Status Key. Section VI, Part I South Carolina Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church Ministerial Appointments

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1 Section VI, Part I South Carolina Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church Ministerial Appointments By authority of The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, I hereby fix these appointments for the South Carolina Annual Conference for the conference year. As commissioned, licensed, consecrated or ordained members of the covenant of ministry, let us offer ourselves without reserve to the responsibilities and opportunities of these appointments. Status Key L. Jonathan Holston Resident Bishop South Carolina Annual Conference June 6, 2018 AL Administrative Location ( 359) AM Associate Member ( 322, 369.1, 635.2h) AF Affiliate Member ( 334.5, 344.4, 586.4) DC Deaconess ( ) DM Diaconal Minister (2004 Discipline ( 369.1) DR Retired Diaconal Minister (consecrated under provisions of 1992 or earlier Discipline ( 357) FD Deacon in full connection ( 330) FE Elder in full connection ( 335) FL Full-time Local Pastor ( 318.1) HL Honorable Location\Honorable Location Retired ( 358.1, 358.3) LM Certified Lay Minister ( 268) OA Associate Member of other Annual Conference ( 346.1) OD Deacon Member of other annual conference ( 331.8) OE Elder Member of other annual conference or other Methodist denomination ( 346.1) OF Full Member of other denomination ( 346.2) OP Provisional Member of other Annual Conference OR Retired Member of other Annual Conference ( 346.1) PD Provisional Deacon ( 324, 325) PE Provisional Elder ( 324, 325) PL Part-time Local Pastor ( 318.2) RA Retired Associate Member ( 357) RD Retired Deacon in Full connection ( 357) RE Retired Full Elder ( 357) RP Retired Provisional Member ( 357) (prior to Jan 1, 2013) RL Retired Local Pastor ( 320.5, 327.7) Not a Disciplinary Code: SY Other Supplies Used by GCFA for assigned pastors

2 Anderson District (49 charges; 73 churches) Steve A. Patterson Jr., District Superintendent 1 ABBEVILLE: Bells J. Scott Allen (OF/FL)(346.2) 1 Grace Jason G. Wilson 9 Main Street Brian J. Arant 4 Sharon-Smyrna Daniel K. Fortney (OF/FL)(346.1) 3 ANDERSON: Anderson Circuit Annie K. Jackson (PL) (1/2) 1 (Mount Pleasant, Mount Sinai, Emmanuel) North Anderson Charge Cyrus D. Rogers (RE) 5 SY (Carol Burdette) 8 (John Wesley, Sandy Springs) Homeland Park SY (Mari Gonlag) (1/4) 1 Marshall Memorial-Ebenezer Charge Marguerite K. Kempie Shepard (RE) 4 New Hope Steven M. King 1 South Main Chapel and Mercy Center Kurt L. Stutler (OF/FL)(346.2) 5 St. John s Kitty Cooper Holtzclaw 3 Minister of Congregational Care Herb E. Franklin (RE) 3 Thompson Centennial-Fairfield Charge Hal B. Johnson (PL) (1/2) 2 Toxaway Freda A. Brock (PL) (1/2) 3 Trinity Mary V. Teasley 5 Zion Beverly CroweTipton 3 BELTON: Latimer Memorial William W. Culp III 3 Union Grove Amy D. Bratton 7 CALHOUN FALLS: Calhoun Falls Robert Eubanks (RE) 1 (Effective January 1, 2019) CENTRAL: Mount Zion Eugene A. Aiken 4 CLEMSON: Clemson Frances M. Elrod 1 Associate Patrick H. Kelley (RL) 7 Pastor of Spiritual Formation James L. Morgan 2 Campus Minister Steven P. Simoneaux Jr. 6 Lawrence Chapel Mollie B. Reddic 1 DUE WEST: Gilgal-Shiloh Joe D. Durham (RL) (1/4) 2 Brenda W. Durham (PL) (1/4) 2 EASLEY: Arial-Tabor Roger M. Gwinn (RL) 15 Bethesda Dan L. Batson 3 Easley Charge Doris R. Bright 3 (Easley Chapel, John Wesley) Fairview-St. Paul J. Kevin Gorry (RE) 3 First Church Kenneth D. Owens 1 Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries Deana Gentry (FD) (1/2) 1 (Effective Nov. 1, 2018) St. Andrew Jeffrey W. Childress 3 HONEA PATH: Chiquola-Donalds Fred N. Treaster (RE) 5 Trinity Gayle M. Summey 7 IVA: Bethel-Ruhamah Richard C. Somerville (PL) (1/2) 2 LIBERTY: Liberty-Zion Peggy J. Garland (RE) 1

3 PENDLETON: Pendleton A. Melton Arant Jr. 6 Pendleton Charge Alfred T. Wright (RA) 1 (Bethel, Central) PICKENS: Grace David C. Taylor 2 Mount Bethel-Porter s Chapel Richard W. Waldrep 7 PIEDMONT: Shiloh George H. Donigian 1 SALEM: Salem Gregg S. Varner (RL) 4 SENECA: Ann Hope-Friendship Steven Matthew Turner (FL) 2 New Harmony-Robinson Chapel Bernetha W. Orr (PL) (1/2) 3 St. Mark Henry M Todd Davis IV 3 Associate Shawna M. Darnall 3 STARR: Starr Charge Chuck Blowers (SY) 1 (Hebron, Starr) TOWNVILLE: Dickson Memorial Judy C. Hames 5 WALHALLA: St. Luke Kevin B. Lindley 1 WESTMINSTER: Double Springs-Rock Springs Ronald J. Massey (PL) (1/2) 14 Hopewell-Zion Charge James R. McDowell (PL) 1 Westminster-Chicopee Joseph E. Allinder (OR)(346.1) 7 WILLIAMSTON: Grace-Pelzer Gregory Lee Cole Jr. (PL) (1/2) 1 Williamston Charge Clara M. Gary (RL) 9 (New Golden Grove, Moores Chapel, St. James) APPOINTMENTS TO EXTENSION MINISTRIES Within the Connection: Patterson Jr., Steve A. District Superintendent, Anderson District 1 Approved by United Methodist Endorsing Agency: Shugart, Steven L. Clinical Chaplain, SC National Guard, First Easley CC 9 Other Valid Ministries: Bentley, Ronald Eugene Pickens County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs, St. Paul CC 1 APPOINTED TO ATTEND SCHOOL: None APPOINTED IN OTHER ANNUAL CONFERENCES Boatwright, Megan Augustine Associate, Christ UMC, Knoxville TN, Holston Conference 2 Spurrier, Ryan G. Campus Minister UNC, Chapel Hill NC, Clemson CC 4 LEAVE OF ABSENCE Ray, Keith D. 1 FAMILY LEAVE: None SABBATICAL LEAVE: None MEDICAL LEAVE Petry, Scott 8 RETIREMENT Retired Ministers Allinder, Joseph E. Ashmore, E. Warren Bowling Jr., Ralph T. Bryant Jr., T. Lee Bynum, William H. Cannon, Barry W. Carlisle, Robert N. Claytor, Robert B. Cleasby, Bruce

4 RETIREMENT Retired Ministers (continued) Cox, H. Michael Durham, Joe D. Ethridge, Bobbie R. (FD) Eubanks, Robert L. Farley, William B. Ferguson, Clifford, F. Ford, Julian R. Franklin, E. Herbert Freeman, John M. Gary, Clara M. Gorry, J. Kevin Gwinn, Roger M. Hartsell, Franklin D. Hendry, Joyce S. Kelley, Patrick H. Leppard, James F. Lewis, Sinclair E. Marsh, Ed C. Marsh, Eileen C. McAuley, Robert E. McCoy Sr., Franklin DeWitt McNatt, Linda M. Medlin, Anthony Steele Mims, Louis M. Mitchell, Paul C. Mitchell, W. Terry Morgan, Steven D. Murphy, A. Wesley Padgett, Clarence D. Patterson, Stanley B. Pearce, Roger Wayne Shattuck Sr., Leslie J. (RL) Shepard, Frederick J. Shepard, Marguerite K. Stillwell, Robert E. Thompson, Leon E. Thompson, Morris C. Vandiver, Michael L. Varner, Gregg S. Workman, George M. (HonLocRet) Retired Missionaries: None DIACONAL MINISTRY Diaconal Ministers: Brashear, Carolyn Elaine Program Director, Director of Christian Education, Trinity CC 21 Retired Diaconal Ministers: Fuhr, Ann Barton Lawrence Chapel CC 16 DEACONESSES Active: Bruder, Carol Coordinator of Wellness Ministry, Grace UMC, Pickens 4 Retired: Edens, Mary Lou Main Street, Abbeville CC 17

