Trinity Tidings. For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1.

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1 TRINITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Trinity Tidings Page Trinity Tidings SEPTEMBER,, 2016 For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1 Live Free Dear Friends, We were created to be free! Our worth is not found in what we have, what we wear, or in our popularity. Our worth is found in the God who created us and who wants us to experience the full wonder and abundance of God s creation. It is only when we appreciate what God has given us and live our lives on a mission to be good stewards of these gifts that we can experience the freedom God always intended us to have. October 2 will be the beginning of a four-week stewardship emphasis for our congregation called Live Free. We will learn how to become more faithful stewards as we explore what it means to: be free from the money trap; be free to be rich; be free from the uncertainty of riches; and be free to take hold of the life that really is life. Each week we will focus on one of these themes during worship in creative and inviting ways. We hope you will be present each week. And then, on October 30, Celebration Sunday, we will join one another in presenting our estimates or commitments of giving in support of the ministry and mission to which we are called as the Trinity Presbyterian Church congregation and then celebrate with a fellowship luncheon after worship. I Timothy 6:19 says to set our hopes on God, living richly in a deeper sense, thus storing up for [ourselves] the treasure of a good foundation for the future. In Greek the same word means both treasure and foundation. So this quality of living is a priceless treasure and also the solid foundation upon which we can build our individual lives and our life as a community of faith here at Trinity. In your personal prayers and as you gather in fellowship with others, please remember to invite God s guidance as through this special emphasis we consider how God is calling us to Live Free. In Christian fellowship, Hugh Hamilton, Pastor, and Stephen Takeuchi, Stewardship Team Chair

2 Page 2 Trinity Tidings Dear Friends, Thank you so very much for all your prayers for our nephew David this past year and a half. I can t begin to tell you what a blessing it has been for my sister Marcella. His passing this past Thursday has left us grieving for him, but he is no longer suffering. In his last hours he was surrounded by his three children, aunts, cousins and friends. My sister thank you again as do I. Becky & Terry (friends of Jill Clark) Dear Trinity, I have arrived safely back home without much problem. Home is good. Everyone was happy to see me. I had to keep explaining every time to everyone on how everything went. It's great because it makes me recall the memories. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, Ginger, for masterminding this trip with the help of Milly (in South Africa) and the Trinity Church. I do not have the perfect words to describe how this opportunity has impacted and changed my life. I come out of the U.S. as a grown man, developed, motivated, driven and drawn into doing so much for my community. I motivate you to continue the amazing work you do to change young peoples' lives and give them a chance at a better future. Through education in our country, there's no excuse. I will continue updating you about the things I will be doing with the assistance of the Church for the Gugulethu community and the things I will do for my University community in Cape Town. Once again, thank you. Regards, Siya Boto Trinity Presbyterian Women Fall Coffee Guest Speaker: Autumn Beck Blackledge Our Fall Coffee will provide a unique opportunity to become better informed about domestic violence in our community. Our guest speaker will be attorney Autumn Beck Blackledge, who will offer her views on How Domestic Violence is a Chronic Problem in Escambia County. Autumn is a family law attorney, published author, mother of five, and the daughter of Trinity members Greg and Jan Beck. She also serves as a board member at Favor House of Northwest Florida. All Trinity ladies are invited to this informative gathering, which will be held on September 6, a Tuesday, at 10 a.m. in the church parlor. The coffee also offers an opportunity for a glimpse of our missions and ministries, and to usher in our coming year of activities with Presbyterian Women. Refreshments will be provided by our Coordinating Team. Plan to come and enjoy the fellowship, faith and friendships central to Presbyterian Women. HELPING HANDS MINISTRY: If you could use a hand with a project around your home or you're able to lend a hand, please contact Dave Blodgett at or A DVD copy of the Memorial service for Dottie DuBose is available in the Trinity main church office. If you are interested in viewing this DVD, please contact Wendy in the office at ahead of time, and she will make a copy of it for you. Fellowship Bowling! We had 5 bowlers at our August games. Barb Martensen (who seems to do best when the crowd is small) won the prize. Join us Tuesday, September 6 at 6 pm at Cordova Lanes. THE PRAISE BAND is back from hiatus this summer. Rehearsals begin again on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 6:30 PM in the sanctuary. All are invited to come to rehearsals and join! Join us at Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. to help serve dinner! We need you! APNC (Associate Pastor Nominating Committee) Update: Your APNC has been oriented to the PCUSA search process by Joan Wooten, our liaison to Florida Presbytery s Committee on Ministry and we have begun our work. We are utilizing the PCUSA resources for 1) clarifying the leadership competencies Trinity needs in our next staffer, 2) clarifying Trinity s needs and priorities, and 3) gathering the church data and demographics that will help shape our online information form. We solicit your prayers for our work. Members of the APNC are: Greg Landsgaard, Chair; Colette Obray, Internet Chair; Jason Jones, Recording Secretary; Ryan Obray, Stephanie Peterson, Linda Boyd, Robin Akerman, and Sheree Garman.

