Flood Q. AE1 & AE2 We Will Remember them! Lest We Forget WHAT'S THE BUZZ? Newsletter 0215 April 2015

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1 Flood Q Newsletter 0215 April 2015 SUBMARINES ASSOCIATION of AUSTRALIA (Victoria Branch Inc) WHAT'S THE BUZZ? I N T H I S I S S U E 1 What's the Buzz? 2 From the Control Room 3 Pix from the year 4 AGM Minutes 5 AGM cont.. Back Page Social Calendar Contacts, etc AE1 & AE2 We Will Remember them! Courtesy of In some cases, the content of this noncommercial newsletter may have been sourced from the 'public domain' internet. There is no intent of plagiarism. 'Thanks' is therefore given to anyone who finds their work herein and also to other contributors. Lest We Forget

2 Page 2 Flood Q - Issue 0215 From the Control Room By Keith (Boot) Hatfield, President SAAV First and Foremost Not getting this in hard copy? That's because we don't post FLOOD Q out. To get a hard copy, ask one of your computer literate buddies-in-boats with internet access to print one out for you. And if you'd like to be added to the ing list, just the secretary (details back page). At this time of Remembrance, I think it poignant to pay tribute to the Australian Submarines AE1 and AE2. Not removing any tribute to all other nations, service men and women who served during WWI and other conflicts. This year we celebrate the centenary of the landings at Gallipoli, we as submariners, can reflect on the loss of AE1 in September 1914, and also the loss of AE2 and the capture and imprisonment of its crew on 30 April Last year the Victorian Branch went to Holbrook to commemorate the centenary of the Australian submarine squadron, it is significant to say it was the most submariners I have ever seen assembled at one time. We have a marvelous opportunity as a branch, to lead the Navy in the Centenary March of the Anzac Day commemorations this year. Let s make the most of it. I reflect on our branch s year with enthusiasm. We have had an excellent year our Christmas Luncheon was on par-excellence with anything we have done. Well done to all concerned, but especially to Al Cooper who found himself catering without Lorraine well done Al. The Executive has been active in the centenary year with laying a wreath and commemoration ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance in September 2014, a visit by the branch to Ballarat to lay 2 wreaths at the Prisoners of War Memorial, on behalf of the AE2 Association and the Submarines Association Australia. Socially we visited Holbrook, of course, and had a magnificent weekend there, we visited Woodend in country Victoria, our Tramcar Restaurant was its usual social success many thanks to our Hon. Sec. for the organisation of these outings and also our visit to the St Kilda RSL. Now we come to Anzac Day arrangements. Meet at Flinders Street, opposite Y&J s from 0800hrs. Step off at Meet after this at the Maori Chief, Moray Street South Melbourne. Bus transport will be available for members from the Shrine. Join the Navy. AND SEE THE SEA Yours Aye Boot 2

3 Flood Q - Issue 0215 Page 3 Pix from the year... Insert lift here

4 Page 4 Flood Q - Issue 0215 Minutes from the AGM Annual General Meeting Held at ESU South Yarra on 22 March Meeting opened at 12:03 with Boats. reading the Submariners Prayer, followed by Tolling the Present Ian Tanner, Joan Jones, Les Thurgood, Charles Bonnett, Stephen Gray, Frederick Bottrell, Mark Oliver, Pat Heffernan, Doug Bews, John Sullivan, Robert Carter, Wayne Stephens, Richard Coathup, Keith Hatfield, Plus 8 Ladies Apologies: Alan & Lorraine Cooper, Bill & Mary Rostron, Tas Belette, Kath Belette, Phillip Lees, Graham Atkinson, Don Parsons, Wayne Oakley, Ian Sinclair, Michael Bennett, Pat Toogood, Ross Cameron, Lee Bond Sick Parade Not Present Marcus Alfonso, Robert Appleton, Andrew Armes, James Arnold, Douglas Austin, William Bacon, Lance Bennett, Patrick Beresford, Kenneth Brazier, Muhammad Breis, Robert Bretherton, Peter Briggs, Patrick Cahill, Timothy Chesterfield, Kevin Christensen, Christopher Cromwell, Barry Davis, Christopher Deeley, Peter Delaney, David Edson, Andrew Fairweather, Roger Faramus, Alban Farrawell, Graham Findlater, Ian Fitzsimmons, Colin Fowler, Andrew Fraser, David Gilbert, Gerry Goodall, John Goss, Miles Greenway, Ken Greig, Paul Hardy, Ian Harvey, Trevor Hillier, Ken Horn, Adrian Jallands, David James, Alan Johnstone, Michael Kearon, John Kendon, Anthony Lillington, Phillip Lowry, Curt Luebker, George Mariotto, Brian Mathews, Darren McMahon, James Moon, George Mullings, Michael Newman, Allan Neyland, Roy Orkney, Anthony Osborne, John Parker, Daniel Parkes, Greg Pennicuik, Lawrence Reeves, Shane Richards, Ken Rylands, Richard Shalders, Gregory Skinner, John Smurthwaite, Ron Sulman, Ian Taber, Ken Waixel, Michael White, Leigh Wicking, Garry Winn, Barry Wright, Shane Wyatt. Minutes of Previous AGM. Read, and confirmed. Moved: Pat Heffernan Seconded: Les Thurgood Business arising from previous AGM Minutes: Nil President s Report for 2014/2015. Keith Hatfield President s address as in: From The Control Room: First and Foremost at the start of the Newsletter. Secretary s Report for 2014/2015. Ian Tanner A very busy year!! April saw us travel up to Holbrook for what amounted to a mini-subcon for ANZAC day and an excellent time was had by all who attended. In May many of us met up for a very pleasant lunch at Woodend with many making use of the train. 4

