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1 SAVE FOOD 10 HELP FEED THE WORLDS STARVNG PEOPLE S+Poin:<News GrosComplee News Coverage of AU he Poines THE NEWS HAS vb1 COME SEE US N OUR NEW BULDiNG UNDER THE ELM AT 99 KERCHEVAL VOLUME 7-NUMBER 16 GROSSE PONTE MCHGAN APRL 18 M6 $200 Per Y&: Per Copy DY PLANS BG PAVNG PRUGRA DEADLNES oj he WEEK As Co;pileJ by b Grosse Poie News Thunday April 11 THE SENATE passes he ve- erans housing bill o speed he conslrucion of homes ncludes an iem of $6ll0OOOOOO for subsidies o expedie he producion of needed building ma erials does no give approval for he esablishmen of price ceilings on exising homes and building limds SENATOR HOMER FERGU- SON blass he Governmens handling o oe sale of war Surplus maerials and says he siua- ion jusifies a grand jury invesigaion he Senaor is a member or he Mead Commiiee which examines ino he subjec and says ha evidence which has already come before ha commiee is he ground for his rec- ommendaion PRME MNiSTER ATLEE of Grea BriailP says England will raion brl!adif he U S does Declares ha Briain is ready o subjec iself o any raioning ilf food ha he Unied Sac deemn necessary and applies o iself o mee he world food crisis SeCnary Anderson of Agriculure - ys!e sees no prospec of bread rill;lng in he Unied Saes THE POLES CHARGE in lel era erms ha Franco hai iiven aancuaryo German scieniss in Spain who areenllaged iji devls- inl_ new means of warfare Uilied Saes will agree o bring he maer before he UNO -Se curiy Counci onfy on specific chare amply suppored by facs _ ANDRE GROMYKO RuAian _Ambuaadoro_ wuhinl!ini :h - been elleved qf his Poiiin ord \ :_ OW his _enire ime o he )W<irgoi:UnledNUons Be lifly CounCil Nikolai V Novikov Miniser-Counselor un del Gromyko hu been named Ambassador - - FORD MOTOR COMPANY reurns o full producion _wih men in he Deroi area afer a _five day shudown because cif seel shoryge: JOHN L: LS head of srik- ng coal minerswa!ks au -of rike confernce yeserday afer noon afer delivering a barrale of charges and hreasagains he operaors -saysas :a paring sho We rus ha ime as i shrinks your purse may modify your niggardly and ani-so<:\al propensiies Schwellenllach Labor Secreary :inervenes in he collapsed ncgoiaions and arranges separae meeings for oday wili boh he miners union and he opera ors GEORGE M COHAN acor and song and dance man who diedin November 1942 lef -a ne esae of $ which goes o his- wife and four children -i is revealed - LABOR UNONS hroughou he counry have filed noices of srike voes wih he Governmen which imply he possibiliy of 900 srikes hroughou he coun ry wihin he nex monh many of hese are direded a comparalively small and isolaed plans - Frday April 12 LTTLE ROSALE GGANT ves damning evidence agains Frank -Lobaido on rial for rape and aemped murdcr For he hird successive ime poins _him ou as her assailan T1le las ime in open-cour in presence of he jury EARL McFARLAND NO2 of he pair ha broke jail in Wash- ingon D C by overcoming heir luards and donning heir uniforms is capured in Knoxville Tenn by FB agens Medley rviously capurcd boh under senence of deah THE SX OUSTED JAckSON Pri30n officials seeking reinsaemen are having rough sledding one of heir special privilege pals acknowledgcs o being he faher of riplcs while an inmae of hc prison inimaed ha he Hooper murder was planned wilhin is walls known o have been inimae wih he Purple Gang UNO decides o move in erim headquarers o he Sperry Yrope plan a Lake Success (curle FAle :) Garbage Trucks; 1946 Grosse Poine Farms Mels ;h; : - - )( Gahering place for ail- he residims f he Farms hlise days is hegarbage du!dp blehind he pumpiilg sain on Chalefone road near Kerby Wih _he public works srikl:! in he village a week old he dump araed more residens Saurday and Sunday han any of h swank clubs in he area A seady sream of cars rangmg from converible Cadillacs and snooy saion wagons o pickup rucks visied he dump during he weekend Picure by Fred Runnells Tie Snippers Declare WaY On GPHS Young E5eor Vicim of Sarori1 Mayhem on Way Home from Danc Poines Vicory Garden Aciviy o Be Cu in Hellj Grosse Poine will have VicorY care o commi hemselves on Gardens again his year bu only urnin«over his propery for he abou half as many as during he full aardening season n some peak war years cases land formerly used for Vic- Applicaions sre now being ac- ory Gardens has been sold and ceped by he clerks of he Ciy here is grea aciviy in Poine Park and Farms and hose wish- real esae now ing plos are uoged o file for Many of he buyers hope o be hem immediaely The deadline is April 30 and plos will be a- able o build in he near fuure loed on May 1 and he owneri feel ha sales The Grosse Poine Vicory migh be los by leing he Vie- Council under he leadership of ory Garden Council have he \lse Vincen DcPeris will ake care Of he propery for he full seaof he plowing as soon ashe son plol are allocaed o he appli- The plos which will be avail cans able his year are he Beaupre Fewer plos will be available rac in he Farms he Bon Sehis year because he owners of cours and Cadieux properies in some of he land used in former he ciy and he Harcour rac years have saed hey do no in he Prk Two Are njured n Auo Acciden Two persons were slighly injured in an auomobile acciden a Kirby and Mack a 7:48 p m on April 11 Ralph Hecker _of 7710 Conger Deroi was backing a ruck ou of he Barone Plumbing propery when he collided wih an Oldsmobile owned and driven by Benjamin DeClaire of 329 Gr Poine boulevarcl going norh 01\ Kerby Marcalla DeClaire and Eleanore DeClaire passengers in he car were reaed a Coage Hospial; he former for a cu on her righ lei and he laer for bruies of he lef shoulder Damage was esimaed by Farms police a $5 o he ruck and $150 o he passenger car nsurance Hill cover he damalle Measles Cases Top Sick Lis Sixysix cases of measles were repored o he Deparmen of Healh of GrOS5e Poine during he monh of March according o a repor submied o Carl Schweikar ownship supervisor by Dr Thomas S Davies healh commissioner There were also 50 cases of chicken pox one of Vin-:ens angina four of searle fever four of whooping couh wo of pneumonia wo of impeilo wo of uberculosis 10 dog bies and wo ca biea Municipal Building Solons Agree F - P ke d On NeedJor n arms e e Complee Job As Srike Coninues Engineer BrownS Cos ofproiec ay Run As Union Lends Suppor o Del1Wlnds of yes Who Refuse High As $OOO o Work Unil More Pay s Grened The Ci;-of GrossePoin Pickeirig of he Grosse Pome Farms Municipal Build- ook acion a he Council ing was sared Wednesday morning by members of he meeing Monday nigh <{sar Michigan Public Employes Council 77 A;F of L he union he movemen for is longo -1 : - f C-y B iful V T which he sriking employes of he village belong The delayed sree paving pro- sfrike which affecs garbage and rubbish collecions -and eel oher public wo:ks has beeh in effec sinceapril 8 gram Mayor Neing la Lawrence Piercey business ha he ime has come when represenaive of he union ele- R boo T - he Ciymus underake all phoned he NEWS Tuesday nigh 0 rrlo exensive ask of puirig ill o repor: ha he pickeincwould sar Wednesday: The men will Le Off E srees in proper condiion!lo reur o ork unil furher asy There was no a whisper of ncreases m pay are graned: be dissen from his basia diasaed - Mr PierCey said ha he had n Who Commied Rob- covery me wih oher union men and Obviously hmaerhld beirl he wage commiee of l!e!armil bery Armed Ge Ligh prevlously discussed CY np in March and a ha ime -he - FinesandProboion neer Presco Brbwf saedhd says; he commiee a;reed ha he complee iejilvenaion of he ugge rs or eau es o es i would beneceaary o ar an Fines of $loom; hrf years srees mighcoicumucll ail a 15 2/10 per cen increasein pay proioll were hded ou Tues- P - - 1R d f Sc H T omee ncreased eos of 1vlDC day o hreemn wo of hem $ The cllm Wihwhlc:h Wn n 113 oun 0 r-ewy o-me own -- S as ascerained by he Deroi his figure was _recelved w - Ov B -d- P -s- H - al January 1 las o GioDe Poine home las surprise o hi!ciyfahers _ T er U lgernl ospi ) Livin«coss have Jone up iwiry robhed _several guess Mayor Neingcuio since January <!r Pierce a Pary and sluued one of allaill6 dog he job n such Bureau of Labor Saisics of dilchared Ul1oTl whe broke in- furher evidence -ha i was De - - manner Would ea COniuaiclia Prolpediv Home Owners Find An Kinds of OppOsiion Brefs dub osive Pry p<iin ed ou; whicliw he baiia m imd soppilll Qf rdfe on1m J U f Th C - for menueques for anil--cireullu ra W Ja1M --s a me Cook nloned DU un erease 0 per cen whomieed ouheaenenees inighbe found beer opaver6 ha u_ ia P or ema ouncm(lr for Polnel:vc- H;;;;a:;ss fs on was Ciy &auuul nigh; phisahe:ciyc6fucil Corps o Help The village eidploy We iald:p; hi ences ligh lermanen:yfpliir sfra meeing MOJ)day nigh The council room was wen-filled graned a 5 per Cen COl of i blii:iliihiw aiil;jffense for ):leweenceraill em and wih CiizenslllndCiizenesses of he -communiy whowere Veer who have ie inll nchlease lasii eaf illiherio:he ieihe alio } horou lhf8lu:: wih!lc(1 The snippers no he w- ohhandobahleaga1n-shehreaenedinrusion:ofl:erain - ed from lie war will 100n gapw enelo a odllonr ejr : designaed po_lnl ofbeiinzw!lr pers are abroad in he Poine / fi d h ho demands for increases were be- ()O 11O deraion he fac andendln moneieuo - S:lnday morning :& 12:15 ypes of home buildings which clashedaccording9 hell n Qu w a gave?er _ me ing discussed Mr Piereeyaaid hallieihofynheyused was generally hil-he oclock young Tom Pierce opinion wihhe prevailiig ype Ll heir respecive areas owsl;lch a - rep1;1ahon or he 18 per cen asked fol wowd ha f mr aged 13 of 2S1 M Kinle No lon he lis of mpei1 hospialiy!\ffiong vllhng rb his 5 r een rih1o eaeey :vman:i8ry{iev1 li; in h i lc h Yfwas desecraiods had o do wih an -The-No2 case arose in he veerans hreduriilg -hewli would-amoun oal3 percedtmmee-arerwilell Conway- - escor g S g r orne rom Th 10 1 a ;H;iihSchool danandw apli10nf?rabjjc: UJ:Tl form of aleer daed April 11 ye _ : c rellj!e no: - 6per 2ff Z f>gocoun22;andwal- beakenifi:he: wuo J M r iuof made aolllell1ne l Malullo SiiYDll MGl:l!!_ ()r nc:r=:we e (:is: CO\wil add Wherlior: wil1 M\a w5y\a:u- aujdee <sppea!f jwl!ws>hb:u;d\a:{pn e:s: S ory (;:{ i:1bl hnd:wbieau jcifl* ilorl They o make 1il:i:ie1aC*; _ uu 3 _ : JMfTadi ve refo ap ljo-brolemobebon11!ofjosepho\ejme orsellubgad Ja hemridodl1biieqnrlildy WihlMMif fiji Vf;Wiicl:of! pariell lorn his 5 per eeniac:reue 1 HayeaaU7i_Rivard-bou1e(!lni h-r o keep walking rd beween Goehe and Cha: :placeand-char!evoix Before 19 drafees leavinlfor service is (CoilUalell PaP U)dhel;wJea: -_ asons P1e:Jiinei1i9pr: ohm Are ybu one of hose smar foni! When he apjllie4 for he -c (c«iaei hee i) goi!1k oi(e: alor:be -----: h4!!frlruek:1;)fd!iu KCaJ:bondlalewoufd lijii ll!f guyswho go o h Grosse Poine!>uilding permi Building uper-- Poines own veeriria - -- midiulo-hillerarrold onhehemirikdcopdiioo ::Al Hih School? oneafhem asked menden Baker emporanly re- The Braldas Club - askin& Tral- Le f heic1 wiha boluf iimeandrjjjllfitrobe1 Yes piped young :rom \ fusd he permi while he appli- ChT -Em_- plo- yes: he HoseSll Corps (hose irs Jude Jyne orredhe men Thep!o;Aow:: Wih ha- one ofhem ook cabon :was referred o he Board 113 who aveso many iuiicessful C M o pay arnncha $300 for ha hemaer bewhippeifmd ou his pocke knife and snipped of Appeal! DssaiS fi -ed : paries for veeralll OfU:allied B y on an - hilm!!dlcl1indholplaln- shapeosubmi o av!l_cf he off he ena: of Toms ie A ha The Board refijsed -he rrru counries durinc he war) o _o )Obs or 10 o seoo people ofh; Clrh_e-ol momen a car came alonl and onh grounds ha he propoed help ouhwih his even The or:l om :fing and o he J;Jl pnmanes on Jun 1 picked up he sarorial-mayhem buddng would no conform lh dance willhe held in he Neich- SmoohiliWhO Ha Dupecl urn 111 her drive 1censes ; councilman D M;c F Jr pair and sped on is way he ype of hpmes of henelgh- Ask Co U n c: i o Appoin borhood Club on-sawday;)ky - The ioo officer of Jud;l! remarked ha:here was -ae The generalimpression of he borhoodiwauld::a one-sc;!ry Co 11 -Poine HousewiVillLNm_ Jl!e:l cour asked Police Chief job inionand prepan Police is h-a hedi;oholical deed house se beween!o-sory mmie o Discuss The eofhmieeplni!l&) ;i#ure Behind Th inm ombly of 1e Cl of ion o owcl ino:a sh0n od was a par of Ome-i1ark riual howles Thill was one flevan Raises in Pay pary me in he NeiihhOOd _ Gr Pome (where he crme of ime whereuldr :he clndidal:s for J]lere was no clas Wih resrlc- Club Tuesday afernoon aidan- :Finns lice believe heyin occilited) f he would r- The Complee e4: o :pn: membersripissome secre crim- bons: ; W811 a smgle deached A communicaion from he Ciy oher meeinl hl! _-U1ed cakh -up wih heslie )ouric proia for he rlo pa he grouridwok for e jnalu1 had o bring in so many onefall1y hou and oul cos employes was read belore he for Friliy This:- doii man wllo has been _l!llraeid«_bl er:_u an emph p;ojec ia com of - scalps (snips) o qualify for mem- accordmc o h owners esllae Council m:eing Monday nigh will be:;aended:by!l; roup :of inoneyfrompoinle housewives aco aj80a ha hen :en Ferry Cheser F benhip $6000 The mnimum cos ac- expressing dissaisfacion hahe vl!erana1beinl;:rl ogive wih he lure ha his wife would mbly;; o;- h w ld and Hal Srruh: They re req cording o he resricions many Ciy had failed o provide for an advice on;he:dilir -; : work for:hem if h! could ob- COnay up e 0 ed o have hell:recommeddaioa years ago had o:be $4000 for a increase in heir pay in he bud: AU?oil1;:veeaiiareinVied ain som!lcash o»rid-hcr W heoyublud!-loadd-rl:l!dy hill 15 daa RobberAllermc framehouse or $5000 for brick ge his year o alendhi!dad:ethe Break- own e imei e e r same ime arrangemen will &+ sone Or cemen Mr: Baker esi was no a hrea (l srike fas Club:fee1S!_iril(arordn- The smooh e who has worked c =la:o have? made h he Sae To Small Change maed Uieprosed house would busuggesed ha a commiee ecellenopporiwjoi)1ee old his game on various women:in oa - w auonbes a Lammg o clear c;os $s:wa J :W wilson he be namedo go ino he maer friends and fa1enew ones afer he regiop may have rapped m h wayfor a quck approvao John OBnAn of 1125 archiec insised he compleed wih he Ciy auhoriies The he long abseneeromh-e POne himself He lef a picure of himr he bond isiiue c Grayon propery wihou land would Council expressed a willingness necessiaedby bringing h: war self and one of a woman who he Mal-d Explains was aending a par) in he cos mu_ch more han he $llooo o discuss he maer wih he oa successful conclusion says is his wife wih W J Dos- Farms Re) s neighborhood of Roosevel and figure he had firs given; prob- men a any ime sinof76 Vendome road The po- 1 _1 Tam-perlng ::J:lfeJi :Saurday nigb ably as muh as $9;000 The men have already received Sol J - lice now have he picure and be- B C E ang a 2_ ocloc in he morning The applican had fallen ino subsanial increases in pay and en ewery lieve hey can rack down r US O xeuses ided o:g_e brahoffrh -mhae;gahu:ealc:oesrroofrhoefhusdeerwllhibesides are profiing by a large Reu m::j by GlOr faker ed h Wh: C : Yrounedg)-ohhn/Cf1li99 \ u conribuion made o he reire- _ a Mr Dossin Jnervlew e lwe repo 0 e po ce The FarmJ rusees have no iao While walking on Lincoln his upon e:lle hesuhsequen as- men fund his year - young man in liis nerpi o ha someone had been ampering enion of calmly iceepinl he ween S Paul and Maumee an sessed valuaion for:axilion - - some weeks ago a which ime wih he lock on her fron door d is recalled ha during he Miss CGnwY of he Deroi convenien excuses of he Lake o d F or d car pu ed up a ongsl e This so-ealled false represena- he picureswere lef wih him While he police were iving Shore Coa ch T -- ne for _ h1m an earlier days of he war when he police deparmen+ - wen o he -- d h e occupan a man ion of coss in ile applicaion He wasalso mvenaf linaddrl!llll ile mangled lock he once over app l bo 22 ld employes had asked for a cash Grosse Poine Ciy police saion ereciilg a suiable waiing room aren y a u years a seemed o arl)use Aornl!y Med-increase in-heir pay he Coun d 1 h where hegerileman who ave he maid called from he upper on Eu Jefferson avenue a -he asked hm he whereabousof a ers ire and -he rec:ommended o one ay as w W a young he name ofdo nald Baker said floor ha she guessed imigh a r Th cil responded by making an in _woman whom abe said waned o - limis i developed a he ClOUJloo cer n see e nex query Council ha ile permi be denied crease of rn per cen in heir make resiuion for some aricles he could be conaced MT Dos- have been she who had caused he cil meeini Monday nigh The was more disurbing Go any This was done Meders subse- sln dld no par wih any money lock rouble as she had had con- d h wag bu insead of paying i iii she had ak from Grosse Poine convenien excuses is ile em DlOOBey on yudh sa l1i esranglelr quen commens suppored he cash purchased wall bonds wih sores on Kercheval las Ocober When hecouplefaile<1 oap- siderable difficuly in geing mo applied by Trusees Grylls im4 f1en SR e- d no acua y legaliy of Whies reques Had pear o sar working for he Dos- he hou1ehe nigh before d! spay a gun h d d i and placed hese in a specia The youncwqmans name is wih Kirby bu k ep h S an he no ma e ile adical error of sins Mr Dossin reume he pic- The police aareeq wih her and n h k r fund for he men This becomes held Sh w:as accompanied _by! References were made by h S POCo e n a suges ve man- gemg angledonhis cos figures!lvailable o hem on heir sever- her molier ures wih a no expressmg sur- caned off he search hey were rusees o he waiing rooms ler 0 Bnen ing old him he had only all wouldhave beenlos- for he heir employmen wih he She had alen prise and regre ha hey had makin w in company wih he mis ill rin a wach co which are; mainamed by he DSR some sma l1 hange Apparenly champions of he Ciy Beauiful 0 no appeared; The leer wu re: ress of he household o deeon- h he sranger was no ineresed Mr Whie and Archiec Wilsln ciy for any reason is repor- and a ulquoisebracele from he urned from Flin marked Un- ine he exen of he burglar- and Greyhound Lines and e in small change and ook his promised o have more o sa) on ed now ha he men would like POnCrac-l jewelry sore -and wo claimed izing opinion was expressed ha he word for i and drove on he maer via cour acion o l1ave h;; pracice coninued pairs of sockfugs from Bes & _ lline sening his area should be Co She nlurned he wach and expeced o mainain suiable he bracele bu he ring she had Negros Alered Annamen building a his imporaj loadgiven o a (irl friend whose name ing poin she urned in She made resiu- A leer was read from obj Arouses n-dflo es of FB Tierney vice-presiden and gm lion in cash o Bes & Co for he sockings which were long since eral manager of he Lake Shore worn ou Lines which WillS similar o ha The Park police go a ho ip ly aler he weapon He had also sen o oher Poine officials ex- Saurday ha one Andrew Jo- aken he sock off he gun and plaining ha depredaions of he dan W1\ie (colored) was oini subsiued a skeleon fixure )oungsers had made i impos-o a heavier armamen han he which reduced i o abou he sible for he company o coninue peaceful purlieus of GJ(;J; proporions of a ommy gun The o mainain he waiing room ha Poine Park called for Federal Cour held him under was in use during he war Whie and his wifl! a: boh $1000 bail A resoluion was passed by he employed as servans in he home Farms rusees o he effec ha of Dr Ralph Kerncamp of 11 PLAYHOUSE ROBBED Mr Tierney or oher represen- Grayon road ive of he company should be M C Vince of 166 Beaupre invied o aend he nex council A visi o he house disclofd road old he Farms police ha meeing and discuss he mad a awed off sho gun soreo in his fot he second ime in as many furher runk had been sawed off by weeks some youngsers had been Whie leaving only a \feen-nch doing damage nd sealing hings barrel As Federal law makes i from his propery The laes ofan offense o possess such a weap- fense on Apnl ll included he 011 wih a barrelesa han eigheen breaking no of a playhouse in nches long Whie 1111 arresed he back yard The respasscrs and urned over o he F Bo sole a gasoline engine for B mod- has no ye been deermined el airplane and a small elecric wha omlllilld hial o 1ahclrious- moor GUNS CONFSCATED A 22 calibre rifle and a Bl gun were confiscaed by Fanne police on April 13 when hey received a complain ha Henna!a Klingelhofer was doin some a1e ge pracice in he J-l of Hillcres road i \ :( «; :o J