5 Charleston District (62 charges; 77 churches) Sandra Stevens-Poirel, District Superintendent 3 BONNEAU: Berkeley Circuit James Lewis (PL) (1/2) 2 (Eccles, Hoods Chapel) CHARLESTON: Aldersgate Erik K. Grayson 5 Asbury-St. James Timothy G. Shaw (PL) (1/2) 13 Bethany Cindy Muncie (PE) 1 Bethel Susan P. Leonard 1 Associate John Hipp (RE) (1/2) 1 Centenary Lorenzo Moses (1/4) 15 Charleston Korean Yon Taek Bae 8 Cherokee Place Ellen A. Younker (RE) (1/2) 9 Cokesbury Megan L. Gray 7 Epworth Timothy S. Reeves (OE)(346.1) 2 Grace Richard A. Broomall 9 Associate Katherine A. Brock (FD) 8 John Wesley W. Michael Bruce 3 Associate Karen Lail Jones (FD) 3 Midland Park James Hyatt Jr. (RE) (1/2) 3 Mount Carmel Carlton J. McClam Sr. 9 New Francis Brown Morris Waymer Jr. 3 North Charleston Richard H. Reams 2 Old Bethel Timothy J. Bowman 13 St. Andrews Parish W. Brad Gray 7 St. Mark Michael S. Bingham 3 Trinity Michael D. Wood (PL) (3/4) 1 Washington William M. Wrighten (3/4) 8 Wesley Julius L. McDowell 1 CROSS: Cross Major Brown III 5 (Jerusalem, Zion) Friendship Bryan W. Pigford (PL) (1/2) 4 Greater St. Paul Alfonza Jones Sr. (FL) 11 EDISTO ISLAND: Edisto Island-Wesley Memorial Kevin P. Stroop 4 FOLLY BEACH: Folly Beach Randall W. Horres (FL) 4 GOOSE CREEK: Goose Creek Frances Debra Dowdle (AM) 19 St. James Miyoung Paik 1 HOLLYWOOD: Ravenel Len Ripley (RL) (1/4) 1 (Effective Aug. 1, 2018) Wesley Dwight A. Nelson 1 HUGER: New Church Start Cainhoy Wendy Hudson Jacoby 2 St. Thomas Charge Shawn B. Chestnut 3 (New Hope, Stewart Chapel, Zion) ISLE OF PALMS: First Thomas W. Smith 6 JAMESTOWN: Jamestown Laura N. Benson (PL) (1/2) 3 (Mount Zion, New Hope, St. James) JOHNS ISLAND: Johns Island Parish Pattie E. Gordon 1 (Bethlehem-St. James, New Webster) Wesley Eleanora C. Ellington 1


7 LADSON: Wesley Enrique R. Gordon 1 McCLELLANVILLE: Sewee-Santee Charge Jack Bailey (RE) 1 (Effective Sept. 16, 2018) (McClellanville, Ocean Grove, Wren s Chapel) MONCKS CORNER: Centenary Darlene M. Richardson (PL) (1/2) 9 Ebenezer Janice L. Mabey (PL) (1/2) 3 Joshua Mae Frances Taylor 13 Moncks Corner Jeremy L. Howell 1 Smyrna David Smith (RE) 1 (1/4) (Effective February 1, 2019) MOUNT PLEASANT: Hibben Ray P. Litts 4 Associate Walter E. Strawther 4 Point Hope Elizabeth Sullivan (OP)(346.1) 1 PINOPOLIS: Pinopolis Doug O. Benton (AM) 1 Wesley Lillian Washington (RE) 3 RIDGEVILLE: Lebanon Charge Kenneth C. Burr (RL) 8 (Lebanon, Spring Hill) ST. STEPHEN: All Saints Charge Clayton Jones (PL) (1/2) 3 (Cordesville, New Light) Bethel Cindy S. Shaw (PL) (1/2) 9 Mount Nebo Richard Irving (PL) (1/2) 3 St. Stephen Charge Kris Bergmann (PL) (1/2) 3 (Rehoboth, St. Stephen) Jehovah Tony Richardson, (PL) ( 4 (2/ 1 SUMMERVILLE: New Church Start Ashley Ridge Bethany D. Mitch Houston 3 Associate Narcie M. Jeter 1 Boone Hill Steve A. Garner (FL) 4 Enoch Chapel-Grove Hall (Enoch Chapel) Victoria Richardson (PL) (1/4) 14 (Grove Hall) Virginia B. Stafford (PL) (1/4) 15 Knightsville Robert Harper (FL) 2 New Hope David N. Phillips (FL) 3 Stallsville Robin A. Griffeth 5 Summerville Parish Lillie K. Davis 1 (Murray, Wesley) APPOINTMENTS TO EXTENSION MINISTRIES Within the Connection: Meadows, S. Aaron Director, Charleston Wesley Foundation, Cokesbury, Charleston CC 5 Stevens-Poirel, Sandra District Superintendent, Charleston District 3 Taylor, Kelli W. Vice President for Campus Ministry and Community Engagement, Methodist University, Fayetteville, NC 4 Approved by United Methodist Endorsing Agency: Everson, Jason D. Chaplain, US Navy, Chapel of Hope, Yokosuka, Japan, Isle of Palms CC 2 Grant, George Henry Director of Research in Faith and Health, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, Bethel CC 19 Moses, Lorenzo Chief Chaplain, Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, Centenary CC 24 Other Valid Ministries: Jones, Andrew Thomas (FD) Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator, Homestead Hospice of Charleston (3/4-time 9/7/2017) 2 Mazyck, Bernett W. (FD) President and CEO, South Carolina Association of Community Development Corporations, Murray CC 6 APPOINTED TO ATTEND SCHOOL Harward, Kayla Working on PhD in England; part-time appointment to the North West Durham Circuit (effective October 2018) 1 APPOINTED IN OTHER ANNUAL CONFERENCES White Jr., Charles Gordon Memorial, Nashville, TN, Wesley Younges Island CC 4

8 LEAVE OF ABSENCE Byrd, Thomas Clifton (FD) CC Cherokee Place, North Charleston 3 Burgess, Adriane Bethany, Summerville CC 2 Flessas, Daniel Trinity CC 4 FAMILY LEAVE: None SABBATICAL LEAVE: None TRANSITION LEAVE: None MEDICAL LEAVE Taylor, Marvin 9 RETIREMENT Retired Ministers: Alewine, James Edwin Bailey, Harold Jackson Belec, J. Peter Bines, Lee Blackwell, Theodore E. (RL) Blocker, R. Richard Brisbon, David A. Burr, Kenneth (RL) Busch, George P. Cash, H. Carroll (RL) Clendaniel, Donald Cubie, James (RL) Davis, Gloria R. Davis Sr., R. Glenn (RA) Derrick, Barbara A. Dingle, Shirley (RL) Edwards, Annette C. Fender, Genevieve M. (RL) Garrett, Jo Ann (RL) Hendricks, J. Kirkwood Hipp, John W. Hughes, Elizabeth C. Hughes, Jessie Clark Hunter, James C. Hunter, Kathryn O Shields Hyatt, James Ivey, Ruth Ann (FD) James, David Jefferson, Ethel Gethers Kulik, Roye Lynn Lee, Robert E. (RA) Locklair, Josephine M. McFadden, Vivian Miller, Bonnie (RL) Mills, F. David Myers, John David Nix, A. Robert Ratledge, Jackie S. (FD) Ripley III, Leonard (RL) Rodeffer, Larry William Rogers-Berry, Richard Smith, David S. Smith, Debra Quilling Stanton, Talmadge Stockman, Roy M. Tanner Jr., William (RL) Washington, Lillian Wilson Jr., Harlan E. Wilson, Rufus L. (RL) Younker, Ellen A. Retired Missionaries: None DIACONAL MINISTRY Diaconal Ministers: None Retired Diaconal Ministers: None DEACONESSES Active: None Retired: None

