his hand. I was looking down the muzzle. He seemed to be panting, and

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1 " " " n Louin Kln betg victim tells terrifyg sry 808 WAGNER Perhps Kln never relly died Louin, but just went dormnt stge, witg propitious climte. Apprently seson g fvorble, becuse Kln g bloomg. t ws rectivted first North Louin, more recently Florid prhes. lrge Kln plgued by dsension Kln units rivlries, but Florid prhes seem hve cert mount cohesiveness centrl orgniztion. hd tip tht Kln would hold n importnt strtegy meetg bm ner Jckson. As it developed, be meetg ws ttended by tions Florid prhes. WTH 808 Schefer. Bn Rouge reporter UP, drove Jckson, 31 miles north Bn Rouge. Vie didn t know where meetg supposed be held. We ws didn't relly expect fd it. But t highwy tersection ner Jckson we spotted with cr confederte flg tied rdio ntenn. confederte flg one numerous symbols used by Kln. And driver seemed be givg some sort signl occupnts two crs tht trveled down side rod. sme We drove down rod, bout two or three miles. crs n front us turned f on grvel rod. We spped while, n drove up grvel rod. ( Ku Klux Kln, which ttcks with equl venom Negro, Ctholic, which s thret ll civilized men, boomg Louin. Bob Wgner, Jew WDSUTV newsmn who nvestigtg Kln, ws seized whipped lst week by Klnsmen ner Jckson, L. Here, specil report CLARON, he tells h terrifyg experience.) With few seconds wooded re. So ok hike we pssed brn, prtly obscured through woods, levg Schefer prked behd trees, gurded cr, by perhps s mny s 10 or bout mile from brn. bee herd 12 men, rmed with shotguns t wsn't long gurds crshg through revolvers. y were brush. One m spotted spred out behd fence long rod. me. shouted ors. WE MADE nor pss He ld me come out. cr, tried get some dropped cmer some undergrowth, cme out. pictures, but wsn't o stfied with results. o did it wy he ld me rized tht ll gurds were, with my hs behd my probbly sttioned long hed. When ws five or six feet grvel rod, tht re wy, he ld me get on would be not ny on or my knees, still with my hs side brn, from which behd my hed. knell. smll umtic pproch ws through He hd h h. ws lookg down muzzle. He seemed be pntg, perspirg. Mybe he hd been runng, or mybe he ws just excited. H eyes were wild, tense, s if he hd just cornered tiger, or n elephnt. HS HAND ws shkg uncontrollbly. kept lookg t h eyes, h h, gun, wondered if it would go f. With mute, he ws joed by three four ors. or y sked me who ws. ld m. knew y hd cmer, went bck brush found it ( never got bck). y frked me. ok everythg out my pockets, ordered me lke f my trousers shoes. y sid y were gog kill me. shoot me. becuse ws trespssg. One m sid, "You ve written lst your write nor sry. You'll never one." A couple m sounded serious bout it. But one felt it would be best if y just gve me workg over. y shoved me front m, ld me wlk wrd bm. cross field. fellow with umtic ld me run. rn, he kept jbbg me ribs with gun. y clled me every kd nme y could thk. y seemed be out gettg big kick it. WE WERE met by severl persons from brn. y were rmed teeth. One m ws slender, elderly mn with glsses. He sid he ws owner, did know trespssg. sid, "1 ws know it now." He sid he hoped hd lerned my lesson, ld me go. y shoved me wrd some brirs, ld me lie fce down. m strted One whckg me cross posterior lower bck with pl belt. When he got tired, ok He nor over. got cursg frenzied bout it. me ll time, until someone ld him sp. (See KLAN, Pg. t) gh 808 WAGNER Public school costs sor s grde dropped CNCNNAT (NC) Ccnti public schools spend n extr $623, 125 next yer enroll pupils be turned wy from prochil school first grdes September. About 60 per cent cn be bsorbed extg fcilities, school ficil sid, but or 40 per cent it be necessry built temporry clssrooms, remodel some plnts, rent spce. A tl bout 10,000 children be turned wy from Ccnti rchdiocesn prh first grdes. rchdiocese nnouncedmrch 5 it closg th grde overcome rg techer shortges. Public n eft costs schools or res Ccnti rchdiocese bsorb dditionl children. GEORGE Redfern, sstnt supertendent Ccnti public schools, sid 30 public schools need lrger techg stffs. He sid 62 techers ddition "norml turnover" 30 first grde techers be sought. Redfern sid 25 techers now system hve volunteered tech first grde. He sid nor 25 who re new system ccept first grde posts it expected nor 25 be obted through dditionl pplictions. To complete lt techers required, he sid it plnned ret mer techers specil summer clsses recruit from substitute lt. AVERAGE clss size rem t 30 pupils, he sid. When Ccnti rchdiocese nnounced its grdedroppg, it lso sid Stertechers receive bigger mimum slries, number pupils clssroom be set t 40. be ssured ly techers n nnul re $loo, high school tuition go up $2OO yer, ech prh be ssessed $3O th cost ech pupil from with prh boundries. Archbhop John P. Cody New Orlens sid fter Ccnti Ctholic school grdedroppg ws nnounced tht "sted droppg grdes, we must build build so tht ll children our re my hve blessg thorough Ctholic eduction." He nnounced tht 14 prhes he hs estblhed rchdiocese sce June , ll hve elementry schools. Mss cite ubílrins scheduled nnul golden weddg nniversry Mss couples Archdiocese New Orlens mrried 1914 be celebrted Sundy, June 7, Frnces Cbri church. Archbhop John P. Cody celebrte Mss ddress jubilrins. Couples ttendg Muss renew ir mrrige vows be presented with scroll mrkg occsion. A reception honorg prticipnts be held followg Mss. celebrtion, itited lust yer, sponsored by rchdiocesn Fmily Life Bureu. An estimted 120 couples ok prt itil celebrtion lst June. Ctholic couples, cludg couples with mixed mrriges. re vited tke prt progrm. y re sked contct ir psrs mke rrngements prticipte. Ecumenicl first seen Jewh, Ctholic meet here With no dilution or prciple, true cn delete more clerly mny jot pursued eft wrd ttg mutul objectives betterment ll peoples. Th ws comment Archbhop understg venues which my be John P. Cody on CtholicJewh symposium be held t Loyol university Wednesdy, April 29. Rbbi Julin B. Feibelmn, president Rbbicl Council New Orlens, sid thcomg "re conference much opportunity r greter respect re mny res coopertion, pprecition, lwys high exmple mutul spiritul terest serve we cn exemplify ger." conference, first its kd South, be ttended, by vittion, by some 100 persons both Jewh Ctholic fiths. t beg sponsored by Anti Defmtion Legue B'ni B'rith by Loyol university. t be held university's Dnn student center. A 7 p.m. dner concludg symposium be open public. Spekg t dner be Rev. Thursn N. Dv, S.J., edirchief Americ mgze "Ctholic Md." Tickets re vilble from Rev. Lou Twomey, S.J., t Loyol. ARCHBSHOP Cody sid conference: Joseph, thy bror! ' ' m "Th greetg Jewh leders by lte Pope John XX (bptized Joseph Ronclli) epimized h regrd men. "H tht we pproprite wrmth lovg welcome one Jewh conference New Orlens April 29. reiterte s peculirly Ctholic "t dictes unity religious orig terest sce Ctholics spiritully re Semites,' debted our very fith Hebrew people. "t bekens brorly concern. one nor, rooted Old Testment nturl lw specificlly enjoed New Testment. "t cll strive genue pprecition bsed upon mutul understg, explore solutions common problems, trnslte brorly esteem chievement common spirtions. "THE THEME comg conference. 'CtholicJewh Understg n Ecumenicl Age.' expresses need bsic our times. With no dilution prciple, true understg cn delete more clerly mny venues which jot eft wrd ttg mutul objectives my be pursued betterment ll peoples. "We scerely hope symposium tht th be rel success. erunner endevors beneficil prticipnts communities y represent. n spirit lte Holy Fr so beloved by everyone, we trust tht h sentiment herts: 1 m thy bror! RABB Feibelmn sid: fill ll "Gret precedents hve been estblhed religious community New Orlens th yer, 1 m convced tht ir effect be long felt. "First, course, ws 'Opertion Understg with its devoted three successive Sundys Cdrl Church Syngogue vittion, which over 40,000 prticipted mde pilgrimges worship houses or thn ir own. "Now, we go wht clled depth study. On April 29 t Loyol university re be held one dy stitute on Ctholic Jewh understg under jot uspices Jewh Loyol university. B ni B'rith "AS A MEANS better understg more solid coopertive bond with community reltions, th stitute hs lredy engendered considerble terest quiry. "t tribute wrdlookg terest high purpose Archbhop Cody tht he hs dedicted himself gret spirit Vticn Council th, h rchdiocese. He hs met herty response on prt or groups, mong which m proud sy tht Jewh group hertily ccord. "We cnnot ccomplh gols perfection. No group cn do more thn with frmework its scope bonds its fith. Yet. re re mny res coopertion, much opportunity greter respect pprecition, lwys high exmple mutul spiritul terest we cn exemplify serveger. " m grteful dditionl opportunity we Jewh fith cn shre understg coopertion with our gret herted Ctholic hosts good friends. AB ARCHBSHOP JOHN P. CODY, right, tlks with PAOLO CARDNAL MARELLA fter dediction Vticn Pvilion t New York World's Fir. One thous persons, cludg high blessg dediction Church civic dignitries, ttended pvilion April 19. ceremony, which cluded symbolic unveilg Michelngelo's fmous sttue, Piet, ws followed by Pontificl Low Mss exhibit's chpel. CrdlMrell, prefect Scred Congregtion Rome legte Pope Pul V, presided t ceremony. Peter's Bsilic Vol. 2, No He succeeded post edir it replced psr CLARON when Ctholic Action Mrv Bordelon, Joseph s church Shreveport, give bcclurete ddress t convoction. He mer edir NorthCentrl Louin Regter, weekly publiction Diocese Alexri. EVERETT S ntive Glenwood Sprgs, Colo., from lived with h fmily on frm ner Beln, Mo. Alter two yers order busess, ediril mil Everett joed stff Regter, Denver. Colo., 1930 ws n ssocite edir Regter t lime h selection Ctholic Action post honoree ttended University Msouri, University Denver, s well s Regter college journlm. CLARON THS HELCOPTER pilot's H wife mer Rit Mry Kelly Chicgo. 111., view just bout tells City. Sprwled long wterfront re fhg vessels, oil dustry city's economy. At upper right April 23, 1964 New Orlens, L. lor p< copy sry Morgn firms shipyrds, ll n tersection wterwy, which led one resident commenttht Morgn City 14 pf ro> v' v slb! (Stff Pho by Frnk Melhe) which combe provide bs Atchfly river trcostl "Times Squre" wterwy system. For sry pictures Church community Morgn City turn Sec. 1, Pge 5. Semry docrte To honor Clrion edir degree EMLE COMAR Millrd F. Everett, edir CLARON Herld, receive honorry Docr Lws from Notre Dme semry My 28. Archbhop John P. Cody, who nnounced Everett's selection wrd, confer degreet 15th nnul presenttion cdemic degrees t semry. A journlt with 34 yers experience on Ctholic newsppers, Everett hs resided New Orlens sce h ppotment s edir Ctholic Action South Jli Knss M. F. EVERETT written extensively City. Mo., who hs Ctholic newsppers. ir three sons one dughter ll reside New Orlens. One son, Jmes, on ediril stff CLARON. Everett ws honored ntionlly 1955 when h writgs on socil justice merited Jmes J. Hoey wrd. POPE PUS X conferred upon him Pupl cross, "Pro Ecclesi et Pontífice, Through yers, CLARON edir hs written lor ledg Ctholic publictions such us Anthony Sign, Ave Mri. Messenger. Durg h 14 yers Ctholic he us edir Action South uthored severl editions commemortg events hry jubilee Archdiocese New Orlens well us Dioceses us Alexri, Ntchez Jckson, Lfyette. He currently completg hry Knights Columbus Louin. work hud been begun by lute Roger Buudier, K.S.G.. h predecessor us edir Ctholic Action. Previous recipients honorry degrees from Notre Dume semry re Bhop Robert E. Trcy Bn Rouge. Auxiliry Bhop Wrren Boudreux Lfyette, Very Rev. Frnc Connell. C.SS.R., lte Mr. Budier. Declrtion on religious liberty seen VATCAN CTY (NC)Pope Pul world tht it "cn on religious freedom council s declrtion, V hs ssured legitimtely expect" sttement from Second Vticn Council. he sid, " be frrechg importnce not only Church but ll those y re numerble who feel mselves ffected by n uthorized declrtion on th subject." Pope s t end prediction cme speech on freedom mtion delivered prticipnts United Ntions semr on tht subject. Pope sid Church now engrossed subject freedom religion, which he chrcterized s "somewht different but not without ffity" with freedom mtion. RECALLNG tht council hs been delg with problem religious freedom, he sid: "One legitimtely cn expect promulgtion text on th pot." Pope devotedll but second lst prgrph h French lnguge speech freedom "t quite mtion. evident re scrcely need pot th out tht problem mtion presents mnner very itself different deed from wht it ws pst centuries, "nmtion Pontiff sid. by th time unnimously recognized s universl, violble, lienble' right modem mn. He reclled syg John XX's encyclicl. "Pcem Terr"; "Every humn beg hs right objective mtion." Vticn Rdio notes Pcem Terr results VATCAN CTY (RNS) first nniversry Pope John XX's hric socil encyclicl, "Pcem Ter r," ws reclled u Vticn Rdio brodcst which sid it ws probble tht no or pupl document hs "met with such fvor such enthusistic pprovl." But t sme time it wrned tht some qurters ttempts hd been mde subvert its meng politicl prtn purposes. Approvl encyclicl hs "come from men ll ntions rces ll religious confessions those ctively subscribg vrious politicl systems ideologies." it dded. "Unhppily, however." Vticn Rdio contued, not been terpreted "it hs with necessry clm proper frme md hert. Here Pope s thought ws stred utmost, here pssed whole over, tent mkg serve chpters ll with prty cuse. were encyclicl NOTHNG could hve been more contrry tentions Pope John XX us content spirit document. re nothg equivocl bout tht pece tht encyclicl pots. Th n tegrl pece pece God, pece with ourselves, pece with ors mong socil clsses, mong ntions, vrious rces " pece which mong contents. it proposes pece truth, fidelity Word God. scerity reltionships conventions. mutul universl loylty. t pece justice, respectg persons, groups, peoples, rces. Pope Pul emphsized tht sce th right bsed on very nture mn proclmtion ory sufficient. it ONE MUST lso recognize prctice, defend it, direct its ms fithful so exerce tht it re purpose." he dded. its nturl Pope chrcterized right mtion s "t once ctive pssive." ts ctive spect, he sid, " seekg mtion" its pssive spect " possibility ll obt it." n sttg th Pope Pul ppered go step furr thn council's decree on muss medi, which confed itself sttg tht 'men hve right mtion." Th decree hd run criticm omittg ny duty ccessible those it publh mention nuke mtion it. whose job Pope Pul reclled Pius Xll's words group Americn journlts. "Your pression renders estimble service society. POPE PAUL sid th very tht from purpose mtion " help mn shoulder better h desty tht humn community" flow morl lws which both govern spred mtion gurntee its helthy exerce. nmtion must "bove ll" be truthful, he sid. "No one. ree, hs right knowgly propgte mtion tht erroneous or presented twts its rel hs nyone right h mtion wy. spredg only wht follows under light tht meng. Nor choose n rbitrry thrust h opions pssg over rest silence... "t not sufficient tht mtion be objective. t must, beyond tht, know how n impose on itself limits required by must, exmple, respect higher good. t right know how ors ir good reputtion sp short bee legitimte secret ir privte life. Wht breches se two duties dy!" HE ASKED: "Who would dure mt tht ll mtion whtever sort eqully beneficil or fensive. lwys ll kds people? Thk, exm pie, tht especilly sensitive vulnerble group, "Tht youth! sy limits which very dignity mtion dems its exerce, not t ll by prohibitions rbitrrily imposed from without, but virtue requirements its noble socil msion." o CY <[ 1 O

2 AOVnTMfMMT CLARON Herld, New Orlent course TEACHNG tanchno Hll MTS' HOAUS <HTC WO... loaon MSSONS " r n ws nomted best ctress see it us irreverent even dngerous buffoonery which just s or 2 April i Bennie Beneri hs been ppoted Direcr Refresher course phrmcy set Lwrence F. Ferrg. den college phrmcy t Xvier university, hs nnounced plns university s 11th nnul phrmcy refresher be held three sessions on April 27. April 29. My. progrm tke plce Xvier student center from 6 8 p.m. me Sre Opertions." be "Modern Drug Study until 25. vestigtion until 40, pression until 60. t which ge would hve him retired on u Willim double llownce. Osier ficil H Excellency, Most Reverend Aposlic Admtrr, hs been plesed nnounce followg ppotment, effective immeditely: ASSSTANT (Cnon 478.4) Rev. W. Lionel Chmpgne. S.J., be sstnt t mmculte Conception church. New Orlens, L. order Most Reverend Aposlic Admtrr. Dted t Chncery Office Entertment Guide MOVES (Rted by Ntionl Legion (termcyl GENTLLY ART Lilie Field. Al. Sidney best Poitier wn nmed cr yer h splendid permnce s Bptt ex 0.1. who helps Germn nuns order destitute build chpel Arizon desert film, n dpt tion Willim Brrett's fmed novel tme nme, received severl cittions t recent Berl Film festivl, s well s specil cittions wrded by Ctholic Protestnt Film orgniztions best picture "contribution promotion C 5 THE REV. fib DOMNC M. CROSSAN, 0.5. M., left, DONALD E. SULLVAN re ond REV. two fculty member» Service LukeMor Co.. nc.. (PlymouthVlint deler) 2537 Tulne Avenue. Mr. Beneri hs been servicg Chrysler umobile products 24 yers hetkes th opportunity vite h mny cusmers friends vit him t Luke Mor Co Tulne Ave Sw t n CLARON Herld ST. JUDE NOVENA BROADCAST viry Sturdy 7.m. Dedicted te Skirt im WJMR ffo New Orlens Nstrss okletsn ST. Ronet JUDE SHRNK 411 N. Rmprt Hw Orlens 14 Sner Mreos. S. 4, > one 4:10p.m. Mrñ enemoss 7:10p.m. Ders clse 7:40p.m. ÜjjTülll HGH SCHOOL GRADUATES: HERE S A GUDE TO YOUR CAREER... Your future creer or voction should be de April S. J. VERSON. Vice Chncellor When You Buy... Tell m Why! Sy You Sw t n CLARON Herld. ANNVERSARY^ BG SAVNGS Specil prim n \ew Bed TYPEWRTERS ADDNG MACHNES OFFCE MACHNES Slt» Rentls A PORTABLE TYPEWRTER Moks «n GrdutionGift WM mía. émíbí ""Bryv <:. r.f: jl i ecumenicl ide by its gy chrmg description different fiths wys life " "Lilies Field" ws lso nomted best film yer by Acdemy Motion Pictures Arts Sciences Lili Scl supportg role her permnce s Mor Superior film GLOBE Piygirl Vmpire. ; Quntrill's Riders, Al JOY Cpt Newmn. Ml). A2. Drk Purpose, 2 LOEWS STATETom Jones. Al (Adults, with reservtions). One Mn's Wy. Al MARTN CNERAMA t's Md. Mud. Mud. Md stick comedy World. tresure hunt host Hollywood comedins. ORPHEUM Americ A3; Act, A2. A A slp contg fstpced Americ. SAENGERDr. Slrngelove. A4 (Adults, with reservtions). Legion s observtion: Billeds "nightmre comedy," th film bout possibility worldwide nucler holocust be received by mny us brillint stire on militry md our defense policy. Ors Religion Conference. Domicn plnng religion conference persons fourth lity t Mry's June terested techg religion personl growth enrichment. Tuition persons seekg three hours credit fered $2O noncredit students. conference covers ltest developments study Scred Scripture, liturgy dogmtic ology. Followg nnul Religion Conference religious conference, conducted by lt fculty Domicn college be held Domicn college coopertion with rchdiocesn school bord Confrternity Chrtin Doctre, open ll who hs studied t Mrquette university. Notre Lumen Vite Brussels. Dme Furr mtion cn be obted from Ster Mry de Lourdes, 0.P., Mry's Domicn college Chrles Ave., or by phong or cided soon... so, consider CAREER OPPORTUNTES mentioned here. Complete mtion cn be esily obted. COMPTOMETER (.... Wm HR. V. HAMS S. V CH.lir AS A HOLY CROSS BROTHER,,, nmtion it run MhhifAlNAliNMS tromsor Donld Hoil, CSC Nf Msill. n U SSOWSAwl UNA, n. Mm 102 Hols Cm.. Srhuiil COMPTOMETER lmhj.ckk. SCHOOL Mltlll Srw Orlr.. LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE Skilled strucrs tech you rt hir colorg, Sirm,A. Till T permnentwvg, stylg ll phses beuty culture. Tuition pyble on terms t no ENROLL NOW CALL Vi BEAUTY SCHOOL METARE Ample FREE Prkg s,t n ::o, o o?bv.fd,t BEAUTY CULTURE... rewrdg creer! SARAH VACCARO, Dimeter 2908 Metirie Rod M LEARN THE JEFFERSON WAY T " ndividulnstruction f JEFFERSON L BEAUTY COLLEGE <? 1937Metirie Rd. Floty EtC fstret portry r/i<> gtewy success Beuty ('.ltre through MARNEHO BEAUTY SCHOOL NOi NOW! fst Beuty Culture Schll ffj ft) BEAUTY SCHOOL S2B CANAL ST. Two Elevr» YourConvenience e Ong Joycelyn Dsplt OwnerDirecr JA & LMTCCr Herrg / i 305CAMP ST es! (sit holies dodverte i 1 > jv! TREMENDOUS \ SELECTON 1 WHTE Mxll } DRESSES MkJ! Communion /j ' A\\ \,> t or Confirmtion / V k A % Dozens pick from t ny you py 2 price wh \ mteril you desire... A % i ORGANDES ' >; f DACRONCOTTONS 1 \ DACRON SHEERS j\ \ ll with exquite lce \ em 1 broidered trim with full skirts, deep 'sjfl hems ttched petticots. V :j: :ü v y/ > NAVY or WH,TE SU,TS v' Seprte Slcks Nvy % White. Sizes or <J0«LONGES X 11 i Mrv A 111 N fpbhhhha nn H required MAXMUM protection. WHTE COATS Wsh ric... 'N Wer Fb well tilored. psotósí Juhr Huuh = ST. JOAN OF ARC ws out crte briefly bck srge, witg Phone < but now completion nterntionl Trde Mrt t foot Cnl She cme out April 18, when city ficils church leders prticipted ceremonies dedictg site t Trde Mrt which be occupied by sttue, gift city from Km Every hs RESPONSBLTY OBLGAl jj H EA TON protect generl specil ledgers rec \ r ords tht mustcrefully be sfegurded fire. gst 1 Mrrige, First Communion, Confirmtion, Bptml Cemetery Records must hve MAXMUM protec,lon re HerrmgHMMrvm Sfe especilly dpted se Churchrecords s well s Scred 1 j Frnce. Librry meet New Orlens unit Ctholic Librry ssocition meet t Mry's Domicn college Sturdy, April 25. t 2;30 p.m. Alumne hll. own s sophomoric its wy concept defense estblhment it purports stirize. Reservtions re lso dicted becuse direcr hs endevored elicit o mny lughs from vulgr references symbols unnecessry development h me. A3. TUDOR Flight From Ashiy. Betles Come Town. ON STAGE Rtgs from SGN mgze, or relible Ctholic sources. ClVlC Cumelot, Al (fmily entertment), April 21 thru My 2. No rtg vilble. Rome periodicl luds voction efts here An tlin trnsltion specil report on work priestly voctions Archdiocese New Orlens My edition periodicl be publhed "Semrium." Writg from Rome, Joseph Crdl Pizzrdo, prefect Scred Congregtion Universities, med Archbhop John P. Cody plnned publiction report, prepred by Archdiocesn Voction fice. "Sce your progrm well orgnized with such so crried out zel coopertion on prt everyone, we believe tht it would be most helpful mke th known." Crdl Pizzrdo sid. " Lord, deed, bless Your Excellency th timely progrm. so Church." THE bsic life CARDNAL lso commented on Feb. 28 voction section CLARON Herld. syg it "ppels strikgly reders imgtion. fd m opportunity reflect seriously on voctions religious msionry life." priesthood " would like," Crdl Pizzrdo sid, " express my scere congrtultions Your Excellency th vluble strument poslle persons whose responsibility it not only itite th progrm but orgnize pln psrl ctivities voctions mtion clergy, s evidence rchdiocese under Your Excellency's direction." Confirmtion schedule THURSDAY. APRL 23 7:30 m.. p Ann. New Orlens (Bhup Cillouet), 3 pm. Our Ldy Grce. Reserve (Msgr Frey); 7:30 p, Peter. Reserve (Msgr. Frey i SUNDAY. APRL 203 p m.. All Sts. Algiers (Bhop 7 30 p.m,. Holy Cillouet). Nme Mry, New Orlens (Bhop Cillouet); 7 p.m.. Our Ldy Perpetul Help, Kenner (Msgr Frey) MONDAY. APRL 273 p.m.. Philip, New Orlens (Msgr. Frey) pm. Agnes, New Oneuns (Msgr Frey); 7 30 p.m.. Rit, New Orlens (Bhup Cillouet). TUESDAY. APRL pm, St Hubert. Goryville (Msgr Frey); 7 30 p.m.. Gbriel, New Orlens (Bhup Cillouet). Wl DN.SDAY. APRL p.m., Bridget, Schriever (Msgr Frey) p.m St Pius X. New Orlens (Bhop Cillouet). THURSDAY. APRL 303 p.m. Our Ldy Prompt Succor,Gulden Semries members conference: Rev. Gerrd S. Sloyn, S.T.D.. hed religious eduction deprtment. Ctholic University Americ. Rev. Domic M. Crossn, 0.5. M., pressor Scred Scripture, Servile Frs' mjor semry, Lke Bluff Rev. Donld E. Sullivn, spiritul direcr Chrtin Fmily movement South, Lou. Rev. Roy Ptterson, sstnt direcr, Confrternity tre. rchdiocesn Chrtin Doc Rev. Ronld Melncon, prh priest. Frnc Xvier church. Metirie, L. Ster Ann Brbr, S.L., Sters Lorel, hs studied t who nstituí Ctholique Pr Lumen Vite, nterntionl Centre Studies religious eduction Brussels. Belgium. Ster Mry Luci, 0.P., who engged ctecheticl group work Scott, L. Ster Rose rese, C.S.J., OFFCAL Archdiocese New Orlens Office Aposlic 7887 Wlmiley Ave. Admtrr New Orlens, L Reverend Clergy, Devoted Religious Fithful Lity Derly Archdiocese New Orlens Beloved Chrt; My tke th opportunity express briefly, but noneless scerely, my sentiments grtitude clergy, religious, lity prticiptg Lenten Crusde Pryer priestly religious voctions mny contributions Archdiocesn Semry Fund on Ester Sundy. Thnks yourgenerosity, tl $258,650 hs been received dle. While th sum flls short wht we nnully spend our semry progrm, it n crese $ over Ester semry collection With pproximtely 150,000 fmilies rchdiocese, th yer s collection n represents verge dontion $1.72 per fmily. cresg our scrifices from yer yer we cn successfully prh priests support vst progrm trg rchdiocese. future m plesed nnouncet th time tht, with coopertion fculty Notre Dme semry, specil ccelerted summer progrm be conducted t our mjor semry th comg June next yer's ordtion clss. Th rrngement enble our next ordtion clss complete ir ologicl studies by middle December th yer. n th wy. 13 young men be orded priests Archdiocese New Orlens on Dec. 19. With th erly ordtion, we shll be tkg dvntge lrge semry clss, shll reby be ble meet, bee end 1964, some dire needs our prhes. tl God g, with next two yers, we expect ord 26 new priests rchdiocese. With need new prhes with ever cresg number people rchdiocese, t lest 50 more priests r needed t th very moment. Your contued pryer persevernce our semrins. your generosity Archdiocesn Semry Fund, mke possible contution th work. My God grnt ech you your loved ones H priestly blessgs bundnce, specil grces which He merited us by H glorious Resurrection. A Very truly yours Chrt. Aposlic Admtrr Archdiocesn Semry Fund Your contribution n Archdiocesn Semry Burse help needy young men become prh priests Archdiocese New Orlens. "He who helps even one cidte priesthood shre ll future Msses ll fruits snctity tht beh..." Pope Pius X. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS MSGR. CELESTNE M. CHAMBON BURSE Previously cknowledged $ Ms Alice M. Brbier DR. GENE L. USDN Pnel set t De Pul College StudentUSA 1964" be pic pnel dcussion be presented members De Pul Hospitl guild April 27. t 3 p m.. Mondy. t be held t hospitl t 1038 Henry Cly Ave. Hedg pnel be Dr. Gene L. Usd. ssocite pressor clicl psychitry t Tulne university's school medice De Pul Hospitl stff psychitrt. Or pnelts be Dr. Willim C. Thompson, president New Orlens Psychonlytic society, Dr. Jck E. Chppu, pst direcr Guidnce center. pnel scheduled s prt Ntionl week. April Mentl Helth Xvier club stge Antigone Xvier University Drm club Jen present Anouilh's ''Antigone' Wednesdy, April 29. t 7:30 p.m. Thursdy. April 30. t 7:30 p.m. Xvier udirium. French drm bsed on Sophocles' fmed Greek trgedy sme title. "Antigone" be directed by Jmes Shffer, speech drm direcr t Xvier, with student Alfred Gourrier servg s sstnt direcr. Hedg cst be Ptrici Sul. Dvid Wilson, Bernrd Woods. Ors cst be Mrlene Colemn, Leonrd Hilire, Lchone Jones. Willim Rouselle, Cheryl Beuregrd. Beverly Wilson. Robert Scott. Pul Perez Leo Johnson. Admsion chrge be one dollr. Monthly TV Mss scheduled Apr. 26 monthly Mss televed from Chnnel 6. WDSU TV. be presented Sundy. April 26, t 11.m. Celebrnt Solemn Mss be Rev Thoms Gilbride, S.M. Notre Dme semry stff. Or ficers Mss be Rev. Alv Schex For furr mtion, contct: MAN[ OFFCE EQUPMENT CO. jl MA Generl Mnger Diocesn Representtive PM rrjum! 1501 TULANE AVE Medow, (Msgr Frey); 7:30 p.m.. Scred Hert, Muntegut (Msgr Frey); Stephen, New Orlens (Bhup Cillouet); 7 30 p.m., Roslie, Hrvey (Archbhop Cody). fct msions revels Church's fith herself s Ctholic unity mnkd. J.C. Murry Totl $ OTHER NCOMPLETE BURSES: Archbhop Joseph F. Rummel Burse $ 1, P. Msgr. M Wynhoven Burse $11, Rev. John D. Amedee Burse $ 2, Plese mke checks pyble ARCHDOCESAN SEM NARY FUND, P.O. Box 11970, New Orlens. L nildre, decon, who lso prech sermon; Rev. Mr. Joseph Chot, subdecon, Gus Johnson, thurifer; Joseph Arceneux Kenneth Bker. colytes. Lyle Hitzmn be mster ceremonies. student body semry provide music Mss.