3 PRAYER CONCERNS Page 3 Trinity Tidings TRINITY MEMBERS Betty Burrows Eileen Crabtree James & Ann Dees Dilver Fellers Jeanne Franz Yvonne Johnson Melanie Hinton Haupt Kenny Heffner Elaine Longuet Lucy Maver Gary Moore Jean Nickinson Ryan Obray Cindy Patterson Vic and Barbara Sapio Ed Shehee and Family Marge Shimmin Tommy Taylor Annette Wells TRINITY FRIENDS & FAMILY Mr. and Mrs. Bob Adamson (friend of M. R. Dobie) Mike Barrington (friend of Joe Black) Gretchen Barron (daughter of Jon & Karen Nagel) Clare Benson (request of Jan Beck) Bill Briggs (request of Joe & Mary Black) Ake Burman (request of Carl Williams) Mike & Janet Butler (request of Annette Wells) Bambi Carter (request of Martha Hauck) Cathy Case and Family (request of Mary Ruth Dobie) Jerry & Cheryl Cozart (request of Sally Zorn) John Connell (friend of Rita Hawthorne) Barbara Cox (request of Janet Behrens) Mary Beth Culp (request of Mary Ruth Dobie) Alice Cushon (request of Marge Shimmin) Michele Dana (friend of Laura Lawrence) Joey Davidson (son of Patty & Gary Davidson) Dr. Art delameren (request of Patty Davidson) Kary Dixon (request of Ed Kidd) Clayton Dodd (friend of Jim Green) Rob Duke and Family (brother of Patty Hightower) Debbie Dungan (niece of Gerry Smith) Judy English (friend of Sandra Buck) Ginny Endicott (sister of Sherrie Davidson) Vince Fisher (friend of Laura Lawrence) Pete Franklin (regular attender) Lynn Fulton (request of Sue Coleman) Tuula Goulet (request of Jean Norman) Paul Grover (friend of Jason Jones) Annie and Alice Gnojek (nieces of Sherrie Davidson) Bret Groves (nephew of Jack Groves) Sherry Hagburg (request of Peggy Watson) Janis Hand (request of Donna Moates) Charles Miner Harrell (request of Jack Lurton) Rose Heath (aunt of Colette Obray) Steve Henderson (request of Karen Nagel) Tom Hereford (request of Jill Clark) Greg Hess (son of Joan Bost) Paul B. Isaacs (request of Patty Davidson) Barbara Isiminger (request of Mary Green) Frank & Norma Johnson (former members) Gwen Jones (sister of Cliff Reeves) The Rev. Dr. Jay Kanerva (son of Stephanie Vockell) Percy Kaigler (request of Pat Griffin) Madeline Laidler (mother of Carol Gilroy) Steve Landsgaard (son of Barbara Landsgaard) Ron Lansley (request of Ed Kidd) Dr. Chris LeCroy and Family (request of Laura Lawrence) Gina Ledford (friend of Joanne & Noel Faddis) Beverly Little (request of Annette Wells) Chase Livingston (request of Patty Davidson) Jerry Lolli (father of Ginnette Lolli) Dr. Ron Maddux (brother of Karen Nagel) Mari Marcanio (request of Annette Wells) Carl McNair (brother of Betty Petree) Bonnie Nock (friend of Kelly Slorahn) Dorothea Novak (request of Marge Shimmin) Greg & Linda Ozmar (request of Martha Hauck) Douglas Pickert (son-in-law of Doc & Billie Bailey) Diane Queen (mother of Monique Queen Smith) Mrs. Jeannie Robinson (request of Marge Shimmin) Marilyn Rogers (friend of Freddie Prettyman) Brian Sakey (friend of Beverly Patteson) Roger Satterfield (request of Carl Williams) Taylor Shaw (grandson of Pat Drlicka) Barbara Street (friend of Jennifer Holman) Donna Stumpe (request of Bert & Hammy Stumpe) Norma Teusink (friend of Kelly Slorahn) Mary Lou Thayer (former Trinity employee) Jonathan