LIFE'S LESSON. Lead. to fields of ripened grain. awl man:y a rugged bypath, .JHad a hid<i}en thorn of pain; :..!:.

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1 "And. blessed ore they who.. sholl seek to bring forth my %io11 ot t&ot cloy, fon&~y shpu hove the gift ond power of the.holy Ghost."-1 Nephi 1: 387. INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI, FEBRU.AltY, 1938 LIFE'S LESSON I learn 11s the years roll onward,,;1., And leave the past behind, 1111)~t lljuch I have counted sorrow, j'f,lt. proyes our God is kind..:., Th.... at many a flower I long for.jhad a hid<i}en thorn of pain; {, ' ',, ' ' 'a awl man:y a rugged bypath, Lead. to fields of ripened grain. :..!:. m The clouds but cover the sunshine- They cannot banish the sun ; And the earth shines out the brighter When the dreary rain is done. We must stand in deepest sorrow, To see the clearest light; And often from wrongs own darkness Comes the very strength of right. We must live through the weary winter, If we would value the spring; And th.e woods must be cold and silent Before the robins.sing. The flowers must be covered in darkness, Before they can bud and bloom; And the sweetest and warme~sn11shine Come after the. $tol'.m and J}Q()~.

2 .,.....c. d~. llot eome at an instant, suddenly. ~~()v;th, de»ending somewhat upo13. its ~s to. the rapidity of its development. Jet of iniquity".had already begun to!tj d11y". but the apostasy was not. eonilete until about the year 570 AD. c;y begins. with the feet or with the.3; determining factor as to the rapidity ent, because until the ''head", or the. ~s, succumb to its baneful influence, the not he in apostasy regardless of how embers. drifted away. 'dib of its growth and development, in.. al)ostasy, may be accounted for in this?!'hat which resulted in church rejection in the atched or imbibed and fostered not by the e Jay members, but by those who were repthe chief quorums, and were in control of.~ry of the church. aning and scope of this apostasy and church n is quite clearly set forth by the late Joseph in the following language: iniquity of unrighteousness which caused the ns to withdraw themselves' and grieved the, was at work. But priesthood, the right to act name of Christ as quorums, was at an end. er aets were done by them afterwards must in the balance of individual righteousness tability before God. The powers by which shotdd be preached and souls won to salvation. had been conferred-- they be destroy~ except by personal unright- ~. nd unlawful ministrations. Those persons 'Whom the authority to act had been conferred eptet! departure, were left to 'fight God. (?n the other hand, thos.e who received. t,to act and who refused to a t the new still ~mmissioned of Chris oseph ~t,. The Bejecti()l) of the Church, p. 8. t.''priesthood, the right to act in the )fas end/' wa~ beghteousness.which caqsed 'tb~llres/ '' -was. ~t W():rlc law as~(},tdidned ''F,or.. this. motij~r. and {two) ShaJl be 0116 ~lmu,t,.. ' In the Book.ot.Momoni tlt!s ''David.and Solomon tr:dit J).ad many,, concubines. which thing ~ abotninable saith the Lc>:rd,.. \fherefore, my hear me, and hearken to tlie word of the there shjll not be any man. among you h one wife; and concubines lie shall have non the Lord, delighteth m. the chastity of Page 172. And in latter-day revelation to the ehureli:.,':marriage is ordained 0,f God unto man; '\Vh 1t 1s lawful that he should have one wife,.. ~ain shall be one flesh!';... D~&c. 49:3. "Th love thy wife with an.thy h~rt. and shalleleaf, her and none else;' - D.& C. 42:7. And yet, with these plain statements be:forei which. th~y were authorized. and required. to; and practice, so fa1 had apostasy developed. i early 40's that the quorums were honeycombed men who endorsed a distorted idea of the. of marriage, and sought to foist it and kind upon the I)e()ple of the church~ And with tnen minds had become thus warped,. sitting in the. and quoi:ums of the churc;b, oould the people church, m all conscience,. TBUST their i tions of law, or their decisions. upon any any case that be brought before Neither could eir acceptance of tlf' parture declared in thunder. tones their un serve in quorum capacity, ~nd hence,. "'the} act in the name of quorums, was at And justly so On the.. other hand individtials, whetller of quorums, 91' not, ''W'hQ reftjs~ dogma,. were stilj eonumssi~lled of individttal and pers~ ini tr~ti' rejection of.tbe church.. q... ~. ~}llll~,,.i mi


4 'tl~r9yed.forever under its control. ' -thing had happened in 1922,.when the ~nd ~ne quorum ( the same one as. above), docm:nent as law to the church in spite of.e yote of the two other quorums of equal.and.decision. ~tli th~ actions were destructive of the rule ~b:inion consent and quorum equality in the And the arbitrary reorganization of the of seventy that followed the adoption of directional. control was a tragedy as suboflaws and usages in the church previous to ln the selection of men to the quorums of sev (see D. & C. 104 :43), as the adoption of the of polygamy was subversive of the marriage.oh$erved by the church prior to the apostasy of lf the adoption of the new "dogma" of polygamy iitn its attendant evils, including seeretism, in the apostasy of 1844, could devitalize and des.troy authority "as quorums", then the adoption of the new a of supreme directional control, with its attent evils, coupled with secretism, would accomplish tlie same result in GQµld you TRUST the decisions of men whose any particular, whejher in regarding decisions upon ll:jjpqs had become thus warped'? You could not, in ~w. or doctrine, or judicial procedure, as quorums, councils or courts. Think of men reading the passages quoted above relative to marriage, and either ignoring them, or.. eting them to mean that it was perfectly iju:ate and permissible for them to have two or. ' rno1~e wives. ~nk of men reading the scriptures. quoted above relative to secret combinations and their origin, and the many other passages that might be quoted in eonnection with them, and ignoring them, or inter... ng them to niean that they might ally them.. es with these organizations of the devil and ~eir stanqlng in the sight of God! Carry it up to a bisho:tji3' would you then have eonft Carry it UP to a high co11,g:iil. Still any ground for confi4ence,)nd~ Then think of quo~~s, councils!.~~ all honeycombed with menj.tnm.eshed in on'~ ~ of these evils, and these ~dies of ipen in control of the machinery of the cburcb, anq ed by a sprlnkling of delegates throug church, chosen in some instances by que.s; methods, and what is the answer? Outside.of repentance, there is but one solq; and that is rejection, which means church r, as to an end of quorum authority. Then must. the. building up again of God's covenant people \VltQ have refused to accept or to support these depart~l!~, ~ and are therefore not under the ban of rejectio~; < ; As in 1844, so in 1925, ''priesthood, the right to in the name of Christ as quorums, was at an.,,. Whatever acts were done by them afterwards J!i'Jt be weighed in the balance of individual righteou~e~ i and acceptability before God....'?hose pers()llej:, upon whom the authori,ty to act had. been C<?i). z~ who accepted the new.departure, were left to..... against God.' On the other h~nd, thpse who hlw)f~ ceived this right to act and who refused to ac~ept.~~ new dogma, were still comniisl3ioned of Christ." << Be not surprised that these ~epartures occ~~ Bible prophecy foretold them. Listen to the A~ Paul, 1 Tim. 4:1:. "Now the Spirit speaketh.expres.sly, th~t 1~t. latter times s.ome shall depart from the faith" "0 They had to be in the faith before they co111tt part from it. "Giving heed to seducing spirit~'' Spirits seductively leading them to the docbi. "sealing," "spiritual wifery," "POlygaJU:i.n secretism. "And doctrines of devils." Both those doct.rihes came duction of. polygamy and thq~ d}, ated in th.e.oi'g~i~tion. 1Jf wlueh Siii: Some of the 1~tter are. as follows: "A. lodge in gej); s.igmfm3 ~~~~f:~'1;.. or:, ling pl~e.ofthe Lo:rd" in~!t1.fea F1ll 9n.,. are berng truly prepar 1 heaven." "Each man who is about to be his gaurdian angel to the.d~r.ofth~.l~bei1 it is s~id, 'Seek and ye sh~l find. Knoo, be opened. ',, "He tl!en becomes a divin.e $1li!r'ltti~ i~n~~\....

