Within Reacb of AD. Marion Harland's New Departure. C. W. PATE & CO., aio N. College St.

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1 16 BAPTIST Ain> BEFLBCrrOB, SEPT. 14, Marion Harl's New Departure. REMARKABLE INTRODUCTORY OFFERS We tiike pleabure in nimouncing our many readers that we^liave t-oiiipleted arrangements with publishers this eminent writer for a 8iMH.-ial edition Iier latest best works, entitled: Bits Gflmon Sense Series. In Four Hsome Volumes, Coinpriitiig^ Thlrty-iix Diftercnt Depiftnients latenie Intenst AU Women. We olfer place se sets with our subscribers uuder t^rms our special fers J most Char a. cannot tell liow long cheap introducry fers can last, as publishers Marion Harl agree give us a special low price for :i limite<l time only. Quick action refore on your part is necessary. Chapl , ChapL 2. B VOLUME I. HEALTH TOPICS. The Family Medicine Chert. Chap I. The Lateat Arrival. Fbod for Infadta. 2. Baby'a ClotbM. The " Second Summer." 4. SickneMi In Family. "Brainy" Childim. 5. Good CooiceiyaasMonlB*- 6. caum Healthful Agency. 7. Good Cooiierv aa m Moral Be- caute Healthfal Agenej. Concluded. VOLUME II. HOME TOPICS. Helpftil or Harmflnl. Manners for Every Day Wear Our Uiria Ooubtfiil Booka Foliteneaa aa Policy. Our Feet Our Ha. Common Seme Wlndow-Gardening. Common Benae Window-Gap dening Concluded. The Marriage Tie. What:People Should Not Wear. VOLUME III. HOUSEHOLD nanaoenunt. How We Malie Honiekeep- Ing Harder. Waya Meana Work. Bcda Bed-making. How Save Time Yoor^ teir. Fine Art in " Drudgery." Spring Houie Cleaning. "Wanted-Change." Where UM Shoe Plnchea. Where 9 tsi {Shoe Pinohee. Com lelnded. VOLUME IV. COOiONa HINTS. Chapl. How behoapitable,though Rural. 2. Ena-ThelrUaeaAbuaea r Diet Bomea. 4.J The Modern Lancheonjfbr Ladlea Only.t*«i<i(> fi. The InTarlable Pota. 0. Between Seaaona. 7. Hot Wear DIahee. " Under ProtcatT" 9. OU Slovea John. OUR OFFER: or 2.26 wiu send i iebaptist Reflecr one year a ^ a set se books. This fer applies eir new snbsoribem. Order at once. Addraw f., (Bap let Refleor. II I I I. Chuch Roll Record for Cliiirclies irith Index Roll for Membership, Artiolei Faith Gov* enant blank pages for keeping reoords for several yaim. Price 9.26, postage paid. Addxess Baptist Reflecr,, Nashville, Tenn., or R. G. Craig, 89 Union St. Mem- Within Reacb AD. We have placed prices on our hsome sck Dining. Room Furniture, Carpets, Mat* ting, etc. Call see me before buying. Everythlrig marked in plain flgores. C. W. PATE & CO., aio N. College St. B&l Hopi^ijveviLLe. Ky A SELECT HOnE SCHOOL FOR QIRL5. Session beg:ins September 4,1899. Abl Faculty. Full Courae Study. Boat Appointments. All Modern " Conveniences. Culture, Iteflnement, Christian Influences. Terms Very Moderate. WRITK ror CATAI-OaUK. EDMUND HARRISON, A.M., PaE»iDENT. WM. H. HARRISON, M.A., VICEPUESIDENT. Lai!ge, Clear Type, 5elf-Pronouncing Bible. Containing 60,000 ori^nal selected par- ^ allel references marginal readings.' All references are grouped in. convenient form under^tiie heading Word Book, so that any reader can know exactly where tindany subject desiredi The Word Book is an entirely new feature in Bible aids. OUR We will send this fine Self.pronouncing Teachers' Bible, large type, morocco bound, red under gold edges, very flexible, with concordance, helps, maps, etc., for 100, or if a minister, BAPTIST AND REFLXOTOR for one year. Retail price Bible aloneis $4.50 Belt Ptrior OiM Cn (25 oeni* for balt d«y). 8«Ned line rovowlni^^cbalr fttli plenty spice arouild you,) enloy h mucb Ireedm Andeiiieu ymt plewe. If yoii nrpii you will Um jdioklni room vfth In W ^ coucb. The Isdiei wtli deligbt In tpleiklid iidil_ looni, tritb its unieindkvltint iim obairtfmmwmniy d rmtn dlolbinf. foti titd bavo yoitr meala fd tsli oar at you want m; order^moijanytfiliigyoii vjuit,li^ a n lealt or a apring chicken dovnj. Miidi^r lalw'u l^^ pleaae oat it^ you win OnlyfaaveId {Mjflbrv^^». LOOM, HO. iiunwrii, waghvmui, tmm «m SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN LOVE. Old SflriN, Tol. LXI. NASHVIUiiB, TBNK., SFPTEMBEK 21, Iiw Serial, fel. XI., Ho. 5. Trust. I oannot nee, witb my Kiniill bumiiii Mltflit. Wliy Ood ahould lead UiU wny or tlint for mo; I onir kqow Ho Mltii. "Child, fullow me." lint 1 c«u trinu I know not why my putb Rbould bu at tline* Moitrattly hedged, no iitraiikely bkrred before; 1 only knuiv Uod could luep wide tbe door. Hut I Ottu IriiKU I And no Mnnwer, ten, when bciet With ^ue^lodn Oerce lable on my way, Apd ten bave but itronktb faintly pruy. Uut I vnn iruiit I ten wonder, kh witb tretublink lihnd I CMt Mcd nlong tbe furrowed ground, If ripened fruit r Uod will re be found. Hut I can truiu 1 eannot know wby suddenly tbniirni Hbould rage no llercely round uie In U> wrntli; Uut tblm I know, Uiid WIIICIICH UII my putb And I can trunt. I may not draw ualde tlio mykllr veil. That bidea unknoarn future from my Right; Nor know If for nie walu dark or light. But I can truo. I have no power look oorooh tbe tide, To Kee wblle here t»*e h beyond tbe river; Uut tble 1 know, 1 aball be (iod'a forever. So 1 can trukl Anon. THE DROUGHT AND THE RAIN. BY KinWA* ITAIA,».»., IL.D. I went In a meadow where mower bad lately IMOO. Tbe grass wltb its rich carpet greeo, decoratad with fragrantfloweri<, bad beeu ruthleuly swept away, only dry stubbie remained on tbe parched, cnusked soil, which seemed iooic up Ibesky pray for clouds gar aud showers fall. And Ond Nattire beard tbe prayer, aud clouds gared, showera fell, cracks closed, fresh grass burst forth, aud new flowers bloomed, birds again made meadow melodious, I seemed hear a voice saying, He shall come down iiiieralu upon mown grass." How wide world needs tbe rain I O that in anawer prayer old prophecy may be fulfilled: " Tbe wilderness shall become a fruitful Held, aud fraltful field be counted as a forest." We need shower as Individuals. Poselbly some reader may lament say, "Too late! I drove away shower, till my heart became dry aud barten." Where la tbe blc«m<inem t knew When firat I aaw I,ord; Where la aoul-refreablng view Of Jeaas *ila word 7 What peaceful hours I n onjoyod, IIow swmt tbeir VMmory atlll! Bnt now I nad on aching void Tbe world can never flll Onoo you ok delight In Bible, in worship, in prayer, In fellowship with Christians-but that which waa ODoa s delight has become dull aud dreary,'eitl^r givan up alger or continued merely as an irksome taak, an ampty form. But you are unhappy in this death! "Oh, for former peace," you cry, "oh, forthaiminl" BkaaGod for this discontent! It proves that though no grasa flourlshca roota abide. Once, when a youth, Wftblog aome mowers aud thinking y wan alow In ir work, I aaked loan a scy, UNd It at flrat very rapidly, but I pulled up nwtal God la not careless In Hia mowing. He baa laft loota In your heart. Thia la evident by yoar lamantfng tha dionght aud longing for fain I Ob, thikt In anawar hungry prayar your heart, even thia paga may help you reallae that tha Bavior.by tha " or Ootnfttftetf" He promlsad, may OMB* down on you like " rain upon uowii gnaap' On a Tlait OhamounUc I aaw tha flelda In tha vallqr aoorohed under a blaalng aun during a long dnogbi. The tumm, daap«lrlnk harvas^ lodiad fr nin. Ona dio^l kaard, aa I thought, tbe KMU> thunder, hetaldhig tempest. Iran forth delight myself with eight clouda. Alaa! tbe sky waa spotlessly clear. But here re in tbe foieit which clod steep mountaln'«lde, I aaw puflii what I thought amoke. No 1 it waa foam a rrent which had burst from tbe glacier. Now InbabiUnta were in terror, soon in dismay, as tbe rrent bun;t upon ir gardens, oornflelds orchards, destroying all produce coveiiug tbe l wltb tmnka trees, rocks gravel. The farmen wanted rain, not rrent. We all value a revival which may oome like a rrent, but without Ita mischief. May we not be tempted undervalue shower which la falling dally while we aie awaiting rrent once in a few years. The regular servloea church, weekly teachings tbe pasr, daily pntyers people, unceasing, gentle, divine hifluencea parenta- friends, if more highly vauied, would diminish necessity revival. Tbe King predicted by Psalmiat came with gentleueas. Had He appeared as Jehovah In glory Instead appearing as babe Bethlehem, tbe carpenter Nazareth, tbe Man Sorrows, He would have dismayed instead gladdening. How gentle He was chiidien, alck, tbe penitent, poor tbe sad I And tbe " or Comforter," like Hhnaelf, came atlll cornea aoul, Uka "rain on tha mown Anor feature rain is impartiality. I dreamed a vast garden be laid out. A convention was called horticulturlbta.' Borne insisted that garden mustbealieolntclyone undivided. But ors urged that phyaical geography tbe l, with estuaries, mountains rivera rendered this impoislble. Then It was urged tiiat though tbe garden must be subdivided, all tbe beds In it must be same shape. Borne contended that one shape abould be square, ors that it should be round, ors, oblong, re were learned argumenta reapecting shape tbe Garden Eden Garden Gethsemane. But varied features surface were against motion unvaried ahape- shape bed must follow conformation tbe giound. After much discussion a majority assented variety shape; but all determined that round each particular bed re should be a fence so high that no one could clamber over It a hedge eo thick that no one almuld look throngh It Thus tenants each bed might st Isolated in middle it. aay, " The garden tbe Lord, garden Lord are we." But tha aun made no diatlnction In Ita shining, except that tbe hedge which was thickest tallest waa moat.efaotive in obecuring tbe light warmth. And'lha beea In queat honey made no dlaotlminatlou fencea in ir aearob for tha ^t honey. And abjwera fbll alike on beds. ' Some gardenara lamented ea variations; ors thought y promoted tbe beauty tbe hmdacapa tha ftrtility whole garden.. i It waa recommended by many that avery one ahould be at liberty aelect bed In which he oould work beat, that each worker ahould be apaolally fmthtal his own bed, leat by wering motlvalesa ha ahould prove alger nnprltabla; kmt that ecch laboier aold oocaanally vlalt tha or bads, admit* tha pduoa, enoomage worketa, aomaumae aay, "Lmaaapadi* oraiake, lat us apendafnr hoan in worklog gathar, ao let ua i^lolca hi oomm^lgr wmu» In tha approving ptiaanoa tha Chief Oaidaaar." i How piackmt 1» lain I It cornea ua aa bread from imym daaert. Without It labor tha j^wman would ba Vain, money would have no vali^ tlmi i«lpoa would ba a pauper hbusa, whole earth v 1 Lov«ly haa Mall tllm a«l y Bommar with Ita hopaful bloaaoma, Ita wn aprlnglng com, lla flnah-robad leee, lu graceful ferns, i merry birds-but r, would be no merry birds, nor stately trees, nor sprouting harvests, nor smelling flmit, without eh were; so re will be no beautiea hollnese, no bloesoma piety, no songs praise, no frulta rigbteousnees, without showers Divine Spirit on human heart. What are practical lessons rain? Some dislike it. V The gloom repentance, summons self-renunciation, call God. Let us beware leet we " grieve Holy Spirit God " cause Him leave us alone! Let us rar improve shower, aa farmer is busy in doing what would be impossible In drought. Hoeea saya, " Break up fallow ground, for It is time aeektbe Lord." God by Isaiah said,"i will pour water on him that is thirsty. I will give My blessing thine fspring; one shall say, I am Lord's, anor shall subscribe with bis b un Ood." Let none deepalrl The famine was sore in l, prlnoee peasants alike despaired. The prophet prayed suit 'his servant p Carmel watch for any sign rain. The servant gased all round horison, said, " I see nothing 1"» " Go up again!" And again came sad reply, " I see nothing I" " Whatl nothing? after all my tears prayers patten««f Go np again, yea, eev«q timea, des^rnotl".1, But now in cheerful nes tbe meseenger ezclaimcd, "I see a cloud, like a man's h, rising from tbe sea!" Aud tbe heavens were covered witb clouds! " Aise up, eat drink, for tbei^ is sound abundance rain I" ' So, sad deeponding soul I make hope your messenger. Be strong in faith. Be earnest In praj'er. Bven while yon read this page you may feel first drope " rain that is coming now upon tbe mown grasa." Vine House, Hami»tead Heath, London. "NEW NATI0NAU8M" AND THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION. BY RBV. A. J. BABTON, D.l>. A Baptist can have bnt one ecclesiastical relation, can be a member but one ecclesiastical body; that a Baptist church. This being true, only reaaon that Intelligent Baptists have ever given for forming mahitdiniug any kind general oigii- Mtiouilf, that by eo doing y might accomplish tha better more efitclently work assigned m by our Loid, preaching goepel all aarth.; The otdaot each one our denominational maettnga, or ahonld be, la this; nothing more, notungkm. It can not righuy be eccleebutlcal or even Ikatemal, though t b«fraternity fwlowahip aainta are much iucteasad reby. < '' The oli )eo^behigaa above indicated, only quee* tlon that rightly can be asked In organlsbg or main, talnhig a denominational meeting is, wher it wilt ha or la promotive denominational efllclency, if P0^ aonal friendahip or anhnoalty, aectionai Mings, national pride, i patrtlam-none se things caii ba auowad t a moment. enter. And be it laid avarteattng credit tha fathara in Israel y hava risen abova auoh qneatlonlln oiganlaing denomlnatlonalfbnaa. Soma good brethren overlooking tha fiujts have ooma, aaemfaigly at laat, believe would makeotham believe that tha Soutn Baptist Oontantlon, tha greatest Baptist oiganlsauou in world-tha graataat imoonautuency aud poiubillues aooq ha giaataat hi fiaot waa organised baa been midntalnad ufou a baaui saotionallam. And now that wa have had a alight akltmlah with h ftaign powvti Which has given ua, thay avar, «' " new natlftnallam," thay wonid»lss queatlon whaibar th* tuna la not ripe (tar disaolntlon thia tuimhhottofadimid oapahla, though by m oonaidatad flmtlona, body. Much aa it la be regretted die. El

2 liaptist AND UEFLECl'OU, SEl'T. 21, 18!>1>. BAFnST AND BBFLBCrTOB, SEPT. 21, lurb Ihe dreams peace-lovhig l>e»co-in»klug bror who fauclei* such thiiikh in disordered Hteep, It may not be amiah call aueullon facta In case. Before organlkatiou Soutbern Baptist CoDveutlou great meu old Tilenuial Couveiitlon," without regard aide tb«vexed vexing c uehtloa occupied by m, were agreed t)i*t orgaulzatiou anor Convention waa wiie couriie. In famous conference between J. B. Jeter, Jas. B. Taylor, Francis Waylaud om, all whom wtro brettireii iude«tl loyal woik "Trieiu.lnl foiiveiitloii," y all agreed most cordially new iiep&ralo cuuvention at Bouth wan proper; niul H<iutb«rn biulhren oino away with moht coidlul good wikiiph Nud tttiiem benedlutlons bretlircii nt tlx* N-<nb. When Sourn Krtptl»t (^omveiiil..ii \v..m organized, moreover, re whh uo hiiow < f ttccuunalthm or bad feeling. On ci'iitritry, meetings were marked throughout t>v Uiu keeiieet edged spirituality love for till iiiuii. ciectlouallsm baa never been a sne in fouudatlon this organization. How, n, will this "new nationalism," which we have heard occasionally late, affect Convention its work? In one way only And that for good., The elatw meu referred above attributing e\i»ten<'e(j ih(> Convention sectional Jealousy, la whaiewr re<!tl<>ii country tbey may live, now ilud mmlvc", at* y will soon cer, bereft ir only weapon leuce agalutt Convention. No one unless be wubee be butt a Joke or object pity can now arise remark that COuveutlon subsists upon that horrid, hateful, bated sin, sectionalum; Convention will move forward with grer stride In a more open way. There i< a " uew nationalism " In one sense, that is, North has decided let South back in Union, sluve South has shown herself forward In defending flag against a foreign foe -a thing which she has always sod ready do, yet a thing which North has never hir been able believe, at Vwblcb even now she wonders Id open^moath aankhment. I for one am glad that this " new national- 'ism " baa come, glad that South has had opportunity demonstrate what her most solemn protestations could never make North believe, that she ia has been loyal, that when quarrel nearly four decades ago was settled It was settled. And I am glad that It has, refore, become Impossible for this great body Uod's servants, Sourn Baptist CoDveutlou, longer be smitten have ir work bln'lered «ith false charge that. Instead seeklag Uod*B glory salvation lost, y are seeking promote preserve a national quarrel. It Is sincerely be hoped confldently be expected, that In view late demonstration we may be allowed proper credit both as our nationalism as our sincerity in seeking promotion tiod's kingdom. But wher this hope is be realized, or this expectancy Is be disappointed, we are uot ready, I suspect, betray our fars impeach ourselves by voting adjourn Convention tine difi, which would be tantamount confessing that all this whole time we have been actuated by evil motives. Bevldea, what haa nationalism do with it any way? Is natloualiam religion or is religion nationalism? Let us guard well lest we make o much " flag " not enough banner Jesus Christ. A«an organization God's people for promotion his glory Sourn Baptist Convention has by no means accompllahed its miseion in earth is by no means eftete. It Is, according thinking many wisest men In denomination both North South, best form organleatlon, for purposes for which Baptist organization* are Intended, In World. And while It has accomplished much, Us work ia only fairly begun. The greatest Baptist population In world reside within borders this Convention, If ever reached brought In active oo-operatlon with ir brethren for salvation tha world, must be reached by it. All thoughtful friends Lord's work will readily acknowledge that not half has been dons that ought have been dons; yet It is squally manifest that our people are better reached by ths Convention more enlisted in Its work than y would b«by a mors general orgaulsatlon, evsn though it might be possessed ths au desirad quality nationalism. So ikt from merging any our zlstint oiytnlia* Uoos, ths tims may oome, indeed I suspt It Will corns, that ws shall need mors than we now havs. llmqtlms till this oomes pass,' if oome pass it docs, this mighty Baptist host, bahdsd gsthsi id ths Bouthsni Baptist Ooavsntlon forthsfkirthsraum ^ tin gcspsi, will, with tr ^feugtbnling sirlds inorsmiog oonmfafbr this grsat undartaklog lovs all msu, marab forth against thi hosts iin mftuy years after all who now gar In Its luiiiunl oonclaves rest from ir luburh. With unwearied patience endurance thu reaper will gar und garner many a golden sheaf In harvest time many a year yet uoiue. Ulchmond, Va. PIVINE CHASTISEMENT. IIY KKV. IIVnON II. DKUKNT. My Kon, dfiipliie not tli«i-liniili-nliikor il<n t.<ir(); iid'tlior l>«weary IiIn currvollon: Kor wlimn thi< IaidI luv<>tli lio <-<irreotetli; even nn u fitllier (lif ion lii wlioiii lio ilcllithtelli." I'rov II, The provldeutial ordering world must ever be a me abiding Interest man who Iish sober thoughts iwrioum fiellugs. An explanation prosperity wicked adversity Ihe righteous on ground retributive Justice God perplexed ancient HervuiitH Jehnvah, The Ixiok Job Is ablest discuhsloii In existence doctrine a III lotion righteous, yet It remained for New Testament throw Its flood light on dark myslety ere man could clearly enough " suuvr go otiong.*' The teasou Job's pretended friends weie such uilieiable comfortcrs was that y thought all cahmltleh were penalties, even H Job himself, at flrst, seemed entertain same ideas, uot until bis awful struggle vision God did he grasp true conception that even a child God may suflvr aluk-tloii while enemy Jehovah enjoys prosperity. In text preceding context we have two pictures sketched by pen iitt>piration. Both am likenesses a child nf God In dlfleicnt periods life. The context pret^enls us with GIMI'H child fat flourishing, perfect in health abundant in honor riches, while text gives UH hu likeness after -wreath worldly glory has faded abundance earthly ilches has de(.arted. The h once full blessings Is now using rod rhasilsement. Verily what mortal eye can stc is not tiie real abiding, but tiie apparent temiwrary. Since piety guarantees uo exemption from sufferlug, let us enquire in I. What chastisements really are. 1. What are y In ir ew<cnfial nature de- Mgnt Divine chastisements have ten been very erroneously interpreted, false injurious philosophies have been constructed on se basal errjrs. An Inductive pbiloeopby that draws its inference ns man's character from human allllctiou misjudges human nature misinterprets God's providence Ttie chastisements God inflicted ou his people are not primarily punitive. Their number degree severity ate not arilbmetically determined by Ihe number degree sins. Tliose persons who are most severely aflllcted are uot ones who have most grievously sinned. SufTerings ate not Infallible signs sins. ChasthtementH are not penalties, else would wicked have many righteous few. Penalty is punishment demed by ill-desert sin, while chastisements do not refer eseentlal character slu, but reformation Improvement one corrected. They are corrective reformary rar than penal. They are suflvrings permitted or Inflicted In love with a view tho spiritual good those who bear m. 2. Now, what are y in ir actucu infliction T In what form do y come? God is sovereign may chastise In any manner be deems bent. Me does Inflict In a variety ways. His chastisements are ten lo»$et \om property, health, friends. But for every loss God wants us flnd In him more than a oompensatldg gain. Sometimes y oome in form /a</urea-failure in buslncm, in education, In realliation even a laudable ambition. Sometimes God permits his people /o/f under temptation, like Peter, that he may teach m frailty man power God. Pre<)uently y oome as pm- Mve infliotimt, God permitted Batan aflllot Job with disease, sift Peter as wheat, buffet Paul by a thorn In flash. Ho permits wiokcd perteouie ths righteous. Chriat said his dlsclplcs: "If y have penccuted me, y will also persecute you." Yea, all that will live godly In Christ Jssus shall sufl'er perseoutlou. Thet«may be flery furnaces for ths steadaut In faith, a lion's deo for ths faithful in praysr, a martyr's dsath for hsro cross. But Bun God will bo in ihe <Umac«flrs, angel God will close mouth lions graos God will sustain dying Mint. > Amid all ths ohasteuitig experiences llf ws may Joyfully say: uu Ui^i^laiis may Ita dhuotuloil, WImi Swi'liotSfomM a^i ntsd IslMttsrUian our btsl. We will now isonsldsr; II. Wbjr ohastlssmsuts are Infllotsd. 1. Our fint reason Is found In ths na/urt des- «f fmau. Man noeilrt clmhtlhciueut UH a child needs ixirrectlou. It takeh Hullerlng purify develop. Man Is impeifticl, consequently needs repro; he Is capable Indellnlte progrccu HUd hu needs ubautlsemeiit. Diuclpllue is not confined vocabulary religion ; it beiongd general speech mankind. It is ueo<lo'l everywhere, Is found in every department < r human life where re Ingenuinv progretwlu home. In school, In business, in chilrch t5tate principle dut'lplinu It* exempllfled. It la like n l irtckcmlth's hiimnior, n viiie-drcsner's prunlngknlfe, uhculplor'h chisel a rclliier'n lire. It molds, elhulnatcf, tnutlfuh und iliiiuh. If man liad no moral nature, und weie only a child clay, dlifclpline would have no )url In his litsry; but since hu i>«a i>plrltual being und WUH born for eternity, Ills very conhillution piixhlbliitlom call for chastening rod. Divid tcmtltieh lo ticiiellciai elltfcts chahtlhementh whnii lie Hays, " It Ih gmid for me tliat I have been allllcted, that I iiilglit learn thy statutes." 