Treesh (grandson of Janet Behrens) Lovina Turner (mother of Gail Childs) Dianne Ward (request of Karen Nagel) The Weaver Family (request of Nancy Huggins) Brenda Webb Gordon Webb (friend of Annette Smith Wells) Steve Wiedenbeck (US Army deployed brother of Wendy Davies) Katie Willenborg (family of Melanie & Peter Haupt) Carol Wood (sister of Pat Drlicka) Justin Taylor Wright (request of Ruth White) Paul Young (father of Marilyn Shugart) Please stop by to say a prayer and sign cards in the Prayer Room from Monday 3:00 pm to Thursday 9:00 am. No cards will be available for signing the week of September 5, Cards will be available again on 9/12.

4 Hymnal Dedications for our new Glory To God Hymnals Page 4 Trinity Tidings Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Drinkard Honor of Bertram F Drinkard, Jr (Bobby) Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Drinkard Honor of Bertram F Drinkard Jeff Drinkard Memory of Jane Kennedy Patterson Drinkard Bob & Marianne Palmer, III Honor of Sean Abbott, Lakeview Center Honor of Walter Kemp, Lakeview Center John & Marshall Arrich Memory of Ida Marshall & Carlton Woody Tom Hood Memory of Kathryn Siedentopf Hood Tom Hood Memory of Robert & Alma Siedentopf Steve & Rita Takeuchi Memory of John & Marguerite Lamb Steve & Rita Takeuchi Memory of James & Ruth Takekuchi Ruth White Memory of Michael Hinson White Pat Skaggs Honor of her family Doug & Linda Boyd Memory of Jennifer West Doug & Linda Boyd Memory of Betty & Quentin Roosevelt Doug & Linda Boyd Memory of John & Sarah Mackey Doug & Linda Boyd Memory of Morris & Kent Boyd Doug & Linda Boyd Honor of Beth, Kent, Lauren Boyd Terry & Mary Anne Meier Honor of Foti, Nickolas, Meier Families Bart Byrd Memory of Edith Byrd Bart Byrd Memory of Frances Byrd Marge Shimmin Memory of George & Reba Shimmin Dave & Cathi Muckerman Memory of Sy & Sara Seidler Kevin Pulford Honor of Al & Martha Pulford Doug & Kathy Franz Memory of Richard J Franz Ken & Marilyn Shugart Memory of Lorna Young Jennifer Holman Memory of Mary S. Brewer Bill & Jean Calvert Memory of Ashley Thompson Ann Copenhaver Honor of Liz Copenhaver Walker Bill & Carol Brogdon Ed & Angie Shehee Memory of Gabriel Luke Callahan Ed & Angie Shehee Memory of Lydia Rose Shehee Jon & KarenNagel Helen Nagel Jon & Karen Nagel Vivian Maddux Laura Dees Honor of Ann Dees Laura Dees Honor of James Dees Laura Dees Honor of Tony McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Roger Slorahn Honor of Zachary & Samantha Peterson Kelly Slorahn Memory of Roger Slorahn Janet Audiffred Glory to God Dottie Schwatka Honor of Trinity Children's Choir Beverly Kennedy Honor of Bill Kennedy Marte Picker Orpha Woolley Kathy Webb Memory of Robert Nelson Webb Pat Drlicka Memory of Roger Slorahn Melanie & Peter Haupt Honor of Andrew & Mary Catherine Hinton Jan Williamson Honor Ben & Jan Williamson Family David & Wendy Davies Memory of Roger & Honor of Jean Wiedenbeck Wendy Davies Memory of Rebecca Wiedenbeck Sampson Jean Wiedenbeck Memory of Roger Wiedenbeck Jean Wiedenbeck Memory of Rebecca Wiedenbeck Sampson Leilia Vannoy (2) Memory of Charley Vannoy Ed & Jean Nickinson Honor of Betty & Ted Nickinson Bill & Mary Blanchard