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W S AN OLDBRlDGE SPAN a THEBANaheSanDiegonaval1S TOl Uica Mich collapses under he air saion n an order rnak- cre $ impac of a sinle auomobile ing i a disciplinary ofense Cap- The bridre had been used by ain Leslie E Gehrens saion --- school buses The bridge was 54 commandan says; here has (e U-UN Pare 1) year old and in shaky condiion been a seadily growing public display of affecion commonly malin( he formal applicaion he THE OPA S N A DESPER- 1 ca led neckinlj:: on he par of wu anxiowio knowhe seni- ATE figh o precen car price some men and women Wh l men of his prospecive neighbors e hike says ha he auo everyone including he capain on he ype of house proposed dealers amendmen would boos wlllgenerally agree ha under Boh Mr Maiullo and his archihe reail price of lower priced proper cojldiions his is an ab- ee Edward Waugh were a he cars as much as $85 sorbing and pleasurable pasime meeing o i is no generally considered an Maiullo said he had jus re- S TOR M S OF OPPOSTON ou!door dayime spor urned from hree years war AGANST Waler Reuher gah service and desired o build a r n he UAW execuive ARMY REVEALS DEADLY home for his family consising of board meeing in Chicago he is DEVCE USED BY Americans n a wife and wo smal children accused of bunglini he Glmeral nigh fighing in he Pacific isles He liked he Grosse Poine pros- Moors srike anli in general is he Sniperscope and Snooper- Pc He proposed o build a accused of lldvancing ani CO scope employing infra-red rays ranch-y house pn a lo 66 fee policies Mos of his criics are pick ou he enemy on he dark- on Universiy by 133 fee on from he ranks of he Thomas es nigh wih almos he in fall Charlevoix wih hree bedrooms ljpporers in he decen elecion ibili!y of sunligh accouned living room dlninji room kichen for Presiden in which Thomas for he Jap moraliy on Okin- and wo bahrooms would be was unseaed awa device used over a speulra modern in every respec cial helme weigh six o seven wih all of he mos modern pro- MD - WESTERN REPUBL pounds ami looks like some- visions for heaing lighing ven- CANS are booming Senaor Vn- hing ou of his world Haion ec The cos ohe house denberg for Presidenial candi wc ld be in excess 01$11000 dae in J 948 aillo propose he Wednesday April 17 Boh Mr Maiullo and Archiname of Represenaiva Dirksen JAMES STEWART of S Clair ec Waugh were yery much on as his running mae Shores accused of srangling his heir Oes Mayor Neing urged 0 wife o deah surrenders vol un- he poin ha as a pr()specive A GALLUP POLL addressed ciizen of he communiy Mr o boh men and women driveri arily in an aorneys office in Maiullo would wish o erec he Deroi sands mue when ype ofhomagreeable o his of auomobiles discloses ha he arraigned and examinaion is neighbors Boh owner and archicompollie opinion of bohsexea fixed for April 30; ec ijisised he house would be agrees ha men are he beer h 1 CH N ESE NATONASTS an nprovemen on e preval mg drivels 0 ypil in ha area Maiullo was!fre N ONE OF GREAT BRTANS bicges soring <\epos n Liverpool desroys bales of colon and 300 vehi cies and several air compressors loss $ of sadly needed supplies THE POLr on ime change Ui proces8 o deermine Deroi opinion on he wisdom of day ligh savings ime shows ha railroad men as a class oppose i say hey have o operae on wd differen ime sandards and ranspose all day long Tleda April 16 THE :HOUSE VOTES FOR a five monhs draf holiday and base pay for privaes of $75 monh AMERiCAN-LEAGUE S EAc 0 SON opemill Deroi his afer- MOQdar April 15 noon wih sar off wih S EDWARD STETTNUS former Louis Browns Greenberg Secreary:of Sae and permkllen slims: ou i home Tun U S delegale o he UNO will aendance Deroi wins 2-1; carry he ball in he Securiy o CoUlidl for ih U S: and hose THE UNO SECURTY COUNcounrieswhich wish okeep he CL akes sand agains he in- Russo-ranian dispue of he erference by pressure of large Council agenda unil May fl de- naions in he affairs of :smauer spie he reques or RUllia ha naionsthe Russian demand i be dropped a once ha he ranian issue be expung- A S UGARoSToRloKE\has been ed from he agenda forified by a similar reques from he ranavered which would have cu olf ian ambassador is- already opmorehan halaf he clline suu posed by ire Unied Saes Uiiproduc!onc he;aion; Gov-ed KinldomAusralia he erninen conci1iors hve per- Neherlands MeXicO Bnizil and suaded boh he A F of L and E(yp majoriy of he Coun- CO unions o accep a elemm dl:---- c_- o - ; of heir Mlland!; on he basis of aking a 1x pilr hour increase NECKNG COMES UNDER AND COMMUNSTS baling o no impresaed by he Mayors he deah in he sees of Chan appeal gchun Manchurian capial Gen- Councilman Jcihn Mack asked erlll Marshall on air roue o wheher i W;1S no ehical Wih China will firs proceed o he builders and archiecs o plan Chinese ruce commiees head houses in confqrmiy wih he quarers a rei ping in effor o prevailinc ype? sele he robl; Tha depends on wha he BRAZL AND THE DOMN- CAN REPUBC noify he UNO Special Commiee for Refugees ha hey will ake as immigrans large numbers of EuroPes refugees and displaced persons 0 ALLED HEADQUARTERS N JAPAN announces ha he epi demic of yphus prevailing ype is responded Archiec Wauih Round No 3 in he Bale for he Beauiful opened up when a sizeable group of ciizens from Fh:e Causes $2000 Damage which had reached a peak of 290 colses a day in Osaka prefecure has bee n There was a ire a he resi brough under conrol!lence of Dr M M Shaeler a FRST CONTNGENT OF THE l::i5 Audubon on Tuesday ha WVES AND FAMLES 0 f did considerable damage The American soldietsdeailed o he Park flremen said i was caysed permanen army of occupaion by burning a large bundle OfPain Germany is on he way pers in he healing furnace where 0 he embersse fire o he-roof FORMER UNRRA DRECTO\: burned hrough o (he allie HERBERT LEHMAN criicius where abou $2009 damage was he Truman food program and done illsiss he only way U S can fulfill is food obligaions o he Neiher men nor naions can see sarving people; of he world will eye o eye when heir fiss ge be by domesic raioning of l00d nhe way Rivard arose in proes aiains Edwin Guenher a conracor bllilding wo houses on Rivard lie:ween Maumee and S Paul This rac was originally subdivided ino 60 foo los bu Mr Guenher is puing up wo houses on a 60-foo lo plus a 20-foo srip or an average lo per house of 40 fee Residensof he neighborhood who acquired 60-foo lob and buil accordingly are aroused agains he encroachmen They were loud in heir criicism of he Ciy for having given pellllis for buildings The Ciy disclaimed legal abiliy o conrol he use of he los as long as i did no conflic wih he zoning laws Mr Meder advised ha he residens of he neighborhood combine and hire a lawyer o defend ile area under he original lesllicions of (he subdivision Thisdidll se well wih he complaijknis: The idea of hiring a lawyer when hey fel he Ciy had been lax in graning he permi ran agains he grain Man) of hem did no hesiae o speak emphaically in his vein Afer a long discusison i was finally agreed ha he Ciy would pos he propery wih a sop work noice giving he privae resi: Sore Hours-10 o 10 Daily dens ime o engage couel an run o earh he soluion of heh grievances hrough Pivae chan nels The CHyis sill waiing for Ernes Moeller o pu he door in he Washingon road fron of he house he has pracicall> finished a Goehe and Washingon ome monhs ago Moeller ap plied for a permi which showed he fron cnrance on Goehe was a ranch-ype house bes adaped for corner lo consrue ionb u i 1din g Superinenden Baker il1ised ha all houses ill ha area had o fron on Washingon and he fron implied a door Moeller finally agreed o he door bu lae asked council o relieve him of he necessiy of puing i in Door or no door is he inriguing quesion ye un- culcd M i\1oellel is far beyond he sage when he is ineresed in building permis Since Mr MOf!ler began his building and go in a jam wih he Ciy auhoriies on he door or no door isslle his ranch-ype house has me wih such favor wih his neiillbors ha mos all of hem have signed a saemen cxpressing heir saisfacion wib he improvemen of ha cornes wih he ranch-ype house a NC (lusp- (Uf MR( -H/l) fa 5f <;Ulf5 F TYL COscrO\l LlfilC SSTER G-OlO- BLUE PUR WOOL SHTLpD)1-11 er5 Fel Bowler $39 FSHER BLDG DETROT PUNCR &< JUDY BDG GRS PT!: p& eaake SqureDeal Cleaners & Dyers GROSSE PONTE 15W CHALlYOl LEan 4ZOO5 Don DeayPhone Us Todayl Fabulous French- bom frognc one drop if is said wil] make you he mos ravishing hing in life fufles!25<lm $2250 Colog soo 010 JO 1_ ffd1lur V& SMoaGASOR s:p L -! -;; -i: ;; ; &M8900 Deliveriel Dai1y-12:oo; 4:00; 8:00 f \ \ERCHEVBL 1M

3 fuyaprilj To enl8men Nn SprigM4 Sf ElwJcs h sse o $75 Olhs $4 Ul $90 MARSHAU & OCONNOR (8eelaacl T&i1ors Co) Word wasphopell ino he Ciy police saion a 10:30 oclock Friday clgh ha i figh was in prd gress on Rivard near Goehe The police hurried around and found i was a figh of he riangular variey They brough in hree men all quie ;vell known residens of ile Chalmefs areacif Deroi i W!S no mereyouils scuffle; as he men give heir ages 8s35 38 and 40 respecively They had been aending farewell pary in he Rivard residence arid he farewella iad been oo long; in: he makijg; :rinlf which hey had aken aboard alclidol hesuu ha boh chei!randirriaes The police ook ileir cars away from hem and sen l!m hollle enderly in a2:icabs The cars were all urned over o hem in cooler momens Hefer Reurns As Park Aorny Aorney Pierre He fuel who served as Village orney for Grosse Pome Park isbac\( again on he job Mr HefUer was graned leave of :absence from his office by he Village Commissioners when he wen ino war service During he ime of his absence Aorney Fren McGraw emporarily ook over he legal JffenH A deparml!l a he requowl of he Board of Commissioners; LElOl Sheriffs Ofice Ges Rape Case in Boundary Argumen :Vicim Tells Farms Police Sh! Was Forced no Car and Aiacked y Two Men; One Suspec Caugh A rape case which wasrepored o he Farms police April 12 has been urned over o he Wayne Couny erilfs office because no one has been able o decide in uwha communiy he o1!ense occurred J Early in he afernoon of Aprl 12 William Re:nfel? of 7631 Graio One ord employe afer Eas Congress J?erol l\ col1ec- lenghy deliberaion clecided ha or for he DerOi Fre Press en- a survey had been made years counered an hyseflcl youna: ago which placed he dividing woman a Moross ad Beaupre line in he exac middle of he roads in Grosse pome Farms sree He opined ha if he vic- She asked o be aken o he im could remember on which neares police sabon There she side of he car he aack had old of having peen forcedmo a aken place hey would know car a gun poin by wo men who w h i c h communiys officials ook her for a ride and hen hwe jurisdicion in he case criminally aacked her she A his poin one of he scou hough in Grosse Poine Farms cars from he Sheriffs office She gave her address as Chalm- <:rove by and araced by he ers avenue in Delroi grea collecion of police cars The young womans clohes ilopped o invesigae Then and were badly orn and she had been here he case was placed in he seriously beaen She said she Sheriffs lap had been puou of he car afer Officer Labadie of h Farms he alac;k af Kerby and Beaupre pplice accused he young woman shorly before she me Remfeld of lying in her firs recial of he The young woman who!s mar- affair She said she didn know ried gave he Farms police he eiher of he men bu laer iden naj!le of onl! O{ her aacer ifed he car belonging oone of ThiS man WM picked up n bls hem bu no he one ino which borne on Fores avenue Deroi she had been forced She also He denies implicaion in he gave Fores avenue as his address crime bu is being held and i was hrough his informac When Sergean Elmer Labadie ion ha he one suspec Johnny of he Farms police accompanied Bologna of 8830 Eas Fores was he young woman and her hus- picked up Labadie also hough band in a search for he exac i peeuliar ha she c:ould be spo where he aack occurred forced ino a car on a busy sree a 11:30 on he morning of he in broad dayligh Bologna:s car 12h sl!e fixed he place near WaJparked in fron of he house Eigli Mile and Harper; where he has been living Auhoriies of Graio Town A check of he license number ship andeas Deroi were called gave-he police he address vhere o he scene bu none of hem he was found The shrcriffs office could p<lsiively sae wheher he is now rying o find heoher locai0ll wuin Eas Delroi or man in he case A descripion of he csr used bas been furnished hem by he young woman Cusom Fiueell-Pary Tailors Ends ifbale / OS $ E 0 N TEN EW S 8uilaers Complee Church Model From lef o rgh: STARR L WADEEDWARDKAYi WrLLAMR BUDDS ROBERT HANNAH ERNEST L RAY W COBURN STANDSH J Phoo by Dick Allen The Builders of he Grosse Archiecs GeOrge D Mason and Poine Congregaional church are Company i a group of men who have me o The Builders wilrpresen he geher for he purp<lse of building model o he congregaion nex a scale model of he fuure Sunday Those who worked on ch\1rch: The men me regularly he projecwill beinroduced :o in a basemen workshop and have ile congregaion and hanked as invesed a leas 170 man hours of par of he regular servce of labor in he projec The model worship :his has been he mos wlis buil according o he plue saisfying and worhwhilepro prins furnished by ile Church Jee underaken by he men for Window Will Be Dedicaed zaionfor he nex year was Rex H Johnson 2025 Hun Club; who EXAMNATONS had previously served as secre- Responding o he appeal h ary Frank X Meier J\ 1820 early dialdosis wures early n!- Kenmore was ree1l1ced vlcepresiden and Samuel R Barr covery from uberculosis Lancuri as alai ehasen Wayne couny ridenshaveliad reasurerralan R Wilson 1308 free enes X-ray examinalonin Vernier road was voed:$el:re- he;womonhs old surv conary > ;;; duced joinly by he Wayne Eleced o he Board ofdlrec Couny Healh Deparmen and ors were: Russell J Taylor 1617 he TB and Healh Sociey Brys;}f Cheser ClerklpS1 Norwood; Don J Gdrow Wicks Lane; Rober Beck 2079 Roslyn and NormanSielaff 2033 Hun Club Discussion of residenial resricions and proposed chanses o he village zoning ordinance and building code followedinsalaion of he newofficers Alber Beever and George W Gardner newly eleced members of Village Commissionaended he meeing arid hanked he League membership for is endorsemen ahd suppor in he March 11 elecion Arangem :ns have been made o conduc fuure meeinlls a he Neighborhood Club The nex meeing will be held Thursday April-18 a 8:30 pm hechurch The enclosed phoograph w&saken by Dick Allen on of he High School boys : The Builders include W C0- burn Siandish Jr Wendell1iahers Sarr L Wade William R Budds Rober Hannah Ernes L RayEdwardKay Duane O uerfield JoSeph Dingman Lawrence Weserdale Sil:f2:L () w 0 ODW A D AT STAT RsidensRap Special Sereia On Good Friday ri Cy S Beach 51 James Luheran church of reao!nf of!he r- ; ; Grosse Poine will conduc a s- SpecJal musc by he eboir addijif Kick o Couni1BrfngsAbou Appoinmen of Commiee o Make Sudy Mrs William Adams and Mrs P S Mahewson of Lakeland avenue whose small children make large use of ile ciys Beach Park were a he Ciy Council lqeeing Monday nigh o voice a robus proes agains is eneral conduc There were no guards posed on elevaed seas where hey could have an adequae view of he children; he waer in he wading pool was filhy he larine was a mess of horror and according o he complainans here was lile ha WaJrigh abou he place Councilman Cheser Carpener who is in charge of parks pleaded ha inabiliy o ge eiher men or maerials during ile war or even park equipmen had been he sumbling block They had had o make shif on he wading pool by emporary improvemens Mr Mahewson who was also a specaor a he discussion blunly saed ha park equipmen was no only now available bu had been all hrough he war There was only a half-heared rejoinder o h:is The Council acknowledged ha meagre approprialonshad been made for he park during he war in defense of he axpayers bu gave hear o he complainans in ha ilerl! as an iem in his years budge a! $14000 Edward Pcmgracz who was cera ViD USa UacllOULu OTO NSBNG PROTO SUPPJES PA ea- -:< PreJwhn _ Easer SHOES 1)- uege p/ OYsho b eqf - a llfol?j! li7rec;ols : : \ ;-: :;=-; PUNCH JUDY BLOCK GROSSE P01NTJ i;};:! cial service for all in he com- he direcion ofwillwn r 7 muniy on Good Friday from 1 ske Mrs rvin Bopp coaialol pm o 2 pm a he Punch and will Sing: Before he C( Judy heaer Kercheval a Mc- b La Forge Kinley road The Rev George E y : { Krz puor of he congregaion HOUSEHOLD N! f will preach he sermon on he subjec: The Aomic Bomb a Heavy fabrics such Calvary look bes afer lroninllf The service will include he on boh sides j Bad Kids Due :i:;:l;r:!::: n H()nr oftjavi4ghlino Surprise ef=:?=:rin::e lem The Mayor imd all of he On Easer Saurday afernoon; 6f DaVidLougblin; 1s Lieuen- Be oullher on juvenile of- C;ouncilmen agreed hi& would be April 20 a 5 oclock he Rev anusaaf killed inacion over fenders Dfhe law Thiswashe a fine idea Forified by a moion Francis B Creamer recol; will Germany Sepember wordpassed ono Farms police quickly adoped Mayor Neing dedicae a beauifully execued Thl!wind() ii Plegif of he Moridaynigh byineinbers of he named Mr Pongracz and Mrs Adsained glass window now in LoughlinJamily alidish\! work ams as co-chairmen of such a salled in he Narhex of Chris manship anddeaignof he Wille village bo ofrusee commiee o repor heirrecom- Church Grosse Poine in memory Sained GlaSs Company of Phila Trusee Richard Maxon head mendaions o Councilmim Cardelphii;Porrays he bale bf hephlice comnu eebroulh pener who Would lromhen on heweeniavid and Goliah hsubjec ofjuveiilledeuiiquen carryhebal Officers: Picked o e Councilmen The Philisine soldiers are ga ho ered in he backllround and a cy Jhe aeni ofhij feuo! 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England We were inrigued enough o cojl1e back he nex day and words or he record he ais a new Dmnasium A comparison Michigan ofen where he waer ing he Hlih School had Ue ij1frani:e and aly: while he penl of war wa sbu pesen bring our lunch so we could spend he day glimpsing folks down highly pleased and looks o he cmnasiums of Fordson was prey deep f ri: f bu followed iupaferqe war wih loans which aggreaed from he righ side of he racks They came in droves around a hili wlle and frlnds Hih School or Lincoln High All of hese were much more - 11 d h e he rehablba d hool of Ferndalewill clearly myownparandasheexprsed ijliiill greaer sutqsli was a one 0 as n - n new saon wagon own OTS:\spors roa s rs SD!DY wih a ha was prey lloo4j- llusrae hs poinl The gym is expensive han fill in heshl- opinion of vrious resiciens of kionof Europe; Today i is he same ol cry o new sedanse a1 Aperfec exampl (>fhe mounan comng wha jus said-wasn i! ex much oo smallo be adwuaie; h) waers and marshy borders GrollSePoine oursllas n con b h e d of gomg n Mohammed of Lake S Clair Thismilh of-d ed f h f is well o remem er no a 1ns a 0 -: Y pression They 11 bearn back a n addiion he consrucion of fe r also apark and playcround Sl er one 0 e more n or wholehearedly for arevival of mernaonal rade ome of ; c > ;:: him a new field house would leave sysem of one or wo hollsand and for a marvelous co!lllnilliiy hese counrim:liiunediaely proceeded o revamp her econ- Overhe&m on be bll! lieu jilll fired your cook! Wall he presen gymnasium for a acres and a beach live or six!uch as Grosse Poine his should :omies on a basis compleely opposed o llirlalonal rade so lurprl au your frlendi houili;ihe was so rood Of all he 8enUernnAMBAS- larer inrallralprolram n miles long wih a boardwalk like no be! Afer ll1 he war was :Tbey Wen ever furher han he much malgned anff bar- Well n a way Tbe s r3yi canexplaln is o sa1 ha SADOR BONNET lias he mos hlch he enll:esch091 could par- ile one a Alanic Ciy alonl he:an a ri::;i:rh: f riers ever professed o go They ereced he quoa ysems ale was &DOi cook for DemOcfa5 bu no for Republicans! beauiful voice He and DR QUO Jelpae DUmg he baskeball ouer edge Arnerican men all hee chare- which fixed ciefiniely he volume of goods a migh TA?Jn speak?os polish :=i; ep;;;:n is o be hoped ha hi5 can eri;ic!s being creaed and inadmied regardless of he naural barriers which he ariff Tile radio has never produced i commercial announcemen pa Engllllh and!helr embassadorial he :varly ea uses he gym bebrough o he aenion ofhe ereaseq hrough ahleic comliel maed \ lave us a laugh unil asl week Y-eh we happened o hear an mnners are mpeable every nigh would like o add irpor cornrnission before hey ion! Such a memorial is 10 :; Germanyarried his pracice o an exrmc No only; Anacin spo announcementhe;)lueman droned on for SQme my whole heared suppor o he o;v:n:ro:;; :J::: l:i:o:e:vi did she employ he quoa sysem bu she paid us for sqch ime abou he benefis of :A1ilidinforl\chesihd pains hen The cafeeria is orlinc well ampaien fo a new gymnasium able for hydroplanes oo ar ou would end o aid he :reum- as she saw fi o admi in blocked mrs goo ol(ly ded by saying wigrgqso Wheii ;11; headache wears add EYULHOFF he DUTCH Sincerely o appeal o u-avelellliind:wlhou ingveerans o regain heir phyai fair purchas!!!s in her own counry; rea Bnall crned on ou is welcorne TAKE AN; ANACN;We! k!low abou cbel J rim he Kenneh Franz any of he reereai:mfeauresha eal capaciies and would provide an inensive Buy Briish campagn which Signified e YOU!luall a peadache haspc;1oin:9n:?yjssar o unpack mi lld he l oneswbe are so much needed bi he Ciy pleuurefor hem ogeher wih same hing under anoher dres _ isqa&:-:;atld is wecomehasajreadyccee!l;:w!;lrn afrazzlel o wlcb herrea Oesfuneioa US: Submarine Base No2a ofderoiandviciniy <conlaae«oil P& 11) ;:i This is he ime for he Unied Saes o ponder\e :: * ::: ::::::: ia a complee uionalchallp New ndon Conn V;#; c;ui- lidpliions of liese requesed loans e may be ceram More dope on he frld5haoi; f;dh;e ers f ena dally Yoa eaaba Dear S1rPfill946 r 1ey ire all promped by he general ea of he greaer T1e mos lnexperlsive fldr il!! almea!j:!p!)a1 BAMYA BOllKAN - Bms - hin! erecing a lield house as advajlgejor he rrciwmg counry 1 Wlll be oo lae afer houje wih owen wice w!ot;lred:::a:w! COTLETU EZE 8EOD][( a livinl memorial for he veer- The Edior h!e poed)iiie s Sgned - Of course hey DO have o:lljj; uble;ifj a1 ook J;MPADA de CAMAaAO n WorldWai isa superb roshpoine New 1 The1ernaiveo our refusal of he Briish loan whch he old ones and arranmr!eln!ll Thl!lle;-are *11 rarde myaelf dea! could hink of nohing Grose 10iAleFanniMich iemosrdvanced owards a decision a; he momen ha i lawen crown rlrh in Florida i T!!r11 dlolas:&orbe ril0rf) linl o veerans and he ar Sir: wm15e:ilec essary for Briain o form a close economic ass<r llonall for l;dywhre from 50 cer s: en ioa:dollr:and a har TELEVSON hrolglj Mr Bais and James aia hil h S doe b ( ) b iji )[ d WD J) c:i&inj\lih hpse counries?hic Vii c?me m M& hlrb sch09 : held; : alld Saff sergea 0 e er- a en Q you y fja: m yeurse 0 n impressive JO en have spen all my Naval i111e Sephen SBais AU!!; he wo lizig blq(:k graes on Ahiencas economlc ears; here hey eharce $500 a ejl! you f YOa vo ir GROMYKO walked cu of he in he Physicai Finess program lasnamed being graduaes of ;Thcrren American opinion is ha we mus bend Gr_ Poine? : : : conerence TELEVSON showed and ve seen he pleasure a field :: C)l1rselves;baekward o faciliae he revival o!forign :-ade *: : him leaving his sea henfnned 1oUlhas given o housand of worldradewih he fewes possible barriers 18 an deal We sneaked up on ;i coup)efne year::;old grls who we ou o ahow he xpres!ions OD young men rn sure he people HSH SCHDOL cllie uuaion Bui doosn a represen he imperaive consid- alking earnesly o each ol1er-n 1 d f1 i1rjhe!ll}_owingconversaion: he faces of he oher deeeaes of Grosse Poine will be in favol TAKE AT OME h 1 f 1 d s and reurned o he empy chair Of uch a memorial eraion many of iheyounger sc 00 a aer aye:onomls won be able o ply iyou :rri have o go o Those aendinhe council mee- Sincerely Hem o hold lis no he roue we raveled durng hose church ;: >:!:i Rober L Thlbod-au Now you :an <omp!el Hlch ScllOoi d l j ins who can le ino he main educllon nd win dlplom& by Udy yars wf:wr moving 0 ouropesen m ps na mul\- You don hve6ao ob}iuthaj:l:aylldyou? roo si C()mfrablyin he ouer a home n spare hnej no c:j o nce n hosecay we lad more sress pn heprrvalon 1 have o g6 lo hree::hous:1;; lend; lhoulands 01 PlOPlf; 1 ov!! Amrlca: lklnr dvanlare 01 = i</; chambernd le aars elusyiew /lprilh lke Cl(hfi! home markes Ti)eyare always worh wachmg :r he V ni:h:!;:;-y\;l : of he whole proceedinls-com- Oal!:land;-Cd c\tickerlcoulrlenf-europe-canno produce now he hmgs Wha do u do_nre8 ill?:c : Genlemen: hov:uy:{auoally hey mus have: They mus bu:y hem from is or emporahy W pray Everyboqypra)s!! l:::1:;:: of R C A TZLZ i-lig ofue!d: f School ei1i1uon you enlilled 10 ;10:wh ou They would naurallylike o buyem w You mean on your knej!s aj;dall? Wlllfyour head down and & recelv uhlple luaon wllbou Th ha h goods lh hich memorial for he boys of Grosse OW money ey ve nel er money nor W W everyhing? -- The VSCOUNTESS r: lrrrl ok :n 8C A1l S - Poine who did heir bi in hil o o pay Sure Everybody does You ge down on)(ollr knees and pray DALE i8 visllllj a New YOJL war our ubjecll and 1f how y s o lear by our lmpuned _; ThaJcieiis alrigh maybe even from our own sajld- lor hree hours : /:; 001 Uie molllnereslnc e Being a creafollower of pors sud) melhod You oo con 1M a High SChool lradul quickly M po if regarded solely as a empor:ry measure bu we The oher child complelely:a\eirlcll\;wis silen Jor a few perlences ad was a h and a one ime member of eas\l} wihou lnerrerence wjh your prue-n Job us keep our eyes open o he long View f and whnhe momens hen said Gee ifhasw)i;:u!!!ngeinl a per- Paik Laae houe a LONDON Grosse Poines grea rowing {earn For lull dellls nd FrM Tral :wcrld onceagam ges onan eveneel we may be cera:! he manen! :c ; \l;ashedaybefore he coao- frp:ll 39 1 feel honored and d comlbve bass of r?de wlll coe back Money lself!;/- :{- NATON of GEOJiGE and EL privileled n beina allowed o There P Nr By RD T M mil or a serl or Edlorlil dverllollllnls appnrill; ll W per c:l _ Coprrlrh D İlcor M KOr Bpl Cerain poisiblii yrnpini of hear diseaseare ilhornea of breah hear ikipll indillion blue Bilier im ohblue lipl a eadecy o ire eaiily Any o of h ihoim send youoa ocor!