Thomas. Owner of 612. INGLEFIELD, Mrs., a Roman Catholic lady. Mentioned, INGLEWOOD FOREST, Cumberland: v. Denton, Thomas. Perambulations, 20 Hen. III and 4 Rich. II, RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 643 INSULA:. Short descriptions of the JOHNES, Johannes. Epistolal ad eum islands of the world, with maps; Ital., a Gruff'. Price, 1063, 8S-96b, JOHNSON, Antony, B.A., All Souls'coll., INSURANCES: v. Assurances. Oxf. Latin theme; 1680, INTERMONTIBUS, Franciscus de, capella- JOHNSON, Bedford, St. Martin's-in.the nus. Nomen inscriptum ad init. cod. Fields, London; 1637, b INTERPRETER. The interpreter, 1622; JOHNSON, Benjamin, Sidn. Suss. coli., (a puritanical poem), b. Cambro Letter, in verse, to his tut.or for a new coat, b, Peroratio JOACHIMUS SIGISMUNDUS, Brandeburgensis marchio. Inscriptio in albo pralvaricatoria, ib. III b. amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 1622, JOHNSON, Edward, vicar of Milton, q. v. JOANNA, papissa. Answer of a Catholic JOHNSON, J., herald painter. Cat. of his to a Protestant about her story, heraldic.mss., of his JOANNIS, - de, capitaine en second de la MSS. bought by Le Neve, ib. 51. freg. l'aurore. Journal de voyage it la JOHNSON, John, Smyrna. Letter to his Louisiane; 1720, sister; 161)8 (copy!, JODEN, Henry, fishmonger, London. Notice of hi:; will; 1468,796h 59b. JOHNSON, rev. John, of Cranbrook. Letter to Dr. Charlett about lay JOHANNES HISPALENSIS: v. Messahala. baptism; 1712 (copy), INGLIS, -, deputy master of ceremonies to Q. Anne. Memoranda of his attendances Feb.-Apr. 17 5, and of fees due Michacle, generale ord. Min.; 1332, JOHANNES II, Papa. Disputatio cum JOHNSON, Justinian: V. Bonner, Edm. to him, JOHNSON, M. LettertoJ.Bagford; 1701, INGLIS, James, episcopal minister at JOHANNES, rex Francial. Treaty of 398. lis. Muthill, Perth shire. Notice of his Bretigny with Edw. III; 1360, 556. JOHNSON, Mary, widow. Petition to death in 1732; printed, b JOHANNES II, Comes Palat., de Deux- Charles II for almswoman's place III Ponts. Inscriptio, cum insignibus St. Catherine's Hosp., INK. Receipts for black ink, b ; b Receipt for gold ink, Notice of Indian ink, 1104 ad calc. A fare buono inchiostro, 643 ad init. INNES, Peter, rector of Kingston, Kent: v. Bean, Chas. INNES, Robert, gent., and Letitia Isabella. Prosecuted for theft in 1719, [NNOCENTIUS X, Papa: v. Roma. INNOCENTIUS XI, Papa. Epist. ad Ludov. XIV; 13 Nov. 1685, INNOCENTIUS XII, Papa. Viaggio a Nettonio, 21 Apr. 1697,541. INQUISITIO ROMANA: v. Suarez, Pedro. Prattica del santo offitio; capitt. xxv, INSCRIPTIONES: v. Wroxeter. Iuscriptio Grffica; Archidamus ad Osiridem, "'. Tres Grfficffi, ohm Patavii in aldibus P. Rhamnusii, Insc~iptiones Romanal quadraginta qulllque, Inscriptio in laudem L. Scipionis f. Barbati, Romal eft'ossa an. 1614, "Ara Deo Baccho sacra'" inscriptio male descripta, ' ~nscr. sepulchralis P.. lii, reek inscription on a Smyrnalan marble given by Rawlinson to Oxf., gentilitiis depictis, in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; 1618,935. 7b Inscriptio et insignia uxoris ejus Louisal, ib. 8. JOHANNES Ill, Sobieski, rex Polonial. Tractatus pacis cum Turcis apud Zurawno, JOHNSON, Mary, Dublin, widow of ensign John. Power of att.orney for receipt of pension; 1709 (copy), 760. II7. JOHNSON, Richard, Kensington. Two letters to S. Grascome, with Grascome's replies, about taking the oaths; 1706, JOHNSON, Robert, musician to Charles I. Signature, b; b, 26b ; et in vol. seq. Died about Michaelmas, 1633, b JOHANNES GEORGIUS IV, Elector Saxonial. CommisRion to sir W. D. Colt and G. King to take the Garter to him, with Colt s speech on investiture; ,807.70,72, JOHANNES CARTHUSIANUS, de domo B. Brigittffide Syon. Liber mortis et vital ; de infirmis, et de visitatione infir INNOCENTIUS XIII, Papa. Printed Relations about the presentation of a horse spiritus in J esum, ib Meditationes Said by lady Rus~ell to have written morum, Eft'usio languentis to him by the Emperor, and of ceremonies passionis Domini ad omnes horas, ib. the Prince of Orange's Declaration, Upon his death; , ; 109. Gratiarum actiones pro iis qual n85 ad init. tecit Jesus, lb JOHANNES DAMASCENUS, S. Analysis JOHNSON, Thomas. Latin verses to bp. per H. Hammond tract. ejus de fide Fr. Turner, orthodoxa, 318. I. JOHNSON, William, Jesuit. Cadiz. Copy JOHANNES GLASTONIENSIS. Excerptum of letter from him to Owen Feltham, ex ejus Chron. in cod. Ashmol. 790, with reply; 1637,737. 7b, Hearne's preface to the Chronica, JOHNSON, William. Owner of 341. JOHANNES PRESBYTER. Epist.Emanueli Romeon gubernatori, , JOHANNES SARISBURIENSIS. Excerpta e Polycratico, JOHN OF AUSTRIA, don. Parere sopra l'armata del Turco a Cipro; 1570, l'armata del anno 1571, Span., ib Relacion de 10 que a passado en Flandes desdi que don Juan llego Ii Lucemburg hasta los 18 Ott. 1577, ib JOHNSTONE, James, second marq. of Annandale: V. Ficoroni, Fr. JOHNSTON, Nathaniel, M.D. Proposed purchase of his MSS. for York minster; 1721, b. JONES, capt. -,1690: v. Trench,John. JONES. Charles, notary, Gloucester. testation; 1637,1000. I. JOHNSON, Samuel. Printed title and preface of his Julian's Arts, with licence for press; 1689, At- JONES, D. Latin verso of poem by Taliesin; 1580, 1050, ad calc. 9.

114 644 INDEX IN C.A TAL. CODD. J ONES, David, a Welsh her'd.ld. Mentioned, b JONES, Heut. Edward. Mentioned j 1643, JONES, Edward, Jesus col1., Oxf. Certificate of his being entitled, as founder's kin, to the Meyrick benefaction at Jesus coli. j 1734, JONES, Henry (?), M.A. "Huygen's solution of Alhazen's problem," Sb. JONES, Hugh. Name as owner ofa book; 1688, b JONES, Jesree1. Account (as interpreter) of the reception of the Moorish ambassador in 1706, JONES, John. mariner. Petition to Charles II for an almsman's place, JONES, rev. John, Winc.hfield, Berks. Revocation by him of a caveat against a dispensation for S. Rich j 1678, S. JONES, John, dean of Bangor. Lines addressed (as it seems) to him, JONES, Mary, Westminster, widow of Heut. Thomas. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty money; 17II,7tlO J ONES, Maurice. Letter to E. Gibson on his transl. of Camden's Britannia; 1695, J ONES, Owen, M.A., Pembroke coil, Oxf. Testimonial for orders j 167~, JONES, Rice. Signature, J ONES, sir Samuel: v. Courteenhall. JONES, Samuel. IJetter to H. Newman; 1714, Lat., JONES, sir William. Argument on shipmoney; 2S Feb. 16Jt-, JONES, William, alderman of Bristol. Signature; 1643, IRELAND: v. Hibernia. IRELAND, William. Short note to his nephew W. Fisher; (copy), IREMONGERE, William, Oxford: 1'. JONES, William. Fragments of an Oseneyabbey. abstract of Plutarch's Lives, IREN.lEUS, S. "Ad beatum Iren. notre'" JONES, William, Godstone, Surrey. Note. /. 692 ' t E C 11 II 4 'Impel'., o. ur ; 1717, JONSON, Ben. Versus duo, &c.; autogr., IRETON, gen. Henry. Arms, and device 232 ad calc. on his cornet as capt. of horse; 1642 Transl. of Hor. Ars Poet. (copy), b, 24. ' Epitaph on Q. Eliz., b Signature,la " tanquam explorator," ib. 47, 4S. Owner of 232. JORDAN, family of, Surrey. Notes from the Reigate and Charlwood registers, ,36. IRISH, John, St. Edm. hall, Oxf. j 1668, IRON-WORKS, in Ireland. Safe-condud for some Walloons engaged for ordnance iron-works; Feb. 1632, IRTHLINGBOROUGH, Northamptonshire. Account of a spinning school there', JORDAN, Edwardus, medicus Bathon. 839 I. t'. lb. 'L' nscrlp 10 In a 0 amlcorum.., 'd 17 17, 1I4 rl Lossii; 1627, IRVINE, Christopher. Signature, JORDAN, Katherine, St. Martin's-in-the FIelds, widow of capt. John. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty money j 17II, JORDEN, Sarah and Margaret. Epitaphs in Winchelse~ church; , tl JOSCELIN, John. Hearne's transcript of his list of English historians, JOSEPH, St., bay in Gulf of Mexico. Plan, JOSEPHUS. Extracts describing the Temple, S. Extracts from a Fr. transl. of the De bellis Jud., Rough draft of an Index rerum, b. J OVANS, Richard. Nativity j 2 Sept., 1640, J OWLING, Thomas, rector of Alcester, JONES, Thomas, archbp. of Dublin. Warw. Signature; 1712, Notes ofussher's sennonat his funeral; JOYE, James. Epistola Graeca anon. ad 1619, M. Maittaire de quibusdam numismatibus, una cum responso Maittairiano J ONES, Thomas. Opinion on evidence for a trial; 16S4, Graece scripta; 1739, S-9. JONES, Walter, D.D., Ch. Ch., canon of J OYEUSE, mons. de: v. Cimieres, made de. Westminstel' and rector of Sunningwell: v. Codrington, Rob. JOYEUSE,ltal. Gioiosa, Franc., card.: fl. Venetia. Certificate of his ordination as deacon; 1627, IS. JOYNER, William, [Magd. coil], Horspath, Account of cost of iron and paint for Oxon. Latin lines on Rump hall and dial in the choir of Ch, Ch.; 1634, Gloucester hall, Oxf., B. 400e IpSWICH, Suffolk. Affidavits and other Fees paid by him for degree of B.D.; papers respecting a dispute about 1640, the impressing men according to Nominated to preach before the King; the Enlistment Act of 1709, July, 1645, ". I-56, List of men brought Nine letters to H. Baskervile; before the commissioners for impressment; 4 March, 170~, ib , Letter to another at Sunningwell, ib. 50. List by Bagford of books printed there Papers relating to his claim (versus in the 16th cent., ma.rq. of Dorchester) to the manor List of some books in a library there, of Cantlowes; 1661, Sub-dean of the Chapels Royal j IS8. 71, Sb ; CharjJes for burying his servant in the clolsters at Westm. j 1662, S, 100. IRWIN, Henrietta. Speech at a Philadel. phian meeting against R. Roach's teaching; 1712, ISABELLA, Regina Castilire et Leonire, uxor l"erdinandi Regis. Testamento della catholica reyna donna Ysabel; 1504, imperf" ISACKE, John, rector of Barklow, Cambro Signature; 1667, ISCANUS, Barthol.: Exon. episc. v. Bartholomreus, ISHAM, Euaeby, D.D.: v. Isham, Just. ISHAM, sir Justinian. Copy made from fragments of Th. de Eccleston in his possession, lent by his brother E. Isham; 1733, ISHAM, Zachary, D.D., chapl. to bpi of London. Signature, 7:10. IS, 161; S, 49. Letter to Dr. Charlett j 1694 (COllY), ISIDORUS Hispalensis. Catal. virorulll illustrium, b ISLANDIA Short description; Ital., ISLEWORTH, Middlesex: v. Carey, Anth., visco }!'alkland. ISLINGTON, Middlesex. List of the trained band; 1626,1030. S. Epitaphs, , lis. ISLIP, Oxon. Inscription over the school, and note of South's benefactions, ISLIP, Simon, archiepiscopus Cantuar. Speculum regis Edw. III, 718. I. ISMAY, Thomas. Anno 1444 dedit cod (f. 179) Waltel'o Pollard. IREDELL, Jane, widow of ensign Samuel. ISSEL'S, St., Pembrokeshire. - Griffie! Power of attorney for receipt of pension; recommended for schoolmaster; 1713, 1713, with seal of arms,

115 RA WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 645 ISTRIA: v. It~lia. ITALIA: v. Abdy, sir T. Bridges,.Tohn. Englefield, sir Fr. Hispania. Kent, Will. Sermones. Strozzi, Pietro. Travels. Exarchi, atque duces Longobardorum, b, 80b Six notarial instruments about the sale of land at Fiano by Camilla Morroni &c. to Santo de Plodiis, of Bergamo; ; Lat.,508.. Parere del collaterale generale per h successi di guerra nell' Istria et Friuli, Discorso d'italia, &c.; 1581,618.50,78. Discorso nel quale si mostra che l'italia pub ricevere molta utilitit daha venuta delle armi l!'ranccsi in essa; 1628, [Advice of an Italian Minister of State to his Prince to assist the French ao'ainst the Spaniards], Ital., Oratione~ et versus, Ital., 287, sparsim. Relatione dello stato e forze d'italia [c. 1574], ; ; Na~~~ of families with dates of births and marriages, &c.; cent. xvii, news-letters from Milan, Venice, Mantua, &c. in 1691; Ital., L 84 One in 1693, ib. 31. Lease from the Apost. Chamber of the profits of Castro and Ronciglione; '705, Ital., 910. Notes on Italy; cent. :uii, Translation of books v, vi of a description of Italy, 184. Note-book of an artist's travels in Italy, with sketches; 16? I, 116. Diary of an EnglIsh silk-merchant while travelling in Italy; , imperj, R. Rawlinson's travels in Italy, , Short notes of a journey in 1710; Fl'., Elements of Italian grammar; 1690, Short elements of grammar in French; 1690, 450. Elements, extracted from Veneroni; 1691, I. Elements, A reading-book for instruction in the Ital. language; written for lord Alington, at Rome, 1652, 445. A French and Ital. phrase-book, 476. Italian books printed at London; ,735. P!c~u:es in Italy: v. Rawlinson, Rich. Slgllh: v. Lorenzani, G. A. IT'J'EROLT (?), Sigismundt L. von. Inscriptio Germ. in alba amicorum Dav. Von }'iltz; Bresslau, 13 Nov. 1621, S b JtrAN, don: v. John of Austria. JUDlEI: 1). Cabala. Proverbia. Jamaica. Winchester. Kalendarium. De pontificibus Hebrreis Jac. Usserii, b-5. cohectanea Figura astrologica de exaltatione Judreorum anno Ilb6 exspectanda, h. De tribus sectis.tudreorum, II7. De confusione.t udreorum ; jragm., Brief account of the laws in England against them, temp. J oh.-edw. I, Li6t of brethren and sisters forming the original members of a Society among the Portuguese Jews in London, in 1745,503. Transl. from the Hebr. of an account of the Kings of hdah, &c., , 339. Notes of.tewish history, ib Notes of the history from Abraham to A.D. 70, Discourse on their restoration, and the personal reign of Christ, A few fragmentary notes by Hearne, Metal vessel, with Hebrew inscription, JUDICIUM. De divino judicio, 248. lb. IVER, Buckinghamshire. Pay-book for building-work done for the King at " Parlonde"; , ,.TULIAN, -,.I!~leet-street, London; 1638, JULIANUS Imperator. Excerpta (e cod. Seldeniano) ex oratione ejus l~ I-''lTEpa TroV 0.6J11, atque ex alt Epist. ad S. Basilinm; Gr. Lat. e cod. Palat., 377. li8. JULIUS III, Papa. Instruttione a Pietro di 'roledo mandato all' Imp. doppo l'assuntione sua al pontificato; 16 Feb. 1550, del card. Farnese per l'ardinghello, mandato al Imp. doppo la creatione di Giulio HI. ib all'abb.rossettomandatoinfrancia doppo la sua assuntione al pontificato ; 20 Feb. 1550, ib per 10 card. di Medici di quanto havra da far intendere al duca Ott. Farnese; 3 Magg. 1550, ib per [Pighini, vesc.] Sipontino con Ia Maj. Ces.; 20 Giugno, IS 50, ib. 94; per l Trivulzi, vesco di] Tolone col Re Crist.; 20 Giugno,155o, a[p. Bertano, vesc.] di Fano per l'imp.; 27 Genn. 1551, ib per [H. Dandini, vesc.] d'imola con l'imp.; 31 Marzo, 1551, ib Memoriale dato al A. della Corgna per 10 Re Crist.; 25 Apr. 1551, ib Instruttione al G. B. di Monte mandato con Ie genti di N. S.; 30 Maggio, 1551,ib. IIO. -- a mons. Montepulciano, Tesoriero per l'lmperatore; 22 Giugno, 1551,ib. Ill. --a mons. di Monluc per 10 Re Crist.; 6 Lugl. 1551,ib. II4. Memoriale comune per 10 Duca di Florentia, don Diego, &c. dato al Camaiano, 23 LugI., ib Instruttione data a mons. Achille de' Grassi per Venetia; J4 Ag. 155J, ib Lettera al card. di Carpi; 10 Sett. 155 I, ib Instruttione al card. Verallo perlo Re Crist.; 3 Ott. 1551, ib lip. Camaiani all'lmperatorej 10 Ott Dec. 1551, ib. 126, 139. Memoriale;\. mons. di Montefiascone [A. Grassi] per Trento: 23 Nov.' 1551, ib Lettere due al duca di Fiorenzil. ; 27 Nov Feb. 1552, ib. 137, 150. Lettera al card. VeraHo; 19 Dec. ib al don Diego; 26 Dec.,ib Lettere due al card. Crescentio ; 16 Genn. 1552,ib.145, quattro al vice-legato di Bologna; 24 Genn., 30 Apr., I Magg., 26 Dec., ib. 148, 163, 164, Ii. mons. de' Grassi; 20 Feb. 1552, ib a mons. Pighino; 10 Mar. ib agio. R di Monte; 5 Apr., ib card. Crescentio; 13 Apr., ib.157. Articoli tra pp. Jul. III e 'I card. Tornone in nome del Re Crist.; 25 Apr., ib Lettera a1 eletto di Fiesole l P. Camaiano?]; 30 Apr. 1552, ib al Re Cristianiss. ; 6 Magg. 1552, ib al Contestabile; 6 Mag-g., ib. --al card. de Lorena; 6 Magg., ib. 165b. -- al imp. Carlo V; J8 Magog., ib. --di Giulio Canano, secret. di Papa, a - de Villars, secret. de card. Tornone; 18 Magg., ib Instnlttioneall' abb. Rosetti mandato a Parma ; 22 Magg., ib Memoriale di P. Santacroce, nuntio destinato al Re Crist.; 19 Giuglio, I 552,ib di A. de Grassi, eletto di 110ntefiascone, con 10 Imp., ib. 16g. Lettera al A. della Corgna; II Ott., ib Lettere due al duca di Fiorenza; 3 Nov., 28 Dec., ib. 174, 181. Ricordo per 10 cardinale di Sermoneta col card. di Ferrara et mons. di 'l'hermes, et poi con li capi della republ. di Siena; 1553, lb Ricordo et avertimenti per 10 card. d'imoia. [Dandini], legato all' Imp.; 14 Apr. 1553,ib. 186,188. Summario delle risposte fatte dah' Imperatore a1 card. d'imola, legato per lao pace, ib Memoriale dato a Bern. de' Medici per 10 vicere di Napoli; 28 Nov. 1552,ib.176. Sommariodiquelche don Luigi di Toledo disse a sua Santita ; 8 Dec., ib Memoriale a Onofrio Camaiani per Ii duca et duchessa di Fiorenza; I Mal'Zo, 1553, ib Avertimenti per 10 card. di Sa.n Gio~io [G. Capodiferro] col He di FranCIa, tb Memoriale per G. A. Vimercato col card. di Ferrara, S. de Thermes, et duca de Fiorenza; 6 Magg., 7 Giugno, 12 Agost., 1553, ib. 192, 194, Ricordo per 10 card. di Perugia [F. Corneo] col duca. di Fiorenza; 29 Maggio, ib Instruttione al G. Cesarini diquantohada esporrealm.a.colonna, ib Memoriale a. J. Delfino, nuntio al He de' Romani; I Dec. 1553, ib Instruttione et avertimenti all' arcivesc. di Conza [H. Muzzarelli], nuntio all' Imp.; 21 Genn. 1554, ib. 200, 202. Instruttione al Ant. Agostino per Inghilterra; 31 Genn., ib Ii. Gil'. Soperchio per duca d'urbino; 4 Maggio, 1$54. ib Memoriale per 10 card. dl S. Vitale [Giov. Ricci] eol duca di Fiorenza; 12 M~gio, ib Instruttione et avertimentl per 10 vesco di Viterbo [So Gualtieri] col Re Crist. ; 19 Maggio, ib col card. di

116 ()46 Lorena et col Contestabile; 19 Maggio, 1 b al A. della Corgna; 19 Magg., ib. 2II. -- per 10 Spinello col duca di Fiorenza, ib in risposta a M. Bernardo di colle a 12 d'agosto; 1554, ib JUNGWINE, Robert son of, Oxford: t'. Oseney Abbey. JUNIUS, Franciscus. Epist. ad Andr. Melvinum, q. v. Catalogus librorum ejus, Proposed dedication of a dissertation by him to Jac. de Witt and Dav. Reute.r (autogr.), JUNIUS, Francis, jun. Information from him about a MS. of the Chaldee paraphrase; 1657, JUNIUS, Patricius. Dedit cuidam anonymo art. 21 in }~xcerpta ex oratt. Gr. Juliani Imp. j 1659, JUPITER CASSIUS. Dissertation sur lui et ses temples, JURIN, James, M.D., secr. of the Royal Soc. Four letters to P. H. Zollmann ; Letter to him from Zollmann j 1725, ib Jus: i. Anglicanum. ii. Canonicum. iii. Civile. iv. Ecclesiast.-Anglic. i. Anglicanum: Bastard, Edw. Britton. Chancery. Common Pleas. v. Lambard, Will. London. St.Germain,Christ. N ovre narrationeh j fmgm., 506. Formulre brevium; temp. Jac. 1, Formulre brevi urn; fragmenta, , lis-17 Treatise of the common laws of Engl., Explanation of Anglo-Saxonlegal terms, t. Hen. VIlI, Sb. Notes on the statute of Merton, Comm. in French on the second stat. of Westm., imperj., Readings on the Forest Laws, 670. Charge of the court of swain-moot, ib. 5J. Contents of Redman's edit. of Magna Carta with other stat'utes in 1539, Fragment of evidence in a case between a mayor and corp., and a dean and chapter; c. temp. Hen. VIlI, 39d. 121; Manner of making newserjeantsj 1577, 369. II. Articles for the jury at the Justice in Eyre'S seat at Windsor; Sept. 1632, Notes of a case, Armested 17. Walton, in 1639, , &c. Notes of law-cases; ,1127. Notes relating to the business of a, justice ofpeac6.j temp. Ca1.II,ll35-7. INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Monthly entry-book kept by two lawyers in London of all the documents prepared by them in , ,804. Opinions of the judges in Reg. 17. Tooley, 1709, about the manslaughter of a constable, Notes of civil cases tried in assizes on the northern circuit, in July-Aug. 1729,983. Notesfor charges at sessions and courts leet, 950 ad calc. Notes on tenures, &c., Paper, in a Scottish hand, on Prremu nire, Address of a judge on passing sentence on some thieves, List of Masters of the Rolls, A few forms, Questions and replies upon a lease of tithes, ". Equivalents in French of some English terms, Court-baron and court-ieet: v. Manors. Reports. Fragmentg of a year-book, 29 Edw. I; 1301, , I. Year-book, 3 Hen. VI j , 363.6S. K. B. reports, J as. I j , ii. Canonicum: v. Bononia. Decretum quod nemo alienos parochian os ad divina recipiat, Fragmcnta varia ex epistt, decretalibus Innoc. IV, Greg. IX, et e commentariis supra easdem et juridica varia, <), 65, los, 166. Fragm. tractatus per modum qmestt. et responsorum, Notre ex doctoribus Romanis de variis conscientim casibus, 475. Notm brevesdevariis; ord.alphab,,1478. Discorso sopra Ie censure ecclesiastiche, JUSTELL, Henry: v. Hickes, Geo. JUSTIFICATIO: v. Tridentum. JUSTINIANUS, Imperator. Notre in COm. pendium Institutionum ejus, in procemium et titt. 1-26, Analysis Institt. ejus j 1590, JUSTINUS. Collections by Hearne for his edition, JUSTINUS MARTYR, S. Nota de morte ejus, e cod Barocc. 241, JUSTITIA. "Traitte de l'execution de justice": on the right of the people to execute judgment; Fr., 528. JUVENALE, Latino: v. Paulus III, Papa. JUVENALIS. Initiumcommentariiineum, e cod Bodl. Auct. F. vi. 9,398. II7. JUXON, William, archbishop of Canter bury: v. Taylor, Jos. Particulars of the distribution of 6108., fees paid by him to the heralds on his consecration as bishop of London in 1633, b. 206 dedicated to him while bp. of Lond. IVYE, William. A coarse description of Norway pigs, 810. (codice verso) 5b IWADE, Kent: v. Digges, Frances. IWERNE, Dorset. Decree in a suit about property there, Eliz. Barter v. T. Bower, &c. j 1591, IZARD, Anth., printer. Note to Sam, Clarke; 1669, b. IZARD,.John, yeoman pricker to the King's harriers. Petition to Charles II respecting his imprisonment for debt; with order thereon j 29 May, 1673, 18. 7Zb IZATsoN, William, vicar of SwajfhaVi Bulbeck, q. v. iii. Civile: v. Gaill, Andr. Justitia. Justinianus. Tituli DecreU, Gratiam, Institt., Digesti, aliorumque libb. juris civilis, K. 2ll. IOb- 17. K., Dr. [quo Kennicott? q. v.j. ]'ragmenta varia ex tractt. variis, ,59,62-4,140-1,159,160. K., H. Owner of 186. Notm Usserii de libris Justinianeis, 280. K., J.: V. King, John. 51. Hodierna fori eloquentia, KAEMPFER, Engelbrecht. Account. of Proposals for publishing a Corpus Juri.~ his book on Japan, and letters relatwg Civilis, to it j , Systeme abrege des principes de la jurisprudence et de la politique, 531. KAEMPFER, F. H., Lemgo. Three letters to P. H. Zollmann; Ge1'm., iv. Ecel. Anglie.: v. 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117 Cum tabulis astron., &c.; c. 1483, Kal. Nich. de Lynne, lb. Tabulre, cum Kal. communi, &c. [annon Nich. de Lynne?], De compositione Kalendarii, sive Compotus, 239. I. Notre varire ; atque Kal. Romanum, , 124. English symbolical calendar, of 13th cent., with curious figures and tables, 939. A perpetual almanac, Prognostications from several almanacs for the year 1623, Rules for the calendar; French, French table of the golden number, Sunday letters, &c., Eel/wig duel'ende aim., printed at Arnst., 1681, KAY, Arthur, M.A., rector of St. Andrew's, Cant. Signature; 1678, KAYS, sir Arthur, bart., M.P. Note to him from Hearne; 1711, b KEA, Cornwall. Notes on the parish KEATE, John, Cholsey, Berks. Lettcr to E. Ashmole; 1665, KEBLE, Joseph, Gray's Inn. Accounts of food-expenses at Hampstead; , KEBLE, Richard, one of Cromwell's commissioners ofthe Great Seal. Accountbook kept by his wife; , , 788. KEBLE, Samuel, bookseller: 1'. Non-jurors. Wagstaffe, Thos. Two letters to H. Dodwell, with his three replies (copies); 1694, , Statement of his practice of communicating in his parish church and queries thereon, KECR, Francis. Possessor of KECR, S. Signature; 1695, bcr, Thomas. Signature; bdden, Ralph, vicar of Denchworth, Berks. Letter to him from Hearne; 1711, b. KEDDEN, William, Ch. Ch., Oxf. Note of a book that belonged to him; cent. xvi, b. KEDERMINSTER, Edmund. Signature; 1576, KEDERUS, Nicolaus, Holmiensis. Catal. nummorum Sueo-Gothic. in museo Graingeriano., 27l. KEEBLE, William, rector of Ringsall, q.v. KESELING, -. Non-conformist minister at alisbury; 1701, KEEN, John, Oxford. Scribbled signature; c. 1636, K~EliE, Edmund, rector of Newton, ambr. Signature; 1669, 'VOL. II. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 647 KEIGHTLEY, F[ rances ], [daughter oflord chanco Clarendon]. Signature, KEILL, John, M.D. Epitaph, KEIMER, Mary. A member of the Philadelphian Society; 1710, b, 64. KEITH, James, M.D. Signature; 1713, Possessor of 42, 43, 44, 1262, KELLY, capt., a pirate of Jamaica. Notice about him; 1698, KELLY, Hugh, Donegal. Petition to Charles II for pardon for robbery, with order thereon; 5 Nov. 1683, b KELLY, Margaret, widow of lieut. Peter. Powers of attorney for receipt of pension; 17II-12, , 126. KELSAM, capt., alias Sacker. Arms in trick; 1642, b. KEMMERLINUS, Joh. Frid. Inscriptio in albo amicorum J o. Hoffmanni; Bremm, mense Maii, 1623, KEMMING, John, Canterbury. Epitaph; 1647, KE~IMYS, F.dward, Monmouthshire. Charge and evidence to a jury about to try him and others for riotous assembly and affray; t. Eliz., KE~IPE, ~, Caius and Gonville coil., Cambro Signature; 1641, KEMPE, sir Robert. Letter on his death from C. Paman to his sister lady Kempe, KEMPES, John, Haymarket, London. Account by Bagford of his museum, KEMPTHORNE, sir John. Certificate on behalf of a soldier serving in a ship under his command; 1675 (copy), KEN, Thomas, bp. of Bath and Wells: v. Woodford, Sam. Morning. Evening and Midnight hymns, "L'0xp~ication du camchisme de l'l<jghse"; a French transl. of the Practice of Divine Love, 444. Notice of his dealing with Charles II when dying, Notice of his cession of his bishopric and of his last illness, ",b. Narrative about a woman who sought to be baptized by him, KENDALL, Tim. Verses on the seven wise men of Greece, KENNALL, Jo. Signature, KENNARD (?), B., officer in the Chancery at Chester. Transcript by him from the records; 1667, I. KENNETT, -. Mentioned as dying in 17 15, KENNETT, White, bishop of Peterborough : v. Wheatley, Charles. Verses to E. L. on the dissolution of ParI.; 1681, I9. Letter to Dr. Charlett; 1698 (copy), b Substance of part of a visitation speech, May 5, 1702, on the oath of abjuration, Extract from his pref. tohistransl. of Pliny's Panegyric, ib [KENNICOTT, Benj., D.D.?l- Three letters from [J. Bland] on points of Hebrew criticism in opposition to "Dr. K."; 1733, KENNINGTON, Surrey: V. Summersell, R. KENSINGTON, Middlesex. Valuation of the parish for assessment; May, 1649, ib Motto on the clock or dial; 1655, Notice of Warwick [Holland] House and the pictures there; 1717, A few notes, KENT: v. Parliament. Plot, Rob. Petition from puritan ministers to the Privy Council against articles propounded by archbp. of Cant.; 1583, 857.6b Proposal for a contract for guarding the coasts of Kent and Sussex; temp. Car. II, 666. II 9. Catalogue of MS. books to be consulted in order to a history of the county, Note-book, with descents of manors, appropriations of churches, &c., 969. Note of payments for the fifteenth in the hundred of Westgate, KENT, earl and countess of: t'. Grey. KENT, family of, Wilts. and Berks. Short pedigree, 1664, signed by Tho. Kent, b KENT, Johannes, A.B., coli. Nov. Oxon. soc. Oratio ad Carolum Electorem Palatinum in coli. Novo; 1680, b KENCHESTER, Herefordshire. Notice,15. KENT, Thomas, Avington, Berks: v. 10. Ashmole, Elias. KENDAL, Westmoreland. Address to the KENT, William. Artistic note-book, in inhabitants by Edw. Burrough, a Italy, in 1715, quaker, respecting their minister John Breve compendio delle Metamorphosi Strickland; 1656, di Ovidio, 540. KENDALL, James, commissioner of the Note in his handwriting of inspection by Geo. II of his work on Rubens' Admiralty. Signature; 1697, paintings and on the Mews at Whitehall; 12 Jan. 1734,540. Ill. KENDALL, John: v. Poyntz, John. 3 D

118 648 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. KENTISH TOWN: 1). London. KENWRICK, capt. Arms, and device on his cornet; 1642, KENWYN, Cornwall. Notes on the parish, 997. B. KER, -, Non-conformist minister. Note of conversation with him; 1692, b KER, John, of Kersland. Fragments of a plea in a law-buit in which he was concerned; Ib-194b. KER, gen. William. Signature, KERBY, Richard, of Abergavenny. Petition to Charles II for help to return to Monmouthshire, having made discovery against one Harris of the late plot in that county; 21 Dec. 1683, KERRYLL, James. Signature; cent. xvi, 1387,52. KETTILBY, Bridget. widow of ensign James. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1712, KETTLEWELL, John, B.D. Unaddresied letter; 26 May, 1694, Remarks on his Doctrine of the Cross, I j Draft by him of a reply to the preceding, Letter objecting to certain passages in KILKENNY. Nota per Jac. Usserium de his book Of Ch1'istian Communion; cod. MS. Nennii Hist. Brit. olim in (copy), Draft by him of a bibl. Fratrum Minorum Kilk., cum reply to the same, collatione capitulorum de mirabilibus His scheme for a fund of charity for Hibernioo, 280. *48. needy Non-juring clergy, Epitaph by him on lady Digby, 682. KILKHAMPTON, Cornwall. Notice of the 14 earl of Bath's house at Stowe, 849. Latin epitaph; 1695 (two copies), b 13, IS. An English epitaph (probably one proposed and not adopted), KILLEGREW, Charles, junior: V. Griffin, ib.16. Note by Hearne of his burial Philip. (in pencil), KILLEGREW, Henry, Ch. Ch. Latin His widow mentioned in S. Hawes' epigram to Q. Henr. Maria on her first will, _ childbirth; 1626, 399. u6. KEY, Edward, rector of Sotherton, q. v. KILLIGREW, sir William. Letter to lord Percy j 5 Jan. 1643, KEY, R. Letters to John Dunton, , 129. KEY, Thomas, master of Univ. coil., Oxf. Sued by one Butterfild in a court external to the Univ.; 156S, 837. Sb. Copy, by Hearne, of his Stricturce in librum Jo. Caii, KERCHER, Elizabeth, widow of rev. Robert. Epitaph at Alton, Hants.; 17II, 682. BOb. KERCKHOVEN, John Polyander de: v. KEYMOR, John. Remonstrance to ParI., Clignet, Hen. Spanheim, Fred. including a memorial to the King Inscriptio in alb 0 amicol'um Joh. [Jas. I] respecting foreign trade, 155. Hofi'manni; Lugd. Bat., 25 Maii, , Inscriptio in albo amicorum Fred. Lossii; 162B, 219. Pedigree to 1667, by Ant. Wood, IBb. Account of his family, on behalf of the proposed marriage of his son the KHOL, Caspar. Inscriptio, Gr.-Lat.-Germ., sieur Heenvliet to lady Stanhope, in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; S Mart. 1614, KERCKHOVEN, John de, lord of Heenvliet, son of the preceding: v. KIDBY, John, rector of Shenfield, Essex. Jermyn, Henry lord. Signature; 1678, J,etter to him from his son Charles KIDDER, Richard, bishop of Bath and Henry, baron Wootton, while a boy; Wells. Life of Dr. A. Horneck Fr., (unfinished), KERR, Robert, earl of Somerset, al. Carr, Signature; 1678, ; q.v. -- with seal of arms, from a book given him by his brother Jas. Margetts, ib. 52. KILLIGREW, William. Papers, in French, respecting the establishment of a Bank of Credit at London and in France: 1684,419. KILLINGBECK, John, licensed to preach at Harleton, Cambro Signature; 1677, KILLING HALL, Ralph. Ordnance warrant to him; 1 S June, 1643, KILMERSDON, Somerset. Penance-custom KEYTO, family of, Ebrington, Glouc. in the manor, KIDLINGTON, Oxon. Order to the inhabitants to pay their weekly contri KERVIL, Nicolaus. Contra usum vestimentorum papisticorum in sacramentorum mysterio; impel1, bution for the King's artillery; 30 Jan. 1643, Nota de obitu ejus ab amico Andr. Schcell; 1566, ib. 46. KIELMANNUS, Henricu8, poodagogii KESLERUS. Johannes, Sangallensis. Stetini conrector. Inscriptio in albo Versus sex de P. MartYl'e, amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 21 Mart. 1614, KESSINGLOND, Suffolk. Court-rolls of the manor; so5, II-13B. KILBEE, Richard, Pembroke ha.ll, Cambro Moneys received from the manor in Note of a book that belonged to him, 1626, ib. IIO B. KETERINGHA'M, Norfolk. Court leet; KILBURN, in Willesden, Middlesex. List 1535, of poor persons relieved by some gift; C , dated thence in KILBURNE, Lewis, son of rev. Charles. Epitaph; 1704, KILBY, Richard, D.D., recto of Linc. coil, Oxf. : 1). Gardiner, Rich. KILIAN, Wolft'. Portrait engraved by him; 165 1, KILSYTH, viscount: V. Livingstone. KINASTON, W. Signature; 1725, KINCH, John, London. Treasurer of a Non-conformist congregation; , 981. KING, B. Notes of five sermons by him, h-12I. KING, Carolus, M.D., coil. Mert., Oxon. Elementa artium et scientiarum van' arum, KING, Gregory, Rouge-Dragon, and Lan caster Herald: V. Dugdale, sir John. Certificate of his assessment to the poll-tax; 167B, h Narrative of the coronation of James II, Three bills paid by him for cases for patents of arms; , IIO. Copies by him of the commission to himself and sir W. D. Colt to carry the Garter to the Elector of Saxony; 20 Aug. 1692, , 102. Letter to the Chane. of the Garter about t.he preceding commission, ib. 103 Ground-plan of a house in Park-place; 16B8, d Memoranda, Propose f in 1693 to publish a new edit. 0 Dugdale's Baronage, ib Of the naval trade of England in 1688; 1697, I. Notes on ploughing, crops, &c.; 1697, f Order of the funeral of the duke 0 Gloucester; 1700, Proceedings at a chapter of the Garter in 1700,

119 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 649' Coats of arms tricked by him, 807. KING, Richard, Exeter. Letter about the KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, Surrey: '" II6-7 printing of a Welsh Bible; 1714, 839. Mayo, Rich. Signature as registrar of the College of 149 Arms; 1686, Signature to a table of fees for installations of KING, Robert. Signature, knights of the Garter, ib. 5 I. Paper addressed to him, KING, Robert, vicar of Witcham, Cambro MSS. in his possession, Signature j 1673, KING, Henry, bishop of Chichester; v. 0., -. Poemata. Epigrammata sex de febre, ad patrem KING, William, Ch. Ch., Oxf. Latin lines suum scripta, Febris opprobrium medici; versus, ib In obitum Joh. Spenseri, coli. C. C. Oxon. pnesidis elegus; Lat.-Angl., Verses to my shadow j [quo by him?], Verses on death of J. K., first-born of H. K. (?), ib An elegy occasioned by sickness, Elegy on the death of his wife, ib Lines on a black boy in love with a fair lady, Notice of him by A. Wood, h. 819 and art. 5 in 1301 dedicated to him. His wife: v. Goff, Tho. His son John: V. 0., -. KING, Hezekiah. Signature; 1621, KING,.Tohn, bishop of London. Commission for consecration of the earl of Bridgewater's private chapel; 1620 (draft), Letter to him, as vice-chanco of Oxf., from D. Featley, _. when bp. of London from the same, ib. 40, 5Ih Order of places for his visitation; 1615, Epitaphium super eum, KING,.Tohn, D.D., son of bishop John and brother of bishop Henry, Uh. Ch. In obitum Henr. princ. Wallire carmina; Lat.-Gr., b. Oratio in mortem ejusdem, ib Elegy by J. K. (J. King?) on the death of Ann Iles (wife of Dr. Thos. Iles?), Versus super qurestt. pro suo gradu S.T.B.; , Rector of Rlilmenham, Bucks., in 1624, 399. II3. Epitaph on Chas. I, addressed to King, LInes on his death, KING, John, mere-hant, London. Signature; 1682, ob. KING, Peter, lord. Signature, KING, Philip. Letter to Dr. Fell; 1660, b. Art. 70 in 398 addressed to him. addressed to his uncle Philip King, KING, William, archbishop of Dublin: t'. Assheton, Will. Letters to Dr. Charlett; (copies), , 50b. His book on the Inventions of Men sent to a dissenter; 1719, KINGMAN, -, Tooley Street, Southwark: V. Rea, Roger. KINGS: V. Anglia. Cotton, sir Rob. Europa. Government. Montagu, James. Prerogative. Weldon, sir A. Fragm. of a poem to a King [Hen. V?] on his coronation, Parrenesis ad omnes Cresares, reges, &c. [an Engl. treatise against absolute monarchy], Tract on the source of sovereignty, whether from God, pope, or people, 836. li8. List of English state papers relating to pretensions of princes, succession, &c.; , KING'S BENCH PRISON: v. London. KINGSBURY, Middlesex. Valuation of the parish for assessment; 1649, " as thaey ware worth 9 yeares agoe "; n. d., ib Epitaphs, b. KING'S EVIL. Accounts of payments at the Healings; 1660-I, b-70. List of persons touched from St. Peter's in East, Oxford; , KINGSMILL: V. Kyngsmill. KIN?, Joseph. Report of money distributed in accordance with his will; , KWG, Lambert. Gave a book to Fred. aper, KING, Mary, London j 1638, Admission of S. Mowden to a messuage in the manor of Hampton; 1656, Report by sir S. Lovell to the L. Mayor and aldermen of London of the right of the town of Kingston to two eyots by Kingston bridge; 1703 (copy), Petition to ParI. for security of the fisheries there; 1710, Epitaphs and brief parish notes, and notice of the steeple, , 77-9; 766 ad calc. Note about the bridge, KINGTON, or KYNGTON, John, vicar of St. Dunstan's, Canterbury. Receipts for KING, William, LL.D. The battle royal tithes; ,1043. II6-U7b. [verses on Sherlock, South, and T. KINNOULL, earl of: v. Hay. Burnet], KINSEY, Thomas, London. Signature j KINGESMELL, Henry. 88 "inventions"for 1688, raioing state revenues j temp. Eliz., 168. KIRBY, Simon, butcher, of Deal. Petition to Charles II j March 166~, 18. II t.. KINGSEY, Bucks. Will. Wright, clericus KIRKE, Ralph. ecclesire; 1326 in tegmine KINGSTON, Cambridgeshire. Articles against Cuthb. Person, rector; ejected and Rob. Brand appointed; 1644, Epitaphs, b-8b KINGSTON BAGPUZE, Berks. The Latton arms in the church, b. Rectors; , KINGSTON SEYMOUR, Somerset. Notice of the sea-wall there, &c., KIRCHERUS, Athanasius. Epitome bre vissima de hieroglyphicis, ex CEdipo ejus. gyptiaco concinnata, 257. KIRK, George. His son Charles at school at Clapton in 1660,344. lb. KIRKALDY, -. Paper on the spiritual senses and revelations from God, ; KIRKBY, Jane. Petition to Charles II for repayment of wages for a servant hired for the kitchen of the ambassador from Morocco, b. KIRKBY, col. Roger. Notices about his election as M.P. for Lancaster in Noy. 1689,863.35,37,48 KIRKBY. William, J.P., Lancashire. Signature; 1664, KIRKBY STEPHEN, Westmoreland. Appropria,tion to St. Mary's abbey, York j value at various times j endowment of vicarage j presentations in 1279 and 1509, KIRKDALE, Yorkshire: V. Wynn, Rob. Annual value ofthe rectory; 1661, Signature; cent. xt'i, KIRKHAM, Yorkshire. Calendar from a book perhaps formerly belonging to the priory, 938. Notes of the foundation of the priory in 1I21 and of the death of prior Adam de Wartre in 1349, ib. 2, 3. KIRKLAND, Thomas. Signature, KIRTLINGTON, Oxon. Extracts from the parish registers; , KITCHENER, Mary. Needlework sampler; 1738, D 2

