South Amboy, is being promoted by tho Mid-Madison Civic from W llilam J, McGraw pres- ' Association,.. ldent of the Mafcawan T o W n-

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1 ;. i. P 4 - «6 :«south..i:o.._ m s i& a M A f c a j j -.. FtlESHOT-Pi II*J* This Week T w o S e c t i o n s 2 0 P a g e s COVERING TO W N SIUPSO F HOLMDEL, MADISON MARLBORO, MATAWAN. AND MATAWAN BOROUGH 8 9 lh Y E A R 4 9 t h W E E K New Jersey Press Association Member National Editorial Association M A T A W A N, N. J., T H U R S D A Y, J U N E S., Member Monmouth County Irou Asioctatlon Alfred N. Beadleston To Speak At Matawan High School Commencement 50th Annual Exercises 8 P.M. Wednesday; Baccalaureate Service 7:30 P.M. Sunday Hon. A lfred N. Beadleston, m inority leader of the N l J. G eneral Assembly, w ill be the guest speaker at the 50th annual commencement exercises o f Matawan. H igh School Firemen Instructed In Getting Maximum Iloscline Effectiveness Single Copy Ten Cents Committee Endorses Campaign For Madison Telephone Exchange Plan. Switch To "Parkway" in South Amboy To End ; Tolls Within Community Under Consideration Endorsement was granted n plan to eliminate lo ll talc* phone calls within the boundaries of Madison Township Mon* day night by tho Mudison TownshipCommittee. The propos*.ol, tp hnve all phones placed under, the Parkw ay exchange at W ednesday eveningat 8 p.m. iri the high school auditorium, The Class o f 1058, numbering 82, w ill receive their diplomas South Amboy, is being promoted by tho Mid-Madison Civic from W llilam J, McGraw pres- Association,.. ldent of the Mafcawan T o W n- Tho association Is urring.tho ship Board of Education. Admission to the commencement,, Keyport-Matawan Marlboro Board phonea lu Drowutown, Ohoeao* quukn, LnWenco Harbor a n d is by ticket only. Cllffwood Hcuch, now assigned The Rev. Francis Osterstock, Council Organizes Bars Admission to llw ilntuw an tolephono ox- pastor of the Bayvlew Presbyterian Churcb, Cllffwood Officers Elected Atlantic Childs Parkway exchange. At present, chnmrojbo trunsfencd to tho Beach, w ill present the sermon a toll Is thjiikod If a person "H istory and You," at baccalaureate services Sunday at By Church Group Entrance Mulled pluoor a call from one ond of- 7:30 p.m. ln the high school Meeting at the Community. Foaring establishment " of a tho township) P>t to tho ollior. auditorium.,the Matawan Methodist Church, Cliffwood. precedent, tho M arlboro Township Board of Eduoatlon last maiiagc.r nt the Koyport offloo Warren ;W, Messorsolunldt, High School orchestra will open on Monday rlornlng. th?. newly-formed organization of night retimed admission to of tho Now Jorsoy Boll T o 1 e- the service with the playing of the processional, Pomp a n d churches of this nrea adopted Mnrlboro Sohools to a five- phono co, said ycstorday ho Circumstance." Its name The Greater Mata- yonr-old child whoso fam ily ro- had received form al application from tho ussooluttou for The Rev. Dean B. Jeahblaric, wan-keyport Council of sldos ln Atlantic Towrishnvfnsl pastor o f the Cliffwood Community Methodist Church will Churches; and elected its first across tho boundary ltrio.. tho change. Ho added the roslate of officers. Tho Rev. Robert J. 8 o n a, township quest wus forwarded tpjho utilgive the Invocation: the Rev. Dean B. Jennblnnc, minister of the Community Methodist A pdfnj)inr,4uid hose-use demonstration at Ravine P r. at according to Alfred Adler* a Matawan MCFA representative. principal, who relayed tho ro Itya general offices InjTfewdrlt Church ln Cllffwood and Grace Lake Lefferts dam was conducted in connection with the fire Ot. Ciilcrs Henry SohoettUng and Joseph Redden, of Newark quest of tho imronia lo tho for consideration, ) Methodist Church o f Dnton college of the Monmouth County Firemen s Association Monday Fire Dept., were Instructors for the drill, Tlils-w m tho sixth board, anldtho fam ily waa willing to pay tuition costs, If the M r, Mossorsohinldt n o t e d, Comprises Largo Area night. A total of 18 fire trucks and over 200 firem en participated, and final drill of the year of the county association. Bcac.h, Is the council president ohlld woro pormluod to ontor Irowover, that Madison Township comprises s very largo for the year tho sohool oystom.. The vice president la the Dog Inoculations Water "Rate Hike Vocational School Undor oxlstlng, A l l-a n 1 1 o area and is oqo of tlio largest Rev. Roderick DeYoung, pastor of the Keyport Relorm ed Dofir owners In both Matawan Borough and Matawan The Monmouth County Township.tcgjilnllooB,,1110 mimlolpalllles In land al6n ln., Church. The Rev; Frank Sweeten, minister of the F irst Methodist church of Mntawan, is to get their pets Inoculated Township Will have a chance Hearing Is Set Board of Freeholders plans child, born In ootohdr, would tho state, lto -said It noli*. Ijsa meetlnjr with tho Stato Department of Eduoatlon. this Charge Dropped bo Incllglbloto ontor.sohools ln served by throe ixolipae the secretary and A. Adam a g a In.s t rabies without- PUC Schedules., that dlstrlot booauso of a rule pblirta, South ltlver, Boutli Amboy whloli Is now Parkway, and discuss the feaslbll* Coroners Report whloli. toqulros tho ohlld to attain tlie nge-of five yoars ln tlie Matawan designation.. Banke,, laym an from the First charge daring the coming June 16 Session. liy of establishing a vocation* Absolves Motorist Baptist Church of Matawan; week. omcclinlcal high sohool - In Soptomber, M arlboro Tovu Toll. 1s cunrgod, Mr. M esser-... will serve as the-treasurer of On Saturday, from 10 a,in, - Howard. Yf, Roberts, attorney for Ihe Cliffwood Beach by Freeholder Dlrcotor Jo charge against - Joseph B the county, It was announced A causing doath by auto ship school children may enter stihmldt reported, under tlio the council... to. 12 b cloqk noon* township If they are itvo-yeara-of-ago ln existing rats slruoluro of tlio Participating and charter dog,owners can get this service for their dogs at the old to tho Matawan Township com Mr. Irwln reported tlie dismissed by Mnglstrnto Luth Water Co., reported ln a letter seph C. Irwln. Hand, East Keansburg, w n s Ootober. telephono company when a call. member chdrches include the Would Eatabllsli l rcnodont la plaood to a point more than - Keyport Reformed Churoh, the township hall at 03 Atlantlo mittee May 28 that tho Publio freeholders for tho past several months have been Inter* ship, Tuesday with tho consont mission woro granted, It would Its origin. The roquesl of rito er A. Foster, Mntawan Town, The. board beltoved If per alx miles from the exchange of First Methodist Church of Matawan, the First Baptist Church Wednesday evening from 7 an application on June 16, to estcd In studying thajnrojoot of tho Monmouth County prose Ave.. Utilities Commission will hear establish a precedent w h o r e nssoolntlon necessarily ytpuld of Matawan, the F irst Fresby- p.m. to 8 p.m., borough resl* Increase water rates 80 p e r cf vocational education and cutors officer, Mr. Hand wrts children, bavrod from ontranoo (ooutluuod on pago two) torian Church of Matawan, the dents who are dog owners cent ln its franchise area,. industrial training on a ooun- niralgncd as Uio drlvor of tho to sohools In, othor nearby districts Uoonuno of ugo yoqulro- Bayvlew Presbyterian Church can have their pets Inoculated a tm ld w a y H o se C o.f Ire with the PUC, tha minimum County Superintendent of a.m, had struck Harold F. Loh- inonla, would contlnuo to nook False First Aid Under an application filed ty level. E arl B. Garrison* car which ou May 14 at 2:30 A LFR ED N. BEADLESTON ot Cllffwood Beach, the Community Methodtst Church of House on Washington Ave., water rate would be boosted : Sohoo ls, will.attend the meet* mann,. 23,.E a s t KoansbUig, (continuod uii pago two) Chester A;Gplloway, pastor of Cllffwood, the.first B a p t I s t near Main St.. from $20 to $36 annually. If tbe infir. w h o wns lilt wliue crossing. the, F irst Presbyterian Church, Church bt, KeypoTt, the Re- M ayor John L. Chamberlain, M adron.township,*.rp>. the PUC, lt ihe.flrstjt&i mated that a vocational high Avo,., inoreaeo receives approval of A stato. eurvoy report esti Routo 35 on fool near Cllflwood Matawan Girl Hurt Call Stirs Chief the Scripture reading; the Rev. forrned Church Mission to R a r Lawrence R. Bailey, pastor of itan Township, Grace Methodist Church of Union Beach, inoculation program la that the utility since the minimum pupil* could bo operated on township pollco, nrratanod M r oetved a request for a dog tual rato Increase granted to. school for Approximately 000 Cnpt. j ; Edgnr "Wilkinson, Jn Car-Truck Cragh Sookg To Traeo W ho the First Baptist Church,. the prayer..,. and,st. John s - Methodist township at Mondays, meeting. The Piayor promised no Residents,o l_ tho Cliff woodiv^^fcis^ u ld ln c rc a se th e rate was e&tabubhed ln l Aw anoum bvulbei o f $300,000,, Mlso LoutsS LudWlg. Toxun Phoned From Tavern, U a a rlc tt o P Ia r Churcb, R aritan Township. Hand, Tlio court found, on tho Rd., Mntawan, was admitted " An Instrumental quartet will The purpose of the" newly- tion to sec w bat could bar Beach, area, Included In both o o un t f budffcf Aboift two basis of a coroners repo r t, to Monmouth Momovinl Hoiipll- Chief Jolm J, Flood, Matawan Borough Police. nnplay "Stand Up F o r J e s u 8." formed Council of Churches is done,. Matawan and Madison T o w tt- cento for enoh $100 su eiie d thnt tho deceased had b o e n ol"tuesday: wltli"injprlc* suffered whon she w n s thrown Members of the quartet a r e 1. To provide fellowship opportunities within the Christian crease. Protests wero refer no estimate of tho cost to ahlp.s have protested the in valuation. The report mado Hilflking nnd was convlncod ndiihcioif in cdinv Monday. b»"7 from all testimony that tho Ann Chamberlain, flute; Carolyn Haseman, clarinet; Mary community of the nrea. 2. To Examining Board red in to the respec construct such a spltool. - after lt collldod with truck at from Uie car she was driving was sobklngto traeo * tolo-! man had wnndorcd Into tho plionn call by which Matawan l-qadway without duo caution tlio Inloisoctlon of North Hath First Aid Squad, men lmtl Ucolt Bmith, trumpet; Myrna Kolsa, provide for meaningful spiritual experiences together, 3. To dy. The rate increase, originaltive. township attorneys for stu for his own safety. oujlcd out iicntllcssly at 2 n.m, Avo. n n d Socond Av.o,, Lqng piano. Bunday; Tho chief staled that a Patrolman John Mcointy, Dranoli, - Benediction w ill he pronounced by the Rev. Bernard McK. information about current Is 16 With the approval of th e serve ns a, basis for sharing To Test Plumbers ly slated to go Into effect June call had como. ln that someono Full Acre Suits township police, arrnlgnod two Mias Ludwig w a s ropoitod at tho Now Dual Tavern, Orchard St., had sustnlnsd n lirok- _ for dumping, W llljam Cary, of by pollco us suffering a possible G arllck, rector of Trinity Episcopal Churcb, The.Class o f 1958 munity, to mnko common, sues facing the Christian com Borough To Qualify PUC, will be held and not tako w ill render the hymn H o 1 y, workable church administration and educational values, Matawnn Board o l Health To Reconstruct Lloyd. Rd. Holmdel Planning License-Applicants; effect until after a decision Is In Court June 18 MaUwan Township, was fined frnolurod polvfs a n d internal en Teg; Wlren Ills alnbuianod $10 for dumping oil Lenox Rd. Injuries. A passongor In tiro reached, It-^was reported.-... nrrlvad, no one know nnytlilcg -H oly,h oly. and will be Joln- TramesiHr-Lnurie-.-Hnzlet, wns- M r.r:u lm P iitria la.jg g trg b : jd -, flncd $3 and $2 costs for dumping on private proporty. from tha oar with Miss Lud jane Paterson,-Perth Amboy, so of Matawnn, w a s Uuown BbouU t.- (continued on page two) and to provide means whereby the churches of the area the terms ot Its recently adopt State Highway Department for on Monday moved to clarify Approval was granted by.the. Bpard Is Notified Dl»orderlyChnrgoI)l»inl»«ed wig, by llio impact but did not patron at tho tavern, w a s can act concertedly for Christ Clerks Salaries Set ed ordinance on tho examination and licensing ot plumb to reconstruct Lloyd Rd. from Board was notified 4>y J, Frank ed against Charles VanEokort, Long Branch Police said the road aid funds totalling $7500 Holmdel Township Planning A disorderly complaint sign require. Irospltallzallon, fined $50 by Borough Mnglsand Hls Kingdom. 4. To function as a public relations agen- (contlhurd on piige two) - By Matawan Board oy serving to promote th p jro 1 ers. A tirst move was to name Routo 34 to Churoh St, T h e Welgand, Keyport, township attorney, that the two suits sock wlfo, Lillian, won dismissed, 073 Elizabeth Torr,, Long Holmdel Will Hava Grove St., Cllffwood, by h i * driver of Uio truok, Abe Merlin, a permanent board ot plumbing examiners, to replace the Is estimated a t-n e a r-$860, Jt Ing lo get the ono-ncro Jot slzo Mrs. VnnBckcrt alleged h e r Branch, snld ho was traveling township s share of the work \ At the Matawan Township Board of Education meeting Interim board o f examiners appointed by Frederick Mauer, Mayor Jolm M arz; Jr.* noted had been called for Monmouth shield of, her automobile.. In Ludwig oar, travollnu-west on was reported. subdivision ordlnanco sot asldo husband ainashod out tho wind north on Booond Avo.t-whon the New Herculei Nike held last week, salaries f o r clerks in tbe school district board president, to conduct an (continued on page Lwolvc)- The U,H, Arm y aimpunoed County Judgp Edward J. Ascii- court, M r. VnnEckort defended his action as required.,,10 light, M r, M arlin aald lio ap Crawfords Corner, will bo lm- Until Avo, went through a red tlie llolindel Nike Missile flans, were announced as follows: examination recently. The acts er s court ln Freehold June 18. B a rry T roller, board secretary, $4500;. M ary Babrlsky, lners were approved by t.h e were cautioned to bo..ready to er slio had boon drinking and avoid striking the side of Uie llerouloh Niks missile, capable ot the Interim board ot exam- Cohen Assigned To The planning board members kocp his wlfo from driving aftplied his brakes hut could not pioviiti und ehulpped with tho H r. T roller s secretary, $2700; board ot health. Represent State appear, was not, ln Ills opinion, In prop- Ludwig vehicle, of carrying air ntotnlo war- Celeste Wenzel, superintendent s secretary, $4000; M ilaminers necessarily must he Tho board o f plumbing ex A cting Attorney General Lawrence V, Carton, Middletown, Is special defense coun When tho wlfo fatlod to appear. Notice, New Jersey missile sross slat or condition tooporate an auto. head, llolm ilol Is olio of four dred Bennett, high school sec- limited to two men, John Muller, plumbing inspector, ex nounced the designation, ol David D. Furm an has an etary, $3550; Ruth Rogers, sel for the township. Tl;eodora- to press tho ohargo, the court Our oulce nnq yard will ho ed for llni conversion, elementary school secretary. $3150; Fay Stranlero, Cliff. plained as only two ot the 16 Stanley Cohen, attorney, 209. Parsons, Roe Bank, will (continued on pago two) closod Saturdays during Juno, Tho Army sold safety Is a wood secretary, $2450. plumbers licensed to work lp Bath Ave., Long Branch, aa press an action originally Instituted- by W illiam L. Cross. " Dont Forget July, and August., For oil or Some of these amounts were the borough arc Matawan residents. This does not include, rate counsel to represent the key feature In tlio construol- servlco call our regular phone printed incorrectly or omitted public Interest In the application of t h e cllffwoou Bcuch kouff-leori-nnd -Rose 1 Lopro, W ill bo at tlio Atco Bali Park Maud V. Cross, Edward Tlicur- Hunts Olroua Ion program and the program Koyport , nflor Juno lbui in the M ay 29 issue o f The of course, Inspector Muller, was planned long before tho Colfax , Answering serv- explosion nt tlio Nika base at Matawan Journal, due to the who is a licensed master plumber, ln addition to holding his Water Company for an Increase ln rates., Nlclldlas Fotruzclll (now dc- on Friday, Ju.-v Oth, attdrriodn ico w lll tnko calls," " MltlUIotown. Tiro: licrm ilesln transposition and omission of iccnsed), Harold T, Holmes, as and evening; sponsored by Louis Stultz Jr, Ino., (continued on pago two) The company has filed a (continuod on page two) Btallalioin w lll ho ready early Keyport Kiwanis Clllb, Koyport next year,... lines. schedule with the Puhllo Utility Commission,for Increases Notice mainly affecting the minimum R e c e i v e D e g r e e s, C e r t i f i c a t e s A t R u l g c r s C o iiiiiie n c e in e iit, Block Dance The regular meetings of the rates charged Its 1100 consumers ln the Cllffwood Beach sec T h e Matawan Recreation REV. DEAN B. JEANDLANC Township Committee ot T h e Township of Matawnn on the Commission w ill sponsor a tions -of Matawan Township, gram of the council as well as second and fourth Wednesdays block dance June 13 on Jackson St., at which lime the Jack Monmouth County, nnd_madlthe over-all program s of tbe ot each month at ono o clock, son Township, Middlesex County, The minimum rates would area churches, and to make son St. Playground "Wrnbb P.M., and tho regular meetings available to wider audience, opened officially by Mayor ot The Mata wan Township bo lncreascd-from $20-to $36 the Christian Gospel through Spafford W. Schanck. The Har-. Board of Health on the second the dissemination of Information, and educational pro twelve-thirty s o clock, P M., a~ycar. Wednesday of each month at bor Lltes will provide the music..refreshments can be pur A hearing Is scheduled before the PUC In Nowark at 2 grams.. will be held at the Malawan chased.. p.m. on Monday, Juno 16, Township Municipal Building Don t Forget N ew.s erk T u rn p ik ee ip ress located at No. 147 Lower Main.. Notice : Hante^Clrcus... l plus tax round trip Street ln the Township-of Mataw an,-n ew-jersey; Inc., Matawan will be closed on -T h e olflcc of Martin It Brown Wll! be at the Atco B all Park FrequeDt service, convenient on Friday, June 6tb, afternoon. Rose K. Wenzel economical. F o r time schedule Saturdays during tho months of and evening; sponsored by Township Clerk ja il Keyport Keyport Kiwanis. Club. June, July and-august, Jfp adv 5 wj Ip adv & Architect s Sketch Of Township First Aid Squad Headquarters t L. I TED W. I8I.E8 DONALD L. HCTIMItZ FLO YD IIANHHN, JR. ItO lll.h T JltHHK IIIIM M IU I As a highlight of lire rt)2nd 1025 nnd ansoclntb engineer who-served aa.visiting Unlvor- tlm flrudimto Bchool of Library anniversary commcncemcrl of with D, II, Btclnman, noted slly Professor nt Rutgers "during this ucadeinlo your, the College of Arts and Bol- Bervkn.-, all olnow. Urunswlcki. Rutgers University, last night-. bridge designer; Harry Joseph D r. Lewis Webster Jcnbs. President of (ho university, presentident of tlio Union Bank and Tho class which received ad cy, Bchool of Business Admin Volk "of tbe CTaea of lo n, pres HZ J (Jraduste*... biicc#,. tire college..or. t harmrz.,.. ed honorary-degrees to n In c T r u s.t. Co, of Los Angnles, vanced and baccalaurcirio dn- istration, Bchool ol Law a n d leaders Jn tholr.respective Calif,; Arthur II. Dean, OybfiiY "giellg Trom D r, Jdtibs totals tlio College of Nursllig,! NUW_-.)_; fields: New Jerseys Chief Bay, N.Y,, consultant in I li e 1623 teradiiatos Including >03 ar k; Unlvurntty College w 11 ll Justice Joseph Welnlraub; Jus 1956 reorganization of the Uni now Doctors of Philosophy, nnd imlto In Now Brunswick, New-, tlcc W illiam Joseph Ilrennnn ot iyernlty. nix now Doctors of ICducutlon, ark, cnmden nnd Paterson, tie U.B. supreme Court: Ur. Aim Miss Kdna Mulmri, sup Units represented at I s * I and tho College of Boulh Jersey, Camden. I -.V.v. I--", ut) rv " Charles F, Bailey of Philadelphia, lpjo Rutgers gfbdualn formulary lor Women, Clinton; Tlie College of Arts and flcl- Recipient of the A, Harry erlntendent of tlio fituto Ite night s commencement were:..members of the M atawan Township F irs, Aid squad presently a re conducting a drive lo raise funds let construction of lion cs.n i ta rt at tbe site at Prospect Ave, and Amboy ltd, The and developer of a meclisnlcal Frederick,Cl, Mclclier, Mont ences, the College of Agriculture, tlio College of Engineer Iho graduating olass receiving Moore prlztf to tlio member of m new squad headquarters bolulag and recreation center, Ite-foot by COrfopt hail will be targe enough to accommodate heart-and technique: for heart d alr, e d i-to r of Publlidn-rs ah own above In a sketch bp Frank A. Amodls, Bed Bank, 4M persons and will have squad snd auxiliary rooms, storage nurgery, V/eekly and Richard P. Black ing, the School. of Kdocntlou, the highest average for Irls enarchitect.. A m inimum of $14AM is required before construe-1 rooms and 1 m ala lobby, ". -,., Also C»rl II. Oronqulst, West- mur. literary crlllo, poet, pro tlu Oraduate Bchool, tlie (lrad- lire law school bourse Was Ted Held, member of lire class of feasor of English at Princeton uato Bchool of Boots! Work and (continuod on page two)

2 r sprx7 * ^ yzrxt& r THE jp ry fa# * # *».» v # j fcjmatawan JDURNAi ;ifirst Section Page Two June 5, 1958 Winners Listed By Garden Club. Open New Post Home For Inspection Tbe spring the Community Root and Branch Garden Club was held / in th e S t.: Johi/s-M ethodist. Church Educational Building Raritan Township, on S a t u r- day. There were 115 entries in the horticultural class and 49 in the arrangement class. Ribbons were awarded for first* second, third and an honorable mention place in th e specimen, arrangement a n d children s classes. A tri-color ribbon was awarded Mrs. Peter. Orlasky fo r the-best in the arrangement class. In the specimen class, ribbons were awarded for solid color iris, Lawrence Saccone,, * first, Mrs. E a rl Benton, sec - ond. Mrs. Orley Shown, third, and Harold Simmons, honorable mention; bi-color Iris, - M rs. Lawrence Saccone. first. * M rs. Robert Barber, second and third, and Mrs. J. F. PfeiK ter and Mr. Simmons, honorable mention; plicada Iris, Mr. Simmons, first, Mrs. Orlasky. second, Mrs. Shown, third, and M r. Beaton, honorable mention., " Single Siberian iris, Willard. Aumack, first. Mrs. Simmons second,? Mr. Simmons, third; tea roses, Harry Ray. first, ^ M r. Orlasky^ second, Mrs. Or^ - latky, third and Mrs. Saccone, bonor able mention; climbing, v;yoke, ifrs/ Edward Jadus.Yirst, M r. Aumack. secood, and Mra. Bernard Dress, third. Perennial Awards Perennials, Mr. ^Rhy! first, Mrs. _ Saccone. second, a n d * third and William Neitxel, faon- orable mention; annuals, Mr. Aumack, first, > Ir. Neltzel. second, Mr. Simmons, third and M r. Aumack, honorable men. tioo: biennials. M r; Simmons, first and Mr. Aumack.. second. Also pansies, Mrs. H a r r y - R ay. first! Sirs. L. A. Meier, second and > frs.. J. Smith,. third; house plants, Vincent Schmidt, first, Miss Elizabeth Geyer, second. Mr. Saccone. third and Mrs. Simmons, honorable mention; foliage plants, M rs. Saccone, first, M rs. Benton, second, Miss Geyer, third -anrf.mra.. J.. a. Schmidt, honorable mention; African violets. M rs. George Huse, first. Mrs. Lammcrs. second, Mrs. Voung, third and. Mrs. Ray. honorable mention... 4 * V - * * Also cactus; Mrs. J. R. PeS- eux, tlrst, Mr. Simmons, second, Mr. Aumack, third a n d Mr. Benton, honorable men- tlon; succulent, Mrs. Simmons, -first, Mr. Simmons, s e c a n d, M r. Aumack, third and - Mr. Saccone, honorable mention; dish garden, Mrs. Saccone. first, Mr. Aumack, second, and M rs. Louis Shelbrick, third.. 1 Arrangement Class ; In the arrangement class for dew drops, a miniature ar- rangeraent, prizes went lo Mrs; Orlasky, first, Mrs. Benton, second, Mrs. W illiam Ncldin- ger, third and Miss Edith Richards, honorable mention; "Tea fo r Two, an, arrangement for beatable with accessories, Mrs. Orlasky, second place. E arly spring, a basket of spring flowers or flower- -ing shrubs, Mrs. Saccone, first, M rs. Simmons, second a n d Miss Richards, third; seashore trip, composition in a sea shell in niche, Mrs. O rlasky, first, M rs. Dress, second and Mrs. Saccone and Miss Richards, v honorable mention; spring mating, featuring a pair using I." Jgprjng flowers or flowering branches. Mrs. Saccone, first, Miss Richards, thfrd, and Mr. SaecoDfesbonorabie mention. Also "/ether knows best." male arrangement. M r. Au- mack, first, -Mr. Schmidt, sec? ond, and M r. Ray. third; a tiny cry, an arrangement in an animal container of baby. shoes, Mrs. Saccone, first, Mrs. Mabel Beggs, seconu, Mrs. Orlasky, third and Mrs. Dress and M 8. Neldinger, honorable mention. Also company coming," arrangement for a dinner table, Mlsa Richards, first. M rs. F. C. Warwick, ^second. M rs, Orlasky, third and Mrs. N o r m a n Nielsen, honorable mention. j In the childrens class. David Shelbrick was awarded"ftt fft place for a trip to the zoo,. which featured animals made from fruits or vegetables. Judges f o r the horticultural classes were O. F. Lteske, Ro- S e lle i-a n d J.E.X a z e n e D n e, Plainfield. Members of the At, Saattc Highlands Garden Club J who Judged the arrangement, plasses were Mrs. P. W. Well- o r, M rs. E. J. Mason and Mrs. r. P. Gould, M r. Simmons was show chairman. :.. Engage Juanita Hall For Rote In New Show j Juanit^ Hali. stagi, ; screen and television star, who f o r. merly resided in Keyport, has [been engaged by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hamzner- steiri I I fo r an Important role in The Flower Drum Song. the musical play they and Jo-, seph Ftejds have fashioned from ifac Sah Francisco Chinatown novel by C.Y. Lee. Miss Hall, who created the role of Bloody Mary in South Pacific. is the first principal to be announced-definitely for th e cast. The new Rodgers and Ham- mefstein musical will open at the St. James Theatre in New York,on Nov. 20, following testings in New Haven, Conn., and Boston. Mass. It w l l I be staged by Gene K elly. Oliver Smith Is designing the settings and Irene Sharaff the costumes. War Memorial Dedicated In Wickatunk.y V.V.H f* < Off. J V * Pictured above is the Interior of the new home of Guadalcanal Post 4745, Veterans of Foreign Wars Cllffwood, which Is located at Cliffwood Are. and Hawthorne SI., Cllffwood. The metubers of the post will hold open house on Sunday, beginning at 1 p.m., and the public Is cordially invited to Inspect the new building. Facilities for business and social functions are more than ample, and post members volunteered their labor to build the new home. using a non existent 1956-mahe frnann, m, Frank Banafato. jr.. auto as collateral ln g e t t i n g B arr. Stanley Jo-. seph Blllcki, Joseph Edward the money. State and county-. police began an investigation of the case after DiFocco failed to make the first payment Nov. 25, a month after be was accused o f receiving Uie money. A grand Jury Indictment followed... Ralph Heuser, Matawan attorney, represented DlRocco and Assistant Prosecutor Edward J. Dolan presented the states case. Causing Death (continued from pagt one) accepted Mr. VanEckert s explanation. - Albert W em arkwith. East Orange, was fined $25 and $5 costa fo r driving a car up to lqo-miles-per-hour" on the G arden State Parkw ay with no lights on It at 8:26 p.m. M artin W. Jasko, Newark, was cleared of a careless driving charge? in connection with the smashing of his car against the railroad.crosslrg stanchion on Cliffwood Ave. May 10. Mr. Jasko claimed he was not driving but was wrapped up ln a blanket ln the rear of the parked car. when found by Capt. Wilkinson.... Other Fines E /J. Whorle, Inc./Fflirvlew. paid tfand $5 costs fdr~bper4t- Ing h truck without lights_;on It on Route, 34. Trooper W. Black, Keyport State P o l i c e, signed complaint, Helen F.-A n derson, LltUe SUver, paid $f(t and $5 costs for hlulfig a parked car. Trooper William Casey. Keyport State Police, was complainant.. H. Fotosky. 172 Jackson St., Matawan, paid $5 and $5 costs on complaint, of Patrolman Ralph W allace, township police, for passing on a-curve on Lower Main St. May 25. Alexander Kotale, jr., Keansburg, paid $10 and $5 costs for going 60-miles-per-hour in th e 25-mllc-zone on Route 35, C llffwood, May 21. He was stopped by Patrolm an John Kinnane, township police..,, Seven drivers paid, fines and costs totaling $105 for speeding and Improper driving on th e Garden State Parkway. " Carlos Phillips, Jersey City, paid $10 and $5 costs for a noisy exhaust on complaint of M. V. Inspector Frank Bendar. John Yurkow, Naveslnk. paid $10 and $5 costs for no regls- tratlon on complaint of Trooper R. McSweenoy, Keyport State Police. < M ataw an M an Found Cuiltv In dourt.. A Mntawnn father pf flvs wa«found guilty Thursday of obtaining <1285 under false pretenses from the F irst National; Bank of South Amboy ln a trla j before Judge DuBols S. Thompson In M iddlesex Couo- ty.c rim in al Cpurt. The Jury deliberated a Jutlf hour before retw njq gjt* verdict.,. A Tbe.ideiendant, Anthony DJ- Hocci, was released tn! W b a ll:fo r g e n te n rt^ l..# «* date. He waa charged with Alfred N. (continued from page one! ec by the congregation in the singing of Faith of Our Fathers. The recessional, T to e Honor Legion." w ill be played by the orchestra. At the 8 p.m. graduation ceremonies, selections wll! be pi&yed by the {jigh school band, followed by the processional. "Pomp and Circumstance." The Rev. Frank E. Sweeten.- pastor of the First Methodist Church, wll) give, the Invocation. The salutatory address, "Higher Education And Today," will be given by Mary Catherine Hockenbary, after which the class songr-"halla-a! Iv y," will be-sung by the Class of * To Present. Valldldory Address Kvetuse Frieda Shortridge, wul present the valedictory address. "Values AtJd Today/1 followed T>7 the singlhgbr ihe Alma Mater by the class members. Luther A. Foster, principal of Matawan High School, w ill introduce the speaker. Assemblyman Beadleston. The presentation of awards will he made by U r. Foster. Recipients of Matawan Township Board o f Education medals will be Kvetuse Frieda Shortridge, first, g o I d med& l;-mary Catherine Hockenbary, second, silver medal; Harriette Ann&sley Chamberlain, third, bronze medal. M r. McGraw then will present the diplomas, and the Rev. Mr. Osterstock will pronounce the benediction! followed by tbe playing of tb e recessional, Tbe,H onor Legion,".by th e band. - j Graduates listed.. i Members of the graduating Class are WDllaiu Alfred Am-.Coward, George M orris D u n can, Clarence EugeneEdmond, Henry Elliott, jr., W alter John Faron, Robert John Gardner, John Jam es Garglulo, John Stephen Germann. Stanley Gilbertson, Ronald Ralph G rasso, E a rl J. Gregory. Also Michael Alan Haber, Kenneth Michael Hickey, Joseph-Frank Jiosne, Dieter H. Johnson, Edward Jones, John Edward Lee, Ronald Llebe^- man, Joel Allan Mlckaylo, Jol Donald M iller. Jr.. Fred P a r rish, W illiam George Peckmanr Robert G. Peterson, ] -Charles Richard Short, Jr., Percy Ber- tt! Sundstrora, Otis Wathington, jr., Donald Roy Wlcklupd, Martin Michael Wltkosky, Robert Geofge Witt, Oeorge C. Woolf. William 3. Regan. Also Elsie V j Bennett, Beverly Patricia Bruder, Victoria Ann Bucco, Janice Elizabeth Callander/ Harriette Anneslcy Chamberlain, M arjorie M a y Costello, M arilyn Roseann Di- Santo, Colleen Cecelia F arrell. Audrey Lillian Fleming. Gall ElizabethGetbard, C a r o 1 y n Wandra Haseman, Gall Bever- Jy Hauser. Sonia Ann Helser, Mary Catherine Hockenbary, Harriette Ruth Insley. Gail Jones, Carol Ana- Joralemon. Betty Ann JCahrs, Evelyn K irk Patrick. Cecelia C. Klzinkie- Wicz, Jania DaTle Kranieri Fran-, ces Adne L/O^cbc! car6le A. Lu- casiewicz. TA lso Irene Eugenia Mackey, Mary -Elizabeth Matthews, Pa- tmidfa JoieVMcCbfmack, Susan McDonald, G ail Diane Melnzer, Bertha Mae Merricks, Mary V. Miele, Patricia Ann Morey, Arlene Joan M olnar, Arlene M arla OpplzzL Shirley Marie Provaznik, Donna Marla Jtaf- fa, Carol Ann Regan, Joyce Annette Rounds, Anna M. Scherer^.KvetuseLFjJ«da:.8hflr.V. ridge. Helen M, Sparnlcht, E l len M aria Stanton, Helen Elizabeth Szpara, jean Elizabeth Trahim, Barbara Ann Viglletti. Marthena Mary Watson, Marl- lynn Elizabeth West, Dorothea Ann Wilkins. Officers of the Class of 1958 are Joel Mlckaylo, president; Harriette Insley, vice president; M arilyn DISanto, secr< tary; Gall Jones, treasur Miss Esther Barnard and Youngman are tho class advisors. In addition to Mr. McOraw, board members o f the Matawan Township Board of Education are M rs. Ethel B o y l e, Roberty Bentley, Harold Dolan, Calvin D. Pearce, Karl R. Schneck, R o y S. Matthews, Mrs. Hilda. C. Tomasello and Thomas Siddons. Harry Troller Is secretary of tbe board and Russell A. O. Stetler Is superintendent of schools. False First Aid (continued from page one) trate James H. Martin for Tolt- ering at the tavern when go home as it was near closing time. She complained Alex Jackson, Perth Amboy, also at the tavern, had used needless force to eject her, but be denied It on the 5tand. Chief Flood expressed displeasure at these disturbances and warned he would call the 8Ute Alcoholic Beverage Commission If the number of police calls in con- cectlon with drunks did n o t lessen.^.. Magistrate Martin Imposed a fine of $100 and $5 costs on Florentine F 1 o res, Atlantic Ave., Matawah, for d 1 1 v 1 n g while on the revoked list. Tbe defendant also was fined $25 and $5 costs for applying for a- permit while on Uie revoked list.. Attorney Called Into Court - Norman J. Currie, Keyport, Asoraey for M r. PJores, brought Leo Weinstein, Matawan attorney, into court to testify a^oht acting for M r. Flores ln getting th e defendant s license back after lt bad been revoked ln R aritan Township last August/M r. Currie sought to have it- verthed that -t h e stale motor vehfcle inspectors had required Mr. Fiores to get a new perm it so he could accustom himsety to reading highway directional signs with an English-speaking driver to direct him. ^ Chief Flood countered this by producing a leu^r,irons t h e State Motor Vehicle C7e part- ment certifying the revocation of M r. Flores never had been lifted or qualified., E. K. Gardier, Perth Amboy, was fined $20 and $5 costs on complaint of Patrolm an Harvey M orrell, jr., borough police, that Ihe driver had op- erated--hls._.caj^.ia-jm_._.erratic. manner on Route 34 May 17. Arcltie Roberson, Newark, paid $ iy and $5 costs on complaint of/trooper W illiam Kays, Key- >rt State Police, that the au- ist bad passed over th e double white line on Route 34 on May 31. Henry Petacb; Pennington, id $5 and $5 costs for opera;t- inv an unregistered vehicle In borough,. M. V. Inspector Frank Bendar was complainant. Full Acre Suits (continued from page one) executor of tbe estate of Chrln- ey S. Holmes, Mary TUcIIi and Daniel 8. E ly, as administrator of tbe estate of WilUam C. E ly. Edward W. Currie, Matawan, will act fo r Theodore G. Ball* c>, H arry S. Willey and th e members of the firm of Middle Union Estates, a subdivision firm... s Snlts InaUtated January 1957 Suiia-were-instituted-iiuJanv uary 1957^ but have been - held up in the expectancy the Master Plan would resolve tbe m atter and bring relief to thqse seeking to have tbe approval of the one acre minimum lot size set aside. M rrb a lle y s appllcation - for a minor subdivision for five lota on his property In the westerly section of the township was denied. Bernard Q o 1 d- sm lth, board chairman, reported three o f the five lots were below the 2W)-by-20O:f o o f rn.inl- mum. Mr. Bailey has sought agreement -reportedly, with. A r thur W. McFarland, Keyport, an adjsfelng owner, to readjust their properties to get all lota at the full acre but has not been successful, W illiam B. Harding, a board member, and M r. Weigand were at odds over the value of t h o building and plumbing codes now ln use. Mr. Harding protester that it had been two years since a special committee to revamp plumbing requirements in the township bad rieported &od nothing had been done about it. Receive Degrees, (continued from page, one) W. Isles, Matawan. Mr! Isles als.o was awarded Uie Anthony Engelbrecht prise, given to the senior receiving the h 1 g h e s t general average during tb e year, and tbe Soney- and Sage Co. prize for the highest mark in NewsJersey Practice., Area Members of Class Members of the Class of 1958 from Old Bridge arc Allan Burns Brighton, and Fred Nelson Day, Bachelor of Science, both from University College, and Eleanor M. Brown, Bachelor of Science: Hazlet Alan E. Hale. Bachelor o f Science, with high honors, University C o 1- lege, and Donald L>. Schmitz, Bachelor of Arts, Newark College., Also, Keyport Robert V. P. Chadwick, Master of Business Administration, Newark. College, and Floyd Hansen, Jr.. Bachelor of Arts, Hobert Jcs- se Hummer. Eachelor o f Science: Matnwan Mr. Isles. Bachelor of Laws, Thomas C. Noddings, Master of Business Administration, Newark C o 1- Iegc; Stanley Frank Bartram, Doctor of Philosophy; Kenneth H,,, Both.veil..; J r.. Antoinette. Anne Cerrato and F d w a r d Lloyd Burlew, Master of Education: Robert August Koenig, Master of Science. Also Patrick Casey. Union Beach, Bachelor o f Arts; W il- Ilajn FrJohnson, West Keansburg. Bachelor of Arts, University College, Receiving certificates, last evening, f o r completion of three-year specialized evening programs were Edwin F. M alcolm, and Lawrence Owens, Keyport, Industrial manage^ ment. Anticipate Continuing Belt Line To Ke/port The Belt Line Bus sponsored by the Keyport Chamber of Commerce will continue,to serve the community by transporting residents of the s u r* rounding developments to Key* ports shopping district as long as the benefiting local - m erchants continue their support. Chairman M errill W allace believes that the bus 1s being used more widely with better weather and Is filling a need.. President J. Harold Hendrickson received encouraging reports on Tuesday from committees at the first meeting of tbe board of directors since his election. Plans were inaugurated for a special members only meeftog- of the Chamber to be held early ln September, before tbe fall dinner meeting scheduled for early October. Committee. (continued from page one), cause an upheaval of the rate structure If granted., Repomraendatlon that the township establish fis own Water department to lake over administration o f a ll the Independent water companies with franchises within the municipality wab made by the water policy committee, a "citizens group appointed by Mayor John L. Ch&mherl&in.. Watcr-Department.Proposed The water policy committee, appointed to study the p r-o b- lems ol the Independent companies and tbe proper development of.water resources In the township, proposed the water department "as the Itrst step" oward solution of the problem..m ayor Chamberlain explalh- ed^the plan had beep discussed w U lr tbd hnwbsfciljrr committee and that Township Attorney Joseph A. Edgar already is preparing to draw up an ordinance creating the water department. The department would be needed, according to Mayor Chamberlain, to acquire admhilstra- tton o! the separate firnl.s. An ordinance providing salary Increases forsom e t o w n- ship employees and another creating the position of detective Investigator ln the police department were passed on final reading by the committee. Objects To Wage Increases Objections to tbe wage Increase ordinance were voiced by Thomas M iller, who said It was a "poor time to raise salaries" with the cost o f the new high scliool also added to -the tax rate. He added, however, that some members of the police force were entitled to larger raise than provided for ln the ordinance and criticized continuing hourly pay for school police. He said "they are doing an excellent job but are getting the same pay aa that of slx-years-ago." The committee heard a request from the Madison Township Businessmen s Association that "devices o f discouragement such as higher license fees, and antl-nolse ordinances be passed to prevent the township from being "overrun with Ice cream peddlers, soda trucks a n d other summer products vendors." The group asked for the measures to protect local businessmen who sell similar products and said that la the past "licenses were Issued with no restriction to non-r e s 1- dents. Four parcels o f property were sold during a tax a a 1 e. These Include a lot at 31* Lin- coin Aye., Laurencd Harbor, to W illiam O. Crane, ISO a n d costs; a tot In Cllffwood Beach to George M. Albrecht. $100 and costs; a Jot la Clllfwood Beach to Adrian Elekm an, $150 and costs, nnd two lots at Pine Ave. and-elm Bt., Anchor F ark to Joseph.J3clhnan. $23b and costs. Marlboro Board (continued fro m page one) admission at M arlboro Township..? Installation or a new pump at the.morganvllle Bchool was reported completed at a cost of ll627 ahd a new w ell at t h e M arlboro School also was reported complete. TBe b o a r d voted to supply spring water at the M arlboro School until the water from the new well can bo tested and approved. Tw o teachers, were employed, for the 195$-59 school year. They- are W alter Jublnsky SchnccksVllIe, P a hual,s$viry ot thur Schiller, Scotch P 1 a 1 In June HH4,.tbe UJ3. Navy captured an enemy warship for tbe first time in 130 years! Having crippled the German submarine U Q5 and forced It to surface, American sallow bdardei tbe enemy ship a n d declared her a prize of war* fwbo will be paid $4800. T h e an* Ar* ns, A w ar mem orial was dedicated on Friday to front 01 the Central School In Wickatunk honoring the citizens o f M arlboro Township who have served their country. The dedication ceremony was conducted by Michael Ryniewicz and Robert LaM nra was the speaker. Members of a ll MorganvJUe Scout Doits participated, and a flora) tribute was placed on tbe m em orial by each of the troops... teachers have not been assigned to any partjcufarschool in the system.., 88 Pupils At Round-Up M r. Sena reported the preschool round-up conducted ln April showed that 88 pupils are preparing to enter, schools for the first time in September. He noted, however, the figure was closer to 100 pupils at th e present time. The board voted to install an air-conditioning system ln Mr. Sena s office and received & report th a t enrollment increased eight pupils over last month. Permission was granted to the ^Morganvllle Cub Scouts to Use the baseball field at th e Morganvllle School during the summer. The toard contracted with the Monmouth County Organization for Social Service fo r a tuberculosis survey in the next school year. Examining Board (continued from page one) 1 municipal office. The interim board, which now becomes the regular board o f examiners, consisting of Mr. M uller, as inspector; Charles Hufft; as a master plumber, and Robert M uller, as a Journeyman plumber.. There was. question as to the term of these men as the state plumbing code, jon/which the ordinance is based, specified Uielr termit shljifnj be for three years. George H. Ritter.-w ho proposed the creation o f the permanent board believed their appointments should be made to next Dec. 31 so their three-year terms would terminate and reappointments or changes-could-be-m.&de-by ~a: new board of health taking office and organizing in January. His opinion.gained acceptance. by tbe board as consistent with the intent of the ordinance Problem Of Falling Exam A more involved m atter was what to do about persons who take the examination and fall. lt_w aa..reported, by Inspector M uller an applicant bos been examined duly by the interim board and been found wanting. Charles MandevlUe, board secretary, noted the applicant bad deposited a $50 fee for the examination, as required by the newly-adopted ordinance. Mr. Ritter questioned if tho fee should be returned since the applicant had failed the examination. He noted that in the last case of an applicant falling the examination, before the ordinance was adopted, the $50 fee bad been returned. Mr. Ritter said a precedent b a d been set. Inspector Muller averred the fee must be retained until September when the applicant who failed could be re-examined under the.terms o f the Matawan ordinance. M r. Mulle r thought tbat by. retaining tbe fee in the case of an.unsuccessful examination, the board was protecting Itself against the random filing of applications by persons little qualified but who believed they had little to lose in taking the examination on the chance they might somehow gee by. ttassurance w asgivenrthey would get their $50 back if they fail, these persons would have nothing to risk. Mr; Mulle r polnted out. Hard To Estimate The Rev. W illiam H. Hutcb- eson, as....a/.#oard^m em ber, wanted to know how a man could estimate in advance If he were going to fa ll. M r. Mulle r acknowledged that it was pointed out, ar man might have vast experience in plumbing work In the cit/, but. coming to Matawan, where septic tanks ard used, toe could fall complete!?* on that part of the examinatloon. M r. ZAIauer questtoned^lf there were not extenuating conditions for such an applicant. M r. M uller believed there would realize his deficiency in background and experience would realize bis deficiency in tbe one type of work and turn that part o f a Job over to someone who was used to the work until he, the applicant, had observed and mastered the details of it himself. Mr. Muller argued there was no need to deny a man fully competent otherwise a license because of one insufficiency that, by his general know-how in plumbing work, he could overcome in Ume.. 9 / ; _ W alter Pike noted the wording ot the ordinance and state code did not go beyond specifying there should be a fee for filing Tor an examination and for the examination being con? ducted. Mr. Pike said there was a clear cut recognition of tbe fact the board would have expense ln examining an applicant, whither he passed or not, and lt should be duly indemnified for this cost; * : Amount Rough" For Failures M r, Rioter still was disturbed by the fact that there was no clear statement on whether an applicant who failed should get his fee back. He noted that $50 was rough on someone who failed. M r. Man- dev>lle stressed the matter was not.a general one for the moment but was limited to the case o f the individual who^ had taken the examination ana failed before examiners - having but Interim appointment. Inspector Muller Cautioned the board that the applicant in question was going to be licensed In Keyport if he had passed In Matawan, and that his fee.already had been re turned to him in Keyport when he failed the. Matavran examination, M r Mauer-also dlsclo- sed tbat the m ayof of the municipality in which the man was licensed had expressed concern when he failed to pass the Matawan examination and indicated the- licensing would be reviewed..... Joseph Wilson proposed, as a compromise, that the man be offered his $50 back o r that he he given a second test In September, In view of the interest ln the Mat&wan examination elsewhere. I f given the second test, the man must agree to forfeit the $50 If he fa lls the second time. Wants Ambiguity Removed Mr. Ritter said th& word forfeit should be inserted in the ordinance to remove any ambiguity o f the point that the : borough would keep the $50 fee of an applicant who is examined and failed. Duncan Black was inclined to have the borough attorney interpret the m atter before anythtng was done form ally to alter the. ordinance o r the rule. His suggestion prevaiiejland the matter was laid o v ^ for a, month.- The letter to the unsuccessful _ applicant w a s ordered-w ith- -held/-/., T _ A letter from the Matawan Public Health Association in which tbat body declined to accept custody of the records of polio and other Inoculations The - latter indicate - - ed the public health association.did not think It should take the "responsibility" fo r records; which came from a program of the board of health. The board had wlshect ;the MPHA to handle the records because, in the board s opinion, it would have better means * of clearing Inquiries fo r Information ^bn a school childs inoculation record. - M r. Ritter questioned the unwillingness of the public health.. association to have health rec? ords in its. charge when i f e x pended public funds, given for its^*support by the township and borough, to further its work. Mr. Mauer regretted the^ attitude.of. the MPHA but observed the. m atter.had, been settled to the board s sa tlsfac- tion by Robert Hardie, Mata--~ wan Elem entary School.prin- - cipal, who had volunteered to have the school act as custodian and as a clearing house fo r inoculation records. Joseph LIPera..New Brunswick Ave.- resldeht,- BgainrTe;r ported there was surface seepage on the Prank Shea property, adjoining his. M r. M uller. reporter M r/s h e a had compiled with.the recent order o Magistrate James i l Martin ;- to have something done about -. his septic tank condition, in a that the Shea yard had been dug up, and a layer o^hap rock and/jhay, 50 feet by four feet had been, put dowq across the lateral field. M r. LTPera said he appreciated the effort of M r. Shea but believed there still should be something done, if lt did not work and foul su> face water seepage persisted. M r. Muller promised to lnves- tigate the situation... * You re Not Alone With a loan! M any o f your neighbors have financed their new cars at this bank. They ve fo u n d o u r auto loan.. 3eTV,ce P to m P t> econ om ical, and s a tis fa c to ry ; W e re confident chat you w ill, too. Com e in. THI MATAWAN B A N K MATAWAN. HIW H lltv v - r -

