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1 VOL XXIV. No. 88 (louple Hosts Chrstmas Eve I'ARTERET Mr. and Mrs. An- '\v Cnege entertaner! at ther lne, Longfellow Street, nt n mer party Chrstmas Eve to '>r the lattor's parents, Mr. and John Hemaet of Washngton \vnn, on ther h thrty-lfth fh wed-d, nj; annversary; PFC. Ewald I!. rhm's of Bay Terrace, Staten I, on hs recent dscharge 'n the Army; and PFC. Robert INmsol, Mrs. Cnege's brother, who A. at home for the holdays from \hfonl General Hosptal, Whte.-"lphu Spngs, W. Va. dfts!,"nnrcd guests and u turkey dn- :, r W»K served. COVITS were lad l" Mr. and Mrs. Harold daughter, Dolores; Mrs. Robt Hemsel and ron, Robert; Mrs. terne Hcmsel and chldren, I'urca and Ralph; Nel and Susan K (ncte; Mr. and Mrs. John nt'gc and chldren, Sandra and dmrgette; Stephen Metey and Mutn Cnege, all of Carteret; M,. Ewald Borchers and son, r.-.*ald,, Jr., «f Staten Island, and Krv. and Ms. John Murray of rarest Hlls, L.. Poltcans Have Partes CARTBUET- Each of the pot- ' ;l organsatons n Carteret held : pe-chrstmas party, the Demonuts Thursday n«ht at No, Fre M.ll and the Republcans Frday nnht at the same place. At the frst party Jamos J. Lularh, tux assessor, led n sngng Chrstmas carols, wth Mrs. John lobrovch as solost. An exchange tut' gfts was featured, wth Mrs. Mary Lttk'n charge. A short busness meetng preceded the party wth Frank J, Kearney and Walter Wmec as speakers. At the Republcan celebraton I In men of the club entertaned le women members, and George ''»ku npbrsonatel Santa Claus to gfts. A short busness ng also wan held, at whch the presdent, -Joseph G. Jomo, d former Mayor Joseph W, charman of the nomnalcommttee for the comng ol electon. At Our famly 9 Chrstmas Party Frday rm CARTERETT, N. J., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, 95 Uuully mot- «( abtal tl* appurenc* of our face* In our own newtp * p r, we thoaf Kl for th once oar feeder* and olmn m(kl lke to ae thoae who are eatocated n Ike Woodbrd re Publhnf Company famly. The photograph w a laken et our C h r (mat party n the new recreat o n room whch tn been furnlahcd on the top floor of our Green Street plant. Our only g u e t, Major Grener, ma; be een n the center of th* group. Health Insurance, Cash Bonus Wm. Donnelly Yule Gfts To Our Employees )es At 85 Company's Progressve Polcy Further Extended; Party On Frday E The famly of employes of the Woodbrdgf Publshng Company were guests Frday nght at a Chrstmas party n the newly-completed recreaton room on the thrd floor of the company buldng. In addton to the cash bonus gven annually lu all the workers, were presented all theannouncement also was made of the company's sponsorshp of hosptal and medcal and surgcal nsurance for each employe and hs entre famly. Thn nsurance wll become effectve as of February I and p'rwdes complete benefts n case of llness when hosptalzaton s necessary. MRS. NEVILL ILL CARTERET Mm. John Jl. Nev ll, wfe of the Borough'Rworder,» ll at her home n Pendng Ave- ""'. Mrs, Nevll svff«re<l * stroke U»t Saturday. Ths provson s n lne wth the company's progressve, nterest all 'those assocated wth t. For nearly three years, hourly worker? have been pad for the sx news paper holdays and also whenever they are unable to work because of llness or other unavodable cause both of whch benefts have only recently bpcn granted n othe newspaper and prntng plants am hen only after protracted nego-.aton and strfe. The allowance; n ths plant were n every n stance the voluntary act of the company. The new recreaton room s furnshed to permt the employes to have pleasant surroundngs n whch to eat ther lunch and also to provde an adequate place for socal meetngs such as Frday's. Ktchen facltes have been ntalled, as far as post-war shortages wll permt, and tems now lackng wll be suppled as quckly as they are avalable. A buffet dnner was served Frday nght, and a number of door Youngsters Celebrated At Boro Recreaton Party CARTERET About one hundred youngsters were entertaned last Frday ut a Chrstmas party n the Recreaton Center, gven by the Borough Councl, Dajel Sem'za', supervsor of recreaton, led n the sngng of carols, and refreshments were served. andy also was dstrbuted and the celebraton took place about the Chrstmas tfee erected there for the holdays. SERVICE NOTES l>. Maurce A. Chodosh has '" I " dscharged from the Army ^ dcal Corps, n whch he ranked " Captan, ayrd has resumed hs l»nu-tlc«, wth hs home and offce ' l ' ' "d.the Army thre^and a half lars ago and was assgned as Kl '«ht Surgeon operatng *> ) " Vl»»nl, Drew Feld at Tattpu and "orl Myers, all n Florda, For the ['"at two year* h»/.w» an duty at Waycroag, Ga. Mm, Chodoah and lll «r throo chldren returned to l r "teret wtlv Mm, although Mrs. Mo*fc nqw to n, WMHlngton,., where «J» was called because '" «V. <>«Roosevelt Avenue. He en- ttav«- 6 ; ('p. Joseph Bobel', 7 Salem at Fort Mx; S/Sgt. John :zyn, Mary Street, and /Sgt Joseph Veuook, 77 Lncoln venue, ut Fort Monmouth, st Leutenants Edmund J. Ho lanowsk, Whtman Street, and tester Sokler, 85 Lowell Street, ml PFC. Edward W. Prokop,' 68 jttck Avanue, all at Fort Monmouth; Sgt. Martn J. Mnkler, Washngton Avenue, at Mtchell 'eld, N. Y.j dpt. John M. Eude, 7 Jersey Street; Sgt. John Ker estun, 5 Heald Street; PFC. ous Rozansk, 8 IVrshlng Av«and Sgt. Stephen Vttrgu, 9tf nue, Idgar Street, also at Fort Mon mouth; Cpl. Pnkus Chudosh, 8 Ralroad Avenue, at Mtchel Feld Cpl. Joseph Blanco and PFC I Bmko are reported as among were dstrbuted. Chrstmas ecoratms wee prettly arranged ml we all -ncludng our guest, rtayor Grener enjoyed the eveng very much. Please! Your Dmes Are Sought In Annual Appeal For Polo Ad CARTERET The start of the l'.f campagn to rase funds to releve, nfantle paralyss was an nounced ths week by the char man, Hev. Dr. Kenneth MacDonal prest n charge of St. Mark's Epg. copal Church. Father MacDohak' reported that contaners for contr butons to the March of Dmes had been placed n stores and othe places of busness throughout Car teret and appealed to the Com nunty to contrbute durng th holday season for the relef o those afflcted wth nfantle pa ralyss. In addton to jthe funds collec ed n the contaners, money wll b rased by beneft basketball game sponsored by the Carteret Hgh School faculty, a bowlng match arranged by Anton Bubenhemer, and collectons made at the local Mrs. Lokec Is Socety Htjad CARTERET Mrs. Stephen Lokec has ncfm named ptedent of St f the Altar and Rosury Socety of Holy Famly Church, for whch the next meetng wll be a Chrstmas party a week fr6m, tonght, n the school hall. Gfts wll be ex changed. Servng wth Mrs. Loklec durng the comng year wll be; Vce presdent, Mrs, Joseph Waselewsk; sec rutary, Mrs. Josephne Gnda treasurer, Mrs, Stephen Wnutow k. Members of the Kck commt are: Mrs. Cecela jsu'l, Mrs tfary Sulnosk, Mrs, Glndu, Mrs Antonette Moczarsk, Mrs. Jo sphne Pucesk and Mrs,, Lokec. Prefects elected were Mrs. Mary Czajkowsk, Mrs, Vctora Kudylu, CARTERET Rev. Dr. Kenneth MacDonald wll conduct servces n t. Mark's Epscopal Church Sunny afternoon for Wllam Donelly, donor of a memoral wndow hove- the church altar. Father MacDonald also wll hold a Ltany ervcc tomorrow nght at 8 o'clock n Mr. Donnelly's home, Washngton Avenue, where he ded early yesterday mornng. The funcra servce wll start from the Donnelly home at P. M., followed by the church rte at : o'clock. Bural wll be n Trnty Church Yard, Woodbrdge. (Contnued on Page ) Stll Hope To Rase "E" Quota Total Well Ahead O Goal, But "E" Types Lag; $,68 Needed CARTERET Wth the perod ~o( the Vctory I,o«n almost ended, Bales n Carterot have passed the quota «f $75,, although the mount of 'E" bonds thn ncluded s $,(5S shy of the goal of $6,- whch s sought. Last mnute sales, however, are expected to brng the fnal amount realed n Carteret up to the desred total, n the opnon of the charman, K' Stremlau. Ths wll mantan th communty's record of meetng every assgnment under Mr. Strem lau's leadershp. Sales recorded n the yarou types of securtes whch :re aval able are lsted aa follows by Mr, Stremlau: "E" bonds $7,6. "F" bonds 79.6 "G" bonds.. 8,8. Seres C notes 7/8# Certfcates % Treasury bonds Treasury'bonds,. 8,6. 5,CJ<W.OO 89,5. $9,96.76 Mr. Stremlau sad today that he beleved a suffcent number of "E" bon^s wll be sold between last Saturday, when hs report was compled, «nd the end of the year, to meet the desred quota of "E" bonds..the ntensve campagn waged n the publc schools has resulted n the Hgh School meetng onethrd ts quota before the Chrstmas vacaton; Columba School one-half; Nathan Hale one-half and Washngton School one-half. One school, Cleveland, assgned a quota of $,, sold a total of?,9!uo. Sales at the schools show the followng totals n the latest report: Hgh School, $,87. Columbus, $,9.65; Nathan Hale $,58.96; Washngton $,.86 Local Pastor Wll Qffchte At Dedcaton Next Tuesday Bshop Unable To Come To St. Demetrus Untl Late February CARTERET Because Rght Reverend Bohdan, Bshop of the Ukranan Orthodox Greek-Catholc Church of Amerca, wll be unable o come to Carteret untl the end t February, the pastor of St. Denetrus Ukranan Church, Very lev. John Hundak, has been desgnated to bless the murals n the moton pcture theatre under the edfce and conduct the rededcaon servce there next Tuesday, drecton of ts manager, Morrs Spewak. New Year's Day. The Bshop wll Indvdual donatons may be sent :>less the altars on hs vst. He now to St. Mark's rectory. Checks and s on a trp to Wnnpeg, Canada money orders should be made payable to the Natonal Foundaton ment8 had been started for the re where he was called after arrange Infantle Paralyss or thededcaton of the local church. March of Dmes. MEETING DATE SET. CARTERET The nnt meetng of Deborah Rebekah Lodge wll be held Wednesday, n I. O- O. *. Hall At the sesson lmt week th«annual Chrstmas part^as held, wth Mrs. Thomas MOW John Donnelly, Mrs. Gurt**, and Mr*. Arthur Hall U\ hostesses. Gfts were e NEW CLUB I CARTBRET-M«.'»n s charman of W ous club recently C " Lades' Ausllary hood of Israel S/n gankaton al*» W, ater»nd" "** eltane the Brotheror? The servce, wth Father llunlak as offcal representatve of the hgh dgntary, wll start a : A. M., and at o'cloak Very Rev. Ncholas Pdhorecky chancellor of the docese, wll cele brate the Dvne Lturgy. He wl be asssted by the Rev. Fathers George. Tsukornyk, of New York John Petrykanyn of Hudson, N Y.; Gregory Chomtsky of Allen town, Pa.; John Shnurer of Her kmer, N, Y.; Basl Kushl of Sta pletotn, N. Y.; Andrew Hrek Brdgeport, Conn.; Andrew Kus chak of Hempstead, N. Y., am: FIRE HERE YESTERDAY Father Hundak. The church chor CARTERET Shortly after noun wll sng at each servce under the yesterday fre of undetermned drecton of ts leader, Prof. Sostuzko. orgn damaged the two-famly house at 78 Pershng Avenue occuped by the famles of Thonat The Ssterhood of the Blessed Hold Servces Here Today For Lee, Former Detectve CARTERET Funeral servces took place ths mornng for George Mrs. Mary Nadolsk, Mrs. Pecesk W. Lee, seventy-nne years of age, Mrs. Anna Fetko, " " Mrs. Sul " ' and ' of New York Cty, who ded hete Mrs. okec. on Sunday at the home of hs son, Chalus Lee, 5 Pershng Avenue, A requem mass was celebrated n St. Joseph's Church, and bural was n St. Gertrude's Cwnetery, Wood, brdge. Mr. Lee was a detectve n the New Yvork Cty Polce Department and after hs retrement n' 9 served also n the same capacty for the, Metropoltan Museum of Art n that cty, from whch poston he also had baen retred, H«t survved by hs wdow, Ann, and three other chldren, Ebbwt, Joan and Jean.. t TQ MEET MNUAtt 9 'rgn wll prepare and serve lanquct at o'clock n the after mon at the Ukranan Pavlon Harry Wohuwky, presdent of th hurch trustees, wll welcome th guests, and Patrck Potocng w e touatmaster. The church cho lao wll sng at ths tme. Two Groups At USMR Celebrate Together CARTERET - Chrstmas was celebrated by the employes of the scrap and producton departments of the Unted States Metals Refllng Company at a party n the scrap plant. George Raker led n.sngng carols, and gfts were dstrbuted by Wllam Borbeley as Santa Claus. The Msses Mary Sugfue and Jean Vater were hostesses. Others present were Paul B. Garher, E. H. Mott J. J. Keatng, Herbert Handschuh, Wllam Hl- Hard, George Mclcgu, Benjamn Zusman, Harry Rock, Olga Stephana, Volet Altman, Olga Kornulek, Eleanor Potenko, Elvra Yuhasz, Ann Ducko, Ann Dolonch, George Warters, Raymond Mc- Crory, Frank Schuck, Frank Grezner and Guseppe Baslc. Devereaux and Frank H. O'Bren, The fre started d n a woodple p just outsde the rear cellar'door and burned the pant and boards of the buldng's th-st story before t «was checked by members of the two fre companes, The nterors of both homes were damaged from smoke. Foster Expresson In Musc Through Courses In Schools Groups And Indvduals Get lutrunwdul And Vocal Instructon CARTERET Instrumental mult n the Hgh School, Nathan H*le School, nnd Columbus School, s well under way. Pupls In grades fve through twelve have an opportunty to study any nstrument f th«band or orchestra wthout cost, Instructon bj gven by Phlp Waron, teacher of Instrumental musc n the Cartcret schools. The nstructon Is gven n small groups, and ndvdually. Hgh School nstrumental musc comes Monday and Tuesday, mornng and afternoon, Wednesday forenoon and Frday forenoon. At Nathan Hale, nstructon In Instrumental musk comes Wednesday afternoon and Frday afternoon and *t Columbus School on Thursday forenoon und afternoon. At the Hgh School, nstructon n vocal musc s gven by Mss Gencveve Kramer on Wednesday Thursday and Frday, and n the upper grades at Nathan Hale on Monday, and