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1 "The Largest Guaranteed Paid Circulation in Woodbrldge Townships BY Tin NAYIQATO! (The appointment of pubnts is always of into the citizens to b«ed and, ev.eo though the liftcations of the person ted appear adequate, method used by politi-,g in deciding upon Otte of several hundred, all whom probably have t qualifications, bear innation because it ia-a ige of the politicians' caliand indication of their ital attitude toward thit Do often ftien of inad*- stature permit their lal benefit* and com- X) force their decision than their judge- Gortlmenting, without on the appoint* of Joseph Sipot, who to be personally to serve on the podepartment, we are to notice that he ; ten long years working iy side with our present and learned, meana profession for he displayed marked ide and which, during tie, he had described ITO hrfr.'" '» * * «tinw when Sipos has been expected to i chosen field we find Hit business connection i mayor waa abruptly ipletely severed and l\ dreams of following en vocation in his town seemed to have sd from the horiappears extremely arrest* attention to t Sipos' possibilities eman were first - almoet the identic I.that whu«liulu was given 'his name that, he is at the top list despite hundreds jvious applications and 'first succeeding pospointment is handed THIRTIETH YEAR FITZPATRICK & KATH ARE LEADING CONTENDERS FOR TWO OPEN POSTS ON BOARD Of FIRE COMMISSIONERS Kath Seeks Re-election On Record Fitzpatrick Points To Service As Secretary To Board Zehrer and Richards Expected To Run Campaigns Being Waged* In Other Districts. TUESDAY DEADLINE FOR FILING WOODBRIDGE. With the last f.ling day for the Board of Fire Cotftmiffliioners election of District No. get for Tuesday, scores of organizations throughout the town are already at work throwing their support to Ferdinand Kath, who seekg reelection and William Fitzpatrick, a new Candidate. Both men have already filed their petitions. ^ Petitkm Filed William tselin BROTHERS HELD BY POLICE WOODBRIDGE TOWNSHiPS FAMILY NEWSPAPER WOODBRIDGE, N. J,, FRIDAY Kath has been a member of the Woodbridge Fire Company, No., since its organization and has proved to be one of the most efficient members of the Board of FEBRUARY 2, AT ST. BENEFIT DANCE LISTED FOR Fire Commissioners. Fitzpatrick is JAME8 AUDITORIUM also a member of the fire company and hat proven hl«eapawu', Donaties for the office as a non-memsecretary to the Board of lions, amounting to $97.5 commissioners. were received this week Others seeking election to the the Woodbridge Emerge, board are Louis Zehrer and Eli'lmr Richards, a non-firemen. It is definitely* known that Erncst Hunt will not seek re-election iind that Frank Boka, whose name! was mentioned from time to time!,:- a possible candidate, is out of the race. As fur as could be determined by this newspaper, a non-fireman has never served a term on the lit, 939. PRICE THREE CENTS THE FAMILY NEWSPAPER OF. WOODBRIDGE TOWNSHIP nestly believe that expecw "desk 'two tton of both the fire districti make a food police- competition. ; $47.5 years. Oliver sustained lacerations of the the Board ot Education. He has served as night patrolman, day patrolman, traffic offi- LEIDNER PICKS UP YOUTHS 7e also believe that As usual, the "ins" and the Previously donated $345.5 Miller was appointed to the police force on February, 93. He back of the head, possible fracture of the pelvis bone and shock. ' Very little is known regarding ON SUSPICION WEDjarian people of this "outs" in Avenel will contend for the sixth candidate, Mathias Zserai cer, motorcycle officer, desk sergeant, captain of police and l«now NESDAY the one post, that of P. J. Donato, ip * are entitled toi Collected to date $443. has been active in several important cases and shortly after Rounds Both men remained at the hospital. outside the fact that he resides in who will seek re-election. Other* PUn Benefit Dance Sewaren and is field man for the at the head of the department. representation in the' WOODBRIDGE. - Two iselin who are expected to fifc are Carl A benefit dance, the entire proceeds of which will be turned over was mad*"bctlng rounds sergeant. Manaker were accompanied by Sergeant Fred Larsen retired he Continued on Page 8 Woodmen of the World. He and Keating an enviable record Jity's system of youths, Martin Peone, 6, and Jo-Nierseph Peone, 9, brothers, of Grand Wukovets. to the squad, will be held in St. Simonsen was appointed) to the Ur. C. G. Derick, of Sewaren, lead- William Gery and Joseph during the World Wat, at a member of the Intelligence service. lent. At fcrve same ALLGAIER REPORTS ON indful of the methods avenue, are 'being detained by the In File District No., leelin, James' auditorium on Washington's Birthday Eve, February 2. He was elevated to the Traffic de- DEPARTMENT RECEIPTS Club of Sewaren, when they filed department on November, 923. er of the Independent Republican Leu than two months after his local police and questioned regarding various robberies 'n the balg are said to be seeking re-elec- A souvenir program, listing papartment on December 5, B27 their petitions, Manaker has de- Gordon Gill and William Ziegen- service discharge, February, ain political types 99, to be exact, he wag appointed to the Township's, police' de- not infrequently second ward-. tion while-stephen Donnelly and trons and patronesses, will be dis-and t July 3, 936. tatp department of the Township between the Sewaren and Avenel mada acting desk sergeant tm WOODBRIDGE, The real esl nied "that there is an '.'hopk-up'" ir political power for The Peones were picked' up onjames Burke are believed to be astributed, partment, ia ASM 92 he was (teahs than puirfic suspicion night by pirtng^tr the sime positions. received i2fis7m during -the BfrpiihHran groups named motorcycle officer and on Officer Fred Leidner who was patrolling the Green street beat. Peter Jensen, the Township tru< report miatte by Bea,l Estate Di- The polls,.this year,.will be open In Fire District No. 9, Iselin, N. month of January according to a put him and Zseral over. May I, IB23, he Wtf relieved from we canno^ help w&nd- Continued oeimft whether or not Joe Sihanded ft mess of Continued on page eight. both old-tlmem in fire circles', wiu Tqwn.ship Committee Monday tlie various polling places will be AVENEL STREET RESIDENTS Leidner. brought the boys to head- ant officer and Frank Cooper, TOWN TO SUBPOENA MRS. ROMANO rector William Allgaier to the between 6 P. M. and 9 P. M., and for his heritage. seek to succeed themselves on the night., nt the high school, Keasbey school, board. ZONING BOARD NAMED IN HUSBAND'S HEARING; MCELROY The receipts were divided as Hopelawn school, Fords"school No. ASK BUS TRANSPORTATION seems to be no exfor the Talfilre ot mervtati(& Mayer Aug- - TKEETO TAKE SKATBS Contract: sgles payments, $877.29; school, Sewaren school, Colonla for Avenel street is being sought, WQQDB - On,, follows: Township rents, 58.75, 7. Fords school No. 4, Iselin school deposits- on real, estate,»il98f Mo. 6, Port Reading school, Avenel. -. AVENEL. Bui transportation bitious, hard-working ust F. Oelner Monday night. WTttDBWDOE. A pair ol QUESTtCNS HER "DISAPPEARANCE" advertising cost, $2,7; interest, school, and Iselin School No. IS. by the residents of that thorough* man suddenly, at the hockey skates, black shoe* and a contract sales, $76,76; taxes as The questins to be voted on arefare and a petition., signed by 92 (lent success is in his, to abandon a vocation rice to his people in a v«field of endeavor i turn his back upon T>e of work, accepting until he is appointsecure but comparattmrerminerative posionly logical solution, must be that he landed a poor aubsti- Thomas J. Moran, William O'Neill and Arthur Dunham were re-appointed members of the Zoning Board by the Township committee. The terms of Moran and O'Neill expire February 8, 4, while Dun ham's term will aot expire February 8, 942. until pair of white socks were stolen out of & car owned by Francis C Castle, of 9 Freeman street, Saturday night, according to a report made by the owner to Acting DjMk Sergeant C, Zuccaro. The car was packed on Grenvllle street. ' UNTIRING SEARCH BY S6T. BALINT WINDS UP IN ARREST OF SWINDLER COLON la.-ju>bert Paul, 72, o» 4 West street, this place, failed in] attempt to commit suicide SOUM time Sunday night by cutting his throat with a pen knife while hi lay in bed* He waa discovered by his son, Rudolph with whom he resided. The agtd man was rushed to the Perth AntboV General buspiui worn he wu'treated by Or. D'- Arnica an*) nmatatjl in the hospital. FIRST AID SQUAD GETS $97.5 FOND THIS WEEK Squad, Inc., in its campaigqj for funds to maintain ambulance. New contribu lions were received as lows: W. H. S. Athletic ABs'n»2B.<* [Protection Fly! Co. No. l, Keasbey United Railway Signal Corp. Amerieus Lodge, No. 83 Board of Fire Commissioners the t F. 4 A. M....' feeling being that a firemen is Mrs. Habieh more fajnrill&r with fire problems A Friend... und thus would make a more capable member, Other Districts Holds CaimttJins Mr. & Mrs. John Richards Junior Woman's Club A Friend Interesting campaigns are being Alex Pochek waged In Avenel, Port Reading, Thos. J. LeahyBem, Club. Iselln, Fords, Hopelawn and Keasbey. St. Margaret's Guild Mrs. Anna DeuV>her, Iselin Trinity Church In Port Reading, Patsy LaRusso, secretary to the BoGHd and Ste-.# A Friend :.._ i House phen Hutnlck «* WOODBRIDGE. Subpoenas Will be served on Mrs, Myrtle Romano and her daughters to insure their appearance next Tuesday night to testify at a hearing on charges of neglect of duty and of as follows: conduct unbecoming an officer against her husband, Patrolman Kamey Ronuno. At the hearing set for Wednefl day night, Mrs. Romano, failed to put in an appearance although the allegedly signed, statements making specific charges against her husband and promised to testify at the hearing. When the "court" was called to order, Townshifl Attorney Leon E, McEHroy produced a boirtbehsll WOODBRIDOK. Joseph Sipos rookie, to the police force, «as appointed by the Tewnoommittee Monday night has started on duty, Sipos' apatment came as no surprise belt was a well known fact, he,was sponsored by Mayor t F. Grelner. Sipos was etnby Greiner at his funeral ' a number erf yean, Rene was in the milk biusi-.the advancement of Frank Millto Bounds Sergeant arid An- Simonsen to Desk Sergeant,, Also expected. Both men worked in. their respective the morning, with the hour between -2 off for lunch. He was to work 8. of what we term Iselin and'colonia." mcelroy then questioned Keating Q. On the thirteenth of January did Romano report the loss of ft hat and shield? ' A. No, he diki not..,-q. When did you first hear of such a loss? _.. A. On January )4, about one o'clock, I was at home when the Chief of Police In Perth Amboy called me and informed me that he had a hat and 42 at KT?O ^IP! SIXI;ANDIDIITESWAGE VERY QUIET W\>ODBRIDGE. Chief of Po-!.. t- ueoige E. Keating, in hk an-butsteadycampaguial report to the Township com- FOR BOARD mittee Monday night, noted that OF EDUCATION ELECTION TUESDAY.3 arrests were made during ii):ib by members of his department. There were, complaints I JKifi dispositions, M6 general reixxtn, 9 accident*, B7 persons iujin,ed and 25 deaths, stolen property recovered and! returned to owners wae valued «t $8,999.. Five cats and» dogi were shot during the year. 3 INJURED HERE AS SCAFFOLDING BUCKLES ON JOB Aaroe, Filer and Turner Running "On Record" Mrs. Demarest Being Bached By Various Orgenisatmni In Township PolL To Be Set Up In All Sections. VOTING HOURS 6 P. M., TO» P. M. record." The three candidates seeking COMPLETES TWENTY reelection, Andrew Aaroe, James JAMES SANDAHL AND SAM YfARS OF SERVICE OLIVER REMAIN AT HOS- PITAL Wr x) ttbrtoge; Thane* Sen narnw, TOw, ut itwise. tssn"o<4 (hihi. ar>, of 442 Rahwqy avenue, timers" on the board, and hat the Llu.s pluce; Hans Thompson, 47, otfaculty of coming through, with 39 ford avenue, {lords and Sammajorities term after term. Aaroe, Oliver, 4, of Eastern avenue, New is best known as chairman of the Brunswick, were injured Wednesday muniing when a scaffold, on while Turner has given the board athletic commit}** of the board, which tlwy were working at the his experience as a real estate und construction of the new Middlesex Insurance man. County Girls' Vocational school on Convery boulevard, here, broke a 9.3 o'clock. -The m«ft were working.25 feet up washing down the red brick With muric add when suddenly one of the planki of the scaffold gave wtiy. Sandahl and Oliver fell to the ground and Thompson fell to a.scaffold Immediately underneath the one on which the mnn wire working. Sandahl and Oliver were taken to the Perth Amboy General hospital in the Woodbridge Emergency Squad ambulance while Thomp son wag taken to the same institution in the.polite radio car. Ssndahl was treated for eontusions of the forehead, lacerations i frac* WOODBRIDGE. Although the Hoard of Education election is just few days off, Tuesday, February 4, to be ufcact, the campaign on the surface, is one of the quietest In years. It ia understood.however, that some of the candidates are conducting dignified house-to-house campaigns while-others have secured promised support from various organizations, all of which is supposed to be "oft the Tiler and William B, Turner, are obviously banded together Judging from cample ballots being distributed with "X's" sgalnst their CM the newcomers seeking the positions on the Board, Mrs. Hildn R. Demarest is the best known She trail teen * very aetlve member ot the Democratic party in the Township and one of the valued members of the Jeffersc niun Club. Mrs. Demarest has tried to obtain a board position before and was defeated by a slim margin. It has been the contention ot her backets tnw It would B* WMsubte to have another woman sit on the additional rent, $575.58; rent assignments, $378.48; net receipts, trict tax for Current expenses, Township Committee Monday as follows: To raise by special dis- Avenelites, was submitted to the $2, $393,6.; To raise by special dis night by Committeeman Samuel BuUdini Report trlct tax for repairs and replacements, $7,; To raise by special On a lufjfestlon by Mayor Aug- Farrell, In the building Inspector'* department, Allgaier reported that district tax for buildings and equip ust F. Grelner, the clerk wa 3 instructed to. write to the Public he issued 23 permits dutlng the ment, $,85.; To raise by special past p month. Receipts ' totaled district tax for manual training, Service asking for a survey with $6,6; to (raise by special district the view of adding Avenel strwi $«7.tO«n4 the estimated oort of tax for library purposes,"$6. to its schedule. construction was $3,85, TOOL SHED W J S EHip Hboots, a picks n d shovels were stolen out of a WPA project tool shed here near the brook on Green street, according Chief Gforie E. Keating board with Mrs. Asher Fitz Randolph, WOODBRIDGE. Today, Chief who has been outstandingly successful. George E. Keating celebnitrs his his twentieth anniversary us a member of the Woodbridge Police Walter Manaker, another contestant, is perhaps best known to pletion ol 2 years of service to Department, And, with the com- the people of Woodbridge for histhe Township, Keating has the appearances before the Tpwnshlp honor of having held practically WOODBRIDGE. After six came in with a pair of ladies' months of diligent work on the shoes which he wanted mended. one who stood to lose Perth Amboy. H«said that he to a report made to Acting Desk part of Sergeant Oorge Balint, The latter then proceeded' to talk sent out A teletype on It but hadsergeant Joseph Farkas by Bernard Wirtnebert, of Rarltan town- had attained his to the first man about a will entrusted to him. He explained that when he announced that 'Mrs. Ro- Raffele Simeon, 64, of 585 Hudson received, no answer. He asked me for profession but street, West New York, New Jer- was arrested yesterday as one headquarters. I got their 8 min- to cdme to Perth Amboy police ship.lfwemwv on the project. a cousin had died willing $2, mano had disappeared.' politically in a po-seydeliver the price of of the two "film-flam' 'artists who utes later. While I wag there Kar- TO HOLD HEARING WOODBRIDGE. Several i to a Fords doctor and if there were "We will proceed on proof tonight to cover, the Perth Amboy ho surviving heirs the money was We wish every suc- succeeded irt walking away with ney came in and identified the j WOODBRIDGE. The Township commitee will hold a hearing to be distributed among the tfoor angle," he said, "and the case will commendations, for the improvement of the Kensbey Water Sys- hat as his. It was handed to him' Joe Sipos and assure $3 belonging to Bartolo DlMat- a shoemaker, of 555 New plain that neither Ihe doctor nor talking to his wife and daughters I also took his badge and relieved hear charges against Gerson Robtem so that it will operate at u of Foitde. Me then continued to ex-be continued, Kamey was seen and I then took It away from him., Tuesday night, February 4, to it the wrecker of histeo, Brunswick avenue, Fords, on.aug heirs could be found and that the earlier this evening and they have will sooner or later him of duty at that time. inson, who is alleged by Alcoholic profit instead of a deficit, were ust 23, last. The arrest of the sec-tasond man involved is expected at hand. son this case will be continued for 9. Is that the first information Beverage commissioner, to have of distributing the money was since disappeared. For tha^ rea- rded according tcf his made by Michael Korczowskl, Shortly. The first stranger offered to one week, until February 4th, at you had that the hat was lost? sold illegal liquor, t newly appointed superintendent, to the Township committee Monday Since the fraud occurred, Balint has been working on the case. faith handed over $6 to the sec-pn if necessary, under police guard, Q. Is a losg of Township prop- Towrwhlp committee, D. Frederick help'htmrafla & evidence of good whiah time they will be brought A. Yes. In a communication to the! night. In his report Korczowski said in ID AMBULANCE He definitely established the Identity of the two he sought arid fol- DIMatteo help distribute the mon-this case which I don't like. It inond man. They then, ottered to letthere iiss if interference) in i erty, without reporting the,matter Burnetf, Alcoholic»commissioner, part: Violation of the police ordinance? K wrote that necessary witnesses "I made a personal inspection at,4 MILES < Contjnued on page eight would be on hand. ' i ' lowed their trail from one "town- to ey it he put up»5o. DtMatteo said terferes with the administration of all properties to which water is OF JANUARY another. Recently,hi«investigations led him to Red' Bank, where the necessary bond, The men tlng this man B fair trial. I ALEXANDER TO SEEK POORT READINO.-Ctork Frat spected HI meters, 87 of which the Woodbridge Emerg- he worked In cooperation with agreed 4o take that amount and h t know whether any threats that all he could raise was $3 for justice and It'interferes with af- IN COUNT* JAIL served and have located.end in- r BRIDGE. The ambu- REASONS FOR MANY terulo, 3, oftappen street, this operate and fifty of which can be ed. Inc., travelled new. Captain Joseph Bray, of the EedDIMatteo went to the bank, drew..,.e used but the fact remains place, has been committed to the classified as "dead" and out of,4 miles during the Bank Police department" out the money Rnd a gav» it to the that toay, were here this, evening, WPA LAY-OFFS HERE county Jail under a habeas to order. January according to Yesterday morning while in theman he believed to be the executor of the will. they are not here now." WOODBRIDGE. The reason charge. I have been able to locate four were seen talking to Karney and await arrangement on a robbery "There HI curb stops ot which bmitted to this paper this oourthouse In Freehold, Bray spotedjslmeon who was held until DiMatteo and two men then The first witness of the evening for, the many lay-offs on the WPA He is wanted by Union cdunty which can be shut eff st the curb. U8 gallons of, gas and Balint's arrival, Simeon ' was In walked up King George's road, rts of oil were used'in cotltt due tottw taot that hi» wain-law wu In trouble. He will be identifying documents such M the. meeting Monday night. his release. not be shut off, rnany are cowred W h, wv«township Clerk B. J, Dunlgan was sought by, Committeeman authorities and by the Carteret The palance of the curb etopt are whose testimoney wu taken up Charles J. Alexander at Township police who have'filed a detainer In such condition thaf they can-. talk over all the 47 calls, 48 of which details when one of the men suddenly keeled over. The other grab portatlon cases. The held, for'further igpetttoning before he is arraigned before Judge charges filed against Romano. "lay-off' slips gave the reason an EXEMPTS OMEST seen on the surface, are twisted police ordinance and the written Alexander said that most of the with dirt and many that can be I was an inhalator case. bed his companion. The man Who f f Arthur Brown.,, Henry M. Spltzer, Romano's attorney, Aid not ask him any ques- T/ownshjp." ingston, president of the New Jer-stance I located one curb stop "lack of project* In Woodbridge FORDS. Frank Sharp, of Liv- and bent and of no use, In one in- was allegedly sdck, complained of iurrrs REPORT According to tke story, of the violent ortmpa and the other evidently occupied aiding the "strick- BRIDGE. Township swindle told by EHMatteo -tojsergeant George Bnlint last August. en" Man urged DiMatteo to run tions. ' ' Mayor' August* T. «Grfeih*r dew sey 'Exempt FVemea's AtsotflaUQa^ supplyiin water for two houses," O. J. Morgenson reportf Township committee that one of the two men had been to the drugstore for medicine. Chief of Police George E Seating was the second witness, Keatjects that all the Township pro- Ing of the Exempt Firemen's As- Korczowski were as follows: claret! that Jhey were county pro- was trie guest speaker at a meet- Recommendations mwlfe by, received $6,2.62 and coming Into his shop quite regularly with shoes to be repaired. street, returned with the medicine 939, Romano reported on duty at appointed Alexander "as a com-hopelawn held Friday " night In cate all curb stops ' and", where DIMatteo rushed down the ing-related that' on January 3, ject! are now in progress. Grelner sociation of Fords, Keaebey and "That an effort be made to lo during the past on hand as of the end On August $3, while the stranger but found that both" the m& and 8 P. it ' mittee of one" tp investigate and the Hopelawn firebouse. A social practlcls, to' repair and cap the was I26[l,94a.55. WRS in The shop, another man his $3 had disappeared, ''He wns to work until fotjr to back at" the ntixt meejlag. "Wr followed. same, and in such cases where the W to ti KORCZOWSKl URGES COMMITTEE TO MAKE IMPROVEMENTS WHICH WILL MAKE WATER SYSTEM AN ASSET curl) stop is n<il sitvit+iible, to install new unes; and that a curb stop be placed for every building, "That meters be installed in every building, "That a deposit or service charge of $2 be obtained from every property owner and that a deposit of $ be obtained from all tenants paying for water who are not owners of the building. "That rated meters be discontinued.", * "That shut-off valves be placed before every meter. "Thut seals be placed on all meters. "That the fire ddstrict be charg* ed so much per year for each hydrant "That the occupants of all buildings owned by the Township of Woodbridge, be compelled to pay for the use of water. "That all bills rendered be billed to an paid by the owners of the property and not the tenants. "I feel that if the Township rec-, titles the condition I have found to exist and herein reported, the KeaSbey Water System cantieput on a paying basis and show, at the end of the year, a surplus Instead of the deficits that have been carried* against the system for the *pait twenty'yean or more."

