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3 INDEX TO THE VICTORIA POLICE GAZETT Iii. TOR THE QUARTER ENDING MARCH Absconders from industrial schools- Arnold, Alfred Robt., 49, 67 Kirby, Stephen J., 42 Barden, John, 49, 67 Kirwin, Stephen, 83 Barber, Stephen, 49, 67 Merritt, William, 83, 90 Batchelor, Thomas, 67, 77 McGilley, Mary, 55, 61 Berry, Edward, 90 McMahon, Patrick, 10, 17 Black, Agnes, 43, 49 McPhail, Alfred, 11, 16 Brown, George, 4 Noonan, Percy, 82 Brown, George, 61 Phillips, John, 49, 67 Byron, Annie, 67 Preston, William, 61, 82 Carroll, Joseph, 90 Price, Frederick, 4 Cox, Robert Henry, 90 Quick, Arthur, 90 Croft, Herman 0., 42 Reuter, Ernest, 90 Epple, Rachel, 82, 90 Sheppard, Peter, 82 Evans, George, 82 Smith, John, 27 George, Lewis, 49 Thompson, Joseph, 67, 77 Gruner, Albert, 43 Williams, Patrick, 90 Hall, McCann, 4, 48 Woods, Frederick, 61 Hall, William, 77, 83 Woods, John, 68 Johnson, Alfred, 90 Wrig ht, Wallace, 83 Jones, Thomas, 61 Ah Kit, Martha, arrested for disobeying a summons, 17 Ah Quong, for vagrancy, 42 Ah Toon, arrested for disobeying a summons, 54, 83 Adamson, Isabella, false pretences on, 93 Adelaide -Hallett, George, for uttering forged cheque, 57 Adelaide - Hassell, Geo. W., forged cheque uttered to, 57 Adelaide - Peck, William, for wife desertion, 64 Allridge, John, for assault, 17 Alsen, Marcus, arrested for false pretences, 45, 52 Amos, William, disobeying a summons, 27 Amos, William, for larceny as a bailee, 51, 86 Analysts appointed under health act, 60, 75, 88 Andrews, John, for uttering a forged cheque, 7 Ararat, gunpowder may be brought into, 54 Arnold, John, escaped lunatic, 4 B. Baker, William, assaulted, 55 Barbetta Salvador, false pretences on, 58 Barnes, -, for larceny as a bailee, 21 Barnes, Margaret, hired service deserted, 48, 75 Barnett, Henry, arrested for fraud by conspiracy, 85 Barrett, Timothy, for false pretences, 58 Barwon river, mouth of, defined under fisheries act, 31 Bastert, August, arrested for uttering a forged cheque, 52, 58 Bateman, Frederick, neglected child, 77 Bates, Robert, suit of clothes stolen from, 71 Bellingham, Henry S., arrested for misconduct as an apprentice, 17, 27 Berry, Joseph, for threatening language, 42 Bever, John, alias Williams, alias Nevens, for uttering a forged cheque, 29 Biggs, Martha Jane, attempted rape on, 29, 45 Blanthorn, Thomas, arrested for cutting timber, &c., 82 Bogie, Duncan, neglected child, 55, 75 Bond, Henry, deserting his hired service, 48 Bond, Robert, deserting his hired service, 48, 75 Boolara, Buln Buln, publicans ' licenses may be granted, 48, 74 Brennan, Michael, for larceny as a bailee, 57 Bridger, Charles, for forgery, 51 Brooking, George, arrested for wilful damage, 77, 83 Brooks, Robinson, and co., forgery uttered to, 80, 86 Bruche, William, false pretences on, 45 Bryans, Edward B., assaulted, 76, 90 Burrows, Henry, arrested for assault, 42, 49 C. Cairns, Christopher, assaulted, 48 Callanan, Michael, larceny from, by a servant, 58 Camm, Joseph, for assault, 10 Campbell, Alexander, for insulting behaviour, 17 Campbell, Samuel, for insulting behaviour, 17 Carisbrook, clerk of petty sessions appointed, 31 Casey, Richard, forgery uttered to, 45, 58 Castlemaine, small- pox notice, 16 Chambers and Seymour, false pretences on, 93 Chater, A. Dixon, arrested for false pretences, 22, 29 Index.-- Quarter ending March A. Child abandoned in lovers ' walk, Toorak, South Yarra, 17 Child, female, abandoned in Fitzroy gardens, 60 Child, male, abandoned in Melbourne cemetery, 27 Church, James, for assaulting police, 17 Clancy, John, larceny as a bailee from, 51, 86 Clauscen, G. C., larceny as a bailee from, 13 Clarke, William Matthew, grievous bodily harm inflicted on, 64, 79 Clayfield, Emma, escaped lunatic, 60, 67 Cohen, Henry, for forgery and uttering, 21 Collins, James, assaulted, 54 Collins, Thomas, for embezzlement, 86 Conway, Michael, for assault, 77 Cooper, Robert, for fraud by conspiracy, 80 Copeland, Alfred, deserting hired service, 16 Coughlin, John, for obscene language, 42 Cox, John, for assault, 43, 48 Cranston, Walter, arrested for insulting behaviour, 67 Cummings, Matthew, for larceny as a servant, 52 D. Dale, Joseph L., false pretences on, 94 Dalrymple, William, apprentice deserted from, 67 Dargo, provisions of police offences statute extended to, 16 Davis, David, resisting police, 90 Davis, James, for assault, 54 Daylesford reservoir, fishing in, prohibited, 54 Deacon, Firmin, larceny as a bailee on, 21 Deserters from H.M. service- Adams, John M., 69 Harding, Richd. H., 44 Ball, Gunner Alfred, 5 Lansley, Geo., 78 Browne, Edwd. H., 69 Lawson, Francis, 84 Collins, Thos. C., 84 Mayford, Willie, 62 Cromby, John Jas., 50 Mount, Herbert, 30 Davis, John, 12, 18 Pardew, Chas., 91 Fades, Henry, 44 Rice, Albert, 84 Fades, Henry, 50, 56, 62 Switzer, Godfrey, 12 Elrey, Wm., 30 Thomas, Wm., 91 Elsey, Wm., 50 Webb, Charle, 30 Fourte, Wm. J., 12 Williams, Chas., 62 Gleed, Jas., 91 Williams, H. E., 56 Deserters from merchant vessels- Abbott, Chas. H., 44 Khan, Savay Khan Mahomed, Alverston, H., Andreassen, Arnt Christian, Morris, Robt., Morrison, John, 44 Budger, Perabux, 18 Murphy, Jas., 28 Dinsen, Jacob, 28 Neilson, John, 28 Dohlin, Adolf E., 62 Nelson, C. E., 91 Erickson, John, 44 Olsen, Chas., 78 Galliene, -, 91 Olsen, Christian Seviron, 50 Grafton, Edwd., 28 Olsen, Hans C., 12 Hensen, Neils, 84 Owens, T., 56 Holensen, Anders H. J., 18 Peaslle, Louis, 44 Jenson, M., 56 Pedersen, Christian, 50 Johanessen, Hans M. E., 62 Peterson, G., 56 Johnnessen, Gjert, 5 Peters, Geo., 28 Johnsson, Albert, 44 Pjepersen, Loren, 83 Jorgensen, Anton Bernhart, Prebensen, Niels Anton, Schive, Wm., 62 Justin, Gustaf D., 44 Short, Alfred, 28 Larsen, Thelesius Nicolai, 56, Short, Alfred, Stevenson, Herbert J., 50 Larson, Halver, 62 Valson, H., 44 Legerblom, A. G., 44 Webster, Joseph, 28 Lorensen, H. P., 44 Wilson, H., 56 Karlsen, Frank, 44 Wimberley, E. C., 78 Kelerson, J., 56 Deserters of wives and children-- Barker, Henry, 27, 42 Brown, Charles, 42 Barnett, Joshua, 61 Bruce, Mary Jane, 10 Barnett, Samuel, 27, 42 Canham, John Wm., 89 Bayles, Fredk., alias Willis, Christie, Margaret, Clark, William, 42 Bell, George, 83 Corbetts, Thomas, 60 Black, Alfred, 11, 27 Cowley, James, 82 Blackburn, John Thomas, 61 Crowley, John, 27 Boxhall, George, 27, 60 Creswell, Thomas, 42

4 2 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. [1885. Deserters of wives and children-continued. Cuchini, Gallis, 75 McDougall, Alexander, 42 Dale, -, 48 McGilley, Mary, 55 Dolbear, William, 90 Nevin, John Henry, 67 Douglas, Walter, 10, 27 Owens, William, 60 Dowling, Phillip, 4 Oxley, James, 55 Doyle, Peter, 4 O'Halloran, Michael, 48 Floode, William, 49 Peck, William, 64 Fox, Henry, 48 Perkins, Chas. Maddens, 10 Gardner, Frederick, 90 Pratt, Thomas Hammond, 82 Gilmore, William, 4 Reid, John Harper, 82 Graham, Jane, 42 Richardson, Catherine, 10 Hall, James, 55 Ricketts, Albert, 67 Hembry, James, 55 Robertson, Charles, 90 Hickling, Thomas, 61 Robinson, Joseph, '17 Hodson, Arthur, 55 Rogers, John James, 60 Hunter, William, 42, 49 Rowhan, Michael, 4.Jackson, George, 76, 83 Ryan, John, 27 Johnson, Charles, 17 Shirley, John Wilson, 17, 26 Johnston, Matthew, 27, 90 Shuttleworth, John Richard, Johnston, Matthew, 55 11, 27 Jones, Edward, 10, 83 Singleton, James Joseph, 42, Kennedy, Michael, 11, 42 48, 61 Kindrick, Shando Geo., 90 Smith, Charles, 77 Lesina, Alessandro, 90 Spencer, Robert, 4 Lewin, Robert Albert, 10 Sprague, William, 77 Logue, John, 4 Stapleton, Thomas, 4, 10 Mallett, William, 55 Stretch, John, 49, 55 Man unknown, 61 Tierney, Michael, 60 Merton, Thomas, 54 Turnbull, William Chas., 83 Mooney, Frederick Henry, 55, Wake, James, White, Walter, 43 Morton, James, 90 Williams, Samuel, 90 McAdams, Hugh, 10 Willis, Fredk., alias Bayles, 77 Dillon, Patrick, assaulted, 17 Dowling, Michael, forged cheque uttered to, 52, 58 Duffy, Ellen, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 7, 13, 51 Dunne, Thomas, cheque stolen from, 71 Dunne and Collins, forgery uttered to, 63 E. Ellesmere and Axedale, state forest timber reserve diminished, 31 Emanuel, Aby, larceny as a bailee from, 79 Escaped prisoners- Grant, William, alias Charles Tapping, Henry, alias Harri- Quinn, alias Lee, alias son, 56 Richard Trotter, 28 Trotter, Richard, alias Quinn, Harrison, Henry, alias Tap- alias Lee, alias Grant, 28 ping, 56 Walsh, Henry, alias Chas. Lee, Charles, alias Quinn, Wilson, alias Tatter Walsh, alias Grant, alias Trotter, Quinn, Charles, alias Wm. Wilson, Chas., alias Tatter Grant, alias Lee, alias Walsh, 62 Richard Trotter, 28 Eskell, Louisa H., for vagrancy, 90 F. Filmer, John, larceny as a bailee from, 52, 58, 64 Fitzpatrick, Hugh J., neglected child, 55, 77 Fitzgerald, James, inflicting grievous bodily harm, 43 Flanigan, Margaret, assaulted, 90 Fletcher, Henry James, arrested for leaving inflammable material in a public place, 4 Fletcher John, fraud on, by conspiracy, 80 Flintoff, Walter, false pretences on, 64 Foder, John, false pretences on, 45, 52 Foley, Edward, service deserted, 76 Ford, George, alias Gibson, selling liquor without a license, 77 Foster James, jumping overboard from the Swan, 90 Fredericks, Antonio, embezzlement on, 52 French, Benjamin Matthew, for larceny as a bailee, 71, 93 G. Gamble, Andrew, assaulted, 75 Gardiner, Gordon, arrested for false pretences, 79 George Lewis, arrested for deserting hired service, 67 George and George, forgery uttered to, 63 Gessner, Frank D., false pretences, 80 Gibson, George, alias Ford, for selling liquor without a license, 77 Gilpin, Thomas B., for false pretences, 80 Glascott, Thomas, for insulting behaviour, 17 Glenorchy, clerk of courts appointed, 54 Goldborough, Edward, for Goumany, John L., for vagrancy, deserting 11 hired service, 4 Goodwin, James, for fraud by conspiracy, 80 Gray, Ada, for obscene language, 42 Gray, James, for uttering a valueless cheque, 86 Grindrod, Edward, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 13 Griffin, Michael, assaulted, 10 Gurthrey, Walter, cutting, with intent to steal, a quantity of dead wood, 4 H. Hagen, Joachim Frederick, for larceny as a partner, 45, 52, 63 Hall, George, false pretences on, 45 Hall, J. C., for false pretences, 94 Halley, Edward, for deserting his apprenticeship, 10, 27 Hanks, John, forged cheque uttered to, 21 Hard, Alfred, arrested for stabbing, 79 Hayns, Eliza, for larceny as a bailee, 51, 63, 80 Healy, N., constable, obstructed in the performance of duty, 67 Hehir, Mary, arrested for vagrancy, 67, 75 Hepburn, Joseph, false pretences on, 79 Highway robbery, arrested for- Anderson, Jas., 9 King, John, alias Jas. Ward, Grace, Kate, alias McEvoy, Highway robbery, arrested for-continued. Lee Wing, 13 Ryan, Jas., 45 Morton, John, 7 Ward, Jas., alias John King, Mullagh, Jas., McEvoy, Kate, alias Grace, 93 White, Francis, 65, 73 Highway robbery, charged with- Archer, Donkey, 45 Lee Wing, 7, 13 Dalton, Thos., 71 Lesse, Hy., alias Hesse, 85 Donnelly, Chas., 29 Mullagh, Jas., 7, 51 Grace, Kate, alias McEvoy, McEvoy, Kate, alias Grace, 85, 93 85, 93 Guadar, Louis, 21 McEwan, Harry, 45 Harris, Geo., 45, 79 Parsons, Robt., 7 Hesse, Hy., alias Lesse, 85 Highway robbery committed on- Ah Foo, 53 Ah Mow, Emily, 73 Aswin, William, 31, 65 Barry, Richd., 1 Beck, Alexr., 53 Betson, Alexr., 31 Bishop, John F., 53 Brettargh, Henry, 73 Brooks, Joseph, 2 Caromia, -, 1 Christie, Robt., 9, 15 Condon, Redmond, 63 Cooper, Richd., 65 Corbett, Sydney, 65, 79 Corr, John, 65 Craig, Andrew C., 73 Criller, Andre, 73 Daley, Wm. T., 15 Donnelly, John, 73 Doran, David, 59 Druet, Jas. K., 23 Dunn, Matthew, 59, 71 Egan, Michl., 79 Egan, M., 87 Ellis, Elizth. G., 85 Flynn, Michl. A., 81 Foot, Hezekiah, 51 Foran, Catherine, 9 Forsyth, John, 45 Franzini, Bartholomew, 59 Frost, Edwd., 15 Fyshe, Chas., 59 Galbraith, Archd., 7 Gallagher, Denis, 23 Gleeson, John B., 59 Grant, Jas., 9 Grey, Margt., 3, 9 Halliday, M. E., 9 Haslam, Betsy Maria, Hillyer, Wm., 9, 23 Hopkins, W. F., 1 Ingham, John, 47 Janitt, Annie, 59 Jennings, Thos., 23 Joyce, Wm., 9 Kearney, John, 15, 53 Kearney, John, 29 Kennedy, Matthew, 59 Kennedy, Michl. St. John, 53 Kelly, David, 73 Kerouse, J. C., 57 King, Jas., 23 Kirby, Thos., 65, 73 Leahy, Denis, 31 Law, Henry, 1 Lewellyn, Robt., 81 Long, John, 73 Maguire, Francis, 53 Mahoney, Alick, 73 Markham, Arthur, 2 Mason, Win., 81 Miller, John, 87 Miller, Peter H., 47 Morton, Wm., 31 Munro, Wm., 81 Murray, Thos., 2, 65 McAuliff, Jas., 31 McDonald, Geo., 59 McDougall, Jas., 79 McDougall, Jessie, 47 McFadzen, John, 9 McMahon, Kate, 7, 13 McNeill, Caroline, 73 McPhie, Alexr., 2, 9 McVean, Alexr., 2 Nanoo, -, 45 Nesbitt, Octavia L., 59 Nolan, Martin, 65 Noll, Chas., 47 Noonan, John, 2 O'Connell, John, 47 O'Connor, John, 1, 9, 21 O'Donoghue, Geoffrey, 9 O'Keefe, Edwd., 53 O'Neill, John, 87 O'Neill, Patk., 31 O'Neill, Patk., 45 Patterson, Rose, 2 Porter, W., 73 Reddie, Harriet, 15 Reid, Andrew, 23 Reilly, Jas., 73 Remington, Wm., 87 Rose, Herman, 57 Rowe, Jas., 63 Sharkey, Colin, 53 Shaw, Jas. A., 1, 9 Shiels, Wm., 87 Smith, Ida, 57 Smith, Jas., 7, Smith, Jessie, 59 Young, John, 65 Hignett, Joseph, for larceny as a bailee, 79 Hilton, William, deserting apprentice, 68 Hin Paw, assaulted, 27 Holloway, John A., false pretences on, 22, 29 Horses and cattle, arrested for stealing- Cowan, Joseph, 58, 61 Laidlaw, David, alias John Doyle, John, alias Dawson, Smith, 80 alias Davis, 68 McIntyre, James, 13, 22 Johnston, Thomas, 68 Pemberty, James, 64, 71 Kennedy, Thomas, 52, 64 Smith, John, alias David Laidlaw, 80 Horses and cattle, charged with stealing- Butler, Michael, alias Donovan, 30 Donovan, Michael, alias Butler, 30 Horses and cattle stolen from- Adams, James S., 43 Adams, William, 5 Ah Chitt, 49, 61 Ah Lip, 5 Allen, Benjamin, 57 Allman, Eugene, 11, 27 Allen, Josiah C., 5 Allen, Josiah H., 83 Anderson, Fredk., 49 Armstrong, John, 55 Armytage, Fredk. W., 17, 27 Atkinson, George, 55 Audley, Richard, 68, 90 Aust, William, 27 Smith, Thos., 53 Spode, Wm., 31 Spode, N. H., 53 Sullivan, Elizth. J., 15 Taggart, Hy., 2 Temms, John, 2 Thatham, Thos., 1 Thomas, Geo., 2 Thomas, John, 15 Tolmie, Jas., 9, 47 Tremaine, Ethel, 73 Ward, Timothy, 15 Watson, Alexr., 81 White, Jas., 15 Whitely, Jas., 59 Williams, Edwd., 53 Williams, Harry, 7 Williams, Mary Anne, 85, 93 Williamson, Thos., 59 Wilson, Wm., 1 Vanston, Robt. J., 53, 59, 71 Vibert, Wm. H., 65 Hamlin, Walter, 58 Mull, Ernest Christian, 68 Smith, Frank, 18, 45, 52, 58 Umbers, Harry, 45, 58 Backhouse, S. B., 68, 77 Baird, Robert, 61, 68 Baker, David, 68 Baylin, John, 17, 27 Benthrick, William, 5 Benzie, Leslie, 49, 55 Berry, Mary, 77 Bolger, Fredk., 83, 90 Brazenor, William, 55, 61 Bryant, John, 27 Cahir, Thomas, 49 Callaghan, Timothy, 45, 52, 58 Campbell, John, 83 Carmichael, William, 5, 11

5 1885.] VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.--INDEX. 3 Horses and cattle stolen from-continued. Clarke, W. J., Sir, 41, 52, 64 Clements, Richard, 43, 90 Coakley, J., 68 Coe, Levi, 4 Collins, Mary J., 11 Connell, Lawrence, 43, 49 Coonan, Michael, 43 Coote, J., 68 Coulstan, William, 27 Cramire, Ben, 27 Curtis, Richard, 68 Cuthbertson, John, 49, 55, 61, 83 Dart, J., 68 Deas, John, 5, 11 Eaton, J., 11 Edgcomb, Edward F., 5, 27 Edwards, Robert S., 27 Ewart, William, 5 Farmer, Robert, 91 Feehan, Maurice J., 83, 90 Field, William, 83 Fenton, Samuel, 61 Flowers, Thomas, 49, 55 Foster, James, 68, 90 Francis, James, 49 Gardiner, Alexander, 17 Gardiner, Capt. R., 17, 68 Gerraty, Frank, 49, 61 Gibson, Thomas, 4, 11 Giddings, Henry, 64, 71 Goddard, George, 17, 90 Gooch, Henry, 91 Grant, Henry, 91 Greaves, James, 11, 49 Greaves, T., 11 Green, Richard, 5 Griffin, Henry, 77, 90 Gunner, Henry, 17 Harkness, John, 43 Harrison, James W., 11 Harrison, Hy., 68 Hassett, Patrick, 11, 43 Hart, J. 0., 83 Hartle, Alfred, 49 Hawthorne, D., 4 Hawley, John, 43 Hawkins, William, 5 Heath, George, 91 Heath, James, 11 Hogan, Michael, 61, 77 Holmes, John, 27 Howard, Philip, 49 Hughes, John, 17, 43 Humphries, James, 5, 55 Hyland, C., 27, 83 Iritsch, Ernest, 11, 43 Jackson, Edward N., 49, 55 Johnston, George R., 77 Johnston, Joseph, 5, 83 Johnson, Thomas, 61 Jones, George, 55, 77 Jones, Lloyd, 45, 58 Keighin, William H., 83 Kidd, Alexander, 77 Leary, Francis, 11 Lennon, Fredk., 43, 55 Lett, William, 91 Levy, Harry, 17 Lillie, Thomas, 4 Lobb, George J., 61, 68, 80 Long, Edward, 55 Lowe, Nathaniel, 17 Lyons, Edward, 42, 61 Lyons, Patrick, 49 Mackey, James, 5 Maher, Patrick, 27, 68 Mahoney, Daniel, 11 Mansel, Thomas, 49 Marshall, Henry, 91 Maulder, W., 4 Melville, George W., 30 Miller, Henry, 68 Mills, E., 43 Housebreaking, arrested for- Ashley, Alfred, 13 Bell, Wm., 85 Brooksbank, J. F., 71 Brown, John, 85 Carter, Lucy, 31 Clark, Mrs., 85 Clark, Richd., 85 Clark, Wm. H., 51 Cooney, Thos., 23 Dangerfield, Albert, 87 Delsonti, Geo., 47 Dixon, Wm. H., 9 Flamy, Paul, 51 Halliday, Chas., 13 Hill, Sunny, 7 Hoolahan, Thos., 71 Josephs, Phoebe, 63 Linden, Luke, 29 Mack, Annie, 21 Murray, Wm., 93 McGill, Jas., 85 McMillan Elizth., 87 O'Connor, Thos., 53 Molloy, Robert, 43 Moran, Michael, 61 Morgan, Phillip, 77, 83 Morley, John, 49 Mulhan, Gustave, 61 McCarthy, P., 58 McCartney, Ross, 77, 90 McGeorge, J., 4 McGuire, Bernard, 68 McKay, Alexander, 77 McKay, James, 11 McIntosh, Thos. P., 68, 77 McKibbin, William, 17 McLean, Alexander, 55, 61 McPherson, John, 77 Nicholas, James, 43 O'Connell, Denis, 11 O'Keefe, Christopher, 43, 49 Page, William M., 43, 68 Paige, Edward A., 45, 58 Palmer, William, 17 Parkinson, Henry, 49 Patterson, Whitler, and Smith 49 Pendergast, M., 11 Phelan, Thomas, 91 Powell, Edward T., 17 Power, Joseph, 77 Price, John, 27 Ramsdale, John, 43, 77 Regalson, Charles, 83 Reidy, T., 11 Rich, Carlisle, 11, 17 Richardson, Robert, 4, 11 Robertson, James, 55, 68 Rout, John, 55, 68 Rowroth, Samuel, 91 Ryan, John, 43 Simpson, James, 5 Sampson, Samuel, 17 Sheehan, William, 45, 52, 58 Slade, Mark, 91 Skidmore, W. H., 77 Smith, Albert, 83 Smith, Henry, 61 Smith, Patrick, 5 Stapley, T. F., 17 Stenes, Thomas, 43 Stephens, Henry, 27 Stewart, Thos. S., 77, 83 Stiggants, Henry, 83 Story, William, 4 Summers, James, 49, 68 Sutherland, Donald, 55, 90 Talbot, Chas. H. Rev., 49 Taylor, William, 43 Thomas, Joseph, 5, 17, 49 Tozer, James, 11, 27 Tozer, Henry, 11, 27 Tracey, John, 61, 83 Trangmar, George, 68, 77 Treasure, Albert, 13, 22, 49 Treasy, John, 43 Turner, B. T., 49 Turner, Samuel, 43 Wakefield, Geo. C., 43 Walsh, Patrick, 4 Watson, William, 77 Whitlock, Charles, 68 Whitty, Richard, 5 Wholers, Albert, 91 Williams, G., 55 Williams, S., 43 Wilkie, Andrew, 61, 68 Wilson, Frank W., 5 Willis, Davis, 5, 11 Witt, William, 11 Vanrenan, Henry P., 68 Victoria Police, 27,61,68,83,90 Vincent, John E., 27, 51 Vines, William, 55, 61 Viney, Arthur, 49 Volgar, Thomas, 43 O'Mara, Thos., 45 Parry, Ellen 71 Parry, Jas., 71 Payne, Wm., 85 Phillips, Wm., 85 Powell, Chas., 85 Roberts, Wm., 23 Rough, Elizth., 13 Roy, Walter, 21 Sache, Carl, 2 Sanson, John H., 7 Slater, Hy. W., 23 Smith, Wm., 63 Stewart, Jas., alias Slippers, 29 Taylor, Paddy, alias Cranky Taylor, 51 Thomas, Minnie, 85 Treloar, Benjamin, 23 Turpeny, Wm., 53 Williams, Mary, 63 Windgate, Mary, 63 Winter, Danl., 13 Withers, Albert, 66 Housebreaking, charged with- Abbott, Frank, 45 Barry, Jas., 57, 71 Beattie, Chas. Washington, alias Black Charley, 85 Beck, David, alias George, 71 Beck, Einily, 7 Brooksbank, J. F., 63, 71 Brown, John, 79, 85 Charles, Alfred, alias Casey, alias Hume, 29 Connelly, Owen, 85 Crosbie, Hy., 13, 21 Curtis, Sam., 29 Edwards, Annie, 29 Eider, George, 21 Falin, Chas., 85 Flanagan, David, 21 Francis, -, 57 Frazer, Fredk., 63 George, David, alias Beck, 71 Grand, Louis, 57 Hoolahan, Thos., 57, 71 Hubble, Sylvian Adams, 85, 93 Hume, Alfred, alias Charles, alias Casey, 29 Housebreaking, committed on- Abbott, Arthur, 23 Abbott, Mary J., 73 Adams, Alfred, 31 Adlem, John, 88 Ah Chan, 87 Ali Louie, Louisa, 15 Aitken, Hugh J., 2, 15 Alexander, Peter, 85, 93 Allright, John, 73 Anderson, Alexr., 88 Anderson, A. S., 47, 65 Anderson, Mary A., 23 Anderson, Percy H., 47 Andrew, Jas., 65 Andrew, John, 81 Andrews, F. G., 82 Asche, Thos., 87 Auchotts, Mary Ann, 82, 87 Barry, John J., 29, 45 Barwick, Jas., 66 Bauld, Jas., 47 Beasley, H., 47, 57 Beetchenew, Walter, 74, 85 Behrens, Gerhard, 48 Black, Robt. A., 66 Bray and Lichter, 29 Brenston, Abraham, 15 Brogan, Martin, 13 Brooks, Wm., 23 Brunsden, Anne, 57, 71 Burge, Charlotte, 66, 73 Butler, Jas., 57 Cain, Wm., 23 Cameron, Alexr., 15 Campbell, Florence, 63 Carbury, Thos., 31 Carroll, Wni., 87 Christian Geo., 2 Clatworthy, Wm., 71 Clay, Emma, 79 ClohasseT, Patk., 48 Cohen, Lewis, 82 Cocks, Arthur, 2, 10 Cohen, Joseph, 23, 53 Cohen, Joseph, 47 Colonial Bank of Australasia, 59 Cooper, Emma, 66 Creswicks, Jas., 81 Crisp, Chas., 47 Crook, Maurice, 16, 23 Dale, Richd., 85 Dargent, Mary, 57, 63 Davidson, Alexr., 31 Dawes, Wm., 63, 71 Day, Bernard, 15 Deversh, Allic, 63 Donaughy, Jas., 88 Douglas, Mrs., 73 Dowling, Hy., 71 Downing, John, 65 Dowling, Joseph, 7 Doyle, John, 79, 85, 93 Dudley, Marion, 16, 29 Dwyer, John, 65, 85 Dwyer, Maria, 59 Eagar, Alexr., 47 Earle, Fredk. W. M., 79 Edwards, Jane, 47 Erdmenn, Fredk., 23 Estoppey, Chas., 74 Evett, Wm., and others, 2 Falk, David G., 15 Farrell, Thos., 59 Flanagan, Jas., 87 Fleming, Michl., 73 Foote, Jas., 65 Fowler, Jas., 57 Franklin, Fredk. M. M., 47 Frazer, Jas., 2, 59 Gale, Mary, 10 Johnston, -, 29 Kerr, -, 51 King, Jas., 85 Lumsden, Peter, 23 Martens, Fredk., 79 Martin, Michl., 51 Mathewson, John, 21 Murray, Win., 79, 93 McGill, Wm., 79, 85 Nicholls, Fredk., 21, 29 Nogac, Charley, 63 O'Mara, Thos., 29, 45 Parry, Ellen, 7, 57, 71 Payne, Wm., 79, 85 Phillips, Wm., 63, 85 Read, -, 29 Rogers, Henry, 51 Sinclair, -, 57 Smith, Win., 57, 63 Thompson, Fredk., 85 White, Mary, 21 Windgate, Mary, 51, 63 Williams, --, 79 Gillson, Andrew, 29 Gleeson, Michl., 16, 31 Goldstein, Moses, 2, 31, 47 Goumany, Madame J. B. F., 15 Gow, Jas., 15 Greening, Fanny, 15 Greenwood, Robt., 74 Griffiths, Mary, 81 Grover, Alfred, 63 Guilfoyle, Phillip, 31 Gurney, Georgina, 31 Haines, E. S., 10 Hall, Geo. W., 29 Harper, Wm., 16 Harris, Robt., 88 Hawkins, Wm., 21 Haworth, David, 93 Haythorpe, Edwd., 73 Heywood, John G., 65, 81 Hi Foon, Tommy, 63 Hill, Thos. B., 60 Hopwood, Henry, 2 Howard, Sarah, 66 Huleatte, Maria, 73 Hunter, John, 29 Johnson, Swean, 48, 60 Jose de Andrade, 2 Kelly, Catherine, 21 Kelly, Danl., 2 Kenny, Richd., 2 Keogh, John F., 10 Kerley, Thos., 47 Knight, Fredk., 73 Knight, Henry, 47 Knight, Joseph, 2 Knott, Geo., 7 Kong Goon, 59 Lambert, Wm., 65 Lewin, Martin, 9 Lewis, Fredk. A., 10 Lodge, Cynric, 81 Lowy, Mary, 13 Macdowell, Herbert, 9 Maguire, Thos., 23 Mahomed, Adham, 21 Martin, Wm., 59 Manchester, Jas. A., 23 Marshall, Wm., 16 Mau, Wm., 47 Meaney, Bessie, 60 Mee Sin, 57, 71 Merrivale, Geo., 93 Meyer, Louis, 16, 23, 45 Nicholls, Richd., 88 Mills, Geo., 921 Miscamble, John R., 23 Mong Seong, 48 Moore, Lenore, 87 Moore, Margt., 7 Moore, Wm. T., 81 Morrison, John, 73 McCaskell, Isabella, 87 McEachern, Robt., 79 McGain, Edwd., 16 McGregor, Alexr., 60 McGuire, Catherine, 87 McLaughlin, Hugh, 93 McNaughton, Angus, 2 Nicholls, Mary A., 21, 29 Nicholson, Frank, 10 Nolan, Edwd. B., 2 Nixon, Ellen, 87 Osborne, Rosmond, 13 O'Mahony, Cornelius, 57 Patterson, Jas., 9 Patterson, Laing, and Bruce, 48 Pearce, John, 13, 21 Pearce, Mary, 66 Perkins, Fredk., 2

6 4 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. [1885. Housebreaking, committed on-continued. Penniger, Annie, 48, 57 Stephens, Richd., 23 Perkins, Hy., 59, 65 Stephens, Robt., 73 Perry, Richd., 31 Stripling, Thos. H., 65, 85 Peters, Ernest, 15 Styler, Joseph, 65, 73 Penton, Henry A., 47 Sullivan, Cornelius, 47 Power, Jas., 23 Swanson, John, 63, 85 Quilivan, Martin, 21 Synnott Bros., 29 Reece and Co., Win., 82 Thompson, Jacob, 87 Reeve, Alice, 21 Thompson, Jas., 7 Rennison, Chas., 2, 15, 66, 74 Thompson, Mrs., 16 Reynolds, Patk. H., 10 Thunder, Alfred F. G., 16 Richards, John, 67 Tobin, Andrew, 81 Richardson, Alfred T., 57 Trainor, Jas. A., 2 Robertson, Wm., 2 Twigge, F. H., 81 Rosenweig, Lazarus, 65, 74 Vance, Wm. J., 13 Ryan, Joseph, 16 Vittler, John, 79 Russell, Danl., 59 Walker, Isabella, 59 Shaw, Edwd., 23 Wallace, Wm. T., 71 Shead, E. M., 23 Watson, Sand., 85 Sinclair, Janet, 81 Watts, Richd. W., 2 Skinner, Wm., 15 Williams, F. L., 29 Smithers, Chas. E., 16 Williams, Sophia P., 63 Smith, Wm., 87 Wilson, Jas., 82 Solomon, Frank, 87 Wood, Frank, 2, 15 Spittle, Saml., 9 Wood, Henry, 2 Springfield, Penis, 66, 85 Wyle, Harriet, 31 Sproule, Geo., 66, 81 Young, Win., 93 Hoyle, James, alias Yankee Jim, arrested for threatening language, 61, 67 Hughes, William, arrested for threatening language, 67, 82 Hunter, William, selling adulterated milk, 48 Hutchin, Henry, embezzlement from, Incendiarism committed on- Aitken, John G., 53 Lyons, Patrick, 87 Anderson, Colonel, 41 Mitchell, John, 1 Batchelor, John, 87 Montgomery, Patrick, 23 Carr, Thomas, 59 McIntosh, George A., 59, 87 Chapman, Abraham, 47, 53 O'Neill, Joseph, 15 Dusting, Henry, and Co., 9 Robertson, Francis, 23 Gibson, Alexander, 31 Ryan, James, 81 Huf, Charles, 81 Ryan, Thomas, 47 Kofoed, John, 81 Sanderson, T., 87 Loddon Valley Gold M. Co., 1 Thompson, Ellen, 87 Inquests held on- Gage, Annie, 19, 28 Janes, Edward, 12 Jenkins, Robert, 5, 18, 44 Child, female, found at Hawkesburn railway station, 78 Child, female, found in McCallum creek, 78 Child, female, found in a drain near Victoria barracks, 28 Man, name unknown, found dead near Lancefield, 44 Man, unknown, found shot near Melbourne gas works, 18 Man, unknown, found in River Yarra, near Botanical bridge, 62, 69 Man, unknown, found in River Yarra, near Botanical bridge, 84 Man, unknown, found in Wodonga park, 50 Man, unknown, found dead near Whittlesea, 19 Man, unknown, found in the Yarra, above Prince's bridge, 19, 44 Mason, Walter, 62, 69 Reardon, James, 73 Wilmot, Jesse, 12, 18 J. Jack, Janet, for vagrancy, 42 Jackson, Jacob, for discharging firearms in a public place, 48 Jacobs, S., false pretences on, 7 James, Ellen, rape on, 13 James, Mary, for wilful damage, 11 James, William, for carnally abusing a girl under 10 years of age, 13 Jenkins, William, assaulted, 27 Johnston, Thomas, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 63, 79 Joy, John, for embezzlement, 13 Joyce, Thomas, deserted hired service, 76 K. King, Harry, for embezzlement, 52 K24ypanial, county of Gladstone, cutting timber, &c., prohibited, Kinnar, James, disobeying a summons, 90 Kithara, absent from his hired service, 90 L. Lacey, William, arrested for inciting a prisoner to resist, 60, 67 Lambert, Thomas, for loitering on a public footpath, 48 Lane, Elizabeth, assaulted, 90 Lamphier, William, assaulted, 77 Lauritz, Mary A., forged cheque uttered, 7 Lawder, Alexander, for driving on the wrong side of the street, 48 Lawford, George, for disobeying a summons, 17 Ledcourt state forest, timber reserve, proclamation revoked, 3 Lennon, Hugh, forged cheque uttered to, 79 Leslie, Peter, escaped lunatic, 17 Lester, Frederick, for forging and uttering, 93 Lloyd, Robert L., forged promissory-note uttered to, 86 Licenses, auctioneers ', 24, 25, 66 Licenses, billiard, 25, 66 Licenses, carriers ', 25, 67 Licenses, colonial wine, 25, 67 Licenses, grocers', 25, 67 Licenses, hawkers', 25, 66 Licenses, packet, 25, 66 Licenses, publicans', 3, 10, 25, 31, 48, 54, 66, 74, 82, 88 Licenses, tobacco, 26, 67 Licenses, stage carriage, 67 Licenses, wine and spirit, 26 Lockart's creek, as a licensing district, 10 Lumsden, Peter, for attempted rape, 45 Luxmore, William H., service deserted, 77 M. Macarthy, Joseph, forgery on, 51 Mackinley, Alexander, false pretences on, 7 Maddigan, Denis, for assault, 90 Magistrates appointed visiting justices, 3, 16 Magistrates resigned, 82 Mahon, George N., for false pretences, 7 Mahony, John, alias McMahon, larceny as a servant, 13, 21 Man, unknown, for being a rogue and vagabond at Carlton, 55 Man, unknown, for being a rogue and vagabond at South Yarra, 1 Man, unknown, for obscene exposure near Avenel, 10 Man, name unknown, for obscene exposure in the Flagstaff gardens, Melbourne, 17 Man, unknown, using obscene language at Sandhurst, 90 Man, unknown, for obscene exposure in St. Kilda, 17 Man, unknown, for obscene exposure in Yarra park, 27 Marcelino Marco, fraud by conspiracy on, 85 Marks, Henry, larceny as a bailee on, 7, 13, 51 Maroney, James, for assault, 90 Marr, Edward H., absconding from bail, 77 Marr, Mary H., absconding from bail, 77 Marshall, George, forged cheque uttered to, 7 Martin, James, using threatening language, 90 Martin, Mary Emily, for vagrancy, 4 Mather, Robert, larceny on by a servant. 13 Mathewson, Duncan Constable, assaulted, 17 Maryborough, court of general sessions of the peace, date of holding altered, 66 Medical practitioners, list of legally qualified, 10, 16, 54, 88 Medical practitioners, register of, for 1885, 32 to 42 Menan, James, absent from his hired service, 77 Merrett, James, arrested for unlawfully wounding his wife, 82 Meyer, Magda, attempted rape on, 45, 79 Middleditch, Thomas, for vagrancy, 17, 55 Miller, Hugh, stealing a suit of clothes, 71 Missing friends- Allgood, Mary Ann, 19 Loch, Thos., 69 Allgood, Matilda, 19 Long, Edwd., 56 Anderson, Mary Ann, 62, 83 Lucas, Jas., 69 Baldwin, Mary, 69 Marchant, Jean, 18 Banatyne, Jas. Lorimer, 46 Mason, Win., 62 Bastart, August, 12, 44 Maxwell, John, 44 Brown, David, 28 Mercer, Peter Stewart, 12 Butler, Harriet, 5 Moffatt, Alexr., 91 Cain, or Kain, Jas., 92 Morris, John, 56 Chaffy, Mary Jane, 56, 62 McCormack, Patk., 69 Clausen, Hy. John, 44 McFadden, John, 50 Colston, Wm. Hy., 12 McGarvey, Charles, 69 Cooper, Mary, 69 McInerney, Edwd., 50 Cooper, Thos., 69 McLean, Wm. Kentish, 12 Dalbear, Wm., 7 O'Leary, Timothy, 44 Ewing, Jas. Newton, 69 O'Meara, Jas., 12 Frankland, Geo., 44 Peden, Martha Jane, 78, 91 Geary, Edwd., 50 Phillips, Richd., 18, 50 Geary, Mary, 50 Pinn (Quin), Bridget A., or Geary, Patk., 50 McDonald, nee Cunning- Gillespie, John, 5, 10 ham, 91 Green, K. J., or R. J., 18 Porter, Thos., 50 Green, Thos., 68 Prendergast, Edwd., 92 Greesham, John, 18 Riddell, John, 28 Hare, or Sayer, -, 44 Sayer, or Hare, 44 Harnbury, Martha, 44, 56 Shaw, Isaiah, 56 Hart, Geo., 78 Sheffield, Chas., 28 Harris, Jas., 69 Si Que, Maggie, 69 Hesse, Jean Arnold, 44 Slade, Edwd., 69 Heinrick, Leonard, 68 Smith, Julian, 28 Home, Henry Melian, 69 Spence, Alexr., 62 Hutchinson, Joseph, 7 Spencer, Robt., 44 Hummett, Robt., 28 Stewart, Ernest Thos., 78 Hyland, Helen, or Ellen, 28 Stewart, Geo., 78 Jacka, Win., 84 Turnbull, Danl., 62, 78 Kennedy, Owen, 78 Tyrrell, Eunice, 28 Kerley, Jeremiah, 50 Victor, John, 28 Lamb, Elizth., 83 Ward, John, 69 Lazarus, Joseph, 84 Williams, Jas. F., 12 Leslie, Thos., 56 Wilson, Horace, 46 Lewald, Dagobert, 28 Wilson, Wm., 84 Lister, Joseph, 28 Young, Maria, 5 Little, Chas. John, 69 Mitchell, John Taylor, alias John Taylor, for disobeying a summons, 48, 82 Mitchell, Kate, grievous bodily harm inflicted on, 43 Molloy, John, constable, assaulted, 55 Mologa railway station, publicans ' licenses may be granted at, 48, 88 Moses, Markus, false pretences on, 29 Moyston, court of petty sessions to be held at, 89 Murder, arrested for- Fitzgerald, Gerald, 28 Murder, charged with- Angel, Thomas, alias Hobson, Fitzgerald, Gerald, 12, White, William, alias Thurs- Barnes, William, 1 ton, 91 Courtney, James Alfred, 91 Murder of- Child, female, found at Carl- Child, male, found at North ton police station, 73 park lands, Adelaide, 6 Child, male, found at Mel- Child, male, found in Rathbourne corporation tip, 9 downe street, Carlton, near the State school, 81 Q

7 1885.] VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. 5 Murder of-continued. Child, male, found in mining Meldrum, William, 12, 28 shaft at Redan, Ballarat, 87 Mitchell, John, 91 Child, female, found in the New South Wales.-Woman, Saltwater River, 81 unknown, found dead near Child, female, found at Wes- Hunter's Hill, 50 leyan church, St. Kilda, 47, Slack, Joseph Bragg, 1 53 Murphy, M. J., gunner, deserting Victorian artillery, 83 Murray, John, embezzlement of 1200 from, 52, 57 Mc. McCausland, Charles, for larceny as a bailee, 45, 52 McCullagh, Adam J., false pretences on, 71 McCullagh, Samuel D., larceny from, by a partner, 45, 52, 63 McCulloch, Sophia, alias White, uttering a base shilling, 27 McDonald, Hugh, disobeying a summons, 90 McEvoy, Maud, for obscene language, 48 McEwan and Co., James, forgery uttered to, 63 Mclvor, John, arrested for assault and wilful damage, 43 McKay, Archibald, false pretences on, 86 McKenzie, John, for assault, 42, 49 McKenzie, Peter, escaped lunatic, 77 McLeod, Annie, larceny as a bailee from, 29, 45, 51 McMahon, John, alias Mahony, arrested for larceny as a servant, 21 McNamara, James, for abusive language, 27 McNee, Peter, for embezzlement, 21 McNicol, John, false pretences on, 52, 57 McRavey, John T., hired service deserted, 4 McShanag, Hugh, for disobeying a summons, 42, 48, 54 N. Naughton, Robert, assaulted, 90 Nyallasy, Charles W., forged cheque uttered to, 13 Nellis, William James, arrested for deserting his apprenticeship, 11, 17 Nelson, Sarah A., larceny as a bailee from, 79 New South Wales.-Brook, Walter Smith, false pretences, 52 New South Wales.-Cooke, Alfred B., 3 stolen from, 58 New South Wales.-Crosby, James, false pretences on, 52 New South Wales.-Mulroy, -, for stealing X11, 52 New South Wales.-Shannon, David, 11 stolen from, 52 New South Wales.-Wichinstine, Randolph, stealing 3, 58 New South Wales.-Yates, Joseph, alias Jackson, for forgery, 52 Netherlands.-Pieter, W. H., alias Johan Meijer, embezzling 5000, 94 Nivens, John, alias Williams, alias Bever, for uttering a forged cheque, 29 Nolan, George, for deserting his apprenticeship, Officers of health and analysts, 24, 31, 60, 73, 88 O'Brien, Catherine, arrested for vagrancy, 55, 60 O'Connor, R., for negligent driving, 17 O'Donoghue, James, false pretences on, 7 O'Neill, William, being in a public place, &c., 76 P. Parker, William, larceny as a bailee from, 57 Parkins, Thomas, throwing down a fence with intent to steal it, 43 Pengelly, William, for vagrancy, 82 Parry, John, for threatening language, 11, 43 Petersen, Joseph, arrested for false pretences, 7 Paterson, A., false pretences on, 93 Patterson, John, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 52, 58, 64 Pieter, W. H., alias Johan Meijer, embezzling 5000 on the Netherlands Government, 94 Pitt, Thomas, arrested for false pretences, 45 Police force, appointments as constables- Arthur, Thomas, 16 McMahon, John Thomas, 16 Bowden, Roderick, 3 McNeil, Archibald, 16 Draper, Alexander Cameron, 3 Palmer, Henry, 3 Dunlop, Robert Stephen, 3 Reioch, James, 3, 16 Farrar, Albert Victor, 3 Robins, William, 3 Healy, Patrick John Michl.,16 Seddon, William Henry, 16 Hutchinson, Stewart, 54 Toomey, James, 48 Jenkins, Clifford, 3 Vowels, William Henry, 16, 31 Joyce, Patrick John, 3, 16 Wallace, David, 3 Kane, James, 3 White, George, 74 Langlands, Alfred Ernest, 3 Wilson, James, 3 Police force, appointments as crown lands bailiffs- Faigh, John Thomas, 83 Shanks, Fredk. H., 31 Hocking, William H., 60 Walker, Charles, 74 Quinane, Michael, 60 Police force, appointments as inspectors of slaughterhouses- Beckman, Henry Charles, 16 McGrath, Timothy, 66 Healy, Domnick, 48 Smelcher, Alfred, 16 Morris, Alozo, 48 Wilson, Harry Herbert, 66 Police force, appointments as manager and assistant inspectors of fisheries- Moore, James, 48 McGrath, James, 48 Police force, deaths- Davidson, James, 10 Fegan, John, 82 Police force, discharged- Doyle, James, 60 Ryan, Edward William Joseph O'Brien, James, Police force, instructions to- Barnard, Edward, permitted to travel through Victoria with a circus, 88 Escort of treasure, charges for, fixed, 66 Examinations for promotion to rank of sergeant, notices of, 10, 75, 76 Members of the police force, appointed as commissioners for taking affidavits to notify to the Prothonotary their removal from place to place while holding the position, 24 Police force, instructions to-continued. Petty cash accounts, claimants to sign with ink, 3 Plan of land or premises required for inquest proceedings, or prosecution in a court of petty sessions, or for the higher courts, what will do and how to be obtained, 3 Regulations for the care, &c., of Meredith racecourse and recreation reserve, 24 Regulations for the care, &c., of Mortlake public park and garden, 89 Regulations for the care, &c., Sorrento public park, 75 Regulations for the care, &c., of the reserve for show-yards in the parish of Yarrawonga, 89 Ridge, John, permitted to travel through Victoria with United States Circus, under certain conditions, 3 Special index, re Police Gazette notices, published from the 13/8/77 to 31/12/84, 88 The land act 1884, regulations under, 88 Watchhouse-keepers to exercise descretion before locking up persons charged by inexperienced constables, 54 Police force, lands reserved from sale for use of, 74, 88 Police force, list of districts and stations, 3 Police force, list of officers in order of rank and seniority, 3 Police force, promotions- Carroll, Redmond, 54 Oliver, George, 54 McHugh, Robert, 54 Police force, resignations- Bull, Charles Henry, 3 Evans, John, 74 Healy, Patrick John Michael, 74 Langlands, Alfred Ernest, 82 Police force, standing orders, 1 Police force, station formed- Lord, Edward, 3 Mainwaring, James Gosstray, 66 O'Callaghan, Eugene, 82 Smith, Samuel Montgomery, 3 Little Bourke street east, Melbourne district, 82 Police force, superannuations- Keenan, James, 74 Sheridan, Patrick, 54 McBreen, Thomas, 3 Smallman, John, 82 Sexton, Thomas, 24 Powell, John Louis, arrested for uttering 45, 58 Property, arrested for stealing- Anderson, Peter, 93 Sanson, John H., 7 Bennett, John, 93 Sharp, Sydney, 79 Keating, Geoffrey, 29, 51 Simpson, John, 85 Pennock, Robert, 29 Welch, Thomas, 71, 79 Robertson, John, alias Robinson, 21 Property, Cox, Thomas, 13 Henderson, -, 85 Hoy, Henry, 21 Jones, -, 85 Lean, William, 57 May, Tott, 51 Murphy, Thomas, 7 McGough, Isabella, 51 charged with stealing-- Property found, now in possession of- Bacchus Marsh, 50, 56 Ballarat C. I. police, 5 Ballarat South, 44, 50 Chewton police, 11, 56 Collingwood police, 50, 61 Corop police, 68 East St. Kilda, 18 Elmore police, 18 Flemington police, 91 Jamieson police, 44 King street, 44 Kyneton police, 56 Property lost by- Allen, Elizabeth, 11 Arkle, Eve, 56 Bennett, Eliza, 49, 56 Bitten, Edward, 43 Brogan, Annie, 18 Brown, John R., 86 Boyd, William, 5 Cameron, Annie, 50 Coop, George, 61 Crowley, John, 91 Harris, Henry, 83 Hoyt, Chas. J., 83 Hughes, Ada, 78 Koch, Sarah, 18, 28 Leslie, Annie, 61 Maloney, Thomas, 43 Matthews, Peter, 68 Mitchell, David, 43 Morrison, Mary, 11 stolen from- Afflick, Fredk., 3 Property Anderson, Lers, 74 Atkinson, Joshua, 60 Bennett, Thomas K., 93 Blackwell, George N., 54 Blackwell, George W., 48 Bradley, Thomas, 16 Braim, Thomas H., 82 Brightwell, John, 16 Brook, James, 79 Burt, Thomas, 48, 66 Calanchini, Joseph, 88 Carme, John, 74 Croker, May, 66 Cross, William M., 24 Dakin, William E., 74 Doull, Joshua, 60 Egan, John, 66 Fitzgerald, Edward, 31 Perry, William, 51 Queensland-Mannall, James, 30 Walsh, Henry, alias Tatter Walsh, alias Wilson, 63, 85 Wilson, Charles, alias Tatter Walsh, 63, 85 Melbourne C. 1. police, 11, 44, 50, 56, 78, 91 Newport police, 18, 28 Port Melbourne police, 18 Quarry Hill, 43 Richmond, 56, 62 Royal Park, 91 Russell street, 11, 18, 50, 78, 91 Sale police, 18 St. Kilda police, 11, 18, 44 West Melbourne police, 68, 91 Yarraville police, 68, 78 Mulready, J., 78, 83 McDermott, Michael, 91 McFarlane, Mrs., 50 McNeil, Hugh, 11 Palmer, Mrs., 61 Parker, Sergeant, 68 Paull, Annie, 68 Roberts, Mabel, 49 Shea, Catherine, 78 Stewart, Philip, 27 Symonds, William H., 11 Taylor, Edward, 83 Thompson, Alexander G., 43 Thompson, Joseph, 68 Van, Charles, 11 Welch, Henry, 28 Wheatland, Fredk., 5 Wilson, Carrie, 18 Wood, Helen, 28 Gatenberry, John W., 24 Gill, Edward M., 48 Grice, Sumner, and Co., 93 Griffiths, Patrick, 29, 51 Goss, William, 51 Gunn, David, 3 Halifax, Henry, 93 Hall, George W., 21 Halstead and Kerr, 57 Harrison, John, 31 Hewett, John H., 7 Hicks, James, 24 Higgins, John, 16 Higgins, William S., 3 Hobart, Charles, 3 Hooper, George, 10, 16 Hunt, Annie, 54 Johnson, Andrew, 31 Jones, Mary, 3