2. Anor leasoii for cimhtlnenienth may be keen lu (/od'n charaucr purptw. Allllctloiis «re in iierfect liariuony with covenant love. They are not signs hatred, but aflectlon. The Lord said un his lukewuim people Laodlcea, "As many as I love I rebuke chuhten." Again tlie Scripture Kays, "Whom Lord l<iveth he chasteneth, souurgeth every son whom ho recelveth." A frtr'n hcait proiiipts uniiclimi a far's h wieldn cliahtenlng rod. The la«h Is not used by an executioner nor tlie knife by un enetuy. The strlftes are given In love siid tiie knife is used in mercy. AlllictlonH arc signs (iiid's futlierhood evideucehour Hoimlilp. This Is clear emphatic teaching Word Oud. It Ik a precious doctrine which tha world Ity Ut wisdom could not ascertain, but wlilch u ChriHtluii by bin experleiife may Joyfully realize. A far, by virtue his relation his children. Is exiiected ehasiifte tlieiu in tlieir way wurdness, that becautc he loves m. God's luve rod are inseparaule. Tiiough latter Is heavy it is never made iron. We can endure sting or lash if we can only see i<mlle his love. Chastisements show parental aut/iorili/. Children in home are under conntruint dlttcipline. Tbey are under law, even though It Ite law love. Their liberty should not degenerate In license, nor ir license In anarchy. The ctilidren are not have ttutbority over parents, but tlie parents over tlie children. The rod is a wepire not a tyrant but a King, that King Is our Fattier. Our Far not only allllcth us, hut ho docs so with a pure tu nrflcxnt purj>oitfj. Ksrthly parents have in all ages recognl/.ed tho blek>«e<l circctr wliie use corrcctive dlhcipllne In tho home. With full knowledge its value mid thb eviln Its neglect, Solomon wrote "sparing rcnl spoiling child." So gmierallr was It exert'lsed that author Hebrews significantly ko, "What sun Is lie whom farchasteneth not?" ThechH<ttei)lng is fur i>ermanent good tho child, only througli Infirmity flesh do parents administer correction from any or motives. Discipline is Intended develop ennoble. K\-en Christ Is said have licen made perfect through sufrerlng. Surely, n, ills brethren are not lie free from sorrow. The poet expressed divine idea nfluctlou when he said, " Sweet are tlie UHW adversity." It is a precious paradox that although adversity Itself bitter yet Us fruit Is sweet. Temporary sorrow may only better prepare for permanent Joy. " No chastening for present seenioth be Joyous, but grievous, newruielesm afterwards It yleldeth tho peaceable fruits rlghteouwess un m wlilch are exercised reby." God has his eye heart on bekt results. Loglo cannot always see how meann he employs will secure Ihe end designed, but Gud's ways are uot our ways, nor his thoughts our thoughts. God sscs In each his children wonderful povslbllitles which lu many cases oan b«developed only In hothouse aflilotlon. Then lis p1aoo<i h's h upon his child, transplanting It from Its uatlvu soli In earthly gardsn Lord, where wild llowsr is teuded with care, by by It reveals sunh bsauuss exhales suoh odors that all passers-by both admire flower bless owner. Often wiisu burden Is heaviest are we most oonsoious Omulpolonoe { when earth's night la darkest we see most tbs heavenly llglit; whsu tbe world's din Is shut out m^l heavenly harmonies enrapture tbe soul. "Our light aflilotlon, whlob Is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more excesding eternal weight glory." Let us now obssrve i III. How obostlssments should be reoeivsd. Borne light lias been thniwn on this part our sttli- Jeot by a consideration tbe nature purpose obastlsemeuts. If y are corrective refel^ary measures, springing from a heart love designed for our eternal good, surely y should not be lightly regarded nor unwisely njected. Persons are so prone look only at ir present situation rebel against wbat is not congenial that inspired writer very eainestly urges against manifesution an ungodly spirit In receiving godly chastisement. 1. We are not dctpite cha»ttningt Lord. If tbey come from Lord, y are his messengers, despise m is despise tbe One who sends m. They may bear unwelcome bat never unnecessary messages. Aflllctloss sre not agents destruction but reformation. They are not ministen wrath but merty. If a messenger be detplscd, his message will be unavailing. Surely, it uot wise lightly esteem rebukes a friend. It is neir way prit by rebuke nor retain aftectlon friend. The very source tlie tufrerlngs God ia an all-aufllclent reason why y should be properly received. Then, o, afllictions are suoh a nature as dem a wise reception. If tbey be light, tbey are not InBlgulflcant; If y be heavy, y are not unjust. A haughty sir. Indicative untamed arrogance, Is sometimes seen in a rebellious child, even while be endures hb far's repro, but surely such a spirit Is a far greater sin when cherished by one God's chastened children. The tears a penitent are better than tbe heart a sle. 2. Furmore, aflllcted one should not bccome weary bis Far's correction. It is easier but less Christlike faint than persevere. Each one is likely think his burden is heaviest. To such we may say, "There bath no temptation befallen you but such as Is common man." Temptation may hedge us about, yet God has at least one way escape for soul that fainteth not. If tbe burden be greater than you can bear, God will eitlier diminish its weight or increase your strength. If mountain be o high, God will eir remove It, tunnel It, or enable you cross it. A mictions are not so long continued as Justify y)ur growing weary while enduring tiiem. There are as many days as nights, if some days be cloudy, some nights are starry. Few lives are a perpetual suflltring. But even if y should l>e, life itself la brief, cbaflng neir mitigates tha sorrow nor shortens its ^riod. Some faint under chastbwmeut at if re were no contforl in it. Afllictions have ir blessings, sorrow its Joys night Its stars. As danger brings a far near his son, so Savior is nearest when srm is wildest night darkest. It is worth enduring afllictions secure tbe special presence Comforter which only sufltering know. Bo, n. Instead despising tbe chastening Lord, becoming weary his repro, accept hia correction with filial mhmimion. Rebellion is suicidal, but submission Is life-giving. The ptaceable fruits righteousness belong only those who are properlylexercised by God's repro, those who accept It In a quiet spirit With Cbristlike humility. Calm submission, not mumurlng rebellion, keeps Savior near, makes promises sweet life a benediction. " Be still, sad heart," for Godaddreises you as a child in whom bis soul dellghteth. Sinner, you cannot claim blcming* qfjuvtlom tbe sweet uses adversity which are heritage tbe Ohrisllan. With you, life's trials must ten be Inlerable Insornble. Do uot strike In unholy rebellion against divine h Judge that deals out you, even here, his blows retributive Justice. Yield now whileyou man, delay not until you'mimf. ChristUn, consider patience Job, tbe meekness Christ promises God. Let se thoughts Inspire your heart with a holy courage, a living faith a brightening hope. Life is short, but eternity Is long God is true. "Weeping may endure for uigbt, but Joy comelh lu morning." Midway, Ky. CHOSEN FOR SERVICE, [iutroducry sermon preaohed before Holsn Association Tennessee by Bev. A. L. Davis, at Kmqq Ohuroh, Washingn County, Aug ] Text,»Yoliave not rhossn me, tiwl I WIOMH yon, ami ardalntd you, tuat y«shonw «o «na bring frlli frutt, Md Umt your frnit sbontd fsroalm tliat wlwumiov.r ye shall ask or tlw Katlisr lu my nanis, hs may give It you," Jolin *r. R Jesus has dismissed Judas, thief trair, be is no longer numbered with twelve. He went out fm m because he was uot m. The eleven who nmftin with Jesus are made rad ir hemis are tnrablsd because He llu going away. But He cheen comforts tiiem with assurwioe that He is golug prepare a place for m, that He will send anor Comforter wlio shall abide with m forever. The time tlieir departure be with Him lias not yet come. They luive a place a business in this world. In expulsion Judas th«y have seen tlie nominal fruitless branch out lt. He never was a eon God. but he was a devil son perdition, snd went his own plaos. Bat y are " little children" Heavenly Far. Tliey are real branches that abide in Christ tlie true vine. But y do not st alone in this respect. Christ is only vine, but y are not only branciwe. They represent a class which y mselves are a part When Chriat, tlie great Interceaor, prayed for m. He prayed not for se alone, but for tbem also which should believe on Him through ir word. Tbey were have a continuous line succeseors in fslth gospel who should propsgate truth Illustrate Its power efficiency by ir own faith work. The design our Lord's teaching in tbe text is show true relation that exists between Himself His people, empliasim nature His purposes be accomplished tlirough m, as His followers. In tbe world. I want present doctrines text under three heads I. The Lord's choice His people. Jesus said:" Ye iiave not cliosen me." The first bolce was not on part Hb disclplss. A«slaners, lost helpless, y liad not first choeen Him as ir Savior Redeemer. They iud not first sought, through faith in Him, freedom from tbe bondage sin death. Tliey did not first aspbre this freedom. If all people were left mselves none would ever desire become disciples Clirist. They never would think going out in His name, tiiey never could bring forth any fmit glory God. In religion Jesus Christ man's choice is not first. It is conditional upon God's choice. " But I have cliosen you." In realm choice, God is pre-eminently first In every thhig tliat pertains our salvation, our Christian tervlce our future gloiy. Grace first appeared in tiie promise God that seed tbe woman should bmlse serpent's bead. And when tbe Son God, Eteniai Word was manifest take away our sins that He might deetioy tne works devil, grace God tliat bringeth salvation appearad all men. " For God so kivsd world that He gave His only begotten Bon, tint whosoever believeth In Hhn should not perish, but have everiasting life. For God sent not His Bon in tbe world condenm tbe world, but that world through Hbn might be saved." John ill 16,17. Here proposal salvation Is on tlie part God. The faith him that believeth simply accepta gift God, which Is eternal life, l'tfred In Lord Jesus Christ. In what sense, n, does tbe Lord choose His people? Tlw question suggests, as I have already intimated, that more than eleven were included in tbe Lord's choice, as announced in tbe text. I know that commonly accepted Interpretation this psrt text limits His choice tbe eleven, making Him chooee tiiem only, only for apostleship. But as Hovey remarks, This does not agree with flrst clause,' Ye have not chosen me;'" be asks," What pertinence has this if He had lo mind ir selection be apoitlest How oould tbey choose Him with reference Aposlate?" And If thhi be limit Lord's choice, it must also be tbe limit His appointment, tbe going bring forth fruit, prayers be made In His name tbe Far's answer thoee prayers. But se cannot be limited apostles any more than prombw that Holy Bplrit should abide with m forever, that He Himself would be with m alwi^n, even un end world. In lulh verse this chapter Jesus s^ys: If ye were tbe worid, tbe world would love his own, but because ye are not world but I have ahotcn you out qf world, refore world hateth you." The spirit world has never changed in I hatred ward people God. ItlssUU ally tbe flesh tbe devil. Jesus did not choose his apostlss, at tuoh out tbe worid, but he chose thsm from number His disciples. When tbey were choemi out world It was not a choice prior ir selection for apostles. And it is significant that thsss two sutements " I bavs choesn you," in tbe 16th verse, " I have chosen you out world," in vsrse 19, st so close ger in leogtlgr discourse our Lord. But Jssus Christ tim Fathsr are one in tbehr parpose work. And He rsocgnism tlia gift Fathsr HUn all rsdsemed. In tbe eth ohaptar ana»7th verse He Mgrst "All that tbe FMher giveth Me shall oome Me, him that oomelli Me I will in nowise cast out" And in 44lh He says: " No man can come Me except Fa r which hath sent Me draw hun; uid I will raise him up at tbe last day." The first motion lost soul ward Christ as tlie Bavior is eondltkmed upon tills drawing tbe Alnighty Far. And author Happy Day " has expressed tbe true sentiment every Ciuistlan: ' Tts doo«-tb«grsat tranmctlod's done, lam my Ix>rd'8 He Is mine; Us draw m* I Ibllowed on. R^ieed own ths eau dlvln*. In 17th chapter, verses 1 2, Jesus says Far: "Gkirliy tby Bon. that thy Bon al may glorify e: As thoa hast given Him power over all fiesb, that He should give eternal life as many as thoa hsst given Hbu." Hers tiiose who receive eternal life from Christ are said be given Hhn by Far. Bo that apo^ie says hi tbe letter tbe Epbeslsns: " Blessed be tbe God Far oor Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed ns with spiriai blessings in heavenly places in Christ: according at He hath choten u«in Him before tbe foundation tlie worid, that we abonid be holy wltboot bume before Him hi love: having predestinated ns nn adoption children by Jesus Christ Hlmsdf, acoardlng tbe good pleasure His will, praise glory His grace, wherein be liath made us accepted In beloved." Eph.l.8-«. In anotlier passage this apostle leaves us in no donbt OS who are tbe chosen: " But we are bound give tlianks alway God for yon, brethrm beloved Lord, beeaute Ood hath from beginning ehoten you tadvaiion throagh sanctlfication tbe Spirit belief tbe truth: Wherran He called yon by our gospel, tbe obtaining gloty our Lord Jesns Christ" 2 These, ii. 18,14. In his first letter Peter writes " Elect according tbe foreknowledge God Far, tliroagh sanctlfication tbe Bplrit, un obedience sprfaikihig tbe blood Jesus Christ." 1 Pet L 2. In ail se Scriptures, in many more that I could give, we an cleariy taught that tbe Lord has called His people oat darkneai In light th chosen tbem nn salvation a state sonship with Himssir a lifs hoiiness obedlmice. They are, tbenfors, tbe Lord's psople in deed in tmtli, He hss an nnqoestkmable right determine what y shall be direct what y shall do. II. The Lord's appointment Jesus said: "I have ordained you." This Is not ceremony ordinatn. Tlie essential tliought purpose ordination is "set apart" designate for sommiung definite. Tlils more fai involved in tbe statement Christ Tbe word means place, appoint, assign, devote, dedicate. The Revised Versn Broadus, Hovey Wesn gives It appoint " I have appointed you." This age has gone mad with tlie idea man's ft«e agency. Tbey do not rccognlze that God exercises any sovereign clwlce in man's salvation, y do not alkiw that He has made any appointment that carries with it divine autbority human obligation responsibility. It Is a pernicious doctrine that we don't need any ology In our rel gk>n. And I am afraid a man'e ineacblng who says he has no ology. One tbe greateit needs our time Is more tbe Word God in our preaching more God's doctrine In oar religion. It Is announced everywhere that this is a pmctlcal age, If you don't lui in Ibie you are not In procession at all. I know tbsre are many excellent tilings among new. And I believe m a practical rell ^ a rellgn whoee sincerity geuhieness ore proven by a iifo humility consecratfon activity In Lord'e ssrvloe. There may be tbe form witlwat power, tbe shadow without substance, but no real, practical isugion oan exist apart from ths Lord Jssos Christ, a recognition His autbority power In tbe performance all leligkhis work. " Without Mo ye can do nothhig." The prsssuce Jesus means His autbority power. "Whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do ail in name Lord Jesas." There is nothing be done in religion that Is not done In His name. He Is Lcid as weu ae Bavior. He Is King hi Zn. And grsatest bleering that oan be beawed upon man kitbe privitage being m enldsct in His kingdom. Bat alasi that many as are not loyal AittJscts. And wbersforat Because we do not noognlxe that oar ljud ban rsally appointed ua dedicated tu Hieservice. And tbki le one greatest oausss for tbe lack osaloaa Interest psrslstent effort In tbe Lord's work. When Jesae said, Go ye^ tbsrsfoie,^' Heannonnced Hb aatbority for giving eaab a comm, wboevet nfusss obey Him ntfscts Hia authority. Will eohrlsuan ntfsct tbe aulbority Lord Jesus by

3 BAPTIST AND REFIiBOTOB, SEPT. 21, BAPTIST A^D BBPLBOTOB, SEPT. 21,1899. nfutlog do wbat He reiiuireii HIh fulluwere? III. The Lotd'e puriwm iu cliuoiiiiig Kud npimilutlug Hie people. "1 have chomu you aud apiwiuted you (hat ye abould go, aud briug fotth fruit, aud that your ftult hould remalu; that wbat»oever ye ultall a»k Far In My name He may give It you," The purpose our Lord as announced hete ix two-fold. 1. To work, bear fruit "that ye thould go aud bring forth fruit." How can re be a ChriBtlan who will neir go nor bring forth fruit in hie Lord'e crviot.? Chriiit tteuda bits foiioveth In tl>e wucld with lutbority piccch bio Kt ii >«l teuch his truth. Uti I'uid ibe Kutiier: At* tliou lia*«t teut uie in tbe woiid." Jct-u;si Ciirist wiu i-eiit by Futli> r came forth fiom tbe Fallici lu tiiu >M'r)il lu be Savior tbe world. And uom' be tvuua Turth bii) diaclpies in ti.e world (tiot UI u that be i he Bavior, teacb bure» hu become hu foliowem obaerveall btb couiiuuuumeuth. Uod'rt [iisr H>^e lo Kuve from hiu through Jesus C'hrlat IncSudei) nil Ibe means which he employe bring about salvation. "For after tliat in wisdom God world by wiado u kuew not God, ii p'ea».d God by tbe foolishnena preaching t-ave m tlut believe." 1 Cor Thb» is tbe purpow for preaching tbe gosrei. Aud fact that Jesus said y hiiould go biid I ring forth fruit impilen tbe necessity piej»v L.;i!g lue gospel throughout whole world. Tbifl necteeiiy L- ciuphaslxetl t>y great commlhsiuu, " Goye.ibeiefoie, auu utch all n^tluns, maiiedibclpus all nations." Tbe mi/wloiiary Idea is tbe very? nrt life gospel Christ. If tbe musioii v spirit abould tie taken awuy, what might remain i tbe goepel would be no more u a lifeless skelen, our cburchee would ba as dead as dry bones valley iu E^ekieU' viaion. The abefnce piri: purpose go work is tbe great cause for unsplritual condition many our churches. They an dylug for waut a little out-door exercise. Our Lord m<-aus that we shall be active aggreaelve in his work. We are go in bis name, by his authority aud with bis power accomplish great things for extemion his kirgdum among meu. And he promisee give iermaneucy our work. "That your fruit tbould remain." Tbbi Is a part tbe purpose for which we have been chonen aud appointed. We may uot behold with our eves all tbe results out iabor, but it is Lord's work, committed us be accomplished by us, it cannot fall. We know that out "labor is not in vain iu tbe Lord." 2. Again, anor purpose fur this choice appointment Lord bt effective prayer. "That whatsoever ye shall airk Far iu my name be may give It you." This means our beet equipment fur service. My bielbreu, here is where we ten fall, we nnderuke work with o little praying. We are permitted come boldly throne gra<-e, that we may obtain mercy aud tind grace help in time need. There bt never a time when we are not iu need divine help. And our needs are many, but I meatlui four tilings that we specially need in Lord's work. L An enlargement our faith-rhlth in God aud in his promtms. Pray for faith? Tbe disciples said Jeeiis: " LorJ, In.rease our faith." God's promisen ue great, but our faith is ten o weak undertake great tlilugs for him. We are afraid step out ou hia promiaea. We need a working faith a " faith Uiat works by love." 2. We t»ed more love for God do his will, for biunanlty, help m up God. eternal life. liove is at foundation. He first loved us." Aod we do love him, but we need lovu him more. Lore delights eetve. If we loved God more we would aerve him better. And If we loved our fellowmen more, we would do uore for ir salvatlou. We woald not heslute go preach Roepel every num. We need more positive conviction duty iu Lotd'aVork. The servant tiut loves tnisut his Haater wants know his Master's will. And he OPffht always feel need suob knowledge, that be m«y know bis doty as a eervant. The I<otd'«oomnuuida are positive, aud if tiiere was more oonvlotlou dotjr among u», re would be more loyal obedl- 4. W«need more power witii Ood prevail with with meu penuade m oome Ood. God'e power with us la tbe Holy Bpirit Iu n. Pr«y IbrHolyBplriir Jesus sahl hia dlaolples: "If y tbn, belag vil. know how give good gifta un yonr cblldnn, bow much more ahall your heavenly VWbarglva Holy BplfU m that ask blm?" Luln xi. 1 We need believe mote in tbe Holy Bpiilt lely upon blm give power emwl- IWDMiio our work. The text says, " Whatsoever ye shall aak." Wo are lack nothing we need, if only we ask it " Far." He hi tbe Far mercies aud God all grace. And we may approach him as little children, dependeut, trusting, desiring hia mercies aud blemlngs. But we must ask in name Lord Jesus. He is our great High Priest, our Advocate with tiie Far. If we should attempt aippioach Got! come or way than through Christ or in'his name, he could not hear us. He would do nothing for us that did not recognize Christ as tbe medium tiirough which it must be beswed. We must honor tbe Bon iu all things as we honor Far. Aud we have assurance that he will hear us, that he will give us whatsoever we shall ask. Brethren tbe.fuwociatiou, If we are Lord's lieople, he lias chosen aud appoiuted us for service, aud re b) testing upon us cur churches a tremendous lespousiblllty. Mauy our churches reported hete In ir letters nothing done past year for f pread tbe goepel iu regions beyond. Have we settled down at ease aud are we satislled couiinue dolug nothing? Let us awake a full realization our duties aud privileges as servants Christ, aud u will his work prosper In our hs aud we shall l*e blessed. Jonesboro, Teuu. FROM AN EX-TENNESSEAN. I begin my letter with a few things penoual, for I was Loru aud " born again," was baptiiced, ordained miuistry did my first preaching In Tenuewee aud near Nashville. I occasionally see names yet Ihose who used be fellow-workers with me. In winter '53 aud '54, in an old building (formerly used as a carpentei's shop) where now sts Central Chuicii houec, I contracted a cold while holding a meetiug, aud liave not seen one well day since. A few da^ s ago, however, I reached my ~Oth birthday, though courte more feeble than usual, am yet at uotk some for dear Bavior. "Three score years ten " forty-five years an Invaii J. Well, it did uot happen so. " Man's heart dcvb«th his way, but Lord directs his steps." Never did I realise, believe or rejoice Iu it mote than now. How It reconciles me way I have been led, for my Far has led me in a right way. Not always a pleasant or plain wa/, hot a riff At way. He led me out TennesAea Georgia, finally Florida. J. R. a HAVES, LL.D. Dr. Folk, allow me in this way thank you for tbe st you have taken In defense Dr. Graves. Bome things written published In some our papers have been so far from truth in some respects as aimoit make me shudder. Is it o liamb say it is slering dead? Well, be has been mlarepreseuted. From iny early manhood I kuew Dr. Graves, was ten in his company, heard blm preach fre- lueutly read after him every week; few men have I ever himtd or read after who were mo.e outspoken or clearer, stronger against baptismal regeneration, or puttitag ordinances, church, or priest, t>etween tlie sinner aud Christ. The blood before water, Cbriat before church, salvation before baptism, were favorite ezpreaslons iu hu preaching. How absurd, yea painfully so, that young men, who, if bom, were yet babea when Dr. Graves was preaching lalvatkm by grace through faith, should be giving it out that be preached tbe reverse. He was farr from being a Campbeilite or Catholic in believing re was any efficacy in tue ordinances tlian almost any man I ever iieard preach. I'HOlIIBITtON. Dr. Folk, I want say very heartily that you have my sympathy iu fight you are righteously forcibly making against trafflc in inxicating drinks. Your mode is tbe only logical truthful cue on which fight it. When you set out locate evils traflio you must go back step by step sovereign people, who, in casting ir ballots, make eveiything lawful or unlawful. Tbe voters Tennessee make lawful respectable tbe terrible buslnom. And how many m are church membets oven ministers} They m»y not vote for ttiat purpose, but thoy vote for a party t aunds for Whiskey by this time y must know that fact. I could Just aa conscientiously nm a barroom aa I could vote for a man whoee party would vole tbe trafoc a legitimate one. What responsibility la ballot, for tbe exercise It la right or wrong, la moral or imiiioal, aud yet If we preaob thua or write tbua we are said»» mixing religion politloa. Bbame bould mantle cheek every man priaelug follow Cbriat who did not vole for W. D. Tamlay ftir Govtrnor lynnetme. Tbqr passed by a decent party man, at tbe poua allied tbemmlvee with tbe rum power all lb manilbld evua. W. N. CUACDOIR. A CALL TO TENNESSEE BAPTISTS. The brethren TenufWHce have certainly had cauae Foreign MIsalous brought prominently tbe r atteiitku rec^'ntly. Oca her mo^t excellent 1 asis, Uev. U. P. Mahon, with hia noble wife, left for Tuluca, &Iex, a few montlui ngo. He haa taken bold vlgoroubty, aud we expect see work Ldird pr.mper in his hs, llev. G. H. Cruber wife Bhelby ville liave recently been appoiuted. aud church is arranging a farewell service for se exceili'tit young workers who g" Torreou, Hex. Let it be remembered that a few yeunt ago Rev. Nathan Maynard aud wife were working in Covingn, Jenn., when y left for Japan. Assistant Becretary Barn was worklug tu Nashville, T«iuu,, three years ago, tkcretary Willingham In Memphbt, Teuu., six yeqn ago, when y were called work with Board. Certainly Teuueatwe by circumstances seems be iu a position w^here she Is called do liberal things for this great work Master. The churches Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Clarksville, Jack>«ou ami or cities iu her bounds should see it that every dollar be paid which has been asked by tbe Board make advance '^j )cr cent ordered l>y Boutbern Baptist Convention in Ijoulsviile last May. Up present $l,guo ^.