5 ~i I~nie in eontact with the restored ;flowing scriptures have been impressed ':ntl With fotce: ij,e s~id unto them, Go ye into all the world each.the gospel to every creature." Mark.. thtu gospel of the kingdom shah be preached tb.e world. for a witness unto all nations; and shs..11 the end come." Matthew 24: 14. \(,.,la:nd I $aw another angel fly in the midst of } j~\tell,: having the everlasting gospel to preach unto.":it~~ that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, i.. i a~ kindred, and tongue, and people." Revelation 14: G~. According to the above named scripture quota. s the gospel or "the angel's message," as it is... n.. called by believers in the great Restoration,. l't~ to. be a µniversal. message, or a message to all. tl},e w<:»rld~ T4e :people to whom the sacred trust ot spreading the glad tidings would be intrusted, wnt;tl<l be required to take the message to all the world, Paul said, "Woe is unto me if I preach not t:lie gospel.".1 Cor. 9: 16. He was not content to do a little missfonary work in the regions round about in th.e:,iand of Palestine, but he journeyed far away. foreign lands where the message had never been fl l)efore, and finally he sealed his testimony :c.. Jlis life, far away.from his native land. The rest. of e Jwelve, s,o history informs us, were faithful to trust and spent their time and talents in the r's cause until their voices had been heard in eyer, :known civilized and even barbarian countries. ;';!»our time, in the last days, God has again spoken. Ifom on high and delivered unto the children of men <tf!e w<>nderful plan of life and salvation. According ~gel's message, already quoted, the gospel in ness preached to all the world. God x;:es:pector of persons. See Acts 10 : 34, 35. How :mt)l'one work righteousness unless he has heard ;g-o.1jpef in which the righteousness of God is :;f.ti~ealed? See Romans 1: 16. 'O!ie of the revelations given to the church in.,j.~y~" we are told that the Lord is pruning his for t1'le Jast time. We are also told left without excuse. This,. ~eve, i11elutles the. church; or in other 'e i;ustodmnsioftheorael~s of.god: We re~d ~et in the clrurch first, ap~stles, upon,1,<!ed no~ 011ly the. responsibility of the v~g-b:t. of. the church, but first of all, of the. great. news to all the world. elilphasize.that little word, ALL. It ~ean the United States of.america and parts tn:ct~lst1jhhu1:r 1!t:h::i~ ~, ~~ to be aboat.. our. Fa;theif':s children of Israel.'' Snme. of those satisfied with their portion, and.. ~ the reasons why there has been tt/li wars and so much bloodshed in, tlris: ' twelve apostles are sometimes called the nations. Now let us turn to the Covenants (Utah edition), section l. twelve traveling counselots are ealled twelve apostles, or special witnesses of. of Christ in all the world; thus differing officers in the church in the duties of th Read also verse 33. of the same chapter. I als~ you to section 112: 33; also Sec. 18: 27, 28~ Be' and read Book of Commanmnents 15: 29, 30. Now, methinks I hear some one say.that W'tf wait until the temple is built and the specia dowment is given before we can go to the natio the earth. We should like to ask, Does it take spiritual power to preach the gospel and con and women in this land than in any other We think not. Then what is our excuse; is it.. m I of ten wonder how much there Was in the tre. when the Master gave the great commission.. the first Twelve. Where is our faith in Him who "I will go before your face," and also, "The gol the silver are mine," and "the cattle upon a tho hills." I read in the Book of ~ormon, 1 Nephi authorized edition, "For I know that the Lord no commandments unto the children of men, sav shall prepare a way for th.em that they may aee:onlit' plish the thing which he eommandeth them." I believe one of the reasons we have been successful in the building of the tempi~ ~~ redemytion of Zion is because of our neglect to th~ gospel first to all the world; All other thin secondary. Speaking of the redemption -0:f said, "For unto her shall be gath~red out.. nations under heaven." Let the church do its < and let its officers take courage. Rave fai Let its officers shoulder their gz-eat res men of God, and this work willrollon world be divided into twelve cij~ri~~ qfi~ labor, and send your special witness~ tlla~ tions may hear and.the hoµe~tin:li~ ~ ered out. May God help us ~ lh~,~d. '. Shall ~e, ;hose sou!s a~ lightoo: With wisdom fl'om ~n :... Shall we, to men ~gnt~ The lamp.of Salvation, The joyful Till earth's re1t1ot;est~):1iat1,i~~f Has IA<t1f'n<>rf lv.les:su,;:n:.s.~mt:ric