3 womn women. re April 23, 1964 Cl AMON Hcrold, Nw Orlens 3 V Jm DR. EDWARD R. ANNS, president Americon Medicol ssocition, "Medicl spek on Cre lor Aged" Thursdy, April 23, t 8:15 p.m. Loyol university fieldhouse. tlk open public free chrge. Negro college cmpign gol $40,000 L United Negro College fund cmpign hs begun its drive re $40,000 Louin s prt from ntionl gol $3 million. Chirmn drive th yer trney Willim J. Guste, Jr.; cochirmn Lou H. Meyi, prcipl McDonogh No. 32. At kick f dner held recently, Mr. Guste poted tht both Xvier Dillrd universities benefit from fund. Lst yer y received $156,000 while Louin's gol ws only $38,000. cmpign s m benefcrs re 25,000 students t 32 colleges universities, ll locted South. Guest speker t fund dner held t Xvier university ws Opelouss trney Richrd B. Millspugh, ntionl president Kpp Alph Psi frternity. tht femle priests re not only permsible, but necessry. rguments given fvor women Holy Orders re mny, but y cn be summed up under four generl hedgs; Those who pot out tht Jesus H Dciples were ll men re beggg question. becuse socil sttus women t time Chrt mde t mpossible women be ccepted s serious techers. Messih ws mn, but He represented ll humnity, not men lone. Humnity Just sme been would hve been sved womn. hd Messih Pul hs been ncorrectly nterpreted, by Thoms Aqus mong ors, s syg women cnnot tt Holy Orders. re were femle erly decons n Church, if Pul were live dy he would support notion women n Orders. Those who ccuse some Protestnts groups hmperg ecumenicl movement by ordg women re mselves hmperg ecumenicl movementby refusg dmit possibility women s priests. debteon position women Church ws opened two yers go by Ctholic Zurich, She petitioned trney Gertrud Hezelmnn. Second Vticn Council reexme those provions cnon lw which she sid were dcrimry gst women, which resulted from n dequte Eptles understg Pul. AT THESE TERRFC FOR A TME debte AR CONDTON SPECALS! Position gets support Women s priests demed lh BEV. PLACD JORDAN, ZURCH, Switzerl Should women be orded priests? vigorous debte severl Europen ntions ltely, Th question hs stirred up ffirmtive nswer question hs found supporters mong mny serious Ctholic ologins. A memorum hs been presented mny hs even been drwn up by two womenologins lumbered mong pges ologicl journls, but petition ws drwg impressive support Rev Hye vn der Meer, S.J., studyg t University nnsbruck under expert, ecumenicl council Rev. Krl Rhner, S.J., wrote s entitled; "ologicl Proposition Only Cn Be Orded'.' Considertions Men Fr vn der Meer rgued tht priesthood not contrry Chrtinity by he sked review problem women essence dive right, thorough by Ctholic ologins estblh "wher men lone cn represent sufficiently fullness divity Chrt." Without pretendg fer defitive conclusions. Fr vn der Meer suggested tht "greter opportunities be fered Church." women cry "greter opportunities" women ws not confed scholrly works lone. No less u personge thn Leo Crdl Suenens Mtes Brussels, Belgium, sod up t Vticn Council stted tht " our ge when womn lmost trvels moon, it dpensble let more importnt her role ssume Church. THE REV. JOSEF FUNK, S.V.D., writg n Austrin journl, "Archives Cnon Lw, mted tht shortge clergy dems dmsion women t lest diconte. He bsed h rguments prctices on erly Chrtins. debte moved open short time go when Auxiliry Bhop Wlter Kmpe Limburg. Germny, n rticle dtributed by Germn Ctholic news gency, KNA, criticized those Protestnt groups, especilly Scvi, which were ordg Bhop Kmpe ws g gree tht women should ply greter Church, role even mtry Church. He noted role plyed by Blessed Virg hry slvtion, role plyed by mny holy women Church. But, he sid, those Protestnt groups were cusg "serious ologicl mgivgs," especilly sce y re dependg lmost entirely on Scripture ree should not dms writ Germny, leders Vticn Council, promotg s pply dy. Anor womn trney. Lotti Ruckstuhl, letter sme pper, stted tht Pul ws upholdg order h socil dy only becuse he did not wh underme extg legl system ws dcrimry slves. society. Romn women, children, Pul dy." she sid, "s h own dy. would urge men love ir wives. But love implies recognition full cceptnce those who re loved, which turn should hve its prcticl consequences. Orwe, love not scere." SUBSCRBNG th view ws Mry Dly, believed be first Americn womn receive docrte ology. who teches Fribourg, Switzerl. Ms Dly sid ordtion Protestnt women my be brrier terfith coopertion, but " estblhg such brriers Ctholic Church by its refusl ord women priesthood" cretes similr hicp. Two ologicl students Muenster, Germny. r Mueller d Rmg, hve gred se rguments n extensive memorum which hs been sent Vticn Council s secretrit Rome, Secretril Promotg Chrtin Unity, Crdl Suenens. ll Germn Ordries. Among or thgs, memorum lleges tht cnonicl dcrimtion gst women runs counter Pope John XXlll s encyclicl, "Pcem Terr," which sts on equl rights ll persons, regrdless sex, rce, or socil memorum position. expected gel furr support when Jon's nterntionl Allince, Ctholic women s group, meets Antwerp, Belgium, th summer. 1 W lip GREETNG group hostesses Vticn pvilion t World s Fir SPELLMAN, Archbhop New York. meetg ok plce t New York pier where Crdl blessed Michelngelo's Piet on its sfe rrivl from Nples. Hostesses, SEVERS Jmic, N.Y.; MADELNE MOLLOY Sed, N.Y.; Brooklyn, N.Y. ologin ddress clergy here Rev. Bernrd Lemmg, S.J., terntionlly known ologin, ddress members clergy rchdiocese semrins Joseph hll t Notre Dme semry on April 27. progrm beg t 8 p.m. A pressor dogmtic ology ecumenicl questions t Heythrop college, Engl, Fr Lemmg lso uthor Churches Church" Prciples Scrmentl ology." both which hve been trnslted importnt eign lnguges. He lso edir recently relesed book by Crdl Be, Unity Chrtins." Fr Lemmg member Conference Ctholic Ecuments hs served s n observer World Council Churches Brith Council Churches. HE WAS educted Americ. Wles. Engl, t Gregorin university Rome, where he served s pressor ology six yers. M.A., Ph.D., H degrees clude n LL.D. (honor cus). Reg college, Denver. 17 re nmed Rev. BERNARD LEMMNG, SJ. Docrte Crdl BOLOGNA. tly University Bologn nnounced tht it would shortly honorry confer n docrte philosophy on Eugene Crdl Tsernl, den Scred College Crdls. ' tí (RNS Pho) FRANCS CARDNAL from left, NATALE re MARGARET REDMOND Cll on busess mn t busess times only, busess, trnsct on your busess go bout your busess. order give him lime fh h busess. Wellgn School sks techer help Our Ldy Bridge volunteers mg crfts music Mrs River school City needs severl sst tech Crmen Donldson, codirecr community volun teer service Socil Welfre Plnng council, sid two or three volunteers re needed sst with rt needlework, knittg, crochetg, drwg, or crfts Persons leerg terested volun ir services sked contct Mrs. son t JA Undrwood Donld TOUCHMASTER FVE TYPEWRTER SAVE 64 KS. 249 ir. M85 00 N>Nii Bww 34 Mrtn» fy TYPEWRTER CO. Slt Service Rentls 113 CAM ST GENTLLYART 3871 OENTUY ST ACTOE"...ht CslMic MONOATS end ProtestntAwrd TMtODCH.9k'' NnsCMMiBS HtDAYS r\ t 6:00, 1:00 fjkk end 10:00 JJUi jm >77 Md >.!n uihdts B: El rw Al. Hj ' PTxtw kís't^b prices JH JL 1. JHZLJ OK THE 1 BBroMmMy SEASON J; gs Pul fct tht Our Lord chose only men s H Apostles. by Loyol frt Thirteen students four VALANT PLYMOUTH wmi ircldihmtg wmi oirkonditieng M l9s HOWARD MOTORS PtymotftfcVlM DnUr "Wo'll Bo Horo Tomorrow Sorvico Hw Cor You luy Tody" 901 Chorlo» 329Wosthonk xp. Orloont JA Orotno Diol Now ONE SHOULD never get, Bhop Kmpe went on, symbolic reltionship tht pictures Church s Bride Chrt polrity tht reflects position women men Church. H rticle drew n immedite reply from Mrs. Hezelmnn Zurich s dependent dily, Tgesnzeiger, who sid Bhop Kmpe s views would mke terfith dilogue more difficult. She noted tht Mosic lw t lime Pul plced women n ferior position, on pr with slves, tht th could not DR. G. WLSE ROBNSON, JR. Alcoholm semr docrs set Dr. G. Wilse Robson, medicl direcr Neurologicl hospitl, president Knss. City. Mo., Sourn Psychitric ssocition, be chief lecturer t lcoholm semr be held t Touro firmry, New Or honorry nmed Loyol University chpter members hve been Bet Gmm Sigm ntionl honorry busess dmtrtion frternity. y re busess dmtrtion juniors Tucker; Crgo. L. Perez Mry E. seniors Jerelynn Jon Gevius, Ele W. Guillot, Richrd A. Hmmel, Robert Mrgret A. Hee. Cre A. Jrboe, Vickie Gry K. Trnch. J. Schwrtz Ors nmed were Lee R. Miller, Jr., lw freshmn, Autry McMilln Glen Whitemn, students. Honorry busess grdute members re City Councilmn Joseph V. Di Ros; vor A. Trpol, New Orlens trney: Rev. lens, on Sturdy, April 25. Hubert Schiffer, S.J., ssocite pressor economics Non Psychitric Physicin Tretment Al t Loyol, Chrles Myler, sstnt pressor mrket coholm," which title g mngement t Loy semr, restricted ol. Court Our Ldy, Queen Angels MAUSOLEUM Roch Cmpo Sn Cemetery BULT BY ACME MARBLE GRANTE CO REASONABLY PRCED CRYPTS HbkRNRrtRMM sgnuy flmhwfifll mmémtmmé... SmMNmE ilw uüih l mé mt km M w KB EROCHUH m 4 WMUUTKM, writ u cll 1 f Cwu M Or ldy. Own mt >wli Mwlimi. O.ki tml Hwm«M17>7 NAME S ADDRESS! CTY STATE j t physicins, beg sponsored by Touro firmry, Committee on Greter New Orlens, Alcoholm Louin Stle Deprtment Hospitls. Dr. Robson's pic be " Tretment Hospitlized Alcoholic." Followg h lecture be dcussion with pnelts, questions comments from floor. Fight on socil ills be ired A report on proposed socil welfre legltion be troduced My session Stte Leglture given April 28 t sponsored be meetg by Socil Welfre Plnng council. meetg be held t 3 p.m. Touro Syngogue s Lepziger udirium, 4225 Pitt Givg report be Jmes L. Mhdy, chirmn SWPC s legltive committee. A pnel ducssion lso plnned on mobilizg community ces hlt mountg socil ills on effectiveness wepons SWPC hs chosen fight. LSUNO fer courses M.A. Louin Stte University New Orlens nnounces it itite th summer grdute progrms pressionl eduction ledg ms ter rts degree muster eduction degree. Dr. Miln L. Ferguson, den college eduction t LSUNO. sid progrms fer degrees res elementry eduction. school dmtrtion supervion, eduction mentlly retrded. specil Applictions dmsion my be obted from fice co ordr grdute work on LSUNO cmpus: For students plnng enroll summer session, pplictions must be completed returned tht fice not lter thn My 25. dys threescore yers our yers re ten, if by reson strength y be fourscore yers, yet ir strength lbor sorrow; it soon cut f. we fly wy. Pslms SAVE 20% AND MORE LNED TRAVERSE DRAPERES ADD NEW BEAUTY trigugly textured Mlt drperies white 4 decorr colors, with twoyer color gurntee 48 x 63 size ll B orig 899 pr. pr. Elegnt ryon/cette fbric, led fe cotn t precely tilored with French pch plets, deep side botm hems size, orig x9o size, orig x63 size, orig x9o size, orig weighted corners cusm look. 96 x63 size, orig Nturl, white, gold, green or chmpgne, with 2yer color gurntee. 144 x9o size, orig x9o size, orig Drperie, (Ul Street, Fourth Fluor; Luketide, Second Floor

4 All ond ow'tfc ntt m Dimt>> O' K popw No. Of«gni lomaco&a oo<ufo OtKKMSO» K V JOHN tvnoov odm.n. iohnw Ad>'l tny buimtll ('twll'on o»ln«pk«n, «44/7 7 7 O. ÍJJ4/ O'loont Fwbi'tftng Cos. n Noienol CoMo WH< Confonco No. So"< NC. Agiowi N.t M»bO' Awdil tvw Of CotuiAont, ColAeM CLARON H#fold. N«w Oront April one mn our. " 4 Hope Truth on pill problem tht Church fd so lution "popultion explosion" questions ws voiced by Frnzkus Crdl Koenig Vienn, Austri, t news conference Sn Frncco. Vticn Council not ttck problem directly, he believes. council my, however, mke generl sttement on mtter n leve it ologins solve. Much hs been written bout popultion regultion, crese, need birth Church's st. Some possible ressessment th hs been sprked by development pill, progesttionl steriod tht suppresses ovultion. drug not sme clss s mechnicl contrceptives control conception my A few rgue tht th tht its use be lwful. Ors cll resttement primry purpose mrrige, givg greter emphs terpersonl reltion sted procretion perhps lterg ppliction prciples concerng mrrige. Use rhythm method regultg conception lso hs been criticized s neffective or unduly burdensome. mny questions volved need furr clrifiction through extensive study dcussion by ologicl experts medicl public exchnge views so tht ll fcets my be explored. t doubtful, however, tht tretment sues fshion Time mgze (April 10) serves ny good except s it my prompt some reders furr study sound books on mrrige. Too much Time rticle dwells upon differences sted showg possible greements pplyg modern To preches knowledge. sy: "Mny priest gol ignores flock, still tht housecrmmg brood concern h wide experience, dediction priest. t lso would seem foster ly resentment wrd clergy. Time s dcussion ories on mrrige birth regultion dvnced by ologins Bhops some Europen countries likewe seems dwell upon differences with U.S. ologins. THE TRUTH tht extensive exmtion mrrige volved mrrige fcrs reltion hs been mde by Americn ologins. ir scruty "pill" hs resulted sngue sttements concerng ppliction such mediction reduce cyclicl bnormlities hence ssure belter success with rhythm method where it dicted. One my refer, exmple, recent book. "Mrrige Questions," volume two Morl ology," by Jesuit "Contemporry Frs John C. Ford Gerld Kelly. re welth references show wide study mrrige recent yers its terpersonl "mystique" s well s prcticl spects childberg. Consultg some references cited, ddition th book itself, might go fr reducg resentment over ologicl termology, which necessrily prece even blunt. Extreme views Ctholic personlts regrdg ends mrrige my re from confusg mrrige s voction s n stitution society, uthors pot out. Th ct provides best explntion dputed pssge "Csti Connubii," Pope Pius X's fmous encyclicl on Chrtin mrrige (1930). uthors ssert tht, "considered precely s voction, primry end ny life personl snctifiction, mrried life mutul snctifiction." f we look t mrrige s nturl dive stitution," however, n ntention God nture procretion seen be n end greter importnce or greter vlue.,," Jesuit ologins devote n entire chpter sterilizg novulnt drugs, presentg fdgs mny experts concerng recent medicl dvnces. WHAT THESE uthors seem sy, y report, " tht suppression bnorml ovultions, t lest some cses, not direct temporry steriliztion which bidden by nturl lw. if it lwful tke dvntge norml sterile periods void conception, or reduce n why resonble chnces it, it not with limits stewrdship tke positive mens see it tht norml sterile periods ext? Th opion not excluded, s fr s we cn see, by ny universlly ccepted morl prciple which ologins now gree on s ultimte reson why contrception immorl. Potg out tht it onethg regulte ovulry cycle correct bnormlities it" but "quite nor elimte cycle lger." uthors wrn gst mpplyg prciples. "n th whole field." however, it not impossible next decde deeper study tht durg mtter " throw new light upon questions volved. Flly, Pius X s encyclicl "remds mrried people tht, whtever be ir trils difficulties, y hve with m, mrrige bond itself, source grce necessry overcome difficulties be snctified process. N DSCUSSNG "hedonm versus holess use mrrige ologins show tht, where " pursuit Chrtin idels lckg, morl vlues mselves re s unhppess cn esily result. times some Ctholic dnger; be n seculr literture our ( untuntely literture)," y contue, re entirely o much emphs on physicl plesure, o much stence on sexul mritl comptibility s source hppess. mrrige reltion, y ssert, ws certly tended by Almighty God s one chief sources mritl union hppess. But it only one source, just s it only one spect mrrige. mens sound sceticm Chrtin husbs wives, mors frs, lern prcticl wy tht y cn chieve hrmony souls mny wys tht trnscend flesh. Th especilly true, we thk, those who hve vivid pprecition mrrige s ir own dively given voction. For mn never more truly hppy, more truly t pece, thn when he conscious dog God by followg voction which God hs clled him. Dngers rights bill cited We Americns re buildg up thkg new type which might be clled Western movie thkg. n everybody it we esily divide "good guys" "bd guys". mer wer while hts mke m identifible, ltter obliggly wer blck huts. One cn sit down t night, s hve sometimes done fter tirg dy. wtch Western with no more thn hlf br cell workg. Even so. should someonecome sk me who re vills who re heroes. would hve no difficulty identifyg m. Wht bors me bout th type thkg tht ordry life it cnnot follow not vlid. One life dsh f conclusions with but hlf br cell workg. Life. untuntely, o complicted tht. >. A.(Kd««OM Of K UV (MO (MU COMA (OTOtAi SUSNtSS MotCANOKSS. bu»mii monoy' WHUAM f OAif. OMiCS 333 NukKi Si, Htm O'loont. lo (drool om.it tlopaeno MAH AOOtSS oil dp>m«nl ond dn Sot poii No. O'loont, 701 SO l No. O'loont. pod fo'mi 337»Kevld bo lo.mt.dod lo t O So No. O'loont SO '«ne'hoi tkuwld bo modo porbiol No. WOCDWM NWS ond paoie r.no So"K >NS 7i#tt Atteooiion Atteot womb»».lowmono Wht Dy? FATHER JOHN DORAN A cse pot would be civil rights bttle which gog on Wshgn t present. Those who fvor bill re ll netly decked out s heroes; those who oppose re vills, recrntions Simon Legree we re ld. S T ALL so simple? one could nswer sensibly, Bee he would hve lo red bill over which bttle rges. How mny hve done th? Hs not tendency been identify heroes, n py no more ttention bttleground thn one would lo geogrphy movie? bill does set Western out prciple gurntee civil rights mority groups. With th prciple one cn hve no qurrel. Buttht does not imply tht one cn hve no qurrel with mens chosen bill gurntee those rights. Tht end might be good mens bd possibility be explored. How mny our Western movie thkers hve explored m? bill, seekg redress unfirness which Negro hs been subjected pst subjected present, mkes Negro fvored rce. t gives him strong rm federl government fll upon ny time thgs go h wy. bck do not LET ME GVE you some exmples. f 1 need lo hire new mtennce mn prh, dverte my need. Let us suppose tht three men pply, two White men one Negro. must mke my choice mong m. f 1 White men. chooseone or White mn cn but figure tht s wy bll bounces. Not so Negro; he cn hul me court on chrge tht dcrimted gst him becuse he ws Negro. would be ced prove my nocence, not court ced lo guilt. Ag, prove my lbor unions usully hire out hll on bs seniority. f, however, job which beg hired does new group enough Negroes workg not hve on it. seniority must give plce. A journeymn nor who could protest White beg hired hed him must now rem silent when he loses h opportunity work Negro. Ag, if Mrs. Murphy hs five roomers, she free lo tell m go if she does not like ir hbits round her roomg house. But if Mrs. Murphy dds nor room, or strts lo serve mels t her home, she cnnot dms Negro client becuse she does not like h hbits without runng dnger beg drgged court prove tht she did not ct out prejudice. A THOUGHTFUL person considerg th bill wonder if it ccord with our constitution. How mny hve red mority report members House Judiciry committee, where th question brought out? y sid; n determg wher th bill should be dopted, it must be remembered tht when legltion encted designed benefit segment clss society. usul result destruction coextg rights remder tht society. One freedom destroyed by government ction ence nor freedom. government restrt Civil morl commitment by SEENG THNGS r Alusf love ech or or... die rights legltion n overwhelmg M. F. EVERETT. seen s number religious leders United Sttes. Th fct evident from numerous sources mtion cludg two news services received t CLARON five dys week. For exmple, huge convoction led religious ers representg mjority Americn Protestnts, Ctholics, Jews be held April 28 university. A recent jot Georgewn Wshgn. D.C. sttement by se leders held tht U.S. Sente must pss " strongest possible m" civil rights bill it considerg so tht re my be " ntionl legl strument strong enough mke effective new pttern rce reltions which roused conscience Americn people now dems." sttement declred tht churches syngoguescnnot wtch debte "s unvolved spectrs" but must w "ir own constituencies ctive support freedom, equlity, justice between rces" vigorously remded leglrs tht "civil rights essentilly morl sue one which cnnot be f it put or compromed s hs been hundred yers " United Sttes fces its ternl cr gretest 20th century. religious ces ntion must work with ll constitution Americns loyl mke effective its provions liberty justice." Th me hs been dcussed t number meetgs. Or regionl grgs re plnned, cludg jot mss meetg New York April 28 Ctholic gencies grg from Midwest Omh. Neb., My 5. A FEW QUOTES from ledg Churchmen illustrte feelg. Richrd Crdl Cushg Bosn sid; " unhesilntly support wholehertedly civil rights bill... rights embodied th bill re scred rights, importnt dignity dividul under God." Epcoplin Bhop Anson Skes, Jr., Msschusetts: Courtesy, respect, equl opportunity humn begs ll chnce. rces cnnot be left t must be ssured by lw s humn right ll prts our country." Bhop Joseph H. Hodges Wheelg. W. V.: "t n dictment tht government our socil order must resort public legltion gurntee rights citizen... Anyone who denies mn se rights violtes lw God ffronts dignity persons jured." Archbhop Robert E. Lucey Sn Annio. Texs: field rce reltions probbly " lest Chrtin most svge tht Americns hve creted." Tht re re justices tht y re keenly felt were evident when "home vitg" tlks New Orlens April 19 reched stge cor. Th progrm which Whites vited Negro homes ws not "socilizg" one. Opertion more Th two Understg ccurte term. wy progrm convces Negroes on one h tht re re Whites who scerely wh effect rcil chrily justice. t immensely illumtg on or h Whiles who never bee hd n opportunity lern dignities justices vited upon Negroes t every stge, climte fer which y hve been ced live here, resent ment tht rnkles becuse justice. THOSE complcently stfied with rcil sttus quo would be mzed fd out wht goes on unknown most White rce. Those would scerely wh correct wrongs if y knew bout m would fd "home vitg" experience soulshkg one. For, despite multiplicity overnes, opions expressed se ediril columns represent Ctholic viewpot not necessrily THE Ctholic viewpot. one dividul t behest nor implies necessrily restriction civil rights one benefit or... "n ll yers Congress hs pondered equities civil rights legltion, nocommittee hs ever suggested executive such tlity power us embodied th pckge legltion." To me th bill seems fr more complicted thn Western movie presenttion it one fds ppers so mny our our weeklies. rcil question bsiclly morl sue. Rev. John Reedy. C.S.C., edir Ave Mri mgze, sid recent tlk tht "our genertion sts bee God light different judgment thn pssed on my prents genertion" 50 yers go. Wht ws done previously with "ignornt nocence" regrd rcil dcrimtion cn no longer be done with eir ignornce or nocence. n bluntest terms, it quite possible tht men women re losg ir souls over hrdness hert th mtter." President Johnson, who ledg humn rights two fold bttle gst pov ld erty newspperedirs Wshgn tht Americ's morl heritge its technicl ccomplhments hve put ntion on threshhold high dventure ledership by exmple by precept. From our Jewh Chrtin heritge, we drw imge God ll mnkd, who judge H children not by by ir pryers ir pretensions, but by ir mercy poor ir understg wek." tremble th ntion," he sid. " tremble our people if t time our gretest prosperity we turn bck on morl obligtions our deepest fith... "f re judgment it rests on us, ccordg our generosity or our dd. se re stkes, hry. mke world which ll God's children cn live or go drk. For dy under shdows mic power it not rheric but it truth sy tht we must ech or or we eir love must die." He prys best who does not know tht he pryg. Anthony fmy Frnce s Plce de l Concorde s stge on which Les Tricoteuses (knittg women) st pticlly sent while guillote rivulets nocent blood crimson ncient cobblesnes. Kew Grdens dested ber sme shme. Lst month th orwe respectble residentil re borough Queens ws settg Les Tricoteuses" 20lh century. Prcipls trgedy were n nocent womn, knife wielder. 38 ors. ltter would prefer be known us witnesses but conscience hry my yet cll m ccomplices. THE UNHOLY drm Kew Grdens rn only 35 mutes through its three cts. Kitty Genovese. 28, ws stlked by n ssss, Wsn Mosley, 29. home her s prtment. she wlked killer pounced upon her stbbed her retreted three times. After every ttck Kitty sought escpe scremed nerby prtment dwellers help. Thirtyeight people. her neighbors, Some sw herd her screms. her strugglg with ssilnt. Yet not se neighbors help her. t ws only one cme down fter ssss hd fled scene tht one 38 flly culled police. tht time. Killy hud collpsed died. Police trcked down killer who lter crime. Spekg Lieutennt confessed Bernrd with Police Jcobs, murderer expled h courge comg bck second third time fh f figured nobody victim: "He sid he would do nythg help. He herd wdows go up sw lights go on. He just retreted while when thgs quieted down, he cme bck fh Entre Nous job." t's s pl us tht. Kitty Genovese might be live dy At tht pot =sapropos sitution EMLE COMAR Louin if we whed nrrow our thkg stte les with regrd Kln South. down looked fvorble its resurgence Ku Klux Louin ws pprently escpg wht Albm, Florid. Georgi, North Crol, South Crol, Tennessee were experiencg everythg from threts xe hle ttcks on those sgled out by ir own Anor tle two cities FATHER ELMO L. ROMAGOSA Klnsmen br justice." THREE MONTHS fter pub Kew Grdens New York bers little resemblnce Pr Plce de l Concorde. Yet senseless slughter which ws permitted New York lst month ws trgiclly remcent bloodlettg scenes ccompnyg French revolution. Hrins not permit STRANGE BUT TRU C LittleKnown Focft Ctholic M MURRAY m. Ntwr i~. «" mnkd get were it not 38 Tricoteuses" Kew Grdens. t ws obvious m s y wtched tht somethg strkly trgic ws trnspirg. So y busied mselves by knittg ir brows with fers. Wives prevented ir husbsfrom gog Kitty's rescue fer tht ssilnt might hrm m s well. Those unhmpered by wives' fers withheld ction becuse ir own fers gettg volved. NVOLVEMENT word tht kept comg up s police ficers sought underst why none 38 hd come down protect Kitty from furr ttck. To lst dividul. y were frid become volved. n th y re not lone. t simple enough be dtressed over loss life Alsk's be sddened by erth tremors or crnge Vietnm. thouss miles seprtg us from se trgedies llow pity without burden personl volvement. miles Likewe thous between us Kew Grdens permit sympthy without personl commitment. Though Kew Grdens hs merited fmy, or cities re eqully blmeworthy. As ten s we pretend not see strk poverty which erodes lives countless untuntes bout us, we reproduce Kew Grdens our own city. Every person who cllously bypsses drunken pile humnity strewn cross sidewlk provides mteril modern Chrles Dickens pen righteous condemntion pthy burdeng conscience not only Kew Grdens but our home wns s well. To degree volvement tht our non merits blme which hry ssess gst Kew Grdens, we untunte 38 Tricoteuses" re prcipls nor Tle Two Cities. '^ rrno er ( PRESENTATON Of THE W. CRUCFXON S ON THS ENGRAVED ( X jkul GEM OfTHE 4V CENTURY CHRST /S. shonn stgbeside cross', JpT / WTH HSAPOSTLES BESDEHM. y / fy/mm SYikespe&ie ws AGO THS MONTH KNOWN THAT N SSO HS "Louin spun 400 /ers Ml# tjm T /S NOT GENERALLY JfegftV^ FATHER tv4s f/nl Gun t hed citizens Mssippi: se sttes re White Citizens Council terriry efts orgnize Klns hve Ths ws never gotten AntiDefmtion f ground." summtion "Fcts," publhed by Legue B Ni B rith, Jnury liction Anti Defmtion Legue report, however, Ku Klux Kln flexed its muscle publicly t Coushtt prove it wsn t ded. Klnsmen ok Shreveport newsmen (who hd submit beg bldfolded) secret meetg plce woods ner Shreveport Times picture hooded Coushtt. Klnsmen should hve been sufficient wrng Louin citizens tht smll but dngerous group selfppoted judges" should be nipped bud. lem denounced Klnsmen s "Knights bedsheet. chrcter sid: "f dreputble New Orlens Sttes Kln were well known, s reveled hry our stle, klegles, cyclops, wizrds, goblgs ir ilk would hve look elsewhere ir busess." THE EDTOR Coushtt Citizen put it more bluntly s he ld Kln: "Get hell out Red River prh." All th ws three yers go. Sce n Kin ctivity hs been reported from lime lime re hve been rehshgs bold ediril Coushtt pper Mrch News medi hve fought ternl bttles with ir rnks. s it belter spotlight Klnsmen ir schemes gst Negro, Ctholic Jew, or it better dms m with little or no publicity on grounds tht y fde if ir ctivity not publicized? Bob Wgner who believes newsmn tht public should know vst extent Kln ctivity now Louin wht dngers re posed by bigotry its msked mrvels htred. WDSU TV ssigned Wgner. ors its news stff, ferret out Kln. which opertg so boldly some res sttetht cidtes Leglture were openly known cidtes. t s Kln WAGNER suffered betg Kln meetg over weekend which he describes on Pg. 1 n rticle written especilly CLARON. betg he'll remember, gun t h hed he ll remember, threts gst h life he'll remember. But Louin citizens remember? Or y get until guns re plced t ir own heds? Need used stmps msion work Frnccn clerics t Studies Thoms More House Wshgn, D.C., re skg postge stmps, both eign which y cn use supportg domestic, ir eign msions Prguy. South Americ. Those whg send stmps should ddress m : Msion Stmps, Frnccn Clerics, 650 Jckson. N.E., Wshgn, 17. D.C. little folk helpless Wshgn When he ws White House, Hrry Trumn used sy only lobbyt tht Americn people hd ws President United Sttes. President only one who represents terests ll people, not merely u segment or specil group m. To some. Mr. Trumn's ssertion must hve seemed just clever "cmpign tlk." But. if you thk bout it, re strk truth s sertion. And if you hve hd good tune red ( Mrch sues New Yorker mgze) threeprt rticle by Richrd Hrr. " Rel Voice," you see how urgently true tht ssertion. Mr. Hrr describes uphill. ten desperte, fight lte Senr Estes Kefuver get Sente Bill encted lw 1552 (designed prohibit cert pricg, ptentg. promotionl buses medicl drug dustry). uthor quotes n observtion mde by Woodrow Wilson when he ws term s President, h second n observtion tht Senr Kefuver, some h drkest most frustrtg moments, must hve shred. Thgs get very lonely Wshgn sometimes.' sid Mr. Wilson. rel voice gret people Americ sometimes sounds ft dtnt tht strnge city'." THE FACT, s Senr Kefuver well 23 knew from h yers experience Wshgn, it extremely difficult enct ny bill designed protect people t lrge from beg victimized by ny prticulr group our society. Whenever terest whole society clshes with specil terest prticulr group, gret pressure brought ber on Congressmen from specilterest group. Almost by defition, specil terest lrge spend group hs mounts money lrge mounts fluence exert on dividul Senrs Congressmen, wheres people consumers, cn DONALD tlrge, exert no Essys Our Dy McDONALD orgnized comprble LEGSLATORS, counter pressure on leglrs. neverless, know tht y dre not openly ttck bill such s Senr Kefuver s S So it mended deth reltively unobtrusive committee hergs. And it durg those hergs Senr tht lone encounters highpriced highpowered lobbyg specil terest groups whose prits power re thretened. t durg those hergs tht some dividul Congressmen, biddg lobbyts, troduce mendment fter t specil terest mendment which progressively cripples bill until it no longer represents thret specil terests. Well, Senr Kefuver fought th fight it ws losg fight becuse, contrry h expecttions, lte President Kennedy ( lobbyt "ir people) filed come wrd with h support juncture. bill As mtter t criticl ironic hry, it ws only fter trgedy thlidomide drug becme public knowledge tht White House moved quickly. on wve n dignnt demg public opion, S becme lw. Even n, opponents wekened it somewht through severl mendments. Redg Hrr's piece ( gret work reportg), one cn only mrvel tht ny legltion common good" ever gels encted by Congress. people, s such, impoverhed groups prticulr, hve no effective voice Wshgn, prtly, course, becuse it virtully impossible develop quick med consensus on every conceivble thret tht cn be posed ir welfre by selfh specil terest groups. ir voice hs be tht publicspirited courgeous leglrs like Estes Kefuver. Jcob Jvils, Pul Dougls, mplified by tht mn White House.