2 - -» - - ' -, PAGE TWO WOODBRIDGE LEADER-JOURNAL, FRIDAY KKBIM AHV NeWS B, Q. fmtm I Park *. J. THE JUNIOB WOMACTi CLUB will hold a card party Uxughl in the choo' hmut with Un Muriel Johnson a* chairman. THE LADIES AID SOCIETY OF the Presbyterian Church will hold its February meeting at the home at Mr& Frederick BecUey un Burnet street, next Tuesday evening E*ch member will bring a valentine for an «- change party. THE INDEPENDENT REPUBUC-»n Club will hold a minstrel aa Friday evening. February H in the jxhooihouae Rehearaals are b^ing held several time* each week at Fitzgerald's hall, on the superhighway. MHS, MAX DKNHARDT AND son, Robert. ttr& Victor Ota* and son, Dutiaid, Wise Kaiherine Glace. Waiter McKeoun, John McKeoun, cf Union City: Miss Rote Berger, of Jersey City and John. MajUoeks, Jr. of WeenawKen, were gunta ot Mi. aid Mrs. Charles Weytan and family j of Madiaon avenue, on Sunday, j THE AMERICAN HOME Department pf the Woman'a Club will meej with the riiainnan, Mrs. C. N. Van Leer, of George street, next Monday afternoon. Mis* Margaret McCoy or the Rutgers Extension Service will be the gueat speaker. Plans THE. LADIK will be made for the food sate, being held on Tuesday, Pebruary W, -wt-hie-nninf.nljfe. Fiank Barth, on Manhattan S\Tnue. Cards will be played after the sale. Mrs. Harold David will act as chairman. i THE TUESDAY EVENING SEWing club met this week wllh Mr*, William Hctgeaang, of St George's avenue. Thoae est wej*; Mrs-A-. Fox, of WLBELART& ANTIQUE SHOP HVTIVetM. HUC-A-BSAC. rwmiret. ommu igaufcr ajupaigaji QI m WE MJT»JTB MLI. ox commni 479 R*hw*y Avenue MOMMP6K, W. i. wou t-tni wtlk fhe wen aanrari PERMANENT WAVE HOUDAY SPECIAL Oil Wu. - $3JiO School Girt Wave $JM Freiric's MEW- WAY (a.aatrly ftm NOW U.M MARGIE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE FHONB WOOD, t-2! den; Mis* Sophie Schmidt, of Rah way; Mrs. Wilnam Pema, Mrs Rent* SchwerU. Mrs evnest W. Nier, Mrs. S Vargo. Mrs. M. Satiag. and Mrs Everett Johnaon. THE CHARLES FLYW ASSOCIatim will hou a game social at the Black Cat Inn, on next Friday evening, with Stephen Fran c*ak at chairman. < A 'MflETlNG Of THE TBOOP ooeajn&taa nr^ *! of Mrs.. Wilnam *>««wi»fc Mrs. WUliam Hafgeaanj, Mrs. William Kunie. and Mrs, Waiter Cook was held at the home of Mrs William Penuv captain '<tf thehin Tree Trtop No, i. Girl touts, onj Monday afternoon and discussed activities pi the troop THE GIRLS CLUB MOT LAST night at the home of the president. Mist Gertrude Grade, on ParfcAueaue. and made plans for the card party being Held next Wednesday afternoon st the h<me of Mias Lillian Grant, on, Burnet street, with Mis«Ruth Browne su chairman MR AND MRS. J W HOLMES at ifctrgmvpue, and grairkhildren, of PlainfieW, 'vere guests on Saturday, of Mr. and Mrs G, C, Holmes, of Manhattan avenue.» AUXILIARY OF the St. Andrew's Building Fund Society, will hold a card party March tfl. in TELEPHONE DIRECTORY to prms SOON! If you have a Telephone (or are planning on one) THIS NOTICE IS IMPORTANT TO YOU [World's Fair Liberty Bell SING thousands of cottljr cultured pearli, J»_ U toil rephc* of the historic Liberty Bell ior esfcibition st tat JapsMM Ptvilion at the New York Worlds Pair. The psarfc, perfect at skam ud colors, mi ttiteted from the pearla deretomd M the aytttr beat if K. Mikimoto, pearl kirif of the world. Th* raflka ia «e» foot la beigt and one foot, three ihttws in diameter and tstiarad to W worth il,»mm. MUSI ALE HELD TUESDAY BY TWO H.S, ORCHESTRAS HANLNTb AND FRIEND9 AT TEND INFORMAL PRO- GRAM AT GYMNASIUM A * IDBRIDGE The High «j gymnasium»u the scene unique party Tuesday evening,-.:, ', me two orchestras of toe H.*,\ School entertained thrtrpar-,ts and a few friends at an infmol musicale. The music was all in the light** vein and each of * orchestras played several number*. There iu-ere various *>»«, including three accordion solos, a guitar duet an xylophone solo and a piano due', whuh was play«d by the two stuients wr*> compose^, the com- Afttr the program, the ^udents have hean fctnungto play dwwe mftwr f l h *T th >Pit-r.U were served. 7^,e gvtnnasium was decorated v..v. American flags and the program *as begun with the- singtnr * national anthem. The students «(K> took part»re Takes Celebrities For a Ride in J AMIS HONIGOMEtY FLAOGswdiootacroiaucoon <l-i i*fh*-y'«mr. 9m f" «a spw with MB HkfhfMfc a»4 Ubsfl fww l m a f*ar a* aaaoj wtr the Hw vktta ton of apptaseawnt folia, Caaatorlaia and au trick tmbreila! Ow't let tatxve ke«mm a. aaaaa' BaBdsaaM Dorrthj Taoaipaw CkUUs ta» worm aa H raasps oa. Ton»h«Inow w*»t fikt aad trac Braia> Mn. SKMT Uwia! Nangat} Muter OrsWi WOa», like tw«aty bat* from twenty atlbi They skoama't let yes on ta* air TA raim tht growiop enildraa'! aairl Symphonic orchestra. Ruth And ei. Naomi Brennan. Mark Clark. Mary <U Nopoulis, Warren Dey, John Fen-irk. Charlotte Ftesarwr May MM suat. Shirley, b«aasn Charles Garble. Margaret Had- you. A^n. IV ris Henry. Charles Jina, Gtis Launhardt. Eleanor Marshall TkdM with hearts will always tow you! i Jean Merrill. Charle? Neary, In "Gone with tht Wind" aa aaaghty -8etrlett Catherine Nolan. GilAiour Robin- They'll o»it you y«t,» f»f»rit«i son. GeraM Schiller. Jack Schork. ( lt«rl«t! TO SEND! EXEMPT F!RE N TO AID DAMta FOR STATE LOCAL MAN FIRST STATE POST; r?*»! p president ot the p.. Company No., of K. endorsed Uut week ' Fireman's Aasociatiu, Kewbey aad HopeUw, d»date for vice prelaw New Jersey Firemen Damoach at the pre vice president of tl e County Firemen Asv, retary to the United t retary for the New J t l«er F r«cwefs As,,. *.MJt outer of ')>.. ««WBB'i and The ewtonstnent, nigbi ata meeting m tiwn dnibhse with i> spoke highly of hii record as one in atate I John ThompBon, Herbert Tyler.; Robert Wand, Ann Anderson O- ANDREW'S GROUP RUTH BROWNE HONOR MUTING day evening with Andrew Uahy Khterbatnjnent M., ELECTS NEW OFFICERS GUEST ON BIRTHDAY George Bennett. Alex Dorgai.j AVENEL. The Charles Flynn by Henry Anderwtn < ' Emeal Rochr was taken into Harry Fedderson, Frank Harkay,' held its reguur bi- boy RefraahmenU «>'. y, Association h s g membenhip. Edward Flanagan THE JUNIOR WOMAN S CLUB the conclusion of the ; AVENH- The Ladies' Auxiliary of the St. Andrew's f Meinzer street, was pleaaantly Dcrothy Klein, Arthur Locker, ers at the Black Cat Inn on Satur AVENEL. Mist Ruth Browne, Jean Hamed, Kathleen Kozusko., monthly meeting in its headquart-and Orwer Perier were appointed will meet next Tuesday evening, alon. to Jet with the president aa a good at thehome of the Senior Club f und Seriety met at Ut!,home of 'surprised at her home on Saturday Harvt) Lund, Edward Miller, Bodo Miller, Ann Muller, Irma Plis- LEGAL NOTICE cheer committee. Plans were dis- HOLD CAl'd president, Mrs. Frederick Brmuse Mrs Joseph Surhy en Meinzer. j evening, by a group of friends in cussed Ior the game social scheduled lor Friday evening. February on Smith street, with Miss Felice Donate as presiding officer street on Tuesday afternoon and honor of her I7lh birthday. Sheko, William Riley. Roy Rosenkrantz, Rita I _ "rare. Sluk, UM^krUa* T»mwMf flic end Ward Woman < FORDS. A meetire nones or ujcnojk held election of officers. {was the recipient of a gold brare- The new sute coinfmih: I Prest- let. Games were played and 4an-Hazel Sneath. Ralph Stauifer, Emery T«h, M*x Minsk)-, Gladys 7a to the home of lira. Arthu: 7. club waa held last ; MRS. JOHN ETTCRSHANK, OF dent. Mr? William J. Orausam; \ ctng enjoyed. The huge birthday Park avenue, entertained at Vice-president, Mrs. Andrew cake adorning the center <K the Haban. voter* &al on.-ay. tine % -- St. George avenue C. ut FW>nury. UW, u dactloa wlu be contract at her hvxne on Monday Leahy; secretary, Mrt. Rudolph refreshment table was much ad- Plectrum orchestra: Joe Aiuto, n«id h«ld at tb» Port RoulM fturron evening. Guests were: Mr?. Voelker treasurer, Mrt. Anthony I mired. Bnma Allen, Walter Brozowski, Port Mew Jem. WewSkfttgt! Thrmas Thompson of Rahway; 9 (or U Peterson The next meeting wih be Them present were toe Misfes Ernest Craig, Anthony Damiano, * RXAD THI LtADER-JOURNAll Mrs. S.. Perier and Mrs. Ray held Tuesday afternoon, March 7 Gertrude Nier, Gloria Smith, Cattierln* Dryla, Jorin Dutoay to «!ecl two Flrt Commissioners he full term at three yw» Misenhekler. *ho won high at the home of Mrs. John Griffin Florence Leonard. Betty Tighe, Mary Ferrick. Carl Glosfcy. Marjorie Hftrris. Marjiiret Komuve^ tb* Ctoenl An P^T^L, DOM* for trx cur- rou OB u anpropriiuoii f«r SMW, Of l "WIStli! ^ ':" : * * in Smith street. ; LTliSrt vnwlf vnw, y ^ Frank Kcnacs. Ethel Toukides, THE MOTHHIS' CLUB HELD ITS Joseph Chaney. Frank Schaufell ooer* 8 4. Eleanor Logan. Ella Nielsen, Rita t*j wd ROMANCE IS ^ : regular monthly meeting ori house with Miss Marion Suchy Anthony Siege*. Robert Jacklin, Nielsen, Anthony Pinelh, WiUiam Tuesday with Mrs, lames ;QiUi; and Joseph Wukovets as co- Kenneth Peterson, Thomas Bcn- Finnni np 6chrimin Helen Woodiulf, Ethel Insurani*. bulldlni, fir* as presiding officer. ' rhairmen, Jimmie Gay's'oiriic- Mn and Rotoart Biogwood. BalUngcr, ' milomena Rltwido, jruck. firemen... OUR BUSINESS MitatrMnrt»., sin wili furni'h the musk. Bernjce Orway, Michael Chervanek, Jane Frederick, James Howh Sometimes we feel l;k- ' R»in«*u. T)ODU»nd fire- THE LADIES' AUXILIARY OF.... the Avenel Fire company, will LEAH Y CLUB TO MEET ard. Frank Kreisel, Dorothy Langan, Edu-ini MadsesvAndrew Sed- Paint hinuelf. Polka trust us < meet next Monday evening at \ THE GERMAN- AMERICAN CLOU NEXT THURSDAY NTTE pletely with their Flower m.-: the firehwse. Mrs Carl Nier i ' will»>«*t at its headquarters on lak. Ethel Sedlak, Frederic Tier. will preaide and», valentine par-j Dnmarest avenue; cw<ne«t Tiiurs Clan Wateer. fw»rt They know that wh*n tl.i tj will be held after the bud- - *7 evening with William Gary TMHtbi wiuka wiua WOODBIUDGS. THe flnnm ness session. ' presiding. I l md day to P. to say U)«ir intimau uoni» i * j I J. meet Leahy Thursday Democrat* night, Februarr Chib will READ THE LEADEB-JQURNAL BM>«<f f fs*. ( Tin UtttM». L flowers; those flowers will 'at e-ght Thd o'clock iht at the home of, PATST LA ROSfo. THE SUNSHINE CLASS OF THE I MRS C O. CHRISTMAN. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Thoroaj J Leahy en j HMreUry. bewitchingly and with just the right fine**, First Presbyterian church in I Woodbrklge. was the guest of! ftarrell towa LEGAL NOTICE We've helped quicken many a heart beat Woodbridge. met at the home: her grand daughter. Mrs. Harold Grausam. of Lord street, on Plans will STCB OF KLBCTrOM 'or a; All ptnaa ia the of Mrs. William Baker, on Pros- j K u. - Kivbtr h«we help you say it with flowers? party to hetd at Grav It Htrding Aweut. lmil N. J. AVKMI. K. 4. pert avenue, Avenel. on Wed- - Tuesday. ' Inr tltuknl the tf* of II y«rt I Lo«C»rim on Notice l» hereby titeu thxt the tdnual elecuoa ot the Board ot Fir* in ihu Ust Oeo*r»J ElMtion ally m riesdar e\-ening. '» tht (timing; flre ommiuioners' ConuniMJontn at tbc nfth Dlathct ot,..,. i T^E FRANCIS FITZGERALD Miru«ry 8. by rwisifrinf it the An WocxltirHln Tovuhip, cobnriainf ATtnel ud Colonli wiu be held SatunUy VALENTINE'S DAY TOOLS STOLEN hmu». Skturday. Feb TM WOMAN'S CLUB WJLLI association will meet Monday P U u4 T P K Ftbru»ry 8. Q9, it CM Anerl Tin hold its regular bi-monthly bus-' n»«m In the Fltzgera««Hall, on I Hoiv. A.reml Ekre*t, betnta I P. M.. Tuesday, Fehnmy 4th WOODBWDoi Ray Grtbbie, Md? P H. for the WttWM. of «tfetin( IKJ«Fire CoauakMioner tot s tana Basket* ot Choke Spring iwwara. -tnem, sesiuii amieirt Wedneadayf-»e ^upeth_igh>*-ay.. Election oj Marerwi *vmuf, jaechan-: tit thr*+ y*>i«mna ]n JQ$M JB ftpptoprialtob for fenertl fir* poraoma for enaffta.-i ^fl" g Mrs Frederick Braiwej cfficer;»'ill be held. ic in a garage owned by David W. I president, in the schoothuse., Johrison, on. the cornet of rfwm-' JLEGALNOflCE >M^^*ti VlolrU,M ^rii^aiii the current liol year: Sweet Peaa. ; Firemra' CikiBbefilallOB tmbitt.. ". ** " jmembers OT OWL.aoc«!rre by street and Ne«,J^runsv>'iCk a ve-,' _»>*» tea\ Mak at YeUatr, XOTICE or Gu lertloe In t\rt Hovat U.M ROM nue, Fords reported to atting desk; tin 5i>Mct : mw.../,, Ha.av Uxtt af gprtu nawttuttam PaiftaWla. ST ANDREW'S BUILDING FUND Elm Tree Tropp No. ar^t busilyu.mni,nt J^nh. hrbi Satandar! *, StKrifty will hold a dance on Sal Sergeant Saturday tor Trudu NOTICE I$" HEREBY OtVBS uri.y evening in tl* school- the Vanishing PearT which that somaooe had entered the garl d at uiniul d«ctlon ot UM botnt m that Oil for beating at Sweet Peaa, OiaihU. Ma aai atevayt#aa at (he be<t Board fldarte* 4 Baskets af Grcwtac Flanta tkat jre*t Mathtt tores i H will th be presented Vihi by P them T hih on en tools and a tool chest valued Audit auction k MM Friday age doxfef the night and,had stal- ^d^ < il^i Avem- schoolhous*. $2. r JerlUDnmd Iaaurum EUhway, and can take care of your needs to any ;- T)poe We are the only Florist Telegraph Delivery repr*.-i: ' w..wwpf.u* -u»du will be b*m SatunUy. Juitor world on attbrtndtfce. 'jft l*h- «M, «l tnt Hdl.O I nre HOMC. Mi IOTIC MMM af a P rtre Houae BappUes J *~ awl P M for the pttrpow of Ragt M tii raanummtatn tor full R t*rmj ol y*»r» «irh (o, Hi* C<VminiJiiioii*r«. BWrirt No II. i* *ppi^p-iutn«for mmat n- t.ttl7t idgt TownAlp., N. J. Or<fcr a ttltphon. NOW b«sure you'whi bt new book. ^r» you H? #( bout it NOW..'. writ your,*ddrcu in this ntw tory. Arrange NOW for littinp ot membwi of your business d? househojd... it costs lirrit. PtM N awtim!»* TOUFW PACES of Ah *ractwry... «r«ri«f if pm act MOW. ItV tfc att ww CAU TOW lumnw OWtCI TOMTI. ««h' «itn your *i««hwr nade ud cdapleud ia tudll of snd'dtabunetwau. vttb tlw fouovtw ' ~ RCCirT8 \ pp..prill WO,. \;i;l 23-rr?m Township Tr»M«ir«r,..$ _. M.V n-krom rtwaawpjjpte* ' isfi i ui> S From Township Tr«k*Mrer S-pi 3 Froic Tovajbip Trauurrr. iw S,-Frjni TownaDlp TrMMIfW... Jan H-Fro«TBWoaUp Treafnrer.., OTHER 9OUKCB8:. ' Si-pt. 8-From Oieriimw* Cfcwk i Dn & RJOUI IscUa DeoMcnllc Club Toiil R»eeip»i' ToUl R««lpU i«4 BaUae* lnwraac* Matauaaaee Truek R«M 3»» StlariM. HOHWU Skbrivt. FlrMM* Sll 4 "" S S S ^ ^ Total... Water HydruU ^ Fbur Quarter*!."\..rtt.!. <d Baildia* TMal DtaMfWaaMVs...J^;.',/.?^?/,;! Jaanary XI. tsaf-balabrr.prr Chttk Bank.,.. (Total i-m.n tgg-m' 7.a» wtun «5» mmlti t* IDWAAD L nidi, BaglKenJ MantdaaJ Ho n. DR. HERBERT L MOSS OPTOKETRIST Announces the opening of his office and orthoptic treatment of the eyes Office Hours: 3 Main St -2,-6,7-9 t, Woodbridge,N.J. PHONE WOol I-4M2 ', > fof th* ia thr any^tm ot ' to tt.moot.,; PKTDt aohhidt I _ Saenurr. "» rin 5t Irnrfc FREE!. Www M«c»r llydrut a Walrr Berrtot OoapMkw or book-up of Alua BrMtrn between former th Dr* DUtrtn ud Uw (th nre Dmrtet su.».e? HUNK UN8M. SMrfan. Mai or n*b oanbi mirlks. MSTBICT no. s. Pig Roast SATURDAY NIGHT FREIll AT MRS. RENE FLYNN'S The Black Cat Inn Avenel Street Avead N. J. "MELODY INF BOYS" With Gaorie Flyu at the Piano REFRESHMENTS DANCING - SHUFFLEBOARD Dorsey Motors I NCORPOR ATEI) AtmOBBBD MAPLE k Ft-dte Su. rum 4- DUTVUWTOU ^ < candidate of the Ext a stale attire Frank Sharp, p>. New Jeratjr Exempt i. aodauon, gave an»,., an the benefit* ^er.-... men «ho mttr the Tht «rt» for new r:> continue until u«v whan the initiali,,i place. A silant tribute w. recent death at s- hong a nwmber of ti^ JOHN R. BAUMANN FLORIST 9 St. Gouge Avenue, Eahway WILL SACRIFICE- FOR QUICK SALE Rahwav, N, l '"«]] I 4Hn. ONE-FAMILY RESIDENCE! AT 457 SCHOOL STREET, WOODBRIDGE. N. S3.8 INQUIRE E- R. FINN AND CO. Red Ettatt and Inmtmce» MAIN STREET, WOODBRID GE i SINCLE-EOGt \ BLADES..{-v.-j.j^'.ijLjiajffliaivi, AJJ,, isirtii'jii.ilna.*' _

3 ' * '. ' WOODBRIDGE LEADER-JOURNAL, FRIDAY MOKNIMn FEBRI'ARV, 939 PAGB THREE Personals -:-F^hionsJ Social NeWS Of IftterCSt To All [, JAMES' DONATES PROCEEDSOF ECIAL GAME TO FIRST AID SQUAD (f(i( jlil'.nil».* With tin- i j i ii- i' Him. Mrs i) (,' Eversun, Sein (I'liiiitfi) to thi ; viruifii; spread, H. Garlund, Rahii-igein-y Squad, i way, coffee service, Helen Fox, j.mix cssful game jcarteret; blanket, Tessie Balasi, Monday night at town; special, Jean Marsh and i i ium under the Mrs. John Dobos, town Si Jiimes' rtiurnh. Sheets and pillow cases, Mrs, awaded as follows: Martha Zettlemoyer, Sewaren; vel set, Mrs John Coriley, boudoir chair, Mrs. F. MacDonakJ, town; clock', Mrs, Kocsi, town; ay; Silrx toffee maker, Leo C'aiteiet, men's robe, Mrs. special, Frank Smith, Carteret; beth bulogh, town; quilt, otxiasional-chair, Mr*. Olson, New Kami, C'arteret; social Brunswick; kiushen cabinet base, Biaza, 'prth Amboy; wai- Mrs. M. Comiskey, Linden; bridge!haueht< set, Mrs. B. King, Hahway. Special, Mrs. T, H. William, Jr., Jarteret and Mri. Driegel, Woodbi idge 'floor laihp, Mn. Liski, Car teret; dinette set, Helen Fox, Car- i by kitchenettes and tmall nti tinier and tinier tjicttlc. IT* being mad*! Hira U one plei space a foot square, Hi, toaiti, frits and bakei, : but poundi It operatei / wall outlet and has a re- ' pan and broiler-rack. huphona 4-75 is. F. Burke tuntral directon STATE STREET fh AMBOY, N. J. * l>h V. Costello, Mgr. i U ftr Butt* tes^ rgdfe; WuC. Bader, Woodbrldge; special, Mrs. J. Q-w, Rahway-. rtudio couch, *fr*, F, Steppard, town; easy chair, Izola Fullerton, Perth Amboy; -2 game, m-, William Kmaafith South Amboy; bleydt, MM. Hapatak, town, Woodbridje Emergency Squid, Inc., special, Mn, J. Dobbt, town. Next week large awards will be given to the winners of the "Jack- Pot", door Prize and -2 game. SELJN NEWS MR. AND MRS. FRANK MORgaq of Passaic, were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Handzon of CorrejB avenue. MR. AND MHB. JOSEPH GERlando, o Harding avenue am) Miss Agatha Schmidt, of Correja avenue, visited friends In Brooklyn, Sunday... * THE STAR OF ISELIN CIRCLE, fld. 54, Lady Foresters of Amen ca,.wlll hold a card party tonight at the Pioneer Tavern on Merconi avenue. MISS JACQUELINE COLWELL, of Correja avenue, is convalescing at her home from a repent attack of the grippe. CGiOWA HOWARD A. BEBCHER IS VISitlng his sister, Mrs." Arthur L, S,ayw»ll, nt Fdrview avenue. > TO BE HONORED Fred K. Maw bey WOODHRlltfiFV The annual birthday dinner-dance in honor nf Captain Fred R. Muwbey of Wood bridge Fire Company No., will be held Saturday evening, February 25, at the pines, in Metuchen. DlrineT will be served promptly at 7:3 o'clock after which dancing -will tot htw, CHURCH UNIT PUNS TO MARK BIRTHDAY (ROBERT CHRISTJE OF MRS. CHARLES PETERSEN and son, of Jersey City, visited Miss Florence Schunsberg, of Chain O'HilU road, Sunday., ROBERT KNAUER' HAS RE- TIPS By CCttD A VULNERABLE time to craak "food wffl" with, Ike lady of your heart la on Valentine Day! Send her a token of yoar love... and when yon iee her fat the t«- al*f, am av* you'ra,ail "spruced up." Then Mie'i mre to lend a sjrmpathetk ear to row "Be My Valentine" plea. HERE'S ANOTHER TIP!... 4D YOUR COATS, SUITS and DRESSES TO- TAIWRS- COPPOLA DRESSMAKERS - CLEANERS STATE THEATRE BLDC, WOODBRIDGE Telepho««i Woodbridga ft 73B WOODBRIDG. A George Washington and Guild Birtliday party will "be held by the Buschman Guild of the First Presbyterian church, (HI Monday night, Feb ruary 2 at the home ofr M^ss Car- 5 CFaMher in Jewaren, according to plans made at a meeting held Monday nigtlt at the home of Mrs. Andrew Lockie in Rowland place. Members are to wear Colonial costumes. The guild will have charge of the vesper service at the church Sunday afternoon, March 2, beginning at 4:5o o'- clock. Du%<ng the social hour, refreshments were served by the hostess. 3EWAKEN f THE NEXT MEETING OF THI Sewaren History Club Will be hdd Wednesday ntgtir, February 5 '4 the home of Mr. and Mrs. "TrJ T. HvWvtl Kn WW The subject of the program will be "Social and Personality Adjustments." Mrs. Russell Solt will be in charge. WEST avenue, wag the weekend gueft of Ray Conklin, of Jersey City. - A CX)J(UIUNITY CABD PARTY tponiortd by the combined local political and social organiiat*m f^hhe-ftw^lt «tu 9*- waren Public library will be held tonight in the Sewaren school auditorium.. turned to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology it Cambridge, Mass., after a week's vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Knauer, of Fair view avfnue. MRS. JOHN ROYLE, MRS, Lloyd fry,., JfeBuJWjnnje Shytta Mrs. Stephen Sable, of the Nancy Lincoln Council, D. of A., at- tended the Iila W. Thompson council meeting ifi Metuchen, Monday night. NEW AND DIFFBtENT IS THIS DESSERT ITIIME wat when rl homemade Ice cream tiircntcnni ID beiome only la delightful memory, but with modern, easy-to-use in- (ream freeteiy making QUlok work of smooth, crystal-free sherbets mnl dcuflci IB, hoipp made Ice cream has returned to popularity. This unusual toe cream la one that's easily made, wi It'i simply.4*lklojil! ANANA NUT ICE CREAM 4 eggs cup sugar. otat milk (scalded) cap whipping cream H cap out meat* (cut fine) I bananas (mashed) tablespoon vanilla Separate the yolks and whites of the ens. Beat yolks until light, and combine with the sugar. Add the scaldtd milk and cook over hot water, stirring continuously, until tin mlitur* coats the spoon. Rtmore frwntktrheat md stir S minutes. Cool; then fold In stiffly Weddinf Annivenary SupriNPvtgjMd beaten egg whites. Add the cream, the. nut meats, the bananas, fell mashed, and the vanilla. Pour the mixture into the freezing contuliier of a modern Ice cream freezer. Assemble the freezer and cover. Pack with a mixture of 3 pails crushed lc* to part rock salt. Turn the crank slowly and steadily for about 5 minutes, or unmj turning btoomes difficult. Then turefully remove the cover, lift nut the dasher, and pack down the cream with a ipoon. Replace the cover, draw off the water, and replenish the Ice and salt. Cover nnd allow to harden for about an hour before serving. Includddi: taty, ' " John Sklaar was choieti *" vicepresident arid Bernard Rymsha, '" Mr. and Mrs. John Mandy, Mr. «ecratarv. and Mrs. Paul Anted; Mr. and Mrs. Alex Molnar, Mr. and Mre, Joseph Plana were made for a George Hornyak, Mr. and* Ms*. Joseph Bacskay, Mr. and Mn. Andrew OroaE, Tuesday night, February 2 at the Washington card party to be held Mr, and Mrs. Louts Toth, Mr. and home of Mrs. Anna Mullen, Broad Mrs. Stephen Ceto, Mr. and Mrs. street, with Miss Lucas and Miss Joseph Domasica. Fender as.hostesses. Mrs. Veronica Kimash, Mrs, Ver onieo Horn, Mr. and Mrs, Stephen Urban, Julia Urban, Mary Qrosz, Zoltan Oron, Eugene Antol, William Orosz and Joseph Domasica. SEWAREN DEMOCRATS J^EiECTJHAW HDLD IN MINSTREL SHOW Rehearsals HI' being iiewi regului'ly for "St. J.niifs Jesters uf 939" a revue to be presented Sunday ntjht, February 9, at St. Jamtt" inditorium under the auipicej of lie Holy Name Society of St. Jitmes' church. Some uf the highlights of the program will be: Ounce, Pajul Rossi; "This Can't Be Love", Otnevieve CetteUe; Jeepers Creepers," Clair Blxel; song, Margaret Dalton; novelty, Musical Inspirators; song, Robert McDonnell; "My Reverie," Mary FLtzpatrkk; "Mexlcall Rate," Chris Welter; "TWt'i A Far Away Look trryuur Eyss," Peggy ConcHnnon; "He's Just A Cousin of Mine" Jack Campion; song Ethel O'Brien; dance, Dorothy Langan; sketch, Jr., Holy Name Soplr ety; "Pocket Full of Dreams" Jack Egan; "Lock Up My Haart," Hanry Anderson; song, Cottetlo Sisters "Cathedral in the Pines'" Bernard "\ Cried Tor You, Thomas Currle. A rehearsal will be held Sunday at two o'clock at St. James' auditorium. Daniel Hogtn Is director and the Yacht Club Boyt will furnish the music for dancing which will be held after the performance. ' * ATTEND DINNER. ixmnfi Mtmhtwoflfat Woman's Democratic club attended a Democratic, dinner at the KRASBBY.-Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Urban of Bay View avenue, WH unanimously re-elected head Chinese Garden in Perth Amboy SHWAREN, Charles D. Shaw were recently tendered a surprise of the Sewaren Democratic Club Saturday night, The group, before leaving for the. dinner event party on the occasion of their twen ty-fifth wedding anniversary. The at a meeting held In tht Board niet'ai the home of Mrs. WfttaSn party was arranged by Mrs. Paul room of the Sewaren School recently. Brose, president. Antol and Mrs. John Mandy, both of Crows Mill road. The guest* of Other officers re-elected were: honor were/presented with a lov»4mbs Oraoe Lucas, treasurer and ly gift toy <he fuesta pratmit, wtt»r Whs Alice Pander, reewdtor»ec«i STEPBN BONALSKY OF JEAN Court, is «*mleednf at hm - faetm after a recant operation at the Perth Amboy Oemeral hospital. READ THE LEADBR-JOVRNAL NOTHING is OUT OF REACH OF THIS Electric E NEW UNIVERSAL does a thorough job of cleaning. It cleans antf purifies the air, while it is cleaning rugs, 'draperies, mattresses and radiators. Because of its long haddle you are able to get at the difficult places, the hig ing, back of pictures, down under low furniture/ No need to move heavy chairs and couches. The Universal will This ikctric cuantr, complete with took, ullt for ca,h. i charge extra, Cleaner,.. MRS. DOROTHY PHILLIPS, OP Saa Ditgt, Cal., Is the ftiest of Mrs. Anns DwVTerth of Jean Court. Clubs -: Churches LIONS TO BE HOSTS TO LADIES AT PARTY ON SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY.ViKiUliHIIXiE.t pijii.i,n;n Am st. ill in licld by the l-iont midf (or ' iiiltislrel sji-.v. l<> be <>i W.wdljiidg*. Valentine': held Friday. April 4. fin the Iwiie hftiiiiaiy 4, at 8: P. M fit of the blind fund. Captain Jack.. k-s*>, Hotel, according dingtfj K tn and Henjr^ Ander»n will made ut a meeting of the et*ch the production held Tuesday night. m- metis tneik will be chair* JfO HPU> f AKNtVAL of the affair and ht wio be led by Judge Arthur Brown WOODBJUDGE-Thf Ke«sbey ut Ben Coppola. Wlvta-md girt fire dtntrtreani, at the request ait it-nds of the members will bt tht CommlttMSMn CnarkH J. Ale>and*r, was givtn permlafton to of honor. hold,» carnival during the firlt wttk In May, at a meeting of tht Township Committee held Monday night PASHCM NOTIS - from Sum to <m tkks wtatw baa.besn OM tt aufma, utst BMS> Uwl IUHSU'S MaiaaMktr l nk Tkt mi, i tlals, km a, to MUartMt wttt g mna4tk«kmgbi«tn»t Wm M«r a puim Jsf rrmiag I it U Htt mrtehtd with bnuitst WT te mm wttt inutdaak. Ruth Suwgr kai found tkt p«rfeet undtr coati; for travel for bnshmt;dr«mforwnurdam,uh d«ora uid for raatrt wtwr. OUMI* tally slmpl*, yh muted wttk dkttegvlam drtaoi, tl shrag ahoulfan, pittm pestats, and ptrt mpnofram at tk» V of ta» naek4tm, QM f»es ii ift6«w wtth myrl»d wmto ytafotate on an alaetrie btut ba«kfmn4. Th«waist it baadtd With» ttof btlt tnd has tkt a«w ^tattmtd skirt with moothhanging kntfa pltata. Twin dips may bt tkt rtgt, but Elttnor Powttt'i tattit gift from h«r mother It a slngl* strand diamond nteklact which Jirtaks Into twin bnttltu. Thr'dancing sut finds htr ntddattattttltt eomkina* tion a eomplsmantary Utnd *(lh any trminff tnitmbli and specially lowly with htr white eklffw formal. Hats art growing up am JtMttW McDonald's sloping brown f*ft MAM kl l k 4 ^ season's microscopic htadgttn Turntd up back, mtdtum high crown and wlds shading Jockqr brim, its only rttmlnlktnt nott of bjr-gons tricktrj Is tht tiny tpsn- Ing through wmeh a lttk tf tat actrtu' own ruddy curli swlrli throngk, SUPPORT WoodbrMft Emtrgtne J Sqmad bam, tbtvarr THE INTERNATIONAL RELAtlons Department of the Wo- BUHL'S, ckfe,fl Woodliruige will ' tnttt Mnyiay ip&rt Fvbtutfy SO at U» horn «f Mn frm A Britgs on TlkUlt place. fhttar$ hom TflXMycf i «/ Wocdbridit BUT WHY.. Tk* Ml to amum k«- It'i car rifucf* It ka»w (uu. wwk aimlfliklr I. rliht (Mi tk*t It m»r tacit /«JfrMlly «r liiimtt ELECT Walter Manaker TO Bo»nd of Education TI'KH., FBB. U t» P. M. Charm BeautySho ^EMILIE Htxt Hdr-Do BEAUTY ITEMS MQM * Ptrmanant Wavot $.9B up MaehsMlaia Oil Wavt 3.8SpfcUI 7B MAIN ST. WiKMOUDOB. N. I. rroni WDCB. t-mm ir Can look Young!4 Don't permit faded or graying hair to mar your appeurancel Correct it with Clairol, the shampoooil tint that cleanses as it reconditions as it TINTS, imparting youthiul beauty. A 2-mlnute treatment will subtract yean and add beauty to your hair... add beauty to your looks. Taw JOAN <LAIR Clcrtrol. tnc 32 4 StrMt tftw york. N. Y. S*ad FIEE BocklvL AdWct dnd Analyil*. flann, * AddrtM,.._. Slat* My Beautician'* Nam* U PVBLIC^SEKVICE of scrvkx set for telephone men'mil woihen by Thc6dorc N. Vail in 879 it as sound % working basis today as it was then. ) The tiny organization of 79, hu become a force of three hundred thousand tldlled workers, using, i highly perfected tyitcm to make telephoning i natural, eiiy part of daily life. ) Sixty yean of iteady progrem in ittipt, mtbods tfuipimt, training and Uadmbip, hu extended the range of your speech to the limits of the earth. Today 37,, telephone! art within your can talk with almost anyone, anywhere, whenever you yrfih..'. quickly, deafly, cheaply. I d JEIIET If LI TEUPIIIE H I N I,.,,/ W n Jmty OnstiMionfticM ty NOknd

4 sisil* Jottnial <IS*» (UNI * rkto)r MurB ">I *«'<* MiU Blrwt, Ifa^elM Publishing (JoBipuiy. Wood <WIce.» WuodtrWi,. K.T/ NATIONAL AUVUTIMM Independent Pwpcr I S-USS LEADER-JOURNAL PLATFORM FOB WOODBRIDOR TOWNSHIP Elimination of»u grade crossings. More industries.. New Pennsylvania Railroad Italian. Sewage disposal system... Y. M. C. A, Organitatlon. Outdoor swimming pool Public transportation to ouljyin districts.. Woodbridg* Museum. ConfraloliHons Hearty congratulations are due four members of the police department, starting with the chief and ending with the latest rookie, Today, Chief of Police George E. Keating celebrates his 2th anniversary as a member of Wood bridge's finest. Keating can look bark on a fine ami distinguished record»nd we are sure we gpeak for the entire community when we wish htm well ai»d hope that he will continue to servo for many years to come. her to bow down to "images." However mistaken the little jciri may be in her religious ideas, we doubt if the United Stat<j#, as «nation, gains vary much by compelling hot to violate her conscience and salute the American flag. The same question has come up in other states, where legislators, anxious to demonstrate their patriotism, ha\ t passed laws requiring school children to salute the flag Occasionally, achpol authorities discover pupils whose professed religious beliefs teach them that ihejlsllttuld not salute the flag. In such cases, it tteems, the security and safety of thi United States requires that the force of the law be invok ed and that the little child, hardly old enough to understand the implications of a refusal to render the.*alute of loyalty, is compelled to violate his or her conscience or suffer punishment. The chances are that these children, if left alone, would be anxious to salute the American flag in later years, as they understand the significance of our Government. Con- CHURCH NEWS 8T. JAMRS R. C. CHURCH, Rev. Charles Q. MrCerrMJn BfT. WODBRDGE LEADER JOUJtNAL. Carney, P.H. Psasaa, Organist.Masses on Sunday morning, T3Q; 9: and high rfus at :3» o'clock. Btptitn after high man. Monday at 7:4S Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Weekly masses daily, 7 and 7:3 A. M. ST. ANTHONY'S CHURCH Pert Reading, N. J. lev. Vfaweat J. Feed, raster 7: A. M. and 9 gi. Anthony'* devotion: Tuesday evenings, 7:3 P. M., -9 ;,- FIRST PSftBYTKBIAN CHURCH Earl BMUUUH Dtvanny QfluW: LaWa* T. ttesftens MorAinf worship, :. Sernun topic, "The Biet for Strength'.'" Evening worship, T:45. Sermon topic, "Ships for Rearmament." Sunday School Classes (or all ages. Junior Christian Endeavor 2:3 P. M. Intermediate Christian Endeavor 3: P. M. Senior Christian Endeavor 8 3 P. M,. Ai:V fhe BIGGER BLOW Congratulations are also due to Frank Miller and Andrew Smmonsen on their promotions to rounds sergeant meeting of the Board of Trustees Monday The regular monthly and desk sergeant, respectively. Both men have proven will be held at the church at 7:3. M. their worth and deserve their new rating. Time, undoubtedly, will see Miljer and Simonsen gradually climbing to men's Auxiliary will be held at A luncheon meetuig of the Wo- the top of the ladder of success. the church on Wednesday at «M And last but not least, we come to the new appointee, o'clock. The leader is Mrs. William Morris. Joseph Sipos, to whom we also extend our congratulations, Midweek Prayers Wednesday at Sipos will have plenty of inspiration to make, good if he 7:45. will review the career of his own chief who rose from the The Elders, Trustees and Deacons of the Church are attending day, the first at 7 P. M., and the the church met Monday evening ranks of patrolman in Itss than twenty years. the conference for laymen at the second at 8 P. M., with Miss Dorothy Rusaell of Fifth So again we salute these men and hope that the years Westfield Presbyterian church at A. communicant cl.» preparin* avenue and the Ladies' Aidl Soclefar Easter communion will be H.M:» "'»"*««"' l ^ will record their further achievements. three o'clock Sunday afternoon. eacn Sunday at 3 o'clotk at the at the home of Mrs Manse and- the recently organized' Beck ley on Bumet street AVENEL PBKSBYTRIAN Saving The Union In A Fashion Young People' Church s Society is holding FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST interesting meetings each Sunday Well, it seertifl that the country is safe in the State of Dr. Robert I. MacBride. Pastor SCIENTIST evening at 7 P.M. j Dr. Rtberf MacBrtue'ol the Avenel Presbyterian church an- "SOUL" is the subject of the Stwaren, N. J. New York, where th«court of Appeals has ruled that Dr. MacBride also announced school children can be compelled to salute the American nounced on Sunday, several important meeun meetings i (or the week. and requested members to attend j.^_- CA_. ±.., * portani the le case mvbweif a KUT bftlitrteeh T,"Wfi6Tefufe(t to sa- First, the meeting of the Boant of lute the flan because of her belief that the Bible forbade Trustees nt the on Wednesat the sequeiiily, H seems'to us, lhat, regfafotessof Taw, school officials and public proseditorb might just as well fofget tuny incidents affecting-a pupil whft felines to salute the flag. Whtt Pisople Think Of War The American Institute of Public Opinion, which very successfully predicted the outcome of national elections, makes a business of finding- out what the people of theljnited States think about various public questions. Recently, it reported a growing American apprehension of a new European war and significantly that ninetyfour per cent j.of.our people placed $he blame for a-conflict upon Germany or Italy, or both and only she per cent, named other nations. " t I This reveals quite a change from August, 9547, when more than half of the voters thought Germany br Italy ' would start the next world war, but a substantial humber thoujrht Russia, Japan or some other country would be responsible. *. Wlhereas a year and a half ago» before German's absorption of Austria, only sixteen per cent, of our people expected a major war within twelve months, today fortyfour per cent, of the voters expect a conflict to begin in 939. Another significant shift in public opinion u found in the figures showing ttyt fifty-beven per Icent. of 6ur people believe that th,e United States will *be drawn into a war between Great Britain and France on one side and Germany and Italy on the other. A few months ago, onlyforty-three per cent, of the voters expressed such ar opinion.. Ardent baseball fans are beginning to argue about pennant prospects. Every individual has a part to play in the development of Woodbridge Township. It won't be many weeks now before the Spring garden fever will be epidemic. e> ' e e ' e e Even if you read a book last year, it might be a good idea to read another in 989. No system is worth anything unless somebody is willing to follow it through. «It is remarkable how, often it rains when you have planifd- a trip out-of-doors, Don't" worry about th> world coming to an end chances are you won't be here then.* * '» Apparently, Congress would like to economize without cutting appropriations for anything. The average man can depend ufcon his " ' " T -~* obile. ' day evening. Rehearsals for both, Presbyterian churuh. Tlie Girls' Missionary Circle of ADVENTURERS'CLUB HIADUNIS "ROM THI LIVES OP HOMI LKI YOURSIIFI H "The Face at the Window' ELLO EVERYBODY: You know, boys and firto, that ornery old dame,, Old Lady Adventure, is seldom a welcome guest in anybody's y Insurer *mra- Wrm When -she gow goti g wit out w eahteg-8he4w4o-cara8bg } f lhe_gate» for doggone few people l ever send her engraved invitations. But she gets in just the same, and because she comes uninvited and unannounced, she taku y«u by. surprise. And I don't think the old girl Was ever more unwelcome or more unexpected than on thi night she picked to drop in on M ae Towers Mrs. John X lowers, that is-ot Bay Park, L. J. Tbat w«i In ms, when Ku and her huiband and bwr kldf lived in an apartment in New Yort city. And of all Urnei, the old gal with DM thrill bag had to pick DKamtwr tt fhriitmai Eve to do her calling. No on* ever czpwtad callcn lai than Mae TMMM did UuU evening. Her husband worked night* and Ma* wasn't expecting him home Until morning. Her two jmng shildreo w«w in bed, and she was all Mo^ie. Busy, too. What mother of young children Isn't buy on ChrUtma* Eve? I "It w«s our cuitom," she says, "to keep all th«toys' and present! con- Rev. Vincent Lenjrl, Puter John FaaM, Organist ' fused to work. Re promptly broke Sunday: Low mass at 9: A. M. cealed until Chri tmu morning whan ^anta Claui was the ont who re-higceived ajl U>«gkngr for having brought them. The tree wasn't aet up and diction at 2 P. M. Weekly'masses Mass at :3 A. M. Bene-' trimmed until aftjr the children had gone to bed." And what with trimming that Me and patting the premnu around Ik Mae bad enough to do at 8 A. M.. without bothering with caller*.. Especially callen like Old Lady Adventure. Torn AU Lights On in Apartment. It DM tag about etarea tfcleck tad UM IM JMI prttlng the fiajshlnc teaobea on Ike tree when the hear* Mies. Uwu peeidiar te«m. ud U tuftled her for a mtmeat. "II teemed to cene fram aa animal to p»la," she says. "It waa mere ef, gwgle than a T»an, and I oraua't oeneehre ef t*y Inmu being making aaeh a aoond. My Brat ueagfat waa ef Mr hauca aad I harried to the ream where they lay. They were iloepwg etudly. Then I walked ont through the aptrtmeat, petttag aa all the Ughta aa I paaied Ikremgh each reeaa." Mae went right through to the kitchen, but there-wasn't a aound. ol any description and she began to think the itllhieu of the hour was affecting her nerves. The house was a ten-family apartment, and she knew moat of the neighbors! She felt pretty lure they'd all be In bed by tbli time. "I went back to playing Santa Clam again," she lays, "and trtyd to forget About it Then it occurred to me that there was a new tenant In the apartment right next to ouri. They might possibly have a dog or a cat." Then. jmtukum eomeuag henek Md tebtag hertev ahe had aerred the mystery ef that eevd. N came agala. Aad : thh) tbn» ihe iteed petrifted, for It leuied aa It eemeeae waa \ gsepiag her aame. "I had my ba«k taraed toward the teer of the j j beat hafl and there wu a guu psa«l la the ipper MettoB. I! Mraed areond ilewly, and there, la the middle el that pud waa a fi.e areaaed Bat agatnst the glaae. And eaoe agabi came thai terrible aeand! She Could Distinguish Her Name Very Clearly. "'I tried ao hard to call out, but the words Just wouldn't come. Tbt knob of the door turned slowly, and when the door wouldn't give, two handi were, spread over toe glass, dapping It tod slamming U. Again came that strange gurgling sound, and this time I could distinguish my nun* very clearly. Then, all of a sudden I began to feel ashamed of myself. One of my neighbors might be in trouble and I >! ttanding ' "" there stiff with fear instead of. going.. to the rescue. Gatheringtfpray courage asked who it wsi. I wsi doubly surprised when the answer came. It was my new neighbor next door." Use rs«ever aal iveaed tke aeef, sad the a»yi shell aever ferget the right she saw there. It waa bet aetghber el rlght-e r buaufil *emaa witb n*«t arewa eyes aad dark, early hah-. Bat an thai BM face there waa a twfcled, buuuscai exaceaslea. Ber right eye seemed le be dusted te twloe IU aermal else aad her sjrtata was drawn away dewn te one aide. The meata waa treeung, and her eyte were melst. 8be wae In elg«t«leta«e. aid her hair haag leeae la wild dberder. "Qalck, ceme with me." she said. "The Deri] t la my bed." "My first Impulse," Mae says, "wai to scream. Then remembered something I hid once redd-that tt» best thing to do in a case like Ihit was to humor the patient, for I knew by this time that the woman wu ttark mad. I did all t could to comfort her and told her I would Lfrunedlately destroy Ihe Deril" The Golden Text is: "Lu. this is our God; we have waited for him. and lie will save us: this is the! L rd." (Isaiah 25 9). Among the citations which com-' prise Uw Lesson-Sermon Is the following from the Bibl*-: "O God, Uiou art my God; early will Ii Woman Bravet Peril of Swamp in Retcue Winnipeg, Man. - JoMphlne Wolfe, twenty ilr yean old. crowed An miles of swamp near Winnipeg to bring aid to three friends stranded on the Red river, deipltt the fact that ihi could not swim. Mill Wolfe and three compan loni were itrandtd T noun after their boat wai caught on itnd bar. With only a cork lifeboat to keep her above water, she paddled and noundertd through deep water and swampy shore land until she rejtcbtd. a resort and gave the alarm. ARMY MULE PEEVED OVER RETIREMENT seek thoe: my soul thirsteth for thec, my flesh lop.geth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is." U^salms 3:). The Lcsson-Serrrfcm also* includes tp following passage from the Celebration in His Honor '.'li'isliiiii S^ieni-e textbook, "Soi-! Interests Him Not. ence and health with Key to the Scriptures'' by Mary Baker Eddy New York.-Jack, a 29-year-old "From Ihe logic of events we learn army mule trom Mluouri, brayed tlut selfishness and impurity alon* Impatiently in bli "retirement" we fleetings, and that wisdomiwill, itall, dtigutted already by Uuetiv ultimately put asunder what\ she hath not joined together. Soul has ity- Infinite resources with wmeh -to. Ht wai retired at an elaborate celebration In till honor, by thefllitjr-second coast bless mankind, and happiness; artillery. would be-rnftt readily attained and would be more secure in our Seeping, if sought in Soul" (p. 9). nunitt EPISCOPAL CHDICR Rev. Howard F. Klein, Sector Dale Ryer, Organist Sunday. Holy,Eucharistfl'A.M-i ichurch School, 9:45 A. M. Morn-I ;ing prayer and sermon : A. M.' OUR LADY OF MT. CARMKL /CHURCH : FIRST CONGRGATONAL CHURCH lev. William V. D. Strong) Piatw Mrs. Grave V. Brown, Organist Sunday:' Qhurch School at 9:48 A. M. Morning worship at : A. M. Christian Endeavor,7 P. M. HUNGARIAN REFORMED CHURCH Mlie, Anna K. Boka, Organist Sunday: fjundsy School 9'JO A. M., ia the auditorium.. Morning worship :3 A. M. Afternoon church service pt 3 o'clock. MKTHODIBT gplboopal CHURCH Rev. Rodger Hawn, Paster ' George E. Roddy, Organist Sunday: Church School 9:49 A. M. Sunday: Morning worship : A. M. Evening service 7:45 P. li Kroun5 Tfli~oecS" FiBg" tfie regt mental qolon and e special broote medal bearing the regiment*! In sigma Bight hundred soldiers stood nt present ami and the reglmenfsl band struck up, "The Old Gray Mare." BRAM nil longevity Jaei achieved lame back in IVU when be served at the flrit mule strikebreaker' ol i one-mule stand-up A veteran, even tnen* etf army service. Jack was sent to ft rotten when a mule balked and re- up the strike. Here's tbe general order citing Jack for retirement: "Through all of his SI years of service in the army Jack has beta u outstanding public servant, performing all of Mi dtjua to accordanee witb the highest ot army mole traditions. The matter -of hit. wid- Irfgneif to work whenever called upon to do as tut been the etfejeet of enthusiastic eomment br those under whose direction he served. '"Ric wwwm»**^faf officer directs that Jtck tball be cared tor dor Ing the remainder of his Ufa by the soldiers of tb* regtmeot with which he wai tenring on the date at his iretireroeot; tnd thtf be M Hot IcaUed upon to perform work at any kind as long ai be shall live." - Los Angeles. CaL After killing Mrs. EsteUe, Green, 36, Arthur C. Puller, SO, her rejected suitor, com nutted euiclde. In Fuller's pockets Was found a will leaving all of his property to Robert Green, 4, the woman's son. MM teak her bfcilw hand aad lei the peer woman leal her back lal* the apartnoat. 