6 :slldi~.eaufornm, wntes:... 1 very mueh of late. Puts me tn ~le. L. JJ. S. Herald, when I was a. )~ll. S. papers shauld be filled with lment of prophecy, the signs of the dike an artiele from Bro. Wheaton.of "The 'fen Virgins'~, tn the Inspired, think that is the next great event to ht.treh of Christ. All the groups form.:. otigitml ehureh are asleep. Christ must.. : and. can the wise virgins from out ~ o,ps and endow them with new life. Bro. George Buschlen wl'itesz --o-- Our editor aslies for int If. Dew of Chico,. California says she prays thirty years ago a devout.. st lady re1[af"e may be "a wonderful increase in member- dreams to me which eonvinees me that Gods :e Church of Christ this year, and that the those who are even partial strangers to him. ~ take hold and pull together, as. that is what the story short, permission was given, me to 'b$.. She says, "We must be united and leave in the home of this Baptistfamilyon Sundays. s displeasing to God in order to get his help five Sundays had passed the lady of the h tw~ may be worthy of a home in Zion." the meeting, "I can find no fault with your. 1'eeded.n "God help us to prove faithful, that to me and before those assembled, at the --o- but I don't want to leave our ehurch." Then she "I can't sleep nights as I am convinced that all Wayne, Michigan, Jan say is Bible truth. I had a.ifreazn this week that~ Sister Sheldon: On Dee. 23rd, between three and to stir my whole being, and.l want to. in the morning I awoke and could not get dream and see i::( you can tell me what it m ~ sleep,: for the 'words that kept ringing in my This was her dream. She thought there was t7 r1::!r~ put the words on paper the to the city of Guelph a man sent from. G~.. could tell the people the right way to heaven, ~li urely caused me to weep when I read "The so anxious to hear him. that she wallced.. all. 1.1ary's 'Wife/' by ua brother!' It seems the tem- where he was going to preac.h.. On l;ter wa?...!..! #~n!!~.-stg.negleeted. I was commanded to go through a large wheat field. 'l'b.e w t.u"" ;I.Wl.vY..W ripe and stood as high as he:r.h~d. In the.~jints, "Bring ye all the tithes into the this field there stood a man on ttlj? of a h µ~, that. there may be meat in mine house, and as she appr<?aehed close. to lum he ~ me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, ~here she was gomg. She answered that sh:.;llot open. you. the windows of heaven, and ing to hear a man of God "ri.10 eould tell her u ~ut a that there shall not be room way to heaven. She asked if he knew ~reeei~e it/'... B said, "~~ he is ~ Bu~lell, the... i... 1,4! h t:-- th t Arthur. She said,... y, he h.. $Q~a. u.!e'!w or~-. is gre~ in our home the last :t'i\le.,untfays,. th~ m1t1;s1onary fti!es lits. all, his the man who can tell you the rjgh.e ~~JI' of h1,9: family and < edf~out of the allowance from. After relating this dream th th:e.4emands?.j)oes the mis- who w,re ~~. ~~l,was... in au~,~~~ ~

7 G11~~r, ti~ ~t... Church there. to have h ll hold.preaching service the 11 oeloelt hotnfl ation of. the gospel and >t: E:.l."'..L71l!.L.i._ J>~#I" ~~s tliat her I"Q.other, spoken. of in the Bible,. l u. ~. of.. th~ poems of Edgar Gues.t;. dear, departed Bro. Daniel husband are also. Sr. DeLol)g There was a nice little: IJ'OUP \;following, by. Gue1$t, for the Advocate. them were Awstle s. T. ~:Onson:,. MYSELF group, his wife, son and dau«hter, al. ~ li'(e with m,:self, and so mother of Sandpoint, Idaho and a yot;rng to be fit.f()r my.self to know. Dent, Idaho, where Apostle.$. T; Bron.son to be able, as days go by, Elder V erhei and family and Bro.. and to look myself in the eye; Hartley. Last, but not least, was our dea \Vant to $talld by, with the setting sun, w;heaton, the eldest.son. of Apostle C... te myself.for the things I've done. The lmt time we saw Leroy.was in. Oeto~ hospital. He had been there about four IIl t want to. keep on a closet shelf and although he isn't entirely well yet, he ij secrets about II1Yse1f, better..\,. ~ inj'self, as l come and go, Bro. and Sister Vernon Gunter, of the. thitlkfng that nobody will know Church, where Bro. Leroy is stayijlg, ask... :. '~fa mantreally am; to ask the writer over to dinner with th ft w~mt to dress myself in sham. cepted the invitation and had a splendid dind go out with my head erect, a fine visit with Leroy anclbro. and Sis.te deserve all men's. respect; and family. The time was. too.short, as I' e in the struggle for fame and self ised to go back to Bro.. and Sister Verhei to be able to like myself: visit with them before Church time, so I t want to look at myself and know At the evening service J U$ed ahother e rm bluster and bluff and empty show. the five dispensations. Eldf:}r Verltei was. m. er 1':ide myself from me; and after speaking about 20 mi:nuteittj:ja: t others may never see; me. As I don't use notes 1 I excjj,sed rily.selt what others may never know, them for their attention, turned the mieti c~ fool mys.elf, and so Elder Verhei and sat down.. Bro. Verhei ~t J1appe:ns, l want to be time when he said all he had to sa,: in e.v,; pecting and conscience-free. and had to sit down. Then the SJ>iritr~ ---o- Verhei, and he was able, by the power of s ka w h iver a message to that little band of ~pl lfo1.e;bis:a;k ave. ing that caused my soul torejoicetlm.t.i J; the prom of the Spirit and sat 1<!1,\7 ite readers of our. little paper would and pray I will always be al>le to do tltatt','> te an.. ' trying to fill. the,hour DJ.. IIlY O\Vn $t f... : no.,.,i. f t... L..,,, -t Elder V. A. v.~rbej :sppie.... rom wus yew." 0 ue Oni 13 vmeyaru, spiritual.. law along about the., ~l)d write It fe:iw li11~. JlJ.'."o., B1sb.1i~.. l\l.cci~,; ~tlo I dedicated my life anew., the Oeto )laster~ On New Year's day I {bought Tem Ne\V ~~rmtt right by dohlgjo~e.:. ~ his~~. so.~ the>.~b.; 3EJ>..A:.llf '""tr... ~'- iiiil... ~.J.fS ~ ~5.,;e1 V.A V.. '~lni<i').. etnel ~l ~ ;ve~i. ~e1l.tee1nj.1~p~i:l1..

