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1 ~=~~ ( ( OF THE EGHTYSEVENTH ANNUAL SESSON Of The SOUTH GEORGA ASSOCATON \\\ FREE~WLL BAP~STS Convened wth PNEY GROVE FREE WLL BAPTST CHURCH Brsto Appng County Georga October : PRESDNG OFFCERS J E Banton Moderator Jesup Georga Lous H Mouton Cerk 8 Rchmond Dr Savannah Ga The m=etngs of the South Georga Assocaton are hed on the fourth Satur<ay n January Apr and Juy The annua meetng s hed on Frday after the seconu Sntday n October t : :

2 ) ) PROCEEDNGS Frday Mornng October The 87 annua sesson of the South Georga Assocaton of Free W Bap tsts ~pened whh congregatona sngng under :the orecton of the Rev James Ursrey Foowng the sngng of Stand Up For Jesus and To the Work the Rev Wburn Beasey Jed n prayer The Rev C D Rentz used 2 Tmothy 4: 5 as the bass for hs devoton a m essage Make fu proof of thy mnstry he sad n urgng Chrstans to be fathfu n these days The sesson was caed to order by the cerk the Rev Lous H Mouton who used Psam 33: Behod how good and how peasant t s for breth ren to dwe together n unty He then ntroduced the moderator the Rev J E Banton who used Acts 2:42 to chaenge those present to contnue steadfasty n the apostes doctrne and feowshp The moderator recognzed the standng oeegates3 mnsters and dea cons Then the deegates sent by ther respectve churches were recognzed and by vote seated Vstors were recognzed and wecomed By moton the prnted program was adopted wth the moderator gven the prvege of makng any change found necessary Mnutes of the ast quar tery meetng of the Assocaton were read and adopted Moton was made that the moderator appont a necessary commttees: CREDENTALS COMMTEEC D Rentz Charman E M Maard Jr Paune Harrs; FNANCE COMMTEEWford Harden Gene Westberry J W L Johnson; RESOLUTONS COMMTTEEBy Lvesay Mrs Wyn de Long Ward Tayor; OBTUARY COMMTEE Kenneth Uprght Oe Carter Coy Murray: NOMNATNG COMMLEEC A Huckaby George Rentz H T Land Leon Fnday Steve Szoke The Rev Henry Van Kuyve was eected to serve on the oroanng coun c for todays sesson n ptace of the Rev Emmett McDuffe who has moved to another assocaton Letters were caed for and 25 churches responded The Rev Manse Ca son State Promotona Secretary was ntroduced and mde announcements concernng the St:te Assocaton and the Tranng Servce Conventon He gave a report on unfed gvng n the state and awarded certfcates to severa churches for consstent gvng to the unfed program Foowng the song servce n preparaton for the worshp hour an offer ng Was receved n the amount of $695 The Rev C A Huckaby was ntroduced as the mornng speaker He read Romans 2: 2 and spoke on The Chaenge of Chrstan Servce : There s a war n exstance today that was n exseance n the Aposte Paus day Mr Huckaby sad We are chaenged to fght t s

3 r ; h~ ~ ~~============================ : ; ; : : ; : > : : : r r : t J t necessary for us to sacrfce ourseves for Chrst We are caenged t to earnesty contend for the fath once devered to the sants we are chahenged to be about the busness of the church to preacb and teach the thngs Jesus tod us to teach and preach tbe ony remedy for the s of our and s to he found n the Bbe no one can do for God ust what you shoud do for God ; Lunch announcements were made by the host pastor the Rev Prtchett The Rev J Backweder pronounced the benedcton the same tme asked Gods bessngs upon the food Frr:ay Afternoon October V L ana at ~ ~ ~ Wth the Rev By Lvesay at the pano the Rev rvn Hyman drected the sr~ng of M the Cross after whch the Rev Kenneth Fa:son ed n prayer The Rev w A Ods used Matthew 5:36 to pont out that Chrst ans are the ght of the word The frst tem of busness was to hear the report of the Msson Board whch was adopted (see reports) The Resoutons Commttee gave ts r~pot whch was adopted (see reports) The Rev Wynde Long gave the rep0t of the spedat commttee to ~vestgate the possbty of securng use of a youth camp for the South Georga Assocaton The report was adopted aong wth the recommendatons thereof (see reports) ~ The Ordanng Counc gave ts report whch was adopted (see reports) The Nomnatng Commttee gave ts report whch was adopted (s& re~ ports) A moton was maae and carred that we deete Hem 6 under Church Decorum n our mnutes The Rev Wford Harden gave the fnanca report whch was adopted (s~ reports): _ ( ; Deegates to the State Assocaton were apponted: Mrs Wford Harden Mrs nona Kate Harren Mrs Henry Van Kuyve Mrs Jowanna StrCk: and n case any of these are unabe to attend moton made to empower moderator to :appont others at the State Assocaton ~ ~ The report of the Credentas Commttee was gven by the Rev C: D Rentz (see reports) The Obtuary Commttees report was gven (see reports) The Rev J E Banton ed n prayer after a few moments of sence n reverence to th{)se deceasoo The Rev C A Huckaby presented the nsurance pan sp:nsored by our natona Super:mnuaton Bo:~rd Frday Nght October A busness havng been competed at the afternoon sesson the evenng servce was gven over n ts entrety to worshp The Rev Henry Van Kuyve drec~ed fhe sngng and the Rev By Jackson brought a chaenr; ng message from Matthew 27 on the subect The Prce God Pad for Mans Savaton A ove offerng was receved for the speaker \