9 Columbia District (56 charges; 64 churches) Catherine Jamieson, District Superintendent 5 BLYTHEWOOD: Trinity Clyde E. Scott 3 Associate Cheryl Rhodes (RE, Virginia Conference) (1/2) 1 (Effective Feb. 1, 2019) Upper Richland Charge Will Altman II (PL) (1/2) 1 (Beulah, Oak Grove) Zion J. Scott Matthews (PL) (1/4) 1 CAYCE: Cayce Benjamin W. Herlong 2 CHAPIN: Chapin Joseph D. Flowers 18 COLUMBIA: Asbury Memorial Cynthia C. Taylor 3 Ashland Tresco E. Shannon 3 Bethel Julie Songer Belman 1 Bluff Road Daniel T. Hembree (OF/PL)(346.2) (1/2) 6 College Place Fadetra H. Boyd 1 Columbia Korean Woongchul Daniel Ra (FL) 1 Epworth Memorial Pamela Richardson (PE) 1 Fair Lawn Scott M. Bratton 7 Francis Burns James L. Friday 3 Grace Murray A. Snow 4 Greene Street Robert H. Walker (PL) ( 1/4) 2 Heyward Street Tammy A. Blom (OF/PL)(346.2) (1/2) 3 I. DeQuincey Newman Jack C. Washington (RE) 5 Journey George A. Ashford 12 Lebanon Angela M. Etheredge-Erwin 2 Main Street Robert H. Walker Jr. (PL) (1/4) 5 Mill Creek-McLeod Sharon L. Long (PL) (1/2) 8 North Columbia Charge Joey B. Gambrell (PL) (1/2) 2 (Mount Pleasant, St. Luke, St. John) Northeast Paul Mac Kinnett 3 Rehoboth Connie N. Barnes 2 Shandon C. Smoke Kanipe 3 Associate James A. Grubb 1 Associate Carly K. Wicklund 5 Minister of Music and Arts Donald E. Huss Jr. (FD) 8 St. Mark John B. Adams (PL) (1/2) 4 Suber Marshall Memorial E. Reggie Rowell (RE) 2 Trenholm Road Joel R. Jones 1 Music Associate/Church Organist Sarah T. Fletcher (FD) (3/4) 10 Virginia Wingard Memorial Scott W. Smoak 5 Washington Street Patricia J. Parrish 3 Associate for Nurture & Discipleship Development Alston F. Lippert (PL) (1/2) 2 Associate Minister of Children & Family Ministries Taylor Driskell Pafford (OD)(346.1) 2 Wesley Tiffany D. Knowlin 4 Whaley Street Joe Cal Watson (RE) 2 Windsor Leatha W. Brown 1

10 ELGIN: West Kershaw Stewart C. Kidd Jr. (PL) (1/2) 3 (Ebenezer, Salem, Smyrna) GILBERT: Beulah Anthony S. Rowell 6 Gilbert Christine Reeves-Pendergrass 2 Pond Branch Andrew C. Martin 1 Shiloh J. Christopher Greene 7 IRMO: Salem Gary D. Phillips 3 Shady Grove Tammy N. Grey (PE) 1 Union Stephen P. Taylor 3 Associate Jeri Katherine Warden-Sipes 3 LEESVILLE: Rehoboth Nicholas D. Perez (PL) (1/2) 2 LEXINGTON: Boiling Springs Kenneth W. Prill (OR)(346.1) 5 Faith Mandy Taylor Young 4 Lexington Kenneth B. Timmerman 1 Associate Weston B. Pendergrass 4 Minister of Youth Elizabeth A. Murray (FD) 3 Mount Horeb Jeffrey G. Kersey 25 Associate Faye J. Stephens 10 Director of Discipleship and Adult Ministries Nicholas C. Cunningham (FL) 4 Director of Worship Production and Men s and Young Adult Ministries Trevor A. Miller (FL) 3 Assistant Minister of Congregational Care Edward H. McDowell Jr. (RE) 6 Red Bank Robert E. Dunn 3 WEST COLUMBIA: Brookland Frances S. Connell 4 Mount Hebron William Kevin Cooley 4 Associate Gerald L. Watford (FL) 2 Platt Springs Michael J. Hood 4 Shiloh Sandra G. Stillinger (PL) (1/4) 1 Trinity John D. Jordan (PE) 1 WINNSBORO: Fairfield Circuit James B. Rogers (FL) 1 (Bethel, Monticello) First, Winnsboro Meghan Lindsey Sweeney Cook 1 Gordon Memorial-Greenbrier Athon M. Arant (RE) 4 APPOINTMENTS TO EXTENSION MINISTRIES Within the Connection: Arant, James S. (FD) Congregational Specialist, Greenwood/Orangeburg, Mount Hebron CC 30 Boyd, Fadetra H. Chaplain, Columbia College (1/4) 1 Brum, Sonia Ely Manager of US Missionaries and Diversity Relations, GBGM, Mount Hebron CC 6 Fowler, Vivia L. (FD) Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Wesleyan College, Macon, GA, Main Street CC 11 Henry-Crowe, Susan General Secretary of the General Board of Church and Society 6 Holler, John E. (RE) President and CEO Epworth Children s Home, Trenholm Road CC 13 James, Katherine L. (FD) Director, S.C. Conference Connectional Ministries, Trinity, Sumter CC 7 Jamieson, Catherine District Superintendent, Columbia District 5 Lollis, Christopher M. Conference Pension and Health Benefits Director 1 Nelson, Kenneth L. Coordinator of Clergy Services/Conference Secretary, Francis Burns CC 5 Smith, Millie Nelson Congregational Specialist, African-American/Columbia/Hartsville Districts 3 Vincent, Robert M. President Elect, SC United Methodist Foundation 1 Wall, Tom H. Director, Wesley Foundation, USC, Washington Street CC 29 White, Sara A. Director of Congregational Development, Wesley, Hartsville CC 7 Approved by United Methodist Endorsing Agency: Collier, Elizabeth Jane Coordinator Chaplain, Center for Spiritual Care, Alexian Brothers Med. Center, Elk Grove Village, IL, Union CC 15 Evans, John D. (RE) Pastoral Counseling, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Columbia, Washington Street CC 24 Fink, Adrienne H. (FD) Chaplain, Palmetto Health Baptist Hospital, Cayce CC 4 Middleton, N. Nichole Chaplain, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Bennettsville, SC, Trenholm Road CC 9

11 Other Valid Ministries: Kennerly, Kenneth R. Counselor VA Medical Center Addiction Treatment Unit, Columbia, Trinity, West Columbia CC 39 Rhyee, Luke Moon Taeg Missionary to Guatamala, Mission Society 4 APPOINTED TO ATTEND SCHOOL: None APPOINTED IN OTHER ANNUAL CONFERENCES: None APPOINTED IN OTHER METHODIST DENOMINATIONS: None LEAVE OF ABSENCE: None FAMILY LEAVE: None SABBATICAL LEAVE: None TRANSITIONAL LEAVE: None MEDICAL LEAVE: None HONORABLE LOCATION Culler, Susan D. Washington Street CC 4 McDonald, Neal Lex Shandon CC 20 Middleton, G. Scott Washington Street CC 23 McCoy, Glenn Main Street CC 18 RETIREMENT Retired Ministers: Adams, James C. Aiken, Clyde M. Alexander, Robert E. Alley, Joseph W. Anderson, David L. Arant Sr., Athon Melton Arant, Ruth H. (FD) Bailey, Thomas R. Barnes Jr., Rudolph C. (RL) Barwick, Kenneth W. Bauknight, John M. Bouknight, Bill Bell, Michael C. Bickley, Hugh J. Bigelow, Archie R. Borom, W. Robert Branch, Charles S. Britt, W. Donald Brooks, Boyce F. Buff Jr., L.H. Buie, Franklin B. Bynum Jr., F. Bundy Carlson, W. Paul Childs, William R. Bill Chong, Yu Fong Colton, Kenneth R. Cooper, Wiley B. Cothran, Lee J. Cox, Albert L. Culp, John W. Culp, Karin B. Deal, Ally L. DeDonato, David M. Dodds, Roger R. Edwards, Charlie A. Ellis Jr., Edgar H. Etheredge, Ernest C. Evans, John D. Evans, William F. Frazier, Joseph Gramling, Roger M. Griffin, M. Kathryn Gunn, James H. Harmon, Paul W.