(HM) asked for has been paid. For past year Central Church in Memphis led all ors in Btate, having glveu over (1,000 contributed. Tiie First Cimrch Memphis, led by her cousecratetl mistionary pasr, bail agreed raise enough this year pay tialary one missionary. Many churches in Tenne«see can ought do that much. Wc hoi>e see Teiinessj in not distant future one tbe leading States in giving for this great work. AUVANC-K MOVKMENT. It will interest aud encourage tiie brethren know t Board, acting iu ac.'otdunce with oiimm Convention, is upi>oiuting new misslonailea sending m forth. Already ten have been appointed applications ors are being considered. The Board does not consider State from which applicants come, but rar ir litneas for tbe work, yet It bi interesting know that tiie ten who liave recently been appointed represent eight dioerent Butea. This shows how widely diffused is Interest In Foreign Missions. aix NKWS. Our brethren will be glad hear that gracious tidings come from our mlssiouaries at tite front. Many converts are being rep«>rted. We should praise Uie Lord for His blessings so freely beswed upon us. fhkshiml NBKI>. It Is almost needless say that II requires not only men but cash money 'snlarge our work. It takes on an avenge about >300 t. prepare aud send out missionaries ir fields. The Board allows 9100 for outfit, n it re< UireB about 9200 for traveling expenses. We need funds right now with which aend out our new mis»ionariea. Will not bretbrcu sisters help us? Bome can send from five fifty dollars each. Churches should take collections for work. If you are not called go, you an certainly called stay iiel*) thorn who do go. Jl. J. WiLt^iNUiiAH, Cor. Bee. Ulchmond, Va. TENNESSEE BAPTIST CONVENTION. This body meets with Union City Baptist Church Ocber llth-isth. It Is our purpose furnbb free entertalnmcot all delegaa, fscilitate matten avoid confusion after arrival we wish evrry one who expects attend Convention give notice fact at once that ansignmenla may be made before arrival delegates. A postal card will cojt but one cent, while a meal at a hotel will cost you 60 cents if committee has arrange for a bome after you arrive. Delegates from east will oome by N r C. A Bt. L. R. R., arriving at 6 a. m. 12:45 p. m. Those coming from soatb will come over M. A O. R. R., will arrive at 11'.59 a. m. 12:48 a. m. A committee will meet all trains except 12:48 a. m. train on M. A O. ad. We have good hotel aud boarding house accommodatlona, reduced rates will be secured for such viaire as prefer it who are not entitled free entertainment. If you ate coming, write me a card. Union City, Tenn^ W. H. BBim>w, Paar. We have clueed a good meeting at Hopewell, Bumner County. There were seven oonverskina five bapusma. Bro. J. P. Gilliam did pieaobing llnwit I bave beatd fr a long time. Bome my own family were among tboae biougbt Cbriat. Yeetetday I bad tbe bonor bapuae Benar Wm. B. Bate In fulowahlp Hopewell Cborob, wblob ble mor lived died a member. 'Vtf Ood. bealllbeglory. :, Wk.Wtuta. Enon Oollege, Itein., Sept. 18th. ; v NA«MVIL.UK. PA5T0R5' CONPBRBNCB. First Church-Dr. Iianslng Burrows preached at tioth hours. Good day. Central-Pasr Ln preached in morning Bro. B. H. Dement at niglit. Fine day. 200 in B. 40 In Mt. Olivet Mission B. Good service at night conducted by Bro. Trice. Beventh Bro. Baker preached a full house at both boun. Church paid all debts, Is now clear from all debt for tiie first time In twelvo years. Centennial Pasr Stewart preached large congregations. 107 In B, B. immanuel Pasr Hay preached at both hours; also preached at Cherokee Park, West Nashville, In afternoon. North Edgefield Pasr Sherman preached fair audiences. 157 in B. B. 40 in Barn Mission B; Edgefield Pasr Bust preached large audiences. Good nervleem. Third Pasr Golden preached at both hours. One pressed faith Joined tiie church. I'asr lield three gospel servlceeou streetii during week. 157 In B. B. Mowell Memoilal Pasr Howee sick. Dr. John McKamy, edir Bunday-school literature Cumberl i^resbyterlan Church, preached In morning aud Dr. Holt at night. Good servlcrs. Antioch Pasr Bryan preached in tbe morning. No services at night on account meeting at Una. Una Protracte<l meeting In progress. Two joined by experience. Mcetinga continue this week, Bro. Sherman doing preaching. Bro. Byron H. Dement was present at (Conference, reported his work at Midway, Ky., as being in a fine condition. He expects enter Seminary Ocber Ist. Bro. B. W. Kendrick was prewnt, reported mission work in Ixiuisville, Ky., as moving smoothly on. Bro. Kendrick was ordained full Work tbe ministry at First Church on Monday night. KIMOXVIL.UC. Third Church No service in morning. Pasr Murrail preached at night a large congregation. Good B. B. Bro. Murrell preached tlie dedicary sermon for tbe itend Branch Church, six miles east tbe city, In morning. A debt $41)0 was paid f on tbe new building. Bell Avenue Pasr Thomas preached at both hours. Eight approved for tiaptism two baptized. Interest in tiie meetiug Rtill increanldg. Bearden Pasr Anderson preached at both hours. Good B. B, First-Pasr Egern preached good congregations. 811 In B. B. Smith wood i'asr Yankey preached at both hours. 125 In B. B. Two additions by letter. Three pressions. Meetiug continues. Centennial-Panr Bncw preached at both liours, ano in B. Church observed iter seventh anniversary on Wednesday evening. Second Pasr Jeflrles preached at both hours, sol in S. B. One addition by letter; one pression. Bro. B. M. McCarter was present at Conference. He baa Just closed a successful meeting at Glenwood. Pasr Moore has Just closed a good meeting at Grove City. MKIVIRMIflft. Trinity Church Meeting still In progress. There have been at prehons eight additions. Meeting very helpful both church community. Good B. B. Good S, B. at Park Avenue Mission. Central Bro. Gilliert Dobbs preached good congregations. One bapllxed one received by letter since last report. Bro. Dobba hns been liiipplylng during Dr. Potts' absenco. Dr. Monroe sang at both services, delight congregation. Johnson Avenue Paar preached good congre^ gatlons. First-Pasr Good B. preached. B, Very good day. B. J. T. Bexn, blackamltb evangelist, was present at Conference. He baa been assisting Pasr Bmlth In a meeting will retutn bome TuMd«y. Bro. Bexn's work has be«n aucceasful much appreciated. aackson. Fint Cbnb-Pair Haywood preached laige congfegauona. tlona. Good B. Packed boum at nigbi. Five addl- Beoond Bro, Williams Kentucky preached <o good oongregations. He ik asslsllng Dr. Inmab In peoial meetings. Conaldeiabla Interest manlffaled. Highl Avenue-Pasr Gnmmer preached at V; both hours. He haa returned from Macon, Tenn., where he preached in a meeting days. We closed a meeting thirteen days duration at this place last night. Visible rrsulln, Keveb confessions, three baptlsma thi«e ors awaiting baptism. The pasr did tbe preaching first week, after which Bro. G. H. Crutcber Bhelbyvllle did preaching. B. Cruber preached thirteen able sermons, all which were full aplrltuallty. He^ greatly endeared himself this wn. The Foreign Mission Board is fortunate In securing biin bis devoted wife for Mexico. We expect great things se able, consecrated servants God. Oar meeting was deeply aplrltual from stnrt finish. The last service was one deep solemnity power largest congregation series. Tbe church was veiy greatly helped all are feeling happy. Many tbe best people or denominations Joined heartily In servlcea aided us very greatly In work. B, H. Pmioe, Mlsanary Btate Board. Lewlsburg, Tenn. Rev. G. A, Grammer' has Just closed a series sermons for me at thla place, where people are such good Judges preaching, satisfaction delight all who heard him. Bro, G. hi logical, bomlletlcal eminently scriptural in bis preaching. He la a man strong faith, preaching with great zeal expecting tbe Word be blessed, yet, when tbe fruit does not appear, be feels resigned Lord, hoping for good results hereafter. It gives me great pleitsure introduce Bro. Grammer tc tbe brethren in Tennessee; he has recently become pasr Highl Avenue Church, Jackson, Tenn., as re are so many young preachers In Jackson be can have his pulpit supplied give much time evangelistic work, for which he Is so well fitted. I am greatly rejolc^ at tbe large number conversions additions reported In BAmer Rs- PLRCTOR, Bome years ago I baptized 60 in my church, tiiat was happiest year my work in Btate. J. D. Anderson. Macon, Tenn. The opening Brownsville Female College -day waa very gratifying President Mack Board Trustees. A large audience askembled In chapel witness opening exercises. They were highly entertained by interesting talks made by President Mack, members Boatd Trnatees vhlting brethren, T. B. King aud Chav B. Walker, Esq. Tbe recitation by Misa Mollie Norman, teacher Elocution, was highly enjoyed by all. Miss Cora Reeee Bmlth, teacher instrumental vocal music, delighted audience with several pieces vocal Instrumental music. Pr. Mack is be congratulated upon aesurlng such an able efllclent teacher in this department. An art levee was held after exercises, many specimens work in oil China, done by Miss Mary Wilson, teacher art, were greatly admired. Pr. Mack was congratulated on excellence his faculty aud on itavlng so large an attendance boarding pupils present on opening day. Brownsville, Tenn. RONEY'S BUDOET. T. E. Glass. I assisted Bro. N. B. Williams in a meeting week following third Sunday In August. There were many things In tbe way a successful revival, but meetiug resulted in good cauro. The pasr bad uot been paid until our meeting, but said publicly t bis pocket-book was so heavy it was a burden carry it. Not many pasrs can say as much. The mission interest was looked after by C. H. Rogers, result will be largest colleotion in hisry >be church fbr misaions. It is an easy matter get money for mlsslona or any or worthy cause if tbe people are made see it a duty, a comm Bavior. The great trouble Is tiiat Bomanyourpasn never say anything about it. Pasrs l^uthweatern District Aasoclallon, do briug tbe cause misaions before your churohea nt once. The Beech River Association will meet with Lexingn Baptist Oburoh Baturday, September 28rd. Gveiy one expecting atteird abould send ir names J. W. Page, Lexingn, Tenn. Brethren Holt Folk mast be re. A good time hi ex* peeled. The opening our nniveralty bete Iu Huntingdon was never so large as on 6lb this month. Our little city! alive wub aiudents, yet tbey oome. The Orphans' Home at Nashville la criminally neglected by some oitr cbubea. How any one can b«unmoved with tbit appeala fbr se little helplem children la mori tbkn I can divine. God liolda ua re< pontlble foi our neglect. "Inasmuob aa ye did it uot un leaat se... ye did ir uot un me," Hniil a ooueotiou at once tbe Home God will bless you. Help helpless God will help you. Five were received In church at Lexingn first Bnnday night. Islingn Is on tbe road prosperity. Bhe has dealt with some refraciy members recently will continue work until church is clean. There la entirely o much dead mateilal inour churchcs. Preach truth a sinner in cbnmb he is sure be angry with tbe paar. The child God will love aud commend faithful preacher tbe Word. Bro. Oakley desires ask me abdut those " plotures" when he sees me. Huntingdon, Tenn. Wonder why. W. Ronry. THE NEORO NATIONAL BAPTIST CONVENTION. Tbls Convention was held in Nashville last week. I attended th«first two days. Gov. McMUiin delivered address welcome on behalf tbe Btate, giving m a cordial greeting. Rev. J. O. Rust welcomed m on behalf white BapUata in bla usual cordial elegant style. Rev. Dr. Clarke, pasr Olivet Church, where y met, welcomed m on behalf negro Baptista with a warm-hearted echo his voice. A namber responses were made by negro delegates from dlfleient parts df Union, all In as elegant appropriate style as I ever heard at any our white Baptiat conventions. Their President, Rev. Dr. Morris, presides with as much ease, dignity flrmneas as our late Dr. Mell. During two days that I attended ir convention I beard speeches reports equal any heard at our Sourn Baptiat Convention. The fact b, negro is not only a bom singer, but a bom orar. When our negro orar Tennessee, Rev. M. Vaim, died, we thought negroes had lost ir greatest light, but this convention has convinced ua t God In bis providence lias raised up half a dozen Vanns take his place. Then y have tbeir publisbing house In Naahville, with its presses, its Sunday-school literature, ita bindery all product negro braina bs, employing fifty or sixty negro men women run tbe plant, under skillful management Rev. Dr. Boyd, a second edition Dr. J. M. Froet. What wonderful progress for a race who iesa than fnrty yean ago were iu abject slavery, witliout a knowledge letten 1 Do you ask. How shall we solve negro problem? I answer. In tbe providence God negro is solving It himself by bla rapid advancement in an enlightened CbriatUn civilizatioo, tbe only hope for any every race. A. B. CABANira. MINISTERIAL EDUCATION. For tbe past two yean tbe Blinisterial Board baa devoted some funds sent in for ministerial education wards salary Dr. Heagle enable blm give Instruction pteacher-boya In Biblical Interpretation, Homiletlcs, Bystematlc Theology Church Hisry. I have seen In preacbhig tbeae young men great advantages t y liave derived from said instruction, but Board has decided thai it will not be able make a division se funds between r e two branches ministerial education; that is, lioard Instractlon, so we shall have provide for Dr. Heagle's salary by personal direct contribution that end. There lacitaonly 1240 re( Uired amouat, Are re not four brethren or sisten who will give foo each thhi purpose, or five who will give $50 each 7 Dr. Heagle cannot more than comfortably live on salary that he gebi. He la a very scholarly man, trained bimaelf In Bome best ological seminaries fn tbe entire country, having had a long experience aa pasr. He la full zeal enthusuam. He carrlea tbe ardor a young man in tbe olam-room. He la a cloae bard student. His coune dally lectuna on Biblical Interpretation Is Invaluable; t is, Ur worth ministerial studeuts In gaining a knowledge Bible, both inductively aud deductively, cannot be oatimated In dollan aud cents. We want our young men be deeply venwd in knowledge Bible. Thhi arrangement pruvlding for aalary tbe ological Instrucr by oontributiona a few individuals, enablea MInlaterlel Board oonsentrate all its reoeipbi attention on one de> partment feeding tbe boya, removing indebted* nesa already incurred. Do not tbe btetbren aiaten appriate vital connection wbleb all thla baa with evangeliaation tbe worid T I hope that thii oommuulcatlon will fliu under tbe eyea acme brathnn aud ahiten, who bare ISO that ibey want place where It will count moat fbr tbe enum Obrlst, that tbey will duly appraciate bearing which minhiterhil education at our Unl- mity baa upon tbe otfject ir deairae. O. M. BAVAQK

4 a BAPTIST AND RBFLBOTOn, SEPT liaptist AND RKFLECTOn, SEPT. 21, I juissiojvs. MISSION OIRKOTONV. STATB nissi0n-bkv. A. J. Hour. U.a, CorrcapondlDg deereurjr. All eommnnlcmtlonadwlfned r bim aboald be MldrMMd blu At NMbville, Tenn. W. M. Woodcock. TreMurer, NMbvlll*, Tenn. The SUM IkMird Ht*o reprownu Home Koralfo MiMioni. without obarge lotbcm Uoarda. POKCION MISSI0N5.-RBV. R. J. WlUIHO- HAM. U.I>.. Oorrcopondlng BecNUry, RIebmond. V*. Riv. J. H. BMow, KnosrlU*. Tenn., Vlo*-Pre«mrnt tb«foreign Board rortenncmm, whom all InqnlrlM r Information iflajr he addrehed. HOMB russions.-rkv. I. T. TlORKtOB. D. U., Oorraapondlng BeoreUry. Atlanta. Qa. Rbv. U. U. JsrrRics, VIoe-Hreeldent tbe Home Board for Tenneeeee, whom all Information or Inqnlriea abont work In tbe Btate majr be addrmmd. ninistbrial education.-aii fundi r yoang mlnlatera & W. B. UnlTeraltjr tbonld be sent U. M. bavaob. LUU., Jaekion, Tenn. For roobf mlnutere at Careon Newman College, eend J^T. Huidb*- OM. Moeey Creek, ^nn. ORPHAN5'HOMB.-ReT. W. C Golden. Freeident, NaibTille. Write him bow get a child In or out tbe Home. Bead all monlee A. J. Holt. Trcaaurer, MaabTtlle Tenn. Al nppllee iboold be eent O. T. CHBM. NaibTllle. Tenn. All aappllea ibonld be eent prepaid. S. S. AND COLPOKTAQE.-A. J. Holt. Cor. Bee., NaabTllle. Tenn.. whom all Inrmatlon may be aeked whom all ftuida may be lent. For any tbe abore objeete money may be lafely lent W. M. Woodrock. Treainrer. Naibvllle. Tenn. WOMAN'S MISSIONARY UNION.-PrealdenL Mrtt. A. C a Jaekaon. Naabnile, Tenn. Correepondlng MecreUry Mre W. C. Golden 7W Monroe Htreet. NaabvUle. Tenn. Recording Becrelary-MlM Oertmde Hill, NaebTllle. Teon. edlr-mliwh. E.&8bankUuid CS N. Vine Htreet. NaitaTtr.e. Tenn. WOMAN'S MISSIONARY UNION. " The time m»bort." I Cor. vll. Stt. " 1 sometime* feel thread life In (lender..\dd eood with me tbe labor will be wrought: Then growi niy henrt or heart* more tender. The time t. abort." -Dluab Mulork Cralk. " Ob, mj dear friedda, you who are letting your oeikbbor etarve, till you hear that be U dylor Btarvation; or lettiqg miserable mibuddemtingb run on, meaning clear m up some day; or allowing your friend's heart ache for a word appreciation or sympathy which yoa meaut give bim some day, If you could only know see feel ^11 a sudden that ' tbe time Is skort,' how It would break tbe tpell! How you would go Instantly do tbe thing you might never have anor cbance do." Phlllipfl Brooks. " There are certain Ignoble facts In life which we can best combat by lg> norlng m. Almost any slight cemcs M when we cease conilder It." Wm. D. Howella. Mrs. Golden's report fur August shows: Letters received, 44; written, 01. Llfeniture distributed: mission cards, 25; leaflets, 122; mlnutea, 8; manuals, 21; sample papers, 48; frontier letters placed, 11; boxes being prepared, 16. Expenie fund: On h, 2 86; received from Nashville Central W. M. B., 60 cents; from Memphis City Union, 60 cents; from Newport W. M. B., 1; from Doyle W. M., 10 cents; tal, «4.46. Expended for postage, 4 86; balance, 10. This fund has not run as low In a year or naora. Coma resoue with your nickel pet year oontrlbuuona, dear balpen. Thia la work for tbe tn> ilghtaament our own Tennessee. Bvary worker gained, eveiy sodlety organlaed means an Increase power for mtsalonary oouquest. N*w BocleUes! Orcflnwood, W. M. B., Unkm AundaUon, Preddent, Mn. B. F. Jones; BeorvUiy, Hiss Jennie Austin, Doyle. Fellowship W. M. B., Oonoord Asso* otatlon, PtMidsnt Mm. J. M. Bera, Lamar. Mt. Harmony W. M. B., Eastanallee AiHOolatlon, President, Mrs. J. B. Rogers, (Calhoun; Secretary, Mrs. J. Erickson, Kolger. Never have we had so much reason for encouragement. Good news comes constantly an hiorease In missionary spirit among our Baptist women. Cheer up, any who have been fainarted! Forget past difllculties, hindrances, grievances. Try, try again, asking Uod's strength. Does He not say, "Work, for I am wiih you?" Work pray. Special prayer Is asked for Bro. Olnsburg liis baud faithful believers who are sufltering persecution at hs Romanbits 111 Braxll. William Carey Association. On fifth Sunday In August I commenced my meeting with Beech Grove Church, Malluo, Tenn., which lasted fifteen days. Bro. Lightfoot Chattanooga was with us did all preaching. There were eleven additions by baptism, one Campbelllte. From here I went Trospect Church met Brethren H. C. Smith J. K. Bone in tbe beat a good meeting. Bro. Bone was doing preaching. Ihe church was greatly revived. 1 carried on my work in a most satisfacry way, meeting with tbe brethren at church between services doing from bouse house work. From here I go Cash Point Church assist Bro. H. C. Smith in a meeting, from re I will go New Hope Church fourth Sunday, n, Lord willing, Elora second Sunday in September, where I will be assisted in a meeting by Rev. Oneal Fllotvllle. Then I can't tell what part field my work will be In, as destitution this Association is so great. So many BIblelesa homes, so many know nothing blessed Gospel God's dear Hon. I want ask brethren tbe diflereut churches Association write me in regard ir church work, as I want meet with every church I possibly can before tbe Association. Writemeat Fayetteville. May God bless tbe brorhood, may all things work ger for tho glory God. G'd biers dear old Baptist Rk»-ijbct(>k. W. J. MAIiONB. Colporter Missionary tbe W. C. Association. From Braxit. Your readers will be glad hear how Lord Is blessing his cause in se parts world. A few hasty notes will not be out place. We have Just cloeed-our sixth annual meeting Sourn Brasillan Baptist Union, that met this year with Campos Church. Ten churches were repreeented, two which were new, being organized this year. One churches organised la under care Dr. Downing in prosperous Btate B. Pauls. This Is a new field, lately opened. We hope great things from this part Braxll. Nearly 170 were baptised since July, 180 Two churches, Macabe Ernes Maohado, are trying raise funds hnild ohapelsv Dr. Downing, during his short visit In Csmpos, treated about fifty sick ones. Ther* are great opportunities for medical mlssionartsa In Brasil. During month July ssven cidates ware baptised In Campos Ohnroh, six In Ban Fldslls Ctauroh, flv* In Maoabe Church, two In Quauda four In Ernes Maohwlo -hui In tim Campos Baptist Mission, re ars more fbllow. Boon I hope Inangurate work in two new places-ban Joas da Barva Cabo Trio. All ohurchcsate trying support mselves paytbeir own current expenses. Ill Campos Macahe were lately organised Ladies' Booieties with tho sole purpose helping pay expenses churches. The '* Un*on " appointed a committee four ree al>out beginning a Seminary for education tho young men In our churches, whu are anxious enter In tbe work Lord, but lack necessary preparation. Twenty-five dollars a month will Hupport a young man during time he studies for ministry. Three hundred dollarsayear will save in near future thouns dollars. These three hundred dollars will educate a young man for miulmlry, who, when educated, can till place pasr in churches now under care missionaries. Help Board educate natives It Is a good Invesient fur tbe future. Well educated native pasrs will enable missionaries go in dlstricls where Gospel Is not known open up new places for work. Remember that out tbe IN,(HK),0(H) inhabitants Brazil, only :»0,<K)n are evangelized. Help us preach tbe Gospel or 17,7do,niio souls. Pray for us. SOIiOMON 1>. GINBBI KO. Campos, Brazil. Ebcnezer Association. Six years ago, when this Aiiaoclalion seven churches was organized, fean were entertained by some that It could not survive. Notwithsting fact that we have had many obstacles surmount numerous ducouragements, we have grown from seven twenty-seven churches, have organized eight new churches, erected eight houses worship, two more arc now In process erection two are preparing build. We met In session t4ept. <itb at Ruck Spring Church, Giles County, our meeting was unanimously pronounced best In tbe hisry our Aiwoclation. Perfect harmony prevailed from beginning end. Rev. M. Gupn Was reelected as Moderar, Rev. R. K. Dawson as Vice-Moderar, Rev. W. T. U^sery as Clerk B?o. J. P. Browiilow as Treasurer. These are true tried, faithful noble men, valiant soldiers Jesus Christ. Rev. J. E. HIght preached Introdacry s«>nnon. The various reports were well prepared. Able, spicy many uching speeches were mi^de by brethren on m. A free-will otterlng wan made for our Orphans' Home amounting abont 110. Liberal contributions were made for mission work. And an easy matter it was raise tbe amount tufilolent continue support our native missionary In China. We hope day Is not far distant when we will have support one our own number In a foreign field. By co-operating with our SU Board we expect put two missionaries lu our Association Ihe present year. ^ Strong resolutions were passed oou> AisoiifiinrRE Mdtes tim food mora delicious demning liquor trafllo Bfdfmonlsm. It was a pleasure have with us Rev. L. B. Jarmon, agent for tbe Bai>» TI8T AND Rbplror, Rev. T. D.. Denman, asslsunt pasr tbe North I'^dgefield Baptist Church, also our George Washingn Sherman, one Nashville's liest pasrs, whom we have loaned m. He ably represented our State work In tbe absence Dr. A. J. Holt. Tite Spirit Christ In hearts His people prevailed throughout. Not a negative vote was cast. Peaoe love reigned supreme In our midst. Our meeting was well attended ample provisions wore made for all delegates ylmlrs. We closed out with a good old-fashloned h shaking, bidding one anor a fond adieu a ** God bless you." JoK Vkrkv. The Cross Bridges Meeting. "The ikird hath done great things fur us, where we are glad." On August 0th, our pasr. Rev. J. E. Hight, t)egau a revival with an earnest sermon on tbe conversion Cornelius. On Monday after this Rev. J. H. Thompson Columbia came amlst In meeting, remaining till Friday morning. Hl«sermons were uplifting, Houl-lnsplring children God, while v were solemn warnings tender, urgent pleadings sinner. Bo thrillingly did he picture blesnedness knowledge God's love that no one could fall be drawn pitying Savior, who, In His great love for us, gave Himself be scourged, wear crown thorns even sufter death cross. We praise God for such heralds salvation as Bro. Thompson. After Bro. Thompson left us, our pasr continued meeting through evening August I7tb. Tbe appeals fjr a turning Ijord a renunciation sin were Just such as would be expected from one who has lovingly, faithfully sowed, for on afternoon August SOtb, he had tbe privilege leading In liquid grave 10 happy, obedient Christians, for whom we pray that y may have Indeed risen newness life In Christ Jesus. The solemn. Impressive scene wss witnessed by a great conoonrse people, roughly estimated number between 1,000 >,000 persons. Beside number baptized re was one addition by letter. Before closing 1 would state that we bad with us, for a few services at Iteglniiing our meeting, Bro. Joe Vesey, sweet-spirited, zealous missionary our Association. Also, dun Ing latter part it, we had help Bro. J. P. Brownlow wife. They are known loved all Over our country, are truly fighting in tbe armor God. Trnly, " In tbe midst life we are In death." On morning September 2nd, Janle, tho little two-ysarold dauguter Mr. Mrs. Frank Barnes, fell asleep in Jesus." She bad been sick for five weeks, everything tliat an attentive physician loving psrents could do was done for her. May mor, empty-armed lonely, remember that she is " mor an angel," that her baby Is cradled In tbe aims Him who said, "Buflbr little chlldrwi ooma an PrnVDER I. B. CarUnlr, Rw., Mnnchnler, Tenn., wrllm: ' I hnvc l»ecn prcwrlblnff your medtcinn for Intt riglitreti years In Cfee County IViorhouiie tuid Anyluin. Your ' Golden MeiUcml I)i«covcTy',' I'avaritr l>rekriptlon' riptl. 