Edna Rajotte Hugh & Sandy Hamilton Honor of Jenny Hamilton Hugh & Sandy Hamilton Honor of Lindsay Hamilton Rev. Hugh Hamilton Honor of Sandy Hamilton Hugh & Sandy Hamilton Honor of Dr & Mrs Robert M Scholtes Hugh & Sandy Hamilton Memory Rev & Mrs W H Hamilton,Sr Hugh & Sandy Hamilton Memory Dr & Mrs W H Hamilton,Jr Jimmy & Patty Hightower (2) Memory of Mary & Harvey Fleming Milton & Dona Usry Honor of their grandchildren Dona Usry Honor of Milton Usry Sonny & Martha Ridlehoover (2) Memory of W.A. & Maude Ridlehoover Sonny & Martha Ridlehoover (2) Memory of Wilson & Helen McCluan George & Joyce White (4) Glory of God George & Joyce White Memory of Roger Slorahn Dan & Freddie Prettyman Dan & Freddie Prettyman Bill & Sharon Oakes Preston & Colette Obray Preston & Colette Obray Preston & Colette Obray John & Anne Baehr(2) Annette McArthur Jerry & Annise Mock Judy Davis Pat Drlicka Ashley Thompson Pat Griffin Pat Griffin Stephen & Lori Prettyman Stephen & Lori Prettyman Stephen & Lori Prettyman Gerry Smith Gerry Smith Craig & Connie McFarren Melba Powell Dawn John Pete & Susan Clark Joan Bost Noel & Joanne Faddis Noel & Joanne Faddis Tom & Eileen Mignerey Tom & Eileen Mignerey Bruce & Judy Olson Bruce & Judy Bruce & Judy Olson Mr. & Mrs. Bob Powell Dr. Carol Powell Mr. & Mrs. BobPowell Peggy Watson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Robert Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Robert Snyder Mr. & Mrs. James Day Jan Beck Jan & Gregg Beck Marion James White Marion & Sandy White Sue Coleman Shirley Litzinger Pat & Jane Patterson Dave & Margie Sanders (5) Sue Coleman Jean Norman Jean Norman Peg & Gordon Couch Laura & Scott Lawrence Laura & Scott Lawrence Janet Behrens Mary & Joe Black Gail & Robert Childs Gail & Robert Childs Gail & Robert Childs (2) Gail & Robert Childs Peg & Gordon Couch Butch & Norma Crooke Butch & Norma Crooke Butch & Norma Crooke Butch & Norma Crooke Butch & Norma Crooke Sue & Bo Flanders Sue & Bo Flanders Honor of Mary Lou Prettyman Memory of Lillian B. Kersh Oakes and Starnes Families Honor of Ryan Obray Memory of Robert C. Wanek Honor of Dorothy Aldrich Memory of Frank & Dorothy Rue Memory of Louisa Crow Memory of Dick Litzinger Memory of Dr. Inge Holman Honor of Dr. & Mrs. Albert Drlicka Memory of Ashley Thompson Honor of Pat Patterson's 80th Birthday Honor of Carol Whitcomb Powell Honor of Mimi Sherrill Honor of Dan & Freddie Prettyman Honor of Monique Queen Smith Honor of Berney Smith Honor of Alto Section of Sanctuary Choir Loving Memory of Joseph R.John, M.D. Honor of Gregory Hess Honor of their family Memory of Maria Naomi Faddis Memory Mr & Mrs Walter Marty Memory Dr & Mrs Harry Mignerey Honor of their Grandchildren Honor of Michael, David & Erik Olson Memory their parents Honor of Sarah & Anna Bradley Lozier Memory of Bob Powell Memory of John & Dotty Whitcomb Memory of Margaret Muller Memory of Florine Snyder Memory of Kathryn Marushi Memory of Harold Snyder Honor of Gregg Beck Honor of Wendy Davies (Heart of Trinity) Memory of Susan Boder White Memory of Gary Coleman Memory of Richard Litzinger Memory of Pamela Shartzer Memory of Richard Litzinger Memory of Eldon Norman Memory of their parents Honor of Mallory Lawrence Honor of Lindsey Lawrence Memory of Bill Behrens Memory of Joe E. Smith Memory of Gene Turner Memory of Lovina Turner Memory of Mr. & Mrs. J.F. Childs Memory of James W. Childs Lynn Couch Honor of Atalynne Crooke Honor of Rachel & Chris Crooke Honor of Shaner & Blair Crooke Honor of Kylie,Sarah Ashley & Gracie Crooke Honor of Ansley, Megan & Emma Crooke Memory of Inge Holman Memory of Roger Slorahn