12 RETIREMENT Retired Ministers (continued): Harmon, Samuel K. Hays Jr., Lawrence F. Holler, John E. Horne, R. Wayne Huguley, Rebecca J. Hutchins, Charles A. (FD) Johnson, Mary L. Jones, Phil M. Jones, Thom C. Knowles-Tuell, James Laney, Sterling S. Lare, Marvin I. Lavender, Phil C. Lazar, Julian H. Lee, Young In David Linder, Alice D. Long, Happy W.L. Massey Jr., Reese Martin Matthews, L. Carolyn Mayfield, Patricia P. McDowell Jr., Edward H. McEachern, Theodore B. McKeown, Robert E. McWilliams, Edward L. Middleton, Albert Middleton, Evelyn C. Miller, Debbie H. (RL) Miller Jr., Noble F. Mims, John W. Montes, Grace Lovell Moore II, Raymond L. Morris, Franklin D. Moseley, Diane A. Nates, James H. Nichols Jr., George H. Norris, Robert J. Pearson, John C. Rodgers, Augustus Rowell, Eldridge R. Scott Jr., Otis Simmons, Colin E. Steil, W. Edwin Summers, Thomas A. Taylor, Randy M. Teague, Willie S. Ulmer, B. Susan Walter, Ted H. Washington, Jack C. Watson, J. Austin Watson, Joe Cal Westerkam, Diana C. White, Toni L. Williams, Robert T. Williams Jr., Thomas M. Wilson II, Joseph A. Retired Missionaries: None DIACONAL MINISTRY Diaconal Ministers: Brandes, Laurie G. Minister of Christian Education, Epworth Memorial UMC, Asbury Memorial CC 26 Retired Diaconal Ministers: Carter, R. Fletcher Virginia Wingard CC DEACONESSES Quackenbush, Lillian College Place CC Active: None Walker, Cheryl Wesley CC Retired: None Watson, Carol Hart, Main Street CC

13 Florence District (69 charges; 95 churches) M. Terry Fleming, District Superintendent 1 CADES: Cades-Cameron Jack McElveen (PL) (1/2) 1 Faith Edward McKnight (PL) (1/2) 3 Hebron John Talbert Windham (PL) (1/2) 3 (Hebron, Pergamos) COWARD: St. Paul SY (Josh Colvin) (1/2) 2 FLORENCE: Central William F. Malambri III 6 Associate J. Derrick Cattenhead 3 Minister of Faith Formation & Discipleship Meg Jiunnies (PD) 2 Cumberland Anthony Hodge 7 Dawsey Karen McElveen (PL) (1/2) 1 Highland Park Michael B. Henderson 7 Liberty-Friendship J. Preston Grimsley 4 Bowers Chapel Lindora F. James (PL) (1/2) 4 Mount Zion SY (Reginald E. Lee) 2 Pisgah Joshua T. McClendon 1 Quinby-Bethsaida Gerald L. Truluck (RL) 14 St. Paul Debra A. Armstrong 3 Salem Briant S. Mungo (PL) (1/2) 3 Tabernacle SY (Randy Calcutt) (1/2) 1 Wesley Louis R. Ashley (PL) (1/2) 4 GABLE: Lewis Chapel Stephen M. McCormick 3 GREELEYVILLE: Greeleyville-Lane SY (Nancy Adams) (1/2) 1 Greeleyville Parish William S. James (RA) 4 (Wilson Chapel, Long Branch) Mount Vernon C. Nicholas Lyerly (PL) (1/2) 10 HEMINGWAY: Ebenezer Louis Perez (FL) 1 First Milton L. McGuirt (RE) 11 Good Hope SY (Sheldon Withrow) (1/4) 2 Old Johnsonville SY (Sheldon Withrow) (1/4) 1 JOHNSONVILLE: Johnsonville SY (John Crouch) (1/2) 1 Johnsonville Circuit Richard C. Jayroe (PL) (1/2) 21 (Brown s Chapel, Vox Memorial) JORDAN: Jordan Katherine M. Haselden 3 (Jordan, Union, Bethlehem) KINGSTREE: Asbury Hazel L. Epps (PL) (1/2) 2 Bethel Jerry L. Dicks 6 Elijah Larry McCray (PL) (1/2) 4 Friendship Eddie C. Williams 4 Jeremiah-Mount Seal Ernest W. Frierson 4 Jerusalem Rufus L. Snowden (RA) (1/2) 2 Kennedyville Norma D. Bartelle (PL) (1/2) 4 Kingstree Karen E. Starr 3 Kingstree Circuit Tommy J. Conway (PL) (1/2) 3 (Millwood, Cedar Swamp) Mount Zion Robert L. Malachi 3 St. Luke Joshua Gaskins (PL) (1/2) 1

14 KINGSTREE (CONTINUED): St. Mary Isiah Brown (PL) (1/2) 5 St. Michael Barry S. McFadden (1/2) 3 St. Paul James Charles Lane 11 LAKE CITY: Bethesda Joyce M. Timmons 5 Lake City Samuel Earle Marcengill 8 Lake City Circuit Kay Best (RE) 1 (Effective Sept. 30, 2018) (St. John, St. Luke, Ninevah) Lake Point Willie Lawson (RE) (1/2) 4 Mount Beulah Carleathea L. Benson (PL) (1/2) 2 Wesley Chapel Shelia Elliott Hodge 4 LYNCHBURG: Lynchburg Charge Jimmy M. Ridenhour (RL) 26 (Lynchburg, St Luke, Trinity) St. Paul-Elliott Lee M. Johnson (PL) (1/2) 4 New Haven Samuel B. Cooper (RE) (1/2) 3 St. Paul-Wisacky-Warren Chapel Arthur Gamble (PL) (1/2) 4 MANNING: Manning Thurmond Kemzy Thomas 2 MORRISVILLE: St. Paul Gracie L. Singletary (PL) (1/2) 7 NEW ZION: New Zion J. Allen Vaught (FL) 1 (New Zion, Trinity) OLANTA: Nazareth Jacob M. Thompson II (PL) (1/2) 3 PAMPLICO: Bethlehem Wanda D. Altman (FL) 3 Pamplico Taylor F. Coates (PL) (1/2) 4 (Pamplico, Prospect) PINEWOOD: Pinewood SY (Mary Everhart) (1/2) 1 (Pinewood, Paxville, Andrews Chapel) SCRANTON: Scranton-St. John Wright Turbeville (RL) 3 (Scranton, St John) SHILOH: Asbury Shirley A. McKnight (PL) (1/2) 5 St. John Benjamin Graham (PL) (1/2) 5 SUMMERTON: Summerton Francis Edward Traxler (FL) 2 TIMMONSVILLE: Mount Zion Jimmie W. Duncan (PL) (1/2) 5 Pine Grove-Salem Charge Gregory Davis (FL) 1 (Pine Grove, Salem) St. Luke Palma D. Thomas (PL) (1/4) 5 TRIO: Trio Arthur D. Vick Jr. (FL) 5 (Trio, Earle, Sutton) TURBEVILLE: Turbeville Tim Freeman (FL) 3 (Pine Grove, Shiloh) UNION: Union-Elim Charge David Canine (FL) 3 (Union, Elim) APPOINTMENTS TO EXTENSION MINISTRIES Within the Connection: Fleming, M. Terry District Superintendent, Florence District 1 Jordan, Lou (SY) Director, Francis Marion Wesley Foundation 5 Lee, Reginald E. Congregational Specialist, Florence/Marion Districts 3 Approved by United Methodist Endorsing Agency: Morrison, David Todd Chaplain, United States Army, Highland Park CC 9 Other Valid Ministries: Todd, Steven Medlin Associate Chaplain, McLeod Regional Medical Center 1

15 APPOINTED TO ATTEND SCHOOL: None APPOINTED IN OTHER ANNUAL CONFERENCES Rupnick, Tenny Hutchinson First UMC, West Pittston, Pennsylvania, Susquehanna Conference 1 LEAVE OF ABSENCE: None FAMILY LEAVE: None SABBATICAL LEAVE: None MEDICAL LEAVE: None TRANSITIONAL LEAVE: None RETIREMENT Retired Ministers Adams, Gary B. (RA) Altman Jr., John M. (RL) Best, Kay Bragdon, Dannye O. Brown, Jonathan (RA) Brown, Matthew C. Brunson, Ashley C. Cooper, J. Jeannetté Cooper, Samuel B. Cox, G. W. Farrell James, William S. (RA) Lawson, Willie Marcy, David McClam, Louis J. McGuirt, Milton L. Mills III, Grady W. (RD) Moore, Colin A. (RL) Morehead, G. Dane Pietila, Thomas C. Poston, Joseph A (RA) Ridenhour, Jimmy (RL) Sellers, John A. (RA) Smiley, John C. (RL) Snowden, Mary (RL) Snowden, Rufus (RA) Stullenbarger, Harry R. Thomas, John Pinckney (RL) Truluck. Gerald (RL) Wagnon III, Leon L. Watson, Jerry M. Westfall, Myrna K. (RA) Williams, G. DeVere (RA) Wilson, Willie Retired Missionaries None DIACONAL MINISTRY Diaconal Ministers: None Retired Diaconal Ministers: None DEACONESSES Active: None Retired: None