5 Flood Q - Issue 0215 Page 5 (cont'd)... July we lunched at the Zenith Restaurant in St. Kilda with some die hards venturing back into the RSL for some activity round the pool table. August we convened for our regular VP Day service at the ESU. September we had a big day at the Shrine of Remembrance, marking the 100 th Anniversary of the loss of HMAS AE1. It was a very moving service attended by veterans, dependents and serving members of the RAN. This was followed by another excellent lunch on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant with the usual die hards kicking on to the St. Kilda RSL for more liquid intake. October saw the Sausage sizzlers out in force down at Mornington Branch of Bunnings. Well done the team. November was of course Subcon, though not many from the Branch travelled. At Christmas we held one of the best lunches for many years with some spectacular prizes which included a 2 night stay at the 5 star Sofitel, a voucher for a Crown Restaurant and an original painting by Dacre Smyth. An excellent time was had by all. Correspondence In Invitational to the Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial Letter from the Shrine regarding the AE1 Service Various s concerning National President Correspondence Out Letter to Sofitel Hotel requesting a donation for Christmas Raffle Letter to Crown requesting a donation for Christmas Raffle Letter to Jenny Smyth thanking her for her kind donation of a Painting by her late husband Letter to the Shrine regarding the AE1 Service Members As of 22 March 2015 the Association has 100 members. New members: Wayne Oakley and Lance Bennett.

6 Page 6 Flood Q - Issue 0215 Treasurer s Report for 2014/2015. Bill Rostron (presented by Ian Tanner) At the last AGM, I explained how the branch accounts are organised and administered. I would like to go over those details once again, so that they are clear in everyone s mind. It had been agreed by the Committee, prior to that AGM, that our accounts be transferred to the Bendigo Bank. We now operate two accounts with the Bendigo, our Main Account which holds the bulk of our funds, some $10,000. And an Auxiliary Account which holds a small amount, (usually about $100 - $200) for day to day expenses incurred by the Branch. The Main Account is a cheque account, and all cheques MUST be signed by BOTH President and Treasurer. No-one else has access. The Auxiliary Account is a Debit Card Account, operated by two cards, one held by the Treasurer, and the other card by the Secretary. Besides these accounts, the Social Secretary keeps a small float of cash, to be able to purchase the ingredients for lunches, and also raffle prizes. If the cash float builds up from the sale of lunches and raffle ticket, he pays the excess cash into our Main Account. During the year I have transferred funds from the Main to the Aux. to be able to meet payments from the Aux. and then back into the Main to prevent the Aux. building up. Rather than list all the Withdrawals and Deposits into these accounts throughout the year, the following is a brief outline. On the 23 rd March 2014 at the last AGM, Main Account stood at $10,031.90, and the Aux Acc. was $1, Presently 22 nd March 2015 at this AGM. Main Account is $10, and the Aux Acc. is $ (The reason why the Aux. Acc. in 2014 was inflated to $1, was that there was money in that account for the Holbrook bus) During the year expenses incurred include Bank fees $39.00, Consumer Affairs $51.40, Wreath Shrine $90.00, Wreaths Ballarat $130, Notice in Press $100, Public Liability Ins. Sausage Sizzles $100. We have paid a deposit of $200 to book a table for ten persons for the Anzac Naval Commemorative Ball, at Etihad Stadium, Sat.17 th Oct Cost $130 pp includes all food and usual drinks. Bill Rostron Branch Treasurer Moved: Mark Oliver Seconded: Fred Bottrell Election of Office Bearers The Secretary advised: That Joan Jones had decided to stand down after many years loyal service. The President, Committee and Members thanked Joan for her hard work and commitment to the Association. There being only one nomination, Mark Oliver and with two vacancies, all office positions being filled, I declare these officers elected. Ian Tanner continues as Public Officer. Thank you to the outgoing committee and welcome to our new committee members. The 6

