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1 "4 All the News of All the Pointes * * * Every Thursday Morning rosse Complete New Coverage of All the Poiutes ews l-jome of the News VOLUME 23-NO 10 Entered!S Second Cla"s Matter at the Post Of11ce at Detroit Mlch, GROSSE PONTE MCHGAN, MARCH 8, c Per Copy $400 Per Year 20 PAGES-THREE SECTONS-SECTON " ' ':ADNES 01 tbe \VK As CompiLed by the Gross,: Paiute Ne[l'$ Thursday March 1 WAYNE COUNTY Prosccu- r tor Samuel F Olsen has rcusl'c1 to issue a first-degree murcler warrant in the fatal slabbing of 20-year-old Grady Little, OO7 Greenlawn last October 1 in a Palmer Park parking lot Defying State Attorney Gene al Frank J Kelley's Wednesday demand that murder charges be filed aainst Fn:-d O'Dell 19, formerly of 7854 Walnut, Olsen refused to "make decisions \\'hich affect the lives of people and their entire future on someone else's opinion and without an opportunity to examine the evidence and act as m:-' judgment and conseience dictate," Kelley ordered the \\'arrc;",lt on the basis of new evidence which, Olsen said has not been made available to the 'Wayne County Prosecutor's office and it is generally believed that Olsen is angry because hi office has not been able to obtain certain sworn statements, constituting the new evdence, from Kelley The State Attornev General maintains that Olsen" could have examined the statements any time during the past "four 0: fi'e ;lays" Friday :\arch 2 A A:\EHlCAX ARLES Boeing 707 crashed yeslerday a few minutes after takeoff in dem' weather from New York's ldlewild Airport All 95 persall'; aboard the non-stop flight to Los Angeles were killed Pre- 1iminarv examination indirates that filure of a key control mechanism may have been responsible for the Astrojct's ll1\'sterious nosedive over a s\ampy bird sanctuary, followed by an explosion that scattered wreckage far into Jamaica Bay, but officials say it rnav take as long as a year to dicovcr the definite cause of the crash President Kenl\edv has ordered a complete study of the disaster worst single commercial plane tragedy in United Statcs air history Several prominent persons were passengers on the ill-fated flight, among them industrialist W Alton Jones, one of former President Dwight D Eisenhov,:cr's close friends retired Admiral Richard L Connolly, and film executive rving Hubine Skin divers and other salvage workers were still at work hours aftcr the tragcdy, sifting wreckage and searching for bodies * * * Satul'day, March 3 PRESDENT KENNED'1 last night issued an u 1t i mat u m, warning the USSR that nothing can stop America's resumption of atmospheric nuclear tests scheduled to begin late next month except an enforceable test ban treaty Mosco\v, calling Kenncdy's decision blackmail, retaliated by charging that the united States is trying to force "(1 com pe tel y unacceptable system of espionage inspection" on the Soviet Union, and hinted that new U S tests might trigger a nuclear arms race Despite Moscow's howls of protest Western Europe has aligned itself solidly behind Mr Kennedy, and leaders of both political partics in the US, exhibiting an extraordinary bipartisan unity, were quick to endorse the President's decision to resume nuclear testing in April barring Russo-Amcrican agreement on a nuclear test ban with ironclad controls How Farms Solves Snow Removal Problem The many snowstorms which have plagued the Pointe this year have given those charged with its removal plenty of practice, This is how they handle the job at the big municipal parking lot in the Kerchcval-on-the-Hill district The plows go to work as soon after a storm as the area is cleared of cars, getting Tltief Steals 20 Sltits at Farms Store Possible Suspect Seen in Car Just Before Burglary Being Sought: Window Smashed Farms police are looking for a possible suspect who was seen near 1;he Hughes- Hatcher -Suffrin Clothing Store Mack avenue, minutes after the store was burglarized The burglar alarm of the store went off at 2:15 am, Monday, March 5, and Farms police crews rushed to the area Also at the robbery scene were officers from the Woods and Shores Police discovered a large window, measuring 12 by 12 feet, had been smashed The thief or thieves entered and left the store by this window The store manager, Edmund J Hacias of Spencer, Detroit, wiw was callcd to the store by thc authorities, said the thief, or thieves, took an estimated 20 suits from a rack near the wi;1dow He will take an inventory, he said Hacias said that the suits, on wooden hangers on the rack, were sizes 39 to 40 and of various colors and styles They are valued at between $49 and $7950 each Det Sgts Jack Paisley and George Van Tiem said that a 1956 Chevrolet, with a dark green bottom and white top, was seen near the store at the time of the burglary A lone \\lhite male was in the vehicle, they said The man and car were gone when police arrived The man is being sought for questionh1g Winter's Heavy Sllowfall And cy Pavements Cost Pointes Time and MOlley Communities Purchase 5,000 Tons of Salt for $21,726: Labor, ncluding Overtime Amounts to $24,536 to Date ---, This winter's unusually cold weather and heavy snowfall forced the Pointe to expend thousands of dollars and extra manpower in keeping the streets clear of snow and ice <!> The Pointe communities purchased a total of 5000 tons of salt, since the first snowfall on December 9 through February 28, and spent a total of $46,263 for labor and the salt According to figures released by officials, the cost of the salt was $21,72610; and the cost of labor $24,53687 Pointe officials conceded that the winter season was one of the worst that hit the Detroit Metropolitan area in years and has caused considerable drain on funds set aside for the clearing of streets during hazardous weather ndividual Reports This is the report as received from each of the Pointes: Park-since the beginning of winter, the city has purchased 653 tons of salt at a cost of about $4,000 Some of the salt is picked up from the two Detroit area salt firms by Park trucks and some is delivered by th firms' trucks n each of the Pointes according to contracts with the salt companies, when a city truck picks up salt, the cost is $590 a ton, if it is delivered, it is $790 a ton the heavy licks in at night, unless it snows on Sunday After the accumulation is congealed into big piles like this, the trucks come around, mechanical loaders get into the act and the whole harvest is carted away and dumped in the lake Pointes, plows snow from the sidewalks as an added service to its citiz\;;ns All the residents have to do is clear the snow from walks within their -property lines Salt is spread only on city streets, including Vernor Highway and Kercheval, but not on Jefferson, or Mack avenues, as these are county roads and the work is done by Wayne County Farms Salts Heavily Farms-purchased 1,519 tons of salt at a cost of $11,24430 The total number of hours worked was not given, but it was determined that overtime amounted to about 700 hours, and cost $5,400 Streets are very heavily salted City-bought 365 tons of salt fro m December 9 through February 24, at a cost of $1,900 Approximately 660 overtime hours were needed to clear the snow and spread salt This cost e1e City $ The City does not spread salt along the entire length of its streets, only at intersections (Continued on Page 2) Truck Hits Boy The cost of labor during regular working hours was set n Park Tra ic at $4,500 and an additional 300 hours overtime cost another $1,000, for a total of $5,500 Streets are heavily salted, The Park, as do all the Mr Kcnnedy informed the C -Z ' J - E d natio,: and th;:- \'orld of Ar,neri- h" dren s oyr,,,de n s ca's mtentlons 10 a 30-mlOute address 1a s t n i g h t from the Wh eel W White Hous: le tatcd that h(; en ar ras tes a considers ths decson the most somber act of his administration c Sunday March 4 THE NEWLY-FORMED Vigilance Tax Committee of Suburban l\layors yesterday declared itself firmly opposed to new income taxes at either the state or local level Organized only a week ago, the committee is pledged to fight D e t r 0 it!'vlavor Cavanagh's pro p 0 sed city-county inme tax Mayor George W Kuhn of Berkley, committee chairman, charged Cavanagh with "ignoring" the pleas of several s 1 bur ban mayors who requested an opportunity to talk over the matter with him (Cavanagh" and (Continued on Page 19) A 15-ycar-old Detroit boy lost The officers stopped the control of a new car he Was young motorist and questioned driving without permission and him The boy said that he was smashed it into a brick wall visiting a girl friend, along on Thursday, March 1 The car with a group of other friends, belonged to a new car dealer when the girl, 14 years old and and was taken from the garage her 12-year-old brother, a 15- of the parents of a friend year-old boy and another boy Two Farms police cruisers age and name not known, dewere dispatched to Provencal cided to go for a ride road when a citizen called to The boy said he took the car, report the accdent at 9:18 pm a 1962 Chrysler with deler P t 1m n William Elworthy plates, fro the garage wltha 1'0 e out the grl's parents' knowl- Otto Glanert, Wlham Fowler d Th h'ld '1 d t 1 F ld d' t he ge eel ren p e n 0 and Ear ' C were spa c ec th d th d e car, an e young rver, to the area where they saw a 'w h h d l'd t' 0 a no va opera or s car near 300 Provencal Wth a l' d t th t t cense, rove e s ree damage? frent end he drver Driving along Lake Shore was dnvmg the vhlcle south road the young driver turned on the road and rchon was - causing the ear to smolder (Continued on Page 2) A 12-year-old Park boy suffered a fractured skull and other injuries when he was hit by a panel truck while crossing Jefferson avenue on ThurSday, March 1 Park police said the boy, Chris Todd of 905 Balfour crossed north on Jefferson into moving taffic, when he was hit by the truck which was traveling east on Jefferson The driver Of the truck, Frederick H Kiesling, 58, of 3957 Lakeview, Detroit, told police that young Chris ran from the curb into the path of his vehicle He could not stop in time to avoid hitting the boy, he said The boy was taken; to Bon Secours hospital by police ambulance suffering from cuts and bruises about the head and lacerations on both legs At the hospital x-rays showed that the boy also had a fr:lctured skull and concussion of the brain Kiesling was not blamed and was released' after making a statement to police Fire 'Routs Couple i,l GP Farms Firemen Rescue' 2 French Poodles from James Standart Home in Hillcrest Lane Mr and Mrs Jam e s Standard were routed from their home by a fire that struck ear ly Wednesday morning, March 5 They live at 166 Hillcrest lane The Standarts were asleep, when Mr Standart was wakened at 4:06 am by the odor of smoke nvestigating, he found the living room and basement on fire He woke up his wife, and both fled from the house Mr Standart turned in the alarm, and when Farms firemen arrived, the fire had had a big start At first glance, it appeared that the fire was 'out Of control, and Chief M William Mason put in a second alarm City Firemen on Hand City firefighters responded within minutes, but on arrival, they found the Farms men had brought the fire under control Nevertheless the City firemen remained to help fight the flames Farms Firefighters Don ad Leggett and Samuel Candler suffered minor injuries They were taken to Cottage Hospital where Leggett received one stitch for a forehead cut, and Candler was treated for minor burns of the hands' The firemen rescued two French poodles from the burn ing house one Of which was found under a bed in an upstairs room Phone Wires Burned The fire burned electrical and telephone wires A clock in the bedroom was stopped at 3:43 am Mr Standart was' forced to call in the alarm from a neighbor's house, fire officials said The firemen were at the fire scene for three hours and five minutes, and had the fire under control within nine minutes after arrival Both Mr and Mrs Standart had high praise for the firefighters, complimenting them on the manner in which they handled the fire The origin of the fire is still being investigated The amount of damage is not yet known Hit and Run Case Lynn Jones, 708 St Clair, called City police on Saturday, March 3, to report that an unknown vehicle had strucl;: the left side of his car, parked in front of his home, doing minor damage An investigation is pending 2 Park Workers Seriously Hurt n Manhole Blast Taken to Bon Secours Hospital with Second and Third Degree Burns About Face L Hands and Arms; Hit and Run Driver Sougbt Two parking meters and a hubcap Were taken to the City police station Wednesday muming, February 28, evidence of a hit and run accident some time between 2:30 and 3 am <m Mack avenue near Washington Two sets of tire tracks were observed going over the curb Apparently, one car cut the other off and both went over the curb, the first car bending one meter and knocking down another, the second car knocking ove'r a third meter and hitting a telephone pole After the accident one car apparently went east on Mack while the other backed across a traffic island and turned west The hubcap was discovered to have come from a '59 or later model Plymouth City police have the matter under investigation Pro jection Club Members Do B,ig Job at High School Grosse Pointe High School's Projection Club, with 218 members is responsible for the handling and showing of all films used by the English business education journalism, home economies, language, history, physical education, drivers' education, science, effective living and industrial arts classes - in short, for all films shown in the school Approximately eight films a day (1,500 per year) are handled by the Projection Club, which provides skilled operators for audio-visual equipment Onethird of these films are owned by the school, another third rented at $250 to $7 apiece the last third, called "free" films, provided on a loan basis for only postage and insurance costs Films are frequently obtained from the University of Mielligan, University of llinois, University of ndiana, Modern Talking Pictures, nc, deal Pictures, Grosse Pointe Public Library and the Automobile Club of Michigan A ten-minute film is valued at $50, a 20-minute film at $100, and color usually doubles the total cost The Projection Club boasts :30 master projectionists, ten of whom, forming the inner circle regulate the entire orgcmization and serve as audiovisual supervisors Their equipment includes millimeter and four 35 milli- (Continued on Page 4) r 10 Seel:ing Offices in G P Woods Kenneth McLeod to be Un- Opposed for Mayor's Post at Election Scheduled April 2 Gas Seepage iamed Mrs Leona Liddle, Woods Two employes of the Park Water Department were city clerk, disclosed that 10 seriously burned on Tuesday, February 27, in a manhole persons filed petitions for explosion while reading a water meter at Barrington public office by 5 pm on and Essex Gas seepage in the tunnel was blamed Thursday, Mar ch, the William Griesbeck, 34, of0> deadline set by the Woods Deziel, S1 Clair Shores; City Charter and Thomas Stack, 39, of 1046 Bert W;ck;n ()" Lakepointe were taken to Bon ; ; b Mrs Liddle said that Mayor Secours Hospital by police am- puled Tr,,-bute Kenneth Koppin and Council- bulance with second and third man Martin Chamberlain have degree burn8 on their faces, not filed for reelection citing B Ed ' pressing business as preventing hands and arms They we're re- y ucators them from seeking another ported in seriouo:; condition term The explosion occurred while Councilman Kenneth M Mc- Griesbeck was in the manhole Death Takes Senior Trustee Leod of Wicks lane, is asand Stack was waiting at the of School Board Was sured of succeeding Mayor opening The former came out of the opening, his clothing President for Seven Koppin, as he will be unop- aflame; the latter was engulfed Terms posed at next month's election by the flame that shot out of ' Also unopposed for his post the manhole His clothing too Fl 1! as municipal judge is Don J caught fire _ags at all publc schoo s Goodrow of Wicks lane in Grosse Poi n t e were Helped Subdue Fire fl t 1 1f tt Euht Run for CounCl h 'd d h own a 1 a mas as Th T e two men al e each ot er leek h f B d f e elg lt persons seekmg in putting out the fire on their w, ln onor 0 oar 0 election to the council include burning clothes, in spite of their EuctlOn Trustee Bert H one incumbent and a formcr injuries according to Police Lt 'lckmg, whose death on councilman Gerard Kesteloot, one of the of- Wednesday, February 28, The incumbent is Benjamin ficers at the scene left the Grosse Pointe Pub- \ W Pinkos of 1924 Broadstone The ieutenant said that the lic School System and the who was appointed councilma only evdence of the fl:e at the community as a whole with on January 19, 1959, to serve scen was burned peces of a sense of great loss \ an unexpired term and then clothing apparently fro the Mr Wicking, 73, died at his elected for two ycars in April cas and gloves belongmg to home, 781 Trombley road, aftel' \ 7, 1960 He was a former mem- Gresbec and Stack a brief illness He was descend- \ bel' of the Woods Planning Te dect ause of tj:1e ex- cd from a pioneer Michigan Commission ploslon S bemg mvestlgated,, ') lth ht b i d th t famly, and had served for many Rex Johnston of 20_5 Hunt a OUg S e eve,a gas Club was a member of tjle Village Com 111 i s s ion from prme factor What set off the 1\arch 1947 t h r 0 ugh 1950 exploson S not known ' ''h h' 1 t' th when the Woods was the Vile man 0 e S oca ed 10 e lage of Lochmoor and was center of ssex about 70 feet elected councilman' when the f:om Barrll'gton, nd S about village incorporated as a city fve feet Wde nu seyen feet in 1:150He held that post until eep, and contans malo water his defeat in April 1961 ' lnes feeding into the Park The water meter is located near T:e ten re of offce of th: the opening municpal Judge S foul years, B t F" C the mayor and members of the sepage luto the tunnc: was a C!:SJ,;;":':::::VWBj;;,1 Th as ls t ver t council a!'e elected to two 'ear e openmg S a wo-sec on steel frame about 3 by 5 feet terms in size, and weighing about 800 McLeod has been on the pounas The force of the ex- council since 1958 and Good plosion cracked the frame and ro\\' has been judge since 1954 bt'ew it off its base The cover Council Candidates was flipped over by the con- Seeking scats around the CUSSlOn council table besides Pinkos Fred E Fox, and his wife, : :l1d Johnston arc: Beatrice, of 785 Barrington told Kenneth W Boerner of 1277 Lt Kesteloot that they were in BERT WCKNG Fairholme road, a member of ther home when they heard a i years as a member of the Grosse the Woods Planmng comm s- (Continued on Page 4) Pointe Board of Education sion since 1959; Thomas E Leah First elected in 1943, he serv- of 1606 Bouremouth road, an ed several times as president official of U S Rubber comand was treasurer of the Board pany and a member of the of Educaticn at the time of his P ann in g Commission since death January 1; Francis P Parker of Led Library Drive 1487 South Renaud road presi- As one of the guiding spirits dent of the Michigan Brewers in Grosse Pointe's school build- Association ing p:ogram, Mr Wicking led Kenneth S, Halsey of 1141 the drive to get an excellent North Oxford road, and Cad library for Grosse Pointe High Mitseff of 1862 Prestwick both School Kerby, Poupard, Mon- attorneys, and John R Dempteith, Barnes and Ferry Elemcn- sey of West Doyle place tary Schools, as well as Parcells a lithographer and Brownell J u n i 0 l' Hi g h Mrs Liddle certified that all Schools were built during his candidates have filed valid petenure on the Board titions for office School officials stated their T 'T d 1 t'o,,'11 be tl t bl' 1e 'Y 00 S e ec n ""1 profound convcton 1a pu C ld M d A '1 2 school education never had a le on l on ay, pl more staunch supporter nor a m 0 r e effective champion one ROlllney NalneS who will be missed greatly "Bert Wicking exemplified the Pointer to Staff very finest in community dedication, he portrayed this in the love for his family the respect of those with whom he associated in business, his loyalty to the church and his special in- (Continued on Page 2) AnnOuncement of his first two campaign staff appoint ments was made this week by George Romney Republican candidate for governor Named were George T Trum 'bull, Jr, former reporter for The Pontiac Press, and Mis Hilary Whittaker, a former Red Cross overseas worker Both are assisting Romney in the initial phases of the campaign organization, including setting up headquarters Miss Whittaker 31, of 1700t' E Jefferson St Grosse Pointe is a former television producer and director She also taught in this field at Wayne State University Miss Whittaker received a degree from Vassar College in 1952 and a master's degree in speech from Wayne in 1955 Trumbull, 32, of 3545 Wa beek Road Bloomfield Town ship was reporter for The Press since 1955 His latest assignments included covering politics and the offices in the O,,land County Courthouse He is a 1952 journalism graduate of Michigan State University and former Army officer to

2 UQUU sacca a c a a a as & & Page Two Bert Wicl{ing Paid Tribllte CUSTOMZED every detail CLOTHES A true mark of distinction worn by discriminating' gentle" men the world over Corrct in }!c/;ey-frumall Clothes (lre c\dlli\'c with lis ill Dc/roit Woodward Ave at Grand Circus Park AlsQ itl CbiC(l!1o Mid Groy Cinder Astra 81ue Sno'lV Costly (Continued from Page 1) Salt is also spotted that is distributed at certain intervals on the streets Shores-purchased a total of 173 tons of salt costing only $1,310 No figures were given on the regular hours worked but overtime amounted to about 146 hours and this only cost a mere $400 Like the City, the Shores spreads its salt at intersections and at 500 feet intervals along the village strcets Cared for by County Lake Shore road which is a county roael and Vernier road, a state trunk highway, are not louclcd by the village except in extreme emergency Both roads are taken care of by Wayne County even though Vernier is a state thoroughfare During extremely hazardous weathcr, if the county cannot salt the roads in time thc Shores taking the position that its resdents also use those streets, would spot-salt them, to prevent possible accidents Village trucks are always first sent to the curve at 1100 Lake Shore, to spread salt, because this is an extremely dangerous area with a high accident rate Woods-bought 1,287 tons of salt since the start of winter, at a cost of $5,63228 Regular working hours and overtimc arc lumped together so there al"c no overtime figures but the overall cost for this winter is $ Trucking Contract Let To save wear and tear on city by Educators (Continued from Page 1) F Web e r president of the(' farsighted in hs realization of terest and dedication to Our Board of Educalion slated "He lhe necessity for the finest in Grosse Pointe Schools" Robel't lovcd young people and was educationel opportunity fashion inspired from around the world From the fonr comers of the globe came design inspiration to achieve this outstanding new hat style by RESSTOL Every feeling of masculine importance speaks out with the flattering way the NTERNATONAL looks An enviable feeling for the man who cares about his appearance $20 and HSELFCONFORMNG" comfortable GROSSE PONTE, AT KERCHEVAL TUxedo Charge Accounts nvited Convenent Free Parking COURAGEOUS WORKER "The Citizens of Grosse Pointe owe lo Bert Wlcking heartfelt thanks for his conslant strving for quality in education and his courage in surmeunting the many problems attendant to the early rowth of the school dis t riet le has left to each of us a great example of living and his indomitable spirit will long continue to gude Our educa tional system," Mr Weber concluded "Durin his nearly 19 years of dcvoted service and hard work," Superintendent James W Bushong said "Mr_Wicking was president of the Board on seven oeea:-:ions He also served as treasurer for five other years holding that office at the time of his death Thi record as as much as anything else serves to illustrate the high esteem in which he was held by his fellow trustees" The successful growth of the school system from one having fewer than 5000 pupils to one enrolling more than twice that number, plus the plannng and construction of s eve n new school buildings all without diminishing the quality of the educational program further attest equipment, the Woods contracted a firm to pick up its salt Where it would cost the Woods $590 a ton to pick up salt with city trucks or have it delivered for $790 a ton the city-hred firm picks up the salt for $590 a ton plus 90 cents a ton service charge This saves the cty $110 Repair of equipment gas and oil used so far this winter cot the Woods another $3,01193, it was disclosed GROSSE PONTE NEWS to the excellent leadershp he gave the district the supel'in tcndent observed THOUSANDS NDEBTED "Literally thousands of pupils and hundreds of teachers and other employes of the schcol system are deeply ndebted to Trustee Wicking for all that he has done to foster and disseminate good education in Grosse Pointe" he said, " repeat our friend and colleague will be sorely missed and we will long honor his memory," Dean of the current Grosse Pointe Board of Education in terms of sel'vicc, Mr Wicking was also a member of the Wayne County Boal'd of Education's board of directors He was born in Owosso, reared in a s111a1l10wn near Gaylord Mich where he attended public school, and later studied at the University of Michigan He earned his law degree at the Detroit College of Law A lawyer and member of the Michigan State Bar Association for 38 years Mr Wieking retired eight years ago as senior vice president of the Detroit Bank and Trust Co His paternal grandfather Etilelbert Wicking was a lawyer who migrated to Michigan from England and pioneered railroad service in the State Joseph Harrison Webb his maternal grandfather, helped plan the State capital at Lansing He was a charter member and past president of the Grosse Pointe War Memorial and a member of the Detroit Science Museum Society Survivors include his wife, Lillian; two daughters Mrs Webster B Knight and Mrs William Blackmon of Montgomery Ala; a son Bert Harrison, Jr; and six grandchildren S e rv ice s were Saturday, March 3, at the Verheyden Funeral Home Burial was in White Chapel cemetery!j j Sad Ertd to Joy Ride (Continued from Page 1) onto Provencal traveling north, going about 50 miles an hour At the curve in front of number 300 the young driver tried to apply the brakes The brakes locked but the car slid 170 feet and slammed into a brick wall, damaging the wall and the car The amount of damage to the wall is not known but damage to the car was estimated at $400 The other children left the scene on foot before police arrived One of the boys gave himsclf up to Shores police later and was released to Farms authorities The driver of the accident car suffered a scraped back, and was tjken to Cottage Hospital for treatment and x-rays The other occupants of the car was not reported hurt After treatment, the juvenile was turned over to his father who had gone to the hospital to pick him up Before he was released the boy was given a ticket for reckless driving and driving without a license He will have to appear in Juvenile Caul' Oh, to get into a Topcoat again! After this rigorous wir;tcr it will fec great to shed YO'Llr overcoat and slip into a topcoat from Whaling's We have a wide selection of coats that combine casy weight with p ' ate c t ion against Spring rains and variable temperatures Buy your Spring top-coat now so you'll be ablc to we'll' it the first finc day 4475 to WHALNG'S UJ6Z't, 520 WOODWARD 7 MLE near LVERNOS Nortfl of CltyCounty Bide; Open Thunday and friday Eves AND N THE FSHER BULDNG Downtown Eastside Northwest Dearborn Wyandotte 1209 Washington Blvd E Warren Livernois 4917 Schaefer 2034 Northline Thursday, March 8, /962 DVSONAL MEETNG Rccreation Center on Thurs- Grosse Pointe Kiwanians will day March 15 The meeting attend a Spring Divisional will start "t 3:30 pm and the meeting at the St Clair Shores dinner will he at 6:30 pm We are offering 2 free halfhour private lessons in The Twist when you enroll for the special $30 introductory course for only $15 We do this because we want you to see for yourself how' quickly and easily you can master The Twi:;t, Fox Trot, Cha-Cha and all the latest steps Even if you've never danced before-you can go dancing after a lesson or two! And at gay student parties, you'll meet new friends gain poise, confidence, popularity There are no strangers at Arthur Murray':; Everybody dances and has fun Don't put it off Come to your nearest Arthur Murray Studio today while this special $15 dance course, with the!janus lessons in The Twist, is still available Studios open daily 10 AM-lO PM Until 6 pm Saturdays ARTHUR MURRAY School of Dancing Doris Eaton Travis, Lice11See P,;t'tlte Schools - Select Oieutell! WO TU Oi lu AV Thursday, Marc;h 8, 1962 Churchwomen Mrs Geore Romney \",ill address the Protestant women of the Grosse Pointe area this Friday at 1:30 o'clock when they gather at the Grosse Pointe Baptist Church to observe the 75th \Vorld Dav of Prayer On the committee arranging this service are from left to right, MRS FRED W ADPMS, Lutherans Plan Day 01 FRST TME EVE Special Sai w are ofering--for a limite only-now through March 17- ception31 b'jy 0"'1 Prepc The Annual \Vord Day of Le\\'is G Vor Prayer will be observed by a i Lutheran Chl number of Lutheran churches i :'lack of this area at First Lutheran The parti< Church, Cadieux near Warren, are First Lut! on Friday afternoon beginning 1 Paul, Salem ;" at 1 o'clock : English Rev The pre a c 11e ' will be Re\' : pastor of the our finer unc All {rom our regular stoc BOXER SHORTS (white only) were $376, Nc BOXER SHORTS (white only) were $225, Nc CREW NECK T SHRTS were $150, No jgjlllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! ll i1ll11l1l1l111illl' Store Hours: 9:30 Securities can't be selected like groceries \Vhen you buy groceries, you normally start with a shopping list and fill your cart with the items listed Selection is based upon pleasing the family appetites, and tastes, and providing a healthful diet Selection of securities is an entirely different matter Thoughtful consideration must be given to the requirements of the ndividual nvestor not merely to his appetite and tastes Whether he needs assured income now, or security in the future whether he desires to speculate (and can afford to) and many other factors must be considered At Manley, Bennett all of these factors are carefully weighed before transactions are made in a client's name This policy of Personal Service has inspired the confidence among clients that has resulted in our healthy and continuous growth Why not call or come in and discuss your own invetment requirements Naturally, there is never an obligation MANLEY, BENNETT & CO MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE A Cadillac at curbside has a way with passers by And a Cadillac anywhere has the equally rare gift of keeping its winning charms as the years and the miles ride by n fact, Cadillacs of almost a decade's vintage still command open respect and admiration wherever they appear The reasons for this remarkable circumstance are as sound as they are numerous First, there is the way Cadillacs are styled The Cadillac look is the look of leadershipand the car remains young and vital in appearance far beyond any normal expectations Second, there is the way Cadillacs are engineered The car's performance is so far ahead of its contemporaries, it continues to deliver a full measure of driving pleasure Third, there is the way Cadillacs are built Craftsmanship is so painstaking that the car VST YOUR LOCAL AUTHORZED CADLLAC DEALER stays sound and safe and depencubleover an unusual span of time And fourth, there is the fact that 8 Cadillac, regardless of age or previous service, is still a Cadillac And a Cadillac, by definition, is a magnificent motor car The significance should be obvious For value when you buy-and for value when you sell-nothing can take the place of the ucar of cars" luhllulldln" Detrot 26 WOc1wc:nl Bloomfield Hili, Mch JOrdan 6-46!1) O/LEARY CADLLAC, nc E JEFFERSON AVE, GROSSE PONTE FOR SXTY YEARS THe STANDARD OP' Tl:fl! 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3 i a s a _SlClllS SlS as 5Jg '-$ S4'b-j -sa-a-s----p - -4-, --cp--=-----;e- -p-,-ou-_-, ' farch 8, 1962 ThurCday, March 8, 1962 GROSSE PONTE NEWS Page Three n Center on Thurs- :'l'h 15, The n1('c'ting' ill ;,:30 p,m and the :\1 bc' at 6:30 pm Churchwomen Prepare for Day of Prayer CHARLES VERHEYDEN, Founder- and President residents, Charles J Little, Thom Tree, declared that a cu'b cut would ful,ther depreciate his property values, al- readv affeeled by having an "alley behind my house" and protested that a eurb cut would increase traffic which would n turn increase noise The residents also objected to the safety haza:d presented by a midblock "alley," noting that the area is overflowing with children [rom Bames and Our Lady Star of the Sea School Woods Safety Director Vern C Bailey, in a February 27 memo to City Administrator Chester E Petersen, stated that he had inspected the property in question, found that approximately 30 feel of wooden picket fence had been removed, giving the driver of a vehicle exiting the service entrance into Moningside an unobstructed view of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and said that he has no objection to the use of the driveway as a means of ingress and egress so long as it remains in its present condition The Council voted to table the matter until the next meeting private lessons the special 30 'We do this be-,elf how quickly \\"ist, Fox Trot, :ore-you can go 'ou'l1 meet new opularity There ay's Everybody 11 Come to your oday while this e bonus lessons udios open daily a:t,:-da:-;s 0/ of Dancing, LiCC115CC eel ( lieu/cle ( < > (, ' WO TU LU AV rs G(,llr,c HOl1lnc:-: will address the Protestant 'women of the Grosse Pointe area this Friday at 1:30 o'clock \\"hen they gather at the Grosse Pointe Baptist Church to obsen"e the 75th Crosse Pointe Memorial Church; l\lrs DREW C SMTH, Grosse Pointe idcmorial Church; MRS, GERALD C SCHROEDER, Grosse Pointe Woods Presbyterian Church, and MRS EARL A YOUNG, Grosse Poi n t e Baptist Church, chairman 'Warid Dav of Praver On the committce arranging th(s service are from left to right, MRS FRED W ADAMS, 'vv"] a:-c ohcrirg--for a limited tilile ::'"'l;:-row th:-ough tv1arch 17-Cln ex- C';:);onCl b',-:y 0, our finer underwear A : :,";::-", Ol:" regular stoc BOXER SHORTS (white only) were $376, Now EOXER SHORTS (white only) were $225, Now $300 $180 Now $ Washington Blvd, Detroit-WO store Hours: 9:30 to 5:30 Mon thru Sat Lutherans Plan Day of PrayeJ Council Tables The Annual World Day of 1Le\\'is G Von Trott of Calvary Church Petition Pr,l:-Tr \\ ill be observed by a i Lutheran Church, Gateshead at number of Lutheran churches: ;\ack --- of this area at First Lutheran! The participating churches Rev Ralph V Barton pastor Church, Cadieux ncar Warren i arc First Lutheran, Calvary, St of Our Lady Star f the Sea on Friday afternoon beginning i Paul Salcm l\temorial and First Church, has petltloned the at 1 o'clock i English R 'v Kent Lang is the G l' 0 S S cpo n t e Woods City T1(' pre a C' her will be Rc\' i pator of the host church Council fo[' permission to make :1 eu["b cut on Morningside drive at the mouth of the ('hurch's present service en- trance FRST TME EVER! At the regular Council meeting on Monday March 5, a group of Woods residents, with homes adjacent to the present service entrance presented a petition objecting to the pro- gjllilllllj:ll1l1l1l1l1ll1l1ll1ll1l1l1ll1lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!lllllllll l11i ill ! posed curb cut Speaking on behalf of the 'The New ill1l1 Greater VERHEYDEN'S was Built Expresly for the High Purpose it Serves ilnd is Situated al: lhe gateway to all five Crosse Poinles Our HOD1e S 2CYears Old This ek Twenty years ago t11is wcclwc o]?cnc(l tlc doors of our ncw: Gro::sc Pointe holue j, t vms then the biggest in l11c coun lry Our firm was 3J years 01(1 'fen ycars ago we L1oublcc1 tle size of tle buildi'ilg a11cl three years ago we built the great porte cochere r1'oo,,ye have 1Jtlilr: a sunken l1ar1ciug area of llcarly a city bloch in sizc \Ve have landscaj?ecl and otllenvisc hcau :i (iccl tle groullcls 1-\)1c1toc1ay our eslablislullcnt sbncls as a 1110Jel for tle whole nation Our stile of budingand its general layout is witle1 y copicj, but never exccllec1 in beauty! in furnishings and in lawns and shru11ery t ]la5 becn our aim for all tle 20 years -to nainrain tle establishment: and grounds in leeping with -the surrounding fine 110Tles for w1icl1 Grosse Pointe is wor1cl falued These accomplishments Jave 1een made possible by tle lilany good faulilies Grosse Pointe families 'whom, we serve All Estab/islmwl1t t/lat Grew to OrcatHC!ss 011 Little E"dra flings of Scrticc WitllOut Extra Cost NORE 'THAN A HALF CENTlTRY OF SERVCE GROSSE PONTE and DETROT FUNERAL DRECTORS }lacl Avcnue, Grosse Pointe, Mic1igan 'Uxcclo' / :;: / ':':1acobsons,, : 'r' :1! : ',<t," : MEN'S WASHABLE dependable over New spring "TWST" JACKET actio-packed ct that a Cadillac us service, is still, by definition, is jacket for sports enthusiasts Poncho styled cotton poplin pullover, glen plaid lined be obvious For d for value when ethe place of the featuring two-way tab collar, chest pocket, plus side' and placket zip closures 'n i ", -, l i the season's latest colors natural, pewter green, light blue Sizes A Rear View Sllowing Part of tlhz Sunken Parking Area a1ld tle Wide Spaces Devoted fo Lawl'l a11d Sl!"ubbery Men's Shop-First Floor TWO HOURS FREE PARKNG-Ticket validated when you make a purchase ( t o

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like generations in Helene (Cherie Moore '62) and Primus (Bob Richards '63), two Robots given human qualities by Dr Gall before the revolution The final words of the last "man" on earth to his succes, SOl'S are: "Go Adam-Eve," Carl Haller '62 Bruce Mc- Conachie '62 and Ed Christian '62 are cast as Domin's assist ant managers, among the last men to perish, and Diane Menendez '62 and Rial Hamann 62 will play Sulla and Marius, the first Robots to appear A third Robot, Radius, will be portrayed by Skip Stevenson '62 Other Robots include " Dean MacGregor '63, Charles Nicholl '64, Frank Havel '64 and Helga Hipp '62 Helene's maid, Nana, will be played by Liz Fallieres '62 Poi n t e Players' consider "RUR" one of their most ambitious and in teresting undertakings and urge all Grosse Pointers to plan to attend one of th three performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings April 5 through 7 at 8:15 pm FarlllS Police Officer Resigns The Farms council on Monday, February 19, accepted the resignation of Patrolman Marvin L We'aver of 234 Grosse Pointe boulevard Weaver, who has been on the forc'e for more than six years gave his reason for quitting as ill health and stated he was leaving the force on advice from his doctor City Manager Sidney DeBoer and Police Chief James Furton recommended to the council that the resignation be accepted effective immediately The two officials also recomme'ndee that in view of earned vacation and accumulated time due to Weaver, he be paid to and including March 16 The council approved Weaver will not be replaced until an eligibility list is created, it was disclosed by Chief Furion The' police chief and Fire Chief M William Mason revealed t hat examinations were held on March, for cahdidates [or both the Po!ice and Fire Departments Neither departments have eligible' candidates to draw from, it was said Projection Pi Beta Phis Club (Continued from Page 1) meter projectors, 17 tape recorders, 11 record players, one radio, four viewlexes (slide projectors and film strip), three opaque proj ectors and one over head projector Membership is drawn from "the rare human beings who feel life doesnt owe them a living, but who want to do something constructive for themselves, their fellow students, and their teachers to promote the learning process" according to coordinator George Holman t welcomes students who want to learn how to organize and conduct a business, and provides an opportunity- for boys and girls uninterested in excelling in ordinary extra-curricular activities to make a contribution in an area which pro vides them with personal rewards Using audio-visual aids, Projection Club members help broaden the horizons of their fellow students by taking them = outside the walls of the classroom, bringing them face to face with the whole world Grosse Pointe Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club will meet Monday March 12 at 8 pm in the home of Mrs Albert Perlin in Merriweather road Mrs Curran Boyer will present "Wool is Your Wardrobe's Best Buy" Gross, Pointe Ne,ws Published every Thursday by Anteebo Publishers, nc 99 Kercheval Avenue Grosse Pointe 36, Michigan Phone TU Three Trunk Lines Entered as second class matter at the post office, Detroit Michigan, under the act of March Subscription Rates $ Per Year by Mail ($500 0 u t sid e Wayne County) All News and Advertising Copy Must Be n The News Office by Tuesday Noon to nsure nser tlon Address all Mail (Subscriptions Change of Address Forms 3579) to 99 Kercheval Avenue, Grosse Pointe 36 Michigan Judge Paterson fears 8 Cases City Judge Douglas L Paterson decided eight justi-:::e court cases on Tuesday evening, February 27 Charges of reckless driving against Margaret M Noble, 3466 Chatsworth, Det, Lynn Adams, 425 Lothrop, Arthur D Dran berg Willard, Warren and Archie L Carlisle, 9693 Ohio, Det, were dismissed Jackie Leon May, 2908 Eastlawn, Det, charged with reck less driving, was found guilty of not having his car under control and fined $15 Fines of $10 were paid by Marguerite R Spirit, Colony, St Ca i l' Shores, charged with reckless driving and found guilty of not maintaining a safe distance between cars and Richard Halbert, Clairview, who pled guilty to a charge of car not under control Wymen Bush 419 S Lloyd Salisbury, N C, forfeited $100 bond when he failed to appear in court to answer charges of reckless driving Judge Paterson, on the basis of proofs submitted, found Bush guilty as charged i ' ntroducing J Mty\1 E FARMER, (Continued from Page 1) loud explosion They ran from their house to investigate and saw Griesbeck emerging from the manhole, and Stack standing on the surface near thc tunnel The clothing of both men was on fire Both men appeared injured, they said The couple called the fire department, and equipment was sent to the scene Police cruis ers arrived at about the same time Also at the scene, when notified of the explosion, were City Manager Robert Slone, Herbert Heger, head of the Public Works Department and Butch Korte, superintendent of the Water Department Korte said that Griesbeck and Steck had been assigned to read meters, including the one in the tunnel in which the accident happened Check for Damag'e Slone notified the Detroit Water Board and the Michigan Consolidated Gas company of the incident, and the irms sent crews to the- area to check for water main damage and gas seepage Eight trucks and crews were sent to the area by the gas company and a check was made to find a possible gas leakage Archie McCart, supervisor of KWK- KLEEN_ KLEANERS He's been a spotter for 15 years He's Grosse Pointels First Coin Operated Dry Cleaning simply fantastic His services are FREE! -a little extra service we give customers! 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Y/'JJ 6353 E jeflerson Phone LO l1111l illllllill TWO {outft Cenfer Second Floor Pre-f A provincial boots 'i charm all its own 0 classic has cardiga and a bouffant ski rt ' n shaded Preteen tones 1W Store Hours: 9:30 to siv HOURS FREE PARKl t 'f