5 Scred Hert prh here some 15 lymen welcomed us. ' ' Morgn Cityoutlook: enthusism 'bubblg NEWELL SCHNDLER MORGAN ClTY When phogrpher Frnk Melhe wlked recry We were here do sry on church community. "Wht cn wedo help?" y sked. "t s been like tht sce rrived two hlf weeks go," remrked Rev. Leon Cu, temporry dmtrr church westernmost corner SACMO HEART church. Archdiocese New Orlens. "Everyone's eger do wht he cn Church community," sid Fr Cu. Church ly leders who extended welcome re lso busess civic leders Morgn City, men who hve wtched helped ir community grow from smll fhg center n dustril complex on boomg Gulf Cost. VCV o:# r < ' people Morgn workg feverhly City re keep up with growth. Wooded mrsh l beg reclimed expnsion residentil subdivions. number community s hospitl, built 1955 exped 1960, beg enlrged g keep Recently up with needs. pul use ws new 14,000 kilowtt stem electric power plnt. BmHm ibo fufodohon ' W» Churdi n Morgn Cfty. Tho dt prwi from A tfllf, Lnrr4i VV/ n dock cnurcn ~ft» bout bo turn tho witwry. Holy Cross porlsllf ohh bo locted noor tfio wotsf fowor uppsr lt# r^ x> pcmbfa THEY HAVE seen But wht people com mushroomg oil dustry dded meng give Morgn City becuse its strtegic loction just few miles from Gulf Mexico munity ir new bost most $1.2 million udirium which y bout sy y'll mtch with ny country coustics verstility. Stff Phos t junction Atchfly river ntrcostl wterwy. busy river trffic relted so much re's dustry led one lymn cll Morgn City "Times Squre" ntrcostl REV. HENRY W. HOLLEMAN Furr illustrtg growth Morgn City fct tht udirium dems more power t one lime thn entire city did MORGAN CTY, sid Fr Cu, truly "Boomlown, by Frnk Moth wter system. Popultion figures tell some sry Morgn City. n 1940 census showed 6,969 persons figure ws 9, it sod t 13,378 dy estimted t bove 15,000. growth projected remder th decde phenomenl. MORGAN CTY tht portion Mry civil prh est Atchfly re prt river Archdiocese New Orlens. re hs persons, more thn m members Scred Hert prh Morgn City. Plns re mkg Church keep pce with expnsion re. Archbhop Cody less thn month go nnounced tht Scred Hert prh be di Lulg, hs been designted psr new prh. Scred Hert prh hedqurters contue where Scred on Third New dustries, most relted Hert church locted drillg oil explortion busess, re contully movg Morgn City re. One Ctholic lymn. Lou lso president Tmporello, who Morgn City Pterson Chmber Commerce, estimtedtht number oil drillg compnies hs grown from 10 t lest 25 lst 10 yers. Durg th mny estblhed sme period firms hve doubled trebled size. THE NUMBER hs been so gret new jobs tht hundreds employes commute from or communities. L." enthusism people, dded Rev. Edwrd C. Guthier, sstnt psr, "bubblg." people Morgn City re proud ir growth, y re proud y're proud ir hospitlity. ir church oil dustry hs done much community, fhg prt economy. Still sittg but still n importnt on neutrl ground Brsher venue n old fhg trwler which hs been symbol community. For severl yers now bot hs hd shre spotlight with miture oil rig set up nerby which bums n eternl flme. But nme fhg vessel still propos. t clled " Spirit Morgn City." mis LARGE plt d purchomd fow yoort go by ho Rov. Honry W. Hollomn it ho tho r Holy Crott prith. Tho tchol buildg» on tho proporty «ro buut undtr Rio guidnco Fr HeHomn. Tho mil «Ado homo ho upper right oomor «till rvo t ho recry Rio now pooler, ho Rov. OortM TANARUS, drrott. Fr lorrdl now t Lutg, tchoa it ulod le lobo up Kit now' vided June 1, when new Holy Cross prh estblhed. Holy Cross prh be locted on 25 cre plot ground purchsed few yers go by Rev. Henry W. Hol í'éfmtr\ y \» lemn, psr Scred Hert prh 10 yers. (Fr Cu dmterg Scred NEW AUDTORUM bllroom looked over by udirium Hert prh Fr Hollemn, who recently bsence underwent surgery.) Under Fr Hollemn's guidnce five buildgs were put up on new site six yers go. buildgs iuhé >. s ~... w^if<^bhhßhr^ g mnger two plyed C. W. RUMSOWER Ctholic lymen who roles construction fcility. At left LLOYD GULLORY, rchitect, t right LEE VACCAR, chir clude high school unit, three units elementry school convent './ T KÍ ''r>'/ l JÉ ' mn city's udirium commsion. n pho t right Sters Mrinites Holy REV. LEON CAU gets some Cross who stff schools. mtion on fhg FUTURE PLANS clude construction Holy Cross prh church on new site. Rev. Gerld T. Brrett, now t Anthony prh ; ir;jr'séjf dustry from MLTON PERCE Cut Off, L. SSikMirf/' vhnk V'j Í3M W7tl\ t «. > V. ve^cr "". '' r 4~ : «1. j»fer " «.,^i[9p JOE CEFALU, left, shows Morgn City s new power plnt LOUS TAMPO RELLO, president Morgn CityPterson Chmber Commerce. Both re Ctholic ly leders. Morgn City hd grown so fst tht electric power hd be purchsed meet dems dustry. plnt hs more thn doubled city's electric power output. Exemplifyg city's growth fct tht new civic udirium dems more power t one time thn entire city did Though oil dustry hs done much help Morgn City re exp, fhg dustry fhg vessels like those bove still re n importnt prt economy. Wterwys convergg t Morgn City mke it key loction ntrcostl trffic system.

6 cese Assumption 6 CLARON Hrold, N«w Orlvnt April 23, 1964 WASHNGTON MlMtHl Trveler Shre lrgest (Sixth series S trvel fetures) U.S. Ntionl Shre mmculte Conception, built on cmpus church Ctholic University Americ Wshgn, D.C., lrgest Ctholic United Sttes seventh lrgest world. shre impressive becuse its beuty, while mssive mjestic, its slender wer perfectly poed dome, mke it grceful. Followg trdition Cdrls gret Europe, shre ws built without use structurl steel Z3ALTMORE go group decided hrdy people Three centuries river, tributry tht shores Ptpsco Chespeke by, ws good plce live do busi ness. Tht erly sctliement ws erunner Bltimore. origl site hs exped metropolitn proportions, becomg sixth lrgest city United Sttes ledg port hlg eign commerce. Bltimore s ppel virs seems stem from old world chrm blended with modern progress. its ppgv '' pi Ml NATONAL SHRNE OF THE MMACULATE CONCEPTON, WASHNGTON n sprg fll every yer, gret upper church Ntionl Shre mmculte Conception scene beutiful ordi ntion ceremonies. Men from mny religious communities from ologicl College t Wshgn receive orders rngg from nsure priesthood. n June 1963, 554 r orders were conferred. Notionol Shre mmculte Conception iw _it\ Hry shre brief 1914 Approvl blessg Pope St Pius X. 1919, June Mgms Wlsh chosen rchitects. Frederick V. Murphy, ssocite. 1920, Sept. 23 Crdl Gibbons 1921, My 23 Archbhop Bonzno celebrtesfield Mss on site 1922, My 31 Chrles J. Cssidy chosen contrcr crypt. 1924, Apr 20First services crypt church Mry crypt, completed Altr." mm ltr 1930 Vticn mosic, gilt Pope BenedictXV Pius X. delivered shre Formtion Epcopl ECONOCAR K A / A SYS / M f Renf VALANT 12 hrs. $ Oct. 6 Sourn crypt completed committee furr construction Bhops pln drive funds. Mrin Yer Nov. 9 Contrct signed with John McSh, builder, erection superstructure shre. Mgmn Wlsh Kennedy still rchitects Construction resumed Pledge $1 million by Knights Columbus mkes possible construction cmpnile Tower) (Knights' 1959, Nov, 20 Completion superstructure. Dediction shre Fifteen chpels fhed, orgn stlled. 56bell crillon dded completed. mjor permnent cmpnile: re pse stll Experts ology, hry, rt worked ger yers on every detil design out. shre, side United Sttes. r WASHNGTON 1 Lowest rotes wn Ntion's Tribute Mry Phone HGHLGHTS ] Wshgn, D.C We Gurntee YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! t s fct! Bryn Chevrolet gives you lower prices plus fl better personl qulity B service. B Remember, r.'sr B mtmi 2 LOCATONS 8600 ARLNE HWY. LJ ttí Wj UUM Phone Expresswy WESTWGO ~W fl Mrrr 34719tl Ei^fl..mmm MCHELN^ P p '«! Ü KHOE TRE t SUmV 1514 South Jn Dvit Prkwy Now Orlont, L. UN «4534 NATONAL Shre mmculte Conception; U.S. Cpil buildg; Frnccn monstery; White House; Mll Wshgn shre under collective direction hierrchy monument; Ctholic University Americ; U.S. Supreme Court; Librry Congress; $3OO million Federl Tringle; Ntionl Gllery Art; Ntionl Hry museum; Smithsonin stitute: Deprtment Agriculture buildg; Tidl bs; Jefferson memoril; Lcoln memoril; Wshgn wterfront; ARCHVES buildgs, contg Declrtion ndependence. Constitution Bill Rights; Ntionl Hric Wx museum; PnAmericn Union buildg; Blir house; Federl Reserve buildg; Fmous Pomc river; Ford s ter; Cpil Hill re; Pentgon buildg; wo Jimu memoril; Arlgn cemetery; Tomb Unknowns; Tomb John F. Kennedy; Mount Vernon. Gen. Wshgn's Sports fns home estte. ny wy. Only msonry, brick, tile sne were used. Mssive piers bricks were used where reced concrete might hve been. SNCE THE SHRNE ws built like Mrk's Venice, Snt Sophi Constnple. Eugene F. Kennedy. Jr., ctive rchitect on shre, sid it cn be nticipted 'with resonble certty tht gret Wshgn church withst rvges time s well older edifices. Dediction s shre on Nov , brought fulfillment pln Crdl bsed on n ide sponsored by Gibbons Bltimore, Thoms J. Shhn, Ctholic University Americ, hd With pprovl tht Bhop recr project by Pope Pius X. fter delys cused by World Wr. excvtions begn Sept , underground crypt ws completed Oct THEN THE DEPRESSON set. with World Wr followg, it ws thought prudent postpone completion superstructure until dequte funds were gred. Americn Bhops mde ntionwide ppel collections begn ll prhes country th purpose. Durg Mrin Yer CLARENCE JUPTER re simple people. Like everyone else, y hve likes dlikes, se, o, re simple. After God, fmily country, ir gretest love sports. y belong no specific orgniztions, hve no prticulr philosophy, no stereotyped culturl y clude chrctertics. Ph. D.'s, subwy lumni, jnirs, engeers. musicins, bricklyers, students... thletes, wouldbe thletes, hsbeens neverwses. ir common bond sports mkes m ble communicteon pic spite such wide diversities. y derive simple plesure from vicrious prticiption contests y wtch becuse y re simple people. But y re not stupid. And whtever ir dlikes, beg deprived seeg p competirs perm p contests heds lt. Whtever ir prejudices, those y consider responsible th sitution rouse ir ire quicker thn ny or group dividuls on erth. mentl or NOW SPORTS fns re gripg becuse, on high school level, lop contests cnnot be seen sce y never tke plce. Some p permers do not compete recognition gst ors nut wrded strictly on bs merit. Seven Ctholic high schools New Orlens field triple A tems mjor spurts. se stitutions develop All Americns future pros, y w chmpionships perm exceptionlly well. Yet fns never see two se schools compete gst or five. ir outstg thletes, who lso become AllAmericns future pros, re not considered CATHOLC selections when ALL PHONE Four Corners Trvel TRAVELERS CHECKS HOTEL ACCOMMODATONS PERSONALLY CONDUCTED NDEPENDENT TOURS WLLAM PEOPLES. JR. SUTE DRYADES ST. NEW ORLEANS, LA. re 1954 n tensive eft dded enough money so tht Construction ws resumed 1955, with completion superstructure, shre ws dedicted Nov. 20. Progressively, durg next few yers, pper nee exterior terior shre drmtic chnges. buildg progrm could contue. hs undergone A chncel orgn ws stlled ct>aaa^vsaaaa^/wwv» \ THNGS TO SEE ] lrgest Ctholic church Americ. eightythree sculpture. Knights' pieces wer ten exterior mosics. mny scriptions exterior symbols. fmous mosic "Chrt Mjesty" five Glorious Mystery ltrs. m ltr with mrble bldch. two Pupl Vticn mosics. chpel Our Mor Perpetul PANORAMC VEW Cpil Hill With Cpil buildg re, Librry right, $3OO million glxy government buildgs mg Federl Tringle bounded by Pennsylvni Gllery Constitution Help. Mirculous Medl chpels. Crypt church Mry ltr. Confession chpel. Lourdes chpel. Bhop Shhn chpel mb. Pius X chpel. Memoril hll. Shre sre. Shre cfeteri. Pho by rillon 56 cst bells ws dded cmpnile. Also completed, or course completion re 15 chpels, pse re, severl mjor permnent stlltions. Mkg shre truly n tionl fct tht Ctholics every diocese United Sttes with ir dontions hve contributed its erection. THE SHRNE built m Lt cross ts peked ro covers six seven terior domes, with its brillint bluegold exterior dome rg high norst Wshgn. ground 237 feet bove With shre re re two levels, crypt church, gret upper church. upper church mrked f clerly grcefully with werg wlls, gret rches supportg domes. focl simple curved shelterg pot block mrble frmed under mrble bldch 47 feet tll. Behd it on north pse wll mosic showg mighty proportions Chrt Lord Universe. crypt church hs low vulted ceilgs. t provides tmosphere Romn ctcombs yet hs n origl chrcter its own. Wshgn Convention Viiir»' Bureu with re city Wshgn, D.C., bckground. center picture, counterclockwe begng lower left corner Congress its nnex,folger Shkespere librry Supreme Court. Top venues.stretchg long Mll from Cpil re, right, Ntionl Art, Nturl Hry museum,americn Museum Hry Technology; left, Smithsonin stitute buildgs. buildgs, one housg Ntionl Aeronutics Left pho, from p botm, Deprtment Agriculture, two new Spce Admtrtion new House fice buildg. Upper left, followg Mll, Wshgn monument, memoril Pomc river bckground. Lrge picture compres downwn Wshgn. or fices, with Lcoln collection buildgs t right Aug. & Xvier deserve prep slte mde. se two schools, Auguste Xvier Prep, re predomtely Negro. n every or vestige ir orgnized thletics. New Orlens Ctholics hve workble system developg rel chmpions. schools with white, Elementry blck, polkdot tems ll gry compete gst ech or. Bs ketbll gmes re scheduled on fns home home bs. see p contests, chmpion erns unquestioned right title by defetg ughest competition. wrds re grnted strictly on bs merit. THE SAME true on university level. Loyol, our only Ctholic university with vrsity sports, schedules opponents with Negro thletes. Hed bsketbll coch Bill Grder hs shown h tention do colorbld recruitg by openly expressg desire hve Auguste s gifted junior, sih Kg, eventully jo h squd. Non Ctholic Tulne hs tken similr position. Wht sports fns re ld effect tht see y my thletes lop compete t grde school university level but not high school. Lust full Jesuit, Holy Auguste, Cross, Xvier Prep hud some fest footbll tlent stte. Jesuit Holy Cross wound up plyg ech or city stte titles cme out number one number two, respectively. fet Auguste ws duplicted by Xvier Prep, only Ctholic schools Louin plyg triple A Negro tems. y lso emerged s citystte chmpion runnerup. respectively. Not only were fns denied privilege seeg se tems ply ech or, but fe thletes se schools denied opportunity were erng unquestioned right chmpionship by betg ughest competition. BASKETBALL trck follow sme pttern. Yet cgers like Aloysius Gspr Crdle, De L Slle s Lou Gremillion, Auguste s Ernie Lurent Ronld Willims, Cook ll ply Xvier's Joe on sme college tem Joseph's Albuquerque. Jesuit's Rusty Stub Auguste's Frnk Grnett my fce ech or on mjor legue dimond or even here exhibition gmes. AllCtholic legue be exped three by fll clude out wn public schools: Terrebonne, South Terrebonne, Thibodux. And s CLARON sports edir Hl Berrign pots out. three reltively new Ctholic schools. Shw, Rummel Cor Jesu, my eventully tke ir plces se rnks. Auguste Xvier re p contenders now. y should be rnked with mtched gst or contenders now. lop OF MNOR THE Pho by Viiir,' Dept., Bltimore Chmber Commerce. BASLCA OF THE ASSUMPTON BLESSED VRGN MARY, BALTMORE. Acdins 1 st Bltimore Ctholic congregtion becme n Acdin French settlg Bltimore first Ctholic congregtion city. Usg boned buildg on site present City Court house, y were served by Jesuit Frs from Mryl Pennsylvni msions. n 1764 congregtion cquired site on hillside t corner present Srg Little Shrp streets, 1770 y begn construction twosry brick residence, mesurg 25 by 30 feet side. t ws known s MssHouse," only kd church permitted Ctholics under Mryl lw from Puritn seizure colony until FOLLOWNG fter Revolution. difficulties delys it ws opened regulr services under title Peter, Prce Apostles, t ws enlrged 1784 g 1790, when it becme temporry Cdrl Dio Bltimore. decion build co Cdrl, Mor Bsilic Assumption Blessed Virg Mry, ws rrived t fll SEVERAL loctions were considered 1805 plot, which becme site present structure ws decided upon. Th decion ws mde with id Fr Lou Willim Vlente Dußourg, who lter becme second Bhop Louin. n Mrch, 1806, excvtion begn on July 7 cornersne ws blessed plced foundtions. For three yers progress ws slow due mny difficulties. cludg ltertions becuse error construction foundtions, 1810 progress cme hlt. n, wr 1812 mde furr immedite opertions impossible. Construction ws resumed MORE sprg 1817 dediction new Cdrl ok plce My 31, 1821, lthough buildg ws fr from complete, new Cdrl ws fest structure its kd United Sttes. THE REST sry buildg Bsilic one dditions, decortion enlrgement, followg Much present which Bsilic ws consecrted ppernce dles from decortion chnges effected between , redecortion terior resrtion exterior Totl outside length ouildg, cludg 34foot portico 12fool estern pse, 213 feel; height p dome cross 106 feel p lowers 132 feet. width nve, 75 feel, extended by trnsepts lmost 116 feet. THE BASLCA situted t Cdrl norst corner Mulberry streets, its spires dome my be seen from considerble dtnce. Compred with Europen Cdrls, cocdrl Bltimore my be new. yet venerble its ntiquity beloved its beuty hry it tells, it silent hrin lmost 150 yers progress. Condenstion u hry bsilic blessed Vir { Mry by kev Cornelius M Cuyler. S S origl mnuscript preserved bsilic rchives SPORTS Rit rets CYO girls bsketbll crown Coch Shren Ulrich's Rit (Hrhn) juniors successfully defended ir city chmpionship CYO girls bsketbll legue by outscorg Prompt Succor, 309, fls plyf series Loyol gym. Domic nnexed senior title s Coch Al DeFuenles' sextet piled up w over Mry's city fls. A trio shrpshooters coupled with n ir light defense pced Coch Ulrich's juniors ir CYO chmpionship. Shrg fensive Rit second stright honors Rit were Debbie Lirette Chr Wynn with 11 pots ech, Kthleen Arnoult with 6 pots. permnces Stellr defensive were turned by Georgi Ree, Cheryl Scil, rm Forstll, Drlene Huth. Peggy Green tllied 8 9 pots scored by Coch Mrv Mrne s Prompt Succor juniors. Kren Rodriguez's free throw ccounted or pot. AFTER A close first hlf, Coch DeFuentes Domic seniors unleshed potent scorg ttck third qurter tht clched vicry. Top pot getters Domic were Susie Mcke with 12 pots. Crolyn Cly with 9. Kendr DeFuentes with 7. Keepg Mry scorers check with outstg defensive permnces were R Rll, Ld Legett, Ld DiMrco, Mry Ann Btich. Joyce Kessner with five pots, Henri Zrlek with 3. Ld with 2. ccounted ll Pgrt scorg by Coch Arm Berl's Mry's seniors. Domic hs enjoyed its most successful bsketbll seson CYO competition. Coch Frnk Giorlo s Domic boys hd previously copped both junior senior titles. hs won three Thus Domic four city chmpionships Rit (Hrhn) junior girls prevented clen sweep by Domic. Prp senior trck Qulifyg senior divion New Orlens Ctho He AAA prep trck be held Tuesdy, April 28. t 3:45 City Prk stdium. Senior fls be held sme plce April 30 t 7:30 p.m.