8 '.>,,','" ijiiil'sist'0i J.. If. Rartle'ys p1i~in I hatl. a splendid. visit and took! poopl~.mter di:rmer we ali with Bro; and Sister Bron:.. tn, S. T. Bronson. I talked along about the messages that came to the : Bro. S. T. Bronson wanted me to wm.:r.false by the Bible and Book of Mor-.~ that Idid not.need the Bible or Book as we of the Restoration believe that u ~eable Being, and that he does not that which he has said. I said the Messages... the twelth 111essage was in flat contra- ~. tbose messages given before the twelth. the tim~ came that I had. to leave to catch fer 8Pokane, so Bro. Hartley went. with me d~ot. The bus was about half an hour late,. Jlartley and I put in the time talking of the that are near and dear to every member of hurch of Christ. At last the time came that we ~ part, but I hope to be able, in the near future, oack up there and mingle with those dear bro- \<.~ers.and sisters again. Bro. and Sister Verhei and >ljto. and Sister Hartley are holding fast to the rod of..... i~n, and praying for the time soon to come when t!tey will be able to live the spiritual and temporal > llli.w both, and have things as. they were on this eon~ r.ctinent when the people of Nephi were here and ).,tliere was no rich or poor among them; they had..,a,jthings eommon, as did the deeiples of old. i\well }arrived ho:me at 6:30 P.M. that evening and i;<:t,und tlie wife and family all well. I went back to \Vjrk on JnY job the next morning, feeling greatly r.ejre()urage!d by the affort I had put forth for the \}, J:astel"'s cause.. ~.. <lit No~. and Dec. last. I made several house to house ~:, dtll$; leaving tracts and telling the Gospel story. lil. t>oo. I was permitted to make a new opening and t.. :w~ie:h.~jew.times in the home of a man by the ~e of Y,aughn, in the Morgan acre tracts, and now ~ee the. holi<ja.y season is over. I hope to be able, 'Vtitll God's help, to make other new openings.. <~J ~ before in this letter, I have dedicated :tt.i#, tt>. tll~ Master's cause, and I hope to be &bf~ to ~ite llje ~ance of my life in faithful service 1... ~,~S cause '00 ~tone~ in part, for some of the mis.. :. ;~J.. ftave.matf.e thus far l~~me discouraged after t'.lii~ellfei-en~ tiad v~ f they had no,. the Church of ~sr ~bout ninty fbur ffelll Neetvecf: a ~- 1i ~ns.e and, appe)int LtWJtlelllimll; who was in charge the R.I,J).S. Washington, hi August, J. L. V~hei, district at that tune, came to me asked me if I. would accept. t.... answered that I wottld lab()r a.jlywijeie me if.i knew where that -w~.he.~.~ question over, and I answe:rett.about t:.. Afterwards,. when I. was to myself dered why God hadn't given me some e: he wanted me to labor in. the Aaronie when he had given me plenty evidence that if ful I should labor in. the Melehisedec Priesthood.. )'> I called Elder J. H. Sage, my brother:-in-iai, ~{I' first eouncelor to the pastor of the SPokane Br and told him what J. L. Verhei had asked me. him if he had any evidence.of my call, anli he yes, and told me to accept it as they needed my in the branch at Spokane. I next called the pastor to one.side and asked him the same question, and he said "Yes, Gordon, I have~ and we need your help in the branch at Spo!cane. So to make a long story short, I came home frqm the reunion and on the 6th of Sept. I was ordained ~( Priest, along with some others, and I went to ~k to do what I could in my weak way for the Mas~r/ But I could not help but wonder why I did not receive< some evidence for myself in regard to my call,. anei. why we did not have the gifts and blessings in tie prayer meetings. It is true I felt a good s.p}ritin't.ti~ meetings at times, but not the outpouring. of. th.t' 0 Spirit like we used to have in. our branches at Fait,/ view and Andes, Montana, wheli'i was a boy i~ Ii) : teens, and Elder W. P. Hootman, William Spafl~; Hale W. Smith and others those parts. Another change l noted, and couldn't compr9li:li~... with them on,.was that all the calls to the"pries.t~;''; had to come through the branch pastor, or a. representative. I asked my brother-in..cla.w, J. when this change was made, and he said 1l ways been. l disagreed with h and then the fore part of the winter of he gaj Priesthood manual, and in the fore ~t of t. under the heading of calls to the pri~ their a val, at the top of the page w~:r~. "Tile.. "1'~. a.d9}!)~..... Gtmeral Confe~nce.of 1:9$2:." That.. sno lollj "it bad alwa.1:'s b,eell i11 tile ~ll.tlrehf The worfling >was like. this:---c~s.tq hood must. come. tnfough thos.e holding and~trativea.tttliiority.. the D-Ottrine and Cov~ij, 126, Pat~ 14,. Jnd we see where tp;ey ha word "Authorized'1 to read. "A~ that tijne on J began t() l~ fot' ha!~ eo~,e>sil'l.te th~ ~~l~hyll 'c~ti+~i Y!

