RED BANK REGISTER. Fair Haven, Rutnson Homes Change Hands. William H. Hintelmann, Realtor, Broker In Three Realty Transactions

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1 RED BANK REGSTER VOLUME LXV., NO. 46. RED BANK, N. J., THURSDAY, MAY 4, Ed vonkattengell, 59, Postmaster, Succumbs Pioneer Auto Dealer And Former License Agent - Ed. vonkattengell, postmaster at Red Bank for te past eigt years and one of te oldest automobile dealers in tis section n years of service to te community, died suddenly Tuesday morning at is ome at 19 Rector place. He ad been attend to is duties at te postoffice. He was stricken about 3 oclock Tuesday morning and is pysician, Dr. D. V. Manaan, was wit im for tree ours, He died at 8:45 a. m. Mr. vonkattengell, wo was 88 years old, was te son of te late Ferdlnando and Emmy Relmer vonkattengell. His family at one time owned considerable real estate at Red Bank and vicinity. Mr, vonkattengell became acting postmaster September 1, 1936, succeeding te late William A. Sweeney, wo ad eld te position for 13 years. On February 6 of te following year e was nominated for te position by President Roosevelt and confirmation by te Senate -- «, --. ViT_, Nr _ TT... soon followed. His term expired ED vonkattengell February X, 1941, and at tat time fond of Red B&nk ^ wbat, jt e was re-appointed. Postmaster vonkattengell became a resident of Red Bank largely as a result of an accident. He wi born Friday, February 13; 1883, in New York city. Wen e was a boy e was njured by a runaway orse. His moter, te late Mrs, Emmy vonkattengell, rented a ouse at Red Bank for te summer, tinking tat a cange would benefit er son, Ts results exceeded er greatest expectation! and se later became a permanent resident of tis section, buying a Urge ouse on te riverbank at River Plaza. Mr. vonkattengell, wo ad received is early education n te public scools of New York city, was graduated from te Packer business scool n tat city. He started bis automobile agency n September, 1904, n te tame building n wicit is now located at Monmout street and Maple avenue. He was one of te pioneer automobile dealers of te section, being antedated only by George Hance Patterson. n early days of te automobile, te agency andled te Royal Tourist, Pope-Toledo and Winton models, strange names to many people now but te sow cars of teir time. Later e was distributor for te Stutz, Oakland, Oldimobile and Willys, but in late years andled te Plymout and BeSdto lines. At one time, wen e was agent for tfie"stutjrttfrls territory embraced six states and extended from Baltimore to Maine.. Sowto offer and to trlends on many occasions stated tat e regarded te accident tat ad befallen im n yout as a fortunate one, for t brougt im to tis section. Mr. vonkattengell was a member of Red Bank Lodge 277, Free and Accepted Masons, and services of tat organization will be eld tis evening at te Worden funeral ome. Te religious service will be eld tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 oclock at te funeral ome wit Rev. Carroll M. Burck, retired pastor of Crist Episcopal curc at Srewsbury, officiating. Hi«associates at te postomce will serve as onorary and active bearer*. Burial will be n Fair View cemetery. Sea Scout Dance Tomorrow Nigt All wo attend te dance to be given tomorrow nigt n te Red Bank Catolic ig scool auditorium by te Sea Scout Sip Nort Star will be "piped" aboard. Bob Haliigans orcestra will play for dancing from 8:30 oclock until midnigt Sea Scouts will give a demonstration and tere will be on display boat models, relative bearing cart, splicers and oter nautical equipment used by te Scout* to pass requirement*. nvitations ave been extended to te Girl Mariners to attend. Arrangements for te affair are n carge of Frank McHug, Jr., cairman; Edward Welristein and William Sampanore. Max Lerner Will Speak On "After Victory,^Wat?" Editorial Writer to Be Heard Sunday At Local Hig Scool Max Lerner, principal editorial writer for te New York newspaper PM, will speak Sunday evening in te auditorium of te Bed Bank ig scool. His subject will be Fair Haven, Rutnson Homes Cange Hands William H. Hintelmann, Realtor, Broker n Tree Realty Transactions - - Hebrew Society Has Nominations Election n June Supper May 14 Officers nominated at Tuesday nigt* meeting of te Ladies Hebrew society of Red Bank were Mrs. David Bulkln for president, Mrs. Maurice Stalberg for first vice president, Mrs. May Newman for second vice president, Mrs. M. L. Wasser tor recording secretary, Mrs. Harry Papier for corresponding secretary, Mrs. rving Krakowitc for financial secretary and Mrs. Samuel Coen for treasurer. Election will be eld in June. Mrs. X Kerber was named cairman of a committee in carge of a bullet supper to be eld Sunday, May 14, tn bealf of te United Jewis appeal drive. Assisting er are Mrs. M. t, Waseer, Mrs. Max "After Victory, Wat?" Tis s te j Morris, Mrs. Glasgow, Mrs. Leon i R rooms were maintained at Red Bank, Newark, New York and Brooklyn. n te early days of automobiling, Mr. vonkattengell won considerable fame as a speed driver, taking part in races at Elkwood Park and oter places. Mr. vonkattengell served for 22% years as agent for te distribution of motor veicle licenses n te Re Bank section, and as far as it known tis up to tat time was record in te State for lengt o: service in tat capacity. Durlnf tis long term not a single com plaint was ever made against ti management of tat office. Hi took over te agency in 1918, serv ng until November, 1830, wen i was succeeded by George W. Bray n 1908 Mr. vonkattengell married Miss Nettle Hampton of Se Brigt, wo survives im. Alsi surviving s a son, Ed vonkatten gell, Jr., wo took over te automobile business wen is fater be came postmaster. Young vonkat tengell s now a sergeant in t Army, and is stationed at For Monmout. Mr. vonkattengell took a very active part in te bank re-opening campaign in te Spring of Te team of wic e was captain won first place for turning in te greatest amount of subscriptions. Active in te Democratic party, te late postmaster served te Red "Bank Democratic club as its presl dent at one time. He was espe dally energetic in working for Democratic success during te gub ernatorlal campaign of te late Woodrow Wilson and n Mr. Wilsons two Presidential campaigns, He became acquainted wit Mr. Wilson wen te latter was running for governor and placed is car and is services at is disposal wen e went on speaking campaigns n te State. n te field of sport, Mr, vcnkattengell won is greatest fame marksman. Wen e was 13 years old e won te junior campionsip of America n a matc at nterstate Park at Long sland, wit live pigeons as targets. Sooting at 28 yards, e made a score of 80 out of a possible 100.* He won te New Jersey state campionsip a number of years later, A member of te Riverside gun club of Red Bank, e was a member of twoman, tree-man, five-man and sixman teams wic rompeil off wit every state campion title obtainable, a record never equalled. n addition o won individual rnors. Mr. vonkattengell n 1936 was cairman of to Red Bank district committee of te Fedoral Housing Administration.. Largely troug is efforts and te efforts of is committee, about $750,000. was University Group To Hear Curator, Librarian Speak To Explain Teir Work State Head To Attend Session J...loaned for new construction at Red Bank and ylclnlty during- te time te program was n effect. One of is cief obbies in recent years was boating. Ha owned -is own boat and before te war on- Joyed sailing an te Srewsbury Miss Mary Cormack, assistant curator of te Park mueeum at Providence, Rode sland, autor and lecturer, and Miss Jane Zimmerman, ead librarian at Fort Monmout, will speak at a meeting of Monmout county branc, American Association of University Women, Monday nigt at 8 oclock at te Garfleld-Grant otel, Long Branc. Mrs. Oswald Carlander, state AAUM president, will attend, and members may bring guests. Miss Cormack, wo conducts story telling classes for cildren and write* cildrens books, will speak about er literary experiences. Miss Zimmerman will speak on "Biblloterapy in Army Hospitals." Miss Florence H. Kauffmann of Asbury Park, cairman of te nominating committee, will give er report. Selected for offices are Mrs. Pilip C. Sclenger, Long Branc, recording secretary: Mrs. James A. Bayles, Allenurst, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. Albert P. Gagnebin, Red Bank, treasurer. Voting will be done by mail and ballots sould be sent to Miss Kauffmann before te meeting. Te literature group will meet Monday, May 15, at te ome of Mrs. Leland W. Crafts on Hudson avenue. tird and last in te spring lecture series sponsored by te Community Activities committee of te Jewis Community center. Edwin C. Gilland, superintendent of scools, will introduce Mr. Lerner. Mr. Lerner studied literature and law at Yale and economics and politics at te Robert Brooking Graduate scool n Wasington. At 40 e already as beind im 15 yean during wic e as alternated between teacing and Journalism. He as taugt at Sara Lawrence college, at Harvard, and most recently at Williams college. He as been an editor of te Nation, te New Republic, and now is articles ave broken new ground in edl- torlal writing n PM. His first book, "t s Later Tan You Tink" (1038, new edition 1943) gave currency to tat often repeated prase, and created te term democratic collectivism." Te title of is second book, "deas and Weapons" (1939), as also become a sort of battle-cry among American writers. Tis was followed by "deas for te ce Ag«" (1941) and Te Mind and Fait of Justice Holmes" (1943). As a speaker Mr. Lerner is known for te directness of is remarks and e never "pulls is punces." t is expected tat e will present a forceful talk covering, U»e problems of te post-war world. Te lecture will be followed by an open forum wic as proved so popular n previous lectures in te series. ftueckbaus, Mrs. Julius Straus, Mrs. May Newman, Mrs. Max Grand, Mrs. Carles Gogel and Mrs. Artur Heraon. Mrs. Caterine Elkus Wite epoke on "Moters n Tis War," Mrs. Frank Kul gave a talk on te work of te inter-curc council, and Mrs. Harry Feldt submitted a report on te USO tea. Te society will old a rummage sale in a Srewsbury avenue store beginning May 157* Junior Class To Reception May 12 n Hig Scool Gym Admission will be by nvitation only to te annual Junior-Senior reception Friday nigt, May 12, n te Red Bank ig scool gym. All juniors and seniors will receive tese invitations. Decorations will feature a garden scene wit a bird bat, rose arbor and spring flower*. Tert will be entertainment n addition to music by an orcestra and Bob Howard will be master of ceremonies. Dot Ely, junior class president, is general cairman. Members of committees n carge of decorations, finance, music, refresments and caperones are Ray Coreale, Eldon Harvey as sold is Battia Road, Fair Haven residence to Paul Smit of Point Pleasant. Te property as a frontage on te East side of Battln Road of 100 feet, running troug to Fourt Creek. T* residence, wic s of frame construction wit slate roof, contains tree master bedrooms, one maids room, two bats, lavatory, living room, dining room, and kitcen. t U equipped wit oil burning ot water eat. Tere is a two-car garage on te premises. Mr. Smit is asiociated wit te DArcy Advertising Company of New York city. He will occupy te property as is all-year ome about June 1, Te sale wag effected by William H. Hintelmann of Rumson, Mr. Harvey as purcased troug Mr. Hintelmann te A. G. Scerer property situated on te East side of Bellevue avenue, Rumson, Tis property as&a frontage on Bellevue avenue of 528 feet and a frontage on Honeysuckle Lana of 800 feet and comprises approximately 5.57 acres. Tere s an attractive Colonial residence on te property wic Mr. Scerer built in t s of frame construction wit slplap siding and wood single roof. t contains four master bedrooms, tree master bats, dressing room, two maids rooms, maids bat, living room, den, lavatory, dining room, butlers pantry and kitcen. Tere s a two-car garage on te premises connected to te ouse by means of a breezeway. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey will occupy te property as teir summer ome early in June. Te Scerer property as been occupied for te past year under lease by Robert E. Carr. Te same broker as leased to Mr. Carr "Holly Farm," property of Mr. and Mrs. C. Frederic Nellson, situated on te Nort aide of Ridge road, Rumson. Tis property comprises 364 acres, running: from Ridge road troug to Black Point road. Te Colonial residence on te property was built prior to te Revolutionary war and s one of te istorical ouses of New Jersey. Maurice Samuel opened te se- Florence Wrigt, Gladys Cottrell, ries in Marc, speaking on te Dot E y- Barbara Doremus, Bob topic, "Nazism vs. Democracy," and Koenig, Virginia Doolittle, Elaln e was followed last mont by Joannes Steel discussing "Te News Beind te News." Te series is a non-profit venture and te tremendous response it as received guarantees its resumption n te fall. Wit te close of tis nman. Pat Bowen, Carol Matiasen, Virginia Harrison, Gloria Moore, Leila Peters, Rut Outwater, Jimmy Soden, Joe Scott, Howard Ungerer, Jacob Rue, Bob Howard, Verona Pulley, Palmyra DelPra, Helen Ferrant, Pyllis current series Sunday, te Commu- Munscn, Gloria Valente, Grace nity Activities committee eaded by Woodead, Barbara Millar, Pat Benjamin H. Asln will concentrate Vau * Marilyn Newman, Elizabet Yout Day To Be Held At Rumson Students to Run Boroug One Day Sailor in Hospital WLLAM V. FSLBR William Frederick Fisler, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fisler of Broadway, Belford, a gunner in te SECTON ONE PAGES 1 TO 12 Hartsorne House, Built n 1670, Sold New Owner Of Middletown Property s Winston E. Kock Dr. Clayton At Atlantic Higlands Missionary To Speak At Union Service Dr. Edward H. Clayton, a native of Lincroft and well known missionary of te American Baptist Foreign Mission society, will speak at te union evening service of te Tird avenue curces of Atlantic Higlands Sunday at 8 p. m. n te Navy, s in a ospital at San Diego, Central Baptist curc of tat bor- Callfornla, were e was brougt oug. from te Sout Pacific wit a brok-!......_ en leg. He was in te Guadalcanal J» and Marsall slands engagements, and was wounded February 28. His parents talked to im over te pone Sunday. He said e was feeling fine and expected to come ome AS soon a^ e is Able to leave te ospital. Fisler enlisted in te Navy n December, Leonardo Lawyer Named Recorder n Middletown rving Teeple Successor to Sverre Sorenson A was yout government program approved by te Rumson its efforts toward bringing to te community tis fall te lecture platforms most outstanding personalities. Tea May 13 For WAC Moters Te Womens Army Corps recruiting staffs at te Red Bank and Asbury Park postoffices, will old a tea for moters and sisters of WACg in tis vicinity at te Asbury Park USO club Saturday, May 13, from 3 to 5 oclock. Tis gettogeter is being planned as a Joint celebration in onor of moters of WAC members and te second anniversary of te Corps. All interested sould notify te recruiting station at te Asbury Park postofnee building as soon as possible. Hostesses will include Lieut. Pyllis McGeee, Sgt. Jane Redding, PFC. Marlon Zalon and Pvt. Jane Frisc. New Doctor Opens Office Here Dr. Harry S. Willey announces te opening of is office at 47 East Front street, Red Bank. Dr. Willeys practice la limited to urology, n wic o as ad special trainng. Te doctor is a member of ;e staff of Monmout Memorial lospltal and a member of to Vmerican Urological association. r. Wlllcy resides on Bellevue aveue, Rumson. Private Mortgages. We can place any good mortgage; also buy and soil mortgages, ntereet rate as low as H4%. Boyn river and adjacent waters. He was Advertisement y ladles of tc 1 First Reformed urc, Rod Batik, churc baseent, Saturday morning, May 6t,. Total Disability To Union Beac Man Award Made by Compensation Court Otto Gammel of Union Beac, wo was njured in 1933 wile employed by Benjamin Kalert at is roadside restaurant on Route 35, outside Keyport, received a final decision in is favor n te Workmens Compensation court last week. Te award wic waa made to Mr. Gammel was for total and permanent disability. He urt is cest wen e slipped and fell,striking is cest against a kitcen sink and tereafter developed bronciectasis. For tat condition e was allowed in a previous trial n te compensation court an award of 50% permanent disability, Mr. Gaminels condition grew gradually worse, and two years ago e instituted a new suit in te compensation court to recover for te increased disability, based upon a pyebo-neuroais wic developed from tis njury. Te case required several monts for trial, in wic six doctors testified between bot sides. Mr. Gammel was represented by Edmund J. Canzona of te firm of Parsons, Labrecque & Borden, and te respondent by sadore Kallscli of te firm of Kalisc & Kallsc of Newark. Conover, Mildred Marmelstein, Frances Dix, Norma Serman, Judy Finelli, Anna Maddalena, josie Fergeni, Marie Mazza, Concetta Fioretti, Carmella Plrosa, Marie Caruso, Doroty Windle, Pat Moran, Lucy Nescl, EmmaAs, Ellen Martin, Margery Frombac, Carles Crouc and Jay Wolcott. Junior class officers, in addition to Miss Ely, are Jane Senion, vice president; Florence Wrigt, secretary and Bob Koenig, treasurer. Senior class officers are Fred Bruno, president; Sally Talarico, vice president; Margaret Borden, secretary, and Carmella Fioretti, treasurer. from Mortgage Loans institutional or private sources. We specialize in F. H. A. mortgages and can also place conventional mortgages on selected residential and commercial properties at low rates of nterest. Call UB for prompt service. Josep G. McCue Agency, Rumson 444. Advertisement Broad Street > Property Sold Building to Replace House Te property at 130 Broad street, between Reckless place and Peters place, owned by te estate of J. F. Hitccock, as been sold troug te Ray VanHorn Agency of Fair Haven, to a client. According to Mr. VanHorn, plans are under way for te erection of a business building on te site. Te property adjoins te Jardlne estate. A seven-room frame residence, last used as a coffee sop, is on te 50x160 plot. Te Cemical Bank and Trust Co. of New York, trustee of te ebtate, was represented n te transaction by Parsons, Labrecque & Borden, and te purcaser by Klatsky & Klatsky. mayor and council last Tursday nigt on te recommendation of Councilman Edgar B. Blake. Operation of boroug departments for one day will be turned over to Rumson students, a practice wic as been carried out in Rumson annually for several years. Tis year te boroug is co-operating wit Freeolder Josep C. rwln, county cairman of te yout program. A Saturday in tis mont will be selected for te yout day. Mayor Louis M. Hague called attention to te coming dedication of a olly tree on te boroug all grounds by te Rumson fire department ia memory of te late U. S. Senator W. Warren Barbour. Te ceremony will take place Sunday, May 21, and te mayor stated tat as many residents as possible n te community sould attend. He stated tat Frederick Barbour, a broter of te late senator, and a former resident of Rumson, would speak on bealf of te family and tat Miss Elizabet Barbour also will be present. Ernest Swenaon, a member of Oceanic Hook and Ladder company, was granted an exempt firemans certificate. Permission was granted to te American Legion auxiliary to sell poppies n te boroug Friday, May 26. torn. Councilman Paul J. Hintelmann reported tat te boroug is obclean-up week all tis Tis s an annual deweek. Publlo Auction. on & Boynton, 8 Drummpnd glace, Estate of Alfred E. Jellame, will pone- Red Bank- 952)«-Aa*ertlse= *eft»t^wsttow:*m*-t«te>;tuid*n-. ment> tire contents of,9-room ouse at! Ocean avenue, Elberon, N, J., Rummagc_ Sale _ May 11t, 12t and 13t. Seepage 10 for description of tis sale. sabella B. Jelleme. B. O. Coats, Auctioneer, pone Long Branc Advertisement " Membeu of Mystic Broterood Lodge No. 21 F. and A. M. An emergent communication will bo eld Tursday evening, May 4t, Funeral services for Bro. Howard Froy at is late residence, 74 Sout street, Red Bank, 8 p. m. Lodge opens, at 7.15 p. m. Albert W. VanNostrand, Wor. Master Attest; George C. D. Hurley, Secretary Advertisement. No More NMs n Te Army Wen you come into te army, youre ssued everyting. ts "G.." government ssued. And if you ave no middle initial, te government n te past issued you not one, but tree of tem "N.M.." Tey stand for "No middle nitial" and trougout te service records, a Pvt. Jon Doe s Pvt. Jon N.M. Doe. But now, te governments taking t all back. Personnel officers at Fort Monmout and at to forts sub-posts today began eliminating "NM" from te records. ts te result of a War department decision. rving W. Teeplt of Leonardo, an attorney, as been named actng recorder of Middletown townsip, t was announced at te meet- ng of te townsip committee last Tursday afternoon by Howard W. Roberts, townsip clerk. Designation of Mr. Teeple,..wo, succeeds Sverre Sorenson, waa made by te recorder, Gilbert W. Manson, wo is now in te Navy, Mr. Sorenson wo was Mr. Mansons successor, also as been called into te Navy n!» final report, read at Turi dayt meeting, e turned over 1103 in fines collected for motor veicle violations. Applications were made for li causes for one trailer on te proprty of Fred Simpson on Sixt street, Belford, and for tree trailers on te property of William Boeckel on Valley drive, Leonardo. A petition from residents of Brainard avenue, Port Monmout, requesting tat a ard surface be put on tat road was referred to te road committee. A letter was read from te Leonardo Citizens association tat many unlicensed dogs were running at large, and te committee was requested to enforce te dog license ordinance. Te difficulty of picking up stray doga, Police Cairman Victor Grossinger stated, is due to te fact tat people wont old te dogs until te arrival of te S. P. C. A. officer. n almost every case, e said, wen te officer answers a call te dog as disappeared by te time te officer arrives. Lincroft Resident s 84 Years Old Mrs. Hanna McGuire observed er 84t birtday Sunday at te ome of er niece, Mrs. William Smack - of Lincroft. A family breakfast was served. During te day many of Mrs. McGulres friends called to wis er well, and se received a "card sower" n te evening, containing many greetings and congratulations. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Carles Cobb, Mrs. S. Ray, Mrs. Carrie Booker, Mrs, Fannie Forman, Miss Katryn Forman, Miss Elsie Jones, Carles Reeves and Blllle and Amanda Smack. DR. EDWARD H. CLAYTON Dr. Clayton s now on furloug after serving in Cina since He arrived ome n August, 1942, on te Grlpsolm. Up to is departure e ad been doing relief work at Hangcow, altoug greatly restricted by Japanese regulations. A graduate of Colgate university and a former teacer at Peddle scool, Higtstown, Dr. Clayton as been primarily an educational missionary, serving as principal of Wayland academy, Hangcow, Cina. n 1939 Colgate conferred upon im te onorary degree of Doctor of Divinity altoug e is a layman. Police Recover Ring, Negress Held For Teft Domestic Says Se Bougt $500 Ring For a Dollar Now on display Hallmark Moters Day Cards for everyones moter, 5c to $1.00. Also Muslo Boxes, Buxton Wallets, Costume Jewelry, Religious Gifts. Foxs Gift Sop, 41 Monmout street, Red Bank. Advertljement. nsulate mmediately. Make first payment November 1. Troo years to pay. Summer and winter comfort paid for out of winter fuel savings. Jons-Manvillo insulation, pneumatically nstalled by manufacturer. Pone local representative, Adam J. Llnzmaycr, Atlantic Higlands or write Box 7, Navealnk, N. J. Estimates given witout obligation. Advertisement. _ Serplcoi for Service. Typewriters, adding macines sold, rented and repaired. Complete line of stationery and office equipment 106 Monmoutb. street, pone 483. Advertisement Aviation Cadets At Mississippi Airfield Aviation Cadets Harold F. Mury, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Murpy of Plnckney road, and Francis Lobdell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lelgton Lobdell of Ridge road, Rumson, recently reported to e. Greenville, Mississippi, air field lor furter fligt training. Upon :ompletion of te course tey will eceive teir wings and commission s second lieutenants. Cadet Murpy attended Villaova ollege and received is B. E. E. degroo n He was a member of Pi Kappa Pi fraternity, serving as president and treasurer, Cadet Lobdell attended Talo university and was a member of te Delta Kappa Epsllon fraternity. RUMMAGE SALE. Oceanport auxiliary of Rivervlcw ospital will old a rummage sale Saturday morning at 10 oclock at 28 West Front street. Mrs. J. L. Herbert s cairman. ts a Rendezvous Gift deligts te recipient and fun n coosing at te Rendezvous Gift Auctioneer. B. G. Coatcs, licensed and bonded,. Long Branc, pone 3599, Advertisement, Mrs. Mattie Lean Holloway, col ored, of Cedar street, carged wit te teft of a diamond ring, valued it $500, from te ome of Mrs. Pauline Moss of Hudson avenue, was eld under ball of $1,000 for te grand Jury by Recorder Jon V. Crowell in police court Tuesday morning. Te ring was recovered by Capt. Josep Bray, wo was assigned to investigate te teft, after it ad been reported to te police by Mrs. Moss, Capt. Bray learned tat te colored woman ad been employed by Mrs. Moas at one time, and visited te ouse to question er. He testified tat e found te woman wearing te ring and brougt er to eadquarters. Mrs. Holloway ad appeared in police station last week to press a carge against anoter colored woman wo, se stated, struck er in a tavern during an argument over a man. At tat time te defendant ad stated tat se ad struck er only in order to prevent er from seizing a knife wic se knew er to be carrying n er bag. Wen Mrs. Holloway was booked at police eadquarter police found a large jack-knife. Mrs. Holloway pleaded not guilty to te carge, declaring tat so ad bougt te ring from a girl for a dollar. Te ring ad been taknn from a dresser in te Moss residence. Mrs. Moss said se tougt se ad mislaid t and did not notify police until se was sure tat it was nowere in to ouse and ad evidently been stolen. Wedding Gifts Wide range of prices and deas. (See our notices in current House and Garden and House Beautiful.) Rendezvous Gift Sop, Asbury Park. Gift Counsellors. Advertisement Jersey Central Power & Ligt Co. 5,-sft, 6% and l\ o preferred stock. Wrlto or pone for. information and price. First New Jersey Securities Co.. nc., 60.1 Mattlson avenue. Asbury. Park Advertisement. Announcement. Te Log Cabin nn on Scenic Road, overlooking Sandy Hook and New York bay between Higlands and Atlantic Higlands, is qow open, serving te same delicious ^^ m a w ^^ i «0 «* b t u g Atbji \* ^ mt w *#** *> «^a» ". ^«f ^*a*p ww* * Q W «*r u H * w *A W P *rf ^^»* w Bop...A*bur.v_.,Park. Advertlrto- food and drinks as always. Adverment. ~ " 0S5fte"nT J """"-"-»*-~.... Electrolysis Specialist Hali- on face, arms and legs removed. Marian Frank, A. P, R. Advertisement. Te Hartsorne omestead at Middletown village, built in WTC. and believed to be one of te old* est residences iri te country, baa been sold to Winston E. Kock tan ecutlve in te Bell laboratories at Holmdel, by Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Early,,wo ave occupied te; :ace since Te transaction as announced yesterday by Sole*.on Waterbury, Red Bank realtor wo negotiated te sale. Te ouse consists of eigt rooms of early American design, contain* tree large colonial fireplaces, twisv Hving-rooras wit autentic andewn beams, original Dutc doors wit brass locks and and-wrougt inges, and^ s situated on_an acre of land. Te place as been" tn> proved nside and out, and situated at Kings igway and New Monmout road in Middletown townsip. t as been a sow place for many years. Te original owner was Ricard Hartsorne, wo was one of te leading Quakers in America, and believed-to ave been te first manto practice law n wat s now Monmout county. He eld many important offices, among tem proprietor of East Jersey, commissioner of boundaries, speaker of te provincial council and ig seriff; He came over wit tree servant* from Heatcorn, Leicestersire, England, injlbsi. Hs acquired some 7,000 acre* of Monmout county land, most of it in wat is Middletown townsip, but e also owned te wole f Sandy Hook, wic e used for tne grazing of cattle and as a fising eadquarters. n 1670 or tereabouts, e built te Hartsorne ouse. Record* ndicate tat bricks used in its construction were formed from clay dug n adjacent fields. Te mortar, it was recorded, was made from ground clam sells found along te sores near Sandy Hook. n a diary written by George Fox, founder of t» Quaker society, te Hartsorne omestead is men* Honed, and William Penn is lifted as aving been one of te Hart* ome ouse guests. History of te old place also Bays tat soldiers of Generals Clinton and CornwalU* marcing down te igway paused to rest teir weary feet and leg* under te great sade trees outside ts ousa. Tere were many successive ownr» of te property. n 1941 te ouse was sold by Hedwlg Rldder of Long sland to te Earlys, wo transformed t into a country ome tat retained all te ancient fixtures wit all modern convenience* and carm. Seven Monmout County Soldiers On Wounded list Herbert Scumann of Riverside Heigt* On Casualty Lists Seven Monmout county men, among tem Tecnician Fift Grade Herbert Scumann of Staten sir place, Riverside Heigts, were reported wounded in action by te War department tis week. Ts casualty lists also carry te name of PFC. Antony Arrioasl of Srewsbury avenue, previously reported missing n action. Tecnician Scumann, son of Mrs. Herman Scumann, was wounded n te Mediterranean area. Te extent of is njuries ave not been learned. n a recent letter ome, te soldier stated tat e was recuperating. Also wounded in ts Mediterranean area were Sgt. Solomon Staten of Long Branc, Pvt. Antony T. Sacco of West Long Branc and Sgt. Jon A. Matovsky of Deal. Reported wounded n te Soutwest Pacific were Pvt. Paul M. Redden and Pvt. Jon A. Rice of Neptune and PFC. Lorraine Smcone of Sea Girt. Medal For Bravery To rving Levinsky rving Levinsky, son of Mr. and Mrs. Natan Levinsky of Wasington street, wo was awarded tj Admirals medal for bravery at Salerno, s spending a nine-day loavo wit is parents. A radio man, second class. n te navy, Levinsky served nine mont* overseas. He is now stationed at Newport, Rode sland. Anyone desiring to buy a borne 1 make repairs can obtain a mortgage at a reduced rat* of nterest. No premiums. Can be paid in montly installments over a jcrlod of years to suit owner, n imounts of $1,000 to $8,000. Property located witin a ten-mile radius of Red Bank. Writs Mortgage* ox 511, Red Bank. Advertisement Recapping and Vulcanising 48-our service; lateit metod* and equipment Jn our plant. Pil Waldmans Gulf Service, Maple avenue and West Front street, Red Bank, pone Advertisement. &7 o suit yftur burner; belt grade* and prices. Unexcelled Mrvloa, Fred D. Wlkoff Co., Red Bull, igne BM. Advertisement

2 Page Two. RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Special Session Of Legislature Called For May 22 Police and Firemens Pension Bill to be Special Business Trenton, (AP> Governor Walter E. Edge, refresed from a brief vacatioa at ii sore ome, returned to te Slate House Monday wit two interesting announcements. Edge told reporters at a press conference: J. He would call te state legislature ack in special session May 22 for te specific purpose of considering legislation designed to put municipal police and pension funds on a solvent basis. 2. He concurred wit te international viewe of Governor Tomas E. Dewey of New York and tere was "no antipaty" among state G. O. P. committee-endorsed delegates to te national convention toward Dewey as a possible presidential nominee. Edge, New Jerseys first Republican Governor in a alf doeen years, eads a slate ol delegates seeking to go to te convention "Unpledged and--unmsliuoteit.". He jaid is statement concerning Dewey would ave no bearing on te delegations freedom of coice. "f tis administration as deserved te praise it as received for its program, ten its slate certainly can be trusted to represent New Jerseys interests in te best possible manner at te Cicago convention," Edge commented. Opponents of te organization slate, eaded by Former State Senator Lloyd L. Scroeder of Teanock, ave carged tat te Edge candidates were opposed to Dewey. Edge said Monday tat Scroeder* sate was "trading on Deweys name" by its use of a "draft Dewey slogan. "W«are just a little fed up wit tu incipient insurgency," e said, adding tat Dewey ad denounce! similar campaigns in oter states. Of te New York Governor Edge ad tig to say:» " was very muc pleased wit Governor Deweys broad view of, our international responsibilities as veiy clearly defined by im n U speec before te newspaper association. n my Judgment, is frank statement tat we. mast-retain our international responsibility after te war and not endeavor to ntroduce new deal metods at te peace conference meets wit my earty approval." Sortly after is special session announcement, Edge met wit Assemblyman Josep P. Fleming, sponsor of tree pension bills, and wit oter members of a special committee named by Edge to study police and firemens pensions problems. Emerging from te conference, Fleming said agreement ad been reaced on some of te "major points of te bills.. Originally sceduled for a vote at te April 10 legislative session, te bills were laid over wen scores of policemen and firemen invaded te State House corridors n protest. Fleming said Monday te conferees ad agreed to freeze retirement benefits payable under existing law to pension fund members, now eligible for retirement. He said anoter point agreed on was tat "any members wo would n te future gain retirement status under te amendment law and continue n te service, but wo dies or mcetj disability before petitlon- ng for retirement would receive all te benefits provided by te present act." Under existing law, one-alf pay is paid to te estatesof police or firemen wo die in service. Te same rate applies to disability payments. Flemings bills propose lowering tese payments to one tird pay, ut under te agreement tis would not apply to present members now eligible for retirement. Fleming said is proposal tat te number of years required for retirement e raised from 20 to 25 was also approved, but tat one major point ttll! in rontroversy was te minimum age for retire ment, Fleming as asked tat it be set at 3-». but te police end firemens representatives want it kfp at te present SO years. Ed(.> issued tis statement after te meeting: > "n view of tlie fact tat agreement as been reaced witin te committee iiieparing tis legist- ; tio/i to ret;un u; fieeit exiling j benefit provisions for memiiei-.h \v<; remain in servii-l- after reacingtv^ years of age, 1 am certain ter,: will be no wolesale i etiie.ment.«from local forces. Obviously r. would be unfair to penalize members of te uniforihrd lurci-g wr. remain in te seivice after reacing retirement -i^e." n announcing te call for te. legislntive serwioii, Edge said e oped it woum nnt be necep*ary t r, old publir earing nn te pension bill/-- btthuse of. te rommtne 1 won;. Te terms n^reetl uj,r,n e added, will be widely pulinzfi r- fore May 22. "Jt sould be remembered." p commented, "tat te state a., n i moral or legtil responsibility to nintrllrjte 10 tis fund. Police flnrl flip men nre rxclusively munlcij,;,;,n>ployeb, utfollowing te policy 1 introduced 27 years ago in ro-o <-iatlnf, to make te lencerf :un>) solvent, te state, a., nuggektwl H < oni ibutio of approximate 1,-; fi-piwjuhitimj of a million rtollair ;n anvjfoj! t/, P)PVP. te municipal taxpayers anrl in ave trie ptn<!r>n! funds plfirel nn a sound bnsib " i Kflpc ^nifl -,<- planned to suri- mit M few nominations to te sen-. file nt to sjiec-lii! session", but ;.:ii- e s!«e educalidniit ag.e!<» into» ncv department of eduiation Rnd io make Rutgers Uni- "n,iv a state nstitution would be considered nt a nter date. "Altoug urn very muc ntere.steil in ti,e education ills and was plmmfl. H{ cir favorable reception," esaid, "anoter point of view as been brougt to xny attention and tink tey ean be laid over for awile." Te Governor said e would eal a special session of te Senate alone before July 1 to consider a batc of nominations. FROM GARDEN TO SHELP Bettor Be Safe Tan Sorry. Wy take valuable time to can fruits and vegetables f a lot of te jars *re going to spoil? Tats seer waste of materials and energy! But if youll stick to te "beaten pat" down wic te ex- perts ave carefully trod, you sould ave almost perfect success wit your canning. Youll be safest f you follow te boiling water bat metod for fruits and tomatoes, and te pressure cooker metod for non-acid vegetables wic include every vegetable except tomatoes, rubarb, pimientos, sauerkraut and eet pickles. A canning time cart for eac of tese two metods s available at your County Extension Service ofhce, You will find it elpful to obtain a copy, and ten to follow instructions carefully. -- Saeceas- in canning is-.depencle.nx upon oter factors, too, of course. Clean, perfect jars and caps, and new rubbers, are essential. t is most important tat you select fres food of superior quality to put in jars f you elcpect to take good food out of tem. Just common sense! Ten, as we said last week, it s-essential to make sure te pressure cooker is 18 perfect working order valve clean, gauge cecked, and everyting in excellent condition. f you ceck an all tese items, you will ave taken moat of te guess work out of tis business of canning, and your cances for 100 per cent success will be good. Here l«a list of canning Dos and Donts wic sould be lielpful. Among tem, you may find te cause of any canning difficulties you may ave ad last year: Select only fres, young vegetables and firm, ripe fruits. Allow as few ours j^as possible to elapse between te gatering and canning of te product. f any vegetables must stand over nigt, keep n a cold place. Be sure to clean all vegetables torougly before canning. Prepare only enoug to fill tree or four jars at a time, and as soon as tese Jars are ready, place tem n te oanner. Pack te jars rater loosely to allow te eat to penetrate more quickly. Wit a clean clot, wipe all food from te edge of te jar before putting te cover n place. Do not jack jan too tigtly n a pressure cooker. Wen canning by te boiling water bat metod, always ave one or two inces of water over te tops of te jars ao tat during te process te water does not boll away slow te tops. Te processing time beg-lns wen te water reaces a good rolling boil. Wen canning by te pressure cooker metod, "exaust" te cooker before sealing t. Put n te rigt amount of water, accord- ng to te directions for tat particular cooker. Let te gauge needle go back to aero before attempting to open te canner. Follow your processing scedule Hrnirately. Never try to re-tlfcten jar caps after tey are once sealed. Store all canned products n a cool dark, dry place. Before serving or tasting any non-ncid vegetable wic as been canned by te boiling water bat metod, always boil te vegetable for ten minutes. Well, yes lots of rule*, but BO more tan you follow n making a dress according; to a pattern. f you make te dress ncorrectly, ts usually possible to readjust it; but f you can ncorrectly, te fool spoils! Better be safe tan sorry! Next WeeU: How About Asparagus? S. of V. To Hold A Housewarming Plans for a acvered dis supper Tuesday, May 16, were made at a meeting Tueaday evening of Pride of Monmout council, - Sons and Daugters of Liberty. t will ba a ousewarmlng affair. Te caunel will meet ereafter n Odd Fellows all te first and tird Tuesday ot eac mont. Among speakers at Tuesdays meeting were Mr*. LjUella Kerne former junior state association councilor; Deputy Cora Dowan, da Goodspeed and Rut Pennlngton. Several members are planning to attend te state convention May 17, S and P at te Hotel Celsea, Atlantic City. MBC Auxiliary Holds Election Officers elected at te meeting of te Monmout Boat club auxiliary ~~ n35y~d]gt were ~MT».--Teodore Moore president, Mrs. Jon Cook, vice president; Mrs.- Roger Ryan, secretary, and Mrs. David Wilson, reasurer. Te auxiliary will old a card party Monday nigt, May 22, at 8 iclock, at te boat club. Tis new-typ* paint OK OVER WALLPAPER Use Lumintll over wallpaper... plaster... wallboard. Big string in coatl Extra ligt reflection! Luminall s water-tinned i.. easy to apply wit a wide brus. Givei walls new beauty. Ont-coat covtrage 40-minutf. drying No strong odor 8 baauthul ttnts $2.85 GAC MONMOUTH CO. DSTRBUTORS Aspdin Paint Co. 20 WHTE STREET. PHONE 1128 RED BANK, N. 3. GUARANTEED TRE RECAPPNG GET 10M6ER mt MUAGt WTH Jintton* RECAPPNG Amazing Record for Trouble Free Miles Factory control lias given us an adjustment average nf NM tan 1% An average tat cannot be beaten n New Tires. MCTOftY TUAJM9 BtPHTS XCLUSVE NR8TON RVR PORMVU APPLCATON AND CHtlfit COMTROiLW Y ROD NSPKTON V y«w pr«tmt Mr«OH b«ratpiwd, intfet upon rirmtoa* rwtmrj Controlled l«nio«. Tis stoutly partmtd MnriM WKUTM yon tt ntawn<m at SO sxtrt Mfft. Te Texaco Service Center 11 MAPLE AVE. RED Ttlepon. 404 BANK Food Poisoning < Strikes 75 Pupils Seventy-five or more pupils and Blx teacers in te Long Branc grammar and junior ig scools were stricken wit food poisoning Friday afternoon after tey ad partaken of lunc, tescool cafeteria. A menu of minced bologna sandwices, creamed peal and carrots, egg salad sandwices, succotas and scalloped tomatoes was served at te lunc. Over 40 of te pupils were treated at Monmout Memorial ospital, were beds were sat up n allways. Oters were treated at te Hazard ospital. All te victims made quick recovery. Josep EmmoM, Long Branc ealt officer, forwarded sample* of te food to te state department ot ealt for analysis. Boys can make pocket money by selling te Register Advertisement COBBECTOW Accessories Te engagement of Mix Elizabet M. Stanton and Robtrt E. Tledeman, bot of Atlantic Higlands, was announced recently. Hr. Tledeman s 1 te foster son ot Mr. and Mrs. George W. Falk and not teir sorry-ns waa stated in te announcement. Wasing BURDGE8 CONOCO SERVCE STATON lf-u WHTE STREET, HTM BANK, N. 1, FAMOUS REXALL PRODUCTS FOR PRCE OF ONE PLUS Ww OR1G Add 20% Federof Exee Tax To Cosmeffct, J«W<y, Luggagt Days Onty t r 0 JJtem* k FOOT POWDER sk<«««as&fe,j P mm W$*J*: THE REXALL DRUG STORES CftPS. HCSK POW Otg a- Broad & Monmout Sts. 50S - 50C 2ioi36 2»or5r 2»o.51 c ** 100 Solution (Pint) Product E -Red Bank 49c Product 5 < HU31 v -" + For vyr li " ajji^.^^ *e *»ff te wtr * in or. * bl»rf«nt You So*. «* Product j. 50t (P KUlK OF A, 5r*» Save49c Wo uoda too. TEMS BELOW ARE NOT NCLUDED N 1 ( SALE but ARE OFFERED AT SENSATONAL "2 FOR" SAVNGS Product Reg. 59c Puretest MNERAL OL Pint Boftlet For 3 Days Only A eavy quality, igly-refined mineral oil, not to be confused wit ligt-weigt lubricant* tat Mil at anovt tis price. Odorless and tasteless. Famous Product Reg. 19c (Pound) Puretest L for LV EPSOM SALT 3 Days Only Te favorite quick-acting, toroug laxative for adults. ts free from arfitfur-imp»riti»w. ft»«-fcortt^at, objectionable excessive bitterness. Product faita Hon. 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3 Red Bank Yout Wins Commission George W. Haiuen Awarded His Wings George W. Hansen, son or Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hansen of 32 Hudton avenue, was recently graduated from te Boise, dao, aviation scool and received is silver wings and commission as secuml lieutenant. He is now a bomardler on a B-21 Flying Fortress. Lieut. Hansen, before entering te Army December 12, 1942, wab employed by Kieley & Mueller, nc., at Nort BDrgen. He received!s early training at te Nasville, Tennessee, Army air center, later reporting to te Army Air Forces "pre-fligt scool lor pilots at Maxwell field, Alabama, tor second pase of ia training. He received furter nstruction at te Array air field at San Angelo, Texas,, later being transferred to Coven field at Boise. Tree Arrested On Disorderly Carges Two colored women, arrested by Lieut. George, Clayton after tey ad engaged in a figt on Water street, were fln«l $10 earn by Recorder Jon V. Crowell in police court Monday morning. Sentences of M days-lrlle_cminty jail were suspended. Te women were Mrs. Telma Freeman, 40, of 183 West Berff*-n place, and Mrs. Jeneta Cofcr, 28, of East road, Bclford. Jon Jackson, 27, of Hiver street, arrested by Sergeant Frank Rcuter»nd Policeman Benjamin H. Glovrr, on a drunk.and disorderly carge, wax sentenced to serve 30 days n te workouse. " Tis was is fourt adpearance before Record * : Cro\v<^!. Merrily We Roll Along By Harold Jacobsen As you know we ave ad to cut down te size of tis column, and wit it went some of tose long poems tat used to appear once n a wile, but poems do not ave to be long to be enjoyed, so ave selected a sort one for you tis week. Hope you like it. Tt^ it a funny world, ts wuudeta never ceaw; All civilized natlom are at war, All savagei! at peace. Our boys are now straining at te traces awaiting te zero our to nvade te mainland of Europe. Ddnt you tink it appropriate for a little prayer? Many of tose boys wo used to come in skating are among tem. Many of our own families are tere, and all of tese will not return, Some will return but will never be able to roller skate again. So wen you pray, include tem in your prayertf. -Wen you feel like writing letters, write to tem. received some interestingmail from te boys wo are away «ome from te States and many from oter places. One was a nice letter from Sgt. Robert Bursley, wo is now stationed in California. He misses te arena and doesnt esitate to say eo. ave never received a letter from a ekater tat is away wo doesnt mention te fact tat e would like to spend an evening ere skating. Bob would like to ear from is friends, so is address is/: , Co. F. 4 RPL-Bn., ASF-PRD, Camp Eeale, California. Anoter new address s Jack Rtubbs, PFC , Co. D, 391et nf., APO 98, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, California. Ten dont forget Lt. Army P. Car- an, wose address ifi 604 N. Ablngdon street, Arlington,, Virginia. really do appreciate te letters tat many of you write to te boys and also te fact tat you mention receiving te aatrtu lrom tis column. ik>m«tblng sew iua been aided. You ave eard tij praaa many times and never paid any attention to t, and maybe you will fall again. But.tere S someting new for you girls a new type of soe for your skate. Tese soes are not rationed and tey can be colored to matc your skating dress. Te soes are made of canvas, wit leater eoles and leater trimmed. Tese soes will outlast any you ave ever ad and f you wis you run make tem witer tan yoijr present soes. Also tey are more form-fitting tan your present soes. By tat mean, many girls ave a tinner ankle tan te soe designer ad in mind, ence a couple of wrinkles in te soe. Wit canvaa uppero tey form temselves to te ankle. O! am not trying to sell you a pair of soes, nor am trying to get you to dye tem a different color wit eac skating dress. But if you want to know wat is te latest, tis is it. f you want to know more about t, eiter ask Randy, or write to te Singing Weels Arena, Red Bank, N, J. Te national events are on tis mont and just as soon as weear wo are te winners you will find out by reading tis column. Te F. Y.. Qureau. Doriy R. cant get ndiana off er mind, can you Doris? H. a., wat were you and tat blonde skating in Asbury for? Dont you like Red Bank any more? S. Coddington, ow about writing to Dot? Te best reading in any newspaper is our F. Y.. column. We can ardly wait for Tursday to read it. Too bad Te Register doesnt go to prese twice a week. Donald Patten, a.long Branc girl tinks, you are swell. ris, you ave im were you want im. Keep up te good work. RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Katerlne Graff, wy dont ywj come, skating Friday nlgbu? Josep Maccetti, please come skating. M. K. would appreciate it. t is nice to see you ome, Jon Karpan. Roberta F. certainly makei a nice appearance skating. - E, T. or D. C, tats te question, u, B. J.? Dot Sipley, wo s te cute Mercant Marine? Henry B., s it Carlotte now, or are you etill carrying te torc for Dot S.? R. Flsler and D. Sipley, wat do you do all day n cemistry? Congratulations, Jane Fitzgerald, on your engagement. Jane F, wose candy do you eat? Hes from te lumberyard, yes? We mean Wood. Tom Finnigan, wo is Janet, and wat does nky gay about tis? Bob F., wat s te matter? Are you jealous? Too bad f you are. Rut S., dont be so? Kit G., you ougt to come and visit te rink some time. To correct a statement in last {weeks column. Clyde Morgan and Melvin May are still good friends and ave never been oterwise, i Note Wa ope you two swell fellowe a)ways stay tat way). But Betty M. and Melvin May are Still on te outs. Bill Raybon is all mixed up. Mae, elp im out. Caitlin, dont you wis you knew "Blondle"? Some one tinks Margaret Cameron in a swell girl. Margaret K. as lost er eart to J. M. Te new spring style is being all dressed up and sporting a beautiful black eye. wonder if Virginia Maras really put er toe n er eye to get it. Genny D., ow ie Bob S. tese days Fine, we ope. Walter S., ow is Dot N.7 Eleanor D., wo were you lonesome for Friday nigt?:... Some one voted Gloria Woodruff te best-dressed girl at te arena. J. 8., ioni you wis you were G. H.» blue-eyed clam? Maria D., wy dont you open Jewelry sop? All tose rings you ) avent got would start one. Tee R-, ow is Joe Mulligan? Last week we ad an item about j Mary Ann Hallmark, and te initials wic were supposed to be anoter boy turned out to be none oter tan er own boy friend, Carles Hanisc. Fran ONeill and Jackie Hulsebos were week-end visitors from teir military training at Rome, New York. Hope you get anoter leave soon, girls. Jean O., ow «Carlie O.7 Hes cute, isnt e? Jo-Jo, ow are you and Ernie T, making out? Dont worry about Jo-Jo, sell make out all rigt. Jean O., wy dont you like te song "Paper Doll" anymore? Peg D., ow la J. M.? Loretta and A. make a fine couple. Audrey Olsen, wy dont you come ekating more often? Te Belle-Hops (te all-girl skating club), as open carter now. f any Of you girls would be interested in becoming a member, please contact Rut Scott. You ave to be 15 years of age, and tere are some oter requirements before you can become a member. Buf it is wort trying. Tee R., Jonny Buzzy is swell, but Joe Mulligan s just as nice. Jean O, wat appened to George G.? Rita K., wy dont you wise up? We, ear tat Kenny R. likes Euddy Harrison. t s true, isnt t, T.? To t«winners of circle game passes at te matinees, te passes tat you ave in your possession will be onored at any evening session. Te matinees are discontinued until te first Sunday in October, at wic time te dance classes will be resumed. Save your admission or membersip cards, as tey will place you in a class oter tan beginners. Betty B., ow is,jack P.? Jean, wy do you like te song "My Heart Tells Me"? U it because of George, no? Tee K., glad to ear about you and Joe, Mulligan. Nice couple. Skatena, please get your contributions n early. Every week tere i» quite some material tat cannot be used because of its late arrival. f you mail it on Monday it will be in te next lflsue of Te Register. f it is not mailed until Tuesday it cannot make it. All material for tis column as to, be in our ands before Tuesday evening. f your contributions ave been omitted it is because tey did not arrive in time. Last week tere waa more material omitted tan publised. Some was very good, and sould ave been publised, but f tere s a time limit t cannot be elped. enjoy tis column as muc as any reader and would be willing to do anyting to asaiat in your contributions being publised, but tis week please get tem in earlier. Until next week, te F. T.. will watc you go by. "V." SJST Page Tree. To Our Coal Customers: HAVE YOU RETURNED YOUR "CONSUMER DECLARATON?" Your "consumer declaration" must be,>returne<i ia u* properly filled out and an order placed wit us before any deliveries can be made, Do lt today! feaboard SERVCE Tel. Red Bank "248 LOANED on Jewelry, Silver, Musical nstruments, Camera*, Binoculars, etc. Ueanted and onded by State of N. J. WE PAY CASH FOR OLD GOLD and SLVER Broadway Loan Co. 208 Broadway Long Branc On Moters Day, Sunday, May 14t "Tis year, dress Moter up for HER day give er someting smart to wear! ts te most wonderful way to send er spirits soaring to add to er good looks to tell er you love er. And weter ses a Junior moter wit a brand new baby a moter wit growing youngsters or if se as sons n "te Service we ave te smart wearable clotes to flatter moters of ALL ages. And our prices are scaled low so you can give Moter more!" GVE MOTHER A NEW DRESS Lovely prints colorful stripes and soft pastels in styles sell adore, wear now and nil summer on?. 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4 Pace Pour. RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 PRCES GO DOWN ON THE BEST TRE MADE GOOD/VEAR SYNTHETC RUBBER TRE NEW LOWER PRCE AUTO TRES ONLY ^ a ^ Sire S (wit your ow tirt) New Extra Value.,. Remember you get a toug, sturdy carcas* of pre-war quality Supertwist cord,plus te famous wear-resisting Goodyear tread design. t all adds up to PLUS VALUE... measured in miles or monts or dollars.. PLUS VALUE... developed by Goodyear Researc over 29 years ot tire leadersip. PLUS yours for e^fr-al driving needs. You pay less you get more! New low price on GOODYEAR SYNTHETC RUBBER TUBES Size $36S pfut(ax GOOD/VEAR EXTRA-MLEAGE RECAPPNG NO RATON PERMT NKDCD NOW Bring your smoot auto tire to ui for a recapping job ready to deliver many monts of safe, sure travel. W» use Goodyear materials and Goodyear metods at TRE SER- VCE HEADQUARTERS to give you more miles T6r less money. Alllo Tirt Recapping ONLY *6 50 Si» ( Yoa furnii rtcappabl* tirt) * AN OFFCAL TRE NSPECTON STATON * Frank Van Syckle 30 West Front St., v Red Bank, N. J., F one" TEMS OF YESTERYEAKS FROM REGSTER FLES Happenings of 50 and 25 Years Ago Culed From te News and Editorial Columns for Entertainment of Todays Readers titty Years Ago. A musicale given ny te volunteer orcetta at Memorial all, Red Bank, for te benefit of te building fund, of te Womens Relief corps was well attended and te receipts amounted to ( Among tose wo aided ln te entertainment were Miss L. G. Williams, E. Corlies," M. Stewart, S. Fitzgerald,. Coac, E. Polemus, George Somo and a quartet under te direction of A. Mills. Te May term of court opened at Freeold. Te grand jurors for te term were Jon H. Denlse, Carles E. Hall, Jon C. Taylor, William R. Stevens, Halstead H. Wilnwrigt, Jeremia Stlllwell, William W. Taylor, Jon W. CralE, Jon Probaaco, Carles Allen, George Morford, Gideon C. Mc- Dowell, Jolin S. Ripley, Jon W. Butpin, Lewis Edwards, William Hataway, Alfred B. Stone}:, Saxson E. Anderson, Tomas P. Brown, William A. Cole, Carles S. Woolley, William H. Safto, Pcrrlne Hulseart and Frederick Lupton, Sr. Arbor day was celebrated by t«pupils of te public scool at Nave- nk. Principal W. A. Sanford made an addrcsb as- did District Clerk Jon. Sickles. Miles Maloney was building a ouse and barn on te farm on te east side of te Middletown turnpike, wic e ad recently bougt from Henry C. Taylor. Te cost Vas $2,000. Dr. O. W. Budlong of Belfortl was building a ouse for is own occupancy. Te ouse was 18x28 feet two stories and cost $1,500. A lot on te Henry McLean property on te Middletown side of te river at Red Bank was sold to William B. Pratt of Raway. Te lot ran from Riverside avenue to te river and was 100 feet deep. t contained a little over an acre and te price paid was $1,200. Mr. Pratt planned to build a ouse costing $5,000 on te property for is oivn occupancy. Some lads of te town wo were collectors ol postage stamps formed a stamp society known as te Pilatelic Sons of America. Flank Cadwlck was elected president, secretary and treasurer, Edward Deacy vice president. Rennle Hendrlckson sale excange manager, George.Hendrlckson auctioneer and rving Brown librarian. Te boy.s said tey got te name of teir society and te list of officers out of a book. Oter members of te club were James Weaver, Robert Sickles, Holmes Hendrlckson, Osborn Curtis, Artur Sickles. Henry Cadwlck and Myron Brown. Miss Anclla L. Fay of Entontown and Rev, William W. Rldgcley, pastor of te Navesink Metodist curc, were married at te residence of te brides fater, j. Dewitt Fay. Over 100 guests were! prevent. min H, Ford of Red Bank and Daniel Morris of Eatontown. Miss Jessie Harvey was te bridesmaid and Dr. George D. Fay was best man. Te brides fater, wo was a local preacer, and Presiding El- j Edward M. Beac, bot of West Long Branc, were married y Rev. Taddeus Wilson at te Pies- j buildlng a new barn on is place at Pair Haven. t was 20x40 feet. Henry Hendrickson was te carpenter. A slate roof wa«put on te barn by Jon Dugan of Red Bank. Mrs. Mary E. Seperd died from a stroke of apoplexy at er ome in Middletown. Her usband, wo was 60 years old, survived er. society eld a dinner and an election of officers at te Monmout byterlan parsonage at Srewsbury, j otel at Freeold. Dr. J. J. Martin of Atlantic Higlands was elect- Te cornerstone of te new Met- j odlst Episcopal curc at Atlantic j ed president, Dr, Wlliium RobinBon Higlands was laid wit appropri-j of Freeold vice president, Dr. ate ceremonies. Tere were about, Fred" Newman of Red Bank secre- and Dr. G. L. D. Tompklnj 200 people present.and te services Jtary were under te management of! of Asbury Park treasurer. Rev. Jon B. Hulnes, pastor of te \ Te freeolders at teir meeting curc. Te service consisted of awarded several contracts for public work. H. B. Pitcer of Red te reading of te ritual of e, Metodist curc and addresses y i Bank got te contract for building Rev. W. P. C. Strickland, Rev. KJ a concrete culvert bridge On te C. Curtis. Rev. F. C. Colby iincl ; Marlboro road. Hlg bid was $2,- Rev. Fault. 1 Te board ot freeolders eld a meeting at W. E. Andrews otel! freeolders, at a meeting at Freeold practically promised te Nort at Atlantic Higlands. ts special object was te consideration of n ijersey Association of Municipalities tey would officially autorize new bridge to replace Coopers bridge at Red Bank. Tere was a county bond ssue for a 37-mile considerable discussion over tej ncoan t oulevard troug te county. Te "freeolders also an- matter nnd it was finally decided j to ave a new bridge built tere. nounced temselves ln favor of an About $45 was cleared by te Signal corps at teir entertainment Jersey sore section. Te freeold- advertising campaign for te Nort in te town all. One of te most ers at te meeting were Director entertaining numbers was te William M. Bergen, Carles M, "ligtning drill by Elias McGee, WyckofT and Bryant B. Newcomb. Nevada Wolcott, George M. Keoug A surprise party was given for and Henry VanBrunt. Oters wo Carles Stillwagon of Everett n assisted were J. Alex EM gar, Japin Clayton, Jon L. Harrison, Rob- Red Bank did onor to veterans celeration of is birtday. ert C. Traftord, William Steinberg, of te World war. Te ambulance Fred J. Smock, Frank Cnilwick, company boys made a triumpal Alexander Haviland, Frcil Frick, entry into te town and were accorded a great reception. Tere Josep Ste.ele, te Elntract club, Carles K. Camplln, Cnrlie B Price, WHS a parade and oter festivities. E. Jonson nnd Tomas Murpy. Te Eisner factory at Red Bank Te Ladies Aid society of te passed e period of sluggisness, First Metodist curc elected Mrs. wic followed te signing of te J. E. Snyre president, Mrs. Daniel armistice, and t now ad a great Stlllwngon vice president, Mrs. rus of orders. Jon L, Hublmrd sccrriry and Mrs. Tomas Longutreet of Oceanic celebrated er 94t birtday. Mrs. William P. Corlies treasurer. A "rninbow te:i" Was given in Library all. Srewsbury, liy mem- Moore of Little Silver, was Morrell Moore, son of David ome ber. 1! of te Reading dub. Te on a sort furloug from Camp young women wo attended te j Menttt, and e was given a surprise party in celeration Of i» tables were attired ln colors nf te rainbow, tey eing Misses Smile lrtdny. Te guests were Misses Wailing, Cora Jennings, Annie Ester Cm-art, Elsie LefferBon, Cooper, Emma Holmes, 1-rfn, Walfilled it wit flowers uiui eld n< A reriimo WHS given at Ornce Helen and Florence Wortley, Jennie rurtlfs..lulin Parker, Helena ton. Etel Patterson. Edit Ri ail- fird, Oreeii, Mamie Hilling. Vamlei recr. Kiln King 1, May Ayres, Maliel,awes. Sickles nnd Helen ^iurie, Alida Lovett and n»ba Cooper, Tr net receipts i Sara and MaRdnlene Upplncott, wrie $30. Mrs. Henjainin A. Soemaker, Mrs. Alien Oolrtens pi-t.hjkutow Flntle.v, Wnrren rtelntz. Edmund "Dickey" died Te burl was near- Ayres, Harrison S. Sampanore, ly five year* old nnd R jjicut ouse 1 - Raymond King. Hurry Ford,.Stanley ami Douglas Parker and Oliver old pet Miss Alice, wo lived in ii,, Ltuie,._,««1W,._1_ -«- u... burial service Te mound ws \ Metodist curc for Rev. L. K. covered wit llowery. A T.emmx, te new pastor, nnd l«te ead nf te little grave liore. tn following epitap: Dick n dead - His Songs we ear no more; So let im sleep To»lng on te oter sore. Daniel Rankln of New York was Twenty-Jive Yean Ago. Stoutwood- Park in Middletown townsip, about two mile» from Red Bank, was sold to Edward T. Bennett of Belford for $10,000. Te farm contained 110 acre» and ad been n te Stout family nearly SO years. t ad been used for some time as a racing park. A little over a year ago Josep Carlllo, Angelo Blzzaro, Louil Gattls and Domlnick Mazza, wo comprised a committee to select a site for a new talian Catolic curc n Heel Bank, bougtte corner lot at Cestnut street and Bridge avenue for $4,500. Te lot was paid for witin te year and during t«week it was deeded to te bisop. Ricard C. Cake of Westsid«avenue, wo ad been employed Cor 10 years as nigt operator in te Soutern railroad yardmasteri office," near Booc Street; was com» polled to give up is work because of "operators paralysis and e took a job an a flagman at te Beec street crossing. Doroty Parker, daugter of Reuben Parker of Higlands, wal badly bruised and cut wen se fell from a swing. Friends of Howard Applegate of Srewsbury avenue pnid im a surprise visit in celebration of is 40t birtday. He was a member of Relief Fire company, and among te surprisers were a number of te members of tat company, wo made te trip to Mr. Applegate ouse in te fire truck. Miss Jnne S. Davis of Red Bank began er new duties n camp welfare work at a soutern army camp. For ftiree years se ad been scool attendance officer for Monmout county. Her new position carried a salary of $1,800. Te village of Navesink ad te youngest og i aiser in tis section. He was Paul Posten, son of:amzl M. Posten, and e was 19 years old. Paul worked in te postoffice at Atlantic Higlands and e devoted is spare time to caring for is six Berksire ogs. Mr. and Mrs. Jon Bambac of Herbert street celebrated teir 15t wedding anniversary wit a party, Te Red Bank guests were Mrs. Carles Hoffman, Miss Anna Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Normnn and Otto Hansen. Te Reformed Ladles Aid society cleared $17 at a parcel post sociable. Mrs. Frank Brewer, Mrs, Eden S. Ewlng, Mrs. Vincent Many, Mrs. Alfred ngalls, Mrs. Elizabet Te users were Benj:i-, Estelle and Mrs. William Cook were in carge. James Ganley of Vanderburg was cut on te ead wen e was trown from is wagon. Van Allen Soule of Rumson, wo was attaced to te naval aviation der Strickland performed te ser-, section, returned to tis country vice. from France and e brougt ome Miss Laura Camberlain, daug-. wit im a large collection of sou- ter of W.. Camberlain, and Dr. venira. Te Monmout County Dental Tree members of te board of daugters, Rut anil Elisabet. Greetings were extended n bealf of tlm congregation by William S. Cild. Caplnln Cailcs Trnplimorton, Artur A. Patterson, Mr.- Duncan nnd George Bancroft., A wite gower and musical! war* eld at Mr>. George O. Hen- [station. Mra. Harding was te fordrlokioni on VUta plaxu (or t* mer Mi Helen Wallbridge of benefit of Ann May ospital at Srewsbury, Captain Harding was Spring Lake. Fifty dollar* la CtM, in nrvlc* wit te Signal corps at and MS artioles were contributed. Camp Vail. William Truex Caaltr of Middletown died of apoplexy. He was n job wit te Monmout Ligting Cris Jensen of Keyport quit is is 79t year. He was born at Middletown and ad lived tere all it L, J. VanDeusen of Red Bank took company to take up lobster fising. life. He was te owner of many Mr. Jensens place. valuabl* antique piece* of furnlturt. cildren and moter moved back Mrs. Edward Taylor and er four Belford was defeated on itsjioms to Keyport after aving been away diamond n a baseball gam* wit a year. Tey ad been in te a team of loldltri from Morgan. Te icore was S to 3. Qeqrga Luker pitced a good game for Btlford, but» ad poor lupport. Mrs. Stepen Reynold* of Srewsbury gave birt to a ion at te Long Branc oipltal. MUs Eugenia A. Baniont of Srewsbury avenue and Jon Henry OHern of New Tork were married at St. James curc. MSB Luella Parker, daugter of Mrs. Rebecca Parker, and Dr. J. L. Opferman, bot of Higlands, were married at Jersey City. Mlai Etel Jonson and Grandin V. Jonson of Higlands attended te couple. Dr.. Opferman was a former postmaster at Higlands and ad a wide medical practice tere. Miss Parker was a teacer (it t* Sout and n ndiana. Jon Boyce moved from Tomas Fields ouse at Fair View to a farm at Newman Springs. Harry Taylor moved from te cemetery ouse to Belford. Ti* Top-Kick Says "Sir" To Personnel Wen Fir*t Sgt. Martin "Eddie" Bry delivers an admonition to some of te personnel of is outfit, te 24-year-old soldier from Deal may add s. "Sir" to is oterwise G i statements. Te "Sir" s becaube Company W of te 803d Signal Training-1 Regiment at Fort Monmout ia set i up to andle officers assigned to Leonardo ig scool. j te Officers Combat Training Miss Leona M. Carart of Bed course. And Sgt. Bry, wo lives Bank and Josep P. Wolf of Kansag City were married at te Red Martin Bry, Sr., at 41 Parker avewit is parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bank Reformed curc by Rev. nue, Deal, is considered one of te Lester G. Leggett. Misj Aleta Car- few top-kicks in te army wose art, a slater of.te bride, and cief duty is taking; carge of a Cester Berger of Brooklyn were te attendants. Te couple left for Kansas City, were Mr. Wolf was ead clerk in a railroad station. Miss EBteile M. Baldwin, daugter of George W. Baldwin of Spring street, and Leroy Smit, son of Allen Smit of Mecanic street, were married at Lakewood by Revp C. P. Butler. Red Bank ig scool played its first baseball game of te season against Pert Amboy at tat place and was victorious by a score of 7 company, te personnel of wic s mostly commissioned officers. He formerly lived at Long Branc. ti Sgt. Brys duty to acquaint te commissioned officers wit cer- tain rules and procedures of te j ^company. And, of course, tere are, timei wen e must use a ig de- -*Treo.-Of.ji)Rlojp.»a. n one case, a second lieutenant admitted e ad : lost is meal ticket. So Sgt. Bry a«k«: "Do you ave your mess card, sir? You must ave tat t n eat. to 2. George Leddy pftced for Red j r- And your unk- tag, sir, do Bank. you ave tat?" Dr. Obadla C. Bogardus,- mayor Te lieutenant ad neiter. Sgt. of Keyport, was appointed by Governor Edge as a member of te "Wat s your name, sir? O, Bry continues: Nort Jersey district water supply no, you do not trow away tp commission. Te appointment was green mess card after te first day. for four years at a salary of $3,000 You keep it for use as long tie per year. youre ere, sir. tink we can Te League of Nations was de- fix it up So tat you can eat now, bated" at te Oceanic ig scool j "Jr." and te side favoring te league i s Sft- Bry always adds, "But dont won. T«speakers on tis side ieet me wrong, we get along swell." Born ln New Yolk e moved were Marlon Rice. Henry Hun, cil^ LUella Jeffrey and Viola Lind. Te to Long Branc wit is parents losing side was composed of 15 years ago, and was graduated Carles Mears, Josep Hlntelmmn, from Asbury Park ig scool in Beatrice Clancy and Marjfaret Y«o Sgt. Bry was employed by mans, te latter einz sick and un- a meat concern,, and... decorations... flrm able to speak. Te judges *": lor Jl beln * "? C d Misses Mary Goodenoug, Hazel army n February Errlckson and Elsie Gullck, teacers at te scool. Robert Bry,- «training at His broter, Tec. Fourt Or.ide Fort C. P. Wortley of Fair Haven moved nto te Everett Smit ouse on Elm place, wic e ad recently purcased. Captain and Mrs. E. J. Harding, Monmout. Hes attaced to te 15t Signal Training regiment and is.taking a course ln teletypewriter maintenance. wo ad recently been married, be-1 Early Romans were te first to gan ousekeeping ln te Hartwlg adopt asparagus as an article of bungalow, near Hie Little Bllver food. DONT WAT FOR THS Troubleiome leilct, extra expenae. Avoid tat wit * new Tilo Roof,,. weaterproof wear-reaiatant... applied over old roof witout UM or boter. 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5 Town and Farm n Wartime Some Vegetables Now Folnt-Free. Tomatoes, corn, asparagus, beets, leafy greens, spinac, blackeye peas, and garbanzo beans ave been added to te point-free lut of procested foods troug June 30, te Offlca of Price Administration as announced. Points ave been reduced o spagetti sauce; soupa, grape and tomato Jams and preserves; apple, grape, mint and plum jellies; bakers jellies and fruit butters. Points ave been increased on cranberries and cranberry sauce; tomato juice n large containers; canned or bottled dry varieties of beans (excluding «oy, blackeye and garbanzos); tomato catsup and cill sauce; raspberry and strawberry Jams and preserves. Reductions were made to move out last years stocks before new supplies are available in great volume. Butter Point Value Reduced. Te ration point value of creamcry butter as been reduced from 16 to 12 red points a pound, te OPA as announced. Margarine as been lowered from six to 2 points per pound. Te new valuer are effective troug June 3, Tis reduction was made possible by reasonally increased production. Lumber ndustry Needs Men. More tan 60,000 men are needed for lumbering and pulpwood Jobs before next fall f 1944 requirements are to be met, according to a statement from te War Manpower Commission. Efforts will n< made to switc farm labor to te wood a as te arvest season closes and to recruit oter seasonal workers. Lumber Blocks are at an alltime low and te estimated 194«minimum requirements of 35,500,- 000,000 board feet must be met almost entirely from te 19H outpuf Barn Barnyard Equipment Quotas Troug te Barn and BarnyarJ Equipment ndustry Advisory Committee, WPB as been advised tat despite some sortages n te available supply, 1944 production quotas of barn and barnyard equipment will be realized. Seasonal nrroawn n Poultry Price*. Consumers will pay an average of two-tirds of a cent more a pound for poultry over a period of one year under an OPA ruling providing for seasonal increases n priced of cickens and oter fowl. Te new prices will continue troug June of tis year, and from January troug June of next year. Prom July troug December year te celling prices will revert to te unadjusted base prices as listed n-table A of te Foultry Regulation. Premiums to te producers, wic will be passed on at all levels of distribution, range from a low of a alf-cent a pound n January to a ig of 2.2 cents a pound in May. Cild-Care Scrvloe Available. Te OHict of War nformation reports tat approximately 20 million- dollars (or extensive cildcare services will be available during te fiscal year 1945 to meet te needs of working women wit cildren. Te Federal Works Agency is now., financing te following services in connection wit misery scools or cild-care centers: nformation centers for parents, ealt care, a visiting teacer service to work closely wit parents on needs of cildren enrolled at centers, and some transportation of cildren between teir omes and te centers. Communities were women wit cildren under two years are needed for war work now may apply to FVYA for funds to establis group care for tese cildren. To Reduce Hog Prices. ciation kitcen committee to aid in Ceiling prices on ogs weiging overcoming te deficit incurred more tan 240 pounds live weigt during te past semester in distributing lunces to te scool cil- will be reduced 75 cents per undred weigt on and after May 15, dren. 1944, te-ppa said. Te action is Mr. VanBrunt entertained wit designedto discourage te use of a film entitled "Be Safe As You corn and oter essential grains in Can." Te movie was procured troug te efforts of Clifford H., bringing ogs up to eavy, uneconomical weigts. ties of two families wile canning Oakerson and depicted te activi- Sell Corn to Government. vegetables, proceeds from teir victory garden. t stressed te point Farmers in te surplus-producing counties of te corn belt are to be careful and sane wile in your urged by te War Department, te kitcen and to avoid dangerous accidents prevalent n te ome to- War Production Board, and te War Food Administration to sell day. &. corn to te Government to assure Te next dinner meeting of te continued production of critical Lions will be eld at te Willowbrook restaurant Tureday war materials, te Department of nigt, Agriculture announced. Te appeal is for corn not required for te farmers own needs or te needs of feeders n teir own communities. Round-Up. Civilians ave been allocated 120,000,000 pounds of ceddar ceese for te quarter ending in June, WFA says... OPA announces tat 10,000 new passenger automobiles and 12,000 new adults bicycles will be available for eligible applicants n May... More lan 41,000 wives and infants wera riven medical and ospital care in Marc under te Emergency Malernlty and nfant-care program, according to te Department of Labor.,, Dairy owners will find it easier to purcase water eaters as a result of a WPB action removing restrictions from sales of direct and fired (solid fuel) ot water eaters of te following types: Bucket-a-day stoves, dome-type water eaters, and service water and tank eaters... Tere was no net cange n te average cost of living essentials between February S and Marc 15 because lower food prices balanced iger costs of spring cloting, ouseold equipment, and services, to Labor- Department reports... Pot type oil burners may now be purcased by consumers witout a preference rating, WPB says, but, n te case of new nstallations, autorization for dollvory of fuol oil must be ob-,.ia, 1 J n e3«^ro r 2jPAW befortv purcase^ Df an estimated 4,000,000 extra farm workers needed tis year, t la expected tnt about 1,200,000 will be boys und girls under 18 years of age and about 800,000 will be women.. BKMJNDKH.S MEATS, FATS Bed stamps A8 troug <J8, good ndefinite- ly- PROCESSED FOODS Blue stamps AD Utrougn ( 8, good ndefinitely. SUGAR Sugar stamp SO and 31 eac good for five pounds indefinitely. Sugar tamp 40 s good for five pounds of canning sugar troug February next year. GASOLNE n 17 East Coast States, A-9 coupons are good troug May 8. A-10 coupon becomes good Hay 9 and remains good troug August 8. n States outside te East Coast area, A-ll coupon, good troug June 21. FUEL OL Periods 4 and 5 coupons are good troug August 31 ṠHOES Airplane stamps 1 and 2, good ndefinitely. Dinner-Meeting Of Fair Haven Lions Session Held n New Ratskellar A dinner meeting yf te Fair Haven Lions club was eld last Tureday nigt in te new ratskellar of te Willowbrook restaurant. President Wilfred H. Mc- Cracken waa in carge, and Barney T. Egeland was acting tailtwlater. Peter J. Eicele led te group singing and Mr. Egeland led in te salute to te American flag. Henry R. Stadlcr, second vice president of te service club and proprietor of te" Willowbrook icsi tauiant, was given a rising vote of tanks in appreciation for enl&iging is restaurant for te comfort and, privacy of is many patrons. Te newly completed ratdkellar la situated directly under te main dining room and will neat 15(1 to 200 comfortably. He was also tanked for ia recent $25 contribution to te clubs cazity fund. G. J. Kreret reported tat e and Milton A. Siegfried attended te recent zone gatering at Keansburg. Mr. Fieret presented a report giving te various subjects and activities discussed at te meeting and also many suggestions for te benefit of te local group. Mr. Eicele announced tat te Fair Haven club bowling team trounced te Lions team by 108 pins in a matc recently on te Wlliowbrook alleye. Tis is te second straigt lime tat te young men ave taken over te civic club. Te Lion bowler expressed te belief tat te Lions will be in better form next season. Secretary Harry C. F. Worden announced tat tere were nine members of te group wit 100% attendance during te Lions nternational individual members contest from September 13, 1943, to April 22, Awards will be presented in te future to te following Lions: Wilfred H. McCracken, Barney T. Egeland, Leater H. England, Peter J. Eicele, Henry R. Stadler. Robert V. VanBnint, Jon L. Willard. Milton A. Siegfried and Harry C. F. Worden. James P. LaBau reported tat tere were now approximately 253 names of young men and women listed on te borougs onor roll, wic is sponsored by te Lions. Tere were 229 at te last report, and loeretiave been 2t added during te past week. Marcelle J. Jeune of 214 Cambridge avenue, Knollwood, Fair Haven, was unanimously elected to membersip. He s a supervisor of te Western Electric company at New York city and was sponsored and introduced by Bernard W. Smit. Te Lions unanimously voted to contribute (e sum of $25 to te Fair Haven Parent-Teacer asso- May 11, at 7:15 oclock. Tose present Tursday nigt were Wilfred H. McCracken, Bernard W. Smit, Marcelle J. Jeune, Jon L Willard, Robert V. Van- Erunt, Jon C. Herber, Henry R. Stadler, Peter J. Eicele, Jon G. Anderson, Barney T. Egeland, Lester H. England, G. J. Freret, Fred E. Gregg, Horace P. May, James P. LaBau and Harry C. P. Worden, Dredging Manasquan River. Contractors for te state Board of Commerce and Navigation ave begun dredging te sout side of to Manasquan river, were fisermen land tousands of dollars wort of fls annually. Wen completed te cannel will be navigable almost vita entire lengt, from Manasquan nlet to te New York and Long Branc railroad bridge. Total radio production in tis country is valued at $250,000,000 a mont. HARTFORD Hertford Fire nsurance Company NSURANCE JOKN T. LAWLEY - «- AGENT ^ Riverside Drive and State Hwy 35 Tel. Red Bank 410 Farewell Dinner For J. Franklyn Young A farewell dinner was tendered J. Franklyn Young, son of Mr. and Mr». Herbert F. Young of Curc street, Sea Brigt, wo will leave soon for military service. t was a soutern fried cicken- dinner wit all te fixings. A feature of te evening was te presentation of an identification bracelet to Mr. Young and a bouquet of carnations and daffodils to Mrs. Young from te office force and drivers of te Railway Express company. Morris Nelson of te Red Bank office was toastmaster. J. FRANKLYN YOUNG. Oter members of te office force and drivers" present were Raymond Tompson and Josep Calmer of Red Bank, George W. Ryser of Little Silver. Jon F, Young and Burgess Emmons of Sea Brigt, Daniel Helm of Belmar and Harold Wilgerodt of Llncroft. Fred Fiscer. Red Hank justice of te peacei was also present. Two oter express company employees are now n service tey being Pfc. Al Carr, stationed at Jacksonville, Florida, and Pvt. William A. Pogue, wo is in ndianapolis, ndiana. Mr. Young, wo is a graduate of te Long Branc ig scool, class of is a grandson of former Mayor William R. Fowler of Sea Brigt Sale of Farm. Mrs. Mary Lippincott as sold er 37-acre farm on Route 33. near te Jumping Brook golf course in Neptune townsip, to Mr. and Mrs. RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Leonardo Group Has Curc Nigt Dr. Deer Speaks On Missionary Work Dr. Roy B. Deer, executive secretary of te New Jersey Baptist Convention, spoke at te annual curc nigt and supper Friday at te Leonardo Baptist curc. He ; spoke on work of Baptist missionaries. He cited incidents n countries were missionaries ave done great deeds, especially in ndia. Supper was served by membesr of te Edna Woodward and Elsie Kittlitzz capters, World Wide guild. Te tree curc coirs sang, and benediction was given by te pastor, Rev. Ell-wood S. Wolf. Oters participating were Mrs. Ralp Pease of to Edna Woodward capter, WWG.; Mrs. Walter Bills, president of te Womens Missionary society, and Katerine capter, WWG. Red Bank Soldier n Cina Promoted Robert F. Munden, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Munden of Harrison avenue, wo in stationed at an air transport base in Cina, was recently promoted from sergeant to staff sergeant. Sgt. Munden. wo as been n te Army since February 18, 1942, i«an airplano propellor specialist.! n civilian life e was an automoi bile mecanic, Hi> aa been in te i Cina-Burma-ndia teater since September 15 of year, serving j wit tile ndia-cina wing of te ; air tranfiport command. Tis is te U. S. Army Air Force unit wic operates te famed United ; Nations -aerial, supply route- n Cina over te Himalaya mountains of Nort Burma, flying giant j transport airplanes on an around-! te-clock baste. History Of Rumson : Now Being Printed Te faculty and students- of Rumson ig scool ave prepar- ed a istory of Rumson, wic will be issued in book form witin a few weeks. Te book will contain about 200 pages, wit illustrations and maps, and will sell for $2.50 per volume. Te edition is limit-!ed. Professor Carles A, Wolbac, supervising principal of te ig scool, under wose direction te J. B. Wite of nterlaken Te place, istory was compiled, is soliciting as a modern 12-room ouse and a 1 subscribers to te book at te complete set of dairy buildings. above price. ^-""Sears Spring Hovsecleaning Supplies Everyting You Will Need for Doing a Better Job! Self Polising FLOOR WAX $7-29 Mm GAL "Maid Of Honor"... fast-drying and selfpolising! Provides a ric satiny finis for floors. Clotes Drier, sturdy ardwood outdoor type... $8.95 Sewed Quality Brooms, ardwood andles 1.39 Dust Mops, ideal for all floors 59c Famous Renuzit Frenc Dry Cleaner, gal 65c Floor Brus fine quality orseair 98c GARBAGE CANS WATER PALS 10 QUART 39«MOTH-OFF MOTH BALLS 1-LB. GALLON QUART 98 PKG r MOTH tnut lift 7 SPRAY 32OZ - $1.29 BOT. i Purcases Totaling $10 Or Mare. Can Be Mads On SEARS EASY PAYMENT PLAN SEARS, ROEBUCK in 150.= 27*29 Monmout St. Bank Pone 1290 STORE HOURS: Dally, 9 A. M. lo 5:30 P. M., Saturday!, 0 A. M. to 9 T. M. V«os» iforvi fiavt posftd or marked cutting prlcti n compliant;* wit Gpy*rnfl)«nt regulation*. Five Cited For War Bond Services Certificates of merit, signed by Col. Josep C. Haw, commander at Fort Hancock, were awarded today to five civilian employeea "n recognitionof teir outstanding services n connection wit te furterance of te war bond pay reservation plan for civilian employees at Fort Hancock." According to a citation submitted to te war bond branc, Second Service command, wic supplied te certificates on te basis of recommendations made by te post war bond officer, te following employees sowed "outstanding ability, interest and entusiasm in making te war bond campaign at Fort. Hancock a success": George H. ONeill, wo resides on te post; Mrs. Josep V. Garvey, wife of an enlisted man stationed tere, wo f nce BG 12-OZ. BOX MOTH BALS or FLAKES Gtnalne rit NatklkalMl to («not mol damage M sarbsil. altnkek. rarsrli, etc, 3>,25c QUART-SZE "ATLAS" MASON JARS Clear glass,»«>«soulder Jars, boxed complete, wit seals [ and metal cap*. for EPSOM SALT u.s.p. Medicinal NURSNG BOTTLES i- Off $»*. \ 6 For 15 Sl.OO" SCHCK njector BLADES QT. PTCHER GBAPUATEP Uirmf.iYj lived a* Higland. 1 ;; Mrs. Elena A. L&tlnl, Main street, Ceansburg; lire. Hazel M. Farren, Eut avenue, Atlantic Higlands, and Mrs. Marie E. Pratesl, Union City. "t waa troug teir continuous personal solicitation of employees tat tis station was able, to attain 100% participation," te citation declared." Selling Sares On $500 War Bond Srewsbury post 168, Amercan Legion, is selling sares on a $500 war bond, te proceeds to bo used for mprovements to te Legion ome on Riverside avenue. Only 1,000 sares are to be sold, and te bond wili be awarded at te Legion ome at 8 oclock Tuesday, July 4, at wic time te public is nvited to be present. DRUG CO. RED BANK Page Five. WANTED SMALL FARM UP TO 25 ACRES PRESCRPTONS CAREFULLY FLLED By registered graduate parmacists. We use only trie best quality fres drug,, and to insure accuracy erery prescription is double-ceeked. - Broad & Wallace Sts. For Tursday, Friday and Saturday 1G KLEERVUE PHOTO FEATURE Larger Tan Doable-S*e PHOTO PRNTS Eisartlr pilated aa faseku»» ftra aar»o»slar Mi nisi, pt atrviee. K PNE TAR RUG WRAP 9X12-8X10 19c AT NO EXTRA COST l «PKGS. GARDEN SEED BLACK FLAG NSECTCDE FULL AAl QT. *"V CHX-KNT DUST CLOTH- t.-t*. pki. 2Oc WNDEX WNDOW CLEANER MONE HAND SOAP-U. «n R-A-K LQUD NSECTCDE Flnl 29 e BUG DOOM NSECTCDE «u 59 10c 49 C CRB SHEETNG Qgc *,;a V»l. - 33S-lm " w $1.50 CHUX *1 «3» DSFOSABLf DlArE»8 SOc MENNEN BABY Pit New mproved Glides PEPTO-MANGAN ron and Vitamin B-l TABLETS BtncfltU in deficiency o[ ron., lab*. 30 Ttblets-39c Fat! 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6 RED BANK REGSTER ESTABLSHED 1878 By Jon H. Cook and Henry Clay THOMAS KVNG BROWN Editor and Publiser JAMES J. HOGAN, Associate Editor Assistant Editor* M. HAROLD KELLY CHESTER J. BEAMAN FREDERC S. HAYES, Managing Editor Nations! Advertising Representative!, Barry T. Mines Co., 2S K«!t -6! St., Kcw York. 123 Wnt Madison St.. Cicago, 111.; l.-ug Cestnut St., Piladelpia, Pa. Tbe Red Hunk Register assumes no financial responsibilities for typograpic^ irrors in advertisements but will reprint tat part of En advertisement in wic ta typograpical error occurs, Advertisrrs will please notify te management immediately of any error wic may occur. MEMBER THE ASSOCATED PRESS Tlie Associated Prvss is exclusively entitle?! to te use for republicalio.i of all newa dispatces credited to it or not oterwise, credited in tma Daper and also te local news publised terein, Member Audit Bureau of Circulations ssued Week!), enured us Secnnd-Clasa Matter at te Poatofflce at Rc-c Bank, K. J.. under te Act of Marc 3, Subscription Prir»s n Advance: One year, J2.50; all monts, 11.50; tree monts. T5 cents; single copy, tint*. THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1M4. Postmaster vonkattengell Wa» a Real Public Servant n TP passing of 1ristmaster Ed, von- Kattengell, Rod Bank lose* not only an efficient- public seivnn r luit-n-man -wose i ru tcrests were closely identified wit te progress of t lie boroug. A member of te Dem-, ocratic party bwiuise lie believed in te principles of tat organization. Mr. vonkattengell forgot party politics wen te interests of tis section indicated tat suc action was desirable. Mr. vonkattengel] was a valuable worker in te bank re-opening campaign of 1933, and was captain of te team wic turned in te greatest amount of subscriptions. He was cairman of te Red Bank district committee of te Federal Housing Administration, aud it was largely troug is efforts tat about!?75(),0fl0 was loaned for new construction at Red Bank and vicinity. He did not engage in tese public services as a Democrat, but as a good American and an outstanding citizen of Red Bank. He was not just a Democrat wen e conducted te motor veicle license agency at "Red Hank. Heold tis office for 11V 2 years, and it is significant tat during tat long term tere was not a single complaint made against is administration. He carried into public Hfe te same efficiency tat caracterized is business career as one of tis sections oldest and outstanding automobile distributors. Wen!Mr. vonkattengell became postmaster of Rid Hank in August, 193t>, lie told a reporter fur Te Register tat e would endeavor to maintain te same ig standard of poskiftice efficiency tat ad prevailed under liis predecessor, te lute William A..Sweeney. He said e would welcome suggestions iinil constructive criticism from every (source and would look for opportunities to improve and extend te service. Quoting from Tlir Register of Angus! 27, ]f)3(i. e suiil tai in coinluciing is duties e would regard ie public as liis employer anil would work as earnestly in make good as if e wen. on te payrnl) of ;i private employer. Tus sp<>kr, nut a Democrat rewarded for H«)d work witin il u. ranks uf is par <v. nn an American aving e true concept of pulie vonkittiengell backed up tc<c words wit action and served willi yrcai credit in imself and is community. n -private life, e was te typu of citizen tlml Ked Hank may well be proiiinl of, and in extending oursynipaty to i.s family. \w run unly point out tai tey may liml ruiisnlaiion in te fact tat Mr. vonkauiiigrll led a useful and good life, ami liail i e i-e^ieei nf nil wit wom lie eaine iiitu iiiiikt. caviar; in te dairy department, ceese, butter, condensed milk, cream, eggs, sunflower seeds, oil and lard. "Stocks also include musrooms, rermicelli, rice, coffee, black bread, wite bread, flour, candies, cakes, apples and delicacies. "As a matter of fact te stores appear quite as well stocked as anyting one would see in Britain or in te United States before te war. Maybe its time tey trew tis Lend- Lease business into reverse. Motorist! Still Paying Plenty n Gas Fuel Taxes n spite of rationing te gasoline tax remains te number one revenue producer of state governments. Te $760 million collected from taxes on motor veicle fuels represented approximately 20 per cent of tax collections of all states (exclusive of unemployment compensation tax) for 1943, according to a report of te Bureau of te Census. Te federal government, too, takes plenty from te motorists, not only in fuel taxes, but also in te federal use tax of 5 assessed annually. Many motorists, owever, ave never purcased te federal use tax stamps and te governnient as never made any attempt to ceck on wo bougt, tem and wo did not. Te only way would be a personal inspection of every car in te country and tat is out of te question. Te cost would be greater tan te revenue obtained originally from te stamp sales. And were would all te inspectors come from? ts one of tese laws enacted from time to time in a urry, witout tougt to enforcement, and it sould be repealed. -o-o-o-o-o-o- (Te opinions expressed n ti Edl. tortal Vlswi ereuadar do not neeeasar- T carry te r,dor»«m«nt of Ts Raist*r). - THE BCD For tose wo would OOK, te woodlands now ave a prime display of wat tbe speoialljju n tat ndustrial problem would call packaging. Buds are opening, and f any professional packer «ver stowed alf a> muc nto as a space a< te trees and buses reveal n teir buds e could rigtly ry triump supreme. Look at te beeces and you will find eac atem tipped wit a. lance point not muc larger tan a pencil lead; te green already sowing tere, aa te scales fall away, will become a leaf alf as big as a uman and. On te twigs of te gray birces wic ave been bowing under every eavy rain are buds not a quarter of an inc long; peel away te scales wit care and you can unfurl from tem a perfect birc leaf, every vein in sigt, still eo small tat not even a flee, could ide beneat t. On te dogwood buds are fattening tat ave been tere all winter ong. Now tey are about te size and sape ot. a praying mantla ead. Open one wit care and you will find witin te marvelously folded cream-wite leaves wic will enfold te flower wen it blossoms four broad leaves in a packet te size of te mantis ead. And on te grape leaf viburnum tere are clustered flower buds like plnend beads wit tigtly furled leaves enclosing tem aa two cupped ands. But for te master display of all, find a sagbark ickory and be patient. One warm day its buds will ave grown to tbe size of a finger. Ten tey will ave forced back teir green usks and revealed a fine pink capsule te size of a small tumb. Te sun will beam and te pink seat will open and out will come not one leaf but flve, or even seven, unfurling even wile you watc te miracle. New York Times. "O-o-O-o-O-O- You Can Buy Wat You Want n Russia Witout Coupons We ;V ii.-is-inj. Mi, (,,,,. m ir cnlijiiiiiinj: iiilnriiuticni sent from Moscow by Kdilv. i. i v. A^iiciaicd Pp,.ss stuff writer MJS n- Snviri people "know meat a in oilier lliin^s me nilioncd in te United Stales ;nwl Si-il :iin noil till llnre is ardly a eiiizcn uf ilmse two i-nunlries wo could o out tndiiy mid mv wluit a citizen (if Moscow mil mv on t M. open market. Tis i> very simple, very convincing to ie people of linssia. 1 jusi finised a toll! of one -ill liise nuiillicleiiil stores, ;is llicy are ealled, "lice> are ;is as people expelled, bill, vou e;i ny wal \oij want witout oiipnns, 1iiiion rjirin, iii icr.s, iiliiitjiiniiiim _or red lajie -just piek out wni vou want Fair Haven Leads te Way n Opposition to Subsidies Commendation is due te Fair Haven boroug council for te stand it took at its last meeting on te matter of obtaining government subsidies for te providing of lunces for scool cildren. Commenting upon a letter received from te National Scool Cafeteria association, urging officials to write to teir representatives in Wasington urging teir support of a bill providing, for te continuation of suc subsidies, te Fair Haven officials said tey felt tat suc aid was not necessary and not desir able. Councilman Russell H. Minton, wo is also president of te board of education, said tat it is evident te federal government is trying to obtain a footold in te scool system. Councilman H. Lynnwood Minton opined tat federal spending sould be cut down, and tat a start migt well be made in tis matter. Councilman Teter J. Eicele said tat, under suc prosperous conditions tat exist today, certainly tere is no need of a dole from te government. Councilman Jon Howie, wile favoring te use of surplus commodities, wic is understandable, opposed te use of federal funds. We suppose its uman nature but we find tat some people wo oppose subsidies on principle generally relent wen tey are oil te receiving end of suc grants. Te gift of a few undred dollars from te federal government seems to tese people like manna from eaven. Tey forget teir principles in teir eagerness to divert tese dollars into local cannels. Te stand of te Fair Haven board is not only a brave one, in view of te pressure tat is being used to get teseinds, but a refresing one as well in a dity wen te general attitude migt e sumined up in te expression, "Dont do wat do, do wat say. Providing of lunces to scool cildren at. a nominal cost, if suc is deemed desirable or necessary, does not necessarily ave to stop because funds are not fortcoming from te federal government. Our scool oards spend tousands of dollars in te inaintennnce of our scools. Expenditure of a few undred dollars for lunces, provided tey are autliori/.ed by te voters of te scool district in n referendum a truly democratic w;iy of doing business will not bankrupt our scool system. Peraps our scool oards may find a way of cutting down on some tings" tat are not really essential in order to find te funds. Fair Haven officials are setting a line example to educators of oter niunieipnli Vies in ie setion. Te ]{ed Hank scool board as been flirting wit federal subsidies for some time. Te matc is not a fjood one. Lets ope (at life romance will lie promptly elided. - " te liicjil section found lieef, mutton, pork, six^liu^ j)i^s, dikkens, yeiw, turkey ens, tiny delicate wiusagcs and many Viirielies uf liirjier ciuisages and jiiiine. birds. "n die HK <l<p;iriiuent tere lvcre ertint, sturyniii, perc &u& biatk jiud rui -o-o-o-o-o-o- Editorial Views of Oter Papers juvenlle delinquency revived nostalgia reminiscences of te old Mc- Guffey literature wic was always on te side of good and opposed to te bad. But it was literature not just a list ot "Dos" and "Donts." Tere was usually a moral to te story or poem, but t was also a good atory or a good poem. Te moralising was made pleasant to take, like a sugar-coated pill. And n tat way MoGuffeyi Reader* excelled. Before is time, young students ad to take teir morality pills straigt and n eavy doaea. Since la time te pill as been practically left out and only te sugar coating s beg given. t s true tat te Readers sometimes put t on a "bit tick" tor te little ones, but n advanced classes tere were stories and poems from te coicest classics. For nstance, te Tird Reader tells of "Te Good-Natured Boy" wo started on a five-mile walk, and on te way saved a dog and orse from starvng, led a blind man out of a pond and fed a ungry sailor. Tat made a lot of adventures for one walk, but it was only te beginning. On is way back e was overtaken by te dark and, cold and ungry, jjot lost in te woods. Ten te dog brougt im a package of sandwices; te orse came along and carried im back to is road; and wen tieves pounced on im e was rescued by te dog, e blind man and te sailor all combined. All of wic led te boy p exclaim, "A good action s never rown away." Too tick and sweet? Not as muc so as some of te tales of rimm, Perrault and Andersen. Youngsters like riotous adventure and are not finicky. Te igergrade readers were more subtle. Tere te advancing student found opened to im te deligts of tense drama, stirring adventure; subtle umor and te eart-lifting beaules of te worlds greatest poems. Tere s no doubt tat te stuff of te McGuffey Readers would grlve our cildren splendid training now, and would act as a powerful preventive of juvenile delinquency. A kind of reverse-order proof of at can be seen n Germany and Japan, were te yout were zealously trained to be egotistical atrs and figters. Tat s exactly wat tey became. Patfinder. DCTATORSHP N THE OPEN. t is unlikely tat Montgomery Ward k Company of Cicago can do muc more tan it already as done make "token" resistance to a Federal dictatorsip acting n bealf of organized labor and backed by te United States Army. t is neverteless possible tat by its refusal to submit to anyting but coercion it may ave struck a blow for all civil rigts and liberties. ts stores, wareouses and factoriesengaged primarily in mall order and retail trade ave been seized on te ground tat ita transactions ndirectly affect prosecution of te war. Watever te garment of flnespun legal tecnicalities wit wic te Attorney-General and peraps te courts may clote tis iganded procedure, te naked trut of te business is tat te concern as been taken over because it refused to sign B. contract wit a labor union. By nsisting upon a sow of force te management as placed te ssue squarely upon te earts and consciences of te American people. Te question wic every fair-minded American must be asking imself today s, "How muc furter s tis sort of ting to go?" A good many millions will take tat question wit tem nto te polling boots next November. New York Sun. SERVCEMEN, TAKE HEED. Servicemen and teir families will do well to eed te warnings being issued against placing confidence were it decidedly s not due in te "confidence" men wo ply teir ugly trade n peacetime largely among widows and te inexperienced, and in wartime among discarged veterans wit muster- ng-out pay and bonuses, and individuals wit War Bond savings. A recent report by te Farm Economics Bureau of te Nortwestern National Life nsurance Company lists a number of te scemes, mostly as old as te swindle game itself, wic are being repackaged to attract te uninitiated. Lucrative jobs are advertised, and wen te required cas bond s deposited, te advertiser disappears. Fake employment agencies collect registration fees. Partnersips are sold n sady or non-existent businesses, as well as Bares in wortless nventions, overpriced farmlands, and non-existent "territorial rigts." Te old biograpical oax s played on families of war eroes, wit signed "autorizations" turning out to e purcase contracts, or money advanced for potograps, etc., n volumes tat often never are printed, Names and addresses of veterans anil War Bond purcasers are belnp compiled by te "confidence" men for teir so-called "sucker lists," and teir scemes seem plausible. But if veterans and toir families will tnko te precaution of te free information service of te Better Business Bureaus in teir localities, or consult an attorney or banker, before signing any form or nvesting any money, tey will protect temselves, and elp defeat te racket. Te Cristian Science Monitor. THE McGlFFEY READERS.. Henry Ford, n entire agreement wit a number of Patfinder correspondents, suggested tat one ting needed todny wm for cildren to read morn of "te kind of ting" tey used to get n to McGuffey Renders. Mi-. Ford believes tat grade xcorri students sould be tniifrt Hie difference between rigt and wrong; sould be gently led to love virtue and loate vice, and be fiscal year eiicliiig~rune SO, litxi, f ^."MS,11(1,(11)0. Tis coupled wit #!),000,000,- (Kill slim- and Jociil laxih or $ol,500,000,000 m.m^per cent of te. total wealt of tic country as measured by te assessed valuation of #ii:!..m<i.ii(>n,ofi(i. Do,;,,,, limke y m dizzy.,. -. duotry, sobriety and lg-mlndednpss. Demonstrating tat e knows is McGuffey, te auto maker olted tla verse as an example of wat e meant: Be kind to all you cance to meet, n field or lane or crowded street; Anger and pride aro bot unwise, Vinegar never catces files. Te widely discussed subject of TWO WARTME DECSONS. 1. On te Local Level... Te Securities and Excange Commission tells us tat te liquid savings of American individuals reaced te amazing total of $37 billion at te end of last year." Tbe enormity of tis reserve is made clearer wen, we t to te total national income for wic was only four and one-alf billions more tan tat figure. One result of enlarged pay envelopes as been te virtual disappearance of personal debt. Te American worker s using tis opportunity to pay off te obligations e assumed in less palmy daya. Te New Jersey Taxpayers Association points out tat municipalities in tat state are doing te aame ting as te tax delinquenta are paying overdue levies, te towns and cities are cleaning up teir own ndebtedness and are, n many cases, building a substantial backlog for te postwar period. A serious inconsistency i s noted, owever, in te operating costs of New Jersey municipalities, typical of tose n many oter states. t appears tat te 566 municipalities in New Jersey are going" to spend over tree million dollars more tis year tan tey did in MS, despite te continued scarcity of materials and labor for capital mprovements. Moat of tis increase s going into larger salaries for governmental employees. Some of tese pay ncreases are merited, of course, n view of te times. But none of tem sould be in any oter farm tan tat of bonuses for te war period only. Te difflcultiea will be great n adjusting tese swollen pay rolls downward wen te emergency U over and times are normal again, even wen te iger wages are explicitly of a temporary nature. Cities and town are nviting future trouble if tey do not stipulate tat raises n pay are not permanent increases but merely an onest effort to adjust governmental wages to te present rise n te cost of living.. For te Nation... Anoter postwar problem tat we can prepare to meet now is te tax structure wic will apply wen te weels of war industry begin to slow down. We sould know Just ow we are going to face important matters like te reconversion of ndustry, te repayment of our debt and te consideration tpt risk capital will receive n te postwar economy. Te Baruc proposal does an admirable piece of work n analyzing tese problems and carting a course to teir solution!, But Representative Dougton, as Cairman of te Ways and Means Committee, does not tink we can forecast now te fiscal needs of te postwar economy and e s opposed to suc planning at tis "early" period. No doubt erc are oters n ig position wo agree wit im. Te perfect answer to Mr. Dougton s to remind im tat our tax program was not geared for war wen war came. Now tat peace s n sigt, wy delay te plans so essential to te vastly different conditions tat will prevail wen te swords ave become plougsares once again? Tax Front. PUBLC BE PLEASED. Travelers on Nsw York Central coac trains recently ave re-, celvnd a booklet wit 70 questions, eac explained by a sketc of te subject at point, on eac of wic te patron s naked to state is preferences. car; aro te seats sould tey be iger or lower, recline more or less; wat kind of door andles are easiest, were sould smoking be permitted and were barred; s te ligting adequate; ow muc would you pay for superior accommodation n Pullmans; wat about scedules, nterior decoration, tioketlng, luggage, radio on trains, food an rout*, and, of all tese factors, wic are te moit mportant wen you conalder a trip? T»r«i«good»ense to tis "publio be pleased" policy. A lot of postwar travel s going nto plane*. Pullman coats must be lowered to meet tu competition. Moreover, coac patrons must be pleasedor tey will all go back to automobllea. Te New York Centrals plan s not purely altruistic; ts smart business to know wat your customers want, and to give t to tem- Te Cristian Science Monitor. AN ARGUMENT FOB AUTOCRACY. Attorney-General Blddlea argument n te Montgomery Ward case makes at least one ting clear. For a long time it as been a praetle* of aderents of te New Deal to speak of te President of te United States aa Commander in Cief not alone of te Army. Navy and aerving militiamen as te Constitution declares im to be but of te people of te United States. TU new and pernicious doctrine s founded n just suc a conception of constitutional law as Mr. Blddlt as advanced. t derives from te strange notion tat n time of war te President not only exerclwa suc extraordinary powers as te Constitution and Congress assign to im but tat e ilso as by mplication all te otr powers belonging to a downrigt dictatorsip. Te Attorney-General seems to tink tat te only restraint lmpoaed upon ta President is tat of te due process of law clause in te Fift Amendment. But wy stop tere? Suppose tat in la own wisdom te President sould consider t disadvantageous to make compensation for private 1 property salzed by te government. By a logical extension of Mr. Blddlea argument, wouldnt tat tat be enoug to justify is setting aside even te due process clause? f te courts are never to say no to anyting te President does in time of war, ten nobody else can assert any legal rigt to any no. Wat te courts will say about tis no man can know. Congress and te general public will undoubtedly do and say plenty. f Mr Blddles argument is sound, ten te President and to courts n te United States in 1944 are substantially back were te King and te courts were n England just before te Revolution of 3688 cased King James from te trone. New York Sun. THE PENSONS Jeraey City, N. 1. May 1, Dear Sirs: Te enclosed clipping s taken from te JerBey Journal of Jersey City, N. J. t represents te opinion of te rank and file of members of te police and lire departments trougout te state. Would it be asking too muc to ave it included in te next issue of your valuable paper? Sincerely yours, RAYMOND J. HLL, Member Jersey City Fire Dept. Mayor Hague issued te following statement today concerning police and firemens pensions. read in te newspapers today te report of te committee wic undertook to pass upon te modification and reduction of policemen and firemens pensions, wic ave been establised for years for te protection of our policemen und firemen. Te committee consisted of Assemblyman Lester Mar, wo is supposed to represent a Camber of Commerce; former Sen. Artur Pierson of Union County, wo s supposed to represent Governor Edge; Alvln Burger, wo is supposed to represent some oter Camber of Commerce; James Smit, wo s supposed to represent to State League of Municipalities, and William Evcrson, wo la supposed to represent te New Jersey Taxpayers Association. "Wo are tese men and socalled associations wo ave token it upon temselves to destroy te pension system and pension laws of our atate, wic contain te only measure of protection wic as been trown about te most deserving class of public employes in our wole municipal service, namely, te police and firemen? Wo are tese men to take away from te policemen and firemen, wo risk teir lives every day n te protection of te lives and property of our citizens, te pension benefits wic nduced men to select tis noteworty and important service? t is very apparent tat tis committee does not represent associations or any group of ndividuals wo ave at eart te interest of te policemen and firemen trougout to state. "Tis conference and te report of te committee is noting more tan a fiasco. t recommends, at a time wen t s imperative tat police and nre departments be kept intact, measures wic will destroy te personnel of every police and fire department n te State of New Jersey. Here n Jersey City we are losing some of our very best and most able men because of tla mpending legislation and because of te irresponsible rant- ng of an rresponsible committee suc as tis committee wic as undertaken to make te report Just publised. "Tis is no time to undertake a cange n te pension laws We ave a war wic s taking te beat and most able-bodied men from every branc of tb public service, leaving all departments and particularly te police and flro departments, undermanned. Tis report of te committee and te rumors of mpending legislation embodying tis report destroy to morale of tose still remaining in te police and tire departments and will cause undreds of more men to leave te departments n order to protect te rigts wic tey ave onestly earned troug years of conscientious and ndustrious service, " say to te members of te police and flro departments trougout te state tnt te men wo make a report nuq as te one mndo pxiblic never ad and never will ave te nterests of te pollcomen and firemen nt eart and te policemen and firemen sould do everyting possible to prevent te destruction of te beneflta wic iifesxjlss? ea J2S& -iish?- y ta - lrb " "t s my earnest ope tat te Legislature of to State of Now Jersey, recognizing te seriousness of tis situation. n critical tlmeb Buc as tese, will abandon te dea of modifying te pension laws and reducing to pension benefits and will wait until te end of te war to undertake to solve tla molt mportant problem." Girl Mariners Have Dinner At Mermen Harbor Guests Are Skippers And Oter Officials Of te Sea Scout* Te Girl Mariners crew and officers of te Sip Sea Bird made teir first appearance a* an official group Sunday wen te girls under te guidance of teir officers and wit te assistance of some of teir committee/women prepared a feast for te skipper*, commissioners and vice commodore of te Monmout council, Sea ScouU. On and to enjoy te dinner were also te Sea ScouU of te S. S. Nort Star of Red Bank. Te mariners were divided into tree groups, eac of wic did a special Job.. Te galley of te Sea Scout base at Mennen arbor, Fair Haven, was a busy place, but te Job was done and te men say t was done pretty well. n fact, te offlcers want te mariners to do t again for a Ward Room session soon. After te galley was spick and span te mariners were initiated by performing te official ceremony under tencritlcal eye of tba officers. Many candid cameras caugt te scene. Te mariners were nvited to come n a body to te Bridge of Honor to be eld by te Sea Scouts May 29 n te Red Bank atollc ig scool auditorium. Now te group s ready to sail wit ts 17 members, tree officers* and its pilot committee. Attending were Mariner* Jean- Parker, Ellen Martin, Doroty Mc- Carty, Rut Kilver, Eileen Mc- Neil, Pillls Katsln, Vera Cotton, Audrey Tomas, Joan McHug, Louise Jefferson, Joan Moore, Emma Ask, Armistice Ask, Olga Brand and Mascot Barbara Taylor. Skipper Mrs. Helen McKee Gala, Second Mate Mra. Barnard Taylor, Firsts Mate Miss Elizabet Roas, Committeewoman Mrs. Ray, Haselwood and Committee Cairman Mrs. William D. Sayre. Sea Scouts Sampanore, Pattereon, Welnsteln, Soule, Grant, Laveroni and Sapp; Skippers Herman Scumacer of Keyport, Porter AJden of Bclmar, Henry Carpenter of Rumson and Baynard Taylor of Red Bank; First Matea Jon Karinja of Rumson and Ray Haselwood of Red Bank and Second Mate Holbrook Smit of Red Bank. Leading te training course were Commissioner Louis Cooke of Rumson. Dr. Edwin Stewart, squadron surgeon; Vice Commodore Jon F. Scully and William Firtof Monmout conucil. Te program was sponsored by te Red Bank Sea Scout Sip Nort Star. MDDLETOWN FRST All} MDDLETOWN TOWNSHP FRST AD SQUAD, NC, East Keansburg, N. J. May 1, 1M4. Te Editor: Would you pleas* publis tb* following n tla weeks paper: To te people of Ulddletcwn townsip; Te Middlotown townsip first aid squad would like to ave ta residents of te townsip know Just ow muc work s being accomplised bv te squad. Te squad at tis time consists of seven active members and four reserves. Tere are a total of ten members in te armed forces. Te followine are te number of persons andled during April: flve automobile accident patients, one eart attack patlenl, 12 aurgical patients, two maternity cases and five ome accidents. A total of 20 patients was transported to various.ospitals n te county. Four patients were removed from te oapltale and transported to teir ome. Te five ome accidents wer* of suc a nature tev did not require removal to a ospital but are under a doctors care. A total of 29 persona waa cared for. Te sections of te townsip te patients were.from were East KeannburK. Port Monmout. Belford, Locust Point, Mlddletown and Leonardo. Te accident patients were from oter parts of ta atate. We wis te residents of te townsip to feel tat we are doing our best to serve tem and we will let te residents know eac mont ow manv cases we are caring for and wat parts of te townsip tev are from. Tank vou. Ned E. Hammond, Captain. DONT FORGET TO FRAY 83 Pearl Street, Red Bank, N. J., April 24, Mr. Tomas rving Brown; eard tla poem over te radio and liked it so muc J sent for t. t as been my desire to ave t publised n Your popular paper, Te RedLeank Register, and since tlnklna of it ve read several poems n vour paper. t will be a good way for our boys to oee t. Tanking vou in advance. Sincerely, Jane Edgar Randolp. (Mra. D. C.) DONT FORGET TO FRAY Son, tere aint muc tnt we can say, Toug deep witin our earts Teres countless tougts we cant express Wen t comes time to part. Of course well tell you to b«brave wen you are far away, But, first of all. oointi tis advice. Son, dont forget to pray. Wo wont be wit you ov«r tere, Your and, cant touc ours wen You reac for just a friendly clasp, Ant] comes remembrance ten, Dut up ubovo terca someone wo Hears every word you sny; So wen tlngi are tougest, Bon, Just dont forgot to Dray. Tere alny muc we can»ay to elp Wen times like tese arise, Except to say tis but to look For aid uj> n te skies,. For He wet watces over you After youve Rone away Will be to one wo enres for you; So dont forjret to pray. Tis llilo U to one took Aluliit wit me tat year Wen was flittlnx over tere. For tings wo all old dear, _... ts p«:e» to His word: Ten, dont forgot to pray. Sume day you will bo buck wit us, Some day youll understand Tat patways eailirik to to best Aro Buldeit by His and. And tnutr tei-e nln t tauc folks like Just rian old folkh, Can say, TU wit bellevlnn earts we ask. Boa i s s ><"> Joiget to pray, Going* On At Te USO Club By RUTH g. LEW* Past. Headlines for tae week-go to ta Qiao dub from ta Georgian Court college wo presented a beautiful evening of music for us Sunday nigt, Te 40 glru made a plena-, log picture as te curtain was drawn at 7:30. All were dressed n full evening dress wic mad* ta evening a gala occasion for te servicemen. Miss Mary Loretta ONelU s leader of te club and we are ndebted to Miss Eva Reese, one of our faitful canteen workers for te arrangement, n bringing te) girls ere, A good alf-our of community singing was enjoyed before te special performance under te leadersip of Fat. Emll Roleni. Mrs. Teresa McClintock accompanying at te piano. Red Bank visitors wo ave never attended one of our sings, spoke of te trill of earing undreds of voices sing- ng songs of teir own selection. Lucy Hart man and Rose Plgnatore assisted wit te sing and Betta Englis and Alice Kennedy wera in carge of te dancing wic followed. Yellow decorations added a r«al spring touc to ta Sunday coffee our. Squad leaders Margretta Cole and Alice Kennedy ad t well in and n spite of less assistance from teir squad members tan tey ad planned. Donating cook- - lea and acting as ostesses wert Junior Hostesses Lillian Rodes, Margaret Wite, Marian Drake, Doroty Dowd, Mary Dowd, Teresa Cook and Carolyn Caldwalder. Ply day te first of te mont always marks an ncrease- of tamps for te evening to say te least Miss Marlon Force and Mrs. William A. Patterson cecked n over 500 men Monday nigt. Te canteen open from 4 to 10:30, reports a rusing business. Ready to collapse after tbe rus were Mrs. Harold Morford, Mrs. George Werle- Dun, Mrs. M. M. Krldel, Mrs. William B. Klnney, Miss Marjorle L. Jones, Mlas Grace Emery, Miss Rose Bottagaro, Mlas Jean Ansbro, Mrs. 8. Waud, Mrs. C. A. Hudson, Mrs. F. Ooleman, Mra. Robert Eisner, Mrs. P. Rosa and Mrs. T. H. Le-fon. Mrs. Ward wose usband, Major Ward, s overseas n te European teater of war ad te lnureatlng experience) of meeting PFC. Ken. net Krogel from Toledo, Oio, Juat back from Nort Africa wo ad been n te ospital tere under er usbands care. Baby pictures and more baby pictures line te walla of te alls, all entries to te big Baby sow contest tat takes place tla week. H. E. Battersby s still receiving pictures from camp and tbe surrounding community from proud parents wo ara sure tey ave te winner. Ta final Judging will take place Saturday. Te cild not te picture s Judged so snapsotsaa well as potgraps are welcome. Tirty articles of useful and nonsensical value were auctioned off at te regular Saturday nigt party. Paper money waa distributed to te SO-odd serviceman assembled and bidding was ig and wild! All tbe articles were auctioned sigt unseen, O tat many laugs were created by te surr priaas nvolved. Assisting wit te party were Hostesses Mrs. Caclla Franck and Mlas Emma Nuak. Te ntermediate group will again entertain te oldsters of ta camp, men over 36, wit one of teir popular deaserts Wednesday, May 10, at t oclock. Food, dancing and Monte Carlo will make a full evening of entertainment. Doroty Metzgar s captain of ta group and Mrs. Cecelia Franck will ave carge of refresments and program., A meeting of te senior ostess captains was eld Tuesday mori* ng. Mrs. Benjamin Crate, preald- ng. Plans for te Moters day tea Sunday, May 14. and for te USO volunteer rally Wednesday, May X, at 8 p. m. were discussed. Te bommitlee n carge of te Moters day tea s Mrs. Margaret Ryder, cairman, Mrs. William B. Swopc, Mrs. Cecelia Franck and Mrs. M. Hlggenbotam. Te following committee WBB appointed to serve on te USO rally: Mrs. Hermann Asendorf cairman, Hazel Ford, Mrs. David Seridan and Mrs. Emmlllo Fanjul. Captains attending te montly meeting were Mrs. L. D. Seely, Mrs. Marcus Hlggenbotam, Mrs. William S. Swope, Mrs. George Llnton, Mrs. David Llnton, Mrs. David Seridan, Mrs. Ceceila Franck, Mrs. Emlllo Fan- Jul, Mrs. William Patterson, Mrs. Margaret Ryder, Mrs. H. E. Battersby and Mrs. Benjamin Crate, Jr. A meeting of te Junior ostess council will be eld Sunday at 8 P. m. Would you entertain a serviceman for dinner some time? Tere are boys coming to te club wo would enjoy t. Teir time s not teir own so te unexpected nformal nvitation s te most welcome. We are glad to welcome back Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Sciiddsr and Mra. W. B. Rutrauff wose nterest n te club la a great stimulant. Mr. Scudder, wose great obby la te worksop, as donated a new load of wood for te wood workers. Pvt. Ray Woodward s doing a fine Job managing te sop. Future Activities. Tonigt Dancing. Saturday nigt party May 0 Te Trouperettes will entertain. May 8 Final judging of baby potos. May 10 Monte Carlo dessert, PARTV AT LEONARDO. Saturday evening a group of young folks enjoyed a. party at te ome of Jon Nelson at Leonardo in celebration of is 16t birtday. Te feature of te evening, was a scavenger unt/ Barbara Wals p unt n 40 minutes and won te prize. Oter guests were ngrld He»- aalberg, Etel Luker, Mary Nelson, Jean Elliott, Ray Rogers, Samuel Alabac, Edward OBrien, Mrs. Hesaelberg and Mr, arid Mrs. Walker W. Nelson,

