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1 THE WESTFIELD LEADER THE LEADING AND MOST WIDELY CIRCULATED WEtK.LV NEWSPAPER IN UNION COUNTY /KXTY-TH1RD YEAR No ; loe's 'Open Letter' Ctes, nswers 'Msconceptons' Board Presdent Clams Authorty Of Others To Rule Msunderstood Wlls c. Cte, c presdent of tho Hoard of Kducaton today ro- d to tho I.o.c-ade.r an "Open Letter to all WcsttUhl ctzens from board." In the letter the hoard 1 offers a clarfcatun un of what t I s ; seres of msunderstandngs ^s and msconceptons, cfcully, Mr. Cue takes ssue sue wth councl referrk referrng to a Ir from that body n October the board was nformed councl wa.s takng "no ofm' 1 on the school hoard's.-al, offerng the opnon that preparaton of plans wns ly under the jursdcton board," and that "the ent IT should be decded by th rs." le letter fullows: OPEN LETTER TO ALL TFIELD CITIZENS FROM BOARD OF EDUCATION V l:nc bus eop;'o for JOV.K, talk. )n Dec. 27 Westfeld voters decde -whether or not to K'IVC >va! to t.s elected represents, the Hoard of Kducutnn, ruceed wth renovatons and to our two Junur lluh Dvson of l.o.-al t.overnnet lu ds n order to help assure < approved the school hoard's pro (11 all of our chldren n jjosnl to.-eek voter permsson 1- grades wll contnue to re- -sup $2.4 nllon n bonds t the htfh qualty of educaton fnance ndltons. and renovaton mlcd by ther pnrents, and to K.d'.-on and Roosevelt Jun'o r'l by the ever-ncrensm; H t'll schools. f compettve scholastc In annonefr the slate approv? 1 ctenc'; (2) to provk- sullspace to accommodate p;row- several ponts n the statement o Mr. lloylns also tool: ssue wt' cluol opulaton; (II) fully.j Town Councl ctng opposton t- [nnate unsafe, crowded and jthe pronau whch WHS jrescnte. 'qunte condtons where they hy Horace H.ker, town altorneat been found to exst. the publc hearng' before th I s clear that a number of (:',l:te board n Trcnlo Monday. ndcrstnndup and nsronrcpexst. Mr. Hoylcs' statement., wh.'l Let us dscuss them by pont. ISCONCEPTION No. 1 that dcnl.s n tn- man wth the fnal 1 cal (tax) mpact on the town', resdents, follows: town bodes have the au- "Your Itorm! of Educaton [ty to jvt or wthhold ap- nleased to report that the Lo;-a I of Board of Kducnton pros. That s our proposal to rou.t voter per (nvcrnncnl lo:rd has approve.' Tnlc we always consult wth ",s?on to ssue bonds for the.nn cs such as the l'lannnk or Hjrh School addtons and ren :d md the Town Councl, we ovatons. The l,o.l Covernuc'' strctly on a voluntary bass. Hoard s lle olcftl stnte authortre-pon-llc for rxarnnn; lh v, j-uur Hutrd of Induraton [ectcl by and s responsble fnancal ll'pact (f such request to Woslfold ctzens. Il s on total muncpal fnances, lr fency charged wth the sole nublty for the rreaton mull lon of the town's educatonal.ns. In the course of dsehuk'-1 Boyles Clarfes Tax Impact In ' School Plans 1 (har-man Takes Issue. Wth Councl Vews.1. Kenneth Ilovleu, charman o f the- Honrd of Educaton's fnnncr "onnntlcr, today announced tha school oflcnls had hecn advse Tuoscluy mormnpf that the I.oc: flovcrh-l lord of the Sta! ther judgment, the hunuwn; " r the money reueded wll have nh.-olulely no nlvt:-!! cll'e.-t on tn town'- fnacm -tand'-t. Th- ; an 'ts duty, t must contnually! rnvl was rven n -.;pto. of (he ts facltes, programs, per-1 sacenl of tn; Tvvn Coun- I and practces, and from I read hy the town attorney at th. tn tme nnke I'eonnnf ndn-' n order to nsure that our I "Your Board of Kducnt.on levels as measured by re-! therefore, can sn-l; for the approv' are not allowed to dclero-j of the bond.-*uc by Westfeld ct- Over the years. Wesllcld; (Contnued on >a«c I) I- have successfully <ls-! cd these oblgatons. Our I 1 system today s rated jvet Exempton Holds." the best n ths stale and ; 1 naton not only as meas- [ The tax asse-or's oll.-e ll the j by ncceptnce.s at colleges, j Mun.rpal Hlhlhr IIIII.-IV advse.'j IIM' placements, and perform-. :h vel rany who have prevous!.- rk early years, but also I ;-l)p!el for tn- t rop'l-lv lax e\- I vp<>tlel t) us hy those to j,; p; l, Hm j.-,,,,,!...! by I:., th.-,-, : Named hy Temple V.l.O l.avc SCI Vel ll lle VI!. 1 f-.»1" 1 1 llf l many of our students p, d- I from h(rh school for employ-! the naton's arn-ed f.v - 1 "ot I At t'.o Ktl annual -omrrept.m.'l n-etnr t.f T.-'ple Kmam- reapply ndt-r t!> - lo-.-.'"-.-urrent -l'p-rty revaluaton pl""l am. Kl, he'.d la. '. "..Ic..ll'''s :'l t or nhltuntl types of tran-, c.ntmcd on pane. 1) ^lrstmasnmany Lands' Staged Wlson 5th, 6th Grade Pupls troll. M::h:el Kddy. Jau-.-- ': --.:- I ' ; ' "'' v. \.r'!. K'.hryn Kney. M;'.:c. '' 1! ''."! 1 --!"! '- "''' " ; 1 <,. -rd Krn:t Slcuhrcclur. j Cl.u l : a l: _'-"'';! ', 1: ' : -"' '! and,.-ynhols of the ' m:d f":: 1 Van-r.-'n- _ ( ' I'llHs'maa were llc.-\-rl>ed \ The c:l-"-;n'- "' :!.ara.-'uv-l, Klac Ho;, t.'- ; vm,- ::.tre-.< ' ''t''y''\^"t ' fr.a.,,!, Kathrvn Kwn;: ; dramat:/- d >y M-.';I;I--.'»- -^ M'-u:-...n:ery, leat rc"-'c «"n:c A-!'. ^;"-';'" '- ;l v'','''"j t". M ',' 1 :.. :'- ".-,"'..,-e.- '-.,,.'. - - : r-"-".! '"' N-" 1 -:-' > " " '. I--;'..- pa.-l;l:es nheh are tvp- : Thr-.u- d.::-- and! ;! n- ' t>nd CIUM- I'uslus al W'Ktnrl.!. N WhSTKlhLD, Nh\V JLKShY, TllUUSUAV", 20, I'UI.IIX IIT)' Tl REV. J. QUINTER MILLER Guest to Address Church Councl Here Tonght Mr. ThumH: Hear Mr. Coo: Thnuk you s» much f«.n' your Thnnks fur your rvjjy (o n;. Her the l k'tt'- m hu ro])))svl Int't,'! 1 s'lo. Ilvrh lullons. t Imul sau' vu'rt!). Vu Mnt«tl«not ho lu to vcul t Iu'l s ^rut'ul l'o' ny >pno( a lle pum* tmrtnk lh'\ IU»!)ul I hut tlc'.t "a ur'h n''d f'). TcM;'ht at S o'clock the ltev. < dd not do MI beoause yuu were ddtoml Junor HIKII Kclon, Dr.,1. Ifnt-r Mller of the N:-.K'lsonallluul Comrl uf Churches and the must le IUUH'." Vm tlc sln. not tllo to he present (*lss'tuu ra}>u*ty anl ^ah'tlnt Kev. Dr. Alexander.' 'haw of the 'Ths s tn 1 am wouf of ou New Jersey Councl of (."IHII-CIU 1 - >vll speak <'»nvrn: the theme, 'I'lmt s just tlo onl. Tn' n "Makll; nl Ktl'eetve I'hl-tall lnv-. n Our (V.nuntv." Tle cal meel.ll: of the Westlrl.l I'luu'l of Chrrlc wll be lem t th' parvh hou-c of 1 In: l're,-.h"- '.cran Ch»r..'!. ('ulde K. I'avd- on Jr., conml presdent, has ex tended an nvtaton to all Wrstfelders lo attend. To IM'KIH wth, the Hoard s The Hev. Dr. Mller s the a--slant reeral fccr'tary of the Na-.lere s "\ ;reat need for adl-1 later." That not chank<' tlu grateful for your ( >nnu Unt 1 ona Councl of the Churches of.ond Junor IUKII School I'l*. fu-t llul tlfjr m''l tt tn 1 tn' Olrs n H'. 1 USA and has been a ro cpucty nnd sutm-thlnt; m! that t was not tu-'<'shry lut euler ll ntcr-elurch -ooperaton tc done. 1 The new presdent atlrnd'd puhc 5ch.>ol.s In 'Syran!;e and la a ' Tl.s.. the wnp an u uhl to ]v >' to lav'. for more than.'!. r yer.^. wonf of our proposal-* whch, r Von ffntc Hm p'.s'lly thr you klo" 1 rnuluate of a nuuhe 1 of Imnkn^c, have hecn under stud.srju- H^h S-lool nl Knnsc Ill' hs the dstncton <f lavnjr c.-es al varous unver.-te.s. or mole than one and ochul vel udlu unm JII'I' n daly n--. served at mo4 (.;eu rr:«plc:l Iwel-. He and.mrs. V> ;lcr lve at Ul years, mul whch wll not be con I.'M't ths nntly vh'rt 1 tn- stnk'mts >t fur tn- lulan-c of tn f the cnp-ralve novernenl, n nrnln IM. and are the parcnw «f H.-uunT voter app ItdK local, cty, -late and na tulrrt, a.-loplunuor' at MIT; Clare. ^7, untl Nrplnnbrr nf l.m-1, pc-nl aft'- tlry IIIIVI- luul tl-j lnnal. nd has played an mportant roh' n drawng lo;'ethcr at Westllehl 'lljrl School, am [Mc, a junor, atul N'ancy, a Hoplu- Wth n*sprct to the tudtorum luu'l n Il' -f't''a or lunj k of hutchc, and eynu-!' of n 1 ul KdMn and tle n-nsos for l - wl' they hvc IKI.-lnes, thrd rrulu.-tltdel al not lavc lecn hult n lle tst 'rous ed\c:ton. Th'" tterker pro- ''I'unkln S-hool. place, n fmos to the.-tml nn. cs, n ll" stale ;:ld <ty fn-ll^ antedated the formaton of I le Na- You upek of u-nr I be aud :.\t. Voj-''! I WHS n fu n-d that He bn«c 1 nus served nw lvs- tnn for lecture cla ;.^e:. t'an't rea-o f.r not buldng t wa tonal] "f Clnrrhe-. dal he clnn' tn-h UIMIC cconuuc. A jrralnal- <.f l)rtl:ee.-al-r College, le later studed at 11.,ton and Harvard rmvr.«-tc.-. Hr. Mller,-,n'.f I le "-''H'l-:] exc.lltv. nf a nat-omt ol'mn'.aton \vb:ell eltl-! rare* :"! l''ot'- l:nl.''i'd Ka--le- Urlho.loN elllun'll, wth a nen- (Contnel on paue 7) Offcers, Trustees l--l.-c- «!.. l'"-le-l t. -. ve f.r 1 : -"'' N ;''' "'.;;:.1 :, J. \, -!.-!.'V.'f 717 ^'!l.::.:!' A-'-- Holdays Mukc Early Deadlnes Became of ke CHrltmaa holdty Tut>dAy *nd alto New Ye»r'«Day, Jan. 1, the "Leader" deadlne* have been changed for thote two week*. All pcture* are due n the "Leader" offce by It a.m. tomorrow or by 1 1 n.n. Monday for lte followng ttue. The tame deadlne apple* lo church, theater, letter* nn<j other new* for both week*. The *ocnl new* deadlne * noon Monday. A Look At The School Plans From Tvo Ponts Of Vew In the l.ottns To Tho 1-Mn.o column n the DIM*, l.'t ssue of the Lt'de- tlu'v wan«t n l*tu»r JntcJ \h c. 7, wrtten l>y II. Ktu'xj TIKHHUS, I'mU'r W't'sU'u'l nyur, alu't's^fd t( Wlls G. Coo, promh'nt of tn- W'sllcKI Itouvd of Kluoulon. The text uf the letter tenll wth the schoul bonnr.s propo^el $-. 1 mllon ^ hot>l onpausm. propuslh. Tlo LcuJer sulsftvontly H-tMvod a copy uf Mr. Coo's reply n Mr. Tlunas taed Ikv. l'j tuul htul puuuu'd to publsh t n the "Lottors" column th." week. However, on Monday wo revl-vecl the copy of u further rusptnse frotn Mr. Thunns to Mr. Cue.te.1 Drt. 17. H''.u^e Mr. Tlunms' letter wns receved tot* Into for tho "K'Uvrs" -olum mul hccaum.> the M*1KK>1 proposal hus becrv mut s the subject of vvk'spvtul nter'st and oneern, t ws fell tha the comhnu'd publclon of tho latest cotumuncatons lu'lwev Mr. Cue un»l Ar. Thomas would serve to juuvde our vcade's wth the fullest cxpn^sums of opnons of bolh Mr* Ooe uml Me. TtonuLS. Mr. Coc's Letter ul sune of tfv quest ons you nsel we thought Would le more arly handled f you were n n Mllon tu respond. However, alhml. f h your letter was late n onuk <o me,.sonc of the sfck'csons umd' had nhealy been exonted and dscussed earer anu. was blc- to cnvur them n p'l. lal -and.specfc le Ills at the meetng. 1 wll try to answer yon.nurt' drectly herewth. Mr. Thomas' Letter pntu'c * lltonnl t-tssro). 'p:t'ty anl 1 h-l'v' tn; Wtv.l 'UI taxpayers ff'l llnt s what. nm'tcl IIM'I ul llt- -Ntas of nn ntlu-r nlulturun or "frll" Mld tul rns. You k: a j>ont tf tn; fu- tn' Ilarl of Klunlo snl wlc ttn> luttjlcn-n at Klsun wu. tlal '"t wll bv nllc, that tn- town and..r honul dn! ully n rhmouns, new f necesnot w.-h to I'Xccel the debt 1 ml ;.-;u-y, ralln- than n : plush ud-.t Unt lme. As you su ;;c I, I ] lm'.' 1 was dcased to read am sure there wen- nnny am! : ynr.statement, "I would not n vared dseu. som on lle Mbj-cl. j!s( that (he edu-aton system:! of hut ths.-; the nfunln that j the Junor, wll 0,0 was jv-'j to m' am, of course. to pot because we 1I0 not have an! you a!.-o wll remember th.t l uultorn at Kdson." I wts pllely stlled n tn- pe.- You have reternted the prob ^ ml n tn- Kd nl School brchu' ', h-n of tle overcavln),' 'l lno 1 e-j f/*] I *^/1 I 1 hnl "the ao'luorum wnv,' wll ; vrlt mul I repeat the pont, that IVljlCCl 111 Ll'aSll not le bult now but l s n a^nn t:>n; Ih- Kln Street Schoul, cnlel the rcll.'ct's jhn nn! us a.lnor lle.b SchooJ would! wll he adld later." AIM., "-v.-nt,.,n,,e,,,,sl of the lut' lst of; 40 Paget locenu School Proposal ^Excessve In Scope, Cost': Councl Offcal Opposton Expressed At Publc Hearng n Trenton WoHtllehlStUtlOB LOUIS VOGLER Vogler Advanced To Presdency Of Natonal Bank,oos Voder, t'xeeutvv vce '.sdcnt of the Natonal Hank of West Held for ten years, has hcer -lattu'l p-f-.dent of tle local tnm' al ns'llon. l'' --d H, locm-r vlo Inn lcet p'v.letl md whe 'nl* Ih' aumownceou'nt of Mr 'ok'h'-'s protntjl on, wll a.mnu? tn :l!e of eharn'.t of the hoard. Mr. Vorler eanu to Wmttlel.! fler servk n hatllm ll Dol(, r (- llc, N. V., and Syru'sc, IN. Y. Im-r World War 11, le rntvrvr ervce wltl the Ar Korcc us n 'rst. leutenant auj -was dst-harff'd ur year..-, later us a leutenant oloe'l. n-or of tn- VV<"H!c!l Cnmnly!'l'- and of the (March of Dmes ;w s a meahcr of the I'l-eshylclnn Clul, the N' and WV.tllell Cllull'r.' of ColllllH'I'll', H-ho l.ahe Cnty I'lul unt llotary Cll. that the Hoard nf Kducatnn's proposed $2.4 mllon oust met un program for the two exstne,- junor hj;h schools f» 'excessve n scope md costs," constructon plans are "prelmturo," ml "nn expendture of ths tnjstd* s not n tn: best. Interest of vycsllleld ll ths tme," Town Councl regstered 11 unmou.l objecton to the proposal heforrt the Yuletdc Lghtng Contest Readed By Jr. Chamber Wll I.«'VM'w M'c Dnplays After The Westfleld Ju'or <MIIIII!IK-Iof Comuerce lu nnnouncel that t wll nkn sponsor the nnu 'h'stnnh l^luk contef't hero 'lt 1 unouucpent was made by nne.s I 1 ', Spencer, &reuc'nl churut for the project anl!. Morgan, charman of publcty. I'relmlay judcu; wll be eon hrtel Wedne.-.lay and ''hu'!(n> veka next week wth the fnal udrn; to take phco l'''llny. V'oluwnjr a revew uf the home. 1 * of II I he fnalsts Krlny the jtdtces Local tovcnm'l Honrd In Trenton Monday. Horace lnker, town attorney, presented a statement In behalf f councl ut tho hcurlnk to consder the school hoard's propouul to authorze ssuance of ft bond.-wu' for the proponed fftclten. Stale ollleals sad thut II d«- ;-so on the hoard's request wll be forthcomnn p-ur to llec.!7, the dull' tcntnlvdy set for a referendum, Mr. lnker told state authortes "II. the councl's opnon that the proposed school constructon s excessve In scope and coats. Jt Is councl's further opnon thut the proposed constructon plunn me premature." Tlu cotncl' HtntcnMt ponted out approval of tho proposal Id mne the HI-ONH debt of the. muncpalty tn $10,800,000, of whch $ (.I,X17.(HHI IH HCIIOUI lebt. Tho net debt would lner«s> t> $(1,^2:5,000, whch s S2,'.!27 (00l) vll meet nt the resdenc! of Wlm hrhcr than tn. 1 town's present K. t'ochrnn nl 7*10 -Slevcns Vv 1., U.'h'cl 11 wnner. The reult.s leht lmt.. The net lehl would amount lo of I he julcln: wll be (111-Hl.l per cent (f the town's nverleht OUUCIHI shnrtly after. Hue assessed valuaton of $57,- A pla( llc wll he presented to [l"7,(!h!, the attorney mld. he. wnner whose home shull have ('olleer about the Illlllllcal lll- _ wen Judj.'ed the most beautfully met of the pcoposnl on rcnldenta ml creatvely decorated. The ulso \vu: expressed by councl. It wnrl phupe wll he nwntwl at ponted out Hf> p-' cent of the ho January neetmc of He.lny- mncplly'n oc. wth the urkuwl'( "'» preslenl, Sydney t. 'Snlb, nnkk the presenutlon. Lsted on the panel of judkc* 'r ths yenrv. contest are.mayor lurr A. Towl Jr., Harry A. De'- n. ea'loosl,.lln W. Cozens, rcblecl and Alan.'. Itockuore, -lst. 'Turkey Sl»«l' I'ntrtlmtn 'rnnl Crfpom, cbnrnnn of llm Wetlfcld PAL, b«* nnollcpd tlwl n "Turkey Shoot" wll bo concluctotl fundny nt the Polce Pltol UnlRe on Lnllnrl Mll R«l., from ' > ««' p.ll, 1'IM- publc t nvted lo trtu'pnl<< ' tbt evont ho proceed* from whch ro med n 1'olco Alld-lc..-rt(uo nclvln* for Wctfcld youns- ter. I'rze wlt bt! Awarded and ammunton nnd llreuru wll be nvnuhlc. Lbrary Ilnllay ralablo uru realzed from -esddentl propertul, md thut un average 1 edle-e 08-!."Hent, reprcnentlk a $25,000 utdn^, cr-k'st 11 tax hll of about $7110 annually. "Ctzens have -xprcsmol deep oncer tw eoncl re^n-dlu^ tlo t' hlly to mt''t any addtonal tax cvy," the xtntmnent conlluuctl. Mr. llnke- tohl slat! nulhortoh ht town s compl(!tl r a tax rt*- ahalon»-<k-nm whch wll have, he etl'ect "f rnsk t: ussesaed alue.s, thus ncrensnc the tovvn'n or'owk eapnctlen over the next v! years. The ntlorney IIMSH-I ted, "We vnld.'dronrly»>:«that thn uplcntum be held n abeyance uull j11 clear projecton IlKure on ho-rown; eapnety n avalable." Town ull-l lso noted thut a broad-hl.'ed tax Is IteK (M)ll«l(eled n N'ew.lersey wth the possblty of ncreased ad for educaton to be vlz'l from such 11 l"r='"'-. "'-."' K''»ball nn expendture of ths na^tude I);vl1 lcl ually 1111 nddt.nal bond ->e f.. C - t l v pn.j.-rl. tn- hoard has j,, : fr., el-el ronu-s es.tlv' am bu-the The W'e-.lfeld.Meno al l.bnuy M not n tn' best, nterest of'um wn: wll le n- 'mnd for You,,1.. n - s ccn-ulanl, ded yesterday m n tn- Muncpal HuMul' u ll In; W-tf. Id at ths lth", the sttutcnet conclutlcl. lrcl." 'J'IH ref'lc need w:c- ; v,-lle almll the ne'd to do n eol t fttt-c-l-l n 11 re ult 11 f njurc u e l y mp.'. e v e n t h e n, n l!>.',7. M ' ' 7 s d c l-ad.- l l.-nont..f n n o v l u j ; al! n ' - l v e d n a n a u t n nc-l-, clo..ed Mulv and Clr.-tms Hay. (C'utnel on patre " (Confned on pare 7) Polce r.l ls car apparently j Fre Department Offers Addtonal Suggestons For a Sale Chrstmas ] -kdded ml of contr«l 'M the Con-, netcut Turnpke n< ;<y y : atnfodj I and clashed nto a rcl,y l-d 'e. J "AH of now, we are nut curtan of the effect or hcnellth to be reul'.ed from the nntepled new lax. We, therefore, b'lcve thut WHS Annual Yule Tableaux Wll Be Presented Tonght Tle "'l ':! ::' ":!l-tl"l :'' l'.-ll., a l.'r-tn" " ; - I vll take d;c<' d:-nr -::> '.:.:b d-nl of Weteld, va- v.ell-llown : M T V c e - l-'d-.y ( '. ' :.n-,.ian. II. a-< 11 eon. ltanl. and had a wd'-- Two perfornances of tle Illl 1 - lyn Selmlt/, (ayl' Shannon, Dune'o.Sloddd and (lay Wess. le:d nu-le I n th- (lectrctl] ' pnvdvlt; I'r. l-'la:..-' I.'-r. I n -! ; The l'',v ).'p:.rl.m.,,t th, we.-l. th-.,-,,. or n,-,l,y where the,,- - I! hafs'urm: l.-.'l. l'-ld. le le leran l-ran a,s hs I ly-llrst ' J-" M II.O,,,, nnul.,,,,,... C h r t m a. p r o,...,. n r u _ ta m ( l m Vocal..los.t clul! Hubert :Orav n Many Lands" was The IwcKn.' of!u- pnaa and : v e pre.d'-nt ; I'l- S-yn:.-M.- <,<', ; -.-.ed.- I '...f.i..'...,...1 dun't- HI.,ny eh,,-,,- for., o,,,,,,la,,,;... 1 wlh 1 H"ll' x. I nc of.n.-w-;,,t Vve.held 11,,'h h.-hool wll be j, -,,,,, M,.,,-j Stevenson, r rnal >roduct : on f.n-' '1 He eu."n nf th >- I 1 "-; 1 ' 1 ' 1-11 v old.,- I,, n nr- ;. tn- fhr,!...mla. s lh-,, b,,st,ld... " ^ ''I'''' l "- : >'' adual on f..,,1,,.,,.,,tl., f,,r H- puhln- I In.-.., j, Seh-rman IV'Y Cnok ' enr-frth and sxth Krad'-^ : : '"»' r " d :.n-at/. d I'-,- l " v '' 1 ' '.,!, :e.:-l'l' ;.-". >!."n- K»<!-'r.,:: ' fo. W-..I,!., fa,-, :! -I,... I,-, JM,.:;..:..' Ml. In.n..."..f T.-.-h- j,,,.' : 7 :1 r, and h:k,,,v k ^ \ U! ^ L '"w Mamnne Over! V-un Sehoul under me m.-c- Cr:-.r. -^'lly l-'urtn. l:tr:rsa 1^'-]- I.:.-!»v-:; -.1.,.:...11!,' dd- : -j. J. r,..-,-,..,.,:!-,,.1;,,,.,.,],,, n-c l-t,,,.-:..., lfllu' uol'.ry K-J-ry,., '» I!.:: ^ ' - li. -,11,.- tn- M-bool M-IIDOI audlou,,. nu.ll'.uu. Tn- lln; Had. td ;, ay, I'l-e-l.n,...,.. Uulu,,, fl.'dlcy,,,,. John r.(lt.k. Clck. ' ' Mr;. Carol Murrav and :.<-.--t. 1..-;rl:t- Mn'b'-,.M.M l."- '..;.-.,! l :.r.:r :-'.;..---; M : I",:.l ',..r '- I'l ( I "lul-rwt l< 1 : I-at'-r 1"' l'"le.-d A.lon, In.-, of 1 lolal prod'cl depel- 11; l-,.lay llete/. Duet. wlt bort11ii^ vlllr Il-.T. l d '.ll-l t l e : 1! ;.- Mrs..lean Ward and Wl-, 1'cr. Saly l.-lr.v :."'! I "hy! " '!':n >^ll,;v;-!"v j.vry II v : v.r 1 '. I I..,-.,,..,,.,,-;,..,,,.,.,,,. j,.,.;,,,. I l.nd-n a m '- p u d-lt ml l ' ulry N'.t vly.11 ml: >c, I hv.lull- Tucker ad I'at llnmoate, j..'.l, abo'.l! huv: mp'.it-.i.!)-..i-..i' the trn to I.'-I on In- 1 naon n u d t a l d e a u x. Wllam M. In...h a n l Dnvd. ' treve and Nancy H.,.-; n-i Chv: -ca-- :n l-.'bn.l 'I- 1...,:ard W I'- ' -'d H- -" ; r.-'. n;-...-! l,-<-i;nr ;. l.-..-n;.-< b'-r. n l;."- Tn- veled -h'.-..i" ::n vne.-: -p,n,np 11N.ln,.!,. 'reman :md -hat Chrstmas s almost -JOOt! thr-m''! -..-b..-..-trv ad^- n fon-ll te.- l 'n b u l b, h a v e : lln-.v.' I:.nn n A'.-!u '.a, Kan., Mr. Inl-.-ll, ll,.- dl-eeled I..V MI..1 llet ] A \1;.y,, T(,,, tl..lltj, j,-, ] 1H.,U,. s -n-vv-d '.;.- h- -.'. d'.-.v, v.-h-l '.; Cl.-a on, and tl- t.-hl-.u\ wll he,,.,,,n "p,.^.,. : -':.l anl celebnt'.-l n many j was»r!r..v-l --v l -;'.'! ' 1 : '.''' '' v-r.-r.l :-:.f'-ty n tn follow a -;erfe.-j I.,.,ve Wth T. way., throurlout the 1 ravm < "-' :. K.r.-n! > >»? (I:- h.-n-. : t'-n tn '.hatt'-r r and e\po. th- h M. Vj.n: W.-l! - le-.':! : '-'.vo -' '", -tared by th.- :ul am drunat-. y,,,,;' v,n,,.,,,,y Chrsln' I. ' ; lrrn I;: 1 '!'"!:-. l'a:a l."«-dll." :'.. the!"ne:;-l d'l- l.':l"'l:t. -.-!.,.loln Md ll.v.-l, h-.m : '.Ir, ' d I'm t rlnl : nd.' -tn- -lperv-ull \ \,, V. A tt -null f- for the :;olosls l".nll'!.'l on I'a > ::! l' cu-tm-s n t'!-rna:y ; Pv.v-I Stalk:n-; 1-.'..r.;' :!.; : f lre' :;. f'h'-' rf.lnr '.. -. o - h y : '...f Mr-. Itety Scl.-el and M :,,,-,. llcnha f,.,,v.-,;, Rchard..f H ;,!., >:. v.. d c,,,-,. IS,,.,.,. The Noral...- wll >;,.,, _. j,-!,..,,.,! K Una. Charles I lell- I l l ' 1"",;., r \ ' l., \ }( I I',' :.;':'l-(l ll'-dukh.-',-nho!, h-;--, b-.rn..- ".ll-1 : -v.-rv'.'.ly nut "f!, ;'on- u n:; I'm- f.-;) - 1! v. r-. I..'. ( -I :..:v hy Davd Herns, lon- l-'.tb-r N-! ' ' ' llv- "' ' ;' ' '.;'" I'alrolnau.Ma«'(.Io.-<kr) " he l:v..".d II.-nn.. ;.l.--..n,.s.-plu-n l-'reherr, and ' ': Vl-.t, I S V l e - w e r e p o r l l - ' l I'"'"- e d l '.., ''-I hv llavd Mcl.ellal..lohn! -rate.l n I'-alr- I ' ' ^"' ;'" I-- K'.nal-. u.'!l-.s and MWh.".:. -urt n!' ; >'» '' _ "\ ' ' I-. IJ-.., llely and -lauv: ; l.«ca. y ''' """^.,-. ' 1 Contnued on JI.IU'C '' rv I,-, I l'-''! ' ' ; ' I'" : " '! ; " j.,.,.,,...-. M.» al a'"l - l "' '"'" l..-.y.l'..t" (..'-.» l a', ' - n - '... ::= ;:. I: -."M.'.-t'd 1 - : " - -! lt- r ll- III ' "' '' - ^-e.. [ >7 cr: II- I' "T! I' '."c ' :..^. > cll ; ;.',..,.,( j,, j,,.f I,,- vnld I" "' H.-'r...,[,.,.,.,-..., j,y, ;lpl">!..-nt b-.--- :':.: as.-l :!'-u call tn-' ::», I- I..:I :. :u!,.j-< : 1. >:< :. :.- l-!':!l :m. "::. : I. I!- II: - :-- I'll - of ll>- -I- Il'"-.-.'.! ar.' l-- : '." l"l; f-u' (11- c;;- -..!' n..n;' h- ' I-'!:-,- Mf- r-h!! :, : -,v,.- I.",..!::p.,-,. <>.,. I'l-- '.!...:. A " T l : j n fn.-- : [I- p'-;', In- 1. D-. n-l 1..-' ".-.s.mmlle: (.!l t:. la.-l,,.n.:,-.-..!.- : de... 1 :.. If. y c, ' - v- ;..,:v -.vr.f. "l-.'t- d.,..n'p" t'-n-. Scloo lol.'v.1.---t : -.-a:; -h/ In do )"l'. n.i. le.!. We»tfetd puhlc (cfool wll dole for tlr Chrttln.t loldayt t! llm end of the rcfju.-r tcllool scssot tomorrow *nd wll open Wt-dn«:tday, J.d. 2, nt lle rcjular tme. '-. M !a lft-!>;-!" th- h'.'-- or,d. a...l I:--.. jc.-'lu'. d f - ' 1 l' nth ll!;-, the le.,'.-. I.'. r. Ml. III l!:!-. l'',.ntmm'-'l on pn-.- I I Index A'-nd T"-.-.n M. m- I^r. f-tojy (hupi' New.. (Ihtlal'f. S..-.-l S nt T.-.-t.-r.-. ; IH In lb- tableau-'. (In- nl'-.1' III-.Sam-.. Sntl. (ll'.nn-t. ale Sc- ; Madou -.-.ll be ny-d by Jo! pln-n Av."."l and Kdwa'l J'a- Ann I hn/.l...('..'j. wll h' ; nent r. 1 ply.-dby.1" - p h 1'l." r. Illh'-r.-. n S t u d e n t lrec.r- I'm- t h e t a b. 'lte' ca ("clud.- C-h..l Andr : l-ur; a r e (ul I'! a n d FA- llavd I', Hh.. (h'ltl. le. n (lup.-. ('ont t-.- ch.rnten I rne l'n>, lan H n d a y. C.-I- f o r t h - >... n- n c l u d e : M;le-up, j I'Vcw, Johe (,':tl-nl" I-II, I'M. I'.t has. I'l-nnr;... I'ln'-:. Kurl 'a II.II,'I,.".un;. I... A n. K e n. u " : In-mu-, I.'..!..t S e a y ; Mr-, hatl Ma.Id.-. M-. n., : I,I-... ly, Mar'.;av M.y..; psk, '.Ml-I., r.n-.l M;,. I I!. l:..h j W n d y lllv.r a n d Kl/.lbell '.Mller, Kl-.tb.-lb M.ul, Ka- j l..';:h, a n d -ulan, C'.h.-t llrml- Ol-'.n, K'tncll I'a-l-'-ll",.la> Kaf- Im-y. Ka.-ulty -; ;,, l v.,n clmrl'e l... \'ll>'.la ;.dun., flat lara I nl' tle,-- lunln- ;u.: Mr-. l.*ul,''e ' S h r o c d e c, K u'o.-dcr, l ' a n. -, K o,l:,nd M.. Han.a Hll. s : L'.- : '-%>.' ;', :S#?: :-, v--jj: f :v.

2 Page 2 THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 Last Mnute Shoppng? Get the Gfts that are Sure to Please Hm! Wcpfted, n QolA GOOD GROOMING bruth, clothes brush and comb. Ambor Incte, nylon brstles. $995 Men's and Boys' JEWELRY and ACCESSORIES Make your choce from a wde assortment of practcal, personal and popular gfts that capture the masculne whm and fancy. You'll fnd our selecton of jewelry smartly styled... to please the most dscernng taste. COMMUTER KIT... top gran Cowhde, black or brown, waterproof lnng;. Holds all groomng $595* necesstes. SHIRTS 5PORTSHIRTS and PAJAMAS ;,.,:,v...":. ;.;-> *.* ;.','->- : v* PERSONALIZED TIE RACK... walnut and chrome plated, 36 foldng arms. Practcal and popular. $995 JEWEL BOX...convenent, roomy. Smulated eather on black or gnger. Gold decor on cover. CLOTHES BRUSH [.. leather back, saddle sttched, nylon brstles, brass hanger. $395 he latest colors and styles n all szes... by Amerca's hest kown names. SWEATERS They're warm, wonder fll and practcal! Here re sweaters galore. pullovers. Scanda avhu sk, crc^v necks cardgans, v-neck styles etc. Choce of fne woolens, eashmers and mncle blends. HAT GIFT CERTIFICATES... Stetson and Cavanagh. A hat gft certfcate permts hm to make hs selecton, and lets our expert halters ft hm perfectly, to hs personal requrements. We have fve brm wdths, many styles and colors that wll top olt hs wavlrole. WOMEN'S WEAK -- Count] y Clothes Shop BOYS' DEPARTMENT Mey.y.anne 1> oor ME1N"S CLOTHINC; -- Second Floor FUKMSEIINGS Man Moor SHOES & SI.IPPKKS Man Floor CUT UAH Man 1loor OUTERWEAR he prefer a jacket, ear coat or great coat? Whatever hs preference, you'll fnd l u. ljjbt style, sze and color n our furnshng department. Many styles wth removable nner lnng... some wth detachable hoods. OPEN WEEKDAY WEM\(;s lstil 9 SATURDAY UNTIL 6 P.M BROAD STREET, WESTFIELD AD , V* "

3 <%::;* ' jkln School Pupls seat Yule Event.'ejutd K'adu of Frankl' numberng 13G hldn» ffth grade chorus assst- K';J:I,V f.ftcrnojn presented -2s Cou-5 Agan." The Ol : n the ffth grades coml chorus. :ro,rr!'.n cuarman was Ms : Tlnjr wth musc by M.-' Yvrhown accompaned a o by Mss Ruth Vncent 1'aulne Kwmp drected tn jrrad; chorus. Scenery fo o.lulon was prepared bj Altaan's n Short Hlls Mss Patrca (Jt-bauw wth t-, Jm " a - v 3I >- Wlma Urehcr. D S sta- -os. h lt. sta- '' Htwt, a second jrradw,.-a, he narrator. layor Rau Envsons >ar»«>r Lbrary Need MOUNTAINSIDE Mayor Eu-. ne I-. lau, rt-putng to tn* -uuuh Cuucl Tuesday nk'ht on (? Muncpal Lbrary, sad that -DUO books have Wm purchased " date at a cost of about $9,000. If noted that space s (rettng so mted, more room wll SUon be needed. open every Thursday untl 9 P.M. THE CHORUS AWAITS ITS CUE «Santa "CUu tnkt. he center of n lh«woodrow Wlon Schuol producton "ChrtmA n Many Land." The above cenc reprctcnt ClrtlnA n the Unted State. Lstenng to Santa (Davd McLclUn) on l«< are, left to rght, Ronald Duolk>, Mchael Pfhntck, John Dodd, and Robn Relly. Chor nemljcm pctured are, mar, left to rght, Bonne Welch, Carol Schaeffer md Pamela Kng; (rout, left to n»ht, Holly McAullTc and Debbe Brown. 'Chrstmas (C'lntncd frtn 1 ) kvly >',o.u.lf,.-, MIKI (h'trn. y Itfhcuvk. Th.' rlu.r, undrr the lrvlt.m uf Mr-. K-.;t! An.lns and hy M.-, Kuh Yn- :;,,, ',,,, -,, MV Holday.Ml motor vt'hclr n-xcton MMlnl.:, Ik n.;): aj'.em-es, ( ld l.v-.-r < :.ll;-:ton renters wll! < rlo.m-.l Monday and TUI'MI > <('lr.-t.s Day) and tu-'cy, I n-.:.y,.nn..ihm. I, 1, '.: r.h: (New THE WESTF1ELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1862 Page 3 BLADES AT JOHN K. MEEKfcK, Inc SOUTH AVE., WESTFIELD AD PLAID STAMPS TOO! tfttsult \ about ths queston: Bll Eshbaugh "I wh to keep my auto nurjanto wth my local ndependent jogont, yet some fnance compo- nes nsst on handlng the auto! nsurance along wth Ihe auto I loan. I hear of a Bank-Agent plan where the bank fnances the auto loon at ts low nterest! rale and any local agent can handle the nsurance. Does your agency have ths Bank-Agent Auto Plan?" BARRETT & PARKER, Inc INSURORS 43 Elm Street We.tfleld AD M8M Alllllnled ITIIII Charles of the Rtz Salon also open untl 9 P.M. Charleston Garden open untl 8:30 P.M. on Thursday ',,',"" " " : ' ::> 1V1 ' U " 1J " >; ''! «',rh -:,, K.H.H..r a Cl,n,tm, ls n COIIIIII>.. v....., md Ne/ Veal 1 ':, holdny fur nl u '1 h" l'rltl':-,' lno -l; > lv\v ron-tnl Mat.' oll. rs hy <;,v. lchrd of Mnnn Wnlsl, Chp l'«k- J. ll., K!,,.- ( ;, v:ls.<nn»c'd tlan. (N--)'!' l.'uv'rurs, Churls j u.lny y th,. Dv».u nf Motor " nu-r, Kon-rl H-hnl-, Wa'.n I V'hK's. 'wnjr, StMt' N'aluu'k ;l! I.;u-... r.. m.,. Zwan. ' ''"" v '^'-tl'^'t ;>tr v-lck- Tlr thrd'rrnd's h..l «'har:«- of '»M><'''l»" M-M.m u».south Av'. wll l'pc.m.nday, lce. 'I'll.- cnt' I'.--ully ul.stll' of frm N a.m. I" p.m. Wl-o Sv-lo] I'lt'ju'U'd to nukv j "" '~"* "" "'" rlll ::^:!; :"^" n. Offcers, (t'ontnu'l from pam- 1 ) N::c Hnel-, l-;.l-.v:-.rd l.'»'<, pvs- :e't of Men's Cluh and Mrs. H:u-.. \ txcharctes Note Yuletdc Season At tn- W.-tl-'ld l' -.\:uu<' Clll' : % : njr 'I n MI.y -v'n; at thr».: W-:.s, n-l.-h nf S.tT I l'-.v-y lnn -, M.nnlnscl',.loh"" I.! Vzlt. am lss I'lHnttc- rc- Tlc.'olov.n;.l-'-.<,;M,I tn. ;v, I ; vr.:.- of l.nks fur tl'r l'". r-t'd frun ;» v. < : I - : I I H H'.ntK jn p -ovd:;.'. nmtlu'r su-- l>;u'l>, t;!r.-nn \V. ll'', N.n!. ul tn-, t.-. l m y for tnll.-"u, Alnlph 111.,'..l Phlp -umvn nf WV.-tl.-M. VISIT THE NEW WESTWOOD LOUNGE non County's newest and lavshly decorated nte pol. featurng our huge hordwood parquet dance floor. Your Invorte dance musc by FRANKIEFAME (lormerly of Ihe Club Dana n Unon) A OSHS S T.A tn l-hlf ol H. UaM l/.-l tlrsh unt,,,,,,-,1,-v.,,.....f...-.-i: lllr'ls :nl trlsl'-., md <-\p-.~~<- f ns conff-nr' n tlr n'vv lc::lf shp Iy a'kn; V,mV> lh- -r!»!, Ih' t'l-pl' MD'ht v.t l'ro:l > 11 <l;: I', ' I " ''!'I ""'"'' Kln : l l '" ; ; M 'l I'hldre IIM ', ^. '\ In ' ': o Ih- ^;u!u ("IIHI.-J parly,. l.. ;v,. I,.... W,, ;, M,..,;..amuny l.'er. 'I l:- Cenler rl n]y"d loj dsl rt,h to needy ml -. to.str-l;th. Afl'-r : l' «f I 11 J n - - s nr'thf;, mns ;rnf I'lt-t. cjoyrtl on n- :::!!.nll'c> l.nn''. l.'.l [. r;:'t:':nno, ;! nnnl n Mnj.'h[' ; j lruln c:'!.. Sltu ru-., n I.u- jn nl \> An tn. In...t, I I'ft.* to all. Mn-:^ nrr,, Inn.!n h' In,l.n;. tlr '-nlr! : ;r!:t<'. of tn- -ll fur -l.-n May the Tuktde he full of joy am dreams -come'true for you am yours. large banquet hall for your weddngs and partes. jlmate cocktal lounge and man supper club wth dancng. NEW YEAR'S RESERVATIONS STILL AVAILABLE We are fllng up quckly, so call now. CALL Ask for Reservaton Manager ::, ) h:,\- lu-' -!an;-d t" the h';.ml -'.'Ml. ^! Inlnc'fs In Intervew I p llahne :n:d Co. wll, " all em- InyN.'t,-:!':. J.'. 7 (t ',:; I N'.nth j \vr., dr-.-lly ar,.. fr.n the -lm'' ; IIMII < '"'.v n-: rnf eoc pe! ;;u. j A ~.,!;.-:.::n fur te' -l.nv unl tervc.'- fur -'l ulnel wll I" mlch-^? ARTHUR STEVENS EAST BROAD ST. AD !d fjul II :.n. '» * p.m.,.inn. 438 NORTH AVE. GARWOOD Between Garwood and Westfeld SIDNEY C. MELK I ;n well. ();2n--!.,l' - and tm- 'or nterv:.".-. wll In announced ; -, )...--: d. THE Chrstmas Stockng j GIFT I FOR YOUR WIFE, MOTHER, j SWEETHEART "MR. TOPPER" JAR AND BOTTLE OPENER for any sre jar up to 4'a M n beautful copper fnsh. REETINGS for Chrstmas, wm our thanks lo you for your patronage. Have only *^ \t/l>j postpad AVT CO., Box 823 Clark, New Jersey wonderful holday season! 'RJ'e take ths happy tme of year to wsh you all the joys of the Holday Season, and to jon all men of od I Z a prayer for worldwde peace and understandng. May your Holdays be merry and brght! : ^. ". nl! v v IIHWI "LOVE'TSA'MANY PLENDORED THING' * :!* >,H \ S! II. -tm-nl K l. I t t l "AN AFFAIR TO RCMEM7ER" BROAD AT CIM STS. WESTFIEID at) caster, $*&. 76 ELM STREET AD "SWORDSMAN Or SF^A" 'VIC. '. TtP.t

4 THE WESTF1ELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 OBITUARIES Mrs. Mram Person Mra. 'Mram O.rle Person, G8 of 123 Duncan Hll, wdow of George W. Peraon, ded Dfo. 1 ut Hfthwny Hosptal aftor an ll nc».< of a month. Born n Nvv/arl;, she lved Wcstneld for 42 years. A membo of tho Presbyteran Church, nl belonged for SO years to the Elzu J>eth 'Norton HUo Class at tl church. Her husband ded Sept 12, Survvors are a on, Harold of Wfltchunj;; three daughters lrs. Mtjore Eaylor of Wcstneld Mrs. Murlyn Watts of Watchunu and 'Mrs. 'Barbara Thonwon o (South PlunfelU, and ofht grand chldren. The funeral servce, was held Saturday at Gray's Funeral Hom< wth the llev. A«e L. Tubbs of th Presbytoran Church offcatng. 'Interment w.-.s n Farvcw Ccm etery. Wllam Morgan (Servces for Wllam Morgan 51, formerly of Westfeld, who ded n Ohcaro wore held n tho J'ln don Funeral Home Frday. The 'Rev. lleubcn Drew of St. Luke's AJM'E Zon Church offcated and 'nterment wu n Rosehll Cemetery, 'Lnden, "Mr. IM'OTfrftn <s survved by a son, (Lawrence (Morten of Ttahw«y j hs mother, 'Mrs. Rebecca Morgan of 431 W. Droad St.; two -brothers, Thurman and Jcase Morgan of 436 W. Broad St. and two ssters, Mrs. Dasy Maeklln Mattlc Burton, both of Newark. G. H. Palmer Funeral servces for George Harry Palmer, the general patent counsel for the M. W. Kellojrc Co. of New York, were held Saturday at tho Presbyteran Church, wth the Rcv. Ace L. Tublw Palmer, 56, ded Dec. 12 at hs homo, Croat Lano, Scotch Plans, after a lonjr llness. A natve of Charleston, W. Va., he had boon u o-csdent of ths area for 24 years. 'Ho also mantaned a home at Wcekapaujr, It, I. A member of the New York Bar for moro than 30 years, Mr. Pamcr had been an attorney and counsel of tho U. S. Court of Customs -and. Patent Appcals snce le was a member of tho Research Socety of Amerca, the Amercan Patent Law AsKoenlo and the New York Patent Law As sucaton and was the holder of number of patents hmself n th feld of catalytc crackng. He frequently locturod on the relaton- shp of patent aw to research. Mr. Palmer Vecraved a IIS d (Tree -n elect-o-ohemrnl enjrneer njc from PcM)n?ylvfln: 'StaU* Col hec (now Unversty) n II pushed tho bar exam after Nervn hd clerkshp wth 'Penne, Davs Marum and Edmonds of New York uu takng courses from Ju Halod Medna and the Unversty of ChcHKo Lah'nllc Kxtc-nson program. He wajj a monvoer of the- Pres bytoran Church n Woatfleld, the t'lanflold Country Club and the W«.-kapftUK Yacht.Club. Survvng are ffct wdow, Mra Mary \V*llae«Palmer; a daug-h ter.'mw. Polly P. Spaytb, at home a son, Lt. James W. Palmer, now statoned at Wurzburfj, Germany wth the l V. S. Army; a grandson Todd.Palmer Spayth,»t home; fnd a sster, Mrs. Frnnlc E. Parkhurst of Wlkes-Bnrrc, Pa. Interment wns n Somerset Hlls Memoral Park, Baskng fld^.e Mrs. Joseph K. Blau Mrs. Elzabeth Kuus Blau, 80, at 1C04 Mctropoltan Ave., the Bronx a resdent here for 30 years, ded Frday at Jacoby Hosptal, Bronx, of an Apparent -heart attack. Bom In Austra-Hungary, she came to tha country 57 years ago. She moved to the 'Bronx from here lre* years ago..mrs. Blau was the wdow of Joseph F. Blau. Sho was a member of fch* German Lodge, OES, New York Cty. Servces were conducted at the Among IMP survvors are sev-plntoral neces and nephews am a Funeral Home. tfrandrtephew, John P. Tomao of Garwopd. Boyles Funeral servces were held n Gray's Funor»l 'Home Tuesday at 0 a.m. Interment was In Falr- Aew Csametery. Phllp Magnot Educaton us to tho need and the.phllp Matrnotbl, 85, of 1283method of meetng the need, nnd ftahway Ave,, A retred bla-cksmlh who had been employed by the Jersey Central Lnes, <Jod Thursday t Cranford Nurong Kone, Cranord, after a long llness. A natve of Italy, ho lved n Cranford for 26 years before movng 'here 10 years ago. He was EXCLUSIVELY WITH US # COVERAGE Wth LLOYD'S of LONDON The LINCOLN MONUMENT Co. 403 Ormr Road, H oulcalr' T44.1M0 «re»laca (M«plewool> T«3-*»4«* * # HEARING AID CAMEO DISCREETLY TINY-QUALITY PERFORMANCE Try the Cameo Tot/oy No oblgaton Hearng Ad Center 110 Central Avenue, Westfleld, N. J. Establshed 18GS One of New Jersey's fluet cemeteres Non-proft a»d Non-cearan ONE yeab DEFERRED PAYMENT PLAN INTEREST-FREE, AVAIL- ABLE FOR PRE-NEED BUYERS. Supt's Offlco Executve Offce II00 E. lroad St. 128 Elm Street AD AD. S-0130 Gatet Cht at $:S0 p.n.. ', Davd Ingalls (Contnued from pa^e 1) Brmntfhm,.Mk'h.; Mrs, Edward Keth of Kums Cty, K«n.j Mrs. J. P. L. Johnson of New York Cty; Mrs. -P. U, Hush of San Prau-sco, Cal., and M.«s Mary Imcalls of Mesa, Arz. Funeral servces wll be held Saturday at 11 a.m. n St. Paul'n R >sc»ml Church. The famly has requested that Mowers be omtted. retred n l\a was a lm-mber of the Ju-Kuy Cenlr:l Quarter Cen lury Clulj anl a eommuncut of Holv Trnty Church. Survvors are ls wfe, Mrs RoBe Santoro Ma;nott; fuur daughters, (M-s. J'oter Poldoro Mw. Joseph Vlla and Mrs..Putrck -Mafra, r.ll of- Westfleld, and Mra. Antrelo 1**store of Ko.^ton; three son.*, Danel of Elzabeth, Samuel of Westfleld and Vctor of Carteret: 20 ^rndchldren and four great-grandchldren. The funeral was helj from <he Dooley ColonBl Home, 556 Westfeld Ave., Monday, thence to Holy Trnty Church were a Hj»h 'Mass of Kequ-m was offered for the repose of hs *oul. Interment was n St. Gertrude's Cemetery, Woodbrdge. Mrs. Fred Johmon Mrs. Emn Johnson ded Dec. 12 n her home ut 30,') Wndsor Ave. She was the wdow of Fred Johnson. Mrs. Johnson had m;ded here moro than 50 yenra. She was a member of Bethel Baptst Church and a former member of Centennal Temple 24G, IRPOE of W. She leaves a nephew, Robert Johnson, wth whom she lved, and sevpral other nephows and neces. (Contnued from page 1) zena at the school board electon to be hold Dec. 27, 19(12, and docs so wth the complete approval and endorsement of the Commssoner of now, wth -the full approval of the Locnl Government Board wth rcrt to the fnancal stuaton. No purpose wll bo starved n dscussng all phase* of the hoarlnr, but there are several ponts n the statement of tho Town Councl whch Tequre comment. '"Frst: The fnancal (tax) mpact of these proposals on our resdents has been publcly explaned by your -Board of Educaton nnny tnos. In the Town 'Councl.vtutement, a tax bll for an average dwellng of $26,000 true value, presently assessed at $71500, wna cted as lent,' $730. Tle junor Illlfh 'School proposals would n'.so such a bll by $21.13 per year be- (flmng n Wo do not mnmze ths m^re.tse, hut, we do feel t s a mador.t jrc? to pay for the updatng of our entre Junor 'H^h School program. " Second: Wth respect to our. percentage t)f net debt, ^nclud the Junor Hp,'h ^chool proposalu, bnsed on l!>02sscssc.d valuatons, t was reported as hentr per cent, and that we wll exceed ou debt lmt by $2,227,000. By way of comparson, when we bult the 'Senor 'lljrh School addton, the per cent of net debt was 11.,'19 per cent and we exceeded tho debt lmt by $2,210,000. The pont hern 1a that we have exceeded our debt nlt before by approxmately the same amounts nnd ths hna had jvlwolutoly no elfect on our own fnancal atanlk or credt or ablty to progress. If nssessed valuntons rse to a fgure n excess of DO mllon dollur» n 1S">:! as s antc'jku'd wo wll be agan below the debt lmt wthn three yours. costs and only eght wth lower costs per pupl. "MISCONCEPTION No. S that the proposed bond ssue, f ap- "Thrd: It. was ponted out th:t the borrowng capactes of tn 1 town wll lk'lt:v.;e by vrtue of the forthcomng chance to a -10 per cent assessment lxs-* n loo.'. Th s true. However, your Hoard of Kdcnt'on dot's not contemplate the need for addtonal captal funds beyond tho::'. 1 presently ben^ requehtcd, for :t lea-t fve year.s, and :;t. tn 1 he:u'n;r t was stated b; Mayor Towl th:vt the town dd no! contemplate tho need for funds fo m:jor proj-:!-; leyoml tle ajproxnnlely $7n0,O00 e-tm:ted.ul u'ludt't. 'Thor< f)re, whle our tutal town borrow n^ c:l];u'les wll mrvm', tslc'.r tha nethr the town nor ll...<.-ht»<l bo-.rd wll need tt avr tlu'r's'lvrs of s 1 capactes n tle near future. 'l.'nally. tn 1 r^.at^nu.nt makes I'R'IUV to the po.-. llly of n >r<>ad lne lax and s;r!!c-ls that llllllollal tl'.le ad for fdh-ton vll rn-llt tlu'l-efroln. We look fc.rard to tl.: ]hv--blty. HowrV-r. c not-;l for the Junor Il: 1! cbool^ s now am] t}> pns.-':!-s of such a noran beng u'ougbt U) fruton wthn the cxl wo years -^ vn;ole. Al.o, t jnunl :e remembered t];u any 'ddtonal ncls \\V tl!;'!.l nglu h-m'r wll f appled to the opt'ratnr bulret ml not lo the -o-1 uf fptal «ddons. Tlrrerdrc, rev- 1 from ths ouree n, -ay, l'.hl :md sbsolelly u-nll. :n t'nc!. lelp to rouce t be sum r. qurt -I to Ko ra-e<1 'V In.ll l^.-t.-n 1>>V our o:kl'atmr uulret am lu-l> > pay for (In- - cry [ n-ntt..-tl \\ - :n>. uv entnv^." ".F. K. llovle., Charman, Knav'c l\.n.:(;.^' "WVnn.-ld H,;n,l»f 1-;.In,a! on" VVt'stlt'Itu'- lo Hct-c Wllam K. It..:-'.-.f I:!:!-.\ Hun- j an l!:l A ;v tm.-t ', u.l! vlr.-j.lee. :l-j v-.-rk n tn- N. V. -:].'.. llc of U.-l'l hn Slc-I To. He ns lr-n s:--,vnlel wth 1 le frm ur ;!!) year.-:. j Co *S 'Open (Contnued from page 1) nc. Our chldren ore well-prepared; what we are askng you to approve s desgned to keep then ths way. "Apparently the nference exsts that other town bodes rghtfully have responsblty for decdng what wll or wll not affect the qualty of our educatons' systems and programs, or what s requred for the mantenance of the optmum n educaton n Westfeld. We are unable to allow and we are sure you would not wsh us to permt others to assume, even by mplcaton, our total educatonal responsblty to Westfeld ctzens. MISCONCEPTION No. 2 that the Board has faled to consult wth other town bodes. Ths s not so. "We have always voluntarly n vted comment or crtcsm on Krowth, locatons, fnancng, and lke matters properly wthn ther offcal scope. It Is a fact that we consulted frequently wth both the Plannng Board and the Town Councl begnnng late last summer. The Plannng Board, whle agreeng wth the need for changes at Roosevelt, questoned the method; n addton they recommended postponement of the Edson expanson for possbly two more years. The Town Councl n late October told us by letter that they were takng no offcal acton on our plans, and offerer! the opnon that preparaton of the plans were solely under the jursdcton of the Board of Educaton, and "that the entre matter should be decded br the voters." "MISCONCEPTION No. 3 that ndvdual tax blls wll jump 'MISCONCEPTION No. 8 that enormously because of the cur-wrent proposals for addton and program, wthout havng any ser- can Just as well postpone the renovaton of our Junor Hgh ous effect on our educatonal qualty. Ths s not so. Schools. Ths U not so. "At most, your present tax bll "Roosevelt s long, long 1 overdue, and Edson chldren today wll ncrease about 2.7 per cent nnd probably not that much. Thr arc not permtted the complete percentage appled to the tax bll program recommended by the for a home assessed at $10,000 n board as far back as when the t9(!2 develops extra annual costp orgnal buldng was beng planned, n Postponement, as of about $ Such a taxpayer would pay about $2.60 per month proposed by others, can only ncrease tho costs of the projects. extra for the Junor Hgh School updatng. Ths has been the hstory of smlar delayed Board of Educaton MISCONCEPTION No. 4 that Westfcld as a town s extravagant requests n Westfleld. wth respect to ts costs of educaton. Ths s not so, the costs are exorbtant. Ths s "MISCONCEPTION No. 9 that "Based on 19G2 fgures, our not so. cost per pupl for nl tems of expense s the lowest of nl system? of hgh qualty wth whch we compare ourselves. These towns nclude Summt, Mlllbum, Montclnr, Tenafly, Rdnewood, and South Orange - Maplowood. Our 1002 fgure s $ The next nearest s $550.99, and tho others range, as hgh as?f> Wth respect to Unon County as wholfl,- we nre In the lower half wth respect to per pupl cost there nre 12 systems wth hgher Nearby Delveres and Wre Servce to all the world I proved, wll place the town n f- elude "frlls," unnecessary, costnaneal dffcultes. Ths s not so. ly, and rot requred for the proper "The State Local Government educaton of our chldren. Ths s Board, who has ultmate authorty not so. for prevent"'*? muncpaltes from I "Of our total sum, arough takng rresponsble fscal acton, breakdown of the costs slows that audted the effect of the bond ssue on the town's fnancal stand- classrooms; approxmately $400,- about $1,000,000 s strctly for ng Monday, Dec. 17, and has ap-000 for the mut-purposo aud- proved our recommendatons, torum wng whch n tself ncludes fve teachng statons; near- wthout qualfcaton. "MISCONCEPTION No. 6 that ly $100,000 for movable equpwasment, landscapng, etc.; approx- the date for the electon changed from Dec. 4 to Dec. 27mately $200,000 for archtect's for other than legtmate reasons. fees and a 2.5 per cent contngency, and the btlance for all of the Ths s not so. "As reported publcly and repeatedly, u mstake n the pub- renovatng and remodelng: at Roosevelt plus the new lbrary, lshed legal notce for absentee gymnasum, cafetera, santary ballotng was mude, and t had facltes, proper ventlaton, corrdor crculaton, safety mprove- to be corrected also publcly. Snce an electon cannot be held ments, fre detecton system, and sooner than 40 clays after the other tems. publcaton of such a legal notce, "MISCONCEPTION No. 11 the date had to be changed. Dec. that there are much better and 27 was the earlest possble date less costly ways to accomplsh our for an electon after the mstake purpose. Ths s not so. n wordng was dscovered. "Assuredly, there are other "MISCONCEPTION No. 7 that ways but we have looked crtcally at more than a dozen specf' the Board of Educaton s makng these recommendatons at the ex-sets of plans, plus many varla pense of our professonal groups teachers, nurses, and admnstrators. Ths s not so. "The need for hgh qualty, dedcated teachers s even more mportant to an educatonal program than facltes. The board's recommendatons for teachers' salary gudes, whch wll be part of tho operatng budget to be voted n February, wll reflect what we feel s necessary to attract and hold the hghest qualty teachng stnlf. Ths does not mean we wll pay the most but t does mean we wll be able to more successfully compete wth our local and natonal neghbors, and provde ncentves for the contnued mprovement of the people we have. creddaton has been reduced from school nstructonal program. Ths 5 years to 2 years. Ths knd of "Our estmated costs nro pre-oncsely comparable wth those for cent of the tme, for lectures to posals wll help to elmnate. wll be t) use nt least 75 perpotental penalty s what our pro- current school bulldlngn now be-largng bult n our aren. Renovaton structonal flms, educatonal tele- made by your Board of Educaton groups, team teachng, n- "These recommendatons nro dollars at Roosevelt are substantal, but so are the mprovements, muscal and other cultural actv- study, plannng, and crtcal apvson, and, of course, forensc, only after many, many months of not only n added classrooms, but tes. The uudtorum wus planned prasal. They arc consdered vtal In mproved ventlaton, corrdor n 1957 anl hns been needed ever and necessary by many ctzens, crculaton, and safety. Our n-k9i1cu. by the teachng nnd Admnstra- structons to the archtects were to desgn facltes just suflksnt to meet the establshed needs nnd no more. Addtonally, "they were drected to utlze only the most economcal and nuntenanccfrce materals. "MISCONCEPTION No. 10 THERE'S TIME LEFT TO ORDER that these proposed programs n- OPEN EVENINGS \jntil CHRISTMAS CLOSED CHRISTMAS DAY JOHN C. STEUERNAGEL 250 Sprngfeld Ave. Near Broad AD tons n general.approach, anr 1 have not found any whch provde more practcal, less costly mean' of (A) mantanng our present program on an equal bass for all chldren, plus,(b) expandng M where requred, prncpally n the Area Chamber of Commerce, treus scence and language areas, plu? u'er of the Planfeld Area Chapte (C) correctng long - standng jf the Amercan Red Cross and : buldng defcences whch have.ctve n the Planfeld Rotar; produced unhealthy and unsafe Club. Ho s a resdent of North condtons. 3 ranch. "MISCONCEPTION, No. 12 that because many people favor Roosevelt and <h not favor Edson, we therefore should have offered a choce. Ths s not so. "In conscence, we cannot recommend what n our judgment would be a half-way program and a proposal forced upon us by expedency. There are dfferent but urgent educatonal needs n both Junor Hgh Schools. Anythng less than ths proposal wll result n unequal opportuntes for the 2. ( U-so non-con:bmtblc materals (metal, glass, asbestos, etc.) to chldren n both schools. For thedecorate the homo for Chrstmas Board of Educaton to foster such v/lerever possble. When you must a stuaton, therefore, would be a use combustble materals, he sure breach of fath wth the moro than they ore flame-proofed, partcular!" 2,000 chldren nvolved, and an f they are to be placed near the abrogaton of our responsbltes tree. to you. ft. ; Untrcwted cotton battng, }H>IVstyrene foam, paper, and "MISCONCEPTION No. 13 certan that the proposed mult-purpose audtorum s an unnecessary and frvolous request. Ths s not so. "Such a faclty s nn ntcral part of a modern junor hgh Named Bank Offcer The electon of Wllam D. Me- Cormck as a vce presdent of the Suburban Trust Co. has been announced by -Herbert I. Hoer, preslant of the bank. Mr. McCorm'c.3 executve offcer of tle Plan leld offce of the bank. 'He jone. he bank's predecessor, Westfelc Trust Co. n Mr. MeCormkl > also a drector of the IManfelc' Fre (Contnued from page 1) a Fre 'Safe Chrstmas Decoraton/) and Wrappvgs 1. Do not let combustble Chvlstn.-s wrappngs accumulate n the home; 'place them n a covered, metal trash barrel. cloth costumng wll gnte qute and burn wth great ntens- "MISCONCEPTION No. 14 tve staffs, nnd by.the..commssoner of Educaton. _' that Stnte Ad wll be reduced ol (jtdrewn f the bond Issue s de- "Now you must'<njc!^ JWSutfev 'fcatcd. Ths s not so. that you consder y < our''do*efft>n "If programs and facltes deterorate, aecreddaton tnny be to these proposals. After all, they core-fully nnd gve your approval granted for shorter than normal are your schools!" perods of tme. Ths s what has WILLIS G. COE, Presdent happened nt Roosevelt, whoso ac- Westfeld Bourd of Educaton nta Clau,' wku Chrstmas tragedj are flameproofed. mtml screen.,., C'fh ls or 'u, lhn ' P1 ' r< " alcohol, herosfnc, or I especally dangerous; th -t^^httle^or^ch^^ 7. -Buy only ek-trca] u, haye been lsted by Undvr^ Laboratores, he. n mean tho toys have ra hock standards. 8. Do n.,t set updwtrc, slf-propcl]^ t 0 S or, ''tll ftanmall;.. lqud, yhrstmas lw where I e respou.-ble f ur upswu ree or jmtnj; t " 0. Klm projectors (toy ot, houldbe lstmlbythel'l u afety flm 1 acetate st0. t, be used. In Gtnrnl 10. Do nut ullosv smoktj, the trej :m:\d decoratons on :>IIIKS. Have plfnty of a! :rays around and use them 11. Keep matches, car,d«,j way from young chldren. 12. H'lan on what you ma f fre breaks out. "200 Goll Rng Moe Auuer of 1-13 E. llrotl reported to polce Tucsay!J,)f hs go'.l rr.j; v. l jtjl lavund cjp., valued at }2t MOVING? To an Unfamlar AH let us help you fnd the home n the rght conmm; at th 1 rght prce. As Ihln rep,esenfafve of Homerc; Inc., the natonal homelnfcj servce n over 150 nwj» ctes and ther suburbs,* wll furnsh you wth dtlaw nformaton on choct muntes and areas even b fore your frst vst to tre nn area. NO COST PEARSALt S FRANKEN6IM INC. Realtor! 115 Elm Stret AD There IS a dfference! Most of us wll agree that some thns--' av dtrorcnt. ncludng Pan Amercan's "personalzed" Shrt I-aumcr-»««- Wo recently receved a Chrstmas Card from a f rr^ resdent who has moved to the md-west. ""'I l.-unents th^ he can't fnd anyone to do hs shfts as u"<"l ;:s '"' Amercan. "\v'u take prde n tho qualty ">' " ur * l ' nr / and th! >ruso t wns. The dfference n 011! ' " l ' rv1u..'j n the qualty of our equpment and materals, the»'' of our staft, and the personalzed attenton and tme «" voted. If you're not currently sendw your shrts am drycleannjr to Pan Amercan, why»"l lo s(1 ' ' ' lot u.s show you the dfference. Open 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Monday through -a" 1 Same Day Drycleann B and Shrt La unde^"5 r * t No Extra Expert Alteraton and TalornK