9 Aut.1 1~86, al~ng with three: hadn':t been aeted upon till the g ~nounced, "No, Gordon; I &tl ffle: eyidence that Ireceivecl and 'eel you to be ordained to the office er/t Later I was alone with Bro. Whiting's iounselor, Elder D. A. Coleman, and I asked Jt received any evidence in regard to my ~... ;res.. and I asked him to what office. ''lmder.'' Later I asked B. E. Hart the same and he said the same.,told me that they did not want to ordain ~td~r right away for. fear the Church of Christ say ttley gave me that office to hold me. Later.., Q!. m the spting my broth et-in-law J. H. Sage told :me that the evidence he had received was that my calling was that of an elder, so I told him I thought I would turn in my priest license and he said, "Oh 4on't; you will never be ordained an elder if you do ffl~t.". I. told. him I didn't care; that I did not want anything man had anything to do with. He said"well, if Y;OU can't work in the priest's office you sure can't work in th:e office of an elder." I told him it wasn't ~~ij.ft~ion of where I could work, but of where God haa called me, and man had stepped in and changed ]fie eall. dear brothers and sisters, the reason I have '\!:J!:iit;en and told. all this is because I have reports are telling around now that I was aspiring and I want all to know the facts and they for themselves. 1 was an elder in the Fetting group for about a }?efore coming into the Church of Christ. When e my mistake in the spring of 1936, of cas.ting l(itwith the R. L. D.S. Church, I turned in an el $license and a general conference appointment to.e a lay member in that branch. This spring l turned in my priest's license and membership t<>. L..A. Whiting, and wrote Apostle C. L. t~n acknowledging my mistake, and about the u:ght.he would be getting my letter in Inde Mo., he came to my home late one evening. 1 liiboring in his field and was at Belingat the.. titne I wrote, and Sister Wheaton etter to.himthere.. As he was coming '!f th a. ear he came right to my place g. m.e lnr saiil: "Well, Gordon you are pie bacfr h~m.e,.al'~ you? I. believe l felt ' lgjl ~on must have :felt when. his father '~ Jiome, and killed the :fatted calf, o... eat<>n. is. InY the. Church lie i$jhe instrument God used to bring. -0:m. It:made me think. how mu:ch the spirit.of the Master and his a case that I know. of, that ia;tjler when he w:;i:nted to ret11rnto ~ beeau~e he believed God. h;ad in. sit>11 on a ~d of tjle W:jsh., in tltej4l~er I thought I would have to Pl'OYt before having my eldership returned Wheaton said "No, Bro. Gordon; if our brother you are worthy to which God called you/' So I hi:tv:e r life to faithful service for the Mister men, and as I have been appointed to ington and Idaho as circumstances permit, l like to hear from members in my field whei;~ er is wanted, or where meetings can. be week end, and I will gladly respond to the call!. I hope also that I will be permitted to atte' General Conf erenc.e this year and see that sir ground and the little white church that is near dear to all of us, and to meet God's people there worship with tftem. I wish the Church of Christ a prosperous Year, both s,piritually and temporally,also our little paper. I only wish it was weekly inst.. monthly. It is sure a source of comfort to us isol saints. I remain your brother and servant in the uo l:lp!i~: of Christ, Missionary Notes Dec 15th Bro. J.E. Bozarth wrote that he had closed a successful series of.meetings at 1:ii.R"Jl'PoilQt:. school house. Two were baptized, Bro. and Sr. Eutg:El!lil~.;). C. Foster. Bro. Foster is Sup. of the Sunday ~l~j!;:; and Sr. Foster is. pianist. Others are expee follow later. Up to date of his writing Bro. BQ had baptized nine since last conference. and expecting to baptize as many more "in the first of the new conference year." The pastor of the San. Berruµ;~no,:. branch of the Reorganizedchureh~a11te~JJ~. E. Yates their pulpit for one nigli't, Tliet~ criticism of the n~..,,,.,,..., meeting opposition and wife, ments were

10 had lasted. since August, was Sunday, January ~d. It had farmers to haw water for their J> was a blessing, indeed. we: wereall earlier, ~.:that instead. of 1 the ~k is in the air again. The Reorganiztheir conference for. one week, over.and the annual conference of the ist wµi meet on the 6th of April, as. sual, the conferences are looked for- ~ people with hope and expectation. +, bl, of Collins, Missouri, has been in Indep... several weeks on account of the illness ther. We have enjoyd her presence when to meet with us. visitor has been Bro. Howard, of Midland, We were pleased to meet him. 'Q~ R. B. Trowbridge, of Kinderpost, Missouri, been with us for some time. He is. always an t'eciated contributor to the interest and spiritual.t>'.fc;mr prayer meetings. akers of the month have been Brn. Chas...,~...,... ho1as Denham, Arthur Yates, Wm. Anderpastpr, Joseph Yates, and we were favored by old fashioned gospel sermon by Elder W. R. the ReorganizatiQn, one Sunday morning..t~ese. Yates paid home a visit last week :for Ufi Sunday morning, January 23rd. It notwithstanding a good attendance, weather, was present, which included.n si e visitors who usually come to hear Bro.,11!'.J lje.gave 11s a good sermon. tts son in St. Louis, after the holiain was taken sick, and had to be Ile is back, however, Wednesday afternoon!.. J8ll~. 19th,. a uished ~nister of the Reorg~d chu:reh w rest. R~s1dent Chui:eh of Chris p~e r U. W. Greenasa.fnend,and.q a.mun the funeral services at the Stone.Ohurch. Ile of the men who paved the way for the 4fa ' working harmony," though this may. not be outside of Independence., and comparativ~y fe perhaps know it. We do not riineznbetr-jt:h date, b~t it was back in th~e.y~. when ho entertamed by some of the two,chwehes closer tpgether. Bro. Green was at.ten conference of the Jteorgijnized t?liu:reh.; one Sunday morning wiffi a. stroni desire house of the Lordsomewllere,.fo~ worship. he thought of the local eh~~ of his< ization,. he did not seem to be' fed n~i~er did he care;. on.thig. ~icmar v1s1t the Central church in ~a~ City was nted to his mind the little e1ru temp t. Instantly the,thoj1g}itmet willl response from that someffiing within.t ring him. _wh~n.time. ~. to go, hef<tl;lnds congregation l)ll the tanple ~> the emblems of th~ br~en.ay of Chl'ist. He.uot he wqildered... to with upon him.. at.. that.... instant.... ple;y,l~.

11 broth~rs. Like so.~ ~me, perhaps... 'W't3I'e n~t and are h future l what secrets.long shalt we b.ave to wait to see <>,~ffie D.lrd? witli Qther ~Jn who l!lade history in oped and lpcnged for better things, irrc:!:ward, ~dean now.dou.htlebs.11re ~th an understanding that our }),ti>\ see. God help us, like them, to be tajtltfuj, anq guide us, oh Lord, to be th~.. things that you would have us to L. P.-S. ~ON'S.. FROM EXPERIENCE,"on page ten 1'!(J:nth's,Advocate, should have been credited rg et Cleveland. We were so much her talk at one of our Wednesday evening ~jugs we asked her to write the ex.she.related on that occasion for the bene OBI' readers. would ask, an interest in your prayers for our,(llevela:nd. At the time of a recent cold spell,. sleet 1Bade it difficult to stand,sr. peel. and fell in her own yard, and was!)$j)~i, where it was found that her hip Not many months before she lost her through death, after a protracted i1lness. 1 the deepest sympathy for her, although Jlin(lers us who do not have cars from seeing e ;sjioujtd like, but there are those who do not,in eir pra,yers. And she has been remem- '~ur meetings were not taught as now in: doctrines.tau.git in the exot~ later and ignorant. pervermollei, trine. In the early c4ut:eh,.~.>m'the there was not one Christ fb,'r the wh potential Christ m every mitt1.'' "Moses formed with his Pli~ts a se class, who were alone pos$essed of sei edge, and who s,tole the knowledge of books from the 'Gentiles1 ". "All the doctrines of the Hebrews were\ ten; they ha:d oral tradltio,ns which w but few of them. These traditions we:re pr the arcanae ot diverse secret Hebrew the Essenians. It was in this latter sect f Christ, the founder of Christianity, was ei( and wherein he imbibed the sublime doetrme he revealed to the world." "Doctrines of devils!" Eminently so! Anti in the extreme! Taught in that secret or instituted and perpetuated by that being 'whoy self sought supreme directional control over G Father of all. In conclusion: The acceptance of one Qr ttlo~ these three departure$ set out in the. abov~ icle disqualified the qu~ms. aee:ent11at~ apos,b:sie!, and brought about. the rej~tiop ~, orgaruzafaons that adopted. them.. It is true that the practice of two of the~ ures has been partially-suspended by the. tions sponsoring them: one bya ManifestQ:, by a conference resolution..b;ut<theydo "dead issues" so long as the "revelati porting them are still in their $tan&:trd In a standard book of one we have a: ie posing polygamy, a revelatio:t;1 permi~ng'ji'. manifesto suspending. its pr~tiee.... > ;;: In a standard boo~ of tbe oth.e:r, ~~; tion teaching COmlBOll porting its.. opposi~ minutes a resolution latter ~o :ftlr.asthe.p;es~,~