8 6 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. [1885. Property stolen from-continued. Kennedy, James, 82 Queensland-Hyland, Jesse, Keogh, Herbet P., 3 30 Kerley, Thomas, 48 Rawlings, John, 24 Kittelty, Henry, 54 Ray, J. W. R., 54 Longham, Emily, 29 Ricketson, Henry, 66 Lyons and Co., J., 54 Robb, Peter, 54 Matheson, Archibald, 48 Russell, James, 3 Melbourne, Harbor Trust, 21 Smart, Alexander, 51 Mills, Alexander, 10 Smith, Jemima, 54 Moore, John E., 74 Snowball, Joseph, 85 Moses, Lewis, 3 Stewart, Thomas L., 3, 10 McAuliffe, Patrick, 21 Storer, Joseph, 7 McCarthy P., 48 Taylor, Lizzie, 10 McCormack, Dougald, 88 Thomas, George, 60 McGough, James, 51 Thompson, Edward, 85 McGuire, Frank, 54 Tomkins, John, 13 McKenna, Martin, 10 Trapp, H. S., 3 Nelsson, August, 16 Tye, Henry, 71 Nelson, H.M.S., 88 Vaughan, Benjamin, 3, 85 Noake, John, 74 Walsh, John, 71, 79 Olsen, Fredk., 10 Walters, Brooke, 24 Pettitt, Richard, 3 Walters, James, 74 Phillips, William, 48 Whitmann, George, 88 Prag, Robert, 88 "Public health amendment statute, 1883 " extended town, Romsey, Lancefield, and Lorne, 66 Purcell, Walter, for vagrancy, 27, 42 Q. Quarantine of vessels, 66 Queensland -Pritchard, A. B., for forgery, 93 Quinn, August William, for assault, 55 to Mitchell's R. Randall, John D., arrested for disobeying a summons, 4 Ratz, Conrad, apprentice deserted from, 68 Read, H., false pretences on, 58 Reeves, Charles Peter, embezzling 1200, 52, 57 Registrars, deputy, of births, marriages, and deaths appointed, 3, 24, 48, 54, 60, 66, 74, 88 Reid, John, fence belonging to wilfully damaged, 82 Reschke, Frederick, order forged on, 21 Rewards offered by- Aitken, John G., 53 New Zealand government, 9 Day, Bernard, 15 Rich, Carlisle, 11 Feehan, Maurice J., 83 Stewart, Thos. S., 83 Griffin, Henry, 77 Tomkins, John, 13 Harrison, James W., 11 Trangmar, George, 68 Lennon, Fredk., 55 Victorian government, 9, 53, McCullagh, Samuel D., New South Wales govern- Wood, Frank, 2 ment, 50 Ricketson, Henry, service deserted, 67 Rider, Henry, assaulted, 17 Riordan, John, forged cheque uttered to, 93 Ritter, Ernest, arrested for attempted rape, 45, 79 Ryan, Thomas, larceny from, by a servant, 52 Robinson, G., larceny from, by a bailee, 71, 93 Rohlk, Augustus, apprenticeship deserted, 10, 27 Ross, Charles, for false pretences, 52, 57 S. Salby, Frances L., larceny as a bailee from, 63, 79 Scanlon, Catherine, for vagrancy, 26 Scott, Catherine, absconding from bail, 77 Seedhouse, Mary, imposition on, 61 Sheilds, James, for insulting behaviour, 77 Sheridan, John, arrested for assault, 77 Small-pox, notices regarding, 16, 74 Smith, John, disobeying a summons, 60, 67 Smith, William, arrested for cutting timber, 60 Solomons, Lewis, larceny as a bailee from, 51, 63, 80 South Australia-Dewson, John, for false pretences, 52 South Australia-Smith, Charles, false pretences on, 52 Stewart, Charles, for false pretences, 45 Stainforth, Francis W., for assault, 27 Stanton, Emma, neglected child, 82 Stevens, William, for deserting hired service, 4 Stewart, George, for assault, 75 Stewart, Richard, for obscene language, 42 Strachan, William J., for false pretences, 45 Stuchbery, William W., embezzlement, 86 Sydney-Anderson, Fred., larceny of 30 from a partner, 79 Sydney-Bergeson, Loene, larceny of 30 from, by a partner, 97 Sydney-Davies, Henry, altered bank-note uttered to, 13 Sydney-Mitchell, Joseph, money stolen from, by a clerk, 29 Sydney-Morris, Thomas, forged bank-note uttered to, 2 Sydney-Steel, William, stealing money as a clerk, 29 T. Tambo, county of Dargo, as a licensing district, 10 Taite, J. E., alias A. Dixon Chater, arrested for false pretences, 22, 29 Tate, Frederick, for false pretences, 93 Taylor, John, alias John Taylor Mitchell, for disobeying a summons, 48, 82 Thomas, James, disobeying a summons, 77 Thompson, Alexander, arrested for assault, 60, 67 Thornton, William, for false pretences, 93 Timber cutting, &c., prohibited, 24 Timber reserves, 3, 31 Trelaw, W. H., for false pretences, 58 Turner, Fredk., for uttering a forged cheque, 7 Turner, J. C., for false pretences, 7 Turney, Thomas, for cutting timber, &c., 27 Two men, unknown, for being rogues and vagabonds, 67 V. Vaccinators, public, appointed, 24, 48, 60, 66, 74, 82, 88 Victorian railways, stones thrown at trains, 90 Vincent, Mahala, for vagrancy, 42 Visbord, Woolf, forged cheque uttered to, 51 W. Walder, George, hired service deserted, 16 Wallup, parish of, as a licensing district, proclamation revoked, 48 Walter, Edward, forging a promissory note, 86 Warwick, Humphrey, assaulted, 77 Webb, John, arrested for assault, 27 Weedow, James, embezzlement from, 13 Whan, James, forged cheque uttered to, 58 White, Thomas, for false pretences, 64 White, Thomas, for uttering a forged cheque, Williams, George, arrested for uttering forged cheques, 86 Williams, George, arrested for vagrancy, 27, 42 Williams, Joseph, larceny as a bailee from, 45, 52 Williams, Raggy, for insulting behaviour, 43 Williams, James, alias " Sconney," arrested for assaulting police, 4 Williams, John, alias Nevens, alias Bever, for uttering a forged cheque, 29 Williams, Mrs., for disobeying a summons, 55 Willis, George, for larceny as a servant, 58 Wilson, Alfred, assaulted, 90 Wilson, Mary Jane, for assault, 90 Wilson, Walter, assaulted, 55 Wilson, Thomas, arrested on a maintenance order, 26 Woman, unknown, for obscene language, in Melbourne, 67 Wylie, William, forged cheque uttered to, 29 Y. Yale, George, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 29, 45, 51 Yea town common, land adjacent to, cutting wattle trees or bark on, prohibited, 60 By Authority ; Joins FnRR88, Government Printer, Melbourne.

9 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE. INDEX OF PRISONERS DISCHARGED DURING THE QUARTER ENDING MARCH FOR POLICE INFORMATION ONLY. Abel, Geo., 9th February Adams, Chas., 2nd February Ali Chee, 16th February AliCheong, 9th February Ah Coy, Charley, 23rd March AliFong, 2nd February AliGee, 23rd March AliKow, 23rd March AliLock, 33rd March Ali Mee, 19th January AliSue, alias Gooey, 9th March AliWen, alias AliWing, 19th January Ali Yen, 23rd March Ahern, Joseph, 9th March Aldridge, Win., 16th February Alfred, Fredk., 19th January Allen, Ambrose, alias Robt. Bell, 16th March Allen, John, 19th January Alexander, Chas., 2nd March Alphos, Fredk., 16th February Anderson, Alexr., 5th January Anderson, Annie, 9th March Anderson, Jas., 5th January Anderson, alias Jno. Mitchell, alias Geo. Wilson, alias Jno. Haines, 2nd February Andrews, Arthur, 16th March Brown, Jas., 19th January Brown, John, 26th January Brown, John, 19th January Brown, John, 9th March Brown, George, alias Pilkington, 5th January Bruce, Geo., 23rd February Buckland, Fredk., 9th February Burke, John, 23rd February Burns, John, 5th January Burns, Thos., 2nd February BBushby, Joseph, alias John ushby, alias Joel Bushby, alias Joseph Wilson, 9th February Butler, Jas., 19th January Butler, Robt., 9th March Butler, Thos., 2nd March Burton, John, 23rd February Byrne, Martin, 19th January Caffrey, Joseph, 16th January Cahill, Jas., 19th January Cahill, Philip, 26th January Cahill, Thos., 19th January Callaghan, John, alias Callahan, 11th February Callender, Wm., 16th March Calman, Hy., 9th February Cameron, Mary, 16th February Campbell, Mary Ann, 16th February Andrews, Robt., 5th January Angleton, Danl., 2nd March Angleton, Wm., 5th January Cameron, Saml., 23rd March Archer, Jas., 9th March Campbell, Robt., 9th February Areggur, Edwd., 9th March Canole, Michl., 2nd March Armstrong, Wm., 23rd March Carlisle, Wm., 9th February Armstrong, Joseph, alias Chas. Carlton, Joseph, 23rd March Robinson, 16th February Carr, Thos., 2nd March Arundel, Peter, alias Clarke, Cato, George, 9th February alias McLeod, alias Campbell, Cavanagh, Edith, 23rd March alias Mitchell, 2nd March Cavanagh, Mattw., 23rd March Ashley, Chas., alias Smith, 16thChristie, Johanna Maria, 2nd February Ashley, John, 16th March March Clark, Bridget, 23rd March Austin, Jas., alias Pompey, Clark, Thos., 23rd February 12th January Clarke, Willm. H., 5th January Backband, Isaac, 19th January Clarke, Peter, alias McLeod, Backhouse, Chas., 5th January alias Campbell, alias Mitch ell, Baker, Thos., 23rd February alias Arundel, 2nd March Bassen, Caroline, 5th January Cleary, Wm., 16th March Batty, Arthur, 12th January Cockburn, John, 2nd March Barrett, Thos., 26th January Coleman, Geo., 19th January Beale, Chas., 5th January Coleman, Geo., 16th March Beaton, Hy., 26th January Coleman, Win., 16th February Beckingham, Wm., 23rd March Colgan, John, 9th February Bell, Robert, 5th January Comosoclek, Christof, 23rd Bell, Robt., alias Ambrose March Allen, 16th March Congdon, Win., alias Condon, Bernard, Win., 5th January 28th February Bewere, Thos., alias Henderson, Connor, Patk., 26th January 5th January Cook, Walter, alias Perry, 2nd Billson, Wm., 16th March March Bitten, Joseph, 9th March Cooper, Hy., 16th February Blackett, John, 23rd March Corke, Thos., 9th February Blackham, Samuel, 12th Janu- Corrigan, Patk., 12th January ary Coulter, Ellen, 16th February Blanchard, Wm., 12th January Coulter, Wm., alias Michl. Blanchfield, Wm., 9th March Johnson, 23rd March Bland, John, 23rd March Craig, Alexr., alias Geo. Wal- Block, Chas., alias LeMaire, lace, 16th March 2nd February Cribb, Jas., 9th March Bloxham, Thos., alias Jones, Cronin, Danl., 5th January alias Blondon, 23rd March Cummings, Edwd., 12th Janu- Blyth, Hy., 9th February ary Blue, Danl., 16th March Curry, John, 2nd March Bolton, Michl., 26th January Curtis, Chas., 16th March Bomwell, Jas., 16th March Cusack, Jas., 12th January Booth, Joseph, 2nd March Cuthbert, Kingston, 2nd March Boswell, Fredk., 5th January Dane, Richd., 2nd February Bosomworth, Alfred, 23rd Feb- David, Wm.,aliasHy. O'Reilly, ruary 16th February Bowman, Jas., 23rd March Geo., 9th March' Bowsack, Win. E., tried as Davis, John, alias Timothy Ernest Bonsack, 5th January Murphy, alias Patk. Murphy, Boyd, Peter, 23rd March 5th January Brennan, Chas., 9th February Davy, Wm., 2nd March Brennan, Edwd., 12th January Denny, Thos., 9th February Brennan, Edwd., 9th March Dickie, Robt., 5th January Britt, Thos., alias John John- Dimmitt, David, 2nd March son, 2nd March Dixon, Edwd., 16th February Brown, Arthur, 26th January Dixon, Francis, 9th March Brown, Isaac, 23rd February Dixon, John, 26th January Index,-Quarter ending March n. Dixon, Joseph, 23rd February Halford, Richd., 23rd March Dobson, Joseph, 16th March Halliaburton, Robt., l2thjanu. Dodd, Wm., 16th March any Donaldson, Thos. W., 23rd Hanley, John, 9th February February Hanley, Joseph, 16th February Donovan, Jas., 9th March Hansen, Wm., 19th January Douglas, Robt., 5th January Harder, Behrand, 16th Febru. Douglas, Thos., 12th January ary Downey, Ernest, 16th February Hardy, Geo., 2nd March Draper, Robt., 16th March Hardy, John, 16th February Duffy, Ellen, 9th March Hare, Wm., 5th January Dunbar, Francis, 16th March Hare, Win., 2nd February Dunne, Patk., 12th January Harkness, Joseph, 16th Febru- Dwyer, Mary, alias O'Dwyer, ary 9th March Harris, Elisha, 2nd March Eager, Thos., alias Wm. Eagan, Harris, Hy., 23rd February 26th January Harris, Lucinda, 16th March Edwards, Geo., 19th January Harris, Win., 5th January Edwards, Llewellyn, 26th Janu- Harrison, Edwd., 2nd Febru- Eggleston, Joseph, 19th Janu- Hartnett, Michl., 2nd March ary Hasland, Henry, 2nd Febru. Elmer, Geo., 16th February ary Emerson, Hy., 2nd March Hawkins, Thos., 9th March Ewarton, Harold, 9th Febru- Hawley, Jas., 16th February ary Hay, Rachel, 12th January Ewing, Jas., 5th January Hay, Rachel, 19th January Fahey, Patk., 2nd March Hayes, Jas., 19th January Fallon, Edwd., 26th January Hayes, Patk., 9th March Ferguson, Walter, 9th Febru. Healy, Jas., 2nd March ary Healy, Wm., 16th February Farrell, Thos., 19th January Heffron, Jas., 19th January Farquarson, Joseph Chas., 2nd Henderson, Thos., alias Bewere, February 5th January Fenton, Thos., 5th January Hendon, Henry, 9th February Ferney, John, 16th March Hendon, Wm., 23rd March Flannigan, Hy., 26th January Hendy, Walter, 16th March Fleming, Edwd., 9th March Hennessy, Win., 9th March Fleming, Jas., 9th February Hennessy, Thos., alias Hanne- Fleming, John, 2nd March bury, 2nd February Flynn, John, 23rd February Herbelie, Walter, 19th January Field, Wm., 16th March Herbert, Harry, 26th January Fitzgerald, J., 23rd March Herman, Jean, alias Alf. Stif- Forbes, John, 2nd March fler, 16th February Fossey, John, 5th January Herold, Thos., 2nd March Foster, Edwd., 5th January Higgs, Thos., 19th January Fox, Thos., 23rd February Hill, Richd., 5th January Frame, Jas., 16th February Hodgson, Joseph, 23rd Feb- Francis, Edwd., 2nd February ruary Francis, H. W. Stanhope, 12th Hogan, John, 9th March January Holland, Danl., 2nd February Frankel, Edwd., 5th January Hollingworth, Peter, 23rd Feb. Frieboth, Rudolph, 9th March ruary Fury, Michl., 9th February Holmes, John, 9th March Fyfe, George, 9th February Hough, Edwd. Win., 16th Gallagher, Thos., 9th March March Gaynor, Denis, alias Geo. Howard, Jas., 19th January James, 19th January Howard, Sarah, 9th February Geismardo, Alberto Edwo, 23rd Hudspeth, Jas., 9th March March Hughes, Henry, 16th March Gerrard, Jas,, 2nd March Hughes, Wm., 16th March Gilbert, Edwin, 23rd March Hull, Edwd., 9th February Goody, Jas., 16th February Humphries, Hy., 2nd February Gordon, Wm., 9th February Hunt, Jas., 23rd February Gorman, Jas., 12th January Icke, Arthur J., 5th January Gould, Benjamin, 19th Jan. Ince, John, 5th January uary Ivory, John, 12th January Grace, Kate, alias McEvoy, Jackson, Jas., 2nd February 23rd March James, Chas., 2nd February Graham, Geo., 5th January James, Geo., alias Denis Gay. Gratton, Chas., 2nd February nor, 19th January Gray, John, 23rd March Jarrett, Louis, 9th February Green, Edwd., alias Greenfield, Jasper, Mary, 23rd March 9th February Johnny, 19th January Gregory, Chas., 9th February Johnston, Geo., 12th January Gregory, Frank, 2nd February Johnston, Geo., 26th January Griffin, Hy., 23rd March Johnson, John, 23rd March Griffiths, Fredk., 16th Febru- Johnson, Richd., 9th March ary Johnson, Hy., alias Power, 16th Grindrod, Edwd., 26th Janu- February any Johnson, John, alias Thomas Grisdale, John, 23rd March Britt, 2nd March Guard, Peter, 9th February Johnson, Michl., alias Wm. Guilfoyle, Mary, 2nd March Coulter, 23rd March Hackett, Edward, 2nd Febru- Jones, Edwd., 9th March ary Jones, Edwin, 2nd February Hagan, Wm., 12th January Jones, John, 2nd March Haines, Jno., alias Anderson, Jones, Thos., 12th January alias Jno. Mitchell, alias Jones, Win., 2nd February Geo. Wilson, 2nd February Jones, Wm., 2nd March Halford, Richd., 19th January Jones, Wm., 9th March

10 9 PRISONERS DISCIIARGED.-INDEX. [1885. Jones, Thos., alias Blondon, Murray, Robt., 23rd March Phillips, Richd., 9th February Storey, Fredk., 16th March alias Bloxham, 23rd March Murray, Stephen, 9th March Pilkington, Geo., alias Brown, Sullivan, John, 23rd February Jordan, Wm., 5th January Murray, Thos., 23rd February 5th January Summers, Richd., 12th Janu- Kane, Jas., 26th January McAlpine, Archd., 23rd Feb- Pinkerton, Jas., 9th March ary Keating, Edwd., 9th March ruary Pompey, alias Jas. Austin, 12th Swede, Matthew, 12th Janu- Kelly, Ellen, 19th January McBride, Annie, 16th February January ary Kelly, Joseph, 22nd March McCormack, Annie, 2nd March Popham, Wni., 16th February Sweeney, Robt., 5th January Kelly, Patk., 23rd February McCormack, Edwd., 19th Janu- Potter, Jas., 2nd March Swift, Wm., 9th February Kelly, John, 2nd February ary Potter, Wm. R., 16th March Taggart, John, 19th January Keogh, as., 23rd February McComb, Geo., 16th February Power, Henry, alias Johnson, Tamblyn, Saml., 19th January Kerney, Wm., 23rd February McDonald, Angus, 16th March 16th February Taylor, Chas., 26th January King, John, 26th January McDonald, Archd., 12th Janu- Pratt, Elizth., 23rd February Taylor, John Hy., 16th March Kitson, Thos. Saunders, 5th ary Purcell, Mary, 23rd March Thomas, Jas., 12th January January McDonald, Jas., 9th February Purdue, Edwd., 23rd February Thomas, John, 23rd March Korbouski, Richd., 2nd March McDonald, John, 19th January Quin, John, alias McGuire, 23rd Thomas, Joseph, 26th January Lambert, Saml., 23rd March McDonald, John, 2nd March March Thompson, Henry, 26th Janu- Lane, Annie, 26th January McEvov, Kate, alias Grace, Randall, Wm., 23rd March ary Lawson, Albert, 16th February 23rd March Reece. Hy., 23rd February Thompson, Jas., 16th March Lawson, Jas., 5th January McEwan, Jas., 23rd March Regan, Peter, 19th January Thornton, Joseph, 19th Janu- Lawrence, Joseph, 2nd March McEwan, John, 19th January Reilly, Geo., alias Rogers, alias ary Leahy, John, 19th January McGaskill, Duncan, 16th Feb- McPherson, alias Pas. Smith, Toughill, John, 5th January Leary, Danl., 12th January ruary 23rd February Townsend, Catherine, 9th Feb- Leedham, John, 5th January McGeighan, John, 5th January Richards, Geo., 5th January ruary Le Grisley, Francis, 9th March McGenlay, Jas., 9th February Richards, Thos., 9th March Trail, Geo., 2nd March Lee Wing, 9th February McGuigan, Danl., 9th March Ridgway, John, 16th March Trotter, John, 16th March Lee Sue, Theresa, 9th March McGovern, John, 23rd Feb- Ringrose, Margt., 16th March Turner, Hy., alias Thornby, Le Maire, Chas., alias Block, ruary Roberts, John, 16th February alias Shaw, 5th January 2nd February McGregor, Donald, 12th Janii- Roberts, Thos., 16th March Turpenny, Wm., 12th January Levy, Samuel, 12th January ary Robertson, Robert H., 16th Twendale, Jas., 9th February Lewis, Julius, 23rd March McGregor, Wm., 23rd Feb- March Upjohn, Elijah, 2nd March Lewis, Thos., 9th February ruary Robinson, Chas., alias Joseph Vaughan, Jane, 9th February Logan, Jas., 2nd March McGuire, John, alias Quin, 23rd Armstrong, 16th February Vernet, Alfred, 26th January Logan, Robt., 16th March March Robinson, Catherine, 9th March Walker, Thos., 2nd March Louden, Lewis, 16th March McIntosh, Ermna, 23rd Feb- Robinson, Duncan, 23rd March Wallace, Geo., alias Alexr. Lucas, Elizth., 2nd March ruary Robinson, Wm., 9th March Craig, 16th March Lung Quong, 2nd March McIntyre, John, 12th January Rogers, Bernard, 2nd March Walsh, Henry, 9th February Lynch, John, 5th January McKegory, Frank, 2nd March Rogers, Hy., 16th February Warburton, Geo., 26th Janu- Lynch, Thos., 19th January McKenna, Francis, 23rd March Rook, Thos., 5th January ary Lynch, Thos., alias Frank McKinnon, Alexr., 23rd Feb- Ross, Jas., 5th January Ward, Wm., 9th February Montford, alias Willnow, 2nd ruary Rowley, Fredk., 5th January Warinell, John, 23rd March March McLaughlin, Jas., 23rd Feb- Risk, Andrew, 26th January Wass, Edwin, 2nd February Lyons, Patk., 23rd February ruary Ruff, Chas., 19th January Waterhouse, Robt.,16th March Mack, John, 26th January McLellan, Thos., 2nd February Russ, Robt., 9th March Watt, Chas., 12th January Maher, Michl., 12th January McLeod, Peter, alias Campbell, Ryan, Dora, 26th January Watt, Mary, 12th January Maloney, Thos., 26th January alias Mitchell, alias Arundel, Rudd, Edwin, 16th March Watt, Mary, 19th January Maloney, Thos., 2nd February alias Clarke, 2nd March Ryan, Ellen, 26th January Watson, Bartholomew, 9th Manning, Michl., 23rd Febru- McLoughlan, Robt.,16th March Ryan, Jas., 19th January February ary McMahon, Jas., alias Mann, Ryan, Jas., 16th March Watson, Catherine, 12th Janu- Marchant, Edwd., 16th Feb- 12th January Ryan, Jas., 23rd March ary ruary McMahon, John, 23rd March Ryan, John, 2nd March Watson, Geo., 19th January Mansfield, Jas., 23rd February McMillan, Jas., 16th February Ryan, John, 23rd March Watson, Jas., 16th February Marr, John, 19th January McNamara, Thos., 16th Feb- Ryan, Michl., 9th March Watson, John, 2nd February Marries, Auburn, 2nd February ruary Ryder, Michl., 2nd February Waugh, Robt., 2nd March Marsh, Alfred, 2nd February McPherson, alias Pas. Smith, Sadler, Mary, 16th March Webb, John, 23rd February Marshall, Wm. N., 16th Feb- alias Rogers, alias Geo. Reilly, Sadler, Richd., 2nd March Weddaws, John, 16th Februruary 23rd February Sandbridge, Wm., 5th January ary Masterton, Ellen, 16th Feb- McWilliams, Alexr., 23rd Feb- Saunders, Archd., 16th March Wells, Geo., 9th March ruary ruary Sennett, Jas., 23rd February Went, Chas., 9th February Mason, Chas., 2nd March Neaton, Denis, 16th March Shadwell, Jas., 9th February Whelan, Patk., 9th February Meakin, John, 16th February Neil, Mary, 2nd March Shaw, Hy., alias Turner, alias Whelpdale, Richd., 2nd March Mellon, Geo., 16th March Nelson, Wm., 2nd March Thornby, 5th January White, Caroline, 2nd March Middleditch, Wm., 5th January Nelson, Wm., jun., 2nd March Sheehan, Mary J., 26th Janu- White, John, 9th February Middleton, Chas,, 9th February Northcoat, Jas., 9th February ary White, John, 9th March Millige, Thos., alias Millidge, Nesbitt, Jas., 19th January Sheehan, Mary, 26th January White, John, 16th March 16th February Newman, Thos., 16th March Shelly, Jas., 23rd February White, John, 23rd March Minahan, Ann, 16th February Olsen, Andrew, 26th January Sherwin, Alfred, 2nd February White, Mary Ann, 16th March Mitchell, Jno., alias Geo. Wil- Olsen, John, 26th January Short, Thos., 16th February White, Sarah, 16th March son, alias Jno. Haines, alias Osgood, Agnes, 16th March Simkins, Richd., 23rd February Whitty, John, 12th January Anderson, 2nd February Owen, Annesly, 2nd March Simpson, Chas., 16th March Williams, Francis, 9th March Mitchell, Peter, alias Arundel, Owen, Geo., 12th January Simson, Jacob, 23rd March Williams, Goo., 12th January alias Clarke, alias McLeod, Owens, Robt., 12th January Slater, Danl., 23rd March Williams, Jas., 2nd February alias Campbell, 2nd March O'Brien, Jas., 26th January Slattery, Thos., 2nd February Williams, John, 12th January Molloy, John, 2nd February O'Brien, John, 9th February Smith, Chas., alias Ashley, Williams, John, 19th January Montford, Jas., 5th January O'Brien, John, 2nd March 16th February Williams, John, 9th February Montford, Frank, alias Will- O'Brien, Thos., 9th March Smith, Frank, 16th February Williams, John, 23rd February now, alias Thos. Lynch, 2nd O'Connell, David, 19th Janu- Smith, Fredk., 16th February Williams, John, 23rd February March ary Smith, Jas., 16th February Williams, John, 2nd March Montgomery, Lewis, alias Geo. O'Connell, Mary, 23rd March Smith, Geo., 16th March Williams, Margt., 2nd March Wilson, 2nd February O'Connor, John, 16th March Smith, Geo., 23rd March Wills, Fredk., 16th March Mooney, Arthur, 5th January O'Donnell, Jas., 9th March Smith, Jas., 26th January Willis, Hy., 9th February Moonie, Matthew, 23rd March O'Dwyer, Mary, alias Dwyer, Smith, Jas., 26th January Willnow, -, alias Thos. Lynch, Moore, Harry, 19th January 9th March Smith, Jas., 9th March alias Frank Montford, 2nd Moore, John, 23rd March O'Halloran, Thos., 9th Feb- Smith, Jas., 23rd March March Moore, Wm., 2nd March ruary Smith, John, 9th February Wilson, Ellen, 16th February Moran, Thos., 23rd February O'Keefe, Win., 2nd March Smith, John, 16th February Wilson, Jas., 2nd February Morris, Donald, 26th January O'Laughlan, Jas., 16th March Smith, John, 23rd February Wilson, John, 2nd February Morris, Henry, 9th February O'Neill, Michl., 9th March Smith, John, 23rd March Wilson, Wm., 23rd February Morris, John, 23rd February O'Reilly, Hy., alias Win. David, Smith, Michl., 23rd February Wilson, Geo., alias Jno. Haines, Morris, Saml., 16th March 16th February Smith, Moss, 9th February alias Jno. Mitchell, alias Morris, Thos., 23rd March O'Shannessy, Jas., 23rd Feb- Smith, Richd., 2nd March Anderson, 2nd February Morton, Jas., 2nd February ruary Smith, Wm., 9th March Wilson, Geo., alias Lewis Moxham, Fredk., 9th March O'Shannessy, Mary Ann, 9th Smith, Henry, alias Harry Montgomery, 2nd February Munro, Stephen, 2nd February March Smith, 9th March Wilson, Joseph, alias Joel Munro, Peter, 26th January O'Shea, Gregory, 12th January Smith, Pas., alias Geo. Reilly, Bushby, alias John Bushby, Murphy, Cornelius, 19th Janu- Pacey, Thos., 9th March alias Rogers, alias McPher- alias Joseph Bushby, 9th ary Padwick, David, 16th February son, 23rd February February Murphy, John, 9th February Pardie, John, 19th January Spencer, John, 16th March Wiseman, Joseph, 9th Febru- Murphy, Wm., 2nd March Parker, John, 26th January Spoor, Andrew, 9th March ary Murphy, Patk., alias Timothy Peacock, Robt, 1th February Stanley, Jas., 16th February Woodley, Jas., 9th February Murphy, alias John Davis, Perrett, Hy., 5th January Stevenson, Fredk., 2nd March Wright, John, 23rd February 5th January Perry, Wm., 19th January Stewart, Geo., 5th January Yates, Joseph, 2nd March Murray, Hy., 2nd March Perry, Walter, alias Cook, 2nd Stifller, Alf., alias Jean Her- Young, David, 23rd March Murray, John, 16th March March man, 16th February Young, John, 23rd March r By Authority : Jon 's FERRES, Government Printer, Melbourne.

11 I NDEX TO THE VICTORIA POLI C E GAZET '1' I+:. FOR THE QUARTER ENDING JLTNE A. Absconders from the industrial schools- Arkins, James, 103 Kirwin, Stephen, 123 Attenborough, Walter, 96, 102 Larkins, Edmund J., 96, 102 Berry, Edward, 123 Lawless, Henry, 157 Blackney, John, 103, 109 Loy, Alfred, 144, 175 Batten, Alfred, 131, 144 Nunn, William, 144 Bondarn, Sir Elias Wm., 157, Owen, Eugene, 108, Parker, James, 96, 102 Campbell, John, 103 People, William, 96 Carroll, Joseph, 96 Phillips, Ellen, 130, 137 Connor, Arthur, 156 Reuter, Ernest, 131, 137 Dewhurst, Charles, 169 Richardson, Robert, 130 Docking, Alexander, 137 Stephenson, Elizabeth Ann, Edwards, James, 108, , 123 Evans, George, 96 Stewart, Caroline, 156 Flannagan, George, 96, 123 Thompson, James, 156 Garvin, Frederick, 175 Tonduit, Harry, 130, 144 Gillis, John, 130 Warrant, Roland, 130, 150 Green, Henry, 130, 138, 144 Whelan, Patrick, 108 Higton, Emily, 123 Williams, Patrick, 96 Johnson, Alfred, 108 Woods, Fredk. W., 130 Kenny, Mary, 157 Wright, Wallace, 96 Adamson, Isabella, false pretences on, 119 Ah Tock, for vagrancy, 157 Allcock, Thomas, disobeying a summons, 163 Allen, James, disobeying a summons, 109 Amos, William, for larceny as a bailee, 99 Anderson Bros., forgery uttered to, 105 Anderson, Ole Martin, failing to find sureties, 163 Anderson, Robert, alias Glen, for removing sand from a carriage road, 96 Anderson, Thomas, alias Newbound, uttering a forged cheque, 177 Australian ice company limited, embezzlement on, 141, 171 B. Bailey (or Beyley), Henry, for disobeying a summons, 96 Barrymore, John, arrested for false pretences, 171, 177 Batchelor, John W., forged cheque uttered to, 99 Bath, Rev. Henry, false pretences on, 171 Battiscombe, Walter Henry, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 147, 153 Beattie, Thomas, for threatening, language, 124 Bennie, John, forgery uttered to, 105 Benson, Annie, for larceny as a bailee, 177 Berry, David, disobeying a summons, 137 Bertrand, John, alias Rigby, alias Williams, for forgery, 99 Blackham, Thomas, alias Bontein, alias Barrett, arrested for false pretences, 153 Blackley, Mary Ann, larceny as a bailee from, 147, 153 Blake, Charles, for false pretences, 160 Bobardt, Henry G., larceny as a bailee from, 141 Bontein, James, alias Blackham, alias Barrett, arrested for false pretences, 153 Brennan, Edward, arrested for assaulting police, 97, 103 Brigman Walter, deserting apprentice, 175 Broom, oharles Edward, embezzlement from, 141 Brown, Edward, false pretences on, 141, 159 Brown, Frederick, for embezzlement, 111 Brown, William, arrested for disobeying a summons, 168 Bunton, William, for wilful damage, 156 Burn, John, Mrs., imposition on, 99, 105 Burnell, Edward, arrested for deserting apprenticeship, 168 Byam, John, false pretences on, 171 C. Caramia, Joseph, false pretences, 100 Carlton, James, wilful damage on, 151 Carlton, Mary, for wilful damage, 151 Carmichael, Michael, arrested for being drunk and disorderly, 150 Carmody, Patrick, for assault, 175 Index.--Quarter ending June a. Carpenter, Frank, forged cheque uttered to, 177 Cape Patterson and bridge creek roads, obstruction across, 108 Carter, Thomas Hy., breach of education act, 168 Chapman, Mary Ann, alias Greaves, alias Julian, for disobeying a summons, 103 Child, female, abandoned at Balaclava railway station, 131 Child abandoned in Fitzroy gardens, 115 Child, female, abandoned in Newtown, Geelong, 163 Christie, John, for assault, 150 Clancy, John, larceny as a bailee on, 99 Clifton Hill to be a registration district, 108, 122 Cocking, William George, neglected child, 151 Collins, Thomas, arrested for embezzlement, 105 Collins, George, alias Simpson, for larceny as a bailee, 127 Conno lly, Thomas, deserting his apprenticeship, 157, 163 Conquest, Alfred, for embezzlement, 147 Conway, Michael, arrested for assault, 109 Cooper, Elizabeth, assaulted, 130 Cooper, Robert, arrested for conspiracy to defraud, 105 Creely, Andrew, drunk and disorderly, 136 Cripps, John, false pretences on, 160 Crosby, Charles, arrested for carrying firearms on Sunday, 103, 131 Cumberland, Peregrine, for breaches of education act, 63 D. Dale, Joseph, false pretences on, 133 Davies, David, for resisting police, 102 Davis, Reece, for wilful damage, 163 Davis, William H., embezzlement on, 153 Deacon, Edward, false pretences on, 130 Denning, Edward, for disobeying a summons, 96 Deserters from H.M service- Andrews, Wm. J., 104 McArthur, Robt., 158 Ayres, Hy., 104, 117 McGregor, John D., 98 Baker, Alf. W., 176 McIver, Hugh, 145 Brassen, Harry, 158 McKinnon, Malcolm, 110, 132 Bourne, Edwd. H., 104 Parfett, Geo., 145 Charles, John Scott, 139 Price, John, 110 Colense, Wm., 176 Proudfoot, Alfred, 145 Conway, Henry, 98 Reddaway, Jas., 169 Conway, Patk., 139 Ryan, Dennis, 170 Flynn, Patk., 110 Satchell, Richd., 104, 110 Fogden, John, 152 Smallwood, Jas., 139 Frost, Fred., 176 Smith, Driver, Chas., 176 Furey, William, 125 Spiers, Thos., 98 Gyngell, Henry, 110, 151 Sitiveni, (Jumbo), 110 Jones, Wm., 104, 110 Thomas, Richd., 158 Lang, Wm., 117 Townsend, John, 104, 110 Mears, Henry, 104 Uden, All. W., 176 Deserters from merchant vessels- Allgrien, John, 104 McHone, John, 169 Andreassen, Arnt Christian, McKay, D., McKenzie, John, 169 Backall, Robert, 169 Neidham, Peter, 104 Best, William, 104 Nielsen, Hans, 125 Burns, Jas., 104 Nelsen, Nils Lumsdorg, 132 Claffe, Robert, 169 Olaussay, August, 132 Garrett, Win., 104 Olsen, Andreas, 125, 158 Glanville, William, 169 Olsen, Hans, 179 Gray, William, 169 Omnudsey, Gunder A., 132 Hansen, Iver, 125 Pilling, Wm., 125 Johnson, Jem, 104 Porter, John, 169 Johnson, John, 104 Reynolds, Niels, 169 Johnson, Peter, 104 Smith, Chas., 104 Jones, John, 117 Souraliff, Ryland, 169 Lagec, Hy., 169 Spinks, John, 97 Leander, -, 104 Staalsey, Alfred, 132 Lessier, John, 169 Svendsay, Thowald M., 132 Lewis, Jabez, 97 Walsh, Peter, 104 Lewis, John, 169 Walsh, Robert, 169 Martin, Chas., 169 Westerland, C. T., 117 Moore, Geo., 169 Wenberg, G., 97 McCarthy, Danl., 104 Wybeirg, Peter A., 1

12 2 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. [1885. Deserters of wives and children- Attenborough, Robert, 96,131 Kindrick, Shando Geo., 115 Auld, Andrew, 150, 175 King, Theodore Edmond, 137 Baker, Henry, 137 Kirwin, Andrew, 137, 144 Ball, Charles, 131 Larkins, Laurence, 115 Ballinger, John P., 102, 115 Lawson, James, 175 Barrow, John, 137 Lesina, Alessandro, 97 Bennett, Edwin, 137 Lewis, Thomas, 144, 163 Black, William, 168 Lindsey, John D., 168 Blackburn, John Thos., 96 Logue, John, 163 Bradley, William, 163 Mackie, Daniel, 102 Brockett, Henry G., 109 Melvin, Thomas, 123 Brown, Alfred, 109 Miller, Griff, 108, 115, 157 Brown, William, 96, 103, 163 Minaras, Thomas, 157, 168 Bullus, Alfred, 144 McDonald, Margaret, 115 Collins, William, 137 Pearse, Edwin, 137 Cowley, James, 96 Peterson, Peter, 137, 145 Douglas, Mrs., 145, 163 Price, Alfred, 144 Dowling, Thomas, 168 Quick, Walter, 9(; Downes, Thomas, 163 Quincey, John Thomas, 175 Duggan, Michael, 157 Richardson, Aleck John, 137, Elliot, John, Farrell, John, 96, 116 Richardson, Nathaniel, 124, Foot, John, Fox, Henry, 157 Robinson, Thomas, 108 Garner, William, 157 Rodier, Samuel, 108 Gash, Simpson, 137, 144 Seath, Honoi a, 136 Greene, William Thomas, 157 Spargo, Joseph, 115, 136 Greene, William, 116 Spencer, Robert, 131 Henley, George, 108, 123 Stewart, John Paris, 96, 168 Herbert, Charles Egbert, 137 Sullivan, Edward, 109, 115 Hewett, August Charles, 157, Tierney, Michael, Turnbull, Chas. Wm., 96 Jack, Henry, 102, 109 Waters, James Phillip, 102 Johnston, George, 116 Winterbottom, James Ed- Johnston, Matthew, 115 ward, 115, 130 Dorrance, William, arrested for threatening language, 97, 103 E. Earle, John, alias John Vane, obstructing a footpath, 168 Edwards, Charles, forgery uttered to, 99 Edwards, Henry N., apprentice deserted from, 175 Edwards, William, for vagrancy, 156 Edwards, Chas. W., forged promissory-note uttered to, 160, 165, 177 Evans, James, arrested for assaulting police, 137 Escaped prisoners- Hurley, John, alias Langan, alias Spring-heel Jack, 152 F. Fahey, John, disobeying a summons, 145 Fahey, James, alias Farr, for assaulting police, 163 Fare, James, alias Fahey, for resisting police. 163 Farrell, Thomas, for threatening language, 151, 168 Farrell, William, fence set fire to, 175 Feney, Samuel, arrested for wilful damage, 97, 103 Ferguson, John, for threatening behaviour, 175 Finch, Robert, absconding from police force, 116 Fitzgerald, J., arrested for pretending to be a doctor, 96 Fitzpatrick, John, for insulting behaviour, 96 Flanigan, Margaret, assaulted, 96 Flapper, George, alias Charles Wilson, for disobeying a summons, 150 Fleming, William, embezzlement on, 111 Fletcher, John, fraud on, by conspiracy, 105 Flintoff, Walter, false pretences on, 111) Flower, John, for larceny as a bailee, 141 Forbes, Andrew J., thistle seed sown on land, 137 Fortune tellers, list of, to whom letters will not be delivered, 114 French, Benjamin M., for larceny as a bailee, 165 French and Co., B., false pretences on, 147 Fry, Edward, for assault, 131 Fry, James, for vagrancy, 102 G. Galbraith, William, for vagrancy, 103 Gale, Oliver, for breach of education act, 115, 131 Gallagher, James, for larceny as a bailee, 133 Gaunt, W. H., hired service deserted, 96 General sessions to be held at Wood's Point, Jamieson, Mansfield, and Alexandra, date of holding altered, 174 Georgi, Fernande, fraudulent insolvent, 171 Gleeson, James, arrested for vagrancy, 97 Glen, Robert, alias Anderson, for removing sand from a carriage road, 96 Glover, Thomas, for false pretences, 127 Goldsborough, Edward, deserting his hired service, 102 Goodwin, James, arrested for conspiracy to defraud, 105 Gordon Bros., forgery uttered to, 99 Gordon, Elizabeth, assaulted, 131 Greaves, Mary A nn, alias Chapman, alias Julian, for disobeying a summons, 103 Greenwood, Richard, false pretences on, 119 Gresham, Ada, threatening language used to, 145, 163 Griffin, Robert, constable, assaulted, 150 Gutman, Herman, for embezzlement, 178 H. Haines, James, for insulting behaviour, 157 Hallisay, Michael, escaped lunatic, 136, 175 Hall, John Charles, alias Sally, arrested for false pretences, 133 Hamer, John, for assault, 130 Hansling, Otto, for vagrancy, 123, 131 Hargreaves, Kimberley, for false pretences, 141 Harnell, Thomas, for uttering a forged cheque, 159 Hawkins, Caleb, for breach of the education act, 157 Health analysts appointed, 108, 136, 150, 162, 174 Health, officers, appointed, 108, 114, 136, 150, 162, 174 Heaton, Henry, obstructing railway line at Canterbury, 131 Heeps, James, false pretences on, 127 Heffernan, Mary Ann, for vagrancy, 97, 163 Highway robbery, arrested for- Brown, Jas., 127 Burns, John, 141 Byrne, John, 127 Cahill, Conny, 127 Campbell, Alfred, 161 Dalton, Thos., 119 Eggerstedt, Hy., 149 Elliott, Wm., 155 Flannery, Patk., 119 Hegney, John, alias Walsh, 95 Highway robbery, charged with- Henry, Jas., 107 Hesse, Hy., alias Lesse, 159 Hugman, George, 105 Jones, Wm., 127 Kundtsen, Thos., 161 Lesse, Hy., alias Hesse, 159 Oliver, Wm., 155 Ryan, Edmond, 129 Walsh, John, alias Hegney, 95 Black, John, 133 Wilson, -, 159 Burns, John, 133, 141 Wright, Jenny, I11 Parsons, Thos., 133 Highway robbery, committed on- Alwood, John, 155 Argyle, Frank, 107 Beaumont, Chas., 149 Blackett, Jas., 95 Broinfeth, Annie, 161 Burns, Robt., 107 Conroy, John, 149 Coyne, Lawrence, 101 Davies, Thos. H., 101 Davis, Thos., 113 Dondel, Hy. T., 143 Downie, Wm., 127 Dun, Thos., 161 Dunn, Julia, 133, 141 Dunn, Matthew, 119 Drury, Geo., 161 Eagar, Alexr., 161 Egan, Matthew, 95 Ellis, Elizth. G., 159 Epple, David, 101 Evins, Wm. D., 143 Eyton, Mrs. E. M., 95 Farrell, Michl., 129 Fawlkner, John, 101 Feltham, John, 113 Finnegan, Patk., 135, 155 Finnigan, Patk., 173 Fisher, Robt., 155, 161 Fitzsimmons, Robt., 121, 129 Gallimore, Fredk. A., 101 Gardner, John, 173 Gibson, Andrew, 101 Grant, Alexr., 121 Hardy, Joseph, 101 Henderson, John, 111 Holloway, Edwd., 159 Ho%vatt, John, 129, 135 Josephs, Louis, 135, 143 Kelly, John, 95 Kennedy, John, 161 Lalor, John, 143, 159 Lang, Bessie, 167, 173 Lee, Elizth., 167 Levad, John, 129 Lygon, Robt., 113 Manning, Annie, 161 Marshall, Alexr., 129 Mathewson, Peter, 133 Mole, Richd., 155, 161 Morrison, J. D., 173 Montrose, Chas. 0., 149 Murdock, Robt., 155 Mullins, Patk., 167 Murron, Patk., 101, 107 McGowan, Wm. P., 135, 149 McGrath, Patk., 135 McLaren, Duncan, 107 McMein, Jas., 121 Nash, Denis, 95 Nelson, Hy., 121 O'Connor, John, 173 O'Driscoll, Danl., 155 Phipps, 'rhos., 121, 133, 161 Pierce, Wm., 173 Reed, Richd. H., 107 Reid, John, 135 Reynolds, Wm., 127 Richards, Richd., 129, 149 Richards, Thos., 149 Robertson, Hy. T., 101 Thompson, Win., 95 Rodgers, Ellis, 135 Ross, Hugh, 177 Sacre, Sydney, 113 Sample, Robt., 143 Scarrar, Geo., 119 Shiels, Wm., 155 Short, John, 121 Simms, Wm., 99 Smith, Edwd., 141 Smith, Saml., 113 Stanford, Alice, 135 Stapleton, Alfred W., 177 Staples, Jas., 113 Stevens, Edwd., 107, 113 Stone, Robt. H., 149 Sullivan, Cornelius, 101 Taylor, Wm., 143 Thomas, John, 121, 161 Thompson, Jas., 135 Waite, Archd., 107 Wall, Edmund, 155 Ward, Richd., 101 Watson, Saml., 101 White, John, 143, 159 Williams, Richd., 99, 105, 119 Wilson, John, 101, 155 Wilson, John, 155 Wick, Wm., 143 Hill, John H., forged cheque uttered to, 177 Hilton, William, arrested for deserting his apprenticeship, 96 Hodges, John, alias Wright, for uttering, 105 Hogan, Michael, disobeying a summons, 145 Holly, James, drunk and disorderly, 124 Horses and cattle, charged with stealing- Ainold, Alexander, 116, 124 Patterson, John, 111 Masted, John, 158 Sykes, William, 119, 153 Morgan, John, 153 Wilson, John, 127 McGuinness, John H., 133 Horses and cattle, stolen from- Alt, Isaac, 163 Anderson, John, 163 Anderson, Thos. G., 124 Armstrong, John, 163 Arnold, Thomas, 116, 124 Baker, David, 116, 127 Beatty, John, 124, 132 Benthrick, W., 103 Bentick, Alfred, 116 Bernard, Nicholas, 133 Bessant, George, 109, 116 Birkin, Alfred, 164 Bladen, Mrs. Francis, 158 Blewett, Mrs., 109 B 8, John, and others, 131, 1 Booth, James, 116, 138 Brathwaite, Fredk. E., 145, 151 Bryant, Mathew, 116 Bullargh, John R., 157 Butterworth, James, 103 Callahan, Patrick, 131 Calvert, Robert B., 124 Cameron, Angus D., 103 Campbell, J., 145 Campbell, Samuel, 116 Canny, Patrick, 124 Carmody Jeremiah, 131 Cash, Sam,uel, 124, 151 Charlesworth, Jonathan, 124, 163 Connell, Robert, 124, 132 Cox, Walter, 109 Cross, Charles, 169 Curator of intestatestates, 97, 109 Dethletsen, Emma, 175 Dickins, George, 138 Doolan, M., 138 Downie, William E., 138, 169 Dowling, Timothy, 157, 163 Duggan, Thomas, 109, 116 Dwyer, Geo., 103, 124 Dwyer, Geo., 116 Easton, F. H., 116 Edmonds, Fredk., 175 Farmer, R., 103 Farrell, Fanny, 175 Farsello, Joseph, 151 Feely, Thomas, 158 Fielding, Samuel, 124, 131 Fenton, S., 163 Fetherstone, Michael, 138