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6 Page 6 THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962' REAL ESTATE FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE NANCY F. REYNOLDS Realtor 302 Eau Broad Street Wr«tlU')d, N. J. AD Urea U**' «r )t now* from llu- ]*)mt: ntjlh thn n'- t-nnuk'1" <-mh day that r«-kurd)cxb of the busy OrlMwuH WVIIMDII, many of you HI*- tlllkftuly houscluntlk. w*' at- umxltk n lllw fdlun our regular prvnetta lon of mlklny ln* hom«h that we It f proud t(t tjf>r. We On hopt* thoukh Hnt beutll f y H tdtr. you Htl x-ml turn to (I«K** our t()f<-la HI3A- BRAND NEW - $31,300 IN FANWOOD... l'ruetlcally flulahctt... mr»ve It quckly... x))ucl>uf< IM- ]*<>vel... wth 2H hath*... t'usy acfkhh from k 11 <-h e u to back yhrtf. Very brtflu RIHI cheerful. 1'rlced at $26, so we. mantaned... always occuped by the present owncph... mlt 19G HUCII upacloun bedroonb... 2 bathe... blk garage.,, excellent basement... freplace In the Jlvlntr room... screened porch. Choce nreu. GENTLEMAN'S COUNTRY HOME $59,500 Whether (he famly \n (frown or stll KTOWIHK". thn IN the knd of hqnt? that create* the back- Kt-ouml BO dear to the heart <>T IotltR mrc-nlb who want lh«very tlnest... convenence... clturm,.. n >ucolnne«a.,. room fur home tjrut' rl^ht too, for Impromptu KalhtTltKH of»very utfe.. tljf properly \n ltryu enough to Invte tho unrdon lov*r. "our Inqury wll be welcome*!. plcturu wth lehfrptlon, on re* ducat. RENTAL t'b furnshed. It'a well located able at once..... t'm nce It'w tvll- $250 per mouth SOCIABLE NEIGHBORS 1 "Sutrable but not >ry"r" IH th*- way t h I H Horn s n kc r H u m H U the plennnnt n'tuhborhnml. Tnwell donj^ned, well 1u-pt 4-helroum, S'^-tmlh h»m«hy'ulth fur ItMt.-lf the mlnutf you turp Irx the front hull. Carpet Include! In tht prm of tui.fjun. In our «pnon thn Immu rt'prt<be.n(k outblandtn^ value:. BEAUTIFUL RANCHES Among our fvo-h'h arc so ll the NCKST ranches! *4'.! In HtnfhfnKP. defntely t-hto Imllt... am ltrtro euou;h for 11 mul Ma-l fumlly. J31,0(10... In Mlnwk VIIIIIE 11 a 1 IK<T Hunt nwrate h.t An OXIIUIHIII- r-nll'u-o... not lurtjr, hut oh! HO ltrctlv-. $ Not far from th 1ms... In llt'tt Frankln S-hm trt'. The Kcrt-oel porch In J43,r»00... AdjuhlnK tn- Scntrl I'lntrH Country 'lnb utlf MIIKM. True ranch... autlu-ntlc th»lb". N\rly an ucn*. ON MASSACHUSETTS AVE. $26,500 Hll t run wll th -lr I'H It 11ll K lfh'lr tnl n 1 1y I-B In lr. I. I'mtulnr untl It Vrl pll ^ yurtl {III ft 1.-ll v,11 t'l>: rnu'ml.tilar f H '. 1', ll'll < r' H1111K. 2 luv M t Ilk- 1 I'all. m 11O lt Kr.!! In jiklllltllnt to tll< r eer rn. I*.- I'm' lh by NANCY F. REYNOIDS A ) s~o:m Ev«, mll Hun.In; <nll ha»'>' l.%'hncr '" Ilrjnoltln...AI> U.0IN.1 llrl-n H'hnlle lln^.t tlok. -, 'M,n* t',»lf l 't>- I Iwrlnu fur ftro-lmrc All 'J-NIIUS.AI) S.ISIH Ml PEARS ALL & erankenbach rcal.touh 1VC. INSI tots US Elm St., AD MtlltllHr Srutcb Plat T H E OFFICERS AND STAFF >It>unllu»1d> II OFPEARSALLA If FRANKENBACH, I! INC. EXTEND TO II ONE AND "ALL THEIR BEST I WISHES FOR A II MERRY CHRISTMAS AND II A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS N E W! YEA.1 PEARSALl & FRANKENBACH 1»C. IB EI-M 1TRXET AD Hazel S. Crowe C. Blar Rogers Mrs. Alan Bruce Conln James A, Claypoole Mrs. Alfhld W. Mchelson Everson F. Pearsall RECENTLY REDECORATED Two atory- 'Orluk and fntk 1. 3 belrooth, 1U hnthfl, tlrtvlncf 1, HcretMU'l pnrc. nult In 1354 In Shacknmuxon a-oa. A renj buy Ht *29.S(10. Prncpals only. Al> azn. 12-n-tf I EDWIN O. EDWARDS! III:.* I.TOM 112 Elm St. AD MfHlbrr uf The ltpl* clhtlnp ttmtrm OUR FIFTEENTH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS GREETING TO WISH PEACE AND HAPPINESS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR TO EVERYONE Edwn O. Edwards Wnfred H. Edwards Roy T. Canfeld ' Else H. Chapn Clare Barker F. Preston lum Elzabeth Flynn Josephne Ullrch 'IIANKlIN SCHOOL ftrcll. Ko.v IU-U>VQ1 ranch. 4 lotroonh, 1'A buh, lvr^c fumlly r<om, hum dry roon, 2-car phrnko. Seclutl od lot 118' x 178'. Prlco jao.ou J(IIINSO\ lnos, lluflllln Cutltm'torK rsoo Tssnttn H. CLAY FRIEDRICHS, Inc., Realtor WESTFIELD Our 35th Year FANWOOD POST & LIGHT WELCOME $20,900 ll'll lllb «'! and trot y cnkh t> l»^ pctured tn you ntlnk carl: Colonal home wth threr bvtronk. I,lvt lt IIIIH a llr't 't> luce a ml MUD t v dnng nnn IIIIH ln'ftty put ur< vlmlnw. Full luhenent am attul-hetl KIUUK* 1 - I'Jupecnlly lco "unwoctl tulj. SPARKLING SPLIT LEVEL $22,900 Only 4 yen I'M old nul In tm> condton botl Inellc uul out Uvln; rton, (lnng room md lurk*-r thnn avuraso UU«:bt-n wll ltdxtfthler and bullt-nn. Thee beclrtonm, ) VJ bahw, nnnle. lev*- panell-d nl«y routn and Inumry. I-'nll bumcacnt tul KUI^K*'- 1>I thy bun lnt n Scotch 1'luna. ON NORTH CHESTNUT STREET $26,600 Marvtlcus valu- m tnluy'm nuuke. Ton locaton yet only yoarj al. I h ml Home lvng room wth Jlr^pltct 1 urul bow plctur wlnluw, l^umlly dlnhk rotna and Utch< n wth ^alr xpace. u<? n ;vmu Ion to HtmcouH recreaton room there IH II warm Or: 1>UK«*MUMII m rtlully lnl»he(l a.h uxlru lluy r*-a. Threw lovel; bfl'uouh. 11- buebm. l,o so x 170. Two ur conltlonch Included A Unt-Lvely latulfcupt-d. nunculato potjsehhon. WKSTPIBI.ll ''.l'..\rtl Avr. AD a-<hiiis H. CLAY FRIEDRICHS, Inc. 1NSUUOH PANWOOn, AVennrltl 2tt6 Suuth Arc. l<"nnt*mml FA U-T7O0 AMl'1.13 PAllKING I?Tra. Onl7 Knr nnnthf Jfln M.lnlre All 2-n8N0 NKII.T.VM ll«*lly llnttnun Ju.D Smth KHll-lnNO All H-Illu lllrk LLlunlc I>1. T-VMl THE JOHNSON AGENCY, INC. REALTORS INSURORS 26 Prospect Street AD WASHIMTON SCIKIOI. IK c.vt tnly lt\al H -'ll lhlm:. 'l'l < <- I.'I l-v-l twn s...i 1.1 v I...n; lt I'k. j;.l.!(.n. jlsl Ix.lm nmnl >rn'- f-n Mll wth 1 hr tut*:it,l r; 'lllk l. H I I I III,. Ml! Ih..l l,\l. Al I ll.-.l K M--.l-l, l, t'tu n I lr;» :\ IIIMl^ nnat n^ pn I-,l:.l III.IM Im: I..,.MI;»<..-.l,u:l Kns:.'! >.r.l; m ;j-,.ml u run:. I.l.l..-n MI1..H-1 IV..II, lnl.-'l'l.:..n, n <-.... t. III:!.-.-.' :',)'.. n : K t. I, M L. f.. -,r..., III.-I II.."I I nl,1 l.lh:. t. Tl -I I,1 xw I tl \<r.;s I'ly.'M :.. In.ll. J ' tlt ;r:v ' I IM.OM \ I, I- I II I. l'l-ll K I l. - l H - l l 1> l l! I.HI III I.l'-l.- ' Kn.l-'l'vvl-'l ll..,: >l.l,.' ItUl'll U-III.1 l.-r:. I),.- I.-v I l:.-:.ill- t-ls lt-- v.. n. l.ll II.-III). Ml IMI I lllf.ll..,.!., :.!,,. y..if H. THE JOHNSON AGENCY, INC. ^K mll l : II,,Ihl ).,.,...\...n:: t.ohisil II..FIIIINMI.'V J,. IH'.A V.lOHVSON, Jll. AD ^ VKIIMI \ IIITII r. MTU All..ntlM 11 :.;rv Mu't NsD-r,T.n Ktnltn u< Uuluyl* IJ«1A«%-rH BARRETT & CRAIN Westfeld AD Realtors Mountansde AD FIRST OF ALL, WE'D LIKE TO WISH ONE AND ALL A JOYFUL CHRISTMAS. OUR HOPE -JFOR PEACE AND GOOD WILL APPEARS ON PAGE 17 FRANKLIN SCHOOL BRAND NEW $29,900. BI-LEVEL RANCH BEDROOMS - Vh BATHS RECREATION ROOM SPARKLING KITCHEN 2-CAR GARAGE LARGE PLOT HOMES FOR RENT "tv* llve ll«* ll fmv KI>I> ( 1 hou'm fur rent ll \\'*Mtllfll uml vlvttlty. I'l-UM'r* rukf f-,,,,, HO" I., $.VM. S,I,.,- nrr frnlhlnl, uht nr«a nut. OIK*,rllrulrl> KIHMI four lru rm Ctlltl IH Im-utrl n l^lmwthl n( $~-.%. Nlu'4' nr r e N I tl p t lal >mt MIIKI*IIIVII( tllrrllll» IMIIltltlll'N (11 >tl- Inru- uml 4>lnnct-H art- rn»ll, IVI'.ll HIIKKI'Nt It tl 4-Ilrly l-lllt. Wv'll tl» utr hmt In lu'll. BRAND NEW COLONIAL "SPLIT" $35,000 4 BEDROOMS - 1\' BATHS FAMILY ROOM BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN BAY WINDOW IN "LR" CHAIR RAIL IN "DR" 2-CAR GARAGE 3OOD SCHOOL LOCATION BRAND NEW LARGE "SPLIT" IN MOUNTAINSIDE $33, BEDROOMS - 2 BATHS (SPACE FOR 4th BR) 24' FAMILY ROOM GLEAMING KITCHEN CENTER HALL 2-CAR GARAGE. "WATCH HILL" SECTION BUY, TRADE, SELL THRU BARRETT & CRAIN \. >l,, ".u). I. M. l». slt^..1,1i111 II. \\ I.. II. I., olvl IMIOVIIIKNr AD :1 1: n -:- AO Ml J-71IJ- I'll M> ;-;.-.:m.all 2-l.Ml -All "J-MTh l-,.t,rll. Il- lvl:.- RANDOLPH- WIEGMAN CO. Mulllpl' I.IMIUIC Mrn.rr* ; Mulalu Av'uu-, Wt.»tll-ll ADams PRETTY SPLIT - wth EXTRAS $26,500 Ths s m m r I It Jt llu- usutl Ilf-t- h-.i nn,ll. I >-t l.lh MIIII U--l. It h:tr< uuy -xt;«. For lt- llvllj r'.'fn hun ;t tlf-t- Is (I!'.: ll l j 11.3) off f tll' full lnk ; tht klklcn ht» a dsh n ush'-r and fllng spu-; I In- l n- an-ll'l Krk- l:v«-j '-.-nt'm nm l» UX13: UHTI' Is -t full I,, very hr^-; lnr- s a l;.(.-. <'Ut»1*lo nul". In..<Ml.n. Ils.l-nV-Kun S. lcn'l lsut h'm- Is nn a l-ml -ll slr. lus t larkc pr-tty pnt 'ml IN wll worth sprng. CARLETON ROAD COLONIAL $18,700 llls pr'tty. U-nrllllK r*il-»-i -» \\\\* h"nn- s UIHIHUILI In that It ll p--rn-t IIK.VC-Ill or.kltoll. xl!h-)l;lt(jrhf)ud, j;(«tjl street. There art'. <>u 1 h llrnt floor. : la! *: - from Dud sui* 1 cl (palla 11 y Kt-rr ll n wth llrcpl «t'f. IfrK* am full llnhk rfmn, muk-rn klthu'n th nn clfctru- ftov^ unl ; unlrv. «")n tn- MtH'oml tltmr. n hath anl thr**c n!< (!>'.(Ic'oratcl M'lruomH. Then- I 1 nu ;m}t. H-rvlrc In Iht- hnumam nwnnu'x for Bt'Vf WIIUIDWH HIMI the jmrcl. If tl^ try t poshlllllty I MERRY CHRISTMAS Krn nl»f UH to all of you : vory merry rtrlhtnnh. Kvcrythlnr 1P n«we vew t be hppy. ThlH IK a Kcnnrt, KTIIIKI world. Kvtntnun Albert n.o. Wtmnn AnS-».1M >lr-. Mlllfn I'ltulllnw, Al 2-MM Open For Inspecton Sunday 1-5 P.M. In Exclusve Wychwood 931 KIMBALL AVE. supkun^y mn.t muck- KN'll.IS)! TUDOR ltksiuunck. Four ltmlruonh, 3 butlh. HUNIv- I0N IRVING UCIOM. wth b'nlnd culll;, runto'l l>y 1.(1(1- lmninl I-'lllI0r,ArH. fnrnml (llnlfv mom, HCII-IUIU kltcln-n wth louty <,r -UlwU. ln-krunt tuok. llrktm- snlllrlull. Hpu-luM fnyu- wth NATl:r cmcktnut STAIUOAKK ANI> TllM. llvlutrully llulhht'l r'u. rocm. ['K. '^-rnr KIWIIKI'- HIHIO rr,nr. I!]-:AI'TII'"1II.1JV SIIUL'K- HI5D 100x200 Brouuls. ThlH 11OUHC llluhl dl' Hdlll. AVH1 uo.sll.'r lny offer. THE LINDEN AGENCY 4117 N*. WIMMI Ave., I.llrn llrnkur III" (l-llll M. A. MFRCNER llenltnr luturnnor MX nutller Court AI> 2-41 are you rddled by real estate rddles? H'ttlo tlwnl llr, tlm I H I I U t l 1-ltH llf lnplv lum'nnkcr.s In th<- W.-Ktllcll re Invo rl' fur lny yoarfl; phono M.A.M.! M. A. MERCNER Mrmlrr 'Wl Multlulc 1,1st Inn S>»t«-m --tr C. B. SMITH, JR. trator MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR C. B. SMITH, JR. Realtor nbh &.ul«ltfle ntral Avr. AO J-OSO* lnvst Cnldnrll... JLO I'urnu 88D-101H HARRY H. MALLETT AD MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR MANY FRIENDS HARRY H. MALLETT Realtor W<-««nHl Multple Lstng Motttber Snlm llrntnu Connaltnnt lt I'IIIHT St. All 2-KORO LEE K. WARING nhaltor To you and yours, glad greetngs and hearty wshes for great happness at holday tme. We're proud and pleased to serve you, and thank you foryourgood wll. LEE K. WARING, REALTOR Alultlnlr l.ntldc Hrnhrr IB I. Unnl HI. All 3-7*O2 KvnTnfc Phnlfl llnrrr Dmv n, Jr AD 2-8KCI ltrtoa llm-hnlt All 2-tnA Wnllrr lo-kburt AD 2-7BM LEADER CLASSIFIEDS. BRING RESULTS THOMAS JUDSON, REALTOR-INSUROR 200 NORTH AVENUE AT LENOX AD LIVE, AND LIVE MORE ABUNDANTLY A 4 BEDROOM HOUSE WITH 2 BATHS VERY WELL BUILT VERY WEU KEPT EVERYTHING SHINES A lt'l room ll«- MrK* tn uml (Md tn (It on (ttt-tl... SI \-rn(t-(tf. kllrh-... CJ,,rnK t;-.-im :t he WESTFIELD THREE BEDROOM RANCH ATTACHED GARAGE $23,900. WESTFIELD SPLIT LEVEL THREE BEDROOMS 2 BATHS RECREATION ROOM LAVATORY BASEMENT ONLY $24,900. I COME SEE FOR YOURSELF I We'll Be Happy to Help You Fnd the Rght House For You and Your Famly THOMAS JUDSON, REAITOR-INSUROR xot.wr.m': AT I.I-.XI.V, -.» :-t<7o I-:%1«. MUS. ClIAI'; HAIlTllAN, All U-TfH:t STONE FRONT DUTCH COLONIAL Fanwood, cheerful IS",/ x 13' lvng room wth freplace, full dnng room, modern ktchen, attached garage, hardlop drveway. Upstars are 3 twn-sze bedrooms, the master s 19' x 13', ceramc tle bath, ol steam heat. 130' deep, shaded lot. Convenent to shoppng, school, tran, and bus. 4V's G.I. mortgage con bo assumed $20,800. Call Wo Have Rentals Homes For Sale And Wll Buld VILLANE & SONS, Inc. AD AD AD s-o-t DANKER & DANKER, Inc. Realtor* Itraror* Members of Multple LLXJB* 149 ELMER STREET WESTFIELD MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE IDEAL ChrtttmaB )renent for the MFB. fnd entre famly. A brand now 4 bedroom, 'IV bath louue on (Jraymll Drve, Hcotcl I'lalna. J,H*-rt U8 x 145 plot. Near Shackamftxon School," Scotch l^dret' roomh throughout. 12 x 21 purt-j. SpacoH panelled grade U-VRI rccrtatluu room. ' t-ar BuruBt. ITp-to-date ktchen wth Inree dnng area, dlnhwuhher, Calorc wall oven an«l counter top runjyo.. At 3<,7G0. TUCKED AWAY In Moun tulnhlde! Thn lovely brck untl frame Colonal Hpllt level la for Hale at 133,400: Kne tenter hall wth Inrtfe PK room and pretty tlrcl>lace- /umlly «lz** tllnlntf room beautful ktchen wth wall oven counter Lop-rah'o and Krltcldalre dshwasher three hedroomn on Hvconcl lt*vel ferrado If v«i rt*urt-utlon room merurea Z x 14. Th«thrd love! IIUH Hpac* reudy for Uh bedroom wth run 1 dormer and lent ftlready n full UtHfnent 2-rar rtttuched KuruKu lovely locn-». Come K't* thlh ono rght away. A DARLING CHRISTMAS PACKAGE! 7unt OH >retly»a : plcturo IH thlh lfllkltful ColnnttL home,n t lne stcllon nf Pan wood very Colonal fn-plnco In l pretty llvlnt; room full sze dlnhur rhm HparklnLj ycllw ktchen wth nnplr lk ut't* nc-reenr front p thren delghtful hudroonk U fully <h*'«rteu,»nd full h on Hfcond lloor bnbe nu-nt reahonublc taxt'h ont hwatlntf conta attached rhko 220 volt servce lntttur wallh and relllng drtum for only J^O900! $26,900 Itrlck rttch houuo wth 2-t-tr A very well-bult 3-bedroom 1 wellng wth Jalout^U* porch. Only 10 yrrs oll. Hot wntcr/kor hent. I-trK«ro(ut4Hunttlly tn lull el rerrt tlon roun, wltjj bur In b mvnt. Many «>xtrun. A 120x165 Trve-Htu<lded plot provdes u rfect Mt-ulnK fur ths :t b>dronu ItAN'Cll IIOUH<> In bcutlful 'TurUwnutl l j ]f*tn.teh."' Scotch lan:'. l*nn«-ll-<l <l* n. '.'-mr uuruw' nly u fn'rt walk to "Slmeltnlll'.MMl SclHX'l." At?.1l.!'0,0. DANKER & DANKER, Inc. 149 ELMER STREET ADnna 2-IEUtt I ; ;>rnltkb ODIJllnroll II. IMm-e p,.-.- jnun,.i.-1i«- A, flrhrlrld All S-7WM1 Mlnrt <. Ittnker...All 2-l f 4(l llnrrr T. llank.r... >I. WILUAM A. CLARK REALTOR IrVM'ROH Wtmtttld, K. *. «S8 SuUtb Are. West AD Hcmber Multple Llallms»r««e» Warmest Wshet For THE MERRIEST MERRY CHRISTMAS From the entre staff of WILLIAM A. CLARK Realtor. 436 South Ave., West ADams 2-250O WILLIAM A. CUMIK CHAUIjlSa VV. IIOKOSN'Y M. UHLMAtt U1TCH11-; CKKALDINK HUUUV FIX3KENCE DICKEV (Sou pcture on pngre -34) MODERN COLONIAL For thojo who prefer the Colonhtl HtyllK both nsldu am out, hut alno want the latest n modern llvlhff, ths charmng threet)ec1rmttn, 1 ^ bath home IIIIK *ver> thlnc* An ultra modern ktchen wth dluhwatott, wt It oven ttd tablt> top nmg' tnd the btr'h cablntts havo copper ll" hlkch nd th: t'enf rnl decor It* Colon ll. A laundry rof)m drectly off the ktchen :,T,v,uT;", ( v«rr,<' f ro l r v ' I 1 -t;,o < f: n, l v,;; H)r>]plnK n mokt lehlrnhn Seotch Mntnt rohhlcntlal urcu. WYCHWOOD AREA 4 BEDROOMS Vh BATHS $36,900 TllH brck ju'l framp lnmr- IH only 2 y-urh ohl and IP for HII1*«nnly bt'cuuht" llu.' owk-l- haw h-cn trusfcrrcl. Tln-re Is t wnocl luuk- Mr<M>1»<'<s '» tln> npn'loun llvtk room plus " prclty lny wlnlow. <;oncl HI/.< 1 llnlk room uml ultra nuloru Ultclun wth (llbhwbhcr. HH> am. t'k-ftrlcul st-rv'-..-iiii- IIUIU'IMMI B«r»K<'. All tlutlu Mcrt-etH (md atonnh. In tulultlon. tht-rt- la a t\m* r(-t:rfrllon r-jon TOO BIG FOR THE CHRISTMAS STOCKING JUST RIGHT FOR THE YOUNG FAMILY $16,900 OlOHO ll> HL'hOOlH. " Wllllt to KhumlB, f HvltR room wth nr'rplnce unrt dlnlb room srn-> ths" eul. e-ozy trjo Jw'lruom..».. Tuxc-H only *»32 uml II ct ho yours In IUKH Ihnl. 3".luya. Llltl UH anl let UH you more, or Hhow you nce loltw. CENTER HALL 4 BEDROOMS $25,900 thl VfH, CHARLES G. WARM WISHES FORA MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES OLDER - COMFORTA&U lukt' over hnr A c#»(rr. IIh a nrh rout, tn l» MIIIM n-rrtt H-nfrf.1 of NI\ l'lrhun. llr-.ln.- l> tkt Illtt lln nk ranm..lll.h). cuntr).l]itkl*» llk o] ( 't> Frtnl purrhtlntlm mtvlrr rom. uml UIIMntJ lot ur».v> II mwt «*«wt 1 I-'IIIMVIIIIII h-ntn. > "&» Mmrt..»»lc,ll. I'rl.r tlm FOUR BEDROOMS TWO BATHS In H. rsrlll St'lml "" fur tn 1 vounkhk--k. rvrht»>» «-oull tt-ll you not-t;? l.n.l or I'hl roow ' 1 " 1 * '.V.-.-..'.l.h-r thl.s ho lh»- tvsl lttyt. In town «" nl U thn you -.nldn'l II" 1 ' '"'" II.KIH.: tor h ll:r. Tn: ">lm«l.'.'t trnmlvr'l '""!' I.nn,- l^ v:,-at. - P"*"'-'"'' 1 - W. IN lltll-llut.-. ll.'ltt lltal only tl y-urs nll. :t«l I -.1 H llr^- plot SO X13 1. Tlrr.- th.- t> : Ihrr' ;»n- tt»!»' Th-r*- IH lart- 1 > r'' I"HK am ;tn :ul to1>l>y (- (,-rnt l I l l T I ' M l ' U H W l t l l» l Inn l tu ^tt" I U J ' tlt:l I-:MI h>- snsmn- WILUAM A. CLARK llenllor 4.10 South Avr.. \V<-»tIlrl«Allom. a-^r.»> Anntl^ I'nrklntc I" tl^nr rv.nlnr I'lmn*" lnrlr-k W. --M' -'"',n. - nnl>.... *U :l-'>" :l l. ll.l.r Ull.l.l.- Vl> :l-» :l Wllllum.1. ll.rk H> ^-Tl s hrlrxul Itnj c\lto *!» flr.1 flour. Flrrpl""' l "* rom. rnnlu- «*' «'«"" lrn nol n»l«rallrt"-'"..-ktl «"* unt urn'* 1 "". Ufw'"' tlnr InmlK'ur'"*- Kl>t KIIIII. l*rln" fs'j* 1 LITTLE BRICK $20,400 Wth l" r h ">"" ' lllollrnt In "vrf*.,k., htub. >"«> "" ~~ CHARLES 0. Realto' ADAMS 3-** 3 ' '

7 :!»,.. (. :. ' ' ' - ' ' I f : - JtEAL ESTATE-SALE jntals vestment jwood keal Estate Exclusvely 1! V.I.M STOKKT Tr. North nn) -:n> M-..II) K >n>-<h II,,1 Turn.r ADam 'll"' 1 "'!-!!!.'.--. l,» Aln.MHl Al» «.-l..\.?: '-.AH J-SIK Al) -J-TTU IC«-111 cot- II l'-rn nf «tr 'kl.-l.l Mnl.l.l*- 1.1-l.u tntl (-.n...t..-r.!('...-r.-r,\.lur>- l-nllle rl r.xs.u» <'.. uv. lull I..1H1- I '! I,-, re:llll I.-'HI»H ' " l>..1 ; ; - : :. I!.II,, I..I. I. ll nl III:\I.I\ \c;r.\< \ llvllllt :......».. I'mn IA a-n: P. CAMILLO & SON k'ai. KS-I.11.: I%SI UWC: I*J:I Mrr \\ :.. w. AI> :-mul Slllll'lr l.l.n.u 11' r,,( II..- U III. I.I ll.ur.l..r l rnll,.r» EDWARD A CAMIUO t:.\.'rt \s IIIIK I HH.P WANTED - THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 tl-n t-ul up wth twu junor ut I''sl somewhat b-l suuulnl, n, most m)c>rthm, IH 1 - ;<us- \v- <o not fort-se' the lu lor buldng another clement* srlool wthn the next fve you As jnu knuw, when you well' the -uuu'l, town clcnls expressed grout nterest n lu-qurk 'ho playground fmltes opposte Kln Str--t St-luol, Then nut! nw ll bonrd feel* tlmt ths prcport; <t- l)uls t h* lmntm-rl uml contolk-.. use tu start P'> l"m'«vd of Erlucuton «* lonr Km Street Sehnul s used I'm SMIurdxy lnn 1.." lool jtrpdm-s. Further, wo feel \KW»»IA.VOS. wtlh V-.-r-'h. 1*> lu t* Hftrr-seluol t wll hv for M*IU>U) KUurar.r.*-. HI'S, l.'.wry KL'.tr <lr- ru-w. ll should b>- r fur sont* tnt 1 us a hvtlk*' u^rt KUI.H f;-..n. }:.:--.. «- l.w.l l tl.jrt.- that w. 1 an- m-lwtltk four t-nehn^' statons us u pn't uf ml* p'< I'lrnuMtfty poputttlon und U, n tho t'lb nut How *f llu north s The l';';v, S! -. ;. ;. TVrrlll lmj -.,' t{ ' " n,--;. p S..lcl Imna I'l. t-.l7u»- FA :-::jf.3 posal, two»f fn'l. tht* Untf that wll makv t Ol-fl o\ t.: KI> tl V I: V>or Asth.'HKrd Luwrr OrK*«1 > BIO f«r tc«m I I,. Inl-.l t> ]- ;IM>1 Ulv tt-achnn of ])ossl)u* fo' t)\v to nvol ;,l. of from?r> to *!., ; -., 1 ' I addloml 10-J«-t > >,.,:. M-,,..V..l: IH- \ \. I'': ' j.'.'""t'.'>'"s;'l';'.'> '.' Y.-u" V u'nl l sr'.-. Sl-.-.- (.Mnts at Klam at prcm-ut. Ths Hchool> n tn* futurv.? I-- (JOOII,,-.:';,,. >l. :f -,»!,.,,:;:...! ' ' ' ' j ' ' ''' '"' _.. j s n nulern, citmt -lucatonrtl Thcfvfovtu n summny, we luvt J!.;..!.. « I Jj,...; y,.u -IIHTI'll,,,! l:..... >..,'. :» I'l llll -:M :> >., vun> I--I ' ' ' cchkut 1 nut p'vnu-nl n l\ l W,., >l,.,l.,,.«,..,,,, r, t a n, I,,.,...,,:.,. n -,, ;. j,,,..l...l rllr-ll!..ll- f»'lt that tho ro]*or way to pro* """ I'-"' -.«M« h, ;,!, > f: - AI > : -I.:!!' I Jll.Y.I>. Al. hut uu- wht h has homn' qute l?; ns w 1 ur' now»n'f> f'?«''> AV.'W.-I",-..:];"'V,"T - 1*"'*! : ;,l:." ll r;r l, l 'K; l 1,:' ;;.".,' ;,! clvt-ctvc, >HI l-ulr)y n tn- s'- ''""'-* : - y^'n.r'wt,;;; 1 I'lu'* - II-CUHI- t \- p t- pvscntato our propostls v' wll t*nvo KOIVIM) tlc junor h^l ^t'lool )ruvrnn v to nl n- ' \y..;.,s'-?.r}y>l7"j '&. HELP WANTED- whch mum- yvnr.h ujo WIIN confned tn clu-^'.-. anl now has Inlon- m noumt nr( of t-mk-k..,.,,..,,,.,i,'.,,> A,,,.,,..,-. I,.,.- MAIP tonts ttul )ut'posos. fur \\w far 1'nO tm IH'U M ;.-;-."!:l.'f.-l'mv.trr : u ' ".. 'lln-ff. 431 North AT# W. Al'. ',.(.",.,,-! * If'- 4-:Ott..,'.!,.,:..' M III HI..K. I I-. :, ll!,l l:ll,,.. v,,l.lum' c\u \ I:I.I. M l\ 'w l. 1u;-lns ('.-tlrl A\f. At* 2-IU-. I I'.u Itln;.r.,:;a (In- st -- I. " ' : -. 1,-f I \MI"> lrmiiici) All l\,..--- ' l.nn.k.-,.1,1 1 Sln.l.-.- : "; ;.< I. l>'- :.,.t I I. ' >l. ',M.1MI\ I' VII \ I'.I I <,l, l.n..p,v HIM vl,,,,. ' Itl-I"N I'.-.tlMl A*f. AM --I-V : ' ' f.l;n.: :n r ::. B I I ' - 11 r. l.\«l-» *\l,- - Hs I..In...AMP E!L WILLIAMS 765 Central Ave. *\vur CnM' M.) llaiii-:*! :l >..,., ,! ;. II. J ; Uolllll:....l.ll-.n \. '. I V - r '. I,,. n» A\TI-:» Mull:«l flln-1 s.l.mll : r M v - : v " y K o r '"vr:;: Iltrh St-honl mul.unnr llrl Srhnol I'l-hn) pn^'unntu. RIHTII.IAT«.,",,','',.' 1 u'.'l,,, ll s, llu-rcfrv, <uu' frukly, Pall Lne of Mllllnrtr! n,..,,,.,. :, l-.'-x.! "»N I.lf.- our opnon tlmt llu- t-luraott) ln At. Wraffl^lrt ;., u, I Ml -M-- l-l-t( ' '-' ' X H.I. vlur of tn' IMsnn lunor Ilj:l as we vxplanm n llu 1 lroclunv " I,I prc);rmn wll he (U-'vsctl f weam nt othff n'otn^, f<>nsst of ^ f.. Ord<-r SOW fur C htl.ln.n.:: >-l«yl> lu not mll the.r» nsrl nulttrtllll. Vl.ll llll.ll>r>tlllhlt nf I'OIU- nu'ntnry M'IIDHI MMIU'W'ht''v ollh'f (IM* possblty <>f pchps nn oh'*,1. purl nn,l:,<\,-r.*', THE :..> -!..k. M;l,.- n. M.p.vlnl, nt ;, ; '. ;. ;.:.', > -I l. v. K -l.-..hi-...( Wall-r K l : ;: All... U..ll..I.-.. 4*'!' 1'u-U A... WORLD BOOK ENCYCtOPEDIA ""' ' ttht "lt-freasel*' t relulv on ttc mrth or south tmo n Un 1 S....l, I'U.n.s. I-'A :'-.:n:s. ll :"J-II 1 term. As I- sul at III prrotl l(m»7-l»71, %n' ( romhhhton Tplu'cmrnt ntul t^punsu of CHILDCRAFT I.VIHK.... >-.. s-:.,.v In-' ).. f '* I.I,, n rrr.,-,,1 <>KI. It" 1. >'. 1 ' ' III-I.IX I.Ill man! >I ttru: ttuh'tnkf "I would not nsm that.1 l.l-llll 1,1-l.. \\ I.. I..I. I 'Ml:<. A L ; '.':(> tle 'tluc»t»>n vyst*ns *>f tn* Jun»- H^l St'hotls wlt gn lo pommtry sojmol wthn thf n»»u % O1U» t)l' llflf-t1u*t' ot tlul' ulllm" I'U'- <l,,,l, r.,< Ml.,,llu» l-lnn- - - > I :.c t JJ. (' H MHrsnrrl II. \I.IIrl.l., "-'ll Al' -I' I III II.HIM. IMllll.t III.'-. I llu AllUIIIN ^-tl luu'tus* we lo not hnvo tn mnl to.-- KI\I-I..:-: tutun n Kdtson. Ths would \n K\V l:-.r-..nn. COW 1)11 IM)ll«IC ll.-u - - l r-,,,.,,,.,. KM llr-uat. ^. M.-nr-. jud^nu'tt of Stutv mul local cdn omuuhd (pjtovnl of tho vuvvv m:«k I'l.rll. r-klr..,.-.,,(.-- untru 1. I van (*-st thttt (n tn* to r'c- -': f..ll" M.I, l... M.II tll Hlrl... :u,.l.\.nln:. \\,-sll. 1.1 Y.M'W SI..l.-tvT-.l. "lr^lnn l-'anl. Ml' S <,I,I '-> «l ctlta) fxpmts nn<l n tlo npnu ]rop<»nls lfter n ^l-at tu'l of nvt'mtu'tot mnt study of many al- <\..I,HIM, hulls. <f most Hoards of* KUu'ttlo! t - I.AMI* WIIINTIM: ^'- " I l.». '--Il.' Hll'l-. ' " HELP WANTED - m n Mllnnt uul norcssmy n»ljunct to : fotnph'u 1. \\\\zu (]nll,\ crnntvcs, clvhtn^ tn y I'rMI.' l;..y.'l.'j. \..u hjvt- \. > IJ :;. I :r. I MALE OR FEMALE pu>vrvn\." 'lt:\ f (...n \V lull! I...!.-" -, 1. U.?EAL ESTATE-RENT 9 rac- : ; t M A I. I. V l : v c K ' v. - f n l. - M I - '; : V ''.','*'"'*., ' '*,.)....t- - ^ t II : l l I ' M n. l\\ <to J rv,. 1,;:; 1 ll l,ll:l! v IIMI-.. ;;.., ' '.),. \.u,,: A\ I.II: K\.»t I,.!,. u' r.t : I I -. I-1-- I ' -. '' I > : '. «: A l '. '! PATRICK I. HEODCN HIM Kll II l-rk AM-.. XI-.IK-II ' -l " \ --Illlll lots 11 - '; r. l.l., I. h-.:!,,,.h. ll* : ".. l-ll-f;..t.'-, E. T. WILLIAMS 765 Control Avo. < ; MUD. IIIIW '.. I.:...'.I -!.1 1 I : I'I. I : - r. r. :l-..ii!. :."...!. I \ - : :'.-- : AITENBURG PIANO HOUSE!. f! HAMMOND ORGAN DEAIER r n w. o. c. o r > > >» > ' " " s,..-,-,,, r. n,,. l ' t " " " * " ' ;.. f.,1. 1 ll utl-'-" \. :r..\l- IHII.I.I'.V II \\ I- -I.IIM'I I'l'"'"»! ^jr^rr.\;;^u;''s\':^ "?,. 1 v:-!;.*,., 1^1" I'^',;^:; 1 :; 1 :;!;; "twwj. :\;::.:.. s V:;;u.::;",' j, '.;!!. <.-:. I'.1,,, 1,r tlrnl,',- REAt ESTATE WNTD.1<M..I I M C U \, n n.! " > ' :-.. n v '. ', !. I I - I ' - -, I.,,...., ' I I., ?>...: u l > I'llltl.ll»! "* m 11:1: on nv.r-. OFFICES FOR 'lh STORE FOR RENT n:. IT x 4:.. - IK.) r-ar M. Al, _.::""" -. r. f UtAPARTMENTS-R ENT : \ IMX, %.:::7::;v."/-". 1 -' : "' 2 MONTHS FR?E RENT PI'NO HOUSE, INC. Kn-. I. r.llml.rll. N. I BEST BUY OF CHRISTMAS SEASON ; - FIREPUCE WOOD SCHMIEDE TRE EXPERT CO. ( «.." DON MAXWELL s-. -.m \'v\t N \ \ '. 1 lr,l< t tjll > M... UPHOLSTERING FURNITURE REPAIRS ADams VROOMS FOR RENT " ' - - I I - I ;,\- : =! I \r-,ma pn. >l- t"\>'..-. I:-.->:.!.> w v HI:, I '.-' f:-\ (.-M.'I I,-. II- SLII. ^ r.-,<-.«>-. msmtl '<<l..t lal of )> Sell-1 I Mll)-' ( ' U It :. (I..ll. «.t t<- "f It)) I'll.V "rlr..ll- -». 4 1 :m SI.. W -'. t H ll. >.ll \ I M" tor d t tn Kt nn-l Wth rosjutt t<> Hoosrvclt, we also an- KTUrful f<t V(»«r * x pvt'sm'd f'dn^ that ''l ^ tursnt :t llu 1 srn^," JIIKI \v' :tppr<'ut very nm-h tn* thoughts you hnv trtt ted wth rt-kpcrl I«> tn 1 )nv. Utlty nf usnc Kln Slrc-t Srhuol >h tr.l'l' Itut I!"- IK- II A.T- EMPLOY. WANTED j a-"» thn! junor hrl -M 1. Y.. I I slult r< ' ' thll " ' suvl M.-ll-- I.llt.-.. >r M -.- : '..a ur jwl-n. <'.K\\ V \\ I : t.v..ii AUTOS FOP SALE \ <*.* M n t t ' n \ >r--. - \. -s >. ;.".n.- 1 *?:A ' " : «'j '-; ' I.- '» ' ' v., :. h....!.l.. A M.. T.-! ' ' t..! I T." --11'-:: \ : '., r.v M t : f % -> *. w.>-..' >'t! lt.'.h *»l ) s t O l t 11,1' " I. 1 "... 1!... :.\ 1.\.. / n p ; > " l 1. '. A l ' j ^. ; \rrtn:m'i'.ii I A ;. PETS FOR SALE rnl t tlnrouf*hly.. Tn 1 ml what we s ettl III»T<*. IICI-IUIMthe lt-cc>-.;(ry JKI<1 11«<l:I laml llr t[l>t.'llm )tll<l U ut';'. l,' atll(u wlch w.»l III'I'CS- *uy at Tnuttur-. S«..-Dtl lly, BUSINESS SERVICES V.V<-'VK- III' W.llll I; IVl- (< ll' :. -.-l.-'l.l' :lln,lnl.-: I,-,!., a mr :l I h- Mn S -:'. '. Illlll t clll'l >U-(V---fl.!!\ ll-mllr I.IM.IE ht:h. lu'l pr,'t: -uu. 'I'ln'lly. IVI- w.ul.l hvr t. l'lll-1 -r '..:'.- fur III 'lmn :rt ' < t;) n Sn-.--t.-nl'l fourth, we vvom, nf r.u.--, ::lll t,, ml,i tn- (111:: Ill,. :.., '., I n: \ t H I I. p I...-.I.-u I.II :....-.t A.. -. I-. " M-<tu'Mt ;ttlon r' urr no added 11 n KI;II - r M - >. < '', ']\ Kfh, we \vful<) hnv tn '!>.[ tv\ce l fur heal, l^ht nl'l l'..! v! Irl.MW M'll»v;.tllK III It.l.Sl-vMt s' 'n." Tb:* 'retn t,-. 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I ' LC, )*t tn 4 jrfu'tcul r»ms n- ((\nlurr from P«KC 1) I v, 1 : n -, - : V. ; l A 1 - j DRESSMAKING ALTERATIONS rcmcr t, n our jutt;ucn' Kln Strcfl School to lumdlu 11 I,ll A.M.. All :-I.V.I nm-.l en «.ur nnnlysrs, utl n htnor IkI Srln.ol pru^ratt. 1 sncerely ntpmre n.n to whether t - ' ' ' '" U '- "' j «-(IM ' _< V- 1 ''' 1.*!. 1! rv '"'uhhl^n I The lvl-.l IVII.-lll M Clptlll vnst. would h> lu'llcr In spend \\\v c n «I\I I..,...-,,,, :,.,.., ,'.'^..,''1".. V-'.'.'!'" -.'.*,,u,.» n.''k" '" " "nll In- n-r-sjry. nml ynlvely small nuuut lu'e.drt to tt r.:... A I' :-'.";., s.-.' luv- -.-r.nat-.l ths n ynr cnn ths rath*- than to xpcml muy - (I. MI, II, r.'.'nt-. lo hllll n n(-\v -U-ln'lll :u - tmes more for far more plush ;.x.n r r m.i :;.t.u-..^ Al'.: - :'.. N _ U, tu.t.l. If t w.-c uht- nf upprv { Imjtes»t tos'velt. Some snmll 1 «t : ' ' ' ). ;t.'ly lln-.«z- uf Tnnmn.'S, 111- <'lwn^<.s n(;ht s ll l>c tun-ded at u>kn\,m. nt.',..' _ u_ ;.; jc..>t-. me rstmt-l n cu'cc: H<HIM-vel hut at reasonub11 1 eusl \\ -..f. ; >>. H: < m:\ to :. ; A I INSTRUCTION ; I.:. It Ut'.S ^ I J P. I-,.'...f f.l(;pi' :,, : w.,...f...w -!.:! ; ) v,. *:. k> - 1» -f. > - ' ',-MU IM..7*.!).\!I... r. < I..lnt * ".ml) U*lt>r»x ll.r.ntl '\., Nor 111 \ *.Ml*-. ^VotlU-l) MHn* ^' *:tt. : u '* " M I :<<., - m t t n \ s r t» tll'-. 1(1 \Ml.tl1lv >«4 11!..-.-, * WANTfcO 0 WE nuy BOOKS I M. I : \ - I : * Kt.t r o l '>: At. Ytm Hpcuk of the ne'tl for rhssrnnnm tt Kdls>n. O ths I h»ve two ponth. Krnt, when Kdsm w-x ])lanhed mul the ultmate f'ttwth n Wealth*) d xv * k> fvt'wn )>.>th tn the Hnnrd of Kdu raton md Ihe IMuntn: Hntud, we were asmured there never would be '-ed for nor' rlvroutt:: ;l!vl ult, S-(-'M<lly, tle erltbl: hllumu of M th)d.unov ftyvh School would -ljnnnt- ths need. Yon wrte Unt n thrd J He.h S'htot wnl11 m-rcnm* an - n.l tpernlt); rusts from $7X,U1M In ^Sll.lllHI. Ym j.l;te wth y»ur ly luvf 11) 11-fve the t-»»e^ent rmh-. rmply I" man Ihe new mdltnruut md o(he>- farlt *M. Ynu :.lal»- n yr "jt'lr-'et lhal the n.sp.m-t \»f tdd/hk Ibs hnd of r dt>>nl cctsl WHS nut HOIIIKI." MT) to me Il;t I be 1H-... r..,, I f. II'. WI' f <! I, ll.. ll.,,1 u ;.l] " J j < u m, j,,,, lllllt y.lll l-:ll Mll S'J,- P.M. BOOK SHOP Ltt 1'nk tu. IT «.rtmbt- (,. )>: -.. I t..,,ntl' u- H >rl" tf, K\. ' «fllt 1, AVf I'l. «-LM*. I «H I. ' I nl v» «>1II> I II II f\ AN K N M * > V M W Ol II*. -> 1 t I: \M» C1I/1 M M.I t.t :\sr.n. wn.. > MH, 1\\ a-r.-!: I- M I - I..; : - «OLD JEWELRY ;l. r Ull'SI 1. thll I Ij * II) Ult - Ml) [KlVe H\l lt.1 I ]{ ()O(t M (III Lt) 11*11 luxwllvfl' ll* < K x c-p t r u'. I hs l a-1 t fn, o n e ; "*tmnt-'» of tn- raptl VH-A. ' tkft-f')) r, nl- fvtlcnt. u IU nly sn, (II \s lnt Wr-AH- ptc^'ht 1>" \«n II»JI m:%'!» ". v n M. r- :I: M:: l.-- I'.n.trwthftllt ulll)' 'my ")"'K'lC tllllll In-ll, lkll Iul "I nl :' llty Mun'l julkurl. In t'-'kl.l lu yuur llur.ll ('ll On- Inw lll-ls wl-n I wns ; TI,- M-,-..,. p-n-t.-nl,,l..-.- ],,,:,y,,,.,.x,r,-:.-nr,.,-,-.,,,-r.-'t n! I'V.TI :I-:.IIIIIII:;. Il'l l «' 1" I"- I :,,..u nj- I.- IIII.VI:I<.IIIIII 1'cl- :, jl, (:"<l p-r'-l'll- I. (-III-I-I-.I ll!. 1...:.. I"., -I I "-'.-l,.,',!.-ml : r.-.-l.n, ll.l lln-,-xlr.! 'J, (. n.,.,,,., ujll sll'w Unt Ul Muul "p-rm.l n.-.l In d.-,.,n.1, MI I n lvl---:. l.wn»..u,l 1... ;j,pn,.--.n,nl. ly ',,M,.X,,,...,..( ll,.n-ill (Im wthn AVH.IMMI I.,,*.kll.(on I,,.,-,,,,.,- v.--, ; f,.«- y : J T- Ill- W'.nl'l I." n. '.M.III.I lnv- H.- (uh\ lr!«.. :..l,,,.,., r.,v I In- II-..f H'- lln- ' "--'I ,, K. f,,,. :,,,,.,,n.p<,...,. r-, w- Str-'- nl : n-.v.-l.-l- rl.ry 1,:,,,,,, ),,., j.,,,:.-,,,,-.v -n-l- --l,...,l V. I H I ln- -...l< n y.,.) I,ml,lne n,,1 On- l!n:n.,.f ll. l.p.-l.-lh- lllll -. - l l l l. - l. ( I l l I.-I-. K,,, ;,.,.., -,,j.,-.( f l l II 7- I-..-'l.'t pn- no :,-..-.l : :,,,,,,,,,p,,,:.n..-., t.-.-,..-i. f..t l.-a. lj-l. :.n,l..!,\... I,,1V,. n,);,.,! (I,.. ;v:ll:l r "» A-» r'-! 'M. t v.-n-.-'l...ii,!;,!.,_..-n.-'--ly f.-.-l Unt w.- -.-n jllll-m.-lt Ih:.I ln- pn.-j,.-.-!,,f,, \V. H nl.,nr l-l -.l'lll- Hn- kn.i "f <!lt>:l,.,lu,-:,l., wld n u...l.., 1 u;. I,..I -..n,.i.,:,n, -l.-n-lj- n (,.,,.,, n.,,!,.,,,.-,,,,,l III. v-w..f l!..- f.l II.-l w,-,,,p;,y,- wll npp.l nn..ill..1 LEGAL NOTICES e. l " 11 l "-!!^:.. ;:: v t,': II. I:MI;I:SIIX TIIOMA:: l.-.l:ll'l.-.-.w.: :.. :.....,... v.-i...i -,.,,.-.Ill -. ; A I: l. -.1 v j : -- 1,1- I - I n-l - I..-.\ l-,'l. I"..-I: 1 *. l»: In'.-nl A- --. Wr (('-.-l f..m 1) Vonr) - P'-ono Slotll ' " c»ll l-'a - 7:.;: -.I J-27-1 l!> m l, n..i III...I-., I..'..I '"I f <. I. -. I I - I I.. I I I -..l ( d,,,.,.,.,,,.,.., v,. :. - -l!,. - f - ' ' l ll.t' It.tM^rt lmn.'.,,:.! f.,«...,...-l.. IIM- (- n<>«.-nl IN l< I'.'. l,-.» *:' M'MII u\rr,.!;;\ ":l;jz ':;'";,.;: '-!;r :, ;..., ;, r.,-; ,., nl../ Wrl»- lor.. I-IIJ. ll.. Ih. N.1.-,- \'.-..'... I'..,,,, f-u'.-:'l '..-'::1 l'::,!".-l ' * r..'.. ; \ V '.r,. l,-r (-...,.I p't I'.th " l,, \ ->f.l.'rv A. I ', I'.".-. :.' I I I. I-.-.,...'..,, : In H.-.1(1- M... <. n "I,;,..! '.-.l'll nr.l'-r, -. l - c ' l ' l ll'l l!-.,,'.-1 : > ll Mr. I -> /. MAr _ uul, "!;.""', "';''.'.'"!" ''''A II llml n.- I..,-),;,,. ;[,,,;[,-f I:"-'!" 1 ",'"'" ;',,,,. r. Mll'r,\.,,,.,,f,-;,. J-:.':'.! M : v-.''.'.', l\l:l:-'llm. ;,,!>..Jrl, ' lv.''.' l!''(l.'.' l T-.v.! t :,n l.'llf.- : lr.- -Vll.r- V. I'l'- Al M....,.,..V St.. I 15 :ln, r:,,rr. M ft CI.-,III» II..I..O..: VV.-H.-l.l. In ll." '-.Jn V '-I I' >.! j M : l'l»»f.» (-All Mr. I'.arr-I,,,,.s:t N.-( J.-»- n-') n l:»r.7. ll-.1.!,..:>. r-- I" 1 tnsrucf'on on Ml Instruments All! --.".:-< l>r :-<- ^. _ -. '.. l. - - I - > ; : '...' ' l -. ' u > - - ' l :. l > - I ' l. -. n r l :, - ' "..,,..,» «. l l l r r H I T r l > - < ' - >=--"^- = ' -! :. ;..::;', :.xr.-v:?:. 1."."" ^-- ; -,^v ; ': -:;,::::>,:.:;..: : -,-.;:;. K-:T.\I VI J».,"r,.',"-.l, ',..,-l- V..I-I:.-.- M'.--,- ' :.-.- ll-:, l"l'm; :!' : ' 1,,,.. ',[ J.Jv r.-..:..l-.' --I-H- I f - M>. l>:l r-ll I" ' " ", t l.. -,..,-.,,x-.v,-. s- A 1 r".::.'., r V-'..... '',!. 1..r.v '"" -' '; '.- ' '>» A v - A " " : l (,...- ; - n,.-.-,, S,..,. V.-I-I,,; M:'-I:---,.,.,,'...,n...,:.usn.-«. '" '.", '.:'[,;. ; 1 1 l ; ; " - ' '" '-l-'rmat: s,.k,..,,-,:.. '- - '?. - - GUITAR "" ' " ' «-.»M-Ullt. N!..l>-(nr,;NI.Vpl.,;;;--j,. r ) v n ) r I.._ M,..l"n «" h ' ^ ^;. I-'.l- I,II,I-I-TII,V«I II. I.... ->- F u'-s- "> " " ',,,, III. n r.,rh(wm,,«l»"! lrn.-hl">- k \NI> ' - v.-.. -MS- M,.,.11,.,IU,- n,- > "..r..-. <-r m." I", r r l r n,. r. <n»u n--:-m f..r " - h ^Tl,.\-,,!l- VTO-<.. APT. ;->\ ;,'r, ;,.,r..l. 1'.rUlm.v«ll:.l.l- «"' MV,ln,,rT «ph<"o' "»<-' «"",,.,, ^ : f.m.i, :^:-r.7t(,.-.s I. I '' o -' p ll.:r IU-..-H 'I Deadlne for Classfed Ads OfJ TMK PAf.F 5 P.M. MONDAY Telephones % I'--- I. n --,,!.l.-ln: I n l-.l... Il f,'., "I ' h--u- :-n...». ' ' T.,* >..( u'.kn.l..,,.., (: : < n. I. T H. V. T r.., \ I.-: -..;r«f Surv.. I'rK.n..V.1. l.l'.l "" M..I. I, v. I;.-,.;,,,,.!,,,,),. -,t..,, V- -. n n T y I t. -. ' I K I. - I ' I. < ( (.,-...I.In..- \ ;' : :. :.'. M.U. n-1-'. ' T... ll.. I I I.. Ml" IIAI.fll H, I' vr.- -lt.,r.f "fl'.-.v- 'r:'ll'l A Mnrl h"- r,.,nl..f (lu -! '. " pnl.l -l.-.l ll I!".V;. :,,,! In- :: :,, - l "., ' l n r. f ' ', - r - -. ( '. /:lnll n l!<-b/',r I'll.l ll 1 lt IX''J. ( l l j I-'.-lnr-j'.n*' Denal <Hl<- l{ohl»«l :' ".'..l: n.. -.^Ill ; Hll'^ ^ IMf'l.- )>v Tr..n I. A. II.-. l..-r, fll..i N'.1. y I:.I..I.In..- IT. I'I.'.I. :l'l.'..llll.. -I 1-. -,.1 --.»: H'C'. -,!'r. >>»" H..tnt..llv l'.'..u. HI. ;: 1 H-. Al-n A. l',l::r,, - 'l, r.-. >.;.l;--., I'l.-... W...ll. 1,1 V..l...~...n!.-l t'. j,..!-.- Mon.lnv In -.ll.-.-, ;. 'll,-> IM.1.1" n(.t.r'.t lll;jl'-l v V/V- '.71 ^ Itl lu'-r^-t f-.-m S',-.-:,.. ISO K. lc::. S'.t., v. ln-l;i-ii nt- l'f.l 'nl.(*rl:^l" Ivp'wr;'- IT Vlllllvl lt S'U), 5'.l ; CM?II nll-l ;\ :l.--k n (In.- anhl (f $1^ vvc- You have to hand t to hm...she dd! You know he w«nt MA11K H.*..lle cs«cnc«of oleg«nca that»]>pcal* to n nnn tnl, rrcsstlly, to tho ' woman near hm. Over a hundred of the wnrhl' raot prlctem M«encc» nml ols Ignte tu nako one uaforgetlabl* mabculne fcngrmut. MAltK II After Shower Cologne (shown) $3.00 JJIU.I tax, Olhor MARKII products, up to?i.i>i>. l'r«jom«k John franks HER FABULOUS FIcmngton Furs MOST DRF.AMFjToF GIFT V.lK-tll',-1 1 It III- S. l...- Vt Mll'/.... IV-cun I-IIIII'! l>-,vc... I(ncr Oler,. AI.:.I..I :» :- -I 11;..-.nn-.v uu'll Jm! ll-.- I.II v I l-..! n ll.c lne I!l,'r l.llkhls ln.^. t!.» lu-t..ctll p.-.o>[ pll-.; 1...,,n "SO - S -lf)5o ; >lt- fur m lnvly lur l.l. lo! UI DAIIY TO 9 P.M. SAT. f SUN. TILL 6

8 Page 8 THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 Yule Party Held By School Guld Nfrlj -' (' vov:>! ltvl<'<l the annual Ch;:: r,;s p.-.vty of I ho 5Io!h.-'.< C,\\'.:l ol" H«y Trmly <jran;>::r S:!nr_>l n I!H-... IIUKI audtorum- 'Tlu.' ]n(sd-!t, Mr.-. Frank (!I; r an, n' ro'lu-cd S;mt;, played by JIrs. R. \V. Co- U'llo, who prevented tle DHMK'I-Htor, Kt'V. John Flrn;;jrun, assstant pastor, wth gfts for the lcrry. -Ars. Antloty Anj^t'lo #avu Father Flumurr.n n cleck whch repl'esenud tn.' proft from the n>erchamlm? club. Santa presvutur each nun rnd lay teacher wth <?hrtmas drfts. The Monday evenng program was ntroduced by the charman, Mrs. Alce McKahan, whch n eluded wlento? s by the newlyforml sevonth jmd erhth tr'adf (r)ee eub, under the drecton of : Mrs. Elvra Dol -Mont*. They were accompaned on t-ho pano by James and Kevn Kane. I Honecker to Leave I J3oro Polce Force MOUNTAINSIDE-- I'atroln.-n Kdtvurd J. llumcl-.-r Jr. );-.s n- sfned from the Polce 1).IJ;U tun :t after t-ervk cjl.t y-t>. Hs ] e.- ^natm w; t s accepted by borough cnuul Tuesday nel. ''he patrolman, who rc-des at 125 Mll Lme, plans to lake: employment jvth u truckng frm, t wus dsclosed by Counclman Chester Kalan, polce churnan. '62 Graduates Invted To Informal» IIS 'Coffee' Rt'non Graduates of Westfeld [f(rl Schools, class of ]W>'2, have b-cn nvted to an nformal "KallVe Katsh" reunon n the cafetcr of the school next Thursday afternoon at 1 :[!0 o'clock. 'Sponsored by the admnstraton tnd the gudance stult of the h^h school 'the affar wll provde an opportunty for members of l).< class to b:tve ther frst reunon I ll -.'l hl'h ^L!IMO! M- ell nv I:,1 lo jun also ~u-e K"a'ju::toa. It ;t!.<o wll as-.;.-;. the.-..hool n ts "follow-up".-'.rwy of f>;j'; stu- v,.. h I a- n : >.lynjr. Th-y.avf l.'cn ;; :.' 1 tu arr\e at 2 ovic.-k uflvr!'.rles have.,1 sscmble. WHS Studt'ts Sng For Rotary Club At l'- rc;;"ul".r weekly Iuml- I'on M'ee'r lo-ly, Merb.Ts of tle Westfeld otary Club were entfrtned by a select t;roup of the best voces at Westfcld Jl^rh School. A program of (^!r.-:tn;:.> and popular musc was pnv;ented by the "Twelve," an all (rrl chorus under the drecton of :.M's. Janet G. Gleason. In l!u>, SO mllon lax returns were fled, compared to 20 mllon I n HMO, repents the Internal Revenue Servce. Your Home Newspaper Delvery Servces wsh to express apprecaton for your co-operaton durng the newspaper strke. We are dong our utmost to please you and gve you servce. Papers on Sunday, Dec. 23rd, may be a lttle delayed, but we assure you, your copy wll be delvered. Yuletde Program Held by Scouts The :n!ha! f'lll:- 1.:''.!;; rol'fan 1 of Hoy S-u-H T ren 72 n - le:. :."l:>ml;y n(;l!! ;n W's/u-r lla! ] ::l altrctc! a tronjr of scuut.- anl Lu r [Krcns. The-.Dro^rran was o M-nc{l by Senor Patrol Lender John Hauva who outlned the menk' of Seoul laws and oaths. Scoutmaster Vt't lam Foot.c ntroduced the Greet lar Councl and revewed the troop's I'.ctvMos. Former Scoutmaster HoRer De njr showed sldes taken durnv c'.rpnk events over the past three years. Mr. Dealng was presented wth a scroll commemoratng hs fve years wth 1he troop. The; scouts also presented hm wth a The fnal porton of the program \vu3 the monthly Court of Honor. Advancement awanu wore present wl as follows :.S-coml cla«s, Knlph Anthony, Flnt Kutman and lrad Houllard; frst class, Dan Clark: star scout, Davd Chrk and Harry Parknson and lft? scout, Uk'har Pepperand Marshall Austn. Mert badges were awarded to Ken Alurecht, John lauman, Tom Bennott, Davd Clark, Davd Enes, Tom Hollsten, 'Mtchell SchrnRC, Davd Sme and Gardner Westenhall. The estate tax was the frst ntroduced as part of the Hevenue Act of l)16, reports wth the Internal Revenue Servce. For Chrstmas there s no fner gft thar a watch and no fner watch than a Bulova. Gve Bulova the gft qualty watch that becomes a chershed possesson for a lfetme. TOP OF BULOVA the gjtqualty watch ^S-T-R-E-T-C-H your gft budget wth ADLERS OF WESTFIELD, INC. 219 NORTH AVENUE, WEST "~~ IN LINDEN, MAURICE ADUR, INC. The Fnancal Insttutons of Westfeld Telephone Servce wll be avalable untl 2 p.m. ths Sunday and all correctons wll be made. V EXTEND TO YOU Merry Chrstmas Westfeld Statonery AD > ; Paul's Home News AD s 7 AND / Happy New Year AND A WISH FOR THE FULFILLMENT OF YOUR HOPES AND AMBITIONS Westfeld FOR 1963 The true BARGAIN store n N. J. offers a few typcal nstances of the BARGAINS you'll fnd day n, day out n our store DRESSES $ 4.95 IN ORDER TO PERMIT OUR EMPLOYEES TO SPEND A PLEASANT HOLIDAY EVE WITH THEIR LOVED ONES, ALL EXTRA FACILITIES (WALK-IN WALK-UP DRIVE-IN) WILL BE OPEN ONLY UNTIL 4 PM ON DECEMBER 24th and 31st. reg. $29.95 to $89.95 From on of the best known desgners of fnest dresses. Ths s a large varety of all knds of dresses that were featured and modelled at varous tmes on TV by leadng actresses. Slghtly rregular or soled. Szes Don't mss thesel They're TREMENDOUS values even for us. SLACKS SKIRTS $ 2.99 New sprng and summer slacks, as well Varous types from loadng mfr. Varas our reduced wnter slacks. Regular,,,,,,,,,., and stretch. Plan colors end desgns. e y of fcbr '«and s y' os - We ve P rlcocj Our customers buy these by the half these especally low for quck clearance doz. as they're made by one of the fnest mfrs. n the country. Not a par they're broken szes and patterns. would sell elsewhere for under $12.95 and up to $25. Szes Reg. $15 to 535. Szes RESORT and from leadng cfpsgnor-, FINE COLLECTION ol our usucl low, losv prces. WEAR There wll be no evenng hours scheduled for these two weeks. NATIONAL BANK OF WESTFIELD BROAD and ELM STREETS, WESTFIELD NATIONAL STATE BANK OF ELIZABETH WESTFIELD OFFICE NORTH AT ELM STREETS, WESTFIELD TRUST COMPANY WESTFIELD CRANFORD GARWOOD SCOTCH PLAINS PLAINFIELD FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 150 ELM STREET, WESTFIELD "THE BARGAIN STOKf TOR AAILUONAUUS" 53 Elm Street Westfeld WEST HELD BROAD AND PROSPECT, WESTFIELD!AL SAVINGS

9 THE WESTFIELO IN. }.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 Pk«e 9' Socal and Club News of the Week n the West-feld Area Around Tovn and Mrs. Ttohcrl C. Hall 1 N. Collarc l'l. have re- rmass Roy Jones uf 5C(t tur.k-,1 from a vacaton n Florda Ave. s a member of the. and hve uruu^ht Mr* Bull'^ ve commttee for the ]r.-»k.llr, Mrs. Klurelue J{ (,,,. y (,f Cotllon and Unt to be lra.l-nton. Tla. home wth them [)ec. -'-' at the Wahtorf-As- [ for the Chrstnas Uohluys. Intel. The parly, a debt-' vent, "ll beneft the S. S. ^ Knu-rlar.K- a; a cook:al parly I hosptal tranng shop whch, the world. Nancy Moor? of 800 l-'ore. wll Ko to KOCIHSUM. N.V. ow for the comng-kn of her Vermont Oull're atc. Mss Ann AnK'lc. Mss B'.-. t-m'ort wll be I.awruw-e rup of Bradford, l'n. :.: I Mrs. -- I.. Trl-nnrh. :y of ''\7> drove St., now of n-thc-h '.. -, Kp., arc looker* ;-.rd to Chr.'tnss at wh^l tf.v ox o;l ther son, Cupt. I'. 'I umbavjfrh, USA'K, hs In- fornu-r Jean H-atly, am [\\o small sons, "skpper" Ijohy." Captan Turnhaut;h ls famly arc ret'.rnn); from ta< dutes n Japan. and Mrs. Jerome tcnlley 128 N. Chestnut St. moved vt-ek nto ther new home at Harbor ltd., Atlantc Ilnh- I and Mrs. Kobort A. lluwes 02 S. Eucld Ave. wll hold unnunl open house ths.sun Ivd Stewart, son of Mr. md Mr. and Mrs. lcnry Swnnso IKrauk E. Stewart of 52 Frl)r. arrved home Saturday of Iochester, N.V. arrve h J Harrow School n New Lcba- N.Y. for thv holdays. + m und Mrs. Lawrence (Vghnessy of 4080 Quuntuck entertaned Saturday for ne^hbora n Rochester, now Jvng n ths nreu. jls were Mr. anl Mrs. Anthony Unon of Mddle-town, Mr. and J. P. Ilubcr of lorkclcy >ts, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph yun of 52l Mountan Ave. \K nt the homo of Mr.. I.. I>. Keys of ::o w. eoast of Span and wll he joned ley Ave. ths week me Mr. : by ther sons, lntald, who s at! *. Hale llunn nf.m«nle- 'telnr MIT Craduatv School and UruKtuy. Kscn l>uvd McCulloch of Ten- ; saoln, Kn. Ltet H/e Jelrey Peckhan nrl yesterday nt tn. 1 home of hs Mss Cathy - - larrs und Mrs. Dts. Mr. md Mrs. Humd f. jjanu-s II. Harrs Jr. of IIH AUcu hum of t'. Ed^ewood Ave. j Aw. entertane<l r'ccntly wth a the Ar Force A-ndrny at ktchen shower for Mss Marlha ado Sprngs, Colo, fur the jjah* Sten who was mnrcd Satunlay tmas holdays. to l.bcrt Cockcrll of Welcome vvatfon cluh wll Sts luncheon und Chrstmas ; party tomnrruw at Maa n Scotch I'lnns.. md Mrs. Harry Ducdale of l-tfcrson Ave. expect tlu- hcr, Sandra, llcr Sulurn Detrot to spend the Pays wth them. n(r at the lome of Mr. Mrs. Francs Cll'Ku of I!K 'was hell Tuesday nt ll<' home of U'ook Crcle lls weekend Mrs. Mclvn Mller of r.ltl Carlton IM. ftlcr sons, James, from the Jeslv of M:-.;,a''lu^-'.t-, anl am from Glen Ellyn, 111. ^un.!ay were Mr. am Mrs. Don <'ant»! 1 Gallowa-. a ^ m Mr. and Ms. K. B..Shepherd '! I.-hMren..f C!<u:, N. V. tn- Bots last w<-kend uf M,.s. I.,,ny lknu-tt of "5'j Sunnl Ave. The Mother's t.tld sponsored a Chrstns M-huol party ths w.'ek for the smh-rts of Holy Trnty (ranmr Shonl. The Muns ( n;l) h.-l ts an xual Chrstmus coekta-l part.v Suulny at the home of Mr. :n!< Mrs. lcrk- l'umck at 5t>5 Donar. ltd. Mrs. l.lerl.-,,.-vy of 71.", An tn St. t-ter«tncd-htrl-l l ;t d 1 Clsln.s party Saturday eve Hnt;. Mr. am Mr.-. Donald K. Cum mn,'- nf M;(7 Kmhall Ave. -ncr lac'l at a holday -o.ktal part) Sunday. Mr. t. t;, lluchrs, the newl' I'K-ctcd vce pr'sl't of Wlcon WIIKIIII, entelnvd the Imard a her lome,!)7; Cherokee Ct., Mon day. Week to spend Chrstmus wll ther daughter and sot-n-lnw, Mr and Mrs. Luwcnce O'Shu(;huc'>s> of tunlck Lme. - A neghborhood carolnt; pu-t. wll le held Satutday at the hom of Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Boyle of 312 Jefferson Ave. llr'ulv-to-llv Word has been reccvvd fon' former WcstMelders, Mr. and Mrs. An exchange of tlfls, trancs Charles McCulloch now of London, KKland, ttut they wll h unnunl Chrstmas party last week ml carol su;-ntr fcaturcl the spendng the Chrstmas huldty: of the West feld Husness an. on tn- sland of Majorca olf tn ln'r In'Mc >m'nlay ly thfr -hldrt' and famles, Mr. and Mrs. j Scnrsllc, N.V. A personal shower was jven Mss Stern by Mrs. John Sollno Jr., Mr. md Mrs. Harold,Monor tmd Mrs. Davd Sam Scllno. Mr. and Mrs. Kobert h^all. «t the Ituralls home at 10 Corhcscro, Mr. anl Mrs. 1*. Vclat und Mr. and Mrs..1. {«z- I Kmbll Cr., und anuther klclen shower was trven by Mrs. Albert nowsk. Denns and Mrs. Jluwurd Ketcham at the Ktchan home nt 1 Cherry WKSTIIKI.D l"s TAt.KIXt; I.nuc. AHdlM"... j The nnual Chstmas muscal! und ten nf the musc dfpnrln nt Mf the Woman's Clul) of W-stfrld Mr. and Mrs. John Sellu. "f 7.M W. It-md St. were ejvn a Mrprse :lth nnvrrkry party at MISS KVTI1 M Sutphen-Foreman Froth Announced Mr. tnl Mrs. l n.!:r 11. ^u'plu r. of t).1 Wy-lllr.T S. have an.mnced the -n:mjr!u nl of '.h- 'aurltcr, K'.nh Mare, to llarul '. Knr'n.'n Jr.,.-on,>f Mr. an- Ir.-'. Kovnan <f AluV r, Mass..'n'ly of \\\ U'n Id. A (.'radale of Wesllleld Ht; 1 boot, thv brde-olvl s a se-c -y w'.h tlraver Water Comllnn : Co. n New York. Mr. Foreman was tm-jduute:' ro:u Wostleld lljrh S.-lul. Aflc.'I vnt; three >'c:,rs ll 1 le Al'ln-.' attended the Unversty of lane and was graduated frn> )asl Coast Ado Tcell n I.l'Xnj; jn, Muss, le -.-. presently cmployfl on the star of the physcs.epartnu't of Mcrrnuek College n.north Amlover, MII.'S. WestfelcfBPW Holds Annual Chrstmas Party Professonal Woman's Clul> t I tnllownrd Johnston restaurant n Sprngfeld. The fvcltn; of pn le wth so much to le lnno before Chrstmas, and so lttle tme l-ft... The fun of totrethet ne>«the famly ha* p hnt: out and d'-orutk tn* I'bstnHs tree... The wmlerftll -e skalllk < «'be town ponds... And the nalvty p-rfurnancr at the lltrl srhool tonght s a W-slflcld ladtom. Stll Plenty of Wonderful Gfts on our shelves so brng your lst and hurry on down, today. LAMPS - PICTURES - FIGURINES CHINA - GLASS - CRYSTAL WOODENWARE - MILK GLASS BRASS AND COPPER CORNING WARE - SILVER PEWTER - STACK TABLES ARTIFICIAL ARRANGEMENTS whch Engaged Chrstmas story n Art To Be Department Topc June Frederckson Engaged to Marry / : : : ' / '. MISS ANNE Al-KXANDKlV Anne Alexander Is Prospectve Brde The enttlement ut Mss Ann, Alexander, forne ly of Westteln In Alfred Sott of Ncv Vork Cty has been announced b> lu-r parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jon 11. Alexander, now of New Yor! I'ty. Mr. Scott s De son of M: A. Lncoln S-<tt of New Yo, t'ty and Claverack, N.Y. and tlu late Mr. Sett. Mss Alexander IM the cmud luk'hter of Mr. d Mrs. C. Hy <n IVrk.- of tbe Dmcn Hll Apts. and of tle late Mr. nn lls. II. 11. Alexander or We-t lem. She s 11 graduate of tn tnldwu School, llryn Mnn, I'n.. nd attended Connectcut Collet:' f t»r Women am the Unversty of j'u'v, Swlzerlaud. Mr. Soott wts graduated from Jnon College, Scbenetaly, N. Y. and the School of of New York Unversty. He s presdent of Hell Knupnenl Corp., New- York Cty. IMans mo hem; made for a February wedtnt;. Hostess Is Speaker ror Sundal Garden Club FANWOOIt Mrs. llehert f Wnners nf the cmtt-st were Hunter of I ",:l Hunter Ave., m' Frnnces Ilhrman, Dr. Kstctl- j bomrs* fur the Sundal (aden Mllser and Anne Ko-chlcn.! Club l-'rday aftenuon. She also Dorothy Wo-lh was -hjrmn nf 'urnsbed He prorram, 11 demonstraton of Ch stms urrallke- the commttee, wth Mldred Kal-' weather, KI h (leldcs, Francc»: ments. ('aesar. I'hylls Ucutly and Maj-re Ob-ll ; --stn:-. Mrs. Henry 1). Wlson and Mr... I'llarles II. Worsluln asssted the hostess. too 1135 The antques dcparm.-nt of tl Woman's Club of Westfel nlve; at the vh>blotso at 1 :o0 p.m. Tea «ll ;l that tnf by Mrs. lk'lh't K. c.wtl be "The Chrstna!; Story n II'Art'* presented llrou>;h color**, v sles from the Natonal tallel' I jof Art. For workshop dscusson, nu'nbers are asked to hrnr madonna Anderson und her commttee. Mrs. Dvd H. Hll and Mrs. 11ward of wour or ceramc, creche.-*, pcl. Tate.! turos or sny object of art dt'pel- The > ogrun for tho afternoon ntr the ncumk of Clstmns. It's Not loo Late To Gve Come n we've plenty of plants, arrangements and cut flowers from whch you can choose. OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS Open Ths Sunday Untl 2 p.m. Closed Chrstmas Day doerrers p/omers 0/ 167 ElMST. TEL. AD even the crystal s a mult-faceted jewel Q OMEGA A WATCH OP REMARKAQLE BEAUTY AND PRECISION An exctng new concept n tmekeepng artstry...the Omega Sapphette vlh ts facet-edged crystal...eleomnf! wth 3 thousand exclamaton ponts of shmmerng lght. Second to a damond n hadncss, the Sappletle crystal s break-proof, scull-proof and wll never cloud. Rased hour markers at 18K cold further enhance the beauty of the dal of every Sapphette. Holder of 3 out of 4 observatory awards, Omeja watches are tho quntessence of hgh fashon and hgh precson. If you've ever sad "Someday I'll own an Omega" perhaps now Is the tme to make your wsh come true. We nvte you (o nspect our Sapphette watch collecton and other lne Omeea models for both men and women prced from 575 to over $1000. I'ormcr W.-stl.-hl re-.lcnt.s Mr. \ WoslfvKI lltth School and Smth and Mrs. Clarh- K. Kcdc.k.o ; Collrco. of Sunnt unouce the en!:):e- Mr. l.calbcrbve Is an ulumnus nent of ther dak'.ht-r,.inn.'.!o,, of Mddlesex Preparatory School John H. I.eathelue Jr.. M»n '! mu Trnty College. Ir. and Mrs. I.eathcrbce of South lladtey. Mass. I The w«s planned for Tn 1 brde-elect s a next fall. We're wshng alt of you evenj joy of tht Holday Season. May your dayt be merry and brght... sewng you has made ourt a delghtt J furs merrychristhlfls /o Mother, Dod, and "young 'unt," too., Grandma, Grandpa, all ol you... w» tend our warmest wshes, truo,,, for Chrstmas joys to phase the "(raw". Shrley and Morrs Komlor Jeannette's Gft Shop 227 Eat Broad Stroer TRES GAY > s Very gay Indoor! nro Rolfs new Gny Mood Selmakurs. Hghfultbnutl In a tody's lath-r wth a shncn a«toft'tu aatn,!. So beautfully <!olnjl-<l rnltlu and out, you'll look for ux- ( I cuee Ut carry nl nf tluml In llur., Oreen or Platnum.! French Purse $5.00', l(,-v Kndlv SS.05*. Clu'arettc Cane < $3.60, ttghtrr %2X>0, Ola,, Canr $2.95, French Clutch $6.05. I'rtn Hut Tas Gay Mood Setmahers ROLFS! Our Chrstmas Shop has a large selecton of Cards, Wrappngs, Table Decoratons, Candles and Noveltes Jeannette's Glt Shop Hoodquarlors for Hallmark Cards and Party Goods 227 E. Broad Street f Rear Entrance to Muncpal Parkng Lot If OPEN fveninos 'Tl 9 UNTIL CHRISTMAS AD aheua JEWELERS 2O6 E. BROAD ST. ADAMS WESTFIELD N.J. ALSO RUTHERFORD RIDGEWOOD XACKENSAClv NEVER AN EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT! FREE GIFT WRAPPING! FREE DELIVERY! /a/te smth Central Avenue ADams froo Culomor Purkny ct 132 Elnor St.