4 =~~ ; DELEGATES ALABAPA: John B Thornton Mrs: John B Thornton G C Brewton }uey Hubbard BAXLEY: Mrs Kenneth Uprght BETHANY: Mrs _Mdred A MouHon BEHEL: Mrs Vasco Johnson Mrs R B Osborne BRUNSWCK FRST: Mrs Cavn Henderson Mrs J D Car:ter Mrs Thema Rentz Mrs Berte Rentz CORNTH: Mrs Luna Whte Mrs Effe Jordan J L Hughes DEEP CREEK: By etter ony EBENEZER: By etter ony GLENVLLE: Mrs Dona Kate Harre Mrs rena Davdson Mrs Maude Purce JESUP FRST: Steve Szoke Mr and Mrs J W Banton Mrs Magge Anderson Mrs Jean Banton Mrs Aetha Martn Mrs Pat Brannen LBERTY: By etter ony LOWER CORNTH: Leon W Fndey Frances Fndey MARETTA: Mr and Mrs Hugh Lynn Mr ana Mrs ra Branch Mrs De Ova McLan Brooks Coursey MEMORAL: Mrs Pear Carter Mrs Emer Carter Mrs John Bantqn Mrs Everett Wcker George Rentz Davd Mann METER: Mrs McKney Brown Mrs James Foyd Beasey Mrs Foyd Beasey NEW HOPE: Mr and Mrs Coy Murray Mard Pye Mrs ojja OQunn Mrs Asa Lee Maard OAK GROVE: Vernon Barber Mrs Chrstne Barber Mrs Oe Carter OAK HLL: Ward Tayor Mrs Ada Tayor H D Tayor Mrs Denns Smart OKE FENOKEE: WUene Wams Betty Long PHLADELPHA: Mrs Wford ; Harden PNE LEVEL: Mr and Mrs J W L Johnson Mrs Herman Dougas Mrs Grady Cauey Mrs J B Brgman PNEY GROVE: C E ~ Westberry SATLLA: Mrs James Ursrey SAVANNAH FRST: Mrs Paune Harrs SPRNG GROVE: Mr and Mrs E M~ Maard

5 ) J ;r t: ~ f : ; SOUTH GEORGA ASSOCATON MSSON BOARD FNANCAL REPORT Baance brought forward $76298 Aabaha 8000 Baxey BethanY Bethe 2000 Brunswck 5700 Cornth Deep Creek Ebenezer ~ Gennve Harmony mmanue 000 Jesup ~ Lberty ~~ 000 Lower Cornth Maretta Phadepha 4000 Pne Leve Pney Grove 3000 Sata 2975 Savannah Sprng Grove Stoney E Zon a South Ga Assn Mnstera Assn Mnsters Wves State Msson Board Exchange BankAma 6369 Wford Harden 0 00 Wburn Beasey 0 00 : r \ f ; : > : r Memora 0000 \fetfer 200 New Hope 4000 Oak Grove 70~ 00 Oak H 8968 Okefenokee ~ Tom Hamton Mrs H R Eason J Backweder ~ C E (Gene) Westberry Em~t <::roc ~ on Buard McDuffe ~ C D Rentz TOTAL RECEVED ~ Pad outwknsons Jacksons Cash for Suppes 000 TOTAL PAD OUT ~ BALANCE ON HAND $ YsYsYs $ $ \