5 Page 5 Trinity Tidings Linda & Fred Gamble Charlie & Carol Gilroy Charlie & Carol Gilroy Charlie & Carol Gilroy Charlie & Carol Gilroy Charlie & Carol Gilroy Charlie & Carol Gilroy Richard Jackson Sally Lee Kathleen & Flack Logan Kathleen & Flack Logan Barbara & Joe Martin Barbara & Joe Martin Aline & David Nicholson Bob & Marianne Palmer Bob & Marianne Palmer Zachary & Samantha Peterson Stephanie & Scott Peterson Ann Vick (2) Dale Zorn & daughters Andrew & Mary Catherine Hinton Andrew & Mary Catherine Hinton Mary & John McWilliams Al & Martha Pulford Deborah Young Doris & John Opdyke Dave & Martha Lee Blodgett Ed & Joy Kidd Ed & Jean Nickinson Ray & DotYoung Sandra & Tom Buck Sue & Richard Peden Karen & Jon Nagel Pam Thompson Ann Copenhaver Mary & Bill Blanchard Barbara Beavers Sandra Holman Earl & Rita Hawthorne Ed & Ginger Moore Gail & Frank Winn Gail &Frank Winn Gail & Frank Winn Gail & Frank Winn Gail & Frank Winn Bert & Hammy Stumpe Memory of Mary Ann Miller Garber Honor of God our Father Memory of James Andrew Gilroy Memory of Paul Seighman Gilroy, Sr. Memory of Vallie Jane Keller Gilroy Memory of Madeline Theresa Lieb Laidler Memory of William Lee Laidler, Sr Memory of Robert Lee Logan Honor of Kelly Flack Logan Memory of Jack & Ellen Lupo Memory of Arland & Edward Martin In Thanksgiving Memory of Robert C. Palmer, Jr. Honor of Lindsey LaBorde, Laura & Carolyn Palmer Memory of Roger"Papa"Slorahn Honor of Samantha & Zachary Peterson Honor of Judy Davis Honor of Kevin, Kyle, Corey Pulford Memory of Dick Litzinger Honor of Elizabeth Kitchens, Lakeview Center Honor of David Josephs, Lakeview Center Memory of Jake Vick Memory of Lynne Zorn Mr & Mrs H.O. Hinton Mr & Mrs W.H.Casey Honor of Morgan & Anne Bunch Memory of Clara Missildine Henry H. Wison Honor of Trinity Music Programs Memory of K. Inge Holman, M.D. Honor of their family Memory of Tommy Linane Winn Honor of Bonnie Winn Bucco Honor of Nikki Marie Bucco Honor of Tommy Olindo Bucco Honor of Ricky Bucco, III Memory of Dick Litzinger Honor of Shirley Litzinger

6 Happy September Birthdays Page 6 Trinity Tidings 1 Danny Guidroz 4 Carol Gilroy 4 Lindsay Hamilton 5 Robert Cook 5 James Dees 5 Annette Wells 7 Dot Couch 8 Alex Jones 11 Bert Stumpe 11 Shirley Litzinger 12 Brandon McFarren 13 Walter Urquhart 13 Michael Comerford 13 Logan Drinkard 13 Addie Clark 14 Stephanie Vockell 14 Rita Hawthorne 15 Andrew McCreary 17 Marion White 18 Sharon Robbins 20 Bert Smith 20 Reid Gatyas 22 Sharon Kerrigan 23 Alison John 23 Jonathan Sanderson 24 Doris Opdyke 25 Katie Fox 26 Jonathon Miller 26 Mary Beckett Jones 26 Baylor Jones 27 Leslie Reeves 29 Ona Gilbert 29 Teddy Baars 29 Cheryl Kenan 29 Sally Baker 30 Paul Caro 30 Sonny Ridlehoover 30 Tom Mignerey 30 Lindsey Lawrence ART in