7 seem nmes rort Oklhom tk<n would 4» l mlcm hit (nnndt dil on j April 33, 1964 CLARON Herld, New Orlens 7 0 Lookg Em Over With HAP GLAVD Trck kg t Cbri /f. LEVS GO TO BAT ARTHUR O. SCHOTT week's Blue Plte Specil fricssee: WHEN LSUNO receives title those 155 cres Cmp Leroy Johnson s lkefront plyground, nor New Orlens sports drems fde. Th one ws Jerry Gllghouse's proposed sports complex which enticed some our slumberg villgers ssure mselves tht mjor legue bsebll would certly fd home here. prospect pressionl footbll frnche rems, however, with Tulne s spcious Sugr Bowl prime lure. But bsebll so fr removed you cn't see it next genertion cusmers. Fred Russell, Nshville Bnner sports edir, ld h reders tht Lou Crdl propriers would like move ir NFL tem Atlnt s new 57,000 setg cpcity municipl stdium city dmtrtion nnounced it hd been ssured mjor legue bsebll tem ws comg on longterm lese... ABC network, which presented films controversil Sonny LnCssius Cly fight on TV show lst week, tbulted 42 left h punches tht Ln threw fifth round. A round lter he retired h corner with explntion tht he couldn t contue fightg with left shoulder tht ws numb from pful first round jury... Russi hs rejected proposed vit by n Americn pressionl bsketbll tem composed Ntionl Bsketbll Assocition strs. Soviets sid y would welcome Ameri Wrren Sphn, wner 23 gmes nor cmpign lst seson, goes with severl Ntionl Legue pitchg records with rech be 43 yers ge dy geless wonder who th column relesed probbly surpss t lest one lltime legue mrks durg th seson We prepred brief lt most importnt pitchg records Ntionl Legue plyers present m compron studyg Sphn s potentil s new holder vrious legue pitchg deprtments Deprtment Legue Gmes Alexer Record Sphn's Record GmesStrted Sphn nngs Pitched Alexer Gmes Won Mwson Alexer 373 Shuuts Alexer Strikeouts Mwson Mwson Alexer shre gmes won record. Lookg over se sttticl fcts, we see tht Wrren hs pper 21 bll gmes Ntionl Legue th seson surpss lltime record Grover Alexer, who ws 696 Ntionl Legue box scores s pitcher. record gmes strted lredy belongs Milwukee southpw, so entry improves h extg mrk. Lst yer vetern won 23 bll gmes, ech such creditble permnce which he needs duplicte shre lredy coheld mrk 373 vicries Alexer Mwson. THE STRKEOUT mrk lso with h grsp s he eyes 2505 figure posted by Chrty Mwson durg h creer. Wrren but 90 whiffs wy from tht coveted mrk, brrg cn mteurs... Don t knock televion Gene Srzen. Th mn,who becme one golf's immortls rorg 20 s golden 30 s (he won two U.S. Opens, three PGA Msters, crowns, Brith Open) sys, "More people see me on TV show dog Shell's one SSTER MARY JOHN, C.S.J. coches VNCENT PROVENZA. CHARLES "RAY" GRENER... wtches jumper CHERYLEE STERKEN.. Wonderful World Golf thn sw me 40 yers urnmentply. HAL BERRGAN Lst week Mrion Smith, teller t Citizens Sourn Bnk Phildelphi, hd new experience. Two youngsters cme her wdow, plunked down four hrdget Kennedy hlfdollrs struck brg. d like em swp m'm, (CLARON Herld Sports Edir) A nun mer collegite sprter hve collborted produce chmpionship tems t one lrgest elementry schools rchdiocese. Ster Mry John, C.S.J., petite Bth grde techer who never prticipted orgnized sports, Chrles Underlg SPQRT^ Clmri ide uneseen juries should eclipse tht mrk bee th seson ends. t s long lime sce Sphn pitched h first mjor legue contest bck 1942, hebecomes mn hour Ntionl Legue sce retirement Stn Musil. Sphn spent three yers , service ms on dimond tht probbly cost him quite few record book postgs. Lst yer 1 ws honored receive from Chrles Wever, New Orlens resident, contribution my librry Cooperswn, books contg, Jr. t consted mny hkept record mong or items, box scores ll New Orlens Pelicn bsebll gmes from 1901 through Browsg through se files. lerned tht Ollie Tucker, mer Pel fvorite, permed quite fet old Sourn ssocition on April 14 15, 1922, when he cme pkcheeked spokesmn sid. For ech JFK hlf dollr ll tke two qurters one Bobby one Teddy. When home wn George Sevn Strickl ws ppoted Clevel ndins or dy, mnger it remded me one my fvorite bsebll sries... Strickl suffered broken jw 1954 night gme Ynkee stdium. He ws struck by throw while slidg third bse. After he ws hit, Strickl ws seencrwlg CRAWLNG bse. direction bse... "Look t him, New York writer exclimed, "He s Wht dply guts.... bse. Strickl expled " wsn t crwlg when he herd bout comment. When got hit, $2OO bridge popped out my teeth. Willie my Shoemker, jockey, mouth. ws lookg erned $262,000 lst yer. And exctly onedozen rce riders went over $loo,ooo figure n erngs On bs se figures, it would seem ternl revenue deprtment who ride big horses. Nice TV slice ($50,000) hs its biggest stke little men Tulne SEVEN SEC footbll tems (Florid, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, Albm, Ole Ms Mssippi Stte) pper NCAA televed footbll gmes next fll, best conference exposure ever. t $50,000 men dividend ll eleven SEC members, cludg course, Tulne U. Fncilly, it's equivlent plyg n eleventh footbll gme t which pid ttendnce pproximtely 60,000,.. Yogi Berr h first TV ppernce (Sturdy's YnkeeBltimore Orioles gme) mnged Gehrigs, Bbe Ruths, Joe Dimggios like he hd leup Lou Bill Dickeys. Yogi scorns bunt three times, with runner on first lte ng tie score, Ynkee btter hit double plys... But Yogi's quips still score. Commentg on Knss City's poor ttendnce, he brightly fered: "f fns don't wnt come out gmes, how you gonn sp em?... And Cssius Army ptitude he flunked tht Cly, explg why test: lwys hd trouble with mth. sid Ln would fll eight Dee, Notre Dme's new bsketbll coch, hs ugurted he went seven.... Johnny threeweek boxg progrm potentil members h squd. He doesn t slug ir boxg wy expect rh vicry next seson. Dee believes lessons improve plyer s footwork, blnce h quickness... Mickey Mntle Willie Mys hve been voted bsebll's most vluble plyers 1964 Associted Press poll. Anor reson y're most vluble tht y re only two $loo,ooo plyers sport... Housn Colts re werg blck rm bs Ntionl Legue seson memory ir pitcher cncer recently... golf phrse ws coed by August, G., sports Johnny Hendrix.. Jim Umbricht, who died "Arnie s Army edir nmed. And writers who cover big ones on pro ur report tht Arnold PlmerJck Nicklus rivlry runng deep hetg up. But both re creful keepg it from boilg over. One Louin's prize schoolboy thletes Terry Segur, son mer Fortier high sprt ce, Bob. Lst week t Northwestern Relys t Ntchiches, young Segur won pole vult (13 ft., t., new record), 180yrd low hurdles (;20.S secs.) brod jump (20 ft., 7.). More importnt, Terry s footbll strt t Erth high where h dddy s hed coch. Schools Plygrounds Tems SPORTNG GOODS 0 El 'W MOT ScÚco. fw DOU6US «Oé. W. D«M Pfcwy. f /it#» iwyojo "Ry Grenier, exdshmn two m persons behd Frnces Cbri's rule over th yer's grmmr school trck field Gentilly competition. school, which hs nerly hlf its 1300 students prticiptg thletics. swept both boys' girls chmpionships New deprtment s elementry field meet. Orlens Recretion nnul school citywide trck mnner which Cbri won illustrtes complete domtion. n boys' clss, Cbri rn up over 70 pots outdtnce second plce Rphel, with 15. Cbri girls scored 58 pots 19 runner up Gbriel. CABRN'S menrs re convced tht trck supremcy key success or sports. school's trophy cse crmmed with prizes from bsebll, stbll, bsketbll. footbll, volleybll. golf ddition trck. ts thletes hve won 16 city chmpionships set 11 records NORD or CSAL ction. boys coch, Ster Mry John, sid: "When cme Cbri seven yers go. noticed tht while dult volunteer supervors hud n excellent thletic progrm opertg, re wsn t room every youngsterwho wnted prticipte. Some were gettg cut f tems becuse y lcked specific skills. So 1 decided troduce trck. re no limit number who cn compete. Trck dividul gst himself sted or tem. Children who do well trck usully do well or sports, o." Ster Mry John did not ply her school New Rods, L. But she ws so ctive neighborhood gmes tht she could hve been clled "mboy" type. One her fvorite ctivities ws horsebck ridg. " m from very lrge fmily." she sid, " like children much. m hppy chnce t Cbri help develop youngsters." sports very hve NEXT TEST Cbri's trck tem Thoms More nvittionl meet Slurdy, April 25. Bn Rouge. t s chnce nor mjor city title. "We lost lst yer, so we re gog re with vengence." sid Ry. who Cbri's thletic coch girls direcr pst three yers. 37yerold fr five (four dughters son) mrried school techer, mer Sophie Cire. boy. Chrlie, Cbri first grder lredy runner on rely tems. Why does Ster hle boys Ry, girls? "t ws just hppened," wy thgs Ster expled. "When strted, first objective ws keep boys occupied. Lter, when Mr. Grenier rrived, we hd someone give time girls. But next yer, 1 hope turn everythg over him devote my full energies techg." Tnned, crew cut Ry. who teches mth n morngs t Cbri, fmilir figure on spcious school grounds t Loyol university, re every fternoon. Fcilities clude two full size footbll fields pir bsebll dimonds. Anor coch, Buster ile, employed hle boys sportsor thn trck. An thletic council prh men ids dmterg widescope progrm. WE HAVE TWO thgs gog us ll time gret overll tem strength tense spirit, sid Ry. He expled tht when lst yer s 63 ch str Virgi Fortier broke her collrbone, Cheryl Sterken ok her plce s morle builder girls' squd. "She turned such terrific permnces especilly us, brod jump, tht loss Virgi did not hurt us o much. Tht s wht 1 men by tem blnce," he sid. Aces boys squd re Bobby Hrpmnn Vcent Provenz. Hrpmnn, 55ch stout citywide NORD meet, broke brod jump record tht hd sod sce 1951, lepg 16 feet, 2 ya ches, nerly foot better thn old mrk. Provenz, wner 70 yrd dsh 63 ches 8.3. hs been clocked 7.8. To Cbri's conquests, Ry would like dd fifth consecutive Ctholic School Athletic legue trck field title. Cbri won four stright from , but competition ws dcontued "re s tlk, he sid, "tht meet be held th rrg yer. Nturlly, we re go." Along with Bill Rppold Holy Nme Jesus school Pt Hynes Rphel school. Ry prt Big Three grmmr school thletics. " thk," Ry sid." we re only three pid thletic direcrs Ctholic elementry system." Ctholic Orlens glitterg grdutes Cbri high schools New hve received severl progrm. Among m re Don Gennus, Aloysius bsebller who ledg hitter prep legue; Rlph Jesuit footbll Svoie, cpt tem; Jed Dums. Holy Cross sprter; Mike Chssnol. De L Slle pole vulter; Denn Donnelly, Jesuit qurtermiler. Set summer cge clics Houm HOUMA Summer bsketbll clics be conducted by couches t pir hi h schools tht jo New Orlens Ctholic AAA legue tems new next seson. Terrebonne s Glen McDonld South Terrebonne's Hul Cervi re plnng two four week sessions. first be from June 8 through July 3 second from July 6 through July 31. Ech week const five twohour sessions, one dy t eir 0.m. or 1:30 p.m. or 6 p.m. Cervi, mer Tulne university sid specil plced Aloysius eger, emphs be on developg dividul defensive fensive skills." Two members Tulne coch MAL BERRGAN Tulne university's mutul dmirtion society, hed footbll coch Tommy O Boyle lst seson's tem cpt, Mike Cimri, seled closer reltionship lst week. Clmri, mer Holy Cross grid str who led chrges Wve's resurgent troops 1963, s defensive coch scoutwhen he grdutes next month. Two more loyl Tulnins won t fd nywhere. you With th kd devotion cuse, downtrodden Greenies cert somehow improve on lst yer s record only one w, even fter shudderg look t schedule. Menwhile, job s right h mn Loyol's hed bsketbll coch rems unfilled. guessg contest position produced such Jesuit high's chmpions; s Kev Trower, coch 1964 stte cge 800 Jones, prcipl t Bernrd high; Ed Kennedy, senior Wolfpck hooper generlly conceded s Grder s premier plyer lst seson. Trower, who held position sesons, sid he ws not one 20 pplicnts. " m defitely not considerg job," he ld me. He lredy lookg wrd 1965 cmpign when he expects field s strong tem s h current title holders. "About Loyol busess." he sid, "some people my hve thought ws terested becuse hd been close contct with coch Grder. But tht ws over Herbie Mng," Jesuit senior llstte pivot who subsequently signed with LSU. GARDNER'S new sstnt likely be young menr with mster's degree plenty recruitg connections Est or Midwest. Jones would be out on two counts Kennedy on one. mn who hired hve help Grder rebuild contender from wht s left lst yer s grdution riddled squd upcomg tlent from group. Bosn Red promg yerlg Sox's openg gme proceeds went chrity, mrkg first time mjor legue hry tht th ws done with receipts regulrly scheduled gme. money ws given John F. Kennedy Memoril Librry foundtion. As if strtg trend, Clevel ndins under Orlenin George "Bo" Strickl ply Chicgo While Sox June 2 night gme tht benefit religious chrities. Proceeds from sle "ll tickets over 12,500" be divided eqully mong Ctholic chrities. federtion, Jewh Community Clevel Are Church federtion. f wer good, bout $75,000 might be red fund. ncidentlly. bll club Strickl s need every ticket sle tht cn be scrounged th seson keep bord direcrs from gettg restless ttendnce showed drop fourth stright yer. Tlk hs been step Green herd movg ndins nor reservtion. ST. FRANCS de Sles Houm, prep s most fmilir entry stte bsebll plyfs, hs g clched postseson berth. Beg two one only tems Dtrict 6A. Terriers enter plyfs umticlly under rulg which sends first second plce tems contention pennnt. Frnc. wng lst seson, cptured crown 13 yers. stte title its nth Joseph neighborg Chuv first dtrict chmpion be decided th yer. umticlly Blck Knights rule Dtrict 138 becuse y re only tem mkg rce th yer. Ctholic thletes gog Tokyo 1964 Olympic gmes fd Church Jpn redy m. Peter Crdl Doi Tokyo hs orgnized specil committee fill ir spiritul needs, providg services five lnguges Englh, French. Germn. Spnh, Jpnese. Bsebll s "good thief." 79 yerold George Moririty, ws buried erlier t Mry s cemetery th month t Corl Gbles, Fl., followg Requiem Mss t El red church. Moririty erned h reputtion by stelg home 12 times with pennnt wng Tigers fet led biogrphy. title h "Don't Die Third." After h 13 sesons mjors, he served s n Americn Legue umpire 20 yers. MEET MR. TUXEDO BCN loumaux, Ocongn ol Mon, ht o»nnd rhn NCW OtUAMS TUUOO Solni Mol Shop Ml hn Co'll o Shoppg Nn«Oclnoni TUKtOO omnct compl lnllt St o> mo Wt tpooli mi "AbcSu i hnn rocl woo» BW OHKANS TUXKDO ftalli AMO KBNTAU Slél S. CAUOU.TOM AV. CAM QU.TOM lomcmtm AV PALMtf. 4»éS3OO through with eight consecutive bsehits five five record on April 14, followed by three three on April 15. Tucker closed 1922 seson with 10 homeruns bttg verge gmes. Chrtin Brors host trck meet Chrtin Brors' school host Privte School nvittionl trck meet Sundy, April 26. t City Prk stdium. 1:30 Coch Don Rown's thclds overpowered coch Bill Rppold's Holy Nme Jesus tem April 19 by score Gbriel ws third tringulr event, with 163 pots. VLMKR A. SMPSON. JR. EDWN A. STOLTZ 'A T4 SimpHonSulz spoktim; goods c;o. NUlM'OlUlt.l) Sportg (.Midi Strr 1332 S. CARROLLTON A\ E. f Ne Ovicu 18,U. N M3U V&. & <M % / \ John F. Asher A JohnJ. Young JP! L John f. Aihor V»MjJ ' Cordilly vite you see m when you need money PERSONAL LOANS oil types sl 2nd Mortgge 9m/ Rel Estte Lons Service mkes / sher]oung FNANCE SERVCE, NC Notionl tnk Comirurtt Bldg LUKE S Specil 64 PLYMOUTH FACTORY AR CONDTONERA HEATER Equipped with tted Glss only $2395 Mny thr Brgs chos# from LUKE MOTOR CO. Plymouth Vlint Dlr 2537 TULANE AVE Y it Momit Poolg n New Orlens RENT JyL iy LFT 1 i 1 TRUCKS ALUS CHALMERS DAY WEEK V ll LtOMAl low V p«r month Cll Hrry Tbony. JA Lift ft Equipment Service, nc S. PETERS ST.

8 CLARON Herld, you enerfy you crem sour For reservtions New Orlens met m,i ~ w 8 New Orlem April 23, 1964 le, Scrpbook Sor»ndipiHst Gret vriety seen 1111 l ) or mermci ' c suits BETHOE t s flower grden on wterfrontth yer, bech seson's newest swim gs. s mermids re vriety plese ech us both style fbric, s well s color choice. Lush Fr Estern lotus colors dzzlg Gugu polychromes mke splshes on white s, while demure, littlegirl pstels relx under sun shdes. Ptterns re s vried s fbrics '64 swim scene. Whtever your preference Mdrs plids, Polynesin prts, provcil clico designs, even copies grmor's ptchwork quilt it's ll vilble t your fvorite Mn mde syntic bech boutique. fbrics hve virtully cornered bthg suit mrket with nylon knits, Arncl Jerseys, stretch nylon, BnLon highly fvored ir speedy dryg. Shrksk cotn re or populr fbrics, drlg dughters who don't go ner wter re trigued eyelet by whitecotn cotn lce led birthdy prty pstels. Never hs twopiece suit been so universlly ccepted, wher with littleboy shorts or ty pleted skirts. Mny hve ps botms contrstg colors. Followg pce set by summerdresses, swim suit designs re stly feme, s evidenced mny onepiece blouson styles. Buddg Esr Willimses, course, clg efficient onepiece millot stretch nylon. Whtever your choice swimsuits, p it with coordted breeze chser bech cot, shift, or sun cpe, trditionl terry or bold cotn. Mnufcturers ptterns home sewers re ferg multitude sewesy designs bech ppers, fbric counters feture suitble mterils erly sprg. Even if you're not n expert, you cn esily whip up wrdrobe se dpensble ply gs. Th yer bsk sun new swimsuit, y re remrkbly fltterg fer new feeig esy comt frolickg freedom. Sprg A sprg festivl beheld begng t 1 p.m. Sturdy Sundy. April t Provcil Holy festivl Mrinites House Our Ldy Cross. Dr. (Auror). benefit buildg Sters Woodl festivl chpel fund Mrinite Food, gmes,prizes, fun be fered t 35 different boolhs cludg live pony rides children. festivl sponsored by from prents schools stffed by Mrinite Sters Holy Cross tri prents novices Sters throughout prh re stte. Chirmen event re rw L. Gitz, generl chirmn; Mrs. S. M. Lew, publicity; T. P. Svo, booths; John G. Stennett. entertment; Pete Lukovich, fnce; Miln Hock, grounds; Miln Strssel, Schools represented electricl. re Rit. New Orlens; Holy Nme Mry. Archbhop Blenk high. Agnes, Holy Angels cdemy, Agnes. ncrnte Word. Julin Eymrd. Sts. Peter Pul. Cecili, Andrew. Mry Angels, Chrt Kg, Joseph. 7 f MAGNOLA ROOM or KUCAN ROOM f\ AvilbleFr Bnquets ond Rtctptiom 7 /. VV. Al Cter Prties ST mm.!)«homogenized w ddg Receptioni /A test CHLDREN Qnd dults < f p! mill/ A Whenever you or tho children flood lumfa refresh with mllkl t ts H] L. ViV m «' pl or flvored, t fives your best... do your best! frev homr tlflivvry MRS. ALLEN J. MONTET, president, ers' club, shown presentg i" fl Anthony Pdu Moth SSTER MARY ALCE, 0.P., prcipl school, with key newsttion wgon. its purchse were red by yer. funds club ctivities throughout Our Dily Bred Dressg dds zip slds ANN CROWLEY n mny slds it dressg tht dds personlity tht dh. An endless vrition slds possible merely by chngg kd or gredients dressg. Th n re food production tht llows imgtion fly. After you hve bsic dressg, you cn restriction recipe. Th your lso mke dressg own specil never bee prepred sme mnner. best cremy dd extr uches without mul bsic dressgs re myonne, cooked sld dressg, or pl thick sour crem. Such good ones re vilble t grocery sre, it hrdly pys mke your own myonne cooked dressg dy. or fd it time svg more fun strt with one se bsic dressgs dd food items tht help enhnce my sld. n mkg ny sld dressg lwys keep md gredients sld tht it be used with. To give n exmple, you might dd curry chutney myonne be served with sld ssorted greens, julienne chicken hrd cooked eggs. Bleu cheese might be dded diry sour crem be served with chef sld feturg strips rost beef. Or m soup might be blended cooked sld dressg tht be served with sefood sld. SOME COMBNATONS you might like try with side fruit sld or m plte fruit sld would be crushed dred pepple myonne, lemon juice, mrscho cherfy juice chopped cherries with cooked sld dressg. Th lst combtion becomes st pk color tht beutiful served on diced pple sld. Anor combtion dressg fresh fruit sld cn be mde fmous green goddess sld ws first creted 1915 t Plce hotel honor George Arless, who ws pperg yer Willim Green Sn Frncco tht Archer s ply. Goddess." Sce tht time it hs probbly hd thous vritions. Mke your slds more terestg by ddg mysterious ir surpre gredients your sld dressg. (Copyright M4, Americn Diet Assocites) tions. A specil fir feture be refreshment st decorted style Mexicn At Stephen followg ptio. u recent meetg Mors' club ficers were elected: Mrs. Colleen Sullivn, president; Mrs. Pule Cefoli, vice president; Mrs. Mrs. Ann Butler, Elizbeth Ll, fncil secretry; recordg secretry; Mrs. Chrlene Adms, correspondg secretry. Lwrenc Mrtyr METARE Mors' club Lwrence Mrtyr school sponsor Luu dnce Sturdy. April 25, between 9 p.m. 1.m. cfeteri. Music be provided by " Emperors. Mrs. George M. Digle, socil chirmn, chrge rrngements decortions. Cbri Circle Frnces Cbri circle Mrgret's Dughters entert t book review te, 1 p.m. Tuesdy, April 28, t home Mrs. Elmo D. Cire, 956 Topz E. Lkeshore. Mrs. Clyde Frzier present review. Roiryville Guild Rosryville guild sponsor festivl t novitite Domicn Sters Ponchul on Sundy. April 26, between noon 5 p.m. Jmes Mjor Coopertive Jmes Mjor school vriety show "Sy club stge t With Music" on Fridy Sturdy, April t 8; 15 udirium. E. C. Schroder directg cst 50 prents. Mrs. Ed Prendergst Rene Dufour re sstg production. Lo'tjfettflu (JoUH/j, Alwys right? You re wrong! Der Ms Young: LORETTA YOUNG My dughter hd her eleventh lst month birthdy m worried. How do 1 tell my dughter bout beg youngldy whtit mens? My mor never fshioned ld me nythg. 1 ws red n old mnner sex ws never mentioned my presence. Wht 1 knew 1 found out from outside home, mostly t school. Do wit her fd outtht wy or do tell her how? hve ld her thtif she wnts know nythg she should sk me becuse someone else dved tht should prents not tell ir children bout best thg me do? sexul Groups Clubs Prh plnng own 'World s Fir wn Members mtters until y Stephen prh sk. Wht won t hve leve ttend World s Fir. ir fir be nnul festivl be held th yer on Sturdy. My 3, between 2 11 p.m. n keepg with terntionl me, booth workers be dressed costumes representg n MEETNGS FRDAY. APRL MSnt Mri circle. Mrgret's Dughters. 2 Roosevelt hotel p.m.. S. Joseph Semry Coop, 8 p.m., Benedict. L. MONDAY. APRL 27De L Slle Semry club, 8 p.m., student center, 1540 Vlmont Chpelle Kycee ldies, 8:30 p.m New York St TUESDAY. APRL 28Sts, Peter Pul mors. 8 p.m., cfeteri. mmcultehert Mry Altr society. 8 p.m., cfeteri. Perptul Help KENNER Mors' club Our Ldy Perpetul Help school sponsor kiddie screeng t Joy ter Kenner Sturdy, April 25, begng t 10.m. feture film be "Sd Sck" strrg Jerry Lew. mmcult Hert Altr society mmculte Hert Mry prh elect ficers t meetg Tuesdy, April 28, t 8 p.m. cfeteri. Plns dner lso be dcussed. Lo Gret Leo Gret Mors club sponsor penny pr school ty children Thursdy. April 30, noon between 2:30 p.m. grounds. on school Domic 3rdOrder Anthony chpter Third Order Domic meet Thursdy, April 30, t 7:30 p.m. Anthony Pdu church. A specil Holy Hour sermon be preched honor Cre Sien, be celebrted whose fest tht dy. After service socil be held feturg entertment by folk sgers Domicn high school group, " Cquettes." Mt. Crmel Alumne lumne Ml. Crmel cdemy hve homecomg itition 1964 senior clss t 3 p.m. Sundy. April 26. cdemy cfeteri. A specil tribute be given re celebrtg yer. Sts. Sters who Peter A Pul jubilee th Mors club Sts. Peter Pul school meet Tuesdy, April 28, t 8 p.m. cfeteri. ficers An election be held. Scred Hert,Cnl Members Mors' club Scred Hert Jesus school hve been vited prticipte course bby cre which be fered high school seniors. clss be tught by Mrs. Rit Richrdson, regtered nurse Red Cross stff strucr. Clsses be held t 10:15.m. April 27 CLARON Shopper REAL ESTATE BROKER OPENS QUEEN CRESCENT AND OFFCE V. J. Gnucheu hs recently opened new fice devoted Estte sles Rel nsurnce. Locted Queen Crescent Bldg., Mr. Gnucheu would like extend n vittion h mer clients come or cll him t Gnucheu sell Mr. your property give both purchser seller h dividul personl service. nme Gnucheu should be well remembered rel estte fields, Mr. V. J. Gnucheu's fr ws one erly developers Gentilly re, bck dys. For rel depression estte service week ends or evengs c" CHURCH RESTORED STATUES resrtion scred pictures sttues goes bck erly dys church. We re tunte hvg Grnger Studio, locted t 626 Bourbon, JA , do resrtion New Orlens. Grnger Studio cun resre murls, religious ptgs, church sttues. Grnger's hs wonderful reputtion th type work, s he ws chosen resrtion ptgs some time bck t Lou Cdrl. Cll JA if you would like estimtes on resrtion STEP FROM STONE TO STONE f you hve work. steppg snes lid out your grden, you fd it wonderful wy keep your feet dry, not drg Mssippi mud your home. Hollowy's Construction Cos. hs steppg snes sle 12 x size 16 ch just 50c ech. Figure out how mny mke n terestg lookg pth your grden cll READY TO MOVE f you re gettg redy move new home. Erle Tylor Enterpres move you rel chep do first rte movg job. cost only $5.00 per room. Erle Tylor hs trucks every occsion, move locl or out wn t low rtes. Cll get sured, experienced movers your next movg job. CRAB NETS FOR YOUR f you re RNGS lookg crb nets, cll HU Here you fd nets redy go on your rgs, or you cn buy m completed. You cn lso buy cryfh nets, fncy nettg your den or hve your chir sets recned. HU belongs retired city firemn. who untuntely hd hve both legs removed becuse dibetes, sle se items helps supplement h pension. PreCn Schedule Conferences ure held Sundys from p.m Tuesdys. Wednesdys MADLN T» ssdy Thursdy Clssified RATES; 3le mimum chry Leuthn4 lime»: 60c per le, 10 A..kufurs Puhlkutln, Ads r Cncelltion. per sertion ÍSUSW? No. Une» Coit Por Atete Uno Time» Tim» Timet Timet c 37c 35c 39c c Over 28 36c 33c 35c 33c 37c 31c RwS Upew Sepee CLARON Herld not 25c bo re omible orron beyond first publiction. Wo Umi or Peetfi Notice» Accepted CLARON Herld it o member Rotter Ruieu Bureu Greter New Orlens Are, nc. 540 Audubon Bldg. pperg m prciples truth dvertg All dvertg CLARON Herld must con ethics busess. CHURCH DRECTORY Hours Msses Novens, etc. ST. LOUS CATHEDRAL Jckson Sq n French Qurter Msses Sundy Holy Dys 6 AM, 7:15, (High Mss). 11:15, 12:30 P M 6 P M Noven Our Ldy Prompt Succor Every Wednesdy t 7 8A M.. 12 noon 6 P M Confessions 4 8 P.M Sturdy Recry P.M. 6 P.M Pere Ane Alley JA CORPUS CHRST Sundy Holy Dy Msses 6:00. 7:15, 8 30, Eveng :00P.M. NovenTo OurMor Perpetul Help 5 P.M 7 30 P.M Tuesdys First Fridys 5 P.M Bernrd Ave. WH HOLY GHOST CHURCH Sundy Msses 5: :00. Í 15 Eveng 4 15 P.M Dily Musses Holy Dy Musses Eveng 7 P.M. First Fridy :30, Louin TW NCARNATE WORD Sundy Holy Dy Msses 6. 7: NoonEveng 7 00 Workg Holy Dys Apricot UN MATER DOLOROSA Sundy Holy Dv Musses : , 12 OÓ P.M Weekly Msses 6:00, 7:00, 8 00 A M Plum UN OUR LADY OF LOURDES CHURCH Npoleon Ave. & L Slle TW 4401 New Sundy Mss Hours 6. 7:15. 8:30. 9: :15. 6PM OUR LADY OF SACRED HEART Sundy Holy Dy Msses :00. 11:30. 6 P M Week Dys 8 A.M Bernrd Ave. SACRED HEART OF JESUS New Hours Sundy Msses 6:00. 7: & 5 15 P M 139 S. Lopez HU ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA Sundy Holy Dy Msses Even g Mss 5 30 P.M 4640 Cnl ST. DOMNC Sundy Holy Dy HU Musses :00, 8;15 Jhildrens Muss 9 45 (Htgh Muss) Eveng Mss 5 30 P.M. Week Dy Msses 6. 7, A M Eveng Muss Durg Lent 5 30 P.M After Lent Eveng Mss Only Sundy First Fridy Mss ncluded. First Fridy 5: A M Children's 775 Hrron Ave by ddg chopped dtes, nuts, rs diry sour tht hs been slightly sweetened with brown sugr. Mny stnt dip soup dry mixes cn be combed with crem /or myonne become delicious sld dressg. Tody it possible buy sld sesongs herb dressg, tlin dressg, OLD FASHONED" Der "OLD FASHONED ll mens,tell her sooner belter. t privilege obligtion ll prents educteir children mtters sex. explg how beutiful scred lil power. sexul power one God's gretest gifts mn womn: it cretive prticiption power God Himself. However, wht beutiful cn be drted becuse wrong mtion from wrong sources. t very importnt tht every child receive proper, creful struction bout sexul milers, struction given fter preprtion on prt through April 30. New ficers club clude followg: Mrs. Perry Custer, president; Mrs. Donld Pecorro, vice president; Mrs. Lucille Mssicot, recordg secretry; Mrs. Rudolph Urbeso. correspondg secretry. Wynhovn KC Ldies WESTWEGO Kycee l ropolltn re, phone through Fridys. 9 m. 5 p.m Deneries cll psr Mondys Apr. 26 Holy Nme Jesus Cromwell Plce. My 3 St Joseph. 417 S Romn Si My 10 Rose Lim. 2537Columbus My 17 Joseph. Gretn th Street, Gretn My My 24 Ril. lím Rvn Ave. Mtbn. Ave. 31 St Stephen Npoleon June 7 Our Ldy Str Se ST. FRANCS OF ASSS Sundy Holy Dy Musses :00, Ó A M.Eveng Mss 6 30 P.M. Week Dys A M. 7 P.M. Weekdys Vction Time 6 & 1 School yer A.M. A.M. Confessions Eve Holy Dys First Fridy P.M. Also Every Week Dy Bee 6:00 Muss. Perpetul Help Noven Every Tuesdy fter 6:00 A M 7:30 P.M. Mss 631 Stte St TW grlic, bleu cheese, mny prent. Ask your psr suggestions. dies Msgr. Peter Wyn St Roch Ave ST. HENRY BNDER'S FAMOUS delicious FRENCH BREAD t's unique, crpy fresh flover unrivled by er breeds... ideelwith mels, fr swiches n between sncks. Buy FrenchBred Re or Rlstelets. HOT FRENCH BREAD AT 11 A.M. 4 R.M. AVALABLEAT ALL BRANCH STORES ors. To prepre dressg, you simply dd oil, vegr. wter, shke. A GREEN goddess dressg prticulrly good on ssed sld. t green simple prepre if you strt out with myonne thick crem. sour To se you dd nchovie pste, trrgonwe vegr. Worcestershire suce, chopped chives, grlic clove, dry mustrd, slt pepper. mounts se gredients with ech vry recipe so did not lt mounts you but give you free h ddg mounts you desire. Jesuit give comedy 'ce Jesuit high school dr Der Lorett Young: m stte dtress with no one turn. hve terrible hbit beg contrdicry wrd my prents relives friends. y stte fct ir dcussions right wy enter converstion rgue pot. hve ttempted exerce ptience count ten but no vil. just lwys bsiclly feel tht m lwys right tht y re wrong.wht cn 1 do remedy th sitution? Scerely, QUCKLY LOSNG FRENDS" Der "QUCKLY": At iesl you recognize th fult You re better f yourself. thn most people? t norml tendency young people rgue every pot simply becuse y re not sure mselves ir herts. t ir wy testg ir own judgments. f you relly feel you re lwys right, cn gurntee you tht you re wrong. re's no one tht we th world. But remedy simple: Tr yourself lten more tlk less. You d lern while lteng, but never while tlkg. Der Lorett Young: m 14 hve been smokg two yers. Now mypr hoven uxiliry sponsor crd socil Sundy. April 26. t 2 p.m. Knights Columbus home, 465 Avenue B. Kg Frnc METARE Mors' club Lou Kg Frnce school sponsor field dy Tuesdy, April 28. on school grounds. field trck events be open ll pupils. held Chpll A we tstg KC Ldi prly be prior meetg ldies' uxiliry Chpelle council, Knights Columbus. Mondy. April 27. t 8:30 p.m. nomtg committee lso present plte ficers be elected My. meetg be held t home Mrs. Jerome Benson, 2419 New York June 14 St Frnces Cbrl Cres cent St June 21 St Agnes. 3310Jefferson High June 28 Our Ldy Prompt Succor. My Fourth Westwego ville. My 17 COVNGTON Our Ldy Lke. Me HOUMA Frnc de Sles. Houm June 14 Frnc de Sles. Houm. Apr MORGAN CTY 26 Scred Hert high school. Morgn City RESERVE June 7 Scred Hert. Norco. THBODAUX June 7 Scred Hert. Cut Off. Rosry Z Air Holy Nme men followg prhes brodcst Rosry from Sttion WSMU, 13th floor Mun Blnche Bldg. t 6 p.m. weekdys Sundys April 24. S Lou Kg Frnce. April 25. Mry Mgdlen. April 26. St Philip New Sundy Msses , :00. 11:30 A M 812 Gen. Pershg TW ST. JOHN THE BAPTST Sun. Musses 8. 9:30 A M. 4: P.M Holy Dy Musses 8 A.M. & 9:30 A M :15 & 6 P.M. Mon. Thru Fri. 7 A.M. & 5:15P.M Sturdy 7 A.M. & 4:15 P.M Confessions Bee Every Mss 1139 Dryudes JA ST. JOSEPH VNCENTAN FATHERS Sundy Holy Dy Musses 6:30. 8: :00, 12:15 P.M Eveng Muss 5:30. Dily Musses , 5:30 P.M Mirculous Medl Noven Mondy :30 P.M Tulne Ave ST. KATHERNE Sundy Holy Dy Msses :30.9 (H) Noon. Week Dys 6: A.M. First Fridy Noon. Week Dy Msses Durg Lent. 6:30. 7:00A.M. 12 Noon Tulne Ave. ST. LEOTHE GREAT JA Sundy Msses 6:00, 7:30. 9:00, mtic society's fl production th yer be "Arsenic Old Lce" scheduled two permnces April fmous comedy frce strs John Armstrong ents sy "no." Th not so esy refuse sp. But sce cn't smoke front m 1 hve leve house. Wht mke m underst tht wht y sk impossible! Just wnt smoke; it's not hurtg my helth. Scerely, FREDUP" Der "FREDUP": Mtthw Apoitl A chicken brbecue dner be served cfeteri Mtw Apostle school, Little Frms, Sundy, Nerl. April 27. Lou Cdrl; April 28. Annuncition, April 29. Corpus Chrti; April 30. Epiphny KC Rosry brodcst over Sttion WD SU. 920 Royl. Sundy. April 26. be given by mmcull Council No, Mrrero, on ChrpherCouncil No 4508 Sundy. My 3. by n Thibodus. Council No sponsors 10:30, 12:00 Noon Eveng 6 00 P.M. Noven Tuesdy 7:30 P.M. C?. nf f, ion> «P M.Sl. Feit D «y First Fridy 1916 Pr Ave. WH 567» ST. MARY OF THE ANGELS Sundy Musses 10:30, 12 Noon & 7 P.M Anthony 6: , 9 00 Noven Ech Tuesdy Br\fy Clude Ave. A A NA Stre Opens 94 HoursA Dyl 3609 ST. CLAUDS AV. WH Ol ndependence frnkl Ave. Desire Willim Guste role Brewster sters. Teddy (Roosevelt) Brewster Wller Mttgly vn Foley plys Mortimer Brewster. Supportg crs clude Joseph DiMri John Vrley. Curt time 8 p.m. t school ter, Solomon Plmyr. Admsion $1 St t door. Are you kiddg me? mpossible quit smokg? NON SENSE! Young old ones, ones even between ones do it il time. Of course, it tkes little power. f you thk smokg doesn't hrm your smoke helth, hle one full cigrette n run round block. Your shortness breth soon chnge your md. Also red some current reports bee soundg f. (Th column represents thkg Ms Lorett Young, not necessrily tht edirs. Ms Young wnts your letters problems, questions or rections her nswers or questions. Address your letters her, cre CLARON Herld, P.O. Box 55247, New Orlens, L. 701S0.) April 26, between 11:30.m. 2 p.m. dner sponsored by mors second grde pupils. Children s servgs tke out orders be vilble. Dmk Domic Mors' club hve n election ficers t meetg Fridy, April 24, 1:30 p.m. Guzmn hll. t dily brodcst Rosry over Sl lion t 6 45 m Mondys through Sturdys, t 7 S.m. on Sundys Adortion Nocturnl dortion beg held Sturdy.April 25. Sundy. April 26.t Vcent de Pul church, 9 p.m 5 m. twohour vigils. Twentyfour hour Euchrtic dortion held every week from 6m, Fridy 6. Sturdy St Mtw Apostle church Jefferson Hwy. n onehour vigils A.M :30p M 2201 Congress WH ST. MATTHAS New Sundy Msses 6:30, 8:00 9: A M.. 12:15, & 5:00P.M. Bptms: Sundy 315. Confessions Sturdys A Eves Holy Dys First Fridys P.M. erpe,u<l1 He,P Noven Tue Eve S. Brod Z ] P MONCA New Sundy Mses ; íis's o^ 00! (Hi h 500 P M S. Clves