3 JD Get Tough* Means More Care "Getting tough" with juvenile offenders doesnt mean v waving a nightstick promlscuously" or having a "quick trigger finger" according to t h e president of the State Association of Chiefs of Police. NJ Events Listed NJ Legion Plans September Meet Plans rer the New Jersey Area Contracts Are Approved By State Two municipal aid contraots Involving bayalioro area o o n- strucuon firm s have been approved by the State Highway Department. At $ , t h e Manzo Contracting Co., Matawan, will furnish R a r 11 a n Township with 9817 gallons of asphaltlo oil, 437 tons of crush sey State F air C) rounds will form ally to the Veterans Administration by the legion for host auto racing June 15. Many spectators are, expected future permanent use, tfle * In Booklet Form _ to view the beauties on parade" ln Wildwood June 19 to ect of a sim ilar nature spon ; This w ill be the second proj The 1954 edition of New Jersey Events Schedule," n o w 21 when * beau y queen will sored and built by the legion available from the Department be chosen Mlsri New Jersey American Legion s.40ulannual state convention, to be held at in New" Jersey for government of Conservation and Economic of Summit w ill be the Wildwood, Sept. 11 to 13, will use." In 1940, construotlon was First Section... completed ot a beautiful chapel known as the Cathedral of JuneB Page T hre, Development, lists nearly 1200 scene of a gala horse show be discussed at a meeting oi colorfdl events and activities to be \el(l-tn the Garden State given by the Walohung Riding the legions state executive this -year. Commissioner Joseph E. McLean describes the 29 at the W atclung Stables, day, at 1:30 p.m. and Driving dun June 28 and committee at the W ar Memorial Building, Trenton, Satur the Air at the Lakehurst Naval Slridiinger, Ino., Holmdel, at Atr Station tor use by the enlisted personnel at the big na Inch gravel mixed la place $0388,11.The work lnoludes six-. Police Chief Joseph. Gorsky, Panwood, head of the assocla- n e w 40-page booklet as a Olenside Ave. vy llghter-thamalr bb6e. bituminous treated surface, tion, told the New Jersey Youth pocket-size vacation calendar Additional acthities that will It Is expected that bids will Study Commission at a recent televised hearing, "getular publication prepared by ists throughout tne summer In of events." He adds, The pop entertain vacationers and tour be accepted and contracts approved during the meeting for In Ootober 1947, the Chapel ed Btone and 34,030 s 4 ti a t o using broken stone. was dedicated and officially yards oi preparation of surface, delivered and applied. How about business cerdsr ting tough" consists of keeping the-state promotion office, contains specific data on spectator the Music Clroua,-- Lambertclude: Musical productions ot the construction by the Legion presented to the U S, Navy lri a closer watch on Juvenile offenses, improving the attitude and participant activities. It is villey and Neptune; - baby parof a Memorial Amphitheatre memory, mf the men ond women who gave] their lives ln elle Rd., Manasquan, the con and at tho right price, Come For tlie improvement of Brl- Wo oan supply them quickly at the Veterans Admlntstra-" tlon Hospital, Lyons, for use tlie air service. Ereoled and tract was awarded Frank Z. and try us. of the public toward law enforcement and insuring adeors and New Jersey residents the 34th annual ifatlonal m arb designed as a service for visitade, Sunnyacrei, Cranford: by the approximately 2000 fully furnish^ by tlio legion mentally tu veterans undergoing treatment there. and Its auxiliary at a cost of quate training for police. He Interested in.the many a n d les tournament. June 14 to 21, urged passage Df a bill now be* varied, attractions of our state Asbury P ark golf tournament, June 6, Hpckaway Riv Pledged by the State legion since 1040 for religious wor more than $75,000, the chapel has - been. used continuously Open House Party fore the State Senate to require throughout the rem alnder.of rookie cops to attend and pass BA Y ECKERT the yeah." er Country Club: susqulcentennlal parade, June lt, Unlon; 1953, the amphitheatre w 111 Lakehurst of Catholic, Jewish and. its auxiliary- ln the fall of ship by Navy personnel., at a state training. course before Beauty pageants, flow e r being named a permanent Miss Paitl Lee Ciiase, Kearny. and Ray Eckert, Laur lng and golf tournaments, beginning June 15; intra-club a statewide fund raising cam W arren R. Davies, Mount shows, parades, dances, f l s h- speedboat races Ocean; City cost at least $125,000, Through and Protestant faiths, W EDNESDAY, JUNE 11th member of a municipal police force..,, ence Harbor, have been cast In sports competitions, celebrations, conventions, sailing races Saturdays and jndays beglri- tributed to date by the 432 leder, will preside at the meet sailboat rapes ot Wednesdays, paign, $100,000 has..:been.. conainside, stato legion comman. -F o r Special training should be the leading-roles ln a feature provided for officers to be asmovie "Twinkle Little Star and speedboat regattas are only, a few of the booklet s listed es^in Layalette :very Sunday, nlng June 22 d sailing rao- gion posts arid 378 auxiliary ing ln Trenton. signed, to a Juvenile Aid" Burby Crescent Film s, Inc.. New units In the state toward construetlpte-sopuh..., Ace Unger s Nite Owls eai(r he added. York, for the March of Dimes, R-a 1 p h- Teltelbaum, - New eyents. Titles of the e v e n t s, starting June 29 Assigns Attorney Chief Gorsky made no mention in his testimony-of recent placesand dates, and sponsoring organizations are all In Events Schedule, 11$ ting all Designed to provide badly Monmouth county Judge The 1958 (ew JerBey Out-Door Recreation Featuring Tho Voice Of York, Is producer-dlrector, assisted by Stan Stanley, Long efforts by the Chiefs Association to lower the juvenile-age Astaire Studios. The picture cluded ln the new pocket directory. s distributed free-of-charge facilities at the hospital, the Elliot L. Katz, Long B r a n c ll Mattie Danns these events nn many more needed out-door recreational John C. Giordano hao asstgnod Branch; area director fo r Fred.ifWiJV 18 to 16 and to have the Summer-long schedules - of from New Jerse y Department amphitheatre will have a cinemascope screenand motion Harris, 27, of 21 Beers St., Key attorney, to defend Jasper was film ed at.the Convention names1 of Juvenile offenders Hall,Asbury Park, last month recreational festivities are listed for the coastal resorts and lc Development, 520 East State picture projector, as well as port, who ts charged with mur- of Conservation and Econompublished. ; and will have Its premiere at Decries Lack o f Services ; the Param ount Theatre, Convention H a 11.. on Thursday, many inland communities. St., Trenton 25. facilities and equipment for dor. H arris Is accused of tlio Form er Union County Juvenile. Court Judge Libby E. Sach- June 12, The first show Is at Horse racing fans will welcome the racingr facilities at Your advertlsi merit In this theatrical entertainment and 40, of the Beers S t. address, C L U B S A M A R A boxing bouts,., various types of fatal stabbing of JnmeB Hayes, ar. decried the lack of proba- 7:30 p.m. and the late show at Monmouth Park, Garden State paper will rea :h prospective other forms of amusement. Mar. 30 In tho Huyos npart* tlon, parole, counseling, mental 9:30 p.m. Park, Freehold and the Atlantic City Race Course during ity ln the baysbi re area. pletion antj dedication tills Phone C. L, ; - purchasers tn e ery commun- Present plans call for Its com ir.ent,. 91 Whitehead Ave. South River health and other services in the state and said "We haven t Ten-year-old Potfl Lee portrays a little girl with polio Fishing Contests Defense Bonds pay the same Mnzowlcckl, Clifton, amphi young men nnd women will he Featured Each Wed,, Fri., Sat, Nights the racing season. year, according to Arthur W. 10 years from today, many really given rehabilitation a fa ir try because the services who loves to sing. Ray, 15- The sportsman will note that rate of Interest] as the War theatre committee chairman. studying ln collego, their way are spread too thin." years-of-age, Is mnster of ceremonies and dances ln the film, tests scheduled ln New Jersey, war. Buy somo I pliltheatro will be. presented U, S. Savings Bunds. among the many fishing con Bonds ybu houg it during the Following dedication, tho am- paid through saving NOW ln And Sunday Afternoon$ r ] - :Mrs._Trude W. Lash. Execu- ( tive d ire ctor of the Citizen s Both children have-appeared this month m arks the beginning of the Tournament of Fish Committee on Children of New on television and radio for the Y ork City, warned wc-ijiuat past four years. They were the ln Seaside Heights. For t h e not allow ourselves ttf become winners of the Walt Disney deep sea fisherman, the Atlantic City. State M arina will be Talent Search In New Jersey ^ panicked" by recenv outbreaks of juvenile violence. She was and w, f "v Ufaat to- a tuna-tosurnament June ln 1958 to film guest appearances tor the Disney Mouseke- Atlantic City, ripe number one. "not in accord" with the "get 25 to 27, Also rftrthls month,»tough" -attitude, expressed re- _Icently by high New York poteers. They are professional models and entertain at newlyweds with special courte playground, pays tribute to all. / Iioe pfficials. The desire to sus USO shows, army camps, minstrels and benefit p e.r f orm - Saturday nnd Sunday, t h e pend children from school on sies and discount privileges thft^j&y-so of the principal, ances. Both act, sing and wjthottt a hearing, she termed- spotlight shifts to Ocean City :..!an "unwise edict.". The bigger the speeches" by politic ade on the boardwalk. T h e dance., - When antique autos are on par Ians,; " the m oredaring tbe offenses by Juveniles because Dog Tick Nuisance In Monmouth Arts Foundation, they feel the gaurtlet has been Early Spring, Summer: Inc. will present an outdoor art show at Marlrie Fark, Red C M E thrown down,? Mrs. Lash added... curs In great abundance In The American dog tick oc Bank, June 14.The,Ncw Jer- Elltcllv. Patrolm an Edward Gray,.D i many parts of central N e w S e n s a t io n a l G r o c e r y V a lu e s thru Sal, rector of the Elizabeth PAL Jersey ln the spring a n d 7th. and chairman of the police summer. Immature form s feed conference on youth activities CHEF RAVIOLI BOY-AR-DEE - largely on wild rodents, but the - for the Eastern seaboard, de adults feed on dogs, cattle and WITH scribed a "very^succcssfur other largp animals. They also community program to fight readily bite humans. T h e MEAT 2 lw 4 9 < delinquency ln Elizabeth In adults firm ly attach themselves and become engorged CHEF.BOY;AR*DEE-: SPAGHETTI whtclt many private citizens tik e part.. with blood in five to 13 days... He was opposed to lowering L_thc.Juvenile - age, or_ publicizing Ticks Infest wooded or bushy WITH" the -names- of youthful offend areab and grassy llelds. They, MEAT- ""ers.... arc,an.annoyance and, n la o 2 ^ can be dangerous since th e y can transmit Rocky Mountain MARCAL ASSORTED TOILCr - Sues Hairdresser spotted fever, cautions D r. William E. Collins, extension entomologist at Rutgers Univer ON PACKAGEI 6 rpils burned severely during a per sity. SEE FREE OFFER Charging that her scalp was. nianent wave, Helen Ervin, Ticks gather ln largest numbers alone roads and paths. Tlcetown Rd., G l d Bridge; seeks $21,000 In a Middlesex Sacram en to T om ato Juice 2 27«County Court suit against Consequently. satisfactory results can he obtained by treating a four-foot band on both Sayre Woods Hairdressing, - Inc., Routes 4-9, Madison D g F ood (bes r^ hi 6 1? 7 9 : r J, 1 6,2 5 sides of roads and paths where. Township. She charges the de- ticks are numerous. Usually -fendant was negligent Inst Mar. a single treatment with DDT, G o o d Luck M a rg arin e 1 lb, pkg, 2 9 e 7 In giving the treatment. Suit toxaphene, chlordane or dield- - wasflled-ln-m lddlesex County rln w ill; control them for about. Court May 28. " /: two..weeks. -.. Circular 581 which Is available from M. A. Clark, Mon LANCASTER BRAND This week; why don t y o u.look through the windows ) of your church., from, the lnmouth C o u rit y Agricultural BEEF Blde. -. Agent,: 20 Court.St., Freehold, gives details on tick control,. Low, Low Prices Green TISSUE. Asphalt Tile _ 9 x j9 x 1 / 8 Marbleized B-Color 1st Quality 5 % Ea. Inlaid Linoleum Tile 9 x 9 Household Ga. 1st Quality m Ea. Felt Base Linoleum Cut From,Full Rolls 69* 1st Quality Sq. Yd. Vinyl Asbestos Tile 9 x 9Std. Ga, All Colors I J C 1st Quality 13 Ea. Heavy Tweed Rubber 27" Width Runner For Steps and Hall Gray - Green Beige I.ln. Yd. 9 x 1 2 L IN O L E U M R U G S $ C 9 5 1st Quality Many Patterns Ea." Franchised Dealer SANDRAN 39 -A lsoa vailab lein R u gsizes 9 x x x x 1 8 tq. yd. Route 35 and Clark Street, Keyport ^ Down Phone Keyport Months Payment Open Every Evening Till 9 P.JI.,* ** l j M Cut 11 dm flnikt enrn-fed: younj)» lcrrlituf,: Botic Id, juicy arid flhvorful. Acme WlcrU on ly p ith fc ltd Ik tlio licut for yuur tiihlo,. D W n S IN ID. JUCAL _T - :...> M t-. - L e f h o n a d e ^ o i, SIZE cam % LANCASTER -- Bondeii Beef Croii-Rlb LANCASTER - Long Uland - Oven Ready EMPRESS. L o b s t e r T a ils. ::10M oz. pkg. 8 9 * SEABROOK.B r o c c o l i S p e a r s 2 Sg? 3 7 «taste o sea " : S t e a k ~ «r to -c z ip lg. 3 9 «4<meVfriii*#j & V e g e t a b l e s SEjEOED 2 C8r1on» 2 5 c Jujcyl Ta#tyl Havor/ulf Flavcrfulf A - ra i/crtn,nu*1 for avery salad, I j m c a ij f o r n ia v a u n c i a I O r a n g e s 1 2 < J!PEC,AU4 U Ib.. tancaster BRAND IEEE :.,,..., l$incaifcr. IRANp I Smoked Tongues A 49* Sliced Bologna * 59 LANCASTER BRAND-SLICED-J^ICElT. ".I.ANCASICR trand-sllcid Luncheon Meaf «>4 9, Pressed Pork, b 59 m m m m t m - ^ V ir g in ia j d e u feach KRAfT DELUXE SLICES CHEESE rrr yellowor-white AMERIGAN, : 6 oz. f>kg. 2 9 I skinned! kin/iedl Julcr] W j H«. h» 7 * TOr ^ Muds from huclou*, Juicy. peaches and I SamIU/ hafural sunihlnt tluvr* I lopped with a flaky, ky, golden cruit tu.t.,, Baked r, rn - a. yjr T,XAS wuow : io perf<*dlon In Virtjlnlt... Les i own ovend I dnoflroou SPECIA LS I - *-V7-. -r, VANILIA CUSTARD I WASTE I lons <1 ii 1 ft I ^boston 1 C( C h iffon C a k e e j B A S K E T.u.9 9 «ftuce TQc Apple Cake..<(-4 5. t tzo Oads I y Cj D--^J Dreaa Olh no«( (A1HIOHIO uni jutoo* i»,i OG /.o* j jcicjv/r Routes 3 5 and 3 6 Plenty Of Free Parking < 1 i-

4 m t ESTABLISHED 180 TiUplum * K C rp ort 7-MJB S. M ABEL B 80W N, PUBLISH E S PubUihed e n n r Thursday at Keyport, Monmouth County. N. J. By BROWN PUBLISHING AND PBPTHN O COMPANY Mabel Brown. Editor Ceraidine,V.-- t>y^7:~ ^.Editor Subscriptioa Bates Payable in Advance One Y ear (wilhla! S4.&0 - Three Months $ S l* -Months :, W O NATIONAL EDITOR IAI One Y ear (outside state One Year (outside U. SĖli. $8.00. $7.00 The Matawan Journal la a newspaper "o f the people, by the people, and fo r the people."- IU atm (a to serve the best interests of M iiaw an and vicinity; to present a ll o l the newa of the wpek without bias or prejudice in a dean. sane, conservative manner, respecting the inillensbla rights o! our citizen*. and thereby making itself worthy of their confidence. Responsibility fo r typographical errors Is space occupied by such error. limited to the cost o f the Entered as second-class matter at the post office at Matawan, N. under the act of March S _ - FAGE FO UR THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1558 Your Squad Needs Support The Matawan Township First Aid Squads campaign for i funds to finance construction of a new squad headquarters, municipal h a ll and recreation building now is fu lly underway. The site a t Amboy Rd. and Prospect Ave. has been cleared by volunteers, ready fo r building. B u t sufficient funds are needed N O W in order that work m ay proceed. The squad plan is both ambitious and foresighted. Members are w orking to provide not only a new headquarters to house very valuable equipment, but what is -...more, they are working to provide a building which can be used, by adults and youngsters alike, fo r municipal and recreational functions. The squad already has agreed thal the spacious meeting h a ll w ill be used as a headquarters i a r a recreation league, fo r younger boys and girls.. Plans already are in the making to provide bus service to the recreation center fo r youngsters residing in outlying sections of the township.- -. The valued good w ork of the squad is known to us all. The knowledge that the proposed building w ill be open to -further use of youngstersand adults should be an added. incentive to make your contribution to the "building fund today., Success of the drive, and a l least $>14,00*1 is needed, be- P fore construction, can be started, is*a personal responsibility o f a ll residents. M any already have contributed. M any have..been planning to send their contributions but have ju st been putting it o ff... *. l R em em ber;tvery passing day means a new delay. Y o u r squad.,needs your" financial support N O W. - D o your part today. Give generously.. Communication To the Editor,... After - witnessing-w-demoni stratton of water pumping wilh the various types o f equipment used by the volunteer fire com-. panles of Monmouth County, I fe e l their effort* should be publicly commended. Ih e very fact that these men use their time, -labor, and abilities voluntarily is-something we should appreciate. These men attend monthly fire schools, and study the new est protection measures for our benefit. Excellent use of their equipment, prompt response to calls at any time, risking their lives if necessary, these are only a few of the services performed for the welfares of tbe community. So, l Say,, "Hats off, to the volunteer firem en." (Signed). Mrs. C e n e v ie v e _ P o n D e ll O ta c n T ttw ifia fiv ia tfi% e & 4 i/ic a ta Is T h e re A D iffe re n c e? Health For Senior Citizens One- of our newest organizations is called th e Joint.C ouncil to Im prove the Health Care of the Aged, and it is an. organization with an enorm ous achievement potential. The.m em bers are the American Dental Association, Am erican Hospital Association, Am erican Medical Association, and the Am erican Nursing Home Association. The Council has three broad objectives to identify""and"analyze the health needs o f the aged; to appraise available health resources fo r the aging, and to develop programs to foster the best possible health care fo r them regardless of economic status. *, : In order to reach these goals, thc council has laid down a detailed and positive program of action. Research w ill produce needed inform ation that, is not. now availaw p,. on such m atters as the incomes and resources o f the aging and the utilization o f health services and facilities by the aging. Im provem ent and expansion o f health care facilities fo r these senior citizens w ill be encouraged in a num ber, o f ways : the establishment of standards fo r nursing h^mes, better and broader methods of governmental assistance where -needed, and so on. Stress w ill be laid on the development of community health w ork, such as organized home care and visiting nurse services. Education, research and action program s concerned with the health problems of the aging w ill b e ; intensified. at a ll levels national, state and local. -Im proved diagnostic and treatm ent methods w ill be sought A nother facet o f the council s program w ill be to Increase the a variability of im proved voluntary health insurance coverage fo r older people. In this, it w ill w ork with B lu e Cross, Blue Shield and the insurance industry, along with other interested groups.. Close to 15,000,000 people constitute our senior popula- lion. The council s program is designed to do everything possible to make life happier and fu lle r fo r them all. Feinting And Fainting Som e people faint for effect, and some people fain t fo r cause. Those who faint fo r effect are interesting to students ^-of dram atic arts, but those w ho faint fo r cause are of concern to physicians and to those who love them and therefore arc solicitous., Fainting usually is not considered serious. It is a state o f sudden unconsciousness caused by an abrupt reduction in the necessary blood supply to the brain. It may result from physical cause o r emotional shock. F e a r, fright, hunger, fatigue, or a sickening sight or association m ay induce fainting. N orm ally vigorous people, often to their embarrassment, are not immune.... The best preventive or resoration Is to get thc victim to lie down w ith head at least as low ns the Test o f his body. Tight clothing in thc neck area should be loosened. Consciousness usually returns quickly, but the patient should not sit or stand up fo r about 10 minutes to forestall relapse. Liquids should not be given, lest the unconscious person choke. If unconsciousness persists unduly, call a physician. W hen, people obviously faint fo r effect, let them lie. In a sense, they already are lying anyway,".,, THE DESERTED VILLAGE (Asbury P a rk Press) The dedication of the Deserted Village at Allaire as a restoration project and historic New Jersey site gives M o n- uouth County cause to. p ro - claim that not all of its attractions are related to its seashore. Deserted Village now- takes I s place with such historic sites as Old Tennent. Marlpit Hall, and Highlands Twin Lights, and If present plans succeed the Allaire Iron b o g colony m ay well attain national fame. - The response o f Ihe public to slforta to. rettateo the Village o f "A tls Ire Is encouraging.the gift of Manasquan represents a useful dqoatlon to Fire Company 1 o f a pumper ahd ladder truck, for example, the corporation which w ill administer the VUlage. The M attr asquan firem en have taken aft Important step toward preservation o f the historic buildings since tbe company will train state park personnel In tbe use of tbe equipment.. It was encouraging to note the participation ot the Girl Scouts In the dedication ceremonies at the Deserted Village. Their appearance will stimulate the Interest ot youngsters in the Importance of Allaire In early American history. We suggest that efforts be taken In this direction by h a v ln g School children visit the Deserted Village In groups as part ot tbelr study o f history. Deserted Village presents-a captivating scene at. this time oi the year. As part of Allaire State P ark lt has been restored to a remar.kable degree through co-operation of a t a t e officials and private citizens. With, the opening of the Allaire museum through the efforts of the New Jersey State Federation of Women s Clubs tho village becomes an Interesting tourist attraction, Monmouth County residents who have yet to visit Deserted Village and Allaire State Park will find the time well spent and should recommend it to others v o w, GA D; ~Looking Backward I tenu About Folks And Thin SI Yit Know la U io Long Ago TOWARD CUTTING COSTS (Asbury Park Press) Assemblyman Barkalow Is among the sponsors-m a bill to perm it school boards to/ advertise tor -single blda-tm construction exceeding $2000 in cost. The measure Isiouad and because lt may save taxpayers large sums In school construction lt s h o u 1 d be speedily adopted. Heretofore school boards bave been compelled to ac cept five separate bids on different phases ot a single project;-this-policy IL-of-course, at variance with the general practice elsewhere ol accepting a single bid for an entire project. The bill before t h e legislature, however. Involves no compulsion. It permits boards of education to advertise for single or package bids, for bids under the present system which calls for five separate contracts, or for both types of bids. Thus It provides fo r the utmost flexibility to enable school boards to accept th e type ot contract or contracts most advantageous to the taxpayers of their district. - With the pretalng demand for additional classroom space school, coinstruction has become a tremendous b u r d e n upon "taxpayers:- And m a n_y. authorities agree that prlm l live methods In Ihe planning, construction, and awarding of contracts for new schools are saddling taxpayers with un- necessaty expenses,-. A m. o n g these -the-law -rcqulring_flye separate bids (or construction has been conspicuous nnd this newspaper and many olhers have urged broadening o f the statute to permit more modern procedures, such as th e acceptance o f a single b d for w ill be Unusually r c m 1 a s should lt fa il lo adopt the bill thus aimed at cutting costs and permitting the construction of m ore classrooms for less money. Now Is the Umc to advertise those unused articles for sale A sm all ad In thc classified column will turn them Into cash for you, This week, why dont y o u ldok through the windows of your church from tho inside. I... Forty-Five Y ears Ago (Issue Thursday, June 12, 1913) Owing to cold evenings, the show will be held Inside tbe Lyric Theatre, M atawsa, until lt gets warm enough out of Harrison C. Hurley, Just confirm ed as postmaster of Asbury Park.w as notified Saturday that the salary has been Increased 1100 a year, the In-, clease ln revenues o f the otflce during the.past year having warranted the advance in salary to $3,380 a year. In addition to a iavlsh display o f peonies,. cut flow ers and laurel, strings of daisies measuring1 nearly three miles in length were used In decorating the big auditorium of St. Luke s Church, Long Branch, for the Children s Day exercise last Sunday.... Adrian- J. L. Ho mm ell, a Neptune Township druggist. Township Committeeman a n d Township Sanitary Inspector, has sent a complaint to t h e State Board ol,health,against- the maintenance of conditions fnwesley Lake periodically re: suit In the flooding of his cellar w i t h resultant menace to health. Editor B.F.B. Brown will add the third weekly newspaper in his list next Thursday, when the Keansburg- Beacon will make Its initial appearance. While playing near hts home In Clinton Avenue M c n d a y James Gormans young s o n was badly bitten in the side by John Wilson s bull dog. T h e m arks of six teeth were In evidence and the hoy had th e wounds cauterized. Marshal Mulsotf shot the dog on Tuesday Just two days later than he shduld have been killed. Men are said to be working that old carpet sweeper repairing game -along the seashore. Housewives everywhere a r e cautioned against letting strange men make repairs to national forestry camps will be entirely in the hands of the National Veterans Administration and was not first undertaken On June 12, according to M. E. Head, Manager o f the Veterans Administration Facility, at Lyons Ten Y ears Ago (Issue Thursday, June 17, 1948) In accordance with the Housing and Rent Act1o f 1948, providing the term s upon, which a landlord m ay accept a security deposit. Area Rent Director Michael Pecors that be has determined that generally It was not the accepted rental practice in tbe Northeastern New Jersey Defense-Rental Area to collect such deposits prior to Janl,30, Therefore, he said, such collection cannot be generally authorized In this Brea.. H enceforth.drlvers_seelnga bus Hashing a red light should not attempt to pass the carrier as tbe Hashing signal Indicated the vehicle Is taking, on or discharging school-children;---- ib Matawhn Bprbugh-Cotmcll, at a tpeeial meeting Friday night, accepted b proposal hy the J. C. Remington, Jr., Camden engineering firm, to make a survey and draw plans lo r the extension of sewer mains into the Havine D r. area. A petition Is in circulation In Matawan at this time, which would permit the use ot motorboats, notably outboards, on Lake Lefferts, The existing ordinance prohibits the use of motorboats on- -the- lakes be: cause the noise, from their motors ca rried over such relatively sm all bodies of w a t e r would prove annoying to homeowners on the lakeside. Double attendance sessions In the prim ary department of Matawan Elem entary school will not have to be extended beyond the plan in.force during the past school year unless there Is new and unexpected second grade enrollment by By Your Rutgers Garden Reporter _Leaf Scorch Here * Why Shrubs o r trees with leaves that have turned brovnln places may cot be In as much trouble as you might suspect. D r. pixjj&eer A. Davis, extension plant disease specialist, says he has heard from m any home owners around the state who are concerned about a disease that shows as browning around leaf edges and between the veins. Chances are; he -says reassuringly, that your tree or shrub only has a touch of leaf scorch. -. It s eta; to picture leaf scorch occurring during a hot dry summer such as the one we went through last year. D r. Davis explains how It can happen now. Says he: Rains Did It During the period of sever al weeks this spring when we had almost continuous rains and very little sunny weather, the growth that came on shrubs and trees was soft and tender.. As soon as the first hot sunny days came along, the tender leaves scorched around their edges and.between t h e veins... These leaves will persist for several weeks to m ar the appearance of the trees, but no real damage Is being done. I f youre still not convinced that your favorite tree Is not really suffering, you can do some further reading about leaf scorch. D r. Davis has written a short leaflet about It. Its free, of course, and he chose as Its 1111 e, quite logically, Leaf Scorch.1 Its listed in our catalog, as Leaflet 133. You can get your own copy from your county, agricultural agent or by writing to Garden Reporter,, College o f Agriculture, Rutgers University, New Brunswick.. Dogwood Trouble Reminder But here s something y o u may have to do something about if you own a dogwood tree. Dr. Davls sent out a warning a few days ago about leaf blight, of dogwood. If you didnt jnake a note Of the remedy, here it Is: Use one of the zlneb fungicides such as Farzate or Dlthane Z-78 at the rate of one pound to. 100 gal- lo n sp f wa -er, or one table- Bpopn to a gallon, Spray the who! a. tree lightly and If rain washes off the spray In three or foul days, spray again.. Sign of the trouble Is a withering of the whole white or pink flqwers. -. If you dont have any luck finding zlneb when yoii shop, your county agricultural, agent probably Can tell you who sells It.- i ^ r C rp.ei, S ers USUaIy September. Supervising Frinc!- they are swindlers. While playing a practice game o f baschall last w e e k, Kendall Mctbot ot Red Bank was struck In the face with a ball and his nose was-broken: Twenty-Five Years Ago (Issue Friday, June 16, 1933) A bandit trio that used a police whistle to halt Its victims, escaped on Sunday night wilh cash and Jewelry worth $900, taken from a New York motorist and his two companions as they were returning to the city on route 34 near Holmdel W illiam G. Bedle, Secretary of Matawan Building and Loan Association since its organization, has prepared his annual report which will be presented to thc Association at Its annual meeting. This Is the twenty- sixth annual meeting of the Association whlcb has enjoyed an enviable record In the com- Jilunlty_for so und jtonserva tt ve business since its Intention". With gteat pomp and cert- mony, bishops, visiting monsig- notl, priests, nuns, parishioners, relatives and friends paid tribute.of high esteem, and affection to the Rev. John P. Burkc.pastOT-titSt:-Josephs Church In nn all-day celebration at the church on Tuesday ol the twenty-five years of his service In thc priesthood. A meeting is being called on Wednesday evening of next each project. Tlie legislature- week tor- Uio purposc ol organ- Izlng a Taxpayers Association. Both taxpayers and Tenters ore urged to.attend.this meeting at Which W. O. Frnnke will be the presiding ofllcer. Discovery of an ancient Indian burial pit on the former Taylor farm In Middletown was reported, Sunday, by Godfrey Olsen of Red Bank, well- known! county Indian research worker. The pit was 16 Inches below the surface, and contained a skull and bones. Mr, Olsen estimates the bones to be approximately 300 years old. Selection of war veterans for pal Russell A- O- Etetler told the Matawan Township Board of Education Monday night,. Keyport and Matawan First Aid Squads and Patrolm an A1-, exandfr Kbbes, of Matav.-an Township police, spent a busy half-hour Tuesday afternoon as a motorcycle collision and a railroad crossing accident happened within a short period ot time.. Social- Security Questions Q I am the stepfather of 10-year-old boy. Can he receive social security benefits on account of his own fathers death last month? A Your stepchild Con receive benefits on his own fathers wage record only If he was living with this father, or his father was contributing to his support/or he was not living with nnd-receiving more than one-half his support from you. Q Are delayed birth Certificates acceptable as proof of age? A Yes, If the birth was registered not less than five years before the applicant applies for his benefits. CO M M EN T O F K E Y P O R T school architect Frederic F essler a fte r base bids o f $350,000 w ere received from contractors fo r construction o f the new elem entary school: W hen I w oke up this m orning I was sure the bids would am ount to over $400,000. O f course, I can say I am pleased. The end of the rainbow, it seems, comes at night.,. E fforts to have tbe bull-born sound fo r fires only in M atawan have struck a snag. Firem en, hoping to use individual sirens for civil defense tests and am bulance calls, are conducting tests tc see ii the bull-horn can beheard in a ll parts of the borough to be used -without the sirens in case of fire. Ralph R. Dennis reports the survfey is not too prom ising at this time... Noted in passing: N o one is. m ore busy than K eyp ort s Freddy Rapp in an election year. W hen Fred asked to hold form ation of a recreation commission for fu rth e r study, he was assured by M ayor C harles E. Applegate, the m ayor w ouldn t appoint six Dem ocratic politicians. Brought down the house!. M A T A W A N S F IR S T C O M PREH E N SIV E parking and traffic control ordinance has been approved and returned from Trenton by the State Highway Departm ent, It is now in the hands o f the m ayor and borough council fo r final study before it is re-introduced. W ill probably come up June Compliments received at the M ataw an council session by residents of N ew Brunsw ick Ave. on the installation of a traffic lightat the intersection with M ain St. C o m er ^ad been the scene o f many traffic accidents.,, Check, the grow th in manpower and efficiency of the M adison Township Police Departm ent in the past 10 years. Its re a lly something o f a record,.. W onder who outsm arted who in the deal involving the large tract in Madison Township which w ent at a sheriff s sale in New B runsw ick last week. Selection o f a replacement fo r Madison Township School Superintendent Charles M agill. causing the Madison Board o f Ed: ucation a great deal of concern."second-guessing is easier, of course.. T H IS N TH A T... M elvin W. Jones, guidance director at K eyp ort High School, is the new president o f the M onm outh. County Education Association. H is term is fo r two years. Other officers of the county teachers group, elected at A sbury P a rk High School recently, w ere.e, K en d all Gike, Freehold, vice president; M rs. Tina D efalco, Red B ^ tk, recording secretary; Miss M arie Koskey, L ittle S ilver, corresponding secretary, and D ick W ard, Neptune, treasurer. The pre&ast/i tyaam atia -sias*: u $t-4eaeheuw ork- - shops and conferences, to be helcflsept. 25 at Freehora Regional High School. The group expects at least one representative from each school building in M onm outh County to attend the session. The New Jersey Education Association is sponsoring the program. Sidelights: M rs, E rm a,d orrer,. Manasquan, was elected to represent the M onm outh C ounty group at the N ational Education Association convention in Cleveland June 29 to J u ly 4. A R O U N D TH E TO W N. See w here D r. Cleve O. W estby; director of school building services o f the State Departm ent of Education says there s nothing econom ically outstanding about the school being b uilt in R aritan Tow nship-by local developers. Appears to us the biggest economic factor is that the community is getting the school fo r nothing. W estby says although the developers project m eets state education departm ent building requirem ents, the buildings contain no teachers room s,m ulti-purpose room, extra storage space o r adm inistrative o r health rooms. Fact rem ains that schools. can be built for less and still meet state requirem ents. Jn the face of enrollm ent crises such, as those m any school ; districts are facing; might b e a good idea to m eet. lhe_re^_r quirem ents and let the fancy trim mings go hang. Delays in the K eyport school building program, now underw ay, which w ere caused in part by objections on the part of the same D r. W estby, cost local.taxpayers,a, few. thousand.,.,,i ; "S O M E M A K G IN A L NOTF.S,,. Enterprising fe lla nnm- ed Joe Terry, (age 11). walked into the office last weekto place a classified ad. Said he wanted to sell a rdal" live sw ord fo r at least two dollars. A nyone interested may check with Joe, W est F ro n t St., K eyp ort... W arren W. Messerschmidt, manager o f the K eyport business office of the New Jersey B e ll Telephone Co: advises there w ill be, a special press preview of facilities at the new dial center on M aple P I. tom orrow...they say the entire changeover to dial for.all phones served by the local central office w ill take less than three minutes in the wee hours of the morning o f June N ext time you re out cruising, take a squint at the Bayonne naval shipyard if you w ant to see a heart- breaker and a pursestopper. There are two battle wagons and three large ca rrie rs lined up fo r a half-m ile, I suppose, thfiugh, it costs a lot less to put em in m othballs than to keep,them roam ing the oceans. ; By M argaret A. Le vyj * Tom boy. -vrtr*- Jew&IL.Ann-dldaXime..being **1*11 say!** salil Alice*. MoUw a little girl. She didn t like be- er s In c h a rg e o fa f a a I f!o n lng little. But especially, she show next week. She wants you didnt like being.a girl. to be la it.". ^ Everytim e Daddy went fish- "W hat s a fashion show?" lng, Jewell Ann would say, asked Jew ell Ann. Let me go, too.". Alice looked surprised. "Y ou But Daddy always answered, don t know. W ell, we get dress- "No, little girls shouldnt go ed In all different kinds of fishing. You stay home a n d pretty clothes. Then we walk help your m other." : out on a stage while people When her big brother, BUI, clap." * - - got out the tractor to plow the " It sounds like fun," said fields. Jewell Ann would say, Jewell Ann. " I hope Mother "Take me wilh you. B ill. Let says yes." me have a ride." Alice looked at Jewell Anns Then BUI would say, "No, n blue Jeans. " I don t know - I f... tractor <L no place for a girl. Mother will even ask her when *.t You might get hurt.", she sees what you re wearing. Even her baby brother, Mother doesnt like, tomboys in. Ralph, wouldn t let her play her fashion show." with his trucks. "Trucks t o r "O h!" said Jewell Ann. boys, not girls," he said. "W alt here. I ll be down * R6w Jewell Ann wlshed._she-second;*4, w ere-a-boyl She^went upstairs She raced upstairs and flung - and put on a polo shirt a n d her polo shirt and blue Jeans her blue Jeans. Then she went on a chair. Then she slipped outside and cllmcd the maple on her prettiest dress and tied tree. _ a bright ribbon In her hair. "Watch m e!" she called to She heard her mother call and Ralph. hurried downstairs.... Jewell Ann hung from the Mrs. Tucker looked pleased tree ilmb by her knees. " I ll when she saw Jewell Ann. bet-you_can. t_dp_that!m s h e "Y our daughter will do very f said. ~~ :nicelyr!~-she-said-.ta.jewc 11 _ "Pretty soon I can," said Anns mother. "Bhe looks so Ralph. "Boys better at every- pretty and ladylike." ^, thing.". 1 _ "W ould you ltke to be-in-the Jewell Ann turned up her fashion show?" asked Jewell nose at_ro]ph. Justhen, a Ann s mother., sw njtcar tbpped"in-front* of "^Oh, yes!" aald Jewell Ann. the hoiise.^a lady and a little "Then It s all settled." Mra. girl got out and waiked to the Tucker smiled, door. It was Alice Tucker and "W ant to be in fashion show, her mother. too. can I? " asked Ralph, who Jewell Ann climbed down had Just come Into the room, from the tree and went Into Mrs. Tubker laughed, "Im the house, too. Alice was play- afraid not." she said. "T h I a ing in the hall. fashion show Is only for little "H ello," she said to Jewell girls." Ann. " I sure nm glih Im a c lrl!" "H I," said Jewell Ann, "Did said Jewell Ann. feeling sorry your mother come about some- for Ralph. "Suddenly, 1 dont thing special?" even mind being little!"