at Columbus on Xuesday. A grls' glee club and an Capella Chor, at the Hgh chool, are drected by Ms; ramer. Munc from the kndergarten rough grade fve s taught by ra. Maron Ryan. hrstmas Seal Sale Here 'asses Hdt Of 'S Quota Durng last wlnltr many upper grade pupls attended matnee* of the opera n New York, n group* under the aupervlalon of Was Kr mer, and th$ practce wll be ton tlnued. Retret OK Tutnday Frank Haury Brown Named To Head Club rater Councl Org OnTue anz Haary Refect; are Stll U Job, To CARTERET - When 'ngh Councl nrganlta next Tuesday nhortly t wll xtart I ho frst Jft I body»nc«> 99 In trenrhunt, vtrolc eo Frank Hnury wll not Mr. Haury rhrr-s at tht ng of the 96 Councl, I ng n member snce 9 whrh 'rlod he has DMA I crntrr of practcally the mmy rontrovendw the rttmmunty'a He dd nut M'*k re-«l( v'ln', ulthough ht I In r nf I he Hoard of whch he hs* sanrtd fllng four full term I I'Xptr'd tpnx of Albert who resgned when he Canada. The procedure for on Tuesday at presrtt n but one reaped, t)m body wll meet to KtMkf and a new body wll I At ths sewlon Jo wll takfl hs oath of < second term; Frank hs frst, llorough Clerk. Perry wll admlntstw of offlcr, and also that ande Com ha, who eon CARTERET Proceeds from CARTERET The Lonr Star the sale of Chrstmas Seals n Socal nnd Athletc Club, Inc., wth place nn Tax Collector. I larterct have amounted to Jl,- ts headquarters n lower Roosevelt Avenue, has elected'lous R. unexpred turm, and entered the offce n 9S, 59, t was announced by the charman, Mrs. Meyer Wesman.?rown presdent. Those named to elected three tmes sne*. Ths s more than half the goal erve wth Mr. Brown are: Vce Who Kn«v>?,,,. n Carteret, she sad, but urged presdent, Peter (albrath; treasurer, Frank Versegy; secretary, nemorrut, havng tht Wth Mayor Steph**:* those who have not yet made ther returns to do so. The program set up for 96 In Carteret Assstant treasurers, Albert Mar. offces nnd postons' to Lous Mcdwck. ]ower to nam«appont calls for the full quota of $,. ron and John Konc; sergeanth-aturms, Wllam Chcrepsk and Jo- ol needed to confrm hll and the majorty vote of vph Zllo; publcty charman, Andrew Kocs; executve board, Jo- publcan memhers, wn ments, n control of Celebratons seph Kraloh, Wllam Uhouse, steps Uken last year Josoph Gulno, Walter Sullvan and lowed was stll unknown Are Planned Mr. Kocs; buldng commttee, Mr. terdny afternoon. Lwt Versegy, Wllam Grohmann and Sklm mmed Democrat! J CARTERET A reunon wll be Sandor Lchrer. vacancca, they were the feature of the New Year's Eve New members recently welcomed by the Republcan!, add party of the Ukranan Soda Into the organsaton are: P. Koncsol. J. Braowsk, M. Baslc, A, month had elapsed the uh, whch take* nlaee n the flled by the G,, " Ukranan V*Vllon:< Walter t, Cuhb, S. Kazmor, Frank Se- However, nhould Mr, Wadak, charman, b aaated by kerka, A. Barancuk and W. n nomnaton a name Joseph Plekuh, Utchnal Kazo, Lenart. Mchael DObfOHMlk, John Spoga- Charles Mukwnak, charman, netz, Walfer Bbhtnchk, Frank Pawluk, Ncholas Hamadyk an Joseph Kawensky, Musc wll be by a twclva-pec orchestc. There alto wll be «n tcrtanment, and a turkey dnne s to be served. Part C«l«r*lon A celebraton for members of] Holy Famly Parfh wll be another gatherng hwre to mark the end of 95 ara the arrval of 96. Ths wll Urt at 8 P. M. am wll be held n the school hall. Musc s to be prbvded by an orchestra, and dancng wll, contnue untl A. M. Arrangements are beng made by Charles Urbahkl Charles Sto- Walter KdUnsk. Adam Sosnowsk, Alexander Hadyk, Mrs. Josephne WasUwk, Mr«. Josephne Knttel, Mrs. Stephane Lemko, Mrs, Role Zysk, Mrs Helen Wojewodkl, Mrs. Rose Mrek, Mr*, Sophe Trosko, Mrs Mary Akalewct, Mm, Helen Ur maty nftacmw*. wp< «f.h.*^. v. busk, Mrs. Anna, Stlachctka Mrs. Katherne.Krabach, Mrs Catherne Bstok, Mra. Carre Kur dyta and Mrs. Stepfcjanle Kamnsk. Mss Irene Bum Fancee Of Artst, Former Solder Mchael Sark and Mr. Uhouse are n charge of a dance now beng planned. School Has Entertanment Dolores llanchek, John Lemon gell, Carolyn Dolenck, Brendu CARTERET Mr. and Mrs. Msdom, Delano UalfT. Julus Popovch of 9 Warren Carolnu Kundrk, Joseph Kcrls, Street have announced the engage, Glora Mt'ssck, Mchael K«tts, ment of ther daughter, Mss Irene Vctor Ceataro, Glora ( Burn, to Mchael Maskaly, son of Florence Muszk, Ellun Rasku- Mr. and Mrs. George Maskaly of lnecx, Paula Dal'rlc Arlync upper Roosevelt Avenue. Mss Bura s a graduate of Theol«re Roosevelt Hgh School n New York and s employtd by the Foster O'Uonnell, Eugcue Ualavulz, Agnes Medvet, Ethel 'Kaskulm:'z, B>rn«'dfttc YanH. Chrstopher Mc- Cann and Lawronco Schmal. Wheeler Corporaton. The prospectve brdegroom n a graduate PERFORMANCE PLANNED of Carteret Hgh Sfchool and Pratt Insttute of New York and s ausu CARTERET The faculty of the Holy Famly School wll prevent a play January 6 n the Car- cated wth an advertsng ugency n Dover. He was dscharged from teret Hgh School audtorum. Sster Mary Ludwna, mother «upe- the Army recently after servng overturns, CARTRRET Pupls at Washngton School held ther Pre- Chrstmaa program just before the close of classt's for the holdays. Mss Sade Zemba's class gave a play, "Mrs. Santa Vsts the Toy Shop," and unothor, "The Lttk Chrstmas Trees" was gven by pupls of Mrs. Stack and Mrs, Znmer, Those who appeared were Clare Blessng, Hershell Ashen, Patrca Ohott, Ann Mare Lornbard, Mchael Kovacs and Kathryn Murray. In the frst plty the actors were Alex Hobenchk, Ronald Dobenchk, Gt*urgtt Turk, Robert Fura. Others who took part n the )>ognn, gvng sugs, H'ttons and greetngs, were; Uarbaru Krupu, Susanna Uhu, Alex Bobenchk, George Turk, Ronald Bobenchk, Robert Furan, k ror, wll be n churge, Holday At 'TepngAge Canteen Ths how porton of the young people who enjoyed. the Ohrtma party ml the Canteen ponlortd h«r«by ke unon of locho n Carterel't (blc school*. Th* youngturt, of 'toan-af*, *f tn n carou tnt to the Republcan! In tall should the choce not h«had n mnd, what may s anybody's guess, and ndcated yesterday he low some such plan. Barrng unforeseen merts, It s generally however that Mr, Turk presdent «f the Councl,;' tue of hs senorty on und that he wll retan shp of the Post-War Plan Street and Road Comn now heads, The posts now I Mr, Haury, t was learnt wll be dvded among members. Mr. Sleklerka wll be charman of tht: commttee, Wllam UholIe#:O P *'- ;:-«St. Elzabeth Rk At Bellak Fnned CARTERET Rev. Ma OFM, pastor of St. Church, celebrated a ' muss Wednesday John lellak of 66 ' nn, who ded Sunday tk.\ Bural was n St. James' I W»odbr<l K e, wth th* servng as pallbearers: l's, Charles Mtrukaj, mll Am m Kovaes, And t'te am Charles Feren Mr. Bellak was an the Vrgna Carolna Corporaton, and a men Holy Name Socety of He s survved by hs wd and seven chldren; Jo Mchael, Peter, Ma both und Ernest. Jo weck conducted the fum Carey Councl, K. \ Entertan* Cvunty CARTERET New Je ter No,, Knghtt of was entertaned here nght by Cany Coynel,; j ukng place In^h«T Joseph's School. awarded John 8. O'l Alfred M. Frank, and dscussed for a bat) to Eastertme. The next wettng councl wll b< held n hall Monday nght, Jan ENGAGEMWt TOIJfcy CARTERBT has beeu made,of the j of Dorothy '.,. r and Mrs. Meh«Jt Y Av»tme, to aon of Mr. and M»" kowsk of den. Mr.

2 : ' *,.'. :! * _..f. " Metf ferty CARTERET- -The newly organ- Unted Relgous Hebrew l wll have t* t*»nlon» on second Wednesday of *h nth, alternatng betwwt the othprhood of Ifcrwl rtrf fortgaton of!,ovt(t Justrp Synajues, Arrnnjfemonts are nuper- I by a board of drector! made I of fve men'from each of Iheno /ns l,«hr«r, Loun n, Robert and Ttarry Choh. Jacdh Danel*, Samuel Knt, Vcnnnk, Jack HI nch, I. M. ns. anl Frank Brown. The ool was organued by Rabb ttle! I'ahak. Frst Lon«horn Trft s sdd that the Idea of drvcuttle from Texa to th* ral- «n Kansas camp after the cvl from n!ve»tock dealer In - named Joseph McCoy. TO HAVE PARTY CARTmT-TV AtUr Howry Socety of St. Church wll meet Wednneday n at the home of Mm. Mlcha*! H Lncoln Avenue. A ChrntWUI party wll be featured, wth memdprs pxchnnkfr Rfts, and returns also wll bo announced from the recent barn d«nre. Mr*. P. C. tralth, Urn. John Harrngton and' Mr*. Msry Lttle are to be OFF ON HOLIDAY CAUTERET Mr. and Mm. CUBtnv«M«er nnd ther famly, of Lncoln Avenue, have motored to Plorldn wth plan* to vmt St. Mtam and St. Peter*- HOME FOR CHRISTMAS CARTBRRT MM W*UOT Krynenskl of Lous Street, a patent n Roosevelt Hosptal, Motuchan, and her huxband, who It «Uton«d at RarUn Amend, spent Chrstmat at ther home here. HAWY NEW YEAR OUR 99 To adhere to the same polcy of quck, courteous we gave you durng the past year. FUR COATS - RtAOV MADE AND MADE TO OR&EJt Rose FUR SHOP 7A MMUWB AT*., Portk Pho««P. A. -68 ANNOUNCEMENT DR. IMS GAEBNWALD has returned from servce n the Army of the Unted States and h«b re-opened hs offce for the practce of Dentstry at 67 ROOSEVELT AVENUE (Solder Buldng) Telephone Cart, 8-68 January, lftf TO EVEBYOUE for tt c 6^rg Oar mem umkt fw ywr jwlrouf«tolmrnters CARfWtRt flans are heng mad* for a 'Fftthors' Nght" nf trp Parent - Teacher Assocaton of Washngton and Nathnn Hale School*. Ths wll be at 7;Q o'clock w«n«br nffht, January M), In the latter school, and John RomanetB and Dmtrw Zaorxky are co-charmen. New members recently welcomed nto the asapdnton were: Mm. Wllam Rrv'hak, Mrs. Ole Olson, Mr». Walter PnvICk, Mm. George Turk, Mrs. John HarTgan and Mm. 8ophle Kertes. A Chrstmas party took place at the last meetng, and members exchanged gfts among thnnelves. STOHY FOR SCOUTS CATtftfRET- Members of Grl Scout Troop, sponsored by the jfw* Magyar Reformed Church Wth Mrs. John Nemah as captan, held a story hour laat week at the Publc Lbrary. The lbraran, Mra. t. G. Nevlll, read Henry Van jjyk«'«chrntmas story, "Tho.Other Wse Man." ItAMft M6t HEAD CARTSRKT The Holy Nome Socety of 9t. Ellabeth's Church rlas named the followng offcers for 96: Presdent. Stephen Jacob; treasurer, Mchael Passeby, lejretary, fcouls Zakor. The church pkrtor, Rev, Mark Hajos, OFM, s 'sprtual drector. CHOOSE OFrtctRS eautbrst the Maaqup and Wg"Club, dramatc organsaton at Cafterst Hgh School, has chosen tle followng offcers: Presdent,! W#watt Ifrown; vce presdent, Helen Shutello; treasurer, Arnold Hedetf) secretary, Mary Hayduk. Hr M. M. Uhrer of the faculty s the club advser. SYRE CET5 WVORCE CA'RTEKET Joseph Syre of ft om»r»«t Street has been grunted a dvorce from Mrs. Helen Syr; of NttUy. It was granted n Newark by John A. Matthews, Advsory Master n Chancery, on of deserton. f lke sttrts and In a «o* nmrl* lttf and watt; TOJ Wnktt or nonwashablt mtof *>y bt prayed or brushed wlot th«soluton. One of the smpkmowtlen for horn* me Is mad«by dwwrlnt/atvmt ountw of bora axt, thrtt ounces of borc acd (dr^ It two quarts of kt water. Str untl all tre bowu oswlves, and the water looks clear. Patent Lfe. A the «Ml of 7 ;«ers afler a jtmt to* been granted the Uvervfew p#ss*( Into the publc doman $B&. mj bt made, used or sold by tftu Clothe* ttt Ukxurand torn Is th«eumate made by dry cleaner* as the «nputt of tol they remove from ckrthe annually. tttfnum ewntry At tcann dstnct languages *«eo n IrtJk. Mlet *** fttorte from bnt plbd hgh wth colorful, flavor-rch vegetables. And bwy plenty of plump, jucy fruts for temptng atlads, deswrts, utd betwemnet tnaoltt. Prces wll pleuc your parse! GRAPEFRUIT FTMtmyfHMtBrm JUICY ORANGES TOMATOES CARROTS THtLEKLERT -9. CsUfmta JttCY C LEMONS.. h If* " SWEET P9TATES' 8- YELLOW TURNIPS = No need to worry Jwvt Aa lmted supply Of fresh mlk. Ue Whte Home for your cookng, baton* flatortag of be«trt«e* um your bottled mlk to drnk FrtHM wth 8 Ms» rurut NtZI PrM, MM rty fw Uolg Frf VfMUn Fro -5 C»pbell 8,^;.; c X c Ttto Jfce '^r «^-c c 6c U Cotktalt.'S?5c ^ c P^Bto Cake Flwr lo fr Fl8 Ffjk«pe Gust % 7 M&te Pe Cnst Kt» «-* 6'Block JflT * Dfffs s IMUESMV ; V«««BCOIKU NUTS b, carton of to 5 JtYER FIGS «* RACK FfSS. -* FRIHT COCKTAIL CUB SODA 9 o. bot. 8* ftleet drer r fc K 87c SaltH Peaats IMHW f lre PILGRIM BRAND k f PLUMP, ELECTEI TURKEYS Jtm lt. Other Bg Values! Chckens **«-v-v, m. > 5c for Chckens BMSt -"-" -«Meat Loaf. Sausage Meat ^>* *»> 5* Bttogm Sknless Frankfurters»7e wc DUNDEE toaf llb «^8- cale Ftrfda Coml» low chon ALL GRADE'A' tbn F tt. b, vlnr M<tVjr C»W Cut,! Mlt. Then oveatnatomegmal for Ntw Year** Dty dn. nen.. JotrMtforNwr Year's En psftfh, tool Prces an RMdkst, so» ure to bay pkaty! Fresh D o n u t s ^ ^ M I ^ Drop Ceokes *~'««^» Orange Cofffce Rng ^,«5* Marvel Rolls BleMle Plllry's SmyfleM later Swyfleld CjkerOttt R-OOats... > MM' rtt»* C M ef Wheat ; U. ee MS. leef W - TEW- c Wtf mm If CWtHHl VmWf Sals Uver Pate Stffs Prt u.b W* UT«a wuu «aruty o( f] I ^ aad CM«*w«laj your CHED-O-BIT CllttflClnsv Itf