9 HROTHh.RS session or 24week sessions. m» > CffMww MOMM w m, most cids, wer more over TOWARD TMLAKE sre OMONS cer ~ High, Wll wll crpetg terrrio. ' Sve your money by not pyg ny or compny sell our reposses Tke over pyments owed sions re gone over ACCOMMODATES OVE»EDO PEOPLE April CLARON Herld, New Orlens 9 Church Direcry Contuod ST. PATRCK'S CHURCH NEW SUNDAYMASS SCHEDULE :45 A M (High) AM. 12; 15 P.M. 724 Cmp St ST. RAPHAEL CHURCH New Hours For Msses , & 7 P.M 2212 Prents Ave S. res Of Child Jesus (Little Flower) New Sundy Musses : Eveng 6 P.M Leonids Jn ST. AGNES HU New Sundy Msses 6 00, 7 15, 8:30, 9:45, :15. Eveng Mss 6 00 P.M Jefferson Highwy Sgeclel Notices NOTCES BE A GOOD SHEPHERD Dedicte your life God. H poor untuntes, hicpped, ll need ny US.. sstnce Cnd For full prticulrs write OF THE ÜOOD SHEPHERD P.O Box 352, Albuquerque, N.M Now Avilble Weddgs, Bnquets. Dnces Sturdy Hops Tops Bund Guest Strs. Cll or Write Ebb Tide Music Enterpres. P.O. Box 955. Mel ne. L. or cll Anytime WANTED RDE Kdergrten Student from Country Club Home. Metirie Ursule Acdemy or vicity, September1964. Will py or jo Cr Pool , Why Worry About Bills? BUDGET ADVSORS. NC. 225 Bltr Bldg St Chrles Ave. Summr Cmps KEHOE DAY CAMP AND SWMMNG SCHOOL FOR BOYS AND GRLS week JUNE 8 lu JULY 31 Prht Swimmg Pool 6 cres lscped property ll fence enclosed Complete cmpprogrm conducted by dult stff. SWMMNG OUR SPECALTY FROM LEARN TO SWM THE SWMMNG KEHOES" Jerry ond "lty KeHoe MRS. CHS KEHOE REGSTRAR UN 60H TRANSPORTA HON ACADEMC TUTORNG AVALABLE CAMP CHEROK.EE For Girls 716 yrs. FourWeeks. Cloudl, Georgi bireclur Biryl GlscLird. WH KEHOEFRANCE DAY CAMP 16TH SEASON fest cmp progrm fcilities stuff WELCOME TO OUR OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY. MAY P.M. 720 ELSE. METARE VE OR VE KEHOEFRANCE Expert SCHOOL SWM nstructionheled Pool CLASSES BEGN MY 4 V OH V. 451X4 Found Found: Pir Rosry Beds blck Ler Cse, front CLARON Herld Bldg. Owner sp t Clrion Clssified Counter dentify. Busess Opportunity St Serve ce Crem Truck Good Condition Cll or W iuy WANTED Stnley Stemer AUTO ENGNE (BOLER MOTORCONDENSER) A Complete Unit Cll WH After 6 & Holidys WH niwtoiuns DRY OANNG CO. J «HMM Wnted Buy ANTQUES NOTCiS For New Auction Top Prices WANTED Gllery For ll Kds Furniture, BricABrc Ptgs, Rugs, ESTATE SALES Etc. APPRASALS CONSGNMENTS FORSYTH AUCTON GALLERY 1810 MAGAZNE ST WANTED Dimonds, TO BUY Jewelry, Silver Will Brg You Csh mmeditely We Cn PAY $50,000 As Esily As $5.00 ANTN s Jewelers Royl 702 S Crmlllon Money FNANCAL To Lend WHY PAY MORE? f you own HOME or LOT (pid or not) need csh ny reson, cll us now money direct you. Borrow $l.loo 60 Pyments $28.58 per month $2.200 $55.99 per month $3.300 $83.62 per month $4.400 $ per month Ormounts proportion 1DAY SERVCE W.K. NVESTMENTS n New Orlens Are HU n Houm Are UP n Morgn City Are n ThtboduxÁre Artts BUSNESS SERVCES Resrtion Church Sttues.Murls. Religious Ptgs. Grnger Studio. 626 Bourbon St JA Beverges Dot s Home Beverge ALL KNDS OF AND SOFT BEER DRNKS WH PORT ST Cterg SOULE CATERERS Weddg Receptions Buffet Prties UNEXCELLED SERVCE Crpet Cleng CUSTOM CARPET SERVCE Rugs & WllWll Crpel Cleng FREE ESTMATES WH Contrctg MC KNNEY BRCK HOMES Two Bedroom Complete $6,250 Three Bedroom Complete $7,950 Cusm Built Your Lot VE Dry Cleng For Tht EXTRA QUALTY DRY CLEANNG you hve looked BUT NEVER FOUND... Cll SOUTHERN BELLCLEANERS 3142 Clhoun UN Klectricel Service AR CONDTONED OUTLETS Free estimte electricl work. We fnce. LPC Elec Wire Air Conditioners House Wirg Repirs Terms VF HU Floorg FLOORS VNYL ASPHALTCERAMC OAK NSTALLATONFREE ESTMATE Sourn Hrdwre & Lumber 2901 Lfitte MeeHngfMr Conditiong 39 Yers HEATNG COOLNG TRADE Dog Qulity Work t FAR PRCES. Heter Service. Moor Furnces. $5.50. Cen trl Heters. $ nch Fiberglss Filters. $1 00 ech HU Alt CONDDTONCRS STCAM CLEANED SENVCED Wshers, Dryers, Refrigerrs. Fcry Home Service Service Cos RONNG DONE AT HOME BY RETRED LADY Phone V CLASSFED & 'T/ SUHLfcO» loth MOTHERS DAY CANDY DSPLAY c,. KNLST t J Vit out Duply Room U. 1m Phoneor Write J ÍhÍUKé /Property ownersn A( NEED MONEY? \ HOlt HOW WJ st or 2nd MORTGAGES 5% $looo M \ For «0 OFF STREET PARKNG Lester "Kg" Solomon 1118 N. RAMPART "htít nin NtHQ REPARS TT\y w SERVCE BY XP,BT ALL MAKES A MODELS EXPERTLY MERA RD Picture TubTht W nstll» GurnteedFor Life OfYour Set. ONLY LFETME ELECTRONCS 111To Brg Th Money Svg» OfferTo You. JA GUARANTEE ONAU PCTURES rrrfrrf rtg S LFETME ELECTRONCS BAT EFFCENT s!x!i! OREN 10AM RDM DALY COMO BUM. A MON. q gv ij. 430 luuavmum omr $2.95 OUR BUSNESS SESVCS nsurnce Weddg Gifts Fmily Heirlooms BRDES... Thk nsurnce mmeditely Fire or ft could destroy your Weddg Gifts Gifts dested become Fmily Heirlooms lnsure be WeddgBe SURE CALL US NOW! 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Air Conditioned. Licensed, 1113 Cler View Prkwy. Metirie. Ph VE Experienced Your Child, My Womn cre Home while mor works. Ph Fmol Help PERFECT PART TME POSTON. Sr Coventry Fe Fshion Jewelry. hs openg N O. S. L., 15 hours weekly t $5O or mure. New Sprg Le, no vestment.normtiun. Mrs. Grci. VE Prt lime Sewg t Home. Some knowledge h sewg on Children's clos esentil. Rurl Workers. ccepted. Write Box 100P CLARON Herld. CLASSFED DSPAy ~ Ml Hlp EMPLOYMENT Ntionl Fncil hs Orgniztion exceptionl openg high grde slesmn Position fers high come possibilities with good chnce dvncement Box 100L Clrion Dependble Ctholic Mn. chuffers license drive truck PickupsDeliveries, or vried duties. Must be ble do hevy physicl work. Over 35 Six dy week. Moderte wges Cull Mr Mule. TW employment Agencies For Top Permnent Employment Al EMPLOYMENT SERVCE For Bonded, nsured Good Thgs Temporry Help EMPLOYERS OVERLOAD COMPANY MtCHANDSt To lot CRAYFSH MEAT CLKAN HEADS AND KAT LARGE RVER CRAYFSH Live Boiled. Specil Prices Se Food Prties. Fest Bollg Fcilities City Lm's St Roch Mrket, 2381 Clude. WH Nice Ft Gr Lke Oysters BY DOZEN OR SACK Open 7 dys week 6A M. 7 P.M. FRENCHE'S Mre Product. nc. CALL LAFTTE AL'S BAR AND 3000 BANKS ST RESTAURANT Oyster Lof 85c Ft Boiled Crbs Cryfh Oysters on hlf shell. TOUCHARD S STUFFED CRABS FRESH DALY S3 Dozen Cll Now Time Crwfh Hs Come! Are Relly Bck On Scene Boiled Crbs Any Amount Home or Prty Use REMEMBER... Fhg BAYOU SEAFOOD CO. WH N. Brod Supplies FSHERMAN, Lrge Red Worms. Mil $3 50/500. $6.00/1,000 Brun's. 511 Sonit. Hrhn. PetsA Supplies REGSTERED FOXTERRER PUPPES 72O Avenue H Westwego. L. BASENJ PUPPES A.K C Odorless. Burkless Lovble 722 Cedr Ave. Metirie Weorlng Apporel EVERYTHNG FOR MR. BG AT GOLDBERG'S Dress Work Clos. Underwer. Pjms, etc. Mr 80l Chrge Accounts nvited. 925 DECATUR Complete Used Bridl Outfit Cost $ , Beded lce tfft gown. die TV Petticot Hoop RENTATV S per dy. New lte model Portbles,Tble Models. 7 dy Mm. TV AMUSEMENT CO Mcellneous Rosries mde order JA H mde by Semrin 706ChlmelteAve Phone SAUSSAYE'S Sce 1877 Vieux Crre Hir Sre 805 Royl JA GO. A. NAM WATCH ESDAMONDSJEWELRY HEADQUARTERS FOR Evngele Rosries Pryer Books. Plenty Prkg Spce ESPLANADE.V DECATUR A Mn without legs, hs Crb Nets, yourrgs, lso completed. Cryfh nets fncy Also recng nettg Dens. Chirs MU FOR ALL CLASSFED ADS CALL 52444(2 CLASSFED FORSYTHE Auction Gllery AnnouncesAuctin Every Wednesdy Lots Mlsc. Furniture All Description Antiques, semi ntiques, glsswre, Ch lots junkl H Sle strts every Wednesdy w from now on t 1 10Mgze DSPLAY, jé/kxt jjfflr FORSYTHE AUCTON GALLERY lomaoall Nl EVERY WEDNESDAY Unexpected Fncil Problems? When YOU ereshuck by esunexpected FNAN CAFOSM, Cents end hi US HELP fd SO B luton. We'll PAY YOUR OETS, yew psy vs beck,'» Mm wilb SMALL PAYMENTS frem yeer pey (becks. Adventepe ef Equity Veer Kernel Tke nhrt fl end Secend Cll MertpepeReel Eslete leeni. 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SCHEDULED Phone VE VE COURTESY PHARMACY 1517 METARE ROAD 1964 BROTHER ZG ZAG Need prtywith good credit tke lst 9 pyments $B.OOech, on Bror Aumtic Zig Zg Sew mg mche Monogrms, embroiders. fncy stitches, sews mkes butn holes, sews on butns,bld stitches, etc Cll DON'T BUY WHOLESALE Buy Dmged Freight Cheper Thn Wholesle H Smuel's 519 Mgze BRCK ONE MLLON GOOD USED BRCK MMEDATE DELVERY MASONRY PRODUCTS SALES TEDDY BEAR RADOCuddly plush teddy ber with builtm trnsr rdio. Twt h nose chnge st tion. Goes bech withteens, bed with ts. Only $9.95. Bourqum mports. 306 Bord Trde Annex. New Orlens Phone Mil orders C O D,'s ccepted CELNG FANS ALSO prts bldes TABB ELECTRCCO MAGAZNE ST TW Odors unplesnt from your drkg tste removed wter by Culgon Wter Filters. Low cost, simple 1 stlltion. For free pmphlet, write SOUTHERN HEATER CO.. NC. 844 BRONNE ST.. N W ORLEANS. LA dog houses pted s SORTED SZES NURSERY AVE. LUMBER CO VE Piece solid ok Den Set. Rollwuy Bed. Set Wter Sk. Cll Use Th Spce To Mke Money!!! Fd EXCELLENT TENANTS To Fill Those RENTAL VACANCES Cll Tht Now Ext CLARON Herld Clssified CLASSFED DSPLAY STAMP end CON SUPPUES FOR EVERY NEED e Buyg Price Ust 10 LATTARD CONS STAMPS 3144 CANOUNST. 9412S MOCK Off S. CLASORPdfAV 3 LNES 1 TME $l.bo DD 60c EACH ADD LNE AM 40c NAME NAM MlKtlleneeut MKCMANPS THEATRE SKATS Upholstered Must Sell CHEAP Allied Slvge 1460 Tchoupilouls JA or Reduce Stuffeur Wy t Home Compct Unit Scrifice $B5 00 Cll VE fter SPM 22 LAWN MOWER 3 H P Briggs tu Strtn 4 Cycle Esy Sp, Regulr $69 44SPECAL $59 44 with FREE 2Vi Gllon gs cn MONTGOMERY WARD S. Crrolln ShoppgCenter Or Cll HouseholdGoods Admirl Electric Rnge, good condition Price sloo Subject fer 5719 Chrtres St RENTALS horders Wnted THE LOUSE An idel bordg plce busess girls, students workg girls Rtes resonble Apply person Clio. Dughters Chrity New Orlens Phone JA RUTH ELLEN HOME Lovely pnv te room del ldy unble live lone 5007 Cmp St Phone or Elderly ldle s guest home Privte or Semi Mid service. St Stephen's Prh Cll RemPro WLL GVE Furnhed, ir con ditioned room bth employed settled ldy, with good references University Section UN KAL STAT SAL HousesFr Sl S YOUR RENT TOO HGH Cll DXON REAL ESTATE GO SATURN! Bsonett Bsonett Drive Sub Divion 3 bedrooms, Vi bths, livg room, dg room, ll electric kitchen Fenced yrd, vilble now 3544 Ridgewy Drive Whitney Heights Attrctive new contemporry Style, with old brick exterior. 3 bedrooms. 2 bths, lrge livg dg rooms, den. ptio, builtkitchen Vcnt Connecticut Ave. Kenner 3 bedrooms, one bth, livg room dg room, ll electric kitchen, centrl het ir conditiong mmedite occupncy. F.H.A $6OO Down. $90.94 per month. VA. no downs. $87.93 month Vets Highwy Lkeside f Willims Blvd. SATURN RUMMEL HGH! Beutiful 3 bedroom, Vi bth brick home. Wlkg dtnce Rummel Lrge kitchen, centrlir het. Nights Sundy V. J. Gnucheu rd Just f Cusewy. 5 room sgle Centrl hel, ttic fn. filed bth seprte grge with lundrv. $ R Mckie Ernest A. Crrere's Sons 423 Crondelet Rel Estte nsurnce PARSH PRONE?? specilize Pius, Domic. St Cbnni. Rphel's Prhes Let me help you Buy or Sell Mrs. Jcwy. Agent, POLLY WATTS CLASSFED Relr DSPLAY Rel Estte Sle Hm»frtl Algiers, HighLow, livg room, dg room. 2 bedrooms, lrge kitchen, tiled bth. 16 x 20 pnelled ttic room BsementGrge, lundry, bundnce Srge Air Conditioned Mny extrs $BOO Down FH A Ph fter 5 week Lets For Sle Destrbn Lot. Corner 50 x SO Destrbn Prk $1.700 VE Cmpg Triler New USED APACHE Cmpg Trilers Cll OR Mobile Hm» ALTO S Brg Repossession Lot SAVNGS FOR YOU LARGEST NVENTORY N TOWN south s lrgest deler ALL TRALERS MARKED DOWN UP TO $5OO NO CASH MONEY NEEDED WE ARRANGEALL FNANCNG ALTO SELLS t s Own Repossessions Sve Sve Sve MANY REPOSSESSONSTO CHOOSE FROM bnk only Highest trdes on used trilers We trde nythg, crs, trucks, furniture, bots, etc. or nythg tht we cn sell. 8' x 10 wide ALTO S BARGAN REPOSSESSON LOT CHEF HWY CH OPEN BAM TO 8 P M Au»For Sl SHNNG AND READY TO GO! OUR USED CARS THOROUGHLY Mors. Up^ holsterv. Body. Tires, everythg hsbeen pul FRST CLASS CON DTON 57 BUCK Dynílow. rdio, heter 4 door $ GllonsGs Free f You Brg Th Ad $8 QjPSMMLL door "88" 4 hydromtic, rdio, conditiong $789 heter, ir 100 Gllons nt '.s Rl f You Brg Th Ad. CHECK OUR EZ BUYNG PLAN We Py High Csh Dollr For Your ClenUsed Cr RWN BUFFET S 1812 CANAL ST Plymouth, loded Py eir $24 per monthor ssume lon.good Credit Ph mportd Cr Sports Alwys Crs Sedns A Nice Selection We Trde Fnce Anywhere ED LAMARE 1601 Cnl JA CLASSFED DSPLAY HALL RENT 'J Showers, Meetgs, Frornilwt. Sororities or Dmnor Port.es Bnks Socil & ; NEW RELEASE % f On Th Crnivl Club, nc. J2. FABULOUS J JjJ JWMY 41k J ww LONELY SHE CAN DANCE $ JMMY ANGEL m. Fn Club Now Formg A For nmtion Cll or Writ H EBB TDE MUSC ENTERPRSES v / odsess Tim«WRTE YOUR AD BELOW 3 LNES 4 TMES $4.80 pci Um pm wme Mfh «cr le. C< bulk rtes UPON REQUEST Box 999, Mirl, L. Clssified. itirerlg Order t lnk Le Mimum AMOUNT ENCLOSED CLP Mil Your Clssified Ad pper CT f^e next wee ue f CLARON Herld. '/rer mkell rrmiilmrrt pyble lei Hil l l Hprlmrl «. <). BOX NEW OKLEANS 'UHLSNC COMPANY, NC. NEW OK.CANS, LOUSANA 70130

10 CLARON Herld, New Orlent... Louin on on pen. probbly me MALO NMAUi 10 Open CocCol fcility Kenner Anew $3.3 million CocCol syrup plnt ws ficilly opened th week t 5300 Jefferson Hwy. serve seven stle re. ltest ddition compny's 48 plnts, it first one set up mnufcture syrups ll four CocCol bottled drks Coke, Tb, Sprite, Fnl. J. PAUL AUSTN plnt, locted on old Cmp Pluuche re, replces extg fcility t foot Cnl, which ws first syrup plnt built outside Atlnt. G. (home plnt site) more thn 40 yers go. Anew plnt soon Gretn by be opened Coc Col Bottlg Cos., reported Richrd W. Freemn. president Louin compny direcr Coc Col compny. bottlg compny t 1050 S. Jefferson Dv Pkwy. dtribur Cuke products. th re J. PAUL AUSTN, president Coc Col compny, cited Louin re new plnt s "nturl" expun Spekg t openg ceremonies, he sid one most importnt resons expg here redy vilbility Louin fers. yion Center sugr Complete Opticl Contct Lens Service 4301 Elysin Fields, New Orlens, L. Telephone which April 23, 1964 BRO. HENRY Requiem O'ROURKE Mss fered Judge Fonsec Funerl services were held April 18 t St Pius X church Trffic Court Judge Bernrd J. Fonsec. Judge Fonsec, 50. died t Mercy hospitl April 17 fter beg stricken with two hert ttcks erlier tht dy. He hd been ctive church orgniztions mny yers, ws Fourth Degree member Knights Columbus. He lso belonged Holy Nme society Pius X church Ushers society Pius mmculte Conception Bronne He hud been ctive Scout work sce church Boy He survived by h widow, mer Len Mc Achee; h fr, Wilfred A. Fon sec. Sr.; five sons. Ronld. Rmon. Gerld, Rene Fonsec; Robert, four dughters, Mrs. Robert Giroux; Mrs. Leon Fournet; Jenne Ann Fonsec; two brors. Wilfred A. Fonsec, Jr., Norberl Fonsec; ster. Ms Alden Fonsec, six grchildren. Bred Englh syg stff life. ~á C^ZflB Já i BRO, MARY JOSEPH SOK BRO. MELCHOR POLOWY 4 Holy Cross Brors mrk jubilees April 26 Four Holy Cross Brors now ssigned Holy Cross school New Orlens celebrte jubilees ir religious pression 26. vows April Bror Henry O Rourke. C.S.C., observg 50th yer h pression. Three ors re celebrtg yer ir pression religious life. y re Bror 25th Reld Durn. C.S.C., Holy Cross hedmster; Bror Melchior Polowy, C S.C.; Bror Mry Jo seph Siok, C.S.C. jubilee celebrtion beg with Benediction t 5 p.m. St Lou Cdrl. Archbhop John P. Cody preside t Msgr. Henry Benediction C. Bezou, rchdiocesn supertendent schools, be celebrnt. sermon be delivered by Rev. Chrpher J. O Toole. C.S.C.. mer superior generl Congregtion Holy Cross. Followg Benediction reception be held Gr Slon Royl Orlens hotel, begng t 6 p.m. Archbhop Cody give prcipl ddress t reception. Jerry Romig, production direcr WDSUTV, he stmster U.S. Sen. Russell B. Long present greetgs United Sttes. Bror O Rourke mde h pression vows July , ws first sttioned t Holy Cross three yer period begng Sce n he hs served t from President Edwrd s university Aust, Texs, Notre Dme. At Notre Dme he worked cmpus fice 16 post yers with Ave Mri Press 25 yers. He returned Holy Cross school Bror Reld completg h nth fl yer s hedmster t Holy pronounced Cross. He h vows Feb , begun h techg creer He t Holy Cross received h mster rts degree from Notre Dme 1950 hs been hedmster sce Mny new buildgs fcilities hve been dded New Orlens school h tenure. been Bror Reld hs lso member Centrl Reviewg committee Schools. Bror Melchior pressed h first vows Feb , hs been with Holy Cross school 19 yers. He known slte chmpion Sourn Assocition Secondry wrestlg tems he hs cochedt Holy Cross durg pst 19 yers. h spent Bror Joseph pressed vows Aug , erly yers h religious life t Joseph novitite, Rollg Pririe. nd., t Vllie, N.Y. Sce 1949 he hs served s mtennce engeer t Holy Cross. BRO. RENALD DURAN KLAN (Contued from Pg. ) Someoneld me could go. strted ledg me wrd my trousers. But mn who hd first spotted me cme runng from brn, shouted. "y wnt him... THEY hold LED me wrd brn. Someone tlked bout puttg me bee tril. Someone else sid. "y don t wnt him be o ner brn." y ok me pickup truck with dog pen. rer. y ced me crwl through nrrow entrnce, pen. One m sid. "Are dogs still re? Tht would be fun!" y pprently wnted me pen so wouldn t ny see Klnsmen levg buildg. meetg ws brekg be one mn didn t wnt me A mn up. re seemed prticulrly y see. shouted me pen tell me re were some people from Boglus t meetg, y knew ws sme mn who hd been "snoopg round Boglus lern bout Kln. EVERYBODY roused ll becme over g. y ld me crwl out pen. g strted whckg with belt. ws yellg pretty good, tried lift my hed. Someone shoved my hed ground with h bool, held it re until y were fhed. Some m worried. t ws n seemed little wkrd sitution Kln. s well s me. Flly, y ld me could Severl vowed go. y ACCW workshop women scheduled April 26 " Ctholic Womn Her Orgniztion" me workshop sponsored by be Archdiocesn Council Ctholic Women on Sundy, April 26, t Joseph hll Notre Dme semry. dy s progrm run from 9.m. 2:30 p.m. Msgr. John J. Adms. V.F., spiritul moderr, give openg pryer, welcome be extend ed prticipnts by Mrs. Jules A. Coco, rchdiocesn president. At 10.m. Archbhop John P. Cody present convention chllenge. Followg h ddress, frmework council prh be trced from ntionl level. Topics spekers be: Ntionl Council Ctholic Women. Mrs. Pul Burke Lke Chrles, ntionl direcr New Orlens provce; Archdiocesn council, Mrs. Henry B. Hrtmn New Or lens. pst president ACCW; denery council. Ms Agnes Achee Houm, direcr t lrge Houm denery; terprochil orgniztions. Ms Jney Mrks New Orlens, president Mrgret s Dughters; prh council, Ms El Huck. president New Orlens Upwn ACCW AFTERNOON Dtrict workshop sessions, begng t 1 p.m.. be divided five com mittees: Orgniztion development committee. Mrs. E. V. Provensl, presidg chirmn; personl mtion, Mrs. Vrice S. Henry, chirmn; fmily eduction, Mrs. Hrold Asworth, chirmn; community ction, Mrs. Thoms Butler, chirmn; world responsibility. Ms Evelyn Roser, chirmn. Ech committee present three spekers brief tlks. Purposes workshop, ccordg Mrs. S. M. Lew, generl chirmn. clude unitg Ctholic women s orgniztions ir direction ction vrious fields, estblhg reltions with prh councils idg solution ir problems. Msgr. Adms give n evlution workshops t 2:15 p.m., followed by Benediction. Vcent de Pul prh, under direction Mrs. E. J Schfer, be responsible hlg regtrtion; Jon Arc prh under Mrs. A. C. Willims hn die hospitlity refreshments t noon. Multilevel sodlities meet set Sodlity Renewl Age be me sodlity workshop from 1 p.m. 5 p.m. Sundy. April 26. t Mry s Domicn college. workshop brg ger first lime dult high school level prh sodlities, high school college sodlities, pressionl sodlities. Spekers clude Rev. C. Albert Level. S.J., ediril consultnt Direction mgze pst regionl direcr sodlities Archdiocese New Orlens, Dr. Joseph J. Cooney. Loyol university pressor prefect Auguste s dult sodlity. Ne dcussion pics re lso on progrm. None but brve deserves fir. Dryden A NEW HOSPTAL PLAN You rn pply THAT MAKES SENSE! eren if you hve hilururl Trouble, Tourer, Diheteu, or or nerioun Ulnennen. 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He sked if nyone hd returned chnge tht hd been tken from my pocket. sid 1 didn t remember how much it ws. nywy UfTMHMWA OUAANTtOTh specil lifetimerenewble feturegurnteestht your policy cnnot becncelled regrdless ny future chnges your helthno MATTER MOW MANY TMES YOU RECEVE BENEFTSor MOW OFTEN Th policy GUARANTEED renewble life t schedule premium rles effect on ll holders th policy m your Stlet lime renewl, clssified only by t origl ge entry b> ses. Mil coupon mtionno obligtion (Americn ncome Life nsurnce 1 Room413 22Perdido tt. Now OHpcni, L. j NAME ADDRESS j CTY PHONE Best time see AURORA Chicgo it didn t mtter. He sted, (fv : MB ud Utó&v suggests: provce Society Jesus hs purchsed 278 room Hiln n here use s ologicl semry move semrins fculty round My 1. Brgs Glore t Vcent de Pul ' NOW ST RES 2 STORES lo rvo k poor lew icomot H who w h purchse brgs usul mor fjjbj 'A, cho. gve me bout dollr chnge from h own pocket, which ws probbly more thn hd lost. He crefully polhed cos on f fgerprts, h trousers, wipe bee givg m me. He ld me go, sme wy hd come. wlked cross field, through woods, bck cr. bck Bn Rouge. Ursule seniors stge Twelfth Night' seniors Ursule cdemy stge Twelfth Night" locl s prt events mrkg 400lh nniversry birth Willim occurs Shkespere th week. which Ursule production be held Sturdy, April 25, cdemy courtyrd. DON 7 MSS THESE 'Ezsmz mfrrüßj STOCK UP NOW on ne ttrctive DASY MUM deign MATCHED BEVERAGE SETS 5 PC. FRUT JUCE SET 1 3O oi. Doconlor with lid ojs Under direction Mrs. n MB gift certificte Mor hircuts shmpoo set 3.00 mnicure 2.00 permnent wves up Mor remember YOU long fter Mor's Dy (tht's My 10th) if... you remember HER with gift MB beuty. Tret her n MB hircut, mnicure, shmpoo set... or n MB permnent wve... one or lll ny Beuty Slon, MB Fifth Floor MB Gentilly Woods, JA MB Airle, MB Westside, FO PURCHASE A GFT CERTFCATE FOR MOTHER N ANY MB CREDT DEPARTMENT MASON BLANCHE Trucks Rymond Mock, cst cludes: vilble Lynn Lch, Kcky plckupi Vn Geffen, El Rogers. Dorothy Henriques. Mry Bivon, from donors Mry Lou Npoli, Susn Tipery, Ann Booker, Sr 4935 MAGAZNE ST. Hubert, Pmel Wild. Krten 8338 OAK 0 Gherk. Kthlyn Crimi, Mry Er Ms, Cre TW Grumbeck, Shron Screen, Mrjorie Troxler. SCHOOL PRNCPALS... re vited dcuss school unims now, comg yer. Grff's be hppy help pln specil unims or chnges. Cll Mr. Donld Higgs t JA JGRAFF s 90S CANAL ST. JA S ox. Juico Glo BEVERAGE GLASSES RoddyPok 39" ~ KED TEA GLASSES RoddyPok ' ONLY 494 ; While t Shoppg Krett GOLHMET LUNCHEONETTE You Con Guy Moro And Bpond Loot At Krooo. 923 CANAL