7 H FLEMNGTON FUR COMPANY ave you eard te good news? We Serve te Finest Food n Town. Te Prices Will Please You Too. Here And Tere n Monmout County Peraonal Notes, Sale* of Property, Building Operations, Lodge Doings, Birts, Man.ages, Deats and Oter Notes of nterest Te boroug council, at a m«etlng Monday nigt, passed by a vote Sore Man Weds. as b«en awarded tbe Army Silver Miss Anne T. Bigelow of Wor- Star. During an enemy artillery of 1 to 2 an amendment to te cester, Massacusetts, and Tomas barrage, in taly Wyckoff and tree zoning ordinance permitting te M. Cild, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jo- j oter soldiers went to te aid of erection of two-family ouses on scp W. Cild of Avon, formerly five men wo ad been seriously Peters palce. Voting in te negative were Councilman Tomas M. of Red Bank, were married Saturday, April 22, at Srewsbury, Mass- first aid station. GonsiH, wo asked tat te meas- wounded and carried tem to a acusetts. Te couple will make.., ure be laid over for furter study, teir ome at Avon. Bot are con-,,, S * re H"*"* *" «and Councilman Harold S. Allen. netted wit te Signal Corps lab-»pp Young, proprietor of a g pp Te motion to pass te ordinance oratories at Fort Monmout. New York food brokerage and was made by Councilman Kennet owner and operator of te Boscobel otel at Ocean Grove, died Sun cilman Harry Malcow. Tis came M. Wyckoff and seconded by Coun- Keyport Couple Wed Mn. Qladya T. Maurer and Eu-dagene B. Decker of Keyport ware years old. Mr. Young became pro- ad explained tat te purpose n Fit kin ospital. He was 49 after Mayor Carles R. Englis of married Saturday, April 22, n teprietor of te Boscobel about six te amendment was to permit sev- property-owners of Peters parsonage of te Keyport Reformed curc. Following a recep- wife and two daugter*. yeans ago. He la survived by iseral tion for te mmediate families te couple Went to New York on teir Tree Hones Peris in Fire. wedding trip. Tey will live at Tree work orses were de- razed a barn on George Jonsons ployed. place at West Long; Branc. Te Freeold Girl Weds. one-tftory building was a mass of Miss Jeanne M. Gangeme, daug- flames wen firemen arrived and ter of Mr. and Mrs. Salvator Gan- \ efforts to save te structure were geme of Freeold, and Petty Officer futile. A quantity of arness and Pilip V. Peluso, son of Mr. and ; farm equipment was also lost. Mrs. Samuel Peluso of Deal, were. married Sunday of last week in St.! ^ a" b l***»e Suspended. T T e RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Rose of Lima curc at Freeold. :»<»uor license eld by Henry Following a reception te couple! - ^P" ««* C"** Nlt ««ub» lift for a trip to Montreal and A 80 " 1? y F«k as been suspendedp street and Maple avenue at 9:20 oter points in Canada. for 15 days starting today. Te Mr. Wyckoff moved for te pas-oclocsage of te ordinance. Mr. Mal-n te parking lot on Monmout Sunday morning, was found Reopens Law Olfle*. suspension was made on a yearold carge of selling numbers on cow immediately seconded te motion and te mayor put te ques- teater, by Policeman LeRoy Mc- street, opposite Reades Carlton Harry Sagotsky as reopened is te premises. Te license for te law office at Freeold after nearly j p l a c e W as suspended in 1»37 andtion to a roll call. - Knigt an our later. year and a alf n te army, most again in Mr. Malcow, wose name was of te time in England. Wile in i called first, voted yes, followed n England e underwent an operation for a second ernia and after j Te Belmar Marine basin, a Councilman Albert W. Worden and Lt. Peter Cartmell of te U. 3. N ENGLAND Coast Guards Move. order by Councilman Wyckoff. being discarged on January 8 e coast guard barracks te past 18 Councilman J. Albert VatiScolk. Army, son of Mrs. C. Cartmell of underwent a tird ernia operation monts, will be evacuated by ti Mr. Gopsill responded wit a sarp Windmill lane, Bumwn, as arrived in and ad a tumor removed from is coast guards and turned back to ts England. Serving Higeit Quality Meati, Fres Vegetables, Home- Made Pies and Cake PALACE DNER 45 Monmout St., Next to Boroug Hall Always Open Tomas K. Sametii, Cef Jimmy S. Laxaroi, Mgr. t teemj like a small task in a big war to soulder your tools and gtt your Victory Garden starred, but wit 20, American families on te job tis will be an important contribulion in supplying te Nation 1 * food needs. Home grown and ome canned vegetables will not only elp provide your family wit te varied and nutritious diet it needs, but will lessen te drain on commercial food stocks and ease our over burdened transportation systems Tis is te time to start your garden, anil to plan it so you tan em it. Roll up your sleeves snd elp solve your food and rationing problems in tis typical American way! Stop at your nearest Jeney Central office for canning direction* and recipes. JERSEY CENTRAL POWER & LGHT COMPANY Cal., son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Culleo of Union Beac, were married Tursday, April 20, at Alam bra, Ca.1. Bot are graduates of te Kejrport ig scool. Sailor Dies of njorie*. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brown 0 Morg&nville received word last week from te Navy Department tat teir son, sound man, tird class, aul died from njuries received wile n te performance of is duties. Brown enlisted n te Navy in December, 1842, and ad been on duty n te Pacific area. Real Estate Business Bold. Josep E. Winttl, a Freeold ltwyer, aa taken over tbe Stxoud real estate agency at tat place. Te Stroud agency s one of te largest n te country and operates troug central offices in te metropolitan centers. Mr. Wenzel as been a practicing attorney for 13 years. Spring; Lake Hotel Sold. Te 186-room Warren otel at Spring Lake as been sold to Fred A. CosgTOve, a former Knott otel cain manager. Te sale price was reported to b«j17s.000. Te former owner, William A. Stubbs, was killed in a plane cras June 12, 1940, just off Spring Lake. Sore Undertaker Dead. Onward council. Junior Order Unit- American Mecanics, appeared Willlsun C. Slade, wo ad con-educted a funeral ome at Asbury at te session to nvite council Park te past 14 years, died suddenly Sunday at is ome. He was rial session to be eld at te Met- members to attend a state memo- 46 years old. Mr. Slade was active odist curc Sunday, May 28. in curc and civic affairs. He is survived by a widow and one broter. Liggett* Spring Barn Burned at Sprint; lake. A large barn ousing tools and One-Cent Sale equipment of David Robinson, Carry on! Tat s te teme of Spring Lake plumber, was dam- tbe semi-annual Rexall Original aged by fire Saturday afternoon. Te fire started on te roof and burned away a large portion before te two Spring Lake fire companies got t under control. Betlred Waiter Dead. Junlus Ayers, 75, of Long Branc died Sunday nigt after an illness of two monts. Until bis retirement about a year ago e ad baen employed for many years as a waiter at Prlcjsfl otel at Pleasure Bay. He was born in Virginia. Two sisters survive im. Keyport Soldier Weds. Miss Deloy Tines of Bogalusa, La., and Cpl. Herbert G. Hyrne, son of Mrs. Edward D. Hyrne of Keyport, were married Marc 25 at Poplarvllle, Miss. On teir wedding trip te couple visited te brldegroomss moter. Opl. Hyrne is stationed at Camp Selby, Mias. Keyport Couple Wed. Miss Elizabet Wltkowskl, daugter of Mr. and Mrs. Carles Witkowakl, and Sgt. Paul P. Konis, son of Mrs, Paul Konls, bot of Keyport, were married Sunday of last week in St. Joseps curc at tat place., Sore Hotel Sold. Abe D. Llpetz of Bradley Beac as purcased te Lake and Sea otel at tat place from Maxwell Btlofaky. To otel ad been taken over by a Brooklyn organization or operation as an orpanage but TBE beon^vacant for_twq years, * Married SO Years. Mr. and Mrs, Tomas Ryan of Freeold observed teir golden wedding anniversary recently. Tey are natives of te Freeold section and ave lived -teir entire life tere. Mr. Ryan s 83 yean old and nit wife.76. Council Splits Over Amendment To Zoning Code Peters Place Measure Pasted by Vote of 4 to 2 place to convert teir present dwellings into two-family ouses. Te mayor stated tat altoug Peters place was n & Class A zone, tere were already a number of double ouses on te street and tat oter owners ad aske<jt>ennlssionf to make canges. ^*"~< Councilman Gopsill said tis was te first time e ad eard of te ordinance and tat it sould be given furter study. Te mayor asked im if e tougt t advisable to lay te matter over until te next meeting. Mr. Gopsill ad no sooner replied tat e did wen "no" wen is name was called and rigt breast. owners witin te next week. Te Mr. Allen, te last to be polled, also Son Takes Faters Farm. basin s owned by a corporation voted in te negative. Fr.d D. Barkalow, Sr., Adelpla i wf le «" tb " and f^m ""! Te mayor ten called for te farmer and Howell townsip tax ou * - rtj *"«"tles will again reading of bills and was about to 8 SPRNG STREET collector, as leased is 75-acre open to te public. adjourn te meeting wen Councilman VanScolk called out, "Just farm to is son, Hans Barkalow of FLEMNGTON, N. J. Oakburst Girl Weds. ; Newark, wit an option to buy. Mr. Miss Rut _ V. Taylor, daugter a minute, Mr. Mayor. You didnt Olitn turnings Until 3 P. M. i Barkalow as been ill for several! 0," Mr M " ^A Mrs. Albert l Taylor T off ask my of us wat we ad ^o say Sjlufdj>s «Sundays lo 5 P M and ve got someting to say." weeks and unable to attend to te oakurst, and PFC. Albert A. Gutfarm operations. His son will move terridge, ion of Mr. and Mrs. Wal-tat te Howard Hubbs garage rrntan 1-W Suul Biojd Si Mr. VanScolk ten complained to te farm n a few weeks and ter Gutterldge of Asbury Park, property at Srewsbury avenue and take full carge. were married Sunday, April 16, n Newman Springs road, wic ad Wen you want to realize cas Matawan Soldier Geto Medal. te Holy Spirit rectory at Asbury for someting; speedily, you can been cleaned up after te counell Mrs. Carles W. Wyckoff of Mat- Park. Tey will make teir ome count on Te Register want ad ad brougt laga! action against columns to do your eelllne for vou.! awan as been notified tat er at OaJturst. te owner, sot only td again deteriorated but was n a, worse con- Advertisement. usband, Pvt. Carles W. Wyckoff, Harried n California, Miss Telma. WaJlng, daugter dition tan t was before. He said of Mr. ami Mrs. Gordon Walling of tat no one itemed anxious to do West Keansburg, and James Cullen, Marine air station, Santa Ana, Mr. Hubbs ad ired imself a anyting about te matter since lawyer and ad takled is way out of te carges. Te mayor listened to Mr. VanScolks complaint but ad noting to say nor, for tat matter, did any member of te board, excepting Mr. Gopsill, wo remarked, "f we ave anoter earing will we be diverted again as we w«re before?" Te councilman referred to te council earing of several monts ago wen an rate resident of te Westslde called at te meeting and dumped a quantity of refuse on te clean floor of te council camber, declaring tat it ad blown on is property from te boroug incinerator. Earlier n te meeting te council took steps to ave te building nspector proceed wit te demolition of several buildings n te boroug wic e ad decalred at a previous meeting to be fire azards. Captain Robert A. Kennedy, director of relief, reported tat $ ad been expended n April. He reported tat tere were 14 cases involving 26 persons. Te amendment to te zoning ordinance; barring te use of trailers n te boroug for residential and business purposes, introduced two weeks ago, was passed on final reading. No one appeared at te public earing. Elmer Mitcell, representing te One-Cent Sale wic opens today at Liggett Drug Stores for a treeday session. Carry on in apite of sortages. Llggetts store manager, Mr. Dillon, said "t gives me great satisfaction to be able to announce tat n spite of mercandising difficulties, we are going troug wit te Rexall One-Cent Sale as usual May 4, S and 6, Te only difference is tat some favorite items are mlssng, due to war-time restrictions, and quantities are not so plentiful as n te past." Liggett Drug joins wit 10,000 oter Rexall stores coast to coaut n celebrating te One-Cent Sale. Liggett Drug officials at te ome office say: "We feel, bot on te grounds of sentiment and duty, tat we must keep up te custom of celebrating te great two for te price of one plus one cent sale at was originated by our founder, <oula K. Liggett, way baok in 1914." Te Rexall One-Cent Sale project begun in 1914, and eld semi-annualiy ever since, was a revolutionary step n te retail drug field wen first conceived by Mr. Lig- ;ett, founder of te groat American Rexall Drug Co-operative known as te United Drug company. Heretofore te Bale extended over four-day period but as been restricted to tree days and regular One-Cent Sale customers ave been urged to sop eprly. mm coast tpcoast tere will be a RexaU Radio enow on tmnirr Carlie Ruggles, Dennis Day, Case Daley and Harlow Wllcox will broadcast today and Saturday. Consult your newspaper for time and station. Back, tbm Attack-Buy War Bond»l Serving n taly SGT. ELMER HANSEN Sgt. Elmer Hanecn, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Hansen of Taylor avenue, East Keansburg, s in active service in taly. He as been in te Army tree years tis mont. He received is basic training, at Camp Stewart, Georgia, and was ten sent to. California. He as been overseas 14 monts, going first to Oran, Nort Africa and ten to taly. STOLEN CAB RECOVERED An automobile owned by Ralp W. Carroll, reported stolen from Galvrns service station at Broad Sears Sparkplugs 33* EACH wit your ofd sparfc pfog Heavier electrode type. New lock-seal prevent! compression 1oj$«j. "Cross Country" CLEANNG ADS Paste Cleaner, 14 oz. 33c Paste Wax, 8 oz...33o Polising Clot ***** Ooro,b\e. Sears Sears stores ave posted or -marked ceiling prices 1n We«t End Casino Sold To Newark Man Kirsc-Bryan, brokers at West End, report te sale of te West End casino, located at Ocean avenue, LoDg Branc. Te property consists of approximately 500 batouses and cabanas, a large swimming pool and a olldrens swimming pool. Additional features are yact bar and restaurant, as well as outdoor coffee sop. Also on te premises s a dining room and bar wit accommodations for 600 persons. Te property as a frontage of 266 feet on Ocean avenue, and a dept of 650 feet, as well as te frontage directly on te Ocean of 256 feet. Tis property was owned by Tillle M. Levy, and was sold to Jerry Presaman of Newark. Te asking price of tis property was $250,000. THE HGHEST CASH PRCE FOR YOUR CAR CRCLE ] EDWARD MORGAN: CM-. 56t ST., BROADWAY* HW YotK emr Jfage Seven. TMOTHY R. HOUNHAN Contractor and Builder 8OBEEN AKB 9TOBM BKCLOSOBE8 SPECALZNG N JOBBNG tt HARDNG ROAD TELEPHONE M47-W N. K. MATTHEWS HS s te friendly man- of te local Penon- Tager al Finance Company office. Even toug lending money to folks ere in Asbury Park is is full-time job, e believes tat no one sould borrow unnecessarily. But wen a loan is to a persons advantage, e provides folks ere wit needed cas promptly and privately. 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M,, SATURDAY t A, VL-» V. M.

