USAF Almanac. Air Force Magazine s Guide to Aces and Heroes. Some Famous US Fighter Firsts

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1 USAF Almnc Air Force Mgzine s Guide to Aces nd Heroes Striking pose in front of Cpt. Eddie Rickenbcker s irplne re (l r) st Lt. Joseph Estmn, Cpt. Jmes A. Meissner (eight victories), Rickenbcker ( victories), st Lt. Reed M. Chmbers (seven victories), nd st Lt. Thorne C. Tylor (two victories). My, Dec., Dec., Nov., 0 My 0, Nov. 30, Jn., Aug., Some Fmous US Fighter Firsts First US trined AEF ce: Cpt. Edwrd V. Rickenbcker First AAF victories ( t Perl Hrbor): Lts. Hrry W. Brown, Philip M. Rsmussen, Lewis M. Snders, Gordon H. Sterling Jr., Kenneth M. Tylor, George S. Welch First AAF ce (): st Lt. Boyd D. Wgner First jet-to-jet victory (Koren Wr): st Lt. Russell J. Brown First USAF ce of the Koren Wr: Cpt. Jmes Jbr First USAF ce of two wrs ( nd Kore): Mj. George A. Dvis Jr. ( in nd in Kore) First (nd only) USAF ce with victories in nd Vietnm: Col. Robin Olds ( in nd in Vietnm) First USAF ce of Vietnm: Cpt. Richrd S. Ritchie By trdition, nyone with five officil victory credits is n ce. In compiling this list of ces who flew with the US Air Force nd predecessor orgniztions (the Air Service, Air Corps, nd Army Air Forces), Air Force Mgzine relied on USAF s officil ccounting of eril victory credits, which is the responsibility of the Air Force Historicl Reserch Agency, Mxwell AFB, Al. Air Force historins hve kept the officil records of eril victories by USAF pilots nd crew members since. The Office of the Air Force Historin initilly published four seprte listings for World Wr I, World Wr II, the Koren Wr, nd the Vietnm Wr. The four volumes hve been corrected, updted, nd combined into one comprehensive volume. In ech wr in which its members flew nd fought, the Air Force estblished criteri for wrding eril victory credits. These criteri vried from wr to wr, nd therefore one cnnot mke direct comprisons of ces cross ll wrs. In mny cses during World Wr I, severl vitors worked together to down single ircrft. The Air Service wrded one whole credit to ech vitor who contributed to the victory. A single victory could nd often did result in three or four victory credits. In World Wr II nd Kore, the criteri were chnged. The service divided one credit mong ll vitors who contributed to destruction of n enemy irplne. With the wrding of frctionl credits, single victory could result in no more thn one credit. The rules were chnged gin in the Vietnm Wr. When n F- downed n enemy ircrft, USAF would wrd two full eril victory credits one to the frontseter nd one to the bckseter. As in World Wr I, single victory resulted in multiple victory credits. Thus, the stndrds for World Wr II nd Kore were more restrictive thn those for World Wr I nd Vietnm. AIR FORCE Mgzine / My 000