'Pleaaanl I'ellrta' are be*t inetllclne* Ibr HIch tl lliat duraacn I ever vm'd. for which They Thry y Mcml I are niy rccommetided, wlle'a life at Ihe time >cha«i fi- life'. I al«o curetl womt cane liuiary tint wc rv-er had wlhi your I'avorilc l'mf?ritrtii<ii'. Tlir caw had lierii under doctur'n carc for three ytara. I gare vour mcihcliir nilil (Mlirnt Iwcame well, Thia wan miff inin nga. anil ulie U itill In ({(hmi liraltli. 1 have l«eii recommeiiillns your inrilidnea I" many. I Imvr ld our dnikk'"' that If Ihe pc"i>!p c»mc l«ck nnd anfd Dr. rlcrcc'a hu-iik-im * iliil ii'h (five wtlufnction. itf (htm baft thftr mnnrr f/tmge it me. f. have uol onci- Iwcii catusl iii>oti refund. I think I have cuarniitceil»evcnly-fivc or one hiiiiilml ca«-«' me." May fatlior, ycaralnr for bis liltle giri, find eomfcrt in bis Far's care know Uiat rod chasteiiinb is a ro«l Mr Mw. Barnes are inem»>ers tiie KdRtflleld HaptiHl Church Tiiey have been living near Mt. Pleanant several ini>iith», Mr. IJarneB Iteing engurcti in liiehlatigbterlug liuhlness. MYHTI.K PKNMKOTON. Ml. lmfamanl,tenu. A Word Ftn Pasr Judge Folk. It bad been luy privilege be pahr Judge H. H. Folk for nearly two yearn. In his death 1 feel loss ikith a warm perbonal friend a most valuable iueml>er In my church. He was a man wltlo information, mature wl«lom, gentle In manner, a kind Inviting apih-arailce that made liiiu very easy BccesH; thin adde4l his readiness willlngucm help a yotiiig pasr, made biiu especially valuable me. Every pasr has somo luombere on whom ho van depfiid f.»r hearty endorsemout co operalloii In every good work In tho church. Their promplnesh, puncuiallly faithfulness lu dlmcbnrgo every duly pertaining work Ibo Master's kingdom make m very lielpful t<» Ihe pasr. Judge Folk waw mine your wear or feeling ChrlHtianB-l. e., went church when Iho weatlier condltlons wereexttclly sullnbloor when he felt like It, but he went from principle; he regarded It not only u duly but n privilege. When I looked lo n cerialu pew on Sunday when I entered my pulpit, if I aid nsee that solemn aud reverential yet bright cheerful faco Judge Folk, I knew that be had a legltloiate cause for his absence. Anor feature wherein Bro. Folk was helpful bis pasr wos his good listening. He followed you closely g a v e tbe host attention. There was n o n e that careless, listless listening which la so discouraging iwsr when lis Is endeavoring impress some iniportant truth on bis people. Boms one suggested, wba would fill bis plsce. answwr was, no one. Ho fliltd his own place as every man Mhouid, when his work Is done God calls bim lioine, We will miss Bro. Folk much from bis aocuhuied place, but tbsnk GotI for his nuble lifd lliemeniory agood upright uiau (J, L. ANi>ui;e«>N. Btuwusvliie, Tenn. Good Meeting at Olive Hill. Bn*. U. J. VVuud Wayneiiboro has recently clotted n twelve da^s meeting al Olive Hill which resulted lu 18 conversions a lid 10 addu Ions tbe churcb. Ten were baptized ors ar«be baptized In tbe near future. The church wah gieitly revived. Truly Lord in good. I ftel that results this meeting will be felt for geueratlons come. Bro. Wood has done a most noble work at Olive Hill. He is such an earnest, Cbrlsllike bror. 1 believe I can say that all who met Bro. Wood loved blui. We should always thank I^rd fur IsU coming our rescue, for we were almost In a hopeless condition. May tbe rlcbeu blessings heaven rest on our much beloved bror aud bis precious lltllo family. I humbly ask all who read this remember our little church at Olive Hill lu yuur prayers. Mhb. Mattik Hakbouk. Olive Hill, Tenn. More Missionaries for Mexico. The following resolutions were unanimously adopted by Cave City Baptist Chinch, Cave City, ICy., In conference as«emblod Sunday, Aug. 20, Jas. Nevill, church clerk. Wberea-., Elder W. H. Smith desires go Mexico as a gcspel missionary, W bereas. He is our pasr a mem' bcr this church in good sting full fellowship, we, tho Cave City Baptist Church, takegreat pleasure In bearing tbe fullowing testimony co his character atisurance our confidence in him sympathy for liim. Firfit, that we regaid him as an earnest devout Christian gentleman aiid minister gospel whose character Is above reproach. Second, that we believe his motives are pure in giving himself work Foreign Missions, aud that he seeks glory God aud ralvatlon men. Third, that we are heariily in sympathy with him as a church aud people. Fourth, that we wbtb furrmore bear testimony devout Christian character his wife, who is also a member this churoh, lu full fellowship aud good sting, aud who is share with him dangers hardbhlps a foreign missionary life. Therefore be It Resolved, That we, Cave City Baptist Church, heartily endowe Bro. Smith wife, aud covenant ger with each or, that we will contribute our means ir support while y are engaged lu mission work, that we will bear this mission upon our prayers lo Him who said, ** Pray yo refore Lord tbe hnrveot, that he will send forth laborers In his harvest." W. E. Gariirtt, H. 55, Davis, Jab. Nnviiif., J. G. BtiUS, 0. H. Ford, Committee. Myself wife bav«besn pnjring that God would send some godly msn wife labor With tis In tbis part tbe great mlsmou field Mexico, tbe Lord has hsaid us. Aug. IStb Bro. Smith wrote uie: Wsre«obtd tbis decision sftsr months primer tbought Ws Isavs one tbii best fields in Kentucky, ont In which we had, until a fewmunths ago, intended spend our lives." Bro. Smith Is well known asasuoce»sf\il parr, edir aud defender Bible fii*th, aud without doubt will piove a faithful successful missionary. He bis family hope reach Mexico In early part next December. They will come on Gospel MImsIou plan. They will need 1200 for luovlug expenres after y reach field, from (800 1,000 per year for support. Churchcs snd IndividuSls that wish have a part^ under God, lo sending m) or bslplug sutipt m aftet y teach field, will please address Bro. Smith at Cave City, Ky. Will you do so at once? Cuetnavaca, Mex. J. T. Moobk. The Big Emory Association.-A Memorial Anniveisory. Twenty-five years ago In picturesque valley lying between tbe Big Little Emory Rivers, at tbe Big Emory Church, a b devoted bretiiren met in consultation orgauized Big Emory Association. The leading spirit in this b was Elder Z. Ruife sainted memory. The dem for new Association was supply a large desulute terriry with gospel. An Incident rauted showing necessity for more thorough work was as foilows:'^a oolporter rode over In a valley in mountains one day, ward night found a party men engaged In a shooting nutcb. FaiUug sell any TestamenU m, he made each man a present cue. Next moining while on his way back, a man called him, bringing all tbe books on bis arm. " Hera are your books," said tbe man, " we do not need m." " How did you oome liave all books?" colporter asked. Why, we ahot for m last night, I won m all," was tbe reply. So tbe colporter ok tbe books, as he wended his way out from mountains, muted on this sad commentary on human nature. Later he learned that re were hundreds people In this region who bad never heard a gospel sermon preached, did not have Word God In ir homes. They were not superior hi that respect a hean Chinese or a Hottent It was, hi part, this fesrful darkueta which Big Emory Association was established eullghten. The country was uot thickly settled churohes were widely scattered, many m built logs so small as hardly bold a hundred people. Tbe writer well remembers first trip he made tbe Big Emory Church attend tbe organization Assoclatlou as a delegate from Rhea Springs Church. A horse was borrowed for tbe trip. No steel bs stretched across laud on which "Iron burse" could leap with exultant shout aud laugh at time with a defiant tread. A whole day, a long, lonesome, weary day was occupied In riding tbe "neighborhood" next day's meeting. Over hill through dale tbe lone rider wended bis weary way, wheie nature ay undisturbed In Its primitive beauty, a home for birds bees fiowsrs, exospt whsre some farmer bad cleared a little l for bis support. Harriman, sitting a queen among bsr bills, bad not been named. Walnut HUI was not. Tbs extieme boundaries tbs Assocbitlon must bav* spanned fifty or sixty miltf, tbougb this distance has since ibssn vwj^ much Issstned by tbs churches on extrstnes Joining otbsr Associations. But now tbe Iran bons'tuns wild all over (bis section. His tiacks cross recmss smbotber in ib* development -Of tbe Iron ore, ooal, tlmbsr otbsr Indiulrles. Tbenuiusrnolooitrralsss merely what will satufy necessllies bis nature, for he has a market for his produce raises mora better, as Is manifested in bh prosperity. The linsey-woolsey clothing former days, wheels, looms, ara now only a memory, old log church bouses ara pointed out as souvenirs past lls hardships. Seventeen churches were charter members tbe Association, several which have left tbe family, yet tbe Association now numbsrs thirty- four churohes witb a memberahip over three tiious souls. There Is also a marked development in tbe spirituality intelligence tbe people. With matsrtal prosperity bss come an uplifting spiritual life. Twenty-five yean ago a man representing Btate Board would not be invited a seat, but now best speakers in tbe State ara eagerly sought welcomed. Twenty-five yean ago a woman who ruled a church that bad strayed f In mountain regions wanted exclude a young man who bad discovered that sun did not revolve around tbe earth each day. She was angry hecauis " se stare gasere yatb rollen" bad penetrated blissful seclusion her mountain fast* nesms, Eider Z. Rose hi man wiw convinced her that a person should not be exclutled for such heresy as that. Twenty-five yean ago Sunday-schools were lerated by Big Emory, but now y ara «necessity. Through tbe faithful, untiruig labon men that day, though sometimes shortsighted, bills aud valleys have all reached notes tbe gospel trumpet it cannot now be said that men women anywbera have not beard a sermon preached. Tbe men that day have made triumphs -day possible, m is due tlie nuucb progress now manifest Salvation has surely come tbis section this gr body, having accomplished great work which Lord set Iwfore it, is reaching out In regions beyond, even in all world, preach tbe gospel every creature. Only In this way cau an Association or a churoh prosper because God's plan must be followed secure His approval. P. W. Evans, honored moderar, has attended every meeting Assocbitlon during tbe twenty-five years its existence lus llcuted eir as clerk or moderar at ever; mcetiug. What a gr record! W. N. Rose, clerk Association, Is a grson Elder Z. Rose, who was prime mover aud founder body Its moderar while he lived. W. N. Rose ij a worthy sou his sire is following in mlnlsterisl footsteps bis ancesr. May tbe mantle tbe elder fall upon younger. Only about fifteen or twenty delegates pressnt in organbwtlon wen preient at this memorial anniversary. Death has been busy In ir ranks In a few mora fleeting yean tbe last charter member will have rissn through faith tbe reunion Big Bmory Association at tbe feet ir liord Master for whom y so faithfully labored sufllvired, as through tbe yean oome an increasing flow redeemed souls shall enter glory l, thsy will all shout ger tbe pialses ir Redeemer King. Dayn, Tenn. D. V. Oi;t.vmt FREE FOB WOMEN. I will mall all women free charge ten days' bcmus treatment for tbe cura; all female diseases. We want one imly In sacb county work for us at thdr bomss. 118 m wssk salary gus^ antsad addrsss Isttsn, mall oinulan, samples, a. Ladles answer all Isttsn l tbs same ais strlcuy private. Wri for twms, free trsatf^t, Mn. Dickmr Co., Box 752, KnoxvlUs, teiul.,dt ^.M.H.

5 8 BAPTIS'l AND BBFIiBOTOB, SEPT. 21, BAPTIST AND REFLECTOR. TIM BaplM, Stub UBS. Tb«B«ptUt luflmr, HiUb. WTl. CoDMlldsd Aagiut U, IM. NASHVILLE. TBNN.,SePT.»i, i899' OFPICB--Caaib«rlaa«PrMbrtMiM PaMhlagN< TalcpkMi* N«. if4l' ISBtered at pott-fle«, NMtiTlll«,Tenn.,UMeona-claai matter. RUKASK NOTICK. 1. AllrabMrlbenar«preanmed b«parmanrat aniu w* racalt* doiim tbe contrarjr. Ifjron with your paper OUoon. ilnaed, drop oa a card t ellket, UwUl be dona. If ran are beblnd In your aabacrlptlon, tend tbe amonnt neoea- arj par np back dnea wben jroa order tbe paper apped. m.. Tbe labelod paper will tell yon wben jronranbaerlptlon expiree Notice that,*nd wben yonr time U ont a on yonr renewal witboat waiting bear from na. 3. If yon wub a cbange poat-flea addreaa, alwmy* glt* tbe poet-flce ftrom wbleta, aa well aa tbe poet-floe wblcb yon wub tbe cbange made. Alwaya glre In mil plainly every name poat^ifflce yon write about. Addreaa all lettera on bnalneaa all eorreepondenee ger witb all moneys Intended for tbe paper, tbe Ba^ T(RAMD Rsrutcroa. NaabrtUe. Tenn. Addreai only penon. 1 letura tbe edir Indlrldnally. WeeaneendreeelptaUdeatred. be label on yonrp*- per will aerre aa a reeelpt, bowever. I at la not changed In two week* after yoor nbacrlptlon baa een aent, drop naa card. AdTertUlng ratea liberal will be fnrnlibad on application. 7. Hake all cbecka, money ordera, ct«.. p«yabla tbe kmtr AND Rktlccc. MORMONISM. IT? mstonv tti:ftixrei). For n time conversions new faith were slow. Among first converts was Parley P. Pratt. Soon anerward he visited Sidney Rigdon at Menr, coarse 8uccee<led in converting him without much trouble. He n attempted convert his church was largely i«uccew!ful. In Decemlier, 1R,W, Kigdon paid a visit Joseph Smith remained for some time. Orson Pratt was anor early convert. These three two Pratt^ Rigdon were men ability. They endeavorwl Justify Mormonism on Biblical grounds, l>aslng it on literaliatic Interpretations eome passageh Scripture. During visit Rigdon Smith, " LonI" commed Saints in New York gar in Ohio, whi'.'h y proceeded do, settling at Kirtl in Norrn part Stitc. But Smith had liefore him visions "New Jerusaiem " be built in last days. In February, 1831, hlb followers were commed ask Lord, he "would in due time reveal un m place where New Jerusaieai should be built, where mints should eventually be gared in one." About middle July, that year. Smith several elders met at Independence, Mo., when following "revelation" wa.s recelv^ : " Hearken. O ye elders my Church, with Lord your God, who have apoemhled yaurwlves ger according my onmmmentn In this l, which la laud Mliwiurl, wmch it l wmeh I have appointed comccralcd for yaring SainU: wherr/ore fhit iaihe t o/promite (h«place/nr Iheeitffo/Xion. And thuh ralth Lord your <Jod, If you will receive wladoiu, here Is wisdom. Behold tbe place which is now csllsd Independence la ttw centre place, a spot for tbe Temple la lying westward upon a lot which Is not far f.om tbe euurthoaae." This revelation Is dated ZIon, In anor revdation dated Bopt 22,1882, It s stated that tho place was appolntnl by " finger tho Lord." On Angiut 2nd foundation flnt hoaae wan laid, twelve miles west Independence, twelve men taking part, In honor tho twelve tribes ibiimi. Soon afterward Smith Rigdon rotumed Kirtl. On arrival re, Smith, found that things had, not been going well There was a disposition tree lovelsm, which was noticed during au Smlth'sIUlBUme. Thenewsplrlt," says Mr. Stenhouse^ " was veiy afltetlooate, needed be stricuy guarded." Evldwtljrsn. Some now convorts were charged with bo- Ing "adulterers adulteresses." They wore said liavo "turned away," ors were warned "Beware repent speedily" a dlfllcult thing do with example set m. In a revelation (?) about this time, Smith declared that, " mih whom Ood is angry he ia not trellpleated a very KDOAR B roi.k KOITOS. J.J.BURMICrT 1. plain proposition. M. w. TJMUKLL... voowu»roiibii«o Bdiwmu. M.r BALL.. ) In March, 112, Smith Rigdon were tarred T. K. Swi^! :..'} KwmAII0 OBMUALAanm. feared by a mob, Smith was nearly killed, but escaped with his life. In April, 1833, PBacBimoM rmu APtmn, im adv Alien. Brigham Young, a painter glazier, who wasdestined play so Important a pert in hisry 8ln(l«eop7, IL In einb* 10 or mor«, ILTS. To mtnutan. IIJU Monnonism, was baptiged, in November that year he Smith first met. On July 23ni tho first sne was laid for tlio Temple be built in Kirtl. Meanwhile tiio boastful spirit Mormons, ger with ir political ambition, led friction between m Iteople Missouri. On July 20th, a mob re down tho olhcc Star, tho Mormon fmipcr at Independence, tarred, feared whipped e number Mormons ordered m leave county. On Nov. 4th a battle between Mlssourlans Mormons ok place, which resulted In vicry former, led many tho Mormons Imv Ing driven out Jackson County. Joseph Smith, still occupied with building Temple in Kirtl, had himself olected " Commer-in-Chief tlie Armies Israel," had a revelation from " Loni," comming him destroy enemies "tbe Ijord." A company consisting 130 men, including some prominent Mormon elders, was organized nt Kirtl, called "Zion'sCamp." This company marched Missouri, intending rc8t4)re banlslied Mormons Jackson County. But cholera broke out among m. Smith got anor revelation from " I/)rd," telling him that se Mormons did not deserve be resred until y had been chastised had learned obedience, that disappointment warriors who had come all way from Ohio by direction a revelation from l^ord " fight ir enemies, was simply "a trial ir faith," y were Instructed disperse eir go among settlements Mormons or return ir homos in Ohio. Meanwhile, Smith was making considerable pretensions in Kliti. He chose twelve aik)su'!s, appointed seventy elders, sent m out convert world. The temple which was erected at a cost about $10,000 was dedicated March 27, 183(>. Prcceoing tho ceremony dedication " S-iints " had quite a lively time. Smith said that " visions eternity" were opened ciders» angels ministered; " power highest restc*! upon m " ; " tho house was filled with tho glory God." One writer accused m being merry from anor "spirit" than that which y claimed from above. At dedication 1,000 "Saints" assembled. Smith iered a dedicary prayer. Brigham Young led f with speaking in ngnes, services day closed with continued shouting "Ilosannas " "Aniens." Everything seemed lie moving along finely. But elated by success Smith iiegan put on airs. He became proud, despotic. It was a system ocracy ho had established, in which ho wau prophet mouthplcco Ix)rd. It was for him speak; it was for his followers oboy. Many m grow weary such despotism, tiie first great apostacy ok place. In order provide sufiiclent revenues for his growing needs. Smith established in Kirtl a Safety Society Bank, which he was cashier Rigdon president. A Pittsburg banker said: "Tho names Joasoh Smith as cashier Sidney Bigdon OS prssldsnt wsre signed beautimily en- tho ihipor tho bank should lie rctliocmed, eir In cash or in convertible paiior or banks. They sent an agont Kirtl arrange matters. He was informc<i that paper had been put out as a "circulating medium" fur accommodation tlie people, that it would bo an injury for paper come homo be rodoenied, that it could only benefit m by remaining out that bank redeemihi nothing. Tho Pittsburg bankers n refused take imiier. It was forced back on tho Safety Society Bank. And fimiliy bank failed ntterly, oscaiw on angry mob tho president cashier tho Iwnk were com >cllcd leave hurriedly for Missouri " Iwtween two days," being pursued by ir " enemies " for about 2(M) miles, making some narrow c>s<>a»es. This experience Smith caiiwi " porsccution." He never retumihl Kirtl, although he had previously announced that " lionl" had accepted Saints re bad ^tabllshed his name in Kirtl for salvation nations. CENTRAL ASSOCIATION. This is one largest strongest Associations in tiie Stn. It embraces such churchos as tho First Sn'ond Churches Jackson, those in Humboldt, Trenn, Milun, Trerevant, Mcivenzio a nuiiibt>r fine C(iuntry churclios. It met on W«liiC'«<lBy List week with tlie I'leasant Plains Church, almul eight miieri north Jackson. Dr. W. O. Iniiiati was electe<l Moderar Pr. H. C. IrbyaiKl J. II. jrrrell were re-elected Clerk Treasurer. The intnmlucry Heriiion was preached on morning wxhind day by ilev. A. S. Hall. It was u strong Baptist sermon on tiie subject Tho (7hurch. Othi>r stirm«)ns were pretiche«i t'uring tho meeting by Revs. J. H. Wright Oscar Haywood. There was a large attendnnco minisrs present. Those who were meiiilh'rs Assrxriatlon were: B. F. li^irtkh, A. J. Caslellow, J. 11. Coin, J. L. Daws, J. T. Ktrly, A. S. Hall, A. J. Hall, J. R. Hull, Owar IlaywreMl, W. 15. Hunter, W. O. Inman, J. \V. Mount, J. H. Pate, W. H. Ryals, O. M. Siivag.', W. H. Slwlge, L. T. Wilson. Among visirs were: C. H. Ik'li, M. L. Day, i:. 1<:. Folk, A. A. Holt, D. B. Jackson, T. F. MiKire, J. F. Ray, J. 11. Wright. The discussions on tho su»>ject missions education wore cspocialiy Intereiting. Among tlie liest f< )eechps were those Brcrn Holt, luon, Sledge Haywood on missions Drs. navr.ge Heagle on education. A cfille(;tion for Ministuriai Klucation was taken amounting, la pledges cash, several huniired dollars. Tho Association adjourned on afternoon second dny, half a day earlier than usual. Tho next meeting will l»e hehl at Milan, Rev. Lloyd T. Wilson preach tho intrtxlucry sermon. As brought out In excellent welcome address Pastpr J. S. Pate, this was tlio sixth timn tho Association itad mot with tlio Pleasant Plains Church. Wo do not wondtsr that brelhorn are fimd niw'ting re. It U one «l tho finest communities in tlie State. Tho hotrpitaiity was unbounded. In connection with somo llfuwn or twenty ors, we had tho privilege staying in tho homo that liirgo heard, wholasouled Christian gentleman, Bro. M, V. B. iilxuin. To him Pasr Tate wo ors are indebted fcr uumonius courtesies. THE SALBM ASSOCIATION. This Association mot with Dry Creek Church, in DbKall) County, pn Thuwday last week. When, wo reached tho Assoclatloh on Saturday momlhg we found that It hod been organized by election graved bsnk-notss. As se men prssmd be prup^ts ths^nl, luving dally eommunlon with ^ Rev. J. M. Stewart as Moderar, llev. J. T. angslii,, with Christ even with God hlmmlf, uo Oakley as Clork Dr. M. H. Grimmett'as Treasn*!^"!? attendance upon meeting was very tim banlk berimply a sa^ngs InsUtutlou In whioh, large. There wits also a good represmtative delonotss rspisssntsd aotual monsy In bank, or ths paper Several prominent pasrs In Association who ^ -«s^ Hi? aw acousttied aueiidlngltsmeeungswereab-i^ But this w*i not case. The cold, hard-hearted,.. sent, from one cause or anor, is unaympauc bankers Pittsburg demed that * Those present were j Brethren A. J, Brien, a. H^' fuiim A \\ M I «111" "K BV mvinll H Wl.KK T A GOOD NIGHTS REST here is a "comfortable feeling" that comes after a bath with Ivory Soap, which is conducive ' a good night's rest. ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^issis-- oil)... numrl M-nil a lil.tf I<i ir mi*i. (Ollh""! h ln. lh!» Inclin. Mil>l-I>.IM < " lifihn*. TUB moctrr CINC'IMNATI * (SAMIl.H Ci> refreshing, leaves tehderest skin with a delicious sense restful comfort. IT FLOATS. I m. w, n. t a«u. m, cim & -^Sf :,.,1?