3 New Booh At Lbrary..retto M.,,.;T "Wto> Walk jvrry B u j p Leonard Wood Memo-,,, n Uproy Foonda,,.(. n put nto crcula- (,cal Publc Lbrary.,-nn fr\vtn by Mr. Bur- VP mortal for um n,, break down the un-..,, whch the world.,,<r sufferng (from lep- [,,. lcr, world famom rca's dtotngufshed her great hook, and has wrtetter to Mr..nt t: moved heart I for a fakh-wplrng, he trbute of nscrtb ;,H your frend. < hldhood.hlread hldhood,' Oamen at Moloka,,,,fre snce I spoke to,; at Karshun Hosptal,,e at Mount Unen n,-,,. f'lt a tender frtend-. them. So they dd not,;ers to me hut rather,,f strong souls defyng t lmtatons as took through Culon ths wenrty the people of Lnden expect hm to conform to ther practce* and Wean. The struggle* of Umton and hn Wfe Kathy to keep both ther hureh and ther sprtual ntegrty rse to a powerful clmax n Kathy'. srrknu llness. London realteft he must ohoojp betwcea Lnden and the people who had mad* Kathy'a lfe there unhappy and a rch metropoltan church where he mght escape to a happer wd more proftable lfe. FAREWELL MADE HAPPY CARTERET Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chodosh of Washngton Avenue were hosts at a recent surprse party held at ther home n honor of Mr. and Mrs. Abr Zurker, alno of Washnuton Avenue, who are leavng Cartcrrt to make ther jhome n lrvnrton. The couple was prcsontctt wth a Kft. Brdge was played and wnners wore Harry (ordon, Mm. Smon Moncher nrt Mrs. Harry ChodoRh. Others p present were Mrs. Robert Chodosh and Mrs. Rebecca Chorluah,, Mrs. Davd Venook, Mrs. Edward Shapro, Mrs. Harry Go, Mrs. Elzabeth Nelson, Mrs, Isdore Brown,- Mrs. Benjamn Zusman g " h nml MM. Jack Hrsoh. I y Wlk Alone," whch I fnshed readng n h. of ther prolonged resstance of an :, whch saps everythng,.s meant to brng joy, : fver, but ther proud Aomanhood rebuke my l.angford tranalatc* for.llmely than anythng the power of mnd.n-les besde whch mne hnt;. Overcomng the l.nelness, pan, exhaustve of death and creatul fellowshp and beauty.nlpround of hs tragc -f challenges us well peo unulerngly I realze nhers there are wth a II'M' hs own. Reverently, ha<l as I pcture them. further than the reat of pped, gvng a blessng, tl every art they can lnng each denal nto - -, and generously push-,,.i the rehabltaton of.. are fortunate enough M normal socety*. nrdal greetngs, and,l n God and Hs be manknd always hut lfted yet hgher by :, I am, :' t ntvely your frend, "Helen Keller.".' r new book now here s:. nllct," by Jumr.-. Street. ; author of "Tap Roots," sbd- Land," and "By.u Arms," turns to aer Inn Acton n a book that n hs reputaton as a M'.e.lst. l.nmtlet" s the story of nster who at last found a fath. London Wngo..r'UT n the mnwtry the «ht have chosen law,.!- busness, and t was ': much later, when faced choce between uprght- : success, that hs fath.lcnt. n>ft hm n a theologcal strugglng to reconcle for learnng wth the! worres of hs wfe's '- He apples for a church!' ', Mssour, and accepted '.rons there, feels he has ' mty for hs famly. He ' rlz* that n return for I-OOLED'THEM \, Oho A doselj. t-t of the war can now \\ holu fleets of nvason! weapons whch German ' sported from the a 'I'.UK but nflated rubbe m servng ts purport!..-'m and sent back to b c. on roads leadng t away from the rea * whch our forces wer " ly for D-Day. IS THROUGH POWER LINES I s: x. A. Wash. Mgl '-l l'eyton waa recentl > '! when he got a cu '' ' l'acftc Northwest gat ' to turn off the power! woman motorst could mr from some power lfh t had become : tn- : '' I'.vn asked Jow she had ''" ' "'If from the wtes, whch ll!l > volte, she satd she '" 'I them asde wth her n "*" FOR LIFE -AKE CITY Capt Hul >u> k'uvt; up ha comms- < 'lwted n the army as '>''K'ant n order to qual- nengnn, Freeman has Army for more than '- but waa not enttled '"lt allowance. ' up he can b«n ' out JB5 per mont for All SAKON Und >l "" a ^^rfcmj'wmt TO MARRY SUNDAY CARTERET Sunday has been set for the marrage of Msg Helen Godlesk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Alexander Godlesk of Passac Street, to Edward Wtkowsk, son of Mrs. Jula Wtkowskt of 8 Magern Street, South Rver. The ceremony wll be performed n Holy Famly Church at o'clock by the pastor,' Rev. M. A. Konopka, and at 6 o'clock there wll be a recepton n Falcon Hall. NICE CHRISTMAS GIFTS ( ARTERET New resdents ust welcomed nto Carteret homes nclulf u son, named /ous Muche, Jr., tx)n to Mr. and Mrs. Muche n St. Elahcth's Hosptal, and a daughter, born n Perth Amboy General Hosptal to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Patterson of 7 Bergen Street. Mrs. Muche was Mss Helen Kamnsk before her marrage. Dutch Blffest Smokers Amercans comume less tobacco than the people of the Netherlands but almost twce as much a» the people of the Unted Kngdom, accordng to the Encyclopaeda Brt- Unnlca. The latest fgures show tha the average per capta consumpton Can year s 7.8 pounds n the Netherlands, 7. pounds n the Unted States and. pounds n UM Unted Kngdom. Servce Notes (Contnued from Pant ) Stanley Mashck, SFl/C, ro leved hs honorable dscharge from the II. 8. Navy after spendng forty months n the Pacfc area. Hs brother John, RM/C, am of the Nnvy, has roarhod Boston after fourteen months ovrrsww and d expected home ths week. They arc the sons of Mr. and Mrs. H. Masluck of.5 Randolph Street. a A Navy press release report* Wllam C. Dkun. Sl/C, s aboard the USS Hawkns, n Tokyo Bay on occupaton dutes n Japan.» * Wllam Atken, son of Wllam A t ken of Warren Street, n at home on leave from hs duty wth the Navy. Hs stepbrother, George Jamson, has been dscharged after servng oversea* n the Army and s makng hs home n Elzabeth. Another brother, George Jamson, stll s reported mssng after a fljfht over Germany before V-E Day.»» Mchael A. Hamulak, avaton metalsmth second clam U. S. Navy, ton of Mchael Hamulak of Z9«RooBcveft Avenue, receved hs honorable dscharge from the Navy at Ldo Beach, L. I., after servng four years. Two brothers, Joseph and John, are servng wth the U. S. Army.» Mw Audrey Schmdt, seaman second class, WAVES, and Mss Mary Carroll Nevll. Heaman second class, WAVES, both statoned n Washngton, D. C, were holday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gervaae Nevll of Lowell Street. * C. P. PerknB, machnst's mate thrd class, U. S. Navy, statoned at Norfolk, Va., s spendng the holdays wth hs parent*, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. 'Perkns, Leck Avenue Early Maturty. Under average fall growng condtons, mustard s ready for use InSQ to day*. Easy to Graw Strawberres are productve anc easy to grow, w they deserve roon n most famly gardens. Grmdnn And Sm-h-lew Bearers For Mr*. Krcher CARTERET A grandson, Alsn Krchner, and the followng others served as pall bearers Saturday afternoon»t (he funeral of Mrs. Dorothea Krcher: Bernard Kasha, Bdw*rd Mchael, Lous Newman, Harold Huber and Clarence Dalrymple. Mrs. Dalrymple wn a sonn-law of Mrs. Krcher, who ded last Wednesday «t her home, 6 Lafayette Street. The servce was conducted n Znn Luthoran Church by ts pastor, Rev. Frederck Nocldeke, and bural was In Cloverleaf Memoral Park under the drecton of A. F. Grener of Woodbrdge. Transplantng KrtrpctM Fll I an excellent Um* to trtftfr plant evergreens. K va\ <MMOM are dry, It wll be an advantage to soak the ground a day or two befort the actual transplantng. It f ttao Important to move the tr««wtflt a ball of earth. On hot, tunny day the tramplantnk should IM 6» ether early In th«mornng or lato In the afternoon to»v«m dryng not the roots. A good method U to haw the hole ready to receve IN) trt«before the tree I moved. Water ft* loll around the newly planted ttm thoroughly ftpr plantng. Snakes Scent Deala Rattlesnakes,' contrary to bcdet do not seek to avenge the death of a mate. They are attracted to * death scene by scent. Best Wshes /or the New Year BARALYN YOUTH SHOP (Mr. and Mr. Max Cohen) 58 Washngton Avenue Carteret, N. J. Xmas trees and chldren go together. Have a photograph of them taken n your own home. FOR AN APPOINTMENT Telephone Carteret 8-59 JOHN POPIEL, Photographer Grant Avenue, Carteret, N. J Your patronage the whole year long, Has flled us full of joy and song, You've made ths year so very brght, We'd lke to say, wth all our mght, \T)C We truly "Thank You" t's most sncere test Wshes for MITTUCH'S DRUGS THE BETTER DRUG STORES 6 Rootevelt Ave. 7 Wwhnftoo Ave T«l. Tl BOSeS CARTERET, N. J. Wn. Donnelly (CtmHmud from Pagt ) Mr. Donnelly was eghty-art yearn of agt and had lved n Car tern ffty fve of the nty-lx onn he has been a resdent of U)«Unted States. He was horn In Iraland. He served n Carteret aa Janl- :or of Columbus School untl ht etrement twenty yearn ago. Ht wfe, Sarah Fullerton Donnelly, ded eght yearn ago, and t wa It) her memory he gave the memoral wndow to hs church, of whleh he was the oldest communcant. Ha alto was a member of Carteret Lodge 87, I... F. for fortytwo year*. Mr. Donnelly s survved by two daughters, Mrs. Wallace Baldwn of Carteret and "Mrs, Chrstan Fscher of Elxabeth; a stter, Mrt. Mary Drummod, of England; and Ave grandchldren and three great, rrandchldreh, Two of hs grandson*, twns, who are Mrs. Baldwn's non, have earned dstncton for ther servce n the Marne Corp*. Funeral arrangements are Mng made by A. F. Grelner. Al surplus Federal housng made avalable to war veterans. All the best wshes for Real Chrstmas Cheer And the happest knd Of a Brght New Year Mr. and Mrs. L Kantor Cleaners 6 and 57 Rowr*lt Arc. Carteret CA. B-5M8,- Yuletde Greetngs And Best Wshes Stanley Hadyk Plumbng and Heatng 6 Perllng Avenue Carteret, N. J. Telephone 8-56 Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year For your holday needs we have a very large stock of fne wnes und Nont's Lquor Store 78 Washngton Avenue Carteret, N. J. Telephone MIlMMlMtMlllMlftMtHHtMlfeMl Schwartz's Lquor Store Merry Chrstmas and Happy New Year To All Our Frends and Customtjra, St«*t CHEERY GOOD WISHES For Holday Season j Flled Wth Joy That! Wll Reman Through* oat the Comng Year* of Peace DUCHESS BEAUTY SHOP Stella S. Safchntky M W.bnflon Ave. Carteret Carteret 8-5 BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY NEW YEAR We've Enjoyed Servng You and We're Lookng Forward to Contnued Frendshp and Cooper* aton n the New Year. George's Market Meats and Groceres 66 Washngton A»e. Carteret Telephone May the holday aeaaon be rch n blessngs. Roosevelt Flower, Shop Catherne Ruckregel, Prop. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS $ Pennng AT*. Phon* Carteret S-M Carteret N. J. May your ChrBtntts stockng be flled to overflowng wth Joy and Happness, and n»ay the N«w Year brng Prosperty. BROWN BROS. I Our best wshes to you for health, happness and the fulfllment of your deepest desres durng the holday season and the New Year. Washngton Restaurant 56 Waht tob AT*. C«rt*r«t Greetngs! We extend our heartfelt greetngs for a Merry Chrstmas that wll lght the way to a New Year of peace and happness. Amercan Barber and Beauty Shop S. RUSSO, Prop. 85 RootTalt AT*. Cartant Telephone SEASOM* May happness he yours at Chrstmastme, and may the New Year brng you much joy S ROOSEVELT DINER Joe McHale 88 Rooerelt A«e., Carteret 'd a twat of good wshes behnd ths all-tme greetng: A Merry Ckrstmu A H»ppy New ALEX SUCH AT*. We u)$h you dl a very Merry Xmat m o Nappy Hew Yen. Frank'. Varety Start 77 Raoaavalt AT*. CarUral, N. J. Cart. a«h Wshng you all the best for the holdays and for 96. CARTERET RESTAURANT 59 ReoMTtlt AT*., CtrUrat Cart. S-9TBS JOHN HALASHYN, Prop. May thn holday season gude us.safely Into the harbor of peace as our' anchor, Flow«rt (or All Occatons.' Helen Slnsky Florst GRAVE WREATHS Telephone C«rt«r»t B-S Gr««nhout«6 Lurch St. Store 7 Rootevot Av*. Our sncere wshes for a happy holday to OUT frends and customers. FRANK BROWN HARDWARE - PAINT* 7, RaoMvcll AIM. CARTBJIET, K%- ' Lfe- lft

4 PACK FOUR mmmm aa, 5 Mechancs No. Take Pole Porton CARTERET - Ttkn* adnn- U(f«of n two-game d*fe«t srlmnsteretl to the Lend Burner* by the Mechancs No., the Meehnnles No. scored» aweep over the Mechanc* No, to clmb nto thf pole porton In the UBMR howlng league race last Thumday n s:ht. LKAj) BURNERS () W. Russell 79 5 L. Berthn, If8 7 M. Mfjlm R. Amundsen 5& 59 7 S. Kanrrfr MECHANICS NO. f) "Ed. Charney B 8» 7 G. Sloan J. Sroka W. Heaton a Nagy MECHANICS NO. () M. SeWerka 69 8 P. Jacovlnloh 9 8 M. Coppola 8 77 W. Bordmrd 6 76 E. Feror ) 9 MECHANICS NO, {) 9 B9 B. Me^yes L. Potts R. Thergeson... C. Urbannk Al StojkB TANK HOUSB () J. Meshlowtz 79 J. Sawczak 5 68 J. Curran 8 6 S. Mwkrlck M, Sloan YARD NO. () Yap 6 Ssko 59 8 Pankulw Chomck 7 Varga S YARD MO. () S. CyuMk 5UI ^ 8 F. Rchardson J. Hearn B& 9 J. Djon 76 5 Blnd 6 8 B. Zagtakt A. Cunnngham P, Kostenkrantz A. Lakatos ('. Thompson b SILVER REFINERY () 78 ( LABORATORY () E. Dragoa 7 W. Ksh 8 C. Gcrg J. Takoca 8 W. Kelman J. Skrypocsk tl OFHC () J. D'Zurlla 7 8 W. Cook H. Sebert B 9 5 M, Puftsllo, S. Hamulak YARD NO. C. Sobe*k» 8 J. Seaman 8 J 56 M. Patrck 88 8 W. Stopnak 6 C. Sandt Q7 677 SCRAP PLANT () C.Baker U. Hundomann... 