2 Leding Americn Aces of World Wr I ( or more victories) Luke, nd Lt. Frnk Jr. Vughn, st Lt. George A. Kindley, st Lt. Field E. Springs, st Lt. Elliott W. Lndis, st Lt. Reed G. Swb, st Lt. Jcques M. nd Lt. Frnk Luke Jr. Mj. Richrd I. Bong Rnks re s of lst victory in World Wr II. Aces who dded to these scores by victories in the Koren Wr. b SL stnds for Squdron Leder, British designtion. Gldych ws Polish nd flew in service with Americn units. The Polish government in exile ws hedqurtered in London. Thus, Polish pilots hd British designtions. Gbreski, Lt. Col. Frncis S. Johnson, Cpt. Robert S. McDonld, Col. Chrles H. Preddy, Mj. George E. Meyer, Lt. Col. John C. Schilling, Col. Dvid C. Johnson, Lt. Col. Gerld R. Robbins, Mj. Jy T. Christensen, Cpt. Fred J. Wetmore, Cpt. Ry S. Voll, Cpt. John J. Mhurin, Mj. Wlker M. Lynch, Lt. Col. Thoms J. Westbrook, Lt. Col. Robert B. Gentile, Cpt. Don S. Duncn, Col. Glenn E. Crson, Cpt. Leonrd K. Egleston, Mj. Glenn T. Beckhm, Mj. Wlter C. Green, Mj. Herschel H. Herbst, Lt. Col. John C. Zemke, Lt. Col. Hubert Englnd, Mj. John B. Beeson, Cpt. Dune W. Thornell, st Lt. John F. Jr. Vrnell, Cpt. Jmes S. Jr. Johnson, Mj. Gerld W. Godfrey, Cpt. John T. Anderson, Cpt. Clrence E. Jr. Dunhm, Lt. Col. Willim D. Hrris, Lt. Col. Bill Welch, Cpt. George S. Beerbower, Cpt. Donld M. Brown, Mj. Smuel J. Peterson, Cpt. Richrd A. Whisner, Cpt. Willim T. Jr. Brdley, Lt. Col. Jck T. Crgg, Mj. Edwrd Foy, Mj. Robert W. Hofer, nd Lt. Rlph K. Homer, Cpt. Cyril F. Lnders, Lt. Col. John D. Powers, Cpt. Joe H. Jr. Brown, Cpt. Henry W. Curtis, Mj. Robert C. Dhlberg, Cpt. Kenneth H. DeHven, Cpt. Robert M. Emmer, Cpt. Wllce N. Goodson, Mj. Jmes A. Jeffrey, Lt. Col. Arthur F. McComs, Lt. Col. Edwrd O. Roberts, Cpt. Dniel T. Jr. West, Cpt. Richrd L. Bochky, Mj. Donld H. Strit, Mj. Donld J. Bryn, Cpt. Donld S. Crpenter, Mj. George Brooks, st Lt. Jmes L. Hmpshire, Cpt. John F. Jr. Hed, Cpt. Cotesworth B. Jr. Hollowy, Col. Bruce K. Millikn, Cpt. Willrd W. Leding Army Air Forces Aces of World Wr II ( or more victories) Morn, st Lt. Glennon T. Prker, Cpt. Hrry A. Stephens, Mj. Robert W. Willimson, Cpt. Felix D. Bruelnd, Mj. Lowell K. Crr, st Lt. Bruce W. Brown, Mj. Quince L. Brezs, st Lt. Michel Chse, Lt. Col. Levi R. Est, Cpt. Clyde Hively, Mj. Howrd D. Ldd, Cpt. Kenneth G. Moore, Mj. Robert W. Olds, Mj. Robin Schreiber, Cpt. Leroy A. Skogstd, st Lt. Normn C. Slon, st Lt. Willim J. Wtkins, Cpt. Jmes A. Megur, Cpt. Nichols Blkeslee, Col. Donld J.M. Conger, Mj. Pul A. Kirl, st Lt. John A. McDonld, Mj. Normn L. Stewrt, Mj. Jmes C. Norley, Mj. Louis H. Frntz, st Lt. Crl M. Goebel, Cpt. Robert J. Lwler, Cpt. John B. Lent, st Lt. Frncis J. Leverette, Lt. Col. Willim L. Loisel, Mj. John S. Lowry, st Lt. Wyne L. McCorkle, Col. Chrles M. McKennon, Mj. Pierce W. Mitchell, Lt. Col. John W. Mollnd, Cpt. Lelnd P. Quirk, Cpt. Michel J. Riddle, st Lt. Robert E. Shubin, st Lt. Murry J. Smith, Cpt. Cornelius M. Jr. Sprks, st Lt. Kenneth C. Turner, Mj. Richrd E. O Connor, Cpt. Frnk Q. Ceuleers, Lt. Col. George F. Clrk, Lt. Col. Jmes A. Jr. Doersch, Cpt. George A. Hlton, Mj. Willim T. Hovde, Mj. Willim J. Littge, Cpt. Rymond H. Storch, Lt. Col. John A. Yeger, Cpt. Chrles E. Anderson, st Lt. Chrles F. Aschenbrener, Cpt. Robert W. Blickenstff, Lt. Col. Wyne K. Englnd, Mj. Jmes J. Giroux, Cpt. Willim K. Gldych, SL b Michel Goehusen, Cpt. Wlter J. Jr. Hrris, Cpt. Ernest A. Lines, st Lt. Ted E. Rnkin, st Lt. Robert J. Reynolds, st Lt. Andrew J. Scott, Col. Robert L. Jr. Stnch, Cpt. Pul M. Summer, Cpt. Elliot AIR FORCE Mgzine / My 000