16 Greenville District (56 charges; 67 churches) George K. Howle, District Superintendent 5 EASLEY: North Easley Charge Gary A. Peterson 4 (Dacusville, Antioch) FORK SHOALS: Lebanon Patricia Diane Boyer (PL) (1/2) 9 Pisgah-Oak Hill Renee K. Garrison (3/4) 3 FOUNTAIN INN: Trinity Perry D. Evatt 1 GRAY COURT: Bramlett-Owings John E. Fahrney (OF/FL)(346.2) 1 Dials-Shiloh Forest D. Mixon (RE) 4 Gray Court Cynthia A. Rumsey (PL) (1/2) 1 Trinity Anthony A. Harder (PL) (1/2) 3 Green Pond Robert P. Keely (FL) 7 GREENVILLE: Aldersgate Scott Alexander Stevenson 4 Berea Friendship C. Davon Harrelson (FL) 1 Buncombe Street Robert J. Howell Jr. 3 Associate Justin M. Gilreath (FL) 4 Associate for Discipleship Roy Mitchell (OE)(346.1) 3 Minister of Education Gayle Jordan Quay (OD)(331.8) 22 Minister of Adult Ministries William Grover Putnam (FD) 18 Director of Social Ministries and Mission Outreach Kristin M. Dollar 2 Associate, Trinity Campus Benjamin O. Burt 2 Christ Larry G. Smith (PL) (1/2) 18 Disciples Sandra S. King 2 East Greenville Christopher Lee Thompson 8 (Wesley Chapel, Allen View) Faith-Francis Asbury Robert I. Goulart (PL) (1/2) 1 Greenville Parish Brenda R. Washington (PL) 10 (Minus Chapel, New Beginnings Mission) John Wesley Charlie Thomas 3 Laurens Road Laura R. Bratton (1/2) 8 McBee Chapel-St. John Brian L. Underwood (PL) (1/2) 2 Monaghan-Brandon Rusty Godfrey (PL) (1/2) 1 Northside Rachel Witt Carosiello (OP)(346.1) 1 Piedmont Park Lynn G. Pennington (LM) (1/2) 4 Salem Sylvia F. Watson 3 South Greenville Redonia M. Thomas 3 (Bethlehem, Laurel Creek) St. Mark Charles T. Owens (PL) (1/2) 2 St. Matthew S. Randolph Smith 2 St. Paul Michael E. Goldston 1 GREER: Jackson Grove Brenda I. Curtis (RL) 2 Covenant Darren C. Hook 12 Associate Michael L. Hammett 1 Associate Anthony Griffith Carosiello 3 Executive Pastor Matthew L. Yon 1 Few s Chapel Joseph L. Curtis (RE) 2 Grace D. Jeffrey Roper 1 Greer Circuit Deborah M. Patterson (PL) (1/2) 4 (Bethel, St. Paul) Greenville Korean Mission Kyu-Seok Shin 6 Liberty Hill Nelson L. Stokes (RE) (1/2) 2 Memorial Joseph D. Cate 4

17 GREER (continued): Mountain View Carole A. Walters (PE) 1 Sharon C. Bryson Williams Jr. 5 Slater Charles S. Shaw (RE) 4 Victor Patricia A. Gannaway (PL) (1/2) 4 Director of Children s Ministry Debbie Pisor (OD)(346.1) 2 Wood s Chapel Paul David Wilmer (PL) (1/2) 2 Zoar Michael Cheatham (LM) (1/4) 3 MAULDIN: Mauldin Washington Webster Belangia V 3 Associate Richard K. Herd (FL/OF)(346.2) 3 PIEDMONT: Augusta Road David B. Smith 4 Piedmont Matthew E. Greer (FL) 4 SIMPSONVILLE: Advent Michael A. Turner 7 Associate Laura-Allen Kerlin 6 Bethel-Ebenezer Daniel W. Chamblee 2 Hopewell Donald R. Brown 2 Simpsonville J. Michael Smith 1 Associate Michelle D. Cockcroft 4 Director of Children s Ministries Deana Gentry (FD) (1/2) 9 TAYLORS: Lee Road Beth S. Faulk (OF/PL)(346.2) (1/2) 2 William Clay Faulk (OF/FL)(346.2) 2 St. Mark Telley L. Gadson 6 Associate Twana R. Cruell (PL) (1/2) 2 St. Matthew Brenda J. Thomas (PE) 5 TRAVELERS REST: New St. Luke James L. Drummond Jr. (PL) (1/2) 4 Travelers Rest Jonathan E. Tompkins 6 Associate Christine M. Matthews (3/4) 3 WOODRUFF: Emma Gray Joel Andrew Watson (FL) 4 APPOINTMENTS TO EXTENSION MINISTRIES Within the Connection: Childers, R. Clayton Program Director, Annual Conference Relations GBCS, Emma Gray CC 18 Dawsey, James M. Professor, Emory and Henry College, Oak Hill CC 11 Howle, George K. District Superintendent, Greenville District 5 Joens, Cathy Louise W. (FD) Congregational Specialist, Greenville/Anderson, Covenant CC 10 Johnson, Angela Reneé (FD) St. Paul UMC Associate, Gainsville, GA (346.1) 1 McCutcheon, Edward Director, Wesley Foundation, Furman University 10 Approved by United Methodist Endorsing Agency: Hayhurst, Michael United States Air Force Chaplain 9 Other Valid Ministries: None APPOINTED TO ATTEND SCHOOL: None APPOINTED IN OTHER ANNUAL CONFERENCES Elder, James Edward (AM) North Georgia Conference, Newman Spring/Graysville 2 Gordon, Harold (346.1) Oakland Downs UMC, Emeryville, CA John Wesley Greenville CC 3 Johnson, Angela Reneé (FD) St. Paul UMC, Associate, Gainesville, GA (346.1) 1 LEAVE OF ABSENCE: None SABBATICAL LEAVE: None MEDICAL LEAVE: None FAMILY LEAVE: None TRANSITIONAL LEAVE: None

18 RETIREMENT Retired Ministers: Addis, Howard D. Allison, Carol D. Brown, Barry L. Brown, Billy Bowman Callahan, John P. Cavin, Donald E. Cole, Joseph L. (RL) Crooks Jr., Marion B. Curtis, Brenda I. Curtis, Joseph L. Elliott, Nicholas Elliott Jr., Richard F. Errington, Joseph R. Fortier, Robert A. (RL) Gannaway, Patricia A. Gardner, Les (RL) Gilliam Jr., James O. Gillespie, Steven D. Griffeth, James Ellis Griffis-Woodberry, Debra Guffee, Michael L. Hall Jr., Robert A. Haton, Donald S. Hicks, Granville A. Huff Jr., A.V. Hunter III, James E. Joens, Janet C. Johnson Sr., Charles L. Lee, Dennis R. MacKeil, Alice E. McAlister, J. Richard McNeill, William W. Miller, John Teague Mixon, Forest D. Parker, Fred W. (RL) Patterson, James F. Riser, George M. Rogers, Cyrus Cy D. Rush, John Scott, Gareth Scott, George W. Shaw, Charles S. Smith, Calvin L. Sprayberry, Rance (RL) Stanley, Dwaine C. (RL) Stoehr, Lorna Lee Curtis Stokes, Nelson L. Stout, Phillip E. Strait, George E. Sullivan, Patricia A. (FD) Temple, Jerry E. Thomas, George Thomas, Tina Thompson, Elizabeth A. Thrailkill, Phillip DIACONAL MINISTRY Treaster, Fred Diaconal Ministers: None Waddell, Bobby G. Retired Diaconal Ministers: Watson, John H. (RL) Orr Jr., Freeman R. Wechsler, Christine MacDonald Wood, Patricia S. DEACONESSES Wright, Alfred T. (AM) Active: None Retired Missionaries: None Retired: None

19 Greenwood District (58 charges; 80 churches) Stephen Love, District Superintendent 3 BATESBURG: St. John s Scott D. Nurse (PL) (3/4) 3 BELVEDERE: Belvedere Richard E. Goldie (RL) (1/2) 2 CLINTON: Broad Street Steven P. Keck 3 EDGEFIELD: Edgefield A. Judson King 4 GRANITEVILLE: St. John-Warrenville Alan N. Quarles (FL) 11 GREENWOOD: Aldersgate Bette A. Hedden (PE) 5 Branch Hill-Martha s Chapel Gerald F. Clinkscales (PL) (1/2) 3 Cokesbury-Hodges Ashley McCoy-Bruce 2 Ebenezer-Panola-Mathews Charge Michael E. Evans (PL) (1/2) 3 Greenwood-Ninety Six Charge Thessa G. Smith (PL) (1/2) 3 (Mays, Trinity, Mt. Carmel, Ninety Six) Harris SY (Kathy P. Hudson) (1/4) 1 Lowell Street Cheryl E. Remchuk (PL) (1/2) 2 Lupo Memorial Craig Vondergreest (OE/SY)(346.1) 2 Main Street James McCoy-Bruce 2 Mount Carmel SY (Myra E. Taylor) 11 Mount Lebanon-Kinards Robert F. Gilbert (PE) 6 Rehoboth Carol Peppers Wray (RE) 4 St. Mark Steven L. Brown 2 Associate Daniel Smyth (RA) 1 Associate John Elmore (OF/FL)(346.2) 2 Tranquil Shawn G. Armstrong 3 Troy Barrett T. Alewine (RE) 5 JOANNA: Epworth-Springdale John Gerald Pickens (RE) 9 JOHNSTON: Johnston-Harmony Mark E. Thompson (OE)(346.1) 1 KINARDS: Hopewell-Sharon Charge SY (Mitchell Wray) 7 LANGLEY: Langley Darlene Kelley (OE)(346.1) 1 Capers Chapel SY (Joseph Chandler) (1/2) 4 LAURENS: Central-Sandy Springs Emil J. Finley (PL) (1/2) 3 First Daniel K. Eplee (FL) 1 St. James John P. Bolin 1 LEESVILLE: Leesville Bruce A. Sayre 2 McCORMICK: McCormick C. Nels Ledwell 2 Plum Branch Charge Timothy Jones (FL) 1 (Republican, St. Paul) NEWBERRY: Central David C. Surrett 3 Epting Memorial-Lebanon Charge William A. Hightower (PL) (1/2) 4 Lewis Memorial-Ebenezer Charge James H. Counts Jr. (RL) 9 O Neal Street John M. Bauknight (RE) 3 Trinity-New Chapel Charge Charles L. Wilbanks (FL) 1