120 650 KITCHIN, -. Lines on his death, b KITSON, Edward. Possessor of 1022 in 1692 KITSON, Richard. Signature; cent. xvi, b KNAPP, Robert, Univ. col1., Oxf.: v. Pennyman, Chas. KNAPTON, William, Barwick in Elmet. Misdemeanours charged against him, KNAPWELL, Cambridgeshire. of the manor, Valuation KNARESBOROUGH, Yorkshire. Calendar, probably from a book belonging to the priory,938. Note of burial of Kath. Gibson in the church in 1547, ib. 7 b KNATCHBULL, N. Signature, KNATCHBULL, sir Norton. Testimonial for A. Harris, his private chaplain at Mersham, Kent; 1678, KNECHT, John Nicolaus. Acknowledgment by Fr. Lee, R. Roach and D. A. Preher of the receipt of money from Knecht on his goin~ to Pennsylvania, to be used accordmg to directions; 1710, KNELLER, sir Godfrey: v. Mead, Rich. His testimony to the likeness of the P. of ~ ales to James II and his Queen; 1701,198. Il7; KNIGHT OF THE SWAN: v. Romances. KNIGHT, -. Epigramma "de puero Knight," KNIGHT, Bezaleel, Banbury. book-label, KNIGHT, George, aidei'm. of Bristol. Signature; 1643, KNIGHT, Jane, widow of William: v. Davenport, Alice. KNIGHT, John, M.D. Cat. of his MSS. at Caius coil., Cambr., KNIGHT, John, D.D., vicar of Banbury and rector of Broughton. Letter to Nath. fourth visco Say and Sele; 1700, KNIGHT, Richard, M.D., Eman. coil., Cambr., Gresham prof. of Music. Signature (twice), KNIGHT, Samuel: v. Tanner, Thomas. KNIGHT, Thomas. Writ from Edw. IV to the mayor of Calais for admitting him to bail, KNIGHT, Walter, Staple Inn, London. Letter to E. Ashmole; 1665, KNIGHTLEY, Essex. At school at Clapton and Chelsea in , zb, 57. INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. KNIGHTS. Discourse of the beginning KOHL, Henricus. Inscriptio in albo of knighthood, amicorum Hen. Erdmann; LubecaJ,2 Lists of knights made by the e. of Aug. 1612, Essex at Cadiz in 1596 and in Ireland KOTHULINSKY, Godofredus, nobilis Silesius. Inscriptio in albo amicorum in 1599, , 58. Instructions to the commissioners for fines for knighthood; 1626, P. Golii; Lond., 31 Oct. 1618, 934. Fees for knighthood; 1686, b Knights created from the accession of KOTTERUS, Christoph. Mentioned,31l6. Geo. I to 1722, KRUKENBERG, Henry Dan., son of Daniel Hildesheim. Baptismal (1697) certifi: cate; 1729, Germ., Knights Qf St. John of Jet'usalem, of Malta: v. Zondodari, Marc. Relatione dell' isola et cavaglieri di Malta; commende d'italia; rendite; creatione di Gran Maestro, Gio. Batt. Leoni; 1623, "Weston'scase" about tithes from lands fomerly held by the Hospitallers; t. Car. I, Epitaphs at Malta, &c., Drawings of houses, castles, &c. belonging to them [in Malta?]; , KRUMBHOLTZ, Christian, D.D. His trial at Hamburgh for treasonous sermon~ and practices, transl. from the German; imperj., 1708, 759. KURSTLINGEROHDE, Otto von. Inscriptio Germ. in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 15 Jun. 1618, KYFFIN, Maurice. Note of a book that belonged to him in 1591, KNIPE, Robert, Grisedale, Letter from him and four others to Dan. Rawlinson; K YMBER, Thomas, Holywell, Oxf. Gave 1669, to Hearne. KNIPE, Thomas, D.D., head master of KYME, family of. Pedigree to t. Car.], Westm. school. Oratio in obitum ejus; by Dugdale, I2. 17 Il, KYNAIRD, Mrs. M. Letter [to H. New KNOLES, Matthias, Whitechapel; 1637, man?] about redemption of her son b Arthur from slavery among the Turks, KNOLLES, Thomasyn, widow of Christopher, Sprowston, Norfolk: v. Corbett, Clem. KNOLLYS, sir Francis. Signature; 1565, KNOLLYS, William, lord. Signature, h. KYNGSMILL, Thomas, M.A. Recom mended by the earls of Leicester and Warwick to be Public Orator at Oxf.; 1565, Academical letter~, some in his handwriting; Lat., ib KYRTON, Thomas. Signature; cent. xvi, KNOTT, Nathaniel. Advice of a seaman touching an expedi tion intended against Printed the Turks; 1634, 553. I. KNOWLE, Warwickshire. Epitaphs, L43 L. KNOWLES, Nicholas, Chester. Recommended (for his services in the army L., E. ; i. e. Edw. Lisle, q. t'. of Chas. I) for an almsman's place at L., F.; i. e. Fr. Lee, q. v. Chester; 1680, L., G., a Quaker. Letter from Carolina; KNYVETT, Prancis. Signature, (copy), KNYVETT, [sir?] Thomas. Signature; L., G. Art. 55 in 924 copied by him. cent. xvi, ; Note of a book that belonged to him L., G., "T. C. S." [Trin. coil. soc.?]. Ode in 1602, in inaugurationem Cromwelli Protec, toris, KNYVET, William. Mentioned, KOCHIUS, Nicolaus, Eberbaco-Palat. In- L., J. In martyrium Car. I, scriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hofl'- L., P. Note to J. Bagford; 1708, 400. manni; Bremoo, 28 Apr. 1623, L., R. Letter to Dr. Hickes; 1707,680 KOCKERT, Augustinus,junior. Inscriptio 180. in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Lubecoo, 2 Feb. 1612, LABERIUS, D. : v. Sententioo. LABORER, William. Name, 1006, 4, 5 KONIGSBERG. Translation of an attestation by the municipality of a mercantile contract with 'l'ho. Peer of London LACHFORD: v. Haseley, Great. in 1532, with drawing of town seal, LACOCK ABBEY, Wilts. Note of tw! The orig. in possession of leiger-books delivered to P. Le Neve T. Martin, -ib. ZISb

121 LACON, family of, Linley, Shopshire. Pedigree to 1663, by Dugdale, with arms in trick, Pedigree to 1623, with arms in trick, 866. I, 2. LACOSTE, Benjamin, a French Protestant minister at Meillan. Autobiography; with account also of the family of his wife, Louise Duluc; 1677,452. Autobiography of his son, a captain in the Engl. army; 1731, ib. 74. LACTANTIUS. Versus ad fin. cujusdam edit. vet., LACY, Fa. Speeches in the Philadelphian Society in opposition to R. Roach's doctrines; , ,67. LACY, James, Rome. Signature; 1714, b LACY, John. Ballad on his marriage among the French Camisards to an actress, Betty Gray, , 200. LACY, William. Note of a book that belonged to him, b. LADE, family of, Kent. Pedigrees to 1706, and arms in trick, LADIES: 1'. Women. The commonwealth of ladies; [1650], L~ET, Johan~es de, junior. Inscriptio III albo amlcorum Joh. Hoffmanni; 12 Jan. 1628, LAFIN, Pregent de, vidame de Chartres. Signature; , t>39. 47,48. LAFON, Paul de Nomen inscriptum in LA GARDIE, Magn. Gabr. de, chanco of Sweden. Vindicial veritatis, eller ~a~nings forsvar emoth ongskafiill = Ilhstigh och osan Beskyldningh forlacket; 1678, LAINDON-HILLS, Essex: V. Stanes, Sam. FaCUlty for a pew in the church granted to W. Wiseman; 1617, LAKE, Arthur, bishop of Bath and Wells. Note of a book that belonged to him, LAKE, Edward, Shenston, Staffordshire, sho~ of Roger Lake. Certificates of his ~lrship to his uncle Rich. Lake, and of his baptism in 1614; 1652, LAKE [" LEEK "], Gilbert, M.A., Ch. Ch. Notes of a sermon by him at St. Mary'S, loxf., on Good Friday, 30 March, 1711, b L~KE, John, St. Mary hall, Oxf. Signaure as S.C.L.; 1668, RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 651 LAKE, sir Thomas b. Signature; 1615, LANCASTER, duchy of. Acts of pari. creating the duchy, LALEHAM, Middlesex. Valuation of the LANCASTER, Francis, Ch. Ch., Oxf. Sigparish for assessment; [1653?],?I5. nature, z6. LAN?ASTER, J., vicar of Wighill, YorkshIre. Signature; 1713, LALLE, brigadier, "born in Ireland." Arms in trick, LANCASTER, Thomas, vicar of Dorchester, LAMB, Ann: I). Pera. (Oxon.), q. v. LAMB, William, Watling-street, London; 1637, b. LANCASTER, William, D.D., provo of Queen's coli. Letterto Dr. Charlett; LAMBARDE, William. Archeion, (copy), De gradibus Parliamenti nota, Imprimatur for Mill's Gr. Test., ". Note of hi~ election as provo of Queen's Notes from his Peramb. of Kent, 971. coil., zo. Signature; 1695, , 223. Latin epitaph in Winchelsea church; 16Il, LANCELOT DU LAC. Romance: V. Mapes, Possessor of Gualt. LAMBE, Dr. John. Note of his murder; LANCELOTTO, Jo. Batt., vesco di Nola, 1628, nuntio di Greg. XV in Polonia. In LAMBE, L. Signature, LAMBERT, Deborah: V. Harris, D. LAMBERT, gen. John. Device on cornet; 1642, b. LADERCHI, Giacomo, della congr. dell' Oratorio. Discorso sopra il libro di canon. Mozzi dell' Istoria di S. Cres('.i ; 1710, Relazione nell' invenzioni delle reliquie di S. Miniato ; 170 7, ib LAMBORNE, Berks. his LAMBETH, Surrey. Letter from Featley the rector and some parishioners to sir T. Ridley and archd. Hakewill about disorderly houses, Epitaph on Tho. Clare, Transcripts from MSS. in the palace, ; , 112, 125. Letter dated thence; 1710,1145, 80. LAMOTHE, -, Chelsea. Two letters to H. Newman; n. d., ,134. LAMPHIRE, John, princ. of Hart hall, Oxf. Signature; , ; LAMPL UGH, George, rectorofw orkington, Cumbo Letter to W. Haward [Howard]; 1620, z. LAMPLUGH, Thomas, bp. of Exeter. Letter to archbp. Sancroft; 1679, 822. los. LAMPORT, Robert, Alton, Hants. Latin epitaph; 1667, LAMPUGNANUS, Jacobus, e soc. Jesu. Dispp. in universam Aristotelis logicam, 4t>t>. LAMYNE, Edward, Southwark; 1637, LANCASTER. County: V. Anglia. East, -. Evidence of E. Robinson and confession of M. Johnson as to meetings of witches in Pendle forest; 163;f, I. Sessions at Clitherow and Manchester; 1543, zL3 Entry-book of leases of crown lands; ,1042. Notes on a few places, 15. Town: V. Fenton, James. Rawlinson, sir Tho. struttione j 1622,631.39; LANCETER, Henry. Scribbled name; beg. of cent. xvi, Gb. LAND CREDIT: I). Chamberlen, Hugh. LANDI, Alfonso. Descrizzione di pitture, statue, &c. nel uuomo della citta di Siena: (transcript by DI. Rawlinson), 487. LANDI, marq. Be., Bruxelles. Letter to JOB. Como at London; 1725, FI'., S3 LANDINELLI, Vinc., vescovo d'albenga. Instructions to him as papal collector in Portugal; Ital., ; ; S. LANDPHRIE, Richard. Note of errata in Woods Athen(l:', LANDSKRON, Nicklas Von. Inscriptio Gam. in albo amicorulll Dav_ von Filtz; Hertzogenbuch, 14 Aug. 162Y, b. LANE, family of, London. Genealogical notice, by P. Le Neve, Staffordshire and Northamptonshire. Notes of arms and pedigree, with arms in trick, b -1I. LANE, -. Orationes dual pro fortitudine et eloquentia, ,20". LANE, D. (qu. Dr.?). Answer to the fallacy of probability used [by R. C., i. e. bp. Rich. Smith] in behalf of Romanism, LANE, Erasmus, rector of Wilbraham Parva,Cambr. Signature; 16U, LANE, lady Jane. Mentioned, LANE, Mary, widow of lieut. William. Power of attorney for reeeipt of pension; 1712, LANE, Solomon, master of an academy at Hammersmith. Epitaph; 1750, LANE, Thomas and Eliz., Canterbury. Epitaphs; , 37tJ. 215.

122 652 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. LANERCOST, Cumberland. N otesofmonuments in the church; 1633, LANEY, or Lany, q. v. LANGALLERIE, marq. de. Epitome of his JIemoires; , LANGBAINE, Gerard, D.D., provost of Queen's coil., Oxf.: v. Barlow, Tho. Selden, John. Platonicorum aliquot syllabus, Letter to J. Selden; 1652, Two letters to Sam. Clarke; , ; Rea~ons for augmenting the taberdars' places, with reply, , 13. Proceedings in confirmation of his election as provost of Queen's College; 1646, Signature in a book given him by Dr. Wallis; 1654, and in a book given him by Arthur Duck, ib. LANGDALE, sir Marmaduke. Mention of him in Italy in 1651, LANGE, Matthreus, Misnicus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum J oh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 30 Jan. 1625, b. LANGFORD, families of. Notes of arms of all the families, with pedigree of the Cornish family to 1620, LANGHAM, Essex. Licence to Amos Andrew to teach a school there; temp. Jac. I, b LANGHAM, ( - Nich. ), M.D.: v. Strelley, LANGHAM, Thomas, London. Signature; 1688, LANGHORNE, sir William, bart. Letter from P. Le Neve about his first wife's funeral, with arms, 866. IS, 16*. LANGLEY, Shipton - under - Wychwood, Oxon. Abstract of pay for work done at the King's manor there in , LANGLEY ABBEY, Norfolk. Note of the leiger-book given to bp. Moore [now in Bodl.], LANGLEY, family of, Yorkshire. Pedigree to 1693, by P. Le Neve, Pedigi'ee, by A. Wood, LANGTON, Church, Leicestershire: v. LA. PLACE, Josue de, prof. it Saumur. Breton, Clement. Buszard, John. Signature; 1633,639. I74b Burneby, Mrs., -. Strelley, Nich. Appointment of overseers for West LAPLAND. Two rough outlines, S Langton; 13 Apr. 1642, ' Precepts to the constable for assessments, &c.; , ib. 32, 33, 47 amicorum J ac. Brisset, LAPORTE, Legal. Inscriptio in albo Complaint of the people of West Langton against Mr. Staveley's mode LAPTHORNE, -. Possedit of assessment, ib. 37. Precept to LARA, Spanish family. Account of the the constable from Joseph Lander, family; Span., b-7. postmaster at Harborough, to provide six horses for the service of the state; LARGE, Robert, vicar of Chal'sjield, q. v. 24 July, 1650, ib. 69. Agreement with A. Stave ley, lord of the manor, for LARGE, Thomas, fellmonger, Ashby-dela-Zouch, di vision and enclosure of the common fields; 19 June, 1650, ib. 81. Precept to the constables and church 13 Dec. 1643, Fr., Mentioned' LA RIVIERE, -. Letter to lord Percy wardens to tender the Engagement ib. 106, to all over 18 years of age; 26 Nov. 1650, ib to summon all LARKIN, George, printer, at the Two well-affected persons to appear at Swans without Bishopgate, London: Leic. with horse and arms against v. Dunton, John. the common enemy; 14 Aug. 1651, Six letters to J. Dunton; , ib. 53. Order to the churchwardens 65, to repair the churchyard fences; LA SALLE, Jean de, French Prot. minister 13 March, 1651, ib. 55. Petition London. Signature; 1703, ' from the freeholders of the parish to sir A. Hesilrige respecting infringements on their rights of common, ib. history and arms; cent. XVII, LASCELLS, family of. Notes for their 126. Petition to the justices from 28. persons whose houses were burned at East Langton for licence to beg LASCELLS, George, Kneeton, Notts. for relief, Arms borne by him, b, 20. ib LASOELLS, Roger. Claim to free-warren in Eskrigg and elsewhere in Yorkshire; 1294, b. LANGTON, William. D.D., pres. of Magd. coil., Oxf. Letter to him from D. Featley, 47.4S b Art. 20 in cod. 317 ei inscriptus; art. I in cod. 318; ac etiam, anno 1616, cod LASCO, Johannes a. Epistolre dure ad M. Bucerum; Oct. 1550, autofjl'., ,5 LANIER, Andrew a~d Jerome, musicians LASINBY, Ann, tailor. Petition to P. to Charles I. Signatures, , 19, Rupert for payment of her bill, ,69; 769; et seqq LANIER, Clement, musician to Charles I. Signature, , 49; b, 45b; LATE-WARR, Richard. Signature, b, LANIER, Henry. Appointmentasmusician LATHAM, John, M.A. Testimonial for to Charles I, 918; 100. preferment; 1678, I. LANT, Thomas, rector ofhornsey, Middle- LATIMER, Hugh, bishop of V{orcester. sex. Gift to the parish of St. Botolph Injunctions; 1537, Aldgate; 1666, 796b. J 14, II4b LATINA, Lingua: v. Grammatica. LANTEGLYS, near Camelford, Cornwall. Proverbial phrases, with transl., 951. Notes on the parish, Index of conjunctions and adverbs, &c., 140S. Phrase-book, Eng.-Lat., A-L, How the Latin tongue came to be of such use, , 143. LANY, or Laney, Benjamin, master of Pembr. coli., Cambr., bishop of Peterborough. Signature, b LANGLEY, Dr. -, Putney (1). Note of a Letter to him from Edm. Spinckes; book given him by his sister, , LANGLEY, Henry. Signature, LANY, Tho., B.D., rector of Newton, LATON, Thomas. Note of a book that Cambro Signature j 1669, belonged to him in 1563, b. LANGLEY, John. Signature; cent. xvi, LANZONI, Giuseppe, Ferrara. Letter concerning the ancients' drinking, 1695; LA TROPIERE, -, elder of a Protestant LANGSTON, family of. Pedigree to 1634, transl. by Rawlinson, consist<?ry in Bretagne. Signature; 1684, , 17. LAOCOON: V. Willelmus III. LANGSTON,Antony, under-sheriffofoxon. LATTON, family of, Berks. Pedigree to LAPELL, Nicholas. Col. of a regiment Signature; 1625, , and arms in trick, , of foot; 1705, LANGTOFT, Peter. Hearne's preface to LAPIDES. Liber de lapidibus preciosis; Notes of pedigree, arms, and epitaphs, his ekron., ord. alph., S2.8b-9h

123 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 653 LATTON, W., Gray's Inn. Letter to - LA VINE, Robert, a prisoner at Leicester Howell, for manslaughter. Petition (copy), LAVARDIN, March. di; i. e. Enr. C. Beaumanoir, q. v. LAUD, William, archbishop of Canterbury: v. Rowe, Thomas. Responsum ad epist. a pastoribus Helveticis; 1639, Speech in the Star-chamber, 8 Feb. 1628, on errors in printed Bibles, Letter to Eton college; 15 March, 1636 (copy), Injunction to the college respecting election of seven fellows from King's coli.; 1636, Lat. (copy), ib. 23b Letter to univ. of Oxf. on completion of the statutes, and reply; 1636, Lat. (copies), Letter nominating a Vice-Chanc.; 1640 (copy), ib. 152 Official letter notifying an appointment to preach at Paul's Cross, I5. Heads of his speech at the censure of bp. Williams in the Star-chamber; II July, 1637, Gave a copy of his Star-chamber speech in 1637 to Tho. Gardiner, Letter to the univ. of Oxf. when sending his last gift of MSS.; 1640 (two copies), ,651. Latin trans!. of the dedication of his Conference with Fisher, Articles by the Scottish commissioners against him; 1642, Signature, 395. I ; Inscription on his coffin-plate, Draft of a proposed act for annulling the proceedings against him, 660. A preface intended to have been prefixed to his Devotions in 1667, dedicated to him; and art. 1. in 553 in the year Notice of a book that belonged to him, List by Hearne of 15 of his Roman coins, LAUGHTON, Sussex. Inser. on a brick recording the building of a house in 1534, LALUGHTON, John, Trin. coil., Cambro etter to Dr. Hody; 1699, LAUGHTON, Mary, Bath. Letter to Rich. O Roach; 1729, wner of LA VINGTON, George, LL.B. [bishop of Exeter]. Title of three sermons pub!. by him, Sig LAUNAY, Pierre de, French pastor. nature; 1637, S. LAUNCE, -, Marseilles. Notes for a letter to him from Denis Granville; 1679, b LAUNDER, Mary. Postscript to a letter to Anth. Hammond; 1699, LAUNOY, - de, Rheims. Sale cat. of his books, mathematical instruments, engravings, &c. ; Fr., Signa LAURENCE, George, M.A., Oxon. ture; 1654, S. LAURENCE, Gregory, Long Acre, London; 1638, >. LAWSON, Deodat, Non-conformist minister. Printed paper about his restoration to the ministry after suspension; 1715, LAWSON, Thomas, Quaker. Remarks about his book A.Wite into the Treasltl'Y, 680. ISO. LAWTON, Charlewood, 'Wadham college, Oxf. Brief notice of him, 1342 ad calc. LAWTON, William. Note of birds and calves, with price, provided at his marriage to - Caterton; 1511, LAXFIELD, Suffolk. Notice of a suit respecting repair of the chancel of the church; March, H&~, LAYER, Benjamin, vicar of Shepreth, Cambro Signature; 1672, LAYER MARNEY, Essex. inscriptions, LAYFIELD, Edward, D.D. LAURENCE, Richard, Magd. hall, Oxf. 6 Notice of him by A. Wood, I 7S, , 62. LAURENTIUS, S. Historia, Monumental Signature; LAYTO!>", William. Signature; cent. Xl:i, [LAURIESTON], John, or Lowrreston, q. t. LEA, Richard. Clerk of the survey at LA VRILLIERE, - de: v. Cottiere, Matth. Portsmouth in 1689, LAUSANNE, Switzerland. Relation of LEA, Will., of Calverton, Notts. Inventor Davel'srebellion there in 1723, of framework stocking-knitting, 31ts. 66. LAW: v. Jus. Law of Moses: v. Theologica Varia. LEACH, -, printer. Letter to him from T. Hearne; 1708, LA WARR, John. Grant to his son John f th f M h t & LEACH, John: v. o e manors 0 anc es er, C. ; London: St. Mildred in Poultry. 1331, Fr. (copy), 404. [15oJ. LA WES, Henry, musician to Charles I. LEACH, Simon, son of sir \Valter. Note Signature; 1633, ,44. of his death; 1660, b. LAWHITTON, Cornwall. Notes on the LEAD, Jane: v. parish, F., L. Philadelphian Society. Letter from her(?) to Mrs. E. Blagrave, LAWRENCE, family of, Berks. Short signed B., Letters to Rich. LAUDERDALE, duke and duchess of, i. e. pedigree; 1664, signed by Tho. Law- Roach, ib. 51,53. Letter to her from John and Eliz. Maitland, q. v. rence, Rich. Roach; 1696, ib. 62. Notices of her death, ,36. Dream of a woman at Utrecht about her LAVER, Little, Essex. Assessment for LAWRENCE, lady: v. Hammond, Anth. repair of the church; , b_ 16. Allowances for relief of the poor; 1714, ib. 16b-17. A tithe-composition; 1707, ib. 17b LAWRENCE, -, M.D. Arms in trick, impaling Johnson, as "up in Channell LAUGHARNE, John, B.D. Inducted into the rectory of Remenham; 173t, ltow, 1710," LAWRENCE, -. "An excellent medicine death, for a rupture, approved by ould Mr. LEADBEATER, Thomas. Signature, Lawrence deceased," Ib. 70. LAWRENCE, capt. -. Letter to him from Dr. J. Morrice; 1721, b. LAWRENCE, sir Thomas, Univ. coil., Oxf. Music-speeeh at Oxf.; 1669, (imperl); ; b. LAWRENCE, Thomas, London. Three letters, by his clerks Rich. Smith and Sam. Sheriffe, to Dr. Yates; 1675, , 361, 386. LAVIGNE, Peter. Letter to H. Newman; LAWRENCE, Thomas, rector of }'yfield, 1710, Hants; LEAKE, of Scarsdale, family of. Notes of deeds, &c. relating to the family, LEAKE, John, Hart hall, Oxf. Loci communes theo!., Notal de scriptt. eccles. SalCC. i-iv, ex Hist. Lit. H. Cave, Rules for learning French, Diary of tour in Holland and Flanders; , Notes on the government of England; 428, vol., el'ersed. Note of his death in 1724, A Non-juror, Possessor of 198.

124 654 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. LEAKE, Thomas. Letter to Tho. Fitz Herbert with account of exam. of register of Parker's consecration; 13 June, 1614 (copy), LEATHERSELLERS' COMPANY. Signatures of the master and wardens in 1676,822 II in 1687, with a list of the company, ib. II 6, II7 Notes by Rawlinson of arms and inscriptions in their hall; 1737, LEATT, Nicholas LEAVER, - Anno 1605 possedit : v. Dorchester, axon. LEAVES, Anne, widow of Henry: t'. Davenport, Alice. LE BLANC, -, French Prot. minister, London. Signature; 1703, LEE, -, rector of Newton, q. v. LEGENDA. A few notes from a book called Legenda lignea, LEE, lieut.-gen. Andrew. Note of his death in 1734, LEGER, -. Analyses of sermons by him in French, LEE, Edw. Henry, earl of Lichfield. Note of' his death in 1716, LEE, Elizabeth, wife of Richard, dau. of sir John and lady Mary Honywood. Possessor of 102. LEE, Joan, widow of Edward. Petition to Charles II for arrears due to her husband as groom of the chamber, b. LEE, John, Canterbury. Epitaph; 1720, b. LEBLEY, Albert, London, sailor. Pardoned, with 13 others, for piracy; 1701, ,484. LEE, Lydia. Letter to Rich. Roach; n. d., LE BLOY, Etienne, French pastor. Signature; 1645, LEE, Samuel. Signature, from a book given him by Joshua Bowden, LE BRUN, Cornelius. into Engl., 61, 62. Travels, transl. LECCE, urbs Italica: v. Ferrari, Giac. Ant. LECHE, Thomas, curate of St. Giles and St. Peter, Cambro Signature; 1678, LECHMERE, Nicholas, baron. Sale of his library; 1733, b 70 LEE, Thomas, Chester herald: V. Ashmole, Elias. LEE, William: v. Dodwell, Hen. LEECH, Abraham and Elizabeth. Epitaph at Kingston-upon-Thames, b. LEECH, 01' LEACH, Humphrey. Satirical answer to his Motives for joining the Ch. of Rome; in a dialogue; 1609, LECLERC, Daniel. Commencement of some notes from his IIist. of Physic, LEECHE, Jac., coil. Merton., axon. Oratio, an princeps rectius electus sit seu succedat; 1566, LE CLERC, Jean. Notes from his Lettel's on Insp. of H. SCl'ipt., 437. (cod. vel'so) 13. LEECH, John. Signature; cent. xvi, LE COQ, Jac.: v. Zamboni, J. J. LECOQ, Theodore, French pastor. Signa ture; 1644, LEDSAM, Henry. Signature, from a book given him by Tho. Williams; cent. xvi, LEE, family of, Shropshire. Pedigree to 1663, by Dugdale, with arms in trick, LEE, families of; v. Leigh. 71 LEEDES, Kent. Abstract of pay for work done at the castle in , b Apr. 1542, LECTIONARIUM. In evangelia dominicalia, a Pascha ad Adv., 873. LEEDES, Edw., al. Courtenay, q. v. LEEDS, Yorkshire. Note on the l<'ragmenta ex variis lectionariis, 893. castle, ISb. 76-7; 894 4, 5, 100II, 38, LEETH AT, Mary, York, widow. Power LEDEBUR, Caspar. Inscriptio Gall.- of attorney for receipt of pension from Germ. in albo amicorum P. Golii; the navy; 1712 (copy), Lond., 24 Feb. 1618, b LEEUWARDEN. Daily order of some lectures in the university, b. LEGAT, William, Sutton, Hornchurch, Essex. Certificate of the proving of his will in 1570, LEGATI: v. Ambassadors. LEGG, Richard, of Vittre in France, son of Rich. Legg of London, Arms in trick, b. LEGG, Thomas. Law-case about a licence granted to him to exhibit a lioness; 1663, LEE, Francis, M.D.: V. Philadelphian Society. Letters to R. Roach, anon., and signed F. L.; , , II, 53b. Signature; , , 280. Mention of him, , 31,40, 94,95. LEGHORN: v. Diarium. LEGGE, George, lord Dartmouth. At the King's desire, begs E. Ashmole not to stand for election at Lichfield; 1685, b, 8b LEICESTER. County: V. Strelley, Nich. Town. Order for observance of a day of thanks giving; 7 Oct. 1650, Petition from the gentlemen-debtors in prison there in behalf of Sarah Berridge condemned to death; 30 Aug (copy), in behalf of Rob. Lerni, about to be tried for his life (copy), ib from debtors in prison to the judges against John WaIle, their keeper; 20 Sept (copy), ib. 94. Note of a book that belonged to an anchorite of St. Mary's abbey appa rently after its suppression, } LEICESTER, earls of: v. Dudley; Siduey. LEICESTER, family of, Tabley, Cheshire. Monumental inscriptions in Great Budworth church; 1752, 682. IOU, II. LEICESTER, Mrs., Marcham. Note of her medical treatment; 1668, LEIGH, Essex. Arms and monuments in the church; 1658, , 3. LEIGH, North, axon.: v. Perrott, Edw.J. LEIGH and LEE, families of. A few notes of arms and descents, b-8. LEIGH, family of, RushaIl, Staffordshire. Descent of the manor of Rushall to them, LEIGH, Joseph, London. Three letters to Sam. Clarke; 1669, ; 39B. 141, 142 Letter to Dr. Yates; 1675, LEIGH, Lawrence, Eman. coil., Cambro Lines on his death, Ib. LEIGH, Thomas. Signature, LEIGH, Thomas, Brasenose coil., Oxf.: v. Wilson, 1'hos. LEIGH, William, B.D. Appointment as master of Ewelme hospital, LE 1<'EVRE, -, London. Letter to Hild. lord Alington; 1709, Fl'., LEE, Kent. Ground.plan of a house built there for Mrs. Boone, b. LEFFROY, Hester, dau. of Tho. and Phebe, Latin epitaph on Halley's tomb; 1742, Canterbury. Epitaph; 1716, b Epitaph on W. Pate; 1746, LEGANES, marchese di. Codex 647 ei inscri ptus. LEIGHS, Great, Essex. Faculty for the erection of a desk or seat for the minister in the church; 1620, LEIGriTON, family of. Letters and a?" stracts of early deeds relating to It,

125 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 655 LEIGHTON, col. Baldwyn. Eight letters to P. I,e Neve, with replies by the latter; 17II, , LEIGHTON, sir Edward, Dodington, Cheshire. Four letters to P. Le Neve; 1713, b, LEIGHTON, James. Name frequently scribbled on a fly-leaf in 932. LEIGHTON, Robert, archbp. of Glasgow. Copies of sermons and of various devotional and theological notes by him (anon.), 142. Two letters "commonly reputed tt to be written by him after a conference upon episcopacy, LEIUA, Spanish family b. Descent; Span., I,ELAND, John: v. Hearne, Tho. Part of Hearne's transcript of the Itinerary, Notes of monasteries extracted from his Itin. by a contemporary, Laudatio pacis; transcr. per R. Rawlinson, II. Notes from his Collectanea of some books in some monastic libraries, The publishing of his book De Scriptt. Brit. by Hall complained of by Tanner, LELoup, J. Bill for compositor's work at Oxf. Univ. Press in 1676, LE MAIRE, -. Transl. of a letter from him relating to an alleged petrified district in Tripoli; 1719, b. LE.NEVE, Geoffrey, astrologer. Part of his Vindication oj judiciat'y astrology, being the register of his practice in , 145. LE NEVE, Peter, Norroy king-at-arms : v. Burton, Will. Peirce, John. Gould, Will. Thorpe, John. Guidott, Tho. Heraldic and genealogical notes, and pedigrees of a few families, alphabetically, B-N, ; ; , 140-2, 146. Genealogical collections relating to English families with initial L, 866. Col~ecti?ns respecting MSS. in private hbrarles, 888. Foreign papers, 867. Part of a very short alphabet of notes of arms, P-W, Ge~ealogical note, *. Epitaph at Ely copied by him, Letter to sir Will. Langhorne about his wife's funeral; 1699, 866. IS. T,etter to col. B. Leighton and letters to him from the same; 17II, ib ' Two letters to sir Edw. Leighton, letters from the same; 1713, ib. 60, 61, &c. Two letters to sir Will. ~ytton; 1699, ib. 160, 164. Letter to r H. Chancy, ib Letter to Tho.. anner, to lord Somers, tb to Nich. Jekyll, ib. 48. ~ote to - Minshull ; 1727, 661 ad 1nit. VOL. II. Notes on some of Tho. Rawlinson's MSS., 902 ad calc. List of some MSS. sold by him to Harley, Ball's MSS. bought by him, fo. 48b. Johnson's MSS. bought by him, ib. 51. Abstract of a conveyance by T. Rustat, Fanciful indenture with Death as to the disposal of his body and soul (copy), His creed (copy), ib. 61. His epitaph upon himself (copy), id. 62. MS. fragments collected by him, 893. Notes of Middlesex epitaphs in his Monumenta, 896. I. Perused 740. Used,orpossessed,883, 884. Possessed 51, 58, 59, 66, 67, 84, 664, 676, 689, 701, 727, [740?], 796, 796 B, 926, 1075, 1142, 1208, art. 1. LENNARD, Margaret, wife of Sampson. Declaration of her claim to the barony of Dacre, LENNE, sive Lynne, q. v. LENNOX, duke of: v. Stuart, James. LENNOX, Charles, duke of Richmond. A health against the Pretender, drunk by the duke's 'I hired mob" in London, 10 June, 1715, LE NOIR, B., Protestant minister at Pontpietin, Bretagne. Letter from him and the elders of Pontpietin to the minister and consistory at Sion; 1684, LE NOIR, Philippe, French pastor. Signature; , , 472. LENT. Licence to a butcher to kill and sell meat, Petition about licences, LENT, -. Mentioned in 481 sa!pe. LENTHALL, family of. Pedigree to 1701, LENTHALL, John, Besselsleigh, Berks: v. Ashmole, Elias. His wives and children, attested by Simon Bridges" for my master John Lenthall"; 1664, LENTHALL, William, Speaker of H. of C.: v. Parliament. Possessor of LENTHE, C. de, ambassador from Denmark to the States-Gen. Representations to the States-Gen. on the propositions in Sweden of the French ambassador, d' Avaux, for peace; 1694, Fr., , 173. LENTON, Francis. Notice of him by A. Wood, LENTULUS, Publius. His epistle to the senate of Rome, b LEO X, Papa; i.e. Joannes Medici: fl. Julius III. Emblema de eo; accedit notitia, versu et prosa, LEO XI, Papa. Conclave nel quale e' fu creato Papa; 1605, ; LEODIUM: v. Liege. LEOFRICUS, episc. Exoniensis. Nota de eo, e Missali ejus MS., LEOMINSTER, Herefordshire. Description, 15. li. LEONARD, Johannes, FranciBcanus. Dispensatio pro sua ordinatione in sacerdotiumj 1598, LEOPOLDUS I, Germanire Imperator. Lettera alii prencipi in Italia; 19 Feb. 1692, Petitions to the Pope for institution of two presentees to parishes in Goritz and Styria j , , 11. Proof-copy of transl. of his Letter to James II, 1689, LEPANTO, battle of. Five narratives, in Spanish: Oct. 1671, LEPNERUS, Urbanus, Vilna-LithuanuB. Inscriptio quadrilinguis in albo amicorum Ben. Erdmann; Witeb., 11 Apr. 1615, b.. LERIANO, Le livre de: v. Romances. LERNI, John: v. Leicester: Toum. ~ESDIGUIERES, Fran9Qis de Bonne, marechal de. Discours de l'art militaire, 518. LESLEY, Johannes, Rossensis episc. Ad Eliz. Reginam supplex oratio, Note of ownership, from a book in his possession, LESLIE, Charles. A few notes out of his Case oj the Regale, Letter to a M.P.; 1714 (copy by Gandy), LESLIE, Henry, bishop of Down and Connor. Speech at his visitation j 1638, LENTHALL, Thomas, M.D. Paper delivered by him and J. Spencer to P. Gunning and J. Pearson, (amongst Gunning's papers about their controversy); 1657, Theses undertaken by him to be maintained against L'EsTRANGE, sir Roger. Gunning respecting communion in death, both kinds, ib L'EsTRANGE, sir Hamon, sen. Letter to sir Thos. Browne; 1653, 39L 55. Note of his LETHW AITE, John, rector of Rockland St. Peter, q. v. LETI, Gregorio. Translation of part of book i. of his Life of Sixtus V, Instructions for Protestants travelling in Rom. Cath. countries, and for noblemen travelling abroad; transl. fromital. by Rawlinson, ll , 129. Notes out of his Hist. of Holland, 359, 9. 3 E

126 656 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. LETTERS: V. Epistolre. Quakers. Letter from a son to his father complaining of his not sending him to Oxford; impeif., 160, ad fin. A letter from St. Germain's, 27 June, 1695, Letter from beyond the seas: v. Hyde, LEWEs, Sussex. Edw., earl of Clarendon. LE VASSER, Tossyam, hat maker, of St. Katherine's by the Tower. Citation to the administrators of his will, temp. Eliz., LEucIUs: v. Charinus. LEvENTHoRPE, family of, Sawbridgeworth, Herts. Arms in trick, b. LEWEN, sir William. Letter to sir T. Rawlinson; 170!, LEwER, capt. -. Brings powder from Havre to Weymouth; dispute with capt. Strachen; 1644, ,125,13,151. Deed relating to the priories of Lewes and Clifford [copy], 404. [142]. LEWISHAM, Kent. Notice by the electors to the mastership of the grammar school of a day of election on the death of M. Millington; 28 Oct Testimonials for a candi: date, J. Newman, ib. 112, 114. Notice of another vacancy by the death of J. Newman; 1687, ib Testi. monial for a candidate, ib Three epitaphs, b-50. LEWEs, Thomas, E. India House. Letter LEwTHW AT, Abigail and Richard: r. to sir T. Rawlinson; 17oi, Reader, Andr. LEWGAR, -: v. Chillingworth, Will. LEWIS, families of. Pedigree of Lewis of N. Wales, to 1659; genealogical notes; arms, Three descents of Lewis of Newmarket, Suffolk, LEvENTHoRP, Dorothy. Signature and two lines, from a copy of Chaucer in her possession; cent. xvi, LEVENTHORP, John: v. Fulham. LEWIS, Dr. -, Brackley: v. Dillon, Rob. LEWIS, Elizabeth, widow of ensign J en- LEvENTHoRPE, John. Signature, kin. Power of attorney for receipt of 72. pension; 1710, LEvEsoN, family of, Trentham, &c. Pedigree to 1636, LEVESON, col. Royalist gov. of Dudley castle; 1644, LEVET, Dr. -, Hatton Garden, London. Letter to him from Hearne; 17II, LEVET, Robert, rector of Cheveley, q. V. LEVETT, H., Basinghall-street, London. Letter to sir T. Rawlinson; 1703, LEVINGSTON, Mrs. -: v. Parliament: House of Lords. IJEVENTHORP, 'rhomas. Signature; 1549, LEWIS, Gruffinus. Epistolre ad eum a Gruff. Price, b, 127b. LEVENTHORP, Thomas. Signature and two lines, from a copy of Chaucer in LEWIS, J., London. Letter to Hearne; his possession; cent. xvi, , again, ib. 73. LEWIS, John, of Margate. Correspond- LEvERMoRE,familyof, Devonshire. Arms in trick, dence: v. Baker, Tho. Bowles, Jos. Casley, Dav. Denne, John. Green, Tho. Hartley, John. Sydall, El. Tanner, Thos. Tenison, Edw. Thorpe, John. Waterland, Dan. Miscellaneous collections; "vol. iii," " vol. v," 376. Collectanea about sir T. More, Letter by him respecting his Expos. of the Ch. Catech., b. Case of observing fasts and festivals appointed by the King' s authority; printed tract, with large MS. additions, Unsigned letter to him dated from Sion College; 1729, LEVINZ, Samuel. Note to Rawlinson; LEWIS,on. J h S Igna t ure, , LEVINZ, William, bishop of Sodor and LEWIS, Ri. Possedit 590. Man. Oratio in coli. D. Jo. B., Oxon., in schola Mercatorum Scissorum; 1653, ib munus magistri Bcholarum aggrediendo, ib. 45 Signature; 1678, LEVISTON, Francis. Signature, LEWANNICK, Cornwall. parish, LEWEN, family of, Ewell, Surrey. of deaths, Notes on the Notes IJEWEN, George, nephew of sir Will. Lewen, Oporto: v. Rawlinson, Thomas. LEWEN, Susannah, widow of sir Will.: v.. Tayler. Marg. LEWIS, Richard, late a navy chaplain. Petition to Charles II for relief, having lost speech and hearing, b. LEWIS, Robert. Petition to Charles II respecting a law-suit, b. LEWIS, Thomas. Epistola ad eum a Gruff. Price, II 3. LEWIS, William, vicar of Comberton, Cambro Signature; 1679, LEWIS, William, bookseller, London. Letter to - Taylor with proposals for a hist. of printing; 17 Dec. 1705, Gave 348, 350 to Hearne. LEWYS, Griffith, prebendary of West. minster. Signature; 1600, LEXDEN, Hundred of, Essex. Possessions of the Audeley family; rentals of ward silver and blanch silver ; temp. Eliz., LEY, of Marlborough, family of. Pedigree, LEY, James, first earl of MarlborouRh. Three letters to him from Tho. Wilson; , , 41, 149. Art. 7 in 718 dedicated to him. LEY, James, third earl of Marlborough. Warrant for delivery of powder to him; 27 Dec. 1643, Letter to W. Glascock; 23 May, 166) (copies), , to sir Hugh Pollard; 24 Apr (copies), ib. 114, 332b. Funeral certificate; 1665, LEY, Isaac, B.A., Balliol coil., Oxf., son of Will. Ley, vicar of Woburn, Buck,. Testimonial for orders, to be curate to his father; 1678, Promise by bp. Barlow to ordain him on production of requisite papers, ib. 71. LEYBOURN, W. Notes out of his Cursus Mathernaticus, LEYBURNE, family of. Descent in cent. xiii, , 77. LEYCESTER, Ann, Cork, widow of capt. George. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1711, LEYCESTER, sir Peter, Tabley. Two letters [to Dugdale]; 30 Aug.-II Sept. 1668,806.7,8, 14b Pedigree of Chol mondeley, ib. 14. LEYDEN. Diplomata duo pro gradu M.D.; , ,6. List of members of the Scottish church; 1692, Notice of a stay at the Univ. in the winter of , LEYTON, Low, Essex. Inscriptions over the alms-house and on the chancel-wall. and one in the church, LHUYD, Edward, keeper of Ashmolean Museum, Oxf. : V. Plot, Rob. Letter to [Tho.?] Smith; 17 4,352. I Note to Hearne, Answers for two parishes in Pembrokr shire to his Parochial Queries, , Notice of three MSS. belonging to bu Jl,