6 ~ ~ fnsteral ROLL Raymond Atman Fokston Ga Car Ba\er ~ Cana Pont Fa Wburn Beasey Box Gennve Ga J Bac}{wed er ~ Ama Ga J E Banton ~ Rt 2 Jesup Ga McKnney Brmvn Caxton Ga Kenneth Fason 47 Dxe Ave Brunswck Ga George Foskey Rt Odum Ga Leonard H Graham P o Box 428 Eastman Ga T G Hamton Homerve Ga Wforu Harden Fokston Ga G s Hoton Rt 2 Lyons Ga C A Huckaby Rt 4 Ama Ga rvn Hyman 849 Lenton St Jacksonve Fa Everett Keey Ptts Ga By Lvesay Rt 2 Jesup Ga Theron W Long ~ 240 Camden Ave Waycross Ga Carence McMan Fokston Ga Lous H Mouton 8 Rchmond Dr Savannah Ga W A Ods ~ Surrency Ga Robert Owen G~ehnve Ga V L Prtchett Eastman Ga C D Rentz RFD Baxey Ga George Sayers Swansboro Ga L L Sapp 3 Houston Dr Perry Ga : ; E V Skpper 207 E Street Thomaston Ga Kenneth A Uprght 06 Gendae Ave Baxey Ga James E Ursrey Rt 2 Hazehurst Ga Henry Van Kuyve Rt 3 Box 205 Savannah Ga Larry Wams ; 905 Church St Ama Ga Sammy Wknson :: Mssonary to Braz

7 ) J : ] REPORT OF THE RESOLUTONS COM\UTEE We your Resoutons Commttee wsj to submt the foowng resoutons for your consderaton: Resoved That every ndvdua have a season of prayer day so that ther ves may be more aedcated to the Lord and a deeper compasson for the o&t That we gve ths church a rsng vote of thanks for ther wonderfu hosptaty By Lvesay * Betty Long WUard Tayor REPORT OF THE ORDANNG COUNCL We your Ordanng Counc wsh to make the foowng report: The foowng brethren came before the Counc for membershp sto ths body: Rev Larry Wams from the Unon Assocaton Rev W A Ods from the Georga Unon Assocaton Rev Kenneth Fason from the South Carona Conference We recommend that the abcve bre~hren be receved nto ths body wth a ts prveges Brother George Fosky comes from the Georga Unon Assocaton askng membershp and ordnaton We recommend that he be accepted as a censed mnster and upon the apse of suffdent tme he ordaned at tme and pace wshed Wynde Long : : : r * Henry Van Kuyve James Ursrey REPORT OF NOMNATNG COMMfEE ModeratorHenry Van Kuyve; Assstant ModeratorWburn Besey; CerkLous H Mouton; Assstant CerkKenneth Uprght; Treasurer Wford Harden; Msson Bmrd969J B Brgman Sr ; Ordanng Councrvn Hyman 967 T W Long 966 James Ursrey 955; Youth Camp BoardWynde Long Henry Van Kuyve James Ursrey Wburn Beasey G W Henderson Harod Swann Jr Rchard Roberts Res~ctfuy submtted C A Huckaby Steve Szoke Leon W Fndey G H Rentz B E Lynn

8 ~ ~:_ REPORT OF YOUT CAMP CO\OOTEE On TueSday October 6 the Youth Camp Commttee recenty apponted by the South Georga Assocaton met at Waycross Georga for the pur pose of vewng avarabe factes for Camp at whch pace the Mwaukee Braves Baseba Team hods ts Sprng Tranng exercses ocated n Way cross r t was found that the factes whch ncude severa dormtores cafe tera and dnng ha meetng ha swmmng poo 60 x 40 baseba da monds and other recrtatona equpment woud provde the best yet for the youth of the South Georga churches The rent for one week at the above mentoned ste woud be $ A detcan s avaabe who w be n charge of buyng cookng and feedng the food for the week A regstered nurse woud be empoyed and woud ve at :the camp to gve medca attenton Lfe guards mae and fem:ae woud aso serve for the week Swmmng woud be segregatedwth boys and grs usng the poo at dfferent tmes Casses w be taught n the mornng Couns eors w be assgned to each dormtory to gude the sprrtua actvtes ramong the young peope Supervsed recreaton wh serve to stmuate and nspre both mnd and body J:qd; w be choce wth mk ncuded n the det each day We fee that our bessed Lord has opened up for us an opportunty to serve our young peope and afford them a pace where they wr ong to go e:ch yearand one whch they w hate to eave when the week s over On the bass of ofhe above wrtten we your Youth Camp Commttee make the foowng recommendatons: That the camp ste at Waycross be rented for the week of August 8 4 (Campers w regster at the camp on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p m Camp w break up on Saturday mornng tht 4th) 2 That each camper be charged $ 00 for the entre week (Ths amount ncudes food nsurance and fu facty prveges Spend ng money for drnks candy etc s extra) f \ \ 3 That a Youth Camp Board be eected at ths annua sesson con sstng (}f 7 members A drector w be named by ths boardand he w hwe compete charge of arrangng and carryng out tm camp schedue 4 That a Youth Camp Treasury be set up wth an eected trea surer nto whch a camp funds w be deposted Speca offerngs from churches and aocatons by the South Georga Assocaton wu go nto ths treasury 5 That each church n the South Georga AsSocaton be asked to hep support the Youth Camp Fund wth Budget aocatons or wth speca offerngs at east three tmes per year and that the South :