20 NINETY SIX: Cambridge Henry Brooks Sr. (FL) 1 St. Paul Valerie K. Mireb 6 NORTH AUGUSTA: Grace James D. Dennis 9 Associate Randall L. Haase 1 POMARIA: Mount Pleasant Joseph Robert Huggins (FL) 4 Pomaria Charge Cameron T. Levi (PL) (1/2) 1 (Caper s Chapel, New Hope) PROSPERITY: Wightman Brian T. Rainwater 3 Zion Ralph T. Bowling III 2 RIDGE SPRING Ridge Spring Charge Ashley E. Buchanan (PL) (1/2) 2 (Ridge Spring, Spann) SALUDA: Bethany-Zoar F. Hillary Taylor (PE) 1 Bethlehem Charles Adams (PL) (1/2) 3 Butler-Shiloh Lee Cothran (RE) 13 Emory-Nazareth Kenneth Freeman (PE)(346.2) 1 St. Paul Susan Maddox (PE) 2 TRENTON: Trenton E. Andrew Vickery (PL) (1/2) 1 McKendree SY (Adrian Rogers) (1/2) 4 VAUCLUSE: Vaucluse-Pentecost Javy Rudy Gwaltney III (PL) (1/2) 2 WARE SHOALS: Mount Bethel-King s Chapel Susan Y. Sullivan (PL) (1/2) 2 Ware Shoals-Harmony William F. Rogers III (RE) 4 WATERLOO: Waterloo Dan S. Bradley (RE) 4 Soule Chapel J. William Quarles (RL) (1/2) 7 APPOINTMENTS TO EXTENSION MINISTRIES Within the Connection: Copeland, Jennifer E. Executive Director, NC Council of Churches, Broad Street CC 4 Love, Stephen L. District Superintendent, Greenwood District 3 Hudson, Kathy P. Chaplain, Wesley Commons 3 Approved by United Methodist Endorsing Agency: None Other Valid Ministries: None APPOINTED TO ATTEND SCHOOL: None APPOINTED IN OTHER ANNUAL CONFERENCES: None LEAVE OF ABSENCE: None FAMILY LEAVE: None SABBATICAL LEAVE: None TRANSITIONAL LEAVE: None MEDICAL LEAVE Toothe, Cheryl 4 HONORABLE LOCATION Newell, John 10 RETIREMENT Retired Ministers: Alewine, Barrett Anderson, Vernon O. Bradley, Dan Campbell, J. Taylor Canaday, DeArmond Charles, Ada A. Connelly, Jacqueline Counts Jr., James (RL) Cunningham, Ben

21 RETIREMENT Retired Ministers (continued): Curry, Eugene L. Davis, James Ray Dudley, Charles G. Eaddy, A. Eugene Eidson, Donna (RL) Epps, John L. Goldie, Richard C. (RL) Grigsby, James A. Hudson, Blaine S. Lusk, T. Joseph MacKeil, Alice E. Medley, James D. Morton Jr., Ted R. Palmer, Bruce H. Peurifoy, Harvey O. Pickens, John Gerald Polk Jr., N. Keith Quarles, J. William (RL) Rogers, Paul H. Rogers, Sheila D. Rogers III, William F. Ruth, E. DeVon Shoemaker, Mary Jane Stephens Jr., Herbert Sweat, Keith (RL) Swett, N. McDonald (RL) Templeton, David T. Thrailkill, Phillip C. Wiggins, Elwood Holler Williams, James Haddon Younginer Jr., John M. Retired Missionaries: None DIACONAL MINISTRY Active: None Retired: Bennett, Hazel Osborne, Jean O. Taylor, Bobbie Opal

22 Hartsville District (66 charges; 102 churches) Robin Dease, District Superintendent 6 BETHUNE: Bethune John McLeod Jr. (PL) (1/2) 4 (Bethel, Sandy Grove) BISHOPVILLE: Bethlehem Suzanne B. Walker 1 Bishopville Circuit Blondell Miller 1 (New Haven, Springhill) Hebron Jerry Cal McManus Sr. (PL) (1/2) 6 Mechanicsville Annie Sistrunk 2 Mount Zion Troy Cato (PL) (1/2) 1 St. Matthew Circuit Kathy Carr (FL) 4 (Ashland, Concord, St. Matthew) CAMDEN: Camden First Keith Hunter 1 East Camden Amiri B. Hooker 2 (Emmanuel, St. Matthew) Good Hope Wesley Chapel Angela Ford Nelson (PE) 3 Lyttleton Street James Michael Arant 1 Associate Meegian A. Gossard (PE) 2 St. Paul James Smith 4 West Camden Emma Jones (PL) (1/2) 1 (Rockspring, St. Peter) CHERAW: Bethesda Charles E. Teal (PL) (1/2) 3 Cheraw Parish Mark Mitchell (PE) 3 (Bethel, Mount Zion, Wesley) Cheraw First Lisa Kim Eanes 1 Mount Olivet-Pleasant Grove Maurice Earl Nason Jr. (RE) 1 CHESTERFIELD: Bethel-Ebenezer Michael Steven Phares (PL) (1/2) 6 Friendship-Mount Croghan Daniel McKay Hall (RL) 3 Shiloh Fred McDaniel 4 St. Paul Alicia Hansen (FL) 1 Wesley Chapel Maye E. Malachi (PL) (1/2) 2 Wilkes Chapel TBS Zoar Ryan L. Powell (FL) 2 DARLINGTON: Indian Branch-Epworth Barbara Segars (RL) 2 New Providence Alfred Valentine Griffin Jr. 7 Shiloh Darren J. McClam (PL) (1/2) 4 St. James LaTonya M. Dash 1 St. John-Wesley Chapel Zachary H. Dillard 2 Trinity Laura Canine 1 West Darlington Melvin W. Flail Jr. (RE) 3 (Bethel, Wesley Memorial) HARTSVILLE: Bethlehem-Prospect Dan Sullivan (FL) 1 Centenary-Kingsville Lisa C. Hawkins 5 Kellybell-Sandy Bluff James E. Moore (RE) 4 Mount Beulah-New Hope William A. DuBose (PL) (1/2) 5 New Market-Tabernacle Eugene L. Feagin III (RE) 2 St. Luke Carlton W. Hunsucker 2 Wesley Stephen D. Gaither 1