127 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 657 LIBERTY. Commencement of a treatise LIGOitIO, Pirrho. Trattato dell' antichita. on English liberty; temp. Jac. 1,1092. di Tivoli, 542. Plan and descr. of the 332 Villa Tiburtina, ib. 65. LIBRARIES: v. London. LIHOVIUS, Joachimus. Inscriptio in albo Parochial libraries: v. Bray, Tho. amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Sedini, [c. Proposals for religious circulating ], libraries among clergy and laity, LIHOVIUS, Matthias. Inscriptio Gr.-Lat in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 19 LICETUS, Fortunius, prof. physio1. in Nov. 1613, Univ. Patav. Diplomati subscriptio; LILIUS, Gulielmus, grammaticus. Carmen 1627, de moribus, in Engl. verse by N. LICHFIELD. Episcopi Cestrenses, ad Dudson, A.D. 1419, b Carmen satiricum, sive anti-lilianum, Rules for the distribution of the Smith in ejus Monita ad suos discipulos. charity at St. Mary's; 1632, Music-books given by E. Ashmole to the cathedral; 1662, LILLESHALL ABBEY, Shropshire. List Letters about the parliamentary election of abbots, from records at Trentham, in 1685, , , 173-5, LILLEY, Hertfordshire. Epitaph on Dan. Letter from the dean and chapter to Houghton; 1672, Ashmole asking help for a peal of bells; 1688, LILLINGSTON, Luke. Col. of a regiment Index of epitaphs in the cathedral, to offoot; 1705, , b LILLISTON, Edward, Ip3wich. Affidavit; Inscription overthe door of the deanery, 1709, Note of inscription on the Weston monument in St. Mary's LILLY, Edward, St. John's coil, Oxf.: v. church, ib Rawlinson, Tho. LICHFIELD, earl of: v. Lee. LIDDEL, George, prof. of mathem., Marischal coil, Aberdeen. Answer to a petition from Jas. Strachan against him, LIDGOLD, family of. Genealogical note of Lidgold and Hamond, b. LIEBEN, Michael Christian. Letters to Dr. Chr. Krumbholtz, 1708; (transl.), b-97. LIECHTENBERGIUS, Johannes. Notes from his prophecies, b LIEGE. Episcopi Leodienses ad an. 1506, 2U.63 LIFE. The prenticeships of man's life, LIGHTCLIFFE, Yorkshire. Note of the building of Lightcliffe and Copley chapels, LIGHTFOOT, Elizabeth, Southwark; 1637, 145. SIb. L(GIITFOOT, John, D.D. Printed titlepage of his works, with MS. licence s. for press; , Ignature; 166!, L(GN~TZ, Georg Rudolf, Herzog zur. Insc1nptio, cum insignibus depictis, in abo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 1622, LIGNITZ itundt BRIGK, Georg, Herzog ~ur. Inscriptio,cum insignibus depictis, ~n albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 1621, L(GNITZ, Johan Christian, Herzog zur. ~~scriptio in albo amicorum Dav. von ~ltz, cum insignibus gentilitiis de Plctis ;1621, LILLY, Ruth, wife of William. Three letters to Ashmole and his wife, LILLY, William, astrologer. Fifty-eight letters to E. Ashmole; , Letter to Ashmole's wife; 1671, ib. 39. [145 formerly but erroneously assigned to him: 'V. Le Neve, Geoff.) LILY [" Lilius "], John. Signature j cent. xvi, Warrant for preservation of game in Holland and Kesteven; 1631, Petition to H. of Commons for surrender of Hull to the King and agreement with him ; 1642 (with 68 signatures), Sequestrations of ministers in 1644, Ticket for the county sermon and dinner in London, 8 Dec. 1698, See. Bull of Eug. III confirming the transl. of the see from Dorchester; 1146 (copy), 404. [140]. Copy of charter from Edw. III in 1329 for felons' goods, Transcripts of documents from the episcopal registers, in cents. xiii-xv; partly classified, City. Three deeds relating to the priory of St. Katharine j (copies), 404. [147-8, 152]. Valuation ofthe cell of St. M. Magd., Accounts and register of Smith's Hospital; ,687. Cathedral. Visitation of the chapter in 1352, Dean Honeywood's epitaph, , 119b. LILLY, William. Note of a book given LINDALL, Robert: v. Moore, Edward. by him at Madrid in 1575 to Tho. Dochen, b. -- of another LINDA-NUS, Guil. Damasus, episo. Ruremundensis. Epistola de perditissimib book while in "the filthiest countrie of Spaigne," ib. cieri moribus, b LINDEN, Henricus, Rig.-Livonus. In. scriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erd mann j Sedini, 13 Nov. 1612, Sb. LINDO, Manuel, or Lyndo, q. v. LINDON, Thomas. Note of his being recommended for the freedom of London; 1681, LILY [" Lilius "], Robert. Signature; LINDSAY, David. His vision at Blackness; 1583, cent. xvi, LIMA: v. Peru. LINDSAY, John, presbyt. minister at "Descripcion general de las Indias Carstairs. Seven sermons, probably Occidentales," presented on the part in his hand-writing; , 830. of Lima to Phil. IV of Spain; Span., LIMBERT, Steven, M.A., master of the LINDSAY, Isabell, Londonderry, widow free school at Norwich. Epitaph; of capt. John. Power of attorney for 1589, receipt of pension; 1713, with Beal of arms, LIMERICK. Articles for the surrender, 3 Oct. 1691, LINDSELL, Samuel, rector of Stt-atjord, q. v. LIMINOUR, Roger, Oxford: v. Littlemore LINDSEY, marquess of: v. Bertie,Rob. Priory. LINDSEY, William. Deposition in a. lawsuit; 1700, LIMOGES. MSS. to be Bold from a. convent there; 1730,871. 1I0. LINCOLN. LINE, sir Humphrey. Gave 20 in 1616 County: v. to the library at Ch. Ch., Oxf., Anglia. Sermons. LINEA, Nioh. de: v. Lynne. RentB of lands and manors in various places formerly belonging to Frances, LINEALL, Thomas, alderman of Canterbury. Epitaphs of his wives and duchess of Suffolk j C. 1609, children; ,876. :nsh, 3 E2

128 658 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. LINEN TRADE. Transcript (unfinished) of a Letter from a merchant on the manufacture of linen thread and tapes, printed in 1738,679. Ill. LING, -, rector of Girton, q. V. LINGELSHEMIUS, Geo. Mich. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; Heidelb., 9 Jul. 1618, LITTLEMORE PRIORY, near Oxford. Lease to R. Saundres of a messuage in Oxford above Grauntpount; 1415, to R. Liminour of a mess. in Cat street; 1403, ~'b to T. de Stoke of a hall in Cat street; 1326, ib.67. The original sketches, with the engraving, for Hearne's view, a, b, c. LINKINHORNE, Cornwall. Notes on the LITTLEMORE, William. parish, Stebbing, Letter to S. LINTON,Cambridgeshire. Articles against LITTLETON, Middlesex, alias Litlington, Roger Ashton, vicar; 1644, q. V. LINTOTT, Bernard, bookseller, Fleetstreet, London: v. Sanger, Kath. LIONS: V. London: Tower. LIPPOMANNI, Girolamo. Relatione di Polonia, alsenato Venet.; 1574, ; Relatione di Napoli; 1576, ; LIPSIUS, Justus. Excerpta ex ejus Epistt. cent., Trans!. of his treatise De constantia, LISBON. Diary of a French merchant at Lisbon in ,423. LISLE, -: V. Anglia: Ecclesia. LISLE, Edward, Edm. hall, Kennett, White. Oxf.: V. LISLE, John. Speech on the letters of Charles I taken at Nasebyj 1645, Lister, family of, Rowton. Arms, ,91 LISTER, sir Matthew, M.D., physician to Charles I. Signature, b LISTER, Michael, a half-pay lieut. Song on his marriage to the widow of sir T. Rawlinson (the mother of Dr. Rawlinson), Law-suit by his wife against him; 1721, The marriage mentioned, ib LISTINGH, Nicholas, notary, Amsterdam. Attestation by him j 1630, Dutch, LITANIA1. Fragments of litanies, , IS. LITCOTT, family of, or Lydcott, g.v. J.ITERA1: v. Bagford, John. LITLINGTON, or Littleton, Middlesex. Writ and certificate respecting admission oft. Grice to the rectory; , 818 9,10. LITTA, Joseph, an Italian convert to Protestantum. Copies of letters and certificates a.ttesting his character; , LITTLB, Mary, widow of lieut. Thomas. ~ower of attorney for receipt of pen SIon; J LITTLETON, -. Epigramma" de puero Littleton," b LITTLETON, Adam, D.D. Accounts as treasurer of Westm. Abbey for 1684 and 1686, 805. LITTLETON, Edmund. Possessor of 1043 in LITTLETON, sir Edward. Argument at a conference of the two Houses of Par!., Apr. 1628, Legal opinion on a case; 1636, Argument on ship-money; 1637,342. Ill. LITTLETON, Edward, D.D., fellow of Eton. Pardoned for not taking the oaths, LITURGIA: v. Cyriacus, abbas. Non jurors. Gre&,orius, S. Preces. " Conslderations movinge me not to be present at, noj,' receive, nor use, the service of the new booke," LIUDEGREN, J., Univ. of Upsal. Mem. respecting the works of O. Dalin, 908. go. LIVERPOOL. Inward and outward rates LLANBISTER,. Radnol'shire: V. Baylie Ric. ' LLANDAFF: V. Anglia: Eccl. Angl. LLANVAITHLY, Anglesea: V. Griffith ~~, LLANYCHLWYDOG, Pembrokeshire. An. swers to Lhuyd's Parochial Queries for this parish, ' LLEWELLIN, Griffith ap, Prince of Wales Descents from him; collected by sir R: St. George out of Lloyd's Chron. of Wales, "also out of a library boke in written hand of St. Anne's in Warwik," 727. I. LLEWELLIN, Martin, M.D., Ch. Ch., Oxf. Lines on the death of Dr. John King, LLOYD, families of. Notes of arms, ,91, 96, the Forest, Carmarthenshire. Pedi grees (part by P. Le Neve) and arms in trick, Llanvorda, Carmarthenshire. Pedi gree to 1657, with allied branches, and arms in trick, 807. I. - Aston, Salop. Pedigree to 1700, Newton, Salop. Pedigree to 1670, b. LLOYD, -, a schoolmaster at Bucknell, Oxon. Notes of his method of teaching; t. Car. II, I2b. LLOYD, -, brother to Nich. Letter to R. Berry, LLOYD, -. Broadway chapel, Wesl minster. Note on a sermon by him in 1747, LLOYD, Madam. Receipts for salting tongues, and for various medicines, , 361 a, b, 362 at b. on merchandise at the port; t. Jac. I, LLOYD, A., a Quaker: v. 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129 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 659 LLOYD, John, Jesus coli., Oxf. from P. Meyrick, Descent LLOYD, capt. Leonard. Affidavit; 17 9, LLOYD, Margaret, widow of Will. Bray, physician, and wife to capt. David. Petitions to Charles II for a place in the Customs for her son-in-law Francis Lloyd, with reports thereon; , b-40b. LLOYD, Mary, Westminster, widow. Power of attorney for receipt of pension from Chelsea college; 1711, LLOYD, Mary, Plympton Maurice, Devon, widow of ensign Henry. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1711, LLOYD, Morris and Thomas. written on fly-leaf in 441. LLOYD, sir Nathaniel, LL.D. of Names Possessor LLOYD, or FLOYD, Nicholas, Wadh. coil., Oxf. Miscell. papers, 32. ITO'XEloXoyia; tract. de elementis, 254. I. Dictionum Lycophronicarum libellus, ib. 44. Parenti parentatio; two funeral sermons on hib father Geo. Lloyd; 1658, LLOYD, Owen, of Llansadwrn. Signature; 1731, LLOYD, Philip. Signature; 1720, LLOYD, Susanna, Churchstock, Dorset, widow of ensign -. 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Notre varire ex libris theologicis, partim ex Patribus, Theologici varii, 826. Theologici, ordine alphab., Theologici et ethici, Notre varire ex libris variis; Lat.-Angl Index in librum quendam locorum communium, Fragments from a theological commonplace book; temp. Eliz., , Fragments of a theological commonplace book, 242 ad init. et fin., 959 ad init. et fin. Theological note-book; 1635, Theol. common-place book; Engl.-Lat., Miscellaneous and theol. notes j Lat. Angl., 1392,1506. ' Ethical extracts from Gr. and Lat. writers, 1407, Notes and extracts out of various books; temp. Ja.c. I-Car. I, Rough note-book of miscellaneous -gatherings; temp. Car. II, Miscell. notes by a member of parl., t. Will. III, Common-place book of historical extracts, 868. Miscellaneous anecdotes and historical notes and extracts,l414. (cod. f)tr8() 1-33 Miscellaneous notes and extracts, 364, 1267,1459. Remarks on common-place books, French common-place books, 439, 440. LOCK, Eliakim. 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Lodovico. Lettera sopra la dispensa del matrimonio di Marla d'austria e Carlo prenc. d'inghilterra; 1623, LOBEN, Heinrich von. Inscriptio Germ., una cum insignibus gentilitiis depictis, in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 1623, 936.8Sb LOFFE, Gabriel. Pardoned for piracy; 1701, LOFTUS, Adam, visc., of Ely, Lord Chanc. of Ireland. Cured of a disease by J. Clavell; 1636, b LOFTUS, Dudley. Nota de cod. comment. Dionyaii penes eum, LOFTUS, Edmond. Signature; 1701,

130 660 LOGA..., George Fridrich von. Inscriptio Germ. in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz ; Constantinop., 1620, b. LOG-BOOKS and SEA-JOURNALS. Six voyages to Virginia; , 702. Voyage to Surat; 1682,752. I. --in the Channel, &c.; , ib. II. --in Lord 'forrington's fleet; , ib in the Mediterranean; 1690, ib. 48. Voyage to E. India, and home; , 914. Voyage from China to France; , Fr., 592. I. Voyage from France to Louisiana; 1720, Fr., with plans, Voyage from Isle of Ascension to England; 1724 (unfinished), 914 (at end). Voyage to Madras, &c.; , 801. LOGICA: v. Duns, Joh. Fraunce, Abr. Edmundson, J avenus, Chrysost. Hen. Szaki, Franc. Libellus sophistarum ad usum Oxon., Fragm. tractatus cujusdam, De arte, Annotationes logicffi, Compendium de universalibus, et compendium iv causarum, ,66. Notffi logicffi et metaphysicffi, 1452, ; The grounds oflogick: a guide to the art of thinking; [outline of a treatise], 187. A preliminary treatise to the art of reasoning; 17 7, A Scottish treatise on logic, with reference to moral actions; unfinished, LOR, Johannes. 1621, Inscriptio manu ejus; LOMAS, Ralph. Name, LOMBARDUS, Petrus: v. Bonav~ntura. Comment. in Psalmos [desin. in Ps.1.], 714. Contenta libb. iv. Sententt., LOMBIEN (?), -, de: v. Chapeliere, -. LONDON: v. Bells. Russell, Sam. Clergy. St. George, sir Heming, Edw. Henry. Judffii. Saxey, Henry. Ogilb" John. Snelling, Will. Paddmgton. South Sea Com- Rawlinson, sir pany. Thomas. Thieves. DIOCESE: v. Anglia: Ecclesia. Feoda ab antiquo debita in officio archidiaconatus, " 'faxatio " in the Valor Eccl. of the benefices in the archdeaconries of London and Middlesex, }t'orms used in the consistory court in 1569,1007. Order of the visitation in 1615, List of livings and patrons; temp. Jac. ~ INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Institutions to livings; 12 Oct Sept. 1622, Value in K. 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Letter to the 1. mayor and aldermen from univ. of Oxf. about a beggar carrying a forged university licence; 2 July, 1565 (copy), Assignment in 1589 of a lease from the chamberlain of London in 1556 of the great mansion-place called Steward's Inn, with the great garden, &c., in the parish of St. Katherine Coleman, Transcript from a copy in the possession of Dr. Rawlinson of the articles printed in 1599 concerning relief of the poor, Notices of various suits on behalf of the city respecting the chartel's, privileges and liberties, temp. Jac. 1, Notes of leases of the Vine inn in Bishopsgate, and of houses at London Wall; ,548. 6*, 10*. List of 96 recusants seized when at mass in London [temp. Jac. 1], Order of Star-Chamber relative to increase of buildings in the suburbs; 23 Oct. 1623, List of the trained band in a few streets, and various parishes in the neighbourhood; 1626, Petition from clergy to Charles I about depreciation of tithes, with order thereon; "A breife" of their case, ib. 88. A brief history of tithes and oblations in London and its liberties; imperj., Petition from citizens for a parliament; 1640, Orders of the commissioners of sewers' I March, 164t, ' Arms and devices borne on cornets by captains of the trained bands; ,942. Minute-book of an anabaptist congre. gation; , 828. Various printed papers relative to the city affairs; , 862. IIl (These are severally entered in the catalogue of printed books.) Assessment of inhabitants of Colemanstreet ward for monthly tax; , Bill of mortality for year ending 19 Dec. 1665, Number of persons who died of the plague at end of Aug. and beg. of Sept. 1665, Copy of a warrant for execution of nine persons for a plot to fire London, 25 Apr. 1666, with notes on the trial, Register of the wardmote inquest of Faringdon Within; ,725A. Pleas and arguments in the case of the Quo Warranto for the city charter; 1682, 733. Suggestions respecting the Act for restoring the charter, List of persons who served on juries in treason-cases, and who were concerned with the surrender of the charter, ib Abstract of the Orphans' accounts, made up to 25 Dec. 1683, 789. Abstract of the Orphans' accounts; 1683 and 1693, Verses on the giving of the freedom of the city to the King and Duke; 1684, Account of rents, &c. of houses at the corner of Knightrider-street; 1687, Commissioners of lieutenancy; 1688, Order from them to sir T. Rawlinson to nominate officers ofthe trained bands; 1690, ib. II. Ground-plan of Mde. Greiswold's house in Park-place; 1688, Drawings of ground-plans of houses, many probably built after the Fire, no. -- of Beaufort-house in the Strand, ib of a house in Duck-lane; 1690, ib. 26b Petition from the common council to the H. of Commons against the L mayor and aldermen; 1690, Lord mayors, aldermen, officers and lieutenants; , ' Agreement of gentlemen in London for promoting execution of laws against profaneness, &c.; 1693, 12~. I. Instructions to informers, ib.. Agreement of the 'fower Hamlet Society, ib constables, ib: 38. List, and particulars, of I 5 religjo~s societies in London and Westlll. In 1694, Report on the rules for proceedings ~ the court of aldermen; 1695, 80 ' 171. Rents from property in Bloomsbury and Houndsditch; , '

131 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 661 "An angry message [from Will. III] to the city; 1696," in verse, Sb. Proposal respecting water bailage, collected by Mrs. Mary Carpenter (after 1695), Counsels' opinions on the illegality of obstructing the arches of London bridge; 1702, Order respecting juries for ward-mote inquests; 1703, Disposal of money received for the markets; 1703, Reasons by the Recorder against a lease of waterworks at London bridge to - Morris; 1703, Progress of charity schools in and about London from 1704,839.17,18. Charge for a charity school for 30 blackguard boys, ib. 19. Registers of warrants ibsued by justices of the peace, and of convictions; , Daily watch-words for the city watch; , Officers attending on the lord mayor in , b, 51. Orders respecting the officers of the lord mayor and their attendance, with observations, &c., Gaol deliveries; 1706, Fines received by the sheriffs in 1706, Remonstrance against compulsory illuminations at public rejoicings; 1706, Order for the assize of bread; 1706, Notes of common council business; 1706, Account of the corporation for employment of the poor; 1706, Disputed election of aldermen for Broad-street and Langborn wards; 171I, I. Notes of the city customs in relation to the personal estates of deceased. freemen; 1713, LISts (jury-lists?) of householders in the wards of the Tower and Farringdon-without; 1716, Note-book of a debt-collector; 1716, Dispute between the parishes of St. Bride and St. Martin-in-the-Fields respecting settlement of a pauper; 17 17, Petition from the City to ParI. on the.south Sea failure, ; LIst of members of R. Fleming's Scottish congregation, 205. lob. Representation to Will. fifth earl of!3edford by one who had built houses In Russell street, Payments to the lord mayor out of the Chamber, allowances of wine, and profits of the office, Papers about surrender of sworn brokers' places, 863. II I, II 3. Case of the city officers who are allowed the sale of freedoms, F~gment of a copy of orders about the ord mayor's court, Attendances of aldermen at courts held in the mayoralties of sir O. Buckingham and sir T. Rawlinson, ; Petition from John Hughes, a butcher, to the House of Commons about the lord mayor's licences in Lent (copy), Election of common-council men in the ward of Farringdon Without; 10 July, 1690, Election of alderman of Castle Baynard ward; 1696, ; Poll-book at the election, Names of officers in the ward in 1704 and 1706, , 73. The Bridgehouse account; , Printed papers respecting sheriffs, aldermanship of Broad-street ward, &c.; , Lease of garden-ground in Petticoatlane from R. O'Neal to J. Croome; 1727, List of victuallers in Upper Barnsbury, by H. Hines; 1729, Rules for election and duties of sheriffs, 803. Form of election of sheriffs, with their payments, " Seasonable considerations respecting the liberties of the city and election of officers," A Word of Advice on election of alderman of Aldersgate ward; printed, Election canvassing-circulars in 1734, Abstract of the city revenue, h Epigram on some successful resistance to excise, Fragment of a lease of a house in Leicester Fields, 1220 ad inh. Account by Bagford of libraries public and private in and about London, The carmen and wharfingers: v. W oodmongers' Company. ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL: v. Phillipps. Sam. Catalogue of MSS. and printed books removed from the library to Sion college; 1653, Order of sermons and preachers; 1661, Decree for re-building a house, burned in the Fire, occupied by the porter of the palace a.nd master of the works; Coal-duty for the rebuilding; , Abstract of moneys received and paid out for the rebuilding in , Answer of the commissioners for the rebuilding to a petition from sir C. Wren to Q. Anne, with charges against him; 17II, Wiseman epitaph in St. Faith's; 1704, Lands and tenements in London and Midd. belonging to the dean and chapter, with names of the lessees, List of benefices of which the d. and c. are patrons and ordinaries, Index of the dignitaries, , by R. Rawlinson, Extracts by the same from the chapter books of presentatious; , ib. 14. Paul's Cross: v. Laud, Will. St. Paul's School. Oratiuncula apud Scholam et versus inlaudem Coleti, b Notice by Bagford of the library burned in the fire of London, ". PARISHES. All Hallow8, Barking. Epitaph of J. Kettlewell, All Hallows Staining. Epitaph; 1732, All Hallows, Great and [,ess. Entrybook of the duties paid on baptisms, marriages, and burials, and by bachelors and widowers, in the parishes of Allhallows the Great and Less, ,685. St. Andrew, Holborn. Estimate of dilapidations for Ely House; 1685, Abstract of the title of Chr. visco Hatton to Ely House, ib. 90, 91. Rate-book; 1714, ib. 27. Sacheverell's epitaph, b. Charity school mentioned; 1738, St. Anne, Blackfriars. Collections made for the repair of the church in 1597, b, 263. Epitaph on Ann Owen, copied 27 Jul. 1730, b. St. Bartholomew the Less. Order on an appeal against an assessment; 1698, St. Bennet, Paul'8 Whaif. Receipt signed by the churchwardens for 10 subscribed by the Heralds towards the repair of the church; 7 Jan. 163i b. St. Botolph, Aldersgate : v. Boothe, Tho. Burnet, Gilb. St. Botolph, Aldgate. Register, , 796. Collections from the vestry books for the parish and the ward of Portsoken; , ib. and 796 B. Inventories of church plate and furniture; , and after 1653, 796 B. 30b, 39,42, II7. New gallery, pulpit, &c.; , ib. 43b, 49. Sermons on 5 Nov. no longer to be paid for; 1618, ib. 46b. List of deeds and writings belonging to t.he lands of the parish, viewed 29 Jan. 1616, and locked up in the gleat barred chest in the vestry hollse; lb. 42b. Epitaphs on D. Balgayand B. Pratt, ib. 30; [The two vols. 796 and 796 B were nos. 143, 144 in Le Neve's Sale Catalogue, and were bought by Rawlinson for 1 58.] St. Botolph, Bishopsgate. Rate-book of the ward of Bishopsgate Without, for a crown tax; 1692, 667. Assessment in the parish for the poor's rate; , ib. Inscription on the Grigman monument; 1749, on Miriam Taylor, in the churchyard,

132 662 St. Bride. Lines on the bells ringing and not ringing on state days for Geo. II, , 175. Epitaphs, L8. Chl'ist Church, Newgate-street. Petitions for relief to the churchwardens j temp. Q. Anne, , 125, 132. Orders respecting burials, ib. 133 Epitaphs in the churchyard, ; St. Christopher: 1). Rawlinson, sir Tho. St. Dionis Backchul ch. Engravings &c. of the Rawlinson monuments, , 142b-3, 174, 176, 214. Extracts from the registers j , ib , 177. Order for a clock and Dan. Rawlinson's monument; 1679, Gatford epitaph, St. Dunstan-in-the-West: 1). St. Martinin-the-Fields, infra. St. Edward the King. Decree in a cause of the churchwardens 1). the sexton; 25 Oct. 1617, St. George, Bloomsbury. Epitaph on Tho. Hix, b. St. Giles, Cripplegate. Law-suit, temp. Edw. III, about a courtyard in the parish, Assessment for taxes on Grub-street and Fore-street precincts, with list of the inhabitants; 1695,791. Agreement made by the vestry with the rector (Dr. Bennet) in 1719 respecting a lease of houses adjoining the church, Bequest of John Fuller for the charity children of Cripplegate; 1723, Epitaphs, b-5b Order to the constables of the ward to render account of moneys; 1706, St. Giles-in-the-Fields. List of all the papists in the parish; 1706, 803. U8-29 St. Helen, Bishopsgate. Account of the benefactions; 1703, Lumley arms on a brass there, St. James, Clerkenwell. Order by the bishop of London on the petition of the minister and churchwardens for the creation of a select vestry j [c. 1620], Burnet's epitaph, L2. '1'he abbey book cited in pedigree of St. George, St. James, Duke's Place. Consecration of the church; 2 Jan. 1622, St. Katherine-at-the-Tower. Five epitaphs, St. Leonard, Shoreditch. Two extracts from the bapt. register; , b Epitaph on a gardener in the churchyard, St. Margaret Pattens, Rood Lane. Epitaph on Hannah Gardnor, St. Martin-in-the-Fields. List of 122 poor persons in parishes of St. Martinin-F. and St. Dunstan-in-the-West, weekly relieved by L. Keeper Egerton; , L8b. "Epitaph on W m. Savory in Motin ehurch," Inscription on the first stone laid, _ St. Martin, Ludgate. Epitaph on Will. and Eliz. Yeardley, St. Mary Aldermanbury. Notice of a law-suit after the destruction of the INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. church by'the fire in 1666, Various tax assessments in , St. Mary Aldermary. Note of a preacher who referred to the killing of Charles I shortly after his execution, St. Mary Axe. Letters between Laur. Howell and Dr. R. Brabant about the mastership of the school; , Note by Howell of his being turned out of the school, ib St. Mary-le-Bone. Note of bequests from Christ. St. German; 1541, Valuation of the parish for assessment; 1646, May, 1649, ib Dec. 1653, ib St. Mary-le-Bow. Dialogue between the dragon on Bow steeple and the grasshopper on the Exchange; in verse, St. Mary Maifelon, alias Whitechapel. Sentence of consecration of a burialground; 22 Sept. 1615, Sequestration of the rectory; 1624, ib. 63. Epitaph on S. Lane St. Mary Woolnoth. Certificate to the Exchequer of the institution on presentation by the Crown (in minority of Thomas Bowes) of Josiah Shute, M.A., to the rectory (vacant by death of Thomas White), 30 Nov. 16u, and again in 1616, St. Mary Magd., Fish-street. Epitaph on J. Mandevill, b. St. Mildred in Poultry. Licence for the Christian burial in the church of John Leach, a suicide; [c. 1617], Epitaph on G. Martin, A funeral ticket in the church, St. Pancras. Valuation of the parish, "alias Kentish Town," for assessment; 23 May, 1649, , ib Twelve churchyard inscriptions, 896. II-13. St. Paul, Covent Garden. Epitaph in the churchyard, St. Peter, Corn hill. Churchwardens' and poor's accounts; , 897. Rate-book; 1686, Epitaphs, ; St. Peter, West-Cheap_ Extracts about the charities of the parish; , St. Sepulchre: 1). Weston, Peter_ Epitaph on sir Th. Davies; 1679, 682. I16. Motto on an escocheon, ib Memorial respecting the waste water from Lamb's Conduit, Persons to serve in the trained bands; 1682, Extracts of the Rawlinson entries in the bapt. register; , ib Names of volunteers, chiefly of this parish, who dined with the I. mayor, 14 Feb. 17 5, ib. 61. Vestry-order about a pew for sir T. Rawlinson; 1690, St. Stephen, Coleman-street. Epitaph on D. Ogilvy, b St. Stephen, Walbrook b Two epitaphs, Holy Tt'inity, Aldgate. Account of the Cnihtengild and foundation of the church, by Laur. Howell, , St. Vedast, Cheapside. Directions for a grave in the church in Foster-lane; 1714, Wapping. Sentence of consecration of a chapel; 17 July, 1617, CHAPEL ROYAL. Register of the sub-deans, gentlemen, and officers; , List of the gentlemen; , Warrant for admission of a gentleman of the choir; 1671, b Lent preachers; 167~, Allowances for the ministers, &c.; temp. Car. II, FOREIGN CHAPELS. Dutch Church. Epitaph on F. W. Buirett, &c., French (}hurches. Blackfriars, 641. go. Buckingham House, ib. Crispinstreet, ib. 82. Newport Market, ib. 84, 97. Paternoster Row, ib. 97. St. Martin Orgars, ib Savoy, ib. 94. Soho, ill. 90, 97; 163. Spitalfield8, ib. 90, 170: 1). Forent, J. Wheeler. street, ib. 84, 97. Petition to the bishop from 73 refugees for estahlishment of an additional chapel, Agreement among some of the French protestant ministers about their preaching turns; 1703, Application to one of them from - Brome for leave to build on ground adjoining, with resolutions thereon, Copy of a certifi cate about a convert, J. Litta; 1681, Lutheran Church: 1). Luther, Martin. HOSPITALS,INSTITUTIONS,P ALACES, PRISONS, &c. Epitaph on col. Artillery Ground. Matth. Sheppard, Bal'bican. Lord Bridgewater's private chapel consecrated; 1620, Bethlehem Hosp.: 1). Bridewell, it/ira. Epitaph on A. Palmer, Bridewell: 1). Fleetwood, Will. Paybooks for building-work done on the King's manor; 1534, IlO ; Declaration of the new erected hospitals, 1553, from a MS. in C. C. C., Cambr., Leases, plans, and other legal papers re latingtoproperty at Wapping; , Entry-book 0 charitable gifts belonging to the hosp' payable from various bodies, lb Apprentices in Bridewell HosP' in 1730 and 1732, , 105 Governors of Bridewell and Bethle' hem Hosp. 1706, 1731, &c., ib. 107\ 114- Salaries and wages, abo~ 1735,ib. 1I7. Epitaphs, Prisoners tried at Bridewell In several months in 1715, 1731, 1735, Prisoners tried 18 May, 1716, t British Mttseum. Notes of Engl. his' MSS. in the Royal Libr.,

133 RA WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. Transcripts from Harl. MS (?), b. Bunhill Fields. Copies by Rawlinson of epitaphs, ,90; I3b, 120L l b, b. [A large number of epitaphs in this cemetery, copied by Rawlinson, are inserted in his interleaved copy of the printed collection, 4u Raw!. 560.] Inscr. on the Rawlinson grave-stones, ". Charterhouse. Quoostiones determinatoo in Domo, temp. generalis Capituli, &c.; , 318. Domus possedit art. 4, ib. A commemorationspeech at the School; Lat., Memoranda of appointments and deaths of pensioners, &c.; , Three monumental inscriptions, ; b. Christ's Hospital. Proceedings on speech-days, 1659 and 1662, Children presented by sir T. Rawlinson in , List of governors; 17 7, Merttins' epitaph, Ely House. ];xtract from a sermon preached in the chapel, Fleet Prison. Order of P. Council on a complaint against the warden; 1598, Description, in Latin verse, by Laur. Howell, Gmy's Inn. Part of the seeond part of Gesta Grayorum, as performed in 161~, Inscription in the walk; 1699, Gresham College: v. Ward, John. Notice by Bagford of the Arundel MSS., and of a catalogue in his possession, Grey Coat Hasp. Spinning school there; 1716, Guildhall. Motto in the Council chamber, Standard taken at Ramillies, &c., pl<wed there by the Queen's gift, at sir T. Rawlinson's request; 1706,862.29; , lor. Charge of repairs of the hall; 1706, Heralds' College: v. Heralds. King's Bench PI-ison. Commission for relief of poor debtors in the King's Bench and the Fleet; 10 Apr. 1586, Memorial against the keeper, H. Glover, Fees payable by debtors to the marshal, Lincoln's Inn: v. Hale, sir M. Magna Charta. London Bridge. Profits of a lease of the waten to go to the city orphans, I2. London Wall: v. Ames, Joseph. Merchant Taylors' School. An ode at the annual feast; by R. Roach, 832., 237 Newgate: v. Guthrie, James. Smith, Carleton. Calendar; Aug. 17 5, Physicians, College of: v. Hollings, J oh. Oratio Harveiana, c , Memorial praying for a revision of the statutes, Report from a committee alout the improvement of the library, ib. 57. VOL. 11. Letter to univ. of Oxf. respecting medical degrees, and reply; 1722, Lat., Sion College: v. St. Paul's Cathedral, supra; Spencer, John. Collations of old English Bibles and Testaments in the library; 1729, Smithfield. Complaint of dangerous platforms outside booths at the fair j 1706, Temple. Patents of 16 Car. II burnt in a fire in sir Tho. Robinson's chambers, and re-transcribed in 1687, Epitaph on sir G. Treby; 1700, Hiccocks' epitaph, Tower. Pay-books for building-work done there; , ; ; I9-21 ; 778, L3; Case and opinion on the part of the keepers of the lions against the right of the Master of the Revels to grant licence for exhibition of lions; 1663, Action brought against J. Sharpe for erecting houses near it ; 1681, Tower Hill: v. Robinson, sir John. Whitehall: v. Bradbury, Hen. Melvin, Andrew. Kent, Will. Payments for organ, silver, carving, fittings, &c., for the chapel; , 872. IlS, 124, 130, 136, 141, 144, 145,157 London Evening Post, No. 3452; 1749, London Gazette. Two Nos. (2164, 2177) in 1686 and four (4162, 4240, 4290, 4313) in ,81: LONDONDERRY.,Poema acado de obsidio, News of Kirk's arrival there for its relief; June, 1689, Proposal by S. Wea,le for payment, by a lease for 31 years of the first-fruits and tenths, of a debt due to the garrison on their pay 50,000 per an. for the objects of Q. Anne's bounty, LONG, -: v. Morley, R. LONG, capt. -, of Wilts. and Somerset. Arms, and device on his cornet; 1642, LONG, Elizabeth, wife of Sir Walter. Epitaph in Harefield churchyard; 1688, LONG, Moses, conjurer, Gloucester. Owner in 1683 of 253. LONG, Richard, Bristol. Signature; 1643, LONG, sir Robert. Letter to lord Percy; 16 Dec. 1643, LONG, Thomas, B.D.: v. Seller, Abedn. Gave one of his books to Will. Reade; 1682, LONGBY, John. Name, b LONGE, Katherine Castle, alias, widow, London. Bequest to the parish of St. Botolph Aldgate; 1650, 796b _ II:.!. LONGESPE, Ela. Inscription, found at Rewley abbey, , 99. LONGLAND, Isaac. Latin verses to bp. Fr. Turner, , 76, 79. LONGLAND, William, Winchester. Bond for payment of 50 to Rich. Moore, treasurer of the committee for co. Southampton; 29 Aug. 1646, LONGUEVILLE, family of. Pedigree and arms, with 120 coats in trick of allied families; , I0. LONGUEVILLE, Charles. Notes of proceedings on his claim to the barony of Grey of Ruthin; , LONGUEVILLE, sir Thomas, Wolverton, Bucks. Signature; 1679, b LONDON COMPANIES: v. Comb-makers. Scriveners. LONGUE RUE, Louis du Four de. Title, Drapers. Stationers. preface, and first leaf of a transl. of his Frame-work Swordblade- (a1wn.) Treatise touching transubstantiation, with licence for press; 1686, 730. Knitters. makers. Glass-sellers. Watermen Leather-sellers. Weavers. New River Com- Whipmakers. LONGWORTH, -. Signature (?); end of pany. W oodmongers. 15th cent., Saddlers. Lists of the members of 29 Companies LOOK, Richard, Wisbeach addressed to him, in 1650, with their autograph signatures, 24. LOPEZ, Martinus, de Villanova. Inscriptio Gallica in albo amicorum P. Golii ; Agenda upon "Election day" at the court of a company unnamed, Oct. 1618, b 7 Engravings of arms, 944. LOPEZ DE MENDOZA, Spanish family. La casa del marq. de Mondesar[Luis Lopez de Mendoza]; 1535, LORCH, Nicholas, "secretaire de la chambre de S. A. de Deuxponts." Inscriptio Gall.-Lat. in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset, l0. LORD, Henry. MS. title for a reprint about of his Discovery of the sect of the Banians, first printed in 1630, LORD, John, vicar of Comberton, Cambro Signature; 1678, F

134 664 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. LORD, John, vicar of Salehurst, Sussex. Signature; 1678, LORD, John (another; different hand), curate of All Saints', Cambro Signature; 1679, LORENZANI, Giov. Andrea. Sigilli anticomoderni, colle annotazioni, 907. LOVE, Christopher. Petition from London ministers to Parliament on his behalf; 1651, Verses on his death; 1651, LOUCH, Anne. Articles against her in the consistory court of London for not marrying John Pidgeon; 1624, 81S. 65. Low COUNTRIES: v. United Provinces. LOVE, John, vicar of Impington, Cambro Signature; 1679, LOWDER, Thomas, Trecan, Cornwall: v. Weale, John. LOVE, Nicholas, master of Winchester school. Paper addressed to him, LOWE, Arthur. Signature to a power of 70b. attorney for surrender of land in Lindridge, Worc.; 1676,866. lll. LORETTO. Hist. and description of the holy house; 1597, Piece of the veil of the image of the LOVE, Thomas, Peter house, Cambro B. Virgin there; 1725,645. Engraving of the key of the house, Orationes dille apud Cantabrigienses; LOWE, Thomas. Resignation of the temp. Car. I, , 25. vicarage of Gosfield, Essex; 10 Oct , L d F h Protestant. LOVEDAY, family of. Note of pedigree, " '1 f C I ORGES, - e, a rene 865 LOWER, lam I yo, ornwa 1. Notes of Mentl'oned, arms an d pe d' Igree, LORIANO: v. Romances. LOVEDAY, John, Magd. coil, Oxford. Epitaphs in the ante-chapel of Magd. LOWER, sir John. Unsigned copy of a LORIMER, -, Non-conformist minister. coli. copied by him in Jan. 1728, letter to him from a revenue officer in Notes of conversations with him; 1698, Epitaphs from Ch. Ch. vindication of himself, t. Will. III, b-7Ib. and St. Patrick's, Dublin, ib. 37b ; LORKIN, Edward, rector of Lympsfield,. Gave 289 to Th. Hearne. LOWNDES, family of, Overton, Cheshire. Surrey. Signature and seal of arms; Transcript made by him for Hearne, Pedigree and arms, 866. II , LORRAIN, Paul, Ordinary of Newgate. Transl. of some prayers from a Latin book of Daily Exercise8, "La femme deshumanisee"; a French transl. of Acidalius' Mulieres non homines, 421. LORRAINE Descent of the ducal house, LOVEDEN, family of, Fifield, Berks. Note of pedigree; 1566, LOVEGROVE, David. 86S.67 LOVEGROVE, Edward. xvi, Signature; 1716, Signature; cent. LOWNDES, Ralph, senior, Middlewich, Cheshire. Declaration of repentance for taking the oaths to Will. III; 16 Sept. 1690, b. Letter about negotiations between Dr. Brett and H. Bedford for ending the division among the Non-jurors; 1725 (copy), LOWNDES, William, secr. to the Treasury. LOVELACE, Richard, Wargrave, Berks.: v' LORRAINE, Jean de, card.: V. Julius Ill, Letters to the army comptrollers; Papa. Ashmole, Elias. 1706, 1712, , 192. Deficiencies of parliamentary funds; LORRIS, Guillaume de. Eight fragments LOVELACE, Richard. The last stanza of , of a late fourteenth-cent. copy of the his Lines to Althea, Note of parentage, &c., Roman de la Rose, by Lorris and Meun, LOVELAND, -, rector of Wimpole, q. v. LOWRRESTON [LAURIESTON?], John, public notary to Charles I in Scotland. LORT, family of, Stokepole, Pembr. LOVELL, John. Signature, Petition to Charles II for a pension, Notes for pedigree, 866. II b LOVELL, Mary, Limerick, widow. Power. LORT, Michael, D.D. Possessor"of of attorney for receipt of pension; LOWTH, Simon, D.D. Note of his death Los2Eus, Ludovicus, Leodien., M.D. Hungaria; 1661,678. 1I3. In LOSSIO, Thorivio de (? name u1teertain), Madrid. Twenty-two despatches to officials in Guatemala, in June 1704, Span., I,OSSIUS, Fredericus, Wolfg. Lossii, M.D., filius. Album; , 219. LOTTERIES. Alphab. list of winners in a state lottery; [1712 or 1713], LOTTINI, Giov. Fr. Consideratione del conclave, LOUDUN, France. Letter of sir K. Digby about the possessed nuns of Loudun ; 1636, LOVE. Fragment (pp , chaps. xxviii-ix) of a large treatise on love, "Conc1usioni amorosi"; Engl., Delamaladie erotique; du mal d'amour, 1497.' 171I, in 1720, LOVELL, sir Salathiel, Recorder of London: v. Kingston-upon-Thames. Convicts recommended by him for transportation; 1701, Reasons against a lease of the waterworks at London Bridge; 1703, Speech on presenting sir R. Bedingfeild, 1. mayor elect, to the Lord Chief Baron; Nov. 1706, ; LOVINGTHORPE, Ann, Soho, London; 1637, b LOUISA, principissa Palatina: v. Johannes II, comes Palat. LOUISA HOLLANDINA, filia Frid. et Eliz. regis et reginre Bohemire: 'V. Elizabetha, [soror ejusj. LOUISA, daughter ofgeo. II of Engl. and wife of Fred. V ofdenm.: 'V. Helwig,-. LOUVOIS, marq. de. Sonnet sur sa mort; 1691, LOYOLA, Ignatius: V. Clayton, Jo. Maffeius, J. P. Jesuitre. Annott. in E:rercitia ejus, Pars libelli meditationum in Exercitia, LUBECA. Nomina Lubecensium pluri morum in albo amicorum H. Erdmann, 937. LUBLO (?), Joachim. '" Inscriptio Lat. Hung. in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Constantinop., 10 Sept. 1621, LUBRIAT, Joannes. Signature, LUCANUS,.M. Annreus. Argumenta libb. Pharsalice, Prose transl. of book i. of the Pharsalia, Commencement of the Pharsalia,!U Engl. verse by A. Twyman, 17~ Ad Calp. Pisonem panegyrlcudi, (tramer. recent.),

135 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 665 LUCAR CyrilluB, archiepiscopus Const~ntinopolitallus. Inscriptio Grmca Du Londel, J. B. Francia. LUDOVICUS XIV, Rex Francire; V. in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Florentia. Talbot, Adelh. 1621, Household-book: "e8tat de la depense Literre ad archiep. Cant. a D. Featley ordinaire de la chambre du Roy"; traductre; una cum aliis ab al'chiep. 1691,417. atque Featley ipso, Ilb Transl. into Ital. of propositions submitted to him for abolishing commendams, and restoring abbeys to LUCAS, Gibson, D.D. Signature; 1679, their monastic rule, LUCAS, John, Aythorpe Roding, Essex. Al re Luigi XIV sonetto, Licence for his marriage to Agnes Ane glorie del Luigi XIV per l'espugnatione di Momigliano in Savoia Turttill; 1587, b sonetto, ib. 28b LUCAS, John, first baron. Speech on a subsidy bill; 1671 (two copies), 922. I S9, 195. "Lord Lucas his ghost"; [a violent invective against Charles II, in verse], LUDOVICUS XV, Rex Francire: V. Raw- LUMSDEN, Charles. linson, Rich LUCAS, Paul. Notes from his Troisieme LUDovICus GRANATENSIS: V. Granada, t'oyage en 1714, Ludov. a. LUCAS, Richard, D.D. Epitaph in Westm. Abbey, h. LUCAS, Thomas. Nativity; 13 Nov. 1650, 244 3b LUCCA: V. Diarium. Relatione della republica Lucchese; 1583, imperj., Relatione (altra) della republica, Relatione del ricevimento dal ambasciatore Cesareo in Lucca; 1702, Lucy, and LUCE, John. 1591,1387. So. LUDOVISIO, Ludov., card. Avvertimenti da Greg. XV al card. Ludovisio, suo nipote; 1622, Instruttione all' arcivesc. di Seluccia, vice-legato in Avignone; 1621, ; LUTzow, Claus Christopher. Inscriptio in albo amicorum J oh. Hoffmanni; Ox on., 21 Jul. 1632, 933. li8. LUFFINGHAM, Jonathan, M.A., St. Mary hall, Oxf. Testimonial for preferment; 1678, LUGDUNUM BATAVORUM: V. Leyden. LUCIANUS SAMOSATENSIS. Excerpt.aex LUGG, Jasper, Gloucester. Certificate of eo, his loyalty; 1669, LUCRETIUS. De natura rerum; transl. LUKE, -: V. Bunn, Tho. into Engl. prose, 314. LUKE, Samuel. Latin verses in praise of Signatures; bell-ringing at Bedford; 1659, 886. S. Lucy, Kingsmill, Castle Cary, Somerset. Note of his death at Ely, LucY, sir Thomas, of Charlecote, Warw. Mentioned; 1620, 676. II b. LUDDINGTON, Thomas. A book of ornamental penmanship; end of cent. xvi, LUDGERSHALL, C.,G. Buckinghamshire : v. LUDLOW, Edmund. Transcript of his printed Letter to sir E. S. j 1691, LUDOVIOUS XII, Rex Francire. Eroblema de eo, cum versibus Lat., Possedit 874, ad Paviam acquisitum. LUDOVICUS XIII, Rex Francire: v. Ferdinanius II, imp. G., G. Representation to him from the dukes of Venda me, Mayenne and Bouillon, on the dangers of the kingdom; Fr., 1617, Declaration in ParI. j U Jan. 163~, LUKE, Samuel. Acknowledgement of receipt on his account by Will. Champnes of part repayment of a loan from him to the Redemptorist fathers of Andalusia; 1675, Span., S. LULLY, Raymond. Theorick; Engl., Practize; chaps. 3-32, ib. 99. Abbreviation of the soul of transmutation, ib Alchemical tree j from the Liber lucis, ib. cover. An addition to his ferment, A short 0 work, ib. 16b List of Engl. translations of works by him possessed by Ashmole, LUMISDEN, Charles. Note of a book that belonged to him in 1607, b. LUMLEY, family of, London, and Bardfield, Essex. Pedigree to 1634 and arms, LUMLEY, sir James, bart. Printed Act of ParI. to repeal 6 Geo. I about his estates, 866. lis. LUMLEY, John, sixth lord. Notice of his library of MSS.; 1600, Note of a book that belonged to him, LUMLEY, Margery, wife of sir M. Lumley. Funeral certificate; 1619, two copies, , 133. LUMLEY, sir Martyn, knt., lord mayor of London. Funeral certificate; 1634, two copies, , 132. LUMLEY, sir Richard. Preamble of creation as [first] visco Lumley; [1628], Ib LUMLEY Richard, second visco Saying of his ~hen Charles II dined with him, Signature; 1607, LUDOVICUS PHILIPPUS, princeps Palati- LUNN, Edward, rector of Denton, Kent: nus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Dav. V. Bean, Chas. von Filtz; 1622, LUPARDUS, Michael, Lugd.-Batavus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 24 Aug. 1629, b. LUPTON, William, Lincoln coli. Notes of a sermon by him at St. Mary's, Oxf., Easter Day, I7Il, b. LUSCOTE, Johannes. Prior de Henion, com. Somerset., anno 1368,318. S3. LUSHER or LUSSHER, Thomas, physician. 'Several medical receipts, \ 40, 40b. LUSSHER, Nicholas. The vertues of 0 with I;j, I. LUTE, R. Latin verses to his tutor Edw. Rice, LUTHER, Richard. Letter, without address; 1660, LUTHERUS Martinus: V. Frusius, Andr. Notes frdm his corom. on Galat., An extract from his CatechIsm, prepared for the use of the Lutheran church at London; 1687,817. IS0. Vorrede del' Ep. an die Romer, b. Notitire contemporanere de eo, in quibus dicta pauca Germanica, b, 75a, b, 86. Horoscope, LUTI, Bona., a Franciscan. Letter to Rawlinson;!tal., LUTON, Bedfordshire. Appointment of M. Marryott as Master o.f the. Poorhouse, with certificate ofhi8 efficiency; (copies), S. LUTWYCHE Thomas. Sale of his library; 13 May, 1735, b. LUXEMBOURG, Franc. Hen. Montmorenci, duc de. Harangue it ses juges; 161:)0, 513. I. LUXEMBURG, Ludovicus de. Emblema de eo, cum versibus Lat., LYBBE, family of, Bucks. and Oxon. Genealogical notice; 1574, F 2