8 Page Eigt RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 NOTCE OF RECSTRY AND ELECTON Boroug ef Red Bank, N- J. Hulic. of te time and place of old- MK te (icncral Election «. ji <i of e.i.iu-ets tq be elected njidmefliu).-- u ti-.jubids of Election n te Hruo-jc " led Hani,, in te OmntJ- cf MlnmoJlb. alale of New Jersey. Notice i> ueliy Kivcn tlta! a (ieneral Election will be eld in "" f» ">* Horouis oi lied Hank, in te.unity of Monmout and Sune of N<» Jcrs.y, on, Novi-ml.i-i T. 1944, bet" tell te riuri of " <! A. M. ami...":"". M- Eastern Wai i.m<.» Hm -1cc-tivc l-ollinir lacrs in -"i imimcil.ity, Said «ln-.icni "ill e eld u. tin-.-.ii.1 municilialit;.., :e Miieore of elei-t.rit elector, (if n l.-c-idenl and Vice iwdent of ti l.ilfl Slate. ; n Member of,, «,«.1 Hrv.tstWv* 11- till- Tird l..ini::t»-l..i.iil DMiicl, «Mclnl.e:,,f te l-nlted S""".-V,,,iu* ;:»"> e Stale of New Jei.- > l» U te wu.11i.-y,-a.ised by :i- dea.l. of W..V,,!. i-fi U«:- l.oiir- a Mvmcr.. e Small- of te Sine o! Si-w Jei-tv. lor te...inly "f Monm,..n; l*» M.n.bc:..,.l :lie ijencial Wentir (or e Slat* of New Jer-cy, fnr e V»inly "f Mourn., it i;.i.lleil for te of ;.. fo. n : fo.*ie V.i..iy"<.f U M""""!l1»" ">"*,»«. iee fniumri for ( oiur.y of Monmout.»r.d for te." r,iri[»ftl»ffi rc-. v.7.: A Mayo: 1, r ";( " { ill ipitii of twti yi-h 1 -: 5^(t 4 foi tr r-in " " " f - t - 1 >( Collocior,. for :e 1ml -if Notice of Primary EUc \.M lake notice a 1: jit,,! for «U lolitii«l Par.t Me..t» will, e eld " " ty Kiteturn let! fm tilt center line of Broad street to te inter- 5erliun wit te center line of Harding load, ie point or place of bekinninj:. Te pojinjf ]>)arp /or te Fourt Election ilii-ti ict is at Dr. Saccos jrnrnkc, Hiantl street, nearly o>»i>r«ite W»ve:iy place Fift Election District. i*kinninw: H! U point tin te sore line of te Nort Srewsbury Kivei directly lift»it- n ie ju operlic owned by te Monmoul Bom Cili and te property likmvn ft* e ited lixnk Lyceum, tence Muitv. aidly tu te center line of Uiond,-t: fii, tence soutwardly along tin ilitf! lint- u f Jlrond strevt tn te in Ul "edion wit te center line of Monmuuili strret, tonce westwardly HO tin- itnipi line of Monmout street to inter?eriiim wit ie center linu of te imcu ni roml bed of te New Jersey Sinjtrrn raijrujid. tence nofl wanlly ;;toiif te center of te t rack* o( ie.\\mv Jersey Soutern railroad, to ie r-iup of te Nort Srewsbury river, teme souicnstwardly and noi UUMU.V altm«te (iore of te Nort Srewsbury i ivcr lo te center line be- w rfn tt nt)ptit.v lielnnkink to te Mori mout tout Club- ami property kn«twii H -. te fil JJ;mJ» Lyre urn, te dinl u: idare of bekinnim;. Tlw!)"- for litt- Yitt Klcrtiim Dir-trict i.i Liberty Kngine House, Witu."trei-t. Sixt Election DUtrict. Htiiinninw tit a point were e oentei line i»f Mofimout j*u"eet is intersected w it l«renter Ln«of Broad street, ence smit war-fib 1 nlong te center line..f Hroa.l street ty it«intei>ertion wit te den lor line of KccMesH iil&ce, ience es-twardly al»nn te center line of Bonus "f Hl ontue-ilay. May 16. tll. r,<"«tvj» nf Oll. e, ( 7:00 A. M.. am) -."" 1- " Slid luimay.,,, of nomi!i tie Wve «*,!«!ive r-iitie u. t entioned ami al.-,, to ): "..J,,"; pale, al!» «ar.,1 t«ve,. :er,i.» 1 * ; >.<«at large a re 1"!.< «"..,!. \ Heckle idar, ction wit nter line if Maple avenue, tence inrtwa, illy ukinu e cenler line of MAJ.. iivimie lo its intersection wit te cenler line (if Cotmit street, tence e lii.iiv <« e na-.ional ronvellmi : mid l iliintl!n te national i-on\eiit ion ami!,l«.lfk-,u-. ami t«,,»l,!. n,, e,, s,,,,,,f N,.v J.-.-..V ut -mil immin! fl^i-linli. Notice of Re i«trali in-. Notitt ii f.nti-r i-iv.-n nun u K.!)-. voie,. of te Ho:o,.i:l, of Hi-.l H..r,k not al.-ndy imlter-l " """ """ i-» under te La»«of New Jerkt-y kovprninj p»rm«nonl ri-khtvn.irin n te lirnt»f te Primmy elcit"". imiy i^11 1,-it [e Horoiiitli flerk nf te i-al.l Bnrout- of Fed Hank at any time bi-- iween Wedne.iiny. May T. S44. nnil Tuesday. October ", on wii; latter d»t«e r»i:i«traiinn liook- inll e r)o**h iniil Rftev te fortcoming Geiwril elminn "ti Tue^lny. November 7. 1«4. Furter Notice. Ami notire ii furter civen llm! te liitrict Election llonr.l» in ami <<< e Boroug of Red Hani will sit nf te plaree ereinafter riesinnatpd on T nc-siiay. November :, ", i-f t t i io ours of 7:n0 A. M. nn.l Sion P. M.. Eastern War time, fur ie i..r.r"m- nf conducting n (;pr:er;il L!?:inn D ^otc upon ramlldnte. for,te offi.o nlmvc mentioned. n «(1dition lo te election of rnr.i i- d»te. to te afwementitmel..»,«te oue-tion nf te apiiroval nnil mtirirntmn or lejei-tlon a- a wnlf nf^» revifeil rill.,.iil.mitte.l to -He voter, at -i- >niil Oneral cvi-lion!o lie beil 1 le.ilny. N "T Vo::n«i:.l: i«1 r., ilc,r...- tion i.f te Blcrtion Hu--.rli--«>n te Kn-oiiB of Rul Bank «n<l * l".-»lnn of i-oilitik lni-ci for cn- of te snl.l ili.ttirfi Fir.t Election Di.trict Hculnnlnu nt «1oinl on te slinre «i te Nort Srewfl.ury lliver.lirectly ketween te,,,-oi.ertiei owneil by te Monmoul Boat rluli nn.l te iirnrrrly kno«n» tf.fl Bnnk Lyceum. tlid.ire ^outwft 1 illy to te renter line of street, tenre nlonf te center line of Bron.l.treel to t. intn«ection "Jin te eenter line of Mecanic street, tence «a>tw«rdly alonf te cnil.r line of Mecanic..-«! to te en.l of Merniiir tree- tence.nuteaslerly alnnir te Fence.i.e tn e ni-.--.l l.cnn.lnry line of -e no-nuc of Keil lnnk. tenre nnrtea-w«..dv "nil m.rt«.ir«llv» lowii.i! -e c-:-vnl l.i.iiiiiliiy line uf e Bnrcuc of r.e.l llni.» M "f te il!.ti»m l v""a:..r > «e-^a!.liv l al<in-.- e n-e c,r -e No-l), S:ewcl,,iry live- " e m e n - i-ncl at te.ln.-e :,, of e.aid : i e r dli.-tly l.e.weei te RarV T.vceum P- tn l^1 nf iflr1"nu*-ir. N..VPM.V Hunk nn.l -:H1- Ar~ r!")-, Mrcanlr ^o... Vcond F.lrclion District. H« Hi it* «r-f J." renter Yir.f nf M e. - f 1 i- i-.«.*?--ftor! wit f <- <.c of!r(.;ii «trrr(. n r e.. r u i t w n - d i v n.on>- ip. nfr lino -if B T. R " * -!" i:* ir.o-^m-mmi wit p it- * -!t c of W l l r c c M d i. t l i r m - p f a,, w s ;,! v»i,,i,- ti- C-TP " ( "f W «l - \f,rt «.^- -, > "JM "f» 1>-l"" v of >-, =.-,-.] \:r.«:.:\ B;.- -. f ir -.,:,i....,,,f...,,!!.-. ;,. i- e r,f fe^uiiit s. itet. to its internet-tion i. te trad,- of te New Jersey So it.! ri i i.ioml. tence nortwartlte trucks or road bed of Hie New Jeispy Snuttin railrond to its inttr-fciun wit te renter line of MontTt, tp ii re east WR rill y iilotik te.. nlcr line of Monmoul «.tr*et to t-** wit ceiitei 1 line. ()f Hroad >-trcl i t. to point or place of bccinninn. Tf f.«.!>ink- r.l;icp fnr te Si.\! Elerlion lhf-uii-t is Keliof Knpine House, Sevent Elfction Diitrict. Honiimiiie, "" * point were te center ne uf -r.i.ul.«neet i- 1 intcrsectctl wit mil invar illy alotijr line ^ i-oittl ttret-t to te imilerly boundary f ic HormiLii nf Kcd Hank. enre,u iiiwe-twnnl y amn te center line f 11n*!»(!. - in 1 toad P of t iip New nti J l,oiu 11: sitw niilroml niiiipuny [i i:-i itilei-ecliim wit te cimitr. line of 1 linpof Crsltnit ptrcet to HB \s 11 t d< c<-nter lint 1 of> iivfiuif. onrp MUit.iwnnlly iilrtim <te line of Maple avenue <> te in-.,-, wi:, llu- enter line of Heckle-- place, tence eiimw;ir.lly iilont; (lie r line ot Ucckle^* in te renini n( H:o:ul street, ie point or lector, for te full term of four years. and two Justices of te TeHce, lor Urmt of five, years. Notice of Primary Election. Also take notice tat H primary filectian tor nil jiolilirnl i>arlie» entitled tereto will lie eld in and for te HormiK of K«ton town, in.*l Counly. on Tuesday, May between te ours of 7:00 A. M., and S.uJ P. M., lvastern War time. Saul primnry election to be eld in ie Hare in te inflective disuict a» Mierilirally Hliove mentinnerl and said vrimary plciion will be.eld fin te UJ! (>(> «e of nomiiiatink pcrrotip of te respective par!)*?.- lu ie ollirrfl pnve mentioned.and abo to tle:t rue male nnd one female member, for eac o! te two major political parlies fiom eac district in County as members ot to Monmout (nun.v Kxecuf Committee. Also seven delr^ntef- at ini-kp nnd oeven Hernate CPK-HCP at liifke are to e fosen by te Kepublican tionn] con vent ion, and tat twelve ilelc- Katfs lit larfte nn.l twelve alternntf ilple- liiftv («. reiirc-enl iil :;nv n: te nn- VHU.-. at n rue an- to Ve )\o.*i n by te Democratic party l«cp»res/-nf ^nlil pa. ty :>t te tiaiiot:;! coir-tntmn: an. alfi» tat t wo dimru-l»kloitntea «fr. l««nltf i-tiale iklej;a1eh tu «nid Ucpubliran nationl convention and iv\u iflmrkt and twii altertli.tps to te Democratic national convention are to )te cospfi y te rpsjiprtivc parttei* in e Tird Citnjrrpsplonnl UlPtilft uf te State (if Sew Jeryt-y al?n"l primnry election. Notice of Regiitralion. Notice is fuitcr niven tbat tpualifieii. tern of te Hoi -oun of Ka ton town not jipady jekisterrd in sniu orouc nder!e aws of New Jer-ey Kuvein- lg- iienntinent rwlioji n! p time, nf te Primary elect ion may reulster wit te Ho.rciLi^Ji Clerk uf te" fnid BoroiiR of Kill out own at any time between Wednesday, May T, l$4 4. nnd Tuesday. Ortobcr 1 >». irtu, on wic iatter date e reci^t rntinn t»ook«will e rlo.-cd until iiftcr te ffctcumlnp: (ioncral election on Tuesday, November 7, M4, Furter Notice. And no! ico is furter Liven tut e Distiict Klectinn Hoards in anil fo ie k of Kutoiitnwn will sit at te errinafter depik.natcii on TUPWilay, Kovemltf 7, 104-1, between te lite f etr T«- polhnvr..<t fnr Rl Bk nt F.lorn Di-trict RP< Hunk WomanV Club, Eigt Election District. Winiiinir in center line of Locust aveih- at ik wn 1 er lino of ie Nort!-ow*btjr.v! ivp)-, i en re eamprly nlnnk tertor 1 nr of jorvi«t nvenue " te cenrr lino of Sr<"W«nry avrnue: tence tp renter lin*> of nlonp vy nveni jititct ; tin to (e center line of l TfMiiut (ilet ; n te Center linp nf rr^tnut -eel 1o te renter line of te 0. R. i. Cos rijit of,vny ; tenre norterly nlonif rent or line -,f r R. Tt. ("o 1 -. rifrt of way tn i^ wa- >r line of ie Nort Srewlniry river; rly alone Ur wnter t i t lin» "f Nnrili Prewpt r.ter line of.nimist nve l are >f liejrinninp. iver tf te Te polliiik Uce for te Eigt KW-rli.,1, Ui-trict " te rnfrtnu nf te Signuini\ Ki-ner Cu.. iviidpr avenue and NintK Elrction District. Heninninjr in te cent/r line of jt»rust nt U wnter line of te Nort Sii: cwk\iury i ivrr. tt-ncp panterlv nlonp criile: line of LctcU"! avfiuie 1 ti te renter line of Srew^buiy avemie; ten ii;]!crly aloni: cpntfr Hnp of Srewsbury nvenue to te center line of Cestni.f it reft ; tenre easterly ftlonjs renter line df Pt=trut street to tl.e center line of ticnl of way of e Npw York & ^onjr.raiu mllrohd: trttce ROiitliftaslrrly alone center lino of riant of way nf Ww York & Loni: ninnc rnilrond tn te line of tivcr strprt (nroduredl: fncr westerly ulcmn te center linp of Nort Srewsbury river; tence nnrtrrly n o n t: )c w n p r lino of Nort S:ew<ibury river!d te center nr nf Ln<Mi«t avenue, t/? pnint or plan? of be- Tp pnllinc PHCP of te Nin Rlertlon ni-nlct i* Union Viie Tlou^p, Srewnury Tent Election Dittrict. H*irinr.inK in tp ij n D enter line nf River t at, j/!i «nffr p lif of River «trr«f t(u \\"c of lini of way Si niter lin e {ente.nnir TSanr^ mllrnml t 7M ffd from te ^outv ft lit in f vit W f." of :^t i> i i.oint.if Plnrc nt C tn- ie railrond: 1e renter nt duta e nf Hr anil pnrnllpl. T. of N J.- H. 1!. enter litip N..1. lo li-tnr frnm place of tv f f-x M.-iterl ciile nf WeM Hercen!,,t li.lit»tltrli.«ilii-mn: irnr* frnd i<nrn)\»-\ wirji We t Wpen in wnte- line of tr Nort it v i iv»m-: tli p u r e it (it >)i l vate li»( e Nort 1> lii!, tbi> mint of e. Tr jkihiiii pln.-p for t" Tent RP"- ;..- Hi :-irl i- te Hivrr Street tronl. F.evcm F.lecttnn DMnctin ir rrt.f- line of Nrwn Sp-!n-.«-oii n i-li wnior line nf n. N.n- S.l-cww.nity liver, ten^f rnst-.- (> :.;-- -n ad tn e crncr of TVoiul T notilin.v nlot>" ccntct nf k fi- wv< v or ;nl t(, ]1( Wow i t of,vtl,, nf ( 1 1 Til,,\n, ] v : to nt «lil\ \, l in w 1! T f, Mi n, v f.) 11- r H ;ilft NY* P. pin- 1. of "! H \\P«11 a r i v r- aucv nv*,v Yi! t :it eil-- n t< (. t\y of = (V> : t P all.-. t rl 1 r i-pti irlf i-ji J 1 i: N P P,.).; w > < lie Bill ml.!>,. t..1.. rlv T l i HT. mnjnr ir iriet in Mor c Mon: larye nnd «P\ nf! paitie?, eac nt i (onftly n«mftiibprs tli rounty Kxen.tive > seven JPP^.UPS at [iltcrtihto i plc«atf>. at L -.aiil p;irty nt Mi«nn-. cd (at twelve dej.- wilvi- nlttrnntp drler tn tic cosen y e NOTtCK O ; RFX.STRY AND F.LFXTON [{tiiciug (if katontown, N. J. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ours of 7:00 A. M. ami S :0J P M.. Eastern War lime, for tp i>ltpose. of conduct\\\k a (.en**rnl election t» vote ili dates fnr te nftires nove mentioned. n addition to- to\ te^ tn t? aforemcntionpil cliicef e lestion of tlif ani, intification rejection in a wole of a -. vieed m.tiitution for ilio State of New,<T = py be submitted to te vni-i r. te -fiirl f.ene-rnl elect inn n e pld Tur^diiy, Nnvemlier ". 1.M4. Tf following is a ilescnpllnn of te Election lintri.-n in to HorpiiK of Kntnntnwn and te polling places in fame. Firat Election District. Kii ctiun lii-if i id One \* lietptiy defined and de-cribed as 1 at section anil territory of te Horn iiir ] lyinc en ft of a line designated n^ follows HEdlNNlNfi at te point were center linenf te.stii(f> Higway intvv&ecta LafetiaV Hrook : tence along te center line of te State Hit: ti way to te point were Pout street in terser ts wit te State Higway; tenre nlonp, center line Sout «tipet to tn point weie te center line of Ricardson avenue interects te rentpc line nf Sout street; r nt-p in a «t raijit line to e in tercet inn nf Untie ront] nnil (rnnbprry Ptacp of nuetinif of Rtinril of Reeltru- in and pnllinn place fnr te Vir*t Elecistrict is RormiB Hall. Second Election District. Election-District..Two is rre/ lienej and ilcsnibed as tat section snd (prritnry of te Bin on^li lyink wwt of ""line as set ulyi iilinve. " "" Place of meeting of Hoard ot RevrUtrat ion and ptitlinn place of (e Second Klcctlnn District is te Kire House. ANDREW BECKER. Clerk of te Hoioiiy of Entontown, N. J. Htcd April a, l.u1. NOTCE OF REGSTRY AND ELECTON Atlantic Towniip, N. J, Notice of te time and plftce of oldiji>, te lienemi Kicvtitm jind of te olliceia to be elected anil meeting oi te liotivtl ol Election in te iownliip of Atlantic, in te faun y t>f Munntuutli, Sute of New Jersey. Notice is lineby givt-n tut i -Cwneral Election will be eld n and for te Townsip of Atlantic, in te touniy of Monmoul nnd Stale of New Jersey, on Tuesday, November 7, JJt-tl, between te ours uf 7 :U0 A. M. and }i:l»li 1. M., Kantet-n War time, at te resf»ee!ive polling iilnce in aaid muniupniily. t?alil flection will be Udti in te *aii] municipality for te purpose of elucting electors of n rcsidcnt and Vice i 1 resident of t)ie United States ; a M&[A\er ol te House of Rein esentntive* fi-um te Tinl Con^ttP^ionn! District, a Member S f Tinl ^, f te United States Semite fro te Si.ile of New Jersey lo fill te vacancy caused by te deat uf \V. VVnncn Union ar; it Member of [e Seriate of te Suite of Now Jersey, for te Comity of Monmoiit; two Member* of tne Ccncral Assembly for te Slate of New krsey, for te County o[ Monmoul ; u Clerk for p Couni.v of Mnnmntit : ;\ SerlfT for te Cimnty of Momnou.; i,vu cra uf tf Hi»ni-il uf Cosen FiTe for te County of M on mout for tree C years-; icee C Monniomli. iind fo on mout tee for (e County of te folio WHR mut f R nicipal ofriccs v 17..: One Town-ip Cominittocnijui, fur ttt full tfim; one Townsip Committeoniini, to fill te unexpired c; an Assessor, fo own-ip Clerk, for term of Ceoist- Hai a full term, and a full term. Notice of Pilinaiy Election. - Also take nutii-n tnt a Priimiry Ktection for all politinil itarlips entitled ereto will bt- iield in and fm te Townsip of Atlantic, in snid County, on Tuesday, May U, 1!»H, etv.em te ours uf 7 ;C0 A. M,, ami,- :i f ) *. M.. Eastern War time..snil in ininiy fieri ion to OP eji] n te plnce n te respective di-trict n» (it-ally nvve met),fj *;\Ul primary election will e eld f f>r tl.t *>t> of nominal inn pe; ^M- oi tr.p livi- pni ties id te oflictm nove ineil and auo to tied one male and ono fcmiilp nipnii!- for eac of te tinnni co ntch at lai^i* inul iites at tnrirc air l>ciroci a tic party lo i currsorit snid ly nt ir national conven-, nnd > tat iwii dnlrict dcleitatr** nnd two i natc delctiitri lo =:iid Kepu 1>1 ran ml t«n iillcrnnic- tn te untinnul ( (rrri-ctitinti it re to lip.n-rn liv te td^.ectivo purlieu in district <if te [ iniil primnry iii 1 -VPT linn ipiallflcil Tniii.-Jiiji,,S Atlmnie aid townsip f \i>«-.ji-i^cv K-oveinim: inriiiiim nt icv.i-tiiitioii i.t t it> lime nr tlic Piirnaiy elc-liom mnv nlrister wii tlu. Titwu-liip CWV nt 0"*- -aiil Dwn -ip nf Atliuilir JU liny lime Ue-!«r.ii WV.n-.ilH.v, Mav T..H. unit -. 1, "ii wic will ft i" te fru-iciiminn f ivnc: nl c r-c-t i n n tin w-diiy. Sttvemvr, 1!H! Furter N And ihitj.. i- fiiiilici "VM tat te i-liirt Kin-lion llomrl in itml fnr te own-ip,,! Aiiiiiir uill lit.»t te lii.f licicin:irtci lu.i-.iiiilnl mi Tin!»-,!l till 1 M.. of, :. «.-!, ilu. m. / p M - i i -..W.. ),v MM- K - «le i.f Siua), V. Wftlc.t nril l.nnr, S p i n n i r. ; ;. <n.i. b,,,!,-,..! f. f - > f. t l - t H- Hn u,.[,,, 1,,: [,,.; UH.X-.., :... WHl>l} im,,!),,, j. ;,.,! ).,. i);,., J,.,».f tin-!.;,!, i.f Uf-.l!,.-:.... M.t.- - #c tititi «i t tff eiitc. l/;i* nt ll.oiil itnel, tbtoo«twyrvtly, nloun tin U " T. -itl.( ( r 7, tiuillu < is vru 4 il Ap fn ( i >f M. i te.»,( i C{t Kit H. >" fl. 1_! J, f; Si i i( ^ r (H 1 1 M.lo 11 t«., ll(i ) l ii-^llli i^tiip 11AK -f,i ^.-cl,r :.,.«.,i,.. TV Uf d V.-eiiny. UY CHNK. 1> uf Allonllc....,, it, ol i * (ill te Cl tc fnit iin lri> )wx lo SP? Want n H\i\- n fur pipcc 1, You ran buy and -ell trqiiu Te UculRtPiV want nrls. Teyre to most widely read l a till*» e c U 0 f l, - ^ A d i U NOTCE OF REGSTRY AND ELECTON Townsip of Middletown, N. J. Noticf of te time and place of bold ng te General Election and of te pincers to be elected find raeetinifs f te Boards of Election in te Townsip of Middletown, in te County of Monmout, State of New Jersey. Notice is ereby vlven tat a General Election. wilt be eld in and for te Townsip uf Middletown, n te County of Monmout and State of New jersey. on Tuesday, November 7, 1944, between te ours of 7:00 A. M. and 8:00 P. M Eastern War time, at te respective polling places in said municipality. Said election will b* eld n te Bald municipality for te purpose ol electing electors of a President and Vice President of te United States ; a Member of te Home of Representatives from te Tird Congressional District, a Member of te United States Senate front te State of New Jersey lo fill te vacancy caused by te deat of W. Warren Bar. our; a.member of te Senate ot te tit ate) of New Jersey, for te County of Monmoul; two Members of te (Jenera) Aoscmbly for te State of New Jersey, for te County of Monmout; n Clerk for te County of Monmout; a Seriff fur te County of Monmoul; two Mt.m< ers nf te Board of Cosen Freeolder! for te County of Monmout for tree years; tree CordneiB for te County of Monmout, and for te following mu nit-jpaj oflit-e», viz.: Two Members of te Townsip Committee, for te full term of tree yeflrs; a Townsip Road Supervisor, for te full term of tree years; il Tow upill Co tier tor, for te full term ol four years, and R Townsip A^efiPor for te full term of four years. Notice of Primary Election. Also take notice tat a Primary Election for Jill uoliticfli yarli^a entitled ereto will be eld n and for te Towimip uf Mifidietowrii n»aiij County, n Tuesday, May between te ours ot 7:00 A. M.. and S:U0», M,, Euslern War lime. Said primary election lo be tld n te jtjnre in id respective dlitrct aa lilicnlly above mentioned ai.d aaid primary electio-ri will ba eld lor Die tmn>oke of nominating jiersor.s ol te rekpective parlies to te cifictf* tikove. mentioned nnd also to ele.t one male and one female member tor ehl- of te two major politicnl parties, from eac district in Monmout County as members of. tf Monmout County Executive Committee. Also seven delegates at.irke ft rid (seven nl teen ate avii. nates at arm 1 are to be coaen by te Republican imrty to represent said party ^t ie na- unat-.ldjivenlion,.. Bnd[tat twelve tlelentes at large and twelve "alleinvfe".clelej. T ates at large are to be coaen by te l>emo(m-atir party to represent salt! y»t ie national ronea 1 oa; j.nd also tat two district deler&tes ar.d two fil ttttm(t) (cle^fl ten to."aid tepublican nulionnl convention and two dl^tritt iklekhteft and two alteinntes to te Democratic tint ion a convention iut to lie cosen by te respective.taities in Tird CoriKi trpicmal Dintrict of te Siiite of New Jersey at snid jnimary Opel ion. Notice of Registration. Notice i* furter Kiven tnt < iialifie(j otei-s of te Townsip of Middletown lot already rekistered n said townsip under te Laws of New Jersey KOvernlieiyianent registration ut te time of te Primm-y election may reglattr it te Townsip Clerk of te said Townsip of Middletown at tiny time between Wednesday, May 17, and Tuesday, October 10, 1944, on wic latter date te legist ration books will be cloned until after te fortcoming (ieneral election on Tuesday, November 7, Furter Noticed And notico is furter vivan tat te District Election Hoards in rf.n<( lot te Townsip of Middletown will sit at te lilacefi ereinafter denikneitfd on Tuesday, November 7, 15*4 4, betweer. te ours of 7:00 A. M. an.l S:0i» V. M.. Ejif*te(li" War-- time, for (e- purpose ot conducting a Ceneral elecvinii \n vote upon candidates for te offices above mentioned. n addition to te election ef candidates to te aforementioned OMCC* te tuieition of te approval and ratification or rejection us a wole nf a revved Constitution for te State of New Jersey will 1»«subrnilted to te voter* «t \le Mild tleneral election to be eld T-.esdny, Te fallowing is a description of te Election Districts in te Townsip of Middlotown and te polling places te same, viz.: First Election Diitrict, Commonly Known at te Middletown Dittrict. Te boundarleti ot e same a n *» follow?, viz.: HE<;iNNJN<; at te Keanaburir (lateway on Stale Higway "-Route No. 35 and from tence running (1) Souterly, along: te boundary line of te Townsip of Middletown nnd te Townsip of Holmdel to te lied Hill Hoad ; tence (2) Easterly, following te Red Hill Road, to te Bom Hollow Hoad; tem-e (3) alnnp te Ram Hollow Roari easterly to te New York and Lonjr Branc RB load rijit of way; tenca (A) Norterly, nloiik te New York and ong Branc Railroad i igt of way to Mill Brook; tence (;.) Easterly, nlon* Mill HrouU to te Capel Hill Roud; tence (6) Norterly; alonir te Capel Hill Hnad to te Mountain Hill Road; tenre 17) Continuing in a straigt line still norterly along te Mountain Hi)? Road to Park Avenue; tence (8) Westerly. atonj? Park Avenue, to te County road run mm; from New Monmout to Keyport, known as County Road No. 7, tenre (it) atlll Westerly, along County Unnrl No. 7. to te point or place of Tr- pullink plnce for te Vast Election District is te Townsip Hall, Middletown VillBce. Middletown. K J. Second Election Diitrict, Commonly Know RB te Navrslnk Diitrict. Te nundnriea of te same are as BECNNNG at te internection of te oundsry line of e Boroug of Atlantic Higlands and Sevent Avenue, and fiom (ence running (1 > Souterly. alonic Sevent Avenue to Hillside AVemie; tence (-) Westerly, niong; Hillwide Avenue to Soutsldo Avenue, tence (.1) Souterly nnd Westerly, nlontt Sontxlde Avpnue nnd Old Womans Hill Rond, to Mountain Hill Rond: tenr* (4> Sonterly. njnnfr tp Wlppoorwil) Valley Road to tp road leading from te Mountain Hill Road to Browns Pock Road nnil alone said road until t intersectr"* 1 wit te Brown* Hock Road; tenre (5) Souterly. nlonr te Browni pock Road to te Srewsbury or Navcsink River; tencp (6) rollowing te Srewsbury OT Nnvosink Rivpr until its interaction wltfi tp bounilaiy line of tp Boroug nf Hi KM anils ; tence (7) Went P ly ;.tnl J-Vii.terJy. follow!nv ti* numlniy linn beiween te HoroUR of Atlantic HiglamN nm. to Toivnsfiin nf Middlpinnn. tr> tp point or plaro of notrinnini;. Te polling l»tace for,»*. 5*»rr,n.l Rlection District i«te Nnvesink Firo Hntme. Niivolnk. N. J. Tird Election District, Commonly Known ai te Belford District. Te lioundniir/i (if ie snme are JS Al«oincluded in te snid District if te tract of land or territory known an Sandy Hook or Fort Hancock, HKfilNNlNd at to intersection nl te 1 rigt «f way of tp New Jersey SoutPrn Rnilromi wit tp norterly line of Karitnn Uny; tenre nitminr (1) Sotilorly, a n n j; te «aiil New er«ey Soul orn 11 n Urn ml" rii:t of way to ((ini»t» CreeU; tence (2) Pnutlierly. nlonu Comptnnn CrveU nnd Mill Brortli finwinc into Ctimitfifi 1 Creek, fo County Rond Nn. 7. Knirn tp rond ft-nm New MoimicMit to Keytfit. tfnif (.1) F.nptc;ly, nlntiir to -nid Cniinty Rond No, 7, it H intrrspftiiin wit Park Awcrue: t ence (-11 nlonir Pni k A vemic, ea^tprly to tlio lipml WHter- of WHP Creek ; l.iencp.*.) Nnrlpil.v, HOR te saul end wntrri of Wnip Crppk and down Uure Trotl; tc ll» mmil in tfiritnri nr Stinily Honk liny: enrp (ft) Wf-lcrlv ulonir (e norterly llnr nf tp *nut f!nv, n tlip point rir t>l»cr nf liptrinniiil*. fc Tf pulllmr PUCP for Hie Tird Ktec tlun Mitrlrt N r Fire Hou-p of te H.-lford Ce nil in Knciiu 1 tompimy Nn. 1, lflfuril. N. J. Fourt ~ FJcctlon Diitrict, Commonly Known fli tr Leonardo Dittrict. Tp ben mil in t of te name Hie H nt tp nuiprl inn of S.vciii AVOP wil ie muiiiicv line nf te t nun of AllaniK Hi^lnnii, nnd i unnink tem i> 1} Snuipi ly umi Wi-ntorly, al,,nk r lututldflvy nf El,.,-- Jinn intrict No. tu te.mountain Hill UUflnjf Mountiii Hill Ruml. tu an angle in mid nd n te prupcrty formerly kttnwn n* te Hn^fnril proptity; tenre CD Norterly ntoiik <fie tnivale roipl troug tr lxfuiil propnrly, to te ntcisertlon of Turk A vein,. and Hn-ford Avenue: iii-p < 1) NnrltMly, nlong llnxfmil iiimv i<> i lie County road running rm Atl»nlie Higlands to New Monmout, lielrik 1 Cniinty Rom) Nn. 7 ; tence (01 E/mteily, along i«lr) County di \JQ Upaitd Avenuii UMOO*- JW) Norterly Sd H Leonard Avenue, to Sandy Hook Bay; tenca () ^uterly, and souterly, along te Bald Bay and alone te boundary line between te Townsip of MJbd.etown and te boroug- ot Atlantic Higlands, to te point or place of tfeginnirnf. Te polling place (or Uie Fourt Election District 1B te Brevent Park and l^eonardo Fire Houpe, Center Avenue, Leonardo, N. J. Fift Election Diitrict, Commonly Known at te Lincroft District. Te bo mi dn He«of te name are «J follows, viz.: BEGNNNG at t«ntersection ut te rigt of way of te New York and Long i)ranc Huioad and Nave*ink Kivei oi Srewsbury River, and from tence running (1) Norterly, along te said tigt of way line Df te New York and Long Branc Railroad out to Bam Hollow Road i tence (2) Westerly, ajong te Bam Hollow Koad, ulong te boundary line of Election District No. }, to te Red Hill Road, tence (3) Westerly nnd s6uterly. along te Red Hill Koad and along e boundary line between te Townsip of Middlotown and te Townsip of Holmdel. to Swimming Kiver; tence (4) Easterly and souterly, nlung imminn Hiver ami along te Srewobury or Niivenink River, to te point or place of UP ginning. Te polling.ilace forte Fift Election District in te Fife House of te Lincroft Fire Company at Lincroft, N. J. Sixt Election District, Commonly Known as te Port Monmout District. Te boundaries of te ttnme are as follows, vis.: BEGNNNG at te tgli water line of Raritan or Sandy Hgok Hay and at te.nterseclion wit te Westerly boundary line of Election District No..3; tem-e unnlnk (1) Souterly, along te boundary line of Election District No. H, to te County road lending from New Monmout to Keyporl known as County loiid No. 7; tence (2) Westerly, alon^ -said inly luiad No. 7 to te Harmony Road: tence (3t Norterly, alona te Harmony Hoad. to Daniel C. Hondrick- \ Corner; ienre (4) followintt te d tn Mnlpft Corner: tence ( TJ) Norterly. iilonk ome^t1 Bd Park, to te ;nl waters of POWH Cicek; tence (b> Norterly, down ewh Crfek t» Raiitan r.sandy Hook Hay; tence (?) KuMerly, alons te Hay, to te point or plnce Te polling plnce for te Sixt Klecion Histt ict is te Port Monmout Fire Hou.^e at Port Monmoul. N. J. Sevent Election District. Commonly Known as te Eait Keansburg District. Te. boundiiritti. of te same Hre as BElJiNNiNfi at te mout or Pews Creek und in Sandy Hook or taritan Hay; tence njfininj* (1) Souterly, HOK te boundary line of Election District No. fi, to te t.oufity tattd from New Motimntit to Keynnit. known us County Road No. 7; ence CM Venterljr. alonjf County Hoad No. 7 to Piilmcr Avenue; ence CD Norterly: down Palmer Avenue!o it}* interkei-lion wit te boundary line of te HoCui:b of Kean-*nirK ; tenre H) Sortei\y nnd en«lfrly, nlon«te oumlitry line uf te Towrwip ot Middletown and te»orott f of Kettnubur* to te ig water lino of Uaritan or Sandy Hook tiny; tence < ")) Kastery, alon- te said Ray to te jioint or jlace of BeKinninn. Te uolliilk plnrr f"f te Scv.-nL Election nistrlct JM te Fire House ol te East Kean^xirtf Fir*; Company. Tomp- Avenuc, Kan Kcansburti, N. J Eigt Election District, Commonly Known as te Riverside Drive and Headdtns Corner District. Te boundaries of te «ame nre as ouows, viz.: RE^ilNNlNfi at tr inlprxprtinn nf te rigt of wny nf te New York and Branc Railr»ai Comnafiy mid of te Naveslnk or Srewsbury River, and tence running (1) Norterly. Rlonn te iald lallroail rlnt <>f wny nnd alon«election District Nn.f> nnd Election District No. 2. Jo Mi)) Brook; tence (2) Easterly. alon«mill niook to Cnprl Hifl Road, tence <.!> Norterly, si Capel Hill Road, to Mountain.. Hill Rond; tence <i) Continuintf Norterly in a FtrniKt linp to Park Avenue; tence (5) Easterly. nlonk Park Avenue to private road leading troug te Ho fold property : tenrf (Gi Souterly, nlonp. te- private roml lendinn troug teiho^fnrd propptty, \n Mountnin Hill Road: tenre (7) Easterly, to te boundary linp of Election District 2: (ence (S Sotiterlv. fllnnfr Klrrtinn District No. w > to te NnvcinV Srewsbury River; tenre ffll Westerly. alontr to said, river to te place of Tip- TliP piihnsf J»lnce for to EKVH tion Di-tiict la te Fire Hou-e of Middle- n Fire Company No. 1. State Higway, Hcndden" Corner, N r. J. Nint Election District. Te linunrlnriefl nf te same follows), viz.: BEGNNNG Ht te mout of Ware Creek and Snndy Hook or RariUn Bay, and from tence rnnnim; {1) Souterly, alone Wara Creek nnd te boundary line of Flection District No. to Park Avenue; tenr-e (2) Eaiterly, ons Park Avenue, \n Hosfonl Avenui tence (3) Norterly, nloiik Hosford Avenue, to.te New Monmout nnd Atarttic HiRlsnd.a Roml; tence (4) Eautetly; alonn -aid road, tn Lrnnard Avenue; tence fiij Norterly, nlonz l^eon. ard Avenue, to Rnritan or Sandy Hook Bay: tence (61 Westerly, nniip Raritan Snnrly Hook Hay, to te point c place of Ee%:inninp. Te pnlllnff flare for te Nint Ele< tion District is te Community Fire House, Appleton avenue. jennardo, N. J. HOWARD W. ROBBHTS, Townsip Clerk. Dated April 3, 194*. NOTCE OF REGSTRY AND ELECTON Srewsbury Boroug, N, J. Notice of lit time and plate of oldtr te Ceneral Election and of te officers to bo elejrted nnd meetings of te Hoard of Election n te UorouK nf Srewsbury, >* te County of Monmoij(, Slate of New. Jersey. Notice is e roll y given tat n (lencral Election will be eld in and for te of Sriiv-Oiiiry, in ie ("ounly uf jmonnirjut ami Stale uf New Jersey. Tuesday, November 7, 101 J, between on e ours»r 7:00 A. M. jtn»j H;l)it 1\ M., Knutern \Vnr lime, at te rt-r-ne-nive polli place in said municipality. Said H.Clint, w ][ be, eld in te *jiid municipiility (or te purpore of elt-itinn elector. 1 * of a Pie^iilcul iiinl Vice President of te United Slutea ; ii Member of t e House o f Jiiif even tn t i ves from e Tird CnnKriws.mii.] District, a Member of te fnitrd.stiites Sennto fiom ie State of New Jersey lo fill te vacancy Miuseil y ie deat of W. Wnrren f.iirotir; n Member of te Senate ol te State of New Jersey, for te County of Monmonl; two Members of ie (..enerul A?Bcmbly fnr te Stiile <)f.***-:w Jersey, or te Counly vl Mnnmmii; n Clctk or te County of Mnnrnmitli ; n ^etift or te County of Monnunit ; :«- Mrmiers nf ip Hntinl of Cosen Frcenldcis or te County of Monmoul fo: tree years; tree Coroners for tp County of Monrnoulli, nnd for te followliik municipal otlii-(v, vi7.: a Mayor, fur o full erm of two ycitin; twu Coiuicilmcn. fnr o tuu liim nf ti.. yeiu-w. nnil (i Coli-ctor, for tlio full term of four yearn. Notice of Primary Election. AW> ti(k<> n,.,lr. tnt n Primnry Klcrioii fi>r nil xi!iticnl imrticn entitled enmr» will be eld n nntl fnr tr loroun nf Slirt-w.-biii-y. in ^HM ("oiinly, >n Tup.-sfJ.iy, bitty Jfi, ]f).., bctweri) te umis nf 7:00 A. M., nn.l S;M( P, M.. Sn*iterrt Wnt* tim<*. Siild in-lrnnry elm-1inn lo be r.ld in e PJCP in tlir ro.> iectivc (ii^ti ic( n^ ipcti fir ally aliove mentioned nnd sniil i rimn ry elect in ii wil be eld inr te uirpoff of pcrrons of te renportive inirlien lo ip nilicei above mrntjonnl jiml M n t-lc^t "no innle i ml one, female me in er for eac (if to wo tntijttr iialiticitl prirtit 1.**. frnm ouc istiiit n Mdiiniimt County tin momkm f t,- Mnniii<Hi( County V.ftivtlvt* ilivie n n i l s r w n a l t c i n ii l r iii -^ n t f H nt nikf are tu be iompn by tlio luimmwim >:irty to r.micrnt M. Lii.-y ti "u n»- ion nl con veil tin n. nnd tat twelve delekntcn ju \nrae and, wrlve nlleimite dele- >s»t )firi/i> JJ 1 * \t> )ir "bikr:) by te Kin tic pin v t o iepi e i i n t «nlil Unit w,i. dntiict ikle [,{( >. iiil two t-.v id l\v«:ilte,:i-il.dutrlct to (e 1 nntitiitnl- convention HT D TiT*ffuV~ 1 it!.npirwr-rfimti 1!. n br- Tin) CniiKiSFlmial DlHtrlrt nt te >tatf> of New Jrr-Hpy nt fin d primary Nbllcr of Regiitrntlon. Notlci> U furtlicr Kiven (lint ntuitiflcd nlii * (if te llmmu of Sbirwnlitirv nl n!rr:i<ly M-M.MM n MU liniiiim i nil P- tbo L:WH nt New Jenvy unvor* irrmnnntit teulstriiluin nt te lime Boroug of Srewsbury at any time between Wednesday, May 17, and Tuesday, October 10, 194J,, pa wic latter date t4 registration )>ook will be closed until after te 1Tfjci;rtroin General election on Tuesday. November Furter Notice. And notice U furter given tat t* District Election Board n and for ta Boroug of Srewsbury will»u at te place ereinafter defllffnated on Tuesday, November 7, 1944, between te ours ot 7:00 A. M. and 8:00 P. M., Eastern War time, for te purpose of conducting 1 a General election to vote upon candidates for te follown? ulfices: upon candidates for te offices above mentioned. n addition to te election of candidates to te aforementioned office* te question of te approval and ratification or rejection as a wole of * revised Constitution for te State of New Jeritcy will be submitted to te voter* at te said Ceneral election to e eld Tuesday, November 7. )!U4. Te polling place for Srewsbury Boron (j in te Fire Hotine of Srewsbury Hone Co. No. 1, Broad street, Srewsbury. ORTHUDB C. VAN VL1ET, Clerk of te Boroug of Srewsbury. Dated April 3, NOTCE.OF REGSTRY AND ELECTON Boroug of Fair Haven, N. J. Notice of te time and place of old- ng te (.eneral Glee tion and of te otiicem to be elected and meetlnifit of te BoardH of Election n te Boroug ot Fair Haven, in te County of Monmout, State of New Jersey. Notice is ereby given tat a (ientral Election will be eld n and for te Boroug 0( fair Haven, in te County of Monmout and State of New Jersey, on Tueaday, November 7, 1944, between te yura of 7:00 A. M. and H;iH) l y. M., Kastern War time, at te reflective pollinii ulaces in said municipality. Said election will be eld in te «uid mijiiiciiitility tor te purpose of t lev Uny tlertori* uf a ironident and Virf Jresident of to Utiileti v Stales; a Membei of te House of KeptesentatlvtB tiom te 1inl Coi)Kie*»ionai Uialrict, a Member uf te United isiatcb Senate from te Stnto uf New Jeruey to,lill te vacancy caused by tet deat of W. Warren Barbuur; a Member of te Senate ol te StHte of New Jersey, for te CounLy ot Munmotii; two Member* ol ie benuaj ABtmly for te Stale of Ne.v lei?ey, for te County of Monnmut; H t:ieik fur te County of Monmout; a fctiili fur- te Count*-of M«timuittfi; t:*ti..iti:iivj. bers ol te Hoard of Cosen F«euldere fur te County of Monmout for tree years; tree Coronem for te County of Monmout, and for te following municir-aj otlice- 1 *, viz.: a Mayor, foi te full term of two years; Two Councilmen, for te full lertn ot tree yearn, arxi an Asse»«oi, for te full term of four year*. v Notice of Primary Election. Also take notice tat a Primary Election, for till political parties mill lied ieietu will be eld in ai,il loi to Uttcouti til Fair Haven, in «aid Cuunly, on Tuesday, May 16, 1944, between Le our* of 7:00 A. M.. and j:tjj i. M., Eastei n War time. Said primary election to be eld in te jiice in te respective dlati let tt> siit- cine ally above mentioned anil said primary election will be eld lor tt purpose uf nominatink femuna gt te icfipective rartics to te ottue* above mentioned and also lo fleet une male and one fpmnfe member for eac of te two major noliticnl artien, from eac district in Monmout County ai members (if tt? Monmout County Executive Committee. Alito seven drlekfctes at laikc anil seven alternate del eg a ten at nr^e arc to be cosen by te Republican party to represent said catty At te na* tiannl ronvention, and tat twelve delc- KUtCK at large and twelve alternate dele- Kates el lar^e arc to be cooen by te )emf)cratic ttarty to reureirnt nai(j narty at te national con veniinn; und also tat twu district dele^atei and t alternate delckhten to»aid Hejiiblicnn national convention and two dutrict dek-kate«and two altc-natta to i* Democratic national convention are be coxen by te rennecttve parties te Tird Crmurennlonal Diotrict of te Slate of New Jer*fy at said primary election. Nolica of R««iitration. Notice!«furttr Kiven tat <jualj] voters of te BoroiiK of Fair Hanoi already registered in said boroug under te LRU-3 of New Jersey governinn permanent ren(str»(ion it te tfm of te Primary election may re^iste wit te ijorouc Clerk of te tiaiij Borouif of Fair Haven at any time between Wednesday, May 17, and Ttirsday, October f), 1944, on wii- Utter date te registration book* will bo closed until after te fortcoming Oneral election on Tuesday, November 7, Furter Notice. And notice ii furter wiven tat t«lantnct Election Hoard* in and for te ppnrouk of Fair Haven will sit at te placet* e rein after den\gnatt>d on Tn <lny, November 7, 194 4, between le ou.b of 7:00 A. M. nnd S:0«P M., Eaate-rn War time, for te p.rporie of conducting a (leneral elec^n tr» vote upon cnmlidateb for te offi" 1 - above mentioned. n Addition lo tp election nf candl- <lnte«to te Rfniementinned office*, te question of te aftrrovfll and intifipation nr rejection a* a wole of & revised Constitution for te State of New Jersey will be submitted to tp vot*?** at te ^niil r.eneinl election to e eld Tufe<! November KniindariM of te Election Dl.-trlctP fn t*> Borouff of Fair Haven, and.t* pollinr plnce in eac district, are as follown: First Election Diitrict. All tat part of te Rornust lylnn: east nf a line wic berina at tat point were le center line of Cedar avenue, if extrmleil. would intersect te Riimsoti Roroujr Hnp - tence ninnlnc nort alunit te center line nf Cedar avenue, to tat point were te renter line of Corlnr avenue inteirocts te renter line of livpr road: tence cast alnri^ t/> renter linp of Hiver rond to te point were te center line of Hattin road interned* te renter line of River rond: tonce nort nlon-/ te renter line of Pattin road to tf ^rpwsbury river, Tn pollinp place for te Fir*t Election DKti-ict ii nt Willow Street Scool. Second Election District. All tnt part of te Bnrnujr lying west or te line as laid down in te Te rollinr place for te Second Election PMrlrt l^ AuRiistuB M. Minton n earner. Ea«t SiJe Pnrk. 432 River road, near Lincoln avenue. M. F^)YP SMTH. Clerk of Fnlr Haven Poroug. T>ated Apri.1, 0<4. NOTCE OF REGSTRY AND ELECTON Holmdet Townsip, N. J. Notice nf te time anil place of oldjr te tleneral Election and of te nlliceih Lo be «ected and meetings of te licit rd of Election n te Townsip of Holmdel, n te County ot Monmout. Stnte «f New Jersey. Notice is ereby (fiven tat a General Election will be eld n and for te Townsip of Holmdel, n te County of Monmout «ml State of New Jersey, on TuejuUiy, November 7, between te ours of 7:00 A. M. and 8:00 P. M.. tinflfrrn War time, at te rmpecllve polling place n aald municipality- Sim! L>l(Dtlon will be eld n te fluid niiiniciiuility for te purpoiie nf electing plectoik nf n rrekldent nnd Vice resljlcnt of te United States: a Membei -of te House of Repreaentntlves from te Ttr.l ConfrtMsional District, a Member of te United Stnteii Senate from te Stale of New Jcrery to nil te vacancy unetl by te deat of W. Warren Barbour; n Member of te Senate of te Hlnte of New Jersey, for te County of Mnnmout; two Members of te fienoral mnly for te Stnte of New Jersey, for te County of Monmout: a Clerk tor io Cnuniy of Monmout; n Seriff for ti County of Monmout: i,»» Memoftc Honn ot Coaen Freeolders for tf County of Monmout for tree!«; tree Coroners for te County of Monmnut, nnd for te followinir milnlripni O1.CPH, vi7..: One Townsip Comrnllti" i mnn. for full term. Notice of Primary Election. Al«fi tnke notice tflt n Primary Eleciion fo/ nil political pnr-tlen entitled (cieto will lie eld fi and for te Triwimlp of Holmdel. n said Comfly, on Tuestlay. May 18^ T ours of 7:00 A. M., ERfltcrn War time. t SnM primary lictlon to be eld n te nlnce n te rcipectlve district an nbove mentioned and nlu ininiiny eicrtion will be eld for te m> of nomlnntimr pertinns of e UVA parties to te nfl.cer above l»ail also to eltrt rn» mnle district n Monmout County u members of te Monmout County Executive Committee. Also seven delegates at la ret and seven alternate delegate! at large are to b«cosen by te Republican Darty Lo represent «ald party at te rational convention, and tat twelve delegates at large and twelve alternate delegate* at large are to be coaen by te Democratic perty to represent said party at (e national convention; anw also tat two district delegates and two alternate defogatea to said Republican national convention and twr. dlitriet delegatea and two alternates to te Democratic national convention are to be coaen by te respective Dirties n te Tird Congresilonal District of te State of New Jersey at said primary election, Notice of Registration. Notice ii furter given tat qualified voters of te Townsip of Holmdel not already registered in said, townsip under te Laws of New Jersey governing permanent registration it te time of te Primary electi< may register wit te Townsip Clerk of te said Townsip of HoJmde) at any time between Wednesday, M«y 17, 1944, and Tuesday, October 10,.944, on wic latter dote te registration book will e cloned until after te fortcoming t.eneral election on Tuesday, November 7. fl4 4. a Furter Notice. And notice U furter ifiven tat te District Election Hour*] fn and tor te Towniip of Holmdel will alt at te D lace riereinafter designated on Tuesday, November 7, 1944, between te ours of 7:00 A. M. and f.qo P. M.r Eastern War time, for te purpose of conducting a General election to vote upon candidates for te offices above mentioned. n addition to tr> election nf candidates to te aforementlonfil.invti te stion of te approval and ratification rejection a.s a wole of a levlied Coti8titutiOn for te State of K«w Jcritcy will be sumitteij to te voter. ai te aid (ienerql eleciion to be eld Tueidny, November 7, Te pollitik plnre for Holmdel Town* ip * «t te Town»Ji> Hall, Holmde), New Jersey. DANEL H. ELY. Clerk of Holmdel Townsip. Dated Apiil 3, te Primnry clerliun nifly icy nter nnd one fqinnle mem lie r for em.of te wit* tt Boroug Clerk oi tt. laid two major political M i * NOTCE OF REGSTRY AND ELECTON LittU Silver Boroug, N. J. Nolle* of te time and place of oldntf te General Meet ion and of te officers to e ejected and meetlng$ ot te Hoard of Election n te Boroug of l.uile. Stiver, in t County of Monmout. "ltate of New Jersey..:*."* Notice s ereby Riven tat a General Election will e el/j in an/] for te Uortniit nf Littlo Silver. n te County of Mcinmout and State of New Jerrey, on Tueuday, November , between te ours of 7:00 A. M. and 8:00 P«W.. KaMein War time, ut te re*pectlv# pnll- <X plare n s.iiil municipality.,s,if(j flection will be eld in te said municipality for te pur^tife rtf electing electors nt» t-««i(j«mt and Vice Prael* dent of te tlnittil Slati-s; t Hrmbei of te House of Renresentativei fiom te Tird Congressional District, a Member of te United States Seniue fiom te State of New Jersey to fill ti vanncy caused by te deat of W. Wtrren Bar- our \ a Member of te Senate o) te 5tate of New Jerory. far te County of Monmaut -, tno Members of te (leneril Assembly far te State of New irsey. for t«county of Monmou-; a < tik for te County nf Mnnmou; a Seril. for te County nf ManmiM: two Memben of te Board of Cown Frrcnldcrs for te County years; trre Cnr _....,._ Monmout, and for te following municipal office*, viz.: Two Councilmen, for te full term of tree years; an AiMMor, for te full term of four years; and a Collector, for te full term of four yean. Notice of Primary Election. - Als«,tak*. no Lice tat, a.primary TAtrtiun for all political parties entitled tereto will be eld in and far te Boroug of Little Silver,»n s*l<j County, on Tuesday. May 16, 1944, between te f Monmout for tree ners for te County of flli and (. M., in ot A. M., Ka*tern War time. Saiil primary flection to ibe eld te place in te rettpectlvt district»pt cifirally above mentioned and a.itd primary election win be el-1 or te ]ivt[-*>oie of nominatink persons at te rcrnecuve pm-uei to te otllcei mentioned and also to elect ori«mile and one femalr member for eac of te two major political parties, from eac difltrirt in Monmout County m membe t>f te Monmout County Executive Committ«i Also >«vcn - dcl«i.*tta: at larue anil seven alternate ilelekatek larre are to be roaen by te Republican parly to represent *nid party at te national convention, and tat twelve delegates at lame and twelve alternate delegates at large are to be cosen by te Democratic party to represent said pai ty i»t io national convention, and sl*o tat two district delecaten an^l tw altfrnate deleiratps to naid Republican national convent! delesntes and tv Democratic national and alteratfn convention dl strict to te are tlv l onenton e co«en y te respective pa.rtlvi n te Tird Conjirenslonal District of te Statf of Nrw Jerfey tt uid primary election. Notice of Re filtration. Notice furter uiven tat (jualified voters of te Horouw of Utll* Silver not already registered n Jisld boroun under te Laws of New Jerse inj,* j>ermanot)t resist ration st te (tms of te Primary election may rejriiter wit te torouff Clerk of te «ald noroiit of Little Silver at any time between Wednesday. May T. J944. and Tuesday. October ] , on wir latter date te reriftration book will bo closed until after tp fortcoming flenernl election on Tuesday. November 7, 1*144. Furter Notice. An/1 nofire in furter iven tat te i i Gll Pistr furtr en tat te Glectlim Honrd in and for te f Lil Sil il toroiip of Little Silver will sit m* te place eicin.-ifiei fle«1trnatt>cl on Tuesday, November , betweer te ours of 7:f)f) A. M. and S :00 P M.. Eastem Wnr time, for te i.urpo«e of con ilur tiny a (leneral eleci"*. ir vote upon mndidate«for te ofhcei above n addition to tp flertirtn of mnrlidflte-i to.e aforementioned otire? te Mtientlnn «>f te apprnvnl «rd -ntifiratlon r»r rejection ai a wole nf a r^viied Constitution fnr te Stnte of New Jetfey will e submitted to te vntrr* ni ** Raid t.enernl election to be eld Tlesriny, Knvemfr 7, 1!>44. Te poltinp nlare for Little Silver Rnr- U(i ii te Uttle Silver Volunteer Fir* Company,i HmiJ>#, Curc streel. FRED L. AYERS. Clerk nf te Bnroiifr of Uttle Silver, Dated April 3, NOTCE OF REGSTRY AND ELECON Srewsbury Townsip, N. J. Notice nf te time and, plnce of oldinn to (.enernl Election and of tt officers to be elected and meetings of tt Board, of Elpction te Townsip of Srewsbury, in tp County of Monmout, Stnte of New Jersey. Notice is ereby Kiven (at a Oneral Election will bo eld in and for tt Townsip of SicwHbury. n te County of Monmout nnd Stnte of New Jersey, on Tuenday, November 7, 1944 between te onrn of 7:00 A. M, nnd 8;l)0 P. M., Knstern War time, at te rc^pe-tlve poll- nx plnce n snid miinlclpflllty. Snid election will e eld n te iald municipnlity for te mirpode of electlnr electoih nf a Vreiident and Vice President nf te United States; a Member of te House nf RepresBntotlvet from te Tird Cnnprefl&innal District, a Member of te United StBtea Senate from te Stftte of New Jerney to fill te vacancy caused y te deat of W. Warren Darbour: n Member of te Senate of te State of New Jersey, for te County of Monmout: two Members of e General Ansembly fnr te State of New Jeraey, for te County of Monmout: B Clerk for e Comity of Monmout ; u Seriff for te County of Monmout: two Members of te Honrd of Cosen Freeolders for te County ot Monmout for tree years; tree Coroners for ti* Cnunty of Mnnmout. nnri for te following milrilclpiil nflicen. v\r..: Onr Towniip Commit! eemnn, for tn full ferm of tree years. Notice ol Primary Election...nn lake nollre tat»primary Election for nil political parties entitled tereto will e eld n am. for ta Towntilp of Srewsbury, n said County, Tuesday. May 16, 1.044Y between te Vurs ottnwat Eastern Wnr time. Said primary election to be eld tn te plnce, n te respective district as jippeflcally nbove mentioned nnd _ said pt-lmm-y flection will e eld for te py purpom» of nomjnnllnfr ti tl t t of.,te nomjnnllnfr p, lespectivo nnrtlen to to office* above mentioned «rtd al«o, (o elect one male and onq femafe member tor eac of te two major EoiticiU partiw, trap* e*c difctiicl in MurunguL Ojuiity tu meiutieri ot te Wocaaout County txtcutiv* Committee. Also seven delegau* at.argt and fev«n aiterame dtttnuie* at larict: are to bi coaen by te Republican uatiy io reuiamtit aaid yavty ai tiiu astionsl convention, ajid tai twelvt deltgates at laiue aad twelve altarnuu (J«la- MAtev at large are to ba cajneti by tot Democratic party to repte»tiu «aiti party at tis national convention; m.d also tat two district tielfcitatts ana two alternate t^elenute* tu BUM UvfuUilcilD national convention and twu Uuirlet deie^ates and two alternate* ut te Democratic- national couvtntiun am to be costn by te re»v ctive yartle* in i«tird Congieatfionu. UUtricl ot ta Htata of New Jer*ey at said plimity electluii. Notlca of Reilitration. Wotlce la furter given Uiui yuujiilfd voters of te Towniip ol Srewnbury not ajread> under te stered :n at New Jer»( - " -» *-*? it\.a,«/ (V v Vfc H- ing permanent re*.itralloa m Uie limi i *}*** i>rimar > r election may njgiater wit te Townsip Clerk at te said lowaabip of Sr.wibury BL any Um«Ut tween Wednesday, May n, lueaday, Octobe latter data te i>t cjoied until. and f JJ, 1^44, O:J wic registration a/ter te /< on Tuesday, book will T Furter Notice. in "t.i * * turt " ««en tint te MMtlct Election Bo.rd in and fo. ta iownalu of Srew.buiy at te lilac, ereinafter de.lbnat»d on Tw»" day, November 7,»«, te our, of 7:00 A. W., f;(,(, p jj* fca.tom War time, /or t. purpoee o? conduotln,, General elecjon to "oil upon c.ndldau. for te (otlow.nk ollite^ Zl t. ^""i MP K c» mm ««n,.n for Uii full term of tree year, upon candidate. (or tte office, above, mentioned.»» n addiilon to te election ol candi- 1HU lo te.(urememloned oflir«. lie queetion o( te apuroval and ratification or rejettlon,j «wol,, rt»i,j be.ubm.tted to te ^oten at te»ald General election to be eld, November 7, 9U. T lhi - place for Srtwaburr l " *"" H " " Tlt Te- r? Tl" MARGKETTA L. RBEO, Clsrli of te TownMn of Srewiburr Dated April a , "»«r^ NOTCE OF RECSTRY AND ELECTON Boroug of Rumion, N. J, Notice of te time and place of oldin* to (Jeneral Electiun and of t«ofiictra to be tucttd and rneetingi of t* Hoards of "BeCUoir-ln" tut "KOTDUJclT Of " Kumnon, in te County of Monmout State of New Jersey, * Notice ii ereby given tat a (jeneral Election wllj W eld in and for t«horouu of Uunmoii, in te County ot Monmout and State of New Jersey o«tuesday, November 7, 1944, between t* ours of 7;i;0 A. M. and H:0U P M., Eastern War time, at tt re*ite<:llvc pollmif jiltirea in ntiiii muniei[inlity. Said election will * bt-jr) j n tb# «aid municipality for ie purpose of alec tins elector* ot a President a/id Vice JreiJdent of ta United State*; a Membei of te Houne of ftepte«entativei from t«tird Conifreflftitinal District, a Member ot te United Statei Senate trom ta State of New Jersey to fill te vacancy caused by te deat of W. Vjrren Harbour; a Merr.ltr of le i>enate of te State of New Jernty. for te County of Monmoul; two Members of te <;«neraj Awembly for te State of Stv Jersey, for te County of Monmout; a Clerk fur ie County of Monn.rnir: a neiis for te County.of M<inm<jui ; two Member* of t* Board of fonen Freeolder! for te County of Monmout for tre«yean; ttee Coroners Monmout. nnd t, nnd nicip*] offices, for t«fo iz.: T e te Counly of flli Council men. for full terms of tree years. Notlc* of Primary Election. Also take notice tat a Primary EUcllon (or all Domical parties entitled teretu will be >e!(j i/i".**d foj tr Borouic of id Counly, n Tacndar, May J«. j44. between t* ouri of 7:00 A. M.. and &:<J0 P. M.. Eastern War time. Said Drimaiy elation to be eld n te l>lar«in te rentitctive district as sprclhcauy abxive mentioned and iaid lirimnry election will ba eld,, for tb«purpose of nominating ikisnns of te renpetuvc parties to t* offices abort* mentioned and K\H> to fleet ona male and one frmalr member <,< car of tt two major political partie*. f/o/n eac distrirt in Monmout County an memberi of tp Monmout Couny \ecuttre Committee. Also ~ oeven <letetrat#n at large and keven allernjte (( *leyatm at lar«e are to be co-nen br te fteiiubjican party to repre%«nt sait] jiar*y i l. te national ronvention, ami tat twelve dele- K*tei at lsr««nnd twelve alternate deleilklt* at large are to be rown by t«democratic party to repren^rit F»!d party dt te nations) conven.on: and alno tat two district delecates «nd two alternate delekaten to "aid [Republican national convention and two dintrlct dflejcate* and two niter nit to t* Demorratlc national ronvention are to be cosen by te respective parties n te Tird f;onjrr«i»lonaj District of t* State of New Jenry at said primary election. Notice of Registration. Notice is furter Kiven tat qualified voter* of te Horoujr of Rumaon not already reninter^d in na.d boroug under te Lawn of New Jersey Roverning permanent rekintration at te tlm* of te Primary rleciion may renister wit t«borouk Clerk of te iald Boroug nt Rum ton at any time between Wednesday, May , and Tuesday. October Jrt,?4(, on wic latter date t* resrmration booltt will be cloned until aftft- te fortcomfnr funeral rlertion on Tuesday, November Furter Notice. And, notice U furter nivjn tat t«histrirt Election Boards in and for BoroiiK of Rumntnt will f>lare«ereinafter day, November ours of 7:00 A. nit at t* dexipntitrd on Tue«- 1944, between. t«m. and S:0» P. M.. Eastern War time, for te purpose-.of conduct in v A flenrral elect inn to vot* pnn candldatei for t3 oti-- - abov* mentioned. n ndtlition to tf election of candidates to te nforementiot-l omirc* t«mtion of te approval n;] rrtlfcratlon rejertion ax a wole of a revised Constitution for te State ot New Jersey will be dubmltted to te voter* nt trie sid Cenernl election to be eld Tj«su"ay. November UnundnrlM of te Election District* n te Boroun of Kumson and te polling place n *nc dutrlrt are R» follows! Firs! Election District. All tat portion of te Rorouir of Rum son aitu/ife nort nf Ridge road, ounded on te engt y t.tmramaventm and on t** went y Buenn Vlitta avenue. Tp pnlllnir place for te Fir*t Blerion nistrlct Orranfc Fire Company* Houne, corner River rond nnd Allftft street, Rumson. Second Election Dittrict. All tnt portion of te Boroue of ijrrwnn nitunte nort of Rid ire road. bounded on te east y Nfiveslnk avenue and on te we»t by Binffaro ai le. Te polhnp: place for te Second Election District U Rumson Fire Company 1! House, Center street, near Tlulgt road, Ttunnon. Tird Election District. All tat portion of te Boroug of! Rumaon sltunts sout nf te Ridge road and eant of Ndveslnk nvenue nnd ound-1 ed nn tp we»t y Hnnce rond, Tr polling plare for p Tird Election Pintrict s Oscar AruJprnonV BTl- e, Wfinlnirlon ttvenite, etwern W termnn avenue nnd Ward nvenue, Rum- ALBERT A. KERR. JR.. Clerk of Rumaon Boroustfl, i Dated April 3, N CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY. TO JAMES H. ONE,: Jy virtue of an Order of te Court of Cancery of New Jeraey, made on te uny of te dnte ereof, n a caum werein Bornujr of Sen Bilgt, a Municipal Corporation of te State of New Jersey, n te County ot Monmout, complainant, nnd you are defendant, you ire required 1o Appear, and Annwer to to complblnrntn bill on, or before te tb day of June next, or te nnid fli f 1)1 e taken nn confessed nk(iini*t you. Te *flid ill n filed to foreclose a rertldcnte uf tax sale marie y K. W. Cllne. Collector, to te-boroug nf 3e» Brigt, covering premlsefl in Nflld Bor-. oiir, known An H nek 16, t o t 28 on te tax m«p of te So roug of Sen Brigt. You, J J"amen H. ONell, are marje party defendant n anld cause bee am* you are te owner ofreeord of te prem-l lnea mentioned nnd described n te said f bill of eomptnlnt nml covered by te car- tlflrnte of tn\ nnle belnk forecloned. Dnted A ml At. 1 fl 4 4. LEON REUSSLLE, JR., Solicitor of Complalnnnti -. U 3ro«d Street, H«l B*ftk. f.:,

9 Youts Govern AtEatontown Make Recommendation* for mprovements Offloiala of Uu Yout Good dovornment wo ruled Eatontown tor one day last week, will troug "Mayor" Robert H, Ugginson, Jr. preaenfte follpwing 16 recommendation* to tt boroug council at te next regular meeting on. May 12: Two polioe officer! on duty 24 ours dally, restoration of ligts on Route t-n wic ave been eliminated, better water supply yatem, celling and flow in Jail room to be repaired, floor n fire ouse to be repainted, correct oil leakage from firs trucks, several streets to be repaired ncluding Laurel avenue, remov«onor roll and monument to park at like, better garbage collection on Trockmorton avenue, establisment of Yout Center, procurement of atletic fled, park to b«named "Smock Memorial Park" in tribute to G. Edward Smock, name "Eatontown Po»tofflc«" to be painted on windows of postomce building, odor emanating from lake to be corrected, larger personnel in flre department. Mayor Harry B. Rowland and Councllmen Frederick B. Plllpp and Spencer M. Patterson attended te * Yout Government session last week, te mayor extending a few wordf of welcome to te youtful officials after tey ad been sworn n by Andrew 0. Becker, boroug clerk. Te Yout Oovornment officials were as follows: Mayor, Robert H. Hlgg-lmon, Jr.: councllmen, Franklyn Poer police"and ligts; Ricard Wlldrlc, fire and water; Ricard Zadoromy, boroug property: James Howard, roads and parks; William Caffyn, ordinance; Robert Morley, boroug clerk; Edgar Caffyn, tax collector; Murlal Betry, building nspector; Stanley Celll. defense council cairman; William Walker, attorney; Lucy Frances* and Patricia Berry, boanl of education; William Wite, flre cief; Dolores Cattani and Mildred Voorees, board of ealt; Henry Riddle, police cief; William Ruffln and Jon Reid, assessors, Robert Emmons and Edward Casey, zoning board; James Marksteln. auditor; rving Fary, overseer of ts poor. Higligting te session was tt address of "Mayor" Hlgginson, ROBERT H. HGONBOK, J*». wose fater, Captain Hlgglnao, la a former mayor of te boroug. Te speec of te ig scool senior follows: Upon undertaking to fill te executive office on Yout Oood Government Day. realized fully te responsibility placed upon te council and mvaeli, for, aj temporary ncumbents it was our respond slbllitv to prove ttat a project of tis nature could and would be carried to a successful conclusion wit iust as muc willingness and sincerity as f we ware unaware of te existing conditions. We did complete tis underuk- ne. demonstrating forcibly tat te idea of aving municipal governments composed of ig scool students will ot be dispelled by te turmoil of an nternational conflict. t s mportant to realize tat nowere else in te worl<! would we ave te opportunity to replace-t<r boroug officials for one dav a vear. And kmw also was representing everv member of te councils sentiments wen expressed our determination to conduct ourselvw in a manner fittine te officers of a borousn. in order tat t will be possible for te future members of our scool to avail temselves of tis valuable municipal training and tat te members of te community will be reaffirmed n teir convictions tat tis dav merits teir attention and (ffort. Eac year on Yout Good Gov< ernment Day it appears as if te problems confronting te Yout Council loom greater and t as become more obvious, tat te purpose of tis municipal education nan n wider and broader objective tan to be restricted merely to te confines of te basic borour gov ernment. Tese problems are of a COOLERATORKEEPS FOODS Plenty Fres! naturi tat maju* t imptratlv* tat tey are fully understood and appreciated. Te question of a curfew for tli* yout of te town s ivtr present u a major ssue and * solution lor Juvenile delinquency, anoter wartime evil watc always aoeomoanlas an upswing in te tttnik) Of living, tti discussed and te problem sould be coped "wit. t la mperative) tat we. te yout ot tbe town, express our vi*wa aad roles our opinion upon tese matters wic concern us directly and is a constant treat to te well Ming of every ndividual. Tt discussion of tese cjvlr. problems togeter -wit better understanding of te. operation of te very eart of te town form* te RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Living By Te Golden Rule By Harold H. Baynton. "A man tat at friends must sew imself friendly: and a frisnd s e tat sticket closer tan a broter." Proverbs 1*;24. n tis day tbe question of tolerance looms larger and larger as basic, principals of Yout Good we look forward to te end of te Government. conflict now olding te world We ave carried out tese principals today wen we eld office by JN» are more conversant wit witin ts grip. spending our time doing researp ichat s appening on te United n our respective departments and ave made te reports ot our find- Nations side. Promises are being ngs tonigt, togeter wit suggestions for te furter improvement wic would lead us all to believe made and conditions arranged of Eatontowns municipal government, one of tolerance and equal oppor- tat te post war worldwill be As 1 and back te reins of te tunity among nations. Tis s, of government, want to take tis oourse, a very commendable object opportunity to add mv tinks to foe wic to plan, but tere s Just to«e of mv councllmen. especially as great a problem witin our own to Mr. Rowland and Mr. Becker, for teir distiiavof nterest n tis United States wic must be contended wit and, f possible, settled project. am sure tat f tis muc effort and attention s paid for all time. Tis s te question to Yout Good Government Day of racial tolerance. t is commonly next year, t s assured of continued success and mprovement. te greatest conglomeration of expressed tat we, as a nation, are peoples n te world. Admitting CADET ARKANSAS tis to be a fact, wy s t tat certain races among us are treated Aviation Cadet Ricard Manfred wit»ue ntolerance, wile te Mattews, son of Mr. and Mrs. test are more ov less accepted. Tis Pilip L. Mattews of Engllstown; s a subject on wic frankness s a* arrived at te Newport, Arkansas. Army air field to receive te te question of te Negro race. necessary,»o sall firsttake up basic pase of aviation cadet train- ng. Watever te Negro may ave lacked n te past in regard to education and te knowledge and Street Fising Ended. training to make of imself a worty citizen of tis country to wic Te Avon commissioners ave introduced an ordinance proibiting; persons from standing in am afraid -we must lay at te-door e was brougt against is will, street* to fis; -Ms-«4med-to «top,-of- te-wit* race. We cannot. f fislnir fr m streets tat end at we would, forget te fact tat, as Sark river. slaves te colored race was deliberately kept n gnorance, -for brawn and not brain was te order of te day; but even since tose days te lot of te Negro as improved but little until recent years. One fact stands out to tose wo care to observe, tat today werever te Negroes are given an equal opportunity, tey are able to sow temselves to excellent advantage. So muc for te material and moral aid* of tis question. Now let us take te spiritual side. Tis is te place were, am afraid, te subject s going to get very embarrassing to tose of us of te wite race wo call ourselves Cristians. Te superiority complex of a lot of people sows ow little earnest tougt tey must give to a matter wic is all mportant to tem. t s a common ting for some wite Cristian people (?) to refuse to sit and eat were Negroes are admitted; tey dont care to sit by tem n si teater or oter pub- 116 places. t s commonly said tat we must keep tem n teir place, but uk you, were s teir place? Some day, know, t s te earnest desire of most of us to squeeze ourselves a. place n Heaven, and yott know, am wondering if, somewere along te line, ave missed put n some learning. ave been trying to And someting n te Bible wic tells about a Heaven for wites, and one for te colored race. So far ave not been able Jo find t; dont believe tere s *bne for eac color. So listen, dear fellow wlto Cristians, lets begin to get used to te idea of getting togeter in Cristian friendsip wit our colored bretren so tat we may en- Joy te eavenly fellowsip and not ave to take a post-graduate course up tere, for you know t would not look good for God to _ j could not see tat Jesus drevtno colored line. We are all Gods cll- dren. LJv*, up to te Golden Rule every day. We Art All God. Cildren. God made us nil; twu Hit decree Tat tig and oter nations Sould Jive togeter in armony, Witout discrimination. So far ai can understand He left no room for doubt. W«are alt Gods cildren. Cant leave te black man out. So let ui live tat in tat day Wen Gabrieli trumpet nounds. Well not ave to explain to God; For n Heaven Hia lov«aboundi. Herbert B*r Berta Greenwood Becomes Engaged Mr. and Mrs. Stepen O. Greenwood of Broad street, Srewsbury, announce te engagement of teir daugter, Miss Berta Elizabet Greenwood, to Paul R. Stryker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Randolp Stryker of Harding road. A summer wedding la planned. M B 3 Greenwood s employed as a stenograper in te bond department of te Prudential nsurance company at Newark. Mr. Stryksr is a real estate and insurance broker, wit an office on Route 34 n Holmdel. New Residents Te May bulletin of te Red Bank Community Camber of Commerce lists te following new residents: David-Williams of Tilton avenue, R. Y. Lyman of Harrison avenue, ra Llvergood of Swimming River road, Jan Nukoop of Beattic Park, W. S. Kriner and Paul Cermak of Monmout street, Minerva Doyle of Center street, Stanley Fdran of River road, Mrs. H. Marksteln of East, Front street, Daniel Galllvan of Broad street and Maple avenue, Micael Mazzola of Capin avenue, Mrs. Harry Rogers of Weat Bergen place, and Mrs. R. M^JDykc of Mecanic; street, Manny Morris of MiddletowrTand Jon~W." MaUon of Fair Haven. ft*,a / i* / <?;** K\- *» *-. sttt. 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Worm-gear tilt,,,automatic stopping device. vory ffniirr, armonizing tapes. Stock sizes as listed. Order next larger sizes if yours is not listed. Sipping weigt, eac 8 pounds. Stoft widt and lengt wanted. Catalog No. 66 A A A A 0737 Widt; fncef 18,19,20,21,22 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 28,29,30,31,32 33;34/35, 36 Date- Please Place My Order for te Following Mercandise: SHP CUD, CAT. NO. QMN. mice CHtCK OR MONEY OKDH tncl. Nom»i f Any Question n Referent* To Orders Call Mlft flui HOW TO M E A S 0 27 MONMOUTH STREET RED BANK STORE HOURS: DALY, 9 A.M. To 5:30 P.M. SATURDAY, 9 A.M. To 9 P.M. Pone 1Z9O RED BANKS LEADNG 8TORE FOR MEN A WOMEN NOTCE. Take notice tat Raymond R. Fulien n ten da to apply to Mayor and Council of te Boroug- of Runwon for a Seaal Retail Consumption for premises situated at Warf, foot of First street, Kumson, N. J. Objection^ if any, sould be made immediately n writing to Albert A, Kerr, ~., Clerk of te Boroug of Rumson. RAYMOND R. PULLEN. NOTCE. Take notice tat Red Hank lodge, No. 233, D. P. O. Elks, as applied to te Stat* Department of Alcoolic Beverage Control for a Club license for premise* situated on second floor of 7 Broad itreet, Red Bank, N. J. Objection!, f any, sould be made immediately in writing lo te State Commissioner of Alcoolic Beverage Control, 1060 Broad atrtet, Newark, N. J. (Slsnod) RED BANK LOD(;E, NO. 2>9, n. P. o. ELKS, JOHN KX, Exalted Kuler. Te truitees of ttu lodge are: JOHN L. MONTGOMERY. Secretary. AttMt: JOHN P. MULV1H1LL, Fair Haven. N. J. PBTBRJ. EOHBJB, Fair Haven, N. J. HARRY KLATSKY, Red Bank, N. J. N CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY To CHARLES PAULSON, is eirs, <levisees and personal representative*, and MRS. CHARLES PAULSON, wife of said Carles Paulson: By virtue of an order of te Court (if Cancery ot New JerHuy, made on te day of te date trcof. in a cousq wei-fn Boron if n of Srewsbury, a Miiiiiii[>;ii Corporation, in te County of Mutimout ami Stiite of New Jersey, is romjiliuuiuit, and you ami oters KD defendants, yim c teiiulred to appear, ami answer.o tt.> complainant* Mil on. or Uefore (litnineteent day of June next, ur te <>aid bill will be taken as confe<hnetl itk p >iii^t you. Te said ill is filed to foiedoao» ct>rtain certificate of ta\ «a!i> c.uetink te mises terein de«orlbed and known Lot. No. Seventy-Five (7.1i n* >(twn on map entitle*) "Mai> of Oriole Vaik, Sout of Red Bank, Srflwtury Tuwnip, Mttnmout County, New Jeney, owned by Red Dank Development Cornpany, (leo. D. Cooper, Surveyor, Kid Bank, N. J., May 6, H>2-t." «i.- limp U duly filed in te Munmoul (<»inty Clerks Office at Freeold July ::.! 1 :4 Casm No. 2W. n te owntiu of Srrwjbury, now lnrnuii of Sipwslniry. (Jounty of Monmout a rut Ptnto of N 1 " Jerney, mndo by Ortrinie (. VnnVlW. Collector of -Taxert of tu Tii".\irik* iiti let of RorouK of Srewsbury, to Rm-nuK of Srewsbury, tinted April -^. M^. nnd YeVordeil n te MVinrrrnut tonnry Oerka Of/lr«* in Book fir, (if M.nlgM, on Pane 4(16, of wlili i-uru- plalnant ) now tlie bolder. And you. Carles PnuNon, it Mr*, ilevinves And p#l«nnnl roinetemntivf*. ar*.,made.a party dtftndant, ivnuflf you ave an alleneil cnntrnit or nurcnase nut WiWf. HnUt. of record affecting te premlx* mentlnnm 1 and denrrled \v te nald Hill, anh by virtue fcwee* flukn M»vi»om«lien upon or interest in te a aid premises. And you. Mrs. Carles Paulson, vrit* of said Carles Paulson, are made a party defendant because you are t«wiftj of Cai f* m) son, wo aa an alloyed contract of purcase not of record affecting ie premises mentioned and described in te said bill, and by virtue tereof claim Jo ave aomt Hett upon ur intfie-l by way of dower or oterwise in te said premise*. Dated April S, 1044 APPLECATE, STEVENS. FOSTER & REU38LLE. Solicit ont of Complainant, P. O. Brond Street. Retl Bsnk. N. J. STATE OF NEW JERSEY. Department of State. CERTFCATE OF DSSOLUTON. TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS MAY COME. (JEETNl.: WHEREAS, U appears to my «atuf*efion, b/ July auiei»tica!(?<] record ot te proceed inns for tlie voluntary dissolution tereof by tt) nn.iiilmuim eonnent of all ilit> Ptnikliolders, tuco-tited in my utlii-e, tat Pud ley EiiKiiiferinir Corporatiun, a ((iriioratiun nf \\* ^iate. woi«inim-ipitl uli-e is ^itnuted at No. 34 Brnod Street, in e Boroug of R«d H«fik, County of Moo mout, Stat* of New Jersey (William E. Foster, being to agent terein mid in rurae tereof. upon wom process may be.served), ai complied wit te re<uiemeru* of Title 14. Corpurntintii*. lien era), of Rev lied Statutes of New Jersey, preliminary f te isuink l)f tiscertificate of Diaio- N(»W THKUKFilRK,, Jorip A. Bropliy. StMLpln: y nf St lit..if t> Slate of New Jci-kt-y...».)i-iiv Orrfy tat Of uiid tl.noniiian ili.i, -in te Seventeent iliiv nf A i" il. in 11, fiu- ni my pfflre a ilnly cmiit.l ii Mil nt (< -ti( comerit in writ n if tn lit- ilii->-lu)i"ii «( talc! corimrfllinri,sfi ]lnl )>v nil e ntockoldei-i teieuf. wic -uid cnii.ient and te id.d N TKST1MOSY WMKHKOK. t»«eifiii» my y and unil ndixed my ofllal " T iliiv i»f -\ >M A P.. nut- tousand. nln« :md f.n t v-fimir. S-HH J A RROPHY. Serr^-lary of Stata. Notice of Settlement of Account. -;.,,, of M ny.f DMimin4>nd, de<caa*<f. No! H* it tipicj ^rlvon tib tt ar> enurim of te miinrrlber. a-lminutratrix of tt ttutr of -<a!l dcceh-trd, will b* iti<lili<l iiml ~t»lfil l>v t*» Suriuuat* of r i* ((i-ktt v af Smnim\ anil reported fm -L-MKiKctil to tin- OrpuriD Court of C.uFitv. oti Dnnsday. tu clut lay of Junt,- A. f*. l\(u, 10:00 A, an., nt witic time»pplle»tlon will w nihiii- for tti" allowance nf <omnii-c*liiim and <rntnsfi fee*. PtiNil AM Jl Jit. A. 1> WNiY., :u ll.irniltoii Awriic, Knulewood. N, J. AilmlnlitratrU. riupy A HlTq*rn«r, l> Ext-liHUKt Placv, Jeney Oily, 2, N. i. 4^^i^ ML-..

10 Page Ten. rifid BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 S/UStlY SSOW 11// be Glud to Answer Any Questions on Food ts Easy to Build Up a Dinner Menu Too Low n Proteins New! Different! Caty Bt ABC A-fSf tptn it ctit B-W«t t«crijon C-»pplf U jir ts if only air color crayon wit i built-in brus. Cray streaks vanis as ic bruses natural looking color on evenly, tigt.down to te icilp. Ntyet leasts grrasy or flaky traces. Absolutely armless! Wases off y easily. Comes in 12 natural- /oolcing sades. Yours i» aunty among tem., BRUSH D R VJGSTOHlt5 COR. BF.CAD & WHTE ST5. RED BANK YOUR WHELAN MANAGER S A GRADU- ATE, LCENSED, REGSTERED PHARMACST (Jot an ice ox to sell. Want to buv a for piece? Ynu can buv and sell troun Te Registers want ;ut^. Teyre te most widely read in tliis section. Advertisement. Tree Meals A Day Copyrigt BY SDNEY SNOW, 19SS Edited by WLMA E. DJEETE SUSAN SNOW ts Rood wartime trift tactics to plan desserts ae a definite integral part or te menu, cosen different treads. Get a supply One needs different size needles for carefully from te point of view of now and be careful of tem, for all nutritional value as well as appetite appeal. Cream ceese topping never stick te needle into te needles will be scarce. One sould for piee, for instance, is a popular tread spool wen troug mend- may become bent and dam- and icly nutritious way to adding it protein value to a wartime, dinner aged, or it may urt your ands menu tat is on te skimpy side. later. Put it back into te needle Wit te investmenl of only one book rigt away, were it will be red ration point you can obtain a protected until you want it again. six-ounce wedpe saped cut ofone assorted book of needles, or a cream ceese tat will make a tick tootsome topping for two pica of te custard type or a baked piescll filled wti. ripe fruit. And wit onlv two red points you can obtain tree of te six-ounce wedge saped cuts wic are packaged, to last several weeks in te refrigerator, if unopened. Tis means only.% of a point per serving. Made from wole milk and cream, plentiful cream ceese is ric in vitamin A, calcium and posporus in addition to being an excellent source of muscle-building it qualifies as a top nutritional bargain as well as a ration-wise investment. You can use cream ceese to build up te nutritional value of salads, too. f your menus meatless, try a salad served wit mayonnaise wit assorted cream ceese balls. Te cive or pimento cream ceese wedge is a appy coice wit a tomato or tossed green rtilad. A furter builder-up of te salad- course U --a_.cream..ceese dressing, made by mixing wipped cream ceese wit an equal amount of mayonnaise. CREAM CHEESE PE?t six-ounce wedge cut of cream ceese.* cup tin cream or top milk. a cup sugar 1 tablespoon flour,» teaspoon salt Grated rind of M orange 2 CRRS.i teaspoon vanilla Pastry.Blend cream ceese wit cream or top milk torougly. Mix togeter sugar, flour, salt and orange rind. Blend wit ceese mixture. Add ecg yolks and vanilla. Mix well. Fold in stiffly beaten egg wites. Pour into a pie pan lined wit unbaked ric pastry. Bake in ja slow oven (350 F.) 25 to 30 mln- utce or until firm. Serve cold. WHPPED CREAM CHEESE ],-2 six-ounce wedge cut of cream ceese 34 tablespoons (about) of top of milk Add top milk to cream and beat wit a rotary egg beater until ligt and fluffy, like wipped cream. Use as a topping for gingerbread, fruit Dies and moulded fruit and vegetable salads. For a delicious PUBLC SALE Estate of Alfred E. Jelleme, will sell at Public Auction REAL ESTATE AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS of nine room ouse at 1227 Ocean Ave., Elberon, N. J., souteast corner of Lincoln & Ocean Aves. lilv.-ll ri.mir.l f i n, fifty and THURSDAY, MAY 11,1944 p. M. to 10:30 r. M. FRDAY, MAY 12, 1944 o 7:.W T. M. to 10:30 P. M. SATURDAY, MAY 13,1944 1:30 P. M. f.irr, TKHM- tllltc l pic put a layer of cornstarc pudding in a baked elicit, ten a layer of blueberries and a topping of wipped cream ceebe- infiitl.- -.!-. HOUSEHOLD GOODS nfas niin-ois, oil paintings, pictures, bronze.«. v< (!<* (- tnlirs, and tables, tapestries, ma- lr»t>r J.-.nif.jT.ufcs: Various sizes and all in ill. 1; i,ii i. )S. lidok cii.sps, cabinets, wardrobes, " (. ilt.r.mis, Kmpirr eofa, Queen Anne cairs, i: M M[; find carved (tis set wns fortn-!!.-hmsl.iulli-hl, and is especially dis- t p a.-.iti^1, yl;ir-s wait, dises, crystal ware,..!>: -. ^:i^ lan^r, RKF RG ERA TOR, two!.!>> rwdplrif. * (*? of ig grade wicker i+ andiron.-, Hi f-iruns, fireplace scrcena, r.i! r i i ( liiiii s i, sfvpn-pipce twin bedroom f f -\ Mini:s and mattresses (finised in old." < l.\i-t,ri. M\-jiioco twin bed room suite,.;"-.itui iiwtlt! esses (maliornny. and rnod- 1 "p U-diimm.suite, complete wit box ij/.--^vj )n tsrwipcl green), boudoii* cairs, t!it.-. nits, ni^t tables, boudoir lampa, 1 " :!?. f=in^lp >>eds,.springs, nmttrcsges, ; "! " Hi] fn? nit ui-n - - stool cairs, two steel - :! lj;irks. v. j^ur-r rlinirs. tables, setters 1 "^ f nuinerrms n mention..!":"--m-n Jfi2K fir-iiuctilr from purcases REAL ESTATE :,rf:nn, sl;i (. i nnf, four eel rooms, lr.mi; room 1R\:!.V. (lining room HKilioKiiny mr. kitcen 15xl8, ;-iis ]>nrr)i wit uwningp, full con- i l:i-nt. GOHHH: lmxj12, twn-cnr r.-nf /triil five..lock.s floin Elprnn Uw U, (lie rial.ili!,,,( Sl,,, mnv,, M,,,,. to attond afb-monn HCH.HS. ii,ii, i,,, U ;, i in oihhir(uiilt.v.t<i partlrlpnli- in pun-lmsliii; (lii-.i-,,i,.-mar K Rrml* fuml lrirs, tn nnlf "ill iipi-n pr.ii.iiil ;,t 7 -id p.,. Tliursiliiy nnil Friday and 1:3M p. H. Siliii/.n Kslate t f sale B. (,. (OATS, 35JU May lft fidin 2 :U» p. m. to 1>;3D p. m. i- 11 ( o ifjcrt «ny and all bids on nale of 1 ii v,i iif.mjiijjp will be annoilnred date of SABELLE B. JELLEMET""* FRANK" f". A. BURKE, Clrlks. Toasters sould ave te crumbs brused out, or te crumb tray removed and wiped off in types wit tis attacment. Keep your toaster clean and it will operate satisfactorily for years. Never clean toaster until it is cool and te cord s disconnected. Hot plates are excellent dinner service but oven eat may crack tem. Use a low oven tlame for warminc dises and rest tem on asbestos pads. For oven baking use only pottery or glass tat is marked proof. Hot Off te Griddle BY single package of eac size you need, will last all troug te war, f you are careful.. eat-resistant, or eat To remove cewing gum from cloting, rubbing te gum wit an ice cube facilitates removal of surface sum wit a dull knife. Moisenint; gum wit kerosene or carbon-tettdclorlde softens it for furter knife removal. mbedded particles must be torougly sponged wit carbon tetraclorlde. Granulated, confectioners, brown and maple sugar, corn syrup, molasses, oney and maple syrups are all used in candy making, accordng to te flavor and texture desired. Te ligt-brown sugar sould be cosen rater tan te darker brown, for a candy of delicate flavor. Te same ting is true f corn eyrup or molasses is used e ligter color gives te less strong flavor. Salad material.? sould be cut n uniform, well-defined pieces small enoug so tat tey will not oae teir sape in te folding process. f part of te celery to be used s loug, cut t in fine pieces and cut te tender parts in larger pieces. "n tis way te tougness will not bo detected. Cut cold mus into slices about one-fourt of an inc tick, and saute until brown and crisp in a very little fat; if preferred, te slices may be sprinkled wit flour or dipped first in salted beaten egg and ten in bread or cracker crumbs before aauteing. Hominy and oter cereals may be fried. n te same way.. Food, of course, must be well seasoned to be worty of its piquancy Poultry and game, unless tey and stir over boiling water until gelatin is completely dissolved. Re- from boiling water, add cream and salt, and mix. Place n bowl are n cold storage, sould not bemove kept long uncooked. Tey sould be drawn as soon as purcased and sould be kept n a cool place. Te broad for fiat sandwices Or cill n refrigerator instead of ice. Wen tickened, beat until sould be a day old because it can be cut more eaely tan fres ligt and fluffy. Return to refrigerator" to set sligtly. bread. For rolled sandwices, res bread sould be used. Bread baked n special tins wic provide slices tat are perfect squares or circles is economical wen te crusts are to be removed, but any oaf of comparatively. fine grain mav e used. Bread wrapped wile ot molds quickly. Containers used for storng bread sould be wased and aired frequently and immediately f mold is found. To clear soups, take te stock from te top of te bowl, being careful to avoid any sediment wic may ave escaped troug te sieve and settled on te bottom of te bowl. valuable food and sould be saved for gravies or soupe wic are not necessarily clear. Clarify tis stock if a translucent, sparkling soup is desired. To beat egg yolks, separate yolks from wite of egg and eiter stir well wit a fork or beat wit a rotary beater until tey are froty and teir color becomes ligt yelovr. Squabs are beat wen four weeks old and wen weiging from onealf to tree-quarters pound. 3 Spanis onions PUREE OF CELERY FOR AVt cup water FRST COURSE No matter ow simple te soup, te fact tat it is served at te beginning of a meal suggests time and care spent, particularly f it be ome-made. Too, since we ave been saving every bone and scrap of meat for te stock pot. ere is were it s put to good use: PUREE OF CELERY 1 bunc celery 1 tablespoon butter or substitute 2 tnbleepoona flour Vi pints soup stock 1 cup cream Salt Was te celery well and cut n pieces and boil until tender in a littlo salted water. Drain off all te water. Put butter in a saucepan, and wen it is melted add te flour nml mix well;ten add soup etock grndunlly and te celery, and let boil gently tor 15 minutes. Press troug a sieve and add cream and call, and bring to te boiling point again. Serve piping ot. BRANDED PEACHES FOR A QUCK, TASTY DESSERT Te day tat te ome-maker is uway from omp doing er bit to elp te war along usually finds a urried dinner. Fortunately, suc dinners ale available, requiring little time for preparation. All invj cup rolled ciats \"i Veast calce di.^solvoil n 2 tablespoons lake-warm water tn "Htnn breat quick, tasty desrts are also available and will To te potatoes add. tile scalded prove Bs tuitisfying us one would milk,.suitcnin^,.sugitr :iml salt. adt. Suc a dessert is Wen luko warm ;u!d te yeac-t ca,ke dissolved in Hike warm water BRANDED PEACHES and \ 8 conned peac alves t. cup railed on K measured after bcinir put troug food 4 teaspoons incited butter copped several times ami ten * tf a«noona~u.nely.«j erioj>p»d- pra«- «Hte4>,._Au^U"SU;^-JUdlJwi..bejyi H4 served ginger sifted before measuring. Kriniid 8 teaspoons apricot or peac torougly. Cover find let rise. Afbrandy ter it as doubled in ulk, beat nvert peac alves in baking again. Put in gjeaaed muflin pans, pun, pour over eac one-alf tea-. let rise again find bake in n ot spoon melted butter, ono teaspoon ovon nbout one-alf our. Test by lipricot or peac brandy and a nserting li straw n center (if bis- prinkllng of finely capped preim-vpd ginger. Bnkc for 10 minutes in a moderate oven (350 F.) Present "Him" Wit A Strawberry Layer Cake To Complete His Visit OW HAPPY ARE THE "HES" N SERVCE to get ome for a visitwit te family and ow, like old times, wen e is presented H wit, a strawberry iayer cake is possible favorite since e can remember. STRAWBERRY LAYER CAKE 1 cups sifted cake flour" 2 teaspoons double-acting baln; ponder, Yi or % cup sortening 1 cup sugar 1 egg, unbeaten % cup milk 1 teuxpoon vanilla Ligt cream, wipped Fres strawberries, alved or wole Sift flour once, measure, add balling powder and salt, and alft togeter tree times. Cream sortening, add sugar gradually, and cream togeter well. Add egg and boat very torougly. Add flour, alternately wit milk, a small amount at a time, beating after eac addition until smoot. Add vanilla. Bake in two greased 8-inc layer pans in moderate oven (375" F.) 20 to 25 minutes. Spread wipped cream between and on top of layers, garnis wit strawberries. To save sugar, substitute corn syrup or oney for alf of sugar. Use \s cup sugar and ; cup syrup; decrease milk to *i cup.. HOW TO WHP LGHT CREAM 4. tablespoons milk 1 cup ligt cream l\i teaspoons granulated Das of salt gelatin Add milk gradually to gelatin in small bowl, mixing well. Heat of ce and water and wip at once wit rotary egg beater 5 to 7 minutes, or until mixture begins to set around edge of bowl Remove from ice water and stir gently wit spoon until smoot. Serve; or store n refrigerator until needed, stirring well before using. Dutc Apple Cake Wit Lemon Sauce SMPLE SALADS THAT HAVE THAT SPECAL LOOK Wen one can serve simple ealads and ave tem look very special, se as found te answer to one food problem. We all liko a matter wen apnle desserts are in large variety in our salads and a Tis eedlment is a order one sould always remember few ingredients plus a lotof im-agination can accomplis Dutc applo cake for a sure bet. tis. Here are a few examples: CABBAGE AND PEANUT SALAD 1 small ead cabbage i cup copped peanuts ; 1 teaspoon salt ** H teaepoon paprika Discard outside leaves of cabbage and cut ead in quarters. Let stand in ice water until crisp. Drain and cop. Mix wit pea nuts and add salt and paprika. Serve wit cooked salad dressing and garnis wit strips of pimento. ONON SALAD ] /i teaspoon salt % cup cider vinegar 1 tablespoon sugar Pee) onions and slice very tin. Mix water, vinegar, sugar find salt Sift Hour once, measure, add baking powder and salt and sift again. Work in sortening wit tips of flngera, blender, or knives, add milk wit te well-beaten egg and mix quickly wit a knife. Te doug must be soft enoug to spread in a sallow baking pan. Have ready, pared, cored and cut in quarters, te apples, and wen doug lias been epread in te but- and put te onions in te mixture, tered pan press apples into doug Let stantl in a covered dip in tein parallel rows. Sprinkle te apples wit te sugar and a little refrigerntor for 1 oui\ Drain torougly and mix wit Frenc cinnamon. Bake in a ot oven dressing to wic as been added V: tablespoon mustard, n teaspoon Worcester aauce, \k tenspoon onion juice and 2 drops tabasco sauce. MACEDONE SALAD 1 small cooked cauliflower 6 stuffed olives 1 CUD stuffed carrots (cut in cubes) 1 cup cooked peas Separate cauliflower inlo small pieces. Marinate eac vegetable separately in Frenc dressing and let stand in refrigerator, Arrange vegetables on crisp lettuce lraves. Sprinkle wit sliced olives. Servo wit Frenc dressing. POTATO BSCUTS 1 cup maeed potatoes MJ tablespoon.sortening Mi tablespoon sugar Vz tablespoon sivt 2 cups Hour 1 cup cuit. t comes out -freely, wit no doug adering, te bisvuits urc dona. Tere are ever so many menus tat seem to definitely call for an apple dessert toug it i9 true tat everyone wont require te apple dessert wit te same menu. Some tink an apple dessert ie a "must" after a fls dinner; oters desire one after, say, duck but no DUTCH APPLE CAKE 2 cups sifted cake flour 3 teaspoons baking powder.2 teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons buiter or oter sortening 1 egg % cup milk (about) 4 sour apples 2 tablespoons sugar Cinnamon 1100 F.) one-alf our, or until (lone. Servo ot wit 2 cups ot water 1 cup sugar 1 lemon rind and juice 2 tablespoons cornstarc 2 tablespoons butter or subetituto Mix tn sugar and cornstarc, add te boiling water gradually, stirring constantly. Cooji 8 to 10 minutes, add lemon juice and butto.r. Servo, ot. f stronger lemon flavor s desired, add grated lemon rind. EGGS FOR A FAMLY LUNCHEON Tortj are occasions wen te man of te family will be ome for lunc, but if not, tere are usually te cildren and one can never successfully feed tem sandwices <lny in and day out. So, for a ciingc and a pleasing one, serve te following egg combination; POACHED, EGG TOMATO- RAREBT 2 cups tomatoes?i teaspoon.soda 1 tnikpoon flnlt 2 tablespoons flour 1 cup gratcfl ceese i ecr9 fi slices toast Vi teaflppon paprika T^nreley ings and stew fornabout five minutes; ten strain a"nd ticken wit te flour, mixed to a paste wit a little cold water. Add te ceeso nnd stir until smoot. Poac to eggs and place on te toast on a plnttcr. Pour to HBUce around te eggs. Sprinkle wit to paprika and garnis wit parsley. PAN ROASTED MEAT LOAF WTH POTATOES n tese days of ustle and bustle, every omemaker is tankful for wat we call "quickies" Translated, tis means a chs^ tat will be completely satisfactory to te male member.of te family wo still believea tat "te wom»ns place is in te ome, but it is all Tere is simply noting n te world like a good breakfast to start cubes. Boil in ealted water for 5 te day Just "so." Everyone feels minutes. Melt butter and blend n rigt wit im if se goes out, pro-ceerfulvided is meal is on te table on undo excitement, and in eplte of and gradually stir in te Juice to tere is no mad rus or te flour. Strain can of tomatoes time and quite to is liking." Well, te fact tat we possibly wontform a smoot paste. Add onion, ere ti«; ave sausage for breakfast, we can sugar and seasonings. Wen sligtly tickened add te drained egg- start te day well on its way wit PAN ROASTED MEAT LOAF suc treats ae: plant and te tomato pulp. Simmer gently for minutes and serve. WTH POTATOES 3 cups sifted flour % pound ground beef Tl3 makes 4 servings. i% teaspoons double-acting M pound ground veal baking powder 1 egg, beaten H4 teaspoons salt A cup bread crumbs Vi. teaspoon nutmeg?i cup water 2 tablespoons butter or oter Salt sortening Pepper )4 cup sugar 8 tablespoons fat i eggs, well beaten Vi cup ot water % cups milk 6 small potatoes 2% cupd wole bran sreds Have te butcer grind te beef Sift flour once, measure, add and veal togeter. Mix wit egg, baking powder, salt and nutmeg bread crumbs and water. Season and sift togeter tree times. wit salt and pepper. Mold into a Cream butter torougly, add RASN BRAN compact loaf and brown in te fat, sugar gradually and cream togeter, well. Combine eggs, milk, and turnine: ae it browns but being careful not to break it apart. A bran; add to sugar mixture and eavy stewing kettle wit a tigtfitting cover is best to use. Ten small amounts, beating after eac mix torougly. Add flour n add te ot water and te potatoes addition until smoot. Cill until Wic ave been parboiled for 10 firm enoug to roll. Turn out on minutes. Cover,and allow to cook slowly until te meat is done about 30 minutjs. Add more water if needed. Makea 4 servings. MUSHROOM SAUCE,i nound musrooms tablespoons minced onion > 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon flour 1 cup bouillon Saute te sliced musrooms and te onion in te butter for 5 minutes. Pus te onion aside and mix and brown te flour wit te.fat inte pan. Add to ot bouillon (1 bouillon cube to 1 cup bollinz water). Cook all togeter about two minutes or until tickened. RECPES TOR LEFT-OVER EGG WHTES LEMON TAPOCA!-i cup quick cooking tapioca 3 cups boiling water,i teaspoon salt 1 lemon rind,4 cup lemon Jules 1 cup sugar 2 egg wites Cook te tapioca water, salt and lemon rind for 30 minutes. Remove rind and add sugar and lemon lulce. Beat te egg wites until stiff and fold into tapioca. Cill and jserve n serbet glasses. Garnis wit wipped cream. PEANUT MACAROONS cup copped peanuts 1 cup powdered sucar 1 eaping tablespoon flour 2 eee wites Beat te egg wites, add te sugar, flour and peanuts. Drop by spoonfuls on baking seet and bake 10 to 15 minutes." Small pastry sells or cases filled wit creamed meat or game are called boucece, and are very popular for entries. Tey provide an excellent way of utilizing left-overs of cicken, sweetbreads, fis, etc. Paper cases, bougt at te confectioners, mav bo used instead of te pastry sells. or Off To A Good Start- Wit A Tasty Breakfast sligtly floured board. Roll /4-inc tick; cut wit floured Vi-inc dougnut cutter. Dry in deep fat 1388 P.) until ric brown, turning frequently. Drain on unglazcd paper snd sprinkle wit powdered sugar. Makes 3 dozen dougnuts. CORN BREAD 14 cups sifted flour 2 J /i teaspoons double-acting baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons sugar 1 CUB corn meal 2 eges, well beaten 1 Vi cups milk 4 tablespoons melted butter or oter sortening Sift flour once, measure, add bakirigtiowder, salt andsugar and sift again. Add corn meal and mix well. Combine eggs and milk; add to dry ingredients, mixing well. Add sortening. Turn into greased 9-nc layer pan or 8x8x2 inc pan; bake in ot oven 1425 F.) 40 minutes or until done. Cut in wedgesaped or square pieces. EGGPLANT ORENTAL Here s one more recipe for te preparation of an eggplant. f you avent tried tis one before, it will prove to be a favorite wit te entire family. Just try EGGPLANT ORENTAL 1 small or H large eggplant 2 tablespoons butter or fat * 1 tablespoon flour l.i cups canned tomatoes 1 teaspoon grated onion 1 teaspoon sugar \i teaspoon aalt. Das of pepper Peel eggplant and cut nto 1-ln....wen you buy GRAPE-NUTS FLAKES ts a delicious, NEW breakfast idea! : A combination of nut-brown, crisp-toasted weat and bran flakes, plus California seediest raisins. Every moutful is seer eating pleasure. Wat a combination... wat a breakfast treat! Real 40% bran Bakes wit raisins... real flavor...real nourisment! Tats Posts Raisin Bran. Higt now, as a special ntroductory offer, you get an 11-oz. package of Posts Raisin Bran for only t wen you buy a 7-oz. package of Grape-Nuts Flakes. Get yours wile te offer lasts. Look for te big new blue-and wite package. A sic your grocer for Posts Raisin iran today. Te ETHEL MOUNT MOZAR SCHOOL of DANCNG All Typo of Dancing far Qbfldren <and Adulu Clau«i-.sow forming, 117 Prospect Avenue, Red Bank Telepone Red Bank MM Te PROSPECT HLL DAY SCHOOL PLAY AND EDUCATONAL TRANNC>FOR PRESCHOOL CHLDREN Morning* 8:30-11:30. All-day seuions will be opened f lufncitnt demand. JUNOR ASSEMBLY Ballroom Claim Monday Evening! 7-8:30 te boys a break" You do some one a real favor wen you stay off Long Distance lines from 7 to 10 at nigt. Wen a lot of people do tat, a lotof service mens calls get troug quicker. Te soldiers and sailors -teir folks back ome-and te telepone company are all grateful for your elp. So tonigt and every nigt, "give seven to ten to te service men." Tats about te best time tey ave to call. MY BU lilip HO JiJL^C O