9 J < J :: :: ; : : Georga Assocraton be asked to aocate money each quarter to hep wth ths proect Respectfuy submtted Wende Long Henry Van KuyvE Wburn Beasey Mr Henderson James Ursrey n cosng we woud agan emphasze the need of an actve youth pro gram wthn our South Georga Dstrct Our young peope are ookng to you They are dependng on you Gve Pray Work OPERATON YOUTH CAMP needs your support t s estmated that at east 50 young peope w regster next year God bess you * REPORT OF TE FNANCE COMMfEE We your Fnance Commttee wsh to make the foowng report for your consderaton: Receved from churches today : ~ ~ $26600 Tota ~ Baance brought forward from ast report ; 7525 Dsbursed / ; : ~ Baance n trea_sury Dsbursements: Moderator ~ ~ ~ Cerk ~ Treasurer ~ 000 Mnutes ~ ~ ~ 7500 State Asst ~ ~ ~ ~ 000 State to Natona 500 Unfed Program 000 Chdrens Home 5 00 Bbe Coege ~ 500 Deceased Mnsters wves: ~ Mrs A BAdams 500 Mrs B A Atman 500 Mrs Joe Harrs Mrs J R Graham ~ 500 Mrs~E L Pauk ~ 500 Mnsters cards for 6465 ~ ; 36 C E Westberry J W L Johnson Wford Harden 5264 $2886 t \ t ~

10 REPORT OF TE CREDENTALS COMMTTEE Churches reportng 25; Deegates 74; Membershp: 735 actve 773 nactve receved by baptsm 99 by etter 00 by statement :0 tota membershp 2942; Sunday Schoo enroment 996 average attendance 63; Number of Tranng Servces 4; enroment 069 average atten dance 62; 3 Womans Auxares 248 enroed; 0 Masters Men organ ;<:atons 4 enroed; 2 prayer meetngs; had Vacaton Bbe Schoos; 9 haf tme 6 fu tme churches; 7 ordaned mnsters 3 scensed 09 deacons: Respectfuy [ r c D Rentz E M Maard [ ( Paune Harrs * REPORT OF THE OBTUARY COMMTTEE _ We the Obtuary Commttee present the foowng report: We ~ecommend that the Assocaton stand n sent prayer for 30 seconds n memory of our dead who deceased from the foowng churches: Lower Cornth 3 Aaaha 2 Frst Savannah New Hope Memora 2 Pney Grove Bethany Sprng Grove 3 Gennve 2 Phadepha 2 Cornth Metter Eenezer Sata 2 _ Respectfuy submtted _ Kenneth Uprght Oe Carter Coy Murray _ ~ : :