136 666 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. LYCARNE, Ralph, Abingdon. part of a letter to him, t. Hen. VIII, LYCOPHRON: v. Floyd, Nich. LYCZKO, Nicolaus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 20 Apr. 1618, LYDALL, family of. Pedigree to 1695, b. LYDALL, Richard, Northmoor, Oxon. Suit against Edm. Warcupp about a seat in Northmoor church; 1678, LYNDO, Manuel. Astronomical tracts, in Portuguese; 1539,501. LYNE, John, steward of the hundred of Bloxham, Oxon. Summons to court leet; 1680, 892; 316. LYNEHAM,Oxon. Writ and inquisitions relating to the lands of John and Joan Fiennes and Adam de Shareshill in Lyneham and Ascot; 1370 (copies), II6. LYNGE, William, M.A., rector of Fulborn St. Vigors, Cambro Signature; 167i, LYDALL, Robert, M.A., Magd. coli. Notes LYNN, Bl'shop's, Norl!olk. F t f of a sermon by him at St. Mary's, Oxf. ; 1- ragmen 0 M h.q grant of a tenement; , arc, 171 l' cot'er. LYDALL, William. Commission as lieut. of H.M.S. Rainbow; 1672,924,252. LYDCOTT, or LITCOTT, family of. Pedigree, and arms in trick, LYDDELL, D., Commissioner of the Navy. Signature; 1696, LYDDYAT, family of. Staffordshire. Pedigree to 1614, and arms in trick, LYDIATT, Samuel, New ColI., Oxf. Signature; 1703, LYE, Edward, Hart hall, Oxf., vicar of Little Houghton, Northampt. Signature; 1713, Gave 1021, 1022, 1222 to T. Hearne. LYELL, -. Signature; cent. xvi, LYELL, Patrick. Credentials from Charles II as English consul at Elsinore; 30 Sept (copy), , from James II; 16 Aug (copy), ib. 22, 27 (see also 35). Letter to sir G. Sylvius in vindication of his conduct as consul from misrepresentations, ib. 31. Observations on the Danish contre-projet for a treaty; 7 Aug. 1686, ib. 57. Remarks on the abuses relating to the passage of the Sound since the time sir John Paul ceased acting as consul, memorial, and narrative, ib. 68, 74, 78. Project for a treaty, ib Memorial to Sylvius; Fr., ib LYFORD; John. Letter to E. Ashmole; 1665, LYFORD, Thomas, senior, Hurley, Berks. Letter to E. Ashmole, with genealogical account of the family of Lyford; 1665, LYNCK, -. Signature, &c.; cent. xvi, LYNDE, Humphrey, vicar of Maidstone, Kent. Signature; 1678, Certificate in his favour from the bps. of Winchester and Glouc.; 1679, ib. 98. LYNDEWODE, Gulielmus, episc. Menevensis. Testamentum ejus j 22 Nov (apogr.), LYNN, King's, Norfolk: V. Pell, Valent. Haymond, Tho. Notes by T. Rawlinson of curiosities there, and of an epitaph in St. Nicholas' churchyard, LYNNE, Anachorita quidam de. Exhortatio metric a ad alumnos Scho1a~ Eton., per anachoritam de Lenne, 295. LYNNE, Nicholaus de, Carmelita: v. Kalendaria. Kalendarium, lb. LYNNET, Will., fellow of Trin. coil., Cambr., vicar of Trumpington. Signature; 1678, 391. IS, , LYONS: v. Sermons. Copy, without signature or address, of a letter written at "Lion" in 1684 about an arrest in a lawsuit, LYONS, Isaac, rabbi. A dissertation [by J. Bland] on Hebrew tenses in reply to Lyons; 1737, 394. I. LYSTER, Thomas. Signature, LYTCOTT, capt. -. Arms, and device on his cornet; 1642, 942. Zl1, Z2. 'Taken prisoner at Edgehill, and died in Apr. 1643, ib. 2Z. LYTE, family of, Somerset. Account of, to 1684, LYTE, Thomas, Lyte's-Cary, Somerset. Letter to his son-in-law H. Baskervile; 1631, Account of him and of his wife Constance Baskervile, ib 76. Drew out the genealogy of James I, and received a jewel from him, ; LYTE'S-CARY, Somerset; 1). Charlton Mackrell. Genealogy of James I in the great parlour at Lyte's-Carey house, LYTHAM, Hants.: V. Hinton, Tho. LYTTELTON, family of, Staffordshire. Pedigree, arms in trick, and epitaph on J. and T. Lyttelton in Magd. coil. chapel, Oxf., LYTTELTON, Elizabeth, dau. of sir Thomas Browne. Letter to her brother Edw z. -- to his wife, ib. 79.., Copies by her of 17 letters from her father and two from her mother to her brother Thos. Browne, and to herself; , LYTTELTON, George, lord. Note upon the Durham copy of the Great Charter of Hen. III, z07. LYTTELTON, sir John. Part of a book of transcripts of conveyances, &c. relatino to his lands at Frankley and Stretto;' &c.; , LYTTON, family of, Knebworth. Pedigree to 158z, by P. Le Neve, and genealo gical notes, ",b, 141 b_z, 147. Pedigrees, arms, miscell. notes, and letters; 1699, LYTTON, Rebecca. Latin epitaph at Aynho; 1685, 682. II4. LYTTON, sir William, Knebworth, Herts; V. Le Neve, Peter. M. M., A., Micldelburg: v. D., G. M., E. A book bequeathed to him (apparently a foreigner) by Rob. Bur ton; 1639, M., Emanuel. Owner of a copy of Plantin's Latin Bible, M., J. Initials on title of a Gr. Test. 161Z, which afterwards belonged to W. Griffith of Christ's coil., Cambro [quo John Milton?], M., L. Versus in laudem libri J O. Walker, Sufferings of the Clergy, 1351, M., M., i. e. Mich. Maittaire, q. V. M., R. Initials; 7 June, 1601, M., R. Owner of a breviary in 1656, M., T.: V. Twyman, Anth. M., sir W., i. e. sir W. Mildmay, q. v. M., W., "a gentleman of quality." Con' sults Le Neve the astrologer; 1637, b. M., capt. W., prisoner in Newgate: i. e. Will. Mackenzie, q. v. MACAO, in China. Sketch, as seen from the sea, 813. z9. MACARIUS, patriarch of Antioch. Ac' count of his seal in Ashm. Mus., Oxford, MAC-CARMICK, capt. William. Title of his Farther impartiall account oj the actions of the Inneskilling men, With licence for press; 1691,

137 RAWLINSON. PARTES III.- IV. 667 MACDONALD, '-. Narrative of his being employed by the earl of Stair as a spy on Prince James Edw. Stuart at Avignon in 1716, MACDoNNELL, Daniel, of Dublin, esq. Pardoned for treason in being taken in 1694 serving on board a French privateer; 1701, , 462, 482. MACDONNELL, Randal, marq. of Antrim. Relation by lord Granard about the blank commissions of Charles I which were in Antrim's hands; (copy), ~IAcER, -. Old Saxon or English words, taken from an old MS. translation of the treatise De virtutibu8 herbarum, MACHIA YELLI, Nicolao. Belfegor, transl. by Laur. Howell, Notes out of Whitehorne's transl. of the At't oj War; 1573, (cod. verso) 25. Extracts from his Observations on Livy, ~IACHIN, MACCATIUS (?), Horatius. Nomen in- MACKENZIE, capt. William, prisoner for MAFFEIUS, J. P. Life of Loyola; trans. scriptum, debt in Newgate: v. Mackenzie, Rode- lated,111. rick. M'CLERY, Cornelius, a friar. A breviary. lent to him at Lisbon by Roger Gillacii ; MACKINTOSH, brigadier William, and beg. oj cent. xvi, his brother Duncan. Preface (addressed to L. C. J. Parker) to an argument prepared for their defence at their trial for high treason in 1715, MACKLIN, John, condemned to transportation. Petition to Charles II that he may not be sold as a slave; 28 March, 1683, b MACKWORTH, sir Humphrey. Signature; 1721, Petition to the H_ of Commons against him; 1722, ib. 294 MACLUIR, Richard, Raphoe. Letter to him from John Crookshank; 1662, MAC-NAUGHTINE, Thomas,an old soldier. Petition to Charles II for the arrest of four deserters in Ireland, &c.; with order thereon; 20 July, 1684, MAGALOTTI, conte Lorenzo. Lettere su Ie terre odorose d'europa e d' America dette Buccheri; scritte alla marches a Strozzi e al cav. d'ambra, ; colle poesie varie, 646. MAGELLAN STRAIT. Rough outline sketches, , 46. MAGIA, MAGICA: V. Aganaut, Simon. Catal. libb. MSS. de Magire mysteriis ; SIEC. xvi, Conjurationes et invocationes spirituum, 252. Conjurations of angels, 253. Janua orientalis reserata: [invocations to the angels of the four quarters; Engl.], The magick of Arbatel, Operations of the four angels of the air, ib. 26. Supplication to God by the names governing the angels, ib. 38 MAGNA CHARTA: v. Durham. Readings at Lincoln's Inn, temp. Cm'. II, on the article about the Church, MACROBIUS. Flores ex Saturnalibus, MAGNY, -. Paper addressed to him; Collation by Hearne of his Comment. in c. 1735, 921. I51b. Somnium Scipionis with two Bodleian MAGUIRE, Emelia, widow of Hugh, styled MSS.; imper/., lord Maguire of Enniskillen. Petition John, Non-conformist minister. Mention of him, MADDER: v. Bedford, Geo. to Charles II, b MAHOMETES, pseudo-propheta. Qmedam de Alcorano ex epist. Petri Cluniac., 1637, b. MADDISON, Charles, B.A., St. John's coli., 280. *55b ~IACHIN, William, Holborn, London; MADDERLA Y, Edward. Name, MACIRONE, Francesco, Rome. attestation; 1714, Notarial MACKARELL, John, Norwich. Draft (by S. Stebbing) of a petition from him to the E. Marshal for a confirmation of the arms borne by his family in the Low Countries and assignment of a crest, MACKEINY, Alexander. Petition to 9harles II as the oldest officer living In the three kingdoms, MACKENZIE, sir George, Lord Advocate of Scotland: V. Oxford. Anon. letter to him on his scruples respecting the abrogation by James II of the penal laws, Two s~ort papers on the subject sent by him to the writer of the foregoing; (copies), ib Extracts from a MS. of his, as bearing on the legitimacy of the alleged P. of Wales, ; Cambro Recommended to dean Gran': ville of Durham; 1684, 850. I. MADDIRON, Edward, Durham. Letter to dean Granville of Durham; 1685, Acknowledgements of loans from dean Granville; 1685, Short account of him, MAIDEN BRADLEY, Wilts. Epitaph on sir E. Seymour; (printed), b MAIDSTONE, Kent: v. Barrell, Robert. Tithes of Northfleet assigned to the altar of St. Tho. Mart. in the church; 1406, MADDOCK, Abraham, Grange Court, London. Letters to Sam. Marriott; MAIDSTONE, John, organist and physi- Oct.-Nov (copies), ciano Epitaph, b MADEN, Richard, M.A., Oxf. Catalogus MAlDwELL, family of, Northamptonshire. bibl. ejus, Descent to Seyton, by Dugdale, 806. MADEW, Johannes, S.T.P. Disputationes tres, Cantabrigire habitre inter eum et quatuor alios, de doctrina Eucharistire ; 1549, MADOX, Thomas. Papers in his handwriting, , 4 Notices from the Plea Rolls of R. de Hoveden and Benedict of Peterb.; 1712, MA?K.ENZIE, George, M.D. Notice of MADRE, signior: V. Milan. his death and works; 1725, MA.CK.ENZIE, Roderick: v. Freman, Will. Fragment of a tract against his brother William; 1725, 908. ll8. Draft of a.paper respecting his dispute with his brother; 1725, Draft of a petition to the H. of Comlnons about the Mine Adventurers' COmpany, Signature; 1721, ib. 292b MAD RUCCI, Lodovico, card. Instructions on bei!lg sent by the Pope to the Diet at RatlSbon; 1594, Ital., to the imperial court; 1593, ib. I IS. MAERLANDT, Jacob van. Fragment of his Spiegel Historiael, MAFFEI, Alessandro. Defence of Montfaucon's Diar. Ital.against F. Ficoroni; transl. by Rawlinson, U MAIDWELL, Lewis. Signature, MAIMBOURG, Louis. Commencement of a transl. of his Hist. des Iconoclastes, to A.D. 744, 127. MAINSTY, E. Paraphrase in verse and commentary on the Song of Songs, MAINWARING, John, minister of Stokeupon-Trent. Signature; 1652,866.7,8. MAINWARING, R. Signature to a pass; 1644, MAINWARING, capt. Robert [quo the same as the preceding?]. Arms, and device on his cornet; 1642, b, 5. MAJORCA. Notification by the bishop of Majorca to the bishop of Barcelona of an exchange by two priests in their dioceses; 1427,

138 '668 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. MAITLAND, Elizabeth. duchess of Lauderdale. Letter to Hildebr., lord Alington; MALINSON, Richard, Petition to Charles II for relief, b. 1691, MALL (?), Thomas, rector of Thrandeston, MAITLAND, sir John, of Thirlestane, Chanco of Scotland: v. Bruce, Rob. Suffolk. Signature; 1679, MAITLAND, John. duke of Lauderdale. Votes ofthe H. of Commons against him; , Signature, with mottos, while prisoner in Windsor castle; 14 Oct. 1658, [MAITLAND. Richard, visco Maitland, afterwards fourth earl of Lauderdale. Deed of sale of his library to the earl of Mulgrave, signed and sealed; 9 July, 1687; (in Rawlinson's copy of the printed catalogue), Mus. Bibl. III. 4, 22. MS. catalogue in the same volume.] :MAKEPEACE, Abell. Steward of the manors of lord Say and Sele, Letter, without address; 1683, ib MAKLAY, -. Medicina pro surditate b MALLET, John. Name, 1109 ad calc. MALLET, William. Possessor of art. 6 in MALLIDE, Jean Louis, minister of the French congreg. in Soho, London. Letter to his colleagues; 1701, MALPAS, Cheshire. Inscriptions and monuments in the church, MAN BY, Thomas, commissioner for en. quiring into recusancies. Signature; 1688, MANCHESTER: v. Lancashire. }<'orms of a few writs, relating to the town, t. Hen. VIII, Grant of the manors of Maincestre Reverdelegh, Barton and Heton; 1331 (copy), 404. [150]. MANCHESTER, earl of: v. Montagu. MANCINI, Giulio, primo medico di P. Urb. VIII. Rag-g-uaglio delle cose della citta di Siena (transer. by Dr. Rawlinson), 488. I. MALT, Maltsters. Fragments of a maltster's ledger; , , 67. alia pittura come diletto d'un gen. Alcune considerazioni appartenenti Articles for the maltsters of Berkshire tiluomo (tl'anscr. by Rawlinson), 489. for regulation of the trade j temp. MAITTAIRE, Michael: v. MANCINI, Livio. Accused for misconduct Car. I, Biinemann,,T. L. Munro, Hen. as governor of Perugia; 1698, Notes on malting and barley; 1697, Marchand, Prosper. Zamboni, J. J b. MANDATA DECEM: v. W orthinl,rton, Poemata et epistolal, 347. Sermon on "malt": V. Dod, John. Thomas. Jonas; poema, Ric. Busby inscriptum, Commentarius; , cr I. MALTA: v. Grimaldi, Nicolo Adoptivus; comcedia, 284. I. Visited by Rawlinson; Dec. 1723, Notal multfe, Gr.-Lat., de mandatis ieneis Virgilii, in tres tragredias distributa, Malta; 1623, Tractatus tres in pralcepta vi, vii, viii, Relatione dell' isola et cavaglieri di i-ix; 1599, Catal. libb. a primis typographife Relazione del successo concernente Ii incunabulis usque ad an. 1746,1199. Giesuiti cacciati a furia di popolo ; Notes, by John Crookshank; 1659,830. Adversaria; letters, verses, &c., , Collections for his Annales TYIJogr., One hundred and ninety two epitaphs Commentary on Commandments i-iii, , 161-5, ,247,253. of knights in the church of St. J School exercise-book, 1686, 982. Bapt. and one at La Pieta, Large commentary on Comm. viii; Letter signed.. M. M." on Hebr Knights of Malta: v. Knights (orig.), (tl'ansc.) criticism bearing on the resurrection; 1734 (copy), Letter MAL THUS, Daniel. Epitaph in Hammersmith churchyard; 1717, forbidden, , 148b Tables of duties commanded and sins from J. Bland to "Mr. M-r" (probably Maittaire) on some points MALTON, Yorkshire. Note of its being MANDEVILLE, family of. Notes of pedi. of Hebrew criticism; 1734, ib. 30, burned by the Scots in 1321, b. gree, b. 32. Five other letters from the same on " M. Mataer's " controversy; MALTON, New, Yorkshire. Printed catalogne of the Bray parochial library him on his Free thoughts on religion, MANDEVILLE, Bernard, M.D. Letter to , ib Exaravit codd. 343, 467, 532. at St. Leonard's, and bond for its pre Possedit codd. 216, 245, 282, 283, servation, MANDEVILLE, John: V. Bertie, Robert. 284, 330, 343, MALTON, John. Arms (1334) in trick, MANERO, Petrus, ord. Minor. minister drawn out for archd. Christopher generalis: V. Franciscani. Malton; (1564-9), MAN: v. Duty. Huarte, Joh. Life. MALHAM, Francis, of Eisiacke, Yorkshire. MANASSEE, Daniel, of Augsburg. En- Latin epitaph in Grantham church; graving by him of arms of the Empire, 1660, MANGELMAR, Jacob et 'Wilhelm von. Inscriptiones Germ. in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 1630,936. lizb. MANGEY, Benjamin, M.A., Linc. coll., Oxf. Signature; 1724, MALACHIAS, S., archiep. Armach. Prophetia de summis Pontiff., MAN, Isle of. List of state papers relating to it; cent. xvi, xvii, A short description, M.<\.NGEY, Thomas, D.D. Claim to tithes MALAGA: v. Newland, Francis. Copies of three Runic inscriptions at at Pittington belonging to his prebend MALALA, Joannes, Antiochenus: V. Gregory, Joh. Kirk St. Michael and Kirk Andreas, at Durham; 1735, Sketch of mutilated Latin inscription MANILlO, Sebastiano. Translator into MALDEN, Essex. French congregation dug up at Kirk St. Anne, Ital. in 1424 of Fasciculo di Medicina, mentioned, MAN, George, Canterbury. Possessor of MALDON, Surrey. Epitaph on sir T Receipts for payments of tithes MANLEY, family of, Staffordshire. Pedi Morley; 1693, by him; , 1624, ib. II6-120, 137. gree, with arms in trick, Abstract of title-deeds; , ib. MALERAY, A., French pastor. Signature; MANLEY, Mary, widow. Petition to Chas. 128h-13Ib. List of pears in his garden, n for payment of a debt from Thos , , 48. ib. 143, 145. Elliot, one of the grooms of the bed MALET, Thomas. Le~al opinion on a MAN, William. Donor of a book, chamber, 18. SIb. case; 1638, MANLEY, Thomas, son of a servant to Charles I. Petition to Charles II for arrears of wages due to his father, b

139 lanlove, Rowland, rector and vicar of Long Stanton, Cambro Signature; 1673, , 21. MANN, Nich., master of the Charlerhouse. Letter (by J. Bland) in reply to his Critical Notes on pallsages of Scripture; 1747,393. I. MANNE, -. Art. 69 in 398 addressed to him. MANNERS, John, 8th earl of Rutland. Mention of him and his dau. Elizabeth; 1669,78 5 MANNERS, John, 9th earl and first duke of Rutland. A suitor, while lord Roos, to Eliz. dau. of the earl of Newburgh, ,320. MANNERS, John, third duke of Rutland. Seventy-one Latin letters to him from M. Maittaire; (drafts), \ 33-54; \ Lat. odes by Maittaire to him on his birthday, &c., ib. 28, 55, 56, 139b, 141 b Lat. ode by the same to him and his wife on their wedding-day, 27 Aug (draft), ib RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. MANSFELD, Roberl, rector of Eng!. college at Rome. Cerlificate in favour of Edw. Meredith, Letter to the same; 2 June, 1703, ib. 9. MANSLAUGHTER: v. Jus Anglicanum. MANso,Hernando, a Spanish Benedictine. Exhorlacion a los lectores: (of what book not mentioned), MANTUA: v. Caprara, F. C. Notes of antiquities, pictures, &c., with sketches; 1651, , News-letter from thence of 16 Feb. 1691, Ital., Emblema de Isabella, domina de Mantua, cum notitia, versu et prosa, , Duke, 1592 : V. Vasto, march. del. MANUALE. Benedictio scuti et baculi, e Man. Sarisb, A small fragment, MANU ALE CURATORUlII. A treatise for instruction of parishioners; 15th cent., MANUEL, Gasper, a Vaudois student. Subscriptions for his maintenance at Cambridge; 1715, MANNERS, Roger, fifth earl of Rutland. Petition respecting the barony of Roos [MANWARING, or] MAYNWARING, sir of Hamlake; 1615, Arlhur: V. Pigott, Geo. MANNHEIlII, Bavaria. Summary of privileges granted by the Elector Palatine to persons dwelling there; 1651, Fr., 867. III. ~ranning, Leonard. Petition to Charles II for payment for planting 1500 oaks in the New Forest; [about 1682], 18. 6ob MANNINGE, Rich., rector of Little Shelton, Cambro Signature; 167!, MANNYNGE, Roberl. Petition to Charles II for provision for two of his children, he himself being about to retire among the Oratorians at Paris, b. M:ANNINGHAM, Thomas, bp. of Chichester. Speech in H. of Lords in favour of the petition of Lady Downing for the anllulling her marriage; 1715, [ANOLESSO, sive Monolesso, Emiliano. ~elatione fal dog~ di Venezia?] del SIgn. ManoIesso, rltornato di Ferrara; 1575, ; ; ~ANORS. Regna Saturnia; of manors, courts-baron and leet, aanrrique, Spanish family. La casa d.e los duques de Nagera que son Manrflques de Tara, {ANSELL, Francis, D.D., princ. of Jesus Coil., Oxf.: v. Jenkins, sir L. {ANSELL, Francis. Petition to the commissioners of poll-money, b. MAPLETOFT, Roberl, dean of Ely: f). Downham, Cambro Hardwick, Cambro Signature; 1667,340. t. MAPLETOFT, Roberl, Rome. Letters to E. Meredith; ,21.46,640 Mentioned, ib. 69b MAPLIZDEN, John. Signature, MAPS: v. Charls. Grrecia. Index of maps and charls contained in twenty atlases, 795. MARAIS, Re~nier MARBODUS. MANNERS, sir Roger. Letter to Dr. John MANWARING, Elinor: V. Manwaring, Bastwick; 1629, To him from Rob. Bastwick, ib. 14. MANWARING or MAYNWARING, Margaret: v. Baddiley, Cheshire. MANWARING, Peter, Smallwood Cheshire. Bond of indemnity from him and his son Peter to E. Ashmole; 1642, List of books lent to the son by Ashmole, ib [MANWARING,orJMAYNWARING,Robert, Smalewood, Cheshire. Letter to his cousin Elinor Maynwaring; 1637, MANWARING, or MAYNWARING, Roger, D.D., bishop of St. David's. Pardon from Chas. I, Notice of him by A. Wood, MANYARD, William. Messenger sent by capt. Strachen from Weymouth to Oxford, March 1644, MAPES, Gualterus. Apocalypsis GOlilll, ; 265. Romance de Lancelot du Lac, ou la queste de Saint Gl'aal, 874. I ; 899. I. La Mort d'arthur, ; MAPHlEUS, Celsus, Veronensis. Dissuasoria ne Chl'istiani principes ecclesiasticos usurpent census, 218. MAPHRINUS, Gregorius. Transl. of the first and last sheets of his Eccl. Hist. of the East, des, abate. Del bucchero gentile, canzone, 646. xv. MARBECK, Roger, provo of Oriel coil. and public orator at Oxf. Epistolre quredam academicre, Oratio ad Reg. Elizab. [6 Sept. 1566J, ; b ; Epist. ad- Wallfallum, b. Exhortatio ad Orielenses de studiis, ib. 39b Oratio in domo Congreg. [1564?], ; Oratio in laudem Diogenis, Oratio quajuvenes incendit ad litteras discendas, ib Discourse of the voyage to Spain and the winning of Cadiz, 1596, 124. Libermetricus de gemmis, MARCALDI, Francesco. Narratione del stato della Regina di Scotia, 447. MARCELLUS II, Papa. Conclave di Marc. II; 1555, ; MARCH, capt. Richard, ordnance storekeeper at Bristol. Seven letters to lord Percy about the garrison and arms at Bristol; 1644, ,102, 108, II2, 140, 145, 191. Two letters to lord Percy's secretary, Mason; 1644, ib' 104, 177. Mentioned, ib List of ordnance sent from Weymouth to Oxf.; 30 Oct. 1643, ib. 214 Signature; 1641, MARCHAND,Paul, fellow of Jesus coli., Cambro Signature, MARCHAND, Prosper. Letter to M. Maittaire; 1743, Fr., MARCHU, Willelmusde, episc. Wellensis. Varia de canonizatione ejus, (apogr.j, <). MARDEN, John. Name, MAREHAlII-LE-FEN, Lincolnshire. Art,~ cles against Will. Pavy, rector; 1644, MARESIUS, Samuel. Comment. in Arist. Physica, 1627,217. Exaravit, ut videtur, 217,255. MAPLE DURHAlII, Oxon. Epitaphs, List of rectors, ib MARGETTS, James: v. Kidder, Rich. MAPLETOFT, John, D.D. Letter to H. MARGETTS, William. Signature, Newman; 17II,

140 670 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. MARIA, B. Virgo: v. Narrationes. Vita; cappo 39, Libellus de ortu ejus et infantia Salvatoris, ib. 23. El)istola Melitonis de assumptione ejus, ib. 44. Epistola ad Messanenses j Lat.-Angl., Hymni septem, &c., ad eam, ,2 j Excerpta varia ex hymnis, &c., in laudem ejus, , 50. MARIA, Regina Scotorum: V. Marcaldi, Franc. Strangu~e, Will. Disticha duo, de aquis BuxtomensibuR, h Note by bp. Tanner of the points respecting Darnley'B murder exhibited against her by the Regent j Dec. 1568, Transcripts fl'om Cotton MS. Calig. C. ix. &c. of papers relating to her in 1586, b. Relatione della persecutione e prigionia della Reg. di Scotia, MARIA I, Anglire Regina: v Pole, sir Giles. Letter to the Council on the death of Edw. VI, and the reply; 9-11 July, 1553 (copies), b, 36. MARIA II, M. Brit. Regina: V. Sylvius, sir G. Poema in obi tum ejus; a quodam e coil. D. Jo. Bapt. Oxon, Poema aliud in obitum ejus, Verses by a Jacobite Scot on her death, Claim of the heralds to fees at her funeral, liiaria BEATRIX, consorsjac. II, Regina Anglire: V. Jacobus II. Inscription at Bath commemorll-ting her visit in 1688, Address to her at King's coll., Cll-mbr., The case of her jointure; 1698, :,praised by dean Granville j , I3b, 119. Mentioned j ,21.31,32. MARIET, family of, Berks. 1623, , Pedigree; MARIETTE, Jean, Paris. Four engravings by him, , 42, 59, 146. MARIGNANO, Marchese di. Lettera alla.republ. di Siena, 9 Genn. 1554, col risposto, Discorso circa Ie cose della guerra di Siena, ib MARILLAC, Charles de, bishop of Vienne. Transl. of his oration before Charles IX in pari. of France, MARION, Ie seigneur.: v. Ar.., mons. j Du Perron, card. MARION,Elias, a Philadelphian mystic. Explanation of the figure David as a type of Christ; 1710, MARKHAM, capt. Printed label with the MARSDEN, Gamaliel: V. Mather, Sam. inscription on his cornet; 1642, 942, cover. MARSEILLES. Domus ibi cujusdalu MARKHAM, Anthony. Part of a covenant with Rob. and Anne Barnes; 1599, MARKHAM, Gervase. Remembrancer of unpublished secrets, [or, Perfect horseman,] 28. e familia Du Fresne; 1658,270. MARSH, Narcissus, archbishop of Armagh,. On the theory of sounds, SIgnature; ,822.6, 8; Epitaph in St. Patrick's cathedral Dublin, ' MARKLAND, Alexander, a maimed seaman. MA~SH, Robert, musician to Charles I. Petition to Charles II, SIgnature, b, 71, 76b ; et in oou, se'lq. MARKSHALL, Essex. Mrs. Honeywood's epitaph there; 1620, MARSHAL, William, earl of Pembroke Division of his Irish lands among hi; MARLBOROUGH, earls of; V. Ley. five daughters, MARL1!lY, -, rector of Eversden, q. v. MARLOW, Great, Bucks. Notice of the death of W. Harvey, vicar [1708], b MARSHALL, Ann, Hackney j 1637; 145, 55 MARSHALL, Ant., fellow of Trin. coli Cambro Signature; 1678, 391. IS. " MARLOW, -, dau. of Dr. Tob. Crisp. Mentioned, MARSHALL, Benjamin. Letter to him 'from T. Hearne; 1709, MARMION, family of. Pedigree, swcc. xi-xiii, by Dugdale, with arms in trick, MARSIlALL, James. Petition to Charle! II for the place of yeoman baker to the Queen; Oct. 1666, MARMOORDE, Charles de. Inscriptio in ajbo amicorum P. Golii, MARSHALL, John, mercer. Mentioned; cent. xvi, MARNEY, sir Henry. Creation as lord Marney; 12 Apr. 1523,815. I. MARSHALL, John, Exeter. Appeal in MARNIX, Philip de. Verses copied in 1619 out of his Bee-hive oj the Romish Chm'ch, b, MAROLOIS, Samuel. The art of perspective; transl. from the Fr., 741. It will-case to the Arches Court; 1624, MARSHALL, John, Emanuel coli., Cambl, Signature; 1722, MARSHALL, Ralph: V. Compton, Geo. MARPURG UM. Academia: V. Redmer, MARSHALL, Stephen. End of a sermon Rob. on Is, ix. 2, MARR, countess of: V. Erskine, Mary. MARSHALL, Tho., D.D., rector of Line. call" MARRIAGE: V. MATRIMONIUM. Oxf" dean of Gloucester.: V. Fell, John. Van Dijek, Abr, MARRIOTT, Reginald, deputy auditor of the city of London. Signature j 1690, MARRIOTT, Samuel, ironmonger, London. Will, 4 Sept (copy), Extract of births and baptisms of S children of Sam. and Lettice Marriott, from reg. of St. Lawrence Jewry, London; , MARRYOTT, Matthew. Appointments as Master of the Poor-houses at Hemel Hempstead and Luton, with certificates of his efficiency; , )farius, John. Notary public in London MARSALA, urbs Sicilire. Elogium urbis, in 1663, Vallet, Jaques. Twelve letters to Dr. Fell; , , ; , 132-3, Letter to Sam. Clarke; 1668, 317. J4Z, Letter to him (?) from dean Granville of Durham Signature; 1676, MARSHALL, Will. Portrait of card, Wolsey engraved by him, 104 ad inii, MARRIOTT, Samuel, London, son of the MARSHALL, William. Agreement on preceding. Autobiography j becoming curate of Easington, Durh" 1745, Duties required of him; 1687, MARRIOTT, Thomas, clerk of Exchequer ib. 40. pleas. Epitaph in Bunhill Fields' MARSH BALD ON : v. Baldon. burying-ground; 1724, Sb. MARRYATT, -, New Street, IIolborn. MARSHFEI;LD, Thomas, gp.rdener, Knights Letter for J. Dunton addressed to his bridge. Petition to Charles II to be care, appointed his gardener at Winchester, MARSILI, Alfonso. Orazione funerale ~ morte del Ferdinando, Gran Duca 1 TOBcana.; 1713, MARTEN, -, physician. Receipt for a weapon salve, b.

141 MARTEN, al. MARTIN, sir Henry, vicargeneral of the dioc. of I.ondon. Papers connected with ecclesiastical cases, temp. Joe. I, 818. Commission to him as deputy-official of the dioc. of London,.. sede vacante"; 4 Apr. 1621, ih Signature; , ib.49, 71. Speech to K. Jas. I at his first coming to London, b MARTEN, a1. MARTIN, Henry, the regicide. Epitaph in Chepstow church, RAWLINSON. PARTES III.' IV. 671, l. MARTYN, family of, Wokingham, Berks. Note of pedigree, b MARTYR, Petrus: v. Chedsey, GuI. Keslerus, Joh. Epistola Anglis Tiguri degentibus; 1553 (apogl.), Epistola ad Jo. Hooper; 4 Nov (apogr.), MARTYROLOGIUM. Eccl. S. Ceddre Salopesbir., MARWITZ, Friedrich von der. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 'froia, 7 Jan. 1621, }farwood, -, gentleman to the L. Deputy of Ireland. Cured of a disease by J. Claven; 1636, * b. MARTEN, Symon, Lichfield~ 'V. Ashmole, Elias. Letters to Ashmole; 1685, , 149, MARTIALIS. Prose translation of some of the Epigrams, 55. MARWOOD, Richard, vicar of Holy I. Nine epigrams in EngI. verse, Tlin., - (?). Exhibited articles against a parishioner respecting customary MARTIN, - Reflections on solitude, life, offerings,300. ISS. death, &c., MARY, princess, daughter of James II. MARTIN, Andrew, Wapping; 1637, 145. Description of her in 1701, MARY, princess, daughtar of Geo. II. MARTIN, Anna Maria, wife of sir Roger, Extract from Livy transl. into French bart. Memorial to princess (afterwards for her; 1733, Q.) Caroline for help to bring up her MARY-LE-BoNE, Middlesex: f). London. children as Protestants; (draft), MASON, Robert, recorder of London. Argument on a proposed addition.. to the Petition of Right; 1628, Mention of his readings at Lincoln's Inn in 1635, MASON, R{)bert, LL.D., Cambr., Master of Requests. Signature; 1660, Letterto T. Hobbes; 1622 (copy), MASON, Thomas, preb. of Hereford (?). 'freatise on the authority of the State to elect and deprive bishops, Address to the bishops on the same B~bject; [quo by Mason?], ih MASON, William, servant to dean Granville of Durham. Remarks on his conduct, , MASSAl:US, Christianus, Cameracensis. Notre per Jac. Usserium e chronico ejus, Ib. MASSANDlLLO, Tomaso Aniello, detto. Account of his insurrection; 1646, Ital., MASSEY, Ric. Middleton, M.D.Possedit codd. 820, MARYE, Abraham. Engagement to MASSIMI, marchese de. Racconte delle MARTIN, Edward, pres. of Queens' coli., serve H. Newman in Jamaica as clerk; morti delli, figlioli del march. de Cambr: 'V. 1724, M "' Brownrigge, Ralph. Holdsworth, Rich. asslml ;, u. MARYLAND, Province of. Short account MARTIN, Gregory: v. Parsons, Rob. MARTIN, Jeremy. Answer to the treatise of T. Whitaker on mineral waters, chiefly with regard to those at Overstron, Norfolk; 1634, MARTIN, John, B.A., rector of Melcomb Horsey, Dorset. Note of his death in 1693, of its political and religious condition; 1714, )faryon, Jos., fellow of Clare hall, Cambro Signature; 1679, MASCY, Thomas, "de Ricton." Signature; 1665, MASSIMI, Innoc., vesco di Bertinoro. Instructions to him when nuntio in Tuscany; 1621, Ital., ; ; ; 680. I; 634. I. -- when.. nuntio in Spain about the proposed marriage of the P. of Wales; 1623, ltal., 626. J56; ; MASSINGBIRD, capt. -. Arms, and de- MASCHALL, Thomas. Signature; 1610, vice on his cornet; 164 2, b-l MARTIN, John, Bishop's Lavington, Wilts. MASSINOT, _, Soissons. A bill for cloth; Pedigree, MASON, Lady. Mentioned; C. 1590, b. 1728, Fr., MARTIN, Leicester, Ipswich. Affidavit; 1709, MASON, Elizabeth, widow of John, hackney-coachman killed by Mr Edmund 1645, MASSON, J., French pastor. Signature; MARTIN, Richard, recorder of London. Challenor. Petition to Charles II for Biographical notice; by J. Aubrey, a hackney-coach licence, having only MASSON, Joannes. C. Plinii Secundi an allowance of 40 from Mr. vita, Letter to Hearne,.ib. MARTIN, Robert. Guarantee that Liturgies sold by him to Lord Falkland Challenor, were perfect; 19 Dec. 1633, MASON, Gabriel. Signature, MASTER, or Masters. Ann, widow of Edw., Edw., and sir Edw., Canterbury. MARTIN, Thomas, ledis Christi Oxon. Epitaphs; , censor. Epistola ad eum ab alumno Aedis Christi, 1665,286. 6b. MARTIN, Thomas, Thetford. Possessed,in 1720 the original of art. 51 in 867. MARTINES, -. Corrections of mistakes in his Geograjie, MARTINO, Franciscus de, Neap in usum suum delineatus. MASON, Henry, Westmill, Herts. Name, 1333 ad calc. MASON, Joan, Smithfield, London. 1637, b MASON, sir John, knt., chancellor of the Univ. of Oxford. Epistolre tres ad eum ab acado Oxon.; 19 Nov Jan. 156t, , 3. MAsoN,Pearse, Yarmouth; 1638,145,I27b. MASON, Richard, Board of Green Cloth. Signature; 168;f, MA~TINUS, Joannes," Paleoecclesianus." SIgnature; 1590, MARTTINEZ DE MURGURA, Andr. de. MASON, Richard, secretary to Lord Percy Copy of' some government moneyaccounts in Mexico j c. 1704, , March, Rich. Strachen, John. (1644) : f) Higgins, Will. VOL. II. MASTER, Edward, D.C.L., New CoIl.: V. Roberts, Mich. Signature; 167~, ; - with seal of arms, ib. 93. MASTER, Samuel, Temple, London. Signature; 1678, MASTER, Susannah, Richard and Thomas. Bequests to them as sister and nephews of Joseph Yate; 1714, MASTERS, William, Winchester college. Latin letter to a patron; MASTERS OF THE. ROLLs: V. Jus Anglic. 3 G

142 "72 MATASILANI, Mario, of Bologna. Parallel of Julius and Octavius Cresar with Alex. and Cosmo de' Medici, transl. by C. A., MATHEMATICA. Tractatus varii, A few problems, with diagrams, 451. Diagrams, 544. Cours de mathematique8, 524. I. Traite de Ill. trigonometrie, ib. 47. Tratado del instrumento dho. Panto metra, MATHER, -. Notes of sermons at Dorchester; , MATHER, Christopher. Signature; 1592, Notice of his Mag MATHER, Cotton. nalia, MATHER, Samuel, son of Increase Mather., De vita academicapie constituenda, Short note; 1714, ib. 23S b Letter of remonstrance to G. Marsden, a Fifth-monarchy preacher; 1669 (copy), MATHEW, Nathaniel, Alton, Hants. Epitaph; 1687, 682. l06b MATHEWS, John. A copy of 708 given to him. MATOLESI, Paul Biro, from Hungary. Petitions to the Vice-Chanco and the Master of Balliol coil. for help at Oxf., with list of contributions; 1735, MATRIMONIUM.: 'V. Anna, Magn. Brit. Reg. Deane, Mary. Divorce. Hales, John. Notre de priscis Jewel, John. Raynolds, John. W.,J. Yorke, Ph., earl of Hardwicke. nuptiarum ritibus, Tables of forbidden degrees; 1566, b. A treatise on marriage; imperf" Dialogue on marriage, Letter on re-marriage after divorce, Notes for a presbyterian form of marriage-service, Case of conscience, whether refusal of conjugal duties dissolves marriage [quo by John Butler, B.D.?}, Case of conscience respecting a nonjuring wife living with a husband who had complied, Verses in praise of marriage, 317. n b 'MATTHlEUS, Antonius, J.U.D., Groning. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Fred. Lossii; INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. MATTHEW, Tobias, archbishop of York. Epistolre ac orationes dum officio Oratoria Publici apud Oxonien8es fungeretur, annis ; manu sua, Oratio in officii resignatione, ib. 37. Oratio ad com. Leicestrire, Concio apologetica adversus Edm. Campianum de usu patrum, ; Anglice, Thesis in laudem doctrinre, Epist. ad Jo. Delabere, Epist. ad J. Sprint; 1560, b -- ad R. Alan, ib. 14u -- ad Tho. Sampson; 1562, ib. 58. Oratio ad Reginam, ; Prosopopooia discipulis suis, Item eisdem, ib Oratio in 1audem eloquentire, ib Prosopopooia eloquentire, ib Assize sermon at Oxf., 1581, on Provo xxiv. 21-4, Sermon on Eph. iii. 12, ib on Heb. iii. 8, ib Plea in Q. B. when dean of Durham against an inhibition from the archbp. of York as to jurisdiction during vacancy in the see; 1591, Notre de concione sua in S. Marire ecel. Oxon. contra Edm. Campian; 1582, ,27\ de designatione ejus in decanatum Dunelm.; ib. 46. MATHEW, Henry, oar-maker, prisoner for debt at Winchester. Petition to Charles II for payment of a debt due from the Commissioners of the Navy, 18. MATTHEWS, John. Latin epitaph at 54b Tewkesbury; 1724, MATTISHALL, Norfolk. Story of a sermon against friars preached there by the vicar of Ringland; impel/., MATYN, Edith. Latin epitaph in Amesbury church; 147.., MAULE, Henry, bishop of Dromore. Letter to H. Newman; [1734], imperj., MAULE, Margaret, countess of Panmure. Note of her death in 1731, b MA ULEVERER, col. James. Arms, and device on his cornet; 1642, 942. Ilb, 12. MAUNDER, Ot Mander, Roger, master of Ball. coil., Oxf. Note of his death, MAUNDEVILE, sir John. Travels, 100, abridged, 99. MAURELLI, Philip Daniel Castiglione. Epitaph in Fulham churchyard; 1738, MAURICE OF NASSAU, prince of Orange. Inscriptio in albo amieorum Dav. von }'iltz; 1624, b, Note of the conspiracy of Pietro Panno against him, b, MAURICE, prince, brother of prince, Rupert: 'V. Carolus I.! Mentioned; 1644, ,96,186,219. MAURICE, -. Analyses of sermons by! him, in French, ; , 89, 97b, ! MAURICE, Henry, Non-conformist minis. ter in Monmonthshire. Notice of him I ' : MAURICE, Henry, D.D., chaplain to archbp. Sancroft. Signature; , 730. I, 9\ 13, 40, Sib, 70 80, 130, 136\ 138, 158, 160, 192, 193: 204. Notice of books by him, b-8. i MAURICE, Peter, dean of Bangor Signature; 1731, MAURICE, Rev. Thomas, Worcester. Copies by him of papers by Hickes and bequeathed by him to Rawlinson' ' MAUROIS, Elias, a French refuaee at Canterbury. Epitaph; 1628, MAUROY, -. Order to the post-master at Phalzbourg'to supply Rawlinson with horses; 1720, MAW: 'V. Games. MA WE, Rob., M.A., vicar of Littleport, Cambro Signature; 1669, MA WMAN, Timothy, bishop amongst the Non-jurors. Letter to Rawlinson; 1733, MAWSON, Robert, a Non-juror: 'V. B., D. MAXFIELD, John. Petition to Charles Il for relief as having been formerly a volunteer in Scotland under Gen. Middleton, b. MAXIMILIANUS II, imperator Germanire: 'V. Germania. Medici, Franc. de'. Hungaria. Transylvania. Oratio habita a legatis ejus coram papa Pio V, 24 Apr. 1570, 620. I. Lettera al suo ambo in Roma sopra ja lega d'apr. 1571, MAXIMILIAN US, archidux Austrire: v. Polonia. MAXIM US, Regensis episcopus Vita, MAUNDY ALMS. Orders of Charles II for admission of various Maundy-men; MAXSTOKE PRIORY, Warwickshire. Note , of a copy of the statutes, MAUR, or Marr, Robert: 'V. Cope, MAXWELL, Anne, widow of Charles, Samuel. a servant to Princess of Orange. Petition to Charles II for relief, b MAXWELL, John, bishop of Ross. Extracts from his 8acrosancta regulll majestas, 836,211. MAYE, Anthony. Signature, MAY, George, rector of St. Dionis Backf church, London. Signature and seal 0 arms; 1679,