5 ,----Q -"'_""'''''''''+-+-'''''''_-_--'''A--''_Ql''''''5SA e ''O'S«' l1li0 PlllO, PCl a a 51, a a lsua,lsa a' e alsa:, lsas21' 2;21:1 2'l21: - al,';,; i, w -- -l --"- _ 'Aarch 8, 1962 ;; basement window to e house, gas was detected in the lccording to Lt Kcste- ('atti ' was called at his,f business and notified ; house had been entered circumstances He \Vas tified that the glass will aced by the gas company, caking gas pipe was 1"eand the manhole re- ':\'estigation of the inclstill underwa)' Pianos Organs i" Home o'ld Flower rey Organs Baldwin pionos and o:hers Wise Buyers r::,tt:'lch Provhcl! 1" Chery Con'mpOraf'l Walnut Or Ebony ALDWN ORGANS from wilh bench Lowrey Organs from " your budget tole :EN N T1ADE BRMNGHAM " 115 5, WOODWARD ) M OPEN EVS SAT TLL SlO ler CURRENT RATE TERLY Thursday, March 8, 1962 Firc ()fficials Kanzler Gives Learning!\ttclld }:>arley Liggett $40,000 1hrce Point(' fire officials at- _ t('nlecl the 34th Annual nt('r- A gift of $40,000 has been,; natonal Fire Department n- made to the Liggett Tomorrow "'_\ structors Confel'('ne(' held in Fund by Ernest Kanzler to c01'l- 'e' emphis Tenn: from February 1 truet a headmistr?ss' r('sldece?;' 'f:"; : throu"h 1\lal eh 2 n m('mory of js late Wfe,,,,::::<,,' 1 ' At the confcren('e \\' ere Josephine Clay Kanzler "'''''', " '\ Farms Fire ChiC'f :\L William 1\11', Kan::ler, of 241 Lake,';' :\ason City Capt, GeorgC' Poupard and 'Voods Capt Donald Shore road will underwrite t:': """ eostl'u('tion of the memol'i'll " _:,' j Coals resdence aajaeent to the pro-, ',", ' t was ctimatccl Lhat about posed new Liggett School on :,:-, i,: ;):3-l5 representatives from fi'(' it; Poperty in Grosse Pointe,' "">" '' departmcnts from all 0\' '1' the W oodsv ''S l world w('!'(' ;ll tll(' eonfcren('c As Josephine Clay, the late' ""'-fk < some of them in full uniforms i\rs Kanzlel' \V,S president of' her seniol' class in 1911 As a : stud"nt she also worked on Rei vista student veal" book, and on Before You Close On FORDS SEE Dick Warner "Top Hatter" Simms-Dawson Ford, nc East Jefferson Grosse Pointo VA Res TU em HE SHUT UP LKE A QAM' Ui:! sne asked him about me service ar C A Nuh:g Co Then he talked for OU"'; daout his sat;sfac- ;,on 11!a iwj 6353 E Jefferson Phone LO Scheduled You#' Ce nfer Second Floor! the self-gover'nment coard n i 1915 and 1916 she served as : president of the Liggett School i Alumnae Association The cost of the Headmistress' rc'siclence is a component of the, eampaign's total goal of $1633,- 000 which is bei"g sought to enable construction of a new Liggett School in Grosse Pointe Woods n annou:lcing the donation, l\rs H Bradford harons, General Campaign Chairman, said, "Memorial gifts like lvr Kanzlel"s display by their generosity the donors' enduring regard for t he past and its traditions, as wc'1 as Liggett's role in perpetuating its finest values into the future for our young people" Among fifteen other memorials thus far pledged to the Liggett Tomorrow Fun d is another fund in memory of Josephine Clay Kanzlc establi hed C'arlier this year with an opening gift from Mr and Mrs William C Tost of Grosse Pointe Pending rc'ceipt of additional eon tri butions, its application is as yet unclesignated St Paul's Lutheran i To Have Fall Nursery! for Spring Pre-teen Sh irtdress r,-, -:: ""'!- A provincial boots 'n saddle print with a charm all its own Our cotton hopsacking classic has cardigan collar# roll sleeves end a bouffant skirt with its own petticoat n shaded tones of blue or brown Preteen sizes \ cooperative nursery school i for children three and four veal's of age will be inau- uratccl at St Paul Lutheran hu 'eh Chalfonte and Lothrop, as of next September The first meeting of interested mothers was held in the Bethany room in the parish building last Tuesday evening at 8 pm t!!i!lillll!ll1w!!liliilliirllll!lllllllillll:lll1liiillillllllll!lllllll ;' Store Hours: 9:30 to 5:30 Mon thru Sat -, JHohson5;', -- }" ", GROSSE Life-Saving ":\ ;,S!t Men Gardeners To Hear Panel Harry Western, nurseryman and landscape gardene for 30 years, will moderate a panel discussion on "Spring Planning for Lawns and Gardens" when Men's Garden Club of Grosse Pointe holds its regular meeting Thursday, March 15, at 8 pm, at Grosse Pointe War Memorial Center Panelists will include George Oatman, William C Jones and Elmore Frank Oatman is a professional gardener Jones, who served his apprenticeship in England, recently retired after 6p years in the estate gardening field, much of which time was spent in the Grosse Pointe area His specialty is organic gardening Frank the only amateur gardener in the group, specializes in the cultivation of roses He is a director of the Detroit Rose Society and a consultant rasarian for the American Rose Society He is a recognized flower show judge, accredited by Men's Garden Clubs of America, and maintains an accredited rose test garden All male gardener" in area are invited to attend Pointers TFin Fellowships Forty-five Wayne State University faculty members have been awarded research fellowships and research grants-in-aid by the Graduate Division of the University to assist them in Singers Urged To Join Chorus Sid HOLDAY Traverse City, Mich Ski night and day T-bar lift, tows Snowmaker Lodge Excellent food Week-end package pa" for groups Family rates Fine accommodations WNTER CARNVAL MARCH 18 PONTE their work The awards were announced by Dr Randall M Whaley, vicepresident for Graduate Studies and Research, following recommendations submitted by the University Research Committee - The faculty research fellow- - ship awards enable the recipi- = ents to do full time research in a field of special interest Most _ of the awards made this year provide for research during the - coming summer A research grant-in-aid gives to the recipient a specified sum of_ money in support of a research project, such as for the purchase of supplies and equip- _ ment The program has now been - in operation for five years,' said Vice-President Whaley Loal area residents who re- - ceived awards include: Re-- search FellO'wship, C Norman - Guice, PhD, associate profes- - SOl" of history, 92 Mapleton, _ Grosse Pointe Farms; and Re- - search Grant-in-Aid, David R Cook, PhD associate professor of biology, 1751 Allne drive Grosse Pointe Woods - The Grosse Poiitc Men's- _ Chorus invites all male singers, - = ages 17 to 70, to join in its ac- _ = tivities This group of men who love to sing rehearse each Mon- - day night at 8:30 pm in the _ Grosse Pointe War Memorial - building = John D Finch, musical direc- - tor of singing groups at Grosse - Pointe High School is the di- - rector of the chorus The men - - sing at PTA meetings, church affairs, in hospitals and for social gatherings = NEWS Technique _ The inert object on the table in course in advanced first aid, etc, under the Woods Public Safety Department the direction of Louis G Revedisueli, waiting room, is not a human body, eastside director for the American Red but a life-size, if not a life-like man- Cross (hands on the mannequin) St Michael's Has New Pastor _ The Rev Edgar H Yeoman, - rector' of St Michael's Episeo- pal Church Sunningdale = Park, announces that the Rev - Paul S Downie will become the _ assstant minister of that par- - ish, beginning Thursday, March 15 He succeeds the Rev George H Hann who resigned recent- ly to become the Protestant chaplain at the New York State = Prison for men, "Vallkill, New _ York, where he had served for several years prior to coming - to Michigan Mr Downie is a native De- - troiter, having graduated from Redford High School in 1948, - receiving his degree of bachelor of arts from the University of Michigan in 1952 After serving two years as a military instructor in Fort Gordon, - = Georgia, in the US Army Sig- - nal Corps, he returned to the = University, receiving his degree of master of arts in edu- - cation and then began his studies for the Sacred Ministry _ at Berkeley Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut grad- _ uating in 1959 the Since his ordination as a dea- con, and later a priest, he has = served as assistant minister at - St James' Church, Grosse le He married Miss Elizabelh Mor- - ris, of Old Greenwich, Connec- - ticut, who taught in a private school prior to her marriage They have an infant daughter, - Martha Elizabeth, The Downie family will re- - side at 1835 Norwood drive, HOME Park Shop SHRKER The fellow who won't buckle' i down to today's tasks will probably fizzle out tomorrow 1111l1l111ll111111ll1l""11"1111""111111llllllllll"llllFi@ Beauty Robbed A thief broke into Ann's Beauty Shop, Mack avenue, and escaped with a small sum of cash according to Park police Patrolman James LaPratt, with the plainclothes detail in the Detective Bureau, said that the burglary occurred between 7 pm Wednesday, February 29, and 8:55 am Thursday, March, at which time it was discovered by Mrs Ann Grawel at Eastwood, Detroit, the owner of the salon rs, Gra\'t1el told LaPratt that the only thing she could find missing was $54, taken from a desk drawer Desk drawers and cabinets at the rear of the shop were opened and ransacked and the drawers left ajar, she said Th(' policeman said that the thief entered the shop by climbing a back gate and forcing thc rar door of the establishmcnt The burglar left the way he entered, the officer said LaPratt said the robber ap peared to know what he was doing, and was wearing gloves while committing the crime nequin Members of the Woods Civil Attempting to "revive the victim" is American Red Cross volun- Defense team are being shown one James Marl, a member of the Woods teers last year gave nearly of the techniques of mouth-to-mouth group The dummy is made of foam 2,500,000 hours helping servicebreathing in life-saving The group is, rubber and can be inflated to various men and their dependents at undertaking a O-week, two hour sizes US military installations and _ 'hospitals in this country and overseas Parents Bid To Parcells Parents Of eighth grade students at Parcells Junior High School have been invited to a special counselling evening to be helel Friday evening, MarCil ninth, at eight o'clock in the' school auditorium The purpose of the meeting is to help parents anel students in selecting specific ninth graele elective coul'ses and in interpreting the entire ninth grade program Scrving as chairman at this program will be Mr Vincent Peterson, the principal at Parcells Participants in the discussion will be: Dr Robert Hanson, Director of Guidance at Grosse Pointe High School; Miss Bernice Moore and Mr Leon Engelhart deans at Parcells; and Miss Gail Wog, Mr Marshall Moser, and Mr Humphrey Jackson, guidance counsellors a t Parcells _ After a general discussion of = thc courses available, and the - factol's to be considered in - planning a total course of study - for an individual student, there = will be a question period Parents will be divided into three - small groups with appropriate counsellors and consultants in = each group n the smaller groups there will be ample opportunity for parents to discuss - individual problems, This type of special guidance - for parents facing enrollment = has proved to be very helpful in the past All parents are urged to' attend as the decisions - made at the eighth grade level are very significant for future - programs of study - An attic fire n the home of = the Minard Mumaws,' 321 Beau- _ pre, on Wednesday February _ 28, caused considerable damage - before Farms firefighters were - able to put it out Farms Capt Raymond Snay, = in command of the department - while Chief M William Mason _ was attending a fire chiefs' conference in Memphis, Tenn, said - that the fire was believed to - have been started by a 10Gse e?,- = tension wire in the attic The - wire was said to have dropped ::: on old mattress, igniting it The alarm was called in at - about 7:47 pm, and the fire- = men had the fire under control about 30 minutes after arrival - They were at the Scene for two hours and five minutes - nsurance adjusters set the _ damage at $2,500 to the build- - ing and $1,500 to contents, _ Capt Snay said - No harm came to any of the - Mumaw family or to the fire- - fighters while the fire was = raging l!ll1ll1ll11ll1ll1ll1l1l11l1lll1l1l1l1l1l1l1ll11ll1ll1lllllllllllllli preteen's first high heels SLEEK, SMART OPERA PUMPS For growing-up young misses, our gleaming block potent leather or block polished calf pumps with slim, tapered 15/8 medium heels the sophisticated look girls love for those wonderful special dress occasions Sizes 4-8, 798 Windmill Pointe Yacht Club to Hold Partie The entertainment committee of Windmill Pointe Yacht Club has announced two social activities for the month 01 March On Friday evening,( March 9, the Midtown Players will present "The Touch Of Fear" by Dorthy and Campbell Christis The Midtown P layer s siage their shows as bencfits for many charitable organizations and act because they love to entertain The play will be preceded by a bu[fet style dinner for members of WPYC and their guests Members of WPYC and guests, whether rish or not, will celebrate St Patrick's Day Satur-,, \ THE Woods Kitchen Special Page Five day, March 17, at a party to be given at the Club 699 APTTUDE TESTS En ble you to leard the kind or WO k in which you can best succeed, the studies best tor you For men, women, boys and lrls Vocational Counselln nstitute DANEL L BECK DiRECTOR 722 Fo:>: Tbeatre Bld Phone Years ServlnJ;" Detroit (Formerly in Maccabees Bldg) Dr M L Fine Foot Specialist Chiropdist - Podiatrist Mack TV Grosse Pointe Eve by app't Grosse Pointe's Favorite Little Restaurant JVith the Secluded Dining Room, and Deluxe Counter Service FAST CARRY OUT SERVCE - OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY JSE WALK THRU FROM REAR PARKNG GROUNDS A Bright Spot in the J'Voods! MACK AVE, Next tu Woods Theatre :: H llllmllilllllllllllllllllll:lll11iilllllllllllllllil set a mood of elegal1ce with our QULTED TAFFETA ENSEMBLE Magnificent spring decorating our rich throw-style quilted bedspread and colormatched 90" pinchpleated drapes Marnel ocetate taffeta, highly puffed and filld with pure cotton watting Celadon s_reen, white# gold, rosedustor blue Twinsize 1198 Fullsize 1998 Lined pinch-pleated drapes 1298,DELUXE LUGGAGE RACK with matching BEDSPREADRACK A fresh and practical idea in bedroom eppoinfments mahogany, walnut, entique:; white-gold r or fruitwood luggage rack ' end bedspread rack DECORATVE SHOP Store Hours: 9:30 to ;5:30 Mon thru Sat Accessory Bar-First Purchase! DRESSER SETS or MRRORS Comb, brush and mirror set in fou r disti nctive styles Gold, :'! silver and gold combina-! tionsoval or rectangular j(, mi rrored trays Gold, /: silver or anl-ique /' gold finished / \"! 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6 _c c_ -----s-""--- zz a lclcl ;: ; 0 4_U $ elllll&o p" ; ; PZ41111'1 lli5&s A Page Six NEW for '62 the LOWREY Sf let fonly *ORGA DnD ANYONE tdn ploy it! EASY BUDGET TERMS ONLY $25 DOWN LOWREY ORGANS from *595 to $3095 LBERAL ALLOWANCE ON ANY MUSCAL NSTRUMENT Large Stock of Organ Music Mack Ave TUxedo Open Mon, Thurs and Fri Evenings GPlTS to Hold Science Fair By Al Blixt Grosse Poi n t e' University School will hold its fourth annual joint Science Fair and Hobby show on Friday, March 9, The Science Fair, which will be held in the Edsel Ford Gymnasium, will feature over 95 individual projects by students from the sixth to tne twelfth grades The competition is divided in to four categories, seniors divito four categories, senior division, grades 6-9, the earth science division, and the physical science division Four awards will be awarded in each category and a Grand Award for the best project in the show, The Fair, under the direction of Mr William Hindle, will be open to the public from 2:30 to 4:30 Friday afternoon and from 7:30 to 9:30 Friday night As in previous years, the best exhibits in the show will be entel'ed in the Detroit Metropolitan Scienc!; F a i ' later this spring n competition last year GPUS students won six a- wards in the city-wide event Also to be held on Friday is the Lower School Hobby Show This provides an opportunity for the younger set to display their talents in their individual hobbies such as model building, stamp or coin collecting, etc This event 'vi be held in the ;\lulti Purpose Room in the LO\\'er School Putting things off makes tomorrow the busiest day of' the week A" EXCLUSJlE, JUODERN RESDENCE FOR THE \ CONY ALESCNG AND SENOR CTZENS l ' '''\, 675 Parker Ave, Detroit,-immediately off East Jefferson Brochure upon request Here in the new Moroun Nursing Home for convalescing and senior cltlzerfs one finds the finest n comfort nd care n an atmosphere of luxury and gracous living where the Wishes of individuals are respected A competent, experienced staff with patience and professional ability nsures devoted care Convenient ta Grosse POinte and ts busse3 PhYSiotherapy Laboratory and X-Roy Occupational Therapy FaClities of the Disposal of Attending PhYSCian Attractive rates 24-Hr Licensed NurSing Service PatiO Room (Cafeterlc) Air-Conditioning Meals at BedSide or CafeterlQ ::: r Call Mrs Ann Lawson RN, VAlley for Reservations GROSSE PONTE Churches Plan To Honor Scouts NEWS ndian With four tribes functioning in Grosse Pointe in 1959, the Girl Scouts of the United ndian Guides have since multi- States of America will be fifty plied to eighteen tribes largely years old thi<; year Three and through the efforts of the Hana half million Girl SCouts and nan YMCA Executive Secretary adul ts will join together in cele- Lloyd San b 0 r n, Longhouse bration of the organization's Chiefs Philip Dawson and Otto Golden Birthday Leu and Assistant Chiefs Rob- Sunday, 'March 11, will be the ert Orr and William Ehrlich Golden Day of Rededication for With 65 fathers and sons rep- Girl Scouts across the nation resenting Grosse Pointe Long- The girls will affirm the spiri- house in 1959, the figure has tual Jalues of Girl Scouting as grown to over 250 expressed in the Promise and The ndian Guide Program Laws Living up to a Girl has as its main purpise to mulscout's promise to try to do her tiply the number of things duty to God is an essential part fathers and sons can do togethof her Scouting experience er at an age when a boy thinks Through this emphasis on spir- his dad is the greatest man in itual values the Girl Srout the world and when the boy movement encourages each girl most needs the masculine into become a betier member of fluence in the- growing up prohe rown religious group cess The "Y" believes that the All churches in the Grosse comradeship of father and son Pointe area, along with all gained through this program "hurches across the nation, will has material advantages projoiil in this Rededication Day by vided by very few programs salting the Girl Scouts 'as a The beginning age for the sons great force for good in 001' na- is 6 years tion The Y ndian Guides employ On Girl Scout Sunday, March the lore of the American n- 11, the Girl Scouts of Our Lady dlan for the program because Star of the Sea School will par- it offers a common interest licipate in their fourth annual level for both fathers and sons Communion Sunday at the 10 and provides opportunities lor o'clock Mass All Souts, Brown- programs, projects and activiies Leaders, Troop Committee ties Also the high standard of Members and l'epresentatives of relationship between fathers th esponsoring group The Ros- and sons among early ndians ary Altar Society will receive sets an example for fathers to Communion and attend Mass in follow a body Just as the colorful life of mmediately aftcr the Mass, the ndian revolved around the t here will be a brief ceremony tepee, so the tribal meetings marking the presentation of arc held in rotation in the eight Marian Award Medals to homes of the braves These mcmbers of Girl Scout Troop meetings are held twice a 369 whose leader is 1\11'1' Ed- month and little braves are not ward Baran The 1\1arian Award permitted to attend without is th" highest honor a Catholi" the big braves girl may obtain in Scouting and Just as an ndian Council culminates approximately two was called to order by the sol- years of intensive religious re- emn tones of the tom-tom; so a search and study Y ndian Guide Council begins The girls, who are thc first with the beating of a cere- 10 be so honored at Our Lady monial drum made as a tribal Stal' of the fea arish, are: Pa- project ricia Baran Elzabeth Blake Just as the ndan CounCl Marv Kav Del Giorno Gene- brought braves together in imviey Lych Suzanne McLuck- portant tribal business, S0 the ie Carl Mok, Toan Russman Y ndian Guides Council brings and Lyla Shehan big and little braves together in the important business of Church to Show Touring Drama The dramatization of Alan Paton's Cry, the Bela v e d Country" as presented by The Bishop's Company, unique repertory company touring 52 weeks of the year coast to coast can be seen Wednesday, Mare}1 28 at 7:30 pm at Grosse Pointe Methodist Church, 211 Morass Road This unusual pro due t i 0 11 adapted from the novel by Ph Y i s Benbow Beardsley, F 0 u n d e r-producer of The Bishop's Company, is rich in high poetic compassion The human hero of this story is an old and humble Zulu person from the hills above xopo in South Africa He sets out for Johannesburg in search of his only son Finally he finds the boys in pnson the murderer of a white man who had devoted his life to justice for the black race n the scenes between the native father of the murderer learning to know each other, whle enjoying a program that affords rich opportunities for C'haracter development The exact nature of ts work and play is left to the tribe to de- clde 10 relation to the needs and interests of its members The Y ndian Guides is a progra,m developed for the busy but thinking father of today which gives him an opportunity to be a companion to his son at an age when the boy is most receptive to this kind of relationship Group experiences hrillg the boy close to his father at an early age and thereby increase the father's chance oj becoming the confidant of the boy when problems of adolescence arise t brings the boy close to his father at an early Guides Program age and thereby lengthens the rich years father and son may spend together Each tribe does the things the members find of most interest: This freedom gives each father and son the chance to develop their association naturally and to learn from examples of others The slogan of the ndian Guides is "Pals F'orever" and its six aims exemplify the American ndian Brave's desire to live a good life and have his son grow up a "man''' The aims are (l) to be clean in body and pure in heart, (2) to be pals forever with my father/son, (3) to love the sacred circle of my family, (4) to be attentive while others speak (5) to love my neighbor as myself, (6) to seek and preserve the beauty YMC J\ planning for a program of the Great Spirit's work in that would enable the Amertcan forest, field and stream father successfully to become The Y ndian Guide movc- the 1cache', adviser, and coninent did not just happen t fidant and at the same time to came as a result of deliberate be a pal to his own son WHY GO DOWN TOWN? 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7 ',ursday March 8, 1962 n Tribes } \', Y"\C\ planning for a program ;1 Ow! would enable the American fathpr successfully to become - the teac'her, adviser and con- ; fidant and at the same time to he a pal to his own son OWN TOWN? ce Available on at City Limits 1 Cheap VA EelSt Jefferson ' a V-B Tempest!!7d then along came Tempest'J (766 hp) puts out more horsetoo And every version standard the only thing Tempest doesn't e parts Try a drive in a Tempest! Pontiac Tempest ACTNG LAR GS sit 12 montlu! USED CARS, TOO ANK nths earn 3' ;; sa YEAR NK o PM Frida, m;!,,iiill 111,,1 j"'! mm :::::i ;;:; ;g! :::::i mi!!i!!!!!imlimi!iwhm!!i!!!!!!!!!m1!mje:!< r \,,,, Thursday, March 8, 1962 PLAN DUAL :i\leetng The Grosse Pointe Kiwanis will meet with the Grosse Pomte Woods Liom: at the \mcrican Legion Hall Mack Chet and Hampton, on Wednesday, March 14, at 6:30 p:m Guest speaker will be Don Watrick, s port s announcer A horse racing film will be shown CHET SAMPSON Yes for but true nevertheless Brand New Model 800 Polaroid MARCH Frame Screens Andirons Grates Wood Decorative invites Fireside Baskets Rails you to join his deluxe French Provincial 24 Day Tour To be personally escorted by Miss Mary Gorenflo SEVEN PROV NCES lie de France La Guyenne Le Languedoc La Touraine La Cote d' Azur L'Alsace La Champagne HGHLGHTNG the provinces are the Chateau region, pre-historic France, Medi,?val France, Roman France, the French Alps, Lourdes, the Riviera and the wine and gastronomic centers of the country May 326 Detailed tineraries available at Sampson Travel Service 100 Kercheval, on the Hill TUxedo Unbelievable! This is only one of our fabulous "Village Mrchants' Fire Sets Coal Hods Log Carriers Bellows Fire Lighters only Specials" available from 12 to 2 PM each day The Camera Center \ J Kercheval TUxedo OPEN FRDAY EVENNGS TLL 9:00 _-_ Wall Plaques Planters Door Knockers Vanity Mirrors Vanity Melnorial Sets Lenten Courses A serie!'; of brief Worship Services "vill be conducted by members of Grosse Pointe Memorial Church on Wednesday nights during Lent Speaking at the 8 to 8:15 pm services are Leonard Price, Jr, March 14; Mrs Fred W Adams, March 21; Renville Wheat, March 28: and Mrs Paul G Hykes April 11 Malcolm Johns and the Chancel Choir will provide the music Four study courses are scheduled immediately following the Wednesday Services of Worship, from 8:15 to 9:15 o'clock The Rev Bertram deheus Atwood will discuss "The Bible and Current Social Problems" on March 14 "Studies in the Gospel of John" will be the Rev Richard Mitchell's topic on March 21, and the Rev Lyman Stookey will talk on "Christ in the Concrete City" on March 28 The Rev Ben Tallman concludes the series April 11 with a discussion on "The Libcrty of the Christian" Five sermons on Ten Commandments will be given at the regular Sunday services during Lent, The Rev Bertram deheus Atwood will preach March 11, 18, 25, and April, on the first through fourth commandments respectively The Rev Lyman Stookey's sermon subject 4pril 8 will be the sixth commandment To Hear Talk By Ridderings Alpha Phi Alumnae Meeting March 13 The Grosse Poi n t edetroit chapter of Alpha Phi alumnae will meet at the Severn road home of Mrs Floyd Nixon, Jr, on Tuesday, March 13, at 8 pm Mrs Nixon will be assisted by Mrs Alan Devine and Mrs Millard Smith Following the business meeting, Mrs James Swider, a representative of the Power s Modeling School, will present a demonstration program, "A Lovelier You" 20% TO 50% OFF ON ALL SALE TEMS Decorator Scales Mail Boxes Wall Clocks Magazine Accessories Racks GROSSE Nalne Pointers To USOPosts Ben R Marsh was elected chairman of the board, Walker L Cisler, president, and Mrs Charles E Kelly of 592 Cadi eux, secretary of the United Service a l' g ani z at ion s of Metropolitan Detroit, a Torch Drive agency, at its recent annual meeting Mrs James L Dickson of 1323 Kensington road was chosen to represent the YMCA on the usa board Other Grosse Pointers on the board include Mrs Edwin a Bodkin, 64 Muskoka; Mrs Burdette E Ford, 22 Sunningdale; and Mrs Alger Shelden, 300 Provencal R e p 0 r t s submitted at the meeting showed that use of the downtown usa center at 147 Lafayete Blvd, had stepped up gradually since last OctOber, due to cal1ups of reserves and increased draft During 1961, Herman Bauer, usa executive director, reported 74,729 servicemen and women used the usa lounge, and an additional 25,291 attended events on-base and elsewhere whicll were sponsored or cosponsored by the usa Since opening of the lounge 11 years ago 2,504,105 members of the armed forces have used it The usa's top annual citation to the volunteer of the Great Decisions Progral1t 'Tonight "What stakes, if any, do you believe the US has in the Mid de East in general and in ran in particular? What, in your opinion, are the strengths weaknesses and prospects for ran's economic and political development as a free and self-supporting d e m 0 era tic nation? What US, policies toward ran would best serve U,S interests?" These are some of the questions members of the "Great Decisions " discussion groups will ask themselves and each other at 8 pm tonight when they meet for the fifth time in the Friends' Room of the Main Library, Kercheval and Fisher, and Room 108, Parcells Junior High School Sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association - World Affairs Center, a non-partisan educational gency, "Great Decisions" seeks to create an interested and informed electorate Each week for eight weeks, members of the program meet to discuss some aspect of world affairs, generally centering their attention on a specific country and its relations with othercountries, particularly the United States, Tonight's topic is "ran- Middle East Pivot?" Anyone who would like to know more about this important, oil-rich nation is invited to visit or join one of the discussion groups Fortnighters To See Films Fortnighters will show two films featuring j<'lzz pianist Dave Brubeck at thejr Tuesday, March 13 meeting "Letter from a Jazz Musician to a Clergyman" and "Letter from a Jazz Musician to a College Professor" will be shown beginning at 8 pm at the Grosse Pointe Memorial Church 16 LakeshOJ'c road, Refreshments Wll be served following the films Fortnighters is a single young adult group sponsored by the Grosse Pointe Memorial Church All single young adult Grosse Pointers are invited to attend their meeting", Original Clean Plate Club FRANCOS FREPLACE MACK AT SOMERSET GROSSE PONTE 9uick Dependable TV RADO SERVCE L L DACKEN Mack TU PONTE year was awarded to Mrs Leon- ard Territo, chairman of usa shows During the past six years she has arranged 863 usa shows for Detroit-area servicemen Chairman of the annual meeting was N Brewster Broder, Mr and Mrs Albert Ridder- of the Detroit Jewish Welfare ing will present an illustrated Board talk on Latin America for the The Detroit usa is support- March program meeting of the ed by the Torch Drive, Which Women's Association of Grosse also provides funds for the na- Pointe Memorial Church The tional usa, which provides a meeting is scheduled for Tues- "home away from home" for day March 13 at 10:30 o'clock servicemen in other parts of the Mr Riddering has served ac; country and abroad An estisupervisor of the Turner-Hodge mated 50,000 Detroit-area men School in Mexico since 1950 and women are in the armed and he comes to the Pointe services at present hi g h 1y recommended for his Chairs t'always the Finest in Fireplace Fixtures" illuminating views on this timely topic Mrs Raymond H Wertz will be in charge of devotions for the day and Mrs Fred Adams, president of the Association, will conduct the business meeting after the program Following the me e tin g a salad luncheon will be served Luncheon reservations may be made by calling the Church Office TV by F rid a y, March 9, before 4 o'clock PARKED CAR STRUCK A ticket for reckless driving was issued to John Thomas Weaver, Sr, 2498 Baldwin, Det, on Saturday, March 3 Weaver was driving his '57 Chevrolet west on Kercheval when he struck the left rear of a Mercury four-door owned by Anna Belle Pitts, 2334 McDougal, Det, and parked at the curb just west of Fisher Neither car was seriously damaged SALE Fur'nishings, Gifts, Accessories Woods Mantel & Tile Co HARPER 7 BLOCKS N OF 8 ML RD PR flours: 99 Mon and Fri 96 Tues, lved, Thur and Sat The American Red Cross last year conducted 339 disaster re lief operations, each involving five or more families, in 43, states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico,l!i: /:;:, ' NEWS Stevens Offers Thailand Fil,n The Grosse Pointe War Memorial Center's "Meet The Travellers" series will be brightened in March by the showing of color films of Thailand and Ceylon by Mark Stevens recently returned from journeying there The date and time for this program is Wednesday, March 14 at 8 pm Mr Stevens is well acquainted in Thailand and had access to the Royal Palace in Bangkok where he vis i t e d with Prince Chula, the grandson of the principal figure in "The King and 1" Mr Stevens will also take his viewers around the fascinating klongs or canals )n which much of the population of Bankok live and transact their daily business There will also be a visit to some beautiful classical Thai gardens as well as a tour of the modern areas of Bangkok Later the pict'lres will move to the rural area of Nakron Pathom n Ceylon not only the metropolis of Co lorn b 0 but the ancient capital of Kandy will be visited All Grosse Pointers are cordially invited to view Mr Steven's films and hear his interesting commentary There is no charge for this occasion PLUMBNG HEATNG DV 9941 HAYES and 20 checks for $250 at '-, :::':' Dinner Frank After more than a decade of service to Grosse Pointers at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial Center, Mr and Mrs Frank McGinty are retiring to enjoy ljfe at Crescent Lake, Pontiac Mrs McGinty has been house and catering manager for the Center since its opening in 1949 and is responsible {or building' the fine food reputation enjoyed by the Memorial and imparting to its atmosphere a delightful British charm noted by all who came in contact with her Mr McGinty was the Center's maintenance manager until retirement age made him inactive three years ago The officers and board of directors of the Center feted Mr and Mrs McGinty at a banquet Monday, March 5 at 7 pm Miss Helen B Blair, Mrs Mc- Ginty's successor, planned a delightful menu for the occasion John Lake, Executive Director of the Memorial Association has sent letters of invitation to the heads of all organizations meeting regularly at the Center as well as to past officers and committee members who have worked closely with the McGintys over the years All have been encouraged to ':::" Honors McGintys LA 7-9bOG Co FOR BOLER REPLACEMENT Call for Our Price ',; 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Canada and that their membership card is the same as c:ash for getting this help Less than a nickel a day buys all the savings of the Auto Club Join now! AUTOMO'BLE i; ' ',' ' : ] tx,,1 ' ' : $; =t-: '(, ' ; :; > k, :::, '::::' > ' i': :: CLUB VST OR PHONE YOUR NEAREST OFFCE GROSSE PONTE DVSON E Jefferson PHONE: George Measel, Manager See first page of local phone books for offlc n tat l " :i': on them, plus a handy carrying case Econ-O-Checks actually cost less than money orders And you don't even have to leave your home to get more Just order yours by mail or phone No minimum balance required! 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8 oj < h tr " Page Eight GPHS Swimmers Seeking State Crow)} Tllis Weel{end Austin Edges Benedicti'le c By Sharon POP) By Bob Moore GrosC' Pointc's s\virnrners will be in quest of their A flat Austin live barely sl'cond statc chanlpionship in three years this Saturday managed to beat Class B at Ann Arbor Ben e die tin e, 54-51, last "t will be a tough battle all the way but we'll be in Thursday The non-league a!100l we like to s\,im in and we're n'ot g'oin,rt to!!ivc " > victory raised the Friar's up," said Coach Paul Wheeler season record to 12-4 going Some of the strong teams ,,-- into the State Tournament compcting with (;ross Pointe l Hepresenting Gros:;c Pointe in Benedictine started the game wll be BmnlOgham Seaholm 11hcse two ev('nts will be Don strongl' and shot its way to a Ann,\rbor Saginaw Arthur i Dei\culemC'est('r and Duane first quarter lead But [<'e ::tlth,jackson, and! Engstrom Auslin slowly chipped away at Of these how('\'('r Coach, A? am <md 2 pn: Bltlc the slim lead The Friars Jinally \\'heeler fc('ls Grossc Pointe will Dev!: 11, the pren:ll1anes Wll LOok thc lead (31-30) on forward " be toughest to beat be B,l Blnk, J111 Ulzelle, Sam McKnight's two free "\nd ',T'l bc el'ell t Otl"her to D aas, Jol 1n \Vooes J ac" k Tee- throws, Bob Billard and Rick lll'at if therc arc a lot of Devil taert F'ed Cutler, Bob Brady, Pine, added btckets to give fans gl\'mg mo'al support," he Bob Shellig, Norb Olzmann, Austm a preanous halfadded "That was one of the a'lark Marsh, Bob Sherwood and a marglll, faetors in \\ inning the tille the i Neal Bauer, the medley relay Austin managel to el1g to year before last" i t('<ll11 and the fi'(e styl'' relay the lead m tlc thrd penod a,nd GROSSE East Warren Ave Detroit 24, Michigan E Jefferson PR 5w9299 r G) ;'<':: Thursday, March 8, 1962 St Paul Cagers Devil Cagers lup Against Win Top Honors Real Test in lteoionals Memorial BUlldll1g Mount Clemens, (won 2, lost lot le id the team will not Gary Schick rugged 6-foot4 Laker forward, was named as the outstanding studentathlete in the tournament, based on i both scholarship and athletic accomplishment, and was award- Two members of the Catholic By D ll lall City Championship St Paul n case Grosse Pointe lwsketball fans re worrying High School Basketball team about a repeat of the MCJunt Clemens Jmx at state won high honors as the tourna- tournament time this year, they can stop (ote to the ment ended in last Sunday's uninformed:-mount Clem(ns beat th Devlls by one '(February 25) championship basket two years ago and by a single poll_las_year)_ game at University of Detroit J This year, instead of playing,- tl t reserves for lis year's ourna ed a symbolic plaque His name will go on the permanent trophy, being added to the names of other tournament greats of other years 1'1 lere '11 be no ae msson, team started, 4" 4'" the ourth ' quarter Wth Gary is the first St Paul c e< 1are F'!'e ay bu t tl 1ere W '11 b e F" 11as n a events bcgin <t d,-;) th m,ll " gn ] t B d' High School athlete to win f -0 t t R b n e ma s dnza, ene Ca C Jar!-C' 0 ;) cen s or l'ac pm, ut because there arc no tine n1'lde 'ts last bid for vic-, ' And co-incidentally, Jack (self explanatory) These arc but thi:o lonor e:;sl(ln Saturday and SOO 101', rl'sf'rved seats and a large C'1'O\'dt,,,"t ' bb '9 48 " 1 \Vacllt r, artful play-maker and tl t a few of many 1St " ' f (,Y ds gla cc a - cae ""''!'' n "E t ' J d P k 1(' na Sea U (dl'',',(',enm;: S cx1)ectee fans shotll(1 h<' nnt to 'j' BUt guar( 1 D an St e'f' es score d t 0 ', :,,:' ":':':': ' 1),lll-handler of tile cllampl'on 'as ern, 'g 1 an a', or 1h' 400-'a'(1 freestyle' fmals the Varsity Pool in the ntra-' '" th -i',::'"':":':,::::: :,::'::' ship Laker team, was named to Northeastern are favored for Sails and Skis Friday Saturday Only Debbie Hey,:olds-Andy Griffith "The Second Time Around" N]eeting Held By Cub Scouts TUxedo J President of the ndian Village Tennis Club fot, 1962 is Dudley A Britton of Detroit, who succeeds Joseph R Kristufck as head of Detroit's oldest organized club for tennis players, founded in 1912 Other officers for the 1962 season include Frank A Dillon, vice president; John F Wagner, secretary; and Joseph R K ri s t u f e k, FAMOUS CHNESE HONG Now Open All Year PONTE N EWS Welcome Aboard by Cheoy Lee in Hond' Kong tire< d to attend accompanied 1e ponsors Commttee, has le- Eveninns by Appointment Grosse Pointe" b ",e b t 't ported that several dealers are '-J"' Q bv one or 0 VA h paren s / ' ' J ll1terested becon'mg sponsors =_ Starts Sun, Mar Debbie Now through "Francis Cub Scout Pack 34 held its meeting at Ferry School on n Clnemdscope and Color Washington's Birthday Chairman F 1 0 y d Charley greeted new members, visitors, Starting Sunday and parents The meeting was conducted by Tom Clark, assis Glenll Ford Belte Dans tant Cub Master with the in- "Pocketfull of Miracles" vocation given b; Cub Michael in Colol' Wolesko The flag ceremony was performed by Douglas Barbier and Greg Smith COMPLETE SEAFOOD DNNER $129 CHOCE OF GOLDEN FRED TENDERSWEET CLAMS BUTTERFLY SHRMP FRESH LAKE ERE PERCH French Fried Potatoes Creamy Cole Slaw Freshly Baked Rolls and Butter Coffee, Tea or Milk Choice of Howard Johnson's 28 Famous ce Creams or Sherbets Prit'ate Dining Room Available Saturday of Assisi" Srarrinq Stuart Whitman (Academy Award Nominee for "Be,1 Actor") "Flower Drum Song" with Nancy KW<ln Served MC'rch 7 thru 17 at HOWARD JOHNSON'S MACK AVE NR 8 MLE RD GROSSE PONTE WOODS CANTONESE at FOODS KONG Chop Suey CARR OUT l:>ervce Phone TU Hours: Sun thru Frl 12:30 Noon to 9 Pr: Sat, 12:30 Noon thru 11:00 pm Mack, at Yorkshire 2 blks from Outer Dr Marino's Mack at Neff Road DALY 3:00 PM - 3:90 AM SUNDAY 1:00 PlW w 1:00 AM 'FClir Star RESTAURANT and PZZERA CARRY-OUT SPECALS! 3 Orders Fish and Chips ' Large Pizzas (Cheese and Sausage),, 300 Slight Charge for Deliveries DNNG ROOM SPECALS ONLY! Spaghettis and Raviolis,, 90c Golden Fried Shrimp Dinner 140 DiNNG ROOM SERVCE CARRY-OUT SERVCE O-en Hot Deliveries - TU Open Daily and Sundays - 11 am to 3 am 1'1n Famous for Fine Chinese and American Food Specializi"g in CatJtonese Dishes Carry-Out Service TUxedo Ybrougb the Years, the East Side's Finest Steak House Equally famous for Chops, Lobsters and Chickens SERVNG DALY FROM 4 PM, - SUN[)AY FROM 2 PM Stea/i House Lake Shore Drive At 10 Mile Rd niscolls Cocktail Lounge ML) G P, te gets to men sa in E, rosse, om ' try any new st rategy for the play such puhovcr as astcr! tou'lamcnl The DevOs will be (PSL cl1ampo fo past fou working hard to polish up tl1eir seasons and Wll1nf;i' 'Jf annul defense, ''the same thing" we clash bet\'een SL an( Cath?lc! have been doing, only a little League c1ampolsj; Northeast- : better" ern (forced Eastern mto playoff for PSL championship); l';ast Gross: Pointe finhhing the Detroit (winner of EML champi- scason with a ] 3-2 record, tied onship); Port Huron (only EM1 for the BeL championship is team to beat East DetroiU; rated ill both majr)j" polls as Lakeview (winner of Bi-County one of the lop ten te"ms in the championship); Austin (runnel' state up in central division of Catho- lic League); and Highland Park US Arlny GPYC ce and the di\'ing prcliminaric'; mural Building at the University e ds e deflc:, and l short -Pictun by RY PiJlstJ'Y regional champs Dark-llOrses \\ bc held at ;) pm Friday 1,0f \lic'higan by 6'30 Or 7 o'clock lhlletlate, cdentelbbob Hlt snk COMMANDER JOHN J WETZEL (rght), 36 a first team guard post in the are Austin and Grosse Pointe t:nited Statc's army del11olic, \\' a prove to e the wmnll1g d t ' t th Michigan Cat h 0 1i call-city tion experts from the Fort,_ '- :C-" nsl,1 Newberry place, oxlon ed eongra u allons age er C,tholie le,m n cose the ce'"er h" not yet Woyne b,,e ",n ot wock on " ",,,e, Top Scoce" wilh Pelican cectifieate 10 CARL M JOYNER, 48 e,ught on,,11 this h" b'en ' L,ke S C,i, wi, lhi, Feb Game scoring honors went to Hawthorne, following initiation into the Grosse Pomte Jack and Gary were the out- round about method of saying "Uar",!JJastin' an j;c jam that P d C h ld t th G standing stars, respectively, in J '" BenC'dictine's AllCatholic For- ower squa ran eremomes were ea' e rosse h Grosse Pointe is in a vcry tough threatened to dco, 1'01' Jart of St Paul's conquest of Cat olic lh frank i\lcrride ward Bill Hayes, who tallied 27 Pointe Yacht Club Twenty three new members took Central in the semifinals, and region this year For more, the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club's :'rh, points Austin did not come up the initiation and were welcomed into the squadron Visitation High in the finals, of authoritative proof the reader i harbor walls and grounds n bl' ''':':'::':':':'::::':':':':::':,'::':':::': ::,::::':":":,?:::}:::::,:::::,: with an?utstancling individual the citywide tournament may listen to Grosse Pointe ' '1"1 C ft < much pu CZd bl to hour ('ourse will be hcld on effort tills game, but showed' B - b R J L Coat>h Chuck Hullosy, who said 1e,u J, r)ne 0 t 1(' mas 1 "" ",,le,ulhon'y to it> ''hu,,',y, Mocoh ",, 8 pm, fiu,- halonoe in it,,ocling five U e lt l nop SUln Me Knight "Thiscegion is one ofthe wugh i W'Ulifull,," u" 0<1 it> thc pcct ski llfts passcd the State ' at the Detroit Edison Company, Dan Stffes Jed the Friars Needs Leade14s Recel've H year's championship J u n i 0 ' cst, if not the toughest in the i country is at the mercy of s",,,,,, 'oo"a, ntghl Peehm 6310 SeCond 'Ye"''' Delcolt whh 12 pomts G'eg HOJnaCki a 0 onor Vacsily 'earn His high games s'ate" ponnding W"05 'hm,,",on, "" " al''''0'al h "" "h en 10he ithe comse "ill acquain 111m", j unin, guoed a" d Hob Hilt each th is year were 16 po'n's against i of lh e ycac, and 'u" j eeled to bll) llllc: 1\oule! eml)o\'('r State interested 01" having occasion t,:'ee! ten Forwar:ds Dug By A Bruce B both Chicago Mendel and De La Osborne, which will provide! terrific ice pressures during La,)or (G,';]mlslOnet' Jam('s A to use a marine radio telephone Wmkworth and HCk Pme Player registration response S / 0 Th't oo_r, f t Salle, His play in the La Salle the first game competition for severe \1'interO' B(ll\ dcll to make and enforcc how to Pl'Operlv use the set scored nine and eight respee- has bcen so successful it has an 1\ ckmg, S X - 00 l game was onc of the deciding J Grosse Pointe, should nol be too,udr '0'" a'on, The he men We "C inf ocmed 11" cigh ivel)' now beeome nemsary f0" the f, Au'lm flh '<lac }or""d, '0 <ce" hecome ve coeogm- the faetors victor ov"' in Austin's thc Pilolsurp,;,ing much Devils trouhle, ac, wcacing pcovided the sam the, c C", De " 'P' c",,0' c ocju,,ck Rc,,, at"lol1, Com by lor" puh,,, mtm,1 undonbled'i 1i,",,05 ""e 'evok,d in his "cot, Sou'h L,ke Gross' Poinle Wood, - Shms twn on the poslseuson selee y sicod hats as at tit heg nn" modoc'e Schoenh"T and 'ona 1\' hl'lpcc! slwl'd the measure ar('(j l>v the FCC durl'n" the On Tuesday, March 6, the Babe Ruth League to appeal t f th All C tl l' t Fe\v teams can boast of suel e ll1 b,, G b t dt 1 t' d th tht'ouh thl' chamber f the i past year From the sounds of Friars opened the State Totlrl1a- for additional managers and S d tl k f B b team balance and general al_ J d 1 t t t- Ons O' e - a '10 e eam of season Lakeview will pia" -,cr es a \1'10 0,) ane ' e bill dear" the 10uc in th" l'l,'ny' r,"d'o "On\'el's,'ltl'OllS heal'd men! Austin played South Lake ft am JOll1e 1e ran s 0 a Notre Dame immediately fol-: emo llon expel's servces, lwlr future it should ;ive the' durin " " the' < veal' th's "Otll'S coac les 01' t 1e new cams Hltt, Dan Steffes, Tom Tares, around quality of play that the lowin cr this game N tr Dam n at the East Detroit gym, but which will play in the League d R' P' th D tr 't selectl'ons l'ndl'cate for Austill' b 0 eel Jpproxllnately t J b fcet t of newt Co"'''''"ion" tim, 10 h",', the: eould "'ill' bceome "mosl - 'he g"n, w"' ploy'd 100 la'e to ln,,mmug se",on an "Fcoe lc\: Pm," me wlisted len ehime 01 as The whole liest string of a high has had ' according t0 C0"' h /Jnd ('as catll'alk 1ar or wa wcre, Sbent supporands ",,,'hmc"" nceo'''' " 10 en!o,,! popul" om' m"ke 'h" "sue The w'nner of The, Eoanl 0' Go"e,,"ms 0" Honm'able Menlion sehoot team cooemng post- ho losy, one of,, pooces! sea- -pi" _ u('h ] 111 cas u ' e s in opc''ation' '" '" " the Austin-South Lake game iginally estimated that about' The Free Press also listed season recognition is almost un- sons 111 years, and LakeVew i ' tt k' 0 will J)l'ob'lbl" J)lay n'the L k 200 b' d '" tl, should \l'll, Greater lec thlckneo's and " ", 0' n,, '0"' n Eo"l, conlinue to e h an", '0" a e 0) s wou p," lo <e Bob H,lt as All-Cent! center heard 01 And the fact th,t _ l '" ' b Shorp or (more likel") E'ast "A t t'," d "All A",,-, ' : 1allds despite the presence of, )rc:;suj'c on the outsde com- J', u Omo 1\ e an mell-1 and 10m Taras in the honorable three of those named are J'ulliors The Lakers could then ("1USC, on"l1 r P Bobet '01' of DetrOt " - tl ", 'Jland to the nsde, largely the r " - ", sno\\' drifts,tack Wanner of' can gloups composlllg' e MentOn Stll1g foretells good seasons in the trouble far Grosse Pointe The" " tl D t 't r Y ht' 1 A,, Austin's district in th tou L g tl" b,", t' g 1 f ' J 'e not "H', ac 'b s- t ntcena li 0,,,,1 Y" ht SalO' ic, mo "ue, <ere y "" m, S"T" J umo' starred on last future ha ve two boy,,! 6 fcet 6 inchest result of water e\el and cur- o(,laton has called the "Sprlng forms us that TA\1ATA the 52 ll'nt S one of the tougner ones teams t now is apparent that " G P, rent dl1ferences, crushed the Jisedee ::s 1e \\'311 like a giant \'ise 630 pm ot he Ed"on Boal tn' bv Hons Halsehcek fo'm" view, and Grosse Pointe arc upwards, henco 'his nppeal 1, Lakeview owns a 131,'eemd in, Damage to; etjjl1ated at se\' the Bi-County leaglie', nd has ('ra1 thousands of dollars and eeting" for Friday, March 9' ft Cuttel' brought to this eoun- 111 the state East Detroit, Lake- they must revise their estimate lr-=wl Club ThS is the mcetng y : of' Detroit and recently of amog the distrct powers which All men llterested 111 basebal COOPER "hm 1he,cgolo dates wh" h Gceens bo '0 NC, has been sold AustlO moy ha '" '0 face who can v,1 themselves of 'h" 1, not lost a gme sin ce Chcistmas, Commodoce Po ul, Moce o"d, "m lent, lively 'el,t the p'e- 10 FlOYd Hi n s by of Gm", oppo,",umty,e cequcsled to coli U' in " hlt" '0 Club members, 'OUS meetng wll be f1nalzn Pointe Hinsby sailing under George Foster, TU i ( Coach Hollosy does not plan' termcd the ice effects "fanillle all plans to' coll1lng season thc' BYC burgee should be a Litt e Leaglle The final date for player MCH GAN'S LARGEST ) to bring up anybody from the! tjstielly devastating" d i real threat to Cruising "A" C,rllis registration is fast approaching " * ", '" Two Robh 35's have bec'l1 t, Players and boys who desire to play ball t CHRS CRAFT DEALER llc l nld Statcs Co a s t j purchased by local sailors Fi- in the League this year are re- Guard AuxJ1wry S offerng the mol'(' Hady of Mt Clemens The Grosse Poi n t e Park minded again that they must, HGH TRADE-! tf ALLOWANCES fir"t radio telc,phon proedure and Bob Cornell of DYC arc Little League will ljold its an_register on or before March 21, LOW DOWN PAYMENT? cours, ever offereel 111 ths area: the new owners The Robb 35 flual pre-season meeting at 8 Birh certificats must b exto our knowledge The two is an all teak cutter, 35' LOA pm Tuesday March 13, at the 11lblte p d J at the tltmetoff reglstra- 60 Months to Pay, and resembles METEOR in Pierce Junior High School On yer can rac oms n:ay Low nterest Rates ap)c<l'ance Arthur Robb, the d't 't m be obtall1ed from HeglstratOn "t' E T d t C ' " ' au or C ' A t 'designer is the official design- All boys born between Aug- om1lhssloner, r D emege, TV S asy to ra e a ooper s,cr of the British Challenger for ust, 1949 and July 31, 1954, and co:,pleted eontract Avai:able for Spring Delivery,the American ':::up Race which w 10 are resl 'd en t s 0 "f th e P ar k forms 1072 Bry; may drive be flied at hs home, 25' _ 28' _ 32' _ 36' _ 37' _ 41' Conste"atl' orl! will take place in the fall of and interested in playing Little CA N t ' E, Jofferson at Beaconsfield this year, The boats were built League baseball this 'season are tl' 0 e alrman,of J EfFERSON AT 10 M LE PR NANCY KWAN JAMES SHGETA JWUTA!Wl and MYOSH UMEK STEWART WHTMAN Academy Award Nominee ' for Be,t Actor Organ Music Program " of teals in the "Automive ' arjlls Lltle LeaO'ue to eague and oth?rs have Slol1l- An informal evening of organ fcd ther ntenton to sponsol' music will be presented b- the Regisler l11arch a team, in the "All meriean Salem l\ em 0 ri a Lutheran, Leagu ll contl'butlons are Church Women on Sunday eve- i RegistratiOl for Little League deuclble tems for ncome tax ning 1\larch 11 at 7 pm in the b R S c b a n Grosse POl1te PUlposes Church Fellowship Hall at Farms w1l take place on Mon- - _ Moross road, day and Tuesday, March 12 and ndian Village Tennis between 7:30 and 9 pm at B"owncll School Any boy who Cluh Elects New Head will be nine before Aug, and who docs not reach his 13th birthday before Aug, is eligible to play All boys are asked to submit a birth certificate when registering on either of the above dates The price fag on any house- is not the TOTAL price You must add the cos of finoncing to the original figure end many families have saved HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on their mortgage by dealing with D & N Don't sign any mortgage until you learn the many advontages of a home loan with this 73year w old institution Detroit & Northern has helped thousands they will gladly help YOU Come in and discuss your plans foday No obligation, PHONE Wro SAVE WHERE YOU BORROW! n all its 73-year history, Detroit & Northern has never missed paying a dividend your nearest D & N office MACK, N (F MOROSS Hours: HOME OFFCE, HANCOCK, MCH Mon thru Thurs 9:30 am to 4 pm Friday 9:30 am '10 8 pm ll SAYNGS NSUREDTO $10,000 BY A U S GOVERNMENT AGENCY Now SEVEN convenient D N office 10 erve you Twelve Times Every Dy Detroit & Northern Presents The News on W-CAR Radio- 130 on Your Dial Blasts Jan City Thursday, March 8, Love m;; be blind, hut cupid's victims seem to see through rose-colored glasses FRST CHURCH OF CHRST, SCENTST, GROSSE PONTE FARMS Sunday Services, 10:30 am Sunday School-llfants' Room _ 10:30 am ' Wf:dnesday Testimony Meeting 8:00 pm KERBY $CHOOL 285 Kerby Road, at Beaupre ALL ARE WELCOME SXTH CHRST, ou are nvted to use tn" Chrisfian Science Reading Room Mack Ave, Grosse Pointlo Woods Open from lu am to :J om da ily ex""p' -Sund" v "nd finll jays TJ1UTSd'l)' and Fnday el'emngs 7 to J pm First Church of Christ, Scientist, Grosse Pointe FQrms Address Stote CHURCH OF SCENTST Detroit )4710 KERCHEVAL AVE, One Block West of Alter SUSDAY SERVCES 10:30 am and 5:00 pm Sunday SchOOl - 10:30 am Wednesday Evening Testiinonla1 :\eetlng-8 pm Reading Room East 'Warren 2 Biks West of Outer Drive \\'eek Days - 10 am - 9 pm Wednedays - 10 am - 7 pm Sundays - 2 pm - 4:30 pm, _ '! Zone :! E i, i i-! " ' it : ( r=;;:;,;;:;,;;:;,;;:;,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; d The Grosse Pointe! s( Congregational i ir Church i tl 240 Chalfonte at Lothrop : Sl Grosse Pointe :'ichig:ln i MNSTERS 'C ] ;\!areus William Johnr,on k, Arnold Dahlquist Johnson \\ 9:30 At-Worship Service B Church School fnr Crib :oom E through ] Oth grade \\ 11:00 A:'L-Worship "c"'iee F: Church School for Crib TOOT!! L through Senior Hi:!ll K St James Lutheran Church Ker;heval at Mc:Millan TU Services-8:30 a,m and 11 al11 iursery - 11 am Service') Sunday School-9:45 am Kindergarten - 9:45 and 11 am Bible Classes - 9:45 am Rev George E Kurz, Pastor - '--- p: BOSTON, LOS ANGELES LONDON fhe: 'CHRSTiAN " SCENCE' / MONTOR :-" AN NTlRNATONAl OAll Y 1'lEWS'A'ER nteresting Accurate Complete nternational News Coverage Tne Christian 5cience Monitor One NorwaySt" Boston15, Mass Send your newspaper for the time checked, Enclosed find my check or, money order 0 1 year $22, o 6 months S months SSsO - 1 Name f- v' ad ser bt:: ty ch tit y( vis: '"e Th! WJl Sa First English Ev Lui Sunday Serv Church Worship ' Sunday School, ', Lenten Services Wednesda' Lenten Theme: A Kin A visual feature will be prescn Phone TU 4}