11 > ; ================= :: :::: ;;~ :::;: === :::: =========:::; ::::~ : ; ; ; : : : ; : _ J ~ : ~ : t ; : J ; : : : : : : : : : : \ : : : : : ; : : : ~ : : ; : r : f : : _ ; : d : t : ~ : : Church County 965 Pastor 964 Pastor Cerk and Address rl~eo~n~ard 7 M=R~S~~D~~A~S~M~~H~ Aabaha Perce Graham Strckand Ave BackskGa ~~~~~AhN MRS ANNA LEE LGffSL 7 Baxey Appng Kenneth A Uprght Same Weathery Park Baxey Ga Bethany Chatham Lous H Mouton Same MRS SHELBY TRAMELL 4 San Fernando Dr Savan:Ga 9 Bethe Appng C D Rentz Carence MRS BEATRCE ORVN McMan Rt 3 Baxey Ga C D MRS CALVN HENDERSm Brunswck Gynn Kenneth Fason Rentz 704 sandvew Dr Brunsr:a ~E~m~m~et7tMRS EVA WADE Cornth Bacon Larry Wams McDuf f e Rt 2 A ma G a Deep Creek Jenkns E V Skpper Same MRS LESTER BRNSON Rt 4 Men Ga Ebenezer Ta:ttna Robert Owen SeWon Buard W F PURCELL Genn Ga 5 MRS ROSLYN WLLAMS Emmanue Duva rvn Hyman Same Amercana Lane Jax Gennve Tattna Wburn Beasey Same BARNEY BAXTER t Rt 2 Gennve Ga 9 ~~~~~~~ Harmony Unon EmoryCorbec NO REPORT Jesup Wayne J E Banton Same MRS JMME SZOKE 536 S Pam St Jesup Ga Lberty Coffee Carence McMan MRS DELA YNE HARKWn West Green Ga Lower Cornth Emanue L L Sapp James Potter LEON W FNDLEY R ~yons =M=ar=e:tt:a_:T;:;;oombs~V;;L;;:P~rt:;ch:e;;tt:S;:;ame=MR=s~;M:;;::E::L::::B:A;:M;c;;LA:;N y: Ga 6 Memora Appng W A Ods Tom Hamton H VRGL CARTER Surrt Ga George MRS FLOYD BEASLEY Metter Cander McKnney Brown Sayers Rt 3 Box 285 Metter Ga === Leonard MRS MARJORE WESTBEt New Hope Wayne George Foskey Graham Rt Odum Ga Emmett MRS LUCLLE EASON Oak Grove Appng Larry Wams McDuffe Rt 2 Baxey Ga Oak H Bacon Everett Keey Same ZEAK STEEDLEY Rt 3 K Ga 0 P J JARRARD Okefenokee Ware Theron W Long Same 7 38 Jesse St Waycross Ga Phadepha Chaton Wford Harden Same HENRY 0 PHLLPS Stuys J Men Rec C A Euckaby Same V L Prtchett Same MRS ELOSE WANWRC Savannah Chatham Henry J Van Kuyve Same ah :6 Gynwco: Dr S:wann ( 3 ~~~~~==~~~~ Sprng Grove Wayne Stoney H Tattna C D Rentz By Lvesay Same MRS DON SUTTON Rt Sup ~~~~~~~~~~~~ T G DOROTHY FLOWERS Hamton Rt 4 Box 24 Gennve &

12 *> \ ~~~ ~~ ~~ y ~ f7 Mem Mem n Recd Lost ed Tota Funds p d Mem To a Shp Assn Pastor Unf Prog Vaue Church Property Pad Evaṅ M Tota SSOns Off gest ermg Meetng Days shearga SEY a FT ~ _ ab G FT ann a SON k wc ~a FT soo ennv Ga 5 3 S 24 tx Fa FT 89 OOO FT 89 OOO FT a OOO FT LERO~ 6 6oo 476oo 45oo 5ooooo Rt 2 :yons OOOO FT Lyons Ga a ~BERF 3 Ahr~ Ga0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OOOO FT S Ga St prys > \ 5 3rst~ Ga FT 33 OOO FT OOO FT FT 33 OOO FT : : FT RG~ G _ FT t 3 esup OOO FT Ga \ ~ r :

13 r f : ; < : : ~ J L : OFFCERS Henry J Van Kuyve Moderator Rt 3 Box 205 Savannah Georga Wburn Beasey Assstant Moderator Box Gennve Georga Lous H Mouton Cerk 8 Rchmona Drve Savarmah Georga Kenneth Uprght AsssVant Cerk ~ 06 Gendae Ave Baxey Georga Wford Harden Treasurer Fokston Georga ORDANNG COUNCL rvn Hyman Lenton Street Jacksonve Forda Theron W Long Camden Ave Waycross Georga James Ursrey 965 Route 2 Hazehurst Georga YOUTH CAMP BOARD Theron W Long~ 240 Camden Ave Waycross Georga Henry J Van Kuyve Rt 3 Box 205 Savannah Georga \ \ t : ; ( ~ ~ James Ursrey ~ Route 2 Hazehurst_ Georga Wburn Beasey ~ ~ BOX Gennve Georga G W Henderson Harod Swan Jr 27 N Fernwood Dr Savannah Georga Rchard Roberts Gennve Georga : MSSON BOARD ~ ) : J E Banton C D Rentz Charm~an ~ Wburn Beasey Frank Steedey J J B Brgman St ~~