10 P*««fO Twn Twrl Scheduled By Sub-Junor Club Dec. 29 at Jefferson TME'WESTFrEI.U'CN. J.^TE/ttTPR. THTm<?TJAY. DECEMBER 20, IB82 The Sub-Junor Women's Club j of W-stfeld Ilrl School wll once I ugan sponsor ths your the Twn ' Twrl. The dnnee wll l>e held l)ev. j 2'J from 10 p.m. untl 1 a.m. after the Holy Trnty basketball KK-. j ]t wll take plate at Jefferson.Sehoo and s a jrrl-a«k-l>oy The feature of the dalux> s that! the couples come dressed us twns ] and przes are gven to the best dressed -par. The Kenernl charman for the dance Ms Anne Ward. Her ndvdual charmen are: Tekots, Vck Hsu; band, Somurflcld; refreshments, Hanb Kddy; decoratons, 1A7. Le^h and Astrd BlauV'q, and chaperones, Put Obenehun. Two bunds wll play. M'sde Evenng Dapt. Attends "Hope" Beneft IMOUVTA'FVSIDE Members of the evenng department of the Mountnnsde Woman's Club attended the openng beneft performance of "The Wonderful 'World of 1he Brothers Grmm" la?t week nt the Cnrdge Theatre, 'Montrlur. The project was for the ad of the hosptal shp, S!5 Ho >c. After the move, members and ther guests went to the-home of the department charman,amrs. Jo- DECEMBER $ M I w JU JI I f $ 7 " Twn Twrl.of-tho Sub-Juno Club,.10 p.m. to 1 a.m., Jef furson School. JANUARY $ M T W F " s Hook Club of the 'ColUv.Woman's Club, 8:16 p.m., Bl Km St. Ralph Waldo Kme son wll be the topc. ll.v.'.ttffko-of 87f IN'ow 'rov.' denre ld. for rafrorhmonta. j.mrs. 'Harry Knnu, presdent o I the senor club, was s S AIN'T A W;AS THE CENTER OP ATTENTION at the Chrstmas party Monday evenng; whch B'na l'rtth Women, Westfeld Chapter, gave to more than 100 chldren at the Communty Center, W. Broad St.,Mrs Jlason Slver, Jeft, charman, and her commttee served cookus, punch and ce cream and furnshed' a ffft for each young jrucst. A magcan was also on the program. Three who attended were, front, left to r^ht, Donna Uusso, (?, ^Stephane Brown, 3, am Joseph 'Haley, 9. Also pctured n addton to Mrs. Slver and Santa, are Mrs, Eugene Harry, presdent of the Westfeld Chapter, and Mrs. Robert Rosenl>erfr. ' Francs John Murphy s the frst ] bo-r, Do- ] > - STORKCORNER son, fourth chld, and Mrs j Her :-. I- 1 " ^v«'!ool Frank..Murphy of 2:!7 Welch Way I ' ' " ue Alrn,^ UP was born Dec. 9 n Jluhlenbu; \ ; Hosptal. j Tll «L! -S. The Donnld J. Townseml- of ternal R Hort St. ere the -parents of a I u.-o Mr. a.-d-mra. Ru&soll Schmdt of Deputy Co ^.1 dnuffhter. Krst-ann, born Dec. ' 525 Westfeld Ave. are the parents! tant Comm'-' n auhlenbtrg Hosptal. of a second I'aOfrht'r, Laura Mare, jxel, and a V * * * Joseph Edward, horn Dec. l.t n Muhlenberft 'Hosptal, s the fourth?hld and Mrs. Henry II. Hanta Jr. of 735 Austn St. The ether chldren aro Molly <, Terrj Exclusvely 4 and Nel 2. * * * From Balor, Mftnc htvs come *vord of the brth of Lsa Ann, frst JARVIS rhld of.capt. and Mrs. Albert DRUG STOKt Holzwarth. Her father!s statoned there -wth the U. S. Ar Forcn 19 a doctor. Paternal prandpar- * o l o n d Dnln 9 OT?nts of the baby, born Oct. 27, are X IT. and Mrs. H. T. Holzwarth of ST v. WESTFIB5 "22 Boulevard. Enjoy Dnner wth us 'Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Frank-?nbach J'. of 315 Orove St. and n our ther three daughter* have welomed the arrval of a son, Charles Ar Condtoned Dnng Room H. Ill, (Nov. 29 n Muhlenberg Hosptal, Complete Dnners * * *.Margaret Olva s the name hoen by Mr. and al;. Frederck From $1.40 to $1.75 "radley Jr. of 715 Glen Ave. for her flrf-t chld, born Dec. f n Overlook Hosntal. SPECIAL FAMILY NIGHT * * * The famly of Mr. and Mrs, EVERY THURSDAY harlcs Co3cnza of 755 Carleton COMPLETE DINNER.. t *d. nmv numlwrs three, wth the 14s 'lrth Dec. 9 n Overlook (Hosptal CHILDREN'S DINNER... 75, of lttle Chrstne. Warm and Wonderful and rght for CHRISTMAS... a fantasy of gfts to delght the heart of young and old! Practcal and Fashonable robes and lngere by Fscher, Gotham and Rogers, exqustely desgned for "behnd the scenes." Accessores for Boudor n gold plated flgree: Dr»j«er ftrays Kleenex'Boxes Pcture Frames startng $5.00 and up,,4» '«; The gourmet hot-tray by SALTON... keeps food hot for hours... from $9.95 Barometers Clocks and Leather Goods - a gft he can always use. A wcker bed tray for the mornng meal... from $14.95 Lovely jewelry hand-crafted n gold or slver pn and earrng set pctured, by Naper To gve them the pleasure of pleasng themselves A CHRISTMAS Gf Certfcate a v0 vc beautfully encased n "always Iho wsest when y ou sure." I 1 Travel Accessores n slks and brocades.. lovely to use.., Tho tradtonal Chrstmas Tree Chna 5-pc. sottng $ Central Ave., Westfeld OPEN EVENINGS VNWL CHRISTMAS (vchulh,,:) SATURDAY CLOSING CHRISTMAS EVE ;7:

11 Met Offcer, IPresdents Are fns Club Guests 3TCII PLAINS Mrs. A Scaver Jr. of Berktl} t.-. Sxth Dstrct vce prc- " the New Jersey Slate Fd,11 Women's Clubs, brought xgs from the federaton to colch Plans Woman's Club,er Federaton Guest Day rg lust week n the chapel of Eutch Plans Baptst Churh Jack Wlson, presdent of b, welcomed presdents and puests from 'Z2 clubs of the ' Dstrct. Tone-Ares, under the d> of Antonu Weesbuh, jted a program of Englsh uls and folk songs of all. The Tone-Ares arc u of Bergen County homeland mothers who sng to funds for Unted Natons ntonal Chldren's Emer-» Fund. danes Peter Chotnyn, A. K. Ralph I'elmester, Steplu l, E->nk tttadclman, Ken flyrry, P. F. I.ueu anl Hurr. (dcr were welcomed as n;" fcers of the club l>y Mrs. Um (enstcn, membershp ch:t recreaton department wl ts Chrstmas card party to the Southsde Fre llous Knlph C. Maurer, charman pneed that Mrs. James S n'll le n charge of the partj be asssted by Ml.*. Klnn ' nml Mrs. Ernest WfRmnn s. Kudolph Dormaer, hosp charman, greeted all Fct L quests and was asssts rs. George Fscher and Mrs Ilrtun n presentng eacl wth a Chrstmas corsage MIts. HOBKHT''T. k K 1(Al'l'lT (Cnrole,!. Cl'snaTl \ppeal Letters for Counsellng Servce 'Have Been Maled Letters sclll); ;<l for tn Youth aw' Famly Cn'Mselln HMvce. ld Prsjcd M., Imv hwn mal'tl. Ths socal cwwot k am-rcy 'rvd;; HM'lel servce t.> famles n solvng such rlllcullcs a 'laent'-hld relatonshp.-, aloler. cent adjtstncnts, enotnnal ptob lens, nwel parmthoxl nml mav tal conflcts. The servce, entrely nofossmnn! a n d nun-.-ectarjn rves assstance nsufar as lme Dormaer announced that 1 funds permt. Fhnnel support [August Fsher wns clannan comes from churches and cvc nsantatons, nlvdual contrbu- bstesses for the meetng am sssted by Mesdnmes Herbert lons and the Hrtan Hay Unted y, John L. Ostrander,.S'or Fund. I,a Combe, Walter.Jones, (. Kves, Hugh J. Cahll. Clents are referred t <> the M. Keck Jr., Clrord W. urency by leaders of the varous of", Edward K. Perry, Wl- faths; courts, schouls, doctors E. Hath, Harry P. MrasnnT socal agences and others. Many R. P. (lormley, John l. ('onn. come on ther own ntatve. W. Mueller and Mnmse Ths agency has been servng Unon, Mddlesex, Somerset, an' 1 1the northern part of Monmouth frs. Carl \v. MurlTfr am Mrs.! Cuunty for about 10 years. Durng dc Farnell poured at tn 1 was- jllt(i2 approxmately 'J. r >0 famles [bowls. Mrs. Cordon Khrlcl j have r'ceved help. In order to Jn charge of table arrange- ' contnue ths work, $,'10,01)0 s needed. Carole Cluesmann, h^f,'^^- ^^^t^1. Robert T. Kracht \%f^^t?\^f ] rb Have Heghts Rte I»H x '^t?»> tl >^:: - ntermedate Women Hear Barbershoppers M Meetng Tuesday Tckets may be obtaned from, memlu-rs. Followng te busness met'tn^ entertanlent was )ro\dr.! bj the C.'lonal Choru.- of the W.v Tht, IV ;u.., r of the llc^ld Chapter -t' l!u- SPKHSlJ^A (IK- drector. Ucha.l A. 1'n I Westteld Illtemellle Women'; ; l>o;»;< Vnell-r.f W.'«t feld, and the prt-rdel..imu-.- W he!<l luesdny at (llv;v... The D-uov.l lll! l'.m!!!:y ' MI-\<>I1 :. b.-.t n ::t. l".-.h..-r:n>: " clubll jchuvh of l-k-lcy llc ;!:s was,-.,\ r»- J,,n I>. Ma.k.M-r.a f W.^t-j -l s<led at a bref. : the settng Suturday :'.fu-rr..,,.n fur fvm :u..l'1 nvras l.'uk.nul.f Nor- bu meet UK- Mrs. lchar! I.. I HefrcsbU'lts wee served by j.e weddng of M?» C.HJIV J. :-.-f v.vod. Pr fash.ll show -havman ] the hosless. Mr.-. Nol C.-If.-eler ; l.'e»mam>, d;>«jrhte- of Mr. an-l at plans for the asssted by Mcsdnmrs Charles 1 Mrs. Carl K d f E. C!,,s,n :u,n vt tcrk -... ' ''' ^^ >«" " v " '» Y" 1 ""' ley Heghts, fon,-.el.v fon-.erlv «f wfwe.,t.,kl. We,ttul.L l: "V"'" V!"" T" ""' "'""*' "'' \\ whl m '' 1 ' W1. ««A t 'I.,nl, \l'.t I I.>, * l.^ >- t 1^,1.'n n Uxko " f Teuberl. Walter t". KruluNna "'- 'on at Kcho l.nke Rcharl L. t!u^he>* and Kchard and Kolu-rt Th<-<nl,,r Kracl-.t., (vlj lll! ll " '' try Club Saturday. Feb. 2;. ' A. Duga. of Mr. and Mrs. AI!>-.-rt of! 'I'll:' '. r.c aus'-.d. H- -.I.-I V:u- t 545 Houlev.'rd. jvcr.-iy at:d M:s:..'h'..- ;t^s-!um! ' A rvepton f>].nv.',l at the FJI:- ' "f Ar: a-.d :» a faj'lc) > r ln. ' nghtly Club, Su:nn...! ' >r :u^.l.-yl-t f,r Karn-vlk 1, I'-'A. Esol'led by lt- father, the lu-jt 'wore a go\\ n of ^k lt j.a:-n trm :n.\.v York Cty. Mr. Kr:'."!t..,:.l-.Kt-d fr.ev.ed wth Al-teon lace ar.d se..-;!u- M::-,un. S.ho.lof Mn ' pears. A mal-lung ]-XWMK..f al-! M..ah^y a :.l ;:< enp'oycd b paca held h-r.-ll; :!u>on vel an.) ; MaS,: IVcnK llurncr Co., lla-l -he tarred a eas'ae Iwumlel 'f Olall'V, Ho rehearsal dnne I'lMr-lengn r-s..fs uf A -rc - "'ltu s,!ay a' M-'. D'- le. lan -.h ;..'n Heauty bro.-a.le «th; hng S. nt; h r:al:>< wen- Mr. m l Mr-! veled pllb.>.\.s «-,-rc MOID by \wr ' A'l-.-rt Knht. the b.k;.:u-ndat.-, wh,.., and many thanks to alt you wonderjut people w/osc rendshp has been so heartwarmng durng the year. 82 ELM ST. JSTRIDFRITE V-'»HO HOC ADAMS p-the WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 se. Mrs. Arthur f. Fled ( t '"l', >1 ' "'"' I'"--'":""'-"»' >'"' SKIRT 'A RCO CROSS SHOE GIFT CERTIFICATE... enclosed wth a tny golden sloc-clmnn on a key ' chan In a mnlnture Red Cross Shoe box... lets! her choose her own style and color and correct tre from our Jorge collecton of famous-for-ft Red CroM Shoe*. A thoughtful gft that's fun to gve, so 'exctng to receve! Styles from to VTHIDK RIIK 82 ElM ST. ADAMS Open Monday Evenngs, TWl Droducl h>l no eonwctlon wtlem wllh Tft«/«m«rltl» Nlloml ft.d ClOU CLEANING CASH and CARRY Call and Delver $1.25 SAVE 36c to $5.00 TODAY! And we mean ANY I Any >lzo, style, or shape - any number of uloots. There are no up» bacausa of (he numbor of pleats or be<auso the klrt are In any way unusual. Ths Is a savng of 36c to $5,00. Brng your skrts to O. O. KELLER'S now and SAVE! PHONI n OTHER TOWNS WX-1100 (No Toll) fulnfllu), N. J.-COK. SOUTH V KIANO-COI. W, 7lk 4 CUNTON COR, HANOOtPH» ARLINOtON-304 UR wrro, N. j^-n L MOAO r. Page II Heavenly.. her favorte Sweatee What a wonderful way for her to spend the wnter... lookng lovely tn sweaters. that provo your warmest concern for your Chrstmas Angel... $5.98 to $16.98 (of the lovelest Angels the lovelest lngere Gft her angelcally. Gve lngere that looks as f t came from cloudland... wth down-to-earth practcal wear and care. $3.98 to $21.98 enchantng separates She'll be a beautful Angel and t's a heavenly feelng to know that our separates arc wardrobe stretchers... $5.98 to $24.98 somethng pretty... brght.. the most beautful robes n our robe collecton, f'cl hnuvonly.nspratonr, for cjvfhj her fcr.hon, comfort, boauty. Sho'll sng your ( $8.98 to $24.98 Gve her a heavenly Accessor/ she'll enjoy all year... and whon n doubl gve a Clara louse... '> Our Grl Scout Shop s full of Wonderful Ofls t«r yftr Brown* nnd Grl 5«out 121 QumbySt. Offcal Grl Scout Equpment Agency Open ovory evenng EVEN Saturday Westfeld

12 12 THE WESTPIELD (N. J.) LEADER. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 20, 1962 RIFRI. A lot of -fotfcter ort a small scale. Ultra-femnne, reallook jewblry In a flexble leaf desgn In twn-textured, golden-tonsdorplptnom-toned Trfanum. Necklace4.00, bracsfol 3.00, pn 3.00, earrngs Prcos plus tax Jewolry desgns copyrgm?< NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT Gft WftAPPINQ FREE DELIVERY.... ahctu JEWELERS SO6 E. BROAD ST. ADAMS 3O529 WESTFIEL.D U,J. ALSO RUTHERFORD RIDGEWOOD HACKEN3ACK Holday Arrangements By Gardenares Judged At Meetng Monday at Y A holtly arrrufrcmc't contest was V: lured»t the Chrstmas m-ftk >f De Gnrdenaros Monly ul'lcrnoon nt tlt- YW'CA wth przes ;uv:r(]ftl to the wnners, Jutlj-'S for he holday decora- (f>n:; cum H'tton for moml> vcro Mr*. K. I,. Gnv'on am MrH. Fnk ])u!;»n of the K::ke am Hoe Carlcn Club. Wnner-; were as follows: Informal holday tables, blue rbbon, Mrs. Phlp Sr; 111 and Mrs. Herbert -'nlcr; rod rbbon,.mrs. Fred Dsqnc; yo!lu\v rbbot!, -Mrs. Henry Fullcrton ; honorable menton, Mrs. Hubert lreslauor. Floor bells: lluo rbbon,.mrs. S'nk-r; jod rbbon, -Mrs, Rchard Krov,-n; yellow rbbon, Mrs. F'ank Mac-PhfM'xon; honorably menton, Mrs. Charles,Szym»«k. Chrstmas bulls: HUK; rbbon, Mrs. Jo- -:r )l lcnedetl; red rbbon, Mrs. Edward I.'.ur; yellow rbbon, Mrs. l'tlkton; honorable menton, Ars. Ilnrull \'<wl. A lne arrangement: Dlue rbbon, '2>\rs, Sa'le"; rol rbbm, AJv. (Icorge fchwm: yellow rbbon,.mrs. Fullerton. C'hr;tn;.s corsages: Blue rbbon Mrs. r'ullerton: red rbbon, <Mn. Howard I'uttmnn. K-s'-' bells: Kluc rbbon, Mrs. 5-alcr; red rbbon, Mrs. John Zcrrher; yellow rbbon, 'Mrs. Fullerton; honorable nu'iton, Mrs. orfj! (llc. T;:blo centerpeces: llue rbbons, Mrs. Szymansk an< Mrs. Herbert rj!l:;elor; rod rbbons. Mrs, Walter Hunt and Mrs. Allen Buck: yellow rbbons, 'Mv.. Alphonse Bognert md Mrs. Joan do Planquo; honorable menton. Mn. F'ullcrton,.Mrs. Thcrlon muth«n<i Mm Jamcs MrMurray. 'Charmen for tho contest were Mrs. John Wley and Mrs. Zerrhor. Career Day Talks Gven at WHS Four speakers dscussed tler professons, ncludng educatonal recurenent?;, opportuntes, salares and workng condton;} yestorday n Westfell. Hftl School at» Career Day nrrantr'd jontly by the fudanee I)> mrtmcnt fnd tho Westfelf Rotary Club. Felx Doennr Jr. of Esso Research and Entrneerntr n Madson spoke on careers n chemcal enfrlneerne. Careers n secondary educaton were explaned by Howard Tomlnson, assstant superntendent of the locul scboul system. Archtecture as j» professon was dscussed by Mss Adran Fscheru, assstnnt professor of mmuneeh ut TJpsnla Coll«Ke. Ewnrd Johnson, 1 hftl school HUdnnce 'eounsclor, noted that "the presentatons were benofca for both those who have decde uj)n] u enreer and those, who are stll searchng." MRS. ROBERT V. COCKERILL (Martha Jane Stern) Martha Jane Stern, R. V. Cockerll Wed Saturday Afternoon!.v brothers and ssters of th" brdal couple attended Alas Mar tha Jane Stern, daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. Jonathan Dwjfht Sterr f 422 Stanley Ave., and Robert 'net-nt Cockcrll of jscar3,dale, N. Y., at ther weddng Saturday oft?rnoon ll St. Rose of Hna Church Short Hlls. The ;br ; ldogroom? the son of Mr. and Mrs. Adran Bertram) CoekerlM of Scnrsdale. A recepton was held n the home of the brde's parents. (lven n marrage 'by her father, tho brde chose a feown of vory taffeta wth applques am burodcr of Aloncon lace. A double rocn of pearl-embrodered Alen- 011 lare hold her ylk lluson vel nnd she carred u bouquet of baby jrchds and stophanots. The brde's sster, M.'s 'X-nncy ern, servnd us mad of honor, and.brdesmads ncluded two other ssters, the Msscu.Sandra mul Margaret Stern, Mss Knthernc Ham's of Weslfold and.mss Dur- 11 Godfrey of New York Cty. All were gowned n Reen brooade. The honor attendant carred -whte carnutons wth varegated holly, vrtlc the brdesmads' bouquelu were of rod carnatons wth holly, Adran.Itertrand 'Cotkerll Jr. of (Jufena, M. Y., was best man for bs brother. Ushm-s wove another brother, John Coelorll of Scnra- <lale, Rocer,IH:mc of IManhasut, NV Y. and th(^ brde's bother, Dwrht Stern of WcstflpUI. After «WL-dduc trp to Florda, tht couple wll lve n Kleotwood, N. Y. Garden Club Yule Comes Early wth Two Gft Booklets Members of the Garden Club of Westfleld receved two eft booklets at ther meetng last week n the home of Mr.s. Lloyd Oncal, 938 Hghland Ave. The hostess presented hstores of the clob whch she had assembled, had prnted and hound n ruby-color n honor of the forteth Annversary of the club whch was celebrated n October. \ The othe' "lterary" sft was from Mrs. Edward L. Cofey, a copy of the gude to chrys-anthemum growng whch she had ]>re-, paed for the educatonal exhbt j for the recent fat show. The speaker at the meetng: was Mrs. Theodore Wolcott of Nun-dtown, Pa., a flower show judge and -wnner uf many awurds. Asssted by her mother-n-law, Mrs. PhllpMcKenny of Westfeld, she resented a demonstraton, "Flol- 'ay House," of arrangements for Chrstmas decoraton. She was n- 'roduced by Mrs. Wllam P..Redhead, program charman. Flower arrangements for the ">ub!e lbrary durng ths month re beng furnshed by Mesdames Joseph P. Moran, Robert W. Scott, Wllam A. - Hagcrbaumer, Donald Oay and W. E. Plumer. Members vll also make Chrstnas dec-ora- 'lons for Lyons Hosptal and the Trooksde Nursng Hone n Cranford. Mrs. Moran ntroduced a new nember, Mrs. Paul Wolfgang, und announced that Mrs. Geonje S. Draun wll serve as frst vce presdent for the cornng year. Mrs. Braun served as charman of hnstcbsch, asssted by Mesdames Harvey T. Brown, Samuel V. Stewart, Harold L, Moner and Frank H. Huber. Elsa Helch School Has Chrstmas Event The Elsa Helch School of Datcntr held ts Chrstmas party last Wednesday h the Tenns Club. Parents and foosts were nvted to see the demonstratons. All classes, from prc-xchool through senor, appeared n costume. Refreshments were served and a gft presented to Mrs. Helch and the accompansts. Mrs. Gertrude Hand, regstrar wns asssted n the pally preparatons by Mra. Audrey Cleveland and Mrs. W. C. Wlh-lm. Classes wll resume Jan.!t. The brde* s \;senor!n Westfeld- IIIUjfh 'School. Mr. Cockerll; was (f-aduatod from lona College and s assocated wth the brokerage frm of Hs-hon and Uoth, New York.- 'V draws near, tee greet tlank them heartly for ther gracous patronage. A Menu Chrstmas to all. DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY FIUED 'l Baate/uf, 163 E. BROAD ST.,,.,_ AD Open Evenngs untl Chrstmas HANDBAG VALUES Pure Wool Broadcloth 5.00 Bhack Wde selecton of frames and shapes. THIS BEAUTIFUL ARTISTICALLY GIFT DECORATED BOX IS FREE TO YOU FOR THE ASKING when only a very specal gft wll do... her / ^ exquste stockngs IT she's very lemlnlne, she'll love ther flmy beauty, wonderful fashon shades. If sho's known for hor taste, she'll treasure, tho matchless qualty she knows she'll fnd In Bcllu-Sharmeor, And If sho's, too, she'll recognze. BellG-Shtrmeor as tho stocklnes thut are legszed to ft better and wear longer. Chool. IfOHl a complolo mnuo 01 slyle* nnd colon. Sumlestor (ully-lahlonod (.33 to 7.95 BRD/ forslcr.dcrorsmall legs MODITE for average ICKS DUCHESS for (all, lull less CLASSIC fcr statuesque less Seron Leather Crush, Supple, Graned 7.98 Washable, Scuff Resstant from Margoln Many styles and colors. WHITNG The frst name n Statonery Beautfully Boxed 1.00 Hundreds of Last Mnute Gft Items Boutque Items Stockng Stuffers Lnen Calendar Towel T.00 Chrstmas Cloth 2.99 Fnger-Tp Towel Set 1.98 clm s. AO Botwoun A&P and Mutual Markotj USE OUR FREE PARKING PUT BEAUTY UNDER *.>.*.;.JUIAJ V GOTHAM A gay nnd colorful Ghrsttws trf. ' 10> -, -j^. sgned for Amerca's most famous bran Choose your favorte styles fro... U season tlest colors. Mesh - Seamless - Stretch 1.15 fo 1.95 FOREVA - The frst patented no"-""* seamless Nylon Stockng Exclusvely here the par HUGGINS 'N HOSE 2.95 Brown, Calypso, Star Beg"

13 Affanced > TMfe WESTTtFXD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, t*bz Page 13. ther park mo<-tn':s. The troo,. Cub Pack 176 Meets r.lour wth a : tmsk'"t of fo*h ;tlso»lo- : At ther Clrh'.ma? party Frday j " ; " l-h h? lhc> < '"'' s «' " * - *r* v«n In ' n.mcknlvy Shool. moubors nf! _ - Cub Pack 17(> (oconvpt n Cln'<t- 1 It s tho wsest who jtrovc most mas tree wth o'u'nrnts n«<1v n j ' ot Kss of ttno. l)»nt> Gettng late for shoppng hut ce stll have a CklslfflH / We're rngng out glad tdngs to all, ond pecol thanks to oor knd potrons ond frends. Best wshe for o merry Chrstmas! large selecton of last mnute CASUALS. We have a sparklng collecton of Dresses for your nght lfe Stll plenty of tme to m'sl all of you the merrest of Chrstmases { and a calm and casual NEW' YEAR MISS CHAKI.KNK,1. HOPKINS opkns-rendano ngagement Told Sr. ul Mrs. I'hmlos H. ]), kns of 8(17 IWn Hl. haw umcl known tlu- l>>l-otlm! nf tl', CIKHIIIH' Jcnu'tr. I.. Itt'ln, s.n <,f M md Mrs. AJtert 1'. U'rum u' (!L> Krnkln Avc. Mss Ilpkns WHS j-rt tul t:t < ' from Wcsltoll HIKII S-hml m- -. Stut Slf s cpky'l ly lln> I Stan<l:r<l <'..., l.'nun. Mr. Kt'nln, an hmnuy u' WosttU-ld IHKII S-lmol, s s-rvmwth the f. S. Ar Pore Churl'stm, X.C. fut Htt-d' tho Toohnl TnnK Sclmd <. f Sl'p >nrl Ar I'oroc Bnsr. Wclt: Falls, A Juno wrldu; - >l:nn-l. MISS RAE-RU.EN HESSK lobert J. O'Bren To Wed Secretary Mr. and Mrs. Ruynonr <, Hcs-s of KnlNvr, Mass., Bnouncc tl nfjatrt'nct of thvr dauuht' tar-kiu-n, to KoWrt J. O'Hrer on of Mr. and Mrs. T. Josop' BrM of 715 ("arl'ton Kd. Mss Brssr s a crnduato «l^ahavcn Huh Schotd mc presently employed lt St.' {osptal as a medcal soeretary. Mr. O'Bren s r. m'aduato <> U'stfcld Htl Sduol and nesently sorvfr wth tho Untor Stales Ar Foro'. A.St'pt'nlcr woddnp ^* plnn- Ul'l. Stes 7 to 24', 3 Prced $6.98 to $24.98 Maternty Fashons also n stock. Chrstmas Specals on our Sale Rack $5.00 Sale Fnal Wrght's Dress Shop 55 ELM ST. Open Mon. Eves. 7 to 9 FROM HEAVEN TO SEVEN AND ON UP TO ELEVEN 110 Oulmby S., Wetfl«ld AD Dasy Bud Twg jn I-LM8T!F.CT,VkTSTF3t,n 177Fl»J!!A.AVEK'JK.C lb:y lltd Twr..f Mull j l).-r; ld t,] wll l;;ve,1kmi- ; I!u:l n!:uur:!< ].: next- Tlmr-d : fro:» 10..,.. ( ] >,,. :!.- :.r Kr : ; l:.-lter. martn jewelers EXCEPTIONAL 14K GOLD-FILLED WATCHES o OMEGA WITH HIQH-PRECI6JON 17-JEWEL MOVEMENTS GIVE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT FOR CHRISTMAS FREE WITH EACH NEW ACCOUNT Ths colorful, personalzed Chrstmas stockng wth a new plad passbook can be hung on tree or mantlepece, your choce In whte or yellow, 79.5O ' \ \ IT'S A LASTING GIFT IT'S GREATLY APPRECIATED A GIFT THAT GROWS WILL LONG BE REMEMBERED SAVES SHOPPING SAVES PARKING IDEAL FOR ANYONE IN THE FAMILY _ /NE of the many satsfactons to be go:cn from oung an Omega s the fact that t s recognzed tlc world over as a truly fne watch.. the knd one can rely upon for years and ycrs of fathful, carefree servce. Tlc models shown arc exceptonal values, all wth 17-jcvcl hgh-precson movements. Perfect for a brthday or annvcrf.ry gft or your personal needs. We have been watch specalsts for many Reteratons am t s our polcy to sell only qualty w.lchcs that wll never emharrass the customer or ourselves. That's why we recommend Omega, the watch the world has learned to trust. TO ALL! CURRENT DIVIDEND ON YOUR SAVINGS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: CHARGE, HANDI-CHARGE, BUDGET, CLUB AND LAY-A-WAY PLANS OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 9 P.M. roo«kmonm. JEWELERtnxu V/ESTFIELD: ELM & QUIMBY ST5. AD CRANFORD: 27-NCRTH UNION AVE. BR TFIELD :- 1\ vxvv The O tegsh BROAD AT PROSPECT BY THE PLAZA SAVINGS

14 Page 14 THE WESTFFELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, Holdays.Make Early Deadlnes Bkns'. 1 of tle C' nf h.>l«lay TIU'MIUV anl al.-u N't* Vwr's Day, Jan. 1, llu- "l.-.u" lw'jitt't- lav- IU-CII r)nk<*<l for those uvu utcks. All plucs r- due n tn- "I.'.IHIIT" vllr l»y 11 a.m. tos^u'. Tn- Mme morrow <>! l»y 11 :-..m. MonHuy for \\n- followng dfdlm> )>cs t., church. tlu'lcr. let r.~ an-nth r IUU\- f<r bulh \w-k>. Tn- *(.K"al K-us lt'adljk' s IIU/JI; M'. ndvdual medley event*. le (?rad tfated from fclcveland Heghts joho, lljrh >"chool n 1359 before : hs puenu mjv'h to Wotfeld. * * * J.'um-s I'. Kov:u -, : 11MJ2 frra<lu ale of Wesfeld llcl School, )M "'.'I k' the Moerrlendenl's ls*t, at the T :. S. Mltary Academy at, : Wet Pont,.'-"on of Mr. and M^ : '. }'. KOV.T-: of 221 Tuttlo I>k\\> le vs a h>e:nber uf the plt'be ft t, *ou!''all t?am, whch went unde 'cvd th. fall. * * * Su nn H»rtpr of 400 Longfel th "o"v Avt*. > o.e of sx students who wll I a I::- put n llc Yule Log cr- - lo'u' at Doujr-'y^'s Collepe today John S. Smart 1.1 of 2H5 K'.n- <rv to M'!l >y:.:!!' ll'k'ks over ''artc-joans were chosen for then ball Ave. s a H'r.bcr of th' var-; he to ra.-e fur.ds 'or IIK' r;h academc standng sty swj:r.r:>f ;L-;IPI at ^'ale. John ^jrj.-lrlktun of a Fne At Center j>re >ured for Yale at WV.-rtd on the c-amous. Wrdell wll eu-\ Two West flud jrrls, Ktene I, llcl Sclool v.-lh'e he partcpated :. l the Klt-- fl 11 relatve.-, fa:n- I Corn of,'21 Jefferson Ave. ond on the svtvnr.^ t'.-a:n as a dver, j ly and fron-ls nt>:v Lane and a sophomore at Trnty CollcKf, s a rc.vbjr of a student There's Stll Tme To Send Chrstmas We delver to all Nearby Ponts drectly and to All the World by Wre OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS SUNDAY, DEC A.M. UNTIL 3 P.M. CLOSED CHRISTMAS DAY INC. 321 SOUTH AVE., Opp. R.R. Staton AD SHOP THE SOUTH SIDE FOR PARKING CONVENIENCE. n! n the! Kl'/aheth A. Wanvek of 306 CVIas j nchustu8 SA., have been elected of- I f 'era of Sjrma AJpha : P sororty He s mujornt? n -njr-'.: Is «r.d I'la.-.'tr-. necrnf and has won a varsty *» < c'.-;>r.! Se..'.!!: >!.ln'.h ol K'O Wl.-on -,t Unon Junor "-Colk-jre. M * * I I'l. s cne of c/ht t n;,' le- Corn wj's tk-ctt^j p-e.>dent and (tcor/.q H. Wendell Jr., son of j (rnu-n on tht- Woo.-ter Cn.'le^e jjs ;-. Wurwc-k was named vce George l. of 5 Cherry sv/n'n;::; te;m v.h?! O >VIUI^ ts! e;(er.t. Scma Alpha.P s one l!)is2-(3 :v:fcm ths v.-eek. RJIII- of sx fratcrnn) orkanzutons on dolph, a senor, swms bucerly and the Unon Junor College? campu '.. - -^ -Mss Corn, duo^hler of Mr. and j Mrs. Mutfnus Corn, a a scence rajcr n Unon Junor College CLOTH COAT ; <uy sufson. A -ophc'ore, she «I a (graduate of Krcnds' Central j School, Phlndt'Ipln, Pa. j Mss Warwck, H lberul art 1 major n the day sesson, s an alumna of Wc:tfel< Mjfh School A soj)homoro, she s the daughter and Mrs. Narman Warwck * * * Rchard Weldon, rradunte of Weafeld -Hfh School and Admral Karrn^ut Academy, s a member of the vaxjty baketball quad at ltollns Colk'Kf and s rated by Coach Boy<! CofKe as one jf hs top jump shooters. * * * Bruce Overbuy of Wcstfold, sophomore nt Iho Unversty o Delaware, s swmmng breast stroke on the varsty team th: season. * * * A number of Wcslfeld student: are home on Chrstmas vacator "ron Ular Academy. They n elude Wllam Lawrence B-tton on of Mr. and Mrs. 'Kt-hard D Brtton of 21 Dcnnett PI.; Kober Tnd John Dugh, sons of Mr. ant" Mrs Lous J. Dugh of (101 Leno; Ave., and.vierek 'Pratt Jr., nnd Mrs. Pratt of CU Mountan Ave. * * * Thomas Lghtbown, Eucld Ave.. wus a member of the Tumlto College chor whch sang n Rockefeller Plazn lfft evcnu;. Beverly Rol'fturk of 1354 Brch Hll Rd., Mountnnsdc, s among I'l students who have been pledged to -Gamma 'Iota Theta sororty nt Unon Junor Colloj;e. Gamma Iota Theta conssts of ftudents n UJC's evenng sesson. Wss'Rott.vtock, a lberal arts major, s a t^radunte of Governor I.vnRston Kcgonul Hgh Sohool, Berkeley Heght * * * C. Chrs Hnpy, son of Mr. (nd Mrs. J. D. Hagy, 711 Shackamuxon Dr., hns been selected as one of 12 Wllams College junors who wll take j>art n U. S. rovernmcnt actvtes next summer under a grant from the collrpre's Mead fund. A graduate of Manhasset Hfrh School, he s a member of Alpha Delta Ph fraternty and a dontc honors work n hs mrjor, poltcal economy. Durng the paut full he FrodJlayes 26 YEARS AGO,'Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Lee Jones eame to Westfleld on ther honeymoon and they've been here ever snce. The couple celebrated ther slver weddng recently wth nn open houso at ther home, 425 Downer St. Mr, Jones has 'been wth.magnus Chemcal Co. for 20 years and s also a part-tme specal polceman and barber. 'Mr8. Jones s wth the Vstng Homemakcrs Servce..'a.s a standoutu>n the varsty all team n hs halfback poston. 'Ac s also servng as a junor ndsor, a per.son who helps to gude ho freshmen throughout the year. * * * Charles ;R. Payne of 422 Lnden Vve. s a mem'ber of the varsty '.wmmn; team at Yale Urtverty. He prepared for Yale at The Sll School where he partcpated n track, tenn'u and swmmng. * * * Margarot Henrkscn, daughter >f Mr. nnd (Mrs. Robert Henrksen Df 770 Oak St., has been ntated nto Kappn Delta T, natonal educaton socety at the Unversty of Delaware. Elzabeth A. Warwck of 300 Massachusetts St. and Judth A. lontuor of 321 'Ilonry St., Scotch ^lans, have been elected to the ed- '.toral board of "tshenf," student lterary nnkazne of Unon Junor Jolle>^c_ Mss Warwck, a lberal arts major n the duy sesson, VH an (lumnp of AVestfeld Hgh School. A sophomore, she s the daughter of Mr. and Ms. Norman Warwck. A xophomon 1, 'Mss Montuor s a lbwrul nrt^ nvajor n *ho day ses- <m. 'She s the daughter of Mr. and-mrs. Mchcl 1). Montuor and a RTudmte of Scotch Plat: -Kan-.vool Hgh 'School. Rchurd.SlcUlcr, son of Mr. anl.mrs. KcnKth H. Melzl'.r of 438 Clfton St., -; a nenber of the Grnnol! Collue orehestra whch recently rcsuufxl a pre-chrslmas concert. *.* * ro'.ert C. U'ho.v of Wos'.fpUl s n t'mjr of an [ tb >'.:% College freshman cl::-w uf 550, the hrgu.l n the collet'.''.s 71 yv.r hstory. Mr. Wbox, \v!>o. enrolle.l U\ 'he <leparl!'nt of tekv.'n :nd rado,.> the :nn <»f Mr. nul Mrs. Loll J. Wk'ux, 721 :'n:'(!'re St. * * * U:r'.n': Ann -llrsclerg, dau;.'h. ter of I>r..Jtroae llrscl:bc"g of 405 Qunlunk Lme, a senor r. 1. Montrllr Stat- 'Uahc-s College nujorn^ n home ufonomes, ha? begun h-r prn'ce teachng at Hublarl Junor Hgh School n IMan feld. * * * Two Well;-. College ^ttfjl'ls returm-d lo Wertleld ye5t*-tlay tt d :n 18-day 1old»y wth ther famles. They are Lnda A. Warner, djuglu-r of M 1, and!mrs. Henry K. WnrH'r of 702 Mountan Ave. and Barbara V. {;le:;, laughler of 'Mr. and Mrs. Frederck T. (ll ; of KM HrKhtwotuI Ave. Alss Warner s a.s^or nt Wells and Mss (;lo: s a fnv.hnan. WEDDING RECEPTIONS SOCIAL FUNCTIONS PIANO RECITALS MEETINGS Woman's Club OK WESTrELB 318 S EUCUD AVE AD AD Franklu School Annex Has Yuletde Program The Benjamn Frankln School annex welcomed parenu and frends to the Chrstmas program presented n the Bchool audtorum Tuesday evenng. The theme for the presentaton was "Ohrstmas n the Ajnorcas." Program charman for the* event was Mrs. Joan Needham ass«t«d bv Anna Rausher as co-charman. The chor drector was Mrs. Lorrane Wtt and Mss Ruth Vncent was tho accompanst. A large chor, employng nstruments of the Amercas, provded» festve muscal note. /Ts bg and brght as the shnng star atop your Chrstmas tree... our happy wsh to you and yours reelng Seasons Greetngs At ths tme of the year when the Holday Season approaches, one of the greatest pleasures comes n sendng Best Wshes to Our Frends. We want you to know that we sncerely apprecate the wonderful busness relatonshp we had wth you. May your Chrstmas be happy, and may the New Year brng you a full measure of Health, Happness and Prosperty. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Klon THE CORSET SHOP 148 E. Broad.St. Westfeld, N. J. DRIVE- STOR;. Y S E R V I «" '/ on pry CLEANING. A SHIRT LAUNDER ING". NO EXTRA CHARGE STORE; HQURS.;,: 7:30; A; M-.;;; Yp'6', K$ GARWOOIJ JRTELL1 A RARE COLLECTION OF ), '.BRACELETS - PINS - EARRINGS/) l,charms - RINGS - PENDANTS,*) ') AND,v ) ANTIQUE SILVER - CHINA ( ) GLASS - FURNITURE ).) WAIL DECORATIONS 0 ' \' 401 MORRIS AVENUE 0 () SPRINGFIELD, N. J. (/ > DRoxel ADLERS OF WESTFIELD INC. 219 NORTH AVENUE

15 - THE WE5TFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEM&tt *0,1««," v «TM J ' y men's mporuml far-lned eapeskn gloves Handsome Hppe rapeskn gloves made n Italy for Tcppor'n. All completely handsewn md warmly tll, rtnrl wth soft lap'fur. 8'/j to'10%. Mark and dark 'brown. Specal 6.»0" Men's w? TBHTl hronzn neckwear Th> ltnuat nt a I muomf hobdny ool-,- ~* lftlun fo j <lmmt>t)emun on your - b<-t 1 IIK -~lk-. Hfnlh ml n* lntuusly, ' lctalnl IMUM frun HI n*. dhnctne pat* ^ ttrmml <olor to 8.00 '-/?.*, Men* rrnklnl- * 1." 1. grl's love Dcnstm Nhwjwcar Nylon trcot pc^o- mtl >;:hlr... *nft and f'nlnp wth cmhru«lorml yfke on Mlare nrrk sl-rvcl's l^ht-... bce cdfl cm. Mtrhm n-<!unr wth p'lcr pun )ll;r. Ml IMIC cl»n(!... puff «lrrv<:«... ruffl- lnulto. Pnk nr llnr. I to II, 7.00 Chlldrrn'u M'orltl /jrr^._.,...<>.. (".^.«.-.J, '; ''.''- ' ' *, ' '' ' *"'{* :llntt«>?ln (frp.,. ;ftulf4lly»«...:' fs«il!».nt SUot SWn, 1J - ^ '"s fr - *..*-'"? lornekjj].. t -4 jpg5&:# Wsles, - You. A Very, ;:': - I by >!\ln;.. ll ofl (rlon.., beautfully l n.< l.tml.p >f -nu*. fro.s s 'L:KUj! v.»u* or j«:t l>l;ck.. n> Sporlsw'ar.'I'lrt! 'lo ^ t?,:merry Chrstmas eutldlv toys \ /' '],' <f Bantam Toys d. <^«pl>«l -lovblo «knltulnou dug. S.OO Jlbtrl plu*l ktty cat tha double* IK II j.-jn buff. 4.00, Wmbable (lvrpu tntly-bnr n xvltc, fptk or Mm 3.00 and 4.00 Inh't'n World, Planfcld andblorthuu,,./ I'UcoJor of (lrlllf)r]n d'ttgnrtl f11a (Tlntttc pnnul 'vll mock >n*>krm n IVrtprn (n now Imhu'l of prn vnyl)... wll lull wntrrhptl, f<"l<" r rulff coldr. Wr tlnw jxl lne «v3c from n Ma luldny ol- Ifrllon. IllK'k, r'l, nnvy. tt.00 I1UB lax. hrstmas s Beauty ' - - > > -j, f?&$qq lades Sf specal! s x *V ^ft ^ - V^ J l ^,/ Illvlllfnl'v rav...,1ml*. I,..v v.n'll f.-.-i n <!,,!.ll-.--"fl I!-n-lr.l Arn': Tl- >"!-< "f ' '* flfl»onn - Isvl wth fne wmrn lckng md sln trm. cnt«'n''l n cl-ttfv!;'f. C::«n«""tf!ttr ft ftlr. p-m4..»;.on Made n Italy vpc ully for 1*R p<>r' of MMK/^ 1 nn«wcol. Mfl'snu length n r*d. fqcn U'l^ wll*, blj k or brok '. Wool lorlu wth leather trm, focg*/'. ~;'. block, Ixgt brown or n:<j/bla:u 3.O0 ':. _ ' ' '. '' I Fclton Au'»*or:«. '. v; '',- Jt»t nrrlvnl ly plnnc from Srotlmrl. Tull fnpldllll utnl npwnlly prced for fjbrft- IIIOS (lft!>-j. Clf-c frnm pnk, t.lp, clcrry, flrk urr-' or \n-\p: S/.r* 36 In Q. Sjflrlfwrar, I'lnnfrld (Jnlv #.. hr / ' FqJtltu a n»- cl on * fc«)«*r buld* * ',t * 1'hjfe, K II n(>l^ lchtl mlfla nt\t-' f "* Ule?p lkcr blue t ntpr rr l»)jk. Wnlfr^ Clutch 5.JJ5 k (.ortt'cj^c 3.8S* fdnhu Au uoro. ht <ft Fluor. I'lolb-M ' * -» - FLA1NHELD OPEN EVERY NIGHT UNTIL 9... SATURDAY AND MONDAY UNTIL 5:30

16 16 THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER C olden Weddng 'v Z" Gentlemen: Our Lades Wng Wll Make Your Gft Shoppng A Pleasant and Smple Matter and many thanks to ^ all our good frends and patrons. pau Qttemann jewelers I c. broad westteld Mr. and Mrs. Scott MacLay Aark Golden Weddng At Recepton Sunday When Mr. am!..mrs. Scott Mac- -ay of 8l2 Dorun ld. were mar-.«! 50 years aru n Chcjtfo, the r'uh 's sster was mad of honor. Now Mrs. Paul Mantcnfel of ^Jhcago, she came to WostfeM ^undny to help the Macl«nys celcrau; ther no.tlcn wcdok auu- trsuy. Nearly 150 relatves und rends from varous scct.ons of the country attended tle party.vhch was hold n the Masonc 'emplo. Hcutcsscs were the couple's MR.. AN'D MRS SCOTT laclay tluec daujrhuts, M's. John J/orcnlz of Wcstftuld, Mrs. George Shntzer of Clark and Mrs. Jonn E. llobcrts of Mnn, Kla. Mr. and Mrs. Mac-Lay have bee» \Vc.->tfcld resdents snce 182b when the Western Electrc Co. wt!, whch Mr. MacLay was ussocateu lor 41 years, transferred hm here. Mr. Mat-Lay s vce drector o the Weslfeld Old Guards and past presdent of tho Retred Lfe Mem-. ers of the Stanley Holmes Chapter, Telephone Poneers. Y Grade Schoolers Offered Vared Holday Fare Accordng to Dave Wuerthele, usstant youth drector, the Westfeld YMOA has planned a number f actvtes for grade school Y members durng the Chrstmas hol- '.days. The festvtes wll star: Saturday when <hc Indan Gu.cs wll hold a frendly servce'6 pow wow at the Y. Mr. Wuerthele stated that Chef Sunrse n hs Soux ;rba! costume wll be featured at the wnter Lontjhouso meetng. The hcf «the prnndson of the famous Chef Wze of the Hunk-Pa-?a fc'oux and grew up on the Crow Creek reservaton n South Dako ta. The program wll s'art ut 4 p.m. and admsaon s u gft autblc for ether «boy or a grl. These gfts wll he collected at the cetng and wll be sent to un Indan Reservaton for lttle grls md boys. The Capers'Club,.Mr. Wuerthole tated, wll ogln be presented for ooys n the ftr:;t through fourth grade. Actvtes wll start at 9 nd be over nt 3:30 Dec. 24, 20 nd 28. The program fee wll cover nsurance, mlk, leadershp am! rafts. A specal feature of th-' /car's Capers Club wll be a tr-'p o IN'ew York Wednesday *o sec the Holseum Chrstnas festval and rcu.. There s no extra fee for M s trp. Mr. Vu'rllu'lc stlted that fourth, ffth and sxth grade.! have an opportunty to sue the tnt-w York '{angora play the Chcago Blnekbawks Suntly. 'Mr. Wuerthele snd thu Y lobby vll be open for games from 0-12 nd 1 to 5 every day except Chrstmas when the Y wll be closed. Further nformaton concc" nnt: \ny of the above programs can l>, > u.tnc< by callng the Y. Now t s possble to enjoy the same relaxed atmosphere, dstnct stylng, good taste and fne qualty n choosng Lades' Wear that you have become accustomed to n selectng Gentlemen's and Boys' apparel from Mac Hugh's. Our Lades' Wng offers a bountful collecton of... blouses sweaters skrts bermudas lacks dresses suts coats outerwear ranwear jewelry gloves... many In the famous names you are famlar wth n Gentlemen's wear. Our reputaton, knowledgeable salespeople, and luxurous gft wrappng wll make your Chrstmas gft buyng - a smple and pleasant matter. Open every evenng except Saturday and Chrstmas Eve 264 a. Broad St., Westfeld AD GIFTS FOR WINTER SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS H ow can I regan my health} THE TRUTH IN THIS CREAT BOOK CAN HEAL YOU Te«, you can be healed no matter how Krou the condton or bow long t bu contnued U you w ll prayerfulw feel the truth contaned n Iht grtmt book. Scence «nd Health wth Rry lo the Scrptnrr» bj Mary Baker Eddy. A W I! f±5 4 " V-t jl l: y! X A p!:: h j A np n Ihe ar, ce on the pond, and snow on the hll whers our appette for wnter sports fun. What a fne opportunty Chrstmas afford ro moke sure our close frends arc well clothed for these joyful days ahead. "WESTFIELD,N.J. Too may read or borrow Scence and Health tree ol charge at any Urutan So ence Readng Room. The book can be purchated n red, green, or blur bndng at $3 and wll be tern rxxpad on recept o( check or money order. Some of Ihe tems we have ready to fulfll these needs arc: Ear Muffs - Nylon Sk Parkas - Sk Pants - Qulted Reversble Jackets - Skatng Gloves and NV.ttens - Sk Sweaters - Caracul Cossack Hats - Mufflors Fleet Coats Thermal Underwear All farly prced and happly Gft Wrapped r S4 Communty^ Bank dedcated to. Communty Set^ce' f X Member of Federal Rerv* System Ucmbcr F«kqd Dcpodt Iaurance Corpocatoa Chrstan Scence READING BOOM 110 tjuimby BTUEJCT WESTK1EL1) Hours: 10 to 4:30 Also Monday, 7 to 9 ^formaton concernng fr<«publ toturt, ehuroh tervctt and S** ' KV Open every evenng except Saturday and Chrstmas Eve 264 EAST BROAD ST. WESTFIELD, N. J.

17 ef Moran's Yule Message Stresses ed for Cauton n Wnter Drvng 'hle nr.-b.nty to move ears n sr.ow can cause serous! le for drvers, traffc offcers, :ens who roqure servce n- j emergency vehcles, the dfjes ll controllng and stoppng vehcles on cy or snowpavements are of even er concern to the polce deent," he sad. arly wnter storms are nearly accompuned by a rash of ents, rangng from fender- >5 to kllers. They ure caused [controlled skddng and they de sde-swpes, head-on collrear-end and multple eolland crack-ups at ntersec. They frequently nvolve jelans, who sacrfce aglty and cc on cy surfaces and suffer the drvers' nablty to stop.! could stop n tme, we could nt most of these accdents k'lare ce the dstance noedbrntf a car to n stop from n rate speed of only 20 mjh s 200 feet, or 12 tmes nornml," hef noted. "Any object, veor person wthn that dswll probably be struck, bet s often as mpotuble he drver to fteer asde us t hm to stop. n loosely packed snow stopablty s somewhat batter, but nces ure stll three tmtu er than on dry pavement,"»t to do about t? nouly, when streets are slpthe frst precauton s to opat sharply redu-ed speed," Jloran advsed. "The second uard s to ncrease your dabetween movng cars and adequate tracton." ppnf ablty can be mproved Be of the sawe tracton decomme.ded for mprovng t-'blty," the chef ponted Henforcc-d tre chans arc effcent, snow tres and Rood Is lclp to a <lc m\ and tles smooth arc the lea~st effcent lost (Innjjerous. tonl Safety Councl research ts were agan cted by the : On tflare ce, (t 20 mph, nk dstances for new requres nvernjtel l)5 feel; for tres, 17-1 feel; for regular chans, '.)!) feet, and for remt tre chans, 77 feet. On y packed jno\v, brnknu dss for r'j;ulnr tres vorac'd el; for snow tres, 52 feet; ocular tre ehr.ns, 'lt feet, lor renforced tre clnns,!{8 he dll'errnro mr.y ner.n hav- I not havk «n acclcnt," nr;'.n erpla.s7.ed. "Whn v fz on s a necessty. That 1 * why we menton t so often. If your defroster sn't vrkr.jr rsht, t sn't just» "'-lsar.rt t's a hazard. If >thll w:m>lu.-m wjh-r.s aren't dong & one ounce H-r nch of \Wper blade,. j '".rll vo work effectvely. Other I 1 "* sllat a "" I lvs ' even new hhulos may snwa lopped wthn 21 and rde over snow or road-muck, know Ths makes sense. I'd rather be uurlt n a snotvutorm wtlout my thn wthout a wndonly s t hard to stop, t.nes normal when the paveme but unless the drver takes extra s covered vth snow or ce. Am.'.'re, le may have trouble feeng," n very had weather, he slouldn' he ponted out. "Ice, frost, snow, overlook the mvanltjjvs of var sleet, freezng are the trurton,, dovtvs of, whch n enemes 1 lu-y can make the <trv- U.forced tre hav<! )>rov er blnd U, danger untl the la t 1, lx> t]le lllojt tve 'Vtoppe'.noment. Then, just when )K rcl-1,,f t) u,,,, a ] ly needs a fast slop, what does! he get'.' A skd wth an accdent ;;t the end of t. "Keepng that wndsheld clear '''If drvers take these lesson to heart, I'm sure we can t-uuvesfully uphold <nr town's safety Free Classes n Chrstmas Decoratng Every Wednesday at 10 a.m. SIGNING CEREMONY Gov. Rchrd J. Hujh«. >{ nt bll In ht offce a Trvnton authorzng tat«ad to ndependent junor colleges n New Jersey a» Dr. Kenneth C. MacKay, predent of Unon Junor College, Cranford, looks on. Sgnng ceremony was attended by Assemblymen and State Senator* who sponsored the legslaton and by Dr. Wllam G. Van Nolte, presdent of Monmouth College, West Long Branch. Fnancal ad from the state for operatng costs could only be provded f fnancal std also were approprated by the county. The bll sgned by Gov, Hughes authorses the stale to match the county's contrbutons. The law at the present tme affects only Unon Junor College and Man* mouth College. vconl ths wnter," Chef Morun j concluded lojk'fully. What s now proved was once only nngn" 1 Wllam HlaVe Ebersol to Manage Hotel on Coast THE WESTF1ELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 18«J P*C* 17 Perre n July of 19B7 as assstant I to the lato Frunk A. 1'uBet. He became general manak*'r of thtl'ere n l'58 and vce presdent n 11'fU. Durnt World War II, Kbcreol Wllam A. Klvsol of We.-tfcld served us a captan n the Ar has resgned us vce presdent and j Koree. At the present tme, he s nl nkker of Hotel Perre, New York, to he-ome Kcncml IIIHII- JKer of the Ambassador Hotel n Los Angeles. The announcement.vus mud' today by Uoyle A. Krahan, vce preslent am general of Schnv Hotels, Inc., to become elvectve Jan. 15. Mr. Kbersul alsu relnqushed hs post ts vce presdent of I'acwest Kenlty Co. but remans n drector of the Kkelly Ol Co. Mr. Kbersol wll contnue at the Hotel l'ere untl [he effectve date of hs new as-»t;n»ent. Mr. Kbersol s a graduate of the School of Hotel Admnstraton nt Cornell Unversty n the Class of 1 l4is and had extensve* hotel experence before comng to the servng as treasurer of the New York State Hotel Assocaton, s a Chevaler l)u Tustevn and s a member of the Echo L*k«Country Club. Durng recent years, he h»j mantaned a horn* n Westfeld where he resdes wt ha wfe and daughter. In 1794, Presdent George Washngton had to call out the mlta to quell the whskey nsurrecton n western Pennsylvana, whch ressted the exclues on lquor. A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR The Comgnment Shop 27 Propwt StfMt Wostfleld, New J«r»»y (sponored by Wustfleld Servce League) Pleats note: Shop doted Monday, December 24th, and Monday, December Slt '*7ls truly the season to be jolly... and to deck the halls wth boughs of holly! May your Holdays be flled wth joy and laughter... warmth and frendshp...good tmes, and above all, goodwll! Glasser's Shoes 109 QUIMBY ST., WESTFIELD " 10 "PEACE ON EARTH GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN A L T O R S... y II T T AND PAR K EK - I N.L R URS 'p BARRETT & CRAIN REALTORS WESTFIELD AD ' "TWO COLONIAL OFFICES" BARRETT & PARKER, Inc. Assocated Insurors MOUNTAINSIDE AD

18 * * : IF* WE3TPrEtO (N. /.> LEADER, THUftSlttY, THE WESTFIELD LEADER feeeortt Claxs pontage pad at Weatfleld, N. J Publshed Thu-nday* at tt^mjh-:-!. N#w Jer**y. by Th# Wwtfeld leader Prntng and PahUur.lnK Company. An Independent N'ev:*M'pr Offcal Paper for the Town of Wt-^tfeld and Borougrh of UouralxvLlf. Subscrpton: X«.OG a year n advance. Rptahltshed s*" 1 * Offce: ;-0 Elm Street. West feld, N. J. Tel. AD 2-MO7 AD 2-MdS Member Qualty Weekles of N'ew Jersey New Jersey Pre^s As=oeU<on Natonal Edtoral Assocaton Robert S. Everett NATIONAL KlHHfMTHfllf THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1!»62 Edtor The Sprt of Chrstmas "For unto us a chld s born, unto us a son s gven." Thus spoke Isaah, the Hebrew pronhet. as he forecast the comng 1 of a Savour, the brth of the chld Jesus. Today, across ths world we lve n, mllons of people are preparng for the festval of Chrstmas, the tradtonal celebraton of Hs brth n a humble manger n the lttle town of Bethlehem. Wth the comng- of the Yuletde men who beleve and bespeak good wll n every area of the globe, set asde daly chores and troubles, petty anmostes to pay homage to the Prnce of Pence. For Chrstmas s a festval of the sprt rather than of the calendar. And though Chrstendom observes Dec. 25 as the natal day of Chrst, t truly s not so much a date of annversary as t s a season of rebrth. The rebrth of the human wsh to be a good neghbbr despte any dfferences whch may exst... the f&brth of an nherent convcton that " 'ta more blessed to gve than to receve"... the reborh knowledge that unless we do unto Others as we would have them do unto us the centures of cvlzatons growth and development, nterwoven wth the humble phlosophes and basc teachngs of Chrst shall have been for naught, shall have been wasted on us. How often do we n the season of Chrstmas turn our thoughts to the men who have kept the sprt of Chrstmas alve throughout the centures? We know them here as they are known by peoples everywhere the men of the cloth, the clergy, the relgous leaders and the dedcated lnymen. These are men who stand steadfast when adverstes come to us... men who are constant remnders and who constantly remnd us that there s a code of human behavor based upon the fundamental truths of our relgons that s the foundaton of all human happness. The world's churches, temples and tabernacles stand aa everlastng monuments to the unceasng zeal and sacrfce of these men. From the mghtest cathedral to the lowlest mssonary hut bured deep n a jungle the sprt of Chrstmas shnes each day as they render unto ther fellowman the "rod and the staff" to gude them along the way of lfe. And so ths Chrstnas may the Lord mnke the sun to shne upon them and may the sprt of Chrstmas dwell n ther hearts for evermore. Merry Chrstmas to all... n n ta The Chrstmas Carol Today's Chrstmas carol s a domestcated descendant of a lvely folk dance. The carol.started out n the mddle ages as a crcular country dance, called a "c.-role" n French. Some of the early Chrstans looked askance at dancng, however, and the carol soon lost ts steps. The lyrcs of the songs that had accompaned the dance began to chnnge, too, and eventually the "macaronc" style appeared. Ths conssted of tackng a Latn phrase on to the popular lnes, so that the people sang: Make wo joy now n ths feast In qua Chrstus natus est They ddn't necessarly understand the Latn, although t carred on tho sense of the song, but the stately Latn, words gave tlu-m a rel'tous mage. In 122:5 St. Francs of Asss started the custom of placng a creche, or mnature Natvty scene, n he church at Chrstmas tme. People began to act out the events of tho Natvty one of the steps n the development of mystery plays and then to compose carols to yng wth Ihe plays. Thcso led to the French noels.. trctly Chrstmas.songs, whch, n turn, nspred the Englsh carol.!>~.! : r" EDITORIAL A Real Odd-ball Approach In ts own way Wnshv.rlnn bureaucracy n dong everythng n ts power to lalau-o flc ludj't. Now don't get your hopes up because the way t s gong about t cvejls an ashmshly pecular dea (f what budget balance really s. The bureaucrats want to balance the budget by brngng domestc spendng up n a par wth dol'ense expendtures! Far-fetched? Nut. a bt. The cold statstcs provde ndsputable proof. Domestc spendnr wll have bt. the!?:0.8 bllon mark by the end of the current fscal year whle defense spendng wll reach $52.7 bllon. Ten yearn ago the domestc spendng fgure was but bllon, wth!?50.-l bllon spent on defense. Thus, from a level of 10 per cent of the defense expendtures n 1!>5", domestc spendng has catapulted to 7(1 per cent. The dollar ncrease n 10 year.-; was.?r>.."{ bllon whch represents SO per ( (. nt of the SIK. bllon alvanr 1 n the grand total for nl federal. Dednv over that perod. Despte the odd-ball bureaucratc approach most. Amercans are curtan o slck to tho old-fu.sloned noton that true budget balance comes only when ncome and outgo match. fc k~= SO, IBM Edtor's Corner and agan a contrbuton... ths (me our ths-k? *> t-: Mrs. Hugh M. Smth... THE HOLY NIGHT Cold, Pure gold, stn-yt-llow m;d pcam- Balthazzar brought to the Infant dreamng. Cold, the plat* of the royal board; Gold for the hlt of a Kngly sword. Symbol of barter, Symbol of power, Balthazzar brought to the Babe of an hour. What could a Knjr want That gold wouldn't buy? But th<? Chrst-Chld dreamed. And a star shone t>n hgh: Whle the Mother of God sanfr 6 lullaby. Incense. Krnnk-mcense. swott, spcy, perfumng, Melchor brought, devoton assumng. Incense, sealed n a prceless jar. Symbol of worshp,.symbol of worth. Mrlchor brought to our Lord at Hs brth. A Kng's adoraton, For a baby asleep On a bed of hay In n shed wth sheep. The joy n the Jlother's heart lay deep. Myrrh, Red Myrrh, a resn so btter, Gaspard lad by the gold a-gltter, Myrrh, n gft from the mystc East, That would stng the palate of man or boast. Symbol of bural, Symbol of death, Gasplarcl brought at the Chld's frst breath. What Could t rreln, And tho Chrst 66 small, Sleepng so peacefully There n the stall? The Mother's joy turned btter Sal. Gfts, Rch Gfts, the Mag offered, Gfts that the Kngs of Earth are proffered. Ppce and slver fnd prnj and pold, Intt-Rded the favor of Court.- to hold. Symbols of Earth and Sycophant s.hov. Ths s the most that w.*e men know. What dd Chrst dream, Whle the kne were lowng, And sghtless satfes Ther «n*ts were bestowng? He dreamed of a Peace past human knowng. L'Envo Chrst's dream of peace floated e'er the Earth As the angels s&ng of the Holy Brth: And sons of that dream s found now and then Ry peckers of God and lovers of mot. Oh. weary one, rest on the Holy n>'!t And lst for the song n the sky, Fur the Infant Jesus' dream of peace, I'e-chance may come wncng by. < I'' '.- ll Ye:s Vrgna, there * a Suntn Claus..." and that s the end of that for ths year... «C '" We dropped n at the Booster's annual Fall Sports dnner last week and though other eommtrnents made t mpossble to reman for the entre, program wo shall be eternally grateful for the' delcous chcken dnner... orchds, roses and for-get-me-nots should be pnned on the hardworkng lades who produced so pnlfttnbk 1 a meal... by tho wny, when's the next one frend? On the school proposals... Ths column has only ths to say... There are few taxjmyor.4 who are unmndful of the need for adequate oducntonal facltes n ths day am! ngu although many of the mndful look bard at aspects they feel nre unduly Costly or are frlls. A sold, down-toearth school problem, lucdly explaned to them,.seldom s fejoctcd. BY BAXPH ROBET The Amazng Expense Account. Rule. *' Never hns the Internal Revenue Servce been subjected to as vgorous crtcsm from a rulng ns t has b"cn on the new proposals on expense accounts. Hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of letters have been wrtten to tho servce objectng to ts nterpretaton of the Inw, am! *o many taxpayers asked to bo heard n person that nstead of only one day benjr devoted to ths purpose, the tme was doubled. Stll, every one wns under pressure to fret hs analyss presented n the tme ullottcd. And ths was n the face of an openng statement by Mortmer C. Capln, Commssoner of Internal Revenue, that certan of the suggested rules would be reconsdered and eased. No one questons that there has been abuse of expense accounts. But no one knows how wdespread the abuse has been or what t amounts to n dollars. And certanly t was the ntent of the Congress n the tax net passed a few months ngo that an attempt should bo made to brng tho abuse under control. It s, however, the almost unrmmous vew of careful and sklled strvnt, both lawyers nnd laymen, thflt the Internal Revenue Servce has gone well beyond even tho ntent of the Congress. In general terms, two nmn uuestnns are nvolved: Frst, the determnaton of what s n legtmate busness expense from the vewpont of taxes: second, the MHue of what type of records must be mantaned n order for the Internal Revenue Servce to allow the deducton. On the frst queston the man conf l-nvevy Imp to do wth whether busness mmnhfremont or representatves of tb* 1 servce are the better.udfj 1 nf whjt s u lotrtnnte expense ;u-co«nt tem. Obvously ths s ; tcklm subject, ff mnn-!u:cun'nt s (rven the rght *nnlv to use Us l'crctnn n allowng deductons the t'lcl s wde open for abute. Hut. ennversrly. f an Internal Revenue Agent h:\ unlmted power to dsallow an tem, t menus that n many nstances perfectly lertmate'e.xp.'nses wll M<l be deduct ble. Management beleves, jtml properly so, that t s more ennoble n (le determnaton of legtmate bunne-s enpc v es than the Internl leveme renl can possbly be, but ev'71 so t IUH'S not a^l; for. or expect, wdo open dscreton. What \y. ohect^ to n the propuscd r'klalnt s (lull, t s p!ll.«" defntely 011 Ib.' defensve that t wll havto regard ;l:nust m'ery enpcnture n.- sllmcrl n the eyes of th'- IllfelKll l'( venue Servce. t The type nf reeurlm whch lm«r be III-I >> _- >>.- 1 under I In- nr>u>... new rcchu ons - nn equally s«r- "IV. matter. A vulmue of delal.» requred tb:l 1 ba-'-ally mpo sble. Mo-;t \*l condan's \rw dcpand tem'cd jtccounts from ther cmloyec' ;md olvlcers. and nn the bnss of (^.ene r<*ports they determne whether the expendture was far and legtmate, or excessve and wnsteful. Jf the "'decson la that the tem wns excessve nnd wasteful, t s customary for t to be dsallowed or at least t s requred Hnt t be reduced to wlutt s proper. To meet these standards t s normal for omployeex and nvoe-rs to keep an temzed account of expendtures. The proposed regulatons go fur beyond ths. They requre exact tmes; ndvdual HstnK of each Horn wth recepts for anythng over $10; names; relaton of the guest to the busness purpose beng served; how lour the dscusson lasted; type of entertanment f. any; other guest present; nnd so on. Ths s snoopng beyond reason, and t would place a burden upon busness and ts employees that s wthout warrant. As noted earler, Mr. Capln has stated that certan of the rules wll be modfed. It s to be Imped that the changes are really sgnfcant, not because any honorable person npproves of abuse of expense accounts, hut merely as u mutter of reasonable operaton of our tnx Inws. FOR BEST RESULTS USE LEADF.R CLASSIFIEDS YOUR LEGISLATOR? 1962 Unted StAlctt Srn.tor* CLIFFORD P. CASE, R. 345 Elm avenue, Rahwny FU HARRISON A: WILLIAMS, D 2.31 Elzabeth.-.venue WettfoM. AD 2-868B 1 Al«o. Srnntp Offce Buldlr.g W.nlM»ton. D.C. MRS. FLORENCE DWYER, R ConcruMwonn 320 Vcron«nvenue, El.nbcth EL 3-O382 Also, House Offce Buldng, Washngton, D.C, State Senator NELSON F. STAMLER, R. 29 Bronrf utrcet, ElsabL-tl EL 2-2C53 State A»emblyme.n MILDRED BARRY HUGHE? (MRS.1, D. Blue Mount-, Morrs avenue, RFD Unon. El. :-7!UI JEROME KRUEGER. D Earn Jer«ey ulrct, F.l'nbeth. F.I. B-:»BnO JAMES M. McClOWAN, D. Z3(> dce, llrnhelb. El. H-4231 JOHN J WILSON. D. 517 Dnrm place, We^tfeld AD 2-B491 JOTTINGS by OBSERVER The Leader n past weeks prnted u seres of artcles about brds n our backyard coverng backynrds n many state3 and thus a varety of brd lfe. Most of ns around ths part of the country are not keen brd watchers and when summer goes our nterest n brds (roes too and we settle down to watchng or feedng grackles and starlngs and sparrows, who requre no specal seeds, but are wllng to fght a duel over peces of bread. We supply drnkng water. A cardnal flts around our back door every so often but he s so tmd that you almost have to get a look at hm on {he $ly and wo know nothng about where or how he pets hs feed. All chldren's books speak of the Chekadeo but I would not be able to dentfy one. My fnvorts wrter on the N. V. Tmes edtoral pane has wrtten a delghtful bography of ths lttle fellow. When there comes a flare up n the I.atln Amercan countres on our contnent and we ntervene n one way or another the average fellow Hsks hmself what s t all about. Do we want them to have n 'government just lke ours? (they have but don't want t to LETTERS TO THE EDITOR All letter* to the edtor mu*t bear a sgnature and a street addre, both of whch wll oe authentcated pror to publcaton. BREVITY IS ESSENTIAL. NO LETTER EXCEEDING 200 WORDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If requested, tor a vald reason, names may be omtted except n reples to letters that have been publshed. No anonymous letters wll V>e consdered. Letters must be wrtten only on one tde of paper and pre/> *rab!y typewrtten. All letters mut be n the ''Leader" offce ky Frday f th«y Are to appear n the followng «*ue. The "Leader" reserves the rght to reject or edt any letter to conform to "Leader" uage. Tax Revolt Edtor, Lender: The people of New Jersey certanly must be alarmed at the tral balloon that Archbald S. Alexander, charman of the ; State Tax work). Do we want them to po to our Sunday school? Do we want to sell them goods? Do we want to protect somebody? Do we want to prevent an enemy from comnfc n the back door? Ths latter has been a remote objectve tll now. Earl E. T. Smth was sent «s Ambassador to Cuba durng- the Batsta regme and has wrtten a book ttled "The Fourth Floor." (ths refers to the Department of State and not too reverently.) It s revewed n the N. Y. Tmes Book Revew of Dec. 9th by Adolf A. Berle, a former Assstant Secretary of State. If you read t you wll get a lot of nformaton wthout readng the book and the theoretcal questons whch I produced above are all answered. Incdentally, Mr. Berle notes that Mr. Smth hud no more than a callng acquantance wth Cuba. (Ths s not unusual how about (he appontment of that gentleman to Ceylon who could not pronounce the narne of one of the hjh offcals), but he also says that when he was n the State Department n llfl, that of the 20 desks assgned to Latn Amercan countres, l( of the people holdng thorn down had no more than a plune stop acquantance wth the country under ther wns- Polcv Commsson, s ras'ng It s qute obvous that the commsson s fronjr to recommend ether u state, ncome lux or n salo3 tax, probably the lattc-r as t wll brng n raore revenue for the pottcnns. Mr. Alexnndcr'.3 statement that "the concept of local control n New Jersey s so ngraned that I don't beleve there U danger of destroyng t" s nave to p-ut t mldly. Snce the Federal Government, under the lgth Amendment, has been able to squeeze enormous sums from the people? wth whch to dangle as bat before the state poltcoes, state control s ncreas- 'gly beng abdcated to federal control. Amlngou-sly, f the ulatc hns ncreased money wth whch to bat the local cennnvuntes, they wll abdcate ther responsbltes to tho empre buldng state bureaucrats. Ths Tvhole process s n drect volaton of the prncples of control by the people whch made our country grcut, and unless stopped t wll result In the breakdown of our freo tocety. It s fantastc thut precsely at the tme when the Federal Government realzes lt must decrease taxes In order to prevent the economy from breakng down that the State Tax Polcy Commsson s droppng such elaborate hnts that t wll recommend u tax whch wll really hurt New Jersey. The Natonal Plannng Assocaton only last week stated that New Jersey s one of the few eastern states whch can expect an ncrease n populaton, ncome and employment n tho next 15 years. Why? Logcally t s because t s Ihe only state, wth the excepton of 'Nebraska, whch has no general sales tax nor state Income tax. However, f ether tax s enacted, t s extremely doubtful that New Jersey Wll contnue ts growth. The carrot whch *j offered to t!>e people s that t s beleved that a hroad based tax wll releve the tax burden on the property owners. Ths s nonsense. Common sense tells you that expenses n government rse to meet ncome. The state money wll just go out n more frlls. The fact s that n other.states tbe clam has av/ays been made that property taxes would not rse f a rales or state ncome tax were enacted, but, of course, after the state tax was nsttuted, proparty taxes stll kept merrly rsng. Taxpayers, sn't t tme for a tax revolt! O. B. Johannsen "Can Afford Both" Edtor, Leader: I fully agree wth Mrs. Eodes that hgher teacheru' salares should be nun;.ber one, und buldng.* number two, on our scale of educatonal needs. I cannot agree, however, thnt we should 'have to choose between them. I thnk we can well afford both. As proof, I would not offer complcated tax fgures, nor make nvdous comparsons wth other communtes. One need only draw attenton to the Chrstmas spendng now n full tlt, the luxury ea-3 that jam our parkng lots, and the many less obvous evdences of materal well-beng n Wescftekl. Our choce, perhaps, should he not 'between hgher teachers' salares and mproved facltes, but between a frst class educatonal system and plant, and the shortlved comforts that tho same money wll buy. Now that wo have fnshed reassessng our property values, lt may be a good tme to re-nsscss our socal ones. It shouldn't take nearly as long, nor create half the uproar] Mrs. James R. Trowbrdge Taxes Kdtor, Leader: The followng s for that porton of your edtoral pa^c devoted to letters from Wostfeld resdents. Jn the modern concept of jcovevnmont the lourco of ncome, the taxpayer, s apparently vewed as a Iottomlcss source of funds to fnance all works. Fodern ncome's taxes tko a FIRST n frendly servce! And when they wvrc. couv nto the house, they SUM- the young chld wth Mary hs mother, ud fell down and worshpped hm; and wlu' they hud opened ther treasures, they presented unto hm ffts; gold, and frankncense, and myrrh. May The True Sprt of Chrstmas Comfort Yon Throughout the Year! tralon of the w.ll press for C an ncome tax. taxpayers m ^ authortes that the, baac economes n eal state and hto Elmnatng the neffcent, the FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS ISO ELM WXST.EIEKJD. <!"'»g h,. CnJ servces proper*, V whle abandonng those *?" not vtal wll also help B.' any of us help to,,,,, ' tha eanty? * ' le awe of all»,. schemes and demand ttsatth^ ed reprcenthtvm modf, ject those that volate ** Volunteerng to Brepltt out some of the frll, thn thontks thnk art ndb another postve acton. Acton on unnecessary lko charty, begns at te 11. Vertas Agan Edtor, Leader: Much of tho crtcsm of H»^ tas column has been that jlt unsgned. One letter, wrsaj offcer of the League of We, Voters, sad "we would lb kd ssue wth the practwgff Ing hghly controvcrsl tons under a paoydonyn«.. toral page of the LeaJn.' Whch remnds me of * Lnes" n the Leader. I n to suggest that ths ml sgned by the author. ITOL lke *to know whether the c fa wrtten by a member f Wcstfeld League or ly Is of the herarchy, am dt not suggestng that Uscohas removed from the paper. TtSj the specalty of the "lbtrtk" L Juhn C U 4 (Ed. note): Ix-ngat Ltel! ton by a member o[ l!«i league. MORE Lmt NEXT PAQE