9 - _ ' _,,,'';;;: Os J1arch 8, 1962 ()'alnt -- llals ::ln a!'c \\'()rr:ing '!1:-; jnx lt state -:,)1' <:\CllC to Pie,- Dc" ib!) n!1e l11;t ldt :'(,ll,) ti:,; l':li""; t()urlla- "i l!ll' team \\ill not, \ lrat{' fo!' the : T11c Dl'nl \1;11 be :'cl to j1olj"h up the'll' : ::--a:11t,' thing" \\ c d(lii: ;)j;'" ;1 Ltt 1(",'::-::C fl!h:-!ll thp l i-rc,-'o'd t i('d ',-- l'}:=:r-:;1io!1:,b:p is h ni;jjor poll, as 1;'1 tc': ean1:-\ in the 1'111\ ce nl([ts J([111 :,:",; a:'l1y dcmol1-1 :'0:11 t he' Fort ',' Wl'H' at '1u:'j;, on lir (':l:l' t:)l Feh ':l:":: ;11 lcl J:dll that :,) o(':--t!'oy 1-;1:: of P('in!C' -Y:{(-:,: (':uh' ::l one of the most,itllatl'd ::1 t!w, ilt tlc' 11t'rl'Y of \\i\'l"'s hr('c ::--l l cn;;; :' ;:nd tlbicctc'c! to r-!'f":-url"' (::t:'n; :C';_ (' Cp:iCK (1l'1(): ily ls::o\\' n('lr l'u:l1- '!:{)C':1h('r ale! \Llna- (i who ob:ailwd the' expert,: "erd,'es, :C'ly :-o fcl't of l1c\v :' wall it,; "upports d:k \\c're hcnt and ;," l;;il'kn[':--s imd :11 the ouside tornic' in:--lcic lar::c'ly lhe \\'llc':- ll'\ l'1 and c:r- '!'pnl'c e:"u:-llcd!::0 iant \"1:-(' i: ':,tilna!cd at ;l \"- alld of c!oll<lr", and e Paul 1 :'>lo'eland, 'r to ('ll!) :1(';:1b(':'s, h:' ic'c' dieds ';a!1- eiel'aslal in;:" the TOTAL nanc/ng y families ARS on their, Don't sign many this 73-yeorhas helped p you doy 9543 RROW! Northern he> fice OROSS m to 4 pm m SUREO TO S 1 o,oo ERNMENT AGENCY' SEVEN convni,,' officel to '''e you orthern Presents on Your Dial c, '1 \ c Lo\'e lllpid's lhrough Thursday, March 8, 1962 FRST CHURCH OF CHRST, SCENTST, GROSSE PO NTE FARMS SUl1dJY Services 10:30 am Sunday School-nfants' Room, 10:30 a,m W('dnesday Testimony :-cetl11g 8:00 pm First Church of Christ, Scientist, Grosse Pointe Farms The Gross Pointe Congregational Church 2W ChalfontC' at Lothrop Cirosc Pointe :\liehignn :msters :Harcus Willam Johmon \rnold Dahlquist Juitn"on 930 :\:\1 -Worship Service Church Sehool fnr Crib :oom through 10lh l;raell' 11:00 :\ :\1-W()rhip 'e,"ice Church School for Crib r(lotl through Seniur Hi::n St James Lutheran Church Kercheval at McMilar TU Services-8:30 al1 alld rlm, :\'ursery - 11 a,m S('n'ic('1 Sunday Schuol-941 am KjndC'rartC'n -- 94) ilnd 11 <1111 Bible Cla:;ses - 9:43 am, Rev George E, Kurz, Pastor 1'-Ut/ "BOSTON, LOS ANGELES LONDON nternational New Coverage The Christian Science Monitor One Norway St, Boston 15, Moss Send your newspaper for the time checked Enclosed fir,d my check or money order 0 1 year $22 o 6 months $ months $550 Nome 7r-eu :-A-:-dd City Stale Zone i Women's AS;iociation for Detroit Symphony Orchestra to Sponsor Fashion Shows at J L Hudson; Mrs Richard w Tucker Heads Committee "Fashionscope, Spring 1962," will be the title for Detroit's most authoritative Spring showings scheduled :: KERBY SCHOOL Tuesday and Wednesday, March 13-14, at 2 pm in the 8S Kerby Road, at Beaupre ALL ARl-; WELCO:\'lE 12th floor auditorium of the J, L, Hudson Company downtown This 28th annual gala will be staged tradi i tlona11y to benefit the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Bethany Chris\'ian Church (Dscples of Chrlstl 5901 Cadieux Road At Linville Serving Grosse Pointes REV KEN:"J'ETH BRADY PASTOR 9:30 Church School io:45 Worship 6:30 Youth Fellowships We 8:30 9:45 11:00 J 1:00 First English Ev Lutheran Chalfontll Clnd lothrop TU '6670 nvite 'Y 0 u To Worship With Us a_m-worship a,m-sunday school am-worship a:nsunday School (Ages 18) Rev Charl"s W, Sandrock PClstor Mr, Monrad V Mondsoger v_ica_r 1 Office Located Here By }-'oot Specialist' A foot specialist, Dr Mark L Fine has opened an office in Grosse Pointe at Mack avenue UNTARAN Holding a degree of BS, COMMENT from John Carroll University, nools, Mr, Han-tW01zd is currently addressing bi'!1se1f to a series oj sermon topics bearing the general title: THS AGNOSTC AGE" c;allenges and opportunities of tbe agnostic age You are cordially nvited to visit our Sunday morning services at 9:30 or 11 o'clock 'l'hls Sunday Rev Hammond Will s pea k on "J:;xpeflence-!:asls of Theotogy," Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church E Jefferson Ave Church Sunday Services Church Worship, :00 am Sunday School, " 9:30 a,m Lenten Services Wednesday Evenings, 7:30 pm Lenten Theme: "A King in Disguise" A visual fcature will be presented for the children Phone TU "Opportunities in Volunteer Work" will be the subject at the general meeting of the Women's Association of the' Grosse Pointe Congregational 'P'"' Church on 'Tuesday, l\'arch 13 - Some of the opportunities ;- --:, open to vol unteers to be disqw,the Grosse Pointe cussed will be the Braille Sys ;'-;f M tem for the Blind by Mrs, Dont7' : emorla tl001 i'o)orlls5 ale! Carson: Recording fo!' the h Pastor E Arthur McAsh Blmd, by Mrs Geore Brig- '::' ure Ch J; / ham: Senior Citizens' Center by, l"llited Presbyterian 10 lo 111 1()rn12 Worll1P 1\'1rs Hugh Lineweaver: Plan-!,!,: G Lake Shore Rd ned Parenthood League by a, 2LJ n m Sunrl" School t k d S '-=-i B('rtr?m de H gues spea er an t le ervices 11=1-", 1 :\tll',ood 1:UO pm Evening Service Bt of the YWCA will be covered 13 1,[ by slides, ('11, a l;lan All Welcome 'h b ' i' n ; LVl11an B Stookev e USll1CSS meet ng Wll ; nihard V litchl, begin at 12 noon to be fol =- :Ylinistcrs ' lowed by a Chapel Service at -::; }ornin Worship a;;;: _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ 12:45 p,m and luncheon at 1,"'- <:: 9:30 and] 1:15: St Paul Ev p,m Theprogl'am will be held - Church SdlUO in the Chapel Lounge at 2 pm 9:30 lnd 11:15 Lutheran Ohurch All interested women of the community arc invited to at- tend and lunchcon reservations' ('an be made by calling TU' t,-3075 by noon Monday, March 12 Group 5 will meet in the Chapel Lounge at 7:30 ;),m, on March 13, to hear Mrs, Leonard Slowin whose topic will be "Getting Up-to-date on Con- Con," Dr l"inc received his doctorate from the Ohio College of Chiropody and a one year associ 'ateship in California, Engineers Wives to Hear Artist at Rackham Bldg The Society of Engineers' Wives will meet for luncheon on Wednesday, March 14, at 12:30 p,m in the Rackham Memorial Building, Mrs, Raymond A, Wyatt, member, lecturer, ceramic art ist, fashion designer and orign- ator of "FunCraft" will speak, on "Fashion in Hobbies" Mrs Wyatt is presently teaching "Fun Craft" at Grosse Pointe High School on Friday after- GROSSE PONTE METHODST CHURCH 211 Moross Rood 9:30 Worship; Church School for Nursery thru 6th grade Adult Classes, 11:00 Worship; Church for Nursery thl'u School Senior High TUxedo Ministers REV JAMES D NXON REV ALFRED T BAMSEY GROSSE PONTE NEWS Betrothed To Be Wed -:"-S--X-T-H-C-H-U-R-C-H---' is sponsored by its Women's Association OF Mrs Richard,W Tucker,, CHRST, SCENTST association ways and means John Neil McNaughton, Alpert ' Dctroit chairman, heads this year's Navarro, Charl,es A, Parcells, KERCHEVAL AYK, fashion teas Madelyn Cae, Jr" Joseph B, S,chlotma, Allan On!' Block West of,\ltcr Hudson's noted fashion co- Shelden, Valent,me Y, lallberg, Sl':-iD:\Y SER\'CES " Henry P Wlhams Ralph C -Photo by Bransby -Photo by Eddie McGrath, Jr 10 :30 Rm, and 5:no \l,rn, ord1l1ator, Wll be the com- Wilson, fsr, and Carl H, Zuber Mr and Mrs ::>teve Obuchow Mr and Mrs Grover B Chef- Sunday SChoot - 10:30 a,l mcl1tatol' ' Advance show hints disclose ski, of Br,VS drive, announce the f' ms, fl' M' h f 0 ansmg lc, ormer- T('sttdf:l':!;\lm Assisting ;\rs, Tucker \\till be new shapes and colors to in- engagement of their daughter, y Of Harper Woods announce tl'adlng" Room :\esdames Lawrence J, verdier" trigue, with great emphasis on DOLORES, to Joseph Sassin, the engagement of Mrs, Chef ' Ea,t 'Warren gcl1t'ral ticket chairman; Don- pale tones Part, "The Fash- son of Mrs Charles Sassin, of fin's sister, MARY ANN BRA- Blk West of Outer Drive Alter 'oad al d the late l\1r W",k Day' - am _!l pl aid G Blain patroness: Henry ion-change to Shape and Fit,", 1,ZT1S, of Roosevelt place, " , \\ (,(\",lays - f() al - 7 pm 1\ Klein, tea: Haymond J, Duf- will feature feminine, flatter- Sassin The couple will be mar- daughter of the late Mr and sunday, - : pm - -1:30 lull ried Septenlbe' 15 11\1 A tl '' B fy Jr, indtations; and 1\lilton ing fittings in coats, suits, l'rs n wny razltls to V Volkcns, hostess dresses and costumes by lead Timothy E Dinan The brider ,:v's, Francis W Smith, as- ing American designers, Brolde-Elect elect is an alumna of the Mercy You ar" tn'flted t ls!' tn" S f N H f' sociaion presidcnt, has an- Part 11, "New Colorings" c 100 a ursll1g er lance Christian Science nounced lots of innovations for Wll show how to wear the new son Of the Daniel Dinans, of : those :ashion-minded Detroit- "pales and pretties" with shiny Livonia, is an alumnus of the Reading Room ' ers luc'ky cnough to attend this accents in accessories, University of Detroit and pres-,year :\laki1n a pl'rsonal ap Part H "The '62 Classics" ently is studying at the U of Mock Ave, pearance to imax both shows will highlight the big story in D Law School He is a member Grosse Pointt Woods lrill bc the famous American ('asual, polished wear for sub of Gamma Eta Gamma, Miss upen trom 1U am to :lm designer Bill Blass, of the dis- urbia, - the nclv hip-fit pants, Brazitis ts a nurse at Bon Sec1ail:v (',,"ent "nct"v "nct Hnl1 -" H 't 1 A f 11 1ay "{"'ur",," ; n d 'l'!dily tinguishec! house of Maurice the Chane1 idea in separates, cours OSP a n par y a \nl,;;, to 1 plll Hentner, Ltd Blass, winner of pale pastels in knits and color wedding is planned the coveted Coty Atllcrican composites in separates nteresting Accurate Complete Fashion Critic's Award, will in- Part V, "Fashionscope nter- Two Cars Ta11!!le trodu('e his fabulous collection national," will include high- LJ for Spring '62, from tailored lights fr0111 Hudson's Spring 0 E --=- J ff da'l to hforfal tevening '11 b r;l;no\'laf France, --':!:',";::'';<' 11-1 'ers011 'or t C 11'st l111etea \\'1 e P t V "P, " '11 f ' f h d ' ar, revlcw, W ea- ', sel vc( a ter cae av s s 10W-, t th f' t A ' A telephone call on Monday! ings in the elegant nd beau_lure e rs mene:: s 10W- : tiful Woodward Shops on Hud- l1g of the new, excltll1g col" morning, March 5, informed : son's sevenlh floor, lectlon by Jles Crahay, famed City police that an accidcnt had French deslgncr for Made- occurred on East Jefferson ncar An carly patroness 115t 111- moisclle Ricci Rivard, cludqs ;\esdames Jmcs E At- Part V, "Fashions for Noon klnsn, James Mcrnam Barnes, and Afternoon to Evening," will, Louise E Leddick, 1727 Anita,,\'1'1111<1111 ll Brcech, C, Henry include elegant silks and flow- had been driving her '57 Ply- Buh! ;\lartin L Butzcl, Sidney er hued millincry for occasion -Photo by Geno Butler mouth west on Jefferson, and E: Chapin, Fcrdinand Cinelli, dressing, plus jt black for 5 Announccment is mae of the had stopped to the right of the \\ alker L: Csler, George R pm weal', engagement of E 1\11\1): J A N E ccnter 1i n e before making a Fink, DaVid L Gamble Joseph Thc "Finale," of course, will GALBRATH to Richard Hunt left turn into the driveway at Hudson Jr, and Lowrey spotlight the inherent good- Parry, The bride-elect is the Jefferson, when her car 1 Kammer taste and rightness of Bill daughter of M's, Arch H, Gal- was struck in the rear by a '51 Others arc :'lesdames Semon Blass' collection for Maurice brmth, of Huntll1gton boulevard, Studebaker driven by Sybil Ann E Knudsen -arold O Love, Rentncr and the late!vir Galbraith She Rose Gcrganoff, 1215 Aline ===============;;:;;;;;;;;;;;=;;,;; Patroness tickets at $10, and is n amna of Michigan State drive, general admission at $4, are Ul1lverslty where she was a Both cars were damaged The a v a i a b J e for both shows member of Delta Gamma, Her S t u deb a k e 1" S radiator was through the Detroit Symphony ance i the son of the Sidney crushed so that it had to be office, WO , K Pall s, of Allentown, Pa, towed away, and the Plymouth, and receved hs bachelor's and bl d master's degrees from Pennsyl- t lough rlva e, sustaned am- :C (Y 4 t vania State University where he ages 111 ts rear onb, ega lona was affiliated with Delta UPsi-1 Mrs Gcrganoff was issued a GrOll}') to Meet on The couple \'ill be marricd ticket for not having her car, '?vlay 26 under control Announcing Church to -od Founders ear Carnegie Head Vesper Services Gordon Washburn, director artists of the world present a E;jch Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock during the Lcnten Sason St James Lutheran Church will present a Vesper 14, at 8:30 p,m Service designed for families d b th F' d f LCES-: PLATE GONE, ",ponsore y e rlen s a worshppf''; together Modern Art, th: lecture is open Robert Gamble of 313 Mt 898 St Clair Ave, near Mack U,SDA Prime & Choice un:e;9 Cut Boneless - Rolled BEEF ROAST S fb Do You Prefer TU Page Price Or Service? TU SPECALS for Thursday Friday and Saturday Mar 8910 Complete Selection of CHEESE Direct from Ganuine Brie Camembert Tilsitcr P' V BUY OXYDOl France Munster Beaumont ENTER "CAR 54" CONTEST $64,000 N PRZES GET ENTRY BLANKS HERE ()xydol Giont Size 79 c Nine Get Both! l"oitl Taylor Buick ll The Only Buick Dealer 01l the East Side of Detroit GRATOT LA Tbe Pointe's Oldest Markel Fresh Ground Beef, 3 bs 145 lib, pkg Fleischmann's Goldcn Corn Oil Margarine,, 2 pkgs 89c 14 oz loaf Enriched Oven-Gold Bread, 2 fo r 43e Stouffer's 11 Y2 oz, pkg, Frozen Hashed in Cream Potatoes 2 for 89c Stouffer's 10 oz pkg Frozen We eh Ra re bit 57 c FREE OELVERY '- 11!!1ite WATCH "CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?" NBC-TV You can always be SlJre of QUALTY FOODS at Verbrugge's DE&iy "The Near New City Hall - Small, Medium, Large or Special Deluxe Taste of the Department of Fine Arts, collective statement of their Carnegie nstitute, Pittsburgh, "i sua 1 experiences Lecture will speak on "New Trends and 1 iekets arc available through Talents in Contemporary Art," :vrr, Fen'y's office, 2124 Guarin the Detroit nstitute of Arts clian Bldg, leture hall Wednesday, Mprch The theme of the series of to members of, the, Founders '1ernon informed Farms police s rmon t b i '" i SOClCty and their friends, ac- that his front 19[j2 license plate e s 0 e g ven 1S Prayel cording to W, Hawkins Ferrv in the Passion History" Begin lecture chairman "\vas ether lost or stolen He ning March 7 with "A Saviour ' gave police the information on Who Prays for His Own" b ed Sll1ce 1950, Mr Washburn r <' d F b 25Th t as has selected the entries for the,un ay, e ruary e pac on the scnpture verses from C t't t' t" 1 had been on his station wagon Luke 22:31-32 they will con-?rnegle ns u e s llenl11a ' tinue as follows: March 14, "A Pttsburgh nternational, where he said Prayer of Victorious Suffering', from Luke 22:42; March 21, "The Prayer of an Embattled Sou"-Matthew 26:41; March 28, "The Prayer of a Forgiving Heart"-Luke 2334; April 4" "A Prayer of an Awakened Soul" from Luke 23:4243; April 11, "The Prayer Before Entering the Valley of the Shadow of Death"-a sermoncue based on Luke 23:46 our Porky's Featuring Carry-Out and Delivery of PZZA Get a "PORKY" Piggy Bank FREE Will Convince zerla Prompt Delivery Service You!" Unexpected company drop in? Like to take a rest from cooking and dishwashing woes? The problems are solved with the opening of our new, strictly up to the minute kitchen TASTY, WHOLESOME, QUALTY foods are prepared as you order, assuring freshness at all times f you prefer carry-out service, a short wait in our pleasant lobby will be enjoyable Deliveries are made in thermol hot food boxes assuring you oven-hot foods We invite you to inspect our facilities We know you'll be pleasd with the c1eaniness of or kitchen and equipment and always feel certain that you're receiving the VERY BEST! TU Piz Mack Ave at Torrey Rd CHCKEN SPARERBS SPAGHETT and MEAT BALLS; FSH and CHPS This big Piggy Bank is our gift to you during our opening days You'll want to keep him handy as he bears our phone number One to a customer, please! Supply limited We're as close to you as your phone HOURS: Sun thru Wed, 4 pm to Midnight - Thurs thru Sat, 4 pm to 2 am J S 7 n _ = a r r d MM SF R 1m r '12 nett sn 27 t '7 on,rated e 1", 1 en _00 ' _ &, -, _

10 we as _ CQQ '9 cq:, '0;" so 4 SO, '4 a a a u sa a 4 a a Sa: 2 2 a,, "' - ",- c c c s SE'( at a up : ('or wi] :\n Hi Ba W} up be fal ad fae ye eh c a c th, an,i : -, : Sl e t b n C rr Sl p t1 " Sl 1\ 8 C \ \ V a s ( f c t Page Ten Grosse Pointe Nws PUBLSHED EVERY THURSDAY BY ANTEEBO PUBLSHERS, NC OFFCES UNDER THE ELM AT 99 KERCHEVAL GROSSE PONTE FARMS 36, MCHGAN Entered as sccond-class matter at the post office, Detroit Michigan under the Act of March 3, 1897 Address all mail, subscriptions change of address, (Forms 3579) FULLY PAD CRCULATON Phone TU lembcr l\l1chlg:m Press Association and National Editorial Association -\TOAL ADVl!:RTlSNG nepresentatvl!: Weekly Newspaper Representatives nc,ld,1ylfh Avenue, New York H, New York BRynnt 9-73JO CHCAGO OFFCE 333 ",orth :Michigan Avenue Phone Fnancial :30 pm-nvestment Club-Meeting *7:30 pm-united States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla Class *8 pm-evening Tempera Painting-Class-Marcella Churchill-nstructor * * * Wednesday, March 14 *9:30 am to 11 am-conversational French-Classa large football squad An analysis of motor skills of all students in Grosse Pointe Public Schools is being made so that there will be a basis for comparison for future students An academic inventory of students who are in the Q group over 130 had been made Results show there is a higher percentage of such students taking mathematics and chemistry than there were at the time of the last review in 1959, while the number in physics decreased slightly With an expected big increase in enrollment, (hir Gerich says that 2,500 students will probably be in the High School next year <JScompared to 2,300 this year), some study halls must be rearranged for classes and it is hoped that some day soon some changes can be made so that the Counselling Center will be in one area rather than spread over the whole school Mrs Malcom Stirton, Moth ers' Club Representative on the Mothers' e a t h Education Council, gave her annual report for the year and Mrs W McLaughlin reported that "t a Board of Education meeting she heard a discussion of "team teaching" by three members of the history department A coordinated method is used with the team sharing e qua 1 responsibilities, The teachers as wells as the students are enthusiastic about this Three new courses will be added to the eurriculum- Dress Design, Advance Placement in Chemistry, and Notetaking At a meeting of the secondy principals and Director of nstruction they went on record ag)inst a textbook rental policy in grades 912 Memorial Center * * * GROSSE PONTE NEWS Schedule MARCH 8 - MARCH 15, 1962 OPEN DALY 9 AM TO 9 PM (SUNDAY 12 NOON TO 5 PM) >< ALL MEMORAL SPONSORED ACTVTES OPEN TO THE GROSSE PONTE PUBLC NOTCE: Please call for lost articles at the office They will be held for thirty days Hospital equipment available for free loancrutches, wheelchairs, heat lamp and hospital beds Blood available to Grosse Pointe residents in case of accident or emergency-free of charge Grosse Pointe Garden Center' and Library Mrs _Leland Gilmour on duty Tuesday, Wednesday and ROBE'rtTB, EDGAR""",EDTOR and GENERALMANAGER Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm A volunteer consultant MATTHEW1\1 GOEBEL,,,,, ADVERTSNGMANAGER on duty Friday, 2 pm to 4 pm (TU ) P,\TRCA TALBOT,,,,""',,FEATURE PAGE SOCETY * * * Hl\ES J NJAl\ ""'""',,"', " " ",,,NEWS Thursday, March 8 lanet l\1uelleh ',"""',,,',,,,"",,",NEWS '1'9 t 9 G P t D' t t G' SAt AlnHUH R BLyLER"",,', ',,""',ADVERTSNG am 0 pm- rosse om e S nc' 11' cout l' :\:AHY LOHMEH,,',' _,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ADVERTSNG Exhibit JOHN l\ckeze """,,"",,",,',,, BUSNESS (:9:30 am to 11 am-creative Writing-Class-Jeanne ALm:rnA WLKE," '',',, CLASSFED ADVERTSNG Torosian-nstructor FEH:'' GHEG ","',,"",'" "',',,,',CLASSFED JOAi\NE EASON,""""""',",,,',,ACCOUNTS :10 am-american Red Cross Braille Transcription- YLOHA lawng "" " "","""', CRCULATON Class-Miss Ella McLennan-nstructor *3:45 pm to 5:15 pm - Children's Art Class- Mrs Stirling Loud-nstructor *4 pm to 7:30 pm-ballet Classes-Mary Ellen Cooper We're Both to Blame -nstructor ' We have been taken to task, and rightfully so, via phone calls and a few notes, for failing to adequately cover the acti\'ities of St Paul High School's Lakers As \yinncrs of the Catholic City Basletball Championship, tlley deserve our congratulations They also deserve full coverage in our paper 'With a small staff, the NEWS is necessarily limited :\ e cannot send a reporter to cover every sporting event n every school in Grosse Pointe so, over the years, we have developed a system which, we think, works pretty well, a system whereby the students themselves write up the articles, submit them, and have them printed At the beginning of the school year, we contact teachers and coachesin all the area schools, explain our situation, and sk ther hlp We tell them that we will be happy to prmt any articles they or their students may care to submit \Ve also tell them our copy deadline n the past, this system has worked very well Many stu,dents, happy to tke the time and effort required to \\(lte one or two peces each week, receive credit in Hgh Scho?l journalism courses for their articles They?o a oocljob, and we are proud of their work We are, n a very real sense, dependent upon these students for Jdequate coverage of school events St Pul's school has been frequently and well reprsented n our Sports pages, along with Grosse Pointe Hgh St Ambrose, GPUS and Austin We are interested in all the teams, in all the schools, and we are grateful to our student body "correspondents" We would have a difficult time without them vve are anxious to print their stories But there is very little we can do if no stories are submittd, or if they ar submitted in an undecipherable handwrtten scrawl, or f they are submitted too late for publication We repeat our congratulations to St Paul's Lakers C?tholic City Champions They have done a great job: We unclrstand that they will play St Phillip at 8:30 tomght, 111 the Class C Regionals and we hope they win vye also ope that we will have a news story on tomght s game 111 next week's issue de The Mothers l Club The two most important items discussed at the Mother's Club board meeting on February 5 were scholarships and nominations The 'Nominating Committee headed by 1\1rs,Vincent Rodeck was announced by the Mothers' Club prsident Mrs Albert Law, to include the following members: "-rs Robert 'Warmbold :\r5, Malcom Stirton :\11'5 E, G, Evenden and Mrs: Howard Gandclot The committee will be responsible for the nomination of the offices of first vice-president, recording secretary and treaurer Any suggestions from the membership at large for the filling of these Qffices will be welcome Written recommendations sent to any member of the nominating committee will be given careful consideration Scholarships as reported by Mrs 'WilliamAdams were given to 14 Grosse Pointe High students This year ) the total amount was $5,000 and the gr<1ntsranged from $200- $600, For June graduating students applications for these grants are available at Dr Hansen's office at the high school The scholarship grants are for Michigan tax supported institutions and second semester help is not given until the first semester grades are in The Spring Tea On May 11 and the ticket sale for the Pointe Players performance in March are sources of scholarship income, Besides making a worthwhile contribution both events are enjoyable to the ticket purchaser :\r Jerry Gerich, principal of the High School, was present and discussc'dseveral phases of school life with the board He described the changed emphasis the Physical Education Department was giving More skills and exercises are taught in classes during school hours and less time is spent on games The ntramural Program after school is an effort to make up for the games and as more students participate, this plan will be more effective Under new business it was moved and seconded that a Service Committee be formed with the Historian as chairman The motion carried This committee will help in situations where extra attention is needed such as stage decorations for certain school functions, etc Mrs Law asked the board Progress is being made al- to consider an amendment to thouj:;h participation is still the by-laws of the constitution small ntramural football has to provide that all the commitdrawn in boys who were on the tee chairmen and the Board fringes of the Varsity team and of Education delegate become has given them more playing voting members of the Board time and attention from the Discussion followed but no ac coachcs than could be had with Hon '::as taken ';:7:30 pm-nvestment Fundamentals-Dr Cedric V Fricke-nstructor ('8 pm-"glimpses Around The World", color film by George Cossaboom plus talk "Movies Should Tell a Story" by Dana Searle presented free of charge by the Center's Grosse Pointe Cinema League members and interested amateur movie makers * * * Friday, March 9 9:15 am-junior League Glee Club-Rehearsal *9:30 am to 12 Noon and 1 pm to 3:30 pm - Flower Arranging Classes directed by Mrs Richard Gerathy The morning group is for beginners and the afternoon class for more advanced students The series of six weekly lessons is offered for $15 Advance enrollment is requested *9:30 am, 12:30 pm and 3 pm-adult Art-Classes- Prof Emil Weddige-nstructor *4:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 7 pm and 8 pm-ballroom Dancing-Mr and Mrs Bill Wilson-Directors *5:30 pm-final Week-End Trip to Boyne and Nubs Nob sponsored by the Center's Grosse Pointe Ski Club he trip package includes round Trip transportaton m chartered Greyhound, deluxe lodging at the posh Village nn at Walloon Lake shuttle service to and from the slopes, two days skiing with all chair lift charges paid, all meals plus midnight Sacks Friday and Saturday and a dance complete Wth orchestra Saturday night The charge is $42 for Grosse Pointe Ski Club members-$3 more for guests Paid reservations must be given the Center at once Only 39 places are available *7:30 pm-allied Youth-Meeting and record dance * ;i * Saturday, March 10 *9:30 am to 3:30 pm - Ballet Classes - Mary Ellen Cooper-nstructor _ *9:30 am to 5 pm-children's Theatre-Classes-Mrs Sydney Reynolds-nstructor *1:30 pm to 3 pm - Puppetry Course For Children Taught by Robert Rathbun, President of the Detroit Puppeteers Guild, for ages 8-15 The series of five weekly meetings is offered for $750 plus $150 for materials Advance enrollment is requested *7:30 pm-memorial Bridge Club-Duplicate Bridge Mr and Mrs, Andrew Walrond-nstructors 8 pm,-good Companions-English Old Time and Sequence Dances >;< ', * Sunday, March 11 9:30 am and 11 am-grosse Pointe Memorial Church -Sunday School / pm-delta Zeta of University of Dtroit-Tea '2 pm to 4 pm, March ll-may 6 (Except Easter) _ Music of the Opera, A Study of the Works to be Presented by the Metropolitan Opera in Detroit This Spring The instructor is Glenn D McGeoch, Professor of Music Literature History and Criticism t the University of Michigan The operas to be dscussed are Madame Butterfly, Tosca, Lucia di Lammermoor, Forza del destino,aida, Cosi fan tutti ar:d Sal?me Thiscourse is being offered in cooper aton Wth the EducatOn Committee of the Detroit Grand Opera Association and the Division of Adult Education of Wayne State University and the University of Michigan The eight week course is offered for a single adult registration of $13; married couples may enroll together for $1950 and entire familis may, regardless of number, enroll for $2500 Students under 21 may take the entire course for $650 Single session tickets are available for adults at $200, students requested $1 Advance enrollment is Mondy, March 12 *10 am - Cancer Service and nformation Center _ Volunteer Work 12:15 pm-rotary Club of Grosse Pointe-Luncheon and Meeting *12:30 pm-memorial Bridge Club-Duplicate Bridge- Lecture and Bridge for Ladies-Mrs Andrew Walrond-Director *4 pm to 7:30 pm-ballet Classes-Mary Ellen Cooper -nstructor :7 pm-dale Carnegie Leadership Training-Class '7:30 pm-grosse Pointe Nocturnal Painting-Class- Steve Davis-nstructor *7:30 pm-ballroom Dancing-Mr and Mrs Bill Wilson -nstructors 7:30 pm-grosse Pointe Faculty Wives-Bridge 8 pm-grosse Point 7 Community Theatre-Meeting :18:30pm-Grosse Pomte Men's Chorus-Rehearsal * ',' * Tuesday, March 13 :9:30 am,-gr?sse P?inte Girl Scouts-Meeting "'10 am,-servce GUlld for Chldren's Hospital-Volunteer Work ':'12 oon to 3 pm-grosse Pointe Drawing and Paintmg - Class - Steve Davis - nstructor *12:30 pm-senicr Men's Club-Luncheon and Cards '3:30 p,m to 5 pm-children' Art-Class-Mrs Stirling Loud-nstructor *3:45 p,m to 5 pm - Brownie Troop Meeting - Mrs Norman Parent:Leader 6:15 pm-grosse Pointe Optimist Club-Dinner and Meeting 6:30 pm-exchange Club of Grosse Pointe-Dinner and Meeting \Vat Goes 01 at Your Library by Jean Taylor There seems to be just one Mississippi" The same day, a thng which never finds its way pair of false eyelashes turned between the pages of a book up and were later claimed by a to mark the place This of young woman who explained 1 course, is the bona fide book that' she had been pressing mark Anything that's handy them and had forgotten to rcand we mean ANYTHNGmay movc them before returning a turn up as a marker according copy of "Gone with the Wind," to the library assistants who Favorite markers are playing handle the books which go in cards, buttons, spectacles (espcand out at the charging desk cially sun glasses), bills paid They have long since ceascd to and unpaid and once a doctor's be astonished by the whims of prescription, ill e g i b e from readers being earried about for a long Surprisingly enough even a time That patient evidently depay check has found its way cided on a do-it-yourself probetwecn the leaves of a book gram and dispensed with the as well as money in a pay en- doctor's help velope, and not long ago the torn corner of a onc dollar bill Not all of the articles left in marked the place where some the library are found between plutocrat feu asleep the pages of a book, The most For the impecunioufj who are amazing variety of things turn not given to tearing up eut- up in the lost and found rency, there are endless mark At the moment, we have mit- lch ers wh serve equa 11 y well tens and gloves by the cart- d 11 < Among those discovered in oa a Sizes, all colors and books returned arc match fold- unouly en?ugh most of them ers, valentines, birthday cards, m l?alrs 1here,arc,several feathers, snapshots, report cards sweaers, dolls: chl1res to:" hair ribbons, rubber bands, a pall' of opela glasses a, h,alr bottle caps add letters The brush, a tenl1ls!)all, a, lftmg story is told of 11 librarian who cl:np and odd bits of Jewelry, asked a gentleman if he had as well as a rosary enjoyed the book he was rc- The women arc not the only turning "Not much," was the ones afflicted \-\lith amnesia, reply, "but the letter left in it The men have parted with a was a lulu!" number of what appears to be Grosse Pointe has no corner essential gar men t s: scarves, on unusual book marks A li- jackets several caps, a brown brarian from Cleveland tells fedora hat, ties and one freshly this one "Steeled against find- laundered sock This last item ing anything in returned books, baffled,us completely Posibly she was only mildly shocked to a busy lttle femme was usmg t ' discover two live frogs in a as a pattern for som fancy paper bag returned with a copy knitting j' of Mark Twain's "Life on the Lost anything lately? John J Lakich nstructor, *1 pm-senior Club-Tea and Bridge *3:45 pm to 5:15 pm - Children's Art Class - Mrs, Stirling Loud-nstructor *4 pm to 9:30 pm-ballet Classes-Mary Ellen Cooper' nstructor *7 pm-reading Dynamics-Class 7 pm-grosse Pointe Toastmasters Club-Meeting *7:30 p,m-memorial Bridge Club-Duplicate Bridge-, Mr and Mrs Andrew Walrond-Directors *8 pm-us Foreign Policy-Class-Russell Barnes- nstructor *8 p m-"meet the Travellers"-Thailand and Ceylon, color films of the World's most colorful lands personally narrated by Mark Stevens The Grosse Pointe public and their guests are cordially invited, without charge * :;: * Thursday, March 15 *9:30 am to 11 am-creative Writing-Class-Jeanne Torosian-nstructor :i:10 a,m-american Rer Cross Braille Transcription- Class-Miss Ella McLennan-nstructor 11 am - Welcome Wagon Club of Grosse Pointe - Bridge and Luncheon 12:30 pm-grosse Pointe Business Men's Association- Luncheon and Meeting *3:45 p,m to 5:15 pm - Children's Art-Class - Mrs Stirling Loud-nstructor *4 pm to 7:30 pm-ballet Classes-Mary Ellen Cooper -nstructor '7:30 pm-nvestment Fundamentals Class-Dr Cedric V Fricke-nstructor 8 pm-men's Garden Club of Grosse Pointe-Meeting Freak Accident Hurts Bystandel A freak accident sent Susan Sebastian, 5736 Hurlbut, Det, to Bon Secours Hospital Friday morning, March 2 Miss Sebastian had j L! St alighted from a Lakeshore bus at the southwest corner of Uni versity and Kercheval when a '59 Ford panel truck, driven by Archie Carlisle, 9693 Ohio Det, collided with a '58 Dodge driven by Cary Hendrix, 4517 roquois, Det A spare tire fle\v from the trunk of Hendrix' car, striking Miss Sebastian and knocking her down City police took the injured woman to Bon Secours Hospital, where she was treated for a bruised left hand and released Both Hendrix and Carlisle were ticketed for reckless driv- Served Four GeneratioiiS of Grosse Pointers FRANCOS SNCE FREPLACE J938 ing and causing an accident, Damages to the cars involved were minor "Who takes all those pills?" By FRED KOPP, RPh This is often the question when a customer sees the shelves in our pharmacy Row on row on row of bottles boxes, canisters, tubes, vials, jars, about 2,000 items in all Good question Who are they for? The answer, of course, is you Say you go to a physician and he writes a prescription which you bring to us to be filled, We can't tell what the ailment will be there an; thousands, and we don't know what medication the doctor will prescribe To provide prompt pharmaceutical service we have to be ready for just about anything, which we are, This is the 953rd of a series of Editorial advertisements appearing in this paper each week, A Distinguished Residence near Downtown Garden Court Apt 2906 E JEFFERSON Spacious apartment now available with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and adjoining heated garage Mr Moloney, res mgr LO LEWS and FORD COMPANY i\1a12aging Ag(mt FUNERAL CHAPELS NORTHWEST J AMES COUZENS Dr Thursday, March 8, 1962 DRECTORS Serving GROSSE PONTE DETROT AND SUBURBS WLLAM: R HAMLTO DAVD :MHAMLTON CLARENCE E OTER DETROT 3975 CASS A VENtl: TE By Roberta 000 BRMNGHAM 820 EAST MApLE M46000 \ " " T WAS THE NUCLEAR age and now it's the space age all within seventeen year since World War end(:d in 1945 Together we stand on the threshold of a wonderful tomorrow And all of the stores on the Hill are a measure of the future always contim:ing the traditions of service that make each one a ocd institution and always active in the development of our vigorous community When you browse through the Sign l)f the Mermaid next time, don't just rush in but savor the new designs on their early American enamelware " the kind that looks equally as well on the table as in the oven Pictures like covered bridges, outdoor cooking snow rolling and herbs and maybe wintergreens are just a few of the interesting patterns shown We Go{'e on the old-fashione'd te kettles in the group 000 f you are anything like millions of otber Americans you will pick up a General Electric tooth brush Of course you will get it at Trail Apothecary Shop, on the hill: 000 We'll wager that your favorite bride will register her preferences at The League Shop where decorative pieces are as popular and dishes as the ever-loving they show crystal china 000 n the past couple of months Margaret Rice has really made the 1ews natioal news, \00 There was a b-i-g spread m the Women s Wear Daily out of New York and her work with the Grosse Pointe Business Men's Association has been lauded Congratulations! 000 When guests arrive just mix a dip of garlic toasted onion horse radish or herb flavoring this Hostes set, including all these flavors is at The Dants tagged two dollars and fifty cents! 000 Fans of white patent leather shoes can look forward to finding them at Clyde E Hornung's, Spnng on the Hill, come f she loves 000 the charm of antique silver she will love these pieces Queen Anne or plain tea caddies sheffield candle sticks me'at forks old berry spoons candle snuffers old silver snuffer trays an?val shaped cherub jewel box Georgian ad- Justable candeabras: and fine old trays These and more are n the Slver department of the League Shop 000 How oftef" have you read of he suffering caused by great disasters, or the tragc plight d an individual in need and wished that yo could help in some way? Yo can! Your contrbuton to the American Red Cross means help for some disaster victim veteran service man chld our local chpter is seeking funds now to contll1ue ts work ThS is Red Cross month f you can give generously! Wednesday Lenten COME and BRO'lVSE at TheWm Rlamilton o Over a Century of Service Services Planned Lenten services will be con- The pastor, Charles W Sanducted each Wednesday eve d k ', t St PE h roc, Will nmg a au v -,ut eran speak on the general Church, Chalfonte and L<Jthrop, theme, "wounded love," "God Beginning at 7;45 the ser-:ices is love" will be the subject of will conclude at 8:30, to make the sermon on Ash Wednesday attendance or the part of chil- Monrad V Mandsager is the dren more convenient vicar, ij Between ilfrlrtt'!i i\lttiqurs Gifts, Decorative tems, Com/gmnent, Misc Furniture Hershede Hall Chime Clock J 4633 East Jefferson Manistlque and Plullp HOURS' Hel," and Jack Tallman ' '" ' - '

11 Suburbia Today Round Table: What About Fallout Shelters in the Suburbs? Are We Wiser Than Our Children? BY BEN HECHT Sew Your Own Spring Wardrobe

12 Suburbia Toda!l THE MAGAZNE Publisltecl OF PLEASANT PLACES Mon''''y n This ssue Round Table #1, page 8 "What About Fallout Sheltcrs in the Suburbs?" This qucstion was the obvious choice for the first topic in our Round Table series, in the course of c \hich we plan to get local, firsthaad reports on subjects of vital concern to the 50,000,000 of us who live in the suburbs We queried a panel of editors and publishers of suburban newspapers selected from various p'uts of the country and then asked reporter George Fielding Eliot to pull together the answers n futurc issues we will hold similar Round Tables on othcr problems, such as air and water pollution, open spaces, and public hcalth, i Spring Sewing " page 10 Thcre's still plenty of time left before the spring holidays to send for the printed patterns--ereated by four famous designers for us alone--and sew yourself a new wrcrobe Estevez' coat-and-dress ensemble, Davidow's three-piece suit, Hulitar's sheath, and GothC's dress with jacket will adapt beautifully to a variety of silks cottons, and lightweight wools Everything's Coming Up Rosy page 18 This year, says garden editor John Brimer, why not produce a perfectly pink garden, from the first spring flowers to frost rs tricky, but there's great fun in watching the results What Ben Heeht Learned From Jenny page 20 Playwright Ben Hecht ("Twentieth Century," "The Front Pagc"), lives in suburban Nyack, New York, add has a beautiful daughter named Jenny, 18 Mr Hecht recalls for us, this month, what it was like watching Jenny grow up and what he learned from her com pcsu re, wonder, and joy of living Jo Bartoli Our cover artist's bright vision is addressed to all travelers and dreamers Who cares about winter when there's a slide projector handy to reo mind you of the way it was in Tahiti or Jamaica or St John or Barbados? See John Bailey's poem on page 13 LEONARD So DAVDOW ElN ST V HEYN 'ub1islmr EdltorlchNrf MARON LOWNDES LAWRENCE C GOLDSM11t Editor Manoging Editor CHrmNA PAPPAS PH1WP DYCST1tA JOHN AUY As$of:iat Editor Art Director HUfllor Editor SUBURBA TODAY is distributed natiotlally with rtew$papers in selected suburban communities Editorial offices at 60 Ent 56th St, New York 22, N Y Advertising offices at 575 lexington Ave, New York 22, N Y Business offic at 153 N Michigan Ave, Chicago 1, Walter C Dreyfus, Vice President Patrick O'Rourke A<ivertising Director Ford Cing, Advertising Manager Morton Frank, Director of Publisher 1962, Suburbia Publishing Corparation, 153 N Michigan Ave, Chicago 1, All rights r&served j ',1 <' ;, '1 )i SU'UJleA "ODAT "These Mrs G K Martin, Sr, of Harris County, Texas writes to tell us about a party at which a $25 prize was offered to any man who had a pic- are free tickets to go outside" GETTNG AROUND WHATEVER ELSE he plans to do this year to mark the occasion, it's a preuy safe bet that on St Patrick's Day Warren Weber will not be giving out any free car washes to green automobiles Mr Weber, who owns a chain of automatic car washes in Manchester and Wethersfield Connecticut offered to wash, fret:, any all-green car between the hours of 8:00 a m, and 5:30 pm, last March t 7 At closing time, that fateful day, the dazed Mr Weber discovered his organization had washed 1,600 automobiles, or $3,000 worth of greenery An awning store near San Gabriel, California, advises its customers to "Come n And Get The Shadiest Deal n Town" t's hard to keep up with the latest catchwords among the stag line on the juniorhigh beat Though it may be out of date by the time we go to press we learn from David Black and Alan Bcthea, of Grosse Pointe Michigan, that the hippest term for dates girls, dames,,kirts (all old hat), is "waste:' 2 Suburbia Today, March i962 to Our Pleasant Places and People ture of his mother-in-law in his wallet There were, says Mrs Martin, no winners One thoughtful boy at the Bradley School in Montgomery COUflty, Maryland celebrated his own birthday some months ago by giving a book to the school library Since then, so many other scholars have followed suit that the gesture has become a new Bradley tradition t's a happy way to keep a school library up-to-date, and we hope it spreads like wildfir all over the country Mr E Smith, of Berkeley California, learned a valuable lesson in semantics while listening to a conversation between a prekindergartener and his younger friend "Okay," Mr Smith heard the first boy say, "you can come along if you'll cooperate And cooperate means you have to do what 1 say,, A friend who lives near South Orange New Jersey, was as amused as we were by the information on the door of a government building Neatly lettered, it reads (up and down): 4156, General Services Administration, Region 3, Public Building Service, Buildings Management Division, Utility Room, Custodial Our friend informs us that anyone opening this impressive door will find a broom closet on the other side Continued on page 4 r

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18 Suburbia Today ROUND TABLE Editors' note: Here are the men who' make up this raund table on the que"ti';n af fallaut shelte in the tlubura sel«t panel af editars and publishers O'fleadin ;luburban papt"rs chalclen from cammunitie"s that are representatin' af their regiod"1frodl New England to' the Coa"t fram )ichigan to' Flarida The answers to our questian" 'ere impre-sh'e in term" of concern o"'er the problem and just as impre,;,;in- was the -ide,,'ariet' of opinions A wellknown reporter and military analy"t gh'es you the ::i"t of their findings he-re, against a backro'und of the national picture as olt>lerved by the writer We hopt" it ",ill help yau in reaching 'our own conclusions 1 hat About Fallout Newspapermen report from allover the country i/1 SUBURBA TODAY'S HAT W Edited hv GEORGE DO YOU think about building shelters in which you and your family could seek protection against radioactive fallout if a nuclear attack should be launched against this country? Should each family have its own shelter where this is possible? Should there be large ommunity shelters? Shelters in schools and public buildings? Docs the whcle idea of fallout shelters represent reasonable disaster insurance or is it an illusion a giant boondoggle even a cruel hoax: We have asked newspaper people and housewives and commuters for their opinion and for a report on what their towns are doing and their answers from all over the country mak three points clear at once: There is no solid consensus for or against a shelter program 2, The climate of interest yo-yos with the tempraturc of the cold war 3 There is a fairly \ idespread tendency to a;:;ribe lack of interest to absence of strong federal direction and federal funding, The Ready-Made Shelter Several editors however, noted,some quickening of interest when teams of the National Shelter Survey appeared locally The 196 Congress appropriated federal funds for these teams to identify and mark spaces in existing buildings, tunnels, and other structures which with minor alterations would be suited for fallout shelters, and to stock these spaces with nonperishable rations water first-aid kits, and radiological detection devices, t is estimated that people could be sheltered in such spaces many of which arc 10-, FELDNG ELOT cated in suburban areas and within easy reach And how many new shelters arc the towns going to build, with state and federal help? As an example of the present confusion in suburban plans, consider the records of four Midwest suburban communities, all in the same county: Community No announced eagerly, "We are planning a crash program": NO2 cut its civil defense budget by nearly two-thirds-"no need for more"; NO3 tripled its civii defense spending; No 4 reported "No plan, no funds" As the replies to our que&tionnaires came in we found much controversy on one central question: Will nationwide building of fallout shelters make a nuclear attack on this country more likely, or less likely? n one form or another, this question was obviously present in the minds of many editors and others whose opinions were noted To this reporter, who has been wrbng on military subjects for a third of a century, it was encouraging indd to see how clearly, from coast to coast, people seem to understand the root-element of our nuclear defense policy: to deter the Soviet leadership, who alone can launch a nuclear attack on the United States, from ever considering such an at tack by keeping them convinced that they cannot hope to escape devastating retaliation in kind One ejitor said bluntly wcd do better to spend our money for retaliatory force or for developing a reliable antimissilc weapon such as the Army's projected Nike-Zcus Other comment echoed this view Several thought that a shelter program would downgradc our national moralc-perhaps encourage the Soviet leaders in their nuclear blackmail tactics "Wcrc unwittingly building a panic-button psychology", "f shelters become a national obsession, they'll damage American moral fiber more than communism ever could" Yet quite a number of thoughtful replies faced up to another aspect of the problem-that if, despite the threat of our retaliatory forces, a nuclear attack does come, fallout shelters would save many lives, perhaps many millions of lives, which would otherwise be lost There seemed general understanding that people within,the blast and fire radius of a thermonuclear explosion would certainly be killed, But comparatively simple shelters could give protection against the otherwise lethal effect of radioactive fallout, which could spread over thousands of square miles, cf)vering far greater area than that of blast and fire "We ought to give these people a chance," was one comment, typical of several others supporting President KenneJy"s statement: "We owe that kind of insurance to our families and our country," After Survival, What? But what happens to th-ese survivors when they emerge from their shelters after, say, two weeksthe period usually mentioned for allowing the worst of the fallout to deteriorate? "What kind of world will they survive into? Where will they finj uncontaminated food and shelter? To whom will they turn?" Behind such questions was apparent the feeling that fallout shelters might not mean too much unless linked with a national survival program involving far more elaborate planning and spending than is at prescnt proposed Two editors sent clirpings quoting Senator Stephen M Young (D, 8 Suburbia Today, March 196:!

19 Top Row Bottom Row R S Bosworth Jr 'rimes Barrington R 2 Wallace Conover Messenger-Gazette, Somerville N J 3 Peter DonagilUe Life Skokie, ll 4 Robert D Fowler Daily Journal Marietta Ga 5 Robert C Hedlund Geauga Times Leader Burton Ohio 6 Bruce Helberg, American Bellevue Wash 7 Grant Howell Daily Tribune Royal Oak Mich 8 A Huneke, Western Hills Press, Cheviot Ohio 9 Elmer M Jackson J Evening Capitol- Maryland Gazette A!lnapolis Md 10 Fenwick Keyser County Paper Towson Md 11 Maurice R Labelle, Times Coral Gables Fla 12 Bob McCarthy Progress Penn Hills Pa 13 James McConnaughey KetteringQakwood Times Kettering, Ohio 14 Dan McKinnon Nrth Shores Sentinel Pacific Beach Calif 15 Richard Nichols Daily News-Texan Arlington, Tex 16 Carroll W Parcher News-Press Glendale Calif 17 Stan Rose Scout Prairie Village Kan 18 David N Schutz Tribune Redwood City, Calif 19 Harry Volk, Sun-Press Cleveland Heights Ohio 20 Heustoun Waring, Littleton ndependent- Arapahoe Herald Littleton Colo 21 Kenneth R Weaver Eccentric Birmingham, Mich 22 James L Whyte Sun-Tattler, Hollywood Fla Shelters n the Suburbs? first Round Table on the questions that concern 50,000,000 of us Ohio) on civil defense-"a billionollar boondoggle" Another fol1owing the same approach, feared that once everyone had shelter against fallout, there would develop irresistible demands for shelter against blast and fire-to satisfy which might absorb the bulk of our national resources, wrecking both our military power and the economy that supports it Another comment inquired what was the real difference between "death-day now and death-day two weeks or three weeks from now-if the bombs come, we're au lost" One meeting called to consider shelter building wound up with everyone present taking refuge in song"we'l all go together when we go" There was a tendency to prefer community shelters to private (do-it-yourself) shelters, as likely to give better protection Also, "There'll be some sort of leadership, some emergency skills in a group, people will come out better prepared to face what comes next" This opinion wasn't universal Three comments pointed out that ill or otherwise handicapped people might not be able to get to a community shelter One southern lady cherished family privacy- "No enemy is going to compel me and mine to tend to our basic bodily functions in public for two minutes, let alone two weeks" Another, owner of a cooperative apartment in California, said firmly: "'ll take my chances with fallout sooner than be cooped up for two weeks with the rest of the people in this house" There was concern as to what would happen if the warning came when the family W;S separated--children at school, father at work, mother out shopping, etc Would everyone be able to get home and into the shelter in time? A suggestion: Each famity should have alternate meeting points arranged, so that if they were separated by having i:\0f "i,,---- ' ') :, :! \ "Wilson, as the newest addition to our executive staff, hereby present you with a key to the company ;alloul shelter" to take shelter in different places, their reunion could be assured after the danger had passed Other comments touched on the question of whether the owner of a family shelter has the right to turn away shelterl(:ss neighbors Of a group of West Coast ministers queried by a suburban daily, half said No, % said Yes, the others seemed uncertain A southern comment: "How safe will anyone be in a private shelter if there is no other, with shocked, angry savage, hungry pf'ople outside?" Several editors noted a tendency to keep the building of private shelters secret, perhaps because of such fears as this A vocal minority opinion opposed a shelter program of any kind on the ground that once you accept the idea of shelters you are accepting the feasibility of nuclear war and reinforcing those who believe war is inevitable All effort, in this view, should be directed toward the abolition of nuclear weapons by agreement, and the settlement of international disputes by peaceful means Thus, having boxed the compass of opinion, we come back to the fundamental truththat the interests of America will best be served not by seeking survival after nuclear attack for X % of our people but by preventing any such attack On balance this appears to represent a fair mean of opinion amongst the inhabitants of our suburban communities They are aware of their vulnerability; they know that living in heavily peopled metropolitan regions increases hat vulnerability to some extent They see some sense in trying to save lives if war should come-as one editor wrote, "We would not want to have it on our conscience to advise against shelter building" But in the final analysis, the prevention of war rather than partial survival afterward is the purpose which seems likely to be given the highest priority in suburbia as elsewhere in the nation Suhurhia Today, M"rch

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23 ,_ -",_,("_'' _, R _ r <>- "'" '"<, <, _A _ - We Have These Slides dlewild /mernational Airport l Hi, Ethel! Hi, Fred! Come in! Just put your coats right here You're a sight for sore eyes Well, we have a surprise- Now, just let me tell them, dear ;' We've been on -3 tour of the worldr We've been on a marvelous trip! And we have slides which portray Our seventeen-day Cruise on a luxury ship! Hm? Well, we have these slides, as say No-we're not playing bridge, as expected, For since someone must look At the pictures we took, You and Fred are elected [Slight ptllju] The first slide is in! The fun can begin! Just douse that light, will you, Freddie? Are you folks all set? Pull your head back, my pet Okay think we're all ready [First slide} Now, this is St Thomas St John? No! St Croix! As you see, the bay is quite brown Our ship pulled in here- What's that you say, dear? t's a picture of you, upside down? [Second slide] We saw the Bahamas; We rode upon llamas; We climbed up Las Los in the dark We viewed Martinique; We had tea with a sheik- And that's me with one foot on a shark [Third slide] We ran into Milton At the Guadeloupe-Hilton-- His head is cut off, but that's him! Boy! That's the life! And-r-who? Oh That's his-er-wife They were just going in for a swim [One hour passes] Well, we have plenty more (Did hear someone snore?) But how did you like the first fifty? Fred! Wake him up, dear, We have plenty more here And the next two thousand are nifty! -John Bailey SubUrbia Today, March ",,, 2500 acres ofjets but only Alitalia -flies non-stop to both Rome and Milan Our Super OC-8 Rolls-Royce jets also fly non-stop to London connect at all three gateways with a fleet of Alitalia Caravelle jets to whisk you almost anywhere on the continent Food and service and such? The best - they're talian! f you're planning a trip to Europe, get an expert opinion on Alitalia from your Travel Agent f you're not, look twice at our low roundtrip jet fares and plan one! LOUDON $350 MLAN $449 ROME $48430 all prices based on 17 day roundtrip jet economy fares from N Y-effective through March 31 ALTALA7 mwarunes ON MARCH 24 THE AlTAlA CUP WLL BE AWAROED FOR THE 12 HOUR NTERNATONAL GRANO PRX OF ENDURANCE AT SEBRNG, FLORDA