5fl 6 J. Mnlszewak S. Comha B. Harrlvan Frutratad Mother Love Klls Roger the Rooster HOLLYWOOD. -Roger, the rooster wth the splt personalty, dead, h heart broken because he had to qut motherng the cbckj he brought Into the world fve month* ago. Fred Hule, poultry farm*, who owned the three-year-old black Sumatra gamecock, told about Rogw went oo a fatal hunger trlke. "Roger," he lad, "Just wthered aw,ay when we took fala chcks away. He wouldn't eat Fnally, when I went out' to look «t hm. there he at dead," Roger became a "mother" last May, wwn he hatched chck* from t neft of 9 fttaffe Wfe n'duel' Wth Flpno Knve A maobrt atonr f wth hf wk* wth llpluo bolo knv«w»( IkWMU* lure by E»rl Vctor QPEAKING O ABOUT SPORTS Thn s the tme of the ynar when sports wrters st back and present annual revews for tho year 95 whch s rapdly fadng nto- oblvon. "Rng out the old and rng n th«new" wll be the them? B«ng for more than two mllon GI's who have been returned to ths country and demoblzed durng the last fve months. It wll b(! the frst peace-tme New Year's Day snce that hstorc December 7, 9, when the Japs made ther dastardly attack at Pearl Harbor. The bggest avent of the past year was, wthout a doubt, VE Day. Second n mportance was VJ Day, whch was sort of an ant-clmax and whch was more or less expected, partcularly after we dropped, one of those atom bombs on Japan. But after all, ths s supposed to be a sports column, and from thn angle we fnd that the 9-5 Hgh School cage team whch won somethng lke 8 games and lost only one reachng the fnal round n the state basketball tournament geta top bllng on the local sports pcture. The baseball season produced a Hgh School aggregaton whch enjoyed a far campagn, and the Hgh School jrd team had a "medocre" season. The Recreaton Department In Orteret contnued to make great strdes durng the past year, and the -basketball, baseball and aoftball leagues were all hghly successful. Much credt s due Dartny Semenza for hs brllant Work n the Recreaton sports department.. Bowlng, whch s ganng more and more fans each year, started off wth a bang ths wnter, partcularly n vew of the fact that many of our boys are returnng to cvlan lfe and all are jonng up wth the numerous leagues around town. Of more current mportance s the spectacular pnnng beng turned n by. our own Academy Bar team n the County Major loop. Also, four stars to every member of that Mayfar team n the Academy Women's Bowlng League. They're n a class by themselves. And, lest we forget, a very prosperous and happy New Year to all our frends. Mate's Foal Wns st Half Ttle As Dragons Top Rver Rats, - CARTERET In one of those har-rasng- contests that wasn't decded untl the last seven seconds of play, the Dragons defeated the Rver Rats by the narrow margn of one pont, -, to become the frst-half champons n the Senor Basketball League. Wth thrlls aplenty and the lead changng hands frequently, the Dragons won the game n the lat seven seconds of play. Wth the l*" Rver Rats leadng by ope pont. Zobel, c 6 -, and a mnute left to play, Holowatch, g fl.bll Redel sank a foul shot to te Holtfwatch, g 'the (fame. Then the Dragons worked the ball underneath the C. Redel, g basket when Mate was fouled. He made good hs free shot to wn the game. So mportant was ths game that Rangers Rally To Beat Mans -8 CARTERET Comng from behnd the Rangers ralled to defeat the Indana, -8, n the Carter el Recreaton basketball league. RANGERS (). P. Penkul, f Wassy, f 5 Molcan, c <Lenko, $ Makwnskl, g n, o t INDIANS (8) G. F. P. Thompeon, t. Ceso, f t Lynch, c 6 Modruk, g Ihnat, g 8 8 Drector Dan Semenza of the Recreaton Department assgned four offcals to work at the contest. They were Campbell, Shaner, Ellot and Shanley. Senor Leafue RIVER RATS G. E. O'Donnell, f... J. O'Donnell, f Karney, f JJkpcypac, f, DRAGONS G. W«lpk, f Gazor, f B, Redel, c J. M.te, g, Breeke, g Arbrecht g F. F. p CLOCKS BRIMFBLD, Maw. Roe 8. Clark started hs collcctuon of clocks n 9 when he purchased a grandfather's clock at an aucton. Ha now has SI antue tmepeces and has set asde one roon to hold them. y luereamt Th«. numbv of commercal vegtf, table dehydraton plant* n the U., Increawd from 5 n M to la 9. WUp p, p your *oap flakes In a llttto, hot water wth an egg beater and you, Wll need fewer flakes and get better tt ' WINES-LIQUORS PHILADELPHIA BLENDED WHISKEY-Ffth, $.89 KINSEY WHISKEY-Ffth,.9 THREE FEATHERfl^-Ffth, $.9 WINES CORJWALS»OMETIC M IMPORTED BOTTLEO BEER^ By Defeatng Krozak Star s By 7- Score CARTERET Servng notfw to all team that they wll be a leadn* contender for the ttle n the half, the Ukw, after, a slow utart, contnued to play mnmbtonal ball by postng ther fourbb trumph n a row lut Thursday l/y defeatng the Kroak Star* 7.. Sen.r lu*gn«g. f nk, f 8 j, c Derewsky, g Palwwnk, g V. KROZAK STARS <fc P. f Johnson, f :.. f 8 a E. Fazekag, f vkn, c ;C. FlaaekM, c v. fealewlcs, K.. Zmmy, g Jewett, g 7 P. a 8 pn FUMKN Bemeved Pn feather are most easly removed tram poultry wth a par of LEGAL NOTICES The Annunl WeetlnK of the Shareholder* wll be held at thu Offloc of lp Amoelatlon, #n Cnoke Avenue, Carterel, N. J., on I he evenng ' Thursday,.Rmmry th. 9S, nt 7 P. M., for the electon of Drectors And Much other lnnlnfkh as may Oroperly come before the neetlnj;. Pol Wll l oe e oven v frnm S In 9 P. M UNT9D ND HOOSEVELT A AND I/»AN rtswxiiatlon. WHPH, Secretary. C.I. LEGAL NTJCE Annual MentlRof th«share- 's ot lf rrml Nntlnnul Bank the. ofllce 'f tl» Htnk, Itnosevell Av«*nlfl l'arler«t, N.,!., on Tuesday,.loary «tl, llt,»t : P L, for t'yfe elf el on ot nmclor» ftw tlw lnn o tny n'tler numnow dal nrod'th mnt before Ht rmallnc. Tl«pull" "HI he «p»n at MI V. M torn! reman open for on* hour. DBIHI: ('arteref. N. J, twember, 9,.ItoHN P. MTt!,VmnA OK rrt.o TO WHOM IT MAT rum:rltn:, At n rtklar marlne o( the Councl of the floroffh nf Crtnrat IIPIII l>*r>nlnr ID, Et. I fta* llrcrtfl o nlvprthe the tm-.t that on Wplnpoasy evenng,.inmnrv,!»(«, the Mnynr anl Oum-ll wll meet»t S:ln P. M. Ih the Cournll ChnmbtM, Muncpal llnlldlnff, Cookc Aveup, <;»rt*re.t, N, J,, anl «pot«anl UP I! nt pllllr lan anl th* hlnhck llldcr acrorlnk u> ternta of HHI'P m flp wth the Tlor- OUK)I f'lerk npf to Innpe'tlon anl to n» pnbllrlv read prfnr o sal*, V>t» I! In \ lu-l. ('Httprpt Avpnur, In HUrk 7J lnrolkl '( l'«rlpr»l AHa^lfmpnt Mnp. Tnkp furl her notl<'> tlat the Cart«rft Borough rmmrl Man, by re»olutloh.arl jrmnnt to law, Untl n Ullhlttjn prlp t wlled»ald IntK III»aJA bl'k wll be mld together wth all other detal* pertlnpnt; tall mrtmum prire lelns l«d. kl U! catu of trpmrlnc leel am advertlslnfr thn -mltv ^aul lnls In (Nlld block wll rt'julrf H -ash pnv neqt of Huujt Take fnrller nntlr> that at sall Hale, or any tlftte Io whlrh It nny,hp nljnrnpl, tlw Mnyor nn! Cmn- reserves He rlghl In Us rtls'retlon t» rejeel any une or all l>lla n(nl to sell KIIId lon In sad llook to KUch lldler na It mny nelccl, due 9 8 Refureat: Sharer and Ell-ott, regard lslng KIVIMI to term* anl manner of payment In cae«> «n«or more mnmum llln»lall he r cplved., Pran CoHmt Why* Upon acceptance of the mnmum bd, or bd above mnmum by thf. CARTERalT The "Perscope," Mayor anl Councl and thp payment Perth Amboy flgh Sthool -paper, thereof ly the lun lnpr a'cordtnt t> tle manner of pulrlaje In ac'ordan' wth lernn of sale on de, ( at weekpuww>ed«n "A--Oppojjent Teah," based on outstandng the BoroRh of Csrteret wll delver g H nnrftaln und Sale l>el for salt uyng, rt football games aganst premses. rth Amboy Hgh School. Charlee AnuaT j. PEURT, $«zelme, dm of '6 at CHS, was Borough Clerll To he nlvertlaed December ana named as tackle. December M, 9*5, In the Cnrternt Press* NOTICE OP PUBLIC \h TO WHOM IT MAT CONOBRN; At a regular meetng ot th«counr rll of the. Borough of rarteret helq December \'j, 95, I Wft«dlre'ted tb advertne th«fact that on WeoTen:\y evenng,.inudry, l<ht. tl» Mayor am Councl wll meet at 8:Q P. M. In the Councl Chamter, Munrlpnl UulMIng, Oooke Av«nu«, Carteret. N. J., and epoae and se.ll at nulllc Hale and to the hghest bdder mcordlnk to terms of sal* on fle wth the Horough Clerk open to InRp'ctlon and to be publcly raafl pror to sjlo, Lot, IUIOBAV^U (Mlnue 'nrkh In Block, <»-Q, Borough of CAMerpt AHaeHmcnt Jl»p» Take further noton that the Carteret Ilorough Councl haa, by resoluton Hn purauant to law, fl**d mnmum prce nt whch, sad lot In sad block wll btt sold together Wth all nt her detals pertnent; Notce To Taxpayers NUb» hereby gven that the Assessment Book* of the Borough of Carteret wll be open for nspecton and correcton at the offce of Jameft J. Lukach, Tax Assessor, at the Borough Hall, on> Wednesday, January nd, 96, from 9: A.M. to 9: P.M. Best farfo for a New year that's flled wth blessngs, Happness and' prosperty. ' HELEN CHESTER ^-FLORIST 98 MAJN STREET WOODBfUDQE Telephone Wood M. d mnmum prce t»fln» la,s.on plu«eo»u ot prtparlng ae«d and MvttlMlnr IWn f>fll«. Hkld lot In blo«* If aold on term» wlu re-.,«.' a own pnyrtfnt of lbon., IK* balanc* of purohttm prce to!> pad Is equal monthly Installment* nf on.ofl plu" Inleresl and Mher trrnw prnvlded for In Contrnct of (tale. further rotlcn that at aald any rtae to whch It may ale,... _,.,...rued, th* Mayor and Cotncll renervea the rch) In It* dlacr*- tlon Id rejml any nnr or all blr]» nnd (o sell oahl Int In mld ll«'-k to auch bdder an It may nnleel, dn«rp^arfl beng gven to terms and rnannar ot payment In fm«on«or rnore mnmum Hlln shall be re- Upon acceptance nf the mnmum bd. or bll above mnmum by Inn Mayor nnd Conned unt the payment thcrtof by th«purchaaer accordng to the manner of purclaae In aowlth term* of sale on tle, the HoroUKh of Carteret wll delver Bargan and Hale. Deed for sld To IM> AtlOIIST. PERRT, Borough Clerk, rllnl T»p»mlter!l nnd, m5, In Ilf ('nrlc'l NOTICK OF PlnUO 8AI.R TO WHOM IT MAY CONCEHN: At a regular meetng of the Councl of the-borough of Carteret hell IJeeenWr 9, l «, w dreced tn advfrll»e the fact tlmt on Wed- < Mayor anl Councl wll n ret at OP M. In the Councl Clmmbern, Muncpal Hnlldlna, Cooke A venue, ("arleret, N J., anl epoxe and stll a! puhmv mll! and to the llghent Mlder accordng Io termt of sale on ne wth the Borough Clerk open to nspecton and t» be publlclv rend pror Io sale, lxtt ' nnd T»k fnrtl tetnt o»rqu lullfn ana pahfltnt ( mnmum prlet.*t wtj mll block wll >ou,, nl.othe.r dettll p.rll mnmum prlc* b>lg U, caat»f proparln* dvfl» tlnlnfr hn sale naltt dt hlo'k If sold on Urnto l t> n down payment n(,b, the bnlmre nf pprclaje prce In He Mkld If) «u»l monthly rxnhv n«lrllmenta of UM-On Vm lnter«kt and other, term* vlded fm In ranlrart of nale. Take further rot!c«that kt MM tale, or any date to whlpj Jt b* adjdurnfd the luyor and ' rll reervea the rlfht In H lon tn reject any owortll nnd In ncll Mttl ota In Md b: tn nurl bdder an It may (elect, ut r..«ch T beng glten to t«nm UH munncr of payment to cat*.opt ot mure mnmum bde ahall b«> recelved.,. (Jpon acceptance of tne mnlmul bd, or bd above mnmum by the Mayor and Oounejl an«tb» par ment thereof by th«purchaar aecnrlng to the manner of ptrahaf* In nrnordavft wth terme of *%U M flle, the Borough of CftrteM wjl f el Ivor a Bargan and Salt txefl lot ad 95 prfmlaea. AUGUST J. VSIKHJ, Borough Clerfc To le advrrllmd n«remb«r luaml l>*cemher S, 9^, In the Oarteret I NOTICS O* PUBUO TO WHOM IT MAT COW At a regular meetln* of t. ell of the Berbueh of C*rt«tet Ml Mrrakfr ID. >(. WAa drected t( advertlne the fact that on Wjafltt*** day -venlng, Jahury, lall,. tle Mayor and Councl wll meet at t,m CM lrtulatc Iorda rptw Wcathc ' ' ' '* ' «tot» at ths Hn p,, t vod on (r^ a do^n >nvnn., the balance of pnl,.,,. ot 5o!oO Blls (H er..u.fttfther notce,,. ^auy date, wl;; ell r«aerv«the rljm' ',' tlon to reject not' n,,, ', and to sell nald Inu n., M r»wja,b»[ij«gtven n,"" mnner of payment n,,. <Mf«mnmum h.,,,,,, celved.? prem or bd above tnln,,,,,,. AIOIST I To he adverllvd her tn, nn. K, U

5 \'^ leatl Game -Fwlnjc ther IVIP second place SoMm ',' full frame from the nar- ',,) (,f the Frwptone rtnnem them n two out of,,f,,ps on Wednesday nght vadpmy latles - f* ' ^> re -,.,, now holds a one-game.,,, thrtc-gam«fght for n,. The Carteret News, v the thrd contender, r, HI wth a bg thre«-g»me,,,, ovnr Uhwr'*, thefljr M,!, hp ndvdual effort* «f vnt'lak, who had one of hs,ujrht* H rollng wore* of.,,:, nnd M6 for a neat 98 "Mult, they «ay, b one of the mproved bowlers n the nu, oklrrs. s Delvery bowlers n the ltftden. League kr:uly'«jandor'*...» nwald's,,, pm y Alleys... dm's Won SOKLBKS () f I nrney ST jj> k 8 > IBS 7 7 Lost 5 W f f. ' IlllI.A'S FIRBOTONE () nvkll HntlermBTl LEHRER'S () lakteretnews DEL. () Sloan ISIdUvnakl I'.frhtk BRADY'S () 5 Vmnelly I Vnko 5 57 Slftan 76 8 rrnlto )ND()R'S DAIRY PROD, Varn Potts t-s 8 topm 8 Kazner () 8 S ltl I ACADEMY ALLEYS () lorvath * 76 *rak «6 9 B..rancuk flsk I Kdman ICfKENWA-LD'S INN () ISoa bert 9 98 al BL S. Jayvees Lose To lnden By 6- CARTERET The Carteret Jayvee buskpttwll team suffered t* frst setback of the nrnnon last eek hy losnr lo the Lnden Rc- MrvM, 6-. Th«wore: CARTERET JAYVEBS () R*ko, f... Oldsko«k, I" Z ttluehowsk, f Dunn, c Lokach, g I Trwtn»ky, Martn, f Goldberg, f Konchak, f Gebals, f Spader, c Hochn, «. Newel], K S I By Pns ISpedal Match AKTERET The Uonnellyteam u tralng lo tha flwt block of and home seres '- h(,'pknflel.double team lu " wnley «nd Umpart. The frst k w- SVDW ww roll«d at uderoy alleys last Saturday ^thtttwoofuj. block b««' Plalnfled tomorrow nght llj U 9 7 -' llu It la 7' fr m W 988 Grand total 788 'Icy-, }»B ; lyq O «« m HD PIEPAtATISHS Cohen, Mahar, O. g o RESERVES 5 -. F. (6) p. 9 8 S 7 Carteret lkes To Organze Cage Team CARTERET Announcement WHS mmle ths week that the Lukach, f Ukranan Socal Club wll embark Tlmko, c on ts seventeenth year of sports Balog, g by nauguratng a fast cage team Wlhelm, comporcd mostly of returned «erv- Resko, g Icemen who played wth the Ukes I'ozak, g bfore f?onj nto the armed Mttuch, % ervces. Genal Gene Wadak wll agan handle the destnes of the team and t s planned to play the leadng cage organzatons n ths vcnty. Among thosp returnng wll be Tommy Gnda, who wll captan the club, Joe Wndak, Walter "Whtey" Robenehk, Steve Wuy, Bernard Raymond, Johnny Pubnck, Johnny Ltus, Mchael Bobenchk and Gene Gnda. The locals enjoyed ther best cage season two years ago when they recorded ffteen straght trumphs on the court before bowng n the Gold Medal Tourney n Perth Amboy to the strong Watson, Stllman quntet of Roaelle, as former All-Amercan star, Larry Kelley, tossed n the last mnute wnnng buekut, 8 6. Red Devls Take 8th In Row To Wn Frst Half Ttle In League CARTERET The Red Devls, settng a new league record, scored ther eghth straght trumph to wn the frst-half champonshp n the Junor cage loop. They won ther las tvctory over the Oroles, 88, wth Resko starrng wth ponts. RED DEVILS (8) G. Lukach, f Skocypec, f Rwko,. f 6 Dunn, c Tretensky, c Merelo, g Am»ler, g Oldakosk, g F, ' ' ORIOLES (8) <. F. Qndre, f Bartko, f Hudak, c Ltus, c Toth, g - I Sloan, g 8 Referees: Karney, Palehonk. HghScUCagers Suffer Thrd Lws; Bow To No. Planfeld CARTERET Unable to check North Planfleld's snapshootng forwards, the Carteret