143 MAY, Margaret, Shoreditch; 1637, J b MAYE, R. Signature, MAY, William, Southwark; 1638, 145. IZI. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 67~ MAZARINUS, Julius" card. Vita; ltal., Testamento, ib. 42~. Epitaphium satiricum, i ; ; ; ; 1110 ad calc., 8. French epitaphs on him, MAYER, John Fred.: v. Hamburgh. MEAD. A receipt for making mead, 678. u6. MAYERNE, Louyse de. Inscriptio Hisp. MEAD, -. Mention of him as a travelling in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; 1618, companion in Italy in 1651, , MAYERNE, Marie de, sister of Theodore MEAD, James, D.D. Certificate of his de Mayerne, M.D. Grant from James I declaration on admission to vicarage of of a pension, b Woking; 1665, MAYERNE, Theodore de, M.D. Grants MEAD, Richard, M.D. : v. from James I of 100 per an. formerly Rawlinson, Benj. Thorpe, John. allowed by his Queen, and of arrears of Oratio in coronationem Gul. et Mar. ; pension, habita in schola de Hoxton Apr. 13, 1689,462. MAYHEW, Edward. Confutation of a Proceeds of the sales of his pictures; book by Will. Crashaw; being the 1754, appendix to Mayhew's Grounds of the MS. transcribed by him, 288. old and newe religion; 1606, 39. Gave 123 to Hearne in Gave some of Bagford's papers to MAYNALL, Alexander. Nomen inscriptum,290. 1,29. Hearne, b Lat. epigram on sir G. Kneller's MAYNARD, Banister, lord: r. Moody, portrait of him, by M. Maittaire, 728. MEDICI, Alexander de': v. Matasilani, Mario. Breve Caroli V imp. pro investitura ejus; 1530,61L I. MEDICI, Bernardo de' : v. Julius III, Papa. MEDICI, Cosmo de', Granduca di Toscana: v. Matasilani, Mario. Emblemata duo de eo, cum notitiis versu et prosa, Breve Car. V imp. pro investitura ejus; 1537, Investitura ejus Senensis, per Phil. R. Hispp.; 1557, ib.25 Parere sopra la corte di Roma, S. Letter to his wife, Marg. Louise, from an old French member of her household, against her separation from her husband; Fr., MEDICI, Ferdinand de', son of Cosmo III of Tuscany: v. Marsili, Alfonso. liedici, Franc. de'. Diploma imp. Maxim. II quo Dux Magni Etrurire constituitur; 1576, MEDICI, Franc. Maria, cardinale. Lettera al princ. d'ottaviano per Ie differenze tra sig. Contest. Colonna e sig. Ant. Borghese; 1690, Robert. 246b. MEDICI, Franc. di Raffaello de': r. Two letters of Chas. I copied from Strozzi, Pietro. MAYNARD, Edward, D.D.. Courteen-hall, originals in his possession, 404. Northants. Letters to dean Gran- (codice verso). MEDICI, Joannes, dux. Gesta ejus, 609. ville of Durham; 1685, , 265. MEADE, -. Inscriptio, MEDICI, Joannes, card.; postea Papa ~[AYNARD, John. Petition to Charles II MEADOWS, sir Philip. A particular of Leo X, q. v. upon dismi8sal from his place as cook his estate in Bentley; 1679,1481. los. MEDICI, Laurentius de'. Emblema de to the duchess of Monmouth, Army comptroller; 1712, b. eo; accedit notitia, versu et prosa, MAYNARD, Mary. Case in the Arches MEARE, John, D.D., princ. of Brasenose Court v. John Banckes, as being her coli., Oxf.: v. Oxford: Brasenose. MEDICI, Petrus de'. Emblema de eo; lawful husband per verba de pn(3senti; accedit notitia, versu et pros a, temp. Eliz., b. MEARES, sir Thomas: v. Chippingdale, Sus. MEDICINA: v. MAYNARD, sir William, bart..tegidius Cor- Burgundia, Joh. de. Signature, MEASURES: v. Mensuratio beiensis. J a. '1'01. MECKLENBURGH: v. Brandenburgh. Bodenham, Midwifery MAYNE, Dr. -. Letter to him from Lady Th. Salernum. MEDALS: v. Rawlinson, Rich. Hearne; 17Il, b. MEDAN, - de, Paris. Letter to him; MAYNE, sir John, bart. Petition to C 1701,. 12. 'harles II to be appointed a commissioner of the Wine Act, 18. 2S. MEDBOURNE, Leicestershire: v. Cressey, 1 u~ nfa.yney, sir Anthony, bart. Two petitions for licence to surrender his patent MEDCALF, William. Signature; 1654, of baronetcy; 1697, , MAYNIMOT, family of. Notes of pedigree, MEDDUS, John, Exeter coil, Oxford. A ". juvenile note-book; 1619, 929. MEDELLIN, conde de: v. Puerto Carrero. MAYNWARING, Ot MANWARING, q. v. MEDGATE, William: v. Muggleton, Lod. MAYO, Richard, minister of KingstonhPon-Thames.Doctrines affirmed by Un and impugned by E. Burrough, a Quaker; 1658, MAYO, Richard. Letter to H. Newman; 17 12, 839. Il3. MAYOR, Edmund, rector of Finningham, q. v. MAYORS: v. Poemata. MET-OTT; John, Abingdon: v. Ashmole, las. MEDICI: v. Andersone, Gilb. Lines on a physician who was also a preacher; lis. Chauncey, M.P.?], College of Physicians: v. London. MEDICI, family of de'. Copies of documents about their investiture by the Emp. Charles V with the states of Florence and Sienna; , Discorso sopra l'origine e descendenza della. famiglia, 648. ii. De medicamentis variis coruponendis, De virtutibus aquarum, 25L 64b. De virtutibus herbre rosre marinre, 287. D e 354 mo d 0 me d en d" 1 1n d' IverSls. qua d 1'18. lunre; srec. xv, Speculum phl~botomire, ~. De phleobotomla, , 27, 41. Figure of a man with directions for bleeding (" Homo venarum"), ib. 51. Eng1. poem on blood-letting, l:b. SIb. De urinis, b De coloribua urinarum, ; ; 248. lib. Summula de urinis (in it. ), b. Fragm. tractatus de urinis, Varia, prosa et versibus, de urinis, , 15. Judicium urinarum; Engl., 122L 47". Uricrisis; Engl., ib. 50. Treatise in Engl; cent. XI', Pro surditate, Sb Versus de temperamentis hominum, b De quatuor humonbus, ib. 46. Notre de iv temperamentis corporis,238. I; 261. II3\). 3 G2

144 '614 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Brevia varia., Beec. Xf);1~110; MELANCTHON, Philip. Horoscope, MENNRETI (?), Alexander. Acknowledgement for Ie chev. Lambert of receipt Prmscripta varia atque notm miscellanem, 2&1. -- Lat., of money on account of Ie chev MELCHIOR, Johannes. Sptema theologim; in ejus,~~ e1~ "a N. N. Holzendorf; 1721, Fr., Theses varim medicm, auct. Cantabrigiensi quodam ; 1592:"7, 213. dictatum," 277. MENSURATIO. De artibus mensurandi geometria, &c., 249. ' 24-33b Consultatio de commercio literario ad MELDRUlII, Robert: fl. Blackbume, Rob. Com,parison of the pied de Paris with rei medicm incrementum; 2 partt.; MELFORT, earl of; i.e. John Drummond, the foot of other countries, (impress.), Table for converting square measure; Rules for' diet in the four seasons of q. fl. to round, and inches to feet, 976. the year, b MELITO, S., episc. Sardicensis. Epistola MERCATOR, Nicholas. M t' d 1 An excellent oil or balsam from a MS. (spuria) de assumptione B. Marim V., en lone, 363, found in "Esum" [Evesham?] abbey, ' Toothache cured by extraction of MELONIERE, major-gen. Ie. Proposal to MERCATOR, Romold, son of [Gerardn worms, the officers of his regiment to accept I. A medicine tor the ricketb, b. a composition for arrears due from MERCER, William, brother-in-law to sir Directions for the use of "antimonial Will. III for service in Ireland; 1696 Audley Mervin. Petition to Charles II cups" and wine, , 97. (copy), for help in consideration of his labou; Directions for the months Oct., Nov., MELROSE. Quotation from ekron. Mailros. upon a chronicle of the three kingdoms, Dec., b in D. Hollis' Remains, b Prescriptions; cent. xviii, CollectlOns of receipts; end of cent. rvi, MELTON, Suffolk. Articles against Will. MERCHANTS: 'II. 1025,1074. Pratt, rector; 1644, Cloth. Hanse merchants. Collection of receipts for pills, lozenges, Instructions for keeping merchants' MELTON MOWRRAY, Leic. Warrant for &c., accounts, search for men who committed burglary Miscellaneous receipts, , 249; there; 25 March, 165 1, MERE, G. Brossin, marq. de. Refiexions 699.4b, 10, 62b, 63b, 6448b; ; 947.2b, 5b,&c.; ; MELVILL, James, son and heir of sir, sur l'education d'un enfant de qualite, 2; , sob, 72b-4; George. Petition to Charles II for Note-book of the practice ofan English renewal of a pension, 18. 9b. MEREDITH, Edward, Naples. Corre physician in Hungary in , MELVINUS, Andreas, S.T.P., Andreap. spondence; , 21. Certifi Notes by a [quack?] doctor of some Epistolm dum ad F. Junium de loco cate in his favour, ib. I. Letter of cures, epist. ad Hebr. ii. 16, cum responso condolence [from him?) to Qu. Mary Notes on Engl. physicians, and out of Junii; 1597 (apogr.), of Modena on death of James II, ib. various Engl. medical writers, 108. Three Latin epigrams, on the altar. at 19 Letter, without address; 14 Oct. Whitehall, on Arabella Stuart, and 1702, ib. 22. II. Discourse of the lawless intrusion of on the Pope, b. MEREST, -, Bras. coli., Oxf. Wine-bill; pars'ons upon the profession of MEMORIA. Versus mnemonici, ; 1636, physic, ; Miscellaneous receipts in French; MERIONETHSHIRE. Petition to Cromwell {A system of mnemonics applied to cent. xvii history; cent. mil, from ten ministers in the county, com 927. Fasciculo di medicina (copy made,'n plaining of newly-appointed ministers L'arte della memoria, of boole printed in 1494), 595. and of various exactions, Prescriptions, in Spanish; imperj., MENCKENIUS, Otto, Lipsim. Epist. ad MERITON, J 0., pres. of Sion coli., London Sam. Smith, bibliop. Londin.; 1692, S' t tgna ure;1 7,822. HO. MEDINA CELl, duque de: fl. Cerda, De lao MERLIN US : 'II. MEDINA SIDONIA, duque de: 'II. Guzman. MENDHAM, Suffolk. Order for provision there for a deaf and dumb man; 1623, Romances. Scotia. MEDIOLANUlII: fl. Milan Versus alchemici, A prophecy, I7b MEDITATIONES: fl. MENDL, Johan, von Steinfels. Inscriptio MERREALL, Alexander, paper-merchant, BemarduB, S. Martin,-. in albo amicorum J ac. Brisset; 8 Jut London. Thirteen letters to Dr. Yate at Johannes, Carthus. Quesnoy, - duo Meditt., falso S. Ambrollio ascriptoo; 1618, 93&.40. Oxf.; , cappo 26, MENDOQA, Spanish family. Notice of their MERRETT, Christopher, M.D.. Note of a De paupertate, castitate, et obedientia, descent; :.;pan., Ib-2b Genealogy of Don Rodrigo de Mendoc;a, marq. cure by him, ~ b. Fritgm. e libro quodam meditationum de Canete, w. 5II-527. MERRIClt, sir GeIly, or Gwilliam~ Con monasticarum, fession at Tyburn; 9 March, 16~, Occasional meditations (two copies), MENDOZA, Simon Lopez de. Order about , a. house' which belonged to him at III. Treatise on meditation, Tangier; 1672, MERRILL, Zachary, N on-conformist. No~ book of table-talk of Non-conforllllS! MEDLEY, Edward. Name 0.8 a 15th cent. MENESES, a Spanish family. La sucesion ministers, and ofschoolexercises; 1685,. owner of a. book, g. de la familia, MEGGS, capt. William. The title of esq. added to his name in a register at Heralds' Office; 23 May, 1636, b MEl, Fili,.p0' avvocato Fiorentino. Poesie Bopra ( p.. ccheri, 648. li, xci. MENIN, Flanders., Account" of its surrender in 1706, MENNE, Hinricull, pastor Lubecensis. Inscriptio. in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; '~~2,:' MERRYWEATHER,John;B.D.,Magd.col~, Cambro Directions for a student ID the University; 1652,200. MERSOR [Mercer], Denis. Wine bill at Oxf.; 1637,

145 MERTON, Surrey. Epitaph on Will. Rutlish, 'MERTON, 'Walter de, bishop of Rochester. Epitaph, RAWLINSON.P.A.RTES III. IV. 675 Articles against Christ. Cunstable, vicar, MICKLETHWAIT, Jo~. Note to sir T. for (apparently) abusing a parishioner Rawlinson; 1705, 862, 34. in church; 1600,1374, 21b. METROPHANES CRISTOPULUS. Epistolre ad eum a D. Featley; Gra!ce, MERVIN, William, M.A.,rectorofHeanton punchardon, Devon. Signature; 167~, METYARD, James, son of John, South Mimms, Middlesex. Marriage-articles MESN~ARD 1], -, a French Protestant, with Honour Butler; 1687,1480. l b., ParIs. Letter to Hild. Alington; 1680, MEUN, Jean de: v. Lorris, Guill. de MESSAHALA. Tract. de significationibus planetarum, trans!. a J o. Hispalensi, Liber de secretis astronomire, ib 4I MESSALA CORV'INUS. Index in eum a Tho. Hearne, MESSENGER, Richard, highwayman, in Reading gaol. Information against various coiners, highwaymen, &c. ; 1689, MESSINA, civitas Sicilica. Diploma collegii, insignibus civitatis ornatum; 1666,552*.23 Epitaphs of Knights of Malta in their church, Histoire de l'abandonnement de Messine par les Franl(ois; 1678, MESTREZAT, Jean, French pastor. Signature; 1631, 639. IS8. MEURERUS, A. Adversaria, 192, 198. Notre varire de libris et scriptoribus vanis, MEURSIUS, Johannes: v. Grotius, H. Dono dedit P. Castellano exemplar Pismrati ejus, MEWS. Peter, bp. of Bath and Wells and Winchester: v. Ross, Tho. Admission as pres. of St. John's College, Oxford; 1667, Signature when Vice-Chanco of Oxford ; 1669, Draft of a petition to Q. Anne on his death, for the appointment of a good successor, complaining of Mews' utter neglect of his diocese; 1707, 666. MIDDAY (1), -. Notes of Ussher's sermon at his funeral; 1621, MIDDLEHAH, ' Yorkshire. Transcripts of the deeds of foundation of the collegiate church; , Mandate for installation of dean, ib. 82. Commission to the dean for juri~diction; 1538, ib. 83. Pardonatio ab Edw. VI decano conce,sba; 1547, MIDDLEHORE, Elizabeth, wife of Richard. Epitaph in Grantham church; 1701, MIDDLESEX. Institutions to livings; 12 Oct Sept. 1622, Ori~nal valuations for assessments of all the parisher; , '715. Original receipts for payments from the hundred of Gore; , ib Notes of warrants in Tottenham and Enfield; 1689, List of justices ofthe peace; J Justices of peace added to the commission and left out; 1738, I. Papers, chiefly church notes, relating to various parishes in the county, Portrait, "D. Loggan delin. et sc.," MIDDLETON, -, Dore, Herefordshire: v. Yorke, Ph., earl of Hardwicke. MEXICO: v. Acapulco. Arango, Ant. de. MIDDLETON, Charles, second earl of. METAPHYSICA. Qurestiones de anima, Official despatches from Spain to Nine letters to sir G. Sylvius; , b, 81. government officers in Mexico in ,203. Notre quredam de variis, I ; Span., Mention of his (1) joining the.cb. of Rome in Declines to Notes on things above reason, and on MEYNELL, ~; 1661, b-S. be made K.O., ib. 34. ratiocination about them, MEYSEY, Elizabeth. Signature to a METCALFE, family of, Yorkshire. Pedigree to 1612, with arms in trick,865. MIDDLETON, sir Hugh, bart. Petition to power of attorney for surrender of land Charles II for recommendation for in Lindridge, Wore.; 1676, appointment as treasurer of the London 49, So. MICANZIO, Fulgentio: II. Duncomb, -. tax upon coals, METCALFE, Augustine, clerk. Petition to Charles II for the prebend of Life of P. Sarpi; trans!. by Jon. MIDDLETON, or "Mydylton." John_ Sig. Sidnam; 165 I, 81. W oodhorne in Chichester cathedral; nature; cent. xti, Oct. [1669], b. Fees on his MICHAEL FEDEROWICH, emp. of Russia. MIDDLETON, John, first earl of. Order appointment to the prebend, 317. Letter to Chas. I in behalf of Dr. Arth. about a house at Tangier; 1672 (copy), 75 Dee; transl., Ad dinoscendas pluviarum horas per annum, b. MICHAELIS, Clemens, " dycasteriorum MIDDLETON, Joshua, a Quaker, Durham. Versus iv de signis aeris in die S. Pomeranire advocatus." Inscriptio in Letter to,archd. Granville; 1682, 850. Pauli, albo amicoruld Hen. Erdmann; Stetini, 151. Diarium de ventis et nubibus; Dec. 27 Mart. 1614, MIDDELTON, Thomas, steward of the 1691-Dec. 1692, 243. MICHAELSTOW, Cornwall. Notes on the manor of Warton, Lanc. Lettertothe Notice of a great wind; IS Feb. 166!, parish, b Exchequer; 1617, Weather record; ,1019. MICHEL, John. Extract from his will, &c. MIDDLETON, Thomas, Gosfield hall, Essex. Daily record of weather; I Jan respecting his foundation at Queen's Owner in 1703 of Dec. 1700,662. coll., Oxf.; 1736, , 106. Notes of storms and MIDDELTON, William, alderman of Calais, earthquakes in MICHELE, Giov. Notizie di Francia; and James his son; umpp. Hen. IV, V, , Record of weather; 9 Aug , Nov. 1717, MIDDLETON, col. William. Petition. to Notes for judgement of weatlier, &c., Charles II for relief, b partly astrolugical, MIDDLETON, William. Comptroller of METHODIUS, Patar.nsis episcopub. Compendium Revelationum ei falso ascrip tarum, b. ' METHWOLD, Norfolk. A survey, _ made by'fho. Witche and Tho. Wiggin, temp. Eliz., 700. MICHELI, -. cavaliere. Relatione d Inghilterra, fatta nel senato Veneto; 1557, MICHELL, Robert, B.A., Trin. coli., Oxr. Latin theme and verses; 1680, MICHELL: fl. etiam Mychell. MIClI~1rlERSH, Hants.: V. Cole, John. the coal-duty for rebuilding St. Paul' II, 1695, MIDDLETON CHENEY, Northamptonshire. Presentations to the rect9ry, , with list of papers in a law-suit, 1481.,5,6.

146 '676 MIDDLETON STONEY, Oxon. Epitaphs, SI>-:ah MIDGLEY,Richard,vicarofGilden Morden, Cambro Signature; 1681, MIDGLEY, Robert. Signature, as licenser for press; ,780.87, 170, 19Sb. MIDLETON, Pa., Edinburgh. Letter about the election of bishop Fullarton; 1720 (copy), MIDWIFERY: fl. Diarium. Treatise, transl. from the French; with drawings, 678. I. liheg, J. Matthreus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Jo. Hoffmanni; Lond. 30 Maii, 1623, MILBOURNE, Luke, D.D. Paraphrase in verse of the thanksgiving after the Eucharist, Sb MILBOURNE, Richard, bishop of Carlisle. Notice of him by A. Wood, b MILBOURNE, William, Bermuda: v. Burg- hill, Fr. MILDENHALL, Suffolk. Articles against Rich. Watts, vicar, 1644, MILDENHALL, Wilts.: fl. Pocock, Edw. Depositions in a suit respecting tithes, C. 1700, INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Delay in preparation of his Gr. Test., The Vice-Chancellor's imprimatur for his Greek Test., MILL, Thomas. Signature, MILLARD, Richard and Mary. Letter to their uncle Josh. Barnes; 170S, b. MILTON-NEXT SITTINGBOURNE,Kent. Petition from innholders,&c. to Charles II for payment of arrears for sick and wounded seamen, MILTON, John. Pre populo Anglic. de. fensio; 230. Notice of IJirn; thought to have died a papist; 16gB, b MILLECHAMP, Rev. -, Gloucester: fl. MILWOOD, William, London j 1637,145. Spinckes, Nath. 61b. MILLENNIUM: fl. Judrei. MILLER, Martha. Acrostic on her name, in short-hand, b. MILLER, William. Petition to Charles II, with a narrative of his services before the Restoration, MILLES, E. Signature j 1710, MIMMS, South, Middlesex. List of the trained band j 1626, Valuation of the parish for assessment; 1649, , Dec. 1653, ib Church notes and notes from the registers, S-90. MILAN. Copy of letter written by sign. Madre 19 Sept. 1630, about the cures MINE ADVENTURERS' COMPANY. Proceedings of the directors; 1721>-1, 916. of the pla.gue wrought at Milan by one styled Prince Mammon, 899. lis. MILLES, Thomas, D.D., reg. prof. of Gr., The bones of Q. Berta found there in Oxf., bishop of Waterford. Extract 270. Minutes of a general court, 1626, from his answer to Reflections upon 22 Dec. 1721, ib Petition to Notes of antiquities, pictures, &c., with his Remarks on the Occas. Paper, 832. the H. of Commons against sir H. Mack sketches; 1651,!l worth; 1722 (draft), ib Eight news-letters from Milan; Feb. A lesson for the Greek professor j in May, ]691, Ital., h-73. answer to his book against D [ odwell], MINGAY, Henry, M.A., vicar of Swaff'ham Notes on the ducaldescentand claimants Bulbeck, Cambro Signature j 1671, to the duchy, L50. Relation Wore a crucifix in 1719,742. sob of the State and its government, ib. Transcripts in his possession of Anglo MINGEY, John. Forms used in the consistory court of London j 1569, Saxon MSS. at Cambr., Lettera del D. S. di C. al duca di Terra MILLES: fl. etiam Mylles. Nova sopra 10 governo di Milano, 618. MINIATURE: fl. Painting. 12S. MILLINGTON, [Edward?J. "Millingtoniana"; a few random notes upon MINIATUS, sanctus: v. Laderchi, Giac. MILANOUSKI, Christophorus, a Lubieniec. books, IS9. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii MINORITlE: V. FranciAcani. j Lond. 20 Apr. 161S, b MILLINGTON, Marmaduke: V. Lewisham. MIN SHULL, -, bookseller, London: v. MILLINGTON, col. Robert. Petition to Le Neve, Peter. Charles II, July, 1660, MILDERT, David and Sara van: v. Van Mildert. MILLINGTON, sir Thomas, Trin. coil., Cambro Sententire ex variiscollectre, ,100. Owner of Signature, i04. Notice of him and his books, a,b. MILLINGTON, Thomas, Gosfeild hall, Essex. His book-plate in MILLS, Michael. Epitaph at Alton, Rants.; 1699, 682. los. MILNER, -. Proposes to leave some bookstothebraytrustees for a parochial library,884. SIS. MINSHULL, Randal. Possessor of MINSHULL, sir Richard, knt., of Bourton near Buckingham. Commencement of a patent of creation as viscount Minshull; (never passed), MINSTER, Isle of, Thanet. Presentments of juries about obstructions by water and land by the abbot of St. Augustine'S, Cant.., with the abbot's replies; 1293 (copies), sa.b. Account of the register-books, and tables of baptisms and burials, 376..'191-2 MINT, The. A treatise conc. mintage of moneys; temp Elk., MILDMAY, Benjamin. Notes of proceed- MILNER, John, vicar of Billingham, Duriuga on his claim to the barony of Fitz- ham. Letter to dean Granville j 16S4, ings [in the coinage of moneysj; Remembrance of the orderly proceed walter; , S. 85L 260. t. Eliz., 859. IOC. MILDMAY, "Car. Fer., [Fitzwalter] auas." MILNER, John, consul at Lisbon. Copy MINTER, Lawrence. Signature, Signature and seal; 1666, by him of an affidavit j 170S, MILD MAY, sir Walter. On the succession to the crown; addressed to Q. Eliz. by "sir W. M.," S3. MILITABI8, Res: V. Armr.. War. F ortdlcation. MILNHEIM, Blasius von. Inscriptio Germ. in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Hertzogenbuch, 24 Feb. 1629, MILO, Ant. Dom. Andr. de. Letter to Magliabecchi concerning ancient sepulchres j transl. from Ital. by Rawlinson, MINTERN, William: fl. Duncan, Peter. MINVER, St., Cornwall. Two vicars, father and son, nameq. Weale, MIN;TOLI, Antonio. P08sedit [626?], 631. :MILL, John, D-.D., princ. of St. Edm. hall: fl. Oxferd: Edmund Hall. MILTON, Cambridgeshire. Articlesagainst MIRANDOLA. Signori della Mirandola e Note of some relatives of his, Edw. Johnson, vicar j 1644, Manfredi,

147 Mrs SA : v. lethio\les. Fragm. expositlonis in Canonem, Thesis de m18sa Idololatnca, A treatise in vindication of the. sacrifice of the Mass; cent. xvi, MISSALE. Fragments from Missals, , 27, 32, 33, 36--7, 39, 40, 42, 45, 46, 50, 57-8 (?), 59-60, 61, 70-1, 72. Fragment piinted on vellum, ib. 89. Notre U sserii de variis Mis8alibusaliisq ue libris liturg. impressis, b-4b, 25 MISSENDEN, Bucks.: v. Fletewode, sir Will. MISTERTON, Leicestershire. Notice for MITCHELL, Bartholomew, rector of Welbourne, q. v. MITCHELL, Robert, Trin. coli., Oxf.: v. Cudworth, John. MITCHELL, Thomas, merchant, London, late of Cork. Will; 1689, MOCENICO, Giov., Venetian ambo at Rome. Relatione di Roma; 1612, RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 677 MOLESWORTH, Robert, afterwards vise. Account of his negotiation in Denmark for the hire of troops in 1689 for the service of Will. III in Ireland, IS MOLINJEUS, Lud. et Petrus: v. Du Moulin, L. et P. MOLINEUX, sir Vivian. Mentioned; 1644, MOLINS, J. Signature; 1676, MOLLAS, Thomas. Possessor of b. MOLLEY, -: v. E., V. b h t f K' 't th MOLLINER, Mary, dau. of Henry. Note payment y t e rec or 0 mg 8 en S; of her baptism; 1645, , 42. J681, S. }[rtcham, Surrey. Petition for a select MOLTKEN, Gebhard a, Megapolitanus. vestry, Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 12 Maii, 1632, b. MOLUCCA ISLANDS. Outline sea-charts of Bachan, Ternate, and Gama-Iama, S Short description"; ltal., b MOLYNEUX, Daniel, Ulster King of Anns. Questions as to the right of painting escocheons, &c. (copy), MOCENICO, al. Mozzenigo, Lazaro, Venetiano. Relatione dell' ambasceria al 1730, b MOLYNEUX, Samuel. Sale of his library; Guidobaldo duca d'urbino; 1570, MOMBEY, family of, Lincolnshire. Note of descent, with arms in trick, llocket, Richard, D.D., warden of All Souls' coli., Oxf. Letters to him from MOMBRUN, Fran~ois and Pierre. Signa- D. Featley, 47.42, 44b, 52. tures; 1701, MONCK, Anne, duchess of Albema.rle. Letter to bp. Cosin, and his reply; 1666 (copies),851. IS9, 129, 131,146, 152. MONCK, Christopher, second duke of Albemarle. Five letters to bp. Cosin; 1666 (copies), , 166, 168, 16g, 182. Two replies from Cosin, ib. 144, 178. Letter to him from sir J. Reresby; 1674, Case for counsel about his wills, Schedule of deeds at New Hall relating to his lands, &c.; 16~9, ib. li2. MONCK, Eliza: ti. Chamberlen, Peter. MONCK. George, first duke of Albemarle: v. Evelyn, John. A seal with his arms engraved for lord Bath about , Epitaphium in eum, MONCK, Nicholas, bishop of Hereford. Inventory of goods in his house at Eton; 1661, S. MONDESAR, marques de: v. Lopez de Mendoza. MONE, Johannes. Obligatio pro solutione debiti Nicholao Housecote i 1476, >. MONEY: V. Dialogus. Parliament. Miut, The. Weights and Measures. I,a doppia impiccata; 170S, 438. I. MONGOMMERY, Madame - de. Lettre a. M. Forent; 1702, MONINGS, William. Signa.ture; cent. xcii, III. MOCKET, Thomas, M.A. Notice of him; MOMIGLIANO, Savoy: v. Ludovicus XIV. 1670, MONITA: V. MONACHI: V. Advice. Politica. MODENA. List by Rawlinson of pictures Dialogi. Epistolre. and statues in churches &c., MONKE, Richard, silk-dyer to the King. Ordines Monastici: v. Papers relative to a suit by him against MODERATOR: V. Anglia. Augustiniani. Franciscani. Tobias Rustat relative to the appointment of Rustat's brother to the master Carmelitre. Oratorio, Congr. de. MODYE, Richard, chaplain. Signature; Francesca, S. ship of St. J. Bapt.Hosp.atBath; 1668, beg. of 16th cent., Notitire omnium ordinum, b MOLLERUS, Reinholdus, Osiliensis Nomina conventuum ord. fratr. S. Crucis; priores generales ad an. 1529, MONKE, capt. Thomas. Petition to Livonus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Charles II for employment in Ireland; Hen. Erdmann; 10 Feb. 1612, I03b MONALDI, Piero. Collections for the MONKTON, Christopher, B.A. Letters of MOLLNAR, Lucas et Christophorus, Luneburg-Saxones. Inscriptiones in albo Florentine families; ltal., 586, 587. priest's orders, 30 ept (copy, history of Tuscany, Florence, and S ) b. amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Witteb., 4 Oct. 1619, h-S. MONARCHY: v. Government. MONLUC, mons. di: v. Julius III. MoGGES, Edward, "Gratious" street, MONASTERIA. List of houses in England, MONMOUTH, county: v. Kerby, Rich. London; 1637,145. 6S. with notes of foundation, &c., taken, in MONMOUTH, duke of: ti. Fitzroy, James. MOIl UN, John, first lord. Mentioned; 16th cent., from Leland's ltin., Jan. 1644, Fragment of a notice of a royal visit to MONMOUTH, Anne, duchess of: V. Scott. an English abbey, MowNE, Thomas, bishop of Kilmore. Payments, temp. Eliz., from the Exchequer, on account of some dissolved MONOLESSO, Emiliano,sive Manolesso,q.v. Notes of Ussher's sermon at his funeral; 162~, MONSON, sir William. Preamble of monasteries, 884. creation as baron Monson [1628],918. List of leiger.books of English abbeys, 120. with their possessors, 888. IS. Arms of 29 abbeys, by B. Willis, 857. MONSTRUM. Engraving of "a strange 5 MOLDER, Anne. Needlework sampler; 1695, M~~E, Thomas, rector of Stratton, Glouc. '7~gnature and armorial seal; 1680, MONcEAus, Walerand de: ti. Mottisfont. and monstrous creature known by the name of a raving mole "; an exhibition, 810. lb.

148 678 1NDEXIN CATAL. CODD: MONTACUTE,earls of Salisbury. Pedigree; MONTAIGNE, Michel. Extracts from MOORE, Francis, a lawyer [quo the same?j Cotton's transl. of his Essays, F~neral sermon (on Ps. xxxix. 9] for MONTACUTE, Will., comes Sarisbirim. him; C , MONTANDRE, Francis, marq. de. Signature, MOORE, Francis, physician. Almanack Fragmenta cartarum duarum ei ab Edw. III concessarum; 1341, &c., 346. for 1720, with memoranda by Rawlin. (ad init.). MONTCHENSY, family of. List of marriages son, 11'79. MONTAGU, or Mountague, family of, for nine generations, MOORE, John, bishop of Norwich and Boughton, Northants. Pedigree, 692. MONTE, Giov. Battista de: 'V. Ely. SiO'nature i 1679, '. Julius III, Papa. Paulus III, Papa. Notice by Bagford of his library, 396. MONTAGU, Charles, first earl of Halifax. 34 b Signature; , ; MONTECATINI, Carolus, Romanus. Nomen diplomati sub scriptum ; 1669, MOORE, sir Jonas. A table for finding b the circumferences of ellipses, Possessor of 6, 132, 363, 579, 691, 795, 814, 898, 901, MONTEPULCIANO, mons.: tl. Julius III. MOUNTAGU, hon. George, Master of St. V. A Al Katharine's Hosp., London. Epitaph; MONTERANO, Italy: tl. lam, ng. t. 1681, MONTFORT, family of. Pedigree, 8(J!CC. MONTAGU, George, second earl of Halifax. Signature; 1727, MONTAGu,Henry, first earl of Manchester. Speech when recorder of London to James I the day before his coronation, Speech to the Queen on her coronation, ib. 77. Speech as recorder of London to James I and Christ. IV of Denmark; 1606, Order signed by him '8.S Lord Ch. Just. K. B. relative to a case of the Woodmongers' Company; 1618, 725 B. 41. Letter to his. son Walter on the latter's joining the Church of Rome [written by Dr.R.Holdsworth]; (copy), 853. ISS. Patent as lord treasurer; admittance to office and surrender; , Signature; 1633,395. I. MOUNTAGUE, Henry and Mary. Epitaph in W okingham churchyard; 1696, MONTAGU, James, bp. of Winchester. Whether it may suit with the majesty of a. King to be a writer of books Lpref. to the Works of Jaa. I], 67. MONTAGu, Margaret, count!lss of Manchester dedicated to her. MONTAGU, Ralph,. first duke of: tl. Osborne, Tho. MOUNTAGU, Richard, bp. of Chichester and Norwich: tl. Spelman, sir H.. Argument to show that R. Catholics need not be recusants, Draft of a lease of the manor of Branch-hall; 1640, An examination of certain points in his.answere to the Gagge, Mention by Ussher of his intention to publish Photii Epistol(J!, MONTAGU, Walter. Letters to his father, the earl of Manchester, on his conversion to the Church of Rome, with the earl's reply; 1635 (copies), l66 b xii-xai, by Dugdale, with arms in trick, MONTGOMERY, earl of: f). Herbert. MONTGOMERY, capt. Alexander. Note of his death in 1733, , 26. MONTI, cardinale de. Instruttione all' abbate Riario, 3 Nov. 1551, MONTMORENCY, Janin de. Dialogue entre Piarrot de S. Ouin et J. de Montmorency,S Aug. 1695, b MONTMORENCY, John Furnies de, sieur de Neufville. Epitaph in Chelsea Hosp. cemetery; 1716, MONTOR1o,Pietro Fra,n., vesco di Nicastro, nuntio in Colonia. Instruttione; 1621, ; 63L 204; MONTSERRAT. A Bray parochial library sent there, MONXTON, Hants. Rectors, , b. MONYNS, William. Signature; cent. xvi, llo. MOODY, Robert. Diary of the travels of Banister (afterwards lord) Maynard; ,84. MOOR PARK, Herts: 11. Rickmanswo~th. Pay-books for building-work done on the King's manor, , ; ; b-2; ; Lead brought to the King's manor from.sopwell abbey; ~541,809. I. MOOR, Richard, merchant, London. Papers relating to his debts to Will. Cutler; , MOORE,Arthur. Comptroller ofthearmy; 1705, b.. MOORE, Edward, mariner. Petition to Charles II for compensation for enabling Rob. Lindall to escape from Dover castle into Holland, Certificate from St. Thomas' Hosp.. on his behalf; 1676, :MONTAGU, Willia.m, Lord Chief Baron of MOORE, Francis. Petition to Chas. II the Excb. Letter to him from sir J. for the estate of Susan Vixene, intes- Reresby; 1677, Sb. tp,te, MOORE, Simon. Signature, lil. MOORE, Thomas. Signature; 1634, [Qu. the same?] Petition to Charles II for relief, b MOORE, Thomas,ministerofSt.Botolph's Aldersgate, London. Signature; 174S~ 54, , 208, 210, 212,213. MOORE, W., J,P. for Middlesex. Signature; 1720, MORALIA: f). Phil080phia. Politica. Moral precepts; cent. xvi, MORAVIA-NS: 'V. Bland, J. MORDAUYT, lady. Left a bequest to be applied at archbp. Sancroft's discre: tion, presented to her. MORDAUNT, Henry, earl of Peterborough. Copies of orders as gov. of Tangier; 1662, Order about a house which belonged to him, ib. 65. Note of a book that belonged to him, MORDAUNT, J., Walton. Letter to Hildebr. lord Alington; 1694, MORDAUNT, John, viscount, son of third earl of Peterborough. Bond for payment of 700 to Geo. Nodes, with interest at 6 per cent.; 1707, Warrant to Nodes, his agent, for payment to Jacob Davison of 121 by bi-monthly instalments "from the profits of his regiment"; 1708, ib MORDAUNT, John. Signature, "3, MORDEN, John, rector of Fottl1llire, q. v. MORDEN, John. Note to sir T. Rawlin son; 1706, MORDIN, Oliver, Exning, Suffolk. Surrender to him by Tho. Warren of a lease of the manor of Geesons in Ashley, Camb.; 1615, MORE, Alex., or Muir, q. 'V. MORE, Gabriel. Epitaph in GranthaIII church; 1698, b MORE, Henry, D:D., Christ's coil., Cambr.: 'V. Davies, John. Ward, Rich:. Hymn on the creation,.with additions by R. Roach,

149 MORE John. Warrant for acquitting him' from a fine for not demolishing certaiu buildings for which he had already been fined; 1634, }fore or Moor, John: v. Jessey, Henry. Paper by him of requests for reformation of an anabaptist congregation; 1654, Paper, addressed to P. Chamberlen, protesting against laughing, ib Five" Epistles" of complaint to the congregation, ib. 81, 89, 113,117. Letter to the same from his wife Elizabeth, with the reasons of her absenting herself from them, ib Letter to Dr. Chamberlen, ib MORE, Mary: v. Whitehall, Rob. MORE, Nicholas, M,A., son of sir Rob. More, knt. Petition to Charles II for the rectory of Stoke d'abernon, Surrey, MORE, Richard. Signature; I14 MORE, sir Thomas: v. Confession. Harpsfield, Nic. Epist. ad acado Oxon. de studio lingure Grrecre, Fragment from a life of him, Fragment of a copy of a Latin letter to Budreus about him and his family, il! Collectanea about him, by John Lewis, RA WLINS.0N. PARTES III. IV. 679 MORGAIN, William, Lutterworth, Leic. Letter to his cousin Will. Gibbs (q. v.) upon his committing manslaughter; 15 Jan (copy), MORGAN, -: v. Gibbon, John. MORGAN, -, rector of Brightwell, Berks. Gave art. 96 in 912 to Rawlinson. MORGAN, Charles; 1688, b MORGAN, David. Dying speech; 1746, ,98. MORGAN, Edward. Petition to Charles II for the ~rant of fines inflicted at hi~ prosecution of Thos.. Tones, J. P. for Pembrokeshire, and others, MORGAN, Henry, Jamaica. Letter to the governor of Jamaica desiring a deputation from the bp. of London for consecration of a new church; 1680, MORGAN, Jane, widow of a coachman. 1593, Petition to Charles II for a hackneycoach licence, 18. 5h MORGAN, John, Warminster. Account of his family, to 1683, b. MORGAN, Katherine, widow of Henry. Petition to Charles II against the Chapter of Landaff, MORGAN, Thomas. Reports of proceedings in the H. of Commons in 1689, supplied to him in Wales from London, MORGAN, William. 200 granted to him by Charles II in 1682 to assist his survey and map of London and Westm., including Roper's Life, part of Fiddes' Life, extracts from his Works, &c., MORE, Thomas. Signature, lis. MORE, Walter, M.A., curate of Slinfold, Sussex. Testimonials for preferment; 1678, ,69. MORGAN, William, Wells. Letter to his brother-in-law, H. Baskervile, MOREHAMPTON, Herefordshire. Description of some decorations in serj. MORISON, Robert, M.D., prof. of Botany, Hoskyns' house there, MOREHEAD, William, vicar of Bucknell, 9xon. Petition against him [printed III Dunkin's Oxjonlshire, i. 188J, MOREHOUSE, John, B.A., vicar of Great Wilbraham, Camb. Signature; 1669, MOREL, Marc, Calais. Letter to H,Zollmann; 1728, Fr., MORES: I), Cato. Monita de moribus; carmine, 328. IS3. Stans puer ad mensam j Lat.-Angl., MORES, Edward Rowe. Copy of a certificate signed by Rawlinson, Locke, Vertue, &c., for his election as F.S.A.; 1750, MORETON, Charles, M.A., Wadh. coli., Oxf. Considerations of the Univ. oath [against lecturing elsewhere than at Oxf. and Camb. ; probably by Moreton], ~M08. I. [The MS. copied from a MS. of oreton's]. M!p'RETON, William, Recorder of London. erused VOL. Il. Oxf.: v. Pitcairn, Archib. Notice of him, 810. '20b. MORKE, John, a Danish mariner, Boston, New England. Petitions, letter to the E. of Winchilsea, and prospectus of pamphlet, respecting an invention of his for destruction of fleets, rejected by the Admiralty; , MORLAND. Westmoreland. Appropriation P.. to St. Mary's abbey at York in 1220, MORLAND, Martinus, A.M. coli. Wadh. soc. Oratio in vesperiis Oxon.; 1652, ; b MORLAND, sir Samuel. Employed in 1684 to make a calculation of the debts of Charles II, MORLEY, family of. Descent, b, 29b MORLEY, col. -: v. Evelyn, John. MORLEY, George. bp. of Winchester. Signature and seal of arms; 1679, Notice of a MS. account by him of his attendance on lord Capell before his execution" Mentioned; 1707, <). Notssof books to be used for a life of him, 360, 60. MORLEY, John, D.D., rector of Lincoln coil., Oxf. Letter to him from Dr. J. Morrice; 1722,'1145. '86". MORLEY, R. Lines to Mr. Long on his marriage with Mrs. Hammond, MORLEY, sir Thomas, knt., Maldon, Surrey. Latin epitaph; 1693, MORLEY, Thomas, serj.-at-law. his library; 1729, "- Sale of MORNAY, Philippus. Epist. ad Tho. James; 1609 (apogr.), b MORO, Leonardo. Relazione delle cose di Spagna, [al sen. Veneto] j , ; ; MOROCCO. Account of the reception and entertainment in England of an ambassador in 1706,1069. Remarks on the government of Mully Ismael, the emperor; transl. from the M-., 1706, MORONI, Giov., vesco di Modena: v. Paulus III. Lettera a protonotario Amb. Recaletto; Praga, 18 Apr (copy), 62~. 9. MORRELL, John Jacob, a shipwrecked German. Petition to Charles II, MORRICE, John, D.D., Linc. coli, Oxf. and Magd. coli., Camb. Miscellaneous papers, including autobiography and letters, 736, MORRIS, Arthur. Petition to the E. India Co. for a gratuity for services, 747.4c6 MORRIS, J., rector of Fulmer, Bucks. Letter to B. Willis, with an account of his parish; 1712,1480. los. MORRIS, John, D.D., 01' Morrice, q.v. MORRIS, John. Signature, MORRONI, Camilla Cellonis, wife of Vinc.: V. Italia. MORS: v. Johannes Carthusianus, de domo Syon. La critica della morte, overo l'apologia della vita; e Ie Ricette dell'arte che accrescono i languori della natura j trad. dall' Inglese; Colonia, 1694, 492. MORSE, Edward, M.A., St. John's coli., Oxf., rector of Gatton, Surrey, &c. Recommended to be tutor to Tho. Rawlinson; 1707, Note [to Rawlinson?]. with extracts from the parish registers of Gatton; 17 17, MORSIUS, Joachimus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., Dec. 1619, MORSTINIUS, Johannes, a Raciborsco. Inscriptio in albo amieorum P. Golii; Lond., 20 Apr. 1618, H