19 LETTERS edent Answers Leader: o o'.vng s a ropy of a lelnt to-mrs. Downe under date. 12 Mrs. Downe: fur our Board of Edumay I thar.k you for your letter and for the nterest both»uh regards to the Hgh School proposed rencns and wth respect to other s coneernng the educaton rhldret..ii trv to answer your quessperfcally, although prob- I by now you have noted anto many of them ether n press n statements we have I or, f you were at the publc Bng 'Monday nght, from ropes to questons from the floor. t.urposes of smplcty, I have 1 comments to your tem num Deluxe Model PORTABLE Dshwasher tn«23 A WEEK l 9 YEARS TO PAY I All Tfew nca Whrlpool Qualty hatumt m Ho Ut tcn«ln...h r» rwlnf oewtrful PM» Md my loatpartlcm Compltttlf AutMttto K* rnm, wlu. trpta HUM It lt Iwl MUrt > UH ktl» h Wctulal Ktttm «HHogt *w kutt l> UM 4l>lmt«l Bl M»«Jtf-»«l4 10 Balk M WlW, «mum h Wctulal fah FuM Y«or foefoy SWWMT from MCA Stnrkt Ct. Compl.l. MKIIM * «CA Wttrpsot Olhwohwt trortcm* ft V*4ttfnt*r Med*b) M t wrary * «M4 Mffttf COFFEVS BR ALDEN ST. CRANFORD gh School popuof 1H00 chldren for ths we are merely ex lato addton. WHh» year, 10G12. 1%2. We Wo already have near- tendng the plan but, you wll re j ly as of Dec. 1. These fgures, I call, are do nn so on a t\vo-stor> n 1. As we have sad sevv-11 am.sure, were developed on the I lass. Item 5. It would l>e our opnor U>at the natonal co«tt of educator wll contnue to rse us we ns B na ton contnue to nsst on more am' :'.ore better clucaus people. Af vou know, n the opnon of most experts, h^h school jrraduntes of fve and U'n years atro would have extreme dffculty n sorurk college admsson today, Iwcnuse of fffvw* * the ncreased Iwe! f study and, In turn, therefore, because of the ncreased rwurements. I do not personally deplore thn addtonal *ost and I do not Kreo that t must nevtably lend to federal subsdes,?xc>pt, {HM'hapt, n depressed urenj vhch cannot fend for thomselve. 1 * As far na pn> '.ng for whatever n.tenses that occur n the co;-t of Munton '! conce-rml, the money stll cones from U.H ns a naton of taxpayers whether we pay t dx* or whether we pay t through tlc Federal tlovernnent and rcvevc some of t hack. It» my per.sonnl opnon that we pay less when control t at tho local level. Item (. We d> not nsstme that enrollment wll ncrease n the next fve to ten y**ars at the rote prevalent n the past n WostftoM. In our judgment, ths -s not x>s.* Hcnuse we are appmnohnn the snturnton pont jt terms of empty buldng lots, for example. How ever, to assume no growth s lke wse mpractcal, Kvause Un' aver ge nurnl>er of chldren H»r new homo s ncren.-lnr markedly, and,ve uppenr to le K'ettnjr noro chl.irt-n n our present homes. As 1 *ud curler, w< hav<* Lrt^l to tak nto account all the varables, o;.vhch th-.e lre two, and plan our junor hgh pchoo] expans<n «( -hat we wll not have to 'xpn7c Ktn. "nl yet stll not overbuld Item 7. We a^ree n K»nrr:t wth tho comments concernnt; edu :uton and we sutfrcst tvnt the pro Stran we nre prcsenlnf s wmnl The renovatons and addtons, s fur as expanson of ths program s concerned, lre largely confne to'scence, math and Inngungv. Th other programs, because of lntt* facltes n some eases, arc no beng expanded, but rather we an recommendng provsons so nl chldren can partcpate equally whot we now oltrr! Item 8. If you wll refer to th brochure on Kdson Scb<K>l, prnte n I!lo7, you wll note that, t Ktatvs ycn.v home can look MORE BEAUTIFUL wth THE WESTF1ELD (N J.) LEADER. THURSDAY. DECEMBER P«g«\9?ral tne.s publcly, \v«regret thelb^t t-hange of electon date from Dec. nforrnaton avatl&ble, but The audtorum vvnjf wll not hv 27. We could have eho? arv plenty of varable and mlt now hut t s nclude.! n thefnancal Answer! structure, wjth sone 20 dl^rent n another week but n our nter- pnpont uccurancy s therefore! roof levels, s a hodg\*p lu '^ of anj glo* and jut-ouls, all of wh^h eon- Qualty tttct's plan and wll bo added Edtor, Loader: \-t n ^;:tn^r the proposal up f :juto dttcux as you can appree at-r." Aso, 'VvonuzUy an ad- As a person dvpjy nteestx "jn.m.u- ;tu>n ut 'lt- earlest jmssdal.s»( rhm' IHv. 21. We rc- derestrnatng n The cave of Kdum wn^r wll tw rtfjurs.*' A I Know, vtt.lly lo'u'ltu'l wth the.m of tlmt bul.lmjr -> above the! FIREPLACE WOOD You have crtczed us for un 1,! n ftrmtotl to unduly hgh cv-trvh-- "lonal \MI\<\ ssue for the atutu- your o^'nunt.'.s wffut, you nc. : lon eo>t>. M^reov-r, only <mc ;, Cfel the m - >:jv or^rnttt cor.:;;ructon; othej*s ormor prv.dt*nt of the lh>ard, \vht>»»'. hut must propvssl.- for a new broad->;.»'l! second fu.r level. I "t out llmt ;; f; ;'.re presently crtczng us bee-auslvpres These t:xt-s are IKSHI: ballyhotuj : *.j.v Mars wll nol hurt the t-w : us nvolved at hv tno, U-Us me : t «K ;tu»n wthout UIN-! Lhey suggest we are overestmutnj l > or u-ono tax n our M.le. I It h;x, bcm -okvu-d that clml- I FOR SALE.hat thf roason for u»l nchuk t. -au»e ewry voter s res-ntaton, :ww. Qute frankly, n Westfek vas that th> town dd not dpsro to as the answer to the stale'." growng nuk'al needs but 'un any gel ml of the habt, for those who 1 SCHMIEDE TREE EXPERT CO. dents. Actually they should not I eeuro an ab:;.-nu*e ballot eght uur exj>erence has been that w< Ms ts debt lmt n HK57. Snce ays before electon from the board -onohow always end up wth tnort hen, on suosequont l>ond ssuea, wo tax, wh'h hts hardest at tho?e go on to college wll, n most nstances, have a lot of slav clmb- secretary, so he or.' he s not deprved of tn- rght to vote suggt-t. More mportantly, n ou).-hldren than statstcal estmate, lave done &o from tme to tme, least able to pay, do any more than I'em 2. W j-"h judgment p1^",vth no adverse fnancal result*; artfrevate. fscal pj'oblems? ng to K\O. Our colleges am unverstes have generally bad to FA vuwnunr currcular program re nd wth the full approval uf state are^ sjud you fee! j qure.nents levy the needs for add uthortos. The need for the audorum \vu«s fort^soen, therefore, and advocatng: a publc rvferendum on For mottle now, 1 have been plan ther buldngs wth duo regard for economy. s far aa we arv concernty, "evenually' 1 s now that U, September state lottery, \vht*h 1 feel s the IVrhap.s the school development legalzed ott-track ln*t t n ^r a nd a.964. only logcal jnd panless answer to program IU'IHIN a pause for reocntaton n plannng. PHOTOSTATS our state's fnancal problems. Item 9. "Wth resjxvt to your 1 earnestly rmjuest your supjhtrt C. S. Cornell x)mment«on books, our own nvrsjfaton ndcates there s ppnr- rt»uor3 to wrte to ther state s- SAME DAY SERVICE n ths matter. LMOHSU urjre your ntly some mfeunderttamlnj; that semhlymen and sern tor l.>.ustn^ xsu n ths matter. "The admnstraton wll respond to you -tpe-tery proposal IH< put to the that tho'off-track bettnjr and lot- publc fwlly and n det-al on the ^uesons you rased, but, as a general omment, t has boon explaned to no that books are uvaluble for ome use wh*re t U our K>llcy and tractce to have them. In any vent, t a not Invnse we have tny shoru&fro of textbooks. We do ;ot! IU*m 10. W«aurev completely vth your eomnonts ooncernk mvnjr the best books for every hld and mprovetl sourm for our XoelleU teachers. \V*» emtnut 1,o try to p]«n to th*s' ends. As x mutter of practce and polcy,.he Hoard of Kduc»t'on wll not md t n our 4>plnon t has not addel l>i«nt or frlls «t the expense of he forokonk* Wo have had what s consdered to IK* one of the best Nlueatonnl.\v«U'ns n ternh of re- -nt.-* n New Jersey am) natotul y. Our job M to no pln that, we ID not dmnsh n any of these n*- j>;»'ls. Obvously, ths *Uw» cost noney, but you wll be nterested,n knowng tlmt the cotl per pupl n WeMflfld» lower than n any ;>f the eompanule m*hoo! systems,vfh wl'h we cmjmro ouuelvus n New Jersey. rewse ae-ejt ^rlt our thanks for your most venetrulng questons am for your obvous nterest,n the subject. Wlls G. One, JVesdent.:!V :.' 5 ; ;?<v»^.v 1 'V''' ; ' ; for a vote. When the people spodl'., H'overnnents lu'n. Thomas Gantrem, Mayor, Jersey Cty to Keoronl Kdtor, lx'nder: It s tmely to suggest Unt rejecton by the voters of the proposed vtehool Ixmd ssue need tnt be lsastrous to the communty's edteatotl (rogran. If necessary, the present buldng' cerlnnlv could IK 1 made to serve more hours >t the school tny and even more w<*eks of the yenr. Any nconvenence so caused :;hou]d In 1 charged to obtan full do!!:r value 'n classroom spuce n M>me costly school buldng projects of the past tlecndc. The Kd.on Junor llgb School s clearly n case ru pont, where ftbout te-tlrl of luldng (excludng the gymnasum) s only one >!ory hgh. Some 10 or 12 addtonal classrooms could be nddr-d to Kdson School, perhaps at molerntc cos! by placng a second floor over the one-story porton. Kcouuny n bml use and n heatng co(*ut arc factors to be consd* erel. Another nstance of uneconomc spendng s the orgnal buldng of the senor hgh school. That ''' ' ".':'! ' ': '"- '' USE CHRISTMAS l'*>immhbax#iiikm!!a1lll«mii<h4mlm^^ Westfetd Studos Portrat and Commercal Photographer* CfNTKAl AVENUI ADAMS t-02w ESTABLISHED 1902 F. P. RISTINE & CO. STOCKS-BONDS-MUTUAL FUNDS 125 BROAD STREET ELIZABETH, N. J. FLanders PROSPECT STREET MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE WESTFIELD, N. J. ADarm NEW YORK PHILADELPHIA RIDGEWOOD RED BANK y v- XS^l^ WmAV; t Capture the gay. warm sprt o* Chrstmas ^ h * " " ^ ' ndoors and outdoors. says. "Merry C.r. 6 m«to frends, nc Chbors and communty more sn...ty your o^n pclnal Holday decoratons. hgh can our home look more beautful than ever, no matter. you smple or an elaborate dsplay. Plan now to decorate for Chnstma A CLRTIFIEO RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING CONSULTANT CAN BE OF SERVICE IN HELPING YOU PLAN BET- Tr«wonr..-.FFLCTIVE LrGHTING for YOUR HOMt:. CALL YOUR LOCAL CUtTLIC SERVICE OFFICE. PUBLIC SERVICE ELECTRIC AND GAS COMPANY ' TAXPAYING SERVANT Or A GREAT STAT. Irom tne offcers and sta(( of Tlc Natonal State Dank, lo you and yours... every good wsh of the season and the lct of health, haj/pness and prosperty n the year ahead! ELIZABETH SPRINGFIELD RORELLE-PARKV : f^&7 :^tp%ty'^ : SUMMIT KENILWORTH WESTFIELb^,<S^vItS^Mt^ '^V V,. /! <!<?. " " ' ' ** '

20 THE WESTFIELD <N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 196* Judge Drects Park Board to Yeld n Sale to Freeholders Superor Court Judge Mlton A. Feller last week ordered the Unon County Park Commsson to surrender to the Board of Freeholders the dsputed $150,<00 whch t Runed from the sale of park land to the Moselle I'«rk Board of Educuton. The decson clmaxed a sut fled by the freeholder board after the park commsson refused to turn over the, money, whch t hoped to use for future land acquston. Judge Feller ruled that the commsson, whch s an admnstratve agency, does not have the authorty, under state law, to retan the proceeds from tho sde of any captal asset. The power to keep and control tho money rests wth tbe Board of Freeholders, the legslature of the county, because the specfc rk't s not granted by statute- to the purk commsson, Judge Feller d«>clared. Under the New Jersey Consttuton, any law concernng muncpal or county governments must be construed lberally n ther favor, Judge Feller nbtejl. The park commsson,.on the other hand, s an agency of the county and has only the powers whch are spelled out precsely n the statutes, h added. An examnaton of the stu laws pertanng to the park con msson "fals to dsclose any pr vson from whch t can reasu ably be nferred that the sa park commsson may retan th proceeds of the sale of park Ian and uso these proceeds for th purchase of other lands wthou tho approval of the Kovernnjr b of the county," JU>IRU Keller do clarcd.... It clearly was not the lej< slatve ntent to rve the par commsson that power," the jurs commented. The park commsson sold fo $150,000 about nne acres of Ian n Rosele Park for whch tl county had pad $35,711* over a ><)rod of years. apprecathufor good wll and confdence we. txt td to you most cordal uske for tbe Holday Season. We welcome.ths opportunty of tellng you jntt how much we enjoy servng you! Davd Talbot ElECTRICAl CONTRACTOR 613 SOUTH AVENUE WESTFIELD AO Judge Feller further ruled tha the commsson may not expem the money realzed from the sal< because there WJIS no appropru ton for the amount n the 196'; county budget. He declared that t was "th unform desgn u( the Legslator to place the ultmate control o such appropratons to the par commsson n the electorate, ether <lvrtly through a referen dum or ndrectly through t; elected representatves, the Boarc of Freeholders. County Atty. Leo Kaplowtx arpued the case for the freeholders Nov. 2 before Judge Feller. Fred crck C. Kentz Jr. of Summt rep resented the park commsson. Lghts Too Brght On Playground; Dmmng Due FANWOOD Actng on com plants from Maran Ave. res dents, the Boroueh Councl las' week FaH t s studyng how to dm the lghts n La Grande Play> ground. The lcrhts, newly nstalled to a<* polce n detectng vandalsm anh ther prohbted ntrhttme actv- ;rg, ore "too breht" and "objec onahlo," the resdents charged. "We certanly don't want to mnke a Yankee Stadum out of t." sad Counclman John J. Kennedy Jr. Publc Servce Electrc & Gas o. engneers arc studyng the ltuntlon and wll ether rflduce ;he wnttrge of the lfjht bulb3 or "Imnate every other lght, Ken rfy dsclosed. George H. Carlock of 144 Mar- :f>n Ave. sad the lghts shne :hrdugh draped wndows n hs lome. Mr. Carlock and three other Harat Ave. resdents Charles E <essler, Anthony Portera and lohn G. Voorhees Jr. suggested he wattntce be cut n half. Mr. Kcssler sad tho park a vclt and the lghts produce ntense glare." A Recreaton Commsnon laque commendng hm for "dll- :ent eftorts" n organzng the 'anwood Junor League baseball ams wns presented to H. H. Pelarakl of llf Patterson Rd. by fayor E. Sdney flulszer. In response to questons from he audence, tho Borough Counl Bald no defnte plans have yet eon mode for the Fanwood Lumer Supply Co. property n South, whch the borough a purchasng. Several buslncnsca have exressod nterest n buyng jome of ho property, Includng a food arket and groups of unspecfed ypo3 of retal stores, accordng to ounclman Theodore S. Hencdct. Tho hotoukh hopes to take ttle 0 th». property by the end of ths ontn, Mayor Hulszer sud. Kndar speed detecton equpment, purchased recently by the borough to replace old speed tm ere, s beng operated by polce Counclman Cnrl 1'. Wesger re ported. It also was reported tlat the Board of Health has adopted au ordnance regulatng food and beverage vendng machnes. All s'jch machnes must be lcensed here In 1UG3. The councl adjourned untl Dec 28 at 8 p.m. to conclude l'g2 bus ness.' NTA USE CHRISTMAS SEALS Acme Personnel Honors Manager JOHN ZAREUvBA, MGR. Cut ths pcture out and present t to any ohockcr at our Acme ftjnr- ;et on South Ave, n WestfleJd, and on wll receve a free loaf of broad vth our complments. Wo, tho clorka and depavuent oads of ths ACME Market dn- *t all of you, our frends, to ome on nnd buy your 'Chrstmas rder..rond our advertsement. ho "stamp" and "prce" progrum terrfee. You wll fnd every loldny need covered. We havo desgnated ths week our' "MANAGER WEEK." Von't you please 'holp us wth your rder, to havo a rccord-breaknp reek 'n support and honor of our ranagcr, John Zarerobn. Tho entre personnel of our Westleld etoro jons n washng You nd Yours a very Merry Chrstmas nd tho beat n the New Year. We nro lookng forward to uervnfc y<ju ths wtwkcnd. Sgned AH Employees, ACMK IMAIRK'ET, WEIS/TFIELD AJDVERTISBM HVT Polce n Favor Of Speed Plan FroehoUler Ed»vard H. Tller reported that county park and munopal potce seem to be n agreement that 'hs dea thnt epee< lmts on county roads should be standardzed. He sad such approval was expressed at a conference he held last week wth polce chafs n the court noue. The froeholder announced he plans to c<ul n meetng of mayors and polce commssoners early next year n an effort to reach a general agreement on a peed lmt prograjn. He sad that on some county roads the speed lmt vares as much as 10 or 15 mles per hour as they pats through varous muncpaltes, le also -wll seek the support of state departments. Freeholder Tller, who s charman of the put>!c works commttee, sad he also hopes to standardze parkng regulatons on county roads to help move traffc durng rush hours and to elmnate hazards at county and muncpal road ntersectons. He revealed that he s recommendng fve such ntersecton mprovements for /4t Chrstmas, let us llt up our eyes to the glorous heavens...ktos open our Imrtt to the holy mea*af» of hope, joy and peace everlastng <y Skn,. vst 1? p - Clone ( Westfeld Sweet Shoppe Establshed East Broad Street.,'. ], Westfeld I' nl W p l*r k «u MS 1 j rstmas ll aboard for the merrest Yuletde ever..brght wth good cheer, lght wth laughter and flled wth the warmth of close frendshps and famly reunons. to our host of frends and neghbors we send good wbhes for the Holday Season and offer our deep apprecaton for ther contnued loyalty and good w There's a warm spot n our hearts for al the wonderful people we have been prvleged to serve throughout the year. Along wth our thanks we send you cur heartfelt Chrstmas wshes. Robert Treat Delcatessen 113 Qumby St. Westfetd AD HENRY P. TOWNSEND MOVING AND STORAGE AGENTS FOR ALLIED VAN LINES 241 North Avenue ***»

21 TH WESTFI U> (N. J.> LEADER. THURSDAY, DECEMBER ZO, 1W» Wfe* JIT' EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE ON YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST! CHRISTMAS Inspraton... for a wfe for a brde magnfcent hgh-fashon Rngs ablaze wth damonds! There s no loveler way to express your deyoton than the gft of one of our formal damond rngs... andtjttlythe ftfest damond* wll do for our superb collecton. See our varety of desgns at prces that reflect our reputaton for value! DIAMOND WEDDING RINGS, from $75 ~ DIAMOND SETS, Avalable from $100 We cut and polsh our own damonds... there s no mddleman... and the fabulous savngs are your*! All damonds fully guaranteed for qualty, workmanshp and value! NEW! Casserole specally prced! RIFARl A lot of fashon on a small scale. Ultra-fomnno, reallook ewelry In a flexble) loaf desgn In twn-texturod, golden-toned or platnum-toned Trfanum. Necklace 4.00, bracelet 3.00, pn 3.00, oarrngs Prces plus lux. Lovely... The ELEGANTE Jevel Case *MEL Jewelry dcsljns.copjrllghlod and so convenent! IGHT UP YOUR HOLIDAY... See Martn Jewelers' unque dstngushed, superb qualty gfts for everyone on your Chrstmas lst at LOWEST holday prces! Choose exquste damonds, 14K gold, pearls, and other dstnctve jewelry; select fne precson watches, gltterng slverware and superor men's and lades' accessores from our magnfcent collectons. Every purchase s FULLY GUARANTEED at Martn Jewelers... We are a long-establshed, reputable company and our "gemologcal excellence and unquestoned busness ethcs and practces" have earned us membershp n the Amercan Gem Socety. Stop by Martn Jewelers today... Shop n a pleasant, unhurred atmosphere where you truly are a guest. Included n ths page are just a few choce gft suggestons for that "specal someone!" Avalable For Your Convenence: CHARGE, HANDI-CHARGE, BUDGET, CLUB AND LAY-A-WAY PLANS EXCLUSIVE At Martn Jewelers! SUPERB, PRECISION GLYCINE 'TIMED" for Your Chrstmas Gftng! More It a matjnlflcent wach of proud crafsrnanthlp and pectacular stylng.,. Tho Gft Supreme! PLUS: Your Glyclne watch carres a 3-YEAR FREE SERVICE GUARANTEE... And, at wth ANY WATCH you purchno at Martn Jtwelon, It wll b» roplacod froo of cot f proved defectve for any reaon. Stop by TODAY... Soe our fabulou collecton of clastc Omega, Tssot and Bulova watches, too... All prced RIGHT for your budget)!7 JEWEL WATERPROOF WATCH WATCHBAND..^ % ONLY $29-95 In I am out ROGERS* SILVERPLATE A Product of (Te Internatonal Slver Company For gracous entertanng...llverplated covered casserole wth ornate handle and gadroon border, 1 V qt. removable pyr«x tn*r. Quanttes lmted at ths specal sale prce AT SAVINGS TO PAMPER YOUR BUDGET STERLING SILVER BABY TEETHING RING S.99 LARGE SELECTION SILVERPLATE HOLLOWARE. 4.8^ CULTURED PEARL PIN AMD EARRING SETS 4.9f 20-Oz. PEWTER TANKARDS.. _. _ :: HAMILTON WATCHES, 17 and 22 JEWEL, GOLD-FILLED AND SOLID GOLD, INCLUDING ELECTRIC WATCH 1 / /O So smartly styled... unquely szed, wder and longer. Exctng features nclude Mele necklace barand catch-all pocket n ld. Deluxe automatc tray wth earrng compartments. In antque calfskn smulated leather. Choose from fashon-wse vory, blue, pnk. S SILVER GIFTS FOR MEN n 1 f'c. ^ct of sold * *< W:rA 'AI'.'I -Jl 2 do. Glt 'mat Check these fne watch features 17-Jewels Waterproof Stanless Steel ('orrosn-proof Ca'O Unbrcafcahle Crystal Ant-Magnetc S\s-,s Inca Hloc movement Dust Proof Sweep Sccom! Hand "YOUR PERSONAL JEWELER" WESTFIELD: ELM AND QUIMBY STS. AD CRANFORD: 27 NORTH UNION AVE. BR Come >\ tt'thty whtt ths lmted tme offer last*. Buy a two-n-ottt combnaton for yourself others for gftsl Check these amazng TWIST-O-FLEX features Extraordnary flexblty You can twst t, turn t, even le t n knots Maxmum Durablty Stanless Steel Corroson-proof Handsome desgns Feuthcr-lfjt comfort Adjustable to any wrst FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EASE: Open Every Nght 'Tl 9 P.M.

22 Page 22 Stamler Asks Survey Needs Of O'Connor Court THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 I S(::U- >Yr.. 'V.-N-l! I-'. S!:u:l.'.-.-l l..-! w.- k lf l.-. H-OIH K I ward M. -M.!'<«":!!, -::.!. :..tmn jslralvr of eour: ;, to!>akt- a s:r very of l T r:on County's.Juvcnl am I)o:U'.-tH' lcaons ("otrl t* dotfj'h' whether ; full-t-r.' ju>l;:.-.'s n«-<l-l. He also u-:nt:: to know throujrl the PUy whether th<- case ]o:< n Ihc court would re qure two full-t-.p ju:l>res am whether tle court should lp spl nto two <l:v-o-;.-> wth a full-tm* Earler l::>>t week the count ehurn:en of the two major ]>o;.'1 oal pjrt'e.s exjre ;.sed support of j>lan to dvl.'lo tle court and «p pont two jursts to sueceed JU<1K '.k-urd K. O'Connor, who wll re stfn from tle bench at the end o the year. Judte O'Connor sad h wants to <levolc full tme to h prvate law practce, Stamler sad: "These two courts handle two of the most mportam 6o:al problems of the day and arc too mportant to be allowed to be contnued on a" part-tme''gussj.'"" "I lave always beleve(j, as a lawyer, that all jude;e.s above the level of a muncpal matrstrate should be on a full-tme bass," Sumlvr added. Gov. Hughes Sgns Rals Subsdy The way hsa been cleared for th; state to provde up to $3 mllon n.^uh'des to revamp the Jer.-Ty Central Ralroad. Gov. Rchard J. Hu;rhes sgned a bll last week authorzng- the state to pay the cost of lnkng the Jersey Central to the Pennsylvana staton n Newark. The bll would also permt the Jersey Central to drop.ts nort Jersey shore servce, leavng tha servce to the Pennsylvana Kal road., Both ralroads now operate sm Jar shore servce over the track; of the New York and I^ong Brand rahoad. Governor Huphcs, n sjrrvng th( measure, termed t a vtal step a comprehensve ral transt plar for North Jersey, centerng on th port of New York Authorty's op oraton of the old Hudson Tubes "Wthout ths legslaton," the governor sad, "dn mportant secfton of northern New Jersey faced the prospect of dscontnuance o Jersey Central servce. The economc repercussons of sueh a step would have been tremendous." Students to 'Treat' 50 CP Chldren Ffty chldren 1 to 7 years old vctms of cerebral palsy, wll be entertaned at «Chrstmas party ths mornng: by students at Unon Junor College. The party wll be for the chldren at the Cerebral Palsy Center, 'Sprngfeld avenue und Holly St., Oranford, whch s the former home of Unon Junor College. The former-grant School buldng was sold by the college to the Unon 'County Cerebral Palsy Assocaton. It hud been the college's home for 17 years untl the college moved to ts new Nomuhegun ca'npus n UJC students wll provde small Chrstmas stockngs, rmes and refreshments for the young cerebral palsy vctms. The grts wll be dstrbuted by Santa CI.'us (portrayed by a student). A Chrstmas tree and Chrstmas decoratons also wll be provded by the UJC students. Each year the student councl at the college entertans a Krop of less fortunate chldren. 1'revous partes were conducted at the Chldren's Country Home n Mounl:f;nsde, St. Walburga' (lrphanaxc n 'Kost'Ue. and Janet Memoral Hume n Elzabeth. UJC Mudenls who wll partcpate n the- j ally nclude: Westfeld, :.Mss Kecne 1.. Corn of ll Jefferson Avc. all Mss KlzaU'th -\. Warwck of HO M:: :alusctts St. Scotch Plan.-, Mss Susan 11. Wrght of 2OK I,ydn PI. and.mhs Judth.A. Montuu of ;>21 Jlrnry St. I Schlesnger Jons Ampex Tape Dv. tt''t \l'l'(ll'<l t'ttt Address One', nolle* re juetled of re«dcrt of t he "Leader" who xre changng ther addn-sc*. Addre»» fat* arc made up une week n «(! trance, and wljle t» poklbla at the last mnute to rnd an extra paper to A new address. It» not possble to prevent the already addressed paper from gong to the old addre** wthout the week's notce. The "Leader" wlt be happy to forward papers wthout extra charge anywhere u the Unted States for those subscrber* who are plannng to be away for temporary perods. subscrbers who are plannng to l»e away for temporary perod* TO BUY OR SELL, USE LEADER CLASSIFIED ADS WV-te june.l A U]H*N (Vr; yf :)umjf- ;url.^' tl J' ^ ( A h. Mr. «.-):l.,'.(: York Cty, an.! for tll' ))M.t.<<. >. >'.l years :: le. :,!r!l of \l'cs!f-l was awarded n dejrr-e n ch'nc: er-neerk at the College of ll C>' of Xew York. He has al t-.n'.pjeted a seres of tujustr )ar.a;ce:net courses conducted 1 j Amc'.'an Mana»:emt>nt Assoc ton. Menl>e-.hrs arc held! Amercan Chemcal Socety, Ajne c.n Insttute of Chemcal Kfr neer.s and Insttute t: 1 Plant Engneers. Mr. ^chlesn^t I has served process ndustres ' both techncal a'l management c:! pacte.-; durntc the past 20 year Mr. SchlesnKcr s marred 1 Ihc forrer Helen l ; 'ercnz and the have three daughters and a «> The younrer daujrhter.s a-e twn Mrs Schlesnrcr s a chemst teacher. She and the chldren w: jon 'Mr. Schlesntrer uj>on eompl> ton of the current school year. S^S^SHSHSjSjSJSmF3339E<c ^4dSVacBSjSVSPmK4tfKHHMHUflSW3aWHnHK3mL> ^ >t,vmtoavktv A- ' v -y '-x ^^* ' " b»? Mv^qn n«uut4»te lmtet rupertr»* * u: llhrrlnun Av«-,, wn* u.fhtrl», Mr, nml Mnt. ThuutDM M. Mullen, foruorl) 1 from NettU'l l*lulnh. Tn? Mnr y%nm uruut.nlru and Mm. A. 1.. Losnn throurb the ufffce of wlluu A. Clnrk, Itcnltor, by Gernldfnr I*urd>'. Automatc Record Changers Hgh Fdelty F./VL Stereo SERVICE STATION RADIO & T.V. 333 SOUTH AVE., WESTFIELD AD ROBBINS & ALLISON, Inc. Ef WM. O. MULIER, Pt«. Local and Long Dstance Movng Household Goods Exclusvely STORAGE 213 South Ave. East Canford, N. J. Call BRdg* r 4 PACKING SHIPPING Ettmater Cheerfully Gven on Any Movng Problem RslADY MIXBD CONCRETE rf«llv«r«d la quantty Saturday evflveruf tlmaf* WELQON CONCRETE CORP. 4 BOHN-wLKEnDNo oomx^ BIVKION* OP WSLOON HATIKIAU*. IMfl. SCOTCH PLAINS SO. PLAINFIELD UNDO FAmd PLnfld IDntr IA432 OTHER WEIDON PRODUCTS Cruh.rf Sfona, Bloc* To^ Crave/, Sand and Mason Matmrlak 54 Elm Street IS PARKING A PROBLEM? "" CALL ADams > AUTO BODY REPAIRS AUTO DEALERS SEVELL'S AUTO BODY CO., INC. 1lk.<n KxH-rts IIKAU I'ramv & Whrl St-rvlce Ct-u-ral AUTOMATIC THAXSAT1SSIONS ^4 Hour TowHK St-rvlCL- AD Wndsor Ave. Westfeld > AUTO DEALERS WILLIAM JAY CLARK Exclusve.VOLVO. SAA11 Swedsh Import Dt-uler Sl<» Servce Tartu *, US Sumtl St. CONTINENTAL MOTORS OF PLAINFIELD Authorzed Sak-s & Servce Ala Komeo Alpne. IIMW llllnnu NKU I'rls I'orsche Trumph PI. r.-szoo 14 K. Second St. I'lulnnrll MILLER RAMBLER, INC. Authorzed RAMBLER Sales and Servce Pars Repars USED CARS AD South Ave. W. Westfelc' WESTFIELD MOTOR SALES CO. ovrvnk: Konl Owners for Over 35 Yeura Authorzed FORD Sales Servce TlUKDISKllIHD AIltLANIS KALCOK AD North Avo. E. Weslfeld NORRIS CHEVROLET, INC Authorzed CHEVROLET/ Snlc» nntl set-vce ADams North and Central Aves. Weslfeld ROTCHFORD PONTIAC INC. Authorzed l'on'tiac-tempest :oo.l wll r.xo.1 car: XI North Avf. AI)an«:.:7U0 Wentllrll BERSE BROTHERS Authorzed I'LYMOl'TII VALIANT Snl*.» am Servce ADnmn :!-l(cu Ml N.Ml Avc. W. AVnK -AING MOTOR CAR CO l-'.st. I'IOI Authorzed CADILLAC Sales and Servce f';u-l!t rnlt und Holy smp PLanfeld E. Ffth St. Planfol. GOODWIN MOTOR CORP. At-TIIOUIZF.D VOLKSWAGEN S.lrx :u'l S-rvw, I'l.lllnllt'ld (1-7 1HO u.-.-r ' ph.>u h REILLY OldsmobleCo. AllllHU 1/..-1 Oldsmoblc S. :t & S.-vuo Ar.! :. A I) ^-Tr.1»tll*-ld, Svw Jvr*fT A. J. ORBACH CO. V.Kl. I'.lll) DODGE «. DART RENAULT PEUGEOT Sl-u S>rvl,. I'.-la l'll 1 SrU-<'lun tl' I. >rnd:l)]e l':--d (..l:; :ll Truchs PLanfeld W. 6th St. at Arlngton Avc. Planflold AUGUSTINE MOTORS IXC. CHKYSI.EH l'l.ymot.'th H &nc] Servce All 3-10U8 S-0 North Avr. t. Wr.tHfld INSURANCE FLOOR COVERINGS MASON W. R. DOLBIER & CO. Lnoleum Formca Snk and Counter Tops SHADES - VENETIAN BLINDS NANCY F. REYNOLDS Realtor INSURANCE Of All Knds CONTRACTORS JAMES SEILER ASON U AND BUIloj, Call AD AUTO GLASS AD Central Ave. Westfeld 302 E. Broad St. ck Wort WINDSOR Open Weekdays 1 P.M. to 6 P.M. Westfeld Mon. & Frl. EventnB" untl 9 P.M. AUTO GLASS CO., INC. A Grove St. AUTO GLASS Storm Wndows FORMAL WEAR INTERIOR Furnture Tops Mrrors DECORATORS Complete Trm Shop Upholstery and Trm Shop AD South Ave. E. Westfeld AUTO REPAIRS MICHAEL'S AUTO ELECTRIC GENERAL REPAIRS BEAR Wheel Algnment and Balancng Wrecker Servce 24 Hours AD Mountan Ave. (Corner Shore Hd. I'arkwuy) Mountansde AUTO WASH TOWNE CAR WASH Unon County's Fnest Car Wash Mont Modern Equpment Hhnontzlng I'ol l AD South Ave. W. Westfeld (Next to Unon County lloa Dept. Yurd) BEAUTY SHOPS DOR-RET BEAUTY SALON Dorothy Styllut Wo fenturo Stylo OUts nnd Lamp CutH Permanont Wavnff AD Z-UM3 F.tmrr»t. Wnlllr BICYCLES JAY'S CYCLE CENTER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 26" Lghtweght Bkes $29,95 Franchsed SCHWINN Dealer AD South Ave. W. Westfeld BOOKS THE TOWN BOOK STORE BOOKS KOlt AIAJ l > ap«rbackh Greet Inff CurdH ltvutul Lbrary AI> I-. llrou.i St. WmtnvlI (Kvar t'utrancc from Town I'urklnK Lot) BRIDAL SHOPS JO LYNN BRIDAL SHOPPE SlLchllzlntr n All Szes CUSTOM MADE BRIDAL GOWNS Formals Cocktal Dresses AD Now Locaton: 222 E. Broad St. (opp. Frank's) Weslfeld DRUG STORES DARBY'S DRUG STORE Phone: ADams South Avo. W. Wostfold EXTERMINATORS ASSOCIATED EXTERMINATING & TERMITE CONTROL COMPANY lt' llarwn, l AD Loco! Servce n Your Area Insures Low Rotes FENCES 1AO Cvotxal.\a. L. BARTELL IVno-;> lt'l </tl"'i<--m ar TAILORS "FORMAL WEAR RENTALS We Have Our Own Stock CUSTOM TAILORED SUITS PKY CLEANING MEN'S & WOMEN'S ALTERATIONS AD Qumby St. Westfeld REEL-STRONG FUEL CO. "Dependable, Frendly Servce Snce m" MODIL.HBAT Coal IIEATINQ OIL8 Coke BRIdge :l.north Avc. K. Cranford GARDEN SUPPLIES MEEKER'S THE GARDEN CENTER Lawn and Garden Supples Complete Ll)e of Chrlstmus Decoratons INSURANCE BARRETT & PARKER, Inc. CONSULT JACK PARKER or BILL ESHBAUGH for AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Casualty Lfe Fre AD Elm St. Westfeld Afrllatcd wth lurrott tc Cruln, HeltorH BRAUNSDORF ASSOCIATES, INC. Henry S. Ollbert Clydu H. Ftch Every Form of Insurance Snce 1921 Fre Alto Casualty Bonds Lfe Yachts Medcal AD If No Answer. SS9-70SC or LI Elm St. Weslfeld THE JOHNSON AGENCY, INC. -INSURANCE- FIRE LIFE AUTOMOBILE CASUALTY AD Prospect St. Westfeld ALAN JOHNSTON (Nolo tho "T") Over 50 Years Experence! EVERY INSURANCE NEED ' AD Elm Westfeld It No Anawor. Cull AD WM. H. ESTWICK, JR. INSURANCE OF AU KINDS Fre 1 Casualty Surety Lfe AD Elm St. Westfeld If N(. AlM ('.ll AD L'- DAVIDSON & MARTIN All Forms of Insurance HOME - AUTO - LIFE MARINE Personalzed Servce AD South Avo. W. Westfeld VLutlL (14X> EMIL MUELLER Interor cell AU For 'An Appontment MEMBER, N.S.I.D. GOO WfMUrltf An. KITCHEN CABINETS KABINET KRAFT PerHonallzcd KUchenH HerooellnK Complete Cabnet Servce LAUNDRIES SAMOSET LAUNDRY SERVICE, INC. LAUNDRY; >U If CLlANINQ "Drlvo-In Servce" Cash and Curry IXX North Avc. Plalaflel Call PL.«lDlleld 8-ZO4U VAN DOREN, INC. 608 North Ave. E. Westfeld, N. J. "We Do Everythng'.' DRY CLEANING SHIRT FLATWORK SPREAD Rugs Pllows Blankets COMPLETE LAMP & ELfCTRICA REPAIR DEPARTMENT Wt - ruuur lup> tfhad^uj ulna' rucov«r any ty)«lump ahudf. UltNtj drltllnk and couverttnk cut tftm colloo mllth, etc., nto lumps. E. T. WILLIAMS nntl chna VIIHU», JUKB, tuttles, 7Kf> Central Ave. So pnrklnk pr»blt<n <nvnr<;ruve St.) AOXUr UAMI*S MOUNTISn AM) We do chna repar, tflfthb, drllllh^, antlquo whto or any artcle. 1'lut- ;, t-tc. All types of nhh( l «Jm do order or recovered to look lke new. IMJII lno of lumpu and MhaJce n stock. JERRY CARVELl Catullna Lamp,& Gft Nhon IOO-KW Crnrtnl Avc. AD 2-H23 I'nrkltK acrubm the Btrrct ' LAWN MOWERS POWER MOWERS ' GARDEN TRACTORS ROTARY TILLERS SNOW PLOWS CHAIN SAWS STORR TRACTOR CO. AD South Ave. E. Westflel. LIQUOR STORES BLIWISE LIQUORS Our 4?lh Your Where Servce & Qualty Meet One of the Largest Selectons of Sprts n New Jersey GLASSWARE - ICE CUBES COOLERS Kree lxllvry Call AD or AD On Trnrtr C'lrrlr >>( Rt. 22 & Mountan Ave. Mountansde LOANS NEED MONEY? $20 to $500 Just Call FRIENDLY FINANCE J"lm K. Pll-her L.-. N". 7-: : AD Aulo l,..n» Cars w f>n Y( r<:..ul Null, tfulary 235 E. Broad St. Westfeld LUMBER J. S. IRVING COMPANY l.l-.mi!l:t,t MII.I.AVOHK Of lvr.ry DecrpLIo K"PI<-rn Cul'.: l-'ut-l Ol ADnlH :)-llll- Ave. ROBERT.F. DAY Prescrpton Optcte, PHOTOGRAPrS The Symbol l«fne Portrat and Weddng PORTRAITS BY 228 E. Brood St. W AD Clom-l Wo Specalse I BEAR Electrcal Brakes-Co and Complete Aulo l'lck Up and D*!'.m \ Prospect St. ADOIMJ ORTHOPEDIC SHOE PRESCRIPTIONS Klled By CRISANTI STORAGE HENRY P. T0WNS81 STORAGE MOVING & PACKIN5 AO 3-4IIH It Nurlh Avr. W. *" TRAVEI^AGENCIB Around the Town or Are" WorlJ. Trawl H ATLAS TRAVEL AGENCY, f 519 Free Tcket Delv«7 Go Now - fay Later Tckets Issued AN ms SPACE YOUR NAME B READERS OF Wl$ _ EVE" NSTAKT

23 mcl Organzes lorer Post In ftcl Plans rrll PI-AINS A new KxjT..)*t was organzed last [n Srotcl Plans, necordnt; ;url Roberts, Watchunj; rb'.naton und extenson new l»:"t s uponsorec! by pnt- Epscopal Church, whch y;::ors a cub pack and scout Id Hall was named advsor jhat; whch wll begn op- * wth 12 teenage members. n<rj are held at 7:30 Monthe church and all Ex- Roberts also announced that a charter from the Boy Scouts of Amerca hu< been wanted to the lamqw School PTA n West- HtM for the cub pack recently organzod n the school area. * The pack bepan operaton wth -I cubs under the leadershp of Kennel:! Sherb and H. Thomas Oeverell, eubmaswr wth Maro,,, ra l»' Jt '»» Claj-ton and Florence r.h-rlo, d-n mothers. The addton of the post and pack brmg to CO the total numlk-r of s-out unts now servng the Iwys n Dstrct 4. Durng the 1890s, Internal Revenue. was charged wth admnsterng n law whch ssued resdence certfcates to Chnese laborers r fc T 4W e«graf, Ifuph Clark, Luoelle ojrlen, Katharne Booth, Judy mth, Gerahlne J'unly, Clare Jarkcr, M. Delmr Ktche, Ker- >wt Thoffode, Oeorga Majrce, Hetty {4npton, Rutl Tato and Wllam.ladment. Revenue moasurcs pertannpr to orld Wnr f caused recepts to se from $S09 mllon for fscal BIT to $3.7 bllon tho followng ear. nct-jy may he turned to bnd ; but more good m&y nlwnys be nade of an energetc nature than f an ndolent and mpassve one. John Stuart Mll Dvvyer Urges More Take Interest In Party Poltcs Hop. Florence P. Dwy»>r of El*- nbet'h told Unon founts 1 Republcans recently she hopod ''more than a few people"»vould mnko dorlskns us tu party polcy and the selecton (f rhos> who are to recen? appontve offce. ApH>a'R as tle truest Bpottker at tk "Vctory Onne 1 " of the K^ukr Kepublojn O^mzaton of Unon County at the Cranwood ll flnrwood, Mrs. lhvyr llankcd THE WE3TF1ELD (N. 1.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DEC MBER to, IM2 fmg4 2$ her sup)wrt«rs n the lst electon, but declared that "wt-h vvtory comoa responsblty and tha nee«3- shy of roeofvzlng tha neodd of ho people." The November vctory for the Repu!>H»-an tcket In Unon County wag "just the begnnng," the fon- Kres-swoman sad, and should be a rhallonre to the fepublrans In formnsr future polcy. Wthout plnpantln; any erou'p, or Imlvd- (nls, MM. IVn-yer eald «h«dd not thnk any "herarchy" should dctate polcy an<l appontments. About 150 attendng tho dnner wex' welcomed by Mrs. Klfe U. ^H'hedoler of lutselje, ptuldent of the organzaton. County Clerk llory G. N'ulton was tousunjuter. DRUG STORE 54 Elm St. PfoM AD Westfeld, New Jersey ALBERT C. DANKER Recpent of Realtor 1. Communty tervce twrd Danker Receves Realtor Award At Conventon Perfumes Toletres Photographc Equpment * A*^ *$ ] rqqtfnge and good wfehqs for the HolfdaJWason Albert 0. l>unker of W'»tflel receved the annual eommunt scnn- award for (he WaMflel Ixwl ore* at the 4<!(h nnnun! 101 volton <>f the Nmv Jt-f^-y A<4«<'< lon of Jloal EstU 1 loard.,s»tur day. Tho N'<w Jerapy Assocjnton o Real Eutato Board award, awn fd 'by Frankln CnpUl of Newark honors oumnndn^ fomnunrty servce by R member of Uw< ronl nu j>tof<»!ron «nd fflff. I)«nk Mrtrftcattf of ttchlevwmmt W»«pre- «wf<>d ly Arthur Wlcox, prrahd(>n Natonal Assocaton of Rfa Es (ate Board*. Bverson POBTAAII t» Wcstfoll v/a rhnrman of rtat/! mttux'latlon commltco for Communty Sdrve* Award whrl drew entrea from all part* of tl state. Also at thp Bnnu«l conclav MK Nnncy F..Reynolds of Went feld %'u nstalled for n socon tj^m as rw _»-o!tdont Now Jeroe Assocaton of Real Kntatc Boardu olffhth dutrtt, by 'Prtwl<lent Wl cox at tho presdent'* bull Sntur dsy e\'(>n:lnfr MJSJ lu>ynold«currently «ervnf <w n dnvtor o tn- Wextfleld Board of Keltor fnd hatt held nvnny po»u n th< St»t6 «s*»f»tlon thro"(jh the ye«r The W<>«re< nolerntlon to tl mwtnff WIM handed by Pre;»l<'?: WICllam A. Clark and Anonu th Rfaltor.t ond HAIM jarsonnol tflndnjr were: Albert I>ankeT, K Kostor, N'nney Heynolda, llnrrj Danker, H. Clay F-wlrldw, F.'.er son l'onraall, Doan Johnson, I se Johnson, Churloa Mrlerderck Dnvd K. Ilnslo, P. K. Pt-ter,*on I/yus ^[utcl, \jjnon C U d l Ruth Formnn, Clnton Turner, 01 J.S. **>! &***> ^f 1 BOO SOUTH AVE.,WtST ^* ^y r / rstmasy/shes wth sncero apprecaton tot yout loyalty and patronage durng ths pasl yeat..we extend to you our heartest wshes lor a very Merry Chrlstmasl Wt'JTFIELO, NEW... ^^ ^ "w** "**... *«* ' Qg Santa's Favorte e& 1 Ib. boxsijo 2 Ib. box 2$G 3 Ib. box 4.2E 6 Ib. box 6.8 r> CANDIES Ths "Always Fovorto" asflortrtont w l llcasrj ovoryonu on your lst. Perfocl for famly glts, tool.. *-rt»r~"f (mt HE HEATHER SHOP 51 Elm St. E^?.- I^rrr^ V/ Ib. $2.25 2'A Ib. $3.2S. A ctum'.o 'ulocton of chocoloos and buttor hung..-olognnt fur yft (jvng. *- ^ " \ "^ M -* < * ^ M.: 1 Ib. box $ Ib. box 4.00 Tho lnost fnn.ltuff!,< M.': wth jny unu^tut ct-ntmj... gft you'll bu proud to yvo. A^ To All Our Frends and Customers CHRISTMAS GREETINGS See Our Dsplay of HOLIDAY CANDIES H S*, &V t* Merry laughler, morry tmes, wo wsh for you a\ Chrstmas...wth our thanks for your patronage. ^ r ^ V 't-j. Walter Burd ELM ST., WE5TFIELD " AD And VERY BEST WISHES FOR 1963 From All Of Us At The Offce Of NANCY F. REYNOLDS ASSOCIATES Realtors Nancy Reynolds Helen Schmdt Olga Graf Helen Boss Isabelle Berse Cornela Ellott Mare Gallgan Florence Wnckel Member of the Westfeld Board of Realtors 302 E. Brood Street, Westfeld ADams Whtman's Delcous Candes $2.00 to $4.00 Peppermnt Canes All SIZES Candy Cupboard Chocolates $1.50 to $4.50 Chldren's Candes FOR THE STOCKINGS Be Surfc To Vst. Our Fountan For Your favort Sandwch and Coffoe JARVIS DINING ROOM for relaxng Pleasant luncheons and Dnners al modost prces

24 Pajfe 2 4 THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY. DECEMBER 20, 1962* LEAGUE LINES' By IEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS The tme has come to wsh all our readers, frends and supporters "Season's (,'reetngs." 'Ts the Reason not only to be jlly but to pause and reflect upon a year nearly gone l>y and to plan for the future n an effectve way. The embodment of the league efforts and hopes can be expre.s n ther oft-stated purpose: To promote etve and nformed purtepaton of ctzens n government. Kvery year at ths tme the New Jersey League offers the ctzens of ths state "The New Jer- May we extend to you our warmest greetngs and good wshes for a Merry Chrstmas to you and your* Elm Delcatessen 37 Elm St. sey Ctzen's Facts and Date book." t s not only a handy engagement calendar, t s also a mne of remarkably complete votng and cvc nformaton and a relable, reference on mportant dales, holdays and dcudlm.-s. The reputaton of ths handy Date Hook s growng outsde the league, as requests cumng n to the state olee show. Desgned to be of use to every ctzen of New Jersey t s kept as a handy reference n schools, busness offces and even town halls across the state. Teachers, poltcal party workers, government employees, cvc leaders, otlcc workers and all who arc nterested n good government fnd the booklet a necessury tool. A twenty-fve cent nvestment n "New Jersey Ctzen's Factt and Date Hook" enables you to have n your pocket at all tmes the name, addrtss, salary ana" term of offce of your senator or representatve, notes on how to address elected offcals, votng and regstraton regulatons, a lst of state executve offcals, pertnent nformaton about the courts and tables concernng all the countes. The brght lttle capsule calendar makes ts appearance just n tme for Chrstmas gft-gvng. Its handy pocket-sze lorm makes t approprate as a stockng stuffer, as a gft for the new neghbor, as a useful tem for the student n the famly and as a card enclosure for teacher or frend. Date Books are deal for everyone on your lst, they're nexpensve and unque for the type of nformaton they contan. Ths year the state organzaton hopes to sell 35,000 copes. The sale of these books provdes an mportant source of ncome for the state budget, and the state organzaton can then n turn publsh pamphlets and other nformatonal materal concernng the state government. As the members of the league pause to reflect upon past accomplshments, they take specal prde n the publshng of ths Date Book. Up-to-date n ts coverage of poltcal nformaton and desgned to stmulate ctzen nterest n government, the New Jersey League feels that t has provded an mportant servce to the ctzens of the state. Anyone desrng a copy of these books may obtan them from any league member. Now that we have solved all the problems on our readers' Chrst- Unhappy Brthday Fake Reparmen Brng Warnng A Westfeld youth marked hs 8th brthday last week n court nd t was not a happy occason. Inon County Juvenle Court udge Rchard K. O'Connor senneed the boy to an ndefnte rm n Annandale Reformatory or use of narcotcs and posseson of stolen goods. Because the youth was appreended whle 37, hs name s beg wthheld at the judge's reuest. Whle hs mother wept, the oung man told the court he had sed narcotcs 10 or 12 tmes, but hat he was not an addct. The oy's lawyer, former Juvenle ;ourt Judge I.bby E. Sachur, ontended her clent had only takn the drugs as ''an ego bulder." The court sad t would consdher request that the youth reeve specal treatment or be reeased n her custody for psych - trc treatment. The young man was apprehenddurng an nvestgaton by Westfeld and Cranford polce of le theft of medcal bugs contaner narcotcs from the autos of hyac'ans. The Revenue Act of 1918 n- :luded ncome tax provsons wth ates up to 77 per rent. las lst, we wll vacaton for two eeks. A merry Chrstmas to all! e'll be back agan n the new ar. Publc Servce Klectre & Gas Co. Years Kvc. Other than these two today alerted ts customers to thetme changes the department wll alarmng ncrease " thefts and operate on a normal schedule for llegal wlles commtted by per-alsons posng as utlty company re- Swmmng classes cancelled boys' and men's programs. parmen and employes. Dec. 8, Jan. 7, 11 and 25 wll be The company urged housewves made up over the holdays. Boys to a.k for proper dentfwton before admttng any caller nto ther house or apartment. All Publc Servce employes have been ssued the requred dentfcaton, the company s-ad. Jf a person cannot show the necessary credentals, polce should be notfed as soon as possble. Inquest Indcts Par In Frchouse Theft Two Brooklyn men charged wth stealng $405 n power tools from a constructon feld oflce at the ste of a new fre staton n Westfeld Oct. 13 were among 23 persons ndctcnl by the Unon County Grand Jury last week. The men are John Banker, 29, and.mchael J. O'N'ell, 21. They are charged wth takng equpment belongng to the Smonett Constructon Co. at Bellevlle at the Central Ave. and Sycamore St. ste of the buldng. LEADER CLASSIFIEDS BRING RESULTS YM Physcal Ed. Dept. Closng Holday Eves The Westfeld YMCA physcal educaton department wll close at 6 p.m. on Chrstmas and New havng swm classes on these dates should stop at the YMCA desk for makeup tme and day changes. On Frday, Dec. 28, boys from the Westfeld YMCA wll travel to the Orange Y for a play day. At the play day boys from other Ys n northern New Jersey wll compete n gym, swm and game room competton. Thought must be made better, and human lfe more frutful, for the dvne energy to move t onward and upward- Mary Baker Eddy,. CLOCK AND WATCH REPAIRING Fnest - precson work alt fully guaranteed Planfeld Only We see for you and yours, every joy and blessng of ths happy season...ell /... measure. Merry Chrstmas.' * 111 QUIMBYST. AD LET THE LEADER PRlNt MEEKER'S FOR Gardener! Where else but "THE GARDEN CENTER" to buy the Perfect Gft for a Gardener? TOOLS Hundreds of Unusual Items to Please the Gardener, be t a "he" or "she." A complete lne of the famous mported Wlknson Tools. An unusual selecton of materals for those who lke to be orgnal n ther decoratons. POINSETTIA PLANTS FRESH HOLLY GREENS DECORATED AND UNDECORATED WREATHS BALSAM and SCOTCH PINE TREES ROPING Prncess Pne Laurel and Pne Whte Pne I I1 1 CUSTOM MADE DOOR DECORATIONS GRAVE COVER5NGS PILLOWS WREATHS BLANKETS OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS SATURDAY UNTIL 6 SUNDAY 9-5 WE GIVE PLAID STAMPS Qanrett Center,,o SOUTH AV E JOHN K. MEEKER, Inc. AMPLE PARKING DELIVERIES AD r WESTFIELD CRANFORD TRUST COMPANY offces n GARWOOD SCOTCH PLAINS _ member federal depost nsutanca corporaton PLAINFIELD

25 THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER Page 25 From ADLERS To Mark An Unforgettable Chrstmas..* JKWELERS SILVERSMITHS sk LONGINES 10 WORLD'S PAIR GHAND.PRIZES 28 COLD MEDAL* HIOHBST OBSERVATORY HONORS FOB ACCURACY When you gve a Longnes, you are gvng a gft that wll always be remembered... a tmepece of superb beauty and unsurpassed accuracy. It s the only watch worthy to be called...the World's Most Honored Watch,, REMEMBER, A FINE WATCH IS NEVER OVERPRICED AT ADLERS! Famous for Qualty " * ADLERS 12 * Famous for Value has the fne watch to ft all budgets Famous for Servce...und wllhn cnfl wntcl Is tlc world fumed Lon'lnes movement, wnner of more Itttrmntuwl prlzra nuc! honor, mvrds lluu any olln'r walcll-ln the World. 1 Ills nmlullc ronlllullon of dcsltfu am m curacy n every I.nfcElncj s your assurance tlut It Is (le only walcl worlly to be rnllel..."the World's Most Honored Waltl'.' f \ STORE HOURS Monday thru Frday 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Saturday 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. \ new 'tago THE P E K P E T U A t M O T I O N C L O C K on I k 6 *L. r ^ < S =.';#.=7=2 le tmekeepng of the future! When you see LeCoultre's new Attnos "Hertage", suddenly you wll say. "THIS s whot I want for rny home!" In ts mpressve, decoratve crystal and glt case, "Hertage" t truly beauty n acton. You and your guests wll gaze n wonder at ts golden mechansm, movng so smoothly, so slently, so accurately. The amazng thng about ths ncredble clock s that t requres nether hand-wndng nor electrcty - not oven a drop of ol. Thanks to ts nexhaustble source of enerqy the temperature of the ar Atrno "Hertage" wll run for years on end. We nvte you to soc ths wondrous clock. III. '$0 rv; ml 175 % OF WESTFIELD, INC. 219 NORTH AVENUE, WEST PLENTY OF PARKING AT ADLERS ENTER MUNICIPAL LOT THRU JERSEY CENTRAL. STATION ON NORTH AVENUE; BEAR LEFT BEHIND TOWNSEND'S WAREHOUSE; USE ADLER'S REAR ENTRANCE fo matter how mucl you cnooso to spend you xvll fnd tlat "Wtlnaucr Is a wse choce. It 9 the one qualty 7 watch that s modest n cost yet elegantly styled. "Whatever prce range fts nto your budget, you can b^) (BJsurerJ that wth Wltnouer you are gettng the fnest possble value. Se«our collecton I IN LINDEN, MAURICE ADLER, INC., 25 KNOPF ST.