5 Matawan Juniors! Install Officers -.At the-regular- meeting - of the Matawan Junior Woman s Club, held _May 27_at the Eagle Hose Fire House, Keyport, installation of new officers was held with Mrs. Peter A. Read, president of the Woman!s Club of Matawan. acting as the ln- - stalling officer. Installed were M rs. Robert J. M orrell, president, who re ceived the gavel from Miss Dorothy E. Delbasco, outgoing president. Others were M r s Andrew J. Hulsart, vice presl-. dent: Mrs. W illiam Wright, recording secretary; Mrs. Cajnll- lo Gentile, corresponding secretary; M rs/^ ra n k Ferrano, treasurer... Department cb.airxnento serve for the coming year are Miss Yvonne Seabury, American home, braille and work foi the blind; Mrs. Alfred ^Applegate, civics, legislation a n d defense, and -veterans and armed services, co-chairman,. Mrs. Herbert Davis; Mrs. Hul* sart, yearbook, scrapbook, club - newspaper, co-chairman. Mis/* Lorraine Wise; Mrs. James Trlggs, gardens; Mrs. Lester Stoney, international relations, literature, education and librar- lan; Miss Delbasco, membership, program assistance; Miss Elaine Cherry, public welfare, youth co-operation. Convention Report Given.. Mrs, Hulsacf, delegate to the recent convention, made h e r report. Miss M arjorie Bronk- hurst, vclub advisor was presented with a Junior counselo r s pin. Miss Geraldine V. Brown, honorary member and newly-elected financial secretary of the New Jersey Fed- eratlon d/ Womens Clubs, was a guest. -.Plans were discussed for a covered dish supper to be held Tuesday at the fire house for 7. iriembers and guests. M 1 s s Cherry is chairman. A board meeting will be beld June 17 at the home of Mrs. j. Ferrano. Matawan. Miss Sea- TJUry jand Mts. Trlggs ; were in charge of the hospitality f o r the evening.. Marie 55tli Anniversary M R., MRS. HARVEY S. BED LE, SR. LaVerne Albers Feted At Shower A surprise-shower was given May 22 in honor of Miss La- Verne Albers, 325* Poole Ave.. Keyport, by the members of, her bridal party, Mrs. Earl Swift, Union Beach: Miss Lena Aqua via, KeypoTt, Miss "Made- / line Malanga, Clark, and Miss ^---AlbersV aunts,-mrs. - -Elizabeth Weiss, Union; Mrs. P a u 1 i n e 1 Malanga. C lark; Mrs, Alvera Lee/and M rs.-rose Uccellini,. both Of Jersey City, and Mrs. * Florence Brown, Uitiqii7 Beach. >~rm iss:albers-wiii-beoome the bride of Peter Sauickie, Jr., son of M r. amtmrs. Peter Sauickie, ; s r Florence Ave., Union Beach, Saturday at 10 a.m. in, St. Joseph s Church, Keyport. t 7 d ifts. w?re arranged under an urtibrella of pastel multicol. ored nylon ruffles trimmed : with sequins.and beads with a - w atering./c a n trimmed to m atch,, to which streamers were attached. Dolls dressed as a bride and bridesmaids and a Targe cake., completed the decoratiops,- Moving pictures w.erb taken. ;.. Many Guests * Guests were Mrs. Patricia : Angelo, Mrs. Gloria Angelo, v-; _Rahway;"M rstmary Sauickie; i -M rs. Xoufse Nicora, Mrs. Syl-. via Sadowsky, Mrs. Josephine Sheeharf. Mrs. Josephine Mer- la, Mrs. Theresa Davino, Mrs. Janet Davino, Mrs. Nlckie Granata, Mrs. Jerry Davino, Mrs. / Marie Granata; M rs. Lena Ret- tagliatb. Mrs. John Sauickie,. M r s,,. Gftievleve Matthews,. Keyport. Also M r s., June Demarest, - M r s. Margaret. Lambrecht, M rs^chrlstlan.hayg, Mrs. Jo. sephine Dangler, Mrs. Barbara, Crowley, M rs. M argaret Donnelly, Miss Janice Steidle, Mrs. Madeline Tracy, Mrs. Eliza- beth,sauickie, Mrs. Brenda Brown, Mrs. Connie Angelus, Union Bench; Mrs. Marie Zeig-1 ler, Mrs, Roberta Malanga,, Clark; Mrs. Florence Grankta, / Keansburg; Miss Vivian Ora- ( bow, Cllffwood Beach; M I s s j! M ary Ann Kolb, Sewaren; Miss Agues Terebush, Fords; Mrs. A g n q e Geiger. Jersey City; *- MIST June -F lock. Matawan; \ Mrs. Antoinette Granata,-Cliff- wood. Gifts were sent by Mrs. M arks Sappio. M rs. Benjamin Sauickie, M rs. Richard Jou- " -m eatr; MhS. LufeyAhgeldrMrs: Francis Uccellini, Mrs. Tbom-.-as Klein. Mrs. Otto Mueller. Mrs. Charles Everson. Mrs. - Ann Collichio, M rs. T h e m a s Ahern, Mrs. Joseph Aquavia, M rs. Ann Kofoed, Mrs. Eleanor White. Mrs. Loretta Infante, Mrs. Joy Genovese, Mrs. Marge Genovese, Mrs. Phlla- m lna.davino. Mrs M r. and Mrs. Harvey 8. Bedle, sr.,. Bedle Rd., Raritan Township, prominent life-long residents of this area, observed their 55th wedding anniversary on Tuesday* In the evening they were guests o f honor of their six children at a dinner party given at the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Frank, Elberon, Mr. and Mrs. Bedle were married June 3, 1903, in Cal- yary Methodist Church. K e y- port. Officiating at the wedding was the late Rev. SamueU Hickman.. Both M r. and M rs.^b e d 1 e were born in Keyport. Mrs. B e d fe J s tbe Anvifcte?? late - Hurry A. and Cornelia Birkbeck. M r. Bedle s parents were the late Asbury F. a n d Mary Grifffth Bedle? \., Parents Of Six Children Besides Mrs, Frank,.M r/ and Mrs. Bedle s children include Mrs. Clinton S. Wyckoff, Keyport; M rs.>john.o. Hartzler and Harvey!.S; Bedle, Jr., R aritan Township, and Ralph 6. Bedle-and W yman Bedle, Matawan. They have n In e grandchildren apd four greatgrandchildren.. i M r. and M rs. Bedle resided in Keyport until 28-years-ago when they bought and remodeled their present-raritan Township home which originally was owned by Mr. Bedle s -u n c le, the late Leonard Bedle." For many, years,they_hav.ete.p_en t the winter months in Florida, in recent years at Palm Beach Shores. Both M r..and Mrs. Bedle have been active in civic - and Social affairs in.this area. Mrs. Bedle is a member of Calvary Methodist Church, the Keyport Literary.Club a n d Freedom Council, Sons and Daughters of Liberty. - Started As Newspaper Boy M r. Bedle began his business career as one of the-first newspaper boys ln this section. He is a member of the firm of the Bedle Funeral Home, Keyport and Matawan, one of the oldest in the county, which w as! started by his grandfather, the late W illiam Bedle Jn The business later wai, carried on by M r. Bedlc s father and then by.m r. Bedle who entered the firm in At the present time the... undertaking establishment ls being conducted by the fourth generation of the family* Ml. Bedle s sons, Harvey S. Bedle, Jr., who entered the firm in 1.924, and Ralph C. Bedle ln A third son, Wyman Bedle; has been associated with the firm for the past two years. In 1934, an additional funeral home was opened... in Matawan. 1 Mr. Bedle served as a member of the borough council of Keyport and was chairman of water tepsrtmetts wheet fa<? new water plant was built. He was associated for many years with the Second Keyport Building a n d Loan Association, serving as vice president and as president untirthe time of his resignation several years ago.... Director Of Monmouth County Bank He Is a director of the Monmouth County National Bank, a charter njember of the Keyport Yacht d u b and was one of the early members ofthe Fraternal Order of Elks, Red Bank. M r. Bedle also ls a member of tbe Keyport Exem pt Firemens Association and was for many years an active member of Raritan HoseCompany and later..of...the.;keypqrt. Engine Co. He can recall thepurchase of one of the early pieces of fire fighting equipment In Keyport, the most modern design of the time, a cart which was hand-pulled to the scene of the fire by the fjremen. On Oct , Mr. Bedle was honored at a special masonic ceremony at which time he was presented with a 60- year-membership award. He Is a member of Caesarea Lodge 64, F&AM, and Delta Chapter! Royal Arch Masons, Keyport, and Knights Templar, "Corson Commandery, Asbury Park and also is a m em ber.of Bay* side Lodge 193 and Monmouth Encampment IOOF.. Matawan League Plans Card Party Mrs. M artip. Bellj presidentelect, conducted the regular meeting-of the Matawan Con: temporary League Monday evening at the home of tb e president, Miss Edith Davison Main St., Matawan. M r 8. George JCinkade, Holmdel, was a guest. :, During the husiness session, plans were made for a card party and fashion show to be held in October, and the annual banquet June 16 at Peterson s Restaurant, Red Bank. The huilding fund dance will be held in the Molly Pitcher Hotel. Red Bank, Sept. 27, and the members will serve re* freshments at the dance F riday evening, June 13, sponsored by the Matawan Recreation Committee. Announcement w a s mode that Mrs, John Kinney h a s been appointed publications chairman for the, Evening Membership Department. The* resignation of Mrs. Edwin Stanford was accepted with re gret " Convention reports were read by M rs. H arry D. Pitcher, and M rs. B ell, and department reports were given by the re spective chairmen. Mrs. George Barrett w a a named chairman of the dress blub,;and;p Ians_were made to present a past presidents pin to Miss Daivson at the completion of her term ln office The board of directors will meet Tuesday evening, J u n e 24, a tthe home of M rs. Bell, Little 6 t., Matawan. Refreshments were served by Mrs, Edward Werse and Miss Doris Schnoor. Auxiliary To Hold Guadagno* Entertain At Graduation Party M r. and -Mrs, Anthony Qua dagno, Matawan, entertained at a graduation party 8 unday in honor of. thpir^ grandson, Thomas A. Andrews, son of Dr; Thomas H. Andrews and Mrs. Andrews, Yonkers, N.Y., for* mer residents of Matawan. Thomas graduated from Ad m iral Farragut Academy, Pine Beach Guests were D r. Andrews and M rs, Andrews and-daughter, Michele; Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Guadagno and son, Michael A., M r. and Mrs. John F. MacEvoy and children, Cora Lee and John A., Little Silver Mr. and Mrs. John J. Biauvelt and daughters, Anne and Beth, Holmdel, - Also Mr. and Mrs. A.Candel- mo and children, Anthony pnd Joanne, Miss Ann Candelmo, Anthony Candelmo, West Orange; H arry Humphries, Spring Lake; Joseph Lucarelll. EJberon;_8 onja Cushnick, Toms River; M r. and Mrs. Joseph A. Guadagno and son, J. Brcndon, Mrs. A.-MuHin, M r. and Mrs. Frank J. Ferrano and sons, Mark-and CbiprMatawan;;:- Poole, Mrs. Alfred Poole. Mrs. J. Baier Hostess At Luncheon, Bridge... Mrs. Joseph Baler, Mats- wan, entertained at a luncheon May 28 at Peterson s Button- _ ^ wood Manor, Matawan, follow- Josephine ed by bridge, at ber ho me. Prize winners were Mrs. W illiam B. Craig. Mrs. Frederick K. Dederick, Mrs. William J. Rabel and Mrs. Philip L. Neld- U n g e r. Other guests were Mrs. Frederick Noble,-Mrs. John C, Eggleston, Holmdel; M r s. Charle3 E. Hunt, Brlcllc; Mrs. J. Raymond Ketchel. Mrs. Conrad Johannsen, M rs. William H. Pengel, Mrs. Joseph Dern- bcrge r and Mrs. J. Franklin Dominick, all of Matawan. If you need printing ot any kind, we are bers to serve you Our quick serviceand reasonable prices w ill please you. Mrs. Currie nosress For Scouts Benefit - M rs.-- Edward -W Currie, M atawan,, entertained at a luncheon and card party,, lo r the benefit of li o y Scout Troop 93, Morganvllle, of which her son, W illiam,, Is a member. - ; Prize winners were M rs: William R. Craig,; M ts..-richard Erdmann, Mrs. Leroy Slckels and Mrs. K arl Heuser. D-oo r prlzcs were awarded to..m rs, Craig and Mrs. W illiam C. Ludl. Others present w et* M f st, Bayard T., LamhawBggvM r s. Johnson CafflWoSfraT^lgSseph BaJer, Mrs. W illiam J. Hhbel, Mrs. Rensselaer L. C a r.l a n, Mrs. Paul Egan, Mrs. J. Raymond Ketchel, Mrs. Howard Woolley, Mrs. Oerard Devlin, Mrs. M arilyn Litchfield, Matawan: Mrs. John Kinney, Holmdel, and Mrs. John P. Mohair,, Middletown. Co-Workers Fete Mrs. MacMillan fitri7tiia H o ir)h ii^ SOP vine D r., Matawan, was t h e guest of honor at a farewell luncheon given by her fellow workers at Hanson-VanWlnkle- Munnlng Co,, Matawan, at Peterson s Buttonwood Manor, Matawan, Thursday, Forty- seven1 guests were present. Mrs. MacMillan was presented wltb a covered sliver vegetable dish and an electric toaster and bun warmer. M rs. Donald Lewis was ln charge of a r rangements.,., M r8,-macmtllan-wtll-hecomc- Mrs. H arry Clune, president, conducted the regular meeting of the Ladles Auxiliary of the Matawan F irst Aid and Rescue Squad, Inc., at the First Aid Building, May 27. Committee reports- were heard and plans made for a rummage sale ln September with Mrs. Andrew Dlodato. and Mrs. Mae Holmes as co-ohairmen. Miss Nadine W alker named, chairman of a spol project to BtaHETn Beptembi A trlcky-tray party will be He] in October.., Reservations have been made for the annual dinner to be beld Wednesday evening, June 2S. at 7:30 p.m. at Peterson s Buttonwood Manor, M atawan. This will be the final activity of the auxiliary fcr this season., M rs. W illiam Smith, q,h a lir- man, conducted a, white 0 Mr, phant sale, and the a p e c I a 1 prize was won toy Mrs. Plhhk Cordasco.. *...: Quests were present and a social hour followed. Refreshments. were served by Mrs. Jam es Martin, Mrs. James Martin, sr., -Mrs. Margaret McDonald, Mrs. Harold. Thor- sen, Mrs. Fred Moser, a n d Mrs. Lawrence W alker; T h e next business meeting w ill be held Tuesday evening, June 24 Old Shrewsbury Day To Be Observed Sunday Old Shrewsbury Day, the annual public meeting of t h e Shrewsbury Meeting of the R e ligious Sooloty of F r 1 e n d a (Quakers), Broad Bt. and Syc amore Ave., Bhrewsbury. ls lo be held on Sunday. At 3 p.m an address by Assemblyman C. W illiam Haines, Burlington County, will be given on t h e subject of the death penalty, entitled "Abolish Capital Punishment In New Jersey. M r. Haines was born In-Mas- onvlllc, and received his education - -at Moorcstown.-Friends. School, Oeorge School. Pierce School of Business Administration and Haverfoid College: lie has Introduced two bills lo abolish electrocution In th e electric chair and substitute life imprisonment without ell«- lblllty for suspension or parole until at least 30 years have been served. The world trend definitely ls away from the enforcing of the death penalty and most of Europe and/south Amcrlcn_have abolished It as well as seven states In t b I s~ country; Maine, Rhode L Imk! Delaware, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and North Dakota,,, fhm7"lwo fa W rc wescnr part of an enlightened pcnoloey where emphasis Is placed not on revenge or cruel punishment, but -on protection of society ahd correction of the evil doer. New Jersey ls one of the leaders In Its correctional program. and many believe that with the death penalty outlawed it would be the foremost leader in this field ol correction and rehabilitation. the bride of Edgar N. Pike, 13 Church St.v Matawan.-on Saturday., Visit Canada M r. and Mrs. Edward Rlcth, Cllffwood Beach, spent t h e weekend ln Montreal, Canada. Defense Bondsjoay the same rate of Interest os the W ar 20th Reunion jn.b_fe M friends of the 1938 graduating class from Bt. Marys H I Kh School, South Amboy, to «. Id Chclr 20th year reunion at Peterson s Buttonwood M u n p r. Matawan, on Saturday- Mich ael J. Eovino, Malawan, clann president, served on the com* mlttee in charge of arrange* ments. Other Matawan rest* Mr. and Mrs. W illiam Has- la d i. sjv,_maspeth. ^L.I., were weekend guests of Mr. a 11 d Mrs. William llaslach, Ravine Dr. Ml-, and Mrs. Charles Pike entertained at dinner a n d bridge Prldny evening. Quests were Mr. and Mrs. Garrett J. McKern, jr.. Mr, and Mrs. Jao Cushman. Mr. and Mrs. W alter Pike. Mr, nnd Mrs. Kcn- nelli Pike, Maluwan, and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Cottrell, Browntown Mrs..Calvin M. Bell a n d daughter. Nina1, were weekend guests o[ Mr,, and Mrs. Thom-, as Kellt*!-, Altoonn, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Frank M a r z, Ravine Dr., entertained friends arid relntives nt open h o u s e Saturday - from koypor : Queens Village, L.I.;, Oarden City, L.I.; Dnllas, Tex,: Newark, nnd MntaWan. Mrs. John Bradley and Miss Susnnne:Dcmnell left Friday for a. visit with, their father, W arren Donnell in Boca Raton, F la.. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lockwood and children, Charlene, Candy and Charles. Jr spent tire weekend at their cottage. Lake Tccdyuscan, Hawley, Pa.. Mrs. Elmer.-Applegate_ l» spending the summer at h e r summer home at Bhlpbottom; Councilman Robert Colot Is spending 10 days In Miami, Fla., with his son, Raymond, a student at the University of Miami, coral Gables, Fla, Raymond will return home w i th his father. William R. Craig attended a furriers outlng yesterday and today at the Concord. Hotel, CatsHll Mountains, N.Y,, M r, iuml W t rine and sdn, Rollins,.s p e n t t h e. weekend In Washington. D.C. Mrs. Bayard T, Lamborn entertained at bridge.-may 27 when the prize winkers were Mrs. Rnlph W. Herrick,-? Mrar Marguerite R. Laird and the hostess. Other guests were Mrs. William J. Rabel, Mrs. Frank H. Bliss. Mrs. Ralph C. E ed ley^ n. William R, Craig antjalrs. Wtlllam-C, Ludl, - - and Mrs. Victor I. Fred- 1 son, Charles, and M r. Mrs. C. Lloyd Little, Bchenck Ave., attended t.h e June week festivities.of t h e U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md., and the graduation of Midshipman First Class Victor I, Fredda, Jr., yesterday. - M r. and M rs; Sam Mdycltm and son. John. Mr. and M rs, William Mackey, New Y o r k: Mrs. Lawrence Aitken a n d daughtor, Edith, w«r.e; Friday dinner-dueets ot M r. and M rs. Oeorgie Haslett, Johnson Ave. M r. and Mrs, Eidward W. Currie attended IW i Mi n e r dance Saturday evening at tho Manasquan River Qolf Club. Miss Patricia McKeen was a weekend guest of Mrs. Moffltt McKeen, Stam ford, Conn, Capt. M ilford L. Nenlls and Mrs, Nealis and daughter, B arbara, Allentown, Fa., -s pent tlie weekend with Mrs. O, J. Sterling Thompson, - M r.. and Mrs. J. Raymond Ketchel and D r, Raymond J. Brady and Mrs. Brady were guests Friday of M r. and Ml s, Sylvester H ill, Blackwood, on their boat, Nan-Be, n, out of Mctcdeconk. -.Mrs. Sophie-W einstein at- lended-tbe-lunoheoh and InalaK latlon of officers of the Blster- liood of Beth Mordlcla at the Temple, Perth Amboy May 27. Mrs. Lois Bertram, Melrose, Mass., ls spending this w etc k with M r. and Mrs, Btanlcy TV Bnrtrom. Mr. and Mrs, Donald H u g and children, Lynda, Susan, Kathleen, Donna find Mary,.spent Sunday with M r. a n d Mrs. Theodore Hug, Haver-.own, Pa.. ~ M rn H id M rs Fe t e r - A, Read spent the weekend at Letchworth State Park, N e w York. Councilman Robert Colot pnd Mrs. Colot had dinner Saturday at White Houso lti celebration of tholr 27th wedding ai)nl- versary;!! Mrs, Domrld W. Robinson and son, John, spent tho-weekend as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Robinson. Philippi, West Va., and on Monduy morning attended tho graduation of Mrs. Richard Robinson Irom Aldorson-Bronddtni C <n~ lege. Mrs. Robinson will teach In th o.m ataw an Elementary, Mrs. Jao A. Cushmun enter- laincd at a luncheon and Emerson Ltsk, Is a patlont ln St. Anthony s Hospital, St. Petersburg, Fla.. M rs. W. Oliver Dlggln entertained her bridge club Thursday evening when the prize winners were Mrs, Marguerite R. Lntrd, Mrs. Frederick K. Dederick and Mrs,Conrad Johnnnsen, Othor guests were Mrs, William 11. Pengel, Mrs. William J. Rnbel, Mrs. Oconto Barbancil.and Mrs. Elm ore Kuttner. Mts. AVIlHum Turner n n d daughter, Mrs. John: VanPelt, left Monciny by plane, for a vis-,jt will) relatives In Scot land. Mr. nud M rs. Jay I-. Uostet- jlei- ll.nvc been visiting Mr, nnd Mrs, Warren A. Abrams, Deerfield, 111. Mr. nnd Mrs. Edwin U. Doni- lnlok nnd Mr..and Mrs. Michael Brown attended a Uine.heon. nnd meeting May 20 of the stockholders of the Stnndnrd O i l Co., of N. J. at th e Lawrcncevllle School. Mrs. C. C. Sltzell, Bronxvllle. N.Y., wns a weekend guest of her cousin. Miss Qrnco Cur- mnn. -Harry Perrine, Windsor Locks, Cor.!,., spent the weekend at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F, Perrine, M r. - and" M rsr Jam es Noddings, Cllffwood. Bench, entertained at a-fam ily picnic Sunday evening when their gncsts Were Mr, nnd Mrs. W r C. Noddings and - daughter, Sarah, M ataw an;-m r, and Mrs. Edward Rleth and Laura. James, Nancy* and Billy Noddings, Cllffwood Bench. Paul Qulnney, Pittsburgh, Pa., was a Wednesday evening dinner guest of Mr, a n d Jd.rftr S,J.»,n l«y F..Enrtrnm v- 4HfiV-W; VihCenT Pfittdn eh- tertalned her bridge club Mny 28, Prize winners wore Mre, Kenneth Pike, Mra, Onrrett J, MoKeon, jr., Mrs, W alter pike, Other guests wero Mrs, Herbert. Cottrell, Browntown; Mrs, Jao A. Cushman, Mrs, B a y ; nard Smith, Mrs, Charles Mandovllle and Mrs. -Randolph Harris,- Mat&wan.. Mr, and Mrs, P, Judson Evans and children, Elolso add E.-Judsqh, Jr.;1 have moved - to their new home, 8 Eldrldge Ave., New Monmouth. Mr, and Mrs. Oeorge Haslett entertained at dinner Saturday evening when their guests werre Mr.,- nnd M rs. Alfred Snook, Mrs. Lawrence - Aitken and. daughter, Edith,. Mrs. J, Raymond-- Ketohol, M rs, Edward W, Currie, Mrs, WlUlam O r- -Ludl, Matawan, and Mrs. J, M,.Hewitt, Holmdel, attended the luncheon and bridge pf the Ariel Club at the -Hbmcslcad Country Club Spi TligLaRe- ^ - W illiam Hoatetter,,.Rending, Pn., spent the weekend at tho home of his parontn, M r.. and Mrs, Jay F, Hostetter. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Dominick entertained at a picnic Friday when their gucats were Miss Cora Dllllatln. Pnt- eroon; Miss - Mary ETn m~a Stack, Perth. Amboy; Mrs, Harry O. Jones,- Miss Ellen Haney, Freehold; Mlsa Mary Llsk, M r. and M rs. F, Howard Lloyd, Jr., and children, Nikki, Jllch ard and Deborah, Malawan,... v ; Mr, and Mrs, Robert Bent- ley-irhd children, Peter and Robert, Mr. and Mrs, Jao. A, Siis imnn and _ son,.. aeoffrey, were Friday giiesls ai a plo- nlo st the home of- Mr. and Mrs, O.J, Sterling Tliompaon, Middletown. Mr, and Mrs. Fred Emerson and ton, Douglas, Qlon cover L.I., wore weekend guests of M r. and Mrs, Jean cartait Mr. and Mrn, Johnson Cartan attended the graduation exercise*-monday of M rs, Car- tnne nophew," Thomas Thompson, Hlgfiiands, from tho V lf -Innova-Collcac, Vlllanova. P a, M rs, Wyman Bedlo will entertain her bridge club tonight, Mre. Jamea Adaina and Mrs. Otto Ooub of tho First Motho- dlst Church, Matawan, a n d Mine Isabel Ivina, ol tlio Cliff, wood Community Methodist Church, ationdcjl a boord mooting of the nnncroft-tsylor Rost Home, Ocean Qrovo, May 28, Matawan Woman A was enjoyed May 27 by the many pe;sor.s who Inspected the lovely homes on the "M aytlm e Tour" sponsored by the Murlboro Hospital Auxiliary for the benefit ofvthb patients nt the New Jersey State Hospital, Marlboro, The magnificent flow er ills- plnys by the counly gnrdcn clubs in nil the. homes wero outstanding ln beauty nnd col- Tho fnyortte flower nr-. rangemcnt, out. of the four placed in each home, w a s awarded to Mrs. Peter Orlas- ky, Matawan, of the Community Root mid Hraneh anrden Club, Mntawnn, by au over: whelming m ajority ol voles by discriminating viewers. The,vcry pnle pink tea roses delicately arranged In n - standlng- mahogany flower stand and raised by Mrs. Orlaskynffirself were displayed 111 the living room at Festoon Farm, Scob- eyvlllc, owned by Mr, fin d Mrs, Allison L. S. Stern..-I.- The blue ribbon wlnncrstn (lie other homes Included Mrs, Joslali llcw.ltt, Holmdel, member of the Holmdel R.F.D. Oarden Club whoso display wns at arfieiiflolds, llio Holmdel farm of Cnpt. James Purdy nnd Mrs, Purdy, Mrs, Nicholas Novak, Allenlmrst, Grow and Show Oarden Club of Al- lcnlimst. made her arrangement for the Harishoino Homestead, Middletown, owned hy Mr. and Mra, Edward Rogers.., Mrs. Frank S. Lloyd, Now Shrewsbury, Tho New Shrewsbury ; Garden Club, seleotod the rosldeiicn of Mr, mid Mra, Norman Badcnhop, Locust, Mrs. Wendell Rehn, Shrewsbury, The. Shrewsbury Oarden Club,; obose BhmtiMte Farm, home or Mr. and Mra. Cliavloa F, II.Johnson, Jr. Mra. Joseph Durrer, Atlantio Highlands, Navealnk Oarden C lub,, displayed at the home of Mr, and Mra. Paul F, Swltz, Red Bank, Tea was served at-tile Homo of Mr. and Mrs, Swltz and the presidents of tho alx participating garden olubs poured. Thoso serving lnoludod Mrs, llewltt, Hqlmdol, of Oarden Club RFD, snd Mra,~La wrenoo - Saccone, 878 Lloyd Rd., Mntawan, of Community Root and Branch Qardcn Club. MATAWAN JOURNAL June 8, 11)58 First Section l age Fiva James Rcttagliata Is 75-Ycars-Old James Dottngllotn. 38 Gaston St,, Mutnwnn, was t h a guest of honor at n lawn party nnd buffet supper given by his son nnddiuikhtcr-ln-law, Mr, nnd Mrs. Joseph Rcttagliata, nt his home in honor of Ills 75th birthday, Sunday afternoon! Clnests present were Mr, and Mrs, Frank 7 rocchla,. Mr, nnd Mrs, Andrew Troccliln, Mr. nnd Mrs. Dominick Trocohln, Snl- vatorc Troeohia; Master Dominick Troccliln und Ihe Misses -Diana, Patricia and Donna Trpccldn, Red Bank; M r. and Mrs, Henry-llrowu and children, Carmella and K n it n, Brown, Atlantic Highlands; Mr, nud Mrs, Charles Hall, Long Brunch,--.- ;...-. Also Mr, and Mrs, Eugcrio; Salvatoro, Middletown; Mr. and Mrs; Albert Bcnkevt, ji7,., nnd children, Carol Ann a n d Albert Benkcrt H I, Laureneo Hnrbor; Mr, and Mrs, John, Nlcorn, nnd son, John, Hazlet; M r, nnd Mrs, Andrew Nloora, ;Mr, -Olid Mrs, Frank, Nloora, Mr, nhd MrB, John D.a vino, Mr, and Mra. Georgs Leporop- olos, Anthony Bucco, James Nlcorn, Miss Roscunn Rettagll-. ntn, Miss uosomarlo N 1 o o r a nnd Miss Ethel Lcperopolos. Matnwan; nnd Mrs, Josephine M crll, Tho Bronx, Few Reservations Left For Shrine Pilgrimage - A weqkend-pilgrimage to Mnntreal aml Quebec, Cunmlu, will be held over the weekend ol July, 4. The trip will consist onrbire-dnystaytir-m nm rral with reservations ata liote I. bridge May 28 Jn honor o f, During the-day, trips w I I I be Mrs, Stephen Macuga, who will be moving to Newark. Pel,, In the-near fulurc. Prize winners were Mrs. Frank Ferrn- no, M rs, Macuga and1 "Mrs. Thomas Siddons. Other guests were Mrs. Garrett J, McKeen, Jr., Mr». Charles W, Mnndc- vllle, M rs. Kenneth Pike and Mrs. Randolph Harris. Mr, aad M rs. Ralph Job, Ashland, P a., were weekend Kucsts-oHthelr son-ia-law. nml dau*hter,-m r, and-mrs.-fjteph- cn J. Enlerllne, Church Bt. Oil Baturday evening, Mr, a n d Mrs, Enlerllne entertained for tlielr house guests. Thoae pro; sent were M r. and Mrs. Howard Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Heaney, Mr, and Mrs, W aller Pike and Mr. and Mrn, Charlea M andevllle. Miss Ann Candelmo and Jo made to vnrlous churched in the city, and points of interest. The group will lour Quebec City eiiioute to tlio Blirlno of Htc. Anno DcBouupro and will participate In tbe many devotions while staying ut th o shrine, which Is marking 11 s 300th anniversary this year, Only a few reservations for the trip remain, so If anyone Is Interested, they jro to contact Mrs. Jerries Farley, Matawan x m ik u jt t rer:-turiiu!r?infora** lion and reservations. Parents Of Son Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gentile, Matawan, are tho parents of tlielr first child, a son, horn Tuesday, Juno 3, 1058, ln Monmouth Memorial Hospital. 77ie jbnby weighed eight pounds, j dents attending were Mr.^and anne Candelmo, West Orange, Mire/.- ounces, Mrs, Gentlje is Mj()) j»btr clss L»» M organvllle. I**- ** j UCIRS mtcuujub wcfc wenc VrBTlKC, Ml*v». QUIIVC Bonds you bought during the I M rs. Jam es Farrell and "ir&. were wuckend gueeus of Mr, the former war. B u y a o m v -. I and.m rs, Anthony Guadagno, zaro, Morgi Matawan 8-12 League Prepare* For Seaton Tlio regular, monthly,meeting of thn Matnwan 0,12 League was held Sunday oyonlng at tlie Middlesex Road Recrontlon Contor. Tho farm teams a r a pracllolng and hope to start, Inter-borodgh games shortly, The- orgnnlzntion - pjans -t a g days to bo held tentatively J u n e 2 0 a n d 2I, r Malingers of tho aro anrrcl-t McKeen an men DeNardo: Indians, nls Machado and H arry nn: Wildcats, John aud John Meroer. Pro, nro. for a fourth team to s t soon to tako-oare of the a tlonal boys, New Wlvet Auociation Holds Initial Meeting. A new- reserve officers bbso- 1 olntlon ladlos* oluh wfis form ed rmay 20 when wives of tha offlcors of the 300th Infantry Roglment, (Reserves) 78th Division, New1 Jornoy s o w n Lightning Division, m e t at Fort Monmouth, - OfflceVs eleotod for the oom- Ini; year were Mrs, Harry J, Rockefeller, Manasquan, pres- Idontf- Mrs. James A. Alger, Koyport, vlco president; Mrs. Jolin-BrltteiirLong-B r-anoh, - treaauror; M rs, Foster Tall- man, Holmdel, director, Mrs, Charles II, Btauci, Neptune, was appolntod sacrataryl " The constitution and by-lavva oommittoe consists ol M r a, Britton, Mrs, WUllam. Bylves- ter, Elbertm, and Mra, David Abdolln Red Bank; M ts rb y l-- vester was appointed hoipltal- Hy- o h a lrn ta n,. ; :..JJ ^ Memorial Day Gueit* Entertained By Joneiet Memorial. Day guests of Mr, and Mrs. Walter II. Jones, and daughtor, Shirley, 28 Middlesex St., wero the Rev, O h.a r 1 o s Jonespand - Mrs, Jonesf---V/baL- niont; Mrs, Dolla Lewis, Mr, and Mra, Clifton Martin a n d Miss -Pam ella Martin, New Cuatle, Del. -Mr. Jones altowod slides and mdvles Of lours to P a r 1 s. Francs, and-holland that woro sent home by lrla son,. Walter Jonos C ri. who la statlonod In Bromerhaven, Germany, with the U,B. Navy, W alter T«expected buck-to-the elates ln March Other charter, members aro Mra. Louis RtaaUnd, Middletown) Mrs, Donald Kempaon, B elford.. and M ri. Edward Flt*gera1d>.LJiioi1oft,,. Matawan Children Take ap# In "May Walk" Fourteen ohlldren ol Uie Rs- vine Gardens section of Mala- wan. ranging, in age from three to 18»yeare-old,.partial- pated In a May walk through the neighborhood, Memorial.. Day. Knoll child was dressed In costume..m rs, R 1 o It a r d Oetslmll, Mra, Ralph Duncan and Mrs. Jaok 0.Urlen,..aU.of_.-. Washington Ave., supervised the walk, Refreshment* Wore served upon completion, at the- - Ootsllall homo, Cnrrylng tlit) M ayilple,.woro..karen. aetoiiall. and ovroi AntirddiHwMpr7, O thers: partielpollng were - Nnnoy and Richard Duncan, Joyce Oetehall, Mlclmpl N U o- clo, Jaok, Tucker and Urynn- O Brlon, B o b b y Bchncliter, Gary and a a y Hermann, Alan Longstreet and Dobble Conroy. Y ouradvortisem entln - this paper wlll reaoh proipectlve purohaeera In every oommun- ily In the bayshore area, = Live in Nov Comfort,., While You Repay] Yotrn itothir. tk i,u a. great deal ofront you. Uul peoplo could bo goulng lho wrong impression, lor neglected fi-pairs nnd remodeling Jobs can often turn ft onot _ lirouti powioiiun Into an embarrassing one,. Ho makn llioso yopairs nolii-wltll im otlljij^repayam g_ : Home Improvement Loan. Budgef-fiifed ternul L ib e r a l B u il d in g & L o a n A s s o c ia t io n JSO Muin Street Muliiwun Mi tnhft Ti dt tfil Homi* iotin B(»til< S y d fffi

6 F irst Beetlon F a n Six June 5,1358 Sodalities Hold Parish Crowning The Sector and J a rjc r S&,. dalltles of St. JosfpV s C2sK«3i. Keyport, held shesr wr-sms, Ish crovrrdtx cn i i i r 2?i. yizm Patricia Polity: v u Hire ; er. Her flower c were C *a^ C h u r c h D i r e c t o r y CU/fwood Community Methodist Cbarcb Rev Dean Jeacblaoc Pastor Worship service is held on Sunday, a* 9 a~ci. vrhea the ser- 3 to?-c will be "H iitirg With lie PiAfe a3- sd a y...the.) dht m h wlh venture ca a new «3S>Kti*ce. It is ypnscious of : * Af-ids cf ihe various agen- mes c f the church that depend c.7c c members gifts for their St Mary*a gpticopa. Ctanrcb Ej i I front St.. Reypen ~Rev H enrj a Male Rector. Afternoon Guild meets today at 2 p.m.;. Scout Troop 64 at 7 p.m. ^ Friday, the junior and-sen- Sczdiy School 0 f_ choirs will rehearse at 7 P-TA Officers M rs.. Joseph M ollis, p r e s i- dent, conducted the final meeting of the season p f the Laurence Harbor-diffw ood Beach Parent-Teacher A s s o c I a- tion at the Laurence tjarbor v Community Cburch, Monday evening; - j Guests attending were Mra f* \ - Courtney Clark, president of t «V; the Middlesex, County Parent- Teacber Association; M rs, M ilton Goldsmith, chairman of the county council summer roundup. and Mrs. Charles Giind- lack. president-elect of the W illis Schodl P-TA. Installation of the newly- elected officers was conducted by Mrs. Clark. M rs. Mollis was named president for a second term, and serving with her will be Mrs. Joseph D e e r 1 n, first vice president; Mrs. W illiam Becktjer, second v i c e president: Mrs. W illiam Hell, third vice president; M rs. Tod Krumenaker, recording secretary; Mrs. Frank Washburn correspondlngsecret&ry, a n d Mrs. Russell McDonald, treasurer. - Outline Referendum Charles C. M aglll, superintendent of Madison Township Schools, ^outlined the high school referendum which will be presented to the voters. of the Township in July The P-TA went on record as* endorsing the referendum and ah announcement was made that the school children will parade in its favor July 4. Activities were announced which Include a cake and food sale, Saturday, July 12, in four places in t h e communities, starting at 9 a.m. Tables will be set up near Hoffman s Drug Store pn tbfc circle, in* front of the president s home, 419 Jefferson Ave., both in Laurence Harbor, at the Cllffwood Beach Post Office and in the beach area of Cliffwood Beach, A tablecloth of signatures Is being made to ra j e money for kitchfe.utensils, and.tentative plans were made jo r a fa lr, & spaghetti dlhner and a mystery ride. " Announce Exec.Committee Mrs. Mollis announced h e r new executive committee and thanked her retiring officers for their co-operation and faithful services. M rs. John DJGio- v&nni read the flhal~fepdrt for the year which was approved. The attendance banner was won by the Bayvlew kindergarten and the. M em orial School morning-kindergarten classes. The meeting was closed with community singing followed by a buffet supper served by Mrs_ Dougl&s Weston and. her hospitality committee. The executive board w ill meet June 24. pm.; Junior Young Churchmen. 7:30 p.m. _ Junior choir rehearsal will be held Saturday at 11 a.m. Sunday, Holy Communion is at 3 a.m.; church school and fam ily service, 9:30 a.m.; Choral Eucharist and sermon, l l a.m. Combined choirs w i 1.1 serve luncheon following the 11 a.m. service in tbe parish hall. Senior Young Churchmen meet at 7 p.m. a n d evening prayer is held at Cheesequake at 7 p. m. < A vestry meeting will be The members of the court o t (und 8Ed the specialized m ln - hed at 8 p - "day ~ Istries,.._such as_hospitai an d j Tuesday, the Girl Scouts will television ministry. {meet at~l:30 p.m.; -Junior The Methodist Youth Pel- o irls Friendly Society. 3:30 lowship meets ln the church at i p, J, _, Wednesday. Feast of St. Instead of receiving Barrett a n d offerings throughout Wheatley. George P i - e i s a etc year, one offering will be carted Use crown and the train :givm, for all, one great hour of bearers were Kenneth C 1 a r k j and Patrick Kennedy. The honor attendant was Miss Kathleen Ciesielski end she bad Joan : Preston as her flower girl. ; sharing. Among the needs for which the members will be (giving, are the church exten- jslon fund, the higher education honor, all Senior Socialists, and their flower girls were Miss Marianne Carhart and Mias Diana Straub; Miss Jeanne Ca- " xuao" and Miss Sharon Ward; _ Miss Rose Marie Creed a n d ~ Miss Phyllis Jane Wilbert; Miss Antoinette DellaPletro. sad Mtss Rose Esposito; Miss - - Maureen Halleran and Miss - Mary Jean Dwyer; Miss Jeanne Kane and Miss Beth Ann Ostenfeld; the Misses JoAnne and Betty Ann Lappln; Miss Patricia Marcelln a n d Miss Suzanne Deigh&n; Miss Rose McDonald and Miss Denise Zafin; Miss Rose Marie Nicora and Miss Carol Ann Benkert; Miss Rose Ann Perno and Miss toary.joc ontrella; the Misses B a rb a raand, ; *. Miss Jeannette^ Bqmmer^a n tf* Miss Karen Nebus; Miss Fran. ces Stefanski and Miss Alicia Mueller, and Miss Gail Nelson. The,Rev. Francis X. Bader. C B B.R., preached the sermon" and tbe Rev. John J. Hen ; drlcks received the new mem* bers into the sodality. Miss Gail Nelson, prefect o f the Senior Sodality,, carried the sodal- * ity banner and helped with the reception of new sodaljats. The *-Khltmu:bfColumbus-formed a..guard of honor for the crowner and the crowning party. The Senior Sodality recently elected officers for the coming year. Miss Carhart was named prefect. Miss Carhart succeeds 6:30 Monday; W om ans, -., Society of Christian Service, 8 Bmrnabas* Holy Communion is p.m. Mrs. Kathryn. Hogan and at 9 a.m.; senior choir rehear- Mrs. Frank E vald lw ill be hos- sal- 8 p m -; Alcoholics Anony tesses. Wednesday evening prayer and Bible Study is held at 7:30 p.m. Fir*I M elbotflif Church 216 Main SL. MaUwao Rev. Frank E. Sweeten. Pastor Sunday worship is held at 8:45 a.m. The Childrens Day service, the Sunday School, will be presented at 10:30 a.m.; family night covered dish supper, 7:30 p.m. ^A^tra^b^rry" festival, sponsored by the Laytoni&ns, will be held at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Wednesday, the Junior choir will rehearse at 2:45 p.m.; -chapel choir, 3:45 p jn.; prayer meeting, 7:30 p.m.; official board meeting in7the.churches p.m. _ - Thursday, June 12, ^chancel choir rehearsal will be held at 7:15 p.m.; senior choir rehearsal, 8 p.m. - Junior Fellowship will - meet at 7 p.m. ^riday, June 13. United Uebrew Congregation. Broad 8L, K e/por* Rabbi rt O H Levine Friday night services are * Miss Nelson who was named held at 9:15 p.m.,the Junior y 1 c e prefect...others elected choir, led by Theodore Schloss mau. i1.. J.-... m - i I-....IvAia** Vvetlt nw.llfjl. M. I*. I. were M tssc leslelskl, corres. ponding secretary.1 Miss io p recording secretary: Miss Stefanski, treasurer. 7~ Fourth Graders Visit Trenton Landmarks T ie fourth grade of the Mot* yanvllle Gram m ar School..itn- der the direction of nobert -Herbert, school principal a n d -chaperones. Mrs, H arry Konowalow, M rs. June Web. a n d Mrs. M artin Smith, Jr., recently went to tbe old barracks, the state museum of New Jersey, the State House, a l l In Trenton, where they were addressed by Gov, Robert B. Meyner. They oompleted their -day. by visiting the W alker- Gordon Farm. Those going on the trip were Christine Anne Smith, Patti Konowalow, Jean Seber. Beverly _ Ryniewicz. Angela Manzo, Peggy Kakalecz, Betty Ann Kakalecz, Patricia Holiz, Ar-.lene Delbert,.Qeorgene Malsto, Calvin Mayle, Michael Slo- blom, Robert Swanson, B a r- bars W illiams, E llen Cameron, Kathy Swanson, Susan Felm ly, Paul Baerl, Ruddy Barbollnl, Louis Conover, James Furey, Robert Holmes, Douglas Jo- hausen. Linda leander, Stelsa.M kyle, Angela Sasso, June Web, Frank Emmons, Frank Long,. JLouis.Colonla. Gerald Agent, Dean Mackenzie, Michael Lucas, Albert Nemeth, Rem us Jeter. Morganville Social Club Feles Mrs. Seber The Morganville Social Club met May 28 at the home of M rs. Robert Owens, Morganvllle, at which time Mrs. Robert Seber, jr., was honored at a bon voyage party, Mrs. Martin Smith, sr., was hostess. The center of the table was decorated with a large suitcase with Bon Voyage Leni on It. Each one present received a small miniature suitcase as a favor. M is. Seber received a gift ^"trom ^th e -c luh. rand-also one, ro rn -Mr s,m a r t In- - Sin i UvTTsr. Mrs. Sober and children will leave Saturday for Germany fo r a vacation. GucstS were Mrs. Edwnrd Becker, Mrs. Harry Konowa- low. Mrs. Loul$ Bcckcr, Mrs. Owens; Mrs. Donald M i 11 e r, Mrs. Smith, sr., M rs. August - B o l d tr-m rsz-leroy VanPelt; M rs. Joseph Lanzaro, sr., Mrs., John Wilson, Jr., Mr$..Garrett Denise and daughter, Diana Ziynn;--MrsV Scber. jiv. - and daughter, Sarah Ann Sober. PAL Team Victors M a t a w a n Township PAL PonyLoaffue team defeated the Keyport Jets a second time this season at KH S field Tuesday. Jack Yates pitched the Cllffwood team to an 8-3 victory.,-, : berg, w ill. provide, m u s i c. Gloria Savitsky will pronounce Klddush. Saturday. Sabbath service Is held at l l a.m. Tbe following w ill be blessed: Evan Goodman, Stephen S. Greenfield, E llen R. Kaminsky, Que Kleln* berg, Nancy Diamond, Todd^M. Sahner, -David Gold;?"Phyllis. fjcm berg/laricii* «-Reto«r>v»Staw art H. Rosenberg. Andrea Rosenthal, Gloria M. Savitsky, Barbara Waffenfeld, Cheryl Shapiro, Norman Ostroy, Todd Ollnsky. A birthday party will follow the service. Registration for the year will be held Sunday at 10 a.m.; 10:15 a.m. parents w ill visit clas&es; 11 a.m., registration. Members of t h e school committee and the rabbi will be on hand to discuss schedules, answer questions and explain the workings of the religious school. Ail affiliated are asked to register. Senior choir rehearsal will be held at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, First Cbarcb of Christ, Scientist 84 Broad S t, Rejport Sunday service U a m. Wednesday testimonial-meeting 8 p m. Reading room open Wednesday 3 to 4 P.m.. The_supremacy of God, Spirit wlil be set forth at ChrJstlari Science services Sunday. Scriptural readings in the lessori-serrrion entitled "Odd the Only Cause and Creator. will include the following from Psalm s <33:61: "B y the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of ills mouth. Correlative passages from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy will include th e following (I70:22i: Spiritual causation Is the one question to be considered, for more than all others spiritual causation relates to human progress. The age seems ready to approach this subject, to ponder somewhat the supremacy of Spirit, and at least to touch the hem of Truth s garm ent..the Goldcn_Text is-psalm s (145 :l0.1irn ra U?thy ;:w P r-k.s shall praise thee, O Lord; und thy saints shall bless thee. They shall speak of the glory of thy kingdom; and talk of thy power. First rreib jte rlao Cburcb - Main St., Maiawao Rev Chester A QtWIoway... Pastor" ^... Two services are held at 9:30 dpd 11, a m. on Sunday. A nursery for tots whose parents dc^ sire to attend chuidi is held at 9:39 a.m. Sundoy School meets cftt 9:30 a.m. for children and youth from four-ycars-of- age through high school. The Women s Bible Class meets on Tuesday mornings nt 10 a.m. The subject for discussion will be Parables of Jesus., mous, 9 p.m. Keyport Reformed Cbarcb Warren St., Keyport Rev Roderick N DeYoung Pastor. The United Church Women will meet at. Ocean Grove at 10 a.m. today for a two-day conference. Anyone wishing to attend is asked to contact Mrs. Allen Happock, 111 LudlowvPh, Westfield, or the pastor, Key* port , Rehearsal for tbe Childrens Day program to be presented by tbe Sunday Sohool, w ill be. held at 1 p.m. Saturday, T h e program will be presented June 22. Sunday School Is 1ield at 9:30 a.m. under the supervision of r Garrett -P o st- and Warren Bernhardt. A nursery is available for children whose parents desire to attend the 10:45 a.m.,morning worship; Junior Youth Fellowship annual outdoor picnic, 6 :30-p.m.-at :ihe home of Mr. and Mrs. Post, 60 Walnut St.. Keyport. This is the final meeting of tbe year. Cosponsors are M r. and Mrs. W illis Lewis and Mr. and Mrs. J. Leon Schanck, jr. Monday, second registration will be held from 9 a.m. to 12 o clock noon, for the Daily Vacation Bible School classes to be. held June 18 through June 22, In the cburch house. To reg- lster children between the ages of three and 13. Mra. Lester Kennedy, Hazlet. Keyport , orm rs. W illiam Ormerod, Keyport rmprt be cop; tactejle li rview Presbyterian Cburob Cliffwood Beacb Rev Francl* Osterstock Junior choir will rehearse at 6:45 p.m. tonight; senior choir, 7:30 p.m. Friday, the Jesters will meet at 7 p.m. <Oirl Scout meeting Is h e 1 d Saturday at 11:30 a.m.; Covenant of Prayer, 9 p.m Sunday, ohurch school Is held at 9:30 a.m.: Children s D a y service, 11 a.m Monday, a board of trustees meeting will be p.m. CADET DEVLIN / How about business curds? We can supply them quickly n<j at.the right price, and try us. - Flral Baptist Cbarcb 231 Mato fit., MalaWao Rev Lawrence R BalJey Paaioi Tbe Appointed Hour will be the sermon topic at the 10 a.m. service on Sunday, children s Day service will be held at 11 a.m. Ohurch school meets at 10 a.m. with classes for each age group. Junior B.Y.F. is held at 4 p.m. Mid-week prayer and Bible Study Is held Thursday at 7:30 p.m, Hie Vacation Bible 8 chool will be conducted June 23 through July 3, Monday to F riday Irom.9 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. each morning. A drama class will be held, from 11:30 a.m. to 12 oclock noon each day for thosewho wish to attend. Trinity Episcopal Cburcb Main St., Matawan Rev. Bernard McK Gnrllck The First Sunday after Trinity, Holy Communion Is at 8 a.m.; Family Eucharist a n d church school. 9 a.m. Monday evening prayer will be lield at 7:30 p.m.; Young Churchmen meet at 8 p.m. - ~ Gethsemane Lutheran Churcb Keyport----- Rev Frederick Boois "Pastor r There are two services on Sunday; Matins at 8:30 a.m. and the regular service at 11 o clock. Sunday School begins at 9:45 a.m.. Cljffwood Firemen. Family Day Sunday 81. Joseph s Church Maple 1*1., Keyport Rev Cornelius J Knne Pasu.i Masses will be held 8unday Come [m orning at and ll o clock. A fam ily day for the members of thebliffwodd.volunteer Fire Company, their y T lv c s and children will be held Sunday. The annual picnic also was discussed nt the regular meeting of the company held at the Cliffwood recently C a r t o n H o u v a G u e il, 7 Feted Tuesday Evening Mrs. Rensselaer L. Cartan, Main St., Matawan, entertained Tuesday evening at h e r home in honor ofher house guest, Miss Vieno Johnson, New York. Miss Johnson is assistant to the director of th e Iran Foundation and assisted Miss Doris Moore, Mrs. Car- tan s sister, in completing her negotiations for her a s s i g n ment is director of nursing at the new hospital ln 8 h 1 r e x, Iran. Miss Moore left the United St^es in April. Following a buffet supper. Miss Johnson provided t h e commentary on a film of lran which showed the improvements being made by the International Cd-operatJve Association, one of which is th e new hospital.. Bridge concluded the evening. Prize winners were Mrs. Gerard Devlin, Mtss L.a u r a Gordon and Mrs. Paul A Egan. Other guests were Mrs. K a rl Heuser. Mrs. Louis Pazienza, Mrs. Warren Vreeland, Mrs. Howard Erdmann. Mrs. Richard Erdm annrm rs.b ayard-t. Lamborn, Mrs. Peter A. Read and Miss Esther Blau. Cadet Patrick J; Devlin,, son of Dr. Gerard A. Devlin a n d Mrs. Devlin, 332 Main St., Matawan, graduated with a general diploma from tbe Adm iral Farragut Academy, Pine Beach, on Sunday in colorful naval commencement exercises.. Cadet Devlin entered Adm iral Farragut in February 1955 and was active in junior varsity basketball, inter-company sports, cotillion club, glee club and music appreciation c 1 u b. He was a Second Class Petty Officer ln the Second Company of ihe Corps of Cadets. : This year s graduation m arked the 25th anniversary of the Academy.. Madison Citizens Unit Plans Monday Meetihg The Madison Township Citizens School Committee will hold its monthly meeting Monday at 8 p.m. at the Madison Park School, Guest speaker will be Clyde Weinhold, Assistant Director of Secondary Education for the State of New Jersey. Mr. Weinholds subject will be The High S c h o o 1 Needs In Madison Township. William K e rr, president of the Madison, Township Board of Education w ill attend a n d other members of the board have been invited. All citizens interested are invited to attend; : Holmdel Democrats To Hear Word On Nike Holmdel Township Democratic Club will meet Monday at 8 p.m. at Buck Smith s Restaurant/ Palm er Ave:, n e a r Route 36, Keansburg, w 11 h Capt. Robert J. Seitz, commander of the Nike base In Holmdel Township, as. g u e s t speaker. Movie* "wul be-shown of base ;actlvltles and,c i p t Seitz will conduct a questlon- and-answer period on base activities. Kenneth S. W illey and Robe rt J. Chenoweth, party candidates for township committee, ask a large turnout by party members and new voters to get the answers on the Nike situation ln the township. Refreshments will be served. WSCS Picnic At President s Home The fl&al meeting ofthe Women Society o f Christian Service of the F irst Methodist Church, Matawan, was a picnic at the home of the president. Mrs. James Adams, Matawan. There were 30 mem bers present. It was voted to purchase a new rug for the bedroom in tbe parsonage. Fam ily night w ill be held Sunday, at 5:30 p.m. Mrs. Dorothy Bicks Is chairm an. Newly-elected officers will attend the officers training course at Old Bridge. Mrs. Adams was presented^ with a past presidents pin by Mrs. E a rl Smith, tbe newly- electod president. Officers and committees for the following year are as follows: President, Mrs.E. Sm ith; vice president, Mrs..G. Hicks; secretary, M rs. M. Eo- vino; treasurer. M rs. M. Mac M illan; Christian social relations, Mrs. O.. Gaub; prom o tion, Mrs. L. Lines; spiritual life and missionary, Mrs. W. Wieland; -student, M r s.--e* Beggs; supply, M rs. L. Pola- now&ki; literature, Mrs. J. Adams; program committee, Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Wieland. Mrs. Gaub, Mrs. Adams, M rs. F. I. if - Sunday Sale Siiarl A bill to ban m ost Sunday sales in New Jersey appears headed for farther, a m e n d- m ent before coming op for a fin a l vote.: The b ill w o n 1 4 ban Sunday sales of clothing, furniture, appliances a n d boudlng m sterials. lt already has passed In tbe State As* sembly once but was amended In the Senate to exclude Atlantic,.Cape May a n d Ocean Counties. The Senate also amended (he biff to m ake sure th at.if the courts role any- section unconstitutional, the whole act will be thrown out. One new proposed amend* m ent would m ake tbe bill applicable throughout the state unless defeated lr a county through a referendum* T h e other would perm it persons who close their business on Saturdays, because of religious convictions, to remain open on Sundays. - The proposed amendments are slated for consideration of an assem bly committee on Monday. 4-H ers May Earn Financial Profit Sweeten, Mrs. Smith. i Boys.and girls who walit to ilfa!«ir?nan w 1 earn money may find many MacMillan, Mrs, Smith. Mrs. Lines, M rs. W ieland, M rs. ways througb.vh club^ Finan: Gaub, Mrs. H. Thorsen; mem- c*al is a phase, of club bership. committee. M rs. H.-.w ork not emphasized v e r y Henderson, M rs. Lines, M r s. Smith, M rs. Eovlno; publicity chairman. Mrs. K. Hermann; parsonage committee,.mrs. J. Lyle, Mrs. Sweeten, M.r s. J. Salmon, M rs. W. Pike, Mrs. Smith. Also flow er committee, Mrs.. Henderson, Mrs. Lincs. Mrs. W. Schneider, Mrs. J. Martin; sunshine committee, Mrs. Lines; fam ily night chairman, Mrs. C. Brown; representatives at Bancroffc-Tayior Rest H om e,1 Z~e e { Ocean Grove, Mrs. Gaub, M rs.1 Adams; clam chowder, Mrs. Thorsen, Mrs. Lines and bazaar chairman, M rs. Adams. i - - Six Area Girls Plan Tour With Dance Unit Six Walterettes will d a n c e professionally on tour IwT-t* h The Manhattan Rockettes during the coming summer and early fail. They are Miss Wan- J a Young, Miss Mary Baker, Miss Theresa Bellotto, K e.y- port; Miss G all Metnzer. Mataw an;. Miss Carol Ullm eyer, West Keansburg; Miss* Jane much because profit Is not tbe main aim of the club program. Basically, the purpose of 4*-H is to help young people gain the satisfaction of perfecting some skill and to teach boys a n d girls to work and play together. However, the dollar gain is not to be overlooked.. Money,in the bank is the reward of managing dairy and animals efficiently, of tending flocks of poultry wisely and of cultivating a vegetable garden faithfully, These a r e but a few of the projects which have direct financial returns. Others can lead to profit. For example, girls in child c a r e have become sought after as baby sitters and 6ome boys have sold ornamental plants they raised from cuttings. Many^. college scholarships are offered to club members who excel in certain projects; and these are a financial return when most young people need extra money most. There are numerous cash rewards fo r _.Hiorj Supper Saturday The Browntown Paren Teacher Association will sponsor a smorgasbord supper a t : the Browntown Union Sunday School building Saturday at 6 p.m. The menu w ill consist of Swedish meat balls, roast beef, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw pickled beets; jellied veal, pickled herring, potato salad, baked beans, relish, coffee a n d ice cream. A card party will be held folluwjng t-h e^ u p p er, at 8:30 p.m. Mrs. George Roche is chairman. A game room, under the direction of Mrs. W alter Schaffren, w ill be held for the children. Coffee, cake, and soda will be on sale In t h e school., The money raised at, the affair will be used to purchase new library books for the year. M rs. O laf Gilbertson and Mrs. Al Lewis are chairmen of the evening. Final Meeting..The final meeting of th*. P-TA Witf be held Tuesday a _ 8 p.m. at t h e Browntown School. Two members of t h a Madison Township.. Board of. Education will be guests and will explain the high school referendum which will be presented to the voters of Madison Township in July.. Hoffman, Robertsville. Miss Hoffman, Miss Young and Miss excellence in club work n o t M elnzcr-also are planning J o go on tour to the west coast with tbe rockettes, during the winter... The ;girls are students of the W alters 8 chool o f. Dancit% Keyport. ; J - \ J MHS Athletic Dinner Matawan High School s annual athletic banquet will be held June 12 at Magnolia Inn, John.Caracclolo, athletic director, announces. Cheerleaders, majorettes and band members y/lu participate, as well as MHS squad members, big money prizes by some standard^, but extra dollars that can mount up and become worthwhile steps to attaining some.cherished goal. _ Flags Half-Mast *... In compliance with a P residential Proclam ation, flags were flown at half-m ast at all post office installations M a y 28, 29 and 30, m arking the occasion of the return and final interment of two unknown Americans killed in the Second W orld W at and Korean Conflict.. ; M r. a n d M rs. Nicholas Arace entertained TMrs. Jacob Gaub and Miss Marie Gaub at an outdoor supper Decoration Day... Mrs. James V. Ford,- California. 6pent last week visiting her sister, Mrs. W illiam P 1 1- ney, Jr., and fam ily, Ticetown Rd. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Soney * and children. Freehold, a n d -Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd L. Dlckin^ son and sqns, Middletown, were Decoration. Day. supper guests of M r. and Mrs. Paul Blahota, Jr.. M r. and M fs. Barth G a u b were dinner guests Decoration D ay o f their daughter, M r_s, Paul M olnar and fam ily. v - M rs. Alice Beynofl; S t a t e n Island, visited M r. and Mrs. Barth Gaub Bunday afternoon. M r. and M rs. Nicholas L. Arace and sons, James a n d W illiam were visitors at Me- Gulre Air Force Base, Fort Dix, Sunday. Developers have begun the building of model homes on the form er John Pappas farm, Route- 9, B r9w ntow n^..j l. ;i M rs. Herbert CottreU, sr«, Browntown, and _Mi&a Eliza-. beth1 L. Tewes, East Orange, spent Thursday- through_tuete_ day at the Sterling Inn, Foco- no Mountains, Pa.. r Sam ple Waters i- n-luiv:3s:r A, j Howard WlUlama..K eyport Health O ffic e r,re p o rte d ^ samples of Raritan Bay w atera. were taken Tuesday from Laurence Harbor to Atlantic Highlands. Tbe samples are being forwarded to State Department, of Health laboratories, in Trenton fo r analysis to determine if water Is safe far bathing? Tests are conducted.each year. ; C O N V E R T IN G M O R E P E O P L E T O C H EV Y! This superbly jashioned Im pala Convertible is making new jriends fo r - C H E V RO L E T faster than you can say TU R B O -T H R U S T V 8.* Heres the car that putsyou in a top-down, fun-hearted, go-places mood! Once youve been infected by the fun of driving this Impala Convertible, no other car can take its place. Whisking aldng with the top down holds that zamc extra something a j cooking in the open, dancing under the stars or just relaxing in a lawn chair -w ith-onjy a cloud or two and the sweet smell o f summer between you and the sky. It s not simply that this cur is a convertible. Tks m lf att-ana < for it is much more than that. Your dealer s waiting now with the facta on the new Turbo-Thrust V8, the Safety-Girder. frame and all the other features that mean,, more summer fun in a Chevy. ta AW few rru* fidd- ^Optional at extra cart M ataw an Women Take Part In Arts Festival Mrs. Herbert W. Staer, sr.. Ravine Dr., and Mrs. Michael Brown. Edgemere Dr.. Matawan, participated ln the New Jersey State Arts and 1 Crafts Festival presented by the New Jersey Creativity Guild at Mount llo lly recently. The festival Is presented each year to promote recognition of native arts and crafts work. Mrs. Staer and Mrs. Brown hnd liieir own pxhitdtlnn beouv nnd were present May 23 and 25,-Various pain tines, were sold by -the -Matawan. arjis.s,, Besides oil paintings and water colors, other crafts were exhibited and sold such as c h i n a paintings, hooked rugs, stiver a n d gem stones, ceramics, sculpture, charcoal, jiortralt- unes. liandwrounht silver and reftnished furniture. LaMura Baby Baptize^ At Sunday Ceremony : Eugene Francis LaMura. Infant son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred LaMura, Morganville, waa Christened Sunday, May 23, - by the Rev. R o n n ld Al- Ftro House, bury, pastor. In Christ a j Church, South A m b oy God- Chnrles Melting presided and parents were Mr and u r, r reported three brush llres ond Dexhclmcr. Sou li A m boy one house fire caused by nn oil j Following the chrlsem - stove were answered by t h c dinner guests at a c-lcbra inn company. Members of the com-1 of the occasion w pany attended fuheriil fiervlces Erriefcson. Mrs. D. m Holt In full uniform for the 1 n telkamp and Leroy Tayior Mnn- George Pouzenc and served aslnsquan, and Mr. and Mrs rn>* pall bearers at his funeral. helmcr. 1. via C w i.-.rm i t w ti B ed, t f fitte r and S oft I, Plata G ta «.a Atr c on d ilion m fl-tam p.rotu,,, mada ta o rd e r-fa r a llw e o ts a r comfart. G et a d ev o rv.t.jr.o vl _. _ S e e y o u r l o c a l a u t h o r i z e d C h e v r o le t d e a le r J O H N S O N - G IB B M O T O R C O. t 110 MAIN STREET MATAWAN PHONE MATAWAN