150 680 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. MORTIMER, family of, Attleboro ugh, Norfolk. Pedigree and arms, 727. lb. MORTIMER, R~ger, earl of March. Descent from him to Edw. IV, b MORTLOCK, Henry, warden of the Stationers' Co. Signature; , , 17, 68, 69, 75, 76, 87, b, 181, 186, 187b, 188, 195, 223- MORTON, earl o!: 17. Douglas, James. MORTON, John, archbp.ofcant. Installation-feast as bishop of Ely, ll78. II. MORTON, John. Letter, on the often unexpected discoveries of ill actions (copy), 86L 78b. Essay on the probability of conjecture as to personal disposition by the musical modulation of the voice in ordinary discourse, ib. 8 I. MORTON,J ohn, M.A., Oxendon, Northants. Epitaph, MORTON, Thomas, bpi of Chester, Lichf. and Durham. Letters and dedications to him from D. Featley; Lat. and Engl., 47. lob 46b, 49b, 50, 50b, 58, 58b, 59, 6ob,61, lis, 137b, 2og. MORTON, Thomas, Clifford's Inn. Notes out of his New England's Canaan; 1637, (cod.l7erso) 23. MOTTlSFONT PRIORY, Hampshire. Copy of grant of land in Elden and Compton from Walerand de Monceaus; 1256, MOULD, -, St. John Bapt. coli., Oxf. Note of a book given to him by J. Bagford in 1705, ll60. 5b MOULIN, Louis aljd Pierre Du: II. Du Moulin. MOULINS, -. Nomen inscriptum, 256. ad init. et fin. MOULsoN, capt. Device on his cornet; 1642, MORTON, John, preb. of Durham. Signature; 1685, Admonished by the dean for irregularities; 1688, MORTON. Mrs. Mary. Epitaph at Kingstonupon-Thames; 1634, , MOUNDEFORD, Thomas, M.D. 79. MOULT, -. Letter to him from Rich. Roach; 1728, MOUNDEFOR, -. Signature, Il7. Censured and fined for brawling in the church of St. Mary Magd., Milk-street; 11 May, 1620, MOWNT, William. Signature; 1565, I3. MOUNTAGU: 17. MONTAGU. MOUNTAIN, George, bishop of London. Form of consecrating St. James's, Duke's Place, with his address; 2 Jan. MORTON, William: v. Smith, John. 1622, MORUS, Alex. Sermon on 2 Cor. iii. 18; MOUNTENEY, Charles, London. Signa- 1667,.cr., '" ture; 1675, MOUNTFORD, Thomas. Possedit MORYSON, or MOrriS80n, Barbara, widow of capt. Edward. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1710 (copy), MOUNTFORT, S., schoolmaster at Christ's Hosp. Signature, 1697; with satirical notice of him by T. Rawlinson, li8. MOSCOVIA: v. Russia. MOUNTFORT, Simon, Clifford's Inn, Lon- MOSELEY, Anne, widow. Note of order don. Mentioned; 1663, for her release from prison; 1681, MOSELEY, sir Edward. Survey of his manor of RolleBton, and of Woodhouse; 1649, 996. List of goods, &c. at Rolleston mill, ib. 40. MOSSE, Miles. His treatise on usury answered by W. Howse, q.v. MOSTYN, Richard, Penbedw. to Dr. Mead, MOTA, Hieron. AI. de, archiep. Brundusinus, et card.: fl. Paulus III, Papa, MOTBA, marchese Alfonso. funebre in morte sua, Discorso sopra Is. 8uperhia., fatto in casa. sua, lb MOURA, Spanish family. History, to about 1630; Span., MOURIER, -, French sermon by him on 1 St. John ii. 17, MOWDEN, Simon: 17. Kingston-upon Thames. MOXON, -. Receipt for ink, b Gave 123 MOXON, George, Con~egational pastor at Congleton. NotlCe of him, MOYLE, Arthur. Epitaph in Twyford church, Middlesex; 1681, Orazione MOYLE, John and Thomas. Part of an indenture about lands in Denbighshire ; IS78, JlO'f't.E.ux, Peter. Anon. letter to him, MOYLE, Robert, fellow of Trin. coli., with two songs; 1694, Cambro Signature j 1678, MOYSER, Christopher. Attests a COpy! from ~he Augment. Office; 1625,I4bL : 313. MOZZENIGO, sive Mocenico, q. 17. MOZZI, Marco Antonio: v. Laderchi, Giac MUCANTIUS, Franciscus, mag. crerimoni. arum capellre pontif. Rom. Subscriptio autographa; 1574, MOULD, Bernard, M.A., Wadham coli., chaplain at Smyrna. Notes of a sermon by him at St. Mary's, Orl., in 17Il, II2b. Letter to him from Dr. J. Morrice; 1721, ll45. 83b Mention of him, l MUNSING, Joachim. M~LLER, Ier0I!ymus. Inscriptio Germ. In albo anncorum Dav. von Filtz' Lugd. Bat., 29 Apr. 1624, b ' Inscriptio Lat. et Angl. in albo amicorum J oh. Hoffmannii Oxon., 29 Jan. 1625, 933. Il9. MUGGLETON, Lodowick. Nine assertions answered, with the cause of W. Medgate's excommunication; autogr. (imperf.), MUIR, or More, Alex., prof. at Middleburgh. Notice of him, MULIERES: 17. Women. MULLERUS, Andreas, Greiffenhagius. Frall'menta collectaneorum ejus in indlcem universalem literdoriam, 268, 269. MULLYSWORTH, -. Copy of a letter to him from a schoolboy; cent. xvi, Sb [Printed in Macray's Reg. of Fellows of Magd. Coli., vol. i. p. 137] MULSO, Thomas. Legal opinion upon the case of John Ward respecting stock in the E. India Co.; 1721 (copy), MUND, Elner. Signature, Il9. MUNDAY, John, rector of Little Wilbraham, q.v. MUNDAY, Robert and Mary: 17. Strode, Edw. MUNDINUS, Mundinius. Anotomia; Ital., MUNDUS. Tract. de mundo et ejus parti bus, ll Of the end of the world, b MUNDY, Francis, New coli., Oxf. Letter to John Mundy; 1665, Signature as S.C.L., 1668, MUNDY, James. Proposals for engraving a prospect of Oxford; 1723, MUNDY, John, mayor of Newbury: v. Mundy, Francis. MUNDY, John, M.A., New college, Oxon. Testimonial for a dispensation; 1678, ,64. MUNN, Rich. Possedit MS. MUNRo,HenricuB, [Amstelodami?]. Epist. ad M. Maittaire [co 1739], ' MUNSSBACH, Walter. vom. In8erip~~o Germ., una cum insignibus gentihtns ac figuris depictis, in albo amicoruljl Dav. von Filtz; Francof., 12 Sept. 1621,

151 MUNSTER, Germany: v. Venetia. Decl. of the bishop respecting his quota of troops, &c. ; 1694, Germ., 568. J 44. Treaty of alliance between the king of Denm., bp. of Munster, and dukes of Wolfenbuttel; 1693 Germ., ib MUNTZ, Gco. Fabian, de Walda, Bohemus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; Oxon., 7 Apr. 1625, MURATORI, Lud. Ant. Four letters to him from J. J. Zamboni; 174S-6, Lat., ' , 214, 221, 233. Four letters fromm.maittaire; , Lat. (copies), ib. 223, 226, 231, 232. 'MURDERS: v. Duels. RA WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 681 A collection of extracts from various books, and copies of papers by Dr. Wallis and others, on musical subjects, 751. Letter by R. Roach on musical expression in elocution, Notes of English music-books and their writers, by A. Wood, MUSTERS, family of. Pedigree, &c., MUTTON, James, Guernsey. Petition to Charles II for remission of a sentence of exile from Guernsey, b MUZZARELLI, Hieronymo, arcivesc. di Conza: v. Julius III, Papa. MURDlN,-:-. Extract from his foundation- MYCHELL, John. Signature; cent. an'i, deed for a fellowship, 917. SI MURETUS, Marc. Ant. Phrases ex ejus MYLLES, Francis. Signature; 1612,366. oratt. selectre, I. IS. MURFY, John. Petition to Charles II for MYNNE, John. Signature; 1663, admission into Westminster school, S MURISON, James, Amsterdam: v. Haynes, Rich. MURPHY, Richard and Ann. Epitaphs in St. Pancras' churchyard; 1730, MYTENS, Daniel. Signature to receipt for pension of So per an. "pro servitio suo domino Regi prrestito in arte et scientia picturendi (sic)"; , b ; b ; \ 51 ; ,53b. MURRAY, -, Ch, Ch., Oxf. Serm. on MYTHOLOGIA. Notre Eccl. xii. I, Grreca, MURRAY, John, of London, and Sacombe, Herts. Communicated a fragment of Stow's Summat'ie of ekron. to Hearne, I. Gave art. 40 in 400. to Hearne. Possessor of 133, 144, 385, 692, 704, art. 5, MURRAY, Robert, "commissar" of Stirling. Note of a book given to him in IS97 by sir John Cockburn of Ormiston, b. Muscovy: v. Russia. MUSGUAVE, C., Office of Ordnance. Signature; I I, ; MUSGRAVE, sir Christopher, M.P. Notice of him; 1698, I, 73. N., C. N. NAIRNE, James, minister of Wemyss. Sermon on St. John vii. 37, 38 (copy), NAISH, Thomas, M.A., sub-dean of Salisbury. Sermons, and a catechism, NALsoN,John, D.D., rector of Doddington, Cambro Ab~tractsoffiveofhis works, Signature; 1661, NALTON, Samuel, rector of Hampstead, Midd., and Haversham, Bucks. Latin epitaph in Hendon churchyard; 1706, NAMUR. Account of the siege; 169S, Fr., b. Lines "on the crowing cock and lyon couchant, writt on the news of the surrender of Namur, 1696"; with an illustrative drawing, NANFAN, capt. John: v. Willson, Eben. NANI, Baptista, ambo della republ. di Venezia al Lud. XIV. Relatione della corte di Francia, 429. NANT, a town in the old provo of Languedoc: V. Dialogus. NAPER, Frederick: v. King, Lamb. de theogonia NAPER, Robert. Signature, in a book given him by W. Poulett, NAPIER, family of, Luton, Beds. Descent, with description of arms, as declared by sir A. Napier; 15S7 (copy), Draft of a letter thus signed, in reply to bp. W. Lloyd's account of the NAPIER, Mrs. A prayer sent to her in birth of the P. of Wales in 1688, Apr. 1692, N., G. [quo George Newton?], a Non-juror. Letter on Jer. Collier's Reasons for restoring [the Usages] and Spinckes' reply to them; [1718], N., M, sive N. Notre in H. van Alphen. Usus accent. Hebr., 276. I. Theologia naturalis, Systema theologire, in opus quoddam Jo. Melchioris dictatum, 277. N., N.: v. Sabbath. MU~GRAVE, Thomas, preb. of Durham. SIgnature; 1685, N., N. The case of N., N.: v. Jacobus II. M USG RAVE, William, M.D., Exeter. Letter to him from Hearne; 1709, MUSICA: v. N., N. De natura gratire efficacis, N., N., Cologne, Assumed initials of the translator of 492. Dymock, J. Morton, John. N., N. Latin letter in praise of the study Hudson, Joh. Wry the, Will. of theosophy (copy), Hymni. Thesis academica Cantabrig.: "Antiphonum consono suavius; diapason S8,6S N., R. Trans!. of Hor. Ep. 1. IS, 17,261. Co~cordiarum optima," OratlO : Musica est admittenda in rem N., T. Letter to E. Ashmole; 1677,864.,Publ., ~ DIary: of.a musician [quo J. B. Grano?] NADASDI, al, Nadasti, conte Francesco. while III the Marshalsea, Southwark ; Relationedelli processi criminali contro Fr. Nadasdi, P. di Zrin, e Fr. C ,34. Seven dance-tunes, &c., noted, 431. (cod. Frangipani, a Vienna, , 479. verso) Canon in 4 parts in the shape of a Relazione della morte del F. Nadasti, cross, b-2. &c.; 1671, NAPIER, -, merchant. Brings arms and ammunition over from France for the King; 1644,395. l18, 131. NAPIER, sir Archibald, of Merchiston. Declaration of descent of the family of Napier of Luton, 2 June, ISS7 (copy), NAPIER, George, R. C. priest. Account of his trial and execution, by a companion; 1610, NAPLES: v. Massaniello, Tom. Panfilio, -. "Relatione del regno di Napoli, fatta. da agente Veneto," 616. I. Relatione del governo di Napoli, ; Privilegio de pio monte dell' arte de' tessetori de' drappi d' oro et argento; 1626,560. La zuppa celeste sopra Ie presente rivolture di Napoli; discorso politico, 590. I. Descent of the Kings ot Naples and Sicily, $. Notes ofantiquitles,&c.; with sketches; 1651, View from the sea, ib.34. NAPLETON, Thomas, Thanet. Epitaphs on him and others of the family j , b-4. 3 H2

152 682 NARBOROUGH, sir John. Notes from his Travels, NARDINI, Leon. Ant., custos of the house of the B. V. at Loretto. Signature to an attestation; 1725,645. NARRATIONES: 1). Exempla. De visione cujusdam ex ord. Carthus., de. rosario B. M. V., De liberis 365 quos peperit Marg. comitissa quffidam uno die, NARRAWAY, Mary, Strand, London; 1637, NASH, John. Epitaph in Harefield churchyard; 1595, NASH, Pol. The Golden age; transl. in verse from Ovid, NASSAU: v. Mauritius, princeps. NASSAU, Island of. Excise revenue in , NASSAU, Wilhelm, Graf zu. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 1627, NATELEY, William. Possessor of art. 5 in 1349 in NATIVITIES: v. Astrologia. NATURA: 1). Mors. NATURAL RELIGION: 1). Religion. NAVARRE, Petrus, comes de. Emblema de eo; accedit notitia, vel'su et prosa, NAUDIN, Theodore, M.D. Noticesofhim as a member of an anabaptist congregation; 1654, , 27-30, Letters to the congregation complaining against Dr. P. Chamberlen, ib. 63, 71. To Dr. Chamberlen, ib. 93. NAVICULA, [instrumentum ita dictum] : v. Astronomia. NAVIGATIO: v. America. Gifford, Thomas. Berwick. Log-Books. Tralado del arte de navegar, NAUNTON, -. Signature, NAUNTON, sir R. Signature, I20. Note of a book that belonged to him, NAVY OF ENGLAND: Anglia. Howard, sir Ph. Knott, Nath. Morke, John. v. Shere, sir H. Villiers, Geo., duke of Buckingham. Repairs of Henry VIII's barge The Lion; 1534, Dimensions and armament of a great. ship at Woolwich, 399. II 7. Warrant from the commissioners to Phil!. Pitt to cut down trees in Bernwoodforest, Bucks.,and Eastbear forest, Southants.; 1617 (draft), Instructions for ordering of ships in fighting; ,919. 1I4, in sailing; , ib. 1I0. INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Instructions for the ordering of the fleet bound for Tangier; 1665 (copy), 916. II3. Note of four estimates; Dec. 1674, Letter from the Admiralty about pensions to flag officers when not in active employment; 1675 (two copies), 919 4,6. Establishment of men and guns in every ship, 1673; confirmed 1677, Table of monthly pay for all officers and seamen; temp. Car. II, Proportion of victuals in a frigate; temp. Car. II, Table of ships in royal navy, and their rigging; c , Petition to Charles II for payment of debts due for the ship Mordant, with order thereon; 30 Sept. 1683, Duty of the clerk of the ropeyards and of the clerk of the surveys; 1689, 919, Estimate for the charge in harbour for 1694, Letter from the commissioners to capt. W. Aston; 8 March, 1696, Ordinary charge; 1697, b Proceeds of prizes, ib St.ate of the navy and list in 1698, ib Notes relating to the storekeepers and their accounts, Instructions to be observed in petty warrants, b. Notice of a petition from seamen to the H. of Lords that they may be allowed to exercise trades, 919. li8. Reasons for supplying stores from our own Plantations; c. 1704, Proposals with reference to better manning the navy; [temp. Geo. I?], 919. II 9.. Copies distributed by grant from Geo. I of. the Seamen's Monitor in 1725, Said to be in 1732 in a better condition than ever, Ships in the Royal Navy: Advice; 1670, Albemarle; 1697, Beat ; broken up t. Car. I, Crown; temp. Cat'. II, Elizabeth; 1688, 752. I I. Fleet, frigate; temp. Car. II, Gloucester; 1682, Guernsey; 1670, 861, 6. Haddock; 1643, Lark; Lion; 1534, Loyal Eagle; 1682, 752. I. Mary; 1644, Mordant; 1683, Pembroke; 1692, Phenix; 1620, ". Rainbow; 1672, Resolute Batt; 1644, Richmond; 1690, Rupert, 1710, Salamander; 1689, Thomas and Mary, transport; I707, Vice-Admiml Pap; 1644, NAYLAND, Suffolk: 1). Suffolk. NAYLOR, John, B.D., St. John's eoll., Cambro Mentione.d, NEALE, capt. -. Device on his cornet; 1642, NEALE, Joseph. Decree in Chancery for the carrying out the charitable beque"ts in his will; 1714, NEALE, Thomas, B.D., reg. prof. HeLr. Oxon. Epistolffi ab Acad. Oxon. ad com. Leic. et ad consiliarios regios de causa inter eum duosque bedellos ct coli. Merton. coram Concilio vocatf1; 10 Maii, 1567 (apogr.), , 261>. NEANDER, J.; i.e. John Newman, q.v. NEAPOLIS: v. Naples. NEAVE, Mrs. Deborah. Claimant for a debt due from the Crown of Denmark; 1686, NECKAM, Alexander: v. Anselmus, S. NEDAM, James, surveyor of works to Hen. VIII. Pay-books for building accounts, , NEDHAM, George, Wymondley, Herts. Fragments of private accounts, 776 ad init. (1655); 778. I, 67, 83 ( ; 782 ad init. (1668). Account of wrongs suffered at the hands of his son George, NEECH, Rich., vicarofimpington, Cambro Signature; 1672, NEEDHAM, Andrew, Temple, London. Signature; 1678, NEEDHAM, Peter, D.D., St. John's eoll., Cambro Two letters to him from Hearne; 1710, ,44". Printed satirical Latin epitaph on him; 1730, written by Dr. S. Drake, ib. 7Sb. Signature, NEEDHAM, Ralph, bookseller, Lomlon; Note to the clerk of the Stationers Company; 1668, ". NEEDHAM, Walter, M.D b Nota df' eo, NEEDHAM, William, chapi. to arehbp. San croft. Signature; , , 37, 81, 103\ 129, 137, 140. NEEDLEWORK. Samplers; cents..rrii, xviii, NEEVES, Elizabeth. Needlework sampler; 1738, NEGRI, Solom()'R: 1). Newman, Henry. NElLE, Richard, arehbp. of York. ture; 1633, Signa NElLE, Richard. Signature; 1665, NEILSON, capt. Letters about his methosd of discovering longitude; 1632,

153 NELLY, Francis. Log-book, when midshipman, of a voyage to E. India and home; , 914. Capt. of E. I. C. ship the Hertj01'd, 1726, NELSON, family of, Berks. Pedigree; 1665, NELSON, Alice, St. Katherine's, London. 1637, >. NELSON, Jeremy, preb. of Carlisle. Letter to dean Granville of Durham, in reply to a letter of remonstrance on his conduct; 1684, Granville's letter to him, ib. I I. NELSON, Robert. Letters of advice to Geo. and Gabr. Hanger (copies), Signature; 1713, NELSTON, family of, Chaddleworth, Berks. Pedigree to 1623, b. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 683 NEVE, Thomas, Messina: V. Rea, Roger. NEVELL, Thomas, soc. Jesu, S.T.P. Leodii. Dispp. de Incarnatione Verbi, in partem III. S. Tho. Aquin., Conclusiones de Incarnatione 1637 (impress.), calc. NEUFCHATEL The Liturgy mentioned, NEUFVILLE, sieur de, i. e. J. F. de Montmorency, q.v. Letter from the magistrates and declaration by the mayor and corporation in favour of a free Parliament; 1688 (copies), Papers about the case of the town v. the dean and chapter of Durham about a -ballast-shore at Jarrow; , Order of the committee of the New River water about transfer of shares; 1704, NEUFVILLE, Robert de, Leyden. Letter NEWCASTLE, dukes of: V. to St. Poyntz, with bills for postage of Cavendish, Hen. Durham. letters; Fr., 1727, ,322. and Will. HolIes, Tho. P. NEVILL, Cle., fellow oftrin. coil., Cambro NEWCOMB, -. Note to him from S. Signature; 1678,391. IS, 17 Weale; 24 Jan. 1712, NEVILL, George, second baron Aberga- NEWCOME, Thomas. fellow of Jesus coli., venny. Notes of births in his family, Cambro Signature, , from a MS. missal, NEWCOMEN, E. Signature; 1657, NEVILL, Mary and Sophia, daughters of Rich., and grand-daughters of sir Christ. Nevill. Petition to Charles 11 for relief, b. NELTHORP, R. Letter to his relatives on NEWCOMEN, Nicolas, Univ. coli., Oxford. the morning of his execution, 1685 Epitaph; Lat., 1703, (copy), N ENNIUS. E jxcerpta a b U sse no ex cod. NEVILLE, George, archbishop of York. NEWCOMEN, Robert. Signature; 1725, in bibl. publ. Cantab., cum lectt. val'., Feast at his enthronization; 1466, *45-48, *56b. 14*b. NEWDIGATE family. Epitaphs in Hare- NEOT'S, St. Huntingdonshire. The priory NEUMAIR, Joh. Christoff. Inscriptio field church; , t. d' h d' Genn. in albo amicorum P. Golii; Extracts from the register of Harefield, regis er CIte m t e pe Igree of the Lond., 14 Jan. 1620, b. Middle8ex, family of St. George, Dec!. of ejectment in a suit about the NEUSTRIA: V. Normandy. manor, ji'almouth V. Penryn; 1706, NERFORD, Henry: v. Rackheath.. NER1, fpolito xl viii. Sopra i buccheri, sonetto, NERIUS,Philippus, S.: v. Oratorio, Congr. de. NERO, Dom. del. Instruttione a D. del Nero, mandato da Paolo IVaI duca di Alva; Aug. 1556, b. NESBITT, John, Non-conformist minister. Epitaph in Bunhill Fields' buryingground; 1727, b. NETHERCOTT, A., Sussex. Testimonial given by him, with seal of arms; 167~, NETHERLANDS: v. Flandria. United Provinces. Hollandia. NETHERSOLE, Edward, Canterbury. Epitaph; 1621, NETTERVILL, Nicholas. Creation as visco Nettervill, b NETTLEBED, Oxon. Answers to Rawlinson's queries concerning the parish, Letter from the vicar, R. Horn, ib. 44. NETTLES, Stephen, B.D.: v. Prideaux, John. NEVE, Elizabeth, wife of Oliver: t'. Rea, Roger.. NEVE, Francis, St. John's coli., Cambro. Gave 1058 (written by himself) to - Page of King's coil., NEUTON, sive Nuton, J., S.T.P., Oxon., monachus de Glovernia. Dono dedit 235. NEW, -, "rev. pastor." Rough draft of some Latin lines to him; temp. Eliz., 160, adfin. NEW, Robert, Middle Temple. Letter to Hearne, accompanying MS. fragments given to Hearne; 1731,893. I. NEWBERY, John, Queens' coil, Camb., vicar of Okington. Signature; 1668, Certificate that he took the degree of B.D. in 1670; 1678, NEWBURGH, lord: V. Barrett, Edw. NEWBURGH, earl of: V. Livingston,.las. NEWBURY, Berks.: V. Shuff,-. A factious town; 1643, NEWDIGATE, sir Richard: V. Harefield. Letter to E. Curll; 1718, NEWE, Thomas, Exeter college, Oxford. Three letters to his father from Charlestown in Carolina; 1682 (copies), b-4 NEWELL, John, Exeter coli. and St. Alb. hall, Oxf. Testimonials for orders; 1673,822.6,8. NEWELME, now Ewelme, q. V. NEW ENGLAND. The answer of the elders of the churches to nine positions sent over from England in 1639, NEW FOREST: V. Manning, Leonard. NEWFOUNDLAND. Official letter about provision for the garrisons at St. John's; 1706, NEW GUINEA. Part of the coast-line, with the island uf Gilolo, , IS. NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE. List of members of the corporation proposed to NEW HAMPSHIRE, Province of: v. Vaughan, col. -. be removed and of others to be Letter to H. Newman appointing him substituted; [1684], , 43. agent in England; 1720, Notices of the disposition of the corporation with regard to loyalty, the Letters about the boundary of the province, ib. 156, 196. surrender of the charter, and imprisonment of some persons by NEWINGTON, Kent. Ten monumental.jefferies; 1684, , 143. inscriptions in the church; 1716, 972. Injunction to the minister and churchwardens of St. Nicholas to maintain 1-3 catechizing and daily prayers; 1682, NEWINGTON. Surrey. List of all the householders; C. 1673, Certificate of N. Lloyd's taking the oaths 850.1!l5 Dispute of the vicar with archd. Granville as to pulpit prayers; as rector; 28 Apr. 1673, ib , ; 'fhe rubrics Boys clothed and apprenticed at St. concerning infant baptism neglected, Mary's school j ,839. lsi NEWINGWN, Stoke: v Stoke Newington.

154 684 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. NEWLAND, Francis, lnetcbant, M'8.111:~a. Declaration of J os. Hill l' his will; 1713 (tl'an81.), Capt. of the ship Britannia, NEWMAN, Henry. Letters Ito him : 'V. Ashe, St. George. Perronet, Vinc. Ayerst, Will. Philipps, J. Boehm, A. W. Powis, Thomas. Chamberlayne, Mapletoft, John. John. Maule, Henry. Coram, Thomas. Mayo, Richard. Dalton, C. Shute, Samuel. Davies, R. Sturmy, Dan. Disney, John. Vernon, Eliz. Dummer, Jerem. Wentworth, J. Duquesne, Gabr. Wheeler, Maurice. Hoare, Henry. Wilkins. David..Tones, Sam. Wise, Will. Kynaird, M. Woodbridge, Dud- Lamothe, -. ley. Lavigne, Peter. Yate, W. New Hampshire. Papers as secretary to Dr. Bmy's trustees; , 834. Papers as secretary to Christ. Knowl. Soc. and Soc. Prop. Gosp., and as agent for province ofn ew Hampshire, 839. Letter to S. Negri; 1724 (draft), 839. HI. Unsigned letter to him from Whitehaven; 1713, NEWMAN, John, M.A., Trin. coil., Cambro Letter to Laur. Howell; Lat. [signed, "J. Neander"], Testimonials for him for mastership of J.ewisham gmmmar school; 1676, 822. IU, 114. Died in Aug. 1687, ib NEWMAN, Thomas, rector of Cornaro, q. V. NEWMAN, Thomas, butler of Oriel coli., Oxf. Petition to the Parliamentary Visitors, NEWMARKET, Cambridgeshire. Value of the two livings, certified to lord Alington, NEWMARKET, Thomas de, 8ive de Novo Mercatu, q.'v. NEWPORT, Richard, shiywright, Shadwell. Petition to Charles I for relief, NEWTE, John, B.A., Balliol coil, Oxf. Testimonials for a dispensation for two portions in Tiverton, Devon; 167t-1680, , 108. NEWTON, Cambridgeshire. ' Articles 1661, against - Lee, rector; N W'll NICHOLLS, J. Fragment ofa letter, NICHOLLS, John. Siffnature to inscription giving a book to his brother F'erdinand; ICHOLLS, 1.; 1609, NEWTON, George, rector of Cheadle: v. NICHOLS, capt. -. Arms, and device on N., G. his cornet; 1642, b. NEWTON, Humphrey, Grantham. Latin epitaph on his daughter De bomh; 1676, b NEWTON, sir Isaac: v. Stukeley, Will. Publication of his InlJtitt. Algebr.; 1707, Notes of mathem. problems from him, 4' Recommendation of D. Gregory for the professorship of astronomy at Oxford; 16<)1 (copy), Sendsacatalogue of Dr. Barrow'slibmry to one S. S., NEWTON, Richard, D.D., Ch. Ch., princ. of Hertford coli. 'H (61q TOV Aa(:Ji/}; poema Grrec., Ric. Busby inscriptum, Notes of a sermon by him at St. Mary's, Oxf., in 1711, b. NEWTON, William, Ashin~on, Essex. Citation to his widow Eliz. III the matter of his will; temp. Eliz., NEWTON, William, saddler, London. Will; 19 Nov (copy), 796b 75. NEWTON, William, Lacy Green, Cheshire. Will; 1671 (Ot-ig.), NEWTON LONGUEVILLE, Bucks. List of rectors, from B. Willis's collections, b. NEW YORK: v. Willson, Eben. Expenses of the province under lords Bellamont and Cornbury; , Establishment of four companies of soldiers there; 16<)9, ib Memorial from one of the victuallers; 1701, ib Report to lord Cornbury on clothing sent by Mr. Champ'ante for the four companies; 1702, ib NIBLET, Martin. Latin lines about him, NEW RIVER COMPANY: v. Rawlinson, sir Tho. NEWS-LETTERS. From London, 22 July, 1623, From Land., 27 Nov. 1688, From St. Petersburg; , Fr., ,392. NEWSPAPERS: v. Amsterdam. I twa. Daily Courant. London Evening Post. Daily Gazetter. London Gazette. Daily Journal. Postboy. Daily Postboy. Postman. Dyer, -. St. Jame8's Post. List of those pub!, in London in 1721, 98S. 9. List of London papers and their prices in (not complete), seo. 43. NICA:NUM CONCILIUM. Tituli canonum, 13;1.6 40b NICANDER. Index verborum, 348. I. NICHOLAS, sir Edw.: v. Carolus 1. Signature; , , 9, 47, , A book given him by archbp. Bramhall, NICHOLAS, Jo., warden of Winchester college. Receipt for subsc. from sir T. Browne towards the new school, 1681, NICHOLAS ATW ADE, St., Isle of Thanet. InscriptioD8 in the church; 1716, NICHOLS, Charles, a Non-conformist. The Prisoners' Basket of Bread of Life (written in prison at Canterbury); 1663, NICHOLSON, Otho, M.A., Ch. Ch., Oxf.: v. Cluet, Rich. NICHOLSON, Thomas. Letter to him from Hearne; 1710, NICHOLSON, William, bishop ofg loucester. Noticed, b, 20. NICHOLSON, William, M.A., Magd. coil, Oxf. Epitaph, NICKELLS, John, whipmaker, London, Signature; ,717 8eepe. NICKSON: 'V. Nixon. NICODEMUS. Evangelium ejus, sive epist. de passione Christi, NICOLAI, Laurentius, Aarhusius-Danus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 31 Jan. 1615,937. 9Ob NICOLICcHIA,MarcoAnt. The conspiracy against Nero; tmnsl. from Ital. by Rawlinson, NICOLIUS, Joannes Balthasar, Wormaciensis. Nomen inscriptum; 8eec. xvi exeunte, NICOLL, Elizabeth. Epitaph in Seven oaks church; 1700, NICoLL,John, London. Signature; 1688, NICOLLS, Ann, Puddle wharf, London; 1637, NICOLSON, -. Epistola ad eum a D. Featley, b NICOLSON, Hum., London. Letter to John Collins; 1672, NICOLSON, William, bishop of Carlisle, and afterw. of Derry: v. Atterbury, F'r. Rawlinson, Tho, Letter to Dr. Edw. Browne; 1682, Fourteen letters to Edw. Thwaites ; , , passim. To Tho, Benson, 1701, ib. 27. Letter to Hody; 1702, Letter [to H. Newman]; 1712, Letter to him from Hearne; 1711, Notice of a dispute with rev. Hugh Todd; 1707, NIEREMBERGIUS, Joh. Eus., e soc. Jeau. Transl. of his treatise of the Divine Life, Extracts from his TheOPOlitiCU8,

155 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 685 NIKKE, Richard, bishop of Norwich. Note of a Bible that belonged to him in IS07, NIMPTSCH, Ernst von. Inscriptio Gprtn., una cum insignibus gentilitiis depict is, in albo amicorum Dav. von Filtz; Hagre, 6 Apr. 1624, b NIMPTSCH, Siefriedt von. Inscriptio Ital. in alba amicorum Dav. von Filtz; 7 Jun. 1625, 936. los. NISBETT, Philip, merchant, Stockholm: v. Shuttleworth, Will. NISBIT, or Nesbitt, Abigail, widow of ensign John. Power of attoruey for receipt of pension j 1713, 760. ISS. NISMES, France. A few notes on its early hist., L3b. NISOLIUS, -. Proposes to publish an Ethiopic lexicon; 16S8, b. NIXON, or NICKSON, rev. -: v. Etherington, John. NIXON, rev. J., Higham, Northampt. Three letters to Dr. Rawlinson; , Account of figures found at Castle-dykes in Farthingstone, ib. 8. NOAKE, John, Norwich, gentleman. Pardoned for treason in being taken in 1694 serving on board a French privateer; 1701, , 482. NOBILITY: v. Peers. NOBLE, rev. -, Gray's Inn. Paper addressed to him, NOBLET, mademoiselle. Letter, unsigned, to her at Aix-Ia-Chapelle j Fr., 641. IS9 ' NOCTON, Lincolnshire: to. Stanhope, lady -. NOD EN, Hugh. His case with regard to traitors' lands in the Bermudas; 1688 (copy), NOEL, lady Elizabeth: v. Fitzwilliams, John. NOEL, Mary, countess of Gainsborough : v. Fitzwilliams, John. NOKE, William, Oxford. Receipt for money j 1575, NOMINA: I'. Biblia. Explicatio pramominum virorum, 248. lob.. NON-CONFORMISTS: v. Baxter, Rich. Devonshire. Cambridge: Merrill, Zach. Cottnty. Scotia. Campion, Sam. Warmestry, Thos. Conventicles. The arguments of such as deny to subscribe j 1604, List of those ejected j 24 Aug. 1662, 144. Reasons by a Non-conformist for taking the oath prescribed by the Act of Uniformity, Appeal against the Act of Conformity, and in defence of the League and Covenant; 1662, Statement of reasons for taking the oath prescribed in the Five-mile Act of 1665, Fragment of a plea for toleration; temp. Car. II, Defence of those who cannot hold communion with the Church of England; (impeif.), Irenicum, or an essay for union [between Presbyterians, Independents, and Baptists] ; temp. Car. II, Account-book of subscriptions of a congregation in London; 171S-6, 981. Some propositions concerming separation, by a parish minister, NONESUCH PARK: v. Cheam. NON-JURORS: v. Brett, Thomas. Hickes, George. Fairebrother, -. Riddles. Gandy, Henry. Rye, Geo. Grascome, Sam. Snatt, Will. Hawes, Sam. Turner, Francis. Miscellaneous parers relative to them, 373,835,836,845,846,847,848, , Forty propositions concerning the Church and schism, Eight propositions on the duty of communicating with canonical bishops, ib.66. Propositions (24) relating to church government and communion; 1698, ISO. Advice given to the deprived bishops by some lawyers, On the duty of adhering to the deprived bishops, Fragment of a paper urging continuance of the separation on the deaths of the deprived bishops, Vindication of the lawfulness of joining in the altered prayers; 1691, II. Arguments against joining in the prayers for Will. III, by Whitby and another, , 31b. Considerations concerning separation from the publick assemblies [against the Non-jurors], Letter by a layman justifying withdrawing from the parish church j 1696, Dialogue between D. and C. respecting mixed communion, Resolution of a case of conscience respecting mixed communion, Case of conscience respecting a wife's cohabiting with a husband who required her occasionally to attend church, Answer to a query respecting mixed communion (unfinished), Reasons why non-juring clergy refuse to communicate at all with compliers, Violent letter of remonstrance to a Non-juror [So Keble?] for his attending the services of the Established Church, lbis ad Sandersonum; a dialogue on the oaths between Evorchus and Amphiorcus, Dialognb between Mr. and Mr. Uneasy, Letter attacking passive obedience, and reply, , 25; , 48. Answers to arguments in defence of passive obedience in the Grand Case and another paper, , 13. Fragment of a paper against resisting the lawful magistrate, 842_ 193. Pasquinade on some one at Oxford who wrote in defence of taking the oaths, A collection of notes and arguments against the Non-jurors, 354. Letter signed "Eusebius Cavalier," opposing a restoration of discipline against immoral Jacobites, Answer to Considerations against joining with the Non-jurors: v. Smith, Geo. Conclusion of a paper against compliance with the jurors, by Laur. Howell, Copies by Gandy of papers relating to the controversy about the Usages, Articles of agreement about the Usages alleged to have been settled at a meeting in 1716, 847. II 5 b. Orders for the observance of the Usages issued by Collier and Brett in 1717, ib Circularletter from some of the bishops enjoining the Usages at Communion; 1717 (copy), Accounts of a meeting in 1716 at which the Usages were rejected, ib. 196; , 105 ; Declaration of bps. Gandy, Doughty, Blackburne and Rawlinson against the Usages, Arguments for compliance with the Usages, founded on propositions by Hickes, 848. I. List of 44 publications on the ritual controversy; , ib Consecrations, ordinations, deaths, &c., Alphabetical list of Nonjuring clergy, Appointment of Hickes and Wagstaffe as bishops, and list of clergy, I. Catalogue of papers of ordinations, consecrat.ions, &c., Notice of the instruments of consecrations printed by Rawlinson, List of contents in two vols. of MS. papers, List of some pamphlets, NOONE, Luke, purser of H.M.S. Crown. Petition to Charles II for payment of arrears for slop clothes, NORBORG, -, minister of the Swedish church, Ratcliff Highway. Mentioned; 172S, b, Ill. NORCOTT, John, Parliament House, Dublin. Letter to him from Jerem. White, b NORDEN, John. A map of all the battles in Engl. from the Conq. to Q. Eliz. by him, formerly in the Bodl. Libr., Notes out of his Speculum B1'itannice, $1.

156 686 NORDENI17S, Georgiua. Inscriptio in alboamicornm Hen. Erdmann; Witeb., 18 Sept. 1619, INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. ditional engagement by feoffees of lands at Rothersthorpe to settle 115 per an. on the vicarage of St. Giles, ib.17 Fragment of a letter about the registers of the monastery of St. Andrew; 1703, EpitaphinAllHallows' onw.blencowe, Epitaph on a cobbler, lb. NORFOLK: v. Browne, sir Edw. Methwold. Questions submitted by the justices of peace to the judges; temp. Jac. I, Sequestrations of ministers in 1644, Weekly assessment for.the Militia; NORTHAMPTON, earls of: "' , Compton. Parr. Howard. NORFOLK, Francis, London. Bequest to the ward of Portsoken; 1 June, 1650, NORTHERN-YOUTHS: v. Bells. 796b Il2. NORTHEY, sir Edward. Opinion re- NORGATE, Edward, Windsor herald. Sig- specting obstructing the arches of nature, ; London bridge; 1702 (copy), Gave 140 to Th. Sayer. NORTHFLEET, Kent. Licence from Hen. N ORIMBERG, Paulns Georgius. Inscriptio IV for appropriation of the tithes; in albo amicorum Joh. Hoffmanni; 1406 (copy by J. Lewis), Oxon., 5 Sept. 1631, NORTHILL, Bedfordshire. Law-snit re- NORMANDY. Descentofthedukes, spectingrightofcommon; 1670, Fragment of a transl. of a narrative of the conquest by Rollo, NORTHILL, CornwalL Notes on the NORMANSON,-. Wine-bill at Oxf.; 1639, 321. lb. NORRAWAY, Mrs. Lydia, Wapping: v. Richardson, Will. NORRIS, family of, Lanc., and Rycot, Oxon. Pedigree, by Hearne, b NORTHAMPTON. Cmenty. Notes by Hearne of some Bodl. MSS. relating thereto, Town. Copy of a deed relating to the priory of St. Mary-in-the-Meadows; 1329, 404. [131].. Inscription over the door of the grammar school, C Three epitaphs in All Saints' church, ib. MemOl'la.l from the inhabitants of the, parish of St. Giles to the bp. of London, for an augmentation for the vicarage; C. 1679,792. II. Con- parish, , 2L1I. NORTHLEACH, Glouc. Mention of the grammar school; 1653, NORToN,George. Signature; 1664, NORTON, Rich., Edw., Dan., and Rich jun. Cod. 234 eis inscriptus, anno 1665: NORTON, Roger, bookseller, London Letter to the heads of houses at Oxford: 1672, b Mentioned, ib ' NORTON, [Samuel or Thomas?]. Two astrological figures, endorsed by Ashmole "Norton's schemes," '. NORWICH. See and Diocese: v. Mountagu, Rich. Revenues of the see, se~e vacante , PartIculars of leases of possessions; c. 1599, ib Law-forms in eccl.courts of the diocese' ,1088,1374. ' Contributions of the clergy to the King for relief of the Palatinate; 1621, City. Extracted notes on its origin and name, , 102. Mayors and sheriffs, , with historical notes, 948. Charges for entertainment to the bishop and the duke of, Norfolk in 1501 (copy), Paper regarding maintenance of ministers there; , Forms of municipal documents; , Ol'ders of civic ceremonials; 1621, The mayor ordered Christmas day to be observed in 1647, and invited the bishop to preach, b List of churches, St. Edmund's: "'. Sywhat, Marg. Cathedral. Ordinances of the guild of St. George in the cathedral, Inscription under the figure of St. Peter in the cathedral, ii. 8. Monument of dean Fairfax, NORTHLEIGH, John, Exeter coil., Oxf. Latin theme; 1680, NORTHMOOR, Oxon. Eccl. suit abont NORRIS, John, B.A., Exeter coil, Oxf. seats in the aisle of the church;. Latin theme; 1680, , Particulars of the manor; 1700, 384. NORRIS, rev. John, Bemerton. Mention IIO. of a book by him, Extracts from the parish registers; NORRIS, lady Marg.:.". Elizabetha, R , Angl. Epitaphs, , 22. Epitaph on sir:eo Warcnpp, NORRIS, Samuel: fl. Tilehuret. NORTHOLT, or "Northall," Middlesex. NORRIS, Samuel, Canterbury. Letter to Valuation of the parish for assessment; 1653, Rawlinson; 1751, Church notes and. epitaphs, NORRIS, Truth, bailiff of Ipswich. Affidavit; 1709, NORTHUMBERLAND. Part of an inq. in NORWICH, earl of:.". Goring respecting crown tenants; NORWOOD, Middlesex. Valuation of the (copy), NORRIS, alias ROBINSON, William, capt. parish for Msessment; [1653?], of horse and foot. Arms, device on his 148. cornet. and colours of his foot-regiment; NORTON, Gloucestershire. Abstract of NORWOOD, capt. _, I,ondon. Device 1642,942. lob, II. Fiennes' evidences; t. Edw , (from Zech. iv. 7) on his cornet; 1642, NORTH, Dudley, lord. Epitaph, , b. 34b NORTON WOOD, Norfolk. Mem, of the NORTH, Jo., Master of Trin. call., Cambro purchase of three manors by sir R. NORWOOD, Francis. Petition to Charles. Signature; 1678,391.15,17. Southwell, with descent of title, II, NOTLEY, Black, Essex. Lawsuit by J. Coker for a pew in the church as NORTON,-, barrister. Mentioned; IS81, attached to a house called Plumtrees; 353. I. 1685, NORTON, -. Account by Dr. J. Bastwick of his illness and death, NOTT, J. Signature, NORTON, -, minister at St. Martin's-le NOTTINGHAM, earl of: "'. Finch, Dan. Grand, Lond II. Letter to him; 1657, NOVEL. Commencement of a novel NORTON, col. -. Account of the revolution of the army in 1688, 148. Anon. letter confirming the account, ib. NORTON, sir George, Abbot's Leigh, Somerset. Ep,, about a countess of Barcelona, ' NOVELL, Thomas, M.D. Signature; 1683, Novo MERCATU, Thomas de. Tract. d.e modo dictandi [si."e, epistolas conscnbendi], 232. I.