8be aiadf aoine remark ajbeat hew ca d It was-bat H realty wsaa'l rou. H r made that remark se the mad wamaa wealda't aelloe that she wu akakiag with terror. As they reachel the bedreem Ike womaa screamed, "There be Is." aad Belated fa the bed. "Aad who was there," says Mae, "bat The woman'* husband'woke up at the sound ot the scream. He was ai frightened as Mae was. but Mae saved tbe day. She signalled to him with her eye. and then proceeded to put on a One act of chajlng the Devil sw«y by besting on the bedclothes. The hasbaad *Hp»el eat ef Uw reearsai phoned tbe pollct- ' aad meaawhlle, Mae kept her eocmw by beatiac away at thoee kedelettm. "She waa Bke ehlu la her gratltaa* le me," Mae an. " s*b the aettee arrived aad she saw Ue nnlf.rms, Bha wnm't ee oraey that «ke cwdda't sense the/act Uutfter had reme U^akekeVaway. Net toe rtasy te eatwlt Ibem. Iminedlalely be On*** sad tore* ttem U oe«e la her room." - But once again Mae came to the rescue. She persuadtt the poor woman to dress. telllng*er they would both go dewn to the police.t. Z " PreWchargtl against those cops The worn., womia did as r- -- >hi man, Vbave been gralelul Ihst this poor eoul didn't /All Tflings-. By Harold G. Hoffman AN OPEN LETTEft K,,(jeri Bowman, President N t->v Jersey Chamber ol Commerce, - Newark, N. J... ''here's nothing Personal in this }f"-* **r»«that,, av e been addr«sed to you privately, but the* an facts u M t «t out In print-f»ct» that ahould be known to the public ipecially to the men of busmen who. are feandally State Chamber of Commerce. I think vou are a.well fellow. You «r«ail aggressive young "go-getter" and you assumed the gtattes A your office with a conspicuoui record of service j. the president oj the TreMen Chartbe, 4 4fm> merce It WM hardly a year ago when I congratulated you, in thia column, upon your ejection, ami expressed the hope that you would do Mrte tbiamng I your own instead of taking the advict of aome of th«oki dodo, who still think you O«PW C the national debt w>th ctgar awm.'jj&wi have winied almt taking the advice,* "eanjerta" who have been conaplcuoua Xailunse in theflnjuidlil nanagemetit of their own atnura, but who etill keep on the aaheu <t ** orgaiuirtionb n-youri by djiseminat,,,, rntaikiiuon «A ooniuilng. tbi PUttlt M6A. Hera are M(M tairt»-*» «w *»»» «>pve >m. The state cioeea We flics! year ending June Is, 9?,«,, Dlut aolcly ai the result of over $7,, collected (run, receipt*. During thenext ftocal )««..*»* rbudget Adn, mittee and an appropriationi committee made up largely, t Government" lupportera, and with the wlndlau of 6,^,,, heritance taxea from the Dorrance estate, a deficit w,, a During the ftoeel year ending laet June, the budget wa s in, gln^igt by diverting nearly 8,, from motor taxe* ihifting back to the municipautiei a large share of the MI. The muni«al )aliue«, In turn, shifted the omte to the already SedWnere of real «**> *«ludln< lnsu^rial proper!,, In the present fiscal-year, in spite of wtthholduig»in,., monies (wnich your organtiauon must tureur aftet is uiuouno laking of aeveral million! of douan from UM teachers,«iuiiu in vlolauon of platlorm promisea and a oontract with :. en tu maintain thia aa «bust fund, there will be» J, UB, ifiousandi of merchanu all over the state are carrying uuj tood, clouunfc etc., furnuhed for reliel. _ Mum-y tor apnropriation» from highway Tonlf "have created wilt) deficit. Municipalities have teen authorized i,, way thir debt linuta and to borrow to meet relief neet T!, t btate is short nearly two million douan in iu.., tj, Jt to local school dutricts ^or legal quota* and the hree-cent»-i* ; ^i} -per pupil granu. Without tnt much-deapised and um.tu >,,;, tales tax, collected during four back In 83S, we ««u f/,uoo, further in the "hole." Our Legislature must ru,* $ *. UOO.OOO for relief in the toming fiscal year or such *»rt.,i : \ m[ they. wiu not again paw back u> be levied upon local prupt :;.. v.n. ers, causing more salco of homes ana business properties i laxes and a further reduction in ratable!...:., JX The average tax rate in»3» was 3:76; it increa*ed to 4 Wi.,. <i( i,nd ComrniMicner Darby is authority for the statement thai.t m a) go up to 5.5 in 939. In four years of "Clean Government um: &, new taxes,'" the tax rate has increased approximately $.7a I*I mm. urea; there ha«been a loss in rutables of almost 5 mtlliun, ;,,s and nearly M mulion dollars has beea added to the burdens ul mi estate ewners, NO NEW TAXltaV Kutsl There.have been n:r uv a» and new deficits. We are headed tor tht highest local i,.x ;/. n m the history of New Jersey. uuiing the past five years, Bob, the municipalities «f :.. i t nave refunded approximately $275,, of indebtedness, n > ;, mated that $39,, of this refunded debt Was the re a < i itn cits due to the failure to collect the property taxes levied ui u: ",,t present system which the State Chamber of Commerce seemsacred. These deficite are only part of the' cost of that 'tv, tern to our taxpayers. These sums were refunded, at an average interest rate tu, i higher than would have been necenary If the credit of Nr municipalities had been equal to that of Mates with a mil. system. The average term of the refunding bends was.< years, so the excess interest cost to the taxpayers Will be 3 of the principal ^nd perhaps even higher. This means <n cost of at least five million dollars, Or a total of 79 million N, In addition to that, the local government legislation (sup; the same group which has been moet vocal in opposing tax : out passed to avoid further municipal bankruptcies) makr sary that at.least 5, and perhaps 3, miluons of excess levied every year to make up the continuing delinquency m rate due to the excessive, evw conflscttory, tax burden on r«.udw=^and- this is lhy rnntd imdortant Dart c& pld resistance to a change in our archiac, inefficient system ' '- ticn, has driven the large and heavily burdened <Jtiee of Nc»,ii,...>:- sey City, and Camrien, in that order, and a number of smaller i < e into a tax drive against corporations. Ifec oonetlurtion of " : -'- : " does provide..that all property shall be aseeased under unif <> < : ~ and the officials of these municipalities, In their desperutk: > e setted upen eiegel method of obtaining enattgtuiwmey to w-v - - -and yet it is a-method that has alreedy driven eome bus:i.< ^ ' of the state, has frightened off other lnduetries that w«io -" locate in New Jersey, and which now threatens, by Its unceii.,nv.y. - still further upset buaineas and retard Qw industrial de^ r which we thought was headed this way. Bob, stop listening to nitwits who putter around with si-.. >> and publicity clippings. Qet your board members to sit < ;' practical, wcceeeful men who have studied this situation ' * ' Chester Barnard. Call In men who have Bved with the P ' </ v men inch as SUte Tax Cwnmlsftoner J. H. Thayer Martin, St.u. Trcas irer Billy Allbright, Commissioner of finance Barney Lamt Senator Arthur Piencn, and John F. O3rten. Ask Judge Joe Wolber to step oft the bench and help >>«- ' ' ncere men who are associated with you find out wb«t it U all» " sk them what obstinate adherence tc* our present system ' ' u ion has done, and wiu do, to-'our state Ttod Iti people. For Heavens' sake wake up and Uve! T>»n a deaf ear to u* i"" experts" who are trytag, not to uve New Jettey, bwt to 'aces...'! Sincerely, i - HAROLD G. HOFFMAN PHACTICAL HEALTH BNT8 The of Pneumonia -By Dr. Jomw A. Tob«y< > '" DNEUMONU goea on the ramp- age In the late winter months. This dangerous dtseaae Is prevent- pn»us»onu. able, however, leant now how A. diet rich In to prevent It. If larly rltanun A. kelps to l" wrv you get pneomonla, your ualost these diseases Fur I'l'"!' vltamle. Zyaur A, yi dally i ^ chances of reuovtry are only slude liberal UBonnU eertlfled or pasteurised ">"* or about one Inbread- and botter, cod "' tfl four. To escape p n eutnonlt, maintain your vital reaiatance by aroldlng fatigu«, coining, ifvcre common colds, and other debilitating In- me Is also used physicians In tae fluences. Build up p yyour bodily rigor witb IL«right iht dl«l. dllp rat, and taeie eymptoms. good brflene. Knv awajr from The deathrau from l"' thoee who are sick. has been greatly reducoil ' ' Many cases of luoc lnfljunation yean by the uee of I""" y follow Ud ooldi and other resplra Alhh t :m " serum. Although tw» tory Infection!. Most colds do notbe caueed by as many» result In pneumonu, but some do ferent germs, one or t*" so take food care of evvry cold. pneumonia an by '<" When a cold nurtj, you can oufi, rommon. A laboratory " abort It by Uklox a hot Uth, (olni which type Is present, to bed, doalng with quinine, drinking hot,lemonade, perspiring, d ynly la tbu wru»»>»""" proprlkte senim l» then c reetlnf. Vnr in adult, thrc«gnlnii la llfee»»ln. of dulnlne. followml four houri lat«r Don't aeateet aymptu;; " by aootker three (rtlnt, Is tbe indicate naemnonla >'" standard do#«. wblle halt the able treattmnt reduo*< > amooat U glvea u cbudren R heir cream, egg yolk, and ire" yellow TegeUblea. Prompt and efflcleat nursing c*re are essec U ever pneumonia oooure If I" " a cold, with f»»er, sr the chest, cough, and sputum, go to bed and ^ I',.., ' ll

5 WOODBRIDGE LEADER-JOURNAL, FRIDAY MORNING, KEBKl'ARY iu. PAGE FIVE A otion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment! AT THE RLTZ THEATRE AT EMPIRE THEATRE AT THE REGENT THEATRE AT THE U&tk n "Itcvlls Islinul uitli Iliirla Karlofi AT RAHWAY THEATRE \ scene from thp current film "Kentucky" At the Movies THEATRE, MrtiKhfn. to tuke the folks to a good Lincoln's birthday? We'd ammend "Out West with ys" which will be playing rum Theatre In Metuch- 2, 3 and 4 as Jjmovle-value in this vicln- Fcourse, if you've seen some [other Andy Hardy films i't need any persuasion belit West with the Hardy's the most outstanding ot series and that's say-. a bit! Andy, placed by tr Mickey Roeney, and his yed by Lewis Stone, find [of excitement and laughter newest adventure, -and you see Andy as a rip- ^"man of the*west." \tt that isn't enough, Manlione la presenting Donfin "Donald's Oolf Game" same program, In Which little quacky nephews Till! YKAIt'S ItK.KT IIIUK IHI I'll II III JltiJLad fsi Alt HITS y nnd y Errol Flynn in fdawn PATROL" IT,US. CHAN In "HONOI.lll.U" ell l'>bturr H*lurd*y Nlto "Miuic U Magic" pluy plenty of pranks upon their exasperated uncle. Mtednesday and Thursday next, February 5 and, another comedy feature with Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda in the lead Ing roles entitle "The'Msd Miss Manton" although we're entitled have been titled "The Dizzy Miss Manton" in order to better explain the rapid-fire action. Coming soon, and we do mean soap! Watch /or dates. "The Citadel' wjhutobert ponat, "Kentucky" with Richard Green and Lorretta Young and 'Sweethearts" a technicolor triump with Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. The Man About the Forum LIBERTY THEATRE, Elitabeth. A spectacular behindethescenes view of the legal profession and the courts U offered moviegoers in thenew Paramount dsama "Disbarred" which opened last night at the Liberty Theatre, An unusual picture in its vivid theme, that of a woman-lawyer made "mouthpiece" by a gang- of racket- ' State WOODMUDOf h'kiiuy AND SATURDAY KKHHUAIIY, noulilr FEATURE Humid Colemu In "IF I WERE KING" PLUB ItNinli 'Xnte In ; "The Chaaer" Urtwn Lt.Ult NeH'i SUNDAY. MONDAY, TUESDAY FEBRUARY 2, 3, 4 DOUBLE FEATURE Cash Nit* Sunday TIIK HONNK.UINTUPLKTS "FIVE OF A KIND" also TIIK JUNKS FAMILY 'DOWN ON THE FARM LCtrtoon latent Newt WBDNBBDAY, FEBRUARY J» DOUBLE FHATl'RE Casli Nite WILLIAM BOVU In "IN OLD MEXICO" WH.DON IIBYBIIBN In "THE 3TH MAN" Comedy N»w» f!»wiu ', FBBRtTARY DOUBLH FEATURE Frril MuiHurray, B»y MllUnil In "MEN WITH WINGS" AND (HAHI.IR MCCARTHY In "AFRICA SPEAKS" 9 8TOOQES LATEST NEWS pursued the longest continuous career of banditry in this country 6 years,ftom 866 to friends many outthef hills who never referred to him u An outlaw. 'Horse and revolver work was their version of Jesse's activities' In Sahara" playing at the Empire "Theatre Va uou kmowthat was such a dinnjf desperado that he and his brother Frank jave to an entire decade of American history the title of the Seiipus Seventies'Their native Muiouti became known as the Robber Stile. The wtotoshetdi shows Tyrpne tower tnd Hentf -Sjakin the starring rdftcr Jest* and Trank James inlfce *Cenlwyrac Technicolor production 'Jesse Jamei' -invwtadbtnhiottety and was the fait to hold up a railroad train Pastengeis were so cunous aloul this new 'experience'thai they calm- was a strange inexplicable mix- ly asked the outuws to ex- -tyre of pood and bad, who be- plain in detail what it was came a conscientious church mem all about. bertn the midst ot hit outlaw career. eers, its exciting courtroom scenes It Is 2th Century-Fox'* Technicolor Crammed from the opening to and its perfectly-cast players, it production, "Kentucky" the final fade-out with two-fisted should be of more than passing scheduled to open at the Jlahway action, high adventure and warm interest to all citizens desiring to Theatre, wjth a cast headed by romance, RKO Radio's "Pacific gjn art iff!p.9 r t phase of American Lorretta Young and Richard Liner" openqd at the Regent Thelife candidly portrayed."" '" Greene,"ami indndinf (among U» *te#-*» aw oi th» iiimt. vehicles Crime Club readers and. movie more temperamental players) Victor McLaglen has had in. some fans accustomed to receiving some of the, finest thoroughbreds time. In it he 'is co-starred with thriiu from the popular iny&tery of American turfdom. Chester Morris, novels and the equally entertaining Announced u a great romantic ithe doctor-nurse theme is given series of Universal Crime Club films will not'be disappointed in story, centering on two at those a novel twist in this- entertaining story by the unique background. "The Last Warning" now playing The entire action transpires on at the Liberty Theatre. board an ocean liner bound for proud families who for three generations have fostered one of the finest traditions of horse breeding The new clliller brings back to and racing that the world has ever known, "Kentucky" reveals all jjvlh Morris playing a ship's doo- San' FrancLsfo from Shanghai, the screen Foster and Frank Jenks as Detectives Bill the luxuriant beauty of the Blue tor and Wendy Barrie his assisting Crane and Doc Williams, jsleuth- tor it was there that many of Gvat* country in its natural state nurse. inc pair who solved baffukg-oasesk In "The Westland Case" and "Lady In tbe Morgue" first entries in the scenes were filmed, according RITZ THEATRE, Ellnbeth. to Darryl F. Zanuck, 2tiv Century-Pox director. ', Fully worthy of the the Crime Club series. company RAHWAY THEATRE, Railway. which gave the world "I'm A Fugi tlve From A Chain Gang? is this new Warner Bros, picture entitled "Devil's Island," with Boris Kar- In the belief that millions of Americans are loyal and enthusiastic followers of the sport of "Topper" and "Merrily We Live," loff In the leading role, which alternately horrified, thrilled and Kings without actually knowing 'returns to the screen in another moved Intensely the audience much about the sport, or the klnflf its first local showing either, for that matters-hollywood at th^ Rltz Theatre. has now turned out a picture Although the locales are totally which is said to be the last word on the subject. MPIRC Theatre^ BAHWAY, NKW JKBHKY EFRWAY, HATUH>AY. HUNDA' FKBKUAIIV., 2 Mlltllic««Sntunlny * Hunilny ISINIIAV) I TO II ". M. He's a Daredevil of the Desert I RECENT THEATRE, a i n b e& Constance Bennett, the glamorous blonde who proved herself a first-rate comedienne In last year's mad and merry portrayal in Hal product! "Topper Take* A Trip" ached' for its initial showing at the Regent Theatre, through United Artists release. The cast of players in Miss Bennett's support reads like a galaxy of Hollywood's best known celebrities. Roland Young, who scored so brilliantly in "Topper" last year and in "The Young in Heart" this year, portrays Cosmo Topper, the banker who manages to slide into maritiil and fiscal difficulties when Miss Bennett "phllanthropically" takes a hand in his affnira..' K A; litfeieiit, Uie comparison lietween the new film and "I'm A Fugitive Hum A Chain Gang" Is'an obvious one, for "Devil's Island" is nl- SCCIM from "Thf Last Wtrnlnf" so primarily a depletion ot the cal-. lous and even bestial cruelty thati""' WBllel CutleM, Hurold liuber, j els the globe. Settles of japan, man can inflict on man in the» lton [all and Minna C'.om- Indo-Chlna, India and other foreign place* an unfolded»» Sam bell. And on the same program name of punishment-for crime. "Going Places" Warner Bros, newest comedy with music, starring Dick Powell, will be the Rltz Theatre's presentation, tarting today, Powell, who has proven Kimself a top-notch comadtan in hie recent pictures "Cowboy From Brooklyn" and "Hard To Get" ris- A UNI ON HOLLYWOOD Mickey Roomy bmttng In a full dress tuit and toppu to Ml rok in the n«w picture, "Tin Htrdyi Ridi High"... Maureen O'Bullivan itriking up a friendship with tin fifteen-month-old baby elephant,in "Tatzan in EjtHe»!... Jeanett* Mat* Donald, th«height of chic in a black Mid jade ensemble, warding the finale song of her new starring picture, "Bnnrtlway Semwda"... Judy Garland planning a vacation trip to Sun Valley as BOOK M "The Wisard of Ox" i* completed.., Hed? Lamarr extremely respectful of windows since one fell and landed on her head... Ina Claire creating a sensation with her new, shortclipped hair-do... Frank Morgan changing his make-up several time* each day for his "Wicard" role... Myfna Loy making gown testa for new picture with Robert Taylor... Lana. Turner going in for diminutive Gay Nineties hats, and getting away with them... Jo Aim Bayers wearing a smart little Swiss woed«carving as a lapel ornament.., Virginia BroM fedtttm V ly, that she will "Campus Cinderette" twenty minutes of music, comedy and lsughter, starring Johnny (Swat) Davis and Penny Singleton. BMPIKI TtfBATU, Uhwiy. ''Numbered Woman" a Mono es to new heights of hilarity In to»m feature open* today at Uie Waylanrf, N. Y When Ma car "Going" Places* ~ ~ " Empire TO?ilre > "fbr"a 3 day run. a alpwack WSV IWSSk. P. It Playing opposite Dick in this Featured in the cast are Sally Fox decided to salvage, the carcass extravaganza of the Steeplechase Blanc, Lloyd Hughes, Mayo Methoth, and sell the skin. However, Fox' Clay Clement, J. Farrell Mac- Is the beauteous Anita Louise. The" bad luck began. A few minutes rest of the cast Is made up, primarily Donald and John Arledge, Miss latef the car crashed Into a fence of comedians Including such Blane, Die sister of Loretta Young and; a fence rail pierced the dash- experts in Utnt line, as Mien Jenk- and wife of the famed actor-director, board barely missing Fox. When Norman Foster, return* to Fox tried to remove the fence rsll her first love, the screen, in "Nam the car bunt Into flames, destroying bered Womtn." the car and the ikunk. Sheffield some of his fanom nrimmlng itrokej... Vfatghm Onr! MUy getting ta thi mm. If only for a week-end... Am Intlwfonl already making plawfoc * Kramer vacation trip to the faij In fan l*rwctk!6... BottUnd Inwa dusting off her skis for M iadeflnhe playtime at Yoaeraite w wen M "Fast and LooW finishes... tobtrt Montgomery drlnunf bot nof on a tin let and nporting he does so Hvetil tifuat a day whjle wort- Ing.., Clark Gsble aeflobrtag pointer, kg to»oeotnpany-tte star on his next huritiig trip... Fwinle Brlce's daughter, Franoas, return- st to attend sehool In Bererly Bills 'rather than seek a stage career on Broadway. ' You An Cordially Invited To Attend The ST. JAMES' WEEKLY GAME SOCIAL EVERY MONDAY NIGHT AT 8; 5 P. M. ST. JAMES' AUDITORIUM Amboy Avenue $25- IN PRIZES! ADMISSON--4 CENTS The toughest and most lun-dboiled mm on earth-uip soldiers of the French Foreign Legionrevolt agoinst their leader because of his cruelties, oppression and tyranny. They hate their captain with a deadly Imtp which causes lie mto mutiny and yet, they re-, xxt him becuuat' ol his bravory HKI because he is "a Soldier!" That is the theme of Columbia's new. action film "Adventure In Sahara." which features Paul Kel-,y, Lorna Gray an C. Henry Gordon at Uie Empire Thetre. Said to be one of the most colorful' and dramatic narratives ever' told about the daredevils of the Legion Adventure In Sahara" was lllmed in authentic desert locations, with hundreds of expert riders pluying the roles of legionnaires und Arabs, "Trade Winds)" With a little of romance, comedy and mystery this picture trav- ()>ll rttrtdk, stebem Prmton Otto Krain J/l Starta Sat. Wyt In the person of Frederic March chases his su*pect Ralph Bellamy li good as Detective Blod gett and Joan Bennttt is interest- Ing with dark hair. Ann Sothern, Sidney Blackmer and Thomas Mitchell are In the cast. SUNDAY, MONDAT, TUBBDAY rrb. U, II tnd 4 WEST HARDYS "PECK'S BAD BOY WITH THE CIRCUS" TOMMY KELLY, EDOAH KINMIDY AFFA ANNABEL * GRAY yow hair gray I Is ll golno grayl Croie thai»hodowl Clolrol lifts the gloom of gray that'darker* your face and makes you look yean elder. Whether you'd like to regain your own color or <omp4erev change KM color of your hak, Qairol will-do It quickly anet to tubny Ihol y^of CMi#i9 www wont ottvet tfhi Clcnfol dott wfifll nolfhnb wi con I m OM tlfflplo snwinpootf recvtwrnom ara iini*i Ait re* tmtme*. Or write le m hr HUt Ctatnl Ml eevk* ee *» «rt > i«fr, mt4 HU eeelyiti. Write NOW»*» ktlm Mttutd(fy...firttA JOAN CUD Clelrel, *«,, m WHI «ttnel, H«w T»rt, N. T. H*«H M*e m i O*\m leeuet, AMM m* My lm*tw«'i Neew FREE

6 f-jpf fage SIX WDBBDGE LBADBB JOURNAL FKIHAY MQKNNT,. FKBrU'ARY ", 939 DOT. BACK WARNING COMES - WITH UN" TMC HU6E e ADD urn up AND MOUNTS TO t DETECTIVE RILEY SEE MING SING COMING F«* BOAT W+tH D«VU OTMEI? By Richard By PERCY CROSBY it Makes All the Difference in the World SARAH # J OQPIN'! AND fttch Maybe the Pony Stepped on the Wrong Foot By GENE BYRNES Aft Clopcrpgtit Thirty Y#nrf^p WILW VCV O«JOP FUS FAMILY H. Y. STAMP! STUCK TO And Ti> LAUGHS FROM THE DATO NEWS VOOKMCVJ.W MfMVMHO TO 8E J DERH, M»CH - SMS CrtllDREN SMOUlO VEfMD FOR AT T NDlNd SCHOOL,NE\N$ I TEW M»RO.- I «6»Nft TO D&NMHO DOOBlE TIME/ FAM.ES IN SLANG By GEORGE APE OHCE THERE WAS A MAN WHO BELONGED "TO ALL THE SECRET OROtRS HELOOKEDUKEA t GERMAN BUTHAD BUTHEE#PLO>EDALOT OP SWEfll HELP AND SENT WSWA5H TO A SO HE RAN FOR CXXWT/ TREASURER AMD THt- PEOPLE'S CHOICE. CWMES2 LAUNDRY FOR A FACT > FACTS YOU NEVER KNEW!// t. ' SENSl Smith Bros. Cough Drops are the only drops containing VITAMIN A l'lm n llic MUliiiri lli.ii i.nif! (tie i \S c>>r niuicnu nifnihiriiin or (lit IIOKand ifiiou IU (<>IJ nifeftioni ANSWERS TO OUR PUZZLE CORNER "W" OBJECTS: Winf, wall weave, woman, watet. waite, w«u wagon, wheel ' FIGGERHEAD: 5 PRONOUNCE WORDS: pn ; no, ounce, pcunce, roe, prune, or, run, nor, pen,,y DOTS: goat.