11 ' ; ; : m^b'.,':».'v Mv BE'i j~ < v'.ríí. r^^lir'' y Kim 1?Wfc '. 'Qmt Jj if : Y i r. r Sr <f//i j ymm ippe >' y lllllll. w" ^^^Atl?/r3i ; v. '; V'k HAND TOOLS re used by BROTHER JAMES ROLANDO, 5.D.8., crete some fe designs on bdg books. He proud work done by mny h students redily dplys smples. ONLY WHEN pges re fnned so tht edges slnt like hill scene on edge pges vible. Th kd work, sys Bror Jmes, rt dpperg m known s "edge." ARCHBSHOP JOHN P. CODY receives from BROTHER JAMES o book with cover feturg mosic ler work. book on religious voctions ws presented Pope Pul. mm Rejects position, crries on lost rt through students Vol. 1 2, No. 9 April 23, 1964 Section Two, NEWELL SCHNDLER pges, picture, such us Ntivity scene. He ws wed by lrge mchery BJeWet Xe.Ul =l=^ Tired 'sick' heroes Wht th country needs, side from good five cent cigr, re few more heroes red blooded All Americn types spire us. t's problem becuse most us hve grown up nonheroic ge. Th time bomb. And computer. And Zip code. All m threten some extent destroy our identity s dividuls. Th nxiety pprent our drm our literture. Heroes no longer fce chllenges. problems. Attck Problems ttck m. And frustrtion. doubt. And sex. And m ld tht romnce ded, tht th ge common mn. trouble it's lso ge common denomr less thn excellent. gof dropout. Group MEL LEAVTT thk ledership by committee. Five yers psychonlys still fshionble. And if tht doesn t shred your ego, you cn choose from mong severl dozen vgue socil ories, philosophies, psychologies which exlt niml debse dividul. ren t heroes more. Frequently, y As result, our heroes ten t ll ny re just pl slobs. THE TREND BEGAN, believe, with Mrlon Bro's grphic portryl Stnley Kowlski, illiterte who domted ply brute movie, A Streetcr Nmed Desire. Bro sod, h rn underwer, t threshold new kd "relm. centrl chrcter ws frustrtion. m drive ws niml. mjor victim ws mn, divested now ll nobility. Kowlski could no more underst world round him thn could J. Fred Muggs, chimpnzee who used upstge Dve Grrowy on Tody TV show Fortuntely Muggs, re's specil plce busess pes show tht ct like humns. Plywright Tennessee Willims h mny imitrs hve mde sure re lso plce humns who ct like pes. Th hs seemed, more ten thn not. be msion modern ter: remd us cessntly niml our ncestry. Even those heroes we recently plucked from rel life hve been burdened by overwhelmg doubts, fers, neuroses. Lwrence Arbi ws such sick msterpiece it won n Acdemy wrd. Th yer, first time, nonhero cme televion regulrly. "Est Side, West Side" ws well cted, fely produced TV series. ts hero, Neil Brock (plyed by George ws completely effectul. Wht C. Scott), Elliot Ness ws lw encement, he ws socil work... only bckwrds. He couldn't do nythg right. He ws kd Elliott Mess, ngry, frustrted, cpble copg with complex problems brought victims it triumph society. One him by numerous neorelm." TV critic clled WHAT S NEO REALSM"? Accordg Dvid Susskd, producer "Est Side, West Side," neo relts believe "tht dividul helpless unit society." "Mn, by nture," Susskd sys, bsolutely dependent on ors survivl. Thk tht over crefully. Not terdependent. He sys bsolutely dependent." n or words, "helpless." He rejects telligent hero, mn ction idels. He substitutes, sted, frustrted, defeted common Th n lien philosophy s fr s m concerned. t fends nyone who believes dignity worth humn dividul, h God given free. But it reflected, m frid, much our ter movies. t reflection, on or h, kd "sick" psychology which developed century. h first hlf th ROBERT O'BREN describes it book, Livg." Chllenge "re mny studies biders; Confident were," he writes, crimls, few lw mny fer, few courge; more on hostility thn ffilition: much on bldness mn, little on h vion." Th where we developed our new relm, our non hero. Tody, however, O Brien sees new school psychology rg. t mn, crushed by society circumstnce. represents powerful swg wy from extremes Freudin ory. t psychology helth. t relies not on study sickness but on exmtion mds personlities helthy humn subjects." t ffirms tht we re more thn mechnicl units, more thn "slves shdowy ner drives uncontrollble stcts. Our personlity process "growg, ner flowerg, conditioned by thgs tht hppen us s we strive gols. Th "new psychology" flly, fundmentlly, Chrtin psychology. For it cknowledges, sys O Brien, " relity love." selfscrifice, herom, givg, MOST AMERCANS, thk, re redy th new psychology. Just s thk y re tired "new relm," non hero. thk tht s why Jck Kennedy hd such mgic. He ws n old time hero, mn ll ges, ny er. He cme chrgg out hry just when we needed him, like from oldfshioned someone nor century, n cyni romntic time cm msquerdg s relm. 1 lso thk tht's why Americn public rejected Est Side, West Side," lthough it ws excellently cted, well mny its cse hries were presented. Americns re not yet redy ccept th tl view mn s Susskd ctlogs him, "helpless gst society." As we mn once sid: "When society cn not re up heroes from its midst it eventully be tken over by vills." MARRERO One se dys Bror Jmes Rolo, S.D.B. would like try h h t sculpture. Tht if he cn fd time between h or hobbies tendg bees processg honey, phogrphy, ptg, stmp collectg, servg s movie projectiont t Hope Hven, plyg orgn services. church All th, course, he does h spre moments. Usully, short, scky Bror dtguhble by fded swet shirt he wers t work cn be found Hope Hven bdery where he bds books, does tricte rttic work on ir covers, teches th pression h young students. students re boys whom Hope Hven home home which fers hope prome hs lredy shown m sdness hrdship. Though bdg most Bror future world which techg consume Jmes' dy, when he chnce he fds vcnt tble p cluttered bdg shop delicte rt work. tries h h t gets AMONG THE TEDOUS work done by tlin born Bror dpperg rt m known s "edge. He dplyed smple outer edge pges book fhed gold lef, s mny books beneth th gold, ' ' ' h edge." re. Hidden but still on edge zz.. L (Q^^B scene vible only when pges re "fnned" so tht outer edges slnt downwrd t n ngle like side hill. Th position which Bror Jmes holds book when he pts picture with delible color pencils. t tkes equivlent full work week complete one scene. t would be difficult, he sid, plce n ccurte vlue on such work. He estimtes, however, tht book with "edge would be worth from $l5o $2OO. He hs been commsioned do severl m. Anor demg type work which Bror Jmes teches mosic ler work on bdg book. Different colors ler re cut fitted ger on sme surfce crete design. Mosic ws used on specil bdg Bror Jmes recently designed prepred presenttion Pope Archbhop report Pul V by John P. Cody. bdg ws on convention West Midwest Diocesn Voction Direcrs convention held here September. BROTHER JAMES hs lso done work prces, yers go tly did specil bdg which owner lter presented Mussoli. Alps 25" Born 55 yers go t Ceres tlin norst Tur, Bror Jmes ws orphnedi t young ge ws rered by Slesmn Brors, who tught him h pression. MRS. CHARLES F. GAY, bove, look like new Slesin prtg shop 1923 expressed desire study prtg. Th deprtment, however, hd full quot students he ws diverted book bdg deprtment. He hs never regretted switch. H trg Slesin book bdery lter eduction s Bror qulify trde. mster bookbder eligible tech h him s h Bror Jmes, who hs hd no vion h left eye sce birth, hs been New Orlens sce 1933 when Slesins begn tkg cre Hope specil Msl prepred Hven. He bound Euchrtic Congress held New Orlens ALSO N THE 1830s, he did specil bdg job president by Willim C. Holls, n University Michign. university ficil ws so impressed Bror Jmes' work tht he fered him position university s fe rts deprtment. Sid Holls h efts persude Bror Jmes go school t Est Lnsg; world entitled shre plesure you would give by execution specimens s you hve sent me." such Much pressure ws exerted lucrtive fers were mde n eft obt services Bror Jmes, " ld him it ws out question," sid Bror Jmes. "f m not here, re no one tech my boys. "Th my life." xk 4 r t'^mrl^s (Stff Pho» by <oljjr^bßi Prnk Me) ssured by BROTHER JAMES tht her tttered worn books few dys. Rebdg worn but vluble books bdgperiodicls pressionl people consume much workdy bdery. A spre moment, left, Bror Jmes repirs timg device he uses phogrphy, one h mny hobbies.

12 we how fr wy from rel holess ' cuse we " " Section 2 CLARONHerld, New Orlens 2 igod LOVE YOU Most Rnvrnn/ Fuln J. Sheen s not love poor world tied up with love prh poor its ure'» Suppose frontiersmn hd clered smll piece est. with trees he hud chopped down, built log cb trees vet uncut, or l yet uncultivted, could be likened soulsstill order nture, knowg not Chrt trees sub jected xe dciple mde mter humn hbittion might be likened souls who become members Mysticl Body Chrt, or supernturl order. Would not such woodsmn seek extend rble l dimh wild folige 7 s not psr prh bound like mnner, out love Chrt, brg lost sheep fold, become volved every spect humn life becuse Chrt ffected il humnity by H ncrntion? Will re not be, s result SecondVticn Council volvement identifiction prh with every sgle soul prh? prh not mter sved lone: it serves city, community, world, uncuttrees which re cpble becomg crucifixes. As prh must not be ghet or spiritul t under seige, butrr leven mss city's corruption, so diocese ntion re were ntionl, not hord ir tresures s if y but rr shre m with Moslems. Buddhts, hungry, slumdwellers wild folige Communts' ests. psr who worried bout soul city which he lives, s Our Lord wept over Jeruslem, lso psr who shrell h blessgs with world, shed H civiliztion s H Mster Blood on Cross t crossrods Jeruslem. Ans Rome. n recent survey, 92 per cent Ctholics sked more emphs on world obligtion prh Mysticl Body less on prh needs prticulr devotions. "sense fithful" right' We re members Mysticl Body "bodess"re our Chrt, wherever re mtry, ncrntion ws "enfleshg" God m mn.re humnity dopefiend, Communt, juvenile delquent who clls himself n t; Hrlem, Vietnm, slums Lt Americ. n or words, we re Ctholic not just becuse we belong n stitution or prh, but becuse we hve universl obligtion ll mnkd. psr who helps poor h prh, even though y re not Ctholics, psr scrifices 2 billion who know not Chrt. who mkes And sme true you. f you love humnity, whom Chrt died, world. Won t you seek propgte Fith ll you? GOD LOVE YOU Anonymous over 35c "Th ws Betle fn book, until relized tht people who cn t even red need it more."... B.V. $3 "Thnks Jude fvor received."... H.B.F. $100 For poor Msions."... E.J.T. $3 won th t rce trck. Plese use it help poor world." ten letters GOD LOVE YOU spell rosry s y encircle medl origted Sheen honor Mdonn World. out decde by Bhop With your request correspondg fer you my order one ny followg styles; $ 2 smll sterlg silver $ 3 smll 10k gold S 5 lrge sterlg silver $10 lrge 10k gold CUT OUT THS COLUMN, p your scrifice it mil it Most Rev. Fuln J. Sheen, Ntionl Direcr Society Propgtion Fith. 366 Fifth Avenue, New York. N.Y or your Diocesn Direcr, Rev. John B. Becnel, P.O. Box 61970, New Orlens Jo FATHER DOWLNG On H Tour EUROPE ho HOLY LAND AUG. 1, '64 G For nmtion, (ll; A Z Trvel Service \r 5 B SCHOOL ST. HOUMA. LA. Schott & Cos. Houm: fey SUNRSE r TtP BAKERY FOODS WHOLESALE FRESH NSTTUTONS SUmitD New O'leni 12. L Poydr» JA SAVE ond EARN new Orlens' LEADNG VARETY RAKERY X'M, Nr Aimmmyi Your Rvgs r wlcomkr CURRENT DVDEND EQUTABLEMUTUAL HOMESTEAD ASSN. mnwm ' JcobSchf. Pr.tid.nt ll.mu'l', 7 Sll C.ronOol.r S. \ J Joi. H. Kirkptrick, Jf., Sc'ty TÍÍÍP J A TYPEWRTERS ddg (fcli MACHNES \ X NS. ''«srt' V 'tjsiiiixv. CRESCENT «JJJJ «CJVTKO MU'A n TYPEWRTER OCNANSi 40) Si. Chrl» A«. JA JA Jyj don 9 1just let 1 TME FLY AWAY j READ YOUR CLARON j HERALD WHEN YOU GET 111 Apr»! r. EVERETT Limited evolvtion possible As recounted Book if Gene s. God "med mn out dust ground, bred h nostrils breth life, mnbe cme livg beg And from rib Adm God mde helpmte. Eve. first womn Some scholrs hold tht description nb Adm not rel, t evident tht God did mns body directly, g. Eve s orig from but figurtive not crete tht. from noth but rr from mttertht He hd previously creted But mns soul, "breth life, ws creted by God directly s hs been soul every humn beg life sce Adm ws given niml "soul" or prciple life essentilly dependent upon mtter. An niml cpble mg bstrct ides mnifests no spiritul ctivity whtever. t possesses neir tellect nor free. t ruled entirely by stct its ctivity wholly limited concrete wht my be perceived through soul, (no senses. VASTLY DFFERENT mns prts) spiritul substnce tht simple lien mteril thgs tht re extended (prts outside possessg with n ctivity bsolutely prts). Mn s soul, tellect free, cn Form bstrct universl ides such s truth, goodness, beuty; Perceive rtionl reltions between ides, ferences; mkg judgments Reflect upon itself, tht, thk not only beuty but reflect upon fct tht mn thkg bout beuty. Exerce free self determtion pursuit righteousness, etc. truth, justice, Activities such s se re not possible mteril begs, which re lwys dividul, never bstrct or universl. Right here reson why unmitigted s explntion mn, body evolution cnnot be ccepted soul, cretion sce spiritul cnnot re from mteril. SOME SCENTSTS hve dogmticlly sserted, s Sir Julin Huxley did 1959: " erth ws not creted. t evolved. So did ll nimls plnts tht hbit it. cludg our humn selves, md soul s well s br body. As shown previously, mtter cnnot ext itself. But. fter cretion mtter, question orig livg thgs res. Evolution one possible method God could hve used th. He could hve begng dirrctly cpble creted one or severl m» evolvg nr developg vrious species plnts nimls tht ext dy evolution Mny scientts now thk tht probble lthough re re severl "msg lks ' still be found But th hs he limited evolution so fr s mn s concerned fd could hve med body mn from lredy first extg nonlivg mtter Or He could hve ustd ex tg body n niml comptible with Eir method Biblicl ccount But mns spiritul soul could not hve evolved from nonspiritul begs THE SCHOLARLY Pope Pius X summed up Ctholic st h encyclicl, "Humni Gener," dted Aug techg uthority Church does not bid tht conmity sciences with present stte humn scred ology, reserch dcussions on prt men experienced both fields tke plce with regrd doctre evolution, sr s it quires orig humn body us comg from preextent livg mtter Ctholic fith obliges us hold tht souls re immeditely creted by God. However, th must be done such wy resons both opions, fvorble those unfvorble evolution, be weighed tht tht, those Judged with necessry seriousness, modertion, mesure provided tht ll re prepred submit Church." ory judgment sme encyclicl condemned polygenm or multiple orig mn. Th hypos holds "eir tht fter Adm re exted on th erth true men who did not tke ir orig through nturl genertion from him s from first prent ll, or tht Adm represents cert number first prents." N THE NEW Testment word "begng" hs peculir meng when considered reltion con ccpt cretion, ccordg Ctholic Biblicl Encyclopedi. t n mens temporl begng, or very begng (Heb. 1, 10). t creted world n sense bsolute begng, it equivlent "eternity (John 1, 1). n Apoclypse term "begng used cusl sense uthor or source ll creted thgs. n th sense it used God (Apoc. 21, 6: " m Begng Chrt (Apoc, End") ; cf. 3, 14). Question Box o \T 19/ Msgr. John D. Conwy Q. A short time go red tht Ctholic version Bible ws gettg closer Protestnt version. At time thought little girl, ridg wrds mounts, who remrked tht mounts were gettg closer her. Now you sy, "Throw wy old version. While witg fiouy new Confrternity edition mybe we should buy Protestnt Reved Strd edition! A. f you re studyg you might RSV. Bible do lot worse thn buy t n excellent trnsltion which combes much dignity Kg Jmes with ccurcy modern expression scholrship. Right now Engl Scotl Ctholic edition it beg prepred. t clude deuterocnonicl books ( Apocryph) ir proper plces, rr thn grouped n ppendix; which edition corporte text few verses footnotes. t Protestnt hs consigned not question our comg closer Protestnt editions. (Tht ws done long go by Bhop Chlloner h revions Douy). it rr tht we re il pritg by sme scholrship come nerer origl Hebrew Greek. MSGR. CONWAY fourth und fl volume Confrternity Old Testment expected very soon. While witg reved New Testment you might try Klet Lilly edition, publhed by Bruce (Milwukee). n re lwys Monsignor Knox, course hve it three volumes us publhed by Sheed & Wrd. my lte ties, hve been mrried Q. 1 m mrried womn n bout twenty yers, but m constntly rmented by bd thoughts. Sometimes y nerly drive me sne tryg fight m. never know where st. see or people go Communion every dy wonder how. do go Mss every dy Confession frequently, Communion when m sure cn. A. You should be gog Communion every dy, less frequently Confession. For you, s mrried womn, re no s you those thoughts hve. Quit fightg m. Be csul bout tht, you be much better wife. y do not detrct from your love your husb; y rr re prt tht love. You re scrupulous course; try relx. Q. One my best friends Presbyterin mter Good Fridy she showed me (womn). On pryer book where it sid, Adortion Cross: Behold wood cross; come let us dore. She sid we were brekg First Commment by idoltry. ld her tht we were not dorg wood, but were dorg Our Lord Svior hngg Ws tht We re on tht Cross. right nswer, Fr? know only one we dore God. venerte mny thgs, but we do not dore m. Of course wy pryer book sys it you would thk we were dorg wood. A You were right. "Adortion Cross" n untunte confusg expression. believe most Ctholics know wht it mens, but it o bd we don't sy wht we men. words re used unveilg Cross on Good Fridy. Q. m dontg my eyes (he eye bnk fter deth. wh more would do it; it would mke two people sec. re no dfigurement we hve been so tunte be ble see. Mybe more would do t if y undersod. Just write your Lions club y help you. So mny re witg lor your kd deed. A. Seems like good chritble suggestion. Q. s it required (ht one strike h brest t words, O clement, O lovg, O sweet Virg Mry fter pryers Mss? A No, it does not seem pproprite. gemprwnn TU tilt pull ros rtwitr fun «n mw T 1! f mpbww» doms tn wi w 0 m jbonus O J M 1 1 i. turn Utm Tm> l C friurwn ilti 19»3 P«l»p»ld Tor Bill re. REVEAL THE BBLEVERSE BY FLLNG N TME SPACESNDCATED lulld. THUS FORMNG ONE WORD TO EACH LNE DASHES N OCATE NUMBER OF LETTERS TO EACH WORD TO ASSST YOU SOME LETTERS ARE ALREADY NDCATED FOR CLUBS TO MSSNG LETTERS. REFER TO LSTED BOOK. CHAPTER AND VERSE N YOUR BBLE NEW TESTAMENT THE WORD YOU ARE SEEKNG S THERE' SCRPTUnSCAKCH ;«T S SOLUTON: AND HE WHO DOES ME. CANNOT BEMY DSCPLE. NOT CARRY HS CROSS AND FOLLOW LUKE 14:27 Müss.l guide SUNDAY. APRL 2f Fourth Sundy fter Ester. White. Proper Mss. Glori. Credo. Prefce MONDAY. Peter Cnius, Docr Ester. APRL 27 Confessor Church. White. Mss. n medio Ecclesie, Docr Church. Glori. Ortion proper. No Credo. Ester Prefce. TUESDAY, APRL Pul 28 Cross, Confessor. White. Proper Mss. Glori. No Credo. Ester Prefce. WEDNESDAY. APRL 2% Peter Veron. Mrtyr. Red. Proper Mss. Credo. THURSDAY, Ester Prefce. Glori. No APRL 10Sl Cre Sien. Virg. White. Mss. Dilexti, Virg not Mrtyr. Glori. Ortions proper. No Credo. Ester seph Worker. While. Proper Prefce. FRDAY. MAY Jo Glori. Credo. Prefce Mss. El te solemnitte. Joseph. SATURDAY. MAY 2 Athnsius. Bhop. Confessor, Docr Church. White. Proper Mss. Glori. No Credo. Ester Prefce. THRU GODCOLORED GLASSES Liturgy life Tim frmrth r fter f jnf+r rt wbivt rme mher tbrrwg rbe»» «rwn time n OWd ft ffff f tnft< H»«Apmtlm (P«vf m lb G<hH Chmf mfn He m«t t n expedient mi tht depn For if A) nrt p nt come row V Adrorte «ill nil «end Him you ie Tht prom C but if go hnl lo Apm tt wt l mde u% her u Holy Spirit only Hi work on begn Pentecmt d> Ju't t Apottlet need ed Him give m wdom rel we need Holy Spirit ree, Trity love dy Chrt be Chrtinized Third Person contues Hit work hd lo leve so tht Holy Spirit could beg Hit work Without Him. Chrt s words would fll on unheig ers, unlovg herts How strnge tht Holy Spirit clled 'Forgotten Person" Trity, when without Him re would be nochurch, no priests, no nuns, no ly postles work God re would be no holy cts, no slvtion. PERHAPS Holy Spirit gotten becuse He doesn t work vibly s Chrt did. be we cn t ttch berd H fce wy we cn lo Fr s. But Third Person with us works lwys convict world s. justice, judgment. He works through Euchrt fill us with love zel tht people down street notice be dcontent until y dcover source such joy. Th time prepre Pentecost, Jmes Eptle th Sundy tells us how: be swift her, "Let every mn but slow spek slow wrth. ree, cstg side ll unclenness bundnce mlice, with meekness receive grfted word, which ble sve your souls. Jck Veronic God likes prtygog REV. A mn wrote me letter little more thn month go, skg wher didn't thk it more ccord with h voction s Chrtin not go prties, out supper, or or socil grgs. Lent thought, suppose, ws comg on, he tht hilrity festiveness such gogs on were out tune with life given God. Sce he wnted grow wondered wher th might not be suitble regimen entire yer. Well, m one let people go ir own wy, ply not try m with dvice. unless y sk it. Even when y sk it, y usully let it go one er out both. n th cse ws sked. And sid, f were you, 'd go. never skip prties or suppers. go, if cn, whenever 'm vited. 1 hve even hted once or twice. closer God, he FR. ROXBURGH t's not tht 'm ny gret extrovert. or tht like loud rucous ffir. 1 just enjoy beg GLBERT ROXBURGH, O.P. re, belongg somewhere group moment with fellow humn begs. re n importnt pot here. Our spiritulity cn be so impressed with dngers th or tht humn livg tht pss it lets opportunities it by. need socil reltg people we like mn; it implnted by prt beg hu God. While 1 don't recll from cretion epode Genes tht He sid prtyg ws such good thg. He did go round blessg everythg else He hud creted. A Thought A feelg unworthess ten keeps us bck from met! ittion fct menil it th pryer n ide unworthess tht Stn uses s one h most subtle most pow erful tempttions keep men from pryer. t grve mtke however. give th templ non We present ourselves God thk we pryer, not becuse we re worthy but prticulrly becuse we know tht re unworthy A mn medittes not cuse he thks he's holy be He medittes becuse he knows he becuse he relizes h need medittion menil pryer mke him "t s holy. not bit tht pry.' sy. "but beg THERE ARE Mrtzell dngers, no doubt, tted with "world. We re fmilir with rr hughty observtion orwe spirg uthor mittion Chrt," somethg bout when go mong less men return mn: but we must remember tht he ws generlly svge bout oblitertg rigid, less humn humn vlues tht mure dy. Life cn be enjoyed o much, but does tht men it cnnot be enjoyed t ll? know tht mny people drown o much wter, but modertion cn still enjoy it t two mels dy. red sry once which protgont ws pooned by turnips, but trustgly et m nywy. t importnt be mortified, give good th.: up God sometimes when need res, but ttempt completely erdicte m ssume mentlity tht more erthly thgs you cst out your life better snp your fgers very fce cretion. N TEACHNG us bout spiritul relities. God did not scorn use world humn experience Bible, scrments, liturgy. Now tht thk bout it, gog prties figures promently God's techg. Despite its possible worldless dngers vrious sort ss, socil life very prdigm mong men. plesurebility chrity Euchrtic mel, close friendship mong members Chrtin Church, tht timte ssocition even beyond deth which we cll Communion Sts. Let us rr root out tht Mnichem, Jnesenm, Puritnm tht mkes us fer humn livg. Mortified when where experience shows us we need it, let us fer ll thgs God. be f next prty. Medittion becuse m hum mn could becuse 'm proud t s not btcuse 'm mortified, but becuse 'm sensul t's not becuse 'm strong, but becuse 'm wek " THERESA OF AVLA her ubiogrphy sys tht thought unworthess ws gretest tempttion she hd wy sloppg from pryer wrought my "t her very nerly utter rum. (or when 1 used pry, if 1 fended God one dy. on followg dys 1 would recol led myself, withdrw furr from occsions s n spite our unfithfulness. spite fct tht know tht we re holdg bck from givg ourselves completely urges us with her whole soul contue brg Lord. res ourselves H presence pryer plottg treson gst Kg, knowg tht He knows u yet never withdrwg from Hu pres ence "Let him never cese from pryer who hs once begun g." she sys, "be h life ever so wicked, pryer wy mend it (Aubiogrphy trnslted by Dvid Lew. Newmn Press ) Res Robert. Guste