13 1885.] VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. 3 Horses and cattle stolen from -continued. Housebreaking, committed on-continued. Finlay, Chas. A., 124 O'Mara, Danl., 163 Caulfield, Montgomery, 141 Finn, Thomas B., 124, 131 O'Neil, Joseph, 138 Cavagliere, Rossi, 135 Fraser, Rev. Duncan, 131, 138 Painter, John, 103 Chinn, John, 121 Fredericks, De Henry, 151, Palmer, Russell, 151 Christian, Geo., Palmer, William, 116 Churchyard, John, 161 Gill, Thomas, 164 Pape, Daniel, 131, 138 Clarkan, John, 98 Gorman, Michael, 124, 131 Pearce, John, 133 Clarke, Francis, 113 Graham, Henry, 116 Peacock, Thos. E., 153 Connor, David, 129, 143 Griffin, James, 151 Pleasants, W. B., 175 Cooper, Rachel, 161, 167 Grout, H., 163 Plummer, Joseph, 151 Cornell, Frank, 161 Gwether, James, 109 Porter, C., 116 Council, Edmund, 111 Hamilton, John, 158, 169 Poulson, Marian, 97, 109 Crampton, Tenessore G., 102, Hamilton, William, 138 Powell, Samuel, 145, Harridge, Alfred, IN Priskett, Richard, 109, 116 Crockett, Matilda, 144 Harris, John J., 169 Purdey, James, 124 Crook, Maurice, 114 Hayes, Fredk., 109, 116 Pyman, Bryce, 116, 124 Crump, Eliza, 135 Hayes, William, 103 Quale, Dorcas, 169 Cunneen, Michl., 121, 129, 147 Heath, Geo., 97 Quigley, Joseph, 124 Davis, Cassandra, 129 Henderson, Thomas, 158 Ramsden, Richard, 169 Davis, Wm., 121 Hill, Frdk. W., 97, 109 Rawson, Joseph, 145 Dean, Elizth., 107 Hughes, Ed. F., 109, 131 Regalson, C., 109 Deevy, Martin, 167 Huggett, James, 169 Richards, William, 169 Delaney, Alfred, 155, 165 Ingram, Edward, 103 Robb, John, 109, 116 Donald, Eliza, 159, 165, 171 Irving, George P., 157 Roberts, T., 109 Doubleday, Jas., 129 Keating, Michael, 132 Robins, Edwin, 158 Doubert, L. G., 108 Kerr, Robert M., 145 Rowroth, Samuel, 109, 116 Douglas, Margt., 135, 149 Kidd, John, 157 Ryan, C. J., 151 Dowdle, Elizth., 129 Kiley, John, 138 Ryan, George T., 157 Downie, Annie, 143 Kinnane, P., 175 Sands, John, 163 7)uerdin and Sainsbury, 111 Kirwin, Patrick, 164 Sharp, Charles, 116 Dwyer, Maria, 129 Lacey, Alfred, 151 Sharp, Henry, 124, 131 Education Department, 155 Lamb, John, 130 Silton, John, 116 Earwell, Thos., 129, 136 Landy, Michael, 103 Slade, M., 97 Eatwell, Hy., 107 Lemane, Patk., 109, 116 Smith, A., 124 Ellecey, Ellen, 167 Lillis, John, 109, 145 Still, Thomas, 164 Errol, Mary, 121 Little, Fredk., 131 Taylor, Mary, 169 Evans, Albert G., 143 Marshall, David, 169 Teague, Edward, 164 Fitzpatrick, John, 101 Matthews, Hugh, 169 Trangmar, George, 124 Fleming, Robt., 167 Melbourne Omnibus co., 97, Wall, Geo. W., 131, 138 Flood, Patk., Wall, Hernorah, 103 Ford, Miss Sarah, 95 Miller, Geo., 131, 145 Wallis, Samuel, 151, 157 Franklin, Win. G., 143 Minogue, P., 103, 116 Walsh, John, 131, 138 Frazer, Chas., 167 Mitchel, William, 124 Ward, George, 138 Freeman, Edwin, 167 Munro, Henry, 124, 131 Watson, David, 119 Freith, Hy., 129 Mulham, Gustav, 103 Watson, Robert, 109, 124 Fritsch, Fredk., 135 Murphy, Patrick, 164 Watson, William, 153 Fulcher, Jas., 155 McLean, Alexander, 164 Wilkinson, Toniling, 116, 124 Godfrey, Carter Henry, 113 McLeish, D., 131, 138 Wilson, Alexr. D., 164 Goode, Arthur W., 102 McLennan, Charles, 157 Wilson, Robert, 103 Goodwin, Arthur, 173 McPherson, John, 97, 103 Winter, W. J., 109, 124 Gorman, Michl., 111 N. S.V4 ales - Browr. Brothers, Wragg, Edward, 164 Goumany, Madame J. B. F., ill Wright, Ellen, , 155 Nixon, James, 151 Wright, William, 97,116, 124 Gough, Thos. B., 162 Noary, William, 124 Yeats, Henry, 157 Green, Bridget, 129 Oliver, John, 157 Young, John, 97, 103, 109 Grindlay, John, 162 O'Keefe, Michael, 103 Haddrell, Win., 143 Housebreaking, arrested for- Hall, Sarah, 143 Bell, Wm., 113, 114 Jackson, Josiah, 121 Hamer, Homer H., 114 Brown, Geo., 153 James, John, 165 Harris, Walter, 107 Coleman, Geo., 133 Johnston, John, 121 Harrison, Nale, 135 Connor, Patk., 113 Lucas, John, 177 Hart, Lewis, 155 Cook, Teresa, 129 Lynch, John, 121 Haworth, David, 165 Cooper, Jas., alias Thompson, Reily, Geo., alias Smithy, 159 Hayes, Jas., Rowell, Chas., 113, 114 Hayes, Richd., 127 Dobbing, Wm., 127 Smithy, Geo., alias Reilly, 159 Hebblewhite, Adelaide, 161 Drew, Wm., 119 Thompson, Jas., alias Cooper, Hertel, Hanniah, 113 Eversleigh, Frank 0., Higdon, Wm., 136 Farncombe, Hy., 135 Tonduit, Hy., 149 Hill, Win., 114, 121 Freeman, Ernest, 111 Walker, Agnes, 121 Home of Fallen Women, 171 Gaudar, Louis, 147 Walker, Angus, 121 Houghton, Chas., 149, 155 Green, Hy., 149 Wallace, Geo., 149 Howlett, Sydney, 161 Housebreaking, charged with- Hurst, Wm., 161 Brown, Geo., 127, 153 McLoughlin, Elizth., 127 Jackson, Biggs, & Patterson, Brown, John, 165 McMullen, Patk., Coleman, Geo., 127, 133 Parker, Lewis, 133 Jessop, Wm., 155, 167 Cullen, Mrs., 119 Pente or Pentifore, Thos., 171 Johnston, Mrs., 168 Guadar, Louis, 119, 147 Roberts, Isabella, alias Manley, 153 Kendal, Thos., 105, 111 Jones, Martha, 149 Hall, Robt., 111 Hargreaves, Kimberly, 141 Robertson, Chas., 111 Kenny, Richd., 135 Jacob, -, 159 Sayce, Elizth., 171 King, Win., 129 Jacobs, Geo., 111 Simons, Fredk., 177 Klinze, Eliza, 173 Johnston, John, 177 Slade, Albion Hy., 177 Knight, John H., 95 Lotty, -, 111 Walker, Elizth., 105, 111 Lazarus, Eliza, 114 Lucas, John, 171, 177 Watson, -, 167 Lee, Geo., 113 Manley, Isabella, alias Ro- Whitehouse, --, 171 Lennox, E. B., 173 berts, 153 Williams, John, 141, 147 Levi, Jonas, 173 Mans field, Jas., 159 Yonrell, Richd. Butler, 127 Levinson, Mark, 177 McKenzie, Hugh, 119 Lewis, Fredk. A., 114 Housebreaking, committed on- Lloyd, Thos., 121 Adams, Jas. P., 121 Bencraft & Co., 113 Luke, Thos., 167 Adamson, Sarah, 167 Bennett, Geo., 102 Lyons, Robt., 167 Ali Moy, Mrs., 101 Black, Arthur, 107 Mackey, Fredk., 136 Ah Noon, 114 Black, Robt., 119, 147 Madden, Catherine, 149 Aitken, Hy., 119 Blanchard, Wm., 108 Makeham, Saml., 135 Alexander, Peter, 119 Bolger, Annie, 173 Mandel, Carol, 149 Allen, Fredk., 95 Bosworth, Wm. H., 161 Marsh, Hy., 135 Anderson, Bessie, 95, 105, 111 Boulter, Fredk., 149 Mathieson, Caroline, 129 Anderson, Eliza, 168 Bowerman, Geo., 113 Mawnix, Maurice, 173 Anderson, Peter, 167 Brooking, Richd., 114 May, Wm., 101 Amess, Saml, 167, 173 Bruen, Peter, 136 Melville, Win., 95 Baker, Hy., 159 Brunton, Caroline, 161 Ballingall, Jane, 143, 149 Butler, Jas., 113 Barge, Wm. J., 167 Cairns, Jane, 177 Bartley Mrs. Nehemiah Campbell, Duncan, Batten, Thos., 167 Cane, Hy., I. Baxter, Jessie, 149 Carmichael, Geo., 107,133, 147 Incendiarism, charged with- Bea,oley, John, 119 Catholic Apostolic Church, 102 Shanks, Frederick 1emsley, 141, 153 Merson, Joseph D., 143 Mignot, Adele, 113 Moll, Adolph, 159 Monteath, Jas. A., 121, 129 Moore, Dr., 155 Morley, Hy., 102 Moss, Sarah, 127, 153 Mowle, John M., 135 Muir, Malcolm, 144 Murray, Hy. D. F., 113 McClure, Patk., 122 McDonald, Mich1., 114 McKenzie, Hector, 129 McKeown, Patk., 167 McLaren, Margt., 107 McLean, Edwd., 95 McLeod, Murdock, 167 McMahon, John, 107 McMullen, Ellen, 119 Nunweek, Richd., 173 Olifent, Francis, 167 Oliver, Sarah G., 133 O'Connor, Patk., 155 O'Leary, Margt., 102 O'Shea, Jas., 135, 143 Palmer, Thos., 161 Patterson, Win., 161 Plant, Wm., 97) Popjoy, Wm., 102 Priddle, Arthur C., 144 Priestly, Mrs., 173 Proctor, Sarah, 149 Pryer, Wm., 161 Purcell, Michl., 114 Rabinovitch, Solomon, 95, 113 Ratkey, Emma, 135 Reid, Jessie, 102, 107 Ritter, Anton, 122 Robertson, Alexr., 177 Robertson, John, 121 Robinson, Wm. H., 165 Ryan, Bridget, 127 Ryan, Jas., and others, 127 Ryan John, 95 Ryan, Joseph, 135 Scott, Robt., 149 Scott, Win., 143 Searle, Fredk. H., 130, 141 Searth, Margt., 147 Shaw, Annie, 107 Shepherd, Jas., 101 Shilling, Alfred, 159 Siddell, Edwd., 171, 177 Simmons, Isabella, 149 Smith, Hannah, 149 Smith, John, 101 Smith, Wm., 111 Stamp, Mrs., 161 State school No. 2460, 155 Stevens, Wm. H., 153 Stokes, Mrs. J., 95 Stott, Win., 141 Thomson, John, 95, 113 Thorn, Miss, 161 Titterton, Jane, 177 Toose, W. E., 98 Toy, Annie, 107 Trainer, Joseph, 114,122 Tuckwell, Joseph, 167, 178 Turner, Rev. John, 177 Twigge, F. H., 107 Tymmins, Edwd. A., 105 Victorian Education Department, 121, 155 Wakefield, Rose, 161 Walker, Arthur F., 113 Walker, Win., 121 Wall, Mary, 129 Walsh, Geo. J., 114 Want, G. F., 117 Ward, Arthur, 143, 149 Warren, Francis, 135 Watson, Emma, 143 Watson, Saml., 147 Webster, Malcolm P., 155 Wegg, Herbert, 98 Whitford, Danl., 127, 107 Wilks, Hannah, 107 Willet, Louisa, 143 Williamson, Jas., 95 Winsley, Daniel, 107 Winterbottom, Jas., 161 Witchell, John, 149 Wodd, John, 101 Wood, Frank, 121 Wood, Richd., 108, 113 Wood, Win., 167 Wong, Seung, 114 Wyatt, Wm., 102 Hughes, Walter, disobeying an order, 131 Hunt, James, for stealing two cheques, 111 Hunter, William, arrested for selling adulterated milk, 103

14 4 Incendiarism committed on- Adams, John R., 121 Braim, Alfred N., 113 Brogan, Martin, 113 Burnett, Thomas, 101 Cardilimi, Peter M., 167 Carr, Thomas, 107 Carroll, John, 143 Catton, Henry, 101 Crichton, Thos. 0., 101 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. [1885. Faulkner, Elizabeth, 161 Furlong, James, 161 Huf, Charles, 102 Page, Charles, 167 Plummer, Andrew, 155 Smith, James, 141, 153 Thornton, William, 129 Towt, John, 101 Innes, James, wilful damage on, 156 Inquests held on- Child, female, found near corner Man, unknown, found dead in of Rosslyn and Howard a hut at Roloro, Kerang, 176 streets, West Melbourne, Man, unknown, found in the 110, 117, 149 Yarra, Queen's wharf, 152, Child, male, found on Brighton 158 Beach, 158 Man found in the Yarra, near Man, unknown. found in Yarra, South Yarra bridge, 104,110 above Edwards' boat shed, Man, unknown, found in the 152, 158 Yarra, at the wharf, 152,158 Man, unknown, found at corner Paul, William, 104,117 of King and Flinders streets, 158, 164 J. Jack, -, for assaulting police, 156 Jackson, William B., for embezzlement, 141, 171 Johnston, Charles, larceny as a bailee from, 111 Jones, W., for breach of the medical practitioners statute, 157, 168 Jubb, George Forrester, for threatening language, 145 Julian, Mary Ann, alias Chapman, alias Greaves, for disobeying a summons, 103 K. Katozinski, Edmund, for false pretences, 100 Kearney, Mary, for larceny as a servant, 153 Kelly, John, constable resisted, 163 Kenerway, George, deserting apprentice, 109, 123 Kenna, Kennedy, for wilful damage, 124 Kennedy, Thomas, for threatening behaviour, 175 Kennon, Hugh, false pretences on, 119 Kenny, Margaret, for vagrancy, 169 Kithara (Hindoo), for deserting his hired service, 96, 123 Krause, J. C., arrested for larceny as a bailee, 105, 119 L. Laffy, J. W., for false pretences, 153, 159 Lamphier, William, assaulted, 109 Lancashire, James F., wilful damage to window, 144 Larard, John, larceny as a bailee from, 105, 119 Lauder, Thomas, arrested for obscene exposure, 136, 157 Launceston-Airy, John, for uttering a valueless cheque, 111 Launceston-French, John Henry, for larceny as a bailee, 133 Lawder, Alexander, driving on the wrong side, fine paid, 136 Lawrence, William, for larceny as a bailee, 160 Lee Fong, for selling a lottery ticket, 103 Lello, Harry, putting offensive matter in a post-office receiving box, 163 Lester, Alfred, false pretences on, 171, 177 Letters not to be delivered to pretending foretellers of future events, list of persons, 114 Letters not to be delivered, &c., to "J. J. Miller, York Hotel, Sydney," 174 Levy, Louis, arrested for vagrancy, 137, 144 Lewes, William, fence damaged, 168 Licenses, auctioneers', 108, 136, 168 Licenses, billiard, 108, 136, 168 Licenses, colonial wine, 108 Licenses, hawkers', 136 Licenses, packet, 108, 168 Licenses, publicans', 96, 102, 108, 114, 122, 130, 136, 144, 162, 168, 174 Licenses, tobacco, 108, 136, 168 Licenses, stage carriage, 136 Liddy, James, disobeying a summons, 109 Loftus, Mary, for vagrancy, 115 Loftus, Winifred, for vagrancy, 115 Lomax, Samuel C., embezzlement on, 147 Long, Patrick Joseph, being a neglected child, 175 Lunt, Thomas, false pretences, 165 Lyons, John, deserting apprenticeship, 137 Lyons, Maurice, neglected child, 157 M. Macquarie, Lachlan Andrew, for embezzlement, 105 Maddigan, Denis, arrested for assault, 96 Magistrates appointed visiting justices, 150, 162, 174 Magistrates removed from commission of the peace, 168 Magistrates resigned, 136, 144 Malone, William, wilful damage on, 124 Man, unknown, arrested for obscene language, 136 Man, unknown, arrested for obscene exposure on the Richmond railway platform, 130 Man, name unknown, for sodomy committed at government domain reserve, Melbourne, 99 Mangan, James, alias Manning, for rape, 133, 147 Manning, James, alias Mangan, for rape, 133, 147 Maroney, James, arrested for assault, 103 Martin, James, for threatening language, 103 Martin, William, for insulting behaviour, 131 Martin, Mary, alias C. Woods, for threatening language, 145, 163 Martin, William, alias Millership, for forgery and uttering, 105 Mason, Edward J., constable, assaulted, 131, 137 Mason, William, maintenance order against, 145 Matthews, William, alias Millership, for uttering a forged promissory -note, 160, 165, 177 Medical practitioners, legally quali fied, 114, 136, 168 Millar or Mills, Andrew, drunk and disorderly, 137 " Miller, J. J., York Hotel, Sydney," letters not to be delivered, &c., 174 Millership, Henry, alias Andrew Williams, arrested for forgery, 105 Millership, William, alias Matthews, for uttering a forged pro. missorynote, 160, 165, 177 Millership, William, alias Martin, 105 Mills or Millar, Andrew, drunk and disorderly, 137 Missing friends- Arthur, Wm., 117 Jones, Hy. M., 125, 132 Baker, Mrs., 158 King, Frances Elizth., 110 Bateman, Julia, 117 Kiser, -, 110, 124 Bennett, Susan, 158 Klieser, Gotleib, 125 Birch, Geo., 98 Kreighter, Chas., 103 Blek, Julias, 132 Langston, Thos., 151 Bowell, Win., 164 Latimer, Francis, 138, 145 Brice, Robt. John, 152 Lyons, John, 103 Burgess, Ellen, nee Sullivan, Mackie, Chas., Merriman, Win., 164 Burgess, John, 138 Ming, John, 110 Capstick, Herbert Chas., 110 Murray, Geo., 116 Chalmers, Ann B., 125 McAllister, Wm., 110 Chalmers, Margt. G., 125 McLaren, Jas., 139 Chatham, Wm. Joseph, 110, McLoughlin, Wm. Hy., Nicols, Fredk., 110 Chedd, Geo., 138 Noake, Isaac, 124 Cook, Chas., 158 O'Leary, Timothy, 116 Cotton, Fanny Ada Lune, 138 O'Loughlin, Andrew, 104 Cox, Francis Augustus, 138 Page, Augustus Hy., 98 Creelman, Herbert, 176 Peddie, Wm., 169 Crossly, Clara, 151, 164 Peter, Robt., 145 Cuddeford, Annie, nee Wild- Reson, Geo., 104 man, 170 Robb, Thos., 138 Dawson, Jas., 97 Robinson, Win., 110, 124 Delorme, Henri, 151 Ross, John, 117 Devine, Sergeant, 145, 158 Rudd, John, 176 Duncomb, Arnold Jas., 138 Savage, Jas., 152 Dwyer, Michl., 125 Simpson, John, 175 Evans, Hugh Robson, 170 Slagg, Francis, 104 Evered, Thos. Brydges, 110 Talbot, Wm., 110 Finnigan, John, 158 Thomas, Margt., 139 Frazer, John, 158 Tollett, Agnes Mary, 139 Frizell, Win., 117, 169 Trackson, Joseph, 117, 125 Grant, Wm. Henry, 151 Truscott, Fredk., 175 Gleeson, Edwd., 117 Wallace, Jas. Wilson, 116 Glendinning, Helene, 117 Waltham, Jas., 103 Graham, Win. Blake, 117 Webb, Emily Charlotte, 125 Harding, -, 125 Webber, Ted, 132, 151 Harris, John G. Hyde, 139 Wilmer, Fredk., 110, 116 Hocking, Geo., 175 Wilson, John Geo., 110, 169 Holmes, -, 125 Wilson, Margt., 175 Holway, Maurice, 169 Wilson, Richd., 139 Hooper, Joseph, 145 Wolstencroft, Levi, 152 Howes, Ellen, nee Mitchell, 138 Mitchell, Edward, for fraudulent conversion of money under the friendly societies act 1877, 99 Mitchison, Francis It., embezzlement on, 105 Molloy, John, constable, assaulted, 156 Moloney, Matthew, mare maliciously poisoned, 115 Monahan, Thomas, disobeying maintenance order, 97 Morris, Fredk., arrested for false pretences, 147 Morrison, John Charles, assaulted, 145 Mooney, Marshall, for assault, 96 Murder, arrested for- Hart, Annie Elizabeth, 155 Preston, Annie, 95 Murder, charged with- Angel, Thomas, alias Hobson, New South Wales-White, 98, 104, 117 Wm., alias Thurston, 98, Courtney, James Alfred, , 117 Furnivall, George F., 113 Murder of- Child, female, found in Powlett Child, male, found in a shaft street, East Melbourne, 117, in Redan, Ballarat, , 155 Man, name unknown, found Child, female, found near cor- murdered at Richmond river, ner of Rosslyn and Howard near Wardell, New South streets, West Melbourne, Wales, Mitchell, John, 98, 104, 117 Child found near Sunbury, Percival, Harry G., and 135, 173 others, 107, 113 Murray, William, 124 Mc. McCaffrey, Margaret, assaulted, 175 McCausland, Charles, for larceny as a bailee, 147 McCarry, Henry, constable, assaulted, 97, 103 McDonald, Hugh, arrested for disobeying a summons, 96 McDonald, William, false pretences on, 153 McGuinness, Patrick, escaped lunatic, 123 McKay and McDonald, cheques stolen from, 111 McKenzie, James, for assault, 163 McKenzie, John, for assault, 163 McKenzie, Kenneth, assaulted, 163 McLean, Angus, larceny as a bailee from, 165 McLelland, Daniel, fine paid for insulting behaviour, 137 McLelland, James, fine paid for insulting behaviour, 137 McLoughlin, Robert, or George, arrested for gambling on the Melbourne racecourse, 151, 157 McNeil, John, for disobeyinq, a summons, 115 McWilliams, Francis, imposition, 105 N. Nathan, Samuel, larceny as a bailee from, 127, 177 Naughton, Robert, assaulted, 103 Nelson, Sarah A., for larceny as a bailee from, 119 Newbound, Thomas, alias Anderson, uttering a forged cheque 177 New Zealand-Day, Robert, forgery at Christchurch, 119

15 1885.] VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.- INDEX. 5 New Zealand-Hutchison, Stephen Stamp, for fraudulent Police force, instructions to-continued. insolvency, 171, 177 The diseases in stock act 1872, for regulations, see G.G., pp. New South Wales-Bell, George, attempted fraud, , 130 New South Wales-Commercial banking co., Penrith, embezzle- The land act for 1884, for regulations, see G.G., pp., , 130 ment from, 178 The sales by auction statute 1865, sections 20-23, to receive New South Wales-Connellan, Thomas, alias Clifford, for attention, 156 forgery, 133 Vaccination of children, 144 New South Wales-McClintock, Arthur, for embezzlement, 178 Uruguay, treaty between Great Britain and, re fugitive cri- New South Wales-Simpson, George, false pretences, 127 minals, 156 Police force, land reserved from sale for use of, 122, ,, 0. Police force, promotions- Oldham, Thomas, arrested for obscene language, 144, 157 Craddock, Francis, 150 Mills, Luke, 150 Osborn, Thomas, arrested for embezzlement, 153. Duggan, John, 150 McGrath, James, 150 O'Connell, Annie, for vagrancy, 145, 163 Heazle, John, 144 Nicholson, Edwin John, 162 O'Connell, James J., for embezzlement, 127 Kennedy, Michael, 150 Purcell, Phillip, 150 O'Neill, William, arrested for vagrancy, 109 Leverton, George, 150 Ryan, William, 144 O'Shea, Margaret, for disobeying a summons, 115 Mayes, Joseph Ladd, 144 Police force reduction- P. Simpson, Wm. Hamilton, 96 Papenhagen, Paul and Emil, embezzlement from, 178 Police force, resignations- Parquain, Martin, false pretences on, 160 Bilton, Alfred Elgin, 150 McNamara, Patrick, 96 Pierce, Reuben, disobeying a summons, 102, 115 Bower, Charles George, 122 O'Reilly, Bryan, 168 Pitter, Edward Rose, obscene exposure, 137 Cawsey, Robert, 136 Reiooh, James, 150 Police force, absconders- Davidson, William James, 108 Vowels, William Henry, 168 Finch, Robert, 108, 116 Shanks, Frederick Hemsby, Police station broken up Reedy Creek, Bourke district, 168 Police force, app ointments as actin g clerks of pe tt y sessions- Police stations formed- Purcell, James J., 162 Williams, C. A., 114 Armidale, Melbourne district, Boolara, Gippsland district, Police force, appointments as assistant inspectors of fisheries Cahill, John, 115 Monteford, John, 115 Police force, superannuations- Donovan, Patrick J., 115 Mullins, Daniel J., 115 Delaney, Charles, 114 Kennan, Patrick, 130 Fitzgerald, James, 115 McConvill, James C., 115 Elliott, John, 168 Lynch, James, 144 Gannon, James Peter, 115 McGillicuddy, Patrick, 115 Gill, James, 122 Macpherson, Donald, 136 Graham, Richard, 115 McGrath, Timothy, 115 Gilligan, Patrick, 96 O'Donnell, Michael, 174 Gray, Robert, 115 O'Connell, Patrick W. V., 115 Grady, James, 122 O'Shaughnessy, Peter, 150 Harding, Thomas Edward, Paton, John J. C., 115 Hilford, George, 174 Reilly, Patrick, Purcell, Philip, 115 Powell, James, wilful damage on, 163 Haynes, John B., 115 R y an, James, 115 Property, arrested for stealing- Horan, Edmund, 115 Sullivan, William Parsons, Blanthorn, Thomas, 111 Williams, George, 119 Hunt, Fredk. A., Murphy, John, 165 Johnston, George, 115 Williams, Charles A., 115 Property, charged with stealing- Appointments as constables- Blanthorn, Thomas, 99, 111 Walsh, Henry, alias Wilson, Blanchfield, Richard, 162 McCarthy, William James, Casey, William, 159 alias Tatter Walsh, 99 Bennett, Dally, Connel, Michael, 177 Walsh, Tatter, alias Henry Bullock, James, 108 McCormack, Charles Edward, Lovett, John, 99, 111 Walsh, alias Wilson, 99 Clapperton, William, Miller, Edward, 177 Wilson, Charles, alias Walsh Cotter, James, 168 McKane, John Wilson, 144 Murphy, John, 159, 165 Henry, alias Tatter Walsh, Cromie, Joseph, 102 McLeod, Alexander, 102 Slade, Albion Henry, Crooks, Robert Geo., 162 Nicholson, Edwin John, 144 Taylor, Alfred Slaytor, 141 Doran, Thomas Silas Henry, Page, William, 156 Property found, now in possession of-, Ross, George, 168 Car lt on po lice, 97 Ki ng-s t ree t police Dally, Bennett, 102 Serpell, George, 108 Coburg police, 164 Melbourne C. I. police, 116, Flannery, John Bartholomew, Shanaghan, John, 102 Collingwood, police, Steele, Alexander, 168 Fitzroy police, 97, 169 Port Melbourne police, 158 Gardiner, Henry Thos., 102 Stewart, Edward Percival, Flemington police, 138 Prahran police, 138 Gleeson, James, Footscray police, 158 Rochester police, 109 Heazle, John, 108 Stokes, John W., 102 Glenorchy police, 158, 169 Russell-street police, 97, 110, Lynch, Michael, 102 Thomas, Francis, 102 Hawthorn police, , 119, 151 Margrett, Stephen, 122 West, George Hunton, 168 Hotham police, 124, 132 Talangatta police, 158 Murray, John, 162 Young, Isaac Harding, 144 Property lost by- McAlister, Thomas, 168 Bates, Robert, 124, 132 Nathan, Michael, 138 Police force, appointments as crown lands bailiffs- Bett, Mrs., 124, 132 O'Shea, John, 158 Kilmartin, William J., 156 Myers, Thomas T., 156 Casey, William ff., 151 Peterson, Mathias, 169 Kostadt, Herman Albert, 136 Rogers, Fredk., 150 Champ, Mrs., 103 Purves, Margaret, 116 Moore, William, 174 Ryan, James, 102 Colthurst, William, 175 Ramsay, John, 138, 145 Mulcahy, Edmund F., 174 Davis, James, 158 Ryan, Annie, 124 Police force, appointment as gaoler- Dougherty, James, 103 Samuell, Flora, 151 Dwyer, Thomas E., 150 Harris, Henry, 124 Shacken, R., 97 Police force, appointments as inspectors of slaughteryards- Hayes, Henry, 124 Sharp, Mrs. Frank, 97, 103 Batchwell, John Wm., 150, Myers, John, 150 Hooper, Mary, 158 Steel, Mrs. H., Nolan, Michael Robertson, Humarston, Nellie, 169 Strickland, Jane, 169 Healy, Daniel, King, Jane, 138 Thompson, Joseph, 132, 169 Hickey, Cornelius, 150 Perry, Francis, 150 Keogh, Mrs. Ignatius, 97 Treacy, Mrs. R. M., 97 Hodgson, Strudholme, 150 Quinn, Michael, 150 Jones, David, 124 Turner, Lizzie, 132 Molyneux, Robt. C., 150 Ryan, Edwin, 150 Lawson, Jessie, 145 Twiggs, A., 116 Monks, James, 150 Satchwell, John Wm., 156 Johnston, J. A., 116 Wanker, Margaret, 110 Mooney, Samuel, 150 Short, Thomas, 150 Johnston, Mrs. R. M., 158 Westford, Edward, 164, 169 Police force, appointments as wharf managers- Mackie, John, 175 White, Henry A., 151 Kirwan, Henry P. B., 162 Lloyd, William, 102 Miller, Surgeon, 138 Police force, death- Property stolen from- Cahill, Martin, 108 Adelaide-Mr. Cate, 162, 168 Linacre, John W., 144 Police force, discharges- Balfour, Hon. James, 102 Lindstrom, Robert, 130 Dwyer, James, 144 Lowry, Henry, 96 Betts, William, 136, 162 Lovett, John, 99, 111 Police force, instructions to- Blogg & Co., J. K., 105 Macleod, Malcolm, 114 Candidates for employment in police force, notice to, 156 Bowman, Mary, 130 Miller, Thomas, 114 Criminal offence reports, names of persons and places to be Brennan, Cornelius, 144 Munro, William, 130 written distinctly, &c., 122 Brown, John, 114 McArthur, George, 114 Diseases, contagious or infectious, regulations for prevention Dakin, William E., 173 McDonald, David, 168 of spread of, 122 Davis, George, 173 McKenty, Henry, 168 Examination for rank of officer, 122, 130, 136, 145, 150, 156, Daws, John, 173 McKenzie, Christina, , 174 Dombrain, Catherine, 102 McKenzie, Donald, 144 Grapes, grape vines, and grape vine cuttings, not to be im- Duncan, William, 144 McLeish, William, 159, 165 ported from New South Wales, 156 Edwards, Edward, 96 Nicholson, Joseph, 156 Police communications, ` On Service," for men under com- Fenber, John, 162 O'Brien, Patrick, 114 mand of naval commandant, to be addressed to the naval Fetherstone, Michael, 144 O'Regan, Cornelius, 96, 108 commandant, 96 Forsyth, George, 108, 122 Pritchard, William, 136, 144 Port and harbor regulations, additional, see G.G., 28th March Freeman, William G., 114 Quinn, Denis, 156, , p. 967, 102 Gibson, Ellen, 173 Rowitz, Isach, 173 Prisoners sentenced, previous history, &c., to be sent on a new Hammell, John, 96 Scott, John, 159 form to the gaol to which they may be committed, 174 Happy Home quartz g. M. co., Shunk, August Hy., 168 Rabbit suppression, certain animals, natural enemies to the Dargo, 122, 162 Smeaton, Arthur, 144 rabbit, protected, 162 Higgins, John, 168 Smith, Miss J., 149 Stoppages, kit and hospital, where to be sent to, 108 Huddart, Parker, and co., 159 Sullivan, A. Smith, 150 Stores for country districts, transport of, is always paid for by Isen, George, 156 Symonds, John D., 156 the officer in charge of the depot, 156 James, Charles, 141 Titterton, Jane, 147 Summoning officers, list of, see G.G., pp Johnston, Andrew, 130, 159 Vaughan, Benjamin, 99 Telegraphic report of criminal offence, form No. 12, not to be used in future, 144 Jones, David, 122 Kilpatrick, Alfred, 96 Woodman, W. A., 130

16 6 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.- INDEX. [1885. Pugh, Joseph, arrested for false pretences, 141, 159 Pugh, Thomas, for embezzlement, 141, 171 Purple, Daniel for insulting behaviour, 157, 163 Purdy, Mary Ann, for abusive language, 137 Q. Queensland-Benson Hamilton, for false pretences, 171 Queensland-Noble, Edward Irvine, arrested for embezzlement, 133, 141 R. Read, R., false pretences on, 153 Reardon, -, for assaulting police, 156 Redfern, John Henry, deserting apprenticeship, 136, 156 Registrars of births, marriages, and deaths appointed, 96, 102, 108, 114, 122, 130, 136, 144, 150, 156, 162, 174 Rewards offered by- Curator of intestate estates, Robertson, Malcolm, , 109 U.S. America-Nance county, Edginton and another, 133 Nebraska, 107, 113 Farrell, William, 175 Victorian Government, 95, Fielding, Samuel, , 108, 135, 149, 173 Henderson, Thomas, 158 Wilson, Alexander, 138 McPherson, John, 97 Winter, W. J., 109 New South Wales Govern. Wright, William, 97 ment, 164 Rigby, John, alias Williams, alias Bertrand, for uttering a forged cheque, 99 Riordan, James, for playing pitch and toss, 115. Roberts, William Alysius, for stealing a bill of exchange, 127 Robertson, Malcolm, dray maliciously injured, 103 Roelens and Burdett, larceny as a bailee on, 141 Rogers, William, disobeying a summons, 102 Ross, John, for disobeying a summons, 96 Rowe, Staker, for throwing stones, 124 Ryan, Sarah Agnes, drunk and disorderly, 137 S. Sally, John Charles, alias Hall, arrested for false pretences, 133 Savage, Mary, rape on, 133, 147 Savage, Mary, unwilling witness, 150 Scales, Edward, larceny as a servant on, 153 Scrachka, Ludwig, for larceny as a bailee, 141 Sheehan, Alice, larceny by a servant on, 153 Sheilds, James, for insulting behaviour, 97 Shemwell, Edward, for larceny as a bailee, 111 Skidmore, John, assaulted, 96 Simpson, George, alias Collins, for larceny as a bailee, 127 Smith, Felix, larceny as a bailee from, 160 Sinclair, Fredk., uttering a forgery, 99 South Australia-Dunn, Alfred Henry, for embezzlement on the district council of Nairne, 105 South Australia-Mackie, Charles, absconding witness, 133 Square, Frank, for false pretences, 160 Stamps, Ernest, bill of exchange stolen from, 127 Stanton, Austin, embezzlement on, 127 Steadman, George, false pretences on, 99, 105 Steed, E., forged cheque uttered to, 127 Stewart, Robert, for imposition, 105 Stilbald, William, for false pretences, 99, 105 Stott, William, false pretences on, 141 Stranger, Richard, false pretences on, 165 Stuchbery, William W., embezzlement, on, 105 Sullivan, Denis, having no name on his dray, 175 Summers, Richard, arrested for being a rogue and vagabond, 168, 175 Swanson, Arthur, for breach of education act, 131 Sweeny, Mrs., forged cheque uttered, &c., 159 Swinbourne, Septimus, deserting hired service, 136 Sydney-Connellan, Thomas, for uttering a forged cheque, 99 Sydney-Greene, Samuel, for embezzlement, 100 Sydney-Lawson, George, for larceny as a bailee, 141 Sydney-Little, Arthur R., for stealing a cheque, 127 Sydney-Robbins and Appleton, embezzlement from, 100 Sydney-Parsons, W. J., for larceny as a bailee, 153 T. Tate, Frederick, alias Thomas White, arrested for false pretences, 119 Taunt, Henry, service deserted, 136 Taylor, Edward, for driving over a footpath, 163 Teefenbacher, Francis, assaulted, 150 Thomas, David, for breach of the peace, 163 Thomas, Robert E., forgery uttered to, 99 Thompson, Mary. for assault, 175 Thornton, John, professor, arrested for imposition, 99, 105 Timber cutting, &c., prohibited, 114, 122, 130, 162 Todd, John, assaulted, 163, 169 Todd, Utrick, for assault, 163, 169 Tracy, Patrick, arrested for breach of education act, 131 Tronson, George, deserting apprenticeship, 137 Tucker, Annie, rape on, 133, 147 Tucker, Annie, unwilling witness, 150 Turney, Thomas, for cutting timber, &c., 115 Tyrell, Thomas, false pretences on, 165 V, Vaccinators, public, appointed, 115, 122, 130, 150, 156, 162, 174 Vane, John, alias John Earl, obstructing a footpath, 168 W. Walsh, Henry, alias Tatter Walsh, alias Charles Wilson, for assaulting police, 150 Watson, James, for larceny as a servant, 153 Watson, Thomas, intent to defraud, 165 Webber, Thomas Parker, failing to find sureties, 168 Whan, James, forged cheque uttered, &c., 105 Whelan, Michael, false pretences on, 153, 159 Whelan, Robert, alais Dick the Whistler, for insulting behaviour, 115 White, Jenny, for obscene language, 116 W 1ite, Thomas, alias Fredk. Tate, arrested for false pretences, Williams, Andrew, alias Henry Millership, arrested for uttering, 105 Williams, Francis, arrested for failing to find sureties, 97, 116, 131, 151 Williams, Joseph, larceny as a bailee from, 147 Williams, John, alias Rigby, alias Bertrand, for uttering forged cheque, 99 Williamson, Ethel, indecently assaulted, 99 Wilson, Alexander, plough maliciously injured, 138 Wilson, John, arrested for forgery, 99 Wilson, Charles, alias Tatter Walsh, for assaulting police, 150 Wilson, Charles, alias Flapper George, for disobeying a summons, 150 Withers, Anastatia, wilful damage to fence, 175 Woods, Cecilia, alias Mary Martha, for threatening language, 145, 163 Wright, John, alias Hodge, for uttering a forgery, 105 Wust, John, deserting apprentice, 115 Y. Yeates, Hugh, for intent to defraud, 147 Yeates, Thomas, arrested for intent to defraud, 165 Yeates, Thomas, for intent to defraud, 147 Young, Bros., larceny as a bailee from, 133 BY4.athority : JoRx Flutes, Government Printer, Melbounia,

17 ep VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE. INDEX OF PRISONERS DISCHARGED DURING THE QUARTER ENDING JUNE FOR POLICE INFORMATION ONLY. Adams, Mathew, 22nd Julie Brown, Geo. Thos., alias John Ahearn, Chas., 11th May Wells, 18th May AliChin, 13th April Biown, Jas., alias Alexr. AliChung, 6th April Nicholson, 22nd June AliFook, 18th May Brown, Mary, alias Stevens, Ali Haing, 27th April 30th March Ah Ring, 25th May Brown, Mary, or Mary Ann AllKay, 6th April Brown, alias Polly Brown, AllLang, 25th May 20th April Ali Shing, 25th May Brown, Oswald, alias Stevens, AliTeck, 1st June alias Wm. Taylor, 15th June AliTiy, 13th April Brown, Win., alias James, 30th AliToo, 22nd June March Allen, Jas., 30th March Brown, Wm., alias Robt. Allen, Samuel, 27th April Robinson, 25th May Allen, Thos., 11th May Bruce, Geo., 11th May Alexander, John, 25th May Bullen, John, 20th April Alexander, Mary, alias Emily Burke, Edwd., 30th March Pearse, alias Anne Brown, Burns, Patk., 22nd June 6th April Burns, Thos., 20th April Anderson, Geo., 6th April Burns, Thos., alias Keating, Anderson, John, 20th April 15th June Anderson, Peter, alias Thos. Butler, Jas., 22nd June Elliott, 20th April Cahill, Win., 4th May Andrews, John, alias Davis, Clarke, Peter, alias McLeod, alias Geo. White, 25th May alias Campbell, alias Arun- Armfield, Joseph, 15th June dell, 25th May Armour, Frank, alias T. Clark, Cameron, Donald, 11th May alias John Carman, alias Cameron, Gabriel, 22nd June Thos. Hogan, 27th April Cameron, John, 27th April Armstrong, John, 27th April Cannings, Jas., 6th April Arundel, -, alias Clarke, alias Canny, John, 11th May Peter McLeod, alias Camp- Carawickam, Wm., 11th May bell, 25th May Cardwell, Albert, 8th June Apley, Louis, alias Geo. Carlisle, Chas., 6th April Thomas, alias Patk. Molloy, Carmichael, Alfred, 1st June alias Atkinson, 25th May Carmichael, Michael, 1st Atkinson, Roderick, 27th April June Ascbe, Wm., alias Barrett, 1st Carroll, John, 6th April June Carter, Geo., 4th May Aston, Alfred, 18th May Cassells, Guiseppe, 4th May Auld, John, 6th April Cassidy, John, 30th March Backhouse, Chas., 11th May Caston, Adelaide, 25th May Baker, Chas., 6th April Cato, Robt., alias Geo. Brown, Baker, Mary, 13th April 8th June Banks, John, 13th April Charles, Jas. Scott, 30th March Barker, Alice, 13th April Chitty, Win., 4th May Barker, Geo., 20th April Chuck, Peter Sing, 11th May Barker, Joshua, 13th April Church, Geo., 30th March Barnes, Thos., 25th May Church, Thos., 13th April Barnwell, Chas., 22nd June Clark, Robt., 25th May Barrass, Wm. R., alias Robt. Clark, T., alias John Carman, Wm. Barrass, 4th May alias Thos. Hogan, alias Barrett, Wm., alias Ashe, 1st Frank Armour, 27th April June Clark, Robt., proper name Beal, Jane, 11th May Robt. Cowl, 27th April Beethain, Thos., alias Leetham, Clifford, Thos., 6th April 25th May Coghlan, Alice, 27th April Bennett, Benjamin, 4th May Colgan, John, 27th April Berrier, Hugh, 27th April Collins, Grace, 6th April Bevan, Wm. E., 30th March Collins, Joseph, 15th June Biggs, Thos., 22nd June Collins, Robt., 6th April Bird, Geo., 22nd June Comber, John, 4th May Black, Wm., 22nd June Connors, Francis, 6th April Blair, Philip Gilbert, 1st June Conroy, Thos., 20th April Blanthorn, Thos., 20th April Conquest, Fritheof, alias Frank Bond, Jas., 8th June Hazlett, 15th June Bosomworth, Alfred, 22nd Conway Matthew, 18th May June Conway, Jas., 4th May Bourke, Mary, 27th April Cook, Jas., proper name F. W. Bourke, Win., 18th May Harper, 27th April Bowack, Wm. M., 25th May Cooper, Joseph, 18th May Bow, Mary, 27th April Corbett, Chas., alias Sims, 6th Brown, Chas., 4th May April Bradley, Thos., 11th May Corrigan, Patk., 4th May Bray, Jas., 20th April Corrigan, Thos., 15th June Brennan, Jas., 30th March Costello, John, 25th May Brennan, Philip, 18th May Cotteram, Geo., 30th March Brennan, Wm., 25th May Coulter, Jas., 11th May Brodini, Peter, 4th May Cowan, Jane, 20th April Brookman, Harriet, 25th May Cowan, John, 20th April Brown, John, 30th March Cowan, John, 22nd Tune Brown, John, 18th May Cowle, Walter, 25th May Brown, Nicol, 11th May Craven, Fredk., 27th April Brown, Patk., 30th March Crawford, Geo., 15 June Brown, Timothy, 15th June Croft, SamI., 18th May Brown, Anne, alias Mary Alex Cullen, Jas., 1st June ander, alias Emily Pearce, Cummings, Fanny, 22nd June 6th April Curly, Thos., 8th June Brown, Geo., alias Robt. Cato, Davis, Hy., alias Wilson, 6th 8th June April Index.- Quarter ending June B. Davis, John, alias Geo. White, alias Andrews, 25th May Davis, J., alias Thos. O'Neil, alias John O'Reilly, 27th April Denelli, Alphoneo, 15th June Denning, Edwd., 25th May Deschines, Edwd., 15th June Desmayind, Laurens, alias Matura De Lorenzo, 30th March Dingey, Amos, 20th April Dohoghue, John, 11th May Donohoe, Gerald, 8th June Dorranse, Win., 22nd June Dowd, Bernard, 25th May Downie, John, 20th April Dowie, John Alexr., 8th June Downey, Robt., 1st June Doyle, Frank, 22nd June Doyle, Jas., 1st June Doyle, Martin, 6th April Doyle, Thos., 18th May Driscoll, Cornelius, 27th April Duffy, Thos., alias Deacey, 30th March Dundas, Jas., 11th May Dunn, Chas., 25th May Dunn, Saml., alias Hy. Williams, 6th April Dupondt, Louis, 20th April Eades, Matthew, 6th April Eagan, John, 1st June Eaken, Win., 8th June Edwards, Geo., 27th April Edwards. Llewllyn, 4th May Eggerstedt, Hy., 22nd June Elking, Win., 20th April Elliott, Thos., alais Peter Anderson, 20th April Elvey, Wni., 4th May Evans, Jas., 20th April Evans, John, 25th May Farrell, Thos., 27th April Ferguson, Frank, 13th April Flanagan, David, 27th April Flannagan, Wm., 8th June Flaherty, Simon, 6th April Flannigan, Jas., 11th May Fleming, John, 8th June Fletcher, Hy. Jas., 6th April Fielding, Wm. Hy., alias Freeman, 18th May Finn, Patk., alias John Finn, 20th April Fitzpatrick, Andrew, 11th May Fitzroy, Edwd., 25th May Ford, Alice, 27th April Ford, Win., 20th April Forde, Win., 22nd June Foster, Thos., 1st June Fowler, Win. K., 18th May Francis, Annie, 6th April Franklin, Robt., 30th March Freckleton, Wm., 25th May Freeman, Robt., 30th March Fry, Thos., 15th June Furlong, Anthony, 1st Julie Gann, John, 27th April Gee, Wm., 4th May Gibb, Elizth., 15th June Gibson, Win., 18th May Gibson, Thos., 6th April Gilligan, Luke, 25th May Gleeson, Win., 20th April Godfrey, Harry, 11th May Godfrey, Laurence P., 27th April Goldsmith, Hy., 27th April Gorey, David, 11th May Gorman, Hugh, 25th May Gowers, Edwd., 11th May Gracomo, Molfino, 18th May Graham, Edwd., 25th May Gray, Geo., 4th May Gribben, Arthur, 27th April Gribbon, Wm., alias Murphy, 8th Julie Greenwood, Horace, 4th May Grisdale, Win., 20th April Guinan, Peter, 20th April Hall, Arthur, 11th May Hall, Edwd., 8th June Halliday, Chas., 13th April Halliday, Win., Ist June Hanks, Fredk., 22nd June Hanson, Fredk., 22nd June Hansen, Hans Martin, 8th May Hansen, Win., alias Billy the burglar, alias Johnston, 27th April Hanson, Robert, 22nd June Harris, Abraham, 15th June Harkness, Wm., 27th April Hart, Fredk., 20th April Hart, Jack, 25th May Hartley, Henry, 25th May Harris, Elisha, 20th April Harris, Elisha, 25th May Harper, Stephen, 15th June Hartley, Wm., 25th May Harvey, Thos., 30th March Hassell, Sambo, 11th May Hatton, Geo., 11th May Hayball, Elizth., 18th May Hayes, Patk., 20th April Hazlett, Frank, alias Fritheof, Conquest, 15th June Healy, Jas., 4th May Heavy, John, 20th April Heeney, Thos., 25th May Henderson, John,-6th April Henderson, John, 25th May Henderson, Wm., 30th March Hendon, Thos., 13th April Hennessy, Jas., 6th April Henry, Robt., 6th April Henry, Ross, 11th May Renshaw, John, 20th April Herbert, Geo., 22nd June Hill, Win., 1st June Hill, John, alias Hall, 30th March Hinton, Eliza, 1st June Hogan, Ann, 27th April Hogan, Thos., alias Frank Armour, alias T. Clark, alias John Carman, 27th April Hoolahan, Thos., 15th June Hope, Richd., 30th March Hough, Win. H., 13th April Howard, John, 8th June Howard, Thos., alias Thos. Owen Reed, 4th May Huggett, Geo., 25th May Huggett, John, 11th May Hughes, Francis, 15th June Hughes, Joseph E., 20th April Humphries, Hy., 4th May Hunt, Jas., 4th May Hurst, Fredk., 22nd June Hurst, Jas., 8th June Hutchinson, Alexr., 18th May Hyde, Elizth., 30th March Ingerman, David, 30th March Irvine, Archd., 27th April Jackson, Mary, 27th April Jacobs, Edwd., 11th May Jaynes, Fredk, 20th April. James, Henry, 11th May James, Will., alias Brown, 30th March Jeffs, Sydney, 8th June Jones, Chas., 6th April Jones, Thomas, 4th May Jones, Samuel, 20th April Johnnie (a Hindoo), 13th April Johnson, Andrew, 25th March Johnston, Caroline, 6th April Johnson, Christopher, 13th April Johnston, Geo., 25th May Johnston, Robt., 18th May Johnson, Stephen, 6th April Johnson, Walter, 22nd June Johnston, Win., 30th March Johnston, Wm., 11th May Johnston, John, 25th May Johnston, Win., alias Hansen, alias Johnston, John, proper name John Mahoney, 1st June