157 NOYE, William, attorne1-general. Declaration how the Kmg may support his revenue, 1ll7. Keeper of the records, *b. Epigram on his feast when reader, Qu. possessor of 978? NOYE, William, Cornwall. Will j 3 June, 1634 (copy), NOYES, Richard. quarter-master. Petition' to Charles II for a pension, with order thereon; 5 Nov. 1683, NUGENT,Jalle. RecantationofRomanismj 1699, NUJI[ISMATA: v. Rawlinson, Rich. Sharpe, John. Note on the uniformity of Saxon silver coins, NUNS. "Considerations of one design'd fora nunnery"; in blank verse, 73' NU1T, Gulielmus, Corp. Chr. coll.,oxon.: v. Oxford: Corp. Ckr. Coll. NUTT, Joseph, Wapping. Letter to O. Acton; 1732, RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 687 OATES, Titus. His depositions (with the original draft) about the Popish Plot; 1678, b. His confession to Parliament, 28 Oct. 1678, Satirical lines on him; Lat.-Engl., OATHS: v. Devonshire. Non-conformists. G., W. Non-jurors. Gandy, Hen. Quakers. Grascome, Sam. Considerations concerning the oath [enjoined in Convocation in 1640], Modest answer to the Sober enquiry concerning the new oath ; 1665, Papers relating to the question of the oath of allegiance in 1689,836. OBEDIENTIA. Fragmentum de ea, Passive obedience: v. Non-jurors. NUPTllE: v. Matrimonium. O'BRIEN, -, R. C. priest, Toulouse. Con- NURSE, Sarah, Chick-Iane,London; 1637, troversial letter to a Protestant corre spondent; 1713, NURSE, Thomas, M.D. Epitaph in Westminster cloisters; 1668, b O'BRIEN, Charles, 5th visco (and earl) of Clare. Mention of his marriage; 1697, 21.6b OBSEQUENS, Julius. Notre in eum, a Tho. Hearne, OFFLEY, Uobert,Middle Temple. Title' of an [unknown] book by him, temp. Car. I, on the history of Wat Tyler, OGBOURN, Wilts. Grant of the priory by the duke of Bedford to St. George's Chapel, Windsor; 3 Dec., 9 Hen. V, OGDEN, Samuel. His method of school teaching, ll OGILBY, John. Order of the court of [aldermen?] for securing to him the survey of the city of London, OGLE, earl of: v. Cavendish, Henry. OGLE, -, Amsterdam. Notice of him; 1662, b -5, 37 b-8. OGLE, sir John. Discourse about payment of soldiers by the States General, Discourse with James I concerning the treaty of peace with Spain, Accounts of the attack on Nieuport and of sir F. Vere's parley at Ostend, b, 69. Reasons for the eight days' payment of troops, ib. So. Letters of denization for his four daughters, b OBSERVATIONS: v. Historia. OKEBURNE PRIORY: V. Ogboume. NUTTING, Joseph. Engraving by him, OccHAM,Gulielmus. Epist.contrapapam OKEOVER, Henry, RA., Trin. coil., oxr ,9. Joh. XXII, Latin theme; 1680, NYE, R. Signature, OCTAVIA NUS, Imperator. Emblema de OKING, now Woking, q.v. NYSSENUS, Petrus, Holsatus. Inscriptio eo; accedit notitia, versu et prosa, OLAF [or Olafson],Jo.: v. Husius, Vitek in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; 10 Jul. 1612, ODDY, N. A Non conformist minister: v. OLANDEZ, Jacques Pitresen, capt. of a. merchant-ship of Flushing. Notarial Cambridge: County. mercantile contract with Man. Ferreira. ODDY, Obadiah. Three letters to him of Cadiz; 1663, Span., 391. Il. from Hearne; , b; OLDBURY, Shropshire. Catalogue of the o. ll b ; n b Bray parochial library, OGA, Wolff gang. von. Inscriptio!tal. Germ. in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 15 Jun. 1618, ODIARNE, Mercy. Epitaph in Rye church; OLDENBARNEVELT, Gerardus d'. In- 0., -, Albury, Herts. Papers about the 1703,682.48, scriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii, 934. seduction of his daughter E., by John <ECONOMIA: v. Household Books. 16. son ofbp. Henry King; 1647, Systema reconomire, , H. Calculation of a nativity; 1691, 868 <ECUMENIUS. Expositiones in Ep. S Pauli ad Titum; Lat. per R. Ascham, OAKELY, Jeremiah, M.A., Bailiol coli., Oxf. Comment in Arist. de anima, 912. ORTEL, Andreas, N oricus, et Georgius 25 0 Christoph. Inscriptiones in albo amico OAKELEY, Joseph. Petition to the E. India Co. to be employed lib a writer, OAK HANGER, Hants.: v. Headley. OAKINGHAM, or W okingham, q. v. OAKI~GTON, Cambridgeshire. Articles agalust - Chandler, rector; 1644, OAQKLEY, Essex. Collections made by the. ueen's letters for repair of the church In 1597, VOL. 11. rum P. Golii; Lond., I I Jun. 1618, b, 57. OESLER, Christophorus. Inscriptio Gr(J?ca in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Stetini, 1613, OFFICIA ECCLESIAHTICA: V. Antiphonarium. Lectionarium. Breviarium. Manuale. Collectal'ium. Missale. Graduale. Responsoriale. Horre. Fragments from service books, ; 894. OLDENBURG, H., secr. to the Royal Society. Two letters to Dr. Edw. Browne; 166~ 70, , 24. OLDFEILD, family of, Leftwich, Cheshire. Pedigree to 1671, by Dugdale, with extracts from records, and anns in trick, OLDFIELD, Francis. Releape to hon. Susanna Fiennes from all actions; 168o, OLDFEILD, John. Pardoned for piracy; 16g8, OLDFIELD, John. Signature, OI.DHAM, John. Extracts from his poems, OLDHAM, Richard, rector Cambr., and Streatham , , 43 3 I of Newton, Signature;

158 688 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. OLDISWORTH, Giles, M.A. Notices of him, , lib, 17, 18, ZO. OLDYS, William, LL.D., Admiralty advoca.te. Conference with the Privy Council on r\lfusing to prosecute as pirates seamen acting under commission from James II; 1693, z; Signature; 1679, OLEARIUS, Adam. Notes out of his Voyage en Muscovie, &c., OLEYl Barnabas, archdeacon of Ely. Letter to him from dean Granville of Durham; 1680, Letters from him to Granville, ib. 305 ; Signature; 1679, OLIBERAS, Spanish family. La cas a d' Oliberas; [their history], OLIVER, John, collier. Pass for his carts; '1596, zb OLIVER, Isaac, painter. Mention of him and of his picture The burial of Christ, Z12b, 2281>. OLIVER, Peter, painter. Mentioned, b OPUSOULUM TRIPARTITUM. Libel' sic ORGAL, conde de: 'V. Perez de Guzman. dictus, ORGANS. On semi-tones in organs, 751, ORAlII, Thomas, vicar of Billingshurst, 50. Sussex. Signature; 1678, ORI~NTALIA. Pars prre!ectionis (forsan) ORANGE: 'V. Huguenots. cujusdam de studio hnguarum orien_ talium, List of some oriental ORATIO. De vii et viii modis quibus MSS. for sale, ib impediuntur devotio et oratio, b, 181. Orationes pire: 'V. Preces. ORATIO DOlllINICA: v. Turner, Francis. Worthington, Thomas. Versiones Cantabrica, Bretannica, Rhetica et Cambro-Brit., Sclavon.-Polon.-Germ.-Angl., 315. I61b. De petitione Da nobis, &c., Part of a long commentary, A long paraphrase and meditation, A short paraphrase, Notes on it, o; , 162, 286~299, 305. ORATIONES. Hanno pro patria, Orationesundecim; exercitia academica, Dure academicre; seec. xvii, Varire, lingua Italica,Romre habitre, OLIVER, Samuel. Petition that he may be compelled to serve as constable of West-Langton, Leic. [1645; copy], ORATORIO, Congregatio sacerdotum de. OLLYFFE, John, rector of Dunton, Bucks. Notice of his sermon at the funeral of Hen. Cornish; 1698, b Costituzioni della congr. dell' Oratorio, fond. da S. Phil. N eri, volgarizate, 482. ORCHARD, Anthony, rector of Hardwick, OLLYVER, William, parson oflaunceston. Cambro Signature; 167~, Subscription to the oath imposed on ORCHARDS. Ground-plan of an orchard, Non-eonformis~s in 1665, lz6b. OLNHAUSEN, Georgius ab, Hoenloicus. ORD, Edward, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Pe- Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; tition to Charles II for a place in the Lond., 9 Jun. 1618, Hearth office or Customs, OlllER, St. Number of scholars in the English college in 1714, , 58. OlllPTEDA, Otho von. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 6 Jul. 1618, O'NEAL, Richard, pewterer: v. London. O'NEILL, Shane, earl of Tyrone: v. Seymour, Edw. ONGLEY, sir Samuel. Letter of directions for the cure of the dropsy (copy), b ONLEY, Nicholas, D.D., preb. of Westminster. Signature, \ 14. ONYON, Thomas, Finchley. Letter; 1718, OPORINUS, Joannes. Note ofa book that was given by him to a friend, OPORTO. Notices of religious processions there; , ORDINATIO. Qurestiones quredam miscell. candidatis ministerii apud Protestantes Gallicos propositre, Notes of places in H. Script. referring to ordination, ORDINES MILITUlII: V. Knights. ORDINES MONASTICI: V. Monachi. ORDNANCE: V. Ironworks. Representation from the officers of the ordnance of the condition of military stores; 10 Feb. 1641, 711. Warrants, &c. relating to the royalist army; , 395. List of officers belonging to the King's artillery, with their pay: [1644?], 395. z08. Receipts and payments for the artillery, Oct.-Nov. 1643, ib Warrants for supply of pistols, ib. Z17 Letter from the Commissioners of ordnance to the E. India Comp.; 1696, (see 160, 170). QPTICA. Thesis: iridis phrenomena sol vi ORESlIIIUS, Nicolaus, episc. Lexoviensis. possunt, Sermo coram papa Urbano V, Z7. Tract. opticu8, de visione dire eta, ORFORD, earl of:. v. Russell, Edw. ORIGANUS,David, prof. mathern. Franco! ad Viadr. Inscriptio in albo amicoru~ Hen. Erdmann; 4 Dec. 1612, ORIGNI, Michelle d'. Certificate in her behalf to the commissioners for relief of proselytes; 1727, ORKNEY, earl of: V. Hamilton, Geo. ORLANDI, Pellegrino Antonio, Bologna, Letter to R. Rawlinson; 1724, Ital., 920, 495 ORLEANS, Ludovicus d'. Extracts from his Expostulatio, 1593; ORlIIE, rev. Robert, M.A. death in 1733, Note of his ORlIIE, Thomas, Hanch-hall, Staffordshire, Petition to Charles II to buy his remaining lands, ORlIIESBY, Norfolk. Fragment of presentments at a court leet; temp. Edtp. III, ORPHANS: V. London. ORPWOOD, family of, Berks. Short pedigree; 1664, ORSETT, Essex: v. Somon, Stephen. ORSINI, Virgilio, card. Letter about the city Palus; transl. by Rawlinson, z05. Racconto delle diffel'enze tra Ii carel. Orsino e l'abb. Fabroni: [a question about ambassadorial precedence at Rome, oJ, ORSUCCI, Cor., Messina. Letter to G. Como; 1725, Ital., z. ORTHOGRAPHIA. De ea, ORTIGUE, Pierre d', mons. de Vaumoriere, Translation of his Hist. of Scipio; impe1j ORTIZ, Spanish family of Toledo. "Solar de los Ortizes"; and arms, roo "Traslado de algunos hapitulos del tratado que scrivio el padre Higuera de la compo de Jesus del linage de los Ortizes," ib. II I -II 4. ORTOLANS. Notes from a paper in, Miscell. Phys. Erjurl, on the mode 01 catching them, ORTON LONGUEVILLE, Hunts. Notes of a baptism and of burials in Sept.-oct. 1661, Agreement for a COm" position for tithes; 1661, ib ORTTWAIN, Georgius, Corbaccensis. Ip scriptio Gall.-Lat. in albo amicorulll ' Golii; Lond., z3 Feb. 1618,

159 ORWELL, Cambridgeshire. Artioles against Dr. Cheney Row, reotor; 1644, ORWELL, E. Note of a book that belonged to him in 1581, RA. WLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 689 OSSORIO, a Spanish family. Privilegio que el rey Enr. IV hizo a don Alv. Perez Ossorio de la ciudad de Astorga; 1465, 597. I. Arbol de la sucesion de la familia, ib. 6. OSSUNA, el duque d'. Letter to the Pope j OSBASTON, -. Mentioned; 1652, 395. Span. n. d. (copy), Memorial I Z2S to the K. of Spain; 12 July, 1619,Span. OSBERNUS, monaohus Dorobernensis. (copy), ib. 58. Letter to the same; Excerptum ex ejus vita Dunstani in 4 June, 1620, Span. (copy), ib. 63. cod. Bodl. 285, 280. *56. OSTEND. Account of the siege in June, OSBORN, William, vicar of Gamlingay, 1706, Description, ib. 11. Cambro Signature; 1680, OSBORNE, Charles, brother of the earl of Danby. Letter to him from sir J. Reresby; 1675, b. OSBORNE, Francis. [Qu., the writer of 753?]. OSBORNE, John, New Inn hall, Oxf. nature as S.C.L.; 1668, Sig- OSBORNE, Mary. Title ofa printed sermon preached in her memory 27 Nov. 1743, with note by Rawlinson thereon, 734. lzs OSBORNE, OSTENHANGER, or Westenhanger, Kent. Pay-book for repairs at the King's manor; 1542, OSTERVALD, J. F.: v. Chamberlayne, John. Analyses of sermons by him; Fr., O'SULLIVAN, Philip. Extracts by Ussher from his Hist. Hibern., L 110. OTHO, Georgius, Ham burgensis. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Witeb., 14 Aug. 1619, Nicholas, Margotts, Kent. OTLEY, Ursula, St. Giles-in-the-Fields, Entry from the Exchequer roll of a London; 1637, fine to be paid by him; 1600, b. OUDART, - d' : V. Doudart. OSBORNE, Nicholas, (1676); V. Guy, John. OSBORNE, Peregrine, second duke of OUDART, Nicholas, secr. to princess Mary Leeds. Funeral charges; 1729, 923. of Orange. Papers in a lawsuit with F. and C. Dongelberg in relation to the 267 will of John Oudart; C. 1660, Lat., 920. OSBORNE, Rowland. A dancing master, b. OUDITIUS, Andreas. Nomen inscriptum, OSBORNE, Susan, Wapping; 1637, swc. xvi, OSBORNE, T. Signature, OVERALL, Johannes, episc. Norvicensis: OSBORNE, Thomas, earl of Danby, afterw. V. Hayward, John. duke of Leeds. Two letters to R. Diss. de qualstione, Utrum animal Montaguj 1678 (copies), , lob. patrum ante Christumin crelo fuerant, Letters to him from sir J. Reresby; Answers to objections of , b, 63b, 65b, 76b Univ. of Cambridge to the above dissertation (copy), b. OSBORNE, Thomas, bookseller. MS. of Excerpta ex oratione ejus ad filios, the Customs of Tottenham bought ts from him by Rawlinson but returned; Answer to A. W otton'sargument against 1754, ceremonies, 133L formerly in his possession. Nomination to the deanery of St. Paul's; [1602],918 40b OSBORNE, Victor art. 2 copied for him in OSBORNE, William. Signature; 1653, OVERBURY, sir Thomas. "Newes from the grave"; remarks relative to his case, OSENEY ABBEY, Oxford. Grant to the OVERSTROU, Norfolk: V. Martin, Jer.. abbey by Robert son of Jungwine of land in High Street, Oxf.; circa II 74, OUGHTRED, or "Owtred," William. U Building lease of land in Letter to P. Heylin; 1632, Oxford to Will Iremongere; 1402, ib. Legacy to him by T. Birsly in 1657, Description of the buildings at the OVIDIUS. Compendio delle l-ietamorfosi, dissolution, spiegate e descritte.da Gugl. Kent, OSGODBY, Robert, fellow of Jesus coli., 540. Cambro Signature, Transl. in verse of Metam. I. 89-II 2; C Prose transl. of Metam. I. OSPRING, Kent. Privileges of the hospital, 10,13; D.54. I. -- Heroid. epp. claimed in 1279 and 1293, , I-VIII, ib De Exilio, 1, Remedy oflove, in verse,u OUSLEY, rev. John. Cat. of his MSS., (see also 48). OWEN, -, Westminster school. Versus octo, tempus recreandi nomine scholarium petentes; 1664, b OWEN, Andrew. Signature, &c.; 1635, [OWEN, Charles?J. Defence of Nonconformist ordinations, in reply to Tho. Gipps (imperf.), OWEN, George, York herald. Licence from the E. Marshal for Owen's wife and family to be for a time in his lodgings at the Office of Arms, on account of the sickness being near their house; II Oct (copy), OWEN, Hugh, Non-conformist minister in Merionethshire. Notice of him, OWEN, Humphrey, Libr. of the Bodl. Memoranda and papers in his handwriting, ; ,680. List of rectors of Kingston Bagpuze, OWEN (" Audoenus "), J oannes. Inscriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; 1618, b Several epigrams translated from him by - Fin, b OWEN, John, dep. gov. of Reading. Letter to lord Percy; 5 Apr. 1644, OWEN, John, D.D.:.v. Baxter, Rich. Indepenclents. OWEN, Riehard, D.D., rector of North Cray, Kent. Signature; 167~, OWSTON, or Osulveston, abbey, Leic. Sixteen deeds; (copies), 404. [12CH), 142]. OWYN, Jonas, LL.B., rector of Woodton, Kent. Will; 1678, 928. li8. Letters relating to it; 1751, ib. li6b, li7. OXENDEN, or Oxinden, family of, Kent. Pedigrees, &c., to 1678, partly by Dugdale, partly by H. Oxinden, , 199, OXINDEN, sir Henry, bart. Genealogical notes by him of his family; 1678, OXINDEN, Henry, of Barham, Kent. Presentation inscription in a Virgil given to - Harrison's son, OXENDON, Northamptonshire. Epitaph on J. Morton, OXFORD. Diocese: V. Fulham, Edw. Fragment (one leaf) of a Valol' Eccles., temp. Eliz., Valor of benefices, temp. Edw. I, ib. 48. Visitation-list of the clergy; temp. Car. II, in five deaneries; 1682, ib. 7. Reasons of the clergy for refusing to sign an address to Jas. II in proposed to them by bp. Parker, ; I 2

160 690 County: v. Bloxham. Whichwood. Churchill, John. List of sheriffs of Oxon. and Berks., by Dugdale; temp. Hen. II-Rich. I, Statements of payments made by the sheriffs out of the profits, Petition to H. of Commons respecting grievances; 1640, Petition from gentry and freeholders to ParI. in 1642 in defence of Church and King, 1481.?9. Order from Pro Rupert for providmg horses (draft); 1643, ib. 60. Memoranda of deaths in county and city; , b, A few very brief notes relating to Shiplake, Deddington, Ewelme and Hook-Norton, Temple Cowley, Banbury, Langley in Shipton, and Thame, , 9, 20. List of gentry bearing arms, 1618, ib Compositions for first-fruits; , ib Dedications of a few churches, Note of a wassailing custom, City: v. Henrietta Maria. Oseney Abbey. Littlemore Priory. Sermons. Versus de muliere deformi apud Oxonium visa et irrisa, 290. lb. On the derivation of the name of Oxfo"rd, Orders by the Privy Council, 17 May, 1575, for determining differences with the Univ., Notre de peste ibi grassante; 1582, b, 28, 29 b Oxford verses on some plot, on the Queen's coming in 1617, and on P. Charles's rarely coming; Eng. Lat., , 66-69b Riot in 1619, Order for examination of accounts of surveyors of highways; 1635, Fragments of a tavern-keeper'8 ledger; , Order for collections in churches and chapels for sick and maimed soldiers; June, 1643, Printed order for like collection; Sept. 1643, Order from the King for expulsion from Oxf. of all who neglect to pay the weekly assessment j II May, 1644 (copy), Estimate for the second supply of the King's magazine, Memoranda of the assessment for the poor j 1661, , 148. Contributions from the colleges for the "workmaster and marshal of the beggars" ; , ib ; , and accounts , Table of the weight of some lead delivered and received [quo a.t Oxf. 1] ; 1670, Petition from the vice-chanc., mayor, &c. to the King for reprieve of a convict; 1681, b INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. Outline, by Wood, of the site of Harehall lane, List of carriers from Oxf., with their inns, Experiments made at various places in Oxforrl on the velocity of sound [by O. Walker], Address to Vice on the success of the playhouse; in Vel'se, Proposals by J. Mundy for engraving a view; 1723, Index of epitaphs in all the parish churches of Oxford (except St. Clement's), to 1744, , PARISHES. St. Aldate. Extracts by Wood from the registers to 1638, , 607. All Saints. Extracts from the registers, , St. Giles. Extracts from the registers, , Notice of the lectureship, b. Holywell. Extracts from the registers, , St. John. Certificate of marriage by a justice of peace in 1653 (copy), St. Mary V. Removal of communion table in Dr. Duppa's time, Extracts from the registers, , Notes of sermons preached there in 17Il-12, Epitaph on Dr. Wallis; 1703, Epitaph on lady A. Boyce; 1754, St. Mary Magd. Value of endowments of the chantries of Geo. Havell and John Maynard, Extracts from the registers, IS , St. Michael. Extracts from the registers, , Extracts by Wood from the burial register, , St. Peter in East. Extracts from the registers, , Epitaphs ondr. R.Adams andj os. Pullen, S6b, 57b-8. St. Peter le Bailey. Extracts from the registers, , Petition for help towards rebuilding part of St. Peter-Ie-Bailey church, b Epitaph in the church; 1738, b St. Thomas. Epitaphs, Ib-4. University: v. Busby, Rich. Laud, Gu1. Carmelitre. Logica. Chedsey, Gul. Somers, John lord. Heidelberg. Sout,h, Rob. Inscrip.tio Gr. in laudem Alexandri Dehi, inter marmora Arundeliana, Petrus de Aynon bedellus Universitatis temp. JiJdw. II, Copy by Hearne of the first leaf of the statutes in Bodl. MS. 331, Carmen de fuga scholarium, b Literoo ad Hen. V, Beginning of the statute made in 15 4 about the Lady Margaret professor, Epist. ab Acad. gratulatoria ad card. Pole super reditum ejus in Angliam: r1555] (apogr.), aj n. Elizabetham super accessionem ejus in thronum, ib Epistolre ac orationes academicoo' Lat : et Angl., manibus Oratorum Publi: corum annis ,837.. Epis~olre dure ad com. Leicestr. et' eplscopum quendam pro usu carnium indiebus ;Mercurii, 1564 (apogr.), b. Eplstolre dure ad com. Leic. et R. ~liz. gratias age~tes pro dispen. satlone ad usum carmum; 1564, ; Epist. ad com. Leic. : qu~m erat electus canc., b. EPlst. ad T. Young, archiep. Ebor., 1564 (apogr.), ib Orationes varire academicoo; temp. R.. Eliz., 264. Adventus cancellarii, comitis Leices. trensis, cum duce Polonire; 1583 ' ,39b ' Visit of Q. Eliz: v. Bereblocus, Jo. Votiva, sive ad Car. princ. de adventu in regiam Hispanicam Oxoniensium gratulatio, Decretum U niv., damnans propositiones quasdam; 25 Jun. 1622, Epistolre dure ad Joh. Selden, , 22. Orationes varire academicre; , 975. Oratio in templo D. Marire de ooternitate mundi, h. Exercitia philosophica, 262. Exercitia academica varia, Dispp. de qurestt. in philosophia morali et naturali, Oratio in laudem Aristotelis, coram acad., in die "inceptionis," Epist. ab academia ad Geo. Mackenzie super dedicatione libri ejus cui tit. Jus regium; Formulre varioo de gradibus conferendis, Liber feodorum pro gradibus; manu T. Hearne, 891. Extracts, from the Register, of rules made in 1611 about Civil Law fees, Extracts relating to the Univ. from Wood MS. 12 by Hearne, Zb. Order from the P. Council about reserva" tion of' rooms in colleges for t~e Parliament which is to meet In Oxford; 11 July, 1625 (copy), Doubts of the Univ. concerning the town charter, Sentence degrading Prynne from degree of B.A.; 1634, Letter of thanks from the Univ. to Q. Henr.Maria; 1636, _frow her to the Univ., ib. 66. Letter from Laud on completion of the statutes, and reply; 1636, Lat. (copies), Fragmentsofalistof doctors, , Notes of some heads of houses, lectures, fines, the precinct of the Univ., &c.; t. Car. I, Zb-SI 114

161 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 691 Notes by Ussher of a few MSS. in Bodl., Magd., Merton, New, &c. colleges, <)b. Extracts from a drafl; of an Act of ParI. for visitation; 1641, b Letter from the chanco Philip earl of Pembroke, and reply; (1641], copies, ,79 Number of members in each college, with reference to contributions for the army, t. Cat. I, Articles at the surrender in 1646 conc. the safety of the Univ., Narrative of the ParI. visitation, May 1647-July 1648; Lat., b. Notice of the visitation, Burlesqueorder of the ParI. visitors about disputations; 1648, Lat., b. Order for augmentation of the stipends Of13 of' the Heads of Houses ; 25 Dec , The case of the University with respect to the mayor's oath; 1660, Delegates appointed for Anatom. lecture and the Botanic Garden; , Laying of the first stone of the Theatre, 26 July, 1661, Delegacy for executing the statute about bachelors' declamations; 1662, Notes of some matriculations; , by A. Wood, memo of 14 matriculations; C , Address by South to Q. Catharine; 1665, A list of23 M.A.s ; C , Notes of the Vice-chancellor's accounts; 1666, ,ib Subscriptiones studiosorum in jur. civ. lectiones Prof. audientium; , Lists of some members of various colleges; , Statute "de explic. stat. de crena vesperiali"; 1670, Protests against admission of an unqualified Proctor; 1675, Speech of W. Wyatt, public orator, to Q. Catharine, in 1681, b List of Latin poems recited at the Encamia in 161l3, List by Wood of" living writers," 'Orders against irregularities in apparel, Fragment of a letter about an address from the Univ. to Will. III, Expulsion of a member of St. Mary hall for night-walking without academical dress; 1695, Address to Will. III, 3 Apr. 1696, and notice of opposition in Convocation, on the death o~ Q. Mary, ib. 62. Proceedings in Convocation fordepriva. tion of the Pr81lector of Moral Philosophy; 1698, Resignation of a Craven scholar and Welection of successor; arrant from the V.-chanc. and court for seizure of goods; 1700, Decree discommoning certain citizens for interfering with a. procession on the visit of Q. Anne; 1702, Note by Hearne on the election of Keeper of the Archives in 1703, AddresB from the Univ. to Q. Anne; 30 Dec. 1704, b Apr. 1710, ib. 69. Original draft by the Public Orator, W. Wyatt, of a letter from the Univ. to the Univ. of Frankfort-on-Oder, on the centenary of the latter; 1706, Order for suppression of Hearne's edit. of Dodwelrs niss. de parma Woodw.; 1712, List by Rawlinson of collections of Latin academic verses; , 1200 ad calc. List of the Carmina Oxon., 93 ad calc. Register by Hearne of matriculations in 1715, 798. Fees received by Hearne for degrees; Jan.-Apr. 1715, List by Hearne of the proctors; , b Address to Geo. I; 1718, Only bread and cheese ordered to be provided for the meetings of Heads of Houses; 1720, 742. IS. Reply to a letter from the ColI. of PhYl'icians respecting medical degrees; 1722, Lat., Letter of thanks to earl of Pembroke; 1723, Lat., Resolution of the Heads of Houses approving of Crew's benefaction j 1723, Address to Geo. II on his accession, Number of members of each college in July, 1733, Help to a Hungarian student; 1735, Decree discommoning two unlicensed wine-sellers; 1741, Letter of thanks to K. of Naples for Bayardi's book on Herculaneum; 1755, Lat., Extract from Univ. Reg. about the foundation of Tomlins' Prof. of Anatomy, Catal. rariorum in Schola Anatomics., Form of Chancellor's letter for intermission of the Act, Notes of some Engl. historical MSS. in college libraries, 26L 132, 143. 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162 692 Notes by Wood of Bome matriculations; 1664-«)2, List of all the members; c. 1680,39' theundergraduatemembers in May, 1684, ib Notice of musicians playing there in winter, list of deans, and description of the college, with the verses on Great Tom; c. 1686, ', b, Musical qualifications required in chaplains; 1690, Dimensions of the great bell Tom, and note of its casting, Sb. Theses and verses, many of them by members of Ch. Ch.; Lat.-Engl., , CI)/-PUS Christi. Dialogus de lustratione Geitonica, qui inscribitur [Gul.] Nuttu8: itinere prres. et sociorum ad Heyford, Duntsbourne, et Geiton [Guiting] j c. fin. SleC. xvi, 463. Elegia in obitum J. Spenser, prresidis, Memorandum of a payment of d. to the Univ. in 1638 and 1641, *. Description; 1693, , 62. Transcript by Hearne of a letter in vol. iv of Twyne's MSS., b. Notes of some of Fulman's MSS. now in the libr., b Edmund Hall. 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Account by Bagford of printing at Oxf. to 1714, Proposed modes of vending books printed by the Univ., b Notes by Bagford on the "architypographi" and other printers, P., A., a Roman Catholic fqu. Andrew Pulton?]. Controversial letter to Laur. Howell; 1716, P., C.: 17. Verneuil, l'abb. P., E. Scribe (?) of 670. (f. 69.) P., M., " Sappho" and "Orinda." Letters to~. Dunton, 72. 4, 28, 114. P., P., Oxoniensis. Versus ad absentem pupillum, P., P., Rheinberg. Letter to Rich. Roach; Lat., 1704', P.,R. Lines to "mine host of the Globe," P., R. Letter to his godfather Dr. J. Fitzwilliams; 1695, 1~41. I. P., S., [i.e. Sam. Parker, q.v.]. P., T. Printed letter in answer to [J. Cheney's] Conforming Non'cQnfOl'mist; 1680, P., sir W. Transl. in verse of Hor. Epist. ii. I, PA..., J. Possedit 363. PACE, Richard, dean of St. Paul's. Short notice of him, PACHECO, Spanish family. La casa del marq. de Villena [Diego Lepez Pacheco]; 1535, PACHECO, Ill.: v., Ibarra, Fr. d'. Santa Cruz, marq. de. PACKER, family of, Berks. Short pedigree; 1664, signed by Will. Packer, PACKER, John. Order to sell his estate for the King; 24 March, 1643, PACKER, Robert: v. Donnington. PACKWOOD, Warwickshire. Account of the erection of the Fetherstone monuments; 1678, PADDINGTON, Middlesex. Valuation of the parish for assessment; 1646, May, 1649, ib. I5~ Dec. 1653, ib PADDY, sir Will., M.D. Nota de eo, P ADIE, George, a Scottish man. Collections made by the Queen's letters for him, on account of his baving been robbed by English pin.tes; 1597, b Music, or Terral Filii, Speeches: v. Brooks, -. Morland, Mart. Edwards, Tho.' Price. H. Fitzwilliams, Rotheram, John. John. South, Rob. Hodges, -. Torlesse, Rich. Hodges, N ath. West, -. Lawrence, sirtho. Oratio cujusdam Terrre Filii, 294. Speech in 1703, 697. I. Part of a music-speech, PADILLA, Spanish family. History; Span., OXFORD, earl of: v. Harley, Rob. PADUA: v., Inscriptiones. Rooper, Edw. P. Versus extra portum S. Marire, b P., Mr., "a gentleman of quality," consults Breve discdrso della. citta et suo Le Neve the astrologer; 1637, territorio, Notes of antiquities, pictures, &c., with P., A., i. e. A. Pope, q. V. sketches; 1651, P., A. Inscriptio Germ. in albo amicorum Seal of some doctor of philosopby and Hen. Erdmann; 22 Jun. 1612, 937. '16. medicine, '1.

164 894 P AETUS, Lucas, jurisconsultus Romanus. Della restitutione del condotto dell' acqua Vergina [at Rome; transl. into ItaI. from the Latin original], 538. PAGE. Margery, widow of capt. Thomas. Petition to Charles II for relief, b. P,AGE, Mary and John. Epitaph in Pinner church; , PAGE, Richard. Name, INDEX IN CAT AL. CODD. PALATINATE: v. Bohemia. Carolus I. Digby, John lord. Fredericus IV, Elector. Germania. Jacobus I. Johannes II, comes Pal. LudovicuB Philip PUB, Palat. Philippus IV, HiBp. Rex. Philippus, Palat. Money accounts of an agent of the Elector, Joh. Will. J08., in Spain in ; Fr., PAGE, Roger, butcher, Finchley, Middlesex; 1638, b. PALESTINE: V. Terra Sancta. PAGE, [Samue!?], D.D. Answer to [Hales'] tract of schism, PALING, Richard, an old soldier. Petition to Charles II for relief, 18. S3b PAGE, sir Thomas, provo of King's coll., Cambro Letter to archbp. S!Lncroft ; PALINGENIUS, Marcellus. Excerpta ex 18 Oct (copy), 755. II. ejus Zodiaco vitee, dedicated and give:q to him. P ALLADIUS. Fragmenta duo ex Historia PAGE, William, Plymouth, A. D. 1444; Lausiaca, PALLA VICINI, Sforza. Relatione del PAGE, William, St. John's coil., Oxf. seguitodell'armatacontroturco; 1571, Wine-bill; 1636,321. 4b PALOMBA, Giuseppe, Naples. Letter to G~ Como; 1725, ltal., P ALTHENIUS, J o. Phil.; Gryphiswaldim. Epistolm dum ad Edw. Thwaites; , (apogr.), PAlIIAN, Clement, son of Robert. Adver. saria,945. PAlIIAN, Robert, Emmanuel coll., Cambro Two letters from his brother C. Paman, b, 41b PANCIATICHI, Laur., Florence. Letter about the meaning of the word cisium; transl. by Rawlinson, Translation of a reply by F. Carini; 1694, ib PANCKE, Samuel, rector of North Creake, Norfolk. Argument against impositions of taxes not expressed in Acts of Pari. on ecclesiastical persons; temp. Car. 11, Order for his admission to North Creake; 1660, PAGET, Eusebius. Sermons i, ii, on the PALLAVICINI, card. Ranuzio, governor of answer to the repentant thief; 1600, Rome.Commissionsfromhim; , PANCRAS, parish of St.: II. London , 8-11, 14-16, P ANFILIO, -, nuntio nel Napoli. Instruttione; 1621,558.34; ; PAGET, Mary, first countess of Uxbridge. Dedication of a book to her in P ALLIANO, duca di, i. e. - Colonna, q. I) ; Ib P ALLIUlII. Verba quibus "conceditur Signature, pallium in curia Romana," P ANGBOURNE, Berkshire. Portrait of PAGETT, William, first lord P AGI, Ant.: v. Lloyd, Will. PALLMET, Julius. Nomen inscriptum, 289 ad init, P ANMURE, countess of: v. Maule. P AGLESHAlII, Essex. Proceedings in a P ALlII, - de, 80mb. from Emp. of case of Rich. Whitehead, vicar, I). Germany. Transl. of memorial to PAN NOT, Thomas, curate of Witham, John Reve, for subtraction of tithes; Geo. I upon his speech in Pari., H Jan. Essex. Certificate of his having heard I58!, , 14b. 172~, the confession of John Robeorts on 4 March, 1542, b. PAINE, John. Epitaph, PALMER, family of, Berks. Pedigree, PAINTERS: v. with arms in trick, '" b. PANTING, Matthew, Pembroke coil., Oxf. Signature; 1706, Florentia. Rawlinson, Rich. PALMER, -, lecturer at St. Alphege, Autobiographicalfragment by a painter Canterbury. Proceedings against him; P ANTOMETRA: V. Mathematica.. coml'laimng of neglect, but acknowledgmg help from one B. B., , PAPlE: V. Notes of bunal-places of painte:vs in PALMER, Charles, vicar of Oakington, Lottini, G. F. Roma. Italy and France, Cambro Signature; 1681, PAINTING. Disc. concerning the art of PALMER, Oliver, coroner of Bedford. miniature or limning:. [r.robably by Verses of Psalms, Lat.-Engl., arranged 'fheodore or Anth. Russell, to peals of bells; with various changes for 4, 5, or 6 bells; 1658,886. P AJONS, Louis, elder in a French congr. in Berwick-street, London. Signature; PALMER, Peter, justice C. P., Irel. Notes 1727, of Ussher's sermon at his funeral; PAISLEY. Notice of the Book of Paisley, 1620, PALMER, Ralph, Chelsea. Letter to P AKINGTON, family of: V. Brailes, Wore. Hild., lord Alington; 1714, P AKINGTON, lady Dorothy.. Dr. Horneck's opinion of her, Smith, Thomas, D.D. PALMER, Roger, earl of Castlemaine: V. Mentioned; 1697, 21. 6b Mention PALAFOX, Juan de, obispo de 180 Puebla de of his death; 1705, ib. 31. los Angelos. "Satisfacion que se dio porparte de don J. de Palafox alas que PALMER, Thomas, rector of St. Werburgh's, Bristol. Signature, and seal Jai que deltema el marq. de Villena ; " Span. (copy), of arms; 167~, :r ALANUS, Franciscus, a nobleman of Candia. Charles II for help towards redeeming his two brothers PALMES, Jeffrey. Legal opinion on some questions; 26 July, 1654 (copy), and sister from Blavel1 at Tripoli; after 1680, 18.42". ' PALMESTRIA: v, Chil'omantia. bp. Wright, and arms of K. of Denmark, at Bere Court there; 1665, Fragm. e ca.tai. veteri pontificum, Pontifices ad an. 1534, List, to 1572, Summarium capitulorum jurat. per cardinales in conclavi post ob. Clem. VIII; 1605, Conclavi di pontefici varii, 547. Report (apparently to a Doge of Venice) on a coming conclave in 16th cent. ; ltal., Discorso sopra il conclave (apparently with reference to the election of Pius V in 1566), Description of mode of election, DlSCOrsO... se il Papa ne' presenti rumori di guerra debha star neutrale o no j [1628], [Discourse whether the imperial dignity should be transferred to the Pope]; ltal., 62,4.1. A collection of passages from th.e Fathers in defence of papal infallibility and supremacy, 817. I. Nubes testium: the jud~ement of the ancient writers on certam texts of Scripture

165 alleged in defence of the supremacy j 1:b Answer to arguments in favour of papal supremacy, Concluding part of a tract against the papal supremacy, The number of the beast, as Papa Romanus, Notes of papal medals, De 10. poiestad pontificia y regia, raper. Description of different sorts of paper used by printers, Prices, ib Specimens of Ital., Fr., and Germ. paper, , PAPETTI, Giulio, J. U. D. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 695 A plan of the city. by abbe de la Grive, given to the Royal Society; 1729, Latin distichs on the Louvre, by a Scotchman, b Relics at St. Denis, Epitaphs in the church of the Celestines, that of the English Benedictines, and la Sainte Chapelle, in the Jesuits' college, St. Victor's abbey, and St. Germain-en Laye, ib on some of the Engl. royal family, ib. 59. PARIS,.Tohn, steward of Corp. Chr. coll., Oxf. Signature, PARKER, Samuel, son of the bishop of Oxford: v. Bell, Thomas. Letter from" S. P." to [Wagstaffe?l about consecration of Non-juring bishops on the death of bp. Lloyd; 13 Jan. 17~ (copy), Letter to Tho. Wagstaffe; 1716, PARKER, sir Thomas, knt. Order for his summons to pari. as baron of Monteagle; 1603, 89<& PARKER, Thomas, first earl of Macclesfield: v. Mackintosh, Will. PARKER, 'l'imothy, rector of East Hoathly, Sussex. Signature; 167Tf, Commissions PARKE, Francis, parish-clerk of St. of inquiry in criminal cases issued to Botolph's, Aldgate, London; 796b PARKER, Wall, vicar of Sheepshed, Leic. him at Rome in , 567. written by him. Signature; 1712, l'apillon, Thomas, paper-merchant, PARKER, family of, Norton-Lees, Derby- PARKHURST, Henry: v. Kennington. London. Letter to Dr. Yate; 1672, shire. Pedigree by Dugdale, with arms PARKHURST, John, D.D., master of in trick, BaIliol coli., Oxf. Art. 63 in 912 PAPPENHEIM, Wolfg. Frid., baro. In PARKER, -, alderman of Bath. Possessed dedicated to him. Note of a book t.hat the Red Book of Bath a.bbey, belonged to him, scriptio in albo amicorum P. Golii; Lond., 11 Jun. 1618, PAPWORTH, Anthony, fishmonger, London. Warrant to him to catch fish for L. K. Egerton, with note of his death; 1596, b. PARKER, George, manciple of Univ. coli. PARKHURST, Thomas, warden of the Warrant for seizure of his goods; 1700, Stationers' Company. Signature; 1689, , 125, 134, 135, 163, 224 PARKER, John, archbishop of Dublin. PARKS, Mary, widow of emign Cornelius. Notice of him by Wood, b. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; (copy), PARAGUAY. Return of the Spanish revenue-officers, respecting the l'ejjl'isalia, or values of cargoes in the PARKER, Margaret, Brentford; 1637,145. PARKYN, John. Signature; cent. xti, English trade; , Spmt., 580. PARKER, Matthew, archb. of Cant.: v. P ARLET, Benjamin. Letter to Thos. PARAMOR, Thomas, and Margaret, 'I'hanet. Gibson, Edm. Leake. Tho. Goffe ; temp. Jac. I (copy), Epitaphs; , , (see Epist. ad eum ab Aca.d. Ox.on.; 19 Nov. PARLETT, Edmond, Cambridge. The also 224b) (apogl'.), Notice of his MSS.; 1600, general character of woman; 1659, PARDO, Thomas, D.D., prine. of Jesus Articles of 1562: see Bedford, H. lti4. coil., Oxf. :Mandate as commissary of PARLIAMENT: v. the bp.'of Sarum; 173t, ' PARKER, Robert, musician to Charles 1. Anglia. Hibernia. PARIS: v. Rawlinson, Tho. Determinatio U niv. causa schismatis; A. D. 1395, Legal documents relating to two students; , , 59. Copy of a printed placard affixed to the gate of St. Victor and other places in the Univ.; 18 Sept. 1605, Fr., Number of books in the Royal Libr. ; 1723, b VOL. II. Signature, , 49b, 54; , 42 PARDONS. Warrants for pardons of various offenders j , List of convicts pardoned or PARKER, alderman Robert, Lynn. transported in ; ib Paper laid by him before the trustees for the colony of Georgia after his retiring thence; 1736 (copy), PAREUS, David. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; Heidelb., 9 Jul. 1618, PARKER, Samuel, bishop of Comment. de rebus sui temp oris (pl'inter's Liber ejus in Ep. ad Rom. combustus apud Ox on. ; 6 Jun. 1622, h copy), 724. Transl. of books i, ii, 128. Extracts, in P ARGITER, Granada, widow of lieut. Signature; 1668, John. Power of attorney for receipt Presentation inscription in a book, of pension; 1713, with seal of arms, A reply to his Reasons jol' abrogating the P ARRAM, Nicholas, M.A., librarian of test, Caius coil., Cambro List of heraldic Inveighed against by E. Elys; 1684, MSS. in the college library; 1694, ", Address to James II proposed by him in 1687 to the clergy of his diocese, with their reasons against compliance, ; Latin epitaph on himself, with It free English version, Two satirical epitaphs on him; Lat., Said to have written the epitaph in St. Dionis Backchurch on Dan. Rawlinson, r'b. Inquiry by Tanner respecting his son or sons, b,. Carolus 1. Oxford. Charitable Cor- Whitelocke, James. poration. Rotulus ParI. 37 Edw. III; pars ii, Extracts of judgements in offences not capital j , Table of matters in Parl., Hen. VI, 922. II. Discourse of the auctorite of the high court of Parliament, Abstract of memorable matters done by the ParI., ib. IS. Description of the meeting at Blackfriars; IS Apr. 1523,815. lb. Extracts of some proceedings, temp. Eliz., Conference between the Houses about tenures; 1610, Occurrences, July, 1610, Conference between the Houses, 16 Apr Address from both Houses to Charles I respecting religion, with his reply; 1625, Petition from both Houses to the K. for enforcement of laws against recusants; March, 1628, Conference between the two Houses concerning the liberty of the subject; Apr. 1628, K

166 696 Petition from citizens of London for the calling a pari.; 1640, Two forms of a protest from Royalists to both Houses against their proceedings and the assessment ordered 29 Nov. 1642, Catal. of sermons pro before Parl.; , Abstract of the poll-bill passed in 1678, Fragment of the Decl. of Rights; 13 }i'eb. 168tf, Proceedings upon the abdication of James II; 1689,722. Abjuration Act, as proposed in 1690 but not pa~sed, Reasons against a bill for reducing interest on money; 1690, The Copyri~ht Act of 1709, Act forbiddmg the having in carriages more than five horses at length; 1714, , House of Lords: V. Fenwick, sir J. Opinions of peers on the title of the earl of Arundel, 20 March, 1434, with lists of peers present on 21 and 24 March, b. Petition to the King against a dissolution; June, 1626, Proceedings, 17 March-IO June, 1628, Resolution, 3 March, 164j, touching the remove of the ~cots from Berwick and Carlisle, Notes of the charges against the bishops for their protest of 30 Dec. 1641, Prayer appointed to be used in 1674, Protest and reasons against the bill of attainder of sir J. Fenwick; 1696, b. Order on petition of Edw. Ward; 29 Apr. 1699, Motions respecting the conduct of sir G. Rooke; 17 Feb. 170f, Protest against a vote that the Church was not in danger; 6 Dec. 1705, Reasons of 22 peers for disagreeing with a vote on a bill for securing the Church; 3 J<'eb. 170t, Five protests in March-Apr and Nov.-Dec. 1721, Protest against a vote about opening of letters by Secr. of State's warrant; 7 May, 1723, French transl. of a protest of 17 peers about Gibraltar; 18 March, 1729, Argument before the Lords in behalf of the Commons re - Skinner, Anon. speech in opposition to a bill for vacating a fine of property from lady Powell to Mrs. Levingston; n. d Remembrances for order and decency, ; Form of protection for servants of peers and members of Convoca.tion, during session, INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. House afcommons: V. Aylesbury. Precedents for punishing misdemeanours in elections; , List of members; 1604, Protestation concerning their privileges; I Jac. I, Address to Jas. I about the union with Scot1., b. Objections a~inst the style of Great Britain, ib. 3. Act passed 17 July, 1610, against taxes and impositions on merchants, Petition to Jas. I on grievances; with his answer; July, 1610, 155. I, 23, 131. Demands in matters of tenures, &c., ib. 28. A remonstrance to the King after his inhibition respecting his right to impose; 24 May, 1610, ib. 37. Extracts from the Journals for May, 1614, and Feb. 162~, Heads whereon a petltion to the King is to be framed for execution of the laws against Jesuits, &c. [Feb. 1621?], ; 853. I. Petition for a declaration of war and with reference to recusants; 3 Dec. 1621, Notes of debates in Feb.-March, 162~, Proceedings, 23 Apr.-2 June, 1621, Nov.-17 Dec , Petition to Jas. I for restraint of Popery, with subsequent letters and papers thereon; Dec. 1621, Remonstrance, Nov. 1621, with the King's letter thereon of 3 Dec., j , 6b. Declaration in reply to the King's letter on the petition of 3 Dec. 1621, ; ~ ; about their privileges; 18 Dec. 1621, b ; ; Notes of some speeches and proceedings in , Fragment of a history of the Parliament, for Feb. 1624, written by a member of the H. of Commons, Notes of debates, 10 Apr.-IS May, 1624,1100. Proceeding'S in July, 1625; petition concermnl! religion; answers to petition-s; hst of bills read in that session, Remonstrance to the King; Apr. 1626, 859. ll8. Remonstrance against the duke of Buckingham; June, 1626, Arguments in the case of the Petition of Right; 1628,48. Speeches,&c.; Mar.-Apr. 1628, Anon. speech about reduction of places and pensions, in relation to a subsidy; (1628?), Notes of debates; May-Aug. 1641,1099. Memoranda by a member of proceedings, 4 Nov.-I 8 Dec. 1641,932. Petition of the poets to the five principal members (Pym, Stroude, &c.); in verse, The Parliament's accompt; in verse, ib The Engagement of 1649: V. Anglia. Epigr. on Cromwell's dissolution of the Long Parl., *. Lines sup. posed to be spoken by Lenthall on the dissol. of the Long. ParI., ib 180. Satirical lines on the power oi' Par!., ib Anon. speech against a Declaration for a fast, 5 Apr. 1659, Journal, 30 Apr.-3 May, 1660, 922, 312. Journal, 4 Feb.-29 March, 1673, Votes against the duke of Lauderdale; , r. Reasons against the Lords' judicature, to be offered at a conference; oob, ' Verses on the prorogation, 22 Nov. 1675, gb. Proceedings in 1675 and 1677,721. ' Address of remonstrance to the King, 10 Ma,y, 1678, with his replies, 92:l. 344 Address to James II against employ. ment of recusants in the army, with his reply; Nov. 1687, Journal, Jan.-May, I. List of members; temp. Will. III, List of members who have become state-pensioners, ib. I. Proceedings, 4 Nov Jan. 1693, List of 93 voters on the bill of attainder of sir J. Fenwick; 1696, Sat,irical catalogue of petitions; t. Will. III, "A new satyr on the Parl., 1701," b. "Advice to the Kentish longtayles, in answer to their sawey petition to Parl., by the wise men of Gotham, 1701," ib List of the Vine tavern club of members who ought to be opposed at ensuing elections; 1702, Report of a conference with the Lords on the bill against occasional conformity, 16 Jan. 17oi, Report of commissioners on the state of the Exchequer; I, 980. Report of commissioners of' inquilj about traitors' and recusants' estates; 17 17, Notes of proceedings on the first day of a session j temp. Geo. I, Pretended satirical votes, on supposed replies to petitions from ladies, &c. ; temp. Geo. I, Right of electors, as determined by the IL ofc. to IS May, 1730,989,990. PARMA: v. Julius III, Papa. Notes of pictures, &c.; 1651, List by Rawlinson of pictures and statues in churches and one palace, Translations by Rawlinson of various. articles in the Giornale de Letteratl on antiquities; , b PARMA, principe di, 1592: v. Vasto, march. del.