3 Cpts. Chrles B. DeBellevue nd Richrd S. Ritchie Cpt. Joseph C. McConnell Jr. USAF Aces of the Koren Wr McConnell, Cpt. Joseph C. Jr. Jbr, Mj. Jmes Fernndez, Cpt. Mnuel J. Bker, Col. Royl N. Blesse, Mj. Frederick C. Fischer, st Lt. Hrold E. Grrison, Lt. Col. Vermont Johnson, Col. Jmes K. Moore, Cpt. Lonnie R. Prr, Cpt. Rlph S. Jr. Foster, Cpt. Cecil G. Low, st Lt. Jmes F. Hgerstrom, Mj. Jmes P. Risner, Cpt. Robinson Ruddell, Lt. Col. George I. Buttlemnn, st Lt. Henry Jolley, Cpt. Clifford D. Lilley, Cpt. Leonrd W. Adms, Mj. Donld E. Jones, Lt. Col. George L. Mrshll, Mj. Winton W. Ksler, st Lt. Jmes H. Love, Cpt. Robert J. Whisner, Mj. Willim T. Jr. Bldwin, Col. Robert P. Becker, Cpt. Richrd S. Bettinger, Mj. Stephen L. Creighton, Mj. Richrd D. Curtin, Cpt. Clyde A. Gibson, Cpt. Rlph D. Kincheloe, Cpt. Iven C. Jr. Ltshw, Cpt. Robert T. Jr. Moore, Cpt. Robert H. Overton, Cpt. Dolphin D. III Thyng, Col. Hrrison R. Wescott, Mj. Willim H. In ddition to World Wr II victories USAF Aces of the Vietnm Wr DeBellevue, Cpt. Chrles B. Feinstein, Cpt. Jeffrey S. Ritchie, Cpt. Richrd S. Cpt. Jeffrey S. Feinstein Mj. George A. Dvis (left), the first ce in two wrs, ws the leding ce in Kore with ircrft destroyed when he ws shot down on mission for which he would receive posthumous Medl of Honor. With him re Col. Ben Preston (center), th Fighter Interceptor Group commnder, nd Mj. Winton W. Mrshll, lso n ce. Dvis would eventully be surpssed by only three pilots, including Cpt. Joseph C. McConnell Jr., USAF's leding ce in Kore. AIR FORCE Mgzine / My 000

4 AAF/USAF Aces With Victories in Both World Wr II nd Lter Wr Meyer, Col. John C. Mhurin, Col. Wlker M. Whisner, Mj. Willim T. Jr. Egleston, Col. Glenn T. Grrison, Lt. Col. Vermont Bker, Col. Royl N. Jbr, Mj. Jmes Olds, Col. Robin Mitchell, Col. John W. Bruelnd, Mj. Lowell K. Hgerstrom, Mj. Jmes P. Hovde, Lt. Col. Willim J. Johnson, Col. Jmes K. Ruddell, Lt. Col. George I. Thyng, Col. Hrrison R. Colmn, Cpt. Philip E. Heller, Lt. Col. Edwin L. Chndler, Mj. Vn E. Hockery, Mj. John J. Creighton, Mj. Richrd D. Emmert, Lt. Col. Benjmin J. Jr. Bettinger, Mj. Stephen L. Visscher, Mj. Hermn W. Liles, Cpt. Brooks J. Mttson, Cpt. Conrd E. Sheffer, Mj. Willim F Olds s four dditionl victories cme during the Vietnm Wr. Koren/Other Totl Col. Frncis S. Gbreski Cpt. Robert S. Johnson Leding Air Service/AAF/USAF Aces of All Wrs Col. John C. Meyer Col. Robin Olds Mj. Jmes Jbr Johnson, Cpt. Robert S. McDonld, Col. Chrles H. Preddy, Mj. George E. Meyer, Col. John C. Mhurin, Col. Wlker M. Schilling, Col. Dvid C. Johnson, Lt. Col. Gerld R. Robbins, Mj. Jy T. Christensen, Cpt. Fred J. Wetmore, Cpt. Ry S. Voll, Cpt. John J. Whisner, Cpt. Willim T. Jr. Egleston, Col. Glenn T. Lynch, Lt. Col. Thoms J. Westbrook, Lt. Col. Robert B. Gentile, Cpt. Don S b , Kore, Kore WW I, Kore, Kore, Kore, Kore b Under World Wr II nd Koren Wr counting rules, Rickenbcker would hve been credited with.33 victories. The chnge would not lter his position on this list. AIR FORCE Mgzine // My 000