11 HELP WANTED ESSENTAL WORK STEADY JOB Automobile mecanic, 48 our week, pleasant working conditions, $45 to $50. Service station attendant, opportunity elp automobile mecanic and learn trade. 48, our week. Start $ Ask for Jack Harder, Service Manager. FRANK VAN SYCKLE DODGE AND PLYMOUTH DEALR GOODYEAR TRES 90 West Front St., Red Bank, N. J. Completes Course At Tecnical Scool SHREWSBURY DARY CO., nc. ANNOUNCES WTH DEEP REGRET THE DEATH OF TS PRESDENT MRS. E. AKN STARRS J SATURDAY, APRL 29, 1944 Pvt. Samuel W. Myers, «on of Rev. and Mrs. Paul Myers of Curc itraet, Belford, a* completed a course of study as an aviation mecanic n te Army Air Corps tecnical training scool at te Amarillo, Texai, airfield. Hie graduation from tis tecnical scool now fits im" for airplane maintenance and e will be lent to some air base were e will assistn keeping Americas Flying Fortresses in te air for Allied victory. n addition to completion of te scedule of academic and practical itudles as an aviation me canlo a as been torougly drilled in military tactics and defenie and a course oc pysical training tat as conditioned im to meet all requirements of an American.soldier. THE BUSNESS WLL BE CONTNUED UNDER THE OWNERSHP OF THE FAMLY. from me mooring plane e leape, turning slowly over and over a* e^urtle. eartward... A wi»p of wite streams out; te bud blomom* almost nstantly nto a rast silken flower, and te OTWwd sigs ts rehei Te paracute Jumpw imself ad no leant e knows is business, and e trusts is cute. Te first few times e lumped, peraps e wondered) now e knows from experience e may take te leap wit SAFETY. Te parallel we are to draw U far closer tan it may seem at first glance. Te average member of te public feels e is taking a leap into te unknown wen e calls a funeral director. We mention, terefore, te fact tat our CONTNUED affiliation wit Te Order of te Golden Rule may safely be regarded as a definite assurance tat our service as been proved, many times, as worty of your complete confidence. WORDEN FUNERAL HOME RED BANK, N. J. BOROUGH OF. EATONTOWN, NEW JERSEY Annual Audit Report lor 1943 Te following slntcments titive been taken from te Annual Audit Report for te year ended December aa prepared by Wallare Jeffrey. RrglMtred Municipal Accountant of Bed. Bank, New Jtriey. and ire ereby publliad in nrcnnlance wit 1!. K. 1": J-J. To Audit Deport "li on llje in my office for Jnipertlon. ANDREW G. BBCKBS, Olerk ereby certify tat t* above Balance Seet, present a true statement of te financial position of te Rorouu of Entontown. New J»r»ey, Cnunty of Monmout*. for te y»sr J948 a» obtaln.d from te books, records, and docurtrnti imbmltteil to me or my repre»entntlvm, mpplemen.ted by personal nnulry and lnve«tl»allon. Heipectfully, submitted, WALLACE JBmiEY KwUUred Municipal Accountant (No. 176)... Certified FuUU Aecontant RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Sout Jersey Asparagus Now n Season Sipments Moving to Frei Markets, Canneries, Freezing Plant* Trenton, May 4 Ta Sout Jtriey asparagus season finally u opened wit alpmenti of te crop now moving to bot te fres markets, te canneries and te freezing plants, according to Alva W. Beveroon, supervisor of crops and marketing nformation service, New Jersey State Department of Agriculture. New. Jersey asparagus will appear on te market in gradually ncreasing amounts until t* middle of May wit eavy sipments extending troug early July, Mr, Severson said. Allowing for t* new planting* available for cutting lot te first time tis year, te sup*rvls«r estimated tat te total icreage of aspacfgus will remain about 21,000 acrei. Last year growers n N*w Jersey arvested an average of SO eratcs per acre. Eac crate old* one dozen bunces, wic average i pounds eac. Last season te production of asparague for bot market and processing amounted to 2,860,000 crate* at a total value of over 17,000,000. Approximately one-alf of te asparagus produced in 1913 «u offered fres on te produce markets and tbe remainder sold to cannerleb and quick-freezing plant*. Mr. Severson expects tat te same proportions will be sold troug tese, cannel?. tis.- Mason...Te OPA price of 10 \? cent* per pound for No. 1 large, 814 cent* p*r pound for Mo. 1 medium and i% cant* per pound for pound for No. 1 ave been accepted by some growers and contracts ave been been signed. Oter grower* are stil oping for a iger price and as yet ave made no agreement* wit canneries. Reports reacing Mr. Severson indicate tat new asparagus cratef ar* scarce but grower* are expected to bunc a* usual and sip teir produce in suitable, used crates. Early arrival* of groups of imported laborers are on and in te asparagus growing districts. To date tese nclude West ndians, mostly Jamaican* and Puerto Ricana. Te bulk of te states commtr clai asparagus industry is located in Gloucester and Cumberland counties, wit some acreage also n te adjoining-eountle* of Cam- [ den, burlington and Salem. n te : central part of te state, Mon mout county 1* te center of pro i duction, wit moderate plantings in Mercer and Middlesex. 1 Quite a large part of t* freu market "grae»" is sold troug te Swedesboro and Pedricktown auc lion market*. t is also available at te auction markets at L*ndi»- ville, Vineland and Higtstown Swedcsboro 1* te largest sipping point for asparagus, wit Bridgeton, Mullica Hill and Pedricktown also important loading tatlon*. n te Monmout county section Keyport 1* te leading loading point, followed by Mlddletown and Hazlet Price And Rationing Questions & Answers Questions are toie moat quently asked tis week of fretbe Trenton District Office of OPA. Answer* are official OPA ruling* as of May 1. Readers may submit question* for replies to Dl»- trict Office, OPA, Trenton, N. J. Q. s it permissible to make brown and wite and black and wite combination sport soe*? A. Yes, provided tey do not contain more tan 30 per cent of leater. Q. Will next years fuel oil coupons be ssued early so can all my tank tis summer? A. Yes. Tey will probably be ssued in July. Q. From wic canned vegetables ave point values recently been removed? A. Tomatoes, corn, asparagus, beets, leafy greens, spinac, canned blackeye peas, and Garbanzo beans. Q. Wat is to present point value on creamery butter? A. Butter as been reduced from 18 points to 12 points per pound. Q. Wat oter value does endorsement of gasoline coupons ave besides reducing black market operations? A. Endorsement of coupons s also of te greatest assistance to your gasoline dealer, saving im time tat e needs so muc under todays lack of manpower. Q. Wat is te ceiling prlc* of a standard make syntetlo tire 600x16? A. Effective May 1, 1944, te celling price is $16.05 plus Federal Excise Tax. Q. Wat is te ceiling price for a 1942 model used passenger auto, Awarded Air Medal LT. THBODORB WODORWTZ Second Lt. Teodore WlgdorwiU, son of Mm, Josep Wigdorwitz of 17 Drummond place, was recently awarded t* Air Medal tor contributing to te success of te Eigt Army Air Force* bombing assault* on Germany and occupied Europe. He 1* a bombardier on to Flying Fortress Dear Mom. L,t WlgdorwiU, wo entered te Air Force in February, 1812, was graduated from Red Bank ig ig scool and later attended law scool at te University of Miami. He was commissioned n May, 1943, at Roswell field, New Mexico. His wife, Mrs. Hortense R. Wigdorwitz, resides at 305 Monroe avenue, As bury Park. Pleads Not Guilty To Teft Carge Trial of Headdent Corner Yout May 16 Carles L. Curley, 19, of Headdens Corner, pleaded not guilty to an indictment carging im wit te teft of an automobile wen arraigned before Judge Jon C. Giordano at Freeold last week by Assistant Prosecutor Edward W. Wise Curley was carged wit taking a. car owned by Frederick B. Du- Bridge, 6 Riverside avenue, Red Bank, Marc 12. Judge Giordano assigned Edmund J. Canzona, local attorney, to defend te yout wen te latter explained e as no money to ire a lawyer. Ball was fixed at J1.000 and May 18 set for te trial. Edgar Rudolp Boynton, 24, of 209 Srewsbury avenue, Red Bank, pleaded no defense to a carge of carrying a concealed weapon, and will be sentenced by Judge Giordano May 4. Boynton, represented by Randolp Heuser, Matawan, was arrested at Freeold April 9 by Patrolman Paul J. Coyne, after drawing a fully loaded.32 caliber revolver on te officer, wo ad stopped to question im as e ielt ered at Ea«t Main and Seriff street, Freeold, early n te morning. Bail wa* fixed at $1,000. Julius - Spell,- 201 Atlantic street, Keyport, pleaded not guilty to an ndictment carging im wit assault wit intent to rape a 21-year old Matawan girl August 1, Bail wa* set at S3 00, wit May 15 fixed for te trial. William D. Hartgrove, Jersey City, will defend Spell. An elderly Belmar resident, George H. Rogers, 75, pleaded guilty to an indictment carging im wit accepting old age assistance falsely. According to te indictment, Rogers received $24 a mont for June, July, August and September of last year, $96 n all, witout disclosing to OAA officers tat e ad received a ceck for $1, June 18, 1943, in settlement of an accident claim e ad made, He was released in te custody of te probation department for sentence May 4. *-H CLUB SUNDAY. Many of Monmout Countys 4-H clubs will observe Rural Life Sunday tis year some time in May. Rural Life Sunday occurs te fift Sunday after Easter, aving ts roots in te Rogation days. Terefore, tis year, Rural Life Sunday jrill be observed on May 14 by tose wo adere strictly to te precedent establised n 1929 by te National Council of Curces wen Rural Life Sunday was first observed.. However, nsomuc as May 14 is being designated ss Moters day, many of te 4-H clubs will observe Rural Life Sunday, or 4-H club Sunday as it is often called, on May 21, or on some oter Sunday n eiter May or June wen tere s te least conflict wit oter events. All 4-H club leaders ave received tis nformation and can obain an eigt-page circular from te County 4-H Club Agent tat will aid tem in planning, wit eir local minister, a 4-H Curc Service. A 4-H Prayer and numerous quo- wen sold by an ndividual wo oririnally purcased it for is own tations tat could be read by boys use? and girls during to service as well A. Ceiling would be te legal cas as many general suggestions for ASSETS Current Capital purcase price at time of original 4-H participation are to be found Trust Dos Totals Account Account Account Account purcase. in te circular. 38, , Tis la one concrete application 2S, 28,noo.oo of te training of te "Heart" H V. S. Savlniia Ronda - 23, TaxeN Receivable _ M,325..1(1 54,20(1. <D Mail Call Big 1S.90 n te 4-H program. Te George Tux Title nml AsHCMnifnt Liens, 1.S7K.1B 1,579.S Wasington Cnrver Club of Pine Revenue Account* lturcivuble _, 13, ,84:,. 04 Event For Soldier Brook s te first club in Monmout county to begin deflnltn Forecloflecl Tax Title Lienfl, etc _ Sales Contnict» Rceelvnulc of l"oroclo«ed Llenj, 3, , Mall Call s te most important Deferred Cnrpes to Future Taxation (11.6H *17, M1.90 J471.SS event of every soldiers day. f te plans. Tnlfllfl - folks back ome could witness but LABLTES Appropriation Reserve! Sf one Mall Call, tey probably would Premium on Tux Snlc firmly resolve to write every single Prepaid Taxes 1, , Serial Bonda... day. t s ncredible to oar a soldier argue wit te mall orderly 3, , Total Uabllitlea ~ : 4, , , Reserves , , ,137, wen told tere s noting for im Surplus Revenue _... 84, , today. He wont take "no" for an Tolnla.._ 1162,71) ,078,(TO tub answer. Tere must bo someting will te orderly please look Te delinquent Uxe ould bo reviewed and Recortiinendatlona - t, again. Mall orderlies are appoint- personal taxes tat are uncollectible be cancelled by resolution. SupportlTrir-iTW jgd for teir Unlimited resource of. Foroclonurt and tale of Tax Title Liens sould be continued n order to furt reduce tli Recount. patience, And orevarplug for-*** servicemen, write te boys as of^en as you possibly can! H does tem more pood tan anyting you can imagine! B*ck te Attack-Buy Wu Bonds 1 Stricken on Street. Edward L. Sutpen, a pioneer automobile dealer at Asbury Park, and a life-long resident tere, was strlckon wit a eart attack on te street Wednesday of last week and wae pronounced dead wen an ambulance ad taken im to Fltkln ospital. Mr. Sutpen succeeded is fater, te late J. W. Sutpon, in buslness7~wtitc~ :r Wf!r~orrjfliflCTy~r mrjiagc bublnesa. Mr. Sutpen was 68 years old and B survived only by is widow Bovs can make pocket money by elllng t» Register Advertisement Marascios Observe Wedding Date Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marasclo recently celebrated teir 35t wed-! ding anniversary at teir ome at j 1&6 West Front street. Among tlios. present were teir tree cll-! dren, Vito Marascio, wo s sta- tloned at Camp Tyson, Tennessee: Peter Marasclo, employed by te Little Falls laundry company, an 1 Mrs. Mary Malinda Cipolette of Red Bank. ; Mr. MarasoiOi wo u been a*- sociated wit is broter, Domlnlck. n te operation of a barber sop on West Front street, opposite Broad street, as been i resident of Red Bank for te past 46 years, coming to tis boroug at an early age. He was born in taly and returned to tat country later to marry. He and is broter ave one of te oldest barber businesses in te boroug. Power Squadron To Elect New Officers Te annual meeting of te Srewsbury power squadron will be eld Wednesday evening, May 24, at te Garficld-Grant otel at Long Branc. Officers for te new term will be elected. Te nominating committee, at a recent meeting, presented te following alate: Marsall VanWnkle Jr., commander; William D. Clayton, lieutenant-commander; James W. Wood, secretary; T. Frazer Kingaland, treasurer; Leo J. Carling, Jr., Myron S. Pine, E. Pilip Tucker, Kennet Woodruff and Robert Haskell Noyes, members of te executive committee. Offl. cers are also members of tis committee. Announcement*.** Page Eleven. THE LOG CABN NN on Scenic Road, overlooking Sandy Hook and New York Bay between Higlands and Atlantic Higlands, is NOW OPEN serving te same DELCOUS FOOD and DRNKS as always. Ptpii-Cola Company, Long sland City, N. Y, Francise^ Bottler: Pepsi-Cols Bottling Company, Asbury Park, N.. Drugs Cosmetics Tobaccos 51 BROAD ST Tel. R. B RED BANK 10c SCOT-TSSUE 50c LYONS TOOTH POWDER Gerber CEREAL or OATMEAL 1 1 C $1.25 Caroid & LUX or LFEBUOY SOAP 50c Pillips Milk of Mag. 27< $1.50 KREML Hair Tonic 20 MULE TEAM Bile Salt Tab. F BORAX 25c GLLETTE SHAVNG CREAM c WAR ALARM CLOCK Special * # 6 5 o> ule Friday, May Slk only, wile au ply l»et«. Limit 1 to a cuitnmer. GRAY HAR TURNNG DEEP BUCK nj«llr«.j.,cmm «"A"«t ueioc Gnrrlu only abort tiom, Dot ced my V*T *>*.? : t» >* to a p Mn. J. b.e eiperleuci mtr or mar not be different tjn ywire. Wy not try GR tv.ii He v UUUAVB ^pa^avftt ccmt&ini Per^ COi m&nent Wave Solution, HS ebampoo wivbbft. Bite., curun Money and back W aotcc. Gil i Ctrm-Kurl Ktt SPRNG HOUSECLEANNG NEEDS RENUZT it «onomkol, effechve dnd ealy to ute, leaving no offer odor. H eliminate* big rleoning billi and Qtvei prefenional reiufti ol om. Uie RENUOT lor cleaning.u UpKeliHry F«M< llaawl u, W.tdw.ri Wlnd.wi vumn a lib M«ckrt«l»H» Ctvan CwNln 1GAL Paradiclorobenzene " 29 Mot Flakes or Balls 12 OZ. Tar Paper Extra Heavy 12 SHEETS Z9 QUART Flit 29 Antceck Ant Traps 2 LARGE AMAZNG PROFESSONAL MOTHPROOFNG METHOD 89 LARVEX yr: Special! Turi., Frt. and Sat. WS RESERVE THE RGHT TO UM1T QUANTT1E

12 Page Twelve. RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 \ NOW OPEN Rumson Sugar Bowl SODAS LUNCHEONETTE CONFECTONERY SUNDAES Delicious Sandwices, Salads, Etc. Pie Cake Fruit Juices Cigars Cigarettes Corner River a"nd Black Point Roads MRS. DOT DANGLER, Proprietor HESSES Has Re-opened for Business Patrons, old and new, will be served te delicious ome-cooked dinners and tasty lunceons wic ave made Hesses a favorite eating place for many years. Confectionery and Home-made ce Cream will continue to e Specialties at HESSES 8 WEST FRONT ST. RED BANK (Establised 1889) Torougbred Striped Worsteds Wat Wirlaway is in orses, tese Worsteds are in cloting. Teyre torougbreds... real campions. Tey perform again and again in a winning way, and youll get mileage beyond your expectations. Pin stripes, calk stripes and cluster stripes in new Spring tones of blue, grey or brown. Heres a suit youll be-proud-to-own comfortable and dressy, and priced witin your budget, starting at J. KRDEL Red Bank Lubrication is vital tis Spring! CHECK YOUR ^" TRANSMSSON AND DFFERENTAL NOW! LET YOUR ESSO DEALER DO T Auction Sale Of Jelleme Estate One of te largest auction nles eld in Monmout county n te pabt several years will be te estate of Alfred E. Jelleme, Ocean avenue, Elberon, starting: Tursday, May 11, at 7:30 p. m. Real estate consisting of «. tenroom ouse wit tree bats will be sold at auction. Te entire contents of te dwelling, wic ncludes many beautiful oil paintings, antiques and te 35-piece diningroom suit of te late President Garfield, will -be sold by B. G. Coats, auctioneer. Te dining-room suit is of solid oak, and-carved and imported from England. Te 12 cairs bear te family coat-of-arms. Te dwelling will be open for inspection Wednesday, May 10, from 2:30 p. m. until 9:30 p. m., during wic time te public s nvited to see te offerings to be disposed of. Red Bank Cadet Aids n Flood Rescue Aviation Student Kennet Scer of McLaren street, son of Mrs. Anna Scer of Long Branclv-waa one of te soldiers from te air crew training delacment at Stroter field, Kansas, io respond to an urgent call from neigboring towna of Arkansas City and Winfleld. Kansas, wen flood waters invaded te towns and claimed at least five lives. Aiding in evacuating marooned people and teir belongings, removing food stocks from menaced wareouses nnd "topping" weakened dikes,.all were part of is work. letters of commendation from publfc-services and attest to te manner in wic te men performed an "off-te-record" duty. City officials of Arkansas City credit te Stroter field air crew training detacment -wit saving te dikes tere. Back Urn Attack Buy War Bonds! Ycm know ow necessary your car is for essential war transportation-dont forget it needs lubrication now more tan ever. Q Let your Esso Dealer lubricate transmission, differential and cassis replace old, winter-worn oil wit summer grade Esso Motor Oil clean te radiator ceck te tires Q look at te battery Q ceck te ignition, let; im find and fix little tings now-so big troubles wont deprive you of your car wen you need it most! "* ". *» oh ikort <rf.lp.i. doy«- end may n i a littlt mo rlm«, but you con " «" tl do t>i»>. obi cartfullyl" Gloria Limberg s Bride-Elect To Wed Lieut. Jon P. Hastings Mr*. Eric Senert of GreatoNeck, Long- sland, announces te en gagement of er daugter, Miss Gloria Margaret Limberg, to Lieut, Jon Pannill Hastings, U. S. Army, son of Mrs. William Hastings of Corscana, Texas. Te couple will be married n June at Trinity Luteran curc, Long sland City. MSS GLORA M. LMBERG, Miss Limberg was graduated from te Franklin K. Lane Hig SCQO nt Cypress Hills, New York, and Monmout Memorial ospital scool of nursing:. Se and er moter are former Atlantio Higlands residents. Lieut. Hastings is stationed wit tlia Signal Corps in New York city, aving completed Officers. Candidate scool at Fort Monmout last September. He s a graduate of te Corscana, Texas, ig scool, and VanMil nstitute of Engineering, were e received a degree in engineering. Rumson WAC At Fort Ogletorpe Pvt. Bernlce Soule Finlay, cousin of movie star Claire Trevor, a baaic trainee, la learning to be "G.." at te Tird WAC training center at Fort Ogletorpe, Georgia. Pvt. Finlay is te daugter of Mrs. O. G. Soule of Wasington street, Rumson. - Pvt. Finlay and Claire Trevor grew up in te same block and were cildood playmates until te actress moved to Larcmont, New York; wile in er teens. Miss Trevor attended dramatic scools and climbed slowly. to fame troug "stock," reacing success in Broadways "Wistling in te Dark." SincD ten te WAC as watced er cousin reac tousands of movie-goere troug suc pictures as "Stagecoac," "Honky Tonk" and "Woman of te Town." "Se. was an actress from te day se was born," declares Pvt. Finlay. "Her moter, my moters slater, ad always wanted to go on te stage but never did. Claire was suc a beautiful iittle girl tat we always believed se Would do some ting very special." n private life te movie star is te wife of Lt. (j. g.) Cylos Dunsmoor, Hollywood, and te moter of a five monts old son. Playing a different part from er cousin is Pvt. Finlay wo, n er new WAC uniform, is taking te five weeks course in basic instruction, preparing for service in te non-combatant Army job to wic se will soon be assigned. Ten Awards To Crippled Students C. ra Funeton, president of te Mens League in Aid of Crippled j Cildren, nc., announces tat te league, will award ten $100 scolarsips to crippled students attending ig scools and colleges, wo ave sown te greatest abiility to overcome pysical andicaps. n previous years te awards wero limited to residents of New York city. Tey are being extended n 1644 to anyone resiiding witin a radius of 50 miles from any point in New York city. n 1942 two awards were made and in 1943 five. T B various public and private ig scools, colleges, business and trade scools, curces, caritable and fraternal organizations are cooperating in bringing te contest to te notice of crippled young people. Rules of te contest provide tat all crippled persons in attendance at any ig scool, college, vocational, trade or professional scool are eligible. Te award s to be used to furter to educational or vocational training of te applicant and applications must be completed and postmarked not later tan midnigt May 14. Application blanks may be obtained by applying to te cagun office, 370 Sevent avenue, Ne-v York 1. Te awards will be presented Tuesday, June 6, at te Hotel Governor Clinton, New York city. n making (is announcement, Mr. Funston snld: "We are pleased o extend te opportunity of competing n our scolarsip contest to rpsldents of te Metropolitan nrea. Te war as definitely establised Hint despite disabilities, crippled pnnplo ave many abilities and potentialities. f trained n linn wit (eir abilities tey become sh/-supportlng nnd contributing members of society. Education is at li>nst as mportant, if not more no, for te andicapped person as for. te normal one. Our purpose and aim s to encourage all crippled young people to greater i t r i scolarsips will elp n empasizing te great tings tat tey are capnbln of doing." Do not attempt to "ron out" te umps n a lnwn wit a roller. Raise te sod and tcmgve enoug soil beneat lt to bring lt down to proper l«vel, i Carter Member of Order of Golden Rule n starting to fourteent year of affiliation wit te Order of te Golden Rule, Albert W. Wordea at te Worden Funeral Home reminds us tat e s a. carter member of te Order. Tis s, undoubtedly, a real distinction, for te Order was just & small organization of a few-score funeral directors wen te Worden firm sougt and qualified for admission. Since tat time, te Or. der as grown tremendously, to te point tat at te outset of te war, it ad members upon five of te six continents, and more tan a score of members n te Britis sles alone. Te principal purpose of te Order, we are informed, s to dentify n eac community a funeral director pledged to te principle embodied in te motto of te Order: "Service Measured not by Gold but by te Golden Rule." Except n te very largest cities, only one member is accepted n eac community, and wile te Order does not make te claim tat its member is te oftly dependable and reasonably priced funeral director n any com munlty, t does definitely claim tat ts members, werever found,.re funeral directors wo ave "been approved by te community tey serve, and wo may be depended upon -to give te utmost n funeral service at a price witin te means of tose served. For te fiscal year of , Mr. Worden s a member of te Advisory Board of te Order of te Golden Rule, te nternational eadquarters of wic are at Springfield, 111. Sower Tendered Sirley Stilwell A miscellaneous sower was given for Miss Sirley Stilwell Friday at te Lincroft capel at Lincroft by Mrs. Julia Malley and Mrs. Ada Woodward. Decorations were in pastel colored crepe paper streamers, and gifts were arranged in a sailboat. Miss Stilwell s engaged Jo wed Carles Cos, gunners mate, U. S. Navy. Guests were Mrs. Nelson Bergey, Mrs. Carles Conover, Mrs. Carl Berndt, Mrs. Harold Potter, MM. Harold Perry, Mrs. Stanley Stilwell, Mrs. Edward Stilwell, Mrs. Jon DeVries, Mrs. Marlow Magmus, Mrs. David Henderson, Mrs. Jon Portln, Mrs. Ralp Layton, Mrs. E. F. Cox, Mrs. Lloyd Howland, Mrs. George Cipjka, Mrs. Frank Toop, Jr., Mrs. Jon Maun er, Jr., Misses Jeanne VanDorn, Elicla Portin, Lois Owens, Barbara Stilwell, Joy Mason and Surlee Bergey, Club Hears George M. Bodman More tan 70 persons attended te supper given Monday n te Baptist capel at Middletown Village by te Womens Republican club of te townsip and it was a success financially and socially. George M. Bodman of Navesink River road explained te work being carried Qnln.England by te American Red Cross. TegHew president, Mrs. Jon T. LawleyV presided at a sort business session at wic a gift was presented to te retiring president, Mrs. Tomas Aiorford. " ^ Te supper committee comprised Mrs. Jon B. Conover, Mrs. Howard W. Roberts, Mrs. Carles Meeker and Miss Harriet Roac. Te club will not meet again until autumn. Celebrated 80t Birtday. Jon G. Ammann of Freeold celebrated is 85t birtday Sunday of last week. Mr. Ammann was orn n Germany and as Jived n Freeold 67 years. Ho s a baker and candy maker by trade. Youll need EXTRA COPES of is favorite potograp in uniform! Relatives and friends will all want one Our copy artists can make as many as you need... larger or smaller tan your original. Bring it in NOW wile your original it still unfaded.,. ESTMATES ON COPES "" " "CHEERFtlF«M«vsr- STENBACH 0. ASBURY PARK Red Bank Gunner Bags Nazi Plane Armando Fazzone n Raid On Berlin One of te German Luftwaffes crack elngle engine ligters, a Messerscmltt 109, was literally blown out of te iklea over Berlin by T/Sgt. Armando Faaeoas, 21, of 602 Herbert itreet, te top turret gunner on te B-17 Flying Fortrees First Love. Sgt. Fazzone described te encounter as 10 of te single engine flgterstjame roaring into te formation of Fortresses during te Eigt AAF attack. " picked out Okie," said te Red Banker, "and started firing at im. He started smoking at 300 yards out and broke away at about 200 yards from our elp. As e fell away a wing came off and ten te figter Just blew up. Te pilot of te figter didnt get out. 1 An Army cloting «aper n civilian life, te eergeant-gunner s te»on of Mrs. Antony A. Faszone of te Herbert street address. He received is training in te Army Air Corps scool at Amerillo air field, Texas.. CUBS ADVANCED Daniel Walling, Ricard Clannone and Bruce Smit were advanced- to te lion rank at a meeting of Cub Pack 27 of Beiford at St. Clements paris all Friday. Carl Tarnow received a wolf gold arrow point. Trooper Stedtler of te state police sowed motion pictures of te trooper training course at Trenton. nspection Stations For Truck Tires OPA Dlitrlot Director Ralp fy Hackett as ssued a list of station wic are acceptable to certify tor replacement of truck-type tires and tube* for commercial veicle*. Te Utlonj n Monmout county are as follows: Bennetts garage, Marlboro; Firestone storea, Aabury avenue. Anbury Park; Goodric Silvertown store, East Main street. Freeold; Jon Hansen, West Front street, Bed Bank; Jersey Tire Co., nc., Main itreet, Asbury Park; Martin* Ee»o station, Colts Neck; J. H. Mount Co., Maple avenue, Red Bank; Waldman service Tire Co., Sout Broadway, Long Branc, and Wyckoff Hendrlckson, nc., Allentown. Camera Group Elects Officers Winners at te final meeting of te Monmout Camera club last week at te Red Bank Womans clubouse were Mn. Russell S. Ol of Little Silver, first and second prizes, wit er prints "Autumn Equinox" and "Little Herman," and Samuel Tilton of Fiser place, Red Bank, wit "Snow Scene." Officers elected for te year were Edwin Beckett of Middletown farm president, Mra. Ol vice president and Mrs. Tilton secretary-treasurer."te anus potograpic salon will be eld Friday, May 26. Te date of te annual dinner will be set later. Finding elp 1* easy wit a Rexliter Ad. Advertisement. Our nfants Sop Observes NSULATE MMEDATELY Make 1st Payment Nov. 1 Tree Years To Pay Simmer and Winter comfort paid for out of winter fuel caving*. Jons-Manville nsulation Pneumatically installed bjr manufacturer. Pone Local Representative Adam J. Linzmayer Atlantic Higlands 710-M or write Box 7 NAVESNK.N. J. Estimates given witout obligation NATONAL BABY WEEK Sleeveless Cotton Bands Cotton Knit Binders Of courge youre proud... a wole week devoted entirely to te proper cloting and nursery needs for your new baby! Our nfants Sop caters to its youngest customers wit comfortable, fine quality cloting... listed are a few essentials i 35c 39c Cotton Crib Blankets % Wool Crib Blankets 6.95 Flannelette Wrappers 59c Flannelette Gowns... 89c Broadclot Creepers 2.98 Cotton Knit Creepers 1.69 Cotton Knit Gowns 1.00 Cotton Knit Kimonos 1.19 Steinbac Gauze Diapers, doz Flannelette Diapers, doz Birdseye Diapers, doz Birdseye Knit Diapers, doz 2.39 Cotton-Filled Pillows 1.29 Embroidered Pillow Cases nfants Dresses 1.98 Fine Cotton Gertrudes ;.. 69c Cotton-Filled Comforters Comforter and Pillow Sets 7.95 Swiss & Madeira Bibs 1.39 Layette Knit Caps 1.10 A Rayon and Seer Bonnets % Wool Afgans 4.95 Rayon Coat & Bonnet Sets 8.98 Jacket, Bonnet & Bootie Sets All-Wool Blankets, 36x50 in Sterilized Q-Tips 125 for 50«-Bottle Bruses Nursery Funnels 25c 10c Waterproof Diaper Bags..18 for 45c Babys Record Books 2.50 Babys Snapsot Books.1.00 Novel Plastic Rattle Comb & Brus Set NFANTS SHOP... Second Floor A8BKBX PARK 50c 59c Brigt Teeting Beads 1.00

13 RED BANK REGSTER VOLUME LXV1, NO. 46. RED BANK, N. J., THURSDAY, MAY 4, SECTON TWO PAGES 1 TO 121 County To nspect Bridge Guardrails Measures Will Be Taken To Avoid Repetition Of Passaic Tragedy Measure* will be taken in tis county, Freeolder Dorman C. Jfc- Faddin, director of bridges, reported at yesterdays meeting of te board in Freeold, to avoid a repetition ere of te Paaaalc county tragedy of last winter wen a fully loaded bus ran troug a guardrail and dropped into te Passaic liver at a coot of many llveb. Freeolder McFaddln reported tat is department as ad te matter in mind ever since te accident occurred, but explained tat te majority of Monmout bridges are small altoug tere are a number of long ones over deep waterways. Te state, according to E. O. Murpy, board director, as also agreed to undertake an inspepr lion of all its bridges wit an eye to strengtening protective devicei. A number of bridge repair resolutions were approved by te board. A Swimming river bridge in Srewsbury townsip s to be repaired at a cast not in excess of $10,500; te Uooieneek.span between Little Silver and Oceanport will be repaired witout advertising for bids because of its proximity to Fort Monmout, and te Brancport avenue bridge between Long Branc and Oceanport s also to be repaired, Plans and specifications for te last named job bave been completed and te clerk was directed to advertise for bids. Tis Job will cost about $50,000. Josep C. rwin, director of igways, reported tat te countys road repair program is in full swing ;ind Abram Voorees, in carge of building and grounds, said a number of miscellaneous Jobs are being done around te courtouse. Howard W. Roberts, county counsel, made a report on is appearance before a sub-committee of te House of Representatives n New York, February 4 at wic time considerable material was laid before te committee to support te countyb contention tat it sould be reimbursed by te federal government for lands taken in te county for government projects. Editor To Speak Te speaker for te last in te spring lecture series sponsored by te te Community Activities com- Howard Frey Died On Tuesday Plumbing Contractor For Many Years Howard Frey of 74 Sout street, wo for many years conducted a plumbing contracting business at Red Bank, died Tuesday morning -of.pneumonia; He ad been ill for some time. Mr. Frey ad retired from business 15 years ago because of poor ealt. He conducted is business on Monmout street for 35 years. He was a member of Mystic Broterood lodge of Masons, a life member of Hiram capter, Royal Arc Maeons and a member of te Junior Order United American Mecanics. Surviving besides is wife, Mrs. Marlon Candler Frey, are four daugters, Mrs. Frederic K. Adams, Mrs. Courtlandt Wite and Miss Louella Frey of Te Red Bank Register staff, all of Red Bank, and Mrs. C. Murray Leeds of Livingston; a grandson, C. Murray Leeds of Livingston, and a slater, Mrs. Japia Clayton of Red Bank. Services of te Masonic lodge will be eld tis evening at 8 oclock. Te funeral will be eld tomorrow afternoon at 2 oclock and interment in carge of te Mount Memorial ome will be in Fair View cemetery. Lt. W. F. Simson Killed n Action Flyer Grandson of Rumson Resident Second Lieut. William F, Simson, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Simson of Bingamton, New York, anil a grandson of Mrs. Levl B. VanNest of 59 River road, Rumson, was killed in action during aerial attacks on Hollandia in New Guinea, according to a telegram received last week by is parents. Te War department message stated e ad been killed during combat action over Hollandia April 15. Ho was a navigator of a Cata- Una flying boat and was commissioned last summer. His moter, before er marriage, was Miss Elbie VanNest. He s also survived by a sister, Miss Audrey Simson. i Good Articles Sollax, ^5 cents; Jonsons Glo Coat, $1.59 for,!, gallon; clotes pins, 10 cents bag; flasligt batteries, 10 cents; clotesline, 100 ft., 79 cents; dis clots, 10 cents. Many useful articles nt low prices. National 5 and 10, Frowns. Advertisement. Wostsldo Coffeo Sop features frea- killed broiled cicken dinner Sunday, May 7t. Dinners priced $1.00, served from 12 toft;p.m. 147 West Bergen place; Rut Ramsey, proprietor. Advertisement. Auctioneer. B. G. Contes, licensed and bonded. Long Branc, pono Advertisement. MAX LER.NER mittee of te Jewis Community Center to be given in te Red Bank ig scool auditorium Sunday nigt will be Max Lerner, cief editorial writer for te New York newspaper PM. His topic will be "After Victory, Wat?" Te lecturer will be ntroduced by Edwin C. Gilland, superintendent of scool.. Meat On Te Table Witout Any Points T«OPA yesterday announced tat all meats, except beefsteaks and beef roasts, would be ration free, beginning today, but at te same time cut montly allotment of red points from SO to 30, effective next Sunday. Te move was dictated, according to OPA officials, by a glut of pork and mutton, due to increased production, stabilization of Army and Navy demands and a drop in lend- Jease requirements. P. S. Te editorial in tis weeks issue in reference to te absence of rationing in Russia was prepared prior to te OPA order and purely coincidental and sould not be attributed to any (yslc powers of te editor. Honor Moters At Banquet By Evening Group Mrs. J. T. Bayer, 3d District Vice President, Speaker Mrs. Jon T. Bayer, tird district vice president, spoke on te topic, "Wat Moterood Means," at te Moter-Daugter banquet of te ] Evening group of te Bed Bank Womans club Tuesday nigt at te Willowbrook at Fair Haven. Mrs. Lawrence Scilling was general cairman. PFC Josep Borelli Now Reported Killed Red Bank Soldier Had Been Listed As Missing Republicans To Hold Pre-Primary Wednesday Nigt Candidates for Federal, State and County Offices to Speak Te Republican County committee will old its pre-primary meeting at. Proctor all, Nort Fift avenue, Long Branc, next Wednesday - nigt at 8 oclock.- Te meeting will bo under te auspices of te United Womens Republican clubs of Monmout county, of wic Mrs. Louise C. Bodman of Navesink River road is president. Te guest speaker will be Congressman Everett M., Dlrksen of te sixteent district of llinois, WH6~is Oil te appropriations committee and on te District of Columbia committee in te House of Representatives, Congressman Dirksen seeks te Republican nomination for president of te United States in te coming general election tis fall. Te congressman was born n Pekln, llinois, in n 1917 i left te University of Minnesota to Mrs. Ross E. King was toast-1 volunteer in World war 1 and e master, Miss Gertrude Norman served for 17 monts overseas. n gave te invocation and Mrs. Fred j 1920 e entered te contracting Atwell, president, extended greet- and later te wolesale business. nstall Officers At River Plaza ings. Taking part in te program of dancing and music were David Rowell, Peter and Joan Maffei, Miss Barbara Tunn, Mrs. Carles A. Tunn, Lillian Klnloc and Mrs. Dexter Jones. Womans Club Has Buffet-Bridge Officers of te River Plaza Womans club -were. nstalled Saturday nigt at a meeting at te ome of. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ring of Alex&nder drive. Mre. Clifford Stiles, a former president, was te installing officer. Te new ofllccrs are: Preildcnt - Hn. Tom»«P»ul, Vice president Mn. Elwool rv-itrle*. Recording secretary Mrs. W. Gilbert Manaon. Corresponding lecretar; Mre. Jcc Patrick. Federation secretary Mra. George Voorin. Trcasurtr Mrs. Conant Speer. Mrs. Paul was presented wit a large basket of flowers from te members, MrB. Edwin Branc making te presentation. Mrs. Voorls, te retiring president, received a past presidents pin, wic-was presented by Mra. Carles Tompson. Te retiring president presented Mrs. Paul wit a corsage, and gave eac of er officers linen andkerciefs. Te new president announced te appointment of te following committees: Program Mrs. Elwood Siarles, Mrs. Clifford Stiles. Mrs. Gilbert -Manson, Mrs, ConanL Speer, Mrs. Lester Smit, Mrs. Harold Allen and Mn. A. E. Llndenstrut. c Ways and rneana Mrs. Carlea Tompson, Mrs. James Abrams. Mrs. Krank Curtis, Mrs. William Gaugsn. Mrs. L. Percy Stout. Mrn. Anna VaMeau and Miss Florence Brand. Civic Mrs. Douglas Ring and Mrs. George Vooris. Hospitality Mr«. Edgar Alexander. Mrs. Henry C. Meck/am, end Mrs. Addison Snnbom. Membersip -Mrs, Jon Partrick, Mra. Douglas tinn and Mrs. Wort Cunningam. Arts anil cratts Mrs. Burt Decker, Mrs. Edwin Branc and Mr?. Harry Camberlain. Publicity Mra. Clifford Stiles. Historians Mrs. Frank Curtis and Mrs. Addison Sanborn. USO captain of senior ostesses Mrs. Clifford Stiles. After te business session, usbands of te members joined a. fet bridge, at wic prizes weie awarded te ig scorers. Mrs. Curtis was cairman of te committee in carge. Tose present were Mr. and Mrs. George Vooris, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Brasc, Mr. and Mrs. William Gaugan, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Stiles, Mr. and Mrs. Conant.Speer, Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Paul^Mr. and Mrs. Carles Tompson, Mr, and Mrs. Jon Partrick, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ring, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Searles, Mrs. Frank Curtis, Mrs. Gilbert Manson, Mrs. Anna Valleau, Mrs. M.. Cooper and Mrs. A. E. Llndenstrut. Six years later e became active in local politics and was elected to te city council. n 1932 e was elected to congress and in 1935 was admitted to te bar. n 1936 e became vice cairman of te con- Present besides tose mentioned gresslonal campaign committee and were Mrs. Minnie Dangler, Mrs. j i n 1940 was a delegate to te Re- George Lane, Mrs. Walter Dorn, publican National convention. Last Mrs. Henry R. Carpenter, Mrs. j year e became a member of te Fred Brown, Miss Doroty Brown, j Republican Post-war Advisory Mre. Carles Rowell, Mrs. L. M. council and a ouse spokesman to [Cttftipton, Sr., Mrs. H. E. Miller,- te nation for te Republicans. Mrs. A. F. King, Mrs. R. E. Wiley, j f Congressman Dirksen does not Mrs. A. S. Wite, Jr. j get te Republican nomination for Miss Patricia Ann Klnloc, Mrs. president, tere is a great possi- Rus Burton, Mrs. Burton Moore, 1 billty e migt become a running Mrs. Josep H. Evans, Mrs. Clifford Cadman, Mrs. Carles David, Hllfl. V161*1111) U. King, Mrs. Josep E. Carroll, Mrs. Malcolm Leonard, Mrs. Pilip Leonard. Mrs. C. J, Degarve, Mrs. C. P. Hurd, Mrs. C. T. Engberg, Mrs. E. mate wit Governor Dewey, sould te latter get te nomination. Te oter candidates for nomination in te New Jersey primaries wo ave promised to be present at te meeting are H. Alexander, Smit for U. S. senator, James C G. Hofmann, Mrs. C. F. Hoffmann, j Aucincloss for U. S. Congressman, Mrs. Jon J. Knodel, Mrs. Carles Haydn Proctor for State Senator, F. Edeimann, Mrs. Walter A.Kraft, j Stanley Herbert and Merrill Mrs. Frank Weineimer, Mrs. Les- i Tompson for te state assembly, ter B. Smit, Mrs. H. Conant Speer, j Ru sell Woolley for county 1 Mre. Louise J. Lindenstrut, Miss clerki Morris Woodring for seriff, Arline Lindenstrut, Mrs. Robert Josep c rw n and James S. H. Rogers, Mrs. Myron- V.-Brown. ; Parke3- - ar freeolders, Amory L-. Mrs. Willard K. Pol, Mrs. Gil-. Haskell for delegate to Republican bert Manson, Mrs. Mart P. Havi-, national convention, Mrs. Bodman ; land, Mrs. Edgar V., Mrs., alternate deegate to Republi- : Carles D.Allaire, Mrs. EdwardB. L nationai convention and E. Ratbun, Mrs. Jon Howie Mrs. Donald sterncr for delegate at Robert J. Marvin Mrs. Jon A. Republican national con- Warneker. Mrs. Ralp D. Davis, 1 vention Mrs. William G Serwood Mrs. j communi tv singing, J S l\?r^zk ; YZ,^! a, we-1 as a few solos, and reffes*- ments will be ser%*ed. M : Te club is arranging for trans- -lll- P ort ation from te Garfleld-Grant otel to Proctor all by cars. Edward Elbert. Lorenz M. Klenk, Mrs. J. C. Scill ing, Mrs. George Harm, Mrs. L. J. Carling, Jr., Mre. Lawrence Burdge, Mrs. -Albert S. Dielman, Mrs. Edward, J. Roel, Mrs. Karl G. Jansky, Mrs. Oliver D. Perkins, Mrs. Jefferson C. Davis, Mrs. Kennet H. Fox, Mrs. Robert M. Cadman. Mrs. William T. Spruill, Mrs. R. L. Cadman, Mrs. J. H. Powell, Mrs. J. F. Maloney, Sr., Mre. Louis A. Despreaux, Mrs. C. P, Beyland, Mrs. Teodore J. Labrecque, Mrs. Carl Payne Mrs Howard Burdge, Mrs. Fred D. W.koff, 2d. Mrs. Wil- Select Cast For St. James Sow "Take t From Me" To be Staged May 19 t rauaica, an,, Take n From M to be l?l ^ L 1/»,? J sented by Red Bank Catolic ig Artur Mattews, Mrs Robert A. scnoo,, student Frid M 19 in ^, t * ew "i M "-^am " e *:f ta,^rf te scool auditorium, under te William F. Beatty, Jr., Mrs. Wai- dlrection of Daniel Hog an of plla. lace Bennett Mrs. H. D. Woolley, ; d l,, ag fol, Mrs. N. A. Grimes, Jr., Miss Sir-. >r Wallace M\*i Mnrfn. Hnvpq Cl " La Gor<ion Marilyn Belsslg rr wanace, MSS Martna Hayes, i Tom EgECtt Jame, Gan aber Mrs. J«JsB A. Hayes, Mrs. Clark E. ; Queonis LaBelle Helen Kelly Walla*.. Mrs. Henry Weingartner, Vernon VanDyke Frank Palai Mrs. Afinur Hennessey. Mrs. Henry Lacrecque, Mrs. l t JoBepb Clayton, Mrs. Jacob Stryker, Mre. F. M. Magee, Mrs. Alfred Griffits, Mrs. William C. Hoffman, Mrs. H. Dalton Hall, Mrs. Robert Ferguson, Mrs. Carles Hall and Mrs. Russell Steele. Srewsbury. Sycamore avenue, modernized residence on well landscaped plot, contains four master bedrooms, dressing room, two tile bats, maids room, lavatory, living room wit open fireplace, sun porc, dln- nt; room and kitcen; oil-burning ot water eat. Offered at $8,750. Terms if desired. Occupancy June 1st. William H, Hintelmann, realtor. Pone Rumson 600. Advertisement. Floor Covering 9x12 Sloan rugs, $4.»g. Felt base floor covering, 59 cents sq. yd. Largo punced trow rugs, $1. inlaid linoleum, $1.09 sq. yd. National 5 and 10. Prowns. Advertisement. liny MrLnuRlin s now located at te Gulf Service Station at 50 East Front street, Red.Bank. Complete- lubrication service, accessories. Advertisement 3 lbs. for $1. Vlgoro, 7 cents D. Yankee lawn seed, 2 lbs., S8 cents. Lime, 2B cents bag. Vegetable aceds of all klndn National 5 and 10,, Prowns Advertisement. Operetta, Open House At Rumson Would you like to go to a circus? Te date is Tursday, May 18, time is 7 oclock to 9 and te place is to Lafayette street scool, Rumson, Te pupils will entertain te audience wit an operetta entitled, "Molly Be Jolly," written by Sara G. Clark, and te music by Lina Lorlng. t s a story of a very spoiled city girl wo ad planned to spend er vacation at te seasore and as been eent down to te farm nstead. Se s bored and disgusted until one day te youngsters plan a circus. Hero te plot tickens and tings start to appen. To operetta is n carge of Mise Dorotea Grimsaw, muslo supervisor of to elementary scool, assisted by te teacers. Tis operetta s to bo given at te annual "open ouse" and te parents and friends are nvited to see to display of te work Hone Elln Abbott Dick Roller Margaret MacVeag Ronald Bonforte Gwendolyn Forayto Betty VanBrunt J Cyrus Crnb Minn DcWitt Butler Wilkins Bill Cotton Tlornce Turner Frank McHug Joe Duratewlti Doroty Hoffman SerllT Bill Doylo William Koc Harney _ Eugene Hoi Arline - Ann Sole Helen - Ann Harkina Marilyn B«Uy Jane Goldnnerry Eileen Joan OKane Office attendants Tommy "Boylan, Harold T-«tson, Alfred Dowrf Report Jacks To Leave Reade Co., Manager Denies Any Cange "Yet" Morris H. Jacks, manager of te Reade teaters nt Red Bank and a stockolder in te Rcado teatrical enterprises, tis morning de-, nied te trut of a report tat e was to sever is connections wit to firm. Te Register learned from reliable sources tat te cange was to bo made June 1st and contneted Mr. Jacks by pone. To manager flatly denied to story, but later, in te conversation snid tcro was Fuel Oil. Deliveries Bubject to government regulntlona. Hanfco & Davis, pono Red Bank 103. Advertisement. Te Register was unnblo to contact tiny odlcers of te Reade company n New York tis morning. Mr. and Mn. Fatly Borelli of Morford place Were notified by te War Department yesterday tat teir son, PFC. Josep Borelli, reported missing n action in te talian area since February 2, bad been killed. No details were given but it is believed tat te young Red Bank soldier, wo was in an nfantry unit, ad seen action on te Anzio beacead. Te parents were notified Marc 14 tat teir son was missing n action, but ope was eld tat e migt ave been taken a prisoner. He ad been overseas since July of a*t year, Te last letter to be received by te parents wae dated January 16. Pvt. Borelli, wo was 21 years old, was graduated from Red gank ig scool in June, 1942, and attended Gettysburg college, were e entered te Reserve Officers Training Corps. He left college, owever, to enter te service n Marc, 194S. He received is basic training at Camp Croft, Sout Carolina., A broter, Pvt.. Jon Borelli, is wit te Army Air Corps and is serving overseas. Proclamation Tree years of war am caused t«people of te Soviet Union untold suffering. Teir omes ave been burned to te ground, teir loved ones murd«red before teir yes, teir possessions looted. Te cloting situation is moot acute, and we art being asked to donate our wearable old cloting to tem. n te face of tis great need proclaim te mont of May "Sare your cloting wit te Russians mont." Signed Carles R. Englis, Mayor, Red Bank Metodists To Be Seen n Movies Pictures Of Curc And Congregation To Be Taken Tis Sunday Afternoon Rotarians To Hear Doctor Fowler Today Will Address Local Civic Group On Ciropractic Dr. Warren D. Fowler of Broad street, a member ol te Red Bank Rotary club, will addreas te club at its regular meeting today on is profeseion and obby, ciropractic. Dr. Fowler s one of te newest members of te Red Bank club and as become very entusiastic concerning Rotary nternatlorial. At last Tursdays meeting General George L. VanDeuaen, commandant of Fort Monmout, was te guest speaker, being introduced by Ralp Maurlel, one of te Red Bank clubs $3, Raised in District Boy Scout Campaign Final Reports Made At Victory Dinner Held Last Evening Exceeding a quota, of $2,500 by over J700, te cairman, "majors" and oter workers in te Boy Scout drive eld a Victory dinner last evening in te Metodist Fek lowsip.all, X..B,-Graulic r -calr». man of te Red Bank district, presided and Teodore D. Parsons was te speaker. Te dinner was served by te Young Married Couplea of te curc wit Mrs. William Mumford as cairman. Te local drive started April 20 wit a kickoff dinner. Te initial gift contributions totaled { Russell H. Minton, Fair Haven cairman, reported receipts of $507 and a quota of {325. Te Srewsbury quota was $250 and G. Harold Nevlus, cairman, reported {290 collected. Te "majors" n te Red Bank boroug drive and amounts raised follow: Mrs. Frank Kul, $455.25; Benjamin H. Glover, $233.11; Frederick Frlck, $539.75; Rabbi Artur Herson, $324.50; Harold H. Baynton, $451.80, and James Humpries, $ Te general gave a very illuminating talk on te growt of Fort Monmout, stating tat n 1940 tey were processing about 1,000 men a year, and last year tey graduated about 166,000. He stated about 10,000 civilians are now employed at te fort and more are needed to release soldiers for combat duty. He said tere is an acute sortage of unskilled labor, particularly since te naval depot construction started at Earle. Te general appealed for cooperation in enlisting WACs from tis area as tey are desperately needed. V. Parker Wilkinson of Little Silver was inducted into Rotary by Jon V. Crowell, wo did an excellent job and outlined te objects of Rotary to im. Rotary Cogs, te weekly bulletin of te Red Bank club, extends congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peterson of te Caramel Nut Soppe upon te arrival of a son and suggests tat te firm name be canged to Frank Peterson and Son. A special paragrap told of te splendid work being done by Captain Maro Smit of te local Salvation Army n seeing tat soldiers in te woods at Eatontown and n te Higlands ills were not negelected. PAPER OOXECTON Anoter collection of waste paper, magazines and tin cans will be eld Saturday of tis week at Fair Haven. Boy Scouts will assist. A request ae been made by Jack Willard, cairman of te salvage committee, tat newspapers and magazines be tied separately. CHLDREN BUYNG A JEEP. Te pupils of te Lafa^tte street scool at Rumson ave purcased stamps and bonds totaling $1,654 since October and expect to add at least $146 to tis amount, making a total of $1,700, wic is te price of a jeep. Tey expect to ave te jeep named after Rumeon. BUMSON COTTAGE SOLD. Josep G. McCue ab sold te summer cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Moore on Waterman avenue, Rumson, to Ernest C. Buck of Linden. Te ouse contains six rooms and bat and overlooks te Srewsbury river. After making.gome alterations, Mr. and Mrs. Buck will occupy te cottage n te near future. DOOTOB MOVES OFFCE. Dr. V. J. Fazio as moved li ofllces from Bridge avenue to Maple avenue and Cestnut street. Time,1s mportant. f your activities are connected wit te war effort and you need a repaired watc or alarm clock in 24 ours, Racitls can do it. Racitl and Sons, 97 Monmout street, Red Bank. Pone 716. Advertisoment. 98 cents qt. Ready-pasted wallpaper, $1,88 a roll. Porc and floor paint, "69 cents qt. Awning paint, 50 rentr. Full lino pnints. National Buy a war Bond mid Km o a Life 5 & 10, Prowns. Advertisement. Red Bank Dentist To Be President Of State Society Dr. Eugene Newman Will be Elected Today Witout Opposition Te New Jersey Dental society is olding its 74t annual meeting at te Claridge otel, Atlantic City, and if no opposition to te current slate is developed during te day Dr. Eugene W. Newman of Red Bank will become president of te society for te fiscal year Leaves $1,000 To Pres. Curc Bequeats Similar Amount to YMCA Mrs. Nellie L. Cook, widow of former Mayor Horace P. Cook, of Red Bank, wo died April 19, left $1,000 to te Red Bank Presbyterian curc and te same amount to te Red Bank YMCA n er will wic was probated in te office of Surrogate Josep L. Donaay at Freeold yesterday. Oter bequests are: Clarence Harris; Red Bank, $1,000; Miss Marion Scott, Red Bank, $100; Jon H, Mount, son-in-law, $1,000; Mrs. Miriam Morris, Newark, sister-inaw, $200. Houseold goods, automobile, cloting and jewelry were left to er daugter, Madge D. Mount. Te rest of te estate s to be divided equally among Madge D. Mount, Miss Mary J. Morris, a sieter; Margaret C. Mount, a granddaugter; and Jon Hendrlckaon Mount, Jr., a grandson. Madge E. Mount and te Second National bank and Trust company of Red Bank were named executors of te estate. Te will dated January 27, Rev. G. H. Miksc Wit Acme Furniture Rev. George H. Miksc of Peters place as accepted a position wit te Acme furniture company. A resident of tis section for te past 15 years, Mr. Mikac as been employed for te past year and a alf wit te Bendlx Radio company. Mr. Miksc resided at Srewsbury for 13 years, coming to tat boroug from Norristown, Pennsylvania. He ab lived at Red Bank for te past two years. Selectees Leave May 20 And 23 All selectees in te Red Bank draft board district wo passed te pre-lnduction pysical examination at Newark in April, wit te exception of a few wo ave been deferred, will be nducted t! mont, t was learned today. Tose going into te navy will leave May 20 and tose leaving for te army will go May 23. Lieut, Doremus Home Lieut. Percy Doremus, U. S. Navy, arrived n New York city yesterday after 18 monts n Africa in to Casablanca area. Lieut. Doremus, wo prior to enlisting was associated wit is broter, Dr. Teodore A. Doremus of Monmout street, s ome on a 30-day leave. He is te son of Mr. and Mra. T. Newton Doremus of Wasington street, and was secretary-treasurer of te Red Bank Llpns club. Your rugs will last longer if you get tat imbedded grit from tem wit a vacuum cleaner. Demonstrated free in your ome. Write CJuepns Vacuum Cleaner Company now. See ad. pago four, section two Advertisement. ^.Vpnptlan-HMnd«^ -i-^- Wit curtains nrd to get, now is te time to equip yourself wit Venetian blinds. Free estimates. Best sizes rigt n stock. National 5 & 10. Prowns. Advertisement, DR. EUGENE W. NEWMAN. n common wit most oter professional societies, te New Jersey State Dental society eac year appoints a nominating committee wic draws up a slate of omcen wo are elected at te annual meet- ng unless a petition giving names of opposing candidates for one or more offices is presented 30 days n advance of te meeting. Since no opposition to te current slat as developed, lt is assumed Dr. Newman will become te new president. He will take office June 1. Oter officers wo are slated to serve wit Dr. Newman are Dr. James H. Samuel of Morrlstown Dr. Edward R. Wite of Jersey City, Dr. F. K. Heazelton of Trenton and Dr. Carles P. Crowe of East Orange. mprovements To M.B.C. Planned Regatta Committee Named At Session A regatta committee was named by President.Stewart Cook at a meeting Monday nigt of te Monmout Boat club. Te committee, wic comprises Wllliani Bennett, Toma3 Doremus, Robert Galle, Kennet R. Smit and Herman J. Wolf, will arrange a racing program for te season. Robert Burns, Frank Dix and Ralp Barnes of Ked Bank and Carles G. Scool of Holmdel were elected new members and Jon Wite was appointed a one-man ouse committee. Te club voted to nstall sowers and dressing rooms for te boys and girls at te clubouse and work on tese mprovements will start at once. Permission to use te clubouse for teir meetings was given to te Nort Star Sea Scouts and te Girl Mariners. Haskell Auction Ends Te final session of a public auction sale of te Americana collection of te late Mrs. J. Amory Haskell of Middletown townsip brougt $59, Saturday at te Parke-Bernet Galleries, nc., at New York, increasing te total for te four-day sale to $132, Major sales ncluded a silver coffee pot for $1,500, a Cippendale lowboy for $1,400, a Cippendale maogany card table for $1,500, a Queen Anne walnut armcair for $2,300, four Cippendale maogany cairs for $5,200 and a walnut secretary-cabinet for $2,900. Rumson. Modern bungalow n fine neigborood, on a large plot, for sale Contains living" room wit open fireplace, two bedrooms, tile bat and kitcen. Space for two rooms and bat on second floor. Dry basement. Coal-burning vapor eat Garage. mmediate occupancy Offered at $7,000; attractive terms William H. Hintelmann, realtor Pone Rumson 600. Advertisement. Te Metodist board of miulone a sort time ago, after making a toroug canvass trougout te United States, selected te Metodist curc edifice at Red Bank U te most outstanding rural curc in te country and decided to use te curc n connection wit some motion pictures wic will be used a«educational features n connection wit Metodist missionary and. urc work. t is estimated tat letween four and five million people will ave te pleasure of seeing te films werein te Red.1 Bank edifice and ts congregation. will be featured., Te first of te pictures will be iaken Sunday between 1 and 4 clock and again Sunday, May 21, it te lame ours. n aider, make tis picture exceptionally mpressive, te pastor, Hev. Roger J. Squire, and te curc officials arenxious to ave a large gateringat te curc on tese two speclflo days. Te curc service on tese two Sunday mornings will b«conducted as usual, from 11 to 12. oclook. -Tose wo care - to stay,_ after curc service for te group.. pictures will be privileged to bringtelr lunc and enjoy lt n te fellowsip all, were coffee and tea will be served. A ymn sing wilt be eld between 12 noon and 1. oclock, at wic time tey wltt. start taking te pictures. t is suggested tat tose wo care to get nto tese movies wear te same clotes Sunday, May 31j" tat tey wear tis Sunday and to. get nto te same pew or seat, f possible. - Any furter nformation rtgardng- tese pictures may be secured by contacting te pastor or oter:* curc officials. Dr. F.C. Woodruff, 78, Passes Away Practiced Medicine More Tan 50 Years Dr. Franklin C. Woodruff, 78, a. resident of Atlantic Higlands and Hillside since 191S, died early tlf morning at is ome, 18 Middletown avenue, Middletown townsip. He ad been ailing for te last two yeara. Born in Boonton, Dr. Woodruff was graduated from te New York Homeopatic Medical college n He received from tat college in 1937 a gold dipioma fn recog-~ nitton of 50 years of medical practice. He moved to Atlantlo Higlands from Raway, were e practiced many years, Surviving are is wife, Mn. Car*- - rie Grimes Woodruff, and four sons, Walter Woodruff, a quartermaster in te U. 8. Navy stationed at Miami, Florida; Pillip and Albert, living at ome, and Malcolm Woodruff of Eaat Orange. Funeral services will be eld Sunday at 3:30 p. m. at Central Baptist curc, Atlantic Higlands, and nterment will take place at te onvenience of te family under supervision of A. M. Posten it Sons. Soldiers Hear Tolerance Plea nter-fait Forum At Fort Monmout Six tousand soldleri at Fort Monmout and Camp Wood were warned yesterday afternoon at an inter-fait forum sponsored by te National Conference of Cristiana and Jews tat witout religious tolerance in te United States and te rest of te world after te war tere will be no lasting peace. Rabbi Pilip Bernsteinof Rocester, New York, executive director of te Army and Navy religious activities of te National Jewis Welfare board, warned "tere are forces in tle country tat would divide us. f we permit tis to appen to any one group, no group and no principle will be safe." He described tese groups as onee composed of tose wose outlook as been dented by 12 years of Nazi psycology and te war" wo are dividing te people by matc- ng religion against religion. Msgr. Josep OBrien, rector of Bisop England Catolic ig scool, Carleston, Sout Carolina, warned of tese groups, addlnf, Teir our is almost at and to sarpen teir knives again" to divide tis nation "ae tey did du,r- ng te years between World war and tis War." Dr. Robert Searle, executive secretary of te Greater New York Federation of Curces, declared: "We sall win te war and preserve te peace by co-ordination cf, all forces and all religions." Extra Closet p 12-garment Odora closets, $3,118. Largo Jumbo ceat,. $1.96; underbed cest, $1,98: Mot bags and all mot Bupplles. Lnrvcx, $1,19 qt. Tar paper, 10 cents. National 5 and 10. Prowns Advertisement. Sep~U» Put up some dark green window sades. We avo tem rigt n stock. Duplex sndes, 69 cents for 3fi-lnc size witout roller, National 5 & 10. Prowns. Advertisement. Announcement TJin Log Cabin nn on Scinlc Road, overlooking Sandy Hook and New York bay between Higland* and Atlantic Higlands, it now open, serving te name delicious food and drinks as always. Advertisement. How was your root best roof coating only » for B 5-gallon tub. Fix if now. Pont 26R0. National S & 10. PrownMr AdvettUement.