24 MELANE DE PROT, Food Editor "- NTERNATONAL MENU Swiss Cheese Appetizer Tarts Paella Limpa and Knackebrod Relish Tray French Apricot Tart Demitasse PAELLA (Spain) Fine sherry paired with hot clear broth makes a delightful prelude to Paella Accompany this Spanish favorite with a salad of crisp greens lightly dressed with oil vinegar, and a suspicion of freshly ground pepper, or a tray 0/ relishes typical of other countries TO PREPARE: 25 MN TO COOK: 45 MN,, -, " ;l- T-Shirts and Dungareu dry faster: fole: "way without ironing 8 U softens and fluffs all your washables protects tender skin Be luxurious Enjoy softer washables even when you hang them indoors Sta-Puf rinses all fabrics softer than with machine drying Softer to tender skin Get lotion pi nk Sta-Puf for softness Cltaracreristic of Spain'1 colorful well-seasoned cuisine is Paella, the country's best-known native dish ;1 TO: SUBURBATODAY BOOKS' 153 N Ml Ch' gan AYO, Chicago 1, Enclosed find $ f h' h -- or 'Of c please send ",e postpaid -t-- <opies of "Sundy Night Suppers"@SOlteach(No s amps or COD orders, please; satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded) Nome Addreu ; City Zone Print Or Write logibly TTNE1Tf\1 1 State Your chafing dish, broiler, arid' deep fryr su L r:,- - any wonderful dishes that can be cooked' ahead of time or repored in just a few minutes For'inviting recipes that an be simply prepared and informally served, ret SUNDAY NGHT SUPPERS ( '',: -', YOURS FOR ONLY 50; EACH' " j cup olive oil 2lb broiler-fryer chicken, cut in \erving-sizedpiece Y:l cup diced boiled barn or smoky sausag' 1 tablepoon finely chopped onion 2 clovc&garlic, crushed in a garlic pre",sor minced 2 ripe tomatoes, peeled and coarsely chopped 1! lbs fresh lhrimp, shelled, deveined under running cold water, and drained 12 small clam,; in shells, shells scrubbed 1Y:l teaspoons salt 2 cups uncooked rice 4 cups hot water 1 cup fresh or frozen green peas cup coarsely "hoppfd parsle' Few shredll saffron 1 rock lobster tail, eooked and mt cut in pieces or pkg frozen crab meat, thawed, drained, and bony tissue removed 7-oz can or jar whole pimiel!tos 1 Heat the olive oil in a paellera or a large skillet Add chicken and ham and cook about 10 f!lin, turning chicken to brown on all sides Add onion and garlic and cook 2 min 2 Add next four ingredients; cover and cook 5 to 10 min, or until clam shells open Remove clams and keep warm 3 Stir rice into mixture Add water, peas parsley and saffron Cover and cook 25 min or until rice is just tender, stirring occasionally_ 4 Mix in the lobster or crab meat, half of the pimiento and the clams in shells: heat until very hot Serve garnished with the remaining pimiento 8 to 10 servings Note: The ripe olive garnish in the photo is for eye-appeal SWSS CHEESE APPETZER (Switzerland) TARTS TO PREPARE: 40 MN TO BAKE: 1O-!5 MN Pastry for a 2-crust pit' 1 Y:l teaspoons butter 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion! cup (2 oz) rated Swiss cheese 1 egg, slightly beaten J cup thick sour cream % teaspoon prepared mustard % teaspoon salt Few grains cayenne pepper 1 Set out muffin pans having twenty-four in wells 2 Prepare pastry Roll dough on a lightly floured surface about J/ll in thick: cut 3in rounds and fit into muffin-pan wells Press edges with a fork and prick shells thoroughly 3 Bake at P about 10 min, or until pastry shells are golden Remove to a baki1'!g sheet 4, Heat the butter in a small skillet Add the onion and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally until onion is soft; mix thoroughly with the Swiss cheese 5 Blend together the remaining ingredients Stir in cheese mixture and spoon about 2 teaspoonfuls into each tart shell 6 Bake at 350 F! 0 to S min, or until filling is light golden Serve piping hot 2 dol tarts Continued on page 16 Suhurbia Today, March WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDA 20 YotUM S Aristocrat Binding (shown), $179-Easy Term $D down-$6 a month (llltrltnr) FmLD ENTERPRSES EDUCATONAL CORP FREE' Please send a colorful, exciting 24- page reprint of SPACE TRAVEL article from the 1962 edition World Book Encyclopedia Box 3565, Chicago 54, ll Namc Addres-'; ST3

25 WATERfEEDER ::554, applies car- "'-- tridge fertilizers in pre-measured amounts EYELY Jlhlle AVOD dong regiusprinkling!!! use with AllY sprtn aler, or at hose-end' $195 each Use WATERFEED Cartridge Fertilizers J Will t lra Non Toxic Each cartridge ' co ers 50 SQ ft!! t:w(,f:gf Waterted :4-"'" fer lawns, shrubs, ' ''; trees, dichondra Watrteed ;,,,- lor flowers starting lawns vegebbles Two sizes: Box (20 cartridges) $100 Economy pack (200 cartrtdges) $495 Ask for it at hardware and l:'rden stores! dealer camot supply contact: Slwpping in Ruh Hour 1i_LCi&W5_,, -::i>-"( S CONTNENTAL CUSNE Continued from page /5 "There, there, my pet, Mother's here beside you" TO PREPARE: LMP A (Sweden) (allow 25 MN TO BAKE: MN time for rising) 2 pkp ud"" dry yeast cap warm water, O-F 10 lsf * cup firmly packed dark brown aupr YJ cup molu-a 2 tahlcspood!l balter tablespooa Rat 2 teaapoo_ C'WY seed teaspoon pooand -ue seed 4 Clps hot water 3:Vz to 4 CUP Bour 2 caps rye Bour 1 Soften yeast in warm water; let stand 5 to 10 min 2 Meanwhile, put the next six ingredients into a large: bowl tnmediately pour the bot water over ingredients in bowl; stir until butter is melted 3 Cool to lukewarm; blend in cup of the flour, beating until smooth Stir softened yeast and add, mixing well Add the rye flour and beat until very smooth Beat in enough of the remaining flour to make a soft dough 4, Turn opto a lightly floed surface and allow to :;est 5 to 10 min Knead until dough is smooth and does not stick: to the surface Form dough into a large ball and put into a grensed deep bowl Turn to bring greased surface to top Cover with waxed paper and a towel and let stand in a warm place (about 80 F) until dough is doubled, about 2 hrs S Punch dough down with fist, pull edges in to center and turn dough completely over in bowl Cover and let rise again about Yz hrs, or until nearly doubled Punch down dough and turn onto a lightly floured surface Diyide dough in half and shape into balls 6 Place in greased 9-in wund pans; cover and let rise until dough is doubled, about 1 hr 7 Bake at 375 P 30 to 35 min, brushing with milk the last 3 min of baking Coolon a cooling rack: 2 loaves bread it could take years to find out vvhy "Weinsist on the full name Kohler All-Brass Fittings c Under their covering of gleaming chromium there's a lot of difference in fittings (faucets, valves, drains and so forth), Among people who make fittings there is general agreement- the best are made of brass So we won't and don't make any other kindevery Kohler fitting is a Kohler All-Brass fitting Everyday use proves that brass wears better And use over the years shows that brass is highly resistant to the chemical action of water-borne minerals t also hapens to be the ideal base for the chromium finish, another lasting virtue All-Brass fittings fit right into the Kohler attitude toward quality t has never even occurred to us to make a fitting that wasn't All-Brass Mter all, in more than seventyfive yeam we've learned that quality can be built into products selling at reasonable prices You will find all of this true when you make Kohler All-Brass fittings your choice Write Dept 903 for 24 page booklet in color KOHLER OF Kohler Co, Estmbllehed 1873, KOHLER Kahler, Wisconsin ENAMELED 'ON AND VlTROUS CHNA PLUMBNG FlXlUU AU-lASS FT11NG5 WCTRC 'lants - Ala COOLED ENGlttES PUQSlON CONTlOU

26 ,/ 'j! ị 1 1 CUCUMBERS N SOUR CREAM (Germany) TO PREPARE: (allow TO ('REPARE: TOMATO RELSH (Hungary) (allow % cup ('ider,'inear % cup olive oil 2 tublespoons suar A teaspoon salt % tcaspoon black pepper 5 medium-sized tomato peeled and chilled % CU} chopped onion 2 tablespoons chopp cd par!lle' 1 Blend the first five ingredients together in a small screw-top jar: cover tightly and chill in refrigerator 2 Cut chilled tomatoe into small pieces and mix lightly with onion and parsley 3 Shake jar of dressing until well blended and pour over vegetables Serve immediately A bour 2 cups relish PCKLED MUSHROOMS (taly) TO PREPARE: 10 MN time for chilling) 1 large rucumber, rinsed and pared Yo! cup thick sour crellm 1Yo! tablcspoons cider vinear 1 tolcspoon chopped chive>- teaspoon salt % teaspoon white pepper 1 Score cucumber l,/s in deep by dra',ving the tines of a fork lengthwise over entire surface then cut into thin slices 2 Combine remaining ingredients and pour over the cucumber slices; toss lightly to coat eve!":ly Chill mixture thoroughly 3 Serve garnished with finely chopped bard-cooked egg yolk A bour 1 cup relish 10 Ml' time for chilling) 15 Ml': TO MARNATE: 48 HRS 1 lb mushrooms 'with Y2-in caps, cleaned White vinegar Hot watcr 1A cup olive oil 2 teaspoons salt 2 teaspoons peppercorns 2 cloves garlic, quartered teaspoon ground mace White vinegar 1 Put mushrooms into saucepan and cover with equal amounts of vinegar and water Bring to boiling and cook 5 min; drain Set them aside to cool 2 When mushrooms are cool pack in a -p screw-top jar with a mixture of the remaining ingredients, adding enough vinegar to cover Cover jar and store in refrigerator for at least 48 hrs Serve cold AbQuf 1'l:1 cups relish ARTCHOKES N LEMON' (taly) TO PREPARE: 10 Ml' (allow" time for chilling 3 tablcspoom lemon juict 2 aabl""poon olive oil 1 elm'e garlic, finely chopped 14 teaspoon salt 1,1, teaspoon black peppr 2 7-oz canll artichoke hearb, drained and chilled 1 Mix the first five ingredients together and chill thoroughly- 2 When ready to serve stir the lemon-olive oil mixture and pour over artichoke heart About 1 Clip relish FRENCH APRCOT TART Serve elega1lt French Apricot Tart plain or accompany it with a bowl of billowy Chantilly Cream TO PREPARE: 35 Ml' (aflow time for chilling) % cup flour 1Y2 teaspoons 8U:ar :y" teaspoon snt cup butter 2 to 3 tablespoons cold water 2 -lb, 14-oz ('ang peeled whole apricots, drained (reserve sirup) JA cup strawberry or other red jell' 2 drops red rood coloring 1 cup apricot preserve 1 Blend first three ingredients together in a bowl: cut in butter with a pastry blender until pieces are the size of small pea 2 Add water tablespoon at a time mixing with a fork after each addition until dough can be gathered into a-ball 3 Roll out pastry 0:1 a lightly floured surface keeping shape round Fit into a 9-in tart or pie pan: flute edge and prick shell thoroughly 4 B:1ke at 450 F 10 to 12 min, or until pastry is light goljen brown Set aside to cool 5 Carefully remove apricol Pt:>, leaving apricots whole Set aside 6 Combine tablespoon of the reserved sirup, jelly and food coloring in a saucepan Heat slowly stirring occasionally, until jelly is melted: cool slightly, 7 Spread apricot preserve carefull: over bottom of pastry shell Arrange whole apricots over preserve; spoon red glaze over apricots Chill Serve with Chantilly Cream if desired Onl! 9-il1 ran CHANTLLY CREAM (France) Beat cup whipping cream until soft peaks are formed With final few strokes, beat into the whipped cream 3 tablespoons sifted confectioners' sugar and 1 1 /2 teaspoons vanilla extract About 2 cups whipped cream Suburbia Today, March t--l FROM ALL S-CHALM ERS Handy 42" Grader Blade MODEL 7Y HP r;agine YOUlseif in the seat of this tractor, with all the power you need for lawn, garden and other jobs around the home or farm What fun to whisk over your "green velvet"; work up a deep seedbed in your garden: put in a new lawn terrace; level a patio area; or conquer a driveway full of snow without touching a shovel Here's power, too, for hauling up to half a ton, for sickle-bar mowing of fence rows, weeds and brush Thirteen power-matched implements handle nearly any job providing fun and workpower the year 'round Best of all, the B-1 comes to you from Allis-Chalmers Just imagine yourself owning a 81, enjoying the thrill of making your work easy and fun The Allis-Chalmers dealer can arrange easy payments t's that easy do it now! Allis-Chalmers, Farm Equipment Division, Milwaukee 1, Wisconsin Tough 3:;0"Rotary Tiller ALLS-CHALMERS 7806

27 You can have nothing but pink in your garden and still have plenty of variety, masses of color Keeping Your Garden in How the Agrico Lawn Plan helps you wipe it out once and for all! You can $top the annual invasion of crabgrassand keep thi crab-shaped monster om of your lawn for keeps But you can't do it with just a crabgrass killer-not even one as eftcctive < " ACRCO Pre-Emcrgenc CRABGRASSCONTROL Complete control-year in year out-calls for a two-pmnged attack: 1 Kill crabgrass seedlings now They're already in your lawn-ready to sprout as the soil warms One application of ACRCOPre- Emergence CRAb{;l: SSCOXTROLnow will prevent these seedlings fron becoming full-grown lawncheaters AGRCOCRABCRASSCONTROLkills crabgrass even in the 2-leaf tage (about 1" high) but for best results apply inow! 2 Next- Feed your lawn Grass scientists say the biggcst enemy of crabgra',s is a thick healthy lawn This kind of la'""n will ("Towd Ollt crabgrass because this lawn-eheater needs sun growing space and air to germinate and sul'vive Treats 2500 sq ft To build a dense lawn you (SO' x 50' lawn) must feed it a balanced diet of nit:-ogen phosphorus and potash Your best buy! Only $795 ACRlCOGRASSFOOD (60C organic with urea-form) contains Beneficial to these vital elements-and morc desirable grasses Agrico gives you up to 30:( more lawn foods per bag than many other fertilizers So Ag- rico feeds grass longer Be careful of short-lasting fertilizers that give out just when crabgrass is at full striking power This 2-step common sense approach assures you a good healthy lawn that can kep crabgrass out Agrico products arc formulated for your local soil and climate in our 39 plants They go through all spreaders-settings are on every bag Agrico Lawn Plan for Spring First-make sure all y:mr grass is ::xposedto sun and air by vigorous J'aking Next-feed with ACRCOGRASSFOODfor early dense gro,""th Same day apply ACRCOCRABGRASS CONTROL FOJ" best results the soil should not be disturbed followin this application WateJ' deeply; mow no lower than "llh" Bents and southern grasses should be cut %" to 1" high f you're re-seeding seed at a heavy rate-3 to 4 weeks after applying Crabgrass Control ncts or weeds? Use ACRlCO NSEC1'CONTROLor AGRCOWEED CONTROL Get ACRCOwhere garden supplies are sold f your store is not stocked yet, write: The;! American Agricultural Chemi- eal Company; New YOJ"k 7, New York common sense approach to iawn beauty: Agrico LAWN PLAN HAVE ),Oll EVER tried sticking to just one color in your garden, from the first spring flowers to frost? t's tricky but rewarding, and once you work out a good scheme you can get the greatest variety and ring the most appealing changes on it Let us take pink - not only because it is color news at the moment, but also because it offers such a wide choice, such a range of possible combinations and subtleties First come the annuals, since they should be planted early to get the showiest possible bloom in all areas Let us begin with the brand-new pink Polynesian Zinnia for the center of the bed-it grows 2 to 2 Yz feet tail-and work outward from there t is a "hot" pink, Cut-And- Come-Again zinnia, so we shall choose Salmon Rose, of the same class to place harmoniously beside it n front of them let"s put Peach Blossom and Salmon Lilliput zinnias, growing to 18 inches; and let us edge the bed with 12-inch dwarf bedding petunias: Peach Red, Fire Chief, or Cheerful, the first two in warm red shades and the last in salmon-pink Backing up the bed, we shall use the 4- foot larkspur Steeplechase Pirk (salmon-rose), 3-foot snapdragon Venus (soft pink), or clcomc Pink Queen, growing to -4 feet By now you see how to work choosing tall, medium and low-growing plants with flowers that arc spikes round or lacy, to give variety to the picture Perhaps a word of caution may be in order, though, to guide you in achieving harmony with pink You will have noted that we have not used just one shade of pink, but that we have interpreted pink broadly so as to include pastels as well as deep tones that verge on red This will give your flower beds considerably more impact and interest than would be the case with the one-color, one-tone scheme Vary the quantities, too, with small "blobs" of one variety, a huge one of another, and a medium-sized quantity of a third, repeating the varieties in another part of the border or garden but reversing or changing the 18 SulJllrl>ia Today,!vlarch /962

28 A spectrum of pink-glowinl; Polynesia}/ Zillnia to palest Canterbury bel/s, and a bouquet of forms -l1o/lyl1ock\' 10 petunias l J, " 1 1 J 1; r i 1 the Pink" BY JOHN BRMER quantity ratio This composition of color will help to tie the whole thing together n mixing pinks, we must remember that we have warm and cool pinks and that it is not always pleasant to place a lavender-pink next to a glowing salmon, a cyclamen-pink with a rich coral, or a scarlet beside a magenta t is a good plan to keep to either the warm or the cool side of pink, or else to separate the two with sizeable areas of palest pastel pink A little forethought will assure a basic harmony TAKE YOUR CUE from your pink-flowering trees and shrubs because they are permanent, then build your warm or cool scheme for the flower beds from there f your garden is new, then you can choose shrubs and trees for the pink of perfection Some you'll want to consider are: Pinkflowering dogwood or the new near-red one, Cherokee Chief Crab apples and flowering cherries are available in a vast range-single, double, pastels, and rose-pinks to nearly red-and in heights from a few feet to about 30 feet The Judas tree (redbud) and saucer magnolia also bloom very early in spring, while tamarix blooms in summer Shrubs also extend bloom time from earliest spring to late summer with dozens of pink, i"ed, and in-between shades to choose from: weigelas, flowering almond, Carl's viburnum, hawthorn, pink-flowering quince, beauty-bush, butterflybush, and the summer spireas, Anthony Waterer, and Billiard's Among the broad-leaved evergreens-where these are hardy and soil is right-are found myriads of pinks: rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias offer wide choices of colors, heights, and even blooming time For those in warm climates, hibiscus in rose-pink, salmon, peach, and red are good choices You can start the garden year with the early bulbs in pink: tiny chionodoxa Pink Giant, seillas in rose-pink, tiny species tulips of many kinds bue particularly the cherry red and white clusiana type There are several daf ConTinued all pgf:e 27 Suhurhia Today, March CC,<c'J",'" "'," r#,,,;,<,3if1,,,;;,i!!;;;;f;;';;r,,,', i"'j:,t,'e;tf,',day''evjil'y day 'feed, yourdog the' real thlnci,1 Ricli;uiatY"", ',_,_ j,', ' -' 'r,lration-the nation's NO1 canned dog food Only Ken-L Ration-of -- '" ) )- J/dog foods-is rllade with lean, red horsemeat*-including the ataka ps, ro8ts-rndother essential ingredients-all Goyerneni nspected ' -;;::: ; ",-" :"ere's no other (og' in'the world like Y(jUrsl He de8erve the hofteet;',, J to-goodness real thing Every day 9f his life l

29 _ PHOTOGRAPH BY lews F STOCKMEYER :/A; '::r : Are We WHEN YOU USE SEYMOUR SMTH Wiser PRUNERS' Than Our - - ==== Nature's Proper prunmg Pruning Shears rom $139 to $325 at the roght t,me S the key to beautiful shrubs and trees These fat cutting anvil pruners are so light, so clean cutting, so easy to use you'll find yours('lf a pruning expert m no t,me, And for complete information on when and how to prune Seymour Smith & Son n': Oakville Connecticut Here's my 25( Please send me a copy of your PRUNNG HANDBOOK Flavor send for the SnapCut "How to Prune" booklet LOOK FOR CONFDENCE Children? We've got a lot to learn at their knees, says this famous playwright (and devoted suburban father) BY BEu HECHT author of "Th" Front Poge:' "Twentieth Century," "To Quito and Bock:' "A Child of the Century," "C"=!:"" ;;: At home in Nyack, New York-Ben Hecht and his girl, who has been an example to him since she was nine "<- /'",--"j ; ; :o;,"'",' <",,':'_ ""/',- :,- f ' "',,;, Why so shy, little one? Hearty - Tasty - -Tempting One big 21b package MAKES 30 featherweight Pancakes ALL THS: 24 large lus_lous Muffins P L USA DELCOUS QUC( CO leecake ALL SO SMPLY QUCKLY - EASLY?1t:l?t#! FREE Recipe Folder write Oept 302R BUY LEADERSHP BRANDS, Relieve pain case sorcne"-'i for my worm problems- "Pulvex Worm Caps please!" doubly fastwith nntibiotic Candettes Ed " cant help getting worms now and then but you can get rid of roundworms (ascarlds) for me fast and easy lust by mixing PULVEX worm CAPS right f1 my food No, nasty aftereffects No starving me either No vomiting Packaged for dogs and pup pies cats and kittens At leading pet de partments everywhere PULYEX FOR D06S AND CATS WTH PROBLEMS FREE: Wrile (or valuable pel care book 10 PULVEX Dept W lqll N Clifton AVf!nue ChlCDKO 14, illinos 'LLSKP what sort of a fcllow was prior to the improvcments introduced by my daughter Jenny, except for onc item was an adult (not entirely); rather, had acquired an Adult World had tacked it on to my character, willy-nilly, with the years This Adult World is an odd structure t is called Wisdom and Judgment, which it is, sometimes t is also a shantytown of arthritic notions and lopsided whims As we move deeper and deeper into thi:; patchwork world of adulthood, one certainty sustains our egothat we are wiser than our children, know more about living (and everything else) than they do Never mind our ever-increasing murder and divorce rates, lunacy and suicide statistics; our staggering load of prejudices, frustrations, regrets, and atom bombs Never mind the fact that juveniles, although they playa bit with matches, have never set fire to the world, never started a war; that hey have never darkened the earth with injustice or confused it by writing bad books Whatever the facts, we adults are, if nothing else, smarter than our kids And one of our most important functions is to guide 20 Suburbia Today, Mardi 1962 them-to become like us Also very potent in most adults is the notion that chilcren are an alien breed, startling and incomprehensible and misinformed No memories of their wn chjldhood are in such adults The child-theywere has been removed from their consciousness as completely as a troublesome gall bladder is plucked out of their interior by a surgeon And they are the surgeons Jenny began pointing out to me the many flaws and fallacies of adulthood when she was nine She used no books and indulged in no lectures She enlightened solely by example NOTED that my daughter was able to fall _ asleep without the aid of barbiturates, bottled beer, or deep massage noted that she never boasted or told lies, that she never wasted any time trying to earn anyone's esteem noted that she was fond of nearly everyone she met (under 12) with the exception of a few boys whose legs were too fat or who couldn't do any tricks on her trapeze had rigged one up in her bedroom, a sort of memorial to my early 1 1 ] ) t " ;, j j i 1 \ \ 1 :l j, " i,, j :} j J t career (at 14) as a performer in a small-time circus noted also that Jenny believed happily in God, although neither nor her mother Rose had ever urged het on; that she wa able to entertain herself by merely running down the beach-we lived then on the sea front in Oceanside, California noted that she had almost no prejudices or fears She had earned the companionship of an eight-foot snake This had required sitting for two days in front of the snake's small cave and playing tunes to it on her recorder She appeared triumphantly for lunch with her eight-foot admirer coiled around her neck noted that she 'preferred lying lonely on the sunny beach to meeting a parlor full of celebrities; that each day that dawned was like a surprise party; that when anyone started talking global politics and the chances for a World War, Jenny always left the premises And began to note that she considered herself a sort of Empire of One in which all newspapers and other information dispersers were an intrusion And there was no greed in her for money or awards of any kind She was engaged only in tlle feat of living The only emotion that marked her day was gratitude Her belief in God was mainly her gratitude for His having created so many things of wonder for her to enjoy Noting these and other fine points, began an ego inventory decided, after this stock taking, that was less in- {ont;nued on page 22 Suburl!f!z Today, Marcil ' >,:J""" bringing up baby'" Hin,t8 collected bll,"fra Dan Gerber, Mother of 5 Even the friendliest baby may suddenly turr shy at the sight of a relative or friend whom he's cheerfully accepted before (Usually a passing stage at 5 months of age) One reason for this shyness may be the fact that baby has come to realize that other people are different from mother Your baby knows he can count on you he's not sure about the others Suggested helps: Let baby study visitors from the "protective custody" of your arms A favorite hold-toy provides added security f you tell cuddle-loving friends to hold off 'til baby makes his own advances, chances are he'll socialize sooner Shy babies or sociable babies benefit from the special care the Gerber people take to make quality, nourishing foods Mr Dan Gerber gives you an example of Gi!rber care: Fruits with a college education "t may seem strange, but in many cases Gerber Strained and Junior Fruits do get the benefit of a college education Gerber Agricultural Researchers work with agricultural colleges and growers to improve orchards, growing methods md the qu&iity of your baby's fruits What's more, once harvested, the fruit must pass rigid 'entrance examinations' for j uidness, ripeness ftavor and coll" Twonew Gerber dlights for your darling: 1 Strained Orange-Aprioot Juice, a delightful companion to the 6 other Gerber Juices Delicate and distinctive in flavor high in vitamin C And if baby hasn't yet tried Gerber Apple-Cherry Juice, why not treat him to this delightful sipping pleasure 2 Gerber Meat Stioks The perfect finger food for toddlers Made from selected Armour Pork and Beef, nonfat dry milk solids, they're extra rich in body-building protein Mildly seasoned for wonderful fiavo';" low in fat for easy digestibility "Play with your baby:' say the child specialists Aside from the fun baby gets from participation, 2-way games help teach him the 3 big C's: concentration, co-ordination, co-operation Then too, if baby learns w play with you, he's less apt to be shy when others want to play with him mportant: Gerber makes over 100 baby foods: cereals, strained and junior, to meet your baby's nutritional needs We're proud to say; "Babies are our business our only business!' Gerber FREMONY MCH'GAN

30 A Scandinavian Summer, excitingly different! Cruise the N orthlands aboard the 8S ARGENTNA or 8S tlrasl Cruise to new places, new sights revisit favorite Northern'Continental cities, too '" Only Moore-McCormack plans a cruise so thoughtfully to the }and of the midnight sun; through the spectacular fjords; to Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen; to Leningrad See 12 or 13 colorful cities Moore- McCormack understands your feelings bout leisurely time for sightseeing, shopping, amusement and relaxation Enjoy the finest food, service and sophisticated entertainment of the finest host on the high seas Fabled Dining n Minutes Now the world's legendary banquet dishes are ready to heat and serve and so astonishingly good they were cheered as "a milestone" by the St Louis Post-Dispatch and saluted from coast to coast lust minutes away from your table, for instance, is the noble Beef Stroganoff of old mperial Russia "Generous thick slices of tender beef sauce thick with mushrooms, flavored delicately with sherry," drooled the Seattle Times "A natural for a buffet supper", suggested the NY Herald Tribune Famous Foods of the Vv'orld make magnificent dining for guests, an inspired change for the family Three generous servings of Stroganoff, taly's Chicken Cacciatore or Swedish Kottbullar cost less than a dollar Try them soon, and the wo remarkable soups as well Live gloriously! G,'o A Harmel & Co, Austin, Minn See '{our Travel Agent for Reservations Limited to about 400 guests on America's newest and most spacious cruise ships Naturally, all accommodations are first class Shore programs SS ARGENTNA June 12 from New York: Reykjavik, Hammerfest, North Cape, Tromso, Geirangerfjord, Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Leningrad, Travemunde, Copenhagen, Amsterdam From $1, ARGENTNA July 18 from New York Reykjavik, Hammerfest, North Cape, Tromso, Bergen, Oslo, Gdynia, Stockholm, Helsinki, Leningrad, Copenhagen, Southampton From $1,350 SS BRASL August 9 from New York: Reykjavik, Hammerfest, North Cape, Tromso, Geirangerfjord, Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Leningrad, Trave- munde, Copenhagen, Antwerp From $1,285 Children Continued from page 2/ formed than Jenny in many human matters was full of useless indignations, immodesties, boastfulness And, worst of all, one of my basic attitudes was that of winning the esteem of people who meant nothing to me There came to me then a revelation still cherish-the perfection of youth and the imperfection of adulthood t was not a new sign in the heavens that saw, for had chronicled the revelation first when Jenny was three days old had written it in a preface to my book, "A Guide for the Bedevilled," as follows- To Jenny, Aged 3 Days Old woman, were you ever like my daughter, newly born? Old man, did such contentment ever star your brow? What a difference appears to all the world when look on my daughter, newly born Where is the world gone that has lost her face? marvel that statesmen once had hands so small and spirits so divine marvel that warriors came all to being with a helpless, [rusting gurgle much like hers marvel that all the crude, half-mad, half-evil cry of men with things embattled-began thus, Began with soft enthusiasm fof nothing but the air and light; Began with graceful look at things unknown, Began ith clear eyes and with tiny, clownish innocence believing in the warmth of God All the soldiers dying were like her, All the angry and tormented ones, All the fools and scoundrels and all the ogres of unreason Were like her- With face no larger than a heart, Began like her, no more ruffled than the dew tiptoeing on the grass Where did the robbery take place? Where was she stolen from the world, and all the world left without an elfin bugle blowing, Without a breath of Eden stirring except on my daughter's face-newly born? t is, of course, impossible for any adult to acquire the virtues of childhood, however apt a pupil he is and however stirring a teacher he has had to compromise-stick to my sleeping pills and deep massage; to my lying and YOU GET MUCH MORE WTH MOORE-McCORMACK LNES 2 BROADWAY, DEPARTMENT S, NEW YOR( 4, HEW YOR( U8UJf8fA TODAY "En Garde!" 22 Suburbia Today, March 1962

31 j 1 J, j j, 1, i, i 1 j Tree Pattern Lopping Shears #324T Long handles, knife-edged blades cut large and hard to reach branches wi th ease $595 Others to $850 wherever fine garden tools are sold J WSS l SONS CO, NEWARK 7, N J FX T QUCK! Nothing adheres to metal and wood like Plastic Wood! Easy to use Ask for it, by name! -, ror Un8t 8llta ahdys 1188 GENUNE -!J i bragging; to my prejudices and battle for esteem But could look on my flaws with Jenny's eyes and thereby edit and lessen them Now that Jenny is 18, she has less to teach me She is coming to Broadway in a play called "Simone" She plays the part in it of a little girl in the France of 1942 who dreams that she is Joan of Arc Watching her rehearse, noting her devotion to her first big theatrical chore, my heart applauds something other than her talent as an actress note in the 18-year-old-Jenny that her childhood is still half her soul, that its ways still guide her And have one deep wish for her-that she remain herself rather than change into :30 adult who never knew her have written sincerely, for think one of the world's chief sicknesses is its divorce from the memory of youth have an increased faith in the prospect of peace because our President has two young children What fine collaborators for a statesman! Two wells of truth, two admirers of life, two aficionados of sky, sun, moon, wind, and earth To SUM up-instead of us adults tackling the problem of how to raise our children, a more profitable activity lies in letting our young ones lure us out of our habits of mis-living imagine that taught Jenny many things during her first 10 years She was an accomplished eavesdropper, which is always an important branch of learning for the young But her return instruction makes us even as educators 'm sure that mothers of girls will find my "revelation" naive For good mothers enroll automatically as pupils of their children and keep young and wise by basking in the spirit of their offspring My message, however, is not for them t's for fathers t's this-note your daughter's virtuesthe ones you had no hand implanting in her Observe her superior use of daylight, her disdain for cluttering her head and heart Take heed of her childhood, and you will find she has Vlstlymore to give you than you have to offer her "Class dismissed," saysjenny, "and stop mooning about childhood We both have a play to get going on the stage And 'd appreciate your most adult aid" S""" th" Chi/dr" Fr'd alwn /h" firt internation(ll norl- $-(ctarian we!lfare ur anizarion n ti'l" U _ S ;& rt:ftuft'rrd will th' t S Stat Df!fJartmrnt Advuory Committee Ort VoluftCnrv For(ifl Aid and u a m(bcr of th, n/crnatlonal Union for Child \\'1'1- fa,,' AllUOO RON-ALUMNUM RALNGS & COLUMNS NEW Beauty NEW Strength PHOSFUSED FOR PERMANENCE f you love children, your hcart will o out to Tommy Littlcravcn a 9ycar-old American ndian hoy who is attcndin school off the reservation for the first time Goin to school in town fuhtens Tonm1\' He is afraid that his non-ndian schoolmates e lallghing at his tattered dothin at his faulty English f k yearns to join the s<:lloolc1uh to buy personal books clothing o out for a soda with the othcr 1' boys But his parerts are too poor to ve him ' pocket money And so Tommy wandcrs off by himself and dreams that someday he will have the 1; money to do what his non-ndian schoolmates do f: \ if you love :"jj' children _1,\\ Make a dream come true! YO YOllr school or oup {''arl make this dream eollle trut' for an ndian child like Tommv Contrihutl' $10 a month and provid" one ndian YOllngsl<'r with suit,lhk dothin, personal books and a cash allowance You will rl'(:cive the photoraph and story of thl' child you help and enjoy a warm person-to-person relationship through an exchade of letters Pc'lSei\'l' (Jne ndian youngster an cven break-and the scnse of sccurity and C()n6dCl('C he needs to join tilt" m,linstrcarn of Ameri<:an life r SerVlOl: Childr for 30 Years SAVE THE CHLDREN FEDERATON Norwalk, ConnL'<--tiCllt wish to contribute $12000 annually to help an American ndan girl 0 boy 0 Enclosed15 my first payment: SlOooa month 0 $ 6000 semiannually 0 S30oo a Quarter 0 S120OO annually 0 cannot sponsor a child enclosedis contribution of Name Address _ Cty zone-state Contributiors ore inco",* to_ deduetibkt ST 32 ' ' Put out the tire of burnin" f""l with Or Schol\'" Foot Powd,,- l aeln in nd1 Most """thin" ",lief for hot U'nder perbl"nn" f""t that you Pv tnro F O('w or l i"ht hoel\ Help" prevenl Athl"le'" Foot tit- fool happy Stlrt u"in" Or Scholl'" Fool Powder today Sold vryw SORE THROAT? REUEVE PAN ;" "- get EASE SORENESS DO)BL Y FAST Candettes e T<VJte good! Oronge flavored HOME app1ian!les 50th ANNVERSARY GRL SCOUT WEEK MARCH 11-17,1962 r WHEN OLED REGULARLY WTH 3-N-ONE OL: Alway, us RECUlAR or OL SPRAY lor general Job, EHerRle MOTOR Oil for avy duty, BUV ALL THREE' ', suburba TOPAY Suburbia Today, March f:" SEND FOR FREE "HOW TO NSTALL" 8ROHURE ','{lj',,:uj 1"\ lt ':',1 -, '- :-:: #21 ' ', -, 0,;rd " 'ri8i COMPLETE SYSTEM COSTS APPROX 3c PER sa FT 3c per SQ ft figure,ncludes RAN JET spnnklers fie,ble ppe qulck'altach fittings and valves Average cost of complete prmanent RAN JET sys tem appro hat of 3 hoses and 3 stands RAN let ORP_ 391 s flower ST &UR8ANK, CALF 'lli \', V'r' '\V4 l'!ii J/ " ram-alve

32 r':w, ;i;2,1 U-;;_ '-',,,-:' "-' Spectacular collection of genuine a:ldkerent foreign postage stamps picturing weld and fascinating anlmal from Borneo Russi3, Sarawak Jnd ('thef faraway lands An exohng STAMPed'! of franeatlng tigers, grotesque ant bears, mart'- moth pachyderms ferocious wlfd boars rampagang bison, leaping kartgarou$, SitvJge polr bears _ many many others Everything from allte:ators to ledr3s n this awesome display 01 wllo animals EXTRA! Big Bargain Catalog Attrac- \lye stamp offers for free consderation Valuable Collector's CUlde Send De for maling E HARRS CO, Opl l210_ Boston 17 Mass tiw:" wr :-;:' orl"h, ele FREE to i"troduce our 4,,'-' alii U Sand F"oroian Approvals For, oo,tal and hondllnl send 10e 10 -: ft GLOBUS STAMP CO, nc,"",,, 276 Put Aenu South : -- - Nw York 10 N Y Dent 14 _ rrdu(ed::-$398 \ " c"," )2)4-)6 cp 12140)")1-40 C c )4-)")G-42 NOW ONLY \l::;":('ltl llitor _h nlp r_ l, r"r "1Jur1 """'n,,,1 -nd "n- Ju1 (' l'n' -r' f r " n"tnl 1,1 :u'";'h:, 11::: a"(-nr- prh_ :::r"wl't fy 01" mr" l":1(;'a:' 1 19<1 to trim lumm", nl tlill 1(1 YJUlhful n UnOK ut'll" '111:1'11, rl r h n- ::;h::''u)' '" ll 'n Y" '"on! with f-o"l1 &r> 4''lt<rHlnltl" 1'''''''''' ll' -n7 l>"'ll, "u, 1'01:-111 fwrh ur WHhou\ td- lr)_:f ('OolU U Mu t:"::;o:\ ;;;;:S7;N;C- - u s, "u"',,",(le C tr v :: fn,j 1'lH_\l'r,Ut:rrt; l' 0,1) SJ,'" Du P'H'an - 1K"1<N,," '" )"<tu pa,y Ulll" sll' 1, 1"t n)'" MUltO HURRY! 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33 New Universal dress form, perfected by former Hollywood dress designer; provides many work-saving short-cuts Fin;t Dress Form with Fall Length Skirt adjusts to "gain" or "lose" when yoo do Being bendablc and flexibl dresses slip on and off withont opening seams Yon 'Saveneedless hours of sewing time Custom fit is guaranteed or DO eost New Type Adjustable Drss Form Gives A Full Length Skirt }'orm And Hem-Measurer! ONLY $398 t!j = RECENTLY' 3a1e an eye-opening preview demorurrmion of the ned 1962 UnifleTlKll By DOROTHY WARNG, Fcuhion Edilorilll PeB>lend me the new 1962 l:nversal ADJUSTABLE DRESS and SKRT FORM in my i,, fur 30-DAY home tria! f it does not help "'" make my too-tir:ht Bnd too-\()(»;e clothes fit like they did when new again and help Mve OW" many hours oc Bewing time in making my own suibl and d then t may send the form back within 30 day" for a full recund o SEND PREPAl) endose $398 to save all COD postgge c;harges full r')ney-bac;k guarantee too-tight or too-loose clothes really fit like new again You ean remodel last year's alterable suits and dresses into chic new Spring fashions You can even make yourseh a brand new Spri!!g wardrobe and do it in much less time than it usually takes! With a terrific saving in dollars, too! Completely Writer A'!" Dren Form' 3aw it proide &eleing horteut& and do things' nel'et dreamed a drc8ll ' -or form canld do Women who UJe(U by the prious model - and oer lullf a miuion _ JJr bought one - wiu lume cazue to be reauy entjuuitutic when t&ey ee thi& one! Skirt Form and Hem-Measurer First of all, this dress form is the only one 've ever seen that gives you a full length, completely adjustahle skirt form and hem - measurer, too What a boon when you're making or shortening skirts! You simply slip the skirt on pin up the hem, following a line of measure ment points at tte skirt-length you want then stand back and look! nstantly, you see how the skirt will look on you hecame the form's measure ments are your measurements No longer will you have to rip out seam8 or rdo hems hecause a skirt hangs too high in front or sags in the hack Takes Guesswork Out of Sewing Perhaps the higg,-"st thing about this dress form is that you can make it "gain" or "lose" when you do - thanks to its 8imple adjustmnt-; that let it duplicate all YOur hasi meaburements Women who have used Rome of the more expensive forms know how they have!o rip and rc-sew in order to fit clothes on them But not with this new time-saver! Becam,e it is bendable and flexible, you simpl, hend in Ule 8houlders to slip :l dress on Thi8 saves hours of needless work The real 8atisfaction, however is when you put the dress On yourself! You have the thrill of seeing a "custom-fitted bok," just as though your dress had been made for you by your favorite seamstress: Saves time, temper, tears a dozen ways Every woman knows it's the needless mistakes, the temper - provoking extra work and the petty exasperai:ions that take the fun out of "making your own:' Believe me, ladies this new form is so virtually mistakproof it puts the fun right back into making your own clothe!> With it, you can quickly make your Adiustable magine this! You can widen or take in the diaphragm even raise, lower, flatten or fill out the busts individually! t comes with a separate belt fitter that adjusts to duplicate your own midriff n fact, all the form's measurements adjust to duplicate your measuremenf8 80 e-uctly that whatever fits it will also fit you! Made of unwoven fabric bonded to sturdy Kraft stock, this is one dress form that's both light-weight and durable t stands on its own "skirt" - r quires no extra costly stand! Yet when not in use, its nine sections fold ont flat and tuck away in a bureau drawer 3O-Day Home Trial Previous models of this remarkable dress form have won editorial praise from such distinguished magazines as VOGUE PATTERN BOOK, LOOK, AMERCAN MAGAZNE and McCA'LLS PATTERN BOOK Yet for the same low price of only $398, this new 1962 model is vastly superior- and much easier to use! We know you will be truly delighted once you try it This is why we are mak ing this generous trial offer Mail the coupon today Use the dress fqrm for a full month Then if you can honestly bring yourself to part with it, we'll mail you a full refund Don't put it off Be the first in your area to own a new 1962 Universal Dress Form! 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35 AU EW 'l}'-f!ower Anvil Pruners #708 Completely new desilll for usier cut hne of st brs New unique two position latcll Comtortable crills $325 wlerewet fine prden tools are sold #707 Sll&ler licll:er rslon $215 J '$1 &0 SOlS C, JUWU& 7 J with exclusive, Aell-N-float<& design ';r o-scalp mowing' Garden COl/inued from page /9 fodils with salmon-pink trumpets, hyacinths of both pale and deep pink, and the early-to-ate flow- ering tal) tulips will carty pink through April and May, the Darwin, Cottage, Lily-flowered and spectacular Parrot tulips offering dozens of possibilities You can fill in the time between bulbs and annuals with early flowering pink perennials Tree peonies bloom quite early, while the herbaceous peonies start about mid-may to sport their flesh or lilac-pinks, their deep rose and salmon or crimson and other red shades Bearded iris offer many pinks, not only the familiar lavender-pink but glowing flamingo or soft flesh tones, while dwarf bearded iris varieties, Rose Blush and Heatherbloom, can edge the bed rosily Japanese iris flamingo, Pink Frost, Rose Anna, and other pinks carry color toward midsummer and day lilies offer June and July bloom with pinks too numerous to mention Many lilies, too, particularly the speciosum and their hybrids, are splendid rosy companions for other plants NLATE SUMMER and in autumn we end the season with chrysanthemums, the pinks being among the best hybrids in all types n annuals, of course, the choice is unlimited To make sure you don't overlook any special opportunities, we suggest that you search your sed racks or your catalogs foc the following in pink; Hollyhocks, cosmos, scabiosa, deome, larkspur, zinnias, and snapdragons among the tall growers; Canterbury bells, asters, cockscomb (Celosia), cornflowers, medium-height snapdragons, zinnias, and scabiosa, as well as salvia among the medium growers Low-growing annuals and bed edgers: Ageratum Fairy Pink, bush-balsam, sweet alyssum, pinks, calendula Apricot Beauty, phlox c1rummondi, and its even dwarfer varieties, pansies and wine-red shades, impatiens dwarf SultanL verbena, vinca, dwarf sweet-william, portulaca, Cali-_ fomia poppy Sweetheart, and dwarf asters t' a rosy prospect-yours for the planting L v c m "' l ::! t' r, ",, t i,, B ';8'?5? 'it', Of all the )ti Englishmen who drink gin how many drink Gordon's? Most of them And it's been that way for years To be blunt about it, Gordon's is England's biggest selling gin -- as it is America's and the world's Why? Probably because we have always refused to tampe with a good thing Gordon's still harks back to Alexander Gordon's origi nol formula-conceived in London 193 years ago-so its distinctive dryness and Aavour remain unchanged and unchallenged to this day Ask for Gordon's by name at your favourite tavern and package store t f, STlllElllllfjOOll bry Gill 1UTUl WTS DSTlllill FRU GlAll 90 PROOf f '" COllllln DRYell COl TD ll1lll l" J POJUCT Of UsA $l1!' ;:,A(::-#ib 1 t/j't OA' -v - / : :1 BE ORGNALWTH CHEESE :1 and Lea& Perrins the orinal Worcestershire ' " Arit!ftS EMPEtOR with 0 pdwrful SYa hp, rear ovnted engine CO_ with 32" or 26" rotary Dr 30" reel ma_ri thot flex Dnd float in D direc;tian$ - pl Cny nsta-hitdt ottacft ments for rear 'found use So easy to vse with fingertip controls forward s;::eeds; """'"" Dnd unobstructed fonrard vision! Climb 70% grades easily! Moil COUpon below fodayl r , AliENS CO, 241 Ca St : Brill""" W-S EMPBOl il$ aclyertised in Subwloia TocaJ' : Nam/ 1 Addreu : 1 City &0 Z ' _:---_---& : County S: SUBURBA rodat Suburbia Today, March BAUD CleEDD" CASSEltOL (6 servings) Beat 4 eggs till light, add 3 Co milk, 2 c grated cheddar cheese, 2 Co soft bread crumbs, 1 tbs Lea & Perrins, 1 tsp salt Pour into greased 1%-qt casserole, set dish in pan containing 1in hot water Bakeat3500 till firm Decoratewith j)llrsley_ Add well-seasoned excitement to all your meatless dishes! Cook-in Lea & Perrins-the original, the only full-strength Worcestershire with a quality lavor that lasts, FREEt COOK BOOK LEA & PERRNS 168original! Write, Bm<JL Fair La New ediry