&ofloe Wihou ny wch sympfoml you ahould oceaaioilally anyway o be sure here ia no lurkinl( io\lble Millions of people carry:ajirealhla hem ofwhlchj!y are-oa1l7- \!naware J:;rb:i:::ll:;i:\oa;H Sch a c1)eckup may vel wson and40pax duulpuf 11oo&: le G P1 wrlle o knows no home of panolsm or graiude goes where f when youve leell sales oltjdyloffjcerson heir hones ABETH All over LONDON he voice my opinion AMERCA SCDDL J anmoy o is own bes advanage yuv houh las we lwaynve) ha he ifon CJ! hr horse royal ad noble ladles and rea yeer n;u O:;hhr: 836 Balfour Kd Deroi U : Meanwhile le us proceed s]owlyi We do no Wish o W&5 a whim of he sculpors yore wrod f e horses ee are lemen who were o be premll1 Merchan Marine and lhe s _ burn our fingers in he SllJle fire a secondirne in he same all on he ground i means he General (o wbo1!l!-ve you) died a h nex day WESTMNSTD NaVy rve seen he 10ni develop- 21 Are _: eraio T1}ese pleading friends hav a capaciy fr naural deab f ONE of he hoeles is ralse;in fron i mea ABBEY were rlvlll&!rob; men of boys frorn he beginning _ :_: : gulcklydlvesng hemselves of embarrassng foreign obh- he General died of wounds reeelvcd baile ;f boh he h_ PAKTES Will a of d- how he lad wih an ;hleuc pions The road o repudiaion is as open now as ever fron les are raised n he air he General died iilacuon n a baue rehearsal Te1 U had appela before None of he signs have been oblieraed Now don say we never ell YOua1lliD& rau 40n alredy kaow mena WlUler PhoocraPb i: aad aferwanl lill la r oea- ia Th T lb As we work (?) we can see from he window of our lful rohey received lleir 5 e W9 sen sudy a barren looking flow!!r garden in he back yard n friends ODe we o Several pu- i are siing wo very iny people abou an mch high leli durlnr he afernood a The repor of he Park Village Planning Commission They look like husband and wife ; and hey are humb- evenlnl LADY S<;ARSDALE :uggesing hew!sdom:ol providingso:ia recreao for ing heir noses a us We are so fascinaed we can hardly looked espeeially aracive ll (lur een aged children even o he POn of muncipally keep your mind on his column NOOO we haven been aearle and emlne la!jdin1emanaged danc!!s mack bars and rimmings esa quesion drinking! fore he rea mimked Areplace for adul hough in her pre drawln-room The quesion of juvenile delinquency while no ye We jus wandered ou ;h back :1ardllld are hsppy o remember lelnclnereaed ill ie acually acue herem his well ordered communiy can if repor ha hose wo people humbing heir noses a a1 are we fac ha he newer be ile SM negleced grow o menacing proporions small umps of bushes lef over from las year: Tley ]OOked qulle more chic he corolle Tbe _ is common knowledge conveyed o us daily by he normal a elose rance bu nl!w ha we:e ck a our desk handed down fnr ;enerau_ newspapers ha ere has beenale do in he manners heyre a i akainl were bulky and aibeeofllnctie and morals of he youh of he land ha S peplous There LADES who had on/y reeenly is nohing in ignoring his fac or pasing i over in an i Only he perspeive of hisory can fill in he oulines which acquired herr STRAWBEBBY can happen here aiude of mind can hlippen here as ye are only parly apparen LEAVES had also new lile The men and women of en years hence are being shaped He W;iS a successful Naional-warime leader His was headpieces which were ravishncrigh here and now in he sor of children being raised he capaciy o selec men of abiliy o build a mighy mili- 11 beeomink This problem lies basically direcly in he laps of he ary machine and use i skillfully o pilo henaion hrough fahers and mohers of he communiy Local governmen he hazards of he greaes \\oar ha ever b-efell he world Lunched recenly a he A- may go as ::ar as i can in providing he mechanism for clean O1 riumph unparalleled in he whole sory of he Naions GONQUN one of he mos coloran d h 1 b be f 1 lul inns in NEW YORK and had W 0 esome socia recreaon u W asorry al ure He died a he pinnacle of hi fame migh web be if ea h f h ers an d mo h ers d on ljack - a cha wih FRANK CASE he up ha had he lived only a few monhs longer o face he prob- ALGONQUNS owner was Some may capiously criicize he idea of a municipaliy lems of reconversion o a peaceime model wihin he pur- FRANK wh pu signs in his going ino he social enerainmen venure bu such crii- view of he American ideal ha now beses h1s unhappy elevaors :N<> OPUM SMOKcism should no come from any home which has a problem successor his place in our lasing hall of fame migh have NG N THE LFTS He is a of is own flesh and blood under is own roof; one which been alered ; ; very sardon1c and amuing fel!heir conscience ells goes dire-cly back o he issue of Bu for wha he did he American people will henceforh low FRANK was a gucs on my parenal delinquency As he wig is ben he ree inclines honor ane! revere him lae radio program and we dis- lhe ode-r generaion said i-hey were no all feols f any cussed his books-the WAY- f us are unwilling o assume he boher or personal in con- d WARD NN and FEEDNG H1: eniene1of managing our children as hey should be guided The Car For Foc LONS When he read he scrip / we should no hrow any sones a he suggesion of our \ 1 had prepared for him he sid forward looking auhoriies The American people mus no penn! J:1lves o Hey youve hogged he scrip become prejudiced or embiered by he nevlable sones youve aken all he good lines rhoe Hyde Pa rk Shrne ha seep in occasionally from he dark corners of he world said To show wha an amiable abou profleering and misuse of food suffs Maybe some characer am you wrie your Hyde Park N Y was he scene of a ceremony on April of he heahen Chinee have se up a black marke in Amerlean donaed foods There will be ornore of he same sor own scrip 8Qd YOU ake all he good lines! So he did He ook 12 which will be hisoric in he American record The rans- Bu he ragic fac is ha several mmions of persons in ALL he lires Once 1 opened fer of he birhplace and life long hlme of Franklin Delano Europe are already going hrough he hroes of acual sar-my ml)uh o le my eeh ge foosevel o he Naion as a shrine for he perpeuaion vaion a iook a he GUEST OF }ONof he record of his privae and public life and works was This is a siuaion enirely apar from he :ponderous OR nd he nex ime was when regarded by he counry wih he deepes ineres consideraions of poliics or long ranged onomicarranie- said GOOD NGHT LAnJ:S ; Already here is a general ananjmiy wiih respec o menls Our consciences would never res if i should AND GENTLEMEN Frank was Jiis grea leadership of he Naion hrough is greaes crisis be learned a lile laer ha hundreds of housands of home- woncierful hough :a really wi lince he Civil war was his vision of he perils in he less wandering children in Europe had sarved o deah y characer naking in Europe agains he whole concep of sociey and while we had been eaing from an abundance we were h governmen as held by America and his forrigh sounding unwlng o share ADD VASSAR NFORMA : of he alarm in ime o mee he danger which fixes his place TON-Remember BOYS VAS rnoveably in he hisory of he Naion Le us plan gardens hls year as nevr before: f eces- SAas ma o is PVRTY AND ; Wih he earlier aciviies of his adminisraions which sary le us ake a reef our bels agams an lmagmary WSDOM ad he old lchwi : aad o do wih nernal social and economic disposiions hunger The call for food is he plea for life We mus no swebajc is GREy AND OLD Publiough has no ye coalesced ino a common paern close our ears i BOSE 1 - C c C!f)uil C/velli; hefi;3h PKfJei vej G r 0 i l he «oed ne_ ha YOUf hear is perecly normal Or i here is a defee eiiimid by exrein or oher e!f0i8oo renuoua your docor iii d vile you how you may help your llur reurn o ijormaley -J When memclrie H needed re memr1m are differences in he Qualiy and))aboniu drunia of iman1l inlej(riy ii jw simple plain policy which!oyem he oper ins of bi S8-year-old esablijunen and ha w o Sive be maximum of weu-:appoined urvie and wibou exra COl r k4jke1 1n& W sar l:ooo 1500 cay 0 11 Driy -;

5 : ( \ omwe :Yi :(pn1:j 8;: i Former Poiners Reurn C)Marry Frances Paricia Whie Will Become Bride f Frederik GeOrge Schriever in Chris Church on April 27 Chris Church Chapel will be he scelle of he mairiag of wo former Poiners Safurday April 127when _Franc Paricia Whie and Frederick George Schriever repea hel VQws The bride-elec isihe daughe h h Mr Whie was sen of Mr and Mrs Gilber G Whie w hi en D C as a colonel f V D k f loll! ng on Of Ken yoe ave;ue d or in he chemic;!l warfare deparo eru:mg n roa an el- Tn ided in he capial ance is he son of Mrs Edna men eyres Sch f M N y hree years never 0 on va e The bridegroom-o-be was reformerly of he ome: cenly discharged from he: Army The v FranCS B Creaer afer service in he ETO He was W offlclae a he 4:30 service a saff seriean in he corps of which Will be followed bya re- edineers cepion in he horne of he bride _:--- _ Pa has asked her siser Elise MSC ENRLLS B1f o bemaidof honor and Douglas MichiganSae College has en Grllharn ill be Des man rolled 8142 sudens fo he spring Mrs SerlingS Sanford and erm he larges number ever o her daugher Carol will ener- aend he college in is 90year ain for Pa a a ea and linen hisory Of his number 4632 are shower in heir Hillcres road men and 3510 are women Shor home Saurday April 20 course sudns number 158 war The Whies sold heir Poine veerans over3500 and new su- dens morehan 900 Tne Womens Auxiliary 01Calvary Luheran church Grosse Poine Woods is sponsoring ln April B!lke Sale on Friday afer noon April 26 from 2 o 4 pm: Proceeds will: be devoed o he newchurcho be buil on Vei- nier and Mackin he near fuure The Bake :Sale will ake lace in he presen church building on Mack and Lancasler Arrangemens are undehe direcion of Mrs HenrY Zahr who invies all culinary ariss o pu heir alens o work She will welcome a call if i isimpossible for hem o deliver heir donaions personally; a r p m he day of he sale Tea will be served Engaged recei buffe $upper given by herparens Mr 1nd Mrs Ernes W: Coppock o Lakepoine he engagemen of heir daugher MARJORE o Wilfred G Maeson w announced Wilfred is he son of Mr ahd Mrs A J:> Maeson of Ardmore avenue 6S!!:onT N!W$ Four Biihdays To Be Cebraed -- NioMl Dellli Coloni y of New Elliland WOlDeDa heir meeing Wecinesday April 24 a Newberry Ho on Jefferson avenue will oblerveao only he Colonys 21nd birhday; bu also he birhdays ofhrm of he members?drs Henry JiL Booh pas vice presiden-lea eral; MrS Clifford W Reyno1dl moion picures chairman; add Mrs John H Huon Mrs C Clayo/ Lanier pu presiden is in charge of :aeooperaive luncheon a 12:30 oclock The presiden Mrs Henry ) MacKay will call he aluiual meeiilg o order a 1:30 ocloc Afer hearingofficersandchair mens repors on heir year work members will chllom DeW off\cers for h coming year Pr0- posed revisions o he by-laws will be read and discussed 10 a full aendance is desired - _ ) is home afer servil1l wih M U S Marine CorpS wo and half years in he Pacifie - aae China Calvary Calling _--- All Horne Bedrers Nancy Moesa EleCed Manager of Duke Paper n he recen meeijig of he Publicaions Board Duke Universiy Nancy Mocsawas eleced coed business manager of he school newspaper he Chronicle Formerly office manager of he paperhe Duke oed was Vice- Presiden of frer freshman class She is a member of Pi Bea Phi naional socialsororiyi and Sandals sophomore honorary so dey :: She is he daugher of Mr: and Mrs Marvin W Moesa 888 Trombley road he roulee PJ;lDlP1 Foo Deligh ha new wraparound loin 0 suave rile puinp fr your big momens Eloquenly simpl exqisiely crl:lfed in blue calf: Shoe Salon 995 { J- O- in OUrE8rhoe youll have he look of;young demureness rcim/lniollyspring for he wide eyed ;look E/3ser morn choose;from our collecion of high bone: lciwibonnes; lile girl like orimparanlooking HShop :: : SOOo3000 opped shoulder8 ys he bclag:of Spring Smorness Choose his bcluifu mellow brown : coewih is sof curveoshouldelrs emplillsized birid end is iny sis!liefor he l/l ;?: ; :?- ;>;:- r; rr :i>! - E/3serporeae fleyq-sayofyou liwhih<llovely wpman? CShop: : 75:90 lu3 ;!!lji? j1 +: aresories hose; finihidg ouee; ha comp!e he aser ufi:!: oo hey make lovely gifs JET capured in black crysal myse;ry ri!lnslaed for a lovely ladys use 300 o i075: For he swaying or fondling ou;s is a complee collecion of bags ho will odd ha needed o:jch 1095 o3s00 lie le 80JihUieae \ AdeleSimpsoi Wderful draping for ha suove s?l?hirlica: look clinging jersey o giieyou perfc 1inefor a perfed everihghighfighed wih a gold kid link oel o accen yourwlis Opaline or whie DressShop 6995 _ : Your every desire in pearl jewelry is here pins necklaces earrings roo o 2000 :nd ot course ha noo-be-forgoen iem gloves in on fabrics in Cl hades 125 o 400 he pair AccessorY Shop Kerchv1 SCeir :a-y! :!JAj i

6 _C!!! } ;:;; ;:-: --!!!J;i News Gahered 6 fos - w S E 1 rl ; p0 NT E 1 from u All of he ; / :: :1_ Tll1m - rnj R A Poines :8{! ;l!n The Thomas Paddocks and dallgher Nancy 8igelcw ue home his week end WhMR Homer lane Bigelow mo unil jus a few days ego was AMM 3/e Bigelo f he SN Homerreceived his discharge cn MOfday and when his ramily me him in Chicago i was h firs ime he group had s cne anoher in wo yeers Th ps year Homer spen in serviin Panma r Mr Bigelow is v=ry busy end very easily bcoming a civilian :\; 0 gain 1Y -n :;r:: DOREEN WESSEL TO WED BURT TAYLOR JR i From Copenhagen Denmark comes word of he n- >ji H 9gemenOf Ooren Wenel o Bur Eddy Taylor Jr son of < Mr and Mrs BurE Taylor of lakeshore road Grcne Poin The eng4gemeh as arinounced by Doreens!Nrenk :d F) J) Chilen Miniser o Denmark end Mrs Henry L Wessel of i : Copenhgen Bur ij in Copenhgen now [visiing hij fiance nd her ;;( pereijs incidnally he is on rminal leave from he US :i ; Na:Y having laely served as a Liuenan Com;nander in n ; f Pacific : ; Doreen who is he sisr of hpoinei Mrs Weiiel ;: Booh was educaed in he end! Con of Ccpenhagen )j : ;j-l i1nd alic sudied in Paris F- TJir wedding which will ake piece in he near fuure :>:1 lccording o Mrs Booh :-in bring he young coupl o ;:! GrOie Poin c» mak heir homi \ :* \ YACHT CLUB FUN (11(- :: ;i: From Apoher Poine of View; 6y Jane Schermerbons Th Ray Presco Johnsons fdding anniversary was duly celebraed a he Poin And adding o he fsiviies was M pre5enc hre of Mr and Mrs Chari Bowey of Nw York who were in he Johnsons wedding ry They spen real Eadern week d he kind ha begins and sensibly on Thursday and ends MOfday) nd during heir visi wer he hou09uoss of he JohMOM Par of he anniversary fun included: Mr and Mrs Chjso!m MacdOflalds dinn_ Of Thunday nlng forh Bowe)1 a hi Mirab u piece home The Johnsons cockail pary and buffe slipper for hem on Friday ening which was also he \nn;vllfhry dae A uncheona h Counry Club on Saury given by Mr end Mri; Alben Bradley And Of Saurday nigh he dinnr givn by Mr ad Mrs Gorge 0; Johnson fjl ;>::E j C:\$ /l i J< f : \ : 61 ;l ; / ( :; 3 ) :;\1 ;i : l : j ) 1! l 1 ṭ HOMER BGELOW HOM FROM SERVCE 0! {frmgro_ Poi+eYclClub Thii5aurdayheredc be an Easr Pardea dance ad eockailpary a hehfrom4:3 Un 7/11 : Following which here be dnner n more danclog from 7:30 p m on On!uesdy he ledies bridge club p/ec e 12:30 p m For his even M EC umgemenk chairmln nsisldbycairan; Mrs Fred O-Lepley Many hos will aws e e pery end he include: Mi-sJ!es :Sui+naf:;;Mfs l1enmn Scerney Mrs (Coaillaed lll Pace ) HATS FOR ARSTOCRATS 11 n WALTOn PiERCE 1 1 un n 1111 T Shor and o he Globe Arz is he new pos office of COL AND MRS DAV- DHERON who have sold heir home on McMilm road :nd migraed Wes The colonel is on erminal leave following wo and a half years in Europe n June he Heroll$ will be joined by heir daughes GAYLE ilhd JANE For hree weeks MR AND MRS OWEN R SKELTON of Ridge road are vacaioning in Palm Springs Calif MR AND MRS ROBERT E McKEAN and heir daugher PAT are again in heir Bishop road home afer a moor rip Eas Pa on vacaion from he Poine Counry Day School visied easern schools and flew home ahead of he McKeans who me anoher daugher MLDRED in New York Mildred is a suden a Connecicua College in New London The Cloiser Sea sland Ga is he headquarers of MR A1D MRS H E HARMON and JANE; of Buckingham road Mrs Ralph WDueser When MRS HOWARD BEN NETT of Washingon roadr urned from Red Cross Camp and Hospial Service in Bale Creek she brough along herdaugher- inlaw MRS JULANKNZE-of ha ciy Mrs Kinzie hasbeen he gues of her moher MRS; BUTLER HGBE of E Jefferson avenue Mrs Ralph W Deuser is he fonner Paricia L Poine ravelers include hc;:eriipfjeld daighell of Mr an 1\1:s D J;()re: Empfel<i DONALD C STEVENSONS of :()f Evanson; llinois She was mamedo Capam Deuser Berkshire road whose: winer _son ofmr and Mrs Herman Deuser of 1237 Harvard our ook hem oflodda ai:jd:roadgrosse Poine Park in Evanson by he Rev Havaa ; ; Francis B Creamer recor of Chris ChurchCbapel SP;gacaUorrf:ron\heJoin Grosseoine in her home on Monday April15 Miss Sacred Hear Conven:afforded ;Em:pfield aended he Universiy of owa arid Purdue SALLY and DEB(jRAHMlTCH- VniVersiy 8lld is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma ELLa journey o ;ihehbmeieid Capiun >eusei isagraduae of PurdueUryiversiy and a HoSpringwih heir grand jrmerrirofphi :Kappa Psi fraerniy Afer an exend parenlll MR AND MRSJOSEPH ed honeyjrioonhe couple will hake heir home for he B SCHLQTMAN of lake Shore :nex year in Germany from where Capain Deuser has road The quare lef Tuesday / recenly-reurned from his duies in he Anny of Oc and will remain in a resor un cupalon -Picur by Carlos Evanson il afer Easler ;- Tw members of ihhalde- MnS: FRANCN WESGERBER MAN FnNE h h d Eb of Lincoln road has been he in- ouse 0 on - cenivi iormany Poine gaherlair place are expeced horn!! in May SGT DAVD FNNE will iijgs Among her hosesses have arrive from Bavara iri Germany been MRS FRANK ANDRUS afer more han a year and a half MRS WLLAM LEECH MRS overseas and his sisler; JANET; JOHNVEECH; MRS WALTER will be on hand fr0!1 Washingon TRUDNER and MRS WALTER where she has served wih he ROCKWELL eir s;al: sons PETER :RS- WLLSYFG:DJ; P1;hV!HY!lE Riverside Conn; who is Yisiini ormllleyroad;reached her - Pone;;home yes!!rday afer a r/ winer jn he Bahamas The Waves c_ :H;:; i Wbyeswen don o heirnassau hollseh; fis f he year R;e{:: Surday nigh ho;s werehe :iames W BARTROPS of Washinglon road who enerained a dinner in heir home En rou home from Tusin; Caiif MKE MURPHY sopped a Sephens College o gree his siser LZ Mike is back wilh his parens MR ANn MRS CHARLES R MURPHY in heir BaUour road residence RAY L SPTZLEY of 26 Re- naud road has reurned afer spending four monhs in Coral Gables and Miami Fla \ GERTRUDE AND ROXANE WHELDEN had a gala spree in New York wih heir parens MR AND MRS FORD a WHELDEN of Merriweaher road: The Wheldena and Mr Ws moher:mrs:fhl\mfh WHE - DEN drove o Connecicu Collegefor Geril:! an!! o Wellesley MasilforRoxane: before pro- ceeding o he meropolis Afer four weeks in Miami Beach sunshine MR AND MRS JOSEPK H; PARSONS have niiurned o heir place on Buckingham road More Buckingham road folk he GAGE COOPERS are back from ranching i near Sasabe Ariz 10 miles souh of Tucson The Coopers were able o ride horseback on boh sides of he border every day as heir ranch was a horoughfare for cale from Mexico MRS BOUNT SLADE of Moran road feed her molher-inlaw MRS C B SLADE of Greenwood Lake N Y A a luncheon in he Deroi Ahleic Club las week The elder Mrs Sladeis vising here The wo Holley families MR AND MRS EARL HOLLEY and MR AND MRS GEORGE M HOLLEY boh of Provencal road are seled in he Poine again afer several weeks a Palm Springs Calif The George Holleys paused in Milwaukee en roue home and ere hl! guess of heir son-in-law and daugher MR AND MRS PHLP C KUEHN G The Whiier is he new address of MR AND MRS AN- DREW P RAPPER who moved from Universiy place his week NN SULLVAN was on deck Poine / from he Universiy Allanu; Mich was he Mecca for a group of: wenderswho drove up from he Poine for a fling a he ruslc life MRS HELEN JOY LEE Mf:AND MRS HENRYB JOY Jr and he JOHN NORTON LORDS cumprised he pary and heir local!! was he farm whichle Joys and he Lords recenly purchaae<i ogeher MRS HOWARD FREEMAl SMTH is back in her Provencal road home followina a severale day say in New York Cily :Youlf ie lie freshness Poine flowers - MRS ALLAN SHELDEli and MRS ROY DCHAPNiMR AND MRS A DWLKNSON and several oher ocalileil fare currenly 10 be fowjd dowll hi Ho Sprinp Va (Coab Pap ml Telegrllph o WiacoDliin Aoris Delivery ServiCli NzSW N 3000 TwoMore Scheduled for May _l1lidwhl1uhllllilllrl!l1llf 1 i1easer ho_elll :!PJ fercheval :1 summer ouifors Former Poiner Here for Vsis AVE llb 1/1!Q J 1_ 1- re J/!(Ur;f -Si\LE salil USUS adelaide olyer i a Piper millinery designr i Hs for he Modern Woman r We Do Resyling of Has EJefferson Blvd LEnox lllllllUiliiiMili Weddings las week when she visie<i her parens MR AND1dR$ DON- Barbara Reynold5 and Delphine Ducke Win Be Mrrief! in ALD FRASER SULLVAN cfe S PaLison Succe5sive Saurdays JEFFERSON The CARON B WATER- Two more May we(iding daeswere added o he Poine MANS of Lincoln roadoure<i social calendar his week by Barbara Reynolds and Delphine Florida fromboca Graneo O Ducke mond o Pa Beach during heu Barbara whose fiance is Sydney Lee Tern son of Mrs recen vacaion Alexander McCoy of Tulsa Okla has decided upon May 4 PliUllling a jaun o 10;; Ange- a Sa1urday for hl;r wedding will ake place a S Pauls les Calif are MR AND MRS onhlake ailo oclock in he morning _ R E E C E OBERlEillFER and Following he ceremony here! FRANCES of Merriweaher road will be a family breakfas and in Ch L K b s who are currenly a Arizona nil he a1ernoon Barbaras molher ar&es oe e in Tucson MARJORE OBER- Mrs John /> Reynolds of Rivard 0 ff f \S d TEUFFER joined her family from boulevardwhl be hosessaia re- or we en he Universiy of Arizona during cepivn in he Beachgrove Golf heir siy Club in Canada -- < Sally Reynolds will be maid of GohenburSweden S clalln- Members of helbexi Club e honor for he r si$er while Jeanne [mg Mr and M rs Charles J Koe in he Touraine road home of Plane Mrs Rober Becon bel of Cloverly road for he nex MRS HARVEY KMERLY for Jackie Kay and Peggy Van Loon several weeks business and ea las Friday VR- will be bridesmaids They lef he Pone week GNA LOWRE wasl chairman Mr Terry has asked Hery for New YOlkaccompanied by for he afernoon Kellne o be bes man and Rich : Birge and Sam Crawford o sea heir son and daugher-n-law Here for Easer are CA and guess Mr and Mrs Rober K<:>ebel MRS ROBERT S McCLURE of Jackie Kay has already hone Tneir win daughersngrid Chicago who are wih her par- ored Barbara a a kichen show- and Sigrid however are remaineils he ALBERT M ZMMER- er and Mrs Gilber Dimer will ng in his pr of he counry MANS in he Bedford road home fce her a brea]das April 3q because of moran engagewhic hhe McClures formerly oc- Mary JoClark is ploing a lunch- mens a sch()<)l Jus now cupied Mr and Mrs; Zimmerman eol and Sally Reynolds will be Mr and Mn Koebel enerain have jus reurned from Miami hosess ahe rehearsal dinner ed he young Koebel! and several Beach and For auderdale Fla he evening of May 3 New York friends wih a dinner Saurday May li is Delphine pary a he Waldorf-Asoria be- MRS CHAUNCEY C GRGGS Duckes dae for her marriage fore sailing of Muskoka road and her daugh- o Lieu Leser George Braon er MRS: THJ!;ODORE R BUT Jr son of Mr and Mrs Leser G Braon of Glencoe The RCK will head for New York bride-eleel is he daugher of Mr oday Mrs Griggs will remain 10 and Mrs William Ward Ducke days while Mrs Burick plans a of Moran road \rek o BOson o join MRS S Pauls orhe Lakei11 be SHERMAN BLAKE of Porland he seing :for heir 9:30 oclock Mrs;Lucien Moore formerly of Me; for a reuio e;;;ce1{rd:::::r cho r;s! h aie! fes The RCHARD KHUENS of Murphy; of ivard boulevard roijpd of visis lluch o he plea- Grayon road celebraled heir will livehewedding breakfas sure )f her many old friends severih wedding anniversary in heir hl;lme Mrs Moore; who has been lvwih a cockail and dinner pary The bride-la-be hai asked her ing a ranch life on he Wes in heir home las week siser Susan o beher only a- coas for some years is saying endan and he Lieuenan will wih her aun!irs Alexander Reurning his week from he name his aendans a a laer Copland of Moran road Grosse Homesead a Ho Springs Va dae Poin( Farms were MR AND MRS ALLEN F Laer in her say he will be EDWARDS and heir daughers ODD FACT he houseguesof by urns Mrs HELEN and CHRSTNE of To keep her hulband from go- Gaylord Gillis of Burns avenue Lohrop road lig oll on he own when he came in ndian Vlage Mrs Frederick home drunk a Chicago woman Clifford Ford of BishoJlroad and J l n e MR and MRs made a habi of aking off his ar- Mrs Harold Baker of Lincoln CHARLES MARTZ of Merri- iicial fee and hiding hem road Grosse Poine weaher road will ake SALLY andda VD o Encino Calif where hey will vacaion unil fall sse poine JOPLOllST :174 KERBY RO h;c -ine $3(1(J(J W $220 wn $200 f()w $190 hah mas!! iqued f6o appliquel hef spread were 320 f()uj $2UJO 3pes lingerie ses were $950 lf01d $79J Eeiin9 h05es gowns greely redeed dllrling inflln weer sheels pllow clses dresses ec reduced 10% ror he hrify houewife vie hllve sme slighy soiej!dlricle greely reduced : r 0:9»00 5 l