7 Hospitalization Expense Costly But Will Be Used By 500,000 Jerseyites Ocean C ity reporta - further state8 will gather on the beachfront for the oolorfiil 34th an that June 23 to 30 is the fourth NEWS OF AREA annual "phildrena Festival Unton Beach Woman Yale draduatei " WeekJ..-Durlng nual marbles tournament. Hurtln Accident Area residents who wlu be More than h a ll a. million, many employees per patient Is SERVICEMEN drea of visiting4 fam ilies w i l l Dancing to the jnuslo of get free lodging in addition to bands" begins a t. Convention A Union Beach woman wa«among 3014 candidates fo r degrees at Y a 1 e Universitys Ifew-Jersey-resldehts w ill- enter hospital this year and that^there are so m any; n e w many free amusem ents.- Hall June 14. admitted to Perth Amboy denits- a j safe bet that many of procedures so much new equipment; the whofitrange of med Raymond A. Asmar,. whose Asmar Receives Promotion r ^ e Ocean City~Yacnr;Club..Other New Jersey Activities eral Hospital May 28 with Injuries Buffered when site ap held Monday at 10;30 on First Section, 257th commencement to be them will think their bill Is too has completed a suxtunor-iong Include the gala Miss New Jersey Pageant ln Wildwood June parently lost control of her oar the New Haven, Conn, unlver- schedule of racing events with high. Although patients get a ical care Is so much more wife. Mildred, lives at 20 Aylln a tune*up race scheduled f o r 19 to 21 and the selection of great deal more l o r their complex. And it all means St., Metuchen, recently w a s June 15. The first of the Bell- Miss Ocean County In Toms on Route 35, Laurenoe Harbor, eltys historic oampus, are K arsten Harries, Hazlet, Bachelor Juno P a te Save* money than ever before, no one will deny that hospitalization is expensive. er, back to work sooner." Class In Slegelsbach, Germany, June 22, and continue through lantic city will select her Hy«guard rail, plunged down a 10- Orltsch, Keyport, Master ot that the patient gets well quick promoted to Specialist Third woar Trophy will be run on River on the same dates. At The vehicle knocked down a of Arts, and Erich Walter In June 1784 Joshua Hum. the following five Sunday mornings. There also w ill be & col drangca Queen June 28 at Had- foot embankment and came to ArU, phreys, noted construction expert, was appointed America* Hospital administrators are Payrolls also-have risen for where he Is a member of the don Hall. rest, pnrtly under water ln aware acutely of this situation. another reason; that is, to Ninth Ordnance Battalion. orful ahtique automobile show Elsewhere, Morristown will They concede that the costs of meet the going wage rates of Specialist Asmar. an administrative specialist in the bat Saturday and Sunday, day with a tour of historic The woman, Miss Margaret on the Ocean City Boardwalk, celebrate Colonial Day Satur flooded meadows. Real Estate Listing cards first naval constructor with an for sale at this office. annual salary of 83000, medical care have risen even more rapidly since World-"War industry and other hospitals. To n than other necessities, such cite just one exam ple: Women talion s headquarters, entered Asbury P ark w ill operate all houses and pageant. June 10, Powderly, 30, of 844 Bay Ave., as food or clothing. comprise about 80 per cent of the U. 8. Army in January of its beaches this year. Pre- horse racing returns to Monmouth Park. Auto racing fans Union Dench, suffered a core and received basic training at Fort DlXs-He arrived in cessionaire-operated. Also,t for will turn out-june 15 for., the vlously:the beaches were con S H A D E S bral concussion, possible fra c Back In 1946, the average the average hospitals work expenditure p e r patient day force. Until W orld W ar n, hospitals benefited from the lack The 24-year-old.soldier Is & Park hotels will offer free Fairgrounds, Trenton. Tourists tlie skull ln tlie accident, the Europe In July the first time, most Asbury races at the New Jersey Btate tured skull nnd contusions ot C U T T O M E A S U R E for all short-term general hospitals in N e w Jersey was $ By this figure had of competition for female personnel and the low wage rate 1952 graduate of Middletown bathing for their guests. and residents seeking another hospital reported,, N o E x t r a C h a r g e risen tp $23.94, an increase of Township High School. Leonardo. He form erly was employed June in Asbury Park will in Aquarium In Asbury Park form of recreation will observe, Patrolman Kennoth Berry, the Music Circus opening in whoinvestigated lhe accident, ^ A YourHardware Department Store, 128 per cent Moreover, in the that went wilh limited employment opportunities. During the Amboy. His mother, Mrs. Rose automobile exhibit on th e by General Cable Corp., Perth clude the opening of an antique Neptune, June : reported Mies Powderly was opinion of most authorities; Further Information on New traveling suu.lio n lire highway, hospital costs will continue to rise for some time to come, war, however, women found a Asmar, iives at 284 Carr Ave., boardwalk and an aquarium Jersey activities may be obtained from State Promotion at the time ot> the accident; with a comparable Increase in place In industry, even showing Keansburg. featuring rare species. June 14 She was taken to the 1hospital Section. 520 East Stnte St., charges to patients^ superiority In certain fields. Brautlgam At Fort Dlx to 20 youngsters from different by the Laurence Harbor First W. FRONT ST., K EYPO RT, N.J. Trenton 25. Aid Squad. To most people, this Is a Since then, hospitals have matter of serious concern. Few found it imperative to try to John F. Brautigam, 18, son -fam ilies are prepared to meet bring lagging wage rates In of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Braull-. the overwhelming expense of a line.. ". gam, Old.Tennent _Rd., Morganville, has arrived at Fort long illness. Their problem is Administrators agree that two-fold: Hospital and doctor payroll has accounted for the Dlx and has been assigned to M I D D L E T O W N bills; In many instances, lack lion s share of the Increase. In D Company, First Training of income because of unemployment during Illness. expenditures have risen, too, hospital costs, But non-payroll Regiment of the U. B. Army Training Center, Infantry, for SY LV ETTE S H O P P I N G C E N T E R, Whats Behind It? Jilst as they have at thc corner eight weeks of basic training.. What Is behind the sharp rise supermarket or department Prior to entering the Army, in hospital costs and the consequent rise In patient charges? susceptible to general Inflationhold Regional High School. He Hours: Mon. through Thurs. 9:30 A.M. 9 P.M. - Friday 10 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. - Sat. 9:30 6 P.M. store. Institutions are no 1 e s s Pvt. Brautlgam attended Free According to J, Harold Johnston, executive director olt h e man on the street. Rhodia, Inc., New Brunswick. ary forces than industry, or the form erly wta s employed by New Jersey Hospital Association, there are many factors, F o r example, hypodermic receive Instruction ir. general Costs Rise During his training he will including inflation. But the needles cost 30 per cent more military subjects, infantry fundamental reason," Mr. than they did five years ago; weapons and tactics, as well Johnston believes, "stems from wheelchairs, 125 per cent. To as character guidance programs under the post chaplain. the fact that hospitals are personal service institutions." hospital, because of its increas After the Initial eight w eeks,) make matters worse, todays He points out that m uch of ed patient load, needs t-h e s e he w ill be given a two-we e k the work in caring for patients and thousands qf other Items in leave and receive eight more literally requires the u s e of greater quantity than ever before. And every homeowner Is training, be.enrolled In one of* weeks of advanced " Infantry Chanda and.the exercise rofkper^. onal Judgment. "Machines aw areiuf the/rise In-costs for the speclaliatf2bdbool«: conducted at*fort Dlx or be transfer have their place, of course, in food, electricity, water and certain hospital departments, fuel,, red to another Army post for and hospitals have done an Another key factor j one of training in one of the Army s J b, ln ^ p ro y lw their j prime tlenki has importance been lhe to lncrease the pa- In technical schools. / efficiency.of operation But the t]le numk)er of fests, examlnafact remains that patients are : tlons, and kinds of - treatment R e s o r t s P r e p a r e nia rel.. ean r payroll. n«yvrnu- pe0. 1 U physicians. d equipment Even called the discovery for by There is no question that sal- or w flru h had lt3 f_ F o r V a c a t io n is ts ed foi a m ajor share of the In- j thbt gg per cent oi ^ showed. drugs In June everyone s I an c y 1946; payroll accounted fo r only 53 per cent of total expendi In existence 10 years ago. and the resorts ln New Jersey prescribed were not even turns to thoughts of vacation, tures in New Jersey Institutions. By 1957, this figure had this has been highly desirable. Is hoped-will be the largest in From-the patients viewpoint, are all primed to receive what risen to well over 60 per cent, The average hospital stay was flux of visitors ever. According mot Including the cost of so- 40 days In 1900, nine days in to Joseph E. McLean, Commissioner of the State Department clal security payments, meals, 1946, and only 7.8 days In maintenance, and other fringe AU~this - Is- laudable progress, of Conservation and Economlo benefits for employees.! but it has resulted in higher Development, popular resort ^. More Employees costs to hospitals. The expense attractions ln June will Include One reason for the payroll of maintaining bperating fishing contests, boat racing -hike- has-been -the- -substantial. rooms, laboratories, and other and special catering services to Increase in the number o f employees. Today, more than two fewer and, therefore,, more The Tournament of Fish, one services muslrbe spread over newly-weds.... full-time employees are requlr- costly patient days. Nursing of the countrys newest f i s h- ~ ed for, a->ospi- care, too, is more Intensive lns contests, officially started - tal-bed.- it surprises *you," and more nurses.are ne^jjed as Sunday as llshermen t e s t a d i M r. Johnston says, "to learn confequi * a their skill. The Tournament "of that two employees are needed Most Beds Filled Fish Is sponsored Jointly by for- each. patient, remember Another factor affecting hospital costs is occupancy. Re Lavalette and Seaside Heights, Seaside Park, Dover Township, that all general hospitals are staffed on a three-shift basis; gardless of how many beds are and features six grand prizes. that ^emergency, delivery and filled, hospitals must be staffed to meet peak requirements. ible, an Inboard cruiser and a holds y ou in beautifully Including, a Cadillac convert operating rooms must be r?&dy at a moment s notice around- These requirements fluctuate fully rigged beach buggy. the-clock, and that other services, such as x-ray and labora departments.. staged ln the Monmoulh Coun widely, especially ln maternity Fishing contests also WflU b tory, also must be available at "In the final analysis," Mr. ty cities of Belm ar and.long in wonderful comfort/ all times. - Johnston.states, "not all th e Branch, and ln Cape May,.fiHospitals.also _work_a sev- costs of hospitalized illnesses County. The new Atlantic City en-day-a-week schedule, so relief employees are necesaary tal administration, First of all, tournament June 25 to 27. arewjthlnthecontrorofliospl^ Slate M arina w ill host a tuna lo r those on days off, on vacation, sick-leave or holiday tutions must meet the g o in g Meanwhile, two hotels, t h e there is payroll, and our Insti Hotels Refund Parkw ay Tolls leave. And dont forget the wage rate, Dennis In Atlantic City and the many -: behind-the-scenes employees: Kitchen, supply room, ever, are the physicians who Park, have announced they will "Almost as important, how Monterey-by-the-Sea, Asbury N E W M A G I C " F I N G E R S maintenance department, laundry medical record room and Is admitted and how long a pa tolls to their guests upon pres decide whether or not a patient refund Garden State Parkway sterilizing- room, tn mention a tient will remain In the hospital.. ceipt. Other resort hotels are entation of the Parkw ay re f o r e x t r a few.". - Every advancement in scientific-knowledge, as it relates "Physicians give the orders order to alford guest tourists Physicians Give Orders expected to adopt this plan in to patient care, and every advance, in.the. practice of medi laboratory tests and diets as ern convenient expressways. for such drugs and x-rays and _ tummy support free use of New Jerseys modcine, has meant more people, they believe patients should Many New Jersey hotels also Usually trained, on t h e payroll. have. Physicians give the instructions on professional pro and discount privileges to new are offering special courtesies and control! Added Services cedures to hospital personnel ly-weds. Atlantic City, Asbury -lld on t fdrget_one very important thing," Mr. Johnston staff which determines th e and, properly, it is the medical Park, and Ocean City have advises. "Patients are paying standards of m_e.d i_c a 1 care designated June official honeymoon month, N O W FIGURE-SUMMINO MATERIAI-IfABRICONI more than they did.10 or 20 which shall be followed." a mlraek W e n d of downy-ioh- ~ : years ago. But they aren t paying for the same services, eith striving continually, to improve coffon and laltx - ; Hospitals ln New Jersey are er, One reason there are so efficiency and offset rising Youun costs without lowering their lay mofl.,» high standards of patient care. why find out Still, hospitalization is expensive..... havs moll fun Imlantly In compltf* comfort... itayi up without,. moil,., T r - ;... N e w wahl-hugglng non-roll lop mlnlmlzti your walil l i H I U f e T S i a However, as M r. Johnston doing it emphasizes, "it seems to us not... at*am,ttltchorbonei, y v that hospital care today, at i 1 current costs. Is one of th e N e w op*n-por* com/rucllon fo r extfo^too! comfort. And th* 7 DONT TAKE " "V greatest bargains available CHANCtS VflTH anywhere. The cost of hospital phone? f 0, %.., dalnly iirrfac* toxlur* mok«rthirth5 prallloit fllrdl* *v*r. YOUR HEALTH HAVE 1?&re is tideed higher-than ever 8GMGKE...8V M.10CM...65f <.. V ja n d 80 ocuy. on and off/- before. But we believe the cost j-miit. tlgtmi rati from tabgry fifk J f" of living is worth it." ifuii PU and Stiftdiyi Ttf not tad. S A v-o hi V «*,. \ v. v. V. ; N e w r*p1ac*abl», odjutfobf* g arltn od uil to your leg-longih, $ * - d r u g s... j.* lay* proeloui ho»077rr«ptaeeobl» In d lffy... ond to flat COMPOUND YOUft rfte&cftipri0n» / C : th o / ro Invlilbl* under lho molt dinging clothelf X L $9.95 Other r SVLVk W h b auara NTKE OF V - i, NO KXTIIA COHTI Ygur curiet and bra Is expnrlly rifled and altered to your Individual roqulremenlo at no extra coat, I. NO KXTIIA COHTI Hylvette will inalntsln (Ilia perfect fit for,.,.,.at.all flmea,,, wflboot eliarge,. _...ItN f)l. KXTHA l. 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Associate In Arts, -and Leonard Calandra, liberal arts, to the beaten egg,-stirring or Bridge, Associate In, Arts; pour the hot mixture slowly In e rj" oir MMuiivutti". since Its Robert R. F alk, history. Bachelor of Arts, a ll o f Keansburg; Associate In Arts, both of On Monmouth1 County... Home Rdger F. Cozens, psychology. beating constantly,. advises founding ln 1033, w ill present the commencement address. Louis J. DIG lroiam o, pre-science, Carl W. Holmes, liberal ion Beach.. ^ Agent, M rs, Lorna K ; W hite...area candidates for degrees are as follow s: John A. Seal- arts, Associate lu Arts, W illiam G. Matthews. English, so, Cllffwood, business administration, Assoolate In Arts; Bachelor of Arts, Ronald K. W illiam R, Skrlpko,-C liff wood M lttrlc k, business adm inistration, Bachelor of Science, all Beach, business admlnlstra-. tlon, Associate In, Arts; M ary of Ke yport....1 S. Conover, business administration; Guy J. Geoly, pre business administration, Also- David Engebretson, science, Associate In Arts, and George E, M ccormack, preeducation, Sara J. Rose G. M oorman, psychology. Prichard, NJ Farm Acreage Value Reaches All-Time High The average per acre value of farm real estate ln New Jersey reached a new high of I52L4B during the year ending Mar. 1. according to the most recent uaua report received by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. It was the blghaat :par aora- valuation - In. the. joptlon and? mo if.e thnn $100 a b o v e the second r anking state, Rhode Island, where farm real estate wasvalued at $ The national average was $ New Jersey farm real estate values have advanced rapidly -In-recent years. In 1950, t h e per acre value of land a n d buildings was $202.84, L a s t year s figure was $482.8ji, The estimated total value of a l l farm real estate ln New Jersey for the year ending last March was $868,000,000. Farm buildings accounted for alm ost half of this, or $415,000,0^0. How about business cards? We can supply them- -Quickly, and at the right price. Come and try us.. - County H earfu n it Uses Funds For Education D r. W illiam Koch, president of the Monmouth County Heart Association announced recently that alm ost $49,000 was collect ed from the county-durlng the association s 1958 fund d r 1 v e, an Increase of $7000 over last y e a r..... ;., D r. Koch rem inds residents that one-half of this amount will remain ln tho county to bu used ln educating the public by program s, literature, exhibits, film s and speakers. The association now h a s made available its m ost re cent heart film, entitled Heart Beat. It is the Ilrs t film of Its kind produced In the State of Now Jersey. Its basic purpose la to tell tho "heart" story In an Interesting and informative manner.. - The film may be scheduled by any Interested group without charge on six week s notice to the Monmouth County Heart Association.... Real Estate Listing Cards for sale at this office. a r e a f a m i l y a f f a i r.. i n t h e f a m i l y f r a t e r n i t y I Shrmcrs Circus " At Fair Grounds Kids will be kings and Queens when thc F irst Annual Crescent Shrine Circus plays at Trenton F a ir Grounds today, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Twenty-eight top caliber, professional acts ranging from wild and performing animal exhibitions, trapeze and aerial acts, to clowns, with songs and music by Joe Basile s Big Top Brass Band, w ill provide more than two hours of fast moving, fam ily-type entertainment. The show is the Hamld- Morton three-ring circus which currently Is playing Canada on jntem atlonal tour. MaJ. H arry E. Klein, dlreotor-general of the shrine show, said that every effort is being made by Crescent Temple to entertain the greatest crowd 6f children In New Jersey history. 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TYPEWRITERS an d ADDING MACHINES Rented and Repaired. RIBBONS For All Machines OFFICE FURNITURE * _ STATIONERY SUPPLIES : - «RUBBER STAMPS K eyport Office Supplies 26 Main St. KEyport Keyport F o r m ore than tw o-thirds o f a century... fo r 68 years... W oodm en o f the W o rld L ife Insurance Society has been protecting thousands o f American homes,. contributing to the w elfare o f thousands o f A m erican fam ilies, both financially and fratern ally. As June 6, 1958 m arks W oodm env 68th - A nniversary, it also m arks the first anniversary in which women mem bers can jo in th e celebration. T o observe this m ilestone o f progress, meetings throughout the nation are highlighting the charterin g and in sta lla tio n o f o ffic e rs o f _ W om ens c o u rts in W oodm ens new W om en o f W oodcraft program. Already; the w orld s financially strongest.fra te rn a l benefit society, W oodm ens strength increases w ith each passing yeay. * Th» fotniif Frolmrnily" h W O O D M E N W O R L D vm&y&ws uhihiuiahci M *Q"-" imrm.ii..., sociirr, - Ondta I, Ntbndw - LOCAI-.REFRESENTA TIVES: R. E. Vance johttarmitaget Jrl SUt# MAiuicer " Broad Street - ; Rank Bids.. Trenton 5. Phone. EX District M aitftftr. Bayshore Realty BldEi State Highway No, SS *. Cliffwood. Phone: Matawan 1-2S37