6 kt-tp BAPTIST A3XD BEFLEOTOB, SUPT. 21, i i / DavlB, J. T. Oakley, Stpphon Robinson, J. M. Stewart anil J. F. Tedder. Tho only visln from outhlde that we noted wore Bro. Jesse Balrd, Pr, C. A. Folk edir. The Introducry sonnon was preached by Rev.v J. M. Stewart'on Thursday tho doctrinal ser. mon by Rev. J. T. Oakloy on Friday. Tho AhsooIatlon requested publication Bro. Oakley's «ennon In Baptirt a«d RErhKOTOii. The Bul] eet missions which camo up on Satur- day morning elicited quite a lively Interesting discusffion. The AsMKsiatlon has not been doing ts duty along this line, as fieomcd be admitted by all. We trust that it may do better in future. Pr. Folk 8p4)ke earneslly on education presentetl claliiis Hoscobol College. Wo hojw that re will l)ea large nutnlmr girls from Association imtronlxe thiit InHtltution. Bro. Jesue BainI deilvorc<l an interesting temperance lecture. We bad tho pleasure preaching on Saturday afternoon Sunday morning. The next meeting Association will tie held -with church at Auburn, itev. D. B. Vance preach tho introducry sermon, Rev, T. J. F^tes tho doctrinal sermon. We are under innny ol>ligations Bro N. C. Oathcart fur cordiitl hospitality. SENATOR BATE. That Is good news given us by Bro. Wilkes on page 4, that on last Huuday nigiit ho tiaptized Senar Wiiilam B. Bate, our «icnlor Senar from Tennessee. Senar Bn's mor was a Baptist, a member, as stated by Bro. Wilkes, Hopewell bureh. He always said if he Joined any chnrcb 4m would Join tliat his mor. lie has Itecn intereiite<l upon subject reiigioa for some time, aa we happen know. He greatly ct^joyed Dr. Hawthorne's preaching while In city. About a year ago, during a meeting held at Hopewell Church by Bro. Wiiki>s, as8l8te<i l>y Bro. J. T. Oakloy, ho was deeply alttcled liy Bro. Oakley's preaching. We made reference this fact at time, but did not call nnmei>. Senar Bate is a man highest pure.4t cliaracter, botli private public. Though h» has been in public life for many years, not a single charge has been made against tiie integrity liu character. Ho possesses alisoiu confidence every one. Wo doubt if re is anywhere in this l a more faith* ful, conscientious, devoted pulille servant than he is. It is a tribute his noble character that while occupying tiie exalted x>.sition lie does, having opportunity Join some tho largest most fashionable churches in l, he should choose cast In his lot with an humble country Baptist Church. At same tliiio, however, wo cannot help feeling that ho himself has never had a greater honor put upon him than lielng a follower tho meek lowly Namirene, a member one Ills diurcltes. W e trust that his useful life may ho ivared many moro yearh. THE SOUTH AND THE NEQRO. Dr. Juntin D. Fuln had a temperate well considered article in Watchman recently on The South tho Negro." We agree with liim that '* negro Is tho most available trust-. worthy laborer tiio South can obtain," also that South ftimlshes negro a ileid suited hia wants hopes." Wo are not sure, however, that ** tiie South'needs tiie ni>gro more than negro needs Soutii. Witiiout him tlie cul. tured prosperous South becomes a desolation." There are many people In South who believe that South would really be better otf without tho negro, because It would throw m moro upon tbeir; own resources, put tliem work mselves more, develop In m greater independence, lead tl^em, divide up country In smaller famib Which y would cultivate moro closely more eco. nomlcaliy, while, maybe, gross Income wch fiirtti might not be so large,' net income yoold he larger aggregate net Ineome would be much more. We confer, however, tliat.ve like negro. We believe that ho is here t:«i«atay. He docs not want go, ^ilte people South, as a mlo, do not vm\ a,. A t. him go. The thing for him for us do is try make best Hituntlon. If design. Ing demagogues would only let us uione wo believe that we would be able get along gctiinr much >tr., t,.'' i. < I. i "THE AWFUL REALITY OF THINGS." Oarlyle lo " Heroes He^ Worship," Hpeaks ** The awful reality thin l." IJave you ever realised this? Has awful fact iifo, deatii, otemity, over **glareil In" mwn you? Have you ever realised emptiness, tiie wortliiessness, vanity life In Itself, bnt Its terrible significanco In connection with eternity? Have you ever felt, almost felt, h Time upon you, a«it dragged you on through life? Have you ever felt, vividly felt, yourself slipping, slipping eveiy rain* ute, every second; slipping, slipping ward tlie verge fearfiil precipice death? Have you ever thought eternity? p;temityl never-ending, ceaseless existence; witiiout time without death, existence forever ever evermore? And Joy or tlio misery eternity determined by this short life? Ah! an awflil, a terribly serious business it lit live. QUESTION BOX. QMM.-Please tell me tbroukb your paper what n-aa tlitt queittion you anked edir Chrulian Advocata that be would never auawer. I aay lieu was, Did Methodiste claim baptised infanta as memben church?" Tho or psrty says that la not quouion. So please anawer through tiie dear old Baptist HKrvvpTOH. MRS. J. P. UoiiUNosWORTH. /tim. Our recollection is that we asked edir Christian Advocate two questions whidi he never answered. One was, "What relation do baptized infant members sustain Methodist Churcli?" or someuiing that eflpect. The or was, <* Does baptism come before supper? " We suppose you were thinking one your friend or. So you were both right, ond both wrong. PERSONAL AND PRACTICAL. Roman Cattlicism baa rained every country be baa uched Italy, Spain, Irel, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Philippine lala, now France. It ia a atd record, but it la reuoni. J»J»J» It la atated that a kind paper ia made from aea weed, which ia uaed iuatead glaaa for wlndowa, it belurbo transparent. It might be well, perhaps, for some autbora po»aibly also aome edlra use t^ia paper in publication ir wruinga. Blcobel College baa, perhaps, largest day patronage achooi baa ever opened with, an excellent boarding attendance. The iqatitntlon la now upon aolld ground, teacbeia friends feel aure building up here a great college for BaptiaU Soutb. The iro/naman Bosn aays that a new thing baa occurrcd among m. Boan Commona baa long been a place for faee apeeob any all people on rellgioua kindred matters. But two Suudaya ago record waa broken by atenrlau voice a Mormon elder, enlightening people upon beauties Mormoniam. Dr. Lanaing Burrowa AuguaU, Ga., aupplied pulpit First Baptlat Ciiurch last Sunday, aa might be expected did ao moat acceptably. We beard hia sermon very highly commended. He is tho beet «lt around man we have in Soutb. He van do mote things, do m ail well, than anybody we know. It was quite a pleasure his friends have him among m again. ^ The National Baptist CouveuUou, colored, met In this elty on Wednewlay last week, aud continued In semion through Monday. We publish a notice II on anor page by our Oeid edir, Bro. Cabaulas. We Ngnt that abaenee from home prevented our attendance upon it. The Convention was said be flne one.»the attendance waa iar^ apeakingunuaually good. Thft next meeting will beheld In Richmond, Va. ^ if., -Rev. W. B. Crocker wife were appointed on ' September 6th by Foreign Mlaaion Board go M tuisalmiaries Chlnkiang, China. Bro. Ciwker worked fcur yean on gospel miaslon plan. ' We re glad that be has nie seeimpraotioability that Alan.' AM b«alrhdy speaks tbs ianguage^e can n, <10 work immedlateiy upon hl» ariival The Board is carrying out Instnietlona Convention enlarge Its work twsnty-flve per cent; < We call attention, announoement on anor page by Bro. W. H. Bran about tha meeting State Coaventlon at Ualon City on Oober 11th. The Hinisters' Condnrenoe is ' meet on preceding day. We trust that re may bealaige attendance at both se ueethiga. We ought have at least 200 delegates at Conventkm, besmes viairs. Let us begin now makhig pieparatns atten'd. "^. 4 sv-s'^^' d»j»j» Dr. J. J. Porter has realgned pasrate First Baptlat Church,, Jefaayville, HI.; Doling bis aeven yeark pasrate re baptlsju avwaged forty-six a year, owtributloiis S,S72 28 a year. He preached on an average 168 sermons a year In Jeraeyvlile, baaldee many elsewhere. Dr. Porter spent some yean In Tennessee la widely known highly esteoned over Stete. We should be glad have him back with us. He Is an able preacher Word. -That noble Baptlat layman, Judge J. Qribble. Lebanon, was at Monterey some time ago. M<mtsrqr is up in mountains, is present tennlnus, we believe, Nashville Knoxvilie Rallnad. It ia an important growing wn. Bro. Gribbie found re a Hethoilst church but no Baptist church. Before leaving he selected a lot arranged have a deed for it made out him. This was Just like hhn. We hope that In near ftiture re will l>e aflouriahlngbaptist church at that place. Returning from Oential Association, while waiting for a train, we had pleasure attending revival meeting now In progress at Second Baptbt Church, Jackaon. Dr. W. G. Inman, paar, is being assisted by Rev. W. H. Williams Clinn, Ky. Bro. WiliUuns Is aflne gotpel prsaoher. There waa a large audience present a good deal Inteiest manifested. Several asked for prayers. We tru4 that meeting may result In a genuine revival religion, that memben church community may have a delixhtfui season reflmhing from presence Lord. Oa our way Salem Association we ei^joyed apeuding a night in hospitable home Bro. J. H. Anderaon, who kindly met Pr. C. A. Folk ouraelf at Lel>anon, drove us out bis home that night. ' e had pleasure also prsacbing for him f r spring Sunday night He is taking a strong b'. t upon Round Lick Shop Spring Chuiehea, promisee do a splendid work among m. He ia one trueat noblest men with whom we ever came lu contact. It Is al ways an Inaphration be in bla presence. The meeting at Shop Spring waa be protracted during this week, Bro. Anderson doing preaching. We trust that much good may result. Rev. S. W. Kendrlck was ordained oa last Monday night at Fint Baptist Church, this elty, which he is a member. The examination was held in morning by a council chosen by ohurohes, conducted by Dr. G. A. Ln. Rev. W. 0. Golden presided at ordination. Rsv. T. B. R«y read Scriptures. Dr. J. M. Frost, aoung pasr, church, presented cidate presbytery. The charge uldate was delivered by Dr. A. J. Holt, tlut church by Dr. Lansing Burrows. Dr. Ln presented Bible cidate., Or. Ruat fered ordination prayer. Bro. Kendrtck ia a student at Siurn Baptist Thsologicai Ssmiuary. He expects do mission word In Louisville this sesnlon. He la au excellent young man, we believe Will make a uaefui minister gospel. And now it is announoed that Bible has been translated in ThibeUn language by a native Saxony. Thhi Ui a remarkable fact. Rsmembarthat Thibet is about only country In world where mtasionarles are not allowed go' pieaeh gospel. For several yean y have besn camping on tbe outside boundaries Thibet, ready go In whenever permission should be given.' Now that tbe Bible has been translated in Thibetan Ian* guage it will pave ths;wa]^ fbr ir admission. And befon thu century olosss we shall axpeot missionaries crosa be telling siy Jesus his love inhabitants' Thibtt. Then tbe flrst part tbe commission srlll be vpraetloally fullliled. ^We irlli have g6iiein all ths world. But saoond part It, preach gospel amy crsatura, will atui lack a g^ deal fuinilnirot.

7 i «i 10 BAPTIST AND RBFUBSCron, SEPT. 21,1899, T H e H o j u e. ^ "TheTouch Vanished H." We >igh for tho uch * vantahed b The h friend moat dear, Wbo baa puacd from our tide ahitdowy l But what b that U neat? To llving'a uch! aoul Inert That wcepa o'er illent um? For love that Uvea la our h alert To make aome aweet return? Do w«answer back in a fretful ne, When llfe'a duties presa us aore? la our praise aa fuu as if y were gone And could bear our praise no more? Aa d«ya go by are our ha mote awlft For a trifle beyond ir abate Than graap for a kindly, helpftil lift The burden some one must bc«t? We aigb for uch a vanished h, And we think oureelvea aincere; But what friends that about ua st. And uch h that's here? JoAn Troi. The Sry a Question. In a long, one-ary building on high bank an Indian river, re was a strange silence one day. For more than a year, since thoee wails had gone ap, with queer windows so near ro, ^ green-siatted blinds, re had been Heroism at Home. mc. Carlag fhr DtAma niovr cf V^mmtrr KMUUIWI. /Vom Ltatitr, /Vmrroy. O. Vf* hsr«ft«nnin«hrmlrim right at onr doort. A nol>i««xampl«i* a ntighhor, a dctotwi «ife who for fit U>ng y»m» Burtfd an intalid hual> aupportrtl a fimily children antil at Itngth her health avt way, aa<l ah* waa a phtdeal vreck. We refer Mr*. Marinda C. White, Uawn, W. Va. ller husbaml waa a loldier, aerridg his eonntrr iu 174th O. V. I. Ura. White taid: "Fourteen yeara ai, while liring at Syraraie, my hu*l> was atrieken with paralytia. For fiveyear* h«laybelpi Waliid four - ehildren. - ' -I was t a loaa know hnw I could iiva keep th«family ger, but at length I obtained work miikinr trouiera. I maile a dotcn paira atery week, beaiiiea raring all alon* for my hutb. keeping tliet-hiurcn inaeh<>ol. "Finally, after two yean elfort, my hatb wai gnuited a pension. Tliii r%- li«t«d me soroawhat but money euiild nnt ear* him. For Bve yeara I walehrtl night dav by his bed. In July my oldeat daughter run a crochet needle two laehee in her heel. This threw anor patient on my hi. Blnod-peiaon set in lingereil between life death, no one knowtng which would die llrat, ahe or her far. At last she reoorered, but her fktber died in Novemlter. "In February following my husb'a death I suffered a atroke parawtia, after setcrml weeks nervoua prostration. For day* my lilk was dnpalred by attend' lag phnician, but I raeoveretl enough get around. Tlie n*zt year I bad anor atroke, lay pro*lr«led fer four week*. "My mind nerve* were almoit wreeked. For four year* I wu unabh) u ae my ha eomh my hair. I could not ellm b a flight Z>nigttnQ VpHair*. itair* e x eepl by most painail Inlmr. I was uuder care ol aeven different docr*. "At lait. In I80S, I rewl In newapaner won lerail eure* einwied br Dr. Wll> llame* Pink Pills for Pale People. I deelded try m bought a boi. Relbre two day* I (hit better. I Muld deep Mt reeled when I arose la morning. I esatlnued ndng pill* paraly*!* pains disappeared, I eould walk withoat dlfflettlty. t am M years old attrlbuls what hi^lh I have Iheuieel Dr. Wll* Uams' Pluk Pilla Ibr Pals Psaple. Uy two daniliten. Mrs. Maud laud Kohl, ~ PsMsroyt end "" Oera. whi 0 llvss I at I home, have also been bentflud hy (he n*s ths plhs. " I havs reeommsmtd pill* nany saflwevs, aad shall eonlliivssolodo.", MAMMDA 0. WniTR." flwora before lae aubseribed In my ysr box I er i baisa II Jlk a pleasant hum young voices, girl's voiccs, learning letters alphabet; learning that world is a globe revolving In space, not placed on back ap elephant or rise; icnming that tho bright stars are worlds, also, not "thosky Lord's cows nnd buftdloos turned out at night graze;" learning, above all, Jesus, «' One above all ors," who could bo a flrlend helper In tho sad lives India's ignorant, oppressed women. But now rooms are silent, except for st footfitil Mem Sahib," as she paces up down, thinking strange happenings last few days. It all began with beoting that unfortunate boy," she says herself, recalling how, a few days before, as she was threading her way down an alley, with her old»i/ct, she bad seen a lad, closely fbllowed by two men, dash across tho street. After blows yells lad had been dragged in a house, door locked. " Money lenders!" had been gt/ce^it answer her question. " C4i, yes! y may kill him; no one dares interfere." The missionary went straight police; lad was found bo badly injured, anti case came in court Then Mem Sahib found out why no one dared interfere." For immediately a rumor spread, no one knew how, though one might guess whence, that a hungry goddess wanted 150 little bodies, some said Mem Sahib was engaged provide m! Ors who knew missionary's gentle ministries, said, "Oh, no!" But on ir way school y were kidnapped. And re was a third report, not so boldly uttered, that Queen Vicria was this hungry goddess! rerhapa re were still or sries. At any rate school was emptied, missionary's work broken f, Adversary seemed be triumphing. " I can only pray wait," said missioitary. But praying waitlcg have ten more splendid results than most fussy showy activity; as this child Ood waited, fhr one her girls came begging like that far old that she would come heal his little daughter, who was at point death. The missionary ok her portable medicine chest her old tifoe, pet out at once. The Hindu girl was In a raging fbver, everything y had done had aggravate her malady; but after twentyfbur hours BklUAii treatment ibver declined, wild delirium abated; anor twenty-four hours, child showed that she was recovering. Then flathon^who like most men his nation, had boon unwilling fbr coming his daughter, yet waa kind lleotlonate In his way wanted overwhehn his benefkor with glfte; but she would take nothing. The only return I ask you," Mid wise Mem Sahib, "isthat you ahall pat a aimple qaestion Ibr me your neighbon flrlendb. I do not aak you aniwer qaestion; I only aak you ask It What can tw harm in asking a qaea- Uonr' The grateail ilithdr piomlaed, irm.m.,m»mtut Ttm Jesse Frencli Piano & Organ Co., kept his promise. And lo! < uestlon was answered by opening again tho long, low school-room, by hum sweet young voices at work ag«in on simple, suitable lessons, by singing gositel hymns, uttering prayers In that strange ngue. What was this question that had defeated malice cunning adversaries, given missionary back her dark-skinned pupils? This was qiicstion put In mouth far whose child had been healed: "If Mem Sahib's medicine is so good for body may not her teaching be good fur heart?" It was a little thing, not more than David's pebble flrom brook, yet giant Distrust was slain! And shall we not follow one perfect Example, who healed all manner sickness disease among people, n called upon m believe, "for very work'smke?" Shall not healer bodies go h In h with him who proclaims soul-healing, that ger thoy may work works Him from whom went forth both virtues? If re Is an earnest-hearted lad or lassie among our readers -day asking, " What shall I do with my life?" let se fncts for y are flmsth fh)m a far l suggest a glorious possibility service..vumfajtmao r<«- ir. _ Unconscious Influence. When Carlyie had flnlshed second volume "The French Itevolutlon," he lent manuscript John Stuart Mill, who, In tarn, lent It anor fhend. This friend, after reading It far In night, left it lying on his stady table. The next morning housemaid, hunting around fbr something start fire with, found loose maes paper, so went up In flames like French Itevolution Itself. When Attal news was ld OArlyie, he was staggered by heavy blow, sat In despair (br many days. One day, while sitting by his open window, brooding over terrlue misfbrtune, he happened see across acres roolh a man building a brick wall. PaUently man laid brick after brick, tapping cach one with his trowel, as if give It his benediction Ihrewell, all while Binging aa bright as a rk. And Id my iqileen," says Oarlyle, I said within m^^f, Poor Ibol, how canst thoa bo w merry er such a blle-bpotted atnuxq^ere as this, ai^ everything roshing In region insane?' n I bethought me, 1 aald (o myidf, < Poor fbol, muj'fuhtntmf OM 'SMOrjf luan'a^ thou rar timt slt^t here by tho window whining complaining. Tho man yonder builds a house that shall be a homo iterhnps for generations. ITp, n, at thy work bo checrftil.'" So he arose washed his (tece an<l felt his head anointrti, went work, presently "The French Itevolution" got flnlshed again. Thus tho world is indebted fur that iowcrful book tho unconwious Influencv an unknown bricklayer working on a wall In I/mdon. The humble workman never know that his h helikvi write that literary ma^terplcoo, no one knows how far hln work may reach. Then let u.s build our wall, teach our children, bear our bunlcn, do our work, though It be indarknchh. Then firom our failhfuinosh will shoot mys light that will Irradiate bless many lives. Itannrr. Money Pound in Mail Bag:e. " It Bcciiis almost Incretllblo that in neighborhood $I(),(N)U In actual cash should have been confltletl letters during last year, harder still credit tho fact that moeit exhaustive li)rts failed And ownei» ono-fourth tliat amount," writes I'atti Lyie Collins In The lauutif Home Journal for September. "Tho envelopes which are addressed are kept on flie for four years, blank ones not ho long, but In eir cat«e a liberal margin time Is allowed for claimants appear liefore money is turned In Treasury credit Post-omoe Department Inadditlon money contained in letters during tho same period, something like 910,000 was found loose In malls. It is lscially styled " Ioom money." Dr. HAWTHORNE'S BookSemons AN UNSHAKeN TRUST 21 or powerful semaona. Tho book Is hsomely bound in cloth, contains 810 Interesting pages. IdoVou Want Ono? Ifao, send us 2.B0 we will credit yoa with a year's subscription Baptist neflocr send you book, potttiald. Thta oillar ap. pliea both old new subaorlbera. If a minister aena Do not delay. The lupply is limited. I younqsouth.! airs. Um Dejrtea eafctn, BdUer, KM Knat Beeond Htreet, Obattanooga. Tenn. whom eommnnlentlons for tbla department ahonld Iw MdreaMMl-YonDC Houth Moti MttlU Veatigla ItetrorauM. Unr wlaalonnry'a aildrem: Mr*. Ilecele Maynardi tt Hnkal Maebl. Kokura, Jhiwd, via (tan ri«nolaeoi Cal. Grma's Angel. Mamma said:" Little one, ro Hce If graiidmor'a ready come tea." I knew I muktn't disturb her, *o 1 stepped as gentle along, tip-o, AiidHiood a moment lake a peep And re was grmor fsht ai>lee i! I knew It was time for Intr wake, I thought I'd uive her a lltuo shake; Or tap at her door or stly call. Hut I hadn't tbo heart for that at alt- Hlie looketl eo sweet HO c ulet tbi're, Lying back In ber old arnieliair. With her dear white hair, a little smile. That means she Ih lovhik you all while. I didn't make a Hpeck nolite, 1 ktiew hbe wan dretiniing litlle tmtyn And girls who lived with Iter long «Rn, And n went lo hi-aven who Ul me so. I went clora up, didn't sneak One word, but 1 gave ber on her cheek The rutnt bit a little kies. Just In a whiki>er, n Haid this: " tiraudmntlicr dear, ItN time for tea." Hbe opened her eyes looked at me, And wild: " Why, Tct, I bnve Just now dreamed Of a little angel who came seemed To kiss me luvlngly on my face." I never lold hw 'twan only me; 1 ok her h, atid we went tea. at. Mc/i»t(u. Miaslon >ic for September, Tiik Ki<NiiAY<8cii(Mti. HOAHII. Missionary Day. fict ns hear from sciiooih tiiat «b- Kerveil Mlit<lonniy Day." Wo hope that It will 1)0 more widely kept than ever liefore. if September '-Mlh does not suit your w;bt>ol, take a Sunday In Oclter. Decorate church with gulden-rod sheafx «>f grain. Have bright music. Dr. Frost will huii supply pmgrams free with full directions fur everything. L. D. K. YOUNO SOUTH CORRESPONDENCE, In last Sunday's lesson you read, " For who bath despised day mall tblugt-?" This is a week rar " small things" for Young South, (uit we are very far from "despising" it. Just remember that every i!