14 Page Two.. RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Class of 42 Nurses Will Graduate Next Week Monmoutn Memorial Scool Of Nursing Exercises Wednesday Nigt Mrs. M. S. Starks JLGQ LiclSt WCCK Te graduation exercises of te i Scool of Nursing of Monmout Memorial ospital will b«eld in te auditorium of te Westwood avenue ig jconl. Long Branc. 1 Wednesday nigt, May 10, at 6:201 oclock. Bertram H. Borden of Rumson, president of te board of governors, will preside, and Dr. William G. Herrman of Asbury Park will speak. Rabbi Leon C. Eleberg, of Long Branc will give te in-j Mrs. Mary Sutpen Starks, wife vocation and pronounce te bcne-, of E - Akin Starks and proprietor diction. j e Srewsbury Dairy, nc., for.lowe: Tomas, internationally j many years, died Saturday at er known writer and commentator, i ome on Xavesink River road, Mldad a native of Monmout county, will address te graduates. Mr. Tomas broadcast. 6:45 to 7 Founder of Srewsbury Cnmnanv company tfclock/ wilfbe preceded by a flve- SSsufLst be in b«closed at6 30 oclock. terminate of Mr. Tomas broadat 7 oclock nto guests will omo townsip. Se ad been i" P u «for.onw time, Mr*. Starks was born in New York ci.y and m te daugter of Mrs - Mary Tier Brown and te teir seat*; late Jon S Sutpen. Wit er t te nro- fater and er usband se foundt.ns e do P o «d «*e Srewsbury Dairy in 1923 At te purcasing te milk business wic nd been operated by Al Grover, ami built te modern creamery at cam at 7 oclock nto guests will y tat admitted for te continuance of Broad and Wite streets, Srewsi bury wic te company now oc e commencement exercises. R bury. wic te company now oc- e commencemt, -Mrs. George Dwigt of Rumeon, cupies. cairman of te board of managers J «Starks by nature was very of te scool of nursing, will award pilantropic, altoug most of er te diploma* and prizes. Pins will donations were made anonymousbe presented to te class by Miss > Tere existed between er and Katarine M Horner. director of er employees a pleasant relatlonte scool. Miss Evelyn T. Walk- sip and one of te customs of -et difeclol-or t^ltand-welfaifi^-ic Mrs. Starks inaugu difeclol-o ugurated and et d i f e c o ^ g ot te Mnnmout County Organiza- continued during He" 25~yesra" of tlon for Social Service, will present te dairys operation was te te public ealt scolarsip. ; Cristmas eve parties for te Work- : Tis will bo te 4fit commence- i ers. f Active in te Red Cross being member of te Monmout coun-- rflent exercise for te scool o nursing and will climax te ies nursing and will climax te ie Stiiles arranged in onor of te ty capter and serving as Product gxadu^ting class of Earlier ca.rman of ta branc, Mrs m te d/v te class will add t* farko immediately after Pearl rose bus lo tose in Moter Pern- : ""bor was instrumental in secuibatons gulden. Following te ; "K te use of te West Bergen graduation tere will be a recep-1 P««scool for use of Red Cross Uon at Auxiliary all for families workers in making surgical band- Bd friends of te class. a B«aid oter articles. Se was Te Nurses Alumnae association forced to resign two years ago be- Wiil be ostesses lo te graduating cause or poor ealt, daes at te traditional alumnae Mrs. Starks was also a member formal, wic will be eld at te of te Holland Dames and Mary Old Orcard Country club Satur-, Wasington Colonial capter of day nigt, May 13. Monday nigt, te Daugters of te American May 15 Mr, Borden will give a tea Revolution of New York city, tor tegraduates at is ome, and Surviving besides er moter and Tursday May 18. te senioi din-. >er usband are a daugter, Mrs. ner will" be eld at te Roosevelt Mary Knott Jones of Rlvei lawn, tearoom in Little Silver. ^ Haven; a son, Lt Jon Sut- Te class of maintains te-pen Knott,,, United States Naval record of all previous classes of i Keserve; a sister, Mrs. Hyacint 8. loctr membersip oj eligible Btu-1 Hall of West Newton, Massacudents in te senior reserve of te setts, and two broters, Jon S. American Red Cross Nursing ser : : butpen of Allenurst and D. Arvice tur Sutpen- of New York city. Tis years graduates aie Jane Te funeral was eld Tuesday K Pennington of Rod Bank, Eliza- afternoon at St. James Episcopal bet Jean Cambers, Solma Coop- curc at Long Branc, of wic ersmitli, Barbara Lloyd Woolley se was-jong^a member^ wit te and Margaret Mary Herman of 1 - "" Long Branc; Carlotte Alexander, Mary Florence Asfleld and Done Edna Jones of Neptune; Telma rector, Rev. Morton A. Barnea, of- Jon Mrs. delating, assisted by Rev, Mattews, assistant rector. Naomi Allen of Manasquan, Elizabet Sara Arnot, Anna Gloria Baselicl, Birdee Grace Coen, Ma- Frank Maps was organist. Te bearers, employees of te dairy company, were Carles Scanck, Clyde. Hayes, Marsall Smit, Cortilda Robcke. Genevieve Rose nelius Carioll, RalpkA. Runyon Strano and Etel Blance Strom- and Edward Ming. Olner membera mcr of Asbury Park; Julia Mary of te dairy company staff were Barry of Sluing Lake, Alice Helen onorary bearere. Te users were BHlef of" Ktyjjon,-Virginia Mary.. Walter Grau and C. J. Pope. Bur- Conaty of Bay Head, Lillian Elsie ial in carge of te Worden fu- Dunn of Point Pleasant, Gladys Vi Marie Erv:ng nnd Janet Jacque- tery. line Lankenuu of Avon, Emily Lorraine Ham of Englistown, Claire Hillyer of sew Monmout, Arline May Jennings of Farmingdale, Sybil Ebba Jonson of Freeold, Evelyn Luxemburg of Marlboro, Mazy Ann Madonna of West Belmar, Alice Sylvia Wittenberg of Bradley Beac, Florence Maigaret l l Al Li ral ome was in Fair View ceme- y- 150 Attend Party At Synagogue Grady of JU tlton, Mary Louise Ker ol Laku Como, rene Fiances Kourlz of WoudbridgL, Sirley Two New Jewis Groups Honored Te sixt annual Moter-Daugter party of te Ladies Hebrew sopy Elizabet Palmer of Kenvll, Kut ciety Sunday at te synagogue, at F kd K M Louise cnn of Foiked Kivei, Maiguret El:7-aUui iolcnuia of Sea- Side Hei^Us, EsUi Juanita Vanover oi Newark, Sirley Hem u[ Nort HiUs, -Mary Caterine Lacette of Wite Haven and Doroty Jane SclotzauiT of Wynewoud, wic te two new junior groups were onored, was attended y 150 peisons. Te junior "Y," of wic Miss Lillian Sprung is leader, gave a play, "Boosting Bridget." n te were Pyllis Weinstein, Joyce Pennsyivan.a; Sylvia Kaplan ol Portner, Jane Stalbctg, Suzanne Mury Simon, Dolores Lapidus, Barbara Straus and Doroty Krongelb. Outer members of te group, wo. ad carge of decorating ^nd serving, were Rut Jacks, Telma Portland, Maine; Cunccita Man^e of Mount Morrifi York; Judit Mny.Smit of Ui- Mesa, California, nnd Blance Wolk o! Wa^.npion, D. C. $10,000 Award n Accident Case A circuit LOU jury at Freeold yesterday brouulu in a $iu,(idu "judgment in favor of ivt-e Millurst residents wiio sued to Lincoln Transit. Co.,.lr;< p, Jr-rst-y Lny, for injuries and dpnt!.> growing out of an accident nnm Knjjsblown October Te plaintiffs, all Mrs. Hek-n MrCrny, adniinistraii i>; of (lie McCray, killed in tin* accident; Russell Grant, 15, and misy Giant, is moter. -Mrs. McOr/iy WHS awarded $2,500. Russfll Omnt, $6/XK>. find Mrs. Grunt, $1,500. Te, plaint iffs wern i ppirm ricd by Teoinrr B. J\ir.snn.s of lied Bank. Leonardo loi ed, were o sued as iatci nf Kiln AT KF.ESLEH FKLD. Aviation C;idt-t f>(ii^e R. H«(fmire, son of Mr. and Mrs. CJcoi^c A.Hoffmin.- of DpNorniHndie a venue. Kit H;tv<-, nrrivofl Saturduv at Kc-Mir Kitild, MiHPiH.sippi, for ip as) 1 trruninj; n tr- V. S. Army Air Forrc.». Hi* b ii jijidinilt 1 f»f Middjeiowii KiyJi sriujol HK] attended.antkp nnoitci:. M i c. YM A \\ M i i ill of KF-yptu t. ^ as ^laiiel a divoiffj at Freeold >»ji fiiiy f i r<rn Josr-p Merrill, n >( (.! i 1!, u < iirjil H-is>:, s.atifirkrl at t,;,:i... ttr <\> (itinyliei during N»-. ( u\ }< :. 1 r*!! * 7f-y were ma 11 ifl OcHif,)! J\, V.tM in Klktnn, Myrylanrl, M CH. Miinil bfinjf te* former Kdltli -tt--.,f Kfypuit. Se 1R now oivplnyi-ti in tlftl }lnnk nn() as cu.s-; totly of trii ( ildirn, Edit, fi, nnd Josep 6, j Gold in, Marilyn Nelson, Marn:i 1 Kcldt, Ktel Mario witz, Hanna vc.s tita Clot, Ppfirl Halpcrn, Li la Cioytl, Lois Kruvatz, Corrinu i Adlci, Bur bunt Miner and Girti Pristr. Kivi- members of te oter group, te Jewis Juniors, recited a poom, "My Moter," Taking part were Kdi! ll»ltiiiaii, M;ir<-jn Hoffman, Kobiriii NelBun t ^nndm Klnrin nnd Marilyn Mo.skowitz. Oter mem- cis ot tis group are Judit Fortney and Rut Hal porn, and te leaded are Missfs Frances Biederninn and Betty (loiilin. Te of te protrram consist- d of n*cit:itiuns l>y Judit Partner, Hall KHRSUS nnd Owen Stalerg, piano julrcliun.h by Carol Klatsky :tnd piano and virnarp.srloctions y Mrs. Curlrs A. Tunn and <l;tligter Hm burn. Mrs. Milton Ziimnm-nuin wus penrral rairman. Belford PTA Group Elects Officers Mi>. S;ulic Li-mann was rc-electij<l i>n:,)fj)[ (,f te Ui-lfor<l Purent- r*.uci uhsi.tmnutjii Tuesday nigt. O.H i-li.tlml were Mrs. Mae Fields, Hist vice president; Mra. llt--ri Sruil, M-CUU vice jtrt-sidtjnt; Mis, MililMd iiannont 1. secretary, ami JfaiiiM oitcii, ticii.suicr-. Mis Muy Sullivan. nwnsip llli n ill!,,,,i M, Knvr a talk nn pir n:it:i] r:;il<\ rlm cute and tr Nf/ol ntirr at puipff mth" NtnwiHliln ); n i c\ rlopinp tp rllrib cit cltl imic; A (riiuiiinn (if Jin \yns made ki till) iiliy,s("iut 111 JVf. Mimdiiy. Mny an. nt. u liomi of.mff, jtrniirin. Kator-Kultimn will u o nprnk- tr at tin 1 ni(m-tinp of te nf>hor-ifltiuii Monday MKM, JUU-?>, in tlii JJelfojd fi.rtta. fll vvljir. JJK; a party will br tendtpi ta KrMllmar scool graduftci. (T» lud Bank BegHtor can tx bougt n Leon&rdo *t Fred W. Hty and Wiedmanni ator«) Mrs. Fred Williamson of Center avenue, gave a blrtiiday party Wednesday for er son Freddie, in celebration of is first birtday. Te table was decorated in pastel sades. Dolls wit place cards were made of lollypopi attaced to a basket by a cord of te same sade as te doll and basket. Spring colors were used, eac doll dressed in a dlfforent color, A large birtday cake was one of te table decorations. Eac cild received a favor of te occasion. To cildren present were Jon and Janet Junge of Lyndurst, Jimmie Wymbs of Bed Bank, Barbara Gould of Spring Lake, Robert and Carolyn Otten and Bunnie Benson of Belford, Robert, Barbara Anne and Sandra Guttormsen, Wllma Meyer, Peggy and Ginger Seean, Lydia and Loraine Haas, Eleanor Grodeska, Ricard Miles, Joan Colleran, Paul Newmler, Ricard Sarkey, Jacquelyn, Ronaldson, Marion Henc, Russell Kauffman and Freddie Williamson of Leonardo. Te adulta present were Freddies great-grandmoter, Mrs. Katerine Sponar; is two grandmoters, Mrs. Elmer Williamson of Belford and Mrs. Fred Meyer; is grandfater, Fred Meyer; is aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guttormsen, Mr, and Mrs. Jon Junge, Mr. and Mrs. Jon Seean, Mra. James Grodeska, Mrs. Donald Miles, Mrs. R. Colleran, Mrs. Artur Newmler, Mrs. William M. Henc, Jr., Mrs. Palmer Kauffman, Mrs. Russell Wymbs, Mrs. Tomas Gould and Mrs. Often/? Lydia and Loralnc Haas, twin daugters of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Haas entertained a few friendb Saturday in celebration of teir fourt lttday-_al.-te...orae on Center avenue. Two birtday cakes were te deligt of te twins and teir guests. Te color sceme was carried out n pink and blue. Te guests were Mrs. Henry Relt and cildren, Veronica and Henry. Mrs. Paul Scllctlng and daugter Pal- nela of Atlantic Higlands, Mrs. Frank Benson and son Bunnie of Belford, Mrs. Herman Torensen and cildren Helen and Madeline Mrs. Fred Williamson and son Freddie, Mrs. James Grodeska and daugter Eleanor, Jame«Murpy. Heinz Bucolz, Robert Croca nnd Mr*. Fred Meyer. ^ Mrs. William M. Henc, Jr. gave a party Saturday for teir daugter Mirlon n celebration of er first birtday. Besides te large bfrtdny cake wic wan decorated wit pink and ivite cinfr and a pink candle, te table was - tastefully arranged in pastel sades and spring, flowers, place cards, baskets of candy and a favor for eac cild. Besides te little ostess tere were attending Bert Rockafellow. Nancy Rockafellow, Mrs. Paul Rockafellow and Mrs. Rraam Rockafellow of New Mqnmout, Freddie Williamson, Russell Knnffman, Patricia P*tterson, Betty Rae, Marilyn Downle, Mrs. Fred Williamson, Mrs. Palmer Knuffman, Mrs. Carles R. Patterson, Miss Jsne Searc and Mr. and Mrs. William M. Henc of Leonardo. Te Leonardo Bridge club attended a sow at New Tprk Saturday and also ad dinner. Te members on te outing were Mls s M. Riley, Miss M. Pennlnpton, Mrs. J. Davldelser, Mrs. W. B. Wrigt, Mrs. W. Tomas, MJS M. DeVesty and Mrs. Kastner. Mr. and Mrs, Peter Green ad aj dinner guests Tuesday evening teir daugter and er usband, Mr. and Mrs. Erwln Forrest of Oakurst. Tuesday was Mr. Greena birtday. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Haas and cildren Lydia and Loraine and Mr. and Mrs, Henry Relt and cildren of Atlantic Higlands, were among -tose "wo saw te circus n New York Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Alva Hampson of Paterson, were at teir bunsalow for a sort time Saturday. Teir son, wo s n te V. R Navy, was expected ome Saturday for a few df\ys leave. Miss Katlyn Guttormsen, formerly of Tveonnrdo, now, of Arlington, Va., gnd wo s employed n te postofflce at Wasington, D. C, rctured Tuesday evening after spending a few days wit er parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. B. P. Guttormsen, and er sister, Miss Margaret Guttormsen. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Boyce, Bento n McArtur of Keyport and Howard Wort of Asbury Park, visited on Sunday teir friend, Clausen Coupe- of Bellevue avenue. Te Foursome met Tursday evening at to ome of Mrs. Earl de Cordova of Atlantic Higlands wit Mrs. dc Cordova ostess. Mrs. E. K. Atlec of Atlantic Higlands.iiiMitutrd (or Mrs. William L.ybEiiKor. Oter guests were Mra. Paul ljckevcr and Mrs. Josep P. Matjean of jeonardo. Misii xiis Bryan, formerly of Leunardu, now of Newark, spent te week-mil wit er parents, Mr. and Mis. ftdward Bryan and family of Center avenue. Mrs. Guor^is Black, wo B a surgical putient in te Rlverview ospital, Rod Hanlt, is reported doing nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Ft. H. Van De Water returned Friday from Baltimore, were Mr. Van De Water s attending to some iminesb for is firm. Mrs. Vim De Water will spend tomorrow wil er sister, Mrs. Carles Meyers nnd family of Westflild. Te Aletria <lub were guests Wednesday evening of Mra. George Kovelesky nt\er omo on Brevent nvenue. Radio pinnrle and a social tlit)o wore enjnyed. Prizes were won by firnci llmilbiskey and Giitioinu.1nfjTi- ostess l,im ni^n U M.^.Mr*. <luitoinisen. Tile.Kiimleis \vn r unnlr tn lioltl icir inrrling Tursday afleinnmi. due tn llnehs, ut will meet Uiniorrow at te ome of Mrn. WVuley Wiikefii-M. Mrs Willlnm Srolt WnlW* nm! of from er aon, Raymond Guttormsen, U. S. Marine corps wo is in Bougainville. He also sent an orcid to is lister, Mrs. Carles Dea. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mason ave returned from a visit wit Mr. and Mr». Perry Mason of New York city. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Mason will soon open teir summer ome ere,. Parent* interested in forming a Cub pack for boys between te ages of nine and 12 years, are urged to attend meetings of Boy Scout troop, 47, every Wednesday nigt at te Leonardo grade scool. Hug F. Gregerson, U. S. Army, is spending a 15-day furloug wit is" wife and family at te ome of Mrs. Gregersons parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roop, and la parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hug Gregerson of Atlantic Higlands. Te Ramblers will meet tis afternoon at te ome of Mrs. Wesley Wakefleld. Mrs. Jon Neiderman and Miss Marguerite Alverson of Newark, were week-end visitors &t te ome of Mr. and Mrs. James K. Alverson. Mrs. William Maack was badly bruised in a fall last week at te ome of er son, William A. Maack. Se s 88 years old. Mrs. Elsie Kraus was ostess last Tursday at te weekly card party given by te Ladles auxiliary of te Community flre company. Mrs. Emily Lawler ad te igest score of te afternoon. Oters present were Mrs. George DeLong, Mrs. Josep P. Rein, Mrs. James MacPee, Mrs. Frank Krat?, Mrs. Hanna Jeffas, Mrs. William Hoelck, Mrs. Henzzey Frye, Mrs. Louis Velgel, Mrs. Morris Josep and Mrs. Harry Sternscus. Mrs. William Hoelck will be ostese at te card party tis afternoon, Flores Sassani of Ellenville, and C. P. Reilly of New York city, are guests atte ome of Mr. and Mrs. Lester "Dexter. Bol "are, employ- ed on te Naval project ere. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Kauffman and family will move into te Cook bungalow on Wasington avenue, May 15. Herbert Haulbosky, U. S, Army Air corps, son of Postmaster and Mrs. Benjamin J. Haulbosky, as returned- to is post at Newport, Arkansas, after spending a furloug ere. Mrs. Robert DeLade s recoverng from er recent illness. Te Ladles auxiliary of Brevent Park and Leonardo fire company met Friday afternoon at te fire ouse. A report of te card and game party for te Red Cross was given by Mrs. Rose Knigt, wo reported S36.4O ad been sent to Mrs. Louis Merigold, Leonardo district captain. Te resignation qt Mrs. Rose Kovelesky, te secretary, was accepted. Mre. Elizabet Guttormsen was appointed secretary and Mrs. Rose Knigt, assistant secretary. New «memir ments to te by laws, were adopted. Hostesses for te weekly Tuesday evening card and game parties for te coming mont will be Mrs. Rose Kovelesky, next Tuesday, Mrs. Edna A. Lund, May B; Mrs. Mary Malr, May 23, and Mrs. Margie Maxron, May 30. Letters of Mr. and Mrs. Carette HoraUr and teir son Robert were quests Friday of Oscar Foreman, on te ouse boat wic is ancored off Alpine. t was an unusual and exciting experience for te party to take part in net fising. Corp. Walter Kocan, of te V- S. Army, stationed in te Sout and Mrs. Kocan, were lunceon guests Tuesday of Mrs. Josep Murpy. P.T.A. To Hold Healt Meeting "Cildrens Healt" To Be te Teme "Cildren 1 * Healt la Your Responsibility" will be te teme of a ealt day meeting prepared by te Parent-Teacer association of Mecanic street scool for presentation Tursday, May 18, in te scool auditorium. Dr. J. M. Wtean, cief of te dental division, New Jersey State Department of Healt, will be te speaker. He will discuss "To Scools Place n Dental Healt Plans." An informal discussion, will follow, Te Junior-Senior Hig Scool P. T. A., troug ita preaident.mrs. Josep Odenbac, is saring responsibility for te program. Mia. Odenbac will preside and Dr. Eugene Newman, prominent local dentist, will introduce te main speaker. Dr. Lawrence Burdge, president of te Monmout Dental society, will describe activities of tis group in tis section of te state. Oters assisting in te scool ealt meeting are Mi^s Bessie Green, scool nuree; Donald Wite, P. T. A. president; Miss Beula BrecKenridge, principal; Mra. Ada,.j Crandall, principal; Mias Rosann Langans, art teacer; Harry F. Sieber, principal; Miss Katryn Finkbeiner, teacer of design, and Donald S. Klopp, public relations. Mrs, Harry Hotckisfi and Mrs. Albert Lauber are program cairmen of te respective P. T. A.s. Arrives n England CORP. RAYMOND RCip Corp. Raymond Rice, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rice, Weatside avenue, arrived in England Marc 1st. Before entering te service, Corp. Rice was employed by te Mercants.Trust Company. Mary Quigley Joins Air WAC Pvt. Mary A. Quiglpy, daugter of Mr. and Mrs. Timoty J. Quigley of Bloomfleld, formerly of Red Bank, is taking basic training as an Air WAC at Fort Ogletorpe, Georgia. Pvt. Quifjley was graduated from Central ig scool, Newark, and as been employed by Prudential nsurance company, as secretary to te vice president. Se as two. broters in te army First Lieut. T, P. Quigley, wit te paracute [-infnntry-ot-camp Macksll, Nort Carolina, and Second Lieut. William L. Quigley, a figter pilot at Mabry Field, Tallaassee, Florida. Weddings Jr. OUAM Memorial Services May 28 First Metodist curc as been cosen as te place for olding ^"»* orses, and, an expert memorial services of te Junior! orsewoman Se formerly ad carge of te pedigreed dogs on New Manager Of SPCA Selter Mrs- Laura Broadurst as taken carge of te Monmout County SPCA selter at Eatontown as manager and superintendent. Se as ad considerable experience n raising and taking care of dogs, as Order of American Mecanics of New Jersey Sunday, May 28, at 3 p. m. Tis will be a state event for te first time, annual county services aving been eld in to past. Te d lt p te Stanley Tracy estate at Princeton. Mrs. Broadurst is a member of te state SPCA. CLAYTOX BURNS. n a, setting of peac blossoms and wite daisies, Miss Marjorle Ester Clayton, daugter of Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Clayton of Rector place, became te bride of William Tomas Burns, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Burns of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Saturday at te Red Baok Baptist curc. Rev. Carles A. Tunn performed tn ceremony. Frederick K. Ball was organist. Tei,brl<i«was given in marriage by er fater, and wore a gown of satin and lace. Te dress was designed wit a wite satin bodice, and a marquisette train trimmed wit Cantilly lace. Se wore a sweeteart style bonnet, wit a flngertlp-lengt veil, and carried wite roses. Miss Carol Gillmore Doyle of Glen Rock was maid of onor, and Miss Eleanor Caterine Clayton, te brides sister, was a bridesmaid. Te maid of onor wore a sweeteart style gown of pink marquisette and carried red roses. Te bridesmaid wore an dentical gown, in blue, and carried pink roses. Raymond Cunningam, a student at Temple Medical scool, Piladelpia, was best man. Te users were Pvt. Dudley H. Clayton, Fort Monmout, and Cadet George Clayton, U. S. Navy, New London, Connecticut, te brides broters; James Stack, Temple Medical scool, Piladelpia, and Frank D. Burns, Bucknell university, Lewls- 1 burg, Pennsylvania.! A reception followed n te curc recreation rooms. Te brides moter cose a powder blue gown, and a corsage of sweeteart roses. Te bridegrooms moter was attired in lavender, wit a corsage of orcid*. Following a wedding trip to New York-city, te. couple will, reside n Piladelpia. Te brides traveling costume was a moss green gabardine suit, wit black accessories. Te bride is a graduate of te Sangai American scool in Cina, were er parents were missionaries for many years, and from Bucknell university at Lcwlsburg. Pennsylvania. Se is a member of Pi Sigma. Te bridegroom ii A laboratory tecnician at Temple Medical scool in Piladelpia. He was graduated from Harrlflurg academy for Boys, and Bucknell universit}-. He s a member of Pi" Kappa Psl, fraternity. prog ram will be announced later. SUBSOJNG ADS DRANAGE. Elmer R. Mitcell, Sr., of Red Bank, paet county councilor, is in carge of local arrangements. COUNTY BRTHS Te following birts ave been reported at Monmout Memorial ospital: Mr. and Mrs. Anskar F. Lack of West Sunset avenue, Red Bank, a tanks from te Brovent Park and daugter, yeaterday. Leonardo flre company acknowledging: receipt of $100 given and from Mrs. Louis Merigold were received. Te next meeting will be eld Friday afternoon, May 26, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mayer, Newark, spent te week-end wit Mrs. Rose Mayer. Mr. and Mrs. George Elliott are te parents of a daugter, Linda Rut, born at Margaret Hague Maternity ospital, Jersey City, April 21. Te baby was born on er moters birtday. Pvt. Walter Cpcen, U. B. Army, arrived for a vialt wit ie moter Friday. Murray Abt, U. S. Army, s spending a 15-day furloug from Camp Selby, Mississippi wit is parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jon Abt. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Minn and daugter Rose Mary, returned to Nort Bergen after a week, spent at te ome of Mrs. J. J. Fagan. Mrs. Stanley Komelski and son Peter, Lane avenue, returned from a visit wit Mrs. Berta Lemann n Brooklyn. Roslta MacPee returned to er ome at Maplewood Friday after visiting er grandmoter, Mrs. Bridget Nester. Mis. Conrad H. Rec, s recover- K from influenza. Mrs. Gusaie Seibl of Now York city visited Mrs. George DeLong, Sunday. Mrs. Beatrice Oeip is confined to er ome wit llness. Mrs. William Lawler spent several days last week wit Mr. and Mrs. William Lawler, Jr., at Piladelpia, Mr. and Mrs. Josep P. Rein spent te week-end at Lake Hopatcong wit Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hubel. Saturday, May 13, te Leonardo Yact club will meet at te ome of Commodore Mattew Stevenson. A buffet supper will be served. Mr. and Mrs. William K. Megill and son Robert were among te guests wo attended, te 39t wedding anniversary of Mr. Megllls parents, Mr. and Mia. William P. Mcglll, of Bradley Beac, over te week-end, Mr. and Mrs. Cosmo ONcil of te Bronx, ave opened teir bungalow on Center avenue, nnd are planning to make tis teir yearround ome. Teir son, Cief Mate Cosmo G. ONell of te Mercant Marine, wo is on leave, is visiting wif is parenls. Harry Bates and Mrs. Elslo g Mr. and Mrs. Robert Egerton, R.F.D. Freeold, a son, yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Jonson of Drummond place, Red Bank, a daugter, Tiiesday. Lieut. arfs^mrs. Henry Wolff, Badminton lane, Sea Brigt, a son, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralp Terrell of Matawan, a son, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs, Edward Smyte of Freeold, a son, April 29. HAMSSAH BROADCAST Te local capter of Hadassa, te Womens Zionist Organization of America, will join wit 700 oter capters trougout te country Sunday, May 7. to listen to a broadcast "by Rear Admiral Carles S. Stepeneon, M. C. U., S, N., former ead of te U. S. Typus commission to te Middle East, over te Columbia broadcasting.system, afi part of a celebration marking te fift anniversary of te opening of te Hadassa Medical Center, situated on Mt. Scopu3 outside of Jerusalem, Palestine. Rear Admiral Stepenson will speak from 1:45 to 2 p. m. SALOR HOME O> T LEAVE Seaman Second Class Kobcrt J. Van Pernis of Keansbur ns completed recruit training at Sampson, New York, and is omo on leave. Upon is return to Sampson e will be eligible for furter assignment wic may qualify im for a petty romcer rating. LEUT. McNALLY HOME. First Lieut. Lloyd McNally, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jon McNally of Little Silver, is ome on a ten-day leave. He as been stationed at Camn Weeler. Georgia, for a year nnd a alf, and will report nt Fort Rrngp, Nort Carollnn, for tree monts combat training. HOSPTAL CASES Mr.i. CRiles Ely of Holmdel underwent an operation tis morning nt Rivcrview ospital for te removal of er tonflils. Mrs, Elfrird-i Muller of Liberty.stroel, Mntnwun, was admitted last a surgical patient. CAKE SALE SATURDAY Te Junior coir of te Eatontown Metodist ome-made Sniujday at te fie nnd 10c More on Main fltreet. Te attention of Monmout t county potato growers as been focuaed. on tose wet,.spots in te j ilelds were water does not get away quickly wen we ave as muc rainfall as we ave ad tis spring. County Agent Clark, w-j is continually empasizing te value of subsoil treatment, cites" an example of te benetlts to be derived from te subsoiling of tese fields to break up te plow sole wic is frequently one of te cief causes for slow water absorption into Die deeper soil areas. William T. Smit, prominent potato grower of Jereeyvllle as used a aubsoilinc attacment on is plow for two sehsons, and beneficial results were- evident during te pnst week wen tere was so muc water standing on many of our potato fields. Mr. Smit reports tat e as ad no trouble from poor drainage in te lower spots in is field and e 1st also entusiastic in is support of subsoiling ns a means of water storage wic enables te plants to better resist extremely dry weater like tat of te late summer and early fall of Before subssoltog tese fields, Mr, Smit reports tat te iger spots always dried out too Quickly and te low spot.s always old water too long. Since te field as been plowed wit te subsoiling attacment, owever, te low spots drain more readily and te iger "spots old te moisture longer. Bot Mr, Smll and te county agent recommend tat potato farmers wo ave wet spot problems in teir potato fields consider te use of a subsoil, ing attacment wen tey next plow teir ground. Te county agent points out tat subsoiling will not always correct a drainage problem wic results from springs bonent te surface of te soil. Tat problem sould be treated u-it tile rlrninnge. t is also advised tat best results arc likely to be obtained if te susoillng s done wen te field is fairly dry. Plowing a wet field wit te subsoiling attacment does not result n breaking up te deeper layers of te soil ns effectively as it does wen te soil crumbles easily. ROVNG MARNE COLLECTS PACFC SAND SPECMENS By SGT. GORDON D. MARSTON (Marino Corpa Combat Correspondent) Somewere in te Soutwest Pacific, (Delayed) Souvenir sand sampling w being carried on out ero by ;i Marine wose moter collect? granular specimens from all over to world, Te Leaterneck deslrer to remnin anonymous in te matter but admits carrying a number of small.-l-ilerl Sunday Mr«. Wall Ui\ Mi. 1!. Frnnl. P ;!)n liirllntrlon nvenue. Te.ennanln - Honor Roi1"«ss<> cialinn will meet Sunday afternoon al Die imie of Mnttnw Stevenaon. Mm. Ceiln- Gutlormsen received a bouquet, of roses lait week Cudiy of Hoboken and\ Mr. and Mrs. Markcn of Hidgewood, passed te week-end wit teir friend, Mrs. ROBB Mayer. for n coir. Mr. and Mrs. Carles -knauer ol - Colonla, spent last Tursday wil WNS SKCON) HONORS Mra. Knauers moter nnd slater,.... Mrs, Jacob Does and Mls«Emma """ W. Rutemsiccr, son of Mr of Burlington Hvi;nue. l ilmi Mra AiiRUft Rntemacer of curc will old a.. a^ witb im in ia tr! l Ve1?, H " work, potograpy, pcrmltfl im to move about nn nearly all te Sout Te- proceeds will be added to a! Pn^" slalu^fund,,o,n, raised to provide robe,!, 1 ( ^ ^ J X ^ beac pllkt-lmaketf, gatered up nndfuls of sand and deposited b/m in little bags. Eac bug carries a lag bearing (e address of is Minnesota mot- Mr, and Mra..luck Pcl «f Or- Orr "" <iiili>vnrd, Atlantic Hlgsnge, visited on Sunday Mrs. Pels!l»>df. as lipen awarded second onors in general science at. Peddle scool. HigtHtown, were e is a flrnt-ypar student. y ulsters and teir fnnt-llies, Mr. Mrs. Hnrry Palmatier anil Mr. nn.i Mrs, George Wallis Oeorgo and Jack....M.rL =.fl n.& T* and sons j f <> ; Mr. and Mrs. William. loelcli. Ronnie Hllbcrt, son of Mrs. Gertrude Hllbert, celebrated is tent birtday Monday. tnnnla and ia broter and sisters enjoyed,i birtday cake and oter refrc-smenu n celebration of t* occasion. WOMAN msivr ""^vfa^tttttc-bwttr-w^v* ^ Citontown, WHS treated at Alonmout Memorial ospital yesterday for contusions on to none and knnik, and after receiving treatment was. released. So WB urt n an auto accident at Long Branc. er Tlu> p.rize sample, of course, will be tntfe tw-n andful* of sand picked tip somewero on te sores of Japan. -^ Tin-!>at» on to address on your papcrsows Tis napor. llkn most sulf-respectinc publications. H operatedon a rnn-in-advanco baata. f vaur final date in drawing near, send n your ceck for renewal today so tat you will not miss atiy ssue of your fnvorlte ome newspaper. Adv«rtlsemont. TABLO SOCONY. A very pretty spring rainbow wedding took place at St. James curc, Trenton, Sunday afternoon wen.miss Anne Tabilio, daugter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tablllo of Pennington, became te bride of Pvt. Josep Socony. of Trenton, now stationed in Virginia. Te bride, wo was given in marriage by er fater, wore a wite satin gown elaborately trimmed wit lace, wit an exceptionally long train, and carried a bouquet of orcids. Te bridesmaids were Miss Elsie Cardone, Miss Edit Peluso and Mrs. Josep Monte of Trenton and Miss Lillian Tabilio, a sister of te bride. Tey wore satin gowns of various rainbow ues and. carm-^ old-fnsloned bouquets. Mr». A!-" len Coll oflsn Red Bank, matron of onor, was dressed n wite moussellne de sole and carried an old-fasioned bouquet. Mrs. Collins son, Allen Collins, Jr., was ring bearer, and Gloria Cardone and Joyce Monte, dressed n wite and carrying old-fasioned bouquets, were flower girls. Dr. Josep Petrono of Trenton was best man, and te users were Dr. Josep Dorso, Dr. Josep Monte and Josep Mlllo of Trenton. A. wedding reception was eld at te Villa Ball otel in Trenton, afte, wic te couple left for a twoweeks wedding trip to Niagara Falls. Upon teir return te couple will begin ousekeeping n teir own apartment. FRFVCH McLATTGHLN. Miss Barbara C. Frenc, daugter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Frenc of Long Beac, Long sland, formerly of Red Bank, was married April 22 at St. James curc to Cpl. Jon M. McLauglln of Atlantic Higlands. Mon- Bignor Jon B. McCloskey officiated. Te brides aunt, Mrs. Ralp Abbott,, and Eugene Ford were attendants. Te bride wore a dress of lilac wit black accessories and a corsage of wite gardenias, Te matron of onor wore ligt blue wit a corsage of yellow tea roses. After te ceremony te couple left for a wedding trip to New York. Te bride attended Red Bank ig scool and graduated at Long Beac- Se is employed as a secretary at te Fort Monmout Signal Laboratories, Cpl. McLauglin s a graduate o{ St. Agnes scool, Atlantic Higlands. He is stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. Local General Motors Dealers Get-To-Geter Wit Teir nvited Guests Tey Enjoy a Lunceon Yesterday A lunceon meeting, wic wa* te first of wat is expected to bs a series of gei-togelners [or members of te General Motorg family, in tis district, was eld yesterday at Sadow Brook inn, Srewsbury, at wic 50 automobile m^n and teir nvited guests were present. Preceding te lunceon a sort sound movie wag enjoyed, and by tis metod te assembly was greeted by te vice president of te General Motors corporation, just a 3 f e was tere in person. Following t lunceon two oter pictures were sown, one entitled "General Motors Higligts and te oter was a war progress report sowing wat General Motors i» and as been doing- in t» war production effort. Te industrys contribution to te war effort sows tat 94 per cent of its present production is devoted entirely to lt. Te films were not only nteresting and educational but gave te group an inside picture of ow te. plants ave been converted from to manufacture of pleasure and commercial automobiles to «xtensive war production. Te purpose of tese get-togeters, wic will be eld at least quarterly, is to bring te members of te General Motors family in. closer relationsip for beter mutual understanding.._... H. J. Reeves of Newark, fcnan"- ager of te General Motors Acceptance corporation-and -Cairman^of-, te General Motors club, wa a master of ceremonies and introduced te nvited guests, as well as ts members of te local General Motors family. Te loea! General Motors representatives present were Benjamin Rnssas, Antony L.. McKlm i J, H. Kelly and David Jones. Special guests present were tere troug te courtesy of t«local automobile dealers of General Motors. From tis district tey were B. A. Selple, vice president of te Jersey Central Power and Llct company: C. R. Butcer, sales manager of te soutern division of te Jersey Central Power and Ligt company; Tomas rving Brown, editor and publiser of te Red Bunk Register; Wayne D. Mac-Murray, general manager and secretary of te Asbury Park Press, and James - Forsyt of te Asbury Park National Bank and Trust ""company. Prpmlnent. }n te General Mo-, tors family at te lunceon were J. K. McLoiiKlln, J. L. MrGoldrick, William OBrien, J. P.. DeRidder, P. L. Sracffer, H. P. Scaller, W. B. Steele, G. D«-an. S. T. Crabtree, C. J, <lark, B A. Klssam, J. Kyle, F. Rlre and T. V. TenBroeck. Elect Mrs. Parkell Jr. DAR Cairman Mrs. Herbert Parkdl wa s olected cairman for next year of Monmouf capter. Junior group, D- A, R., at a meeting nst nigt at te ome of Mrs. William Scanck, Silverton avenue, Little Silver. Te annual dinner will take pises Wednesday, June 7 at Mayers tavern. Rumson. Te capter will make a contribution to te Boy Scout drive. An nvitation was received to attend te Senior T>. A. R. meeting Tursday, May S. Present besides Mrs, Parkell and Mrs. Sranck were Mrs. Guy Qulnn. Mrs. Raymond Swift, Mrs. Paul Ryder, Mrs. Fred Moller, Mrs. Edward Roel, Miss Frances Serwood. Mis.i lone VanBusklrk and Mrs. Carles Moeller, Jr., a prospective member. MAUR-ER DECKER Mrs. Gladys Tlerney Maurcr of Keyport, daugter of Mrs. Tomas Tierney of Keansburg, was marled Saturday afternoon to ugeno Everett Decker of Cicago, son of Mrs. Eugene Decker of Keyport. Te ceremony waa performed in te parsonage of te Keyport Reformed curc by te pastor, Rev. Hnrold E. Green, Jr. Te attendants were Mrs. Alvln Adams of Keansburg and Carles H. Miller of Keyport. \ Following te wedding a reception for members of to immediate families was old, after wic Mr. and Mrs. Decker left for New York city, were tey spent several days. Tey will reside n Cicago, were Mr. Decker is employed, YVHTTAKEn FELDER. Mrs. Anna M. Wittaker of Gariluld avenue, Atlantic were marriod April 30 at Central Baptist curc, Atlantic Higlands, by Rev. R. Sdgene Searer. TB U. S. Department of Labor wa» created in Property Sales At Eatontown Recent sales made by Daniel S. Morris of Leu-is street, Eatontoun, included a pint of ground adjoining te Gulf plant on Lewis street to Benjamin VanKeuren; n. lot on Maple avenue to Morris Walen and a lot on ^cwis street to William and Robert Nimmo, te plots aving nern owned by te late Carles Holmes of Orange, a former resident of Eatontown, wo died recently. Mr. Morris al«o sold a ouse at Leonardo owned by Miss rene Winter of Red Bank to Albert Joseps. SMMKt M.\ED LEAGUE. CENKUAUi 12 1 B. imlii.t !) M. Pr»nrl> _ 1SR R. Jonion S* H4 119 M. J, K. C. ADMRALS Boncorc SeoflpM Franclj ENSGNS Jonson.:.fRlisky Onmt-erlRin, Hnmniuml MAJORS Carurt Acerra Bradi-aw..,... K. >* : n. >nk CAPTANS SellVck WmOloy... Dummy -. H. n. A. A. V e. n. r. ii. p. M. «. W. flradry CO.ONK.K Wli-p Bcni-nre Travel* to MafToi 5." US na K,n r.r.s (ii.. 1"7. ll m.. ( MS 120. SO,>!>,! D. 1 ^li. (1!l J!5 lillli <- 1.. inn.. 10(1 i.i.i.. in:: B!)i MKUTKNANTS 11) Zerr lcbmnnil nrnwn fthuinen S M. 1,-s.l COMMANDERS C!) Sctiuckf!!- llrml^nw. Eli..,. lurn.u _ l»:i.. 1H7 ll,a ~ 962 5(S Ml i r. a MR BS 187 fifi6 136 l."i< 131 S- con Hi! l:i.i.18 ssx i-«kis H2 ia m ! S S 01!! in Ml HB 191 A05 1S> S3.-JO 128 \m ur, 129 ;,«S mo S!) J02 1,14 1(5 144 lot

15 Personals Mrs. Eva Buonamo of 112 Caterine street, wo recently underwent an appendectomy at te Long Branc ospital, is expected to return soon to er place of employment at te lunceonette at te J. J. Newberry store on Broad street. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hance of Riverside avenue returned last Tursday from teir annual sojourn at St. Petersburg, Florida. Miss Eleanor Tilton, daugter of Mr. and Mrs. Ricard Tilton, as accepted a position in te statistical department of te Guaranty Trust of New York city. Se is a senior at te New Jersey College for Women at New Brunswick and will assume er duties about July 1. Mrs. Carles Cake of Baltimore, Md., is visiting er sister, Mrs. Josep Mori of Wlnfleld drive, Little Silver. Miss 8ylvia Aul of Peters place, was one of te soloists at te Spring Recital of er vocal teacer, Madam Mildred Graam-Reardon, at er studio n Carnegie Hal!, New York city, Sunday afternoon. Miss Auls moter and several of er friends from tis vicinity attended te recital. Mr. and Mrs. Jon J. Dean of Srewsbury avenue accompanied to Newark Tuesday teir Boni Sgt. Jack C. Dean, wo tey saw off for New Mexico, wbere e is stationed wit a medical detacment. Mrs. Marie Cox of Portaupeck was recently discarged aa a patient n Rlverview ospital and s now making er ome wit er Bon, Herbert Cox of Portaupeck. Mrs. Grace DeMont of Ravine drive, Matawan, was admitted Tuesday to Rlverview ospital an a surgical patient. William J. Dowd, Jacksonville, Florida, businessman and former Red Bank resident, is ere on is annual visit. He as been staying wit is sister, Mrs. Edwardr-Cor: coran of Headdens Corner. Louis Jiannine of St. Antonio, Texas, is making is annual visit n tl«section. A broter of, Pilip T. Jiannine and a former local resident, e is spending a. few weeks wit is sister, Mrs. of Little Silver. SEA BRGHT RENTAL. Te R. D. Sciller large barn on Ocean avenue, Sea Brigt, as been rented troug Robert F. Norton, real estate broker, to Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Keen.of Plalnfleld. Mrs. Keen as long been associated wit te" importing and exporting firm of Carter, Macy ft Co. Buy s> war Bond and Save a Lite Freeold Boy Dies Of Burns Billy Kingston, 4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kingston of Henry street, Freeold, died in Fitkin ospital Tuesday of burns received te day before wile e and Bobby Gardell were playing cowboys and ndians in te Kingston ome. Te lad, according to is companion, tried to ligt te laaso be was using over one of te burners of te gas stove wen is cloting caugt fire. He ran upstairs were Mrs. Anna Tilton, 72, wo rents two rooms in te Kingston ome, tried to put out te flames by placing te cild in a battub. As soon as te fire was extinguised e was taken to te office of Dr. Jules Delcau and from tere to te ospital by te first aid squad. State Meeting Of AAUW At Trenton Te state meting of te New Jersey dlvisoin of te American Association of University Women, to be eld Saturday of tis week at State Teacers college at Trenton, will ave a large representation from Monmout county. Mrs. Howard G. Hymer of Srewsbury and Mrs. Harold S. Clark of Rumson will conduct a radio review on te topic, Te AAUW in Action." Dr. Roscoe L. West, president of Teacers college, will speak on "Te Role of te College in War and Peace" Oter speakers will be Mis* Rut Gruber, reporter and autor and former Herald-Tribune correspondent in Russia, and Maj. Cora Bass of te Wac. TARTY FOB BRDE-ELECT A sower was tendered Miss Leanor saksen of Leonardo Saturday by Miss Roberta Fields at er ome at Belford. Guest/! were Mrs. M. Fields, Miss Carmcla Caroteurita, Mrs. A. saksen, Miss Berta Fitterer, Miss Berta Braumer. Miss Lillian Josep Mori j Grant, Mrs. Martin saksen, Mrs. Vincent Ruf and Mrs. Kennet Bell. Miss saksen will be married to Walter Meyer of ndiana, stationed at Fort Monmout, Saturday of tis week n te Red Bank Luteran curc. Spraying for te control of trlps on daylllles and Japanese irises sould start as soon as te new growt s a few nces tall and be repeated every weeks or two until flowering time. ictory GARDEN ONON SETS i 40< PLANT THEM NOW Clean Yellow Globe Danvert GARDEN SPADES-HOES CULTVATORS-FORKS WEEDERS and SHOVELS - All n Stock - Seep Manure loose Vigoro or Agrico Approximately 50 per cent lets in 100-lb. Lots BONE MEAL Te Finest Quality Obtainable 100 lbs $5.50 ib. 7* n> 9 Farm and Poultry Fence $ 8.98 Sturdy, rugged, moty durable tan cicken wire 165-foot roll * 6 ft. Steel Fence Posts 6 9 Army type, painted, complete wit cleats. GRASS SEED **.*1.39 Special Lawn Green, excellent value MOLE TRAPS Anoter sipment as come in. spear type WAR STAMPS FOR SALE HERE Victor spring 119 BUY WAR STAMPS EVERY DAY THE WRGHT STORES Pysioterapy Tis looks like a sure cure treatment for any soldier patient in te Fort MonmoutStation ospital. Betty May (top), of a New York city niteclub sow wic visited te ospital, does a ula dance. And Pvt. Ken Griffin (below), of Tunnel Hill, Georgia, listens to Etel Barrymore Celt, daugter of Etel Barrymore and a talented actress and (inger n er own rigt. Little Silver RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Srewsbury in te paris during te six years e as bean pastor. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wolcott (To B»d Bank Resistor can b«bougt la LJUU Silver at ta Union moved Monday nto te former Newsstsnd at t«depot and Dennis Hataway residence, wic was re store) cently bequeated to tem. tur Hope, Jon Mount, William Mokler, Marie Ferry. Elizabet Foales,* Te spring rally of te Womens Srubbery s being planted in te ~ rlhfjfraoe Robert Hoilgkisi. Rut Societies of Cristian Service for j park by ts road and park depart Buckalew, Elizabet Hymer, Jon Maloney. te Nortern sub-district will be ment of te boroug of wic eld Wednesday, starting at 10 a. Councilman Frederick B. Plllpp ic Second grade Patricia OReilly, Ken. m. and concluding at 8 p. m. committee cairman. net NLjon, Robert Haltertnann, Frank Malone. Rose Mary Binder, Anna Fioretta. Jay Ford, Jean Kelly, Eleanor Jen mont. Next Tuesday te group sometime te latter part of\ tis Teacer* of te Tlnton Falls Solid concrete on te Main and scool will visit te local scool Broad street sides of te boroug kins. M&rjorie Kingston. Monday. Te Y y sjl will be laid in place of t Tird grade William Arcer, Edwin Cowan, Jonatan Niles, Helen JrfTrey, Yout Fellowsip group met sodded section*. Mary Virginia Mason, Marsa Stout Monday evening at te ome off Te old brick ouse on Sroad Jacqueline Bennett. Anna Ponttns. Cester Wrigt of Silver Point street recently acquired from te Fourt grade Jon Brandli. Benjamin Van Vllet, Mary Anne Smit. road. Present were Janet Wrigt, boroug by Mr. Wyckoff, Joca Fift grade Bruce Grigar, Donald Allyne Wrigt, June Llpplncott, baker, is being remodeled, as is te Hardy, Carol Hardy, Evelyn Lewis, Joan Jean Parker, Harrison Sampanore, Jr., Robert Summers, Ces- same street, wic is also now former Haynes property on te p owned by te same man. ter Wrigt and Rev. Harold Wayman. Mrs. Jon Campbell as been 111 at er ome. Tomas Summers, wo is taking a naval training course at Yale university spent te week-end wit is moter, Mrs: Benjamin Summers of Seven Bridge road. Mrs. Walter Morris presided at a meeting yesterday afternoon of te Womans Society of Cristian Service. Mrs. Josep Wigtman la confined to er ome by llness. Pvt. rving Wrigt as returned to is Army station n Mississippi after spending" a furloug at is ome ere. Te library n te boroug all will be open Saturday afternoon ol tis week, also Monday of next week, but will not be open Tuesday. Perfect n attendance at scool] during April were te following pupils: Prt-priroary Group Douglas Apy, Allen Ludwig, Garret Tome. Ronald Joannemann, Margaret Bublin, RM- rwin Haselwood, Stepanie Scwartx. Primary Group Doroty PorBes. Cyntia Dlelman, Lynn Merrill. Evelyn Wrigt, Vincent Annarella, Edward Apy, Anders Borgeson, Antony Bruno, George Weber. Group 1 Rut Kaplan, Marlly Samnanore. Myrna Stalberg, Fred Bruno, Eddie Elbert. Jon Martin, Ricard Poole, Ronert Weber, Allaa Wrigt, Howard Waller. Group 2 Jane Alberts, Patricia Beniiett, Audrey Gray, Anne Moreau Jannky. Doris Sampanor«. Gwen Stnlberg, Jerry Brlalawn, Roy Darra, William Hardwlck. Parker McClellan, Buck Moran, Donald Rolnson, Albert Robinson, Harold Ruddy, David Kennedy. intermediate Group Gerald Bruno, Ricard Burk. Leo Gray, Barry Kaplan, Dennis Kelly. Donald Moore. Sandra Bice, Nancy Darra. Barbara McClellan. Junior and Seniors Betty Moore, Barbara Moore, Betty June Hallam, Barbara Smit. Katryn Smit, Marilyn Stillwagon. Carol Ravndal, Robert Andrews, Artur Apy, James Harvey, Da. vld Jansky, Jnmes Taylor, Edward Welnelmer. Cris Ravndal, William Kramer, Frank Joannenemann. Group 3 Fred Bruno, Howard Ferguson, Ricard Lowry, Pilip Smit, Robert Wallace, Albert vel, Joan Kaplan, Barbara Lawes. Rut Ludwlft, Virginia Poole, Marian Wallace, Alleynat Wrigt, Evelyn Kramer. Group 4 Helen Lauber, Lynn Morgan. William Atkins. Rogftr Briniawn, Antony Bruno, R6b«rt Porges, Cester Wrigt. Eatontown (Ta Red Bank Register can be bougt n Eatontown at t«stores of William G. Davla and G. Edward Smock) Twenty-one pupils are n te grammar scool graduating class and will receive diplomas at commencement exercises to be eld June 9 at 8 p. m. in te Metodist curc. Henry Riddle, Leuln Aumack and Micael Picola were elected junior members of te local fire company at a regular Tuesday nigt. meeting oaluruay arteroon lor matlon ceremonies performed on class of more tan 30 candidate) by Bisop William A. Griffin. Rev. Micael OKccf* was commended by ta bisop for is splendid work j Mrs. Jessie Taylor won a basket of groceries disposed : of Monday nigt on te co-operative plan at te meeting of Pride of Crescent council, Sons and Daugters of Libery. About $17 was cleared for te benefit ot te council. Follow ing te session a card party was eld by te past councilors,.. at wic six tables were in play. Mr. and Mrs. Carles Sclck visited teir niece, Mrs, Genevieve Cort, of Freeold, Sunday. Te annual audit report for 1943 printed elsewere in tis issue, after being submitted to te mayor and council at Friday nigts meeting by te auditor, Wallace Jeffrey, sows te boroug to be,in splendid financial condition. Te igligts were pointed out by te auditor at te meeting. Permission was granted te American Legion post auxiliary of Red Bank to sell poppies in te boroug May 27. Bids on more boroug-owned lots were offered and will follow te usual course. Middletown Village <T«. RlJ Bank Register can be> bougt n Middletown Village at ta tore of J. C. Knigt) William Tlele of Union City. Bridge club winners were Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Neary Stanley McQueen, Mrs. Kennet spent Sunday in New York. Robinson, Mrs. Ward Tomas and Josep Centanni is a patient at Mrs. F. C. Tatum. Te next meeting will be at Mrs. Roy Martins. Mrs. Frank Levering, Mrs. Agnes Rlverview ospital. Mr. and Mrs. Pilip Mattews Kinney, Mr. and Mrs. J. Gallager are te parents of a daugter born and Frank Levering went to Friday at Rivervlew ospital. Te Kearny Saturday nigt to attend nfant as been named Jill Mat te nstallation of officers of te tews. V. F. W., Wilson Googleman post. Mrs. Edwin Stanley and er in- Pat Sullvan will be taken to te fant son, Edwin Stanley, Jr.; ave returned from St. Micaels ospital, Newark. Te cild was born April 23. An all-day meeting of te Ladies Aid society of te Reformed curc will be eld next Tuesday n te curc rooms, A special service was eld Sunday at Crist curc to receive te Womens United Tank offering. Rev. W. B. Spofford s spending a week at Cicago. Mr, and Mrs. rving Hance, Jr., of Haddonfleld spent te weekend wit Mr. and Mrs. rving Hance. Mrs. Hance l» remaining ere for two weeks. WHAT.CAUSES PfLEFSY? o»tomolnii1o «oplnlom now jdactariteirfli nlwmling "i /ill b* «M flte tiil t l /ill b* «M flte, wtiil. toy lai,,t, any rtmder wiling to H>«Educational Division,, JlSflfln Av.., New Tort, N.Y.,O»pt. E. 887 l (Tk«Otd Btnk Remitter cm L* bougt in Srewsbury at Harold R. Me. F. W., Vernon A. Brown poet, laat Cormlcks Srewsbury Market and at Greenwoods store) Harry G. Borden, a former director for several years of te Monmout County Board of Cosen Freeolders, is reported to be in a critical condition at MonmoutK Memorial ospital following an operation. Miss Margaret Meyer assisted as a member of te executive finance committee at te benefit "Cafe nternationale" given last Friday under sponsorsip of te. junior and fresman classes at New Jersey College for Women, New Brunswick. Miss Emma Holmes as retured to er Sycamore avenue ome after spending te winter at St. Petersburg, Florida. Pupils of te local scool entertained Friday wit a musical program in te auditorium. Elizabet Hymer, first grade, sang "Wen Moter Sews." A group of first gradere, Anna Jones, Emille Smit, Marlene Marx, Carles Marx, Billy Mokler, Virginia Herden and Jack Maloney, sang "On te Bus," and Emilie Smit, first grade, "Fingers Dance." Te songs, "Circus Parade" and "Country Circus," were Te Ladies Aid of te Port Monsung by te second and tird grad-ers. Rodger LeValley and Donald covered difl lunceon at te j mout Community curc will old j Erwln sang "Jingle-Jangle," te curc May 15. r second grade girls, O, Wat Mrs. Nellie Mason spent te Beautiful Morning," and "Te Oldweek-end wit Mrs. W. Bonsper at Gray Mare," by Jean Kelly, Billy Jersey City. Ratsmit, Eleanor Jenkins, Rodger LeValley, Nancy Nevius, Jon East Keansburg Niles, Jeanne Walker, Mary Virginia Mason and Donald Envin. (Ta Red Bank Register can be Diana Fetter, fourt grade, play- bougt in East Keanaburg at sidore ed a piano selection, "Nobody Knows te Trouble ve Seen." Betty Anson, fourt grade, entertained at te piano wit "R»verie" and Evelyn Lewis, fift?ntde, sang "Tis s te Army, Mr. Jones." Margaret Merriam, sevent grade, played a piano number, "Valse" (Copin), and te exercises were concluded wit a group of six western songs by te sixt, sevent and eigt grade glee club. Tom Unterbergs Blue team of te grammar scool atletic league leads Bob Scotts Wite team wit 76 points to 71 in a closely contested race for te coveted "Little Brown Jug," emblematic of te campionsip of te league. "Scoot Scotta Blues completely outplayed te Wites in Fridays softball game to win by a score of 14 to 7. n anoter game played tis week Tom Unterbergs Wites just managed to win by a score. A six-run uprising by Scotts Blues after two were out n te final nning was a feature of tis game. Aprils attendance of scool pupils averaged 89.6 per cent, wit 56 pupils being neiter absent nor tardy. Perfect in attendance were te following:. Reception grade Carles Collins, Ar- Stillman. Roie Trifari, Mary Unterberg, Lea WoJcoCt. Sixt grade Virginia Duncan. Marilyn Jonson. Sirley -eroy. Carlotta Niles, Ricard Berger. Toman Osborn. Sevent grade Doroty Anson, Rut Menei. Doroty Reynolds. Carles Newman, Robert Scott. Eigt grsde^jolm 0Rellly, Marilyn Berger. Pauline Morgan. Jean Tapper. Srewsbury Monmout Memorial ospital auxiliary elected Mrs. William Lync president at a special meeting Monday at te ome of Mrs. Evan F. Jones of Les Gertrude apartments. Mrs. Lester F. McKnigt was named first vice president; Mrs. Lawton Hlndle, second vice president; Mrs. Ross Capman, corresponding secretary; Mrs. W. L. Wardell, secretary and Mrs. Frank Gregory, treasurer. t was reported tat $317 ad been raised by te group by te rummage sale. Port Monmout (Te R«d Bank Register can be bougt in Port Monmout at Larrya Barber Sop and at Mrs. Mouna store) Tomas Vivian, Jr., broke is arm playing baseball last week. Seaman 1/c Albert Quackenbus of te U. S. Coast Guard s stationed at Sea Girt. Mr. and Mrs. William Miller ad as Sunday guest3 Mr. and Mrs. Veterans ospital at Bronx, New York, for an operation. Newt Mallet of te Navy visited T Bra**] St., Red Bank is family ere ever te week-end. Mrs. Frank Levering a-cted as nstalling officer at te lied Bank V. week. Se mi ajseijted by Mrs. Frances Mebua, Mrs. Laura Pulose, Mrs. Mary Scweitzer, Mrs. Marion Broderick and Miss Margaret Barracelll. Paul Scoellner of te U. S. Navy visited is family over te weekend. Sgt. Francis "Verbout spent a 15- day leave ere wit is-moter, Frank Oertel, a summer resident of Georgia avenue, died suddenly at is Jersey City ome last week. Mr. and Mrs. Carles Stava, Jr., and cildren visited is family over te week-end. Mr. Stava ia n te Navy. \ Mr. and Mrs. Fred Runge of Mer- cer avenue, Miss Adele Bracken of: Hoboken and Mrs. Eric Drittle of j Union City visited Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Runge Sunday.! Te Ladies auxiliary of te flre j company will meet in te flre ouse next Wednesday evening. ; Cpl, Daniel Fitzgerald s ome on a 15-day furloug. j Mrs. Carles Raupp and er j daugter Regina ave moved to j Maryland, to be wit Sgt. Carles, Raupp, wo is stationed in te Army tere. W&llingat Te Lady Jean McCorquodale Lodge, Daugters of Scotia, celebrated teir fourt anniversary Saturday evening by olding a dinner and social at Ye Cottage nn, Keyport. About 60 persons attended te affair. After te dinner a program of entertainmentwas given. James Grant acted as master of ceremonies. He. presented te acting cief daugter, Mrs. Sara Scott, wit flowers and introduced te vocalists, wo included Mrs. Barbara Bruce, Mrs. Minnie Murdock, Miss Marion Murdock, Mrs. J. Napier, Mrs. Georgia Wrigt, Harry Josep, George Scott and Jon Robac, pianist. Mrs. Jon Spencer won a potted plant, wic was disposed of on te co-operative plan. Te group will old its regular business meeting Monday evening, in te West Keansburg flre ouse. William H. Todd, Jr., a staft sergeant in te Air Corps, was awarded te Air Medal by Lt. Gen. Millard F. Harmon, on April 6t Mrs. Emily Kriftner will entertain te deal Beac C..A. group at er ome tis afternoon. Group 4, C.L.A., Keansburg Metodjst curc, met at te ome of Mrs. nez Dodd Tuesday evening. A Stanley brus demonstration was eld wit about 30 persons present. Te group is making plansxfoi its annual dinner wic will bv eld will meet again at te ome of Mrs. Dodd. Mr. and Mrs. William Vitoll of Hudson avenue entertained Mrs. Vitellis sisters, Mrs. J. A. Mc- Keague, Mrs. W. Slesinskl and Mrs. H. Geddlngs, all of New Brunswick, and Mrs. Vitellls moter, Mrs. J. A. Glnman, also of New Brunswick, over te week-end. A deputation from te Lady Jean McCorquodale Lodge, Daugters of Scotia, visited te Lady Douglas McArtur Lodge, Daugters of Scotia, n Asbury Park on Monday evening. Tose attending were Marlon Divens, Elizabet Abbott, Jean Henderson, Jean Brown, Jean Adams, Sara Scott, Minnie Murdock, Jean Downey, Betty Anderson, Georgia Wrigt, and Jean Miller. Lung Operated On. Edward Llntner, a decorator and j lettering man at Freeold, wo as been a patient at Glen Gardner for several weeks, underwent an operation recently for te collapse of one of is lungs. Te Date on te address on your paper sows wen your subscription expires. Tis pader, like most self-respectine publications, s operated on a cae-in-advance basis. f your final date is drawing near, send n your ceck for renewal today so tat you will not miss any ssue of your avorite ome newspaper. Adver-1 sement. "PAY FOR A HOME FHAS EASY WAY" PagtTm. See our FHA representative about securing a mortgage on te ome you want to buy. FHA mortgages are still available on omes already bullf and on new postwar ompi wic mim-t qualiflratinns. Al«o FHA loans available for repairing or modernizing your present ome. 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16 F 01 P!3B m H Page Four. Rp;P BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 SEA SCOUT SHP DANCE "NORTH STAR" St. James Auditorium FRDAY, MAY 5t, 8:00 p. m. ADMSSON, 60 CENTS ONK VAR OlMPANTtK F YOU CANT COM! N, WRT OR HOME DJEMONSTRATON CLEANER COMPANY WEST NEW YORK.5411 Bergenline Av.. UNion JERSEY CTY 339 J»ck.on Av BErgen PATERSON 113A Broadway ARmory ALL STOKES N NEW JERSEY OPEN EVENNGS TLL 9 P. M. WED. P. M. iikiil or pl-.iiiic ci write West.Ww Vork or l/ilion 7-71S7 170 Attend WSCS Supper n M. E. Fellowsip Hall Rev. George Flint Of Morristown Was Te Guest Speaker tis mont at is training station Te supper eld Monday by ten Florida. His moter opes to j Womens Society for Cristian Service in Metodist Fellowsip all on Broad street was attended by 170 persons. Rev. George Flint of Morristown, introduced by Mrs. Frank Kul, spoke on te topic, "Cristian Families." Devotions were led by Mrs. George Lovettand singing by Mrs. William Brady. Vocal SOOB were rendered by Mrs. Melvin Morris., A donation of $10 was made to te cancer fund. Te district rally will be eld Wednesday of next week at te Little Silver Metodist curc. Te Timble club met yesterday at te ome of Mrs. D. C. Wood on Linden place. Mrs. Roy nscoe and Mrs. Vernon Rose will be delegates to te lnter : conferpnce meeting Friday, May 19, at New York city. Te executive board will meet Wednesday aftcr- Atlantic Higlands <Te Red Bank Register can b* bougt n Atlantic Higlands from J. Romeos Filling Station. Carusos store. J. jflmbure. A. KaU and Bluro«tt!"a) R. J. Owens of te Standard Dredging company as leased one or te Komstedt apartments on upper Mount avenue troug te Bowtell agency. F. W, Joy, Jr., eon of Mra. F. W. Joy of Valley drive, will graduate as a pilot about te middle of fly down to attend te exercises. Mre. A. H. Komstedt-apent te week-end at er ome on Prospect avenue. Se spent te winter at er ome in Brooklyn and expects to leave soon for a visit wit relatives in ndiana. W. W. Brook as moved nto is new offices in te Bank building, formerly occupied by te Bowtell Real Estate & nsurance agency. Mr. Brook moved from te adjolnng Antonldes building. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frank of Fourt avenue spent Saturday wij Mrs. Franks moter, wo is ill at New York city. Recorder Sverre Sorenson, local attorney, le now stationed at Sampson, New York, wit te U. S. Navy. Te Presbyterian Sunday-scool board of j education met Monday noon, May 31, at te ome of Mrs. nlg t at te ome of Mrs. George Vernon on Rose on East Front street. ^ Burgstresser. Te Ladles Aid Mrs. Fred Boyd reported $ society met Tuesday afternoon at cleared on dinners and rummage te ome-\of Mrs. Scauman. sales in April. New members reported by Miss Mary Morris, mem- in te local scool passed te $20,- Sales of war bonds and stamps beralp cairman, are Misses Ada, 000 mark last week. Emma and Belle HofTmire, Mrs. Albert F. Graulic and Mrs. A. M. newspapers will be made on Collection of waste paper and First Ricael. Members of te kitcen committee were Mrs. Fred Boyd, Mrs. Roy nscoe, Mr?. Copper VanSant, Mrs. Earl Wolcott and Miss" Emma Burdge. Mrs. Frank Warner, Sr., was in care of te dining room. Hostesses included Mrs. Carles Rogers, Miss Mary Morris, Mrs. Stanley Brown, Miss Caroline Hance, Mrs., Roger Wymbs, Miss May Warden, Mrs. Leon Turklngton, Misa Emma Lafetra, Mrs. Harold Coddington, Miss Grace Allen, Miss Mae Despreaux, Mrs. Ricard Warner, Mrs. William McDonald, MrB. Stepen LcQuior, Miss Beatrice Munsell, Mrs. Teodora Brown, Mrs. Harold Baynton, Mrs. Fred Flick and Mrs. Frank Dennie. Pig Helps te Red Cross. Briellos quota in te Red Cross drive was carried over te top Monday nigt at a meeting of te Bridle Camber of Commerce wen a pig was auctioned off foi $130. Te fund ad been $125 sort of te quota. Councilman Jon B Howell donated te pig. Tere are so many tings tat m could suggest for Moter. Our Mr. Gelling as taken extra pains to see tat te many patrons of Wilburs will bo able to get Ju«t wat tey want fur "te grandest girl in te world." Aside from our large nrrny of costume jewelry, rings, clnnwnre and silverware, Mr. Gelling can design and maki> any article of jpwelry you desire. Our sprcinl order department is always at your service, no if t la someting "extra special" you Wnnt lor Motljer, come in and consult Mr. Gelling.. (Establised 60 Years) 15 BROAD STREET RED BANK m m i m m i m Carles Antony, wo recently enlisted in te Navy, to taking ie "boot" training at Sampson, New York. avenue Mondays, Wednesdays and Misa Margaret Liming will be Saturdays by two trucks about 5 ostess at te Trailers club party p. m., according to an announce- onlgt. Carles Howell won first by.te. new-salvage cairman, prize and Mr3 Ra Rj tterma n won burgs or W. D, Swartzele, Every one s, urged to save all scrap and Mrs. Artur* Heat and cildren ave returned to Fairlawn, after spending a week wit er parents, Mr. and Mra. Frank Hyer of Crawfords Corner. Miss Margaret Hearn of New York city visited MM. Emma T. Rudlger Sunday. S/Sgt. Andrew aderoaa left for Hunter field, Virginia, after spending a few days wit is parents, Mr, and Mrs, Alfomo ladsrosa, of Beers street. Family nigt will be observed at te St. Jons M. E. curc next Monday evening wit a covereddis supper and entertainment. MUs Anna Cowles ab returned ome after spending several days wit.rev. and Mrs. George W. Hariners and family n Long Branc, waste materials. Bundle your magazines and newspapers separately and tie securely for collection. f you ave material to be picked up you may call Tomas Ratbone, 742-J Keyport, or Ernest E. PeBeux, 1357 Keyport. Cloverleaf Troop 25 will elp in te collection tis collection tis mont n tia section of te townsip. Boy Scout Troop 78, West Keansburg, will collect n te lower aectlon of te townsip, loverleaf Troop collected 5,180 pounds in Marc, Higlands (T«Red Bank Register can bo taugt in Higlands At 1. Greenspans tcdlen drur store. Josep Stamens and nion News) aniol C. Oakes. Te mercants are asked to place te paper at te curb so us to make collection as oa^y and prompt as possible. Hazlet itt.e Keel liiink Keuiter can Le luitlii jn H.niUt frnm Mia. Ednn M. V leseti> nnd Frank Hertles store) Monmout council, Boy Scouts of America, Dlffriet 3, arc sponsoring a linancc campaign. Tis drive for funds to promote Boy Scouting is eld ovciy year. Tose connected wit Hazlet Boy Scout Troop "92, serving in tis,, community are Ernest E. Peseux, P. Otto Wei- Brooklyn and Miss Marie Hermes of... Wlckatunk. Mr. Daverlp and te surprise package last Carles Gall! spent part of te day; week on a fising trip n Nort Mr. and Mra. William M. Mc-Jersey. Cann and family ave moved from Miller street to Sea Drift avenue. Mr. and Mrs. William VanBrunt and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cottrell Harry Britton of Nutley spent and son Robert spent Sunday wit te week-end wit is moter, Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Jon DeBruln of Edward Mount of Miller street. Deal. Te annual clean-up week s being observed tis week n te boroug. Trucks are making collections daily and residents wo ave extra eavy material to dispose of are asked to notify William E. Koienbus, clerk, wo will arrange lor its removal. Anoter group of local boys ave pa sed teir pysical eaxminations Rand, W. Picrson Dean, Edmund and will soon report for active Carart, Tomas Ratbone and j duty. ncluded among tose in te William Urstadt. Tis group at- Navy and Marine Corps are Jon tended te opening dinner eld at <-. ijluck, William S. Felaber, te Keyport Reformed curc Fri-; Samuel Mclkon, Milton Roftibac, day evening, April 28. Vaugan and Clarence Hazlet Boy Scout Troop 92 aswels. n te Army gioup are four Eagle Scouts: Pvt. Norman Ratbono, Jr., wo is serving n Samuel T. Foster. Josep jind Josep Wite. Julian te Air Corps; Vernon Ratbone, Fred Koc, wo was badly, cut Jack Weigand and Donald Peseux. laet week wen e fell against a A Court of Awards will be eld window wile painting, was treated by Clowiicaf Troop 25 and Brownie at Monmout Memorial ospital Troop 18 Friday evening in Hazlet and later returned ome. He was) te flrat fire ouse. An interesting program taken to te ospital n as een arranged followed by teaiil ambulance. presentation of badges. Tree Pvt. Carles W. Bielcr, son of Scouts will be presented wit flrst- Mr. and Mrs. Carles Bieler of Bay- «ide drive, is attending te armored scool at Fort Knox, Kentucky, as a member of te new_.clas8 of armoraider clerks. Ricard Lucas, boroug tax col- awards nnd a number of te Scout.? will receive badges. Parents and friends and all tose nterested n Scouting are invited to attend..... Mrs. Ernest E. Peseux and Mrs. Josep R. Pe*eux attended a meeting of te adults in Girl Scouting, wic was eld at te American Legion all, Keyport,. Tursday evening. A discussion was eld on camping at Fair Haven and Ceeserjuake park, and plans were made for a rally to be eld at te Keyport ig scool in July. Te Crescent club of St.- Jons M. E. curc met at te ome of Mrs, Roland Emrnons on Holmdel turnpike Tursday evening of last week. Te group s sponsoring a rummage sale, wic is being eld all tis week n te Ansorage build- ng, Broad street, Keyport. Tey will furnis corsages to te moters on Moters Day at te curc seiviee. Following te business session te ostess served refresments to te group. Tose present wore Mrs. Teodore G. Bailey, Mrs. Elmer A. BarenbuiR, Mrs. Walter Kmale, Mis. Josep P.. Peseux, Mrs..lamps Ncidinger, Mry. Leonard Lufburrow, Mrs. Maitland Walling, Mrs. Frank McCenster, Mrs. Cyrus Rosy, Mrs. William Umtadt, Mrs. Roelif H. LeRoy, Mrs. William F..ambertson, Mrs. James H. Ward, Mrs. Georfe Emmons, Mrs. Josep Loan. Mies Vera Tomblefion, Mrs. Teodore Palumbo, Mrs. Frank Foss and Mre. Llllle Hugson. Mrs. Robert T. Woolloy of Holmdel turnpike entertained te members of te Friendsip class of St. Jons M. E. curc at er ome Tursday evening. Te annual election of ollicers was eld wit te following result: president, Mrs. Hudson D. Carart: vice president, Mrs. Russell Walling; secretary, Mrs. Dyson Woodouse; treasurer, Mrs. Evnest Walling Mrs. Frank,P. Sproul will be ostcs.s nt te next meeting, After te buaineaa session refresments wcro.served by te ostess. Tose attending were Mrs. Russell Walling, Mrs Frances Woolley, Mrs. Norman Wite, Mrs. Beula Tistle, Mrs. Russell Smit, Mrs: A.sbury 1 Walling. Mrs. Dy.snn Wocdouse, Mrs, Krnest Walling, Mrs. Samuel. Walling, Mrs. Llllle Brunncr, Mrs. Tomas Ratbonc, Mrs. Hudson D. Carart, Mrs, Jon L. Horr, Mrs. Hnrnld Lambertspn, Mrs, H. Alvin Walling, Mrs. ^«arry S. Cowlea and MJsa Anna Cowles..Te 100 r r attendance for April at Hazkt pullc scool included te foijouing:.:i,:li.!i Crude -lliilli> Amelia. Peter lillill. l.ulv WMlllTO. StVinlli (J^ i^lj^^.liirkle Gootx. Si^li tirade tirimu (JnuliHno, Joan Kmiri"n.i. Alfn-il- Jlcten, M/irlo Mlcl,,. ill llnidp JuKPnliliio Dnvlnii. rimrtli Ci-nile Helen D.iur, Hirler liinl r;i MC- riemiy Aini-lln. June!li. Audiov lnrl.nliiw. frnnk llonurt, <i"k»nn", Klnyil Wnlknr, Carmon,i". Siuiili Kolpy, Kennet VnnilxUe. Kntiiriii«Knfnntt, Anna (MHC-.nlin.ayton,.lonn iiiutillameli LM!i U u.iii-in KmrorMin. noi-rt tnitnlil ViitiMnrbpktm. nt, (iirnrt. toria Tlumiiifl Rutbonu, cairman of (lip Rnrltiin townsip salvngc comlnlttpp, atntns tnl tere willboscyrrnl collections of scrap ron, tin ciins, iarb and waste paper during Mny. Tose aving lln cuna may take tem to Lester W. Baluen lector, as been from te Naval station at Samp- New York, were e aa completed is "boot" training. Red Bank Soldier Leads Fort Dix Band Teresa spent Tursday n NewQUNN & WOBEMUS, York. COUNSKLLORS AT LAW. Te Belford P. T..A. eld ts Wlltfl.ld, Bulldinf. Red Bulk -.Jon J. Qulnn Tomas P. Doremua montly meeting Monday evening Vincent J. McCue Howard M. Lawn T/Sgt. William Cannavo, son ofat te scool. Mra. Sadie Lerrian, William L. Russell, Jr., Ernest Fasano Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cannavo of president, presided. t was»uggeated by Mrs. William Meyer*, te Paiaoni, Labrccque < Srewsbury avenue, directed te 80t Division band on te "Tis Ways and Means cairman, to sell la Fort Dlx" program Sunday afternoon over Station WOR 8 Wallace Sir.. Red Bank COUNSELLOnS AT LAW. dis clots to raise money. Tis suggestion was unanimously approved. Mrs. Harold Otten gave a Teodora J. Lubrt-vime Sgt. Cannavo entered te Army Teodora. D. Parsonx Edmund J. Caniona n April, 1941, and received training at Fort Jackson, Sout Carotee. All te officers were re-la Robert H. Maldo Wllllnm U. Blair. Jr. report of te Dominating commit- Blston F. Combs Tomas J Smit lina, and Camp Pillips, Kansas. stated wit te exception of to Jon T. Lovett, He engaged n maneuvers D Ten nessee and Arizona. A graduate of Red Bank ig scool, Sgt. Cannavo played wit Pete Galatros band locally, playing concerts, at dancefl and at bond rallies. Lincroft (Te Ked liunk ReglBter cm ba bougt fa lancroii from Carles Tooi>> Te public scool as bougt a service flag. t ag 37 atarij and ncludes only tose wo attended scool wo are atlll living n Jncroft Mr. and Mrs. Austin Wilson moved Monday from Sunnyslde farm to te T. Ueland farm on Nutawamp road. Capt. Frank 1 -Kaiser left Tuesday on is return trip to te Aleutians. He completed a special course at Orlando, Florida. Ralp Layton is on a weeks vacation from is duties at te Eastern Aircraft corporation plant at Linden. Mrs. James Glbbona returned ome Sunday after spending a week wit Mrs. James Hozack of Belleville. Mr. and Mrs. Dante Davcrio entertained Sunday, Miss Alice Hermes and Mrs. Emilia Fracco of Staff Sgt. Frank Toop, Jr., s ome on furloug wit is wife and son and is parents. He is stationed at Yuma, Arizona. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ford nn:l family moved Monday from te Earl C, Pitman estate to Cllffwood Beac, Lieut, and MrB. Jon Fearcy ate occupying te late Holmes Conover esidence on Greentree farm. Mr. and Mrs. William Slater and family, former residents, returned Honve Tuesday to New Brigton, Statcn sland, after a visit wit Air and Mrs. Louis Walter. Mrs. James Hennaane and nfant daugter Mary Rooallo rgturned from Monmout Memorial ospital Tuesday. ; Te local unit of te Lacliei aid society met at te ome of Mrs. Harold Potter at Red Bank for Red Cross sewing yesterday. Today te society will old teir montly meeting at te ome of Mrs. Teodora Gctzler, Madison avenue, Red Bank. Miss Betsy Babcock, wo makes er umo wit er grandmoter, Mrs. Lewis S. Tompson on Brookdale farm, spent te wcek-«nd wit ome on leave ] er moter, Mrs. Ricard Babcock of Woodbury, Long sland. Mrs. Tompson entertained as er guest over te week-end. Dr. Miriam Van- Wntcrs of Framingam, Jlassacusetts. Everett Miss Margaret Mauser is recovering from a two weeka" llness. Jon Dziczyc and family returned Mr. and Mrs, David Hood, Sr., to teir ome ere tis week after ave moved from Dr. William P. spending te winter at Stamford, j Tompsons residence to teir own Connecticut. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stilwcll and family.edward, Stanley, Jr., and Barbara, and Mrs. Edward Stilweil, spent Sunday at Packanack Lake, wit Mr. and Mrs. Teodore Stil- well. Mr. and Mra. Jon M, Elli s ave" returned to Betleem, Pennsylvania, after spending a week at teir estate. Teir daugter, Mrs. Jon Powell and er son, Jon, Jr., ave returned to teir ome in New York city. Eugene Peck s on a weeks vacation from te Telepone company at Newark. Mr. and Mrs. J. Cabe of New York city spent te week-end at teir summer ome ere. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Martinoff entertained teir son, Alexander, Jr., over te week-end. B. S. Hanklnson of River Plaza, formerly of tis place, spent Sunday wit Jon Sniffen and family. Mrs. Mary Long s spending a few days wit er son, Norman Long, Sr,, in River Plaza. Te attors son, Norman Long, Jr., s ome on leave after completing training at Sampson, New York. Buck te Attack Buy War Bonds! ATLANTC THUS., FB., SAT. Sat. Mat. FRANK SNATRA MCHAEL MORGAN JACK HALEY N "HGHER AND HGHER" ALSO U. S. GOVERNMENT RESENTS "THE MEMPHS BELLE" N TECHNCOLOR SUN., MON., TUBS. SUN. CONT. FROM 2 P. M. DANA ANDREWS RCHARD CONTE FARLEY GRANGER TRUDY MARSHALL N Te Purple Heart" VKlNESDAY M1 *7M One Day EVELYN KEYES N "NNK OBLS" -r ALSO - CHARLES STERRETT N "COWBOY CANTEEN" omo on Holmdel road. Miss Madge Smit spent te week-end wit frlendj n Piladelpia. Mrs. Jon Malley and son Tomaa are spending a week wit Mr. anil Jlrs. Josep Malley of Matawan. Belford (Te Ked Bank HtglnUr cm b4 bougt in Hciford fjom H. Clay BsirB Service Stution. Wassermans Wattlnu Huom and Lent?) Mr. and Mrs, Jon H. Wermert spent Sunday at Trenton. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barnes are aving te interior of teir ome redecorated. Mr. and Mrs. William Meyers anl daugter Wilma spent te weekend wit relatives in Jersey City Mrs. Josepine Hill and daugter Virginia ave returned to teir ome at Lyns, Kansas, after a twomonts visit wit Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bennett. Mr. and Mrs. Jon Walters of Clairmont avenue are te proud parents of a daugter born Monday afternoon at Monmout Memorial ospital. Mra, Stanley Cook and daugter MARNE THEATRE HGHLANDS, N. J. FB.. SAT. Sat. Mat MCHAEL OSHEA SUSAN HAYWARD "JACK LONDON" ALSO ARTHUR LAKE JANE LAWRENCE "SALORS HOLDAY" SUN,, MON., Sun. Mnt, PAULETTE GODDABD FRED MncMUBRAY N "Standing Room Only" ALSO U. S. Government Presents "Wit Mnrlnnii At Tarawa", n, Tecnicolor TUES., WED. ANN HARDNG KVELYN KEYES N "NNE GRLS" *- ALSO "HERE COMES ELMER" THUKS. Ono Day VERONCA LAKE JOEL McCREA SULMVANS TBAVKLB ALSO -, TOM CONWAV THE FALCON OtT WEST" secretary. Tey are, president/ MrB. Sadie Leman, first vice president, Mrs. Mae Fields; second vice president, Mrs. Helen Scott; secretary, Mrs. Mildred Elannonl; treasurer, Harold Otten, wo ntroduced Mra. Mary J. Sullivan, supervisor of nurses of te Middletown Townsip Healt Center. Her talk was on ealt for cildren. A social our wae enjoyed by all. Mrs. Oolda Miller served refresments. Te next meeting will e eld June 5 and will be a farewell party for te graduates. Mra. Albert Murpy of Mllford, DR. MLDRED HULSART, onn., s visiting Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cook. SURGEON CHROPODST, PFC. Jon. R. Oreeley, wo sfoot Ortopedics Kleetro-Terapy stationed n Sout Carolina spent te week-end at ome. Offic. Hours: Dally B a. m. to 5 p. m. Evenldis: Tuesday, Tursday, Saturday PFC. Francis McDermott of (Cloaed \V.diic,l«>) Camp Caffee, Arkansas, is «njoying a 10-day furloug at ome. PFC. Sterling Raucer of Nort arolina Bpent te week-end wit is moter. For appointment uone BROAD ST., BED BANK, N. J. JEWELRY REPARNG A. E. Langford spent Tuesday at Jamaica, Long sland. Word as - been received from Sgt. Hall Kempson, bette» known as "Red Eye," wo la BUtloned some were n Nort Africa. Hn wises to be remembtred to is many friends. Mrs. Jon P. Euler s Bpcnding: several weeks in Wasington, D. C., wit er daugter, Mre. Mildred A. Blu, wo gave blri"d * son : April 25t. Mrs. Jennie Jonson s confined to er bed wit illness. Wane William Han, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Lois Han, was baptlzrd in te Metodist curc Sunday. Rev. Carles C. Book, a former pastor of Belfurd Metodist curc, died Friday at Allentown. Te funeral was eld in te Allentown curc Tuesday afternoon. Rev. Paul J. Meyers, pastor ere, officiated. Burial was in Rlvervlew cemetery. MOKKB POHTNER, Certified Public Accountant AUDTS TAX" REPORTS 18 Monmout St., Red Bank, N. J. Tel. Rtd Bank J024 DR. L. W. CARLBON, SURGEON CHROPODST, FOOT ALMENTS Office Hour»: Dally 9:30 a. m. to 5:30 p. m. Evenings: TueBtlay anil Tursday For appointment pono BROAD ST., KED JJANK, N. 3. Watcis, Clocks and Jewelry Cleaned and Repaired at Reasonable Prices All Work Guaranteed for One Year H. ROSN, Jeweler S West Front St., Kti B»nk, N. J. Tel. 7Z-M. HOLES FOH NVSBLE HAN6V,EAVNfit M«ni«..aK if, flt+fciizztl, READES CARLTON THEATRE TELEPHONE BED BANH 1 30 TODAY FRDAY and SATURDAY REQUEST FEATURE SATURDAY NGHT AT 11 T. M, Olivia DeHavilland Robert Cummfngs "PRNCESS OROURKE" SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY DANGEROUS ADVENTURE.^GLOROUS MUSC! READES STRAND THEATRE ALWAYS TWO BG HTS LAST TMES TODAY - JANE FRAZEE CMFFOBD EVANS "Rosie te Riveter" "Suspected Person" FRDAY and SATURDAY FRANCES LANGFORD "Career Girl" RUSSELL AYDEN "Wyoming Hurricane" SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY SPECAL ADDED ATTHAl ON "THE MEMPHS BELLE" ACTUAL PCTURES OF THE FAMOUS FLYNG FORTRESS N TECHNCOLOR