9 Manasquan Gets Scholarship Fruit Pudding Light Dessert Seek Oldest Farm Kept In Family Several New Jersey f s r n i a have been operated continuously,.by. the same fam ily fo r 100 yeats or more. But who Is the farm er who can trace b 1 s Joins 25-Year Club Most Married Couples Receive One 5S Check Most m arried couples In the Raritan Bay area now recolve their-monthly social security School Out Means More Car Caution Summer means school Is out fo r the youngsters and extra, caution for the motorists, Dav* Id Green, prdaident of W M d t* or Club of America, warned today, it s a wonderful time of tho year fo r tho, young Miss Karen Anita M cclave, 7 Unioo Ave., Manasquan, has MATAWAN J 0 l R N $. A ~;been awarded a March of Dim es scholarship ot $1705 in payments ln the form, of one First Seotlon physical therapy by the Nationa l Foundation lo r Infantile Pa Ing to Allan A. Bass, district chock.for. boui.deople. accord^ June g P a re Nine ralyala. It was announced re cently by Roland J. Hines, form s single-family ownership manager of tlie Perth -Amboy chairman of t h e Monmouth the farthest back Into Garden soolal security office. T h e Appointments Made By County Chapter of the National State history? The grange and change from individual checks Atlas Refinery, Inc. "Foundation for infantile Paral- D r, Prank V. Beck, extension sters. ho said, but it also Is to combined checks Is part of ys s, ^,. \. f a r m economist at Rutgers a dangerous time. It s a dangerous time becnusd their play servlco with a Cash savings. wero m tho May meet a nation-wide plan to Improve Tho following appointment* The one-year scholarship la University, would like to know.. to enable Miss McClave to Franklin C. Nlxon, Vlncen- ing too qften Is unsupervlsed. Under the now combined social security check plan, banks ing of the board of directors of, c o m p 1 e t e her education In town, master of the State Release from school will bring ^physical therapy at an approv- Orange, says certificates await the youngsters back ln th e and post offices havo nearly Atlas Refinery, Ino.; Victor II,. ed school. She Is studying at all farm ers who can prove street., 2,000,000 fewer chocks lo ban- Decker, Engllshtown, v t o BouveBoston School of Tufts fam ily ownership of at feast So engrossed are they ln dlo during tho flrst-of-t h e- president ln charge of munu- University, Meford* Mass. The 100 years, and a special citation will be given to the person ued, they forget tlio safety les reason are ablo to glvo better man, Sayreville, secretary** their play, Mr, Orcon contin month rush period and for thnt facturlng; Raymond P. Set* award was made upon recoin*. mendation of a national comwith the Garden State form sons learned ln the classrooms. service. In addition, tho soolal jnittee of physical t h e r a p y that has hod the longest continuous fam ily ownership. Tlvua, a driver ln a play area about i i,000,000 a year ln tlio bbmd of directors, They ll do t h o uncxpocted. security trust fund Is saving treasurer and a member ot tub. leaders.; Light hut nourishing, smooth, simple and refreshing--that s j;. - r M r. Hines said that 2678 per Sunshine Pudding with fruit. This custard base pudding Is D r. Beck is Interested because any records turned up ln Julius Marts, 7 Franklin fit,, down. ; > ;;,...., manpower, and othor supplies Atlas alnco He was fo r j b l iu s m a r k s ;a\itoniatlaally. should slow o,o s t of pobtage, envelopes, Mr. Decker has been with. - Jons1throughout the n n t l o n one of many ways to serve m ote nutrition-important milk in ideals, say Mrs. Lorna X. White;. Monmouth.County Home the search for such farm s can have received M archer Dimes + lemon-flavored m ilk pudding also Is a-perfect* contribute to study of farm Matawan, superintendent of While parents hayo a responsibility to safeguard*, t lt c 1 r M r. Bass pointed out that and equipment, merly assistant plant manager scholarships ln physical therapy since This number sum m er fruits., business df the past. Jersey Central Power Si Light foil for generous garnishes, of berries and other spring and youhgaters play ijttlvltles, the most couples Ui tills area find under Ills father, Victor Decker, a vicepresident, who had P ro o f Is Needed Company s B a y Division on burden ol th e motoristdocs tho combined checks satisfactory and convenient; however. been with Atlas-Refinery,-Inc... is equal to nearly one-third.of Some kind of proof Is needed a deed, grant, letter o r ity s 25-Year Club. Mr. Marks tion Is mandatory. M r, Orecu If there Is any reason why such Tuesday, Joins tho eloctrlo util not lessen and, that extra cau those now active in the field. for 50 years until his death, hi M r. Hines pointed out that Exports Bring Over Half-Billion other 1 e g a l paper showing started his career at JCP&L ln said, " a good atimmor motto combined chocks would result Juno Mr, Dockor lh a. ~ M afch~bf Dimes fellowships ownership succession from 1933 as a lineman at U JJ1 0 n for motorists ts thnt ohlldrcn In an Inconvenience, lt Is possible to recolve them sopatalo- member of. tho National Asso- and scholarships are apart of father to son or-daughter. To Beach, During his 25 years should bo seen and not hurt. olatlon of Accounlunts, the New. tbe National Foundations pro- Dollars Annually To New Jersey qualify, continuous fam ily ownership Is the lm portant thing, service foreman, line foreman, service he held the posts of ly by-maklng-sucli n request at Jersey Oil Trade Association fesslonal education program, The nation s export T r a d e,. largest, of any voluntary agency," to recruit and train profes- brings well over half a billion because a daughter might have general line foreman and dis enlng amendments or by urging Its outright repeal. Receives Certificate tlio local social security ofitco. and tlio Oil Trades. Association. : of Now York. Mr. Beaman has been with slonal personnel in medical and dollars into New Jersey each inherited a farm snd hired a trict superintendent at Union Miss Meredith Ann L u h r a, Loses Licenso Atlaa since 1050, lie Is a graduate of Solon Hall University, Advocates of expanding manager to operate lt for her! Beach. He was named d 1 v 1- Matawan, rocolvcd a certificate In design from Tho Coop Raymond V. Crane, 43, C llff a member ot Ihe National As. medical associate fields. These year, representing full time w orld trade representing industry, agriculture, labor and consey s old farm s o f the type Mr. Mnrks was born in Jerer Union fo r tlio Advancement wood Bench, ploaded guilty to sociation of Accountants a n d If you own one or Now Jer slon superintendent last year.. awards and National Foundation grants to schools, and. pro* Jobs for at least 33,381 workers. Sessional, associations to assist in the state s eight principal sumers are urging the.con described, o r know o f someone sey City. He has lived In Matawan for tho past 21 years. He at Its 99th annual commencetrate G, B. Pollack, Metuchen, Credit Executives, lie. form er of Bclonco and Art, New York, drunkqu driving boforo Magis tho Now Jorsoy Association of in maintaining and improving industries. These estimates of who does, write to D r. Beck at gress to consider the national the College of Agriculture for standards and services have the impact of world trade Is married to the form er Miss ment exercises held last-night. May 30. Ho was.ordered to pay ly wns soorctnry end assistanton interest as paramount and to an entry blank. O r get ln touch Myrtle Eastmond, Matawan, a $200 fine, *20 doctors fo o treasurer.. -. " totaled$26,600,000 since " t h e the state are.made in special report from the committee renew the Trade Agreements with M r. Nlxon o r an officer of The Marks have two children, 10 years from today, many and $5 court costs, His license foundation was established In ;.Tfl38.U.;, ;.. " Act without weakening amendments. There also Is Increasing any subordinate) grange. a son and a daughter, young men and women will he was also revoked for two If you need, printing of-nny for a National Trade Policy, a bipartisan organization promoting public understanding of support for proposals to pro Entries are being accepted atudylng In college, their way years. Tlio summons was Is- kind, wu aro hero to servo you, now, and the contest w ill remain open until Oct. I. for sale nt tills office. U. 3, Savings Bonds, Studnlckl, Mctuohcn Belloc. able prices will please you. Real Estate Listing Card* paid through saving NOW ln suod by Patrolman Edward Angry Driver Menace Our quick sorvloe nnd reason t h country s foreign trade vide both federal technical and To Road Advises Club problems. The report is based financial assistance, to industries and individuals who m ay An automobile is as danger on a study by the Department of Commerce, using basic data oils as a~ loaded gun ln tbe bands of an angry* driver, from the Bureau of the Census, have to make a transition to a U n ^ifeprds jtral foomollar K r a n k J. Quinn, secretary- the Bureau of Foreign Con- new products or skills because manager, ot the AAA Automobile ;clu6 01 Centrall*C,i^ Jer Nation-wideexports totaled ficient enough to meet Im port merce ahd-btner sources. their present activity Is not efsey, warned today, urging ft&.& in 1956, the last competition: motorists not to drive when calendar year for which complete t r a d e statistics were merce estimates that 4,500,000* The ep ar tpqe tit* o f. VS emotionally upset. Mr. Quln.i emphasized tbst available at the. time the survey was made. The $588,600, cxport-lm port trade. The sur American jobs depend on U S. driving an automobfle Is a full*. time Job, requiring tbe full at. 000 represents the proportionate share of this export m ar com Jersey ^affected vey shows that Jobs and Jntentlon o f the operator., An emotionally upset or dlstraclod ket earned by the eight leading..industrial categories in significant percentage of t h e by foreign trade make up a Individual, be said, obviously cannot meet this qualification. New Jersey-E lectrical machinery, chemicals and pro 1 / X F R E S H M A D B F R E S H C R E A M E R Y total.... BUTTER, Mr.: Quinn stressed the Importance of. a: mature attitude ducts, non-electrical machinducts, apparel and related pro Mrs Ruth Stewart js J u n o, toward the responsibility rf motoring; Tbe way a motorist ery, food and kindred products, transportation equip Shower Guest Of Honor lh] drives provides an excellent barometer of his state of mind. ment, fabricated m etal products, ond textile m ill pro Harbor, was the guest of hon Mra. Ruth tew&rt, Laurence rvieumt IC p a M M onth he Bald..... ducts plus agriculture, which or at a surprise shower M ay Smoked Chan* ^1 39c Chees W h l* M e.mtidxmello* Hj Tmi. -T herolub official urged, mot-, alone brought some $14,900, given by Mrs. Marie i orlsts not to drive at times ot into the State economy through O Brien and M rs., Edna pm Bel Paeie H *.48c Cheese Spread -JL?: 69c emotional stress, to ask someone else to do lt o r use public keting year. home, Clift wood Beacb.. A Sriajipy dhe«i«ti 39c Wine Cheddar 69c Baby G o u d a, J " 45c exports during the m ar s c h e 1 d at M rs. Umscheld s 35c DelkMwe Tempt Mg... transportation, If available. In According to the 1954 Census large decorated cake, baked 6am«ulc latar*. Pceteseed U«W.! tbe bands of a mature, courteous Individual who knows bow cipal industries in the Garden centerpiece. Gifts were arrange Virtaui-Ktndi""*-^ f a ll Mmi Veikile* * CeoMf C.Y- -. of. Manufactures;the eight prin by Mrs. OBrien was the jtable Crwaiti Cheeis 2 ^ 27c Provolone 63c Lo a f Cheese e. 57c to H rls K a carfs a threat to S t.a t.e..employ some 543, ed under. an um brella trim* Kraft Link* ly: 29c Cheese Spread! 2 f." 47c Sharp Slices- - j. 39c no ene," b e sold, In the hands 561 workers, accounting for med w llh flowers and* lace. A wdem *meike«< -. Krslr _ isussj of a- botbead. lt Is like,a. hungry Uon running wild In the facturing jobs in the State and with"freshly-ciit flowers! about 70 per cent of a ll manu second. table decorated M e u M o Grated Cheese 25c C a r a w a y.c h e e s e,,^ 4 1 c SUKRKMWTS -TfMiurt.Co^..... KmM SfMtod, streets.". over 27 per cent of all Jobs in M rs. Stewart will m arry Meltn*. * A. Blue Cheese New Jersey. The survey conservatively estimates that the Guests were M rs; Irene Dru* H arry Springer on Saturday. Velveeta Chedte H? 27c Port D u Salut 45c Area Residents Are export trade of the^c eight industries provides full time Jobs Mrs. Kathryn Benesta, Mrs. gas, Mrs. Kathryn Jnckson, T h e r e h $ o h o e Q e f o r e v e r y t e s t e / NX University Grads for at least 33,381 workers in Patricia Springer, M rs. Shirley Among 385 New Jersey resl- thirsiate.. Steen, Mrs. Mary Steen, M rs. S U G A R S W E E T - R E D R I P E ^ s t a r s dents Who received degrees at Debate Two-Way Trade Grace Springer, Miss Kay F R E S H D R E S S E D - T O P Q U A L I T Y Or avoir J? i, qhj ^LAG New York Universitys *. 128th The local and national Importance o f two-way trade now Mrs. Virginia Stryker, Mra. Springer, Mrs. Sally JledJleld, annual, commencement last night-at the University Heights is being debated in Congress Frances McNumee, M rs. Agnes Schadden, M rs.. Mar isjrstriedhlf,-m aster of Elect Trade Agreements Act, which lene Springer, Mrs, Clftlre But Mouth «*N 0l UNION, 1 WATERMELON s i W V i ekss" C o ^ s n l.*"<..campus. The Bropx, were Lou- on American trade-pollcy. The trlcal Engineering and Sidney has been the basis for OUT Reciprocal Trade program since v Gifts were sent by M rs. Dor lufrtjhjnfl k Flovorler. * ^ * s. b. 2. ti Wpf«rfr*a.. Tobias, R D l, Bachelor of Arts, both J>f Old JBridse. 1934, is due to expire on June othy Richer, Mrs. Honey Lane, * Also David G. Kilgus, Hazlet, 30 of this year. President Mrs: Louise Cooper, M rs. Helen Dresser... ;-.*.. tlno. Plipk, Tep Master of Business Administration; Eldrlch C. Campbell, jr.v es the Congress to extend the Tomatoes HELLMANNS Dwight D. Elsenhower has Urg Bachelor o f Science and Robert J.-Corbllss. Bachelor of Sci cause the national interest Trade Act fo r five years, be Mental Health Meeting Oh*. f«* ence, both of Raritan Township; Claude P. Rzgan, Key- protectionists claiming injury. far A Pedtcl Sulod ft1 MAYONNAISE plainly requires it. However, In Asbury Tomorrow Pascal Celery 2 Italkl.AfC - (ol count w. maon A CHICKEN AND A HALFI port. Doctor of Dental Surgery, because of Import competition Gen. O. L. VanDeusen. Fair and * G all Mi DeShaw, Matawan, Bachelor of Science. legislation by advocating weak* mouth County Mental Health are opposing actively the trade Haven, president of the Mon Romaine Lettuce 2 ^ 19c Association, announced recent READY ly that a delegation of 10 persons from Monmouth County TO 3 9 will attend the seventh anndal At trt rteri fm tut she rtatjee COOK meeting of the New Jersey-As* KITCHEN GARDEN! ; S & L O M J b MOTORS soclatlon fo r Mental Health tomorrow at the Berkeley-cartcr- French t r i e s 2 % A 9 im y,. et.hotel, Asbury Park. Presentation of awards to tbe S W H O O H»»!, T»ln «.... i«r*eei>kpcvai4 iprav crahitimv (aijci lb*nrnn22c. Corned Beef Hash 29c, OiAMO UHlOtJ *. * - most outstanding psychiatric TV Dinners tfan-bomfle55 8RI$Kir -.., " : Tomato Juice 2.VI 25e Y o u A u t o B u y N o w aides at New Jersey s mental 5WAMSOH hospitals will be a feature of the luncheon program. An Pet Pies Kosher Dills i?; isfe" 7k^4ry 2 ^ 53c C l f L UflE C ll top, Belair, fully 4 door equipped, hard 54 BUICK top^t^adli?00beater. award also wlu be made lo the.. VeedSVlummsr.CMiff» CORNED BEEF 59( clem jne owner, weu kept low mueace. car.. Don t A real dynaflow, white wall tire*, two newspaper making t h e most Hawaiian Punch 2?^ 35c. tees QuoMy S>AK Cu*ed -- SWIf TS himtym QvrHl 1 - N e w s B u lle tin! this one piu you. let tone. Xt (a worth looklni Into.. outstanding contribution to pub. VA*.Uck. Sliced Bacon h. 69c Bologna iji* pw<s lb. 59c Coml.._. aedan, fully equip*. * 54 tomauc p itransmission. m L d?,r. A A cjtan i i 11c understanding of the mental health program. Cornish Hens XT 99«Fw Ksahh 9ji Votiur (<i«4 -* iwttft P,em<um Cl«aU< STRAWBERRIES ped Here wfth Is a automatic nice small transmission. one owner, well kept car, come of parking and Inexpensive car for to ease and see one. The meeting Is open to all Interested persons. Reservation.. Gfw4 UUen - L a m b s L iv e r.3 9 c L iv e r w u r s t * 7,7» 59c Pint 15* erate. 1 know you will like this op* 53 BUICK top!* a nt»-«porty form s may be secured through Perch Fillets 2 ^ 69c Bock CortiJsb J i ib*. Ready lo Cook fn *. lwui$u ii) R o aiilln r C hlckrns lit. Mo F lo U n d o r F illo t m 69C one. car You that would haa be had proud the best to own of csre. ml* the Monmouth County Mental e s s ^... v v a * *?^r f l l ( B elair.» doot i s W U IC V. one. Health Association, 255 Third.iv y quality faa d a o l taw. dan, VB radio, healer, while wall tires, two tone fully eqolp- A nice clean one owner c a r Here 53 D esotoi^ aa nice well Ave., Long Branch. BIC 1* SALE! Audg«L^tlc»a wlth Qtond UnUn «own ta the one vou are looklna for -kept car. There la none that can surf ju*bo pustio j w st* FRESHPAK BRAND DO. 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10 tmatawan.journal $38& n8 I Monmouth Park Race Track Ready For 1958 Season onmouth Park Score In Regatta Heart Fund Bertefift Skippers Jack and Bobby Kp-. Tb Manasquan. Com m ercial. ens foed, both o f Keyport Yacht Bowling League through 1 1» Chib, made good showings ini president, WUllam R. Selaz, 4 The 12th running of the $15, the spring Invitational regatta Manasquan, has presented a.. First Section. 099 Oceanport Handicap, a six series at the Monmouth Boat check, for almost 3190 to t h - -.Page Ten June 5, 1958 furlong event fo r,three-y e a r Club, in tbe Invitational series Monmouth County. Heart Association. The contribution repro- Just concluded. Jack finished in olds and up, wilt feature the second place In the Penguin sented monies collected by the opening day card at Monmouth competition while Bob w a s League during their annual, St. Peter s Ousts P a rk on Tuesday, Tbe event notched ln sixth place In the tournament at the Shore Bowling Center, Manasquan.... has been won in the past two Jet 14 class. There were 12 MIIS From GNT years by River Divide s Decompeting In the latter class. Matawan bowed out of th e oathlon, a horse now retired to tfrpost Greater Newark Tournament stud. Post time ls 2:30 p.m. in high school baseball Friday Entries appeared clouded ln Rookie Pitcher, by. losing to undefeated St. Fet- mystery with the event still a e r s Prep, Jersey City, 2-1. It week away, but a good guess Ahead, Blows Up GATES OZEN EVERY NIGHT ol fr.30 PAT. was the only loss ol. the season Is that one or two of the perform ers in Garden State Matawfen used third-string CAIIOON-A KAMA - fv fiy f)0., iat. Obd -JUN. SHOW STARTS A l DUSK tor Matiiwan pitcher Carl Stephens and lt ran the win streak Parks closing Camden Handicap Saturday- m ust grace final Shore Conference game pitcher Dave Gregory Itf their FUST SMOW ONIT * of the Hudson County inter Scholastic champs to 17. the occasion. The Iron Liege, of the season against T p m 3 ^ BOBHOPE * FERNANDEL Flawless InfJelding paid off the favorite, is out. but.hirsch River Thursday. Gregory did ANITA EKBERG for St. Peter s. Their pitcher, Jacob s trained Paper Tiger well for the first three innings MARTHA HYER Jack Szeigls, pitched effective-, looked the more likely, with and his mates gave him "a 4-0 ly, but on those few occasions S h a rp b u r g, Oligarchy, oh lead. Then, ln the way» of ~i when he was In a tight spot, Johnny and Third Brother of young pitchers, the prospect of "Ram- H o & fa V rtaeauua ncumcoutt* the Petrenns Inner garden pull more daubtful cast. a shutout- appeared to unnerve " ed him out. Racing Secretary John P. him, he went all to pieces and This was particularly th e Turner, Jr., announced that five the Indians clobbered him for case In.,.the third Inning with of Jhe-leadlng Jockeys of fast eight runs ln one inning. Coach the score tied at one-all. T h e year, Howard Grant, S a m Oeorge Deltz, Matawan, h a d GLENN FORD.first Matawan batter up ln this Boulmetis, W alter Blum, Joe Pete BenDett, his shortstop, finish the game, in that lt was > SHiRLEvMacLAINE VmickeySHAUGHNESSY Inning, Bob Rankl, singled. Culmone, and Harold K e e n e Right away he was caught off again would appear, regularly more or less a meaningless base on a plckoff and run in Monmouth Park racing programs. It appeared that W illy clinched the league crown and -ThtSttinttfWitM6un! u m m mcoio* Maroon and Steel for they fill Hartack again would shun the Carl Stephens and Dave Jones contest with Matawan having down. This was deadly for the Ik ed the bases directly on walks Monmouth meeting to race at were needed for duty In th e - to Bob Jackson and Dave Washington P ark, C h ie ago. Greater Newark Tournament,,,. / CHILDREN. Jones and Pete Bennett s single. Had Rankl remained put, The clubhouse and grandstand of the Monmouth Park Race Hartack and Ishm ael Valenzeu- the following day. r t e c f UHDtR 12 there would have been a Matathe east. The Judges and stewards quarters/ press box and la still were on the uncertain The Huskies grabbed tw o I MID 9 IO G /r RAftROAO Track at Oceanport are depicted above with the crowd that telecast station, atop the grandstand, are the match of any seat Tuesday as to which one runs-off. Albie Smith in the.flrst.. wan run. In with none out. As Jammed the racing oval on-a sultry Saturday ln June last year. In the domain of horseraclng., would be guiding Tim Tam, when Bob--.Jackson and Beh-- it was, with the bases loaded The slx-story clubhouse Is the tallest racing establishment In Kentucky Derby winner, In the nett led off with hits and a and one out, the St. Peters infield clicked again on Stephens W M M M M I H M I M M IM I H I M M I I I M M I H I M I M Belm ont P a rk Saturday,. home. ^ EATONTOWN* 8100,000 Belmont Stakes at fielding overthrow sent them grounder to Phil Mnrtorelll, LoPresto Victor Monmouth Handicap July 19 Mataw&n dissipated scoring their second sacker. A fast double-play resulted to retire L O O K I N G, K T O V E R - Dalton Heads The 8190,000 event at Monmouth Park, the Monmouth ings, when they had the bases y t W / e - lk THEATRE chances In the first three Inn* the side. Last KHS Games Shore Conference Handicap, will be contested filled repeatedly. Toms River No Other Man In July 19. Bold Ruler, leading scored when.gregory lost control In the fourth, walking four Rl. 35 >1 Circle * EA 3-91E0 Scoring Position Ray LoPresto wound up his THE KEYPO RT was run at being pressured toget into Never again did the Maroon career In lnterseholastle athletics at Keyport High last The race Is not a,handicap fea O Briens appointment, U it the Shore Conference was held ner of the 850,009 Carter Handi batters. When he did find the Garden State P a rk May 26. The annual dinner meeting,of three-year-old of 1957 and win big time f o o t b a 11, but ~. and Steel get a man in scoring position agglhst Szelgls. He week by giving the KHS fans Children Always Frep Shows Nightly at Dusk ture or anything of that sort, comes through, w ill be like Lo- at the Old Orchard G olf Club cap at Belmont P ark May 30, plate. John Pick, Jeff Ricketts was In a bad spot when Rankl although It Is always a claiming race at good price and fo r Presto s, based on high scholarship and good promise -us an president o f the Shore Confer Monday. Arnle Truex, retiring appeared -likely to head the and Nick Nesta slammed the (Box Office Opens at. 7 p.m.) : two pitching triumphs by -ted off with a hit In the-elghth, card In this years running of ball for extra bases to roll up nut two,flashy force plays nul- which to remember him. good horses. This year, the Monmouth. Nashua. a z> d the score, * N5w thru Sat., June 7 -officer, and have nothing to do lifted the.matawah threat. Thanks to his efforts, the Keys strangely enough, the claiming with football. Coach B a k e r. re ence and, Middletown Township Dedicate have been the horses Bennett; wftlfe tfofc daraifled. M ulos I. Matawan had scored ln the wound up tied for second place price, 33500, for. the mile and ports that OBrien also h a s High School athletic, director to win the Monmouth ln Its two as a pitcher, did stop the In Montgomery CUft second when Stephens, leading 70 yard event was lower than in the B division of the been accepted at San D I e g o and coach, Introduced the organization s slate of of Such leading distaff horses The MHS shortstop.then whack* In " runnings as a 3100,000 event. dian onslaught in the sixth. Dean M artin.. off-, walked and went to second usual but the race had a^urm State College, Calif. San Diego on a, passed ball. Deiter John Shore Conference: portance that will mark It as Tb a football power with which ficers: John Dalton, Toms as Idun, A G litter, Romanlte, ed out a triple fn the seventh THE YOUNG UONSM- In Cinemascope.. son singled toscore Stephens. His first effort was a tf-0 one of the. signal events of the to be reckoned ln California, River s athletic director, president; Jim Mazzacco, Long the Monmouth P ork racing pro also seem likely to- appear on for the filial MataWan Tun; - r. p iu3 ^ rt Larry Garlto tried to bunt shutout of Atlantic Highlands 1958 season. The reason, f o r engaging rivals like F r e s h o The box score:.. Johnson-along but a fast force May 27. He set the Tigers this Is The Keyport was tho State, San Jose and of New Mexico, under the vice president; Howard Peter over, : Branch s athletic co-ordinator, gram before the meeting ls. Matawah (5) W alt Disney s 1. ab r- h "POBTUGAL play, Bzelgls to Stow Melaga down with two hits and scored race In which W illy Hartack, resulted. Szeigls then fanned tbe onjy. run needed to win the leading jockey o f the nation In big time" level and on a basis where.a player from a sm all tor, treasurer, and Bob Haw more competition tfils year son, ; Neptune s athletic dlreo Monmouth Park will run Into Jackson, 2b 2,. -- " Also -./ Bob., Faustmann and O t o y gamo when he tripled ln the other years, chose to Teturn to Bennett, ss, p. 2 3 Fri., Chapter 7 of "B atman and Rob in.fri. and Wathington bounced out to first first and scored after, a sacrifice fly. He later batted iii two a broken leg since he was In would have a chance to play-if coach, secretary. Peterson and P a rk bas extended Its racing racing after being laid up with high school, like OBrien, thorne, Tonis Rivers baseball than form erly as Delaware J ones, c. 0 I to end the MHS chance, Stephens, rf, ss O Sat. Cartoon. Carnival* Sat., Late Horror Feature; Johnson, of 1 M artorelil s pinch singles more runs.. He fanned 13 and jured a week beforo the running of the Kentucky Derby. It brought In both St, p e t e r a walked three.. he Hawthorne are holdover officers. the period of the Monmouth season through three weeks of Hanson, If 0 0. Sun. - Mon. - Tues, Faustmann, If J une runs. In the third, Szeigls, first o il Thursday the Red and was this Injury which kept him Frank Flngltore, Red Bank meeting. But Monmouth will O. Wathington; 3b Bob nope ( j/ lip for the HudBon County con- White played host to Point off Tim Tam in the Derby and AT WEEQUAHIC PA R K, athletic director, also presented have the bounty of the New Rankl, lb ^ Fernandel... V: tlngont. jyalked and was sacrl- Pleasant. The Garnet Gulls the Freaknoss and great Interest was attached to his show trotting drivers now are In following: A-Dlvtslon-track; As three days earlier this year Moser; rf. Newark, where the amateur championship awards to the Y ork horses, going to Saratoga Gregory, p. In. ficed along. M artdrelir t h e n hopped on the offerings of Alex "PA R IS HOLIDAY 1,-j nicely dumped a Texas Lea- Ftetrewlcz, Keyport starting ing as a key to whether - he action, Ed Ledford, K e a ns* bury Park: B-Dlvlston-track, and the Belmont P a rk m e e t in Technlcalof and Technlrama truer into short right* field to Pitcher, for runs In each of the should replace Ishmnel Valenzuela as the jockey on the Der :er Memorial Eay with a-new Regionalbaseball,, Matawan; give the Oceanport tra c k, the Toma B lre r (10) Brian Donlevy burg, gave them an eyeopen- Lakewood; football, Bayville Ing will end July 5. This will Plus L score the Petrean pitcher. first three Innings. Coach Bob Again in the fifth, Waliy.Dor- Zampello, Keyport, sent Lo by victor ln the Belmont horse, Lord Elklngtonrfc-sev- basketball, Lakewood, golf, b eneflt of Having to face met-* * ab FTi John Lbtfgdeii gan, first up for the Fqtreans, Presto bock to the mound ln Stakes, the third Triple Crowa en-year-old g e l d I n g. /The Manasquan. ropolltan competition only A. Smith; p In "EN EM Y FROM got two baseb when Wathington the fourth.vjvopresto held the event, this coming Saturday. horse went the mile in In the annual coaches golf from the much-less attractive Ricketts, lb. 2 2 SPACE" -- threw wildly to flrsv on Tzta- Gulls tp three scattered hits On Etta France, second choice.2:08:4/5ths, a- time com paf/. tourney, John Carrtololo, Mata- Jam aica racing plant through Bloom, os 1 0. grounder, v Dorgan went to and.ho runs tlio rest of th e In the betting In the" Kfeyport, able tothat mademn crd WBn. the low net of 65, for Ju ly...,... ]. V - ;. Pick; 3b. K F R E E PLAYGROUND third ns Szeigls -roll ed out, way. He fanned 17 batters ln Hartack ran out badly and If money races at Freehold whlcb, he received an award. The Ocepnport,tr.»ck. m U fit Oahfierd,.tc -i-10 0 Wathington to Rank!. Maiiiwan five Innings and walked only was 10 races after t^iat before.raceway. Ledford also took, He shot a 189 and enjoyed a m akehay" this season, so to P. Smith, oi ^ f1 1"1 Free F o rb o y s rf: seemed out of trouble wh e n one., he had a winner. Indeed, he the measure of Maj-ty Marty- handicap of 134. : speak, lo r next year the Aqueduct track, N ew Yorks 825, Lewis, if 1 r On Our New Driving.,Tr^Junloc-J)river8 Club. Nesta, r f Drive-It Yourself Stephens fanned Buzzy Bodlno Henry Wulf, Gull starting and Valenzuela both showed up nlak, Newark, one of the for the second out, : but up pitcher, grew unsteady in his so unimpressively ln Satur leading Freehold drivers, in : came M nrtorelll to. ngaln pop control after blanking the Keys day s racing at the Garden his triumph, Martynlak came Beaver SHU Occupy 000,909 "dream racing plant Durak,3b will be offering opposition 1 0 Track - Byrne, 2b ; 2 2 ] I the ball over the Matawan ib. nicely fo r the first four innings. He walked Bob Chromy thing less than a red hot favor Dean. Lord Eiklngton s tim e; season.. " * that Tim Tam becomes some in second with his. Kayola s Many Lakes In State through much of the summer fielders heads to score 1 th e Winning run. V ].,.. and Pletrewlez in the fifth and ite In the 8100,000 event at Belmont P a rk Saturday In t h e other horse winning in t h e o f New Jersey despite the sd down somewhat throughout the was way ahead of that of any,bea ver still occupy the lakes Racing revenues have been - Chances Get Away ] Punkln -Brown tripled to score St. Peter s had two.more them. In the sixth, W ulf walked Wayne Perry after Bob Ken book.. -. \ T h e iiex& nearest.winning aj areas o f. the Garden State, the business recession. T h e hands of either of them, In our eight races held on the card. vance of civilization to the rur- seasbn so far, In keeping with good scoring chances that got away from them, At the start nedy whs safe on an error. The.. - time was 2:11 1/&* Ledford the Division of Fish and Oame, opening day attendance- at ~ of-the game, Bodlno and Mar- Keyport runners advanced to a A TH IRD IN THE IC4A participated in the racing at Department of Conservation Monmouth last year was torclll punted safely to put scoring position on a wild 220-yard low hurdlea.:* w a a the W eequahlc; track 1 a a t and Economic Development and 81,811,892 was the handle; two on,with,none out. Stephens pitch! Dick Schultz replaced gained by Larry Salmon, for- year with Sis Rose but had reported today. A valuatlon report on the special beaver trap Today thru Sat. Sun, - Mon. - Tuei then tightened down to fan the wulf on the mound for th e mer Matawan High track no success to match that of next three batters. In the sev- Gulls, but Kennedy came In acc, who now Is a Junior at his opening day showing with ping season held during February irrnew* Jersey shows that Seeks Aid For Field Youth Athletic League Sophia Loren Gfeiin Ford Anthony Perkins Shirley MacLalne, enth, Wathington again* threw with the tying run on Jim Wilson s Infield out, In the annual track champl- the University of Marylond, Lord Elklnglon. Another badly to first on a grounder by driver from this area to do 49 permits were Issued and 72 "D E SIR E UNDER THE SHEEPMAN TH E ELM S : CinemaScope-CoIor. Dorgan for a two-base error. Keyport won t h e onshlps for colleges In th e well was John Homllsh, Colts beaver w ere, taken during the The Keyport Youth Athletic Dorgan went to third as Bzelgls eighth. P e rry got two bases eastern part of the country, Neck. He came In victor by period. The division estimates League Is endeavoring to get VfstaVlsIon.. Plua grounded out, Bodlno walked, due to Pete Arlaukas overthrowing first on his grounder, Saturday. Salmon already contested at Vlllariova, on two lengths with Princess over 109 beaver remain In the the co-operation of the Keyport 1 r-h Plus- Gary M errill... but on his try for his fourth hit Llndy, a 10-year-old mare ln state... authorities to aid in fixing the "TH UN DERIN G JETS Nancy Davis CRASH LANDING r pf the day, M artorolll lined to BUI Hogan bunted, but Perry had gained Uie Atlantio Coast the 10th race but hardly in a The beaver, which ls associated closely with the history of League. purposes. The league PLAYLAND5 Biggest,Best in ittjfewjersey (LORE N ^ rf R fe field for Little League and Colt Oarito.w ho made a sterling was cut down at third. However, Hogan made second on hurdles at a time of 23.3 sec Conference title In tho 1 o w time to match Lord Elklng-> scoop-lip near tho ground for ton s. The WeequnhJc meeting will continue Saturdays maintains Its population ln New tlie s 1 x.teams, plus a farni the United States, constantly ls ln dire need of a field where the final put.. the rundown nnd scored th o onds. On tho basis of t h 1 s Garlto also momentarily re-, winning-tun when Wilson followed with a single.. vlved Matawan s hope when showing, he was seeded second to Joel Landau, of Har the drivers who drive profes- petes with the interests of citiout getting hurt. A proper field r AIR CO N D ITIO N ED from now until it is time for Jersey but at times lt com team, can play baseball,"with he singled with two out ln tho The victory enabled LoPrcs- vard, the Ivy League champion. This waa beforo it was slonally to move to Freehold zens. In order to maintain a with a fence to keep spectators o ff the playing field Is ninth, but Purvis Peeler, who to to concludo the season with Raceway. beaver population at a stage flfftid batted for Bob F a u s t- a fl-2 pitching record, which known that another Ivy League luminary, Art Roberson, where the animals will be compatible to New Jersey condi- unnecessary Injuries. All oth- needed desperately to avoid mann, was a strikeout victim, included three shutout wins as Szeigls wound uphis-gteat nnd one no-hlttcr. Results Of Raritan ~ ~ tlons, the Division of FlsU_and -er_ towns made thtse arrangements quite some time ago. ETPORT STRAK of Cornell, also would go In pitching performance by sliow- Point Flcnsani (3) lng he had lt when he needed ab the event; As It was, Salmon Littfe League Activity, _ Game arranges for a harvest was closewith Roberson as when there are Indications the The card party, sponsored lt. R ; Williams, lb 3 Landau skipped in ahead o f1 Results of activity In th e population has reached a point by the league was very successful. The league wishes to game and his control of h is Florctli, If P h o n e Stephens appeared to tire a Tunstend, ss 3 bit toward the middle of the M. Williams, o them by two yards In a 22.9 Township of Raritan Little League saw Hazlet Fire Company way to mako it a success. Continuous Saturday Slarllng at 1:45 P.M. where damage may re su lt. to seconds time with a favoring property. thank all who helped ln any Friday - Saturday June curve ball was not too good. Hoffman, rf wind. Salmons match with 3 Dukes renowned Davo Slme defeating the Veterans of Foreign Wnrs, 8-1, Fleetwo o.d ; submarines in the year 1044 will be held Tuesday at 8 p.m. Tho U.S. Navy commissioned Tho next regular meeting But lie made use of his straight Arlaukas, 3b- ln the Atlantic Coast events fast one and deserved a better Krauss, cf 4 fale for his four-lilt effort. Hurley, 2b did-not come off as Simo confined himself to-the sprints, Keansburg Fire Company 1-0; Yankees nosing out West alone,, ln the Elks Hall, Keyport, 3 * The game woundiip tho season for Matnwan with a 15-3 Schultz, p 1 sdy residents, for the State Wulf, p. - Botli are eligible as New Jer- West End Hawks beating Garden Parkway Flyers 10-7; Rar 5 0 DAYS OF RACING record. It amply also Justified AAU track nnd flold championships at Clifton Juno 14 itan Ridge Tigers defeating the Judgement of tho Essex C o u n ty coaches in seeding Keyport (4) and this could bo Salmons Kcansburg P ark 4-2; West Group I Matnwan third lit the ab r Greater Newark Schools tourney. No other team came.any- LoPresto, p 0 moro likely both will forego Kcansburg Fire Company ran Clirom y, cf 2 1 chance to enter the same End Hawks over Veterans of pvent as Blme; Howpvei\,lt is Foreign Wars 5-1, and the West whcre near as close to beating Peters, lb ; 3 1 tho stato meet for a shot at over tho Raritan Ridge Tigers, St] P eters.... ; Browii,.»s the NCAA track and f le id Matawan (1) Ochlnegro, o titles In their events. Tho NC The standings show the West ab Kennedy,, If AA is held in California tlie Keansburg Fire Company leading the eastern division, fol June 8*9 Sunday - Monday Jackson, tf, K 34 Perry, 3b, r, samo woekend, Continuous Sunday Starting ai 1:45 F.M.. Bennett, S3 Hogan, 3b lowed by Veterans of Foreign 2 Big Features 2 Jones, o 3 D n n e.rf; Wars, Raritan Ridge Tigers, - - Stephens,-p..3 Wilson, rf HAROLD,O BRIE N, tho Keyport High football lineman and End Hawks lend the western nnd Keansburg Parkr-The-West- HUNTZ HALL Johnson, cf 4 OCIANPORT, N. J. Garlto, 2b 4.,- 29 A 7 basketbairiilaycrrhaa been division with - a- throe-wa y - tie 3 mllaa from Girded Stato Parkway, fill 105 B o w e r y B o y s Faustmann, if. Sooro by Innings! named alternate on an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Company, Fleetwood Yankees ST ARTS TUESDAY for second among Hazlet Fire Peeler, rt 2 P t. Pleasant OOO-J 6, Wathington 3b Koyport Academy at Colorado Springs, nnd Qnrden Parkway Flycri. Coach Stan (Tuffy Baker, of thru August 6 Rankl, lb 3 KHS, informs us. The n o w Shore Conference academy at Colorado- Springs Three Shutouts O p o n ln g D a y S t a k e s R a c e,,, Fuesday - Wednesday STANDINGflAB OF MONDAY St. Peterf (2) A DIVISION ls the Air Forcc _eqiuvnlont of ṅb r li jtbury i»ark _ W L _ Tie. West Point and Annapolis for Three shutouts featured the - OCIANPORT HANDICAP 1 A STARTLING action 111 the Raritan Township.r-BodlnOi ef " 3" 0 0 in g BraneU ;. 7 officer training. Unfortunately, Tum., Jun«10.. $15,000 Adcftd DRAMATIC CREATION! larmarjuan 4 M nrtorelll, 2b alternate appointments. rarely Homeowners* Association, solthall lcaguc.on.sunday, Woodland P ark defeated Split* Rock, PARKING Fon MORE THAH 17,030 CABS M idtllelown Twp. 7 5 Mclegn, ss Freehold l l e g lim a l come to entrance as tlio first Red Bank 5 7 ;417 designee is not likely (o forego Tyne, lb N entuno nn appointment to one of t h o Garden Parkway defeated Genera! St>loy Mnttlat 1imt thorovittbwl Wlegdnd, o 4 U DIVISION Fleetwood and Raritan Ridge Admission racing in.ipaeloui turrouodinii, brteit-iwept br lh» ncaiby Atlantic M nssaro, rf F inal Standings service academies. But th e W L defeated Foxwood, nil by the Otaari. Outdoor ard indoor dining Conroy, 11 Matnwan* Koyport High School graduating closs can take pride-in thnt Plnycdi Chosteut lflll outlasted loungesand convenient escilitors t«rrac#... hindy ealttcrla hi n score ot 1-0. In the fourth game atop tha grandstand... fomlortablf Point.Pleasant Dorgan, 3b 4 U 0 Keyport. 0 It has one nominee to W.os t.. let water tfr(nfmn fountains... JVjfacchla, 3b 0 Humstm (J 7 Norgntc Manor In/a w)ld, run- plenty of room to walk around. Szeigls, p 3 i Uayvllle Regional 8 PoJnt, Ray LoPresto, and one producing-game, 17 to Toma ntv«r. 7 0 ulternatc to the AirForoo. Chi/dren trot admitted.... ft»»e*.4l, b k.u N MLV4. ft 5HAW. LOREN PERKIN S IV ES Hoffman Lakewood.. 4b * 0 fi «Acftdomy,*0 Brleft,.ln Its number. The Air Force Academy Is ads? i. POST 2:-30 Daily Double Closes 2:20 r. Plu* Selected ShortSubjecU Have, you rend tho classified Atlantic Highlands 2 13, -.- Hi* m m m

11 ISO Entries Likely For Outboard Speedboat Regatta At Union Beach P E R C E S T R IN G S " ^ STULTZ # A1M346 HO u u i. I 1 in -.n r. r - i i!9c, r f Oiu BcJPNihC. to uic "iint,. stn v ic t,4> _ FUEL OftJ - ATRQ5CNE COAl *213 B R O A D freer! BAYSHORE JUNIOR 11 CarsPut Out Of Action At Stadium MATAWAN. JOURNAL HIGH SCHOOL Union Beach reffatt* a!- the Return of, racing - t«o ld Central Jersey (Outboard) BridgeSU dlunr after a lapse Bayshore I.L Boating Association will be CONFERENCE.. of several sessions, due to rain. Recreation Mixed League Stanley s D iner held next Sunday with over 100 An organization meeting of was marked by crackups in No. B First Station Fran it Ray*, Crystal Recreation... June 5, 1555 rage Eleven entries expected.; Tbe racing the Bayshore Baseball League whlcb a total of II cars were The game in the Bayshore Duotone <1^> for boys ft-u will be held Sunday at 8 p jn. at Midway Fire smashed out of racing. The Keyport Recreatiori (1) High Tenm Series will start at 10:30 a.m. and the Junior High School Conference racing took place 6unttay night, Stanleys piner <2> Duotone 1831 basis of 171. Bhe also was crrtf*- / races w ill be run at a coarse House, Matawan, Larry InsJey, to eliminate a n y lingering a change from the Sunday aftr No. B (2) Fran & R ay s 1708 lted with high set, having bowled the leagues only 600 set, n of one-mile-and-two-thlrds on chairman, announces. doubts as to Cliffwood Schools ernoon sessions. Racing also Crystal Recreation <1> Hlgb Average B. Kullbcrg will be conducted F r i d a y _ an oval course parallel with baseballs championship w a s nights until further notice.. Team Standings Ladles* Hlgb Average 003, during the regular season. and as near as safety considerations will allow to th e To Defend Tide played last week with Coach Fran tt Rayn. l r O. Phelan. 138 events. By elimination of the t o p Duotone / INgb Individual Game* Marie llilly e r held the high B ill Newman s players humbling their rivals from Matawan, Bud Olson, Paulsboro veteran 740 Is held by the Keyport B. Kullberg 215 game of the aenaoilwlllls brllname drivers in the crackups, Keyport Recreation G. Phelan 182 llant eum high g a in e d beao^mntvthis will afford spectators a closeup view. In State Track The Matawan team had of the stock car tracks, came Cleaners, while Uie high series The regatta is the first event had a mathematical chance to in safe, hts car in one piece White Eagle Inn New Strain O f Trout Matawan g track forces advance op Rutgers Stadium Sat tory was waiting for his grasp. Seen In Development place finishers, Uie Middletown in this area sanctioned by the tie for the title until the game and tbe checkered flag of vic Ladies Pin Loop of 2010 went to tho second. American Power Boat Associa-, urday and face the first serl- was played. A three-car crackup in t h o In M-K Softball * 5... Pharm acy team. New Jersey m ay be developing. a strain of trout l- adaptable j,.. The Kryport Cleaners^ entry 11 Cars Put Out Closes Season lo us threat to their dominance As If to emphasize their su- first lap demolished machines T T h * e, Qroup 1 sectton of th e; jprem acy and vent the - chagrin of Frank DeRosa, North Bergen; Paterson s Tony Battle has been unable to carry usual, U,e Statff g * tp l * tw eeam e roll% flw ith Ei-Moe-Kl, West Keansburg. was discontinued clals will be a. in Offi- state that APBA. assigned. since they o they first / have faced won the crown [occasioned -,..,, by. the. _ lone. defeat and Freehold s P arker Bohn through its entry in the Mats-. Tbe members of llje Central three-yenrs-ngo. I by M arlboro Township, t h e with DeRosa going to Middlesex General Hospital fo r exam o f Conservstion snd Economic as the Keansburg Ladles Mon race. Tlie stock car portion of or Fish andosmei Depsrtment the-middletown Pharm acy to (continued fro m fourui colum n) wao-keyport Softball League take the championship crown field tn a 10-car, 25-lap midget Jersey outboard club b a v e Listed as competing for, Cliffwood team also rolled up a done excellent work ln. lining Matawan arc the following: I *5-0 score on Raritan T o w n - ination o f an Injured leg. Don and the place has been taken Development,, h fi announced. day Night -Bowling League Uie program was Just the opposite as Boudinot had his hands Dave... jonea In the 100 and the ship. Stumpf, Ridgefield P ark, lost by ifl/hite Eagle Inn, South Amboy. Moon DlMattla, a star for now ln s preliminary stage of banquet of tlie league was held full tn whining his first 231ap-. One expertolentoi project closed the eeason. The annual up entries to make tbe event a low hurdles; Rich Bennett in Cooch John Luc3,koYlU;h_ a wheel later Bank s success^ They were favored the sprints; M el Jeffcoat in the Matawan, sent his mound ace, Chubby Hower ram m ing it and the Keyport Dukes in bsskel development came from t b e Monday night at H arry s Lobster House. Sea Bright. modified racer. per of the season ln his No, 50 with direct contact with most ot the racing drivers lo t h e S Bradach.r l 5_i.arl? in the ; Fred Far.. B1U wood Bowie, in ijjm against ^ rampant Cliffdriving "the wheel over the observation that hatchery-reared trout Were often found as Both teams were tied at 60 From start to finish Uiert guard Tall, off the tracks - bsll, is manager of this fast east by participating Decoration Day in the. Lambertvllle and the Javelin; Don Wicklund rish and Bob Rank] in the 880 Cliff wooders reasonably In Crashes Into Dower moving combine, "holdovers In- Impoundments wins and to losses at the close was little doubt of tho outcome regatta on the Delaware River. in the m ile; John Germann and check for the first four innings, Then Rahways Pete Fraree, White Eagles stubbed tttelr where temperature and oxygen of the regular season and the of Uie midget race as Coy ras- There-were 109 racing drivers Roy Matthews in the shot put hot in the last three innings who wrested the- lead from toe in their first game In the requirements were found to be playoff was ordered Immediately. The Cleaners rolled to peated in the main event. Ed lly took hla heat and Ihen re at Lam berivllle and CJBA skippers believe It is not beyond Carl Stephens in the discus Coach Newmans players appeared to forget they soon ed with tremendous force into Newark s Jerry Morese, crash loop, running up against t h e unsuited, at least according to accepted standards, fo r salmd- game wins of 723 and 675 Hawkins, another Long Island fast moving Old M ill Dairy nlds. ^ am dton, Jones and would be teammates with their Hower after, the latter had agnlnst the Pharmacys totals driver, was expected lo be reasonable expectation that as Ted Wathlngton in the broad many may show up at_unlon jum p; Bud Short in the Jump rivals in that great fraternity blown his engine and smashed combine. In the second contest This s e t Roland F, Smith, of 653,n d 565. Coy s top opposition hi Uie midget races. But he wrecked at Beach. :, and with Tim Magee and Bob o f Matawan High School baseball and finished out a clobber could grasp the. situation - six produced a.sensation for kl-k Into the fence. Before anyone they played, the Amboyans fisheries biologist In charge of Pete s, Inc,, finished In third, Hosts By Classes Condit In the high hurdles; fishery research and development, U> looking further i n t o burg National Bank...and the wns unable to start at Wall. place, followed by the KeaMH- Isllp, 1,1.. Friday night a n d The CUBA.skippers who will Sam Kay and Bob Finn In the ing to lhelr fellow school district rivals. \ sprawled cars to atop the race. other machines piled Into the softball history by playing tbe matter. He found that Keansburg News teams ill Uiat Coy s n e n r e a t o m iprlllor >e hosts at Union Beach Sunday are, by classes; " B " utlll- J ones, Jeffcoat. Stephens, pofe vault. Sparkling Doable Flay Luckily no driver was injured but Frazee, However, Rum* tie game in league annals. posed to quite high water tem division were dcntllcs Mur- Carpentler, look third.- Bzura, Inc., the first scoreless many hatchery trout nre ex order. Finishing in the second was Harney Davls, while King - tles-bob Letwenske, John Hen- Hamilton and K ay are looked A sparkling double p 1 a y by son s B ill McCarthy and Mor- Atlantic Tile Co. continued to peratures during tbe normal kel, II. Wusaermnn ahd Son, Boudinot, on Uie ouier hand, rlksen, Bob Austin, Ben Sica; upon as likely to bring home Matawan kept Cliffwood "from ese were out of the race. Frar roll along in high gear at the course of a summer nt th e Downes, Marqueta Pharmacy had to survive n rough a n d ID" UUIitles-Harrison Boggs, Group I state Individual titles. breaking away at the start. zee s racer rolled over on Its Hackettstown State Fish Hatchery, and that apparently the Eleanor Smith copped t h e event to win. He nosed out Hob and Frank- VanSycklra m b 1 v modified -sportsmen Jr.. Lou Letwenske: A Utijl- KHS Only Entering Lawson _ Bud Wathlngton, first Cliffbead of the procession, topping side from the Impact. ties-frank Fuller. Don Lebedz; wood batter, wns safe on Rich Restarted, the field streaked Hollywood Oilers, 5*4, then hatchery personnel already award fur tho league s high Mnlsahn and Bill Pflster to Keyport wilt enter only one D " Stock Hydros-Tony LaCon- Fierros* error. Larry Behr hit round Uie oval for tire rem aining laps with Olson, who had Hollywood took the irritation of that could adapt themselves dusting off Fiber Chemical, 7-3. had developed a strain or trout average bowler with a season win.. te, Art Bennett, F a t Llebeck; athlete this year in Group H. safely. Jack Yatea hit Into the Frank Lawson will make a bid A Stock Hydros-Carol L, 1 e- double ploy, sparked by Rich won an afternoon feature on a their defeat out on the Keyport to quite adverse water environments. < Cleaning - Dyeing - Repair - Storage. beck, Dfive Laconic.. for individual honors in the 440 Wilson. Matawan second baseother contestants had had pri* Pennsylvania apeedway, pleading to the finish. Others in or- Owens boys, 5-4. Dukes, lrlmming Coach DICk in this, his senior year. Coach man. But Cllffwood got a run pltethe large entry lists TuWy Baker w»> have everyone of his trackmen other than»vaihingioa. Cliiiwood pitcher, osa td lhz- Ssitos -Bbav. Cxs.Tic. at Lambertvflle, three of th e *«. zizzz > Restaursnt, a team. Meeting Tuesday Boudinot; Gqorge Tet, Ozone been getting bumped around since the league Vernon hf/nning, president, - CJBA skippers managed to Lawson back next year when connected for the first of his P ark, N.Y.; Bob Malzahn, Miami, Fla., and Bridgetons E l started, enjoyed tbe balm of a has announced the next regu b y bring home prizes.. Fuller the Red and While looks to be four hits. made a strong showing on a serious factor ln Group n Cllffwood started to.pull ton Hildreth. There was no winning time, 0... one out against Bzuvaa Township Homeowner, Associ... New Jersey* first victory when they pulled lar meeting of the R a r 1 1 a it c - gpedb poiential to the A" utll- track. Highland Park should j away to. the third,.but. Wathitiei^dlvlsion.l He was behind run away with Group n honors I Ington again Was safe on an error. Yales and Chuck Wathlng Heat races were captured by slide when the Dukes spilled In Use El-Moe-Kl liau, West 19 Cars Provide Thrills Fiber Chemical Continued their ation will be held-on Tuesday badlyj at the start but got. the this year. - J. 4 Moet Modern Equipped speed out o l his motor to overcome his Initial disadvantage Matawan con e x p ^ f strong ton hit safely again and gnoth- Tet, Olson, Englishtown s Jim them Keansburg, at 5:30 p.m. Subjects for discussion will Include and come ln fourth on points. opposition from Mountain e r error brought the Cllffwood Hoffman and Bohn. Thc 19 cars Thc league standings as of Rug Cleaning Plant LlVrs.-Glen Ridge and Hanover Park. H ie MAroori a n d ly was, enough as M atawan; J"il m ny thrills before Port Team W L Pot. ordinance and the formation of team to a 3-0 lead. This actual in the 12-lap novice race pro- the weekend were: ; the-proposcd townshtp zoning S. Bops Rug Cleaning Co. E d W ulf, Amityville, L.J.. led tbe-large Held. It took a marked display of driving skill on fe.t ei does not have anyone who could do little with the offerings of Chuck Wathlngton. In u urlving finish over Frank Old Mill D a iry sociation, All.members are Monmouths Jack Howard won Atlantic Tiio the Monmouth Cointy Clvto As Fullers part to work his way can touch Mountain L a k e s Hoodies T ucker In the 880 and the fifth, Matawan fielding Kovaca, Fords, and Fleming* Hollywood urged to atteud this Important up. through a field of so many craft to get Into a finishing po- Hap Hoey in the mile, assuring gave away after Bud Wathlngton and Behr had hit safely. At W all Stadium Saturday, Fiber SO South Amboy, N. J. tons Don Hughes. Duke s 2 2 tboo meeting. Coll: 4th and N. Stevoni Avo. the Lakers of 10 points at the. sltlon for which he could get a start. - Three bad misplays no longer Johnny Coy, a Long Island Burlew s U. S. Marines landed for Ole good point standing. Closer to winning was Bennett ln the D " stock hydros. state meet by overwhelming come of the game and the <continued in eighth column) Bzura Matawan tvarmed up for the left any doubt about the out driver, ran well ahead of tbe White Eagle Inn first time In Korea In Jane _ Free Pickup ft Delivery Service > Dick ODay..Paterson, w e s Middletown Township in a meet championship race.....winner to this division after May 28, The -97 2/3.. to 19& Cllffwood succeeds Middletown T o w n s h 1 p as league \ two false starts. TonyLoCoiitc score, was the. most convincing was second to one heat and appeared to outrun the opposition a dual meet this year. T w o bility the Middletown team margin Matawan has posted ln chanaps. There still is a possi B a lla iit m e on the straightaways, being, m arks posted by Matawan In m ay tie for second as they second to the finish when tbjt the meet exceeded the marks have a game with Matawan to naftbukl.fthtmb, Dtfve- Rough; in the^recent Shore Conference play out In which they led 11-5 Hawthorne, gunned his m oto r ahd shot past on the lee MB meet. Bradach. a freshman, delighted Coach John ClUMood (15). wllh twotohlnas to plsy. - side. Bennett was ln there all Caracciolo by doing the 440 in * ab r the way and he was only edged, out by ODay and Hough in 84 seconds fist. Stephens exceeded bis Shore Conference Behr. 3b B. Wathlngton. sa final, point-standings ;. m ark at 135 feet in the discus Yates, lb The lone CJBA with a mighty toss of 143 feet, C. Wathlngton, y have misfortune wtth his boat 5& inches. In the hlgb Jump, Vena, e was.sica, who scraped s rock- Jeffcoat equaled the Shore Davls, rt p lk in the river. Most of the Conference B winning height J. Brown, of of 5 feet.-10 inches, posted by Walters, c f o knowledge of Delaware Riv- Lakewoods Jack Aidon.. / Collins, lb - e r conditions!n racing, so had O th e r\wlnnlng efforts f o r Underwood, If that advantage on the CJBA Matawan were posted by Rich wihpppra. w a te r conditions Bennett In the 220; Parrish in Mstawsa. were good but the wind d i d the and Javelin; - Condit in whip up» run of unpredictable the high hurdles; Davq_ Jones, "rough spots along lhe course. in both the 100 and the low hurdles; Matthews In the shot put. BOoUl, Sb. / John Schedel, Secaucus, R. Wllaoo. 3b dominated the " B utilities dt* Hamilton In the broad jump Eovlno, as F i e r r o s, lb - vision In which Bob Letwenske and K a y in the pole vault. ~ and Henriksen were racing. Middletown s lone win w a s Bowie, p, Ib scored by Fred Bernhardt In M orrell, p the m ile. Two of their leading W alker, e point makers, Dave.P aimer Schuber. if. and Oene Blbaud, were out of B arr, lb action, accounting fo r the relatively dismal showing of th e VaoDeusen. ef Anttwny, cf. D e lla P le tro.c f Lions. GAS SUMMARIES (M (o r lu U in n iv J flf tar XkWJflown- -! 30 Towniktp) 100 yard d «h Won by Jones Score by Innlnra: (M l, fnd Bennett (M ), 3rd Fitcher ClUfwood (M T). Tim e: 1«.J wtca. _ Matawan yan* d»ih r-_w iiii- taf_ Bennett,./M l, 2nd Jeffcoat tm ). 3rd Fischer M T). Tim e: 24.S You Get Clean, Quick 440 yard dash Won hy Bradach Two W eeks To G o (M l. 2nd Mabbttt (M ). 3rd Jonei (M l. Time: 54 *ec*. Heat For Cooking 880 yard run Won by Parrish Mfttafran ft new lesm, (he (M ). 2nd E re (M T). 3rd Scaxzt <MT>. Tim e; 2 mtn*., 07.1 * * «.. Red Sox, contfnaed ( be Prompt, Efficient Mile rim Won by-burnhart (M T), Ihe semaiion of baseball for m d Rankle (M ). 3rd WicWund (M ). Service Tim e: 3 m )ns 07.9 secs. boys 8*12 years fn Cftfs ares 120 yard high hurdles Tie between Condit (M l and Short (M l, when (hey sb*armed over 3rd M ije e <M). Time: ISA sees. (he Keyport Braves l?*f hi 120 yard low hurdles Won by D. (he first p M F D f s doable Jones iu k 2nd Bennett (.31). 3rd KEYPORT GAS CO. Sutton (M T). Time: 13 sees. bid at Matawan L iltle Lea* Discus Won by Stephens (M ), see field Decoration Day, ±2nd Malthews~TM). 3rd Gregory (M ). ~ Affiliate of Dlslam e: 143 ft.. 5»i ins. Lon Tomaseno, (he mo and Shot put -..W onjiy Matthews (M ). ace of (he Sox, axain was fn 2w( Gerrrianh (M L 3rd Healey (.ST). Distance: 44 ft.. 2 ins. fine feuie. Javelin Won h r Parrbh 4M ). In (be nlrhtcap, the Keyport Bears evened thirty* in K E Y P O R T LU M B E R 2nd Convery (M T). 3rd Hankie (»1). Distance: (*., 3 Ins. Iiroatl Jump Won hy Ilom illon (he fnierborotiffh rivalry by : & S U P P L Y CO. (M T ). Dirtance 19 fl,. JO tna. (M ). 2nd E. Jonei IM ), 3rd Aver topping the Matawan Tfyers illfth Jump Won by Jeffcoat im ), 6*3. Tbe apriub o f the Keyport Raiders was checked by T e l. M a ta w a n nd -Short <M). T Icfor 3rd between C iiffy v o o d, N- -i 5 fl.. 10 Im.. ihe-kerpvrt Cardinals fa I u jr vault V.on by K ay (M ), 2nd Hsddow (M T). Tie for 3rd (he past week 9*2. among Shore (M ). Finn (M ), O iter Ia (be G iffsm d-laurraee (M T). Heigtit: 10 fu in*. Harbor leagqe, (he Anrfia continued ia be *00 overpowering for tbe rest of (he league, ranhing up an 5*1 score Ob Uie Raritan Bay Lions. -The Lion*, - (be- Laurence Ifarbor Gfants abd (he Laurence Harbor Yankees continued to battle It out on ax even basis, the Lions edging (he GUuts 7-8, and Ihe Yankees 4-5 last week bat Mow* dmjr gelling set back by the Giants 4-3 in excellent closefourbt competitiod,... In two weeks, boys* baseball wiu come fo(o i ll own as tbe boys will liave hurdled their final*examfcuuoas fa school and will be free^io devote their energies to recreational activities. T h e Keyport - Matawan Leairwe wilj reach Its first half f/oal June 10 and Uaen start on tbe secood bal/# wbicb ro a t lo July A «C0- T.H. P f f. BAtLWIINE ft SO**, NIITAffl, p. JL The criflp ocoaiukpray and cooling breczaj along the Jernoy shore rem ind a lot o f Jerseyites o f the ppcdal kind of refrenhm ent you get with BalJnntine B e e r, e crmp re frc iiln r! A t home, o r at y o u r fa v o rjle tavern, every, la)], foam-loppeij g laas o f B.i!Iantinc B e e r U icily light, precisely rig h t! Enjoy the liveliest taste in town V v.