-cent slnmp reported means a big round dollar in near future! I have best news for you. THK CAKDS AIIR IIKRK! They came yesterday, a great big bundle I could scarcely lift. They are so pretty, you must like m! 1 have 400 star cards Airs. Mayuard, SO Miss Buhlmaler, 20 Mr. Stephens, 4U0 mite boxes, Mh mission leaflets various kinds. Miss Armstrong writes: " It gives me pleasure lo forwani by express star canli«, etc. You will note from list that I have taken lllwrty iucreaslng your order. I have faith believe that you will use all se cards, call fbr more*" What have you aay that? Will ihere be FOUH IttlNimRD MISSIONARIICa iu our baud who will go immediately hard work In getting up se 400 pennies? 1 htve now 818 ordered. Let me hear from tho rest 400 right away. We must not disappoint "Miss Annie." I am alwayaso pleased when good people have "faith" in our special Work. We have altraya proved ounwivw equal hlrhest exp«cla«tiona our fhtuda. We will not fkil In 1B90I Let ua see now who comm Ibrward. BAPTIST AND RBFLEOTOB, SEPT No. I was a very naughty letter last veek. It "stuck" persistently In pigeon-hole, I Allied obmrve It until my "copy" had been depoelted In mall-box. It Is fkom that host live wotkeni at Wartraoe: "Kncloeed And AO centa, for which please wmd me 25 star catds boxes. We will flll m letum assoou as H>i<sible." Tiik Lrm.B Workrbs, By Mabel Arnold. What a prospect! 2A In course nftlme! I feel sut«it will come. I think I can safely say that Miss Mabel will have catds boxes befoie site reads this, although my trip Tennessee Valley Assoolalloii will delay me iu aeodlng m out a few days. Uod willing, I shall start m you all next Monday, September I8ih. I am so pleased enroll your b. Mils Mabel. This Is largest order yet teoelved. No. '.2 comes from Johnaon City: I'lease flnd enclosed 05 cents for Mrs. Maynard's Sunday-scbool room. We have been a long time oollectlug this, but we hope report regularly hereafter." Kvkkorkrn Mission B. Thank you so much! Do you not believe you could use some star cards? No. a Is from our constant friends lo Henning Sunday-school: " Our last two Terings were given for 'State Missions' Ministerial KdncalloD,' but we have not forgotten our own dear missionary. We enclose 7.5 cents. For 18 cents, please send us 0 cards tmxes. Give rest t lie salary. We want put something in her new home." Interukdiate Class, Heunlng Baptist S. Wo are deeply indebted for your con* tinued interest In our work. It is well "sow beside all watera." If all Sunday-schools taught grace giving In this pmotlcal way, what a blessing it would be churches! Will you kindly name some one whom cards boxes may be addneaed? No. 4 is from Adolphus: " Find euclosed two cents for which send us a card Imx. Since we last wrote Young South, we have preesed faith In Christ have been burled with Him Iu baptism, now we are anxious do all we can help Mrs. Maynard teach little chll< dien Japan wa}' life salvation. We an only yeara old, we need your prayers that we may bo earnest in our work for Master." Mamik Rohinson, ' Ada Robinson. God help you be ever fiillhftal trtie! Your names are enrolled. Do not lose a moment. See how quickly you can see daylight through every little star. Then send on dollar, praying God'a bleeaing on little chapel In Kokura. ' No. A Is fm While: "I send a stamp for which please send me a star card. I am nearly 0 years old. I attend Budora Sunday-school." RoubrtHkard. Iu days that are gone Uudora Sundaj'-school has done well by our work. We hope you will soon have call for anor card. We add your name with pleasure. No. 0 comes from Oievel: "I have been Intending since you llrst spoke star cards send far one. Some children wish m o, but I ahall not wait longer for m, as I am anxious sm onr mlselonaiy'a plotute. I will order for olheia later. I whih you eould have been with ua yesterday. We had a union mtellng Bunbsams B. Y. P. U. We enjoyed a dellfchtfui hour, notwithsting our haaru wers core over losing «ar beloved pasr, whom we had hm Oedspesdl'as he left Hs Air Knosvlli*. We oarlalnty TIME TELLS THE STORY. SINQER SEWING MACHINES do Good Work DURING A LIFETIME. Then is a big ditltnaoo betnma coat making mffni*elamaaewlag macblac, embodylag tho boat oi matartata mad workmatuhip, mod oao made ia tbo caoapeat maaaon Tha tayar ot cbaap macbtaa aooa paya tbo dltnaco ot prtco la tbo coaataat coat r npaifa, aay aotblag lt$ maaoylag imtticacy. Results Make Reputation. Siagor Macblaoa, ollher lock-atltcb or cbala^atltch, mro tha aucoeaam mult ot hag axpcheaco coaataat latpmvoaiaata la tha aadaavor $uake aotblag but beat aowlog machlaea ibr tamlly aaa, Hbe accoatpllahment thla result requlrea alx tbo targeat, beat-tqulppad hkrlea la tbo world, tbo beat laveatlvo talaat aga, aad tha coaataat empyateat twelve tbouaaad workaua. Stager Machlaea are aou oaly by our empyeoa, aad aot through doatera or departaiatti sawws. The Value Reputation. A reputatha baaed oa half a ceatury'a experleace, doallag directly wut woatea family all over tho world, la ualque, mad atlmutatea a worthy pride. THB SINOBR MANVPACWRMQ COMPANY alma aialatala Ita well-earned reputatloa ior fair dealing during mtt ttaia. U la permaaent, Ita otlkea are la every dty ia World, mad pmrta maid auppllea r Ita auuhlaea caa alwaya be eaatty tmmtaod. The Singer Manufacturing,..gpwiNn machinb MAKERS FOR THB WORLD.**. sympathise with you people First Baptist Church hi Chattanooga. The Young South has our alncerest love, sympathy prayers." uua Hampn. We know re wui be good tidings from this card! Miss mma is o inspiring a leader for any failure. We hope both ours Inman-street Church may soon receive a pasr sent God aud begin a new era tisefolnees spiritual prospetity. Heaven speed glnd day! No. 7 brings us greeting from thoee dear friends ours away f in (he Itidian Terriry: * Euclosed flnd10 cents. Please send me five star cards lk>xea. The children are already saving pennies. Oh! yes. We have pi«aching almost every Sabbath here. The Mettiodbls have a church here in Sulphur; so have Baptists.. The latter, however, is weak iu numters, in talent flnanolally. The greatest need iu our cause here is an earnest leader." Mrs. Moi.iiiB Tinslrv. Slay God send you one, chosen by Hlmielfl We add your name shall hope for quick returns fh>m cards. We felt sure you wonld enlist for this work. I Class No. 10 has 25 more stars pierced through, making now 65! We shall soon have all our hundred pennies. May Taylor Highl Park, Chattanooga, brought me 35 cents commemorate her Iftth birthday last Sunday. She is one my most fklthfl llttio scholars, rarely ever failing be present, although she comes in from a suburb miles away. May she have many mora happy natal days! She Is one God's ohildren, aud ii growing up know her duty wards her ehuroh do It ftiuhftilly. No. 8 Is fh>m White: " Please flnd ennloied two cents, fbr which send me a atar card box. I am a member a Baptist Sundayschool aud our class wants help ndse money t our dear Mrs. Maynattl." LimaH. Oox. All right! You will be at work befbre you read this I hope. Do your.very bsst report u> soon a* pomlble. Fall Bratiah sends 0th last fbr this week: BuDloNd itpd ll.ai, which S7 cents Is given Orphanage by Mrs. Hysliiger'a class, 04 eenls onr missionaty's honie by my olasa. Wa take a colisctlon In se two class-..u,.,. - %>.«Co* 11 es fbr Young South every aeoond Sunday. We wish lmng coold be larger an working loaylng that end. MayGodbleasYosng South!" Miss RAoaai. Wmn. We commend your example, thank you most heartily fhr this timely aid. (^d you not use some rtar caids? Do yon know what's matter thla week? I tunk I do! Everybody la starthig school! Let tis make amends for this poor showing all leat this month. I am not myself at all. I have been. sending my one little girl away again HolTlns InsUtute, Virgia. I am all" broken up." Forgive this dnll letter. I'll do b^ter next time. God bless yon all! Affiwtlonately, bat hastily yours, Laura Dayn Eakik. Chattanooga. Receipts. first quarter July August flirlni Ktrstweek Iu Sspienitier Second week la deptemlier Tbtrd week In Beptn^r foa tatjm (aai.abt). Intermediate Class, Usnnlna B roa «APA» (ouant.). Bverxmn Mlaan B, Jotmaon Otty. MIM Viilte'a Claaa, Fall ^neb vokoaraavaoa (sorroat). MIm Hyalnier'BClaa*, rail Braeeh...m. IMetace ".a uu 67 as M 87 as R^^l^alnee tal April l.uaoi " Per Japan iaalary) JnpM(ohapel)... Orl^naie (eupport) " orpbanate (bea») Culia " Total... FVirehapel, ttlts CU irlmtewmne pleaiurs bsnsllk. lensat. imbomiob la Miml eleaaas Mood la sndottier i

8 12 BAPTIST AND BBPLBCfTOIl, SEPT. 21, BAPTIST AND BBFLKOTOB, SEFf. 21, NO ELBOW GREASE NEEDED 'Elbow Grease" U a slang term, denotini; lots rubbing. It is fast falling in clisuso because e almost " universal OI Washing Powder No ' elbow grex<ie" is needed with Gold Dust. If malces housework easy, a real pleasure instead a haled drudgery. It saves your time, your strength, your temper, your money. It is better cheaper than soap for all cleaning. For greatest economy buy our Urge package. The N. K. Fairbank Company CMCACO SI.L0L1S WWYOXk 80ST(M RECENT EVENTS. Wake FoKBt College, N. C., o )eiied with Urgeit fttudance pupils It has ever had. The infant child Mt. Mn. C. D. Bowden died at Ijexlngn, O. T., September ist. Bro. Bowdeu Mra^< formerly a Tenuec't«aii. We extend sympathy. We are glad know that Dr. T. P. Bell, edir Chrintian Index, who baa been a Utile indispoted for several months. Is much better is again back at his desk. Rev. W. B. Oliver North Csiojna has accepted pasrate kptlst Church at Florence, C., de vacant by resignation Dr. ''H. R. Moseley go an a missionary Cuba. The Jicliffious Herald announces that Dr. M.. Broadus, whoee resifpiation Brisl Church we mentioned last week, " will leave for his new fleld on South side Ocber let." Dr. D. W. Gwin Atlanta, Ga., is supplying pulpit St. Francisstreet Church, Mobile, Ala., until a pasr is obtained. Dr. Gwin is one mos. scholarly ministers we have in South. There has t)een no furr development in Dreyfus case. He lias not yet been pardoned by President Loubet, though it Is expected that he will be. By this act Injustice France has brought upon herself execration civillised world. Dreyfus has been pardoned. Later The Church at Owenn, Ky., made vacant by resignation Rev. J. H. Anderson accept a call Waterwn Shop Spring Churches, In this State, has called Iter. W. E. Mitchell Its pasrate, It Is thought that he will accept. He is an excellent man. Dr. J. B. Craunil, edir BaptUt Stard, has published a volume his famous " Baudky Mom> Ing Thoughts," which ht 7e been run- A TEXAB WONDER. BAWa QBKAT DIBC»VKRY. One small bottle HaU'a Great Discovery oures all kidney bladder trouble*, nmove«gravel, otma dlabetm, seminal temlwiodui, weak lamt back, rheumatism ard all lrreg> alarltlea kidneys bladder in both men women. RagulatM bmdtr trooble In ohlldnn. If not lbyyoardn4sl«t» will be sent bgr I on teoelpt m 1. One small bot> U«la two montha' tieatmant will ounanjrtaeabotamtntloned. K.W. HaUrwla Manuflwuijar, St. Louis, Mo. FonnatljrWaoo,TMaa. Bte aaki by Paga * Blnaw. Nashville. Turn. Bend for tmtlmonlals. READ TEUB. Lalptt'a Fork, Tenn., June 2, I wlab stata that f hava used one bot- Ua HaU'a Oraat DiMovary for Back KIdnv traublaik. Blnoa taking It I im immwr than for four yaam JAVN AUTIDI. nlng in Stard for several years. Tue book contains over 600 pages, with 60 iilimiratious by Mr. Frank Beard, cilebrated Jiam»' J/om artist. It will be fold only by eubcrlptlon. We call attention lvr Foreign Mission Board send mimon tracts free any church or individual who wishes m. Sample Journals or copies last report Board will also be sent free on application. " Drop a postal card Dr. R. J. Willingham, Corresponding Secretary, Richmond, Va., you can get literature by return mail. Under leadership Rev. 1. Baker, who has been supplying tlieir pulpit this summer, Seventh KaptiHt Church on last Sunday raiiod a sufticient amount pay all indebtedness upon church. Bo that it does not now owe a dollar. Bro. Baker said he never saw so many hap? py faces as he saw last Sunday after this noble achievement. We congratulate m upon it. Most our readers rememlwr about Rev, G F. B. Howard, who figured extensively around Jackson several years ago, who was sentenced penitentiary for carrying on swindling operations through r. malls, but who escaped about four years ago after having rerved part a nine year's sentence. It will be interesting m know that he was arrested at Horn, Mich., recently by postllce inspecrs Baird, Tennnifieo Dlvislou, Gould Chicago Dlvislou, was taken back Ohio penitentiary serve out his sentence. While attending Unity Association we were ld that Rev. J. H. Piper Bolivar has been having a good deal trouble with Campbellites. He had a debate with a Campbe'iite, our informant ld us that be so completely demolished him that Ire Campbellites was aroused, y hava gone so far as even threaten Bro. Piper's life. Some bis friends have advsied him leave that seoiion country on that accdunt. We do not want see Bro. Piper killed, but we hope that b9 will not leave for any Muoh reason as that«. He may be sure that his Baptist frlenifb. will st by him, lend him all sympalby encouragement In ir power. pmjber OIN BE OURED. still M»WII nwlmm I* Un iimuhui nl Uuiwr I lumf.il)mi>if4 M I>mIiiik pcrniaiinil «Kr* '»> Ititt Xwtrai Ilia ttttt knidfi b«w UMf > M TliM sll Iftlllll Kllll (Mmi wait rinlia Um ImmAu «[ mil ms a M«iMa ilmhitti tin nmuktiila iliu nwmlf rtiii«<1; t till v. S. Iir Iknaila (nr t'jn.m, full initmrtiiuii «Mir Hn innylna wh Inalaiinl, ulitn itlnftlm ara almtlr l«ll<i»«ilai:at»linh*ln. Hvvrn ViWM tlhium r«wa lwnrwlr^w»nl«hinlli>t>im^ SlnAt KnUar ur w*.. Pallr«li.»ha «MM (in.li^iiil tvni iwt liai l«lmn amtiili trallmint ^wrutuiillima I w«amonqthb BRBTHRBN. Rev. C. W. Daniel Pine Bluir, Ark., la holding a successful revival with Rev. J. L. Cannon at Nashville, Ark. A recent revival at Tangipahoa, Miss., resulted In ao accessions church. Rev. J. H. Lane conducted revival. Rev. M. B. Adams Frankfort, Ky., assisted Itev. B. H. Dement in a revival at Midway, Ky. Seventeen united with church. The FirstiBaptlst Church at Jonesboro. III., after consulting with acouncii has deposed Rev. H. Llndsey from minlstiy excluded him from church. Rev. N. R. Sanborn has resigned care church at Buena Vista, Ga., ha8 moved Ameiicus, Ga. Bro. Sauborn has held many gracious meetings this summer. Rev. G B Thrasher, formerly pasr in Memphis, Tenn., has settled in Atlanta, Ga., intends do thu work an evangelist. He itas held a number proiltabie revivals this summer. At Chaplin Fork Church in Kentucky, Evangelist J, H. Dew has Just oloeed a meeting with Rev. W. M. Stallings, which resulted In 14 baptisms. Five Joined church by letter. A prltalde revival has Just closed at Pleamiut Hill Church in South Carolina in which Rev. T. F. Rivers was assisted tiy Rev. H. W. Cooper. Tiiere were 19 imptizcd at close this n^eetlng. Rev. W. I. Feaiell, formerly Tenuei>Ree, has resigned care Central Church, Dallas, Texas. He hax entered in evaugellrtic work is at present holding a meeting in Tennetsee. At Caledonio Church, near Junction City, Ark., a revival has Just clo<>ed which lesulted in 1A additions church. Rev. B. F. Milam, pasr, was assisted by Rev. J. K. Wsldrop Spearsvilie, Ga. Itev. J. I. Kendrick very ably assisted Rev. J. M. Roden in a revival with Pine Hill Church in Alabama. Thirteen united with church. There was a genuine revival among Christian {leopie. Rev. J. Bl Wallace Benn, Ky., has Just closed a Buccessful revival at that place. In which be was assisted by Rev. H. H. Wallace Ewing, III., his gifted son, who Is one strongest preachers In Illinois. The church at Huntingdon,Tenn., Is undergoing some very substantial repairs on Interior. The church will be decidedly Improved when work is completed. It Is under mipervisiun Udles' Aid Society. A movement Is on foot have all Baptist Churches In Baltimore, Md., uulta conduct a revival In which preaching will be done by Dr. A. C. Dixon New York. It apfiears us that such a movement would be very pritable. Rev. D. 0. Gray Whltlock, Tenn., very acceptably supplied pulpit Union Academy Church near MoKen- Kie, Tenn., for Rev. Fleetwood Ball Paris last Saturday Saturday night. We are Informed that Bro. Gray la riulte a promising minister. At Magnet Cova CLuroh in Arkansas, Rev. li, G, Bowers baa Juat closed a wonderful revival in which ra were 00 prtsslona 40 aocamlodm ohurah, 84 by baptlam. Othara will Join aoon. Bro. fiowam baa bean ble with remarkable auoceea In hia revivals this summar. Itev. Bd. Nell Taiarkana, Ark,, bim been holding a ravlva! at Hontl- RINQINQ IN THB BARS. Rev. J. L. Fcrd, Bedalla, Mo., obtained information from " Around World " which resulted In rearation his voice hearing, aftar having suffered many yeara from Clergyman's sore throat, catarrh deafness, i^ent free on request. Addrees, International Aural Co.. Cincinnati, O. Thirty days treatment free conditionally. cello. Ark., with Rev. W. T. Amia. At this time 20 or more have united with church. The wn Is stirred as never before. Bro. Neil attended sciiool at tlie University in Jackson, Tenn., a few years ago. The Frst Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas, has enjoyed a revival In which Rev. George Truett Dallas, assisted Itev. J. H. Gambrell, pasr. Many think it was greatest meeting church ever had. There were 40 conversions 21 additions church. Ors will Join roon. Our deepest sympathy is extended «(evoted missionary, Rev. W. K. Enlxoilnger, Pernambuco, Brasil, over precarious condition his wife's health. She went Brasll laat Ocber quite robust, but has been declining In health ever since she arrived. We sincerely hope she will rccover. Rev. C. L. Seanholea haa resigned care First Church at Ijansing, Mich., take cftect Ocber ifith. He iiae been with this church two years, during which time over 100 have been added church. Bro. tteasholee was formerly a pasr lu Texas. We would be glad see him lu South again. E-RU-NA'S VICTJY. Dr. S. B. Htrtm*m, Ct/mmtut, O. Dkah Sib: I foel likoanow woman since using your Po-ru-na. ^ Your medlolne (has helped me so muoh that I can " work never feeltlredout. Whenlfirstbeganuso your mcdioino I couldn't sweep my own room, rtan sewing machine or lift anything, noteven achair, Iven hurt me ride or walk any distance. Now I ban do all thla, I believe more, never feel effoots It. I foel so proud way It has brought me out that I tell It far near. I can heartily reoommcnd your medicine any woman Buffering from female disease. I know from experience that your medlolne will do Jnst what you say It will. I thank you, Docr, a thous times for your treatment I shall recommend your medicine wherever I go. I know what It haa done for me I know It will do same for ors. I feci that re are thouaaoda or women who would, after using your treatment, as I did, bo thankful. I am ao glad I got your treatment. Thla month la flrat time In my llfa that I can remember having my mensca without pain. Why,Xcan*tdo anything but recommend Pe-m-na^ MIh Emma L. Dolden, WUbcrforce, O. Tha Pe-ru-na MedUdne Co., Oolambus, O., will mall Dr. IlartmanViapedal book for women, frea on appuoatlon. women only. AlldrugglataaaUPa^<aa. J. r«/i. p-roait, UorrMpoDdiugHeo'y. Snnday School Board Publishers Ksoli order oontrlbutes lllble Kund, ronlem ttia Hiinday-sohool intereits (;oavedtion. raioa mst pbu ouautsa. The Teselier Advsneeduusrterly.. Intsrinedlsle Ituarterly I>ritnary Uusrtsrly TIM - limmmon * imf. lioa' Tiis Prlmsry Lenf, Kind Words (w< weekly) Kind Words (m MDil-inontbly) Kind Words im montiilvk ObUd'sUsm Hibis Iit«M>n Picture*. Pleture liosnon Cards Uonventlon Almsaso (per year) Intaat Class Question Book luv. U II. Hliuok LIttIs Lessons No. * Key. II. Manly, It. U. The Child's Question Book, Part Itev. V. It Mi ly.lj i«a fu 12 U!t J 1 I 12 H i «75 per dos.... luiw Convention Series ol Sunday School Pcrlodlci Boolu. Tracts, U. PubllHliers Convention Herles or.sunduy^cliool Periodicals, JlookM, Tract*. Kte. The Sry Yates Missionary. CliarleN K. THylor, U. U. Clotli, 12mo. pp. Price, II post^ld. AQreatTrlo: JBTBR, PULLER, YATES. Three Jjectures before Hourn UaiillMt TlieolOBloal Heiiilnary. Uy Itev. W. K. L. Hinltli, l).l>. Paper, Umo, pp. lis. Price, SSo, poetpald. Consistency Restricted Communion. J. M. KroNt Paper, IHino pp. 61. Price Ota, postimtld; 60 et* per dosen. Catechism ol Bible Teaching. John A. Ilrondus, 1).U. i^iper, ihuio. pp. 41. Price, 10 oentii,po«<pald;ou coots per dosen. Mormon Doctrine ot tied Heavsn. A. C. Osborn, U.U Paper, Itttna Price, lu cu, poatpitld; W ctm iter doxen Home Department Supplies. IIM plan. J. M. Krost. Per 100,29 cenlm. All Ksperlence. Junius W. Millard. I'er dosen,boeuts. BIOLE5,25ots ; TESTAMENTS, 0 els.; posutse extra. CONVENTION ALMANAC, ib^g. Mingle copy, 10 oenth, per doxeti. The Sundai laydc School Primer For liltle ones. WimKeti ou Class Books ou Class Collection Bavelope*. 