the LIBRARY - Ed Kidd is the featured artist in the Trinity Library! Born and raised in Kentucky. Graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Master's Degree in Art Education. Taught Art at Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, TN and at the Alabama School for the Blind in Talladega, AL. We moved to Pensacola in 1983 and joined Trinity in Trinity has been a major part of our lives since that time. He has served on Session and sings in the Trinity Chancel choir. Ed enjoys all art activities -- Painting, drawing, leather work, knife making, building fly rods, decorating Ukrainian eggs, calligraphy, wood working, sewing, photography. He has made thrown pottery. He also likes to fish and enjoys anything to do with horses. He has a 1948 Chevrolet truck he is restoring. Ed has 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters. Grief Support Group How do you understand grief when your heart is broken by the death of a loved one? To survive and live forward, those who grieve must find answers. Beyond the Broken Heart is a support group for those who are grieving the death of a loved one and are in need of a community to share the loneliness of grief. Scriptural wisdom will be used to explore the issues of grief and offer spiritual encouragement for a life of renewed hope and joy. The group will also offer some specific coping strategies to guide the way back to fullness of life. If you are grieving the death of a loved one, please join us on the journey through grief. Meeting Dates: Mondays from Sept. 14 Nov. 21, 2106 Time: 3-5:00 PM Location: Trinity Parlor Leaders: Dale Zorn, Sally Zorn, Jean Norman, Sue Coleman Please Sally at or call to leave a message Legacy Fund We are continuing to highlight the difference that the Legacy fund and Trinity have made locally, nationally and internationally. Last month you may remember that we looked at a joint project with ECARE, Little Rock Baptist Church and Trinity. This month we would like to discuss Legacy Grant Application to replace and upgrade the Pastors furniture. In 2015, the Personnel Committee sponsored a $7, application to replace worn and dated furniture in the senior and associate Pastors offices to improve functionality and appearance. With the number of visitors to the pastors in their offices and the meetings held by the pastors in their offices, the furniture was showing its age. Replacement had been long overdue and needed to provide our pastors with inviting and functional offices. In August of 2015, the Session approved this grant request giving our pastors the functional décor that they need. Please watch for this column in the months ahead to learn more about the difference the Legacy Fund is making. If you have suggestions for future initiatives funded by the Legacy Fund, please talk to a member of the staff, session or legacy committee. Please remember that Legacy Funds are dedicated to projects outside the normal Church budget. To learn more about legacy fund priorities go to our webpage at Legacy Committee: Jan Beck, Jean Norman, Steve Takeuchi, Bob Palmer, Giles Yokel and Leah McCreary. Ex Officio members are Hugh Hamilton, Ruth White and Sharon Robbins.