12 ':~,F6URlEEN REASONS WHY oild Be A Member Of This Church Of Christ the reason that: urch accepts the manifold scriptural and vidence that the Gospel of Christ was reft;oni heaven by an angel at God's appointed.~q saw another angel fly through the midstl ven having the everlasting gospel to preach that dwell on the earth," etc. Rev. 14: 6.. The Church was organized by divine anthorthe 6th day of April, 1830, and Christ's com ~~;z!t,,:tj~ission given to men to preach the gospel and adminordinances thereof. This Church and this gospel and this authority ;.. t(jj)'t'oclai1m. it, was never to be taken from the earth """'!'="'" Christ comes. Their numbers would be "few;'? <'.J:'n~itr possessions would be small, but they were :'.iu;-n1eo with righteousness and with the power of in great glory!'-- First Book of Nephi 3: 226- Page 673. ' 4th. The official name which the Lord gave to His ""~ -,,1-. is: The Church of Christ. Doc. Cov. See. 17:!3, 18,19, 20, 24, 25,. Book of Nephi 12: 12-20;P. 5th..There can be no correct authority for any ;i;i.;,c'd'l H,.,m that the Church restored in 1830 should be in 1929, nor any other time before comes. Dan. 2: ~ Chap. 13: paf. 4. }lle.:i?;r'?~ loth. The gener~l busin~sij. ~d f9! airs of the people of God shoui<l J:>e proved by "The voice of tjie people" 10: 1, 2. P th. This Church of Christ is on earth today which decides its. activities business measures by the voice-0>f the poop)~~ no other church which does so. The Delegate. has always failed to obtain the real voice of people. 12th. The prophecies in the Book of Mormon r~> lating to the New Jerusalem to be built upon thit. land, are true, and said New Jerusalem includes ~(: Temple to,je built. '!'he "spot'' for the Temple fuis been revealed, and God has given into the hands and custody of thi& Church of Christ the legal possession and deed of that Temple site. This the Church holds; not for it's self alone, but for all the honest in he~ of God's people everywhere, who will follow the lead':' ing of the Holy Spirit, to come and to participate in.); the blessings which God will bestow through thi$ means, in His own time and in His own way. Book Nephi, 9: Page th. This Church of Christ holds no animosity/ toward any other pepple claiming to be the ~ti~. church of the Later Day Restoration; but that<i~j regard them as our brothers and sister5: despi"te.. thj3p errors that have been brought in, in various wajj~ and that we pray :for them, and fellowship with t. so far as they will receive our associations in and good will. 14th. Greater spiritual liberty is the r of fullest accord with the word of God; and for this reason that our Jives may enjoy greater itual an:d financial liberty, in this Church ofi,. The5:e are but a few of the many. soun~ re~soi;is; the energies of your spiritual life being e a member, and a woi-ker in this Church.of bring to your better results and $:W ual liberty than. ~an."be obtained any':'v:ltere this wide,: wide world~ For this is the true Church ()! Gh:ris1;t others are blessed of.the 1,ord :to the ex1~eni;. hones.t efforts to serve. Him,. yet greater for all those who obey His true and. Holy.\to perfectly. t's' :men ts. lames E..Yates of the.qti~m~of.. i~ the Cl1t1:roh of Christ, by the pac~i o(his noly calling~