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37 i Thursday, March 8, 1)'62 GROSSE PONTE NEWS Page Eleven WOMEN'S From Anotllcr Pointc of Vie,,, By Patricia Talbot As soon as the Archives of American Art festivity, the Lundi Gras party at the London Chop House was over Monday Mr and Mrs Henry desegur Lauve left for Paris They new to France Tuesdav to attend the chisten- (h, this' Sunday of their god child, Elizabeth Hamilton Blake, daughter of the Robert Hamilton Blakes, of Paris The ceremony will take place in the American Cathedral in Paris The Blakes longtime Paris residents, int1'oduccd the Lauves many years ago After a stay in St Moritz, Mrs Lauve will fly to London before coming home in 17 days While we are reporting on European jaunts we must mention that vour editor will be leaving this \'leek-end Jor a 17 day ;tay in Great Britain During her absence the society and feature chores at the Grosse Pointe News \vill be handled ably by Betty Collins, a former staffer Spring Golf Date NSURANCE THE "PROS"- LET'S KEEP T THAT S STRCTLY FOR NSURANCE WAY ARTHUR J ROHDE AMD OOMPANY Spring checks for TEENS '\<, " l711east Jefferson Derrnir 7 Mich LO Store Hours 9:30 to 5:30 Short and to the Pointe i ML and MRS PETER C WADE are currently making their home with MRS P O PETERSON in Renaud road Mr Wade recently his army service >< >< >< 1'1'1R and MRS JOSEPH O'CONNOR of Belfast, reland, recently became the parents of 11 daughter Mrs O'Connor is the former Nancy Elizabeth Wayne c au g h t e r of MRS ARTHUR L WAYNE of Park Mrs Thomas lane College Millbrook N Y, was, >< '" a member of the High Honors Recent vacationers at Fort List at the end of the first Lauderdale, Fla were MR and semester MRS FREDERCK W TEN- >< '" '" NTY of Williston road Among thosc contributing to >/< >< >< the Marygrove Colle!Se year- >< ><, >< ;< * R, Heydman BAR BAR A RENE STONE, daughter of the Frank A Stones, of Chalfonte road, was married Saturday in Our Lady Star of the Sea Church to Mr Heydman, son of the Carl D Heydmans, of Omaha, Neb J R 1'1' 'ULATA d book is KATHLEEN BRUCE >< >< >< E E E \ ' aug 1- d u ht l' of the MARSHALL MR and MRS HENRY B tel of the Jerry KulaJas, of age 1 1 d C " r', d h b d BRUCES, of DcvonsL1lre road JOY JR, of Provenca roa all \ le\\ loa, as cen name >< >< '" will be leaving shortly to pick Sweetheart of Sgma Ph Eps- Sill t Ft t W t M' h' U' SUSAN WAGGONER daugh- up ther boat, pray,a ona Shes?rn C b 1gan f Cnllter of DR and MRS LYLE G L1uderdale, Fla, and then will b' 'd M verslty e S a mcm er 0 11 d f" h' g' the Virginia should be at ts very est n n11 - arc 1 al1e 0111('a and a junior WAG G '0 N E R of Lakeview go eep _ sea S n n the David Turners are planning- on a week's golfing then " >< '" >< eourt, has pic d ge d Kappa Flonda Keys t th F t C t "'"' b Alpha Theta at AlbOn College '" >< >< a e armmg- 01 oun ry \, u MR and MRS JAMES DAR- where she is a sophomore,judge and MRS CARL Then they wll go on to Wshngton to tend the RELL TODD of Saginaw, an- PAMELA SMTH daughter of WE DE MAN, of Windmill Father-Daughter week-end festvtes March,1 at m- nounce the birth of a son the BRENT\VOOD SMTHS, of Pointe drive, have Florida maeulata Junior College where thcir daughter, Sharon, JAMES DARRELL, on Feb- 'vto Vernon road has pledged reservations They will go is a student ruary 26 Mrs Todd is the Delta Gamma at Albion where bone fishing and end up their M Tn" '11 be takino" a rest from her vlunteer former Claudia Ann Koury, of she is a freshman, five-week vacation in Palm 1'5 ur C \\1 ",, North Brys dnve ' Bach job for <Christ Child Society With Mrs Donald Currer" >< ",' >< '" * >< e h b 'd HELEN RAE LAGE of Au- '" >< >< she has handled a mamncloht mcalrltl H n r ge game JOHN COOK, son of MR and dubon road has been' chosen The HOWARD F SMTHS, whch has netted $800 for rst 11 ( ous ' \:RS JOHN COOK, of East program chairman of the Mar- JR of Grosse Pointe boule- More news from mmaculata concerns Mary Susan Jefferson ave"nue, has recently quette University chapter of vard will take son, TEDDY, Duffy, daughter of the Raymond J Duffs, Jr, of -a?y been appointed chairman of the Sigma Alpha Eta, national pro- siing at Aspen, olo, durng road lvith her roommate, l\'linda Standmg, of Vtrgll1la Admissions committee of the fessional speech and heang hs md-march sprng vacaton Beach, Va, she will leave April 18 for Lake Worth, Fla, Carleton College Student Asso- rehabilitatin society at Mll- from GPUS where she will visit Mrs Duffy's parents, the John V, ciation in Northfield, Minn i waukee, WS >< >< " lierrs >< >< >< * >< >< MRS KARL G BEHR, of Then the girls wtll be off to join a group incnding Named to thc Dean's List at MR and MRS RUSSE!-,L M Beacon hill, entertained last Brown University, Providence, WHTE JR, of Farmmgton, week for her granddaughter, (Continued on Page 12) R 1, is HENRY D PETER, Mich, announce the birth of DANA BEHR S TAN D SH, son of the DONALP H PE- their second child, a daughter, daughter of the JAMES D TERS, of Merriweather road JULE TALBOT, on March 1 STANDSHES, of Rivard >< >< >< Mrs White is the former Anne boulevard, on her sixth birth- PAULNE SCHMDT of Devonshire road, has been named vice-president of the newly formed University of Detroit Dental Hygienists Alumnae As sociation '" >/< * SARAH RED, daughter of MR and MRS FRANK A RED of McMillan road, has just been given the Dean Grasctt Scholarship Award for the year by Trinity College of the University of Toronto PAULNE '"KM1ER, daugh- ter of the A FREDERCK KAMl\1ERS, JR, of Kerby road a freshl7jan at Bennett Hoover, daughter of the R day KETH HOOVERS of Brys drive MRS RUSSELL M WHTE, SR of Mt Vernon drive is the paternal grandmother Members of Pi Sigma Epsi lon, national professional fra ternity at the University of Detroit, recently elected THOMAS W SCHERVSH as treasurer Schervish, th son, of MR and MRS WLLAiV! H SCHER- VSH of Fisher road, is a senior in the U of D College of Commerce and Finance majoring in marketing He is also past president of the U of D ifles, a local military fraternity, and a 1958 graduate of Austin High School DR CLARENCE HlLBERRY, presidcnt of Wayne State University, recently announced the appointment of MARSHALL V NOECKER, of Handy road, to the Wayne State Businessmen's Advisory Committee This committee consists of 24 men from reading Michigan in dustries Their duty is to advise Dr Hilberry on University matters as they relate to business conditions and the business climate in Michigan * >< '" MR and MRS S USA N GARLNGHOUSE d a ugh tel' of MR and MRS J 0 H N GARLNGHOUSE, of Merriweather road was part of the production crew in charge of lighting at a recent dance recital held by s t u den t s at Smith College '" >< * CAROL GARGARO, daughter past year of the EUGENE A GARGAROS, of Renaud road, was named to the Dean's List at Marymount College, Arlington, Va, She has also been elected to Sigma Tau Sigma, national scholastic honor sorority >< '" >< Mrs Webber To Be Married Mrs James B Webber, Jr, of Kenwood road, will be mal'- ried in early summer to Gilman Angier, of Providence, R 1 The exact date of the wedding is complicated by Mrs The American Red Cross con- "dueted major disaster relief operations following 6 hurricanes, 45 tornadoes, 21 other storms, 48 floods, 204 fires and 15 other,disasters during the On the average, 85 cents of every Red Cross disaster relief dollar goes for long-term family rehabilitation aid, around 10 cents for emergency mass care, and five cents for operating costs Barbara Stone Wed To Thomas Heydman Pair Wed Saturday in Our Lady Star of the Sea Church; After Trip to Williamsburg, Va, Newly weds Will Make Their Home in Des Moines, la Webber's daughter Nancy, who Barbara rene Stone, daughter of the Frank A will make her debut in June, Stones, of Chalfonte road, was married Saturday in Our and Betsy Webber's projected Lady Star of the Sea Church to Thomas Roger Heydman, summer trip to Europe with a GPUS group of students son of the Carl D Heydmans, of Omaha, Neb Mrs Webber, before her For the fites the bride'-," marriage to the late vice presi- wore a candlelight ivory J ohnson were attendants They dent of J L Hudson Co, was peau de soie gown accented wo"e Gr?cian rose satin frocks Nancy Scarborough She met with pearls and opalescert and earned roses Mr Angier who is vice presi- pailettes embroidered on Frank J" Hedman was best d 1 1 ma'1 and ushenng were James dent of the n ustna NatlOna Alencon lace across the oval Ha;t and Carl Heydman Bank of Rhode sland and a k d b d Tl b 11 nee e a Ce 1e e For her daughter's wedding :mmmer neighbor of the Ken- shaped skirt flowed into in- and the reception at the Golden at nedys a party at Hyannis given here Port, by Mass, the verted Watteau pleats and Lion Mrs, Stone wore a toast Charles LeB Homers, of Tour- a court train silk suit with matching acces aine road His son, Gilman, Jr, A cap of Alenron lace caught sorjes 1\1rs Heydman \':as in a is a freshman at Michigan State hel' illusion veil and she car- mir:t p'ccn sheath, U 't ried white roses and stephano- For travehng to lhamsmversl y \T 'd d tis burg, a" t 1e Jr e wore a go rs Webber has been very Hilda Jo Ray was maid of sui1 They will live in Des ;lctlve as a (}rkerh for the honor and Lois Popp and Peggy MOll1es a Umted FoundatOn, t e Opera, _ the Symphony and the Art nstilute as well as other civic, Pointers Work On 'Y' Drive and cultural projects in Detroit With the slogan, "The YW We,tbrook, Northwest Branch; Huck's Lakeshore restaurant for You in '62" the YWCA cf and Mrs hill:p Smitley, 160:5 will be MRS GUSTAVE DAH- M t l't D tt l' West 13 Mle Road, Royal Oak, LEN, MRS EDWARD ERCK- ropo an e rol a ore 1 Oakland Branch SON, MRS, CHARLES HELN, Drve agency, began a Jet-age Among the 1,500 women serv- MRS OTTO LUNDELL, MRS drive March first for 7500 new ling a<; campaign workers are JAMES MAVUS and MRS and renewed memberships Grossc Pointers Mrs Eugene VERLE R YON The lunchon The 3D,OOO-member organiza- Balm, Mrs Kins Collins, Mrs honors TALO BABNO, cellst, tion has recruited 1,500 work- Edgar B Cooper Mrs Murray who will play with the sym- ers to seek memberships in the Lloyd Davis, Mrs Edgar Hahn, Pilato by Beatrice Zwaan phony Mareh 17 at the Scottish communities of Macomb Oak- Mn Herbert Mandel, Mrs Rite Auditorium Masonic Tem- land and Wayne coanties served Frederick Schumann, and Mrs WHTTAKER of Hobart, nd, pe by the YWCA's seven branches Harry Zollinger announce the birth of a son '" >< '" according to Mrs Fernand Mil- Others are 1\lrs Kenneth THOMAS G REG 0 R Y on Named to the Dean's List at le', Ashton Road, metro- Koppin, Mrs William Adams, March 3 Grandparents are the Miami University Oxford 0, is politan campaign cool'dinator i\oln H Ray Will 1\1rs William L L 0 Y D WHTTAKERS of JAMES GORDON GLMORE, "We hope that many women S'mons, l\rs Leonard Slow1n, Courville road and the RALPH of Severn road who Wsh to help the YWCA, J SN A1'S of Hillc'est road >< '" >< provide opportunities for 'the MSS Gertrude Schwarz, 1\1rs Off to Jamaica on March 16 good life' for young girls will Vernor l\lorris, :''ll's John Her are MR and MRS JACK become Life or Contributing malin Mrs Thatcher Rea, Mrs FRASER, of Lincoln road members," Mrs l\hller said Arthur Dickhoff, Mrs Lawrence ><, >< Life memberships she point-! Ruby Mrs James Laird, Mrs The EMMET l' R A C Y S, of e ot, are $100 and con- Richard Edwards and Mrs Dan Provcncal road, have returned tnbutmg membershps range iel Wells, from a visit with the RCHARD from $5 o $99 Participating ' At the subscription kickoff A 0 CONNORS, of Palm membershps fo adults ale dinner last Thursday, Febrl1ary Beach, Fla The O'Connors $250 and for grls under Mrs Kins Collins reported also have a summer place at years of age $1 on the splendid work be1ng Harbor Springs, Through the cooperation of done by the n tel' n a t ion a 1 >< >< '" American Airlines each YWCA Y\\"CA in Africa which she The J LAWRENCE BUELLS, building is carrying out the sa\\ first-hand last fall JR, of Vendome road will be theme of the "jet-age drive" A lively skit showed fund spending April in Spain with displays of travel posters WO kers how to recruit mem- >< '" * and model planes Airline stew- bers on an individual basis by MRS HENRY B KNZE, of ardesses will attend can:pain explaining the Christian fellow- Beaupre road, has been having :eort "meetngs, t call m ship ideals and work of the informal get-togethers in her flghts (workeis ports) i Y\\CA home for sixth grade GPUS Workng as campaign chat'- girls who want to improve their men of the s eve n YWCA City Boat Club conversational rench branches are: * '" * Mrs Edgar Hah, 271 Me-, H oldlng Party Entertaining MRS WLLAM: Kmley Grosse POnte Farms, HUSE, of Wellington, New Zea- Central Branch; Mrs Nickolas i land, are her sonin-law and Keklak Chestnut South- The Grosse Pointe City Boat daughter the EDWARD T TU- gate, Downriver Branch; Mrs Club will hold a box lunch sup- TAGS, of Radnor circle The Beatrice Johnson, 202 Mt Ver- per dance at the Alger Post Tutags will entertain for Mrs non Lucy Thurman; Mrs James clubhouse, St Paul, on Huse with a cocktail party on Rodgers, L'Anse, St Clair Saturday March 10 at 7 pm March 31 Shores, Macomb Branch; Mrs, Commodore Adams recom- >< >< '" Alfred Wiers, 151 W Woodland, mends that all members attend >< >< >< MRS JACK STURTEVANT, Ferndale, Nor the ' n Branch; this social function to discuss lof Washington road, was feted Mrs Donald Kinsey, their summer program Turmg through Cahforma, S turda at the Schoolhouse _ MeXCO and Nevada are MRS a y 1 b ELMER BENZN, of Lochmoor near Gaylord owned J01l1t y Y b ul d d MRS ALTON the Sturtevants, the Dan L o eva', an Johnsons, of Moran road; the WHEELER, of Lakepomte ave- William M Delbridges, of Uninue versity place and the Allan, '" >< Schildhammers, of Lochmoor MARJORE BEATTY, daugh- boulevard tel' of the P C BEATTYS, of '" '" '" Lennon road, has been elected The D 0 U G LAS CAMPpresident of her dormitory, BELLS, of Rat h bon e place, South Campbell Hall, at Michi- have returned from a trip to gan State University Nassau and the Bahamas For- >< '" * mer Pointers, the HARRY S FNKENSTAEDTS, of Hyannis Port, Mass joined the Campbells at Green Turtle Cay Among those attending the artist luncheon of the Scandi- There's nothing like it-home PHLLP navian Symphony March 15 at is where the bills come Fine jewelers since 1861 A DAMOND tv1agnfcent Wrigllt Kay,,;, SOLTARE set in the world's mo:;t precious metol, platinum What could ihrill her more? Designed for Wright Kay by Orange Blossom 27SGG, fed tux,ncluded Kercheval, Grosse Pointe, 1500 Woodword and Northland Extended,A,ccounts Available, on parade in the perfect Easter suit for a smart, young wardrobe This bright 3-piece design is rayon- cetate with a soft, box pleated skirt,_ has a sleeveless, back-button, rayon overblouse that loos like linen and shows off prettily plus or minus the easy jacket Blue or coffee with white Sizes7 to McJilcnd phone-ctdef$ illleel!l1 Known for Early American 17th and 18th Century Furniture and accessories We are interested in buying Call for appointment THE MTCHELL/S Note our new address, less than 1,2 block from former locatian announces that our Spring and Summer Collection of Made-to-Order Models designed by S Clara Ray now being shown n the custom salon Mack at St Clair GROSSE'PONTE-Kercheval Ave near Cadieux TUxedo Our phone number TU i5 the same WALTon-PERCE KERCH VALAT ST CLR GkOSSE PONTt -,> J

38 Page Twelve GROSSE' PONTE NEWS Society News Gathered from All of the Pc)intes Thursday, March 8, 1962 Thursday, March 8, 1962 LaFray Greiner Weds Mr Taylor Pap4!!1 Blessing Bestowed on Couple Married Monday in St Paul's on the Lakeshore; Couple Travel to Mexico and Palm Springs for Month LaFray Constantine Greiner, daughter of the Claude A Greiners of Lakeshore road, was married Monday in St Paul's on the lakeshore to William Gorman Taylor, son of the G Thomas Ta'lors, of Beacon hill The bride wore a princess _ own of ivory peau de soie llony at \\'hich the Papal blessfashioned with a rounded 111 \\'a read neckline and cap sleeves, a FOl' her ctauhter's wedding f'tt d b d' r d and the rcecptlol1 at the Dc- C 0 1 C,e app lque troit Athlctic Club l\rs Grein- \v} th re-em brodered Alcn- er \\'ore a tourmeline gold peau can lace \V h i c h cascaded dl' soil' oll'n beaded - in topaz down the full skirt! Wth a matching French mhline lie' Brussels lace mantilla lat and topaz accessories: le' \'('11 \\'as an heirloon and he flo\\'ers were bronze orcluds ealtled phalaenopsls orchds! Mrs Taylor wore a hyacinth and ivy blue Chantilly lace gown with To Ann Snethkamp \Vas maid matching hat and cymbidium of honor and ='ancy 1 Risdon orchids and rechen Anna Greiner The b ' i d e's randmother the brde s slstcr wer ' attend- :\11'15 Bernard,J Vel' Hoven, ants They wore Frnch bud wore an talian fawn beige silk green talan sllk linen bell dress with a lace bodice and skirted frock ancl matching illl matching maline hat with pink box hats \\'th Crcular vels cymbidium orchids Their ollquets \'ere of reen For tr'aveling to Mexico and and whte cymbdum orchds Palm Springs for a month the Richard A Koerber was est,i bride wore a black talian silk man ancl the ushers were or- faille dress and coat with a' man X Young \Villiam? Rob-, white organdy hat They will erts and Claude A Grener live in Grosse Pointe Shores brother of the bride The "ery Rc\' James J Plan every move-keep :your Clark, OSA of Fort ''layne thinking a day ahead of your nd officiated at the cere- work o rlothes thllt g-o,v lb-gelprires tllb gl-)'" sdlael A Seetioll of ltlaterllity Clothes n All Sizes OFF! WRLTon-PERCE KERCHEVAL AT ST, CLAl GROSSE PONTE Mrs William G Taylor Photo by Paul Gael'! LaFRAY CONSTANTNE GRENER, daughter of the Claude A Greiners, of Lakeshore road, was married Monday in St Paul's on the lakeshore to Mr Taylor, son of the G Thomas Taylors, of Beacon hill Mrs Raymond L D'iehr Photo by J S DeForest n Grosse Pointe Woods Presbyterian Church February 24 JUDTH ANN HMMELSBA UGH, daughter of the G M Himmelsbaughs, of Brys drive, was married to Mr Diehr, son of the C H Diehl'S, of Hazel Park Stephens Grads Launch Drive Leaders in the Grosse Pointe tree lane; Pamela Newcombe From Another Pointe of View area \\' ere ann 0 u n c e d by Clarke daughter of \lr and Stephens College in the solici- Mrs Edwin D Clarke, of Ritation program to be under vard blvd; Jane Worthington taken in the area in support of Kennedy, daughter of Mr and the new James M Wood Learn- Mrs Edward Krammer Kening Center to be built at the nedy, of Loraine road; Alice residential college for women Mary Ledyard, daughter of Mr Solicitation chairman \\'ill be: and Mrs Augustus C Ledyard, Mrs Charles A Parcells Jr, of of Lochmoor boulevard, and Cloverly road Vice Chairmen Margaret S hil'l e y Wi so n, are Mrs John E Danta, St daughtel' of Mr and Mrs Hugh Clair Shores, and Mrs Robert C Wilson, of Yorkshre road Knapp of Cloverly road The program to be unuer- W01nen' s Club taken under her leadership is (Continued from Page 11) Rosemarie Dilaura, of Lakepointc avenue, in Nassau for the rest of the spring recess * :: Moving Day for Bachelor Moving day for Gilbert Wnelden, Jr, is just around the corner, He has bought Mr and Mrs Henry Hopke ll's home in Crescent lane and will be settled about the middle of March After moving from his apartment in the Lafayette Plaisance Mr W will tak2 off on a trip to Europe * *' * ' one of the many soon to be Meets Mar 14 Views of Europe started, or already under way, in major cities across the na- Reporting on her long stay on the Continent to Oon These will help finance The Discussion Group of the fellow Vassar Club members on March 14 wi be George the S23 million Lea ' n i n g Grosse Pointe Woman's Club Romney's new political campaign staff member, Hilary Center at Stephens in Colum-, will meet at the home of Mrs Whittaker bia, Ma, an a?ancecl type of J Walsh, of S!anhope road, The meeting of the Birmingham and Detroit Vassar educatonal faclity that already Mar ch 14, at 1 0 clock, for the C b' t f 8 30 ' k t th C t C b th has drawn the interest of cdu- program which was cancelled s or 0 c oc,a e oun!y t W a cators from other c amp use s in February due to illness SUbscpton d1l1uer at" 7 0 clock precedmg MSS Whtthroughout the United States, For the benefit of members taker S talk on the Hghlghts of Three Years 11 The solicitation pro g ram who did not re-ad the announee- Eu rope " will start in this area on March ment last month Howard Mil-, Among those planning the meeting are Mrs W C 8 Miss Ann Sorency, associate le', a field representatie from McLaughlin and Mrs Mark Ethridge, Jr, The Ethridges d 1 l' e c tor of development at the SOCal Secunty Offe will are anticipatin the arrival of his father, the senior Mr tephens Cllege, Wll arnve b the speaker and Wll en- EthridO'e chairman of the board of the Louisville 111 Grosse POinte Farms to assst deavour to bnng the group up l:>, ' with the solicitation program to date on the latest informa Courer-Journal and the LOUSVlle Tunes An instructional meeting will be tion concerning this very im The Kentucky publisher will be here the week-end of held at 1 o'clock, March 8 at portant subject A question and March 24 to speak at the University of Michigan and that the home of Mrs Parcells answer period will follow J Saturday his son and dauo'hter-in-aw will honor him nlued in the Grosse Pointe Tea will be served following with a cocktail party in their 'Vashington road home so!cltatlon area are Centerlne, the program For reservations ',' * >;< St Clair S h 0 ' e s and Mount call Mrs Ronald Dow, TU Clcmens Stephcns College, an independent residential college for women with an enrollment of RYAN GETS APPONTMENT 1,725 students has the follow- Congressman Harold M Ryan ing s t u den t s attending from was selected this week to serve Grosse Pointe: Judith Elaine as a member of the Committee Bashara, daughter of Mr and on Banking and Currency of the Mrs, George Bashara of Pcach- House of Representatives j\lassellse: Mar)' ci!ouije Beauty Salon 405 Fisher Road Hand Massage STEAM and SHOWER $300 A ppoillt1j1 ellts: TV GPU5,umni Report Thi:; F::inay the Grosse Pointe University School Alumni l\s60ciation will hold its annual dinner meeting at the school preceded by a cocktail hour at the Hunt Club William H Gage, Association president, will report on fund raising events of the past year including the dance to raise money for the school's science equipment and a campaign to maintain scholarships for six students He will also ask for nomination's for three new board members John Chandler, GPUS headmaster, will address the group and then the alumni will visit the school's Science Fair Retiring from the board of governors are Mr Gage, Mrs Richard M Kimbrough and Thomas Mackey, Continuing to serve will be Mrs William D Dahling, Mrs William Y Gard, Mrs B Snow, Charles V Hicks, Mrs James Standish and Otis U Walker :j: [Miss Himrrlelsbaugh Marries Mr Diehr _-- Church Circles llall Sessions The Women's Association of :\lr E C 13rendke Te j-4890 the Grosse Pointe Woods Pres- Lyc!i,l Clrcle--:\lrs Hidlard b t' Cl - d t ' C :\f'rtz 44 Hampton will be yeran 'Jure 1 W 10 1 s the hoste:');; The co-hostc'ise<: next Circle meetings on Tues-: w11 be :'ll's Hussell Bradlc' day March 13, The afternoon 1'U :;3?49 <ll:d :\lrs, Da\'id Brad- Circles will meet at the horne! le U 4-26J1 of the hostess at 12:30 pm as i :\lartha Circle-:'lrs Clarence follows: :'tller, 1014 Balfour will be the Abigail Circle-Mrs Max A hostess The co-hostesses Wll Sievers, 1566 Lochmoor Blvd be Mrs D H Koh n; 4-486? will be the hostess The eo- and Mrs Frank l\omerska, 1'1: hostesses are Mrs Fred Olm- 1-; 543 sted, TU , Mrs Curtis W/ The evening Circles \\'ill meet Mille!", TU and 1\lrs at the home of the hostess at Stuart Mcntosh, TV i)m as follows: Deborah Circle-Mrs Andrew \ary Circle -!ll's Stan!e' J Campbell, 1071 N Oxford will :\ilpjes 44 Fontana Lane wi! be be the hostess The co-hostesses th,; hostess The co-hostess will will be Mrs Philip J D'Arcy, be!''s Robert Ebersole, Te TU and Mrs Edward 1-1:884 Wilkinson, TU \liriam Circle - :''S 1\lar- Elizabeth Circle-Mrs Ken- shall F Moser, 2041 Van Antneth W Smith 1922 Beaufait \erp \\'111 be, the hostess n will be the hostess The eo- ;"l;,\? John S Chesman, re hostesses wi! be M's Paul M 1-(", thl" co-hostess Nash TU and Mrs Hen-,aom Cr;le - rs rcd_ nell SPack TU erlck!t \\ lson,,06 Rvard, ' \\'i be the hostess and!'irs Esther Crcle-Mrs Jack Gi- i W]1iam J Stepek Tlj lan, Redmond, E Detroit: tl1l' co-hostess ' will be th hostess The co- The regula' sen'jee se\\ in;:: hrostesses Wll be Mrs Owen A day for the women of the Kemp, TU and Mrs Ed- church is the third Tuesday of \Yard Born, TU 1-261/, each month, Hannah Circle - Mrs Fred Kniskern Lee Ct, St, D"Dr-,\LTY Clair Shores will be the hostess To be a pionc"r of progress The co-hostesses will be!\:rs a man must be free to think Dwight Moore, TU and and work as he plcascs Excellent The 28 Jewel lk gold $175 14K gold fillad 110 hd Tex ncl Unicase Kingrnatic A Movado Xingmatic, the most advanced self winding watc h made, in a new, slim one-piece case Completely protected, water-resistant, completely handsome; -28jewels * The Oval by Values! by NtaC)VADO l:!j, * Woma Dorothy Jc Weds Dav Pair Speak Vows Saturday in Reception Following at ' Week's Trip Will Li n St Ambrose Church " Popp, of :VTUlf road daughter of Nortl1pr)rt )'ich became t: For the) ites she wore a sheath r)f ',,,-hite lace Q\'er satin d(;sined with a \' r neckline and a fvn pleat be- \' low the knees of the skirt A satin lace and beaded crown caught her shoulder length veil and she carried white roses l\rs Ger,J1d :'lllel" of Trct\' "] erse City, :'idl,'as her "is- f perfect A "MUST" for Very lightweight, du covered box include, on a shining base Hairdressers' ilzq! W'gs cleoned end resy:ed of Grosse 1-1i88S Mack Appointments - All Children's New Shoes May Look' Alike t's What's, nside That Counts n Aiding Growing Feet The cost in making shoes is based first on the type and quality of mc!lterials, then on the careful workmanship These two factors make for proper support in the right places for children's as well as babies' feet Mighty important, as every parent knows! The Detrcit Red Cross Chapter last year helped 2,766 Wayne County, veterans and their dependents regarding government beneets including dis ability claims for compensation and pension from the Veterans Administration and applications for correction of military rse-, ords and discharges, The trouble with this fast age seems to be that people are more interested in speed than direction DRAPES As sweetly curved, as as the wrist it wi11encircle 1K gold, fl" mesh brocelt $195 fd, Tox ncl The "Masterpiece world's most sou made if: n New York n Paris at n Michiga Exclusively wi Shop around to Leon' WALTon-PERce 114 KERCHEVAL ON THE HLL :/ GROSSE PONTE FARMS 245 PERCE, BRMNGHAM le 5!U0 lliljlli1sie:4!eff211?p0!xi 1!EliJ#4#%Rf\lli0%iWfl'3EE1iT!G1rx:1WJi' Guaranteed beautifully cleaned by specialists Callus First RED S CHARLES w \VARREN & COMPANY JBWELERS AND SLVERSMTHS STEUBEN GLASS 1520 WASHNGTON BOULEVARD Detroit 26, Michigan - Phone WO StOre Hours 9:30 to 5:00 The Belleview Biltmore, Belleair, Florida Wigs cleaned and restyled t at Grosse p( Mack r\ Appointments -

39 , March 8, 1962 İ-:J; : ' ' ;,; = ntes t\ ru; if' sbaugh Jiehr or Rites February 24 'yterian Church; 'al Oak ':1"11 Church Febru-,:::,,('r of the G 1\1 ::1:T1Cd to Raymond l':' :" pi Hazei Park,'11:: thcr \\ nt(' satin [, \\;'"!lc"t man and "', \, lte (;ary Die-hr ';' (::u:h:(':"" \\'('ddin :<:,'11 at the Chatl'<U,, H ::":1<'i-:)a\l:h \\'or ' -:: ;;(1:1tUl1L': :--b('ath ' :', (l;'c:';1! '-''' Diehl' ",,:1<>:'(' ":k "h,mtun " " '" h::l' orchid \ (::::; t" :\1'" Urlean,; t' \\ l:'(' 1 hlack and ',('1 "u:t Thp couple " ;:, o;il Oak L' Bre:,likt'!T : l'll"'!v--\lr" \il'hard 4';! Ll mpll>rl \dll!l(' t [''''' T11e ('f>-!loste<;seo",-l Hu""el! Braelle' -t,l anel :\l;' Dil\'id Brad- 4-;2(;) 1 <1 Circ!c':'>lrs C;lrcnec :U14 B3iOUl' \rill bc the '1':',' ('o-hosess(''' will il l Ko('ll Tl' F!'ank Komerska TC l'nm Circles \\'jll meet ::ome of the ho"tes:; at 101l0\\', C:l'':1c -- :'>11'''Stiln! 'y ;4 Fontana Lan ' \\'ill 'Je :('' The ('o-hostes;; will l\obcrt Eb(';'s[>lc TC CliTle :'>lrs :\tal'- :'10::,el' 2041 \'al1 Antlll be the hoste"s and c; -: n;:1 Che::man 'e 1 :(' co-hostess ; Circle -, :'>11''' Frcd_ 1 "-jl"on 7llG Hi\'ard hc hoste';:- and :\1rs J Stepek TC t('S_ :-c:;ul,,;- SC;'\'ll'e "e\\'in ;' the women of the t<; the third Tue"day of onth 1"DY1Dr \LlTY (', pioneer of progress ;lu't bc 1ree to think,:'j; ;,0" hc plca::cs, tic alues! - T l:,( : i (: -, < ' "" iij'!;-- g' ;r " i;':' f: t' ',- ::: t; ;- c a, ':' " ; # C }-:o ;f- 8 i:-,: v -?; -, '> t r E-i -;:r ;{ l i i r: i -:0 r f t i, i t i ; fl,,! : $:, "< ':"! t:" t, t if \, : l' t! L, Thursday, March 8, 1962 Woman's Page Dorothy Weds (, ( 1';""" :Jhe A "MUST" for Hairdressers' inquiries iurited etj,i, 1750 m " agtc n New York at Revlon n Paris Jane Popp David Lamb Pair Speak Vows Saturday in St Ambrose Church with, Reception Following at War Memoria!; After Week's Trip Will Live in Muir Road n St Ambrose Church on Saturday Dorothy Jane 'PPP,of l\'uir road, daughter of the Clarence A Popps, pi ):jorthport Vich, became the bride of David G Lamb For the rites she wore { , :-heath of white lace over 1 tcr's only attendant Her olive :;atin designed with a y i r(,l'n satll1 gown was designed (\1' ' l' 1 t b ; with a sl'oopeel \1('ckline and J1(' '- n e an ( a (1n pea c- h simpl\' "orecl skirt le' hcadlnw t e knees of the skirt" h ' ': : dress \\'as a ballel of white \ sa,lll, lace and beaded i feathers and she carried deep l't'()wn caught her shoulder i \'cllow roses 1cnSth yeil md she canied, Hichard J Lamb of Broomall \\'hlte roses i Pa, was his brother's best man :\rs Gerald :\lll1cl' of Trav-, Tl\('v art' the sons of former,';'sl' City ich, was her sis- i Poir;ters Mr and Mrs Arthur Wf} Box perfect for travel of Grosse Pointe Mack A venue at Alexandre n Michigan every Wig! V'3ry lislhtweight, durable leatherette covered box includes styrofoam head " on a snlnlng base W:g, cleaned and re,ty!ed by mq5tcr craftsmcn /lnjointlllcuts - TV HARDRESSERS The umasferpiece Wig" the world's most sought-after wig made in France Exclusively with Leon Shop around then come to Leon's Wigs clcaned end restyled by master craftsmcn Park Club GROSSE Sponsors PONTE,' " ""'\" V" Florida NEWS by, of, and for Pointe Women Garden to Meet The Grosse Pointe Park Garden Club will meet Monday at noon at the Village Manor for luncheon Aftel" luncheon the members will adjourn to the Merriweather road home of Mrs Howard Poppen for a discussion of spring garden problems E Lamb, now of Cleveland Heights O Robert Beaudoin, Jr, of Dearborn township, and Raymond DcRyck, Jr, were ushers Arter a reception at the War Memorial the newlyweds left on a week's wedding trip They will live in Muir road Center Opera OffeJ"s Course, _ ' Grosse Pointers, both young students and adult opera lovers, arc invited to familiarize themsel yes in advance of the season with the music and librettos Of the seven operas to be presented in Detroit by the Metropoli- an this spring The opportunity is being offered at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial, 32 Lake Shore R03d, on Sunday afternoons beginning March n an e i g h t w c c k seric", Glenn D McGeoch, professor of music literature, history and criticism will consider the aes thetic principles of opera as an art form and their application J to the' productions to be given, here by the "Met" This opera study series is being presented by the Grosse Pointe War Memorial in cooperation with the 'Education Committee of the D e t r 0 i t Grand Opera Association and the Division of Adult Education of Wayne State University and the University of Michigan Grosse Pointers are fortunate indeed to have Professor McGeoch in charge of this course He is no stranger to Grosse Pointers having on several occasions taught music appreciation in our community t was he who early in the 1930's pioneered in establishing courses for thc layman through the University of Michigan Exten sion Service Everything possible is being done to make this course attractive and financially possible to all who are interested Series registrations for students under 21 are $650, married couples many enjoy the complete course for $1950 and entire families rogardless of number of chil dren for $25 The single registration fee for adults is $1300 t is also possible to come to single lectures at a cost of $100 for s t u den t sand $200 for adults All arc requested to enroll in advance at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial Center, 32 Lake Shore TU Children's League To Meet at Golden Lion The regular meeting of the Michigan League for Crippled Children will be held Friday, March 9, at the Golden Lion, Moross road The board meeting at 11 am will be followed by a 12:30 luncheon The regular meeting will begin at 2 pm when Mrs Miriam Hewlett of Recorder's Court will talk on Japan SNAP JUDGMENT ntuition is not exclusively a woman's perogativeit enables many people to come up wth the wrong conclusion, quickly Grosse Pointe Farms Large shade trees and lovely gardens form the setting for this exceptional contemporary home situated on a quiet lane near the lake Custom built in 1955) it contains 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, modern kitchen, 30- Mrs David G Lamb DAC '' \fjfl '"',,':':,;, ':' -Photo " ':', by McFerran's DOROTHY JANE POPP, of Muir road, daughter of the Clarence A Popps, of Northport, Mich, was married Saturday in St Ambrose Church to Mr Lamb, son of the Arthur E Lambs> formerly of Grosse Pointe, now of Cleveland Heights, O Gala Center Sho'tving Girl Scout Art Oil, temps, watercolor, charcoal, ink chalk and scratchboard arc some of the graphic arts media used by the Girl Scouts in the Grosse Pointe District Art Show to depiet anything that says, "This s Our Town USA" This is the second showing of these pictures before nine are chosen to be shown at the Girl Scout Golden Panorama at the Fairgrounds May 19 and 20 From there they will choose eight from the Metropolitan Detroit Council to go on to the Roundup in Vermont this summer There Girl Scouts from all over the world will meet to work, learn and play The judges Mrs Gladys Gie:> and Mr Karl Firth have picked the following pictures to go on to the Fairgrounds: Michigan Outdoors (crayon) by Sandra Kohn, age 9, Beacon School, Troop 805 Picnic Area Neff Park (crayon) Teri DeWitt, age 8, Richard School, Troop 868 Cookout Near Detroit River' (crayon and watercolor), Betsy Can tin e age 10, Monteith School, Troop 1555 Trip to Detroit Historical Muselum (crayon and watercolor), Diana Jost, age 11, Montieth School, Troop 1555 Our Farms Pier (watercolor),,janis Krieger, age 12, Brownell Jr High, Troop 305 Expressway to Cobo Hall (tempera paino Sharon Altman, a ;e12 Brownell Jr High, Troop 305 Girl Scouts at Camp (pastel chalk) Sarah Chase, Age 13, Our Lady Star of lhe Sea, Troop Whether in Florida or in Among those in the large 1460 Michigan, a large number of group at Mr and Mrs George Fords R i v e r Rouge Plant Detroit Athletic Club members Cavanaugh's table were the (watercolor), Judy' Rankin, age joined at glamorous parties this A ' n old Malows and their 12 Brownell Jr High, Troop past week n Florida, the fete daughter, Mrs Gardner Straw- 305 was the DAC Night dinner- bridge and the Richard H Cadillac's Village (watercoldance this past Monaay, March Campbells thc latter couple or), Kate ZJsel, age 13, St 5, at the ndian Creek Country were in Miami BeaCh for a Clare, Troop 887 Club at Miami Beach week while Mr Campbell at- The exhibit may be seen \\'eek- U) lere in the chilly North, tended the Club Managers' Con- days, 9 am t 0 9 pm, 311d Sun- DAC Beavers had their "Fash- vention and shaped up the n- d3ys from noon to 5 pm ionable Night in Paris" at the dian Creek party flew back for through March 11 downtown clubhouse last Sat- the Beavers' Saturday fete, and urday March 3 wont South by plane again Sun- Cultivate individual thinking Most careful plans had been! day _ it takes real courage to drop ma d, e f or b a tl G g A C - The Frank A rues Jr were out of a crowd that is headed 1 eo' e ava d 1 t 1' naugh a DAC'er of Birmingham ]Oll1e at t1e van 10e a B in the wrong diredion and Fort Lauderdale was chair- Harour Mwnll Beach by their ' son-m-aw and daughter, the man of the nd18n C eek party, B b C f S J C l'f H b t W H t dad 0 oy es, 0 an ose, a 1, er r ar n n re\\ and the foursome had a whirl Brodie were co-chairmen of the 'tl th f' d t th B ' "d" d DAC' 1\'1 W 1 ell' many nen s a e eaver 0 an s an- ndian Creek "do" The Krues aer Richard : Campbell gave will move on to Palm Beach his smooth assistance at both after a few weeks at Bal Har- n Florida, flowers were in bour The Coyles will fly back beautiful bloom; ndian Creek to California late this week Club's outdoor patio had been And at the DAC downtown groomed to its utm'lst, Miami's the Beavers' entertainment com: skyline as seen from the club mittee h3d outdone themselves was fascinating, and all the in a stunning decor in the club's week before, with temperatures spacious natatorium and gymaround 80, the weatherman was nasium n the mond of Paris, implored to keep the rain 3way one-half of the swimming pool Monday night was transfollmed with a foun- The John Cooleys and the tain splashing water high in Alfred MundNlohs of the the air and a hedge of boxwood Pointe flew to Miami Beach this in the style of a formal French past week-end after attending garden the Beavers' party Saturday The other part of the pool night They were at the ndian \\'3S floored over most attrac- Creek festivity, which began tively for tables (red and white with 6:30 o'clock cocktails, with checkered cloths) around a the Harold P Meloches, the dance floor; at one side' were Otto Milbrands and the E L stunning show windows; there Munceys The Milbrands [01'- were rows of three-cluster merly of this area, now live at street lamps; throughout both Pompano, Florida, and the rest rooms were exquisite flower arof the party arc winter-vaca- l'angements and hangings The tioning at this popular spa Harold Lightbodys, Judge and The J Edgar Duncans visited Mrs Carl Weidemap and the with many friends at the fete George Jays were with the A they left a week ago for a short fred Munderlohs and John stay at Miami Beach after Cooleys; the Peter Bayers, Mr which they planned to move and Mrs Homer Pharis and the over to Florida's West Coast Ra1 Kayes were together; at The Edmund M Bradys and the another table were the Troy Paul Marcos were a foursome, Maschmayers, James Quellos and the David E Burgesses had and Eugene Gargaros with Mr! the Ernest C Cassills, of Pom- and Mrs Herbert liart and Lee 9 pano, as their guests Hills Give Your Jewelry a LFT for Springl )! Diamond Remounting Jewelry Repairing Beads Restrung Fine Watch Repair Trust your trcosured timepieces to our 5killed wotchmoker5 for necessary repairs J!,WELERS SLVERSMTHS Grosse Pointe's Pioneer Jeweler Established 1930 Kercheval on the Hill TU Bridge Club G l' 0 sse Pointe Memorial Center Bridge Club winners have been announced February 26: North and South, Flore Denis and Marilyn Reed; Claire Phillips and Niobe Gates East and West: Virginia Lang and Virginia Jefferies; Kal Stough and Constance Gibbs tied with Mrs H J Grewe and Mrs Edward Bauman February 28: Section A, North and South-Mary Wood and Mary Hentgen; Philip Leon and Albert Boelens East and West: Daniel Hodj:(- man and Frank Sparks; Mr and WR Now-it 10Kes but 30 magic minutes for a shampoo, sel end superb styling 1f fo 9 SPEED: Your hair dries in 35 mnutes 1 COMFORT; You feel no heal-your haif dries from inside oull Lists SUPEROR STYLNG: Your hoir has more s'heen, morl! spring, morlasting curl n::n ever ponible before WTH Page fantastio Dllt trub PARS Thirteen Winners Robrt H Snyder and John Temple East and West: Marilyn Reed and Edna M Krause; William and Edward Champine March 3: North and South, Nancy Graybiel and Earl Gurnack; Robert Emke and Albert Boelens East and West: Mr and Mrs Andrew Walrond; l'\'argaret Collins and Katherine Kastenberg We all have our rights, but along with our rights come cer tail', duties we must perform Mrs Norris Macdonald A little learning is a danger- Section B, North and South: ous thing, but 110t as serioua as Delores Wendland and Al Beard; too vivid an imagination, Robelle Bea'uty Salon SPECAL DRY N 0 MNUTES MAKE YOUR APPONTMENT NOW - TU Mack t 7 Mile NEWS j\ Gift from Paris for you from TU ORLANE, Vesta e Foundation-$650 Flacon $350 Travel Tub plus taxes So that you can share the beauty secrets of the world's most beautiful women ORLANE has a trialsized package of its VESTALE FOUNDATON waiting for you in our Cosmetic Department it comes as a GFT with any ORLANE purchase! You will discover how satiny smooth, dewy-fresh, and flawless-looking your complexion can be, for ORLANE'S VESTALE is a maquillage well versed in subtle illusion and covers small b1c'mishes and tiny lines with the greatest of beauty ease L4TTA Special Orlahe Representative, Kathleen Tingdole, will be in our Cosmetic Dept March 12 through March 16 to show you advanced beauty techniques and present your compli mentary ORLANE VEST ALE FOUNDATON to you! & COMPANY ERSMTHS SS BOULEVARD - StOre HOllr 9:30 to OO i: Florida HARDRESSERS or Grosse Pointe 17S8R Mack Avenue Appointments - TV foot living room, utility room and a large screened porch t is conveniently located near the high school and 81 Paul's For further information call TOLES REAL ESTATE 74 Kercheval On-TheHill TV Delive1'S - TV Ave ' t d stc rl _c'dd,scrdddsssddcdddcscss'ccsrss S sr 7 7S2r 1 s S S 5 S S S? Segg SSG des Serr S S S S S SF 2 ' C Er s S <r««f'"

40 _ _ ' Page Fourteen GROSSE PONTE NEWS Thursday March 8, 1962 Society News Gathered from All of the Pointes Fontanesi-Beckman Rites Solem nized Pair Exchange Vows Saturday in St Paul's on the Lake shore; After Trip to Acapulco, Mexico Bridegroom Will Report for Army Duty n St Paul's on the lakeshore SaturdDY Lynn Ann Beckman, daughter or the Adolph Beckmans, of Wil iams court, was married to Dr Robert Fontanesi, son of the Vifro Fontanesis, of Detroit The bride chose a white'' peau de soie gown desicrned ridegr06ll1, {onald mut Wilwith a rounded neckline ham Fontanesl were ;lshers,, For her daughter s weddll1g lo;g sleves an a sheath and reception at Alcamo Hall skrt Wth a bolllfant over- ]\lrs Beckman wore a pale skirt which fell into a ca- green i1k sheath 1\lrs Fonthedral train tanesi was in champagne bro- A small duster of beads: cade caught her bouffant illusion veil' After a trip to Acapulco, and she carried white roses :\lexieo the bridcgroom will Sylvia 'Weiss of Nanticoke, Pa, was maid of honor and the await Armv _' ordf'l's _ bridesmaids were Mrs Gerald POOR CONTACTS Fuller, of Lansing and Linda Gifted students who show DeluJius of Detroit sparks of genius while in school They \\"ore bellshapect ankle oft('n cl('v('lop ignition trouble length red veh'et frocks and when th('y get On their own, matching hats in a rose design Their bouquets were of pink Slot machines must have been sweetheart roses invented by an undertaker- Robert Pospie('h was best, at l 'ast they've burier! many man and the brothers of the i a bankroll FlBS by C GOUNARS EXCLUSVE FURRER 904 Chalmers YA Complete RESTYliNG REMODELNG Scarves, Stoles Complete Fllr Service Cleaning and Storoge Come nd see our COMPLETE ALTERATONS Men's Women's We Convert double-breasted suits to single-breasted Skilled Workmanship La Crisly CLEANERS & TALORS 904 Cha mers VA New Spring Fashions from ac 110 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe yalilia :L"HEf 116 Woodward, Birmingham - "; MAXON ' _ TU M! BROTHERSnc 83 KERCHEVAL AVENUE Deal with Full Time, nformed Grosse Pointe Specialists Tuxedo Allen Ed",vards Claims Bride Allen Edwards, Jr, of Moross road, claimed Theresa Des Rivicres as his bride last Thursday afternoon in Grosse Pointe Memorial Church The newlyweds flew to Aspen in his plane after a reception in his home where they will live The bride is the daughter of 1\11' and Mrs, Jean B, Des Rivieres of Detroit She wore a sand beige silk dress and carried a spray of green cymbidium orchids Olive Chernow and John Shoemaker were the couple's attendants and Allen Ledyard scat cd the guests Lutheran High Gives 'Our Town' For Ow enjoyment of the l'ntil'e family the senior class of Lutheran High School East presents a three act drama entitled "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder, The stol'y of a typical small town is evolved in this play through the lives of two substantial families, the Gibbs and Webbs citizens of Grover's Mrs Robert Fontanesi CoTrn,ers e:v -anl1 P Shir t e, ', '',, ; :: i 1(' pnnclpa c 1arac ers are ' n ' :",:,:,,:,:::: ',:h:; "; 'y as follows: Stage Manager Ar- LYNN ANN BECKMAN, daughter of the Adolph thur Gillespie; Dr Gibbs, John Beckmans, of \Villiams court was married Saturday in ;Vlajor: Mrs Gibbs Jean Ka- St Paul's on the lakeshore to Mr Fontanesi, son of misehkc: Mrs Webb Gwen Ryan: George Gibbs, Ron Leh- the Vifro Fontanesis, of Detroit mann; Emily Webb, Pat Twel Soroptilnists Present A'lvard At a dinner Wednesday at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial, the Grosse Pointe Soroptimist named John Van Dc Graaf, its candidate for the Good Citizenship contest now being con- dueted by the Soroptimist Fed_,eration of the Americas A $25 bond was awarded John for his achievement locally, by the Grosse Pointe Soroptimist His ni1jne has been sent on to the Federation and is being considered for one of the hyo '32,500 awards to be announced i at the Soroptimist Convention in San Francisco John is a senior at the Grosse Pointe University School He has won the Edsel Ford Scholarship and was one of the,finalists for a National Merit! scholarship,! He has received varsity let i tel's for football and track He is president of his senior class,and was vice-president during ': his junior year He has been accepted at Williams College in Massachusetts He also belongs to the Junior Red Cross and ' makes weekly visits to the Veterans' Hospital in Dearborn MACK MR ROBERT The Estate SHVELY staff LONDON (West of Grand River) 655 Palister of member of Piedmont S Rosedale Park' (Between Second and Third) WOodward SALON a past master of elega1zt sopbisticatioll Susan Saturday, Saturday in hair R Schench Mar 10, from 10 am Mrs A G Hohns Mar 10, from 10 am GROSSE PONTE Not an Auction - All tems Priced Household SALES CONDUCTED Furnishings BY H O McNierney David D Sialker, nc Appraisers 424 Book Building, wn '',,kel'; and Mr Webb, Helmut Dr Bushong T0 Talk to GO P' S GPHS Follies n Rehearsal Lead parts in Grosse Pointe High School's "Follies of 1962" have been cast The nine girls selected from 50 in preliminary tryouts January 30 have been assigned roles or unde'rstudy stints, and five boys w'ere chosen from the 17 who auditioned for male parts, Judy and Janie, sisters who run off and attempt to get into vaudeville in the "roaring 20's", will be' played by Cindy McDougall ald Sidney Kovach Wolfgang Bll!er is set to tackle the part of Danny, an actors' agent, and Judy Cann and Kitty Khalich will portr::y Emma and Agnes the girls' -:nts Other cast members include Bart Elmer as Lawrence, a home-town frie'nd of one of the sisters; Jack Gaj'cwski and Maureen Clifton as Bill and Bea McCloud, the girls' parents; James Klock as the vaudeville manager; and Jeff Ardziejewski as the policeman The show's student directors are Virginia Shaffer and Penny Henry, and Kris Anderson, Elise Backinger, Joan Gray and Noreen Theuerkorn have' understudy assignments A 16-member chorus line, with four alternates, has also been chosen, and a' 27-piece Follie's band is busy rehearsing for the March 24 and 25 production AA UW to Elect Officers Kuschmann Sally Danz, Bar- N ::lenres::si:te t;i Education in Russi-a-a-s-' -c-o'm--tl-1i-s-c0-u-l1try except for its e'l-v rector Miss ris Wiese pm'cd to education in the ability to manipulate facts in United States will be discussed such a way as to accomplish a t's election of officers time The program will begin at 8 for the!l)embers of the Grosse pm on Friday and Saturday, by Dr James W Bushong, tremendous job of propagandiz- Pointe Branch of the American "larch 16 and 17 l'n the Hl'gh Superintendent of the Grosse ing every mind with which it 'v School auditorium located at P om t e Pu bl ic Sc h h Association of University Wo- 100 S, W en e comes into contact Kelly road near Eight addresses the Women's Repub- Dr Bushong will discuss men lican Club of Grosse Pointe The nominating committee :'vile Tickets may be purchased t1' 1 d f 1 8 these things and his concrete will present a slate of officers at the doors: students, 50 cents, 11S T 1urs ay l\arc 1 suggestions for our own school adults, $100 We invite all of The 12:30 pm luncheon system when he speaks on for that includes the you to attend this fine per- meeting W '11' '1e le ld' m t he Thursday, posts of president, second v-p, formance Coun try Cub 0f Det 1'01,r, t D _ rec'ording secretary and cor- ::::',?:?t: '' ",' :', :::::: ; ":';:-,z-::::;:::::;::;ilis:2l};siij;::;j OXFORD ROAD Attractive house on well-landscaped grounds The plan includes on the first floor a Living room (13 x2'6" plus bay) - Dining room (12'x/4')- Kitchen ( O'6"x! 0 1 6") - Breakfast room - Lavatory - Screened Terrace (9'6"x 13'6"), The second floor has three Bedrooms (12'6"x 19'8") ( O'6"x 16'7") ( O'6"x ') and a tiled Bath with glass enclosure There is a recreation room with fireplace in the basement Gas heat Two car garage attached by breezeway Shown by appointment, (Dimensions be ieved accurate but not guaranteed), We Have Many Other Gross 7 Pointe Houses Our system of photographs and small floor plans can shorten time-consuming period of preliminary inspections Bushong will address the wom- responding secretary en at 1:30 pm Detroit Garden Club This slate will be announced A significant result of Dr To Meet at City Club at the general luncheon meet- Bushong's recent month-long ing next Thursday, March S, tour of the Soviet Union has The Detroit Garden Club will at Stouffer's Restaurant, Shore been the establishment of a h old their regular monthly Room The time is 12:15 o'clock Curriculum Steering Commit meeting at the Women's City n keeping with an AAUW tee in the Grosse Pointe School Club, Wednesday, March 14th, tradition, one of the study System at 12:30 o'clock groups is in charge of the pro- This committee is now study- gram ing ways and means of teaching Mr, Tom Kennedy, of the This honor at next Thursday's about our American heritage American Agricultural Chemi- general meeting goes to the The goal is to strengthen the cal Company, will talk on "Fer- Contemporary Literature Group educational system so that our tilizer in Relation to the Home The works of novelist J D Garden", young people will be more Salinger, including "Catcher in aware of the significant Ameri the Rye" and UFranny and can ideals and values Greed is humanity's greatest Zooey" will be discussed 111 his opinion, Dr, Bushong fault-some people think they Panelists will be Mrs E Dawrates the overall Soviet school can eat their cake and have son Fisher and Mrs, Robert H, system as inferior to that of yours, too Snyder For reservations call Mrs William T Beaufait TU or Miss Thekla Martin, TU FOR APPONTMENT CALL TU LONDON SALON PlJBLC SALES ToepelPotere Betrothal Announced in Rochester Mr and Mrs William n Potere, of Hoehester, announce the eng:lgement of their daughter, Carolyn Dorothy, to John Stan ley Toepel, S011 of the Samuel Toepels, of Lochmoor boulevard Carolyn and John attended Central Michigan University and John is now a junior at the University of Michigan, Dearborn Center REPARNG of High co Grade (LOCKS& A'CHES (NOT A JEWELRY srore) Wark Called for and DeliVered Free Estimates Kercheval at Beaconsfield VA VA Sy,uphony Sets Three Concerts The Detroit Symphony O" Mozart's Sinfonia Concertantc chestra will play its annual in E flat (K 364), The prograrn "thank you" concert for con- will include "Royal Hunt" 1JJ,r! tributors this Sunday afternoon "Storm" from Berlioz' "1''<; at 3:30 in Ford Auditorium Tl'oyens," Faure's "Pavan''," Paul Paray will conduct with and the "Alborada del Cr;,- assistant concertmaster Gordon cioso" and "La Valse" by Haw'! Staples featured in Tchaikox- SatUrday morning at, \'ajsky's Concerto in D major ter Poole will conduct the fip'1 The program w1l1 include Young People's Concert of 1i;(' "Festivities in Capulct's Hall" season, Poole will narrate the fro m Berlioz' "Romeo ad Shakespearean story "A :\110- Juliet" and Franck's Symphony summer Night's Dream" as,'t in D minor; Symphony board to music by Mendelssohn The president Robert B Seple and 60-voice Detroit High Schools Robert Wardrop, Soc1ety of Honors Choir, trained by Erll- Coqtributors pres1dent, wll neth Jewell, wjll assist speak after intermission The orchestra's regular series The Young People's COlle(T!'; concert Thursday at 8:30 pm are sponsored by the JunifJJ' under Paray will feature Sym- Leagues of Brmingham at,d phony first-chair men Mischa Detroit, the Women's AssQtia_ Mischakoff concertmaster and tlon for the SJ mphony Satllr- Nathan Go'rdon, violist, playing day's perfonnance is sold out Announcement,Mr Leo takes great pride in presenting Grosse Pointe's newest and most fashionable salon and extends to all an invitation to his Do you want to sell Yout" Grosse Pointe house? CALL A MAN ftom MAXON BROTHERS, lnc He knows values with our long standing fad ual appraisal system behind him Tuxedo rene, Hairdresser Mary Johnson, Manicurist Mr Milan, Hairdresser 15 Kercheval n the Punch and Judy Block Appointments: OPEN HOUSE Monday March 12 - to 5 pm' At this time, Mr Leo will present his talented staff: European Hair Styles :Journier Custom Furniture Co Harper Ave, near Whittier lve offer you HGHLY TRANED DECORATORS WTH FRESH, MAGNATVE DEAS No Decorating Fee NTEROR DESGNNG SPECALZED COLOR SCHEMNG "We do the Complete Job" 1,TUx e dol ' :1 i 1! Thursday, March 8, 1962 C)B "Ui\1111 AMY BURCHEAL the nternational Ste\', :\1r5, Burchenal, 75 of 295 Caterers Association, :\10rOS5 road, died Friday, :\arch Valley Lodge No 15-, 2 at Cottage Hospital and Joppa Lodge No t Survivors include two sons, Survivors include,john and Selden D Burchenal, Clara; four daughtr Jr \\' A Raupagh, 1\ Services were at the Vcrhey- ':'\100re :'v's C L Du den Funeral Home and Grosse: \1rs R L Hyde; Pointe Memorial Chtrrch on; grandchildren :\'onday, :varch 5, and burial: S c r vi c e s were was in White ChapeL : \larch 3, at the " i Funeral Home, and J, ARTH(;R G BLSS! in Forest Lawn cemet SANTON The Better Kind of Dry Clear Vve are Pleased to Announce that Grosse Pointe Va, CLEANERS has met the highestquality!;tandards for d ing service, plant facilities and equipmem has installed Sanitone methods and has accepted as an authorizec SANTONE Cleaner, guaranteeing thorough, eep-(' cleaning, expert pressing, and the skillful, dling of all garments and fabncs NATONALLY ADVERTSED recommended by top clothing manufactl Sanitone Dry Cleaning costs no more other dry cleaning, but you can see and fee diffrence Let us prove it to you soon AND L-_'- lil'- :, J":}r> \-,:'< ' ;-:1t"\, ;>:" tj ttkii,i: t:q,", \ :'j :"'; '''':r"!f;j ' "'r::l, -- ::,, ' -"v '::"""" Cali TU >\' :\lr Bliss, 8], of 421 :'laison: road died Friday :\1arcl1 2, at: FREDA R ZEX lis e5idence, : A native of BernE He is survived by a daugh- land :'\lrs Zenker,, ter Mrs, Ralph E Glahn, : washington road, d: Services were :\10nday, :\larch' da] :larch 1 He 5, at the Verheyden Funeral pitl Home, and intermcnt was in She 1 surnved b White Chapcl band, Rchard L a ; " arcl L, and a sster J ROSE BRSSOX land ' Ser\'iccs \\'ere \ natn'c Detrolter :'11 s BllS- h 3 t th so 74 of 1323 Wayburn died: :\F 1arc ' J a Be, unera Clome un Thursday, :lareh 1 at her 1'(':-,1-For'cst Lawn cemcter dence >< Among the sunivors arc a; HAROLD F WAR "on Dr Joseph C; a daughter: R d b d h d' b d etlre oar c :\rs Berna le au e; an ; Detroit Steel ProdUCe three grandhlldren! \" d' 8 f 161 " d '1 h' val' \\ e,, 0 Serv1ees were :'non a\', \ arc : f d' d ' er"on avenue e 5 at the Verheyden Funera i " h' h: horr :ome and St Ambrose Church ; :\lare n f 1R s 'A natve 0 orne, B:<rial was in :'ottejott ('eme- \,: d Cc,ar we was a tery x >;< >< ersity School of A ARTHl:R E DE FER graduate He workel, late Albert Kahn, a \lr De Fer, 70 of 341 Kerby i architect for a numb road, died Saturday :\larch 3,' following his gradu' at Cottage HOSPtal Cornell Sun'ivors include two daugh- Joining Detroit S ters, :\lrs :\lildrrd Fl uary and ucts as a salesman :\rs Dorothy StoppelkaP'lp; a ad\'anced through al son Edward; a sister, :11'5 the (;oncern becon: ::'\lary l\liller: and three broth- chairman in 1949 He ers, Joseph, Frank and Edward, 1952 S e r vi c c s \\': r e Tuesday :\11' \\'ardweu's h' :\fareh 6, at the verheyden F- Jefferson avenue, nerd Home and St Paul,S brick house in Gro: Church Burial was n St Paul s is one of the most cemetery in this area Origin;; >-: in to the Henry S RAY:\10D J, WLLA:\lS the holes in the fire ::'11' Williams of 1368 Haw- \\'hich cranes onc( thorne road died Thursday, are "un \'isible a, :'olarch 1, at his home He was, 25-franc piece was 70-, when the house W3 Former owner of the R J larged to include : Williams Catering Co, he re- room tired seven years go aftr 42 The Advisory Co, years in the catenng busmess Historical America: He was born in Sginaw had Survey has cited l' i'led in the DetrOt area for portion of the hou, 51 years, and was a member of sessing exceptional _' teetural in tel' e s : Open Sllndoys 10:00 to 4:00 \\'orthy of most car, Thurs and Fri Till 9:00 PM i \'ation for the bene " WE DELVER 'generat:0ns"! :\11' Wardwell : i On Order of $S or Mote social figure in Dc', i member of the' R 0 SLY N 'Detroj Athletic C' e Club of Detroit, G -" :: i MA R K ET 'Club, Grosse Point_ i_ i,cni\'ersity Club:, i quet Club and YO:, Oldest in the Woods! Sun'i\'ors inclul MACK at Roslyn Rd,! Helen R; a son J, i TU 49821, ; Jand: a daughter t : Swan of Denver LAUNDRY Mack, Between Washington an Branch-21 l55 Mack at Brys D GROSSE PONTE ('<'- -ljittt%'