7 Flood Q - Issue 0215 Page 7 following committee members are eligible for, and have been nominated for and have accepted these positions for committee President Keith Hatfield Committee Mark Oliver Vice President Steve Gray Committee Alan Cooper Secretary Ian Tanner Committee Werner Pelka Treasurer Bill Rostron Committee Notices of Motion: Notice of Motion to amend Clause 18 (3) of the Submarine Association Australia (Vic. Inc.) Constitution. 3 Each officer of the Association shall hold office until the Annual General Meeting next after the date of his/her election but is eligible for re-election, except that no person may hold the office of President for more than four consecutive terms. To remove the wording except that no person may hold the office of President for more than four consecutive terms. With the decline of membership and availability of members to become President, I consider it worthwhile to now remove that part of the Constitution and allow eligible members to be re-elected annually, as desired or nominated. Motion moved by: Keith J. Hatfield Seconded by Ian Tanner Motion Carried 12 for 1 Against General Business: ANZAC Day. Step off will be at 0905 from Flinders Street west (Station side). Assembly will be at 0830 (earlier for some of us). On completion of the march, we will assemble at the Maori Chief, Moray Street South Melbourne. Unfortunately the details provided to the RSL were not published for our reunion they were provided in good time. This is a once-in-a-hundred-year opportunity for the Submarines Association Australia to show its stuff please make every effort to attend the march and reunion most of us (if any of us) won t see this again!! Transport was being organised on completion of the march at the Shrine to take us to the Maori Chief. The cost of this transport is $5 head. This cost is being borne by the Association, so please advise Ian Tanner if you require transport, so we can contact the HMAS Sydney Assn to organise Programme The draft programme was discussed at some length with secretary calling for suggestions for social activities. A revised programme will be promulgated in due course. Meeting closed at 12.51

8 The Back Page (Daily Dits ) SAAV Calendar 2015 April 25 Anzac Day. Assemble in Flinders Street (opp. Y&J s) at approx 0800 for 0900 start. Look for the banners. Official gathering afterwards at the Maori Chief. May 3 May 17 Jun 21 Jul 15 Aug 16 Sept 13 Oct 17 Lt Cdr GAG Haggard DSC Memorial Lilydale Lawn Cemetery Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club luncheon BBQ- Williamstown Committee & General Meeting. ESU Social TBC VP Day Commemoration Service, Venue ESU. 12 noon start. AE1 / AE2 Commemoration Shrine of Remembrance (Saturday) ANZAC Naval Commemorative Ball Etihad Stadium QUICK QUIZ The actor who played the captain of Red October was... GENERAL INFO Your Newsletter. 'Flood Q' is the quarterly SAAV newsletter. We welcome articles of interest, old photos, short anecdotes, 'help' notices in seeking an old oppo, and any other item that you would like to share with our sub-group. Send your items to the Flood Q editor Addresses. If you wish to be added to the mailing list, send an with your request to our Hon Secretary Note that due to ongoing costs and the imminent carbon tax, this newsletter does not get snail-mailed to members. Joining the SAAV. We 'generally' meet every month on the third Sunday at the ESU (English Speaking Union) Cnr Walsh St and Toorak Road, South Yarra (refer to the social calendar at the top of this page for actual dates and venues). Membership of the Victoria Branch to National members is free. To become a National member, go to the website and click on 'Membership'. National News. In Depth, the National newsletter, is available for reading on-line or downloading for future reference in pdf format by clicking on the 'In Depth' link when in the Up Periscope website, Submariners Website. Check out to read the Chief Stoker s (Bungy s) Log. This is a great site to hear the latest goss on our globetrotting mates, explore old photos, buy from the slops truck or just to get a load of Bungy bitching. Lists of 'Buddies in Boats' is also a good starting point to catch up with an old stepping oppo. CONTACTS President Keith Hatfield (aka Boot) Secretary Ian Tanner (aka Elsie) Treasurer Bill Rostron Editor Boot CORRESPONDENCE (Hard Copy) To: Secretary Flat 5/343 Beaconsfield Pde., St Kilda West, VIC 3182 President 14 Citrus Place, Hillside, VIC 3037