7 79 Xpf q Womans Mary Anne Sif Weds Lamber Kline Receplon in Counry Club FoDos l>aarriag8 Ceremony Solemnzed n l>aemoral Church A recepion i he Counry lilbollwed he Saury afernoon ceremony in Grosse Pome Memorial Church whlh unied Mary Anne Swif daugher of Mrs Clarence Byron Swif of Bedford road and he lae Mr Swif o Lamber R Kline son of Mr and Mrs David Kline of Three Bidges N J The Rev Frank Fi performed he nupial service For her wedding Mary Anne chos<l a gown of whie sain and Hersch and Mrs Keih Muller marquisee was syled wih were bridesmaids in charlreuse chanilly lace berha fied bodice faille ilnd carried bouques of u and full skir of marquisee lips - Acolone of sain oppd her Jack McGinnis came from Chilngerip lengh veil and she car- calfo o be bes man Guess were ried a shower bouque of sepha- ushered by James Campbell nois whie roses and whie or- Henry P CoPe and he brides chids win brohers Jam!:s and John Empress lines also feaured he Swif dresses of May Amies aendans When he young couple lef Ruh Shulz as maid of honor for heir wedding rip o he wore coral faille wih a maching Smol!:ey MoUnains he bride corone framed in ulle Her flow wore a navy sui wih a ligher ers were coral ulips and blue blue opper and navy accessories delphinium The new Mr and Mrs Kline Mary Jane Barrows Naalie will make heir home here Anoher Poine of Vlew (CODilUec! from rare ) FollYThomolli Mrs: Rober $c!l«r Mri Herman Koes rn Mrs Jesse Fleek Mrs Frank Klingbi Mrs Harlow Sehl Mrs George Lilygren : Mrs Williem Gille Mrs James Ccpe Mrs Emerwn Frenz Mrs Rich erddegener Mn Clerenee MeglolirQl Mrs Foser Frelik Mrs; George DeVos and Mrs Jeck Suon - BOWLERS CLOSE SEASON Sill G!OSsePoinhoYech C1lo1bbing: llobi ;ri bowlen Open House fe SNSOf we held on Saurday a boin9sessii i afernoon ollowed by ccxka1s and dlnnef dencln9 n he Fousfe of he cllolb Those presen inclu:led sucn enhusiesfs n: Mr al1dmn John MOscheR Mr end Mrs Ben Schroed=er Mr and Mrs Richard Dege Mr and Mrs Law nee Peel Mr and MrsEnreff Llondbwg Mr end Mrs Joseph E 8vrke Miss Shirley Vende Mr M K VenderUe: Mr and M John Allmend MissJnPre Mrs Georog Pre Mr nd Mrs Rey L899 ; Mr end Mrs H N Mo::Menimen Mr;end Mrs RiehrC J Merin Mr end Mrs F C Lrrows end Mr nd Mrs C M YOllngjoh Doreen Wessel ToWed Poiner p;om Copenhallen Denmrk comes word of he ei1sa;emen of Doreen Wessel daugher of Mr i-add-mrk: Henry L Wessel and ; Bur Eddy Taylor Jr son omr 1 and Mrs Bur Eddy Taylor of Lake Shore road J Bur is now in Copenhalenas he Wessels gues He is on 1 erminal leave from he NaVy : afer servinl five and a haf :!: yeara The yowl( couple me when Doreen ClUne o he Poine m: SH o vuii her siser Mrs WeMel Booh (f Provencal road Bel :! faher who ill Chilean minlser d _ ;j : S Jmes build o Hold Bk e ofiapr 18 The Women Guild of Sl James Luheran Chun:h of Grosse Poine is sponsoring a Bake Sale on Thursday AprH 18 beginning a 10 a m a AlgerCleaners Kercheval Mrs Marvin Asmus commiee chainnan repors ha colored eggs will also be or sale Where he child is poiled maybe a h; jrlrenu wno Deed spanking oj)enmarcand her moher Becompanledber#Klhehree Urned o Eur6Pela\e las sprin: afer nearly a yearhee: Doreen slidie? Pr and Copenhagen Bur aended ile Lawrencevillr School in New Jersey and was graduaed from he Evans Ranch School in Fr&- no and Priueeon Universiy THREE DELYERES rao easie au - Page Luncheon Honors Marcia Neing Honoring bride-elec Dorohy Marcia Neing whose marriage o William McKinley ThompsOn will be an even of May 10 Mrs Grge M Endico enerained wih a luncheon and personal shower a he Gr Poine Yach Club on Wednesday April 17 Seaed a he able which was decoraed wih whie and shell pink lloers were: :Mrs Ralph Neing moher of he brideelec; Mrs E }: Thompson moher of he bridegroom-elec; Mrs John Veech Mrs Syd Sco Mrs Hugh Dill Mrs John Crawllrd Fros Mrs H Smih Mrs CE Neg Mrs C L Jerome Miss Marian Jerome Mrs Paul Jerome Miss Marilyn Ning Mrs William McKinley and Mrs Waller Tai by of and for Poine S Clare Dance Commiee FariesHonor Gferu;oe Gies Many paries are being given in honor 9fMrs Charles Hanson of Glcoe ll who is in he Poine his wk as he gues of her broher and siser-inlaw Mr and Mrs Frederick Parker of Washingon road Wih her is her daugher Sally The Parkers gave a cockail pary for Mrs Hanson on Wednesdayfollowinga luncheon given by Mrs Franklin C Robinson of Roosevel place Mrs James J Trudell Jr is hosess a a luncheon in her Lincoln road home oday Thursday Tonigh he: Alonzo C Alens of Lincoln road will enerain a a dinner in he Boa Club honoring!<jrs Hanson and Mrs Ralph Harmon Booh of Washingon road will be hosess a a luncheon in he Counry Club on Friday The Hansom will fly home on Saurday Church Group Plans Luncheon Trombly PTA -- To Hold Pary The Womens Associaionof he Tle:: sf clri!rdoisodaljyqarice c9riuniee Grosse Poi n l! CongregaicinaChairman;MARE WTlSrOGK;lefuGERALDNE The ParenVreacher Asso<:ia rai:;:;h30:k OAN<14ARCELLA Wlfi!lEi liildmagar1ion of Trombly School is spon- 1 FREDRCKSON wach veeran LEONARD BEAUFAlT soring a benefi desser bridge anf2:a::cf::uesday April 23;- pufhi:dinis]1i ig:qucnes: iliepseavejisiiig: heir pary and bake sale o be held in A desser luncheon will be! annualspring Dance: The purposeofhedance;wh1ch heschool gymnasium on May 3 served by cohosesses Mrs James is hefirsl even <fol; hecf\lb; his Airing: is o wel- saring a 1 pm T Huee Mrs Charles W; come hcl:nereulnipg: warvean: The ;danc will De There will be numerous door Sched and Mrs George M!ic :held a The WhiierHoelFriday y 3in he Jeffer- prizes and ineresing able pri- Arhur 1lrs Lloyd Weech fs: son Rooni Da1lcing;willsara9:pm wihhmlisic 2:es;Thebakesalepromisesmany ch f h empin g aracions ProC:eeds airman 0 e program and willing :urhed by iw Giils udnd; - will be USlido purchase needed inroduce he gues speaker Mrs flicur e by Fred Runnells Bruce Douglas She will speak _ equipmen for helludiorium M E C Mrs Clarence A Horn will be yairh:nfo ; lis he sondpar of he program miee chairmen: Mrs Fred she will lead a ypical Quaker Gay Easer col?rs ofpinkyel- moif will be carried ou in he Price Mrs George &er Mrs devoional low and green will be he hpme floer:arrailgemens for he Gerald Chamberlin; Mrs: Lyle for he Gr6ssePoineYachClub ables and be wrappings of he Collinson Mrs GeorgeEversman DE :ca:f Yach Olub Planl3ri4gLuncheon :1::: -Reunion Saged By Bridge Club Members of he Graio Beaeh Bridge Club arrived a he a racive home or Mrs Oo E &umpelof Yorkshire Road ecenuy for wha prove obe gala reunicn pary Mrs C Roy DcGalap; Mrs John DLynchMrs: Edward Crowley Mrs Leo Braban Mrl;; Henry Hasings Mrs B N Cuing Mrs Delmar Meyers Mrs Harry 1 Dingman andmisalbera Maas were among he guess A1JJC!; 0l1hmd fesivies were Mrs RuSSel E Lynch FrosbyB Eaq)Miss Vivian Eaon Mrs Edward Com mand Mrs Joseph A\Moynihan Mrs James Walsh Mrs Sidney Doyle and Mrs Joseph Gervais D A L y;; 1200 NO 0 N:-4:OO N b 8:001:M - Lacies Bridge Luncheon 011 array of lowly prizes and :Mrs Charles Swee Tuesday April %3 The color AmonihoU:who plan o en- Tickes may beobainl!dfroni 1- ioyhis-clsionare:mrs!feu-y M;s Fredfrice LEnox 3748: Mrs Pikeanc/ Daugher HopkesSr rs A: J DaHon Visi Mrs JoSeph ge : hb::iar:rsirii; S Andrewsiey: Mr andmrs; Charles SPike 1 G VincenMn Leroy Payne To Presen Conc:erf formerly of-l500 Seminole ave- Mrs Edward R;gerMrs;::foS - - nue afer journeying hrough he el L Fralick Mrs M KZwol The S;Andrew ey wlll Eas and Souh for several inski Mrs: Himan D Scariuiy;preaen is annlcbar1ycollcer monhs have reurned o neroimrs Cpas W Marz Mrs fames on Frday Aprl a 8 p;m and will ake up heir residence Cope Mrs F 0 Lepley Mrs Modern and old imn dancma: a he Whiier Aparmenshe George Lilygren MrsLawnmce wjl follow heco1!cr las of AprilPeeMrs Warrell Farr Mrr: :he DelrO! Highlnders :Ba( During he nex wo weeks RkhardK Degener MrsR J pljle band will play he overure Mrs Pike wih her daugber Bowman Mrs William Rewold Jimmie Tcas1e MacDonald Jane who married Jerry Dodge Mrs P B Allan Mrs Gusav Highllllld Dapcers Ernes Mark and resides in Glens Falls N Y; NyquiS and 14rs Frank Klin- Wisdom and Halfmans orchesra wilbehe house-guears of bielwlll an hew: he proarem; for he feminide TosephMpodge ofwaslib1goil: road Groseeloin;wliile Mr l;)o<1geisin Geimanyr-Ung financial advisor o General Clay Chief of he U S Army of Oc cupaion Mr Pike in hemeanwhile is occupying he home o Mr and Mrs Morgan Sherman while hey are in California his April People who ge all burned up are no so ho _\ F YOU HAVEN;l NCREASEDTHENSUR ANC ON YOUR PROPERTY-:-OCT NOW TPMORROW MAYBETOO LATE! ARTUR J Rm D{ - or N SUR A N C-E 1212 Grilwold S ffage seven Women f YWCAs Membership Drive SarsApril22 Campaign WiH Coninue Through May 25 Afer Sering Wih Dinner l>aeeing in Cenral Branc:h Wih a program Geared o One Worldin hough and acion he Deroi YWCA will launch is annual spring membership monh campaign on Thursday evening April 25ha a dinner meeing in he Cenral Branch Building a 6:30 oclock Mrs Allen B Crow YWCA presiden ops he lis of dinner speakers who will presen highlighs from he recen YWCA naional conv:nion o campaign workers r always gives one a lif o belong o a World Organiuionf England and Miss Marlare Pine said Mrs Crow bu ne;ve: more in Mexi so han oday when S?ne he campaign has adoped he world or none YWCA members srucure of he Unied -Naions are of l ypes races d:eeds and for is seup wiu1 Mrs Crow naionaliy backgrounds To- serving as presiden of he lengeher bey sand shouider o eral assembly and Mrs MiQV houlder around he orld help- MacKinnon as u$l!crearyimer mg ea oher o!md greaer a The four council groupso;are sabs[achos fro life hrouh headed by Mrs E J Trowbridge embershlp!n hs grea ChrS- o Dearborn :Branch Mrs Eric ban fellowp Fromm of Highillid Park Branch From Apnl22 hrough May 25 Mrs Pearl VCollinso LUcy campaign workers will seek o ThulmanBranch &nd MrsWR enlis 6700 members This num- Meese of CenraBranch i Mrs be -Merle Pra is membership seere r S needed o amam he ary responsible for he cain cy-wide membershp of he De paigns progress roi YWCA a A he salm! ime members will be invi- COMPENSAlON ed o conribue o he YWCAs The Michigan Vnelnploymen world fellowship fund which is Compensaion CommiSsiOn paid used o furher Associaion work ouaoal oc$ oudemin oher counries Deroi is ployed people in Michigan durn paricularly ineresed in hl! he week ending April 6 i was world program of he YWCA be- announced by Eugene T Donner causehree of is former saff Execuive Direcor ThelloneY membl!rs are no \V saioned was paid o 49l30indusrbl abroad-miss Sue Sille in Ger- claimans and unemployed many Miss Mary Kay Pound in World WD: llveerans RA +417a9 r f r 10 C;A Yo bill fol<l 10yo ll4 s ci pro ou «lfl!i Robinoon RiAH wilo porforh cowpo - e fm1foepll a MA Acfocl h OuMfl ft puh lurs SY co ciof G; 2 oor $10 1/w Mdw ROBNSO\ R E \1 DE R S ; J(rjpp)! OPEN 10 TO 10 DAlLY 10SS PONT Cloud-sof whie :ashmere ldd nrd 1) wool (80% cashmere \H woo Lovely billowing bulk 1 by Oriuinala) (cunnmg y eu 0-10 o 20 1S5QO Misses SZes From our Second Floor Collecion r ;1 f ;; J f f F J1 a SPOTSWA :: i j r \ l _:; ;-;ol-; -_:-_ -_-;:_ -ri_jl(flyrl-l«_«:«:l-----of--!e!off:«;;«:; L->C

8 c 4 as; G RO SSE PO N TEN E W S LuncbeoM 5erwd l1:jo o 2:80 Dlnneu Served 15:30o 10 P W Closed Malee your eveninr ou lllxluy even by choosinl The VAN DYKE CLUB Diiu; b POMPEABaal in ibe GOLD CUP ROO THE WHlmER ;Burns a River 2/3 c waer rood Grosse Poil)e Park 2bsp: margarine ip sal ]l lsp cinnam on- Molday- TELEPHONES: KAlldollih NZ-43 Pr1va Parldq DemiilJl easllidenillh PO Accessible o all sediodll of he ciy i is paricularly convenien o GlOlise Poine _ 8l!d ndian Yillaee plenure :seek!ll : Superbly prepal!ld r food and he choices liquors j are served Dancing every nilh o he Mllooh chyil m of Gordon Welchs Music Your h of e J JamesLewis f D upavatjolls CALL f J4E 183i ME 85i5 1 Eeleff_ ( Afl 10 b sofjl: J;ybms of g u j d S CHARLES CPSTEU6 _ his Ofcbesr LE 9000 Babys Own Shop Dinner Pary Honors Auhor of New Play Prof vincen Wall Gues ai Deroi Ahleic Club Even Given By Mr and Mrs William Leininger Forum o Hold Spring Pary The Sunday MOm1n1 Forum of Grosse Poine Memorial Church will presen a pring pary Friday evenini April 26 a 6;30 in he cbluch Following dinjier here will dancina: bridee and oher enerahunen The For<! Ramblera Honoring Prof Vincen Wall Mr and Mrs William Leininger of Bedford road enerained a he Deroi Ahleic Club a a dinner pary las week will provide dinner musk: while Professor Wall auhor o he$>-s-h-ree-n-an-m-iss-y-i-rg-i-m-a-tr-a-p-h-aplay The Trouble wih Women gan Mr d Mrs Francis Phelps play far he dancer A Cox and his Londonaires will reurned he complimen by in- and Jane and Anne Leininger Reverslnf he usual procedure viling his hoss and heir guess Mrs Vincen Wall came in from masculine members of he :roup o aend he premier of his pro- Owosso o see her sons play and wlll serve he dinnerlfrll Ernes Lamb is e11airman and reser ducion a he Music Hall also on hand for he wo gala Presen a lloh he dinner and evens were Mr and Mrs Wilhe play were Mr and Mrs Ed!iam ninger Jr of Carleon church valons llay be made a he Young Mr and Mrs Charles lll ENGAGEMENTS MR and MRS HENRY L WESSEL of Copenhagen Denmark announce h engagemen of heir daugher DOREEN o BURT EDDY TAYLOR JR son 6f MR and MRS BURT E TAYLOR WEDDNGS April 27-MSS FRANCES PATRCA WHTE daugher of MR and MRS GLBERT G WHTE o FREDERCK GEORGE SCHREVER son of MRS EDNA H: SCHREVER of Monvale N J April 30--MSS HELEN ANN BAYNE daugher of MR and MRS EVAN P BAYNE o RCHARD A SCHRAGE son of MR and MRS W C SCHRAGE BRTHS March 31-To MR and MRS BRUCE CHALMERS (Harrie Sexon of Grand Rapids) a daugher SALLY SEXTON April 2-To MR and MRS GEORGE H HAM- MOND (Mary Ann Whie) a daugher SARAH MORAN April 12-To MRand MRS HOWARD W LUDWG (Sephanie Rusin) a son RCHARD MCHAEL; April 15 o MR AND MRS LEDYARD MTCHEL JR (Josephine Schloman) of Kenwood road a_daugher Too many people have seel in heir hearu; and sofness in heir backbones ough o be he oher way around Pary commiee Given Luncheon Mrs: Edward Gehrig of 1230 Balfour road enerained a luncheon on Monday for he members of her commiee in charle of he bridge pary o be held May for he niilaionary budge of he Gro Poine Memori!ll church Mrs Gehrig is chairman of he ccljnmiee Dinner Honors Chief of5aff Dr Edwin K CarmiehaelT enderecl Tesimoni1 a Jennings Hospial A surprae esimonial dijmer Wh enedred Dr Edwin K Carmichael by as&ociau and friends in he Charles Godwin Jennings Amons he luesswere M D EDWNK CABM<i1lAEL EarlR Bri preside of he Memorial Hospial on Aprn 9 Womens Associaion: Mrs Charies Ellis food; MrS Gilber Dr Carmichael was made chief of H Coino; dining room service; saff a ha insiuion several Mr Ch R S weeks ago WE G R OW N CCJ-::bU NArJARA 620D Noed Economis Will Be Speaker Dr Ruh Alexander noed economis will be PJe fured speaker a he annual luncheon meeini o he Wayne Couny Schoolof Governmen of which Mrs Wilber M BruCker is he founder and educaional direcor More han 50 women; members of he Womens RepubUc8ll Club of Grosse Poine and ohers will \end his luncheon meeilj( o be held on April 23 a 12 noo! a he Book-Cadillac Hoel Tickes may be obained rom Mrs Edwin Krieghoff Gr05lle Poine chairman of ickes S Mahews Womens Club o Have Luncheon S Mahews Womens Club will sponsor a chickeipie luncheon and card pary on Thursday April 25 a 12:30 p m in he parish hall here will be able and door prizes Reservaions!!lay be made by calling Mrs Lamon a Nagara 7398 or Mrs Nah a TUxedD Mrs Frank Smih of Ouer drive will be chairman assised by Mrs Marin Tepai of Three Mile driv and heir commiee Guild o Giv Luncheon For New FaihMmber$ s ar es : muh ickes; Presen a he dinner Were all Mrs Rolier H Garfield; door members of he saff aid of he prizes; Mrs Henry B EcQeld board of direcors wih heir A he recepion for he new crds dables; Mrs E C W1Vel5An addiional pleasalmembers received o! Palm Sun- Baugaren able prizes: and surprise for Dr Carmichael was day he Llldies Guild and Mis Mrs Glenn Mcouler publiciy he presence of many of his for- sionarysociey of Faih Luheran mer colle es who served Wh church will have as is un ouness CyiTolsoi him in W;id War speaker nex Thursday AprlL24 Viis New Granclclaugher Dr Carmichael has been wih Rev Shigeo Tanabe Japanese he Jelriil1gs Hospial since long missionary: The COUnea Cyril Tolsoi has before is presen building was Luncheon will be served a he been iij New York See her ereced on Eas Jefferson avenue church Eas Jeferson ancphilllp brand;new; granddalllher who n omingchief of saff hesuc- avenues;a 12nocn andhepro arrivedlae in he evening ofceeds he lae Dr Alpheus Jen- gram will begin a 1;30p n April 11 and is as ye un-named nings of Lewison road son of Baked Ap pies for Desser byherdellgbedpareris Mrand he founder of he hospial: Dr HOUSEHOLD HNT Mrs EdniundAhdersol1 of Park Carmichael lives a 245 Hillcres Sbredded cabbage and carros Avenue;:Manha8n road Grosse Poine Farms should be shredded as: near he B)BET8X NEWllAN Arrange apples halved in bak Mr and Mrw Anderson he serving ime as possible o pre- N THE nex few menu!\ am ingdish and spread eacnhalfwih former Gwendolyn Seybum reo s no wha happej1ll o a man serve heir vlaminc Asohey going o concenrae paricularly 1 sp honey Add enoulh waer cen1yacquired a charming place ha couns bu wha he happens shouldbe kep very cold unil con sugar-saying recipes lam o cover boom of baking dish in Wilon Conn and will be o do abou i sez:ving ime suggesing Baked Apples oday (abou 2/3 )coverajidbakin making i eir home when is Today Mena ho ovel) (400 deg F) 20 lll!ls ready or heir occupancy Cold Roas Pork Cobine margarine remaining;i CrearnldCelery bsp honey sal ad cinnamon n Behany Ladies Aid a saucepan and mlxwell Cook HlUhed llrown Poaoes and sir over low hea unil mix- ToSponsor Luncheon Radishes Baked Apples ur! bubbles Addnusflakes wih Cruinbh! Topping and mix Group No of Behany Ladies Coffee Spread cereal over ops of a Aid will sponsor luncheon and Creamed Cele- pe s R eu rn b k ravelogue a U oclock noon 0 oven 0 a e un- - covered 20 minslonger;or Unil Wednesday April 24 in he The coarse ouer salks of he apples are eilder! SeJVeS: A Behany audiorium Chaaworb celery inay be used for creamed few drops oflemonjuice added o a Ouer drive celery Wash celery well using he apples migh hi!lpheir flavor: Mrs El!lach chairmani prom a vegeable brush and coldwaer Use abou he juiceo 1\ lemon ises an ineresing program Cu ii piesciosswise of he for he number ofapples Ticke\a may be obained a he salk Allow 1Co celery for wo door servings Cook celery in a small Joan OAnneBr1nk (- amoun of boiling waer from 20 o 30 mins adding sal he las Given Honor a Duke few minuel of cooking Almos all he waer should be cooked!m Jean parledebriill wu down by he ime he celery is one of weny-five girls recenly cooked apponed o he Social SBn<lards Make a cream or whie sauce commiee of he Womans Colone-half cup o each cup of cel- lege Duke Universiy Durham ery and using he celery wawr N C wih milk or cream for sauces is he purpose of his com- Serve a once or pour ino a miee o adop sandards which greased baking dish sprinkle will become an inegral par of crumbs and graed cheese over he coeds life: i also promoes op and bake in a moderaely ho campus!iocial aciviies over (375 dell F) unil heaed A member of Kappa Alpha and browjied on op Thea; social sororiy Miss Brink Baked Appll!li wih Crumble also belong o he Glee Club and Toppin he saff of he Chroniclesu 3 large apples cored and cu den newspaper in halves She is he daugher of Mr and bsp honey Mrs Earl Brink of 742 Berkshire 1/3 c chopped numea c bran or corn flakes JEFFERSON a NOTTNGHAM 1 MACK JEFFERSON a DREXEL JEFFERSON a LAKEWOOD J23ali KELLY ROAD PROUDLY Announce THE :JolmaOpeing of he Poine Taxicab Co TUS FOR OFPERS xclusive Merchandise EA S TE R c(\i! rll e Blue Grllss seenfea lolle lehers o us lis seches; o mllke her Eeser memorllble and her bu(ellu drllwer fr/lgrllnr Four in Packllge 250 plus /lxes lo Exquisie Soaps FOr Easer _ SOlPS delighfully Shllped ino bunnies bonnes and oher holidlly figures New shipmen of 7i r Cologfl!l soaps loions bah SGls ee Exquisiely boxd C1ues soaps powders 1111ere here fc!f Easer giving; COSTUME NewSbip JEWELRY ]usrunfiel GXfjuidile ll) C S 1M37 E urea a Ger Drire ldom p01lille o find 10 mcmy and such 10ly frclgrallcs ogemr n eoch Schelr Sore hr il a luperb cion fro hid! o chclom Promp and Courfeous Service 24 HOURS A DA Anywhere--Any Time-Any Place Call nagala 5400 All New Vehicles Nea Local Drivers MEXCAN AND ARZONA-NDAN JEWELRY - So delighful o romlln ficin design so new and colorful ihese new pieces r ly predous llnd worhy fghmishin9 forever Suffed Bunnies and Animals Grea whie downy bunnies some are genuine : fur rabbis lnd 1111lire cellophllne WrlPped from 295 up WE OFFER BONDED Chauffeur E Jefferson CorMiNoin9Mm Wih or Wihou Our Cl!lrs Grosse Poine Prk TTUS P D4RMA CY : KERCHBCAL AT PlSHER p J