41 (,l' s infonia Cone('rtante (K 3641 The progl'am 1udC' "Royal Hunt and from Bcrlioz' "Les " Faure's "Pa\'anc," ":\borada del Gra-,:1(1'"La Yalsc" by Ravcl ; 'day morning at 11 \"al de \nll conduct the final P('op]("s Conccrt of the PoolC' will narrate the :'('arean tory "A l\1fd ; Xi ;ht's Dream" as set <c h' rendelssohn, The " Dl'troit High Schools Choir trained by Ken- ell will assist \ oun Peop}e's Concerts -nor('d by the Tunior t\f Birmingham and' 1 h(' Wom('n's Associa_ thc' S mphony, Satur- erf0d11ance is sold out sell N fj!?> "';' : '- 285 h,:i1 1 t, present nls icurist sser 1 March 8, 1962 house 851, 6 Concerts re CO r Whittier RATORS E DEAS Fee NG ntes :RS,rnc SE, to 5 pm' ;HEMNG e Job", i l' f!, : t, i ;,, : ' & : r 1!g' 1- j \' : F! ; : t!! i l J Thursday, March 8, 1962 " ct B '' J A 1111S ;DY B'CRCENAL the nternational Stewards and :'lrs Burchenal 75 of 295 Caterers Association Saginaw :\101'0:;$ road died Friday March Valley Lodge No 154 F&AM :; at Cottage Hospital and,joppa L,:>dge No 63, F&AM Survivors inc:lude two sons Survivors include his wife,,john and SC'ldC'n D, Burchenal, Clara; four daughters, Mrs Jr W A Raupagh, Mrs J B Sen'ie 'S \\'('\"e at ttlc \'erhey- :\toore 1\11'5 C L Dubuar and dc'n Funeral Home and Grosse :\lrs n L Hyd('; and ten Pointe- :\lcmorial Chmch on grandchildren, \londay :\'larch 5 and burial S e r vi c e were Saturday \\'a" in Whit(' Chapel :\larch 3 at the Verheyden *' Funer;11 Home, and burial was ARTHUR G BLSS in Forest Lawn cemetery :\11' Bliss 81, of 421 {-1aison '" '" '" road died Friday 1\larch 2 at FREDA R ZENKER lls rc'sidc'nce A native of Berne, Switzcr- Hc is survived by a daugh- land Mrs Zenker, 72, of 714 tel' lrs Ralph E Glahn 1 Washington road died Thurs- SC'rdces were illondayl\arch dy March 1 in Harper Hos- : at thc' \'C'rhe\"den FUneral Pltal lol1lc' and intcr'l11ent \Vas in: She is survived by her hus- WhitC' Ch:ljJl'1! band Hichard L a son, Rieh- ROSE HRSSO:'\ \ nativc' Detroit('" lrs Bris- ::on 74, of 132 \\'ayburn died Thlll';jay :\larch at her resi, elenc " Among the sun'ivors arc' a "un Dr,,Joseph C; it daughlc'l' :\rs, BernadinC' Laube: and three grandehildr 'n Scrvie 's WC'l'C"'onday :\larch :J at the Vcrheyden Fun('ral Home and St Ambrose Church Burial was in :\11 Elliott cemetcry an L and a sister in Switzer- ; land S l' rv ice s \'/ere Saturday :\larch 3 at the Verheyden Funeral lome Burial was in Forest Lawn cemetery *' *' *' HAROLD F WARDWELL Retircd board chairman of Detroit Steel Products Co, Mr Wardwell 78 of E Jefferson avenuc died Thursday :\larch 1 in his homc' A native of Home, N Y, Mr \Vardwell was a Cornell Uni- "'';' \'crsity School of Architl:!cture ARTll'R E DE FER graduate He worked with the lr DC' Fcr' 70 of 341 Kcrb\' latc',albert Kah, a prominent, " " an'llltcd, for a number of years road died Saturday a!th 3 i following his graduation from at Cotta;::C' Hospital Cornell Survi\'ors include two claugh- Joining Detroit Steel Prodtns lrs :\lildred Fluary and uets as a salesman in 1910, he 'll's Dorothy Stoppelkamp; a advanced through all offices of ::-Ol Ech\'ard: a it('t :\rs the concern beconing board '1lary }iller: and three broth- chairman in 1949 He retired in ers Joseph Frank and Edward, 1952 S e r vie e s we l' e Tuesday, :\11', Wardwell's home on E '1arch 6 at the Verheyden Fl- J cfferson avenue the oldest neral Home and St Paul's Church Burial was in t Paul's brick house in Grosse Pointe, is one of the most interesting cemetery, '" in this area Originally belong- L\Y)OXD J ing to the Henry Seitz family, 1"iLLA:\S the holes in the fireplace from which cranes once extended arc still visible and an [ranc piece was discdvered when the house was being enlarged to include a breakfast room, The Acl\'isory Commission of Historical American Buildings Survcy has cited the original portion of the house as "possessing exceptional or archi '--'-'-"-"-"-'-, tectural i n tel' cst, as being lr \\'illi'lms of nos lla\\' thorne road, died Thul'sday :\larch 1 at hi" home, He was 70 Forn1C'r owner of the R J 'Wlliams Catering Co, he retired Se\Tn years ago after 42 years in the catering business He was!lorn in Saginaw had 1i\'ed 11 th(' Detroit area for ;)1 years, and WilS a member of Open Sundoys 10:00 to 4:00 i worthy of most careful preser- - Thurs ond Fri Till 9:00 P,M - f' f f i i v[llion for the bcne t 0 uture WE DELVER " ' ;cnerations",, ' :\11' Wardw('ll, a prominent i On Order of $5 or More i:ocja figure in Detroit, was a i i i member of the Detroit Club, R 0 'SL Y N ' 'Detroit Athletic Club Country j i Club of Detroit Grosse Pointe MA R K ET ' Club Grosse Pointe Hunt Club, i icl1lversity Club Detroit Fac- - Oldest in the Woods i;quet Club [lne! Yondotega Club, Sun'ivol's include his wife,,21020 MACK at Roslyn Rd! i Helc'n n; a son John, of Midi TU :land: a daughtcr 1\1rs Mary 1_-,-,, \ Swan of Denver, Colo; two SANTONE The Better Kind of Dry Cleaning! We are Pleased to Announce that Grosse Pointe Valet CLEANERS has met the highest quality standards for cleaning service, plant facilities and equipment has installed Sanitone methods and has been accepted as an authorized SANTONE Dry Cleaner, guaranteeing thorough, deepdown cleaning, expert pressing and the skillful handling of all garments and fabrics NATONALLY ADVERTSED recommended by top clothing manufacturers Sanitone Dry Cleaning <::ostsno more than other dry cleaning, but you can see and feel the difference Let us prove it to you soon 'j, AND LAUNDRY Mack, Between Washington and Rivard Branch Mack, at Brys Drive GROSSE PONTE (' :i" / t;i? \ j 7; " ";r,: if ' q, ;"i :r';' v, 0'1-_ ', f ' "'" >1:<iJ:,,<"Y, x v""""- pl:-- Ca TU :' /, ' tj: ',"" 3',"",*,, t: -:;, brothers; and 11 grandchildren Services were at the William R Hamilton Co and Grosse Pointe Memorial Church on Saturday, March 3 Burial was in Elmwood cemetery The family has requested that memorial tributes be sent to the American Heatt Associa tion, 3919 John R 640 EAT 7 MLE RD *' * * JACK L DOUGLAS A native of Port Huron, Mr Douglas 51 of 477 Calvin, died SUddenly Tuesday morning February 27 at his home Mr Douglas was sales manager for Sinhad's Marina He was a member of the Grosse Pointe Woods Presbyterian Church and St Clair Lodge No 425, F&AM, and had lived in the Detroit area for 49 years For the past six years, he was a resident of Grosse Pointe Farms Among the survivors are his wife Margaret A; a daughter Susan; and his mother, Mrs Sara E Douglas Services were Friday, Vla!'ch 2, at the RG and GH Harris Funeral Home, and burial \Vas in Forest Lawn cemetery Memorial tributes may be made to the Heart Fund *' * *' HOWARD BARKER LEE Mr Lee 70, of 277 Lincoln road died Wednesday, February 28 in St Joseph's Mercy Hospital A manufacturer's agent, he was a native and lifelong resident of the Detroit area He attended Lawrenceville N J School and was a 1913 Yal' graduatc He was a member of the St Elmo Society, played on the Yale golf team in 1913, in the National Open golf tournament in 1913, a::d was a World War Navy veteran Survivors in c 1u d e three daughters, Mrs Augustus Peterle, Mrs William Fuller and Mrs Marion Joy Mikesell; two sisters, Mrs Edna Lee Root and Mrs Charles York Judson; and 11 ;randchildren, Services were Sat u r day, March 3 at the William R Hamilton Co, and burial was in Woodlawn cemetery *' * * JANET M SWAN A native Of Scotland, Mrs Swan 65 of 365 Roosevelt place, died Wednesday, February 21, at her residence Survivors include her husband, James S; two sons James S Jr, and Jack; a daughter, Mrs William Buhler; three sisters and four brothe Services were Saturday Feb ruary 24 at the Verheyden Funeral Home Burial was in Forest Lawn cemetery, * * * BLANCHE G HALLETT Mrs Hallett 84 died Wednesday, Februa!'y 21, at Pine Knob Nursing Home, She is survived by two daugh ters, Mrs Marion K Phillsbury and Mrs Dorothy F, Tayler; four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren Services were Friday, February 23, at the Verheyden Funeral Home, and burial was in Woodlawn cemetery * * * LOUS T De KEYSER Mr De Keyser, 62 of 916 University place died suddenly WedneSday February 21, at his home Forme!' president of the MH Dc Keyser Plumbing Co he was a member of the St Charles Society and the National Association of Purchas ing Agents Among the survivors are his wife, Josephine; one son, Gerald; four daughter", Mrs Marilyn Sac1en, Mary Lou Mrs Nancy Loridon and Judith; a brother Maurice H; and four g!'andehildren Se!'vices were Saturday, Feb mary 24 at the J A De Santis Funeral Home and St, Philo- <nena Church Burial was in 1\1t Olivet cemetel'y * * * JOHN HUETTEMAN Chairman of the board of the Commercial S tat e Bank of Roseville, Mr Huetteman 81, of 60 Lake Shore lane, died suddenly Thursday, February 22, in his home He helped establish the Roseville bank in 1951, became its first president, and took over as chairman of the board when his son, John Jr, assumed the presidency last January Mr, Huetteman had been a wholesale food merchant in, De troit since 1900, serving 26 years as Michigan district manager for the Kraft Foods Co He e n tel' e d into partnership with his son in the food brok erage business following his retirement from Kraft; their firm, John Hue t tern a n & Son is located at 4461 W, Jefferson, in the Detroit Harbor Terminals Mr Huetteman was born in Detroit and first started buying and selling eggs at the age of!2, He founded the Quality Dairy Shops, a chain of stores in the Detroit area early in his career and is credited with in- Stay on year 'round, no storage No removing to wash Swings with your win dow ass u r i -n g regulated ventila' tion The Place With GROSSE * *' * lwlnbrook the Funny Face PONTE troducing the famous cheeses which became known as Frankenmuth and Pinconning, into Michigan During both World Wars, he ser';;ed as a "dollar-a-year" food administrator for the Federal Government, Mr Huetteman is survived by a son, John, Jr; two daughters, Mrs Arthur Schumann and Mrs Frank Jenney; t h r e e grandchildren and two great grandchildren Services were Monday, February 26 at the Verheyden Funeral Home and Our Lady Star of the Sea Church Burial was in Mt Olivet cemetery * * * WLLAM C STANDSH Mr Standish, of 475 Lakeland avenue, eighth' great-grandson of Captain' Myles Standish in direct descent died Monday, February 26 after a long illness A lifelong Detroiter, he was born on High street in October, 1879 educated in Detroit Public Schools the Un\versity of Michigan and HougMon School of Mining and Technology and on graduation was put in charge of the Michigan Mineral ExhibiL at the S1 Louis Exposi tion As District Manager of United States Rubber in 1916, he was instrumental in organizing and bringing to Detroit the First World's Salesmanship Congress At the time of his retirement from business he was 'Director of Public Relations at Walker anc Company Mr S tan d ish's dvic and charitable work was chiefly \\lith the United Foundation, the Boys' Clubs of America, the Christian Endeavor and the Boy Scouts of America He was a member of the Country Club of Detroit Sons of the Mayflower Descendents, served as president of The Players Club the Adc!'aft Club the University of Michigan Club and the Fine Arts Club, and was a life member and exdirector of the Detroit Boat Club He belonged to S1 John's Episcopal Church Mr Standish is survived by his' wife, Marian Eddy Standish; three sons, Frank Eddy, W, Colburn, Jr and L1 Col Frederick Dana Standish, ; and two grandsons Services were at noon last Thursday at the chapel of the Vim R Hamilton Co, 3975 Cass avenue, and burial was in Elmwooel cemetery *' *' *' ELZABETH A GRAY Mrs Gray of 1253 Balfour road, died Sunday, February 25, after a brief illness, in the Brae Burn Convalescent Home She was 97 She was born in Detroit and lived here all her life' Her husband, David lv Gray who died in 1945, was vice president of Frederick Stearns Mrs Gray was a member of the Nor t h Congregational Church, She is survived by a daughte'r Mrs Robert Drysdale; a son Alan S; seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren S e r vie e s were Thursday, March 1 at the Bell Chapel of the Wm R Hamilton Co" and entombment was in Evergree'n ccmete1"j * * * DR JAMES W SNCLAR A native of Kitchener Ont, Dr Sinclair '55 of 464 Lexing ton road died Monday, Februat'Y 26, in his home A graduate of the University of Toronto me'dical school, he practiced in Te:>;as before coming to Detroit in 1947, and was a staff member of Saratoga General and Deaconess Hospitals His office was located' at Chester, Detroit Dr Sinclair was a membe'r of Corinthian Lodge No 241, F&AM and the American Academy of General Practice Survivors include his wife, Noel; a daughter, Shelley A; a brother, Clifford G; and his father William G of Kitehene'r, Ont l Services were T h u ' S d<y, March 1, at the A H Peters Funeral Home, Mack and Vernier, and interment was private, in Ypsilanti Memorial contributions may be made 'to the' Michigan Heart Fund, WRTH PATON A native Detroiter, Mr Paton, 65 of 973 Nottingham, died Saturday February 24, in Cincinnati Among the survivors are his wife, Rose M; a daughter, Mrs Kiddies Love to J:AT at FRANOS FREPLACE Mack at Somerset Gp Pte 0 FORS1tEEASKES OF WNDDWS DA11 HG SAC( "" TO 1920 HARDWARE ;;; LOCKS and OPERATORS For FENESTRA WNDDWS AR TC WE REPAR STORMS-SCREENS NEWS John Eger; a son, John; a brother, Ray; and two sisters, Mrs Joseph Killoran and Mrs Harve'y Hohlfeldt Services were Wednesday, February 28 at the Verheyden Funeral Home and St Ambrose C1mrch Burial was in Mt Olivet cemetery * FRANCOS HANSKENSo A native of France and a retired gardener, Mr Hanskens 68, of 1419 Maryland died Monday, February 19, in Bon Secours Hospital Survivors include his wife, Sophie and a son, Albert Services were today at the Verheyden Funeral Home and and Our Lady of Sorrows Church Burial was in Mt Olivet cemetery * * * MAUDE BGLER RUCKMAN A native of Angola, nd, Mrs Ruckman, 91, died Sunday February 17 in the Grosse Pointe Nursing Home after a long illness She is survived by her daughter Mrs H Sanborn Brown of Meadow Lane, and two grandchildren Services were Tuesday, February 20, in Hillsdale Mich, where Mrs Ruckman made her home for many years Burial was in Oakridge cemetery, Hillsdale >< * * CLAUDE J JURGENSEN Services were held Thursday, February 22, at the Verheyden Funeral Home for Mr Jurgensen, 58 of 1211 Bedford road, for over 20 years a distriot manager for the Automobile Club of Michigan in the Grosse Pointe area sons, Leo and Robert; a daugh- Mr,Turgensen died Monday, tel' Mrs Dorothy Smith; four February 19 after a long ill- brothers, Roy, A Lloyd and ness Ed ward Sponenburgh; and Born in Bloomfield, Mich, eight grandchildren 'Mr Jurgensen was well known locally He was past president of the Grosse Pointe Business Men's Association and past treasurer of Rotary Club He joined the Automobile Club in 1931 as a membership repre' sentative with the downtown office n 1940 he became district manager for the Club in Highland Park and in 1942 he took over a similat- position in Grosse Pointe Mr Jurgensen is survived by his wife, rene, and his mother, Mrs Florence Munro of Nashville, Mich WLLAM J GOODSON A native of Grosse Pointe, Mr Goodson 32, died sudden ly Thursday, February 22, at his residence, 621 Shoreham road Survivors include three sons, William John ll, Michael and Gregory; a daughter Cheryl; his parents, Mr and Mrs William John Goodson; and a sister, Mrs A J Ricca Services were at the Verheyden Funeral Home and St Michael's Episcopal Church on Tuesday, February 27 nterment was in Cadillac Memorial Gardens East * * Memorials may be made to St Michael's Episcopal Church '" '" '" HAZEL HECKER Mrs Heckr, 68, of 2111 Van Antwerp died Friday, February 23, at Detroit Memorial Hospi tal Among the survivors are two JENNE ENGELS Mrl' Engels, 82 of 1670 Faircourt, died Wednesday February :n, in St John Hospital Su!,vivors include two sons Services were Monday Feb- Hugh Anderson and Dr John ruary 26 at the R G and G R ; Eng(ls; a dau?hter Mrs Fred Harris Funeral Home, and in- Noelke; two Ssters Mrs, Henterment was in White Chapel (Continued on Page 19) Young Tender Leg O'Lamb Strictly Ground Fresh EXTRA SPECAL! Beef FNE,MEATS Kercheval-in the Village TU Free Delivery TU HOURS: Mon thru Thurs, 9 to 6 - Fri and Sat, 8 to 6 Lean Boned and Rolled Pork Loin Roast Strictly Fresh Whole Beef Tenderloin Tasty Loin Lamb Chops Page Fifteen SS c 3 Lbs b $ lb " ----_ ",,- r'-""i1i',, '41' _ S_nsa st l11" '1 S' me 1 (

42 AS- = = a a au z Thursday, March 8, 1962 YOUR AD CAN BE CHARGED ot-he CLASSFED RATES Charge Ads-12 MA words tor $100 RESPO' Cosh Ads-12 words for 90c Dc each additional word girl sittin, TCxe Call TUXEDO Trunk Lines LNER STATONS Ef Rcceptl CUNNNGHAM DRUGS See'y-B Kercheval at Notre Dame r See TU ' HARKNESS PHARMACY i Ty pist, Mack Ave at Lochmoo Jr TY SOMEWHEREN THE SOVET UNON--Aclord1ng to the 1nformatlOn accompanymg thls photo from an official source, these Russian troops and tanks are taking part in a recent tactical training exercise somewhere n the Soviet Uillon l'u TYPist, SALES STATlOSS i T:,Plst, DOW"'TOWN AREA : Steno Grand C1r,::us Park news Star'1 ' MaJestic Bldg News Stand, E JEFFERSON TO CTY L1MT ST Alden Park Manor 2-30 J Camerons Gift Shop Wayburn ;) NEWS John "nd Anne \ s: (, i ; T MAY TAKEas long as 12 months to find out what happened in two rr1nutes from takeoff to tragedy for 95 persons aboard an American Airlines Boeing 707 Jetliner that crashed on takeoff at New York's dlewild Airport Najeeb Halaby (top left) describes the flight path (top rlglit) while pointing to a map at a news conference Bottom photo 1Ban aerial view of the wreckage in Jamaica Bay, with dlewild runways in background '>'" & Jeff Park Drugs, Clty L1mlts GROSSE PONTE t PARK 26 1 Mlller Pharmacy Wayburn and Kercheval Sulllvan Pharmacy Beaconsfleld STENO and Kercheval insur; Lous' Party Store -:>ncharvolx f " 1i GROSSE PONTE cry cncec Knufi's Pharmacy Kotre Dame home and Ker:heval Cunninghams Drugs Notre Dame f9rol" and Kercheval, Notre Dame Pharmacy :\otre ---and Kercheval GROSSE PON E FARMS Trail Pharmacy, Kercheval on (,J 114A-H the Hill Farms Drugs, Fisher Rd and LVE-' Kercheval Schettlers Drugs Fisher Rd and Pomt Maumee ch1ldr Kinsel Drugs, Mack and 7-:'llJe ends Rd TT7 ':' Woods Drugs Center, Mack and u_ Bournemouth (7 Ml!e Rd ) GROSSE PONTE WOODS 5-ST Grosse Pointe Pharmacy Mack and Huntington Harkness Pharmacy, Mack ano SECRE sonat Lochmoor How:d Johnsons Mack and e tops Mle Goronflo Mack and Anita \ preci, Arnolds Drug, Mack and Hawbroke thorne ence Bob's Drugs Mack and ROSlyn Gros DETROT AREA Bnggs Drug Store Maclc l'ul<l ---Touraine SECR Rands Medlcal Servce Pharmacy TELE', Mack and Moran Blue Cross Drugs, Mack and Neff " Blue Hill Pharmacy, Ma<:k ana Blue Hill Oevonshire Drugs Mack and F Devonsh1re L & L Pharmacy, Mack and Bea Vi' consfeld Col,)ny Patent Med1cme, NC 1 SNOW GOOo-Dnly the roof of this suburban home ]u:;t north visible followmg a 21-inch snowfall ' of Appleton, \V1S, is ENO OF A PERFECTDAy- Wh1le m New York for a hero's acclaim, astronaut John Glenn, his S1Xfellow astronauts CU'd their Wlves met Rudy Vallee (right), star of "How to Succeed in Busmess W1thout Really Trying," backstage at the Mack PAXTt 51 CLAR SHORES Arnold Drugs Marter Rd and eave Jl'fferson jobs 46th Street TheatfJr l-publc NOTiCES PRAC1 MRS RYAN FROM COAST TO COAST, thi was a too-familiar scene over the weekend tion took place in Appleton, Wis for 0332 World Famous Reader and and Adviser on all problems of \ hfe, no matter what your problems may be this gifted lady can and will help you in your problems She speaks 12 different languages - Polish, talian and Mrs several others Just a r r i v e d from England - First time in this aea! LocateJ on the ground CO::\P for floor at 1065 East Grand Bouletram vard, :;''2 Block off Gratiot cor expe of Forest Open Daily from E am to 9 pm Also Sunday from 2 pm to 6 pm Detroit, Michi- EXP: gan Call years of wish,> experience reading erene This bit of ac- la-personals SWEDSH :lassage Licensed \ SEe masseuse One hour, S5 at TE your home Cora White TCx- \ edo ROSE: 2A-MOSCAL NSTRUCTON lyou bab 1r;g, Guitar; Spanish and ley Multi-Kord Master Course GROS ROLAND GULLE:MET SEe Formerly with the Victor Let Recording Co Diet Residence Studio LA Silk \VA 151l Tell PANO, organ, voice, theory Elel Pre-school through university Pos level Walter Mueller, 482 Co- de" lonial Ct N, TU HES' Hawaiian GLENN S NEW TCKERTAPECHAMP-New York City's samtation department, the final voice of authority in such matters, has proclaimed astronaut John Glenn the winner and new champion of tha Canyon of Heroes No hero of thg past was showered with as much paper in a triumphant journey alone: Broadway-the famed Tickertape Alley The orbit launching Atlas at Cape Canaveral, Fla, all ready to go, and going, FLOOD STAGED-Fury of the flood which rushed over Hamburg, West Germany, is illustrated by these autos, up-ended in the WUhelmsburg borough Looks like a junkyard f, GROSSE PONTE CONSERVATORY Staff of Professional Teachers PANO, VOCE, NUR refe VOLN THEORY S1de Beginning students through tinf artist level Mack, near 8 Mile NEE[ TU TU ter PUNCH AND JUDY MUSC STUDOS :giano, guitar, classic guitar, banjo, aecordian, nolm, 15 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe Farms TU Res B-TUTORNG PRVATE Lic, 5A'BABY witi $1 p EXPE war Goo TUTORNG 3-3:' N YOUR OWN HOME Ail subjects; all grades Adults and children Certified teach- GER ers EXPE da Call: DETROT AND SUBURBAN TUTORNG SERVCE KENWOOD c, hou Wa err: CO:\ll 10\',' GrC' \ 1 'BLACK ViRGN' PLACED in VAULT-"Tha Black Virgin of Kazan," the reportedly priceless painting of a Madonna and Child and the legendary source of miracles on Russian battlefields, is examined by San Francisco customs collector George Brokaw (left) and Jules Howard before being placed in a heav1ly-guarded bank vault The painting is said to have brought sight to the blind and given victory to Russian troops in battle The owner is an elderly Englishwoman, daughter of late explorer F A :Mitchel-Hodges, wno acquired it after Communists sold it after the revolution 4-9: COMMUNTY TUTORNG'SERVCE EXP' ik,' Re1 TOR Tutoring by degree teachers available in all subjects for LAD', grades high school, college and da adult education 8, 33Y Merriweather EXPE Grosse POnte Farms MRS LOUS MARCK, DREC- TOP NEWS is GLENN - A couple of Muscovites read about astronaut John Glenn's orbiting Premier Khrushchev cabled President Kennedy "hearty congratulations" (RadtophotoJ, first MAN BLASTEDFROM BOMBER-Edward J Murray, 47, s "home safe" after becoming the first man in history to be blasted (shown) from a B58 Hustler bomber flying 565 miles an hour 20,000 feet above Edwards Air Force Base, Calif He was encased in a 700-pound capsule designed to allow airmen to escape safely from a disabled plane at high altitudes His capsule parachuted to earth NEW CLMBRECORD-The Northrop T-;]8 Talon supersonc jet trai'lcr i shown on its way to a new chmb record over Edwards All' Force Base, Calli, With USA8' MaJ Walter F Daniel (right) piloting t went thin way: 3,000 meters (9,750 feet) 1n seconds; 6,000 meters (19,500 feet) in seconds; 9,000 meters (29,250 feet, in 6476 seconw,; 12,000 meters (39,000 feet) in 9574 seconds All fllghts from a standing start OPENNGS FOR TEACHERS TUxedo l

43 +0 q a 2 $ S 453$$ $2,e $ $ S :: as,ea u,," )$ 4 p i A 4 a, zoo: t 44 a =54 Thursday, March 8, 1962 GROSSE PONTE NEWS Page Seventeen -, : i :,:};:, \\ ' ::,,s :,;: " ''!"l1panying t!':8 :Cl't in a recent,, 1 >'r4-,' ''''t/r'm'- :ff/ 1 is ;')l-non lts \r:(' " SAF :,aj \Valter F m 3)624 sc(;(jnrls; et) in 6476 scon<u!; a stand:n;:;- F,d L J te 1m :'1d es 'a el ll al he e d- et le s n ts?r,d i- r- t YOUR AD CAN BE CHARGED CLASSFED RATES =j,ge Ads-12 words tor $100 :Jl \ds- 12 words for 90c J: each additionol word Call TUXEDO Trunk lines Li;,JER STATONS CUNNNGHAM DRUGS lfi,)41 Kt'rche\'al al Notro Dame TU YARKNESS PHARMACY Mack Ave at Lochmoo '! SEWS SALES STATONS ::'\Vi\:TOWN AREA Grand Circus PHrk n('ws Stano :ajstlc Bldg News Stand JEFf=tSSON TO CTY L1MT Alden Park!\lanor Cam('rons Gift Shop Waybllrn &: Jeff P"rk Dru9 City Limits GROSSE PONTE PARK MllJcr Pharmacy Wayburn and Kercheval Sullvan Pharmacy BE'aconsfleld and Kercheval LOllS' Party Store on Charlevoix ::;ROSSE PO NTE c: TY KnuU's Pharmilcy Notre Dame and Kerhe\'al Cunnlnhams Drugs Notre Dam(',md Kercheval t-;"tre Dame Pharmacy :-Jotre and Kercheval GROSSE PON E FARMS Trail Pharmacy Kercheval on the Hill Farms Drhs Fisher Rd llnd Kercheval Scnettlers, \-aumce Drugs Fsher Rd and KmseJ Drugs Mack and,-mile Rd Woods Drugs Center Mack ano Bournemouth (7 Mile Rd) GROSSE PONTE WOODS Grosse Pointe Pharmacy :'lack and Huntinr:ton Harkness Pharmacy Mack an(1 Lochmo')r HO\\',:d Johnsons l\1nck and e :-'1ile Goronflo Mack and Anita Arnolds Drug Mack and Haw thorne Bob's Drugs, Mack and ROslyn i AREA i DETRO Bnggs Drug Store Mack and Tourane RilOds :o1edlcal Service Pharmacy ;lack and Moran Blue Cross Drugs l\lack and NeB Blue Hill Pharmacy l\la(;k and Blue H)) Devonshire Drugs Mack an(l Devonshre L & L Pharmacy :'ack and 8eoconsfield Col:>ny Patent Medlclne, l\lack S'7 CLAR SHORES Arnold Drur;s M"rtcr Rd and Jf'fferson l-publc MRS RYAN Three Trunk Lines To Serve You 9uickly COOK-Experienced Available for luncheons, cocktail and dinner parties References Phone EXPERENCED cook for adult home Excellent references TYler LADY WANTS washing and ironing at home 4352 Marylane! TUxedo EXPERENCED, cook or cleaning, five days Reference RELABLE lady wishes day work, home or office Ten years experience \V Alnut YOUNG GERMAN lady wishes housework Saturdays LAkeview EASTLAWN, 905 At E Jefferson Front ap'irtme nt, four rooms, includes din- 2 pm, to 6 p,m: Det:oit, MiChi--E-X-P-E-'-R--E-N-C-E-D--g-a-r-de-n-e-r ing ro<>mnewly decorated, new n all 921-2;)4 ;)0 years of wishes full or part time Refcxperence readn erences Green house expcri- stove and' refrigprator Carpeted halls Quiet dults only 1A-PERSONALS ence VAlley VA VA COMMUNTY TUTORNG' SERVCE MRS LOUS MARCK, DREC- TOR Tutoring by degree teachers available in all subjects for grades high school, college and adult education 33!:1Merriweather Grosse Pointe Farms OPENNGS NOTiCES 4-HELP WANTED SA-STUATONS WANTED 6--FOR RENT MALE and FEMALE DOMESTC (Unfurnished) YOUNG LADY 22, wants babysitting light housekeeping experienced Call VAlley GROSSE PONTE'S UNUSUAL SECRET ARAL SERVCE Letters, R0sumes Composed Dictation Taped by Telephone Silk Screen Mimeographing Telephone Answering Electric Typewriting Postage Meter Bulk Mailing deas to Tke Out HESTER "WRGHT-DEAS" BATCHELOR formerly at 643 Notre Dame TUxedo COMPETENT domestic helper loves children, five days $40 Grosse Pointe reference VA EXPERENCED woman would like work, Mon, Wed, & Fri References TO LADY WSHES laundry, Mondays References Call pm 1: EXPERENCED refined colored day worker, has opening Grosse Poi n t e references, Emma, TE , NEFF 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, garages, porches Heat op- APARTMENT on Cadieux between Harper and Morang Living room, kitchen alcove, bedroom, bath, heated, hot w ate r, stove, refrigerator, parking, $8750 TUxedo ALTER ROAD - E Jefferson, attractive 5 room upper brick flat Electric stove, refrigerator, garage, landscape service Adults VAlley VERNER GROSSE PTE TERRACE APARTMENTS 973 VERNER ROAD Between Lakeshore Drive and Mack, adjacent Lochmoor Country Club Attractive 2 bedroom apartment Gas heat, disposal, private parking $11750 WO LA NOTTNGHAM-M 0 d ern 3 rooms and bath, redecorated TUxedo , CALL TUxedo RESPONSBLE hi g h school LADY WSHES days Home GnOSSE PONTE Woods, Vergirl, occasional evening baby nights References TO 7- nier Road Large 2 bedroom sitting 3 children and infant' 8627, 'lpper Fireplace, carpeting, TUxedo _ refrigerator, separate base- EXPERENCED worker with ment, garage TUxedo LVE-N Maid for G r 0 sse Pointe household Must like children Work most weekrnds Have recent references TU STUATON WANTED SECRETARY, Executive: Personable, attractive Skills are tops Seeks positi(jll with appreciative executive: Legal, brokerage, banking experience Reply to Box 0-20, Grosse Pointe News SECRET ARAL SERVCES TELEPHONE ANSWERNG MMEOGRAPHNG DTTO PHOTO-COPYNG Village Letter Shop 643 NOTRE DAME TU PANTNG, wall washing, eavestrough cleaning, odd jobs, chimney repairs PRo NURSE, practical, Grosse Pointe references, any case or consider relief duty or baby sit Hng VAlley after 6 NEED a baby sitter? The Slt tel's Club PRescott Licensed and bonded references desires Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Own EAST SDE GRLS Receptionist-Sec'y $350 transportation TY Sec'y-Bkpr wk for Pres, $ Jr Sec'y will train $250 COMPETENT WOMAN wants Typist CPA cxp $395 weeks work, 5 days Home 3-bedroom terrace on quiet street Extra bedroom and bath on 3rd $175 Vacant TAPPAN TU J r '' YPS, t vane t y $250 nights Experienced Excel- Typist Motion Picture indo $250 lent references Monday-Fri- Typist no expo $200 day NEFF LANE, 2 bedrooms, 21 GATE HOUSE 2 acres, grounds maintained, redecorated, gas heat, ideal for couple, $130 MAyfair GROSSE PONTE CTY ncome Upper two bedrooms, garage Also darling cottage near 9 mile TUxedo B-ROOMS NCELY furnished room and bath Private entrance Near Jennings HospitaL $50 per month VAlley C-OFFCE BY APRL 20, or soon thereafter, adult couple desires two - bedroom, unfurnished apartment or flat, lower Up to $125 Telephone evenings COUPLE, no children or pets, looking for 2-3 bedroom home, Grosse Pointe by May 1st References a-artcles MAN'S grey-blue glen plaid suit sport jacket, unworn, size 40 short; bicycle TUxedo ESTATES bought and sold Complete or odd pieces An tiques, silver, china, furniture, Oriental rugs Hugh C Bolan, Woodward TO MODERN peries; spread, TUxedo FOR RENT FOR RENT MACK, air conditioned offices Good parking facilities, telephone answering service available TUxedo KERCHEVAL "Village" ness district One or rooms TUxedo , edo St t $ feet of closet space, air-coneno, ma ure, NEAT colored \\'oman w'shes ditioned, completely carpeted JOY DOMAN days Heferences WA 3-35!:J4 Private basement, gar age, OFFCE SUTES or SNGLES ST CLAR SHORES $150 No children, ro pets Air-conditioning [lnd utilities Harper Ave PR MY EXCELLENT e e ani n g TUxedo furnished Free parking woman wants one day Refer Mack, Grosse Pte Wds DOWNTOWN ences Valley days; TR 2627 d2_06t Bldg , Margaret GROSSE PONTE ALBEREA' EgREUR R EL A B L E WOMAN wants Harcourt, Lower, 3 bed- TU STENOGHAPHER, good, wit h cleaning, laundry, and child rms, 2 baths mmediate occu- _ insurance agency, ex peri - care Excellent references pancy $225 OFFCE SPACE AVALABLE enccd in automobiles and TRinty St Paui, Lower, 2 bed Grosse Pointe's finest busi home owner policies, 2 days 1 rms, bath mmediate occuness iocatl'on Tracy BU'ldng 1, per \\'ek A Glenn Duty, LADY WSHES Monday and 128 K h TU d Pancy $145 ere e va xc Harper, DRexel every other Wednesday work Own transportation Refer- Trombley, Upper, 4 bed _ 4A-HELP WANTED ences Call pm rms 21,-2baths, newly decorated 6G-STORE FOR RENT ( Domestic) $200 EXPERENCED colored woman wishes steady 4 days cleaning TU 'x20' with lavatory deal for barber shop, beauty shop, etc and ironing References WA Johnstone & Johnstone 1875 Hampton, corner Mack PRACTCAL NURSE available for special duty VAlley "-orel Famous Reilcler aj cl ane! Adviser Ol all problems )f Your Girl Friday "life no matter what your pro J- lerns may be this gifted lady c n ecrctarial Service COMPETENT LADY wishes invalid care or convalescent Ref ere nee Call evenings , WA ;'1ld will help :ou in your pro b- :\1ime'ographing e-ms She speaks 12 differe 1t 6-FOR RENT languages-polish, talian alld Mrs Coleman TU (Unfurnished) :('\'c1'al others, Just a r r i v c d GROSSE PONTE PARK-5 from England - First time n 1 this area! Loc,lted on the grourd CO:YPANON-Nurse available rooms, newly decorated $75 floor at 1065 East Grand Boull-- for immediate duty Own ED \'ard, '2 Block off Gratiot COl' transportation Grosse Pointe of Forest, Open Daily from:l experience, references TW am to g pm Also Sunday frorr: SWEDSH :\ASSAGE Licensed! SECRETARAL SERVCE masseuse One hour 55 at TELEPHONE SERVCE your horne Cora White TUx- THESS PAPERS ecio ROSEMARY GANT TU A-MtJSCAL NSTRUCTON Hawaiian Guitar; Spanish and :\ulti-kord Master Course nolad GULLEMET Formerly,vith the Victor Recording Co Studio Residence \VA LA PAXO, ol'gan, voice, the')ry, Pre-school through university level Walter l'vlueller, 482 Co lonial Ct N, TU GROSSE PONTE COr-;SERVATORY Staff of Professional Teachers PANO, VOCE, VOLN, THEORY Beginning students through artist level Mack, near 8 Mile TU TU PUNCH AND JUDY :'USC STUDOS 5ASTUATONS WANTED Piano, guitar, classic guitar, DOMESTCS banjo, accordian, violin BABY STTNG only Widow 15 Kercheval, with car Days and evenings, Grosse Pointe Farms $1 per hour VE TU Res EXPERENCED young woman 2B-TUTORNG wants g e n era housework PRVATE Good references Call WAlnut TUTORNG N YOUR OWN HO:vlE G E R MAN WOMAN desires AU subjects; all grades Adults housecleaning by day or days and children Certified te;lch- Wall washing TU ers EXPERENCED WOMAN wants c CaJl: dav \vork Grosse Pointe ref DETROT A'ND SUBURBAN ernces WAlnut TUTOR:'JG SERVCE KENWOOD F OR TEACHERS TUxedo GARAGE apartment, 4-rooms ALBERT G COUVREUR and bath, newly decorated, REAL EST ATE heat furnished, car p e ti n g, TU drapes, stove and refrigerator, 1 Park privileges, 165 Muir, 7-WANTED TO RENT TUxedo YOUNG executive, wife and GROSSE PTE GARDEN APTS child, desire 3 bedroom house SLOAN DRVE to rent beginning June or One and 2 bedroom apartments July D Newly decorated, new refrigera- 1 tor with freezer top Laundry DECORATOR wishes rental, facilities, automatic gas heat, 2 or 3 bedroom home in Grosse parking area Pointe Wi decorate and TU maintain for rcasonabe renta TUxedo GROSSE PONTE, 3 bedroom upper, $125 nquire, 414 Cadieux FVE ROOMS, upper, separate basement and garage 389 Neff Road Call after 6 pm EXPERENCED in genera), hos- GROSSE PONTE TERRACE pita}, i'estaurant work Days, Convenient to shopping and week, by the hour buses 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, HARCOURT ROAD Almost new deluxe second floor apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, family room, gas heat and central air conditioning FOR SALt: BEAUTFUL full e n g t h fur coat, fully let-out silver blue muskrat, looks i k e mink, costs $700, sacrifice $150, size 12 TUxedo printfd, lined, drapink double bed pillows Fur scarf 4-i037 KNTTERS-Will assemble and block your sweaters, etc, shorten your knitted dresses Reasonable, quick TU Three Trunk Lines To Serve You 9uickly a-artcles FOR SALE TELEVSON, 21", $55; 12", $20, good working condition Mirror, $4; lamp $4; cotton rugs, $6 TUxedo CUSTOM GUNSMTHNG Franchised Dealer Colt, thaca, Browning Bausch & Lomb Winchester Advisory Center Re-Loading Equipment and Components busimore B McDANEL CO TUx Kercheval VA CUSTOM decorator's fruitwood cabinet with Hi-Fi, FM and AM RCA TV, decorator's cabinet, black with gold trim Call after 5, TUxedo AUTO DRVERS! Only $754 quarterly buys $10,000-20,000 Bodily njury and $5,00000 Property Damage Liability TUxedo EARL Y American custom built cherry drop leaf dining table, seats 10 Excellent condition TUxedo evenings MAHOGANY drop-leaf table, three extra leaves, six chairs, $125; three mat(hing antique occasional chair$:, $35 each; antique mahogany card table, $60; walnut twin bedroom dresser, night table, dressing table and bench, $125 VA AMAZNG! First Time in Michigan Free home demonstration with three lessons Conn Organ Organs from $399 Pianos to rent East Detroit Conservatory of Music Gratiot, nr 9 Mile PRescott HAND CARVED leather purses, billfolds, key-cases, slippers, belts, stools, etc HOward AARGOT W HANSEN'S Grand River Art Gallery HOUSE OF DSTNCTON Pictures - Paintings Custom Framing 7422 Grand River 2nd blk No of Blvd Close to Expressway TY TY a-artcles PANO-ORGAN ouilders Show Samples BALDWN BULT CONSOLE PANOS from $710 with bench OTHER NEW SPNETS from $445 with bench BALDWN ORGANS from $895 with bench LOWREY ORGANS from $59S 9-ARTCLES 1\ "' ab-ant9ues SALE TERMS 6% - DELVERY Guarantee - Complementary lesson with each organ sold DNNG ROOM SET, ]ight mahogany TUxedo SA-OFFCE EQUPMENT FOR SALE TYPEWRTERS and add i n g machines, new, rebuilt Reasonable prices Nationai Office Equipmerlt, Harper at Bishop TUxedo COMPLETE clearance, every item greatly reduce:d Open Sunday 1_5 Highland Antiques th St, Detroit, 1 block North of West Grand Grand Blvd ANTlUE SHOP, primitive fin- ish d and unfinishe'i Glass china, ironstone, Har-j per WANTED WE BUY old gold, jewelry and silver Vogue Jewelers, Moross Road OLD WANTED CLOTHNG B!::ST PRCES STENWAY, Mason-Hamlin or Baldwin grand piano wanted '58 THUNDERBRD convertible Full power good shape, private party, $1775 TUxedo '57 PONTAC 4 door Very good condition, one family nice P' ice Call after six CONVERT to sail Complete kit, sails, mast, rigging $75 Call between 5 and 7 pm TUxedo E-COMMERCA \ PROPERTY GROSSE POl\'TE CTY Small professional office" zoned parking adjacent Principals only TU REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ron SALE STEARNS and Foster twin Hollywood beds, like new $12500 TUxedo EXPERENCED RE-WEAVNG moth holes, burns tears Rea- SMLEY BROS sonable Est i mat e s Quick DET _ 5510 Woodward, nr service PRescott X-way Open eves, except Sat, FNE ARTS French Provincial Sun 1-5, rn3oo coffee table, length 60 inches, B' lrmmgllam - 11'" ;) S Tnd d V" W, ;vidth 18 inches, in excellent cor Maple Open eves, Sat 'til condition Also French Pro- 5:30 vincial step table VA 1-:3939 DUNCAN-PHYFE dining room BACHELOR would like terrace table, leaf pads, buffet, or flat above store Available chairs, $75 TUxedo May 1st TUxedo NEFF-Six room apartment, 'r h r e e bedrooms, separate SKN DVERS $90 regulator, dining room, also maid's room US divers Recently overand bath $165 monthly A hauled, must sell fast TUxedo block from Best's shopping district, two bus lines TUxedo GROSSE PONTE WOODS bedroom duplex Stove, re VERNER RD frigerator, carpeting, air-con- 1 Block East of XWay ditioner, garage Ncar East- Now renting - New luxurious land, $135 TU , VE J and 2 bedroom apartments Large rooms and closets Com- GROSS PONTE WOODS-' petely carpetd Heated Latest E ktchen appllances, mc1uding Newly decorated 3 room up_ dishwasher Plenty of conveniper Heated, disposal Adults ent parking TUxedo CHESTER P JANKOWSK _t_io_n_a l_a_du_l_ts T_U_5_-2_2_0_9 GROSSE PONTE WOODS, 2 ST PAUL near shopping cen- bedroom duplex Stove, rete' 5 room lower flat Range, frigerator carpeting, gas heat, r{;[rigerator, heat furnished air-conditioned Near X-way Call TUxedo after 5 p m TUxedo , VEnice MOVNG Large Hotpoint electric stove, Hotpoint washing machine Pink wrought iron dining room table, glass top, 6 chairs Round kitchen table, formica top, 2 chairs All good condition Two piece buffet, light mahogany Misc Lawn and garden equipment TU DOUBLE EDGE RAZOR BLADES Finest Surigal Steel, honed in oil Full money back guarantee 25-30c, c, 200-$150, 500-$330, 1000p $575 Post-paid Packed 5 blades to package, 20 packages to carton COD orders accepted Postcard brings gen- (Tal merchandise cat a log EMERSON COMPANY, 406 So Second, Alhambra, Calif DANTY diamond ring (new) $150; go r g eo u s diamond watch, $425 TUxedo BONCHALU orinental rug 2'6x- LOVEL Y white banny stole, perfect for proms 01' summer evenings, $30 H and s 0 m e Ballm - Marten stole, $35 TUxedo S ELL N G my collection of framed pictures of boats, sa different Many very scarce WA NDAN VLLAGE-Modern 2 T, RAYMOND JEFFS bedroom, first floor '0-81 Kercheval TU 1_1100 USED Frigidaire refrigerator, quois at East Jefferson in good runnin'g condition, HOLCOMB at Jefferson, $50 TU MUR-4-room apartment with stove and refrigerator only, enclosed porch, garage and all utilities furnished including heat Shown by appointment only Phone LO week days only for appointment GROSSE PONTE FARMS-3 bedroom house, $150 a month Call after 6 TUxedo natural fireplace, garage, $130 WO LAMBRECHT REALTY CO TUxedo BULDER OWNER 6'6 Very clean, $50 Phone VAlley NEFF Large upper flat 3 PLEASANT ROOM, man or BOYS' 26" English racer for PAR of arch preservers, Shelby, bed roo m s, 2 baths $175 woman, prlvllege, close: to sale inexpensively Call TU 8B, brown suede Practically monthly transpnrtatlon 'VAlley , evenings new TUxedo PAD FOR MFN'S SUTS TOPCOATS AND SHOES TUlsa 3p1872 A telephone call will bring us to you immediately GWSSE PONTE W'OODS mmaculate 3 bedroom 1% bath Colonial with den, terrace, 2- car garage, gas heal;, lots of closet" $29,900 TU Johnstone & Johnstone )EADLNE 3 PM TUESDAY 13-REAL ESTATE FOR SALE TEHRACE HO:\1E 403 RVARD BLVD Five bedrooms, 3 baths Living room 13'6x22, dinilng room 13x 14, pantry and kitchen 2-car garage, gas heat More J oom for the money than any house in Grosse Pointe Price $21,750 cash to mortgage Also can be sold on land contract with low carrying charges \1cKay VA !\'ights-TV NOW PRCED for immediate sale 314 Rivard Older house, needs remodeling TUxedo LA MUST SELL 1 Beautiful Early American 3- bedroom, ; 1, story 27'>::45' All large rooms decorated ii exquisite c:jlonial motif with coved cei:ing framed arches, and pane1cd doors Chair railing and ciado in 11x14' diniiig room Lal-ge living room with natural fl'eplace Newall wool beige carpeted with foam rubber pad Beautiful knotty pine family kitchen with large paneled bre;kfast area and For mica counte'rs Two lovely bedrooms down, both carpeted Extra larj;e bedroom up, knotty pine with walk-in closet, builtin chest, cedar closet and separate sewing room Beautiful paneled recreation room with lavatory and many built-ins Gas he'at, disposal, incinerator, and screened terrace Low taxes Clean as a pin Must see this to appreciate and compare with mph hig,her priced homes 1>, sking S26500 :\lake offer Quick posse'ssion 779 THE if YOU STANHOPE J:'U , Call After 4 OPE SU:\DAY SA Vf BROKER'S FEE Brown -"Bilt" Co-Op Apts ::'lack-harper-cadieux Areas $9,800 to $13,800 Builders and Developers BROWN NVESTMENT CO TU 5 p 2500 BOOKS PURCHASED for cash THREE MLE DRVE Entire libraries or fine single items Midwest Book Service, n a neighborhood of stately 4301 Kensington, TU homes l\1odified English resi- dence all lovely 200' site Four family bedrooms, maid's quarters, elegant guest suite deal for gracious entertaining with 31' living room panelel library, Florida room Extensive storage space and extremely well constructed Total of five fireplaces; many other sp<:cial features One of the finest residences in the 'Pointe' Must be sold to close Estate For fur- WANTED: Paul McCobb dinette ther details, call William John- b' G d co dit'on stone now at TU set, rc 1 00 n PR Johnstone & Johnstone BOOKS bought in any quantity Eniire libraries, book cases, art objects Mrs B C Claes, 1670 Leverette, \VO AUTOS FOR SALE SLGHTLY worn, better women's and children's clothing FORD 1952, 2-door, good for 10 to 5 daily; Friday 'U 9 transportation $95 TUxedo Mack between 7 and Mile Roads '57 FORD, V-8 2-door, R & H \\'SW, black custom Norwood Large attractive 2 -S-E-T-O-F-E-n-gl-i-sh-S-p-o-d-e-'s-R-os-e COMPLETE iving room furniroom apartment Wall to wall Bud Chintz Dinner plates, ture, French Provincial, like M-0-D-E-L--A--F-o--r-d--s-ta-k-e carpet, refrigerator, stove, all fruit dishes, cup and saucers, new Blond H-F, RCA, $50; truck, good condition, new utilities Will decorate to suit vegetable dish, teapot, sugar Blond TV 21", GE, $30, ex- -tires $ or furnish if desired VA 1 bowl, cream pitcher Prac cellent condition PR , VA , ED tically new TUxedo MERCEDES 62, 220 S after 4 pm MAHOGANY Winthrop desk, miles, Must sell, save $500 EAST SDE near Jefferson chiffonier Lyre based card WA Large atractive 2 room apart- WHTE rotary sewing machine, tab 1e, mahogany Lincoln ment Will decorate to suit or $40 TU rocker Smaller round-about 12A-BOATS AN D furnish if desired 1 :hair TU MOTORS SATURDAY 10 am Hardwood l BLAKESLEE MANAGEMENT workbench, with 2 vises and CARPET, new, 15J13 yards in CO back for tools, $25; mahogany one piece, Sapphire blue 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday chest, $20; mics kitchen Polished cotton bedspread, VA utensils; garden tools; set of blue tones Living room lamp china, $25; some linen; electric Call after 5 o'clock TUxedo 899 NEFF ROAD, Large living fans; large upholstered chair, room, 2 bedrooms, electric $20 70 Lochmoor TV kitcshen, garage, air-condi- FURNTURE, glassware, dinner tioned $150, TUxedo BEAUTFUL Persian carpet, etc set, linens, lamps TU and antiques TYler HARCOURT Lower 2 bed-,sterlng, 2 place settings rooms, 1 1 h baths, fa mil y FNGERTP 'length Canadian Wallace's Grand Colonial patroom, $225 TUxedo natural wijd mink coat Beau- tern Brand new Still in tifully styled Excellent con- plastic protector bags PR 6B-ROOMS FOR RENT dition Call Saturday or Sun GROSSE PO N T E FARMS day between 10 am and 5 CUSTOM tailored man's dress Large front, 2 closets, cheer- : pm TU clothes, size 38 Midnight blue fully furnished Pier privi- COM P LET E public address tails and tuxedo - one pair leges Employed gentleman sound' system, excellent con- pants Complete morning suit TUxedo dition TUxedo TUxedo HLLCREST Four-bedr,)oJll, 2-bath French farmhouse in choice neighborhood, clo 5e to Kc'by School Unusual architect design Call today for an appnintment Ask for Mrs G1')'11 S TAPPAt'-1 TU HVARD, bedrooms, 3 baths, and library, S3,500Outstanding tel' race unit with excellent kitchen and carpeting throughout Gas, AC 1\11'Doyle, TUxedo SLLOWAY & CO LKE COUNTRY 212 acres group estate or development property, 50 minutes nqrth of Detroit, 30 minutes cast of Flint Well landscaped, five bedroom home with pool, tennis court, pitch and putt golf course barns, dog kennels hobby shop, landing strip and hanger, bridle paths and fresh, deep lake with cottage and boat house Surrounded by woods with goo d fishing, hunting, sailing, ice boating and water skiing Developed over a period of years as a private recreational set up Privately owned Terms, will co-broker Will divide- PFER REALTY COMPANY ATTCA, MCHGAN RANDOLPH , --- -t-a- rt n=4z,, tf