23 JEFFERSON: Hopewell-Wesley Chapel Willie Mae Cannon (PL) (1/2) 3 Jefferson James B. Sistare III 2 (Fork Creek, Jefferson) Sandy Grove-Mount Elon Marion L. Cooper (PL) (1/2) 3 LAMAR: Lamar Heather S. Baird (PE) 4 Lamar Circuit Charles Teal (SY) 1 (Effective January 6, 2019) (Elim, Newman Swamp, Zion) Lamar-Ebenezer Rickey L. Stuckey (PL) (1/2) 4 (Ebenezer, John Wesley, Sandy Grove) LUGOFF: Lugoff Parish SY (Levern Epps) 2 (Mount Joshua, Mount Prospect, Shiloh) St. John s Michael Steven Leonhardt 6 Unity John B. Dicks 3 LYDIA: Wesley Chapel Rebecca L. Forrest (FL) 4 MCBEE: McBee Charge Charles Gary Compton (RL) 15 (Hebron, McBee) Union Paige D. Wheeler 1 OSWEGO: Bethel Timothy Whited 1 Oswego Circuit Franklin R. Garrett (RE) 3 Associate Debra Anderson-Joe (PL) (1/2) 1 (Clark, Mount Moriah, St. Mark) PAGELAND: Oro Donald McAllister Sr. (PL) (1/2) 2 Pageland Jeremiah Paige (PL) (1/2)1 Salem Samuel Pazi (PE) 1 Zion-Zoar Charge Carl F. Ritter II (RE) 1 REMBERT: Rembert-St. John Frances King (SY) (1/2) 1 (Beulah, McLeod Chapel, St. John) SUMTER: Aldersgate David W. Day 3 Associate Marcus Johnston (PL) (1/2) 1 Dalzell Christopher M. Payne (PL) (1/2) 3 Emmanuel Marvis Stewart (OF/PL)(346.2) (1/2) 1 Mt. Zion Gwendolyn T. White (PL) (1/2) 3 North Sumter Raymond Cook (PL) (1/2) 4 (Antioch, Shepherd) St. James Cheryl G. Johnson 4 St. John Max Jackson (SY) 1 St. Mark Geneva Geraldine Stafford 6 St. Mark s Wes Conner (PL) (1/2) 1 Trinity Joseph R. James Jr. 2 Associate Angela Halter Marshall (FD) 9 APPOINTMENTS TO EXTENSION MINISTRIES Within the Connection: Dease, Robin District Superintendent, Hartsville District 6 McFadden, Genova Congregational Specialist, Charleston-Walterboro Districts, St. John/Wesley Chapel, Darlington CC 6 Approved by United Methodist Endorsing Agency: None Other Valid Ministries: Ross, Rosetta Everna Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Spelman College, St. Mark CC 25 APPOINTED TO ATTEND SCHOOL Turner, Emily Dawn Garrett University, Chicago, IL 8 APPOINTED IN OTHER ANNUAL CONFERENCES Caldwell, Marvin Western North Carolina Conference 1 LEAVE OF ABSENCE: None FAMILY LEAVE: None

24 SABBATICAL LEAVE: None TRANSITIONAL LEAVE: None MEDICAL LEAVE Dicks, Willie 2 Metzner, Troy Bethlehem Prospect 3 Orr, Patricia Pepper Bethlehem, Hartsville CC 12 Vickers III, John H. Jack First Cheraw 3 RETIREMENT Retired Ministers: Ammons, Gene Sarvis Ballard Jr., Paul McKinney Beckom, Terry Martin Boatwright Sr., Donald W. Bud Bowman, Charles Lee (FL) Brown, Larry Richard (RL) Compton, Charles Gary (RL) Dean, Dewey Levan Feagin III, Eugene L. Flail Jr., Melvin W. Frey, Paul Garrett, Franklin R. Griffith, Frank J. Hall, Daniel Sonny (RL) Herlong, Edward Josey, Roberta LeMaster, E. Edwin Moore, James Nason Jr., Maurice E. Parsons, Barbee Olis Ritter II, Carl F. Reece Jr., Earnest J. Reynolds, Nena R. Scoggins, Eugene King Segars, Barbara Short, Charlie Thackston, Thomas Reginald Thomas Jr., Eddie (RA) Thompson, Robert (RL) Townsend Sr., David Kenneth Watry, Philip N. Wright, Virgil G. Retired Missionaries: None DIACONAL MINISTRY Diaconal Ministers: None Retired Diaconal Ministers: None DEACONESSES Active: Smith, Selena Ruth Fire Prevention Educator, Sumter, SC Fire Department 7 Retired: None

25 Marion District (62 charges; 92 churches) Timothy J. Rogers, District Superintendent 4 ANDREWS: Trinity Ben M. Gafford 7 AYNOR: Aynor Joyce G. Murphy 5 Pisgah Richard D. Toy (FL) 2 Rehoboth-Zoan John P. Watts (AM) 13 BENNETTSVILLE: Antioch Jerry Wayne Shaw (PL) (1/2) 3 Bennettsville First Mark R. Johnston (OF/FL)(346.2) 3 Minister of Music Margaret H. Vance (FD) (1/2) 5 Bennettsville Charge LaShelia M. Wyatt 3 (Aaron Temple, Ebenezer) Bennettsville Parish Ebbie S. Abraham (FL) 8 (Shiloh, Smyrna, St. Michael) Bethel-Ebenezer Vaughn E Chichester (PL) (1/2) 4 Boykin Harold R. Kessler III (PL) (1/4) 4 Christ Wade H. Everett 7 Marlboro Circuit Edna Bowers (SY, lay) (1/2) 1 (New Hope, Oak Grove, Pleasant Hill) Shiloh-Smyrna Barbara M. Webster (PL) (1/2) 4 Tatum Parish Juanita B. Raber (PL) (1/2) 4 (Ebenezer, Hebron) Trinity Judith A. Knox 1 BLENHEIM: Parnassus Alexander J. Stoops Jr. (PL) (1/2) 11 CLIO: Bennettsville-Clio Circuit Wade A. Wyatt (PE) 2 (Asbury-Level Green-Old Clio) Trinity (Clio)-Berea (McColl) Emily H. Davis (FL) 7 CONWAY: Antioch-New El Bethel Richard H. Knight (RE) (1/2) 2 Associate Darrell W. Ricketts (PL )(1/4) 1 Brown Swamp Ann D. Kovan (PE) 4 Centenary Dennis J. Devorick (PL) (1/2) 6 Conway First Kyle D. Randle 7 Poplar-Salem Lawrence A. Watson 1 Trinity Kim M. Strong 1 Union Christopher E. Arries 1 DILLON: Dillon Parish Allen Nesmith 2 (Beulah, St. Luke, St. Stephen) Little Rock Parish Ronald I. McCall (FL) 22 (Bowling Green, McCoy Chapel, New Holly) Main Street Henry A. Altman 2 Oakland-Manning Chapel T. Michael Summerlin (PL) (1/2) 8 Union SY (Frank Strickland) 2 GEORGETOWN: Duncan Memorial Dora R. Gafford 7 Herbert Memorial Scott S. Gilmer (FL) 2 Oak Grove-Sampit Mary E. Green (RE) (1/2) 3 Wayne-Bethel Jo Anna M. Fallaw 2 LAKE VIEW: Hopewell Rebecca R. Collier (PL) (1/4) 6 Lake View Harry K. Gindhart Jr. (RE) (1/2) 2 LATTA: Latta-Mount Andrew Michael E. Rouse 1

26 LITTLE RIVER: Little River W. Russell Freeman 3 Associate Joanne Lockard-Hawkins (RL) (1/4) 1 Wampee Gary S. Richardson (RE) (1/4) 5 LONGS: Ebenezer Gary S. Richardson (RE) (1/4) 4 LORIS: Camp Swamp Glen W. Dameron (RE) (1/2) 6 Loris First E. Bruce Adams 1 MARION: Centenary Bill Barber (SY,lay) (1/4) 1 Central Virgil M. Seaber (RL) 18 Marion First Burton L. Ott 2 Marion Parish James Elbert Williams (1/2) 7 (Bethel, Pleasant Grove, Springville) Shiloh C. Eddie Collier (FL) 1 St. Phillips Ardell Washington (PL) (1/2) 4 McCOLL: Main Street Pine Grove Randall E. Bowers (FL) 2 MULLINS: Center-Tranquil Grady W. Corder (PL) (1/2) 1 Macedonia-Pleasant Hill David C. Inman 2 Mullins Charge Anthony Alford (PL) (1/2) 9 (Beulah, Shiloh) MURRELLS INLET: Belin Memorial Boyd McIver Alexander Jr. 14 Associate Walter J. Cantwell 3 Brookgreen Stephen McNeal (PE) 1 (Effective February 1, 2019) (Brown Chapel, Heaven s Gate, St. James) MYRTLE BEACH: Christ Jeffrey B. Dunn 21 Joseph B. Bethea Kathy Powers (PL) (1/2) 2 Myrtle Beach First William H. Phillips 6 Associate Jonathan D. Harris 6 Associate Pastor for Christian Education and Congregational Care Emily L. Kirby (OPD)(346.1) 2 Socastee Kurt A. McPherson 4 NICHOLS: Nichols Harry K. Gindhart Jr. (RE) (1/4) 1 NORTH MYRTLE BEACH: Trinity Michael D. Ritter Sr. 7 Associate Edmond Daniel (RL) 4 PAWLEY S ISLAND: St. Paul s Waccamaw J. Scott Efird 4 SURFSIDE BEACH: Surfside Scarlett T. Hester 3 Associate Laura H. Whitt (PE) 4 APPOINTMENTS TO EXTENSION MINISTRIES Within the Connection: Rogers, Timothy J. District Superintendent, Marion District 4 Approved by United Methodist Endorsing Agency: None Other Valid Ministries: None APPOINTED TO ATTEND SCHOOL: None APPOINTED IN OTHER ANNUAL CONFERENCES Heustess, Kathy T (FD) Director, Holston Center for Wellbeing, Holston Conference, First, Myrtle Beach CC 1 Heustess, William F. Rutherford Memorial, Holston Conference, First, Myrtle Beach CC 1 LEAVE OF ABSENCE: None FAMILY LEAVE: None SABBATICAL LEAVE: None MEDICAL LEAVE George III, Samuel B. Belin Memorial CC 11