18 2 PlIlSONERS bischarged.- INbE$. [ Billy the burglar, 27th April Murray, Chas., 11th May Potter, Jas., alias Pinnock, 22nd Taylor, Eliza, 4th May Josephs, Phobe, 1st June Murray, Chas., 15th June June Taylor, Wm., alias Oswald Judge, Jas., 20th April Murray, Jas., 15th June Power, Jas. F., 8th June Brown, alias Stevens, 15th Judge, Thos., 20th April Murray, Margt., 27th April Price, Geo., 18th May June Kane, Wm., 27th April Murray, Robt., 13th April Primrose, Wallace, 30th March Thomas, Chas., 18th May Kay, Robt., 4th May Murchison, Roderick, 27th April Proven, Jas., alias Stewart, 8th Thomas, Hy., 11th May Kay, Thos., 30th March Murray, Wm., 25th May June Thomas, Hy., 25th May Keating, Geoffrey, 25th May Muirhead, Win., 20th April Proud, Jas., 20th April Thomas, Geo., alias Patk. Keatch, Jas., 4th May Murphy, John, 6th April Randall, Jas., 27th April Molloy, alias Atkinson, alias Keating, Timothy, 6th April Murphy, Patk., 27th April Redwood, John, 4th May Louis Apley, 25th May Keating, Thos., alias Burns, Murphy, Richd., 11th May Reed, Thos. Owen, alias Thos. Thompson, Annie, 27th April 15th June Murphy, Wm., alias Gribbon, Howard, 4th May Thompson, Geo., 15th June Keegan, John, 13th April 8th June Reedy, Danl., 22nd June Thompson, Jas., 18th May Keenan, Rose, 27th April Myers, Win., 25th May Regan, Peter, 15th June Thornton, Chas., 18th May Keirnan, Anthony, 22nd June McCann, Francis, 4th May Reilly, Patk., 6th April Tierney, Bridget, 4th May Kelly, Jane, 13th April McCarthy, Joseph, 15th June Remmington, Wm., 30th March Tobin, Thos., 20th April Kelly, John, 11th May McClure, Andrew, 30th March Reynolds, Hy., 25th May Todd, Hy., 18th May Kelly, Michl., 27th April McCormick, Patk., 30th March Richardson, Aleck John, 8th Tomlinson, Geo., 6th April Kennedy, John, 30th March McCormack, Thos., 18th May June Towers, Win., 4th May Kenyon, Francis A., 25th May McDonald, Geo., 18th May Richards, Ann, 1st June Toy, Wm., 20th April King, Robt., 15th June McDonald, Hugh, 20th April Richards, Jas., 20th April Toyer, Joseph, 20th April King, Wm., 15th June McDougall, Chas., 15th June Ritchie, Walter, 18th May Trail, Geo., 27th April Kune, Wong Ali,15th June McEvoy, Edwd., 30th March Rabbi, Win., alias Julius Remschel, 30th March Trappe, Adolphe, 8th June Trappe, Adolphe, 30th March Kyle, John, 27th April McEwan, Hy., 18th May Lacey, Wm., 22nd June McFarlane, John, 6th April Robertson, John, 4th May Travers, Maurice, 1st June Lane, Will., 27th April McGee, Thos., 22nd June Robertson, Wm., 25th May Tremaine, Robt., 13th April Lanigan, Maurice, 11th May McGee, Wm., 11th May Robinson, Hy., 30th March Turner, Chas., 20th April Lanigan, Patk., alias Mahony, McGee, Thos. Win., tried as Robinson, Wm., 6th April Twible, Arthur, 8th June 6th April Jas. Magee, 25th May Robinson, Robt., alias Wm. Venville, David, 18th May Larry, Wm. 1st June McGilligan, John, 8th June Brown, 25th May Vincent, Edwd., 1st June Lawlor, Cat herine, 22nd June McGilly, alias John May, 22nd Rose, Annie, 20th April Walker, John, 15th June Larr, J., 13th April June Rose, Harry, 8th June Walker, Win., 30th March Leahy, John, 30th March McGloghan, John, 22nd June Ross, Wm., 20th April Walsh, Jas., 11th May Lean, Wm., 30th March McGorey, Thos., alias Geo. Ryan, Ellen, 25th May Walsh, Joseph, 22nd June Lee, John, 22nd Jane Williams, 18th May Ryan, John, 13th April Walsh, Thos., 15th June Lee, Patk., 1st Juii McGowan, John, 30th March Ryan, Joseph, 1st June Walsh, Wm., 8th June Leedham, John, 11th May McGregor, John, 20th April Ryan, Patk., 11th May Warburton, Geo., 4th May Leetham, Thos., alias Beetham, McGuffin, Thos., 22nd June Ryan, Sarah, alias Agnes Williams, 15th June Ward, Hugh, 20th April Warburton, John, 8th June 25th May McInerney,Patk., 27th April Lewis, Evan, 25th Mw; McInerney, Peter, 27th April Ryder, Robt., 1st June Ward, Win., 6th April Leyden, Michl., 27th April McJanetta, David, 27th April Ryder, Michl., alias O'Brien, Ward, Win., 1st June Lick, Sye, 22nd June McLean, Roderick, 8th June alias Ryan, alias Thos. Smith, Warnell, John, alias Lyons, Ling, Tye, 6th April McKay, Danl., 18th May alias Win. May, 15th June May Lister, Robert, 1st June 14 okinnon, Lachlan, 25th May Ryland, Richd., 22nd June Watson, Francis, 13th April Long, Joseph, 6th April McLean, Jas., 20th April Sally, Frank, 30th March Watson, Fredk., 13th April Longstaff, Chas., 25th May McLeod, Neal, 20th April Samuels, Harriet, 27th April Watson, Jas., 8th June Lovell, Thos., 6th April McLeod, Peter, alias Campbell, Sargeant, Joseph H., 22nd June Watson, Richd., 30th March Lovett, John, 13th April alias Arundel, alias Clarke, Sayers, Edwd., 4th May Wells, John, alias Thos. Brown, Lucas, Albert, 25th May 25th May Schofield, Jas., 25th May 18th May Ludlow, Geo., 1st June McMahon, Michl., 25th May Schrieboogel, Julius, 22nd June Wesley, Edwd., 18th May Lynch, John, 27th April McManus, Patk., 20th April Schroder, Jas., 25th May Whelan, Michl., 18th May Lyons, John alias Warnell, McMatun, Catherine, 30th Schultz, Fredk., 27th April White, Louisa, 8th June 11th May March Scott, Hy. W., 27th April White, Wm., alias Smith, 27th Lyons, Patk., 15th June McMillan, Elizth., 27th April Scott, Wm., 11th May April Lyne, John, 1st June Naughton, Patk., 1st June Semple, Arthur, 4th May Whitely, John, 30th March Lyster, Alice, 27th April Neil, Jas., 22nd June Shannon, John, 20th April White, John, 11th May Maguire, Jas., 4th May Nelis, Wm. J., 18th May Sherwin, Alfred, alias Geo. White, Win., 4th May Mahoney, John, 1st June Neville, Catherine, 27th April Wilson, alias Arthur Smith, Whelan, Patk., 27th April Mahoney, Patk., alias Langan, Newell, David, 18th May 20th April White, Geo., alias John 6th April Newson, Johanna, 20th April Shepherd, Johanna, 27th April Andrews, alias Davis, 25th Maney, Margt., 4th May Nichols, Norah, 6th April Skerritt, Jas., 27th April May Manning, Michl., 30th March Nicolson, Joseph, 27th April Slee, Michl., 1st June Wilkie, Geo., 6th April Maroney Bertha, 6th April Nicolson, Alexr., alias Jas. Sinclair, Robt., 13th April Wilkinson, Wm., 20th April Marr, John, 25th May Brown, 22nd June Sinden, Wm. 1st June Williams, Elizth., 6th April Masters, Richd., 1st June Noble, Jas., 6th April Sindon, Luke April Williams, Francis, 1st June Martin, Chas., 1st June Nolan, Jas., 30th March Singles, Chas., 6th April Williams, Francis, 22nd June Martin, Herbert, 22nd June Norrish, John, 22nd June Sims, Jas., alias Simpson, 18th Williams, Fredk., 8th June Matthews, Fredk., 27th April Olsen, Chas., 22nd June May Williams, Jas., 13th April Maun, Francis, 8th June Orton, Thos. Gordon, 20th Sims, Chas., alias Corbett, 6th Williams, John, 30th March May, Eliza, 25th May April April Williams, John, 6th April May, John, 20th April O'Brien, Ellen, 27th April Smith, Arthur, 25th May Williams, John, 27th April May, Robt., 6th April O'Brien, Jane, 25th May Smith, Elizth., 1st June Williams, John, 4th May May, Wm., 18th May O'Brien, Matthew, 25th May Smith, Hy., 11th May Williams, John, 4th May May, Fredk., proper name O'Brien, Wm., 30th March Smith, Hy., 15th June Williams, John, 1st June Fredk. Thomas, 1st June O'Brien, Michl., alias Ryan, Smith, Jas., 22nd June Williams, Thos., 27th April Maybeck, Fredk., alias Maebach, 30th March May, alias Ryder, 15th June Smith, Wm., 4th May Williams, Agnes, alias Sarah alias Thos. Smith, alias Win. Smith, John, 20th April Williams, Thos., 1st June May, John, alias McGilly, 22nd O'Connor, John, 25th May Smith, Wm., alias White, 27th Ryan, 15th June June O'Connor, John, 22nd June April Williams, Geo., alias Thos. May, Win., alias Ryder, alias O'Dell, Thos., 25th May Smith, Thos., alias Wm. May, McGorey, 18th May Michl. O'Brien, alias Ryan, O'Kane, Alexr., 20th April alias Ryder, alias O'Brien, Williams, Hy., alias Saml. alias Thos. Smith, 15th June O'Keeffe, Maria, 4th May Michl., alias Ryan, 15th June Dunn, 6th April Mazura, Lorenzo De, alias O'Neal, Patk., 6th April Soland, Joseph, 6th April Williams, John, alias Peddy, Laurens Desmayind, 30th O'Neill, Bernard, 22nd June Speck, Edmund, 6th April 6th April March O'Reilly, John, alias Thos. Stanley, Jas., 13th April Williamson, Geo., 11th May Meehan, Patk., 1st June O'Neil, alias J. Davis, 27th Stanway, Wm., 6th April Willsher, Edwd., 8th June Mence, Hy. G., 22nd June April Steen, Thos., 8th June Wilson, Andrew, 27th April Merchant, Geo., 25th May Pacey, Thos., 6th April Steele, David, 18th May Wilson, Eliza, 13th April Meredith, Chas., 20th April Page, Catherine E., 25th May Stent, Harry, 1st June Wilson, Jas., 18th May Merrifield, Melinda, 8th June Palmer, Alfred, 25th May Stephenson, Mary, 25th May Wilson, Jas., 22nd June Miller, John, 22nd June Parker, Thos., 11th May Street, Alfred, Gth April Wilson, John, 30th March Mitchell, Chas., 4th May Parkin, Win. R., 11th May Stevens, Mary, alias Brown, Wilson, Joseph, 15th June Mitchell, Thos., 27th April Parkinson, Fredk., 6th April 30th March Wilson, Robt., 27th April Mitchison, Hy. F,, 1st June Payne, Win., 15th June Stevens, Donald, alias Francis Wilson, Thos., 22nd June Molloy, Patk., alias Atkinson, Pearce, Harry, 1st June S. Young, 22nd June Wilson, Wm., 18th May alias Louis Apley, alias Geo. Pearse, Emily, alias Anne Stevens, Win., alias Taylor, Wilson, Geo., alias Arthur Thomas, 25th May Brown, alias Mary Alexander, 6th April June 20th April alias Oswald Brown, 15th Smith, alias Alfred Sherwin, Monaghan, Patk., 18th May Moore, Joseph, 1st June Peddy, John, alias Williams, Stewart, David, 20th April Wilson, Hy., alias Davis, 6th Morris, Fredk., 22nd June 6th April Stewart, Hy., 6th April April Morgan, Richd., 8th June Perry, Win., 1st June Stewart, Jas., 4th May Winder, Selina, 27th April Morris, Jas., 6th April Preece, Chas., 8th June Stewart, Jas., 1st June Woods, Alfred, 4th May Morris, John, 20th April Prendergast, Richd., 25th May Stewart, Jas., alias Proven, 8th Wright, Chas., 4th May Morris, John, 1st June Peterson, John, 1st June June Wright, Chas., 22nd June Moyle, Fredk., 30th March Pigott, Wm., 4th May Sullivan, John, 15th June Wright, Geo., 4th May Mu avin, Jas., 6th April Phillips, John, 1st June Symonds, Wm. Hy., 18th May Young, Francis S., alias Donald Mulligan, Joseph, 30th March Popham, Saml., 25th May Tall All Kan, 1st June Stevens, 22nd June By Authority ; Jena FzaaEs, Government Printer, Melbourne. 11th

19 I NDEX TO THE VICTORIA POLICE GAZETT E. FOR THE QUARTER ENDING SEPTEMBER 1885, A. Absconders from industrial schools- Bent, Joseph, 214 Higton, Emily, 202 Brennan, James, 203, 221 Jones, Alice, 215, 259 Brown, William, 203 Lawless, Henry, 252 Campbell, John, 180 Ley, Alfred, 202 Carling, John, 259 Levy, Louis, 202 Connor, Arthur, 252 Matthews, Henrietta, 253 Coombes, William J., 232 Moran, James, 215 Dalglaish, Ellen, 226, 232 McDonald, Margaret, 226, 232 Edwards, James, 221 Nunn, William, 203 Edwards, Thomas, 186 Radcliffe, Albert, 259 Fertelle, Desten, 221 Roach, James, 202 Fidler, Henry, 232 Stewart, Charles, 181 Forbear, Ellen, 270 Thomas, John, 265, 270 Fry, Frederick, 180 Walsh, Patrick, 265, 270 Adelaide - Kingsborough, John Mathew, for stealing 550, 273 Ah Fong, keeping a disorderly house, 203, 209 AliFook, assaulted, 259 Ainsworth, Henry, for false pretences, 243, 249 Anderson Brothers, false pretences on, 273 Anderson, Henry, assaulted, 270 Arnott, John, arrested for false pretences, 229 Auldist, George, for insulting behaviour, 186 Armstrong, Abel, disobeying a summons, 221 Baker, George, for false pretences, 267, 273 Ball, George, for false pretences, 273 Bank of Victoria, Melbourne, forged cheques uttered to, 261 Banyard, -, uttering a forged cheque, 205 Barker, William, for stealing gold and forgeries, 243 Barlow, - for false pretences, 255 Barrow, Margaret, escaped lunatic, 232, 270 Boswarra, Nicholas, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 243, 261 Bassett, Martha, for vagrancy, 181, 202 Beasly, William, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 243, 267 Beattie, Thomas, arrested for threatening language, 252 Bell, James, for assault, 264 Benson, Annie, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 230 Beynon, George M., for false pretences, 273 Bird, Eliza, for vagrancy, 259, 270 Bishop, Henry, larceny from, by a servant, 243 Black, Mary, death from abortion, 202 Blackburn, Edith, neglected child, 264 Bond, Edward, for uttering a forged cheque, 235 Boully, James, false pretences on, 273 Bourke, Mary, arrested for imposition, 255 Bowler, Thomas, for assault, 186 Boyle, Charles, cattle maliciously destroyed, 227 Bradley, Thomas, forgery uttered to, 243 Brew, Michael, false pretences on, 255, 267 Bridges, Betsy, for vagrancy, Bridgman, Walter, arrested for deserting apprenticeship, 180 Bright, John, for larceny as a bailee, 190,230 Brown, - (man), being a rogue and vagabond, 259 Brown, George, for obscene language, 232, 264 Brown, George S., false pretences on, 273 Brown, Harry, for vagrancy, 214 Brown, Mary, assaulted, 221 Buchan, Mary, alias Tallant, for perjury, 189 Buckley, Thomas, assaulted, 259 Bunton, William, arrested for wilful damage, 259 Byrnes, Thomas, false pretences on, 206 C. Cameron, A., arrested for false pretences, 249, 255 Campbell, Peter, forged cheque uttered to, 223 Caramia, Joseph, false pretences on, 261 Carlton, James, arrested for wilful damage, 202 Carmody, Patrick, arrested for assault, 180 Carroll, Laurence, absconded from hired service, 252 Carter, Alice, false pretences on, 255 Caulfield, petty sessions to be held at, 180 ending September A. Index.-Quarter B. Chambers, D. D., to be acting chief commissioner of police during the absence, on duty, of H. M. Chomley, Esq., 258 Child, female, abandoned in Alma street, Fitzroy, 259, 270 Child, female, abandoned at Easy street, Collingwood, 209, 221 Child, female, abandoned iu Lennox street, Richmond, 270 Cholera, &c., quarantine of vessels, &c., 238 Clark, Henry, found in streets of Prahran, 215, 240 Clemes, Thomas P., false pretences, 243, 255 Clemenson, George, arrested for embezzlement, 189, 211 Close season for native companions, proclamation regarding, 245 Cobungra river sluicing compai y's claim, gold fraudulently placed in it, 258 Cole, Samuel John, for threatening language, 232 Comon, John F., false pretences on, 267 Conquest, George, for uttering a forged cheque, 273 Carrigan, Patrick, arrested for false pretences, 243, 255 Cottam, Alice, for false pretences, 206,211 Couche, John, for cruelty to a horse, 239 Cowl, Robert, alias Thomas Wilson, assaulting police, 252 Cranston, Charlotte, alias Reynolds, arrested for assault, 252, 259 Crawford, James B., embezzlement on, 249 Cross, Thomas, escaped lunatic, 246, 252 Cummings, Matthew, for larceny as a servant, 183 D. Davey, Wi lliam H., arrested for a breach of hackney carriage bye-laws, 253 Davis, John, cattle maliciously maimed, 240 Dawes, Henry, apprentice deserted from, 265 D'Egville, Alfred, for larceny as a bailee, 229 Deserters from H.M. service- Baker, Alf. W., 212 Leggett, Wm., 216, 260 Bardon, Thos., 216, 260 Livingstone, Lewis, 212 Barry, Gunner Peter Hy., 210 Lynch, Jas., 265 Bentley, Joseph, 266 Mahoney, Saml., 216 Bidsmoret, F. S., 265 Maloney, Mich], 234 Bilton, Wm. T. H., 210 Maybank, Thos., 247 Blackett, Bombadier John Miller, Wm., 204 Hy., 188 Morris, Geo., 233 Blakely, C., 265 Mosley, Jas., 253 Bott, Geo. P., 216 Murphy, Chas., 216 Bragg, David, 216, 260 McAwley, Edwd., 210, 216 Bonnas, Arthur, 216, 260 McCrea, Thos. Knox, gunner, Brown, Harry, Brown, Wm., 260 McCrae, Thos. Knox, 247 Bradshaw, Wm. R., 233 McCollough, John, 266 Callaghan, Edwin, 253 Purcell, John, 204 Carr, Geo., 216, 260 McElhone, Andrew, 247 Cavanagh, David, 260 McNamara, John, 266 Colenso, Wm., 253 Newnman, Joseph, 266 Conway, Hy., 266 Norman, John, bombardier, Conway, Patk., Cromby, John Jas., 204 O'Malley, Patk., gunner, 188 Crowley, Geo., 233 Perremint, Jas., 260 Curry, W. H., 265 Peters, John, 233 Davy, Jas. E., 222 Quinlan, David, 241 Dillon, John, 233 Redman, Chas., 253 Dolly, Bernard. 241 Riche, Francis, 260 Ennis, J. C., 265 Roberts, Wm. H., 234, 241 Finlay, John, 204 Rogers, Fred., 266 Fletcher, Hy. Elvian, 260 Roy, Robt., 247 Foster, John, 266 Savell, John, 216 Foweraker, Gunner Edward, Sedlageck, John, gunner, Skey, John Hy., 241 Foy, Gunner R., 210 Southgate, John, 212 Galvin, Wm., 216, 260 Standish, Thos., gunner,'216 Gillan, Charlie (Frank), 216 St. Claire, Hy., 241 Grozart, Thos., 241 Taylor, Hy., 216 Hall, fly., 266 Temple, Chas. Hardy, 266 Hanna, Wm., 247 Thils, Adolph, 210, 216 Hanschildt, Frederick, acting Warwick, Geo., 216, 260 bombardier, 210 Wheeler, Chas., 266 Harvey, Reubin, 253 White, Thos., 210 Jones, Hy., 216 Wilson, Richd., 216

20 2 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. [18856 Deserters from merchant vessels- Adamsen, Andrew, 187 Larcen, Chas., 260 Adolphson, Adolph, 187 Larsen, C., 210 Ammitzbbll, H. C. D., 260 Lewis, C. H., 187, 260 Geiffsen, Axel, 187 McAuley, John, 187 Geist, Peter, 187 McDonald, Hugh, 187 Hilleberg, Oscar, 187 Palsen, Ludovic, 187 Howell, Talieson, 187 Paterson, John, 228 John, Arthur, 253 Rathye, H. C., 260 Jeske, H. A., 260 Santus, Antonio, 187 Johnsen, Carl, 187 Tai Marins, 253 Kleimschmidt, C. A. 0., 260 Thorberntssen, C. F., 210 Kraft, Fredk. Benvit, 222 Wilson, Montague, 271 Deserters of wives and children- Adams, Richard, 240 Jackson, Thomas, alias John Angus, Robert Henry, 220 Cummins, 202 Beames, Walter, 203 Jennings, Edward, 180, 209 Bishop, Edward, 227 Johnston, Matthew, 221 Black, William, 259 Johnson, William, 252, 264, 270 Bowcher, Walter, Joseph, 215 King Charles, 259 Brown, George, alias Wain- Laffey, Michael, 214 wright, 232, 239 Lawson, James, 253 Burke, James, alias Cole, 259 Mason, David, 221, 264 Cain, Martin, 187 Merrick, James, 259 Cameron, Edward, 215 Mesig, Henry, 209 Carroll, John, 227, 252 McCausland, Fredk., 227 Chapman, William, 180, 221 New South Wales.-Holley, Cole, James, alias Burke, 259 William, 252 Coughlan, John, 264 O'Brien. Edward, 232, 252 Crown, Raphael, 270 Orr, Joseph, 264 Cummins, John, alias Jackson, Perrin, William, 209 Thomas, 202 Peter, Robert, 209 Daley, Patrick, 232 Pullin, John, 214 Davis, William, 202 Quincey, John T., 180 Davidson, Robert Win., 227, Richmeller, Albert, Scurry, Joseph, 270 Deegan, Michael, 180 Seymour, Edward Francis, 252 Dolbear, William, 264 Shipway, George, 221 Dorian, Daniel, 264 Shirley, John Win., 226, 232 Dyer, Harrie and Ellen, 239 Singleton, James Joseph, 180 Doyle, Edward, 246 Smith, Charles, 259 Eaton, Edward John, 221 Solomon, Peter, 186 Eyton, John, 264 Spier, Henry, 253 Fidler, George William, alias Sullivan, Edward, 246 Fuller, 180, 259 Sydney.-Erning,William, 265 Foot, John, 215 Tanish, John Cook, 215, 232 Fraser, Henry J., 259 Torriando, Chas. Geo. Jno., Friee, Thomas, , 209 Fuller, George, alias Fidler, Turner, Charles, alias White, Geo. Wm., 180, , 246 Gale, Samuel, 239, 259 Vincent, James, 246 Garner, William, 180 Wainwright, Geo., alias Gay, William Henry, 202, 209 Brown, 232, 239 Glover, Patrick, 202 White, Charles, alias Turner, Goodwin, G. E., ,246 Hare, William, 214 Williams, John, 180 Hesse, John Arnold, 215 Williams, John, 221, 239 Howard, William Henry, 240, Williainb, Leopold, 246, Yarra, Ernest, 227 Jackson, John Charles, 252 Yeoman, George, 202 Devereux, James C., false pretences, 223, 229 Dickenson, George, for deserting his apprenticeship, 246 Dodderidge, Richard, apprentice, deserting from, 246 Dunn, James, assaulted, 246 Dwyer, Patrick, arrested for assault, 246 Dyer, Charles Wilson, alias Ainsworth, for false pretences, 249 E. Edmonds, James, servant deserted from, 215 Edmonds, James, embezzlement on, 230, 235 Edwards, Charles W., false pretences on, 267 Edwards, James B., larceny as a bailee from, 230, 243 Elliott, G., arrested for false pretences, 229, 230, 235, 255 England.-Barker, William, for stealing gold, and forgeries, 243 Essendon appointed a place where courts of petty sessions are to be held, 264 Evans, Thomas, vagrancy, 270 Evans, T. T., for illegally using a horse, 240, 246, 255, 273 Evans, T. T., for larceny as a bailee, 255 Eyre and Shepherd, false pretences on, 243 Eyton, John, for assault, 252 F. Farrell, William, fence wilfully damaged, 246 Ferguson, James, M.D., false pretences on, 267, 273 Ferguson, Frank, alias Grant, alias Green, alias Fiddler Green, for embezzlement, 230, 235 Flynn, Timothy, escaped lunatic, 270 Fitzgerald, John Henry, alias Henry Lewis Joyce, arrested for bigamy, 249, 261 Fothergill, William, embezzlement from, 243, 249 Francis, Hugh, for uttering a forged telegram with intent to defraud, 229 Fraser, Alexander, using threats to take life, 270 French, Benjamin M., for larceny as a bailee, 205 Fry, James, for vagrancy, 259, 270 Fulton, Elizabeth, for false pretences, 243 Gallagher, James, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 243 Gillimore, Fredk. A., forged cheque uttered to, 273 Canning, William, arrested for embezzlement, 235 Gearon, Daniel, arrested for vagrancy, 186, 202, 221 General sessions, dates of holding, changed. 226 Gessner, Frank D., false pretences on, 249 Gill, Henry, for stealing an accordion, 273 Gillies, James, disobeying a summons, 221 G. Gilpin, Thomas B., arrested for false pretences, 249 Giorgi, Fernando, fraudulent insolvent, 189 Goodson, Alfred, false pretences, 217, 235 Gordon, Charles, imposition on, 186 Gordon, Robert, for assault, 259 Gray, Arthur, arrested for deserting his apprenticeship, 227, 239 Grant, James, absent from hired service, 215 Grant, John Moore, disobeying a summons, 232 Grant, Julia, arrested for selling liquor without a license, 226, 239 Grant, George, alias Frank Ferguson, alias George Green, alias Fiddler Green, for embezzlement, 230, 235 Greenough, Margaret, child stolen from, 265 Green, Fiddler, alias Ferguson, alias Grant, for ermbezzleinent, 230, 235 Grigg, Thomas, for false pretences, 229, 249 Griffin, Patrick, for assault, 180 Groves, George, for forgery and uttering, 261 Groom, Edwin J., false pretences, 217 Gutman, Herman, for embezzlement, 183 H. Haddon, electric telegraph extended to, 186 Hagan, Peter, forged cheque uttered to, 235 Hageen, Joachim 22 Frederick, arrested for fraudulent insolvency, Haines, James, arrested for insulting behaviour, 180 Hall, David, larceny as a bailee from, 243, 267 Rally, James, for obscene language, 214 Hamilton, John, debt, &c., 180 Health, analysts, appointed, 186, 208, 226, 238, 264 Health, officers of, appointed, 186, 208, 238, 264 Hengemen, Henry, for threatening language, 209 Hennessy, James, embezzlement on, 235 Hesse, Christina, false pretences on, 243, 249 Highway robbery, arrested for- Butler, Wm., 205 Reynolds, Hy., 223 Cooper, Robt., 205 Smith, Seymour, 225, 231 Jones, Thos., 185 Steward, Donald, 251 Meredith, Wm., 185 Warne, Win. Jessop, 189 McDonald, Win., 207 Whelan, Patk., 229 McLean, Harry, 257 Wilson, Jas., 189 Highway robbery, charged with- Birtles, Arthur, alias Snowy Crooks, -, 229 Benson, 205 Reynolds, 217, 223 Highway robbery, committed on- Ah Poy, 235 Jones, Edwd., 179 Allen, John, 269 Kay, Robt., 251 Banfield, Michl,, 257 Keggan, Edwd., 245 Blake, Arthur, 263 Kenyon, Robt.i 229 Brislane, Michl., 207 Knight, Win., 231 Brown, Alfred, 237 Lalor, Jas., 231 Brown, John, 223 Lalor, John, 189 Buckley, John, 225, 231 Lewis, John, 237 Burns, John P., 225 Leuil, Louis de, 207 Butler, Fredk., 263 Loughlan, Win., 231 Cameron, Jas., 179, 191 Lucas, Peter, 191 Campbell, John Hy., 251 Mahon, John, 191, 207 Campbell, Win., 219 Martin, John, 231 Champion, Joseph, 219, 229, Minzies, Jas., Murray, John, 231 Cliffe, Wm., 179 McCabe, William, 191 Connell, Jas., 263 McDonald, John, 185 Cooper, John E., 225 McDonald, Peter, 219 Cope, Joseph, 185 McGuire, John, 237 Curtin, Mathew, 231 McIntosh, Win., 263 Cusack, John, 185, 207 Pearce, Win., 185 Decourcy, Jas., 229 Peters, Chas., 217, 223 Dickson, George, Mrs., 256 Prichard, Edmond, 257 Dillon, Chas., 189 Powell, Marion, 219 Dillon, Win., 231, 251 Richards, Thos., 185 Doeg, Win., 179 Robertson, Win., 213 Evans, Wm. D., 237 Rodgers, Thos., 251, 257 Fincher, Isaac, 185 Ross, Hugh, 189, 205 Finding, Wilson, 245 Russell, Galam, 263 Fish, Thos. W., 219 Smith, John, 185 Fox, Richd., 257 Spode, H. N., 251 Gemson, Thos., 213 Spooner, John A., 191, 207 Glenn, John, 251, 257 Swan, Win., 251 Griffin, Jas., 219 Ward, Richd., 263 Hall, Jas., 237 Watson, Stephen, 207 Hardy, Joseph, 251 Whelan, Patk., 237 Harper, Alfred E., 179 White, John, 207 Harris, Geo., 231 Whyte, Louis A., 251 Hart, Geo., 185, 191 Wilcox, Chas. E., 185 Holyoak, Mrs., 219 Wilson, John, 237 Hughes, Richd. W., 185, 207 Williams, Louisa, 205 Isaacs, Colin, 231, 237 Wright, Win., 213 James, Allan, 183 Wychely, Geo., 185 Hill, James, for threatening language, 240 Hodson, Vernon Fredk., for embezzlement, 211 Horses and cattle, arrested for stealing- Pearce, Thou as, 224 Horses and cattle, charged with stealing- Queesland--Watkins, W. J., Watson, George, alias Lockor Thomas, 206 yer, 249, 267, 273 South Australia - Lockyer, George, alias Watson, 249, 267, 273 Horses and cattle, stolen from- Allen, James, 181 Braithwaite, Fred. E., 209 Anstel, William, 227 Brown, John, 253 Archer, William S., 233, 240 Brumley, J. W., 240 Atkin, B., 203 Bullargh, John R., 209 Ballen, William, 203 Burke, Peter, 253 Barrass, Andrew, 215, 221 Byrne, John, 209 Benaim, Henry, 265 Cahia, Thomas, 253 Boyd, William C., 209, 213 -Cameron, A. D., 187 Brady, John, 253, 260 Carey, Phillip, 253, 259

21 1885.] VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. 8 Horses and cattle stolen from-continued. Carmichael, William, 215, 265 Cleave, William, 209, 233 Cleland and Little, 209, 221 Coote, John, 215 Coulson, C., 209 Coulstock, T., 240 Craig, James, 233, 240 Cramire, Ben., 246 Cramond, J. C., 215 Cross, Charles, 187 Dethletson, Emma, 187 Dixon, Isaac, 259, 265 Dunning, Thomas, 271 Edelston, David, 271 Elder, David, 253 Flynn, John, 227, 265 Francis, James, 203 Gill, Thomas, 246 Gillies, Angus, 233 Gordon, Neil K., 233 Gosling, George, 247, 253 Grant, George, 181 Griffin, James, 233 Gurden, Richd. S., 240 Gurling, William J., 265 Hamilton, James C., 260 Hammond, Henry, 227 Hart, J. C., 215, 233 Harty, Michael, 187 Hay, Alfred, 271 Henderson, J., 271 Hensley, W. H. and J. A., 215 Hill, Thomas, 181 Honan, Cornelius, 265 Howard, George, 209, 215 Johnson, Edwin J., 215 Jones, Percy, 181, 203 Jones, Thomas, 240, 259 Kavanagh, Bernard, 187 Kidd, John, 209 Kilmartin, Ellen, 265 Knevitt, Geo. A., 247 Love, N., 203 Loughlin, Hugh, 181, 209 Maddern, George, 227 Maher, James, 271 Martin, George, 215 Matthews, Hugh, 181 Maxwell, Henry, 271 Mitchell, Chas. F., 271 Moir, William, 206 Munro, David, 227, 247 Murdoch, James, 181 Murray, A. S., 215 McCrae, Thomas, 265 McCarthy, John, 215 McCormack, Patrick, 203 McKay, Alexander, 221 McKenzie, Alexander, 260 McLean, A., 181 McMahon, John, 203, 246 McMaster, John, 215, 221 Ohirt, Charlotte, 233 Housebreaking, arrested for- Ah Chow, 217 Andrews, John, alias Jas. Smith, alias Thos. Brown, 185 Axton, John, 205 Baldock, Jessie, alias Wilson, 207 Black, Wm., 213 Brown, Thos., alias John Andrews, alias Jas. Smith, 185 Clements, Hy., 261 Cregan, Jas., 213 Curley Jas., 269 Donogue, Wm., 211 Edwards, John, alias Meredith, 213. Gunn, -, 261 Harris, Wm., 189 Healey, Wm., 235 Jean, Chas., 255 Johnson, Harry, 261 Johnston, John, 183 Jones, Chas. Wm., 255 Josephs, Phoebe, 189 Housebreaking, charged with- Ah Chow, 211, 217 Alfonso, Hy., alias Brown, 217 Avery, Wm., 223 Barnes, Thos., 249 Belmont, Mary Louisa, alias Mary Wilson, 235 Brophy, Francis, 235 Brown, Fredk., 205 Brown, Hy., alias Alfonso, Charlie, -, 205, 223 Farrell, Thomas, 267 Fogarty, Elizth., 267 Gunn, -, 217, 261 Hall, -, 243 Oliver, J., 253 Osborn, Patk. J., 181, 221 O'Brien, James, 181, 233 O'Brien, John, 215, 221 O'Connor, John, 271 O'Flaherty, Roger, 240 Pearce, George Hy., 221 Phelan, T., 221 Phillips, James, 271 Piazzi, S., 203, 227 Pierce, William, 215, 221 Patter, Albert L., 260 Pride, William, 233, 253 Quinn, James, 271 Rawson, Joseph R., 233, 275 Robertson, Peter, 233, 259 Ryan, Denis, 181 Salt, Isaac, 240 Salt, P., 240, 246 Sealey, John, 259 Shiels, Frank, 215 Sichlan, Emil, 259 Smith, George, 215 Smith, Maurice, 240 Smith, S., 246, 253 South Australia-Daw, John, 249 South Australia--Daw, John Wickham, 267, 273 South Australia-Hensley, W. H. and J. A., 210 Sparling, William A., 260 Staughton Bros., 253, 260 Stewart, Dugald, 215, 227 Stewart, Frank, 271 Stokes, John, 271 Studd, George, 247, 253 Summers, Albert, 187, 203 Teague, James, 181 Thom, Robert, 187, 203 Thompson, J. H., 265, 271 Thompson, Robert, 203 Trangmar, James, 221 Tuan, John, 221 Tully, Stephen S., 259, 265 Tweeting, Robert, 215, 227 Vaughan, John, 181, 203 Vicker, Julius, 246, 253 Victoria police, 209, 215, 221, 246 Waldon, Hugh, 209 Wark, Alexander, 209 Wark, John, 253 Warren, Samuel, 240 Watson, William, 253, 259 Williams, Edward, 203, 227 Winstanley, William, 203, 209 Withers, George, 203 Wolfe, Kafurnan, 253, 265 Wolfenden, Dr., 221, 233 Yeats, H., 259 Young, Charles D 259, Young, John, Kimberly, Wm., 273 Manley, Isabella, alias Roberts, 223 Martin, Michl.,183 Marshall, Geo., 261 Meredith, John, alias Edwards, 213 Minogue, Catherine, 269 McMullen, Patk., 217 Phelan, Patrick, 269 Reid, Saml., 261. Richards, Arthur, 261 Roberts, Isabella, alias Manley, 223 Rogers, Chas., 223 Ryan, Thos., 217 Simons, Fredk., 183 Smith, Geo., 249 Smith, Jas., aliasthos. Brown, alias John Andrews, 185 Von Heyman, Edwd., 249 Walsh, Francis, sen., 263 Walsh, Francis, jun., 263 Wilson, Jessie, alias Baldock, 207 Hansen, Chas., 273 Harris, Mrs., 183 Harrison, Mrs., 229 Harry, -, 255, 261 Jean, Chas., 249, 255 Kalm, Geo., 229 Launders, Paulina, 211 Maxwell, Wm., 267 Murphy, John, 211 Neilson, Wilson, 189 Nutall, Hy., 267 Osborne, Mary, 205 O'Connor, Margt., 267 Randall, Robert, 273 Russell, Squim, 217 Singleton, J. H., 223 Housebreaking, charged with-continued. Small, John, 249 Sthranegan,-, 205 Thomas, -, 261 Von Heyman, Edwd., 229, 249 Walker, Elizth., 205 White, Wm., 255 Housebreaking, committed on- Ahern, Julia, 217 Ah Ong, 179 Ah Shoon, 231, 243 Anderson, Andrew D., 213 Anderson, Bessie, 205 Anderson, Peter C., 179, 185 Andrews, F. G., 185 Alien, Miss H., 237 Allison, Joseph Wm., 211 Atkinson, Francis, 273 Backhouse, Wm., 179 Bane, Wm., 179 Batt, Alice, 231 Barrett, Geo. G., 235 Balair, John, 185, 205 Bradley, M. E., 207 Bradshaw, Richd. F., 235 Barford, Wm., 255 Breen, Jas. C., 207 Brennan, Jas. T., 207 Brodie, Michl., 225 Bursey, Thos., 189, 205 Burrell, Geo., 235, 249 Boyes, C., 219 Cairns, Jane, 183 Chevalier, Thos., 231 Chin, Rosetta E., 179 Connor, Jas., 219, 273 Convent of the Good Shepherd, St. James, Oakleigh, 267 Cook, Jas., 269 Cook, Joseph, 251, 257 Cox, Joseph, 269 Crockett, Matilda, 257 Cullimore, Alexr., 183, 189 Daish, Wm., 185 Dalberg, Victor, 251 Daly, D. B., 191 Dames, John, 251, 257 Damestrader, John, 251, 257 Davidson, Geo., 219 Dobbie, Robt. T., 223 Dougherty, Geo., 263 Doyle, Ellen, 225 Delany, Mary, 205, 211 Dudley, Jane, 217 Dunster, Sydney, 185 Duysters, Louis, 185, 205 Dyos, Richd., 267 Edghill, Richd., 257 Featherstone, John, 179 Firebrace, E. B., 219 Freeman, Ellen, 225 Fink, D. J., 263, 269 Fisher, Chas. M., 213, 225 Fitzpatrick, Mary A., 179 Gallagher, John, 251, 267 Gibson, Thos., 255, 269 Gormley, Thos., 213, 263 Hagan, Jas. W., 267 Hall, John, 263 Hammond, Camilla, 229, 235 Harry, Wm. S., 183, 189 Hayden, Fredk. S., 191 Headley, John, 249 Heaton, John H., 191 Hearn, Jeremiah, 205 Hegarty, John, 263 Hext, Elswood, 219 Hock Goon, 211, 217 Hood, Jas., 179 Jackson, Mrs. R., 245 Jennens, Chas., 237 Jessop, Wm., 179 Jewish Synagogue, 261 Kays, Thos., 185 Kelly, John, 269 Kennedy, David, 237 Kennedy, Martin W., 245, 263 Kimberly, Joseph, 217, 273 King, Jas., 249 Kirk, John, 263, 269 Lassen, Lauritz, 225 Launt, Mary, 231 Lavery, John, 237 Legg, John Victor, 237 Lennon, Michl., 223 Levinson, Mark, 179 Levy, Abraham, 261 Lewis, J. F., 183 Loader, Geo. J., 251 Lockwood, Joseph, 251, 263 Lotherington, J. R., 225 Wilson, Geo., 189, 205 Wilson, Geo., alias Chas. Wilson, alias Tatter. Walsh, alias Hy. Walsh, 211 Wilson, Mary, alias Mary Louisa Belmont, 235 Winter, Danl., 261 Lowes, Mary, 191 Lynch) Margt., 185 Lyster, John, 179 Mawnix, Maurice, 225 May, Jas., 257 Michael, Isaac, 179 Milesi, Battista, 207, 213 Miller, Margt., 237, 245 Moffett, Robt., 257 Molesworth, -, 225 Morgan, Jas., 207, 213 Mowatt, Thos., 213 Murielle, Minnie, 225 Murray, Geo., 217, 261 McCauley, Wm., 207, 213 McCaw, Jas., 245 McCrassen, Hy., 249 McDonald, John, 251 MoMasterson, Edwd., 179 McMullen, Ellen, 217 McVash, Jas., 269 Nall, Chas., 257 Nancarrow, Jas., 179 Nebers, John, 263 Nelson, Chas., 191 Nettlebery, Morris, 225 Newson, Robt., 179 Nicholson, Wm., 269 Ochiltree, Thos., 237 Parsons, Percy, 225 Patrick, Louisa, 269 Patten, H., 179 Pearson, Hon. Wm., 185 Pinkus, Aaron, 249, 255 Plant, Wm., 207 Penrose, Wm. T., 245 Porret, Eugene, 245 Porter, Wm., 207 Pott, Peter, 261, 267 Proctor, Sarah, 185 Power, Jas., 211 Quin, Mary, 231, 237 Ragoo, Jacob, 269 Reid, Fredk., 179 Reid, John, 225, 231 Reid, Thos., 189 Robertson, Alexr., 183 Roggers, Jacob, 263, 269 Ruff, John, 223 Ryan, Mary, 231, 237 Sanders and Co., 261 Saville, Benjamin, 245 Sawthorne, Mary, 185 Schultz, Carl, 229, 249 Sharp, John, 237, 245, 255, 261 Simonsens, Mrs. Piere, 263 Snell, Thos., 205, 223 Snell, Wm., 229 Sorensen, Kate, 241 Spann, Margt., 255, 261 Spoor, Amos, 219 Sprigg, Wm. G., 263 Sterne, Annie, 251, 257 Stevens, Wm. H., 223 Stroud, Thos., 207 Swales, John, 211 Tainsh, Peter, 179 Tatham, Chas., 245 Thom, John, 251 Thomas, Geo. B., 189, 255 Thompson, Geo., 249 Thornberry, Julia, 185 Thurling, Mary, 205 Trenery, Fredk., 225 Turner, Geo., 237, 251 Turner, John, 179 Victoria Police Department, 207 Waggart, Jas. G., 235 Waite, Thos., 207 Warr, Thos., 186 Way, Thos. B., 231 Webb, Thos., 245 Wenzel, Gustav, 249 Wesleyan Church, Buninyong, 185 Westcott, Emma, 205 White, Jas., 263 Whitty, Chas. A., 225 Williams, Eliza, 225 Williams, Emma, 229 Williams, Hy., 251 Winterbottom, Jas., 191 Willis, Vincent, 191 Wolker, Wm., 251 Hughes, Thomas, for uttering a forged cheque, 229 Humphreys, Richard, assaulted, 180 Hunter, James, for assault, 240 Hutchens, James, embezzlement from, 211

22 4 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE. ;INDEX. [ Incendiarism committed on- Ali Meng, 225 Ogilvey, Charles, 207 Crothers, Thomas, 257 Paine, William, 251 Gleeson, John D., 213 Spring, Phillip, 185 Holmes, Eliza, 231 Tute, Eugene, 269 Mackintosh, Charles, 225 Innis, James, wilful damage of property, 259 Inquests held on- Child, female, found in Man, unknown, found dead O'Connell street, IIotham, at Brighton, Horsham, , 191 Man unknown, found dead Child, male, found in the near St. Kilda railway University Gardens, Carl- station, 204, 210 ton, 265, 269 Man, unknown, found dead in Child, male, found dead in a hollow tree at Warren- Park street, South Mel- bayne, Benalla, 233 bourne, 216, 219 Man, unknown, found dead in Kennedy, James, 222, 228 ' the Yarra, near Fishermans Man, unknown, found dead Bend, 210, 216 at Everton, Beechworth, Moncrieff, James, 210, Parry, Thomas, 210, 228, 265 Ireland, Robert, for false pretences, 217, 223 J. Jackson, Alice, alias Keely, arrested for assault, 227, 232 Jessel, Edward, false pretences on, 217, 223 Johnston, John, larceny as a bailee from, 229 Johnston, Mary, false pretences on, 267 Jones, Mrs. M., for false pretences, 273 Jones, Richard, for embezzlement, 249 Joubert, Jules, larceny as a bailee from, 273 Joyce, Henry Lewis, alias John Henry Fitzgerald, arrested for bigamy, 249, 261 K. Kane, Edward, for false pretences, 249 Katozinski, Edmund, arrested for false pretences, 261 Kelleher, Daniel, arrested for obscene language, 186 Keeley, Alice, alias Jackson, arrested for assault, 227, 232 Keeney, William, disobeying a summons, 246 Kelleher, Thomas, arrested for insulting behaviour, 186, 202 Kelly, William, neglected child, 221 Kennedy, Ronald, arrested for vagrancy, 252, 259 Keogh, Ignatius F., servant absconded from, 270 Kilby, Wolf, larceny as a bailee from, 243, 261 King, George, assaulted, 240 L. Lamble, Samuel, assaulted, 259, 270 Langford, William, false pretences on, 255 Larkins, John, forged cheque uttered to, 217 Launceston- French, John Henry, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 183 Lazarus, Rosenfeld, and Benjamin, forged cheque uttered to, 205 Letters not to be delivered to Arle and Co., 202 Letters not to be delivered to Alfred Rose, 202 Lewesley, Mrs., and others, imposition on, 249, 255 Licenses, auctioneers', 214, 258 Licenses, billiard, 214, 258 Licenses, carriers', 258 Licenses, publicans', 214, 258 Licenses, wine and spirit, 180, 186 Licenses, tobacco, 214, 258 Licensing special districts, 258, 264 Liddy, James, arrested for disobeying a summons, 180 Lottery, illegal, letters not to be delivered to Miller, James A., or J. A., 258 Lorne brass band, embezzlement of funds,.211, 217 Lowther, Bridget A., false pretences on, 273 M. Magistrates appointed, 208, 214 Magistrates appointed, corrections in names, 214, 220 Magistrates appointed, new lists of all the magistrates of the colony of Victoria, 192, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 202, 207, 208, 237. Magistrates resigned, 208, 214, 220, 232, 245. Magistrates appointed visiting justices, 237 Malally, Mary, for child abandonment, 221 Man, unknown, being in a public place with intent to commit a felony, 239 Martin, Charles, for false pretences, 223 Martin, William, alias Millership, arrested for false pretences, 273 Mathers, John Reid, for debt, &c., 252 Matthews, William, alias Millership, arrested for false pretences, 267 May, William, embezzlement on, 190, 211 Medical practitioners legally qualified, list of, 191, 232, 258 Mendes, Manuel, deserting hired service, 227 M5eer, James A., or J. A., letters, &c., not to be delivered Millership, William, alias Matthews, arrested for false pretences, 267 Mills, Err, alias Andrew, arrested for false pretences, 223, 235 Mills, Henry, arrested for false pretences, 229, 249 Milner, Henry, for false pretences, 206 Minogue, Mary A., assaulted, 180 Missing friends-- Adams, Ellen, 216 Allan, Martha, 216 Allan, Mary Ann, 216 Ashford, John, 247 Babbington, Joseph, 234 Bardsley, W. J. R., 204 to, Beldum, Noah, 253, 260 Bell, Wallace Win., 228 L'ersica, Denis, 266 Borlace, John, 265 Brandeis, Dr. Richard T., 247 Brodie, David, 187 Missing friends-continued. Brown, Catherine, 204 Lapin, Sarah, 203 Bryan, Alfred, 247 Lefanzois, Alphonse, 203, 210 Burns, Francis, 181 Liddell, John, 247 Burrows, Marshall, 204, 227 Louis, Beaurepaire Isidore, Cock, John, or Pincham, , 216 Cole, John, alias Alfred, alias Lucas, Jas., 203 John Kaslingbury, 203, 228 Lucas, Locksley, 26G Cotton, Fanny Ada Lane, nee Mabey, Chas. Blake, 271 Kemp, 210 Martin, Saml., 265 Coventry, Ellen (Nellie ), 210, Miller, John, Moncrief, Jas., 181, 216 Daly, Win., 260 ' Moody, Wm., alias McGuire, Dearmer, Hy. Edwd., Delamarre, Madam, 271 Murray, W. G., 203 Delamarre, Miss, 271 McGuire, Wm., alias Moody, Dick, Wm., Downs, Wm., 240 McKean, Fredk., 233 Dwyer, Michl., 260 McNamara, Mary, 222, 233 Eade, Chas., alias Roberts, Oxley, Robt., Parker, John, 222 Elliott, Jas., 181 Pelissier, Francois, 271 Ellis, J., 204 Phillips, Hy., 210 Fagan, Michl., 188 Piller, Geo., 187, 204 Finn, Patk., 188 Pincham, John, or Cock, 227 Fledder, Thos., otherwise Power, Win., 224 Philippus Jacobus Van Price, Joseph S., 240 Vledder, 216 Richards, Richd. Robt., 273 Fletcher, Win., 203 Roberts, Chas., alias Eade, Flinn, or Flynn, John, Fox, Brassel, 203 Robinett, Robt., 233, 247 Fox, Jas. D'Arcy, 203 Rothstadt, Louis, 204 Ganci, Giovanni, 222 Schlesinger, Louis Saml., 216, Garry, Jas., , 233 Gordon, Chas. Wm., 222, 247 Sharp, Jas., 253 Gordon, Chas. Win., 247 Simpson, John, 210 Graley, Hy. Edwin, 204 Sinclair, alias St. Clair, 233 Grisna, Pietro, 222 St. Clair, alias Sinclair, 233 Harrison, Frank, 247 Stewart, Alexr., 181 Hehir, John, 204 Therveneti, Ferdinand, 187, Holmes, Joseph, Howes, Ellen, 216 Thornhill, W. H., 230 Inglis, ex-constable, 216, 233 Toso, Peter Ambrose, 211 Jagger, Geo., 222 Tulane, Andre, 216 Johnston, Frank, 247 Van Dyke, John, 240 Jouvence, Auguste, 271 Vanpelt, David, 247, 260 Kaslingbury, John, alias Vledder, Philippus Jacobus Alfred, alias John Cole, 203, Van, otherwise Fledder, 228 Thos., 216 Kemp, Fanny Ada Lane, nee Webb, Joseph Jas., 188 Cotton, 210 Webster, Win. Thos., 228 Kennedy, Jas., 222, 227 Williams, Win., 227 Kennell, Wm. Jas., alias Jas. Williams, Jas., alias Win. Jas. Williams, 187, 203 Kennell, 187, 203 Koslingbury, Alf., alias John Yardley, Edwd., Mitcheson, Henry F., for uttering a forged cheque, 223 Moore, Michael, constable, prisoner excited to resist, 270 Morgan, Charles, for assault, 214 Morris, Maud A., carnally abused, 267 Moyle, Granville B., larceny as a bailee from, 249, 255 Mullen, James, arrested in default of sureties, 186 Mullins, Patrick, horse illegally used, 273 Mullins, Patrick, larceny as a bailee from, 255 Mundrill, George, neglected child, 252, 264 Murder, charged with- Cook, Robert, 257 Murder of- Child, female, found murdered Child, female, found murdered at Caul field Cemetery, 263 in Palk street, South Mel. Child, male, found murdered bourne, 219 in the University Gardens, Child, male, found murdered Carlton, 269 at Sydney, 188 Child, female, found murdered Cook, Maria, and infant, 257 in O'Connell street, Hotham, Coy Sing, Muten, William, forged cheque uttered to, 261 Me. McCaig, Hugh, arrested for stealing timber, 209 McCausland, Frederick, deserting his hired service, 227, 270 McCulloch, Colin C., false pretences on, 255, 261 McDonald, John,-for assault, 270 McGee, William, arrested f or inciting a prisoner to resist, 209, 246 McGowan, John, alias Chickilary Jack, for assault, 270 McHenry, Thomas, failing to find sureties, &c., 180 McKenzie, Colin, for uttering a forgery, 243 McKenzie, James, arrested for assault, 214 McKenzie, John, arrested for assault, 221 McKenzie, Peter, escaped lunatic, 264, 270 McLean, Angus, larceny as a bailee from, 205 McLennan, Roderick, disobeying a summons, 246 McMahon, Francis, assaulted, 209 McPherson, James, constable, assaulted, 180 McPherson, Kenneth, disobeying a summons, 221 McQuade, Walter, for assault, 259 McWaters, David, for threatening language, 264 N. Nathan, Samuel, larceny as a bailee from, 190, 230 Native companions, close season regarding, &c., 245 Nelson, Henry, for embezzlement, 211, 217 Nesbett, Edward Paris, escaped lunatic, 180 New South Wales.-MacGregor, John, for embezzlement, 190 New Zealand.-Austin, Thomas, for frauds cleverly concocted and executed, 268 New Zealand.-Ferrar, William Tyrone, for embezzlement, 206