26 THE WESTFTCLD' (W. J.)'L AdEft, THURSDAY, PECSWUEWZtT, Sermon of the Week "NOT FAR FROM BETHLEHEM TO JERUSALEM" Rev. Clark W. Hunt. Mnster Frtt Methodt Church Most of the events portrayed n the Old Testament and n the New Testament bographes of Jesus took place n nn urea no larger than the state of r -""»ctcut. The modern traveller to the Holy land s frequently unprepared for such compactness. So to me t came ay somethng of a surprse to fnd that t sn't far from Bethlehem to Jerusalem n terms of mles only nne mles by the road less tlmn that by the way the crow fles. It comes to you then, as you ponder the Chrstmas stores n the Bble frst of the shepherds, and then of the wse men that the wse ddn't have so far to go, once they had reached Jerusalem and had asked Herod for drectons. They were as close to Bethlehem as Planfeld to Westfeld and t wasn't far to Bethlehem's town. But then look at t another way, and realze that t was not far from Bethlehem to Jerusalem n tern3 of years. Thrty-three years, we are told, between the' cradle of Bethlehem and the cross of Jerusalem. Ths s a fact that we are apt to overlook as we thnk of the meanng of Chrtmas so largely n terms of a baby. Everybody loves a baby and part of the wonder and joy of Chrstmas s n the fact that God came down the stars of heaven wth a chld n hs arms. But how unrealstc and how unmportant Chrstmas s, f that s all there s to t a sweet, lttle, nnocent "baby thns." Once at the concluson of a Chrstmas pageant, a lttle grl three or four years of age, came up to me, clutchng a candy cane, and wth stars n her eyes, she sad. "Ths s for the baby Jesus -when ho grows up!"'she saw farther than some of the rest of us. For Jesus dd grow up and n the powerful, persstent strength of ht manhood, he proceeded to challenge old laws, old tradtons, old' prejudces. Uuntl some lttle ne^ who could no longer stand n the whte lght of hs expectatons, "plotted how they could Ret rd of hm." How easy at Chrstmas to defy the baby Jesus, only to deny the Lord Jesus. The great Chrstmas queston s not so much what we may thnk about the lttle baby asleep n Bethlehem's manger but rather what that "young and fearless prophet of Galleo" mght thnk about us. X)o wo really want hm standng by our ade rasng questons about the way n whch we treat our famly and frends whom we know the way n whch we treat our fellow-man whom we do not know the way n whch we make and spend our money the way n whch we handle our resentments and hurts? To the degree that we welcome hm as judge and Lord of all of lfe, just so do we grow wth hm n the yenrs between Bethlehem and Jerusalem for t was not very far or very long. Agan, we need to see that t n not far from Bethlehem to Jerusalem n terms of our fath. To put t another way, t s not far from Chrstnas to Easter so short a dstance, n fact, that you cannot see tho former wthout the lght of the latter. If Jesus' lfe had ended wth the cross on Calvary's hll, then there s no real meanng to Chrstmas. We mght have some dm and dusty tradtons about an exceptonally good man who turned the other check and went the second mle, but who was at length nevtably done n and fnshed by the forces of evl who strung hm up on a cross. I'erod... Paragraph... Curtan I But the very suggeston s a knd of blasphemy, for wo are deeply awpre of a truth that we cannot fully explan that just when men were confdent that they had wrtten, "The End," God stepped nto the pcture and wrote, "To bo contnued." Because of somethng that happened n Joseph's lovely garden on Easter mornng:, there s eternal pont and power and purpose n somethng ftat happened n Bethlehem's lowly monger on Chrstmas mornng! If s the power of God revealed at Faster that eternally valdates the love of God revealed at Chrstmas. I suppose thnt the Apostle Paul never heard of Chrstmas cards or Chrstmas greetngs yet n a very profound senso, all of hs letters to hs frends n the frst century church are Chrstmas greetngs nspred by what God dd n Chrst, begnnng n Bethlehem, clmaxng n Jerusalem. How about ths, for example, for the very clearest meanng of Chrstmas, "For I am sure that nether death nor lfe... nor thngs present, nor thngs to come... nor anythng else n nl creaton, wll be able to separate us from the love of God n Chrst Jesus our Lord." Laymen's League Notes Lutheran Rado Hour The local club of the Lutheran Laymen's League, meetng at Redeemer Lutheran Church Knday, noted the progress the Internatonal Lutheran hour n nnlcng the annual Chr'-lmns b-oudcast of far-roaehng effcct n the world. A su'bstun-l contrbuton was nou-d ->y the assembly, (tenn w Klnefclter of.mountansde was ne charman. The specal Lutheran Hour Chrstmas broadcast hghlghtng n ntervew wth Amercan asronaut John Glenn s beng dstrbuted by the Mutual Broadcastng System to 'Us 500 afflated rado (statons n tho Unted KlaU-s. The 25-rrnu'J program, enttled "In Exccl.s Deo," s scheduled for broadcast on ether Chrstmas Eve or 'Chrstmas Ray. fnancally secure If you're lookng ahead to retrement, you're surely nterested n securty wthout rsk, l-ncl out how ;n annuty from Equtable can gve you a regular ncome every month-wtlout f;l-for as long as you lve. It's guaranteed t can't be delayed by poor nvestment performance. Wth an Equtable annuty you're free from worry about nvestments, so you can concentrate on the thngs you lke to do. And you'll apprecate the extra money that's avalable, because a substantal part of your annuty s exempt from Federal Income Tax. rnd out why more people depend on annutes from Equtable than from any other company. Call The Man From Equtable. THEODORE C. RUBERTI 554 Woodland Ave., Mountansde, N. J. AD THE Lfe Assurance Socety of the Unted States Home Offce: 1285 Avenue uf the Amercas, New York 19, N. V. century n * 13th representaton of & favorte subject (or a'rtt. Panted n tempera- on wood, tt the Work of Fr«Flppo Llppl, a Florentne who U known- for ht use of color and graceful lne. From The Metropoltan Mtueum of Art, The Julel S, Bach Collecton, 1949'. Joy and Reverence Mark Holy Season Sunday Cet-Togethcr The Doubles Club of the Frst Baptst Church s plannng an afternoon geutogether from I! to 5 p.m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bnnes, 341 West Dudley Ave. New couples n thv church who j.ght be nterested n the Doubles ;ub are cordally nvted to drop n. 'Mr. and Mrs. Irvng layman are presdents of the group. Methodsts Plan New Year's Eve 'Wnter' Party Those who attend the New Year's Evo party at Frst Method-lt Church wll be taken away to a land of fantasy set n the delghtful atmosphere of t wnter wonderland dfferent enough to cuteh ther fancy, delghtful enough for a wonderful evenng of good food, entcrtnnmer.t, lots of fun nnd fellowshp wth frends, The p:rty, sponsored by the Saturday Nte Supper Club..begns nt 7:30 p.m. and close.! at 2 a.m. wth the uat-h-nght servce n.the church sanctuary begnnng at 11:30 n.-. THa servce- s open to tho publc. Commttees for the party ureas follow: FO:J:1, Mrs. Donald K. Howard; dacnrnlms, Mrs. John Goctner, Mr. Jack Mc- Donald, Carl -HanUc-, C;trl Ifulur anl.mrs. Paul Grossman; entertanment, A. II. l.rtlloy Jr. Kremls who u M tc -:t tugcllvr must!p:cl n ther reservatons together to-mr<. Carl Hunke of (-:t Sco'.-h l'las Ave. Calvary Servces Chrstmas Eve ' Thn*<» denertl carol : n-t. rt l>-- j lght, somcru wll be held al <':tlj vary Lutheran Chuvh, f -afon! Chrstmas Eve :t S, H:::l and ]<> I o'ch/ck. The early servce.s lan- Cnncllclght and musc, pageants and pruyerh fll churches everywhere us Chrstans celebrate, at specal servces, the brth of Chrst. The- joy and wonder of Chrstmas, wth KB mcssatc of new lfe, hope nm promse of "Peace on Enrth, Cood Wll toward Men," fnds expresson many ways. In chors sngng the prases of the Babe of Bothlehem, n scenes symbolzng the brth of a Chld n n manger, n the of candles reflectng the lght of a Star, n tho sound of voces rased n carols gallc-red from around the world and showng the true brotherhood of man, Chrstmas n all ts beauty and glcuy goes out of hearts young and old. To Western Chrstan belevers, Doc. 25 carres all the deep relgous meanng approprate to the -t.nversary of the brth of Chrst. As the date for the celebraton of "Chrstcs Masse-," tn; Muss of Chrst, t was selected some centures after the Natvty selected from a number of possble date among them Jan. C>, March 21, March 2D, Aprl 1), May 20, Sept 20 fnd Nov. 17. In some Eastern Orthodox churches, Holy Nght comes on Jan. (>, Chrstmas Day on Jan. 7. The Armenan church celebrates Chrstmas Jan. 10. Generally, researchers a r e agreed that the correct ate and year of Chrst's lrtb are lost a the past, although sumo tentatve conclusons can le drawn. Snc t s the meanng of the day that counts, the "late that has for centures symbolzed the cumng of the Savour wll undoubtedly contnue ts holy sgnfcance n Chrstendom. To those wln nke m ponder on the world as t was when the Infant Jesus WHS born, nnd uu the Knwtlt «f Chrstanty, somu delvng nto the researches btnt Chrst nns can he a rewardng exler'ce. Any tendency to take ChrMnns for.granted ds;.pc»r:- n llt- fascnatng study of lnearly Chrstan I'hurrh and t. t^rowth n (he fae 1 uf resstance-. A eumparsn of Hblcal refer-nces wth arclkcolurk-al and hstorcal researches dsdo-os tn-.' hnvng --.mull chldren, t wa.- 1 Chrst was probably horn before -1. rtnujl I)V t'c chur.-h ollce. The BC n oler wolds, tn- pr-..en1 I'.'V. Arp-H.1. I)a'l f-t wll year s not l!n;^ uf t le Cln stnn preach. Hs sm.m wll In- (tl-l. era but ;t least l'.n'.l'.. "Tn. World's Mo s.-:n-.,r. Kvdonoe to support ths relates to the regn am death of Ilerol Ml.;. hy the hors nclude: A! An c-<-.s.- of the moon n I nc Ilc ralv.ejv,, IIHTUI> ;nc! whch eomed wth a Jewsh elgms festval, las hel a:d hs- junor chor.; w re p<vt;vl.v. "'I'lo. Ut-tte Cncre I torans to l\ the death of Ilolml \.\v" lv mtler avl "The- Slt.-;>by y Hosftt. ded, acen-dr to the News Testa- at alolll ths lme and when h< honl H«d. al A w At 8:11(1 j.j. tlr.-,en»r lch chor ment, the yon.'.!,. us. Joseph am! wll- s:', "l.\>. How n [;«.r F;'>r Mary werr lvnr n Kryt. R!<»<;!ur". by lya'tnyy-..-uul Tha, the brth! Chrst may " Sng W>..N'ocl," t H'.lh century have occurred KronH'carol, and 1!)< adult eh-r :1;-. early as 7 IK' ; deduced from ntl'u at 10 ovi-u wll In- II.u- I.-envo cs nlealn: that nne nf I.nvely Arc 1he M<-^c;',-r," fr..-> major tax collectons n the SI. -I.- 1 hy Mendel- ol. an.l,f ('aesar l "Clu-st Is Horn" l.y K!..-l,jr.! have t;?;«n place th. Ml. I'll,- ::ev. WllT Waner wll.selecton of Ho,-. 'Jr. :> the preaeh nt the t 'lr -t ]: < l;y sorv brth date of (lr *t tmy have ce nf Ifoly Communon a! 'J::d lu-rn an ell'.'- on the pal of early n.lll. Hs sermon wll le ttled Chr.-lan leaders to " nternet the "The Hejnnnr..f De Knd." A'. appeal 'f (he Sat n-. ths servce the L-nd':; wll ala, II festval In.-ld at the tnnng beonvrer for the In-1. t-nu- n tlll!.- -of tho yenr: - Lutherans Arrange Specal Servces For Chrstmas The Chrstnas servces n Westfeld's Lutheran Church wll nclude three servces on Chrstmas Eve and one on Chrstmas moraaf. The Chrstmas Eve famly servce at G:30 p.m. and the tradtonal candlelght servce at 11 p.m. wll have dentcal sermons by Pastor Walter A. Kcunnff, prosen»njr the subject "The Importance of the Lowly Brth" At 7:45 p.m. the annual servce n the German lantruatre wll be conducted for the beneft of new arrvals from Europe and others nterested n a typcal Lutheran servce as conducted n Germany. Pastor ey'n'jf wll preach the sermon.. I The famly >ervco for Chrstmas Eye at! 0:30 p.m. wll nclude the sngng- of the carols: "A'ufccls From the Renlms of Glory," "0 Lttle Town of Bethlehem," "Behold a_ Bramvh' s Growng" and Hark" th'e Herald Angels 'Sng." The combned junor and chldren's* chors -wll sng "Away n o Blanker" by Martn Luther, under the drecton of!mrs. Walter A. Reunn(f. the accompanst wll l>e Allan.Fsfer. The tradtonal cannlclfrht servce for Chrstmas Evo wll be held at 11 p.-h. and ectcnd to Chrstmas Day. Tho Luther ohor wll jr -Cantata 142, "For Us a Chld s Born" by Bach, under drecton of Wllam P. prow«. Afra. Edward Wente wll be the accompanst. The servce wll nclude the hymns sung, by the congregaton, Joy to tho World, the. Lord s Come," "O Lttle Town of Bothlehom," "Prase <k>d the I/jrd, Ve Sons of Men" and "Slent Nght! Holy Nght!" The servce for the feast of the holy natvty on Chrstmas Day at 10 a.m. wll nclude tho celebraton of the Holy Communon. Pastor Reunnjj wll proaeh the sermon, ^Tho Lfe-Gvng Lght." Tho Luther chor wll sntf the ntrot and gradual for Chrlstmu.;. The junor chor anthem wll be "Of the Father's Love Befjotton." The cn-rnnst wll be Allan Fsjhcr. Vtar Donald P. Glass wll serve as ltu-kst n nl of the Chrstmas servces. Chrstmas Story Wll Be Told At Frst Methodst The story of Chrstmas, as told n tableaux nnd musc wll be a 'M'h!!;r>t. of Chrstmas observances HOW CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALS WNBC 660 k.c. Sunddy Mornng 7:30 WNTA Sunday Evenng, 10:30 at the Frst Methodst Clmreb.. Ths famly servce to be hew at 4:30 p.m. Sunday wll be drected by Mrs. Henry Glbert and produced by Bryon Cl'velard. 'Members of the cast are as follows: Narrator, Henry Glbert; Nsaah, Donald McGraw; Angel, Mrs. Floyd Dau *ho.rty; Mary, /Mss Jane Rhoda; Joseph, Wllam Somers; Innkeeper, (Norman 'Morash; Shepherds. WlHam Redlen Jr., Paul Mc'Larty, Lews McGregor. Kngs, Donald Moore, Edward Reardan,.'Rchard Campbell. The producton staff ncludes: Propertes, Donald Howard; electrcan, Charles Caldwell Jr.; assstant electrcan, Wllam Henseler; make-up, 'Mrs. Oarl Bouer; wardrobe, Mrs. Wllam Henaelor; organst,.robert Trlplott. The chldren's chore wll he under the drecton of Rev. PNlp 31. Dotterch, mnster of mus* After tne tableaux, reresmnentb wll be'served n the socal hall and Natvty Tableaux For Chldren Set At Redeemer The tradtonal tableaux of the Holy 'Natvty wll mark the observance of the chldren's Chrstmas at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Sunday, at 4 p.m. The observance Wll nvolve grades three to nne, of the Sunday school and the junor chor of tho church. Seven scenes wll be posed by costumed characters on -the steps of the chancel. Between the scenes the junor open house wll be held n the Sunday school classrooms whch wll bo approprately decorated for the Chrstmas season.., uton," ] Th by cla«of ft. Q who wll a S0 unle JttJ of the of the carols '?' The Chr mm 'Tree. Holday tme s here once agan, and we take ths happy occason to wsh every joy of the season to our good frends. It's always a pleasure to serve you, and we thank you! IVORY LAUNDERERS and DRY CLEANERS Maron and Henry Wess 16 Prospect St. ADams 2-502C Across from Fre Staton DOOLEY COLONIAL HOME 556 Westfefd Ave. AD Funeral Home of homolko otmosphere, completdly moaorn or condtoned, off-streot Parkng Facltes Lcensed Staff Charles E. Dooloy Frank J. Dooley Carolyn M. Dooley Also DOOIEY FUNERAL HOME 218 North Avs. W., Cranford BR 6-02SS

27 CHURCH SERVICES Two Baptst Chors To Combne For Carol Servce ton of Kev. Wllam K. Ccber, pr.uor, ar-d Kobort J. l>ennston. >!t>-tt of musc. It wll conclude I -THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 Page 27 THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH j Stanford wll preaol un the topc, COMMUNITY PkfcSJMYTERlAN IN WESTFIELD 'The Word Deanc Klesh"; nursery c-an? for amall chldren s pro- [ CHURCH Rev. Elmer A. Talcoll Jr. Dr. Frederck E. Chratan Rev. Rchard L. Smth vded dunrn: tkvt.h j-c-vc.-w n the Rev. J>mc. D. Cole Rev. M. Boln Darwj, Kev. Ace L. Tubb. Rev. John M. Nakajtna M ; n«tera v.lh a cl-rcn-ony of lghtng nd-! nf Houa* L«n«jvduKl <;:n.,!:as candles. I! toddler's room.! Mouatftn»«l«I.... : IR LADY OF LOURDES I '.:15 a.m., church SCIIO.>1 for! Tomorrow: '.) to 11:30 a.m., KL-.V tu :t- ScjHvrcs" by May R. C. CHURCH! FIRST MEHODIST CHURCH j! nursery the- sxth; nursery school; 8 p.m., the chauj Chrstmas odu.-jto]; IO:ln a.m., eel chor wll sponsor an evenng Hak- Eddy the followng wll be AT WESTFIELD ; ntral Ave., Mwuntan*d«read Ij. 'M'I): "Jesus' >plluu!j Gerard J. McGarry, f-asto< Mnuters *ch.yh school for nusoy through j of enrolng. All a.ults vtt,. to orgn t understandng enabled! Jev. Franc* F. McDermtt A candlelght Chr-.tmns Kv. : Rtv - Clurk W. Hunt >d.y: J:,'ld, III and II :l. a.m., 10:h grade, (Chrstan ttuu-atvn..-uten.l. ^lcet at church at 8 p.m. hm to (k-mostvatc the fact.- of j fery 1221 Wyomng Drv. varol st-rvce «ll be he'd at the: Rev. Jame C. Whtakcr I Chrst :r.:s se -v-ce> wth 111'. benc.,- K- prove rrefutably how ; '< p.m.. jur )j\s I'lltrrn'.-. r'lrn to Wlhelna' alter ADan Frst Haptst Church at s p.m. I Rev. John R. London crk-k K. t'lk.-tan ]rt-:tchlng on sprtual Truth destroys materal ^lp wll n-o raroln; to untns of the church followed hy a Sunday: It :,1O-1U:3() a.m., fam- I'u-ulnw; for refreshk'nts. Monday. The co'-'hnc.l cl:p'l «R.I Rev. Phlp R. Detterch the subject "-aved by the Chrst-,nday 7 :Sl». It. 10:3(. error, heals sckness.' and'over-! chance cho-, vv.ll sng a s.-res of j Sunday:»:1A a.m., all depart- j chld"; Dr. t.'corgc W. Volke! wll,.,.,, : l '" mlf Chrstma party at the church: j l>" death. The dvne cuncep- I.-arols whch w'l be ncrpr.-t'd n "' ' Il; '»' f thl> y worshj. h j There wll ll be b no church school meet; j p ay tn,, Org:-.n and drect the nly Masses: 7:00 8:00 a.m. ton..f Jesus ponts u, ths lru, h I the Chrstmas tableau of the Frst!):1; '' ar -'! ll 0:30 p.m., senor g church school. Chldren are to attend church wth ther parents, «'» cradle and crb, L-h,r; church scluwl; thv Klabcth KolW hn «ll KO carolng and return, at 8:30 <v t p.m. t Baby sttng (troup wll ll be b held hld for f,,e-*o«s: :Saturday.- am eve, uu presented lp. llustraton of Century and a tableau of the Twen- Mo'n 10S; worshp terv-es n the v,, rto!, Hblc c'.ss wll 111 olydays, 4 to 5:30 p.m. an. creaton." teth Century. anctuary; the Hcv. Clark W. lovinck n the lounge; the senor tu y I'- -., : Tl1 Monday: S p.m.. Chrstmas Kve nursery am kndergarten Donald " l.esson-serm.m s enttled ptmt: Arrange n advance a "Is the, Includng Man servce n the V-.,nctuary pr p'^enled 1> "<! 1.V,., Mr! Wll... Talcott 1 " r^.l. 10.:* preachng. 6 w" 1 "' bry or by ph me. Kvolved by Atomc Force?" by the rhythmc and youth chors; Iteguhr kndergarten classes wll mages: Call at rectory m, the -a-rn.'u nt *,f Holy l*wmmuon be held; t:.'i0 p.m., ageant and sx weeks n advance unles. WOODSIDE CHAPEL wll le served. ' vesper servce; modern nterpres crcumstance* d e m a n c Mone Avenue, F.nwood Tur^lay: H p.m., l»>ar.l of tns- tlltoll ot lhe natvty wll be pretecs 'specal mootng. nentcd, followed hy carolng by vse. 'I'onorrow: 7::!) p. m.. t,,, hap- Calls: Urgent calls at an } py hour, the Woodsde -mo! DR. GEORGE M. VOLKEL Tomorrow:,':!U) p.m., Vmnry -! the senor III Westmnster felday or nght. If possbl. "< an.l m-,,1 me n u. WI -.< \\ I Is wll meet met ' at th th r» ] C «hers wll he under tle drecton your sck attended befo An-.onK tl..'! that wll VI ^ Wv,,,,;,,., p THE ALLIANCE CHURCH b.wshlp. ncy arses. r. chapc.,,.,,- young p.-,,,.! Presbyterans set :es,',,u'd «:"Ire:;; -orth 0 FFHsuscr^F : Ua wll nt''t nt tlu z^'n.'r&,^; 1 lu'u' uf tn* J'nk 1! uf m ^ ^., mnter Chvstn us party. y Retford Ave. «t Cherry S*. Monday: No nursery school; 11 J l.glu," Hue 1!; The the servce, f.< Monday: 8 am) ) 11 p.m., ChrstmaA Kve eandclltht Comnnmun Cranfard p.m., Chrstmas Kva candlelght 'Walk: Carol,'" Hnd,; ' Suncs," lounol; "Ila.-tcll Swftly, S'.'-vcs; Dr. Kredcrck K. Chrs- Sunday: '.1:110 a.m., Hble scb.xd; Wednesday: No nursery school. r hmonts wll hv suv.-d n the Rov. Lauranca J. Pyne servce. _,, n l **«v o ** r* kff o "r* > * * *4-ut.h.1 Ullt I tll. CHRIST, SCIENTIST st. n uf Sl., )t Two Sen ces For ( held,,,,,,., wj],, h Lsten Softly," Kountz; "Cradle tan wll preach on the.subject, II a.m., worshp servce; sermon rooms. 422 E. Bro»d St., sponker nt the famly Dble hou 'ong of the Shcrherds," Clatz: "What the Anjcel Faled to Tell." by the pastor, Hev. T.aurunct' J. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, 7 p.m., the senor htrh MYK wll «, Servce.: 930.nd 11..n The,., um. h s,. )lml wu, )( jn ^ Chrstmas Eve 'Vrgn's l.ullaby," I'cgcr; "He.ce," Handel; "Co Tell tata "For Us a Chld Is Born" by fellowshp; 7 p.m., Chrstnas can- 257 Mdway Avenue """ _.! 7 p.m., tl!e anr.ud church schoo -Startt-J tljt- mnstry y o f f 'The chancel chor wll snk the can- I'yne; r>:4. r > p.m., Allnnce youth SCIENTIST meet at the church and earolund.y School and Nur.ery ; son lt the s(nu. Um(, On the Mouutun," j.rr. Work;.1. S. Hach. dlelght servce by tho chor. F*nwood Today: 10 a.m., tho WS'CS fellowshp hour wll meet; the dscus- Ipe.d.ey Meetng! E«nmgTe.lmony 8.15 j chldren chrstnus part program r pttng. wth An all uv th l.r. Ilolx'-l M. Sknner n l!m-l". th 'March of. tl)e Three Wednesday: 11:30 a.m., church Monday: II: SO- p«mr-y<'uth fcl-i Sunday Servce, tl a.m. j tttton s M l l 1to all l nnual Chrsrns Kw 'mtl; "Three stalt meets fvr devotons and ds-lowshp leave for Chrstmas carol- Sunday School and Kurfrj, to leaves; son on prayer \\\H be contnued, \>:nnun!t>n Tre Uambllo," Yon; "The TRINl Y R. C. CHURCH j and see and hour the chldren an.^merted schedule:! young fulks gve forth the mes 1 led by Mrs. K. S. Crant. Story," Dcknson; "Song of '" Tuesday: "Best Wshes for a W.dne.da,.v.nln,...tlm.n, l^ly tucjuut^rul n tn- ntenvn T<nnorrow: 7:31) p.m., seventh FIRST CONGREGATIONAL '''mcn," Chant, and "Covemy nday Masses: In church: 7, j-age "f Chrstmas. trrade MYK. Messed Chrstmas; t:-, n year.-. CHURCH r j p.m., m«atn>, 8IS p.m. 'arol," Knglsh. 10, 11 a.m. and 12 noon; Ill I'.lDS :.-t-'nd servce W^ Saturday: 7rSO p.m., Kxplorer Fshermen's cln.-.s leave to conduct 125 Elmer Street L chldren's Mass: n chapel,! ECHO LAKE Instrumental preludes wll le tnrt^l to su the numlh-rs th.l Post. 178 (Inner. Kev. L. R. Stanford, Mnlter servce nt (loodwll lescue Msson. :1G, 11:16 and 12:15. j CHURCH OF CHRIST b.yed by Albert Mller and Hohlesrcd t«alu-nd. Monday: 11 p.m., Chrstnnu Eve Rev. E. M. Odden, A.t. Mnuter ""WVdu'sday: 7:IB p.m., "TheMore Church Newt rt Mller.! Thfs ye.r tl«-n> wll IH- :I svl v.-> Communon servce. All nre n- Sunday: 0:110 and 11 a.m., wor- Chullenge of Hawa" an lluslratlyday Masses: In church: 6,! 600 Sprngfeld Avenue : n 7:45, the 8:15, evenng, B:46 7 and p.m. 10:30 Sunday: Bernard!:;() E. a.m.. Lemmont Bble srluo 1 t S u'clo.k to nvonmodate fam The :>rorram s under the dree- hp n the uanclunry; Ucv. I.. It. ' <'d message by (onlon on Page 32 t-s wtl rhldvn ;uul ut! eekduy Masses: In church for adults and chldren, Kenm-tl -oung ).'.,p!c who arc comnnn! 7:16"and d 8 a.m., unless l hoth-j Hshop. superntendent: l(l:."u -ant members. The second servce announced. a.m., r.tnrcgntmn! snkng wt) s at 11 p.m. t Frday Masses: C:30, 7:15! ' K. Shewnkcr, drectng; 10:-lf Pror to each servce thrre wll a.m., sermon, "There Is t)n> a half hour s.rran rectal pe- (e musc for the Hgh Mass at I n»-' heedful," H. K. by Hr. le.rge W. Wdkcl. He Vlo.k on Sunday wll he Ul mmkwr - 11 :-» '> J».m.. connuno -.ll play; I'uer nob!, nasctur, K<- Thel'ope-for the Fourth servces wth Fred A-ssng lealey Wlhu; Chrstmas n Sc uy n Advent: Introt, "Ror-! ^'"^ _/ I'" 1 - sl n, "Watch ly, Chrstmas n Sottmo \'ttoc. l.enmons.'on; Krp.-o.le >u- les N'ocls, *; st Ilomnus Omnbus Invocan- Kum"; Offertory, "Ave Ma- 1 ''""'.Mll; A Chrsm::s I'rclllde. I'ow.I' (ratu l'k'nu, Homtus Te- Wodnosd'.y:!:.')0 a.m...vcaver; C.-r nntus e>t, Kvcrrtt,, - III< Z v " v:.. \ W, ^ ' nlk' \ ^ ^ class, }} U, K h. -. Lcnmtus, ISUT, wll lroct th*. 1 nun '; Noel sur les Klute-, 1., t,» - t'" >, IKUT, WI t rt'et h*.' da^ n a nt't 1 ot Parft r..u:u ; M'!.,,.,,...,.. 'A un..,.,,, I T,, Mm y of 1'rov'rhs; Hbk- -ass wl In the c -.-. of the servce the...,.. MM- \\c\\ fur pro->tohoo thblrtm; 8 h;.nc.l chnr wll >ng "For I'I A Unu, Dc. wll In- fro:u Pn-lro j ^ ^ >f..-,-,,,, Wfk,."hl.t Is Horn" and "The Chrstms C-nde." Hr. I-l-dcr.k K.,K, Mass of he Mc.hcls. lhe;h n,11 vh.,.,ll ](. (.h^^ w, wll he tl..- (-c'.r:t f IV. lteforc Mass the chor ; " r."lu.-lnn wl '\c the Co:n:un..:- c.!.!:.ton on the th.ll:.' "What the r.g He:-or.lar" Vrgt Mater UNITARIAN HLLOWSHIP j Angel Faled to Say." The Kev. j lm Lee, f'- M.--- "llehcll, : O" WESTFIELD j.1. Boltl Illrway and the Kev. A. ]l,,' Cometh' 1 by W.I l.e, and Wetflcld Coumunly Center.. v.l ;t;.s: t ll the earler j 111,- Motet aft'.r the (lr.'-tor:' Sunday 5chool'and Worahp.crvce and the Kev, Cole j She sung the tradconul (re- r Servce 10:30 a.m. md the l:.-v.,1. M. N'akajma al j n ch:tnt, "\'en p Krnnamel." Sunday: n :;to a.m., chnch he 11 o',-l.:-k hour. I school and adult servce. The pr»>for the Solemn Ton- : gram wll consst of a specu, 1 ll!h Mass to be celebrated ChrUtmns servce to be prtc tmas Kve wll be: ; pate.i n by all the chldren of th, pp.-r of l".'.mdnght ; church; l wll be done n lt, "lon nus dxt ad me: j four parts, Chrstmas tme t F. mol:-, es tu"; Gradual, "Te-'"wonder tme," Chrstmas tme \,- ; p-ncpum n de vrtues "sngng tme," Chrstnus tme : '; llll'crtdl-y, "Lactentur cocl j "story tnq," and Chrstna, lnn Dr. Volk.-I':- po :l;rle con.ludutr,-u-h serv.-e wll be llocllmn's 'tll-rlore sn l-< N'els." Chrstmas Musc Al S. Paul's To snlt.t t'-n" Communon, "In' * 'V'vnfe' tme." A cotr.'.' hou p, ^1. (lorlm.-! sactou.l, ex tlt.'l-o «ll follow tle M'l-vcc. Cooke;^ \ (%-lt I] /» I llolp^ rnn genul.."; set to mu-c made by the junor hgh grls»- ^ V.uvrl a. Kd:ll(Hds To/er. <'"" asssted hy Mrs. Walter I lohy: 1L> no..11,...lege l.n- 1.!, ; Sevc." At the 11 :!lll At t!u- tlll'-tory the MoJ-t,., ;,, nm-,,.,,,,; 7 : l r> p.m., se erv-.e '.:!: : d:.y, the 1'rcell Ch.r j be "Flos d' I'.adce.U-ssc" >V ;,,,,,,. p,,st-c,ntl ll.-lton class: X :'M. f u n m.i b,.y. v..11 sng J'ur- I 1-11'.- n the I., d Ahvny." p Kvre, Su.lU; and Agnus, Hor.len, wll be served. h- Talt--. Chor..f men and. :l -n be 1... from r. Ro- D... -n's.; ;-. "Mss.-. "\l^-, ' _ '»)'. wll sng "111,'! I. the K.TI.rd TEMl'LE EMANU-EL.r.lohn," t;::.,ii., m the m..'clo,-k It.- I-'dcles"; tbc Clora nd! OK WESTFIELD ;-.-v*-.- at St. Tau's c'bur.h on ;lclus wll he from Yon's 756 E. Broad Street j lm(,ly,, K. K.cth Sunday ll A(ls of the"; Ibc Crc Rabb Atrel S. Cr.Imnn Vt,1,1_.,, W(. ls H^,.,,'., "Short be th:' Crcgora chant!'n- II. m ' orus. unl JfU-r Mass 1 > ' 1 ' 1! p.m.. n.hlt ll.-brew. hegnn nn. " Chstus Nts Ft." ; al v.m.,., ; X::\D p.m.,.i,.wsh c m He M:ss, begnnng nt 11: :! " nuuy councl. th".hor wll sr; t'l- tr. U-: T,,m,,n-,.w: K:r> p.m., c.dl.'g 'I'h- L'fl- rh«.: r K.-h'.y >l.>- 'll ng "How! Mornr j ran musc I r "WII- 1 "Vcn, Ven. Kn-n-.anucl, Kn-.anucl," ',,,,,,,.,.,,,,,!,,^ Sald.all, lst nghl I,vj ] J,K bnk- l:.'.h'- e'.nr of " W n - ; t. F.l.'les" a r r a n g e d by No-. cmhld.l crlcb:t... K a b b 1 j.),,., ;.,f. ruf uns de S:n:n,.-," mll "Kosn My.-tca" from a -Me- ;(;.j s l n. n wj l speak: an (le;! \,, w.\:.>:'» etng «f"<> Come, j bl Anlhology, a n d tradtonal ; s ',',b'b'at wll follow- the servce. (I I.n,e. I'..'l.n e." ; -M-n;s carol.-. S a t u r d a y : ; a.n.. cltruus Kve, the f'urcell : edcl Cra f, sopnno, wll sng.1,. 1 ", 1 1,.,,,,,... 1,... n rmanearol-zu HelhWhemCe-! ''.',, " '' U ;"" l L l ""'': Cl.o...f m,n and '...ys j h" from the Uc-ll.-hcn V -..!-,'', V 1 U "- C ""' T< ' ' """"[ " '-I'-- ' l'-»>- ' " - "f.""iv <'"»' \. o'.v-ne, 1C.H81. an.l Margaret ; sund-n-'- ' ,11, I.',,,,,,'" "'!.":...r I C:- "I :.:;.,(,,,:, :-. the. vl. s,,,,,.. on::, nu' fu- 1 I!^l - fl ^ " r ^ ^'\>, "- j ' '^.; '/! t t ^ ' r! 'H,:y Trnty Church chor:;',,,;,1,by: jlm),,r, ;.L.!,-, T U -,r..:t a,.^,, w.l j l l ' s : I c r v s C l l t l r e v. M 1 1 r e d : (-,.,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,, ' ' ' ' ' ' '> ' ' 1 ' " ' - " - ' ''" 1 * I lllillkul P.lJ I 1, '. > \./ T'l'l :e.m::n.'(; ;!l 1 ;,,n, l.l!::.., Za-, Tll,,,!v Wwln,,d:,v. Tlmrs.;- '! r ' T ".:" " '." 1. lll 1 : nck, Margaret W a K n. I.<-e H-,:v: rhanukah -c-ss. ' :'' '- ' "':.'l ' " ^ '""v., " ( ' and Fred el (Iracf: altos, loan,, r,, v : S : l s U1 lm,.,;,.,.-.-v--. :. He, 1,.,. ; wll be Sow- j^mau;-.!,..lane Clfrey, Helen u.,. m,, ",., h, a!,.',-,,.,,, of C n. -, ' '' ' v 1 : '"-.."! '"." I l'' ^ ' ' " " ' SB't, Anna l.nya, Klane Al- [,,, J *,-t k< 1. e..-: Inn. 11.!- n..he. l:»--e,-are Vclla and Kr.y ' ;.lml \zl.,., s. ( -hn.-n and ' 1 '"' ; ' - ' ;! 1 ''-,.,,.., k;, Ceorge Sa,:d!:.n.!,,-.,.,.,, Vt.,kl,v,);,,,,..,,, A;. 1 :..M I,:,..,,-.,..:-.-, hvc he ; Monte, Frank K K V and Ar-, u.,.,,,,, -. U1.,,,,. p : u,, c M l on j «* " ' "' ll.' ' " v!l!,.' ' '"- 1,; h '." ' C:llah:,n; basses: Wll,',!,, f,..,,,.,.,,, -',,,..!..,-t,';'-.. fl '-! ".!I --. " ' "V.';; V "V~ r "!, I ef. '. :. an-l CM"! Frank Fscher,.McTegu'". Alens, or-' ;Xl,. w<- l>n.,,. welcome KlllM. y mn )<, " ;:,,. l^'j^r^nw',,,.rm,.. r,.al n-.u.-..1!""; j s and dreclor, Mary Kla- K,,,,g l.-mpb- m.-ml"-lnp an...,.m.:,.,.».;;;, llar.dd Park.-j : ltonnell. lh- total.-le..,:, pr..e,,.-n f-' ;,, : r l,,,,.,.,. v,.. n F. "Glon:.!,'hldren and adults. Int..-.::.l 1-11,,,.-N.,,.- l,v Tl..:.:..- We.-lke...,,. GRACE ORTHODOX IRESBYTERIAN CHURCH '1100 Boulevard, Welfeld ^nduy: H:-l'> a.m., chnch Jol classes for all ages: II!, worshp, K.V..loh.l W. UclZ-..Implan n the :. S. An«y (statoned nl Fort 0^ :. I'-" 1 -' fe.-. day: 7::'.() p.m.. may be..btaucl by CIIIIMIL' *-»«f»,"...[» :,. Y:,.\r of H.-ve" and: 1,--ple ortc.-. ",:,', Y.,,-r,n My. '.'1.'m." IVter j FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 170 Elm Street, Rev. Wdl.m K. Cobcr Mnster 1:. V..,wl; Mv' ",-,,,..!,).;! V. ;ll -U'.: "<.l»>-y.,..,.! n -h- Il:r.e-C' by \er-: I.- Wl'.lan, a:.he J ' a...-rv- ' I..!:,v: 1 :>.: -., W,..::n'.' S...-c:y, l... l!r;r. ll :,!:.:.-!.' :.: S pn, «""- -LI nc- 1.,Yj.. Chr.--m.s I':..v. Org.n: 1 lh:< n;.-!. -. l'r.--:'v. ra: Cnr.h. 'wll ;,.-lllde "(I H.d Tlls.. 1 I I :t.;u.,.(..r-h:p 1 v," H r l, a n d " n j.c.-: I':.v f ^ c e of Hlle s t u d y a n d p r a y e r, ^ ' f '? ] ;'/''''!,'..'.'..'"V "f ' V h r c h m l.. u M ", " > " '' ' < ' : B u. - t. ' d b v t h e K e v. K o l l n K - a m l. n.. l! l'_. ; ' ',..,,,.;,, s-., : ;,l:,y, P. --I", - h " lall-- W',-, a,s,; :,,,t p:.t..r o f lra,-.';.-.-!.; ;= *";, ; ;' ' ; ',,.,,,.,,,,...,,-,:,-.-, wll «-..,r,l>n.'1<. wr,.-ha,,,- of H." «; 7--^V;,T^^ ft]., d Chapel nl Neptune. j ^'; ^ ^.r',^,,'.., uf ;().,..-.'-..-.,n and caro!- al b'-tn the 10 CHURCH "OK'CHR.ST, j ''^^^Tr^J'^XZ^Z!"'U'har" O.Zlly :«...^nm... SCIENTIST ;- ;.\ 1 ;-'"."".-: ;;;,,,\,,lv1k,l.ujeh.,n,m-<t.-r of St. I':,ul, and N.»'; 1222 Ea.t Broad Street ^, l ".! '',-. -v! r.l!.«a-" :'' "lm»' ;t '"' Su nday School: 11 a.m. : : '",'', '.',.. I '.,, church I chorm:' ' '! - Nursery: 11 A.m. lay Servce: 9:30 «n<! 11..'». ' y, ad"!:. ALL SAINTS 1 EPISCOPAL Vednt-sday Evenng Tctmony '-,. v:..:,.n cnlu CHURCH Meetng.: 8:15 p.m. j!'». I'-' ,n.;.-,. '""I-"I' 1 '" ". 1 '"'-" ',',j; P,,rl> Avr.,-,.:,. :..r'.!;.-.n, I ^^ -th- "-"> "! ' r- ;""I '';. '; Scotch Plnn. and lfe' "f lhe M»>'"' ; ^ " t - :1 '' U " ' 1 " l " > ',, A ''' ' ' -..,,-,,uv: «a.m.. : us. wll be. lpl.a-?.c.l;y..:lhf)rl.lma:- cap. lnt- y,,.:,,,^ -,--.n, :,.,;'... p ay-r all-1 car-v r,:l,an S. c u e.-..-rv.c..-.:.monday: 5 P-m- '." st"-' '-"-; > V Tlll.r,:,,,,.,.,hurc> l! '.-,..;..rht.!: "! ' " "< <,,... tn. ;,,,,,,v- Sunday; 11 a.m.. ;-m.. rnorn-] prayer and enrol sngng; 7 The mracle of Chrshnts, holy sorcc of hope «n<! joy, once, more spreads ts wonders, ts radant promse across the land...and. tl«: Star shnes, as on that hallowed nght, wth olrrnal lght. The hlcssnjjs that rse from the sacred manger a~e manfold and cvorlastng. Our wsh s that you and yous may be blest wth the tlvno comfort and nspraton of Chrstmas, now and always. B'.ejoc a'.d llealtl pan H: the v. nl'

28 P»?e 28 THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 19«8* Candles Gleam, Bells Rng, St. Nck Arrves It's Merry Chrstmas! THE NATIVITY, PaRc from a medeval Book of Hour, shows the Natvty scene ax llustrated and llumnated by the Ltmbourg' brother*, famous llumnator*. Book*: of Hour*, or 'Belle* Heurcs." are hand-lettered and ndvdually-llustrated prayerbool:* ntended for prvate devotons. Ths one wa* prepared for Jc.-n, Duke of Berry, sometme before From The Metropoltan Museum of Art, The Closter* Collecton, purchase, Chrstmas»'ome* but once a year and nto that magc "once" are )-»ckt'i y.-an and years of well-luv-j tradtons. Candles gleam brghvly, b«!ls rng merrly, jlal carols fll the r. Vp goes the tree and on go the ornaments and lghts, n many home and n many other places, too, both n and out of doors. Evergreen branches, holly und mstletoe decorate the season. Chldren eagerly awat Santa Claus, hs slegh and hs rendeer. Stockng's are hung, and greetngs and gfts, galy wtapped, spread tle sprt of Chrstmas. How dd t al begn? The manger scene, n churches and homes, testfes to the relgous moanng and real begnnng of Chrstmas. To be glad anl grateful, to gve am to help others are expressons of that moonng. The legends and customs of the holday season, however, come from scores of sources, and many ancent festvals have contrbuted ther part to Chrstmas as : tme of merry-makng. GIVING GIFTS Frst of all Chrstmas gfts were gold, frankncense and myrrh, the wse men's gfts to the Infant Jesus. Gft gvng at the season of the year now celebrated as Chrstmas can also be traced back to pre-chrstmas tmes. The ancent Komans exchanged gfts durng ther Saturnala, a festval honorng Saturn, the pagan god of agrculture. Hangng gfts on trees fgured n Drud tree worshp n early Brtan. HELPING POOR Prncples of Chrstanty are reflected n Chrstmas gvng to the poor and unfortunate. An old legend says that on Chrstmas Eve the Chrst Chld roams the earth, dressed as a beggar, n search of food and shelter. People beleved that uny kndness shown a beggar expressed a love for Jesus. SOURCE OF SANTA Orgn of Santa Claus as a gft gver s usually traced to a real St. Ncholas, bshop of Myrn, n Asa Mnor, n the fourth century A.D. St. Ncholas was renowned for hs generosty, and he stll retans hs role as a gft gver n many countres, arrvng January B tradtonally the data of the rst of the wse men. The Drver's Seat It's fun to'read about the many new accessores that are avalable to the automoble owner. It seems that automobles are n fertle feld for magnatve nventors. For example, we heard recently of se:t belts for chldren, n portfble'battery charger and u portable enr garage. There was also a rubber garage-door bottom, electrcally warmed auto cushons, nnd a devce that keeps outomoble engnes warm and. makes them easer to start n the wnter. The seat belts for chldren ycen sensble, f for no reasons except that they keep chldren from crawlng n your lap whlu yu\ drve. Your local safety councl or polce department can tell you how Bafe they are n case of n crash. There are plenty of portable garurt.-a on UK? nvwkct, nnd they are nothng more than a heavy grade plstc sheet that can be draped over n car to protect t from the weather, n modern verson of the old horse blanket. Imagnatve nventors? Prnbably not. They prolmhly ure old turst' lovers gone modern. The rubber gnrge door bottom Beems lke a valuable addton, especally for people who have bg oet nnd mght forget to get out of the way when they slum down the door. But the electrc auto cushons are the best devce nf the hunch, I thnk. They keep you I'rnm httr*k "our head. Wlv? Wel, thes; cushons are supposed to warm up your cur scat on cold mornngs. Can't you just :TO what wunt happen f you slpped nto your cold c:tr :nd s;l un : fold rvhot. Wham! You would jump up ;ml ht your head, certanly. N'o muv VULE GREENS Evergreens at Chrstnas are an emblem of lfe etcrnn. Ancent peoples beleved that the greenness of evergreens n wnter was a promse of the creator that.sprng would come agan. SINGING CAROLS Carolng nt Chrstmas may be a carryover from the Roman songs of the Saturnala, or so some researchers beleve. Enrly Chrstan songs were solemn nnd somewhat forbddng. The smple, touchng carols best lked today ddn't gun wdespread popularty untl the 14th and 15th centures. DECORATING TREES In ancent feasts of the wnter equnox, trees were, adorned wth trnkets. Lke many pagan cus toms, the evergreen tree became assocated wth Chrstan observances, and legends lnk t to the brth of Chrst. One story sayr that on Chrstmas Eve, all tht trees of the forest bloomed and bore frut. LIGHTING CANDLES Candles at Chrstmas symbolz< the comng of Chrst as the Lgh of the World. Snce earlest tmes man has used lghts torches watchfres, beacons on occason of joyous celebraton. Custom of placng a candle n the wndow on Chrstmas Eve s usually attrbuted to the Irsh. I was thought that Chrst wandere the earth on that nght, and. candle would show Hm a horn where Ho was welcome, or help t lght Hm on hs way. of that wth these modern nven tons. Los Angles' cty councl s try ng to fgure out how to make ex Tressways safer, Two suggeste olutfbns made by members of th councl: Put gates on freewa ramps; make sgns bgger, b] enough for even drunks to see. * * One wag commented recent!.' that there probably s no countrj n the world that has bgger com pacts or more expensve economy cars than ours. County Surrogate Canddate Agan Unon County -Surrogate Eugon I. Krk last week nnnounced hng anddnov for re-electon to offc for H 5-year term. Jamc*.1, Knnoallv, county Dem o-ntc chnroan, sad he fully en "'<>r?cd Krk's decson to seek reelecton. Krk r:\dt "I realze that my mouneement s much earler than u.sunl, but I was motvated n tak ng ths step at ths tme by th< ':ny requests I have receved to -*'Vf>:l my poston." Krk added that crculaton of )t v l.tons n hs behalf also wl 'u'jrn today. Krk wj-s elected to hs frs! 'enn n 19ft8, and at that tme was "o fr-:t Democrat to hold that ofl -e n thf! countv. He succeeded Charles A. Otto Jr., who had held lhat otlu'e for lft years. The prncple of a graduate'' tax was tpplofl ns parly ns 1707 en jvru>^'t*spvp nhertunco tny en wore bused on th<» nount of nhertance receved. LEADER CLA.-..MMEDS BRING RESULTS I nl t '\.<& *j^v n., s-- 1 : 8 J! IP^^I ^ /* \ 'B Stamler Urges 'Long Hard Look' At County Government Revson A countrywde meetng to revew the "effcency of the freeholder form of government" was urged last week hy State Sen. Nelson F. Stamler. The GOP legslator called for a jont conference of the Unon County Board of Chosen Freeholders and muncpal lenders to consder county government reson measures recently announced by the state's County and Muncpnl Law Revson Commsson. The commsson's proposals would offer Now Jersey's 21 countes the choce of an elected or apponted county executve nnd sugest study of elmnatng the elected oflccs of county clerk, rt «.nd surrogate. These offces, accordng to the propoaul, wonld be flled by ppbntod offcals more responsble to' nn executve und the boards of freeholders. "Unon County has a unque opportunty to take the lead n.over haulng the horse and buggy^trueture of Court House operatons,'' Senator Stomler sad. "We are enterng the budget makng season and there s no better tme to pnpont the savngs whch could be made were county :overnment to perform an operaton bootstrap to meet the mountng demands plneed on t from every sde," he sad. "The demand for a new look at ourt House operatons and Court House-Cty Hull relatonshps has been mountng ever snce the exodus to tho suburbs and the populaton exploson began after World War. II," Stamler sad. County government can play a new and enlarged role f t modernzes tself and restores publc fath n t the Senator Bad. Ho contnues: "In Unon County we have more than 500,000 ctzens splt nto 21 dfferent towns. Certanly there are consoldated operatons that a revsed and revtalzed Court House could perform whch would produce cheapc and more effcent servces, for the taxpayer. Ho sud, "There s also the ogr old queston of whether or not certan county oflk-ps ore anylhnp more than comfortable poltca 1 featherbods for party hacks am ther crones." The Senator asked, "Isn't t tme that these expensve snecures were abolshed and ther furu'tmh ttkon -over by an up-todate j-'ounly executve wth no poltcal anbtons?" f-'jr the past three years, Slamlor sad, le has ntroduced rcsolu tons n Trenton urgng a study o' county government and what ca bo done to. modernze, ts form. Stamlor pad that because botl county and local government wer currently n the mdst of "Th' agonzng apprasals that go wu budget makng; now s the tnv for an objectve revew of wha' can be done to rase per captservces nt a lower per capta cost Certanly the annual $15,000,- WHENITIT TOWNSEND Even though you nsure fne furnture for shppng, the nsurance cannot always replace the orgnal artcle. To be on the SAFE sde, have t crated by us and KNOW t wll travel securely and unmarred. Offce Tpplng Dangers Cted In Safety Plea The N-e\v Jersey State Safety Councl agan th* year -has ssued a plen to dscourage the servng of ntoxcatng drnks t pre-chrst mas and New Year offce and plant partes. The plea has hotn part of the councl's program for sev eral years to combat the hgh rate of traffc mshaps n December and partcularly durng Yuletde, accordng to George C. Traver, executve vce presdent of the councl. In a letter to upwards of 4,000 busness and ndustral concerns n the state Travel' remnds that surveys show a szable percentage of Chrstnas accdents occur n the early hours of the holday perod and many of these can be traced back to alcoholc drnks served at offce am plant partes. Specal hofday studes made by the Natonal Safety Councl show, accordng to Traver, that 55 per cent of the Chrstmas season fatal traffc accdents -nvolve drvers under the nfluence." Traver also cted the results of the state's Alcohol Determnaton Program whch n 1901 showed that of the autopsu'es performed on persons klled n traffc accdents 54 per cent had an-alcohol factor to some degree: and of these autopsed to date ths year an average of 58 per cent showed an alcohol factor, wth the rate gong at! hgh as 60 per «nt n some communtes. "The combnaton of alcoho and long hours of darkness adds to serous odds aganst accdent-free drvng; and cafe drvng, partcularly durng ha holday TKjrod, demands alertness and physcal ftnejc," Traver emphaszed. The reorganzaton of Internal Revenue n 1952 had the objectves of removng certan remanng postons from poltcal patron- >ge and coverng them nto career ervlec and decentralzng to pro- 'Ide better servco to taxpayers. CHRISTMAS SEALS fght TB and other RESPIRATORY DISEASES 300 bll for Unon County's government s borne almost entrely y the property owner through the ombned cty-county property tax ll whch ho pays. MIGHTY MIDGET Former Resdent Forum Speaker John F..Chronna, rormer Westfelder who s now head foothal coach at the Unversty of Rhod< Ic'and and a graduate of Buckne Unversty and currently takng masters degree at Columba Un versty, spoke at tle Comtnuntj Center recently on parents' responsblty for gudng the educatonal futures of ther chldren The forum was sponsored by UM Communty Center Assocaton. Chronna used hs backgroun as an example of a youngster wb l! n o t revve proner gudance early as junor hgh school years He stressed tfo mportrnce of earl gudance at home as well as n th schools n order that students ma know where they are headed BC far as educaton after hgh school as concerned. A dscusson followng the tal was headed by Dr. Jane Sprang charman of the ^nstructon an health commttee of the Board ol Educaton. Partcpants ncludec Mrs. Augustus Klaber, charm of the nstructon faclty commt tee of the board, and Vncent Washvlle, head of the Westfel> Hgh School Gudance Department and members of hs staff. It was ponted out that n-schoo gudance has progressed snce 194 v/hen Chronna was a hgh school student, but that gudance counael ors can only tell students what they can expect n the way of personal college performance, based upon personal ablty and grades. The decson for college must ultmately le wth the student and ls parents. State Tax Polcy Report Delayed The state Tax Polcy Commsson's report wll not be fnshed untl late ths month or early n January, Commsson charman Archbold S. Alexander sad last week. The report, orgnally due Dec. 1, was ntally delayed untl Dec. 16 by the commsson. Alexander rfad the second delay was due to the "monumental ta3k of puttng the report together." He sad the report may run to 200 pages, wth tables. Sources have ndcated that the report wll recommend a 3 per cent selectve sales tax, expected to brng n $180 mllon n new stnte revenue'. The commsson s charged wth revewng the state school ad system and the overall state tax pcture and, accordng to Alexander, wll mnke specfc recommendatons for new revenue, f the commsson fnds t s needed. Hughes has sad he wll rely heavly on the commsson's recommendatons. mm MASTER Sx-transstor rado Unbreakable genune Nylon cast Wherever you arc...loungng nt home, out for a drve, or sunnng on the beacl...ihe longdstance senstvty of ths tny Channel Master rado wll brng n statons loud and clear. You'll marvel, too, at the superb tonal qualty of ths submnature rndo... even when played at hffl volume levels. Ths meltcstof mdjets s avalable n red or black wth gleamng gold anodzed grlle. Specally Prced for Chrstmas I z&s STATIONERS 35 Elm St. Westfeld LEEDS WESTFIEID'S CARD AND BOOK CENTER Elm and Qumby Streets Wesfeld TIPIIIGS YfJ»y the joyous promse of the frst Chrstmas fnd fulfllment n your Heart... brngng- you peace, good wll and happness to brghten all the day EDMUND EDMUND PHILIP of the comng year. ROTCHFORD ROTCHFORD, ROTCHFORD EDWARD A. CAMILLO Realtor 17 ELM ST. WESTFIELD AD ALDEN ST. CRANFORD BR ROTCHFORD 433 NORTH AVE. E. TEMPEST

29 AMONG THE MICE-D, P. ul c. P e. PloB ch «k. cond.. n«l box of m.«. Th. bo». p ar, Of Mp erlnenu k».e.«.1. b. dcv.ed,o,. ud y how mce prcven, ov.r.p^u U- when ther,p,«,. l ml ed. Mc * *, w«. Lk n the d.ytme when the mce ntde Iher boxet. se 'Socetes' Hold Key [Populaton fen lvng condtons lwcome rowded, mce hnve a buw-n mechansm whch stops [loton exploson." For three Rutgers zoologst has been g mouse "".socetes" to fnd ore about how ths nechunorks. zoologst, Assocate Profes- 1 G, Pearson, has been Bed $2^,300 by the N'atonal Foundaton to nvestgate cts of socal organzaton tress on rodont populaton re x>rt on one asjurt of Ma." h 'n a program on populatklotnology at the Amersocnlon for the Advance- See-nco moetng later ths ;on says hs research results 1st th;\t even f food and water unlrtel supply, lack of n tfelf can art as a eonfactor n the growth of tt on. ere's always a danger n Iryjply the results of anmal to human problems, hut ok certanly makes me thnk lack uf space on earth, ral-hcr of food, may be the fac- h fnally forces human alon control," Or. Pearson nt-. vlalc unversty zoologst I out by '.-.ettnp up two knds nv condtons "for nuuse eol- In the frl type, he placed nal water n the center of ju:e area am :rr:r^:fcl le--' for the mce around th Hec.use tl-. 1 ;rra'gernen pen prnv'lcd them wth no l:ry landmark they wen- unf to svt up "terrtores" am ' ' '." p<nu?e socety re- Stablty ll mouse colon;- : nctl " >> countng the fre by of furht. second type of colon" I'earun pla 'I'd food and wat: ttlu' ndvdu.l ne.t bnx'.'s, IMI pattern. Under the'- Elon, each mouse famly con' fcze ts own terrtoral arc ".!n!c" socety resulted. I f <.l;.r.s, f;o;; and w.tvr vrl I ll unlmted quant'.'.es. r resrnrch had sut-'k t' 1 : the "unstable" type o e so.'ety, populaton wont- s!arply and then level olt v "t: : pont, well before all th '»x/s were full. It had b.'." d th.t at ths levelng pc:»l ::ale mce would no longer n Us or otherwse prote y»n;r. Infant n:.rt:ll tlu-n altdnl fur the o: of popuh'ton. 'l" s'.'ond tvpt> of colony u'lc" : nrcty t'e mou'-'c l'u frr'v; n-(u"c {juckly, and! a hglut lev-1. Hut. at a ' '- *»nt, tn- female mce stop- v: r lr'h to young ;uul the ; " expanson j-topped. IV:r.-(.. were 1 to confrm tn-:!' carl'r. :.nd nlmr ox:": plon.s ld. Hut, mp: rant, y n' ;t:r..'.l nt fm(!:r.;r o'l*!'o'<.(;cal H,'h;::ns con- I!! ' n.>u-. IK hr.vor. II >w :lo over-crowded condtons create breakdown n maternal behavor or cessaton of the.sexual cycle? V>V m Pearson's research ndcates" hat when crowdng creates condtons of so.-nl stress, the ptutary chances l> noducton of hormones. One such change re suts n a hgh producton of cort.w>ne. Cortsone normally helps t* adapt the anmal to the stress Ht s known as an adaptaton hor mono. Another change results n lower producton of the chemcal.' regulatng the.sexual cycle and muteral behavor. In the course- of hs research Dr. Pearson observed thul ther are two dstnct categores wlhl the mouse socal ystom. Frst, there are ndvduals who ft nto the ''peckng order." lv-jr-?on says t s possble to jrek out Mouse A, who s the lop boss: Mouse H, who s the boss of everybody except ;Moum> A;.Mouse C who s the!x»s of everybody except A and H, and so on. Standng toward th" top of ths peckng order aro a sub-gr\>ur whch Dr. l'carsall calls the "re productves." These mce whc.l are guardng a breedng group ant! whch wll lght ferocously aga all comers to defend t, even aganst t.ho. ".e ndvduals whch -'and hgher n the peckng order The second d.tnct category, I'r Pearson descrbes JIS the "rejects. 1 "They avod and arc rejected!>j the re?t of the mce," he says. The rejects tend to lve together, to have no sexual dentfcaton o role, and to IK' ou'east from th rest of nousu socety. The mo wthn the ucclng order, Dr. Tear son nol»s* have,< «. on ther fore.".des from fcv.t*, hut the rejects scars me always on ther hm I County's Standng Coun May End Plans Sewer Grant SCOTCH PLAIN'S That the townshp may have lost an opportunty to receve a!>0 per cent federal rant fur the $1,080,000 North.Sde santary sewer project n«< dsclosed lust week at a publc hearng on an ordnance author7.ncr the work. The ordnance was adopted af- Party Court Trnty, So", C«tholc Daujhtero of Amerca, hew td regular monthly meefnjr Thursjaj nfht n the Rescue Squat) buldng on Sprng St. The meetng w«s presded over by the jtrand recent, Mrs. Jumtw Mutruysr. The unnu Chrstmas party -wll l>f> hvll -t the homo of Mrs Paul Grasso, 2030 Dogwood Dr., Thurs day, Dee. 27 at 7 p.m. It wll be a pot hvk sup wr am each person u'.temjr s nsk'd to brng.>mp artcle for a bauyv: layette. ter a attended by about! These layettes wll be sent to v.., c <> nersons n the Junor Hgh j medcal msson ssters of -Santa Ke. N 1. SI. The sewnjt group under the dltvctu of.mrs. Jtt*n Young s t noed of men's shrts whch an converuvl nto hosptal gowns fo School. ComYtteeman Mauro A. Cbjacho told the resdents "we automatcally became nelrhle" for jthe federal ad when l.'non Counj ty wns t«ken out of the category 1 of "crtcal unemployment areas" a few days ago. Such n desgnaton was n'requrement for federal ad under the government's accelerated publc works program, he sad. Hut ('heeeho added, "we won't trve up. He sad the tovenshn j would "pursue all anrles" to try j F<) o obtan federal a<l fvr the sewer roject. A federal grant, for whch the wnshp nnpled. would hnve proded half, or $5 10,000 of the lst of the sewer project and thus vould hve cut property owners' sessments n hdf. The Townshp Commttee sad t would contnue to s<h'k the fedral funds befort' Ptnrtng the ro.ect. The potental of federal sslstnnce was one of three rea- : ons lsted hv the commttee- for mlertnklng the bg sewer project. When n person who a recevng ocal sccurtv beneft' des, the "Vcal Securty Admnstraton -lust be notfed. Oo not cash any oelal securty checks aauml to n -lenber of the famly who has Med. ejncur patents. Anyone luvng any to runtrbuto may call Ara Hostesses for the ev<'njr wcr Mrs. John Brennon and Mrs. I.ou: Urcuol. UJC Invtes C Llmrv Prof. <;<MU>K- P. Murks III, l hraran, today uvu-d Westtleh area collepnns home for the hol. y-s to make use of t.'non.luno College'; lbrary. Professor Ma'ks sntl the lbrar >f the Crunford rallekv wll b. open Wednesday, Dec. 20 from!( a.m. tof> p.m. and Thursday, Dec.? from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. "Our experence has hern thn many t.'non Junor College stu dents nnd <thcr collerarf ftttd necessaryu> catch up on ther stud cs durnr ther vncalons. \V«n vtc all e«llo^ u )3 to m»k«u^e o our facltu\»u part of our eor cepl as a comnunty coll*?^ / Professor Murks SKtd. LEADER CL.ASS1FIE.DS PAY l M r«. Tlrulrf* HnrnM. fnr»nrrl> uf llatvrnj. «r«* thr Krw «f 111 If* luttnr nt tlt V le or Mr«'e*»,H«M1»h I'lnlWN, hteh Ne> *-*! f mm >1 r, HIM! Hn. Jnmt'N S, Merry* Thr Nnlr t»f 1hl«rmlll t!f> -l roprrl) \\ I\H IM-Utlult «l l> lldkh 11. t'tlrk. IINMIH'IIIU- u 4 lutrlrk MU-nll-nk Jr., Itl CD A L«te jspooher Elected Lbrary Head SCOTCH PLAINS Frankln j Spooncr waa elected presdent of j tbe Board of Trustees of tlo j Scotch Plans Publc Lbrary last j week, succeedng Herbert O. Thompson. Other offcers elected for a one-year term are: Vce presdent, Jack Molm; reordng: secretary, Mrs. Wlbur Freeland; recordng secretary, Mrs. J. Horace Hatfeld and treasurer. M's. George Kschcr. The board adopted personnel *rd book selecton polces and a salary schedule. Donatons of books receved durng November were acknowledged and letters of apprecaton r vero sent to Mrs. \V. n. Morgan, Mrs. Joseph A. Cannon and Ellot Pnson. Mrs. Charles Durway, lbrary 'rector, reported crculaton HO 'n- ths month totaled 02,18'.) hooks, an ncrease of 10,-III over 'he same perod last year. New 'cmb''s and re-regstrunts durng November totaled Id. A showcase of hooks har been *et up n the Helpee-Selfee I.amtromat n K. Second St. to focus ttenton on tbe servces of tle lhrary wth changes wle each week, Mrs. l)arwuy sal. The lbrary wll close 1W. 2!! at - p.m. for the ('lrstnuk. recess, "'oleng Ih'c. 2! lt the regular hours. The "new drecton" hprun by 'nternl Revenue n Wns In 'ated to mantan the hkhekt rc- 'rce of voluntry taxpayer eomplwce under Ihe U.S. self-aasess- lent system. 1 X stockn by the gauges wth Ths Chrstmas Eve, chef gas dspatcher John Brennan and 78 other employees of the Elzabethtown Consoldated Gas Company wll hang ther stockngs rght on the job so that your holday can bv warm, comfortable and safe. Lke so many other publc servants, these men wllngly gve up ths tradtonal evenng of famly and festvtes to keep clean, convenent natural f^as comrf; to your home gas to cook the famly feast, fjas to warm the frosty njjht, gns to make your many holday chores buser. We, at El7cbethtown Gas, salute the John Qrennans everywhere who keep the hom; frus burnng. And to our many frends and customers, a heartfelt wsh for a joyous Chrstmas and a New Year fllod wth peace and plenty. THrwtsrrm.trw.j.yLEADER, THURSDAY, DBCEMBIR 20;»62 Chrstmas Is Near But B«caus» we deal exclusvely n photo equpment of all knds the year 'round, our stocks are stll well vared, So, f you are stll shoppng come n! GOT ENOUGH FILM? - CHECK YOUR SUPPLY OF FILM AND FLASH BULBS FOR YOUR HOLIDAY PICTURES - STOCK UP NOW. OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL CHRISTMAS Westfeld Studos PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 121 CENTRAL AVE. TEL. AD pen 24.II'PS 61 1 Pr.fV Hours a Do^ 5 m\um IV A-«. Plonf<.ld O" PI K \ 1e{ stercc Pharmacrt In Q afrendanco ot ttort n Day ond Nght { tearn JUDO «on Jcpnnoso Champons at WESTFIELD JUDO CENTER 1216 South Avonuo (N < < to Townc Car Wosl) AD ffeo Domonstrclon Ngllly Clos^os for *"< "» Women a ChMron \3)ec j".n «'.' 'nt^' to ol>h-:tc, t/cl qtber tc u."l>r<ton ]>">» 'he ^- fl '<> <>'"') 'he brth of our Sttff'r... uml Hs dr/e, denal preuncc. My et cry joy am blessng of ths Holy Season come to you md V""' '''''"' ones, brngng [e<c,.hd hj[>uess. r.khug sprts brght! EXCELLENT DINER 222 North Avenue Westfeld ELIZABETHTOWN ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY COMPANY

30 . w ^.. T.... _,,..... *. **V^n>^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^«V^^WBV PBR«30 THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 Go ng, Go; Gone! wsh to d lpol rf_ phone us ot "AND, LO, THE STAR, whch they law n lh«call, went before them, tll t c&tnc and stood over where the young Chld wll. When they taw the ftar, they rejoced wth exceedng great joy." (Matthew 2:9*10) 100 YEARS AGO Grant's Army Halted By Forrest, Van Dorn The week before Chrstmas brought good news to the Confederacy 100 years ago ths week, but the news was not very Chrstmassy. Rather, t was thut the army of Federal Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, whch had been pushng slowly southward through Msssspp, had been halted. Grant's setback dd not come n battle but n a seres of mportant rads made by Confederate Gone. Earl Van Dorn «nd Nathan Bed- By ION K. SAVACE fo,.< >or..t. Van Uorn'a rad resulted n the cupturu of Holly Sprngs n northern Msssspp, Grant's base of supples. Forrest's rads were n western Tennessee, where he broke the telegraph wres and ralroad trucks leadng to Grunt's nmy and eut the Federal general oft entrely. Together, thu two general?, forced Grant to pull n hs wngs and retreat norlhwnrd lo get thngs organzed ngun. Van Dorn, the Confederate general who hud been defeated at Cornlh n the uulumn, mode hs rud Dec. 20. Leadng B,60U caval rymen, he moved northward through Msssspp nto the mar of Grunt's lnes, whch then were located near Oxford. Grant learned of Van Dorf's movement and messaged hs commander at Holly Sprnts, Col. R. C. Murphy, to stand ready. But when Van Dorn arrved lt Holly Sprngs, Murphy stunned hs commandng offcer by surrenderng wthout a fght. About 1,500 Federals were tnken prsoner, and Van Dorn's men took over or destroyed vast quanttes of food, clothng and ammunton. On that sanc day/forrest was herd nt work, too. Movng 1 northward" behnd the Tennessee Rver, Forrest had crossed t Dee. 1G to begn hs rads along Grunt's supply lnes. Forrest's rads, lke Van Dorn's,! hud been forest-on, and Federal j urmes took out after tlt rudcr j the moment s presence became j ftppavent. But Forrest dodged umung them, fghtng on occasons, uathe'n,'; recruts us he moved and urmng: them wth weapons of the Federals le defeated. One after another, Kudrrnl nstlhtnus VI' to hs ruds; U*U".rrnph wres fell SELL YOUR Yoweanturn yourotomonds or any o«her jewetrytfl»on «lly «nd quckly at Morln Jewelorj. We' wll *how you how fo dspose of damond) or other jewelry proftably ortd ooty through our J<>w«lry brokerage $orvl<e, Coma n onct consutf wth our taffofgem oulhorttes ' V»ho wlt glvo you export ddvce on th«votuo <tn< sale potental of your (owolry. They wll accept jowolry for»olo on a dhett or consl(jnm«nt <jath. \ Should wo act as o broker for you, tho foe wll be most reo»of<ablf>...o lltllp os \0% 6f the folat ((tlng to the ground, and the mportan Moble and Oho Ralroad, Grunt', lfe-lne, was torn up over ago mle stretch. On Dec. 20, the daj that Van Dorn captured Holl; Sprngs, Forrest was radng th ralroad center of Jackson, Tenn. In all, Forrest and about 2,00 followers had wrecked Grant' communcatons and supply systc and had captured, klled or wounded ubout 2,600 Federal troops. They then re-crossed the Tennessee to safety. There was nothng left for Grant to do but pull back, and he dd just that. Hs march for Vcksburg had been serously cheeked, but that stll was not the end of the damage. For as Grant pulled back. Federal Gen. Wllnm Teeumseh Sherman, workng under Grunt's orders, set out from Memphs wth 30,000 men to descend the Msssspp and attack Vcksburg. Sherman was dependng on some assst ance from Grunt n central Msssspp. Now, that assstance would not be forthcomng. Next week:.sherman's defeat at Cllckumw Bayou. LEADER CLASSIFIEDS BRING RESULTS We Wsh You PRE-RECORDED TAPE Save 25% as low ns 2.97 FISHER and SCOTT TUNER KITS Save 20% DIAMOND NEEDLES Most Makes 3.95 Stll a few FISHER CONSOLES Avalable for Chrstmas WEBCOR TAPE RECORDERS HOFFMAN TRANSISTOR TAPE RECORDERS All Metal (No Plastc) "AND THERE WERE IN THE SAME COU.l Kr shepherd! abdng n the feld, keepng watch over thejr flock by nght. And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord hone round about them: and they were *ore afrad. And the angel sad unto them, fear not, for behold, I brng you good tdng of great joy, whch (hell be to all people." (Luke 2:8-10) Boy Scout News Pack 173 The pack meetng for December jf Puck 173 wns held at Lncoln jchool Dec. I'l. The openng cereno ny was conducted by the hoys n Den 2. A bg Chrstmas tree was then lecoruted by the boys. As each len come up to put ther ornunents on the tree the rest of the boys and ther parents sung Chrstmas carols. The tree and 1 offered "Jngle Bells" played b Kcky Davs, Steve Lovcll, puno Keth Herrmann, Drmny Gosto clarnet; Iruce Clark, trumpet Todd Swenson, drum; Tm Rubl voln, and Itchn Peterson, acco. don. Mrs. John Hermann wa leader and Mrs. Lous Rubb, dc mother. Den 11 presented a Chrstmn skt, created by the boys. Th boys n ths Den, under the leaf ershp of John Enders are Je: Enders, Tom McGrath, Da\ Waters, Scrafn Menocal, Ml- Casamo, Melvn Button, Ed Ma< Closkey and Joe Mulholland. he ornaments wll be taken to ho chldren of the Chldren's Den 2 under the leadershp o specalzed Hosptal n Mountansde. Joe Betts presented an amusn Mrs. Armand Stalnaker and Mr The program for the evenng ChrKtmus eve epsode. Cubs pa vos offered by the boys of Dentcpatng were: George Grov, Den 11, Den 2 and Den 3. DenDon Whte, Duve Lukens, Jac Ar. nml Hw, llcnr>- <M>Tmn, f»nm>rl>' of IVftvlrk, 1>H,, HIT n<»w HvlK In tlfr new tumr ««1UK ('ll >umk lllll. 3 oun4ultmltl<*, vhlrh «h*y dln'fcb^l {rum Mr. nml Mr». l'tt«,uuu' Snlrnl. Tlr IICIIK- u n< Rll for Ilc olll'f >r Itrrctt A- ('run. It'/ltum, ly Hnroltl A. Mn**? Jr. wth our Chrstmas Specals 1200' MYLAR 7" REEL Stock Up Ths Week only RPM SPINDLES 2.95 VM BSE Westnghouse Magnavox RCA Zenth Columba, etc. Garrard and Mracord slghtly hgher. 6-TRANSISTOR RADIOS Excellent qualty. Complete wth battery, ccso, and earphone EMERSON TV PORTABLES DUMONT TV PORTABLES CHILDREN'S PHONOS Top Qualty 4 Speods Front Speaker Vlson, Tommy Stalnaker, Rchard Shaw and Robert Betta. Den 3 presented another skt. The boys presentng ths were: Curt Braun, Dave Dunfee, Andy raham, Jordan Lews, Tommy.'rmble and Don Hudson. Mrs. v r l!am Hudson s den mother of Jen 3. The skts were followed by the rcsentnton of a gft from the oya to Robert Wrght, pack comltte charman durng Donald Howard, representng \kclu, then announced the Deember awards, whch were gven o the boys by George Rhoad, the ubmastor, and Mrs. George Wl- Dn, achevements secretary, Goron Dunfee, den chef; Paul Kol- ;rpohn, bear and gold arrow; )onnc Ryan, assstant denncr; lke Condrllo, bobcat; Bernard "FOR UNTO YOU t born ths day n the cty of Davd a «gn unto you) ye hall fnd the Babe wrapped n tgn unto you; y* shall fnd the Babe wrapped n twaddlng clothes, lyng n a manger." (Luke 2:11-12) Ward and Donald Berse,. wolf; Blly Rhoad, wolf and gold arrow; Martn Nelson, denncr and bear slver arrow; Frank Howard, bear and assstant denner; Robert Cox, Gu.s Gordon and John Fscher, bear; Mke Eddy, denner; Douj; Blackmore, bobcat; Dave Lukens, two bear slver arrows; Jon Wlson, bobcat; Bob Grandcolas, denner; Blly De Torre, bear; John Bachman, assstant denner and denner, and Jame Bullen, bobcat. Followng the awards each boy was presented wth a constructon kt to be carved nto a racng car. The boys wll compete n a Pnewood Derby. Prelmnary heats wll be held at the rescue squad on Saturday, Jan. 12 at 10 a.m. Fnals wll be held at the pack meetng Jan. 18r Awards for best dens were gv- Complete Bear Wheel and Frame Straghtenng WHEEl ALIGNMENT WHEEl BALANCING GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING IIIUKI 8UUV1U12 CAItIILtClOll,& lumtlon WHALEN'S GARAGE 8R Authorzed "Bear" Staton 600 NORTH AVE., E., TEl. AD Call For and Delvery en to Den 1, Gold ^ Slver Star. Closng taps were played by Peter Rubb. SERVICES Telephone AD WE RECOMMEND 437 SOUTH AVE. W. AD WESTFIEtD DAVIDSON & MARTIN When you take out nsurance remember t s mportant to choose an experenced ndependent agency that wll gve you the knd of servce you should have. Call Davdson & Martn to dscuss your nsurance needs. / " " > ' A SERVICE FOR NEWCOMERS TO WESTFIELD As on that holy nght when Chrst was born, the joyous message of Hs brth re-echoes throughout the busy world, fllng every heart wth peace and good v/ll. May ths true Chrstmas sprt enrch your lc and the lves of your loved ones. ICIm u Storos Also n Crcmford and Plalnfpld 17 ELM ST., WESTFIELD AD Audo. 8 ALDEN ST., CRANFORD BR BO NORTH AVE. EAST WESTFIELO, N. J. AD 2-22OO FUEL OIL and BURNER SERVICE». '