Hgh School basketball quntet suffered It* thrd straght low of the season last Frday afternoon at home hy a -8 score, A couple of forward* by the name* of Wolfmayer and Gdds broke through the Carteret defense repeatedly to score 8 ponts bttween them to practcally wn the game by themselves. Wolf myer rang up sx double deckers and three fouls for a total of 5 ponts whle Gdds had ponts on sx feld goal* and one foul, P Carteret remaned n the game for only one quarter, holdng the vstor* down to a 9-8 lead n the openng seaaon. But after that the North Planfeld cagers had thngs pretty much -ther own way as they outseored the Blues by -5 n the second perod to lead by - at the half. Some consolaton was gathered by the Carteret fans when the local Jayveeg managed to wn the pre- 'mnary contest 8-. CARTERET (8) G. Phllps, f Myno, f Gasor, f O'Donnell, f 8 Donovan, f F. P NORTH PLAINFIELD () G, F. Wolfmayer, f 6 Rthosa, f Collora, f Gdds, f 6 Boyle, f Horak, f Chratenseh, c Applegate, c Young, c Hunt, g Huryck, g Dufour, g 8 Score by perods: Carteret 8 N. Planfeld 9 CARTERET JAYVEES ft. Lukach, f Oldakosk. f P. 7 6 a 8 JAPS TRUSTED V. S. Relyng upon the Amercan statement that poson gs would be used only n retalaton, the Japanese converted a large parl of ther chemcal warfare manufacturng plants to other wartme uses. SUFFOCATED BALTIMORE Put and Suse : two polce dogs, saved the lveu o «* people n an apartment house recently, when the buldng eaugh flre. Iuter they were found suf located by smokf under ther,t»r'» bed. the of' world get tpsy from VICTORY Gluohowsk, f Dunn, c Trstensky, g Resko, g Gasor, g t 9 (8) F. P An extra dre for the holday leuon can be acheved by «n OT«rblome to wear over»ut krl Dn«h Shore, yopuur lnfer of NBC't "Dnah Shore'. Open House," had tmjrone mad* n black and whte checlt wth draped ptplum, w^ltlne narrowed In wth many darl. Her skrt t black wool, j^rt of sut, and (ometmet the wean the Mouse over a long, fnner skrt. THE New Books 6 8 N. P. JAYVEES () G. F. p. Horak, f John Macy's accountof the de- Boyle, f ^Ivelopment of the Santa Claus Keller, f "'. legend; Roark Bradford's delght- Kohler, f» " ful Bkt on "who comed fust, olo Bottn, c Sandy Claus or do Lttle Burns, c 5 Charles Dckens' classc, "A Chrst Van Wnkle, f mas Carol," urrd for good measure Verchuk, g the story of Mr. Pckwck's adven Edelbhck, g tures n Dngley Dell. Mdodo; g "The Fresde Book of Chrst- Inyder, g Score by perods: CartwetJ.V 9 8 p' J-V IN MEXICO MXICO CITY Mothers are UP n arms over the large number 'of kdnappngs whch have been occurrng durng the past few weeks. They fear that the chldren have been stolen for professonal beggars as most of the' chldren who have dsappeared are under sx years of age. The mothers are formng a mltant ant-kdnap league to have a severe law passed to punsh kdnappers. SEWING MACHINES An* Household Applance* Repared Bought and Sold Mnohnc wth 96 Model Cabneta and Accetorca HOME APPLIANCE h Sewng Mucbne Servce M Man St., WWbrdg. Tel. Woodlrdg To pur Frwnd» and P«- tron, Best Wuhet for a t Happy New Year. Vogel'a Famly Lquor Store Woodbrdg* The Yuletde season s upon us now; we really thought a pcture of Santa Claus should hoad ths column, n honor of the frst Chrstmas snce the war. We- compromaod on that of Edward Wa genknecht, because he has edted "The Fresde Book of Chrstmas Stores," a wonderfully heartwarmng collecton of stores old and new about the holday season, There are selectons n all from the story of the frst Chrstmas accordng to St. Luke, whch tlenun called the most beautful book n the world, rght through to Chrstopher Morley and Langston Hughes, who gve us a purely Amercan verson of Noel. Here s "([< mas Stores" s a volume to soften ho huart of tho most cyncal and frustrated Scrooge. Charmngly llustratel hy Wallaoe Morgan, t s the Uook-of-he-Month dvdend for November and December. * Are you a solder bewldered by the cvlan world? Dr. Herbert Kupppr quotes these gentle words of gudunco n hn "Buok to Lfe" 'For breakfast you wll fnd a trance assortment of foods such as cantaloupe, fresh eggs and mlk. Do not be afrad of them, they are eally palatable. If you wsh some more butter, you say, 'Please pass the butter.' You do not say: Throw the g d- grease.' If, upon leavng a frend's home, you can't fnd your hat, t s hghly probable t has been placed n a closet for you, You meet the stuaton by sayng to your host, 'I don't seem to have my hat, could you help me tlnd t?' Do not say, 'Don't anybody leave ths room, some S S O.B. hus got me hat,'" World Cattle Number* The world total of cattle at th«begnnng of 95 was 7,, head, or per cent less than th«average 9- average. * JFS/# To have served you n 95 has been a pleawre and a prvlege. We hope we have served you well enough to mert your patronage n 96. Rght now we want to way HAPPY Happy AIM Happy New Yow to You and Your* M HAEL'S RESTAURANT 55 Smth Street Perth Awboy, N. J. A jorous SEASON Wth many good wahea for your health and AMtf NEW Mf 8 New Year's Day affords «T«rjrona the opportunty to brnf hlm- Mlf good httk throughout tht y»ar. At least that a supposed to be true accordng to swenl old auptrst tons concernng tht begnnng of a new year. The "Fr»t Foot" the.flrtt person to enter the houw on New Year's mornng plays a sgnfcant rou In the famly's future fortunes. He must he n dark man U brng good luck, but f he also brngs a gft and "carres n" more than h> "takes out," then the house s assured pence nnd plenty for a whole year. The most nusptc pus gfts w lck-lrngers are a lump of coal and a red herrng. Unmarred persons are ndvaed to look out of the wndow on New eyar's mornng. If you see a man, t s a * <n that you wll b«wed before the your s out. Should you see» horse, you (?Hn have a wsh, and t wll le renlert wthn the year. To see a dog n lucky, hut a cat foretelln worry. A lttle car wll make t possble to brng oneself good luck for the entre year. Wear somethng new, f possble, on Mew Year's Day, but the garment must be put on when you frst dress n the mornng. Recept of & gft s certan to enrry luck. Wh everyone you meet "A Happy. New Year," but remember when the greetng s Rven to cross your fngers for luck. He mre to say "rabbta" aa the flnt word when you Wake before anyone hns had a chanco to apeak to you. Love's progress wll be aded on New eyar's Dty f you nr«careful to put on the left stockng bofore the rght, The potency of ths charm s supposed Uo be ncreased UNCLE SAM SAYS TURN THAT OLD CAR INTO WAR BONDS FOR VICTORY WE WILL BUY ANY CAR ANT Y AK OR MODEL AND PAY YOU A GOOD PRICE For Quck C*h Ruolt» «U UNCLE JOE WO. 8-9 Woodbrds SPEEDWAY AUTO SALES Co. 8 ST. GEORGE AVE. W«!! food tratmportahan, - Bot manly mta can. I» & ETerr Repar Job Fully Guaranteed, For cleanng, new parts or regulatng, brng your watch to ALBREN Inc. Smth St Perth Arnboy THtt HMSftM/S COAT HONOLULU - f/tft BaUN mo* frt»u Mownfr of the Wat s a bulky army oterroat wmrh he has brought»er«w two nctaw. Durng the hattl» of th* Belgan Bulfe Buts stood shverng n the snow, hs jackal rpped down the hack after h<- had rtsrued seven owunded men under fre. A three star general enme hy and gve hm the nvmoat. General George Pat t«n w,< the donor. NEW TREATMENT FOR ANEMIA CINCINNATI--A new treatment for types of anema has hevn lkrnvrrf' It IK known an a synthetc folo acd and s t men her of the B-Complw rtnm!n fam ly. It stmulates the buldng o red corpuscles and patents begn feelng bettpr l>ctv»«>»n the thr and ffth dav of the treatment. f you do all thngs as far as I>OJ shle loft hundelly durng the day T" open H harlk accounton. e Year's Day was consdered luck; n Old England, the custom gtow ng prnhbaly from the belef many centures that whateyej yo do on the frst day of the year wll be an ndcaton of whnt wll happen durng the months that wll follow.. In some parts of England and Scotland t s supposed to be unlucky to leave a house untl some outsder frst entered t, Itonanda tl ptbpl* tr» da*r Mrnhn km * «M*h tttm m anfort k* vaarta eorrartl» WHd AfctonlMl nppofferf. A pteui lypa af anporttr nw«m tar m *bdomlm) Mmtwt IwJ Inq: ob«lty, mat*fnlfv^ ftlfta ttoffl«ch, poh-oparttlv*,»t>«ll«. ««. TWu upporttrs «ttlt nluft la m*klftq tnalomlctl corr«ttlorn, Our ptrl«m«d nltn wll dltd^f dtnem th* h vartoul t tvptt p «AV tu domlful Supporftrl, ( tuna H* p«v M NON-SKIO rm: ll" UMHC He- >*n, NOHSKIO forf rm tmm, 9IH Puhlx Drug Store 95 Man St. Woodbrdge, N.' J. Woodbrdg AVMflMMf OtftffJ Tfc*» l ruort««ett J, Kng, 6>mDwh<H*-!. & Fleet and Chef of peratom, termed he outstandng he war at *». H* t the end of the war w* had han four hundred ohtntct to on* r««l b«<«h«war began. In addton, n me hundred ffty-two drj tome ltrff tnongh to float nuleshlp*. In rontj-ut to th* hsd In t^ff Pacfc when began, RAIDS KILLED SM.M The medcal branch of Unted State* strategc bomfc mrrty, whch Investgated number of fjrrmsn rlvlltn suhjeet peoples klled by bomb*, reports that there half a mllon cvlan deatha of s populaton of 8,,, eludng Austra, but excludng ' Saar and the Sudetrntand. hundred thousand persons Injured and 7,8. mnde ho less. TAPPED Testfyng before the Pearl bor Investgatng Commttee, eral George C, Marshall dsclo that the Tram-Atlantc teleph onverutons between Preuld toosevclt am Prme Mn hurchll were tapped by the Gt mans pror to Pearl Harbor. Returned from the Servce DELICIOUS FOOD SERVED IN GENEROUS PORTIONS. COURTEOUS SERVICE. OUR DAILY SPECIAL * MICHAEL'S RESTAURANT 58 SMITH STREET PERTH AMBOY, N. J. DR. HERBERT L. MOSS Optometrst hag resumed hs practce at 5 Man St., WoodbrMge, N. J. Eye Examnatons hy Appontment Only Telephone WoodbrdR' 8- A JOYOUS SEASON Wth many good wshes for your health and happness throughout the New Year. Lello's Flower Shop KING GEORGE'S ROAD Telephone BEST WISHES FOR A msmovs UAHofY opportunty greetng*. WIRTH WOODBRIDGE

6 ' ' L K, - ' * CLASSIFIED OPERATORS WANTED To work on Chldren'* dresses. Steady work; one week vacaton wth pay; good pay. Apply Carteret Novelty Drew Company, 5 Wheeler Avenue, Garteret, N. J. --tf REPAIR SERVICE KEYS mad«; lock*, washng machnes repared; uw retoothed nd sharpened; h the work done. E. H. Albrecht, Heald Street, Carteret. Tel. Cartcret C.P. -Otf ROOFING ALL TYPES OF ROOPS repared. Slate-shnglw, tle and flat roof; brck wall waterproofed. DIAMOND ROOFING AND METAL WORKS (5 New Brunswck Avo. Perth Amhoy, N. J. P. A tf FLOOR SURFACING FLOOR SURFACING And fnshng (n old or new. Burnett Leonard, Phone Wnodhrdtre 8-7-R. AN OPPORTUNITY party to takn over.') rooms of repossessed furnture sljmly used for balance of $l!)7.f> consstng of bedroom, lvng mom, ktchen, lamps, rug, etc. Can be purchased separately, Wll arrange terms Call or phone Elzabeth -75, Mr. Wallace, Credt Manager, Sterlng, Ine., 85 Broad St., Elzabeth, N. J. -,,7;l-() GUNSMITHS REBUILT, Restocked, Reblued. Repars to all makes of shotguns, rfles, revolvers. E. H. Young, Gunsmth snce 9. Man St., Dayton, N. J. I.L.-6tf FOR SALE OR RENT BUILDING; 86 feet long, 8 feet wde; one story G-room apartment above. 6 feet frontage by feet deep, wth gas staton, on Lncoln Hghway, Iseln, N. J. Warren Smadbeck, 6 East rd St., Nfw York Cty. Telephone Grammercy -68. FC -7 PERSONAL Her. Blwbeth Rcker Seeress Commlsoned Mssonary Sprt Messages and Helper 9 Man S, Woodbrdge, N. J. -* WANTED SINGER Stll pays top prces for used Snger sewng machnes. All types of sewng machnes repared. Free estmates! Snger Sewng Machne Co., 7 Smth Street. Perth Amboy to - WILL pay 6c a pound for clean rags. Independent - Leader, 8 Green Street, Woodbrdge, N. J. * SEWING SCHOOLS NEW January clauses n home dressmakng now formng. Complete courge only $. Lmted number accepted. Classes day and evenng, Enroll now, Snger Sewng Center, 7 Smth Street, Perth Amboy to - LOST LADIES' Buxton Wallet, black wth red trmmng, lost n the Woodbrdga 6 and c store 'between : and : Monday afternoon, Dec.. Reward. Please return to Mrs. Vola Ells, Maron St., Port Readng, N. J. ICF -7 MALE HEJ.P WANTED t t men and boys to learn leather cuttng trade; good future; pad whle learnng, CHICARELLI SPORTSWEAR 5 Roosevelt Avenue Carteret, N. J. \Atfcnton Trappers! WE WANT SKINS 7JA t P«rt ur mukr.t FUR SHOP P. A.