7 SPORTS SPORTS WOODBRIDCE TOWNSHIP'S FAMILY NEWSPAPER WOODiaiDGS, NKW JXB8SY, FRIDAY MORNING, FBBKUAKY, 959 BARRONS MEET ST. MARY'S TONIGHT; CASEYS BATTLE ST. LADISLAUS QUINTET Add Irony: Here's some-,hinu we've been waiting for ; the early part of last month a headline that Id r>ad, "Barron* ffirst game of Beason." Afte: omping through eight defeats the Barroni - did come through by gcoring.their initial win of the season over >Jorth Plainfleld. The victory had a wre spot in it, nevertheless. Lime Taaiboar, coach of the Barrons, was not pre*. wit to «his boys win. H«asked Joe Rugfieri to take over wfceo he was taken HI a short time before the f anm. Joe, always a halpful hand at Coach, ing, oblifod, and much to his surprisa, the Barrons won tholr first game of the saason. Congrats are in line to you tion of their fine pa&swork and let foe. We feel, however, that the Shells score. At the end of, Tamboer't threat late lut point* apiece to win by a the half the Casey s took a 8-7 margin. The Greyhounds, a leading quintet In the Fords senior lead. The Oilers, according to their peek did the trick. He swore lie would bench the vanity loop, took the lead in the first couldn't get started until near the they failed to winlhe next quarter and stayed In froht at the ertd of the battle when Jimmy Lee kame. The sophomores, were hail, 7-4. let lose with a scoring barrage lighten; 'he'd use them. He The final half was a different which netted eleven points. ras diajatfiafied with the hap story with the McLaughlin boy* The third quarter wag the lastwrung the pace and taking the lizard play of the varsity, lead early in the third period. In was evident they didn't the final period they increased the eel like playing a good lead and ended with an eight point ftme; margin. Cipo took high scoring *} foul shots as the period ended. The surprua, however, is tha school spirit of the \ student body. We had ex- 'pected a now low in atianct, but hutaad we saw «full house with plenty of "oomph" in tha cheering section. Whan the jama was over, they hopped all orer the gjrm and acted as though it was tha team's ninth straight victory.. If that doesn't wakajthe t teao) up, then they'd batter pack up. HOLY NAME FIVE PRESSED TO WIN WEEKEND «GAMES WOODBRilXjfe. - The local Holy Name eouruters added gamei sank the deciding field goal. The technique of the Detroit Clowns-to ^heir battle eei Colnnla forward, with, thir- High scoring honors went to vith the Caseys, Friday nite, tallies. Sullivan was,best for convinced me more than the winners with ten points. profs. r that locat quintets are [playing "old faanioned" basketball. The pros and cotlego MAZUREK STARS, Ifivejj no longer waste time (working the ball under the (basket for a ihot, they shoot BUT NIXON FNt= from the middle of the court. the [And the results are more ors than gratifying. PICKUPS... The gold baseballs awarded the Barrons for annexing the Central New Janey pen* aant WUt spring are bigger than evtr... Look more like basketball emblems -. Speaking of big things, the jackets tha Barron footballers are wearing are also tha biggest ever saw... Look more like overcoats. The Kanai Girls might [not be the best girls' quintet jjin these parts, but their I cheering section is unique The girls cheer for them- selves... Thanks to Andy faaroe for campaigning for [the best athletic equipment Uor all high school teams... After all, the best is the saff rat and the cheapest in the long run. Since this week's column >s devoted chiefly to basketball, we cannot help thinking that Buddy Campbell is the best basketeer the town has ever produced.. He proved it when he played with the Caseys last week and made he famous Garragher look l ke an amateur. Reside beinif (he captain of the Brown University five, he plays a bang-up game and leads the student body in the academic department < Congrats to you, Buddy Campbell. CASEYS DEFEAT SHELL OILERS IN AMBULANCE BENEFIT GAME: RECS AND KANAI GIRLS ARE VICTORIOUS WODBRDGE, With Jim Gerity and "Soapy" Mayer teaming: up to scone twenty seven points, the Knights of Columbus quintet defeated"the Shell Oilers 49-22, Wednesday night, an the high aehool court in ft game played ta*h> benefit of the Woodbridge Safety Squad unit. A rapacity crowd turned out to see three gajn«s and dance for the price of one admission, LSESJH3 PERTH AMBOY.-Another defeat was entered into the records of the Nixon Nitration cagers Friday night when they dropped a 57 to 3 decision to the Copper Work quintet Although Mazurek, Nixon center, took high soaring honors w'th twenty-one points, his teammutes played off-form ami dropped their sixth consecutive contest in the Y. M. C. A., Industrial basketball, league. - The Copper Works five started with a bang in the lint period with McDermott and Buchanan sooting In' ;apid fire order. All (our points scored by the Nlxons were made by Mazurek. A faster second quarter ensued, and again the Amboyans ran away in scoring to lead by a 23-4 count. The third period found the winners at their best as they totalled twenty tallies and held the NUojiers to a single field goal, this again being scored by Mazurek. With the score at 43-8 the Nlxons put on a rally and outpointed their opponents 5-4 in the final period but the early lead was too much to overcome. ' Mazurek took Scoring honors with 2 -points. McDermott was best for the winders, with 2 tollies Chlebowski with 6 points and Buchanan with 4 were close runners-up. CHILD The Recreation staff five defeat eri the high school teachers in the semi-final by a count The Kanai Girls won a tooth-and-nall battle from the AlUBtanj In curtain raiser. The Shell Oilers proved REC. STAFF TROUNCES BLUE BIRDS 6-32 IN NON-LEAGUE CONTEST WOODBRIDGE, The Sewaren A. A. Jrs., missed entering Die WPA Recreation Junior League Hall of Faroe this week when they defeated the Tigers JO-J. Had they stopped Blndewalt's field goal they would have registered the first shut-out in the history of the Cbmiherton and Kuana did yee> man's Work in tripping; the enemy with Mgh scores oi stven and six, points respectively. Bindewatt scored the losers' only two points. It was the second time this aetson he performed the trick at saving, his team from a complete shut-, the. ««t. Slotkin and Seglinski took scoring honors in pacing the Cyclones no match for the fast moving Caseys to 2-9 win over the Rtngert, Roy. in the main attraction. Jim Oerity, high scorer with seventeen the scoring for the Rangers. ^ gena, Smith and Corcoran did all points, netted three field goals' in The third team to register twenty points in winning was the Sport rapid succession to give the Caseys the lead, and from then on the ing Club when it defeated the Rec, Shellmen were on the outside, look Tigers in a non-league tilt, M-W. No. 4 and IB to their record over Ing hi. Carstensen's field goal Mickey Karnas, former Barron the week-end by winning from started the scoring for the Shell star, and Henry Saakes combined the Fords Greyhounds and the Colonia A. C, on the SI. James' Oilers, but the combination of their efforts with eight and five association to try and train these Mayer and Oerity paced' the points respectively, to sink the court. Only two teams have been boys to be true sportsmen and Kntghts to a 4-5 lead at the first Tigers. Dempsey was high for the able to defeat the Holy Nameri so gentlemen. quarter. defeated' five with six tallies, tar thii season, The game committee with WU>- In another non-league contest The Greyhound* were tint to In the second quarter the Caseys am Allgaier as chairman reported feel the stint of detent when the were content to give a demonstra- ed that Warden* Louis Larsen recently released sixty rabbit* on MdLaugluln brothers, Joe and bar r^ paced vlh*ir matte with ten the Rec. Staff trounced the Blue Birds by an overwhelming 6-82 count, Jimmy Keating again was the high man as he netted eleven field goals for a total of 22 points. Andy Gadek netted ten field goals. for the Blue Binds with thirteen tallies. The more experienced Rec. Staff had little trouble in downing fte younger Blue Bird quintet. At no etfof the contest and the Caseys time were they in any danger of piled up sixteen additional tallies i to lead at the whistle by 33-2 score. Fitzgerald and Knight add- FISH AND CHEi^^KsilMRONS DOWN NORTH PLAINFIELO TROUNCE CADET FIVE CLUB TO START FOE FIRST WIN OF SEASON; MEET WOODBHIDGE, Billy "Cwugan' Daub, once the goat and YOUTH CAMPAIGN SAINTS TONIGHT IUEVENGE TILT WOODBRUXJE At a regular meeting of the Wi«xtt>n<ige Township Fish and Game Association, hejd recently, plans were made to organize the Junior Sportsmen under the direction of Oscar Wilton. The following meatocn were ap Monday njght for the first time this year to defeat North Plalnfield by a eioee % Itufa, ;«w, ln»i«atty ti&otlgh. bard and Patten ip truwniong the Coach Line Tamboer was not on hand to see trie locals in pointed sa a commutae to contact Homestead!. The trto went to triumph. Joe Ruff i«ri took over the reins during Tarnths boyi of variqus action al the 4. work at the first blast of ths Doer's township: Bdward Trigs* John whistle and never verletup until me Peterson, of Ford*; John Schlmdt Victory came almost u s sur- who wu ousted' via the foul route genie was ended sd. Silvia, Home- a*i ttwatd Oonrla, oi Hofi*l»wn; rise,, since the Barrons dropped earlier In the quarter. ttead tonti, tried Ms best to lift Chris Thompson and Jocab RVoleni eight consertilv* games thus fa* Nttl ttm the count at JS S3 «H his club front toe slump, but the ot Bewsrenj frank Prairie and Last week the BVrroni were defeated by the Canucks on the lst- Baraelkna broka up the game with without seconds left to play, but three Terrors weren't quite ready Frauds Brown, of Avenel: Lawranee MpLeod and Oscar Nelson of tor's home court by a 3-23 mar- a beautiful shot from the canter of to concede detest. Kuxmlak was the big gun In the Woodbridgs. gin. Bui Monday night was a the floor. Toucnon added a foul Jayvees win over the Cadets with It Is hoped to have the Junior horse of another color ai Captain shot as the whistle ended the battk. a neat 4 point high score. Zen* dub organixed by the first of Tony Bawevha hit his peak and obia tallied seven counters to aid March, The younf members will pacen the fulroni to i well-earned the cause. Bvsretts was best for Tonight the Barrons will ssek b«instructed in the use of the gun decision. ^ the Cadets with seven tallies. The revenge when they play hosts to and rifle, the fly, casting and surf Jayvecs took the lead after pveretts tallied the first field goal and Ssihts gained a one-point verdict St. Mary's on the local court Ths rod, in addition to the rules and regulations oi the different games. Kiumiak retaliated with a pair of over the Ttmboermen earlier In the In fact, it it the intention ot the double-deckers. sea«on when Larry McLaughUn's land open to the public. The game h» been fed by the members during the past severe wea their. Informal meetings are held each Sunday In the club room on Upper Main street. being overtaken. Besides, the defense of the Birds was week and the outcome was evident as early as the first Quarter. RUMBLINGS on the ALLEYS by-wulum "Juicy" Fauble now a hero, paced the Terrors to»n wwy 42-4 victory over the Homesteads in the Wpa intermediate basketball league", Monday night. The only other league battle of the week saw the F. C. Jayvees register a 3-22 win over the and Ripper fives defeated the Aventl Corner Gang and the Collegians. Joe Sullivan and Al Ur paced the Holy Name quintet to an easy 39-6 win over the Corner Gang in a fast and furious battle. Al Ur, this time a member of the Ripper combine, and Fishing- I sr divided scaring honor* to ntgu ter a 28-8 win over the Collegian* The Holy Namers scored early in the first period with three consecutive field goals to lead the Comer Gang. From then on Al Ur and Co., were in for a Bure vic- honor* with thirteen points. Jimmy Lee came to the fore in Another brilliant second half, the last period with a one-man uw the Holy Namera take the Colonia A. C. by a slim wore. eleven tallies, but the Caseya still rally which netted the Shellmen The Colonian* took a 2-4 lead at piled up the count and added fouri the end of the first' quarter and teen points to emerge victorious. added thirteen points In the next Probably the most, interesting Period to lead 2S- at the half. battle of the vening was the game Alter a short rest period, the locals settled down to work and out and me All-Stars. The scoring It's a great life, if you don't them a swell fight to create plen- between the Kanai Girl reserves tory. At no time did the Avenelltes molest the H. N., except for a scored their opponents -6 in the was low as both teams gave'a fine weaken, but the Wdg. Auto Sales ty of action. I wish this Perna brief spell in the second period the third period, but they stili demonstration that women can boys weakened plenty in their guy would hit some sensational when Benson and JBurylo came trailed 3-2. Behind by ten points fight as" well, ns men. Szemereta match with' the Lehrer's Men's scores so that I could write something good about nun for a change. goals and a pair of fowl shots. through with successive field the locals called on Tiger Martin and Setnlck divided the scoring Shoppe pinners Tuesday night at and Charley Fltzpatrick to save honors for the winners, while Raphael and Kane tallied five points sequently dropped three games. the Recreation chutes and con- Ur sank seven field goals to top antics, the day with neat flips. Colonia was still leading by one point for the locals. This is the first time this (reason In Wed. nlghfs matches, the the scorers with 4 points. Sullivan bagged 2 tallies to take sec- The Clowns were by with only twenty-seconds to play that the Wdge. Sales lost three in Steel Equip, gang took a pair from The high school Teachers, nun» when Jack Sullivan tore loose and a row and I understand that it their old rivals, the Avenel Flremen, but..after a tough struggle.' the losers With seven counters. ond place. Benson was best for us the services of their aces, called on Johnny Korzowskl and Char was a hard pill to swallow. But that's when "Boss" Hoffman of They pulled the last game out of ley Molnar to aid them In their the Bees gets the" laugh on teams the fire in the last two frames, when Powers, Stephen doubted up Ithlca,; N. Y. Aa punishment for stealing food, 5-year-old Martha Kearney was locked in a drsfty bam Jn sub-zero weather overtilghti The parents were arrested on a charge of'tssnula^ghmr following the child's death. Evidences of other mistreatment were found on the child's body. SUPPORT Woodbrldfe femergencr Squad Dines, Febraarjr list This battle abo afforded thrills, spills and a few bumps. The final score: Recreation staff, 33! Teachers, 29. BURIED IN CINDEB8; LIVES in a rows, that he is used to swallowing the pills and they have no % effect on him. A A % ' ^"' Cholly's brother, Moe, was the powder keg for the Lehrer's, with scores of 25, 22 and 6, and "Cholly's" going around and say- East»si vramre, Orange., «. N. «i. ^uuuuim J. CUmbing to ( ing "dots brudder" and if I the eight and final point top of a-stlo to check convey- hed. om I vould blew him." SCHKDUUC used for cinders, Frank Paul- ^ Wuxtry! Wuxtry' At last a team Per AVoodbrldie Ice. League eo, 35, apparently los* his balance The West Amboy outfit put the has been found In the Civic league Woodbrttfd Heavy Sealer Fords Llsht S«nlor and sunk out of sight Into the fifty-five tons of cinders In the silo, games even tho they were shooting skids under thej Anchors for^two that can lick the Gerns' Service All games are postponed on account of Senior Play and foard Wednesday at the Fords No. 4 Sta. lads for at least a couple of Sipc hours later, workmen ^lifted wlth B.. bund,»»' Zip.. m)!liai,, games. The Craftsmen's Hub with School All Stars vs. Greyhounds of Education elections. the uncotadouj man from h hole ^otta n^j wlth B «bund» ^ Geo. Deter and Russ Lorch doing st T:W P. M. Bar FUes vs. Big Five Woodbrldfe Light Seflor they, had chiseled in the skle of ^ve the other teams a chanee." tii.6 sharpshooting took them for at 8 P. M. Alarues vs. Keasbey the silo. Unless pneumonia p devd- ^ ^Thocey, you'se ' two even though ' Nate Bernstein Monday at the Parish Houne4- F. C. at 9 P. M: I focnek said i, «uys oped doctors said, he has ah excell did d get g w biggest g score of the February 3: Colonia Patrol vs. Thursday-Knights vs. Eagle* i was lucky." lent to recover. week, s 'Sno use talkin' Stewarts A. A. at 8 P. M. Pescons at 9 P, M. "you vs. AUas Stars at fl P. M, IWris kaunwdlste The Rarltan Fire Co,, lads bat- wi' kee P th ** N * te Tuesday Holy Name vs. Col- Wednesday-Skeeters vs. Woodohoppen at 6:3 P. M.' ted out'a neat 92 In the initial, leglans at 8 P, M. Rippers vs. Cor- STRANGE game against the House of Finn's; After snooping around a bit, I M. Thursday-Hill Billys vs. Jitter to take that game by close to 2 found out why they lost two.they Wednesday Corner Gang vs. bugs at 7:8 P. M. Bull Dogs vs. SUPERSTITIONS pins but the Rusznaks pulled a ( had some gelt on the line. 'Sparky' Colonia at 8 P. M. Fords X's at 8 P. M. Rusznak and insert**} their "m- took "Rusty" Damsrest for a, ride Friday Rippers vs. Atlas All spiratlon" Frank Ungvary, who,'when they bowled total pins f«ftt> LOKSHWrt«SUS«AT APPCOACHIM& COFRN.HE, CAM ^ rtsr snnuigoi IT IIP Vou inlhelehth and J came through with a. triple, which put the Uggwt grin oa. Van Camp's face that I've seen In & lent time, (He bowls ank for the Steels).and the boys picked up five marks to win that heat by 8 sticks. That's what you call pluggin'. although he bowled 22, inspired long green, and did "Rusty" take his team to win by 8 sticks. Then a rife. And then I found that even (future pop) "Lefty" sed son*bud Fwddle Behvenser, had, two bits strategy and yanked Frank ouwngalnst Jules for total, pins and and lost the nightcap by 22 pins, took him, over. So the next time B«ttet let Frank stay in after this you bowl them, get it up. "Lefty." The Busy Bees must have gotten a little pep from up lnst week as jumped up into the the second game of their match with even the "boss" for his time. I'll do It for a couple of pounds of hamburger each week. t It's a good thing that Joe Oil! for the otherwise they woum have lost a few the bowled py. I'm... to think thit I set pln«for you 25 years ago, shame., The Old Timer* Jn the are sure out for blood. The scores they have been hitting lately would take a prize In any tournament. They continue their climb toward!! the top by taking two from the Avene. A's who gave lowett awe to from wining y in a row. They took three "P»»y taking three more There's one la* on George's?team that I found out can't bowl when he hears a girl talking about, him. I won't give you his full name, but I'll give you a clue. It's "Chicago Kid" 'Money Child", "Cataldo" Frank Lomonlco. 'And now that the boys found out that a girl's volet afftcti him, they're HOLY NAME AND RIPPERS RECORD EASY VICTORIES WOODBRIDGE. Two runaway victories were registered this week in the WPA recreation light -senior loop-when the Holy Name, The Rippers-Collegian encounter was a comparatively slow fracas. The Collegians, realizing their weakness on 4ha fltfensa r -pwfld r strictly defensive, game, but they still tuiledja holder and Flshlnger from tallying nine points each. Both field goals by the Collegians were scored by Burger, while Dobbbs accounted for three foul shots. Dutoe'a foul shot made up Stam at» P. M. Wooebri&j* Intennedlate Monday at the Parish, House Boitunhs vs. Jo Jo's at :3 P. M Alces vs. Stewarts B. B. at 7:5. Tuesday Cadets v«. Terrors at 7:9 P. M. ] Wednesday Jtomestesde vs. F. I think the gang down at the C. Jayvees at 7: 5 P. M. Peanut league should take the tip Friday F. C, Jayvees vs. Bohunks at 7:5 P, M. Homestead* vs. Stewarts B. C. at 8 P. M. Woedbridte Juniors Tuesday at the Pariah House- Cyclones v* Clovers at 8:3 P. M Wednesday Tigers vg. Rangers at8:lbp. M., ' ThursdayC-I. O. JunWrs Va, Sewaren Jr«. at 8:5 P. M. " relinquish it bringing their girl friends to rattle him. Tonight the JJuts take on the And did you miss the Peanut Cargang League Dance? If you did, you missed the best'time of your life. will be down for blood, Ask anyone thst was there. There a few, the Nuts will was plenty after effects. On» lad I know slmost gavs his wlf* heart failure when he served her break fast In bed the next morning, t think'the condition he wan In excttses him. Another guy I know very//well took a''corrlgan" down the steps antf suffered for two day* after. And another lad T never knew could dance did' the "Hawallah dance" on a table. Well all in all, everybody had one swell time. And don't miss It next year. WOODBKUGE. After bowingu> Perth Amboy- school in the most uneven (fame of the season, the Woodbridge high school Burrons climbed into the win column Barcellona hit a new high score tor the Barrons this season with five- field goals and five fouls for total of fifteen tallies. Gene Clark, always high in Ulliea, was next beet with eleven points. Querino topped the Canuck cagwith nine markers. shot with twelve seconds left to play spelled the doom. The preliminary game will find the foot- AfteiT a r^; ilow first period»*«" *"* the PlAlnfleldert accelerated tq ] It>r for nonor* take a 2-6 lead at the end of the' Monday night the Barroni meet first half. Both sehotils used tlieii South River for the second tiros second stringers In the first half, Uilt lesson. The game will be pliy but the regulars were recalled for ed home. On Wednesday night the final gpurt. The Barrons, paced by the can- Eamelten, inother quintet to gain a narrow margin win over the locals, will be entertained on the lony Tony Barcellonu, outpointed their visitors in the third period cal battle floor. by a 2-5 count to lead M-44. Coach Tamboer, feeling fit after Again the Canuck retaliated in the his abort absence, will again sit In final period, but they were lost the driver's lent, stlb thretunlng without their key man, Querino, to* Ifoe the varsity if it kmet. 6ASEYS DEFEATED BY CLDWNS IN FAST GAME; PLAY ST. LADISLAUS FIVE Of NEW BRUNSWICK TONIGHT WOODBRIOGE. Buster Kenny suid his Detroit CloWns visited Woodbpdge lut Friday night and stayed long enough to hand the Caseys a drubbing before a record crowd in the St. James* auditorium, Besides displaying a superior brand of basketball, the Clowns also kept the crowd in a jpvial mood with their novel circus fw the best team ever to play on the local court, and Although th«score w&s dose, the GtowM showed the tarn a fait brand of ball besides some nf the best sharp-shooting in the game. Early In the first period the ClowjU..took ajpnj.lead \vtth shots from beyond the mt33le 6 the court, ) ' Leading the Caaey* by a wide margin at the half, the Clowns then went on to demonstrate their razzle-dazzle plays around ' the basket. The speed with which the visitors handled the ball won for them round after round of ringing applause, Jim McNally, former Manhattau College star, was at center for the DetrottMrt end waa by far the meat oumahshwg piayer on the floor. Acker, Crawford and little Joe Mallnowskl showed their versatility on long shots and superb l Buster Kenny, head funny-man, appeared In the last quarter and ahpwed that he was an excellent passer with his tricky underhand and side flips, Scoring nowes went to, McNally with eleven points. Qfcrlty was best (or ttia lo-- cals with five field goals for ten tallies. _. Tonight the' Caseys play hosts to.the St. Ladlslaua quintet of New Brunswick on the St, James' court. The Laddies feature Joe Harlucko wlcz, giant S foot 5H inch center and former All-Stater from N. p. H. S. Others on the New Brunt, wick'five hive starred with St, Peter's and Rutgers. < The Lewis A. A. Girls will meet the I. B. U. W., Corp dulntet of Newark in the preliminary con* test, Tlw Lewis Girls topped the Kanai GlrU In test week's prelim by a narrow margin. Tt* tnts ffnacr ICHM MM t{ H* HIM fknkxlv Utnt Ml ftuihi fir ftvh i\ '