5 Nmes, Alphbeticlly Living Medl of Honor recipient. by Wrs, nd Rnk t Time of Action Hometown Dte of Action Plce of Action Bleckley, nd Lt. Erwin R. Goettler, nd Lt. Hrold E. Luke, nd Lt. Frnk Jr. USAF Recipients of the Medl of Honor Wichit, Kn. Phoenix Columbus, Ohio World Wr I Oct., Oct., Sept., Sept., World Wr II Binrville, Frnce Binrville, Frnce Murvux, Frnce Billy, Frnce Bker, Lt. Col. Addison E. Crswell, Mj. Horce S. Jr. Cstle, Brig. Gen. Frederick W. Cheli, Mj. Rlph Crw, Col. Dems T. Doolittle, Lt. Col. Jmes H. Erwin, SSgt. Henry E. Femoyer, nd Lt. Robert E. Gott, st Lt. Donld J. Hmilton, Mj. Pierpont M. Howrd, Lt. Col. Jmes H. Hughes, nd Lt. Lloyd H. Jerstd, Mj. John L. Johnson, Col. Leon W. Kne, Col. John R. Kingsley, nd Lt. Dvid R. Knight, st Lt. Rymond L. Lwley, st Lt. Willim R. Jr. Lindsey, Cpt. Drrell R. Mthies, SSgt. Archibld Mthis, st Lt. Jck W. Metzger, nd Lt. Willim E. Jr. Michel, st Lt. Edwrd S. Morgn, nd Lt. John C. Pese, Cpt. Hrl Jr. Pucket, st Lt. Donld D. Srnoski, nd Lt. Joseph R. Shomo, Mj. Willim A. Smith, Sgt. Mynrd H. Truemper, nd Lt. Wlter E. Vnce, Lt. Col. Leon R. Jr. Vosler, TSgt. Forrest L. Wlker, Brig. Gen. Kenneth N. Wilkins, Mj. Rymond H. Zemer, Mj. Jy Jr. Poplr, Wis. Fort Worth, Texs Mnil, Philippines Sn Frncisco Trverse City, Mich. Almed, Clif. Admsville, Al. Huntington, W.V. Arnett, Okl. Tuxedo Prk, N.Y. Cnton, Chin Alexndri, L. Rcine, Wis. Columbi, Mo. McGregor, Texs Wichit Flls, Texs Portlnd, Ore. Houston Leeds, Al. Jefferson, Iow Scotlnd Sn Angelo, Texs Ridgewood, N.J. Lim, Ohio Vernon, Texs Plymouth, N.H. Longmont, Colo. Simpson, P. Jennette, P. Cro, Mich. Auror, Ill. Enid, Okl. Lyndonville, N.Y. Cerrillos, N.M. Portsmouth, V. Crlisle, P. Aug., 3 Oct. Nov., Oct., Dec., Aug., 3 Nov., April, April, Nov., Nov., Nov., Jn., Aug., 3 Aug., 3 Aug., 3 Aug., 3 Oct., 3 June 3, April, Feb. 0, Aug., Feb. 0, Mrch, 3 Dec., Nov., April, July, 3 Aug., July, June, 3 Jn., My, 3 Feb. 0, June, Dec. 0, 3 Jn., 3 Nov., 3 June, 3 Southwest Pcific South Chin Se Liège, Belgium Wewk, New Guine Port Lyutey, French Morocco Tokyo Koriym, Jpn Merseburg, Germny Srbrücken, Germny Port Lyutey, French Morocco Oschersleben, Germny Wewk, New Guine Po Vlley, Itly Pontoise, Frnce Vegesck, Germny Luzon, Philippines Srbrücken, Germny Brunswick, Germny Kiel, Germny Buk, Solomon Islnds Luzon, Philippines St. Nzire, Frnce Wimereux, Frnce Bremen, Germny Buk, Solomon Islnds Kore Loring, Mj. Chrles J. Jr. Sebille, Mj. Louis J. Wlmsley, Cpt. John S. Jr. Dublin, Texs Portlnd, Mine Hrbor Bech, Mich. Bltimore Feb., Nov., Aug., 0 Sept., Sinuiju,Ylu River, N. Kore Sniper Ridge, N. Kore Hmch ng, S. Kore Yngdok, N. Kore Vietnm Bennett, Cpt. Steven L. Dy, Col. George E. Dethlefsen, Mj. Merlyn H. Fisher, Mj. Bernrd F. Fleming, st Lt. Jmes P. Jckson, Lt. Col. Joe M. Jones, Col. Willim A. III Levitow, AC John L. Sijn, Cpt. Lnce P. Thorsness, Lt. Col. Leo K. Wilbnks, Cpt. Hillird A. Young, Cpt. Gerld O. Plestine, Texs Sioux City, Iow Greenville, Iow Sn Bernrdino, Clif. Sedli, Mo. Newnn, G. Wrsw, V. South Windsor, Conn. Milwukee Settle Corneli, G. Ancortes, Wsh. June, Conspicuous gllntry while POW Mrch, Mrch, Nov., My, Sept., Feb., Conspicuous gllntry while POW April, Feb., Nov., Qung Tri, S. Vietnm Thi Nguyen, N. Vietnm A Shu Vlley, S. Vietnm Duc Co, S. Vietnm Khm Duc, S. Vietnm Dong Hoi, N. Vietnm Long Binh, S. Vietnm N. Vietnm Dlt, S. Vietnm D Nng re, S. Vietnm Pecetime Lindbergh, Col. Chrles A. Mitchell, Mj. Gen. W.C. Billy Detroit Milwukee My 0, Posthumous wrd New York City Pris record flight Foresight in militry vition AIR FORCE Mgzine / My 000