17 Dr. Kent J. Brown Passes Away n Nort Carolina University Professor Was Son of Atlantic Higlands Resident Dr. Kent J. Brown, 63, a. professor at te University of Nort Carnllna 32 years, and a son of Mrs. Oliver A. Brow r of Atlantic Higlands, parsed away in is sleep early Monday morning n Mercy ospital. Carlotte, Nort Carolina, were e ad been a. patient for two weeks wit a eart ailment and ardening of te arteries after being stricken at is sumer ome n Little Switzerland. Dr. Brown was born in Lynn, Massacusetts, August 3, 1880, and was a son of Mrs. Brown and te latatrev. Dr. Oliver A. Brown. He was graduated n 1901 from Dickinson college at Carlisle Pennsylvania, were e was a member of Pi Beta Kappa and Beta Teta Pi fraternities. He received is doctor of pilosopy degree from te University of Pennsylvania and later studied abroad at te University of Leipsig in Germany and at te Sorbonne n, Paris. After teacing at Hill scool and later in te University of owa, Dr. Brown went to te University of Nort Carolina n 1912 as associate professor of Germanic languages and literature and wan made a full professor n He was a member of te Modern Language assofliatlon, te Pilological club and oter societies. n is days at Dickinson Kent Brown eld te collegiate records for te runlng ig jump and pole vault, and at te University of Nort Carolina e served seven years an coac of te TracK team; For several years e played in 3outern golf tournaments and was»lso a tennis enluastat. n is pre-college days ajj a summer resident of. Atlantic Higlands e played first base on te local baseball nine. Dr. Brown wan married in 1914 to Miss Mary Elizabet Berry of Capel Hill, Nort Carolina, daugter of te late Dr. and Mr*. Jon Berry. Se survives wit is moter, wo will be 93 year* old in July; a sister, Muss Helen E. Brown of Atlantic Higlands, and four broters, Burton S. Brown of Glenn Falls, New York; Beverly W. Brown of Red Bank. Oliver A. Brown of Delray Beac, Florida, and Rev. Dr. Artur H. Brown of Ridgewood, New Jersey. Funeral services and interment took place Tuesday afternoon n te Capel Hill cemetery. Rev. Dr. Lawrence, Episcopal curc lector of Capel Hill and long-time friend of Dr. Brown, conducted te ritualistic service, and Rev. Dr. Artur H. Brown, pastor of te Ridgewood Metodist curc, made te prayer. Six members of te Germanic department at te university acted as casket bearers. A large gatering of friends attended te funeral and tere were many beautiful floral tributes. Sea Brigt - (T«Bed Bank Kegiiter ctn t» oust in Sea B.-lnt at MorrU Wti»- mani and Canncli itorrl Clemmens Jacobsen is spending a ten-day leave from te navy wit is parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nells Jacobsen of Center street. Rebecca Lodge, No. 89 will ave a covered : dis party tomorrow nigt. Carles WardeH, wo was taken wile sad fising up te Hudson river, was brougt ome Saturday. He is now a patient at Monmout Memorial ospital. Mr. and Mrs. P. Nicolettl ave moved from Red Bank to te Fowler apartments on Ocean avenue. Mrs. Otto Perl left Tursday for Cerry Point, Nort Carolina, to i-islt er usband, Pvt. P*rl of te U. S. Marines. Alfredo D. Pannaci will not open te Pannaci House at te eastern end of te Sea Brigt drawbridge tis season. Mr. Pannaci will be managing director of te Crater club at Essex, New York. n te Eastern Adlrondacks on Lake Camplain. Fair Haven (Te Red Bank ReeLster n n be atore bougt n Fair Haven at Macka and o Fall Haven Market) Aviation Cadet Carles S. God-»rd, son of Mrs. Jane Godard of Poplar avenue, is sceduled to reeive is silver pilots wings and ifncers bars at te advanced flyng ecool of te AAF Command at Pampa, Texas. At te completion of is rigid training tere e will be assigned to duty as an instructor as a combat pilot. Pvt. James R. Acker, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Acker of Fair Haven road, as been assigned to te AAF Training Command radio scool at te Sioux Falls Army Air Field, Sioux Falle, Sout Dakota, for training as a radio operator- mecanic. Upon completion of a 20-week course, e will be fully trained to take is place as a member of a igly skilled bomber crew of te Army Air Forces, By Dr. Carles H. Connors, College of Agriculture, Rutgers University. Tinning Plant*. Do you want to get te most vegetables of igest quality from you garden? Ten you must give attention to all te details of good garden culture, among wic s tinning te plants to teir proper distance at te proper time. Last year, many first season gardeners, wen tey pulled out teir carrots, found tree or four coming out at te same time, all twisted togeter no tat wen»eparated tey looked like corkscrews. Or te beets, instead of being almost globular n sape were flattened. Not only did tese vegetables ave odd forms, but te roots were also small. Tere B an old Baying tat te successful farmer is one wo can make two blades of grass grow wece one grew before. Tere s muc trut n tis statement; but tere are limits to te amount of produce tat a given piece of soil will bear and if we try to get more, tere is a reduction in size and frequently n quantity, Follow Planting Suggestions. f you will consult te planting table n your New Jersey Victory Garden Manual, you will see one column eaded Distance Between Rows." Tese planting distances sould be followed generally, altoug crops like carrots, beets and onions, migt be planted as close as 18 inces. Anoter column is eaded "Distance between planu n te row" and te recommended distance sould be followed. Tese suggestions are based on years of experience in commercial culture and in garden practice and are te distances tatwill give maximum yields of first clasjj produce. Any more plants n a row will be weeds, for tey will rob te soil of moisture and plant food materials tat sould be used for te production of quality vegetables. Te time to tin, of course, is as soon as te plants are large enoug to andle and a stand ts assured. Tis will be as soon as te seedlings ave one or two pairs of true leaves. Te first leaves tat appear are te cotyledons, sometimes called "seed leaves," wic do not look like typlca! leave* of te plant. After tese come te true leaves. Te longer te excess plants are allowed to remain, te more arm will be done. Tin Plant* Wit Fingers. Tere are various ways of doing te tinning. Wit plants like car- j rots, wic sould stand two to ] tree nces apart, or beets wic j sould stand tree inces apart, ; te tinning sould be done wit te fingers, and many persons ge*. j down on teir knees and straddle i te row wen tey tin te plants. Have te»oij loose so te fingers i can be pused a little way in just! below te surface to get a good grip on te little seedlings. Ten pull out as many plants an are necessary to leave te proper dls- tance. Most of tese, plants sould be trown away, but beets, onions and turnips can be transplanted4*4»n«./ eiter to (111 vacant spaces n te»h. Additional books at te Fair Haven public library are: "Te Mocklns 1 case tere will be no local syste- collection of paper until fur- Bird is Singing." by Mal-matily; "Endure No Longer," Albrand; ter notice. "Razors Edge," Maugam; "Wile However, Te Register will be Still We Live," Maclnnes; "Four- glad to use ts basement as a re- ways," Colver; "Te Woman n te Picture," August, "Excuse My Dust," Partridge, and "Te Promise." Buck. Te Fair Haven auxiliary of Rlverview ospital will meet next Monday afternoon at 1:30 oclock nt te Episcopal paris ouse. Te Ladles guild of te Capel of te Holy Communion will old a rummage aalc Tuesday, May 9, beginning at 10 a. m., at te paris ouse Miss Mary EmmaHendrlck- jon and Miss Bt Scowcroft are n Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson, Sr, ave returned from Miami, Florida, Mera tey "pent te winter.. - row were te seeds failed to germinate or to anoter row. Wile t s not te best practice, some gardeners do only partial tinning. For example, tose wo like beet greens may make two } tinnings, one to about an inc <!f te plants are tat close) and use te Ualnnlngs as greens. Te next and final tinning to tree inces is done as soon as te plants appear to crowd. Tese tinnings, on wic tiny beets ave formed, are eaten. 1 Many gardeners also make tw<^ tinnings of teir carrots. Firsts tey tin to an inc apart. Ten tey wait until te excess plants ave little carrots a alf-nc or so n diameter, and tese can be eaten. Tis practice sould be followed only if water is available, as te excess plants migt dry out te soil. Use Hoe on Beann and Corn. Te tinning of beans and corn can often be done wit a oe, b cause te plants need-to stand i greater distance, snap beans about tree inces apart, and corn about 12 to 15 inces apart, depending upon te variety. t is well to go easy at first, until you become ex pert in copping out te plants you want to remove. After te plants ave been tinned, t is muc easier to keep te weeds down, because te spaces between te plants can be oed. Tin promptly and ave bettv crops. Next Week: Setting Plants of Tomato and Pepper; Sowing Lima Beans. Send Your Paper Waste To Register Altoug te government is still desirous of getting in all te waste paper possible and te Boy Scouts are anxious to do wat tey can in tis matter, te local campaign is weakening, due to te fact tat many of te Scouts are busy wit scool work or taking employment after scool and also no funds arc at and for te iring of trucks for transportation. Tis being te ceiving station, and folks aving waste paper tied securely in bundles may leave same at Te Register office for furter distribution in te interest of te United States Victory Waste Paper campaign. Died n Florida. Harry N. Errickson, employed by te Bell Telepone company at Asbury Park from 1911 until is retirement in 1943, died Friday at is ftw»%»>bwttiw ftw»%b»bwww0ttt»^knw»7i>he was born at Freeold, te son of te late James M. and Anna B. Errickson, He s survived by one son and a daugter. NOW PONT FREE! YOU CAN BUY ALL YOU NEED! Tese canned vegetables are not rationed... you can buy tem freely and save your precious points to buy fruits, juices, jams and oter processed foods. DelMaizNiblets 2 25= Cuiautt O «t<h Golden or Wite O 20oz. ftc owcet torn MPBrmi icans 25 P n r n WHOLE KERNEL A UUl Golden Sweet-ASP Brand L CufAflt On fit Goteniir Wite f% tfwccl UUl llstandard Quality* Del Monte Corn 22«Asparagus Cut Beets Diced Beets Fancy Spinac Standard Quality W m s Brands Standard Quality Early June Peas String Beans String Beans RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, oz. 20 c = «<«. can fine Tea at Trifty Prices! fekae 34«67c NECTAR TEA A National Favorite String Robust 37 l1 OUR OWN TEA Full-flavored & Trifty Nectar Tea Balls 35= Our Own Tea Balls 35< Mayfair Tea A B L :r *«,.*,. 39. Coose your favorite from our tempting array of Jane farker Cakes! Tese bakery treasures are always fres «lw»y«delicioiu! Teyre made of te fine.t ingredients... baked to time-tested recipes... sold to you at wortwile savings! Serve one tomorrow! Try tis delicious Golden Layer Cake wit a Ric Butter Creme cing LAYER CAKE L ^27 Enriced and Dated for Fresness WHTE BREAD FRESH DONUTS POUND CAKE Dated Daily Plain or Marble HEADQUARTERS" FOR "PONT-FREE" FOODS! See ow many tempting, trifty meals you can plan wit te fine foods listed below. s. and note, NOT ONE REQURES A ^SNGLE RATON PONT! Tese are just a few of te scores and scores of unrationed "point-free" foods youll find in our stores. Come in today... youll quickly agree "its time to turn to A&P"! Giant cake W oz. loaf carton 1 doz. large 26 oz. loaf Turn to A&P for "Point-Free" Meats! long* - 1»J * " «* SMOKED HAMS PORK LONS Smoked Hiffis?K Ham Slices JET-eX**. Sliced Bacon *.**. Tin.v\l Pniie Cinttr Cut Fres Haddock * Codfis Steaks Wale or Eitler Half lb32c Corned Beef,««."* n=49e Picnics w" 1 " 1111 i»39e Frankfurters «>b 37c Regular Bologna 35 Pure Pork Sausage S * -, Fres SEAFOOD... Not Rationed! 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18 Page Six. RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 TEMS PERTANNQ TO OUR LOCAL CHURCHES RESBYTKBAX Rev. Jon A. Hayes will speak Sunday mnrnir,,; at 11 oclock on tile subject, Te Peoples Coice 1." people. Tljose wo attend te morning worsip and wis to remain at te curc for te afternoon picture filming may bring teir lunc, and coffee and tea will Members "f mediate and senior deavor societies specllvc junior, nter-j br provided from UB curc Cristian Enmet in teir re- _,. rai- at te curc last Sunday afttrnoon. Mrs. Lester Kellty WJL- in carge of te junior group and Miss. Marilyn Mooie conducted te iirvitinn.-il period for te internu-di.ites Miss Cl.ona Moore, irlilii"^ iiirriden of te senior -> meeting > A mm:! i.nilurteil l Jlnal ; w.inn n if ti 1 roil- ::,-.;, :".,., ii tile Wm d Comu eld :.: te TSO club,,:::..,u, Miss Mary iinfi.y pxecutive see-,. Woilde V. \V. C. A. ::itive nf it? ndustrial ijentva, led <i KCciiil discussion forum cm "Women n Action n War and Viicc." Dm.-ri M.. i *? a: y ( : ami ii-pi c- comniiu kitcen. Tere will be an informal evening service in te capel for tose wo wia to attend at 8 p. ni. Mr. Squire will preac on te subject, "Can You Be Too Pious?" At 6:45 p. m. te ntermediate Yout Fellowsip will meet in te enpel wit Barbara Hotckill as leader. Te topic will be "Wen Families Worsip." Altar flowers next Sunday "Will lie te gift of Miss Jean Adams in memory of er moter, A meeting of te official board will be eld Tuesday, May 9 at 8 p. m. in te ministers curc study. Junior coir reearses Tuesdays :U 3:30 p. m. in te capel wit Miss Emma Lafetra in carge., Te ministers class in preparatory paris all Wednesday evening of eac week from 7 to 9 oclock. Te Brownies meet n te paris all Tursday afternoon of eac week at 3 oclock. A business meeting of te curc board will be eld Monday evening, May 8, n te paris all at «oclock. Te next meeting of St. Agnes guild will be eld Tuesday afternoon, May 9, at 2 oclock n te paris all. FRST METHODST Atlantic Higlands Sundays services begin wit curc scool at 20 a. m., under te superlntendency of Ralp Bruder. Morning- worsip follows at 11 oclock. Te lermon by Hev. Hoy E. Williams, Jr., will be an- Te Red VomenV f" is- membersip meets in te study at 4:15 on Tuesdays, immediately union eld covtian Temperance ered dis lunceon at te ome of j following junior coir reearsal. Mrs. Albert M. VanNosiranil of S4 Branc avenue Tuesday afternoon. Te Golden Hour Circle met yesterday afternoon at te curc for dessert ond social orn, followed by a business session and sewing meeting. Miss Coirine Bowers, director of religious education of te curc, was te speaker. Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Burdge of 35 Lake avenue placed flowers on te pulpit latt Sunday morning as a tribute of love and onor to toir -family, "" " Te following recent---.transfers ave been made by curc letter: Mr. ar.d Mrs. Nelson K. Vanderbeek to te Red Bank Metodist curc; Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Rlcci to "te Reformed curc at Metucen; Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Fredericks to te Presbyterian curc at Hiuldonfleld; Mrs. Doroty McMurtrie to te First Memorial Prtsbyteiian curc at Dover, and Mrs. Jon E. Wallace to te Prospect, Connecticut, Congregational curc. Capt. Sisruard Tompson, Jr., a member of te Young Mens Bible clasp, wo returned ome recently from active duty to vi?it is parents, Mr. and Mrs, Siguard Tompson of 17 Branc avenue, will speak to members of te Broterood next Monday nigt. President Harry C. F. Worden will e in carge of a brief business session and Past President H. Ttupfell Blackman, Jr., will conduct a quiz period, wit all tose present..takink..pait. Te nominating committee,. Harold Wood; Josep C. Davison and Lewis K. report. Te annual ljowry election of ofllcers Monday, June 12 will be eld P.efre.smentfl will be ficived by Daniel B. Dorn and Everett F. Allen, Tis class in preparatory relationsip will be received into full membersip on Cildrens day. Te Alpa Kappa Pi class of te Sundny-sc.ool will old teir May meeting on te 11t in te Fellowsip all at 8 p. m. A program of recreation as been planned. New Brunswick sub-district rallies of te W.S.C.S. will be eld Wednesday, May 10 at te Embury curc, Little Silver, wit sessions at,10 a. m. and 1:30 p. m. Mrs. H, S. Higginson will preside at te sessions, arid Mrs. Macdonald w-ill lead in te devotional period. Guest speakers will nclude Dr. Hyla Watters, returned from Cina on te Grlpsolm, and Rev. A. C. Brady.. > oter in te eeries of sermons on te teme, "nto All Trut." Te music under direction of Roy Jeffrey, organist, will be provided by te coir. At 7^ipclock te Yout Fellowsip group will meet. Monday evening at 8 oclock te finance committee will meet at te curc for an mportant session. Tuesday afternoon at 2 oclock te W.S.C.S. will old ts montly meeting at te curc. n connection wit te meeting te group is sponsoring a missionary tea, at wic tere will be a epeclal message on "Cina" by a guest-speaker, Clng-Seng Hsle. Te fellowsip group will ave its regular meeting Wednesday at 8:15 p, m., in te curc, Te Official Board will- old its montly meeting at 9:15 p. m. Te curc will remember Moters Day Sunday n a special service n wic te moters of te congregation will ave a promnent part. BAPTST. Te curc scool meets eac Sunday morning at 9:45 oclock. Tis Sunday will be Missionary Sunday in all departments and at te opening session te Mary Mount capter will present a play entitled, "Pandora and te Wite Cross Box." Tose taking part will be Mrs. Donald Crawford, Miss Jane Tiinn, Mrs. Julian Parker, Mrs. Edit Wort,.Mrs. Elmer Cottrell and Mrs. Stewart Cook. Sunday morning worsip and communion will e eld at 11 oclock wit Rev. Carles A. Tunn speaking on te subject, "Grace Sufficient." Music will include te prelude, "Legend," Federloln; antem, "Praise (e Lord, O My Soul," Harker and organ offertory, "Melodle," Glierc. At 6:30 eac Sunday evening te young people meet in te curc scool room. Tis Sunday evening at 7:30 oclock, Dr. Lyman Crossman will be te speaker at te University of Life program. Dr. Capt. Tompson, wo is a mem- i Crousmnn is a noted surgoon and... w.- oi" alllnol. ily on te subject of ce anestesia. He will express is idens on te subject, "After Victory, Wat " Te Boy Scout troop will meet at 7:30 tomorrow evening. On Saturday, te weekly open ouse getto-geter will be eld at 7:30 oclock wit Mrn. George Eldridge and er committee n carge. Te. Junior Mary Mount capter will meet wit Rev. and Mrs. Carles Tunn Monday evening, May 8 at 8 oclock. Also on Monday evening at 8 te curc board of Trustees will meet in te curc ofliep. Te Baptist Womans league will old its montly meeting at te curc Tuesday evening, May 9 at 8 oclock. Mrs. Alfred Beck, er of te Young Mens Bible class, spoke to ftllow members at te curc ;im Sunday. Robert Wood was in carge of te meeting nnd Adalbert Ostendorff waa at te piano. Te montly bulletin to te 75 members serving in te l.\ S. armed ^panvicr» trougout te world will be mailed to tem witin te week. Capt. Tompson mentioned te fact tnt tis bulletin ^li looked forward tu y im nnd it 1 enjoyed immen-ely. Te yung men will meet ayain Sunday morning at 10 oclock wen Harry C. F. Worden will speak to tem on ie subject, ".Saul, te M:in Wo Abu.-icd Hi ; ; Opportunities. Tis!.],:< cuss studv brink, Bible Caini-i r- T. Sell. A buviiie " anrl social meeting anil covered dis supper was eld taken from te Studies of (iroat las: Tliur.-ii iy nig: by te Young te ome Ubprt. W. at Mil- K: or.t sti eit. Milan, irtirinj; caise of te E Crete. K Pine, On May 27 te Baptist Womans Oaks. Knii Hnven. T.ingue win old a soe sale in te Women of tru Woiden of C.t; Kn-< M:.-s Nru-nia -N prtjidrn 1. w-is in bu-jine.^.s."i-t-mnii. Minis wpie completed fot ;i Kiiiiie p.iriy to e eld -Friil.iy ni^.. M;iv. 1, :il te omo. <.f Mrs. F Tic- line, :it wic f i ieniif- u.! be inviu-d K U Te f..v.... ed: Mrs l.uideni. Mi--! piesidin. Mi ci:il HCleV.:\ nruy reror.l.t Franre.-- 1 Tr.v_wii;.!..- by Rev. Henry newly elected president, will be n carge. On Wednesday evening, at 7:45, a meeting of to Couples club will be eld. Jfr. and Mis. Deuey Williams, will serve as osts. Tlie Mary Mount capter reports ttie following work accomplised during te year for Wite Cross: 300 four-inc gauze compresses, 6 packages 4-inc muslin wipes, 11 BAPTST Leonardo Rev. EllwooH S. Wolf, pastor. Te ig scool Cristian Endeavor Society will old teir devotional meeting tonigt in te lecure room of te Leonardo Baptist curc. Montly meeting of te Edna Woodward Capter of te World Wide Guild will be eld tomorrow at te ome of Mrs. Ray Williams, 57 Memorial Parkway, Atlantic Higlands, beginning at 8 p. m. Sunday, May 7. Sunday-scool will begin at 9:45 a. m., wit classes for all. Morning worsip at 11 oclock. Devotional meeting t)f te Junior Cristian Endeavor Society will- begin at 6:30 p. m. Organ recital and evening worsip at 7:45 oclock. Reearsal of te pastors coir Monday, May 8 at 3 p. m. Reearsal of te curc coir at 8 p. m. Tuesday, May 9, meeting of te Deacons, at te ome of R, Campbell. American Red Cross Production group wll!" meet n te basement of te curc on Wednesday, May 10, beginning at 30 a. m., and continuing until * p. m, Mid-week prayer meeting at 8 p. m. Annual meeting of te members of te curc, Saturday evening, May 13. Every momber. s urged to attend. All officers and ead of societies n te curc are requested to be ready wit te annual reports. Te Ladies Aid society will old teir montly meeting Tursdaj afternoon. May 11, at te ome of Mrs. Daniel Leonard. Wasington avenue, at 2.30 oclock. 3-lnc, live yard bandages, four 3-yard bandages. and nir K uskinds. ami j basement of te CENTRAL BAPTST Atlantic Higlands Te services begin. Sunday wit curc scool at 10 a. m., W. Harry Posten, superintendent, Te morning worsip service is at 11 oclock. Tis will be te regular "Communion" service, wit te pastor, Rev. R. Eugene Searer, bringing te meditation. Te following persons will be received into te membersip of te curc: Mr, and Mrs. Jon A. Cannon, Alfred G. Conover, Jr., Audrey Anna Curtis, Vivian Marie Ellis, Elizabet G. Leonard, Carles Oliver Maxson, Ernest W. Maxson, Marian Grace Maxson, Mrs. Dora Spain Sorby, Suzanne Mae Stout, Roda Mae Turner and Mrs, Stella Mas Turner. Te moment of silent prayer will be for James W. Fiett, te service man of te week. Te Yout Fellowsip is at 7 p. m-rwit Dora_SD-vbyTt5Teau er. Te - c,hirers wi-u- (. l-\ Wnrdfn ilied af te next MnyJ. Follow:!._!,,.,-!;-: informal - ivil p nt ee!r!i:,-tt ion M: M: -. birtdny. A : if < a n d (jiftf " < "! :< «Tiise ]Hi -i i Frances P Se;-,i...i mar., da!>i»it-].< < d nedy, Don- A!:ri::.r vekmil ami Mi.-. < >.: i Mr.-.-.Miilon A Cm crt K. Bui W-y. Mi- Mrs. Albeit W \V, Ha:iv C F. Wn.i. i M.T1OD.-- W. Would, 1, i.lldav r.iltc Sunday at flilljmlvl) Tlli-M- ;:l< tixt- J.Joii/,: sillf,.-<-! vir(.m- nioi 1 gins at 11 fi "ill! sale will also bo eld at tufsame, time. * Hit- Kev. Tunn announced tat a survey of Red Bank will soon be made y te Catolic, Jewis and. Fied K. tjio^" t) - j Piutei-lnnt curces working to- M..-- Alia-. K«n-1 t T,t)ici- to secure new members for ^.~,.-i r1 ;ny and Ml.-8 i teir respective. curceb. Serwood trenmiier. KAHA MEETSG. i Te fourt in te series of pub- lie meetings sponsored by te local v, ill be eld tis Sunday in te Womans -club on.ioail street lit H oclock, Te meeting is open to everyone nteri.-trl in te discussion of world unity. Tile guest speaker will bo Mrs. Amy Raubitscek of West KiigiiWuiid, on te topic "A Living tojiia Mis. Riiubitscek is an arden: HiU-iiciup of te Baai plnn fur world jidice and is a member i>: two national Buaf committees inl is al.-n te present Hecrctary Hi iic Vinocit Huai ashoj Mn Smart Sims uf te local t-"!i i gives te following siateiiiciit m connection wit te HaK-ii 1. :«.. Plan: "Over ^5 ycani ;mn in 1 1 Ti, te lialiai Plan for Win V ire MMS given recognition!>y liw -anamn-pacilic ntemati/tl:.i!.\ ll,s)t!un \V>Hfl (bo were jinsiited wit a bronze medclnireb. A f<rcictl "g fl.a-sprtc"e > ls at 8 p. ni. on Wed- " riesday, followed by coir reearsal it 9 oclnek. Te junior coir m.eit* at 3.15 Tuesday afternoon under te direction of te new ^.organist Mrs. Ray Williams. Te annunl May meeting of te Womens Missionary society of te Ken-. Sii>-.-r. M:.-. i.ib-. 1 Mr \.ol Slliji -VArk. Te musi giain f,,r i,-m stunday, unii.-r te!,,] O1,..,,x!,,wilion directorate i-! ii,n elu,! " 1 / / 1 11,1-: l.mi ti in M" l.i in.,.1. k (f Allrin Carman will m P!iili-. inerine/.7,o." liom Monmout te First Branc 10 association will be in Baptist curc, Long, May 10. Sessions begin at in. and - p. ni. ST. GKOUSKS, KUMSON Services Sundny, Mny 7: 8 a. m. Holy Communion; D:30 a. m., cliurcli scool: 11 a. m., Holy Comniiniim and sermon by Re^Oeo A. Robcrtsaw. w Te young petijjleb oonfll-nlation class meets Friday afternoon at oclock. T» delcgiitis wo will attend te riiocenn convention, meeting in Trenton Tuesday, are Hpnry R lwigt..1, Wiint Hicm-n nnil Rufns C Finc, tk.okh MKTHODST. Notices for Sunday, May 7: - fl:3c a, ni., cliuicli scool; 10:45 a. m., "E«ldel, or te Cariot Trone;" 6:45 p. m., yaut lellowulp service; 7:30 p. m., song service and sermon, "Secret Tings." Wednesday, 8 p. m., prayer meet- ng in te Sunday-scool room. Friday, 3 p. m., junior yout fellowilp service. T.M.O.A. meeting* Tursday and Friday evenings in t«curc annex at 7:30 p. m. REFORMED. Te Sunday-scool worsip service will begin at 9:30 oclock, Sundav morning. Te -worsip service will begin at 10:45 a. m. Te coir will render^ special music. Te sermon topic: will be "Te Reward of Being a ristlaa" n te evening, Rev. Carmen Trembat, former pastor of te curc, will demonstrate visual aids for curc work. He will sow te picture "No Greater Power" in sound. Monday evening te Womens Missionary society will ave a cover dis supper in te curc dining room. After te dinner, Mrs. W. Heckman, president of te Monmout County classical union, will speak on te subject, "And Jesus Said, Come and Dine." Te dinner will begin at 6:30. Tuesday evening te Yout Fellowsip will meet n teir fellowsip room at 7:30. Te. following evening te Sunday-flcool teacers will meet in te parsonage at oclock. Special reports will be given by Miss Jane Bradsaw on e, book entitled, "Dialogue of te Derert," by Heard. Saturday, May 6, tere will be a rummage sale in te social room of e curc beginning at 9 and astng until 12 noon. FRST CHURCH OF CHBST, SCENTST Services in First Crucnf Crist, Scte"rillsV,"aTZ09 BrOad street; Red Bank, a,re eld Sundays at 11 a. m., Sunday-ecool at 11 a. m., and Wednesday evening at 8:15 oclock. "Adam and Fallen Man" s te,esson-sermon subject for Sunday, May 1, Golden Text: "Awake tou tat steepest, and arise from te dead, and Crist sall give tee ligt." Ep. 5:14). Sermon. Passages from te King Jamee version of te Bible nclude: "Te Lord knowet te days of te uprigt: and teir ineritance sall be for ever." (Psalms 37:18). Correlative passages from "Science and Healt wit Key to te Scriptures." by Mary Baker Eddy, include: "Divine Science rolls back te clouds of error wit te ligt of Trut, and lifts te curtain on man as never born and as never dying, but as co-existent wit ie creator." (p. 557). NAVESNK METHODST, Oscar Benson of~rumson will preac at bot morning and evening services tis Sunday. Te coir will render several selections. Miss Marion Cooper will ave carge of te morning service at 10:30 oclock. Te adult class will lead te curc scool service at 11:35. "Temptation" will be te teme of te Yout Fellowsip service at G:45 wen Holmes Crawford will be n carge. Te evening session will begin at 7:30 wit Russell Mount, Jr., leading. FAR HAVEN METHODST. Curc scool at 10 oclock. Eleven oclock, morning worsip. Te pastors teme will be "Rebuilding te Walls." Miss Lois England will sing "Just AB Am." Tursday evening at 7:30 te official board meeting will be eld. A full attendance s requested. FRST METHODST Higlands. Holy Communion will be observed Sunday during te morning worsip wic begins at eleven oclock. Bot te senior coir and te Rainbow coir will sing; and te meditation will be given by te pastor, i Rev. Jon. Long. Preceding tis service will be te meeting of te curc scool under te leadersip of Mrs. Hattie Walstrom, superintendent. Beginning at 7:30 p. m. will be te combined evening worsip wit preacing and te ymn sing. Teme of te sermon will be "Jesus te Power of God." Promptly at 8:15 te service is turned over to te popular coice of favorite ymns. Tis as been an interestng our of fellowsip and worsip. OCEANPORT METHODST, Te topic for te morning sermon will be "Laying Up Treasures." Te service is at 10:30. Communion will,be served at te evening service at 7:30. Monday te ladies will quilt in te clubroom from 10:30 until \. Monday nigt tere will be a business meeting for te Yout Fellowsip following a covered dis supper at te parsonage at 6:30. Tere will be "open ouse" for te young.people in te clubroom Tuesday nigt at 7:30. Wednesday te women of te curc will attend te sub-district rally of te W.S.C.S. at te Little Silver Metodist curc. Te meeting is from 10 i\. ni. until 3 p. ni. All women are inviteri to attend and bring a box lunc. Miss Hyln Waters from Cina, wo returned on te Grlpsolm, is to-be tlio speaker. Tere will be "open ouse" for service couples n te clubroom «.t 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. Te Red Crou workroom will be open Wednesday and Tursday from 1 to 4 p. m. and Friday nigt from 7 to 10. Junior coir practice is at S p. m, Wednesday. Senior coir practice, at 8 p. m. Friday. Oceanport (Te Bed Bank K.iii«l«r o>s tx bougt in Oceanvort at Hlrir Mlllli and E. W. Wortleyi) Tirty-nine tables were n play at te card party given by te Oceanport Parent-Teacer association. Te sum of $122 was cleared. Mrs. Kldort Grilfin and Mrs. Leonard Evenson, were co-cairman, assisted by Mrs. George S. Kinkade. Mrs. Alice Vaugan was cairman of te ticket committee. Serving on tis committee were Mrs. William Fennelly, Mrs. Kennet Riddle, Mrs. Tomas N. Ross, Mrs. Donald Myers, Mrs. Bessie Hyman, Hiss Alice Canevari, Mrs. James Finn, Mrs. F. P. Tucker, Mrs. J. Buck, Mrs. Edward Wilson, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Evenson and Mrs. Kinkade. Attending were Mrs. William J. Moore, Mrs. Adrian Cloug, Elsie Vaugan, William Fennelly, Cester C. Douglaa, Peter Jarvls, Alan L. Lamb, Tolman McCauly, Mrs. William Cristy, Ella Conway, Jeanette Conway, Doroty Franks, Capt, and Mrs. O. W. Hellman, Mrs. A. W. Lowe, Mrs. F. D. Blckel, Mr. and Mrs, T. E. Daviaon, Mr. and Mrs. Carles Van Brackle, William Fenlx, Lemuel Jgroade, Mr. and Mrs. Jon Murp^ Mrs. Kennet Riddle, Mrs. Perley Riddle, Mrs. Hanna Hulse, Mrs. George Loper, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Colmorgen, Mr. and Mre. Harry J. Carter, Mrs. Wallace MacGregor, Mrs. Perry Smit, Mrs. Walter Jackson, Mr«. Rut Gunderaen, Mr. and Mrs. G. S, Kinkade, MM.. Alice. Knuf, Mrs. Clarence Lovejoy, Mrs. Albert G. Morart, Mrs. E. J. Daviee, Mrs. R. E. Titman, Mrs. E. M. Berry, Sr., Mrs. E. M. Berry, Jr., Mrs. L. Harbart, Carles Gulllaudeu, Edward Wilson, Mrs. Jon Sullivan, Mrs. Lowell Kessee, Mrs. G. Carpenter, Mrs. Carles Holdiman, Mrs. Edward Ryan, Mrs. Micael Ryan, Rut Ryan. Mrs. Carles Hartley. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rogers, Artur Crocer, Donald Myers, Jackie Myers, Sidney Casey, Mrs. Sue Leister, Miss G H l M T Deats n Red Bank and Vicinity MBS. ANNE WHAiEN. Mr*. Annie Walen, a resident of Bed Bank for many years, died early Monday morning in Riverview ospital, were se ad been a patient for te past tree weeks. Se was te widow of Jon Josep Walen, wo passed away in 1931, and resided at 24 West street. Mrs. Walen was born at Hurleytown, near Glendola, and was te daugter of te late William H. and Annie S. Allgor Van Brunt. Se ad lived at Red Bank for te past 36 years, and was in falling ealt for some time. Mr». TValen U survived by 11 cildren, five daugters and six sons, and several grandcildren. Te daugters are Mrs. George Epwortk-and Mrs. William McCauley, bot of Brooklyn; Mrs. Jon Dugan and Mrs. Edward McGlynn, bot of Elizabet, and Mrs. Stanley Wermert of Bayonne. Te sons are Maurice F. of Eatontown, Vernon of Long Branc, Claude, J. Josep, and Robert, all of Red Bank, and Pvt. Myron Walen, United States Army, now stationed in Engjand. Also surviving are five sisters, Mrs. May Truswell, wo lived wit er; Mrs. Adella Watkins and Mrs. Samuel Stryker of Eatontown, Mrs Henry Polemus of Freeold, and Mrs. Branson VanHlse of Asbury Park. Services will be eld tis afternoon at 2:80 oclock at te- BaptlBt curc wit te pastor, Rev, Carles A. Tunn, officiating. nterment, wit te Worden funeral ome directing,, will be in Fair View cemetery. Presbyterian curc, officiating. nterment was n Fair View cemetery. MBS. EMMA B. HOLMES. Te funeral of Mrs. Emma E. Holmes ot Hudson avenue, wo died Monday of last week tn Monmout Memorial ospital, was eld last Tursday afternoon at te Mount Memorial ome wit Rev. Roger J. Squire, pastor of. te Metodist curc, officiating. Te bearers were Remsen Beers, Tomas 6. Beers, Edward Bennett, Bradley Van Brunt, Homer C. Metot and Harold Riddle. Biirlnl was in Holmdel cemetery. MBS. ERNESTNE FEHJJABER Mrs. Ernestine E. Felaber of 126 Bay avenue, Higlands, widow of William Felaber, died last Tursday at te vy ome, M*lddletown. Se was born in Germany, daugter of te late Ernest and Carlotte Scwering. ;> Surviving are tree aoni, William P., Henry of Higlands and Carles of Crldock, Virginia: a daugter, Mrs. Ora Moremon of Red Bank, ten grandcildren and 11 greatgrandcildren. Services were eld Saturday afternoon at te Jon W. Flock funeral ome, Long Branc, and interment was n Woodbine cemetery. y Genevieve Huml, Mrs. Tomas Farley, Kennet Ryan, William Sampanore, Robert Sullivan, Mrs. Agnes Casey, Josep Fennelly, Albert Scoepflin, Robert Hurley, Mrs. Ada Hess, Mrs. Katerine Morris, Mrs. William Miller, Betty Ryan, Jane Sell, Mrs. Josep. Tober, Sr., G. C. D. Hurley, MrB. Donald Myers, Carles Kinkade, Herbert Pfnkolet, Marilyn Fleekn->.r, Lillian Prakelt, Miss Alice CnnevarL Marion.. Sullivan, Alice Sell, Mrs; Henry ElTiotti Mrs." Edward Gaskill; Mrs. Katerine Finn Mrs. H. Vaugan, Mrs. A. Harvington, Mrs. A. Wickmnd,, Mrs. H. Hayden, Mrs. Gerard Prakelet, Mrs. Carles L. Proterj, Mr. and MM. L. E. Evenrion, Mr, and Mrs. Louis Wood, Mi-3. Jon Hauser, Mrs. Doroty Tobcr, Rut Scultorpe, Mrs. Gladys Myers, Lois Atkins, Miss Louise Canevari, Victor Witek, Ellen Ross, Miss Betty Berry, Vlr-j glnia Keoe, Mrs. Carles Hoyt, Mrs. William Keoe, Mrs, Tomas N. Ross, Mrs. Milton E. Lamb, Mrs. Alec Hyman, Mrs. Mary Mokeon, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Nylander, Buddy Crocet, Jimmy Ryan, Carles Byran, Harry Cook, Mrs, A. Vaugan, Miss Telma Hurley, Kennet Woodruff, Lester Crawford, Margaret Protero, Lily Miller, Mildred Fennelly, Josep Tcber, Mrs. F. P. Tucker, Mrs. K. Woodruff, Mrs. Homestead, Mrs. M. Van Winkle, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Owens, Mrs. R. Ord, Mrs. Carles J. Fins, Mrs, Carl Mlm, Mrs. O. F. Roberts, Mrs. Walter Voorees, Mrs. Louis West, Mrs. Edward Borden, Mrs. Gertrude E. Davis, Miss Mary Elizabet Borden, Miss Fannie Davis, Mrs. Eleanor Forbes,Mrs. Carles Walling. Mrs. James Stapelto, Jr., of Arcana avenue, was ostess at a sower given at er ome Friday evening for Misa Helen Waffle of Kansas City, Missouri. A large parasol concealed te gifts. Attendng were Mrs. Artur Mason, Mrs. Seorge D. Hurley, Mrs. Carles Guiliaudeu, Mrs. Robert Byram, Mrs. Lloyd Sickles, Mrs. James Karl, Mrs. Edward C. Wilson, Mrs. Howard Gulllaudeu, Mrs. Jamea Stapleton, Sr., Mrs. Herbert Nort, and Miss Marjorle Guiliaudeu of Long Branc, Miss Eleanor Wilson, Miss Helen Gulllaudeu, Barbara Byram, Mrs. Tomas Salisbury of Srewsbury and Mrs. E. D. Waffle of Kansas City, Missouri. ANTHONY JONES. Te funeral of Antony Jones of Caterine street, wo died April 22 op eart attack, was eld Wednesday afternoon of last week at te Middletow Metodist curc, wit Rev. Ford, pastor of te Curc of God of Red Bank, officiating. Burial n carge of F, Leon Harris was in Mlddletown. Te bearers were Lorenzo Dotts, Nataniel Huges, Alfred Lockctt, Bue-ter Jones, Jessie Harris and Bond Harris. Mr. Jones was a resident of Red Bank seven years. Surviving are is wife, Mrs. Alma Jones; a broter, William Jones of New York city; two aunts, Mrs. Addle Hills and Mrs. Lucy Wallace nl Middletovjn, and four uncles, William and Robert Kane of Red Bank, George Kane of Mlddletown and Mattew Kane of Boston. MBS. GEORGE 8NYDEB Mrs. Amelia B. Snyder, wife of George Snyder, died Monday at er ome at Locust at te age of 73. Se was born at Locust and ad lived n tat locality all er life. Surviving beside er usband are a, daugter and two sisters. Te funeral will be eld at 1 oclock tomorrow afternoon at te ouse, wit Rev. Carles P. Jonson officiating. Burial under te direction of A. M. Poaten and Sons will be n Bay View cemetery., ALONZO C. HENRY Alonzo C. Henry, a former. resident of Belford, died of pneumonia lost week at is ome at Brooklyn at te age of 83 years. Te funeral was eld Sunday at" te Scott funeral ome at Belford, wit Rev. Paul J. Meyers officiating. Burial was in Belford cemetery. ]i -iii rii. SMNl.v.- nii.r eb. -Hi CM,! Z.i;l;i i.ini V Wav "! -liln ll " bv Hizit; ;iniil. "laise te 1 Mnur.di.i ; of- Not Far Fiom iclli; pi.mlinlr. Kitirr. Te scr- HH, liev. Roger M, i: subject, f u n i; "HielifiilrtTy-r itonie an -iori L,. /ill ce f,j;iee.^unrlri.s nfu-r- :uii:i. Mny 7 imit May 21, fi(ilil"l llti-k urilil.- Tl.o locu) (.uicll ia> iif-i-n liiinoied in being cosen iv i),is wic 1,. null.nit fni ie peace efforth. Till 1 next put.lir nu-eting will b. 1, li.-u Siimlay, M.-iy ^K. Mis? Hllt j Fry " WiSl Cngiewood will be lilt;.spcaliei i,n te topic. "Te Bill? i Punt fin tin- Killuii." ST. Cl.KMKNTS KlSCO-Al. : Sei\ires Silliriity liirding will lie inornmr prayer anrl sei nion b\ Hev.- Josep.M. Uruwnlfc, S.T.41., " mttntirvv-wrirwtriex.-tm- H.clwo\ will ijiect,if 11 i cliiiirli uclorjk. Buy; U7 liold bellmeetlnrs Tuesday evening of eao nl TM all. i-luf-ll ill t e pill gcout tiooji 31i, in te Have You Ever Bougt a Monument? To mnny, a imlly monument li it ojicr-j/i-.i-lilrtrrnf pure a if. Ttitrrfnrr, ttir nrltction nf A wit \irif A tymotic t nndiiig linckrh by tliould,... Tere dttalll.. qulrrmmts, ni-. iculpturlng and nin». Our underct mid l,,cililir., i*l>nanl. CnrtBultfl. nl tiu nbligntinti tn for Mi-niorlul Dn.y HftUiijf, on* on display Sfc available. Monmout Monument Company Sliite ll«)i»a.v #:t3, Himtli «f Knir View cemetery, lou-ddonv ( tirnir, Mlililli-toMii. lionr lied ituiik :th10 or Long Umnr H567 Leonardo, te talian painter, designed te first military tank. MRS. JESSE.MELV!f w Mrs. Jessie Melvin of New York city, a former resident of Red Bank, died yebterdny morning at er ome, Se was born n Glasgow, Scotland^ and came to te United States 25 years old. Se resided at one time on Waveiiy place. Surviving are tree daugter.", Mr». Tomas Hackett and Mra. C. A. Soderfltrom of Red Bank nnd Miss Crissle Mclvln of New York, and two sons, Lieut. Jon.Melvin, United States Navy, wo s in te Sout Pacific, and A.. Melvin, wo s employed by te government n New York city. Altoug funeral arrangements ave not yet been completed, services will be eld in te Carnpbell funeral parlors^ in New York and nterment will be in Fair Vie^v cemetery. MKS. AGNES COYNE Mrs. Agnes Coyne of Leigton avenue, widow of Jon Coyne, died Tuesday morning at er ome. Se was 73 years old. Mrs. Coyne ad been a resident of Red Bank for te past 40 years. Se was born in New York city and was te daugter of te late Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Flynn. Surviving are two daguters, Misses Caterine and Evelyn Coyne; a son, George Coyne, all of Red Bank, and a broter, James Flynn of New York. Te funeral will be eld tomor-. row morning at 9.30 oclock at te Jon E. Day funeral ome and at 10 oclock at St. James curc were a ig mass of requiem will be celebrated. Burial will be in Mount Olivet cemetery. MRS. EUFHEMA SCKLES. Services for Mrs. Epeumia Sickles, widow of Frederick Sickles and a life-long resident of Rumson and Fair Haven, wo died at er ome, 88 Battin road, Fair Haven, Wednesday of last week were eld Friday afternoon at te Worden funeral ome wit Rev. Jon A. Hayes, pastor of te Red Bank MONUMENTS Your Expression of True Remembrance No oter act of a normal mans life gives im more complete soul satisfaction tan te building of a Miorlal to is loved ones wo ave gone on. Our select Bane Memorials bear te Guild mark of approval your guarantee of a. flnor Memorinl at no extra cost. Visit our sowroom and see our display of tese certlflod Memorials. T JOHN VAN KRK Nut to Mt. Ol(vet C«m«terf Pone Red Bank 319 R.F.D. Box 108 Red Bank Tomas Manson & Son, nc. Te Oldest Monument Manufacturing and Retailing Company in Monmout County Freeold Cild Badly Burned. William Kingston, <H years old, son of Mr. and Mr». Henry T. Kingston of Freeold, waa badly burned on te legs, nrmj, back and abdomen wile playing a gams of cowboys n is ome Monday. Te cild set re to te- rope e waa using as a lasso and te fire spread to is cloting. H» wa«taken to Fitkln ospital. Curc News FRST PRESBYTERAN Atlantic Higlands. Morning prayer and sermon will be at 11 oclock wit Rev. Donald N. Correal preacing on "Te Lure of Fertile Fields." Sunday-scool will convene at 10 a. m. A Parent-Teacer joclal evening will be eld tomorrow nigt at 8:30 oclock at te curc wit te teacers as osts. t Young People* Fellowsip will meet Tuesday evening at 8 oclock. Te cancel coir will meet tonigt at 7 oclock n te curc. Te Young: Peoples Fellowsip will give a tea Sunday afternoon, May M, Moters Day, at 5:80 oclock at te curc for members, parent* and frlend«. All young people are particularly nvited. FB8T METHODST Sea Brigt. Rev. Walter B. Williams will deliver te Communion address at 7:30 p. m. and will administer te Sacrament of te Lords Supper. Te guest soloist will be Samuel T. Harvey. Curc scool meets at 10:30 a. m., Mrs. Eleanor Lindsay, superintendent. Cub Pack 62 meets Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. in te Scout room. Te Womans Society of Criitlan service will old ts Hay meeting tonigt at te ome of Mrs. Ella Miles, 14 Rlverd&le avenue, Monmout Beac, at 8 oclock. Troop 62 Boy Scouts intili Tursday at 7:30 p. m. at te curc, wit Cecil Layton, scoutmaster. EMBUBY METHODST Little Silver Rev. Harold P. Wayman will preac Sunday at 11 oclock on "Ambassador of te Word." Te male corus will flngr. Curc scool convenes at 10 a. m, and Yout Fellowsip meets at 6.15 p. m., at wic rving Summers will be te speaker and Robert Summer will conduct te worsip period. At te 7:30 oclock 8unday Evening Fellowsip Hour te minister will speak on "Catedrals Put and Present." ncluded n is address will be Stj Peter 1!, Rome; T» Cnartress n France; Canterbury n England; tt Catedral of St. Jon te Divine n New York and te National Catedral n Wasington. A forum will follow and ligt refresments will be served at te close. CHBST EPSCOPAL Srewsbury Cm te first Sunday of eac mont Holy CoramunioB 1* eld at 11 a. m. Te regular Sunday services include Holy Communion at a. m.; Curc scool at 10 a.m.; morning prayer and sermon by te rector, Rev. Robert D. Smit. Tere are 26 national parks la te United States. Si Jut appreciation of tkt mttdi of omr patrons f n c t n i e s u J Q p r c v i a * j t t i i t n t r r i n f i o f t a u u p m t n t < m a i t r v i c t t k t i j a e i i r t a t a m o m t n U n o l i c t. tome f fount f lemoriat J4o Zrndtric va, -siaami, flgr. 135 W. Dronl St. ZJ Banl VMpLne 226 SMPLE SERVCES Atum Met* A Service Complete Tera la no craditable patt of mortuary a*rvfc«tfctt w do not provide. From undartftkfna; ta pralimimry praparatlon of transportation for out-o Mown funvrala to coin* Plata aervlca n our funeral orn*. Our reputation lor reverential attention a* well at efficient direction } accountable (or our leadanbip D ta local field. ** JOHN E. DAY FUNERAL HOME 85 Riverside Avc, Pone 332 Red Bank 361 Maple Place fone Sfil Keyport A telepone call to our office will bring a salesman wo will, witout any obligation, sow you latest dealgna. Only Monument Dealers n Red Bank j 10 DRUMMOND PL, RED BANK, N. J. Telepone R. B. 24 Nlfti, Sunday* and Holiday! CALL R B. 41-J "Over d Quarter Century, of DependabkEconomical Service We Have All Been Warned... From many source*, we ave ad warnings tat at toon at te Allies itart te invasion, Germany will start a campaign of lies to make te "ome front" weaken.. Lets remember tat te least we can do it woleeartedly back up our figting men,. and. believe no propaganda! FUNERAL HOME r. 60 EAST FRONT STREET BANK-.

19 Cinese Student Will Be Heard. A Clnen student from Drew university, Cblng-SHenff H«le, will e te speaker on "Rural Reconstruction Work n Po»t-War Cina" at te missionary tea to fee given Tuesday, May 9, at 8 oclock n te social room of Atlantlo Higlands Metodist curc. Te affair s ponsored by te Womens Society of Cristian Service^ Te montly business session of te W.B.C.S, will precede tis meet- ng at 2 oclock. Te speaker was a former secretary to te president of Yencln University, Peking, Cina. He came to America tree years ago and will complete is degree for Doctor at Drew tis year, and plans to go back to Cina for rural reconstruction work. Members of te Missionary societies of Central Baptist, First Presbyterian and Naveslnk Metodist curces will be guests. Miss Mildred Droege, president, will pre- Mrs. Edward OFlaerty of Headdens Corner wag a recent guest of side: Mrs. Leola Mulr and Mrs. friends at New Brunswick. Miss Donald Goold are n carge ot te Patrica Oakes of Atlantic Higlands and Jay Livingston of Wil- attend te aalr. te public is cordially nvited to program and Mrs. Milton Kruie will lead te devotions. Te os-mortesses are Mrs. Berta.Bruder, ing dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bay Sore Tavern association will Park were Wednesday even- Te annual dinner-dance of te Mm. Elizabet Cordova, Mrs. OFlaerty. Livingston, wo as Evelyn Troy, Mrs. Edward Cordova and Mrs. William Daweon. Atlantic Townsip A consistory meeting was eld Monday evening at te ome of Elder Hunt. Particular Synod (state conference) meeting waa eld Tuesday at Newark. H»v. Peter M. Boelouwer and Elder Hunt attended as delegates of te Claasis of Monmout. A Helping circle meeting was conducted Tuesday afternoon at te ome of Mrs A. C. Euck. X fellowsip meeting was eld Tuesday evening at te ome of Louise and. Helen Reynolds. D»finlte plans for paper collection were made. Coir reearsal was eld Wednesday evening. Te sewing club quilting party was eld at te capel Tursday. Sunday is Rural Life Sunday. A special nvitation is extended to all farm groups and rural agencies as te worsip service will center about te teme of God and te soil. A special program demonstrating te value of visual education in will be given Sunday evening at 7:30 oclock n te Red Bank Reformed curc. "No Greater Power," a magnificent sound picture, will be sown to demonstrate te power of te grow- ng metod in education. Te following s a reminder of te services to come: May 7, Rural Life Sunday; May 14, Moters day; May 28, Memorial Sunday; June 4, Communion Sunday; June 11, Cildrens day; June 18, Faters day, and July 2, Evening memorial candleligt service. Caplain Jon C. Castle of Barle as made a plea for any radios tat could be used by te Marines wile guarding te ammunition depot. Te ours are long and te work s dangerous and a radio will elp tem keep alert. Your radio need not be working to be acceptable as te boys will be able to ftx tem. Rev. Peter M Boelouwer will be glad to take your radio to te depot. Te pea tor as also been asked to direct attention to te American Boy Scout movement n Monmout county and to te annual campaign of te local scout council to raise by public subscription (21,256 for expenses of te fiscal year. Your tougtful consideration s requested concerning tis important yout work. Four boys for every scout now n training would like to join. Tey can if funds are provided. t costs J10 a year to support a boy n scouting.. Our local troop 90, or Rev. Peter M. Boelouwer will be glad to receive donations. Te class awarded ts attendance banner for April was Mrs. Sermans Class V, wic is a boys group. Users for April were William Miles and Garrett Tompson. Users for monts to follow are: May, Jack Buck and Norman Cole- Hatcard; June, Walter Mitcell and Ricard Flock; July, Ricard Moreau and William Tompson; September, Joan Conover and Jeanette Tompson; October, William Miles and Garrett Tompson; November, Jack Buck and Norman Cole-Hatcard; December, Walter Mitcell and Ricard Flock; January, Ricard Moreau and William Tompson and February, Joan Conover and Jeannette Tompson. Past Masters and Past Lecturers nigt was celebrated at Atlantic grange April 25. An open meeting was eld. Te following guests were escorted to seats of onor: State Flora Doris Conrow, State Executive Committee member Arcie Heigt, Deputy Horace Cook, Pomona Master William Hunt, Master of Liberty Grange Alfred Snook, Master of Glendola Herbert Seriff, Master of Ancor Carlton Davison, Lecturer of Farmingdale Grange BerniceFarry, Past Lecturers of Atlantic Grange da % Hunt and Doroty Gunter, Past Masters of Atlantic Grange Russell Heulitt, Ciiney Conover, and Austin Meglll. Te lecturers program was at te close of te meeting. Te- meeting was opened by all singing "Columbin, te Gem of te Ocean." Everyone saluted te flag. Doris Conrow and Mr. Snook spoke a few words and ten Doroty Gunter sang "Te Wite Cliffs of Dover." Mr. Seriff, Mr. Davison and Mr. Heigt delivered sort discourses. Doroty Gunter played te guitar and sang several selections. Mr. Cook, Mr. Hunt, Russell Heulitt and Criney Conover eac delivered a sort message. An accordion solo was played by Anne Hardy. Warne Snedeker, Austin Meglll and Bernard Snedeker gave sort talks. Sirley Boyce played "Sleig Song" and "Long Ago" an te piano. Mf. and Mrs. Howard Clayton gave a aort discourse, followed by anoter accordion solo by Anne Hardy. Bornice Fawy and Rev. Layton spoke a few words. Wnlter Herzbeijfi; entertained Mr. and-mjw.-jharry Howard; Bsum-of- New York ovor te week-end. Te Plotklns entertained Mrs. Zlmel Rcsnlck of Asbury Park and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kramer and Son of Trenton Sunday. Riverside Heigts PFC, Karl Jenkins, wii/j it «Utloned at Camp Pickett, Virginia, was ome to visit is wife on a week-end pass. Mrs. Jenkins is living at te ome of er moter, Mrs. Mazie Davis, Cooper road. Mrs. Racel Mount attended to circus at Madison Square Garden last week. Robert Eigenraug, wo is stationed wit te Navy at Norfolk^ Virginia, s ome on a 15-day fur. loug, spending it wit is wife and is parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eigenraug. Tomas Finn, Jr., of Capel Hill road, wo was nducted in te Navy about two weeks ago, is at te Naval training station at Sampson, New York. Jon Appiegate, stationed at te United States Naval training base at Sampson, New York, as been spending a seven-day furloug wit is moter. been wit te U. S. States Marines n te Sout Pacific and aa been spending a 30-day furloug wit is grandfater, Leveritt Glosten of Wilmort Park returned to Reno, Nevada f Sunday nigt. After being tere awile e expects to return to te Sout Pacific. Miss Addle Everam is a surgical patient-at Rivervlew ospital. Jon R. Williams, wo is stationed at Sampson, New York, is enjoying a 15-day furloug at is ome on Tindall road. Te Community Social club was entertained last week by Mr». Emma F. Snyder of Conover place Mrs. George B. Hembllng of Little Silver and Mrs. Snyder divided te onors in winning t& prizes and were given war stamps. Mrs. Victor Satter of Little Sliver entertained te club yesterday afternoon. Edward Bums, son of Mr. and ng were Mrs. Downing, Mrs. Garlick, Mrs. Keelan, Mrs. Fred Trenery, Mrs. Knoble, Mrs. Juel Beatty Mrs. James Burns of Fairfleld Gardens, wo as been spending a 20-and Mrs. Carton. day furloug wit is parent!, as Te Keansburg fire company will returned to Alamagordo, New Mexico. Eddie says te country tere in te Manning place fire ouse. old teir montly meeting tonigt is bleak and sandy and e opes e Fourteen of te 26 active members of te Keansburg fire depart- will soon be sent somewere else were tere s more life. He en-ment ave been called nto te listed about two and a alf years ago in te Air Force and as seen some of te world, aving juat before is furloug * been stationed for some time in Sout America, Mr. and Mrs. J. Herbert Kcenck ave received word from teir son Artur/ tat e as arrived safely overseas and la stationed n England. Mrs. Samuel Rlker of New York city was a recent visitor at er country estate, Overlook farm on.naveslnif River road, ; Miss Viola Bennett of LJncroft was a week-end visitor at te ome of er grandmoter, Mrs. George Brower. Mrs. Henry Fix and er nfant son returned ome Friday from te Monmout Memorial ospital. Te infant as been named Ricard Jeffrey Fix. Mr. and Mrs. Artur Jone s ave received word from teir son, Ar tur, Jr.. tat e as arrived safely SVerge&s, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bailey Higway Gardens, entertained over te week-end, Mr. and Mrs. James Bailey and family of New Rocelle. Mrs. TomiLfl J. Meaney and son Tommy of New York city were Sunday visitors at te ome of O. A. Fitipatrick. Rev. and Mrs. Harry Terzlan and daugter Harriet of Block sland, Rode sland, are spendinp two weeks at te ome of Rev Terzlans parents, Mr. and Mrd. Harry Terzlan of igway 35. Frank Cero, Jr., as returned ome from Rivervlew ospital. Mr. and Mrs. William Colessy and family ave moved from te Neilson ouse, Glpndale Park, to May Court, River Plaza, Carles Gardner of Glendale Park s becoming quite a fiserman. On te opening day of te trout season, Gardner caugt is quota of trout and ao fnr tis season as caugt many flounders n te Srewsbury river. Albert Klotkin of Fairfleld Gardens, wo was ump on a recent furloug, s stationed on te West Coast. He s te son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Klotzln. Miss Rut Rogers of Red Bank was a Sunday guest of er aunt, Mrs. Rut Soden. Last Wednesday nigt Rut attended te radio performance nf Frank Sinatra over te C. B. S. net-work at Radio Cits. Mrs. Edward OFlaerty is visiting er niece, Mrs. Harold Hill in Maryland. Wit er is Mrs. Mae Hagerty of Red Bank. Mrs. Hills usband, First Lieut. Harold Hill, is stationed at Camp Meade. Twelve tables were n play at te Mlddletown Village social club te Columbia "Curc of te Air" game party Friday nigt. Albert will broadcast a Cristian Science E. Snyder wa3 te le prize player and also te ig game winner. program. Tis will originate n San Francisco, California, and may Mrs. Laura Halsey received a tie be eard in New Jersey over Station WABC and affiliated stations. clasp, donated by Clayton and M.igee of Red Bank. Oter winners were da Henderson. A. Moore and Boys can make pocket money by Edna Antonldes. Frank C. Crawford won a rug donated by Mra. selling te Register Advertisement Emma F. Snyder. Te next pnrty will be eld at te usital plnce Friday evening, May 12. Present were George Halsey, Mr. and Mrs. Carles B. Hembllng, Mrs. George Kovelesky, Mrs. Jon Grodesko, Mrs. Cester Guttormsen, Mrs. Miles Cftvanaug, Mrs. George Kul, Mrs. Jon Williams, Mrs. J. O. Tice, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Sickles, Geraldlne Casler, Mrs. Paul Casler, Mrs. Josep Torne, Miss Etta Mae Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Hillyer, Mrs. George Halsey, Mrs. Helena Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. George Hembllng, Mrs. 8. J. Moore, Mrs. Alia Moore, Clarence Webster, James WebBter, Eugonc Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wite, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Crawford, Mrs. Jon Bamback,,Mrs. Luter Walling, Jr., Miss Etta Coddington, Mrs. A. - Coddington, Mrs. W. W.. Player, Mrs,. 9rsc8d&imnett;-MM,?AlMB»ret Crawford, Mrs. Margaret Cermak, Mrs. Bette Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Macintos, Mr. and Mra. Walter Antonldes,, Mr. and Mrs. Albert E, Snyder and Karl B, Helwlfi, Keansburg (J e Bxi Bank B«g}«l*r cun u bougt n Keuuburg it t* itoru of E. Miller, N. Santa Lucia. Pilip Keller, Carlen Voxel, L. Zuckerman and George SWBB) Te Keansburg Auxiliary of te M. C. O. S. S. will old ts annual meeting Monday evening, May 15, at 8 oclock at te Keausburg Healt Center in te Municipal Building on Center Street. Te public is invited. An nteresting program as been planned and refresments will be served. Te West Keansburg Parent- Teacers association will liuld a meeting tomorrow nigt in te West Keansburg scool. Te following officers for te new term will be installed: Mrs. Camilla Lutz, president; Mrs. Adele Jonson, vice president; Mrs. Clara Mack, secretary, and Mrs. William F. Brooks, treasurer. A ealt play will be presented by te pupils n Mrs, Jonsons class. Harriet Cook, ealt supervisor for te scool will give a talk on "Healt." Refresments will be served and be eld at Baibaca auditorium, Wednesday nigt, May 17. William Balbac is cairman of te arrangements committee, and elaborate plans are being made to make tis a grand evening. > Mr. and Mrs. Jon King are te parents of adaugter born Sunday at te Monmout Memorial ospital. Mr, jnd MTS. Peter Klee ave returned 1 ome after spending te winter in Florida. Seaman Jon Connolly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jon Connolly of Crescent street, recently spent a brief furloug at is ome after completing eleven monts active service in te Pacific. Te P. T. A. of St. Anns curc eld teir yearly card-and game party Monday evening n St. Anns scool all. Mrs. Jon Lenaan was calrlady of te affair. Help- armed forces according to a record filed by fire officials last week. Anoter urgent call for te return of exempt firemen to duty, as been made by Fire Cief George Sullivan as te summer season approaces wen fire calls are more frequent. Tlie Red Cross War Fund Drive closed officially Sunday. Keansburg collected $2,925 towards its H000 quota. Of tis amount J265 was collected in special gifts; $245, special groups, M15, business districts; S1.390* residential area; and J610, commerce and industry. Mra. G. Herbert Olcott, calrlady of te Keansburg Branc of Red Cross announced tat Honor certificates as been purcased by many residents. Tey follow: For Tomas Paris, by Horace Fowler; for E. Bertram Gelaus, by Keansburs Steamboat company; for Lieut. (J. g.) E. B. Russell by Mrs. Lucle A. Russell; for Orvis Mattews by William Reldel; for Ensign Vaugn Ben by Mr. and Mrs. George Ben; for William Kurt by Dr. and Mrs. J. George Feman. Te Murland teater on te Beacway will open for te summer season on Decoration day, wit a matinee. Te Raritan townsip council will meet at te West Keansburg fire ouse tomorrow nigt. Te Ladies auxiliary of te William L. ONeill Association eld teir business meeting last evening in teir meeting rooms. Barbara Bon, daugter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bon of Port Monmout road, celebrated er birtday Saturday. Former Judge and Mrs. William A: N, Haag ave returned to teir ome ere after spending some time in Florida. Mr. and Mrs. George Walllc are entertaining teir son Sgt. George J. Wallie, wo s on furloug from Panama., Helen Alexander is suffering from a sprained ankle received wljen se fell down steps at er ome. Mrs. Martin Flynn as returned ome wit er nfant son Tomas James. Tis is te tird cild of te Flynns. Mr. Flynn, la proprietor of te Samrock nn. Te Merrybee Club will meet at te ome of Mrs. Carrie Baccarello tis evening. Mrs. Joan Dowling s a surgical pntient at te Riverview ospital. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Keelan aro te parents of a son born Friday at Monmout Memorial ospital. CHURCH BROADCAST Next Sunday from 1 to 1:30 p. m. RED BANK REGSTER 4, 1944 Page Seven. nee< or cai Asparagus, Tomatoes, Beets, Corn, Spinac! 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20 Page Eigt. RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Helen Braney Leads Class A All-Events Central Jersey Women* Bowling Tourney End«Sunday Te Brass Rail l.ucky Strikes of Pert Amboy and Clearys of New Brunswick divided team onors as te Central Jeiscv Womens bowling tournament continued on te Metucen Recreation alleys over te week-end. r^^" Brass Bail competing wit te last group of Class A teams, clinced te Clans A tram title wit a set, 23 pins better tn R te posted a week ago illed Fank Recreation defending Class A campions. Te win was te tird in te four years of te Central Jersey tournament for te Brass Rail team. i Clearys. competinc in Class B. wic will not e i-ompletod un-, til next week-end, virtually tied up te team title in tat class wit an exceptional sot. only siv. pins under te winning. Class A, mark. Elsie Marie!, rollinn an-- cor for te City Womens league 1 combine, grabbed onors so far in te tournament wit a 232 in te scroml game, igest single K.anie f e tournament to date, and added 177 and S"gamps in te first and last games for a 59*i set. also te igest so far. Te Cleary team topped te previous Class B mark y nearly 150 pins. Pinbusteis of Long Branc retained second place wilb te -.- Sfifl rolled last week. -Temple ofxcw Brunswick gained second place in Class C wit a set. Te Brunswick "Ds" ave clinced Cla.=s D wit -.f>3. r >. since all Class D teams ave also rolled Lillian Molnar and Moris MeRill of Red Bank went inio te Vail in; Class A doubles wit a 1.07H totai followed >>v Jcgpy M.nffet nrvl Helen Braney. al.-o of Red Kank, wo totaled l.fllfi. Rut Adams anil Carlott" Holmes, of New Brunswick took te lead in Class ft doubles wit wile anoter Sew Brunswick doubles team. Eleanor Smit and Marie Powgin, pan Class n wit "SO. ; n singles play. Drue Kcjm of, XPH* Tlrunswi^k took second in Class A wit S3"), wile Evelyn] Galus. alsn of Now Brunswick, T in first place. Class R wit a 520-.set rolledsatniday. followed by Do lores Janwick of Pert Ambny, wo rolled 519. Helen Braney of Red Bank >s leading in te Clnss A all-events competition wit, a total of 1,. r i82 "for""nn "Tilno" L;rtnns. -Poroty Ryan, anoter Red Bank owler took te lead in Class B wit l.ifl.i wilo Beila Pui!a of Tsew Brunswieli led Class D wit , Two new igli team games wei" tio.-tfd over tr week-end, wit te l.ncliv Strikes coming tioug wit SMT in toir fust E:in;e. wile Clearys lolled Mifi in teir 1ist game to top all Class B games. Competition will resume imnorlow nigt wen two Class B and two Cjass C teams ml!. A numer of doubles and ^inslrs matces ai<-; also sceduled Friday nigt, am! Saturday nigt will be devoted or.- tirely to doubles ;iml singles, Tli- 1 j tourney will close Sunday wit foul j Class R teams and matt. rtnwblrand singles sceduled for te nftprnnnn and eveniing. Catolic Hig Loses To Asbury Buccaneers Sut Out By Keyport Raiders Continue Unbroker Streak Red Bank ig scools Buccaneer baseball team left te diamond.friday afternoon still seeking toir second win of te reason afu-r tey ad fallen prey to te undefeated Key port ig scool Rod Raiders 6 to 0. After a first inning in wic only four men faced im, Carles OGorman. te Red Bank pitcer, was te victim of a tree-run uprising wic proved -to be te winning tuns of te game. Peino singled and ten.stole second and tird. He.scored on Brunos error of Scuneks grounder. Wit an ea^y double play in.sigt, OGoiman lobbed te ball lu second base but Scanck made~ t easily and 1 Heet readied first, Wasingtons single scored tem bot. Keyport tallied in te tird again on Groonberg^ walk, a steal and Per nos single, Tey added one more run jn te Jift and anoter in te sevent. Vrno, wo as pitced K non-it ^urne tis seiitibii,/allowed Gttly four its;.bruno getting a^-double and a single ;tnd Ruvcndale and Ricdale eac one-buggers. No Red Bankci got past te second sack. OHioi man allowed seven its, walked four and ad tree liors beind im. wile Key port, made one mispuy. KKVlOKT ll-fl, AHki :ili... v if. : All 11 H :i 1 o K KM) HANK Hi uiiii. Jl,... llliikcly.,-.... rowill. Hi. linil.. Hic-ilnl... H. UT.i.imini. f,. AH t H E :i u li... :< ii u :i (i :i o (... :t o 1 1 o 1 u :i D li j " " n l» 2:1 0 i J^o-Wii-i. l)it> Hi mm. Kuimsk SuiU.mils. nil,. OGiirmiin 4. llhw mi l<:ill- UtT iiik. 2. OtJiu-tnan. lnulilr i.liii K.-inty. llrunn. Crowi-l fnipi:- >- -.\ui.misiine unil Hunisulc Red Bank Trips Rumson Hig, 7-6 Winning Runs Made n Final nning Rumson Dpwns Hoffman, 5-2 Victory Crowns Baseball Opener Rumson ig scools Purple Bulldog baseball team officially opened teir ome baseball season and dedicated te Borden memorial baseball diamond wit a good start as tey won teir first Sore Conference gamo nnd first game of te season wen tey defeated te Harold Hoffman ig ol Sout Amboy, 5 to 2, Saturday afternoon. Kumson, beind te flve-it pitcng of Herbert Bradsaw, led all troug te contest, and altoug te Nicols team also got but five bingles, timely itting enabled tem to come out on top. Two of Rumsons its, owever, were for extra bases, one by Bradsaw wic aided te scoring. Burnson ad one run in te tird, tree in te fourt and one in te fift. Te only Hoffman runs were scored in te sixt inning. Bradsaw, besides allowing only live its, 6truck out 11 of te visitors and pitced a eady game, sowing good control. Dick Newman wiffed six of te Bulldogs. RUMSON AB R H E )1 oil. rf lt. uiki HalliKan. lib. li li - limit. Hi Silberstiin. cf O5,,. 3 i 1 0.>oiiKly. ili...." t Hi)Ti»u» r »»«. p....! :1 1 1! HOFlMAN All B E n.omimin.» J ) t t evvmim.. 5 ) 1 jilcldm-k, lb»» 1 -. >!(>ia 21, ;l 0 t" U /,,.,:, wiiiink, rt -. ;s o.l o Znll, rl. 1 0 Olilmlcllii. r i " -il-,. J : W-.H.n- liin-- 1 id. li-iiil.-nvv..slrikes ltiiiilsiuv 11. Ncwnuin. Hil by i-ir Moll. lullitfiui inewnmn). ini.s.-cuiltre Unmiu-sl. Surf, Field And Stream Timely Notes On te Great Outdoors B. STAV VAN VTJET fltv BO\V.N(i.EAGUK. Te Ked Bank City bowling league brougt to an end teir bowling wit some exciting bowling, wic saw Local 293 take two games from Kisners. wereby tese two teams went into a tie for llrsl place. Central Bar took two from Vinccs Bar and tose two teams tied for tird place. A 244 game by Clarence Jones of Local 29i was te feature of tat atc. Oter games were Frank Lafayette 248, Walls 209, 238 Bremnor iffll, Golino 214, Scucker 201, W. Hoffman 205, Grob 212, Morris 215, Menzzopane 216, Palandrano 204, Colmorjren 235, Domenico 202, Costa 231, M. Aumack 205, McCoy 2M. P. Brimo 210, 209,- Skislak 234, T. Bruno 218, sordy 234, Talerico 201, Hendlicks 216. n te roll-off tat followed, te regular bowling, local 293 took two games from ltiisners, anl , tereby winning first place in te league. Tp league will old its annual banquet tonigt at te AVllluwbiuolt restaurant, Fair Haven, at wic time prizes will be awarded. CBNTAL, BAR (2) vi<- tkiizio BB i»a lji (!. l-icuru :... DA 1»? Smit llnrm-nii-n 1SS 20^ HT <i. ColmorKcn 2:15 l.l."i SO flounder Fising on te Nort, Srewsbury Te last time tat we spent days fising on te Srewsbury was at te end of te weakfla run late list September. Te foliage ad taken on its brilliant autumn colors of deep reds and golden yel owa. We tougt ten tat it was one of te most beautiful spots we ave ever flsed, but last Sundays outing found it even more beautiful, wit Moter Nature sedding er cloak of te long winter monts and bursting into new life wit delicate sades of green. Winter, summer or autumn, it is a ard place to beat from a picturesque standpoint, and you will ave to travel far to find better all-season fising. First come te flounders ( will tell you more about tem a little farter on), followed by. lafayettee, porgies, eels, crabs, and to top it all, splendid weakfls. Were eteo can ft fellow find «uc an assortment and practically in "our own back yard".? Sunday being suc a georgeous day we decided to try for flounders. t didnt take muc urging to sell te idea tat e not only doesnt talk about using worms but finds imself actually sneaking to and from te stream and attempting to concoal is metod of fl/slng from all curious eyes. ave even seen men wo knew definitely nsed wit worms of a morning wen tey got down a ways on te stream and alone, to come back to camp at noon wit a fly dangling from te leader wic tey ad just tied on before appearing, to give te impression tey ad been fising wit it to avoid te caustic comments of some purists in te party. W Wat tie migty power or gy p superiority te puri6t olds over te poor worm dobber? t seems akin to religion, e actually believes e is te only one wo is rigt,and tat no one else is entitled to fis, or under no circumstances could anyone using any oter metod possibly enjoy fls- ng- n my own case, fised for years wit worms or live bait and ad a lot of fun. Ten one day 1 was ntroduced to te intclligensia te ligest realm of angling, te inner Know Your Government to te "boa" (fiserman) of te j sanctum, so to epeak. tied up family. n te last few years se «t a group wo were purists as become an ardent sportsman, fom te word go. t didn t take me long to realize tat te mere mention of bait in any form was enoug to ostracize me from tis celestial gatering, and for live years took fis wit a dry fly ox noting. eubsequcntly became an expert fly tier and a student of stream entomology. - must confess tat tis part, of te game was tremendously interesting. However, like oter tings (at one makes a study of, it can become too involved and ponderous, so tat te perspective of te wole ting can be lost, and tat instead of going fort on a beautiful yprin^; duy to do a little fising and enjoy in addition te God-given beauty uf nature, we found ourselves wit a mental attitude HO complicated as joined te fleet. Every one around es y us ad fis and soon tey started Neverteless, in tose years we coming in over te side of our boat. «3ed some, beautiful fly waters, and on several occasions last season accounted for more weakfis tan te "old master." Wen we arrived at Pauels Ancorage, Rumson, we found 100 or -- te te large fleet of rowboats were oul. on te river. After a sort wile several parties came into te float. Te first boat to land ad a peac basket and flour sack full of flounders. ww surprised at te size of tese flatfis. Tey weiged from a pound up to two pounds. Almost as large as an average fluke, and make no mistake tey put up a swell scrap. After securing a boat and a can of tape worms we rowed out and so oter fisermen ad ad same idea and every, one of Caseys Give Bisops a Scare A figting ur<iu(> nl Red Hank Catolic if: fcroul p.ayi-i^ trew n scare into te Asbury Paik ip scool baseball tram lu.m Tursdiiy before oing down ui <li-f.-ai before te BUops. f, tu >. in ^ ^anie played at A^buiy Paik, Be.lind ti tu 3 at te tup i>! te.sevent inn;n^ te l;im-ys put un a rally and almor-. CJU^ te Carletun edaced team, unly tu ave te mlly fall slun l a.-, Duwd was out at tin- plair wit wiit would ii:svc b..i ii.e "Nin^ inn Raffoi \ war up foi ie Ci.s(-y* w.t tww.lul.- v. ;ii Ciijial di. : e A->uiy aik phinci, :i.~o ail two T». VM.- i..ul -;x it;- wili; live. Hol pitcel.- ;.->ii( i {.-.x a.-ft- on ball.- Hnd eain.-luifk nut -ix AMUY Pal k madr.-i.v <n<n*.<< :r V:Htots fl\r. ni-:i. \\i> i si inn U K ;,ilii,ln-.. i.. u iiiiuii..;i i : i i Wels i.i u 1 l-inn..-. : : a : UTn.y. 1 : : i. Hirmmv.Mn. <. ; i. n»..... " 1 Mnl<in. >. :l... - : " Wall.. : : Coac Tom Pipps and is Red B;ink Buccaneer baseball nine defeated Kumson Tuesday, 7 to 6 at Kum^nn. Uciing into te to]) alf of te sevent inning, beind by te score of () to 5, to Bankers went to work to defeni Bo Posl, te Rumsop. piuer. Fred Bruno, first man up, doulcd. As - Blakeley got on by Beatlys prior, Brunei went to tird. Ravemlale grounded out to Dick 1migty te second baseman, but Bruno scored on te play and Blakeley made second base. Here 1ijT Jon Crowell. batting star of te day. got is tird it, a single, and diovc in Hlakeley wit tr winning run. Ciowell ad previously ad two doubles. Mnz.zucra ended te tally ubiupl :i.t e lined to te sliiiltstopj wo trew tu first to tiup Ciowel) in a iloubie pin;.-. Coai Pipps started Bruno Taleriro on te mound, but e wfts il for fnur its and four runs- Frank Boot went in and eld te lullilni:s to tree its nnd two inns Post went all te way for niiinsou. Snmn Followed (Yiiwril [or attum bourns wit a two-it dav r.uinsons big guns wore llalligiui wit a triple nnd Moll wit a Rumson Wins n Extra inning.ill H. H.. C. 1 iii-tii ll V. Jnn.B TT, M. Aiimurk it:. H. Aumark S.. J. McliV 176»].-,.STOLES BAK rl\ V. l.nfayillc 1S llivlllier 17:1 Munrli 11.1 r.olinn 21-1 SrliiU-r 186 S7 r. imjio BUSKS n i Hendr.rW.... Mi UnlTmiiii lsj K, lil Walls : lll.l Hrnsr lti 1 :l.i! 7* llil.k n; 1ST 1 ft; li 2!S» S JO T 201 took a little advantage over my partner as 1 fised two rods. A fly rod and a bait-casting rod, so ended te day wit ig ook. After catcing all we could use we pulled ancor and eaded for ome wit meat on te table and te first sunburn of te season. At te float we met a party wo ad just returned. Tese Cronford boya. consisting of Gene, Henry, Ricard, Harold; Jr., Bcnncr and Henry Zekall, know teir flounders. Tey accounted for well over asked tem wat teir secret is. Tey told me tey cum i wit soft clams. So you eee tere are tricks even for flounder fising. Tis run of fis sould continue biting trougout te mont of May, and if you are fortunate in picking a good day, guarantee you are in for some swell sport. Many limes wile deep sea fising for cod ave caugt ackle eads, a ard looking customer, wit sarp spines around ie ead, wingb like a sea robin and black j and wite markings. Sunday 1 ooked and landed one weiging about two pounds. t was te first one 1 ave ever caugt in te river and 1 tougt 1 ad old of a striped bass. Stripers are in te surf and several were caugt and released dursuc as te Beavcrkill, Willowemock and te Esopus. caugt many fis and tome fair-cnzed ones up to 16 inces, but invariably would encounter a native in toae parts wo ad landed a trout tat would go 20 inces or better, on a worm or oter bait. TiiHfully, i" never caugt anyting tis uge on a dry fly nor can recall any one in our ultra group aving accomplised tis feat;- Tcie arcmany reasons given for tis penomena. Also e purist will ave you know tat te big fis dont count, and tat te main ting is to catc (em wit a lly dont let im kid you. He is just -i* anxious to catc te big one as- anyone else. He i«often close to iu boiling point wit envy wen e sees.._aii old soc doljager caugt on Moreover, if e will offer given alf a cance.some derogatory remark abouthe way it WJLS caugt. Te group J fised wit wele. nclined to believe tey were supersportsmen, giving te fis all te breaks by lising wit te artificial. Tis is paitially true. Tey were good sportsmen but noting 3-iiper. 1 ave known men wowere equally as good, wo ave never used anyting but worms. 1 ave seen occasions wen it was ten times l.olal. M 12 llil ,<-J ii-ljiy rii iiin i s.-i mi i:. C.vnl 17 S 22 1 :H.1. M.ii/./.opurn- l.l-j l:i[ ^li; s:. K.ui 1037 KSNF.ll CO ill K. M Hi.l 215 T. Ariitu., i;, v i (-,d j m:. smlili 1 - K >:< iiij r. lnliii,.!iiin,, l.rj -jui u,;. Tulll. 1S2 Hill lj.» lt>an,,- VU,, A- 111 l;y p\ Ml i t ; >,,,-it- -i-.tfr.. 1.H!11 Maul; Catolic im, s>-nnl rtr :.!iding until ti last nlf of. t.-filiation srvpii-inning game. )S< " rxtra inning contoft to luiiisun, fi to."i. Monday at Rumon. Leading lo 0 to te stage. Kt.T.inics learn mil wit a mi: tuinson lally. and (Jorniiili -~ *: 111 x r 114 pitrlu-r. wa.s tpplaeoil Mioinp. Bfrilty wns te willl"i r.uin.xnn wit Monisnn e- Wiml-H-. ti i i M ML tr plate iiji is battery mate i 1» «l i k : n l.. H. :f.. 1 ~t.. * \ a R Arrives n England ( pl..iymond lli.-<- ipidured "l>"\" " nf Ml.,,,,d M,,. Louis -! 1 " of Westsule avenue, ar- : i d!i, Kn-lanil Mair. 1.i int. i n^ tb,. serviip (pi. Rice w;ik inpl.yi d bv te Mercants Trust A rnatu at all be l,o,. l.-i- in,,ni 1 llv Montnum rcunly iiam- been luni.. ing lo, m;»,,-.n tin- n.akn,,..1,,. ltl.t(,l N,. : < K S W 1 X louimin" well HUV- o. UHU Mlan. as n.a.l.a.-eliall ^aloi played tin te Menx/iipiini of Ceil Hank., n, a gmilml.s ol Die Kan View nr(»>] iiliii.- :. t.. O- niiili-. Te.ial Sunday tin- Heaibleus ("nrnn M.Ki :,,. mini,. te Moll-.iug Neck.- defeatnl tli< Kivrrainutb ount.owlin^ A^.sociaiion H ( 1 Ai " / Hmolil flnou,..:!«!,,,.1 li.-.t..- er/ftaiy,,1k (in- te..img N.-cks 1 (lilcer, eld 111!- UU-M. opponents itlcss. but bo wan un-..i af.i<i,g Hi/iii<}i is <inc <,ff r "" 1 " 1 " 11 ln n\inr pour support "tiii- be^t known bow!<.t*_.mi<i uss^i s ^"iiinutcs nnd enrirs liy,;;, >,,«,,,., al yeais...n,: of lie} ) """ Mi^XUVf iiliw -( «eore. V.::n\; i< al pie.-. MT Hie Munlnuutli ", " County Single^ uiiiinnii. ; 1 Kid Hank levi.<lei i-< sup- Klloits ivi-ii, nin,,. tu Onlail ioe 1""^ bv lueiil «< well n.s tint -i>f-,. """ "!>.in*,in Hrn)earinc ircularlv tell te sloi-v <n-»er la expected in a day or so. -AdveMiBcmcnl. (il.llkk KT i " : i:c: llrillli ll.l.M.1^2! ).,; nntli ]U ir.7 1V 1 7.-iJ,ile.M mil 1,17 9" 2 ;i M ;i :l i ltanslt (111. llil llniin,... i:,.i i:. """" 21, l:l!i 177 >m.-i. l :.!i;j 2li. ll-inn l;:i; 171 lv.. \r..., ;:: n Hi-.V.,.,-(;,,,, Joe vs. Joe 7. S. F.KKT TKO l. ;.\GlK.11KHTK.< mi A. M... M. Dm A. K. M11 t. Mil K. M..!.. ) M. )!. K. ]> U. (. A, 1.. (,:> Hi M. K \ M V t 1 1 ( t \ Hi n M ffi tl < iln i\ ;i. M 1 at 1» in MOSlJl VK i-tt.l lll-,. nil* rill " MiS-M. ll,, CV... *. 1. lllllilllii. HATK \u 11 llllcm....!? 1 1 2ii:i Hi 2 UKS 1: i:t^.... 1",:. 7il ii li,-, tr.. 1-, Tdl 1.-; "H S Klt.S 2i.e.l r.-. ii.i, K 1:.! 11 : * n i V lr,i W.MiONS "1 1.; >.. J<M y^\:.-. ),:- 1 lli i7 r.i : 11 1 :\ s l"l \a 1." :1 1 a. 1 7li 1:12 1 ;i 1 n 1 :i7 1 lil 1 i,a \"v.< (17 ; 1. llil is lli lli ~vi :,-; BS f:,r, i (. 1 ^5 1 : 7 1 Hi ". 1 fill H 107 * 1 f in w :K case ; But to get back to te purists fised wit. We eventually moved to oter localities and lost track of eac oter entirely. n my 1 found myself in level country, wit no ills to speak of at all, ae anyone can testify wo lives or as been in Central.New Jersey. At first was bitterly disaapointed in my surroundings and conditions, aving lived in illy and mountainous country all my life, wit fast, wite water for my trout fising. However, a flsermun wont be discouraged ever to te. point tat e cant fis at all. So te first ting did, naturally enoug, was to cast my eyes about for trout water of J some kind, and after consideiable exploration 1 fountl te spot for te coming season. n te meantime continued to make te various patterns of flies as 1 ad been in! te abit of doing on wintry nigls! of te past. (TO BE COMPLETED NEXT WEEK). easier to catc a trout wit a tly in;; te past week by fellows rls- tan y any oter device, yet if ing for te early run of kinglls. te fis in a particular stream are j scarce, te purists first tougt is ave felt rigt along tat e tat tc so and s0 wol m dunkc1 present restrictions on salt water i waii responsible for it. fising will be modified before tc season gets under way. Don Stilman in is Kod and Gun column, New York Herald-Tribune April 29, says: "Good news for te ealt water j fisermen is contained in an Afiso- ciated Press diepatc from Trenton, N. J., wic states tat! Governor Walter E. Edge was notified today by Admiral H. F. Leary of te United States Navy, commander of te Eastern sea frontier, tat war-time restrictions would be moderated to permit party fising boats to operate off Hie coast. 1 "Edge,, wo ail asked if te refitrirlions. migt be eased, was told by Leaiy tat Rear Admiral Stanley V. Parker, commander of te United States Coast Guard in tis area, was preparing detailed regulations wic would be announced later." ave requested te committee in carge of te Governors New Jersey Fising tournament to furnis a supply of entry blanks, also a list of te official weigmastere of Monmoul county. We sould ave one or more at Red Bank wit nil te entusaetic fisermen in our section. Being a worm dunking trout fiserman mytfelf ave asked my good friend, King Hemming of Ued Kank, to write me an article on e "Purist." Tat Holier-tantou fraternity of dry flyers wo look down on us poor mortalswit scorn. After rending Hammings article 1 dont (eel so badly about, ns it leaves me wit te impi e.srfion tat even te purest of te purisu at limes will smuggle a worm on is ook f lie" tougt t;it tere was no one looking. lii lmkiiitegratiim of a urist By KNG HEMMNG Many stories ave been written concerning te purist wo would consider it sacrilegious to use any oter catc a tiout tan by employing a dry. fly, but seldom do 1 Hnd anyting wrltlin\about (e infamous fellow w^io stoops so low us to. uao use lowly garden ackle, or live ball, nor te angler wy^la not.jwcrso to using tly or bait " Good-Bye, Mossback. Te story of te elderly mossback, wo ad $30,000 in te bank but wore te same suit of clot for 17 years, as a pointed moral for te people of New Jerfley in tis year of Te old codger finally bougt imself a new suit for reasons of strict economy. He figured 1 tat C ad lost coin and green backs equivalent to te cost of 12 suits of clotes troug te oles in te pockets of is old suit. New Jersey as been wearing ts old Constitution for exactly 100 years. Te ancient garment as been patced innumerable times by generations of political tailors but it is still full of oles. Especially in te pockets, n compar- son, te mildewed togs of Rip Van Winkle wen e came from te mountain top after is long sleep, look like te newest creation of Bond Street. But New Jersey now as te cance to spruce up and go modern. New apparel as been measured and cut for its wearing if its voters will say Yes" at te November election on te Constitutional revision ballot proposition. Wy esitate? Tis cance to get out of te Rip Van Winkle category of states may nevtr come again. Wy reject te new Constitutional abiliments just because a minor detail is not to ones liking? Some may object because te new.suit does not ave paten pockets or cuffs n te trousers. ToRe extra-adornments went out wen te war came n. Tey werent needed and avent been missed. Tats exactly te basic principle underlying te revised Constitutional draft lop off everyting tats not needed in ^te functioning of State government. Retrenc, economize, streamline tere you ave it! Te 100 existing boards, bureaus and agencies would be cut down to twenty. And tered be no oles in te pockets. A modern fiscal system would see to tat all departments to operate under a single State budget and a single fiscal year: no supplemental appropriations unless te cas is in te state treasury. Te States unwieldly court system would e reframed to bring expeditious and economical andling tin law procedure. New Jersey will profit immeasurably if te voters give teir approval to Constitutional reform. Tere sould e no airline picking bugle State carter. n its over-all strengt, it is a splendid blueprint for good government. Ti.q over-all strengt sould be te ba.^is for final judpmenl on te measure. e New Jrrscv Taxpayers Association contends, urging tnt any particular pnlicy advornt- organizations or groups, but nmittod from te doeumenl. sould be submerged for te time being so n.q not to jeopardize arlontion of Constitutional reform itself. Setting an example, te Association as &!>, ferred pressing for inclusion ln te new carter an anti-mandatory legislation plank until after Constitutional adoption. Easier metods provided by te. new instrument will afford a ready means for te inclusion of future pollcv proposals Te electorate sould now concentrate its efforts upon tc major objective of adopting te reform carter. Tat issue will afford n golden opportunity for an alert citizensip to adopt new mecanisms of progress for its own salvation. Te acievement of ti s aim will mark te day of New Jerseys emergence from cbronio governmental mosbba.cwsm and te Rip Van Winkle stage of stateood. - GARDEN NOTES. Wen buying delpinium plants, select vigorous young plants rater tan overgrown old clumps. Ligtly -stepping on a winterloosened iris rizome wile te eart is soft will" re-establis its contact wit, te eart. Too muc loosening of te soil by cultivation nearyoung seedlings may leave te tiny plans cut off from ample moisture supply. Too deep forking or spading of te soil near grafted trees and srubs may lead to te growt of "wild" suckers from roots severed in te process. Officer* Elected By Curc Group Te Senior Cristian Endeavor society ol te Presbyterian curc eld ts annual meeting recently at te curc wit te retiring president, Mls3 Gloria Moore, in carge. A brief devotional period wa«eld after wic te annual election of officers was conducted. Te new officers arc Miss Barbara Bergen, president; Tomas Morrison, vice-president; Miss Virginia Doolittle, secretary; and Miss Carol Matlasen, treasurer. Plans w$re completed for te entertainment of te Monmout- Ocean County Endeavor union Tuesday nigt, May 16, at te curc.. Boys can make pocket money by selling te Register Advertisement Flowers for Moters Day.,. Tat mnitna contacting te Higway Gardens an noon an pon- * slblfi to be mire of getting a corsage, cut flowers or mixed 1! bouquet for Moter. An early call t suggested. HGHWAY GARDENS FL0WKB8 FOH ALt OCCASONS Tel - 3JM State Higway 35 Red Bank Save 30% Fuel Government Officials say fuel outlook is even darker for next winter! NSULATE YOUR : )MK NOW WTH ROCK WOOL Youll suvi; up to 3o per cent in winter fuel and get an extra onus of summer comfort. For te same blanket of fireproof Kock Wool tat keeps winters furnace eat in, keeps scorcing summer eat out. fcven on te ottest days rooms are 8 degrees to 15 degrees cooler. You sleep better fat better feel better-. COMBNATON WNDOW SCREEN AND STORM SASH A Perfect Screen in Summer A Perfect Storm Sai in Winter Sas- and Screen, aui- be...canged irom_ jj)>ije bv an}; woman in a few seconds. Sturdy and simple cemically treated against te elements custom lifted will last a lifetime. A new modern window tat will soon pay for itself in comfort and fuel savings. Sold at a price everyone can afford. rovldv >O\V AfiruJfiHt A" Even Greater Fuel Sortage Next Wlnl«-r Wile Tose CrUcal Material* Are Available You Can Save Morjey" by Having Your Job Sceduled Now Prompt nstallation 36 Mont* to Pay First rnyment Nor. ROOFNG and SDNG " VARETY OF COLORS WTH EXCLUSVE FEATURES PHONE OR WRTE TODAY WEATHERMASTER 52 Main Street, Bradley Beac Pone A. P i self. Now te reason for Ms, 1 believe, i«lat e punlat n is i! nnd migty dlsdnin for te ball fiserman, ns made im feel so torougly asamed ot imself Ruling On Elkwood Held Over A Week Te New Jersey Racing commission will tnkp anoter week to decide on weter to issue u license to te Monmoul Park Jocke> club to conduct orse racing wit pari-mutucl betting at Elkwood Park, near Oceanport. Application for a permit wat made Monday wen l^u^ene Noito, president of te club; Lo.i Smit, manayer of te nockinrliap, track in New Hnmpsire; Marl, Lillentnl, nationally known engineer of Boston, nnd J. H. Paimor, ood of a New Kncliind rnntrading mm, appeared before tu commission at Trenton. Mr. Norton presented proof to te commission tat te corporation beind e project as.$450,000 in cas from stock nnd S1.P underwritten y a New York bond an] banking company. Principal Buck mi Job. Jon E. Bennett, wo was suspended as principal of te Matawan ig scool was reinstated by te Jaoard of education Monday nigt. HlrTeinsKTfrfiTnT^wifr^pagrBd- tipte stale, commissioner of education. At te snnie time e board voted lo do away.wit e ohice of supervising principal, now eld y Jon S. McCurdy. SPRNG FURNTURE HGHLGHT -VALUES! BABY CARRAGES Teres pre-war steel in tis classy cassis for baby. Metal frames and weels; rubber tires, completely padded... for comfort and good wear. roldng TYPE.25 CHAR FAR Unusual collection for bedroom, living room, dining room, porc. Covered in figured tapestries, quaint Waverly prints, textured cottons, for use wit 18t century and modern rooms. F3OM FBER RUGS TO Just te ting to brigten up your ome tis summer. We ave a most complete selection to coose from. Come in and see tem today. ACME FURNTURE CO Monmout St. Pone 2104 Red Bank, N. J