8 (-4 U,r taght ROMANO Soft lit --c..- t Jk\ he firat heard *2 sain atuirkt were ii.!rum tr.t Neu Brun*-- "TYM- r«<r. bid Murray been and the on kiw perfectly dry." -although it had ltd mining all day SEVEN PARCELS SOLD BY TOWN COMMITTEE Wi.. '.** ale c :; liargjoli for $745 Lou II and H m Bkick MSA sold to Henry C. Made* far WOi lam aad Ttaroaa Bay to IINL /X.wMawlM amackalfd INJURED (Contained fnaa.^aga out) u«4 treated for»i Sergeant Ben «rs Henrj WOODBRIDCE I^ADER-JOl'BNAL, rlilday raj OHi- I Stephen AVENELP.-T.A. PLANS FATHER' S ON HIT-RUN CHARGES BROTHERS KEATING from CooUcutd AMBOYAN FINED HERE WOODBBDGE, iiiuli Jr. M erf 35» Sut* street.'j^^j 'Pertr. Amboy *a$ fined M5 y>d four ckyuirt asu tar being a hil- Unirj Dunfae, of M» EU beth aw- Amboy, vac fimd five Jiars' for anlniayt of court and hit ngbi to drive revoked for «M beta* i F^rv. Pife Oat Csotjauad from P*#* motorcycle *ort and U 'raffle officer. December. Bid they rievaied to Desk from Peru ABBOT < ti v* up. However, Offi- rears tater, i/tepn Casaie ahifwi. " to. two he a*» the top of the Her wtajft hain before by the 4uo acted of Can?, _ F Jofaa. (auto, M Flftl. 3S M faou to Qafriaa!*_>«far Bertha A KeUov far Miien I heard miii wlhng my intended «ui-in-;»» Jl «txmii IOMDC hit hat I looked iriui UM room, recopdaadj TIB ta Georfle Bognar for nod railed Lot Ml B «*J i to Her venue, near nwnnenj hajl MiU tit u> say that Wedbe*d*r ahemoon. WPA en»)lcnraenl sjatui faoad Roanano; the Mrs. A. D K«kn prcfrted ovw back, he laid, a( tut said he r^ his hat Usri at the rcqoert rf fte Henr) own aceonl but Mm. Jtetett.cUmu arrantjem«its u> - relieve this stfua- ] he»kf>ped at the American LefKai, K-?* «a«voted Hon. ktfdl relief ottkes msy, elert lrt! Ci t B Uunt street and Nellie ttrttt to thdmwn due to the - fart CoBncil t* Boy Scarti u frieofe Of ban louowad extreme ewes lo b to request jj He rt tihal h* ' to work and tben u*ed wi old hal wnthoul a «h»ld pfntred «ntii Uv nin cloth that rujht for SW. 7MB Ki Spitaer So lor brtn (Xfic«f Martin ThuUewn. of UK Perth Amboy department, ertatad rej He* iull a food fellas rm amuanoest when he relifed ho* a yguni mint «MW )S UB Aflen while he was on duly at the booth' derk. then introduced the and uid he found the hat "down! runt rnd toe treet" "That's *Jicr» I made my outtake," he testified, "by not getting found an! asked them who had badge] Arthur Brown No. 42 They told me Jim Esgsn I Spitaer. just before the called him but be avid it adjourned, deeded to j The program EHroyi tipening statements referi John Gardner, Joseph Caaaie, a patrolman tiic local department, VH Balint was pui fm ih* stand B».]«>"» "» to the witnesc chair- Caaaie tj,,, touted that he s.* W*. Be- icnocl «questioned I approach you and requact the loan' of your police hat? j A, Yet. Kamey Romabo. fie did th;t he lost his hat while he was wiping the windshield off in front of hu home He wanted to borrow my hat just to report oa and then he would g<> back to <*k; for it did finally ft lo him 3. m the PenhiDg sveaue The next meeting will be»nemberatiip t+ia rman w«intromm ratsomu LOAN (, t H. i inwt Dm u. ait # CM SMITHft STARStKflS (Ow SUM4AY DRUG STORE) futk MNOV 44UO I. Mann & SOD Hours DtJly C-U. -a. T-i Wednesday IB-It U.F. A. i ft. Per* a\_m*. K. k Help Wanted Female WANTED TO BCT A SECOND-HAXD HOUSB OR (JAN \n)- DC wi«hme to Kl) «ut* ks nrau ti Mknl i(> inquire v K /'< C dobboiw :* the rornfr ol Aiabor a»»- nue uid itkib vtrret Wi.idbnart. Aveoel Parent held iutet.j,i T and cdebntian olj3td rapica of the P»reol-T>«*- valofwd that Mulvihill me 4fo Andnw AlUm,!, ddviag (be or at the next meattng will be given oon waj-. *» SsJety CtaaJnraro," Mrt. ^ T»m reported an absence cf aeri S*L^S5_&? which the Utter wu itewapaper of aauult and given the State Polite report on tbe Woodferid* avenue recommended that * Avaotl stiwc* wiu chairman, Mrs. announced the - Child WPA WORKERS MUST RETURN TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE WOODBPJDGE - WPA workers who are temporary assistance from the relief office will be requiredu> sign a promiisory not* tor the amouni of rebel granted, according u>» notice received yesterday by Municipal -Relief Director JcKn Omen hnet from Arttvir Mudd. directoi of the State Financial AuMantc,n bact of U* Memcni) Mun.cipal!,P^"Jf* ZJLS^M i_h! The ruling rewived by Omenbuilding He lestified that he ii» ^^_^vimrfr _«e«r Re ^^ readf " P*^ «fouovii Mrs Romano arri her d»k^ite! n /J~~ jkz; J "' "Recently, became of the un walk ewsv and Karne>' park hu car. Lsie her die had been able lo work either for cur-. OCMOCaUTS raeun The Iselm Democratic Club. Mrs F Johnson prewlrnt. oeld a WHMI '.V,-dne«l«y night at the M;~ Levine. Two new T'.e lselui Dem«rjt'iiunit will hold a 3. m the; home of.ofw dub, ruarjr U ii 6 o'clock Md Urged each member to Vote in «o imar election. Mm WUlian. was >n rhargc of the! and read Babies Te*rm,"~by Mrs William Kruf rendered two piano s*k», "Concwt WalU" by G-oldmjj-k, Humoreaque" by Till, WOODBRDGE. TJie Anthony S ai eight ('clock 8 the cl\* on Main street John Coyne. TWnahip D*RM>cratic leader, will be the officer. IStXJN The annual Pork, Roa* and Beef Barbecue supper 'aponaored by the Holy Name Soci«y cf St. C««U'$ church, will be faeld Uanorrow night Prank Breuian. rtiaumm. an-.-junoes U»V tbjre»'h be Jwo menues for the supper, an txceilent program cf entertaintneqt and dvicia. COLONIA Wii* Anna C. Hage k m r H ** X** Dnvfr raad, Ihil School at Vmeknd. and lock, of Gasport; N.. uill be held tamorrov at S JO o'clock at the G:einer funeral bobkt. Rev. Theodure Perry, pastor cf the Uetuchaad NMV Dover H. K. dwik»iu offidatt Interroeut will be in the New Dover cemetery. SHERIFFS SAU XN CBAKCXRY OF NEW AUBOT BUtLDt cor- IMO i 4 LOAM AflaOaUTlO.N.IT-LB CAPACITY THOB-<J*»W«- KIUtOT aad EUZABETH KIL- Tuh^ Washer, Ringer EOT, «iia wife. Drfcadaau. fi FL for tke aale at akirtmed pmi>iae> Mangier. HO. excellent condi- 4alc«Jaaamir 7. VST - ^ ^ Mcrt: us«4' only ^5 monthc Gecj Bf *Ut«* of tha abo*««tai«4 N Van Leer, 55 George Street, to aae directed *ad tmirered. I win to aale at iwmfc wodue» AveneL ^W B8DAT. THE TOIST DAT rot FOR RENT at two TWO LARGE ROOKS. Rurniubnl or ubftirniatied Inguln WiJli» Bauer. Jltrrilinr Avf-nuf. ArtnM Tet. Wi f» MM THOMAJ r wmxm me. BXC SAHD H.J HABCH A- D. KtXETEEN HfX- DRCD THIB'i*T-M.\K f efwna of tbe wua d*y. at be Sber iltf Office MI tbe City of New Brunt- K. 4 Candle Light Sen ice loi- princ'ipal Ur P T A." by *Mi*. P. Cxwpland, "Our Teachen' Mrs A D. Kaplan, "Love Mothers' Mrs. P. J. Drnato. J r ri " MICHAEL j rent wagei or to make up lost time du *'"' l;* u^ a* providtjd bj WPA regulation*.' JJV««ou ^"' they haw retained then j^*"^*"- - J SHERIFFS SALE IX <^i_k_tr W NKW Br,»«a HOME OWNERS UJA.N LURPOAA.IOK. a bodr eorpurlu ol Lbr Uuitad aute*. ^anac in prioci- PuJ i^iet la Wajttiufua, ti C. Cuaaputaui, aad ANDREW MKuVITZ LDd BOSK MKOVIlt, ail wilt «K knows as KOVITK. Dtfaduiu. ft Pa. for Uw oit (4 mwiwkl prob- I*M aiim Jtauary ll. lan By rinut c( tkc ajwta ttoicd Wni cuctt U, a & atr»!k Wit «WaUi.VKSDAY. TkfE njtkbnth UAV or r&bttijajtv / A. D. HUNDEED affiart note for the amount granted»nd for tne recipient (hall igree lo make out oi hu subsequecl WPA earning! in <?xoe-.f- oi hit luutiuii.t Hie f&ci Ui6! i WPA person or farci! rec*]\uig temporary assistance ijwl! accept private empkiync-t p*\'ent the local relief fr«n aerurmg full rertittjtion for rtlief Uw "WPA workers receiving «pecia) i*mporar> hssistoxnt shall t* required lc their WPA theik? currently, unli! ihe awuni. a* thwr indebie«dne*s " Mrs. Kuzmiak T^resented tfit third preshent Mrs Helen Han-»t«v-tmir y rock.with a past president's pin: (M«i*t\ witlberij, froai br iauaclini Greetings from nine of the Ur ihe t TTH f.jk-iniif fismw MT removed feir iha sou bertr liac U Nrw Brnatli * '*--*'H UU' p.jcmrd* m»il«j to past presidenu were evtn. the WK* Arasue wilt JK w««wi7 line <* J*^ il^ri,"* fc^^f'v*?,^" OirWMUy cajce which was a gilt of.ausrt, aad aknc the wtajerly Use J '»* t»d>(»uaf iku U»> n<. 'k*t*r Mis. Tarti was cut and distri- Cumaw«ajil A«IWtWtD Ww mrm^ers arid Tfi--*. lght tnfiu wth e>e"fc«"wiirie"ooe Aai»>. Emrtl*. n«m»in 8IJ»«meeting concluded with the sing- huodiwt il»i ten, um» (ti run- Alt*?* JUry. Hi Cro»e Armas u»..l v AKDREW D DESMOND AiKirnr ll DM&i.Ad 'Ei^Q )! Crmiillf Si. DUf PKipatrirk ArrtUt fnipttrk* and»t«te»uce but trom at Ju*tie«Tilli*. 5T K»w L Oeorgt M auia Strwl, atiaaa. M Orort Arpiu* H»rrr K Orwt k*tb\* "" CUri A 5M Birroa Awout Ruth 3 " " ' " \ Jnho. 7 7 Vfart-dci A«* lntc Uliiiwl Jr. HI H*Ja»r*H Gnw* l>mk. JO Vfbon MrMt aftnin rvlion»rw<. G«rr.l< ' J:«eph ft K*rku* Gtriwr llu-um 5* P t GI-UT Virtinik. a Pleaaant ATMIIM G Ourt«Lord Sreel.. Eallr Lord ttrert. Ed»«rt), \ Oaklaiid Art- O.vii Eirmtor nnviiia. Oertmtt. It' Je*a Court K.C.V HUTU atafcif lit Fulton Arwt H.lw W-uik P«.H atrttt Hrfitr. Joaeph JVind* Orme»,c crtdiion at ta* Hcflirvwi Roa* S)( Anbor ATUU KIELT u brtna in Hn«Albert, 53 Du«h»j» PUee. H«ik IUJ- v U9 Ul Dunh DUUJMIB Plan. of tbf Mid AIM in Groif Areuu» nx 9aiVi IS Grove A T act ttrm-if" Ik J *p}i 5M Butnrd Aronuf M>TKt 7 ii i<id«ik-«wib iwooa U SIC Jlrll-* 2! '>f ; * kr. Jk't ii ncuttl* JTVUI-I»I J mi l«xi BrkUrmu, Ludlt*. 7 Oaklasd Av«- Pw- 4>pru«Td April It. <i«nbtr witb tbr u UK»-ill be r«n»««d tnm UM Per RAfirtrtticiti RMm of ttnmj Bant BiuMta*. IU SUtf SUvel Prrtk Ajtbor. ( or fort atkv ]Ctfe. ]9H 4»d prc««to UK' u'^rn,.* li H* wid Mi<id)«Kx ing of Auki Lang Syne. mtnm i«tvtajrbn (25) feet, ftrwt. Bue.tiewa (4) rubbiag tmmrrty tod *t Andeix. Wtit«r,_W Wilifrj Bu«eL FUNERAL SERVICES «-ill be beid tomorrow afternoon at 2 JO «'clock at the kmis"htat»ii«-'i7 Greiner Funeral Home «n C: "^ rtreei. Rev. Rodger W. Hawn, pas- tiw ^iriw of tha church, will officiate. will be in the Alpim Perth.Vmboy. ' I Areeue The tote Mr Drake b by two brotbert, Dudley, of Belle~' m to * and Walter C, of Forest Lake. Minn., and a stater, William it Berry, of AvcneL The dece~ed was'employ the! Woodbridge TVwmship tox of- " f or I nuinber of rears, of the County' lor of ihe Methodltt Bporop.l di'lumkacx ^ ^ ^ m - f^ Baa* TN _«( "..I.,,^ DaM* f«r»««intenneni.stfa. int., SHERIFFS SALE. If Main Slrm. Qtlr initial. J^ StV Itasla Sfrai Sol-, aurn. 7 Soriac Artec CMT-T. DorbtkT. '.. Omaa turn»«w. BlitpWa TI tnm <Jnrr» Ar Arrant»ockdkle. mtak IS Aaboy A«bOT A<«tiue Atcew StotUkle. Wiltum.. IB IS kmbtf Are- Cuioben. Jr IU HkTfrtl A»* nur. -v., ft«bv«. fu»r. 2f7 Leon Amur. Outpbra rtoreana. IU HarraU AT* 9tnn> Flormne E Ml Vklentint IN CHANCBKT OF NSW SWOBS! Between WODBBJDK Btnt^f AXD ND LOAM LOM AffldCIATlON aaqot a OMpo- nt ralioa of the stale <** Nev Jeranr StaawiUrd Time In UH u4 MART PAUUO PAUL PAULSON. e«all, Dtf«adanU Fi Fa. for U* aak. of auruaared B«_a«a _ _ Jaaawo JJ, *8 Br IMH «t it* fbon «uui Writ «««i kki i«- d«-e«_ ^.tafc-jl I will «- ^*_i ^ to aate at public Ttsdue oa aulafm br aau aate H,««~ " Oac Hvaini WEDNESDAY. THE FIROT DAT OF WOod IB te«'r Hi<idit»ti and SUtt MAJtCH / New Jf»eV- fktkfth A. P. n'uiiiti NTNinauwX vivv HTJNto -y 4V 'ZtZZtJ dtrncuo and "_7 o&roreo, ii._-j l t _m wiu CK- _ FOR RENT Tire* large sunn) BEING kswn add Animated "p* DBSD THlltTT-nXE p«to ml*»t pobhe»* «So. at >.o k certain map tlttluod " WlkDNESDAT, THE EIOHTH DAT OF rc«m5 and bath. Newly decorated. Hct and cold water. Kitchen irkfc. N. J DRED THIRTT-NINE (. 9 d(*rmi'l» ttualed UTi Office In Uw City of MARCH A. D NINETEEN HUN- Owintr. N. T beioktog'to Hanptpn L,.. _,. - _ at two odoek Staadard Ttm la tbe range provided. Inquire S. Beck, Cotter mnl Uon L Cutler." ud filed All the foilowlnc tract or parrel ft,-rruar* of Ua> aatd Itr >l UK SurlaBd and pnmner toreinafter pkrtic, r, o<r) n tn tbe Oty r* New Bnmt- is tbe ottioe <t the Clerk of tbe Com P. O. Box 57-J, Weil atreet and ty at Middlesex. ulirlr dtktibrd. dt-»tribed. sl'uate. aiuc. lrln» yg and t* lnman avenue,, Bapway, N. J. BBGINNING at a pout tbe tortkf Ch* p t * in* to tbe TowMbl* of Woodbrtdne in ^ a* fotlowuc tract or pircel t< SWI ditt.7,24 SLTWI. dictut tfat C«inty U Mddl and d 9ut«of i,^»nd pmatae* bereto-ner parleol^ny dcacrtbed. altuatr. lrlo* a«l*- j of Churt* Ktw JMWT *>d Two uw- Tvn Hoa4rM Jtrrj'-t (eel nwuum) bdginmng HI thefjuurly \,w it iii in the. Ttmship of Va,airvitt Vaairvitt la ATTB.*,CTIV Boom. tmndndtks 4 aide c< Churr* S. Geurfn Araiuie at paiut ihttm, h M O Ounty of f Mlddlnri uid d Stale <x lkar H frm tbe Botai l «int<twrt)c«i dm l ci huddr^d hdd f**t f TK«rih*riy bri ^r* V JJerpry ot> Main i Street Call Woodbjridie iitthmtribhtr r am* rf OHnl Strwt «U> Ui-v tj».»»«''"m lt»»»; Bftinnlnt u > in me vt or Woodbndfe i-w.[,v MKK-rlr l >de d of Hod Amur ri'fi!*«njrftfiir lujf _/ fkle ^ rmirfleld Airavf di«mt fn.ji uid beclaaibc point rmnint () OH* Ul «!.»)(»id liavf r. rt.») fpun, tbf leirrwriir.ti cj the Real ErtaU Far Sab wfvriy fri U d M Kiaatet, H we ««.r«w A»«ue.. n<» lud cm' jej^ri, upe x* K»ifte«Aimue wiu _.. » d*ct*«tl,(ny-itti» Jiln ih, ot«*her)t '"» ol Ziar Ai*Bue md tigbtr-st* toe hundfe<)tj-» lift *5l I «"» ewl flfly It*t!< k fk.nt ic uid IOUBlf lhfrx* in «-(*erlr aertnty '«4 lo k ««! : ih« ij> «<.uth 7» Avenue»( hundred lweriiy-sjgtn ai- y,, [«! i,, k &,j m iher,c*. ill iii.nb- R B FINX A OOMAUT IS mlnuk-f» i*c(ff«lj t ftfy-nx we-hundre<lih* (! k lirt K.utl,- t, lv Ul!j pkrklw wiih Fiirfieid Avefour Mid mnewn inw hiid- nl> mcii»ur«i kli«5 Tbf»mf fr-m i.., R-«I KkUtc aa a^ flfly-iiu knd ft<!j- hjndrwjt drm'ta (MIX fe* Ibmt* '!)»<»jt»i if-rw-'lii.n wifi Ihc wmthfrh ff«>' to i thnk*» de tm» 4 *lifl»f» i purkllel FIM-HUB.Slrj-c!!I,.» (T -Ji r-rly u>d parklk! to tbr flrn FmnDaa Street iwenitmidf u>d ftfly -irt!y»i'ii defree* Ih'rv fi mir -! tvuri* kbd H rigl.t kfjg'im I.. OB^ mkdml'hf 2 b«i («-) u" f 'hui> wc.*id»»k*: -n- t Avenue.»erpnty (Tfl) fe*t t' B fill 7) fe»* t- na-thehf aide ill i»iiih dnrre»*.'( miiiuu' fiity-lm-!> >'. tlif-rx* '3i s.!'*t)v., p^,,,,, i.'i'nw Hi «oulherlr «J<«Bf tv "»* «it iul.;r<-j r.fll'^ii I-il«ii'l will!!>!i-«: (. urn' fifiv!t*: ^,'d B^, tide oi Fiirfttnd Atssi y " ' " ' 4 Tnr rly frkjl*! th» ft,v-!wo flfiy huwtredi feet (tt im.numini IR ]if ; M) c k point <T p'.kif C^iurt-h Street: thrtirt- Chun* Street furl? tlilny one-lnatatwlthf <«J4> f*n thf i V y atee* (it BBCINMNG..' < Bdac th* premlaef «oniiim<ilr knnw:i' IV-lit it,f p.>. awl dwcnatm * Sc. } (Tiunh ITM! dwrnkted St*eL'Vootbri^r N«Je«eT. '»irfi'»- frod). Tlw appmtiaktt* aauou of Die (If- The ipprr>iin rrre to be aliaaexl br Mid Mte In thf 'r-f to tie tm of Four Tboukknd Thirty Sr'*n ">e»um nf Hi " " undml iirjfiv«die < pl»<* [ Bfpnijlng ijjf»mf [iinruiki fviivfjrd ti * P«u!*(»i IIT luhrlli J. Auftln u^bsdi by a**^j datwl Ju)y. TX#*r* M,«DM* tofhhfi *llti fv, Ifcinifred HII^-SII IX.lUm MSU «th»» Ml* Bt^ik 54«, P w-i rimncoly Jmowt. N» S«St. Oeorfm «t of Ihe deli (re* to be kr I lifted br tkid rale! Tlw '*>r br nm M» It Thriunnil Thrw tun of Two TTK>U««IKJ KietityThrw (Sf I>-4ir. ltt«aa.<>) ' LflW YncMher TntHher witji rv Tnsetber with kit md jinpjlar the i Tor'ltwr with kll kad kliirular In* Tt«rtlief»ith kll»nd tncuiv the JlU arltikgcs. bernhuinmili and nctita prlreletnu. VrwH'tttDeWi uu) rlrhfi arhilefh. beredtlinnta and appnrfrnaank tiommtd betoaclnir t" spfni^nknmi th*r»jdto beknciiif <r kaponreaaotm ta»t!t«ta- *ffwrt*lblnc In «Mwi»* iipwtkiblrt tn asrvtae appertklnaif jtn rus c. KNGKL rulios c ENOE;.» jtruo r 43herMI fptu u 9hertfT uto uoutbkrorn ^. SdMtoi. H ill Njilt ii w vuaiu.. W»S jaron u 4-ta-l.kt.lT.M «- Mh r A_ in > M Mali 9u*et Tl Culten Lane Brrtuar J-*u J Jr. S!l A^Jrfy Arrn. Bnynt'o. C Wlnmin ST< iubway Barrett. J rtetfter. nue. S74 Rakny A«- PleiSrt. «Hector»jwt. II* WoodtrMrt An-; Buu. Edward faiwlo AtTuur. BITB*. EtekbM.' Juan Anaut, BroimW. Jaaet K SBili ftrwi.' avraj Joaeph; DaU AUr-d «atkin 9(rwt H» atun 3tr*H C >rli 4 VmJt-ntllw PUrt. Cifhenof S Moorp Jii*i)»B Mirj Ki Rm«*-K Knout, EHUI ISO Oreen ftlwl, S Ki fc Qma Kit.t* Jw< IK d m Strwt. Kintib".. ll»*n. 7 Leon* 9 Brt«Richard. New Bntty, Mllif, F«rt Street. Brth HH U Orwi A ltary.» Orwe Aveaiw. Brnatac WIlHam. a Oro«*»m. Bmh* Helen. M Mal«Strart. B»rhi JuMi J Hoy Aienue. d nl Buhop. Wwtrt. Jl Pluauit Awnue. l J W»» Erln A«BO» Curler. <Juince. 75 New 8tr««t. Chickerim- Virgin*. 45 Dunham CaiplMkl M*ry. Smith Strwt. Cwwrer. lion. It Vine Street. Cooortr. Thomal. 8r.. «Vine»r«t CWwthw. Jweafc. CMrto- «ty», Clancy Rudolph. t» Arencl Street, C»lU»d. Small, 27 Pro-pert Btr**l, (NJUlld. Pally. J7- Prusptrt StMx-l. Cutffr«U, Jkrie. Turner S»r»t, Duff. B*-wt* 57 Broad»rrel. pibock, AJb«rt 447 Pf*rl Street. umrt*d\t. Michael 8 JUin»r»*l t>u«i»k. Jnwph. BS Second Street, Marfirel MS Amboy Ave : kvrnue, Kafft John J : 9 Renwea ATtnua lgo. Gl«Jy».» CUir* Aronye. Krmuh John ^ Anaw. Mollle. Ml Nrw B*uaiwiek yfh noida Oron R<*d. Juan Street. M Peurtn SreeL pwbs Juvph U auin S'rrtl. F>mium Helen. S 3lre*t. I UuyJe Him 573 Bamforil Ai-*nue. Uiunon rtomfe. ]«WkUoa n Dn^ntiM. ffliabeth. DttnaivM Af»- Alex Jr.. Ml l*wl» Street, Juliiu. 7 Fkaorr Lux. Furai. JunM II Ulllao Ttrraee,. OWK» «WilU rprrr Jerti. AnN>r A»«u«, Uftpr f Willan Strert»dfrirk, Suriifi. 5 fuhwiy AT*- EH» W ruitoo aired. sue, kim ll^tli. «««Btrwt. Mt)&»/ Jullut K8 Vtafonl Arrow Ljuri Hktiaon AveatM, M l I A FiUffraJd. Htrw«rd, Zifflfr Avenue.! Mn. Prcafwel An Ponce VenjtHin. SJf Alice FUot, Pwim. Alice. Stl Alia Ftaoe. Mala 5» Ua_a Av««m* KeUer.» fma I florae*, no Bam* A*»- J rmopna. P» Santa Pui'k Virior, ts Jiilien* Btneu Arrmie. AWunder. «R SMftrfkk " ROM. Ircan. Ot Aabirr Anave. &<_.' JwM M,. Ht AaMr ATCOUE. "" ' AIH. Ul fvlvjn Strut (>AVy John. l«mala frrwt RaMaw.. Ge*t> ruhoi Conw. PHer. 87 Berr StrBM : S^biaa. Jlathia. *7 iato Cjerma,, DwBeM. tb Beny iiw.!w*. tc>rn ll? A»t*7 ir CUIey. aumret. m Mala BMC - Rctkb 'Waller, - - lja Uie Street. Ckrhcy.' Jotn. m Taletab Ptace, Ctrallilo. Cheater. Si Qumfe Street. CUv. Jowl* J» Decker Ptaec Street AMBUC ^^^w-f «ni rrmmbi Aveave. av4fcn. Frederic*. 3 FtfU AMID*. Rsdacn. «ai. U Ftfth Arone. Wnn» ' «aviwba»n«t Cuobril Jf*n H 3 Hirrril Aw«- Shirp 'flam. * ANNOUNCING Mcmrd W. OPENING TODAY WOODBRIOGE'S ONLY SEA FOOD MARKET STI.KTI.Y FRESH FISH. CKABS CLAMS OVSTKKS. SIUU-MI'S. AM. SKA FOODS IS SEASON' - - SPECIAL FRIDAY.,. SATURDAY! HADDOCK COD FISH STEAKS HALIBUT STEAKS 4 Vklntlae 4c 25c FRESH MAINE SALMON, 35c SEA FOOD MARKET MAIN STREET, WOODBRIDCE, N. J. < G4ll. Aj»»,» Strawfetrry Hill Galalda. Jot, Jr» UUD Strwt Gnutun llidhif 29 Grwn Siraet. Onnltr. ttobtrt. Ml 'Prermu Street Goldslein. (hrah. 5 N>w Brumwirk Areau*. Loulw Woodbridfp Avenuf. Glinbfrn.ii Elii*. t^o Hiff Ro»d Gray ("urtlt 9^ «<itf Amrat. Ellia. 96 Edcir m, Andre*. 3 Rector Street. BO* H.rbert H»len. t lumnaker Otto Htoaon. Edvrard. 6 RcJIUtfr Plw* LafaWtt* Road. Hcpctark. Ann* Wediracmd Av*< IUf«, Jcihn Jr, M New Sum, BUaaiwth. Ai Marawrw IK p. Hau, atary^furrell A\> IMW. llwnin, 7 H Rosbw, R Aaaa, a, Old R. Rodn dnlk, Mary, M tl P 9ulllran. Marf 4 v.,- Stmljkt, Eva. Ui Myr- BllkliovaU, JotephiriF v Silkkovakl. Aatkoojr ll «niiuara, Ajktmr. ii LL- Stahl, Doratkr, t» N»» Avaaoa, 8uh», Pad. Ford AVH Suhk. JOMPB, Ford Aw,,., Buha, attsas, Ford A>. Bhiacok. JsUwa, UBl W t Bullliaa. HaroM. Cuot»r SutBMW, HW4A. liunun A. Smttii. Joha. _> ««l A gc ra. dwam. Truu'. r > Sairo. Jtmdt. l*n+ S".. Bumo*(kl Frank. Hoii, Srlwrda. FrMik. S3 I>'.' Turnrf. WIUteaL. U ]* Tokt. LMHa. Ainboy Ai : Ty'wll. BealU. Ul! -' Takaca. Ina*. to Bom! Trio. Mdwlaa, Crovt M fata, Vltaa. Coppernir TaUrka, atarr U Wild. T/ter, Oarrta, tk, Oeorg. TouklB*, Betty. U FI Ttta, OaartM fceoikl si- '. Ainu I Ulbrk*. Krnttt. IU Or A tram, Tent),. atarjr. y. M Awb. v A Vereb. BarMn. Barbara 4 Lyn'ia- \i VMatlne. Mario. nue, Wood. Slckard, 7 Ro» ;._ : Wkldroe, Louli A i» Btrwt. Wine*. Dart*. U Fiftt. A* Wtiieltr. R*lph. Woodtr. weat. Julia, Brwaren A>' ia. <a«rl», B. i.."i" SALVE COLDS c & 25c ADVICE TO THE LOVELORN- GIVE HER A DISTINCTIVE VALENTINE GIFT! #» Come in and look over our wonderful a.vment of the daintiest delights in c'hocol;." dom, packed iji wonderfully attractive ' useful gift boxes that she can use for y<to come. A # EXCLUSIVE... attractive bqxes in»' glaas and novelties... cant be found pi** else intowp... spec^hy Viced for' occaaion! BERKLEY... SCHRAFFTS WHITMAN ^ AMBOY CANDY CO 23 Smith P«rth Amboy.