-M Av.nue. N. J. fage Money y Loam ucton Loan* e Lotn re tarm FEN CO., Ms: )BJ Senors Top Honor Lst For Second Markng Perod Total Of Eghty-seven Lfted At Havng Excellent Record CARTERET--Student* at C»rteret Hgh School whose marks placed them an the honor roll for the weond perod, just concluded, are: Senors - Reglna Adams, Walter Myno, Jean Merelo, June Sherdan, Mary Ann Sebert, Kathleen Schuck, John Wlhelm, Dors Col- Kan, RIU Brechka, Alce Gluchousk, Mary Hayduk, Helen Shutello, Matlda Seaman, Ruth Staubach, John Lozak, Arnold Reder, Anne Brechka, James Brtton, Gerald Kasher, Lorralnr Krnnak, Sophe LH»k, Frank Lovas, John Masur, Stephen Tmko, Peter Kutney, Stewart Chodosh, Joseph Mttuch, Irene Sdun, Gertrude RabnowU, Berntee Wltna, Mare Sabol, Anna Stachura, Sophe Harkewcz, and Howard Wohlgemuth. Junor»~Dorothy I-outer, Maron Zatk, Elane Sabo, Martn Gnldntone, Helen Melnck, Margaret Herpga, Irma Paul, Elane Solomon, Angplno LaufTenbprger, and I/Oretta Romanowsk. Sophomores Thomas Dunn, Robert O'DonncIl, Jula Chontos, Edward Kopl, Ruth Lauffenberger, Junnta Hemsol, Vncent Maer, Stephen Toth, Helen Pavlnet, Alce (Jotowck, l-ouse Brechka, Josephne Iwansk, Helen Nudge, Mary Peter, Joan Enot, Anna Fegal, Dorothy Dumansky, Kathleen Sullvan, and Walter Gluchosk. Freshmen Stella Dacks, Mar. VefeUble UqnK ' Have water bolng when *m put vegetable! In to cook. Ue a lttle water as poulble and cook rapdly. Serve the cookng water wth the vegetable or use It In toup, auce and graves. Thl pot lquor contans Important food values certan vlta«mn and mnerals. Bath Stans To remove stans on bathtubs and lnks, mosten a good cleansng powder wth a commercal bleach- Ing agent. Rub ths over the darkened surfac* and let tand untl the tan U removed. Then wash off wth water. Camphor Source rormoan stlls, whch processed the chlpl of the camphor laurel, normally provded almost all th* world's supply of natural camphor nd about 7 per cent of the camphor ued n the Unted States for medcne, lacquer, perfumes, cellulod, photographc flms and nsectcdes. Defrost Refrgerator ReguUrly defrost your refrgerator. Thck ce on freezng unts rases Operaton cost defrost when t'» quarter nch thck. To reduce frort on cols, cover foods n automatc refrgerators except those lke oranges wth ther own coverngs. garet Chontos, Ronald Krssak, Henry Turck, Mchael Palann, Elsabeth 8«rson, Agnm«Anderson, I,lll»n F^dlarn, Wnfred Hundetnann,,Anlsla Kolhas, Irene Rompa, Stella Tares, Robert Mod rak, and Joseph Ihnot. Brzezowsk Rtes Tomorrow Mornng CARTERET Funeral servces wlt be held tomorrow mornng nt f):,') o'clock n Holy Famly Church for MM. Vctora Br».e.ownk of 69 Larch Street, who ded suddenly Wednesday nght n Perth Amboy General Hosptal. The pastor, Rev. M. A, Konopka, wll celebrate the requem mass and bural wll be n St. Stephen's Cemetery, Ford*. Mrs. Brzcownk, 55, WHS tho wdow of Anthony Rreowsk and s sur»lvfld by three chldren, John,.Joseph and Rose, and H brother, Joseph Kot, of Johnson Cty, Kyrasue, N. Y. She was a member of the Holy Famly Socety and the Polsh Roman Catholc Unon of Amerca. Joseph Synowork s n charge of arrangements. FEMALE HELP WANTED Fore-Lady Only,, European Jew Left of 7 Mllon WASHINGTON. - Out of 7 mllon Jews who lved In Naz occuped Europe and Russa before the war not more than,, have survved,. Dr. Israel Goldsten, pr*»lfl>nt of the Zonst organsaton of Amerca, reported after returnng from abroad, The survvng Jews to Europe were pctured by Dr. Goldsten as facng a postwar vrus of ant-semtsm. Record Cache of Drug* I Sezed at Border TUC8ON, ARIZ. - Sx hundred ounct* of opum descrbed by customs nspectors as the largest Illct cache ever to cross the Arzona-Mexco border were exhbted as evdence In the arragnment of Esteban Perdomo-Martnez, - year-old Mexcan natonal, charged bn two counts of volatng the federal narcotcs lsw. Born Wth Heart OuUde Body, Baby Lve* Days MONTREAL, CANADA. - A twoday old, s-pound boy born wth an exposed heart ded shortly after surgeons postponed a correctve operaton In th«hope that he mght gan strength to wthstand It. Physcans sad the chld's heart, whch Uy uncovered outsde hs chest esvlty, had apparently slpped through»n openng In tha chest before brth because hs breast bone had not fully developed. TannU) feld Nne or ten tomato plants wll yeld, on the average, a bushel o tomatoes or enough to put up IS 'n Itl quarts Sewng Machne Operators Fldor Workers Begnners consdered and pad whle learnng. Prepare for future. Pleasant surroundngs. CHICARELLI SPORTSWEAR 6& Roosevelt Avenue parteret, N. J. CELEBRATE THE NEW YEAR AT Packer Hotel Cocktal Lounge Gala New Year's Eve Dnner Dance Make Reservatons Now! Tckets Now On Sale GOOD MUSIC - HATS FUN!> ' L Some Fan Mal Jack Benny doen't know whether to t>e flattered or ntuted by all of the mal comng n on the JACK BENNY CONTEST, n whch he gvng away $, n Vctory Bondt. Contestant! jut have to fnh he sentence, "I Can't Stand Jack Benny Because," n SO wordt or leu. Fred Allen t head judge. Honey Brcud Puddng Honey bread puddng s an Ideal sweet dessert sparng sugar by usng honey as sweetener* To substtute honey for sugar n bread puddng use twce AS much honey, by measure, as the amount of sugar the recpe calls for. Add half teaspoon lemon extract to enhance the good flavor of the puddng. Hot Dressng; Potato salad and cole slaw may be pepped up wth "hot dressng" nstead of cold. Convct Ads Statue Fund Among the contrbutors to a fund for rcmovnr n Krugcr statue In Pretora, South Afrca, was J. M, Hugo, a lfe "prsoner n Pretora Central Prson, who gave f out of. hs prson gratuty. Tquvrr Caffs Trousers fnshed about one-hall Inch above the heels look and wear best nt the lower edge. A strp of cloth or tape sewod just nsde the edge takes the brur.t of weur off the trouser cult. GLAD TIDINGS TO OUR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS WE Wm YOU All A HAPPY NEW YEAR STATE JEWELRY SHOP MAIN STREET, WOODBRIDGE, N. J. NEXT TO STATE THEATRE Telephone: Woodbrdge H-67 New Year Greetngs Tht ypfrt ojfhe season promptt us to express to you : apprecaton ofpurfleas- < out busness relatons durng the year. Best holday Ivslm to ym t and yours. 8 MAIN STREET WOODBRIDGE Tel W«How's Your Health? By Dr.. Cophft Branson Do Yon Want IwUlw Medcne? If Congress passes the Wagner- Murray. Dln$ell blls you wll have not only socalsed medcne, but you wll have the largest tax levy put upon you that wns ever leved by ths or any other country for a dnglt purpose ton bllon dollan annually? Rut the rch wll have t to pay, you may thnk. Oh, no! Don't fool yourself. Lsten to ths. Your taxes for ths purpose wll be baaed on earnngs up to $,6 a year, begnnng January, 96.. Employers are to contrbute per cent.. F,mploye««are to contrbute per cent.. Self-employed are to contrbute 6 per cent. Ths s to be done under a compulsory health Insurance plan whch s masked under the guse of altrusm. However, f the Wagner - Murray - Dngell blls are pasted the Amercan people wll flnd themselves beng strangled to death by a huge octopus. Ths creature wll drag behnd It myrads of snake-lke tentacles known 8B projects, all reachng out to twst themselves about the throats of the Amercan people and enslave them, They wll all come under the headng of Health Insurance known as the Wagner- Murray-Dlngall blls. It Is a wholly socalstc devce, and proposes "to provde full personal health servces for all Socal Securty benefcares, and all of ther dependents,, pe«ople." It would establsh the Surgeon General of the Publc Health Servce under tha Admnstrator of the the Socal Securty board as a medcal dctator, under orders to provde the servces antt wth full authorty to:, Hre doctors, specalsts, den. tsts, nurses, laboratory techncans and establsh rates of pay.. Establsh fee schedules for physcans' and dentst"' "servces. A New S. Fx; the qualfcatons for spaelahsts.. Determne the number of Indvduals for whom any doctor or dentst may provde servce, 5. Determne what hosptals or clncs may provde servce for patents and under what condtons? You would have no voce as to whch doctor or dentst you or your famly could have. You'd take the one provded by the dctator. If you should ask for your regular doctor, you mght be told that he was assgned to other dutes. Even f you succeeded n gettng a physslan of your choce you'd have to pay hm extra and also your tax for the Health Insurance, whch would bo 8 per cent of your wages up to $,6 as stated above. The taxes comng nto the system are expected to produoc ten bllon dollars annually. The above sum wll not be enough to cover all the so-called benefts proposed under the Wagner law. The government must supplement It. Workers are to be pad when not workng. All male workers at age of fb must be retred on substantal weekly pay. Wdows are retred at fo, but wll be supported by the Compulsory Insurance. The above health plan, whch, even the Presdent of the Unted States seems to be tryng to have rushed through by Congress, h»s HEATING world that unshackle, are the fa«st on ^nh w ycrur congressmen (, n v, them to^ote aganst, h. ^ Murray-Dlnjell blls. A good desert <;,, mnl gngerbread wth 8p ry Splt squsres of g!hgerbr>n, wth applesauce. Re rvr pbl, ml l wth a lemon smee or Wl(l, '"' erous dab of whpped r,,, nl a few nuts Into '.he- n,,' ' tke. Blnd P.-t John Oreenleaf Whttrr», blnd Hs mother dsmvr,, In pckng strawberry,r not dlstlngjlsh th«'r(trrn, : between the berres Hm n,,- Plllntv TtcHnj Wh«n makng feather pn.,, tj Ing If you sew about W, nr J back fom the end jou wn ^ Hap that you can fast r () lf, t on whenyot hong the llov., nt clothes lne tor aunnnc Control P»lonl, Pm*n-owners ore» :,; :, trol of ther patent rrlr t,, ant-trust laws as Is th,. r,,, owners of any other prnp,. r t v,, New Year Greetngs A very real wsh for very real frends! General Applances 66 Man Street, Woodbrdge Joteph Kone, Jr.. T*l*pho«Propretor Wood. 8-j We are peam to announce that our refnery ha* developed a new noo-corroare heatng ol. Our No. Hoatnr Ol always ba been a ttftfht-run dttllate product and wth thu new proceu, t u an out- Itandbr product and U known at ROYALHEAT. "Mat a cracked fuel." TbU meant that the contaner can now get a fuel long desred for t* «ton burnng and effcent operaton n all make* of burners. Ths, along wth effcent delvery servce and the pther s*rv«s offered by (HIT d«al«r», ahould prove to be the deal knd of home heatng. By contmtnf tbt Royslh«at dealer n your area, thlt fuel ou of cllean l>un«ln quadty can be had. :.'"' «!?.; &/> l ''; l.r\ I

7 CARTEtET PRESS Publtahad by Cuteret OFFICE T«WASHINGTON AVB, CARTERBT, N. J. Telephone C»rt«r«t 8-56 IHCY GREOOBY Edtor MKVKR ROSENBLtJM. 8port, Edtor Subscrpton, $, Per Y««r EntM-ed u weond claas matter Jan* f, M. «t Cwrteret, N. J,, Post OSc«, under,h,. Art of March 8, B7». A Mtuage To Chef Shtrdan \> have often expressed prvately to.!, (. Chef George Sherdan our proml admraton for the manner n whch has approached and admnstered theresponsbltes of hs offce. We!.,! \ K t only far to hm andto the people,, I'urteret that we make ths expresson tn:lcly. ( hcf Sherdan, n our opnon, s? servng,.noret wth the very best that s n hm. II,. las brought to hs job and to the de-,ntrnont a careful sense of proporton, a humble ajd dscernng apprecaton for n.lcc, and a moral courage whch fully )n-.fes the confdence of those who, arc v-; onsble for hs appontment. Thpfe are n.f of the flamboyant herocs of'the mo.n pcture character n Mr. Shprdan, but MI rgd standards of honesty, decency and l- play he s rch and generous. [ s our ntenton, so long as Chef Sherdan contnues on the path he has chosen and we beleve suffcently n hm to be. a ;red that ths path s as sacred as hs relgon to encourage and uphold hm whenever t s helpful to do so. We are well aware of some of the dffcultes and hazards whch are placed n hs way n (der that some selfsh, personal reason can be satsfed for those to whom the lofty deals of Mr. Sherdan can be compromsed csly. If these elements ever have any ntenton of challengng the Sherdan prnnples they not only are gong to have hm In contend wth, but ths newspaper as well. As the new year comes upon UB, we wsh Mr. Sherdan the strength to contnue aa he has started. We only, wsh we could be ;s confdent of the realzaton of all our other new year's hopes. Dd HHler Teach Us Anythng? Sayng that Adolf Htler has taught us somethng of the amazng powers bf educaton, Mr. T. A. Warren, presdent of Kotary Internatonal, expresses the opnon that Der Fuehrer "at least conceved those almost lmtless possbltes of educaton" as he coldly and merclessly educated hs people for death. The pont s worth consderng, but we thnk that Htler has taught us the danger of human perverson, that appeals to prejudce and greed wll sway so-called educated people and that when the fres of savagery begn to burn wthn the human frame the holocaust develops progressvely untl t consumes the sprt. The human race has not yet developed more than a thn veneer of cvlzaton, reof the educaton that ndvduals acqure. The latent forces of the races exst, even f temporarly under reasonable control. What Htler dd was to gve hs people an excuse for reverson, an opportunty for greedy explotaton of weaker neghbors and a fatal belef that they would be able to do the job wthout sufferng unduly. It a worth notng that the Naz plans msfred, not because the German people «ljl not support Htler to the btter end but '" cause the msdeeds of hfl regme fnally * cumulated suffcent opposton to encompass hs downfall. The armes of the Uejch were beaten and the vctors acqured the opportunty to wpe out the frut of Naz brutalty. What are we dong about t? Ths s another queston. The people of the Unted States, despte ther educaton, are for the»<mt part yellng "brng home the boya" and "don't draft any more men." Obv- "usly, ths makes Impossble a thorough "nplementaton of the vctory whch can >'*! secured, n Europe, only f we do sone- Hng drabtce to eradcate the Naz phlos "l»hy and the mltary system whch made ' such a menace to cvlzaton. Good Booh U Read It s rot our oustom to advertse books these cojumn, but we thnk a project,!