14 ~ =~ CONSTTUTON r \ PREAMBLE The obect and purpose of ths organzaton sha be to unfy the peope and strengthen the work of the varous churches composng the South Georga Assocaton of Free W Baptst and to devse and recommend measures for the extenson of the Kngdom of God n assocaton wth the varous churches whch do now and may ater comprse ths organzaton ARTCLE NAME:Ths feowshp of churches sha be known as the South Georga Assocaton of Free W Baptsts of Georga ARTCLE 2 COMPOSTON:Ths Assocaton sha be composed of such reguary organzed and we dscpned Free W Baptst Churches as may convenenty embooy themseves n ths feowshp ARTCLE 3 REPRESENTATON Representaton sha be by deegates duy authorzed by the oca churches comprsng the South Georga Asso daton and sha be determned onthe bass of one () degate for each twenty (20) members or fracton thereof Standng deegates are a or daned mnsters and deacons n gooo standng wth the South Georga Asso caton; mssonares who hod membershp n a church n the South Georga n ths capacty ) ARTCLE 4 OFFCERS:The offcers of ths Assooton sha consst of a Moderator Assstant Moderator Cerk Assstant Cerk Treasur cr each of whom sha eb eected at the cose of each annua sesson No member of ths Assocton sha be egbe to serve as Moderator for more than two consecutve years uness no other member be competent to serve Secton 2 BOARDS AND COMMTEES n addton to a Msson Boards other Boards may be set up as needed such as Board of Fnance Board of Educaton Superannuaton Board Sunday Schoo and Tmnng Servce Boards Presbytery Board (Ordanng Counc) etc The personne of each of these sha be eected as foows: The frst named for a perod of fve years (or three years f the Board members ess than fve members) the second for a term of four years the thrd for a term of thre e years the fourth for a term of two years the ffth for a term of one year Successon to offce thereater sha be for a perod of fve years or three as the case may be Commttees as necessary sha he apponted by the Modemtor uness otherwse provded for and sha hod offce unt ther work s compe~ed or unt ther successors are named The Executve Commttee sha consst of the standng offcers and the Charman of each of the Boards of the South Georga Assoca:ton ARTCLE 5 MEETNGS The meetngs of the South Georga Assocaton shaj be her quartery on the fourth Saturday n January Apr and Juy The annua meetng sha be hed on Frday after the second Sunday n Oc tobrr each year t sha be :the duty of the churches of ths Assocaton to represent temseves by etter and deegates and report ther sfandng pros pccts and statstcs; at whch tme the Assocaton sha act upon such \

15 ) : : _J ; : : : : ] : ; :: : :::: : :::::: ~ :: ::::::::~:::: :: ~: : f ~ ~ t : ::r ::==: ::<~;:: : ::w::::::::::::::=:: ::: ::::::::: :: :::: ~:::;:;: ~: ::: ::: :::=========::: :: ;_; questons and topcs as may be referre< to t by ts respectve member churches and transact oth:er busness not repugnant to ths consttuton nor to the practces of the denomnaton as n ts udgment may promote the cause of Chrst and the nterests of the churches wthn the mts of ths Assocaton ARTCLE 6 FNANCES:Member churches n ths Assocaton are re quested to observe the foowng suggestons reatve to gfts to be sen:t wth quartery reports: Tota membershp of 50 or ess $000 Tota membershp of 5 to 50 $250 Tota membershp of 5 to 500 $500 (Compance wth ths re comendaton s not compusory for affaton More or ess may be sent accordng to the abty and peasure of each church) ARTCLE 7 Secton DSCPLNE::Ths Assocaton sha have power to act ony as an advsory counse to gve churches advce n matters of dffcuty to excude for dsordery wak and to wthdraw the hand of feowshp f abor proves unsuccessfu but n no case to reverse ther dec sons nor to nterfere wth any of ther nterna reguatons Secton 2 A matters nvovng dscphne sha be handed accordng to the Treatse of the Natona Assocaton of Free W Baptsts ARTCLE 8 BYLAWS Ths Assocaton sha have power to adopt any regufatons or by aws not nconsstent wth ths Consttuton whch may be deemed essenta to the further reguatons of ts sessons ARTCLE 9 AMENDMENTS Ths consttuton may be amended or atered by a two thrds vote of deegates present at any reguar sesson notce of nte nded ateraton havng been gven n wrtng and recorded at the prevous sesson * CHURCH DECORUM The oca church s an ndependent body so far as reates to ts own government the transacton of ts busness the choce of ts offcers the cang of a pastor and the dscpne of ts members 2 When t becomes necessary a pas:or may be chosen at any tme at ether a reguar or caed conference : ~ ; : ; : : : r ; t ; 3 The pastor sha be moderator of the church n the hbsence of the pastor the charman of the deacon board or someone apponted by the church sha act as moderator 4 There sha be two or more deacons n the church They hod offce at the peasure of the church durng the mantenance of Chrstan character fathfu servce and sound doctrne They assst at baptsm and the