167 RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 697 PARR, Q. Katharine: v. Coppley, Kath. PARTHIA. Parthorum Reges, a Jac. PATRICK, Symon, bishop of Ely. Printed Two letters to lord Seymour in 1547; Usserio notati, title of the 6th edit. of his Parable of (copie8), , 6. the Pilgrim, with licence for press, PA[R]TRIDGE. madam. Receipts for PARR, Richard,D:D. Signature and hashing a shoulder of' mutton and for Printed title, &c. of the HiBt. of the Ok. seal of arms j 1678, sherbet (" cerbett "), b, 366b. of Peterburgh, with the licence for PARR, William, earl of Northampton. PARTRIDGE, William, astrologer. Calcu- press; , Signature; 1565, lahon of a nativity, Questions Title of his Virgin Mary misrepresented to him about some differences in that by the Romon Chu1'Ch, with licence PARRY, Charles, R. C. priest in Newgate. calculation, " for press; 1688, Petition to Charles II j 1682, Title of his Sermon before the P. of PARRY, Francis. Signature j 1666,1387. PASCAL, Blaise. The condition of an Orange, 20 Jan. 1688, with licence 8 atheist, for press, PARRY, Henry, bishop of Gloucester and W Ol'cester: v. Andrewes, Lanc. Letter. to b Tho. James j 1609 (copy), Letters to him from D. Featley, 47. 5Sb, 60b, 62", b, 163, 192. PARRY, Mary, London, widow of capt. Seager Parry. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1711, PARRY, sir Thomas. Signature; 1615, b PARRY, William, Ch. Ch., Oxf. Signature, P ABOR, Matthias, Herbornensis. Inscriptio Grcec.-Heb1'.-Amb. in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset j Heidelb., 8 Jul. 1618, P ASQUINUS. Pasquini et Marforii interlocutiones, Romlll, 1683, 383. II 9. Pasquinada di Roma, ib. 136b. 11 Pasquino, esiliato da Roma, &c.; dialogo, 615. P ASTON, Dr. -. Note of a MS. in his possession; 1721, PASTON, Robert, first earl of Yarmouth. Three letters to sir Thos. Browne; , Prayer for unity, Cases in which resistance to sovereigns is lawful, Title of. his An8wer to the Touchstone of the Reformed Gospel, with licence for press; 1692, Signature, b, 14. Reported not to be the author of the Friendly Debate, but rather Dr. Crauock, Opprobrious notice of him by Thomas Rawlinson, PATRICK, Symon,junior,son ofthebishop. Mention of him by Tho. Rawlinson, ; PATRITIUS, Constantius, Montis Viani, PARSONS, -. Letter to him from Dr. secundlll erectionis, prorector. Instrumentum quoddam per se sub scrip John Bastwick, 377.4b PATAROL, Laurens. Abrege des empereurs, &c. [transcript of part of the tum de quibusdam locis in urbe Romlll, PARSONS, Frances, widow of col. Robert. Power of attorney for receipt French version of Patarol's book], 461. creditoribus Montis Viani assignatis; of pension; 1711, P ATA VIUM: v. Padua , PATTEN, rev. Henry, Chawton, Hants. PARSONS, Humphrey. Circular as candi- PATE, John, Brasenose coil., Oxf. date for Parliament for London in Dis- Copy of a testimonial in his favour; 1734 (engraved), tich on his death, b 1671), PARSONS, Richard, D.C.L., chancellor of PATE, William: v. Lee, Kent. PATTISON, John. Letter to Rob. Robbinson; 7 July, 1665, 31': Gloucester: t'. Fowler, Edw. PATERSON, rev. -: v. C., J. Signature; 1682, 1699, ; 892. PATTKO, Joannes, gubernatoris Trannilll 319. PATERSON, or Patterson, John, M.D. secretarius. Inscriptio in albo ami- A physician in Hungary in 1660,678. corum Dav. von }i'iltz; [1621], PARSONS, Robert, Jesuit. Leicester's 104,108. commonwealth, 9, 10, 719. Conference about the next succession PATERSON, William. Four representations respecting a Council of Trade, to the crown of England, by R. Doleman, 167. the Exchequer, &c., to Will. Ill, Somers Advertisement to a secretary of the L. and Godolphin; (anon.), 132.?-,reasurer from an Engl, intelligencer In Gennany [conc. Parsons' book upon Q. Eliz.' s Procl. against seminar,' priests]; 1592, 90. Memorial for the reformation of. England j 1596,149. Extracts from his Eliz. Reg. Edicta; 1593, extracts translated, from his Conference, from his Breif Apologie, ib from his appendix in Hiernrchia Eccl., ib. PATRES: v. Loci communes. Sententilll e patribus, Notitia per Usserium de Bibl. Patrum, 1575,280. *54. A short treatise containing the holy Fathers' authorityes [in defence of Roman doctrine], Nubes testium; the judgment of the antient writers [against rapal supremacy], ib. 170.' P ATTRICK, Richard, haberdasher,london. Donor of a book to Rob. Hare in 1571, PAVIA. "La bataha de Pavia"; (1525), PAUL. Anne, wife of sir John, Elsineur, Denmark. Petition to James II that she may enjoy the benefit of his Decl. of Indulgence, she being a R. Cath., and her " blind-zealous" husband preventing her going to confession, and depriving her even of necessaries so long as she retains her religion; Oct. 1687, PAUL. William, bishop of Oxford. Notice of him by A. Wood, b P ATRIARCHlE. An edition of the Test. 13Sb. - from his Manifestation XII Patr. proposed in 1694, PAULE, sir George, knt. Letter to him of!he foll~e, &c.; 1602, ib from D. Featley on his proposed Life of NotIce of the Resolutiones quorundam PATRICIUS, So Transl. of the tract archbp. Bancroft, C~8uum nationi8 A ngl., written by wrongly ascribed to him, De tribu. habi- ~m and Allen, ascribed also to Greg. taculis, PAULET, family of, lords Paulet. Arms JJLartin, ib. 14$.. in trick, with quarterings; temp. Will. Notes out of his Answer to part v of PATRICK, John, D.D. Title of his Full III, 807. Il7b Coke's Reports, view of the doctrine8 of the anc. Ch. Two leaves from a tract against him relating to the Eucharist, with licence ' for press; 1687, Ana~tamma super nomen eju8, PATRICK) John, Charterhouse, London. 89. '. Signature, , 141. P AULET. sir Amias: v. Elizabeth, Reg. Walsingham, ilir F. Letter from him and sir D. Drury to secr. Da.vison; :3 Feb (copy), b. 3 K 2

168 698 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. PAULET, Elizabeth, 'Wife of Rob. Devereux, earl of Essex, afterw. of sir Tho. H-iggons, q. v. P AU LET, Ha. Letters to gentlemen of Hants about musters; 1600 (copies), ,48, 49, sob, 51. PAULET, John, fifth marq. of Winchester. Letter to lord Percy; 16 Nov. 1643, PAULET, William, first marq. of Winchester. Epist. ad eum ab acado Oxon. ;.. gratire aguntur quod chartam regiam academire recuperarit"; 16 Jul (apogl'.), b PAULET, William, third marq. of Winchester. Art 1 in 1346 addressed to him. PAUL US CONSTANTINOPO LITANUS. Ern endavit codicem quendam Pharsalire Lucani, PAULUS III, Papa. Conclave; 1534, Instructio pro causa fidei et concilii, episcopo Mutinre (Jo. Moroni] ad Romanorum Regem nuntio data; 23 Oct. 1536, lnstruttione per 10 nuntio di Portogallo, Giro!. Capadiferro; 17 Feb. 1537, ib. 5. Instruttione per mons. Poggio nuntio al lmperatore; 7 Mar. 1538, ib. 15, al S. Latino Juvenale per Francia, ib al L. Juvenale per Scotia; 27 Dec. 1538, ib. 20. Instructiones pro Hieron. [ de Mota] card. Brundusino, de rebus Hungarire et Bohemire et reintegratione ecclesire in partibus Germanire; 1538, ib Litterre dure a cardinale supradicto ad Papam; litterre ad eum; &c., ib b. Instruttioni al card. de Monti legato all' ImI!' Carlo V; 1538, ib. 29. InstructlO Thomre [Campeggio] episc. Feltrensi et aliquibus cum eo in Germaniam ituris; 5 Oct. 1540, ib. 33. lnstruttione a Bart. Cavalcanti mandato al Re Cristianissimo, ib a mons. Sfondrato, legato alla majesta Cesarea, ib. 51. Instructio de his qure Hier. Rozarius agere debet apud Ferd. Romanorum Regem, ib. 52. Instruttione al card. Farnese, che fu poi Paulo III, quando legato all' Imp. Carlo V dopo il saito di Roma, ts33. I. Instructio pro Hieron. Verano episc. Pretaroniensi ad Ferd. Reg. Romanorum nuntio; 1541, Instructio card. Contareno in Germaniam legato; 28 Jan. 1541, ; Instruttione a mons. Ca:podiferro nuntio in Francia; 11 Magglo, 1541, lnstruttione a mons. di San Giorgio [G. di Capodiferro], legato al Re Cristianissimo; Apr. 1544, ib a Gurone Bertano, mandato alia maj. C~s. p~r conto della pace tra ~ei e '1 Re Cnst.; 3 Genn. 1547, ~b. 67. Instruttione 0.1 cay. Gualterucci per Portogallo, ib card. di Carpi per Ie cose d' Ancona; 22 Jan. 1542, ib a P. Santacroce, nuntio per trattere col He di Romani, maj. Cre!!. e mons. di Trento, ib b. --per 10 S. Giulio per andare alia corte di Maj. Ces.; II Genn. 1549, ih. 83. lnstruttione a tre nuntii destinati con facoltlt di legati in Germania; 1548, ib. 69. Bulla super connubio clericorum Germanire; 31 Aug. 1548, b. PEACHEY, Rich., M.A., master of the Free School, Ely. Signature; 1674, PEACOCK, James, merchant: v. Christi. anus V, Rex Danire. PEACOCK, Richard,,icar of Swaffham Priw, q. v. PEACOCK, Robert, Theydon Gamon, Essex; 1637,145. nb. PAULUS IV, papa: v. PEAKE, James, vicar of Great Wilbraham Alva, Ferd., Havigero, Bern. Cambro Signature; 1678, ' duque d'. Nero, Dom. del. PEAKE, Richard, Queen's coli., Oxf. Conclave, 1555, ; Latin themes, ' Treaty 'With the duke of Alva at Rome; papers relating to the peace with Academical exercise-book; 1712,1410. the K. of Spain; instructions to PEALE, Anne. Certificate by John ambassadors; ltal. and Lat., 625. Watts in her behalf'; an alms-woman's 614b-637. place at Westm. granted to her; 1669 Instructions to several ambassadors, a ' 633. Il5-I34. PAULUS V, Papa: f'. Venetia. PEARCE, Zachary, bishop of Rochester. Conclave, 1605, ; Letter to him from Dr. J. Morrice; Instruttione a suo collettore in Portogallo, 626. I; , Letter of thanks to him for his Lettll' Prognostication of his ruin, on the commitment of bp. Atterbnry Engraved portrait, ib. 35. to the Tower; 1722, PAVY, William, rector of Mareham-le-Fen, PEARSE, Mrs., widow of the surgeon to q. v. James II: V. Perse, Will. Spinckes, Natb. P A WELL, Ernestus Fridericus. Inscriptio Gr. in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; PEARSE, Richard, Richmond; 1638,145. Heidelb., 9 Jul. 1618, b. 141 b P A WELS, Andreas, consiliarius Archipalatinus. Inscriptio in albo amicorum Jac. Brisset; Heidelb., 9 Jul. 1618, 9a5 55 PAWLEY, William, London. Bond to Rob. Peate; 23 Dec. 1680, PAWLINGE, Molyns, under-sheriff of Oxon. Signature; 1627, PEARSON, John, bishop of Chester. Paper in his handwriting, in his controversy with T. Lenthall and J. Spencer; 1657, Oratio funebris in laudem Matth. Wren; 1667, Extracts from his book on the Creed, 847. II. Signature; 1678, PAYLER, George. Lines on the death of PEARSON, Richard, rector of St.:Michael's, his son Robert; 1650, His Crooked-lane, London. Signature: wife: V. Carey, lady Mary. 1678, PAYNE, Mary, widowoflieut. -. Assign- PEATE, Robert, leather-seller, London: ment of her pension in payment of v. Pawley, Will. a debt; 1713, PECCATA: v. Theologica Varia. PAYNE, Robert, Welbeck. Part of a Colloquium de peccato originali, letter to T. Hobbes j 1626 (copy), PAYNTER, Edward. Ornamental designs for the letters of the alphabet, 987. ii. PAYNTER, Will., rector of Exeter coli., Oxf., Vice-chanco Signature j 1700, PAys-BAS: v. Netherlands. PECCHAM, Joh., archiep. Cantuar. Versus quatuor de donis, 2:i PECCHE, family of. Pedigree, ' PECK, -. His gallery at Mount Pleasant, Essex, mentioned; 1659, PECKE, J ohu, Belton. Pedigree, PAYTA, island of: v. Peru. PECK, John, Spitalfields. Note to O. PAZ, rnarq. de la: v. Hispania. Acton; 1741, PEACHELL, John, rector of Dry Drayton, PECK, Martha. Her horoscope, Cambro Signature; 1680, PEACHEY, Hugh. Lease of property in King-street, Westm., to Thos. Hornor, 33. cover of art. 1. PECKE, Robert, minister of Hingha!Ilr Norf. Letter about a commission 0 inquiry into his non-conformity i temp, Jac. I (copy),

169 PECOCK, Robert, grocer, St. Mildred, Bread Street, London. Certificate that he is no recusant; (c. 1617, dmft), 818. IlO. pedigrees. By Dugdale, &c., 806, 807. PEDO ALBINOVANUS, C. Fragm. de navigatione Drusi: (tran8cr. t ecent.), b PEDRO, Jaques, master of the ship Isabella of Setuval. Notarial documents about a petition from him respecting mercantile business; Portug., 1663, PEELE, Bartholomew, Pittlcsthorne, Bucks. Will; 1676 (copy), PEERS, Edward. Appointed proctor in the Arches court; 1629, PEERS, Richard, M.A., vicar of Faringdon. Gave art. I in u64 to Hearne. PEERSE, -: v. Scudamore, John vise. PEETERSON, Robert. Nomination for a canonry at Exeter; 3 June, 1631, PEGU. Coronation of the king, PEIRCE, John, Hackwood. Letter to P. Le Neve; 1697, PEIRS, Henry, of Tristernagh; or Pie1'8, q.v. PELEQUIN,Stephen,merchant. A French Protestant refugee at Bristol; 161l9, PE~HAM, Thomas, lord of the Treasury. SIgnature; 1702, b. PELL, John, Westwinch, Norfolk. Deed ofsettlement of his property; 1617,548. 1*. Will; 1617, ib. 7. RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 699 PECOCK, Reginald, bishop of Chichester, PELL, John. Signature, in a book given PENNAFORTI, Raymundus de. Summula. Waterland's notes and extracts about him by S. Hartlib, de pamitentia, 44L him, 376, 81-95, His presentation to the church of St, Mich, Royal. London, PELL, Valentine, King's Lynn, Norfolk. PENNELL, John, notary, Gloucester. ib, 123-4, Copy by Thos, Baker from Will; 1622,548. u*. Attestation, b Wharton's collections of the Instructions respecting his confinement at him in Durham; 1674, PELL, William. A conventicle set up by PENNINGTON, sir John. Mentioned; 1644, Thorney; ib, 75, Copy from Ashmole MS, 749 of the same Instructions, PELLER, Tobias, Norimbergensis. In- PENNSYLVANIA: 11. S., J. G. being the MS. which Wharton used, ib. scriptio ltal. in albo amicorum P. Mention of the Quakers there; Lat., 236 Golii; Lond., 20 Jul. 1618, ,832. IS. PELLET, Thomas, M.D. Catalogue of his library, 881. PENNY, Anne. Petition as a condemned criminal, with a certificate, and note PELLETIER, Marie and Pierre. Names j of the King's remarks in rejection; 1633, b. 1675, 37L PELLETT, Thomas, M.D. Obituary notice; PENNY, James, vicar of St. Dunstan's, 1744, Canterbury. Receiptsfortithesj , b. PELLING, Edward, D.D., preb. of West minster and vicar of St. Helen s. Signature, \ 14; I2. Satirical lines to him on his taking the oaths to Will. III, PELLISSONIUS, Paulus. Epist. a.d Tho. Smith; 1655 (apogr.), 108. I. PEERS. Creations: Will. Conq.-Eliz., 379. I. Catalogue from Will. Conq. to Eliz., exceptingthe barons, from Will. Conq. to Q. Eliz., with arms and geneal. notices, Creations of dukes and earls, to 1597, Catalogue; end of 16th cent., b. Catalogue, temp. Jac. I in 1607, in 1616, 696. List of R. C. peers, and of peers created PEMBROKE, earls of: v. Herbert. since 1714 j 1725, b. List of state papers relating to nobility PEMBROOKE, Richard, alderman of II.nd heraldry; , I6. Canterbury. Epitaph; 1731, "An excellent new ballad," about a PENANCES: 11. Prenitentia. peerage bill; 1719, PENNYMAN, Charles, Univ. coli., Oxf. Letter with account of a quarrel with Rob. Knapp; 1704, PENNYMAN, William, one of the six clerks in Chancery. Notice of him, and of his son sir William, L /lo. PENNYMAN, sir William, bart. Latin epitaphs on him and his wife in Ch. Ch., Oxf. j , PENREE, Roger. Petition to Charles II for relief, b. PEMBERTON, sir Francis, seij. at law. Opinion on a question respecting the powers of constables, Opinion on a case respecting votes admitted by a sheriff at an election, PEMBERTON, Richard, Pembroke. Signat 1387 PENRUDOCK, Edward. Petition to Charles ure, 142 II 18 PEMBLE, William. Extracts from him on faith and grace, Extracts from him (?) on predestination, 133L PENDARVES, John, preacher at Abingdon. Note of his death; 1656, PENDRELL, Richard: "'. Rogers, Anne. PENHALLO, John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Signature; 1704, PENIA, D. (?), auditor R. rotoo Romoo. Apologia pro reipubl. Veneto episcopis, ad Paulum V, PENKRIDGE, Staffordshire. Mandate for induction of Rich. Keffeys to a prebend there; 1433 (copy), PENMANSHIP: "'. Davies, John. Luddington, Tho. A small specimen, I. PENN, William. Commencement of a copy of his Sandy foundationa 8halcen, His case with l'elation to a settlement of accounts with the widow of his steward, Philip Ford, PENNA, Vincent. Certificate on his behalf to the commissioners for relief of proselytes; 1727, , 9 PENRUDDOCK, col. John. Trial, 19 Apr. 1655, imperf., Poem on the deaths of Penruddock and Hugh Grove, ib PENRUDDOCKE, Sarah. Petition to Cromwell for restitution of her portion, confiscated with her uncle col. John Penruddock; 1657 (copy), PENRYN, William. Note to - Feild, in a suit about the manor of St. Neot's; 1706, b PENSACOLA, in Florida, S. America. Plan of the bay, PENSIONS. Army-pensions,temp R.Ann<z: PENSON, William, Lancaster pursuivant. Notice of his suit against the L. Mayor of London; 1609, Order of the heralds against his wife's remainin~ in the office of arms, her ill beha.viour tending much to the scandal of the society; 14 May, 16~0, Order respecting his cl8j.m to certain fees whlch are denied to be his by rifrht, he being absent only because he IS a prisoner in the Fleet; 24 Nov. 1630, ib. 5b Still in prison in Oct. 1632, ib. 29b A blank paper, subscribed by him, and sent to the heralds in a letter from him dated 4 Dec. 1632, burned by order of the Chapter on 6 Dec., lb. 33b Dispute with the Chapter about fees; I Apr. 1633, ib. 35. Forbidden to receive

170 "log INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. any more fees; 9 Oct. 1635, ib. 52. Desires to be empowered to supply the office with sea-coals, which shall be very good, through the winter; 22 Oct. 1635, ib. 53b. Acknowledges concealment of fees, and promises repayment, ib. Repays part, 1 Nov., 1:b. S4h. Signature, b; PENTNEY, Norfolk. Field-book, or survey, of the manor; 1649, PERCIVAL, Joseph, Winchester. Epitaph; PEREZ DE GUZMAN, Spanish family 17IS, Casa del conde de Orgal (altra Pere~ de Guzman); 1537, b. PERFETTI, Bernardino. Relazione dell' incoronazione con tit. di prencipe de' poeti; 1725, impre.~s., PERCY, family of, earls of Northumberland. Pedigree to 1591, including many collateral descents, PERCY, or.. Peirci," -. Signature, PERCY, col. Order for his regiment to leave certain quarters in Gloucestershire; May, 1643, PERCY, Algernon, earl of Northumberland. Petition to H. of Lords against interference by the King's Bench with the Admiralty Court, PENTON, Stephen, princ. of St. Edm. Hall, Oxf. Epitaph, written by himself, in Wath church, Yorkshire, 316. lob. PENYSTON, family of: v. Hastings, Peny- PERCY, Henry, first earl of Northumberston. land. Petition to the King and pardon; PENYSTONE, capt. William, Bermuda: v. 1404,1481. IS. Burghill, Fr. PERCY, Henry lord, general of the PEPLOE, Samuel: v. Cambridge. artillery to Charles 1. Letters to him: v. PEOPYS, Richard, sometime recorder of Asteley, sir Jac. March, Rich. Bury. Art. 2 in 1346 abridged from Berkeley, sir Owen, John. a MS. in his possession. John. Paulet,John,marq. PEPPER, Christopher, J.P.: v. Jackson, Bristol. of Winch.. John. Bushell, '1'hos. Percy, R. Carolus 1. Rupert, Prince. PEPPER, Thomas. Signature, in Greek Porster,sir Rich. St. Leger, sir Will. characters, Gerard, sir Gilb. Sandys, Will. PEPWILL, Henry, stationer and printer, Harvey, John. Sherburne, Hen. London. Notes out of his will; 1539, Holtby, Mar. SlingesLy, Arthur Notice of him and his will, Hopton, Ralph Stewart, Alex. by Bagford, lord. Strachen, John. Howard, H. Sturt, Casim. PEPYS, Samuel: v. Wallis, John. Hyde, Edw. Throckmorton, A friend to Cresar; [by Pepys 1], 380. Killigrew, sir sir B Will. Vavasour, sir Will. Affidavit and certificate about a pass La Riviere, -. Wilmot, Hen. signed by F. Donluis; 1686, 923. Long, sir Rob. lord Warrants and letters to, and a few Commissioned by sir R. Holmes to from, him, relating to the ordnance; receive surrenders of pirates in Eng , 395. Signature, ib. 19, 21, land; 16B8, , 33, 38, 41, 50, 54, 58, 60, 74 Accounts of him, , 285, 2B9. Memorandum,. ib. ll2. Warrant Scheme by W. Hewer and J. Jackson for a payment to him as Master of for settlement of his library; 1704, the Horse to Prince Charles (copy), Account of his library, &c. ib. 87. Note [to earl of Forth?J; while in possession of J. Jackson, ib. Nov. 1644, ib Note to his 300. Extract from his will of his secr., Mason, ib State of his directions about his library, ; business concerning the artillery; Notice by Bagford of his 1644, ib Note of clothes received for his regiment, ib library, List of official account,books and Bill from his French shoe-maker; naval papers in his possession, , Portrait of him, engraved by R. White; 794 on cover. PERCY, sir Josceline. J ocular will; t. Reports from E. Harley to the Treasury Eliz., on the accounts of Pepys and W. Hewer, as treasurers for Tangier; PERCY, R., Rouen. Letter to lord 1714 (copies), , 126. Percy; 27 Feb. 1644, , 752, 754, 794, 908. art. S I, 916. PERCY, Thomas, earl of Northumberland. sect. A, 919. art. 8, formerl;' in his Note of his degradation from the order possession. 147 said to have been of the Garter; 1570, (?) in his possession. 421 dedicated to him. PERCY, Thomas, bishop of Norwich: 'll. Hulme, abbey of St. Bennet of. PERA, near Constantinople. Epitaph on Ann Lamb in the English burymg place, PERCY, Thomas, M.A., St. John's col!., b. Oxf. Transcribed MS. 38. PERCEVAI" William, D.D., archd. of PERERIUS, Benedictus, e soc. Jesu. Cashel. Letter to Dr. Charlett; 1714 Orationes acad. vii, Romre habitre, [. (copy, PERIAM, William, M.A., Oh. Ch. Notes of a sermon by him at St. Mary's, Oxf. Jan. 17lh IM8.140b. ' PERIN,.r ane, dau. and h eire.8 of Abraham of Rozell, Jersey. Petition to Charle; II,18. 12b. PERIVALE, Middlesex. Valuation of the parish for assessment; [1653?], PER1Z0NIUS, Jacobus: v. Dodwell, Hen. PERKINS, Daniel, Whitchurch. Three letters to Rawlinson; 1747, 811 ad in it. PERKINS, S. Verses at Christ's Hospital; 1659, PERKINS, T. Verses at Christ's Hospital; 1659, PERQMIDAN (?), Ph., Dutch apothecary. Signature; 1681, b.. PERPINIANUS, Petrus, e soc. Jesu. Poemata undecim in obitum ejus, b PERRAN-ARWOTHALL, 01' -ARWERDHOL, Cornwall. Notes on the parish, PERREA UX, Daniel. Le petit Pantheon; 1640,509. PERRELLI, Jordano, Naples. Two letters to Gius. Como; 1725, Ital., , 263. PERRIN CHIEF, Richard, D.D. of his library, PERRON (Card. du) : v. Du Perron. Catalogue PERRONET, Vincent, Queen's coil., Oxf. Letter to H. Newman j 1714, PERROTT, Edward John, North Leigh, Oxon. Schedule of writings relating to his estates; c. 1730, PERROT, Hugh. Pardoned for piracy; 1701, PERROTT, sir John. His trial; 1592, PERROTT, William. Signature, PERRY, Margaret, London, widow of lieut. Nathaniel. Power of attorney for receipt of bounty money; 17 11, PERRY, Micaiah. Circular as candidate for Parliament for London in 1734; (engraved), 809. II 7. PERRY, Samuel, Goodman's Fields, Lon' don. Draft (by S. Stebbingl of' the E~trl Marshal's warrant for assigning to hili) the arms of Perry of Glouc. with a difference; 1717,

171 RA WLINSON.- PARTES III. IV. 'Tot ERSE, William, chirurgion at St. PETIT, Fran~ois, F-rench pastor. Signa- Thomas' Hosp. Signature; 1676, 371. ture; 1626, [v. Pearse.] P1':TITION OF RIGHT: v. Parliament. ERSHORE, W orcestershire. Deed relating to the abbey; (copy),404. [150]. PETITIONS: v. Carolus 11. Various; ,371 passim. ERSEHOUSE, family of, Sedgeley, &c., Staffordshire. Pedigree to 1664, by PETITUS. Samuel. Index notandorum in Dugdale, with arms in trick, , commentariis ejus, ,47. PETLEY, Ralph and Jane. Epitaph in PERSEHOWSE, Thomas, attorney. Two Sevenoaks church; , letters to L. Cromp; 170 7, , P L P ETO, uca; sive aetua, q. v PERSIA: v. Alesaandri, li. Shirley,sir Rob. Notes on; cent. xvii, Etat en 1730, 603. I. PERSIUS. Satires i-v translated, , 104 PERSON, Cuthbert, rector of Kingston, q. v. PERTH, earl of: v. Drummond, James. Liber de ig PETRARCHA, Franciscus. norantia, 502. PETRE, William, fourth lord: v. Herbert, WilL PHARSALIA: fl. Browne, sir T. PHEASANT, Margaret, sister-in-law of Sam. Crisp. Menti2,ned, b. PHELLIPS, sir Edward, knt., Speaker of H. of C. Speech to James I, 19 March, loot, I. PHELPES, Charles. The liberty of prop hesying; 1691, PHILADELPHIAN SOCIETY: v. Bathurst. Ann. Lead, Jane. Freher, Dion. Ant. Marion, E. Laughton, Mary. Roach, R. Accounts by R. Roach of its rise, &c. under Dr. Pordage, Jane Lead,.1<'. Lee and himself; with reasons for it, ,80,82. Rhapsodical denunciations of Roach's teaching, at meetings in 17 Hr2, PHILELPHUS, Franciscus. Nota ex epistt. ejus de cod. epistt. Ciceronis, PHILIP, Thomas, seaman. Petition to Charles II and order for his admission as a Maundy-man, 29 Oct. 1682, PHILIPONEAU, J. Voces Groome primigenioo, &c., 259. PHILIPOTT, John, Somerset herald. Registrar of the minutes of the College of Arms, 1635 et seq~, b. Signature, ; b, 40 j et in voll. seqq. PETREIUS, Detloff et Paulus, Lubecenses. InRcriptiones in albo amicorum Hen. Erdmann; Witteb., 10 Jun. 1619, b, 67. PETROPOLIS: v. Petersburgh, St. PERU. Outline of the sea-coast from Callao and Lima northwards, PETRUCCIUS, Hieronymus, Jesuita. De Two outlines of Callao, ib. 36, 37. Outline of Guarme, ib. 32. Sketch of the AI. Albricio Romal judicium, carmine, island of Payta, ib. 38. PETRUS, S., apostolus. Confessio Petri. PERUGIA: v. Mancini, Livio. non Petrus ipse, petra ecclesioo, PESCENNIUS. Commencement of a transl. by R. Rawlinson of an Italian Title of A sermon pro upon St. Peter's tract on a medal of Pescennius, day, with licence for press; 1686, PETAVIUS, Dionysius. Excerpta ex ejus PETRUS, archiep. Sebastenus, vicarius PHILIPPS, Andrew, Inner Temple. Epi- Ration. Temp., cum observatt. Gallicis, apostolicus. Status missionis in taph in Twyford church, Midd.; 1696, Fcederato Belgio anno 1701, PETERBOROUGH. Diocese: Will. PETER-PENCE: v. Darius, Silv. v. Lloyd, PETT, sir Peter. Letter to J. Dunton; PHILIPPS, Fabian. Epitaph in Twyford 1694, church, Midd.; 1658, PETT, or PITT, Phineas: v. Navy (1617). PHILIPPS, J. Picton, Pembrokeshire. Appointment as a commissioner of the Letter to H. Newman; 1713, navy; Jan. 1630, b PHILIPPS, or PHILLIPS, Isabella, widow of lieut. Fabian. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 1711; with seal of arms, PHILIPPUS II, Rex Hispaniarum: v. Medici, Cosmo de'. Three letters; 1568, Span. (copies), OdIe tres in adventum ejus in Italiam, \ 53b-55. Pro eo oratio PETERS, Hugh. Warrant for his examination, and his deposition, about embezzlement of books and medals PETTUS, sir Thomas, Rackheath. Dissection of his body; 1671, in the royal library; 1660 (copies), 864.1,2. Notes about him, PETWORTH, Sussex. Abstract of pay for work done at the King's manor there in PETERSBURGH, St. Forma gymnasii , acado Petropolitanal, 566. News letters written thence j , PETTY, sir William. Observations on Fr., , 392. universal learning, Political arithmetic, 1671, 25. PETERSFIELD, Hants. Nineteen monumental inscriptions in the church; 1663, Notice of his double-bottomed ship; 1717, PETERSHAM, Surrey. Ground-plan of a PEVENS, James. Note of a petition from house huilt there in 1686, ' him, late a captive at Algiers; 1681, 3' P1.ERSON, Elizabeth, St. Martin's-in thelelds, London; 1637,145. PEVER, Thomas, Toddington, Beds. Epitaph, and sketch of tombs; 1310, b PETlIERTON, North, Somerset. Accounts of the bailiffs of Newton Placy, a manor PEYTON, sir Robert, M.P.: v. Williams, if the vicars choral of Wells; , Will PEYTON, sir Thomas, bart. Art 6 in PETlIERWIN, South, Cornwall. Letter 1352 addressed to him; from the bp. of Exeter to the Univ. of PFINGSTEN, Johann, Hildesheim. A O:x:f., with the reply, relative to some case between the vicar, - Corynton, baptismal certificate by him; 1697, Germ., and - Bligh, and the repair of the Csha,a.ncel; 28 March-9 Apr (copies), PHALARIS. Epistles; in Engl. by Andr b. Cope; 1633, a13. ad Christum, ib. 56b. ' Emblema de eo; accedit notitia, versu et prosa, PHILIPPUS III, Rex Hisp.: ti. Jacobus I, R. Magn. Brit: Instructions from Greg. XV to the archbp. of Thebes to treat with Philip IV on the affairs of Germa.ny with regard to the Pa.latinate, and the policy of England; 16 Oct. 1621, Ital., ; Other instructions from the Pope to the same; same date; ltal., , 110, 134; Inscr. set up by him at the place of parting from Prince Charles of Wales, 11 Sept. 1623,404. (cod. verso). - with their farewell speeches,

172 '102 INDEX IN CATAL. CODD. PUILIPPUS V, Hispanilll Rex: ti. Georgius I, Magn. Brit. Rex. Remarques sur la succession du duc d' Anjou [Phil. V a. la couronne d'espagne]; trad. de l' Anglois; 2 pant., ,72. Tract. de elementis, signia zodiaci, et planetis, 520. I. Notlll varilll, QUlllstiones varilll physiclll, b. PICTURES. List of 50 paintings by great masters offered for sale; E'r., 903. I. PICUS, PICO, of Mirandola, family of. Table of descent; fl'om de Thou's Hist., 766 ad calc. PHILOSTORGIUS. Epitome hist. eccl.; e cod. Barocc. in bibl. Bodl., Gr., PHILIPPUS [PhilippuB Gulielmus?], prin- PHILPOT, Edward, Thanet. Epitaph; ceps Palat. Inscriptio in albo amico b rum Jac. Brisset; 1638, 935. II. 1677, PIDDINGTON, Josiah. PHILPOTT, Thomas. Signature, poema, PHILIPS, family of, Poole, Dorset. Anon. account of the family, by, apparently, PHIPPS, family of, Bloxham, Oxon. Short a descendant, pedigree, ,. PHILIPS, David. Note of his proposed PHIPPS, family of, Reading from Notts.. presentation to the rectory of West Short pedigree, 1664, with wax impression of seal of arms; signed by Heslerton, Yorks.; 1681, Fra. Phipps, PHIJ.IPS, Francis, M.A., Oxon. Signature; PHIPPS, Mary, widow of capt. William. 1 79, 100. P ower 0 f attorney f or recelp. t 0 f pension;. PHILIPS, George. Title of his Interest of 1711, Engl. in the pt'eservation of Ireland; with PHIPPS, Thomas, Bloxham, Oxon. Com. licence for press; 1689, plaint against H. Hitchman for trespass; PHILIPS, John: V. Smith, Edmund. 1614, PHILIPS, or PHILLIPS, Stephen, D.D., arch- PHYSICA: V. Philosophia Naturalis. deacon of Salop, &c. Latin epitaph at PHYSICIANS, college of: V. London, Bampton, Oxon.; 1684,682.19; PHYSTOGNOMIA. Conclusio tractatus PHILLIP, sir Robert. Speech in Pari.; cujusdam de ea, Physio- 22 Mar. 1628, gnomilll compendium, ib PHILLIPPS, Samuel. Suspended, 13 Nov. A short treatise, , for words in a sermon at St. Paul's PIALLIER, _ de. Scribe of the greater cathedral, part of 525. PICUS, Joannes, Mirandula. Epitaphium ". ' Hippodromos; PIDGEON, Cornelius Formerly posse ssor of C. 589, D b, PIERCE, Thomas, D.D., pres. of Magd call., Oxf., and dean of Sarum. Notes about him, b, 9. Form of his resignation of the presi. dency; 1672, Notice of a book by him, PIERPOINT, William. List (by Ashmole) of some of his MSS., PIERREPOINT, Evelyn, earl of Kingston. Note of heraldic MSS. in his posses sion; 1695, ". PIERREPOINT, Robert, visco Newark. Pre amble of creation as earl of Kingston; [1628J, PIERREPOINT, William. fourth earl of Kingston. Arms in trick, with quarterings, ". PIERS, Henry, of Tristernagh, Ireland. PHILLIPPS, William, warden of the PICCOLOMINUS, Thomas. Art. 4 in Travels, , 83. Stationers'Company. Signature; , 488 ei inscriptus b, 156. PIERS, John, London: V. Arnesano, F. S. PICK, -. Notes from a sermon on Provo PIERS, Mary: v. Jane, Thomas. xv. 8, PHILLIPS, Benjamin. Possessor of 1278 in PHILLIPS, Ellenor, widow of capt. Ambrose. Power of attorney for receipt of pension; 17Il, PIERS, William, Emman. coli., Cambro PICKARD, John, senior and junior. Note Two letters to Dr. Hudson: , of a book that belonged to them in , 144. and 1621, 116Q. 43. PIERSE, Henry. Arms in trick, as PHILLIPS, G. Notes from sermons (?), PICKARD, Thomas, rector of St. Mary, attested in by sir R. St. George; Stamford, q. v. May, 1633, >. PICKERING, Barthol., London. Signature j 1680, PHILLPOTT, Anne, widow of capt. John. PIERSE, Henry, re<;tor of Shaw, Berks. Power of attorney to her brother capt. Signature; 1678,822.60,64. Rich. Culliford to receive arrears and PICKERING, Lydia, widow of capt. John. PIERSE, Thomas. Epitaph in St. bounty money; 1713, Assignment of her pension in payment Clement's, Hastings; 1606, PHILOSOPHI. Secreta philosophorum, of a debt; 1713, PIGG, Hannah. Needlework sampler; PICKERING, Michael. Books given by 1720, II. Livre des dis moraulx des Philozophes : him to a friend, 878. lib, 19'" b, 20", b, [translation by Guill. de Tignonville 21, 26b, 29\ 30. PIGGOTT, -. Five sermons concerning of the Dicta PhilQsophorum], 537. I. baptism; , b PICKERING, TheophiluB, a minister in fhilosophia MORALIS: v. Yorkshire. Notice of a book that PIGHIN!, Sebast., vesco Sipontino, card.: BernauduB, Moses. Meta:physica.. belonged to him, and of the sale of his V. Julius III, Papa. Bri88acU~, J. Oxolllum. books, Dindimus. PIGOTT, family of, Hatford and MarchaJJl, Compendium Ethicre, PICKERING, 'l'homas (1648): v. Crosby Berks. Pedigree to b_~; Compendium, Ravensworth. -- signed by Fra. Pigott, b De moribus philobophimdescriptio, 986. PICKERING, Thomas, D.D., vicar of St. PI GOT, Barbara, wife of Bartholomew Sepulchre's, London. Notes to R. Epitaph in Acton church: 1649, 806. Quid intersit inter philobophiam et Rawlinson with extracts from registers; 17. sapientiam, Prsslectiones academiclll, 144L 1750, , 184 PIGOTT, George, Chetwynd, Shropshire. PICKERING, William. His case in the Letter to sir A. Mayn~ring, fhilosophia NATURALIS: v. Oxonium. Star-Chamber, 30 May, 1638, b 195. Naturalis 8cientire Il1nopsis; 1605,1146. 'tract. de physica SIVe :philob. naturali, PICTS. Notes on the Irish Druids and on PIGOT, Gervase, Thrumpton, Notts. TWf (cod. verso).. the Picts [intended for additions to letters to Dugdale, with pedigree 0 Systema, an unknown work], Zouche, &c.; 1663,

173 PINI, Matteo. Istruttione a M. Pini, pagatore delle genti assoldati in Germania a nome di papa Greg. XV; 1621, ; RAWLINSON. PARTES III. IV. 703' PIKE, -, rector of Rockland All S8., q.v. PIRTON, sir William, knt. Note of his PLATO. Translation of the Gorgias. obit, PILART, Daniel, Freneh banker in London. Miscell. note-book, PISA: v. Diarium. PLATO TIBURTINUS: v. Abizarch, Alph. Baptismal entries at Calais of the Short description, in 1652; F,'., 485.7b PLAUTUS. Six plays in Engl. prose, Pilar