9 A WANT AD IN THE INDEPENDENT PHONE AD TAKER WDBGE 8-7 SUBURBAN NEWSPAPER IN THE COUNTY XX NO. 6 imour! RONT UNDOW,,,,, B, in Syr»cu.«,.» J, vol«l regularly,. period of »"- bec#m» * ci»l»on. Wo -lather hu ««*» * *,,otc al «" man president Boosmlt Lll entangled in enttt > E,,,,* the dictator* toother * I,,, U ite naturally Mf nnn-h talk. He has like- (in) many memberi of.,tir corps wlw a*aft»t,. And, between the lot they've m»de the Ntw hm as abhorrent abroad that no «IB U,»«, P r«i»mat,crel conference) it* denial of his reparation that Anorle w*ra tonowbere U in, iiim-loaed ip the current LIIIICI Desl trial that a t offered the city for f 6,- BOII much more attraewvep later, to Mayor Elilia awtittei, at a l<if),53k. That's why the mi severs! civic officials were finally Indfcled. [we h»»e ike ipotlatw of Federal Judge being rsd for 9«e«Uonia by a fetal** Grind Sutf > > COB- '. with lorn* sort of alreiulartlr i» bit court. it's Judge Edwi» 9. k of Connecticut, wbo faintly cleitljr on Ik* boalt Martin T. MaDtoa of,v. temporal p csr!: At6na w, changing the name from to "Anuppih", ling knob tf a MW buju«t patented. «lli ywr i jml (b«ri kt aaioamt ceo and i now electrical bcnl fur i plpo ralm lb» Bture of tcbaccs «( la pratido ospocudlf [ aromatic Mlwr^, though mtlu tbo i barn. Yow still bavo to ( toast foi tb* press agents tire be employed by the I' ([elusive of aa large or imbcr said to be secretly by the Works Progress tration and other Federal [in spite,of a Congressional n» pr«hiww4-^-w o-f appropriatioijs for limp publicity everts. «ith ail this propaganda, of voter-preferences j>ut the country indicate a drop in popularity for the administration, It s aiderably under 5 per ft Burtii wai fortunateradio performer, for doubt account* for Hit Sued only 98, on a of trouifung and for his a impended IOIIUMO I year in tho cooler. Othermirht have bean qua- Such art tho incident! vo to itimulate the ioap- University, the other inl v. Parsons predicted km IH wooden houses, i which would be held tou s >ccjn(, type of reson- developed at the United jlrest Products' Laboratory Win. and which could I in groups of, at a u hear about the ring ItilUrt in New Jersey, c and P»nnt)rl»ania, who en collecting from Lift be companiai? Authorl- We already found, four' lirectly tracaabl* to vieiftrotiuction of typhoid nd now prosote aihuntbodiet of ten or k doma Itpected vlotltni. A man > women arc hold for the They arc. >aid to bar* I from eighteen police! life «f on* tero i youth th*r killed. «Ji it Wll I III «. labfaf tat, h ttael ctm hj. ANDERSON, ZOLLER /,\.U'$ Demanded From All WPA LEADING IN RACE Workers Getting Supplemental Aid FOR NEXT COP JOB Omenhiser Directed To Takt Promissory Notes From All Ctitntt Who Are Auisttd Because Of LayOfh Although No Vacancy Exists At Present, Both Lining Up Forces 2ND WARD PATRON AGE ScWfrick F.voraUet«IMl«rB«tRivil WOODBRIDGE Either Harry Anderson or Frank Zoller, both of will receive the next appointment to the police department; according to reliable information. It Is understood that neither will be named, however, tinttl i new vacancy exliti. Anderson, who was believed to be In line for nomination when it was planned over a year ago to add eight man to the force, waa reported to have paaaed the age limit but his backers stated during the weak that he was ttilhit the.race and that when the time conies to All a vacancy hii cause will be promoted with all possible pressure. This patronage is scheduled to go to the Second Ward. Zoller is said to have the approval of Committeeman James Sthiffrick, Republican from the Seeond Ward, and juat how the competition between the two can didatea will be peaceable settled haa not been indicated. There was some talk of giving the Anderson promoters.the privflef* of select- Ing a paid driver for the Fords Fire C«ffi»Myu a wmsnunue, but tha last word from this group wis that they would accept nothing leas than Anderson's appointment. Vaeanejr Uncertain Trial of Patrolman Karney Romano, now under way, ha* stimulated again the talk of police appointments but all members of the Township Committee have scmpu< louily avoided any discussion in the matter until the Romano affair it settled. They are determined the man will have a fair trial and so do oj* wiaa to bt. timi In the po«. ceswrs. WET FOR STRENGTH Rev. Devanny To Preach At Two Services In White hurch On Sunday WDBRIDGE Morning worship wllibi held at the First Presbyterian Church.Sunday at ojdock with Rev. Earl H. Devahny dis"- cusaing "The Diet for Strength" for hl«sermon topic. "Ships for Rearmament" will be the- discusaion topic for the.evening worship at! 7:46.. Sunday school classes will meet It VM aw* mww««k prayers will be held Wednesday-evening at 7:45. The Junior, Intermediate and Senior Christian Endeavor Societies will meet Sunday at the usual meeting times. A meeting of the Board of Trustees will Jake place at the church Monday evening at 7:3.. The iroftretfi AtnrtMarrwill HW thai* weekly luncheon meeting at { parish Wednesday afternoon with Mrs., Lillian^ Morris in charge. Elders, Trustees and Deacons of the church will attend a conference for laymen at the WeBtfield Pres Sur bj%rlan Church Sunday at 3 o'clock. Interest Lacking In Board Election Here On Tneuday WODBRIDGE You probably would never suspect it but there's to be a Board of Education election on Tuesday. There has been practically no activity by any of the six candidates seeking the three places on the - Board., ' The candidates are present.commissioners James Filer, Andrew Aaroe and William B, Turner; and Mrs. Hilda Demarest, Matthew Zserai and Walter Manaker. The Board of Educatlon'a annual budget will also be aubmltted to the electorate. 2 YOUTHS^ HELD Iwlin Boys Said To Have Confessed Theit Plan. WOODBRIDClE Two Iielln youths are being held at the police headquarters for Investigation. the,{ioy«, 'Martin Pjo^ie, 6, an<) Joseph Paone, 9, of Grand Street, were arrested Wednesday by Officer, Fred Leitner who. became sunplciout of them when he saw they carried a variety of tools. At headquarters, it was Bald, the bon WJfnt4,tbjiy L hid planrwd WOODBRIDGE Restitution of relief given all WPA workers out of jobs because of bad weather conditions is required under an order received from Trenton today by Relief Director John OmenhiBer. Mr. Omenhlstyr said the new regulation would probably affect-approximately 2 men who called at hia office tfrs Miiittnct inptuiei tshfty hftv ^^^s^^^^^e^^rttr^i^tt^^^^^^ received nothing ftou their WPA jobs in recent weeks when inclement weather forced atwatioa of (he projects on which they were AH Arc Affected "The fact that a WPA worker receiving his aid shall accept private employment and have his case dosed shall not prevent the local relief office from securing full restitution of the relief given," the order continued. Mr. Mudd directed that all WPA workers retting supplemental aid show their pay checks to local welfare directors until full restitution haa been m»de so that it een be determined how much above subsistence wages they are earning.". The order is to remain in effect until the end of the month. A notice explaining its provisions was Immediately placed on the bulletin board in the local relief office. SANDAHL IS INJURED WFALLOFFSCAFfOLD flayed At School WODBRDE the condition of James Sandahl, of Rahway Avenue, and Sam Oliver, of Eastern Avenue, New Brilnswick, was reported at "fair" by the Perth Amboy General Hospital today. The men were admitted to the hospital Wednesday suffering from injuries which they received while working on the new Middlesex County Girl's Vooational School project on,convery Boulevard. Sandahl, Oliver and- Hans '"] $ ; Thompeov-of Ford Avonue,-F/irdt, were working on a scaffold which was about twenty-five feet from the ground When a plank; broke throwing the men to the ground) Thompson waa caught beneath the scaffold end he received acid burns about the eyes and face. < ItV?r Buffered M m shock. I t- erations of the head and, other injuries.' Sandahl Was treated for contusion of the forehead, laceration of the right leg and possible fracture of the collar bone. WEEKLY CAME SOCIAL IS SCHEDULED MONDAY Regular Party Sponsored ByStJtmes'ChurchTo Start At 8:36 WOODBRIDGi Another game in the aeries of weekly game socials will be held Monday evening at 8:3 in St. James' auditorium. Prise winners this week were: Mrs. John Conley, towel set; Les-r ter Dick, sllex coffee, maker; Mrs. Elizabeth Balogh, man's lounging robe) Mrs. Kasim, quilt; Frank Brasa, special; Mrs. O. C. Everaon, waffle iron; H. Garland, spread; Helen Fox, coffee service; Tessie Balasi, blanket; Jean Marsh and MrB. John Dobos, special; Mrs. Martha Zettlemoyer, sheets and pillow cases; Mrs. Fred McDonald, boudoir chair; Mrt. Koesi, clock Frank Smith, special^ "Mrs. Olson, occasional ohalr;mrs. M. Comisky, kitchen cabinet bfcse; Mrs, M B. B King, bridge set; Mrs, T.H. Williams, Jr, and Mrs. Drlgel, special; Mrs. Li ski, floor lamp; Helen Fox, dinatta set; Miss Cecelia Bader, radio; Mrs. J. Gorv, special; P. Sheppard,'studio couch-; Itola Fulleftfln, easy ehairg 'WilliamKennedy, -2;Mrs. Hapstak, bicycle; Mrs. John Dobos, special. Girls Invited To Attend Boy Scout Coart OJ Award WOODBRIDGife The Girl Scouts of Woodbridge Township have been Invited to attend th/ Court of Awards tt> be held by the Boy Scout* at thfl Perth Amfcoy WOOPBRTDGE". N! J., FRIDAY,"FEBRUARY U, 939 M R S SELECTED FOR SENIORS' PLAY Students Naped To Assist At Performance Next Thursday, Friday engaged. He said that many pf these already had teceived relief ind he Questioned whether it would now be possible to get their I.. U. "Local relief offices should take a promissory note," said the regulation by Arthur.MwM, B»aW R*. lief Director, "for the amount of relief granted and for which the recipient shall agree to make reatitution out of his subsequent WPA earnings in excess of his monthly security wage." There haa been considerable agitation to allow WPA workers-additional time in order to make up for*hours lost because of the weathtr. rehearsal will be held Wednesday night by the cast member* tit the play to be presented by the Senior Class at the high school auditorium Thursday and Friday evenings, The play, "32 College Avenue", is being coached and directed by Miss Alida Van Slyke. Mlas Arlipe Cofbett is in charge of the mateup withjtiss Margaret Morufnson in charge of the publicity/ Mrs. Alice Brennan, properties^ Dqnald Wescott, ticket uale, Miss Jane Erickson as prompter, David Rush, sound and lighting effect, Charles Molnar, curtain and Bernice Brew- Bter playing the piano. ihers appointed for Thursday evening i are: Lorraine Raphael, W«.l<h -i""^ r,vlyi lama, B Nielson, Marion Merchanic, Janet Ellis, Ruth Holland, Geraldine Komuves, Dorothy Costello, Genevleve Coatello and Jane Berndt Ushers for Friday are; Margaret Andrews, Jane Filian, Rae Lund gren, Gertrude Grodc, Mafion Mer dock, Roberta Giles, Phyllis Traill LaVerne Niuderau, Arlene Bren nan, Ruth Leonard. Browne and Florence The high school band will play the music for Thursday evening with the school orchestra playing Friday evening. Drive To Git Qat Of Mirt SBWAREN A concerted drive to relieve the almost-impassable condition of West Avenue by the installation of curbs and gutter*, has b«en inaugurated by u group residing on this county-controlled thoronghfare. The campaign was'started by Daniel V. Kush, for more than thirty yours a, resident of West Avenue, und haa been joined by most of hi'a neighbors in an appeal to the Board of Freeholders and County Engineer George R, Merrill to improve the street to drain off surface water. The Township Committee on Monday night also petitioned the Board to remedy the condition. 2 Local Residents Assist In College Carnival flans WDBRDGE Miss, Barb/a 'Grow, -daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julian Grow of Myrtle Avenue,'and Robert Anderson, son.of Mr. and Mrs. Chiilstian Anderson of Freeman Street, both students at Mid dlebury Collejre, -Middleburyj Vt., *Tft.Ba/ticipating in making the arrangements for the annual wfiite: carnival to be held February 7, lfl and 9. ' - ' Miss Grow is assisting with details for the Winter Sports hike and Mr. Anderson is chairman in charge mittee*. of the Coronation Com- Seeks Board Place Mathias Zserai Of 86 WootJbndtfe Avenue, Sewaren, who is one of the six candidates for three seals on the WoodbrWge Township B«ew«l of Education. Mr. Zserai, field representative for tliu Woodmen of the World, was notified this week of his selection as a delegate to the New Jersey Fraternal Congress to be held in Trenton February ltt. FOUR CANDIDATES ASPIRE TO BOARD Spirited Election Seen In First Fire District On February 8 - woodbrinrifi i Faur r.i."^'* dates will seek two places on Tfie Board of Fire Commissioners of District No. at the election to be held on Saturday, February 8, from 3 to 7 p. m. The terms of two members of the Board, Ernest Hunt and Ferdinand Kath, expire this year. Mr. Hunt will not seek another term but Mr. Kath hae filed his petition for re-election, Others who will contend for places are Louis Zehrer, frometly chief of the department William Fitzpatrick and Elber Richards, president of the Woodbridge Emergency sought of wrmm Squad. A budget of $4,85 will be submitted to the electorate for approvgl at the same time. Appropriations aggregating $22,4^5 to cover current expenses will be included in addition to $6,4 for water mid hydrant services. An item of 2,2 to cover purchase of hew equipment also is listed. It was explained that if approved, the budget will permit the purchase of, feet uf hose, new raincoats for several department members, and two nevy noszles in addition to several srtaller items. MISS COBBETJ NAMES SUfF FORJEAKBOOK Authors Of Senior Publication Nominated By Class Advisor.. WOODfiEIDSE Miss, Arline Covbett, senior/ilas's advisor at the Woodbridge Township Jligh School, appointed the following senior class members to write the year hflok for the class of XtjJ3i Rutfi Miller, class treasurer; Frank- Chaplar, treasurer; home XgpnLchairmen; Helen Woodruff, Elaine (Juadl, Mary" MctFermott, borothy. Kniely, ' At^drley Grady, Adeline D'Angelo, and Dorothy Blaka. Also assisting- are Stanley Terpanick, Victor Nemetz, John Kussmiak, Michael Koscik, Morris Hodls, Roy Dey and Pi&re Bartow. Original Composition By Students Presented At High School Concert WOODBIUDGK Tho symphonic orchestra mid the plectrum orchestra'of the Woodliridgo Township High School entertained at the school gymnasium Tuesday evening. Both orchestras played sevpral selections and thero were various, solos including three accordion solos, a guitar duet, a xylophone solo, and a piano duet played by two students who composed the piece. All selections were.well received.. Dancing and refreshments, followed with music for dancing played by several members of the; orchestra. Students participating in the program are: Symphonic Orcheitrav Ruth Ander, Naomi Brennan, Mary Clark, Mary de Nofoulis, Warren bey, John Pirrtek, Cherlotte Fleasner, Charles' G*rB)e, Margaret Hadden, Doris Henry, Charles Jim, GUs Launhardt, Eleanor Marshall, Jean Merrill, Charles Neary, Catherine Nolap, JJfrald Schfllw, Writ, JoBFMibnipw»n;Wfc ^ bert TyU'r, Robert Wand, Ann Andcrsiiii. Ck'7,a liiisciiy, George Bennet, Alex Dorgai, Harry Fedderson, Frank Horkay, Jeun Harried. Kathleen Koiuako, Duiothy Kline, Arthur Locker, Harvey Lund, Edward Miller, Bodo Miller, Ann Muller, Irma #llako, William Riley, Roy Roaenkrantz, Rita Sauer, Grace Sluk, Haiel Sneath, Ralph Stauffer, Emery Toth, Max Minsky, Gladys Haban. Plectrum.Orchestra. '. Joe Aiuto, Emma- Allen, Wit- am Barron, Walter Brionowaki, Ernest Graig, Anthony Damiano, Catherine Dryla, John DUbay, Mary Ferrick, Car! Glosky, Marjoria ii>rris, Margaret Frank.»ova«s, EthelToukides^Eleanor Logan, Ella Nielson. ' Htta Nielsen, Anthony PinelU, William Sfihramhi, Helen Woodfuffi' Ethel BaYJlnger, Rirtaldo, Bemice Orway, Michael Chervanek, Jane Frederic,-"James Howard, Frank Krelsel, Dofothy Langan,'Edward Madden, Ahdrew Sedlak, Ethel Sedlak,,Tifr, Olwa Witmw, J Frederic 'Captain Applejack' Faculty Choice For Annual Play April 27, 28,29 PlayJirstPreuntedByHigh School Teachers 2 Years Ago, To Be Repeated; Miss Huber Coach WOODBRIDGE Miss Grace Hi&er will coach and direct the faculty play to be presented by the faculty memliem of the Woodbridje Township High School on April i 27, 28 and 29 in the school auditorium. The play, "Captain Applejack", i& a three-act Arabian Nights adventure story which was presented by the s«hool faculty here twelve years ago. Principal' Arthur C: Tiffy" will take the leading role of Captain Applejack with Miss Martha Mui row also takiitg th«part again of Palmer, Others participating in the production are: William Benson as "Lush"; Miss Elisabeth Kopper, "Poppy Palre"; Mrs. Thomas Bren. nan, "Aunt A*atha" ; Mlas Johanna K ' < A J l k line Corbett, "Mrs. Pengard"; Harry fjeehriat, "Horae* Pengard"; Donajd Weacott, "Ivan Borolsky"; William Bcckley, "Dennett"; and Howard Stein, "Jason". Stephen Werlock will serve as business manager with Miss Ruth Erb u the publicity manager. Proceeds derived from the play will he used to defray costs for the band uniforms and also to pay 267,4 for the Bound projector in the auditorium. SQUAD FUND TOTAL BOOSTED TO $443 RcceipU During Wwk.Argregate $97.5; Ben* fit Dance listed WOODBRIDGE In the most encouraging report filed since the beginning of its drive for funds with which to operate the ambulance for the current year, the Woodbridge Emergency Squad Inc. announced receipts of $97.5 for the past week. Addad to the S34f>.oO already acknowledged, the total donations hi the campaign to date amount to ratter lum'wtbi year 2, substantial boosts will be given the project from tho proceeds of a basketball game held under the Squad's auspices on Wednesday night and also from a benefit dance on February It is expected also th«township Committee will include a small appropriation for the ambulance maintenance in the 939 budget. The largest siigle contribution this week was fnom ' the Woodbridge Township tijgh School Athletic Association in the amount of $26. The following other donations were reported: United. 'Hallway Signal Corporation, Protection Fire Company of Keasbe^y and the Americus Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, $; Peter's^Laundry, Mr, and Mrs.. John Richards, A Friend, Mrs. Habich, $6; Junior Woman's Cli^b, A Friend^ Alex Pochek,?3. J. Laahy Demacra.tic lub, $2.5; St. Margaret's. Guild of Trinity'Episcopal Church, Mrs. Anna Deijtcher of Iselin, Daniel Gibson, Parish House Ropublican Club,?2; Charles J; McCann, $, ON SVNBAYMER SALE Robinson To Answer Allegation By Burnett Tuesday Night PORT READING Gersh v n- Robinson of the Port Heading Railroad camp, wiirtfe tried at the po- Hce court Tuesday on charges filed by State Alcoholic Beverage Commissioner D. Frederick Burnett'. According to a report sent by Commissioner Burnett to the local headquarters, Herbert Poole and Harold Kinsely, two investigators, entered a small grocery store owned by Robinson and adjacent to his tavern, at o'clock Sunday morning on October 23. They purchased groceries and four bottles of beer from the clerk for which they paid.68. Robinson-will be charged with the violation of thelocal ordinance which states that the sale of an alcoholic beverage oannot be made on Sunday before 2 p. m. High School Seniors Name ComhxitteeTo Choose Rings WOODBfilDGE The Senior Class students at the High' school elected the'foflowing for the ring committee;,, Ruth Brownf,' Rnth Cahill Pierre Bartow, Charles Crane, Joseph Hlavenka, Jean Hooban, Genevieve Jensen, John Kqfetowskl Martha Kowalctyk, John Kuimlak Charles Molnar, Lorraine Raphael -Robert flnttl«r and Roue Tutarlta.,. _.... _ BID FROMCOLGATE Alters Plus, Accepts invitation From N. Y. C»llege Over Ortfon's WOODBRIDGE" Final plans were made Tuesday ulyht by Principal Arthur Ferry and Stephen Werlock for John Korcaowakl, senior student at the Woodbrldge Township High School, to enter Colgate University in the fall. Young Korctowaki, who has been' offered scholarships to eight different colleger finally decided to»ccept the offer sf Colgate University. Other schools offering scholarships were Univernity of Washington, Oregon, Villanova, Rutgers, Manhattan, Georgetown and Chattanooga. Until recently, the hi?h school boy had decided to enter the University of Washington which offered a full scholarship and also guaranteed him a job during the atolffet niiwtim, IHnnvw, flim! plans were made Tuesday night with the football coach at Olg»t* College. Korczowaki attained wide fame this year when he was selected for the All-Bliite football team by the Newark Sunday Call. ' GUILD TO OBSERVE BIRTHDAYJEB. 2 Presbyterian Unit Will Also Celebrate Birthday Of Washington WOODBRIDGE The Lillian Bu*ichman Guild of the First Presbyterian Church will hold a combination George Washington party and club unniversary party February 2 at the home of Miss Carol Gardner in Sewaren. The members will Wear Colonial custumes at th. meeting. A meeting of the Guild was held at the home of Mrs. Ahdrew Lockie, ftowjand Place, Monday evening, with Miss Nbrma Chase presiding. The devotional part of the program was in chargcof Miss Viola Krysko. Miss Dorothy McElhenny reviewed Chapter Four "of the, study book, ''Moving Millions". ' Plans wete mad,e at the meeting to conduct t vesper service at the church March 2. Sewaren Girl Takes Vows hst James'Chunk Kin SEWAREN Miss Irene Dafeik, daughter of Wendel Daf-cik of Central Avenue, became the bride Saturday of Robert Gray, son of Mr. nd Mrs. Andrew Gray of Hoboken, at the St. James Church. 'SURPRISE' LISTED FOR ROMANO TRIAL RESUMING TUESDAY McElroy To Call Unexpected Witnesses At Adjourned Hearinf!DENTinjj ievealed Wife, Daughter Called To Testify Disappear; To - Be Subpoenaed WOODBRIPGB Th* wife and sixteen-year old ughter of Patrolman Karney. Romano, in addition to several "surprise" witnesses will be subpoenaed to testify Tuesday at the adjourned Will of the pblieemah off' chartes of neglect of duty, and unbecoming conduct. A mild sensation was caused at the opening of the department Hearing on Wednesday night when Township Counsel Leon E. McElroy, in an opening statement indicated that Romano's wife and daughter who had come to the Municipal Building as witnesses had hurried away after a short talk with the defendant. "There's something about don't like," he declared. Counsel for Romano pleaded to hav«this insinuation expunged from the record, declaring his client had inferentmlly accused of threatening members of hia family in order to keep them away from the hearing. At V this point Mr. McElroy called Sergeant George Balint to the stand and he testified he had seen Romano talking to his wife and daughter outside the building and had not been able to locate them afterward. One Chart* Heard Announcement by Mr. McBfroy yesterday of hit Intention to call at the time. He reported for duty in a pap borro ved from another marnbur of the: bree. Keatlm Chjef of Poli :e George E. Keat- MisaKathfi&in&Daicik sd as the snerw from W» c»r and, being maid of honor and only attenai dan TlateTdpn' for ttiain with JosefJh Dafeik an'the bridegroom's best J man, Lions' Club Ladies' Night To Be HeldFebruary Uth WOODBRIDGE The Woodbridge Lions' Club will hold a Ladies' N5ght program on-tuesday evening in celebration of Valenine's Day at the Middlesex Hotel, dement Stancik will serve as general chairman assisted by Arthur Brown and Benjamin Coppola. Alleged Swindler Oi Fords Man Is Nabbed By Balint WOODBRIDGE A sivmonth search for the swindlers of B»rtello. DiMatteo of New Brunswick Avenue, Fords, W8B partially rewnrded yesterday wjien Sergeant George Balint arrested Ralph Simeon, alias "The Duke," of West New York, N. J. Police are still searching for his accomplice. Simeon, in company with another' man, is alleged to have mulcted DiMatteo of $3 wwch he posted with the pair aa a "bond" to WsUrt W«gflfld faith in helping them distribute a large fortune left to a group of Italians by an imaginary oil mag* nate.. CARD PARTY TONIGHT ISELIN A card party will be held tonight at the Pioneer Tavern by the Star of Iselin Circle No. 54 Lady Foresters of AjWeri«a., Perth Amboy-,*P6fosel for the policeman that the only one of twelve charges against Romano which was heard Wednesday night, had been proven. This concerned the loss by the' suspended policeman of His hat and badge in Perth Amboy, The identity of those he would call when the trial resumes Tuesday wa*s not disclosed by the Towiiihip Attorney, but at least one of them is expected to give sensa-; tional testimony. Romano, dressed in a dark blue suit with a pin stripe, sat beside his counsel on Wednesday night, his face turned downward. The only indication at awwitanaaa «r«a the - twining of bis hands. Only witnesses and newspaper reporters were allowed a the council chamber because it had bean expected that the story of Romano's young daughter would be of such a nature as to require aclottd court. StatemaoU ftom ths dattghtfr and also from Mrs. Romano have already been obtained and will be placed in the record, Romano's explanation; to Perth Amboy police, tho found his service cap and b idge, was that he lost the two art! lies while cleaning g Woodbri^ Ige and Chief John ray of Pejfth Amboy testified omano ca ne to Pi irth Amboy loadquarters to recover his hat and ', while th< fornw* was there, He dlately suspended romj ctuty by Chief Kitting. M B. Romaio'a tejrtiinony ik wanted to nx the time of an assauft ' upoii her by the defendant, a charke on which, th* husband waa convicted recently by Recorder Arthur Brown. It is alleged it took plaoe at a time at which Romano should have been on duty,- Cast Oi St. James Jesters To Have Rehearsal Sunday WOODBRIDGE A rehearsal of the entire cast of the "St.'Janus' Jesters' Revue of 3" to be presented February 9th, will be h ld Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock in < the sehool auditorium. Vincent Weaver is general chair-': man and Daniel Hogan of delphia, is directing the production. Tickatamay be obtained any member of the Holy Naroi Socloty and the Blessed Virgin Mary Sodality. RABID DOG VICTIM WOODBRIDGE Htnry Friis of Grootrie Street, Perth Amboy, wab given the Pasteur treatment by Dr. Charles Calvin this weak as u rfwilt of a bite from a rabid dog,.