12 _ ATAWAN JOURNAL First Section. Page Twelve. June 5, 1958 Award Contracts For New School Five contracts totalling *357,- 099 were awarded Tuesday night by the Keyport Board of Education for construction of a 10-c 1 a s s r o o m elementary school, which is slated for construction north of Keyport High School between Broad and Atlantic Sts. : The King Construction Corp., Long Branch, was awarded the general construction contract on base and alternate bids totalling $ Frederic Fessler, school architect, reported the general contractor is ready to start work on the new school Immediately, Other successful -hldders-were P a rk Steel a n d Iron Co., Bradley Beach, $24, 683; Frank Gibson, plumbing, Freehold, $18,392; Stephen J. Gross, Inc., heating and ventllating, Shrewsbury, $60,942 and the South Jersey Electric Co., Cedar Grove, $32,782. The school, designed to re- v y, a f i n e a s s o r t m e n t o f : M e d i u m T a n k s R o l l I n H o n o r O f K e y p o r t W a r D e a d O n M e m o r i a l D a y Medfum tank, units of the Red Bank National Guard joined a wild pitch and passed ball Bugle Corps, firemen, soout: units, veterans and tbe Keyport (he annual Keyport Memorial Day parade and services Friday- First Aid Squad participated In the parade. Tbe affair was and coming home on Ben Jack; as the community paid honor to Its war dead: Led by the sponsored by the Keyport Clvlo Affairs Committee.. - son s Texas-Leaguer. -.lleve. overcrowded conditions at Keyport.High School Band pud the Keyport Junior Drum and j The-frosh snarled the count Keyport Gram m ar School, at two-all In the 1 sixth. Ray w ill have eight regular classrooms, an all-purpose r o o m, den, $22,990; Grove Plumbing Scuorzo got two bases when two kindergartens-and- office and Heating, Bloomfield, *21> Morganville Couple Celebrates 30tli D riv e r Hurt As His Dane, playing third, overthrew first on a ground ball. B 11" and heating space. Construction 950 and Sahn Co,, Highland Car Rams Another Louche then hammered out ls financed through a $360,000 Park, $25,555. Anniversary At Barbecue; Area News bond issue augmented by $50, Cnpt. J. Edgar Wilkinson, safe hit and Scurozo romped 000 ln surplus funds. Heating and ventilating base Matawan Township Police, Issued a summons May 28 to The deciding counter w-a home. Bids Submitted offers came from WUllam L. Mr. and M rs. Frank Diehl, were Mrs. Alfred Frenchm an, Base bids for general c o n- Towers. Little "Sflver, $63,358; Marlboro Gardens, Morgan- Mrs. Virginia Kellogg, Keansburg. and Mrs. Michael Cos- nook St., Cllffwood, after a car ham got a life when Scuorzo, Charles McCusker, 45 Shady- scored ln the sixth. E d Bickstructlon were submitted as follows: Schurman Construction, Long Branch, *85,100;Stephen barbecue on Sunday ln celebra William Conklin and,. Sons, vllle, entertained at an outdoor turn, M organville. operated by that driver h,a_d catching for the.frosh, threw Paterson, $264,000; S /F a lm l- GrosS, Shrewsbury, $60,942; tion of their 30th wedding anniversary. Guests were M r. and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Meyer rammed the parked vehicle of his bunt wide to first. Blckham sano, Bayonne, $249,942; Jack and dffughter, M aryann, a n d William Flttlus, Cliffwood Ave., made lt Tound to third on pass Frank Gibson, Freehold, *07,- Preston;, Middletown..fZgMlil*. Mr, and Mrs. Carl Blnger had Cllffwood, at Regans parking ed ball, then brought In. the PostConstruction Co., Oaklyn, JiW.-VgtrWonjv is#/.jfeptw D f, M xx. R. Hossbarb»7?h i/ms/u-,iijm so EoVmbay xa. Ik *,S>tiss»ks>-,lot nt Route 35.and CVtltwowL winning run after Browns long $265,000; Britton Construction. $72,404; Thomas Barham,- Long ter, Jane! Matawan; M r. and blscho Alb. W orrenvllle. - - Ave,"... "" " " ityfntq Asbury Park, $244,599; M. Branch, $63,246; Borough Mrs. Edw ard St. Thomas and The Children s Day program Mr, MoCusker sustained a Keyport (3) Rlesz, Fords, $259,379; Calabro Plumbing and Heating, South son, Edward, Nutley; M r, and will be held at the evening nose Injury from being thrown ab Construction,. Rahway, $266,- 000;,William Kohl and Son, Red River, *67,982; Sahn Co., Mra. Robert. Ritter, M r, a n d services on Sunday ln the Morganvllle Methodist Churoh. by the impact, according to po Blckham, 3b forward against the windshield Topolewaki, ss. 32 Bank, $246,900: Rlcclardl Construction, Orange, $259,000; S. pal, Jersey City, $68,624 a n d Lynn and Jeffrey, Mr, and Mrs. lng of the Women s Society of Bloomfield, $65,000; R.O, Mau- Mrs. Gene Ritter and ohlldren, The regular monthly~meetlice report. The m otorist blam- L. Dane, If... 3 eu the acoldent on the -driver C. Brown, c, p 3 J. Day. Asbury Park, $250,333; Conditioning Co., Newark, *74,- Franklin Ritter, Mitch Lavoie, Christian Service of the M organvllle Methodist Churoh waa changing his mind too late J, Kennedy, lb King Construction, Long 100, Mr. and M rs. Al Meade a n d about turning Into the parking W ells, p, If lot., Ben Jackson, 2b 3 Branch, $217,000, and J. Wester and Son, Metuchen, $271,- were submitted by Electro Mrs, C arl Bm&er and daugh Blnger. Mrs. Ralph Howardson Electrical contract base bids Infant.daugMer; and M r. and held at the home o f M rs. Carl Infante, cf 2 Bales, Neptune, *38,990; - Vena ter, Dale..., was co-hostess. Enjoy Hot Dog Roast H ell, rf 3 Chapman, p. 1 Steel and iron qontracl base Electric Co., Matawan, *34,048; Members of Brownie Troop The LittleSocial Club, M organvllle,; enjoyed a hot dog bids were offered, by E.a_r. k Topas and Heerlng, Lakewood, Mrs. Arthur Bumpus and 66 held a cook-out party re Steel and Iron; B. r a.d 1,q y *36,600; Melvin Decker, Highlands, $40,022; Carl Schultz; home after spending a week ln son, Arthur, Jr., have returned cently at the home of Mrs. roast at the home of Mr. and Beach, $25,168; N. Maltese, K H ST reshm en (2) Ethel Attrldge, troop leader. Mrs, Leroy VanPelt on Tuesday afternoon. Those present Hogan, p, ss - 0 New Brunswick, $26,269; Breen N ew ark,1 $41,240;, Electrlcon Washington, D. C.. ab r Steel and Iron Co., $29,910 and Inc., Fair Lawn, *44,600; E lectric Construction, *39,962 and Marlboro Gardens,.entertained Mr, and Mrs. Don Gregory, The regular monthly meeting Raynor Machine & Iron WorkB, of the M organvllle Mothers were Patti Konowalow, Christine Anne and Barbara Lynn Louphe, 3b. 3 celved lo r this contract.. Ocean Grove, *31,564. : urday. Out-of-town guests In Scuorzo, c _-$28,948, Only four bids were *e- the South Jersey Electric Co., at an outdoor barbecue on Sat Club was held on Thursday at the home of M rs. W illiam Cosgrove. Future platis fo r t h e ne Seber, Angela Manzo, Mur Jim Wilson; lb " T Smith, Jeanne Lanzaro, Jean Plet rewlcz, p, lb 2 0 Basc-blds for the-plumblng- cluded Mr, ond Mrs, Tom Hickey and children, Rosem ary and club were-discussed,-those-atiel Crocker, Sandy Kudrlck, Chenoweth. 2b. 0 contract were submitted as follows: William Towers, Little alries of the tu rf will continue, Ray, Newark; M rs, B ert Eg- One of the noted brother rivtending were Mrs. W alter Bing, Vivien Owens, Kathy Konowalow, Bubby Owens, Donald and Lewandowskl, of Frederlch, If Silver, $22,663; w illiam J. Conklin, Long Branch, *19,496; P,ark meeting, running from Jean, M r: and M rs. Charles during the 60-day Monmouth gcra and daughters, Anne and Mrs. Michael Costura, M r s. Eugene G all, Mrs. Joseph La- Thomas M iller, Karen Hourl- Sakln, rf Stephen J. Gross, Shriwsbury, June. 10 through Aug, 6. J. Yates and M rs. A. Bammann, Mura, Jr., Mrs, George PheaS-. han. Also Mrs, Robert Owens, Raynor; cf, If $20,417; Thomas.B a r h a m. Bowes Bond and Bernard P, all of Matawan.... ant and M rs. Theodore P o 11- Mra. H arry Konowalow, Mra. Long Branch, $21,699: Martin Bond, the.maryland Jralncj;*, The Every Monday N I g h t Cliak. -j>u- v. « DonalJ, M iller McGuire; Red Bank, *21,000; will have sizeable strings campaigning locally. Bernle w a s Mrs. Donald Porter, Keyport. the year, Brownie Troop 180, Card Club met at the home of F or their final meeting of Score by Innings: Frank Gibson, Freehold, *18,- 392: Van Cleve, Inc., Neptune, the leading trainer In 1954 at Mrs. P orter s birthday w a s under the leadership of Mrs. Water Rate Hike Keyport KHS Freshinen $22,924; Olenlk Plumbing, Lin-1 Monmouth Park. celebrated. T h o s e attending Robert Dalton and Mrs. Carl (continued from page one) Blnger held a picnic at the Lavoie picnic grounds May 28. state was nearly $19,000 less the amount approved by th e R e c e iv e s A w a r d s The oard party held Sntur-- than the committee had requested for reconstruction of day evening, which was sponsored by the Mothers Auxiliary of Boy Scout Troop 93. red to engineer K a rl Heuser, the road. The grant was refer Planning A Wedding? M organvllle; was very successful. Motbers-ln-charge y e r e proceed under the grant or If to determine If the work can M rs/ Thomas Kocovsky, Mrs. additional funds must be requested from the state depart Douglas Alt, Mrs. Harold Quackenbush. M rs, Fred Mars ment. V i s i t t h e o f f i c e o f T h e K e y p o r t W e e k l y a n d and Mrs. Thomas Antlsoll, M rs. Rose K, Wenzel, township clerk, reported 18 parcels Russell VanPelt, who h a s been a patient at Fltkln Mem- of land were sold nt the annual T h e M a t a w a n J o u r n a l, ^ - E r q n t : S t., K e y p o r t. orlal Hospltal, Neptune, h a s tax sale conducted by th e returned to his home. township. Bids totalled $6350 Mrs. A.,S. Cartrlght has returned home from Hazard Hosured at $651. In addition, the and the tax equivalent was fig T h e r e y o u w i l l f i n d t h e f i n e s t a n d l a t e s t s t y l e pital, Long Branch, where she township received advertising W e d d i n g I n v i t a t i o n s a n y w h e r e i n t h e c o u n t r y... had been a medical patient for costs, M rs. Wenzel reported. " two weeks. A request by Thomas Davino Mr, and M rs. Thomas Antisell had as holiday weekend line on Maple Ave., near Wash fo r an extension of a water... f d s o t h e g r e a t e s t s e l e c t i o n t o c h o o s e f r o m f o r guests, M r. and M rs. George ington St., waa referred to Mr. M iller, Bogota; Frank Linden Heuser. Mayor M arz said the y o u r i n d i v i d u a l c h o i c e. v - ~ Antlsell, Pittsburgh, P a., and committee would-lnspect t h b Alfred: Bartlett Antlsell, N e w site but cautioned that a developer of property ls expected to GEORGE F. EG N ER York. V. -M r, and M rs. Edward, Legler, Install his own water line to The Equitable Life Insurance Society reports that 11 s recently attended a fam ily reunion ln Clinton, Conn., at the Davino reported he anticipated representative, George F. Eg- service homes constructed, Mr. - A ll Invitations are packed with double envelopes and tissues, / home of M rs. Jack Legler construction ol approximately ner, 32 Fierro Ave., Matawan, To be socially correct order respond cards and reception cards In M rs. T lllle Jameson, Holmes seven houses ln the area. was one of the leading contenders ln the total amount of pol Lamberson and M r. andnmrs. The committee approved an your order. -..!..." Frank Burke, South Aitfboy, application by the New Jersey icy premiums written during and M rs. Joseph Lanzaro, sr Natural Gas Co. to open West Its April campaign, with a total of 262 points, W rite name o f person invited on each Inside envelope.. -., - Mrs. Joseph LaMura, sr., Concourse at Wayside D r. to f F o ld a ll Invitations Inside.and place tissue upon printed page. Morganvllle, visited the Long- Install new m ains-_ and announced that future regular ner has received are nn all-ex Among other prizes Mr". Egwood Gardens, Kcnnett Square, As a Free G ift O ffe r you w ill recelvo w ith y o u r order a G old Keep- Pa., recently and then motored meetings of the committee will pense paid trip fo r him self and to Atlantio Olty for the remainder of the day. - hall. Lower Main St., at 1 p.m. vention to be held at the Saga be held at the new municipal his wife to the company s con bake (your Invitation made ln gold m ounted ln en a lb u m ), also a booklet How To. M ake Your W edding R un Sm oothly ; and If youi order Miss Patti Konowalow a n d on t h e second and, fourth more Hotel, Lake George, la 100 or more Invitations you w ill receive 100 free white ln form aliran d Jean Sebor were among those Wednesdays of each month, N.Y., ln August; two tickets participating in the dance recital held at the Joan-I rcne to ii Broadway show of h is 100 envelopes w ith y o u r nam e b eautifully therm ographed. _ -Howard Orant, who" won the Dance Studio, Koyport. Jockey title nt Mbnmouth Pnrk M r. and M rs. Frank Smith Inst season. dethroning S n m and sons, Newark, were F ri Boulm etls who had topped the list ln tho two previous years, E n g a g e m e n t A n n o u n c e m e n t s B i r t h A n n o u n c e m e n t s B o o k M a t c h e s N a p k i n s..., A t The. Publishers O l I h e K e y p o r t W e e k l y - T h e M a t a w a n J o u r n a l KEYPORT u. day visitors ln Morganvllle Ml. andm rs. J nines Myers, Ohio, were visitors nt Ihe home j>t M r, and Mrs. Leroy Van- Pelt on Saturday. M r. and M rs. Martin Smith. Jr., and children.martin III, Barbara Lynn, Christine a n d Elizabeth, vlslted-mr,-nnd Mrs. Thomas Maresca at their summer place on Long Island Beach on Sunday. M r. and M rs. August Boldt ontortalned their Inmlly at a cookout on Saturday.,y h o s e present were Edwin Boldt, Morganvllle;1 Mr. nnd Mrs C larke 8m lth and -daughter, Cindy Lee, Matnwan; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boldt and chil dren, Robert, Jr., and D a w n, South River, and Mr. nnd Mrs! Robert Gee, Lyndhurst. M r. nnd M rs. Joseph L nnzaro, sr., visited Mrs. Louis Hines, Belleville, Sundny. Mrs. Hines ls Mrs. Lanzaro-s mothor.. - Theodore Pollchnk, Old Tenncnt R d., is a patient nt Monmouth Momorlnl Hospital. w ill be back seeking a second straight championship when tho season opens Tuesday. Boulm etls, too, w ill be In action. He has won-the title-four times, ln 1956, 1055, 1953 and 1949, Grant, an apprentice ln 1957, Is a full-fledged b o o t o r now and currently leading the national standings. KHS Top Freshmen 3-2 A preview of 1959 Keyport High School baseball was given at the Red and White s field Tuesday when t h e varsity squad members in the sophom ore and Junior classes engaged the KHS freshm an team. The upper classmen prevailed 3-2, in a well-played game. Lew Wells, a southpaw, and Dick Chapman and Punkln Brown, right handers, shared the pitching duties for t h players. For the fresh m en, Alex Fletrew lcz, a lefthander, and B ill Hogan righthander,tolled.. The freshmen got away to a lead In the third on Jim W ll sons lpng homer down the left field foul Une. The upperclassmen came right back to score twice in their half of the fourth L o rry Dane doubled, went to third on a balk, and scored on Hogans wild pitch. Jack Kennedy sent his side ahead by hitting safely, then advancing on choice; a"pen and pencil set, and two tickets to the Chlcago- Yankeo baseball game, which he attended yesterday. WAHT ADS e k v u tq, H u M u u d tfa THrUlHW MM flw la H B I I I LINCOLN * MERCURY NEW AND USED CARS, On Monmouth Street Opposite Carlton Theatre - Bed Bank, Shadyside SHOP & SAVE Food Fair lowjiow Louis S h e rry D Strawberry Jelly or Black 8 ql yj Q. Raspberry _ [ar 11 N lb le ts...:. Golden Corn 2 «2 3 - B&M Baked Pea Beans 31= B&M. Stamps ietetic P roducts Orange Marmalade 8i.? 3 l c M e x icorn (Corn end Peppert) 2 cen" 3 7 R e y n o ld s W r a p Economy Sizo Brown - Bread -O- " \le I2"x75ff 7 r C - roll «/ O P ro g re s so P roducts T o m a to P a s te t c.iif.mi. 3 1e. nt.2 9 M a r in a r a S a u c e. IOL 0,,2 3 C "Red K id n e y B e a n s 2«. 29 D u rk e e Cocoariut.. ihrtddid IQ C 4 on pig. 1 jf W h ite R o se : Rodi-Tea 14 oz, o n e bo). 3 7 ~ R o y o x Cleaner I4oi,*)A C bof. Z t E hlers Instant Coffee Ezprotto P F C ; oz. jar 0 9. T h riv o Dog Food v 3 L 3 7 S w a n e e Towel* 2 S 3 3 c JL ROSE-X BLEACH : Disinfoch, Daodorizsi,. f Whitem Nyloni, Dacron r^/ 1 m A n & f l Sam* of C&ttorir.&;Uo»ifc W.... w i m Rose-X Starch t j j j P Crisp Plastic Starch l."!,3r: Sw ifts BABYMEATS drained or chopped 2 ( ; r 4 5 c. ^ C h u n k in g Fraih Proian - Cantonese Dinner. ^ 85= Fruit Rolls 59= SPATINI Spaghetti... Sauce Mix...pkg Fleetwood Motor Oils ^n21c V R ath Boef or Pork. CHOPETTES Proih Frozen A PC 8 oz. plcg, T O D o w n y fla k e v Frh ProMit Pancakes 2P 43= Waffles. 2^ 31= LA PERLA Olive Condite e8,;lM,s - : A a GRADES... TAX INCL -. D a d s R o o t B e e r.^ 2 7 Lestoil CLEANER pint 0 7 C ql 1 FC bot. O / bat* 0 9 REAL KILL Moth - Prooffer 12 oz. A O c bomb 20 Mule Team Borax PVab 39 Dazzle o*t«a 1^ j9 ( Boraxo, *^19c Marcal Hankies 3 0PX 23 Burrys Rainbow Puffs^390 Burrys finu $oc o***n* Oi oc.i^c PrtUi Froun J«lc«S w a n e e TOILETTISSUE n 5002 ply n r-c 9 sheet rollloo.oakite The Modern Cleaner ^ l O o r M IC fttth Fronn Jylt* t u i T ^ 7 Banquet Grand Duchess ^ ^ 6 5 c C ii/iffe HAMIUICER Paw * H o t./ [C J Ilia pr.uiffom,, pig. 03 loh*fid *«f S fitlj ol r< C Swift h ii Froi*a, pk?, W Milady Fraib Fnue pig, :3 3 c Corn F r i t t e r s ^,, 7P ; 31=

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A l e b e l l H # Hoflend Styh.. i Seal- ^ B-ox. test- Mm cups t a «e l i K d N P - ^ 3 9 SO LID c a r v f r C tin il6 -fwh-crhp - 9 Hi 9 K r t e h O n / o n s WerMj OPEN LATE Thurs. to 9 pm f 0 p m Saturday 8 om to 6 pm r ~ v p m FREE p a r k in g GENUINE HIGHLAND FARMS CORNISH HENS.U.S rg o v t ta fo G ra d e " A " 21b. A vg. completely removed under U 4, oyt* Supervhlon.W EIGHED AFTER C U A N IN» I o j Food FafoY~f g - M H o m i n g Cucumben Radishes Scallions 4 p * r w rto n n#ad" YOUR CHOICV n - g u s s o -rama 4 B y A n c h o r g la s s... F a m o u i F J re h ln g O v e n w o r o LOOK WHAT 4 9 WILL BUY! Measuring Pitcher 1 vo ehoi Round Cake Pan loaf Pan Utility Pan O B, 1 qt. Covered Casserofe v v n w n v i w s 4 9 oiz# 49 Apothecary Jar FANCY 2 0 oz. F r e s h F r o z e n F o o d S a v i n g s I FF DELUXE Fresh Frown. French Fries 2^29* Hawaiian 2 33 ^P M S H PROZEN...7*.OFF.... 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Tha W athday Mirada Tide Detergent Ajax Cleanser *«w. a«f 20 Fforient D e o d o ra n t n«/ww«is 7 9 c 1 Kan-Kill m W o Killer f t a Yel Liq u id D e te rg e n t 35c i Palm olive S o a p...4 Z 3 9 * C i C a sh m e re Bouquet S o a p «4 3 1 *. O c t a g o r. S o a p * A d D e te rg e n t, Vm 7 S < S u o e r S u d s w H * m.r v ««^ ^ 3 5 * - M a r-v E L -o u s,ye f e! 2 9 * Pab-uloiis F a b / **» ^ 2 7 c Star-Kist W h ite Tuna I.IIS -... Pxt It/i «. ygc can B ro adcast C o rn e d Beef H a s h,v. 39C B ro ad c ast B eat Ste w ««37 B ro adcast C hili C o n C a r n e?.» ««35c H ormel G e n o a Salami A " 49 F F Doluxe Spaghettini " 2 i,.3 5 c M c C ro m ic k Te a Bags» «; * 5 3 c O p e n Pit Barbecue Sauce "s", 39c ;......AU P urfota : CorrtetrCleanser 2 ^r 31c :... Panonal Slaa Ivory Soap...4 * *» 2 7 c Largdilia IvorvSoap- / 2** 33c Safari PotilMa : lyory Snow X 33c C. N. D isin fe ctant I " ; 2 3 * Westpin# tx -2 1.* A i r G e n e D e o d o ra n t li." 79 Sim oniz Flo o r W a x K.5 9 * 5,9 8 * I,4* H e p O v e n C le a n e r ^ 9 8 * Elastic Starch i r 16 Babo C le a n s e r Prom pt Cleaher ^ :I J." 27 t S - 19 * Por Automatl* V/aihtn Dash Detergent... ^7: 39^ M adlum ^li^ - Ivory Soap j«i.,29«smoothar To Hondo - Ivpry Flakes. l«of«>. Cheer Detergent.. Jlv I Thousands Of Famouiffrand FREE GIFTS With Merchants Orem Stamps W E RESERVE THE RIGHT TO UMIT QUANTITIES NONE SOLD TO DEA LER). ALL PRICES EFFECTIVE JUNE 5. h And 7 ONLY*

14 i-giangl.fe.. iiii# ii.# ii WORLD S MOST SPECTACULAR PAINT OPERATION Draws Jail Term On Assault Count -Jam es _D.?Maher, 22,_qt. j40 Carr Ave., Keansburg, May 27, was sentenced to 10 months ln Parole Board Will Release M atawan Man tology training in dew York at trials of use o f hydrocortisone the Veterans Administration "Monmouth Letters" and related compounds bn the THE Hospital where be stayed for skin, as well as skin allergy Receives Press Awatd The State PflHSls-Boffifa an one year, In 1952, he started problems. He h a s published nounced this week In Trenton his form al derm atology training at the skin and cancer unit ic addition to maintaining mouth Letters," the new stu The second Issue of M o n- several articles oh these - to p that John M lleski; 62, of 85 First Section Main St., Matawan, will be released from State Prison. Ml- practice o f dermatology, at 255 New Y ork University Bellevue Ave., Long Branch, D r. mouth College, West Long o r University Hospital at the full-tim e office at 211 Third dent literary magazine at Mon page Fourteen. June 5, 1938 pounty Jail by Raritan Township Magistrate Seymour sex Oounty Judge Klem m er Shapiro comes from Plainfield, In 1955, upon completion of tending staff of the Monmouth with the announcement that the leakl was sentenced by Middle Third Ave., Long Branch. Dr. Medical Center. Shapiro is a member of the at Branch, Is being distributed Woodmen To Hold Klelnberg and fined 6500 f o r Kaltelssen Oct. 18, 1857, to - where he attended elementary three years at the skin and Memorial Hospital, Fltkin first Issue has won a first place striking an officer and $50 for one to two-year term fo r book- and high schools. He attended cancer unit. D r. Shapiro entered the u S. Army ahd was sta and skin and cancer unit of the Memorial Hospital, Neptune, making.. certificate ln the 34th annual and graduated from Butgers Meeting June 14 careless driving. The main contest at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. In M lleskl had been arrested in University College of. P h a r- tioned at. F ort Sill, Okla., University Hospital, New Y ork. charge was assault and battery., operations Jan. 16 and 22, he entered the U. S. Navy on tologist until he tyas discharg Perth 4mboy fo r bookmaking macy ln 1943, following which where he.was the post derma gaining the recognition, t h e When members of the First New Jersey District, Supreme On appeal by Gerald Lawrence, Elberon attorney, stand at the National Lead Co. park D. B.e lore moving to Long Sidney Adler, Third St., Key other college literary: publica One of the offenses took place active duty during World War ed at the end of Indicted By Jury young Monmouth Letters" had to compete nationally with Woodmen Circle meet ln Carteret on Saturday, June 14, ing lot, Perth A m b o y... After World W ar U, D r. Shapiro entered the University of Branch, D r. Shapiro was ln ing ln for his law associate, C- port, was indictedjjy the Monmouth County Qrand Jury for won the certificate and medaltions. No more than 10 per cent their guest of honor will be Napractice In derm atology, having offices ln both Tarrytown allegedly Issuing six bad ist rank.. Henry Qlordano, Long Branch, Buffalo School of Medicine, at - tlonal President Florence H. he was released In $5000 ball Summer Session Buffalo, N.Y. and received his and Ossining. N.Y. At present, checks of $25 each In Union Fiction, essays, and poetry Jensen, Omaha, Neb. Plans for Mr, Lawrence asked a retrial. M.D. degree in Then, fol-" he still Is one of the two attending dermatologists fo r Sing According to Monmouth Counsue. In total, 26 titles appear ln Beach and Keyport, Mar. 27, predominate In the second Is the convention have been an- lowed an Internship and general practice residency at Muhl Sing Prison.. ty Prosecutor Vincent P. Keu them agazlne. He was charged with having Leaflet In Mail bounced by.mrs. Anna C. Mat- punched Patrolm an Leo Smith lack, Trenton, national commit* Shore area {high school seniors have been mailed the new After completing a.y e a r of enberg Hospital, Plainfield. ; During his stay at the skin tcewoman and stat manager. MUNNING, ln the Jaw when the officer per, M r. Adler had no bank Serving on the editorial ahd cancer unit, D r; Shapiro funds to cover the checks be board Is Robert B. Messina, 56 ticketed hint for careless driving for having made a fast summer session leaflet, which Dr, Shapiro began his derm a ly-printed Monmouth College residency ln general pathology, worked on several research Miss Angels Sabton, Roselle, Nicholas Munnlng, Jr., Matawan. received a Bachelor of turn at Route 36 and Laurel lists 60 courses to be open dur wrote and signed with his own Franklin Ave., Wes_t Keansburg, non-flctlon editor. projects, including the first name. district president. Is In charge Edward Dolou, Mayor of, Car- Science Degree from Falrlelgh Ave. at 3:45 a.m. May 10. ing July 7-Aug teret, will welcome the visitors. Dickinson University, Rutherford,-at the-15th annual com Patrolman Smith suffered a students how are pre-tegister- Suffered-Broken Jaw Present Monmouth College... All sessions will be held at, the St. James Hall, according. to Mrs; Matlock. Registration mencement held at the Flor- broken Jaw from a.punch by lhg ; f o r the - summertime will begin at_ 1:30 p.m. The tiam-madison c a nr. p u s on Maher after stopping him. for courses. New students w ill register July 7 and 8, but are be meeting Is scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. The exercises were held on thc lawn an alleged traffic offense, Mrs, Jensen will be the principal speaker at a 6:30 p.m. din of the newly-acquired campus. Chler William J. T ill said. Patrolman Smith, Ninth St., and tor Elinor Tllford to apply by ing told by Admissions Direcner, Her topic has not been announced: who completed their work this In addition to the candidates Central Ave., West Keansburg, June 15, In order to be sure of spent five days recuperating ln finding openings. Forty-yedr members will be semester, degrees. are. conferred at this time on those who Rlvervlew Hospital.. : The courses aro planned for According to Patrolm an Robert Thorne, who was riding colleges, teachers and o th e r ; transfer students from other presented pins at the evening session. The Carteret Grove is completed their course requirements in October 1957 and Feb :. celebrating its, 40th anniversary- Drill teams frcm Ellza- ruary with Patrolman Smith, the two professionals, qualified veterans, and high school graduates officers stopped Mahers car on beth and Trenton will take part Twenty-three candidates received the Master pf Business Route 33 at 3:45 a.m. He said who want to make future study loads lighter or m ore var,ln the ceremonies. They will Patrolm an Smith and Maher be led by Mrs. Dorothy Forster, Elizabeth, district chair- lor of Arts and Bachelor ot Sci Administration Degree. Bache were standing next to the Maher vehicle while the police on studies, there w ill be recreied. While the emphasis will be man. Mrs. Mary Hyer, Mata- ence Degrees..were awarded to man checked his license. ation and sports program s on wan, state first vice president, nearly 650 canjdidates from the Just then, Patrolman Thorne the campus fields and in the - attend. -* day and evening sessions of the said, another man got out of pool and bowling alleys. Arrangements are under the Rutherford aud Teaneck campuses ot the university. Associ (he car and Maher asked Courses will be scheduled direction of Mrs. Anna slomko Are you with me, buddy? 1 between 9 a.m. and 12:35 p.m., and Mrs.r Anna Palinkas. Tickets for the dinner may be;ob- en to those Btudents who 66mate- in Arts Degrees, w.e ^ jjly : As Patrolman Smith turned to and between 6 and 9:50 p.m. look dt the other man, Maher The typical course will meet tained from Mrs. Julia Tarnlk, pleted specified two-year durpunched hlnj ln the left side of for 75 minutes each d a y, five - 74 Edgar St.,.Carteret. - rlcula. * the Jaw. -. days a week, N(ost students Maher *was promptly arrested and testified that he vague the equivalent pf a full load will take two courses, about If you need printing of any If you need printing of any kind, we are here1 to serve you. kind, wb al-e here to serve you. ly remembered what happened, He admitted that he a n d year. The courses will carry during the regular academic O urqulck service and reason- Our quick service and reasqq- his friends.had.consumed."several beers" during visits to ln the spring and fa ll semes the1, same credit as those given able prices.will please you. /" abia prlces will please you. three or four taverns. ters. -, ",.. 1 ELIMINATE 18 HUGE PROFITS AND COSTS OR DRASTICALLY REDUCE THEM 1 / RETAILER 2 /JOBBER 3 /DISTRIBUTOR 4 / WHOLESALE SALESMAN 5 / TRANSPORTATION 6 /ARMCHAIR T O M O U t f EXECUTIVES t h e s e ; 7 / DISTRIBUTION 8 /PACKAGING c o s t s 9 WAREHOUSE 10 / OBSOLESCENCE 11V CREDIT 12 DISPLAY v 13V DELIVERIES REDISTRIBUTION 15 FACTORIES. 16 DISCOUNTS / ADMINISTRATION 18 / BILLING... THEN SHARE ALL MY a PROFIT, IN EXTRA FREE PAINT I S! GALLONS OR QUARTS! VERY. 2nd CAW B E INTERIOR PAINTS Plot ell paint, lotex JOrmlnut* ho"polnty odor. Mmloglou and glou anamoti, oaiy bruihfng, high performance product* mode In my own factorloi EVERY 2ND 98 GALLON GALLON h UP OR QUART FREE! N O W U.Vv/*!i4J l i v a a n i f WORLDS LARGEST H, OPERATION OF I IS KIND EXTERIOR PAINTS For wood oil bo*ed. pafata of high performance: metal and maionry paints of various hinds» < SAVE fine paint for every purpose from my factories Q O EVERY 5,0 2nd CAN TRIM-DECK & SPECIAL PAINTS Feint* of extra glost end te*gh weafhertetlitonr characteristic* color* pirpose. galorel. A point for oven SC.98 SO.98 GALLON FREE! MARY-CARTER PAINT FACTORIES - WOtLOg WIOIII OrOUTION Of ITS KIKO 819 Hwy 35, Wanumassn (Near Asbury Tark Circle). 112 Brighton Ave., Long Branch -... Ronie 34, 2 Miles South of Matawan Phono MA ,, 194 Now Brunswick Avo., Perth Amboy East Westfield Ave., Roselle Park ~, 711 West Front St., Plainfield : 503 N orlhficld Ave., West Orango 291 Bprlngflcid Ave. nnd 2G4 N.Broadway, Newark :8?i Bergen Street, S, Newark., 331 State Highway 35, Middletown Red Bank. (<8 t^ W - M.p ^ ^ ^ ie iiu e, U n lo ij(b cli. Among new offerings are economic geography antt marine ICC Reserves Decision biology. Some of the courses On Railroad Petition being offered again In order to T h e Interstate Commerce meet the demand are reading Commission has taken under principles and practices; public speaking; principles of soci advisement the application of the Central Railroad of New ology: English literature; Jersey for abandonment of rail sketching; history of the United States; business law, and a service between the borough of Highlands and the borough of wide range of mathematics Atlantic Highlands;... courses.-...: The ICC conducted public Other courses ln business administration, English, history, hearings at Red Bank, recently at which time it heard testimony from representatives of languages are on the schedule, psychology, philosophy a n d the" railroad and commuters The new education department from the Bayshore Commuters will offer courses ln prlnolples Association who are directly and practices of elementary atfectcd hy the cut ln rail service...., ucation; oreatlve activity),-ill education and of secondaryed? N. M. Bailey, vice preeldcnt elementary schools: teaching of the railroad, testified before of reading in elementary the hearing-that the railroad schools, and human growth was taking a great financial and development. ; loss from the operation of the Monmouth College ia fully-, 3.6 miles, of track between accredited, and offers four- Highlands and Atlantic H I g h: year and two-year ourriculands. luma. :? Defense Bonds pay; the same rate of Interest as the War Bonds you bought during the war.-buy aoinef - -. How about business cards? We can ; supply them. quickly and at the right price. Come and try us. SCHANCK & SIHLER INC. JUNE SALE... $40,000 Used Car Clearance All Must Go This Week Specials 1955 Mercury, 2 Door... t... $ Studebaker, Sedan... $ 695 Open Evenings Until 9 oclock : SALES M ERCURY SERVICE* USED CAR LOT Highway 34 * Matawan New Car Office Freehold DOLLARS BY THE TON I Buy now on specialn - blue coal Budget Plan... andtavel 1. Save m oney I You get ~ tig special discount by order. Ing nowi " 2. Save worryl No big winter bills, Buy now,-pay H e i r on easy inslallments! Call us today). 3. S a v e t l m o l No lost m in - uie rush-hav* next winter s coal safo In your bin/ioii A, Judson S. C loon Hopla, S a fe, L ow -C oil lieut 110 Third St., Keyport KE 7-0/91 D on t b e c o lo r-b lin d n b o v t cool buy blue coo/ Skin Specialist Opens New Office Dr, Alfred J. Shapiro recently has opened his office for the FREE GIFTS Set of Foui* "Antique Car"Glasses at Our Grand Opening FEATURING... t Gulf Crest Gasoline Minor Repairs Motor # Expert Lubrication U And p - " Oil Change - r -... Car Washing GULF TIRES Complete Line O f Gulf Tires/ Batteries And Accessories AS ^ 95 LOW $ AS with Full Warranty Plus Tax and a Tire that Can be Recapped FREE PICK-UP AND QJELIYERY