% InUUted by the Harvard Unversty Press, deserves some attenton. The unversty plans a seres of books lo tfve nt«jg»»t Amercans an nsght nto l >e problems th«t confront the Unted Tho ng to Haj**pbns wth other natons, to nterpret Uvwell. naton wll brought about by the Whethe our reader., know t or not we have rttenpted. n our dscusson of world ld problems Ho present t the vewpont of other? R l y ^? ththrou * h an ^eraund. «ng of thd thnkng and dffcultes of other peoples and governments that we wll be able to make probable the future peace of the worlll. For t^e same reason we have dsapproved the effort* of some Amercans to str up ll-feelng aganst our Alles, and other peqpea, through appeals to the prejudces thfat every ntellgent person knows are nevtable n connecton wth ou* relatons wth other lands.. Physcal Educaton fleeded. A publcaton of the Natonal Educaton Assocaton tells»» that "adequate school health programs are mperatve," whch t about what we have tred to tell our read} ers for some years. One out of every three men, called ht servce after Pearl Harbor, was unft fo duty. Ths apples to those between th» ages of 8-7 but even among the 8-5 group the rejectons were one out of four. In the 8-9 ages rejectons among the whtes were.8 per cent and among Negroes 5.5 per cent. For farm youth the rejectons were per cent compared to 5 per cent for all occupatonal groups. Ths evdence of physcal dsablty s not only *. challenge to the naton but a condemnaton. Parents, schools, publc health servces, doctors and lawmakers share the blame. Every ndvdual s partly responsble nsofar as he, or she,, dd not do anythng to remedy the appallng lack of proper physcal educaton and development. There are some sgns of physcal educaton n Mddlesex County, but the truth of the matter s that what has been attempted s woefully nadequate. Even the programs of our largest schools s but a feeble start upon the great task of nsurng proper physcal growth for boys and grls. Authortes suggest that adequate school programs are mperatve. They are rght n ths suggeston, even f the program costs money. School years are crtcal for physcal growth and most students need, more than ever, a sensble routne of health, physcal educaton and proper recreaton. Predcts Horrble Warfare. It'.s a black pcture that Maj. Gen. Clare Chennault pants for the naton as he looks ahead to the possblty of another war. The General says that the Unted States should "go underground and go fabt" as a defense aganst the atomc bomb and that we have "twenty-fve years to do the job" of buldng for peace and burrowng for war. "The next war," says the veteran leader of a part of our ar forces, "wll come nstantly," and "anythng left above ground cannot wthstand t." We have no dea that the people of the naton wll follow the advce of the General, but t appears that wsdom would requre that some of our key defensve and ndustral nstallatons be placed underground or so dffused as to make mpossble sudden destructon through surprse at tack, even by atomc bombs. The hope of manknd rests upon some organzaton of the natons, of the world that wll be powerful enough to prevent the rse of future aggressors, If unfortunately one does step forward to make hs play for world domnaton then the Unted Natons of the earth must have the means to wpe hm and hs gang of cutthroats off the map, and do the job nstantly. NoTmtUWarComt Supportng the adopton of a compulsory mltary tranng program, WUan S. Knudsen nays that on the mechancal sde he "can see the eceaaty that when a man s put n the feld wth a rfle or other equpment he wll know what to do wth H." Tha expresses smply the fundamental... gmnet " favor of mltary tranng n tme of peace. The processes of warfare have become technu-sfl and complcated and t requres some months, at least, for solders to learn how to use ther weapons and equpment. Moreover, the naton cannot afford to gamble that t wll not become nvolved n a war that wll requre mmedate acton on our part. Mr. Knudaen knew of no country or group aganst whch the Unted States Hhould be prepared mmedately, but J he added that th* concluson "dp«sn hold for the rest of tme." WhBrfct dd not when occaaon wouto compel us HOLIDAY CHEER! Under The State House Dome By J. Joseph Grlbblas TRENTON. War veterans mnjf look forward to 96 wth certanty that preference wll be granted to them by the new Legslature n the fllng of all publc postons. Because of the broad program of veteran's preference beng drafted, cvl servce offcals beleve veterans wll be the only persons hred by the State Government for many years.. When the 96 Legslature convenes on January 8 the Legslatve Veterans Commsson, headed by Senator Alfred B. Lttell, Sussex, wll recommend that dsabled veterans be placed at the head of elgble lsts resultng from cvl servce compettve examnatons n the orddr of ther passng marks; non-dsabled veterans next upon the lsts n the order of ther averages and fnally non-veterana n accordance wth ther passng marks. As Dr. Wllam S. Carpenter, Presdent of the Btate Cvl Servce Commsson, favors shorter slgble lsts n the future, cvlans wthout a veterans' ratng are not expected to get very far n competttve examnatons. Early n the new year the Cvl Servce Commsson wll agan start hold- Ing examnatons whch were drop, ped durng most of the war perod. The new Legslature s also expected to adopt laws grantng sltuble credt n open examnatons for tranng and experence n mll tary servce and requrng offcals to fle wrtten reasons wth the State Cvl Servce Commsson for passng over veterans on elg* ble lsts. Most of these recommendatons were suggested to the Leg- slatve Veterans Commsson by Joaeph G. Carty, Planfeld, Charman of the Amercan Legon Legslatve Commttee. A law requrng all detals of examnatons be wrtten publc records open to nspecton by any ctzen, especally those partcpat. ng n such examnatons, may also be adopted by the 96 Legslature. Veterans may also secure preference n lay-offs forced by reductons n personnel but not tn unjust legal rght of retenton ahead of cvlans wth far greater senorty and more dependents. Many of those recommendatons wll be ncluded n the annual message of Governor Walter E Edge to the Legslature on the openng day. Governor Edge a preparng hs annual message on bs Georga plantaton at the present tme. WHITE HOLLY: Holly at Chrstmas tme s a thng of beauty wth the red berres and rchly colored leaves furnshng the necessary touch that adds to the holday festvty. But expert holly lovers arc lookng for a holly tree wth whte berres. Durng a recent meetng of the New Jersey Holly Research Commttee at the plant of Clarence Wolf, head of the New Jersey Slca Sand Company at Mjllvlle, H, M. Dengler, Extenson Forester from Maryland, told about recevng a report jrom an. Arkansas agent who clams he saw a whte berred holly along a roadsde n that State. Efforts to locate ths rare specmen, however, proved futle. EX LbnS... ByWUUam Sharp CHRISTMAS TRff AND THE MSTLETOE * MARTIN umur cur me MUST CHRISTMAS TRES-AN UT IT WTTN /t srms It so happened that'c, B. "Tny" Cranmer, Assstant Forester of the State Department of Conservaton, took photographs of some nterest, ng holly trees on the MUlvllc plantaton shortly before the meetng. Some tme later ho developed the flm. The berres on one of the photots showed whte. As a Joke he sent a copy of the photo to Dengler as evdence of a whte holly tree n New Jersey. Dengler became enthuaaettc and aaked for a twg of the whte berred tree so that he could put t on dsplay whle makng a speech n Baltmore wthn a short tme. Cranmer had to explan the hoax at once. "Now don't be mstaken, and don't be msled," he wrote to Dengler "Where the berres 'p««r whte, they should be red. When ths photo was snapped, escaped all detecton. The flter used gave over correcton. Ths fact f not known on Wolf's holly acres, makes Tny the chef of all nature fakers. Your quest s not ended by gosh and by golly, for that Arkansas dream u whte berred holly," A few days later he receved the followng note from bengler: "Tny, frend Tny, fraud that you be. Oh never, Oh never agan play on me. That hoax of your letter and photograph too of the whte berred holly that just wasn't true." TRACTORS N e w farna are slowly but surely ds pensng wth horses and lnng tractors n ther place, The State Department of Agrculture reports that Hunterdton County leads New Jersey n the numlcr of tractors on farms. Thu 95 record credts Hunterdon wth, tractors. Monmouth ranks second wth,69 and Burlngton thrd wth,56. Tho to- Ul for the State s,56 whch pluce.s New Jersey 6th n the naton n the number of tractors used on farms. ' CHRISTMAS Santa Claus can clmb through the burs of prson celu an well ae down chmneys. At the New Jersey State Prson Chrtotmas gft* from relatve!) of nmates were welcomed durng the lst few days Wth greut glco by h: convcts and specal uventa at.he pententary help pans the tme lurng the Yuletde svasut. Under prson men each Immtt may revve a puokage from ouute weghng up to pounds. A huge tret; decorates the laurul-trmmed prson center through whch the o nv d a uuas Severn! tmes daly. Extra band concerts ure the order of the day. The Chrstna* dnner comprsng onon «oup, baked ham sweet potatoes, turnps, buttered peu», coltee, leu cream and rolls was followed by moves In the audtorum. Accordng to Warden John L. O'Hura, some of the prsoners even exchanged gfts. Specal Chrstmas partta and dances were also successful n other State Insttutons, ncludng the Wuudbne Colony for Feeble Mnded Males where Chrstmas lt really a specal oaason. Representng all ages, the nmates worshp Santa Claus and when be trbvels through the buldng, mddle aged men pause n ther play wt,fc lttle wooden pegs to cheer along wth th» lttle fot». fhdnth phy*mk pormal, mo»t on thd InsUtutfah ChrbtmM a* blp!*, Su Lousa's Letter*' Detr Loulaa>~ What mad you thnk of» grl who wo«m note off from her home school and talk thoat her former frtndu wthout any reaon, whatsoever. The boy *h«u**d tn datt and pratvnded to love now jot ttamthng for her to talk abatt tto makt fun of to her new Mt of frend*. She ha* ht clam rng and wll not Jtv* t back to hm. 8he alwy* ha* an exctw whenever he auk* for t. What would you advue hm to do about thl»? Dtfuted Boy. Answer: I thnk It a rerjr shabby thng to make fun or Ulk dlsparsfnjtly of one's old frtndu ust because a person has begun to run wth a dfferent crowd. But do you know for certan taht ths s not Sometmes thlnn sound much worse fhon. they are repeated by other people than they were In tended. Of couya there Is no excuse for her not Bondng your rng back but my guv** a that she hat tost It. If»he has she should buy you an other. Whenever a grl and bo; hrrak o H lovp affjr tho grl should ncnd «ny expensve gft or Jewelry that he Itoy has gven her buck to hm. All engagement rngn or rng* (f tny knd should most certanly bo returned, LOUISA. Dear Lousa: I am very much n love wth a young man and I am sure he loves me. However, my famly dalke hm very much became they do not understand ht ways. aent hm away and have been terrbly unhappy agec. don't feel that I ca never k>v«anyone eue. What shall I dot # Undecded Penn, Answer: I know ao lttle about you or the hoy, Undecded, that t s mpossble to advse you. To begn wth what are the "ways" your famly dslkes about thn young man? If t cs awkwardness or THREE CHRCHILLS 'LONDON Sarah Churchll n the second of three daughters of the former Prme Mnster to leave mltary servce. She sad sh«hoped to resume her stage career. Mary, the youngest daughter, s stll a junor, confmander n the Army Transport Servce whch s equvalent to our WAC's. Sarah was n the Women's AUA. A Force and DrDann, tho oldest wan n Ihu Women's ltyal Naval Servte before beng demoblzed. U. S. SECOND? Dr. Leo Slard of thu Unversty of Chcago, one of the frst physcsts to vsualze the atomc bomb told the Senate Commttee that ths country would le at a dsadvantage In the atomc ann«race wth Russa. He sad t would taek us ten years at a cost of,, a year to relocate and decentralze our populaton but that the Sovet Unon could do these jobs n two or three years.,, The Army lust week, the four mllonth solder. Ths mea.ns that 8 per cent t thos n the Army on V-E Day were dn charged by December. M»mb«r F«<Ural Dvpmlt Inprtnct Corp. adtf that would lffmnt problem r rud«nt«. And how ad art ft* boyt Perhaps yon an % to Judf&fharacter ttry maybe h j too old t* fcfj wth you. Best Arc*e Mr Wuan Lf F. ft * Para f Nothng *hoeb a potltl much at the dscovery tftt ponent * playtnff WU. A Wan r*h>rta ab«to place of three men In W hut wahas thrtt man her places. Great Lakn At It War* Another lough reeon problem wll be rtttng th«out of the war plant* ktchen or from note to t were. Cncnnat Snqnb OtMa Just occlonally mnn who looks aajthon wonders why th«tv«r hat. Memphs Coramer Rght I One trouble about I s the fact that the felow «taxpayer tells he t«u probably cornea rght fctt bgger one. IndlanapoHl Tlw M»a Nothng annoy than havng frend* Art) lf pecteclly to And the bflu»o ' HK t usually dots. ( Feld Flght Tme. Photos of Hmalayan Uke from above by our Chna flers, reveal a curon«' of affar*. There are houses sellng pne-cone Detrot Now. Optmst An optmst s a man pects a home atmosphere and hotel servce t Street Journal. Tb. War The aur't way of gettng top n always* to get to the of thngs. Answer*. Exempton Every concevable postwar j der now hat been fully out wth the possble excepton' zpper {or the baked stuffed fsh. Mlwaukee Journal. BrtM V It s reported that an A athlete recently fan try to beat a local tran two staton*, How they over them: In ths cou could have walked. 'Punc In tho Deep South, a tv» old mss know* the alph ward and backward and for a career as a theater < Detrot New«. The wute of war a behnd us. world s gong back to work. You wll need tht ooopmaton who ths bonk can gv* you carryng toward yx>ur panonal and bwnma plant for.lhe uhd. Wa'M nady, *nd w* wetted our b«t wsh** for your luoctm tn th* New Y«*r. WOODBIH NATIONAL Woodbrd,* N. Member Federal Rttarvs)