13 r m " or your loved ones. Write us. ' Psychology & religion not rel conflict April 23, 1964 STEEPLES AND SYNAGOGUES.1 Suggests ptron st unity ED HOLMES A ptron st Chrtin unity humor" h lectures bee Protestnt prelte hopes ws suggested by Dr Jroslv Pelikn, udiences CLARON Herold. New oeons Dm Msions Whts Your Prt? t YOt Ul Rl A PR YOl D M 111R AND NEVER CON! THF COST frightened lepers, lech clé. A n NDA. RTR A. MOPA. EGYPT. RAN. you'd li\r with htred, e«husfion. loneless. dese You'd 7) scrifice yourself. order dm Hrter rrmrnu f you were yv if, Ster. you d wih out m q 3 chlsm fetid, bmboo huts. cre Vk / f poor.. bld, ged, orphn», You'd he. or word», msionry... You d live 3 Pge 3 n hut Rev. THOMAS Gil BRDE. S.M. "Once upon couch".. could serve well s openg words modern psychitry's biogrphy. For it ws from clicl observtions Sigmund Freud, Austrin physicin (1K ), consequent multion hh< sights ory technique psychonlys tht new pproch ws lunched study conscious unconscious dynmics humn behvior. Concepts, terms, terprettions which resulted from psychonlyticlly spired vestigtions plus studies scientific psychology hve permeted not only field medice, but lso tht rt, literture, sociology, nthropology, lw. even religion. On level pplied knowledge dily life educrs, dverters, politicins, dustril executives, prents hve not been left unffected. Tody, if little Eddie pulls Jne s hir, re more thn simple mchief volved. possible terprettions re multiple: Eddie workg f hostility, ssertg h msculity, lerng tsk pproprite h developmentl stge growth, or syg symboliclly, " love you, Jne, FOR THE CATHOLC, emergence ever growg modern psychitry fluence psychology ll ir ms hs nturlly ment n evlution m light Ctholic beliefs morls. Wht reltionship between modern psychology simple question sk; complex vrible one religion? Th but highly nswer. To clim be ble dequtely defe dcuss th reltionship series brief rticles would certly be presumptuous. present tsk limit itself mkg few observtions. n tretg terreltion between se two res tempttion describe it estblh wht on religion h nti religious hriclly. For exmple, were Freud s views underlyg cuses re exts bundnt, vilble literture on problems ttitude. Flowever, conflicts erlier period. And lthough th phse rem source reserch mny yers come, it importnt exme wht contemporry scene presents considertion. At outset, defition modern psychology required. A host specilities re subsumed under th generic title. Not few people fd it difficult dtguh between three mjor ones: Psychology, psychitry, psychonlys. Accordg commonly ccepted textbook presenttions, y my be defed s follows: PSYCHOLOGY scientific dciple which, through conditions experimenttion, controlled seeks develop mengful, comprehensive ory with vlid generliztions concerng humn behvior. re lso n pplied side psychology; or better stted, re re psychologts engged sstg people function with more effective behvior. Quite probbly re "pplied" psychology best known generl public tht clicl psychology, which dels with ssessment desirble modifiction behvior. Some clicl psychologts crry out psychologicl tretment, sometimes collbortion with psychitrt, but not lwys. y function stitutions such s militry services, mentl hospitls, schools, dustries. Few m re privte prctice, PSYCHATRY medicl science rt which dels with orig, dignos, tretment, prevention mentl illness socil behvior. re re dtctive subdivions with its dom such us mentl retrdtion psychosomtic medice. n th country psychitrt mediclly qulified person (M.D.) who hs specilized mentl dorders. study tretment PSYCHOANALYSS specilty field psychitry. On oreticl side, it system origtg Freud. Tody, however, re multiplicity ories from work Sigmund nlytic trends which dhere greter or lesser degree origl Freudin doctres. On prcticl side, psychonlys dignostic rpeutic technique mentl illness. t employs free ssocition (tht. spontneous verbliztion ides imges without voluntry direction) drem nlys unerth dynmic content tile unconscious. n United Stles, psychonlysts re usully psychitrts who, postgrdute studies, hve concentrted on nlytic ories ms tretment. Contemporry "piych o 1o g y, viewed s science rt. nut objectively comptible with religion. For re cn be no rel conflict between genue scientific dcovery Ctholic doctre. Scientific knowledge glened from work God Crer cnnot be opposition reveled lechg God Redeemer. Chrtin fith, ree, hs no fer vlid scientific progress or from techniques derived from it On contrry, n teches tht scientific d Fr Gllbrlde, orded 1957, pressor morl ology t Dme s writg h dserttion Noire semry docrte n scred ology. He hs mster's degree clicl psychology hs tken courses wrd docrte psychology t Ctholic university Louin Stte vnees re glorifiction university. God. Th sttement vlid science generl psychology prticulr. As lte Pope Pius X poted out n ddress members Fifth nter ntionl Congress on Psychorpy Clicl Psychology (April 13, 1953):.. be ssured tht Church follows your reserch your medicl prctice with her wrm terest her best whes. You lbor on terr tht very difficult. But your ctivity cpble chievg precious medice, soul religious dpositions mn ir development. generl, results knowledge Prcticl illustrtion comptibility between psychology religion number Ctholics engged th dciple s'' diverse pursuits, To mention one exmple: Ctholics psychitry. Guild Ctholic Psychitrts sttes s one its purposes: To promote proposition tht sound psychitry Chrtin morl lw. hs no conflict with Although re no conflict wht my be clled n bstrct pprl, it would be romntic illusion thk tht ctul experience re were no clshes. Dgreements re re. And y rnge from specultive problems congruity between ories religious truths prcticl questions delg with morlity cert rpeutic procedures. Add fct tht "prctitioners th both spheres re fllible persons with ir own prejudices ignornces. sitution, however, fr from beg pessimtic. n mny qurters, re pround serch greter clrifiction concepts scere coopertion. Weddg dresses rented by priest "t's o Church, Pdre! th ws reply prospective Too ten expensive get mrried brides Yuctn, Mexico, when Rev. Thoms O Rourke, M.M., New York sked if y were hvg Church weddg. vetern Mryknoller did little vestigtg. Wht's most expensive item weddg?" he sked eligible girls, " weddg dress! ws unnimous response. t costs more thn everythg else combed." next sp Fr O'Rourke ws ldies' dress shop, where n mzed shopkeeper filled h order two lrgest weddg gowns sre. With mutes, priest hd estblhed first weddg gown rentl service wn. " gowns cn be cut down size," he sid, "but it would be better if ll brides were tll hefty." witg Fr O'Rourke now hs long lt prospective brides wntg get mrried Church. m t pressor Divity school, church hry t Yle U. who writes column Hegter, ntionl Ctholic pper. Notg tht re re "mny ptrons our ecumenicl pryer work," he proposed specil considertion St Clement Mry Hbuer. who lived from ws cnonized 1909 H fest Mrch 15. dy Th st, Dr. Pelikn sid, " remembered most h chritble psrl work h efts rehbilitte Chrtinity Vienn fter restrictions 18th century. But it ws lso he who penetrted more deeply thn most Romn Ctholics genius Remtion, recognizg tht ' revolt from Church cme becuse Germn people could not cnnot but be devout, or words, tht bsic motivtion Remtion, ws religious Chrtin fct, Ctholic. f th recognition could ever dwn on Romn Ctholics here brod, Dr. Pelikn wrote, y would beg tke Protestnt Chrtinity more seriously thus work more fervently Chrtin unity. Clement Mry Hbuer could well be ptron st th new seriousness. St, Clement, whose rel nme ws John Dvork, ws Slv, Becomg hermit, he received hbit ficilly s recluse from Bhop future Pope Tivoli, Pius V, who chnged h nme Clement Mry. n 1783 he joed Redemprts, n order devoted givg msions retrets, especilly He estblhed poor. first Redemprt house Wrsw n spent lst 12 yers h life workg Vienn. Anson PROTESTANT Epcopl Bhop Phelps Skes, Jr., Msschusetts pred Archbhop Richrd Crdl Cushg, Bosn, expressg "grden vriety kdness, goodness, L Bibli es el libro sgrdo de judíos y crtinos. Más que un libro, en el sentido que nosotros lo entendemos, l Bibli es un colección de escr redctdos por diversos ures, lo lrgo de un período de vrios siglos. L excelenci de l Bibli proviene de que ést contiene l Plbr de Dios. En el diálogo entre Dios y el hombre, que nosotros hemos denomdo l Alinz, l Plbr de Dios tiene el lugr de premenci. Ell es como el lm que d vid l pueblo de Dios, el lien divo que lo guí y lo sntific. Es l mmo tiempo su más precido tesoro. El pueblo de Dios exte pr conservr l Plbr, con ds sus implicciones. Est Plbr es lgo más que l plbr entre los termedirio dijo y hombres, es como un del Pdre Celestil. "Dios fue hecho" se repite después de cd creción en el prcipio del mundo. "Est es mi plbr" dice Dios Abrhán y los Ptrircs cuo estblece con ellos l Alinz. "Plbr de Dios" se dice en el tex de l Ley después de cd precep. L Plbr de Dios se posesion de Jeremís y rde en su. pecho como un llm que lo impuls predicr el cometido. cuo quier rehuir LA PALABRA de Dios se hizo crne en el Nuevo Testmen y m l mrvill de Crt, Verbo o Plbr de Dios hecho hombre. L Bibli es un mterio comprble l encrnción de Cr. Asi como l Plbr de Dios se hizo hombre en Cr, ell lom l m de ppel y tt en l Bibli. Es necesrio s embrgo que com prendmos que l Bibii es un slru credo en poder de l Plbr pien cred. Dios l hcerse hombre se humilló, porque J v YOU'RE OUT! ) ÍA l nturlez humn Ster fds fbet sry quiet little nun hd enrolled n dvnced journlm course. Her gve her n ssignment n f bet, humn pressor get terest sry t mrrige license bureu. She ok subwy wn, found bureu, down wlked up license counter She noticed tht everyone hd spped work ws strg t her mzement Flly young mn pproched her. when she ld him wht she ws lookg, he blurted out fe brogue. Glory be God. Ster! When sw you sys myself. wlk 1 y're gog 100 fr with th Ecumenicl Council!'" Ctholic Digest Dig up fcts it my be hrd jumpg work but it s Brooklyn Tblet better thn t conclusions fulfill some 100 vittions spek t Protestnt grgs Referrg Crdl's freewheelg humor, Oscr Levnt noted on recent TV show tht prelte hd sid n one se lectures tht "sts re ll right heven, but y're hell on erth." Ctholic Protestnt clergymen orgnized Community Brorhood ssocition Brre. Vt. Aims clude promotion closer communiction mong churches; n terest socil welfre problems rg from poverty; opposition ll ms dcrimtion: work mong youth groups erdicte prejudice; cmpigns strengn opposition fensive motion pictures literture. Two Ctholic priests, Msgr. P.A. Nol Rev. Dvid Sevigny Sprgfield, Vt., ccepted n vittion jo Sprgfield Mters' Assn,, Protestnt clergymen's group. Msgr. Nol sid th move ws ir le with policy Bhop Robert F. Joyce Burlgn wrd ecumenicl movement. Protestnt leders sid it "mkes public ficil kd coopertion Msgr. Nol hs been prcticg th wn long time." Ecumenm got threewy boost Tucson, Ariz. Rev. Jmes A. Devl, Ctholic priest S. Ambrose prh, conducted retret Lurn student group from University Arizon. retret, held t request Lurn Psr Joseph Brt, ws conducted Tucson s Presbyterin center. WHEN FRE destroyed Jewh syngogue Syosset, N.Y., fcilities services were fered by most neighborg churches. re beg Religious clsses held Edwrd Ctholic school until new syngogue completed. De Aquí y de Ali' Por el Revdo. Teodoro de l Torre L Bibli y l Plbr de Dios no puede nunc dejr de ser limitd. Con más rzón podemos decir que l Bibli posibiliddes no es cpz de gotr ls fits de l Plbr de Dios. L Plbr de Dios plpit en d l Trdición viviente de su pueblo, que er srel en l Antigu Ley y que es l glesi en l Nuev. L rzón de ser de l Bibli es conservr en escri est Trdición viviente de l Plbr de Dios. Absolutmente hblo, pudier concebirse el mntenimen de l Plbr de Dios en su pueblo s el recurso de l Escritur divmente spird. Dios mó los prets y los pósles predicr no escribir; pero Dios estimó conveniente que extier este medio de conservr su Plbr. Ls rzones son fácilmente comprensibles. LA ESCRTURA logr fijr muchs coss que l trdición Sbemos que l revelción orl puede lterr. de Dios evolucion, que muchs cuss expresds por los prets en l sentidos que ellos ntigüedd tenín mmos y los hombres de su tiempo no entendieron plenmente. Dios, conocí ese sentido prundo que revelciones sucesivs irín clro poco y io prenuncib. Cómo hubiérmos podido conocer es evolución homogéne, si no fuer por l Bibli donde es plbr se regtró pr conocimien prcil de sus contemporáneos y entendimien pleno generciones futurs? que de ls No exte ngún motivo pr creer l Bibli conteg en su tegridd tl el mensje de Dios los hombres. Más bien prece lo contrrio quién podrí en un libro y recoger d l vid doctr de Cr? Sn Jun, l flizr su Evngelio, nos dice que ni lodos ios libros del mundo serin cpz de hcerlo. PERO Si DEBEMOS firmr que l Bibli contiene en semill d l revelción. y es por tn el elemen esencil, el núcleo de l Trdición Quizá l viej dput entre protestntes y ctólicos sobre si l Bibii sol es fuente de l revelción Bibli y si ponemos perspectiv. o lo es l l Trdición, pudrí resolverse ls cuss en su verdder S l Trdición l Bibli result comprehensible: ni sbrímos que hy libros spirdos ni cuáles son. ni cómo deben terpretrse. S l Bibli l Trdición perderí l bse que l pune l resgurdo de los zres del tiempo A lluz de l Trdición, en el de l Trdición, L Bibli cudro es sólo l Bibli complet, no solmente con l letr so con el espíritu que l dict y que no ces de spirr los que l leen. PALABRA DE DOS: "Yvé me mó de detrás del gndo y me dijo: Ve pretizr mi pueblo. srel Escuch, pues, hor l Plbr de Yvé" (Amos 7, 1516). "Tendió Yvé su mno y co con ell mi boc, me dijo: Mir que pongo en tu boc m Plbrs" (Jeremís. 6luí jnr not fit dogs. th'orz'nlnh T t wht lh< i yourself out. die. probbly, bee you reched fifty sleep on round, nh,ives ct. You'd wer... Th i» Ner Fst msion world. t s peopled by pgns whom Chrt died. t s peopled, 100. by Ctholics like ourselves, Ctholics o poor support priest or Ster... or 27c dy (less thn price ol pck cigrettes) you cn tr ntive priest... For 33c dy you cn FEED Á FAMLY Pleste Refugees.., Not much money, you sy? t sn't much us who hve so much. n Ner Fst msion world however. S tune!... For ech ol our priests Sters ctully msion work, we need "ten msionries" like you t home. We need people t home who pry every dy success wht our priests Sters do. We need housewives, milmen, stenogrphers, engeers, who "do without" "mke do" order send monthly scrifice... month 100 much sk? Only you cn sy. sve soul? WHAT YOUR SACRFCE WLL DO s $l. $5. $lo. $5O. every.. Wht's it worth $1 MONTH Food, clothg, medicl ttention lepers Send us $1 now. sy you wnt jo our CLUB. DAMEN LEPER $2 A MONTH A blnket, shoes, eyeglsses, n orphn t Fr Poggi s home CARO. EGYPT Mrk yourscrifice. "Fr Poggi." $5 A MONTH rentmoney house fmily Refugees BETHLEHEM.Write us. boy Pleste $8.32 A MONTH cost trg ntive priest. entire course trg lsts six yers,costs $loo yer. $6OO lger. Write us. D $lo A MONTH Wht it costs feed fmily Pleste Refugees Arbs who lost everythg resuit s 1948 Arb sreli Wr. Write us. $12.50 A MONTH cost feedg, clothg, housg, trg ntive Ster. We ll send you "your" Ster s nme ddress. You my write her. She write you. $5O A MONTH Mrk your gift "Strgless" we ll use it where it s needed most. t buy medice clic, books msion school, buy new ro msion chpel. $75 A MONTH Buys complete medicl kit u msioner's use. O $2OO A MONTH Wi build, only one yer, br new msion school. You my designte memoril your fmily school s permnent MAKE A WLL? REMEMBER THE MSSONS OUR LEGAL TTLE: THE CATHOLC NEAR EASTWELFARE ASSOCATON. i i Her lst(msions fi > FRANCS CARDNAL SPLLMAN, Prid«nt Mtfr. JoMph T. Hymn, Nt l. St y. Snéll tmmunlttlnt t CATHOLC NEAR EAST WELFARE ASSOCATON SO Ltulmn Aw. ot46h» W«w York 17, N. Y. 1 ALL N ONE! Debt consolidtion still one best wys clen up".. old bills. w G.A.C. Fnce Corportion still hs one best con solidtion lon plns Every thg hled on simpli tied bs, with pyment terms gered suit you your pocketbook We cordilly vite militry personnel f icen, wrrnt ficers, tp three grde» tke fil dvntge our pen nltied GAG FNANCE CORPORATON NEW OLCANS 331 Ciondelel St JAckson GLNTLLY SHOPPNG CENTER 3939 Noimen Mye' Ave One Block South ot Gentilly Post Office 3427ABUN MWY PHONi PLUMBNG HEATNG ARCONDTONNG Emile M. Bbst Cos. «034 Tchoupiluuli TW. 1SS7B NEW ORLEANS S. LA. ALUMNUM SCREENS hmr iw«.h lnrr tui 11 CjÁZ >rr<' KoolSnds l s/io/ir SOLAR MEAT glri control un Klim Lower Temp. 15 CR. BRANDON CO. SNCE S. Slcedo HU TERMTES SWARMNG? iwsv r eeke your home When You Buy... Tell m Why! Sy Vou "Sw t n CLARON Herld. MlTAlftll.LA. V 3 SS49 hiruunt n hutch nuttltilum»

14 BrentKrt p. See tte T»How neoretl w.ct oh.t e metlen tket ten Kelp yew te tt«p Mnfc Le. 2M AM.m. 4.m. 0: 44.m 4 Section 2 CLARON Merold, New Orlens April 23, 1964 BUY WTH CONFDENCE YOUR WORLD AND MNE 4s SSs> jniril SUPPLES RUDOLPH RAMELL, NC. v ' Church dputes mr holy plces 7»oi $i H.. Ort.i t, L. JA. S titt TOl At rutl.ttt l Mt»tW, Atetnte S>'»'f»«rl 4lll At» 111 MitUftt ««7 Tfstit St Jecfcten. Mm HlmlKl lutt «MS GARY McEON «< per ANNUM current DVDEND Hs fellowship mong Chrtins. which showed itself vrious wys durg Pope's pilgrimge Holy L, survived h deprture? hve put th question ledg Ctholic here Orthodox clergymen column, Jeruslem, where write th elsewhere Middle Est recent weeks. All gree tht it hs, sudes f it hud some justifiction lter centuries while region ws subjected vrious Western pressures fluences, it dy rr n obstcle becuse its ssocition populr md with colonil er. Ctholicm cn exp rgued, Ner Est, it only Estern Rites. THAT ROME sees some vlidity 222 Crendtltt Street New Orlens, L. For Bnl Or/ on Ford, Flcon, Firlnnc, Olxie. Thunder bird Ford Truckf SEE toux So. Brod Tolopkenc t Wotkififn NW ORLEANS Ub TeRMTeS c n ARE SWARMNG' A t, oi M ~ A fl V SKRVCK, NC. Von Mg> TMt immi» pecked KL <t K. nter lp. Sete pple tell Kew tkey rwh Alten Otckner. At Mleen Rint He Mette». Mer e. T lert Only S.S PUNCO PUBLCATONS Ryol. New Or nene. RUBBER STAMPS ENGRAVED SGNS BADGES, SEALS FLAGS, BANNERS i TWO FORMER boxg grets represent extremes experienced by thletes who chose prizefightg s creer. BEAU JACK, left, once lightweight chmp, now erns livg shg shoes. JOE WALCOTT, right, exhevyweight kg, welldo motel who CST. owner. y re mong those pper on Boxg's Lst Round, NBC News color TV specil, Tuesdy, April 28, 8 p.m. BOOKS ARE PAROCHAL SCHOOLS THE AN SWER? (nonfic(ion), by Mry Perks Ryn Holt. Rehrt & Wsn, $4.00 () n th book uthor exmes Americn prochil eduction its impct on Ctholic mtion. substnce rgument presented tht concept wht Ctholic should be need serious revion. Furrmore, prochil school system, origlly designed ply mjor role Ctholic mtion, hs proven dequte s expnsion outstrips resources. uthor not quite redy sy tht prochil eduction hs filed or tht it hs not been resonbly successful. She does sy tht it hs produced type Ctholic with some serious limittions view our 20th century needs. Prochil eduction prescriptive progrm tht hs not produced kd Ctholics who re redy mke full commitment life exemplified by Chrt. She sys tht by grdully denggg from burden vst edu rtionl system, Church could redirect her resources much better progrm Ctholic mtion dult chrcter, prcticl outlook, prejudice more cefully thn ny so could ever do. From ciologicl survey openg les reder wre beg presence skilled rtt, gifted perceptive with both soul ttuned nture power enfold reder her plpble sight sound: world November evengs re quiet still dry. froststripped trees bleched grsses glten she smll light. n wteremptied fields grnite outcroppgs glem white strk. bones erth oid people cll m." He soon dcovers, however, tht he not redg nturework, but one scrred with violence vengence. nrrr Abigil, White grdughter novel's centrl figure. gst Willim Howl, Her struggles re wn's uprg when it dcovers tht Willim Howl's children (sent north becuse y were prt Colored) were mde legitimte by mrrige with h prt Negro mtress. When one se children returns live with Abigil, response outrged White community swift brutl. Abigil, left lone fce ngry vengence bld prejudice, retlites kd with eqully vdictive reprls. chrcters re convcg n proceed sme breth exggerte wrn me not prog ress. climte more friendly, but deep gulf munderstg bitterness seprtes still not only different denomtions but even Ctholics dtct rites. Nowhere world, fct, does' contug lcertion Body Chrt by those who MR. McEON clim be H followers st out so gruesomely s pssion city H deth. Shres commemortg mjor epodes Chrt s life belong one or or denomtion, possessor jelously excludes ll rivl climnts. most holy plces, grot Bethiehem shre H birth Holy Sepulchre, re divided mong Greeks, Lts, Armenins. Rights use decortion re mutely defed. re so priests ech group bsorbed ir duty" tht y use physicl ce protect ir cles, screens, rights ir ir pssge. Pece mong m mted Moslem police soldiers. by Even while Holy Fr ws ficitg. rmed ptrolmen clttered through church, soldiers so ccusmed ctg s rbiters tht y did Bhop not hesitte push priest or le. not FOUND severl dictions tht Orthodox reltions re dy better between Estern Rite Ctholics thn between ltter Lt Rite Ctholics. Here Jeruslem, specificlly, Orthodox community won high pre gesture it mde bout Fifteen month fter Pope's vit. cludg two Bhops, were delegtes, present t ordtion priest Greek Melchitc semry. Th ws n ction without hric th rgument suggested by slight but significnt chnge 1964 edition "Annurio Pontificio." ficil Vticn yerbook. t hs elimted entries referrg Lt Ptrirchtes Constnple. Antioch Alexri, ll three which hve been vcnt mny yers. Orthodox Hoth Greek Ctholics hve expressed me ir plesure t step y consider long overdue. y re confident tht Lt Ptrirchte Jeruslem similrly dpper when it becomes vcnt. "t does be stili fightg Crusdes defendg seem kd silly us holy plces," one Lt Rite priest sid me. "Agst we defendg m? Chrtins?" But he mde remrk whper whom re Agst our fellow djured me not revel h nme. He hd, he sid, been wrned tht public expression such senti menls might subject him dciplry ction by h ecclesisticl superiors. Such tmosphere even dy th holiest ll holy plces on erth. Anew Ctholic encyclopedi One most scholrly Ctholic literry projects comg ntion's hry stretch, expectg get 15 million words cross fh le by December, t New Ctholic Encyclopedi, beg produced t Ctholic University Americ t request U, S. hierrchy. editg A stff 90 t university work some 7,600 contriburs drwn from tellectul resources Church from or segments ntionl terntionl scholrly community. two men immeditely directg opertion re Rev. John P. Whlen, sstnt pressor ology t university, who ediril oper TUESDAY WDSUTV ANEW 6:30 PM ONEHOUR emotionlly stfyg opertion. Conservtives vested terests be strtled by th voice. re be rillery clls censure such nonsense. Withl, th fe book with refreshg slnt on true role Ctholics our lime. D. V. Mc Donld ( mjority clergy spekg t recent Ntionl Ctholic Eduction Assocition's conference dgreed with views uthor lbeled much her mteril s ccurte irrelevnt.) THE KEEPERS OF THE HOUSE (fiction), by Shirley Ann Gru Knopf. 54.H5 (H) sympticlly drwn. Though book permeted with two primry Sourn concerns, blood birth, re n't lest portryl sex. uthor seems be tellg sry not just one Sourn fmily; she seems be teilg sry South. ws tht she ended My sole regret on note hopeless htred, with no "sprg element" view. Domic Mruc, S.J. A Sel Decency" beg wrded by prents' group Grden Grove, precedent. ws ld tht even yer go it could not hve hppened. Among contug cuses friction between Lt Rite Estern Rite Ctholics Jeruslem n unresolved conflict over sttus Lt Rite here. Lts clim y re oldest rite, becuse y hve been functiong contuously sce Frnccns were nmed gurdins holy plces Greek hierrchy hd been destroyed by Moslems ws not resred until considerbly lter. Greek presence Jeruslem, however, goes bck first centuries Chrtinity. As Estern Ctholics see it, Lt Rite Rite tions direcr, Mrt R. P. Mc Guire. scholr clssics ncient hry t university sce 1924, who senior edir. Both Fr Whlen McGuire stressed tht encyclopedi's coverge 66 fields knowledge represents new pproch no wy revion old Ctholic Encyclopedi publhed between Protestntm, Judm, non Chrtin religions re ll receivg dequte symptic tretment new encyclopedi, sid Fr Whlen. two men see encyclopedi, which sell t cost comprble tht or encyclopedis, s designed TV SPECAL Th beutiful, chillg novel, depictg senseless cruelty rcil Clif., merchnt who mts good judgment sle dply literture. penetrted Ner Est only by virtue Cru success temporry level college ture reders generl. students m THE RSE AND FALL OF AMERCAN COMMUNSM DEMONSTRATONS RED LEADERS PALMER RADS" J. EDGAR HOOVER McCARTHYSM SPY TRALS Presented b> BANK Of NEW ORLEANS LBERTY MUTUAL BEST SELLERS TTLE ll Over Gods rh Heuven Bld Hert. he Comrde Don i umillo lir. Fir O\ Work A FrmeUp Modern Novel. he Mount Docr Nile..it ked Murder John Report»: Sn i heelg Sloped Yeilow Vill. H Adults Only. Suitble Generl Redg Becuse AdvncedContent Style AUTHOR Leo R Wrd SrmJmeson Giovnni Guresdn Robert Nthn Nichols Montrrl Andrew Grve Wlter Allen LeGette Bly Eliot Elon Blckburn Lillin Ross GeneSmith Suznne Blnc Andrew s Wife Rge Boon Brightness Elizbeth Jenks l utiuus Assss. Dougls Orgill Ever> Mn Murderer He. mi von Doderer Geology Willim t Putnm Gret it usury Rid. he Philip H Mry unstble. he Stern Pul Glileo Hry. Archeology ChrtinHumnm Willim Albright Kee Mrs House Shirley Ann Gru Mty l tt. Lucy Cores No Ulhei y Herbert L Schrder Science heglorious Entertment Jcques Br/un sign l pon My H. A Mrjorie D Adler Tout h ul Di gon. Hmiln Bsso Witness lor D Frnk M Cf Hb Adults Only. Becuseul mmorl l or nguge ncidents Bnner with strnge Device, A An McHugh Dyg Dy he W lonmien (idojewski t 00l Be Still Fnnie Hurst Mrooned Mrth, Erie George Mrt Cid Mrgery Shrpe Prize sne. 8m.4 Richrd Poirier fed. Rymond Chlei Omnibus, llu Rymond Chler Redhed lor Mike Shyne.A Bert Hllrdy Spwn ol V Pul Wellmn While He l ies Sleepg Giro (pseud Who Stels M> Nme' Cly Richrds 111 Permsible fur Dcrimtg Adults t ssg he Al Albert Drners on shore Willim M Kelley God Hunters. Spoils ul Vicrs V Nui Rei untendedlr Any Clss «Reder Willim Kelley Pul Edmondson Becuse Ws lesh Edwrd Dhlberg To Stg Child t Hubert lor lsnitcilmm grde rtgs re from BES SELLERS, publhed by University ol Scrnn. Scrnn. Penn f Bry fizz gives lift you go swimmg Uth's Gret Slt Lke it might be good ide tke long led life preserver. True, it lmost impossible sk re, Ctholic Digest notes. But could drown h feet higher th buoyncy mn by liftg thn h hed. Solution weight lied h nkles keep him upright. Gret Slt Lke hs n verge slity more thn 25 per cent eight times sltier thn ocen. Boil down four qurts qurt its wter you get solid slt. Operte n outbord mor it, unless you flush it out fter ech use. metl corrodes junk Slosh n rm through such wter it swirls slps like syrup. Toss light sne it flout like cork. Genertions urts sy bry fizz Uth ntives sy tht it less vigortg. bthg sport thn n experience, leves swimmer white crusted. Estimtes clim lke conts six billion ns slt enough supply Americ s needs 250 yers. bre so hevy tht comg fresh wter (from three mjor rivers) flouts on surfce miles bee (ilterirtg down vergedepth 13 feet, lthough level hs fluctuted with u 17 foot rnge lst century Jusphut, who lived from , ttrcted such throngs converts from ll clsses society tht he thief souls." ws clled t commonly thought tht Society Jesus ws founded combt Remtion but origl tention ws convert Turks. Filure secure ship led gntius chnge h progrm. To Bernrde Sien ttributed orig boxg. Notg how prevlent it ws h er men settle ir grievnces with one nor by mens duel, he substituted boxg sted. Better fight with bre fts, he rgued, thn kill with swords or pls. RdioTelevion Log Preprdby TELEVSON (Sundy) 7:M m. SACRED HEART PROGRAM fh 4 7:10 m THE CHRSTOPHERS ( h 6 :M m HOLY MASS TOR SHUTNS Ch 4 >:4S THE CHRSTOPHERS Ch 12 RADO (Sundy) S M m. CHRSTOPHER THOUGHT TOR THE DAY WDSU SACRED HEART PROGRAM 170 f:so.m. Mi tedie TVApostelr WWL THS WEEK WTH CHRST WTX AVE MARA HOUR WWL 170 7:00.m. CHURCH N PRAYER AND ACTON KTB m 7:11.m THE CHRSTOPHERS WBOK THE ROSARY KTR AM THE 7:AS.m ROSARY WDSU S:M.m THE CATHOLC HOUR t:n n. AVE MARA HOUR KTB ;M nn HOLY MASS KCL t: OS.m 4M 2M WDSU AM SOO 2M HOLY MASS WDSU 12M W WL ATo AVE lt:m.m MARA HOUR KMRCAM KCL AM S:M Rn CATHOLC NEWS AND VEWS KMRC AM CATHOLC NEWS ANTviEWS W SMB K;S p.m. HO R OF ST. TRAM S Kill b H) THE HULK OT THE CH CT111 WDSU2M (Fridy) N.m. FRENCH RADO BROADCAST 1 Heure Clhoiiqur", KTH U0» 12: M p.m. CCD PROGRAM WARB 730 ST. JUDT. (Sturdy) 4:11.m. NOV NA KTB2O 7:M.m. ST. JUDE NOVENA WJMR HU (Dlly: Mondy through Sturdy) l:n.m. CHRSTOPHER THOUGHT TOR THE DAV WDSU3M ASK THE PREST Fr >:U.m. WYLD MO Robert DeGrit. S.S.J YOUR THOUGHT FOR THE DAY THE WWL470 ROSARY KTBSJU S:.m. THE SACRED HEART PROGRAM WROKSSO 11:41.m THE SACRED HEART PROGRAM KTR4M S:SS p.m. THE ROSARY WSMH 1140 Recittion by Holy Nmr men () denotes presenttionunder us pices Rdio Televul Apostíllte o( Archdioceseo( New Orlens TV MOVE RATNGS followg movies shown on be TV comg week, lite rtgs re those provided by die Legion Decency when films were origlly sued. Films origlly berg "B clssifiction re sometimes re ved locl presenttion. When die sttions feel tht se revions justify film's removl from "H" clssifiction, th noted by A Morlly Unobjectionble Generl Ptronge. Devotion Everybody Sg Fr Unde (Jog Hold Tht Ghost t Strted Witii Ridg Shot Gun Sce You Went Sprgfield Rifle Eve Awy A2 Morlly Unobjectionble lor Adults Adolescents. Blood Alley Cobr Womn Criml Lwyer Flxey Mrt Lone Wolf Mexico Lullby Brodwy Mysteries Port Afnque White Room Reluctnt Debutnte Shdow Th Mn Simb Strnge Confession Al Morlly Unobjectionble B Adults. Journey, Morlly Objectionble Prt AL Crgo Cpewn Dough Girls, he Five Gtes Hell Mn Behd Gun Never Sy Goodbye Tennessee's Prtner Wke Red Witch No rtg: Bomb Hidden City Dr Cyclops Freebooter. Huntress. he Return, Senr. Souvenir. Young Toughs