15 Columbian Club Burns Mortgage A mortgage burning cere mony was held by the Columbian Club ol the Knights of Columbus, St. Josephs Council 3402, Route 35, Keyport, Thursday e v e n 1 n g. Charles A. O Hare, president of the Columbian Club, was the toastmaster and introduced the Rev, Charles O Shaughnessey, ; curate of St. Joseph s Church, who delivered a stirring story of "Fraternity In Action The ceremony started with the presentation of two checks which liquidated the mortgage Mr. O H a r e accepted $1700 from Grand Knight Hugh- Mc Guire on behalf of the General Assembly, Knights of Colum bus, and $200 from"1 Mrs. I s a belle De.nery, president of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus. President O Hare then announced the burning ceremony could proceed. W illia m. Carney held the m ortgager t lr e Rev. Mr. OSbaughnessey Ut the match and Charles Dietrich touched off the mortgage at exactly 10 p.m. Witnessing the blaze were Mr. and Mrs. O Hare: Charles Wahl, Columbian Club treasurer; Eugene Skidmore, past president; of th e Columbian Club and M rs. Skidmore: Grand KUlght McGulre; M rs. Isabelle Dem ery; George Demery, worthy navigator of th e fourth degree; Michael Nappl and M r. and Mrs. Clro Nappl. Steak dinners were serv.ed the 350 guests present., Form ed Seven Years Ago Bt. Josephs, Council was started -seven years a sm all group of men meeting in tbe cafeteria of St. J o s e p hs School. The membership- h a s growh 15\35flma-nd- the c.l,u b house novir, ls owned free and clear by the Columbian Club of Keyport. Also ln attendance were John DeMont and John Trabachlno, past Columbian presidents; -M rs. Trabachlno; John D a n e, John Kane, and Jeremiah Hourlhan, past grand knights; Mrs. Dane, M rs, Hourlhan, and Miss Kathy Kane; Mrs. Mary Relber, Mrs. Elizabeth Nappl and Mrs, Ann DeGlrollm o, past presidents of the auxiliary; Jo seph Relher, Ciro Nappl and Louis DeG lrollm o. Committee members were; ^Arrangements, Charles D 1 e- itrlcb: serving, Robert Yeager: house, Francis Q. Hughes; seating-,,joseph Lackovlch;,en- tet tnlnment, George Reseter; kitchen, John Shannon, assisted by Mrs. M ollle Lynch, and M rs. Marge Christianson; refreshments, Stephen J. KaUeta, Frank Letwenske, Sidney SChrlsttansotL-. Rayhtf n.d./b-afc; ters, Roger Heltman, andistev- dn Testa; decorations, Mrs. Ann-Letwenske. - - D E B. L I*. I.L M. *f»ị. LEGAL NOTICE nonceu, -... Take nolle* that K re if Corporation trading as Cat n Fiddle hs*»ppl to the Township Committee of w * Township of Matawan for a Plenary Retail Consumption License fo r prem ises covering Cocktail lounge,-kitchen, store room, storage closets, bedroom, mens loilet aftd women a toilet* con* listing of the southwest end of -»«building known as the Cat n Fiaole, having 50 foot frontage, and of 75 feet; situate Northerly cnd-ft* Beach, adjoining Whale Creek, Cliff* wood Beach, Matawan Township. Moo* mouth County, N. J.. form erly dcscrin- ed as South end of Broadway. The names and residences o f fiu officer* and directors and the name* and residence* of a il. stockholders holding o n e i ll or, more per centum of any of the stock of said Corporation are as follow:. Arthur C. Sohuitxe, 149 West Ffpnt St., Keyport, N. J,,» George W. Van Dyke, Rtvcrcrcst Lane. Manasquan park, N. J.. - Objection, it any, should be made Immediately In writing to; Rose &. Wenzel, Clerk of, the Township Matawan. Krelg Corporation, (Signed) - " Arthur C. Schullze, President 140 West Front S U Keyport. N. J, ; That used car we got in the W ant Ads w ill soon pay forjtaelf- today it hit two chickens! * j5 situ s LEGAL NOTICE 23rd day of June, at 2 oclock, P.M. Daylight Saving Time. ALL that certain lot, tract or parcel of land and premises, hereinafter more particularly described, situate, lying and being in the Township of Marlboro in the County o f Monmouth and Slate of New je rse y ; "B E G IN N IN G at a stake in the -Westerly side of the Freehold-Matawan Road, which stake is distant North 29 degrees 5 minutes East 647 feet from the Southerly side of the road leading to the form er Schanck Quackenbush if arm ; thence (1 ) North 52 degrees West feet to a stake in the top of a high bank: thence (2) North 10 degrees 11 minutes West feet to a stake also in the top of a high bank: thence (3) South 62 degrees -East feet to a stake in the Westerly side of tho Freehold-Matawan Road; thence (4) along the Westerly side, of Ihe Freehold-Matawan Road and along an old fence South 29 degrees 9 minutes West 156 feet to the point o r place Of -BEGINNING. Premises are. located on the West side of State Highway 79, -Township of M arlboro, Monmouth county, New Jersey,... The approximate amount - o f Ihe judgment to be satisfied by said sale is the sum of $3, together with the costs of this sale IRA E. WOLCOTT, Sheriff. Dated May Karkus, Kanlor & Burns, Attys. (54 lines) ! Board i Town- Overturned Car Magistrate Seymour R. Klelnberg/R aritan Township, assessed R. Gubltore, Asbury Park, $5 and $5 costs for run-. -Ding a car off the road on thej Garden State Parkway Mar. 26 and overturning it. J. S t o n et? -E asto range paid^o-and #* costs on complaint of Patrolman Robert Thorne, township police, - for-going-45-m llesper- hour In the 25-mile-zone on Laurel Ave. May 23. _ BIDS WANTED The Board - of Education of the Matawan Township Public Schools, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Sealed Bids, addressed to the of Education of the Matawan ship Public Schools for roofing work on the Gram m ar School located on Broad ond Church Streets,-In the Borough of Matawan, will be received at the Matawan High School on Broad Street, until 8 P.M. D.S.T., on Juris 18th at which time bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. Specifications may be examined and copies thereof obtained at the Office of the Secretary of the Board In the Memorial School on Church Street, from Monday through Friday between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M... Each bid must bo accompanied by a. Bid Bond or Certified Check made out to (he order of the Doard of EducaUon, as bid security in the amount or 10% of the - No bid may be withdrawn within 30 days after the scheduled closing Ume for receiving the bids. - The Successful bidder will be re- mjjredto furnish a satisfactory sure* ty Company Bond in the full amount of the contract price. The Board of Education reserves the right to waive any Inform alities or to reject any o r a ll bids or parts thereof. BY THE O RD ER O F: - The Boai-d of Education Matawan Township Public Schools.., Monmouth County, JS-46^5 I Settles For $200 Settlement lo r $200 termln- ated the *4000 breach of contract suit of Nancy Symotluk, TheBronx, N. Y.. against Alex Lewlckf, contractor, Hillsdale Rd., Old Bridge, form erly of Matawan Township. The Mld- dlesex County Court suit Involved a dispute over the Building of a $27,000 two-family house at -The Bronx. -LEG A L NOTICE r SH ERIFFS SALE SUPER IO R COURT OF NEW JE R S E Y CHANCERY DIVISION MONMOUTH COUNTY, Docket No. F Kate Peyser, Plaintiff vs: Edward Kuras, et a ls Defendants By virtue of a writ o f execution In the above stated action to me directed, I shall expose for sale at public vendue, at the Court House in the Borough of Freehold, County ot Monmouth, New Jersey, on Monday, the New Jersey H arry Troller, Secretary 7-43 SH ERIFFS SALE - - SU PERIO R COURT.. 4 OF N EW JE RSEY -i-h- CHANCERY DiyiSJON_ K MONMOUTH COUNTY Docket No. F Passalc-Clifton National Bank and Trust Company, a Corporation o f.the U n ited -S tales-of.a m erica, Plaintiff vs: Roy I. Whaley, Jr. and M argaret Whaley, his wife; and Dorothy M. Whaley, unmarried, Defendants By virtue of a writ of execution in th-above stated action to me directed. I shall expose fo r sale a t public vendue, a t the Court House in the Borough o f fre e h o ld. County of Monmouth. New Jerseyv-on Monday the 30th day of June. 1958, at 2 oclock, P. M. Daylight Saving Time. Ail that certain tra d or parcel or land, situate lying and being in the Township of Matawan, County ol Monmouth, State of New Jersey: BEGINNING at a DoJnt in the northerly -lin e of Prospect. Avenue said point being distant 600 feet Easterly from the Intersection form ed by the Northerly line nf Prospect Avenue With the Easterly Une of Ferndale Place, said beginning point being in the dividing line common between lots 29 ana 30; running thence (1) along We northerly line of Prospect Avenue South Sixty-seven degrees twenty minutes west (S W) a distance of fifty (50) feet to a point, said point being in the dividing line common between lots 30 and 31: thence (2 ) along the *ald dividing Une North twenty-two degrees forty minutes west (N 22 * 40 W) a distance of two hundred (200) feel to a point in the easterly line of lot 31 fixed br a slake: thence (3) and parallel wtui the first course North sixty-seven degrees twenty minutes east <N E ) a distance of fifty (56) feet to * point fixed by a stake: thence (41 along the westerly Une of lot 29 and parallel with the second course south LEGAL NOTICE twnty-two degrees forty minutes east (S 22* 46 E ) a distance of two hundred (200) feet to the point or place of Beginning.,. Being and intended to be part of lot 30, in Block l, as shown on the map entitled, "Section 2, River Gardena, Matawan Township. Monmouth Co.,-.N.-J." dated April 1&47 and revised December 13th and April 28th, 1950, made by Todd and Phra- ner. Surveyors. and filed in the Clerk s Office of the County of Monmouth on July 7, 1950 in case No. 63, Being commonly known and designated as No. 48 Prospect Ave., Matawan Township, New Jersey. Tlie approximate amount, of the Judgment to be satisfied by said sale is the sum of $6, together with the costs o f this sale. IRA E. WOLCOTT, Sheriff. Dated May Corbin & Corbin, Attys. NOTICE Take notice lhai ttu.v S. Matthews, tradinf as Keyport Inn. bas made application to the Township Committee of Matawan Township foi renewal of a plenary retail consumption license for premises situated on the north sid»- 6! Keypbrt-Amboy Rd-, Cliffwood, Mgtawan Township, N J- Objections, if any, should be made immediately: tn writing (Q. Rose K Wenzel, Clerk, of the Township «Matawan. l e g a l n o t ic e NOTICE Taka notice that Hollywood Liquor c$n/loc#r m* lnc- corporation of the State of New Jersej has applied to -u? To,ft7lshJP Committee ol the Town- ffi? oj Matawan foi a Plenary Retail Distribution License No. D3 tor prcin- Ism located,t 82 Lower Mam Street, Matawan. N. j Tlio names am. residences ol a ll of- fleerstand directors ol said corporation are as follows: David A., KnUlch, 16 Acadviny Terrace. Limitd, New Jersey, a director and Picsidiiit. Adele G. Enlllch, 16 Academy Terrace, IJmiou, New Jersey, a director and Secreiarv-Treasurcr. Jack Greene, 50 Newark Way. Ma- Dtowood. New Jersey, a director, The only stockholder holding more than 10 nn ccnt 0j uny 9toek In said corporation is the said David A. Em tlich.. Objection, it any, sttbuld be made immediately in writing to Rose K. -Wenzel, Clerk ot Matuw an Township HOLLYWOOD LIQUORS AND GROCERIES,. In o.. LEG AL NOTICE LEGAL/NOTICE Take notice that Paul Smalley, trading aa Johns Bar and Grill, has applied (o the Township Coinmltco of Lie Township of Malawan (or a plenary retail cottsunipuotrticense for premises situated s t northwest chrncr ol State Highway 39 and Cliffwood Avt.. Cliffwood, N. J. Objections, t! any, should be made immediately In writing to: Hoso K- W m tel. Clerk, ol Mstawan Township. (Signed) - RAUL SMALLEY. J12 $5:40 Route 35, Cliffwood, N, *J, j!2 $fl!>t David A- Entifch, President 82 Lrnvor Main Street, Matawan, N. J, is ip *? - J12 $4,50* S. M ATrREW S, Keypart-Amboy-tRd.-;. Keyporl. N, J.. NOTICK.Take notice that Lawrence Evangelista has applied to the Township Com* milled of the Township of Matawan for a plenary retail consumption license for premises- known as The White Gate lop situated at E ssl side State Highway 34, Valley Drive, Matawan Township, Counly ot Mon- mnuth, N. jy Objections, f any, should be made immediately writing to: Roso K. Wenzel, Clerkj-ufihe Township of Ma- -tswou ; (Signed! -.. LAWRENCE EVANGELISTA H.F.D Box 45A Route 34. Matawan, N. J, J12 $5,40, NOTICE, Take nulleo tlmt the Morganville Iiulcpendent Club has applied.-tn Ihe Township Committee or, Marlboro Township for a club license for the club premises, northerly aide, Tcxiih R oad,-kast uf nlci>eelion with road to Morganvllle, Morganvllle, N. J. Officers ot the club ure as follows: RrcaWrnt. Charles n»urnton, llox 30!) A, Matawun, N, J. Vice l»reit- dent. LonnieBowel!. Box 162, M organvllle. N. J. -scrretorf) F rn ilirs Franetit^R.F.D. 1, Old Bridge. N. J- - - Herbert llud- Fiiianntal Somclury, Herbert Dudley. lin in g Valley Rond, Morgan* vlllcr,;v Treasurer, Luther Robinson. H.D. 1. Mox.24?D. Matnw * N, r j,. Biumla* Mannger, Hoi R.l). 1. Box 369, A. Moiow argeanl-aiarr<s. Jnn D Ip Hospital, M arlboro. N. Sargeant-At-Arms, Jan Liani n : m ark,j Stale m^-vivoi Asktstnnl Sargeant-. CoUroun. B o x jold llrlilge, N, J. Beverage Cumiid$tee Chairman.- Val Harris. Box 377 A. Texas noad. Mgla wan, N. J. M arie Boles. Box 3G!i A Matbwun, N, J. Frank Caul, Box 309 A. Mntnwiih, N. J. W lllla Jnck- son. Box 389 A, MfiUwun, N. J. ObJectlonH, If uny, should be nuidc fmmediatefy In writing to: FJnyd W.V1 rkolf, Clorx, ut. Township. of Marl- born..,. MoTiGaW illk IN DEPENDEN T CLUII, CliorJes Thornton, President. j!2 $10.93 NOTICE Take notice that Stephen D. G Uui trading aa Freneau Liquor, Bottle has applied to the Mayor and Council ol the Borough ut Matawan lor a plenary retail distribution-license for prcmlae* situated at 78 Freneau Ave., Matfiwan N. J. Objections, it any, should be made Immediately in Writing ti«: Arthur C. Hull, U erk, of the lloiough -of Malawan. (Signed) STEPHEN D, G IA U S 78 Freneau Avo. - Malawan, N. J. Jia $4 59 r NOTICE Take notice tluil Richard E. Qlllla tiiullnu us Mitluwnn Wine and Llqtior Stoic ban applied tn thu Mayor and Iho Council of.thq Uuvmigh ut Mutn- non for a ptcuwry rvtall ihstrriutiun liccnso fo r premises sttuutcd at 120 Main SL. Mutawan, N. J, Ohjcrlloiis. if any, should hr made innnchilfttuly in writing., to: r Arthur C, Hull, Cleik, th thu Honniuh of Mulnwan. (Signed) RlCitA Hl) E. GtlaLlS,. U VJfl.M ahvsl.,.. j i Mulnwun, N. J. U 2 $4.Hj. " Tlake notice that Flotehce coitlca trading as Flus Bar h»* up- plied to tlie Township Committee of trc Towmhtp ol.mmiwnn (or is pirn ary retail cnnsumnlhm license (ot remises HUntied, No t Central Avenue: also known and dcfiliinatcd ss Parcel No. li 425 C, sn shown on Garden State Harkwny Map of Sec tinu. No. 7, April 1. 11)94. Otijcction, if any, shuuld be made umm-dialri.v jn writing to: Hnso li NV<iYr.ri: CUVk, of iha" Townshtp pl Mntawan, N J. tsirnud). FLORENCE MAL1NCON1CA 34 Lower Main.Street,. Mstawan. N. J.. J12 $9,13 MATAWANJOPNJU.- First Section June 5, 11)58 1-aio FUtccn TTJ-- LEG AL NOTICE NOTICE Fake nuttua that Jt»hn lv,~ttcgnn nnd Huitnas l \ Regan, partners, trad* ing as Heg <ns Tavern, have upplu.-d to the Township Committee of the TmviOhip ol Matawan (m a plenary retail consumption license for premises-atiuoti d at northerly slue ol Cli/fivnod -Ave,, CJtffmiod, Afalawan Township, N. J. - OtiJCctloni,.If anv, stiuultl P* made irnmrdintcly in writing tot Hose K. Wctwrl. Clerk. ofmatawan Township,- N. J. * * (.Signed)... JOHN W. HKOAN 2 Oak S t. Ke.viinrt, N J. - THOMAS I* HKQAN 123/ Maple IM Kevporl. N J,... J_l* $3.07*. ^ -. NCfttCE i. Takn notice that Aitgelo DlGlAlh- battlito hna.apptird to (hr Tusvu- Hhip Coininittec of the Towiodilp of Matnwan in the County of Monmouth for a plenary retail distribution. II* i-enc.e fur prernl&vs situntocl tin) the snuth side "~af Ollffwotid Avenue, Cliriwoinl, N. J. Objection)), il any, should he made -immediately in w riting-to -- Roko Kr WfiiieL TnWmhin Clerk, MalRWuit, N, J, tsigned) jlj $4,59 Angelo UtGinmbnttiHU Clilfwoad. N. J. J $ NOTICE Take notice that CiUf Reeves Tavern Inc., «Corporation o f the State of -New Jersey has. applied to Uie M ayor-and Council of the Borough of Matawan, N. J., for a plenary retail consumption license for the premises situated 19 LltUe" Street, Matawan, N. J.. Tho names and residences of all the officers and directors, who are the stockholders or CUff Reeves Tavern In e ;r a re ra j., follows: Clifford J*T-R^eve*T President. Grace M, Reeves -- Secretary- Treasurer.. Estelle Bradley Vice-President Objections, If any, shouldbe made Immediately in writing to Arthur C. Hall, Clerk of the Borough of Matawan, N. J. C liff Reeves Tavern Inc.,. by Clifford F, Reeves, P resid en t1 J12 $ MONMO UTH COUNTY SURROGATES COURT NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO P R E SENT CLAIMS AGAINST ESTATE ESTATE O F GEORGE J. POU*. -ZENC, SR., deceased. - Pursuant to the order of. EDW ARD C. BROEGE, Surrogate of the County of Monmouth, this day made, on the appucatlon of the undersigned, George J. Pouzenc. Jr.. Administrator of the estate of the said George J. Pouzenc, Sr., deceased, notice is hereby given -to - the creditors -ol.said deceased to present to the said Administrator their claims under oath within six months from this date. Dal^ - Amboy Road, -. Cllffwood. N. J. Karkus. Kantor tc Burns, Esqi., Keyport, N. J, Attorneys. 126 $13.26 use j -iii1 % t/m s 1 F O R S A L E Aluminum Windows Venetian Blinds Free Estimates No Money Down K arl A. Frantz, Keyport wjtt ACCORDIONS NEW and used, bought-sold- rented, repaired and exchanged. N, J. Music Center, 43 Broad St., Keyport. Tel. Keyport Lessons on all Instruments, Wjtl U N IT E D 6TATE8- and foreign stamps, single and blocks, plate number, Call Keyport Wjtf 00 GRAY steel desk, linoleum top, two matching chairs, typewriter stand like newi $ Call after 7:30 p.m., Keyport Wjtf FIN BALL MACHINE and Easy mangle electric lroner. Louis J. Costa. 37 Pershing Place, Keyport. Call Keyport Wjtf TA PE RECORDER, reasoa- " a b le. Inquire Jack- Nunzia- to, 34 Lower Main St.. Matawan o r call Matawan " - w)5 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATE CHANGE EFFECTIVE -MAY 1, 1958 Cerlfj 8. -Minimum M m \ j Line" V \ Charge CAPS o r lower case letters LARGE TYPE COUNTS DOUBLE Billing charges w ill b e discontinued. A ds w ill be billed as a courtesy charge an d are due vy-; - / p o fj p r e s e n ta tio n... Contract ra te i (or bnslnesa aerrleeo aro the lam e aa above - with tbe following dtocounto 4 TIMES DEDUCT 10% 8 TIMES DEDUCT 15% 12 TIMES DEDUCT 20% PAYABLE IN ADVANCE 25 cento will be chorgod for blind ad* using our bo*1 number NOTICE TO. ABSENT DEFENDANTS SU PER IO R COURT O F NEW JE RSEY CHANCERY DIVISIO N MONMOUTH COUNTY D O C K E T tlo j F THE. STATE OF NEW JERSEY WOOD W ARNE, hi* heirs, devisee* and personal representatives and his. their, o r any-of their successor* in right; title : an T T in ir«r~ W IN N IB - WARNE, her heirs, devisees and personal representatives, and her, their, o r any of their, successors In right title and Interest, ABRAHAM WARNE, nt* heirs, devisees and personal representatives, and hip, their, o r any of their successors in right, titlfe and Interest, RONSON J. W ARNE. individually, and as Executor of Estate of Grace Wame and Trustee for MARY JANE H ENDER SON and RICHARD HENDERSON, his heirs, devisees and personal representatives and his. their or any of their successors in right, title and Interest and M RS. RONSON J,.WARNE, his wife, RONSON W. STILLW ELL, his heirs, devisees and personal representatives and his, their, o r any of their successors, in right, title and interest and MRS. RONSON W. STILLW ELL, his wife, JEAN W EB STER and HEBRAM V. W EBSTER, her husband.. You ore hereby summoned and required to serve upon. Nathaniel H. Tloth, attorney for plaintiff whoso address is 241 First Street, Lakewood, New Jersey, an answer to the complaint filed in a civil action, in which IIorbcrtK u b at ii plaintiff.and you are defendants,. pending in the Superior Court of New Jersey, within thirty five da>ls after June 12, 1958, exclusive of such dale. If you fail to do so. Judgment by default may be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. You shall file your answer and proof ol service tn duplicate with the Clerk of the Superior Court, Slate House Annex, Trenton, New Jersey, in accordance with the rules of civil K racucc and prpcedure. The action as been instituted for toe purpose of foreclosing a certificate of tax sale No. 127 dated December , made by H arry G, Magee, Tax Collector of the Township, of Marlboro, County of Monmouth and State of New Jersey, and assigned to Edna Alice. Tafaro J>n.November 15, IBM. and assigned to pisintiff onseptember 19, Each o f you aro made a party defendant in thin action because you have or may claim to hav% some right, title, ben or other inter- cit affecting the < real eilatc bejng foreclosed as hereinafter described. AR that tract o r parcel of land and premises slfuate lying and bping fn the Township of Freehold (form erly now M arlboro) County o f Monmouth and State o! New Jersey, and which was conveyed to Alfred w am e, now dccd in M i lifetime by deed from Jieodrick V. P. Schanck and wife dated July ,(904] not at thla time recorded) known and designated as Lot No. two (2) fn the division of lands owned form erly by said Schanck. Nicholaa CoUreli. and Robert Matthews, and ln the said deed described ai follow s: Beginning at ihe distance of one chain from the most northerly corner.of Lot No. 1 allotted to Nicholas Cottrell cn a course of north 22 degrees 9 minutes east; thence (1) reverting said course south 22 degrees 9 minutes west to the beginning of Lot No. 1.aforesaid: thence (2) along the line, of Lot No, 1,- south 64 degrees 46 minutes wet 14 chains $t d e rm a iffrenlflutcg west 15 chains 94 U n u ; thence 43) north 34 degrees 39 mlnmes sreit 9 chains 72 linka; thence.(4) smith 69 degrees 36 mini ules west 17 chains 60 links: thence i j) north 23 degrees U minute* west 7 chains ;4 Unks; thence <> south CT degree* 17 mtnutes east 78 Unks: 47) south 43 decrees 29 minutes east chains to finks; thence (6; on straight line to the place of beglo- ntsf. Containing 22 acres, be tha same m or* o r lees, Beiog the u m e prem ises. conveyed to the said Cornelia W ame b r deed from Ira Wame. Zxtayttrr A t ot Alfred Wame, dated April Dated: May 19, ip tt I. Graat Scott,. Clerk of tha 1 fiuperior Court of jfew Jeraey, HOW BOAT, 12 loot, 53 inches wide, about-2 years old, best otter, Call Matawan J. - -W p ZOBEL SEA POX SKIFF. T* It., and trailer; windshield, four cylinder grey marine overhauled August 57. New pistons, connecting rods, bearings, valves etc: new manifold water pump, generator, starter, ahd battery. Selling due lo Illness. First come, first served. Priced $ Call Keyport 3454 after 8 p.m. w]5 SHOPPERS DELIGHT YES M R. «i MRS. SHOPPER YOU W ILL B E DEUOHTED _ W H E N -Y O U.SEEJH E QUALITY AND COMPARE PR IC E S AVAILABLE ON OUR LIBERA L CREDIT PLAN WE INSTALL & SERVICE REPCO PRE PAK TUBELESS BOILERS BASEBOARD RADIATION HOT AND COLD WATER W INTER AND SUMMER 60 MONTHS TO PAY FREE ESTIMATES GIVE US A CALL AT MATAWAN THE BARGAIN HOUSE TENNENT RD., MORGANVILLE IU LEGAL NOTICE. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS ^ Notire-1* -hereby- gtrm tlisfseal^ t- bids will be received i»y Tlie Township of Malawan, in the County of Monmouth with an eatlmated amount of.550 tonfi nf Patch Material u&lnr BKuminou* Concrete either H.M. I,r F.A.B.C. ai the lowed lihirtrtw* furnished at (he plant. Plants to *" within a radiua of 28 mile*, Mata--4»n Townahip ia to haul and apply m aterial, and opened and rciid ublic ai Mataivan Township HalL.Jo. 147 Lower Main Street, on June 24. IBM at 1:15 P.M. Dayligh! Saving Time., Speclflctllm B and forma cf hjdr mr the proposed w ork, prepared by F, Heuser, Engineer and approved hy Ihe State Highway tv/mmti»ir-n(t. have been filed In (he office ( aid engineer at 121 Main Ktrsi, Matawan, New Jen ey, and of a-pri Stale Highway Commtirioner. Tr»ti- on. New Jeraey, and mav be Jnapetl- ed by proapecuve blcdera during business hours. Bidders will be furnlihed ri-h copy of the specifications by t* engineer on proper notice arw/ l s-y~ m enti of c<tau of preparation, Jtid* must, be msde on ataodard p ro p ll form a.-in.. the manner. d*«!griated therein,»p(j. re<jufred by th e.n ^ c n*, cation*, muat be enclosed tn-te»len envelopes, bearing Ihe name and *d* drexa of bidder and name of road on outside. addrt**»ed to The T om - xhfp of Matawan, *147 Lower Main Bireet, Matawan. New Jersey, and muat be accompanifd by a rerttilrd check tor not lets than ten (lo fpfj cent of the amount bid, provided raid check need not b«more than IW.- DOOM nor not toaa than $500DO a^d t»e delivered at the pjare and on tin- hour named above. T>ie standard prbpoial form It attached to thu tup purmen\»ry tpecinrtiir^ t, rop irt *! wliich «1ii bt furnished un application lo ctigtnccr. f}v order o f. Matawan Township Commiuaa, -. Roa* K. W ituui Twp. CJrrh J3 $8.40 V F O R S A L E " t UHNITURE. Inquire 13 ka- vlne Drive, Malawan or call Matawan W. J5 HOUSES PAINTED, very lea- K t ) CABIN.CRUISER. 28 fool, steel craft; sleepi 4, head, galley, 150 h.p. Chrysler, ready, for launching. Asking $1500. Call be- seen ; at Malthows Boat Yard. Call Malawan L1784-M. 16 FOOT OUTBOARD with 71i h.p. Mercury motor; excellent condition. Call Key- port W 5 PAINTING, decorating Inside or outside, clean work, reasonable rates, free estimates. Small.- houses- $135,. ono...coat rxst ayour..jg n ie rla );; jf n f, garage $30 ohe coat, your fna- terlnl. Call Volkert, Malawan J. WJ5 USED RUG SALE. All room size rugs: sootters i75,and up, summer rugs; nlso maple beds and chests, rockers, fold- lng bed, drop leaf tables and chairs. Shore Furniture, Route 35. Lauvence Harbor. Wl5 GAS RANGE, Roper, 38 Inch, automatic oven with clock, timers and light. Glass panel In door; almost, new. Call Koy " ort_7_091l w J5 S itu a tio n W a n te d W ILL wash and Iron all types of curtains, also stretch curtains in my own home. Prompt servlco. - Call Parkway SEAMSTRESS desires sewlim at home. Reasonable, call Keyport_ W. J8/12 WOMAN desires to mind -children at her own homo dally. Mlddlo Road, phone Keyport J.J/. w)t: R e a l E s ta te F o r S a le WOODED ACRE on hilltop. beautiful v 1 e w, loented in Holmdel Township. Call Key- port wj5 SERVICE sonabte W.. Call port wjo/5 MUST SELL duo to lllneas. Meat, grocery, frozen foods, and Ice cream; good location. Thriving business being conducted now, Beat offer noceptnmo. Ca ll Keyport 7-aW8. wit* FOR. UffiNT, modern aervlce M urray, P.O. Box 103, Ltnderi. N. J.. J5 SALS well drilling, deop and shallow wells, sprinkling systems and pumps Installed. Call Keyport , WJ5 PA RKER Boarding Home for nood men a n d women; 24 hour supervision; Individual "diets. Licensed by Slate ol New Jersey. Reasonable rates, 1V4 miles South of Mntawan light. Highway.34: opposite White ante Inn. Call Mntawnn , Jtf PLOWING, discing, soedlng, combining nnd baling. Tractor work of all kinds; Bernard Prels, Old Tennent Road, Mor- gnrivllle, opposite Morganvllle General Store; Call Matawan R-l, Jtt B u i in e t s O p p o r t u n ilie s PIZZERIA, Itnllun Rcntaurunt for rent or salo In EtILaon, N, J, No compotltlon, groat opportuhuyfoi rliih l iivan.own- ar leaving stale, call a a,m. to 0 a.m. any dny, Matawan _ 15 HOUSES FOR SALE BUILDINGS to move delivered to your properly; cheap Al) Iro- provomenth No price over phone. Highway 33, Mnnnlnp- an, Phono Engllshtown Mailing address, Dnloy ft-pot- rlo. Ino;, Box 181rFroohold - - wjtf HELP WANTED FEMALE OPERATORS SIN GLE AND DOUBLE NEEDLE d a y 8.4:30 N ia irr 3 # BAYSHORE TOGS J-: LOCUST ST. * KEYPORT - KEYPORT 7*5860 wjtf FOUR lots In Block K, Lako- vlew Park on Lake Matawan. Call R. L. Cartan, Mata" wan js WANTED HOMES, - businesses, vacant land. Customers waiting. Casey s Realty, 1003 Highway 3B. Unlon Beach. -Call-Keyport wjtf COUNTRY HOME for mnlo Collie. C_a I l.dnys, Keyport ; evenings "WJ5 b l a DE-iu TE J a;w n mower service, R t/ IT, Choesequako, opporlto Blodgett s. Power and lmnd mowers- sharpened) repaired It lt d recondltlonedr Clinton,Briggs a n d Stratton engine service. Oenulno parts used, nil work guaranteed. Call Matawan , Fred Klopp proprietor. Jtf WE Wash windows, wax floors, Install leaders,-gutters, aluminum windows, do painting, pa- poi-lmnglng,. plumbing,- masonry, carneniiv and all minor and. m ajor repairs. giseral:v SERVICES MATAWAN r - ; js llo USEi.5 rooms, vlolntly of St. Josephs School, $4000/ in quire 7 QosUm St,, Malawan, rear bungalow,. wj5 M A TA W A N /gooutoautm iirn vooms, 1Y4 baths: garugo and brcezewny. C a l l Matawan afe»ww aigidi r n o m a, lli etilace, eollnr, broor-ewuy, 2 car gnrngo, trees, % acre In seml-rural neighborhood, seven miles from Mntawan In exoollont condition, >17.100, Olbson 8 (1204, lit HIGH SCHOOL graduate;-uood, eye, sight and eo-ortllnatlon, nol ovor 38;-$l per houilostart,,, rapid advauoo; Apply:1npei-; son. BiiUurd AdverUslng, 133 F irst Btieiiti Koypnil,. wjtf CAIt BALE8MAN." ill?u lf"e Ooorgo 0; Barrett It Hon, Main at., /Mntawnn. wjo DENTAL A(3018TAm\ p a r t time. W rlto Bax H In earn of this "new spaper wj5 - b e c r B t a r y for Disuraneo Of- flee, Juno..loth..tu.Auguat SOtli, Bhortlmnd and s o m o business -experience- required/ - Air oondltloued pleasant oflleo. Apply Holmes k MoDowdll, Mnln-Bt/.lIoliiulrLoi.oaUlVihlL-,,: liny ,, r- WJ5 USED CARS PONTIAC, 1952, coiivortflile; now top and tires: good ino- elmnlcnl condition, $535. Call Mntawan J, 1 w)5 MUHT DISPOSE of Ip fp P oiv tlac Catalina: radio. lionter> whup-wau:ui ca,.,excellc.uloott dltlon. Cnli Mntawan R aftor 0 p.m. wj5 MERCURY", IBM, $26b?~ Ciili "M ala Wau J; WJO WOMAN for gniiornl house Iloauing. 1,duy a,wpek. Call aalissxdy~vv:ttiiied ln women nnd children s wear, - Part time, Some expurlenoe nro- ferred, Apply 45 West Fiont St., Kcypol t, ) wj8.. NUitSffiB AiD,\exiteilenco mil necessary b u t preferred; hours 7 a,111, o 3 p.m; Must, Imvn otyu it-aihportntlon A i-" ply Brooltdtila Nursing Homo: Highway 38, nt Main Street; Koyport, or oiill Keypiivt-7»5000.-/-^. WJ8 OPERATORS w m w m w M W M n n n i n m n n n n n n n n i m M m m m m m i h m n ] Televiiion TELEVISION SERVICE Call us for rollablo TV service; television antennas repaired and installed. Wo nlso repair radios and sm all electrlo appliances... r.. VILLAGE TELEVISION 20 E; FRONT ST. KEYPORT KEYPORT wjtf TV SERVICE MATAWAN TEN EYC K RONGON INC.. MATAWAN " WJ7/24 DON S TV SERVICE For fast efficient radio nnd television servlco call Matawun , wltf TRUCKING & EXCAVATING Bulldozing and shovol loader service. Collars, bcpiic tanks, fill dirt, top soil, road grave), washed gravel and ma6on sand. Wo specialize ln land clearing Matawan , Old Tennent Road, Box 84, M organvllle. wllq/10/sb Slip Covers PINCUSHION Custom made slip covers and draperies. Free estimates given, choose fabrics In your own home,, -call Dorothy, Smith, Mntawan W. wjtf SLIP COVERS RICHARDS DECORATING, Custom Mado tlip Covers, Drapes, upholstery Repairing 534 Beers Bt., llnzfct. Keyport 7-c m wj7/i7* L a w n i Top Soil TOP SOIL - Dietrich Bros,, Ino. Trench digging, trucking It bulldozing Mason sand and gravel, driveway gravel, bluestone, cinders and top noil. 28 Bpring Lawn Ave., Matawan. Call Mntawnn or Mntawan , wj24 TOP SOIL 10 $ $14 $ 0 $ B ia 8 TON LOAD TOP BOIL 8 TON LOAD TOP BOIL 8 TON LOAD ROAD GRAVEL 8 TON LOAD FILL DIRT 8 TON LOAD F IL L DIRT 0 TON LOAD BRICKBATS. IHO LOAD $10 Cinder*, sand, gravel, bluo stone* etc, bulldozing, grading, lot* cleared, fill Jobs; aoptlcs, oil tanks and neptlo drain beds dug; Call"Mnrtln/dnys or evenings for free estimates, Eckcla Trucking, Woolleytown ltd.. Morgunvlllo IM WJ7/24 MATAWAN- TOP SOIL. Top solh -111) dirt, and road gravel. Dozer und backhoo aervlce. Lateral Installations. excavntlng, STROTHER & ECKEL 138 LOWER MAIN BT. /1ATAWAN "" MATAWAN ENOLIBIlTOWN w tf Antiques l i Tine MftUhows Opportunity Shop AiitlriUffjii, wants to buy all types of antlqdcfl, Dolls loys, furniluro,. clilnn Wftro ond old juwclry. 116 JJroadwuy, Keyport wj7/2$ *rltn UC^.0r> SMALL gnrocn.and lawn plow KEYPOftjf^ driving Instruction, f fng, grading harrowing, Urn dual control car, licensed by lng and Heeding; also Jawn B tete.of New Jersey, No ex- mowing. Ml work guaranteed^ tra charge fo r. pick up from Call Keyport beforn fl your home, Keyport , p.m. or Keyport alter - w jdrio, after d p.m. wfv2* Contractor* CARPENTER nml building earn tractor, J. G. Metsger, F lorence Avo,, Ksyiio r t, New homes, guragos, dll alterations nnd repairs,. Easy financing nri-nilgod. Call Koyport /_ WJ7/24, becj>-.thluklng of having tho exterior of your home repainted or a room redecorated. Why not call William Weigand, Hazlet, N. J., for a free.estimate. Call Kay- poit 1-115l._ WJ7/I0 FLOO llb laid: scraped, finished and waxed; old floors a specially, Cull W llllutn Peterson, Keyport , WJ0/1D LEROY SMITH c o N T R A c ro rra fjij : - BU ILD ER Roofing nild Hiding. Repair Work - Dormers a Hnrutulity. Estimates given Phone Atlantic Highland* Mlofi. wja/10 Furniture Rofinlshing ALL lypofj of fuinituio iffinlali in«, KiiccltillziiHf in HlltlqU* irttf. Call for frnc i.mlmuto uny itfkht after ti p.m. Kcyiuirl 7 MOO J. Mr. Jt. AfliiiUi, wjtf Upholttory - OETIIAUDH UPH OUiTERY HIIOP Frco entlmatn lipholnteilng and repairing, custom nicido slip covers and-drapery, Uox springs and renovated. Call Mitliiwan wjtf F u ith rriu le roiinlrljik and up- IioIhUmIiik. All Falnlca and Plaatlca, II. B. Nailghydn, A. Btraiig, 180 Wnahtngtori Htrent, Keypon, Cull Keyport W J 0 /I9 MATAAVAN... UNDERGARMENT JOHNSON AVE,. - MATAWAN. N. J. MAI-1871 WJ5 W I E nf APARTMENT 3 rooms- Call Bpitfford W. Bclmiiek", Mata- wan l-jool/ _wjtf CEMENT mixer, jiortabla, gna or electrlo driven, reasonable; also anrden.tractor will) attoahmcnts for garilena, lawn* etc. Gardens plowed, imiaoii* work bn request, Open evon- lugs call Koyport M, : WJH RQAUBTAND on busy Highway 34. Call Wldtney wjtf, f u r n is h e d apartment, 3 ; Inrun rudnia, private bath, all lllllen fiirnlalied;. prlvati trnnrc, near lllnliway 38, Cull KeanMiurg wju NEW iiix room tvniuivrr iio clill- dren under 14 or 15 ycitrs of line. Rent $100 per month, Keyport 7-IA74-J. wjtf I.AUUENCp; lla ltm )ll,"«iil«bungalow, couple only. Call Mnlawaii 14 (11I J, 111)11,DING nullable for expurl- iiifiitnl work or light iiiaiiu- faetiirliig;.coiivenlrnvly located, city water, Rent 178 per month call Mntawan , w)6 KliYrOHT, n p it r t in eirt,» luoms, newly decomteil. heat md hut water supplied. Cull 14 e y po r I or Keyport w)5 T iro l TIRES, completely guaranteed full.caps in nloct tor immediate mounting, 8 hour service In recapping your casings; Bay shore Tiro C o, Highway 38 Cllffwood. C all Matawan 1 > wjtl APARTMENT, 0 lurge room*, West Front Bt.. Keyport ; $65 per month. Inquire LnCuiitc lihoe or c a 11, Koyport or Keyport M. wjtf APARTMENT, I/ I o n 111».. completely - fmnlhhed Inelud- lng range and refrigerator; woman or girl preferred. Inquire F, W. DlHner Agency, 60 -Main Bt.;- Key; art of call Koyport , *4)6. fl IlOr>AffI ii ii.lija th, nnfuinrnh - ed. Main lllieet, Matawan. odd hdt wntsr supplied: Call Koyport " w H f- IK ItlM B,, fiirhlnheit o r imfurii- V.-ihed. Cull Malawan , T H REE ROOM bithguldw, Ini-. provonienle five mlnules from railroad, base*, town. Adults only, no pets or ctdijreii, Mntawan 1 2PP1-.I Jti/8 WAbSireBorv- TJHlfiliBcrcihfi Mrfxt aiorm will* dowa. CftU Koyport IW S fl. w j»

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17 Ceremony Held At Cathedral Of Air B r i d e O f C l i f f w o o d B e a c h M a n Sylvia Tonnesscn Wed Saturday C o u p l e M a r r i e d A t S t. J o s e p h s Nanette Kozak Married Sunday, THE...I MATAWAN JOURNAL Miss June Anne Ivins, daugh-, Misal Sylvia..Gladys Tonnes- Miss Nanette Kozak, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Josoph K a ter._of and, M rs.;.willard sen, daughter of M r. and Mrs. Ivins, Monmouth Rd., Clarksburg, became tbe bride^sun- lngslde Ave:, Union Beach, ber wood Dench, becanto the bride June 6, 1958 _ I-ugo One Trygve TVtnhessen, 80S. Morn- zak. 203 Hilltop Blvd., C l 1 1 f- Second Rectlon : day, June , of Stanley came the bride of Jam es Occht- of Robert Novnk, son of Mr, Peter Lysaodrou, son of Mr. plntl, son of M r, and M r s. nnd Mrs. Joseph Novak, South employed by Chsrl&s Kom ar A a n d Mrs. Peter Lysandrou, James Occhlplntl, 86 N o r t b Amboy, Sunday, Juno 1, 1058, M arlboro, at the Cathedral of First St., Fatersoj, Saturday, Sons, South Amboy, at 1 p.m. tu St. Lawrences tbe Air. Lakehurst. with th e May 31, 1958, at 3:30 p.m. in Tho-couplo will live at 118 Rev. W illard Porazzo, pastor the Emmanuel- Assembly of Church, Laurenco Harbor, The Second St., Keyport-. Rev. Walter M. Slattery, pastor, officiated at tho double This week, why don t y o u of the Cburch o f the Assumption, New Egypt, officiating. The Rev. Louis Kota, pastor, ring ceremony before an altar God Church, N orth Centerville. - M r. Ivins gave his daughter officiated before an altar decorated with palm s ahd bou Alfred O Connor wns tho soloside,.... gown Qf tulle, fashioned with quets o f white flowers. M r s. ist, and Mrs, Robert Dlmsoy, look through tho windows ^ of decorated with whlto gladioli! your church from tho In in marriage. She was attired lu a tiered skirt with a c h a p e 1 Harold Rowland, pianist, ploy- oignnlst. train. H er pleated tulle" a n d etr traditional wedding muslo. Venetian lace veil was attach- The members pf the mens Given. In Inanlago by her (Sol 64 to a crown trimmed in seed quartet from Eastern Bible In father, tho bride woi-o a floorpearls. She carried* a mother- stitute. Orecn Lane,"Pa were length gown of Imported Chantilly lace-over bridal sntln de all the of-pearl Bible, with a cascade tbe soloists. Robert E lla sang bouquet of white orchids. Because: Jerald Stewart, signed with a scalloped high,. Wears Lavender The Lords P ra y e r, and the neckllno trimmed with sequins Miss Joan Parfando, Clarksburg, was maid of honor; She Rave Prom ised.", entire quartet, Oh Jesus I and pearls, and long sleeves pointed at tho wrist. A crown of soqulns and ponrls hold her wore a gown of lavender em* Wears Embroidered Organdy Frenoh Illusion veil which extended to tlio tip of hor chapelt bossed nylon, with a white picture hat, and carried a cas father, the bride wore a gowp length train. H or colonial bou Given in m arriage by her cade bouquet of yellow, lavender, and white flowers.. taffeta wltli short sleeves, a the-vulley wns baekod with J-mln lulton uu Irom Atbury Pitk of embroidered organdy over quet of gnrdenlas nnd ltltes-of- IKIE.,.B5* BRIDGEPORT...40* ---Bridesm aids, -M l s s Jean straight neckline. Her.1 o h g whltc_tuho.!l«i 6 PM»nd Sundiyi, Tti not inti. W ells, Miss Patricia Hendrickson, Miss Janet Bennett, and fabric. Her! fingertip-1 e n g t h gloves were made of matching Maid of llonor Miss Ida Drzewucki, wore veil fe ll from a sm alt organdy Miss Floronco Bkrob, Mor gowns ln pastel shades of pink, cap with appliques and sm all gan, aunt of tho bride, was tho green, blue, and yellow, respectively with white picture Serving as mold of honor.pearls. nald bf honor. Sho woro an aqua floor-length embroidered hats and carried bouquets of was Miss Judith Aan Grenger MU., MRS. DONALD LONG flllk orgnnzn gown, styled-with short sleeves nnd a sabrlna summer flowers. Union Beach, who wore a dress Ann Marie Oannaro, daughter of M r. and Mrs. Frank with blue flowers, over a baby- of white nylon, embroidered Miss Constance Morgello, bouquots of yellow shnstn neckline. A matching face veil daughter of Mr, and. Mi s,.. Joseph Morgello, 35 Lower Main Warren T. Long, Llttlo Sl1 carried a colonial bou- daisies,... foil from tier sequin liondplooe Oannaro, Newark, was flower blue taffeta slip, a blue plogirl. She wore a miniature of ture hat wllh an open orown, St., Matawnn, nnd Donald Long, son of Mr. and M rs, P. vcr, wns best man for his quet of aqua carnations with the costume and hat worn by and carried an old-fashioned the honor attendant. She carried a basket o f summer flow bouquet of mixed flowers with T. Long, 121 Middlesex Rd., brother. Ushering woro John matching-tulle backing. Henrlkson, Harrison Hoggs The attendants wore Miss MBS. CHARLES E. MILLS, JB. blue the predominant color. Matawnn, were marvlod Saturday, May 31, 1058, at 2 p.m. In and Walter Dennett, nil- of Darbaru Bkrob, Union, and ers. Miss Muriel D. Routh,. and of Chantlllyjace, Ion? pointed Miss Lila Ami Tonnessen, St. Josephs church, Keyport, Keyport, Mrs. Val Hnlnnger, Bouth Amboy, Miss Bkrob woro a floor- Reception In Toms River Charles E. Mills, jr were m ar- sleeves, a sabrlna neckline, " Roselle, bridesmaid-, was attired the same as the maid of formed the double ring cere Mrs, Moi-gellO chose a roso length gown of roso chiffon The Rev. John Hendricks per For her daughters wedding, A reception fwlowed at CIU rled Saturday, May 17, 1058, and a flowing skirt of silk organza which ended ln a short honor ln pink, and carried a mony! Miss Loretta Durante beige lace dress with a cham with short sicovch, n snbrlnn tas Old Time Tavern, Toms at 4:30 p.m. in St. M ary s River. Episcopal Cburch, Keyport, by train. A crown of seed pearls bouquet ot m 1 x e d flowers, was organist. The altar was pagne hat nnd accessories und neckline, n lu ll hoop skirt, nnd The. bride is a graduate Of tbe Rev. Henry A, Male, rector, Miss Routh Is the daugh and she carried a colonial bou Flow er, Girls and palms.. *. * ^ bridegrooms mothor woro covered wllh sequins. She car held ber veil of French illusion, dominated by pink. decorated with white pompons a corsage of yollow roses, The a orown of mntchlng chiffon, Lakewood High School, and attended the Barblzon School of ter of Mr, and M rs. Herbert quet >of white carnations, bab* Cheryl Ann Tonnessen a n d Given In marring e by her blue lace dress with a w ll 11 a ried a colonial bouquet of roso T ^.C M tw ood. Beach, M r. Karen Ruth TonnesSen., JO o p. father, the bride w orea fullhat nnd accessories and a corsage of-pink roses, gown o f yellow Inco, trimmed oarhattoiis, M is! Daluhgers ^ ^ernpfoy^inthe^^ffic^epart- Mills Is the son of M r. a n d far Honor tune, nieces of the bride, were length silk organza gown del ment of the New Jersey B e l l Mrs. Charles E. Mills, sr., Telephone Co., Freehold. The Cllffwood Beach. Traditional Miss Janet Morgan,. Cliff- flower girls, They wore dresses signed with a fitted bodloe, a Honeymoon In loconos with tullo, was tloor-longth with short alcoves and a uobitim bridegroom, a graduate of wedding music was played by wood Beach, was the maid of styled like the other attend sabrlna neckline embroidered A reception followed at neckline; Her tulle hendpleqo Freehold High School, served the organist, M rs. E d ward honor. She wore a ballerina- ants, Cheryl. Ann ln blue and with seed pearls and short shirred sleeves, Bands of Roso- boy, after which t h o couple and she oorrlod n yollow car- Cobys Restaurant, South Am was trlmmod with tiny tlowors three, years: in the- U.S. Army. P rln z... length gown of white nylon, Karen Ruth ln pink, and carried miniature old-fashioned point lace were pppllqued on left for. the Pooono, Mountains, natlon oolonlal bouquoli - embroidered In pink- with a The couple will reside at Rose The bride, given ln marriage pink cummerbund and pink bouquets. the bellshaped skirt which terminated ln a chapel sweep. wore a blue polished, cotton, Pn, For traveling, tlie brldo Apts., Barkalow Ave.p F r e e- by ber father, wore a gown picture hat, She carried a cascade bouquet o f pink carna John Occhlplntl, Paterson, was The hrldes flhgertlp-length dross with a pink hat and ac The bridegrooms brother,. Arthur Wojeohowski, South lgqhi; V styled with a long torso bodice Amboy, was boat man End ushering were W llllnm Williams, tions. ;. the best man and Clifford Tonnessen, Union Beach, brother sion fell from a lace pillbox feathered cnrnnuons, veil of imported Frenoh Illucessories nnd a corsago of pink Miss Gail Meny,- /Matawan,. Union and Val Belanger, South C o u p l e W e d I n C h e e s e q u a k e and Miss Joan 6andor, Perth of the bride, and Daniel Occhlplntl, Paterson, another broth earrtcd a round bouquet of 1063 from St. Mary s High The brides mother wore..a trimmed.whit sequlnn and she Tho bride was graduated In Amboy.! Amboy, were bridesmaids. Their gowns a n d headpieces er o f the bridegroom, ushered. white feathered carnations.- School, South Amboy,. and la pink chiffon diress wllh a pink were styled the same as the The bride s mother wore a Four Attendants employed as n service representative In tho Koyport office rhinestones and a corsago of feathered ltat trimmed with honor attendants. Miss Meny light blue- embroidered silk pr- Miss Ellen Galllgan, Matawan, wns maid of honorrthe of the Now Jersoy Boll T o 1 o- yellow roses, Tlio brldogrooms wore blue and imlss Sandor, ganza dress, a white hat and yellow. accessories and a white orchid, attendants were Miss Dorothy. phono Co. The bridegroom was mother selected a rose silk Leon O. Mills, Cllffwood Following a reception at Petersons Restaurant, Red Bank, ne Cashlll, Robertsville a n d School ln 1052 and atlondcd n corsago ol.deep red roses,. Lamb, Morganvlllo, Miss Jean graduated froni Matawnn High dross with a matching hat and Beach, brother of the" bridegroom, was best map and-uah? the couple left for a trip to the Mrs. Barbara Dietrich, Mntawan. They wore wallz-longth Branch, He nerved with tlio A reception followed ut El- Monmouth College, West Lang Roceptlun At F.lm#ro» erlng were John D. Mills, Cllff- Pocono Mountains, Pa. 1 j. woodr also -a- brother of : t h e The bride graduated from gowns o f wlille7nppliqued ny- U.S. Army In Korea and Is employed by-the Roynhrotrolounv couple lo t t f o r t h o " Pocnno maros, Morgan, after which tlio bridegroom, and Ronald J : Keyport High School a n t1 extended Eastern Bible Institute W nirblue taffeta cummerbulids Corp., Bownrcn. Mountains, p a, For traveling, lo iro v e r bluo tafleta s t y l o d Schelnu. Highlands. For her daughter s wedding, The bridegroom is a graduate ending in back bows. Face The couple will live-w ltli.tlio the brldo wore an aqua Ilnon Mrs. Routh selected a d u s t y of Central High School, Paterson, and nlso attended Eastern crowns trimmed wltlt" seed at 121 Mldrtlesox Rd,, Mata- hat, white accessories nnd u veils fell from their blue Hrldes parents until tlielr homo sheath dross, a white feathor pink silk organza dress, a white hat* neutral accessories, Bible Institute. - pearls" and they carriedroutid wan, is completed. -r-v - corsnge of whlte onrnatlons; and a corsage of white carnations. Mrs. Mills wore a blue Upon iuelf" return, from Tlielr The-brlde attended S a-y r o- honeymoon, the couple will reside at 503 Mornlngslde Ave., ployed,at Krosgos, Perth Am ville Iflgh Snttool; nnd wag" oin-" lace sheath dress with white accessories and a corsage of Union Beach. boy. The brldogroom nuondod WEAR Hoffman High Sohool, South pink carnations. Amboy, and enlisted In the U.S. A reception followed at Peterson s Buttonwood Manor, Phillips Conway * David Buys Wed Navy for tluee -yoars, lio Is Matawan, after which th e couple left for a wedding trip In Union Church M r. and M rs.jerom e Phillips, RFD Box 283, Matawan, -Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Conway, 202 Brown Ave., West Lidjr Allindtnl N on-btoluiin. TO... to Florida. The bride is a graduate of Miss Caroline Louise Tewful are;the parents of a daughter; Keansburg, nfe tho parentsof 9 We* Matawan High School, C l a s s and Raymond David Buys were born Tuesday, May 27, 1058, in a" "duiighterr bofh Thursday, of 1957; and is employed by m arried Sunday, May 18, 1058, Monmouth Memorial Hospital. May 29,1958, In Rlvervlew Hob- Household Finance Gorp., P a r at 4 p.m. In the First Baptist pita)..... lin. the past worthy advisor, Order of Rainbow f o r Church, Union, by Uie Rev. - r... Trlole.. For Every W infield.f. Romish, pastor. A son was born Tuesday,,... Wilson Girls, Keyport, ahd"a member MissTewful Is the daughter ot May 27, 1088, In M o n m o u t h A son was bnrn Friday, May A fuvlci if dlitlftjglifod afimifbt Occasion Mr, and Mrs. Charles F. Tewful, Union, and the bridegroom, Mrs, Jack-T rlolo, 24 Beech-, to M r, and Mrs. Harry Wilson, fml f m*a. Memorial Hospttal. to Mr, and 30, 1958, In Rlvorvlew Hospital, of-golden Chapter 120, Order of Eastern Star, Keyport. the son of Mrs. Josephine C. wood T err,, Matawan, \_ L : 203 Newark Ave,. Union Reach. The bridegroom Is a graduate of Sayreville High School, Bench, and the late Henry - Roman ; Brown D A Y F U N E R A l H 0 M I1 4 l.» T n in 4 l Buys, 1203 Shore Rd., U n 1 o n Class of 1953, and served two Buys. M r. and Mrs. Santiago Roman, 10 South Atlantic Ave,, Mir,- and Mrs, Riohard 181 M sple PI., Kevport Men Al lluys l-urnlihliifs /ME,, MRS. W ARREN EARL BURNETTE years ln the U.S.* Navy. He Is The church organist accompanied the church soloist In I Matawan, are tho parents of a Brown, i.r osem ary DF,, Has employed by Owens Illinois Tel. K R yp o rl Hhoes.. Before an altar decorated cummerbund and bonnet and aiass Mfg.. Sayreville. He Love You Truly, "Because," daughter, born Tuesday, May let, are tho parents of a daughtor, born Friday, May 30, 1058, W. Front HI, Iteyport with white gladioli aud p o m* carried a colonial bouquet of plans to e n ^ r Rutgers University In the fall. The bride, given In marriage ial Hospital,. In -Rlvervlew Hospital,.. W w w w w w w w w v m m m w w w w w w w w w w M W nnd "The Lord s P rayer." 27, 1068, ln Monmouth Memor s poils. Miss Carol Ann Schnuck, rose-colored carnations. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rich- Miss M ary Raynor, Laurence The couple will reside at 49 by her father, wore i f u 1 1-.ftgd G. Schnuck, Cottrell Rd., Harbor, cousin o f the bride, Delavon St., New Brunswick. length lace gown and carried Wilkinson. Wledman Cheesequake. became the bride the flower girl, wore sheer a bouquet of white carnations. A daughter was born Tuesday, May 27, 1058, In. R lver man! RD1, Mntawnn, ale the Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Wlsdof W arren E arl Burnette, son pink nylon dress with a tucked Three Attendants Television Service of M rs. E nrl Basil Burnette, taffeta bodice. The floor- Barry Boyce M arried... Mrs. Robert DeCarlo, Elizabeth, was her sisters matron Robert "Wilkinson, 45 8 h o r e Amboy.Hospital: = Radios & Small Appliance* Repaired vlew Hospital, to, M r, snd Mrs. parents of a son, born In South Route 9, Browntown, and the length bouffant skirt had a bustle trimmed with taffeta. Bhe April 5 In England late Mr. Burnette, Saturday, of honor. Miss Shirley Tewful, Blvd., Keansburg,, Leonard 27 Yonrs In Business M ay 31, 1658, at 4 p.m. in the wore a matching pink bonnet Church o f Our Saviour, Cheeseand carried a colonial bouquet Miss Marlene Hclyer, daughter of M r. and Mrs. W. Helyor, bridesmaid, Both wore gowns also a sister of the bride, wus - Fink A daughtor wan bom tn yo U R WICHTINGIIOUSU DICAI.ER quake. of pink carnations. Dartmouth R d., Hendon, England, became the bride of Air picture hats and carried, bou-. 4 Clover D r,, Hazlet, are the End-Mrs, Robert Loonafd, 20 of pale green and matching M r. and Mrs, Robert Fink, South Amboy Hospital, to Mr, The Rev. Henry A. Male, Twin Is Best Man vicar, officiated at the double Serving as best m an w a s man B arry Boyce, son of Mr. quets of pink carnatlops, parents pf a daughter, born Gunla St., Old Ilrldgo, TEN EYCK RONSON, Inc. ring ceremony and M rs. Leroy Burlew. church organist, twin brother of the bridegroom, Orove Ave., Keyport, 8 a t u r- of the bridegroom, wns (lower Rlvervlew Hospital. Smith. I, Basil H. Burnette, Browntown, and Mrs. Frank Boyce, arecn Donna Lee Cognlgllo, nlcco Wednesday, May 28, 1958, ln I l l U P P E R M A IN ST, M A M A T A W A N, N. Mr. and Mrn, Fionklln flinlth, rendered traditional wedding and usher^^wcre Roger Green day, Apr , ln St, Johns girl. She wore a white gown music., and Roland Seeley,.both of Church, Hendon, and a picture hat and carried Dlsbrow.. -, 010 Florence Avo., Keyport, are A son Was born Wednesday, tho parents of a third eon, hum Given J n marring?,by her Browntown. Given In marriage by her a bouquet of pink carnations. May 25, 1058, in R lvervlew In South Amboy Hospital, father, the bride wore a gown Mrs, Schnuck was attired IK father, the brldo wore a dress Ushering were Alfred nur d of Chantilly lace on nylon tulle, a powder blue silk dress with of white nylon loee and a veil Richard Kiel, nephews of the Hospital, to M r; End Mrs, Mar- Thursday, May 2tl, 11)58. Mrs. T h e M o n t O u t s t a n d i n g ~ fashioned with a Queen Anne white accessories and sho wore belonging to her mother. Bhe bridegroom, and Henry Buys, old Dlsbrow, 108 First St., Keyport, Jeanne Travers, Keyport, Smith Is the f o r in o r Miss collar trimmed with sequins,, a a corsage of white carnations. carried a spray bouquet of brother of the bridegroom, ull I n v e n t O f T h e S c u s o n floor-length bouffant skirt with The bridegroom s mother selected a silk floral print dress frcesla. of Callfon. Pierce Fllrpatrli-li a lace applique on nylon tulle The brides mother wore a Miss Kim Harding, England, M r. and Mrs, Albert Pierce, A daughter won b o r n In over a ruffled underskirt. Her with navy blue accessories and cream lace dress over nlle --flngertlp-length Illusion veil fell a white carnation corsage,. was the maid of honor a n a 203 Hilltop Blvd., Cllffwood South Ainbny Hospital, to Mr. green taffeta with beige accessories and a corsage of or Robert Helyer, brother of the Beach, are the parents of a and Mrs. James Fitzpatrick, 16 " K i y p o r i s K i y To S t a r d o m " from a cap of Chantilly lace, Following a reception held at son, born Wednesday, May 25, bride, was best man. West Richard St,, It u i I t a n chids. Mrs. Buys selected a trimmed In sequins and pearls, the East Brunswick First Aid For her daughters wedding, In Rlvervlew Hospital, Township. light gray lace dress over pink Pfoiontlng The Sludonli O f and she carried a colonial bouquet of white roses and steph- trip through New York State, chid sheath dress with beige and a corsage of.jrlnk roses. M r. and Mrs. Joseph Savjno, Mr. and Mra. Joseph Ferrari, Building, the couple left for a the brides mother wore nn or taffeta wlthtwhite accessories Kavlno, Ferrari - anotja. _ the New England States a n d accessories. : : Following a reception f o r 820 Ninth St., Union Bench, arc 600 Front St., Union 11 e a c ll, Walters School Of Dancing Wears Orchid Canada. For traveling, the A reception followed at th e pycr 200 guests, held In Irvington, the couple left for a lliree-... Miss M arie Bowne, Cheesequake, the maid of honor, was dress with a burntorange hat bride wore a beige chemise hoir:c of the brides parents. the parents pf twin daughters, are Uie parents ol it daughter, Keyport High To lie lle lil School At Aud. born Saturday, May til, 1958, born in South Amboy Hospital. Airman Boyce had been stationed at the U.B. Air Force week trip to Florida., attired ln a, ballerina-lengtb and accessaries and acorsage ln Rlvervlew Hospital, The bridegroom graduated Cudworlli gown of sheer orchid nylon of white roses. Base at Manston, Kent, Eng., from Keypdrt High School und Tledemann A son was bora In South - which had a square neckline The bride Is a graduate of but has been transferred to served three years ln the Armed Forces ln World War If. He 1, 1058, In Monmouth Memorial Mrs, Francis J, Cudworth, 17 Friday And Saturday A son was born Bunday, June AmImy lloapltul, to Mr, n n d on a tucked bodice, an accordion pleated bouffant skirt and 1056 a n d is employed by The couple are residing at 233 is employed by Eastern Mo Hospital, to M r. and Mrn. Rob Dartmouth ltd,, Madbion P ark. Matawan High School, Class of Spangdalem AFB, Germany, June th And th ~ ~ a plumtcolored cummerbund. Owens Illinois Glass Co., Sayreville. The bridegroom gradu many. ) Upon returning from their Haupastrauss, Spiecher;* Ger: tive Dispatch, Union. ert J. Tledemann1, 8 East Richard St,, Raritan Township. femes She wore a matching plum bonnet- find carried a colonial ated -from Matawan High Following the ceremony, the honeymoon, the couple will reside, at 0?0 StuyveBant A ve.., Tealluo Ternrn, 10 nycamorr Dr.. R ar v At 8 P.M. Mr. a ti ll Mrs; Mortimer bouquet of plum-colored carnations. ^ texided Monmouth College, West Boyce on the telephone. Union. I M r, and Mrs, Louis Test Ino, itan Township, am the parents School, Class of 1052, and -at* couple spoke to M r. and Mrs. "BMdalSftendaiits-wen?-Mrs; Long -Branch»-!le-served four i l.o ak.s t...k oyport,.arc. t h.d. Of n (bliighjeij boin 111 P e r t ll Lee Robbins^Cheesequakc, and years in the U S. N&vy, and A seafood aspic with avocado cubes and sm all whole pit home freezer. If you imvc one. jdav, May 29, 1088, Store your bread in your I parents of a son, born ihurn- Amimy Hospital. -. M rs. Barrie Fearoa, Matawan. now is employed by Julian s "The Six Waltorolloi" vylio will danco Their gowns were styled like Auto Body Shop. Eatontown. ted rtpe olives molded wllh tho In IU original package, or well mouth M om orlnl Hospital. LoSaplo foiiionally with tho "Manhattan Rockeliot" the honor attendant s. Mrs. He is a member of the U. S. other Ingredients Is most testy, 8ervc with mayonnaise ture proof material, lt wll! re Minor flnplo, 449 Atlantic St., Key- during iho Summor and early Fall will alio wrapped In foil or other mois Mr. nnd Mrn. Angelo 1,0- Robbins dress was aqua with Naval Reserve Unit, Porth a pc.icock cummerbund a n d Amboy, seasoned with tarragon vine- tain m oisture,, remain free A eon wan born Friday, May port, nro Hie parents of their bonnet and she carried a colonial bouquet of pe&cock-coi- Route 0, Browntown, when suggests Monmouth C o u n- Several weeks, says Mon ini Hospital, to M r. and - Mis day, May 27, 1968, In Presby- The couple will reside on gar, legion Juice and catsup. from mold ond ftecp fresh for , ln Monrr ruth Memor fifth child, a sop, born T u e s- appear on iho program, ored carnations. M rs. Fearon they return, from their honey- j ty Home Agent Mrs. Lorna K. mouth County. Homo Agent Gene A. Mlnor, 10 Prospect tftan Hospital. Hewnik. T h e Tickets Available At The Door wore pink, with a spring rose moon. I White. Mrs. Lorna K. White, a..a._ «... Si a. a- *> i, Aflflitd 7/Infliflttil J J., M a ta w a n,