23 1885.] VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. New Zealand.-Hamilton, Walter, for frauds cleverly concocted and executed, 268 New Zealand.-Porter, R. H., false pretences, 212 Nibbs and Lewis, accordion stolen from, 273 Nicholson, Frederick, alias Wilkinson, for assault, 209 Noake, Isaac, for a breach of the education act, 240 Nolan, Joseph, for assault, Oakes, Herbert, embezzlement on, 261 Orr, John, for breach of the peace, 270 O'Brien, Susan, attempted rape on, 270 O'Farrell, Ann, for breach of education act, 270 O'Shea, Mary, for stealing a child, 265 P. Papenhagen, Paul and Emil, embezzlement, 183 Port and harbor regulations-repeal by proclamation, 264 Parker, Lewis, for larceny as a bailee, 273 Parker, William, absconding from bail when committed for larceny and feloniously receiving, 189 Patterson, Robert B., false pretences on, 205 Petipas, Henry, false pretences on, 243, 249 Phelan, John, larceny as a bailee from, 223 Phelan, Martin, constable, assaulted, 239 Phelan, Theresa, for vagrancy, 203, 214 Pickup, Joseph, assaulted, 270 Police force, appointments, as acting clerks of petty sessions- Barry, Denis, 180 Purcell, James Joseph, 180 Beckman, Henry, 258 Police force, appointments as commissioner of the supreme court for taking affidavits- Crotty, Maurice, 264 Police force, appointments as constables- Bouike, Patrick John, 220 Murcut, James Osborne, 245 Gordon, William James, 220 Niblett, Arthur William, 245 Keogh, Patrick, 252 Nicholson, John, 257 Ivey, Charles Thomas God- Roberts, Griffith Robley, 237 frey, 245 Rudebeck, Francis, 207 Mayne, Robert Samuel, 245 Ryan, John Andrew, 245 Mulcahy, Joseph Ignatius, 245 Tucker, John King, 252 Police force, appointments as crown lands bailiffs- Bowden, Roderick, 191 Mooney, James, 232 Corkill, Thomas, 208 Police force, appointment as customs officer- Wilkinson, Henry, 208 Police force, appointments as inspector of slaughteryards- Arthur, John, 209 Loftus, James, 209 Commons, Patrick, 264 O'Shannassy, William, 209 Cox, Fredk, James, 209 Purcell, James Joseph, 209 Dixon, Edward Magness, 245, Robertson, Chas. Alfred, Williams, Chas. Alexander, Dwyer, Thos. Edward, Police force, appoint as powder-magazine keeper- Hancock, James, 270 Police force, appointment as wharf managers- Brophy, John, 214 Taylor, H. H., 214 Dixon, E. M., 214 Police force, deaths- Dwyer, Thomas Edward, 264 Williamson, Robert, 264 Heazle, John, 252 Woods, Thomas, 269 Nolan, James, 207 Police force, discharges- Healy, William, 257 Pike, Richard, 232 Police force, dismissal- O'Brien, John, 252 Police force, land reserved from sale for use of, 186, 220, 226, 270 Police force, instructions to- Examination for the rank of officer, list of successful candidates, papers and report of board of examiners, 238 Health, central board of, to be informed of the erection or alteration of any public building within the meaning of the public health amendment statute Police pensioners may draw pensions monthly, &c., 264 Requisitions, lost and duplicate, 'additional regulation regarding, 264 Rifle clubs, conditions, &c., under which members of the force may be connected with, 214 Regulations for the care, &c., of Katamatite racecourse and recreation reserve, 220 Regulations for the care, &c., of Melbourne botanical gardens, 08 Regulations for the care, &c., of Moe racecourse and recreation reserve, 258 Regulations for the care, &c., of Warracknabeal recreation reserve, 226 Regulations for the care, &c., of Yarra flats park, 220 Police force, reductions- Johnston, Charles, 252 Wood, James, 252 Thompson, John, 252 Police force, resignation as county court bailiff- Elliott, Joseph, 264 Police force, promotions- Breennan, James, 264 Loughlin, James, 213 Cawser, Henry, 245 Nugent, William, 213 Finlayson, John, 220 Parker, Anthony, 213 Griffin, Robert, 245 Rice, George, 269 Lomaine, James, 245 Roberts, Griffiths Robley, 252 Lyhane, James, 264 Ward, Michael Edward, 245 Police force, resignations - Doran, Thomas Silas Henry, Nicholson, Edwin John, Police force station broken up- Miiboo North, Gippsland, 252 Police force stations formed- Kaniva, Wimmera district, 207 Mirboo, Gippsland, 252 Lower Tarwin, Bourke dis- North Sandridge, Melbourne trict, 232 district, 226 Police force superannuations- Drought, James, 269 Horan, John, 232 Gallagher, Ferdinand, 252 Lonergan, John, 191 Hedges, Thomas, 252 Wood, James, 269 Pope, George, assaulted, 264 Pope, Richard, larceny as a bailee from, 273 Post-master general of Victoria, fraud attempted on, 229 Pozell, Max, for larceny as a bailee, 230, 243 Preemer, Joseph, arrested for insulting behaviour, 239, 246, 264 Preemer, Michael, for insulting behaviour, 239, 246 Prescott, Charles Edward, for larceny as a bailee, 223 Property, arrested for stealing- Connel, Michael, 183 Ryan, Patrick, 273 Hoy, Henry, 235 Whitehouse, William, 183 Kent, George, 189, 211 Property, charged with stealing- Banfield, -, 205 Miller, Edward, 183 Hill, F., 229 Ryan, Patrick, 267, 273 Hughes, -, 189 Tacher, Catherine, 189 Lucas, John, 183 Property found, now in possession of- Ballarat East police, 216 Sandhurst police, 260, 265 Brunswick police, 260, 265 Shepparton, police, 221 Carlton police, 265 South Melbourne police, 252, East Melbourne police, Fitzroy police, 247 St. Arnaud police, 216 Glenorchy police, 271 St. Kilda poli ce, 187, 233, 265, Golden-square police, Hotham police, 265 Talangatta police, 187 Russell-street police, 187, 203, Wallan Wallan police, , 233, 247, 265 West Melbourne police, 247 Property, lost by- Barker, Susannah, 187 Jenkins, John, 215, 221 Blackburn, James, 271 Johnston, Alexander, 240 Bowden, John C., 240 Kirk, Lucy, 181 Carton, Lilly, 187 Kirl, Sydney, 210 Chapman, Kate, 221 McGlone, Wm. J., 215 Clarkenson, Henry, 265 O'Keeffe, Arthur, 260 Clibborne, Mrs. T., 221 Persse, Valentine, 221 Collins, Annie, 265 Ryan, Minnie, 187 Cox, Beatrix, 187 Stern, Isabella, 233 Down, Mrs., 221 Thornton, Dr., 247, 253 Farrell, Matthew, 227 White, Henry W., 209 Greenlaw, Mrs., 221 Property, stolen from- Anderson, Alexander, 223 Lawlor, Dr., 191 Anthony and Son, T., 261 Lumsden, David, 207 Barker, Bridget, 186, 191 Macartney, Edward H., 264 Bates, Chas. F., 191 Melbourne Harbor Trust, 235 Berglund, Peter A., 186 Mitchell, John F. H., 257 Boxall, Thomas, 213 McKinnon, Malcolm, 219 Brown, Robert C., 243 Parkinson, Sarah, 223 Brown, Thomas, 189 Paterson, John, 237 Bunn, John, 213, 219 Paul, William, 231 Cameron, Ewen, 225 Ponsford, Catherine, 189 Clark, George, 231 Powell, Mary C., 213 Cleary, Joseph, 219 Ryan, Denis, 186 Coffey, Samuel J., 189, 211 Sabastowski, Dr., 219 Dangar, A. A., 186 Siddell, Edward, 183 Fishier, Aaron, 269 South Melbourne City Council Gulliver, Joseph, 231 1S0 Hardy, Henry, 245 Stephenson, John, 264 Hay, Charles, 267, 273 Thompson, Charles, 251 Heath, Geo. H., 180, 213 Victorian Railways, 183 Ho rn er, John, 186 Walker, James, 191 Howden, John, 257 Walsh, Michael, 191 Johnston, Andrew, 205 White, C. B., 252 Kerr, John, 213 White, J. H., 252, 257 Knox, Peter, 229 Williams, Thomas, 186, 213, Koier, Henry, Pudney, Robert, life threatened, 270 Q. Quarantine ground for dogs at South Yarra, 245 Quarantine of vessels arriving from the Mediterranean, &c., 238 Quarantine of vessels arriving from New Caledonia and Fiji, 246 Quinn, Edward, property wilfully damaged, 203 R. Rapiport, Walter C., larceny as a bailee from, 255 Rawlins, Arthur John, arrested for threatening language, 246 Bea, Thomas, apprenticeship deserted, 186 Registrars, deputy, of births, marriages, and deaths appointed, 180, 186, 208, 214, 220, 226, 237, 238, 245, 242, 258, 264, 269 Reid, James, disobeying a summons, 186, 232 Rentoul, Robert, debt and costs, order for, in favor of, 180 Rewards offered by-- Ballen, William, 203 New South Wales government, Brady, John, Cleland and Little, 203 Staughton Bros., 260 Gleeson, John, 213 South Australia-Hensley, W. Hensley, J. A. and W. H., H. and J. A., Victorian government, 202, Murray, A. S., , 258 Waldon, Hugh, 203 Reynolds, Charlotte, alias Cranston, arrested for assault, 252, 259 Reynolds, William, alias Watson, alias Ronald, for uttering a forged cheque, 217, 224 Rice, James, colt maliciously shot, 240 Richardson, Robert, property wilfully damaged, 270 Robb, Isabella, assaulted, 227 Roach, John, for carrying firearms on a Sunday, 259 Robertson, Charles Daniel, disobeying a summons, 214 Ronald, William, alias Watson, alias Reynolds, for uttering a forged cheque, 217, 224 Rossiter, J., for false pretences, 211, 223 Ruben, Henry, for debt and costs, 252 Russell, Michael, neglected child, 252, 264

24 B VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.--INDEX. [1885. Ryan, Bryan, for assault, 259, 270 Ryan, Mary, false pretences on, 261 Ryan, Thomas, larceny on, by a servant, 183 Ryan, Thomas, false pretences on, 206 S. Saunders, Elizabeth, assaulted, 186 Sands, John, false pretences on, 205, 211 Saunders, Mary Ann, for vagrancy, 240, 259 Sawry, Michael, for assault, 259 Schrodell, Clement, for false pretences, 255, 267 Schroder, Clement, for false pretences, 255, 267 Scotson, H. L., for false pretences, 205, 217 Scott, William, arrested for obscene exposure, 180, 186 Shaw, John, arrested for a breach of the education act, 232, 246 Sheedy, James, arrested for false pretences, 255, 261 Sheilds, James, fine paid for insulting behaviour, 240 Shine, Andrew, stones thrown at, 270 Slade, Albion Hy., larceny of 21, 183 Small-pox on board s.s. Oceanien, precautions to be observed, 232 Smith, Charles, having no name on his dray, 264 Smith, Gilbert, deserting his apprenticeship, 186 Smith, L. L., Dr., false pretences on, 273 Smith, Sydney, deserting his apprenticeship, 265 Smith, William, vagrancy, 270 Southern, A. E., false pretences on, 230, 255 South Australia.-O'Loghlen, John P., for embezzlement, 230, 249 Sprawle, William, arrested for disobeying a summons, 186 Spears, Matthew, horse maliciously injured, 215 Spencer, Annie, keeping a disorderly house, 203, 209 Steed, Harry A., false pretences on, 249 Stewart, Andrew, false pretences on, 235, 255 Strike, Philip, arrested for false pretences, 249 Sullivan, Denis, having no name on dray, 252 Sutton, W., for larceny as a servant, 243 Swinbourne, Septimus, arrested for deserting his hired service, 214 Sydney.-Francis, Hugh, false pretences, 224 Sydney.-Munroe, Hugh A., for embezzlement, 224 Sydney.-Sellers, Elizabeth, alias Duck, alias Worgan, for false pretences, 211 T. Tabor, Harriet, escaped lunatic, 227, 232 Tallant, Mary, alias Buchan, for perjury, 189 Talty, Michael, arrested as neglected child, 202, 209 Telegraph offices opened, new, 186 Thomas, Alice, arrested as deaf and dumb at Hotham,180, 203 Thomas, David, for embezzlement, 190, 211 Thorns, alias Stewart, arrested for false pretences, 267 Thompson, Henry John, for larceny as a bailee, 255 Thompson, Matthew, for obscene language, 270 Thompson, William, misconduct as a hired servant, 202 Tierney, James, forged cheque uttered to, 229 Timber cutting prohibited, 232 Titterton, Jane, 21 stolen from, 183 Todd, Utrick, arrested for assault, 180 Toomer, Thomas, forgery uttered to, 217, 224 Tyson, John, false pretences on, 217, 235 V. Vaccinators, public, appointed, 180, 191, 220, 245, 258, 264, 269 Vanderanwear, Emma, false pretences on, 243, 255 Victorian government railways, embezzlement, 189, 211 W. Walker, James, carrying goods without a license, 226 Walker, John,' false pretences on, 229, 235, 255 Walker, William, arrested for wilful damage, 203, 259 Walker, Robert, constable, assaulted, 252 Wallace, John, false pretences on, 223, 235 Walsh, Margaret, arrested for keeping a disorderly house, 227, 232 Walsh, Michael, convicted of wilful damage, 246 Walsh, Thomas, convicted of wilful damage, 246 Ware, Henry, for uttering a forged cheque, 217 Watson, George, for false pretences, 243, 255 Watson, Hugh, attempted fraud on, 183 Watson, William, alias Ronald, alias Reynolds, for uttering a forged cheque, 217, 224 Waugh, Edward, false pretences on, 249 Weeks, Jane, 550 stolen from, 273 Wells, Amy, false pretences on, 235 Welsh, William B., shot and wounded, 255 West, J. P., for absenting service, 270 Western channel, port and harbor regulations, repeal of regulations, 245 White, Joseph, forged cheque uttered to, 217 Whitton, William, for assaulting police, 209 Wilkinson, Fredk., alias Nicholson, for assault, 209 Williams, James, false pretences on, 223 Williams, Robert Scott, for false pretences, 235 Williams, Robert, for embezzlement, 243,249 Williams, Thomas, for assault, 227 Williams, Mr. Charles, permission to travel with a marionette show, 252 Wilson, Thomas, alias Robert Cowl, assaulting police, 252 Wilson, Mary, alias Mrs. Possum, for selling liquor without a license, 226 Woodcock, Margaret Emma, attempted rape on, 267 Woods, John, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 249, 255 Wyatt, William, for debt, &c., 240 Y. Yeates, Hugh, fraudulent insolvent, 223 Yeates, Thomas, arrested for attempted fraud, 183 Yeates, Thomas, fraudulent insolvent, 223 Yeend, Henry, service deserted, 227, 270 Young, bros., larceny as a bailee from, 243 Young, William, arrested for embezzlement, 261 L. Zickerman, Ida, false pretences on, 211, 223 By Authority. Jonx FEaass, Government Printer, Melbourne.

25 V I C TORI A P OLI CE GA Z E TT E. INDEX OF PRISONERS DISCHARGED DURING THE QUARTER ENDING SEPTEMBER FOR POLICE INFORMATION ONLY. Ah Chuie, 14th September Ah Chung, 7th September Ah Foo, 28th September Ah by, 27th July Ah Hung, 17th August Ah Kow, 14th September Ah Loon, Julia, alias Stiles, 31st August Ah Pong, 27th July Ah See, 14th September Ah Shung, 31st August Ah Sun, 7th September Ah Tie, Susan, 7th September Ah Tip, 31st August Ah Yen, 24th August Alexander, Chas., 28th September Alford, Edwd., 13th July Alfredson, Wm., 29th June Allen, Agnes, 6th July Allen, Jas., 10th August Allender, Chas., 21st September Allmark, Robt., 29th June Althorpe, Geo., 13th July Amas, Geo., 7th September Anderson, Catherine, 31st August Anderson, Joseph, 20th July Anderson, David, alias Dawson, alias Lawson, 13th July Andre, Chas., 7th September Andrew, Stephen Hy., 3rd August Andrews, Mary, 21st September Angleton, Wm., 28th September Anthony, Elizth., 24th August Arnold, Wm., 29th June Armstrong, Jane, 7th September Aspinall, Amelia, 13th July Atherton, Geo., 10th August Banegan, James, 3rd August Barco, Elizth., 7th September Barker, Ada Jane, 7th September Barnard, Austin, alias Barnett, 14th September Bassi, Luigi, 14th September Bateman, Geo., 21st September Bateman, Geo., 28th September Bates, Sarah Jane, 20th July Basten, Geo., 28th September Batty, Robert, 7th September Beale, Chas., 13th July Bennett, John, 13th July Benson, Annie, 21st September Bent, Maria, 14th September Berg, Carl, 24th August Berry, Joseph, 3rd August Berry, Matthew, 13th July Beston, Laurence, 20th July Bitton, Joseph, 6th July Black, Thos., 17th August Blackett, Samuel., alias Perlstein, 6th July Bland, John, 24th August Bolton, Wm., 13th July Bond, John, 29th June Boni, John, 14th September Bourke, Dennis Francis, 3rd August Bourke, Thos., 29th June Bowler, Nellie, 20th July Boyle, Mary, alias Jones, 3rd August Brown, Edwd., 3rd August Brown, Jas., 13th July Brown, Jas., 27th July Brown, John, 17th August Brown, Thos., 13th July Brown, Thos., 24th August Brown, Thos., 31st August Browning, Jas., 10th August Bullin, John, 17th August Brilman, Simon, 20th July Burgess, John, 27th July Burgess, Thos., 29th June Burgess, Wm., 13th July Burney, Robt., alias Thos. Dwyer, ailas Thos. Bradley, 28th September Burns, Thos., 21st September Butler, Thos., 29th June Butterworth, Geo., 20th July Byrne, Thos., 13th July Cahill, Philip, 28th September Cahir, Jas., 3rd August Brien, Selina, alias Bryant, 13th July Brockley, Arthur, 13th July Brooks, Herbert, 31st August Brown, Alexr., 6th July Brown, Annie, 14th September Brown, Arthur, 13th July Brown, David W., 14th September Campbell, Chas., 14th September Campbell, Hugh, 14th Septemb Carey, Catherine, 24th August Carlton, Joseph, 13th July Cavanagh, Patk., alias Herbert McDougall, 28th September Chisholm, Jas., 14th September Churchyard, Mary 14th September Clanson, Walter, 14th September Clark, Teresa, 13th July Clarkson, Chas., 29th June Clary, Hugh, 27th July Clayton, Jas., alias Creaton, 17th August Clemenson, Geo. Oliver, 28th September Clemson, Mary A., 31st August Clifford, Jas., 29th June Clifford, Robt., 17th August Coffey, Frank, 31st August Cockburn, John, 31st August Coleman, Geo., 29th June Colgan, John, 20th July Collins, Grace, 29th June Collins, John, 31st August Collins, Joseph 21st September Collins, Mary Ann, 13th July Collins, Fredk., alias Smith, 3rd August Collins, Thos., proper name Thos. Collins Darrell, 13th July Colohan, Jas., 29th June Colter, Hamilton, 14th September Colter, Joseph, 21st September Connell, John, 28th September Connelly, Michl., 10th August Connors, John, 31st August Cook, Alexr., 7th September Cook, Watson, 3rd August Corfield, Geo. Thos., 17th August Cook, John, 17th August Brennan, Edwd., 13th July Costelloe, Francis, 6th July Brennan, Michl., 17th August Costelloe, Jas., 13th July Brennan, Patk., 20th July Cowan, Jane, 6th July Index.-Quarter ending September B. Cowan, John, 28th September Ferns, Cornelius, alias Chas. Cowl, Robt., alias Thomas James, 20th July Wilson, 17th August Flannery, Patk., 10th August Coyle, Patk., 31st August Fletcher, Richard, 27th July Cribb, Daniel, 6th July Fletcher, Albert, 31st August Cripps, Thos., 13th July Finlay, Wm., alias Jas. Wilson, Crisp, Annie, 31st August Chas. Slade, 10th August Cummings, John, 24th August Finnegan, John, 7th September Curtis, Francis, 21st Septem- Fitzgerald, Patk., alias Sulber livan, alias Geo. Smith, 24th Darlington, Thos., 28th Sep- August tember Fitzpatrick, Mich1., 28th Sep- Davidson, John, 31st August tember Davis, Amelia, 31st August Fitzsimmons, Robt., 27th July Davis, Geo., 10th August Flynn, John, 24th August Davis, John, alias Patk. Mur- Forbes, John, 24th August phy, alias Tim Murphy, 24th Ford, Elizth. Ann, 6th July August Foot, Geo., 27th July Davis, Mary, alias Anne Davis, Foster, Robt., 20th July alias Davidson, 27th July Fraser, Falconer, 13th July Davon, Winton, 3rd August Fraser, Jas., 27th July Dawson, David, alias Lawson, Fraser, Fredk., alias Moss, alias Anderson, 13th July alias Thos. Power, 10th Au- Delap, Jas., 7th September gust Demonti, Louis, alias Diamanti, Gallagher, Patk., 28th Septem- 21st September ber Dermody, John, 21st September Gallagher, Thos., 13th July De Silveria, Emanuel, 3rd Au- Gardener, John, 28th Septemgust her Desmond, Denis, 29th June George, Francis, 7th September Deverill, Elizabth., 28th Sep- George, by., 13th July tember George, Martin, 14th Septem- Devereux, Philip, 20th July her Dicker, Alfred H., 6th July Gleeson, Annie, 31st August Dixon, Geo., 14th September Gleeson, Jas., 7th September Dixon, Wm., 27th July Glenon, John, alias Michl. Dobbins, Dennis, 21st Septem- Healey, 10th August her Gibbs, John C., 27th July Dobson, John, alias Jas. Dixon, Gibson, Emma, 6th July alias Mark West, 28th Sep- Gibson, Geoffrey, 21st Septemtember her Dockery, John, 27th July Gibson, John, 3rd August Donaldson, Alfred, 6th July Gillard, Geo., 21st September Dooley, Susan, 14th September Good, by., 24th August Doran, Thos., 13th July Gordon, Geo., alias Giles, 6th Douglas, Wm., 31st August July Dowling, Patk. J., 21st Sep- Gorman, John, 13th July tember Graham, John, 6th July Drew, Edwd., 28th September Grainger, Geo., 13th July Driscoll, Michl., 24th August Grant, John, 31st August Druce Walter, 10th August Grant, Mrs., 21st September Duffy, Edwd., 3rd August Gray, Wm., 20th July Duncan, Jas., 14th September Green, Joseph, 27th July Duncan, Mary, 20th July Green, Joseph, 28th September Dungan, Joseph, 31st August Green, Mary, alias Keith, 14th Dunn, by., 21st September September Dunn, John, 3rd August Greenhall, John, 29th June Dunn, John, 14th September Greenhall, John, proper name Dunne, Mary, 21st September Chas. Greenhalgh, 21st Sep- Dwyer, Jas., 29th June tember Dwyer, Thos., alias Thos. Greig, Chas., 7th September Bradley, alias Robt. Burney, Gresham, Wm., 17th August 28th September Griffith, Thos., 7th September Edwards, Jas., 3rd August Grimes, Geo., 24th August Edwards, Wm., 7th September Grooner, Thos., 10th August Egan, Denis, 13th July Guarde, by., 24th August Egan, Jas., 28th September Hade,.Chas., alias Wm. Finlay, Elkins, Wm., 28th September alias Jas. Wilson, 10th Au. Elliott, Thos. M., 21st Septem- gust her Hall, Edwd., 14th September Elliott, Wm., 6th July Hamer, John, 10th August Ellis, Jas., 10th August Hancock, Edwd., 17th Septem. Elsasser, Fredk., 10th August ber English, Danl. R., 6th July Hansen, Robt., 20th July Evans, David, 24th August Hardy, Geo., 13th July Evans, by., 27th July Hardy, Alfred, alias Jas. Wat- Evans, Joseph, 13th July son, 27th July Evans, Trevor Trevallian, 27th Hargreaves, Richd., 10th Au- July gust Evans, Thos., 7th September Harris, Elizth., 14th Septem- Farrell, Jas., 17th August her I Farrell, Thos., 14th September Harris, by., 31st August

26 2 PRISONERS DISCHARGED.- INDEX. [1885. Septem- Harris, Phoebe, 10th August Harris, Wm., 13th July Hassell, Wm., 7th September Hawkins, Sarah, 27th July Hayden, Mary, 29th June Hayes, John, 28th September Hayman, Agnes, 14th ber Haynes, Wm., 28th September Hazlett, Margaret, 20th July Healey, Frank, 10th August Healey, Michl., alias John Glenon, 10th August Hefferman, Michl., 17th August Henderson, John, 27th July Henderson, Wm., 10th August Hennessy, Wm., 3rd August Herbert, Carry, 3rd August Henretty, Jas., 7th September Hewitt, Wm., 14th September Ham, Geo. Thos., 28th September Hilton, Fredk., alias Winn, alias Langford, alias Jones, alias Langton, 14th September Hitchins, John, 14th September Hodges, John, 27th July Hodsman, Joseph, 21st September Hodson, Thos., 3rd August Hogan, Ann, 14th September Holbrook, Hy., 14th September Hollingworth, Thos., 28th September Holmes, Geo., 3rd August Howard, Thos., alias Thos. Owen Reed, 10th August Hoy, Hy., 7th September Hughes, Richd., 28th September Humphries, Wm. Knight, alias Wm. Knight, 13th July Hung Yen, 21st September Hunter, Wm., 31st August Huntingford, Chas., 29th June Hurley, Thos., 10th August Huxley, Frank, alias John Phillips, alias John Martin, 29th June Hyman, Edwd. von, 28th September Hynes, Hannah, 7th September Hynes, Thos., 24th August Ireland, John, alias Young, 7th September Ives, Jane, 7th September Jackson, Geo., 6th July Jacobs, Edwd., 14th September Jallahill, Joseph, 6th July James, Chas., alias Cornelius Ferns, 20th July Johnson, Geo., 20th July Johnson, Richd., 20th July Johnston, Richd., 10th August Johnson, Thos., 20th July Johnstone, Hy. Wm., 6th July Jones, Alice Jane, 20th July Jones, Chas., 10th August Jones, Geo., 31st August Jones, John, 20th July Jones, John, 21st September alias Whitty, 6th Jones, John, July Jones, Mary, alias Boyle, 3rd August Jones, Wm., alias David Young, 3rd August Jones, Hy., alias Langton, alias Fredk. Hilton, alias Winn, alias Langford, 14th September Judge, Thos., 20th July Julien, Chas., 24th August Kane, Richd., 3rd August Keating, Wm., 28th September Keegan, Mary, 21st September Keillor, John, alias Fredk. Lee, 29th June Keith, Mary, alias Green, 14th September Kelly,, Jeremiah, 14th Septem- Kelly, Wm. Hy., 27th July Kerr, Jane, 14th September Ketterer, John, 10th August Killock, Jas., 13th July King, Fredk., 7th September King, Geo., 20th July King, John, 3rd August King, Wm., 3rd August King, Wm., 24th August Kingston, Wm., 29th June Kirk, Degrove, 20th July Kirk, Fredk., 6th July Kirk, Sarah, 27th July Knight, John, 14th September Knight, Wm., alias Wm. Knight Humphries, 13th July Kohler, John, alias Patrie, 3rd August Lamb, Jane, 6th July Lamont, Hy., alias Duncan Lamont, 6th July Langridge, Richd., 28th September Langford, Hy., alias Jones, alias Langton, alias Fredk. Hilton, alias Winn, 14th September Larkin, Thos., 29th June Law, Wm. Fredk., 31st August Lawson, Alfred, alias Albert, 20th July Lawson, Jas., 29th June Lawson, David, alias Anderson, alias Dawson, 13th July Leonard, Annie, 10th August Lee, Fredk., 20th July Lee, John, 31st August Lee, Mary Ann, 13th July Lee, Wm. J., 10th August Lee, Fredk., alias John Keillor, 29th June Legro, Mary A., 29th Jtzne Leslie, Thos., 28th September Le Tong, 6th July Levy, Edward, 28th September Levy, Hannah, 21st September Llewellyn, John, alias Wilson, 27th July Lockhead, John, 27th July Loughlin, Robt. M., 6th July Law, Thos., 17th August Lowder, Thos., 6th July Lowe, Saml., 6th July Lubke, Hy., 13th July Lucas, Wm., 27th July Lynch, John, 14th September Lynne, Geoffrey, 3rd August Lyons, Ann, 21st September Lyons, Hy., 29th June Mack, John, 10th August Mackin, Wm., 17th August Madden, Titus, 31st August Magivern, Mary, 29th June Mahony, Patk., 6th July Maloney, John, 10th August Malony, Catherine, 10th August Markey, alias Mackey, 3rd August Maroney, Jas., 13th July Marryat, Lydia, 10th August Marshall, Jas., 28th September Martin, John, 28th September Martin, Michl., 10th August Martin, Rose, 29th June Martin, John, alias Frank Huxley, alias John Phillips, 29th June Mason, Christina, 10th August Massey, Stephen, alias Arthur Semple, 17th August Maybrick, Wm., 28th September Measday, Thos., 10th August Medhurst, Jas., 7th September Middleton, Emily, 13th July Miller, Constance, 6th July Mooney, Matthew, 31st August Moore, John, 13th July Moore, Hy., proper name Hy. Arnold, 21st September Morgan, Samuel, 24th August Mort, John, 29th June Morris, Hy., 10th August Morris, John, 6th July Moss, Fredk., alias Thos. Tower, alias Fraser, 10th August Murdoch, Jas., 13th July Muller, Chas., 31st August Mumford, Wm., 24th August Murphy, John, 29th June Murphy, John, 7th September Murphy, Tim, alias Patrick Murphy, alias John Davis, 24th August Murray, Jeanett, 24th August Murray, John Patk., 24th August Murray, P. Jas., 7th September Murray, Hy., alias John Smith, 20th July McCabe, Mary, 14th Septem. ber McCabe, Jolln, alias MdHaIe, 17th August McCarthy, Matilda, 10th August McCartney, Samuel, 24th August McCormick, Thos., 20th July McDougall, Herbert, alias Patrick Cavanagh, 28th September McFarlane, Raul, alias Geo. Wright, 20th July McGrath, Jas., 17th August McGrath, Susan, 14th Septem. ber McGregor, Jas., 31st August McIntosh, Wm., 20th July McKean, Fredk., 20th July McKenzie, Annie, 17th August McLachlan, Peter, 14th September McLean, Duncan, 13th July McLean, Wm., alias Walker, 7th September McMahon, Joseph, 27th July McNamara, Wm., 17th August McNamara, John, alias OBrien, 7th September McNeil, Paul, 7th September McPhail, Edwd., 31st August McVea, Wm., 6th July Neaton, Denis, 13th July Neil, Chas., 7th September Newell, David, 14th September Newhouse, Thos., 3rd August Nihill, Geo., 7th September Ninian, August, 21st September North, Wm., 31st August Odon, John, 17th August Oliver, Wm., 10th August Osborne, Wm., 29th June Owen, Edwd., 6th July Owen, Edwd., 24th August O'Brien, Ellen, 7th September O'Brien, John, 10th August O'Brien, Patrick, 21st September O'Brien, Mary Ann, 6th July O'Brien, Timothy, 20th July O'Brien, John, alias McNamara, 7th September O'Connell, John, 3rd August O'Connell, Joseph, 31st August O'Connell, M., 28th September O'Connor, Wm., 17th August O'Connor, John, alias O'Connell, 3rd August O'Dell, Anne, 21st September O'Dell, Thos., 13th July O'Donohoe, Chas., 10th August O'Hanlon, Bernard, 27th July O'Loughlin, John, 3rd August O'Neil, John, 24th August O'Shea, Jas., 29th June Pacey, Thos. alias Renshaw, alias Spendthrift, 6th July Panell, John, 24th August Parker, Thos., 21st September Parkin, Wm. R., 20th July Parnell, Eliza, 24th August Patrie, John, alias Kohler, 3rd August Patterson, Catherine, 7th September Patterson, Jas., 7th September I Patterson, John Mitchell, 17th August Patterson, Thos., alias Peter Scott, 13th July Pearl, Geo., 28th September Pedrick, John, 7th September Perlstein, Saml., alias Blackett, 6th July Perry, Geo., 28th September Perry, Wm., 10th August Peterson, John, 20th July Peterson, Joseph, 21st September Phillips, Wm. J., 28th September Phillips, John, alias Martin, alias Frank Huxley, 29th June Pickles, Thos., 29th June Porter, Joseph, 28th Septem- Pitcher, Robt., 3rd August Plunkett, Arthur, 13th July ber Potter, Hy., 28th September Powell, Mary Jane, 14th September Power, Thos., alias Frederick Fraser, alias Moss, 10th August Pratt, Edwd., 6th July Pratt, Margt., 31st August Prideaux, John, 3rd August Priest, Thos., 6th July Pritchard, Chas., 14th September Pritchard, Thos., alias Charles Thomas, 6th July Quirk, John, 14th September Ray, Jas., 6th July Reed, Ellen, 7th September Reed, Thos. Owen, alias Thos. Howard, 10th August Regan, Peter, 17th August Rennie, Jas., alias Scott, 24th August Ren, Thos., alias Spendthrift, alias Pacey, 6th July Reynolds, Geo., 6th July Rielly, John Joseph, 14th September Richards, Thos., 13th July Richards, Walter, 31st August Richardson, Chas., 28th September Robinson, Peter, 21st September Robinson, Wm., 28th September Rock, Wm., 29th June Rodda, Mary J., alias Taylor, 31st August Rodman, Thos., 21st September Rose, Alexr., 10th August Rowley, Robt., 14th September Rumdslein, Thos., 13th July Ryan, Catherine, 7th September Ryan, Danl., 13th July Ryan, Francis, 20th July Ryan, Matthew, 28th September Ryan, Patk., 10th August Ryan, Thos., 21st September Ryding, Jas., 29th June Sachs, Carl, 20th July Sadlier, Margt., 31st August Sadlier, Richd., 31st August Santon, Jas., 7th September Sanson, John, 20th July Saunders, Wm., alias H. T. Whitty, 17th August Sayers, David, 3rd August Scanlon, Annie, 28th September Schmidt, John, 6th July Scott, Alexr., 10th August Scott, Jeremiah, 21st September Scott, Wm., 13th July Scott, Jas., alias Rennie, 24th August Scott, Peter, alias Thos.' Patterson, 13th July Semple, Arthur, alias Stephen Massey, 17th August Seymour, Fredk., 6th July Sharp, Sydney, 24th August Shaw, Martha, 24th August Shea, John, 17th August Sheehan, Phillip, 20th July Sheehan, Thos., 6th July Sheriff, Jas., 10th August Sherridan, John, 31st August Sherwood, Fredk., 3rd August Shields, Walter, 31st August Shiell, Geo., 14th September Shoemack, Amos, 21st September Simmons, Fredk., 28th September Simmons, Wm. H.,17th August Simpson, David, 29th June Simpson, John, 6th July Sinclair, John, 7th September Small, John, 20th July Smith, Caroline, 24th August Smith, Christopher, 7th September Smith, Edwd., 13th July Smith, Earnest, 17th August Smith, Edwd., 31st August Smith, Geo., 7th September Smith, Hy., 17th August Smith, John, 31st August Smith, Joseph, 6th July Smith, S sinl., 7th September Smith, Wm., 28th September Smith, Wm., 3rd August Smith, Fredk., alias Collins, 3rd August Smith, Geo., alias Patk. Fitzgerld alias Sullivan, 24th August Smith, Hy., proper name James Green, 14th September Smith, John, alias Hy. Murray, 20th July Smyth, Margt., 27th July Snowden, Catherine, 29th June Solomon, Meleta, 27th July Spendthrift, Thos., alias Lacey, alias Renshaw, 6th July Sprigg, Wm., 14th September Statham, Herbert, 6th July Stephenson, Wm., 13th July Stevenson Fredk., 6th July Stevens, Joseph, 13th July Stewart, Chas., 27th July

27 1885.] PRISONERS DISCHARGED-INDEX. 3 Stiles, Julia, alias Ah Loon, Tone, Jas., 6th July Watson, Annie, 10th August Wilson, Ellen, 31st August 31st August Toohey, Ellen, 24th August Watson, Jas., alias Alfd. Wilson, Geo., 28th September Stoemer, August, 21st Septem. Topp, Thos., 6th July Hardy, 27th July Wilson, Hy., 20th July ber Torrance, Wm., 31st August Watts, Edwd., 24th August Wilson, Jas., 31st August Storey, Fredk., 13th July Trewarn, John T., 6th July Wells, Joseph, 28th September Wilson, John, 13th July Sullivan, alias Geo. Smith, alias Troy, Ellen, 20th July Wells, Wm., alias Durbank Wilson, John, 28th September Patk. Fitzgerald, 24th August Trussell, Chas., 20th July Wells, 27th July Wilson, Margt., 6th July Summers, Mary, 6th July Tuff, Wm., 29th June West, Mark, alias John Dob- Wilson, Robt., 7th September Sutherland, Christina, 6th July Tunnicliffe, Edwd. P., 31st son, alias Jas. Dixon, 28th Wilson, Thos., 31st August Sutherland, Rose 24th August Au ust September Wilson, Jas., alias Chas. Hade, Swain, Catherine, 14th Septem- g Turner, H y., 31st August Whelan, Maurice, 13th July alias Wm. Finlay, 10th Auber Turner, Wm., 29th June Whelan, Maurice, 17th August gust Taaffe, Jane, 14th September Turner, Thos., 6th July Whelan, Michl., 7th September Wilson, John, alias Llewellyn, Tannay, John, 24th August Turner, Wm., 28th September White, Hy., 6th July 27th July Taylor, Chas., 29th June Verret, All., 14th September Whitehouse, Wm., 27th July Wilson, Thos., alias Robt. Taylor, Fredk. T., 21st Sep- Vincent, Cyril, 13th July Whiting, Harley, 31st August Cowl, 17th August tember Waldhuter, Edwd., 31st August Winn, Hy., alias Langford, Whit y, John, alias Jones, 6th Taylor, Mary J., alias Rodda, Walker, Jane, 10th August alias Jones, alias Langton, 31st August Walker, Wm., 14th September Whit y, H. T., alias Wm. alias Fredk. Hilton, 14th Taylor, Richd., 14th September Walker, Wm., alias McLean, Saunders, 17th August September Temple, John, 3rd August 7th September Wilkie, Mary Ann, 29th June Winter, Theresa, 7th September Temple, John, 10th August Walkerden, Richd.,l0thAugust Wilkins, Susan, 7th September Woods, All., 24th August Thomas, Hy., 6th July Wall, Edwd., 24th August Williams, Alfred, 13th July Woods, Elizth., 17th August Thomas, Mary, 17th August Wall, Wm., 24th August Williams, Elizth., 6th July Wright, Chas., 27th July Thomas, Chas., alias Thomas Wall, Sarah, 31st August Williams, Lizzie, 13th July Wright, Hy., 6th July Pritchard, 6th July Wallace, Wm., 24th August Williams, John, 6th July Wright, Geo., alias Paul Thompson, David, 29th June Wallis, Andrew, 17th August Williams, John, 7th Septem- McFarlane, 20th July Thompson, Geo., 24th August Walsh, Edwd., 13th July ber Wylie, Wm., 17th August Thompson, John, 24th August Walsh, John, 6th July Williams, Robt., 17th August Young, David, alias Wm. Jones, Thompson, Maria, 29th June Walsh, Laurence, 14th Sep- Williams, Wm., 24th August 3rd August Thompson, Richd., 20th July tember Wilson, Alice, 31st August Young, John, alias Ireland, 7th Tilden, Alfred, 10th August Warburton, Matthew, 20th July Wilson, David, 6th July September Tobin, Thos., 3rd August Ward, Fredk., 27th July By Authority : JOHN Fsmiss Government Printer, Melbourne.

28 I NDEX TO THE VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE. FOR THE QUARTER ENDING DECEMBER A. Absconders from industrial schools - Arnold, Henry, 368 Johnstone, George, 310, 324 Bell, William, 339 Kelly, Charles, 331, 339 Brooks, William, 368 Lawless, Henry, 278, 331 Brown, William, 368 Mack, Michael, 286 Burnstein, Adolphus, 368 Matthews, Henrietta, 285 Carling, John, 331 Mitchell, Thomas, 277 Carr, James, 292, 317, 325, 331 Murphy, William, 303, 310 Carrew, George, 277 McKinnon, Lachlan, 360 Collins, Michael, alias Charles McLean, Archibald, 368 James, 325, 331. McTaggartt, Jane, 325 Conway, John, 277, 367 Needham, William, 303, 310 Coombes, Wm. J., 277 Owen, Charles, 317 Cranston, Thomas, 286, 292 O'Brien, Arthur, 360, 367 Donaldson, Isabella, 292, 309 O'Connor, Arthur, 277 Enwright, John, 353 Pocknee, Caroline, 332, 339 Fortier, Ellen, 331 Patten, Elizabeth, 286, 292 Hammond, Richard, 310, 317 Rowe, Mary, 368 Hammond, William John, 310, Tutor, John, White, Nicholas, 368 James, Charles, alias Michael Williams, Fredk., 277 Collins, 325, 331 Windsor, Charles, 292 Johnston, Alfred, 340 Wirth, Wilhelm, 303 Adelaide - Johnson, George William, deserting police force, 286 Adelaide - Kingsborough, John Matthew, arrested for stealing 550 from Jane Weeks, 289 Adelaide-Wood, Henry Alfred, embezzlement of 6600, 281 Ali Lock, occupier of a common brothel, 360 Ali Moon, obscene exposure, 353 Ali Nee, assaulted, 286, 302 Ainley, Bridget, assaulted, 360, 368 Alder, C. W., for false pretences, 371 Alder, W., for false pretences, 335 Alford, and Co., bill of exchange stolen from, 364 Allen, James C. G., assaulted, 325 Alexander, Moses, false pretences on, 371 Analysts, public, appointments, 276, 338, 358 Ardley, Joseph, deserting apprenticeship, 317 Arnold, William, for larceny as a bailee, 355 Astley, Thomas, for false pretences, 364 Auldist, George, arrested for insulting behaviour, 286 B. Barker, Benjamin, forgery uttered to, 305, 325, 344 Baker, Wyndham, service deserted, 339 Baker, Geo., alias Barker, alias Ball, alias Samuel Curtis, arrested for false pretences, 297 Ball, Geo., alias Samuel Curtis, alias Barker, alias Baker, arrested for false pretences, 297 Ballantyne, Jane, disobeying a summons, 340 Bank of Australasia, Collingwood, false pretences on, 355 Bank of Victoria, Melbourne, forged cheques uttered to, 281 Barker, George, alias Samuel Curtis, arrested for false pretences, 297 Barnes, Frederick, larceny as a bailee on, 371 Barry, Arthur, vagrancy, 367 Barry, James, threatening language, 325 Barry, T. P,, for false pretences, 289 Batanta, Julia, attempted rape on, 371 Batchelor, William, service deserted, 286 Battle, William J., larceny as a bailee on, 355, 364 Beard and Sisson, apprenticeship deserted, 325 Bedford, Mary, for assault, 331 Bellamy, John Charles, arrested for insulting behaviour, 292 Bergin, John, obscene language, 324 Beverley, Frank, for forging and uttering, 305, 325, 344 Bishop, Henry, larceny from, by a servant, 281 Blackburn, Edith, neglected child, 277 Bloomfield, Garibaldi, alias Robertson, for false pretences and housebreaking, 313 Boully, James, false pretences on, 297 Index,-Quarter ending December ii, Boyd, Alfred William, vagrancy, 353 Brand, Anna Maria Ross, otherwise Daisy Brand, neglected child, 309, 339 Brady, Robert, deserting apprentice, 346, 353, 360 Bray, John, deserting apprentice, 346, 353, 360 Brazill, Robert, vagrancy, 352, 360 Bright, John, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 363 Brisbane-Davis and Solomon, forging and uttering to, 363 Brisbane-Harris, Augustus John Felix Murray, embezzling 447 8s., 305, 313 Brisbane-Heggie, -, for larceny as a bailee, 321 Brisbane-Weir, T. R., larceny as a bailee, 321 Brisbane-Williams, F. B., forging and uttering, 363 Broddy, William, disobeying a summons, 294 Brooks, James Smith, for embezzlement, 289 Brown, George S., false pretences on, 355 Brown, John, constable, assaulted, 292 Brown, Mary Ann, vagrancy, 310, 317 Bryer, Edward, for larceny as a bailee, 322 Buchan, Mary, arrested for perjury, 314 Buffon, Arthur, false pretences on, 281 Bullen, John, for assault, 360 Burden, Alexr. C. M., false pretences on, 289 Burnett, William, deserting servant, 353 Burrell, William, defrauded by conspiracy, 277, 285 Byham and Howden, larceny as a bailee on, 355 C. Cahill, Edward, assaulted, 324 Callaghan, John, for larceny as a servant, 327, 349, 355 i Carolin, John P., embezzlement, 297, 305 Carrett, Charles, deserting apprentice, 325, 331 Carroll, Laurence, arrested for deserting service, 292 Carter, -, for false pretences, 314, 321 Child abandoned on bank of Yarra, Collingwood, 346 Child, male, abandoned in Moonee Ponds, 293 Child, neglected, found in South Melbourne, 346 Chin, James, escaped lunatic, 353, 360 Cohen, John, assaulting police, 367 Cholera, quarantine regulations for prevention, &c., 276, 284, 338, 358 Churchill, Henry, servant, arrested for neglect, 331 Collier, William Hy., assaulting a girl under 14 years of age, 349 " Commotion," racehorse, maliciously injured, 338 Connor, Charles, commitment warrant against, 278 Conquest, George, arrested for uttering forged cheque, 281 Considine, David, disobeying a summons, 339, 346 Considine, James, disobeying a summons, 339, 346 Conway, Joseph, grievous bodily harm inflicted on, 363 Cook, John, deserting apprentice, 325, 331 Cooper, George, commitment warrant issued at suit of, 278 Costello, William, vagrancy, 292 Craddock and Ambery, commitment warrant issued in suit of, 331 Craven, Fredk., deserting servant, 339 Creamer, -, for larceny as a bailee, 349 Crisp, John F., false pretences on, 297, 355 Croft, Julia, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 289 Curtis, Samuel, alias George Barker, arrested for false pretences, D. Dale, Joseph L., false pretences on, 305, 321 Darcy, Harry R., assaulted, 302 Dark river, court of petty sessions abolished, 316 Darlington, Thomas, deserting hired service, 324, 331 Davenport, John, for larceny as a bailee, 371 Davis, James, escaped lunatic, 302, 317 Dawes, Henry, apprentice deserting from, 286, 292 Delany, Charles, for obscene language, 303 Delany, Charles, for larceny as a bailee, 305, 344

29 2 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. [ Deserters from H.M. service- Ahern, Michl. Toss, 279 Mock, Robert, 295 Baird, William, 279 Morris, Thomas Lloyd, 333 Baker, William, 354 Morris, William, 304 Bancks, C. E., 361 McLean, Donald, 319 Baxter, Richard, 354, 361 O'Mara, Martin, 311 Boven, George, 279 O'Neill, Thomas, 333 Burney, Monte, 333 Parks, William Thomas, 311 Clewett, Will, 326 Parks, William, 311 Clifford, Louis, 354, 361 Parker, William, 295 Collins, George, 294 Payne, William, 333 Crimp, Henry, 347 Pratt, Edward, 294, 304 Culbertson, W., 326 Roblin, James Chas., 295 Dalton, John, 304 Roche, John, 319 Dennis, George, 326 Rogers, Fredk., 295 Devine, Augustine F., 279 Sands, Thomas, 333 Dunn, Charles, 318 Saunders, William, 354 Farrell, Charles, 304 Shenton, Wm. S., 279 Frost, Charles, 304 Smith, George, 294 Gibbons, Patrick, 279 Stewart, John R., 287 Gill, James, 318, 326 Strickland, Edgar, 361 Graham, William, 326 Struthers, William, 295 Harding, Richard, 318 Taylor, George, 279 Harrison. John G., 311 Thomas, John Griffith, 318, Hayes, William, Hill, Albert, 354 Thompson, James, 361 Hooper, Richard, 354 Turner, Wm. R. G., 287 Jackson, George, 279 Verills, Frank, 326 Jones, William, 287 Webster, Edward, 304 Lewis, William, 318 Weston, David, 326 Matthews, Geo. J., 311 Wheeler, Chas. Evans, 295 Deserters from merchant vessels- AliFoo, 318 Johnson, Martimus, AliLock, 326 Lendstrom, -, Bigweather, Arthur, 333 Littler, Clement, 304 Boresen, Johan, 361 McNeilage, J., 326 Brentsen, Kinard, 361 MeSherry, Patrick, 326 Broadbent, George, 326 Neilsson, John, 347 Campbell, John, 287 Ogg, George, 347 Castello, Cornellio, 311, 318 Olsen, Edward, 287,'294 Constable, Robert, 287 Osteren, Jacob Ingemundsen, Gellespie, Patrick, Giacomo, Repetto, 311, 318 Perrson, Carl E., 347 Giergani, P., 318 Petersen, Charles, 361 Gregonuson, Ivan, 347 Russool, Goolam, 326, 333 Jackson, Luther, 368 Smith, John, 287, 294 Jahanson, John, 347 Thompson, Edward, 311, 318 Jakolin, Victor, 347 Vasker, Christophersen Christopher, Jamal, 326, Johannesen, Johannes, 361 Yule, William, 287 Deserters from the United States war steamer Enterprise- Bennett, Eugene H., 279 McCabe, Jay T., 279 Black, Charles, 279 Rafferty, John F., 279 Broderick, Thomas, 279 Rice, Eduard L., 279 Buck, Patrick, 279 Root, Joseph, 279 Crabtree, Charles W., 279 Russell, William V., 279 Craven, Thomas, 279 Schafer, William, 279 Graeber, Chas. F., 279 Stuart, William, 279 Johnston, James F., 279 Wolf, George L., 279 Morrey, Edward F., 279 wives and children- Armstrong, Samuel, 317, 353 Deserting Ball, Charles, 293 Barnett, Samuel, 292 Beechcroft, Edward, 292 Braham, Thomas, 346 Burke, James, alias Cole, 293 Byrne, David, 339, 346 Cameron, Mrs., 310, 325, 331 Carr, James Wilson, 339 Cole, James, alias Burke, 293 Conlon, Mortimer, 309, 325 Cooper, Thomas, 285, 317 Cox, Joseph Patrick, 277 Cribb or Krebs, Daniel, 346 Crown, Raphael, 277 Davidson, Robert, 286, 292, 339 Davis, John, 302, 309 Davis, Thomas, 292 Dickman, Arthur, 353, 367 Dolbear, William, 346 Edwards, James, alias Grant, alias Cuming, alias George, 331 Farrell, Edward, 303 Flanigan, Daniel, 303, 346 Frankland, Augustus George, 292 Gale, Samuel, 277, 310 Gayland, Thomas, 309, 346 Gettings, Patrick, 310, 325 Gould, John, 353 Gray, George E., 331 Green, George, 277 Heinnen, Fredk., 317 Howe, John, 303 Johns, Thomas, 346 Johnson, Henry, 310 Johnson, William, 317 Johnston, William, 277 Jones, Henry, 285, 353 Jones, Henry Blythe, 277 Kennell, William, 346 Kidd, John, 331 Kilroy, William, 339, 353 King, Charles, 317, 339 Krebs or Cribb, Daniel, 346 Larsen, Nelre, 346, 352 Law, Frank, 317 Levy, Harry, 317, 324 Love, Margaret, 339, 360 Lowe, Albert Bernard, 292 Macnamara, George Hy. Wm., 292, 310 Man, unkndwn, 325 Melven, Thomas, 324 Miller, Henry, 286, 368 Miller, Thomas, 309 Miller, William, 303 Mitchell, James Hy., 309 Nettleton, Edward Bennett, 317, 231 Orr, James, 352 O'Brien, George, 167 Pearson, James, 331 Pedley, Edward, 353 Phillips, Henry, 277, 285 Reilly, Patrick, 360 Ryan, John, 331 Scott, William, 331, 339 Smith, William Thomas, 368 Smith, William Nelson, 353, 367 Sprague, William, 367 Stephenson, Thomas, 310, 353 Stevenson, John, 292 Thompson, George, 353 Ton sing, Frederick, 277, 353 Tuble, Edward Win., 277 Tweedy, Robert, 353 Walke, William G. C., 346 Warren, Alfred James, 352 Waters, Patrick, 331 Whitehead, Hope, 309, 317 Williams, James Hy., 353, 360 Williams, John, 346, 360 Williams, Joseph, 286 Williams, Richard, 286 Wilson, James, 303, 309, 339 W3o4od gate, Musgrove, 331, 339, 6 Wright, Thomas, 339 Young, George Barnett, 293 Dick, William H., service deserted, 324 Dolby, Mary, assaulted, 331 Dorritt, Alexander, disobeying a summons, 309 Doyle, James, for assault, 277 Draper, Robert, vagrancy, 285 Dunn, William, warrant of commitment against, 286 E. Eddlin, Edward Charlton, threatening language, 331 Edwards, James H., service deserted, 353 Edwards, Thomas, assaulted, 339 Elkins, Hugh John, commitment warrant against, 277, 286 Elkins, William, insulting behaviour, 353, 360 Escaped prisoners- Dixon, Edward, alias Flem- South Australia-Logie, aboing, 333 riginal, 304 Fleming, Edward, alias Dixon, 333 Eskell, Louisa H., arrested for vagrancy, 292 Eversley, Francis Oswald, neglect as a hired servant, 331 Explosives act 1887, exemptions from, 284, 309 Eyre and Shepherd, false pretences on, 355 F. Fahey, James, inflicting grievous bodily harm, 367 Fenton, Samuel, unlawfully wounded, 310, 317, 325 Ferguson, James, M.D., false pretences on, 297 Fieldhouse, John, vagrancy, 339, 346 Finn, Patrick, service deserted, 325 Fitzpatrick, Samuel, arrested for unlawfully wounding, 317, 325 Flanagan, Michael, for assault, 302 Flappem, George, alias Charles Wilson, disobeying a summons, 339 Flemington, court of petty sessions to be held at, 330, 346 Fletcher, Herbert Charles, vagrancy, 339, 353 Flynn, Timothy, escaped lunatic, 325 Forde, Chas., alias Professor, alias C. Murphy, arrested for false pretences, 327, 335 Franke or Frauke, Henry Herman, for uttering a forged order, 328, 335 Fraser, John, vagrancy, 325, 346 Freebairn, William Black, for bigamy, 364 Friday, aboriginal, deserting his service, 285 Fulton, E., for false pretences, 297 Fulton, Elizabeth, alias Whelan, arrested for false pretences, 355 G. Gallimore, Fredk. A., forgxtl cheque uttered to, 281 Gamboll, Thomas, escaped lunatic, 277 Gardener, Leslie, for insulting behaviour, 277 Gleeson, Michael, disobeying a summons, 277 Gibson, Elizabeth, for stealing money and clothes, 314 Gisborne county court, bailiff appointed, 346 Goldsmith, Joseph, warrant of commitment against, 293, 367 Gordon, Elizabeth, insulting behaviour, 331 Gordon, Margaret, for vagrancy, 292, 309 Goodside, Solomon, vagrancy, '360 Grace, Henry, larceny as a bailee from, 328 Grace, John J., false pretences on, 289 Greenough, Margaret, child stolen from, 277 Gregory, Robert Scott, for larceny as a bailee, 328 Grinlington, H. J., for false pretences, 281, 289 Grinlington, Henry Matthew Smith, for false pretences, 281, 289, 364 Groves, George, arrested for forgery, 281 Groves, George, alias Taylor, uttering forged cheque, 364 H. Hally, James, obscene language, 292, 303 Hansfore, Thomas, arrested for disobeying a summons, 309, 340 Harcourt and Parry, false pretences on, 305, 313 Hare, James, for indecent assault, 302 Harris, Elizabeth, arrested for unlawfully wounding, 317 Harris, Augustus John Felix Murray, embezzlement at Brisbane, 305, 313 Harty? John, false pretences on, 314, 321 Hawkins, William, larceny as a servant, 355 Hayhoe, Robert, bodily harm inflicted on, 353 Healey, -, for false pretences, 328 Health, central board of, descriptive particulars and treatment of small-pox, diphtheria, measles, croup, scarlet fever, typhoid fever, and whooping-cough, and regulations, &c., regarding, 292 Health officers appointed, 276, 300, 316, 324, 328, 345, 359 Hendon, William, arrested for playing an unlawful game, 286 Herdigan, Robert, disobeying a summons, 339 Herritty, Thomas, on crown lands without authority, 339, 367 Herron, Joseph, arrested for wilful damage, 277 Hexton, Frank, deserting servant, 325 Highway robbery, arrested for- Anderson, Lizzie, 313, 321 McRae, Finlay, 299 Cameron, Samuel, 305 Nicholson, Alexander, alias Martin, Alfred W., 291 Nigger Nicholson, 327 Melrose, Julia, 313 Stevenson, Fredk., 291 Moran, Thomas, 363 Wright, Jane, 313 Highway robbery, charged with-- Brand, Mr., 335 Wall, Richard, alias Scully Darwin, James, 327, 343 Wall, 353 Dalton, Michael, 281, 30,1 Williams, John, alias Baldy Williams, 327, 335, 371 Highway robbery committed on- Ah Hung, 289 Bailie, Helen Lucy, 313, 321 Ali Pay, 313 Barrett, Patrick, 343 Alcock, Catherine, 283 Bartolomen, William, 357 Alt, Edward, 275 Bauld, Robert, 345 Atkinson, William, 329, 337 Bertram, Adam, 299, 307