15 son. Seson Pssion Three museum. series 'ÍTcB Ü. Ü.<s>2 l tile sttions recommend New Orlens' four TV chnnels (WWLTV, Chnnel 4; WDSUTV. Chnnel 6; TV. Chnnel Chnnel H; WVUETV. 12) recommend se shows viewg th week: Thursdy, April 23 (8) 5 45 pm. Brith Clendr. "ke" revits beches Normy Portsmouth, BAC 111 mkes her miden flight () 9 10 pm. Focus WYES lnterntionl Aspects Humn Reltions' with Dr. Leonrd Oppenheim. Tulne School Lw. Cly Shw, mngg direcr nterntionl Trde Mrl. (12) 7 p.m Donn Reed Show Pros Cons Donn Midge resent beg Sun dy golf widows, until Trh stumbles upon solution. Fridy. April 24 (4) 6 JO p.m. Gret Adven ture, Series drms drwn from Americn hry, with Russell John son us nrrr Outlw Nun." strrg Jon Hckett. Andrew Pre. Leif Erickson A sry bsed on us new techer Tridd. Colo. field u nun's experience t school (4) pm Big Movie. "Sprg Rifle." strrg Gry Cooper. Phyll Thxter. Courtmrtiled rmy mjor jos outlws stelg newly sued rmy rifles order lern identity mn behd m us he works undercover government A1. () «30 p.m lnterntionl Showtime. " Worlds Gretest ce Show." At rgside, host Don Ameche ntroduces cts from two ice revues, one tped Vienn or Budpest () 7 30 p m Bob Hope Presents Chrysler ter "Time Elizbeth." strrg Groucho Mrx h wife Eden An dpttion Groucho» 194 H Brodwy hit bout couple () who retire Florid. 9 p.m Jck Pur Progrm Bette Dv Sergio Frnchi re Jck's guests An epode Brit's (op rted sitution comedy series. "Stepe Son" be shown blckwhite (All or segments show m color» (K) 9 pm Art Mn sry Dniel Henri Kuhnweller, elder sttesmn mong rt delers. (12) 6:30 p.m. "Destry." strrg John Gv Red Brdy's Kid Destry tries rehbilitte n out lw ske mn's 13 yerold Sturdy, April 25 (4) p m Bsebll Gme Week. Bltimore Orioles vs. New York Ynkees Dizzy Den covers plybyply, ssted by Pee Wee Reese, from Ynkee stdi (4) 7 30 p.m. Defenders Legl drm series, strrg E. G. Mrshll Robert Reed " Thief." drm bout femle klepmnic who fces life impronment her fourth fense us shoplifter () 1 30 p.m. NBC Mjor Legue Bsebuh Detroit Tigers vs. Mnesot Tws t Metropolitn stdium Mnepol. Joe Grgi ol Bob Wolff re commentrs. (i) K p.m. Sturdy Night t Movies. " Reluctnt Debutnte," strrg Rex Hrron. Ky Kendll Sr Dee. dughter London couple upsets her prents' plns mrry her f Brith rcrt. A2. LEGON OF DECENCY MOVE RATNGS A1 Morlly Unobjectionblelor Generl Ptronge Alkzm. Gret Angel Txi t 's Mud. Mud. Md. Md World Boy Who Cught Crook Lw Lwless Brss Bottle. MGM's Big Prde SnkeWomn Son Cptlllood Summer Holidy Swgg Mlden, Cpture Tht Cpsule Comedy Trtn's ThreeChllenges Cvlry Comm Mdventures Merl Teenge Millionire Crimson Blde. Jones. Thief Bghdd Dentt Chir. A Modem Times Ticklh Affir. A Drem Mker. Mysterious sl Tiger Wlks. A Fll RomnEmpire Nikki. Wild Dog Titns. F.B..CodeDH North Three SogesGoAround FlightTht Dppered One Mns Wy World Dze. Frnc Assi Pied Piper Hmelln Thoms GldirsSeven Pirtes Tortug Town Like Alice. A Golith Ss PurpleHills Vlley Drgons Bbylon Queen Pirtes Voyge Botm Hercules Cptive Riders. Se Wown Riders LeyteGulf When Clock Strikes Heroes sl Smson Slve Who s Mdg Sre HoneymoonMche Queen Wild Wonderful ncrediblejourney Serch Prde Ynk Vietnm. A ncrediblemr Limpet. Sergent Ws Ldy You Hve Run Fst nvsionqurtet Seven Fces Dr Young Brve Luo. A2 Morlly Unobjectionble Adults A Adolescents Act One Frntic Srdonicus Amzons Rome Fury Smuggler's Screm Fer AndSuddenlyt's Murder GoneAre Dys Secret Door, Any NumberCun W Hide Seek Secret DeepHrbor Atlnt, LostContent Householder. SevenDys My Bridge Sun Kgs Sun ShockTretment CptNewmn.M D LdiesWho Do SoundTrumpets Ct Burglr Ldybug. Ldybug Stge Coch Thunder Chlk Grden. Lncelot Guevere Rock Children Dmned Mn From Glvesn. Slen Hours Chushgur Mn Who DiedTwice Suir CompnyCowrds Mry, Mry Surf Prty Convicts 4 Muscle Bech Prty Swg'Affir, A Cow. Thunder sl My Nme s vn Drk Purpose NukedEdge Trunk, Devil t 4 O'clock Nightmre Twenty PlusTwo Devil Ship Pirtes, No. My Drlg Dughter Wr s Hell Dtnt Trumpet. A Old Drk House. Weekend With Lulu Blood's Cf Pit Pendulum World Henry Orient. Dr Ensign Pulver Pot Order YoungDocrs Fmily Diry Finces. Quick Gun. Rub SevenHoods A3 Morlly Unobjectionble Adults Ad Gunlight t Comnche Stn Never Sleeps Americ.Americ Creek ArmoredComm HellfireClub StrightJcket Becket Hustler. Summer Smoke Bedtime Sry Killers. Sundys Cybele LoveWith Proper Susn Slde Billy Lir Strnger Tke Her. She'sMe Brekfstt Tiffny's Crdl. Mil Order Bride Tmhe Ceremony. Mn's Fvorite Sport Three on Spree Cludelle nglh Mn Who Couldn't Wlk Third Secret. Money. Money. Money Thunder Drums ComeSeptember Couch. MoveOver Drlg To Bedor Not Bed Ded Rger Murder. nc. Town Without Pity Eyes Annie Jones. Muriel Twilight Honor Flightfrom Ashiy NkedKs Two Women For Love or Money One Plus One Vicrs. For ThoseWho Thk «PrWhen t Sizzles Wll Noe Young Prize, West SideSry GloblAffir. A Rmpge Wives Lovers GretWr. Guest. RebelWith Cuse YoungbloodHwke RoteoH Brors Zulu A4 Morlly Unobjectionble Adult, with Reservtion Adve Consent Girl Night Pressure Pot Best Mn. mportntmn Sky Above Mud Circle Deception ntruder Below. CleoFromS? Kg Kgs SrmCenter Crowng Experience Lolit Strngers City Devil's Wnn LongDy's Journey Suddenly. LustSummer Divorce tlin Style Night Tom Jones Docr Strngelove Mrt Lur Too Young Love Esy Life. MondoCne Victim Eclipse Never Tke CyFrom Freud Bck Street Crpetbggers. Cleoptr ConjuglBed Strnger Morlly Objectionble House Fright House Women Jessic Joker. Curse LivgCorpse Ksm' u Young Willg. Prt All PeepgTom Psyche 5# PurpleNoon Couss Eve Privte Lives Adm Dy ErthCught Fire Ldy Cge. Siege Syrcuse Dementi No 13 Led Soldier R Devil Ten lwkg Love Splendor Grss Commments Lover, me Bck Strngler. Explosive Genertion Mn Middle. Sundy New York Fbles Love Four lor Texs Mn Trp Mres Let's Go Tlr Thiti From RussiWith Love Goodbye Ag Mry Hd Little LsVegs Viv GunHwk. Night Must Hed. He RidesTll Horror Prty Bech No Love Johnny PlmSprgs Weekend PnsBlues Fll Wild Hrvest C Condemned World by Night Yesterdy.Tody Tomorrow An Affir Sk Lw. Port Desire AndGodCretedWomn Les LionsDngereuses Pol Bouille (Lovers Bby Doll Liunr. Jungle Goddess Pns) Bed Grss LoveGme PrimeTime Brethless Loves My Pression Privte Properly Cold Wd August Love on Pillow Question uf Adultery ComeDnceWith Me Lovers. SturdyNight Sundy Dull. Mdemoelle Striptese Morng EmptyCnvss Mgdlen Svge Eye EspressoBongo Mid Pr Seven Cpitl Sms Five Dy Lover Mtg Urge Silence. Green Crntion s Miller BeutifulWile Ss MonKent GreenMre Mitsou Smiles SummerNight Heroes Sners Mum Dd Third Sex Am Cmer My Life Live uf Oscr Wilde Trils Love. You Love Moon s Blue. Truth. (LVerite) Sundy Wr Butns Knife Wter on Never L'Avvenlur NudeOdyssey. Wsted Lives L Nolle (Night) Oscr Wilde Birth uf Tws Ldy Chtlerley s Lover PssionteSummer Women World Th clssifiction pplicbleonly prts shown U SA Beeummended (12) 6 30 p m Hootennny Fullhour folk music series with Jck Lkletter us host Sundy. April 21 (4) m Bsebll Gme vs. Week. Chicgo Cubs Phildelphi Phillies (From ConnieMuck stdium. Phildelphi, P ) (4) 7 p m Ed Sullivn Show, with Ry Bloch h orchestr Guests Robert Peters. Metropolitn Oper soprno. Al Hirt, New Orlens j it trumpeter, Kim Sters. Koren vocl strumentltrio. #1) p m NBC Mjor Legue Bsebll. Bosn Red Sox vs. Chicgo While Sox t Comkey prk. Chicgo. () 9 p.m. Shkespere Soul n Age. NBC News Specil, filmed footsteps poet mny chrcters h plvs. murk mg 400th nniversry h birth. Michel Redgrve voices excerpts from (he plys. Color. (12) m p Dcovery '64 Children s progrm. Frnk Buxn, host. " Lively Desert" vits Arizon Sonor desert look t vriety flor fun, wter sects, fh nimlstht thrive desert wstes. Guidg ur Bill Wooden, museum direcr Arizon Sonor Desert (12) 6 30 p.m. Empire." Hourlong presentdy drmtic series set West strs Richrd Egn with guest Don Gordon "Nobody Dies on Sturdy." Escped murderer seeks revenge gst Jim Redigo. Ryn O'Nei, co str. Mondy. April 27 (8) 6:30 p.m.wht's New. Begng new series Livg World with Murl Deusg, Quiet Mn with pnmimt Bernrd Brgg, Ntionl Prks devoted hry ld Western prks. (8) 7:30p.m. Cultures Contents (debut). Begng series explorg culturl Lt Americ, Afric, Soust Asi through ptterns studies ir rt, music, literture. Tonight U.S. Ambssdor Republic Nigeri. Mercer Cook, presents n imge pst contemporry Africn experience through prose, poetry, folk myth, song. (8) 9 p.m. Flyg Lifebot. Commer George F. Thometz. commg ficer. Belle Chsse Cost Gurd Air detchment,troduces film which describes lifesvg fetures ir helicopter. (12) 6:30 p.m. Outer Limits. Hourlong nthology science fiction dventure series strrg Robert Duvll " Chmeleon." (12) 7:30 p.m. Wgon Trm. Lst Circle Up." As time prtg comes close, it releses longdormnt feelgs mong wgon tr immigrnts. Tuesdy. April 28 (4) 8 p.m. Petticot Junction, strrg Be Benderet.Arrivg t Shdy Rest on specil msion mercy. Homer Bedlow, troubleshooter C & FW rilrod, turns h vit yet nor h ttempts obliterte h compny's Hooterville Cnnonbll le. (i) 6:30 p.m. Re Fll Americn Communm. Anew documentry pprl life cycle Communt prty Americ (locl). (6) 7:30 p.m. Deth Vlley Dys " Quiet Fury" strrg Skip Homeier true sry behd legend Doc Hollidy. (8) 7:30 p.m. Slesmn Slesmn. How meet chngg moods ltener, develop persusion ptterns ech. (8) 9 p.m. Chmpionship Debte 1964 (debut). eight best collegite debtetems U.S., s determed by Americn Forensic Assn., compete with ech or p ensic lurels sevenround elimtion contest. Tonight. "Resolved tht re should be unim ntionl divorce lw" debutedby SouthwestMsouri Stte college University Mnesot. (8) 9:30 p.m Modern Mosqui Control. How new techniques secticides mke control sect prcticl (12) 7 30 strrg Ernest effective. Borgne "Crpenter Comm." p.m. McHule's Nvy, Wednesdy, April 21 (8) 5 45 p.m. Pursuit Lerng. Commemortg qudncentennil Shkespere's birth. series tht illustrtes fe periods exmes (8) 9 p.m. Antiques (debut). Begng Americn ntiques. Host George Michelntique deler, collecr, uctioneer tells fun m ntiqug sets (he strds golden ge furniture. (12) 7 p.m. Ptty Duke Show. n "Leve it Ptty," Putty promes brg n outstg celebrity guest str t prom order sure beg elected chirmn prom, but hs no ide how tu keep her prome. With possible First Fmily, Nelsons exclusion Ozzie, Hrriet, Dvid, Rickey rem most populr fmily Americ. And if Wshgn contully Johnsons, Hollywood tlks bout hs cesed mkg funnies bout Nelsons. y beg ir 13th consecutive yer on ABC TV next September, populr 30 mute comedy show seen every Wednesdy eveng t 6:30 on WVUE, Chnnel 12. For pst 20 yers cludg ir long rdio run so mny millions hve ltened wtched m perm " Adventures Ozzie Hrriet, tht Nelsons dy re probbly fmily " best known entertment l. WE RE A TEAM, sid Ozzie, s every tem ply you coch knows, without never field wner. Now, it s pretty well estblhed tht we enjoy workg plyg ger. thk tht our show reffirms highly entertg mnner wdom fmily unity." Dvid, now 27, Rick, 24, were 12 B>/2 yers portryg old when y begn mselves fmily show on rdio. And lthough y re now proment ir own right, Ozzie Hrriet don t tke bows boys success. Ozzie both feel," sid Hrriet. "tht prents should thk twice bee tkg Just s prents shouldn t bows ir children. lwys get blme when fsprg turn out bdly, y shouldn t umticlly tke credit ir success. We believe child born with cpcity success or filure. Perhps prents' prcipl responsibility help mold much chrcter. THE FOUR NELSONS more reger thn most fmilies, Mrs. Nelson observes, "'m sure our Acdemy Awrd honors were divided mly between Tom Jones" Cleoptr," ech film receivg four Oscrs. "Tom Jones" ws nmed best picture yer. Wher or not we gree selections Acdemy with Motion Picture Arts Sciences, it neverless terestg note wht cdemy deems dustry's best motion picture chievement, wht we, dividully, cclim. prlleled feel worthy Not everyone prepred embrce "Tom Jones s gret chievement motion picture mkg. must confess tht my own observtions "T o m" were not ll complimentry. For exmple, felt tht screen version Henry Fieldg s clssic novel clerly suffered MRS. STRCKLAND defects its qulities. Producerdirecr Tony Richrdson (wrded best direction) so thoroughly cptured rw reckless moods 18th century Englh society tht verge moviegoer, who fils crry with him generous supply lklizers. might very well end up pologizg wek smch. Though Tom Jones h ws rscl scoundrel whose chrms were irrestible femles ll ges socil levels, re re times film when Richrdson relies o hevily on sensul, lusty life Engl tht period. n dog so, some scenes tht were tended novel "lugh mnkd out ir fvorite follies vices" become on screen sexul license glutny utterly fensive vulgr. HOWEVER, viewer constntly wre Richrdson keeps cmer. He mkes h cmer do extrordinry k ' i J A BALD DCK VAN DYKE horrific» MARY TYLER MOORE, t hit wife, on "Dick Von Dyke Show" Wednesdy, April 29, ol 7:30 p.m., on WWLTV, Chnnel 4. Old fmily fvorites Sights Sounds ONE OF THE BEST known entertment fmilies, OZZE, HARRET, DAVD, left, RCKEY NELSON, cn be seen every Wednesdy t 6:30 p.m. on WVUETV, Chnnel 12. sons hve greter understg respect ir fr becuse pst 15 yers y ve wtched him work dy fter dy. "y see firsth mny problems he must solve s producer, direcr, chief writer, cr fmily our show. f t end dy, Ozzie tired, y know why, "Ozzie re creful bout respectg boys' privcy. We're lwys round if y need our dvice, but we never pry ir personl ffirs. "Our workg ger hs worked out wonderfully. f hd lst 23 yers s Mrs. Ozzie Nelson g, live over wouldn't chnge thg." Tom's Acdemy Awrd LORRANE STRCKLAND unusul thgs, employg every conceivble device from fntstic speeds jumpyjerky durg bloodthirsty stg hunt, films, brethtkgly movements oldtime beutiful swirl g scenes n Englh rose grden. re re some enormously funny stillshots, times when cmer blcks out except where on screen from which chrcter tlks directly ty circle some udience. chrcters re ll convcg ir roles Albert Fney s Tom, Suznnh York s lovely Sophie Western (who by some mircle only one entire film who mnges pure rem fithful end). grimy, foulmoud Squire Western, Mrs. Wters, Molly, Ldy Bellsn, Blifils, Squire Allworthy, ll perm origl 18th century Englh fshion. novel hs withsod test time considered clssic becuse its fithful representtion humn nture excesses Englh society tht prticulr period hry. Not everythg contg essence rttic truth deserves be considered worthwhile work rt. Some works rt re simply less importnt thn ors. Acdemy Motion Picture Arts Sciences considered fer pots "Tom Jones" deemed m worthy its highest wrd. To me, while "Tom s" fer pots exted, y were just not importnt enough merit cclim. SDNEY POTER received Best Acr wrd h excellent permnce Lilies Field smll, expensive film with lrge messge. Ptrici Nel Melv Dougls received Oscrs ir fe permnces Hud," film tht ws nomted severl wrds, but which did not impress me except its ctg permnces. "Cleoptr won wrd best chievement phogrphy color film, best costume designs color film. 1 recll when we left ter fter seeg "Cleoptr friend me remrked, "Those ler costumes worn by were bsolutely mgnificent." Such nivete could only sprg Mrc Anny from tht der creture. thk it cn be sfely ssumed tht Mrc Anny ws not wht cdemy hd md when it cst its votes "Cleoptr's" costumg... re ws ll tht glitter remember. gold, Million Ctholics South Afric For first time Ctholic pop ultion Republic hs pped million mrk. South Afric Accordg 1964 Ctholic Direcry Sourn Afric, number Ctholics South Afric 1963 ws 1,030,615, n crese over previous figure 969,324. Ctholic popultion Sourn Africn Aposlic Delegtion South Afric, South West Afric, Sourn Rhodesi High Commsion Terriries Bsul. Bechunl Swzil tls 1,738, 821, n crese 78,097. PMW wiwm!jl 7 lbels J j / ««lb o. Cm Hot Nturl Color POST CARDS Hiti ( Rert Folders } P Fowl Tb LABELS Reßs FoMtd Shttli Fbric Ppr BADGES A Convention Politicl Price Mrfg LABELS end Roll Dpensers Slidoeff Wteriest DECALS t Wdshield Stickers Food nrl LABELS Prcbmont Glt Esy On el Esy OFF Bumper Strips 1 end tcbeol Pennnt» j l CMC >i V / COMPANY / m f/ PAKRMM,U. 4; rtioew»rdqy4o L S Hr/i» ilnrp l ihp Vcent de Pul STORE Wtch tit openg our No. 3 sre A 8338 Ok Useful furniture, ppliofkoi, cloth' ng, shoes,house i _ hold rticles ntique». 8» 4935 MAGAZNE ST. Trucks vilble fr pickups from donors. TW A New rte«m» gjjp / jvji nstitution f ( 1840 / Sce ( ' TN HOUSE OP f ) ANTONE ( ( Per over 100 rrs f ( House et Ane koi helped i > spred fme its beloved \ '. city New Orleoni fkreuffteul f ( world, omonftt con i ) neiiiewrs feed tkfi t \ We re n Our New Buildg! 18 Blocks Above LAKESDE Shoppg Center TAYLOR FURNTURE J. FANT TAYLOR 4329 Veterns Highwy Metirie, Louin, MAL ccounts promptly At served CURRENT PROFTABLE /lio/ nnul WTHDRAWABLE 2/0 dividend JPSUeUte, ASSOC 222 Bronnc STEAD Atlo C. Andry. Jr., Pres. JohnJ. Puusegur, Exec. V.P. A Friendly Svgs nstitution Sce 1908 DRECTORS All C. Andry, Jr. Dr. Willoughby E. Kittredge Willim L. Andry Frnk J. Mtw Henry Brnrd J. Schuitín G. Scidcf Gsn G. Grdebled A. J. Plermo Geo. J. Sprger Ross B. Guest Chrles Person, ir. Murice Sckn Frnc J. Henry John J. Pusegur John M. Wln. Jr. Willim R. Hogn, Jr. John W. Whitty Specil Attention dii'en Church Account RESOURCES EXCEED $50,000,000 SALES (Open Thursdy Eveng until 6 PM.) PUT N A YEARROUND QUETLNE HEATNG t AR CONDTONNG SYSTEM BERNER S 0 NSTALLATON Cll FREE Estimtes TERMS: NOTHNG DOWN SERVCE UP TO 5 YEARS BERNER S HEATNG 2QOO ABUWPAWCS S. All CONDTONNG WHO

16 cuse s on 6 Section 2 CLARON Herld, New Orlens Under Twenty jp April 23, 1963 Workg B«t H«ll Just keep kids busy WHAT S PHYSCS? Chrles pupils try fd nswer burn or Hve you ever st church wtched cle st strg t light fixtures? Once young mn wtched lmp swgg cdrl noticed tht lime ech swg seemed even. Not hvg wtch, he decided try time swgs by countg found tht sme number pulses swg, regrdless durg swg. h pulse bet. He thus mrked ech dtnce lmp trveled T WAS THS SMPLE observtion tht led young mn (h nme ws Glileo) ide tht pendulum kept swgg by sprg or slowly weight would keep ccurte time. grew fmilir pendulum clocks tht re s ccurte relible Th hppened long time go. movg From tht experience s nv mn cn build. compred wht hppeng dy But sry still nerly cn be physics courses such s one t Chrles Borromeo school, Destrehn, or selected schools throughout country. As Glileo st h church wondered bout swgg lmp, h specultion ws product surroundgs. PHYSCS STUDES THE WORLD AROUND US. Glileo ws just sittg but he ws thkg. th process thkg ny study. Chrles And it tht still bsic gredient students beg with simple fmilir. Even sry bout Glileo used show tht simple events hve lws tht govern complex prciples. work lborry led mtion utilizes simple equipment. But pprtus cnnot be sid be "just ny junk y fd lyg round house." re pln purpose ech experiment. And equipment, while simple ssemble, usully supplied through commercil firm. ide permg n experiment llow ech student prticipte. Just s Glileo counted h own pulse mesuretime, so students do ir own mesurg. y do th wher experiment be time, motion, or wve such s ripple THE STUDENTS tnk s shown phogrph. ALSO LEARN tht ll knowledge we hve dy concerng wves produced 'he world round us ws collected bv men women who re, or were, s ( s cpble error s y). students humn thus lern re humn element science. Through selection pperbck books students red sries scientts more detiled ccounts on subjects relted required redg, physics. As suggested, pperbcks go students. On recent check three some 60 books ten over big with school librry only series were on shelf. H " lt. m A RPPLE TANK smll conter wter with rod it ttched mor. mor moves rod produces ripples wter just t mor bot lke. overhed light cuses ripples glssbotm tnk be projected on white pper below. Students cn n study wve ptterns. Clcultg wve lengths re, from left; JEANE STEN, RONALD LAM BERT, GLENN JACOB, DONALD VTRANO, JOHNNY THORNTON. 'm not sure where three months' vction from school begn. t my Fr JOSEPH T. McGLON, S.J. cusm well hve been youngsters were needed help out t home, or on frm, tht period. Whtever its orig, cusm persts dy under illusion tht your strong young dynmos. with 100 times energy your prents, need three months' rest out every gets ny "vction" chnges occuptions every yer. tht much brek. twelve. Your fr, if he t ll, usully just two weeks Mor doesn't even get ACTVTY S GREAT if it serves o rel purpose Th ttitude crries over lmost every field, s teengers re bbied with fer mediocre gols, sipid ims, projects ny child could do. School work mustn't be mde o hrd, stnce. You prent complg given o little but occsionlly prents structg homework, who dedicte never her tht child ir lives techers gripe bout irreprble hrm done ir child by o much homework." Religion hs be wtereddown mixture tht only serve immunize you genue religion if you should be jected with it lter. To help teengers grow grcefully. y re fered childh responsibilities. y re given jobs round house which dem no ititive, no thought, fct, no rel responsibility t ll. chllengg y re never worried with ide tht y should be voluntrily tryg do somethg ors sted workg only mselves ll dy long. if you THE ADULT HERESY dy tht keep busy enough, you cn do no wrong. Th precely why dult sometimes considers "youth club" curell everythg. "Keep kids busy," he sys, " you keep m out trouble." As though "keepg m busy" would develop ir mds though "keepg out trouble" were life's re should be purpose. rel chllenges you voung people, chllenges befittg your dignity your cpbilities, sted only you be sipid suggestion tht stfied with humdrum route thgs nyone else well. could do s Your home should be chllenge you, not just plce where you et sleep come get wrm, but plce home. you help build rel Your eduction should be seen s opportunity develop your highest fculty, not just s chore bore. suffered through YOUR RELGON ought be most vitl thg your life not hymnsgg session tht mkes you feel good, but n tellectul conviction motivtion your very life. Your idels life should be idels worthy young, who look t worth gol sted t difficulty mens. Sure, jo youth clubs. But mke m centers, not just unmotivted ctivity or irresponsible fun or even just your own enjoyment, but purposeful mens plces ferg your self perfection help perfection your neighbor. Use youth club s you use everythg else s steppgsne wy life givg motive your every ction. But if it's only plce keep busy," it's frud doesn't deserve your youthful energy time. USE WHAT YOU HAVE. it. re Don't bury re plenty chllenges, plenty gols worthy your potentilities if you go out look dults put m. Don't wit m bee you. importnt thg tht you young people seek out chllenge tht worthy you, n meet it, wher you you or re ced do it lone. hve crowd helpg A SERES OF FLMS LKEWSE enrich course depict personlities prciples tht text cnnot cover. students benefit by pproch physics. While only vried terestg students with good grdes re dmitted, none clss view it s subject "o difficult" grsp. Most remrk physics ir most terestg clsses. one fct clss terestg no ccident. text lb guide, films, pperbck librry: ll hve been studied worked out by specil committee pressionl scientts techers. Clled Physicl Science Study improve high school so EVEN committee, erly work physics courses begn bck THE TEACHERS undergo specil trg tht y become fmilir with ims methods progrm. Ster Mry first ok summer course fered she ws techg t Annuncition high Orlens. While John, M.H.S., t Loyol while school New none Ster s pupils hve gone on become physicts (yet) she sys th bout course; We do know good mny tke college students re gog on science courses. y tell us y re dog well becuse bckground course physics. And tht, sys Ster, " our m im." Sry Phos CATHERNE ARNOLD Young People's Books Vengence Abel Wright. Clifd L. Aldermn. Duubledy. $2.95. (Grdes 69). Gives sry Kg Philip's Wr long Norstern colonies ction centers round plot cptured white boys mnges give symptic tretment ndins. Kile Tht Won Revolution. sc Asimov. Houghn.Miffl. $3.25. (Grdes 79). development scientific progress dcovery electricity. Gives hricl bckground Europe Americ provides brief biogrphicl sketches erly scientts. t s Morng Ag. Helen Brtn. McKy. $3.95. (Grdes 412). difficulties senior girl who hs live with grmor who plces gret emphs on cdemic chievement. 1918: Gmble Vicry; Gretest Attck World Wr 1. Robert McMilln. Cowley. $2.95. (Grdes 710). sry Germn Generl. Erich von brrge by Ludendorff on Mrch 21, gmble tht filed brought World Wr. on end A COMPASS perm ll sorts tricks if you plce it over long piece wire n uch two ends wire connected bttery. t demonstrtes mgnetic fields current," sy se Chrles Borromeo students re: AVERAL JEANSONNE, New friends re prt Ster M. John s physics clss. boys, from left, ROBERT RUSSELL, JOHN PALMSANO, MCHAEL McKENZE., new skills summer fun wer wrm tht mens it won t be much longer until school out vction be here. While fmilies re plnng trips, mny boys girls re porg over cmp brochures hopg ir prents decide few weeks t cmp cn lso be cluded fmily budget (And here's tip best sellg pot cmp tell your prents you lern). Mobile At Cmp Cullen on Mobile Albm cmpers lern ll skills ssocited with wter. re re swimmg, wter skig, ridg surf bord. And don t get fe sport fhg. cmp sounds so good settg so beutiful, your whole fmily wh go long. n fct, y cn. cmp grounds re open Sundy picnics fmily welcome. Under uspices CYO Mobile re Toy Bowl, cmp fers twoweek sessions boys girls ges 614. fees re how much bout $25 per week. For free cmp brochure write Cmp Cullen. Bttles Whrf, Al. Blue Ridge Mts. At Our Ldy Hills cmp Blue Ridge mounts North Crol 150 boys girls, ges 716, meet reveille on bsebll field every morng t 7:30. And cmpers don't md gettg up th erly becuse re so much do. ir wter sports even clude scub divg. And hikes y re lredy Pgh Ntionl Forest. cmp schedule cludes full rnge outdoor sports rts crfts progrm hs course phogrphy tught by pressionl. For brochure write Our Ldy Hills cmp, P.O. Box 5566, WsnSlem, North Crol Covgn Cmp Boys Cmp Pul, Covgn, cmp with difference. Conducted by Chrtin Brors held on spcious grounds g Pul bord school boys, cmp utilizes school fcilities specil skills fculty. cmp provides wellrounded thletic cmpg progrm. But re lso specil redg progrm fered. Remedil redg given boys who red bout two grde levels below pr. Developmentl redg fered boys who wnt improve ir redg bility comprehension. speed Turs re lso vilble help students who need dividul ttention subjects. Furr mtion or school brochure vilble from Bror Cmp Direcr, Pul high school, Covgn, L. Jmes Mjor Junior Red Cross Jmes Mjor high go school ll out honor ir fculty Techers Apprecition dy on April 24. Dine Willims, school Red Cross president, cll generl ssembly tht morng. Specil events be held t begng ech clss period throughout dy but ll re Top Secret now. big surpre t's techers," sys Pmel Crln, Jmes reporter. 0 s MCHELLE KOURY Bever Plyhouse Jmes Mjor hs presented its "Ldy" wrd Michelle Koury hvg chieved highest number pots drmtics throughout School notes yer. Active school CYO productions. Michelle hs demonstrted her bility ter speech severl city stte urnments. Pul COVNGTON Students Pul high school hold ir nnul field dy Sundy, April 26, on grounds. Trck fir school field events be held fir booths feture country refreshments. brbecue pizz be served. Art sre, gmes A chicken Domic Art work done by lso pupils contribute Louin Hry Domic exhibit be held conjunction with 250th nniversry foundg Nchiloches My 8 9. rt Yole Asceni Mrie Kmbur ws selected from student work submitted recent school competition. Brbr Willims ws nmed lternte wner. Ursule Ursule cdemy New Orlens fer summer redg progrm girls, begng June 15 contu 17. developmentl g through July redg progrm be provided through Bldridge Redg Course fee mtion Services, nc. $BO. For furr contct Ursule cdemy, 2635 Stte, New Orlens; phone Shw students FRDLEY Two LESCALE students Archbhop Shw high school. Mrrero, hve won essy contests sponsored by civic orgniztions on West Bnk. Wrner Fridley, Shw sophomore, won Bnk contest sponsored Veterns Wrs uxiliry " Foreign Student Americ, Foreign West by Post H essy, hs been entered stte contest. Clement A. Lescle, Shw freshmn, ws nmed firstplce wner recent Americnm contest sponsored by Americn Legion uxiliry HrveyMrrero unit 222. Clement wrote on pic Wht Cn 1 Do Freedom?" Send Your Child CATHOLC CAMP Th Summer... CAMP ST. BENEDCT 6th, 7th, Bth grdo boys JUNE 14th JUNE 27th THE BENEDCTNE WORKSHOP High School boys JUNE 28th 2 PROGRAMS work, ply JULY 3rd cqut boys with Benedicte wy Fee: $35.00 Workshop Session. ifudy life. Cmp 2 weeks Cmp Session; $lo Write t Benedict Songy, Cmp ft.benedict Bt Benedict jifm/ JUNE 14JULY Swimmg Botg lior»chck Ridg Sport» Drmtic» Dncg Kxcurnion» Art» Crft»... fer literturewrltei AT ST. LOUS, Mimssim lébhbbh r rt Ctholic BoysCmp on Gulf Cosl A JR WAVELAND, MSSSSPP Conducted end tteffed by Brors Holy Cross. For boyi from Complete proqrem outdoor»port... erts end erefti, pieesent eccommodetioni good, heelthful food... ell meketh en ideel cemp un<^,r e P '"ced direction f jor V j f 3R33? THAU MftlODS June 13 June24 e June27 July 10 bwv JfPÍ Jul T (if f. O» j! Won now 4nroll yourboyl For nmtion writ»: Dirscttr, HOLY MOSS SOHOOL 4fU Dupliiiifl t N.w Orl.m Dil M1411 Cmp Oklwn LACOMM. LA. BOYS 713 Send him expert» field Athletics Recretion. SONt, 21July 4 July S ] u o 1 i Wm. Buck Seeker, Direcr Ed. Hubert (fmed LS! Tigert), AuUlnl Swimmg nstructions Bsebll Physicl Fitness sometrics Hicrft Trck Swimmg Pool Wter Skig brochure, write or cll: %oohor (N. O.) 4040Chthm Dr (Uc#«4e)lUJeiiUC or LADY or THE Mil» CAMP A Ctholic cmp fr bys Agirls sps 1 M. 200 crs, 37 bullalgs l lh M RM «Mlls. brg s pl, mlol tk, with ll BftlHllft iiwtj by txímmú cohmobffi 1400 l ittt itdflmtii f«r wlrit ts. Cmp prvlds pickup snrlc r (rm rsl ril, ir, bus lrmlul A cmp lr ygsrs grw... spiritully, hllbfully. fr Ulrtur, wrtt: niiir Aéérci: or LADY or THE HLLS CAMP cl S. m'i Church MSpbch Snsur wiuswssixm, m. c.