18 Funeral Services For Mrs. Graves - Mrs, Charles W., Graves fesslonat curriculums such,&s E n g a g e m e n t s A n n o u n c e d pre-science and pre-law,, f o r Booth-Jacluon Is serving a tour of duty with D e a t h s R e p o r t e d D u r i n g W e e k students who-wish to transfer to tbe third year of Monmouth Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Jackson, 405 Campbell St.. Union Is stationed at the Lakehurst continue studies; tlie U, S. -Navy. Tfe" prdi&itly or another college In order to Beach, announce tbe engage- Naval Air Station. _ Second Section No date has been set for the Funeral services were held Mrs. Richard Beard, Jr. and brother of Miss Sarah R lker. Cllffwood.Beach... Page Two Jane 8, 1658 wedding. Thursday at 2:30 p.m. at the Mrs. Margaret (Preston) The catalog announces that Bedle Funeral Home, Keyport Beard, 43, daughter of Mr. and Mr. R lker was born In Paterson. He was a retired mason, lng the Monmouth College cat Sept. 15, and classes WlU start West Long Branch,- are receiv? registration will begin Monday, Novotny-Laytoa with the Rev. Dr, Otto C. f! Mrs. Thomas J. Preston, sr.. Bettord Captain M r. and Mrs. CheBton M. Janke, pastor of the F 1 r g t Keansburg, died Sunday, May and a member o f the F i r e t alog for , which 11 s t s Thursday, Sept Layton, Beers Bt., Hazlet, announce the engagement of their Methodist Church, Keansburg, 25, 1958, at the Jersey City Christian Congregational 240 courses In 18 two-yeat curofficiating, for M rs. J o e 1 1 a Medical Center, Church, Irvington, He had been rlhqlums and 12 four-year cur- nils week, why.don t y o u Succumbs Sunday daughter, Linda Grace, to Donald Charles Novotny, son of Graves, 81, Wood A ve Keansburg, who died Tuesday morn Middletown Township High Mrs. Beard, a graduate of living. In-Toms R iver for the rlculm ns. look through the windows " ot past five years. Newest o f the four-year cur- your c h u rc h...fro m the Inside?.. Capt. WlUlam Dennis, 85, of Mr< and Mrs. Charles Novotny, ing. May 27, 1958, at her home. School, resided at 332 Duncan Survivors are five other riculums are those leading to 165 Main St.. Port Monmouth, form er residents of Beers St., Interment was ln Green Orove Ave., Jersey City. Bhe w a s sons, David, Jr;, Mountainside: the Bachelor of- Science. Degrees with m ajors in electronic died Sunday, June 1, 1958, at Hazlet, now of New York Btate. Cemetery, Keyport. born In Newark. Clifford O., Tonis River; Elm er Stella Briskie his home a fterja brief Illness, Bhe was born in Keansburg, She is survived, besides her W Neptune; Robert L Santa engineering, elementary education and secondary q d u c a- He was chairman of the Atlun- Both Miss Layton and Mr. daughter of th^jnte Edward parents, by her husband, Richard Beard, Jr.; three daugh Monica, Calif,; Charles A.,. tie Coast Section of the Shell Novotny are graduates of the N. and Sarah p, (Thor n e) Fisheries Division pf the State Keyport High School,. Miss Wilson. Her husband was the ters, Mary, Veronica, arid Rita, Toms River; two daughters, tlon. Other four-year eurrlcu- Mrs, Em ily J, Evernham, Nep-. lums are English, foreign languages, history,, psychology, bi REA L ESTATE Department of Conservation Layton Is emplojed at the Keyport office ol the New. Jersey was a member of the First home; three sisters, Mrs, blade, Orange; a brother, ology; business administration, AND INSURANCE late Charles W. Graves. She and a.son, Richard, IH, all at tupe, and M rs, Helen R. Elrh- and Economic Development. H taw astbebrother of Capt. Bell Telephone Co. M r. Novotny Is associated with his fath Methodist Church, Keansburg, Eleanor Woodward, Middletown; Mrs. Mary Pede, Jersey Benjamin Dennis, Keyport, and Daughters of Liberty, K eyport, City; Mrs. Rita Nordt, Keans George R lker; another sister, chemistry, mathematics a n d LICENSED BRO KER Mrs, Wesley H all, Linden; 15 physics. NOTARY PUBLIC er in business..-.and Mrs. George Thorne, grandchildren and -five greatgrandchildren.,. are In two categories: Termin. - T h e two-year currlculujns. -Holmdel Township.,. Crandall-Metzger Surviving are a daughter, burg; four brothers, John Preston, Middletown; Thomas, Funeral services.were held al curriculums such as engi Miss M arjorie Graves, Keansburg: a sister, Mrs. Clara Le- Preston, Jr., Washington, D.C. He was born ill Jersey City Mr. and Mrs.- Harold P. Heights, son of the late Jacob Metzger, 802 Pork Ave., Union diard, Red Bank; one granddaughter, and fou r great Kennsburg. James-and William, -Prestdn[ Wednesday a t10 a.m. at the neering aide and electronics 38 Fulton St., Keyport and Annie (Stevens) Dennis MISS BETSY JANE JACKSON Beach, announce the engage- Anderson and. Campbell Funeral Home, Toms R iver, with ihe wish to go to work after two KEyport technician, for students w h o.:. He had lived ln Middletown Township for 80 years. Cnpt. ment of their daughter, -Betsy.. grandchildren..,. ; The Corrigan Funeral Home, Jersey City, was fn charge of Rev. Delwyn R. Rayson officiating. Interm cht was ln F a 1 r- years o f college, and pre-pro- Dennis once owned and operated a coastal freighter, th e of M r. and M rs. Lansing J. Jane,, to Lansing T. Booth, s6n Mrs. Nellie T. Sullivan arrangements. - - mount Cemetery, Newark, - Edith, which served the Booth, Port Monmouth Rd.. Funeral services were held Monmouth County Bayshore Keansburgi Saturday at B:30 a.m, at the John F. Gaynor George Mabatvage "Marys Haven". area and the Fulton, Flsh- Miss Jackson Is attending John J. Ryan Home fo r Funerals, Keansburg, and at 9 ident of the Postal Supervisors Seabreeze Way, Keansburg, John P, Gaynor, form er pres George Mahawage, 54, of 94 A Licensed Kindergarten, Located At market, New York, liis knowledge of the tides and channels Booth graduated from Middle Keyport H i.g h School, Mr,.m, a. requiem mass w a s Association, New York, died died nt the Dr. Hazard Memorial Hospital, Long B r a n ch, Box 314x Poole Ave., Keyport, of Sandy Hook Bay and th e town Township High School. celebrated ln St. Ann s Church, of n cerebral hemorrhage Sunday, Junel, 1058, lncrown. New Jersey coast often 1 e d Class of 1957, and Is employed Keansburg, by the R ev. Stanley Levandeskl, for M rs. Nellie Heights Hospital, Brooklyn. He born in Brooklyn and had lived Will open in September. Ovyned and operated by M rs. Off Highway 35 Mondny, June 2, He was marine engineers to seek his by Western Union Cable Co., advice In planning the con- New York. leilen) T. Sullivan, 69, of 99 wits 72-years-old amkjjvfd at ln Keansburg fo r more thnn Ross, who has? previously taught at St. Josephs School, Mornfngslde Ave;, Keansburg, 201 Windsor T I., Brooklyn. He 30 yenrs.. Keyport, for seven years. The kindergarten has been structloh of Jetties and b u 1 k- Stcfanskl-Robc who died Wednesday, May 25, was the lather of John Gay nor, Inspected by Mrs. Kenyon, from tho Board o f Education He is survived bs hls wife, hends. 1 1 M r. and M rs. Joseph Robe. 1958, at the homo of her niece, Matawan.., In Trenton and therefore-is approved and...a.^licensed Mrs. Cam lle (Blasuccl) Mahawage; a son, George, jr., nnd tained for the opening in September, by calling Keyport kindergarten. Registration and information can be ob, His clvlo service was on the 231 Garfield Ave., Laurence Mrs. Catherine Flnneran, Rubicon, after a long Illness. Inter the New Y ork Post Office for daughter. R o s t-1 y n, all at between the hoars of p a.m. to 11 a.m* Mr. Gaynor had been with local as well as the state level. Harbor, announce the engage He was a member of the Mld- ment of their daughter, Eleanor, to Robert W. Stcfanski, son tery, Middletown,. retirement two-yenrs-ago. He dlno, Dumont, and Mrs, I. Kapment wns ln Mt. Olivet Ceme more than 60 yer^sbf. until his home; tw oslsfers, Mrs. J.G au- dletown Township Board of Educatlen for more than 30 years of Mrs.. Margaret Stefonskl, Mrs. Sullivan was born ln served as superintendent o f the lan, Forest Hills, N.Y., and a a n d board president fo r 15 Raritan PI., Keansburg. a n d IrclSnd. She form erly lived in money order division and then brother, Allan, union Bench. years. He was president of the tlie late Edward Stefanski. Elizabeth. She was n K e a n s- chief auditor. H e, had been A high requiem mass will be Middletown Township - Public Miss Rohe, a graduate of burg resident for three years, president of the association for celebrated Friday at 9 a.m. ln Health Association for 33 years. Sayrevllle High School,-now-la and wns a member of St.- Annis four years and secretary for St. Ann s Church, Keansburg, G ive Y o u r Child T he B e s t!. He also served as chalrmaa of employed by the Single System MISS ALICE METZGER Church, Keansburg. 16 years before, that. With the Rev, Stanley Levandeskl, officiating. Interment NEW JERSEYS FINEST V the Belford Harbor Commls- Surviving is.a brother, John Since his retirem ent, M r. sion. * - - ment, of their daughter, Alice, to Frank Crandall, son.of Mr. Waters, New Y ork; three Gaynor served as president of Will be in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Authority On School taw and Mrs. Frank Crandall, 427 nieces, and ihiee nephspss,. the New York Chapter of the DAY CAMP Middletown Township, under As a result of_bls yoitrs on National Associntldh of Retired Fulfsndo Ave., Jersey City, the direction of the J trim J..R y the school board, he became William Casey Civil Employees. He w a s a an Home for Funerals, Keans- ^ m ^ AsoN recognized as an authority on Miss Metzger will be graduating from Keyport High Thursday it 2 p.m. at the Wor bus and Royal Arcanum. - Funeral services were held member of Knights of Coltuii burg school, law, During World War 1, Capt. Dennis was a member School lit thecltras of Mr. den Funeral Home, Red Bank, Other survivofs are a son, Mrs. Robert If. Stiles of the U. B. Secret Service. Crandall graduated from Dickinson High School, J e re e y died Tuesday, M ay , at daughter, Miss Alice Gaynor, dled^ Monday night. June 2, for William Casey, 84, w h o Thomas, Bethpage, L V I.; Mrs. Florence L, Stiles,. 68, In addition to his, Oakhurst Country Day sponslbllltles, he was c o n City, He is employed by t h e the home of his son, Raymond and a sister. Miss Anna Gaynor, both of Brooklyn, and 10 ter, Mrs. Mildred H, Nelson, 1958^ at the home of her daugh nected with several-private en- Todd Shipyard, Hoboken. Casey, 62 South W all St., Neptune City, after a long Illness. grandchildren Seventh St., Union Beach,. terprises, Including the Barne- No date has been set for the School Camp gat Power and Cold Storage wedding. Interment was In F a ir View Members of Chapter 23, National Association, Retired Civ was the wife o f the fate Rob with whom, she resided. She Plant, Seaside Heights, of Cemetery. Middletown. He also was, the father of Mrs. Noril Employees attended a requert H. Stiles.-M rs, Stiles was. and" Woodhead-Offner which he was president, a-n d Mrs. Dorothy Petronil, the Marine View Savings and man Snyder and M rs. Daisy iem mass at 9 a.m; ln H o 1 y born ln Stanley, daughter of Ridgewood, L.I., a form er Union Bench resident, has an Loan Association. Atlantic Robinson, both of Keyport, and Name Church, Brooklyn, yesterday. A solemn requiem (Dutoher) Stilw ell., the late John and Harriet... O p e n A l l Y e a r Highlands, of which he was n Edward Casey, Keansburg. nounced the engagement of her. director. He also directed a M r. Casey wns born In Middletown Township, the son of a.m. ln Holy Name Church.1In Beach for the past 12 years, 128 MONMOUTH RD., OAKHURST mass was celebrated, at 10:15 She was a resident of Unlcm daughter, Miss Caroline O f f- real estate1- development along ner,. to Robert Woodhead, son - Bnrnegat Bay. the late William and Emily terment was In Holy Cross form erly residing ln Union. TELEPHONE KELLOGG of--mr, and Mrs. B. Woodhead, Capt. Dennis whs a member (Connolly) Casey. He was the Cemetery, Brooklyn. The M.J. She was a member of the Lad W rite or Phone for Free Booklet! Second St., Union Beach. rrof-monmouth Lodge 112, F, & husband of the late M rs. Hattie (Lewis) Casey. Brooklyn, Was In charge of, ar: Beach Boating and Fishing. fu ll recrcatlon faculties.... Expert in Smith Memorial Home, West les Auxiliary of the Union A be*uti/a] 3}4 acre private estate with AM, Atlantic Highlands: t h e MISS ELEANOR ROBE Miss Offner attended Keyport Hlgb School. M n W o o d- Also surviving Js a son, Wil nmgemeatsi- _ Club.. cultural, *U jports program fo r a ll age struction, modern buildings, educational, Junior Order of United Amerl- " can Mechanics, Belford, a n d Laundry; Inc,, KeypoTt, Mr. head attended Keyport High liam Casey, Camden. Surviving besides Mrs: Nelson. is another daughter, Mrs. levels., ; the Belford Methodist Church, Stcfanski attended Red Bank School and Is employed In Newark. 1 Mrs, W illiam B. Robison Mrs. Mabel R. Werner, 77, Florence L. Dungan, Irving N o Rainy Day RegulalldttSize Mrs. Joseph W erner.. where, In hla younger days, he Catholic High School phd now Tennis "Courts ; served as choir master. Funeral services were held Washington St., Tom s.r 1 ve r, ton; two sons, Robert K., Problems ; Indian Village ~. Also surviving are t W 0 church while a bequest of $300 Thursday at 2 p.m. at. tlie died at Paul K im b a ll. Hospital, Waretown, and Edwin N., daughters, Mrs. Cornelius Brit; W i l l s F i l e d ls^deyignated for dcposlttn the Presbyterian Home, Washington, D.C., for Mrs. Isabelle M. Lakewood, on Tuesday, Miry West Orange; two brothers, No Extra Bus Trip* Horseback Riding, ton, New Monmouth, and Mrs. Stephen S. Fierkarslil Joseph Morley Memorial Fund 20, Bhe was the sister of W illiam Stilwell, Glen Ridge,; ~ f " Transportation Service John Wood, P ort Monmouth; Robison, who died M o n d a y, Mrs. Ida Phleffer, Keansburg, and Charles Stilwell, Newark, Hoi Luncheon Meals one other sister, Mrs, Emma 8 t T p h" e n S. Plerkarski, of the church with the residuary estate left to the church. mann Hospital, Interment was band, Joseph W erner; a daughi Funeral services w ill be held Nurse oo Prem ises May 28, 1958, at the Hahne Other survivors are her hus and 11 grandchildren. All Activities Scott, Lakewood. Koansburg, who died Apt-, -17, Funeral services, were held 1958, left his estate to his widow; Gertrude S. Plerkarski, ac The provisions are contained in ln Glenwood Cemetery, Wash ter, Mrs. Harold B. Rinehart, at 1:30 p.m. today nt the Bed on the Premises!- Visiting Doctor V Wednesday at 2 p.m. at th e Scott Funeral Home, Belford, cording to his will dated Apr. a will dated July 10, ington, She was the gran d- Shrewsbury; o ii e grandchild le funeral Home, Keyport. Interment will be-tn Hollywood For Boys and Girls Special Events mother of William R. Pole, and two great-grandchildren. with,the Rev. William E, Bls- 25, 1956, Matawgn, ~ - The Rule Funeral Home, Memorial P a rk Cemetery; Union. > : Mineral, Gem Club 3-14 Years LIM ITED ENROLLM ENT grove, pastor of the New Mon. Mrs, Anna H, M iller Also surviving are a daughter, M rs. Jessie Pole. Washlhg- charge o f arrangements. West Philadelphia, Pa., was in1 mouth Baptist Church, ofllclat- St. Marys Episcopal Church, Visits Pennsylvania *_ * lng. Interment was In - F a 1 r Keyport, Is the sole beneficiary tonrtw o sisters,- Mrs." William 2 Regulation Swimming Pools View Cendetery, Middletown of tho estate of,m rs. Anna M. Members of the Monmouth E. McKnlght, Venice. Flan - M rs..robert E. Cornish Cancer Cases, Deaths. These Pools, the finest In the area, iooated on the premises, Township, , Miller, Keyport, who died Jan. Mineral and Gem Club, Fair Miss Elizabeth Mitchell, Wash-, M rs. Carrie E stela (Crawford) Cornish, 98, of 14 Octavla and are under supervision of Red Cross Life Guards.^ - Reported Up In 1957 are completely protected b y modern filtering feystelm - 16, Personal apparel and Haven, made-a collecting trip lngton, and one brother, Fran- Have you read the classified house furnlshlpgs aro left to lo tho French Creek Mine, St, clb P. Mitchell, Los Angeles,- P l -Keyport,.died Sunday, Cancer during the year 1057 adds 7, tho Afternoon Guild of tho Peter s, Pa., on May 25. A ll Calif. June I, 1958, ln the Monmouth took the lives of 10,423 m e n, Separate Camp present reported finding good Arrangements were under County W elfare Rom e, F r ee- women and ^hlldren In New and Play Area for Opens June 26 m aterial Including chalcodlte the direction of the S.H. Hines hold. She was bom In N e w Jersey, according to figures Nursery Age Level (In-feldspar), graphite, molybdenite, calclte in white, y e 1- ton. life. In the Matawan-Keyport Sm all Croups Thru Aug. 21 Co. Funeral Home, Washing Y ork, but spent most of her compiled from records of tbe New Jersey State Department 4 Teachers low, and dark green, magnetite, chrisecolla and many oth Declares Dividend area. Bhe was the daughter of of Health by the American Cancer Society, New Jersey Divi Mrs. Mary Goulden, Register Now! ; 5 Day Week. the late Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Crawford, end the wife of sion. The total Is 4B6 more than.. Director ers. George Dunn nnd fam ily, Mr. At the regular meeting of the the late Robert Em ory Cornish FRANK ZAMPELLO BS-MA lri 1956 and 617 greater than In nnd Mrs. John Tam burrl,, Michael Kidzus, Matawan, e n d VanWinkle-Munnlng Co., Mata Surviving are four grandchil Increases were reported by board.o f directors of Hanson- Tom Smith, of the Plainfield wan, held May~27, a two-and- dren, Charles Redmond, W alla Middlesex, 87; Monmouth, Broadway Keyport Keyport Mineral and Gem Club, collected at the famous Ellenville lodend on-outstanding common Donald Hi Redmond, b o t h of and 549 In Monmouth.. one*half per cent stock divi W alla, Wash.; Robert W. and Deaths were 602 in Middlesex - Your Inspection is Cordially Invited. h e re * wishing you a Bon Voyage cation, known for Its beautiful stock was declared payable Keyport; Jam es E. Redmond, quartz crystal and chaleoph- June 30, to stockholders of record jit_ to?., jlo s e ; of. business children. Cllffwood, and sbe great-grand and our platinlitg rlte , makes lt rlghtt M r. Snd Mrs. Tamburrl, Mr June id, Cash will be paid for - Funernl services were held Kldzus and Mr. Smith toured a stockholder s fractional interest of less than one share in John-W. Mehlenbeck Funeral Wednesday at 11 a.m. at t h e You re surd of fun on Eilenvllle, Port Jervis, N. Y that cruise or ocean nnd parts of Pennsylvania such dividend based on a valuation of/$8 per share. Henry A. Male, rector of St. Home, Hazlet, with the Rev. voyage when you They enjoyed a picnic following the tour. Marys Episcopal Church, Key- count on us to mako all the arrangements. rt, officiating. Interment was 10 years from today, many Receive Awards Jn Cedarwood Cemetery, R a ritan Township,. Brown Travel Bureau young men and women will be Receiving 10-year service D ty catl«/ VflUey 6.4m 214 Smim St., rerib Amboy etudylng ln college, their way button awards during t ho David illk c r. Sr... j^b rotdw ay, Keyport N I ht Calls: Keyport 7*5031 paid through saving NOW in month of May from the National Lead Co., Titanium Division, Dewey St., Toms River, died U. S. Savings Bends. David R lker, sr., 84, of 110 South -Amboy, were Joseph Ll- Sunday, June 1, He was Pera, Matawan; Stephen Koyl, thc husband of the late Helena Keyport; Ruggero Sacco, Union Beach, John R, R lker, Union Beach S a v i n g s A c c o u n t H. Rlker. He was the father of s CARPET Linoleum Sandran Kentile - Rubber - Cork - Vinyl Formica ^ink Tops - Wall Tile &Metal Trim Matawan Floor Covering Co. Matawan 141 Main St. MA Get It Here.. The New 4 IN 1 Package Policy For HOMEOWNERS.. AT A BIG SAVING - EASY ANNUAL PAYM ENTS 1, F ir. and Extended Coveragn* on Your Dwelling 2. Fire and Extended Coverage* on Your Household Goad, and Personal Property., S. Theft Insurance on YourHousehold Possessions 4. Liability Insuran^,, Wilh Medical Payments Coverage Fire, Lightning, H ill, (Vindstorm..R(ot, Explosion, Falllng Craft, Vehicle Dam age, Smoke Ross W. Maghan Agency Real Estate Insurance MATAWAN 138 Main S t MA 1*0003 Monmouth Mails New Catalog For High school students, guid ance officers and hthera Interested tn Monmouth College,. - Helping people to save is. one of our im povlant franking - functions. The num ber and activity n f accounts in o u r Savings Departm ent reflect the foresight of th rifty people ^ h o tue wisely building lip reserves of extra dollars ^Yonraccount is invited. Open1 one n ow an d -en joy - th a - / atisfactjoii that comes w ith saving.. T H B F A R M E R S A N D M E R C H A N T S, N A T I O N A L B A N K M a t a w a n O ldeil And Modern Cenk In MonmouU) County E etsbllihti) 1830 Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Im uraoc* -,. CofportUon -. i

19 Dryclcancrs Will Clean Flags Free T o encourage Americans to fly flags on Flag Day, June 14, many or the nation s BAYSHORE STATIONERS 36 W. FRONT ST. KEyport Keyport T V C i r c u i t, V i s u a l T e a c h e r t J H B A F F e i * S P E C I A L... S T U D E N T S O N L Y * V A L U E N O W, L IM IT E D TIME O N L Y... lm ludn$2.95 ShcoHer Skrlplirt Founiclrrr^ Pen, 49i Package of 5 Skrip Cartridge*, HandwriHng improvement Booklet!! o a special offer for students only, th# W. A. Sheaffer Pen Company ia making it possible for you to obtain a SKRIFSKRT pen, package of 5 Skrip cartridges end booklet to help you improve your handwriting...all for only 76<f., Sheaffer SKRIPSERT pen never goes near an ink bottle, uses drop*in Skrip cartridges, Now, youll never run out of ink during an exam. Mail or bring in the coupon today. This offer is limited -one only to each student and i» not available to ihe genera! public. : Unbreakable Skrip cartridpoa can be carried In pocket or punt. To refill Skrfpsert pen, } Just flip out the empty and i flip tn the now! SheafferS MAILOR BRINO IN COUPON TODAVI Count me inoa your ShMflfcrStudf at Special t Enclosed -is 75# In coin fo r o jr Sheaffer Skripurt fountain pen, jmcktf* of 6 Skrip c#rwk) <* and free handwriting Joint Meeting For Republicans A Stale Senate probe o f tbe garbage Industry throughout the state soon will focus Its attention on Monmouth County, preparation of a plan for mut drycleoners again will dryclean American flags without lt was disclosed by Sen; W alter Crossvolunteers were on. the ual co-operation between the 21 charge until June 12. These H. Jones, (R-Bergen), at a job the day of the Nike explosion at Chapel Hill, Two teams mouth CfiUnty Bankers a n d member banks of the Mon dryclenners ask only that their Joint meeting o f the Keyport customers fly the clean flag Republican Club wltb the A ffiliated Republican Club of Mon workers served coffee a n d case of a disaster or civil de of motor service and canteen Clearing House Association In oh Flag Day and other approprlate occasions. mouth County at Ye Cottage fruit Juice to m ilitary personnel and rescue workers from ed tills week. fense necessity. It was disclos. This o fler Is part of an annual program to give New.Sen. Jones also stated that afternoon until night and also Thomas L, Reward, presi Inn, West Front St., Keyport. G lory for Old G lory," sponsored by the National Institute ot the sudden impact ot expan lce. Traditional Red Cross and a vico president of tlio As Monmouth Is beginning to lace did motor service e8cdrt serv- dent of the county organization Drycleanlng and tbeamerican sion Bergen bad experienced services-wpre offered to t h e bury Park Natlonnl Bank and.. Legion. Participating dryclean- over the past decade. m ilitary through the field director at Port Monmouth, John permanent committee of f 1 v o Trust ComimnjChos named a ers will display a red, white He also discussed tbe Inequities, of out-of-state Income G. Michaels. members to make the a t u d y and blue poster telling o l the offer. taxes on the New Jersey commuter. the need for a Metro Swimming Pool Suit with recommendations for adequate requirements ln th o Frederick E, Bowers, president of N ID, says that In ao- politan Rapid Transit district, event of nn emergency. cepting American flags fo r free the, need for the development Charging that a swimming Appointed to tho banking - -cleaning dryclenners nre trying ol strong county and state pool built at Cllffwood Beach civil defense co-ordination com-. * to encourage wider display of leadership, und the presentation of. an effective Republican able manner, Ernest and Ag vice president. Monmouth was constructed in an unwork mtttco were; Nathan W. Dey, _ the flag and contribute ln their own way to the spirit of Amerlean patriotism. John S. Glea- vive. - $4000 in Superior Court In- Bank, and also u member of program If the party Is to surnes OKeefe.have sued for. County National Bank, Red. son, Jr., National Commander Need Strong Leadership Middlesex County. The suit la the board of trustees ol t h o of the American Legion, has.asked the. 17,000 legion post Student nurses at Perth Amboy General nbsplial, who He stressed the need for against United. States Pool Monmouth County Bunkers and participated In a closed circuit television experiment on May strong county leadership and Corp., Bayonne, the builder of Clearing House Association; Joseph T. Tantum, cashier, As commr.nijers to co-operate in 21, are shown watching the TV monitors in Uiclr classroom. lauded the Monmouth County tho pool under a contract of any way possible with the dry- The students were taken on an electronic) trip via television to Republican organization under Apr. 27, bury Park National Bank and cleaners. He paid high tribute the bedside of a patient In tlie hospital, a city block away. J. Russell Woolley, West Long Trust Company; Russell S.. t o tbe patriotism of the cleifn- Technical production of this TV experiment was handled-by- Branch, as county Chairman, Serve dark green or deep VnnDerveer, assistant v 1 o o ers and to those who display Impco, Inc., of New M Uford;Fhilco Industrial Television representative ~in~new Jersey, New York and. Connecticut, and the flag. and Sen. Richard R. S t o u t. yellow vegetables frequently to president, First National Bank Consultant Associates, Ino., Long Branch. In the upper right West Allenhurst. get enough vitamin-a m the of Freehold; John Kay, assistant cashier, Koansburg Nation - State and regional drycleaners associations afe backing student nt the school. Woolley and he agreed that County Home Agent Mrs. Loral Bank, and Raymond Pettit, of the picture is Miss Jean Johnson, Keyport, a first-year Sen. Jones said that Mr, fam ily s diet, says Monmouth the movement. This Is the fifth there was a need to develop na K. White. cashler-trust officer, Manas- -l.s ear the dryclcancrs have participated on an lndustry-w td e leadership. If not wo will be In a strong and effcctlvo state FUR basts to give New Glory for difficulty ln the state and possible county elections, he Btnt- Old G lory," although many individual.drycleaners have done ed ; lt for years..yet they-receive Ḣe added; Wo liavo got to STORAGE relatively few flags. Basic rea elect Bob Kean (Rep. Robert Son for the apathy seems to be W. Kean, Livingston, candidate Call KEy that few Americans own flags, for tho United States Senate) fewer still fly them. The dry- because it s our salvation, nnd cleaning Institute realizes this we have got to elect a governor ln * and Is working actively not only with theamerican Legion Sen. Jones also called for nn A Bonded Driver but with members of congress, effective state program to present to the people so they Will Call For Your Furs state-governors, newspaper col. umnists, radio-televlslon commentators : and other obinlon stressed the importnnco of good know what we stand fo r. Ho - Vault On Premises leaders, to encourage m o r e press and public relations. --V.. MATAWAN BRANCH. Americans to show their colors Tho speaker said Monmouth on Flag Day and other appro- wns no longer a sm(j[lt). county 131 Main St. Opp. Bell Boef griate occasions. of the state and- M r. Woolley has Joined ln council with tlie leaders of the big North;Jer- m CLEANERStDYERS No Desertion Bill - An Industrial television camera installed In a patients scy Counties to discuss mutual t / it y u 4 t* v in y Uu KtMw Madlyn Tice was charged room at the Pertlj Amboy General Hospital televises an actual problems before th e. Middlesex County case to students in a school of nursing classroom a city blook Howard J. Preston, M arlboro, club president, conduct Grand Jury Thursday with de away. The experiment was observed by 17Q educators and guests who watched the action in both thc hospital and $ertlon by her husband, student nurses* classroom on additional TV monitors In the ed ths session. Charles, who lives at present auditorium. Assisting the doctor is Miss Vivian Grabow, Cliffwood Beach.,. Keyport Hardware Co. In Keyport, but the Jury returned a no bill after the husband Withdrew his complaint. T h e Announces Winners. complaint, alleged that Mrs. Grange Workshop To Be of secret work of the order, by Franklin c. Nixon, Vincentown, The Keyport Hardware Co., Tice deserted while the couple Held Saturday, Sunday master of the state grange. He West Front St., Keyport, has lived at 83 Laurence Pkwy., will be assisted by Ellsworth L. Laurence Harbor. Nearly 200 teen-age and announced the following, w 1 n- Higgins, R In gees, a state ners lq the stores recent 20th young adult grange members grange deputy for Hunterdon from a ll sections of the state anniversary party: Theodore County; and Mrs. Higgins, who DR. LOUIS I.PRAGER will attend the sixth annual Ticc, Keyport, plcnlo g rill) Irv is state supervisor of Juvenile workshop conference and recreation program at the N e w ing Nustaaum, Matawan, fivegranges.. O P T O M E T R IS T pounds of Marvel green; J. Hv E Y E S E X A M IN E D Jersey 4-H camp, Sussex Coun- Denig, Hazlet, Hamburg - Folk Singer ; o f f ic e n o u rts ty,1 Saturday and Sunday, states broom i-jam es Fcketlc, Matawan, Scott s turf builder: Rob an announcement by Edgar V. Dalij ftnd Saturdays Alan Larson, Atlantic Highlands, a boat builder at Deert Hutson, Cllffwood Beach, Woolf, chairman o fth e : state - 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Fridays 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. grange youth-committee. Several state-grange officers and whose hobby is folk singing, lanay s Boat Works, ^Keyport, Stanloy automatic screwdriver:, Paul Bless, Hazlet, Stanley Closed AU Dey Wednesday* steel hamm er. others will lead discussions of entertained May 23 at tb e Also John L. Ritchie, Hazlet, 30 W. Front St., special,interest to young grangers in carrying on their work nard Lee, Little Silver, with home of M r. and Mrs. Ber Keyport Revere sauce pan; E lgar Walling, Keyport, O. E. Iron; Mrs. ip the fraternal body. folk songs and ballads. He accompanied himself on the con- burg broom; Kenneth G. Vo A. Tourlne, Matawan, H a nt- KEyport "Ritualism will be discussed, along with demonstrations iro-base lute.... gel, Matdwitn, Atlas jig saw; M rs. J. McCormack, Matawan, two gallons of Cook,Si Dunn paint; W illiam Eger, Old Bridge, G.E.* electric percolator; Harold ErEastm oild, Haz ^ wart11*6, let, $5 worth of G.E. bulbs; C. L, Schwarz, Keyport, Stanley drill; Elizabeth M. Thompson, Keyport, Fyrex casserole. Cesspools And Septic Tanks CLEANED Anywhere Anytime Reasonable Rates Parkw ay Why sleep in an "oven this summer? Insulate NOW... and pay as you save! Keep cooler this summer, warmer next winter, save fud money, too, Intulait now, ieith INSULITEQ WOOL made of Kilxrglas, See u* /or ail dciajlr, - including ifiy - paymetiti. MATAWAN LUMBER CO. The Friendly Lumber Yard MA Sutphin Ave., Matawan Red Cross Volunteers Aid At Nike Explosion Thomas s.-field, Jr., chairm as of Monmouth County Chapter Red Cross disaster preparedness and relief committee, announced that lied County Bank Unit Makes CD Plans Monmouth County bankers have Btarted to work on the quan National Bank. M r. Doy was designated chairman. Commander Walter M. Wynne. U. 8, Navy (retired). Co-ordinator of civ il Defense of New York and New Jersey, will address the association Thursday, June 12, when the oounty bankers hold tlielr quarterly meeting at the Deal Golf and Country Club,. Your advertisement in this paper will reaoh prospective purchasers ln every commun Ity in tbe bayshore area. Seoond Section June Page Thrpy Now is (lio time to advertise thoso unused articles for sale. A s;nall. ad ln tty classified column will turn them cash for you. BAYVIEW Reopening BAKERY of and - - RESTAURANT r P r o p. S. G r u z i a n o 516 Front Sr. Union Beach KE : Specialising In Italian Cooking Tomnto Iics and Itroad Register^.. at the J k YMHA Day Camps. Noar and Gamad For Seven Wonderful.. Weeks of Day Camp Apply YMHA MARTIN E.DANZ1G,Execu)Jv8- Direttoj 316 Madison Ave., Perth Amboy HI J dlll, I, lamp,#, tjth,. #,-. wai)t*\uh,t, tm -. Wv*rJnf, 10,. frhjyef, If, air. aondrttew, -- It, 4o$t Mt,Ik tmfvtlm H rwrajanmarn iniiin, it. 6 i m f t bin Jfyw, Pi.V4f, i $,-vkum i o. i w ; n, me M int, 21. e n r n n lw m r, n. m d pu /w,ti. fmom»*. 04. r J e r s e y C e n tr a l lo w e r & L i g h t into

20 I _,. T B E M a t a w a n - j o u r n a l T e s t s D i a l.. Second Section. Page Four * June 5,195H Area Tracts Will Be Sold By State ; : Tracts In Raritan and Madi- son Townships^Were included today in a State Highway De partment advertisement sale in 18 months, aimed, at. putting surplus land, acquired over a period of 40 years, back on municipal tax rolls. Scheduled for June 16 at 10. a.m. in the department s maintenance yardon Parkw ay Ave., West Trenton, the sale will cover- about 50; parcels located in 11 counties and having a combined appraised value, of roughly $50,000. The tract in Raritan Township Is described as located on the south side of Route 36,-250 fee:- east Of Munro Ave. and measuring (50- by-43-feet. The Madison Township parcel is 1800 square feet on the south side of Route 35, 200 feet east of Main St., the department reported., Thomas Nagle, Matawan, New Jersey B ell Telephone CemiiArfy switchman, la shown testing dial equipment at the companys new central office a l 30 Maple F l., Keyport, Equipment, A department spokesman said the parcels to be put on which Is undergoing exhaustive testing, w ill serve Keyport and Matawan telephones after the...the^ block-to.the highest bidder June 15 conversion to dial operation, -. will vary in size from a few More than 1,000,000 fest make certain that the dial calls are made with automatic square feet to more than an acre, They were acquired as calls have been put through the equipment Is at peak operating equipment able to send o a M s the remainders" o f.l.a r g e r newly-installed dial equipment efficiency for the conversion of through the d l a Keyport 7 and Matawan 1 telephones from manual to modern thus duplicating actual operat singly or In great n u nberi tracts necessary for highway which will serve Keyport and purposes. All purchases at the Matawan telephones, nnd t h e dial operation. At tbe time of ing conditions. One test set 10 sale will be subject to restrictions against billboards. and right up to the 3:01 a.m., Sun central office name will be 000 test calls dally. exhaustive testing will continue the conversion the Keyport 7 capable oil making 40,000 to 50, use as Junk yards and some day, June 15 conversion hour, changed to Colfax 4 and Matawan 1 will become Lowell 6. and Matawan. which Is of tbe The equipment lor Keyport w i 11 be subject to drainage Warren W. Messerschmidt, easements and.* denied access N e w Jersey Bell Telephone - Few pleoes of modern apparatus undergo quite as thor the telephone company s new very latest type, Is housed in to the highway. - Company manager, said today. This month s sale, as well as M r. Messerschmidt said that ough a testing as a modern dial central office building at One held during late 1658, is the_ nothing.would be overlooked to dial telephone system. The test 30 Maple PI., Keyport, > 1 11 ~ going over of the departments This division Is located at tbe eelved a suspended one-to-two right ot way holdings with an eye to pare from them all unessential lands and enabling Ing, 1035 Parkw ay Aye., West at the Hollywood M arket,. 82 departments main office build Court Sentences year state pr^ojt term fo r selling wine to u 15-year-old boy such parcels to get back ln the Trenton. Copies of these maps Six Area Persons Lower Main St., Matawan local ratable column, the stats also v-lll be available at-t he Township, which M r, Entllch reported. sale. - Six persons wero sentenced and his wife operate/m rs. Ent Maps showing the parcels when they were arraigned in w ilt be available fo r publio Inspection In the offloe of t h e look through the windows of sex County Courts, Judge El- This week, why dont y o u Monmouth County and Middle Itch, a co-defendant -with her husband, received a suspended Indeterminate term to Clin Right-Of-Way Division between your church,,,,..from the ih- vln B. Sim m ill sentenced jiow and the day of the sale, slde., : - James T. Saunders, Perth ton Reform atory. In addition, both were fined $150 and placed on two years probation. Amboy, to an Indeterminate term in Bordentown Reform a tory. He was convicted May 1 Charles Hit, Pine View Ave. RUSSELL TV SERVICE o f Issuing a $23 worthless $Ceansburg, was sentenced to OWNERS OF check to the Keyport Furniture M arlboro State Hospital for Co., Keyport, Dec. 28. r maximum term of three years SHORE RADIO Andrew M. Stanko, Church for impairing the m orals of a... SALES A SERVICE ; ~ St., Keansburg, received a, ininpv child Nov, 18 ln Keansburg. one-to-two-year state prison, 36 Church St. Keaiuburg term after pleading no defense, John Korm ondy, IB, of 34 W e:are An Authorised Fhllco D e a le r.. to a charge that he contrlbutecj Madison Ave., Old Bridge, was - Expert TV and Antenna Repairs to tho delinquency of- a : minor. sent. to the_ Middlesex County He was charged with encouraging a 12-yeaf-old boy to steal non vult ]>lcn to stealing $30 Workhouse for one year on his Matawan Keansburg STORE OPEN TO 9 3P.M. from n Keansburg store Deo. from the Raritan Valley Farm s Inc,, Edison. Mar. 10. David -Entllch, Linden, re- A L L K E Y P O R T 7 A N D M A T A W A N 1 T e le p h o n e n u m b e r s to C h a n g e fo r D ia l S e r v ic e Hospital Patient Raymond Drost, Englishtown, is a medical patient ln Fltkln M em orial Hospital, Neptune.. Defease Bonds pay ihe same rate of Interest as tbe War Bonds you bought during the w a r^ B u y s o m a l , m y fttaesffboitioy&f B. B. Q. Boneless Chuck P O T R O A S T Boneless Boneless/Cross CottageHams69& RIB ROAST 79* Palace Chuck Steak 59s BACON 59s B. B.Q. Chopped Fresh ib. pkg. $1.00 Spare Ribs 59 Realemon 4 6 oz. Can Realemon Lemon lime oi. c«realemon I O C ll n,,en Hou,a O C c Lemon Orange 46oz. Can Cream Corn 2 i6oz < cam i,3 E U I E D C r n c c c c. k t 7 Q C N B C V e r i t h i n P r e t z e l s 2 9 c C H L e K j l U l r l t T,n/ 5 SunshineHydroxCOOKIES7 \ *.Pk g,25c Swanson, Frozen Main Course D IN N E R S ^ - Birds Eye GREEN BEANS w u fttx * G Ib Tallin i i d lt.c _ -NO Barbiturates. NO Bromides ik " *!! WO Narcotics i i i i j i NON-MBIT lit mm MEDIUM E m VI W. Front St.. Keyport (Next to People) Nit I funk) Rollo A M&ralhnn flust^ Pass Our Door Bordens M r n 3 Ooz. Z. Package M M % C r e a m C h e e s e 1 0 LINDEN HOUSE M A RG A RIN E 19 W ith th e change to m odern, d ire e f dtatancc dialing a t 3:0 1 A.M! S u n d ay, June 1 6 the nam e K e y p o rt 7 w ill change t o C 0 1 fa x 4, l a n d thho o nam e "M a ta w a n I " w ill change to L O w e ll 6." E v e ry rone w ho now.has a " K e y p o rt 7 o r Me ntaw an 1 " telephone w ill h ave a new num ber. K E Y P O R T 7 b e c o m e s C O l f a x 4 m A t a w a n 1 b e c o m e s L O w e l l 6 N E W J E R S E Y S p e c ia l _ You cron find.all thonownum bora in a apodal directory which wiilbodouveredtoyou epon. You ll want to mako euro o f tiio numbers you ro calling nftor tho chango to dial. It s also a good idea to bring your personal numbers list up to date after you got tlio special directory showing the now numbers.. B E L L T E L E P H O N E C O M P A N Y g i v e "?. Tlio Folioivlni Merchants la Keyport Give 8 A II Green Stamps Bayshore Stationers Conklins Mens & Boys Shop Keyport Hardware Co. Schanck, Inc. Fuel on Straub Texaco Sorvico Center,, t r.11, tvaj 33 THE FRIENDLY STORE ON THE CORNER % B E L L S M A R K E T M e n. T h r u F r i. 8 : 1 5 A. M. t o 9 : 0 0 P. M. S a t u r d a y 8 : 1 5 A. M. t o 6 : 0 0 PM. MAY LIMIT QUANTITIES Prices Effective Thru Saturday, June 7 MEMBER TWIN COUNTY GROCERS