31 four IBy Your Rutgers Garden Reporter Ths Week treatment comes n. Ths s mvs jjhlor treatment s new hutduwn the non-flowerng parts to - them together s a new an-prevenlnn that hortcultursts n the from becomng too tll and spnd- tlu< ltrht-treated plant I's Agrcultural Research ly. have worked out. USDA scentsts as well as those Intermttent Lght n state agrcultural experment statons and prvate ndustry have Clc lghtng nvolves (rvng done research n both cyclc-lght- ettts ntermtent lght exn thfd mddle hours of the ntc the frst few weeks owth. Plants do not develop parts as lonjr as they rej the llehtn; treatment, dayc flowerng saves wear ear on the Krowcrs because can start poneetta cuttngs. longer perod. jally a florst who hopes to [ planta of desrable sce n fur Chrstmas must start all btthtrs between Sept. 1 and ng and chemcal growth regulators. Kaep It Cool Keep your posetta cool to make t last longer. Just puttng t on a sun porch at nght may add days to ts lfe. When you water t, do n thorough job and let the plant dry out between waterngs. Also, let your plant have lght, rather than keep t always n a dark corner. Uses for Used Chrstmas Trees >ro IA no queston about tho lnes* of a Chrstnas tree at Jtnas tme. But ts useful- mvd not end wth the* close j holday season. >! your tree las <orvcd ts... as a symbol of Eternal >d ftnnds denuded of ts <n- I gltto-np ornaments, t stll put to any one of a num- Gather Yuletde Grens from Your! Trees, Shrubs Foundaton plans around the tetts Improvement A spvclnl Chrctmas prostrum * But when he uses cycc-%ht»jr house and the evvrtrrevn tw by jen you go shoppng for ponths year you may fnd s.'ht'duled fur tho Unon County he cantnple the perod for- st«tntr plants. He can start hs cut-le.wutve pws you need ths the gavn gnw may yeld all the Park Omnlsoo's Tralsdo Nature and Sconro -Ontor, n th«that are moro attractve tngs any tme between AUK 1 -C'l-jslmas. "December n our clmate s thetook part. The Cocoa, l'lu., group evcr. and Sept. 15, and brne all 'h, Watclung IUv-erv«ton Sunday»t The best tme to gather them s mouth when nature fnally shuts led the feld by lndnr; ]!M dffer- speces of brds. may fnd plants that are plants nto bloom durng the : p.m. whon the u-mperuturc U au<v<> up house and turns the key. Sheent fer and more compact than nchrstmas season. 41V, say.s Dr. Phlp I.. Rusdrn of has been slowly packng up and Albert Bnrd, Crnnford, wll The ground rules of the Chrstmas brd count arc few. Tho ob- pus years, wth darker Reen Chemcal Treatment the Ijalk-n Tree Res^avl J.durator.-cs. Twgs Wumo brttle n '. losng a door HIUI a wndow here nns wndow dsplays of tho H. Alt- puttng»v.-;y her thngs anl -how flms on tho anmated Chrst- Flower parts start to develop jectve s to lst every brd srht- n u crcular area le mles n V. S. Department of Atrr- when the orst dscontnue? cyclclrhtnr Start wth a.snap prunng shears completes the work and puts up dameter. The group makng the s*-vee cold. and there all the fall. Now shet-d man Co., Now York. For the past re explans the mprovement, eght years -Mr. Ilard lfts taken who combne cyclc-lpht- The l (treatments wth chemcal K ht treatment slows down or sharp knfe, a par of glow* and tho last bar." Thus, John Hurroughs rhurncterr.ed tho year's Any form of transportaton s pcr-bus -orporatod the scenes nto» tally may be as large as desred. moves of the store, wndows and only flower development: leaves fol to wrap r'snou.-s ends of h-r'trulatnu treatments are and stems are not affected. branches. Always make a shuvp tuu month. mssablo. The search generally extends from dawn to dusk, It must ols wll be used for sound. sngle flm. Taped Chrstna* car- feeng these more attractve And here's where the chemcal cut at n.lalt to H twg, leaf or But n the mdst of wnter's bud. Never out lu>yut,l green coldest weather, the sgns of thebe made on H sngle day clost* to On.Monday,. Wednesday and app-onclng sprng art- every- Protect t from drafts, ether warm or cold. nootled. noodles Occasonally stand Iwelt or walk around the tre-e as you pnp so Uwtt you are &hnpng lm natural contour. Chrstmas tme pruntg, judcously tlune, Wll mprove health and uppeantu-c of tree or shrub. Holly, pne and h'ntl.x-k on wthstand rather honvy n-unk. Kvery second or thrd branch of a pne, hemlock or spruce can he removed f the troe has not lu-vn thnner for some Hnt. ofk-tlmes a rather long "nsde'* bran.-h of holly, fre or pne, thut <l(«s lttle to the appearance of the tree can be removod.' Yew lends tsef to artful decoratons. A branch lu-u and thc-ro from a fuluome rluvdodendron wll not be nssetl. A few laurel and azalea loaves rtuy he nl that t Andromeda, n:gnula, euonymus, pymcatlhn, cotocast'v, vy and lu-ln wll provde a wde varety of Yule gree^. Hoxwood s excllcnt, but snp ths gently. branches back leavng stubs several nches n lenrth, and cut alength nr«suffcent from lurgvr Hranch"* :;x to eght nches n.secton of the sten to the heght evergreens anl trees. If they are upedod for the plant. The whorls shorter, they can l>e wred together^ of branches found n most Chrstmas tre are partcularly adapt- n water or n mot sphagnum Once ndoors, keep tho able to an attractve arrangement moss or cotton. of clmbng vnes. Thoro art; sewrnl w.-y.- n whch Chrstmas trees n quantty may (ro)d uses. l )c us',>d. Placed along a drveway, can use vour Chrstmas tree, slpwnlk, or at the corner of tn pllon.-)] Arburst Asso-alo vanl, they make nn attractve and ts, to help prevent the contwnter dryng of yews and u harrer to drftng -<now. elfe;-tve wndbreak, and -wll forn-. f everrrecns... caused ^-- by -.' sun - am Pled n nn open feld wth th, Fuson llu- Ire.- tprpht so hnd owner's permsson, of course at shndos the ev^rtrroen plant! thoy wll wnter prot-. j He sun and breaks tn- furre I lon I'm- lrds nnl oler forms of jrev.-lj; wnds. Or, <-nt <jlt n-ldl r e. They may he pluced tee's Itncles, -we.-ve llt'n n- Be'.:<m of ))oultry j ths as a screen around the I Cln-'.-.tla.s tree can serve f as a brd feedng sttlm. uprj'ht n n sunny.--pot rn<ho'l wth such fool' a<.-(i- s-'l.--., popcorn :md.--uct, ll attract brds by the s-.->re. h-ds wll reay yuu not to c-lerk sol er.-on. Km the wokl-workn; woklrkng hnbby*!, b y, th te.-it-ns may fun.-h materal fur rustc fruturc. Such uses requre more thn a sngle tree, bn left over.-', at Chrstmas tree dealer.-' -.lands usually can be obtaned at lttle or no co.-.t. How to I)co"al<" An Outdoor!>< ('! hy lrrs'r.!f the wntm- Imt l)y helpnr tlt-a Modern outdoor Chrstmas lghts. and hruls of nsert eggs wth :l. till,.,.,.,, rubber-jacket. Overwnterng larvao. cord, make t safer than n year n.he. cut frc-n : Chrstna.-- )l>( [0 ( lt.,, nl(, trees and shrub lay!>e uscvl to good advantage. lrn. m, house. Hut I>r. Ktlwan 1 Itmk-h mkl tmt-t nnteul al to cover be In.Is j.,1. DII-.I'I, lre.-to- n of f the l HHat' tl; fer-nnls or to ph-.c- arom'l I Tn-'- H-.-s.-areh l.ab..rat.)r- =..-.HI; [ uul shn!>.<. Tn- IIOUKIIS wll Itr-.ts th'-- mdel'.-.--: lrht and dry Ilnn^hd-.t Never let lulbs lolrh tle neellcpn'.er, desrable -.nulltes n a Itullx of!.*> waltajw are sulle:,'nwdles that dvp when.,f pne, lre, spnn-, yew lujm- hram-lts hram-h's are reno\e«removed I 1. hama'vypnrs mm.. 1.ypars and leml. lu-mlk-k ahe sprn; may!>c allowel '" I ;, Mvtv,'' to heal. Kxross-. <- hen n; they wll do no harm *«' ],-o.s1<l M-OICII th.-n. k! <n-plant. I.Um^ tlr so-ket.s lnwwnl t I'h'.tnns tree can be used a." I ;eep out snow and water. An-,fd, ln^f-klnt support fur M> uo^-od.n >;->- :(. >.! :.>: "".. p clnlnk vnes or lok-.-lem-' ll,- lvhu-f fur wnds may.hf: {'house plnnls. I* r t n e the I them. S "II IT r.>..«^o lllrrhj»l.;r r. IUMI «. II,., <l., <;. K.-..t nn«rl>- >'< Ml. o.l IVnt. -Il<- «t>r >. I... Jnn-1 l * llrrlt-k WESTFIELD MARINE Chrstmas Clearance Sale NEW COMBINATIONS 'S' FIBER GIASS BOAT, lghts, steerng, 28 H.P. ^ motor, water sks, sk rope PRAM, 3 H.P. motor CHRISTMAS GIFTS»Cushons Water Sks Flags Boot Ladder 1 Lghts. Sk Bolls Horns Boat POIB 1 Spotlghts Sk Mrror Flares Compass Spoedomotor Fre Extngushers Motor Stands CENTRAL AVE. *-*"»- ' WESTFIELD Guard Evergreens Aganst Wnter Wnt-T - a crtcnl perod for the yews, junpers and other evergreens that n 1 " popular n Ine'..' landscapng. Th-y are lkely t" sulfer n,t only from the dryng effects <>f I he -un md wnd. t!e Natonal Ar'.nr.t AIM), ajn MMIII-. but,l-,) from M-VCTP : n>\v :nl. < I storms Tn 1 njury known as venter dvng U caused by los- <f more n<--- turc- from the needle; lll'l lrnlch es than the o-..u '-un r-'plu.v by absorpton from the sol. Ths n Jury s no-l nolucabu- n III'; ;prl>: wb'! tn- nvtllc- 'tn: Brown. Inlvdual Inan.les or the entre plant may de. To prevent wnter dryn!. nn-ares are! jt-.-lcd toward mtnta -g nl -nple supply of water ll,he s>l :lld ledu;:n;r the b>>- "f o.ture from the plan's t-<ues. :'h,r«>u»rh waterng n the full md velevcl.-"l condlnns perml Jurg th' 1»'.lter, lo, null. hm:,.re advu.-ut-d praetee,. In add:- to, a sen-en made.f burlap or. smlar nl'-ral may h- ITI-II-II \ round tn' plant to sheld 1. rr.«n he -nl and wnd. ) Heavy snowfall often br-al.ran.l.-s n low, spreadng cv-r- rrccts. Ill uprght var-trs wll; "ltplc trunks, weght of the -»ov j lay.--i) -plead the top ntd bell' he st'e.s thll the attr.e!v-', )V \ andal shape "f Ih" plant - p. r- j valently mpared.. Wood blocks may be lls- t" I'v : p long, low bran-he.', or fur juldt-d \ -upport the branches nny.,. tel; (,gcther wth soft (old.r!.ur!: ; -trps. To prevent <l:uag'- ' ' up- I rght plant-, the 1 major su-r.- n:> j V ted togctht abmt mdway aul gan near the top, or.--.ft ^'n- j nay h<- wound.sprally around tl" ; plan! f"-' l-oll"»> '" '"P- : LEADER CLASSIFIEDS PAY j h«r» now... }utt n tm» for Chrttmot I KODAK CAMERA! OUTFITS BROWNIE OUTFIT Ultra-modernflashcanwra n a complete outft Everythng you ntcd to lokc jnaphol>. nd '< "< ou " '"N«w look" Bowne Super 27 Camera ho lure-orp stopc lo> blur-<ro«pcturcj. Open He tlosh tornpalmenl, and the "oulo-shll hulltr ( d (or flal, - close t, and you're rcody (cr outdoor!),!, flc.!., (ol 1/3 lens, take lde ond snopt., or th By FARRIS S. SWACKHAMER Inetroctor, Cnon Junor Collcfe InUluU, Cmoford. N. J. where. Seeds ready to sprng to lfe le dormant under the snow. Termnal buds on trees contan I he new growth coled beneath protectng sheaths. Insects eggs are hdden n the hark of the trees ready to hatch wth the frst warm ray of sun. Durng tho holdays, when you tro of remanng ndoors Hnd the weath'- s clear am brsk, wander through the nearby woods or along the cy streams. Many sprng hl-dsare hdden aw-ay thero watng for the sun to clmb hgher n the sky and warm the chll breeze. tost wnter us the old year dsappeared down the road and the new yrnr hove nto vew, a Swanson's thrush sung n Prnceton, an eastern kngbrd dally vsted a feeder n I.nkehursl and a grasshopper sparrow and western tana ger appeared In Komorvlle. These f'ntlr-rcd folk were Boon durng the sxty-second annual ChrstntHH brd count sponsored hy the Natonal Audubon Socety. It was all started by Dr. Frank M. Chapman back n l>0<>. Twenty-seven per.-ons took part n that frst count. The lflfu count, an all lme hgh n every respect, brought together 5(l repm-th fru all 50 states, the Dstrct of ("olumhn and (.'nadn. 'n'tusnnds- of people Chrstmas. Ths wnter the count mny be taken on any day from Dec. IP through Jan. 1. The feathered nhabtant* of Now Jersey's Cape May area were frst talled n 1!>o:. Last wnter the hghest count n the state was mado by the Delaware Ornthologcal Socety n tha sanc locaton. The group spotted lltl speces, n That famlnr harbnger of sprng, the robn, Was lsted n 1( of these 11). Avd watchers located 3,750 of them. In one urea robns a c t u a I 1 y outnumbered "snowbrds" or juncos. loreal chckadees turned up n fve spots; Rnltlnure oroles n aevcral others,.surprsngly, even yellowthroats, rculclllcd woodpeckers and common egrets greeted chlled search partes. So ns fast beconon hstory, should a bundled form wth bnoculars cross the lower thrty, don't reach for n shotgun, lather, chcer IIOMK KNTEHTAIMWKNT CK.NTF.H rnn ho nrrumulntrd n l>)-prr* prr^cnu «r»h >t ourr f«r tlr mum wntrrfl (HrKlttttlM ( fl rvrr. r.onplrlr crntrr frttltr-4 v, *.trrro t1unf l-f rrcnnl pnycr, AM-I'M»ntl I'M *rrr«ratln, n rulurl to mnul tlrcor. Models NIIOHH arc hy I'hlro. DRIVEWAY AND PARKING AREAS PAVED PRESERVE OLD DRIVES and AREAS WITH COSMICOAT ASPHALT SEALER WM. A. PARKHURST CONTRACTOR Phone ADam R««, Mll tan* P. O Box 334. Wmtflald Mounlantde. N. J FOR HM Lawn mowers Defendant, n the null was I^'wls hn wth a cup of hot colfeo. He s Smth Jr. of -15 KlycroPl Ave., j probably engaged n the lllrd numnd brd.'-rbv. A GIFT HE WILL APPRECIATE ALL YEAR LONG Parker Sweepar Lown Vacuums Snow Throwers (ncludng tho new Sunbeam Eloctrc) Go Carts Scooters <* Power & Hand Mowers Authorzed Dealer of all Popular Mokes Ice Skates Sharpened locksmth Hcnd-Chargo MclNTYRE'S LAWN MOWER SHOP Esr Elmer St. AD THE WESTFIEUJ (N. J.) LEADER; THURSDAY, DECEMBER ZO, t»«2 : Specal Chrstmas 'Program Slated At Tralsde 'IMursdHy of next week at -t p.m., Hr. Harold \'. Moldcnko, drector of Trnlsd-, wll conduct one-half hour mture talk. for chldren. The topc solvct**d for tho three days a 41 Hr,l 'Wjvhho-s and Ther Songs." The led tros wll bo supplemented wth color sldes am recordngs. The Trnl.;de Nature and Scence Outer Wll JM 1 closed Chrstmas Day. The publc s nvted to vst Tralsd' and vew the thouhhld surprsng total for so far north. Nneteen New Jersey counts were made bracketng the state of ndoor and outdoor exhbts and from Hgh Pont State Park n thoto partcpatx n (bo scheduled pro- north to Cape May n the south, and from (lourester md tmtrrdon Cotttt-H n the west to Itldgc wood and Long Mranrl In the east. grams. $7,000 GTvenGrl For'51Dogbte Suocror Court.hldgc Wallor I*. Uelfl.-ld lust week approv«l u $7,01)0 scttlcvont for Nnlcy Samp- on, IT,, of RB St. Marks A rotor an Injtrjr to her left oyc»uffere.i whon she was btten by» dor Octo. 27, HIM. n Itock'wny. Tn- grl'.-, fllw, Hol«>rt D. San >-«n, who.-ukmi n In-half of hs daujvltor, was allowkl $250 for ncdcal rxp'llsc. Kockaway, owner of the dog. ( Ae.-onlm: to testmony pwent-,-,l 1.,-t'ov Judge llellleld, the grl ll.'l..,-t t-;-:r oh th' 1 lower OVold. I.(o I), llurrcll of NVwn'lc, atlorncy for Mr. Sampson and hs daght r. sad lte start of the nt wns delayed because (le famly bad n-ov-d to tl..- Mddle West dorlly after the grl wan at lucked bv the d"g. 'I'he chld ndorwet M^cry be-o. The 'famly moved back «W'.-.t- Ib-lt about two yours ago. 4 w f V I 8 I I % I» ft % SCHMIEDE TREE EXPERT CO. ^ f for Dr f W COMPLETE TREE SERVICE WITH MODERN EQUIPMENT Certfed by Stat* of N. J. FA CRKHEDSTON f for Drves, Walks, Roads, etc ' or P r ' ctl ar "l d*h<*ry call FANWOOD f XANWOOD CHUflHID STOMTX CO. Tradtonal DIVIIION Of W«I-DOM M*TtRIAI-». INC. * Chrstmas Dnner a Tab)* Now RA FAR... at Far Wll Inn, has always somethng to leek forward totor rht past 21 years. Gather 'round the fetlve table at the Inn wth your famly and «n oy the day by havng us serve you our dellclously prepared food. Full-Course DINNER from $3.25 CHILD'S DINNER -. $2.35 HILLS INN MIKE MOLITZ, Innkeoper RT NORTH SOMERVIUE, N. J. LET THE LEADER PRINT IT A Really Welcome Gft for the Whole Famly A year's subscrpton to THE WESTFIELD $4.00 LEADER Free Gft Card wth Each Order 1 ^m^^s&mm&mm^^ d J

32 f- Page 3 2 THE WESTFf ELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 Church News MOUNTAINSIDE UNION CHAPEL Mountansde Rev. B.don H. Brown, Pator Sunday: <J :'M a.m., church j school teachers prayer meetng: [ 0:46 a.m., church school classes for all agfo KI'OUJJS from nurx-ry: through adult. Bus transportaton! to and from church s-huul s! avalable /or chldren lvnjr n Mountansde; 11 a.m., worshp servce, Rev. Brown; 6:45 j>.m., youth fellowshp; 7:15 p.m., prayer servce; 7:45 p.m., Chrstmas cantata presented by the chor. Monday: 8 p.m., Chrstmas Kve servce. Wednesday: 10 a.m.. Women'? Bble closs meetng; Lades Ad socety meetng; 7:15 p.m., Ex plorer Poneer grls meetng; 8 p.m., mdweek servce. REDEEMER LUTHERAN CHURCH Rev. Walter A. Reunng, Potto Vcnr Donald P. Gla. Today: 12:30 p.m., Lades' At 1 socety, begnnng wth dessert hostesses wll be Mesdames Her man Rachle, Robert Howe, Kob ert McConb and E. Stoffers; 7:3f p.m., offce appontments; 9:30 p.m., musc commttee. Tomorrow: 3 p.m., school closes for Chrstmas vacaton, reopens Jan. 2; 7:30 p.m., tableaux of the Holy Natvty rehearsal. Sunday: 8:16 and 10:45 a.m.. servces. Vcar Donald P. Glass wll delver the sermon n both servces' and hs topc wll bo "Come to Bethany"; 0:30 to 10:30 a.m., church school ant 1 Bble classes; p.m., chldren 1! Chrstmas, tableaux of the Holy Natvty, seven scenes; the junor chor wll be under drecton of Mss Amanda Huberg. Monday: Chrstmas Eve servces at 6:30, 7:45 and 11 a.m. ChrBtmas Day: 10 a.m., holy WILLIOW GROVE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Old Rartan Road Rev. Julan Alexander Mr. RIcbard LoTelace AnUtant Today: 9:30 a.m., prayer meetng; 7 p.m., youth prayer meetng Sunday: 0:30 u.m., worshj servce, Rev. Julan Alexander church school grades 4-9; 11 a.m. worshp servce, Rev. Alexander church school age S-3rd grade. Monday: 7 and 8:30 p.m. Chrstmas Eve servces. p.m., carol sng; 5 p.m., Holy Confmunon; 11 p.m., carol sng; 11:30 j ]>m. t Holy Communon. I Tuesday; 8. n:., Holy Commun- I on ; 10 :;.(n.. lhay (:o>nur.on. UVtltvSfl:'.y: 0:'M a.m., Jloly j Cor.J:utj'y:; o p.m., Co.snojH>3:lun j Club. Thursday:!I:: O a.m., Holy Com- CALVARY EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH (ULCA) Cranford The Rev. Arnold J. Dahlqutt The Rev. Walter Wagner Pa f tor. Saturday: Catechetcal classes have heel) recessed untl Jan. 5. 2:.'jn p.m., senor Luther Leaguers wll trm Chrstmas trees for the ehurch school and prepare kdde kts. A socal hour wll follow:t> p.m., couples club wll trm thf Chrstmas trees for the church nave and nurthex. Sunrly: 8:15, 9:30, 11 a.m.. servces of worshp. The sermon "The Prophet";!):30 and II a.m. all departments of the church school; H a.m., chldren under three years are cared for n thchurcl house by members of the UI.CW; 7 p.m., ntprnclatr Luther League wll carol at church member's homes and return to the church for a party. Monday: 7 8:30 and 11 p.m.. Chrstmas Eve carol and candlelght -servces. Pastor Dahlqus' wll preach at all servces on "The World's Most Famous Brdge." Tuesday: 9:30 a.m., Chrstmas Day communon servce; pastor Wacrncr's sermon wll be ttled, "The BeRnnnK of the End." Wednesday: 8 p.m., senor Luther League Chrstmas dance. McKnley Pupls Present Chrstnas Program Students of.mcknley School presented ther annual rhv.t--... communon, sermon by Pastor s program Tuesday nght at 7:30 n Beunng, "The Lfe-Gvng Lght.' the school. The presentaton Included a choral redng b" jrr»'l<w Frday: 7:30 p.m., Walther league suburban zone Chrstma fourth through -sxth and selecparty., I tons by the chor composed of ST. PAUL'S CHURCH (EpUcopal) Rev. G. Paul Muuelman Rev. Rchard J. Hardman Rov. Norman J. Faramell Rev. John A. Smart Today: 9:46 a.m., study crcle. Tomorrow: 9:30 a.m., Holy 'Communon; C p.m., Junor Epscopal Young.Churchmen. Saturday: 9 a.m., men's class. Sunday: 7:45 a.m.. Holy Commnuon; 8:45.-and 10 a.m., Holy Communon, sermon 11:30 u.m., prayer, sermon; Bble study; 7 p.m.. Senor Epscopal Young Churchmen..Monday: 4 p.m., pageant; 8:30! ffth and sxth graders. I :Mss Carol Tn "her j>"'l 'Mrs. Sandra Clnard were n charge, I The knderrrt<m n"o"e>" '»rc n tharge of refreshments for the parents. Chrstmas Seals... Fght IB and Other Respratory Dseases ARMY PVT. ROBERT.. J. FUCHS, 18,.on of Mr.. Eve M. "uch» of 402 S. Elmer St., recently completed the four-week trborne cour.e at the Infantry School, Fort Benntng, Ga. Fucht :hutng and the technque of ar-droppng troop, and cargo. He entered the Army la.i Aprl and completed baac tranng at Fort Dx. Fuch. attended We.tfeld Hgh School. Berkeley Students Fete 'hldren at Parly Santa Claus, asssted by the scc-.'taral students of the Berkeley. hool, East Orange, and by Uuolph, the red-nosed rendeer, dsbuted gfts to a group of Valle ttlcment House Chldren who ere guests of honor at the 32nd nual Berkeley School Chrstmas rty yesterday n the Crystal ooj) of the Hotel Suburbun. The festve luncheon was follow- 1 by a program desgned to derht the heart of any youngster, ss Barbara Jo Ullrch, drugh- r of Mr. and '.Mrs. Conrad UUch of 132 Stanmore PI., attended he luncheon. Reservsts at Semnar Lt. John E. Huns, USNR, of 51 ndra Crcle, and Lt. Cmdr. Ifred Mornsso Jr., USNR, of 431 olonal Avc., were among 75 aval reserve* oflcers of the New 'ork-ncw Jersey area who lmvc ompleted» two-day tranng,'mnar aboard two of the Navy's ewest shps, the USS Hunley AS-31) and the USS Kuk-Kh LPD-1). The semnar, second of seres conducted by Uea<l A.dlrnl George Wales, USN, enmmmlant of the Thrd Nuvnl Dsrct s an mportant part of the Javy'H program n keepng reservts fully nformed of the Navy's lodern deterrent capabltes. Tme s a sundple we run our Ingers on. Carl Sandburg, NEWS OF WESTFIELD'S PUBLIC SCHOOLS Edon The use of auo-vsual materals n tftrhk has been cleverly llustrated by Mss Mary Kog-rs, churman of the malhsn.atcs department and members of her.nathematcs depart nent and members of her mathematcs club. The frst floor dsplay cases have been arranged wth brghtly colored fgures made out of a number of materals, all llustratng prn eples of mathematcs. Crcles parabolas, curves, conc sectons, prsms, and solds are all shown, along wth the now well known "Bnary Computer" developed by the club n past years to facltate math processes. The relatonshp of shape and substance s also llustrated, tyng mathematcs wth scence by the use of erys- afs and the concentratons of.nnerals n vared substances and hapes. Newly elected class offcers n eventh grade are 1'effgy Kass, presdent; Donne lurke, vce presdent; Harold Smock, secre- -ary, and James Hely, treasurer, he followng eghth grade class offcers have been elected: James Mason, presdent; Carol Plenty, Wee presdent; Lesle Gross, secretary, and Antonette Mangna, treasurer. Votng booths were used for castng ballots to teach technques of votng and encourage good ctzenshp. The schoo's thanks go to Mrs. W. D. Moore of Westneld for the loan of her sculpture to the school. The three-foot work n sycamore s n the dsplay case un the frst floor by nvtaton of Mrs. Mldred Kullard of the faculty. Mrs. Fullard's classes lov been explorng the feld of natural resources n ther geography classes and the work llustrates the creatve uses of wood. "Past, Present and Future" s the theme of the hghly symbolc fgure combnng both human and anmal characterstcs.. Tamaqus In conjuncton wth ther study of colonal tmes and the role that Westfeld played n the hstory of our arcu, Mss Marylce Hancock's thrd grade class vsted Morrstown to see pluces and thngs whch date back to ths perod of Amercan hstory. After ther trp, several of the chldren wrote ther mpressons of the experence. Wllam Haedrlch reports, "We snw Washngton's room and a very mportant pcture of Washngton. Also there wts a' bg wooden map of all the mountans where they were fghtng for our freedom." Suaun Fenberfr was mpressed wth Washngton's headquarters whch had n t a chest contanng a secret drawer. She nlso reported on ther tour of tle Tempo Wck House where t s sad that Tcmpe hd her horse for three weeks rather than surrender t to General Washngton. A Hawaan Atmosphere was. j prevalent n Mss HancucK's classj room when ther guest, llarolu j lucurcn, come to tnk to then.! aoou one of our newest stales, n! conjuncton nun tner map stud, of the Unted States u»d our newest states, *tr. raednch took tht. chlo.r.-n on an magnary trp tu tbe Hawaan Islanus va sudtj, varous aruacts and artcles 6Uc. as grass skrts, les, shells, volcanc a»h, and pumce all wth a back ground of taped Hawaan, musc. Jle told them many nterestng acts ubout me rmtory of the blands, customs, eary natves an. thbr orgns, present ndustres, and today's mouorn ctes. Deborah Kucher of Grade 5-2 reports that Tumaques School ha another vstor, Kalph (Jlb who spoke tu the ltth grade about asbestos. She suys, "M Glbert showed us a flm about a bestos. lt was very nterestng t- know how many thnjjs are mad out of asbestos." All of the chldren n Mss Elz abeth Davs' frst grade class en joyed a classmate's trp to Dsney land when Mrs. George Mulhen showed sldes of the famly tr to Calforna. Her audence sx-year-olds was especally nterested n seeng and hearng abou such an exctng place as Dsney land. Frankln The second grades of Frankl School are responsble ths yea for the annual Chrstmas pro gram. The story whch s told re volvcs around a lonely lttle bo; who spends hs Chrstmas Ev ookng n the galy lghted wn dows of the vllage stores. In th wndows be fnds angels, stuffe clowns, a chor, and toy solders Seeng these beautful wndow: makes the lttle boy forget h: lonelness and sadness. The sec ond graders have had fun prepar ng for ths program by sngng makng costumes, scenery, an programs. Mss Mastrounn's frst grad lass s learnng how chldren other countres observe and ecle. brate Chrstmas. Some of th llaces they have talked about ar Norway, Italy, France, und Kng land. They have also learned sott Jhrstmus songs the people n he»e countres sng. Mss Mnstroann's student: tave been enjoyng "Scenceland nd "Tell Me n Story" on tele son Channel 13. They watche 'The Scence Corner" one day and learned why the moon changes t: zc and shape. After classroom dscusson, the chldren looked a he real moon after school nnd :lrcw pctures showng how th moon looked on dfferent days. Class 4-a at Frankln School presented a play "Bogana and th Knfe" Dec. 5. The play was wrt en by the chldren nnd wus an utgrowth of a socal studes un on the hot, wet regons of the earth. The entre group cooperated n drawng and pantng the murals for the stage settng. Wth the help of the mothers, the costumes were desgned anl made for the producton. Krom ths experence the chldren ganed a better nsght nto "lvnjj" n the Amazon Kvc-r area of South Amerca. At a recent assembly program, Mss Olscn's fourth grade class presented an unusuul verson of 'Peter and the Wolf" by Prokofeff. The muscal story, recorded and narrated by Leonard Bernston, was portrayed by puppets whch had been made by the chldren. The story characters moved through the events of the story before a class-made backdrop. Ths fall Mrs. Thompson's students vsted Trenton. Ther frst stop was the State Captol where they were greeted by Governor n y en,. m Hughes. They were then escorted tvt. nto the Assembly Chambers 1 ''" elbon» where a gude explaned how laws were made. On ther vst to the Senate, the gude descrbed the varous branches of the government «nd explaned the- dlferenrc between the Assembly and hu 'lv Senate. After vstng the govt-r- '< p nor's offce, they went through the! h Old Barrucks where they saw un-j tque furnture used back n the days of the settlers. Some of th- I antques were foot warmers, waffle rons, old rugs and chars. The state museum was the next stop where they saw anmal ex- J '«c«n ttsj»'«' no >, anmal. *"«M s. S><.knds of " S'^KS hbts, dnosaur bones, spaceshp three dffevml,, "Wt exhbts, and fsh exhbts. The j brros"" all *S y f ^ ^ 2 day's actvtes were wound up cont wth a fnal stop at Washngton's Crossng on the Delaware Rver. lft In recent weeks, the G-5 class at a,d the Frankln Annex has been bus- j o We want to take ths opportunty to thank you, our good frends, for thnlcng of us through the year, and to wsh you and your famles every joy of the Chrstmas Season. HENRY J. SCHNAKENBERG Manufacturer of Qualty Ice Cream and Candy 152 EAST BROAD STREET AD "»SA FE THE WESTFIELD ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTS urges you to take care wth your Chrstmas Decoratons so that you can have the. Mr. nnt Mnt, t!«*njuml» A. Jtlmunn, fnrurrly of *)tcnl\» Ml., nrt 1 now Ilvlnft In ttu'lr m-»v ttr n :W7 :Vorth.\\v.. Kntlvnot, whch Ihe.v pnr^lumftl tutl Mr*. Jjlm H. K lt) >»f He>. T tf homr tnw Nthl fur the nitlf of Ilrrrd A. <I*(I»II, lunnor". hy UroM A. Mu»r<* Jr. truly THIS AD WORTH $ 5! USE A prngfeld SNOW THROWER Heovy-now tolled. Solf-pro ofllled Geo» dvon *o drl ;hol(u con t ICC-C O{J 0Hlv» >x)cn rcvartr A(/ulf bo nnndlc ont (hvty Skd.vhoct rfuvlec ou tlone d»- LUKE 2: ft "And there were n the same country shepherds abdng n the feld, keepng watch over thor flock by nght. "And lo the angel of the lord shone round about tlom. And they were sore afrod. "And the angel sad unto them. Fear not, for behold, I brng you good tdngs of groat joy, whch shall bo to ol people. "For unto you s born ths day n the cty of Davd a savour, whch s Chrst the Lord." Merry Chrstmas we wsh you. WESTFIELD \ssnn)v GF ONLY $ \n qrtvt-l oroas. Cloofl 20 n. poll Frxctulv«ourjOf dellqn. Brj 4 M. P. Compurnl Toko ths ad to your Sprngfeld clectlor and recevo $500 crcdl toward your purchaso of a Sprngfeld Snow Thrower. Mtlnlyro Lawn Mower Co., 235 Elmor S., Westfold Kalnos Fx-It Shop, 2502 Planfeld Avo., South Pknfcld Koenfj Hardware, 126 North Wood Avo., Lnden Lawn Mower Rcbuldurs, 70S South Avo., Planfold OPEN SUNDAY 9 to I MONDAY 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 54 Elm St. CLOSED CHRISTMAS DAY TUB DVMII AKBNOY Itl-KSBLI, nbicma.n AaENCY AI.AM JOHNSTON 1IOCII A. WII.MAMft A«l3\nv»AIIII1!TT «IM1IKER, ISO, Mombors of Natonal, Stato and County Assocaton of Insurance Agonts: HAMPTON IIANNA A SON DAMtrl J l)ask;t. I.NO..,,. AV, :,( IIS «11,1,1AM II. IsrUCK, Jll. NANtIV P, HKVMH1W Pn:r> : 1,1, <t PI-IAH"- ISC,,n A,

33 OUNTAINSIDE NEWS PAGE Count Dates Borough [an. 5,6 IDE Plans have :tec for the boroutrhnsus to be used n future by tho Board of Eua- Borough Councl am othcpal frroups, churches an< ff-jjus wll be tuken the «f Jan. 5 and (> under tho charmanshp of Coln K«nj 270 Erdle Path, charman ltzens Advsory Councl tu nntr Board. hnu been dvded dstrcts for the census, up loaders and block lealcatvussers n each dsn takng the census, the rs wll wear dmtfyn^ [on ther couts so the n-s- :n ous'lly recognze ther Questons wll nclude: How plults ftnd chldren ll the I afl'3 of chldern and a to- /tt of t-hllrct under fvy so kd of Kducuton can (lole 1 - bpruxnately how nnny prefchhlren there nrc utul make!of tln> next fve years. there wll be four quusl cvl defense: V>u you haw I shelter? Do you conu-nlldnjr a fallout shelter n..- future? Would you volfor cvl defense work? Is power avalable for your lly, resdents wll bo nsked hcr relgon and jlare loyment. oup etder for the frst s Wllam lumlxmrcr, nf Way, nnd hs Kroup»>ut 334 cnnlu; Howard array of 20H Meetng House vll lnve 4-15 curds n the dstrct; the thrd, dstrct Arthur Gleblvr of 12!1B [Valley ld., wth 275 cards; dstrct, 'Max Wfss, 1197 )r., 445 cards, and ffth dsj'orre Baer, 3W> Darby 8,'l cards. Tujngue, charman of ld Hoard, sad the curds tnken from the votntr lsl.«118 possble that they do not! nl of the resdents. Therevhle the prtln.hmry count (number of ru>:es n the l>orftotals 1.S0O, the ennvassers IT tlo~c not <>; ther lsts the fnal Utal jnobaldy, 70 Conducts rstmas Party.'NTAIV.SIDE Cub 1'ack t- Chrstma partv f>'nm--{ nontllv pal: ncvuntr Kr-; IV-rfulI School. j )]nn: ceremones were H»' frl l>v Pen f> under the lcc-j 'Hot Pnroll. Followng Iho j,rt>, tle fllmvnjc \v:r,l \ ule: Wolf latlre, Pnu?; Jtv, 1,'vky Ptenl>:ck, from IH-II JHI I.cvn ]>lw3 a from and s 1 -. Brmv, from Den!); Kurt from Den 12. Bear badfjt-: Ilan.'h from Den I; K,lllay and Neal Snape fro> t; HnMy McDonald from Her pen.'as D-Coma. Kenneth KM- Wnnck from Dvn 1. IfTc: Kurt Van Yuorhe- Mv.anl Zclazny from Den 10 jn! S'oltysU receved two s! >v.\-s nnd.mchael Hart rt % slver arrow, both boy: f-on Den 8. cr the rokmlnr order of busas completed each of tb Jv l: '-' - el Olrstp-as (t'-ornt ' tree, deposted a cft un<l",t am tben sanr Chrwtn: w): the snpntr, S;»:larv-d wth Kfts am :. "»' and cheer for all of tn- boy. rs present. ;.nc verenones were ]>er 1 by Den l under the dmf Ms. Helen Hay. :!' < C.'rdon Chr.tmas p:ul j ::n. and Allan l.t---=la\e rr:nj;-!or.!, to dmat' tb '-d tree tmd all of gfts 1- l"n.t farnel (lull n N'e«Lke A Charm»-120 lv«l<.a! \V JII \».l u j» 111 /Ml lootl" MlHNXAl.XSlIH-; - OK'n-aL* was " n -" 1 '-- N.-».k-r,cy <-,.:u,nun. tf.s awardul $>^.",.;J5 n planmr Kant.s by tle Urban Ke:«wal Ad- Muunta.nsde rweved?!;,20, a;-'or,lj> tu > -n. Harrson.\. \v11- J:nl; Jr., wwy.-l the moll, y w! :«adn-.n.vvd by he Stale [K-. parlnet uf Cun..T\-a,n and l-\-.j»nc UevrlujllKDl. The mocy w help e frua two-'luls tu three-furtls t-ll; cu.~t uf l«o yeal-.s of Mudlcs. Voters to Cloose School Body Tro MOrNTA!\>II)K Three Uuur'd,,f Klu.-alm >e:,:s wll 1«. v,,ted,, n «.!u,,,l,.l,.,.t,,n:. ].-,.!,. :;. Of tn- nnjr.u't.-'-orln K. J.l-.n. :.n^ In h ;: a',t,rtey..-on, r.,»\v l,'.,ar. pc^j-ht; St,-,le: ' Mr. Wlson h:> warod a flvc- Pda and I>r. Kdwunl.). Nolan, year battle wh the buroch over slal-d In- wll s,v!; elerl..n.!the,)u,.'.son,,f -*:blshnn the Mr..l»,lm.-on >aj.) lu- \va'<.^t *'<,n- (-huppng center o!l the property. It-mpl.-l.r ru'n; f,r a tl.l! U'hen he was dcnet :. varance by U'ln. le fell sx years on tle 'tle l»urouj, p h, he t,n>u bs case lo board was nt.urh. le w vce presdml an,i dre l.r,,!' p,,,lkt,,n «f Court Ju,t,r<> Mllun A. I'Vllcr j.turl. l.n-l I'ebnary, Superor rnle.1 ISrsUl-Myvs l',,.)u,:~. 'la s;:;,l lu- V. a> undecded u.> to wtelltcr le «>u, >e,'! n-lec- \utn 1,1 a Nc>'t:,l terrn. He sad be felt l>rcsm'd fur t.'le and t l = n.^bt nlne!!,,- lls d,',-:.>:. l\\- ^ assstant vce pre. tlent and plant nanatrt of the Hr.-tnl-.Myers ProdKt> Dv- un and was a neub.-r of Ihe Ilrorh Sewer A.-sessnent C,,:utn.--.,n. Dr. Nolan sad he wll defntely run for hs fr.4 cl. led term n 1-Vbrunry. H 1 wan apponted n July lu fll tle tnexphvd term of Junes C. N'o;le, who wrne,!. Dr. Nolan,s plant manager of Monk & Co.'a Halnvay plant, channn of the Vnon C!ounly Ctzew l<ud;ft Commttee, a ncmber of 1be Unon County C,tl- WTV Survej" Commttee, and a member of many profes.*onal ndustral trkarzntuns. and Elks Lolj;«' Plays Host To Young lla(lu'u )p'<l DK A dozen lanlc:: > K-l ytunp'l'm n' the We.lvld-Mnntajv.le area 11'- <:evel [,'fls an<l v»el'.' entertaned wth a puppet slum- Sunday "I Oc Klks Club when Ihe Mountansde I.o l^-e of the F.Iks pl.yed hct at u Chrstmas psrly. Kehrd P«!l«-n was pronnm rhurm and Carl Ha ter <et.-d as Santa Claus durn; the lfar v.ul l)e»"n at 10.n. and cont'muel untl not. Zone Body Delays Arng of Wlson Tract Plans M(H'NT.U\«)nK A Hoard ' «f Adstment bvarn; on the ap- p.mton of Arthur A. Wlson.f. K:,.- Orantre to rnvl ISO trarden ; apartnvnt unts and a busness es- tablslment n Koute 21 n«ar Kverre«'n Ct., wus «;djorksl last wet-k untl Jan. V. Notces were sent to resdents,'of the area tu ntt.-nd tn- n.vtt*, 1 b'lt when tbey anved at Horoujh Hll they won- told t had been nd- :.',urned The reaso >:vcn was that ] avaav.e rou^'s n the buldng w re taken up wth utbrr neetnjrs. 1 Mr. Wlson, wb,, has a court cawe now peldnn ol h:s a >p!;'1on to ; ev.-t stores on the property, lurned : tv> th, 1 apart nn-r.t a-1 More project [:-.- a c,»'npr,>"-e mcamrc, acconl- I Ihe boroukh's l'.'.v zonnt; ordj name ^ cu>tt,»na!. j 'I he plans call for J? buldngs j ;,n Hl'-j acres of the ll'a-acre ; property, plus n.swmmng p»kl..the store would be used for the sale of home furnshnc.s, real es- [ late nnd n; uram,. ] The apartment buldngs would bo two,.t<r!ct b>;b and rentals would! probably rnne from?115 to $200 accordng to ler spukemlnn. The properly s re^ently zoned for resdences Accdent n Rt 22 Hampers Travel MOUNTANSIDK -- TrafHc n lnle ^2 was tdowed for fve; early Thursday after a earjro of buldng ateal wus utrewn over both c-lhound Inne. when a tractor traler ht a utlty pole opposte Summt IM. at 1:20 n.m. Polce were able tn o[x' the nner lane tu tnll' n a short tme but t was noccs.-ary to call a pay- In:..le from the Stale Hghway Department to open the outer Ian.'. 'I he operaton was completed lt r,: 10 Vlock. I I'ol.-.' sad tle maleral ronsst- ^'1 of r.» O'-et--. 2 M n.-h > th-k :md from X to 12 f'-et k>tlk'- K.'lch mum I sheet werhe.l app.xrnately T>0 pound.-*. They sad the dftnk load caused the tractor-traler to wth COLUMBIA MASTEKWORK swerve. The vecle.struck a utl-,ly pole, novh>; jl sx nches and sune of the fallng ear^o ko.-k.-d ever a f&sol' pump at lj'.vk Uro>. orvcu syton. The fre depa rtk'tt»; callod to bos' down the tsualou drve where ga.-ohne was spllw. Strt. Blur Murphy and Patrolman Walter Ietyeman, sad the drver, Atuo* Collemer of Peabody, Mas.-., e.-caped njury, but a passenger n u car followng the traler, Mary Uaydos, 22, of Woodsde. N.Y., complaned of u shoulder aajury after the car plowtsl nto sonc of tho maleral. School Pull MOUNTAINS1DK Canddates for the Hoard of Kducuton n the Feb. 13 school electon have untl 4 p.m. Jan. 4 to IHo nomnatng pettons, t was announced by J. Canddates must have been resdents of the borouk' two years, le sad. USE CHRISTMAS SEALS Water Sker, 19, Awarded $4,000 not) Mot lj;; the 1>lj, wn FREE! FREE! 100S&HOREEN STAMPS U addton fo your r«gvlar tampt wth purchot of $5.00 OR MORE Nom» Addrtu Ejpftt Mon., D«c. IK lmt I Coupon P«r Shoppng Famly. l 1'.' t of t>n K-- A l!> yt-.-r \>l cuts l'lvc! 1 from a uu'tcrlw.t sb e was wnler sks on Lake The K";l s Vrgna AHu ( \.\\v Jau«-lU»r of IK'nrque Albu «f Sunny V'W ]{<. A settlement was apjmw^j l>y Unon CVunty JuJ^o Irwn S. Ku- K» u^atnst PcU»r Dnlr,vmj>U f l'j, \>f Surn^feld, opomtor of Uu* boat, and ItoU''t Ostrhlom of lu>)>ntvonjf, tho bkt't* owner. Ac'ordnt: lo t^tnuny, Dnlryn- ( ul 1 routed the Intat fnwn Ostor* llon IUKI wns townjr Mss AUu on skt*. Slu» fell md wlu*» lo alter»pled U» t'etru'vv IHT, slu* beo*;o entatkl*'*!» tlu» U>al'* juopoller. Slo nvcvt'd soars on JUT I hack, shoulders am loft urm from tho blmlt's. Traffc Court MOlJNTAINSHIK Munrpnl Court MnnftraU'.IIUMII K. Ituu'r lust -wm'k tnt'tl (t'dfk'f \\'urtf<> of Hrokl.v $18 for lnvj.' no tau' unt allro.- on «trnlor, %\'A for no ltnu' ard luklross on ts trut'tot' nul $10 for not lnvn; f'u'r flaps Ol lls Vt'llU'll". Otlu's fn'l wen 1 : Jossc Tyroo, Kst OrmK 1, $30 for lrvnt; wthout» llur on ovcrluu^'n^ trurk load; lumlolpl Ml-s. Summt, <lsvtrnr trnllf st,'»ul $t:, am I.'o Mllcr. lpptm 1 l>«by, V\., nanc n fucnl' loonso pnto, $ GREEN STAMPS ' THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 Paf«33 NEW LIBRARY BOOKS Tlu 1 followng lu-w books have ' mlled to the shelves «t the 'strew Memoral Lbrary. Kc ton: Dentl and the X^lt Watches, Boll; The Sprng of Mal'e, Harrs; I'lrndse lt«clam»d, 1-axnees; Ultramurne, I.owry; The.Slent l'eople, Mmken; Luke Itenedel, Olver; The HhMvn Moutnn, Koy. Non-retou: The M>rlsl Nuvel, Allen; Amercan Hertage Hstory I nf Klcht, Amercan lcrlf.'e; Mrael' (Inrdenuj* r'neyelopoda, lnker; The Years- lletwee: A dramatc Vew of the Twentes and Thrtes, llnrretl; The I.onn Shadow of Lttle Hock, Hates; Tle Computer ltevoluton, Herkeley; You C'un Always Tell a Harvard Man, Hh.sell; The Jlertatre of Ktty Hawk, lloney; Uesearten t'h!oso)ttcn!, Descartes;.lews, <locl,aml Hstory, Pmont; The l)r- Ku7.att<»n of Ane'eftn States md the Hemsphere rrss, llreer; The Unseen World. Dubus. Also, Twenty-three v e.wa of T*'levs>n 'INtdy, V'.trhth At; One Frst Love, Kmeson; Plot's Choce, Knrle; Portuguese at Sj;ht, Code; Cndl'S of Kmnec 1, Coertzel: The Strntetry of CIVIItve Thnkng, (nldner; The H'rtlnd, Havrnrst; Tln Anercu 1'ollral Trallon, llomuter; HoloK''l Aspects of Cancer, 'Huxley; Informaton Please Al- g Advanced 1 nmac, l'ts; Three Hundred l*lema, MHI3-1U53. Juwez; The Io Sptter 3*c Stnry Behnd the I'nnc, Look; I The Crcscnt Hconury of Amercan I'olto. McCarthy. ( " <'. V>N, son of Mr.»nd Wr». RoU-rt C. VM>t>ml(rl«,»hpntU-r 1 Also, Crme \\ th»»ut Tunshj Kent. McClellal; The llcek j»ro», was advanced to hs j Anllony V«-r.Um»rl» of 705 Weet Stones S p e a k. MueKendrek ;! -resenl nlt- whle m-rvnjr»o»rd \aety Musc Cavnlcade l^ull't'.l. Maltfeld; Am I Ton l.oud, a I Valloy KOI-R*. The Vulley Forge j th«amphuous assault ohp USS Mu.sen] AulolMu^rply, Moore; The Mrror n the Knadway, O'- Uunovan; The Fttun 1 of Federalsm, Rockefeller; The Wonderful World of Nature, Hoedelberger; Hamlet: Knter Crtc, Sack*; Hasc Computer Pronrranmnr, Scott; Androclf? and the Lon wth Parallel Text n Shaw's Alphabet, Shaw; Memory of a Large Chrstna*, Smth; Women of the Sen, Snow; Masterpeces of War leportng; the (I rent Moments of World War It, Also, Mt'tnl llhrhs, n tlude for the Famly, Ktern; (%-llst n Kxh 1, a Portrat of l'ublo Casals, Taper; Strange Lves of Kaulltr Insects, Teale; Henor, lls Lfe um Work, Trar.; Form nnd Space; Sculpture of (he Twenteth Cenlny, Trer; The Moves n (he Ac' of Innocence, Wngenktefht; Common Sense About Vountr Offenders, Wlls; The Cry of a Ilnl, Vflesa. The short form ncome tux return lulta was adopted n 1VI4 1. tax wthholdng (pay-uh-yot-(r>) n ll'4't, an<l the.stndnrt deducton ll LEADER CLASSIFIED ADS BRING RESULTS v%. H;t, ro, H [,]y the only «*hp n the S'«vy to acheve a 100 per cent advjccnent rocortl n ths compettve, Navy-wde examnaton. Tho vjcamntton was hew n A.utust nnd H'J Valley Forge B«lavs r*vevv<l ther Hdvancwnenta. Advancement* n tho result of pa<wt^r the cxmmton after meetng professonal and mltary requre- Carrer landng Marne Cadet Donald S. P. Bfglow, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. HIKIOW of I1O0 Wychwood Rd., lnnde<l HIMJIU.I an arcraft carrer recently n the (Julf of Mexco after llynjr from Pensncola, Fla. The laulnr at»oa followwl several practce In'lnjrs on an arfeld whch sjnultc* the rwtrctcd arenw of a carrer flght dock. In completng qulflcutons, each fltrhl xtudent mukes nx landngs on the furrer. Followng tlat, they enter advutced ljcht t!-alnn)f, where they learn to lly mult-enyrne arcraft and jols. Wo work not only to produce but to rve value to lme. -Kufcvnc Delacrox Tme II leu over u», but lcavea ts shulow behnd Nathanel Hawthorne Greatest Sale of the Year! MANAGER'S WEEK! Chrstmas Store Hturs: Wed.)«" 9 > 9*-x-;Thurt.*H» < 8»s Fr.B«<>> 9>- l O ^ 9 wth coupon al left and purchaso o $5 or more Clp Valuable coupon at Left Now} All Advertsed Prces Effectve thru Mon. Dec. 24th GREEN GIANT PSAS 2 39c IDEAL APPLE SAUCE 8 $1.00 NIBLETS CORN WHOL( KERNfL ^^ «6" n < 89c HELLMANN'S MAYONNAISE 63c HAWAIIAN PUNCH «< < 3 89c IDEAL TUNA sono-white 7 OI.3 c>n 89* $ I.Q0 EVAPORATED MBLK ^,n, Q^::: IDEAL GRAPEFRUIT «ct.on S 6 {^*t.00 IDEAL GREEN BEANS :' 6-79«SCOTTISSUE IOIUI H5SUE - WI,M o, Colored 9 tol "*I»00 IDEAL MARGARINE < 2 33c W» r«erv* th» rght to lmt quontto. Not retponbl* (of ly(3o(jropllcal trrort. FROZEN FOODS IDEAL REGULAR cr KRINKtE FRENCH FRIES 2;., 25< IDEAL PEAS 7^- $!.00 Fresh Fruts & Vegetables GRAPES Luscous EMPEROR OCEAN SPRAY 2 lbs. CRANBERRIES»» 19c Brussels Sprouts^b<> '25 c Chestnuts 'ZZ 11 2"»-29< Sweet Potatoes 3 lu 29<= % >> -. 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VIRGINIA LEE FRUIT CAKE FREEI 30 S&H GREEN STAMPS IDEAL URGE EGGS H-m. _ A,J,,,,,

34 P*«e 84 THE WESTMELD <l». J.) UEADBH, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, I9SS Frank B.'trthooneu-, Old Guard Taken On Photo Tour LIBERTY An llustrated lecture places of nt<'rest n New York Cty was ffv-n by Robert J. M. Welch of Planfeld at s. meetng of the Old OuarJ Thursday n the Y7MCA. (Mr. WsM, whose hobby s jlo- tojfrphy, showed colored sldes. Brthday amveuat were observed by Russell E. Boyer, Hugh Y. Hlodffct, Georjro Wellenlurg, Myron F. Barrett, Robert Jameson, Suvner C. Wlls <md Wllam F. Wlls, tll of Wvjlfvcl; (abrel B. Mcbanu, Cranford; Wllam W. Zeman, Plunfeld, and Wllam J. Davs, Wuslnfton, D. C. NOW... THRU SAT.: Show. 'J:10 7:30 P.M. Two Top Comedes of Year: III IMO\ DOI1IS 1IA1 'LOVER COME BACK".tlMt Hhunn I*vrnlBK«! IKKI 111 IISO>. \t fll (lllll!<.ll> \ ntn >.\nm\. N.IMJKA COME SEPTEMBER" SUNDAY AND MONDAY: MATINEE ONLY.HI K M..tM': JMB :cu:<; "MONGOL" ALSO ON SAME SHOW: BIG "TROJAN HORSE" STI:» : IIKKSK CHRISTMAS SHOW Start* Monday Nght Dee. 24th Top Comedy I 2 GREAT SHOWS IN I * NOW THRU JAN. I NtW YORK COLISEUM CHRISTMAS CIRCUS a HOLIDAY-FESTIVAL KATTV*COElrot. * * emtmm Starr* CLYDE IEATTV tmvt I>I-I; «l few «(r» 1 teltlwj Attnctwtl * Mldwy > $1,000,000 l»w»wooll«n * man 6w» Una n Mta f*. (t.» M tort. * MOIE ON EVEy FLOOR! tuu»j $3 4 AM tol). CHtnE* (wn«12) HUT FtlCt Hoa. an Dan. I «JM * HOLIDAY FUTNAl OAK I NIBHT1 " MM. to M. 11».«. U 10 fm. I M/L Ml- / 8". 14»»>30».*. * 10u.t*1lr.a./*M.tuLtolM. U t, It T. IS fol Clran TUMI Uw * KMU m «H*««FutlvM. * 5fr' 19 NOtlDAV ntthnu. COMF f ARIY STAY IATE! 3 FULl FLOORS Of FUN! Take The Famly Out For CHRISTMAS DINNER ' Turkey Dnner wth all the trmmngs $3.00 Chldren's Turkey Dnner... $2.00 Served 12 to 9:30 P.M. Make Your Reservatons Now For The Yuletde Season GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY $10.00 per person, plus tax FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE AD CHI-AM CHATEAU, Inc. COMPLETE CHINESE AND AMERICAN CUJSINE over dfferent LONG PLAYING RECORDS on dsplay n browser boxes for easy selecton, jffl? ALL AT SPECIAL PRICES! CHILDREN'S RECORDS HI-FI AND STEREO RECORDS o GUITARS DIAMOND NEEDLES PHONOGRAPHS e CHRISTMAS SHEET MUSIC AND RECORDS GIFT CERTIFICATES FREE GIFT WRAPPING Scotch Plans, announced a Chrstmas puny wll be hold at t-oduyv mee*,- np Ṫhe Old Guard Chorus, drected by John H. JRath, Crnnford, tsanj? several selectons. Columbus Presents Yule Pageant A Chrstmas pageant, "Wly the Chmes Ranp," was presented for famles at Columbus School yesterday. All classes took part n preparng the 'program. Co-ordn.ator uf the program was Mrs. Joseph McEnency. Chor drector wed M's. Helen Peck..Scenery and lghtng were under the drecton of Joseph Pellcone and dramatzaton was stuped by Mrs. Charles 'Mller. Student rt*aders were James Vrgn, Allen Carey and Kaymonl Canova. Playnj; the parts of the followng were: FUher, ;M<*huel Ijcfone; Mother, Anne fy.'cke; Chld, Donna llanca; Men, Craj; Srhllhahn and Edward Mller;.Pudro, IVtor Klaber; Lttle Urother, Davd Mller; Old Woman, Dors Rarhles; Pustor, Davd Volke 1 Menbers of the* proccssson were: Clauda 'Marks, Jerome Lurk, Wl lam Ifakuo.n, Brad Duelks, Francj Jackson. Menjers of the congregaton were: John 'Xanca, Joe Hraxton, Ed Force, John l) Lorenzo, Cyntha Schllng, Wayne Prrnell, Wllam Hadloy, -Phllp Venezo, Donna Merklor, Peter Plesmd, Harvey Trusty, Denns.Vayers, Janet Holloway, Alce Fallon, Jeanette Tucker, Barry Hunt, Alvn Lake, John Plesmd and Myrtle Bennott. Tle mornng and afternoon kndergarten presented a "Salute to Chrstnas" under Le drecton of Mss Mary 'Pne. They sang Merry Chrstmas, Jngle Bells, Slng a Song of Chrstmas, Mr. Santa Clnus, A ChK-anaj Treo and Wo Wsh You a Merry Chrstma*. The speakng' pax ts were by Mary Cory and Stephen Lanfrhorne. Cba Post Gven Dr. Craupner Dr. Robert D. Granpner of Westfeld has becn'apponted plant physcan of CHIA Corn, t was announced by Charles S. Modys, corporate personnel drector, ' Before jonng CIBA n 1058 as a'senor asvo.-luto physcan n the medcal.-jervlce dvson, Dr. Crnupm-r was n prvate practce. Dr. Graupner receved ts \I S degree from 'St. Peter's Collppe n Jersey Cty and hs MI> from Now York State Unversty College of Medcne n New York Cty. ITe served hs nternshp and', resdency at the Hartford Ilospjta! n Ilartford, 'Conn. ( A jnembe-r of the Un-on County Medcal Socety, New Jersoy State Medcal Socety, Amercan Medcal Assocaton nd New York Academy of Scences, Dr. Grnupner was o]so a captan n the 'XI. S. Ar Force Medcal Corpa. The Graupncrs and (ther fve chldren resde at 927 Prospect St. Estey Apponts Allau In a move desgned to co-ordnate and expand the sales actvtes of three of ts product dvaona, Bstey Electroncs, Inc., today named I5obert E. Allan of Westfeld to the new post of vce Presdent n c-har^e of sales of the frm's Orcoft Concert, Varn-Tone and Gen'ark dvj.vons. A consumer hanl goods marketng executve for 25 years, Mr. Allan fory.v'rly was the ntonal (!'.- rector of sales for the.magnus Olgun Corp. Premartal Course Scheduled Durng Holday Perod Plans for a communty protnarta! counselng servce durng the Chrstmas holday.* have be^n announced by Rev. Dr. Frederck E Chrstan, senor mnster of the Presbvteran Church. Resource persons from the area wll assst n the dscussons whch wll touch on every area of marrage usually covered 'n pre-martal counselng sessons. The resource persons arc: Dr. Chrstan. Rev. Wllam K. Coher, Dr. A. Starr Ingram, Donald M. MeOou'- nll. Rev. I,. R. Stan'ord, Dr. F. Mlton Stauh. Hev. Kl'er A. Talcotl Jr. and K.'v. Tubbs, Rev. Mr. Tub'js has completed studes for n doctorate decree *' famly lfe educaton and emmse'- np nt Teachers Collere, Columba UnvM'tv, New York Cltv. It was announced marred c(>'> )Io ; ano are nvted to attend. Tlnn* are hentf forn'ulutod for a sx-scs- Bo) suvter course. Klsewhe'e n Ih-j edton of th' 1 Lender an applcaton bl-mk for the '!re!-..; j s*o course wll be found. Jf preferred, a eonole )';y telephone the clurct Dllc and apply. Socal Securty's Rate to Clmb Tnx rate«for nrvsos on S«"«' Se"rt*' wll rfce KxrrMn.e.Inn. 1. Ral^H \V..Tones, dstrct p>flr. fx^er of the - O"n tc rt^u r t v O^e F'»'bcth, sad flp, boost wa-.s O"" of the regular ncrenses to rovpr jm>rt of -ctrement, survvor* dsnlltv nud adn.matrat.vo cost 1 f the proeram. T^or u'^*"m worl^^t!' 'or wape a the new 3903 ratf w'i be 3%!)"» cent on ther frst?4!00 n vear'- ">nes. The e»nr]ov<f' v-ll con trbute a lko amount. For t>" scu-e"m>lo*'e<l. the new rtto s J>.' ) per cent of the frst S4.R00 n yenv ret earnt'. "WJIRR.S and self f»lo lr ment cnj'nnrs of n>or(» th**' #4 800 a vvr are rot t<xal>:o f>' so ''ll secu'tv purposes. n dollars and CEts the so"»' lccurty tax ncrease* means thn* «n employed ))e'gon efrnn; $4 800 or more n a vear wll p:r $174 n co"nl.serurtv tax nstea-' of tle $l. r 0 he pad on the sa'-r amount of eantu;s n l(j2, ut) ncrease of about <l( cond per week'" [lay perod. The tnx for R-lf-"'"-» %1 0 1f C( people wll) ej'.rpnf. r s of S1 S00 or n'ore a vear wll be $2r-f.' )r per venr nstead of $225.f'O pad *' l!)02, or an lncrunse of about $2.P r per month for the 12 months o' each year. Jones noted that the now BOc'"' securty tux rate apples only t' Kes pad and self-cnployme-' ncome earned after Dcc'.tl, 19f>" Th«present rate of 3Vfc l>cr cent o KC.s s applcable for wa^es psr n 10(>2 even though they are v reported 'bv enplovero untl car' n The current rrntc of 4 ' per cent for the self-employed < r lkewse applcable to self-emplo nent earned n VMV2, but not r( ported untl 10G3. p laynj2 The Card By AI.rOXANDKU SPENCER MOUTH A!> 7.I V A K * K 5 2 EAST WEST A «O K.1 5 VJ10 VO7G3 KIO 0854 *J72 * A 8 1 A Q J 10 SOUTH A t n 8 «3 2 V A r> X o 7 f n Wth nether ftle vulnerable the bddm? went: Soutl We! North Em' pass 14 IV 1 NT pass 2 4 pass Z NT pass,'(xt pass pass pass South upened wth the hear 1 fve, the are and knjr were taken by Norlh who llu> contnuel wlb Ihe nne whch Kast won wth th (L South ducardn; n spade nnd dummy n cluh. then I'.'d lx 1.nck of du South played tn- sx np' vhyel dnnnt> r 's knt^ lch held. Another round of l::nmnl- bunpcl the aee and n toretler. Tln-re was nolbur Ihe dvf'm' cmld then do tr> drfrut Il- cour.'ut. Snutl fnally j -lub. dummy's ac- won IMP' rer snrt'd hs hand for the Mal-ne: an ov'trt-k. pnnt'! ml that Soutb h.'v' <l'fe:lt<'d tn- fllltra't ur;:e. ytn e;n see hnw.!f South <l:«-:nls he nee of da- I't Ihe thrd round of NorlhV (HM-t b'-omes the h'.:hc>-.l damond and Ka~l down. Ths would he true t'ven f '.le clnk ln: w, vc w! 1 Suh, s-c, to m:);r no t.l;- Ka:-I nun take more th.-m,,m, anmd trcl;. On 'rnnr n w! the lannr.l < -en, Nur'.h would tkr h-; rma'nnr In'u'ts tnr 1 that wmdd be Ihe lull ;am'. 'South Pacfc' to Open Al Paper Mll Deo. 26 ".South Pacfc," probably ono of the most popular muscals of the last three (Jecada, wll open at the Pap t r Mll Playhouse n Mllburn Wednesday, Dec 20. Betsy Palmer, famed TV panelst and move and sta^e performer, vll star as Ensrn NeJl* Forbu3h assgned to a.south Pacfc sle Drver Under Ban Held n Crash Davd Trspp, 5:. of "13 Centra 1 drvnf where she fnds love. 'Curously, Us ls Mss Palmer's wtod role s a nurse on a 'South Pacfc sle, 'he frst was when she played a nurse n the move verson of Mster.Roberts" wth Ifenry Fonda. "South Pacfc" wll be Mss Palmer's thrd muscal. Ave. was hajrad vth llnan unretrstered vehcle after on Uc levolced l.-.t and opcr- he AV S nvolved 'n an accdentu>* \:l~> t.t Frday n Ccrtral Ave.. r.'r Vark St., polce sad. I Polce sad Tranp stopped for I'aflc when a car behnd hm WIT '"orced nto hs vehcle by a thrd, ar. I Accordng to polcp, -Ra.wnond ^ro-co, f>, of f33 South Ave., attemptng to stop h^ vehcle 'n the 'no of trufle, accdentally ht th'. ::s pedal and strurjc the rear of r ar drven In- Mss Elzabeth Lan- Irv of 422 Washnfton St. M?s I.nndry'j oar was forced 'nlo Trapp's auto. Mss I.anJry was oxamhed!> Or. Martha V,. Mnunrer for pan? of the abdomen md neck. A pas- ;e.nffer n her cur, Mrs. Frnne;: M. Edmondson of 113 Washngton "^t., also complaned of smlar n- 'ures, polce sad. Patrolman Robert Bell nvest- -ated. CRANFORD 1- NOt 'H *» ( M H ' d. M I Iff tt»j'1 HAPPY HJUOAY &HJW STARTS SAT., DEC. 22 WALT DISHIY'S happest twosome.. C ANGELS LAST 2 DAYS 'The Chapman Report" Plus Evo Only - * L "ZOTZ" WALTER WtAPE STROHD THEATRtS THURSDAY June Fonda JIM Hdtto PERIOD OP ADJUSTMENT" STARTS FglDAY An Avalanche of Mvonturel 'PARAMOUNT STARTS TUB., DEC. 25th CHWSTMAS PAY ART CINEMA PL CnaO.nOHJl tna t KM. "PETER SELLERS PL AYS THE GENERAL WITH A STILL-EAGER EYE FOR THE GIRLS, AND HE DOES IT WITH DETAIL SO DEFT AND DEVILISH THAT HE ADDS ANOTHER JEWEL TO HIS CROWN!" "A wealth, of taste and talent las made tfjs a for sore eyes and a feast for hungry mnds," 1/^LTZ.OFTHETO THE OFFICE OF WILLIAM A. CLARK AND ASSOCIATES Wsh you All MATINEE DAJIYST MONDAY, DK. J STARTS TUES., OK ) Contnuput from 2:30 mm A Merry Chrstmas and Happy New Year Flo Dckey Bll Clark Chuck Rokosny Del Rtche DENISE DARCEL AND FEATURING IHUtlU FROM THE MISS AMHIUM MISS UNIVERSE CONTUn OINNIR IH0W I DAKM FIOM \S.n SHOW t DANCING SPfCW ONLY»3 c««l*m nd dncln l»r nl tt (ut* M Gerry P«-»rdy BARBARA RYAN 27 Elm St., Westfeld Phone ADams 3,1448 OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 9 P,M, IN DECEMBER ' (^.'X^l ^V,*,*'.A'«. s» -J. t?\.. * *. H-x* 436 South Ave. W. ADams 2-25QQ Westfeld/N B j