30 1885.] VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. 3 Highway robbery committed on-continued. Birdson, Thomas, 315 Mathews, William, 307 Bishop, Charles, 351 Mathewson, Alexander, 307 Bradford, Frank, 329 Braidshaw, Edward B., 307 Bowerman, George, 275 Carseadden, Arthur, 299 Challener, Robert, 315 Chilten, John, 357 Coleman, Edward, 323 Collins, Michael, 323 Compton, William, 291 Conway, John, 357 Courier, Adelaide, 323 Cox, James N., 315 Culliford, Charles, 345 Cunningham, George, 337, 349 Currie, Donald S., 345 Daniels, Thomas, 291 Drake, Edward, 283, 291 Douglas, Chas. W., 283, 291 Dunstone, John, 327, 343 Dwyer, Stephen, 275 Erickson, Bentell, 305, 343 Feinaigle, William G., 351 Finley, Charles, 365 Fitzgerald, Wm., 315 Fox, James W., 365 Freeman, Lillias M., 315 Fullagar, Charles, 315 Gemmen, William, 323 Gillespie, David, 275 Gillett, Francis, 323 Goldstone, Richard B., 307, 315 Gould, Robert, 365 Harris, John, 275, 291 Harris, Walter Edward, 349 Harwick, Richard, 297, 327 Herbert, Henry, 275 Hickey, Benjamin, 365 Higham, William, 291 Hilliard, William, 315 Hitchcock, Thomas, 337 Hollingworth, Fredk., 365 Hunt, Albert, 315 Hutchison, Annie, 357 Jackman, John, 307 Jones, Edward, 275 Kay, Walter, 307 Kerans, James, 323, 329 Lamb, John, 307 Middleton, Joseph, 307 Middleton, Walter, 291 Miller, Hugh W., 305, 313 Muir, James, 283, 299 Muirhead, Alexander, 283 Murrell, Samuel D., 297 Murphy, Denis, 357 McCullen, Felix, 281, 305 McDermott, John, 365 McDonald, Farra, 315 McGee, Thomas, 365 McKenzie, Donald, 315 McNaught, John, 337 McNaught, William H., 307 McNevin, Annie, 275 Nathan, Morris, 315 Nix, Anthony P., 329, 337 Noble, Alice, 283 Osborn, Henry, 323 O'Brien, John, 365 Parry, Charles, 315 Parsons, Charles E., 291 Patterson, Alexander, 307 Patterson, Thomas, 299 Paull, William, 283 Pearce, William, 355 Pearson, James C., 307 Rawlings, John, 327 Richards, Edward B., 299, 345 Ryan, Patrick, 315 Schenck, George, 315 Schnabel, Anthony, 315, 327 Shallard, Thomas, 299 Sheeran, Michael, 329 Simon, John, 365 Small, John, 315 Spencer, Abraham, 327, 335, 371 Stewart, Charles M., 307 Stowers, John, 275 Strachan, Wm. V., 315 Tait, Denis, 283 Taylor, David G., 307 Thompson, Albert, 275, 283 Truscott, William, 281, 283, 291, 297 Turnbull, Matthew, 357 Vickary, John, 355, 363 Wallis, William, 337 Lamont, William, 291, 299, Watson, Charles, Weaver, Richard, 315 Lawther, John, 357 Whelan, Patrick, 283 Mangon, Gwen, 329, 337 White, Charles, 315 Martin, Charles, 315, 351 Wilson, Thomas, 337 Hill, John, false pretences on, 335 Hinson, C. J., alias Vincent, for false pretences, 327, 349 Hoare, J., for false pretences, 364 Hackford, Edward, wilful damage on, 353 Hogan, Mooney, and Co., false pretences on, 363, 371 Hogan, -, for false pretences, 364, 371 Holroyd, C., alias William Laurence, for larceny, as a bailee, of cattle, 297 Horses and cattle, arrested for stealing- Happerley, Joseph, 368 McLaren, James, 372 Muir, Neil, 305, 314 Horses and cattle, charged with stealing- Alfonso, alias Brown, alias Brunning, alias 336,344 Engeman, Brown, Henry, alias Brunning, alias Engeman, alias Alfonso, 336, 344 Brunning, Henry, alias Brown, alias Engeman, alias Alfonso, 336, 344 Butt, William, 356 Connor, John, 356, 372 Horses and cattle stolen from- Ayrey, Charles, 286 Baily, Edward, 293, 303 Ballinger, James, 332, 346 Banks, Cornelius, 340 Barter, William, 278 Benson, Phillip, 347 Berrane, D., 318, 340 Blacknell, Thomas H., 332 Blake, Arthur R., 278, 286 Boler, James, 303 Bolwell, Albert A., 293 Braithwaite, Joseph, 286, 317 Brandon, James, 340 Breakell, Thomas, 318, 340 Brodie, David, 332 Brushfield, Wm., 293 Bryce, William, 346 Buckley, James, 318 Cahill, James, 368 Carolen, Hugh S., 360 Champ, William, 340 Chilcott, David, 310 Clarke, Henry, 325, 340 Clutterbuck, Edward, 325 Coghlan, Luke, 347, 353 Cooke, Samuel W., 340 Cox, Henry, 318 Engeman, alias Henry Brown, alias Brunning, alias Alfonso, 336, 344 Hanks, Fred., alias Morris, 350 Morris, Fred., alias Hanks, 350 Norton, Joseph, 372 Ward, Charles, 364 Wilson, William, alias J. H. F. Wilson, 372 Cox, Samuel, 326, 336, 344 Cox, William, 310, Cranford, Michl., 286 Cross, Ben., 286 Crowley, James, 332, 346 Crystal, David, 293 Cuneen, Michael, 286 Curtain, John, 318, 340 Dade, Alfred, 310 Davidson, Donald, 332, 340 Dawson, John, 310 Deane, John, 350 Delaney, John, 332, 360 Demphey, Joseph, 303 Dickins, Geo., 340 Dodd, Harriet, 278 Donnelly, M., 286, 325 Doyle, James, 318 Dunbar, John, 353 Duncan, Johnston, 340 Dunning, T., 317 Dwyer, Patrick, 293 Edwards, Donald, 318 Edwards, Fredk., 332 Edwards, Thomas H., 368 Early, Peter, 340 Fairbairn, Thomas, 318, 326 Horses and cattle stolen from-continued. Faithfull, Henry, 286 McDonald, Duncan, 347 Ferguson, Fredk., 326 McDonald, William, 278, 286 Fosdick, Mark, 340 McInnes, Hector, 326, 354 Foster, Joseph, 278, 293 McIntyre, Ellen, 340 Francis, James, 360 McLennan, Chas., 293 Fry, James, 318 McKenzie, Donald, 293 Gamble, John, 318 McPherson, Donald, 293, 303 Gibson, Hugh H., 303 McRae, Robert, 325 Grey, John, 318 Neck, Reginald, 360, 368 Griffith, George H., 303 Neston, Martin, 347, 353 Gurling, W. J., 286 Newton Bros., 303, 360 Gwyther, James, 347 Nicholson, Neil, 340 Hamilton, James C., 278 Nol, William, 372 Hammell, Fredk., 360 Ohrtgies, John, 347, 360 Hammond, H., 340 Orr, Thomas, 317 Hart, Hannah, 368 Osbaldstone, William, 340 Harrison, James, 318, 326 Ousley, Charles, 368 Hatton, Henry, 353, 360 O'Keeffe, Peter, 310 Hawkins, Wm., 303, 317, 325 O'Keefe, Thomas, 347, 360 Hay, A., 286 O'Sullivan, Timothy, 347 Hay Bros., 303 Partch, Enoch, 372 Hayes, Edward, 360 Paton, James, 318 Heaney, George, 340, 368 Patterson, H. T., 340 Heenan, Maurice, 303 Phillips, J., 325 Herbert, Christopher, 356, 372 Phillips, Samuel, 353 Higham, Henry, 310 Pomery, Henry J., 278, 286 Honan, C., 303 Potter, Herbert, 293 Huggett, J., 317 Presley, Samuel, 353 Huntly, Thomas, 347, 353 Prothore, John, 286 Ingham, Revd. Mr., 340 Pyle, William, 353, 360 Jones, W. B., 356 Quick, Casor, 278 Jones, William, 310 Rea, John, 368 Jones and Riley, 332, 353 Ritchie, Adam, 318, 325 Killock, J. C., 340, 354, 360 Roberts, Charles, 310, 318, 340 Kelly, Thomas, 293, 317 Russell, J., 310, 325 Kernick, Richard, 347, 353 Ryan, Patk., 318 Lempriere, W. H., 293 Sadler, John, 303 Leach, Charles, 293 Scanlon, J., 286, 293 Lewis, Thomas, 278 Seymour, Jane, 332, 340 Liddle, Joseph, 278 Shanklin, Robert, 340, 346 Livingstone, Thomas, 293, 346 Sheil, John, 346, 368 Long, A. R., 305, 314 Smith, L. L., 368 Luttrell, E. B., 340 Spencer, Henry, 368 Mackinnon, Hugh, 278 Stewart, Frank, 332, 340 Maher, J., 278 Stewart, John, 353 Mahony, John, 318 Stiggants, Henry, 360 Martin, G., 278 Stokes, J., 278 Maxwell, H., 278 Sutton, Thomas, 372 Melville, James, 332, 340 Syme, David, 340, 346 Miller, Charles, 293, 318, 326, Talbot, John, Telford, James, 318, 340 Minahan, Daniel, 360 Thomas, Eliza J., 278 Mitchell, C. F., 317 Tuan, John, 303 Montgomery, John, 286 Underwood, Maria, 303 Morrison, William A., 278, Victoria police, 325, Ward, Barney, 347, 360 Murray, Dr., 293, 310 Watson, Rev. Geo. W., 347 Murray, Patrick, 325 Wild, Joseph, 293 Murphy, William, 303 Wilkinson, Louis C., 293 McCaghran, John, 332 Willis Bros., 318, 353 McCarthy, Richard, 340 Wolfe, K., 317 McConnell, John, 368 Horse maimed and shot by Kew police, 360 Housebreaking, arrested for- Anderson, Elizabeth, 313, 321 Batanta, Julia, 365 Bulpit, Alice, 297, 305 Cahill, Conny, 313 Cooper, George, 365 Donegan, John, 365, 371 Kennedy, Darby, 313, 327 Maxwell, William, 343 Housebreaking, charged with- Abdallah, James, 343, 349 Barker, Albert, 349 Barnes, -, man, 327 Bellow, William, or Benson, 327 Benson, William, or Bellow, 327 Bloomfield, R. G., 313 Clark, Henry, 343 Clark, Robert, 363, 371 Cowling, William, 343 Darlington, Thomas, 363, 371 Douglas, James, 313 Fenton, Mrs., 343' Frazer, John, 371 Gardner, Hans, 355 Housebreaking committed on- Abdallah, Selim, 343, 349 Ackerman, Edward, 343 Ah. Sam, 343 Allison, Sarah, 281 Antonia, Mary, 297, 305 Anwin, John, 327 Atkinson, Francis, 355 Baird, Alexander, 345 Barnes, Harry, 358 Battie, Catherine, 275 Bawden, Caroline, 329 Beale, William, 321 Bell, Edward, 365 Benjamin, Samuel, 275, 283 Bennett, Alfred, 329 Bennett, Henry, 329 Bergin, Henry, 275 McKay, Charlotte, 365 McLean, Harry, 283 McNear, Lilly, 327, 335 Pine, George, 291 Randall, George, 355 Thompson, George, 355 Thompson, Robert, 313, 327 Winter, Daniel, 297 Goodall, Bill, 363 Harvey, Richard, 281, 289 Healey, Andrew, 343 " Jack," 349 Johnson, William, 343 Judge, Thomas, 363 Lawson, Annie, 321 Mitchell, Lizzie, 281 Oystan, John, 371 Robertson, Robert Garibaldi, 305 Stoker, John, 335 Strippling, Mary Ann, 305 Swinbourne, Septimus, 363 Wilson, James, 303 Best, Joseph, 316 Biggs, Mary A., 337 Bingham, Caroline, 324 Blake, William, 343 Booredale, John H., 358 Boyd, Campbell, 283 Boyle, Grace, 343 Bradly, James, 352, 357 Bramley, Henry, 291 Braun, Joseph, 343 Brooks, Ann, 337 Brown, John, 352, 365 Brown, William, 316 Burt, George A., 365 Butler, John, 297 Cameron, Henry, 313 Childs, James, 337

31 4 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. [1885: Housebreaking committed on-continued. Clark, Sarah Jane, 363, 371 Lee, Kwun, 338 Cleland, Jane, 366 Leslie, Janet, 307 Clens, Henry, 366 Lester, Valentine, 307 Cole, John, 357 Lewis, Alfred, 363 Conlon, Annie, 283 Locke, James, 366 Connelly, William, 365 Loel, Harris, 316, 324 Connors, Morgan, 329, 337 Loud, William, 324 Cooper, Alfred, 323 Lucas, John F., 357 Cooschell, Francis, 365 Madigan, Margaret, 275 Coulter, Samuel, 283 Mahon, Margaret, 291 Cox, William, 329 Maloney, Patrick, 366 Cripps, James, 275, 363 Marks, Ada, 316 Cunningham, Mrs. Hastings,- Meehan, Herbert, , 352 Mesig, Julia, 281 Dally, Thomas W., 366 Moloney, Nora, 299 Darcy, Mary A., 365 Moran, Thomas, "358 Darling, Hannah, 281, 289 Morrison, Daniel, 330, 365 Davis, G. W., 275 Motton, John, 358 Day, Joseph, 329 Mulqueen, Michl., 363 Deighton, George, 323 McEvoy, Peter, 351 Delideo, Andrew, 363, 371 McDonald, Margaret, 323 Dickson, Sydney, 358 McGough, John, 357 Dismorr, F. A., 275 McLean, James S., 352 Dorman, Thomas F., 371 McSweeney, John, 338 Dougherty, James, 363 Nathan, Frederick, 330 Dios, Richard, 343 Newington, Joel, 366 Edmiston, John H., 327 Nicholson, William, 291 Ellison, William, 330 Noble, Walter, 338 Emanuel, Abraham, 330 Norby, Andrew, 307 Emmerson, Harry, 357 North, Walter J., 316 Essendon town hall, 351 Osborne, Henry, 291, 323 Evans, John, 323 O'Brien, Denis, 349, 371 Evringham, Mr., 321 O'Connor, Patrick, 349 Fagan, William, 305 O'Leary, Margaret, 366 Fahey, Richard, 366 Pasquan, Martin, 324.Fenton, Henry, 343 Paton, James, 337 Field, James, 351, 365 Pattison, John, 306 Figgins, Charles W., 357 Payne, Thomas M., 324, 337 Finlay, Thomas, 323, 329 Pearl, Walter, 357 Fitzgerald, Charlotte, 365 Perry, William, 323 Fitzpatrick, James Hugh, 371 Pitman, Godfrey J., 345 Fletcher, John, 291 Posner, Davis, 297 Ford, Alfred, 275 Pritchard, Elizabeth, 316 Fox, C. J., 366 Purcell, Michael, 275 Francis, Caroline, 365 Rankin, John, 323 Francombe, Daniel, 366 Reynolds, William, 313 Frankling, Walter L., 338, Riely, Phillip, , 355 Rose, Alfred, 343 Franz, William, 299 Rosenweig, Myer, 352 Frazer, Donald, 335 Rowe, John P., 357 Frederickson, Fredk., 329 Rudd, Charles, 323 Galli and Co., 313, 327 Sayer, Frederick, 307, 316 Garth, Clifford, 366 Schulze, Fredk. G., 366 Gavan, Thomas Hy., 358, 365 Scott, Amelia, 321 Gillott, William, 345 Seismann, John, 337 Gengnagel, Charles, 351 Shannon, James, 358 Gillies, Duncan, 352 Show, Edward M., 366 Glynn, John, 366 Simcox, John, 316 Gregg, Henry, 323 Sissons, William, 307 Greig, William, 351, 357 Smith, John, 366 Griffiths, William. G.; 349 Smith, John Thos., 323 Guest, Lucinda, 351 Smith, Rachel, 343 Haig, Thomas, 305, 313 Smith, William, 283 Hammill, William, 291 Somerville, John, 357 Hansen, T. A., 349 Staff, Charles,.343 Hanson, Jane, 327, 335 Steeth, James, 323, 329 Harbery, Mary, 305 Steitz, Edward, 366 Hardie, Annie, 323 Stewart, Dawson, and Co., 357 Hardy, Hannah, 291 Studd, Elizabeth, 358 Hartnett, Timothy, 371 Sutcliffe, William, 315 Haswell, Mary Ann, 313, 321 Thurston, Charles M., 352 Harvey, Mary, 355 Toft, Andrew, 366 Hayes, John, 365 Trangmar, James, 337 Hill, James, 349 Trewhella, Benjamin, 329 Holder, Henry, 283 Trumble, Bridget, 351 Honner, John, 308, 345 Tuffhill, William, 297 Howard, Joseph, 358 Turner, Henry G., 316, 329 Howe, Henry B., 337 Turner, K. F., 299 Hunt, Alice, 291 Tynan, Joseph, 283 Hunt, John, 357 Uren, Mary J., 358, 365 Jackson, Sarah, 291 Victorian railways, Seymour, James, Charlotte, James, Dr., 345 Walker, James H., 352 Jennings, George, 307 Wall, Edward, 351, 365 Jennings, Thomas, 357 Walters, James, 329 Jewish synagogue, Melbourne, Wark, Margaret, 358, Westwood, William, 291 Johnson, William, 329 White, James, 343 Johnston, John G., 337 White, Sieling, 366 Jones, Joseph, 283 Wigg, Joseph, 337 Kelly, James, 297 Williams, Mr., 329 Lancashire, J. F., 351 Williams, Thomas, 365 Lane, James, 358 Wilson, Robert E., 329 Larkins, Elizabeth, 357 Witcher, William J., 329 Laverette, Joseph C., 299 Wright, William, 283 Laws, Ellen, 307 Howe, Sydney, inflicting grievous bodily harm, 363 Hunter, H. John, for assault, 309, 324 Hurley, Julia, money and clothes stolen from, 314 Hutchinson, James, deserting apprenticeship, 331 I. Incendiarism committed on- Dolcoath G. M. Co., 323 Meyer, John E., 345, 351 Fletcher, Archibald, 345 Ogilvie, John, 351 Hammond, Louisa, 275 Reid, James, 275 Hobart-Stabb Bros., 295 Sheehan, William, 365 Incendiarism committed on-continued. Stevenson, William, 351 Trimby, Edward, 315 Toma, Luigge, 299 Williams, Daniel, 275 Trainor, James, 329 Inquests held on- Child, female, found in Clare- Hatton, William, 311, 326 mont street, South Yarra, Ingram, John, 333, Man, unknown, found drowned Child, female, found dead in a near penny bridge, Collingwaterhole, corner Fitzroy wood, 294, 304 street and Victoria parade, Man, unknown, found dead on Fitzroy, 341 vacant ground, Church Child, female, found dead at street, Richmond, 333 Warburton's store, Bourke Man, found drowned in the street west, Melbourne, 319 little dock, river Yarra, 319, Child, male, found at May- 326, 333, 347 ston's bag factory, Sandridge Woman, unknown, found road, 304, 311 drowned at Brander's ferry, Child, male, found dead in 369 Saltwater river, 347, 368 J. James, Marion, for vagrancy, 277 Jinks, John, deceased, grievous bodily harm inflicted on, 367 Johnson, Charles, for obscene language, 367 Jones, Mary, for false pretences, 328 Jones, William, assaulting police, 293 Jones, Mary, alias Fulton, alias Whelan, arrested for false pretences, 355 Jubb, George Forrester, for threatening language, 277 K. Kaminsky, Oscar, larceny as a bailee on, 322 Kammel, Fredk., for larceny as a bailee, 355, 364 Kelly, James, fraud on, by conspiracy, 289 Kelly, John, for assault, 360 Kelly, William, neglected child, 302 Kensington, court of petty sessions to be held at, 330 Kent, James B., false pretences on, 289, 297 King, James, assaulted, 368 Mnnar, John, arrested for disobeying a summons, 317 Kirk, John W., false pretences on, 335, 344 Kitz and Sons, false pretences on, 355, 371 L. Laity, Thomas W., false pretences on, 336 Lamble, Samuel, assaulted, 293 Lamont, William, insulting behaviour, 353, 360 Lane, Barney, arrested for vagrancy, 293, 302 Launceston -Pierce, James, for stealing bags value 130, 328 Laurence, William, for larceny as a bailee, 297 Lee, Edward, for wilful damage, 302 Leek, Joseph, larceny as a bailee on, 335 Leslie, Peter, escaped lunatic, 277 Lexton, clerk of petty sessions, acting, relieved, 300 Leyden, Michael, arrested for assault, 302, 325, 360 Licenses, auctioneers', 302, 338, 359 Licenses, billiard, 302, 338 Licenses, carriers', 338 Licenses, colonial wine, 359 Licenses, publicans', 302, 338, 359 Licenses, tobacco, 302, 338, 358 Licensing special districts, 284,1292, 358 Licenses, wine and spirit, 359 Long, Patrick Joseph, regleeted child, 293 Lotteries, illegal, notice regarding letters, &c., 338 Lyons, Maurice, neglected child, 302 M. Madden, W. R., false pretences on, 327, 349 Magistrates appointed, 330 Magistrates appointed, licensing, 300, 308, 316, 324, 330, 338, 345, 352, 358 Magistrates resigned, 308, 330, 352 Magistrates removed from commission of the peace, 300 Mahony, William, disobeying a summons, 339 Man, unknown, for obscene exposure at Ballarat East, 317 Man, unknown, for being in a public place at Brunswick with intent to commit a felony, 285 Man, unknown, for obscene exposure at Carlton, 292 Man, unknown, obscene exposure at South Geelong, 309 Man, unknown, obscene exposure at St. Kilda, 368 Man, unknown, for obscene exposure in Yarra Park, 367 Manning and Co., forged order uttered to, 328, 336 Marshall, James, arrested for conspiring to celebrate an illegal marriage, 289 Martin, William, insulting behaviour, 360 Mathers, John Reid, arrested for debt, 286 Mathews, Alexander, apprentice deserted, 331 Maybrick, William, arrested for assault, 286, 302 May, William, embezzlement on, 371 Medical practitioners, additional list of, 324, 358 Meehan, Bridget, assaulted, 349 two, unknown, for insulting behaviour at Brighton, 286, Men, 29 Miller, Mrs., for larceny as a bailee, 335 Mills, Arthur F., arrested for false pretences, 335, 344 Missing friends- Aitken, Donald, 341, 361 Clough, Mr., 278 Aikens, Samuel, 294 Cole, Alfred, alias Kasling- Allan, Margaret Grace, 341 bury, 287 Anketell, Ellen,. 304 Cowle, Percy, 348, 354 Bassy, Gustave H. de, 347 Curley, John, 354 Beardshaw, George, 332 Davies, Mr., 278 Biggs, Thomas Joseph, other- Delamarre, Madame, 294. wise Joseph Thomas, 347 1)elamarre, Miss, 294 Brady, William, 332, 347 Donaldson, Benjamin, 294

32 1885.] VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. 5 Missing friends-continued. Donaldson, Hy. Brown, 294 McOwen, Thos. Hy., 333. Donaldson, William, 294 Nicholls, James T., 332 Donaldson, Wm. Garner, 294 Nolan, James Gatleigh, 279 Donoghue, Chas. C., 287, 304 Noonan, Mark, 304 Drown, G,, 278 Norman, William, 348 Edmunds, George Wallace Olfe, J. D. M., 287, 304 Gleeson, 295 Parker, G., 278 Evans, Henry, 368 Pelissier, Francois, 294 Francois, A. G., 318 Pike, Mrs., 229 Frendenthal, Max, 278 Priesch, Baptiste, 304, 318 Gillman, William, 326 Randall, Edith, 318 Giraud, Pierre, 304, 318 Ravn, Nis, 368 Glover, Thomas, 278 Reddin, John Joseph, 361 Gorman, Mr., 278 Richards, Richard Robert, 278 Gould, Mary, 341, 361 Roberts, Johanna, 310, 368 Goulding, Aaron, 310 Roberts, Mr., 278 Greening, Ada, 354 Rogalde, Pierre, 304, 318 Greening, Fanny, 354 Ross, Andrew, 278 Hay, Ah, 278, 310 Sale, John, 361 Hayes, Thomas, 294 Shannon, James, 278 Herman, Wilson, or H. C. E., Smith, Alfred, , 347 Smith, Charles, 341 Jamieson, Mr., 278 Smith, Steve, 326 Jones, John, or John D., 287 Spinks, James, or Scotty, 304 Jouvence,Auguste(Jouvenne), Symons, William Morstad 294 Septimus, 311 Keating, James Iles, 361 Taylor, Annie, 294, 304 Kellett, Samuel, 332, 341 Thomas, Joseph, otherwise Kellan, Thomas, 354 Biggs, Thomas Joseph, 347 Kelly, John, 332 Urban, Martin, 287 Kenny, John, 318 Walker, Mr., 278 King, Joseph, 332 Wallace, Robert, 279 Kaslingbury, Cole, 287 Alfred, alias Webb, Richard, 294 Wheeler, Emily, 294, 304 Kreighter, Charles, 354 White, Henry, 279 Lane, Denis, 341 Williams, Joseph, 311 Langmead, F., 347 Williams, Joseph Walter, or Meehan, Thos., 368 Walter Williams, 368 Morris, -, 287, 294 Willoughby, Mrs., 278 Murphy, Ann, 333 Winder, or Murphy, Annie, Murphy or Winder, Annie, Winkler, Alfred, 328 McDougall, Ann, nee Young, Young, nee Lee, Maria, Young, Ann, nee McDougall, McKenzie, John, Mitchell, Charles, insulting behaviour, 339 Mitchell, Joseph, arrested for carnally knowing a girl under 12 years of age, 313, 321, 327 Mitta Mitta, court of petty sessions to be held at, 316 Moloney, Michael, false pretences on, 328 Morris, William Joseph, fraudulently obtaining 80, 328 Morrison, John, arrested for uttering a forged cheque, 313, 335 Morrison, James, alias Thomas Scott, arrested for disobeying a summons, 292, 346 Moss, White, and Co., false pretences on, 355, 371 Mulcahy, John, for vagrancy, 277, 324 Mulcahy, Michael, for vagrancy, 277, 324 Murder of- Child, female, found at Caul- Child, male, found in the field Cemetery, 275 University Gardens, Carl- Child, male, found on Western ton, 299 Beach, Geelong, 329 Cook, Maria, and infant, 337, Child, male, found in Park 345, 357 street, South Melbourne, 299 Murphy, William, arrested for assaulting police, 331 Murphy, C., alias Professor Forde, alias Charles Forde, arrested for false pretences, 327, 335 Murray, Alice, indecent assault on, 302 Muter, William, forged cheque uttered to, 281 Mo. McClellan, Ellen M., disobeying a summons, 317, 325 McDavitt, John, for assault, 302 McEvoy, Laurence, deserting apprentice, 346, 353, 360 McFadden, John, assaulted, 302 McFarlane, Alexander, service deserted, 317 McGillivray, Dugald, threatening languge used to, 360 McGolrick, James, disobeying a summons, 325 McGowan, John, alias Chickelary Jack, arrested for assault, 310 McGregor, William, deserting apprenticeship, 331 McIntosh, Charles, arrested for unlawfully wounding, 325 McKay, Annie, assaulted, 360 McKay, Joseph, fraudulently selling cattle, 364 McKeller, Neil, false pretences on, 349, 355 McKenzie, D., for false pretences, 327 McMahon, John, constable, assaulted, 317, 325, 331 McNamara, James, arrested for abusive language, 353 McNeill, John, arrested for disobeying a summons, 324 N. Nathan, Samuel, larceny as a bailie from, 363 New South Wales-Ah Way, forged cheques uttered to, 355 New South -Brooks, James, uttering forged cheques, 355 New South Wales - Reese, Theodore, uttering forged chetlues, 355 New Zealand - Martin, Francis William, for embezzling 113, 350 New Zealand - Waddell, H. H., alias Worrall, for forging a bill in the name of Gillott and Snowden, 328, 336 Nicholls, George, warrant of commitment against, 293, 310 Nolan, Kate, arrested for larceny as a bailee, 321, 343 Nugent, Minnie, attempted rape on, 317 Nugent, Patrick, inflicting bodily harm, Oates, John, arrested for a breach of the peace, 286, 302 O'Brien, John, deserting servant, 339 O'Callaghan, Edward, false pretences on, 364 O'Donnell, Daniel, assaulted, 277 O'Grady, John, vagrancy, 293, 302 O'Shea, Mary, arrested for child stealing, 277 P. Paing, Christina, threatening language used to, 331 Parsons, Herbert, for embezzlement, 297, 305 Passavante, Louis, for threatening language, 317, 325 Patterson and Brisbane, wilful damage on, 302 Patterson, Robert D., deserting apprentice, 360 Payne, John, wilful damage on, 302 Peacock, Richard, arrested for false pretences, 289, 297 Pedley, Edward, for vagrancy, 277 Peers, Edward T., dog mutilated, 325 Perry, Josiah, assaulted, 309, 324 Peterson, John, for assault, 324 Phillips, James Edward, embezzlement from, 289 Pickup, James, alias J. P. Wilson, for uttering forged cheques, 335, 344 Pickup, Joseph, assaulted, 310 Police force, appointment as clerk of petty sessions- Richardson, Louis Edward, 316 Police force, appointment as commissioner of the supreme court for taking affidavits- Deer, Michael James, 316 Police force, appointments as constables- Anderson, Andrew, 316 Jones, Albert Edward, 284 Anderson, William, 300 Kennedy, Peter, 284 Appleby, George, 284 Lowrie, Robert, 284 Berndt, Albert Edward, 284 Malcolmson, Robert De Lacey, Browne, Robert Alexander, McPherson, Walter, 284 Cameron, Charles, 308 Patullo, Alexander, 284 Coleman, Christopher, 284 Paterson, William, 284 Corrigan, John Thomas, 284 Plowright, William John, 284 Craig, Daniel Lynch, 284 Rasmussen, Charles Ole, 284 Crowle, Samuel Joseph, 284 Rohan, Martin, 284 Deacon, Robert James, 284 Rutherford, William, 292 Dunri, John Francis, 292 Smith, George Douglas, 284 Fearn, Arthur, 284 Smith, Harry Edwards, 284 Flood, James, 284 Stuart, Charles, 284 Hansen, Albert John, 284 Tucker, Albert Edward, 284 Harrison, Alexander James, Thompson, Joseph Vickers, Haydon, Thomas, 308 Walters, Joseph, 308 Hunt, Frederick Thomas, 330 White, Francis, 300 Ison, William, 300 Wright, Francis James, 284 James, William, 284 Police force, appointments as crown lands bailiffs- Barr, James A., 358 Mayne, Robert S., 330 Blade, Patrick, 330 Murcutt, James 0., 346 Campbell, Hugh, 300 Niblett, Arthur W., 330 Draper, Alexr. C., 330 McKane, John Wilson, 300 Gordon, Wm. J., 330 Rudebeck, Francis, 330 Gove, Thomas, 308 Ryan, John A., 330 Hutchinson, Stewart, 284 White, George, 300 Hall, John, 330 Young, Isaac H., 330 Police force, appointments as inspectors of slaughter yards- Beckwith, Henry George, 302 Monks, James, 331 Crotty, Maurice, 338 O'Brien, Luke Joseph, 302 Daer, Michl. J., 358 Pigott, Michl. A., 358 Gilfedder, James, 331 Sharkie, James, 331 Kennedy, Thomas, 302 Walsh, Edward Walter Mayne, Robert S., 331 Thomas, 302 Millar, Robert W., 331 Police force, appointments as wardens' clerks- Pigott, Michael Augustine, Richardson, Louis Edward, Police force, death- Elliott, Joseph, 358 Police force, discharges- Goodenough, Frederick, 324 Rogers, Thomas, 324 Lawless, Thomas, 292 Weldon, Patrick, 300 Police force, instructions to- Bourke district, office removed from Barkly street to Acland street, St. Kilda, 345 Candidates for mounted police. notice to, 316 Departmental accounts not to be overdrawn, 316 District superintendents to obtain regulations and descriptive sheets, re small-pox, diphtheria, typhoid fever, croup, scarlet fever, and measles, from central board of 'health, 292 Examination for rank of sergeant, 324 Fire, careless use of, precautions regarding, 308 H.M.S. Nelson, deserters from, special notice regarding, 324 Land act 1884, for additional regulations, see ON. 1885, p. 3529, 358 Land selections, reports on, to state mileage travelled by police to, 324 Lock-ups proclaimed gaols to have " Rules to be observed by all prisoners confined in cells" to be posted in each cell, 352 Members of the force when defendants in courts of petty sessions, or in higher courts, requiring professional assistance, must notify the same to the chief commissioner of police without delay, and have his permission, 330 Police of Melbourne and suburbs to inform officers of harbor trust when a fire breaks out amongst the shipping, or on the wharfs or piers, 338 Prior convictions of committed prisoners to be transmitted to the crown solicitor without delay, neglect of which will meet with severe censure, 352 Rifle clubs, conditions under which members of the police force could have joined, rescinded, 302 Sheep, importation of, into New South Wales : regulations under diseases in sheep act and amendments, 352 Swivel-guns not to be used on rivers, lakes, or marshes in killing game, 345

33 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.- INDEX. [1885. Police force, land reserved from sale for use of, 316, 346 Quinn, William, constable, assaulted, 353, 360 Police force, reduction- Quigley, John, for assault, 324 Clarke, Henry, 308 Police force, resignations- R. Donovan, Patrick James, 324 McDonald, James Archibald, Registrars, deputy, of births, marriages, and.deaths, appoint- Moloney, Michael John, ments, 276, 284, 309, 330, 338, 345, 352, 358 Walker, Robert, 366 Regulations for the care, &c., of Wallan Wallan park, 366 Police force, promotions-- Regulations for the care, &c., of Wedderburne public gardens, Coll, John, 284 Molyiieux, Robert Chapman, 367 Hiron, Francis Edward, Regulations for the care, &c., of Yarra, Prince's, Flinders, and P olice force, stat ions formed- F awkner parks, 284 Pakenham, Bourke district, East Brunswick, Melbourne Rewards offered by- 324 district, 330 Baily, Edward, 293, 303 New South Wales govern- Police force, superannuations- Champ, William, 340 ment, 333, 354, 361 Band, Thomas, 308 Kenny, John, 330 Colonial mutual insurance Orr, Thomas, 317 Carter, Joseph, 330 Mitchell, William, 345 company, Melbourne, 351 Patterson and Brisbane, 302 Eason, Alexander, 345 Simpson, William Hamilton, Delaney, John, 332 Pearson, Wm., Hon., 338 Hardy, Richard, Hobart-Stabb Bros., 295 South Australian government, Johnston, Charles, 292 Smith, James, 276 Killock, J. C., Kennedy, Robert, 330 Tobin, Thomas, 330 McCarthy, Richard, 340 Stiggants, Henry, 360 Poll y -, for vagrancy, 339 McInnes, Hector, 354 Ta smani an government, 295 Preemer, Michael, insulting behaviour, 309 National insurance company, Vaile, Captain, 278 Priest, Alfred, deserting his hired service, 317 Melbourne, 351 Victorian government, 275, Property, arrested for stealing- 299, 351 Ah Fat, 327, 335 Simcrox, John Phillip, 283 Reynolds, Edward, false pretences on, 321 Ali Sing, 327, 335 Walsh, Henry, alias Charles Reynolds, George, arrested for disobeying a summons, 303 Lip Sang, 327, 335 Wilson, alias Tatter Walsh, Riley, Phillip, drunk and disorderly, 292, 317 Cairns, Annie, 281, Roberts, Jane, for vagrancy, 339, 346 Leary, Patrick, 313, 321 Wilson, Charles, alias Tatter Robertson, T. R., alias Robert Garibaldi Robertson, for false McGann, Anthony, 281 Walsh, alias Henry Walsh, pretences, 305, 313 Riddlesworth, Edward, 313, Rogerson, Henry, constable, assaulted, 346, 360 Property, charged with stealing- Russell, Robert, larceny as a servant, 355 Allen, Charles, 321 McGregor, Robert, 355, 371 Ryan, Bryan, arrested for assault, 293 Armstrong, William, 327, 363 Nicholls, Alfred, 349, 364 Ryan, James, for wilful damage, 302, 360 Crawshaw, Joseph, 363, 371 Velvet Ned, alias Charles Ryan, Martin, for false pretences, 349, 355 Davis, George, or Dapper, Williams, 363 Ryan, Thomas, arrested for vagrancy, 309, 339 alias Williams, alias Jones, Williams, Charles, alias Velvet 335, 363 Ned, 363 S. Iffla, -, 335 Towns, William, 321 Salkeld, Robert, false pretences on, 335 Jones, alias Dapper Davis, Williams, alias Jones, alias Scott, Thomas, vagrancy, 286, 303 alias Williams, 335, 363 Dapper Davis, 335, 363 Selby, William, assaulted, 293 Mey er, Carl, or Charlie, 321 Serp entine creek, court of pett y sessions discontinued, 284, 300 Property found, now in possession of- Shanaghan, John, constable, assaulted, 339 Ballarat South police, 278 Long Gully police, 326 Shang Hi, assaulted, 332, 339 Benalla police, 332 Melbourne C. I. police, 278, Sheme, Julia, assaulted, 331 Brunswick police, , 326, 332 Sheppardson, William H., assaulted, 292 Coburg police, 326 Prahran police, 354 Simpson, Jacob, for assault, 292 Golden Square police, 278 Russell-street police, 278, 293, Small-pox, regulations for prevention, 276 Fitzroy police, 278, , 340, 361 Smith (woman), for assault, 368 Flemington police, 278 Sandhurst police, 278 Smith, Charles, having no name on his dray, 360 Footscray police, 278 South Richmond police, 326 Smith, Felix, larceny as a bailee from, 297 Heidelberg police, 368 Stawell East police, 354, 368 Smith, Gilbert, deserting apprenticeship, 367 Hotham police, 310 St. Kilda police, 310, 368 Smith, John, arrested for disobeying a summons, 340 King-street police, 326, 354, 368 Smith, Dr. L. L., false pretences on, 297 Property lost by- Smith, Neil, arrested for false pretences, 328, 335 Barnett, Emmeline, 310 Jowning, William G., 354 Smith, Richard William, for larceny as a bailee, 336 Batterwell, Mary, 354 Kirk, Mrs., 287 Smith, Sydney, deserting his apprenticeship, 286, 292 Conabere, William, 340, 368 Mulder, Mrs., 368 Smith, Thomas, appreticeship deserted, 360 Craig, Isabella, 354 McEntee, John, 326 Smith, William, forged cheque uttered to, 335, 344 Froomes, Mrs., 318, 326 Nettleton, Amelia, 332, 340 Stephens and Watts, false pretences, 328 Handfield, Dora, 354 Norman, W. J., 354 St. John, Patrick, neglected child, 339 Henty, Henry, 354 Reid, Annie, 287 Sparks, Frederick, arrested for false pretences, 371 Hutton, Miss, 340 Uric, Mary, 278 Strike, Charles Edward, for assault, 332, 339 Lobb, Mrs., 340 Woodburn, William, 293 Supreme court, sittings of, for criminal trials and for trial of causes Property stolen from- elsewhere than in Melbourne, 359 Ali Tung, 327, 335 Merritt, William, 352 Sutherland, Archibald, false pretences on, 328, 335 Allen, James, 366 Mullen, John, 308, 338 Sutton, John Warner, arrested for larceny as a servant, 281 Atkins, Win. H., 313, 327 McLay, David, 284, 291 Swan, Mrs., service deserted, 339 Bartholomew, William, 358 McLoughlin, Charles, 335 Sydney - Australian Joint Stock bank, fraud on, 363 Bath, Thomas, 366 McMahon, Patrick, 291 Sydney-Alford; George, stealing a bill of exchange, 364 Beck, John, 327, 363 McNevin, Annie, 30& Sydney-Buren or Bieren, Carl, fraudulent insolvent, 313 Bostock, John, 345 Oppie, John, 300 Sydney-Edwards, Robert, absconding from bail, 344 Boxham, Charles, 297 O'Mera, William, 291 Sydney-Harrison, Frederick, playing an unlawful game of Brady, Francis J. W., 283 Pearse, George, 352 chance, 295 Burrowes, William, 316 Percy, James, 299 Sydney-Hickey, John, for manslaughter, 279, 306 Carroll, Rev. Father, 352 Phillips, James. 299 Sydney-Langley, Charles, 99 fraudulently won from, 281 Chapman, William, 276 Prentice, James, 324 Sydney- Lees, Thomas, for larceny as a bailee, 306 Christiansen, Christopher, 366 Robertson, James, 316, 324 Sydney-Moriarty, Patrick, arrested for fraud on Bridget Fitz- Clarke, George, 283 Roland, Felix W., 330 gerald, 306, 322 Clements, John, 308, 324 Ryan, John, 330 Sydney -Morris, William Joseph, fraudulently obtaining 80, Cripps, Charles, 276 Ryan, Laurence, Currie, David, 281 Samuel, Louis, 363 Sydney-Morris, William Joseph, for fraud, 363 Daly, D. B., 352 Sheeran, Patrick, 353, Sells, William, fraudulently winning 99, 281 Elliott, Albert, 330 Simpson, William, 363, 371 Sydney-Smith Harry, alias Fiddley Wink, fraudulently win- Gardiner, Alexander, 316, 338 Small and Co., J. N., 276 ning 99, 281 Gibaud, Peter J., 300 Sommers, Charles, 300 Sydney-Stevens, Robert, alias Boy Stevens, fraudulently win- Goodwin, Alfred, 276 Spiers, Robert, 276 ning 99, 281 Gray, John, 324 Stoddart, Annie, 352 Sydney -Spalline, Patrick, stealing 475, 344 Guest, George, 276' Sydney - Samuel, Louis, 335 Hall, George W., 297 Turnbull, Alexander, 276 T. Heekendorf, Herman, 358, 366 Turner, Alexander, 316, 324 Tait, Anthony, for assault. 339 Holmstrom, Fredk., 321 Turner, J. C., 324. Taylor, A. H., false pretences on, 344, 350 Johnston, C. Edward, 291 Vaughan, Benjamin, 335 Taylor, George, alias Groves, uttering a forged cheque, 364 King, Herman, 352 Warrnambool town council Taylor, John C., bodily harm inflicted on, 353 Leithbridge, Wm. R., 308 tramway sheds, 358 Teague, John H., cattle fraudulently sold on, 364 Leworthy, George, 363, 371 Weaver, Alfred R., 316 Telegraph office opened, new, 276 Lin Yin, 281, 313 Whitfield, James, 330 Thomas, David, for embezzlement, 371. Loch, Sir Henry, 300 Willmore, Henry, 349 Thompson, John, arrested for fraud by conspiracy, 285 Lorensen, Peter, 338 Woodru ff. Walter, 300 Thompson, Joseph, false pretences on, 364 Melbourne harbor trust, 291 Wooton, Richard, 313, 321 Thompson, Thomas, for larceny as a servant, 327, 349, 355 Menzies, Norman, 349 Young, James, 308, 321 Thurlback, Georg e, esca ped lunatic, 332 Powell, Robert, threatening language, 360 Timber cutting, &c., prohibited, 284, 300, 345 Purser, William H., assaulted, 324 Timber reserves, 324 Pyramid Hill, court of petty sessions to be held at, 284 Titchbourne, -, for false pretences, 336 Q. Tracy, Winifred, false pretences on, 371 Truen, John, debt and costs, 331 Quarantine ground for dogs, 316 Turnbull, George, disobeying a summons, 309 Quarantine of vessels, 276, 284, 338, 358 Tyfield, Jacob, fraudulent insolvent, 305, 313

34 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE.-INDEX. 7 V. Vaccinators, public appointments, 276, 308, 316, 324, 338, 345, 352, 358 Vaile, Captain, foal maliciously destroyed, 278 Vanzinecom, A. W., for false pretences, 344, 350 Vaud, Victor, threatening language used to, 317, 325 Vincent, C. J., alias Hinson, for false pretences, 327, 349 W. Waddell, H. H., alias Worrall, for forging a bill in Dunedin, 328, 336 Walder, C., for false pretences, 371 Wall, Wm., alias Badger Wall, for assault, 331, 367 Wallace, Edward, escaped lunatic, 303, 331 Wallace, James, secretary S. J. T. C., letters not to be received, &c., 338 Wallan, Edward, escaped lunatic, 287, 294 Wallwork, Roland, vagrancy, 346 Walsh, Edward, insulting behaviour, 340 Walsh, John, assaulting police, 325 Warracknabeal, provisions of " Health amendment statute " extended to, 352 Warren, Charles, alias Weeks, for false pretences, 371 Warmer; Helene, larceny as a bailee from, 349 Watzevogger, Oscar, absconding from bail, 367 Weeks, Charles, alias Warren, for false pretences, 371 Whelan, Robert, alias Dick the Whistler, arrested for insulting behaviour, 310 Welsh, William, assaulting police, 346, 360 Whelan, Patrick, larceny as a bailee from, 305, 344 Whelan, Elizabeth, alias Fenton, arrested for false pretences, 355 White, Charles, vagrancy, 352 White, William, for false pretences, 355, 371 White, Jones, and Co., false pretences on, 327 Whitehouse, John, false pretences on, 335 Whitell, Alfred, absent from his hired service, 286 Williams, James, escaped lunatic, 317, 324 Williams, George, false pretences on, 364, 371 Williams, Thomas, for assault, 360, 368 Williamson, John, apprentice deserting, 317 Willis, James, forgery uttered to, 327, 335 Wilson, Charles, alias Geo. Flappem, disobeying a summons, 339 Wilson, J. P., alias James Pickup, for uttering forged cheques, 335, 344 Winter, Alice Georgina, carnally abused, 313, 321, 327 Wong Chung, assaulted, 302, 325 Wood, Henry Alfred, embezzlement of 6,600 from South Australian government, 281 Wright, Emma Jane, larceny as a bailee from, 289 Y. Yates, Frank, larceny as a bailee from, 336 Young, Peter, disobeying a summons, 277 By Authority ; Joxx FERREs, Government Printer, Melbourne.