21 NSURANCE FOB EVERY NEED LFE CASUALTY FRE AUTOMOBLE COMPENSATON W. C. WEART U BROAD ST., B«d Bank Tel. 2J40 Tis s one of te blr mac- net we me for roning your bed and table linen. Jt weigt eleven tons and finises your linens like lew. Tats te reason we do it better and ceaper tan you can at ome. LET US SERVE YOU HOUSE WABMNG PAH.TT. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Holler gave a ousewarmlng Saturday nigt at teir ome on Wilson avenue. Port Monmout. Among te guests were Mr. and Mrs. Carles Margold of Port Monmout, Mr. and Mrs. T. Brown of Lakewoud, Mr. and Mra. William Farley and Mr. and Mra. Robert Malcolm of Great Neck, Long sland; M. Halverson of Glen Cove, and Frank Moller, alao of Long sland. Finding elp la easy wit a Renister Ad. Advertisement. Te FAT mm R ONER Union Laundry 82 WHTE ST., RED BANK PHONE 1144 VAN SHOCK, Res. Manager. CHLDRENS SAND BOXES Hours and ours of ealtful, outdoor enjoyment for te kiddies! Teae sand boxes are 39x44 nces, painted and decorated n Green and Wite or Blue and Wite. Tere are seats all around, wood bottoms, tongued and grooved.^ A fringed and scalloped adjustable canopy protects tem from te ot sun! Pone Red Bank 1 17 Broad St. Red Bank Look After Tomorrow, Today... y Save consistently so tat your future will be one of financial independence M tat you willave te ome and te security you want. We offer adequate returni plu* te safety of insurance on your funds up to $5,000. And remember by saving and by buying War Bonda, you figt inflation. REDBRNR RED BANK BROAD ST. - RED BANK Cartered 1887 Offers Co-operation Getting War Records Mrs. H. Gertrude Capen Of Red Bank Library Assisting n mportant Work A New Jersey war records commission ajj been set up n connection wit te New Jersey state library and public librarians trougout te state asked to co-operate to get te istory of te preisnt war nsofar as it pertains to New Jersey, properly cronicled. Mrs. H. Gertrude Capen, librarian at te Red Bank Eisner Memorial library, as offered er assistance and as supplied Te Register wit te following information regarding te commission: NEW JERSEY WAB BECOBDS COMMSSON Carles Edison, governor, «xofflclo. Georgians C. Blake, curator, Atlantic County Historical Museum, Jane Barus, president, New Jer- RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Page Nuie. wlds significance will ultimately find teir way to te state library. Special istorians will compile records of institutions, organizations and movements wic trans- ave been cend community lines. Most of te members of te War Records commission are acting ae special istorians. Oters wo act as special istorians are state department officials, educators, leaders of business, industry, labor, agriculture, te professions and state-vide organizations and persons wose special aptitudes or interests qualify tem. Te plan of organization is com. preensive yet flexible. t reats on te local community and special interest ^roupflf t requires a minimum of overead direction and per sonnel. Designed to preserve American istory. t ia essentially Amer lean in spirit, for t depends on te sey League of Womto Voters, voluntary co-operation of fres per- Jon H. Bossart, Commissioner sons. of Education. Local Historians) Julian P. Boyd, librarian, Princeton University library. preservation of all records wic Local istorians will >eek te Emma V. Baldwin, president, in any way reflect te impact of New Jersey Library Association. te war on teir own communities. Robert C. Clotier, president, Terefore, almost any written or ftuuer, University printed matter, business or civic Allan R. Cullfmore; preald«nt, j records, motion or Mill picture, Newark College of Engineering. sound recording, map or poster concerning te war effort, on te bat- Annie Blair Cummins, president, Warren County Historical Society. tle-front or te ome-front, sould Harold W. Dodde, president, j be maded part of te local war Princeton University.! James E. Downes, state librarian. Leonard Dreyfuse, director of Civilian Defense. Lena D. Griffit, president, Griffit Music foundation. L. Hamilton Garner, president, New Jersey Urban League. Katryn B. Creywacz, curator, State Museum. Justin M. Hess, president. New Jersey Association of Teacer* of 1 Studies. nvar d L. Huges, librarian, T...: Free Public Library.!..mar L. Jensen, executive sec- v, Community Branc, Tren- Y M C. A. F. Keiley, president, Seton Ciilece. record. Te local istorian eould make is first task te contacting of every organization and individual in is community wo will ave any type of r«cordb»arrng on te war and te securing of teir promise NOW to preserve teir records. Te empasis between now and te end of te war will be n planning to preserve, not r-cpffiectlng.! Most of tese records iukraow ac- live, working records and will not ; be available for transfer to local or (State arcives until after te war. But te daneer is tat, unless te idea of preservation is stressed now pear sortly after ostilities cease, n B. Kaiser, librarian, Newl:c- Public Library. i n addition to organizing tis j project locally and selling te dea ^es Kerney, Jr., editor, Trento all concerned, an mportant talk Times. of te local istorian is to begin!>ald B. La. wson, president, nresldent Uo- up- ^mediately te compilation of a type of record wlc doeb not now. >. College. Elizabet Haddock, president. exist anywere, tat dealing wit te nfluence of te war on te : w Jorsev State Federation of ommunlty Cl at large, nformation Womens clubs. wic will not be reflected in te Margery Quieley, librarian, Montclalr Free Public Library. Edward H. Roemle, president, N>w Jersey Press association. Frank H. Ryan, managing editor, Cariiden Courier-Post newspaper*. Artur J. Sinnott, editor, Newar: Evening News. P.uuell VanHorn, assistant 11 br.irlan, Rutgers University library. William R. Ward, president, New Jei?ev Historical society. Beatrice Wlnser, curator, Newark Museum. James E. Downea, supervisor. Mrs. Gordon Bucanan, director. Purpose posterity te New Jerseys complete story of menu and oter source materials wic will enable future istorians and scolars alike to reconstruct tp mpact of tis war on our lives and tougts, our institutions and ideals. Te picture s clear now but will soon be dulled, and ultimately lost, f te records now bein R made are not kept. Official records will, of course, be preserved, but to»e dealing wit te minutiae of our daily lives will be lost unless fipeclal plans are made to save tem. Witout suc plans we sall find ourselves, witin a sort time nfter tis war is over, witout a documentary record of our war time activities. Tose -wose business it s to know about and use records found twe of World war 1 very inade quate. Little attmept ad been made to save tem until after te armistice, wen it was found tat most of tem ad already been de Btroyed. t was to avert a recur rence of suc a condition tat te Committee on Conservation of Cul tral Resources and te Social Sci ence Researc Council launced te nation-wide program to assure te preservation of tis wars ome front records. To co-operate wit tis program te New Jersey War Records Commission was created. Te New Jersey War Records Commission wants te story of ALL te people. Wile large cities are obviously very important, t le possible tat some of te ricest nuggets of source materials may come from some remote rural area. No matter ow small a community may be its war records are essential to te istory of New Jersey, Wile te deeds of famous people will naturally be recorded, te troubles and contributions of te most umble are also necessary to complete record. No matter ow unimportant an individual may be, is story s valuable. Preservation of all te records ot all te people te goal. Organization Te program of preserving te records ot te State in World war 2 is autorized and financed by te Governors War Cabinet. Placed under te Joint sponsorsip of te director of civilian defense. Leon ard Dreyfues, and te state librarian, James E. Downes, te work is in carge of Mrs. Gordon Bucanan, director of War Records, and under te supervision of te state librarian. A committee of 30 ot te states outstanding civic and cultural leadera was appointed bv te governor to advise and assist ts director and te state librarian. Te primary responsibility for e success of te war records presirvation program rests upon a lo-?al istorian n eac of te states 563 municipalities. Nominated by Le local defense councils on direclon from te state director of civilian defense, teae local letorans are appointed by te war ree- >rds commission and are directly esponsible to te director of war ecords. Acting as liaison between te dlector and te local, istorians is Bonar^BC of wom isreaponf bte for a specific aroa of te state. Local libraries, istorical societies and museums will act «* de- records of any one organized group. Tis refers particularly to records mentioned n paragrap 6 below, under "Type of RecordB." Anoter immediate task of te deal istorian is to begin asking relatives, friends, clergymen, scool principals, etc., to preserve letters tey are now receiving from people n uniform. (Obviously, wat is wanted ere is not te more intimate type of personal letter but rater tose communications wic give experiences, reactions and observations). Local istorians can also begin it! once t to rpt recapture te more epe-meral type of record made since ing to disappear. Wile te preservation of te om wic istory can be rater tan te actual writing of istory, is te main ob- jective of tis program, many local istorians may want to write a ls-. tory of teir communitys war record. Te local istorian migt-well ; ask eac war-activity organization to compile an account of its own j war contribution, wile e writes j te general story of te impact of te war on is community. Local istorians will find two agencies, on wfc, above all oters, tey sould lean eavily for advice and assistance and wit wic tey sould work very closely, namely, te local defense council and te local library. n larger communities especially, local istorians will find it desirable to organize a committee to sare te responsibility for tis work nstead of trying to do t alone. deally, te committee sould be cosen-by te local istorian wo, of course, will be its cairman. Te size of te committee will depend entirely on local conditions. Te types of record wic local istorians eould seek to preserve are: 1. Complete rosters of all residents of te community in uniform (weter in te armed services, te womens auxiliaries to te armed service*. Mercant Marine or Red Cross) and of all citizens wo participate in any type of civilian activity relating to te war effort Civilian Defense, Red Cross, USO, Overseas Relief, Victory Qardens, Bond and Stamp Drives, Victory Corps in Scools, Rationing and Selective Service Boards, Nurses Aides, etc. 2. Minutes, correspondence and oter basic records of civilian organizations connected wit te war effort Ċomplete files of local news Papers. 4. Records of Selective Service and Rationing Boards, in so far ab tey are not required lo be turned over to te Federal government. 5. Records wic sow te mpact of te war on community life new enterprises started or old enterprises converted or closed sift in empasis n te activities of community organizations; ousing projects; mpact of te war on te scools; juvenile delinquency, etc. (Tis type of record will probably ave to be "made" by te local istorians). Potograps of draft sendoffs, parade?, victory gardens, plaques, markers-~any potograp relating to te community war effort. Camera clubs can be enlisted for tis pase of te work. Peraps te moot important potograpic record would be te compilation of a flla of potograps of every person from te community wo was in uniform during te war. 7. Letters, diaries, etc., of perlons in uniform. $t Books, magazine articles and oter publised material by or ibout New Jersey participants n e war. 9. Source and secondary materials by or about citizens of te community engaged n governmental work during te war more especially tose attaced to actlvl- U<ui^an. ;Jia».liGdctai.i VfiL.Jii bis. positories of local records. Te bulk of te records will probably remain nte community of teir plctp a picture ns possible of te origin, altoug some of state-impact of te war on te commun- cosrlry. "or overseas: " :,"T n 10, n sort, every conceivable type of original record or document produced by oters, or tose compiled by local istorians, wic will preserve for posterity as comity end te communitys relation to te war. Special Historians Records dealing wit te mpact of te war on tese pases of our lift wic affect te entire state, or lance portions of it, will be compiled by special istorians. Many special istorians ave already been designated.and oters will be named as te program develops. To iadlcate tis type of record tere follows as Hat of special istories already under way (Te names n parenteses are of te special istorians n carge; last names only bain* riven for members of te War Records Commis- 1. Civilian Defense (Mr. Drey fusa). 2. Public Education (Dr. Bossart). 3. Mualo (MM..Griffit and Dr. Boris Eric Nflson, Westminster Scool of Music, Princeton). 4. Te Negro (Mr. Jensen and Mr. Garner), 5. Libraries, Museums and Historical Societies (Miss Wlnser, Mrs Greywacz and MUs Baldwin). 6. Men and Women in Service (letters, dlarlea, camp newspapers posters, etc.) (Dr. Boyd). 7. Catolic nstitutions (Magr Kelley). 8. T«War in Cartoons (Mr Ryan). 9. Business. industry and labor (Mr. Kaiser, rving T. Gumb, executive secretary of New Jersey Camber of Commerce, and rving Abramson, president, state CO). 10. A New Jersey College n Wartime (A. R. Caiman, ead of te istory department, Upsaia college). 11. Te War and Art. (a) Camouflage (Herbert R Knlffln, ead of te art de. partment, Rutgers Universsityj. (b). ndustrial art (Dana P. Vaugan, director Trenton Scool of ndustrial Art). 12. Farm Cooperatives (Clayton Stains, president, Fleming-ton Auction Market). 13. Te Coast Guard in New Jersey (Mrs Carroll Badeau, assistant to Morale Officer, 4t Naval District) 14. Adult Wartime Studies (Max J. Herzberg, president, National Council of Englis Teacers). Special istories still to be arranged for will nclude ousing, various pases of agriculture, recreation, small business, colleges taken over by te armed forces, Protestant and Jewis nstitution!! and Young People. Every Citizen a Committee Member New Jersey is engaged in a total war a war tat is different from all oters a war tat affect* every pase of life. Two armies Are figting tis war te armed forces on te battle-front and te citizens on te ome-front. Every New Jersey man, woman and cild is tereby making istory. Eac one can and sould elp, preserve flu record. Will YOU elp? Altoug fourt smallest in size among te state, New Jersey as an enviable ndustrial record. t is producing one-sixt of all essential war materials. Te Garden State farmer, overcoming great difficulties of labor, macinery and material sortages, is exceeding normal food production. Te business man as adapted imself to tremetidaufi canges. Te professional man is doing double duty. n civilian defense alone 600,000 New Jersey residents are united in war work, in protective and community services units in itself Lstorv-making demonstration of democracy n action. Tis war is affecting every pase of te daily lives of all of us our work and play, our curces, scools and omes. Tis s New Jerseys story of today wic becomes its istory of tomoi-row. Te War Records Commission aims to preserve t n documentary form. You ave just read a summary of te purposes and plans of te New Jersey War Records Commission, You can now determine just ow you can best assist n tis work. Having done so wont you please offer your services to your local istorian or one of te special istorians or to te Director of War Records n Trenton? Keyport <T«Bed B»nk Reglittr can b«bougt n Kcrport from T. Pappai, Mil. Klortnca Melee. Qua Sension, Mn. Clara Susiman And Mrs. M. Plofeky) Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Halg were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kennet Merof in Glen Ridge. Jon C. Anderson as returned from a business trip to Halifax, N. S. Mr. and /Mrs. Kennet Greene, former residents, now of New Haven, Conni, ave been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Tomas M. Anderson. A son was recently born to Pvt. and Mrs. Jon R. Croes. Mrs. Edward W. Young, a former president of te Keyport Literary dub, as been elected second vice president of Ex-Presidents clubs of te tird district of Federated Womens clubs. Te boroug council as designated- te week of May 22 as "Clean-Up Week." Te Mutual Contracting company of Atlantic Higlands as been awarded te contract for construction of sewer and surface treatment on Beers and Butler streets by te boroug council. Te bid price is J , wic was only $2*70 less tan te bid or Frank Nero 4 Son of Red Bank. Mrs. Loda Losen of Jackson street as been visiting er moter, Mrs. George Ratway of Nutley. Mrs. Harvey S. Bedle, Sr.. aa returned from a visit wit er daugter and son-in-law, Lieut, and Mrs. Leonard Frank in Douglas, Ga. Mr.»nd Mrs. Ruterford Losen ave returned from a several monts stay n Florida. Cristian Science Reading Room Curc Edlfloe, too Broad Street, Bed Bank Tel. Red B>nk 3460-J. OPEN DALY J to 4 P. M. Except Sunday and Holidays Friday Evenings, 7:50 to 9:30 Mary Baiter Eddy, Diieov«r«r «nd Founder o( Crlatlan Science, and all oter autorised Cristian Science Literature may b«read, borrowed or- purcased. Tb«Public, le W.lcom. Celebrates HU Sixt Birtday Bobby Foster, son of Mr. and Mra. Robert Foster, Jr., of Belford, celebrated is sixt birtday Saturday wit a party at is ome. Te decorations were in pink and j blue and a large birtday cake occupied te center of te supper table. Bobby received many fine gifts. Games were played and prizes were awarded to Beverly Van Brunt, Evelyn Walling, Tommy Scnoor, Frank Hoyt, Helen Taylor and Barbara Jean Stotfkr. Guests also ncluded Teresa Romeo, Louis Egnatovlc, Betty Walling, Carles Walling, Jacqueline Hetse, Ronald Scnoor, Jennie Kron, Loretta Golden, Edna Karc, Harry Branson, Jr., and Henry Kelgren. Adults present were Mrs- Lillie Romeo, Mrs. Rut Egnatovlc. Mrs. Helen Wailing, Mra. Robert i Foster, Sr., Mrs. Frank Harvey, Mrs. Mary Karc, Mra. Helerf Smitson, Mrs. Eleanor Scnoor, Mrs. dao-andrewa, Mrs. Prlscilla Stover and Mrs. Lllll/m Foster. Centerville Mr. and Mr». Josep Granato spent Sunday n Madison. Mr. and Mrs. George Tome, Jr., end son spent Bunday n Pert Amboy. Miss Ann Salmon attended te wedding of Miss Catarine Maar and Capt. Jon Griffin at West Point, New York, Sunday. Mra. Edward- Cerllona and fanv. ily spent Sunday n Matawan. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Beec of Oceanport were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Willey. Te Holmdel townsip defense council met in te Holmdel casualty station Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Saivatore and family ave returned from a visit wit teir daugter, Mrs. Tomas Merala of Brooklyn. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Allocco spent j Sunday n Newark. \ Te Womens auxiliary of te i fire company eld a game social at te fire ouse Friday. Mr. and Mra. George Torne. Sr.. William Carman ot Port Monmout, Mra. E. Scott and Capt. ] Benjamin Dennis spent Sunday wit Mr. and Mrs. Hyler Scott of Piladelpia. Mrs. Pilip W. Miller and son, George, spent Wednesday n New : York city. Cpl. Stepen Potosky is ome on a furloug from Camp Forest, Ten- j nessee. - Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Cantrele spent Sunday wit Mr. and Mrs. E. Coebler of Englcwood. i Misses Catarine and Rosemary i Salmon attended a performance at Radio City teater recently. [ Mrs. C. Moeslger and Miss M. j Moeslgner, Mrs. L. Goodart and Mn. A. WataOn of Germantown, ) Pennsylvania, spent te week-end wit Mr. and Mrs. ra Coon. Navesink (Te Red Bank Register can be bouitt in Navesink at te postoffice) Te vesper service eld Sunday afternoon was enjoyed by a large audience. Te program was carried out aa publised n last weeks issue. Rev. Ronald M. Bowerman waa coir director and P. George "regory organist. Nav&sking library as received a gift of between 200 and 300 books j wic ad belonged to te late! Senator W. Warren Barbour troug te courtesy of is cildren. A sale of delicious ome-made food will be eld Saturday, May 13, j beginning at 10 a. m. at te ome of Mra. Lester Sickles for te benefit of te Navesink Dance club. Pvt. Ceater Wallace as been xansferred to Camp Gordon, Jeorgla. Te library committee will meet j Tuesday, May 9 at 4 p. m. in te library. i Mrs. M. V. Bowtell as been ill wit grip at te ome of er daugter, Mr». L. G. Galloway. Te distress signal "SOS" was flrat adopted officially for international radio use in First Metodist Curc 247 Broad St., Red Bank REV. ROGER J. SQURE, Pastor SUNDAY, MAY 7, 1W4. 9:45 A. M. Curc Scool. Classes for All Agei. 11:00 A. M. "Reality or Sam." 8:00 P. M. "Can You Be Too Ptousr" CORDAL WELCOME TO ALL! BABY CHCKS FNE STURDY STOCK Rode sland Reds and Barred Rocks 18 ea. We Have A Large Stock On Hand BUT TO BE SURE OF CHCKS WHEN YOU WANT THEM LET US HAVE YOUR ORDER FOR FUTURE DELVERY,. Ask Anyone About Newberry Cicks, Teyre Tops NEWBERRY 77 BROAD STKEKT, RED BANK f ;..we ave te sensational new miracle wall finis. OW COM COVM M walli and alllngi, wallkmrd, bomnwnt walk. 2. wnin imt **«* 3. DM N ON! HOW 4. MUt! WTH WATM 5. NO "PAWTT" ON 6. WAWJ uuir 7. lovtutit coiois KeatTona QU. ROLlER-KOATtR 5{ V K As low as 15$ a nil PLASTC PATCH Ropdrs tracks ^ VARNSH for FLOORS * FURNTURE WOODWORK SHeRWN.Wll.UAMt MAR-NOT VARNSH Beautifies and protects. Resist* cipping, stuffing and scratc* lag. Wll not euro wite. Klarins Paint Store 26 Monmout St., Red Bank, N. J. SHERWN-WLLAMS Opening Friday Morning May 5t PANTS Quality Meat Sop Formerly "Brevoort M&rkel" 39-A Broad Street, Red Bank 354 A Complete Line of Coice *

22 Page Ten. RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Genealogy Mrs. William R. Conover, editor, cairman of te Genealogical committee of Monmout County Historical association, Freeold, N. J. Genealogical ndex (P»rt 6) questions and Answer! January 2, 1941, to January 1, Viall," (VailV Anstance Viall ivail i Elizabet Donnelly) 1612 Vial), i Vail» J 1612 VanAkcn, Neeltje 1719 VanArsdale, saac 1772 VanArsdale, Jacob, Rev 1772 YanArsdalc Margaret 1772 VanBaal. Margaret 1801 VanBrakic, Agnes (Bennett) VanBraklc Hanna 1577 VanBrakle, James _ 1577 VanBraklc Maria 1577 VatiBrunl. Agnes _ 3753 VanBnini, Hcndrkk 1882 VanCleaf. Anna.. _ 1002 VanBrunl. Nicolas _ VanCicaf. Benjamin 1902 VanClcur. Benjamin, Jr 1755 VanCleaf. ornclius _ 1902 VanCleaf. Kleanor 1902 VtnClcaf. Jon 1902 McManis, wo was b. n Jeffer«on Co., Oio, Dec. 29, 1806, dau. of Capt. George McManis and Mary Stuart, is wife. Marta (Allen) Dakin d. LaPorte, nd., Jan. 12, Any information on tis family will be apprecited. C. B..H. (La.) Book C Monmout County Marriage Records, Court House, Freeold, Jf. J. (S3) Hyers, Gisbert and Pebe Hankins 1833, Apr. 13 By Josep Lawrence, Justice Ralp, Jacob and Merlole Warrick, bot of Hop. Co. 1832, iiay 23 Haley, Jon and Elizabet Ellison 1832, May 23 Ptillen, William and Elizabet bot of Burlington Co Aug. i Lawrence, Samuel and Hankins, bot of Burlington Co....:.: 1832, Sept. 9 Quicksil, Jon and Sara Hopkins, bot of Burlington Co. 1832, pet 6 Brown, Daniel and Ann Fowler, bot of Mon. CO 832, Oct. 18 Wilgus, Jesse and Sara Bisop, bot of Mon. Co 1833 Smit, Merrieb and Sara Horncr 1833, June 23 Bennet, Josep and Teodosia Grovcr. bot of Mon. Co. : 1833, Oct. 5 By William. Emiey Speeds Letters Overseas VanCleaf. Margaret 1902 Birdsall, Daniel and Caterine VanCicaf. Racel 1902 VanCleaf. Sara _ 3749 VanClonf. William,..,..., VanCleavc, Margaret 15G0 VanClecf, Anlje... _ 1619 VanCleef. Benjamin 1619 VanClecf, Elizabet 1619 VanClecf. Racel 1619 Vandcrbilt, Gertrude Vando-biil, Jeremia 1887 Vanderbilt. Jon 1684 Van Her Bylt, Jon Vanderlioef, Amelia Millicent 1554 VanDeripc, Jon L 1783 Vandervecr, David 1565 Vandervccr. Jon Lloyd 1565 Vandirveer, Peter, Sr 1689 Vandorveer, lulif 1565 Vandei veer. Sara 1565 Van Der Veer, Jacoba 1682 Vandc-vr-nter, Caterine 1794 Vnndoventer. Mary 1872 VanDevcnter, Pasance 1794 VanDeventPr, Peter 1794 Vandcver, Andrew., 1689 Vandever, Mary Vandever, Rebecca 1689 Vandever, Racel 168!) Vandever, Sara 1689 Vandiver, Breata 1689 Vandivcr..Caterine 1689 Vandivrr. Cornelius 1689 Vandiver, Elizabet 1689 Vandiver. Henry 1689 Vandiver, Jacob 1689 Vandivev. Margareta 1689 Vandiver. William 1689 Vandiverc. Jon _ 1680 Vandiver. Pilip 1689 Vandiverc, Susanna.: 1689 VanDoren, Mary 1842, 1887 VanPykc, Joannis 1603 V;mHirtpnbau, Tryntle Jans 1470 YiiiiHuine. Sara.. VanHooren, Janetje VanKiiU, (Jeoige.. VanKk, Gilbert... VanKirk, James VanKiik, Jon VanKirU, Marianna VanKirlt, Sara VanLent, Henry Harmenson VanJiew, JJenise ;... Vanliew, Denlsc VanLlew, Dina 1473, 1842 VanMnrtcr, Roda _ , 1561 VanMater, Benjamin 1442 VanMater. Cyrenlus 1442, 1736 Soper, bot of Stafford townsip, 1833, Oct. 10 By Amos Birdsall, Justice Rockill, Joel and Eupane Lawrence, bot of Dover twp. : 1833, Oct. 2 By Henry Boema, Minister Liming, Job and Rebecca Posure? 1833, Oct. 12 By William Platt Boanan, William and Pebc Webb,. bot of. Dover Forge 1833, Oct. 23 By T C, Harrison, Esq. (84) Conrow, Levi and Ann Cook 1833, Oct. 5 By Josep Barclay, Esq. Haines, Stacy L. and Eliza Potts, bot of Burlington Co. 1833, Jan. 3 Gravatt, Petei- and Lydia Ann Llppcncott, bot of Upper Freeold 1833, Sept. T Clark, Benjamin and Roda Vanrsdalen, bot of Freeold Oct 2 Edwards, Daniel and Ancliza seble, bot of Srewsbury 1833, Sept 2 Morris, William and Sara Smit, bot of Srewsbury July 12 By Cornelius Lane, Justice Te6e records were copied by Monmout Court House capter, A. R., and publised troug Souvenrs From Guadalcanal On display in te business office of Te Red Bank RSgiater s s,erie«of souvenirs loaned for exibition purposes by Lit. Omdr. O. Douglas Host, wic were brougt ome by im.from Guadalcanal. Te souvenirs include Japanese paper currency and coins, a metal insignia from a Japanese prisoners cap, a piece of metal from a Jap Zero, a native Japanese war club, Japanese bayonet and scabbard, v Lt. Cmdr. Hoyt was in te first contingent land on Guadalcanal. D. te Monmout Historical association, Freeold, N. J.. and released by (Mrs. William Conover, regent. R.) Laura V. nsect You Sould Know About Tese are V-Mail letters on an 825-foot i!.if >",t.ii,,.jiiic paper being removed from te processing macnine by Tec. 3d Urade Carles.A. Hurlburt at te Signal Potomail Company at Camp - Wood, one of te Foi-t Monmout sub-posts. Te company, new in training to andle V-Mail work overseas, does everyting from potograping te letters to reduced size to inserting tem liy anoter macine into envelopes." Ti6 roll next goes to te copper to be cut into individual letters. Know Te Americas \ r anmntpr. Josep 1892 VsnMnter-, Mnr\ VanMntrr. Snrn 1667, 1736 VanMetor. Aoltjc 1695 VanXest. ^taly Jane _ 1903 VanPaltpn. Anron _ 1550 VanPatten. Cmolini _ 1550 VanPattrn. Klizaet VanPatton. Hanna H YanPiitton. VanPati en. Jfimps L Jolin and Jon C Van Pat t iii. Mary VanP.-ittr-n, Mimlert... VanPatten. Nicolas VanPelt. Van Pelt. VanPflt. Gaisnrt.lo.sluia 1S S Truntjo Tyse Laon 1516 VanRnllppnm, Gertrude 1470 VanP.ollegom, Jans : 1470 VanSnllrer, Antony Jansen VanSnnt. Josep B., Dr 1522 YanSrairlt. William 1557 \ ansroi VanScoi VanSroi VanRcoi V»nRi in VnnScni VanSroi VanSroi VanSrnj VunK ni Vnr.Sro: cl!. ck rk.k!! ;, rk. ll. ik. li. i k k. Elias,l;inc lane Jon.cmntan Mary J.pwis Krir-el Sopia _ Strpen Tomas HKSTio.vs DLflt.. runik-rti Wanted, information in ;; te Dure family. told tliat tlierc la n.)i cl tlii.- family in Fi-ccold, ^* J. Wan, ttu: name of te immigiant in., fstnr of tis line, wen e ratiu f, tins country, from.)p(. ). settled. un- ;,! Hem??>nnklin lict Uf (e family in mtcicstcd, wits b in found names of H X. j. records. )>rau. vci iurc..mi Kroc-oii). Have iuii unil luirii. Would varied nfdli M tis nnti,ilinren- At.y know if tose are i,f ji 1)r(. anj wrtlii^l.t o spelling of,, v,.,n )(, nppl Pcj n t.! M i.mwu.1 _. 3 _. K VAMiKMill.T Would like o t ;ie a innili of te Vanderbilt family. J ave aiuays understood t>- liiani-li<l from a ro of Commodore Vandciljilt, son of Corm-liiis VamlMliilt, and wife, Mnr- Hiirn v lio. Hi was orn n 1771 Will Miniiiino tell me ow and ^ tf, ^ii fuitnr data on ting "<:.. K. B. C. l.v...) ldv, (>tr Rowland iriau. S,:!,!!!,!! and wife, Fanny ^HV : Vimj-yi. :v,,s. June 22, l»w, ii,il June 2fj, 181(1, Ara- 1.:H:-Allu, Tey liycd in Dili. Co., n nit.n To, Oio: "T6ir dau: Miutii Allen,, in Oakland, Oio, Jun, m. mo/md Dr. George Me- M:mi.s Jiiikin, son of Peri/Daifln MeMnnis. Tey lived in d -alo^te, nd, 111 Perry )., some Bay Ton- Dakln, b n Dutces! Co, N. Y. ilarrlem Poebe FLEA-BEETLE (Adult enlaced 1M «mes) (i.i.i ia tiie second in a scries of 12 articles prepared to aid te Victory Gardener in identifying te more common insects tat attac vegetable gardens in New Jersey and to provide simple directions for te control of tese Jiet3.) Flea Beetles (By Dr. Bailey B, Pepper, College of Agriculture, Rutgers University.) t te leaves of your cabbage, turnip, tomato and oter garden plants look as if tey ad been perforated wit fine bird sot, tis is probably te work of flea-beetles. Tere are a number cf different kinds of flea-beetles. Moat of tem are small, only about one-sixteent of an inc long. A typical ono.commonly seen in gardens is jet black in color, wit yellow antennae or "feelers" and yellow legs. T l il By te Pan-American Union, Quetzal Bird ol Libert}-. Even more tat te American or te Mexicaan eagle, more tan te Peruvian or Cilean condor, te Quetzal of Guatemala is a symbol. Wit its colorful plumage and long (nil it stands in te center of te Guatemalan flag, a fluttering and strangely beautiful emblem of te countrys liberty. According to an old ndian legend, wen a prodigious tree once sprang up from te cast-off wings of blue butterflies, a quetzal aligted on its igest brances, crowning te tree wit te power of its radiance. Te bird wose scientific name is "Paromacrus rrtocino" is indeed worty of suc a legend. About te size of a large pigeon, te-male boasts a magnificent plumage of crimson and brilliant green wile its graceful tail coverts aro "elongated into a golden train more tan tree feet long." Te female i3 of a duller color and lacks te long tail. Te quetzal lives n te forests of Mexico and Central America and is Guatemala were it builds ts nest n uge trees. Tese nests resembling somewat tose of woodpeckers are fasioned so tat te male bird, entering from one side and going out te oter, does not break its precious tail, two tings being dear above all of te quetzal: its gorgeous appendage and its liberty. Sould it lose any one of tem, te bird would die of grief in a sort wile. Maybe it was just because of tat fact tat quetzal featers were considered precious by te ndians from to most remote times. Te word itself quetzal signified "emerald" in ndian and te plumos of te bird "were te igest tribute to te Aztec ruler Moctezuma. On solemn occasions te ig dignitaries wore a mantle made of te featers of wat tey called te winged emerald, wile one of teir leaders, learning tat is trone was treatened, made tis petition to eaven: O, God! preserve to me my treasures, my emeralds and my quetzal plumes: trone of many an was decked wit quetzal featers but teir subjects were only allowed to u^e patriot plumes to adorn temselves. Plumes of te quetzal were also used for lite crown of Quctzalcoiill. Toltcc god symbolized by a green-featered snake, "t ad tat is so dear to to indomitable bird... During te colonial period te piuiagc of quetzals was often sent in tribute to te rulers in te moter country and tus te extermination of te bird started. Among te natives te penalty for killing a quetzal ad been deat and te only metod allowed for obtaining its featers was catcing to fowl by means of a trap and letting it go free after plucking a few of its plumes. n 1895, long after Guatemala ad secured its independence and te quetzal ad become te official emblem of its liberty, te Government ad to forbid te unting of te bird in order to preserve te species, for te fact tat its brilliant golden green featers do not fade after deat as many oter bird featers do, furter encouraged unters in teir pursuit of te "American bird of paradise," as te quetzal is sometimes called. Today, no Guatemalan would dare touc to winged symbol of te nation, not only because e would be severely punised by law, but also because te bird as en- Wills Probated Mis. Mary A. Scott of Red Bank executed er will June 19, Se bequeated er ouse on Harrison avenue to er son, Teodore W. Scott. All er books and pictures were left to er son and er daug- *.er, Hilda T. Cupples. Te daug ter was alao bequeated several articles of furnisings and jewelry Her son-in-law, Carles Cupples, was bequeated a bookcase. Two cairs were bequeated to Ellen M Tompson. All te rfest of er estate was left to er son and e and Teodore J. Labiecque were named as executors. Carles F. Wite, Little Silver, ivo died April 14, left is estate to US wife, Georgette E., and appointd er executrix in a will made Marc 10, Albert B. Smit of Matawan left is residence property, togeter wit all furnisings, to is wife, " lorence Y. Smit, for er lifetime. Te will directed tat if is wife sould decide to aell te property te proceeds sould be equally divided between se and teir laugter, Natalie S. Sagabiei: Te /ill was executed June 7, 1943, and lamed Mi-_. Smit and er <laug< er as executrices. Mi_. Elizabet G. Seean of iong Branc, formerly of Red Bank, bequeated to er daugter, Julia E. Warwick, all rigts and interest n te eaate of er late usband, Jon Seean. All te rest of er estate was bequeated to er granddaugter, Elizabet C. Warwick. Mis. Seean made er will Marc 3, 1942, and named er daugter as executrix. Jonatan W. Hull, Aabury Park, wlio died April 10, bequeated is estate to is wife, Mary Grace, and appointed er "executrix in a will made July 2, Samuel Horowitz, Freeold, left is estate to is -wife, da, for lif_ and ten to is cildren, Harry, Hyman, Josep and Fay Horowitz, in equal sares. Hyman. Josep and Fay were named executors. Mr. Horowitz made,is will Marc 1, He died Marc 12 tis year. Carolino Stout- Hurley, Spring Lake, wo, died February 14, 194:!, Card of TiiaoJu. We wis to tank all tose wo offered sympaty during our recen bereavement Ṫe Bucklin Family. Advertisement. WANT ADVERTSEMENTS Too Late for Classification NSULATON by Jona-Manville keep* - winter eat in, keeps summer eat out Saves fuel. Comfort tat pays for tself For estimate witout obligation, pone local representative, Adam J. Llnsroayer, Atlantic Hiplnndu 710-M. ROCK WOOL insulation; combination storm aasb and screens; roof- ng, siding. nspections mads and enjim&tet) given witout obligation. Olson Company, nc., 810 First stymie, Asbury Park, N. J., pone,.705., near baiii, tor rent; p suitable (or couple; near bus lino. Pone 1U74 lied Bank, or call at 27ti Mecanic street. led Bank. private om N KEL) HANK ite Spun Craft Studioi for liiutura framing; oil pajntinua, etcings and engravings restored; full tixe framelens mantel mirror*, window valances, lawn BKU, framed mlrrori. 37 East FranJ, street, two doors from Kellys. l>on<? Keil Hank 39JD. FOl KENT rivu-room bungulow, furni.sctl, all improvements; ot water eat. Uuict m-ijfborood, in vicinity of Atlantic Higlands. Adults only; rent, $60. Available June J. Write Bunzak>w,_box Jil 1, Rcil_Hank.*_ FOUR-ROOM unaalow for Hale at Cam [ititllv JM net ion. tive il.lbt). Sfe t. K. LuWr or H. E. >ubrtc<hie. une UEAUT1FVULY furnised aparlment, tree io«m» and bat. mmense living room; refrinunitoi". ClilF Lodge, Ocean Hild lloule g ard, Atlantic Higland:). onc Hi, g Atlaniir Higlands 9S7. V YOUlt itnjiieny i* for Bale, we would like to liiivc te llstini!. We will Klve it luomlit arid effectual attention, and.rut ypu ii fair price. Please poneun f you ^isli to Bell. Te Josep 1. Si-win-tz Agency, 11 Monmoul eiree He.l Hu!ik_:njM; WANTEJ, one mnn to cut a«l»bra«*ja te bunc iirnl one to bunc a.mftrn.. ;orne vih, tiumson road. one Rum "-*, 1 :*. wau~t"mk w~kniiin»nratrnrpioir den City, ljtiitt slnnd. N. Y., nefi >oiilileiluy >on»ri PublUiitK Co. Read or urc-fnlirlrnted ou-p. Wood. 81 Jrnailway. -nnir Branc.* t-ioncz. Wotlc# U fercby tfven ttt tilt following -pphci.ttoni ave been madt tor trailer licenses in e Townsip of Middletown, vii.: Application by Kennet Sparks on te William Boeckel property at Leonardo. Application by Ray F. Perdue on te William Boackel property at Leonardo. Application by Albert yealev on te William Boeckel property at LVonaHo, Application by Mm. Eugene Rock on te Fred Slrnpion property on 6t Street, Belford. Hearing-»)]]» eld on tis matter at te next regular meeting of te Townsip Committee of te Townsip of Mlddletown to be eld on Tursday afternoon. May 11t, 1944, at. te Townsip Hall, Mlddlttown, N. J., at 3:30 n t afternoon. By order of te Townnio Committee of te Townsip of Mlddletown. HOWARD W. ROBERTS, TowiiHlp Clerk WANT ADS 1 LOST AND FOUND PART cow, ;>art collje. medium sii*. All yellow. Male. No collar. NUM. "Brownie." Lost Saturday. Pbone Red Bank SlJS-M., NOTCE OF ANNUAL MEETNC. Kotiee 1> ereby fflven tat te An nua.1 Meeting of te Sareolder of te Citizens Building: and Loan Association of Red Bank, Liquidating Corporation will be eld on Tuesday, Mar 16t. 1VU at seven oclock p. m., at te office of te Auoclatlon, 8 Wite stnet. Red Bank. N. J.. for te purpose of electing directors, wose terms expire, and for te transaction of suc oter business may coma before t* mcetlnir. A. ALVN WHTNG, Secretary Red Bank, N. J., April S, t) 37.lit loltl) roar foi r.n. Pone!!, ( Rule; irood con Rink 3611.M MANS lilr lent coml 2 0 li r, - M. Pone Red Una! fuunshkli apartment for counle, o block from nn line; also furnis nnnik, l>" Sixt avenue. ^OK Branc WANTKll. imnit nimfliroken doc: i tbnl c-itn baik. Hunk 213:.. Uirt color. Call Red tered te legend of Guatemala..ts left er estate to Alberta Hurley, t f d except for one wooden and wasej-, wic se bequeated to Mrs. Elizabet Mencen. Te will was made August 23, 1939, and named Alberta Hurley executrix. Emma Scock Lyle, Spring Lake, wo died Marc 17, 1944, loft a bungalow and its furnisings at 93 Abbott avenue, Ocean Grove, to er daugter, Jessie Davison, and directed tat two mortgages be converted to cas. Trust funds of SDE DRESSNG YOLB ONONS 5500 eac were establised for Robert E, Lyle and James L. Davison, Young onions grown from eitei grandsons, wo arc to receive teir figure appears on coins, stamps, flutters on te flag; it is praised by local poets, it gives its name to towns and mountains. And so, te strangely voiceless quetzal "sings ymns to liberty wit its plumage. ts melody s not fur te car but for te eye. ts ballnds are emeralds, its arpeggios rubies. t is te sound of color," te song of Guatemala. Mfi UUCK.".[flveiiker conc lor lalt. A-l mmlltion trougout. Dri ]i.noo miles. New j,re-war tire* not rttienin. Can e sren any time 4 1 Kivev-iile nvnmip. Red Hank. SKTTlNliS "f i-xim from p.-iir-winnlne Miirk O:i,inslnn, Now Hampsire Keel iin,l iluinp:, fowl. A. H. Smit. Sleeliy HOOM- j>a,i, fitrniiells Junction, Pone l M FAR HAVEN, beautifully furnised liiriiiimanl, MUltix loom, bedr, Kint floor, kitcen l l Fair H,t-il«), at. **: n!*-o uitrlt KfnUemen. ven. finno j 1-T, Harvard road KvL Hunk S28- YOUNi MAN w.aitcj; boy or young tn:iii on mnall farm c^tne, mostly «ar-,leniri>! wrirk: -tt-»iy employment. William H. Hintelmaiin. Kumsoii. one 600 N CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY. To BRXKST CHOREE WLSON, ii eir", n«-x. of kin, devisee.-, legatt-ei l Te gilded ndian cief sets or seed often respond to an extra application of fertilizing material. Five undred pounds of fertilizer applied along te tow before cultivating will provide available nutrients to keep te plants growing vigorously if te weater is not too dry. Tis application of fertilizer sould bt- made as soon as te onions ale well establised, says Ricard O. PJce, assistant county agricultural agent. Were te.soil is too acid for onions, to 2,000 pounds of pulverized limestone or 500 pounds of ydrated lime applied as a side dressing along te rows ami cultivated into te ground will sow results. After te onions are well establised., cultivation sould be.sallow so as not to injure te root system of te plants. Toilet legend apoteosizing l l b b zalcoatl by te summit spirit mig, "te, Quet-1 Tese legs, especially te ind pair, are very powerful, so tat wen disturbed ie insect makes lim.u, quick jumps. transformed into tis dazzling and j Corps" mail clerks all along te line winte". peerless bird. g burning is body on " A MARXE" of Orizaba tat is Somewere in te Sout Pacific ascendto te eavens ; (Delayed) Navy and Marine C Te adults live over te in rubbis about te garden, tci emerge in te sprink and attack in swarms, riddling te leaves of small plants, so tat often tey wilt and die and ave to e replanted V-st Metods of Control. Almost any material even roirl dust placed upon te foliage will repel flea-beetles, but tis simply n te sixteent century Gunteriiiilri was invaded by Pedro de Avaradu probably eaid many uncomplimentary tings about te cap wo addressed a letter to "Tecnical Sergeant Adolp Manassc. ii Marine.* Neverteless te postoffico at tis base delivered to letter four monts after it ad bepn mniled. "Marine Mana-see" ails from Roseile, N. J. means tat tey will, driven ol...! _i!i!. "j f Kr "" ml n to feed upon someting CSP. T)W best way to control tem is to dusi or spray wit rutenonp or ur=t n dust consisting nf one part calcium arsenale and tr?? parte ydrate*! lime. Te calcium ntspruito and lime mixture niiiy also be applioj in spray form. Tis spray in madt i by using tree tonspnonfuls of mlcium ursenntc and six teaapoonfub of ydrated limp to one gallon ol water. Te dust,,r flprny will ave to bf repented ufwr nuc rnin jm long fis to insert.i mr present. n sortip part.s,.f Xcw.1 fr.sev i tere may be a second bnmd of flen-eeties wic will appear in late June or eaily July in time tn (tuck HR cnbutte ami oter young plants. He nn te WHtr for it. Next Week: Apids or Plant Lice. one of te lieutenants of Cnrtes. Te native Mayan tribes were overcome and teir cief Tccnn niiin \\ns killed in battle At tat iihinent. according to te emnijle, a quetzal soaring above (e leaders ead fell instantly a sign tat t pays to advertise n Te Register AMERCAN HEROES BY LEFF "HGGNH BOAT HARRY" New. Georgia slund (Delayed) l.\ S. Marines wo look, part in (e American offensive on New Georgia sland and te Mundn air base area found a succrt^oi lu "Wnc- TR Macine Carlie" :,m\ "HevriJle Jof" of fjuadfilenniil fame. He i«"hlkgina Boat Harry." Tis "at a distance. ""**" "*7 r v ~" mr "{" Petalw of crysantemums are on te Vnltcii StHtas <ji- llcnl wuv iunteiiul MM. Diietl and ftruund, tey usid HA an ingredient in :m ef- e c ( v i; armed i inhret killer needed by te /, rf orde re, ^iwrics Kiciiariibon, Able Scaiuan, "Mercant" Miirfiu,"tfewt"tff "tfio rescue of i wo Pcyerely wounded Navy members wwi ilie abandon sip ><" Riven. During te regf u e " lie defended melf nnd liu elplrsa inns from.-mrks. He wns alilc io save one uf te rmv tm<l imself, <: te ilniipcm of tlicnc mm-; buy War liumt\umt old Vm. v *-^ i- S, Jrcjsury Dcpaitmcttt funds won tey become 21. Te rest ot te estate was-left in equal sares to William C. and Robert W. Lyle and Jessie A. Davison, cildren of.te decedent. Te will was made October 16, Public Notice. An oifjinanre entitled "An ordinance amend in K and supplement ink an ordinance entitled "lluiitling Zone Ordinance e Mm-oiiK of Reri Bank." 3, 19d" was introduced liy May or and Council of te Boroug of tied Bank on Apt 17, 19 11, and May 1st was finally adopted and proved by te Mayor. AMY E. SH1NN, Boroug Clnrk. AN ORDNANCE * AMENDNG AND SUP > LEMK.VTLV«AN OKUNANCK KNTTLKU "BUL>N(; ZONK OH- DNANCK OK THE BQROUtiH OF SHREWSBURY," APPROVED JULV 1, 1H30. lie urdaijieil, by to Mayor and Council of te BuruiiK of Srewabury: 1. T.-it an oc/iinflfire entitled "BuiJdiiiK Zone Ordinance of te BorouR of Srewsbury," aiifirnved July 1, J9.(J, as fimcridcd and HUpplementcd. bo and te same U neby furter amcndcii and suiidcmentcd y iiikertintr after Section.i tereof n new section known an Section ii-.-v is follows: SECTON 5-A. 1. n any residence zone or business 7-oru*, no jiremi«e sall be used for, nr ot-nipicfi y nny trnifcr, auto trailer, or trailer roac were te ^ume ft used or upicrl H.A plecping <]unrterf> for one more persons, or for te conduct of r btifiril-s.", ])rofes.= ion, occupation or ilu, cxceptitik any structure or device d exclusively upon Htntlonary rails or truck?. Ti.i section Bn)l not be con- ucd (in as to proibit te paaslnk ot :iny mir trnller, auto trniler or trailer [ (inc <ui nml over te public street! inil ikwjiy?, or so an o tiroibit te park inn or Horace tereof on lirlv iremi-cs wen tint ii"cd na ereinbefore tntcd. 2. Tis ordinance «*all lake cftert (>nji fl rns"»a.tie nnd pubhcntlon ftcconliik to lnw. Public Notice, Te above oi-ilinnnre wan ntroduced ml wised fivet tendinjr ot a meet in» of t e Mny or nnd Council of e Ronvig f KrewHbury eld on Mny 2, 10-14, nnd.ill rnmi m» for finnl coni : iilorntioti nnd psissnur nt a regular mpcllnp of te (iuveniinj: Hoily to be eld on TuePiliiy,.Turto P. 1041, nt 7.SO p. m.. nt te Front Joii 0 r-n l^j"ond street. n l nid Horoim, nt time nnd plnre nil ]igt-pnn»< <!(??) HK!t> be rnril will be j*ivpn full oppoitunity. Hnlrd ftfnv. iqat, C. VAN V.KT. MLS. KRNBFT wife: 15y virtue of taiuery of N y tj-f i e dat werein William of kin, devisee.-, a) re;i:esenvauv K WLSON, ii and Oliver A, 1ojte M^biLini ai-d wife, answer t or beta m or te "ii n order of te Court w Jersey, made on te e ereof, i Hei i y i y p and Klla J. Porter nd ote;s. are deou HP leiueil lo ai>p(ai* and Kill <if ^ail comptinant, on i- UTtti day of June, tiex d bill will be tiiken as cor fe c!-iil :ik:iiti>t you. To said bill U fildd to foreclose certain nu>u^ii«e Kiven by Oliver A. fu-icr ijfi/j K)l;i J. Jortor. iisband and wife, lo Nii-olna J. Wion, dated Octolier fi, il.o, ati UntU in tt> Town«ip of Srewvtmjy. in te ("nun! y nf Vonmout and.state of New Jerj-cj 1, and eld by te complainant by assignment; nml you, Einr-t licornc Wilson, and ii eirs next of, devisees*. le-katcth and»cr>un;il- n i>i i"i.iitntive», nro made detentintii criume >>i] old an unrecorded deed for to premisn* de-rried in te mi>rtkn»re and you. Mrs. Ern<?t Oorye Wilfnn (wife of Ernect JeorKC Wilson), are mndf ifcfcndunt bccnupc you are te wife of Krnc«t (Jrorne Wilson, and may claim a Mower riirt in te premises de-.hrvilieii i:i te mm tjru^e. ^tod Ajuil 2fi, H41. TAKHONS, LAHiKCQUE & UOKDEN, Suiicitfjrfl of Comtlalnant K Wallace Street. Red bank. N. J. v v v v v v v v v v : BRADLEYS < > Radio Service < ALL MAKES REPARED - NfMvnnin Springs Rond nnd Sfcwsbury Avc, lied Bank, N. J. Telepone R. B < v v v v v v v V v v AN Q1WS AXCE KELEASJN(; ANY LKDKATON OF AS ) VACATNG KUC;EMONT AVENUK, PAHSONS AVKNUE. SHKFAK* PAHKWAY, WEST KN) AVKNUE AND LUF- KLltHOW CKCiE AS SHOWN ON \ MAP EN TT LE) "MAP OF SVCA-.MOiE COUHT, SHHEWSUUKY, NEW JBKSEY," MADE BY (1EOKJE D. CKHKH, C.K, MARCH 1 ^ 1927, OR AS AT ANY TMK AMENDED. He it ordained by te mayor and Council of te loioutr of Srewnbury: 1, Tai any nnd nil public rigts nri/ilntf from any dedication by te approval of any mup or mni>s, te filink of any mup or maim in te County Clerks; Ollice of Monmout County,. by jmlilir U.-KO or otenvwe. of Edpemont Avenue. Pnr-ons Avenue, Seppard Parkway, West End Avenue anil Lufurrow Circle iih sown on a map entitled "Map nf Sycamore Court, Srewsbury, New Jorsi-y," mndi< by (leur^e 1). Cooper, C.E., Marc \y. \$l", or us at any time uwvntlcfl, e njii) te.«nme.»ro ereby rtlpn^cil, xtin^ui-ed and vnrblcd and lat any suc cfedicatinn or dedications tereof i«nnd te sumo nrc not accepted by te TiorouKn. 2. Tis Ordinnnce ^ull tnke effect wen parsed and publiced M required by law. Public Notice. Te furcyoin? ordinance wan ntroduced nt ft regular meetlntr of to BorotiK CaunrU of te Tioroug of.srewsbury eld May 2, and will come up for finnl coiifitderntiofi and pnsunffe nt n ic KM fir meet ing of snld Oovcrnlnp lody to e eld June fi, 1M4, nt oclock p. m. at te Sfliool Houne on Broad Street n said Boroug, nt wic timo nml loaro nil jiprson.s MVSTK to bo rind tcrcoit will be Riven full opportunit v. Dntcil Mny 2. 1!M<1. orrrnarfe c. VANVUET, Af RorouR Clerk. Monmout County SurrogBtea Office. n te mattor of te PHtnte ot Nellie L. Cook, Dercnwl. Notice to Citilitora to Present Clnlma itkitlnht estuto. Pursuant to te order of JOBCDH L, Donany. Suiro«iHe of te County of Monmoutb, mado on to second day of May, 1911, on te application of Madgo E. Mount mid Te Second National Bnnlc nnd Tiiif*l Ooni >nny of lcd Bank, executors of to cutjite of Nellie *. Cook, decciipcrf, not re U ereby Klven to te cretluorn of H»id tlvcenned to exibit to to «nlit*ri lliei!* expfutortj RH iiforebhld. teir debit mui demands ntcnlriftt t* nnid entntc, under ont, witin»lx montn from te mltc of. to afoir«ald order, or tey will be forever burred of teir nclons tereior HRiiliiHt te n«id BUbncrib- "nntifl Viccold, N.-J.. May 2, Rflnorkienii Pla"co,-Ue3TBiink,-N«"Jr THE SKCON> NATONAL BANK AND TJHJHT COMPANY 1, OP UED HANK, ny: Hidpli R, Penrce, Tnint Officer, He<! nnnk, N, J. ALSTON HBBKMAN, ESQ., Rod Bntik, N. J. Pro do!" NOTCE. PropotftU for FurnUinj Labor and Mftttrial for Paintinj. Board of Education, Middletow* Town- bip, Leonardo* N. J. Sealed propoiala for te furnlilng of labdr and materiil needed for te palntfntr of te exterior of certain ncool building* required by te Middletown Townsip Board of Education, will- be eceived at te office uf te Dlatr Clerk, Harry 3. Camberlain, Leonardo (rade.scool, Leonardo, N. J., not later tan 8.00 p. m. Eastern War Time, on Friday, May 12, 1944, at wic time at & public meetlnic of te Board of Education «ald bids and proposal* will be opened and read by te District Clerk for te consideration of te Board. Bidderi will be required to submit wit teir bid a certified ceck in te amount of 10% of t-e total amount of te work bid upon, subject to termi and provision! of te np«lficatlonb. Te BUccftiaful bidder will fiuo be required to furnis» auitable Surety Company bond in te total amount of &t least 100% of te rontrart price jruaranteeinjr te faitful and satisfactory ctrmplption t>f-te-«ork. SpecifirBtlons and instruction* for blddlnir ma/ e secured from te PUtrfct Clerk on and after May betwoen te ouri of 9.00 a. m. and 4.30 p, m. Te Board re nerves t«rl«t to reject any or nil Mdi and to waive immaterial informalities. Dated April 21, 194*. HARRY S. CHAMBERLAN..DUtrict Clerk. Monmout County Surrofatea Office n te matter of te estate of Carlee 51 veil Lee, Deceased. Notice to Creditors to present claima agaiml «state. Pursuant to te order of Joaep L. Donaay, Surrogate of te County of Monmout. j-made on te twenly-eint day of April, 1944, on te application of Artur Leonard Lee, administrator of te estate of Carles Sivell Lee, deised. notice s ereby itiven to te creditors of said deceased to exibit to te subscriber administrator as, teir debta and demand* aitainst te said estate, under oat, witin six montt from te date of te afoid ill b f b said om te der, or tey will be forever barred of teir actlont terefor auainst te said "llfedrreeold. N. J., April 28, Qulnn A Doremiu, Etql., Red Bank, N. J. Proctor*. ARTHUR LEOSAK) LEE. ill, Newromb St.. S.E Waslnclon, DC. THitKK ration book* No. 4, Leon Bennett, Oliver Bennett and MaVjrar«t Bennett. Return to Riveralde Garden Apartment!, SO West Front street. GASOLNE B ration book, llcenae olati", 2-2-1B9 N.V. Janl. E. Keyes. Poni Bed Bank 34 00, Bxt, 617. PASS BOOK, Second National Bank and niat Company, No Finder return to above bank. JS07-K. _ T WO se w in z mac i nti~ cleaner; ot of Cr>»tal w " l "- Mnen and tome Second eyport on«hoover Sw beu QUANTTY of all cupw.r i(nl., " W-. M" b..diu.fd t. fit": SWAKTZS Auction Rooin^ Myment plan»nd - oclock tlma unlil i leater»e«tn Janre square oriin«loset, mirror back.,1.,,.elves,ood ond,!,on MaJioirany dressing,. Ur«n -venue. Monmout 10» WARJROtE TRUNKS; twtlutsitrd; luxe l.rm trunk, for.ale; p,rf«t conltion: pone Red Bank «S after 8pm* W^NTY-FOUR" pair V.e.T.ul5;i7i; «ood condition; price reasonable. Call j Rldje_road. lumion, N. J.» N CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY TO ALVN SOMERS and AGNKS SOM ElUs. unbind and wife. Hy virtue of»n order of te C. ot Cancery ot New Jeney, m»ii«on ti day of te dale ereof. n ciin were. in Borous of Se» Brlnt, Munlcloa Cornorition of!«stale of New Jerit te County of Monmout. is con rilalnant. and you are dettntlint. yn are reuuired to appear, and an«wer ti te complainant" bill on. or before t 27t d«y of June next, or te «aid i ill be taken a. eonf«<*.«d»kain«t vov Te said ill U filed o foreclose certain certificate of tan sale made b E VV. Cllne. Collector, to te Boroun of Sea Drixt. dated S»plember <n erin? ir»mi»e«n «aid noronc i Brlirt known n Block 17. Lot &- \Z. on te Tax Man of "aid Borouer i.f.mfd tereon to A. Sommern You. Alvln Somer* and Aene» Snmer nbnnd «nd wife, «re»i*i rar.le«dc fpnlant fcatl^e you ar«te owner! r reenrd of te «ald premises. f Dn.ed April t KOM KEUSSM^E. JR. Solicitor o( CompUlnnnt. S4 Broad Street. Red Hank. N. J- N CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY. TO HARRET S. KELLY, WLLAM J KELLY, er usband, and THOMAS EAN, ncorporated. By virtue of an order of te Court o Cancery of New Jersey, made on te ilny of te date ereof, in a cause were n Helmar Hansen is complainant, am on and. oters are defendants, you an eiiuired to appear, and answer to ti omr/lsinsnts bill on. or before tp 27t day of June next, or te said bill will ( taken as confessed flirain-st you. Te said ill s filed to foreclose ertaln certificate* of tax tale m&i]t by S. W. ftune, Collector, to te k>rout?.f Sea Brlirt, dated September.10, 154". overlnp premise.* in te Rorouir of Sea Brigt known as Block 17. Lots nd on te Tax Map of said Bor tip, assessed tereon to William J. nnr K. Kelly, wic certificates are recorder in Book 12(11 of MortKnftes, on paces 4 49, and wic were assigned to complainant by te snl.1 Bnrouc of Sen Rritrt by assignments dated October 943. and recorded n Book 145 of As-.ltrnmentfl of MnrtKnce-s on pares 310 ind 311. of te Monmout County lerks Office. You, Harriet S. Kelly, are made arty dpfendant ecnuse you are t wner of record of said premises: you William J. Kelly, are made a party de endant because you are to usband of <nld Hnrriett S. Kelly and may claim an interest n said premises bv virtue of K of courtesy and you, Tomas T>enn, nrorporated, are made a party defpndmt ecatine you mny old R mortknire overintr snld premises. Paled Anril 2« ArPLF.CATK, STEVENS. FOSTER 4 UEUSSLr.E. Solicitors of Complainant. 3( Broad Street. Red Bunk, N. J. N ORDNANCE AMENDNG AN OR DNANCE ENTTLED- "BULniNti ZONE ORDNANCE FOR THF. BOR- OVf.H OF RED BANK," APPROVED JUNE Be it ordained, by te Mayor and Council of te Boroug of Red Bank; 1. Tat an ordinance entitled "Bulldinir Zone Ordinance for te Bornuir of Red Bank," approved Juno 3, 1929, as amended and supplemented, be and te same is ereby furter amended, togeter wit te map referred to terein or made a part tereof, so ab to exclude from "A" Residence Vanea. as sown on said map, and nclude in "B" Residence Zones, aa sown on said map, so muc of te property and land sown onaald map at are ncluded in Lota 9 to 14, nclusive, lu Block 4E, Lota 17 to 26, nclusive, n Block 46 and Lota 1A, 2A and 3 to 14, nclusive. n Block 60, as riealirnated. on map entitled "Map of BorouR of Red Bank, Monmout County, N. J.," George K. Allen, Jr.. C. B.. Red. Bank. N. J., Auirust 1918, revised May 1925, commonly referred to aa Tax Map of te Borous of Red Bank. 2, Tat tis ordinance sall take effect upon ts passage and publication according to lnw.. Public Notice. Te above ordinance wafl ntroduced and passed first rcarllk at a rneetlni; of te Mayor and Council of te lorouiia of Bed Bank eld on May 1, 1944, ind will comn up for final consideration ind pa,saa e nt a regular meeting of id (<overnipir be eld on Mon- «g l 5 ^ a «M»» t U Council Oambera, tn Uia Bor6uffK~Hn!ir Montnout Street, Bed Hank, N. J., at wic time and place all peraona "denlr- nfft to be eard will be given full on- (lorinltyj Dated Hay 1, AMY B. 8H1NN. Boroug Clerk.- WJTTE. Llwel motor wit power utn«ra- i. AO ut,, 0.i»o.Vaft.cipaclly, 1J0. Ballon w«te. jacket witi cooline riwm nr.d aj.i.ruxiroalely :JO feet ol wiring ami»»iv box. Waj u.tu 3!, BonUn! con»2.«>0;»l,,1 far tsuo. Call Someiville :232 Sundayi n mornlnl or wr.te. HoweM. Box it*. Karftaa. LSKl» -raytr; Friend. S"»-B»Tlon tank. enkino driven, tractor drawn. Sldn«r W. Reui, -Te Be.t la Farm Ma*4 rnr7." FrteoM..Vj. one 17K0. CHCKEN oo.t, 35 "feet"long. 1> fert «iilt. blilt 1533, for nil ceap, lluit k-et ;nl nl bulldlntr we need tt room. rfh ie 1: *d Bank J767. O.NK orse-drawn rilitg nternational cultivator, a»parauua rid«er, set double eavy»rnt»», jet «inble eavy arnell. Pone Hfljm(lel_6271. HKWAR) to nusewlveti. Sometlnr new foe brenkfa.t. Posf> K.l.ln Brun, a mai(ic combination of criaptoa»!f,l went ind bran fiale-i plm Call. fnrriln raisin*, SEVKN Sw... row*." \ ree "fr«v~ ree t* *_i en - Mik» Jarobn. Rum no p. <;iu.m»m.>tlielv.s rfork. SR.Otl, and (.ranclfntern f)f». Bot in excellent condition. Vic appointment to npect write P*!er Meyer, Vanderbilt Plur.-, Won.itiridire. RSH Kfitfr injnpie»( pure bred, very j rea^onaltlc. Also ave Dome crow- *?cd ["Jl«ii?». toys nnd m^dium-iized reo«s. 3 and tip. Don Crawford. «0 ; (JakJatid street. Pone 176S-M R«< Rank.! HRAVY duty lre«-cyllnder waur pump. otilfi e lifted were \nrge volumi of water is rennirrtl nn farm, to rump from nk. William. Parker, Proftasional HuiMing.1 Umg Branc. K. J-* EKiHTY-TWO-aallon eavy jrilvanlmd wa.4?r i>re»re tank, Jikf new.. Font Eatontown log.j-l. HATrHlNC ekk» from (Jolden, AmertU Silver. Rinjjn&ck, Mon col an and oter en-sank Pekin and Mallard dvlcks, End Hark (JJant rickens. Walter B. Sot- Kor, Pine Brook road, Eatontown. Pono Mi. HKUKFOU) feeder steer cattle for -alt. averakr weijrt, 400 to 700 lbs. firow oire l»eof on your own farm. MaV* rour pelcrtion from our utock of Hert- nrd ypahinjf feedrrs to arrive soon. On]cm tnken now. Jacob 7.1otkin & Son, Colts Neck road. Freeold, N. «T. PoD» "G. - USED frnctor, Allln-CalroerH. 3-plow, nier, jxjwcr take-off, Ugta, Rood ondition. Tree-nttDm ulnw to RO wit it. overauled recently. Sidney W. Reid, Alli-«-Caimers Salen and Service. Freeold. N, J. Pone 17fiO. FEET underground pre-war lead able, two-strand. Ceap. Call Rlllt j Fis Smokery, Route 36, box 896, Writ j KennMnirg. Pone Keansburg 9.* B-FOOT sniltnt. solid maogany. Can be seen at Monmoiit_Boat C^l^b.^ BLACK SEAL furtoat~~excelfenrcondu tion, cas. nquire Mra. J, Mnisto, S Wallace.treet. CObi.ERATOH refrlaerator. perfect eon. ditlon. Price, J40. B McLaren treet. Red Bank." HE TWSTER. Belvedere Beac. n running condition or will sell for lum- er. DeMontrenux, Te Twlater, Belre-1 ere Benc. Keansburg. N. J. rif;e, four-nc Aquare, octagon, Vlcto- inn caise Jonfctie, blue damask ; irnio, icebox. Waddell, 30 Manning nce, KennHburg.* WO second-litter sows wit lane Hfc.1 ters: also nine aoats weifrlntr up tol 100 pound*. Dennis McNicoll, Hoi- on! avrniie. Leonnrdo, N. J. HREEN folding ron cots. Wlul macine, five ron bedstead!,! eap. Cull Higlands 137R-J. ealloat, lfi-ft, spars, rlc-l complete. Needs co-tl NBAKBOX King and. >f pnint and ready to sail. ted Bnnk 21H3.J after 6 p. t76. Oalil HRBE-QUARTER bed wit mattreaiil n!«o btirenu. Pone Red Bank 778-R.«1ORSBH yornik tenm at work ormil for mile. Martin Jennen, Vnndenu. Mnrlboro_Road. Pone Holm del 71S1. BCYCLE, mnnh, excellent cond.k.. Cnn e seen at Wlrirlc, 255 Wycki oad. Kiitontown." RE~"miEiTfi.Rirenburff doe wit" line lil.i. BurJeyji Slablefl, Weat J. J. Call bi>twcen_r n^m, nnd_l_l a. m. 1 lontior.e" tnle" wit eatproof^itad^ ncluding extra lenven. Will tea irt, mmlic 164 Ocean flvenn*. SaaT rlwt. N._J. w ^ UTCHBU Bcale, National," line; coffee, pepper or grain gr! Aarle nnd ennmel -counter and bai ountcr. mjnt block. Butcer tool., weryting n A-l condition nnd reason! i 1,,,? n " """ Mo "l»y, TutidaJ M Wednesday, il to 12». n,. ui lrd avenue, Long Branc, N. J, i