6U Comtilete Sunday School Record....enc i I uu Pekiubet's Notes, elotlk ettcli 1 00 Reward Cards Reward TIekeU Song Books Address Baptist Sunday School Board, 167 N. Cherry St, Nashville, Tenn Mlnu'.es Cumbetl Awioclatlon wanted for yeara 1884, '80 '00. W. D. TriiNLKV. Clarksville, Tenn. As a partial result our meettngs, on afternoon 0th I baptised six In fellowship our church. One mote sts approved for Imptism ors are expected soon follow. A. L. Bhav. A good day at Smlthvllle; two splendid audiences. A new house worship will soon be erected. We mean Ibuslnees. Our meeting begins third Sunday In Ocber. Had two sons baptised last week. " I am happy on way." John T. Oaklev. Elder J. H. Helm has completed his studies at Seminary. Churches wishing hold protracted meetings or In need a good preacher»asr would do well write him, as iie Is wishing work. His address is Clinn, Tenn. J. G. Hall. As Ocber Ist falls on Sunday, Seminary opening will occur Monday, Ocber 2ud. Students arriving on Saturday, September 8ptb, will l)e received lu New York Hall. It would be well fur all plan ir arrival for that date.... E. Y. Mullinb, President. LouUvllie, Ky. I have Just closed my meeting at Bradley's Creek Church. This hi my nineteenth year with this noble church. Thera wera nine conversions eight additions. Dr. J. M. Phllllpa was with me did most preaching, delight all who heard. I go this week FalrUeld next week Eagleville. G. A. Oulb. Let It be undersod that all who will attend Western Dtatrlct A ^ elation, which convenea with Oak Hill (.'hurch, near Paris, Tenn., J'uesday, Ocber 8rd, must oome Paris or Whltlock, Conveyance will be at th placaa Tuesday morning. Let those who reprasent our various detiomina- Uunal Interests be sura attend. Flkbtwood Ball. In our meeting at Hogan's Creek we had 12 addltlou«church. Tba last Hva days nights we had largest congiegatlons we have ever hjlata meeting same length. ^ had 88 Instead ao pr«wlon» «t Barn'a Creek. 1 will begin (D. V.) ^th Knob Bpring Church next SaturdayV From her? I go AssOTlatlM. My work thra year has been mora continuous than usual. B. N. Fitsspatbick. Bnocb, Tenn, Bept. 12th. The colored Baptlsts Blood River AMMlatU met altreaevant, Teun., BapTfttb held ir Sunday-whool %nvank after which ir Assocla- A CUR* FOR ASTHMA. has produmdaveneuibl* roii wly» Slstadiu wonderful ouratlyc'"'j?"?- an iorob«sa (w't^ K'-^ivB tion convened on Thursday, which Is composed a very able body men, y had a very harmonious protltable session. Their letters showed considerable prosperity increat«, ir speeches sermons showed considerable zeal, earnestness ability everything Baptist core. God bless m in ir eirorts glorify his name. Speotak. Last Sunday was a glorious day at old Pleasant Grove Church, Cocke County. On Saturday church meeting was large spiritual, at close sermon six peisons came forward were approved for baptism. The church met on Sunday morning at riverside, where pasr baptized 14 happy cidates in piesence a large congregation. After service at water pasr preaciied a large congregation ut cliuich, two mora were received by relation. Thus closed our Assoclational year with this church. Our additions for year were atiout 45. Glory God. CiiAKLKS Bkowm, Pasr. Newport, Tenn., Sept Ilth. The Georgia Female Seminary Conservary Music at Gainesville, Ga., opened Its doors tbe largest number boarding pupils in Ita hisry September 18th. Young ladies ara arriving ou every train from nearly every SUte In Iuth. The patronage u larger than usual from South Carolina, Florida Mississippi, while South Georgia Alabama contuiuo furnish majority students. The Seminary Is one youngest female colleges lu Georgia, but It is now one iargesti its growth has not been sporadic, but gradual, each year recording a few more pupils tlian preceed ing one. «% The Lord blessed us with a glorious meeting at Old Charlesn. Tipn County. The meeting lasted a week. Rev. W. R. Farrow Garl, Tenn., was with us did all preaching from Sunday till Thursday night. The Lord was with us in His Spirit's power. The church community wero greatly revived. Shiners were ^xinvlcted, backsliders rechtimed. Five pressed flillh In Christ. Nine united with churoh, four from tbe Methodist, one from Free-will Baptist. Farrow did some best preaching 1 nearly ever heard. The {.euple wete all carried away with his preaching. Ho tells old, old sry In a way that melte hearts tbe (teople tears. I am thankful God for such a preacher as Farrow. M. M. Blbdsok, Pasr. Covingn, Tenn. A glorious revival has Just closed at New Lebanon Churah, oonducted by Rev. E. H. Yankey Smith wood, near Knoxvliie. Twenty pressed ftttth lu Christ during meeung. SI* weie burled with Christ by baptism ten olhen are awaiting sacred ordinance, sphltuallty churo^i wonderftilly wvlved. Bro. Yanktur waa kindly walcomtd back bis old llotik as waa clearly shown by large oougregat^ona M^^t bebavar, The meeting chswd Friday night with an observance tha Lord's Supper. Bro. Yankey preached one finest sermons we nave ever heard on subject fm text, " Do this In remembrance me." He so clearly showed Baptist position on " communion" that It seemed us ors could not help seeing consistency such position....our Premium Bible came up in due time all O. k. It la most oonveitient Teachers' Bible we have yet seen. Is mora than is claimed for It. The Baptist Rb- FLBOTOR continues Improve all while. We gladly welcome your editqrials ou " Mormouism." O. M. Kilday. Lost Mountain, Tenn. -Glory God for blessing be beswed upon us at Fail Creek. We havejust closed an excellent meeting. Resuils: 25 pressions faith, 16 additions, 2 by letter 14 by experience baptism, mora follow. The church was greatly revived bretbran brought closer ger than for years. Brethren Vance, Oakley Itaikes renderid us valuable service. Bro. Vance hi a great power for good. He doesn't hesitate preach truth. He preached some best sermons I ever heard. Bro. Oakley preached several times. We wero greatly edifled by bis sermons. I have happy privilege honor being bis pasr. And a pasr never had a truer friend. He proved It by his speech last day meeting. Bro. Ralkes did his duty well. P. W. C. Everything considered^ we have Just closed one greatest revivals at New Liberty Church that I was ever lu. The meeting continued eight days nixhta. The church community w^ere made rvjoice aloud on account tbe Spirit God being noured out with imwer mercy. Isinnen were made bow cry for mercy. There were about 16 conversions DR. KILneR'5 SWAMP-ROOT. la Not Recommended For Every thing. But II You Have Kidney or Bladder Trouble It Will bo Pound Ji; It tho Remedy You r eod. Kidney trouble preys upon ml..1, discourages lessens ambillo. ; beauty, vigor cheerfuln*",>oou disappear when kidnert. *e out 01 order or diseased. Kidney trouble has become so piavalent that It Is nut uncommon for a child be bom afllioted with wf U kidneys. If tbe child urinates.i ten, if urine scalds flesh, or if, when child reaches an agi. when It should be able control pai..- ise, It Is yet aflllcted with bed-wetti.v, depend upon it, cause tud difficulty is kidney trouble, tne first step should be wards tbe tnatment se Imporiaiit organs. This unpleasant trouble Is due a diseased condition kidneys bladder not a habit as most people suppose. So we And that women as well as men are made miserable with kidney bladder trouble both need same remedy. The mild Immediate effect Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold by drugglsti. in fifty-cent one dollar sizes< You may have a sample bottle by mail free, also pamphlet telihig all about It, Including many thouss testimonial letten received from aufferen cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer dtco., BInghamn, N. Y., mention Baptist Rkkuxk. Jackson Items. Bro. W.H. WiiiUmsClbin, Ky., Is conducting a series meetings for Dr. Inman Second Churoh. The members are much revived li;iter- Theie were about 16 conversions Monv hava aakwt niwim everybody was ^ppy at close Sreve^fng^^hiU! X F ^ for prayer. Bro. Fuqua did all tbe preaching as near lu perfection as I ever heard, won hearts all that heard him. Everybody loves him. He ok ciiarge churoh for next twelve months ex-!cts large additions In.tha future, S relhren, piay for us. May God blees Baptist ReI'-lbur. J. M. Knioiit. Henderson's X Roads, Tenn. Pr. A. L. Purinn. Keenly sense pain loneliness came over me when I heard uewh his death. W hat a rare friend bror he was. A strange feeling impoverishment earthly life possesses me when I think his loss. His pasr always fell secure in bis manly loyal sympathies, was constantly stimulaicd aud enriched by wealth his knowledge his enthusiasm for learning. It was he who lirst acquainted me with hisrical treasures literary charms Francis Paikman's works. His largo Inleillgence was hospitable all truth. Ho had that intellectual courage that shakes hs with every new fact. His power in public speech, uiauy an audience has coufestcd. I do not know that 1 have ever heard bis superior in matter brief telling addreucn. But It wsh In uioss room, his choscn sphere, where his splendid gifts shone respiendently. He was a kindling, magnetic, Instructive teachcr. 1 pity soul uf student that could remaita sluggish under bis electric uch. His Sundayschool class in First Baptist Churoh Nashville was an eloquent witness his Una abilities. His faith God was calm strong, tbe word God was banqueting chamber his mind. I sorrow with bis bereaved churoh over thought that we shall hear b is voice no mora. 'l^nnessee ilaptists have lost one ir ablest noblest laymen. His ohurah mounis tbe death one uf most valuable dlatlngulobad memben whose name evar graced her rolls. 1 miss a precious fri, whose memory is Imparishable. I meet him agau). W. B. L. Bmitu. Richmond, Va. '"Aday. otioln^tby lette'r'ty^r. At First Cburob at both services re wera large congregauona. Three Joined by letter, one was received for baptlam one under watchcara churoh. Then are accessions Unlver^ sity every day. Mississippi, Arkansas Texas especially ara active in sending new pupils. There have been a great many vialre at Unlvenlty since tbe opening, ail express ir admiratlou deportment tbe students, management faculties University. Dr. Heaglo haa returned aud opened up Theological Deiwrtmeut with a large increase pupils. Four premnrs many students attended Central J^seoclatlou. They all rejiort an enjoyable time both vu.icviiuua JVU1CU lu uuiuuwuays when great good Dr. J. R. Graves made appeals for "tha boys." By tbe way, 1 heard several aay that Bro. A. Hall'a sermon befora tbe Association on orgranixatlon churoh was best most logical y bad heard on subject slntie tbe death Dr. Graves. We all wera bappy on account tbe nreeence speeches Dn. Folk Holt, while ra was a laiga number vhdtlng bretbien from or fields. Tha Aaaochktlon was hsomely entertained. aud In turn it laft a wholeaome a hallowed Uifluanca In tbe community. _.MADiaoM. - Ou account tha recantlon Admiral Dewey, New York'City, Sapt. 80,1880, tha Boom BaUway will sell tickttu flrom poluia on Ita llnea New York aud ntum, ai hite one ooa-thlrd fkra fbr tha round trip. Tickata will bald Baptimbar SBtb 27th with final limit imuiu Ocber 6tb. Tha Bonm BaUwuroWiraxoellant schedules tlioti thal««i>- Ing oats tbcaa uklng advaataga uf tbla rrduced rate. Wot ftaftblt infbrmatlon call oh Soatham r IbUway Ticket Agtnt. ^ Waahlag OUb aotbs. ^ Itiban cloths mast, oontm, be waahad dally, utharwhw tboy harbor greaoa aud odon b^ma unhealthy. Thay tthttuld ba mada knitted croohat'ooth, laainuara or sulubla aiaa. Whan ybu wa^ m, If you wlu add a lablwtpoohm ot Gold Duat Waahlng Fowdw but water,lit irtu out tha irmsa clean bam half tha tlma; dry tham out In thasuuahbiaaudalr.,; fh^^' A

9 14 BAPTIST AKD BBFLBOTOB, SBPT. 21, BAPTIST AND BEFUECTOB, SBPT. 21, How's Thb? Wa l«r On* Hnndr«d DolUra ttrward for anye«morcaurrta ttmt oannottm cored bjr Mir. A CO. xowo. o. w«. nndenlfnwl, wive known K. J. CiMMT rtb* iml ISyMrs, believe lilm perimicly honorable In all builnfm trsnmo flont dmincially able carry out any objitatlona madeby Ibeir llrm. wissr* TRUAX, WboleMile I>rucfl«t«. ^MaO WALUimi. KINlfANAlIAU- VlN.WboteMaeUmgileU Toledo. U U^ri CaUrrb Cute U Uken Internally. f^7prlm7lo pev bottle. Bold by alll»ru«- gta. HaU'a ramlly mils are tbe be«t. OBITDABT. Ncmoi. Obituary notices not exceeding 200 words will be Inserted free chuse, but one cent will be chsrg^ for CACh succeeding word, should be j^d In advance. Count words ano^n exactly what charge will be. WBIOHT. Anor weary pilgrim has neard Far's loving voice saying, "Come home." Mrs. Leanna Wright was converted In early life. Joined BapUst Church la 1850 at Bover, Tenn., lived a consistent member antll her death, which occurred July 14, 1899, she behtg sixtyfive years old. More than twentyseven yeara ago ahe was left a widow with three children train support. With remarkable energy courage she met life's battle sncoenfully, trusting firmly In Him who has promised be " A Far farless a Judge widow." She.lived see all her chlldicn worthy I monbets Baptist Church. Each a boon society an honor ir mor. Well may it be said her as It was one old, '*8he hath done what she could." She was a loving mor, kind neighbor devoted Christian. For serml years she had lived o fer away attend services at her church, but her love for Master's cause grew no less. We hope meet our sister, not old lonely, but in bloom beauty eternal youth, with angels around Ood's throne," Where wicked cease trouble weary are at rest." AXAHDA PHILLIPS, JAMBTHOMASON, ALTA BKID. Committee. HSMBCBSOM. In twilight tbe evening July 10, 1899, Bister Barah B. Hendwson, devoted companion Esquire J. T. Henderson, Henderson'a Croia Boads, Tenn., peaceftilly calmljr fell aaleep in Jeans. Gared aro dying saint were aged mor, heart-broken husb,, weeping children, sisters kind neighbors. The straggle battle for life had be«i herolo, but death gained tbe vicry became gat«w»y i«at beyond tbe river. Sister Hendeiaon was one among purest CIMNyflUJ.Mfr women I ever knew. In 1881 I bapbsptised her iu fellowmhip nf Knll Creek UsptUt Church. For nixteeu yeara a pasr never bad a truer friend tlian I had In tbe permn BUter Henderson. lu tho hour trouble darkness, when otliera wavered she was as firm In loving sympathy substantial aid as immovable hills. I loved her as I love my ov/n mor. Some day, somewhere I hni>e see her again. Sister HenderMou wsita model woman. Only words kludnetw fell from her lips. Her hs were ever ready help needy. She was universally loved by her church large circle friends neighbors. It was within sacred domaluit her own home that her life was luost beautiful. No husb ever had a truer more devoted companion along life's rough Journey than Bro. Henderson. No family children ever had a sweeter more loving mor. She was sacredly devoted ir welfare. She loved m as only a mor can love. They loved her with purest aflvotlon. It was a family tied ger in sweetest love harmony. But battle has been fought. The husb, after a loving Journey thirty-two years lu company with wife hifi youth mor his children, is left sad lonely. Tbe eyes that looketl In his are closed in sweet repose. The hs which BO ten administered his wants comforih are folded upon a silent boimm. Ttie lips which spoke loving cheeiing words are mute still. The familiar footsteps are hushed forever. TheboiHmi which swelled with Joy sympathy Is forever stilled. The children miss mor, sweet mor. What Is home without a mor! Oh! how my heart goes out in sympathy for heart-stricken husb morless) children. May Uod lead m gently beside still waters. The writer conducted tho funeral Mrvices in Fall Creek Church in presence a large cuncuuree uf friends relatives, after wlilch Iter pulsetesh dust was laid away beside sacred dust two little bab»t. After awhlla husb will lie down by her side. Children will follow. Tliere tliey will rest in hope till great day. I thank Qod that such a woman, wife, mor. Christian ever lived in our community. "She being dead yet speaketh." May we all meet her up yonder. JoiixT. OAKLKV. VlHOIMIA-BniSTOL. liol'tllwest VinOINIA IS8TITIJTE, I'lMltrControl n. itlit*or Vlnctnlk. A SOool for <te HIghtr HJaatHon cf Vomv Womtn. MIOATIOWor Inlh.hmlllirul. iltwi. lint lttsk: Srtej i i Hoaili, aqpt anrljlmljr mff mod.'ni AaaodaUonal Uttmra. W* ran ftimlah you with neat Aaao- (datkmal Lattmi at ao oenia dom or htiudrad. For nnall Mnoniita atunpa will be taken. AddrwM fiai<^ T U T A H O ILKRIIBCRROR, Naahvllle, 'Pmn. UdslHiiesUoii, To n MOFFEH'S I RcgnUteslbeBoweli, Hakes Teotblng Eav. EErUINAi TEETHINA Bdleres Uw Bowel Mies or CbUdren Anj Aifi. 1 Ooeta Only SO OenlA TEET IBPOWDERS 'Aslt Tour X>niwi AtrlS. ifefii^pb Co. Ghckitv t UxioH fnt N^mwu.T.wt OUR PRFffllUH OFFERS. Wo want put HAITIHT AND UKKM-XTOH In every home In Tcnnrsstt- thin wlar. Wc iimke tho following luru: 1. The BAITIHT AND llefi.e<nx)u one y«ir eir foilowinr imkrt: Wluit UtiptiHtti Believe, by J. L. Burn)ws; The MInltttry Hplrit, by A. J. Uonlon; H<iw I'hri.^ Came Church, by A. J. Uonlon; I'llKrim's Progrow, by John Bunyan; Beautiful Joe, by Marshall HtiumlcrN, rorf2.l6, or if n minister. Alt tlicse an' sttinl IxjokH luul nn> vitiuable huvc in any home. 2. The BAITIST AND UEKLK<TT)H one yiwr nini eir Forty Yenrn in niinit, by 11. II. (Jmvo^, or Life Matw T. Yattw, liy Chaa. E. l\iyior, r 12.^9, or if u ininlster. The BAITIHT AND UKFI.BITOK one year unil UniverHul Knf<yclo M<«lln, for 2.