9 TlUnC Apn1r TME is he all imporan facor a THE KENTUCKY DERBY PRospec 7274 Time Spen in Travel o an!! from he DERBY s MPOJlTA1T o you KEEP i a MNMUM Fl!:a bushed n 1924 olouisville Y non-sop 2} hours Reurn Fligh A Your Convenience ; Mk ArrlllJMllh Early for y Dey May 4+11 Easer The monogemen Olr fls whlf Culla ) llld filly qhlfflecios are cr YOlr c MCHUN CETRAl ARLNES NC hrolcly Airpor GOLFS HO ES/ By { / il! REOYABLE SPiPS 1 $1O FULL DOUBLE WTHU SOLES CALF UPPERS WATER RESSTAT SZES TO 12 WDTHS 0 D E PHONE- ORDERS CCEPTED ;l[arl ORD};!! ACCJlPTD-ADD 3 TAX AND Uc FOR HANDLNG essex ::g 11=ON OPEN EVERY EVENNG LENOX 3917 TLLS Greeings ond enire peson- ne of Kens wish you your fomily end friends o mos joyous Easer \ c; R 0 SSE po NT ENE W S High Schoolan& TQny Perseveres in Defiance S Clair ubs Awared Ralng Of Park w by Coninuing Plan Feswal TheGrosse Poine High School The Cubs of S Clare Parish Concer Band was awarded a sec To Sellon Village Srees :v? ;r a: and-division raing a he Mich- Cubs and heir friends will asigan Sae Band and Orchesra Four Tickes ssued Agains Koinis By Policei Counsel She semble in he school yard a 10 Fesival held a Lansing la)i Sa- Permi ssued in Lansing am and form a parade and urday march o he Colony Theare and Ernes Koinis beer known locally as Tony: he Pop- reurn Cubs should sar oday Holland High School apd Pon- and prepare heir make-up or iae High School were he only corn man is persevering in his defiance of he righ of he floa o ener in parade Anexwo bands o receive firs - di- village of Grosse Poine Park o conrol he use of is srees press wagon bicycle or Dads vision awards Three seconds for business purposes- wheelbariow can be made so awere awarded o Highland Park A he las wo meeings of he Board of Village Com- racive you may win a prize High Muskegon High Grosse missioner!j he has been represened by counsel o plead for There will be a judges sand Poine High Marlee and Ben- some special dispensaion Which would!vi him o sell on on he avenue and cameras clickon Harbor received hird and he srees igri()dng he upholding of he village peddlers ing on every corner Prizes will fourh division raings respec- license ordinance by he Circui Cour and on boh occasions be awarded o he bes make-up ively he was denied 1 or floa enered in parade The band recelved he Rvard There will be police proecion Despie his he has coninued ing Mrs Koinis and an employe d on he avflrage of he hree an pleny of music o march o judges decision plus he sigh o sell meanwhile garnering n who on wo occasions were in There will also be oher surreading derisiqn The Grosse four separae ickes summoning ch!1rge of he wagon: his being prise5 for each and every cub Poine Band Nceived one fi him o a hilng for violaion of done a h reques of he village who paricipaes one sec(md and one hird divi- he ordinance His hearing was aiorney n a hird case Tony Pes may be enered in he pasl on dd h rade bu all pes mus be in a ra mg m a on 0 e sec- held Thursday ngh in Traffic was fined $10 and $5 coss on he cage or on a leash and in sigh reading o give hem a second division raing GrosSe cour before Judge Belanger charge of sopping his wagon Boy Scous of S Clare are in- Poine was he only second divi- The hearing ook wo separae when no sale was made The vied o paricipae n even of sion band o be awarded a firs phass Firs for selling wihou fourh case involved Tonys lia- rain here will be a posponeby he judges alieseand secondly for selling bili o ake ou a license under men of one wek OFd P M 1 he ViUag\ls peddler3 license or n r y a ann A re-on he srees fro> a fixedsand dinance celved a firs dvsion ramg for N S k her flue solo Alex Jemal 12A On boh ssues Judge Belanger Judge Belanger says he finds avy ee lng Dave Penimen 12A Ken Chris- wihheld judgmen unil Monday ha according o an inerprehion F Fl lianson HE al1dhelen Schulz Tonys counsel displayed a per- of hes;lf:e law made by an a- uure lers loa were awarded a second di- mi issued from Lansing under orney general prior o 1940 he The Navy has opened is vision for heir French horn ; would!lil be responsible o he PrOVSon of a ederal law whic aceime Naval Aviaion rainquare in he Michigan Sae solo vl1lage for!lnylicense l?r permi and ensemble fesival held also p;rmls ve;rans {o sell n he in connecion wih peddling An ing program which allows high hldhays Wihou a local license h school seniors wh(} will graduae alansing Th w hd b e o:n rjes a bu which does no persum e o aorneydeneralsinc earme in ime o ener college n he won he same respeclv: awards auhorize he holder o carryon however had given an opiwon fall o coninue heir educaion a he Souheasern MchJgrrSolo his business on he srees in vio- direcly opposie o his while serving heir counry and Ensemble ill YpSilan a few!aion of local municipal regula- The Judge agrees ha \he real To be eligible he boy mus be wks ago ion The impression is ma on quesion involved is -he righ of 17 hrough 19J2 yars oldin ve possble raings can be his score of he license iself he village oconrolhe use of good normal h-ealh and capable \on a he fcshva These are: Tony may have somehing This; ils own srees: for business pur- of successful college work Colfm a superjr ralm second an however has nohinll o do wih poss Hesayshere is noques lege sudens 17 hrough 20J2 excellen ramg hlrd8 good his c8ninued occupaion of he ion Of he prohibiion agains are also eligible o rain as fliers rang and fourh and fifh no srees wih a ruck from which Tony o remain permanenly a in he naions pos-war Navy so good he makes sales his oldsandli Bisllop aridjef-:applicans should repor o The amnded village peddlersferson; Tha was specifically de- he Office of Naval Officer Pro- h nied by he recen decisionqf he curemens 947 Book Building F ll p Pa license ordinance permis he Use e OWS [ ns of he sreels for peddlingpro Circui cour was an agreed- CAdillac 6969 vided he peddler keeps anhe upondecisiollbeween Tony and Enliseeswillsel-ec heir own S unrise Service move The common nse unlier he village aheime made: college enroll and pursul any cii f h h course of sudy chosen While in s an ng S o course a e can P r F 110 Ch \ collegeen1isees will wear civil- The Youlh Eello shlp of he sop o make a sale a yo WS fls enlng h y Of T C h A : an clo es and will be on inac- Grosse Poine Mehodis Church is on his wrinkle of he 1:1\; my a y nne ive; duy The Navy will pay und he chairmanship of Helen ha Tony has hus ar succeeded J for uiion books fees and $50 Walker/B65 Bedford road is in carrying on his business a al- Sunday was chise$gdby idea fl)onh for oher expenses sponsoring an Easer Sunrise ser- mos any place he wans o along Chris Churc:! for iny Cahy Afer compleing four college vice a he home of her parens he souh side of Jefferson ave- Anne Co\! daugher of Mrand semesers enlisees will spend 1:; members of boh he Senior and nue Mrs Charles Coe of SOmerse monhs n fligh raining before Mr and Mrs Lee S Walker The While he is making a sale an- road Sponsors for he infan being commissioned ensigns nermediae fellowship will co- oher cusomer or a half dozen were Mr C!Jes uncle and aun operae in his venure which is of hem draw up and buy and he G H Brodies for all he members and friends he police are in i quandary as Lar n he day Mr- and Mrs of he Grosse Poine Mehodis o he psychologieal momen in Cae were hoss a cockails and ChUl;ch and heir families which o swoop down on him a buffe supper The program will include a They have succeeded however in Sunrise service a 7 a m and an landing four ickes on him wih- TEMPLE TO HOLD DANCE Easer Sunrise Fellowship a B in he pas few days Any nigh a m Those wishing o aend are he passerby can see his wagon requesed lo phone heir reserva- doing business as usual f hey lions o Mrs Walker no laer h!lppenalonghe same way a few han Friday noon) minues ler he lvagonj11ay be A ile morning worship Sl!rvicemoved a few 1ei!fBrMl onbu a 1:45!omJhl psfor he Rev o all inens arid urposes> he llughe Whie will speak on schedule he has figure!l ou is heme Wha Chris Can Do For nearly as saisfacory as he old You New families willbe added permanen sand a Bishop and o he church during he course of JefferGon Meanwhile he police he service and he class on pre- are widdling heir humbs wonparory membership will be dering wha o do abou he elurecognized sive and aggressive merchan None of he regular evening Judge Belangers oplnion hand meeings will be held on Easei ed down on Monday was he di- Sunday evening missal of wo of he cases nvolv- Jefferson Masonic Temple Associaion will hold a dance a Easwood Gardenl on Saurday May lpa9 p m feauring Jimmy Heffner and his all ex-g qrchesra fqr; he pu!poleof rais- ing funds o build a emple CORREC110N The picure of Mnr Seward Chardavoyne (Miriam Gardner) published jn las weflks GroSse Poine News was by Preson Swee Sudio and no Hendenion Sudio ujc/il/;rio n: GROSSEPONTE - : : : Yillagl SHORES Ċhr- for Bey S vy Morris Prop 1211 egcfield Ave On Evenings by Apllnmen AppolnmeDs-LE 1155 \ A he Founain V Vded Sds lreshly Mde Daily: V Choice Soups V Piping Ho Frc!JnHurers 15c Bes Wishes 501 Cculel Marlow Chocolae Lb 8ox$OO e5eaue;( CE CREAM Grosse Poine Drug Co Kercheval a S Clair N 4827 == Deliveries Daily Unil 8 P M DETROTS - FRST Reail Sore_Aircraf -Sales Appoinmen We Proudly Announce Our Appoinmen ll1lsales: Represenaives of Grea Deroi-made Airplane The New STNSON VOYAGER 150 This affiliaion is a modem deparure in reail echnique forecasing greaer hings o come in he Age of Fligh Aviaion enhusiass your inquiries are welcome«l Down/own: Kilgore and Hurd Cily Airr;or/: BokerEberlll Aviaion Co :LGORHui _m9 WASHNGTONBLVD! lnl DO TOWERl for he d j ; r f aser season f Grlnnells lpleaed fo llnnounce h run of Lee Symons as he monger of hei Grosse Poineb;ranch Kerchevel e S Clair Beginlng FrldllY April 26h 0PEln Friday Eves il 9 1 J! li J 8 ME o f fmn;n ur numl;1j i Lake Sho!;e Lane is a carefully planned developmen whih offers discriminaing families he opporuniy o achieve beer living uner ideal surroundings -! #iij :\_ : - The sbdivision has been planned expressly for ranch syle homes wih aached garages All ies are a leas 80 fee i1l widh wih varied dimensions o accoml modae he individual desires for differen landscaping possibiliies Building resricions sar a $12500 and $15000 FrQm he sandpoin of locaion Lake Shore Lane s more advanageously locaed han any subdivision opened ip in his area for many years is close o he many social and recreaional advanages of he Poines only a quarer of a mile souh of he Grosse Poine Yach Chlb Downown Deroi is only 35 minues Qriving disance and excellen bus service is mainained Complee informaion regarding available sies will gladly be furnished by LAKTS B! ofa ilj The very lovelies way o say Happy l:aser is wih a bouque corsage or plan of beauiful flowers Becouse our flowers are scienifically grow; in our own greenhouses youre sure of he fines mos exquisie bjogsoms Place your Easer order TODAY! GREENHOUSES MACK AYE o+llyad TU-2760 Salesmen on he Propery Daily FORD SELLNG AGENTS BULDNG e CA 0060 DETROT \ 26 \

10 home :::- - -:--::::::7::7 -:----::- i!: ::Jiii!#l!_ f!l!i:!!7!$<!!;r: -:--: )fj 0 SSE P Q N:r ENE Vi! i1echief Recor Advises Eliminaig Fire HazardS ngm AGANf GOTQ Kay marks he 22nd anniversary of Michigans ficb o be lofall irdejerome Kerncle- Jire ClUef Ed--w-ar- L Recor framouned o 1h aaaerin awn Much ue_ lealmel:l wgh have o keep hem should be in ligh!ully lnrancing Robera PleVeD aimple goier O May OH!1M: P VTe ClLze1ll f his of $455 milliod an1jlcreue of $11 o be applied o bedroom and hal icbuy covered Meal conainers :ge Jv U24 iodized sal was lnrodileed on Michican crocery shelves umy o make heu firs ] h hlef - w hi f Ad Lo f 1 pclfwar lprinc cleanup a hor- million over e c u s peop e h - 0 so many n remul chle e Oia o is close The weeks in a movemen spclnlored by he f: ::;;P job He poins ou ha he every resien o ake &llclivoe lands Omuch in need his is jus kilchef ili he mor imporan nagemen of Robera wilh llichicandeparlmen of Healh f oj 1il\lUlTa houw shoe_ makes pr in Spring Cleanup c?e- heime o ge rid DC hole oldpace in he house for an Under- he book and lyric$ by Oo Har and he Slae Merlcal Sociey l-<>!n our pram parbcularly gmnmg Ma 1 by ehmmalllj c:loh es nyre a fire hazard wriers approved fire exin- bach will begin Tuesday nigh wih he cooperaion of he Sal Fi1Predow p: if i were de fire hazards in hs home oo he chief poln4 oul Urging «uisher While you are spring Aprif 9 and conlinue hrou&h manufacurers place worn shle:sojl he roof Clean he chimney by pulling a heavy chain hrough i from above And ipally clean up he garage and yard!! -!:): J!!!!Li!: \!J!!S!!1-!!ll!l!!_! l!4 Sixh Church Scienis r MOU &M folbh Clir Shores Wbilehis 5011 had i Tbe pluil: rims -re ahe Grl105SePoine Hib School from a car owned by Hi Johnson on he nigh of April 13 i w of Saler boulevard S repoler o Farms police of Chris Deroi KercMvlA - Sundl) Suv\cej 10;30 a m SWldaY 5cbool \\dn!sday evcnjnl Tesllmonla! Meellnll S:oo Po JD Reading Room open week <11)1 2:30 o 5:011 p 1:00 a m o 9:00 p m Sundays r : GrOSM Poine Mehodis Church AleeUllg!e!frhy School KerbT chev&l :? _ 1 ; lj ;=:::=:as ff i)s you probably couldn The chid bayoij an overhin& of he kichen be- cleaning be sure YOWl iwhere MOl1d&y/pril 15 There will be lblfep1mle i 1rih a new: one and sar wih he aic and work C&UR i ihe origin poin of so i belongs and ready for use seven evening performances and ;!lou mcb no even able o down o he cellar or vice vera many fires bl! chief s;lys ac- Ned on he chiefs lis is he a Sunday mainee 1smPDd maerl8ls o repar a par -jus so long as you cover he cwnulaed Ve3se in he oven or llar Ge nd olady famable i diany damaged home Guardmg enire house The aic is a calch OD op of he sove can give you rubbish old boxl!$ old worle -r Jagains u:e ill a irs slep in he?l for all kinds of junk mos f a nasy surj)lise may nare up clohes ewspapers magzjnes ) ( rlgh direcion he says unused or yeus h chef so day burn you badly and empy pa1d cans he ads Remindini us ha ire losses in says f YOll hrow i all away sar a COlily fire Check your n negll he ouside ol :he Unied Saes during 1945 youll probably Dever miss i kichen claes; oily rags if you he house e concluldes Rel c -:o Morning Worship a O: suuy Sdlool far Pre-School Cla1Jdre& 10:6-12:30 Si\1a*0ooJeg:l :Md YO!l Fel1on1ll)l a :30 p m: Rev Hcll C Whle Miniser 242 Ook Sree al JolclollU 1\1 111:1 oo \ - / FATH LUTHERAN CHURCH Jefferson p Duplice EASTER SERVCES- 7=OOA Mnd :00 A M Semion: CHRST he VCTOR by he Psor * AWrwsbipfl Sf;ke nspir1 _BeMlliMJClnicb Music: by ThfeeChoirs Mr Melvin Zeidleri OrgenisOirec;)f R C H lefvicoir &s-mfager Parlor AKis HE WHO DED FOR YOU S RSEN The Grosse Poine MehOdis Church Byildi9 Sie: ooss Beween Kercheval nd Ridge > Rev Hugh C Whie Pasor MMifg ill J(erbySc:hool TU 1-11:rJ EsrSundy rocjram 7:00 AM-&sw Su!isl SerYi spomod by he Senior end nermecllee YOuff Fiowlipi he OM of Mr and Mrs: lhs W 165 hdford RoN 1:00 AM SunrieFellolrsflip BraWas spo_edby ni:youh Fellowship homof Mr and Mrs l S Walkr 86S Beclford Road 10:045- i :<s-;&lel SYldy Seiviu Sermon opic Whe Chris <An D For You ha pesk>r Th Ra HucJl C Whi preed!ing Re- cep;on cf members Regular Services 10:S 11:04s-M!HningWorship - 10:<15-12: lu afd pley period for Pre-Sdoo Olildref 12 12:3o-:cnurc:h Scloo for you9 nd eduln: 6 PM--lnerm e Youn FdoWihip Sun _in91 meein9 pmc:es en- _nced Hef _ Senior Youh FeliowsMph Firs Svnday of ud monfl a7 pm es annolll\cled Womans Sociey of Clrisian Sen-ic_SecO!d Moncfay of Hch monl Mns Broherhood-m ing one monfl es ennounced GEORGE GOOD FRDAY \ Punch Smkdlo 2 PM APRL 19TH Selike 11 A M & J udy TJ1eare K&1 MdGaley S James Luheren Church- E KURZ PesOf Df Grosse Po;l / The Grosse Poine Congregaional :Church The Grosse Poine \ UniaianChurch eeing in Richrd School McKinley n r 1(n:hevJ Cherles W Scheid; Puor EASTER SERVCE 11:00 A M Eser Music Recepion of Members Sermon-He is no God of hd d bu of he exends o you is sincere bes wishes and cordially invies you o he EASTER The Jefferson SERVCE Recrudescence Sunday April 21-11:00 A M a Rivard Th Rev Merrill O 8de Miniser i j : i Gosse PoineMemorial Church GOODFRDAY APRL 19 8 p m-chorr Service nd scr4lme11 of he Lords Supper EASTER SUNDAY APRL 21 7:30 a m:-young Peoples Sunrise Servic;e Sermon by Mr Glazebrook 8 il m-young Peoples 8reaHs 9 a m-morning Wrship: Firs Service Sermon by Dr Fi 9 m-ehurch School in Nursery Kindergaren Depermens PrimrY junior r il m--morning Worship: Second Service Sermon by Dr Fi AN in he communiy lire cordi1fy invied o hese services A specilinviaion is exended o hose who have no dfinie c:]urch home Salem Memorial Luheran Church w C BvnMisr Pasor Sunday ScMol: :45 AM EnerSe: 1 AM Sermon:THE 6REATESTVCTORY N THE WORLD Cor 15:51-58 SpeciJ mvsicwif beallify his Mrvice Jesus Chris s Risen Tody Allelui! smes ere elfpole rily *nglew in he lile Reel Sd1oo!k>uM em Mad: lochmoor encl HUM Club unij _ w hovse of woship plew Mile Chfler NOW S CHRST RSEN! (1 CorifUbu1S U:20) n ime of pecellnj in ime of wlsr hre is po more joyful message han he Easer message of he resurrecion ofhe L9rd Jesus gives assurance o he sinner o forgiveness wih his Maker gives o impoen man cerainy of /lo bnrpoen Helper in all difficulies gives swee comfor o he sorrowing gives o moral man in he hour of deah he brigh hope of his own resurrecion and of a blessed immoraliy in he world o come Dq no fail o- GO TO CHURCH ON EASTER SUNDAY Snd o hear he glorious Easer sory of he resurrecion Redeemer from sin and deah and hell Come o Good f7icmyservice-j:30 o 2:io F M ALGER THEATER bs W «ref and Eal Over Dri EASTER SUNDAY 8:00 AM--easi Holy Communion Service 9:30 AM-SUndy School 10:45 AM-The Ener srvic uifvl P Ev luhern; Church Eas: Wanif _ Wow T key Enno 6: CeUl Pasor o49o WfGur-TU of he worlds Chris Church Grosse Pine 61 Grosse Poine Blvd MAUNDY The Re Francis B Creamer ReelOf The Rev Edgar H Yeoman Cura HOLY WEEK AND EASTER SERVCES THURSDAY: 8:00 p M--Commemorein _ Proparaory srnc GOOD FllDAY: 10:30 A M-AneCommunion 12:00-3:00 P M-Pesaion Srvice conduded bo; he Recor EASTER EVE: 4:30 P M-Holy lapi5ljl EASTER DAY: 6:30 8:00 :00 A r-holy Commumon 4:30 P M-Childreils Seryjea Aend Easer Servic:es a MESSAH LUTHERAN CHURCH Soheari Kercheval and LAwoocl AwnUM i 7:00 A M or a 10:30- A M Sermon Theme:The RiMn Redeemri &sir Gr ingl _ PEACE BE UNTO YOU SuMiy School 9:5 A M A H A ber lesor Tlephone Uno 2121 ; ;: n ;; n r OF _

11 opo _ :>:o:<::< A:prUU46: a0 5S E PQN T E EW S i:::\::::::o:v;:l [=::WE::ii:: K:::::]i woman urned leba J!o Casso Presen on condiion ha Bliren rfa faihful o him for ODe M; oherwije he mus reurn o rile Carolina Legend hlseagle oucb lor_ J years unil he dijloly 11)1$ moe he healh and well beinl of Dark of he Moon which will mounain fo Grea Progress RepOred Ourin«) PnYer in aeninq ROW e d d Wih he Ei&hhArmy in Japan is doing a job which he erms Grosse Poines yow1& people be presellug by he Messrs Shu The ry mounaindialee Up :_:: a r_ uion ay y n Sc edu e (Delayed) - Se RAlller B lie Mos ineresing work and bene MARTN MAR SACK ber a he e- for wo folkqs domlaad JJJOi!e VOQ vvnunvna - J m o Address Three mpor- C-re years old of Grosse ficial o he men saioned over- (nfanlry veeran of hree cam- of sex eere <landll of \\ ---h- -s---- c1 ::h k r U C A-_ Poine Michigan; a member of aeaa! weeks beginninc Monday April Girls in Flber J amo- Grosse Poinf Towns p upervlsor ar ;;x; wel a iln _ nl)$ f Vla he nh Airborne Division occu declaire was induced a For palgns) 2% a Moni CaroliDa<lieeDd by b _ao- r&w! who by virue of his office is an: ex omcio ber of he paianal forces is now he public Sheridan in Augus 19«and Howard Richar n and WUliam spheric c 01(01 0 w)u ic: emoions of he revival mee- Couny Board of Survisors was lll:ffied Tuesday Aprl 9 Ray O Wyland Ph D Sc:ou re1liods fol his UDil qua1ified in heavy WU(lOll al for he hird successive erm as rman of JuvelUle ings Naional Direcor of Rela- se declaire -ipel o he Camp Wheeler Ga He joined JlabauRepors Deenion Ho:J1e commiee of ha body by 11?illiam om- ionships who is o be iues 187h Paraclider nfaary Reci- ile nfa Divisioc Ol OkiDawa add ock chairman of he Board of Couny SupervSors speaker hree very impol1an men in Hokiaido reeeauy re- ilerved a a ank auuer On Trip Abroad Mr Swweikar que naurally wned here from Seaclai wbre Formerly a UDiversily )f De feels complimenedbyhisrelel!- had Olbeenbe Spermend he received complee army ro sudm majorid& in &ero- Con&ressman Louis C llaball ion as head of he Juvenile De- en of he Home reslgneel seval course ill jour4alism Jie will Dauieal edcideeriac SCl de- Democn of Groae Poine; bas enion Home Commiee despie weeks ago: Chages n e m furnish he major poriad ofhe CJaire 1l1alis o o obain he barrage of charges agains erna1 admmraon of he home news wrie-ups for he ofic:en hisdecree Hisparenls Mr; add released his repgr Of he ofidal he siuaion a he Home raised recenly pu 1llec mclude a add i-qea of he 1s Paracllder lrs B H l1eclaire reside a 3:1 rip of hia subeommiee o EurduriDc he pas year hrough a general reeqwpp of he i- BaaUoo Groae Poine bouevvd ope couple of he melropolian dailies brary New chal:s ables Tnasferred irom he27 Di- This OUP which baa dwe of The siuaion a he Home was haye beeplac:e<i 1: he VWof in Japan dec1aire j(lded ueut COMMANDER ROE-!O ed is no ye wha he com readinlmaer avail&bl o he he ilh Airborfe ill December ERT:K SLAYliAKER JR USN appropriauoaa for be Deparmilwe would wishh o be Grea youngsers as overauled 15 From he posiuodof 8lluacl 11&1jusbeeD or:-dejici o ake e:om- meu_nuandof iajeud Care! :e- r rw cnee S[eJi:_ 8pll S 4r1 Gree Car SpU ery BLUE CROSS DR STORE MARVN MALOW Mlck li Md Oln Dan e l Swaclar EyniaK 5 o Ton-all calls are irjporm - n i -i p s -e fl -c»1-4- AM i mas $! 