16 Lords Supper h:ave care of the poor and conduct regous meetngs n the absence of the pastor 5 Conference sha be opened and conducted as foows: () Prayer (2) nvtaton to vstng bretheren to seats (3) Ca for acknowedgments (4) Ca for od or deferred busness (5) Ca for new busness (6) Ca for mscetaneous busness 6 Any person upon proper appcaton to a oca church may be re ceved upon a professon of fath by etter or by baptsm by mmerson 7 Members sha be receved nto the church by the unanmous consent of the members present 8 f members are to be tred for msconduct wrtten notces of the charges and specfcatons of the same shoud be furnshed to those accus ed at east one week before the tra f the charges are not confessed the tra proceeds n reguar order by the presdent of testmony wthout persona dsputaton or remarks from those not church members 9 Questons of feowshp expus:on rand a other tems of busness of the church sha be setted by a vote of the maorty present and ths ac ton sha be fna provded pubc announcement of the ntended acton s made at the ast reguar meetng; and the quartery meetng has no power to reverse t but may f deemed necessary wtndraw the hand of feow shp from a church as a whoe when ts acton s nconsstent wth sound doctrne of Chrstan pocy 0 Expeed members upon request sa be restored to fu feowshp f ther conduct snce expuson has convnced that church that they sn cerey repented of ther former evs A vote sha not be taken upon questons wthout a move and a second A mportant questons sha be decded by strtndng vote 2 No moton sha be made whe :a move and a second s before the conference 3 No member sha eave the house durng conference wthout a suffc ent cause nor engage n conversaton or whsperng wthout beng subect to be caed to order by the moderator 4 A dscussons n conference must be conducted wth camness ana good feeng Any person who desres to speak must dse to hs feet rand be recognzed by the modera~or Hs dscusson must be reatve to the ssue _ 5 No one sha speak more than three tmes on the same queston wth out permsson from the moderator nor sha the remarks or anyone be unreasonaby ong 6 When the moderator desres to speak he must appont some brother to act n hs stead f ~

17 J t : f ] : : :: : J : \ : ~ : : ; ;~ ~~~ ~ ==~= ==~ ~ = == =~= ======::=:::::==~ = = == = = = = == = == = === = =~====~~ ;; :; : 7 No person havng the foor shah be nterrupted whe speakng uness he s out of order 8 t sha be the duty of each church memher to attend the admnstraton of the Lords Supper and washng of the sants feet at east once a year 9 A members partcpatng n the communon servce shoud be n feowshp wth the church A Chrstans shoud be nvted to partake of the Lords Supper wth us ( Cornthans :28) 20 Pubc fastng humaton and prayer sha be observoo on proper occasons 2 No centate sha be ordaned unt he has been censed for one year and caed by one or more churches However n the event that a mnster fas been censed for one year and s attendng a Bbe coege or semnary and requests ordnaton through the proper procedures then t s eft to the dscreton of the ordanng counc to examne the canddate for ordnaton 22 Lcensed mnsters must renew ther cense annuay 23 Ths decorum may be atered or amended by a twothrds vote of the membershp present or any two successve reguar conferences * ASSN DECORUM At the m eetng of each sesson of the assocaton the offcers of the precedng sesson sha presde unt ther successors sha be known 2 At each sesson pror to busness the names of the mnsttrs and dee ::tes sha be caed 3 At the begnnng of each sesson the mnutes of the precedng sesson sh:: be read for correcton and approva 4 Any person ws hng to speak sha rse an address the moderator He sha confne hmsef to the ques~on under consderaton :and avod person a tes 5 No person sha speak more than twce on any subect wthout permsson from the body 6 No moton sha be wthdrawn after ts dscusson 7 When a queston s under dscusson no moton or proposton sha be receved except to adourn to fay on the tabe t9 (mend or postpone n defn~ey whch severa motons sha be preferr~ n order n whch they are stated 8 Nomnatons for offcers and commhee members sha be made from the foor or by a nomnaton commttee J After moton has been decded any member havng voted n the affr

18 ~C><;~ ====================~::: matve may move for a reconsderaton 0 No member shah absent hmsef durng the sesson wthout permsson from the presdng offcer and none sha take fna eave of absence wthout permsson from the body The assocaton has the rght to decde wha;t matters sha be admtted to ts consderaton 2 Ths decorum may be amend~ at any sesson of the assocaton by a majorjty vote 3 No church sha berate any mnster who comes from :any other denommtton unt he has been examned by the ordanng counc and has receved credentas bearng the approva of the counc * ARTCLES OF FATH THE BBLE The Scrptures of the Od and New Testaments were gv en by nspraton of God and are our nfaabe rue of fath and practce 2 GOD There s one vng and true God reveaed n nature as the Creator Preserver and Rghteous Governor of the unverse; and n the Scrptures as Father Son and Hoy Ghost ye as one God nfntey wse and good whom a ntegent creatures are supremey to ove adore and obey 3 CHRST Chrst s God manfest n the fesh; n Hs dvne nature truy God n Hs human nature truy man The medator between God and man once crucfed He s now rsen and gorfed and s ever present Savor and Lord 4 THE HOLY SPRT The Scrpture assgn to the Hoy Sprt a the of God a~trbutes 5 THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD God exereses a wse :and benevoent prcvdence over a bengs and a thngs by mantanng the consttuton and aws of nature He aso performs speca acts hot otherwse provded for as the hghest wefare of men requres 6 THE SNFULNESS OF MAN Man was created nnocent but by dsobedence fe nto a state of sn and condemnaton Hs prosperty therefore nhert a faen nature of such tendences that a who come to years of accountabty sn and become guty before God 7 THE WORK OF CHRST The Son of God by Hs ncarnaton fe sufferngs death and resurrecton effected for a a redempton from sn that s fu and free and s the ground of savaton by fath 8 THE TERMS OF SALVATON The condtons of savaton are: () Repenfance or sncere sorrow for sn and hearty renncn ton of t (2) Fath ~