35 THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 Hghlghts n Women's Fashons -;- Menus % - Other Events rovdng Festve Meals Plus Thrfty Buyng Possble JARY W. ARMSTRONG Home Agent tendency at the holday s to extend oneself n the of festvtes ncludng ' meals. But t s possble to.ctcal too and avod an un- aftermath. And snce the ey of the Chrstmas dnner to requre the largest outpurchase of ths tem s a le to consder wth dscreet least you can have a ra- bass for your choce. her you consder poultry, fresh pork tradtonal for nas, you wll fnd loral jts well stocked. And thrfty s's are possble. your famly, lke many favor turkey for Chrst- [Turkey wll cost a lttle hs season than last, but not ch as has often been the jver the years. You usually ; per pound for bg brds r small ones. So f you large famly or plan a I for Chrstmas, consder the of the bg szes. Leftover for future menus s def- [ an asset. RAISIN" \VAI..\TT STCKFlXt; 2 cups dced celery 'a cup conlvn; nl '"> cups coarse bread numu 1-2 tups scedles* rasns A Publc Strvct of I h Natonal abj Cart Councl By C. ROBERT GRUVER Edtor, All About Babe Wn Applause Durng Holdays Wth Tasty Home Baked Breads ; By MAKY \V. AKMSTKONU, Hume A^cnt! Huld a reputaton as an excel-! lent cook at any lme of the year' l>y bakng specal breads. Cve ex-" jtra pleasure to famly and fremls!. durng lu- holtay season. ; A delcous bread vm dress up' 1 '.a cups chopped walnuts ' - cup chopped pasley 2 teasp. poultry seasonng - teasp. salt U teasp. pepper 1 cup red conkng wne.saute celery and onon n ng ol untl tender anl p, Combne wth remanng nyred- ; 1 ' otul y- cuts, addng red cookng wne last! StJlm ' ve "st bread.recpes are for proper mosture. Stuff turkey! f0 easy - tm ' y m 'gn* almost be call- If desrel, haste turkey occason- I "' t ' ul ' 1( breads. Such s Double ally wth addtonal red cookng I t)u '. rk r """ tc "read. wne durng cookg. I You can make a delrous ('ran- The Common Cold I berry Nut Bread wtl a bscut llx. And Holday Frut Dread made from scratch n less lluu ten mnutes, besdes the bakng tme, s a real festve offerng for breakfast or anytme. noum.korck COI-TEE HKKA1) I A yeast bread rtvp ', s) ea.-y to make t may be classed as a ''quck" bread, was ntroduced by home economsts f Ceneral Mlls. ; I'sng dry granular yeast, the m\- l l l ' f your holday group wll n number, you may want redatrcans pont out that nkng process takes only fve mnhahes. there s greater lkelhood j ules. There s IKI kneadng, no brolers nstead. You may {whole brolers, just as you pstng chckens. And several lrds on a platlcr can be as jtve us one large one. Thr that the common cold wll spread punchng down, and t requres to the lungs or ears and cuuse such! only one rsng rght n the bakng complcatons as bronchts, pneu- pan. It may be prepared wth a nona, or nflammaton of the md-1 varety of loppngs such as ths brolers are ubundunt* 2f de ear. Cnnamon.Stouscl whch s male ent more are expected to They urge mothers lo take extra bv mmm;l" labb'spoons butter or to market than a year ago. precautons to prevent ther babe: I margarne, '. cup brown sugar, '-' from comng down wth a cold and I tablespoons Hour, '2 teas) pnscnnamon, and '. cup chopped nuls. ' ' onsder beef ther tradtonal exlra measures to mnmze the Beef supples are up etl'ects of a cobl lfter t develops. Toppng s sprnkled over dough»hat, and chances are U> Babes should be kept away just before bakng. standng rb roast wll 1>- from persons who have colds and 'cal n stores. Your ntal j from crowded places such as ud get the frst tlng th:t strkes for ths beef nmy be n; torus, buses and move theaters. If a mother who lnts :t cold must "he fumy, but try t> resst ths. ban for a large turkey but take care uf he ' bly, she nn Whle I le toy s. a Chrstm' pros bll ln'l the cost per servng gve the baby some poleelon by Mlt, rer.embrr that Ihe ynng.-ter Vhat hgher.! wealng a gauze mask over her vh \vant ( > enjoy t much longer k s now n season, out I noulh and nose, am by washng '.han out' dy. may be a lttle above last ' her hands wth soap and water before A few lnn lo keep n mnd because supples are handlng the baby or prepar- j tbot toys wll mak a j le.'tnn ea>- less plentful than a year n}; ts food. ; ter, and the nft m ppreated. \'evertheless, f roast ham s Anythng wh-b (ends to lower; l-'rs 1., adults and chldren don't] holday choce and you own a haly's body resstance such as ' av the taste n toys. Too Sszer, consder buyng a whole not eatng enough of the r^ht \ fe the toys that :<lults thnk IVou usually pay less for tl* knds»f foods, and lack»f rest j re delghtful lre llljtereslllg In bam than for ts ndvdual wll often ncrease n baby's sus- -hl.-l-,-n. The et llerell snnw fary Uonsf the center secton ceplblly lo colds. Dseased tun-: nay be le:ufll. bu! the. lr!<! :e Chrstmas meal, m' 1! sts anl other defects n the nose.vmld ratln-r lav. tetty both the extreme butt an:l. and threat may Iso be contrblt- \ H-:r. portons for later. _ \ nj; factors, The b- t gll. le. for s. leettl!, -re bother your roast s turkey or I Snffle sneezng, 'ongong the ehll'- ave al 1 ll re<ls. Two. 1 a rasn walnut stuffng s a j tcklng r soreness n the throat -ear-.m llobby.» n't r eally t'.fllk {choce f It's to be beef.,'ut. 3sor] ^.,v(,.^hu,, symptoms of n U lj >'«H-nle II foolball h lllh'l want to serve up a pulfy : cdm..twhl'r 6' baby shows these!»;\v. It's safe t>> Co «'11 the d.-m Ihre puddng, especally 'f «gns, )n- should be put t' bed tha the malle r l! e chld. Ill'- ''l. r - dshes are not hearty I kept warm md Uel and sepa-! r!;u- 1. v.!, wll I rated from other people, rsp eally! k.- a 1.IT.- b. all. v llr an.,.l,l;.r! oler chldren. chll wll wan! a -.aall< r one. It's If the -old dms not clear up j l>a pu:tng f or a rll-l to t'e n; pckly. a physcan SIKUIII! be I'IIII- [ pr'.-'t that In' C : t < rlljoy UIIM ' suted. Kor some of the stfus of aj e n.-.v. op lo t. cold ny also be the symptoms of! Choose ln;.s Ih: t an..-nfc and : the early stage "f nun> nnu- tufly. An nt. en..:,klk : tny I cable dseases of babyll I. If Ibe : h.-t (O'II.-- apart n H,- c! lld 1.- j symptoms are followed by chll- ;!nl - a ;:re at l -: <; nnlr ellt. eunvl ons, fever and ach- r-' s u-.aly don't '":o easy ng, t may be non- than a con.'on cold.' t»v. They waul Illlg perhaps s some babyhood nfecton that dm-s not Im-ak e.-.- sucb as mea-les, ea-les. pedatrcans say.![ t.--.m-:< the s-nall chld put Parents should not allow baby! erythng n hs mnutl. h toywho has even a p Ll old '" mll-; need t.. be larg.' v. l.t n-,,' jlle wth other chldren. Ths mn' part.-. I!. too, to berk I precauton alone, a r--p"shlty r, pam and T-afe 1 WHO ': SELLS THE BRAND.. I WANT? LET YOUR FINGERS. DO THE WALKING It's,1!o ( amor <.!t.j'..!nr. nl over to*n hrr. t tad <"e lt'.-d by lual n-m-' 111 V:o Ycllov; Pj.-,c--, t'hv;th-r *!l..!>:! r.-l-j thon of all parents, would do much lo ' mnm/.e the ertecs of a cobl and eherk the spead of clls and j other nfetlos d.-e.-es among babes. Famly Lfe Today! n T PHYLLIS GREF.R SpTnlst n Ht'n Itrhnwn.! {, llllr,; Tb- Slnlr I'IIvnll. I.AST-.MINTTK/;HI:ISTM,\S I Shoppng f..r last-!' 1 md slough off. r f""r~a~v r E~r' :- utcchm-!.,, to-.- - ln----- ' <" f 1 --" Vl - UI : he gay le...ratons and colors ^ ' > > ' - : - nv,u.i-.. :,: /.. ah.o-t here a:.l v:c toy- ',..,,. I fur jm-.-m-n;-. If, :, 1,, :.. ;, :r.!.t..n'..-b." H. E. GOSLING FLORIST «ow«r» For All Oeccnlom coll ADom S >050 $prlhfln»!d Avr W««rf1*M Jarvs «. Authorzed Kodak Dealer for Color Processng both moves and stlls Brng Your Flms To UJ for tho Fnest Reproductons 54 Elm St. % cup warm water (not ho, 110 to 116 degrees) 1 package actve dry yeast '* cup sugar 1 teaspoon sut 2' cups sfted flour 1 < «.- 't cups fut shortenng, butter a smple meal or add the fnal! or margarne I much to a more elaborate one. Crease 8 or 'J nch square bakng pan. Choose toppng und have And the makng need not bo df-' ' fuult or tme consumng. Kxpcr-I t ready. In mxng bowl dssolve ent wth mxes... add nuts, yeast n water. Add sugar, salt, j frut, frostngs. Unusually shaped und about l s the flour. Heat I pans add nterest t. he bread I treat. Or follow a tested recpe n-po: -lectrcal c' thtrougbly l mnutes. Add egg and shortenng. Then beat n gradually lemanng flour untl smooth. Prop Mnall spoonfuls of dough ovor entre bottom of bakng pan. Cover; let rse n warm place (86 degrees K.) untl double n bulk. 50 to (t) mnutes. Sprnkle on toppng. Hake lt :t?6 degrees V. untl brown, 30 to.'15 mnutes. Serve warm. CRAXHKRRY NUT HRKAI) \ cup sugar 1 egg l'v cups orange juce tnhlespoon grated orange rnd cups prepared bscut mx cup chopped nuts 1 cup e h o p p e l cranberres ( or frozen; f frozen. do nut thaw) He nt oven to 31k) degree V, (moderate oven). Mx stk'r, egg, orange juce, rnd and prepared bscut mx. Heal vgorously.'10 seconds. Halter may stll bo lumpy. Str n nuts and cranberres. I'our! Choce of Pant Depends on Use Alkyd or bte.x pant, should you use? Do you need a llat, setn-gloss or gloss pant? Accordng to Mss (lena Thames, Rutgers vxtensou home furnshng skn-alst, the tyjm 1 of pant should be determned l>y where t wll bo used and the actvtu* thnt lake place there. nto well-greased loaf pan, I'xBx ltake ff> to tll mnutes or untl toothpck stuck nto center cones out clean. Crack u top s typcal. Remove from bakng pan. Cool before slcng. HOLIDAY" KRUIT BREAD 1 \ cups floor 1' 1 teaspoons bakng powder '** teaspoon bakng soda a t teaspoon srlt 'a cup shortenng *: cup sugar 2 eggs, beaten slghtly 1 cup mashed bananas 1 small jar canded pneapple 1 small jar canded ctron Sft flour; measure, add SHU, soda and bakng powder; alft agan. Cream shortenng; add su gar a lttle ut a lme; beat untl lght nnl fluffy. Add eggs and mx untl smooth. Add dry ngredents wth mashed bananas and candled frut and str untl thoroughly combned. Do not beat. Recpe makes (wo small loaves, or one large one. Jake uboul one hour at,'too degrees K. f the large tn s used. Kor smaller tns reduce bakng tme to 36 to -10 mnutes, or untl done. SPECIALISTS IN "EARLY AMERICANA" * ROCKERS: BOSTON, SALEM, AND COTTAGE AND A SPECIAt SI7C FQ» rhlr>"en k EAGLES IN MANY SIZES AND STYLES * WALL RACKS for SPOONS, SPICES, MAIL, WHAT NOT CANDLESTICKS WOOD. BRASS COPPER, PEWTER AND IRON k BAROMETERS CLOCKS f MIRRORS f NAME SIGNS f WEATHER VANES k COLORFUL, DECORATIVE PRESSED GLASS f GENUINE IRONSTONE C / f COLONIAL LAMPS 132 E. BROAD ST. WESTFIELD, N.. AD OPEN: 9 to 9 ncludng Saturday TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE AND INTEGRITY Utartlja IGnrfm ffl-fajsfmtrr ffanfttw are the answer to your demand for the best n gourmet chocolates, presented n exquste taste and ndvdualty, the most respected name n fne candy. Ours s not a commercal qualty of chocolats for mass marketng. The utmost n care and preparaton n combnng the fnest ngredents, the ultmate n qualty chocolate from tho chocest cocoa beans, whch enrobes these tasteful centers are presented to you wth our prde knowng that you wll thoroughly enjoy every morsel. satsfed. We're postve that your exactng and dscrmnatng taste wll be &^' "<^^ Page 3S A sr-nlos- or gloss alkytl pan; A htev Hat ln-h pant ;' a bet- : l''s «<c to wat at least three Ix-st suted for batlroons, klcb-: lr l-.oc for putk walls m ' weeks befure tryng to remove us j.] vas w lele noslure s lvng areas where frequvnl re- : smudt-s U\>'M H new latex-coated revalct und fv<uet cleannr s moval of smudgy fr. rerm.urks s j wall, or you'll damage the flneh. vessnry. Use t on walls, trm, j needed. Such stans are burd to ' Smudge marks m ulkyd-panted loors and cabnets. These alkyd remove from alkyd-pnnt-d sur! surfacoh ean be treute.l after only pants seem lo have belle:- resst- faces. :a few days. anoe to nostue than latex pants, j For doors and trm, however,! Knally. rlon't be n a hurry to They'v.sclf-pmnj, tvw, t x.-ept..lon'l use latex >:nt t tends tu ; jmm. a,'u. w bare plosterod wall for the dark colon. sluugh otv. l.'sf an alkyd»atu wjt t ulkyd pant, warr.' M!ns Boll latex jul nlky.1 flat eum- I >b or,'ggshell enanol twtea.l. ; Thmes. 't's l»-sl to wat, untl els produce an attractve omtte ;, Al " 1 don t use lau'x punl on, tht,,, last,.. r ),us cu-wl thoroughly. fn^h on wr.lls. bare wood, ll wll rase the gmu Tn(lt ^.^^ ul wut sx months. It happens every FRIDAY! SUN MON TUES WED THUR SAT II Any Frday of the year s an deal tme to Btart a 13-day Graco Lne cruse from New York. But there's somethng specal about a wnter cruse. Carbbean clmate s n mdsummer form... warm and wonderful. Soak up the sun m you lve lke a kng aboard tho all-frst-class, 20,000-ton Santa Rosa or Santa Paula. Ashore, a hearty wolcome awats your arrval n Curacao and Aruba, La Guara (Caracas), Kngston, Port-au-Prnce and Fort Laudordale. Mnmum faros from $395 to $495, dependng on season. Just aec a Travel Agent. GRACE LINE Wnter Cruses 3 Hanover Square or 628 Ffth Avcnuo (Kockcfcllcr Center). New York. N.Y. Wgly tlo 17 lo 18-0 Ctul Crule lo Crlblmn 28 and 31-Dy Jw»l Don Crulo Toura lo Souh *mofle«make YOUR RESERVATION THROUGH TRAVELONG OF WESTFIELD INC. 252 E. BROAD STREET, WESTFIELD 291 N. BROAD STREET, ELIZABETH SUN-WAY CRUISES fner way to NASSAU'. BAHAMAS Vacaton fun begns tho momonl you board the ITALIA or QUEEN FREDERICA. Ths lakes nothng away (rom your good tme In Nassau-BUT whon frends «k you, "How was your vacaton?" chances are you'll spond all your words exlollng your shp's fabulous food, fun and facltes. Choose Iho cruso that fts n wth your wnter vocaton plon. Moke your reservatons now lo avod dsappontment. A I R - C O N D I T I O N E D L I N E R S "s ss QUEEN ITALIA O1OI 2 0, T O N S Ih<5 l!'. cl the f!.l n refjul-f v/ockly.ev>ce to U&VtdU [r,\ n '.'/*.'! H;: HI ;;!IM-.- UID! Ite It.ll.l lo.l-.t-. ttf l-;;:-.t doof '.wmnnf: \wa aflfj.t Thto ;rc lf ; ".''.- ot^o -,/<rn':';,:,-rnl 1'rwncn-! Df:r.r-.. III,-;II! Club',.. ll!>'.- (,/ :!:' Jl.v..;r nn)n;;ll bumcl-, '. pjrlr'.. n'/. 1."-. 7 DAYS.,ro m S 17O Ifom HEW Y03K Saturdays 4 P.M. FEBRUARY 2, 9, IG, 23 MARCH 2,9,10,23,30 WecM/ cruses tle ycr 'rfumj. EASTER CRUISC 1O DAYS t,n- ''-24 'j FREDERICA NEWI UI'I llef lull v«mnng lu'l-. on llc 1'un Dtck anl I'mmm.d: Il-.V. NrWI f Colfjn.l toun;;f:, lf-nmt:f A*:: f.m> t 0l/fl,-;C. Wltll hl"' [;f t!,f- r,tu<\(j/> r, l)v;flf';).-,-,;!l-c ht,.-.-n...; l!v>. :00l HEW1 -)(' -,ejl r.ll'.-ntj. NCWI Alrllr.njl c.!,n-. wth I.f.l'- '.hwi *U '.. IIUNS Wld rn/art ^ny«tf UR BAIM Irom HEW YORK Fdays 9 P.M. JANUAtlY 10, 25 FEBRUARY 1, 8»«sfn cnus I>I.M TIIK'V, htht. 5 rorn GOSIOM '.tutnj/s 5 P.M MARCH 2" Shp Your Hold 2 Days, 1 Nght In Nassau SEE YOUR TRAVEL AGCUT NCWI HOME LINES AGENCY INC. Genera/ Aganta 42 Broj'Jw-y, New York ). II Y - '.-y -1 COM n.nnc--pjl c<f.?> AD EL EVERYONE'S FAVORITE CRUISE SHIP TO THE WEST INDIES AND SOUTH AMERICA IHOMERIC 26,000 TONS Fully Ar Condtoned CRUISES from NEW YORK r>.4j 19 C«TS^ 6 POSTS M"r. 12 MV.a'^To M-z POH'IS -nn up Callng vjrlojjly at Ns'.sau Port-.u f'rnca Curacao Darbatfo^* f/j(tnlquo St. 11-omas -Sjujuon port of Span >U Guara > Crtobjl Kndlon unuc KUMC SBB Y0UR TRAVEL AQEHT LINES 41 Brod*y, H. Y. 4, Olgby 4-B3SS Otlte n rfn:!pal chht See Mr. SUBURBAN for your wary t%^ "r t BANKING? 44 NEED uouhhan TRUST COMPANY

36 F«J» 3$ THE WE8TFIELD (N. J.) LEADKR, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962' LEGAL NOTICES BOAHO «! ' HKALfH PMII.JC \orr: Publc N-l--' s :. n-.y uvn tl.xt an ordnam- L/f v, Idth tlf f'jl'yu - J tjp Is : ropy, was tr'mhu*']. < ;*<! and.axh'.".t *.-II r-f=t rft;*jnp by th<! H<.jrd «r Iff-ttlh uf tn.- Town of I AVejttlleJ'J a a meetng h<'ld Jot tmb*;r t, U't-!. 'tnj that thf. null lzard { of HenMh wn furttu-r cot.s-u'r the! Bam«for fnal pflssacd un the mn IntrrVln BulMnu. n nll l. It ln-unl,, JdKKPII J. MOTTI.KV. S< c flary \I, (nnv^vr-p v-,. n vvf-r»v T»fr- rtntttr* TO A>II?YI> of rfaltl "F the T/.n-n of «-..«!< Ole-l aft*"- ],.!;. a 1,1, I-!» ot<> uf VAI.TUK J. IWI.TZ. <1> 1 "Hll l. Il J K'l'K. «lf'-nr U- or rmlon. na<l>- n of r>crf-ml,'r. A.O., annll'nllon of U,,. Rxo,. t(rlx "f!'! - crr I1 tom of f*^. *w..-»«..-' - In l>f «ut**^»-l jfr- unler '>at arnlt.«t tll pwtnf** of ps;.7 * wff'n F*I* monfhq from (ln nnl.l or.lrr. or thov >vl hbarrel from vrrhtcruvnf n- In? the flamo au*tln t t*>o n 1 Hu«hos TTartlah. Thorn tto 07 rrr"'"" n " Pls<;c> Bt.. K. J. )e-20-4t Tern t.r-r M. In of l n *v* -/ hojop of Ifr-nrv P. nv,,vnso"h Wf'Ptffr-I'!. N''W JorBPV. wll» <> Hnt' to «H(l!*fv stn-flfe ftt'l oth^^ ^hrcor* Mm y\-f n f..t». n wllow Av«- HU". f!:*-w.wv! Xr.\v..<-nf-v. UnvplOTo nttlnm^nl ' 1f "nanv. r/^ RTr. (1» ''m'.?c An>l(-ton Pnt:*- 0!«>n n.loo V.l- Jornv M«-. f 1. Tlf*". r»okt OYr^ r.ox 37f Mrfl. M. Kftw Htrert Mr Iloort Sflmal. m-4.1 «tl>- Avenue, Jamaca, I,onK Islam). New To»k. W»«. RrhwArlj. c/o Mrs..T. Tlrfr ld OlarlUKv Placo Oolonla. Now Jor- BOV. >f-..tnbo <5o<r(<T» Man Ktr>nl. Ilflhwfv. N(vu-,Ir--wfv. Mr.-.l Mr Av "Nfr rtor -k«. I'll' Town Mdshpman To Gve Talks On Naval Academy IJ, Academy Mdshp- ' wan Fr3t Class Char]<w M Schmdt Jr. of Westfleld wll address several local organzatons durng hs Chrstmas leave as a part of the academy's "Oj>eraton Informaton" program. "Operaton Informaton" s dcsemed to tell the Academy story,'^." j throug-h personal appearances of mdshpmen n ther home town areas. Mdshpman Schmdt s the eon of Mrs. Anne Walker Schmdt of 239 Tuttle Pkwy. and the late Mr. I Schmdt. He K a 1959 graduate of I I Westfeld Hgh School, n ht?h j * j school he was senor class pres- j - dont, n the student councl, and J,! the fu'lowfe dstnctons: Cross ' 'j country, track, swrmns, varstv.-lul), three varsty Jt'ttcrs, senor ' councl, Cornell cup, Je-.u-v Boy'.'! Ptat«' ( Natonal Mert Scholar, Na- tonal Honor Socety, presdent of; the H-V, head of the Acolyve 5t. Paul's Church, Natonal Athletc Honor Socety and Amercan Legon award..schmdt's -speakng engagement? n the Westfeld area are: Dec. 19 Scotch Plans -Fan wood Hgh School, Scotch Plans, 8;30 a.m.: Dec. 20, WeslfoM Hltfh Schoo' 12:30 p.m.; Dec. ZG, Wcatfleld YM OX, 10 a.m. At tho Naval Academy, Schmdt has been on tha superntendenrt'f lst (dean's lst) each year. Hr plays varsty cross country, s r the Foregn Eolatons Club, thr K'aval Academy Chrstan Assocaton and on the decepton commttee. Durng hs frst Bummer cruse 19C0, he served In the VISS (M. C Fox ( OR 829). In tho summer of 19G1 he took amphbous war fare tranng at 'Lttle Creek, Xor folk, Va., and naval avaton tran ng at Ponaacola, Pla. TJs pa=' summer he served n the USS S& Ov.l CSS-40S). Upon RTfldUftton n June, 196? Mdshpman Schmdt wll be conmsonod ensgn, V. S. Navy am' receved a bachelor of scence de ree. He 'hopes to enter nava' avaton or nuclear subs. Pol and Pan Wardrobe A "basc wardrobe" of pots ano pans s mportant for the brdo. FollownE these buyng tps fo r selectng oven cookwnre: Handle? hot wthstand hgh temperatures, few scams, rounded corners, smooth edges, standard szes, szes stamped on the bottom of bakng pans and u desgn that n easy to lft; and transport when hot. Mr. nnl Mm. Hubert I*. (Vrlnl. fortf rly of HnrkenKpk, flrr notv rmlt- ItK In thrlr non hntt* tt HA Rultlrr H]., l-'unvuud. Nnle of Olx nnllptt- IIM«I>IJ ruprrly tvtlx nekuttntfd 1)>- Wnltrr IC. J <>klft*t thruurlt the,iii«*«uf K. ^Vurl^(c. VALUE-WISE there's no better buy! Look for the bg pkg. at your grocer's. Jaycees Hear Talk By Educator Dr. S.LN". Eu-8n Jr., ;uperntetd- The busts-s meetrfff ncluded ent of Wostfeld sc-hool, addressed the fnal schedulng for the annual the Wtstfcld Junor Chamber of Chrktmas lj;htns con,tost spon- Commerce December meetng at j sored and conducted by the Jaythe Scach Plans Country Club. j cees. James 'Spencer s n charge Dr. Ewan's address ncluded the j of ' lhe project. Robert Baldwn or«anzat«n of the school system, dscussed plans for the Jan. 19 uxsjwcal servces offered, current hbton basketball game, aponsorprowems, and the standng; of tha system among the naton*o schools. As the Jaycees are represented on the Westfeld Jont Cvc Commttee, school affars are of great nterest to the membershp. p Sydney yy Smth Jr., presdent of the Jaycees, extended the meetng to allow for the numerous questons a^ked of Dr. Ev4n. ed by the Jaycees, between the Phladelpha Eagles professkmal team and the Elzabeth PALS at lhe Westfeld Hg-h School. The January meetng of the Jaycees wll nclude wves and gruebts and the evenng-'s speaker wll be the notad columnst, Charlotte Montgomery of the lk>od Housekeepng magazne. Frst Natonal Stores Wednesday Regular Store fours THURSDAY and FRIDAY OPEN 'th 9:00 P. M. Saturday Regular Stan Hours WE WILL CLOSE 6 P.M. CHRISTMAS I V -PLEASE SHOP EARLY I Farmhouse FRESH FROZEN Pes 3 % 1.00 Sweet Peas "von" n o. French Fres 5 :; 79 BIRDS EYE RE6. STYLE Fancy Shrmp ^""l a ' 1.89 Swan son TV '"A."^-"" ^ 59c Sara Lee Coffee Cake""P l <>79e FINAST regular ounce cake FINAST OVEN-FRESH regular 55c CRACKED WHEAT FINAST regular 26c Frut Flled Coffee Cake large 20 oz. pc Yule Seal Drve Reaches $55,210 Returns from the 1962 Chrstmas Seal campagn of the Unon County Tuberculoss and Health League have reached $55,210 t was announced today by M«-3 Katharne D. Caxs of Unon, charman of the csmpagn commttee of the league's board of drectors. Mss Ca&s thanked the many theaters, lbrares, banks, laundres and other frms n Unon County who holpad to publcze the Ch'stmas Seal campagn. She mentoned especally the assuunce of bhe senor youth group of the Frst Uaptst Church n Westfeld. Volunteers are essental to the work of the Tuberculoss League, all year long. Mss Cass noted that* the league especally needed volunteers n ts offce Dec. 20, 27 and 28. Chrstmas Seal funds support the league's work n Unon County durng the comng year. A tuberculoss clnc, tuberculn testng, educaton and a share n research are among the actvtes of the Tuberculoss League. New cases of tuberculoss totalng 149 have bt«n reported n Unon County for the frst nne months of LEADER CLASSIFIEDS PAY Temple Schedules Coll In connecton wth the mdwnter I Oneg vacaton. Temple Emanu-El s! plannng three events of nterest to college youth and ther frends. A college lunt-hfeon wth Rabb Arrel Grshnun wll be held todav from 12 noon on. The Ssterhood has prepared a luncheon to serve as a fttng begnnng for an afterr.oon of d&usson on college lfe and relgon. An annual homecorrnnp servce wll 1>e held tomorrow featurng a Chanukah servce for the temple famly, to welcome the students home. A Ohanukah recepton and The col low, ho, schedule Sat UnJay 8:30. temple ng dance wth to make t a a fttng clmax end. '< data was opened n ^urg, \V. Va. You'll fnd the sprt of Chrstmas n out festve supermarkets...n qualty and varety of holday foods,.. ; n quck and courteous y Our frends and neghbors at Frst Natonal wsh you a truly joyful For Holday Feastng Chrstmas! Hellmann's Mayonnase 59 Gold Medal Flour.^.' 5; 49 Welchade Grape Drnk 3 89 Reynolds Heavy Duty Wrap Star-Kst chunk whte Tuna 3 6ez cans -s1 ^ I Slced Pe Apples COMSTOCK 2 43< Pllsbury Pe Crust Mx 2 39 Wse Potato Chps > s Candes Chocolates Bonomo Hard Candy "«-pv 8. 29«Rbbon Candes M"!"«!Z U '* -49«Kdde Pops cry.ap<, P Mto P v fl. 39c Chuckles Rngs f " d&or " n «-pvo. 29«Candy Canes P 6 C25c ';! 49«Delson Merrmnts ««-pv B. 25c Joan Carol Chocolates 1 " 1 «v o 99c (HOME STYIE, SOFT CENTER OR MIIK CHOCOIAIE) More Remnders Fnasf Alumnum Fol «" '»" 29c Whole Onons ""-»>-B=H«I 2'at 49 C Fnast Sweet Potatoes 2'«8 O" 49c Salted Peanuts "»» - j-»b. '?; 49c Fnast Shrmp cl " n " Cucumber Pckles Kosher Gherkns 1 ^' Maraschno Cherres Ll; "" ",', 35c Margarne Elbow Macaron ^To\ Z M» \Z7 2,,V 0,,47c vm Holday Frut Cake : «LIGHT & DARK Lght Bar v/ t b 79' Frut Rng deux«2 b 1,98 '^uhr? * 1.39 Brooksde Egg ^ A holday specal all quart L% I a mxed & ready for entertanng carton V«* I Brooksde Ice Creasn" I half! gallon c 1 Fnast Canned Soda t Have plenty on hand choce ef all flavors ^ All popular flavors ^ delcous and refreshng 12 oz. cans Mott's Apple Cder Toast tho holdays wth ths fne beverage mwmmm CUT-RITf WAX PAPER TETIEY'S TEA BAGS SPECIAl PRICE THIS WEEK ^ODecoraSor Pock jug I %

37 I Four Boy Scouts Receve Eagle Award n Plans ^gnnng Cooks enced cooks wll enjoy ore f they approach new a systematc manner. Spader,. home servce pt sugresls that they read through, then assemble e<ff'3 and utensls for ft. If the recpe calls for a 1 pas oven, turn the temcontrul to the desred,ure before startnp: to x the tme the ngredents tured and mxed, the. oven \t the desred temperature rs wll be avoded. SCOTCH PLAINS Tlt' Earlo bad>e, scoutr.g' hylost Award, was pr-scnted Frday nc"t to four members of Boy S-Gut Troop 10:J n St. Bartlulutnow the- ApostU 1 School. Robert Ells of Uu> Wutchunjr Arva Councl loadquurtors made He presentaton. Tl'.» scouts arc: Opnns Boyle, son of Mr. and Mrs. lohn K. Bovlf of 419 IIuuW Avr.: XcrhlwhxKl Commssoner Robcrt Cordon pnwtc-1 Lfe awards to Joseph Chpffho of 341 Fores; Rd. and D'nr.H Tort of M>5 Clurvh S. JuM-j>h Uo5'nb.M'j?ot-, troop com* muet> «.'h:nnn!, prv.-entod UK' Stnr awards to Thomas Glanfeld of 2242 North Ave Fourteen other awards were presented to scouts of the troop. Edward -Malnow.-k. son of :Mr. Pwakors \v«'e the Rev. Davd E. md Mrs. L. V. Ma!now.«k of 60! O'Connell and.scoutmaster Al- Jerusalem Rd.; Ton Ky«n, son of Mr. and Mrs. -Sylve.M*! 4 Ithonv DoCuolk). A., lynn of ; M>ro than 50 parents joned the 2211 Jersey Ave, and Mark Panter, son of Mr. und (Mrs. Andrew scoutj n a Chrstmas pnrtv (rven ly the Mothers Auxlary of Troop Panter of 210 Hawthorne St. 10,' follorormc the remmony. Sprng Semester's Openngs Lsted A lmted number of ncmnn; freshman students wll lx> acccpt'd for the sprng semester n.t Unon Junor Collofcv, t was announced today by Prof. Saul Orkn, dret 1 - tor of admssons The sprng gamester wll open Wednesday, Fob. G; regstraton wll be conducted Jm. 31 and Fvb. 1, 4 and 5. "By atveptr new Kludents for the sprng swmeoter, we ucconvodate youhtf men und women who havo ryently returned from servce jts well «s recent h^h school Kraduntes who hmv changed ther j mnds «lk»ut tfontf to colf^o l'lvfessor Ort:n s:m. Tw L'JC lunssons tnvtov j ponted out that a student bejrnnnjr chs.-k's n February may start jote sophomore work n the full by attemne Unon Junor Col lego's summer sesson. j Proffssor Orkn sad all pt»rj sons applyng fur fldmajon to Un- I on Junor College t both the day \ and evenng st-ssofg uru requred to take an entrance examnaton f they have not taken college board examnatons. TO BUY OR SELL, USE IEADEP CLASSIFIED AD* TBCWESTnELU (N. J.> LEAdER, f HWftSdAV, Btttmt* 20.19«* P ajt «37 LEGAL NOTICES «L E 6 A L N O T I C E S \orrr TO rnkntons HEIr-"S SAI.K Superor Cmrl N'OTM'K VO CBB1IIT0BII V-Uu- *"f f' USL. drcr-wl. nt sw-vs- Jor.-u-j-, :."hn ry J.»lvlHt<-n. r-:«nt> or MAItJOXIB UAltLYLfc I'mstttt n> tn* ord(*r ol IM.Ut:N tun )\>yntv, JockPI # K-1! I l-f'.j MII.I.KN. tlnu known n«ma1wo1i1f; J KlUK. Sur'-'rta* 1 o luc t'ouny '1'I.ASKI KA\INI:S A l/)an' ASSH.MH.I.KN. loonm-l. I' I'uK'U, l'.;ul> tn \)\f> tmoltlll au> la'i'lux. em-pnlon "T ll«j-"tt. l'urkuul to (he onl-r Of BOnENB,,f r.'l'.vn»...r. A. V, tt»c?. upon <hv t Wv J-rsc). 'luntur v». Itl'.- I KIUK SuroKt«> o( thn County pf ap'l'-m Ion ot' (he undtmlpn-a, \s \ ;I:I.I. 11. TAVMIK «nc AI.ICI; TAY I'lon, n.l'.n I le thrteth day Of l-:vf.-u x n.1 Kxv>utt*r of tho '.' I'., hs vrv. mj ua 1 ); II, A.l>.. lna. utxn th«atrk(>tt< tt A:tl.1 0*-ClM«V(J. HOtlOO.t < J.MITII. Hcfft>.l»h(n. Cvl A-tlnn ll-th' «r (ft' und'mlrrt^tj, on tv'by nvon lo U*«v^-tlltorK uf unl :«-.ulr ;( tl* eslhto or Held t- ^ 'Ortvl tk ~kltt> t to tlc fulsrrlt) <'n(.vl, notl' In hr'ujr fctlvvn (o th* -n tutlt tuuu or ft llt nmtlo lcl «slt!* urn! lu'tnnmj pftnnst th lt> vlrlu *»( lh«nboteptht^t wrt -rf-htorn ut rntld d#c(<ttm>u to tftllbtt ^s»t<' «.' *fti*i <l«.m^al(m wthn HI -f»\r^m(»n (o nt* (lrt'otr. I Rtdl 1 " (h. fubnrrl.t umt«r onlh or Atrnutlun tlrlr cltthna and denmntf t<>hth<t from I ho tl^t^ of HA Id order xx»[*n fur flftlo Ity ftutttlc vfnduo t tn- I'ourt HOUHI>, In tht> <*t> u umlnsl t!;r futate of»uld deo.»»««3 pnsr.tlng or n>c-v*flnf th> Hnn :llrnl<'lh. N'. J. m W'tl>'Kt»). tn- vlthn «1x months from tho 6%tM of ukrthst tn* 8\b»orlbor». ;th lny of tl-rrntpr All, I9«2. lt tll urd'r. cr they wll h«forw^r l ^ \> o\ Uu*k ll Iln- HfUTnton of nfttt* ''Hr^l from pruneeullntf or rfenvo*- Wlllutn A. ].> <> 'HH (lr Knm* tttralnt th<> nub*erm*r. Kxruttlx and KKocutor (IIJ-. J..ln Onrblo Mllln. llt-ftm»t MettU. AUornfys AI,I* that rcrtun tr# t or»rrfl Kx-rutur d Km St. "tf hnd flml rt'n»«en b'-r^lnnftrr lurk J. Ctmlllo. Attornry W.'MM-M. K..1. ' nrllmlnrl)' lonrrlnl nml Hllnln (ho Town of Went H(*ll, In H- Wr.-dl-ll, N. J. '. 123 N>r(l AV'., W. ux:o-4t r«*o«f2 *o\nly nl" ;(on ntj Stutc nt K«'\v LEADER CL\9StrIED3 fvrko> :- r.lfl down. W^l^tut^l nmt tllhtln BRING RESULTS -nlsltfd un rt c-«(ftlt M\ftp ^ltltlf't IXOTM'B TO C ltor* Man of Vlrnl I'nrk. \\V«(n<W nle of UJUAN ^..I.'", lll'rl In tlr I'nlnn c<unl> 'ttulsterv t»ffk"c..iftmlty ^s. lm l l.m«. KKNNBPT, ruruunt (» h«or«>r of RIJEKR IN I.OIK Nut-rr 4u nul 50. r KIKK, HtrroK'tt* of tht* County.f I'nl, tnnlo on (le twrrttr-ftnlt tt Int: Km sun.' ITI'IIIISI'H nuvv-' ISMKS.II II T.IV..I V.V.II.-.I fr'mn lny «.r Nov-mlrr, A.ft.. l»*8. upon 'l> I. Wrl.'-. I'lnt'rt-.l <l>.l,- ' tl^ ttpurttnn U t l or tlv l l e l " HI 'IIIHT?7. 1' ^ >.-l r'>»l'-l I- ^ KM'.'lllt'lX.f (hr. M- IMI. n ['.MM,( Cl-tU"^ t ln ".-e - I\HII. n! r r r K '.l.u:,,,,t,lk."....m.nlv I.'-..." tyr cr-., r:v. 'V.-.tu'll. Nm»l,y. l'. H lup nmttoxlnttflv?ll T.. sl--"t.-^rvru tlr Itcu u thn mlv IIAI.PM nns '. nltmln (' tlrnllc. Atty. ' ' -V. CX-l-tl'. 1 -:'!t I'V -t. I lt»r«.f! flrtll (U'CPrtNa to 'l.'l I., llw Hl.H.rll-rr tnd-r oath. ' n.-tln (l.'lr <lnm«ml) l« tkllltll*! U>. (.Hlntl* *>f rrtd 1 wltllu HK tunllh fruh.llt- of mll (Ml-r. or tlpv u'mi l f UI I \K \nk tln> Km 1 Iht* C'nrol n. -' * Mrflll. Adrnryu Kln SI. «Mt. N J. 111.): Plump, jucy and tender, Frst Natonal's carefully selected U.S. Grade A turkeys are full of flavor, packed wth whte meat. When you serve one, you're servng the bestl Oven Ready...Broad Breasted...Tender Flavorful :1S 11 Ib. 2;.:':, 39<= 17 TO 20 LBS. CRANBERRY SAUCE STUFFING BREAD 2,^ 35< Ib. Beef Rb Roast Cornsh Hens MERKEl HAMS MERKEL BACON GROUND CHUCK LUNCHEON MEAT BEEP lb 79* 6oz.pkg.25C Botogno, Spted Luncheon, Olve or Pckle & Pmento toof ^ v ^, : ^ ^ Z GOOD THRU MOH., DEC. 24th FREE GREEN STAMPS WITH A $5 PURCHASE OR MORE THIS COUPON VOID If PaE'fNHO A1 ANT *0O9 MORE OTHEB THAW MftsT NATIOMAI >g *,».-; v-v?y»llmii ONE PER ADUL1-CIGARETIES. tobacco. 8 fb,v'-«,; ;. ''MUQUOR AND F»tS: MIIK EXEMPT FBOM STAMP OFfHJ/.V; L:^^ ",«'.&>»SS»^\»S^%>'S;t.WSvy"X^S*»Sa^^^ BrnTtds You Knou at Low Prces plus S«H Qrccn Stamps, too! s~ _. PHILADELPHIA r\ 3o. Cream Cheese ««. Pv». 33. ^ p^- Kraft Party Snacks "'*.* -. '»!" Kraft Whpped Kraft Hostess Fantases Peaches Bu All Vs All Vor'.f HfARTS DELIGHT Nelu Elbcrto Ft-;l3r>e Ragu 5.coh.n so«. s'.-..<».p. 4c 3?o<:=. 71c E-C Oranc,e-Aprcot J -- D - k " " 39«B-D Grape-Appe ^-" Crushed Pneapple 0^ Pneapple Tdbts D31 "-' Del Monte Catsup,*:..2'"35«s... 2 b -35e 30 o.. bol 99C Duncan Nnes r^at'l '"" lv; Bety Crocker l "" WtMtl " " lko former MUTUAL, Elm Street REGULAR STYLE USDA CHOICE (1st cuts prced hgher) U. S. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED LUXURY EATING ON A LOW BUDGET Canned Hams... Ideal Gft Suggeston! PORK SAUSAGE ARMOUR S ZWAN HAM OAKWOOD 2lb ««2.09 POLISH SAUSAGE MEDIUM UNOXHAM ATAmwAT 3.bc arf2.79 FANCY SHRIMP TOWN & COUNTRY %& b 79^ SLICED BACON BACKBAY Bety Crocker rx Gls Spray Starch Wesson Ol Glsade FANCY RED RIPE Tomatoes 25 Sweet Potatoes 3 25 Damond Walnuts % 49< Anjou Pears UYRE < Red Grapes Yellow Onons Ktty 100% Salmon Hudson Napkns '- FOR THE FESTIVE HOLIDAY FRUIT BOWL CRISP MILD COMPLETE VARIETY OF CHRISTMAS WREATHS AND TREES AT MONEY-SAVNG PRICES! 8t OH lolel 14o. la 52 C Ooll!.o " s,. « Mm, rm* :A Hot l. 57 C ck T0DA1T THPU M O N, DEC. 74 r V/, IU 2001,,.l n. 37 C ll.» r;31,1 Your formet NATIONAL, Central Ave. Facal Tssues c. Rver Brand Rce Carolna Rce Long On Jfj Oron No-Cal Beverages Royal Gelatns A "" ' LptOn SOUP Tomolo Vrg...,!l II.«J-n-y, fn:ul (<».f, tn- C!/ onj MlJdlt lowh llo n-; <(j-j.,;t;t;t. [Om r.l lo' ftlu. Your former SAFEWAY, North J Ave. ^tr. ttnl Mr*. I'IIMIT Nrhmnl^nlrrurT. tftrnxfrf of I.nrdotvnr lre nt»y\ n( Itmtr tt IIT I'ro^pK-rt Mt, h^ nmlttpl* MM I ft >t-«^rfy Mld f..r A r. tnt! >r«. Hlt«I). <l>ult hf Alce II. M rt.fthjchllm, SKI Fnest Imports Slacks Parkas Boots Etc. SWIM SUITS Top Brands Lady's Teens' Less Than V% Prce FLAIR 530 VALLEY STREET MAPLEWOOD Opon NHos Th!( Waek Whtng you a Chrstmas package ' complete wth every loy,.. <W wrapped wth all the love ol those wham you love best! VVeslfJeld Studos AMD COMMEHCIAl I'HO fographers 121 Central Ave. GROUP PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING REGISTRATION Pk-ov Mrotl fn'.-) fr.) t fo hrf.-o The Presbyteran Church n Doc. 23, 6-8 p.m. Due. 27, 3-10 p.m. 1 (Mr.)..... AddrOS. (Mll) (Mrs.) Addross [] 1 entlofo $4 for total cosf» lo'. r, s'^5ons at Wostfeld [fj 1 wll pay tho roglstratdn fee- fotaf Doc. 30, 6-8 p.m.

38 :, ", ' '. ; l ' ; \ Pftffe 38 THE WBSTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1962 YMCA junor Mermen (Senor Hgh School Basketball Team Wns Open, Set Four New Records Area Natators The V Uv.-^n nf h- YMCA Junor >-w)t U;nn t»ntswan th* j QUWKH V team at Oanjr*.- Saturday afternoon an J cstljl-lu-l ; four new re<'t>r<ls. ; The dvt-rs gol the afw rno<»n uff Take AAU Places to a K O0( ' st«<*t l»y tknj: "nc frst, ; two seconds and out? thrd. West-' ' Westfr-ld area swmmers f^ft-id oontnutmj n the lear for tn* I urel promnently n two Nearest of the afternoon. The swm-1 Jersey AAU meets held over the mcrs took 12 lrsts, nne seconds! weekend. Swmmng Saturday at and fve thrds. The relys we-' the. Broadway Boys' Club, Alson splt, two were won }>y Wcstfeld '.Smth, of the Summt Y, was on and two by Orange.! tlu ' w «nnnf (,'rls 15-1T ->00 yt. It wll be of specal nterest to j freestyle relay team. Ths was u regular Koup event, Other la who placed Sunday swmnk fans to note that records were set ut the Orntft? pool ly lohn Walkcy n the 25 yd. br«'stsu-oke, Tdly Cnnc-ll n the 100 yl. butterfly and hy Chuck Gantner n the 100 yd. breaststroke. Chp Demurest ulso broke the Orange pool record n the 10O yd. butterfly but was touched out by Teddy Conncll n a hot race. Results: ntl«-r L'.'. yd rr.-vsly tr 1 Sl-v- Srlmlll. \V; 2 K. Tm"'. ": a I't-U- Mv.r.-.. W. I..N\ It.-v. : <-. '" 2f. yl. l.n -k>lr..k-: I. J-n' ln-n, W: 2.'H Vl-. (: :. J.m lvrku«-»kl, W: ) H.,T. II. JO ' y.l. W.- Mdl-nk-: 1. '' In" YVlfc-y, \V: :-. l;rv tv.f, ^ : ;t! MIII'KIIIM-. <:. K. -..:ou. II ' j:, v«l Imu-My I. UII-K l.--l-.r. W; 2. Jm M.,t.l, \V; ::. S. J<ll)s..n, (): I. s.. I M, y.l f--«-«l>l.- w'. H. VI. I, l ltr. yd. frcslj!«: -\. l^nkr. ; j M..l.. w": J( llnrrl*. I): I. J.y Htltu-kvr, Hlt W.,".0 yl. l.tkm rok.-r 1. I-:. Nl\on. >-. 2 llr-l llrw, \V; :. A M<-mln:t, "; I. Hob HHI"., W. So yd ln--l>lrok-: 1. J. WVll-r. 0; 2. J ' A.-k.-m. \V; ;. T. SlMcr*. \V: I. II. s.-ln, ). 5(1 yl. tullurfly: I K. Nlx..n. <>: 2. I, ISrkelkup, W: 3. ll. l.«-n-w-, O; <. II. Kuruax. \v. ;"00 yl. ft'e-ktyle II-IM.V: W-HIIUI.I M'l-te Mt-lHI, HtMry K'lrKZ. Hnd brown, l^'ry l->kt-ik.n >l. l.t-m HI" y<l. fm'klylo: I ll:rv.y ltlpr, W-. V. J. llrrln-ll. O. 3. A Me»yln;, 0: 1. Joln Mocu, \V. lot) yl. b;n kmmfcr: ' t»ou>.' Mr- <u-«-n, \V: '1. lt-.r,[ot l-'oylt-r, W; a K. Nxon. (>; ). K. Jaj'. (). ' low vd. ljr<;.st.<rokt-: I.K.ln Clrrelr. W; 'I. II O; 3. S. lluwl-y. II; I. I>;MI ll.-ly. W. I f»0 yd. I.^l o S htfer. W; '1. I), ln.wl, <>; 3. l>lrk Van IICteT. \V: 4 K. N'lx'n, (>. JCtO yl. fr«-c«yl«rcl:y: Orapu IJ l-rlm-l. A. M-Kfna. l. Cornsh. J. IIIIWIL'V, I». IS-ITI ICU yl. rrrmtylt: 1 Hll Urt-nn.n. \V: :' It. SlKl-y, O; 3. It. Untk:. >: I'.-f l:'k'lk.>, W. IfO >-l. lu-khlro&r: j. John K-elm. W: 2. II. s»,lkl<-y. O: 3. John Snllh, W : I. H Crawfol (>. Iftft yd brenbtstn.kv: 1. Chuck <5ntrr. \V; 2. John S'ntllt. ^ ; 3. «. Johnson. (), t. s. lmllllpl. O 100 y<l. Imlerly: I. Teddy Connol, \V: S. fllp I>cmsr<:Bl, W; 3. It. KedKley. O; 4 J. UlBer, O. ;on yl. m.lly rcuy: W-mlell Kel-ln n. Chm-k Guntlor. Teddy Cont-ll, Kll lloman)...uivlqki 13 anl unr-r: I. Tom Ktultnuu. <): J. Jllke Wnd. W; 3 llnnc McLy, J4-17: 1. Sl-v. M-Cny. \V: : J.-fT Sehtul. \V; a. J. earns.., >. ' Nether the Y nor the M dvsons wll swm n meets Suturdny However, there wll be practce at the Wcstfeld Y for both teams Saturday. Y Hgh School League Opens School Basketball League. The Thaldomdes won a forfet Jrom the Majestes. Jm Post nnd Jack Letch paced the Tornados to a 70 to 9 wn over the Chnese Bandts. Robert Small scored sx of the Bandts' ponts. In the -second game, Robert Schram scored 30 ponts to lead the Supers to an vctory over the Rebels. Wes Allman scored 25 ponts for the losers, Jeffrey Bauer helped the wnners cause wth 18 ponts. Doug Jones poured n 20 ponts n the fnnl game as the Trojans dropped the Sheks Mke Sorrano scurod nne ponts for th losers. Jeff Inrrum scored 10 ponts for the wnners. Gordon Booth am Art P'red erckson refereed the games. Th next games are scheduled at th Y Saturday, Dec. 2!>. The Shek wll meet th(- Thaldomdes 2:15, the Trojans vs. Handts 3:15, the Supers face the Majestes at 4:15 and the Tornadues oppose the Rebels ut G:l!. Hotnun Takes Second Place Ilelman swept lerry out of the runnerup ypnt n the Trangle Howlng I.euKUe last w-ck, takng the place thvn.-h-lv-s. Tn- wnu-rs wee-.u-«d >.v H-tun's 'JIM, Imt Math's 21-1 for Ucny was the hgh More. at tlf Kutues meet were Carol DeGolf, takng? second n the s«. nor women's 250 yd. breaststroke nnd Dorul Schwetzer, thrd n the senor women's 500 yard freestyle. IJoth grls swum ther events wthn the qualfyng tmes for competton n the Senor Women's Natonals to be held n Oho n March. Joanne (Jrem took a second place n an aye j uroup 100 yard backstroke race. Westfu-ld Y boys had two frst ' places. Harvey (Jerber won the hoys l.'-l-l n;c croup 100 yard freestyle and the 10 and under wnnng relay team n the 200 yard free style event ncluded: JcIF Grem, (reg Gcrber, John Walkey am Steve Schmtt. Schaub Wns Dve JefF Schaub of the Westfeld Y t'on the a^re jjroup dvng vent at an AAU meet held Ht he l'rnceton Y Saturday. Mke tvard, hs teammate, was runner- P- In the age group event, vheh attracted the top dvers n :he area, St«ve McCoy and Terry oss of the Y placed thrd and ourth, respectvely. Runnerup Beats Fabette Leader Second place Clements, who a tveck ago swept leadng Ideal, beat them n two games Frday to close the gap even more. All mutches.vee 2-1. llt-ul Murld't Kllth Hutu JurvlK DrllK... Harnn'M 1 \-\n.. Km l.l.uor sl,. Mlllrn Hculy Mlu.uany 'utnatn l--.inrvlh llruj Hl.-r\ I > -:> (V. tlujj'ny MUUMC Gams, Qwax Are Matnee Losers V/.14 34,TJ ;2 51'- IS IX, h\ ss :II jjj 4 2' 41!.' '4 r. 4 M:! The Tornado, Supers nnd Trojans won openng week games place Qwax lost ther matches n Frst pluce Gams uul second Saturday n the YMCA Hgh the Matnee League last week, hut held ther places. Twsters took thrd pluce. ll.lllll.n Ncll.. l.-rry M.--n U-ltm S.ll Evenng Loop Race Narrows The 7 P.M. Howlng; I.e:(;uf"s ruce for the lead nrrnwel last week when U-ndnjc IJobyn droppml two Rllnos t". --d plre. Ilols: of Curds. Then' was only one sweep wn conmrel In four llnweek before. The wnner wns Glenvew and the loser West-wood. w t. Il. Ill SI ml IH.llt-r Ol «. nl... Mh ): lny III. ;lrtvt-\v lnrl Vns\ "l;r VI L I Itrlln Vjll..y.l-nm-l l.'h.111 U' I...m (ll lt'mlr--.1..u.-i-'-- I;IU cnr. II"n Ita-lll V.ll-y.... <;nr\vu>l Hull? >[:.ll.k-- "5- llllll.:.. 'Jut-It \'l:\v l-'lrlnl. :...vl-«- l'thvn Ml'II"..'... Ham* TW-IBII. l)«/''l! II SjlrltH IlrltN w n Tyn l'lk-ky Tulr 17 I! l IS!; 19' I'j'.- 21 '-. 1K. Brds Runnerup Downs Leader Itunnerup Mulrcnny defeated frst place Horner n the outsde games n the Early Brds bumper sesson Tuesday. Sweep wnners were Stanton over Shaw and ftorder over Peterson. I (HI ll.f Mulv.11 S l: Tnl X.anm-r Nur.l,, HI..««. P..IIIIK \V I I Smth, Wrght Hold Jr. Knot Smth wnners, n the Junor nrnn; and Wrght, both 'J-l held ther lrsl place le >n Iragu- Saturday st-sknn marked hy I four dnll- -Mtn-M-s. 1.ealng tluj young pn to >pl-rs w-n- Strncm-- IIVo Change In [ Snarl Set Pns.Standngs hrl'l n the Smar Set UowlrK League Monday when leaders won ther matches. L Nebrugge was the hgh ndvdua bowler wth 208 and 201 games. «I. Ml!.--*.'.Mkt... ;x 17 s - : ) s s Mll Spencer Rolls 289 n Mxed Huss Spenct-r rolled u huge 2B'J game bowlng for Roehford's n the Mxed League Monday neht. He had 10 strkes n a row before leavng the seven pn on hs 11th ball. Stevens and Urcoul, frst and second place teams lost ther matches, the latter swept by Schrope. Best scores were by Roardo- 21-2, 232 GOD, Weber 247 nnd Klezer 202, M. Ul Kl./. lmt lfort. 'llnlflv >UImlHll: ArK-nz. tn l( -III-.I.... \v.'i. 1::.. I H :«14 Devl Runners Wn In AAU Meet Westfold Hgh School won the eature event of a New Jersey AAU development track and feld meet at the Newark Armory Satrday. The Blue Devls took the hgh school two-mle race after a close battle wth Bloomfcld n 8:BG. Coach Walt Clarkson's four standout cross-country runners Bob Meares, Jerry McGowun, Steve lalvcrt and Steve Atwood comprsed the vctorous combne. Four Westfeld representatves placed n novce events. Don Glassey and Bll loludcrcs were second and thrd, respectvely, n the 110; Bruce Mller took second n the two mle; nnd Doug Mller was thrd n the three-quarter mle. Nomuhcguu Has A Mew Leader Segtl traded places wth S-mcls n the Nomahegnn Howlng League last week n the frst and second place.spots, Segel gong the top, a half g:me Ken Metzlm- ht the lgh ;; 234. \v S-m-lH '. '. IS ' H-u..'.!!!!!!!'.!!.' s " 1 > ).«t.. lr. \VII-»>-UHIH n Ul.llllIT H I'llm!!- s Towne Del Leads Merchants ahead, ame, n 1 Towne Del won two games from Chapman's to brenk the te for frst place n the Merchants Hnndcnp League. Ar Con and Westfeld Clenners were sweep wnners. To make a re«l close race Mclntyre's and. Hay's Auto each won two. Hgh games were: Dnvgh 232. Stnono 222, Laurent, Mclozz 2KI, Dagostnro 212, 1). rnsquerella 211, Mller 210. Carrol! 201, llyland, C. Pasueella 200. Town.. U-ll.... Ar Con.\l: l.- I-I-I.KI Alll W.»lll.-ll Cl-.- I'.lly.luurlll. M.hlyr» < - l r Arlh -tlh T ml Al IMII- Sr.M. lull 1. H r.-.uo.v... Trple Te For Sports Pnners 17 s Holy Trnty Blue Braves Downed Twce Frday, the Braves dropped ther season opener to St. Mary's of Rutherford, (>3-42. Sunday, Queen of Peace o!' North Arlngton handed Trnty's quartet a defeat at Norlh Arlngton. The locals >lay host to Sacred Heart of Elbaheth tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. Paul Lamuek and Jerry Hughes sparked the Jtruves' attack Sunday. Lambert tossed n lf ponts, whle Hughes contrbuted 12 to the losng cause. fluent of IVnrc S - l l l l l I'l.j-l.-ll. Itl-lllV... l n n... V. 1 1 I U 1... knwsk 1 ';MI hy I 11 I " I 11. L 1. ll Hcllll'lt'kH lll«hf.-* l-ll.ll,. lllm-u Of I'fl.-l nly Tnly OT-as: ("H toll Mll K lry llulr y 'll-llll'ii \l-ly l-'lym lotrlu- J'lllf l...-=kl W-ll. Tolnl. HI. Mry Holy Tr (flll Holy Trlnll) 20,12 S<. Mary'n Jrlultj ( a7 : 1 1 I ;.1I II II ' Tlu-ohull 2, SI K ;', l J Washday League Runnerup Sweeps r!l 20 ]." Lennox, second place team n the. Washday League, swept Remlerger Monday to draw wthn n half pont of flnt place Moowa, II two game wnner. V Logsden, bowlng l(» ]ns over her avernge, won the Chrstmas turkey. I..-1IIH.K... Sllk.'ll I,lll.Il'll 'llr. I... Mlslr'lt. IMsw.rlll! na.!!.-my.^r K,'.-'::: y SI:llUM-Hlt Mloun II. 1,1 Tllswnrlh Narrow Race In Lac Show I'II \V :s.\ j'. 54 «..f. The race for tn- l-ad of the Lnt- Show loop narrowed Sasl week when second ]. nce Uehards won two and moved to wthn a game of frst place Kppers. George Plulhnw'- pac ng wth ; 21-1 game. Alls, n d the sco-- Mlne, Vlla Tc For Pn lp Lead Vllu, who hl hup, d'fehed Mlne two e.anu-s the runu'r- ml l.-l them for the I-! 1. ad..f 1 n- fn I'p tls pn loop. VIII , n.n lsl.-k. M.-lr.'lln.llrlu: Jny.l -l-'. Kurmnnn nnd Harhers I Mln. tn! fur tn- h-al of tn- Spo-ls- s, 1,',';;,,.,.,.' UK'll -'rdny I--.. n a heavy M-OI j whch l-sl.l,. K...-II.-.-I..- jlulh-<-d thr-t- ^' anl M. lnl..:.l lonlu- t-'lurs. Sw I. -I:l.. ll. were ]-'lrtnann, We tllell Gulf.1:1 III-MIIL-.Ml.- and lt:rf-rs. I'os'.mc d(\l)l-s \vcr' A. Uonn'tt ZO'.l WV, De- Sunets 'jnn, 'j:t:t...rt, smw.k T-''>. Ms-o L'.'II. Kl-z-r ^-7, Vul 'j:0. H;u-h 'J'JI, Newman '.'-'J, Vnlno ll?.,. Mk-lo'/./. llf.. Alzna 2K!. l'<n-n 1M1. Crn-nnu '-1(1, T..Mgluzz 200, 'J0O. l-'l Kt.- I..In! Wll-l. I.u -1".-I.I 1.11 ul.l 11U11... Hurl..-r Ml ' Fuetaaa luol ^... \>u 1^ t ; Baptst Regans Church Spread Itnptst. wnnnj: tlnco vtantrs PMll's, rt'khler tn tvvo ;UK! :I half jsno }vu n tlu* ("hvl Huwlf: I.C'cu-' hst wool: s :-.t''nn<l pi;»m' Madson won only two jrjurs. I y.l r;;;lt]nl s I >l,>l A73 1 Coc I :.<. l.t.. M n " 111. mother h ] :> h... n n YIIVI.. n-l. ;,,1 ;l Mutz, Ramage Top Y Contest Donald Mutz and Mark Ramage topped the scores n the frst event of the junor hgh age Thousand l'ont Contest at the YMCA Frday. Mutz scored 27 baskets and topped the Class E scores wth 100 ponts, Kamajje made 21 baskets to top Class K wth 100 ponts. MuU holds the 5th and lth grade record for the event at the local Y. Kevn Mosler made 23 baskets for H) ponts whle Warren Haug was the next hgh scorer wth 18 baskets for 88 ponts. G'eorge Squres and Mark Dome led the Cra-V Contest. Each made 16 baskets for 80 ponts n the one mnute basketball throw for goal. Peter Meyers, Kcky Adelaar and Rchard Anderson topped the ffth grade wth KJ baskets each SwcrllelrlH Kwt-ty l'lt-b Ur-m-rM.. Nabod League Stll Ted Up T I Twy Mll >'<\ S'.lull VI l l'j IN 17 fourth graders wth 12. Phllps led the fourth grade record for the event. The Sky Dvers topped the fourth grade squads wth a total of 503 ponts. The Wldcats paced the ffth grade squads wth 508 and the Purple Can Openers led the sxth grade wth 012. In the fourth grade Phllps led Class C; Marc Holland. Class A; I'eter Brandsma, Class B and Peter Leteh, Class D. The ffth grade cass leaders were Anderson and Meyers n Class A, Rckey Adelaar, Class C; Braun DeJong, Class B, and Andy Graham, Class D. In the sxth grade, Squres topped Class A, Dome, Class B, and James Locatell, Class C. O'Connor and Terry remaned ted for the fourth week n the Neghborhood Bowlng League 4th n Tourney Monday nght, both wnnng two games. The lone sweep was ny Tourng pro Jon Gustn who Brant over Devonshre. Postng wll become head pro at Kch<> doubles were Devalon 202, 202, Lake Country Club next season, Doerr 209, Merwn 207, Davs tenmed wth Mss Curol Mann of 10 IJ S nnd Terry 200. 'Olm-nffo to wn fourth place O'Connor \v I. money of $1,100 euch n the 21! lr. Scotch Mxed Foursome Golf Terry. Iv. n: Hrlan Tournumcnt at -Sobrng, Fla. - St. John 211V. Gustn and Mss Mnnn shot twounder-par 70 for u. 72-ho!e total C.l-y JH I levolkhl -'1 ' flm: 7"H of 280. l.-y -2! K.-llcrl.. -'I ' I't n; l. 1'. n, :> * >< 1 >' v I Con l. 1. r:» s 1 ; t 131 n 3:.< 1 7«l M: 7 10 KM sf»:t M I 7;! Four Blanks In Bantam Pn Loop ;:m MS 771 All but one of the matches n the Bnntam pn loop Saturday wore decded va the sweep route. Wnners were Hll. Hess, Kass and Ross. Illll ;! ll lons LM 12 Slrk-y 21!: Kll's 17 III ll.-lu.l:tll IK 17 llll-.-s 17, IS I.-nl. I.'! «HIHIIIIII Illll HI»IIM I \1 21 H.rHH 7 2l slnrkvy It-n-l.-llV nun I'.KI ',;; <;;n 71 I P" I 71s CM 7»l The l!lv pnc <-u<-;ton program of ntm-ml KevMue enlsted the help of the clergy, whose sermons enabled ctzens to better understand ther heavy wartme tax burdens. K-o r/>k<> VIIUl l.lft C w * H Kly) PuKPm F tf) on"! Tols* IDtlLM- Tl.! :, OeU Inn,... WHhelnK ('( nst... ( ''l l'r>rl'h Tl V I'pn... lurll'ry'.mouhhllkld. lruf. ; I>oll. lllwik- LI.n»r..,. Wln-kl-r } ) n hers Kunronl fall 1--r.H.. Custn, Partner Women's Rec. Back In Te 5*4 - Va :} 1KW 2 t 12' ] l ).' l 'I I'O 20 l <b u-'% l' ' ''' V^ 33 The Women's Rucrcnton Bowlng League went nto a te for the,lc:ul ths week between Oaul and Cornell, when the former lost two games and the latter won n par. TllltllK W I. *fuul ;; 23. Ul-hll-llw-Il I'llVl-l.-L- I'llM... ll.-ll!.- Caul.-ll 1'lllllVOll... 1'l.Ht H 07 > 31 V.1:1 34 ; r..3 ;II : Record Score In Stouehenge Tukng three from Lovell. Bornmann scored 1903 pns, the most recorded n the Stonehenge pn loop snce ts stnrt four yours ago. Noonan took three from Flemng to boost the team to top place. N..V. lll.-h. }I W y l-l- IU.. Unt lk l -OFF AND RUNNING by John I. D k Horato llger Hero In there was reason to suspect that ths was no longer a and of opportunty. At least opportunty wasn't conp nrounl knockng even 'ne proverbal "once" n those days. That wns the year Harry Hopkns announced tha*. 1,OO,00O Amcrcnn famles wc-o "on relef". Addng to economc woe, Sprng droughts resulted n severe dust storms n the Mdwest nmt created the country's "dust bowl". It was a!so I he year n young cowboy wth a dream drove nlr LcxRton n a second hand truck wll) 11 "stnko" of $1,000 saved by hs brother and hmself to buy a few horses. Hex C. Ellsworth '? ' II. "J 17 IS 1 s IV ;. L-:I headed back West that Fall wth elderly broodmares n foal and so bo^an a success story the lkes of whch even Horato Alper.would have hestated to wrte Jex Ellsworth's stable ths year becane the thrd n )story to wn over $1,000,000 n 11 snt'le season. (Cnlumct I-arm has done ;. seven tmes'?j?n, C ', V- WhUney> ontlc -> In 1931 the late Mrs. Isabel Dodpc Sloup was the leadnr owner wth eanntrs of $ lust one of Ellsworth's horses, Prove It, has earned over $310,000 th. year. Oddly enough, whl, the Ellsworth colorbcavers have hoen consstently successful ths s the frst tmr ho has led the money-wnnng lst. 21 Te School Records In Wn By STEVE ATWOOD Westfeld's Blue Devls posted ther frst vctory of the basketball season last Frday nght n a >2-74 match akanst Panfeld. Bob Kns of the Devls ted the school mark of 38 ponts for one game set by Dck Myers last year. The 92 ponts ted the prevous (jume hsh aganst North Planfeld n Although Kng had ted the record wth more than a mnute of play remanng, he passed up the The'next event n the contest, record breakng shot when he wth l.ndon. and Rchard Phllps paced the pullups, wll be held Dec. 29. fred the ball from under the basket to teammate Doug Carver. the Devls wth 3s lob Kng was k credt. Knd's hottethe second, w), It's A Te For It waa Westfeld's gome all the Ball and Chan Three Honor Sets en way wth Dave Lscom and BobPonts for WestgeM Whtaker pullng tj.e.bjue. Bals fve jump shots. to an ntal 4-0 lead. Honeymooners, puttng a two In Boro Bowlng. game wn aganst leadng Lovers' Paul Kely of the Cardnals retalated wth a layup shot that from ^ Lscom c o» f,,u for the estw!! two game loss, ted them for the lead of the Ball and Chan pn Three honor seres were bawled reduced the lead to two ponts, Lnde loan., hosen-t league Sunday. Top bowlers were Monday nght n the Mountansde the closest the Planfeld fve were' wthn four o«t» o«t,f 4T Men's loop. P. Knght's 024 wasto come to Westfeld's determned nt the outsde Bll Bobbns 217, 20fl COO, Sg f for ttt 7 the best, followed by A. Suvons' combne. rod. Gosk 222, 200, Paul Bareness C and C. Hone*cker'a G13. Hgh and Fred Kuenzg 200. Whtaker's shot was the frst of.steve Kupcho, hf rh, game was W. Bor's 235. w eght that plnced hm second hghest scorer for the Blue-and-Whte ponts on a tap-n th' the Tgers,, nsde hs fel n'tt \v 1. I l. 27 V 17'A t f Sl Truck. ;{() wth 16 ponts. rcctly after l.scom', l The.second Planfeld'a team has been noted for ther quck movng attack whch they employed durng most of the game. But they found trouble under the boards where Kng, Carver, and John Bannon controlled much of the reboundng. Planfeld's offense' was formulated behnd Mke Barrett's speed and Rch Taylor's accuracy. Taylor was hgh scorer for the Cardnal's wth 28 ponts. In the fourth quarter, n Blue Devl puyer also set a record of two contact lenses lost and found n one play. Much to hs relef, the last was found by the ubqutous Abe Smth, conch of Planfeld's football team, who walked on to the floor and calmly pcked t up. I ,, (; W-I.. I'I.I...,. Al. XII KIl.K l.>.-..'l Westfeld lreokt Bob Whtaker s Sj ponts n a row tkt pv feld a 13 pont led Defensvely, the D»p ate< the hackbokt- n clearng them of 28re I IIIKI-..M Mlrl.l Kll"!,,, V rest on* SUPER QERVICl OPEN TO SERVE YOU... FRONT WNEEL ALIGNMENT Returned to orgnal manufacturers specfcatons ' BRAKE ADJUSTMENT on all four wheelsflud Included If needed II BOTH FOR ONLY Amercan Made Car Replacement partj f needed and torson bar adjustment not ncluded PLAID STAMPS ON AU SALES EXCEPT GASOLINE of Westfeld SOUTH AVE. W.