44 Page Ei"ghteen GROSSE PONTE NEWS Thursday, March 8, 1962 Thursday, March 8,!962 YOUR AD CAN :'11-\:\0:" BHOTHEHS TL 2-6Ullll Purdy & BE CHARGED Three Trunk Lines To Serve You Quickly 13-REAL ESTATE /13-REAL ESTATE 113-REAL ESTATE OR SALE _ FOR SALE FOR SALE s, A WOl\1AN KNOWS i nod lawtf()hne " l :\:'\:'\C,J)\L1, Barrington bedrooms' Brick Coloni,lJ 2-t<;!' attached '\('\\' Orleans Colonial 4 hc'd-' Hamilton Ct, bedrooms garage 4 bedrooms, library ronl11!:: hath,, Library Gas Berkshire, bedrooms fireplace Exccllent eondilion \c i Barrington,!J12 4 bc'droom By o\vlt'r TUxedo B:\LFOL"H Berk"hire, bedrooms i Bishop, bedrooms Colonial : l,ll'drool!ls2':: haths: Chalfonte 324 Ranch Paneled, lib r, r y Hccrcation i Lakeshore Lane, 576 Ranch room (,as -\( Low upkt'('p'1 Belanger 315 "Hanch Extra C'lOSl't span' 7:r lot \'ell! ia\\'llorne, 992 Hanch landscaped : Brys 1544 Semi-ranch \LL:\HD Whitehill 10500, Sell1:-l'anch ',x(,c "11 ent 2 l('croom lt) ran(' 1 \c'c-, :llarcourt,, 792 Flat rcation room Gas -\C S8500 ANN BEDFORD GOODMAN ;\lofl\:" {O\D n tll' F-\DS i Frst o[lerll1l: Spotless fa('(': bl"lt"k modern -;beclrool1 colo- j nial First flollr 1m' carpeting: c!rapel'ics famil room recrea- i tion room as heat 2 car ga-: l'(lgc l'ncit-r S:!:JOOll (l"l:":" 'T : FARFORD A two bcdroom Hanch with panelled family room Excellent terms obtain- tble Owner has moved and is anxious to sell FOR CO::\lP-:TENT COUNSEL :"G 0:'-1 HEAL ESTATE PROB- LDS CALL TU TU DEVONSHRE custom English excellent c,mdition li\'ing room dining room breakfast room libr;jry powder room enclosed terrae" ' modern kitchen all on 1st floor 4 bedrooms 2 baths 2nd noor Large bedroom with full bath 3 'd flonr Gas heat beautifully landscaped Owner VA LOCHl\OOR, 1238-Center hall colonial 10 years old 160-ft lot, family room 21,2 baths, attahced garage n excellent condition A luxury home in a prestige area Under $45000 COMPLETE NFORMATON ON ALL OTHER GROSSE PONTE PROPERTES AVALABLE SOREHA"-n Grosse Pointe 1 Shorcs A fine four bedroom CHAM PON Early American Colonial on large shaded lot Two car attitchcd garage and fine scrcened terrace TU LO ; JOHN S GOODMAN GROSSE POTE FARl\S Xe\\est Subdivision ORWOOD 1799 ERL COliRT : GROSSE PONTE WOODS _Off :\oross near Kercheval '1 ;,1:\'/ 2 bedroom 1] bath cul- 1,9 3 bedrooms 312 baths onial Living room dining room $ x15' kitchen with built-ins, 189 -t bedrooms 2 1 baths, gas heat, full basement, copper $49,000 plumbing, aluminum sieling RCHARD K:\BROUG 40x120' lanclscapej lot BGLDER TU OPEN SUNDAY 2 TO 5 FRST OFE;-G- 'V-'o-nd-e-rf-u;ALBERT G COUVREUR 2 story in Park Takin offers TU S20000 or over 3 bedrooms i 11, baths O\\"ncr Private l H: ()\V:NER?' buvers \" Allev i -: 3 Mcl\ll1ey Co-, 10l1lal, 3 bedrooms, ll, baths, _----- breakfast roon1, enclosed tcr- 87 WEBBER raec, excellent closets and :"cw fh'c bedroom 6 bath storage space 2-car garage, French Colonial fenced lot convenient loea OPE:\" SL:\" 2-5! tion $24,900 TUxedo , \V AL TtR H MAST CO! TC 2-HOO McKNLEY ROAD Grosse Shown by COLONALS 1007 Three l\lile $75, l\1iddlesex Three 68Notre Mile Dame 53,500 48,000 7fi5 Trombley 1580 Oxforcl 1064 Balfour Three Mile 39, N Oxford 1357 Devonshire 38,900 37, Grayton 35, Norton 1352 Balfour COLlrt 33,000 32,500 M5 Hawthorne 1888 Littlestone 1972 Prestwick 1936 Littlestone 31,750 n,50;; , Notre Dame Littlcstone 1204 Bedford 168 Fisher ,900 25,900 1;0;91 Hampton 20, Hawthorne 1621 Bournemouth H18 Hampton Hollywood RANCHES Pointe Appointment 1153 Sunningdale 67, Sunningdale PANO CALL TUxedo CARPET LAYNG NEW AND OLD Stair Carpet Shifted Repairs of All Types BOB TRUDEL TU Suburban SERVCE PANO TUNNG and servicing, guaranteed Walter Mueller, TUxedo COMPLETE piano service Tuning, reuuliding, refinishing, de-mothing Member Piano Technicians Guild R Zech, A-GENERAL Maintenance Associates "No Job s Too Small" One phone call for all home maintenance problems Licensed Builders TU PR LUGGAGE, trunks, zippers sample cases repaired Golo stamping, cutom built lug gage Travelers 1 runk Co Mack Valll?Y 3-004!:! Valley DRYERS VENTED $15 Complete 5 Yrs Experience LA or TU C-ELECTRCAL SERVCE HOOVER 21 H-RUG CLEANNG GE:STCARPET CLEANRS CLEANNG DYNG REPARNG PROMP1 HOME SERVCE FREE ESTMATES For Finer Painting & Decorating CHARRON PANTNG CO Satisfaction Our Guarantee DR CUSTOM NSURED TU 2-65S6 211-PANTNG AND DECORATNG P:llni'inq and Decoratinq l3est ot Grose Pointe Keterences nterior, Exterior DONALD Decorator PANTNG FNE PAPER HANGNG LCENSED and NSUltED NEW - REBUlL"l f-arts TU , HOOVER - EUREKA AUTH SERVCE 20% SERVCES 8-t5 Lakeshore 64,000 ELECTRCAL REPARS 67 N Shorccrest Cir APPLANCE CRCUTS 1435 Lochmoor 52,900 PROMPT SERVCE 471 Lexington 46,000 KRAUSMANN ELECTRC AUTHORZED PONTE FREE PCKUP SERVCE V,ACUUM '1019 MACK nj <'HEEPCKUP & DELVRY & DELVERY HARPER VACUUM E Warren TU \ove do not have telephone or home solicitors Screen & Storm Sash, nc Mack TU H-RUG CLEANNG MDDLESEX BLVD - 80'x200'1 for sale by owner TUxedo RADKE CARPET CLEANERS or TUxedo Carpets, rugs tacked down 16-PETS FOR SALE MNATURE French Poodle male silver gray 2 years old, housebroken VAlley BEDLNGTON Terrier pup pies Odorless won't shed, lamb-like, lo v e a b e, AKC Wormed and shots Phone CHHUAHUA puppies, AKC Reasonable SLocum ALASKAN Malamute, AKC registered, 6 weeks old, wonderful with children $100 Call TUxedo evenings LABRADOR Retriever, black female, H years, excellent as a pet, watch dog and hunter Obedience trained TU MNATURE Dachshund, male, red seven weeks, AKC $75 VAlley BASSET PUPS AKC, Beautiful, $65 TUxedo 1_6076 or loose, upholstered furniture expertly cleaned and moth-proofed tj your home Free estimates, reasonable prices DRexel TACKED DOWN CARPETS AND "URNTURE CLEANED LOCATON RUGS PCKE}) vr AN D DEL VERElJ CLEANERS FREE ESTMATES CADEUX TUXEDO on OFF CASH and CARRY PRDE CARPET AND FG l-\ntu RE R D PANTERS BLSS Three Trunk Lines To Serve V/NDOW WALL CL!:ANNG WASHNG Service on Screens and Storms Brick Washing Expertly Done Basement Painting H E GAGE & SON TU L-TLE WORK PATCHNG AND NEW TLE WORK TUXEDO P-FURNTURE REPAR c U S TOM upholstering A splendid selection of decorative fabrics Expert need lepoll1t mounting Estimates cheerfully g V e n Ewald Kerchevl VA (f)-PLASTERNG CUSTOM MODERNZATON Additions, alterations recrea- tion rooms and kitchens Free estimates THE BARLEC CO VALLEY Business Machines Rubber Stamps Wedding nvitations Fine Printing Service VA JEWELRY REMODELNG Alfred E lier DEADLNE 21T-DRESSMAKNG EXPl':n ENCD dn'ssmaking and ;t1tcrations in YOilr home or ml11e WAlnut 5-n44 21Z-LANDSCAPNG Landscaping Lcwn Maintenance FOR SERVCE T:-lAT SHOWS" 1 REE TR\:\l!\'G RE:\10V AL, SPRA YG, Dutct Eim disease spraying, cabling Free estimates TU CA L FLEMNG TREE SERVCE WE \A ANT TO BE YOUR PRNTER PRNTERS LTHOGRAPHERS WO :\echanie Street Rotary Offset Printers Serving the Pointe Area Grosse Pointe Cab TU 2-5'300 ROlD SERVCE 2:,1::y(,!;:t Earle Richards MaCK Ave tjj the WnudR Fast 24 Hr Road Service After Se:rvic:e Center VA Ah'cr Collision Service VA GROSSE 3 PM TUESDAY GUDE TO GOOl) SERVCE, Electrical Repairs Appliance C:ircuits PROMPT SERVCE Krausmo:nn SerV11g the Grosse Ponte area for over 36 years WOLVERNE Typewriter Service Co Our New Loc;atiOh; 13!31 E JEFFERSON AVE Next tl the Savarlne Hotel Old Jewelry Repdesigned Rings Sized Same Day Diamonds Checked Free Highgrade Watch Repairing ALTERATO:--JS, he 111'-; c111dren', clothes draperies c:urtains mending Your home or mine Phon a:31-02g7 L&R '1 EXCLl Sl\/E: Dressmaker: al- Custom Construdlcn terat:em:, remodeling 142:19 DUlLDNG REMODELNG, Troe tel' near Chalmcrs-6 Corr,plete Kitchens ;\1ile LAkeview -G265 Family Rooms --, Bathrooms DHES"1AKl!\G, alteratlons, Recreation Rooms slipcovers draperies Experi- 5 complete kjtchens on display enced WAlnl't See and browse at --- _ Harper PR U-PLUMBNG LEE A WALKER LCE!\':';ED mas tel' plumber ROBERT M P,A'LNAU Repairs, remodelidg, etc Guannteec! 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cellent breakfast room, screen- Thl"('e large bedrooms, 11,2 baths ed terrace recreation room 50- plus excellent panelled library ft lot Richard and Brownell Hcercation room and two car JuniO High St Paul parish Liberal financing Quick possesgarage 11/ STORY CHESCET L-\XE-First offerin -\ \\"('l-plannc'd contemporary with beautifully landscaped lot Three nice bcdrooms, two baths An extra special family room \1 ith built-in air condi tioner This home is truly deluxe and must be fully inspected to bc appreciated Edgar 100 KERCHEVAL sion 2 :\ckxey50 foot lot Pr!cedl T RA YMON D J f=ffs 295 Rivard (income) to sell medlately All spaclous 1 : h',, 1087 Hawthorne rooms Top mortgage can be 81,S- : Kcrc: cva 1 U lvt Vernon ;,umed Owner anxious to Sell/ 1535 Fairholm 24,500 Quiek possc:,sion 1430 ANTA 3 bedroom brick 861 Fisher bungalow Excellent can c i- 942 Washington 22,500 ;'APLETO:'-l "The perfect l?- tion, Open Sun day 2 to St h 22,000 cation" Very low ta es on ths TUxedo an ope 22, E-CUSTOM CORSETS c:harming four bedroom English 1765 Stanhope _ cottage Superb condition Priced: 2069 Kenmore SPC:NCEH CORSETS in low twcnties i CHALFONTE 423-For a large 353 Kerby 18,900 lndjvldually deslgnd Jght family, this is an ideal house HOUSES OPEN weght foundations ulld sur HE:'-ACD 1596-f you are 4 bedrooms, 212 baths, family gca] g a ' men t s, over 26 looking for two bedrooms we room Star of the Sea Parish Sunday 2-5 for your inspection years experence M au de encourage you to call us on this in surrounding areas You are Ban n e rt 36!:! McKnley Jinc home Lovely landscaping MADSON, 439-Vacant Excel cordially invited to call or stop Gros D')mte TU or,\"ith many mature trees deal lent Farms location 3-bedroom in our office for a list TOwnsend floor plan t's easy h'ing! : center entrance colonial C31'-TU TU RADNOR CRCLE-Located in pets, gas heat, garage Out of JOHNSTONE & 21F-STORMS AND newer area of Grosse Pointe town owner must sell SCRENS Farms This Early American ',_ J0 H N 5TO N E T ' ALUMNUM COMBNATON Colonial has four bc'c1rooms, two KEl'\SN<?TON, r hs 00 S $ baths 'md Hbnr"\" Ea'y walking older bnck home has lovely DR " 2 8"8 < < :> '<1' to schools shoppiw' and trans- al ",e t ooms anc a mo d' ert1lzc d NAPLES on' the Gulf) Florida " Thick - Standard Sizes t t" "" < ' kitchen 3 bedrooms A fine 3 bedrooms, 2 baths Nearly Hardware ncluded pot a 1011 family home at a fair price new c u s tom built Central ALUMNUM COMBNATON TEXACD - Clo"e to Lake St heat, air-conditioned Fine $ Clair LoyC'ly Colonial on 1201 VENDOvlE, 84-mmcdiatc oc draperies, carp(;ts Choice WNDOWS 895 frontage Four nice family bed- cupancy for a transferred exec- area, Also, Mool:ings lot, 6 or more ca rooms three baths and maid's utive French Normandy 6 bed- Large sclect homeste Sell or up to 46 Ul quarters PanellC'c\ library with rooms, 4 1 baths Ncar St e>:':hange for like quality PO NT E fireplace mmediate possession Paul's Excellent value Terms here Transferred to Detroit OWl1er TUxedo "\'ASXGTO:" - A m 0 del' n WND:\lLL PONTE DRVE kitchen 1eatures _tht superb! _ First offering of thi" three bedroom Englsh style, charming 4-year-old lvlt Vernon home ll1 on;, of the Pomtes fll1er colonial with a view of Lake locations 1astefully decorated St C' 4 t' b d h' 'tt' atr Wll1 Sze e rooms, \\"tt a arge upstatrs Sl tng 2 b tl f'l tt h 1 "'T b d S, ami y room, a ac ee loom lil:>t e so c garage carpeted Priced far bel\l-\c:\lj<:e-lf you like the un- low reproduction cost usual you'll lo\'e this extra special Carriagc House l\laster i TORR EY l120-price reduced Bedroom has attached studio on this spacious 3bedroom: 2- Plenty of room for expanslon bath ramh No basement, utltty :\lodern kitchen room off kitchen Paneled family room, paneled library, 2 RVARD-An especially attrac- fireplaces large lot fenced, tive Dutch Colontal Entire heat-! terrace ing system bath and kitchen' C' ha\'e been rc-donc Spacious SEVERN, 1937-Thc rooms arc enclosed tcrrace faces nnto large unusually large and pleasant in Jenc:ed yare! this 3-bedl'00m, large bath and lav plus den hou3e, making it a real family home TU Owner Leaving State i\lust Sell This Exceptional Lakeshore Road Ranch ear Yacht Club with 3 large : bedrooms 2'2 baths, Hedwood family room, unique 22' Gaur mct room with special grill, paneled games room, first floor laundry 2-car attached garage TU Johnstone & Johnstone TERRACE HOME BY OWNER 21G-ROOF SERVCE 5 bedrooms, 3V2 baths Excellent closets, den, fireplace, carpeted Modern kitchen, dish- gutter-roof work New, repair FREE 1'00 c;1cck, complete washer Gas heat Ncar beach caulking nsured TU Owner transferred END GUTTER CLEANNG UNDER $30,000 WTH GUTTER SCREENNG TUxedo Specializing in gutter work, roof repair 30 years experience 13A-LOTS FOR SALE Fully insured Low priced GROSSE PONTE Park, 2 lots RCHARD WLLERTZ corner Lakepointe and Avon- TU or TU date, 75' x 177' ech Private owner TU ROOF REPARNG --"---, Expert on leaky roofs, gutters GROSSE PONTE WOODS: 42', decks, caulking VEnice 92220, $5,000 54', $6,000 parker, LAkeview TU Free WALL ';stim<ltes 35 Yecas in GP W ASHNG PANTNG & DECORATNG REDUCED WNTER PRCES ELMER T LABADE TUxedo nterior ALL AROUND painting and decorating Paper remov:ng Work myself Good references Page VA ERNEST A BOCK Pointer and decorator; quality and color matching, the tinest! Served Grosse POinte homes ror 10 years?o685 Woodmont TU XPERT painting, paper hang ing by mechanrcs, free estl mates Van Assche, TUxedo , VA GEORGE COMPLETE decorating Paperhanging, insured, guaranteed Al Schneider TUxedo J-WALL S DALLY PANTNG, DECORATNG Wall washing and patch plastering Serving this community over 25 years VA WASHNG WALL WASHNG Experienced, f l' e e estimates, reasonable rates VAlley , LAkeview FRANK J ST AMOUR i'u TU LET US modernize your kitch- FREE ESTMATES en with new XL furniture finished cabinets, also vani-l VA ties for your bathrooms, breakfronts for your dining CO"'-M'-P-L-E-T-F:--de-c-o-ra-' t-n-g-s-e-r-v'c-'erooms Job done complete nterior and exterior paint- Call OLive for salesing Paper removing and man to eall or write Leiter paper hanging Wall washing Construction Co, 1266 Crooks ( Workmanship guaranteed to Rd, Rochester, Mich rj be the best For estimate, call REMODELNG WLLAM FORSYTHE BY A CUSTOM BULDER VAlley For quality of workmanship and LEO P KSTNER materials, see OUr model at 87 nterior painters, exterior Webber Place, Grosse Pointe Free estimates, work guar- Shores Open daily 2-5 anteed Rntes reasonable, Custom work and color WALTER H MAST CO PRescott , PRescott TU HOME improvement, modernization, quality workmanship by custom bnilder ERNEST G MOELLER TU ADDTONS ALTERATONS Family rooms, porch enclosures, modern kitchens, attics converted COMPLETE MODERNZNG LCENSED & NSURED HELMER TUxedo Additions, attics completed LANDSCAPNG?orch enclosures recreation: rooms garages repaire d i ru TU 4-301]; 21T-DRESSMAKNC:,! CUSTOM dressmaking, design-; ing, free styling alterations Best references Van Dyke- Jefferson area Mrs Sharp ADam EXPERT alterations, re-model-' ing; your home, by the' day: Pointe references VAlley plain drapes Blankets bound Each iob receives cur speciol TU th t,,'" attentic n '' asurtng you 0 DRESSMAER - Deslgnet ex- we are workl'"1g ior YOU R best pert COPest, bett(r dresses ' t ' " n eresi n ine eva,ua t' on of gov,'ns, and suits Perfect fit- t, R bl' your Olin soecla! reoulremens rfc;;1 *C7_;F; KRAME R EX C L U S V E alterations by Marie Stephens Quick ser\'- ice on hems (Furs) TUxedo Elec:tric Co TU PONTE Service Shoe Repair -in Alger Theater Bldg,JEWELER & GOLDSMTH 379 Fisher Rd Opp, High E, Warren TU _ " rosse An Ordinll the Zoni Ordina THE CTY OF GROSSE PONTE PARK ORDA:\S char Section 1 Section 56 oi hoof Chapter 20 of Title V of the sam" Grosse Point Park City Code i, i 'dl Aftc amended to read as follo\"s: 56 Open Spaces :\0 yard court or other open space pro-: vided about any building for i the purpose of complying \\"ilh: the provisions of thee rcgula-: tions shall again be used as a i yard, court or other open space for another builciin: existing or : intended to exist at the same time o p«rt of a rear yard i within ten feet of a street no: ide yard facing a street and, no front yard shall he used for the storage of boats trailers' or other personal property :\0 personal pro per t y shall be, stored in any rear yard in a; rcsidential district except propcrty held for the pri\'ate non- commercial Lse of a person li\'- ing on the premises Section 2 Section 5,14 of Chapter 20 Title V of t:e i Grosse Pointe Park City Code: is to rad as f01l0\\ s:, 514 Off-Street Porking:,on: Residential Lses Property used wholly or partly for non-de\\"1- : ing purposes shall, unless cetermined 0 the ' \\' is e by thc: Board of Appeals have one or more free off-street parking lots for employees and patrons ad shall have off-street loading fa- : cilities for service vehicles as: follo\\'s: (1) Where the non-dwelling use i involves a b u i din g the parking a l' e a shall equal: two-thirds the gorund co\'-' pro app thel app can: this as \l"ai uc : as ten the agr, fael in agr' sm ope ace 50r fro fe' to the :11" an mi pal the sa: th, he tai 11C co: me fa: lat pa 'c' C] erage of the building except that in the case of p churches the area shall be, pi; such as to accommodate one ' S" automobile for e a c h ten' sc seats and in the case of i th theaters, auditoriums and! to the like the area shall be 1\ b" sue h as to accommodate yc one automobile for ever\' reo five seats Where the use! sl does not involve a building : f, X the parking area shall be! rl not less than one-third of il the area devoted to such ne use Such prescribed mnimum parking area is exclu- co ir sive of any required setbacks or buffer strips t!>" m re (2) W her e a combination of i (d uses is in\' 0 1v e d, the required parking area shall be fu je: determined by pro-rating pa on the foregoing basis Re- ov quired parking lots may be th" provided jointly by separate! th-' users but unless setion 515 ' A) applies, the parking area 1 he shall be the aggregate of sh that required by such users i ot! separately 10' (3) Parking lots required under c1: this paragraph shall be pro- he vicled where possible, on or lic adjacent to the premises; re', and in anv Ccse shall be Ap within fo1' hundred (4001 ftl, b,{ feet thereof '1 br (4) Parking lots accessory to a at" use permitted in a residence! Ut district may be located in! fo any district Parking lots! P! accessory to a use permitted Sll in a business ditri<"l $hall i cl be located in the hll$inl'" 01 district proyidcd 1,,'\\l'\'l'r t'l: that such lot$ lll:,y,llh';, tl compliance with $Ub"l',':il'll $, (5) belo\\', be located 1:\ an', residence district (5) A parkin lot acccssor:-' t" ;: C' business use may be h 1 l":h'd in a residential district onl ' 01 after appro\'al by the Board: n' of Appeals, gi\'en under $ub- : h seciton (5) and only when c' operated under unre\'okcd sl, 1 permit and license issllcc as '1 ' follows: p (a) A parking lot accessory to (a) '> a business use 'j) shall abut Sl the business district or an fl' alley in the rear of the d, business district or ii) shall sl abut another parking lot J'( 11 accessory to a 1lU$incss use i established with the approv-: 11" val of the Board o[ -\ppcal$\ c e: (1)) An application for appl"\1\"al is of any such parkin:: lot shall \' he filed with the J)epart- atl l1cnt of Buildings ;l1d Saf<'- ir ty Enginecrin:: ;l1'('olllpan-, G:l ied b' a plan of t!l(' pro-, dj' posed parkllll-: lot SUl', detail as till' kp:lrtlllcnt b, may requirc J" " (c) A public hcl1rin 01\ till' '1p- f' plication sind! lit' held by a the Board or :\1'1'\":11,; \t r such publi(' h,,1 r l\ the q Board sh;tll d\'(,'"1" \\'l1e- a the1' 0]' Hlt th, 1':;(!lll nt s" will 1)(' detl"llll,'l,ul (\ he t:1 charnet,'' p (t,t' 1"'hhor- t ho'l(!: it th,' \;"":, llllil r find (!w( \"1 1-;:: 1,111" lot, (as prp',l\'lt t: \!" 'lppli- c catioll 1'1" \\ t!,,,,-!l ilcldl- i G 1ioll:t1 (' \l 1\ d l \ \ ' ll' -S the _, '11 1 ' Tna'd ll,l dd,'l'1l111l(' \\ 1 not }ll' c1t-lrilllt"l!,d to the, P - he _1M #M bod trt nctrbzz, en 7, 7 7 7?

45 MCH Page Nineteen City Assessor, SaElaunched Dawson F Nacy AXD City of City of Michigan MEETNGS r Cd me 111 M _ WLL BE HELD FOR THE PURPOSE OF REVEWNG SAME NOTCE Wayne County, Michigan,','A1':\' COUNTY, 1\CHGAX of review of the 1962 J,:sessment Roll Proposed Ordinance Grosse Pointe Woods Tuesday, March 13, 1962 and Tuesday, March 27, 1962 Between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm ':':astern Standard Time Tile Board will recess from 12:00 to 1:00 pm, and from 5:00 to 6:00 p,m, TUESDAY, ARCH 13, 1962 TUESDAY, j\farch 27, 196: Notice of Assessment: AN ORDNANCE TO PROVDE FOR THE ADOP- TON BY REFERENCE OF THE "UNFORM TRAFFC CODE FOR 1\1 CH G A N CTES, TO\VNSHPS AND VLLAGES" N THE CTY OF GROSSE POr:TE WOODS, MCHGAN Copies of the complete ordnance are on file in the office of the City Clerk The Assessment Roll for the Cily of Grosse Pointe farms, Wayne County, l\ichigan for the year 1962 having bccn compiled, at the City Hal!' 90 Kerby Road, Grosse Pointe Farms, ichigan from 9:00 am, to 5:00 pm each day All those deeming themselves aggrieved by said assessment may then be heard Published: Grosse Pt, r\e\\'s, :\lar, 8, 15 and 22, 1962 Noti(;e is hereby givell hat the board Of Review of the City of Grosse Pointe Park, Wayne County, Michigan, shall be in session at the 1\lunicipal Building, E Jefferson Avenue, Grosse Pointe Park, i\1ichigan, for thc purpose of Reviewing the 1962 City Assessment Roll on provided that the Board of Review shall continue in session on these dates until all interested persons shall have been heard All persons coniderillg themselves aggrieved by their assessments may present their complaints to the Board of Review at these sessioi1s BOARD OF REVEW CTY OF GROSE PONlrE PARK, CHARLES HESE, City Clerk Published in the GPN :1/8 and 3/22 Scouf Cookie Headlines DAWSON F, NACY CTY CLERK DAWSON F NACY CTY CLERK CTY OF CTY OF BDS NVTED BDS NVTED NEWS Automotive Lubricating Equipment March 1962 One Utility Dump Body Truck March 1962 <VrO!iSt lpointe ftu11ls Scaled proposals for furnishing one utility dump body truck will be received by the City of Grosse Pointe Farms, 90 Kerby Road, Grosse Pointe Farms :36, Michigan until 12;00 o'clock noon on Thursday, March 15, 1962, at which time all bids will be publicly 0pE'ned All bids must be in accordance with City specifications and submitted on standard proposal forms which are available at th',! City Engineer's office, 90 Kerby Road, Grosse Pointe Farms 36, Michigan The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to accept the bid considered to be to the best interest of the City Published in Grosse Pointe News March 8, 1962 Scaled proposals for furnishing automotive lubricating cquipment will be received by the City of Grosse Pointe Far!Us, 90 Krby Road, Grosse Pointe Farms 36, Michigan, until lock uoon on Thursday, March at which time all bids will be publicly opened, ', All bids must be in accordance with City specifications and submitted on standard proposal forms which are available at the City Engineer's office, 90 Kerby Road Grosse Pointe Farms 36, Michigan ' The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to accept the bid considered to be to the best interest of the City Published in Grosse Pointe News March 8, 1962 PONTE, to Meet CTY OF GROSSE PONTE PARK, GROSSE Club Charles Heise, City Clerk Published in the GPN 3/8/62 Mrs Shelden Drennen of Lake Crest avenue will open her home Monday, March 12, to members and guests of the Grand Marais Garden Club She will be assisted by Mrs Earl Hodges Tea at 1 pm will be followed by a short business meeting, after which Mr Harold Glassford will speak on "French Farms a Gardens of Old Detroit" (3) Permit the erection and use of a building or the use of premises in any location for a public service corporation or for public utility purposes, and make exceptions the l' e for to the height, yard and court requirements herein establisher, which the' Board considers reasonably necessary for thc public convenience or welfare (4) Permit in a Residencp District a temporary building or use incidental to the residential development, in- (b) A solid masonry wall of brick, stone or other approved material and having a height of four feet above grade shall be prqyided (i) at the line bet\en the parking area and the required buffer strip and <ii) at the ine of the front yard setbaek; provided that if the parking lot is depressed below grade the required height of said wall above grade shall be reduced by double the amount of such depression, (7) n a business district the parking area shall be set (a) The parking area shall be set back conforming to the front yard required in said ciistrict The parking area shall be separated from the rear lot line and side lot line by buffer strips not less than ten feet in width except that where the property to the rear or the side s in a business district, or where the parking arc a abuts an alley, no intervening buffer strip shall be required City of 05rossl? 1toinfe ark An Ordinance to Amend the Zoning Ordinance Ordinance No 25 Thursday, March 8, 1962 :--- "1011 :; SectOn 514 of (::t:',(';' :;0, Title Y of lhe,;'""" POllltl' 'ark City Code :- :" l'cdel ;S follo\\ s: 51 OffStreet Porking-on_ :'ld('ltial l'ses Propcrty userj, 'lo:'y or )l;!rlly for non-dcwll- ::, purpo:-(';, shall, unless cle :,::'::,:nl'ci ( the r \\ is e by the 1:",,:',1 [t \ppcals, have one or ;""1'(' :'c(' o!fstr't parking lots to:' ('::lj!oyc'c-; and patrons Clnd,:l,;li ':1\'(' (lff-street loading fa-, ;'1, - 10: ervice vehcles as a',\ parking lot accessory to a business use f i shall abut lhc business district or an alley in the rear of the business ciistrict or ii) shall ilbut another parking lot, acc('ssory to a business use r-;lablished with the approvval of thc Board of Appeals eluding real estate signboards located on the prem ises to which they apply, OBTUARES such permit to be granted (Continued from Page 1) The first tl"ailer load:, of the However, irls ;nay participate for an initial period of not, '1,, lover 1,800 tons of Girl Scout in booth sales, qr other sales more than two years, and (Continued from Page 15) stated tllat, n addition to the cookies arrived in Detroit on under the supervision of an in the case of a building 11 subul'ban mayors present at March 1 for delivery '00 some adult or may take orders over ly pon a)pll'cat1'on "C rie,ta Hock and Mrs El1'zabeth on u u - the committee's first meeting, 300 troop pickup s t,1t ion s the telephonc companied by a bond and Scheible; two brothers, Henr:,' D ]'1 P 't D' < ' t 10 others ha've already signe:l throughout the et,o t arca, 1C Grosse om e _lscrlc bill of sale to the City, ef- and James Mooney; 16 grand- k d big' ft tl "d' 'ld d 1'" t d U) as 111 e n bel's and several T 1e coo ie sale, can ucted y 11' Scouts arc grate u 0 lelr fective in case t le DU mg c 11 ren an,) grea -gran - Girl Scouts of Metropolitan De-; friends in this area who have is not removed prior to the children more have indicated tbeir will- t'oit, is scheduled for!varch 8 ' ajwa's supported the annual expiration of the permit Services were Saturday, Feb- ingness to join, provided they through 19 cookie sale, and their support Permits may be renewed by ruary 24, at the Verheyden can obtain their city councils' Three kinds of cookies Willi of our current sale will again the Board of Appeals for Funeral Home and Our Lady approval Cavanagh, hoping to be on sale; sandwich, c!locolate lleiln moncy, for worthwhile successive periods of not Star of the Sea Church Burial 0 t fc G Scout tr ops " win greater outcounty support, mint and peanut buttcr pattie p' lee Jr lr o more than two years each, was m Mt, Olvet cemetery has revised his original pro- Cookis are packed in attrac- (5) Permit in a Residence Dis-,,, posal to allow townships, as well livc boxes, bearing Girl Scout C 1 Cl b trict the erection of bulle- LAWRENCE C JACOB as ciues and counties, to levy symbols and feature the Gold- 0 ony tins, memorials, markers or Mr Jacobi, 57, of 353 Hill- an income tax en Anniversary of Girl Scout- M Tl d other signs not used for crest, died T1Jesday, February ing in thc United States, eets UrS a) purposes o[ commercial ad- 20, at his residence Monday, March 5 Pro fit s from the annual'!!il: CiTY OF GROSSE l', f l'u\n; P:\HK OHDANS ver Sll1g, m excess 0' SX He is survived by his wife, A BRTSH A R L N E R cookie sale are used to hclp Members of the Colony Town character of the neighbor- back at least five (5) feet square feet in surface area, Grace, and a son, Robert crashed yesterday on takeoff finance Girl Scout troop pro- Club will meet Thursday at 1:30 :--1"'on 1 t'ectioll 56 of hood, it shall approve the 1'1'0111the front lot line under such temporary per- S e r vi c e s were Thursday, falling into dense jungle swamp grans and camping trps to o'clock to tour their Cancer l':"li'il'l' n of Till(' V of thc same mit or permanent conditions February 22, at the Verheyden near Douala, French Cameroon purchase tents and othe)' equip- Loan Closet, Detection Center ld" ",' POlllt 'ark Ci;' Code is (el, Arter the Boa r 1 ' _ 18) n every parking lot, where- as wii prevent them from Funeral Home, and interment Republic Although no casualty ment for tdhett\\'o cutnjl-owned :lndh,resecal"ch DFept'd tt the,',;;c!t'd to read as 101l0\\'s: 1)1'0\' d k e 11i1 t Stal P soever located: becoming dilapidated Or un- was in Pine Lake cemetery j' t bid 110 cam):,;; an 0 mam am coun- \C 19an ancer 'oun a On,, c a pal' mg 0 le sightly or a menace to the S Slave cen re case, a 'l'd d t'", ' * ><, persons aboard the chartered C "W, e servlce an ac Vl,tes There will also be a brief :,,1; Oprn Spaces i\: 0 yard, applicant desiring a permit (a) Eacll set-back and buffer public health, safety Or t n d d n th U t d ALBERT D CONKEY Caledonian Airlines American- no 1 c u e 1 e, m e showing of the Foundation's " c,:' Pi' other llpell space pro- t lerefor shall amend his t bd d general welfare or in other F d t l' D s np s la e an scape A 11atl've of Benton Harbor, built DC-7 al"e presumed dead,' on a On ore 1 l'l"e a 0-1 most rcce,n, t film, ",Out of the \:,,,: abuut all" building for application and plans to with lawn and evergreen ways a detriment to the dis- 11 :,:-: i)l:rl'(l(' of complying with conform to all provisions of trees and shrubs to provide trict in which located Mr, Conkey, 66, of 802 Pem- The plane, bound for Luxem- cacon'k' bid Darknde:s tl Tead\tVl!! then be th' r 514 berton, died Tuesday, February bourg fro m Mozambique via 00 S may e pure lase serve n le au onum, ' "'(l\ b loll " llf these regula- stslec B on d' except sueh a suitable screen; the land- (6) Permit the structures or 20, in Harper Hospital, Lisbon, crashed in such an in- from Grl Sc')ut leadc'!'s and 1\lrs Walter G, Bernard is ::":',!Jail aaln })(' used as a as le a a r may lave scaping shall be maintained 'tt ' t fl' t d b M '",'J court or othl'l" l'pen space \\'alvecl, and to conform to in a neat and attractive uses requiring the approval Obtaining the first of three accessible site that rescue work- cmml ee mel;l>es, paren s 0 C1all'man ass e y _!"S stlcll d't' d't' of the Board of Appeals degrees from the Unl'versl'ty of ers were forced to wait until Girl Scouts, and n bof)ths 10- James E, Atkmson, Mrs Robert : ':' ;1ll1,tl1l'l'Lllileiill existing 01' <l{ lona con 1 lons manner; and the set-back t d' f ' D K' H h M' C:'dl'd n e:-i>tal the same as the; Board may have de- and buffer strips shall not under previous sections of Michigan in 1916, Mr Conkey morning before mating any at- ea e n p a(;s 0 JUsmess,Mac enzle, lvrs, ug c- :,:'1' \0 l'drt ('! i r('al' yard tcrmined and shall file with be used for any purpose lhis Chapter taught at U of 1\1 until 1924 tempt to work their way toward throughout the Grosse Pointe Dowell, Mrs Karl F, Meyer, the Departln 11t 'tt He had been presl'dellt of the the wreckage about 11/ miles area For the safety of girls" Ml's W L Sherman and Mrs \' :: h::l ten feet of a street, no e a W1'1 en other than ornamentation (7) Permit exceptions to the,'"',,,,\,''l,1[,'ll'111s!< stl'net allelj agl'cemenl, in form salis- alld sel'cenl'ng b Wolfe, Jickling and Conkey ad- off the end of the runway at Dca Ol'dmances and :\letro- Robert 1\1 1: oms -,," '- f leight for uildings or por- t, g 1 t b m Douala politan Detroit Council policies 1 : ' : :" 'J: t ;11'd shall be us('d (lelory to the Department, lions of buildings not used vel' sm agency, a er eca e 'b't G' 1St 11' D 't 1 h at otller's n which tl1e p ' till b) 'rl k' b ' t d 'tl D P Brotller pro 11 1 r cou s se mg on aug m s-,0: ':1,,tlll';!:(' 01' boals tl'ailel's, a p an s la le pal' 'mg area s la e for dwelling purposes and assocla e W 1 '' Accordmg to an alrllnes om- door to door, The annual cookie'lakes-it may be your turn ',,' 1,1' personal propert' Xo, agree, [01" l11mself and us surfaced with dustless ma- which do not in th aggre- and Co" and was Wth the All- 'cial South Africans Rhodes- ' d t dd t ' ', h' f ' sa e S con uc c JY a u s, nexl :,,';,o::d pro pert y sh:rl1 be successors 111 rnter,;st: To terial, shall be properly gate occupy more than ten man Co" nc, at t e tunc 0 ians and Europeans were among _,',''',,; all\' rear yard in a operate such parking lot in drained, shall be provided per cent of the area of the his death, the 100 passengers Cause of r , ',"!,'ltldl Clltl'ict ex'ept prop, aecordance with such rea- along the sides with approv- lot 1\'11'Conkey was a member of the non-scheduled flight's dis-,':'"!:cld lor the private non-' sonable regulations as may cd bumper guards or equiva- ",' Sigma Delta Chi, professional aster coming only three days ", '::"(':Tlal ll,e of a person liv- from time to time be speci- lent and shah have suitably (8) Pe111lt vanatlons 111 the re- journalistic society, the Detroit after' a jet c r ash near New,:; ";, the pl'l'lllises, fled by the City Manager; located entrance and exit, qulrel11el:ts fo outer courb, Athletic Club, Aderaft Club York's dlewild Airport took 5 to as3ume responsibility for all as shown in plans filed 111, dwellngs, n accordance and thc Players He had lived lives, has not yet been deterthe use which others may with and approved by the \\:lh the provsons of pre- in the Detroit area for 38 mined, The plane, chartered make of aiel parking lot; Department of Buildings VOUS sectons of us Chap- years from Caledonian Airlines by and to surrender the per- and Safety Engineering tel',among the survivors are his Trans-African Air Coach Co of mit and lie ens e for saie 1 (9) Where there are practical Wfe, ElSe; two son, Charles London fell in a storm about parking lot and discontinue (c) The parking area shall not difficulties or unnecessary and George; d a Sster, Mrs two minutes after takeoff, the use thereof under this be used for any purpose hardships in the way of Arthur SeabUl",,, * " ub-section (5) whenever the other than off-street parking carrying out the strict let- Services were Fnday, Febru- Tuesday, March 6 same shall be revoked by of transient passenger vehi ar" 23 at the Verhe"den Funer tel' of this Chapter, vary or ' db" - the Boarel of Appeals after cjes None of the following modify any of its rules, a Home, an, una was n NKTA KHRUSHCHEV has, hearing' and finding that shall be parked therein; Woodla\\ 11 cnmetci y agreed to start Geneva dis- regulations, or provisions '-* ' said parking lot is detrimen- busses, trailers, trucks or armament talks at a foreign tal to the charactel" of the other commercial vehicles, i'elating to the construction, ministers levcl Acquiescing to stru tur g, MARGUERTE CAMPBELL neighborhood, 01' does not vehicles not in operating "C a c 1 a n e s 111, a United States-British proequipment, or alteration of A n a t i Ve of Kansas, Mrs, conform to the require- condition, and vehicles held posal the Soviet Premier is also buildngs or structures, or Campbell, 54, of 1637 Hawmcnts of this Chapter, or for sale or rental; and there reportee! willing to have a Big 1 b the Use o land, bul'ldl'ngs 01' tllol'lle dl'ed Sunday "'ar'cll 4 fails to comply with the s la e no servicing, re- " n, Three foreign ministers meet' ', stuctures, so that the SP'l"l't at Unl'verslty -'OS)'tal Ann ' terms, conditions and regu- parng or washing o[ ve-i " ing prior to the main confer- of this Chapter shall be ob- Arbor \\'i-c'i'e ttle non-,dwelling usc lations referred to in tllis licles The prohibitions of ence United States officials h' served, public safety se- Survivors include her hus- f L D L'ddl :1:\ d\ ('S a b u 1ell n g, the paragraph of sub-section t S paragraph (Cl shall not view K rushchev's change 0 eona J e cured, substantial J'ustl'ce balld Alex R' four SOlS Don l1;d'l1g it rea shall cqual 1;11 app y to vehicles operated ", heart, after demanding that the t\l Lllilil'c!s the gorund cov f " as part of a main use to done, ald Lawrence, Robert and Alex Geneva parley be opened at the City Clerk rt'a::e of the b:lildinj!, ex-j e) U comp,hale \\'lth all ap- which the parking lot is ac-' The Department of Buildings R, Jr; and tw'o daughters, Mrs, summit level with a slightly '- 1 l "'; 11;;lt n the case Of' pl1c"ble pi OVlSOns, the De- cessory provided the park- and Safety Engineering shall Arch McGlasson and Linda jaundiced eye; they arc inclined ;;,, C'l;ill'it('" the area shall be artl11ent f Bildings ad ing lot is in a business dis- give not less than fifteen fl5j to believe that the Hussian 'lel, ii, [) accommodate one Safety Eng111erng shall,ls- trict and adjoins such main days noliee ol the hearing of LOOKS EASY lcacier modified his original CTY OF d::(::noijl!c lor e a c h ten, sue a lerm1t to est,abhsh use, every appeal to all persons to stand, not because of Western:,"'t" ilnd in the case o[ the park111g lot and a lcense, whom any real property within Trade placcs with the other firmness on the issue but be- ':\';ltc:'s auditoriums an cl to operate the same for the 19) n a?clitlon to providing a three hundred (300) feet of the fellow once in a while and cause of turndowns from non":, <Vl'OS't'(JtnteTfiamts the lll-l the area shall be baianee of the calendar parklllg lot conformable to pre:nises in question shall be :;ou'l! realize what a poor trad- aligned nations invited to at- " : ':: <S to accnmmodate year, Annually thereafter a sub-sec:tlns 1 t?, above, assessed, such notice to be de- cr you are tend the conference, (" b'l r' renewal of such license commercal bulldl11gs or, _ [1:1 11tomo e or everv, livered personally or by mail,,,, 'V"h' tl shall be applied [or users shall provide off-street dd - d " l edcs v Ce 1e use f 'lt' f tl 1 d' a resse to the respective ; ' " ac lies or le oa mg, :',::s lolkovol\ e a bulldmg, ( o license to operate in a and unloading of commer 0tlwnelrs at the address given 111,,' pdr'lng area shall be rcsidential district a park- 1 d h' 1 le ast assessment roll Tbe ' ' Ca an servce ve lc es",,\0, l'ss t 1an one-t llrd of ing lot accessory to a busi- f 'T t b d' concurnng vote of two thirds, ;:l' area devoted to such se uc t l atcl les, 0 e t a Ja- of the members o[ the Board of,' ' ness use shall be renewed 'cn 0 servce en rances,,-c, Such prescnbed mml- in any case of failure to and,locat d t 't Appeals shall be necessary to "um parking area is exelu- COnfOl'll to the require- p s s, s? pfml reverse any ol'der, requirement, '1\'e of any required set- N as age h 0 1 vd e es d 1n a l eyds decision or determination o[ 'k ' men!::; of this Chapter or to 0 sue oa mg an un oa - d 't, ;lilc's or )uffer strps the terms, conditions and ing areas shall extend into any a, mllls ratlve offical, or, ' }' t' f regulations referred to in a residence district to decde 111favor of the zppli-, \\t, he,' e, a ('om J111alOn 0 (d), above, nor if any ob- cant ay mattr upon which the us(,s S n \ 0 v e d, the re- jection shall have been Section 3, Section 543 of Board S requred to pass under quired parkin g area shall be fikd to the operation of said Chapter 20, Title V of the this Chapter or to effect any dctermll1ed by pro-ratll1g parking lot by any person Grosse Pointe Park City Code is variation in this Chapter on the foregoing basis Re- owning property wit h i n amended to read as follows: quircd parking lots may be Section 4 Chapter 20, Title V provided jointly by separate three hundred (300) feet 543 BOard of Appeals The of the Grosse Pointe Park City, u-;crs but unless section 5,15 thereof unless the Board of City Council shail act as the Code is amended by adding a Appeals shall find after <lpplies, the parking area l' t' f h' Board of Appeals upon all new section to follow Section wanng, nn ce 0 W e 1 t', d ' 5 33 (3) d t d f hall be the aggregate of h 11 b t h ques Ons aflsmg un er t 11S' an 0 rea as 0 ows; h sac gven 0 every suc C t d " t hat required by suc users b' t th t k' lap er an w len so actmg t 533 (4) Business Districts('pal'ate!y 0 JC or, a sal( par mg shah have all the powers and lot S not clertlmental to the dutl'e co f d b d Gasoline Station, Car Wash and s n erre upon a oar R t t R '3' Parkinl: lots required under haracter of the nelhbor- of appeals by Act 207 PA 1921, es auran cstrietion No oil, tilis paragraph shall be pro-,100d Every such per?lt and as amended Such Board of Ap- or gasoline station, no car wash, \ Hied wherc possible, on or llcense shall be subject to peals shall hear and decid a _ and 110 restaurant shall be csild,lacent to the premises, revocatoll by the Board of peal from d,e p tablished in a location any part d d s an review any fl' ' " rind in any case shall be Appeals un er ( ), above order req t d 0 W 11C1 S \Vlthm three hun-,,mremen s, eclslons, dred (300) feet of a resident1'al \',ithin foul' hundred (400) (g) No parking lot accessory to or determination made by any f t h [ district unless there shall be ee t crco, business use shall be oper- administrative official charged first filed with the Department ", Parking lots accessory to a ated in a residential district with the enforcement of this of Buildings and Safety Engluse permitted in a residence unless such a license there- Chapter, Said 'Board of Appeals neering the written consent of district may be located in for be outstanding, un ex- may in specific cases and sub- the owners of fifty-one per cent <lny district Parking lots pired, and unrevoked No ject to appropriate conditions (510/0) in area of all property ilccessory to a use permitted such parking lot shall be 'and safeguards vary or modify which is within a three hun- in a business district shall changed from that shown the application of the regula- dred (300) foot radius of such he located in the busincss on tlh' approved plans, ex- tions herein established, in location and is within the Resi dlstrict, provided, however, cept after complying with harmony with; their general dence A Or Residence B dis- 1 hat such lots may, upon the procedure herein pre- purpose and intent as follows: triet The adding of land to an compliance with subsection scribed for the :stablish- (l) Permit the erection of addi- oil or gasoline station, ear wash ''i, below, be located in a ment of such parkmg lot, tional buildings Or the en- or restaurant shah require the rr"ie!ence district (6) n r residential district largement of existing build- same consent as if the same, \ e"ery parking lot, whether ings or llses on the same were then being established; ", parking lot accessol-:r to a v tl accessol'y to a bus'ness use parcel of land or one con- 1e mere a teration or enlargel\lsll1ess use may be located t ' or to a use permltted l'n a tiguous thereto or directly men (Wit lout adding land) in 1n i! re:>idcntial district only 1 t 'e"l'elent!'l district, shall acl0ss an ale" therefrom, a oea On for which consents art cr' approval by the Board " hid f \ have part of its area devot- each, in the same single ave a rea y Jeen filed shall o c ppeals, given under sub-! t cd to >'et-back and buffer ownership of record at Feb- no re,qure any new consents ;;('citon (5 \ ane! only when " A k d,tl''ps, anci only the rema1'n- ruary 27, 1928, for a busi-' ny 01 or gasoline station, car operatcc! under unrevo e ",i,ng area shall be used as a ness or activity located in was 1 0, l' restaurant lawfully in permit and license issued as t h follo\\s: parking area, as follows a district restricted against opera on on t e enactment of such use wher the en- this section (Feb 26, 1962) largement' or expansion of in a location where the above such business or activity consents would be required will not be detrimental to s!lal, unless such consents be Or tend to alter the ehar- filed, be deemed a lawful nonacter of the neighborhood eon?rming use, entitled to be eontmued as such but not (2) Where the boundary line of altered or enlarged a distl'ict divides a lot in a single ownership at Feb- SectOn 5, This ordinance 'ruary 27, 1928, permit the shall take effect March 8, 1962, extension of a use permitted on the less restricted nortion of such lot to the entire lot but not for a distance of more than fifty feet beyond the district boundary line 'b,,\n ilpplication for approval of an;\ such p:wking lot shall he filed with the Department of Buildings and Safely Engineering ac'eompan ieci by a plan of the prorjoseci parking lot in such detail as the Department may requirc Cl A public hearing on the application shall be held by lhe Board of Appeals At stich nublic h ea r i n g the Board shall determine whether or not the parking lot will be detrimental to the character of the neighborho'jd; if the Boa r d shall find that such parking lot (as proposed in the application, or with such additional COil d i t ion s as the Board may determine) will not be detrimental to the -, Cd] ;::nu D C- AR ''-','- ", AN:JSCA?;\;G U==3ERT S!! v=::>c,' A T:-JS '- ':\_ V, 14;1U;:; C: L'\:lLE\'O X B:k, past of Calmers \'; 2-7:n 8, J"""'::1::a::- q : ': ",'""'"'a-nc-e, --""' ' " 1"',1:' l"',d:ners-ti :lz:d dt':1\!(j:l, n' :- (U:- l1n:llc (l:' tlcinr, \L\:Wl :)-7:,';'; \"10 l3969 Tl 1W30 C\L FU::\l:'\G THEE E:\'lCE c!eanm:,: Cal Hoemer, Tl' <; 1") WcWANTTO BE 432 :\cehaaic Stred ':otlry Off"l't Printers 21 V-S/l VER PLATNG YOUR PRNTER ;-':!J\':':" & GOL!) PLATi:\G (Jx:::-: 1-'" : 1[l j rcpalr 1r:g -}:'l,po::-::!"1g l\: Lal"qler:ng' J\\elr?' R';Ji:r:nL::' 1:::g:-3\lr_g 21Z-LANDSCAPNG KRAMER 2 esess ';,:nn \' ;'c' Garon arp_ n:u1t:\l\1'\g 3(1: F1::\OL\L SPf':\ T\G D:Jtch Elr':1 di,ca:;c spra in, ('ab!n_ FrPP e:'lurn:ltcs f t 'j t s de!- crs, ll, ", s" L, "\ - dll r 'cre:l- Fref' K- :-- ;()()l) S:ERVCE --"V'-f" Repairs t c:e Circuits )T SERVCE t r1 Electric Co a:e::\ TU , = C' 21U-P!"UMBNG DEADLNE 3 PM TUESDAY - _---- Serving the Pointe Area "fq,- Grosse Poinfe Cab TU 25300! ROAD SERVCE 2,:la: y Earle Richards Service, t\lac-k!\ v thl" W d Thursday, March 8, /962 Fast 24 Hr Road Service Alter Service Center VA Alter Collision Service VA GROSSE PONTE Shoe Repair 379 Fisher Rd, Opp High ''> =-'RK 21T-DRESSMAKNG