13 Joseph Smith. translated thjsse~l~d of the Urim and Thmnmim, The rains, which restored while/' in the years 1852 and 185S:'..aa of this book coming forth, those who ' (were) to come to an understanding, have two questions this month that come from murmured (would) learn doctrine/' t inquirers to consider. Such interest is en- strumentality of Joseph Smith, this er fruitful condition, returned,. in '!ti <<.. g. May we have more questions. If personal accomplished, the Church of Christ <t~\.v1fs aie desired, please enclose postage, as funds April 6, 1830; the gifts of the gospel wer.fijt.sueh for your missionary. the priesthood authority was again give }Y ist. Question: Please. explain the meaning in 2nd and the same organic structure of the Neylli 11 :131, where it says, "And the day cometh found in the New Testament was again est < t~t the words of the book that is sealed, shall be among men, with apostles, prophets and eva read upon the housetops ; and they shall be read by etc., and the same doctrine, faith and praet:ice tile power of Christ." Another prophecy, to be found in the 2nd.~. Answer: Among the children of Israel, of whom of Zechariah, tells us that just before J the Nephites are decendants, the roofs, or housetops, should become inhabited again in the last times, which were usually flat, had. many angel would speak to a "young man" and te uses,. such as places to sleep, (Josh. 2:8;) places of that the time had come when "Jerusalem shall prayer, (Acts 10 :9 ;) places of worship and altars, habited as towns without walls for the mul (2Kings 23:12; Jer. 19:13; 32:29; Zeph. 1:5;) and men and cattle therein." Joseph Smith Was air places of public gatherings ahd sales, (Nep. 8: young man, and he testified that an angel ea 1E>.) As the result of this custom, the housetop, or him and told him that this prophecy was soou roof, became more or less a center of public gather- fulfilled. This transpired about 1829, when he ings. Matters of importance were there considered, 15 years of age. Since that time Jerusalem has.'b jnd in time the housetop became a symbol of pub- restored, and the Jews have been gathering baek Jic forums and gatherings, and is now used as a fig- great numbers in fulfilment of this prophecy. ~re.of speech. Hence, :when the time comes for the In the 85th Psalm, we learn that just be~. : s~ied record to come forth, it shall not be considered these great events. were to transpire, "truth,,,ill E!e~ret places, but God will embolden his servants spring out of the earth, and righteousness shaj ;.;:with the pdwer of their priesthood in Christ and down from heaven, etc!' Joseph Smith claim b~ :holy spirit, to proclaim its truths before the he received the plates from which the Book of,~:ple wherever they may gather publicly, with mon was translated, from an angel, who. took.. l!!j.t~h "P<>wer and assurances as to convict them of out of a stone repository in the earth, from \th~ sins; and follies, and they will be moved to re- of a small mount in Wayne county, New Y pentanee and obedience to the fulness of the gospel, lowing the translation of this "truth that ~r,o:n the other hand, to harden their hearts and go of the earth,'' he received revelation an,r ~jfif,o ~verlasting condemnation for rejecting it. from God, the righteousness that was t9 lo. t\...,2nd Question: What scriptural evidence do we have from heaven, by which means he establishe~ that Joseph Smith, Jr., was a prophet of God? Church of Christ in these last days.,;<auwer: There are several lines of prophecy in The 14th chapter of Revelation stiie~tsr e that we could consider in answering this angel that. would. fly through.the.mi, but s.pace wi11 only permit a brief review of the last days, with the everlasting gi in this column, so we will give a brief summary. men on the earth. lsafah the 29th chapter, we are told of the ment \\'as n~r. J'~eplt imifb of a sealed book that would be read, thus appeared to hi: by an unlearned mah. This book was ness of. the. ~erl h in ix day when the prophets and seel"s holy priest\~; :eased to speak, and when the churches would this generation, before 'Go ~nfusion,. with their members drawing "near and s~al. up the testimqll1". ~(t:td) with t});eir mouths and their lips, and :Ma11y other i>:b. ' feat toward (God) would be taught by the review, but it: of men." Joseph Smith was such an un- erntion has made the man;. as a prophet and seer, he translated for J<>Seph ijmitll i. book, whith is of :MQrmon; it ecies, f..e., ~hen thel'e no proph~ts. and wll~m, ii'!; day in confusion. r.e~ wasto~a ' 1 ~- b~~; t11s to.b:e CQll- te.m the people. It "\\"as when the fle>ly 1~11!1 :l'.q~trne~r fruitful condition;,c 'c c' '. ',,,''',,,Ve._' '

14 HISTORY.OF THEtHt.JatH O TflE. LATTER DAY.RESTORAftON.> '};~\\... By It E. :Moler... :.,t{)t"1' we read :pi,.esthoop being conferred upon him touch with the ~er 0: jov.~;.)1'.. Joseph Smith's account of 1ies in its current the... iv~j '1Vdery~ and. of. their baptism. In this glory from the np~r w,~,. o:r one W'' J~9~ ~oler gives Oliver Cowdery' month of the Saviorr f:~ tke ~ ~e'important events.-ed. strikes it into. insigajfij;t111ce.: and blots errs account of these historic events from the mind: The a~~,nc.e we WeJ'e :.;After speaking of the Prophet's and sence of an angel, the ee:rtainty t}mt w to hear the command given, "Arise voice of Jesus, 3'nd the Jtiith unsullied tised", he says: "This was not long des- from a pure personage, dict~ted. by th~ it was realized. The Lord who is rich in is to me past description,~ I shall ev~r d ever willing to answer the consistent this expression of the ~~or's goodness. if the humble, after we had called upon Him, der and thanksgiving while I am. permitt.m the abodes of men, condecended to man- and in those mansions where perfection us his. will. On a sudden, as from the midst of sin never comes, I hope t~ adore in that ~.f,.the voice of the Redeemer spake peace to us shalj never ce.ase." :Messenger and Advo~~ eij was parted and the angel of God came pages 1~. 16. <9othed in glory and delivered unto us the long Their minds being enjightened, now t~ for message, and the keys of the gospel of to have scriptures laid open to their unde nee. What joy! What wonder! What amaze- and the true. meaning and intention of While the world was racked and distracted,-- passages was revealed un~.them in a ma millions were grasping as the blind for the they had never been previoµsly. In the d while a1i men were resting upon uncertain- they were forced to keep secret the cireuin ~. a general mass, our eyes beheld---our ears their having received the.. priesthood, ~. as in the bl~e of day, yes more,---above having been baptized, owi ~ a :SPirit Qi.. ~ of the May sunbeam, which then shed its which had already mani itself in the over the face of nature: Then his voice, hood. They. had been. threatened. with bein 11 lrlild.,. pierced to the center, and his words, from time to time and t,is, ~Q; by prt, ~Jut fellow servant; dispelled every fear. We r.eligion, whose intentic1i1s:<we::re only we gazed, we anmired. Twas the voice of by the influence of Joseph's' fathers. - twas a message from on high, had become very friendly toward their d, we rejoiced, while love enkindled and who were opposed ~ lllobs, and w, e were rapt in the vision of the Al- tnat Joseph should be allowed to continue 'a was room for doubt? Nowhere; un- of tr~mslatiqn without interruption; and 'fl.eel, doubt had s.unk no more to rise, offered and promisecl protection from all and deeep~oll. had. fled forever. But proceedure, s.<> far as in them lay. t~ further, think for a moh rt d th h t After a few ~ys,. however,. feeli11.g our {t!r ~~ w:ld ': 0 : i:!; duty, thef.. eqinja~tt~ed: ~, r~n u.~t, bl g,) when we re- ure~/ with th~ ~e.q thood as he s.aid: happened to meet l>rothe,r: ~u:el.