35 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE. INDEX OF PRISONERS DISCHARGED DURING THE QUARTER ENDING DECEMBER FOR POLICE INFORMATION ONLY. Abdallah, Selim, 23rd Novem- Bennett, Joseph, 7th December Clarke, Levi, 21st December Donovan, Denis, 9th November ber Bently, Thomas, 19th October Clark, John, alias Patrick Doolan, John, 12th October Adderly, Joseph, 7th December Bently, William, 19th October O'Shea, 9th November Dowker, Mary Ann, 30th No- Agar, Alexander, alias Calli- Beresford, George, alias John Clarkson, Thomas, 5th October vember gan, 28th December Jones, 12th October Cleeton, Richard, 19th October Downing, Joseph, 23rd Novem- Ah Can, 28th December Bergin, James, 30th November Cleveland, James P., 5th Octo- ber Ah Chee, 9th November Bernard, Catherine, 12th Octo- ber Drew, Thomas, 2nd November Ah Chow, 26th October ber Clifford, Robert, 30th November Duff, Henry, 26th October Ah Cow, 12th October Berry, Mathew, 28th December Coats, Thomas, 30th November Duffy, Owen, 9th November Ah Koo, 2nd November Blackburn, Joseph, 12th Octo- Cockburn, John, 14th Decem- Duggan, John, alias Power, Ah Seth, 26th October her ber alias Shea, 26th October Ah Ship, 7th December Blackett, Samuel, 14th Decem- Coleman, George, 16th Novem- Duncan, William, alias James, Ah Sing, 7th December her ber 30th November Ah Wah, 12th October Booth, Reuben, 5th October Collins, John, 26th October Dunn, Patrick, 5th October Ah Wong, 23rd November Borders, Walter, 14th Decem- Collins, Martin, 19th October Dunn, William, 14th December Ah You, 9th November ber Collins, William, 9th November Dwyer, John, 12th October Ah Quee, alias Quang Lung, Bourdoff, Charles, 14th Decem- Connor, Denis, 2nd November Dwyer, Michael, 16th Novemalias Quo Hong, alias Ah Toy, ber Connor, James, 23rd November ber alias Ah Tie, 5th October Bourke, Mary, 28th December Connor, Patrick, 5th October Edwards, Ambrose, 7th Decem- Ahern, Michael, 30th November Bosomworth, Alfred, 9th No- Conroy, Thomas, alias Conway, ber Alexander, John, 14th Decem- vember 14th December Edward, Kiernan, 28th Decemher Bowen, Edward, 9th November Conway, Thomas, alias Conroy, ber Alley, Nicholas, 7th December Bo le, Mary, alias Jones, 5th 14th December Edwards, L., 28th December Ames, George, 7th December October Conway, Mary, 28th December Edwards, William, 5th October Anderson, Andrew, 26th Octo- Brabson, Alexr., 19th October Conquest, George, 9th Novem- Egan, Thomas, 30th November her Brady, Cornelius, 26th October ber Elder, Thomas, 9th November Anderson, George, 5th October Brandenburg, Nicholas, 30th Corrigan, Patrick, 12th October Ellis, Alfred J., 30th November Anderson, James, 28th Decem- November Coutts, William, 2nd November Ellis, Mary Ann, 19th October her Breakwell, Kate, 28th Decem- Cowan, John, 12th October Ellis, Frank, alias McGowan, Anderson, John, 23rd Novem- ber Cook, Charles, 21st December 14th December ber Brennan, Philip, 30th Novem- Cook, E. A., 5th October Ellwood, Thomas, 14th Decem- Anderson, John, 30th Novem- her Corbet, D. P., 5th October ber her Brettell, Henry, 2nd November Cortesi, Antonio, 7th December English, Daniel, 28th Decem- Anderson, Thomas, 7th Decem- Brew, John, alias Michael Costen, Peter L., 9th November ber her Mellet, 7th December Crally, John, 7th December Evans, John, 16th November Anderson, David, alias Lawson, Bromage, Alfred, 16th Novem- Cranston, Walter, 9th Novem- Eversleigh, Frank 0., 30th Noalias Dawson, 9th November her ber vember Anderson, Fanny, alias Thomp- Brown, Jane, 23rd November Craven, John, 19th October Fahey, James, 19th October son, 9th November Brown, Thomas, 9th November Cribb, James, 23rd November Farrar, Henry, alias Captain Anderson, alias LaNson, alias Bruce, George, alias Fredk. Croft, Alfred, 5th October Gordon, 19th October Dawson, 21st December Story, 14th December Crosby, William, 26th October Fasole, Frank, 23rd November Anderson, Thomas, alias Peter, Buckingham, John, 21st De- Cullen, John, 28th December Feeney, Samuel, alias Finney, alias Harkin, 14th December cember Curtain, Mary, 16th November 21st December Andrews, George, 21st Decem- Buckland, John T., 28th De- Curtis, Francis, 28th December Fenton, Henry, 23rd November ber cember Cuthbert, Kingston, 9th No- Fitzgerald, Teresa, 19th Octo- Andrews, John, 14th December Bullen, John, 21st December vember ber Andrews, John, 21st December Bunton, William, 26th October D'Alton, Frank, 5th October Fleming, James, 2nd November Anketell, Thos. H., 5th October Burgess, John, 12th October Dalton, Philip Vincent, 30th Fleming, Margaret, 2nd No- Aredgar, Edward, 16th Novem- Burne, James, 14th December November vember ber Burns, Robert, 14th December Davenport, Henry, 30th No- Fletcher, Richard, 14th Decem- Armstrong, Fredk., 14th De- Burns, Thomas, 26th October vember ber cember Burns, James, alias Byrne, 2nd Davidson, Fredk., 12th October Foden, Charles, alias Ford, 26th Armstrong, Jane, 28th Decem- November Davis, Edward, 12th October October her Burrows, John, 5th October Davis, John, 19th October Fogarty, James, 21st December Asher, Joseph, 23rd November Butler, Thomas, 30th November Davis, John, 23rd November Ford, Charles, 26th October Ashley, John, 30th November Byrne, James, 23rd November Davis, John, 7th December Ford, Charles, alias Foden, 26th Ayre, Daniel, 30th November Byrne, James, alias Burns, 2nd Davis, Robert, 30th November October Austin, Pompey, 30th Novem- November Davis, Thomas, 30th November Forrest, William, 9th Novemher Cairns, John, 23rd November Dawson, David, alias Lawson, ber Bailey, Catherine, 12th October Callaghan, Michael, 26th Octo- alias Anderson, 9th Novem- Fox, James, 26th October Balfour, James M., 19th Octo- her ber Frayes, Frank, 16th November her Calligan, Francis, alias Alex- Dawson, David, alias Lawson, Frederick, John, l4thdecember Barker, George, 2nd November ander Agar, 28th December alias Anderson, 21st Decem- Freeman, Ernest, 16th Novem- Barrington, John, alias Edmond Cameron, William, 16th No- ber ber Yates, 16th November vember DeeganWilliam,, 16th Novem- Fry, Frederick, 12th October Barry, Patrick, 9th November Campbell, Thomas, 14th De- ber Fry, Thomas W., 30th Novem- Bathke, Charles A., 12th Octo- cember Deguer, George, 12th October ber her Cameron. Samuel, 12th October Denman, Seymour, 30th No- Furlong, John, 2nd November Bayless, Elizabeth, 9th Novem- Carbett, John, 12th October vember alias Samuel Fynney, Samuel, 21st December her Carleton, Joseph, 9th Novem- Dixon, William, 16th Novem- Feeney, Beaton, Alexander, 19th Octo- her ber Gardener, Gordon, 19th October her Carrier, George, 7th December Dobbins, Edward, 14th Decem- Gibson, John, 30th November Beazley, Josephine, alias Lynch, Carroll, James, 7th December ber Gillard, George, alias Wilson, alias McGrath, 16th Novem- Casey, Henry, 28th December Doble, Arthur, 16th November 23rd November her Cassell, William, 30th Novem- Dolan, Peter, 21st December Gillick, William, 5th October Bedford, Agnes, 2nd November her Dollachy, John, 26th October Gooch, Horace, 9th November Beeching, Thomas, 19th Octo- Chin, Jim, 30th November Donaghy, Charles, 7th Decem- Gorman, James, 30th November her Chow Kin, 19th October ber Gordon, Captain, alias Farrar, Bell, Polly, 2nd November Christian, John, 19th October Donnelly, Charles, 30th No- Henry, 19th October Bell, William, 7th December Clancy, Stephen, 9th November vember Gray, James, 19th October Index.- Quarter ending December B.

36 2 PRISONERS DISCIHAIIGED.---INDEX. [ Gray, Lucy, 26th October Green, Mathew, alias George Ward, 14th December Gregan, James, 30th November Griffiths, John, 30th November Guyott, William, 7th December Hanshaw, John, alias Edward Keenan, 28th December Hale, Edwin, 5th October Hall, Henry, 23rd November Hamilton, Lennox, 9th November Handcock, Elizabeth, 26th October Hanna, Maria, 19th October Hanrahan, James, 9th November Hargrave, James Wm., alias Bernard Sullivan, 5th October Harris, Henry, alias William Sinclair, 14th December Harrison, Robert, 23rd November Harrison, William, alias Jones, 21st December Harroll, Charles, 9th November Hart, John, 21st December Harvey, William, 5th October Harvey, Bridget, alias Ann O'Dell, 30th November Happerley, Joseph, 30th November Hawkin, John, 16th November Hay, Rachel, 2nd November Hayes, James, 16th November Hayes, Patrick, 21st December Hayes, Humphrey, 7th December Hayson, Thomas, 26th October Hayward, Eliza, 16th November Healy, Michael, 14th December Heffernan, Peter, 14th December Henderson, James, 7th December Henderson, John, 30th November Hennessy, Michael, 12th October Hennessy, John, alias Fredk. Kimmerly, 14th December Henry, Robert, 5th October Hickey, James, 2nd November Higgins, Edward, 9th November Higgins, Michael, 9th November Hill, David, 28th December Hinton, Eliza, 23rd November Hogan, James, 7th December Holland, Daniel, 26th October Holloway, Thomas, 9th November Holmes, John S., 28th December Honeyman, George, 7th December Hopkin, Thomas, 14th December Howard, Benjamin, 23rd November Howard, Edward, 14th December Howard, Robert, 28th December Hudson, Andrew, alias Thompson, 2nd November Hunt, A., 5th October Hunter, J. J., 5th October Hurley, Mary, 30th November Hyde, Elizabeth, 12th October Hyndman, Joseph, 16th November Hynes, Bridget, 26th October Hynes, David, 5th October Hynes, Thomas, 5th October Ireland, Robert, 14th December Ives, Joseph, 5th October Jackson, James, 28th December Jackson, Jonas, 2nd November Jackson, Thomas, 9th November Jacobs, George, 26th October Jacobs, Mary, 19th October James, A. W., 5th October James, John, 23rd November Jay, William, 19th October Jean, Charles, 12th October Jenkins, John, 21st December Jenkins, William, 16th November Jennings, Francis, 5th October Johnson, Alfred, 21st December Johnson, John, alias Reardon, 12th October Johnston, Charles,7th December Johnston, Wm., 5th October Johnstone, Arthur, 12th October Jones, Ben., 21st December Jones, Edwin, 19th October Jones, Frederick, 9th November Jones, George, 19th October Jones, John, 26th October Jones, Martin, 21st December Jones, Thomas, 2nd November Jones, William, 12th October Jones, William, 28th December Jones, Edwin, alias Geo. Watson, 14th December Jones, James, alias Travallyan, 19th October Jones, John, alias George Beresford, 12th October Jones, Mary, alias Boyle, 5th October Jones, William, alias Harrison, 21st December Josephs, Phoebe, 21st December Joyce, Peter, 23rd November Judge, James, 26th October Kammel, Fredk., 5th October Katozinskie, Edmond, 2nd November Kavanagh, Jane, 21st December Keatch, alias Williamson, James, 12th October Keene, Alice, 19th October Keenan, Edward, alias Hanshaw, John, 28th December Keffer, Martha Jane, 21st December Kellett, Squire, 26th October Kelly, Joseph, 14th December Kelly, William, 9th November Kelson, Charles, 9th November Kennedy, John, 28th December Kennedy, Thomas, 19th October Kerby, Jeremiah, 19th October Kerr, Isabella, 21st December Kimmerly,Frederick, alias John Hennessy, 14th December King, Mary, 23rd November King, Tip, 14th December Kirwin, Andrew, 30th November Krickner, Henry, 2nd November Kurz, Charles, 12th October Lane, Michael, 21st December Lane, William, 28th December Lang blamarcuir ham,, Phillip Antone,, 9th Novem- 21st December Lambert, William, 21st December Larkin, John, 26th October Latouche, George D., 28th December Laurance, Geo., 19th October Lawson, David, alias Anderson, alias Dawson, 9th November Lawlor, Catherine, 5th October Lee, Ali,30th November Lee, Fredk., 30th November Lee, Patrick, 16th November Leedham, John, 14th December Leighton, John, 19th October Leighton, John, 23rd November Lennon, Andrew, 30th November Levy, Edward, alias James Reilly, 2nd November Levy, Max, 30th November Levy, Max, 7th December Levy, Minnie, alias Mary Peterson, 26th October Lewis, Emanuel, 19th October Liddicot, John, 28th December Lightbourne, Joseph, 14th December Lin Lee, 23rd November Linane, James, 9th November Linda, Hannah, 26th October Looney, Christopher, 26th October Louise, Henry, alias Chas. Webb Cooper, 14th December Love, Margaret, 2nd November Lynch, Edward, 23rd November Lynch, Mary, alias McGrath, 16thNovember Lyons, George, 5th October Lyons, John A., 21st December Mack, Ellen, 21st December Macter, John, 2nd November Maguire, William, 14th December Maher, Michael, 21st December Male, William, 19th October Malkin, William Hy., 30th November Mallam, Charles, alias Mallon, alias Smith, alias Tully, alias Manning, 7th December alias Beazley, 30th Novem- Mallon, Charles, alias Mallam, alias Smith, alias Tully, alias Manning, 7th December Maney, Margaret, 9th November Manning, alias Mannon, Thomas, 12th October Mannon, alias Manning, Thomas, 12th October Marbeck, Fredk., 16th Novem. ber Maybrick, William, 23rd November Martin, Thomas, 30th November Martin, Michael or Mathew, 21st December Mansfield, John, alias Wilson, 21st December Mayne, Frank, 30th November Meaney, Robert, ber Mellet, Michael, alias John Brew, 7th December Meyers, Eliza, 26th October Miche, Michael, 30th November Middleton, Charles, 14th December Millard, William J., 28th December Miller, Mary Ann, 23rd November Miller, Robert, 7th December Mills, Harry, 21st December Minogue, David, 28th December Minogue, John, 9th November Missner, William, 9th November Mitchell, Collin, 16th November Mitchell, John, 2nd November Molloy, Michael, 26th October Moloney, Rodger, 2nd November Monaghan, Christopher, alias Parkson, John Thos., 5th October Montford, James, 12th October Mooney, Mathew, 30th November Moore, Joseph, 21st December Moore, Joseph, 23rd November Moore, Patrick, 23rd November Morgan, Joseph, 21st December Morris, Edward, 26th October Morris, Ellen, 2nd November Morris, George, 30th November Morris, Sarah, 12th October Mouncey, Ann, 23rd November Moyle, Frederick, 26th October Muider, Louis P., 16th November Murphy, John, 19th October Murphy, John, 28th December Murphy, William, 19th October Murphy, William, 30th November Murphy, Patrick, alias Piggott, 12th October Murphy, William, alias Patk. Murray, 14th December Murray, Annie, 30th November Murray, Henry, 19th October Murray, James E., 9th November ber McDonald, William, 26th October McDonald, William, 21st December McDonough, Maria, 14th December McEachrane, Donald, 9th November McFarlane, John, 14th December McGrath, James, 30th November McGrath, Mary, alias Lynch, alias Beazley, 16th November McGeighan, John, alias John Webb, 30th November McGregor, James, 30th November McGregor, Robert, 9th November McGowan, Frank, alias Ellis, 14th December McHale, Anthony, 21st December McHale, John, 9th November McHale, John, 16th November McHale, Thomas, 21st December McKenzie, John, 2nd November McMullen, Andrew, 14th December McNamara, Sarah, 5th October McNamara, Wm,, 23rd November McNeil, Neil Smith, 2nd November McPherson, James, 19th October Neill, James, 21st December Newdring, Levinghat, 30th November Newton, Walter, alias William, 28th December Nicholson, Joseph, 26th October Nicol, W., 5th October Niebers, John, 19th October Nolan, Joseph, 28th December Nugent, Patrick, 26th October Oates, John, 16th November Oldfield, Charles, 21st December Oliver, Alfred, 5th October Owen, Hugh, 7th December Owens, Thomas, 23rd November Osborn, Thomas, alias Arthur Smith, alias Alfred Thomas, 9th November O'Brien, George, 12th October O'Brien, James, 19th October O'Brien, James, 23rd November O'Brien, Mary, 26th October O'Brien, Michael, alias Ryder, alias Ryan, alias Smith, alias May, 28th December O'Connor, Charles, 28th December O'Connell, Daniel, alias John Taggart, 14th December O'Connell, John, 26th October O'Dell, Thomas, 16th November O'Dell, Ann, alias Bridget Harvey, 30th November O'Keefe, Joseph, 12th October O'Keefe, Joseph, 16th November O'Keeffe, William, 26th October O'Neill, James, 9th November O'Shannessy, Patk., 21st December O'Shea, Patrick, alias John Clark, 9th November Paice, Alfred, 19th October Parker, Richard, 2nd November Parker, William, 23rd November Parkson, John Thos., alias Christopher Monaghan, 5th October Parson, Roger, 16th November Patterson, James, 5th October Peddy, Edwin or Edward, 14th Murray, John, 7th December December Murray, Patrick, alias Murphy, Peterson, Joseph, 12th October William, 14th December Peterson, Mary, alias Minnie Myers, Annie, 2nd November Levy, 26th October McAuley, William, 12th October Pettit, Patrick, 30th November McBrittany, Arthur, 19th October Phillips, William, 23rd November Piggott, Patrick, alias Murphy, McCarthy, Mary, 21st December 12th October Piper, John, 7th December McCulloch, John, 14th December Porter, Joseph, 30th November Porter, Richard, 2nd November McCutcheon, James, 5th Octo-Poundtree, Patrick, 2nd December Power, Anastasia, 9th November Power, John, alias Shea, alias Duggan, 26th October Preedy, Henry, 9th November Prendergast, Richard, 30th November Price, William George, 30th November Prior, James, 16th November Proctor, Annie, 7th December Purcell, Martin, 19th October Rankin, William Bailey, 28th December Rattey, John, 7th December Reardon, John, alias Johnson, 12th October Rector, Albert, 28th December Reid, Samuel, 19th October

37 1885.] PRISONERS DISCHARGED.-INDEX. 3 Reid, Alexr., alias Reynold, Sincox, Phillip, 14th Decem- Thomas, David, 9th November Whitehouse, Jane, 9th Novem- 23rd November ber Thomas, John, 16th November ber Reilley, Fred., 9th November Skerret, James, 12th October Thompson, Alfred, 5th Octo- Wichin, James, 7th December Reilly, James, alias Edward Skilbeck,William, 30thNovem- ber Wilkinson, Thomas, 21st De- Levy, 2nd November ber Thompson, James, 12th Octo- cember Rex, Arthur, 14th December Slater, William, 19th October ber Williams, Arthur, 12th Octo- Richardson, John, 16th Novem- Smith, Charles, 30th November Thompson, James, 7th Decem- ber ber Smith, Charles H., 7th Decem- ber Williams, Elizabeth, 23rd No- Richardson, John, 28th Decem- ber Thompson, John, 21st Decem- vember ber Smith, George, 12th October ber Williams, Ellen, 7th December Richardson, William, 12th Octo- Smith, George, 19th October Thompson, Peter, 19th October Williams, James, 19th October ber Smith, John, 14th December Thompson, Andrew, alias Williams, James, 7th Decem- Richards, William, 5th October Smith, Mary, 23rd November Hudson, 2nd November ber Robertson, James, 26th October Smith, Samuel, 19th October Thompson, Fanny, alias Ander- Williams, John, 5th October Robertson, James, 2nd Novem- Smith, Arthur, alias Thomas son, 9th November Williams, John, 12th October ber Osborn, alias Alfred Thomas, Thompson, William, 9th No- Williams, John, 26th October Rodda, Henry, 14th December 9th November vember Williams, John, 9th Novem- Romeo, Frances, 23rd Novem- Smith, James, alias Mallon, Tickner, Thomas, 16th Novem- ber ber alias Mallam, alias Manning, ber Williams, Margaret, 5th Octo- Ross, Richard, 28th December alias Tully, 7th December Tighe, John, 14th December ber Russell, George, 12th October Smith, Michael, alias Ryder, Tobin, James, 5th October Williams, Robert, 12th Octo- Russell, William B., 12th Octo. alias Ryan, alias May, 28th Tobin, Thomas, 14th December ber ber December Travallyan, James, alias Jones, Williams, Thomas, 30th No- Ryan, Daniel, 7th December Smithie, John, 30th November 19th October vember Ryan, John, 16th November Smithers, George, 9th Novem- Trotter, James, 16th November Williams, William, 26th Octo- Ryan, Mary, 9th November ber Tully, Charles, alias Mallon, ber Ryan, Patrick, 30th November Solomon, Abraham, 14th alias Mallam, alias Manning, Williams, William, 21st De- Ryan, Richard, 26th October December alias Smith, 7th December cember Ryan, William, 16th November Souter, John, 5th October Turner, Alfred, 23rd November Williamson, alias Keatch, Ryder, Michael, alias O'Brien, Sparkes, Henry, 16th Novem- Waldron, James, 5th October James, 12th October alias Ryan, alias Smith, alias ber Walker, Thomas, 7th Decem- Willis, James, 26th October May, 28th December Springfield, Thomas, 26th Octo. ber Willis, James, 28th December Sack Lip, 19th October ber Walters, Lydia, 26th October Willis, William, 14th Decem- Scanlon, Patrick, 16th Novem- Stack, William, 2nd November Warby, John, 23rd November ber ber Stephenson, Andrew, 2nd Ward, George, alias Mathew Wilson, Eliza, 30th November Schmidt, Antonio, 19th Octo- November Green, 14th December Wilson, George, 28th December Stewart, Peter, 21st December Waring, Sarah, 28th December ber Schmidt, Fredk., 14th Decem- Stewart, William, 19th October Watson, Francis, 5th October Wilson, Henry, 30th November Story, Fredk., alias George Watson, George, 19th Oqtober ber Scott, Rebecca, 26th October Bruce, 14th December Watson, John, 30th November Wilson, John, 7th December Sansone, George H., 2nd Sullivan, Bernard, alias Har- Watson, George, alias Edwin Wilson, George, alias Gillard, November grave, James Wm., 5th Octo- Jones, 14th December 23rd November Shanaghan, Michael, 16th ber Watts, William, 5th October Wilson, John, alias Mansfield, November Sykes, George, 26th October Webb, John, alias McGeighan, 21st December Shea, John, alias Power, alias Taggart, John, alias Daniel 30th November Wood, Ann, 30th November Duggan, 26th October O'Connell, 14th December Weir, Charles, 21st December Woolley, Joseph, 21st Decem- Shelly, Patrick, alias Hugh P., Tate, John A., 28th December Weir, Jessie, 5th October ber 2nd November Taylor, Henry, 14th December West, Charles, 26th October Wright, Charles, 2nd Novem- Shepherd, Johanna, 14th Taylor, William, 7th Decem- Wetherill, John, 21st Decem- ber December ber ber Yates, Edmond, alias John Sheridan, John, 23rd Novem- Tenby, William, 7th Decem- Whelan, Joseph, 9th Novem- Barrington, 16th November ber ber ber Young, Elizabeth, 14th Decem- Shiells, John, 28th December Thomas, Alfred, alias Thomas Whelan, Morris, 7th December ber Sinclair, William, alias Henry Osborn, alias Arthur Smith, White, Mary Ann, 9th Novem- Young, Jimmy Ali, 30th No- Harris, 14th December 9th November ber vember By Authority : JOHN Fsaa., Government Printer, Melbourn e.

38 2 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE. [JANUARY 7, See Police Gazette, 1884, p JOSEPH BROOKS, assault and robbery.-from enquiries made by the Hotham police, they have ascertained beyond a doubt that Brooks was neither assaulted nor robbed as reported th January STOLEN from the person of George Thomas, in a crush at the Mordialloc railway station, on the 1st instant, a silver hunting watch, makers G. Croft & Co., London, No. 1082, " G.W.T." scratched on shield ; a part of a silver albert, long links and short round ones alternately.-o.41. 6th January STOLEN from the person of Alexander McPhie, in Spencer-street Railway Station. Melbourne, on the 2nd instant, a lady's halfhunting silver geneva watch, No ; an imitation gold chain, link pattern.-o.62. 6th January STOLEN from the person John Noonan, in a crowd on the Flat at Flemington Racecourse, on the 1st instant, a lady's silver hunting geneva watch, engraved cases qzv; th January STOLEN from the person of Henry Taggart, in South Melbourne, on the 13th ultimo, a silver hunting watch, maker John Donegan, Dublin, No (supposed), cases worn th January STOLEN from the person of Thomas Murray, at Maryborough, on the 1st instant, a silver hunting lever watch, makers Settle Brothers, No ; a new silver albert, links about i-inch long, with cross bar ; a common silver key, and a silver patent key th January STOLEN from the person of Alexander McVean, in Melbourne, on the 3rd instant, a silver hunting watch, a silver albert, long links, and a silver compass th January STOLEN from the person of Rose Patterson, in Melbourne, on the 2nd instant, a lady's colonial gold ring, set with three stones in the form of a shamrock on one side, three pearls set in similar form on the other ; a lady's colonial gold ring, set with square sapphire surrounded with pearls, two pearls missing. Value th January STOLEN from the person of John Temms, on Flemington racecourse flat, on the 3rd instant, a silver geneva 4-plate huntingwatch, cases well worn, a steel split-ring for bow. Value 30s th January STOLEN from the person of Arthur Markham, in Melbourne, on the 6th instant, a silver open -face lever watch, maker T. Jones, 365 Essex road, No ; a gold albert, rope pattern, stamped " 9-carat; " and an oval gold locket, chased. Value th January USF ',H1 U,AKING AND N7'E IANd I DWLLIJNG -HHDUSI:S. See Police Gazette, 1884, p MOSES GOLDSTEIN'S ring has been found in the possession of Carl Sache, who has been arrested by the Melbourne C. I. police nd January See Police Gazette, 1884, p RICHARD W. WATTS' housebreaking.-stolen at the same time a gold bracelet, about an inch wide, fancy work on the outside. Value nd January STOLEN from the dwelling of Daniel Kelly, hotelkeeper, Abbotsford street, Hotham, on the 29th ultimo, a 1-note on the Oriental Bank ; a el-note on the Bank of New South Wales ; a shilling with two small holes which are stopped up with lead ; 32 half-sovereigns ; a gold brooch, round shape, bird in centre, fern leaf border, new steel pin recently put into it ; and a pair of gold earrings, long green stone in centre nd January STOLEN from the dwelling of James Frazer, 157 Victoria parade, Fitzroy, on the 20th ultimo, a lady's gold half-hoop ring set with diamonds. Value 10 10s nd January STOLEN from the dwelling of Richard Kenny, hotelkeeper, Alma road, St, Kilda, on the 26th ultimo, a gent.'a colonial gold albert, long links, nearly an inch, small links between, a good deal worn ; a gold masonic pendant-compass and square-attached nd January STOLEN f1 01n the dwelling of Edward B. Nolan, Park street, North Fitzroy, during November 1884, a lady's colonial gold albert, with two tassels ; an ornament like a locket, set with an emerald surrounded with brilliants ; and a slide, set with an emerald and two brilliants nd January See Police Gazette, 1884, p FRANK WOOD'S larceny.-complainant now guarantees a reward of 5 on conviction of the thief or thieves, and 10 per cent. on the value of any of the watches or jewellery which may be recovered nd January STOLEN from the dwelling of Hugh J. Aitken, 194 Clarendon street, South Melbourne, on the 1st instant, about 30 or 40 in notes and gold, a gold cable-pattern chain, a silver bracelet, chased pattern, flowers on, and washed with gold, a portion of the chasing defaced ; a bunch of keys, one of which is brass ; a silver brooch, a silver locket chased on both sides with " JA " in monogram, and a silver neck-chain attached, a gold scarf-pin set with a cluster of stones, one stone missing, rd January STOLEN from the dwelling of Henry Hopwood, cabman, Campbell parade, Richmond, on the 31st ultimo, a small brass alarm clock, value 16s.; and five-pence in cash rd January STOLEN from the dwelling of Joseph Knight, 35 Crown street, Richmond, on the 31st ultimo, a vine leaf shape brooch, a nickle silver latin cross, a wooden tea-caddy, two compartments ; and about 12s. in silver rd January STOLEN from the store of Bray and Lichter, 36 Little Collins street, Melbourne, between the 31st ultimo and 2nd instant, 31 packets of nitrate of silver, an ounce in each, complainant's name and address on the packets. Value 6 6s th January See Police Gazette, 1884, p LARCENY from the tents of William Evett and others, near Seymour.-The guns have all been found planted near where they were stolen from th January STOLEN from the bedroom of Henry Wood, Beaconsfield Hotel, St. Kilda, between the 25th ultimo and the 1st instant, a very handsome malacca case, silver mounted, " H. Wood " engraved on top. Value th January STOLEN from the dwelling of Arthur Cocks, Arthur street, South Yarra, between the 17th and 29th ultimo, an old silver lever watch ; 7 new twilled calico sheets ; a large album, leather binding, nickel mountings, containing a number of photos. ; and a black cloth vest ch January STOLEN from the dwelling of Frederick Perkins, Newry street, North Carlton, on the 2nd instant, a six-chamber revolver, chased handle ; a gold signet-ring with "` G. F. P. 1869" stamped inside ; 2 sovereigns ; 2 half-crowns th January See Police Ga:ctte, 1884, p CHARLES RENNISON'S larceny. -Amended description of the jewellery stolen:-a colonial gold miniature brooch; a large round brooch and earrings, set with pearls in the form of a cross, with ruby in centre ; a brooch, small balls all round, star of pearls and an emerald in centre; a small octagon brooch with ruby in centre ; a round leaf brooch with bunch of grapes in centre ; a brooch with cross of stones ; a large cameo brooch, dark-brown background, subject figures of morning and evening ; a colonial gold flat edged brooch, leaves in centre ; a large oval brooch and earrings, diamond in centre ; several gold brooches, different patterns ; a gold earring with diamond in centre, with polished plate round it ; a pair of long earrings, fancy drops with stone in centre ; a pair of long earrings, solid backs and green stones; a pair of english gold solitaires, with West's patent springs, stripes across ; a set of studs, flat tops ; an english gold scarf-ring with green stones ; an english gold scarf-ring with red stone ; eight or nine gent. s english gold (9-carat) signet-rings ; 2 gent.'s single-stone diamond rings, clear setting ; a number of dress-rings with three stones, diamonds in centre, some had rubies, others emeralds, at sides ; a dress-ring, with five diamonds and rubies ; a dress-ring with three diamonds ; a gent.'s gold ring with garnet in claw-setting ; a ditto with flat top ; 5 dozen ladies' dress-rings, of different designs, in colonial and english gold ; 20 english (9-carat) gold keepers, some set with stones ; a gold scarf-ring ; a number of colonial gold wedding and keeper rings, stamped " Rennison, 18 ct." inside ; a gent.'a colonial gold albeit, flat-link pattern ; a ditto, curb pattern ; a ditto, shortlink pattern ; a ditto, long-twist links, with spiral-spring pattern ; 2 ditto, rope pattern ; a lady's english gold albert, small links, with polished sides ; a number of small gold lockets, trinkets, compasses, keys, and crosses ; one cross has a row of pearls down, and another across it th January STOLEN from the bedroom of James A. Trainor, South Australian Club Hotel, Spring street, Melbourne, on the 2nd instant, a gold lever hunting watch, maker Rotherhams, London, No. 9885, " J. T." engraved on shield ; a gold rope -pattern albert ; and a nickel sovereign -holder th January STOLEN from the bedroom of William Robertson, Freer's Hotel, Moray street, South Melbourne, on the 2nd instant, a silver hunting waltham lever watch, compensation balance, " W. R." on shield, "W. Robertson, from his father, Xmas 1883 " engraved on inside case, No ; a lady's silver albert, with two tassels.-o.55. 5th January STOLEN from the bedroom of George Christian, publican, Tungamah, on the 2nd instant, a lady's silver open-face geneva watch, gold ring round dial ; a long gold chain, small broad-link pattern ; a gold brooch, large size, place for photos. back and front ; a pair of earrings to match, fringe at bottom, one earring has been broken and repaired ; a danish coin, about size of a florin th January STOLEN from the bedroom of Jose de Andrade, Beaumont, Charnwood road, St. Kilda, on the 30th ultimo, a small leather purse ; a white metal open-face geneva keyless watch, No ; a silver albert, long links, a shilling and a foreign coin attached th January STOLEN from the bedroom of Angus McNaughton, a'beckett street west, Melbourne, on the 6th instant, a silver hunting waltham watch, No. 2,066,309, and a silver albert, link pattern, bar key, with stone set in. Value 3 10s th January I 1885.

39 PRISONERS REPORTED AS DISCHARGED FROM THE PENAL ESTABLISHMENTS DURING THE WEEK ENDING 5TH JANUARY 885. Ararat 99 Name. Where tried. Angleton, William.. Collingwood Henderson, Thomas, alias Thomas Bewere,19C61 Turner,lfetiry, altasthornby, alias Shaw, 6553 Hart is,svnllain, Iluntly Sandhurst Beechworth Fitzroy Bowsack, William E tiled Melbourne as Ernest Bonsaek Sweeney, Robert lfelbomne Perrett, Henry, Melbourne Boswell, Fredet ick,19083 Horsham Mefleighan J, In Ararat Kitsot,Thomas Sauudeis Ilorshim Bcechworth Hare, William Benalla Castlemaine Anderson, James., Middleditth, William.. Andrews, Robert.. Burns, John, Shepl arh ii Sliepparton Yarrawonga.. Melbourne Geelong hill, Rielatrd, Melbourne Foster, Edward, Lynch,John.....,. Anderson, Alexander, Richmond Geelong., Melbourne When. 30th Sept i Mar th May th May th July 1884 let Sept let Dee. 15th Feb Inciting to resist Offence. larceny, two charges horsestealing and larceny stealing from a dwelling larceny assault, two charges fraudulently tttteiing insulting behaviour rape 6th. Sept horsestealing 26th Dec. Insulting behaviour 5th Sept cinbczzlement 21st Oct obscene language 15th Nov obscene language 1st May th Nov th July 1884 larceny Sentence. Native of Trade. 3 months or fine obtaining money by false 9 months pretences Petty larceny.. I month 12th Feb rogue and vagabond 3rd Oct ihcga lly on premises 2nd July 1884 vagrancy 28th July 1884 larceny..,. 13 months, 3 months.. Williamstown none 1 year, cumulative 2 years days.. 3 months, 3 months, cumulative 4 months, first and last Germany farmer sallow brow n blue Wart right side of face and on chin, lost one front tooth. week in solitary con- 1month or 3 Adelaide death recorded, com- London muted to 5 years, 1st lletrc h.1881 y car hard labor, 16th hootmaker., laborer 18 months.., British butcher 7 days 4 months 2 months Columbia Ireland.. laborer Devonshire clerl, 6 weeks,..... Victoria.. laborer 6 months 12 months 6 montlis 3 months 6 months Born Height Corn, plexion it. in fresh G olive black sallow brown } sallow brown 5 64 fair fresh light-brown grey Bald front of head, hair very thin. sallow dark-brown grey Scar between eyebrows, nose upturned, heavy eyebrows, head has been injured, deaf and dumb. Victoria., laborer., fair light-brown brown Two sears on fourth finger melt hand, the four fingers 0 1 said England.. sheepdealer 1823 Scotland.. laborer England.. laborer England.. miner., 1819 Ireland.. laborer Geelong.. la'',orer 1869 Ireland.. laborer sallow sallow 5 4 fresh 5 6 fresh 5 8 fresh 5 6 fresh. Hair. Eyes. Remarks and previous Convictions. Discharged from Her Majesty' s Gaol, Pentridge, 13th September 1884, same name, light blue Sear front of head, scar on back of head near crown, letter T upper and B lower left arm, blue dot lower right arm. Discharged to freedom See Police Gazette, 7th February 1876, as 6535, James Shaw. Discharged from Her Majesty 's Gaol, Pentridge, 16th Juno 1884, as 13301, William Black. brown grey light brown brown Long scar inside lower left arm, slightly pockmarked, a half-caste, blue. brown. hand crippled, mark of bullet on right leg close to knee and two marks on shin. No previous convictions. grey JII over JJ (second J reversed) within heart on left arm is indian ink, freckled on forehead and neck, blown spot below left eye, freckled on arms. No previous convictions. dark- Mole on side of left eye. No previous convictions. brown black Mark over left eye, scar under light eye, 1882 on left arin, star and anchor underneath left arm all reversed, both arms freckled, scar on back of neck much freckled, scar on left leg. N5 previous convictions. hazel Medium build, long nose, lump on bridge of nose, low forehead, scar left elbow, scar front of left lower arm, scar back of loftier right arm. grey,. hazel Seven previous convictions. gney,. grey One previous conviction. light-brown grey The letters JHLP and cross, an R and anchor on left arm; on left arm two flags across, a boot, and a small cross. Nil. 5 1 fresh brown.. hazel Very round-shouldered. Nil. Melbourne Rowley, Frederick, Varragol Rook, Thoiras, Williamstown 26th June 1884 obscene language and assaults 2nd Dec breach bye-laws two 6 months, 7 days, or Ta,tnania.. lahoier fines I month or 9 Gs. Gd, Ireland laborer fresh brown grey Nil. 5 4# fresh grey., grey Second finger right hand and left little finger injured. Nil. Toughill, J, hill South Melbourne Lax son, James, , Collingwood Richards, Geroge, 5183 Collingwood Montford, J.imes, Collingwood lintnard, Will ain, 6710., ('oliing ivood Bell, Robert, Melbomno Ft ai,kel, E dward, 6374,. Fleni cc ton I f.cedb,nn, Jolts, 6373 F cunington llaekhouse,(hailer,18719 Ileltotn.. Sri in, Wuliain, 6292 Milisiunie Mooney, Arthur, 6293 licibournne Sandbridge, Will., 6290 Putt Melbourne Stewart, George, Port Melbourne Dickie, Robert, 'rahrau 5th Nov threatening 30th Sipt assault.. 30th Sept. 1884a'sanlt th Sept rd Dec th Dec th Oct th Oct. 1x84 let Dec let Dac t lice st Dec Ist Dec, th Dec inciting to rcei,t larceny.,.,.. larcenv.,.... gaml )lieg., genie hug.. vagrancy,. a,sautt.,.. a'eauit.... larceny..,... larceny., larceny months.... Ireland nut and bolt maker 3 months or 10 2s. 6d. Melbourne laborer 3 months or 10 2s. Of. Adelaide.. butcher 3 months or 10 2s. 6d. Queensland laborer 7 days..,. Germany,. carpenter 3 dams England -, seaman 1 month Iliimmgllam dealer l month Vicious.. dealer 1 mouth,. IrelanI surgeon I month or 40s. Ifel bcurne laborer 1 month on 60s Meg bourne laborer 1 month 1,weden,. seaman I month Sandridge engineer 3 days Victotin plasterer ISIS fresh brown., grey Partly bald. Nine previous convictions. 5 7; fresh brown.. I azel Six previous convictions. 5 6j fresh dark-brown hazel Tht ee previous convictions. 5 9 fresh brown grey Scar right cheek. Nil. 5 9z fresh grey., hazel Left little finger broken. Nil. 5 8 fresh gley grey Lame left leg. Three previous convictions, 5 2 fresh dark-brown grey Ptoniiuentnose. Nil, 5 7 fresh hi own.. grey Blu.dtight eye. Nil sallow d ik-brown hazel Five pnevious convictions. 5 Sji flesh dark-brown hazel Four pnevious convictions. 5 8 fresh brown.. grey Broken nose. N il fresh brown hazel Is ii. 5 7 fresh brown., grey J.S left arm. Nil. 5 2a fresh dark-brown hazel Mole left side nose and right cheek. Nil,,

40 JANUARY 28, 1885.] VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE. 25 Peryman, W. H., Melbourne Strickland, E. J., Ballarat Playford, H., Shepparton Strickland, R., Melbourne Pratt, J. M., Melbourne Thistlethwaite, T. A., Melbourne Putnam, T., Melbourne Thornton, J., Camperdown Rains, L. N., Melbourne Tope, H., Melbourne Rapken, M. A., Melbourne Trethowan, S., Numurkah Robinson, G. W. A., Melbourne Tuckett, A. H., Melbourne Ross, C. S., Melbourne Tuckett, J. R., Melbourne Rosser, A., Melbourne Turner, J., Melbourne Rowe, jun., E., Melbourne Vale, W. F., Melbourne Rowe, sen., E., Melbourne Walker, J., Melbourne Rushall, G., Melbourne Walker, J. C., Melbourne Skews, R., Melbourne Watts, J., Benalla Slee, E., Bena ll a Weaver, T. E., Melbourne Smith, A., Melbourne White, W. G., Melbourne Smith, W. L., Melbourne Wilkinson, L. C., Melbourne Stanford, J. C., Melbourne Wilson, R., Melbourne Stevens, F. P., Melbourne Woodgate, M., Melbourne Stone, G. M., Melbourne Yuille, A., Melbourne Strettle, S., Melbourne The places above mentioned are those at which the fees were paid. Billiard-table Licenses. Appel, H., Eastern Creek Mannington, J., Guildford Bell, T., Moyston Martin, W., Nhill Boyle, H., Fryers Marzorini, J., Taradale Brunfield, T., Snake Valley Mason, W., Boort Carom, J. C., Corindhap Moore, M., Grantville Campbell, Christa., Morwell Muller, J. A., Murtoa Carkeek, Rebecca, Tallangatta Mullins, P., St. James Carroll, T. B., Minyip Murdock, W., Morwell Chamberlin, C., Numurkah McCracken, W., Yarrawonga Chisholm, J., Maldon McCuskey, P., Linton Chown, T., Majorca McDonald, J., Coongulmerang Crameri, J., Timor McLennan, Frances, Dimboola Dick, R., Elmore McNaughton, D., Wyycheproof Dignam, J., Yarrawonga McShane, J., Kiala Draper, T., Raywood McWilliam, J., Timor Edgecombe, A., Healesville McWilliams, F., Rupanyup Farrell, Ann, Mooroopna O'Brien, Mary, Kangaroo Flat Finlay, S., Foster Osmond, R., Tintaldra Fraser, W., Griffiths Point Page, R., Maldon Frusher, Sarah, Waterloo Pattison, T., Mitiamo Fuller, G., Burke's Flat Paull, R., Jung Jung Gilmour, J., Raywood Pettit, Hugh, Maldon Gladstone, J., Grant Pouting, G. B., Nagambie Golds, Jno., Bethanga Poole, G., Sherwood Goding, C., Epsom Pooley, W., Linton Goulden, R. J., Eddington Ravert, N., Nhill Gunn, W., Raywood Rawlings, T., Smythesdale Hamilton, J., Bruthen Rochell, Ellen Moyston Hanrohan, M., Charlton Rout, M., Mirboo Harris, Elizth., Cranbourne Sample, H. H., Huntly Hart, Hannah, Euroa Savage, P., Cranbourne Hassett, J. F., Minyip Scharp, Wilhelmina, Beaufort Hehir. M., Huntly Scott, M. J., Richmond Hinchcliff, W., Waterloo Seymour, H. C., Malden Holt, J., Murtoa Shelton, E., Avenel Hower, G., Glengarry Smith, J., Beaufort Humberstone, W. R., Nathalia Stanbrook, C. W., Scarsdale Humphries, E., Charlton Stanbrook, G. H., Rokewood Hunt, Ellen, Yarrawonga Stewart, J., Craigie Jenkins, B., Lubeck Stinken, J. F., Chewton Jessell, E., Murtoa Stubbs, J. W., Charlton] Jewell, Elizth., Granya Sutherland, G., Euroa Jones, W. D., Epsom Themley, Anastasia, Foster Kay, M. A., Pakenham Thomas, Mary J., Corindhap Keys, E.. Linton Thomson, S., Tungamah Klein, A., Wycheproof Todd, H., Bealiba Klug, C., Charlton Treacy, J., Newstead Knight, W., Majorca Trevarrow, Mary J., Linton Knuckey, J., Sandhurst Vowles, T., Waterloo Laing, G., Horsham Walker, G., Collins street east, Lane, Isabella, Violet Town Melbourne Le Page, Mary, Kangaroo Wallace, W. J. R., Tallangatta Loft, W., Beaufort Whitton, W. G., Warrnarnbool Long, W. J., Elmore Witherden, T., Waterloo MacLean, D., Newstead Woods, J., Waterloo Mahoney, T., Nagambie McColl, D., Mansfield Carrier's License. Colonial Wine Licenses. Babbage, J. P., Sandhurst Lamb, J., Jung Jung Backer, Betsy, Sandridge Latham, J., Fitzroy Beale, W. F., Melbourne Lenne, Echuca Brinkman, M., Dimboola Lowrie, W.C.,South Bruhn, Sarah, Sandhurst Lucknovich, G., Avenel Chisholm, R. T., Warrack - Lynch, M., Kewell nabeal Magetti, A., Whipstick Cohn, A., South Melbourne Maloney, J., Kewell Connal, R., Frankston Meany, T., Shepparton Costa, B., Wodonga Meyer, Honora, Murtoa Davis, M., Nathalia Moren, E., Melbourne Drehmann, T., Hotham Morgan, Mary, Shepparton Dux, G. A., Bairnsdale McCluskey, P. F., Euroa Eisile, G., Kanyapella McDonald, Mary, Melbourne Ericson, G. H., Fitzroy McGlinn, Alicia, Melbourne Fleming, Bridget, Numurkah O'Brien, W., St. Kilda Hazeldine, F. R., Collingwood Orelli, Susan, Melbourne Ingwerson, A. W., Scoresby Pasquan, M., Melbourne Jones, John, Fitzroy Peregrine, J., South Yarra Kahland, J., Sandhurst Rice, E., Hawthorn Keighrey, C., Dandenong Rice, J., Williamstown Kort, W., Castlemaine Rivieri, P. C., Sandridge Lacaton, N., Melbourne Saligari, S., Hotham Laing, G., Horsham Schlink, A., Wodonga Melbourne Sommer, H., Baranduda Watts, Emily, Sale Thomas, H., Glenorchy Wright, Mary, Hotham Timms, Jane, Traralgon Wright, Win., Prahran Tuckett, A. C., Violet Town Grocers' Licenses. Alexander, P., Hotham Leadbeater, C. J., Waterloo Alpin, H., Smythesdale Le Page, J., Malvern Anderson, L., Murtoa Longlands, J., Horsham Ball, A., Benalla Lowrey, T. J., South Melbourne Benjamin, H., South Melbourne Mackay, J., Corryong Beveridge, R. J., Mornington Maguire, W., Melbourne Bogle, H., East Melbourne Manning, E., Fitzroy Boland, H., Richmond March, J., Carlton Bradhurst, F. P., Minyip Martin, W. J., Bethanga Brown, W., South Melbourne Massey, J., Richmond Bull, G. and A., Dunkeld Miller, W., Prahran Campbell, A. T., Hamilton Moon, R. J., Horsham Campbell, P., South Melbourne Moore, Reid, and Co., Fryers- Carmichael, J., Sorrento town Chaplin, T., Maryborough Moorehead, R., Sandhurst Clarke, W. D., Apsley Morrison, W. B., Collingwood Cromarty and Co., Collingwood Morrison, W. B., Richmond Cronin, M., Wodonga Mueller, S. H., Hawthorn Curtis, T., St. Kilda Muir, W., Hotham Crust, W., Sheep Hills Mumby, J. T., Brighton Dabb, J., Richmond McClure, J., South Melbourne Daly, E. J., Shepparton McCully, J., Corryong Davis, J., Carlton McLelland, J., Bridge street, Deans, A., Ararat Sandhurst Dodds, J. C., Brighton McLelland, J., View street and Donaldson, T., Melbourne William street, Sandhurst Downie, J., Hotham Nelson, R., Richmond Drummond, W., Clarendon Nuttall, W., Prahran street, South Melbourne O'Callaghan, J., St. Kilda Drummond, W., corner Moray O'Callaghan, M., Carlton and Raglan streets, South O'Connor, M. C., Hotham Melbourne Oliver, W., Collingwood Drummond, W., Horsham Patchell, W. J. W., Kerang Duggin, T. H., South Mel- Paterson, E., Lillimur North bourne Paterson, J. H., Kaniva Duncan, J., Collingwood Pearson, H., Newbridge Dyall, P. R., Collingwood Peterkin, J., Traralgon Dyke, R. F., Mitiamo Pfeil, J. F., Prahran English, J., Edenhope Poole, J., Footscray Ettelson, J., Kaniva Potten, 'T'. G., Bairnsdale Fletcher, J., Melbourne Price, E., Carlton Garden, W., Echuca Price, J. and A., Melbourne Garrett, T., Fitzroy Price, J. and E., Horsham Grand, G. W. H., Ararat Price, J. E., Sloane and Patrick Green, Oscar, East Melbourne streets, Stawell Hailes, C., Brighton Price, J. E., Main street, Hamburg, S., Wycheproof Stawell Handbury, J. E., Euroa Prohasky, W. H., Brighton Harrison, H., Grant Rees, J. P., Richmond Hatch, R., Richmond Reilly, J. J., Yarrawonga Hayward, C. C., Fern -tree Reynolds, E., St. Kilda Gully Rodger, D. Williamstown Heron, C., Hotham Rodgers, C., Omeo Hershell, J., Ingles street, Port Rosenthal, M., Harrow Melbourne Rossiter, T., South Melbourne Hershe'll, J., Bay street, Port Seidel, J. H., Fitzroy Melbourne Sheahan, M., Cardigan street, Hershell, J., Railway and Carlton Graham streets, Port Mel- Sheahan, M., Lygon street, bourne Carlton Hershell, J., Park street, South Sheehan, M., South Melbourne Melbourne Silberberg, M. M., Condah Hershell, J., Clarendon street, Smith, P., Pyramid Hill South Melbourne Smyth, J., Carlton Ho ffmeyer, C., Sandhurst Sneddon, A., Melbourne Hudson, A., Melbourne Sparkman, W., Sandhurst Hunt, W. J., Prahran Spencer, T., Rochester Hunter, J., Murtoa Stebbins, J., Brighton Jack, A., Lubeck Stewart and Co., A., Mortlake Jamieson, IT., Sale Tait, W. A., South Melbourne Jennings, J. H., Melbourne 'Taylor, C. F., Nhill Johnson, E. J., Omeo Taylor, J., St. Kilda Johnstone, E., Armadale Timmons, M., St. Kilda Johnstone, T., Sale Trengrove, J. C., Numurkah Jones, W. H., Flemington Tuomy, D. J., Melbourne Judd, W. H., Windsor Urquhart, J., South Melbourne Kitchen, H. H., Mansfield Van Stavern. J. C., Nathalia Knox, H. M., St. Kilda Wakefield, W., St. Kilda Knuckey, P., Fitzroy Watson, D. B., Dunolly Kozminsky, M., Lilliniur Wharton, J., Sandhurst North White, J., Prahran Kozminsky, M., Nhill Whyte, D., High street, Echuca Kugelmann, L., Burwood road, Whyte, D., Hare street, Echuca Hawthorn Whyte, D., Rochester Kugelmann, L., Auburn road, Wilckens, F., Carlton Hawthorn Wilding, W., Echuca Laidlaw, D., Hamilton Williams, Margaret, Mooroopna Lancaster, S., Brighton Williams, R., South Melbourne Langford, S., Melbourne Wright and Pannifex, Prahran Lavendar, D., Melbourne Yeoman, G., Elmore Hawkers' Licenses (2vith animals). Mattasi, L. D., Tallangatta Woodbridge, T., Doon Packet Licenses. Boyd, T., s.s. Casino Neilsen, A. L. P., Dargo Brunet, J., Melbourne Strickland, F. W., s.s. Golden Larsen, L., Tanjil Crown Publicans' Licenses. Ahern, J., Shepparton Bair, P., Mirboo North Alexander, Ellen, Talgarno Ball, T., Burrumbeep Alger, H., Kerang Banks, T., St. James