27 TRANSITIONAL LEAVE: None RETIREMENT Retired Ministers: Adams, Quay W. Brittain, Thomas N. Carter, Kenneth R. (RL) Clardy, Samuel O. (RA) Clemons, Robert B. Crews, Rowan Daniel, Edmond (RL) Dyer, Cynthia H. Everett, Ann Dease Felder, William H. Fenner, Jack L. Gardner, Carlos O. Gilmer, Clifford R. Gindhart Jr., Harry K. Green, Mary E. Hall, James L. Hemingway, John T. (RL) Hucks, F. Levon Inabinet, Charles R. Jennings, Charles T. (RA) Jones, William A (RL) Jordan, Stephen R. Knight, Richard H. Malphrus, Carolyn Land, Kenneth S. Lewis, Harold P. Lockard-Hawkins, Joanne (RL) McIver, Leslie H. (RD) Newton, J. Leon Norris, Gene A. Nuckles, Marie E. Olive, George E. (RL) Reed, David E. (RL) Reynolds, Daniel T. (RA) Roberts, Marsha R. (RD) Seaber Jr., Virgil M. (RL) Smith, Ray K. Tart, Walter (RL) Timmons, W. Gordon Weber Jr., Stanley E. (RL) Wicker, William T. (RL) Williams Jr., John M. Williams, J. Tom Williamson, Needham R. Retired Missionaries: None DIACONAL MINISTRY Diaconal Ministers: None Leave of Absence: Holt, Kimberly S. (DM) Conway First CC 15 Retired Diaconal Ministers: None DEACONESSES Active: None Retired: None

28 Orangeburg District (59 charges; 91 churches) Frederick N. Yebuah, District Superintendent 7 AIKEN: St. John s William Timothy McClendon 5 Associate Nancy Creswell Reed (FL) 5 Trinity Jerry L. Phillips Jr. 4 Wesley Jacqueline Carter-Harris (PE) (1/2) 1 BAMBERG: Bamberg Circuit Arthur Rose Jr. (OF/PL)(346.2) (1/2) 2 Bethel, Mount Zion) Claflin Bobby Gordon (PL) (1/2) 9 Main Street Washington W. Belangia IV (RE) 8 Mount Carmel Nathan Smalls (PE )(1/2) 1 Orange Grove Louise B. Wright (PL) (1/2) 6 Trinity-Pleasant Hill Charge K. David Caughman 3 BARNWELL: Barnwell Charge Fred V. Buchanan Jr. 4 (Barnwell, Siloam) BOWMAN: Bowman Charge Michael L. Written (FL) 3 (Ebenezer, White House, Wightman) New Covenant Janice L. Frederick-Watts 6 Pineville-St. Stephen Wyatt C. Minton III 4 BRANCHVILLE: Branchville Roy Wayne Mobley (PL) (1/2) 5 CAMERON: Cameron Jack W. Gibson (PL) (1/2) 3 (Jericho, Shady Grove) COPE: Canaan Walter Harley (PL) (1/2) 7 Edisto Charge Lois J. Helms (RE) 7 (St. John, Union, Wesley Grove) Edisto Fork Ellis White Jr. 4 DENMARK: Bethel Park Terry A. Roof 5 Franklin-Orange Grove Minnie Anderson (PL) (1/2) 3 ELLOREE: Elloree Hope R. Avins 2 (Elloree, Jerusalem) EUTAWVILLE: Eutawville William M. Lewis Jr. (RL) 6 Silas Whittaker V. Middleton (1/2) 6 Target-Gerizim Charge Edward J. Stiltz (PL) (3/4) 6 HOLLY HILL: Holly Hill Millard Cooper Stonestreet (RE) 12 JACKSON: Jackson Charge Brandon Lee Fulmer 2 (Bethel, Wesley Chapel) LIVINGSTON: Livingston-Pine Hill Graham M. Bennett (FL) 2 NEESES: Rocky Swamp Mission Congregation SY (Z. Tracy Pender) 9 NEW ELLENTON: St. Paul Robert D. Reeves 4

29 NORTH: Orange Circuit Marie E. Ray (RE) 3 (Ebenezer, North, St. John s) St. Mark Thomas J. Bowman Sr. 7 Trinity-Limestone Ronald A. Pettit (RE) 1 NORWAY: New Beginning Thomas R. Sims (PL) (1/2) 2 Norway Thurmond O. Flowers (FL) 7 (Lebanon, St. John s) OLAR: Olar SY (Patricia Dangerfield) 3 (Kearse, Mizpah, Salem) ORANGEBURG: Cedar Grove-Forest Chapel Harry L. Brown (PL) (1/2) 4 New Light Cassandra Pasley-Jackson 3 North Orangeburg Anna G. Miller 1 Orangeburg Circuit Thurmond Williams 4 (Bethlehem, Mount Nebo, St. John) St. Andrews Carol R. Cannon 3 Robert T. Cannon 3 St. Paul s Linda B. Dunn 1 St. Stephen Frank V. James 4 Trinity Mack C. McClam 4 PELION: Pelion-Sharon Oliver Julius Hadden 5 Bethel, Peachtree Rock Robert A. Brawn (PL) (1/2) 2 PROVIDENCE: Providence Justin Ritter (PE) 1 ROWESVILLE: Prospect Ollie Mae Boyd (PL) (1/2) 3 Rowesville Charge (Bethel, Cattle Creek) George Gain (RA) 1 Assistant (New Hope) Kevin Liles (SY) 1 (Bethel, Cattle Creek, New Hope) Mayes Chapel Robert Gordon (PL) (1/2) 1 ST MATTHEWS: Calhoun Charge Karl D. Coke (OF/FL)(346.2) 2 (Andrew Chapel, Wesley Chapel) St. Matthews Charge Jon A. Hoin 4 (East Bethel, West Bethel, Mount Zion) St. Paul Sara E. Relaford 4 SALLEY: Clinton Grayson L. Blackwell Sr. (PL) (3/4) 7 SANDY RUN: Beulah Benjamin R. Rogers (FL) 2 SPRINGFIELD: Springfield Charge SY (Dewitt Livingston) 2 (Neeses, Salley, Springfield) SWANSEA: Calvary-Oak Grove Bruce E. Rucker (RL) (1/2) 1 Swansea Lucinda L. Saylor (PL) (1/2) 5 WAGENER: Wagener James T. Bennett III (RL) 5 WILLISTON: Williston SY (Keith Stewart) 3 (Blackville, Williston) APPOINTMENTS TO EXTENSION MINISTRIES Within the Connection: Dark, Meredith Marie Chaplain, Methodist Oaks 2 Haggard, Mary Orangeburg Wesley Foundation, Campus Minister 2 Middleton, Whittaker V. Vice President for Advancement, Claflin University 7 Yebuah, Frederick N. District Superintendent, Orangeburg District 7 Approved by United Methodist Endorsing Agency: Collingwood, Robert B. Coordinator of Pastoral Care, VA Hospital, St. Louis, MO, Main Street, CC 30 Other Valid Ministries: None

30 APPOINTED TO ATTEND SCHOOL: None APPOINTED IN OTHER ANNUAL CONFERENCES: None LEAVE OF ABSENCE: None FAMILY LEAVE: None SABBATICAL LEAVE: None MEDICAL LEAVE Hall, Robbie 2 RETIREMENT Retired Ministers: Abram Jr., Joseph Allen, Robert L. Belangia IV, Washington W. Burke, William Clyburn, Robert B. Copeland, Franklin E. Davis, Gerald Edwin Dill, Elizabeth C. (FD) Elliott, John H. Evans, John Wesley Farmer, Zach Graham-Hadden, Miriam J. Goupil, Roger C. Haywood, Velma M. Helms, Lois J. James, Robert E. Key, Willie J. (RA) Lewis Jr., William Morgan (RL) Mack, James (RL) Manigo Jr., George F. McCutcheon, Larry McGee, James Parker, Jere Keith Parker, Larry R. Pettit, Ronald A. Poole, Jack A. Ponds, Grady Bernard Preer, John C. Ray, Marie Elizabeth Reid, Barbara L. Rucker, Bruce (RL) Rucker, Matthew D. Scarborough, Kathryn W. (RL) Stapleton, John Mason Stonestreet, Millard Cooper Summers, Thomas S. (RA) Thomas, Alexander Watson, George W. Williams, Mark A. Williamson, David Retired Missionaries: None DIACONAL MINISTRY Diaconal Ministers: None Retired Diaconal Ministers: None DEACONESSES Active: None Retired: None