23 RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Page Eleven. FOR SALE WJ&sTJNCHOUSK Laundromat will only ell for good price; also 2 t&bles. 4 cair*, one old ruts. Pone R*d Bank a_16-m, between 5 and 7 p. ro. only. ATWATKR KENT and Croalty low cabinet radio.. Ji nnd $18; late table model 12-tube radio, $20. Call Red LJink WHTNEY EnifllMityle uraro, pre-war. model, totiiiiltle wit "Kantwet 1 mattre»m, in»ood condition; also pink wicker baby wardrobe. Pone R«d flank 1531.W". ULACK and wit* year-old male fox terrier, Kopd wit cildren, Mr». Jon J. WKK, Andover «treet, Middletown Townsip. onelied Hank 1150-M. KlTCJEN^mngo wit or witout watar back, in (food condition; rea.ana.blt. Hive no room for name. Mrs. Fiortnea Ktomelbfln, opposite Alex Oarage. Nentun«Higway, Eatcintown, N. J. fione Eatonto_wnJ»_&j^M. TWO ousemovink j;"»-» cain block, 6 % -in. blnrk.. U,.,.JUH1 motorboat, new rair, *:). " imir; Uavil oar lorki, S1." > i.uir. StaMera. foot of.nidke, \UA M.inl:. Aii-o few rowboati.*.\~~g0o.> W. Wonderlawn s«ed makes a [xrmin-nt lawn in 6 daya. Sady liwn <.] 2 lbs ; Yankee ieed,. Hi. tor ; garden ose and garden tou.....tional 6 A 10, Frowns, pone PLAY»af«. Dont makt ars laxatwei a 1 Try new Posts Ralaln Bran lo»<i.l uentu ulk to dally rntalu... lielp you keep repular. ts new ts lelirl, MA1LEY-1JAVSON motorcycle for»sj«. Flrst-clats ctintlltlon. Sco«nfeliler, Port Monmout Sore road, Port Monraout, N. J. 200 )OORS.~air»lres, for lale; alio 200 windows, all sites; ceap. Pone Hlulnndn K">9. PUS fnr. sale or trade. A. J. Rw,»iliel svenue, Keansburs;. Box 297, VEGETABLE planti for»ele. Early cab bflze and tomato planti. AU6 Rutgers. Mamlobe. B*ef«teak and pepper plant*. N. H. Willing. Campbell avenue, Port Monmout, N. J. FtltlNO your rollers. New side-emmed Holland»»de» put on wile you wait. 59 rtnu for sires up to 31 nces. We make any site sade*. Duplex sades. 69 rents witout roller*. National * 10. 1rowni. pone ZtMi.* RASE ill[». Solve your meat problem for tis fall. Pure-bred Duroc. two to ies monl» old, «r,.nij,u: tree to fiiur mnr.ts old, Teie pigs will weiirli 3(10 pounds witin four to (vr-montu. or.t Red Hank S543. EA1LY AMERCAN scoolmasters for sal.. n perfect condition. Pone Bed B«nk _2j7 3 belween_«j and 7 p. m COLUMBAN Plymout Rock atcing C»K» an4 <lcks for iale. Mrs. Emma T^Jlmliyn. Harlet. N". J. pone 132-H. rkksh Mil". Af doten: alio broiler* Jim] i(,n%tintr rirken*, cicken manure. Jnmr- Jon. 41 Marlon utreet, Red Bank SOM and l-itfi tnr ia]e; acres of lod snd youn^ idffi ft 1 to 10 weeks old. Mlddletowr, S."ok Farm. Tomas 9. Field, pone Red Bank ««1. FEED Scratc wit 50% corn; cick, frowe: or laying mas. Also a very food tg ibtlon. Harrt A Davit, pone Red Bank 103. HAY HAY HAY; eolc. eiry or list <->,v,r mixed. Take a look Hani-, 4 linvl.. pone Rti Bank ln>. SETF\ST Awning Paint, Si ^enta jar, all ro!on> n stork. Jsrdn ose, f,i-ft, 14.^v : TM*T wir#, *l- rent* «g. ft. rirk ih-lerf, 2., rent/»r,d?" rater r i;r.t» from 1 rtnln. National 5 *_J". P(WT. B. pore 2«n. PASOS-A. B Plran. plar.o~ msker dfa!er. tttt1lri8> repairing, renovating Sop snii sowroom Drummond place R»d R»rJ: _ JUST go, a. sipment of twin studios, *Nb lie<l ^-oice- wit spring construc-.uqn; Frltr«Ccittr 20 East Front, strict. Teleiionei teat lanv 1 <47. le"-ffxt~s«mon i«vi"/t, built for n- mard-o-jtlioar-i motor: equipped for!!l!lh5 : _! T ": Pnne_R»d Bank i7>-j. T\VfrHOU5E rfdlng rultlvitor. good rondiior. K. Lenlllon. Mlddletowr. N. J ANTQUES, nigs, furniture, silverware, Jewelry, "is register*. «ew!ng mieir.e*. cto%-*», gjr.ii, oolci, picture!, cuiiio. mrrfas^* arh Mreno. «tampa luff* jrajfp. d«i]<* nuat nn-1 OM. Town Furnitur* Exrange. 3?1 Monmout»trt.. U*d^Bank, i^one 5 2«. DSCONTNUET) mrerlal wasable wallrape r for r>\f ry roim n yf)ir ome; va!ue«it J10, tm ««!P for 11 9 s per rnnm lot Qufln *:*!(-?.» <! ratprn* are llmlth. KlnHnB Pair.*?"*-r,?B Mon- P^«.«Raisin b"«n... a mutrir rnmbinniion nf rrl«r>- t nrit»d wtat and bran flii!(( pi ; " rb;;fn-n!a ittyih rnlilr.^, TlDPirAiT Flslf-"Over "*0 vnrletiev n tnrv ; ajihrliim* 1. p1n:.*i. «uprllei : open P-ir.dRv*. Hplen Miller. Higway 3*. n«ir Ktar-nurg On.eway, fone TYPEWRTKRF". addlrc macineii and n(r, r(, r-(j>:irimpnt. r.w and lined. o>];-*. «fm ftrtd repaired. S^rplros, \<>- Monmr.Mrt t-p"t. R" Bank. U^F> furnl"ire for «n.)t». Andemon B-ov. nc. 2^ Mop.mnnt ttreet. Red Bar.;;. S\ J, Y0l*R o!h ftirr.ltur* marlo better tan nrtv ; ipraycl or rubbed finl«si ; all brnnre*!n cskinft making: estimate* iinrl lil.innins reerfullv done. Call ua. Rfd Rwr.V J*. f.7. A«k for Mr. Wlinia. \VK BUY and «1 anytlngl Nfw an! u*(d furniture, ouseold pood*-, rlna, zlasnware, painting!, rlc-a-bra?. etc. RuscHi Auction riallehe". JS-27 Rfl-t Frnnt ttr*«t, ARMSTRnNfi eavy weigt ruga. 9x12 -i?.* 1. *r,. r t-: So:in«O.\12 rutrs, $4,98 ininui!)nnr rnverlntr J J. ^f* *q. yd,; net tmw v\w* fr-.m f l: rue onl^r. 39 c«nt y<l.; Nat in r, a " & U-. PrrwnV. pone 26«n- WE PAY ie e ^t urtces for your poul t.-y. Write or pone -onff Branc T.nfi. eg Nort Broadway, Lonit Branc Zn-irV^ T.ivr Pnuilry Mnrl**t. FOt NSrRANCE on your car. ou«or azard* of any kind, pone or call Ray H. Ktitlman. Rtatt Hlsrway. Eatontown ~. Twenty-five yenr* mt te name locnjon. WOOD AlPklndu of kindlintr and itove wood for sale: nli>o fireplace wood Trurkiiiji done. Hanltntr and mall movinn U Halter, pone Reri Bunk 343R-W BARY Now Hnmpfltiire rlrko. wt itnpk. Arrest in B fpw more sprlnr re*er-dtlon^r J4.R0 nndrod. Unae*,. Wite Co,. Mntawnn. V. J., pone Hfiim furniture for talp. An^non pi., Tnf\. 2nn Monmnut stree. Ped t f"nr S "wtaln ien«repaired. Hotit trow it nlil nen nwny We will put t n * r\-~ "finil np new for a mn1l carge if v Pintlnd Co Mnnmoat. ul Jnnk. pone "fllu. BF." fnniiw mmlp order, "tennil tvpcn nf mnrkinit iii-<» - H-omp* *r»vlcr Sne-inlty P:in i- " i1,r,v ftt Mnrninut «t i «et. tio_-.,. "y-k 3*134. llor.-f -a nrne** fnr -nlc. Conover H ni -_ ( *.*!< kntunk, ponp Hrttmitelfi 121, BAttY ftlfrks Slnfilr Co ml. Wite Let:nvn«and M"PW Hnn,n irp Redfl. from l.lnnd tcsth «tnrk: bred for eavy ejtd production. Tuldnp ordern n advance f*nr *prlnc lie liveries. WU.rerodt Bin*,. Newmnn Snrlncii ronrt. Lltiproft, N J.. plionp Rpr! Rnnk 3*74-M. WE nity used fiirnltura and p»y lirflftt priren, Te FurnHura ContT. i9 Kn«t Front street, Red, Hnnk. pntte ALMOST NSW <, foat«, nil tlten. Li«t your flnllnir wit me.o. aell, AUo (irc^nihklnk nnil altptntlnim Open 9:30 tn!» p. ni. Ponfl Tied nnnk Rftl. firticn Penii,,< Srrwubuvy avenue, Hed BLACK,ANT fintciiiu CKRK, al*<> necnndh nml cull nicon Mountain potrttook. AUn nn Oldnmortlle n (rood condition, wit five tmn^tlreft. Cnll Hnlmrlel 7701 nflor 1 p. m. WV.U PUSfVV. iinw"«nr reuht for smlc, Pimm irrmlm nf nil kind*; DlutuliiLt anil- eallnit F. (LjuMt. ^i KtVA u Wb * v» * i c" ii a<i JVD AU *j v. CHCKEN equipment tor aale; exceptional opportunity. Metal fecdeitt. drinkers and adjustable laying nests wit traps; 300-cirk brooder itovei, l.rtric and kerosene; ifrlt and sell containers; Lincoln 2600-etrK automatic electric incubator. Oter cicken equipment. Pone Red Bank 3543 for appointment. FOR SALE QUAUTY couutt. W«cuty Stunton ^t">t Sub Cord, Pratt ft Lunbtrti variai, Llik wite enam«lwar«, Sllex coffe«makers, Mlil«n Killi ft Sunley tootti. Nitlonal 6 ft 10. Prowns, pone 264Q." HARDY cry»antemumi, plant now for late summer bloomlrik, 2 centi eac, o ice slock. Rue, Hance avenue, Red Bank, rear Red Bank Airport. ELECTRC E&ajr wasing macine, new Alaika wlt# name) lea box: enamel SB* itovc. two-burner, oven, broiler, termostat; two VlcUirlan «lde cairn, Empire mirror, two maogany frame upoutered armcair*, walnut marble*top table; onyx and brass floor lamp and nade. Lots of odd* and endn, Stansberry, Mlddlttown, Five Corneri, itoute as. )VH CHEVROLET de luxe town sedan, $. r.ili ; Uodife luxury finer 4- dour Ht-duri, $1150. Hot car* torougly rpcoriditifini-d antl guaranteed. Me- Kim-Laytoi, Cevrolet Co., 29 Mecanic itreet, lied Bank. Po_ne_te(l_HankJ.l 30. BEFORE av.elfwik your car, Ket our [jrice. Frank Van Kyckle, Dodtfe and Plymout Dealer. :;0 Went Front street, Red Bank. NEW 1932 six-cylinder Cevrolet, cumplete motor. Jiust been overauled and nand-ntw connecting rod» inutaued. On cassis. Hill of *a included. Cas re, $7*i. Everyting n tfood condition. Jnmen H, Taylor, Daly Farm, K*w Mfiimoul, N*. J." VCTORY gardener*, rent quarter- and alf-acre plots. plow«d, r«adj* to plant. sandy loam. Good aoll for truck, reatonablt. Km, Hanca avenue, rear of U4 Bank Airport. ROOF LEAK,? 5 sal. of Barretti Best Roof coating, $2.49; gal. cam, i cent*; tmide Adilpla samf-blos* paint, S1.B8 gal. Fine line of cnamela and varnuei, National b ft JO, Prownj, pone 2660.* T0G(.ENBUK(; tfrade goau, excellent k mflken, itate t«tud T.B, and Dan^d. Alao at itud r*gl<tared buck. Oscar Haun, Stone Curc, pone Atlantic Higlands int. WNTER potatoei and yellow turnip* for»ale, Conover Broi,, Wlckatunk, pone Hoi mdel PANT direct from factory and nvc ^0 per ctnt on alt material*, paint, vainiae*, wall texture and wall paper. Atlantic Paint Co., 119 WlMt Front ilreet. lied Bank, pone 2::51-W. ACT QUCKLY. Ju«t received situnent of Roper gu ranges, all wite porcelain, fully insulated, apartment aize. Teyre benmjes. Priced rigt. Bockt Stove Excange, 205 Bay avenue, Hig- Unrii, Pona HiglandN COMNG very soon large sipment of metal curtain rods; now on and dis cloti, clotee pins, iron cord nth, canning jars, water mops, table oiklnt, (juallty mercandiie at fair price*. Nationsj 6 ft 10. Prowna, pone 26>- f i.* RCHARDSON ft BOYNTON combtnation coal and gait range, canopy toij. 3j E. Front itr*et. H. W. Reynolds. RA-BB1TS/ Awf ri-«ji biev New Zea.and wites, Sandy Flemis, breedtrn and juniora, atud service.. Open Sundays. Helen MUltr, Higway Zl, near Keannurg Gateway, Pona Middletown 2^6-J. BRD BATHS,~l2798*; "wndow~~jic7«inn~li all Mies; galvaniied screen wire; Ma- on jar* from plntn to Vz gal. nize; iioultry wire; onion»«tn; all garden f\i\-\mee. National 5 ft 10. Prowne, pone ie*i. m fia3 r»nkt, four burner, two bruilen and two ovens. Suliable for citer reataurant or roaditand. Aim gaa eater and water oller. Apply 152 Monmout trt-et, Rf^JB*nk.* CONTENTS of "cottage7st*el~bridgv Ret. linen*, bicycle, bawlnette. rrlb, andirorn. Jtrate, typewriter, tenni* rajuet, bahmininn ««t, plcturei, flimware, <i rop fitf TabU anil many antliii* piece*-. 2M Rlvtr road. R«d Bank.* CONSGNMENT of articles foreale. V iie> be<l. ttudlo cour, ulnk. «pwinff ma»rfn«. utr table, corner cupboard, itpfl porr net, maogany rira rln-et. wn Furniture Excange. 85 Monrnoyt P^ ^ Bank S2^.* rieck~g i nlf~f«7^n"ii r - ror. eltx-tric fan. air dryer, lugirate, fwina; rod, Staffordttre don». itr-t r>xtjren. e aim, tennl«net. sidewalk ike and uroot/r. Z b i River Road, R«d DOUBLE bed, nneraprlng maureja a^d box svprinsi. practlfnjlj- r e w-o r -A ill *u*an(re ff.r twin wi*. Pone lied Hank 16B1-M aft«r R p. m. FOR SALE BUSNESS NOTCES olt felt 7 6 Mon- JV/KH bu.i- for M<->Uier«U* KKW, bra.*lfcte, etrcingn of»pring colors. Color tiop, moutti.-treet, lud. Hank. _ TWO- or tree-piece living room nu.te, pre-war const ruction wit siuing*. Pone Long Branc AUTOMOBLES 1937 V-EfiHT Ton! coupe, firat-claes condition r» new tire. Daniel Mack, FreeoW R._D.. Jr,rie_M 2-M-2/ MAURCE" SCHWAKTZ. Crynler. Plymout and nternatlonsj truck»alf» and service tar.uarttf a. Pone Red USEJ> CARS bougt, ww and «- cansel, Poritlac i&lee and «rvice; term*. d. M. A. C. Rassas Broters. lj-21 M ec an curcet, pone 3JG6. JF YOL Vi^ to avll your automobile biing it to Ja. We pay ciw for B«rvlReable cars: 1935 U> 1042 model* Motint-Enifliii Co.. fled Bank. TOP PRCES paid for all of good uaed can. McKlm-Layton Ceviolei Co., 29 Mecanic street, pone Hcd Bank FRANK VAN-SYCKLt. 3u We-it Front ntie.*.,.ormeily Qi.tnni. fjaraue. R«- ^ai:s to all makct. i*ar weel aliitntnc and frame utratfftenine iervjte. Uodjje and imymou. druie:. WC PAY te ikel price for your used car. lie ronvir.ct-d. \V ikt or -fill William J. Levine,»7 5 Bmivlway. liruiu, -N\ J. lin>t.e_ls>!ti: Hriin^c Jl_5*.* 1637 "l*\ SAM*E roac lor tale; rnolor j.trft-t i-onililiun. (ieor«e Heytr, Curc stvtfc-, lielfor^.* 1536 CHEVKOLET coac, in Kood ondilior,, radio, tater arid new liatei y,?-"-0 eai-, *otie Red ftan* J-" WLL JAY ta- f<<r.^h, 1JXJ, 1*40 KLMKOK STLblOS Fainting and paper /;anjffnk; a.// nterior decorations. P)i»ne Hum!on 76J_-W. HLV and sell -second-and clotes; must bu n good condition. L. Kerber, ^UJ Srewiburj avenue. Red Bank. Pone 4r,K-W. SElTC TANKS and ceaspoola cleaned; al-o dry welli, drains nstalled. B»- tinmtca Kiven. Oscar Decker, 17 Second street, Fair Haven, pone Red Bank J4B4. VACUUM cleaners repaired; any raaka. Allen Elect-He Sop, 18 Wite street. Red Hank, CESSPOOLS cleaned and dug. drains nitnllerj, wood Fa wins:, estimates ffiven; all kin<u of well work. Howard Tllton, 30 Center street, Rumson.. pone Rumson a J >v-_j. -_ GENEtAL contiacto77~top aoll, fill dirt, cinder*, gravel, maoure, Lionel Slnuin. 11 Ctiiitr street. Rumion, pone 670, ur Re<l Bank 36. STUATONS WANTED MAN wit 15 years expehnece aa sajeiman, i.ow in essential indiibtry, wises part timi; [.o^ltion nellintr or collecting inside or o,it. No canvamsiny. A-l refemiibn. Writs Salesman, box 51 J, R«d Bank. (.ARDENER, njktrintendcnt over draft fttf wiiri.i full-tima poaitlon; toroug knowledge of gardening maintenance and j^tiujiry. Pone lied Bank 2217-W after 6. i 1 i>. m." * WOLLJ livc to take care of cildren". Call at \is CfBtnut street, downi COOK, W Mariti. te to at referertcea fumiaed. 6 Branc avenue, Mrt, -AUMKK. middle-aged, reliable; no iiimv nr tobacco. Capable of manapinx fixim or e^tftte. F. C LobdeH, 117 Hl;u - -,;:, ifjad. tjm-on 1094-* MAN ivrjit* jol> HH assistant gardener or v-n; Write Assistant f.ardener, li(o. 1!, Kci Bank Kiving pone number. EXlERlENfKl) rtenokrap ty,,.;; io do at ome. Hank \/,l>;. er desire* Pone Red PAlNTNfi, decuratlns and i>aper ang* \uv, jr»nc by day or contract: estiinn.v -rietrf uily (fiver,. Louis CasKan, ort Mjrimrjut, N". J., pone Kean«burg WANTED ELKCnilC far _i^tk 1o -UVW-N-" MOVVKK. ar.y condition: also re- Kt-d Hank <7a-W." Milt-n, 4\8 fitt." Call ftrij- afttrnoon exterit Tj>-=days or Fiiday--, after 1 3 r i - m., AtlaT.ti,: Hotol..F»lr Haven. N. J-* TRUCK for i»!e. l.--t For<i, i-unel l,ody type, new -Mvr. Tony H*U ietro, 240 Lir.e road, Matawan, N. J. BUSN.ESS NOTCES CARPfcNTER an<l builder; remodeling ajl kinds of b.ii!dliijfs; ca.binet work. Field, call Eatontowt. 1 S66. TUTORNi r-y teacer of wide experience ; pujin dicl wit te:;- difficulties ; ah-jl* al") aip.. M«M S. L. Swar., Nav^.iink-, pone Atlantic Hi«- LET JS fix iore gjters now, or put up t. rifcw ifitter, to control te roming rniv-: u-r.n.l n- ^nlvunlted. E«- timftit- elite: fuity itiven. Bofcart & NiJc.;- v.:fc:, River Mata. Por.f *i Uar.k v -^-H after 7 pt m. PAN TN f l. a:-jit-:.*er, mfi K on work, fxperiy none, KiUrniiie- driven. Youmsr.f. j.or.e Anlnry Park 4*31. u [K>wer macinei:t tood f.nditiori. Contact Harry Colli.% rare Hairy A. WiUon, River Road, K=.m">ii. Fone tumi-on 5_ 3-W. FOLDN*;»:oller, metal. Call after 5 i. m. KeHr.stMirir 52-W.* MAPLK el. ^p-intr and mattreaa; auo tja(>y t arriiut-. (all Rumson 660-J." VACUUM clenner?, any condition; aliot. jeiiai:. d aiid rebuilt. Pone Red TO BUY a mans caddie. Pone" Holm - del meak SAL BOAT wanted. Comet or box. Pone R*d Bank floor> used SS-millimeter camera, any standard make. Pone after 6 p. m., Red Bank 4 4J-M. AARM ri/>fjks How to clean and adji«t.tim at ome. t> easy if y t) i know > w. Make, save m o n p y. CV>mplet«iritr -irt ion*, 2ic. Ram 1 u ) a, 11 Ufu>i.:e «t r-i-t-t. tnmi")i:,?. J.* 1540 AUTO.MUBLK, prefer coupe. Desire Foul. Cevrolet, Plymout or Pontia- or lic*. make. Call Red Bank 804 between J.i r > s. m. and 4 p. m. or evenir.ffi Higlands 19_^ ^^ WE HUY erdr.d-and fi?inp pole«and rrtn. See Telleys Sportlntf f.ood«, 17 Broad j-i:k-!, Red Bank. n basement. BLKCfRC~."anKe. yooil condition. Call, Keyport 380." WE PAY te igest price for your used rav. Be convinced. Write or call W m. J Le v i n e, 3 7 T> Broadway, Lo n s Branc. N, J. Pone Long Branc HELP WANTED i HELP WANTED WANTfcJJ imrnfcdlatuy, iu[-enr- Undent, Keii*aad«Farm. /.r«lier,t wai C and exceptional working conditions for rigt man. References required. TrM-roora cotta«a aupplied. Call Mn. Alfred Roberts, Eatontown 320. HELP wanted. maje or female, experienced or intxperlenced. Apply at once. Leons, Cleaner! and Dyers, 76- Wite itraet. Bad Bank. HELP wanted, male or female, experienced or inexperienced. Apply at once. Leons, Cleaners and Dyers, 7 6 Wite street, Bed Bank. <1 ELDERLY man. or boy. to make Lernaelvfs uiaful in kitcen; BteHrty or week-endi, good pay. Lo? Cabin nn, S^enlc_Jte^,_AUa?iticJlll!landJi. P«UVATE~eiib in Red Banl w«nu a couple; no cildren. Man lo be.orloriler cook, able to manage club bar. Wife to be ousekeeper. Quarter* furnised. Permanent poaitlon (or rift party. Write P. O. Box 682, Red Hank. State experience. YOUNG men to ang awnings. Standard Awning Co. 85 Bast Front street. R«d Bank. Pone Red Bank «Q«GENERAL omeworker, experitneed, two in family. Mu<t ave own car. References required. Mrs. Clarence Fiser, Little Silver Point. Red Bank 482. MDDLE-AOED woman, or rlrl to do general ousework. 110 a week. Sleep in or out. PoneJRed_ Bank 224». COOK-HOUSEWORKER, and cambermaid-waitress wanted. Four in family, cildren awmy in summer, fiood waeefl. Pone Eatontown 371. MAN to work on private ettate, keep lawn nnd roads in condition and generally useful. Steady job, 135 a week. Pone Red Bank 211. EXPERENCED waitress, parlor maid. Two ln_fa_niilv:_ponf Middletown 00. ORLS7"between 18 and 45. wanted for fountain work: no experience necessary. Full or part time. Apply Mamager. Tompkln». Broad and Monmout street*. Red Bank.^ MAN~wanted~to assist gardener in general gurdeninit work by day or week: must provide own transportation. A. Trains, box 14, Locunt, N. J., pone Atlantic Hlnlandi 728. WANTED, good reliable cauffeur, wite, willing to elp around place wen not driving; single, young or middle aged; good place for rigt party. References -reouired.- Call-all JMtk.&l. «5 Wasington street, Rumson, or pone Rumsan,741. MAN to do general farm work; good pay. Pone Long Branc 3087 or call at Wolf Hill Farm. Oceanpurt. N. J. PORTER to grease or Simonlie cars; liberal salary. Apply 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. from May fct on. T. C. Of.o. care of Zobel Building. Harding road and Broad street. MEN and boys wanted, steady nside work, rain or.iine; experience not necessary; enential agricultural activity. Also nlgti and Sundays for part.time workere.; on bus Una, near Little Silver station. Telepone R«d Bank Economy Nursery Co.. Little Sliver, N. J. PLATFORM man wanted; man to wait on customers wo come to te plant for ce, and to elp n te store room; man ovtr draft ago or oterwise deferred. Apply Seaboard ce Co., 2 7 Nort Bridge avenue, Red Bank. BRAN) new Simmons famr>u* i>r*--war manufactured lnnersprin? mattrecof^ and box luring 1 *: redurtlon*. Winter*, nc., 51 Olin»tr*et. Ocean ^rove. N. J. TWO HUNDRED bar* of Oreen Mountain pmatom : juft zratfed, no «i>roi!» l l calves. 10 l«. Ali Pone Hr.lmdrl "T veal i p. fi METAL bed. ^prini and rr>lor m"e: r port 1S47-M-* l2 fit. P" p y- VALUES! 5>*. f>f metal bun : l.p.i- «i* "Simmorn coil prinicf. SU..^u: it-fn COR! rsnju. fli>.5ft: tool r-ct. *-i., r j": new urtt>alnt«d rirfennirtp tal*-. {,1.*L; lrd rane ind fltand, fl.0 : lawn r-nqiie! i^t, J2.7R; wicker tea wagon, % l.?> ( <: rfm«rrlfyrle, (R.50;»mall coffee rs»*bl<* ; undredi of booki at 5c. Many or»*r it emu too riiim«rou*«to merttinn. A!"ft new linoleum rutr», mattr*«*e«nf nil klndi. Mtcen ctlnet^. ct<--. n =torv, Ru^rUB Aurtion Galleries E- Front n^reet. Pone Rgd Bank BABYs Storkllnr MfrTair. nquire 81 Tirdstree^. Rymion. N. J. PHptOGRAMfKRS"set"of "four flood litts wit utanil. May be ncen in window of Merrltt Macine Sop. ETdHTBEN-FOOT Sea Cull «loop. two jibs, ancor, cusion!, life preserver*, oter stear. An is, $200. Pone Middletown 568. T n r i p ( mer.t ar.l yt-rrt: alk ji)at-;»;i «irk, Maro, HasO. 13 r-tforre-. nvenjie, Red Bank. pxt r S~Ac~n:-l:nn PcTol, 114 Monmout utret. k"! njir.f.. Eft«y vray to!cam. Try yoir umli-.y. L*arr. -e i.:-o].«r wny. 1 Privati* ie^or.v Pone Rcl Bank 2;C*&-J. KOJ-F: 5 "i M P.. m.. 4 m p. m. Tie«lay. T-inday*. «" " ;. m : Saviriiny,.-:.1> a.m. to :<0 p. rn. ] SKWNi; intrurrioni*. Enroll r:oiv. C:a ei ti fo- Rfternoou or ever.i^- i.nw J f-imirtr. f;:,-f..vfnn en :;r,e l"r «::}> *]". Sir. Ker Marlre r 1,... -.!»::(... R<-i Ha^ 3-. CARFBNTER" wotit wanted; roofi:.,. H»- mrion HV,-;., rcn»r,\ fi,k)nl «::) :-!»»-! tprin?. Wri-.c Micncl Fransrelia. box 43", R.Tl. 1. Jiat^ow-r^N WANTEi. n ca-de.ner, ivo out; state watm ijtjierrptl. exiie.-leiire arid age. 1?_Woodland Drive. Fair Haven, PUPPES wanted for re.iale; small breed. 5 \t H weeks old, ppne Red M MAN or boy wanted to operate small and label printing macine; experience not nece«iary; steady, ligt insids work. Economy Nursery Co., Little Sliver, N. }., pone Red Bank FLHNrUP.E wanted, cas paid for t:<ne> ; n]il-fa^wnei furniture, old g]aj" and cina; keroiene lamps. T)e " rie wat you ave. Write P. O. Box!3J. Freeold, N. J. TYKWHTKHS. adding macines and o.tjrp etjjjrnent wanted. Serplco>, OfVire F.iiipmer.t Co,, 10r, Monmout. r,c. pone ( J. VYANTKP. rjnomtii to :*ad ooks at our tndinir library. Car! J. Riett. l."3 «\. V-.iiw: -ireel. MM Bank. \nr ; p: a-*.: ml [ air:".e:s, paper anscs and rieorntnr*. No job too )»rjre or too»»m»ll F/>r ( L **!rr.^*p* ca!! Rlm^np (fi 1?, CALL u> first. We b:y anrtina and piy iger. p-" l cei. Te FurT.iLjr* Center, 29 East Front itreet, pone Red Bank TWO metal beda, alnjri*. wit springs; one brua bed, single, wit spring. Pon«Mlddlttown 6S8 YOUNG frw Jersey cow for sale, $150. E. L. B«ekman, MiddUtown. N. J. (CP«, f b ( ^ K rrn(:<; Uutvonm fixture*,»m"; l.iu-cii finiefircnt unlti, : Mitzdn liuln; b/ittrripr, 10 {"enln; pome alcrtrlr wire. NnllontVl R pone ZCSO,* TEN-PECE dininff-rootn «uit»«, carved oak, ifood, condition. %" J. Maot;ar,y low poat bed, full lite, complete wit coll spring and mattr«is. $50. Raymond E. Smit. Rumion Road, LJule Silver. SNEAK BOX wit saj, Write Sailoat, Lax all.* USED move*, ice box, dining room set, Model T Ford truck, lawn lollei, auto jack, crib, ceat of drawers; oter articles Coo num«roui to mention Srewsbury avenue. 1 L.WVN MOWEL^ and re- J paired. Sci-fo:-, kr.ivc- and garden j tools»arper:p(i. We ret-ai r for-k«nnd fit keys for Minks nr.d vali«e-. C: oss jockumi- Sop, S- Srcw-ury avenue, lied Ban:-.. PANTNVJ bv day cr contract; yarer anginc; estimatrs given. Herman Tomson. R. V, ), box 42. Atlantic RENTS collected and properties manaired; reference, any bank. Alfred Her.r.t-^y, Li^en*-ed Broker, Jersey aver.ue. LV.inn Beac. N. J. DOCK BULTUNfi. rile pumping, riki^ir.ff, tree rullins. flaif pole paintine N R- Pnyde_r. Keyport, N. J., pone 9^^- CUSTOM plowinp. discinc sowing, arvest 1 n i;. 11 if i> u! 1 in 2. C o u nd clear- np. etc.; trn^tor work of any kind by acre, our or ront: act. Kir«t cla««eauipmem!. Ralp Maer, Hnlmdei, N\ J.. box i.s : pone "Holmrlel *3»1. YOUNG pig! for sale. Laurel avenue, Keansburs. P. O. Box 297, Keyport, N. J. SALBOAT. 17-foot Cape Cod knockabout in ifood condition. Marconi sloop Hit. Pone Red Bank 2680-M after S p. m. for information.* MANS bicycle Hudson avenue. Red Bank.* "ALMOST NEW" offer* a very larae selection of aprintf and summer nouls, nuits, dreases, ata and aoes tat ave ardly been worn, at reasonable price*. nressei, 2 to 17; two-plere cult* at il ; coats, 2 to J10; loma cildren" -ummer dresses, size 2; also rildipn- ronta and several pairs of babys -.oea; ilacka, ikirte. blousei, coat-, tirace Dean, 55 Srewabury avenue, Ucd Bank. JOD PR1NTNC Wen you need busine«s cardi. letteread!, envelopes, billead a, booklets, posters, programs, announcements or any- tink in te line of printing try Te Register. Work of te better kind done wen promlstd and at reasonable prices. YANKEE TRADER offera alx-piecc reed porc set, 3. pieces outdoor furniture, let of carden tools, lawnmoweri, canoe, fining pole, reels, ooks, camera, Singer acwnk macine, pair water sklu, studio couc, bugle, large brass orn, field ff]asbe«i, drummera foot pedau, bviste, alarm clock, antique guns, bunk bed. riding boou. grais rutrs, dinette set, smalt ward robe, lotfl of kitcen ware, window awninns, ice cesta. steel lorker, raln pull, sump pump, army cots, nr* net.*, rockerii, Vietoi inn rairit, #*i>l of Uavil nnd cina, wnlkiff orae..i \V. Front street. Red Hnnk, nt u«itop. Pone Reti Bank COPPER wire tureen* for inle. Nine 2 ft.. S in. x 4 ft.. 7 n. and our.*! ft. x 2. ft. 0 in. in nood condition. Pnne Red Dank 2H6H.* PEANUT stone. Mrs. W. S, Force, Holmdtl road. Llncroft. N. J. DAY BEJD, two bookcases, let of Bonk Honne books, like new. Cina clom-t, rlltoniere, two nt racks. Pone Katontown_ W8. rck"bo~x, tree doom, in cbod rnmtitliij,. Pnne Rod Bank 2fi9»f HANDROMK new tandem fully muipi>id. Pone Red Hnnk 326. after ft [ m. THREE-P1E(E Hvlnir mom Hu.te. n uood ponilltlon, Cull at V* Hani. lnjr _Roi<. Rcl B^. TEN-PKCK"" Walnut illnlnr rncim *et~. nt ure (,! Branc nvenue, Red Bunk, KHU1T PRESS, all metnl. inffflimr nml bridge lamp**, fi enr; twn-buirifr elert rlc cook stove, $5 : (leiif ral Klert lie vacuum clonner, Slli; 5]>c and Spun electric rlenncr wit blower nnd drndorlr.lnn.icnrrith, MO; Kn n rndlatnr, f2 : (nikc Evercold rp bnx. oliln 7T> lbs. re. S10: macine, ir>; old violin. Tmtore. Mllm, 1698,-^100; ron w^elarroti 1, $!i; n<»v. el», r.oc rac. Te aove nrtklen HT n - v.,,r.. ru...c very> (rood cqndltlon. W. Henilcison, 10, Prowna, Main "treat. Port Monmout. Pnne AUDREY ESTELLE-7r.ter.0r decorator; draper, ruk«, furniture anangements ; decorative paintlnrs Plans and color -ceme* for.vtiur arieirffinfcl red ceo rn t- ng job. 21 Mount rtrecrt, Red Bunk, putil* fiyii. HOOVKU cieaners repaired, bruses rebrlatlcd. Allen Hlectrlc Sot*. S Wite Htreet. pvne fi]2. Red li/ink FOR MOirriTAtYrT T»7TB *ec R. V. R.~HT Stout. LewiH build inn t Rroail. atr 1 1 el n ver Nowberry nt n re), LKSS POOLS cleaned and built, -.i-mic tunics rlcuned nmf in^nllpil. tlralnt installed. Duine any time dtiy or nifilit, Rumson 740-J. " Harvey C. Tllton. 2 Bruce place, Rurrmni.^ 6Tr> FLOOltS nmf Vtnlrs mnde Hke^iewl floor Bflndintr nnd and rciml^iine Ji>c n square font and up: experienced workmansip. My run E. M arson, 29 Mnpla avciuio, Ucd nnnk. pone,11.h-j. ESTELLB nterior decoiatlnu, w rrancjiikn, [taper aneinp. plain n (lei; palnllnb: eatnmi^cil 102 Pone fied Bank fi9^. 1Q Mount *tien MADELON PROAL, nntlfjucs bonwt and sold 11)2 West Front utrret. Her! Bunk. J _ TAXES Keop your record* up to dnte and ceck your estimates; weekly or cnntitut TcniH moderate. Cdx, nubile iiccoiiniitnt. btis 5:i4, Lnnt Bruni,- N J., tnne Mnnmnut Henr 2*l7ri. FOR NSlUANCK nf ~nlf klnditiice K."v. R. H, Stout, Lewi* iiluunu, " 7-71> Rrmul st io, t (iv (i NVwi.rrry «toi<-)..;enei(a, CONUATOH ami H-*f(>im]«rleaned : c.irtlni; mid trnttllnt;, iyp loll, manuii, fill dirt, rlnitrn,, srnvcl nnd fliunl. EHtlmn-RH alvon. Pnim Ut-A llnnk 11(14. O*rnr llerkrr. ^7 SernnH *» i-pot Fnlr Haven, NJ^^ THK HlTST i»tt7^"fntrf77;~ngt. rrnt, nulal anil imiii. (loiti- 5, junk iloalor, 21(i SrcwNlmry nvrniic, Rrd nnk, pnne 1 Tilts.W. Will call. fihant) or spinet piano wanted, «oon in po-imf: private party. Write Piano, box 511._ Rpj_Bfl^}i: nfty"*b«c-e. ccvlinpn or atcing esfff wan *?!. Bryan. Port-«J-Pe<r!c. Lorn Branc- R. F. P. ROOMS FOR RENT NCELY lurni-erj double room. n private ome, no cildnn. Pone Long Branc 11M. _^ ^^ LAUfiE do-ile room, private lavatory, river view, *ever. mlnutfts to itatlon. 7f) Rcc.vr ;>)«/t>. Jiel Bank, N._J. ^ riknshkh room fnr couple. nquire l*i iwyane it:>f-!. Ocearport.* VERY larffp be<lioom wit small dreasin>; Mioni rear bal; on bui lir.e; fur -ML-S- man nr woman, Lfpt breakfabt privilege. 341! Broad atrett.* 6NE~".SlN(iLE and one larfte double room, rnmfcrnlily furnised ;.business couple ;.:f>fer[, d. 1 - Wortley "treet.* L.\K<iK l)e<lr(.nm, wit two beds and kitcen priviic^en, 1"1 Wcstalde avenue. Red Hank. ROOM fn:- rent, attractive, nil comforti nf nmc. Car accommodation nemiprivatp. Pnne Red Bank 1140-U or TiH S r-l-xv-t- 1! ry nvenue, Red Bank. a. CM mom fncinjr river: next to Kxcpllcnt locatinn, walking dis- [im.own: rrspnncible gentleman, Pne Red Bank 44S. 18 TWO ( nt>!r wj-. ;. ile.t-< i Tn; mi f\v(l"li on-r.] \v; or -.vtl f ( n i] t <,P( PLES wanted for two deiir-! fiir:i = ed double bed room % " mt enc. Kitcen prlvejiicd. Detifttful surroundif lip «ern to be appreciated. >~ rilp by rar from rnilrond.- itr ttnv 1 S^_ Hf_d_ Rflnk^ nn. rooms furnised for litrt.ntr. nft imprnvements, fmf run- Ncnr «;ntion and bus linen. avenuo, Pied Pnnk. ROOMS, p:. Smit street. Red Bank: q.iim and comfortable: ot water at all tinif-- Pferity of parmnp ^psre. Mori- PTP p: ii-r s. Ponp 2^1-1. H.K muni for rrn» to couple, nenr M!;. n n 1 i F.i-ner> : kitcen, wnci ril ivf>; pvivilppp". ti.i Morford \\ci\ Hunk, pone lf>7.(-r. ROOVS Alinnir Hotrl. l>y dav or week. 121 Fiii-. K.-ivin roftil. Fnir, Haven. j.m-.f?.<*! He! Hnnk ( (imforrah.k ome, similar to Sorority linn--: iriru nvo privilege of cnokim., iv a i ni. ot - Hnu«rkppper M--.;i-n >-n>.:!, ponp Red Rnnk 5, r,q4, ONK of Red Unnkn moat cnnvenlent lociitimti=: l>fii sinsle nntl double rrnm«mr- f V PowFtrn SS" ^fnr^c avi-niie. Rnl n:,-il,. nnnp 1M4. HELP WANTED MRN to ; nuttldiir work;!00<;r- eflsenlijil- T«c lo fni" i<er our, plm overtime. Tn-p in p-isctiliiil work neeri not niply, r\ccitt wit.taiompnt nf availability for cariko to oulilorn work. Sco our intervipwer at 1 Horden ntreet. Sliirwsl.tnv, N. J., ptwrimi 6 nnd R p. m. A^plllnl^ Tin- K\ U-;L C pcrbot^r..jag l.m. Ki>iin»lmrir ^vl-j^ CiTANS Htrotr-liril. S1HK>1,A CC1HSKTKHK- A10 you av- 1 iin t iniiblc :vlnj: to ircl a cnr«ol tn Klve you mlt nml comfort. SplrnlU an e«t, Por afur p. m.» Studio, B ttcetor rlnce, pone li«nrar. il Hank, A^plllnl^ Tin K\ U;L C. COf.OHKH cuok wnntpil, for privnte rr«lililir,._ riinllf Rti_l Hiljlk 7 (,,;_ MAN wiuitt.1, * Mu-t o nndy nnd wllliril tn wti.-l.. TnKf rare nf ^tockiooin HT. oicr ili-tiiil-. A ood riince for 11 nrlut innn. PU-nty.if uppurliinlty ti» ke tnnil niinify if you ;ni mlait yoiirrlf lo- i. ilit* if-*!<» nerfoim. Mu.-t e niilp!» ilriv.-.:... Yoiin^ innn <-f 17 ui»» r. \V,-!r YiMiiiL Man. M»\.11. Red Hnnk.* _ BK.MTKAN wiintfr"~"lmmcidla(ciy; MPJUV pnt.i1 ion: vnlnry wtartfntr «t J.O nei- wppk, Write nenptlclnn, box.111, Hr.l Hnnkj^J -AliKH wnntttil. Mu«t ave cx- P^rffnre. r-aihes ppeciiilty sop, fjoot! pny. StPtuly work. KlrncbbnumV, 23 STONKEAHR wll ii,.l t i i i i i x n l i H i u i i -fm uin ""ik inimriiinlcly, i liiir wmiuvi (< e- nteresllnff wnik, r«u Red.Bunk i l URVE^S and elyen wanted, \puly at wareouse, corner Maple avenue and Bergen pile*, Red Bank. Fred l>. Wikolf Company. WANTED, wite working ouiekeirper; to cook breakfut for ono pirson End to keep partially clobfd ouse livable. Reference" renulred. Kepiy in writing, P. 0. Box 725, Red Bank, K. J., for interview,. (irl wanted for general oftice work. Write stating age and qualifications.. Write General Office Work, box 811, Reti bank. MAN for general work in ardware store. R, Hance & Sons, 43 Monmout eireet, Red Bank. Pone Red Bank 5. MAN~to~work in grocery store and drive truck. Jon Hintelmann, nc., pone Run*on 367. GRL wanted for days work or iteady work. Sleep in. Ligt laundry. Pone Red Bank EXPERENCED salesman or aaleelady wanted by large retail mens store. Good salary. Write Experienced, box Till, Red Bunk.* - REAL OPPORTUNTY! Experienced auto mecanic and no SB t ant. Good salary guaranteed. Pleasant working condition*. Apply T. C. Otto. Zobel Building, Harding Road at Broad, Pone Red Bank 4>. Apply after May S betwcen10 R. m. and 3 p. m. daily. DELVERY men wanted. Eisential lnduatrj, We ave permanent position open for delivery men. Salary plus commisblon. Apply Seaboard ce Co., 27 N. Bridge avenue, Red Bunk. BOY wanted. Full or part time. tail dry good* store. Sunwise Broad Street, Red Bank. N. J. SALESGRLS wanted. Retail dry poods store. No experience necessary. lorn! opportunity. Surprise Store, Drond Street, Red Bank. MAN for genera] work in ardware J H. HancG & Sons, -\2 Monmout * Red Hank. Pnne Red Hank S. SALESLADY wanted. Womens ft-ipnrinfr apparel. (Vood snlftry. Steady work. Rapid advancement. Apply Simons "Nice TiuKf." 1 Broad street, Red Bank, N. J.* DRHWASHBl wanted; wnitress wnn Red Bank Candy Kitcen, fid fl treet. Red Bank. WHTE cook nnd cambermaid-wnit re UiRetpr nr separate. Po-itinn av.i able imrnndlately for bnt. Sirpp in. n Rod Bank on ua line. Pn Ro<] Bank WOMAN to do ousework nno week, fiood wagen. Muif (unit ereni-fs. Gull Keanaburg St4;H._ WOMAN wanted"for nouaewn:\"<>n ]>er week, 34. Call Red Hnnk Mfi EXPBHKNCED" ironer wantrd. _pay;_ Pnnp Rumson fi^l TAUT-TME onneworker "w^mvil. mife near Red Bank. Pone Unnk MS0-J." day -. re WE -HAVE excellent jo^ tn fina omes for cooks, couples. nu«eworkerh, nuraemaldr, tnmlifiuinidc. wnitrnsnes; paying good sn lanes. Forest Hill Employment Atieiuy. Tifi Main street, Anbury Paik. liliono 41)1)4. STOCK HOY wunivti uftor»,>iwtd nvi Sntindny«. Apply Lofts (.nruly S MAN^nnt«r^i^~imyT"[iTl 1^yiMii :."! : nn. full tiimsnrj 7-0," K. f.cnenil utiscwnrkui. v [ OUP. Slec>l> n. ST.. * Ttuil Hank l.i.. EXPKRENCF;ii~mr fie~nr~wo~~ (iood wntipj*. Pone Rurmnn Ri J «J «UUv Mumc ll«" mall pmtiitr. Ponp Rumxon N^r MAN wnntec] to tend SPT but ; o enm not norexnnry; full nr part teitdy omploymcni ; OXCPK"! V Ajiplv Ni»w Mnln Oflfetnrla, Fort rnniit. N. J., pone Kntontnwn p.uitime, 12(14, Mi*. Reerl, for appointmenl. "WmiM 1U.< to s. ily wan n privntt* mnulif"-. Rr.l flanli tjtjji. J_ nu.-rnr ilrpsi ^lim. n dt June 1«1. WrMei P. O. Bn Srewsbury. illa* rjt WOEESr. Vj for itco!$ of fiii Apply B.1 Honey BroadS Uee t - _ HOUSEKEEPKR wanted at oiicet" One tin family. ll Clinton rtreet, Eatontovfti, N, J., one Eat on town J Ttj-K. REAL ESTATE WANTED SMALL apartment or bunxtilow. tiu/ur- Hcd, in Kcd Hunk or vicinity. Pone Eatnntown_ 4HZ-J. HOUSE wanted to rent^hix roomi, unfurnied, boforp July y\; year lea?e, OJlion lo buy. lied Bunk or vicinity. Wiite llou<e Wanted, box 611, ltc«l Bank. ; FARMS wanted. We ave buyern for all kinds of farm-, nisu lummer umeu wit «ci cane. Send description, price, tviiri itt.ti ow ieaced by autu *«n e y H n & D o ne a a n, fi 6 J Newark avenue, Jor^ey City. WANTED to rentoi r reate7ft>urv"io~fly«- oom a-year-round ouse wit impi ovements: eiter firiiifled or unfvir- eil, wit ample uitjuiil for jmall we:- yardc-n : nrj rilflifii, excellent reference- fuiriided ; must be in Leonardo. Wri»«Home, box 11, K#d BariW, N.,1- SMALL* miftt Or urtynlnw in or neor Red Hank. Reliable couilr. Permanent r«rldeini. Address R. C, Box -.11, Red Hank." TO" HKST TmfTjrnfnefl" -- or nlxinom bungalow "iiitable for treu ad ill u. Pr i-rna nen t residenus. A. pont"l, 132 Hivesirle nvunue, ted t Bank, N._J. Pone lied B«nk_4fi4. FOR" QUCK rtion" n te sale o: rent*l of your ome, burnt alow or 1 farm, pone or write tli ottice today, Ray Stillman, State Hig way. Eatontown. ronf; " atir] R. VO YOU 7 : :7-T{n HWl~ymJ7~oij.-e? We nve rr.ariy ra«ii niyers for ati types of pro pert it- for sale Or rent. Hnlstoii Watorl,u:y. Kealtnr-. 16 W. Front meet, pone Kfd Hank ;i0>." WLL buy bun^ajow or flmajl ous*: family of : ee: prirt not to exgr-ed Jfi.000. Have *Z,r,nf> cas. W P rite Tree, box :, 11, Ue*l Hank. R Al- ESTATE FOR SALE HJ VK/..iJJ.»fc HVJf.WTA \,jug*\v*» >*t t - oo/wji, ;.jl jjflwovt/jifcm*. iialtj price, %.. ij.. leimo ananged. Taxes only S ( 0 jiur yehr. Se«Rolston Wat«rbury, Kcaltor,.fi_W. Front Rtrect,- pone 3500.* SkEWSBURY ome, ofi Broad street. Y\ ve room*; all impro vementf. Lot OxlJu. Ta:veH $.00. Sales price. 3.25U. Unl-toii WaterbUry, Realtor, 16 W, Front sticpt. [(one Z%<<0. FARM, cict.i.tigci.. goad farm wit»m»!l brook, Z7 aciet. more vi (H ; apple ireard, elfrt-room ouse, ot water eat, fireplace; outbuilding! and barns. Located on state igway, Hai to b«be«a to be appreciated.. Alfred Hennc»> ay. Licensed Broker. Jeriey avenue. Union Beac. N. J. MUDLETOWN: Substantially built 7- rftom ou«e. Hot water eat. 2-car varuxc. Fireplace.! 7,900. Rolston VVniuibuiy, Realtor, 16 W. Front itreet, HEA DUONS CORNER bungalow, 5 roumi; ot-water eat. Lot «3x129. $4.7.-)i/, ace RolBton Waterbury, Realtor, 1 ti W. From street, p-one li..nri KVEH-FKUNT lots located at Little Silvtf luint. Buy now for your future <> rue..stt Jtwl«Luii Water bury. Realtor, S W. Frnnt bueet. pnne 3.".»0.* KVEM-KONT ome, substantially built. A 100ms; ot-water t?at; eitra lavatory Rtifl ijii-in on first floor. Two-car KaiiiKt. Miifl^ive sade trees; nruba; fiowei, ami fi^ nonrl. All for KM-.(J Wa-erbury, 16 W. Front street, 3lH)» F YOU ave R fj.isf. aiitirtment nr l»unfalow for rer.t, fu:-ni«efl or unfurnised, pore Lrjntr Branc 599. U. C Coatee Agenf-y. APARTMENTS UNFLKMSHKD a; for rent, tree rooms and liai. Call.Swarttfl Auction Kof>m, l;.-.i Umik :i-l:{. ONE-KOOM -fin-ti-i«*-<l H;.H» lm. nt nn buline, wit ririva *.e CM : ni;re. Modern conveni«*nrf"<..suitabto for" li<i-ititb«iplc,- lady o:- gentleman. Very liyt ountkee;>intf. AvHilable May G Broad?trtet, Htd.:ni >. LiviK-diniiij- room. kiti ami pantry, li t.-t flout : l,<*il:uom, priv.iip bat and all, «*.-nn.d flmir: fiiiiii-ed wit early Jersey aniijue*. Piivaie ^ntance. (Jarnpfe. t : tilitits fin-ni-iiod. Ten milea from Red Bank, 3 mil Cur ctfentlal. Suitable fn:- nitirer, wife and bnby. Pane Kolrrnlrl filo2, THREE-ROOM beautiful furnued apartment, wit every modern improvement. LocRted in te ea:". uf Atlantic Hi (f lands; convenient n evn y- tini, Telepone owner, Harry Hamer, Atlanlir Hlelandfl 961. MSCELLANEOUS PASTURE for rent. Good fcnre5 and water up to 2u ead. E. D. -ontilon, M.jdlctown. _N*._J. 7CAN~YOU uoo m«:" ave Jl.oo to nvest, wit full time; retail, wolesale. sell or manage any buiiness or ooncea-!on. Write nvest, bnx 511, Red Hank.* OLD COLONAL ouse in nebd of rel.nir. wit art* land, Located in Capel Hit!. 2:,ftn. See Rolston Water- Miry, Realtor. 16 W. Front atreet, pone llumialow: ii* room.; all improvemei.ts, Tree aorta lai:d. Near station a line. Low tuxe*. f i.uimi. Jiolatoii Wdteibuiy, Heal tor, 16 W. t out ntieel, prione 3 jui.i.* iii\ich-t JiONT ome located in air Hat en, consisting uf > ioom*i, bat, [ layrdjin in asement. Hot-water eat. i-rnr garage. J16,)()(), See RoUton Waiurbury, Realtor, 16 W. Front itreet. P rmu_ yvip.j ->.1: Newly iiitinithl mod«rn fivemum ijuiiraiw; r nm[ eat, fireplace, l)ht, ardwootl floors, sci ecnn; yarage: $4.y^0. Plot 50x10j. Ray V&nHorn Agency. Fai:- Haven, pone fte<l Bank FOR LEASE or sale, 35-room otel. Can furnis bed 1, nuutresses and iprifuyi. lao ncluded in ti bulldlag, lunc room, dining room and bar unfurnised. Jest location on First avenue, Atlantic Higlands. Several government project! nearby. (lood futurt, your temii, JPon* twner, Harry Hauler, Atlantic HlganU MMKUATE possession owner occupied com fo rtaii le (teven-ioom ouse, near river; exohenl condition; oil eat, insulnnin; porces, double xarage; beautiful litr.d.icapiiik ; plot li(xjl6; JH.SOO. Ray ViinHurn, Fair Hnv»i, pone Red Hank.<f.J MMKlTlATE pu^esh.on." Utlle Silver; tifcb ft eras, knoll, tree*; carming bunwiilow; lai-k«j living room; tree bed- ndni.j, l^itren, modem bat, good eat. NecN t erlecoriiltii«: vrat atre: SH.OOO. Kny Van Horn Aneruy, Fair Haven, 7tAMULN("; brirk"and frame Cane Cod; acre near river; six rooms, pine den,,wn at*, automatic eat, fireplace, ln- - illation; double Karaite: $10,rj0Q. Ray Vaiiilo:-ri Agency, Fair Haven, pone Red FAK~ HAVEN~iT7r>0i> aisi newly tainted; live looms, tiled at, c, onk floor:*, copper pluming, ^il, Kit rage ; J6.2. r i0. Ray Van Horn Agency, Fa if Haven, pone Red Bunk SHREWSBURTf te D.pture ouse of Sycamore avenue; five acres; Cape Cod, six innm.-, tw<%.* batfl, two fireplaces; f>rc:t:rl; srubs, outbuildinga; ^2 3,500. Kay VanHorn Agency, Fair Haven, pone Red Hank 2^3. [NVBST0R5. Apartment ouc. redacor. nred; poori Red Brink location; annual inrome. f 2,!)^>. Taxes?1 fifi; est mm.?27 "1. Tenant * permanent. Price led-ifm to $l2.nnn. Ray VanHorn A?cnry, Fair Haven, pore Red Rank J ^ L.STN(»S wanted, if you ave a ouse for *ale: buyers waltini;. H- V. K. H. Stout,77 Broad street, pone Red Bank : ,,_^ :_,,,_:-_ STUD POtJ. bearle. fee 110; 13-inc field trial winne-.". Black blanket, wile cear. Sammy R. and Avon.Blue Dispatc blood close up. Carles J. Me- Connell. Belmar. Pone a?.". t rcf«. Attractive nune, 7 rooms, nts 2 flreplaceh. Hot water eat, oil,i:ed. Dork. Hulkeadlnc. $13,7 50. ]{iiy VanHnrn Agency. Fair Haven, Pone Red Bank 2^3. MMEJATF, ni-nipaney Eigt- room nmr; 3 bats; new roof; newly dec- <> m t dd : oi! uincr ; ton sed ; jrnrau 1 tr-l;(«-;-liiirulmi«ly low,-?f.-.fl(if>.- Plot-1Kix 1 Tii, Ray VnnTorn, Fair Haven, pone i itd n k 2iri* SMTH BROS., tree experts, tree planting, spraying, pruning, cavity treatment, etc.; reliable ar.d reason able. Pone evenings e- Lween 8 *nd 9, Red Bank 33<J?-J. FARMERS and truck growers will find a ready market for teir produce by advertising in Te Registers cuisfiified columns. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT JK VOU are looking for barnaiiib, dee *. F. Kennedy. List yout ouses for aale or rent. 1 ave many inor-uects. P. F. Kennedy, li 1 Peters place, Rcl Hanli.. HOUSES and atorea for rent. K. V. t. H. Stout, Lewis buiiling, 77-TS Broad )treel (over Newberry stuie). U a i-res. magnificent vi rurniinrf Rev en-room farmouse, pine livitr.r :nnni, fireplai-e, tree cd rooms, :>iken. lawnn, fruit trees. $12,- 00". Kny Van Horn Anenry, Fair HF v«n. j.oi^ Red_nank_^s.T.^_ SHRKWSMLRY A "invefy "old" brick Mr.til r, on n!. Six room.", 2 bat*> autom;i:r eat. Wiile pitie floorn. Siari :onf. r,;i-;-r um. Outlmildfnxfl...M^OO Hay VfinHovn Apcnry, l-nir Haven, pone Red Hank :V(. Rol-.RK BANK bunralow of five *: all im i!ivementi». Price 13,2 Wnterl.iiry. Heattor. lfl W DOTU.K HOLSE located on Branr n csiiip. lied Bnnk. Six roorna and fa- eiijo. All irnpmvementfl Sale [v i.-c. JC..OO. 5re Rotsfon Water- -V Rmltor, B W. Front street, pone Ofi.* BUNt.ALOW, four ronm«, bat. All iminovuments. (iaiiinc. OlV iwway nt M i ci d K own, two i! ciu is f ;-"o m 1 :i r» vv? Lumber Co. Can lie et-n any time latsy Pei-ri, box 110, R. \ V _1_. Keil Bniik." T\V"b-~Sf()nY "furnit-ed" niiic. for te summer. Si 1 ; room*, two biil.-, lnated in a nice, <,uiet noijrlilk)! ood. jst lie aniall family. $ i:,n,i,>uii, Jon T. Lawley. pnae Red Bank 4 f». HOMK Jlte* on nort nlde of Sadow ],;tk<\ Ceaper now tan after v K. K. Afoxandci Estate. Nutswamti toad. Po-- oflirp Heri Bunk. N. J,, R. >. 1. HY, AilFL modern four-room ome nnd tfii; ii^p; reasonnrile term^. Teleli<iM> nwnrr, Harry Hainer, Atlantic Ai i; VOTVE five-room bunralow, ir r;iii>. oil, ot water eat. Prirf. $4,0d alf r:\n\\. Pnne Atlantic Hiclnnds at. nquire after ;,..T0 p, m. D. en tilt 1. Nutownrnii loail. Rod Hank.* HOLSK tor rent, seven room:* and at. nil imp! ii vp men s. 17 Oakland si tree:. Red Hank." THRKK-ROOM furnised bunttalow, nil improvrments. Available May 1 >. Yearly tenant vreurretl. B. & B. Boiii* Works, HeinUonV Comer. Red Bunk. RVEli-FRONT onie-iuflvu ro(int» :l»o jiilcr ]iat j and?f. van!.- <inar:crc. Aimut nip anil linlf nf pround. lieni 5 17,t mont unfuniisrrl. Jlol.ston Wntrbuiy. Hrnltor, 1 fi \\\ Front *trpet, Red k 1 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE BUY, sell or rent all types of real estate ti u.iir Constance Smit Airency. 1-1 Maple avenue, -nlv Haven, pone Red Hank_i;;(0^ OilRADL-E omes, furnised and mifurnued; river fiunl and iluide opctliofl fur Hnle at at tractive Micp". See A. E. Dennett. Rniltor. lly Nnvcsink nv«nui-. lli«!anil«, N. J., pone Hiir- TWo innisfc.i, nuatluil, sevln i DU - e;u ; ji-t bren remoiktttl, icdtcn nilud, wit c v»; r y mo d e M i improvement i n -: a 11 u d. LoraUil i) no Mori, Uun\ i.uliond -it a- i. ntuois, ctircfa. sloic-, tc. in Hclfnnl. Ti 1 - pro pert y run be pmcusid on fi vpi y snuill.low n imymefit ainl inennit 1 f Mini t e ntpr ou^o ran pi Mi-licntly in:, in tain lioili omes. Tt l n>fwre, wy tint took Jnt" ti,- iiniiu.-il ;i[<i 1(i-iti(Hi irnmediately " Tc;l* i!ionc lwricr. Hurry lnii-er. Atuitlp UlfflainN i i.eur.vxvlxvk. icfd Hunk: liiruo U\. \ Hdppim: A.-ciicy] Hwl nnnk. plume iiis-c iittaeiil. oil thi-ncr: KiriK 1^ liinw.jy. MidiJletovvn ; five minute* njijk m ini(in. s T,.iOii. Tt-niii, Pone < nihsikpi 1 and Holler, tin-.. Red Hank J100 HOtSK, location A-l, Middletown Vifliivrt-, la mini-aped plot acre, terrace^, iinn -iiil icttirik; D rooms, five edr-fxinii*, porces, enclosed porc, parape. open fireplaces, vapor eat, nil burner new roof, excellent Mtic, collttr; good com mutiny, "i minvite 1 * station, scool >ji-f-es. podt nftice; R.>d Bank-Freenld u- ]ia«.^i»s iloor. Pone Middletow Jfi3-\V «:30 to 9:30 a. m.,.12:0/) to 1:30 ELKVENTnOOM" framt~ouae. two-fanv ily. riot l00xir>ii. Renidoniiiil n«icbuiliotml. Nued.-i flume icpnir. NCR: Lna^ Hrant. Price, $J.*iHi. Wiite BEAUT1 F "L~ofii"coirinial "aitdma^k, si rcm>ni j. 1 at nnd two lavatories wide allway, tree fireplaces; oil oatei - \11 fit er m<ul ern ini pro v omen t? ; 2 acre/* $--,".11 < i. William K. La rs e n. b ro k ei nvn"(;alo\v~loi-at7d"mi ake"17ont7~.i~v~ morn- ;tn<l t>atli ; ii 1?1e-=H eat ; two rar vrainne; plot 90\ 1 "»u ; low taxes?,.! 00. Tompson Atri-nry. S Ea«t F; i>iif -l i-fet, ]tnnp 71>0. * NCA.DW for sale -f yuu av.-nt ot wat yon wnnl ll try nm) gel it for you. Alfred lit11 nosey. Jersey avi-. tii.m MiMii-. N. J.. plump Krvpnit 1. ATTACVK rape Cod colonial ome M-lu-ive "cftion: five ruunu, tile at fi: i iliii (, Htcnm eat, oil: brass ilumliiti^. 1..!: ; ( coi ncm" pint. land,raped -^ *-. :i < 1. Tump-on Agency, si En.-*t K P REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 5 ACRES of ground on te nort ildt of Main road at Llneroft; auo a lot 0&175 on te nort nlde of Einta eme at Neptune. Price of lot 1500 cii. Jennie C. Lay ton. Uacrott, N. J. 1HREWSBURY. ouse; living: room. din. in* room, breakfast nook, tree bedroom*, tile bat, ot water eat; n me* diate poiseitlon. Lot 80x180. Frlc* 0.5UO. W. A. Hoppinr Ar«nej, Ked Bank, pone 397.* FARM, iu acres of Kood «oil; ceatrilljr located; two dwelllngi, wit barni and stable!). Alfred H»nneoy, Licensed Bro- [tr, Jpmpy avenue. Union Beac. N. J. REAL ESTATE and insurance. Paul R. Stryker, ipeclalllnk n farmi, country omea and etatea. 3t*t«Higway >o. S4, Holmdel. poo* Holm del 6601, EKJHT-ROOM oun and btt, ot water eat, coal burning furn«ct; lot xz20x2lt). 126 Branc avenue, Rtd Bank. Pone Eatontown 304. Mri. T Oaep Hcrry. FAR HAVEN bargain Frame ouie, six rooms, no improvemenu; lot 0x150; price nquire Corutince Smit, 14 Maple avenue. Fair Haven, N. J., pone Kgd Bank HUH. COLONAL ome, in cludtd Motion. livin; room, wit fireplace; ot wtur eat, oil burner; lavatory; open porc! four bedrooms, bat; price 110,000. W. A. Hopping Agency. Red Bank 897.* FVE, acres on cone ret* road; good ei«t-room ouae. tiled bat, lavatory, all improvements, including ot wattr eat wit oil burner; also restaurant uildinn equipped wit tablu, cilra. u- Taxen * 11 &. Two-car garage. Price $9.r,O0. Ray Stlllmtn, Stat* Higway. Eatontown. N. J., pon«7. $4,500 FVE and one-alf acrei; fine, level, sandy loam, aoil; particularly adopted to raising vegetable!, fruit and berries;,, grape*; uuod cicken ome; log cabin type cottage, unfinised ln«ide; field stone fireplace, pood cellar under entire building, cement tioor; excellent neigborood, tree and one-alf miles to te Red Bank nation, sort distance to villas* and bus; faat running boolc* feature. Ray Stlllmmn, pone Ealontown 7. (10,500 OVER one acre on te Srewsbury river, walking distance of te Red Bank itatlon; f)fty-y«*r-o.d r««ld«nc«in Hood repair; nine room* and bat, ot water eat: price ncludes modern bun* Kalow of six rooms and bat; many fine century-old elmi and maple*; taxea Ray Stillman, pone.eatontown 7, $5,?Q0 LOT 75x265; rigt n te, town of Red Bank, residential neigborood; two-story ouse; first floor, living room, reading room, dining room, kitcen, bedroom and bat: second floor, four bedrooms and bat; ot water eat, oil burner; tree-car garage; near acooli and stores. Ray Stillman, pona Eaton* town 7. S THREE acres of fine fertile farmland on main igway; six room*, two-story ouse; all improvements; garage; corner property; wilt make ome for city man. retiring; excellent location for disposing of eggit and farm products ; between Red Bank and Aabury. Hay Stillman. pone Eatontown 7. TNY cottrke by a brook; first floor. lli-lng roorrl, rllnlng^room.. tttc*"- bed*. room, bat; second floor, one bedroom; electricity, ot air eat; out n country; two acres ric soil, small cicken ouse;?s,oon. ttay Stillman. SUU Higway, Eatontnwn. N. J.. pone 7. RED BANK, tree miles: grand old ro. lonlal farmouse; absolute)y no imrrovement.i, but (rood frame; wonderful po9«ii!tties for remodeling: net back 100 feet (rnm road, flood am. 40 a r m, nme woodland; immediate pome^»!oti; *ti.odn. Kay Stillman, State Higway, E(itontr>wn, pono Eatontown 7. S4,7.n LOTS.1O?t25; several new bunpalowa in En ton town, near bin and scool; four rooms and tiled bat, central enting syn terns; term* approximately?fi00 down and montly payment nf? covers nterest, amortization, tnxei ami insurance. Ray Stillman. ponp Entnntnwn SHREVVSHTRY La.rc«selection of plotn at Sadow Brook farm (Fanestock estate), Rroad itreet, Srewsbury, one-quarter mile from Red Bank, on* mile to te station: on bus line: adjoint Srewsbury public scool; few eiutlful barns still available for conversion nto omes. Terms j inspection on appointment. Ray H. Stillmnn, State Higway. Eatonlown. pones Katontown 7 and Red Bank AW. $ TWO acres, eentury-old farnu ou*e vvitout mprovement!; on but line: five roomn. new roof.: good P»««li]itie.4 for remodeling; tumble down barn: opportunity for mecanic; excellent soil, nil cleared. Ray Stlllman, pone Fatontown 7. rti M.oins, triv bnt.*. t Steam rat. mible fin SMAl.l, i.ioiu.iiir.iili.w. lui-jm-d in ]mt Snuiumt}). si (H down ntul S)i i- mniii ul imn-nm till-..n»pf:ty. un,. u» ih-i, Hni-ry Hinitur, Atliintlr lln «] TW(l-"sY()RY nvtmuimn.iiiiiliilk "ftir ea7i> or -uu- "" 7 :irre- n( enutifn) nwli 1 f;iiid on main iurnvny :\, in. AliililUlttH 11. NMir! "11 rnilrnmj, ami fmir milr. from licit Hunk. Snilulc (or (;u-#, rollii- link, niliaiot, o!c. YMH K-M11-. P..!...miHT, H.UTV lnn A l l m i l i i t i K J l J " i l l " SX ami stven-room *. wit i u t u y lit d :. Hdliitt on iirivntn cmti r.>li>pliono owner, Harry Hnmei. AtlnntU 1 Hlili]nnf1«ll. _ Nin placid Tliiini[i-nii Apency, ^ 1 Ka-t Finnt Street. Pone 7M." MOMFiN Colnniai ViVidtMiee nf ^tveti nmtnn anil bat. K-ii-k con«t ruction. H.i 11 wut pc o fit. nil. Kivjiiee, t \vn-c:ir ^;i a^c. on venien! 1 neat if 11. S 1.., >i». Tlu»riiii-nn Agency. S Ka.-t Fnmt -ticet. P-.i.i T<0.- MK.WT1FP, ome in luvt-ly.ittl.*" Silver. l.a :. livi-iir t _"\ * 1 uili fire- U l a-r; M r -lining MH ;UM1 H till* kitcen. l-tui 1 - ^) lnri;c lirtl-iium- unit n tile Kutli n..^irniip.1 t.;i! in- [>o:,-. i-nppfr -. ire.- fui- ctitiir iinu-e. Laundry in.t-* imi;!. Vifificr 1 ()iinil>ii(lt. -ivnm JiPfl!. nil li-i-il. Only four* old. Priced :,1 --."."i 1 Srr tlir,jo-,m«p Scwartz A:.-niy. 11 MnnmoiiMi alrp.-t. Rid Bunk, ;:"" M:M"SUN~ nvnr Ui\n "itmul^friinie H/HW nf tivi* iviom- nwn n UD- (ini lin! am!c fni iwu nmrit nnd 1110.l*»ni \.,i\\\ Bri"l T" > nnd "r;- nml " -, Fullv in ultif *»r: i-oppir M;-,.--. lloi.l--..full \M.M"":.l il. i-.ilily fur" lmlini-diiit.> M.V:- M-M itf *(;.inm. T.. j,,.i. i v:i - AiPi.rv, 11 MMC" ll MDPLRTOWN, lz-acre farm. Brook. Old, fmm ou*e (modern!ted). itz room*, bat. Paneled living room. Mountain views. [larigre. workiop. $11.-SO". Jo^sp G. McCue Aftency. Reai. tor-. Pones Rumson 4 4 4; Red Bank 2(1.11/ ^ ONE-HALF mile Red-Bank nation, laroom, bat, asbestos ^ in pie omt, larirc lot, ot air eat (coalj, one-car trariyre. inw taxev Price, S Jo- «up tl. MrCui- Airenry. Realtors, Pont nuy^t~-w~t(7~iiuj"rlkakee7"tii fine olj fa*ionrd [ esiclencc, Splendid condition. Cnntiiins f,^ e edrrtoma, two batl nnd maids* room-*. (Jarage. small. sta.u. Arre around.-. Estate section. \>ry low tux. $!»,:."».>^. MrCue, Realtor, Rumpnn. N..J. Pone lumjon iii EKiHT-ROONi ouse, ot air pat, oil, la very gnad condition, in lied Rank, Jfi.rniO. R. V. R. H. Stout. 77 Broad --ret. Vi}ii{> Tied Bank_2M). SEVEN-HOOM" nti^c. n7 water nt,?6>i»"i. in Pe«l R- V. R. H. 77 Broad»tr«t. Pone Red Bank Jill". SK.KN-RflOM ihi/ie, n-m^omi floors, s.ciim i-lit. nil, Rnrawr*. nbnut fix veim "d, f! 1 *?.tirin : in Rrrl Bank. R. V.- t.. Start. 77 Brnml *treet. pone Red Hank J14. Fiorstv!rfp edroitri". bat, luttiory; iiot water eat; double tr:irafter r.l*;rlt f-nni liiii. Smle tree?. r^fffr*^ ff,n rt 0. own,?::.->00 Frank B.!-iwe«. Newman FVE-ROOM rnttnue. flre^ip*. ot watfi^ ri i at, Kiiritt?! 1 : en irtrt?j, port wnodlnnq, «ift runniriir brnola four roiu f n om Red Hank station. P-TV*.?7.n"". Fiank R. p itn npiir towi- la-vif >!. p\relo:<t mn.lition, -RT. gnrmrf. V-rc «1..»n. r-snk R. Lnweo. Nen-nran Ppi 1K_»_ Road. Mbn"ERN~n"*"*-ro"nTn ome wit awac#d Karatre. bn(li. nil eat, rncit^-i pnrr, n.ten patio,, land."»t\110 feet Price -(J.OOV A K. PPiinct, rfnltrtr. Tont HUlnnds 12"1. HNE.Y furnlned five-mom cottage, vnry nnrn ioi>nis, cvrrv rnml*rn ronvftiipnee. fellai* H!P" i-fir* niwe, ot HAP STtfKKT. Sliiew-lniry;..\-:nom li.ii-i-: lot,)k /.it ; r s t n i ni jr.. 1! nd ; <:i.".hi; iinmciiiiiif im-i,-i-:nn W A. HM--.:- \.-^ri.-v >> lfil H:i f = l!> T * K M.. S H T Y P K lioiuf nf D : n n m - : lil. liat: Hie ^ilrliwi; i n t - «n u v r, r, «itli oil biiiiiii. Wond-lMiMiiiiii fiieplacv. [. u v u t i o y r i i ^ t ri.itir, J-.-nf «H i «^.. Sin!.- n m f ; rnplil 1 K"t. Hi W. SlilVBK Uiiiiira U Hoi-nn \\:itirliiir>. trfff,j>liuiii_jl"»» uf":. r.inmv; 1 t)ti P. r 1,11 1; lt crcle iivewuv P 1 ii mutt. rt»alto;-. Po:» T on l-i 1 " i.vrmi.*. "in : i-i.v N V.i,." J! ~iw\i<i>v -i\!"j>""i;i ic >* -f ii i 1 * 11 fii 1 t,.«" «" up V [Ml Hie At! t>,!.!> T ~F,.,,,!, Mnnd lanii 1 P. HJlk A. r.. ii noi. "Hljr",t ii.l. Ml, At- «rloil- NfW * inl newlv fii"vi n Z L 0. p inly trntji-li* t,- Jn-ppri P, V.onry, 11 Munmout utreft. m \V YOl wit td ihirrfue a ome nr l>i,«fnp«i. prnptrtv. our fnnwvlire wr 1 *!!i"*!it;i!iri- 1 ^ at ymir «crvlre. Oiir lint* from fl "O> up. We would tlin n ire^t purcif.1. r svtrnve man J K i i» lmm«. To «o*i* n?. T» Joitf* T, > T Akenry, 1) Mnnmoiit HeH Bank,

24 Page Twelve RED BANK REGSTER, MAY 4, 1944 Use Second National Bank Money Orders for Safety and Convenience THEr COST LESS ACCEPTED EVERYWHERE Te Second National Bank & Trust Co. of. Red Bank, N. J. Member Federal Deposit nsurance Corporation Lions Addressed By Gen. Ostrum Commandant of Fort Hancock Speaks Brig-Gen. Carles D. Y. Ostrom, new commandant of Fort Hancock, wo recently returned from te Sout Pacific teater of war, were e served in 1942 and 1943, was te speaker Tuesday nigt at te weekly meeting of te Red Bank Lions club at te Molly Pitcer otel. Te General told of is experi- ences in te Sout Pacific, especially in te Society islands of wic Taaiti was te largest. Te General named it te "paradise of tl»> Pacific" because of te weater and te surroundings. t never gqt any cooler tan 68 degrees and no warmer tan 92 degrees, and on te average was around T8. Te island on wic e was stationed was Bora-Bora and was of volcanic origin and ad very little flat land. t was about two by four miles and did not ave room enoug for & baseball diamond. t was surrounded by coral reefs, Te islands are owned by te free Frenc, and are inabited by a polygot group of natives wo are very religious, wo go to curc every Friday and Sunday, all day, and are of te Protestant fait, favorlnjr te Baptists. Tey are ape. Weter ses a junior moter wit a brand new bambino or a senior moter Rive er oniotink Rtnnrt \a wear for er day! And weve pretty, practical wearables for moter* of all ages plus fasion-fres ^{ res^orlen gifts sell wear So proudly because teyre from A LOVELY DRESS For Moters Day Sunday, May 14t A fine selection of cottons and rayons n sizes 14 to U to >7 98 also very friendly and e told o: several umorous incidents regard ing fising trips wit tem and of catcing- te fis by ands and by nets. President Willis Clayton, in, carge of te meeting-, extended a earty welcome to te following guests of te club: Edward Riley of Fair Haven, guest of Dr. James G. VanNostrand; Sam Laird, Jr., of te Mercant Marine, a guest of is fater, S. Wilson Laird, Albert M. VanNostrand, fater of Dr. Van.Nostrand and Muirrs Mogclever. new managing editor of te Red Bank Daily Standard. Frank Merritt, "mayor of Mec anic\st reef" was te donor of te attendance prize, andis question ome on River road wit a dinner party Monday nigt, Te Presbyterian Ladles Aid aid society will old its May lunceon Wednesday afternoon of next week at 12:30 oclock, in Bingam all. Te following commit- was: "Wat was te date of te tee is in carge: Mrs. Will Ward, establisment of te Merritt Macine Sop?" Fred Pillip was te liam Sagurton, Mise Eva Bruce, Mrs. Raymond Maine, MrB. Wil- winner wit te correct guess, 1880, Mrs. Darwin Comings, Mrs. Ben- Over 50 members were present to ear te report of te finance committee regarding te Lions carnival nigt eld on April 24 at te Molly Pitcer otel. Te report, read by Cairman Seely Tutill, assured te members of te goal set by te committee would be reaced. President Clayton announced tat te state convention will be eld at Atlantic City June 16 and 17. Teodore J. Labrecque of te local club is on te district nominating committee. Delegates from te local club will e George W. Bray, William A. Flur, Lester C. Lovett, Albert W. Worden, Edward Conway, Seely B. Tutill and Herbert!S. Edwards. Alternates will be Wellington Wilkins, Jr., J. Daniel Tuller, Fled B. Pillip, Albert F. raulic, Harold H. Baynton, Harold R. Allen, Tomas Field, Jr., and T. D. Moore, President Clayton also announced tat te delegates to (e nternational Lions convention would be Teodore J. Lanrocque, Willis A. Clayton and Lester C. Lovett. t will be eld in Picngo in -Jiilyv-.Te oard of directors announced tat May 16 would be nominating iiirt. for te new year, June :, tiie election, and June. 27 in- M.".llnlinn of otlicers. Te nomlnati;:r committee consists of Lester!:<.NS. T, D. Muore and Teodore!.; i barque. Ciiinnan James VanNostrand of (e speakers committee stated te program next week will be a tribute to te Gray Ladies. Tey will r in rnrpe of te meeting. On May 16 te speakers will be Dr. Eugene. Newman of Red Bank, newly elected president of te New Jersey state tientai society; Jon Hawlcins, second vice-president of te club, and S. Wilson Laird, also a member or te club. On May 23 te Lions clubs of te Monmout region will be guests of te local club for teir annual meeting at te Molly Pitcer otel. Te pro- Kram May 30, Memorial day will be in carge of te clubs caplain, Rev. Oeorge Ammerman, pastor of tiii! Reformed curc. Lion Reussille and T. D. Parilcn from teir vacation trip to te sons were welcomed back into te Sout. Next week attendance prizes will be donated by Jon P. Mulviill, Frank Pingitore, Rev. Ammerman nn.ti Donald Lawes. Graduate Engineer And Specialist Cpl. Robert W. Dawson, son of.mi. nnil -Mis. William R. Dawson i.v V.Vsliy avenue, Atlantic Higl-iMis \v:.i< recently graduated as t!r<-;[-:il engineer and eommunica- iuns specialist. *i Te exercise^ -were eld n Kirk- 1tick capel, Rutgersuniversity.-:)}(] Co). Herman Beultema of Wasington was te speaker. Dr. tuprt C. Clotier awarded te certidcnlos nml Lt. Col. Jesse De- \vi:t Cope, commandant of te nutters Army unit, presented te student soldiers. C;>1. DaM-son enlisted in December, 11M-, and was stationed at Fort Mtmmout before being selected n.marc. 1!MS, for te Army specialized training program at Rut- ;,-ers. Hi* as liuen assigned to a special engineer detacment in a western state. Following is graduation from Atlantic. Higlands ig scool e attended te ^Newark College, of Rne;ineering. Rumson (T» R«d Bank RelUtar cm b«bougt la Rutnion»t t«bumion Pfrmtcr. Flnnerlri >ton, Torbotip tore. Uoweri itor«and Gilbert Dudderar) r Lieut, and Mr«. Frank C. Tyroa of River road are parents of a son born Friday at Monmout Memorial ospital. Mr. and Mrs. James Ormsby of Jersey City opened teir summer jamin Suterland and Mrs. Frank Benson.» Dr. Grace A. Holmes will be te guest speaker at te missionary tea of te Presbyterian Ladies aid society Wednesday afternoon, May 24, at 2:30 oclock, in Blngam all. Her topic, will be, "Te Presbyterian Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico." Dr. Holmes, wo now is practicing pysician at Elizabet, was a. medical missionary a number of years at San Juan and founded te Presbyterian ospital tere. Alfred Brigton, Jr., as returned to is Coast Guard post after being ome on leave at is moters ome ere. Te annual Junior-Senior reception of te Rumson ig scool will be eld tomorrow nigt at te Molly Pitcer otel. Patrick Hnida is cairman. Lawis Branin, wo made is ome wit is grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Carles Rice, as been nducted in te Army at Fort Dix. Martin Gerard Kennedy as been accepted for service in te Navy, William Pazicky returned today after a tree-day stay at Union ity, were e served on te evaluating committee of te Middle States Association committee on secondary scools wic surveyed Emerson ig scool. _Josepb Desmond ab been trans- erred from te Sampson Naval station to Trenton. Stepen Cooke is stationed at Newport, Rode sland, following completion of training- at Sampson, Rev. Robert Eeattle of Ridge road is a patient at Monmout Memorial ospital, aving been removed tere in te boroug ambulance. Mr. and Mrs. Porter Hoagland ave reopened teir ome for te ummer, Mrs. Robert G. Haley as returned ome after an operation in a New York ospital. Stanley Kerr s ome on leave rom te Navy. He is attending scool at Bainbririge, Maryland. George Hallanan, Sr., as receivd word tat is son, Lieut. George Hallanan, Jr., is recuperating- nice- "y after aving been njured n action n te Sout Pacific. Jerry Mason of Tird street, a petty officer n te American Trans" port Service, is omo after serving on te Alcan igway. Mr. and Mrs. George Havens ave moved to Sea Brigt. Mr. and Mrs. A, W. Mellon of Wasington street ave reopened eir ome for te summer. Mayor Coffee, better known as Antony Hope, te writer, as takn a summer ome in te boroug. Cards ave been received from 3ol. Micele Jacobs from Daytona Beac. Florida, were e is doing portrait painting- in is Daytona tudio. Councilman Robert G. llsley and /iarenc Bettman, a former resident, are on a trip to Canada. Sgt. and Mrs. Frank Tryon of River road are te parents of a on born Friday at Monmout Memorial ospital. Se is te ormer Mies Marion Royle. A local yout government pro- ;ram wit ig scool yout serving in municipal ofh.ce> will be reported to te Council by Councilman Edgar G. Blake at te next meeting. Union Beac Te American Red Cross war fund drive closed officially Sunday. Union Beac collected $895 towards its $1,000 quota. Of tis figure, (50 was collected in special groups; $25, business districts; $520, residential areas, and $100, commerce and ndustry. Friday evening a spagetti supper was served at te canteen of te American Womens ospital Reserve Corps. Capt. Marjorie Bobkow reported tat last Friday nigt was Lt. Brolines laat nigt as drill instructor for te unit because of a cange in is Army scedule. Members presented im wit a gift and eld a party in is onor at te canteen. Lt. Brollne promised to make return visits to te canteen on drill nigt wenever possible.. Sgt. Aurey Bisop, assistant unit director, -wo as been on leave for four monts, as returned to active duty. Sgt. Bisop works two days eac week at te scool dental clinic, Members of te unit elped in tis area on te soldier vote canvass. Tose elping were Lt. Krapp, Sgt. Bisop, Sgt. Alnslie, PFC. Greeiy, PFC. Camp, PFC. Hudson and Cpl. Pouzenc. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Aquavia, are te parents of a son born last Tursday at Monmout Memorial ospital. Mayor Boyle K. Pattison as been appointed community cairman in carge of te Boy Scout Drive in tis section. t is oped tat $1,360 will be collected for te work of te Boy Scouts n district tree, wic comprises Keyport, Matawan, Union Beac, Hazlet, CeHloryillp, Cliffwood and Koanabuig. nstallation of officers of Lady Colfax Rebeka lodge took place last week. Te officers are notale grand, Mrs. Frank Dey; vice grand, Mrs. William Edmunds; recording secretary, Miss Marguerite Dolan; financial secretary, Mrs. Holmes Sutts; treasurer, Mrs. George Porter; caplain, Mrs. eorge Loftus; rigt supporter of te noble grand, MrB. Hanna Lovett; left supporter of te noble rand, Mrs. Jon Weseman; rigt supporter of te vice grand, Mrs. DeWitt Carart; left supporter of te vice gr*and, Mrs. George Finger; outside guardian, Miss Emilie Baumgartner; past noble grand, Mrs. Arnold Poling; flag bearer, Mrs. Wanda Letwinsky; warden Mrs. Erma Metsger; conductor, Mrs. Marguerite Burgess. HER FFTH BRTHDAT, Evelyn Layton, daugter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralp, Layton of Lincrolt, entertained er playmates Saturday in celebration of er fift birtday. Games were played and prizes won by MariDn Firt, Gail Perry and James McCarron. Eac cild received a basket and favor. Cildren present were Barbara Ford, Carol and Jamea Oallaan, Marion and Billy Firt, Gail Perry, Robert and Susan Ticeurst, James Layton. Tomas Malley, Billy, James and Patricia McCarron. Adults present were Mrs. Eugene Ford, Mrs. James Callaan, Mis. William E. Firt, Mrs. Harold Perry, Mrs. Robert Ticeurst, Mrs. Ed- Kar Layton, Mrs. Jon Malley, Mrs. William McCarron, Mrs. William H". Borden and Miss Lois Owens. Wife Receives Soldiers Medals. Mrs. Roy E. Braly of Spring Lake -eccived on Saturday at Mitcell Field, N. Y., a Distinguised Flyng Cross and an Air Medal wit Oak Leaf cluster, wic ad been awarded to er usband, Capt. Braly, for services wit te Nint U. S. Air forces in te European teater. Capt. Braly is now a prisoner of war ot te Germans. [Fair Haven Welcome Home Fund Started Harry Hubbard Turns Over $ to Collector Curcin George W. Curcin, tax collector Of te boroug of Fair Haven, as a new bank account, te initial deposition of wic is $ Ti ^ te amount turned over to Mr. Curcin by Harry Hubbard, proprietor of te Atlantic otel in Fair Haven, aa te nucleu s for te "welcome ome fun" for Fair Haven boys and girls now serving te colors. Tl» deposit represents tlie amount obtained by Mr. Hubbard troug patrons at is otel dropping coins in a large bottle to aid tis cause and fronf patrons purcasing tickets entitling tem to a guess as to te amount o( money in te bottle. So generous were te patrons tat te large bottle waa filled to capacity and a smaller bottle ad to bo brougt into uae. Te big bottle contained $ and te smaller bottlu?25, and $165 waa obtained troug te sale of gucsa sares. n te large bottle tere were 6S one-dollar bills, $91.60 in dimes, $37.30 in nickels and 000 pennies. Lyman M, Potter of 1919 Sewa.l avenue, Asbury Park, guessed witn 15 cents of te amount in te arge bottle, and e was awarded a?25 war bond donated by Mr. Hubbard. Oter close guesses were tose of Mrs. Robert Kreger of DeNormandie avenue, Fair Haven, wose guesj was $198.7r»,.-ancl Nicolas Relia of 131t Clinton avenue, Bronx, wo guessed $197. Mr. Hubburd expresses is tanks and deep appreciation to tveryone wo took suc an interest n getting togeter tis large amount, and particularly to Mayor Edgar V. Denise, Wilfred McCracken, president of te Fair Haven Lions club; Luke Pryor, cief of te Fair Haven fire department; Walton Cullington of te Mercants Trust corfrpany, Noel J. Lartaud of te Red Bank Savings and Loan association and Mrs, Herbert Hawkins of Fair Haven, members of te committee wo supervised te counting of te money and te awarding of te bond. Stork Sower For Mrs. H. C. Webb MM. Donald SculU and Mrs. James- Dclatuali were co-ostesses at a stork sower givefrlilay niyt at te ome of Mrs: William S. Mustoo at Silverwite Gardens for Mrs. Harry C. Webb of Asbury Park. Decorations were in pink and blue and gifts were arranged around a stork centerpiece. Guests were Mrs. Frank Hiltbrunner, Jlrs. Jon Scwind, Mr* Harold A. Hendrickson, Mrs.-James Kelly, Mrs. Dorotea Page, Mis. Julia Perry, Mrs. Jon Cook, Jr., Mrs. Mattew Page, Mrs. Rollin Delatus, MS. Marjorie Morris, Mrs. Kennet Woodward, Mrs. rving Woodward, Mrs. rving Endlic. Miss Betty Delatus and Miss Rut VanNote. BOAT OPERATOR WANTED Must ave experience operating boat.of 55 ft. or over. References required. once. Call at LUTHER WA11NG, Jr. CHURCH STREET, BELFORD, N. J. Pone Keansburg 35 GETTNG A NEW SPRNG SUT? WE ARE GVNG YOU UNRESTRCTED CHOCE OF, EVERY GARMENT N OUR STOCK! REG SUTS \ $ 267* REG SUTS 22" $ SUTS 1875 AXTKKATONS FBEK SZES FOR REGULARS SHORTS LOXGS STOCTS FACTORY STORES ALL BUSES STOP /i BLOCK FROM OUR STORE 42 WEST STREET, RED BANK Srewd, careful buyers read Te Registers Classified Advertisements. Here you find te seller wo wants to sell and te buyer wo wants to buy. DECLARATON!. GVE Ho MOTHER siery JJV-V seer ntvoiis for "wst" ninrvmnii* for MutrrV LNGERE LOVES FOR MOTHER La<M*-trimmed ruyon civpoh and satins youll givi 1 or wear proudly! ririirr-inoldfng, carefully tutuiltil, in uite, fc*«rose. SZPS for 1 S 98 to 98 A REAL GFT Nigt Gowns 1*1 no Hcpr <otu>n lint sle n dainty floral prints ami Hlri Ms or te ninrp Hut Nrlnp raymi Mitin or erf]"* n UH rust 1 anil Mil* 1 wit clnlnty birr nr M- tntlfwy rfrfullft. Size* M fo.jl. THE SHERMAN SHOP 56 PROAD STREET, RED BANK luys K-MSON HOUSE. Jon H. Smit of Navesink ave- iiui 1, liimisoii, as sold ie bunga low at 50 Allen street, in tat oi- onn,.ti) Louis Srofldi, formerly of Red Hank. After serving two years in te army i e as been clisearked from military service, and lie anil Mrs. Scolidi will occupy teir new J.umson ome. <KT,S rkomoton. Aviiition Cadet David \V. Timi,l:iiski, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Ti.-iml.-iiski, of Atlantic Townsip. s lircn appointed squadron guid fi j : ;i:int ol one of tile squadron* [ 1 :!! AAP.ipr«unit at Albany. if Swims We Have, t lennessey ~0 Miinniout S. All tuir Sen Market lilil lauu, N. J. Food Fres. >«(old Storage, Pone 1377 We Deliver Week-End Specials WHTNC. 25c b SH Weak.iillic llnck Sad 1OSTOX,MA(KKKK.. -Oftc \M:\M-S OUib UOi: SHAD»5e ). VHl:ll HAS* 40f, "OTS STKAKS S.A) KOi;...ffl.OO.pnlr SOFT,A.MS...Sflo pt.; GOo i)t. 1-AK1) n, C(\K tms- tut^t"i+ttelir"** doa. ST HKON UME FSH,.OHSTKS.lincli Orders Taken lpfnre «:K( A. M. Ulnnrr ojdri. lakrrr b<tfof«2.00 p.m. Appreclnlo ordom day before Flowers are as important to Moters Day as a gayly ligted tree is to Cristmas. VOLETS ( ROSES Remember your Moter! CORSAGES GARDENAS, ORCHDS, Cut CARNATONS Flowers CAKNATONS, MXED BOUQUETS HONEY BEE FLOWERS tusselx T. HODGKSS, Prop. fttfperbroad -STr, ^ TEL. R. B. 872 WE TKLKfilUlH FLOWKKS - REDBANK^N. YOU MUST FLE BEFORE WE FLL! f you avent done BO already 1111 out at coal declaration mid file lt wit your local dealer. Tis must 1H) done... NOW! 80% of your requirements will be delivered during te Summer monts, clearing te "tnwiw ln~*e :Wlnter-*or~ -THE-ASSOCATED COAL DEALERS OF MONMOUTH AND OCEAN COUNTES Uin contuiual movement of ciwentlnl war nuiurliil.