39 * * <» THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 196* Pfcf«99 louts," the avoako chll vo-v-l I year was a he at-ll-r n New Jcr- j \f IEGAL NOTICES rm Tlnma nl Rna*ul!:-. IHM*. f «u.vlln«am,.l,m>,l,uey. That Look n.le t vrtually..l" A K E 1 "'»»«a8 OU tjoafo I nh\y.< a bonk wth :; "mnl," t cm* lnt to "kt op" On.-lmns; Ut Of DNA Unt. I say. "H;h, humbug," tlurnfc IK-- ( Moralty was mm l n I'vtlvu-r. COHIIHT smacked of lla*[ u'ny. Mrs. II. I), Thonw; 01* 141 Wnd' tn Iho oonllrt hol>t:y joy than Dutch, Kplscopalans, Irsh f the Dstrct Nursng A "Chrsttnus" ; (Juokly the chldren of dlher *or Avc, wus ejected to the IV E fovnl f.\pes.-n. The "Sentn'l and (lenu faullu.h demanded tu of andd M of Krolou" n 1S.{'.» VVHIIH'II, n e^ual holday cheer and, ther ;.t Its D>cwn!n>r Meetng M poor lult uml-tkm tsenott) "Idonl Chrst - When Chrstmas Ganed ts Merry 1 ptl'try: parents happly Kav. 1 t to them. wek n the publc health rwom W "When tlu' n!:>s ^pnkl', Advertsers pcked Up tho pace the Muncpal Buldng. Mtt. for Your ]'t'ts, UVK And ht- p-oun of wassnl >jnthfrom ther frst arrvals ln-f m.l ther.suggestons becn! blkgn am holder. News >:por ed- nunty notutly wth tha ITA *»4 Thonm luu Wn actve n tb* CWJ* fuv "Hm 1 " and "lltr." Br JOHN T CUNNINGHAM Dutrl famlos nlonr the Hukand lartnn Itver wtter- tlu'n ajyllr but j;vc Whatever Chrstum* mght h»ye ers I her l' No.!>. meant to the edtor of Morul.nvn's "Pullt<lum of Lberty" > hud celebrated Chrstmas Though f nvte, ther tors, mndful of tfcruu^e, annully sprt deep, appr<ved of holday c-heer hut 'Ts wsl.n Tes, HKWAKK!" urged ad for "the needy." -Mrs. Kckoteon B. Rusaell, p ever wonder who atujt-!>; 10, he lln't l-l t ntermwth busm-a^. jle _pnblshvd us tent on to Newjau's : Ob\ou>!y, tlun, tn 1 K'ty sprts Nearly all of the aspects of the ltho. True, thoy pnl notv at-;.lrnt, announced that n addton to (N'e\v (llk-! Chrstnas party r: of skn.-.t.v r : the nursk survlo* Hut D»trt*t of tho Dtel and ( ernnns were "luod'n" holday sosun lud come TU'K IS IIKI:I:I<\ 'ny:*.\\.:< s? Well, we referred the. N. J. usual Dec. 5, wthout to much»» Vea's) Va Day. y lml at \'u'»k Assoelaton» buy tk* U:' t - u t l l l tll ( r l l. ; l < v n u u l o olk on. even f surrepttously. In addton, the Irsh who hadtl mdnght 011 (,'ln B Kve to by,ur Kfscrt'h Uept. 1'f-s : ] 11 V-.. (trmvlv )l U:-,'.'.\ Tl l f Km a Bble verse to hnt that ol ths y 1SII0. Stores otaye.l y upen nnund let's lu:ve lot.s of I NIIIK ^ u n > ::< t.- <.f II...II.I>. M. ;. they pave prtv<et> to the chldron, Dotlh orranlett Chrstna* b»ket for nth«ly funlloa In co-optt- e )t.! That's Clarence, our I N. n Vm u and 1'nl SI l'1-lllon und a beat-up 1841 HIT 01' duv - Ym* -< vf tn YnM r-alrt ul>- y t at toulhsome apple rake und, when I, r tn-.jfl Wll n..i T.Maluoll "' Tm hnt pf frvolty ll ohl am toasted come to buld l'ulrnads and canals ctch the last ndulgent dollar, thu echoo' norta, U*' lmotftc) and leru Is what: Cllnnr^rr N K. IIAM»H).S0 I'lKI'.fY. I1I'IIJ»»I.! rnlon ; llrt Chrstna* "Pallmtum" W>* n one muther wth : punches. In the IS HUs und IS-lrts made Church'eTof ne'ary lrfaths'de,'-^ dk I lltl " 1 wth tl " 18< * 0<> n01 '' nueh of Chrstnas. They ll ther vd ther churches wth brght W«««rrt Hoard and the rtlrl ml I.. :IUIIII.'.J»!..! M.l'.l by III up wth. Seems you tun j. n«rkn so. c-wr-c: Su r.-u.ut. nt«j rtjx'-t.l l.r K.III*' long po'n, "Tho Mse'W </( n ns celebrated Chrstmas Day n more so church ultars brghtly, set up manner t-clles fur wde-eyed chldren fcal approval to "exercses" for noens..sunday school fjave of-.-ll on Charles Dckens, ' "" ' l.;.-lll Iu II.* ful..«i",.u.l- IVuvl K,.,,,, Wnter Kvenng." mul t»'89 nonrly as luclful as t bult wth thp h, n, wth a ^(Treat topped of NVw } I'l.l.ulr Ull s story, "A Chrstmas, -.rl' 11!(. A %> und 011 Chrstmas afl'noon rathered to watch gtollnc Irsh play- the holu'ays. be curmdfred adequate for forttnute chld. No lonfrsr wool 1 :.ST 1. by " pulln; and warm drnk"» Mr. uavtn FwzwK " ^tl^j^l:: ^;';,;';: ^ t.j II<PIIII»M ;. va. The lny no longer was 11 matter, as Scrooge had sud, of "you. frst trst one.. eu*nl r Kenenltr "' 1. u.>" >.r :cv,.f.f u,.w Hull '. Tn- llnnk..i KUK Vurh. The Tulltdum" edtor bfr the Vulc Ing n hully-deckel Chrlttmus he smply a day to prtfj.; ers. c-t*k.,rs... lut-. tll,. t lad lown ha hr,..-,.,,.j TI-.I.«I.-. pflm' l«t")*s, for n J KI 0 parlors. Th"y had d lo (j l deem att'dl Ctn-lstmuH, wth all Iu d««p. Nothng chunked Chrstnas m-j-. llm-dl- -< K-p. AlKn-y.. keep ChslmtK n your way, untl A" 1, :( tn' clock whch M '. '"*"' ' '"'"l-""l "( M.r> 'TO It.-ttl Ittl Sl Sl -.'<'l n N»w J«rn>y ther ehuvolu's wh everurorm, meanku nnd nyalprc and hopm thnknu as nurb 11s the t-a: t oflet me keep t n mne." rt< tn; hour of seven, mll ;,,,,"!,'!,' : ',',' '",',\\ y n\',"',]" v'.t'u-!'.,'- "s V I. 1 S ; snuvh' n the (lav's or- cnmry In the!mn-h--\(re^se.l had chnked forever, for batter char..-i'..s u ea--le, ly Clurlcs 1". I-I. \t hu my boys, n> IIUOI-,'" "-. - '< v,.','..* * "'.! eunatns. ll smply wasn't "kept" ; helvf that (eras were the nl No longer enutd father work on or for wurse.» p^ht, f* Chrstmas Kve. j '..;,,'.:.",., s S J.'.;',. "'.'. ;?,. 1 v '".; 1, 1, 1 ^l.;;, 1, 1. Mn : --o <III:IIIII>II> by tnmty, j ones who early prm-tml tls cus-j! " lcl.-ns ll l(-:. Ht-kens' classc Cbrstms Dy (except untl It) A Chrstmas <'r,d," app-ared n a.m. u the punt edct or ncut I'.'.nKt m:j sn,- "I Now ]tt- :... ':.\N; I I Kf Krfy kkfemm-s'of dares were a«! turns In the New World, "p M-, smles uf the -lrr-i' ' 1 --([.n-.>.»r.t :...,u'.''.,,' ICn^lnul n 1S1 :t and wthn a market). No lorer would 11 honk >.-) 'I'.-.,-M-a.u y ColllntHMlOII.!), clear away the.eskk,!',':, 1,',',',"-'" ".'" '.-I M:nv '' " '" A «-"> '"-....\. ;t( Uf casul ttg 'dtarn shout tn- day. I Yet credt Crmm? wth lftnr t I-:I'III-:M-- Ms. fle'-cv Mulford Crne of; Anmrlrnn Chrstmascs nto H h «h '--nrl > " : 1 '.. n n.-l,-.. h l.< m l -.,., >. dmcnn." And so the N. I. N'I \v I'rovl'ee. for <'\ampl>, re-! rualm of joy. The (''nnns mod 'I' ' n. l -. - t, A I /.. I l ' l. :. UJ...11 l.-..' I V.I I I. :.\K L. V H. afl.r f l. r 11.- I*.. -.I;,. h,,,,1, l u lt t l v l U K l - r n l u t - l. Bs set for the frst ollce 1 I hv un.'t-rct^ m -I. H* rardnl PlHctratlv «fv'iy rm-arel eveke-ns n clurchos, homes -V'-l.v.- < ' HI.-I. : v,. ul v Sr. l?r-ul'f>rll''f tlr donu n her HwUfrhnol he- j and h--r hulls. They de-urnt" 1 party. I. - HI-I..I.I -.I»:,:.!.In. IKI.,1. n,11,.,- H l. v.-l.- " ' -I -lu^.'h ^ I \, I. l<- l \e «rlltt.«*( ttlui t. twf'n ]H24 and 1U2H, \>ul ChcM- j "Chrntmas trew" n ther front C11KISTMAS 1'AlTV or IJI'I.OVMKN'T CHKCKS, ANYONE? r was the Boss twstfter many a round; c was the Boss roastng ophoo- sound. " I n I 1 '..:>...1 I".Ihllll l. Ila HIIM I-I-I.I r-, or ultmutl"" lrr.>,.,.'-,. V-.u -Hull '.ll.,. MI,- >...,. \ ;',,.. s,.. 'n'.'l".r* -n..-r '.'.ll* o.u..i.-.- v.--.'..lh'-t I-I.. nv.l.l.... -I- :.! I (. ~... rf-nu n<1» UK-lt«t tn I. II.. I'l.rl. <! II,.. <<>:.- - ' I.-I.,I....I (.-ad l---am-tl Ulllllll»l« ,MI.,- A...V T--.l'.! I,H I'L111 tll- llt." H UK Ml n-ll-'.1,...- >.-, H!r,, 11,,-y \A ll >t. furev)-ktrt'-j fon. l Ml 1.1 n:.r r-'vc ltf tlu- Mlm st Tn- rul t.-l ls l-o lutlnr.l for [In- {..I...".- -.f,. l.'1 l.l- lltl''!' >f-r- I - I I I I I n.. I - s l u n S. l l H. - T.». ' ' \ \ ' - s l (.. - l. l. < * I U I I U \.. f I ' I I I.. :.. - t S t t t f -n.1 -..!.--. KNr.WN AMI I.)- J fl.t>l!.l SAY: "Mnn who n.'nu I.-.I j I I.v H HAI.B - Tl l -l.ll l H,, ln I to H-?.-0, never culls t-! «-"*' " "'- "''"" N*nvv J y. t.n\v OIHf l-'lnl II: It..Jll n( N-W Jrr- f>orke <--\." Hrv.'v.-.l t.v.lln M r NBnA Mrr.^h Hlrvv.yor Jft nl:! TV. Wf.V I'l^T.MI'NT nnp.. ft vornnrntln f 1111'I tll'-l In tlm oflv nf H"" Ch-rV v.-v J.-r^'j. I'lalntllT, v» HUN.t* 0U puzlr-d (lst whut to ntw n.-l-ktr nf rtn Odnv MIS tn'n - nl., )»fnj»tn cvl AnH IH. 1 V '"H. ll»> urno 1'-lntr > \-' rx'1-uf.h rch Uncle Charle, your l>>rmr. ft l.i* (Wr^ly-BllC y*t tv vtu- nt H* alove-hlut-' e undo? The one whol>m'l (WITH V -fllllt <J8) III 'I' W-l. In IIIK lll'''t'.). 1 Ullllll H I t..r<-<- m l>u'l-d nn) df-scrllk-.l '" S 11.- l.\ Pol'ltr \'«>nn- ll ll> I n-ty-eypd when any refs made to Uroa'lwny tlmt K-;NNvn. N J. --I, WI'.IIII.K.IUV. n«(.. l,»-«: ' ".Ml H.IK.-. Ill I In- I'll v uf : lj; l.--s.,.-i II Ml. fl.mltlll^ le. To hour hm tell t. ', I... k I: H..- <rt. -n.>"!.f MIII.I <Uo' 11 M.- rtl.i. tllf Ill'l t! rr,'>l ld thnk th;t buck n th.wc. I-III I«.I I -, was t and out of!?.-< ' 1 '. t I-I-I-. ft --n II, I l. lv...l.'m I, II-. I U.!!! l.l ll- IV. Ill «II Ch n n-l ll's a'l " hanl'vn..11, ts :"l.-l >v- h.. ll \r-r *\ t, and \vt! I.lltu l^u-- I r....,.,l v...».' II f '.: I 1. \\\ I I,. I.. 1 M l'.-tn o r nrn\. ll'j less. (If -ur-r \v tlmt the n'jr-st he evn-j that < : vent n 111" h-nnv. Imt n..\*t - nn.t have hs lrm's. Hut t.- ; to tn- nres't. (lve hm j of "Tho fjn-t Wht- : Ly Allen C'hurclll. l'm-l"j wll c:t t >), und w tl'e, >-<lle 11n- day after! s. he "ll lnt-font l ; hs a'lorney, to nd'1 : j to hs wll. Icnvnj; you llo \ ; of hs loot.! f-boy who h. In- el! n U\ off for tme Mll- ;ll!e "nmnf th" f'm-^tnm^ trf"* nutkt, "MOKK OlNAfB, MAI" ' » I that just leaves me tme to r.unstmas TO AM.." FtKD \V. KOKK RUV OR SFIL. )ER CLASSIFIED ADS [LEGAL p'urr: -rtt r-'-nrro*^ ;,,, "f KMKl.r.N': A- 1-'1!.\>I- - :.-.,..) n III tn' ur.l-1- "f I -. I - I : I : V I»; s.- >f I" I...I.1 I -I -.. M ^'!..rl"V "I'l.l.-.--l.-l Il- IU.- "I I-I! ><.ll-.'ii Ihn.1*1..Iv Iu.-. t ;< -\.-1. " V l-.1- N--\" -l-rl: Tl» Int 4 lt n.1 All n - v l.r... Vl -1 T.-. I 11,,.I -H.,-1 :» f.-ll '«....I 1,UI< I \\ I v ll 11 \VK -'l II,...,-..r- I"- Ill- I,. I I.. e.-«:--l nl 1! I., J... "Ill I...." NI..1HI t.nt AVC. w. «IO..I,I. s. j, uhfr Mlnl Olv-r II0IH.1 r nhvrr lulllk-ju ltr A n- sen a>..i... 11,1.,-T- A t I-";: 1,. w..n' l- I Mn t:lr V. It-l. Ill J..J n--s-vt.-r-mk. ". IM..r h II.I m u l - - «-. l..-r--. n.., -... ' r ],: 1!. l l ;. l l.!> >,- l.. ' M l ' l - l m r. " - I I " I ' l l ' T.., - n l l,,,. f!. -,. I. - I I ' L l H s <. H l l -.' < l.1h.i K I M, ' o f N >.l.--. > r - I-.,,.,.,,...'-.... l: Km : ',l- '! \. J Tl.- I Ml, I--': I'l-IlK >>:! TO I-III-.IHTIIIIK l.-.l-.-t V I' -A".;' :l! < > '-( I I , ll 'f \ l,. a " n I" H < I-I 'l(v M M m Hl-.1. n U. ; I..I ":. f.-...n.1.".-i ns hl'-l >I.. V I.I II,,. f'.ll'.wll..1..f hn.l an.-: w v MV.-ll'-lV! I ^ I.... I ' l.,. ; I 1 IU. I I" " <."! V fl.l ;, r..( 1.1 1,,.).1..'.,' " 11 v.11. Ill- - I..!,...," f,'...'-. \'-.-- 'f,'..!'.?.!..''ii 'n m,.. - H ' ' - : I ' \: v.l'll."-. I. ;. AIlv SERVICES YOU NEEPT") CONIKACIINO MODERNIZING I'NTIIV nlm 1 >-=,- - rl! >-.-* '- It.-HHf-nr.l-l^ IMpR **1<» ROOFING & SIDING CONTRACTOR 1 :.r f - - '*ff ' I..I,.-,.--v -I l.v». «...,,.r I V I' ' - ' - I w.. ;.- "IMS'-..III- t.t'%\ lmmr\;,v.ltv*;(' ' IVUM.III <t. W.-vltlrl'- M \ MM :t-.r.t.;,;scumiedf TREE EXPFRT CO.! TRENCHING»ll \l*»«run.. -. W. O. HEBUR I'IKII ** M* 2-1 I*.".* (t \ D I M M I I n (ll > r \ t \ l l\<; <t <> u- 9 RFPMIRS FURNITURE PON MAYV/EU AD ,. I I l ' J.lll! M: :t ^ III \l. I' (9 SNOW PLOWING WOW (UOWING. - ' I ' -.-.If :. II- 1 M- -.. I--,-. > 11 GENERAL TRUCKING u-:\tv *. -r<\vn*-i:\d AUIED VAN LINES I N III! I II *» K. 1II 2-11.;. ;. t- I.- : -- ' r N:l..l V;n.'. *'!< NATIONAL VAN LINES I...I. t. II I I. Hun 0 LANDSCAPING J. SCUDERI..,, 1,,, ).. I'.'ll, I' 4 l.wv:..'.! \I"'T::'..; - : IIIM'I- ). TIL.,!. : I.'r'.'l.'* \V.- It 1.,,r. I-.- M- _-.'. I * I M Ml HIM Ml -MI'l ll.ulnln")! I- tandscaping rrlnl,,r.l "...I 11- "JIM IOVELAND I-,. I. -.: f..i* "otv?p."howarth, JR. ] ROOFING o M j r " ' " r-llnrvc - Hlnl-- II-I Tllo ;. r.,- I -L*rm uwl L'!l.r^ T O R H Y O R - " ' " ("A lr»,..,. ' LEADER CLASSIPISD ADS Uld * c c ^ '- " - ' ' " "'"' " A " nn- nnod s'nilt uttuntlun n her j rool". Th<-y rnthered on Chrst- (crhhlltuf-*- j man n'.ht to *n}r or to hear <!er- K'c-Dl for D»c.,.,, mal -lrs 1 ;l Adv-«js soun cumht tn' ''hslb-s In thu tho Crats househol- I, f "''"", 1 ".' 1 ".. ' " ""-., wu II dav vth-n NI..T",,.. ] lulent Mlnt. 1 hey,h,mi of the JO Orno chmrt- I 1 ' 1 " "' «s»m»cr=. of the IKJtls to worl.d or W-nt to KlhM.clhtow, \*»** **. K\U-< t«t n,.lstma»,,,. ( to slon. Th«1RS>4 cnty m-nlon- N (1W ^ ' s, n "V' llllls "I"' 1 '"!'"" ltd *'*K ltt]e tfrlw Uvrv v<nr." I And urhy that lntrt p rvrt^-l "Sentnel of Krcc-»l*'?)t Inl won'lcr. but If v*l«n* "f j "near plums dtmcf) n the ltle Jon'* c*arr<'tl scv^nl smll holldav h the d.nclnff d l «sc.ped d Mrs. M I"' 1 ' j " IH-'o. clmlnu' one l.y 'John Trnry. who or.'ed "H hand- Crtne't uen. ono collecton of toys, fancy.n' 1 Manv New STftynen n 1 «"-'- useful artlcl'h, to''th"!- wth stll rlumt t'l tllt unfo'mfrtahh' luuorlce. nuts, l>lrd se"k «tc" I'lultnn lclof thnt Chrstmas ()th>r Bdvurtl»!ru fdtred "Ano'ht. not to uv. I.\.\v MU.'IIH," Hecttl holday hooks f\)lf*d Wnu'l stll approve I he ll!'';) Mnsl- wth shkly-bw''t poems. '.>way>-.-ht.'j.'h* )u\v t.> lmnot nm-o' md nhorl Ftu ('». eauc t 't T nv "U-ervrkr m.-h : t:o' By 1H10 Ih ndwrl-ers we. e n* Clr't»v;.-.," Vut Nes* 1.le *' * )(r^ nutorus n \ew:rl< IIMDIT-J. ( o..rr...-o:s-!,, ( ml,,,,,,,t,,,,,.,., f,,,- u,..r mlnml ()'lk.-r., n \*:>4 *w n< r.v-,,n H,,, om,..,,. n,,,,, u,,.,,,. n,., nl,!"< M»M K I -*' '> '< < smply!>'- ;, n,.,-,, II.M1I. Sndlv. desnlt" c.-n-' l wm I).- -. L>. r...ur(l Ij-ttnv--< n<.-.-kh' wn.-r All-adv. ll.-v.rthele-:s, the - Is:,.!,.,,,,,.., sl,tu».lt- for j of cey hnl h..'; to tke root. Chrsnms anl Now YeuV prcx- ORDER YOUR FRESH KILLED TURKEYS NOW WE SELL THE FINEST BIRDS - PLUMP - CLEANED - PLENTY OF MEAT - AND WE GUARANTEE EVERY BIRD TO BE PERFECT, DELICIOUS AND TENDER - ORDER NOW SEASON'S GREETINGS WE WANT TO WISH YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR GEORGE P. HALL RONALD V, MARTIN JAMES J. DAVIDSON Real Estate and Injuranco James J. Davdson Realtor 437 SOUTH AV. W. AD J & M Super Market 856 MOUNTAIN AVENUE Frse Delvery $5.00 or Mora TWO PHONES - AD Mornng Calls Only Tuetday thru Saturday Plonty.of Parkng No Meter* Acrom from Natonal Bank Rloocl Puddng CHICKEN SALE Meers Grape Juce 1.89 Breaded Flounder Orange Slces I H Lemon 59c 59c T-ma Pes ; Frothee 79c Btters 89c p Gnn Ib. Pure Maple Syrup 1.19 lrr> 1 oas and Thghs 4«?c Ib. ' Orange Waffle Lvers 69c Ib. \ S V fu P! Dllod Carrots RAWS FAMOUS, R lle< * B, e? n. 6 Heart of Palm Franks 59c Ib. Cocktal Onons Janos Sausaqe 89c Ib. 16 oz. Strodes Scrapplo 49clb. Strodos Sausage 99c Ib.. Chnese Gnger, n syrup or dred c 59c 89c 69c Mfj'nn Icos lor'v PfMn Ice Cream InDOftccI Sv/odsl ; Sowmon Ca!<as Boneless Pot Roast DAIRY PRODUCTS FROZEN FOODS BRAND Chuck 79c Ib. Imported and Domestc 1500 Items to Choose GROCERIES Stewng Beef, Brck Butter 65c Ib. From Whte Rose Specals lean 79c Ib. 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40 Page 40 THE WESTFIELD (N. J.) LEADER, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, Westfeld Glee Club Holday Concert lt, MAIIY H\ P.ELCI1F.K No o u 11 u r a 1 loeanzaom We.stfeld has contrbuted mme or fc more worthy of tle communty'* contnuous support than.- the Men's Glee Club, whch la*t Satu -.**«v naugurated jr.;.'jklh stvsm w.1 an unusually oul.-.tamlng Chr.-tnaj. program. Ths wrter has proclamed for msny years the h offerngs of ths sngng group, chor n the fnal group on tn and, aftor an absence of a few sensohs, s hr.ppy lo noe tlc club'.? there wev more than 50 boys, who Chrstmas prorrm:!. Ths year Tn&ntanjr of the same out-tandng'c-. as always under ts Mvs Kllen Thljerg, ther school ll.'t'f bevn admrably prepared b' ndefatgable ah(f mr::k-anl.v con- :r:<truttor. They >an^ "Jesus. <luctor, Klank Sehettr and.season- I Je.-us Je.^t "'l'ur Head (NU\>> : have been bettr for ths program. Tle fnal group l»y the Glee Club opened uh JVrjrole.-'.- pajcs-te "(lory to (,'od n fht; IJj. r he..t," as-...tfl by.soloht.-,."ouato, Vr- ^n: Toenef. and mez/o-soprano. Mam-la Hall. Thvr vo^t.- l-nded beautfully and deep 1 er M^n'canee to v. fne old work Tr!l<>!:!!y the 'ub \w used calber of tbe.the seventh grade junor hgh lwys' cd, 'Pylvanus Jvnkn.--, v.-th k'.ly f>::t); luv.e and excelably asssted at the pano by Kut-h lent elarty of d'.-;;o:. Then, a^ Whte..'u<u;l, they a.s.->t^l tle men n a The program -vea.~ a.-: always well j nu.-np rendton of Adam's "O selofted., wth rurh ecvfully -ho.-s-: Holy N ftrlu." en varety. Good ntonaton, uo»j Tle c:;tre proj-ra'u 'leserve< a tonal blend, prct->e attacks and "hand," ;. 'Mravu'' :md a look forreleases, and KO"<1 drton arc 'Vno ward to a sprng tre-.u n (he Aprl qua non" n -the technque of *^u- concert, 11MJ3. poror choral snfn); Scherer ncglrctc-d none of these n preparng the program for last Saturday. In addton to ths, tho men were hghly suwt'.-sful n projectng the approprate expressve? qualty of the varyng number.*, such a: "sprted noblty" n the Shau "Fanfure for Chrstmas Day," relgous dgnty n the Brahms 'T"he I-ord ]s Our Fortre.-s," lyrc tenderness n the French carol "Bethlehem" and declamatory fervor n George Mead's "Dark the Nght." Thus the stage was set /or Chrstmas n the frst group, prop erly enhanced by the beauty of the hall's decoratons, and tle approprate admxture of organ tones from the school's emal electronc nstrument. The club sang two other groups of mxed numbers whch ncluded Pearl Curran's "Dawn" wth wellbult clmactc passages, and several peces featurng very good solo voces from the group's own membershp. These were Stanley Ott03on, wth a fne bartone qualty n Copland\3 "Boatmen's Song"; Frank 'Kchnrdson, James Moffett, and Wllam Qunn, nl pleasng lyrc tenors. SUnley Kmcs topped the lst wth hs larger resonant tass'n one of four Scotch songs. Maunder'a Border Ballad was outstandng for ts martul sprt and Ane accompanment. Interspcucd wth the club's sngng groups was the enchantng natrumentl group, The Essex Tro, three young women, who presented pano, voln and 'eello numbers chosen from a most dstngushed repertore. They ployed wth aurenoss of executon, and mnute -attenton to every beauty requred of frst class ensemble playng. They gave two groups, each remarkably enjoyable, full of eloquence wthout beng too heavy for the ollpervasvo holday sprt. A "Tro Sonata n G" by Loellet n four roovoments wns full of charm, verve and warm "togetlcr-nesa." In ther second offerng, a "Short TTIO on French Tunes," was especally lovely and pquant, played wth fne precson and rhythmc control. :In the fnal number, the Beathoven Allegro from the Tro n B flat, thebrlllnnt technque of all three nrtsls enme nto full play. Catherne Burton, the panst, was wonderfully flexble and secure In her bravura passages, Nancy Clarke, the volnst, was movngly expressve throughout and adept n tle use of harmoncs and sweotness of muted lone, and tho 'cellst, Inda Zerbe, provded a aureness and depth of 'cello lne seldom heard n a woman's pl«ynfj. No choce of nrlsts could r \ Merck Employees Pad Trbutes Fo-tv-scven area emp - o^'eed of Merck & Co., Inc., completng 25 j ve;r$ of servce wth tle <-o*np'nv ; ths year, wore honored Thursday [»t the Merck annual quarter century dnner, held n tle El'/abetl Carteret Hotel. Al?"o attendng. were nearly 350 empluvccs whose } 2f>*year servce annversares occurred n pror years. They heard John T. Connor, prc-.'dent of 'Merck, descrbe the con-.pnnv's foregn oner"hnn» <! the world-wde need for better medcnes. "Wth plants o: tver contnent, 'Merck s no UF -^n *n act locally n each part of the world to fll a unversal need," Me sad. Local resdents who were honored at the dnner nclude the followng: Stanton Harrs of 306 N. Eucld Ave., 'Margaret II. Nchols of 12 Folkstone Dr., Dr. Mx rtshler of 857 Knolhvood Ter., and j Mc^yon R. Trcnner, G5G Shadow- lawn Dr. 43 Bology Pupls Enjoy Feld Trp "Fo'tv-threc. bolojtv puols at Ed-;.son Junor Hgh ^School recently spent nn exctng weekend wth ' her teacher, Stanley Datrh, and j Mrs. Dntch at the Fchool of Conservaton, Stokes Sttte Forest, Branchvlle. The students spent consderable tme studyng the ecology of the ponds and felds there, concentratng on the dentvfletton of locft flora, especally Ilrhen3, mossf3 nnd ferns. Woodland mnnngement and forestry practce were explored nnd conservaton practces Btuded. 'Evenng ac'tvf'-es ncluded vew ng of scence flms, mxed wt 1 ;quare dancng and sprr>r. P 1 ' Redd of the physcal educaton department at (M o n t c 1 a r St-nt Teachers College organzed the acvtes. Needlefs to fay, the en re group from lsdfon was enthusastc about.tho success of the program. Brownes Sng Carols Yesterday Browne Troops 4<>f SOf nn<l f>57 sang enrols for thy paonts of the Chldren's Specul/.ed hosptal. The grls also made ^hratnas tree favors to bo used on he chldren's trays. Mr. and Mr*, 'hnrtrt* U, l.fnlfum lre»<»«u» nk In Ihrlr n'w IMM»1 ut J41W <»rnnul'«- A v«s %vhl-h lvy purehn»t«-l (tr.dxh (tt- oltl-e \tt llarrrtt A C;rnln, 114-tlltorN. lu-rhrrl W. \'u«trr n<-k'xlt<ml *h> NIIII-. Though C'hrstms s almost IKII-, Mr. Club... though the Inde* stll have gft lwts as long as my arm... our.superb ^port sbrts nt?h.u5 wll MIVO the <luy! To tho rescue, Mr. Feld! FlELDCLUn, 307 South Ave.. Wcsteld.N.J.. AD IT'S Reg. $7.50 to $10.00 ATTENTION PIPE USERS I TERRIFIC BUY I HICKOK BENCH MADE ALGERIAN BRIAR PIPE, only $1.98 R«g. $2.00 ROGER & GALLET Reg. $2.25 SORTILEGE COLOGNE only $1.49 Reg. $2.98 PLASTIC COATED PLAYING CARDS 2 decks $1.98 Reg. $ ASSORTED COLOGNES, 59c Famous Moke MAKEUP MIRROR ON METAL STAND 49c Reg. $1.00 SOAP FOR KIDDIES BOX OF 3 only 39c Reg. $ APPLE BLOSSOM BUBBLE BATH, 49c YES, WE HAVE BARBIE KIT Reg. $5.00 $3.49 Reg. 10c GIFT RIBBON 3c SENSATION A OFFER Reg. $ MILADY ELECTRIC HAIR DRYER, $7.95 Reg. $ SHEAFFER'S BALL POINT PEN, $1.49 Roc,. $10.00 TINY THUMBELINA DOLL, $5,78 Reg. $ MATTEL'S CHATTY BABY, $9.38 When your frends fnsh (readng your Chrstmas card*.. they can eat It! IdkJe, ttarc holday-embossed chocolate, 50?. Choce of 4 desgns. Each n s handy maler. Just address, add 91 stamp, drop'ln mal bo. One of many Chrstmas deas from Barton's. Reg. $9.95 CORDLESS - VIBRATING TOQTH BRUSH Battery Powered So *afe your youngster can use t. only $4.95 Reg. $4.95 MEN'S LEATHER TRAVEL KIT $2.88 TRANSISTOR BONANZA! TRANSISTOR RADIO Reg. $19.95 now $9.99 Reg. $1.00 BUBBLE BATH FOR KIDDIES 39c Reg. $3.00 TAMMY DOLL BY IDEAL $1.69 Reg. $ "WESTCLOX" WRIST WATCH FOR HER $6.95 OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY! 243 E. BROAD ST. OPP. RIALTO FO Reg. $ LUCIEN LELONG» GIFT «T, $1,49 SOAP, COLOGNE AND PERFUME Reg. $ COLOR FLASHLIGHT, 66c Reg. $3.98 LEATHER WALLETS FOR HIM OR HER $2.39 Reg. $ YARDLEY AFTER SHAVE LOTION 66c Reg. 25c NAIL CLIPPER, 12c STOCKING Gn Reg. $1.00 PRIMROSE HOUSE HAND LQT10N, 49c Reg. $ SSAFORTH SEAFORTH GOLDSET COLOGNE AND AFTER SHAVE LOTION $1.98 Reg. 29c - VILON UNBREAKABLE COMB, specal! 19c For Pocket or Purse Guaranteed '"- ' n veor> Reg- 69' PLAYING CARDS, 39c DECK Reg. $1.00-RETRACTABLE BALL POINT PEN? 39c Reg. $1.00 CIRO PERFUME REFLEXSONS, Reg. $ YEAR DIARY FOR HER 88c _ Rog. $3.00 COLQRGRAPH GAME, 98c n/.

Twenty-Third Publications

Twenty-Third Publications Introducton Advent s a tme to wat for Jesus and to prepare for hs comng at Chrstmas. People all over the world wat and watch n dfferent ways for Jesus comng. You wll learn about some of them n ths book.

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D E k k k k k k k k k k k k k k. a M. k k k k. k n k k k k k k k k k k. k k k k k k k n. k n

D E k k k k k k k k k k k k k k. a M. k k k k. k n k k k k k k k k k k. k k k k k k k n. k n Sot hromatic Mode 4. Vu=. ome quicly. O hrist, You a - loe are He who quic - ly comes to our aid. We pray that You show Your quic re-spose rom heav-e to Your ser-vats who are su - er - ig. ree them o their

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I Am Special. Lesson at a Glance. God Made Me. Lesson Objectives. Lesson Plan. Bible Story Text. Bible Truth. Lesson 1

I Am Special. Lesson at a Glance. God Made Me. Lesson Objectives. Lesson Plan. Bible Story Text. Bible Truth. Lesson 1 Lesson at a Glance Lesson Objectves The chldren wll state that God created the frst man and woman, Adam and Eve. The chldren wll dentfy dfferent parts of the human body. The chldren wll thank God for ther

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Philip Goes. Lesson at a Glance. Go! Lesson Objectives. Lesson Plan. Bible Story Text. Bible Truth. Lesson 3

Philip Goes. Lesson at a Glance. Go! Lesson Objectives. Lesson Plan. Bible Story Text. Bible Truth. Lesson 3 Lesson at a Glance Lesson Objectves The chldren wll name the Ethopan as the man who Phlp taught about Jesus. The chldren wll practce sharng the Bble wth each other. The chldren wll state that God wants

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I i. to read them to you and as you u~derstznd them and read along Kewark Avenue, J. C. ti. J. I 38- Inv. James P.

I i. to read them to you and as you u~derstznd them and read along Kewark Avenue, J. C. ti. J. I 38- Inv. James P. AND PLACE OF Dstectve Charles F. llvas, Dsde County Publc Safety, kpartment, Homcde Sectoq obert Hlavac, nv. James P. Farrell, ~udsoh County Prosecutor% Offce 59 5 Kewark Avenue, J. C. t. J. Lor1 12, 1973,

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We Go to Church. Lesson at a Glance. Worshiping God. Lesson Objectives. Lesson Plan. Bible Story Text. Bible Truth. Lesson 3

We Go to Church. Lesson at a Glance. Worshiping God. Lesson Objectives. Lesson Plan. Bible Story Text. Bible Truth. Lesson 3 Lesson at a Glance Lesson Objectves The chldren wll state a characterstc of a dscple. The chldren wll sng and pray together. The chldren wll state how they can be lke dscples, e.g., share, pray, read the

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The Great Chain of Being

The Great Chain of Being The Great Chan of Beng AUTHOR: Susan Barry Frankln Hgh School, Frankln, WI Introducton In ths lesson, students wll use prmary and secondary sources to develop a better understandng of the contnuty and

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v. Theresa Keeping Defendant

v. Theresa Keeping Defendant UNTED STATES DSTRCT COURT for the Central Dstrct of Calforna Chuck Foster Plantff v. Theresa Keepng Defendant Cvl Acton No. SACV14-0004-AG-DFMx; consoldated wth SACV14-0012-AG-DFMx PRODUCTON OF DOCUMENTS

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Official Cipher of the

Official Cipher of the No: Official Cipher of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of the State of Maine Not to be consulted in any Lodge or exemplification while in session. (By participating officers.)

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œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ Œ & b œ œ n œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ & b œ œ œ œ Œ œ & b œ œ œ œ œ œ œ & b œ œ w w œ œ œ œ & b c œw œ œ œ œ œ œ œ w œ œ œ œ œ w œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ

œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ Œ & b œ œ n œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ & b œ œ œ œ Œ œ & b œ œ œ œ œ œ œ & b œ œ w w œ œ œ œ & b c œw œ œ œ œ œ œ œ w œ œ œ œ œ w œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ Ode 1 - First Canon c Christ is born, heav glo - ri - fy n him. Christ hath come - ens, re - ceive him. Christ is on earth, be ye el - e - vat - 1 from the ed. Sing un - to the Lord, all thē earth; and

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Design Review Board. John Ellsworth, Environmental Planner on behalf of Verizon Wireless, First Presbyterian Church

Design Review Board. John Ellsworth, Environmental Planner on behalf of Verizon Wireless, First Presbyterian Church I t 1 s Desgn Revew Board F February 6, 2018 Those present were: s I $ James H. McMullan, Vce Charman Carolyn D. Presche, Member C. Sherrll Dayton, Member Robert D. Caruso, Member Bruce A.T. Sska, Member

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Friends of Rochester Cathedral Annual Report

Friends of Rochester Cathedral Annual Report Ths publcaton was dgtsed by Rochester Cathedral Research Guld Homepage: Adran s Wall Frends of Rochester Cathedral Annual Report 20-202 G. Keevll Abstract: Test pts

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Psalm 140. & # # Slow «« bˆ«ˆ««««««« «ˆ« ====================== «««« ˆ ˆ« ˆ«« ˆ w ˆ«««« ˆ«ˆ bˆ ˆ« ˆ«. bˆ«j ˆ««ˆ ˆ« ˆ«bˆ«ˆ« bˆ nˆ ˆ« nˆ« bˆ« & # # ««««

Psalm 140. & # # Slow «« bˆ«ˆ««««««« «ˆ« ====================== «««« ˆ ˆ« ˆ«« ˆ w ˆ«««« ˆ«ˆ bˆ ˆ« ˆ«. bˆ«j ˆ««ˆ ˆ« ˆ«bˆ«ˆ« bˆ nˆ ˆ« nˆ« bˆ« & # # «««« Byznte So b ˆ bˆ b ˆ ˆ s cried out un Bsi Kzn (1915 2001) 72. Œ ˆbˆnˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ «ˆ ««ˆ «ˆ ˆ «ˆbˆ ˆ e. Her # # Œ &. b bˆ ˆ «ˆ Her cried out n «ˆ b b n. b Her b. b j. b j «ˆ voice sup un pi Give me, er c bˆ

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And God is able to make all grace abound to you...

And God is able to make all grace abound to you... And God s able to make all grace abound to you... And God s able to make all grace abound to you, so that havng all suffcency n all thngs at all tmes, you may abound n every good work. Thnk of t. God hmself

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Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters Lesson at a Glance Lesson Objectves The chldren wll state that God makes famles. The chldren wll demonstrate ways to be helpers at home. The chldren wll thank God for ther famles. Bble Story Text Geness

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.tl",- ' --;'.~~ TOWARD OUR COMMON G OF CORRECT FAITH \ '.~-, ":~~~ A Response to Recent Allegation~':,: :~;..:;~~~ ::f4

.tl,- ' --;'.~~ TOWARD OUR COMMON G OF CORRECT FAITH \ '.~-, :~~~ A Response to Recent Allegation~':,: :~;..:;~~~ ::f4 ~ ' I c l! 'I I tl"- ' --;'~~ " :" ~- --t"' ~ : r tcj"'" :: " ~~' "! j ":;;c' :;;t ~ ; r TOWARD OUR COMMON G OF CORRECT FAITH " ' : ; \!';[~J" 1 "1t~:::::~ f" ; j I ; : '~;: t A Response to Recent Allegaton~'::

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Hannah Talks to God. Lesson Plan

Hannah Talks to God. Lesson Plan Lesson at a Glance Lesson Objectves The chldren wll understand that prayng s how we talk to God. The chldren wll learn that Hannah prayed for a baby and God answered her prayers. The chldren wll pray.

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Rachel SAMPLE. Requiem for the Innocents Ï Ï J Ï. ú ú ú ú ú ú SAMPLE. 12 Ï Ï Ï ú ú SAMPLE

Rachel SAMPLE. Requiem for the Innocents Ï Ï J Ï. ú ú ú ú ú ú SAMPLE. 12 Ï Ï Ï ú ú SAMPLE Recitative q = Cello cues eremiah 1:15 î Î ä Rachel 5 Music y E LOUIS CANTER The LORD says, "A sound is heard, is heard, in Ra - mah, 8 î Î Ra - chel is cry-ing for her chil-dren; for they are no more,

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j œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ

j œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ 1 # # # c 4 # # # 7 # # # all sus birds die, home,. O When nd When Lord thro' when hrist shall Esus worlds sg sweet scarce what oy thun gran bear ra sus # # # # # # # # # der, deur, tion, thy ly can shall

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Name: Quran Group: Grade: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Read in the name of your Lord who created, created man from clot of blood.

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blessed by the priests.

blessed by the priests. Another Canon in 80 Text taken from The ivine Prayers & Services by Nassar, 1938. Ver - i - ly, the fruit of the prom - ise did come forth from Jo - a - chim and An - na the right - eous, name - ly Mar

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GENERAL CONGREGATION 36 rome // 2016 GENERAL CONGREGATION 36 rome // 2016 Sacred Heart of Jesus Availability - the strength of our mission 4 th of November 2016 day_33 GC 36 - Rowing into the ep INVITATORY eng May the Spirit of Christ Jesus,

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PSALM 140. & b Slow «««««« «««« ««« ˆ_«l ˆ« ˆ_«l « j ˆ««ˆ ˆ« ˆ«« l ˆ«. ˆ« nˆ_ « ˆ ˆ ˆ. -ˆ l ˆ« «. ˆˆ ˆ ˆ«« j ˆ ˆ ˆ« ˆ_ nˆ_ˆ_ «««« ˆ ˆ ˆ«.

PSALM 140. & b Slow «««««« «««« ««« ˆ_«l ˆ« ˆ_«l « j ˆ««ˆ ˆ« ˆ«« l ˆ«. ˆ« nˆ_ « ˆ ˆ ˆ. -ˆ l ˆ« «. ˆˆ ˆ ˆ«« j ˆ ˆ ˆ« ˆ_ nˆ_ˆ_ «««« ˆ ˆ ˆ«. Byzante Basi Kazan (1915 2001) & b So son _ n. have cried out un e, & b. j _ n_ hear me. Hear & b me, Lord. have _ cried out & b. ṇ _ Œ e, hear me Give ear & b _ n. j voice sup pi ca & b tion, hen cry

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Josiah Loves God s Word

Josiah Loves God s Word Lesson at a Glance Lesson Objectves The chldren wll dentfy the Bble as God s word. The chldren wll dentfy Josah and specfc events surroundng the Bble s dscovery n the temple. The chldren wll vew the Bble

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The Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica 30th Anniversary Rededication. March 6, 2011 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries.

The Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica 30th Anniversary Rededication. March 6, 2011 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. The Isser and Rae Prce Lbrary of Judaca 30th Annversary Rededcaton March 6, 2011 Unversty of Florda George A. Smathers Lbrares Thrty Years of The Isser and Rae Prce Lbrary of Judaca Unversty of Florda

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The Three Women of Christmas A sacred song cycle for four solo voices with piano and flute accompaniment

The Three Women of Christmas A sacred song cycle for four solo voices with piano and flute accompaniment Mary Finlayson The Three Women of Christmas A sacred song cycle for four solo voices with piano and flute accompaniment Mary... soprano Elizabeth... Mezzo Anna... Contralto Evangelist... High baritone

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mouth and it will be shall speak

mouth and it will be shall speak Katabasiae Ode 1 I shall o - pen my 19 mouth and it will be filled with the Spir - it, and I shall speak forth to the Queen Moth - er. I shall be seen joy - ful - ly sing - ing her prais - es, and I shall

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This Child Has Been Sent by God

This Child Has Been Sent by God Consensus Volume 20 ssue 2 n Prase of Valant Women Artcle 10 11-1-1994 Ths Chld Has Been Sent by God Bonne J. Scharf Follow ths and addtonal works at: Recommended Ctaton

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hu - cir - stayed taught man cum - be - Your Sav - each went led Mo - al - Law, all cised sm, of thanks as and the for Lord, Child, The This For the

hu - cir - stayed taught man cum - be - Your Sav - each went led Mo - al - Law, all cised sm, of thanks as and the for Lord, Child, The This For the Dive Liturgy Propers, January 1, 2012 SUNDAY BEFORE THEOPHANY Circumcision of Our Lord, God Savior Jesus Christ Our Holy Far Basil Great, Archbishop of Caesarea Hymn & # 1. In 2. For 3. But 4. For His

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œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ

œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ The Great Canon of St Andre of Crete - Tone 6 ODE 1 He is my Help-er and Pro-tect - or, and has be-come my sal - va - tion This is my God and I ill glo - ri - fy Him My fa - ther's God and I ill ex - alt

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Notice of Copyright. Citing Resources from the Western History Collections

Notice of Copyright. Citing Resources from the Western History Collections Notce of Copyrght Publshed and unpublshed materals may be protected by Copyrght Law (Ttle 17, U.S. Code). Any copes of publshed and unpublshed materals provded by the Western Hstory Collectons are for

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S ai nt Aug u sti ne Fi ft h c e n t ur y

S ai nt Aug u sti ne Fi ft h c e n t ur y ADV ENT 20 06 - WE EK T HRE E Be glad and rejoice with all you r h eart, Never again will you fear any h arm. T h e Lord you r God is with you, He will quiet you with His love. Zephani ah 3 Rejoice Always

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c The dogs did what they were told so that their masters did not hit them.

c The dogs did what they were told so that their masters did not hit them. The Call of the Wld Jack London The story step by step 1 Lsten to Chapter 1 (from Judge Mller s place... to...he never forgot t. ). Lst the parts of the body that you hear. The frst one s an example. Check

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I NI/AINIMPLIrt l ) FA... H. CONFIRM ED By. IffilffirAMIPAir al Irani 1.1 ilirdt 1 1" C ommittee Committee. CO L 0 A.../aid

I NI/AINIMPLIrt l ) FA... H. CONFIRM ED By. IffilffirAMIPAir al Irani 1.1 ilirdt 1 1 C ommittee Committee. CO L 0 A.../aid I Date Referred : i, Referred To : I I 1 Date Referred : / 4-7, - Referred To: Refer To To aret17.7 -... Refer -il. gaili IIIM AY f ' / Date Referred:, ' ja/p/ /,2_0/2.. Z 1 6 751; ( 4 Ac6-,1=1* # Referred

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WESTOVER HILLS Order of Worship July 2, 2017

WESTOVER HILLS Order of Worship July 2, 2017 WESTOVER HLLS Order of Worship uly, 07 Glory God Forever Soft elcome Congregational Reading (eremiah :a) Ro Turn Your Eyes Upon esus Salvation Belongs Our God Welcome Christian Offering Christian Announcement

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a out NFBC: Ou Staf: NO Toothpaste Th u the po e of the Hol Spi it The UP Fathe - IN Othe Belie e s - OUT Wo ld Oi e: Heidi Hel uth

a out NFBC: Ou Staf: NO Toothpaste Th u the po e of the Hol Spi it The UP Fathe - IN Othe Belie e s - OUT Wo ld Oi e: Heidi Hel uth se i g e t Su da : *The Ser i g Today List is at the I for aio Ce ter Nu se : : No & Kaie Stutz a : Joe & Te esa Mille, Li da Mille J. Chu h: Ja ie Bii g, Li da Pippe Ushe s: Ke Te e, B ie Hall, Ra Mille,

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First Sunday in Advent

First Sunday in Advent First Sunday in Advent Introit Ad te levavi (Mode 8) 1 Psalm 25 BewvGtvyuvUYvmvHyvyLoovuyuvtyvyuHyyTv,vuvzz To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul; in BoovovvpoPvmvtytvtuoivuivIUv,vLovovooovJuv you, my God,

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The Resurrection Troparia/Kontakia

The Resurrection Troparia/Kontakia 44 The Resurrection Tropri/Kontki Anthology Serbin Chnt: Volume II Tone 1 pg 44 Tone 5 pg 50 Tone 2 pg 46 Tone 6 pg 52 Tone 3 pg 47 Tone 7 pg 53 Tone 4 pg 49 Tone 8 pg 55 while grnt When h sol The Resurrection

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Paschal Midnight Office irmoi of the canon

Paschal Midnight Office irmoi of the canon Znamenny Chant Paschal Midnight Oice irmoi o the canon arr. r. Hladio SOPRANO ALTO TENOR BASS Canon, ode 1: # The one who o old hid the pur - su - ing ty - rant 2 # # in the waves o the sea, 3 n w the

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\ rf/7 EVANS, W. A..43HRD INTERVIEW 5043,

\ rf/7 EVANS, W. A..43HRD INTERVIEW 5043, \ rf/7 EVANS, W. A..43HRD INTERVIEW 5043, 373 FOR\* 374 Indat- T \';"..c >fjl. - TTlRD INTERVIEW 5043. Feld porker's Ths report wad'? on (ta^" February 1, I.)3 7. *V' ~" * "" "" "" 1.. Name JL!^-?!!! 1^^

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œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œœ œ

œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œœ œ Septemer 14th First Antiphon Traditional Russian (Znamenny) Chant (A) Through the in - ter - ces - sions of the The - o - to - kos, O Sav - ior, save us. Adapted y Michael G. Farro from the music of Frederick

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contemporary songs of faith We Belong to You/Somos Tuyos Assembly, Three-part Choir, Keyboard, and Guitar œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ Bb F/Bb C

contemporary songs of faith We Belong to You/Somos Tuyos Assembly, Three-part Choir, Keyboard, and Guitar œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ Bb F/Bb C contemporary ngs of faith aculty, Students Alumni of Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, alifornia Be You/So Assemly, Threepart hoir, Keyoard, Guitar glish, Vicria Thomn Spanish tr., Pedro Rualcava

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Saint Athanasius of Athos

Saint Athanasius of Athos Saint Athanasius of Athos July 5 Intonation: #20 Andante & bb Úª # Vespers oxasticon Plagal Second Mode lo - - - ry to the a - ther and to the & b b #.. Son and to the Ho - ly Spir - - - - it. ovxa...

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Kanon - Ode 1 Theophany of Our Lord - January 6

Kanon - Ode 1 Theophany of Our Lord - January 6 Kanon - Ode 1 Lesser Znamenny Chant B. Ledkovsky (arr. D. Drillock) The Lord un - cov - ered the floor of the deep. And on the dry ground He drew His peo - ple out. But His en - e - mies He cov -ered in

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RCIA Option: Fourth Sunday of Lent

RCIA Option: Fourth Sunday of Lent Je ru RE joice, sa lem, * and all who love her. Be ex joy ult and ful, be sat all is fied who at were her in mourn con sol ing ing; breast. 7 RCI Option: Fourth Sunday of Lent Responsorial Psalm: Psalm

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Breaking News Ready-to-Use English Lessons by Sean Banville

Breaking News Ready-to-Use English Lessons by Sean Banville Breaking News Ready-to-Use English Lessons by Sean Banville 1,000 IDEAS & ACTIVITIES FOR LANGUAGE TEACHERS Thousands more free lessons from Sean's other websites

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Copyr ight Copyright Tridonic GmbH & Co KG All rights reserved. Manufactur er

Copyr ight Copyright Tridonic GmbH & Co KG All rights reserved. Manufactur er luxcontrol DALI XC Copyr ght Copyrght Trdonc GmbH & Co KG All rghts reserved. Manufactur er Trdonc GmbH & Co KG Färbergasse 15 6851 Dornbrn Austra Tel. +43-(0)5572-395-0 Fax +43-(0)5572-20176

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Mi b /Sol E b /G. œ œ œ œ. œ œ j. Do m7 Cm7. nos. por

Mi b /Sol E b /G. œ œ œ œ. œ œ j. Do m7 Cm7. nos. por Daniel 3: Cántico de Daniel/ Canticle Daniel Melodía/ Melod Teclado/ Keboard % % ESTRIBILLO/RERAIN (q = ca 96) 4 4 4 Cri a tu ras todas Señor, bende cid al Señor, en sal Bless Lord, all ou works Lord /La

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Methods for Measuring and Compensating Ball Screw Error on Multi-mode Industrial CT Scanning Platform

Methods for Measuring and Compensating Ball Screw Error on Multi-mode Industrial CT Scanning Platform 5th Internatonal Conference on Measurement, Instrumentaton and Automaton (ICMIA 06) Methods for Measurng and Compensatng Ball Screw Error on Mult-mode Industral CT Scannng Platform Yuje Zhang, a, Shangfeng

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ORD~=n\Y-T:;h::~:h:::,:.Cnand ~- " "~~:~~:.~ I

ORD~=n\Y-T:;h::~:h:::,:.Cnand ~-  ~~:~~:.~ I WF-114 PLEX748 REDEPage 317 o 939!$,1;& 3 1 1 U,g 1\ ll t!,!p (!! L, 141 Case 2:15-cv-828-DN-EJF Document 351-26 Fled 3/26/18 1= - -- -- - - - Page - -- 1 of - --"" 3161 17 435 s 4W D ESE!1 ET. UTAH 84624

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forth from thy womb and on earth

forth from thy womb and on earth Ninth Ode Tone 4 Thy birth free of cor - giv - ing, O The - o - to - - rup - tion; for kos, has been shown God put - ting on flesh; walked a - mong men. and on earth did come forth from thy womb he did

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Songs from. I Am Holding You. The Solo Committee for piano and solo voice

Songs from. I Am Holding You. The Solo Committee for piano and solo voice 1 Songs from I Am Holdg You by The Solo Committee for piano and solo voice Give Me, O Lord 2 I Am Holdg You 8 New Jerusalem 14 O Sg Unto Lord 20 The Lord s Prayer 26 With Me 32 All songs this collection

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ORDINANCE NO. THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: ORDINANCE NO. 183420 An ordinance of the City of Los Angeles ("City") authorizing and providing for the transfer of certain City-owned real property located within the Porter Ranch area to Porter Ranch

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A Selection of verses from Psalm 44 for Feasts of the All-holy Theotokos. A Good Word. œ œ œ œ. good. lu - œ œ œ œ œ œ. God: An-gels, world:

A Selection of verses from Psalm 44 for Feasts of the All-holy Theotokos. A Good Word. œ œ œ œ. good. lu - œ œ œ œ œ œ. God: An-gels, world: A Selection verses from Psalm 44 for Feasts All-holy Theotokos A Good Word Byzantine Chant Tone 1 4 4 Ison = D A good. word: n Bishop BASIL. Al - le - lu - i - a! Ó My heart hath poured forth a good word.

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It works! Faith Promise Principles. Be assured - Faith Promise Principles. What is a Faith Promise? Also known as Grace Giving

It works! Faith Promise Principles. Be assured - Faith Promise Principles. What is a Faith Promise? Also known as Grace Giving What is a Faith Promise? Also known as Grace Giving Be assured - It works! 1 IN D IA Si 0 Man da la y tw e Rangoon BURMA T avo y Phuket Med an Chiang LA O S Vientiane T HA ILA N D Bangkok Su ma tra Bengkulu

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Or t ho dox Lit u rg y

Or t ho dox Lit u rg y SAINT NI CH OL AS T h e Inspiration for ou r modern day Santa Claus and Fath er Ch ristmas He tou ched th e h earts of the people and inspired th em with th e true mean ing of giving as h e led them to

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Homage to Padraic Pearse: The Fool

Homage to Padraic Pearse: The Fool Aloys Fleischmann -------------------------- Homage to Padraic Pearse: The Fool (Padraic Pearse) -------------------------- Medium Voice and Piano -------------------------- --------------------------

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COUNCIL MINUTES February 4, 1974

COUNCIL MINUTES February 4, 1974 39 1 COUNCL MNUTES February 4, 1974 Regular meetng of the Cty Councl of the Cty of Ocean Shores called to order at 730 P.M. by Mayor Lews wth all councl members present. Cty Manager Ford, Cty Attorney

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F/A. gua, tus, mae ro, go. da pré ca er tó. lin gua glo ri ó si Cór po. si tus nae, rum. cor ex re ver ve laus. po in cúm bo ne et. tum.

F/A. gua, tus, mae ro, go. da pré ca er tó. lin gua glo ri ó si Cór po. si tus nae, rum. cor ex re ver ve laus. po in cúm bo ne et. tum. PANGE LINGUA VERSES: ( = 96 108) antor/hoir /A maj7 7 Pan No In Ver Tan *OSTINATO RERAIN: All **Pan glo pa s cte m cra na coe t, s b l da ca er t l gua glo r po 6 nae, r gua,, mae ro, go s my sté. Pan

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Common Troparia Used for Various Saints

Common Troparia Used for Various Saints Byzantine Music in English Common Troparia Used for Various Saints in the rthodox Church by Common Troparia Used for Various Saints Troparion for a Martyr (Tone 4) 1 Troparion for more than one Martyr

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Prokeimena for Liturgy

Prokeimena for Liturgy After London Sbornik harmonies and I. Sorokaʹs melodies. Prokeimena for Liturgy Divine Liturgy Tone 1 - Resurrectional (32:22) Lʹvov Bakhmetev Obikhod 1 Let Thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us as e have set

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The Canon of the Resurrection - Tone 1

The Canon of the Resurrection - Tone 1 Anthology Serb Chnt: Volume I 203 Lord Lord Hve Mercy (before cnon) hve mer cy, Lord hve mer cy, Lord hve mer cy. Cnon Resurrection de I. Tone 1 pg 203 Tone 5 pg 228 Tone 2 pg 210 Tone 6 pg 234 Tone 3

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341 0 Come, All Ye Faithful / Adeste Fideles. faith- ful, God,_ an - gels, greet thee, de - les, De - 0, i - 0, na - tus ,~ =-~. ~

341 0 Come, All Ye Faithful / Adeste Fideles. faith- ful, God,_ an - gels, greet thee, de - les, De - 0, i - 0, na - tus ,~ =-~. ~ 341 0 Come, All Ye Faithful / Adeste Fideles 'e1.0 2. 3. 4. 1. Ad 2. 3. 4. t come, all ye God Sing, choirs Yea, Lord, we - r! - ste fi De-urn de Can - tet nunc Er - go qui faith- ful, God,_ an - gels,

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mass for the dead grant them.

mass for the dead grant them. mass for the dead ENTRANCE ANTPHN E vi rest grant them, - ter- nal un- per-pet-u-al light shine up-on them. Cf. 4 Esdr 2: 34-35 rm, gr and let 1. Praise is due you * in Sion, God. Psalm 65 (64): 2-3a,

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NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER 2014 IMPACT REPORT NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER 2014 IMPACT REPORT 1-800-444-8828 It has been an incredible year here at the National Day of Prayer Task Force. In this 2014 Impact Report, we want to

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VbdcvbbFYcvvh.c[cvgcchcvbjcvvbhccbgcvvbbfvvbbbGYcf,vvbbb{vvbbjcvhcvbbbgcô The Exultet [BCP 286] The Exultet is sung at a pitch convenient for the singer. VbdcvbbFYcvvh.c[cvgcchcvbjcvvbhccbgcvvbbfvvbbbGYcf,vvbbb{vvbbjcvhcvbbbgcô Re-joice now, heav n-ly hosts and choirs of an-gels,

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Oo, Oo, Oo, Oo, Oo, wœ œ. œ œ

Oo, Oo, Oo, Oo, Oo, wœ œ. œ œ Commissioned by St. nne Catholic Church, Houston, Texas, Jim Ross, Director Music and Liturgical Ministry, Mat McCue, Handll Choir Director and rganist, for 007 ilgrimage to Eastn Euroe Savior, Blesd Savior

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Vesper Propers, March 25, 2017 Fourth Sunday of the Great Fast Leave-taking of the Annunciation; Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel

Vesper Propers, March 25, 2017 Fourth Sunday of the Great Fast Leave-taking of the Annunciation; Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel Vesper Propers, March 25, 2017 Fourth Sunday of the Great Fast Leave-taking of the Annunciation; Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel Supplement for The Order of Vespers for Sundays after Pentecost, 2006 Lamplighting

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air will make their nests in it.

air will make their nests in it. 355 "THE FOURTH DIMENSION AND ITS USES BY MAN" By Charles Fllmore Unty Tranng School July 31, 1933 Lesgon l "How Sprtually to Qucken Man' 8 Supermnd Facultes and Use,"Them In Character Buldng" ' The am

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St Julie, the Smiling Saint

St Julie, the Smiling Saint St Julie, the Smiling Saint A Cantata for the Sisters of Notre Dame 2002 and 2012 (c) Stephen Eric Smyth and Gerry Fitzpatrick St Mungo Music, Glasgow 2 Words (c) Stephen Eric Smyth Julie Music (c) Gerry

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Scripture Scouts Medley For piano, choir and soloist

Scripture Scouts Medley For piano, choir and soloist Scripture Scouts Medley or piano, choir and soloist Text by - Melanie Homan and Marvin Payne Music by - Melanie Homan Arranged by - Roger Homan This edition is provided ithout charge As s courtesy to those

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LORD, Let My Prayer Arise/ Suba Mi Oración. œ œ œ. œ J. J j. Am7add4. j J j. J j. Su - ba mi o - ra - ción

LORD, Let My Prayer Arise/ Suba Mi Oración. œ œ œ. œ J. J j. Am7add4. j J j. J j. Su - ba mi o - ra - ción 2 Refrain based on Psalm 11:2 Verses based on Psalm 138:1 2ab, 3, 6, 7 Spanish verse translations by ai orz LRD, Let My Prayer Arise/ Suba Mi ración Bob Hurd horal arrangent by raig Ksbury Keyboard accompanint

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Quem terra, pontus, æthera

Quem terra, pontus, æthera Suius [lto] Tenor [Tenor] Bassus [Bass] [ < { [ < { [ < { Quem Quem terra, pontus, æthera ter ra, pon Quem tus, quem Quem ter ra, pon ter ra, pon ter ra, pon tus, æ tus, tus, æ William Byrd (c.15401623)

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>-> ; i

>-> ; i b M E A C H A M P A R K : A H S T O R Y 1 8 9 2-1 9 8 9 >-> ; c > PROLOGUE Ths Bref Hstory of Meacham Park ends n 1989. Snce that tme there have been many changes, both n the lves of resdents and former

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FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF SAN FRANCISCO FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF SAN FRANCISCO Digitized for FRASER To the Member Banks of the Twelfth Federal Reserve District Gentlemen: There is presented herewith a condensed comparative statement of condition

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Inlet I.D. O.D. Muffler Clamp Inlet Outlet Shell Overall Shell Models No. No. Dia. Dia. Dia. Length Length

Inlet I.D. O.D. Muffler Clamp Inlet Outlet Shell Overall Shell Models No. No. Dia. Dia. Dia. Length Length ALLIS-CHALMERS 21060 22023 22028 22032 22042 22043 22861 22904 B, 1B, C, CA, RC, B125, TDL (V) 22028 N.R. 1¹ ₂ O.D. 1¹ ₂ 3¹ ₄ 32⁹ ₁₆ 19³ ₄ D10, D12, D14, D15, G138, G160 Up to Ser. No. 22028 N.R. 1¹ ₂

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UNSTOPPABLE THEN and NOW A LIFE WELL LIVED Acts 20:17-38 UNSTOPPABLE THEN and NOW A LIFE WELL LIVED Acts 20:17-38 Can anyone tell me what the theme of our summer seres on Acts s? That s rght UNSTOPPABLE. In the power of the Holy Sprt, the Good News of Jesus

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œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ- œ œ

œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ- œ œ 1. PSALM 10 / LORD, SEND OT YOR SPIRIT, Assembly James Scaone REFRAIN* /Assembly b VERSE 1 b - Lord, send out your Spir - it, 1. Bless the Lord. - Bless the Lord, my soul! and re - ne the face of the earth.

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>. œ. œ. > œ j. w > j J. œ >. j J j

>. œ. œ. > œ j. w > j J. œ >. j J j INTRODUCTION Moderato??? Trumpets 1, Tromoes 1,?? Timpai? 00898 Ÿ~~~~~ Ÿ~~~~~ Ÿ~~~ Ÿ~~~~ Ÿ~~~~~ Ped Ÿ~~~~~ Ÿ~~~~~ Ÿ~~~ Ÿ~~~ Ÿ~~~~~ For the 1999 priesthood ordiatio, Archdiocese o Chicago Cocertato o HYMN

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Psalm 98: Sing to the Lord a New Song Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary SAMPLE. deeds. COPY

Psalm 98: Sing to the Lord a New Song Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary SAMPLE. deeds. COPY 5 Refrain q = 11212 G 1. Sing deeds. Verses 1, 1. Sing. ll right joy Verse 2 2. (The) LOR C he F Psalm 98: Sing Lord a New Song Solemnity Immaculate Conception lessed Virgin Mary Lord LOR a new ends hand

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HYMN TUNE PROPERS. Introits for Advent. Metrical Antiphons. Psalm Verses. Hymn Tunes: CONDITOR ALME SIDERUM WINCHESTER NEW VENI, VENI EMMANUEL

HYMN TUNE PROPERS. Introits for Advent. Metrical Antiphons. Psalm Verses. Hymn Tunes: CONDITOR ALME SIDERUM WINCHESTER NEW VENI, VENI EMMANUEL HYMN TUNE PROPERS Introits for dvent Metrical ntiphons set to Hymn Tunes: ONITOR LME SIERUM WINHESTER NEW VENI, VENI EMMNUEL and Psalm Verses set to nglican hant harles H Giffen Kathleen Pluth These Introits

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BIBLE 509 AUTHORITY AND LAW BIBLE 509 AUTHORITY AND LAW CONTENTS I. GOD: THE SOURCE OF ALL AUTHORITY........ 5 God Is the Creator............................. 6 Jesus Is the Model of Obedience................. 11 The Holy Spirit

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SALEM-WITCH-L Archives 1 of 5 2009 09 19 01:16 Welcome to Sgn n DISCOVER MORE > Home Searches Famly Trees Malng Lsts Message Boards Web Stes Passwords Help Archver > SALEM WITCH > 1999 08 > 0933867296 SALEM-WITCH-L

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Introit for Ash Wednesday

Introit for Ash Wednesday Antiphon: Liturgical Text Introit for Ash Wednesday for SAB choir S A B You have mer cy on, O Lord, and ab hor noth ing (accompanied by organ if desired) you have made You look past the sins of men that

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Mass III. in Honor of Saint Benedict. Robert LeBlanc. Kyrie Gloria Gospel Acclamation Sanctus Mysterium Fidei Amen Agnus Dei

Mass III. in Honor of Saint Benedict. Robert LeBlanc. Kyrie Gloria Gospel Acclamation Sanctus Mysterium Fidei Amen Agnus Dei Mass III in Honor of Saint Benedict Robert LeBlanc Roman Missal, Third Edition Kyrie Gloria Gospel Acclamation Sanctus Mysterium Fidei Amen Agnus Dei For congregation, cantor, choir, organ or piano, brass,

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Single Lord, have mercy

Single Lord, have mercy Single Lord, have mercy Russian Lord, have mer - cy Lord, have mer - cy Carpatho-Rusyn Lord, have mer - cy Lord, have mer - cy Greek Lord, have mer - cy Lord, have mer - cy Antiochian Orthodox Christian

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ARCCO Examination Hymns

ARCCO Examination Hymns The Royal Canadian College Organists ARCCO Examation Hymns 20172019 The Royal Canadian College Organists 204 St George Street, Suite 202, Toron, Ontario M5R 2N5 As Comes Breath Sprg Denby 66

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Psalm 140. j ˆ«. ˆ«w « ˆ ˆ ˆ«ˆ«. ˆ« ˆ ˆ« ====================== ˆ«ˆ«ˆ«ˆ« l ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ l ˆ« l ˆ« «. ˆ «««« j « j «««« & b ˆ«««« j « ˆ«ˆ ˆ ˆ« ŵ«.

Psalm 140. j ˆ«. ˆ«w « ˆ ˆ ˆ«ˆ«. ˆ« ˆ ˆ« ====================== ˆ«ˆ«ˆ«ˆ« l ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ l ˆ« l ˆ« «. ˆ «««« j « j «««« & b ˆ«««« j « ˆ«ˆ ˆ ˆ« ŵ«. » œ» œ» œ» œ» Byzante So ««ˆ ˆ «««ˆ ˆ «ˆ ˆ ˆ «ˆ s «cried out un 85 Basi Kazan (1915 2001) «ˆ ŵ«. j ««««ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ.. j Hear ««ˆ ˆ. ˆ ««««ˆ ˆ ˆ me.. œ». un e.. j ««ˆ ˆ _«œ» œ» œ» œ» Give ear voice sup pi ca

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an imprint of Prometheus Books Amherst, NY

an imprint of Prometheus Books Amherst, NY an mprnt of Prometheus Books Amherst, NY Publshed 2012 by Pyr, an mprnt of Prometheus Books A Gule of Dragons. Copyrght 2012 James Enge. All rghts reserved. No part of ths publcaton may be reproduced,

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THE SEDER PLATE. Chorus B E F. Music and lyrics by Julie A. Silver B E F. great! Now's the time for Pass - o - ver, it's B E F. don't be late.

THE SEDER PLATE. Chorus B E F. Music and lyrics by Julie A. Silver B E F. great! Now's the time for Pass - o - ver, it's B E F. don't be late. TH SDR PLAT Chor Mic lyrics by Julie A. Sil Now's time for Pss - o -, 's gret! Now's time to tell sto - ry, don't be lte. Wh Am Dm friends fm - ily cn lern y-one will hve turn to 1. To Verse 1 tlk - bout

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Litany of the Holy Cross. Handbells used. mer - mer - mer - cy! cy! cy! œœ œœ œœ œ œ œ. œ œ. have have have. Lord, Christ, Lord, œ œ

Litany of the Holy Cross. Handbells used. mer - mer - mer - cy! cy! cy! œœ œœ œœ œ œ œ. œ œ. have have have. Lord, Christ, Lord, œ œ Litany Holy Cross Adapted from Traditial Litany Holy Cross Cyprian Csiglio Handbells used Cantor Handbells Keyboard?? A? (h = ca 55) Soprano I Soprano II (Melody) Alto Tenor Bass 7 B7 Ó ( ) () 4 3 4 3

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Lord, I Have Cried: Tone 7. œ œ œ œ

Lord, I Have Cried: Tone 7. œ œ œ œ Lord, I Have Cried: Tone 7 Tone 7 Ar. Kievan Chant The melody for Tone 7 has three phrases. Phrases and are used in alternation as the text requires. Phrase 3 is used for the last phrase of text. S A T

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For the Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle, J. Michael Thompson, director. Eve of the Millennium, 2000 A.D.

For the Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle, J. Michael Thompson, director. Eve of the Millennium, 2000 A.D. 1 Cantor You are Soprano Alto Tenor Bass (h = ca. 64) ther: ther: God: m e praise you; e You are the e (q = q ) 4 5 4 5 All cre 4 (*All). All You are the Lord: e ac claim you; ter nal Fa ter nal Fa # a

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PH/ICES REALIZED. 1.\ll.:\~14.1~:\-'rST.~1)I4.STlllt\ TI~11. Iun~I~\ -\\-00n, ~~ \ I..II ~Onx I.\ S.\TI-nn.-\\'. JI-.xl~21 - sl-~n.\\-.j'-~i~ 2:;.

PH/ICES REALIZED. 1.\ll.:\~14.1~:\-'rST.~1)I4.STlllt\ TI~11. Iun~I~\ -\\-00n, ~~ \ I..II ~Onx I.\ S.\TI-nn.-\\'. JI-.xl~21 - sl-~n.\\-.j'-~i~ 2:;. -... j, :.- ~.' PH/CES REALZED ; ".. " ",,.\ll.:\~4.~:\-'rst.~)4.stlllt\ T~ un~~\ -\\-00n, ~~ \.. ~Onx.\ S.\T-nn.-\\'. J-.xl~2 - sl-~n.\\-.j'-~~ 2:;.2000.\. ,'"'... ::: w._...... -. ".' '.. --- ~-------

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AFRICA STUDY BIBLE (BLACK LEATHER) AFRICA STUDY BIBLE (BLACK LEATHER) The Africa Study Bible (ASB) is the most ethnically diverse, singlevolume, biblical resource to date. Written by 350 contributors from 50 countries, it includes the Holy

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File scanned from the National Security Adviser's Memoranda of Conversation Collection at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library THE WHITE HOUSE

File scanned from the National Security Adviser's Memoranda of Conversation Collection at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library THE WHITE HOUSE File scanned from the National Security Adviser's Memoranda of Conversation Collection at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library MEMORANDUM THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON ~NODIS/XGDS MEMORANDUM OF CONVERSATION

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LIVING ON MISSIONAL PURPOSE. Peter Meier Center for United States Missions

LIVING ON MISSIONAL PURPOSE. Peter Meier Center for United States Missions LIVING ON MISSIONAL PURPOSE Peter Meier Center for United States Missions Mission begins in the heart of God A Theological Statement of Mission, LCMS GOD S MISSION Isaiah 45:21-24 There is no God apart

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This document is from the Cornell University Library's Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections located in the Carl A. Kroch Library.

This document is from the Cornell University Library's Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections located in the Carl A. Kroch Library. This document is from the Cornell University Library's Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections located in the Carl A. Kroch Library. If you have questions regarding this document or the information

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SAMPLE. Wondrous Love Mass. Paul Hillebrand and Kevin Keil

SAMPLE. Wondrous Love Mass. Paul Hillebrand and Kevin Keil Wondrous Love Mass Paul Hiller Kevin Keil Excerpts from English translation Roman Missal 2010, International Commission on English in Liturgy Corporation (ICEL), 1100 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 710, Washington,

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