1M r z4r - :i s 0 We M _ Pq-r n m 141 -_:: fw S e am el L 4 \ Berney is ruly remarbble inl he half-sinlsur hllf-ender healre al\d brines o he healre romance ofj ud a somehinl as fresh as he air of give Dark of Oe Mooa he Smoky Mounains where he xeoes are laid add aomehin qua!iy W d as racy and auhenlic as he cawn Maineell will be Jl likker;boilled ou ofbej by nesa:yu: he Allen amuy ed Preacher wee l Haccler characera of he; play and k: A i Based op one of he J1UUY ver ance will l ; \ sions of he old folk ballad Bir- evenljlc April bara Allen he playrecoun he brief career 115 a humaj of John he wjlchboy; who marries Barbala A1ie be CoDjure ;: Res s o be readi :;/a Greeings cupids os ollyis your bq holidy dinner spo bespaks 900d will ol1dlnies your Clifa: pld per>n&ge c(6upids! S TA U AN T MACK HAlVARD RD MALQTr METBOPOUTAN 1 MOBTGAGES i lci1c1en lnm FHA 61 Or 1TOa:a :c APAlTaNTS :: HOlDa l Dnf rpp \ J7W i:or : Jo BE SUREOflH1S! Focs- Abou YOlrNew:\< Gas Hea lob::::::::: / Record-bruking demand fr spalaj reqdres cerain procedure for hose planning olnsau: biljertice Tn nn;n-14 f/ll1h fo_ai ;;:1 h - -- r- -- J _ =:LlS 10 - procrw: haa been made in im Formerly h:sconsised chiefly of leader he wasadvadced o secioa mand of he D Eo CUrner()f _ T proving condiions- here io- ay pqe Now a re- leader hen placed in d&:1eof he 7h FlfSoUlhChiu Parol counries and 22 i:ilmcdliriqil ever during he las year ThS sble sup!lly of books of ap- a special raidinl Uni Now & Wal recaa17 awarded he iecen rip of enminaioll of Jedhas beed possible largely by a propnae subjec maer has been public rela aciviy ckcjaini Sar eral aciviies in Grea BcUain closer aenion o hefinaneial nsned : and :cerain counric!lincedb:al suppor of he Home by he whole ThrOiJih an altangemen wih The repx of he rip couny board Dr; Sipno who e D!loi BOard (f ucauon Le fe rs O: fh_e Ed 0 0 r included id he hmriap on eachera are pro)iidedand sudy approprialolla fol- Ul DePar- C aneer c::ley cqursesi insiued 10 hi he memof Sae childreas schoolibc can be main- Rla1J saed ha Aide froq &ined and hey can resume heir wu cd G!olie PoileDeeCls y jlclaiive :rec:oljllmddaioilll of Holding Drive: sanding in school despie he in- (- fna ): SiDci!f1Y he which may resul errupionby heir emporary de; mecin&s in his area Thursday oa:upyiq he Dle! of Oycl:s NixOn J ill acuall&vinp ofm-ylie Cance conrol he unlversaily suppored crusade because of Casiceri pericmal nre o every nj1! woman; andc1jhd holds he APcil sage Energized by he of 1cial endorsemen of Congress and by proclamaion of Presiden Truman Governor Kelly and he mayors of ciies everywhere he American Car:er Sociey is mak in ill annual ppnl for fuuqa for anoher )ear of inew:ive alack on our Number One E1Jemy as Cancer is calld by leadinglcieniss and healh auhoriies Saisically one ou of ei&h livinc Americans will dieo! Cim- r; Can cer dub5 will abock he Uniec saes in M6 unle-11i vcims heed h«danger i&najs in ime o give he doj Olll a chance :ancer in is early sages can fe be haled by raliillnl X-ray suraeri To educae he publie as o lancer danger signals-o finance Cancer deecion cenlers where examinaions can bemade freely available-closur-lor lcienuk: ie- _rcli as o he cause apd conrol of CaJlCero care for needy Cancerpaiens-io place eial and expensive equipmen in hospi!s-o induce younz scleniss and docora o specialize in Cancer echnique-a fund of $12; s bein raised naionally 000 owhleh ahe aim of he Deroiarea The counies of Wayne Oak land and MlCfJmb are [epral;; eel loy he Souheasern Michilan Division nc of he American CaDcer Sociey wih headquaren a 153 Eas Elizajleh 3ree Room 5411 Delroi (1) John J OBrien vice-p ri!alden s c&m palen d1ainnan and since he PfOlreSl of Cancer conrol in hia area ia dependen upon privae donalollj Mr; OBrien appeali o hereneroliy of he pull1ic &lid rees ha J:ooribuions: of money be mailed o he above addreil or by coure5y of Poslal auhoriies merely o Cancer clo Deroi PO cancer fllled 1937 De r 0 gram las year This appeal for help will srike a responsive ehord in families where i has JCk down a member and clu -ociaionsand cofpojllions &ha have los an associae hrough his errible malady are heill& couned on o do heir share in his vial lifesaving crusade Your share? Whaever yuu can spare!!duon in houie and Friday April 25 an 26 il a Grosae Poine in heme-orih CpLUS Aniayloii 1Dfeconh openiou and The Board of SllpervisorJ is veeran Sc:ou leader of 24 years wbile pai of 1eJf-1JllPrirve n Aheon S he ll of Prbema wih now on e hun for a suiable d f meno; Fui1benDon! wou ii u o;;a& ploy_ackjly coafrod Jed ervlce an a ec urer ona lona an a a -UC ;; - h - ->--- will bllilciidc o Qe acquired eiher by April 1 l aue a ren or purchase as a receiving repuaion; His hree scheduled o(be-=hooledsiouldieuch Dear Sir- muuauyofujlcloenaddidcdke!- home when! nofidelinlluen los local appearances are: Thursday ha all Border CiUesOUma a of_1dw :=:m o he bea erem 0Mse Of misplaced diildren CD be noo April 25; Boys Work Coun- meb could be led inq ell erec we lelve :_- f d L - ;1 YWCA Bild)ng ursday PoiD el Toceher Wih f;n he am definielr inla YO r : -Tbe rip lvu suased by for- or ad p en e y S4!g mos --<-1 and hl&hneees 11 a OJ11DM1UUl 01 field mer of$ae Uwud regaed from he-semi-crimlnaj evening Scou LeaderConfer- ; Olhe ampuaofgpoijllli R S : :; roups inheslg\ly!ligherige ericea Cenlral High School Au- Slrypll would beereauy ill a e ua a _ o bracleb whose cooacswih he diorlum and Fray noon Aprll aw rec:l ed by auv eerans awd Ri1seboo a Y1il ;Y1 lie- Mr:;labauiJiwhidl;- he mefred )ounce1 children was one of he 26 a special ]ucheon meeing 111 audenbody resldeliaof JDl)rial fv he: o Jia 100lM uofjreviouidlips ladace of heformermanage- for auproes an Clergy of his Groe POlne slncerely ope war 1 i paricular he funcions of mell reaawardell Sheraonloel ha his propll;81will be given Youraru y : he Deparmen of Sae wer New equipmen has aleo Dr Wylands opic afhldjoys serous colderahon and ha Rober Wrgh suclied bu he needs of Amerip chased for he new play- Work COlmcil Luncheon meeing some da>: m he nhear!ee April 1 J9f e8sen abroad were no rounds where a whol!s Rj;on ii Boys Work A GrOU! Poinelri be el-g F M h N J --- esome re- <:1 C _ ahleic: COlpumy no oaly of or anmou :Whileii: Rome;be cmmil ee r:dal prommwillbe car- he uers Conferen m ell he Borciei Ciies LeacUe bu of Genlemen: u ieceived by HilHOlinesdop!ra High School he WU dls:c he enire Sae of Micl1ican hus haa come o maenion liu X in a inenillribleand in- : An :deaof Ule mquiudeo{ u Church Relaionships addingafeelini of pride o au ha he muniie(ofemjniacieci! he work carried on in he homo Hii preselaion o he proesancollcerned! Trusr o hejui Poineare plauidl : memorial Aalhe visied lbe cali be leen ill Mi-: Schweikarls _1_ F da noon mcludes an ld ll - emell ha more han 1lOOr! n y - men /if he comlriiee remain for hefer ofar: c;;ommi«einlpecedneplln nqwcjdg henew ChurchScoul Since rly youra ncoaaid epiw- uc:h a<-o from bool1dll albd USe a admied o he mai- d h God and r- unry - aw ar e o John;r GalvUl S llc USNR we mus - ha ibe wiwalmon ljllre - uioll every year CrOSll now available o all Pro -- wha - Bell o Repor srenhenlng h scouinc pro- Aleuians peney and ciied puml Y h&e RCurecl1Jl y P? eslanpasiors for! use April S 1iU =:J:k ;:e#:: cram n hejrchurches _ Dear Sir:- would wan a fiinlmr;al r 1fU umd o Ail Naional Direcoro ReF UDderaand ha your COn- o heir bravery Would hllyl creal aclvl!daee wleaouaa1 os PO dg ne amesionshlps; Dr: Wyland supervises Diieebubeense UPo dehm- wan heir names «:kvecl: in u)ileappearelueoie 1ecGam1ee he coope lve conacu of he lne he lanner o memorial o or cas in bronze anc Ph On Pr>oiOla Mi Ra- a shlimeo even have o Boy Movemen i11 all be conarucedby he people of a monumen-e monu1llllll habilu ae11 menion he poaibiliy ha orne CahlolC roesla J e\1ish and GrOSse Poines conmljniies o wouid loon sand a: houo i\ redu of men had $» baiebau games will have o be oherreli&iowl alhs as wen Jl:C:Plue n neminds of our mockery o heirendeavoro OOOw made ia appnipria poponed his aeason because of he my Sl!rlce cubs! CvCaiJ:s he ry of he men renumen bellevehey e for he ofse weaher condiion5 roupsedu;alona lhulons owho served1l be3e World Wan more han ha from us T!)ey w he esijdle of he Jkilu Bu he Mk:hii::n Bell Tele- andfraemal orgamzahon pu fough o preserve hq!wid of of he B phone Company iakin«a mils Dr Wyland ra:els hiry OAmoarman of: he boy5 America ha ave hem he op: ;- ic aam baa annoujlcecf ha fory housand miles annllally have been prlvllecedo live and porulliy obuildsoundinindl :N:OA iud game popoamlenll due ow!a- and hs spoken o audlen - &0 o schlwih feci ha he and bodies This lleriace Lawreoee 1: iarre1l W1i -: her wlll be lluded u a par &reaincw over wo mlliol\ col!sruclon oa lld HolSe belcnpo heirfuowen jlllu poijied Diarii:: Dlrece-o he L!lrquar ar npor pec!ouruci!h las Clu wjlu ie;d Pe a Amcrlliue i 4id \0 hell:!1 hi caalc m JUhiPn Di$ic:U:HiC of:i>ra servce The number WBaher celury1he<lecevied hll-b \0 lm iaflliandl!iliialcxo 1ii-e Uie wouldwaiaf raye AclmiDiaron :iod7euei:i 1212: negee wih honorsa he UnihOUD; :1e in he upon opponwuie immediaely)r FeiL Bale b posponemen ail- velny of hlcaio n n:! r iiiwll oour lorie of 8le1lL been -vid Acac i>iric nouncemel\s have been included 1928 he was graduaerl from Gar- be hej!lsl!l C e a1l l1belie ha a field Du-ew ebc1l&ry 1 as apar of he TelephODe Com- reu Seminary wih a Diviniy De- liyingaad rueaporsmanship are r y ve Panys weaher lervfce every year gree and Teceived his Masen ceraiiuy fine coldej:aodeli on 1lDceHOwbela he arrangemen and DocorsDe(eel fromcolum hicb lomainn a crea1ie waiijuuud afer eoordlll&ion bia Universiy American commuriiy u GroisSe r-oih BriQJ Sadium ohiclaluad As a resul of ha llcllac:l wi PolneiJ; and lls propowed Field!pe local Unied Saew Wuber educaional ijuiuuol QlOl:1! Houf wquldbuild &rea1y o Bureau; han four hundred colleeea uni wardj hl furher insiuiil& of The posponemen fnurl s yersiii!a and hloiical seminar hese ideals; no only a public service bul lei now offer courses on Scou- rea/-ile ha my opinion n hel o eonserve elephone facil ing mehods of edilcaiof and ii5elf can POSSibly for ilea The pospodemen maisage raining much: however is my-hope ha will be carried from he ime i enoughoheis: who fed u do i:l1ira luljwuneed b7 Brigp Sa- Even when YDU pu your bes will mak lmewn beir opiu- dillm ouicia1s unij H minues foo forward donpu&h j; ou in oyou o shcw beyond a reasonafer schedled pma ime M aille abledouq ha bfs awha we facory gas-heaing insallaion - -r Make sure your appcaion f(jc lpace-beadd& been acceped b7 Mkhi&aD CoDolWaecl Gu COmy Of you permi he hin conracor o iv naallaipn of he equipmen Make aure your headn concol &iel you an accu- e esimae covering he em of heaing your hoe Make Rfe he lnla1laion of your au-heaing equipmen ooofonn wih local ord Ol reulaiona Make ure your headg equlpmed has bfea p by he American Q AlOOdalon 1eein& Laboaoriee Such equjpmel a 1in mhol ladic:aing uch pprofl Make iure your heaing conracor kreliable and Hi complied wih he bon-malionecl procedure8 Mer yourinalllion i compleed noify U immediaelyeo ha he new low ra my be decie from ha dae Observance of he above-mend procedures will help proec you agaiw an unsaisfxory heaing alkjion MCHGAN CONSOLDATED GAS COMPANY :: l :s 7: C $c; -: - \ :! 4 : ; :!: - 1

12 -J !:!-i e e 2a ii GROSSE PONTE NEWS - Thursday April B 1946 * * who where and whano ByWb_ SONAL APPEABANCE8 :ne of he bes reasons for wearing black dress was onsraed by Jan Edwards a cockail pary recenly J}as a perfec foil for he sunning urquoise blue fel ha adorned her head and he crowning ouch was he bpush of sraigh black osrich which swep down one side =Anoher reason or he good old basic black was proven by y Symlaron in a smar new black crepe worn wih an adorable he lace whie sraw This was pleaed almol! like a lan and : iridunedwih black bow ; :1:VELYN COOKE ROBiNSON u4 her nice haaladd are wel- COe baeb from e:s:ea4ed abeeneee de o war bllslne arl! e in heir charmlllk holde 0- Dyar Lane (as hie y(lieley columdll would say) Sa Mf n a DOR lmleomin( Jlower ;&l<den ba Do o be wurn n he larden Dur No! was a j>ary fw which broqb berarden no he drawld& _ a her h-ad E: 1Can seem o ge away from he black! Add o he ebony parade ; 4lOW looking her uual well groomed sell in a black fringed ;- crepe dress Qualiy plus! ;:YOU KNOW 1!?1!T?1 i bm KENNY DELMAR or SeUlcw ClilghM (s h ;s ;: ;(Wege1lerJllly k!cu) is goig o uwi/e syflliiclled olllm? f hlll MRS JMMY DOOUTTLE is weig blollse made froin JpilolseslfJe :P? l- ThilLADY ASTOR Mimis ha she is 32 fi hils pee for i;; ears?her: chiljrers S) Moher if YOkup 0 YOlll mllie 1 US illegi!;e 1»11she wlly luigbs fjreplies Thills \-ij /Woblem o mifjl! -; pi FRANK SNATRA clllelled h;s flllclllio rip 10 Ber- ud4 10 Jevoe his lime 10 wor/;g wih F D ROOSEVELT :-::::: JR 0 he vees hoj/sig c_p;g? The glly isrelllly c :W [ Jfflo;smisded JeJpie h bobby SO1J (LEASANT RUMORS ::ilkriow of no oher home which expresses he owners chaj:acerisics as well as he house he Kay Fords buil ::15so clean cu wih a well groomed air Emmy is noed ::forher housekeepinga)1d he house couldbe on inspecion yy ime One of he charming rooms}wan o l1 Y0l;lof i As he livrng room The walls are pearlgrey; whe celing ald woodwork and a sof lemon yellow used a he win- :;:dows and French doors iihe curains These are of a silk :nd wool mixure Your aenion is drawn immediaely o ::he black marble fiieplace and manle OvelyFrenchcache f :JlOs V are on eiher side of he manle and above are wo beauiful walhiaidelabra of crysal and wrough iron Be- ; hese is an iijl!resing Chinese prin; having a back- :groundheyellowof he curains d frained in bamboo ;whichhas been gilded Old English chinz combining yellow green and a delicae capper shade in a f()ralpnn covers he chairs andsof 4bove he laer are hung six small old prins of French pors inanigue gil feames i ;:The furniure is of ligh mahogany and includes aches; Pembroke able and an unusual Queen Anne low boy An :ariique lamp of glass an! whiechina on he Seinway l jwhen J was las here a large whie bowl filled wih for- 1 <hia echoed h yellow in e curains and add a sriking & The room has a:feelingof digniy bq livableness is brigh and Spring seems o dwell here perpeually MY-FAVORTE :Auhor _ James See Boc?k!Tap Roos Chcerin a Book ; _; ;; K!!ih Aleande Play : Reunion n Vienna :Acor ; ::i ; ; Alfred Lun A LyDn Fonaooe MoVie : : : Going My Way Moyi!! Acress Greer Garson MoYie Aco ;; : ::; :Ronald Colman Rallio Program ; ; ; :; : ;Texaco Sar Theare Radio Enerailer (F) Paricia Munsel RaC? Enerahie :(M) Bing Crosby Ra:o Commenaor :; Edwin C Hill Co1lunnis : David Lawrence Poe ; Rober Service ;A Frederick Remingon lluiie : : ::GershWih d g O! M R 11 e an ver ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::w;; Animal (excluding iemaie) : \ounain Gcia 1Jagazine :; Readers Diges Quoa ion Nu s nerson (excluding Family) General George C Marshall g[:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Food Chcx:ola e Dessers 1\ Vrsion The mooris who won pass he car in fron and won le you pass him Diversion Flying 1fex Week ; Mrs Frederick Clifford Ford egiono Aid French Kids Where HAmericaPWas Born ;Because someone remembered necessiies of life-even he sur- a John Emery of Grand Rap- roundhg woodlands and fields ids Michigans firs naional com- -ere mined nad he cale gone mander of The American Legion oce presened a plaque o he Because of he leriousness of he ciy of Sar1 Die France every siuaion and paricularly bei ()e of he 1569 hungry desi- cse of he dire need of he e wounded and ncedy chil- ciys children an appeal for aid den of ha war-ravaged own was sen he Unied Saes Wln soon receive an l1-pound hrough h1! American ambassameasure of comfor nd cheer dor-a Paris This appeal reach- 1<pm he American Legion Awe- ed he War Reiiei Conrol Boam iliary happl!ned his way: one of whose members was a :n Sain Die he word Amer- Legionnaire and knew J 0 h n loa was born being firs used Emerys connecion wih Sain b:a priner in he year 1507 o Die SOOn aferward he pas (flsjgnae he newly-discovered naional commander presened coninen To mark he spo Na- he Legion wih a rl!lloluion o nal Commander Emery pre- H!lp provide food and clohing sled a commemoraive plaque for he children The resolulain Die in 1921 Tweny- ion passed and he American ee years laer in November Legion Auxiliary was asked o ] he ciy was evacuaed by akf over Germans hen horoughly Oddly enl!ugh when he Gerlaged and burned mens had gone from Sain Die er he war ended he inhab leaving llnlydesrucion and ruin B reurned o find hey had he Alm!rican Legion plaque everyhinl hey owned- placed n he ciy by John Emery!zoma clohlni food and all he ill aoo<l Feaure Poiners of neresf QueJiorn;nJAwerJ 15 mlj An(onl Weleo o oar friendly cor- Der of penonal queries Addr_ alp leers o Mrs AnholY GroSRe Poine News 99 Kercheal aveiue G r o s e Poine Farms 3 Mieh F; r personal allllwers include a self-addressed aamped envelope Page :Jorum Alger House Museum Noes UTlE OLLWTZ8BOW By Lim M 1_ * (An!Wer on Pare ll * * f/j-qine< Couner Poins There ill a profound and remendoui imvac o onel mind and emoions in he Kollwiz ex- by OUVB H LARNED hibiion which opened_april 5 a pon he omell YON ope be fr01l door 10 he un/j oflh Alger House Museum jmgle ;Mgle himes l;1 you leave he DE GRMME GALLER- Kahe Kolliz wasbom in 1 5 )OUJreou 01 h1lworld! An almosphere difliwll/o ilesrribl1 Kan Germany in 1867 Her JUl fllher was a Pfofesaor bu lel p;64es he puce 11 is Jike being in a sor)boole world a his profession o become a sone f MlY 0_1 you epe1 Jords ffld ladies in Re1aissance osmason ani laer lef ha work es 10 slep hrough he red velve porieres Rembralldl hi> o preach amonihe iower elasses sell woj ol hve sswfnised me! Thlf Galleries e opm fom of Germany Wih his back- 1 pm o 6 pm fd glli al 8 nil 10 pm MR DE GRMME ground i is undersandable ha she married a physician who /Wefll1shis ClsO_S fligh/ parieu/y when here are wo praeieed socialized medicine in 10 J cwlsijl1ejin he sele/io 0/ a piclurll n olher wod1 he sluma of Beruin: She udied if)01 _ Mrs JilgyoNr l; wih you nd :i&everjl SeVwih KB11 Saulfer Bern a realis Mlh 18h 1J 19hcHiJ/y oils om/wisl1oe of he lllrgl$l and excellen echnician who was grealy influenced by Klinger a colhimu i bis /11 or/he COJ/ry Mr de Grimme knoea German painer eicher and s expll1; his Jin of liques and painings and he gossip sculpor i New Yor_ is hill he /i1uslgll//ery in h/j olmlry is now i Kollwiz began her paining by Gosse Poi illusraing he socia! plays of * * her period and by illusraing Skipping from he arisic o rundane maers such as good flod book by Zola She has been de- brinis me and:: hope you o Hawborne House And a welcome scribed as he greaes( livini bck o MnDorohea De Nede who is visiing here for six weeks graphic aris of her ime; she and giving a hnd o he ManninOs and Mrs Seras hee You reuered a cry such as was never meinber Uie De Neees were h a original owners and responsible heard before Cerainly one feels ha cryof pain and agonyofall forheaelicious foodllnd coureous service which has alway mohers who have los sons on characerized HawhorDeHouse r Mannino added he pasries balefields in Afer he Bale cookiesanhon; doeuvres o!hecaring service and a very wel- She makes ligh a spiriual dec by Olive H lmned sign in his lihograph of he rome addiion i isl Try i and see U)m no righ Because of her ineres in old silver Mr andmrs; AC George F Alger Company of moher wilha lanern huning for * * Sco wer!! in an anique shop jri New Orleans abou a year which he is presilien gave him he bodyof her son afer he And apeakin of housesbave you heard abou HAYDON and a half ago As hey were loolpng around his aenion his favorie gif was an Eli bale is over HOUSE? The weleome back; can alsobe exended o he MESSRS was drawn l?a Double Seeple clock This 8 day clock was Terry clock 125 years old wih All he hungry sarving chil- SCHLLNG add ESLNG reurnec1 veeraos wih an enerprizinr b 1835 d h b k h k d h wooden works These were used U n an as rass war 5; 1 s purc ase mar e e dren of Europe speak o us oday dea for Their HAYDON HOUS locaed for he lonee \:!eginning of a valuable collecin and a hobby from which from abou BOO unil 1825 when as hey did o her before World Mr Sco has derived grea pleasure He now has fifeen brass was employed wih he ad- War in he lihograph called a he eolller of Kercheval and Beaeld codinsloomay clocks in he library of heir hojl1e and as he laughingly ven of machine made works Holding he Bowl There isa reuurell for Jle o :ell you abou hem all now; bull will say kd 1 be d lib h This if clock is very bauiful h - - fl d i remar e can scarce y ca ea rary now we ave g dynamic display of mass and line a y ve op nes 0 e e r ealapp anees an s unn nr au - had o remoye so many books o make room for he clocks having a mahogany case wih in he peasans pulling and door rrllb of wrburh ron wih deeoralve iles One wllh a Jrenh He owru; almos every book: hree gil spindles as a crown srainini a he plow symbolic poodle deslgn eoilldn be euler Priees are from $39 o $ e ha has ever been wrlenabol! habied by a quail which comes s face has designs pained in of he slavery of he poor peasan l d be i ab h c1ock so ha ough o make ou on he quarer hour and a subdued colors in he four cor- class in heir ejforla o eke a bare for he l emldle or blr lzed ar A50 a por e grill w a leghmae clock hbary The cuckoo appears when he hour is ners A garland of roses encircles survival rain he loil We _ spi for be suceulen wha have )0\1 and a large workink lmeplece which mrlgued me sruck Thependulum is made of he hands Below his appears a he hunger of body and ulin P:- w!llc is hlfbly desl ble; 11 his for $7450 bu no Heaven mos was a Ball and Escape beaulfully carved leaves whlch lovely woodland sc n M Scol e e r he eyei of peasan men an mo<jel hls conslslsof brss also cover he house op is had admired his clock when he d oolad7 lad 701lwisb oomueb! works Wh a small brass ball d women a grea weariness and - mas unusua an ls owner wen firs saw i and upon his making d h d Th Which swmgs around and ack o so much rouble o procure i espalr n e rawmg e l L_ b J b A 1 Sh }} H h a und d b ck d n a a second rip o he shop o pur- Peasans War one reads a way 011 1n0Ul 1 eo J1H ro an a encase oul /W owers ere ey are 1 ha he has a sof spo in his _ h b b b L h h /d d glas;; dome se on wden base i)ear for he cuckoo chase i was very disappoined of life he final revol of he uw11upsp veh}olth oug a bolljeupg re ry? reshngon hree my ron fee! Mr Sol disol1edh ells- o find ha he clock had been masses a violence of acion Me elll1 - J ey-hllle e mos e:eme me OJ am Among he collecion are several h s! sold Some mons laer i came oner o be held back or su us; Solch pllij capes (bowl year!ed o be Sze 4 or 5); co Eli Terry! a Chauncey Jerome Ne arjo Clly Whe be f r w 11$mJ /lib P lel le / d j k ff and a seh Thomas 135 years old: eeked from he _i/lie shop as a grea surprse as a gl 0 pressed has lremendowl power : e er (1!! e lis /J 0 lcers L L_ him : r 1l1 dill v eloeel lied o s Ori;1111or or Jo:!sfslZe714 Anoher of rlo MrSCo saysu1a clocks m ade arryk f!ewr1f OfSPO f --- aj - sbiih b JmM M b C A $ J before his ime are museiun h looiefl;ly for ;X;:P;; An:l&ea!f rpun! inibfedinforonn -;: fljejws!