7 Page 7 Trinity Tidings GREETINGS YOUTH! We hope you all are getting back into the swing of school and we are excited to be back up and running with youth activities. We look forward to seeing you all each week. What an amazing month August was. Thank you all for your attendance and input at retreat. While we got the calendar for the year was planned some fun was had as well. The adults had a great time getting to know you all better. We are looking forward to a wonderful year that will incorporate fellowship activities, explorations, service within the community and with our congregation. You will hear from myself as well as your Senior High Coordinators, Robin & Daniel Akerman, and Mid-High Coordinators, Stephanie & Clayton Connors with updates throughout the months. On 9/11 we will bake cookies together and then the senior highs and mid-highs will spit up to deliver to service men and women. What a wonderful way to remember this day by caring for those that protect us. You will see the full list of activities here for the month of September. We look forward to supporting you all as you grow in your relationship with Christ and having lots of fun this year! Peace, Leah SENIOR HIGH CALENDAR September 4 Labor Day Weekend Movie after Church September 11 5:30 p.m. Bake cookies and deliver to service men and women September 18 Activity TBD September 25 Host Dinners & Connection Article MID HIGH CALENDAR September 4 Labor Day Weekend, No Activity September 11 5:30 p.m. Bake cookies and deliver to service men and women September 18 Exploration: Change September 25 Rock Climbing at Weatherford s Plan your Christmas Giving Early this Year Children and Youth Service Project We are collecting donations, each week to fill shoe boxes. Collection Box will be available in the Narthex Cash donations are welcomed to cover shipping costs. September 11 th : Bar Soap in plastic bag or soap dish September 18 th : Washcloths September 25 th : Brushes & Combs October 2 nd : Soccer Ball & Pump October 16 th : Soccer Ball & Pump October 23 rd : Soccer Ball & Pump October 30 th : Small Cars, Dolls, or Music Instruments November 6 th : PACKING DAY Specialty boxes are appreciated. Boxes with supplies for handiwork are great for older children. These specialty boxes could include tools, sewing, drawing or beading supplies.

8 Go to the PDA website to make direct contributions and click Give Now. Page 8 Trinity Tidings

9 Upcoming Montreat Conferences Page 9 Trinity Tidings Montreat, a Presbyterian Conference Center located in the beautiful North Carolina mountains near Asheville, holds wonderfully spiritual events and retreats year-round. If you are interested in learning more about Montreat or the Conferences and Retreats held there, please check out or call Wendy in the Trinity church office at (850) Bolded Conferences have been attended by Trinity people in prior years. Let us know of your interest! Montreat Conference Center Schedule Upcoming Conferences 2016: Sept 7-10 American Presbyterian Congo Mission, 125 Years Sept Worship and the Arts: Advent to Lent Oct 2016-Oct 2017 St. John s Bible on display at Montreat Oct 2-7 Road Scholar Oct 2-7 Fall Craft Week Oct DISGRACE: Seeking God s Grace Amid the Disgrace of Racism Oct Wee Kirk Conference Oct Healthy Congregations Oct Spiritual Formation Retreat: Practicing Sabbath Oct 30-Nov 4 Road Scholar Nov South Carolina Presbyteries Minister/Educator Retreat Nov 27-Dec 2 -Road Scholar Dec 4-9 Road Scholar 2017 Conferences: (subject to change) Jan 2-5, 2017 College Conference at Montreat Feb Ski Weekend for Youth Feb Spiritual Formation Retreat: Illuminating the Text March Road Scholar April 2-5 April 9-14 Road Scholar April Spiritual Formation Retreat: Liturgy of the Hours April Montreat April 30-May 5 Road Scholar May 5-6 Reformation 500 Conference May 8-13 The Arts, Recreation and Worship Conference May Road Scholar May 28-June 2 Road Scholar June 4-Aug 6 Summer Worship Series June 4-10 Youth I June Youth II June Worship & Music I June 25-July 1 Worship & Music II July 5-9 C.E. Certification Course July 9-15 Youth III July Youth IV July Middle School Maryville College July Youth V July 30-Aug 5 Youth VI Aug 6-11 Road Scholar Aug Women s Connection Aug Road Scholar Aug 27-Sept 1 The Art of Transitional Ministry Sept Road Scholar Sept Worship and the Arts Oct 1-6 Road Scholar Oct 1-6 Fall Craft Week Oct 9-12 Radical Beauty: Living in the Tension of Healing and Social Change Oct Wee Kirk Conference Oct Healthy Congregations Oct Columbia Theological Seminary Spiritual Formation Oct Union Family Reunion Oct 29-Nov 3 Road Scholar Nov 5-10 Road Scholar Dec 3-8 Road Scholar Dec Road Scholar