(Mi. 4. Tlio BAPTiaT A.vi> Ukki.k<u n 8«af- I'ronounclng Teacher's Bible, large tyi»e, nioroceo bound, gilt etlgod, M ith i-oiiconlaiict>, heljh, niajw, etc., for f.t.ou, or f2.7fi If a minister. 6. Tlie BAPTIBT AND BKFLKCTOU four niontlw a trial, for 50c. Or, encuuriigc our frion(l.<4 work for UH, we will make Ters followd: (1) For ono new Hulmorllicr 12.15, or if n minliitcr, wo will send one copy eir What Baptistfl Believe, or I'he Mliiiiitry tho Spirit, <ir How ChriMt Came Cliurch, or i'ilgrlni'h l'rogn>hh, or Beautlftil Joe. (2) For ono new Huli^cribcr 12.80, or if a minister, we will send any two tho above Ixwks. (8) For ono new Bulmcriher 2.60, or if 6 minister, we will send a copy eitiier Forty Years in China or tho Life Yat. 4. For ono new subhcriber $2.60 we will nend Universal Encycloiiedia. (6) For ono new subscriber 13.00, or If a miniar, we will send eir Teacher's Bible or both Forty Yoan in China tho Llfo Yates. (6) For two now subscribers $1.00, or 900 If ministers, we will send niiy two tho books In (1) or eir those In (2). (7) For three new sulmcrllicrs nhd to.oo, or if ministers, wo will send eluior tlie Bible or tbe Encyclopedia. (8) Fpr seven now Hubscrll>era we will send a beautiful watch, goia-fllic«l, suitable eir for a gentleman or lady. (0) For twentyhw^ now Bubscrlbem ot 60 cents for four months wo will send this watch. (10) For eighteen new subscribers we will send A splendid sewing nmclilne, price 9fi0.00. Now let our flrlends go work all over tlie State, let tu have a gr rally for tho pa^ foru tnlssloiu. Write us fbr sample ooples, If desired. Read Our Liberal Premium Offers. Howard College Bast Uke, Ala. A MiUtaty College for Young Men KHtaUlHhiid IMl. The Proporly tbo llapuma or Ala. UnwIuikUja iiromincnt In niuliuwa PruMilutiiil LUo. Ninii IiMinicni Kour regular CuunwH Bludy. C'uurao In I'edaiijr (or Toooliuni. nuiilni<!(a Counw. ProparaUtnr Doiwrtniunt.. Uuumo iif l^xiturcm by HpaolallMii. Moral IlliflouN IntluunviM ICxcollont Ulble a xmiool' ihiib Moral Tonu omonu HtudentM. Cburc<hai><.jnv(>nlvnt. NolnUnlcanUMld within 8 mlloh or COIKKU. '.URKO Main liutldlwr, wlui IxM-turu Iomit, Uiborunr, Hovloty llauh, I'hupal. Kiiur bnck llorniuorlon, (lyauuudum. llotl'oldlluthh. Kiuilly Acrcmlble. KlocU-lo Uir uunnih-llun with lllruilnrbiuii Ilualtbful l.oculity. KxiMmMM l^iw Tarni bogln* loim. St, IHWT. For cntalouuo nn<l iwrtlcularm, oddrata F^. UUOT\ I'rvildenL F^iehmond O I I Q O Q. Founded iah2. Counes leading B. A.. B. H., M. A., Bachelor Law. Eighteen pressors. Three law prexsors. Ample libraries laborsries. tfio.ooo spent this yearon new equipment MdUerate expenses. Session opens September 21st. For catalogue address PreHldent F. W. Boatwrlght, Ulchmond, Va. Rawling^ Institute, haclotavlllo, Vo An old school under new management. Progressive thorough. Twelve well-trained experienced teanheib. BsauUfui healthful for situation. One mile from University Virginia, in full view Montloello Blue Bldge. For catalogue terms address H. W.TR[BBLE,Pree. W.J.BOYUN&SOiNS. Printing, Binding, Embossing LUhographlog. We guarantee do better work fur tho money than can be secured elsewhere In State. C?erAs qf Auociafiotu are requested write us for estimates on ir minutes. Union 5t., Nashville, Tean. SOUTHERN BAPTIST Tbeological Seminary, Louisville, Ky. E. Y. Mulllns, D.D., President. Next session eight months opens Oct. 1st. Excellent equipment, able progressive faculty, wide range ological study. If help is needed pay board, write B. Pressiey Smith, Treasurer Students' Fund. For cat* alogue or or Information write Pr. John B. Sampey, Secretary Faculty. mmm inmute. A l«et SoHool for CllrlM. Healthftil Location In Ikmous Blue Gross region Kentucky. Homelike surroundings. Large efilclent corps teachers. Special advantages In Music Art Prices reasonable. Address. Mits. VINEYARD, Principal. Nlchohsvllle, Ky. Do You Want A Large Portrait In Orayon, India Ink or most beautuul Water Onion r ID order show people what we can do, we wlu make 1,000 10x90 portraits In nlee fhuiaes at prices unhmrd. For spedol elrctilar address, with itamp, OAltOUiLB'S ART GAIiLEBY, JohiiMd Olfy, Tenn. (Referenoe, Bap* tlst Itefleer.) Meeting Teaneasee Assoclatlona for BBPTEMDKB. Clinn Jacksboro ch., Thursday, Sept. 21. East Tennessee Mount ZIon ch., Cocke eo., Thursday, Sept 21. Ilolsn Valley Long's Bend ch., Thuniday, Sept. 21. IndUn Creek P h 11 a d elp h 1 a ch., Wayne 00., 8 miles south Clifn, Friday, Sept. 22. Weakley County Tunabllng Creek ch., 4 miles N. E. flrom Qleason, Friday, Sept. 22. Union Greenwood, Whitie 00., Saturday, Sept. 2 Beech Klvei^Lexlngn, Henderson CO., Saturday, Sept. 2 Tennessee Beaver Dam ch., Knox CO., Tuesday, Sept. 26. Beulah Rurford,Gibson co.,taesday. Sept 20. New Salem Cedar Qrove ch., 4 miles north Lebanon, Wednesday, Sep. 27. Ocoee Providence ch., 4 miles north Ooltewoh, lliunmlay, Sept 2 Itlverslde FeUowshIp ch., 8 miles norast Livingsn, Overn co., Friday, Sept 29. William Coray FllntvUle, Lincoln CO., 18 miles souast Fayettevllle, Friday, Sept. 29. OCTOBER. Weatem District Oak HIU ch., 6 miles west Paris, Tuesday, Oct Norrn Hickory Valley ch.,union CO., Tuesday, Oct. Cumberl Spring Creek ch., Montgomery 00., Tuesday, Oct Dover Famace-Crockett's Creek ch., Wednnsday, Oct 4. Enon Bethany ch., 4 miles norast lied Boiling Springs, Wednesday, Oct. 4. Judson~New Hope ch., Hickman CO., 4 miles east Banacln Station, N. & C. By., Wednesday, Oct 4. Sevier Post Oak ch.,tbarbday, Oct. Harmony Center HIU ch., U " " CO., Friday, Oct 6. SouthwMtem District Pleasant Hill ch., Benn co., 8 miles south Hollow Bock, Friday, Oct 6. Midl Zlon HUI ch., Anderson CO., Wednesday, Oct. 11. Providence Mount Pleasant ch., Oct 12. West Union Second Bethlehem ch., Wlnfleld, Scott CO., Friday, Oct 1 State Convention Union CSty, Wednesday, Oct. 11. TennessM Baptist Sute Convention. The State Convention will hold Its next leaalfln with Baptist Churoh In Union City, Tenn., beginning Oct nth at 10 o'clock a. m. The Constitutlon soya: Article II. "This OonvenUon shall be composed delegatei fm Baptist Ohnrohee, Asioolatna or Conventions Individual eontribulora." Article III. " Any Baptist Churoh or Aseoclatlon shall be entitled representation In thb body on tbe following basis: Each church or Aasochitlon shall be entitled one delegate, also one additional delegate for eaeh IS contributed annually ottfeota this Convention; every Baptist In good sting Ini hb chnh shall be sn> titled a seat by oontributkm 5. Mtenaiy eduoatlenal socle- Ues shall be represented In thla body by members Baptist Ohurohsa on a bads otae delegateforevwy Ki contributed annually." MA»nM BAI.!*, Beo'y. Paris, Itan. e'j Cbi$ ebain oi i:^$oii1pp$ HASNT A WEAK LINK Our Periodical* have a circulatloa over 44,000^000. Last quarter tbowed a remarkable increase. i)unffh(t IDMIMKI rri^ Italw 4 data sftlst AlTaaeM a» s»«rutta<tat TotaU UttnsadtaU 2 " B<»tm rtimucr a " TMcktr 10 " per qtuutert per copy I astsaom «M M.. «(' eeat each Kvaaeat uwduu ccatleti. PrlHsnr «per gaartert nctsn UMMU. ajicrata per sett per qamrurl BlbteLtMoanetsns.... TS msu per «Mr(«rf vnmata?9m Tossff rsol* (twtfy) Gar J«7S ss4 OlrU i«vf»fy) Osr Uttls OSM (»»*//) Tassr KMfMr (umt-mamtafy) " " (mmilkfy) per^rter per year. UnsU so casts " 30, as ", 4 " u " a " s - { nt tbn t /rk*$ mrt»u/tr tlmh #r mtrt.) Tk«ColyMTter (»»«/*//). tngl. copht, 10 C«au per y.«ri twmty or mot. co iim, s MSta auli yor. American Baptist Publication Society 1420 Oiestnat Street, PhlUdelphU 3M Wsshiactsa It. irrwsiaaavs. arsnait. Bonoi CnCAfiO ' DAUUS uanftii Avs. 3uv.su M. WWMtSteUft. IBWTOUC n.uro ATLAITA Our Latest Best er. Sail, ltllill]<)co' leienllili M lai United States World. with speoiaii Insert m a p s / CUBA, PORTO RICO, THEPBIUPINES, HAfUI A!l ).Mii[A. S i z s e e y A e I n b h s s. It Should be in Every Home. Every Bubrioribor^ wher old or new,, Bending UB will be entitled one se mapb, exprew- or pobt-paid. The retail price map alone IB $3.60, but we give you both Wie paper map for 150. TOB fer may be withdrawn at any time, so ipeaic quldc. Do you want' itf AddreBB s. Baptist Reflecr. i 1 H

10 16 BAPTIST ANDBBFIiBOTOII, SEPT. 21,189». Marion Harl's New Departure. REMARKABLE INTRODUCTORY OFFERS We take pleasure in aimouiicing our many readers that we have completed arrangements with publishers this eminent writer for a sixtial edition her latest best works, entitled: Bits Common Sense Series. in Pour Hsome Volumes, G>oUinint: Thirt7-i>x Ci-icrcnt Dcoaftfflcnts InteiUK Intcfcst *U Women. We fer place se sets with our subscribers under terms our special fers Almost Charge. We cannot tell how long cheap iutnxlu' ry iers can last, as publishers Marion Harl a> -e give us a special low price for a limited time only. ck a< tiou refore on your part is necessary. VOLUME I. VOLUME III. HEALTH TOPICS. HOUSEHOLD nanaoeniint. Chapl. 2. Tbfl The FuaUy Latest ArrlTsi. Medicine Clicat. Ctt»p 1. How 4. Bia>7'aCiotlwi. Food for Inhuita. ing We Haider. Make Houwkeep- 2. Ways Means Work. 6. The"SecondBammer." SIckncM io Family. 4. How Dedsaud Save Bed-making. Time Youreeir Good "Brainy" Coolcery Ctiildten. as Moial Becanw Healtbfal Fine Art in "Drudgery." Amey. Good cauie Cookery HealtlifUi aa a Agency. Moral Be* 7. Spring " Wanted-Ciianae Hou»e Cleatiiiig. " Stioe Pinclies. CJonciuded. Where Concluded. Shoe Pinches. VOLUME U. VOLUME IV. HOMB TOPICS. COOKINQ HINTS. Olwp 1. Helpftil HannAiL 2. Mannenfor Every Day Wear Chapl. HowbeHospltabIe,Thougb 4. Oar PoUteoesi Glria as Policy. Oonlitful Books 2. Eggs-Their Rural. Uses Abuses 6. Oor Feet Oar Ba. Gomiuon Sense Windoir>Gardeniog. 4. The Diet Modem Homes. Lunoheon for 7. Comnaou denlng-oonelnded. Sense Window-Gar- 6. The Indies Invariable Only. Pota. 9. The What Marriage Peoi^ He. 7. Hot Between Wear Seasons. Dishei. Wear. Blioald Not D. Oil " Under Sves. Pro'wt?" I John. OUR OFFER: For fs.96 we will send Baptist Befleorond year a set those books. This fer ap. plies eir new or old Bubsoribers..Order nnoe. AddreBB Baptist Reflv^cr. KODAKS, Preml, Vivea, Altaic, Bo Peeps, Sunarta, E.,B. Prwb Stipplles. Uat Oooda. DURY at rinney, Bitabllahaa 1881 Pho Tsl Slock 167 House. NaahvUle, l^u. Within Reach ef AU. We have placed prices on our hbome sck Dining- Iom Furniture, Oarpeta, Matting, e. Call see me before buying. Everything marked in pl^q flguree. c. W. PATE & CO., aio N. College St. T. TOBIAS & CO., Our showing new Fall Winter Dix»88 Goods, Silks, Indies' Tailoivd Suits, Jackets, Golf Capes Millinei-y surpasht's any our pi-evious efforts. Ladies* Man Tailored Suits at $9.75, $12.50, $15.00 Golf Capes from $4.00 $ Dress Goods Silks We c arry a large assortment our l>rjces are always lowest. Oup j^lillinepy Depaptniont has justly earned reputation being swell-»«t place in city for style quality. Samples sent on application. Mail orders promptly attende<l o. T. Tobias & Co., 410 Union St., Nashville, Tenn [Meutlon UaptlHt a' fl Itctleor.l 0&thQl Fqitici; J olloge. HoPKi,vsviLi,e. ny A SELECT HOHE SCHOOL FOR QIRL5. Session begins Septem^r 4,1899. Abl Tucully. ConvenlcnccH. Full Course Culture, Iteilnenicnt, Study. lk«t Ciirlatlan AitpolntmcnlR. U'iluencefl. All Modem TennH Very Moderate. WRITK FOR CATAUOOUE. EDMUND IIAUUI80N, A.M., PliKHiDENT. WM. H. HAIIUI80N, M.A., VICE-Piikhidknt. Boscobel Colege for Young Ladies. NASHVILLE, TENN. eituad fn tho "Athons tho South." Magnlflceot Ixxation now unaarpaoaed. buildings, A modern campuh In c< u1pinonts. ten acres Heated nntlvo by forest aam: tre<«hot teachers speclallstfl cold water. ijath-rooins, lu ir deiiartnients. lavaries on Unexcelled everyfloor.a advantagoi^ itall corps fered PLBTE In Music, Elocution, Art etc. A nkw eua entered u xm. A com* IIHOIWANIZATION, placing BOSCOBEL COLLEOE On than evpf before. An IDEAL COLLEQE for HIGHER a better EDUCAbnnls TION Of young ladles. Wil for Catalogue or or particulars J President C. A. FOLK. Cum1)erla&dTeleplioxie& TelegraphCo Genetml Office, 180 N. 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Looking un Jwua m my Savior «ny Lord: Looking un JiMua'UU Um world aball Tfaanba cakai aa ok wall, battw I anpi^ muk, wtd aat tbem bafom oalf, arachneked or aakfoga Uttla mnob needed inmftkiq. Ton pam away. Wo aro k«pt bf looking unjmom day by day. atiangem. 'nwtwaab"motaelorbread" hidmd l oqtlu Jost bafon In yon tha xeaeh Jqg yonr 'atfqppacti deaanbtlatt,tl(dnt patio ^ Moaak. oonn. ' forwblla Bnt this tb^y wa^ ata, not enough mmtar, satwy hla gteat kfaidiy ahelk, soal, The couaet London casqsa dknorthwestsm, by«opaob np whleb eallaforyour la one tidkat. TLNSVI.IEQA BAtiD KCW TO SECURE THBH BY BBV. rbarcib OLABK, D.O.. PBBWDWTOVTHM "aloodby fudons under ruler traaa'*whua all ounntiy thay lnd aat aboat, ata my beat, If not beat, nad hi Great Britafai woold,in VMmDKoptfnr caiuirnaif bkiibavob. thalrflu,rsady apparently antlolpata any ausbtast onr o dnkm, niffiir grgatly I0 compariann with one * OoQttaqr has bwn well dtflned aa dolnc akind wat^t. No wonder that aueb a oourtaona noblaman beat fonda-4ba L O.,fog hiatal Im Msmphki dmd in kindly way." TIm last part this dellnltlon isqnttcas Unportsntaafinttsui. lilanot angel aoon tavaalad hlinaalf gava^ him a luzariooa Oindnnatl fatlalkety. or Obkago, la-flit Boora eobifrtalda, wondna pmlaa Itatnte blessings. nough hava a kind hsut k blunolmt dlspo* altloo, itiis not UKraghKtva alma ftniddo daeda angels. Snob The eourtssy man always aotcrtalnad oomma may ba a tiamp vldt «r tha a Greao, "Dsd BtUea <rid-tfana from Oarllale patadlsa we paas unfortunate thngh dtahia dia> charity. Tha conhaotts numlaiadra than khid, b«i la also kindly. Tba lonib. gralf. orammartng phi* bore, glva, he may bava apparently no Infloanea bava no oomm blearing In one hla eir hai^ border ttaotad many k>vaia. a daqwlring In aatmpatkm amon: at. baa matrii«a wooed on hia lady fkoniood or man, bnt wy fact aaehioyal low with- Laialo.UMMta,» wui f* gaa huitkraplat, who throws hia oharitica thanaady aa eonrtagy ha would pitch Bbona at m dog. la notamodal nem brings heart angala antartalnar.. all good will UaawaiiB ud kind- ha Oh, Wr nu^orataaiafamt khidlhiaaa, hoirmr Uiga-heart^ ganarons ha entaruina haavanly gnaat, who abidaa Wl^ him, M lamla. boium laaria. OiilBs ooaa Uraaa. wt* Bta nay when papa unworthy ladpte^ hla boai^ul* Thonghthi quaint hfianot. I hava w9 In M-a«B«mUid protnaal by^hlgangiiaotattaw Fhp a alugla alae^mi^ ^m boori^nimff nuuibiif. Ha is a man hnmanm Bat mote likdy it la neitbor an angel tn dlagaiae, wtir. ^.. -. tjioraiitaibf nor a tramp, nor anlmpostar, bnt soma worthy man Ibremmaka ltaabiioefor {Agrims all hinds iriii nare, powar, omdoabttff-lnflaadofl gfedcroua impnims, In raligioua gympathauo or yat tuf' panlattatly wean rough aide world, little woman some claim upon ua fellow'being, as world perhaps, counta 'who obubttlon, has FrUua' clhiiea.n Oborch lt ti^tilm^shmobaataiy that Bobert Bruce slew near tbe " Gray Bed coat ootmnaoat j^ world, that ha baa a vary unaav. his tbeoutstietched but whom God has b sent welcome; us for a word tapreseatative cbmr Scotl's Connyn" thns really inangumted war t' I by bis bcarisbnesa on aoma aa ha ocoaaiods some good cauae; pleader soma worthy mia-chsion; Ibe Hotel" Independence. Bonnie Prince H«e OharUe In tbe " made old Commw. bis beadquartersforaseaaon;above all betefora few years by Bb paisoasiva aloqnanoa. doss go^ young woman young who man needs who a little needs moring a atart in or life; fkt* ttie lived lis lemds L tbdr ma lain cloaks; tbe Japancaa a coat laboren ooarsa straw whan meant ar- Ing; tbe orphan boy or girl who needa up-bringing in genius, Bobert tbe Buma, Idol fiirm«r>poe L. Boottteh pafifoea near tha child be* a Cbriatlan family; apme one or or who, for a day ^ tain, in making which bearer individual look itraws like a ten or a year, needa hospitality kindly care. Letng Here loved he all held who Boe know aa an escishnan k>va tha at wltchaiy aavanty pounds aong. ' are aoma men's dispositions, Though bug* give not cniy it charity hun In bnt a kindly courtesy. way. With Let him us show will come hhn love ayear, visit here pumsas be died hithnatriy aged87. aasodatad It waa a labor with tha j»t aia tain warm coata In Uuder aoclaty. y Mwaya But this waar tbe angela who will never leave our tbieaboid. 'Biblical idea tbe rigbtaoua man. Heia la need After not a be time assumed; such courtesy khidly becomes heart habitual. ezpraaaea It pursuits ten wayward pleasures child this muse. genfail, The lolucklng, Old Gbe it. ' ous, as well as just; ha atlraya does a kind self always in a kindly deed or word. I know a man atul Inn called bis chair, * Bnms' punch Howff," bowl, hmla In whleb an ars old high ba aeen tbinghiakbidway... ^ who, when talking with a lady through a telephone, Abiabam is i^^talulttatrauon genuinacourtasy though she may tte miles away, aura take f bis l backed oaken chair bught from tbe home ' High- in bis antlwslfiffieut angela who, unannounced hat bow smile when be bean her voice, traced Bfaty," la still shown. In one tbe bed looms, unbataldsd, in garb ordinary wayfaiars, act gentleman as though he were In her hnmedl< poet: upon a pane glass, are se words by tbe Diasantad thamseivcs at bis tent door. ate presence. The courteous man will alwaya act Ob, W6U bow courteous be ia Ii> bis blpllaluy I The gentleman before eveiy person who crosses hla path. Ob, lotaly ebarmlng FoUy Polly Btawart, Btawart, tbiaa atrangera soddanly pnsant Ibamsaivsa. How Ha will aot gentleman because he hi gentle* That'i Tbera'a balfaa not aflowart fur aa thou blooma art. In May do^ba know who thay ara? They have not preaantad thalr. ciedentlals nor anywtaia Intioducv In every human being a posribleangel; an angelfldleo, BtraaC, man. He can never be taken f his guard. Ha asas If yon will use iron knocker on No, 16, Bums' Uon. 10 be ure, alnca y lived four thoui degraded, ahnost hopelais sometimes, but a pomdble vrinda which twists opana in naany oat olf dhwctlons, Bhakaapsara a dark-«^, Btnet, bat years ag> on iba puins Mamia thay haidly angel, whom he must treat with oourtegy, beeauae, havabaan lu»umnca agauta or book canvaasaia, but however deflmsed, he la made In tha Image God. a plsaaant'flumd coiudderatlon little show Bcoh yon in woman tlia poor wul room open, upataira for bow dew Abraham know but that y want taia^ hhn In U petflnanciaiacbeme cultivating between, but eveiy day brhigs a new angel tbe To lucb a man angel visits ara neir few nor far whamlob ysais ago BjpoU'a bard cloaed hla ayas a new btaad shaep, or a diatinct vari^sty camata door bis tent. way, fidl asleep. In or little room acroaa tha on pulns? How doea ha know but y will Bosn, Mats. It hi a on poor bouse very in day which bis burial, llva or bis die: aon waa bom. piaaantb submiriptlon paper LETTER PROM DR. T. POTT Klagt dio In pabwaa. y llbiaiyln ]EKypt.wheta latten polite literature A friend whom I met said:" If yon go fm Litw< Bat Ara not ramanbtrad loog. alnady llourlabt., pool in Bcotl, take London di Northwaatam Uara wbla diad tima a king lasu au Soottb man wlu aong. say ha Ntfvarlass, bo^lilmaalf thoogh gimind t^^^ P'^V llailroad, In lass than three bout*'rideyon wul Oloea tha house an oigan grinder waa datlgbting not dn, but lat his servant bring bags tham tha water that ^ thank mefortbe advice." I did ao. ImI that I owe hhn a debt grautude,for aeanaiy along dancing acrowd mimkiqr. UttlaBoota" Pk^ with imuss Amarioan In,which alrsa ha diad» usirsi thay may tib, whua thalr ha flat, himssif drgaa pmuaa tham big mt this route between Livatpool Oarllala Is a»m4d* Ingly bsautifal, aomsumsa magnlfloent it hi Bt. only lllohaal'i," a hrad yarda Ifollowedin or so tbi^lburial lipaglnatlon Gund STiSfl mowal br«l,"ln hlli ti What Bbomaly. conrtious phraaa tt one vast gatdan ovar which haavw'a oomnooj>hi thadeid.- Tbe countiyladansaly popuhitad, saama Ilka piuoaaslon In which 181S boia tha him' lainalna his vi^ nsting ramovad place among from sfl^ -that ha talla tham that th»y»hau go bangs, largs end down. Aa Iba gyatam laulomuog, at Isart so Ikt as comfort couvanianoe tbe place beautlfbl in wlilob mausoleum iy warsflrst now ata.' dsj^tad While where ;dw not spaak aon wo^ paaaangariaoracamad, lean not spsak with 1 sooldbt bis wim because thalr antburiasm. It la confbshig, annoying an mauaoleum Itself is a nu)dai baauiy almpilclty,, axptaaaing wish, Ibrharp^ Amvloan vaiy unaatlaflmry. You never know with athig Boarbla at statuary tha plow, grodp Whlla within thataiusadesest(ds rqpiaaanuog Bnma with vita^^ jroukay BW»r««d ^dthd?- eaitahity whmyi wiuflo^l youitiahi, whan you do Mitsffsad ikaiitiaelidm hlkforher own, k iapa' a. > r'n'i. t =i