_!eu qllil OKs are e ClOlleeUoll is ha allof1he elllells and may fab rilb/hrizm rrul LePe! ;dj!rflosl YONrdar/gs pi He has pned Mr:s -JlyhefAs foejloboarj arerllnnilacandkeepamopk- B h all h f hy_ r be f«jsh#1u herl b Scllwilh a charming china clock rouey HeslliJ ib he f is e - u W er irea o sbo-uil suiable for lady1 boudoir (Jlher pssgs llyei hi:le- ee ime qu ad expen- and power here il a freedom - / ence be n he library wb_ Originally his ineres was n- /Webe1lSively dsw;glbe r ejueen clocks are srikidr he born from years o!udy aln YVCNle in ease you don know i s on Kercheval (across edo Early American bme- sumigly sllspec;g bewlls --!our and ile cackoo is sinria& conrol of her m dev!! 0 from HeariMarke) and having five girl and wo menhalrdrmers nec; bu he became 10 absor )ig boily! He fulls iseb/e 011 Helr-- from years of dscpline There and wo manicuriss is prepared o ake care of you all Perm his sudy ha he firs hmg llbe wy home Ol/he rai 0&1 AUe c lee A or w G ---4 is enderness and genuenesa in he knew he had added oher h i Urr 1:u ear year y mencan rad - b b k f manen wave being amisnomer liis is heij!1c for -a new perypes including a German make ls e p lge Ws 100 gll 0 fabers clock aad a banjo clock he very y- e UQllleso manenl YVOJlne has quile a seleclion for you o choose from which requires winding bu once bor pled he drwg oo! which are very rare He says ha he rnfanb n he milk posers dendl;lgpri!jai1y on your ype of 1lalr nalch bucaner :ha a year His Swiss Clock called a lfdhe fell b he sholild si he had always hourh people Always eviden is her &reanl!sll is led lhen he Quesion is io seam or no o seam:thf double cuckoo is:made of hand where heconld ;ep wa/bfllj wih hobj)ies were silly; bu since as an aris beeause heeiher Heene Crb cold wave is no o seam; i akes abou an hour carved wood A bird is Perched llyeoj his/wi%e he bas bhn elocked? he does no sory and sops i he righ poin longer; bu here is no hea conneced wih i and wih ha ea on he roof of a lile house in-on Mr Scos las birhday h1l midd beinr alllilllc he clc:k_! where more drawing or more cozyon your op knol youre irresisible! Well of course has a emoion would be oo much Hermer of opinion! The Rliuhr Kooler Wave and Zoos are o works are a grea call oacion seam bu hey are machineless an:! very comforable ha is as and i is no wonder ha Wilhelm comforable as permanen waving goes! Theres no excuse [or a did no wish her-o receive a poorly groomed head wih all his shop has o offer so nowils medal One feels he inerpiay of up o you feeling and mind a ension of her pemlnal reaciona o he social ADd whil yarelpnciq up rive a hoarh luh JOOr Old condiions ani her &rea power :Belllemle ha SprillJ bas come for al!lo cj:1anre ua o rise above luppressionemejromfa re!!allnds (winer ereue) o coon (summer magniude of fe 1!oman:rielf fl!ue)1dl he 011mas be nrbler YOll may have o dobe prinr over some beans we plan l) aboa he Save be Cbildr This colion 1s j owned by hoae CleaD H lle Kercheval-Cadieux Service Sallon releves grow in our gardens his sum- FederaioD wllich works wih Kur Valenine New York Ciy )011 of he car cluliinr The spark pluls have o have heir faces mer Wha is he difference be- he schoolllcrf lle Souhern Ap- an il nicirculaed by ihe peeled anddone of your cosllele wll do l! The moor oo beweeh bush beans andhepalachianhilblands All books Philadelphia Museurn of Ar eeds 1 ore han he plano beeba! Youll lnd ha i sringles pod i any? There should be aken or sen o Mrs remains unil May 5h will a econom o pa YOlr elr la belr had4s and has be seem o be various opinions T :mo:: } - ah vf U S<J perhaps you J\fbn Whie C!e:dcn 11 _- _ e - ;:;y can end our ndless discussions (ional represenaive Save be * once and for all Thank you Children Federaion a 312 Recogniion Won Y01 aofll hve 10 go o Apillcolor ljexijln ;ewelry Tilus where ey also mainain a B David Su -- h f Y er KM br«e us OSllil lllljes hlfl ;sif ou llje is good! O Mrs L L N ww n Ave DerOi 26 ljfug Slorll hils jlls eeivj i wojulll1fulj sormen ecleles 0 e D<::n 0 my knowledge Clohin Cener would be ad- J Dear Readers: here i no difference bewr:en visable o call her a TEmple iqsud si/f) 1H!_u<:ehlS pyramid des;gn Ulhis WSse1 This will serve as my per- bmlh and he srin(less Poo do hope ha his is he David Suer Gro* Poine from Eg}pl 10 Mexico 1a silver pendans were added seems sonal inviaion jo you o bans The laer is a rade informai_ you ae Reekin( and senior is he auhor of Nepunes his p}_ij Jesig ;s VM] difficull o procure A hracelel nukes come mygueson his page as name denolinl be variey f can be of an furher assis- Trio which appeared in he w; sel Fiugreed silvll1 pins lik8 huerflies wilh elligs ofen as you wish am These bush beans gtow o abou ance please do wrie me April 8 is!iueof SCholasic Mai- o 1/Mrhlire pe) A suling brlle/e of silver iilexic coill anxous o h ave your ques- 18 from inches cn dayb and can o wo be weeks pickeel ; aline naional publicaion for f1r Ul $10;50 fd Amll1ic11f h oi! BrJle/es h wih sei1lgs of 1fexk ions and hope ha he Pole beans gtow fee Dear Mrs AJ1hony: high schoolsudenla 1 e _yx _e )sl are alllifij Charms may be hlldi answers will be saisfacory bllh and he Kenucky Won- am a young ivorcee and am As furher recogniion Dave he form of awlkeys 0 elephns if youre (ou kl1ow whal) o you Should your problems der variey may be pieked all o be married again very soon will receive Saplings a col1ec - ;1y01l ins lie nimlllr here are dogs cas lurllcs ec: lj7e be of a personal naure which summer My husband-o-be has never ioli of he bes prose and poery promise hey will dwell logeber m;lbly 0 Jour braele b-nn ma ed b f d which has appeared in he Schol- Would prohibi p ri n in g c rn e ore an S anx- - ple;se enclose a samped self Dear Mrs Anhony: ious o have me wcar h ra- as ie Magaine Webser defines serling as having accf!ped worh genulne ; - diional whie bridal gown and Nepunes Trio CO!lSiRa of addessedenvelope and be as: Would you please prin he veil is my undersanding ha hree pars delcribing he effec hence valuable; of he highes sandard And his is rue of Wallace sured ha all such maers poem On Deah and ell me his would np be proper Am of he wind he sea; and hesjlip Serling Silver POrraezJewelers carry his famous line and have 11 be d d l who he poe is wl-o wroe i? h h f 11 - G doc G d W consl ere s nc y remember ha i was very ng and if so would you please on he sailors life and personali- n e 0 owmg pa rns: ran a oma ran Baroque Sir confidenial No names will shor bu beauiful and i has sugges a proper cosume? ex- y The wriing rewriing and C!Jrisopher Rose Poine and Srl!divari And all he ime hough ever be prined wih he le- per o be married a my par- polishing of his work was done ha had o do wih violins! Every day somehing new! Youll be escaped my memory Thank s h ers S our hope ha his you very much for your rouble There en will orne be m a large he afernoon replon in his English vn elass under fie ine resed hope in a book ha Mr Pon acz wglve you Forum will serve as a sor of in his maer L direcion of Miss Helen MuOJ1 said rive no srings aached This has all he dope on silvr is h following he ceremony English insrucor Spurred on d Friendship House were On Deah was wnen >b C B T h bl h f h care use an sy1jng wlli doubless also klep us from making by e pc S mg 0 is essay 1 f you may brmg your quesions Waler Sava( Landor He liv- Dedh? which concernedhi ad any socia allx pas in he maer of which fork and spoon o dish problems or commens on eel rrom You are quie rig-h n yoar venures dunng he Mackinac which and wha up wih So ge sared in he rjgh way wih ohers problems should you Dealh slfllis bole me u:bis- assumpion ha a whie bridal Boa Race in Proem Grosse Wallace Serl and has he way ll cnd! -Adv feel ha you could be helpful perig 101U (own and veil would no be Poine Hih School magazine L h proper would be Mrreel lor is our sinceres wish o 1 Jeno! flol fl al no my ar; yeu o wear a bridal (llwn h Dave sen Nepunel Tria o serve you in any way ha we Of hs srnge gge lil any of he p1 colon and a he Sc::holasie ediors can This page is for you bu kolu llhouloler or linrerip len(h veil On a subsequen visi o New wihou your leers we can- s here is 01 1lJ1rdof lear lhould you 50 desire believe York he visie1 he magazine;! no assis you in he manner ba your are should deermine office and learned ha hiscgrjwe hope o So please le me Dear Mrs Anhony: he ype of corume mor ap- ribuion had been acceped bul hear from you and know ha have heard of an organizaion propria e f you are over hiry because of is lengh he ediors which collecs books for een- years of ae would 11lg(es a were no sure wheher i could am anxiously waiing age boys and girls living in re- on arernoon (own in ere); be puhlished n Mrs Anhony moe rural areas no accessible beire or any of he lg-h blue Nepunell Trio wi be he * * o public libraries Courd you ones wih a macbinr ha f lead Rricle in he June Proem Dear Mrs Anhony: give me Rny infonnrion on his you will wrie and (lve me m(lre according o Adelaide Klinbeil read your inviaion Ju maer? Will be waching your deailed informaion as el yoar edior wcek o wrie in quesl0n!\ o column and hope for an early approximae l(e and colorlnl your Quesions llnd Answers answer will be happy o advise you more Nex Week Forum and my friends and Miss G S B explici1y Pie s e enelose a would like you o sele (if poll bellne ha he m-ganlullon samped selfaddressed envelope Poiner of neres sible) a dispe W are havinl 701 are req zafornaauoa for ml auwer Mile NaDCJ bel 8M 1765 er scljooling hecame a painer isovll1ej how 10 sw marble md mlle rope bellme ieresed i cllnllls (o umellflry) immleil sllbmrie pied pqrr;; in Eng4znd and Amer- ; _ desigej orpejo hoa did some fancy power sur:igig 011 hll Se;e R{er i lrllnce ; ( < ; > i: _ =0- pnl!!m - _

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GROSSE POlin Wehave remodeled eompleely hus markini he silr:h anniversary of Grosse Poines own exc:lusin Curain Laundry LEnox CURTAil UUDRY; Kerch A Mar Lakpoille w Richi : J10S COFFEE : Slo-Coa 3&c: d : Floor oi RUSSO :and gloriously rimmed baskes l!ewardsisheadquarers for fine hings for a happy Easer morn And Howards means exra economy CANDLES 3 BG ieaster : VALUES! ; _ 0 CfOSH & lackw ( GRAPEfRUT JUCE 4f:z34c 17e MT MACK AYE MLE Gr-e Poine Woecls DeJivieries NJ 9111 Formerly Alrer Mk H E ST Regulaions on Quaranines Cha_nged by Healh Council Placards No - -- : - -- _ l:; _ CHEC THESE PLANTNG STAKES 6 66c: per hundred 8 75e per hundred 12 $150 per hundred aroom and Kiche Fi:dnes ill Masercraf Pladics (Some New Pieces in [AT Sainless cil recognized he fac ha children can be made immune lo whooping cough hrough vaecina- lion n his disease omy children who have had whooping cough or who have been vaccin w Requlred for Only Two O S iled againsl whooping cough are 1\[eals) p The Complele $600 ESQUKE SHOE KT POLAROD $495 AUTO VSOR NSECT $195 nustng CANS (Xhers al $150 ScOTTS WEED KLLER Spray Away lhe Wa!M 50C: $1 Z5 85 SPRS TOYS NEW De LARGE :KTES Aracive 501: PLASTC pjstols 1:!5!-Tone epeaiai Revolver heavy plasic: =: :;:p Excellen frlde 851: WHSK BROOM 5-SrinK f()use BROOM $r New Lawn BOSE NOZZLE The Adjllso Spray a Larle Lawn seases ma pox allowed complee libery Susand Diphheria; nconvenience Minimiz:ed cepibchildren mus remain in isolaion for he same lengh of By F S er MD: PB (Tor) ime as he paien This obvi- Dlll!cor Bureau of EpldemlOlogy Mlehlgan Deparmen of Healh ously places an added pemium Wen he Sae Counclor Healh hfed hequaranmeon having children proeced regulaons from scarle fever meningococcic meningiis agains :whooping c:ough poliomyeliismeasles and chickenpox i made possible a J:he 1&46 quaranine regulamore inelligen program for he conrol of hese diseases ions!orsmallpox and diphheria and brough Michigaus regulaions in line wih presen-day remaul!he sae: b?h of sci(mific knowledge by no means removed all resric- hese lseases 15 possble o h deermmewhlch of he exposed lons n e conro of persons 111 wh or exposed o hesepersoll$ migh endanger public diseases healh and onlyhese are quar- Qaranh!1e orlgmaeasapo- Public Healh Associaion and by anin eclon agans communicable de- various oher commiees in sae Wih reference o smallpox eases long fore any curae llealh deparmenu Michigans hnearly absolure proecion of knowledge exed of heir cause presen regulaions agree wih receri vaccmilion is recognized and spread The word quaran- hose proposed in 1945 by he and only conacs refusing o be (lne come from he Halla? wor Commil:e on he Conrol of vaccinaed are quaranined quarne andmeans fory COmJl1umcable Dise3Se of he :For dphheria conacs a read Back n lhe 14h ce:ury was American Public Healh Associa-!ly available laboraory es decusomary o dean shps for /ion ermines which of he conacs forly days n a: effor o preven Michigans regwaios are no harbor diphheria organisms?e spread o dsease: ThiS Plac- revoluionary nor as sweep- Those conliicls wih a: negaive lce began ill Ve!lce ad was mg as hey may afirsappear n?s;eandhroaarereleased proprobably h: slarlng pom for o be They now recognize hevlsqnally o hveelsewhere folall quaran!:e syse!ls Afer fac ha communicable disease lowing one negaive swab and Vemce esablished hs sm siuaions differ and ha well- are r!eed nirely if a second ohe pors eslablished Similar rained public healh officers swab negaive Those elecing resrjclo ThS oy-day quar- should be allowed discreion in feslde on :he premises are an;de penod connued n vogue handlillg hem SOlaed uni1 hcl!se is released unil he early par of he 19h Thl The:wholeinen of he changes cenury when England grealy e regu allons requlre qur- in he regulaions is o allow for odif!ed he quaranine resric- :: ;;;:f: for nl%vh ds- more irielligenhalldling of comhojls n be ligh of addedkn<;w- Th f and p eflb rriunicable disease wih a miniledge concerning diseases hib:ed use 0 a P acadr S no pr mum amoun of unneeessary in- f n 0 h er Seases bu S f i d ScJ enlllc knowledie of com lef o he discreion of he healh convemence 0 al les an o mur:lcable 1S<!ases S valuale officer: Similarly in alldise&ses h comnlunly onl) f mfluences heacbon excep diphheria and small x aken o conrol hese diseases boh mmune an no po OLD BOYS OUTNUl\BERED h h a n-mmune n of Mich 4 5 M Cgan e communicble conacs of cases are allowe(l o : man:- gan s 7 dsease regulallons are exarruned Amercan eglon poss he youngcarejully each year o deermine go ad come prov!ded ha he er veerans now ou-number wheher oqio lhey are sill rea- case Sadequae!y solae TheW:orld Ha men The pos a sonable in erms of presen regulaio defme 1S01aonas Newbery for insance rl:cenly knowledge concerrung he mode e separaion of a rsonsl repored 262 members iricluding of spread of each specific disease fefl from a communjcble dls- 87 old-imers: as agains 175 Before he germ heor) of disease easfrom oher persons This V!:orld War 11men hadbeendemonsaed quaran- gam allowfor inividual hdl- ine regulaions had o be based :g of cases by he healh offcer on experience sincenoone knew Since conacs are onlypenniled cpo ULTR y he exac cause of hediseases heir ibry if he healh officer nordid anyone know how hey S saisfed ha he paien is Dressed Wi1e yu Wai lipread from person o Person: adequaely solaed An excep- The objec ofimregulaions lion o hs ru1els madem qaliy Cickelll gcverningcommunicable disease whoopmg cough where he Coun- aild ECJfJ is o prorec he communiy and oher members of he family THE GROSSE PONTE El8UAUE wih as lile inconvenience a!; HOME BAKERY possible o he family or com- p 1&; E muniy The whole problem of A he Limis on Jefferson o;r CJfJ Marke communicable disease conrol Fr h G ed 0 has been sludied for many years es az onus by a commiee of he American A 8;00 and 3:00 :ae 9S LONG RANDLE 4iS TREE PRUNER DlU-OGENE for R Ki a J5 11 $4M e 75 A-lQM A-LAMClS CANE SUGAR ChuckRoas Beef AA CH e TURKEYS Maxwell HOuseCoffee am Of $elkn spclcis DOMNO 5-LCATON SlLOSTEl A ; 43c LE OFAB A : lb 31e lil CHpsA illuc- U SHOULDER ROAST A ; 11121c OUDSTEA U 42C KENS Roasing Frieasse FaHE DEL MONTE DEL MONTE P flf2 ; 28c Fli B G DN C MLLO CREST 2c WREY AED OODS DELCOUS COCOiNUT ere- Pies 48c 81JTJEKSCoTCH FlLED Ceff Cakes :3c PNK SVGAR ABBT ill A%_ 49 c 39 lb 53 e P 10 Cal1c - 0 aa re PllS local $112 Am JANE Wol lean 10 2 eal 141 T o ie 4-L C 2c DEL MONTE CREAM SULE BLVE PLATE e 2 eal ; 5c Clr c OU 8-L Cu: 33c BLVE BOY KOERTS 1i1f 2 e-120 1ne L ea 4Oc CUOTQNS 4 16!!ES FANCfSoAC!!!!G! Gold Medal FLOUR UFEBUOY SOAP C 5 lb bag 32 c DELCA nssen SMOED LVEK Snai 2 BG FREE PARKNG LOTS 3c WAFER SLCED Sie H- V2 1a Me B lia 41e AMOUKS 11ricw 43c J ARS AE 3 for 20 c 20 c 75 c Palmolive 5 2 FOR PLlOUYE SOAP REC; SD We J Sf«*l 2 MOZ SOAP TC CAN UB 15 3FW20 C \

15 -niuniyj;pr11j 1 Solen Auo mea MW rjkid;mr Pifcey aid: wqullry o C h H keep:hefrom workine ras es ouse peaceably of cburse: - Suppor of he srildn FarmS Georee Palms wen ino he employes was unanimously voed F lrros ;lice saion a 8:30 Frifor a a eeingof union on y Sunday ni&h i was saed day nighand rewre(iha Ms Teieeraijlsweiesen allsrik: fahers auomobile which he wu me employes of he Villare of usine had been solen (rom in QrossePoirie Farnu hiswk fron of 157 JUdge: road The no warc hem ha unlml lhey ice Of ;he solen car was pii on rurned o workon: or before he eleape and a few nunues Wednesday April 171le villaje laer woman phoned in and said auhorii wi1?eem ha hey near Sir: ilu S E L L S USSELLS CUlTAN LAYc:NS ffl cer 1 LOUS FlNERFOODS orde1yfuhion hrouhou he week ResJdenio h FuJri$ oed heir own earbae and rib bih o he dump prepared in he rear of h: PUlllping saio)) on Chalfone road or burned or buried i on lleir own premises The village offices repor here have been no complainis received here over he lack of service occasioned :by he srike The eleram which was sen o all srikihg employes follows: April had jus run wild down hvequl her )bs and eff?ru As an employe of he Village a ca: wj11bemade o fj11 helrplas of Grosse Poine Farms you J>errlweaher owards Charlevox Tpe rusees of he villae are:fiuled o reporj for work as orand crashed ino a house unanimous in heir deerminaion dered on Saurday April 6h and was he solen car ap: no o give ili o hesrikers again failed o repor for work peared o have been one of he Trusee:Gerve:ys Gryl1solfe!ed on April 8h cusomary Friday nigh diver- re!olion a Mol)dar nlg The Village auhoriies would meeing of he counell cllll)g be fully jusified in assuming ha slonsof he lay youh of lie foi he preparaion of adveri- yu ha qui your job and in neghborhood The cal had had mens o apear n ThurSd!pr<iceeding o fill your place bu he brakes releasedandivenla papers aeekin replacemens; n we have realized he circum shove which caused i o run ino case he men did norelurn asances and have no followed h f C H M Mh work ls ordered on WlH:S4ay!! his procedure We believe ha e ouse 0 ac a on o The resolllion WlS no suppor h f d 252 Merriweaher badly: damag- many per aps 11?os? you 0 inga pillal on he house The ed :hel;1 Jreslqen Jam:l :K n!l apllrove of his srike and we fron of he car WilS smashed in akins declad 1l he hough assure you ha your places are F h d ou of order n Vew of he fac sill -open for Jou bu we all arms po ce W 0 mves ga e h h Q 1 has eve ho repored ha all four fepders of a e c Llnc ry know his condion canno be h db d ha he men wjl1relurn o work lode coninued e s 0 e cara ee!l pam e Thecoullcil meeing in hevuwhie Wih cheap pam! Lar lage Hall wasjamined ahd hose yu have alrea?y os Beveal ha sme mgh Parolm!1n L:WS aending evidenly expeced days pay and his S o advse Baldwm o he Grosse Pome soine fireworks There were none Y!lu ha nless you reurn o Shores J19hce deprmn filed a 1 was presumed ha someone work on or bezore Wednesday complal ha while hs car was would speak in behalf of!]e April 17h a he usual hour you parked n he rear of 455 Lake srike bu no spokesman was Shqre rod someone had hrown heard Th co!fficil gave herr l- SPRJl S whie pam all ove A checle er only he ;few minuesne<:es- revealed ha he paly was hl! sary o hear Mr Grylis\ pro- FAUL 11 ro T same asha usedon he a!olen posliland uin i down was lie car i agreed ha: i he men did no Sill ]aerha same nigh reurn o wrk Wednesday a Mr MacMhon calle? he Farms meeing woulliave o be called police agam o repor ha he immediaelyo decide on a course: had see!! a cr pass S house of acion hrefl imes wlhm l shor period and on each occijion Th:esrlke PJC?Ceeded 1l very boys leaned ou o inspec he damage o his house looked suspiciou Wihina shor ime he police had sopped a car conaining hree Poine youhs bu a severe quesioning convinced he police; according o heir repor ha he youngsers were no connec ed whir he solen car and sub 5equen ac<:idn Srike (ConlDued from are 1) 110 amouns o an increase of bu 5-7 per cen according o he union official When :asked wha would happen if he village ried o replace CLlANE$! 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16 - - «$ 66 a 4 adz $ 4] ( 4 Q 13 k bjqs a: (1; AUEl aqm(!qa#j& 1: -v ;jkof Training Faciliies j;almpers Poiners a Mee l( By FRED RUNNELLS :i The River Rouge Relay Carnival held in he Yos Field House a Ann Arbor las Saurday proved a llle oo much / for:coa<:h Frank Banachs Blue Devil rack eam and he Poiners failed o qualify in a single even The C!lrlval &li a ne naional record in aendance when 67 Michgan high schools represened by more han 800 young ahlees J compeed The former record was se las v:eek n he Oak Park (llinois) Relays wih 624 boys compemg No only did he mee se he :irecord for compeiors bu he spie his fac our boys have he :peca>ts jammed Yos Field movie o ravel o he mee H House o he rafers o make one and ake heil- licking like good ;0# he larges crowds o ver i- spors because hey feel hey gain an even of he sor n Mlch- valuable experence and mee he ; i4!lan op noch rack eams of he J Saginaw Arhur Hill became sae he second school in he hisory he War Memorial Commiilj of he mee o annex he ile for ee deddes in favor of a Field : U1e second ime when i edged House as 2 memorial o our war 9 ou Saginaw by less han wo veerans his coming June when jpoin River Ruge is he oher he War Memorial Cones closes i5eeho() o win he mee wice in Grosse Poine could have an in- r1938 d 9 Arhur Hill won is door rack eam and be able o!rs ile m 1944 ener his unoffcal sae high The carnival is he unoflicial school championship mee on a : alae rack me bu in realiy par wilh he bes in he sae i is he nigh cap of he indoor f you Poiners are in favor : rac;k season for he ma)ony of of he field house suggesion as he schools enered a suiable War Memorial o our :was ajiy o pick o he service men les send in hose i lehoolswch d<l n hav md?or leers o he War Memorial Com- \ rack falies ) pywachmg milee igh away and assure our- he boys e dlffren evens selves ha he young ahlees of n he sprlls n paricular where Grosse Poine have every oppor- J;he sars are all-rmporan one uniy o rain and make Grosse eould see he differense The bys Poinle one of he naions ou- who have been runnmg all m- sanding schools in spors ;1 er long mdoors had a decded _ } advanage and pracically hd ;! heir heas won on he sars \1 alw;oe! of e Borde Ciy League; : which has S4 mdoor nark flnishedin hil:d place and preved he value of all winer : 101J1raining should go a long :way oward making a successfui bid far he Border Ciy oudoor rack ehampionship c;>nhe oher hand Grosse!oine laclcs he necessary indoor facuiiesand is forced o depend : i on he few nice spring days o -:re in all is pracice sessions be- ;10re going ino compeiion De- ASOC Crescen Honors Club Commodore - Ross Herron On Michigan Tennis Team Former Poin High Ahlee Grabs No 12 Spo From Compeiors By FREDRUNNELLS Ross Herron former Blue Devil baskeball and ennis sar crashed ino collegiae spors when he bea ou 7() odd prospecls for he number 12 spos on he Universiy of Michigan ennis squad las week This ill quie an accomplishmen for a firs year sudenl when one cclnsirers how ough he compeiion is and how a big lime college coach arrives a his final selecions The U of Michigan ennip squad is composed of 12 players wih he firs nine spos being filled by veerans from he previous year wih he remaining hree spos lef open o he new prospecs These posiions are filled by heprocess of eliminaion The players who earn he righ o he number and 12 posiions are open o challenges from heir less forunae colleagues hroughou he season andare cu from he squad if hey are no successful ii he c h all e n g e maches On he ()her hand hese number and 12 players can challenge one