10 Page 10 Trinity Tidings Congregational Care Mission Statement The mission of the Congregational Care Team is to recognize and assist in meeting the needs of our members and, with God s help, respond with Christian love and compassion. Alzheimer s Support Group: This open loving group meets on the last Monday of the month at 10:00 am. This is open to anyone touched by Alzheimer s. Prayer services of hope and healing are held throughout the year. Sharon Oakes Grief Support Group: Beyond the broken heart is a support group for those grieving the death of a love one. If you are grieving please join us on the journey through grief. First meeting will be Sept. 14 at 3:00 in the Trinity Parlor Sally & Dale Zorn Elder Shepherds: This is a way for the church, through the elders and other volunteers, to remain in contact with all members of the congregation. Peggy Watson delivery to our sick, hospital- Flower Ministry: Flowers from Sunday services are arranged for ized, shut-ins, and to families on joyous occasions. Alison John Hospital Ministry: Volunteers visit church members who are hospitalized and offer prayers and encouragement. Upon discharge they are provided soup as needed. Sharon Oakes Meals for Individuals with Special Needs: Provide meals for members who are in need due to unexpected circumstances or assistance for those recovering from illness or surgery Sue Coleman, Sandy White Soup Ministry: Home-made soup is delivered to any member of Trinity and Trinity Learning Center as needed Sandy White, Linda Ayres, Sue Coleman Memorial Receptions: After the loss of a family member, the memorial reception team organizes and provides refreshments for the family and guests in the church parlor following the service. Dave & Stephanie Vockell Prayer Card Ministry: Individuals gather every Monday afternoon to unite in prayer for anyone in need. Cards and Bible verses are written and sent to those who have been lifted up in prayer. New births, new members, and thanksgiving for blessings are also honored with cards of celebration. Dawn John, Sally Zorn Helping Hands: If you could use a helping hand with a project around your home (or are able to lend a Helping Hand ) contact Dave Blodgett Small Group Ministry: Small Groups are sharing/nurturing groups of people, who seek to grow in Christ-likeness through study, prayer, and service. Some meet weekly and others meet monthly in various settings and formats. Aline Nicholson Transportation Ministry: Transportation is offered to ambulatory members in need of a ride to Sunday school, Worship Service, and other scheduled church activities. Ruth White Outreach Home Ministry: Communication and interaction with those members who are homebound or have special needs. Sandra Stokes Peggy Watson, Congregational Care Team Chairperson,

11 STEWARDSHIP I AM A PERCENT! Page 11 Trinity Tidings I am a percent. I can help you live a fuller life. There are one hundred of me. If you live all one hundred of me selfishly, You will soon realize that your life is unsatisfactory, But, if you use some of me in time, talent and treasure for others, Then you will find a satisfaction in life that is unknown, When you keep all of me for yourself. As a percent of your time, I can help others, your family, your community and your church. As a percent of talent, I can be used to enhance the work of your community, your church, your country. As a percent of your treasure, I can go where you cannot go; I can provide a service you cannot provide; I can feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and share the Gospel of love. As a percent I can help you live life abundantly. I can help your church become what you really want it to be. I can help your church do what Christ calls it to do. How can I do all this? Well, it is simple. Ask yourself, How much of me do you now use of your time, talent and treasure. Then make the commitment of a percent 1, 2, 3 or more. Set growth in giving goals. Take a step at a time, upwards. Invest in hope, test your faith, attempt much for Christ. Lift others burdens. Trust God. To make it possible for you to do this, use me. I am a percent of your time, talent and treasure.

12 Trinity Presbyterian Church 3400 Bayou Boulevard Pensacola, FL (850) FAX (850) Page 12 Trinity Tidings September 1, 2016 Please visit us at Senior Pastor The Rev. Dr. Hugh Hamilton Music Director Wayne Millet Organist Margie Sanders Administrator/Controller Sharon Robbins Trinity Learning Center (850) Anna Kay Shirah, Director Administrative Assistant Wendy Davies September 7, 2016 begins our Wednesday Night Suppers! Join us for programs and activities for all ages! Make your reservation for the 5:30 supper by filling out the card in the pew rack on Sundays, or call the church office at prior to noon on Mondays! September 7 Menu: salad bar, fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, string beans, ice cream.