41 32 VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE. [FEBRUARY 4, See Government Gazette, 30th January 1885, pp REGISTER OF MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS FOR THE subjoined Register is published in accordance with the provisions of The Medical Practitioners Statute 1865, 5. Chief Secretary 's Office, Melbourne, 23rd January GRAHAM BERRY, Chief Secretary. PART I. List of Medical Practitioners who are R egistered under the provisions of the Acts of Parliament of Victoria, Nos. 158 and 262. No. of Certificate and Date of Registration. No. -l Date. 771 July 30, Dec. 2, Nov. 7, Dec. 1, Sept. 3, 1869 Gold- a'beckett, William smid Name. Address. Qualifications. St. Kilda... M. R. C. S. Eng. 1860; L. S. A. Loud Adam, Alexander Inglewood... AT. 13. et Ch. M.Glas Adam, George Ilothwell Wilson Puwlett street, East Melbourne ALB. et Ch. M. Edin Adams, James Smith... Norl hcof e.. L. F. P. Glas Addition, George Mt. Un in bier, South Australia And. 1858: M.D. Melt) ( n.e.y.) Al. 1:. U.S. Egg 1855; Ti.S. A. Lond. 1856; M.D. St. Geelong Al 13. Univ. Alelb. 1883; Ch. B. Univ. Melb Dec. 7, 1883 Aitchison, Alexander Smith 1103 l)ee. 7, 1883 Aitchison, Itoderick Nov. 3, 1871 Airey, George June 2, 1876 Allen, Marry Brookes N v. 7, 1881 Allen, Win. ILobt. 819 Apt i1 6, 1877 Alsop, 'T'homas Osuiond Fabian 1106 Doc. 7, 1883 Alt,rnann,CliarlesAnzuet 1005 Dec. 9, 1881 Anderson, LugenoWilton 860 Sept. 7, 1877 A ndei son, James Fi,lrer 909 Feb. 7, 1879 Anderson, Thomas Aug. 3, 1877 Andrew, John E'duuard... 7)7 May 1, 1871 Andrews, Arthur April 5, 1878 Andrews, Samuel Jan. 4, 1881 Andrewa,Thomas Morgan 711 Dec. 23, 1872 Annand, Geoi ge June 6, 1883 Ap-John, George Laurence Marshall Lloyd 4'2 July 8, 1864 Appleyard, James July 3, 1863 Armstrong, James Jekell 940 Dec. 12, 1879 Armstrong, William Feb. 6, 1874 Ascher, Edward Sept.11, 1883 Atkin, Thomas 1)ealtry 361 July 3, 1863 Atkinson, Barry Leigh 831 Mar. 1, 1878 Atkinson, William Joseph 493 July 8, 1865 Austin, T homas Mein Jan. 29, 1874 Backhouse, Charles. 987 May 6, 1881 Backhouse, John Murder 1001 Dec. 9, 1881 Ilage, Charles Oct. 7, 1864 Baird, Jolin Dec. 3, 1875 Balls-lleadley, Walter Aug. 8, 1862 Barker, Edward May 5, 1876 Barker, Edward Hamilton Blair 537 Sept. 7, 1866 Barker, Thomas Feb. 6, 1863 Barker, William 473 Mar. 3, 1865 Barnes, George Frederick 92 July 30, 1862 Barnett, Henry Oct. 3, 1862 Barrett, James..., Dec. 9, 1881 Barrett, James William 1084 Aug. 15, 1833 Bartlett, Henry Feb. 15, 1875Barton, Frederick 992 July 8, 1881 Baumgaertner, Ferdinand 79 July 30, 1862 Beaney, James George Aug. 7, 1874 Belgrave, Thomas Bowerman 1053 Dee. 8, 1882 Bellamy, Charles Penrose 1155 Oct. 3, 1881 Bennet, Francis Alex., Feb. 1, 1878 Bennett, Arthur Aug. 8, 1862 Bennett Edo in James 901 Dec. 11, 1878 Bennie,i'eter Bruce Aug. 1, 1879 Bernays,SidiieyAdo!pItus 1171 Dec. 12, 1884 Birch, Lewis John July 21, 1862 Bird, Samuel Dougan ,, Jan. 11, 1883 Bird, Frederic Dougan Jan. 2, 1885 Bird, Win. Joshua Dec. 5, 1862 Birney, George Feb. 7, 1879 Black, Archibald Grant 761 Nov. 6, 1874 Black, James Grant... Melbourne E.r,4t Melbourne Melbourne Ilospital... Ballarat flaw thorn Chiltern... St. Kilda... Mann,N.8. W.... South Yarra... Clunes....., Albury, N.S. Wales Albury, N.S. Wales... South Melbourne Lonsdale street west, Melbourne ship Ben Voirlich Tasmania Taradale... A rat-at Lunatic Asylum 32 Clarence street, Liverpool, England Melbourne... Sandhurst England Banchus Marsh... Melbourne Ilospital... South Yai ra Belfast.. Collins street east, Melbourne La 'Probe street, Aielbourne Robe, South Australia... Queenscliffe... South Melbourne Birregurra Egerton... South Melbourne South Melbourne,.. London.....,... Richmond Sandhurst Collins street east, Melbourne Sydney, N.S. Wales Melbourne... 13airndale... Stawell....,. Stawell Melbourne Melbourne Noith Carlton Collins street east, Melbourne Melbourne Coburg Itoinsey.... Alfred place, Victoria street, Melbourne... M.B. UTniv. lleib. 1883; Ch B. Univ. Melb 'I. R. C. S. Bo,g.; l,. et L. Mid. It. C. P. Edin M.B. UP![). 1876; Al. D. Melb. 1878; Ch. B.Melb L. It C. P. Edin. 1882; I,. It. C. S. L+ din.1882; L. AI id. Edin 1882 M. I3., Cli. M. et L. Mid., Edin.; M. It. C. S. Eng AIM Univ. Melb Al. H. Melb. 1881; 11. et L. Alid. It C.S. et I4.C.P. Edin In. It. C. P. et U. C. S Edin.: L. A. IT. Dub et Ch ; Al. D.1878, Edin. L. S. A. Lond ; Al. It. C. S. Eng.; L. et L. \Iid. It C. P. Edin Al.Tt. C S. Eng.; L. S. A. Lon(] L. 11. C. P. Lond.; M. R. C. S. Eng , et L Mid. 11. C. P. Edin. 1879; 1,. F. P S. Glas.1879 M.B. 1872, 111.1). 1875, Melb ; Al. It. C. S. Eng.; L. et L Al id. It. C. P. et lh C. S. Edin. 1878;Cli. B. M elb Al. 13. et Ch. B. Dub M. R. C. S. Eng. ; L. S. A. Lond L R. C. s. Ire]"1851 M.B. Melb., 1879, Ch. B. Moth. M.D. Breslau, ;M. D. Melb Al.R. C. S. Frig. 1806; Ti. It. C. P., Edin L. S. A. Lond.; Al. It. C. S. Eng. 1853; M.D. et M.D. 141 el b Ti. et I, MI id. It C. P. et it. C. S Edi n L. It C. S. Edin. ; L. K. C. P. Edin ii It. C. S. Irel. 1863; Ti. K. Q. C. P. Irel Al. 13. et Ch. 13. Melb Al. B et Clr. B. AMelb ; M.D. Univ. Melb U.. It. C. S. 1+) n ;: Ch. M. 1865, M.D. 1868, Canib ; Al. R. C. P. lion d. 1866; A1.D Melb (a e g.) M. 1n'39, F. 1859, It. C. S. Eng.; M.B. et M.D. Melb M.B. Melb AtD. Edin Al. It. C. S. Eug M. It. C. S. Eng Al. It. C. S. Eng. L. S. Lond.; Al. at Ti. Mid. R. C. S. Eng. 1858; A.I.B. 1871, Al.D. 1873, Sydney Al. 13. Melb ; Ch. 13. Melb L. S. A. Lon d. 1871; Al. It C. S. E n g ; L. R. C. P. Lond. 1876; M.B. et Ch. Al. Aberd. 1877; M.D. Aberd M. It. C. S. Eng. 1865; L. S. A. Lond M. D. Munich 1875 L. 1855, F. 1860, It. C. S, Edin.; L. et Ti. Mid. K. Q.C. P. Irel. 1878; M.D. St. And. 1879; M.D. Melb. (a.e.g.) 1880 Al. It. C. S. Eng.; L. S. A. Lond. 1858; M.D. Edin Al. It. C. S. Eng. 1874; L. et L. Mid. It. C. P. Edin Al. B. et Ch. 11, Aberd L. S. A. Lond ; AT. R. C. S. Eng.; Al.B. et Ch. AT. A berd.1877; M.D Aberd.; L lt. C.P. Lond.1877 L. S. A. Lond I , Ch. B. 1879, Melb. ; M. D. Univ. Melb.1884 M. It. C. S. Eng. 1874; L S. A. Lond B. Alelb Al. It. C. S. Eng.1851; L. S. A. Lond.1856; M.D. St. And. 1859; L. It. C. P. Lund. 1861; M. 1). Melb (a.eq ) Melb. 1882; M. It. C. S. Eng A.I.B. Al, B. Jul elb.1884 M.B. at Cli. Al.Glas L. A. H. Dubl. 1856; L. R. C. S. Ire] L. et L. Mid. R. C. P. Edin, et F. P. S. Glas. 1873; M.B. et Ch. Al.Glas. 1874

42 C 73 ] Yllh L" u ko VICTORIA S C7 _/ cj MW "ilk OF POLI CE GAZETTE. rrb>lastt En BY AIJTIIOI3.ITY. No. 10. ] WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11. [1885, MURDER, ETC. AT 1.15 a.m., on the 6th instant, the dead body of a female child was found in a hand bag, at the Carlton Police Station. The body was wrapped up in a white towel, a sheet, and a copy of the Age newspaper of the 24th ultimo. At an inquest held on the 9th instant, the following verdict was recorded :-" That in Carlton, on the 6th March current, the deceased female child was found exposed. The jury find a verdict of wilful murder against some person or persons unknown." th March INCENDIARISDI. DURING the night of the 22nd or on the morning of the 23rd ultimo a log and brush fence, the property of James Reardon, farmer, Glenrowan, was set fire to, and three-quarters of a chain of it burned. It is believed to have been the work of an incendiary th March IIIGIIWAY ROBBER Y AND STEALING FROM THE PERSON. STOLEN from the person of James Reilly, in Melbourne, on the 5th instant, a silver english patent lever watch, and an imitation silver chain, link pattern th March See Police Gazette, 1885, p. 65. FRANCIS WHITE, arrested for stealing a watch from Thomas Kirby, see Police Gazette, 1881, p. 41.-Henry White has been discharged by the Melbourne Bench, and the watch has been returned to him, as the complainant cannot be found.-o th March STOLEN from the person of John Long, in Benalla, about eight days ago, a silver lever hunting watch, makers Bradley Bros., London, No Value th March STOLEN from the person of Henry Brettargh, in Melbourne, on the 9th instant, a gold hunting lever watch, makers Brush and Drummond, Melbourne, " H B " in monogram and name in full inside case, also " Presented to H B from his little friends "; and a gold chain, cable pattern, three links in centre, green stone and large pendant attached. Value th March STOLEN from the person of Emily Ali Mow, in Melbourne, on the 7th instant, a silver open-face geneva watch, No. 1851; and a silver chain, rope pattern, gold nugget in centre, and silver tassels at end th March STOLEN from the person of Ethel Tremaine, in Melbourne, on the 9th instant, a lady's gold hunting-watch, and a long english gold neck-chain. Value th March HOUSEBREAKING AND STEALING FROM DWELLING- HOUSES. See Police Gazette, 1885, p. 66. CHARLOTTE BURGE'S larceny.-stolen at the same time, but not previously reported :--A coral brooch ; a small gold ditto, ruby in it and a drop ; a brooch with amber-color stone in it, and a small locket attached ; a fine gold necklet, with a small gilt locket attached ; and a quantity of pieces of gold earrings and such like th March STOLEN from the dwelling of Edward Haythorpe, 236 Moray street, South Melbourne, about the 26th ultimo, a large silver locket, a silver neck-chain, a pair of silver solitaires chased, a gold collar stud th March STOLEN from the dwelling of John Allright, on the 3rd instant, a silver albert, cable pattern, in three parts, connected by swivels ; a silver key, with blue stone in end th March STOLEN from the person of John Donnelly, in Melbourne, on the 4th instant, two 1-notes, 3 in silver, a silver albert chain, and a silver locket, with photo. of a girl inside.-o th March STOLEN from the person of Alick Mahoney, in Geelong, on the 4th January 1885, a gold horse-shoe scarf-pin, set with three small stones on each side th March STOLEN from the person of Caroline McNeil, in Melbourne, on the 7th instant, a tortoiseshell purse, containing 21 sovereigns, 3 half-crowns, a shilling, and a gold wedding-ring th March STOLEN from the person of Andrb Criller, in the Women's Model Lodging House, Melbourne, on the 8th instant, an old brown leather purse, containing 3 sovereigns, a counterfeit sovereign, 15s. in silver, 3 silver rings, a gold ring, broken in centre, a lady's open-face gold watch, and a geneva white-metal watch, Value th March STOLEN from the person of David Kelly, in a crush at Spencerstreet Railway Station, on the 7th instant, a silver hunting lever watch, No , and a heavy silver albert chain, thicker in the centre than at the ends. Value th March See Police Gazette, 1884, p WILLIAM PORTER'S watch has been recovered by the Melbourne C. I. police, but complainant declines to. take any further action th March STOLEN from the person of Andrew C. Craig, in Melbourne, on the 8th instant, a gent.'s gold hunting lever watch, makers Brush and Drummond, No. s;;,,, glass missing ; a double gold albert, heavy curb pattern, a silver sovereign case on one end ; and a gold locket, square shape, diamond on one side and "A. C. C." in monogram on reverse side, in red, white, and blue. Value th March Police Gazette, No. 10.-A. STOLEN from the dwelling of Robert Stephens, 16 Charles street, Fitzroy, on the 27th ultimo, a silver hunting lever watch, No , "Anglo-American lever" on the works ; and a brass geneva hunting watch th March STOLEN from the bedroom of Maria Huleatte, Crown Hotel, Sale, on the 4th instant, a black fur cape, a silk handkerchief (old gold), silver albert watch-chain and brass "keep-your-temper" pendant, a silver foreign coin, a plated watch-key, and a red plush purse, fastens with two knobs th March STOLEN from the bedroom of Mary J. Abbott, Baddaginnie, on the 23rd ultimo, a pair of gold earrings, with small white stone hanging on a link in the centre. Value 310s thF March STOLEN from the bedroom of Frederick Knight, at Cobb and Co.'s stables, Geelong, on the 5th instant, a silver open-face geneva watch, No th March STOLEN from the dwelling of John Morrison, between the 21st and 28th ultimo, a black silk scarf ; a gold breast-pin, anchor ; a pair of silver sleeve studs, City Corporation coat of arms impressed on them th March STOLEN from the dwelling of Mrs. Douglas, Morang road, Hawthorn, between the 14th and 28th ultimo, a brooch, wheel pattern, onyx stone, pink ground, gold border, subject-lady's face th March STOLEN from the but of Michael Fleming, farmer, Morwell, between the 24th and 26th ultimo, 4 pair cotton stockings ; a pannican ; an open-face geneva watch, No , " D. Fleming" scratched inside th March See Police Gazette, 1885, p. 65. JOSEPH STYLELI 'S larceny. -The number of the watch is th March 1885.

43 Getting around this CD NAVIGATING ARCHIVE CD BOOKS CDs All Archive CD Books products can be navigated easily using the handy bookmarks on each CD. The table of contents in most original books, and the original book index where it exists, can provide additional ways of finding the information required. SEARCHING TEXT ON ARCHIVE CD BOOKS AUSTRALIA CDs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has been developing over the years as a useful mechanism to convert images (as Archive CD Books pages are) into text which can be searched. The quality of the OCR can still vary, and hence the searchability can vary. Around 95% or 99% of the words in books with good type are searchable or even higher with very good type. OCR is now a wonderful searching aid in many instances but there is still no substitute for reading the book! DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF ADOBE ACROBAT READER Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 or later should be used. Adobe Reader 6 (as it is now named) in fact has considerably better searching options and is recommended. Acrobat Reader v4 has both a "Find" and a "Search" tool. Those tools are two *totally* different things. Our CDs (that are searchable) work with the *FIND* tool Acrobat Reader v5 has only a "Find" tool (not a "search" tool). Our CDs (that are searchable) work with the *FIND* tool. Adobe Reader v6 has only a "Search" tool (not a tool labelled "Find") HOWEVER what is called "Search" is the same as the tool that used to be called "Find" Our CDs (that are searchable) work with the *SEARCH* tool TIPS FOR SEARCHING AND GETTING MORE FROM THE CD BOOKS update to Adobe Reader 6 for more versatile searching options, including the ability to bring up a list of all instances of the word you are searching for across multiple files on a single CD in a single search request. enter the MINIMUM number of characters needed to bring up the search results required. use Adobe Reader 6 to do some trial searches to try to identify the characters that may be misread. These can show up in the extra text in the search results list (Adobe 6 only). A few minutes trial will help you to avoid using characters that are more prone to being misread, e.g. try entering "rederi" if you want "Frederick", but find that the letters "F" "c" and "k" are sometimes misread. use the "Match whole word" option to eliminate unnecessary items in your results list, e.g. to eliminate all the blacksmiths and tinsmiths etc when you only want the name Smith use the "Match case" option when you want to eliminate all the occupations "smith" if you only want the name "Smith" Don t just search for names. Search the book for other names, places and subjects of interest: - look for others of the same name - look for others who lived in the same place or street - who was the postmaster or police officer in the town? - how often and at what time did the coach arrive in town? - what churches were there and what time were services held? - what other activities were there in the community? - look for others who had the same occupation of other interests All of this and more may be available in a seemingly mundane book such as a directory. You could learn or write much of the background of life at the time, even if your ancestor is not listed there. ADOBE ACROBAT SEARCHING IS A WONDERFUL FIRST FINDING AID. BUT DO NOT RELY ON IT TO PICK UP ALL THE INFORMATION YOU WANT

Sim's Index to WV Land Grants Brooke & Hancock County. Name Grantee Acres Local Desc Year Book Page BROOKE COUNTY, (W) VA

Sim's Index to WV Land Grants Brooke & Hancock County. Name Grantee Acres Local Desc Year Book Page BROOKE COUNTY, (W) VA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 BROOKE COUNTY, (W) VA Adams, William 65 Buffalo Creek 1805 1 500 Alexander, James Adm. 41 Holbert's

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Pittsylvania County, Virginia. SHELTON Marriages

Pittsylvania County, Virginia. SHELTON Marriages SHELTON Marriages 1 1769-1875 DATE GROOM BRIDE GROOM'S FATHER 1769 1774 February 7 1774 1 1775 April 1 May 16 May 30 July 21 19 1792 June 18 1792 17 1792 17 1794 March 17 1794 June 29 1795 October 16 1796

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The Book of Elijah. Rebecca Manning Satterwhite wife Elijah was born in Georgia on January 1, 1802

The Book of Elijah. Rebecca Manning Satterwhite wife Elijah was born in Georgia on January 1, 1802 The Book of Elijah Elijah Satterwhite was born in North Carolina in 1799 Rebecca Manning Satterwhite wife Elijah was born in Georgia on January 1, 1802 Elijah married Rebecca Manning Satterwhite in Georgia

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1880 Obituaries Microfilm Roll N24 Newspaper: Mountain Chronicle (MC) Indexed by Erica Rohlfs

1880 Obituaries Microfilm Roll N24 Newspaper: Mountain Chronicle (MC) Indexed by Erica Rohlfs Obituaries Microfilm Roll N24 Newspaper: Mountain Chronicle (MC) Indexed by Erica Rohlfs Name Death Date Newspaper Vol. / No. Notes Anderson, April 02, Robert April 13, ) (Louisville, Askew, James February

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MECKLENBURG TO LANARK MECKLENBURG TO LANARK An Administrative Evolution Following the Conquest (1759) the Quebec Act (1774) incorporated what are now eastern Canada and the southern portions of present day Quebec and Ontario

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Hix Family Cemetery - Hix, Georgia

Hix Family Cemetery - Hix, Georgia Hix Family Cemetery - Hix, Georgia Location: 583 Neese-Commerce Rd. Commerce, GA 30530-4520 Buried in this cemetery are members of a family prominent in the early history of Madison County. Descendants

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GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS--U.S. SENATORS, , % GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS--U.S. SENATORS, 1914-1914 William P. Dillingham, 35,137 56.0% Charles A. Prouty, 16,306 26.0% Charles A. Prouty, Prohibition 1,526 2.4% Charles A. Prouty, Non-Partisan 1,592 2.5%

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Presiding Bishop s Appointments 2017

Presiding Bishop s Appointments 2017 Presiding Bishop s Appointments 2017 *This is a partial listing. Additional names will be announced at a later date. Adjutant General Bishop Robert G. Rudolph, Jr. Adjutant Apostolic Elder Lawrence Champion

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Other Information. No information Available. Column D Date 19 Nov Column D Date 14 Dec Column D Date Apr Column D Date January 1860

Other Information. No information Available. Column D Date 19 Nov Column D Date 14 Dec Column D Date Apr Column D Date January 1860 WHATLEY'S MILL also known as Bethesda Church in Greene County, Georgia CONTACT VIVIAN TOOLE CATES for unique information - Her book on Bethesda Church Records Website: or Email:

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Family Search Marriage: About 1729 Virginia Internet Death: 20 February 1777/9 Albemarle Co., Virginia

Family Search Marriage: About 1729 Virginia Internet Death: 20 February 1777/9 Albemarle Co., Virginia Sex: Family Group Husband s Full Name Nicholas Gentry II Sheet Date of: Day Month Year Town County State or Country Additional Info. Information Obtained From: Birth: 30 May 1697 New Kent, *b. 30 March

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index St. Thomas Cemetery Cambusbarron Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones. St. Thomas s Cemetery is situated on Douglas Terrace, Cambusbarron.

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.4% U.S. REPRESENTATIVE Harry W. Witters 2,227 99.6% Scattering 9.4% Robert W. Ready 2,315 99.7% Scattering 6.3% Ernest H. Bailey 2,170 98.3% Scattering 38 1.7% Maurice Mahoney 2,154 99.3% Scattering 15.7% Peter J. Hincks 2,081

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Descendants of Ralph Harden From file of Pat Hardin, Mount Holly, NC July 2009

Descendants of Ralph Harden From file of Pat Hardin, Mount Holly, NC July 2009 Descendants of Ralph Harden From file of Pat Hardin, Mount Holly, NC July 2009 Generation No. 1 1. RALPH 1 HARDEN was born Abt. 1780, and died Abt. 1834 in Abbeville District, SC. He married ISABELLA G.

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08/16/2011) NAME BORN DIED INFORMATION RELATION(S) SOURCE P Berger, A. Berger Family Lineage Information Chart for the Auburn, Pennsylvania area (Updated 08/16/2011) NAME BORN DIED INFORMATION RELATION(S) SOURCE P Owned three 1875 adjacent buildings Atlas in the

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The Boyce Family Papers ( )

The Boyce Family Papers ( ) The Boyce Family Papers (1767-1976) The Boyce Family Papers is a collection of private materials chronicling the lives of James Boyce (1740-1803) and his descendants for over two hundred years. The land

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C Dunklin, Daniel ( ), Papers, linear feet

C Dunklin, Daniel ( ), Papers, linear feet C Dunklin, Daniel (1790-1844), Papers, 1815-1877 97.6 linear feet This collection is available at The State Historical Society of Missouri. If you would like more information, please contact us at

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A cousin Michele Lawrence Manis compiled three genealogy books called "The Beasley Connection, volumes 1-3". She compiled a vast index of information

A cousin Michele Lawrence Manis compiled three genealogy books called The Beasley Connection, volumes 1-3. She compiled a vast index of information A cousin Michele Lawrence Manis compiled three genealogy books called "The Beasley Connection, volumes 1-3". She compiled a vast index of information through the early archives of the Carolina's, Alabama,

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Upper School Chapel Schedule Date Event Senior Speeches. Brooks Golden (Dengler) FRI 9/14 Rosh Hashana

Upper School Chapel Schedule Date Event Senior Speeches. Brooks Golden (Dengler) FRI 9/14 Rosh Hashana 9/2 Opening Convocation 9/4 Cameron Birchen (Faus) 9/7 NO SCHOOL LABOR DAY 9/9 Joel Coleman 9/11 Brooks Golden (Dengler) 9/14 Rosh Hashana 9/16 Kinsolving (16-18) NO CHAPEL 9/18 Kinsolving (16-18) NO ASSEMBLY

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Girls Results Pauls Valley Invitational - April 22, 2016

Girls Results Pauls Valley Invitational - April 22, 2016 Girls Results Pauls Valley Invitational - April 22, 2016 Plainview 113 Durant 71 Tuttle 64 Purcell 52 Woodward 52 Marietta 37 Brewer, Tx 34 Pauls Valley 32 Tecumseh 31 Bethany 30 Washington 28 Douglass

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Monumental Inscription Index

Monumental Inscription Index Bedlay Cemetery Monumental Inscription Index An A-Z Index of names inscribed on surveyed stones Bedlay Cemetery is situated on Cumbernauld Road (A80) between Muirhead and Moodiesburn.

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Loyalists in Digby & the Old Loyalist Cemetery *

Loyalists in Digby & the Old Loyalist Cemetery * Loyalists in Digby & the Old Loyalist Cemetery * A reminder of the Loyalist heritage in southwestern Nova Scotia is a sign in Digby, near the corner of Warwick Street and First Avenue, marking the Old

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NOTES ON THE WOODS FAMILY, OF BEDFOBD, PENNSYLVANIA. Notes on the Woods Family of Bedford. 335 NOTES ON THE WOODS FAMILY, OF BEDFOBD, PENNSYLVANIA. BY JOSEPH L. DELAFIELD. GEORGE WOODS : Came of a family of Scotch, origin resident in Ireland. He emigrated

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Note: You will first find books listed alphabetically by author. Next you will find commentaries listed in order of the books of the Bible.

Note: You will first find books listed alphabetically by author. Next you will find commentaries listed in order of the books of the Bible. Sermons and Biblical Studies updated July 2004 Note: You will first find books listed alphabetically by author. Next you will find commentaries listed in order of the books of the Bible. Books Aland, Kurt

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D O C K E T S U P R E M E C O U R T Page 1 D O C K E T TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2012 104,951 Workers Comp. Martha Fernandez, Appellee. Conn Felix Sanchez. McDonald s, et al., Appellants. Wade A. Dorothy. 101,189 Atchison. Tyron Byrd, Appellee.

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Full List of Passenger of the Ann

Full List of Passenger of the Ann Full List of Passenger of the Ann The 112 individuals listed below made up the first forty families to arrive in Georgia with General James Oglethorpe. These settlers left England, sailing from Gravesend

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JOSEPH ABBOTT and FAMILY Son of Leonard Abbott of Halifax County, Virginia

JOSEPH ABBOTT and FAMILY Son of Leonard Abbott of Halifax County, Virginia 1 JOSEPH ABBOTT and FAMILY Son of Leonard Abbott of Halifax County, Virginia Research Report by Joan Horsley Based on research as of Sept 2013 2013 by J. Horsley Contact:

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The Andrew Swallows Family. Stray Leaves from Putnam County History by Mary Hopson, pgs. 200 & 201 Courtesy Paula Swallows Stover, Rickman, TN

The Andrew Swallows Family. Stray Leaves from Putnam County History by Mary Hopson, pgs. 200 & 201 Courtesy Paula Swallows Stover, Rickman, TN The Andrew Swallows Family Stray Leaves from Putnam County History by Mary Hopson, pgs. 200 & 201 Courtesy Paula Swallows Stover, Rickman, TN Andrew Swallow (the final s was later added) was born in Berks

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Gleaves Influence in the Early Local Tennessee Churches Researched by Fran G. Nichols

Gleaves Influence in the Early Local Tennessee Churches Researched by Fran G. Nichols Influence in the Early Local Tennessee Churches Researched by Fran G. Nichols Rutland Baptist Church 1 References of the early influence of families in middle Tennessee are found at Rutland Baptist Church

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The Children of William Faulkner Wilson

The Children of William Faulkner Wilson The Children of William Faulkner Wilson Henry Oscar Wilson (1843-1907) William F. Wilson's first child and eldest son, Henry Oscar Wilson (known to the younger generation as "Uncle Oscar"), was, according

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Gourley-Powell Trial Collection Collection Summary Title: Summary: Physical Description: Stack Location: Repository: Biographical/Historical Note:

Gourley-Powell Trial Collection Collection Summary Title: Summary: Physical Description: Stack Location: Repository: Biographical/Historical Note: Gourley-Powell Trial Collection 1969 Collection Summary Title: State vs. William Powell Collection Summary: Court transcripts from the case of the State of Tennessee vs. William Powell. Physical Description:

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HISTORY OF DRY CREEK CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH HISTORY OF DRY CREEK CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH In October 1933 the first business meeting was held by the First Congregational Church of Dry Creek. A constitution was adopted and the following officers were

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Bridge Expenses (From Town Expense Books)

Bridge Expenses (From Town Expense Books) Bridge Expenses (From Town Expense Books) The following Colebrook expense books need some modern references in order to be understood. Bridge south of Arah Phelps is the one on R.t. 183 at the south end

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Celebration of Life for

Celebration of Life for Celebration of Life for Sunrise March 6, 1936 Sunset July 16, 2010 Saturday, July 24, 2010-2:00 p.m. PROMISE LAND BAPTIST CHURCH 11792 Moneta Rd. Moneta, Virginia 24121 Rev. Carl Anderson, Pastor Life

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from this issue: The Riverside Cemetery, Middletown

from this issue: The Riverside Cemetery, Middletown from this issue: The Riverside Cemetery, Middletown from More Middletown Material Page 1 Note from the publisher We at Between the Lakes Group are happy to make this article from Volume 2 of the Connecticut

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New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers Saint John Executive

New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers Saint John Executive Year Past/Honorary President 1 St Vice President 2 nd Vice President Secretary Treasurer Director Notes President 1951- Harold C. Ricker Genevieve Dever Ethel Coles M. Frances Traynor Secretary/Treasurer

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Authorized Signatures

Authorized Signatures FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK Circular No. 1812. January 8, 1938. Authorized Signatures Miss E. Phillips, Library. We submit herewith, on the following pages numbered 2 to 11 inclusive, a list containing

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John Lindsey of Brown County, Ohio b. 1774, d. 1847

John Lindsey of Brown County, Ohio b. 1774, d. 1847 John Lindsey of Brown County, Ohio b. 1774, d. 1847 Report prepared by Susan Grabek 16 th June 2011 Proof that John Lindsey, b. 1774,

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City Council, past and present

City Council, past and present 2013-2017 Mayor Morris Trudeau - Jack Beaumont - Paul Bissonnette - Claude Cousineau - Jean-Pierre Grenier - Cynthia Homan - Aldo Iermieri - Dennis Smith - Kelly Thorstad-Cullen City Council, past and

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Port Washington Public Library Oral History Collection AFRICAN-AMERICAN HERITAGE *

Port Washington Public Library Oral History Collection AFRICAN-AMERICAN HERITAGE * Port Washington Public Library Oral History Collection AFRICAN-AMERICAN HERITAGE * Barrett, Barbara Eato (1923 - ). Child-minder. See also Bisserup, June Eato. Family genealogy and Indian ancestry; growing

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Jensen, Niels & Kirsten Marie Mary Sorensen Westegaard (parents of members) Herbert Darrington & Anne Mine Jensen William Driver & Mary Jensen

Jensen, Niels & Kirsten Marie Mary Sorensen Westegaard (parents of members) Herbert Darrington & Anne Mine Jensen William Driver & Mary Jensen Niels Jensen and Kirsten Marie Sorensen Westegaard Family (parents of members) (Five-page sketch excerpted from St. Paul s Boomer-Neola Early Families by Robert A. Christiansen. Reviewed by. Revised by

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THE FAMILY OF JOHN CALVIN AND LUCRETIA McCOMBS THOMPSON By Clarence Crocker THE FAMILY OF JOHN CALVIN AND LUCRETIA McCOMBS THOMPSON By Clarence Crocker Lucretia McCombs, the daughter of William and Arena (Irene) McCombs, married James Allen from Cleveland County, North Carolina,

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Transcription of an old church record book for Redstone Baptist Church, Brownsville, PA. Transcribed by Karen Souhrada.

Transcription of an old church record book for Redstone Baptist Church, Brownsville, PA. Transcribed by Karen Souhrada. Transcription of an old church record book for Redstone Baptist Church, Brownsville, PA. Transcribed by Karen Souhrada. [Source: Transcription of an old church record book, begun in 1847. The book is leather

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Minister Schedule December 1, 2016-January 1, Dec 3 Dec 4: 2 nd Sunday of Advent. Sat, Dec 3, 5:00 PM 2 nd Sunday of Advent

Minister Schedule December 1, 2016-January 1, Dec 3 Dec 4: 2 nd Sunday of Advent. Sat, Dec 3, 5:00 PM 2 nd Sunday of Advent Minister Schedule December 1, 2016-January 1, 2017 Dec 3 Dec 4: 2 nd Sunday of Advent Sat, Dec 3, 5:00 PM 2 nd Sunday of Advent Brad Gagnon (857-3951) Bella Fazio (345-4140) Addison Maliga (655-9712) John

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Screening Report School Benchmark Printed Monday, March 6, :46:06 AM

Screening Report School Benchmark Printed Monday, March 6, :46:06 AM Report Options Reporting Parameter Group: All Demographics [Default] 1 of 5 Reporting Period: 1//20 2/16/20 900 800 STAR Early Scaled Score 700 600 500 400 0 Students Benchmark Students Categories / Levels

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JONATHAN DENNEY/DENNY FAMILY. Bible records list Johnathan Denney as born in Smith County, 29 March 1822,

JONATHAN DENNEY/DENNY FAMILY. Bible records list Johnathan Denney as born in Smith County, 29 March 1822, JONATHAN DENNEY/DENNY FAMILY Bible records list Johnathan Denney as born in Smith County, 29 March 1822, to Zachariah and Catherine (Stallings) Denney, a Tennessee pioneer family, from North Carolina.

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Brothers Dennis Jeffries, Jr. and DeAnthony Miller and Sisters Torie Washington and India Whitehead. My Spiritual Journey

Brothers Dennis Jeffries, Jr. and DeAnthony Miller and Sisters Torie Washington and India Whitehead. My Spiritual Journey 48 th Sunday Morning Bible School Convention 2017 Monday, July 10, 2017 11:00 a.m. Official Welcome/Prayer: Elder Emmitt Robinson, Jr. True Church Youth Mass Choir Bible Bowl Business Session: Elder Emmitt

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98 th Annual Holy Convocation

98 th Annual Holy Convocation The Overcoming Church of God of America, Inc. Presents its 98 th Annual Holy Convocation Thursday Sept. 28 th Sunday Oct. 1 st, 2017 THEME: Staying on Track Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast,

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History of the First Baptist Church of Macclenny

History of the First Baptist Church of Macclenny Two Separate Churches The first Baptist Work of which we have any good record within the corporate limits of Macclenny, which was then known as Darbyville, was begun in the spring of 1883 by Rev. Robert

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MINUTES. Troup County Board of Commissioners. May 17, Troup County Government Center Building

MINUTES. Troup County Board of Commissioners. May 17, Troup County Government Center Building MINUTES Troup County Board of Commissioners May 17, 2011 Troup County Government Center Building Troup County Board of Commissioners Chairman Richard Wolfe called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Board

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Twilight #3 Results. Results. Mount Pearl, NL 6/14/2017 6/15/ :46:08AM. Event 1 Male 300m - Mosquito. Final

Twilight #3 Results. Results. Mount Pearl, NL 6/14/2017 6/15/ :46:08AM. Event 1 Male 300m - Mosquito. Final Twilight #3 Event 1 Male 300m - Mosquito 1 Penney, Roghan UNATTACHED NEWFOUNDLAND AN 1:11.2 2 Corrigan, Liam UNATTACHED NEWFOUNDLAND AN 1:12.3 3 Groves, Nathan UNATTACHED NEWFOUNDLAND AN 1:15.3 4 Petten,

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Primary 5 Doctrine and Covenants/ Church History Ages 8-11 Picture # In Book

Primary 5 Doctrine and Covenants/ Church History Ages 8-11 Picture # In Book Lesson Number Primary 5 Doctrine and Covenants/ Church History Ages 8-11 Picture Name Picture # In Book Church Library Number Gospel Art Picture Kit Number 1, 13, 15, 21, 37 The Prophet 5-1 62002 401 7,

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Weekly Activities Schedule Rev. R.E. Harper Please join us for any of the weekly studies below!

Weekly Activities Schedule Rev. R.E. Harper Please join us for any of the weekly studies below! Weekly Activities Schedule Rev. R.E. Harper Please join us for any of the weekly studies below! Sun. The Sheperd's Hour Class Thurs. AM Bible Class TBA 10:00-11:30 A 4th Sat. Combined Ministry 4:30P Combined

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Rochester Federation. Women s Clubs HONORS ON HER BIRTHDAY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1970 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Rochester Federation OF Women s Clubs HONORS SUSAN B. ANTHONY ON HER BIRTHDAY Ho. S B. A Na H Lan 17 a S - och New FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1970 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE "The whole world knows Rochester as the

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Twilight #2. Results. Mount Pearl, NL 5/31/2017 6/2/ :03:26PM. Event 1 Male 100m - Mosquito. Final

Twilight #2. Results. Mount Pearl, NL 5/31/2017 6/2/ :03:26PM. Event 1 Male 100m - Mosquito. Final Event 1 Male 100m - Mosquito 1 Savoury, Logan Unattached 19.68 2 Petten, Denver Unattached 19.99 3 Corrigan, Liam UNATTACHED NEWFOUNDLAND AN 21.04 4 Power, Rowan UNATTACHED NEWFOUNDLAND AN 21.20 Event

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Descendants of John B. Summers

Descendants of John B. Summers Page 1 of 5 Descendants of John B. Summers Generation No. 1 1. John B. Summers was born 26 July, 1764 in Prince William Co VA, and died 13 August, 1835 in Fleming Co KY. He married Agnes Bell 26 October,

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History of JAMES WILLIAM BOOTH (This text of this history was written in part by Marie

History of JAMES WILLIAM BOOTH (This text of this history was written in part by Marie History of JAMES WILLIAM BOOTH (This text of this history was written in part by Marie Booth, Wife of Fred Booth) James William Booth was born in St. George, Utah to James and Elizabeth Tye Booth. His

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Queenstown Country Club

Queenstown Country Club Queenstown Country Club Appendix 6: Copy of supporting feedback Expression of Interest for a Special Housing Area On behalf of Sanderson Group Ltd April 2016 People who have signed a letter of support

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There is no positive proof to date that Nathan was Edward's Father.

There is no positive proof to date that Nathan was Edward's Father. Stories about the Jackson and related Families from the website of Jackson and Associated Families Genealogy Worldconnect Rootsweb: James Jackson: # ID: I0447 # Name: Nathan Jackson 1 2

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Liturgical Minister Schedule February 1-28, 2017

Liturgical Minister Schedule February 1-28, 2017 Liturgical Minister Schedule February 1-28, 2017 February 4 February 5: 5 th Sunday Ordinary Time Sat, Feb 4, 5:00 PM 5 th Sunday Ordinary Time Jack Byrnes (708-4097) Addison Maliga (655-9712) Miles Weiler

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ALICE: see Julia (Sissy), daughter of David & Susan (nee Stubbs) Archer. Identified on one group photograph as Alice - elsewhere as Julia.

ALICE: see Julia (Sissy), daughter of David & Susan (nee Stubbs) Archer. Identified on one group photograph as Alice - elsewhere as Julia. List of Archer Family Members ALEXANDER (Sandy): 1828-1890, 10th child of William Senr. & Julia (nee Walker) Archer. Married Mary (Minnie) MacKenzie (1848-1890) in 1871. Both perished in the "Quetta" shipwreck

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OUR FAMILY OUR NEILL FAMILY OUR NEILL FAMILY Compiled by Dalton Ray Phillips 2001 123 James Clinton Neill married Margaret Harriett Ferguson intennessee around 1814. Their son, Samuel Clinton Neill, married Lourahama (Ruy) Berry

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Important Information Please Read. *The Sunday 9:00 AM Mass will only have 4 Eucharistic Ministers for the Summer Schedule/ 2 for Host, 2 for Cups

Important Information Please Read. *The Sunday 9:00 AM Mass will only have 4 Eucharistic Ministers for the Summer Schedule/ 2 for Host, 2 for Cups Dear Liturgical Ministers: Important Information Please Read I hope you are enjoying a most relaxing summer! As you look over the new Liturgical Schedule please note: *Eucharistic Ministers: As we now

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Guide to the Henry Ledyard collection, (bulk )

Guide to the Henry Ledyard collection, (bulk ) Guide to the Henry Ledyard collection, 1726-1899 (bulk 1840-1859) Collection overview: Title: Henry Ledyard collection Date range(inclusive 1726-1899 and undated dates): Bulk dates: 1840-1859 Creator:

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THE PRIDE AND BUNNER FAMILY. Geri's Mother's Side. Submitted by Geraldine Raybuck Smith.

THE PRIDE AND BUNNER FAMILY. Geri's Mother's Side. Submitted by Geraldine Raybuck Smith. THE PRIDE AND BUNNER FAMILY Geri's Mother's Side Submitted by Geraldine Raybuck Smith. GENERATION 1 - John Pride & Elizabeth "Betty" Steele. John died ca. 12 February, 1790. GENERATION 2 - Henry Pride

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VIGO COUNTY Cemetery List 13 July Official Name In Capitals CEMETERY NAME Township Other Name(s) and Misc Info 1 Adkins Nevins

VIGO COUNTY Cemetery List 13 July Official Name In Capitals CEMETERY NAME Township Other Name(s) and Misc Info 1 Adkins Nevins CEMETERY NAME Township Other Name(s) and Misc Info 1 Adkins Nevins SULLIVAN ADKINS 2 Anderson Lost Creek Anderson - ROBERTS 3 Armstrong Pierson OLD BROWN / Union Baptist 4 Baker Lost Creek Mewhinney 5

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DADE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT APRIL TERM, 2016 Motion Hearing Calendar for April 07, 2016

DADE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT APRIL TERM, 2016 Motion Hearing Calendar for April 07, 2016 DADE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT APRIL TERM, 2016 Motion Hearing Calendar for April 07, 2016 Case Defendant Motions Attorneys 14CR00231 Shanna Harmon Giles Atty: Victor Philip Aloisio, III ADA: Matthew 14CR00,234

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Bethlehem Cemetery Civil Township: Kelly Quadrant Map: Bunceton General Location: Southwest of Bunceton Congressional Township: Township 46-N; Range 18-W Section: Southeast quarter of the northeast quarter

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JESSE BOARDMAN HARTWELL COLLECTION AR 884. Updated March, 2012 1 JESSE BOARDMAN HARTWELL COLLECTION AR 884 Prepared by: Dorothy Davis Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives June, 2007 Updated March, 2012 2 Jesse Boardman Hartwell Collection AR 884 Summary

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2015 Book of Remembrance Outer Banks Relief Foundation, Inc. TM

2015 Book of Remembrance Outer Banks Relief Foundation, Inc. TM 2015 Book of Remembrance March 26, 2015: A Gift of Thanksgiving to the Outer Banks Relief Foundation, Inc. from Ms. Pamela Smith and Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty, Inc. in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

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2017 District 7 AA Section 1

2017 District 7 AA Section 1 Tournament Teams No team scores calculated for this tournament. School (Abbreviation) st nd rd th Avella (AVL) - - - Beaver (BV) - - Burgettstown (BGT) - Central Valley (CEV) - Chartiers Houston (CHH)

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Bibliography for the Georgian Papers Programme

Bibliography for the Georgian Papers Programme Bibliography for the Georgian Papers Programme ** Noted as drawn from the Royal Archives in the Survey of Published Editions * Noted as containing a lower concentration of Royal papers in the Survey of

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Round Robin (5 or 6 Wrestlers)

Round Robin (5 or 6 Wrestlers) Round Robin (5 or 6 Wrestlers) HWT Lbs Caleb Combs Ashe Academy 218 219 Caleb Combs FALL :24 FALL :55 1st Round Caleb Combs Ashe Academy 290 291 FORFEIT :47 4th Round FALL :51 Ashe Academy Caleb Combs

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Tennessee SAR Sons of the American Revolution

Tennessee SAR Sons of the American Revolution Page 1 of 13 Home 2017 SAR Congress News Calendar Tennessee SAR Membership Patriot Search Interesting Tidbits Color Guard of the Tennessee SAR Online Forms Youth Programs Color Guard Southern District

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Missouri State Archives Finding Aid 3.15

Missouri State Archives Finding Aid 3.15 Missouri State Archives Finding Aid 3.15 OFFICE OF GOVERNOR CLAIBORNE FOX JACKSON, 1861 Abstract: Records (1861) of Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson (1806-1862) consists of four items of correspondence.

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Indiana Genealogical Society - Researchers List by County


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Civil War. July 7,1861. A. Kennedy, Mayor. Frederick Sasse. John D. Plunkett. R. P. Dolman, Clerk

Civil War. July 7,1861. A. Kennedy, Mayor. Frederick Sasse. John D. Plunkett. R. P. Dolman, Clerk Civil War When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Allen Kennedy, the Mayor, and most of the city officials were union sympathizers. They issued the following proclamation We, the undersigned citizens of

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THE CRIGLER FAMILY JACOB KRIEGLER UPDATED NOVEMBER 14, 2015 UPDATED NOVEMBER 14, 2015 THE CRIGLER FAMILY The family name was originally spelled Kriegler and it was this spelling that Jacob Kriegler used when he obtained his original land grant in Virginia on June

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Fairfield County Judges Schedule Report Events Scheduled 2/12/2018 to 2/16/2018 JUDGE DAVID A TRIMMER

Fairfield County Judges Schedule Report Events Scheduled 2/12/2018 to 2/16/2018 JUDGE DAVID A TRIMMER 1 9:30 am 9:55 am 2017 CR 00393 STATE OF OHIO SHREWSBURY, JOSHUA KEITH MEADE, DARREN 10:30 am 10:55 am 2018 CR 00014 STATE OF OHIO HENDERSON, PATTRICK MICHAEL HUSTEAD, SHERRIE L 11:30 am 11:40 am 2018

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National Baptist Laymen s Movement 90th Annual Laymen s Session

National Baptist Laymen s Movement 90th Annual Laymen s Session 90th Annual Laymen s Session National Baptist Convention U.S.A., Inc. 133 rd Annual Session Charlotte, NC September 2 6, 2013 REPORT Monday, September 2, 2013 The Laymen Wives & Women Supporters Ministry

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The Order of the Knights Templar

The Order of the Knights Templar THE TEMPLE church london, england by Sir Knight Robert F. McCabe, Jr. The Order of the Knights Templar was a very real presence in medieval Europe. Jerusalem was the center of the Christian World, and

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ECHO. Fruit Baskets. Join us in Celebrating Christmas at Historic First St. John UCC Before we Move to Our New Location

ECHO. Fruit Baskets. Join us in Celebrating Christmas at Historic First St. John UCC Before we Move to Our New Location The ECHO Page 1 ECHO Issue 07-09 December 2009 Inside this Issue Christmas Services Fruit Baskets From the Pastor 2 Partnering with Partners in Prime December Birthdays 4 Prayer Circle 5 Calendar for December

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%into, Radio Programs. Qdtsle. uam,ñ. Regular Schedule. independence, Missouri. September 2 to September 14

%into, Radio Programs. Qdtsle. uam,ñ. Regular Schedule. independence, Missouri. September 2 to September 14 KFIX 240 Meters 1249 Kilo -Cycles independence, Missouri Radio Programs September 2 to September 14 1924 Regular Schedule Tuesdays 9 p. m. Thursdays 9 p. m. Sundays 11 a. m. Sundays 7.30 p. m. uam,ñ Qdtsle

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Information Sheet. R Freedom Baptist Church (Morgan County, Mo.). 418 Records, Six volumes. MICROFILM

Information Sheet. R Freedom Baptist Church (Morgan County, Mo.). 418 Records, Six volumes. MICROFILM Information Sheet R Freedom Baptist Church (Morgan County, Mo.). 418 Records, 1844-1962. Six volumes. MICROFILM This collection is available at The State Historical Society of Missouri. If you would like

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The 143 rd Session The West Tennessee Annual Conference. Component Report

The 143 rd Session The West Tennessee Annual Conference. Component Report The 143 rd Session The West Tennessee Annual Conference Date of Annual Conference: October 5 8, 2017 Component Report Name of Component..West Tennessee Conference Women s Missionary Society Number of Members

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The Witcher Family Cemetery Estahlished 1848 (?) In Commemoration of 150 Years 1833-1983 At The Old Home Place Published by the Family 1983 DEDICATION We dedicate this booklet to our mother, Sarah Donnell

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NANPA s Boards of Directors

NANPA s Boards of Directors NANPA s Boards of Directors April 1994 June 1995 Founding Board Mark Lukes, President Karen Hollingsworth, President-Elect and Treasurer Roger Archibald Karen Beshears Gary Braasch Jane Kinne Russ Kinne

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Book of Remembrance. Outer Banks Relief Foundation, Inc.

Book of Remembrance. Outer Banks Relief Foundation, Inc. December 31, 2005 - A gift to the by Mr. and Mrs. James Claude Jimbo Ward of Southern Shores, North Carolina December 17, 2005 - A gift to the at Christmas time by Mr. and Mrs. John Hyman Woolard, 11 of

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THE DUNN FAMILY FROM VIRGINIA TO TENNESSEE (Submitted by: Ann Bradford Ramsey, 308 Rickman-Monterey Hwy., Rickman, TN 38580)

THE DUNN FAMILY FROM VIRGINIA TO TENNESSEE (Submitted by: Ann Bradford Ramsey, 308 Rickman-Monterey Hwy., Rickman, TN 38580) THE DUNN FAMILY FROM VIRGINIA TO TENNESSEE (Submitted by: Ann Bradford Ramsey, 308 Rickman-Monterey Hwy., Rickman, TN 38580) The earliest Dunn that I know about is John Allen Dunn, born in 1802 in Virginia.

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TBD Next membership meeting. TBD Next Executive Council Meeting. Left to Right from Fort Collins, CO, John Courtney

TBD Next membership meeting. TBD Next Executive Council Meeting. Left to Right from Fort Collins, CO, John Courtney Vol. 12, No 2 Spring 2017 TBD Next membership meeting TBD Next Executive Council Meeting Doug Graves advised that three youth Associates have obtained the age of 18 years and wish to be voted in as Full

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IMPORTANT DATES IN THE DAY FAMILY HISTORY IMPORTANT DATES IN THE DAY FAMILY HISTORY Names in bold are the main line of the family tree. 1597 The earliest ancestor traced. John Day died on 01.11.1597. Had 4 off-spring. The records of the Dewsbury

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Parker House, Boston, Massachusetts

Parker House, Boston, Massachusetts Parker House, Boston, Massachusetts Our Purpose To provide a forum for the discussion of social, political, educational and literary topics that can lead to constructive change in our lives, our nation,

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APRIL - JUNE For the Diocese of NOVA SCOTIA & PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND APRIL - JUNE 2017 For the Diocese of NOVA SCOTIA & PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND EASTERN SHORE REGION April 02 Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia Archdeacon Marilyn Newport, Priest-in-Charge St. Barnabas, Ecum Secum St. John

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Brooklyn Historical Society Othmer Library 128 Pierrepont Street Brooklyn, NY Tel FAX

Brooklyn Historical Society Othmer Library 128 Pierrepont Street Brooklyn, NY Tel FAX ArMs 1977.236 (& 1977.247) Boxes A0183-A0185 RLIN No. (NIC)NYKI590-940-0546 3 document boxes- 1.5 cubic feet Meeker Brothers Land Records Collection 1757-1882 Brooklyn Historical Society Othmer Library

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Minutes of Proceedings of New Jersey Courts. 361 EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF PROCEED- INGS OF NEW JERSEY COURTS.

Minutes of Proceedings of New Jersey Courts. 361 EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF PROCEED- INGS OF NEW JERSEY COURTS. Minutes of Proceedings of New Jersey Courts. 361 EXTRACTS FROM MINUTES OF PROCEED- INGS OF NEW JERSEY COURTS. (Continued from page 224.) Cumberland County. At a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol

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