19 ) J < ~ J : t ~ ; ~ ~ ; d ~ [ : : : or the unreserved commta of ones sef to Chrst as Savor and Lord wth purpose to ove and obey Hm n a thngs n fhe exercse of savng fath the sou s renewed by the Hoy Sprt freed from domnon of sn and be ~ames a chfd of God (3) Contnuance n fath and obedence unt death 9 ELECON God determned from the begnnng to save a who compy wth the condtons of savaton Hence by fath n Chrst men become Hs eect 0 FREEDOM OF THE WLL The human w s free and sefcontro ed havng power to yed to the nfuence of the truth and the Sprt or to resst them and persh SALVATON FREE God desres the savaton of a the gospe n vtes a the Hoy Sprt strves wth a and whosoever w may come ana take the water of fe freey 2 PERSEVERANCE A beevers n Chrst who through grace per severe n honess to the end of fe have promse of eterna sava:on 3 GOSPEL ORDNANCES Baptsm or the mmerson of beevers n water and the Lord Supper are ordnance to be perpetuated unaer the gospe; feet washng an ordnance teachng humty of unversa obga ton and to be mnstered to a true beevers 4 TTHNG God commanded tthes and offerngs n the Od Testament; Jesus Chrst endorsed t n the gospe (Matthew 23:23) and the aposte Pau sad Upon the frst day of the week et every one of you ay by hm n store as God has prospered hm ( Cornthans 6:2) 5 THE CHRSTAN SABBATH The dvne aw requres that one day n seven be set apart from secuar empoyments and amusments for rest worshp hoy works and actvtes and for persona communon wth God 6 RESURECTON JUDGMENT AND FNAL RETRBUTON The Scrptures teach fhe resurrecton of a men at the ast day They that have done good w come forth to the resurrecton of fe and they that have done ev unto the resurrecton of damnatono then the wcked w go a way nto e:erna punshment but the rghteous nto eterna fe : ; : : t ~ : : ; ; : : ; :

20 CHURCH COVENANT f Havng gven ourseves to God by fath n Chrst and adopted the Word of God as our rue of fath and practce we now gve ourseves to one another by the w of God n ths soemn covenant We promse by Hs grace to ove and obey Hm n a thngs to avod a appearance of ev to abstan from a snfu amusements and unhoy con formty to the word from a sancton of the use and sae of ntoxcatng beverages and to provde thngs honest n the sght of a men We agree fathfuy to dscharge our obgatons n reference to the study of the Scrptures secret prayer famy devotons and soca worshp; and by sef dena fath and good works endeavor to grow n the grace and knowedge of our Looo and Savor Jesus Chrst We w not forsake the assembng of ourseves together for church conferences pubc worshp and the observance of the ordnances of the gospe; nor fa to pay accordng to our abty for the support of the church of ts poor and a ts benevoent work We agree to accept Chrstan admonton and reproof wth meekness and to watch over one another n ove endeavorng to keep the unty of the Sprt n the bonds of peace to be carefu of one anothers Happness and reputaton and seek to strengthen the weak encourage the affcted ao mon:sh the errng and so far as we are abe to promote the success of the church :3nd of the gospe We w everywhere hod Chrstan prncpe sacred and Chrstan obgatons and enterprses supreme; countng t our chef busness n fe to ex tend the nfuence of Chrst n socety; constanty prayng and tong that the Kngdom of Goo may come and Hs w done on earth as t s n Heaven To ths end we agree to abor for the promoton of educatona and denomnatona enterprse s the support of mssons the success of Sunday schoos and evangestc efforts for the savaton of the word And may the God of peace sanctfy us whoy and preserve us bameess unto the comng of our Lord Jesus Chrst f ~ : ; :