15 .J;e~Ji'~ b;; ~~~ i~..... >.... ~ing these.. < 10. Behold this is your wor1f: :... oseplt.niq~. ea.. 0 f...the m. a n.. dme n ts. : Y.ea.....'fl...1th..... all..... Y...o an(! Thummim and received strength: seek not. to d.eelare ~elous work is..about to cqme ehil~e:11 of men; behold I am God word,.which is quiek and power ~ a two-edged sword, to the divof.both joints and marrow; thereeed into my word. ~the field is white already to harvest. there Aesireth t<> ~all, let him thruat in his his.might, and reap while the day lasts, inay. tr~ure up :for his soul everlasting in the kingµ<>m of God; yea, whosoever will.. ~i.s sickle and reap, the.same is called of h~efore, if. you will Mk.of me, you shall re- #' you knock, it shall be opened unto you. ~W: as you have asked, behold I say unto you, commandments, and seek to bring forth and the eause of Zion. Seek not for riches but, and behold the mysteries of God shall um(l1ded unto you, and then shall you be made U~J~cV1U he that hath.eternal life is rich. erily, verily I say unto you, even as you des -.e1 so. it shall be done unto you ; and if you ou shall be the means of doing much good in ation. Say nothing but repentance unto n. Keep my.comma:11dments, and assist rth my work according to my.commandyou shall be blest. Id thoti. has~ a gift, or thou shalt have a wilt desire of me in faith, with an honest in the power of Jesus Christ, or in t1peaketh unto thee: for.behold it is e~; behold I :am.the light which shineth and I give these word.s to now!erily, verily I.BaY unto thee, put tliat. spirit whie)l leadeth. to do go<>d'. y;to walk humbly; to judge riglltt~ "t~ my $piri~. ily unto roo,l lrill imt>art ieh ~tiall. entiiliten your. :ii.earl.. with. jof,. ~d is. yo~ shall ~ow, a:n hf m.e, which is ~ in. faith be- obtain my word, and thep loosed; then, if. you desire/y~11....µ.1\. and.myword: Yea,.the P 1W~... vincing o:f men: but l).ol(! yout~ac whieh hath gone forth ~ the And also study my wol'd.. eh. s among the children of me:11; or that translating: Yea, until you have obt I shall grant unto the children of men in ation; and then shall all.thin:gs he added "11. Behold thou. art l:iyl'um, my ~- kingdom of God and all things shall be cording to that whieh is, just. Build upon which is my gospel ; deny not the Spirit of r. nor the Spirit of prophecy, for. woe untq denieth these things: therefore, treasure tt hearts until the time which is. in my you shall go forth: Behold I speak unto good desires, and. thrust. in their sickle$ "12. Behold I am.t1esus Christ, the. son: I am the life and the light of the world: I same which eame unto my 9wn, and my own me not: but verily, verily I say unto y many as receiveth me, them ~l I give po come the sons of God, even to them that be my name: Amen." About this same time an elderly gent\ whom honorable mention should l:>:e madei Joseph Knight, Sen., came tovisit Colesville, New York, and.havip.g ner in which Joseph and Oliv~r were time, very kindly and consider:ately, quantity of provisions in or~e:r th~tth be interrupted in.the work Qft.ia11.slati-On of such necessities of life; a;nd.on s~v~ after that he brought the.m.~ddftiq.~. ing a mstance of t):drt:r ~~. w.we~ abletl them to eo~tinu, they must have had to' provide tli~s,l~~j can see that ~~,; up the \\'af:.

16 MANAGER: A. S. Wheaton, 1101 West Orchard. Mo.. T:HLY BY THE CHURCH OF CHRIST. Class Matter May 14, 1929,. at the Post Ofence, Mo., under the Act of March 3, N RATES: One Year, $.!.00; 6 months, 7nc. of twelve or more, for missionary purposes, $1.00. d all foreign rates, $1.25. subscriptions for the Advocate. Tithes, Offerings, Donations to the Temple Fu.nd and Store Bishop J. R. McClain, Office Manager, Box 472, Inde, Missouri.... y> Special Notice {'f~j;jle Church of Christ, its Ministry, and all its Members. tjng;::- is to give notice, that at the next annual >L.;. 'OlltE1re11ce of the Church or Christ (Temple Lot) b38, there will be offered for your conl'lffi'ar~1.nrm and-vote, a resolution, intended to modify, a:nmtellta or change the present system, or method of eh1ltrcn government. are sure there are none but what realize there many inconsistencies in our present methods. g,,,there1fo1 e we are offering this notice to prepare the for such changes as may seem best to overcome e.of these inconsistent rules or regulations. The text of such a resolution will be published some. betw.een now and the hpril number of the oeate. Signed Apostle Arthur M. Smith A:postle Wm. F. Anderson Bishop J. R. McClain the General Sunday School Secretary the near future to be. able to have ~if.~ in the way of Sunday school helps. conf~rence of April, 1937, approved the ~ystem of reporting. the act. tothelocal schqol and also Ii sunday- J report C is in tije.....of the.~~ady :f'or.the next gen. ontain weekly report ry r port bbtnks, in~tings and to the Jor.tlle roll call of e a page of instruct ~~9rts fr!):tn.which, tbus,doing We~;{t};j in tlre ettmch' as soon a's. possible{ 1fliave good many, but wouldlu<:etij possible. Tr there are tmy s received blanks for ;repot,j;i~g,j>l~ i,. signed. W;hen we nave h~ from. ttll~e: a complete the Advocate.. W. R.,Riehar.dsoµ, Gen. ~. of S.S. Route 4, Box 104.; Independence, Mo. HISTORY OF THE CHURCH OF.CHRISq, THE LATTER DAY RESTOR.t\TION ing salvation in the kingdom of God. YeJt, wh will thrust in his sickle and reap, the same is: God: therefore, if you will ask of me you., ceive; if you will knock it shall be.opened unto. "3 Now as you have asked,behold I say ~~o. keep my commandments, and s~ek to bring ~o~ll establish the cause of Zion: "4. Behold I speak unto you, and also to who have desires to bring forth and est~ work, and no one can assist in this worki ~x~ shall be humble and full of love, having faith,' and charity, being temperate in all things, w ever shall be intrusted to his care. "5. Behold I am the light and life of the that speaketh these words :therefore, give he~ your might, and then you are c.alled. Amen}' Shortly after commencing lo translate...j became acquainted with Mr.. Petet Whitmer.. o'f. ette, Seneca County, New Yor~, and also. with of his family. In the begining of the month '<>f his son, David Whitmer came to.the pla~e Joseph was residing, and brought with hil:n horse wagon for the purpol'le of convey-ilfg t his father's place, that they might remain til they should.finish the work of tr.anslati arranged that they shoµld have. their bo.. charge and have the assisu1nceof one of to write for. Joseph, as well as his~~ when need(!. Havjng mucb n.eed for sutb.' in an midertaldng so. arduous. and ~tug that tlle neigllborhoodolthe Wpi~~fi ly awaithlg Jhe things, they accepted the invitati<>t1~ David,S: fatheri h~$e. 'l"o Ve Leson 6 Lesson 1 Conseryi'ng Mam,1