anoher o beer heir posiion on he squad For &ROS-S! ONTE N!WS Dyn/lmic Ellio Roosevel okes ime off from his numer<fus leiviies o relx o he London Chop House wih his lovely wife he former Faye Emerson ond friend Ed Robers THS WEEK- SPORTS example; he holder: of he nwnber 12 spo believes he can de- FR APR 12-EXCHAM fea he number 10 player and a PON Vince Dundee worlds rilld- Las Friday nigh 161 Crescen challenge isliideredlf he is dleweigh;boxing champion in successful in his mach he be :was lisedby dooors as Sail Yach Club memberr and comes he number 10 player and a hopeless case Docors digguess honored heir 1946 flag hisopponen becomes number 12 nosed his case asabo<ikednerve officers Commodore K W Vance n order far he number 10 a he base of his brairiwhich has Vice Commodore William Phil_player o iriprov hisposiiimhe paraiyzed him o he poin where mus obain speciall>i!rmission o he can hardly speak They call lips and Rear Commodore Rober Challengeany6neofhenelrive iprogressive paralysis THE Harris a he clubs annual Com- POsiionsahead of liiriln perffils- DEPARTMENT OF PARKS and modores Ball held a Tassies s\jn is grand and heisagain Tavern successful he akes over he spo is ruly a ribue o -hiselllis he challenged ilnd he beaen skill which wasbegun agrosse player drops down one posiion Poine High under Coach: Larry Saurday May 1 OneEvening Onl - 8:20 rjetbo ABe -au Cayallen Ricaua Erhard Crisea BakridgePolcer Barron AUDTOUM uj Paliacci Simpson Czaplicki Karela Chevedden LEO KOPP - COldilrior : GEORGECZAPUCK--GuerlAriisl a GiiAaeU-SM $2 $3 $411 (Tax 1nelllded) asdo all he players be10w him Weservilles direcion Weser- Tlle firsfour posiions -canno be ville one of he ousanding high challenged school ennis coaches in he na- Being number 12 man RoSS ionis responsible for Grosse will have a ough row o hoe be- Poines ousanding ennis record fore he can relax a lile bu he of 53 sraigh vicories which fac sill remains he has Won a Were won overa period of five posiion on he varsiy squad of seasons one of he Jarges colleges in he world in his: firs year of college and has carried Grosse Poines colors JAo big ime ennis This Amwer To Vr1lo Am 11 Punle on ROBERT Page 12 FULTON 11iu [ Y Y Three Poine Fishermen Score in Miami Trney ard:! bu Manager Seve ONeill was impressed wih his work his spring and figures he will ge more work wih Buffalo insead of riding hetiger bench his season THE CLUB HOUSE of he Hawhbine Valley Gol! Club was badly damaged by a fire MAM Fla April 18-Thlee which sared n:he basemen and Grosse Poine Mich angling enspread rapidly hrough he ban- husiass brough he home own que roool 10Wlge and kichens ino prominence in he uh anwhkhwerj!desroyed FOUR- TEEN RECORDSwn by he nual $10009 Meropolian Miami boards in he womens indoor na- fishing ournamen recenly wih iona AAU_swimming mee held prize winning caches in gulfin SeaUle over he week end: sream waers One oher record for he wan ops aniong he rio was he 0: an exlsi!ii one was claimed performance of William Bonas a world saridard EDlSqN brigh who capured a gian 407- BOAT CLUB <J)ened is seasons pound Blue Marlin which for a ca boa racilg a 9 am oday monh held he lead in he Bawihhesarof eigh boas whil hamas division of he famed rod he )uqges on he dock nursed and reel angling ournamen some very large goose pmples M O b h b r -n rig g games er MON APR 15-l\1CKEY OW- was oppedinhe ournamen by EN Brooklyn Dodger cacher a 409-pounder bu sill is a likeagain changed hismind andhas y sl:clmd-pjace prize winner and headed for Souh of he harder ---- _ o join he Mexican Baseball League n he pas week Owen has been harder o keep rack of han he famous Mxican Jumping Bean Myron HaYWOrh Sl Louis Browns cacher and broher of Ray Hayworh former Tiger cacher signed a hree year conrac whh he Mexicans MON APR 15-ARMY ba- 1edbe Ne\ York Gianls for en innings o a 22ie Dick Kinney of he Cades blanked he GianS while holding hem o six his unil he eiglih inning New York scored wice in his frame on wo hils and an error THE WNE SHOP -121Pco dj 110 Specla mpor Wi_i 6- Dourm UMllliOfUJ Comlllou l1jla a has earned a ciaiun as an ousanding cach iq: he compeiion which has araced more han paricipanssi)ce i opened Jan 13 The Bonbrigh cach was made on 24-hread lme Oher Grosse Poine anglers o cop ciaions in he ournlunen were W G Curran 1005 Cadieux S wih a 55-pound grouper and Waler Schweikar who brough in a 130-pound Tarpon on a 12 j hread line _ Closing dae for he ournamen which is sponsored by he CHiesof Miami and Miami Beach and is open o all rod and reel anglers is April 21 Enries ;50 far represen anglers from 31 saes Canada and Pueo Rico and more han 220 ciies Good Food Youll a Grand Remember 1564 Broadway CircUs Park sauran alld Sea Food HOUle Beers - Wines - Liquora CKd TOAdll 00:0 All Ohr no Tli r o m Su4&)11 d HolldyOpn From 1:00 pm CMford 6434 CAdillac 223U Lised ia Duncan Hines Advenures in Good :ain 2 WEEKS ONLY 10RDA EYE AT BEGNNNG 8:311 AFTE E MOTS ol loadwa Wi! iob U fesw HUBERT iCU1l WlW -WTH- Car Sone; James lanphier A WNFELD UOENY AND BROADWA* CAST OF 46 Dark or he Moonl s Oleo he ne1 nlerlalnmens or ho yoar heberyoure ]ooklng for song ror) lor nsemble humor dane- 1M or muslc-chlcaga Journal of Commrc : (loels fr 111)Or ; lah!n _ll 1H 1111 (<01 J) )ad Sall o 3M ; Bale (AU Frca be Tu) ; ;j 4 :0 rl ;:-i 15 el :J :ț :l o c 0 P1J:nch flnd Judy UCHVAL FSHEOM THEATRE H 31f FRDAYSATUDAY APL 20 Mal9a Olrf - ani G en OUR VilES HAYETElDERUPES SaMnfay Doon Opn 1:45 p M SUHDAYMONDAYTUSDAY APRL 21222) D Drl David c W ATW :! JC)HNSONS BAR HoirUoj Cbok-Jkm-J W A Fine Place o Relax and Mee Your Fril!llds : 8&0 TE _ 8irn;;r- ; Presens * lunches PUNCH 000 o Grosse Poiners *Dinners COCKTAL THE FNEST N FOOD 123 Kercheval 0& POPULAR THAN EVEa SlM r AND JUDY LOUNGE H SeafOl4 Af Wodend_ rlu Bel Jl her1alndejl DllaDefle DaDee MSic Nlpl1 fhwri THE YOCAJAS nler!ld& SJ)&CalUes by RAUY n&ncb l lar ANCE WATEJS Qa_ ef h JrerN CMeliJl( &e Wefdme BallSvd a: Parie N 9605 see and Rear ih Farrell BrOadeas Over WWS Mon hra Fri a 11:3 PM Enerain Family and Friends A Your Eas Wcrrn shwssmes LncllHa M ill Enry brs 12:15 P M Your STORK CLUB * THE BRGHT SPOT ON THE EAST SDE * Fines Ameriean and alian Cuisines By Givoeppe Sea Foods a SPecialy Dinners from $175 Refreshmens 183&2 E WRREE A (:011 : For R n PHONE $oehe: H 3 WEDNESDAY THURSDAY NDAl SUNDAY AND MONDAY Fred Asal Hc Gir n ill na Sory of V U Cue Charg irf Clr T or OHY AEL AHD STUDAT Fred MacMray aad Hel Wlker H Says o APlL APRL Carls Gild Marh ODriscofl i The Dalos Rid Agai Olivi SBiisaLi j -1EMN/ fml H9o OHARA ll TP SUlAK - _ A ra: -za( /1 lay Dowd ehr M APRL DeHGvllld d David N h Raffles TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY APRL w1 11WM CMAO A AEL COlES TO RGOn T - :J

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w(>{ll vning wn;p; black fur jacke; mink rim med coa Four pairs of cream alfea curains; 3 pairs figured curains;! pllir ol kichen curains; lamp shades; fied picnic cau 563 Neff road METAL HollyWood bed complee wih cinnon maress Rnd spring Pnciclllly new $2250 TUxeclo TOLES OM PlJnch & Judy Nr4100 PONTE REAL ESTATE CHALMERS MAXON VACANTS Blod: Grosse Poine FMms Sevens WANTD A LATE model Buick Chryaler or Poniac Price no objec UNiversiy : 13-EAL UTAT FOl $AU 6 ROOMS 2 blocks abo Mack on Bf;rkshire Large living and dining room modem kichen bedroom and full bah down 2 bedrooms and auxiliary bah u screened sleeping porch downsairs porch; 2-car garage sorm windows screens 40xl30 landscaped soke-r h A block from schoolneeds paining bu oherwise in good condiion $12000 By appoin men TU Hill Subdivision A new exension of Sevens Roed los properly shaped for Broed FrMs end Rench Type Hooses Rolling Building Sies core fully resriced Buy your lo now while opening 83 KERCHEVAL prices are sill low ONE LARGE room and bah Will GRANDFATHER CLOCKS COMNG SOON pay $15 a week Eas of Chal- mers TUxedo C d h r f h f orne n an pic e c oc OTyo;Jr C olce rom our ca1ajogue FOpR responsible youn me and and place your order now We \yjj deliver ond se up your pouse man would hke furdlshed clock wihou chorge olfopfe:: n;r : DEPOSTS BEiNG ACCEPTED ON ALL TYPES References Call TOwnsend Mr L Kammer OF CLOCKS RELABLE young man wans small furnished aparmen in Grosse Poine area Disric manager for Black:Mfg Co References Wrie Box 300 Grosse Poine News RETRED elderly lady desi a 2 or 3 room aparmen i:)rincome f\lmishedor unfurpished Bes of!!!ferences N 120; VACVUM cleaner aacpmens Babys bassinele and scales Reasonble ARlin;on Wad GARLAN sove wih oven -No Used foi: soma ime bu in goododer upo he ime of movina CUNagra 2630 BOYS BCYCLE Almor DeW Ligh5 baske and new ires $3 p1xedo BASSNETrElrom Bes &< Co Prac!cally new Used only a monh $ Blua Hill near Chandler Park Dr FNE selecion of clohing china; aniques li Kaherine Re- Sale Kercheval beween Newpor and Easllawp EGHT piece oak dining furniure; good ice box ideal for coage; arge secional wrdrobe and Hanovia APille sun lamp; 4 meal bridge chairs large serving cabine; odd a bles and sands; rolladoor wardrobe and lllrge nyx clock TUxedo KMBALL-Whiney aparmen baby grand mahogany Perfec condiion TUxedo DAYTME DRESSES Evening Dressesnd COds Ldies Riding Hbi Size Md /6 Few Household Aricles TUXEDO DlNU{Groomsuie five monhs :TWO french doors 6 f by 2 old DuncanPhyfe mahogany f 1hick Hardware: and Nine:pieces Cradenza buffe casing : Playground s win g Call Nagara 8379 quble wihra:z;e: Hamfl}on DOUBLEBREASTED mans sui elgh-daymanel clock: Wessize Wais 31 (ousers minsercpiini!:s N Fine pre-war maedal MAHOGY dininsuie hue EJglish Woolen Co Worn once Pdce $35 cos $75 TUxedo oil aining whie lrr cape; move camera; porch blinds radio Telephofe Birmingha ONE 29 seel rolind coal furnace 332 EMPLbYED couple no Pes no and 16 sq Brondage Boiler uni children urgenly need3 or4 wil)30 pd pr hr linj bel -Alnew WANTED room apar;mer- or mall i}- soker elno Capa- come furnishedor unfurnished ciy offurnaee wo hundred and in GrOsie Pome Ciy viciniy weny housand BTU a he WA NTED Dudngday call RAndolph radiaors Used one season Call 1480 Eveniijgs DAvison 7619 Nagara d - h Mrs Williams C 0 n9 BOYS 28 bicycle Good ires - CHRSTAN coupleex-nval of- Excellen condiion $i2 Call BEST PRCES 10 ficerwin infan dauaherna(lara Rivard FOR ME:SSUTS wish o ren incomedul?ex or NNE piece mahogany dining TOPCOA TS AND SHOES aparmen Will iigri lease orrooin s Good condiion Suipay ren in advance CUTUable for early American or TYler _ Colonial Nllgara 4924 CONSDERATEupledeshoes 3 1 MAJESTlCand 1 Pierce Arrow elephone col! 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CA = 14-1EAL STAT WANTED RESPONSBLE jajywil py marke price for 2 or 3 bedroom home Prefer Grs Pe Woods Cash delll Duggan: Nagara WANTED- Grosse Poine Properies ALL CASH SZES BUYERS WATNG! Call US! for fimpipraial- 18yean experience ill OM villalell!jlho\1 he Poln: CD Lenox 0 00 John C Saud lnc Eas JfflrsOfl Qulified clien waiing for nousll of above Maxon 83 KERCHEVAL descripion 17-OPPOlTUNmES Brohers TUTORNG-Mahemaics; Science isory covering high school and colleae Phone TU 2-675i CASH $150 o any person furnishing irformaion on expeced vacancy which leads o renal Four bedroom house errace or ap (Top $165) Nagara EVCES Ca)--GeM We Specialize n Cleaning Carpes On Your Floor Phone for Esime Haines Carpe Cleaners TUxedo ATENTO! f YOUr vacuum cleaner or any make washers roubles you call Nagna 0585 for efficien lervice CARPET OWNERS Aenion Repair now and save he wear AlsO sair carpe shi1ed Day or evening Nagar 0703 DRAPERES and curains made lour meril Exper workmllnship Specilll aenion o syle nd deroil Aleraions Emolyn MeCary UN CU-f and lew slip coven draperies nd curaillll cn Nlagra 7 \ 1 Moern Carpe CLEANERS Carpeig rugs and upholsery cleaned and mohproofed in your home! or a our plan All work done by machine Experienced and references nsured &: guaraneed For price and esimae cal1- TUxedo SERYCES (i)-pol d Deeoroe Paining Decoraing Floors Sanded and Refinished R Koss 12737Flandars PRospec 1166 NTEROR decoraing; reason able raes Call D Sherman Roseville 1164-R or ENerprise 6018 PANTNG Decoraing Wa Washing All work guaraneed Schebil- and Mimme Pro 1662 Tu THE FOR YOUR paining C!ecoraing pper hanging ;md wall wash ing Workmanship and r)a erial gualaneed Call William Eigeman Tuxedo EXTEROR house paining long experience Ouside ciy service available Mr Brown MUrray 4997 PANTNG ANDDECORATNG Complee Service nlrlor and Exrlor Basemens and Roar Spny!1f Only he 13es Maerl nd Worl<manshlpApplied FlEE ESTMATES Ali Wok Guaraneed William D Smyhe Corllc:or :seme 3629W ()-wan Wall Waiii WNDOW &: WALL washin: paining Sorm sash screen! and awnings reversed General home cleaning mainenance; Call MU 1343 ill 8 p m (Es Siders) Brilhen Up Your Home Walls Ceilings and Paper Cleaned by Kichhrans Larges Michillan Wipdow CleaninJl Co W ATWELL MUrray 8469 Represenaive A- WALL WASHNG Pper Pper Clening Hngin9 PoiniCl Household Decoraors TOwnsend WALLS-And ceilings washed and paper cll!aned High qual iy work done by experienced men DR; 1814 WALL WASHNG paper clean ing and Kemone Call DRexel 8259 WALLS wa!>hed by machine and upholsery cleaned e!ecrically in your home li no increase in cos py experienced workers Free esimae Call Vincens Wall Washing and Uphl\sering Cleaning TU W-Will4ow Washing & Dec6raing : \ BOOKWTH us NOW FOR ANY GENERAL HOME CLEANNG MANTENANCE AND ArUngon i 7123 CALL AFTER 12:30 PM Wall Washing nnd Paining ATENTON nerior & Exerior LAWNMOWERS SHARPENED OUTSDE paining cemen work Pickup and deliver Phone N- repairing Cal! 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Springs chairs sofas; reliable guaraneed ork; very reasonable CiYwide service DAvison 2883: LA WNMOWERS sharpened and reaired by expers Household repairin; and sharpening of all kinds Rapid servicel FX-T SHOP Kercheval Ave E 4352 LAWNMOWERS Sharpened and Repaired Also Traded MOOSE SPORTNG GOODS COMPANY 3910 McClellall Vnhoe 0895 WASHUG achines and vacum sweepers; experly repired All makes 1082 quick servi DR LA WNMOmS sharpened by machine and repaired Saws sharpened by machine and reo oohed 5523Geshed and ChuidlerPnkdriw mac 039 :-: GROSSE PONTE lawnmower SHOP Hand and power lawnmowers sharpened and repa ired (c) +150 CADEUX TUxedo eMdn WRNG ELECTRCAL And Repeirinq Have AD Available Malrlal n Slodr To Do Ne Horn Old Homes Rfion R\vi Gange Wlrnl[ Undorgroun4 Power Wiring Mse ElrleaJ Repalrlnc Goo4 Service aeuonable BAVERS ALL ELECTRC AND APPLANCE CO Evnlnlls:Rl!Sdence TU l3aO E W : Siore: TO 1-<M40 Cd);crai 1!ry SERVCEMS wife would like o do curains in her home 619 Meadowbrook MUrray 585l : ) crws i SPENCER CORSETs NDVDUALLY designed Dress and Surgical garme:rrs Over 13 years experience Maude Banner! 368 McKiJJley Grosse Poine Call Nagara 4027 or TOWnsend REFRGERATON -Guaraneed service pn all makes refrigeraion nd washing machines Li censed bonded Wx:ien guar anee Bonded Scrvice 1313G Harper Pngree {20 (} DeceNN FOR he fines nerior decoraing and ouside paining a reasonable cos; see Chules A Schreder DRexel 0388 decoraor 820 Nore Dame GrOsi!e Poine Nagara 5069 MANOR DECORATNG SERVCE Ofive 4560 Prospec 5278 WesJ Sorms Screens &: AWT)ings nsalled FRST chls paining nside and ouwall washingquickserv- WNDOW WASHNG SERVCE ice :-Rlingon 438 Rober Fairbairn DECORATNG paper hanging nd paining Edward Van 1385Easlawn Assche N 3901 DRexel 6988 Call afer 5 PM We can ncw redore fresh sparkling newness o fle pined EXTEROR of yovr horn by-washng Exerior Paining (only) Roof Oiling (Creosoe) Ceulking (Gunj A compl Workmen Guer Cleaning Md Painin!] service for n xeriors Skilled courolll whi R & S PANTNG & WASHNG CO For Fr &ims c1! 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On Easer Sunday he Sunday school will be in session ram 9:15 o 10:15 oc1lx!k Every per son presen wil be liven a mall Easer souvenir The services on Good :Friday will begin a 1:15 oclock in he afernoon ending a 2:30 p m The firs meeing of a new Church Membership Class or Aduls will be hlld on he Thursday afer Easer April 25 a 8 oclock in he evening Persons ineresed in learning he docrines of he Lulheran Church wih he hough of evenually becoming members of he rhurch ire invied o be presen on Thursday evening WOODS PRESBYTEAN Suo4a:r APril %1 1l:i5 am and 10:30 am Two denical Easer Services 10:30 am Church School and Nursery PHONE Monday April %% 8 pm The Thespian Guild will mee a he home of Mrs Frank Doughery 1851 CounryCl1lb Drive 0 Tues4ay April 23 8 pm The BuilclillJ Commiee will mee a he home of George Couillard 1520 Oxford road Wednesday Apcil Z4 f am The Pioneer Guild will mee a he home of Mrs; Norman Swayne 1569 Hawhorne drive for sewing ROSSE POlTE 1liOSCAPE PRUNNG: CALL napra 4121 PONTE MEMORAL Good Friday April 19: 8 p m-choral Service and Sacramen of he Lords Supper 7:30 a m-young Peoples Sunrise Service Sermon by Mr Glazebrook ST lalll LUTHERAN The Resuirecion of Chris will be commemoraed in boh word and song a special Easer Fesli val Services o be held by S Paul Luheran Church 01\ Sunday morninr A German Fesive Service will be conducled by Rev Phillipp Schmid a 8:15 a m Al 11 m here will be a special En(lish Service willi COli)- munion The Senior Choir un der he direcion of Rober A Sraon will render Easer an hems James Woler will be solo is The audiorium slare will be decked wih flowers almll clndlelabra and special lighine eff1ecs CALVARY LUTHERAN On Maundy Thursday April 18 Holy Communion will be celebraed commemorainl he Las Supper beginning a 8 pm Easer Sunday a 11 a m will begin!l song service in which boh congregaion and choirs will ake par FUT TlEES GAPE YNES THS WlE ALL MAKES LENOX 3U1 GRAC: CHURCH 8 am and 11 m EaSer Worship Services; Holy Communion 9:30 am Church School Easer Service 8 a m-young Peoples Break The Commiee on Chrisian fas Educaion will mee on Wednes 9 a m-morning Worship: day April 24 a 8 pm Firs Service Sermon by Dr Fil 9 a m-ehurch School in Nursery Kindergaren Primary Junior Deparmens 11 a m-morning Worship: Second Serv;e Sermon by Dr Fi GARDENS AND LAWNS MANTANED SEEDED AND FERTLZED We PyHigh OQllar-Car or Truck EARL _ CHARLEVOX FNEST ATElALS US HOLZBAUGH FORD DEALER Th lmd hen Mod had -d rnreul 11_ ) au o r-f li kildl lon Sfe k ied n r lilot 10 in i pump Thall oh pumped afon: _lil ald carried i ill o be h red Of he m - EDc cooldn ocrubbinl and belbini-uld rw lha lb pup _ib Boc _ he fa l Mlehlpn lire cnan nd M clminuinllo Chaol& Th rrlllceo liocor in ha chan A be 1M anu biliry of 1_1i<: po1w SERVCE UNDER -LAWN SPRNKLERS MLT ON BY SPRKLER YSTEMS C FNEs MMEDAn WORKMANSH NSTALLATON 2006 PENOSCOT LDG CAdillac 4416 N n he eclrifiod fa home!hac 1an1m lmoo«a lum\11l piec 1f hl1ch_ lb loario- and he l-cir _ ho and eold 10 The 10 h le -p&mh F Avice Esi es Tru pr r 8lu la La! Sralalf Top S1 F \ epu leu :P1 hil En:rr GudJ MrLa_a f Tr Servlc i Clir Sh o an 3U B lje Wl VLLAGE OF P N PoiNT! UNJTDLUl slui; AJd Zl 11 am-serviceof WOlllhip Sermon -ile Th R«ru<Seacence u 11 am-churchschool MOda AJril = 7:30 pm-boy Scou c1 i _-01 : ApliaSem WANTED COMPANY KORTE HOME APPLANCES S3 : ij C&& C TUlZJll (jos1poin1frm A1/CH/GAN Auomoive ThVil4i9of Gros Poill Firms now receivin9 ppliclions o fill full imposiiof of Auomoiv Machnic: / Applienk mus befllily qulnfied nd mus provide rmrenem PNonS ineresm P + ll Vi11a9 offices 90 Kirby RCMd VGE OF GfOSSE onllf!lms Grosse Poine Shores ; PERAET VOTERS N 0 T-l Mechanic C:E n c6mplia:e wih Ac 291 of he 1945 Sae Lelia1aure his ViUal8wil inbali:a RESfRATH:SYE All voerswryeliernow;iseled oino; will be re(ujnd ll ail1l a rellisrai card Thereafer any person ;vho doeldd vo for a pcriod of woyears- ilibflcl4 o app1 f bi gl!ia ion o be reinsaed Regisraion may bem a ime hi fue offlce of he Villa Clerk YourpmeiiiOn wlll be valid for he Village Elecjr ner )axj;-: Dd ;you may hln for he PermanenlWisraiooa E iim Please oleha his ppliesfor Vi oal1 General elediolll which are conduced by uie:tp; arealready under e Perinanen RegisraiOf1f:w;Noealo ha School Board elecions areconduclecibym Sc:hoa1 Board and reiluire repraion byhe School BOafd;- DAD CARRED A lantern Th *e - wkead ohidlojo add sk laleodar - _ ha _ once he ml of lhold black -1- The udlk and buer rfuo uoed ban n he ell bjon nd dad hdh ailc bouleou b he windmill arewlm me nlrleera- n_ n hmoll\ 1f rm a-_oe&lc-u-n «rc Weeper lor ho Bru- carpe Ou 1f Dd domain olkrid ilko he:owo :nd ho Eed hoi h ha and b :JOd Mpanl he «ile d lih -p _in he be1>y cleb h could wann hm and kid he ha hem- - ifo finlep hefon yhlh De eou ho bu;n_ of 1ayinr Th Doroi E<llof C(MflMny esdy haa made -me l1abl1o ofh fa n 7600 oquar lio lle!lwy objc:rl 10 _ 1«r/c Mrvlcc k nmn ho nech avery of loee f4nu To hal end Deroll E<liOOfnow ipled in exondinl ill _ 600 mild nlo every e com 0( run1erril n exlenolon mbe compleed Jull A pldly _rialund kmod labor can be obained THE DJ:TOT EDON C:LLO VUqe an

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of he Farms firemen answered 33 coss of a home uni whel e land and Poine Taxi Cab CQ all drivers calls duriig he manh of March Luilding consiue a common iled propery being bonded Limousine renal aceording o 1l reporsubmfeci pmrs BROS CARPETSERYCE also offered he: public wih Monday by C:hief Gi;lrge Dans- Or wihou drivr5 bury Toal fre damage for he The Ciies service Saion monh n he Vllage was $5 o which is he offfce of he Poin a!louse villuell a $10000: Taxi Cab Co; offers 24 hour serv- There were 24 fild fires re- Carpe and Furniure ice A personnel are war ve- pored fwo ern ergency calls erans as are he drivers of he four false alarms and Cleaned jn Your Home cabs llepairinj[ Layilj[ Bindlnr CUBS HOBBY SfOlV WLL PRESENT ljartha Cub Scous fromdisricl 3 will 3566 W Lafayee vd The Deroi Choral Union under presen a Hobby Show a he Ken nd Ed Peen LA 0332 he direcion of Dr H;arry W parside Recrea0!1 ;rhursday LA 1741 Seiz will presen Marha a April 25 from 7:30 o 9:30 p:m Musie HallonWednesday May 1 All Cub packs will be repre a 8:30 pm sened Lawn Mowers WANTED ST/ell Yardmen Prferred AllY COfld/i HGHEST PRCES PAD 1 L 1490 Fresh HorseMea FOR YOUR DOGand CAT Our Mea is fresh swee and free of fals To insure fresh ness we grind our days re- Quiremens each morninl( Theres new lusre and bluser in Rozac-fed pes DELlYERED TO YOUDOO To lp hem Pry b Pe rood from Rabai Backs Arnves Cause A bill o include he Amves among he organizaions wh1eh shall be recognized by he Ve erans Adminislraion has been in ro d u c e d by Congressman Louis C Rabau Democra of Grose Poine Rabaus bill would provide Thursdey-Aprn ha he new ve\erans orgildiia- \ion American Veerans of World War U popularly known as he Amns will be recognized by he Adminisraor of Veerllll! Affairs in he presena\ion :o claims This same recogniion previously has been accorded o he American Legion Disabled Am r kan Veerans he Aml!rien rled Cross he Grand Army of he Republic and he Unied Spanish War Veerans NO LAWN TOO LARGEOR TOO SMALL FOR;-: For ab:cauiful Liquid Ferilizer Green Lawn Tbenew scienific V:ay o ferilize your lawn 0 sprayed on by rained men 0 a an amllizing low lol of 11 ce a 5quarfoo RONALD BASTON ELKHART PRospec 1224 DETROT 24 MCHGAN SLEY :LER /;;CETREL::4 Wi ; i 0 Drl04i161 v :! 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