46 - 'ft Page Twenty GROSSE PONTE NEWS Thursday, March 8, 1962 * * * * Feature Page * * * * By Pat Talbot One of the first families of Detroit in the midcig'hteenth century was that of William Forsythe His sons rno\'ed to Grosse Pointe and farmed land which was eventually bought by the Morans, who were far from late comers on the scene Thc first Forsythe, William, came to Canada from Aberdeen Scotland as an officer in 'Wolfe's train to fight at Quebec at the plains of Abraham He arrived in De troit about 17G(), married a widow, Ann McKenzie, and had six sons William Forsythe kept his considerable family on the profits of a very successful tavern in old St Annc's street He owned a lot adjoining the fort's walls on which he built a bowling alley and billiard hall for which he received an indemnity of 300 pounds from Governor aldimand when the pleasure palace was torn down to make way for army barracks Among 'William's sons was one Robert, born in Detroit and a patriotic British subject, who during the war moved to Sandwich, and later back to Detroit and then Crosse Pointe where he owned Private claims 620 and 0:21 (near :-'oran road) Robert's first wife was a :Mary Scott There seems to be some doubt about the legitimacy of their marriage as she had been married previously to a British officer Among the couple's children was Robert, Jr, who was graduated from '"Vest Point in 1817 A daughter, Maria Forsythe, married Benjamin Kercheval, who served as a delegate to the territorial convention and held several political offices He was the merchant for which the Pointe's shopping thoroughfare is named :-:,,';',' Pointer of nterest ----,_,,-----,-:----;-: " ', Good Taste Favorite l?ecipe:r of People in The Knuw 'k, Center Forlns 1 NelV Fellolvship ffj,ante CourLterPoints SUSAN'S TUNA TREAT Contributed by Mrs Robert Bokram 1 pkg frozen peas By PAT ROUSSEAU % cup milk Stirring as a Spring breeze, the lovely perl can condensed cream of fames at Walton-Pierce f you ar, not already acquaintmushroom soup with them, we'd like to suggest you sample Camet 1 6% or 7-oz can tuna fish de Bal or detehema by Hevillon Secret de Suzanne 4 eggs separated bv Suzanne of Paris or Ma Griffe by Carven % cup freshly grated ched- v * >;< dar cheese Cook peas, omitting salt Mix Fasbion Notes on the stj'lemakers,miss Vanda milk and soup in V'lquart' Besancon showed ls at rving, 82 KerchefJal on-the-hill We casserole; ad rlrained peas ad1j1ired tbe bealltiful peall edged chiffon scarf tbat bolds a Add tuna, 011 and all Pop in f1atteril'lg face fra1j1iug shabe wbell 11sed tf} shield an e 1J ening 400 degree oven for 12 minutes coiffm"e Tbe" there are silk illets ill a l'ainbow of colors to MeanwhJe, beat yolks until f'j' kl' f ll lemon colore d an d add grated nt a Slllt llec Ule grace / _ r cheese Beat whites to peak,;: < stage Fold yolks into whites Turr; tuna egg and mixture put back on in top oven of for The Vogue Room newly decorated t lives at ieon's, up to its name :\lckavenue in decor has been as well ls "''''N_, ::'""":::-,: N' wn,c _, - 0-_: 20 minutes Serves four the beautiful hair styles that are fashio:r1ed there A Ehampoo and set only costs three dollars Call TUxedo 4H393 for an appointment * *, Another of Robert and Mary Forsythe's daughter's Alice married Maj Thomas Hunt, brother of Henry Jackson Hunt mayor of Detroit and related to the Brushes Wetmorp, and to this generation's Mrs 1\crman Preble :\laryscott Forsythe died and for his second wife Hobert wed Jane Little, native Pointer According to l\r Burton's historical records her father John Little was an rishman who moved to Pittsburgh at the openin';of the Revolutionary War but was forced to abandon his home because of his Tory sympathies He was arrested and returned ',0 Pittsburgh for execution but escaped and caffie to Grosse Pointe where he settled on a farm and remained until his death in 1818, although he t\vice renewed his British allegiance \1rs Stanford Phelps, of Touraine road, will open her home Monday at 2 o'clock for a meeting of the Grosse Pointe Farm and Garden Club to the members on "Flowering Shrubs" Co-hostessess will be :''S Charles F Dodenhoff and 1\lrs WilliGiln 1\1 Moffett His daughter Jane, and Robert Forsythe, were the parents of one daughter, Jane, who married Charles Bruh, son of Elijah Brush and Adelaide Askin, and brother of the redoubtable Edmund A Brush who founded the family which helped make the Pointe a swnmer resort Edmund in his turn married a Hunt, Elizabeth, who was related to Alice Forsythe through marriage and also to General Lewis Casso n the Brush saga mention is made of Charles Brush as "improvident" which is why Edmund ended up with the family real estate,,"ho!j,vhere and whatnot by whoozit You've heard of the love of a boy for a dog and vice versa like the Lassie saga Here's one that involves a bird Donald and Douglas DuPerow, sons of the Donald E DuPero\vs, of South Oxford road, are the proud owners of a parakeet, Corky Last week Corky developed sickening symptoms and the boys escorted him to the vets where TWO doctors operated on the bird and removed a tumor Corky is recuperating well and will soon be flying about again Lyn Howard, daughter of Mrs Livinston Howard, is the proud possessor of a very elaborate doll house Some of the furnishing-s, including pewter place settings for the antique dining- room table, were once the playthings of her g-randmother, Mrs Sea bourn Livingston * :1\1rsRobert Kennedy, who took an exquisite wig on her recent round the world trip, is only one among many who solve their coiffure problems this way M:my chic Pointe matrons have invested in wigs, now they are all looking for Louis XV wig stands, and so hot has been the competition for these antiques among European travelers that there is nary a wig stand left in France, tourists tell us * Several devoted artists have been studying with Malcolm Humphreys at the old Vernier School, which is about to be remodeled for civic purposes Mr Hum phreys, their mentor, will exhibit his work with that of his,,,,ife, Willafred Berery Humphreys, March 11 at th" Pall('tte Art Gallery * F,"cderick L Colby, Jr, dropped in the News office last week to identify two of the young misses in the 1912 picture of Liggett School's bus The serious small lady with her knees crossed and hands folded, sitting on the middle of the running board is his sister, Elizabeth, now Mrs Harold C Simonds, of Pasadena, Calif, and to her right is Helen Dakin, now Mrs Vietor Forvey, also of Pasadena Thank you Mr Colby * * PLFERNGS A Sunday school teacher asked her tots how Noah whiled away his time while the Ark was floating about They didn't seem to have any suggestions so she offered the idea that he might have gone fishing One young lad scorned HlS "He couldn't have done much fishing with only two worms" Middle age is when your narrow waist and broad mind begin to change places * * >< Visiting his son at a U S Army reception center a father was amazed at the spotless condition of the rest room adjoining the visitors' lounge Then he saw a large sign: "Keep This Place Looking Neat YOur Son May Have to Clean t" * American tourist to his wife at the Vatican Museum: "Let's get a move on How do you think we're going to see Rome if you keep stopping to look at things?" The Grosse Pointe Artists Association in cooperation with the Grosse Pointe War Memorial Association is presenting Charles Culver, internationally' known painter in a lecture demonstration free of charge to the Northeastern Women public on the cvening of Tucs day March 20, at 8 pm at the To Meet Monday Center, 32 Lake Shore Road Charles Culver's work is rep- Northeastern Women's Club resented in private and per- will meet Monday, March 12 at manent m use urn collections 1:30 o'clock in the parlors of throughout the world He is St Philip and St S t e p hen head of the water color depart Church ment at the Art School of the The Honorable Del A Smith' Society of Arts and Crafts will speak on "Where Do We He has won 22 outstanding Go From Here?" awards and has had 25 one man -;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;i shows Mr Culver's paintings hang Reservations phone TR G f J Electric 00 Jim Krausmann, Owner Electrical Wiring and Repairing TU in the Detroit nstitute of Art; the Whitney Museum, New York" Cily; the New Britain Museum in Connecticut; Massachusct's Worcester Museum; Flint Art nstitute; Cranbrook Museum; llinois State Museum; Kalamazoo Art nstitute; Dearborn Art nstitute; Butler n- Grosse Pointe & East Side stitute of Amercan Art and private collections Mr Culver will talk and demonstrate primarily water colors but he will also discourse and illustrate painting in many other media See Grllty d Play! ADLER S C Aspen SOX 100 pro 125 pro Racquet & Sport Shop Grosse Pointe's Own Sport Shop 106 KERCHEVAL on the Hill TU TU l\1asseuse: Mary ci!oui6e Beauty Salon 405 Fisher Road Hand Massage STEAM and SHOWER $300 Appointments: TV o East Detroit Branch Gratiot at'toepfer LGHT N THE GUARD ARMC!'RY 4400 E SMile - bet Mound & Ryan (Formerly Held n The Ford AuditoriUm) Open: Fri eve, March 16 7 to 10:30 PM Sat, March 17th to Tues, March 20th Current Rate PER ANNUM EXHBTORS Hours: :00 to 1030 pr>'l ALL EXHBTS WO FOR SALE NOW ON ALL REGULAR PASSBOOK SAVNGS ACCOUNTS the NEW HGH RATE East Side Branch Harper at Outer Drive Save any amount! Small or large! Every dollar entered in your passbook earns 4% per annum, current rate The higher rate applies to al/ your savings Open a regular all-passbook-account, with higher earnin'g power! Now! 'MANOFFCE: Paid and Compounded Quarterly Mar 31st; June 30th; Sept 30th; Dec 315t OF DETROT 1201 GRSWOLD STREET AT STATE STREET DETRO' ANTQUES salow PEOPLES FEDERAL SAVNGS Royal Oak Branch 3100 N Woodward Ave LA PR Home Mortgage Lo'ans are available Call any office ' 7 " r - - i 7 p 7 7?? za S?? 7m3 7 n ', ' ' ' ' '' - R z Pt 7 0 t >n t & s'c' b _

Coldenham Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners June 5, 2017

Coldenham Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners June 5, 2017 Call to Order The regular meeting of the of the Coldenham Fire District was held on at the Coldenham Fire House. Commissioner Keenan called the meeting to order with the pledge to the flag. Roll Call Commissioners

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Jeff Patton. Experience Grace! Lead Pastor. History of the Grace Brethren Church of Norwalk, California

Jeff Patton. Experience Grace!   Lead Pastor. History of the Grace Brethren Church of Norwalk, California History of the Grace Brethren Church of Norwalk, California The Brethren Church began with a very small group of people who wanted to be Bible believing Christians following the Scriptures in simple faith

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Sgt Victor Boley responded with his drug dog K9 Lexx. Sgt Boley has been a drug

Sgt Victor Boley responded with his drug dog K9 Lexx. Sgt Boley has been a drug On 10 28 05 at approximately 2:57 a.m., I (Deputy Eric S. Medina) was advised by the communication center of a REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately), of a vehicle (TX 08YLL2) traveling southbound

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Minutes of the Safety Committee City of Sheffield Lake, Ohio June 4, 2014

Minutes of the Safety Committee City of Sheffield Lake, Ohio June 4, 2014 Safety 06042014 1 Minutes of the Safety Committee City of Sheffield Lake, Ohio June 4, 2014 The regular meeting of the Safety Committee was held Wednesday, June 4, 2014. Chairperson Stark called the meeting

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SERMON Saint Margaret s Episcopal Church Pentecost 13 Sunday, August 10, 2008 Fr. Benjamin Speare-Hardy II

SERMON Saint Margaret s Episcopal Church Pentecost 13 Sunday, August 10, 2008 Fr. Benjamin Speare-Hardy II SERMON Saint Margaret s Episcopal Church Pentecost 13 Sunday, August 10, 2008 Fr. Benjamin Speare-Hardy II YOU OF LITTLE FAITH, WHY DID YOU DOUBT." Matthew 14:22 Did you every have one of those kind of

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Mayor Knight gave the Invocation and Councilman Stoneberger lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Knight gave the Invocation and Councilman Stoneberger lead the Pledge of Allegiance. REGULAR MEETING STANLEY TOWN OFFICE WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2018, 7:30 pm. Mayor Michael Knight called the meeting to order with the following Council Members in attendance: Bruce Stoneberger, Duane Layman,

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Town of McCormick, SC Regular Town Council Meeting Minutes Tuesday, March 12, 2013 Attendance:

Town of McCormick, SC Regular Town Council Meeting Minutes Tuesday, March 12, 2013 Attendance: Town of McCormick, SC Regular Town Council Meeting Minutes Tuesday, March 12, 2013 Attendance: Mayor: Council Members: Council Members Absent: Staff Present: Media Present: Roy Smith, Jr. Dolly Franklin

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Unit 2. Spelling Most Common Words Root Words. Student Page. Most Common Words

Unit 2. Spelling Most Common Words Root Words. Student Page. Most Common Words 1. the 2. of 3. and 4. a 5. to 6. in 7. is 8. you 9. that 10. it 11. he 12. for 13. was 14. on 15. are 16. as 17. with 18. his 19. they 20. at 21. be 22. this 23. from 24. I 25. have 26. or 27. by 28.

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Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting minutes for August 9, 2011

Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting minutes for August 9, 2011 1 Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting minutes for August 9, 2011 Present: Chair John Smith, Lewis Major, Dorianne Almann, Todd Page, Alternate Mike McGrath and CDC Kathryn Lynch. Bernie Rideout was excused.

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Rex Bennion Life during the Teton Flood. Box 5 Folder 17

Rex Bennion Life during the Teton Flood. Box 5 Folder 17 1 The Teton Dam Disaster Collection Rex Bennion Life during the Teton Flood By Rex Bennion June 22, 1977 Box 5 Folder 17 Oral Interview conducted by Mary Ann Beck Transcript copied by Sarah McCorristin

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Town Council Public Hearing & Regular Meeting Minutes Page 1

Town Council Public Hearing & Regular Meeting Minutes Page 1 Minutes of the regular meeting & public hearing of the Town Council of the Town of Apple Valley, Washington County, Utah that was held on the 18 th day of May, 2017 at the Town Office Building, 1777 N.

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File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW LIEUTENANT PATRICK SCARINGELLO. Interview Date: October 10, 2001 File No. 9110030 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW LIEUTENANT PATRICK SCARINGELLO Interview Date: October 10, 2001 Transcribed by Elisabeth F. Nason 2 MR. ECCLESTON: Today is October 10, 2001. The

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TOWN OF MAIDEN. March 20, 2017 MINUTES OF MEETING TOWN OF MAIDEN March 20, 2017 MINUTES OF MEETING The Maiden Town Council met on Monday, March 20, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. for their regular meeting, held in the Council Chambers at the Maiden Town Hall. Present

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Were The Poor Of New Orleans Murdered?

Were The Poor Of New Orleans Murdered? Were The Poor Of New Orleans Murdered? By: Steven Black There have been several articles and comments posted on IndyMedia implicating George Bush and his administration in the murder of the under class

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Bài tập trắc nghiệm Liên từ trong Tiếng Anh Exercise 1: Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences. 1. He got wet he forgot his

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Liên từ trong Tiếng Anh Exercise 1: Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences. 1. He got wet he forgot his Bài tập trắc nghiệm Liên từ trong Tiếng Anh Exercise 1: Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences. 1. He got wet he forgot his umbrella. A. because of B. because C. but D. and 2. He

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THE ALLEY SHOPS PORTFOLIO SALE THE 1326-1330 & 1420-1426 REISTERSTOWN ROAD, PIKESVILLE, MD 21208 Gilbert R. Trout 443.921.9332 Table Of Contents Conidentiality & Disclaimer All materials and information received

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Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on September 3, 2003 in the Salem City Council Chambers.

Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on September 3, 2003 in the Salem City Council Chambers. Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on September 3, 2003 in the Salem City Council Chambers. MEETING CONVENED AT: 7:35 P.M. CONDUCTING: Mayor Randy A. Brailsford. PRAYER: Councilman Dale Wills.

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Robert Fitch May 13, 1957-January 29, Changes that Families Need and Employees Need!!!

Robert Fitch May 13, 1957-January 29, Changes that Families Need and Employees Need!!! Robert Fitch May 13, 1957-January 29, 2009 Changes that Families Need and Employees Need!!! Dear Dr Michaels and Mr. Barab and OSHA Representatives: I want to start off by saying thank you very much for

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Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on April 7, 2010 in the Salem City Council Chambers.

Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on April 7, 2010 in the Salem City Council Chambers. Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on April 7, 2010 in the Salem City Council Chambers. WORK SESSION: 6:00 p.m. Councilperson Durrant stated that there are some ordinances that we need to discuss.

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Reading and Sermon. May 15, Rev. Dr. Richard Speck. Reading. Pay It Forward

Reading and Sermon. May 15, Rev. Dr. Richard Speck. Reading. Pay It Forward Reading and Sermon Reading Pay It Forward It was a dark night in the dead of winter in Sussex County. A recent snow and cold temperatures made the body shiver, especially when the heater in your truck

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Clifton Heights Borough Council Meeting Minutes February 17, 2015

Clifton Heights Borough Council Meeting Minutes February 17, 2015 Clifton Heights Borough Council Meeting Minutes February 17, 2015 Present: Present: Others Present: Anthony Casadei, Council President Betsy Berry, Councilwoman Mike Humphreys, Councilman Leona Papale,

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Chief Pontiac. The Life of Chief Pontiac: A Timeline. Three Important Facts About Chief Pontiac:

Chief Pontiac. The Life of Chief Pontiac: A Timeline. Three Important Facts About Chief Pontiac: Brook Trout Chief Pontiac The Life of Chief Pontiac: A Timeline 1750 1755 1760 1765 1770 Three Important Facts About Chief Pontiac: Detroit: Edmund Fitzgerald Questions What year did the ship sink? What

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REGULAR MEETING - FEBRUARY 2, 2004 REGULAR MEETING - FEBRUARY 2, 2004 The Board of Public Works and Safety of the City of Michigan City, Indiana, met in REGULAR SESSION on Monday morning, February 2, 2004, at the hour of 9:00 a.m., in the

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February 2013 Presidents/VP Corner:

February 2013 Presidents/VP Corner: February 2013 Golden Spike Amateur Radio Club Volume 27 Issue 2 February 2013 Presidents/VP Corner: Presidents Note: Because this is the last month of my term as the President of the I would like to thank

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Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on April 21, 2010 in the Salem City Council Chambers.

Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on April 21, 2010 in the Salem City Council Chambers. Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on April 21, 2010 in the Salem City Council Chambers. WORK SESSION: 6:30 p.m. Attorney Junior Baker reviewed the Council Memo Variance Bruce Ward stated that

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Bài tập chuyên đề Các thì trong Tiếng Anh có đáp án A. Use the correct form of verbs in brackets.

Bài tập chuyên đề Các thì trong Tiếng Anh có đáp án A. Use the correct form of verbs in brackets. Bài tập chuyên đề Các thì trong Tiếng Anh có đáp án A. Use the correct form of verbs in brackets. 1. In all the world, there (be) only 14 mountains that (reach) above 8,000 meters. 2. He sometimes (come)

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The regular meeting of the Gladwin City Council was called to order by Mayor Schuster at 7:30 p.m.

The regular meeting of the Gladwin City Council was called to order by Mayor Schuster at 7:30 p.m. July 16, 2001 Gladwin, Michigan The regular meeting of the Gladwin City Council was called to order by Mayor Schuster at 7:30 p.m. Present: Absent: Crawford, Hindman, Jungman, Matteson, Novak, Winarski

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Rulon Ricks-Experiences of the Depresssion. Box 2 Folder 31

Rulon Ricks-Experiences of the Depresssion. Box 2 Folder 31 Crowder, Dr. David L. Oral History Project Rulon Ricks-Experiences of the Depresssion By Rulon Ricks November 23, 1975 Box 2 Folder 31 Oral Interview conducted by Suzanne H. Ricks Transcribed by Sarah

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RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS VILLAGE OF MCCONNELSVILLE COUNCIL REGULAR SESSION Held: July 21, 2015 Page 1 of 6 The Village of McConnelsville convened in regular session from 6:15 P.M. to 7:40 P.M. in the McConnelsville Village Office. Mayor John W. Finley called the meeting to order

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1837 Brings New President, Financial Crisis The Making of a Nation Program No. 49 Martin Van Buren, Part One

1837 Brings New President, Financial Crisis The Making of a Nation Program No. 49 Martin Van Buren, Part One 1837 Brings New President, Financial Crisis The Making of a Nation Program No. 49 Martin Van Buren, Part One From VOA Learning English, welcome to The Making of a Nation our weekly history program of American

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February 12, The Chairman, Mr. Wilson, called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM and invited everyone present to join in the Pledge of Allegiance.

February 12, The Chairman, Mr. Wilson, called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM and invited everyone present to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. February 12, 2019 Minutes of the Town Board Meeting held Tuesday, February 12, 2019, at 7:00 PM, at the Keene Town Hall. The following Town Board Members were present: Joseph P. Wilson, Jr., Supervisor,

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Our Community Service. by William A. "Steve" Stephens. [Portions Taken from my report to the members of the Moffat Cemetery Assn.]

Our Community Service. by William A. Steve Stephens. [Portions Taken from my report to the members of the Moffat Cemetery Assn.] Our Community Service by William A. "Steve" Stephens [Portions Taken from my report to the members of the Moffat Cemetery Assn.] We begin with some background. We became involved in the cemetery shortly

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T Chapter I The Cedarville College campus in 1953; the scene which James T. Jeremiah saw on his First visit to the College after hearing of its plight

T Chapter I The Cedarville College campus in 1953; the scene which James T. Jeremiah saw on his First visit to the College after hearing of its plight T Chapter I The Cedarville College campus in 1953; the scene which James T. Jeremiah saw on his First visit to the College after hearing of its plight and the possibility of taking it over. college received

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Councilman Hinkle called for a moment of silence for Albert Schroeder, Councilman - Ward 2.

Councilman Hinkle called for a moment of silence for Albert Schroeder, Councilman - Ward 2. MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF THE CITY COUNCIL CITY OF BLACK JACK 12500 OLD JAMESTOWN ROAD September 4, 2018 7:00 pm ROLL CALL The City Clerk called the roll and the following members were present: Councilman

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BOROUGH OF WILMERDING MINUTES OF THE FEB. 1, 2016 REGULAR MEETING OF COUNCIL The meeting was called to order by President Stephen Shurgot at 7:16 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the President. MR. S. SHURGOT: Council met in Executive Session prior to this meeting to discuss

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Village of Mapleton BOARD MEETING Minutes

Village of Mapleton BOARD MEETING Minutes Village of Mapleton BOARD MEETING Minutes Mapleton Village Hall, 8524 Main St. 10 November 2015 at 6:30 p.m. Amended and approved December 8, 2015 Meeting to be recorded I. Call to Order at 6:30 pm II.

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CITY OF DRY RIDGE CITY COUNCIL MEETING March 21, 2016 CITY OF DRY RIDGE CITY COUNCIL MEETING March 21, 2016 Council for the City of Dry Ridge met in regular session on March 21, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at the Dry Ridge City Building, 31 Broadway, Dry Ridge, Kentucky,

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File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW CAPTAIN CHARLES CLARKE. Interview Date: December 6, Transcribed by Nancy Francis

File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW CAPTAIN CHARLES CLARKE. Interview Date: December 6, Transcribed by Nancy Francis File No. 9110250 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW CAPTAIN CHARLES CLARKE Interview Date: December 6, 2001 Transcribed by Nancy Francis 2 BATTALION CHIEF KING: Today's date is December 6, 2001. The

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DECISION BY BOB PROCTOR DECISION BY BOB PROCTOR There is a single mental move you can make which, in a millisecond, will solve enormous problems for you. It has the potential to improve almost any personal or business situation

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ST. TIMOTHY S MEMORIAL CHAPEL LONG RANGE PLAN ST. TIMOTHY S MEMORIAL CHAPEL LONG RANGE PLAN MISSION STATEMENT The mission of St. Timothy s Memorial Chapel is to provide an inspirational setting for Christian worship. This is primarily accomplished

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I NI/AINIMPLIrt l ) FA... H. CONFIRM ED By. IffilffirAMIPAir al Irani 1.1 ilirdt 1 1" C ommittee Committee. CO L 0 A.../aid

I NI/AINIMPLIrt l ) FA... H. CONFIRM ED By. IffilffirAMIPAir al Irani 1.1 ilirdt 1 1 C ommittee Committee. CO L 0 A.../aid I Date Referred : i, Referred To : I I 1 Date Referred : / 4-7, - Referred To: Refer To To aret17.7 -... Refer -il. gaili IIIM AY f ' / Date Referred:, ' ja/p/ /,2_0/2.. Z 1 6 751; ( 4 Ac6-,1=1* # Referred

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York Town Board Meeting April 11, :30 pm

York Town Board Meeting April 11, :30 pm York Town Board Meeting April 11, 2019 7:30 pm Present: Supervisor Gerald L. Deming, Council Members: Norman Gates, Frank Rose, Lynn Parnell and Amos Smith Absent: None Others: George Worden (Hwy Supt),

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Happy Valley Grange Hall

Happy Valley Grange Hall Happy Valley Grange Hall How many of us have driven by the small sign Happy Valley Grange, next left (or right) that s on both sides of the Redmond-Fall City Road at 196th Avenue Northeast with little

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The Ten Minute Tutor - Read-a-long Video F-11 ALICE IN WONDERLAND CHAPTER 5: A CATERPILLAR TELLS ALICE WHAT TO DO ALICE IN WONDERLAND CHAPTER 5: A CATERPILLAR TELLS ALICE WHAT TO DO Adapted for The Ten Minute Tutor by: Debra Treloar The Cat-er-pil-lar looked at Al-ice, and she stared at it, but did not speak. At last,

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RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS Minutes of CADIZ VILLAGE COUNCIL Meeting October 4, 2018 PAGE 1 of 7

RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS Minutes of CADIZ VILLAGE COUNCIL Meeting October 4, 2018 PAGE 1 of 7 Minutes of Meeting PAGE 1 of 7 The Cadiz Village Council met in regular session at 7:00 PM in Council chambers. Attending were Council members: Terry Capers, Thomas Crawshaw, Mike McPeak, Dan Ossman, Chace

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Meeting Warren Caster

Meeting Warren Caster Meeting Warren Caster The true story of Warren Caster the man who brought two rifles into the Texas School Book Depository two days before the assassination By Rick Caster Introduction Very occasionally,

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Decision. By Bob Proctor

Decision. By Bob Proctor Decision By Bob Proctor There is a single mental move you can make which, in a millisecond, will solve enormous problems for you. It has the potential to improve almost any personal or business situation

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File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT DAVID TIMOTHY. Interview Date: October 25, Transcribed by Laurie A.

File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT DAVID TIMOTHY. Interview Date: October 25, Transcribed by Laurie A. File No. 9110156 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT DAVID TIMOTHY Interview Date: October 25, 2001 Transcribed by Laurie A. Collins D. TIMOTHY 2 MR. RADENBERG: Today is October 25th, 2001. I'm

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Winner of the 1963 Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award for Courage in Journalism. VOL. II

Winner of the 1963 Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award for Courage in Journalism. VOL. II tij Page Two Editor Penn Jones Jr. Publisher The Midlothian Mirror, In.:. "The Only 'History of Midlothian' Being Written" PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY Entered as second-class matter Jan. 25, 1944, at the

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NCSU Creative Services Centennial Campus Interviews Hunt August 5, 2004

NCSU Creative Services Centennial Campus Interviews Hunt August 5, 2004 Q: Interviewer, Ron Kemp Governor James Hunt NCSU Creative Services August 5, 2004 Q: James Hunt on August 5, 2004. Conducted by Ron Kemp. Thank you. Governor Hunt, can you give me a brief history of your

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A regular meeting was held August 15, 2017 at Hutchinson Hall, Newark Valley at 7:00 P.M. The following Board members were

A regular meeting was held August 15, 2017 at Hutchinson Hall, Newark Valley at 7:00 P.M. The following Board members were A regular meeting was held August 15, 2017 at Hutchinson Hall, Newark Valley at 7:00 P.M. The following Board members were PRESENT: Stuart Yetter, Jr., Supervisor Dan Cheresnowski, Councilman Tim Dalton,

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Presidents Corner. Club Officers

Presidents Corner. Club Officers AMA Charter 1605 November 2014 T h e P r o p Wa s h Club Officers President- Kirk Jensen Vice President - Keith Jarvis Secretary - Larry Bonnette Treasurer - Sam Barrett Editor/Webmaster- Larry Bonnette

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BOROUGH OF WILMERDING MINUTES OF THE MAY 6, 2014 REGULAR MEETING OF COUNCIL The meeting was called to order by President Stephen Shurgot at 7:15 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the President. MR. S. SHURGOT: Council met in Executive Session prior to the meeting to discuss

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St. John s Alvanley and Manley : Parish Profile

St. John s Alvanley and Manley : Parish Profile St. John s Alvanley and Manley : Parish Profile Alvanley and Manley are two small Cheshire villages near to Helsby and Frodsham, easily accessible from the M56 motorway. The parish of St. John s has two

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SERMON Acts 8: Aitkin, Minnesota May 7, 2017

SERMON Acts 8: Aitkin, Minnesota May 7, 2017 1 SERMON Acts 8:26-39 First Lutheran Church Rev. Darrell J. Pedersen Aitkin, Minnesota May 7, 2017 KIDS MESSAGE Kids, what would happen if your parents stopped preparing supper for you? What would happen

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File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW LIEUTENANT SPIRO YIORAS. Interview Date: December 28, Transcribed by Nancy Francis

File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW LIEUTENANT SPIRO YIORAS. Interview Date: December 28, Transcribed by Nancy Francis File No. 9110394 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW LIEUTENANT SPIRO YIORAS Interview Date: December 28, 2001 Transcribed by Nancy Francis 2 MR. CUNDARI: Today's date is December 28, 2001. The time

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GHM ARCHIVES MSS. COLL. #25. MSS. Collection #25. Benjamin Cone Papers, [bulk , ]. 9½ boxes (89 folders), ca items.

GHM ARCHIVES MSS. COLL. #25. MSS. Collection #25. Benjamin Cone Papers, [bulk , ]. 9½ boxes (89 folders), ca items. MSS. Collection #25 Benjamin Cone Papers, 1893-1982 [bulk 1917-1921, 1940-1970]. 9½ boxes (89 folders), ca. 2700 items. INTRODUCTION The Benjamin Cone Papers are composed of materials from the files of

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File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW LIEUTENANT GREGG HADALA. Interview Date: October 19, Transcribed by Elisabeth F.

File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW LIEUTENANT GREGG HADALA. Interview Date: October 19, Transcribed by Elisabeth F. File No. 9110119 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW LIEUTENANT GREGG HADALA Interview Date: October 19, 2001 Transcribed by Elisabeth F. Nason 2 MR. RADENBERG: Today is October 19, 2001. The time

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REGULAR MEETING - WOLCOTT TOWN BOARD - MAY 17, 2010 REGULAR MEETING - WOLCOTT TOWN BOARD - MAY 17, 2010 A regular meeting of the Wolcott Town Board was held Mon., May 17, 2010, at the Wolcott Town Hall with the following people present: PRESENT - Supervisor

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Jeff Straub, Interim City Manager Ted Hejl, City Attorney Susan Brock, City Clerk

Jeff Straub, Interim City Manager Ted Hejl, City Attorney Susan Brock, City Clerk The City Council of the City of Taylor met on February 27, 2014, at City Hall, 400 Porter St. Taylor, Texas. Noting the absence of Mayor Pro Tern due to illness, Mayor Jesse Ancira, Jf declared a quorum

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MINUTES PLANNING BOARD OF THE BOROUGH OF MADISON REGULAR MEETING DECEMBER 1, 2015 MINUTES PLANNING BOARD OF THE BOROUGH OF MADISON REGULAR MEETING DECEMBER 1, 2015 A regular meeting of the of the Borough of Madison was held on the 1st day of December 2015 at 7:30 P.M., in the Court

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Huntingdon Borough Council Meeting Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Huntingdon Borough Council Meeting Tuesday, December 18, 2018 Huntingdon Borough Council Meeting Tuesday, December 18, 2018 The Huntingdon Borough Council meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Vice-President Sean Steeg. The Invocation was given by Mayor David

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American Dream Faces Harsh New Reality By Ari Shapiro From Npr.Org 2012

American Dream Faces Harsh New Reality By Ari Shapiro From Npr.Org 2012 Name: Class: American Dream Faces Harsh New Reality By Ari Shapiro From Npr.Org 2012 In this article from 2012, three years after the economic recession, Ari Shapiro of NPR s Morning Edition interviews

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CALL TO ORDER MINUTES AUGUST 20, 2013 TOWN CLERK REPORT meeting held on Tuesday, at the Parma Town Hall, 1300 Hilton Parma Corners Road, Hilton, New York. ATTENDANCE Supervisor Building Inspector Recreation Director Highway Supt. Carmey Carmestro James Smith

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St. Peter Lutheran School Hemlock, MI

St. Peter Lutheran School Hemlock, MI October 26, 2018 St. Peter Lutheran School Hemlock, MI These are some of the art projects that will be for sale with our Square One Fundraiser. More details below. Calendar of Events Oct. 28: 10:30am 2nd

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TOWN COUNCIL MEETING JULY 2, :00 PM. STAFF PRESENT: Arthur Miles, Ethel Parks, Chief DiMartino, Sgt. Moyano, J.R. Bishop.

TOWN COUNCIL MEETING JULY 2, :00 PM. STAFF PRESENT: Arthur Miles, Ethel Parks, Chief DiMartino, Sgt. Moyano, J.R. Bishop. Mayor Moore-Present Vice-Mayor Greer-Present Councilman Ward-Present Councilman Massey-Present Councilman Doughty-Present Councilman Metz-Present Councilman Lewis-Present TOWN COUNCIL MEETING JULY 2, 2012

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Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on July 16, 2003 in the Salem City Council Chambers.

Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on July 16, 2003 in the Salem City Council Chambers. Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on July 16, 2003 in the Salem City Council Chambers. MEETING CONVENED AT: 7:35 P.M. CONDUCTING: Mayor Randy A. Brailsford. PRAYER: Councilman Dale Boman.

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Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on April 20, 2016 in the Salem City Council Chambers.

Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on April 20, 2016 in the Salem City Council Chambers. Minutes of the held on April 20, 2016 in the Salem City Council Chambers. Work Session: 6:00 p.m. Representatives from Republic Services discussed recycling options with the Council. They will have numbers

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BYLAWS OF THE BAPTIST MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION BYLAWS OF THE BAPTIST MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION OF MISSOURI Article I Name The name of this corporation shall be the Baptist Missionary Association of Missouri and shall be referred to herein as the Association.

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Court of Appeals of Ohio

Court of Appeals of Ohio [Cite as State v. McMichael, 2012-Ohio-1343.] Court of Appeals of Ohio EIGHTH APPELLATE DISTRICT COUNTY OF CUYAHOGA JOURNAL ENTRY AND OPINION Nos. 96970 and 96971 STATE OF OHIO PLAINTIFF-APPELLEE vs. TREA

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Subject to change as finalized by the City Clerk. For a final official copy, contact the City Clerk s office at (319)

Subject to change as finalized by the City Clerk. For a final official copy, contact the City Clerk s office at (319) Subject to change as finalized by the City Clerk. For a final official copy, contact the City Clerk s office at (319) 753-8124. MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE BURLINGTON, IOWA CITY COUNCIL Meeting No.

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WITNESS STATEMENT. Ok very good. Would you please just state your name for the record?

WITNESS STATEMENT. Ok very good. Would you please just state your name for the record? WITNESS STATEMENT Jack Bisland Dep. Gregory Ray Testing 1-2-3-4-5, 5-4-3-2-1. Today s date is December 7 th, 2010. The time now is approximately 2:55 pm. This will be a recorded interview with Deputy Sheriff

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October 18, Shohola Falls Trails End POA held a Board of Director s meeting at the office building at 9:00a.m.

October 18, Shohola Falls Trails End POA held a Board of Director s meeting at the office building at 9:00a.m. October 18, 2008 Shohola Falls Trails End POA held a Board of Director s meeting at the office building at 9:00a.m. Roll Call: Officers Present President - Mike Smith Vice President - Maureen Miller via

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KIRTLAND CITY COUNCIL MINUTES. October 16, 2017 KIRTLAND CITY COUNCIL MINUTES October 16, 2017 The meeting of Kirtland City Council was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by Council President Pro Tempore Robert Skrbis. Mr. Schulz led the prayer which followed

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Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on January 6, 2010 in the Salem City Council Chambers.

Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on January 6, 2010 in the Salem City Council Chambers. Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on January 6, 2010 in the Salem City Council Chambers. Work Session: 6:30 p.m. Chief James presented a scenario to the council for discussion. He presented

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EXHIBITOR PACKET 2016 UTV RALLY: MORMON LAKE - URML Phone Number: (480) ~ Fax: (280) ~

EXHIBITOR PACKET 2016 UTV RALLY: MORMON LAKE - URML Phone Number: (480) ~ Fax: (280) ~ EXHIBITOR CONTRACT Exhibitor Name: Street Address: City: Website: Email: State: Zip: Key Contact Name: Key Contact Title: Office Number: Cell Number: Fax Number: This license agreement is hereby submitted

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Example: For many young people in one of the school teams is very important. A. having B. putting C. taking D. being A B C D

Example: For many young people in one of the school teams is very important. A. having B. putting C. taking D. being A B C D UNIVERSITY OF DEFENCE Entrance Test 2018 LANGUAGE CENTRE Version B TASK 1 For sentences 1-25 choose one correct option A, B, C, or D and mark it on your answer sheet as shown in the example. Do not write

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File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW PARAMEDIC KENNETH DAVIS. Interview Date: January 15, Transcribed by Nancy Francis

File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW PARAMEDIC KENNETH DAVIS. Interview Date: January 15, Transcribed by Nancy Francis File No. 9110454 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW PARAMEDIC KENNETH DAVIS Interview Date: January 15, 2002 Transcribed by Nancy Francis 2 LIEUTENANT DUN: The date is January 15, 2002. The time is

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WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT CHAD RITORTO. Interview Date: October 16, Transcribed by Laurie A. Collins

WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT CHAD RITORTO. Interview Date: October 16, Transcribed by Laurie A. Collins File No. 9110097 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT CHAD RITORTO Interview Date: October 16, 2001 Transcribed by Laurie A. Collins 2 MR. RADENBERG: Today's date is October 16th, 2001. The time

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Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on February 18, 2004 in the Salem City Council Chambers.

Minutes of the Salem City Council Meeting held on February 18, 2004 in the Salem City Council Chambers. Minutes of the held on February 18, 2004 in the Salem City Council Chambers. MEETING CONVENED AT: 7:30 PM CONDUCTING: Mayor Randy A. Brailsford. PRAYER: Councilperson Terry Ficklin. PLEDGE: Mayor Randy

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President Herbert Hoover Hoover campaigned with the ideas that:

President Herbert Hoover Hoover campaigned with the ideas that: The Hoover Presidency President Herbert Hoover 1929 1933 Hoover campaigned with the ideas that: Task: What other president believed government should stay out of Big Business? Task: Break the term rugged

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Firehouse up in smoke

Firehouse up in smoke Firehouse up in smoke By JESSICA HARTLEY Published: Wednesday, January 2, 2008 11:16 PM CST At 9 a.m., Wednesday, Charles Smith, president of the Union Township Fire Department Board, received a call that

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trying to push the country from the course which the

trying to push the country from the course which the Translation IZVESTIYA 5 Jan ' 64 IS TL-,jE MURDERER OF KENNEDY FREE? In the Week there was published the first part of a letter of the American jurist Mark Lane to the Chairman of the Commission investigating

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CITY OF CLAWSON REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR PLANNING SERVICES CITY OF CLAWSON REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR PLANNING SERVICES SUMMARY: The City of Clawson requests proposals to provide professional planning services. SUBMISSION: Please submit three (3) single-sided original,

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What happened in 1972

What happened in 1972 WINTER 2017 What happened in 1972 Major News Stories include Munich Olympics Terrorist Attack, Mark Spitz 7 gold medals, Digital Watches are introduced, Governor George Wallace is shot, First scientific

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Len Magee - The Album (Copyright Len Magee 1973)

Len Magee - The Album (Copyright Len Magee 1973) Len Magee - The Album (Copyright Len Magee 1973) Freedom Road 1 Freedom Road was calling me and all my friends The sun and the breeze upon your face But I find that Freedom Road ain't got no end Just lots

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Crash Landing. An experience we will never forget. A test of true faith. All survived the accident.

Crash Landing. An experience we will never forget. A test of true faith. All survived the accident. Missionaries leaving Bolivia to Missionary Congress in Mexico. Seven of us departed to Mexico, six of us were on the return flight leaving Christina (girl in red T-shirt) in Mexico. The man in front the

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KIRTLAND CITY COUNCIL MINUTES. October 5, 2015 KIRTLAND CITY COUNCIL MINUTES October 5, 2015 The meeting of Kirtland City Council was called to order at 7:18 p.m. by Council President R. Robert Umholtz. Mr. Schulz led the prayer which followed the

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CITY OF MOYIE SPRINGS REGULAR AND PUBLIC HEARING September 6th, 2017 1 CITY OF MOYIE SPRINGS REGULAR AND PUBLIC HEARING September 6th, 2017 The meeting was called to order by Council President Steve Economu. Present were Council members Heather Andrews, Terry Johnson, Tim

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plan and notify the lawyers, the store owners were able to sue them. Two or Three people went out of business so they sued.

plan and notify the lawyers, the store owners were able to sue them. Two or Three people went out of business so they sued. Gr-y^ft Tape Log Interviewer: Will Jones Tape#: 3.5.95-W.W.I Interviewee: Willie Mae Winfield Mono X Stereo: No. of Sides: 2 No. of Tapes: 1 Interview Date: 3/5/95 Location: At home of Mrs. Winfield in

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Chairman Sandora: Please stand for the Opening Ceremony, the Pledge of Allegiance.

Chairman Sandora: Please stand for the Opening Ceremony, the Pledge of Allegiance. The North Royalton Planning Commission met in the North Royalton Council Chambers, 13834 Ridge Road, on Wednesday, April 6, 2011, to hold a Public Hearing. Chairman Tony Sandora called the meeting to order

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Charlotte Grunig asked if that information had ever been sent in the mail before.

Charlotte Grunig asked if that information had ever been sent in the mail before. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho held Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 5:30p.m., Lava City Hall, 115 West Elm Street, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Present:

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TABLE OF CONTENTS. Vision Statement & Covenant...2. Article I. Name, Affiliation, Fellowship...3. Article II. Pastor...3

TABLE OF CONTENTS. Vision Statement & Covenant...2. Article I. Name, Affiliation, Fellowship...3. Article II. Pastor...3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Vision Statement & Covenant...2 Article I. Name, Affiliation, Fellowship...3 Article II. Pastor...3 Article III. Election of Officers and Boards...4 Article IV. Duties of Officers and

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PLANNING, ZONING & BUILDING COMMISSION. CITY HALL August 14 17 The City of Cortland Planning, Zoning & Building Commission met on Monday, August 14, 2017 at 6:50 P. M. at the City Administration Building, 400 N. High Street, Cortland, Ohio. In attendance were the

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Minutes of the Safety Committee City of Sheffield Lake, Ohio October 5, 2016

Minutes of the Safety Committee City of Sheffield Lake, Ohio October 5, 2016 Safety 10052016 1 Minutes of the Safety Committee City of Sheffield Lake, Ohio October 5, 2016 The regular meeting of the Safety Committee was held Wednesday, October 5, 2016. Chairman Wtulich called the

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