8 , '.. -.-V THE CANTEEN & AlttllOy AvMU«?ARGE and JULIUS MAGYAR, P-op. OPEN HOUSE REFKESHums.m ft yrftf are puzzlng What to do or db here! AVElW Urn fm hmfcj, N. t ' OPEN HOUSE COVER CMARCE! a (had Oowl tfcne MeM Ycmr *f GREEN >CeHrW* GREEN LANTERN «& COCKTAIL BAR Y«lf HERE, CHARt 5 kht> JOUA Sll^OS Solge- I Hats \ LET'S HAVE OUR PARTY AT - GRANDMA'S LOG CABIN OPEN HOUSE Famous for New Yeat's Fun. Rng out the old year wth yoar frends at Grandma's. Gaety, laughter n the fnest surroundngs. Favors, nosemkers, musc. Grandma's Log Cabn ST. GEORGE AVENUE WOODBftlDGE NO COVER CHARGE! PHONE WOOD. 8-5 OPEN HOUSE NEW YEAR'S REFRESHMtNTS DANCING W>M SUPERHIGHWAY WlfCE THE NEW YEAR IN TO rmfavorthmwk BLACK CAT INN FRENCH RESTAURANT- TELEPHONE WOOOTftlftCE 8O«A7 THE - - «Make Yoar Reservatons Now For - NEW YEAR'S EVE - TURKEY DINNER WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS $.5 Per Couple (Tax Included) HATS - NOISE MAKERS, ETC. FVH GALORE - DANCING ROOSEVELT HOTEL STEVEN KUTCY, Prop. 55 ROOSEVELT AVENUE cneret CAKtH&T, S. J. Tyrone s Bar & Pzzera Cata New Year's Party NOISE MAKERS - MUSIC REFRESHMENTS JIMMY GAY & HIS ORCHESTRA SEE OUR NEW ARCRA?t CARJto M ITALIAN TMAWlES OUR SPECUlTY TELEPHONE WOODftRIDCE «785 SUPERHIGHWAY NO. 5 AVENtL, N. J. OPEN HOUSE at JULIAN'S Restaurant & Cocktal Bar 9 PEARL ST. WOODBRIDGE, N. J. CLIFF CARTER-Panst VISIT OUR BEAUTIFUL CIRCULAR BAR. NOISE MAKERS REFRESHMENTS - HATS - SANDWICHES SPAGHETTI ITALIAN PIES tfw Teat Greetngs to Alt! swm YOUR PAmm MO THE NEW YEAR! Dance rght to the frst day of 96, You'll be meetng all yoar frend* of oar New Year's Fest of Fun and Frolc. REFRESHMENTS NOlSEMAKEftS - FAVdfcS PRANK'S TAVERN FRANK WASIELESK, Prop. 77 FORM. II, OPEN HOUSE Happy New Year To All! TmstThttmYmtWHhVs- Gahrt - fhte Makers to M ' I RE< m ' K *

9 * * FULTON INN Ehnar Pakajr and John PataVy, Prop». 65 FULTON STREET WOODBRIDCE Wll) to announce that there wll be * lmted number of tablet (or our GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE CELEBRATJOK TURKEY AND CHICKEN DINNER fer tfats, NOISEMAKERS, FUN GALORE MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW! FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL WOODBRIDGE 8-87 K j<n ar«pnztlmf OTPT ) to At or where to go... (be amwer's rght for*! AVERT Happy flew Year T* Yatl A TW toth* New Year Round up the boys for t rollckng good tme jfvnn Welcome to 9I>. We extend A hearty nvtaton to evervone to jon our jrla New Ypur' purty for n round of fun and frolc CHARLIE'S TAVERN TOMCHlK, Prop. NEW AND WILLIAM STREETS WOODBRIDGE Celebrate the New Year At Joe's CocK^t Lourg* OPEN HOUSE Tkttt Ates Orchestra TURKEY SANDWICHES - ALL YOt CAN BAT-ON THE HOUSE Etc. Joe's Cocktal Lounge 68 MADISON AVENUE PERTH AMBOY GYPSY CAMP HUNGARIAN REStAURANT ESSEX STREET CARTERET 8-59$ FOR A GALA N W YEAR'S EVE f thr N»«n mdst uvrtfn * t oar phct. Wr'vf I t»bl«watnf for t«l... but tamt rlr t«vod duppolntnmtuk Good food an «*«ll! drtnh* «t «thrfty prl«."vj JOHN'S TAVERN W FULTON STREET JOrfl* VARSHANY, Prop No Fn»r Eatnf Place n tbwn Thu GANTOItTEA GARDEN 8-5 Smth Street Ptrth Amrx>y -9T Where you can efljof our Jelcoul Chtnue and Amtrtan ft SPECIAL FOR NtW YEAR'S 6NLY! / DANCING TO A WELL KNOWt OttCHESTRA $.5 PUte malts rtumten atnrll! For New Year's Ef* Dlnntr FaH*, NUl*n«*»r» ( Etc. Fora "Bubblng" New Year'* Fest Celebrate the New Year... dance to your favorte tunes.., jon ho cnwl n Bng'»K Aldl.unjrSyne! We're act for a jala evenng... so, have fun! Plan to vst ua. A Perfect Wefconte lo the New Year Kss 5 g y and welcome the New Year n wth your frend"' We'ro g^'^b all out to make New Year's Eve merrer than ever... so be certan to stop n to say hello to your yearround host. WAKE RESERVATIONS NWVI luftl^ft EVERY SATURDAY * TO P. ft. WUoIL AND SUNDAY NIGHT 7 TO By KAL KEDVES and EMERY HACK and tlur HOME COOKED MEALS SERVED DAILY NO COVER NO MINIMUM 6«r Sp*e!«Uy WwHlnf anj PrtU at any tnt. A Happer New Year... n the Amercan Sprt! Welcome the Hew Year * BLUE BAR* FRANK BAKA, Prop. FULTON AND NEW STREETS WOODBRIDGE MAIN TAVERN MIKE ALMASI, Prop. 78 MAIN STREET WOOMKIDGE you mngle wth your frlew fcre. You're sure of s perfect dvenftff f you plan to be tflth us New Year's Evu. Get n on the fun! Molnar's Tavern M*S. MA*Y jtfolna*. Prep. All Ottr Frends A Very Merry Chrstmas ^ n.^ AND A Happy and Prosperous New Year OAK HILLS MANOR '. A. Petenen, Mgr. ROAD, IVfETUCHEN Celebrate The New Year at LITTLE JOE'S Where Old Frend* Meet Enjoy the Holday Season Wth U». PHIL FELDMAN AT THE PIANO t MUSIC, ENTERTAINMENT, HATS, NOISEMAftRS. EVERYTHING THAT GOES TO MAKE A G& TlUfE. PLUS France's Famous Sandwches LITTLE JOE'S & BAR AND GRILL 6 Second Street Woodbrdge, N. J. Prvate Parkng Lot n Rear Turn at Red Lfht at New Street One Block Dawn. DINE and DANCE TO C(»NTINENTAL AND INTERESTING MUSIC At the Beautful New Gypsy Rendezvous (Formerly Hghland Grove) GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY Ma](«your reservaton early at tablet are lmted.... per cwple, ntludnf Dnner, Nowm»Wer» *nd Hatt. -: 8 P. M. tlll CLOSING :- Route jfe Half Mle from New Brunswck Crcle Telephone New Brvn.wkk 65 NEW AND WILLIAM STREETS WOODBRlDQE Come One--Come All GAA NEW YEARNS PARTY NBeraakcrt-- -Halt - Noveltet ROAST CHICKEN DINNER DANCING HUNOARAN, POLISH AND AMERICAN MUSIC,\ MONDAY, DE^f^EK,95 f* 8P.M.tMH T :..$.5 PER PERSON** Maty's Tavern 8 SMITH STREET PERTH AMBOY, W. J. RESERVATIONS^-PHONE P. A. -88 '.xr& >"?.' / '. I MAKE IT *% Pzzera -fthjhdgltta.- FOUTHAT EVE CELEfRATIOlV FOOD ' ym tt HIGHWAY 5 mr to AT THE MITE HOUSE BAR & GltLL th tfewfmfn ta M fat fa*" ' «' V^Ll-

10 . MOL-A ts** to amm* hart l >*, FghtM? ShaHo flmwsujuj, T.. ~ Two tartlm kf 9st tfataaaaoas teas. I wore Raft*. Harrs**, of VaMkr, CmbX. OJM of ts t at tt oewmea to survve, end. lean, S of Port A* Wast, who was the loat I t e m* of aaother crew K» u te/t aarvtvor* were aboard wf Owmsws auro the sot oat m* hgh wares. ad me rest of m* crew am) me tea September M ««MB «Mrmtott*Mper began» N " ftnufu Barrson and eght ouv on (d* raft. I of m*m snrvrftd. Aft* tnt days they M I I fy a aava! rescue pkae, after two days nrta lor snore, put wa kflkd atrlgr a shark. day a second man be- C» dttrtout and stepped ofl mt fajttt*"go below and (et wnw cold ttjufe*/' Be m drowned: fees 6 tbf same thng tbt jttfffawmt? advsed tbe survvors to nduced the boys *> pray aueooy from tbe start tat Mb* wt began prayng out loud wt want rescued wtmo» nunutes,'* Md. was a a convoy from Salwmm the September l«typhoon Hs mnesweeper quckly mar heavy waves. companons, Wf«pU. aded kept afloat for M hours Xftaettng a small Want, two eamptntons, weakeoed by fat waves, drowned. B«mswa»atby a shark on hs second I me water. The fsh tut a boto fa Brtches PuU UDQK, TOM/ The fore* «k> atomc homo plant here «at ttawttog, of course, dose by a mya-.a ftnfet accent, pro*' Should have been I Ms country's greatest ss-, It then* have madt «dra aoam bed statement m ampntlt polce, who hv ftflm shootng, sad mat tnaata wtbam Bbmdon was shot fte old fashoned way sod tor was leavng awwafbtoads m a tourst tp tp atetaaw wth a shot- M (no mystery weapon) let go «Ma a toad ot-my. my-bn»hot teach- yoa to keep away, Wary EBen.", I Haadoa sad be does not kuew aay Mary Ellen. And as to tay;#t#»tte statement, he sad: tkta. * harts to st down." DoWRflofAltrat F> KAB&A8 CITY. - Two hand*! grnwe* brghtly at me almost and* hjt lays of me uhravtokt totnp»l»sw,*mdd a group huddled to -aoajfcroom..dt fmttttfm dl tmt," sad Fraods 8ra chd, and tbt h. had auama,l)m botaadby p«m as tea*» was Msteoted to» l^tonwtary," He flra Ala/ ; kad all tba lews S fte user. * lmp n the dark Into a glow. E. L JeeamtosM, wheat work at the hmtftatoa to ttetotag the mmatea has brought Mm mv TecogwHtom. eomadcn At Chrstmas party a great upper for the habecoes. It the only ptoce n New Jersey where Santa Clans shed) a slent tear as be dstrbute* Wys. To the great credt of the nsttuton, women employes, as wtl u Mrs. Jobastone aad freada, worked for weeks maldag stated urmals ad dofls to be dstrbuted by the bewhskered old gustltam. The eyes of tee nmates raeemag the gft* fron 8»nU Claat rtlettel the real meaaag of Chrtotmas cheer. ORCHID GROWERS. Mea who grow orchds have otter aav UaetoM., Tw«New Jersey orchd growtta John Lager of Later A HarrlB orchd growers of Ssumwtt Dartag the current Chrstmas holdays the ad features Harold Pattersoa, wen-known «rchd grower «f Bcrgewfeld. Ttttersoa wll be seen standng RATHER EXPENSIVE ROCHESTER, N. Y A toy bulldog has cost ts owner the setend settlemeat of $76 wthn a year for btng two members M a neghborng famly. The nt vctm was Mrs. Helta Secley and the second was Mrs. Seeey's daughter, Jean. CHOLERA CURE A complete care for cholera s reported by the Unted State* Mavy. whose, ettdewojogste CM* ducted a controlled experment darng a secent epdene n Calcutta Inda. WHAT A HAN! PROVO, W**b. Stephen Bee, 89 year* ou sportsman, went dnek huntng but stepped a a bole and got drenched. He swam oat and found a haystack n whch he went to sleep. After a freezng nght Mr. Bee was apparently none the worse for hs experence, bnt was dsgusted at not gettng any ducks. IMAGINE HIS SURPRISE CAMP SHANKS, N. Y. Tommy Neale s a prvate, but when he came home on a troop shp t was met n the Hudson Hrer by a tugboat flled wth hs relatves, frends and a brass band. Hs father bad chartered the tag for the occason. rewttraw Cater Barnng straw or stubble s not practced generally, as to the old days. Modern farm operators have learned that f s more proftable to plow t under. Burnng results n a defnte tots «f ntrogen and valuable organc matter. NOW TO SATURDAY mmmf * have been selected as the dstncton" a magasa taemrat* by a natonal Several moatat ago tfce arm's aaeaa le a* let atat k* safety * ** the hshdsj," mwms Arm** W. Matt fcwmv Tattd. ttsaumm wmmtmm m# toy ftave amam ftum to hemd *r Cat aest few cmrhy to Dr. Chart* R. J^<JmmmmmM*r«f the Devdop- A total of U New wnbfawjf a» U dat*.... The WA d b N enay dstry tamers to ehrfy at Mt Ow S»S**M* stamtoa re«ard tbt prce Of wa when the of «dm. awhsmy m tawed.... New Jersey dt an expected te tke stmoat sopport fn the Vctory Lh ag«tke CoBeetfoa Htt for Overseas fattarc* a portrat of CWthaag Relef... The State Chrl Serree has eatablshed a base salary of, plus manteuaace of nsttatkwaf attendants a or der to rehrre Ike vstrnplaymewt tttoabos U State asthatobs... The proptted new ls-«ury bnldng to be erected adjacent to the State Bout as a memoral to tha second admnstraton of Gorertt* Thmn. Ff., Sat^ *>M,., 7tw, 9:W COMEDY, NEWS, CARTOON SUNDAY (ALL DAY) MONDAY (MATINEE ONLY) Betty F»W - ZM**ry acatt SOUTHERNER" CWUs Slssm* ATTEND OUR CAM SHOW - NEW YEAR'S EVE M>»dtr Rv^n.,DM. -HG FEATURES MWHHI SHOW-S «ohs «a WM of Csmsass JIUT ONE. Walter E. Edge wll cost W,W r OM... tports beng drcalated that rent control s to be ended shortly are nafoasded, aeeardfc to tbe OPA... Cultvated blaeberres are becomng an mportant agrenhnral commodty n the agr. dta State wth,6*8 acres prate* vta the awp, the State Department of Agrculture announces.. Senate patronage vafasad at 9, hu btta dstrbuted to the; seventeen BeaobleaD countes, of Mew Jersey. Eleven State Hghway employes receved vctory bonds as web as certfcates of mert for ther eontrbutoat a publc servce durng the past year. Proposed atra-etate rate ncreases by New Jersey ralroads have been ordered suspended to Aprl pendng a hearng n Newark on January 9 by orders of the 8tate Publc Utlty Commsson.... New Jersey farmers an beng urged to purchase aad accept delvery as soon m possble on ther fertlser needs for IMS due to eotnnued transpoftetfaa dffcultes.... New Jersey accounted lor one out of every three crates of asparagns grown tost year... About, barrels or about per cent of tbe total crop of cranberres grown n New Jersey but year are to be processed. CAPITOL CAPERS: Bg tax collectons n New Jersey'brng a warnng that local offcals should carry an economy umbrella for the nevtable rany day, clams the New Jersey Taxpayers Assocaton.... Gootedown pats, at substtutes for swansdowb powd puffs, are an mportant tem a the large goose farm of George Ccbeufele at Xarepath... New Jersey hens provded 9 egg* per per on durng the war yaaa, accordng to the State Department of Agrculture. P.A.SS Ta«rae»y, Frday, Docmahn»7, Hy g -HILDRED PIERCE" Wth JOM Cnnrfossl - Jaek Caswss SmmmmCmmml SgmmWtsl WDD" TH ; CHEATERS" WhUjtah' ' ~ : Twsoaay, Wnaaj, Jae. tat laml yea ft ama* wmt towel, aewhfr," MOT Ifcafa tor smagaay. On Ha er towtl Sakas slva, f It atmasa yws' wtoa ywar dsrty att ta aw traat sbtr mat If P ktwt t t" aatr mat It*," V t aat to wtot featea Ptf gav. the raser tows! a vstwm jerk. "Tkm* tomkht ham' N«w Teart Eva, Maw, jk 'ml mw akaf." -If fs tayosmf Hmt tfrnt he opened Tmuwagvmc, yea abrt gettfa' aay aeanr to thaa an rght now. Pretty howwht, you coma' home sx o'etoek fat m* «ad ahootn' off tbe tmftgwa thmagh the roof so H meat lke a seve, No, srea, yoa ksah even gettrn' near enough to have a amofl of aay kef Je- Hafey epua,* mnrtatd. r otmw yam *at to I wm«y w amr Asr I* aat m. yeanf" Maw sad ncredutoasry. Suddenly Pop looked up hot* ; an't be ought to b*f hs plate. "Wen, eoaaara! What Happy Mew Year, Maw.*" you erya' shout, MawT" TB at," Maw sad} "I st't erynv Maw dtwjef. wmoer. Pop Levs, f "I'm jmft thjakta' taaka' beet druak tosdght lu break tat ffty-two years. You was pasta' attenton to me aad ka» o' Jw«ma«haadlt over your bead when we lke. coaldat turn V«t* bat gut tme that s, f what you was ussav me. lot w* to o a mop handle from a jealous «' Jed Hafey jc stoats* than anythng." Pea tmsrted amaaldfady. "Whofd I hare to be'jealous o* Jed B?f*y far' TeQ me. that." "Ptety," Maw sad. "I was gong to marry hm." Pas dropped hs fork. "Ye* was a-gom' to marry Jed?" "Sure Only bs folks hm to marry Edda Stout fle owned all tbe bottom bud Beany t* Clarke county. He eeuav aaffjr me untl he was of age, on aeceawt o' hs folks waata' hm to jaatfy Sdda. In a year he fgures ht cam get all hex money and then wjtorce her and marry me. Meaawkfl k«mght at well marry you, then when he got all Batm'a ammay I could drrorce yon and marry am. 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