10 WOODBRIDGE IN, / A«;K TWO This Week Yem Ago Ten Ycara YOUTH SHOT WITH SLUG WHILE PLAYING M tali st veral boys were flaying M"i,(i.iy, une of thtm, Herman flavin, atjed 8 years, son at Mr. and Mrs, Frank Plavin of gadiway Avenue, wait ahot beneath UM (aft eye' with a hifb pawn air rj«w. The slug used aa amiaaakimi, penetrated the flash and imbedded itself beneath the eye. The wound «at not seriau* but a physician _ freateij' the lad vith anti-tetanus aerum. On Wedntaiily' tka sluf I, waa removed through the boy'a.mouth. BABRONS LOSE CAME ff TO «T: MARY'S TEAM Playintr plucky ba>kttb«ll but ;- failinj? to hive a winning punch five dropped s hard fought battte to St. Mary's High School of Perth Amluo on. tjie Berron Avanue tourt l»>t Friday night by a 28 'to 2 tally. The Woodbridg* cagera played a clean sportsmanlike fame, but the speedy floorwork tnd. accurate shooting of the St. Mary's squatl earned them a victory,,» * SCHOOL ELECTION ON WEDNESDAY The annual school flection will be held on Wednesday in the several palling places from 7 to 9 P. M. The candidates in the field to date art': for three year terms, Mrs. Anna Bell Bajw, luuric* P. Pimiftan, Benjamin Walling, Edward Keinhardt, Thomas Moran and Nathaniel Bryant; and for two years, Roy Anderson. * * Five Yean Ago WARRANT ISSUED FOR ARREST OF SA8O An action has been instituted for the arrest of Alexander Sabo, Main Street dispenser of wines and ^liquors and one-lime real estate operator. A constable searching -fur 3ntm nirtrt. Tiimiiay ho. K»ati unsuccessful to date. The search '"""for him (frows out of a transaction with the closed First National Bank - 'and Trust Company and involvm the sum of $68 and costs. Ac- Y cordihi; to I#o Grossman, Justice WOODBRIDGlf Mlu Olga Vargo'Md. William giurko, a local amateur dance terfm, were the first prize winners at the weekly Jitter- buildings No. fi.and 5 has had at leaat a year's trial. M(xtiuir. lant $ W dj.rldn<i i night to hear Claiilk. W. Ueclier's bug Contest held at the Majestic M&--tchaol M&h TIJJOTt" W Tlw Tairpiiyfr*' Ateoei^ attoit investigation of the day avsninf. which ha* become *n insue in the The weening contestants were Board- lactiun Tuesday, th,e Corn.- chosen by the applause of jfc theatre miailoners voted 5-3 against a motion audience. rtatoring last year's system in which Miw Stelle Wright was teaching principal of School 6»nd Mr. Bnylan held the same post in School 6. * of the Peace, from whom the war- : rant was obtained, Sabo Had a i." judgment recorded against him by t*~the' bank for the sum involved. r; PISPUTE ARISES IN ICHOOL ELECTION A new and inuroating (jitputa tn the Township's Department of Education has just come to light, - involving Commissionej-a Filer and Anderson. Indeed, the disturbance jtr^kfl all precedents, at least in ' m procedure, to ta* aa m*mof. the board are conaerned, ahd extends to a number of per-,apns directly and indirectly conwith local education affairs. FFICULS TO CONFER i "ON GRADE CROSSING J John Maybeny Jr., Chief of the gfiureau of Railroads of Public Utilty Commissioners, will confer in he, near future with P gorge Le- Joutiilier, Vice President of the OBITUARIES MUa Anna i, Miss Anna Hagadorn, 68, of New Dover Road, Colonia, died TVsday at Vineland. Funeral wrvices will be conducted tomorrow afternoon at the Greiner Funeral Home with Rev. Theodore > '..Perry officiating. Burial will be - held at the New Dover Cemalary.." ' Surviving are two brothers, Wll- - ]km, of Metuchen, and George of Colonia; and a sister, Mrs. Minnie ' "-"Bnriock of Gasport, N. Y. 'LG Horace Drake t+it, funeral awrvicaa wiw-b«bam j ^ jnorrow afternoon at 2:3 «t>the,' : Greiner Funeral Home for Horace fmj. th-akc, 76, who disd at Ilia home pn frf-main Street Wednesday. Jtmttl i\ will be held in the Alpine-Cenw- V r'v', ^'- '» i': i I jlr. Drake, a life-lonf resident of the township, was employed in the Woodbridge T*wn»hip tax office. ' Surviving are two bwtl»er», Dudley of Belleville, and'walter of Forest Lake, Minn.; and a, aistar, Mrs. William Berry of Avenel. CARD OF THANKS The family of the late telizabeth B.Ellison wishes to thank their relatives, friends and neighbor* for floral tributes, donated cars and kind expressions of sympathy received during- their recent bereavement in the death of their beloved mid mother, especially wish to thank Rev MacBride nf Avenel Presbyterian Church; Rev.,C. R.. Davis, Bahway Presbyterian Church, and Rev. E. II. Devanny of Woodbridge Presbyterian Church for 'their kindness in serving at tha different services; Rev. Donald Baigrle for visits and prayers during Bicknets: Americus.Chapter 37, 6. E. 8. for their services: the members of Rahway Lodge D. of A, who visiteij in a body; the Ladles' Auxiliary to Avenel fire Co. Jfe. and the Avenel Fire Co. No.,; also members of America Lodge ; S3, F. & A. M. and School Janitors' Ixical 4, both ol Wdodbridge, and all others that may have been missed. Special mention to Police pept: for services rendered and Jfrs. W. I{. Baker for ilnging and to FHnaral Director A. F. Greiner for very satisfactory services rendered. Sincerely, ^ E. F, Ellison Sr. and children. Pennsylvania Railroad coni'ernjnk the elimination of Wamlbridtre Township frrradf crossings." This action c u result of the presentation by Leon McElroy, Township Attorney, and members of the Township Committee, of a formal petition to the Beard, waking the early elimination of Woodbridge Township grade crosainfit a Tkree Yean Af o OARD TO SUPERVISE IN IJEMN SCHOOLS The Board of Education will not bjndon iu incl-eaaed supervision» ver teachers in two Iselin schoou until the plan prumuting Pa-trick Boylaji to ajtulu^'ty over both NO AUTO PATAUTIES LISTED IN TOWN Neither glaird highways nor numbing cold hud exacted a life hare up to noon today as the township's phenumi'nal January luck continued. But driving conditions which remained almost unbelievably bad and the persistent m- lal of in thus nf packed ice and miow to melt did result in u varied casualty list. * * ASSESSORS TO MAP PROGRAM FOR YEAR A conference wilt be held by a delegation from the Township Hoard of AssesitorH next Friday to define a pfofrram of activity for the latter. Several anomalies in this department of the Township government will be discussed, it was stated, with a view charting a consistent and systematic cdurse of operation. Mrs. Neiti To Bt Hostess At Valentine's Day Party W()Ol>BRIDGt-A Valentine's Day party will be held Monday by the LudtM Auxiliary of the Congregation Adath Israel at the home of Mrs. Abraham Neias, Rahway Avenue, with Mrs. Henry Belafsky and Mrs. Aaron Pargot as cochairmen. Also asiuting are: Mrs. Abram Duff, Mrs. Edward Bernstein, Vn. Julius B a)», Un. Alfred Braun and Mrs. Harry.Bernstein. WIN DANCE PRIZE S^at 'Jltttr- In Atatwy Coolealf OONATO CANDIDATE AVENEL--Patrick J,, Donate, who hag bean a fireman /or 7 years, will be a candidate for reejectio.n to the Boaqd of Commis- FionBn of Hie Ftf* fire District which includes Avenel and Colonia. Mr. Donato ia a life member ot the New Jersey State Firemen's Association and is a trustee of the Middlesex County Firemen's Association and the Avenel Exempts. SOCIAL MARCH 2 AVENEL A country-store game social will be held in the Avenel School March 2 for the benefit of the Third Ward Republican organisation. A turkey will be the main award. be dused MW r)ay, Feb. 8th frt honor of Wncoln't birthday. The Theatre Exhibit now at the library will close Feb. 7th, and an Art Exhibit will open on Feb. 28rd. High School Seniors Plan The Magazine Department of the ibrary is continually becoming Dance In Gym On March more popular. The majority of WOODBRIDGE Plans have thte magazines can be borrowed been made by the Senirir Class offfrom the library for a period of one week. the Woodbridge township Hi&h Ichool to hold a dance at the school gymnasium March with Joseph Ruggeri acting as advisor assisted by Donald A. Wescott. PAGING MISTER COYNE OODBBIDfiE Woodbridge Township's own James A. Farley, known otherwise aa John Coyne, will install the officers of the Anthony Aquila Association at a dinner meetinp Sunday niprht in the flub headqnartern In the State Theatre building. CHRISTIAN SCIENCF Soul" is the subject nf the Lesson-Sermon in the First Church of Christ", Scientist, in Sewarrn 'on Sunday. The Golden Text is; "Lo, this is LIBRARY NOTES The mounted picture colleetion is also being used a great deal. A recent donation of?5 from he Young Woman's Club of Woodbridge has enabled the librarian to purchase some good reference books, our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: rtalk' is the Ijlhow that»v#n though tha library Lord," (Isajah. 25:9). [hasn't enough money to operate Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the folories that ara advanted from time all'the idealistic thelowing from the Bible: ( O God, to time, it is growing pontinuously in popularity and ability to ihou art,my God; early will I seek that: my aoul thirstoth for thee, meet the Be^ds^pf thp residents of my flesh longeth for thee in a dry Woodaridge arid thirsty land,.wwe-tw-'witer aui Librarian. is." <Psa'ms63:l). ' The Lesson-Sermon also includes! yapr fmw hairyt tha following passage from, the IJo «m leuck at >..» ril) hair Christian Science "textbook, "Sci-- tvnoftd forever ence and Health with Key to the (ram your fare vr ckrul. Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: f'oim /TATiON "From the logic of events wje learn FHHKi it HetflBhllBSa ATTtf HWPlB rith ( are fleeting, and that wisdom will APHOINTMF.NT ultimately put'asunder what she A hath not joined together. Soul has infinite resources with which to ERNEST MARKS Mesa mankind, and happiness Electrolyau Specialist would tie more readily attained and would be more secure in our keeping, If sought in Soul" (p. 3 SMITH ST. ROOM 24 Over Krraicr'nKA III 6). FRIDAY, FEBRUARY, 939 [known -in -W^td bridge - dead.(which i* written in 'W'"* be»n «ig*g*d> in the -automobile business in Fords for more longhand) to the land oa which the library stands is attracting a than 2 years. great deal of attest ion. Several books have recently been added to the biography section, The boys and girls of Woodbridge have shown an increasing interest in the library. They not only borrow books, but also read magazines purchased for them and the "funnies" which, are always at the library. Several teachers throughout the Township have borrowed books for their classroom libraries. These items mentioned above FOREST TIRE CO. 75 New Brunswick Avenue, Cor. Madison Opp. City Scalei Perth Amboy P. A COODYEAR - FIRESTONE - GOODRICH U. S. - MARTIN CORD TIRES ON TIME PAYMENTS Bet You Can't Beat These Prices Fodeml & Dunlop Brand New IS Months Guarantee' 4.75x9 $ 4^ x x x x6 ' x x6..48' A STANDARD BRAND NEW TRUCK TIRES Theie tiret are fuarafctaad for IB months 3x5 8 Ply $ x2 6 Ply.4 32x6 8 Ply x6 Ply x7 Ply 34,9 GUARANTEED TUBES BRAND NEW AS LOW AS REBUILT*TiRE~S 5.5x7 6-x6, USED TIR ALL IN GOOD CONDITION. Tydol, Texaco, Greensoil, lealtd quart cant. Rag. Price 25c qt. % Pure Paraffin Bate Motor Oil, 2 fallen tealed can, Reg. Price $ 8 $3.99 niris $95 79c Fireatone, Goodrich, U. S. Royal, Dunlop, Martin Cord a Brand New 4 < ' R«f. Price 6.8 First Turbine-Electric Locomotive A».w ^rbi M -.l.ctr«i..,.!,..,,««-,!, ««.^. w.ii,«.bl..h, Un- «t.>.nd.rd. q»ipm ent o..r.he en.,r e run from Chicago I. th. Wr.l c... Th. R.9 rl. P.,» f i,» will r.» Iron, 6 to 7 mil» ^ in M r> workad (wo year, building the Igcomotivt, whk-h.. ihe fir.t of i MOVE OVER!. CHAH S MINP WOOUBHIDGK Jurms SU-elc, 52, of KtiUi Uw/tuI). MUMS.,»nd battery tiled charged with panhandling in police court Friday against I' '" court Saturday, was given a suspended sentence and ordered to 2«, of Kidueley Aveltui. his wife. KatherinV,»a> leave the township. by Recorder Arthur Hro Miss Rose Pstro Chairman Of Fords Dance Tomorrow WDBRIQG The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Our Lady of Mi. Carmel Church will sponsor a Valentine dance at the church auditorium tomorrow evening with Miss Rose Petro as general chairman. Music for dancing will be played by Jimmy Gay and his orchestra. Costume Party On Tuesday Scheduled By Salmagundi WOODBRIDGE The Salmagundi Literary and Musical Society will hold a costume party on Valentine's Day at the home of Mr. nrt lvfrs WIIHpm Hjllman. Main Street, WRITE SONGS WOODBRIDGE Paul Rossi, oeal dance- instructor, and Charles Garble, xylophonist, have written a song, "Tears In My Eyes" which hey will present to Tommy Dorsey, orchestra leader, for approval next week. SHOW NEW CAR A new mystery car by Chrysler with a fluid drive will be on display at the Gross Boy's showroom at 437 Amhoy avenue, Perth Amboy, to-, day, tomorrow and Sunday. This firm of dealers is well Jd en- QUALITY MEATS AT LOWEST PRICES! CHARLIE SAYS: "G.t xqu.inted with the SUNNYSIDE MARKET tod enjoy bittir meat «t LOWER PRICES. thit mojern, unitary market and wt know you'll become cuilomcr." JERSEY FRESH HAMS Ib. 24c U. S. CHOICE STEER BEEF TOP SIRLOIN or RIB ROAST U. S. CHOICE BEEF CHUCK OQ C ROAST H». ** Fresh Smoked 7 c CALL HAMS lb. * ' MARHELLS E-Z CUT HAMS Ib. 35c MTLlTFErj Breasts and Shoulders of 7c VEAL lb. W WILSON'S CERTIFIED PORK GOODIES lb FRESH KILLED Top Grade FOWL Ib. 27c SUNNYSIDE MARKET WOODBRIDGE Phone EFFECTIVE ONE WEEK, FEB OPEN THURS., FRI., SAT. EVENINGS, WE ACCEPT RELIEF ORDERS Quality Meats Prime RI& ROAST 9c Jertey FRESH HAMS _..9c Fancy Long liland DUCKS 7c Should'eri of Milk Fed VEAk 7c Fore.'Quarter* ol SPRING LAMB 5c Jeritr Frtih- SPARE RIBS 5c SEAFOOD Fr.ih Codfish STEAKS...lie FrMh SMELTS ---He Fancy WHITINGS.:. 5c Quality Dairy Product* Countrj Roll BUTTER lb.25c Fancy Switi lh.23c CHEESE Sliced Selected do2.2c EGGS In carton, Kraft LOAF CHEESE 2 Ib. box White or Yellow TASTY DELICATESSENS Wil.on". SLICED BACON c M-lb. pkf. Armour'* Skinlett FRANKS Ib. 6c Luncheon MEAT, Sliced lb. 2c Vitn Pickled HERRING 2 for 6c Wcilon't Cream Filled COOKIES lb. c Fruits! Hard Ripr Cuban TOMATOES t'ri*p Iceberg Vegetables I lb. 5c LETTUCE Sc Solid Head F'am-y Jrrioy Sweet POTATOES 4 lb«. c Juicy Suiiki»t ORANGES 2 for c Juicy California LEMONS 6 for c (>lif. Sugar PEARS for c TOMATO JUICE R ich.f U ii b adicd i or Macaroni RED DEVIL CLEANSER LUXSOAP LIFEBUOY SOAP Blue Label brand Ig. No. 2 can roll cake 4 oi. pkg. cans cake ack Frost Phillips' Quality can Allen's Fancy Quality lg. 7-oz. Cream Style Golden Bantam can CORN. STRNGLESS BEANS PfflLUPS' SOUPS DADDY DOC FOOD 3 UBBVS l PRESERVES DROMEDARY DATES Dromedary Date & Nut Bread SeaMsweet GRAPEFRUIT WHOLE SPEARS is. cam cant pt. jar 6 oz. jar Plain or reg. Pitted pkg. =» r^nica NnmllftC w '*'* ^ medium '«">» "ii(, LalUMl HUUUlCd pure egg-fine pl " t SILVER DUST Silver King TOILET TISSUE3 WOODBURY FACIAL SOAP for cake 5 5c 5c 5c 5c 5c 5c r5c c c c c c. 5 l()c 9c c 224 Smith Street, Perth Ambov but iuiment by S«g«.nt,, r(, (. Halint thwarted the at- "'i '-,_ - i CETOUTOFtOWNI unocbkloge-bruno Lubas, i>t]!lulsl.p Of,.C UJ.n,andJ*w-,, HuHiiaii, 24. of New Yolk, hvldiw investigation Sunday,,,,,,, They were released M,,,t i,y;iiid«rdi;r*d(mit of the U MEN'S REG. $8-$ NUNN BUSH OXFORDS $ 6 45 REG. $4.25 JR. ARCH Preservers $3-5 WOMEN'S SUEDE SHOES $98 and $24. Phone d«i THE ered to your d carrier fur 3c ondje v^:. REPA v.. lunrwmp and L Krtitlshej ers have SAN I ; ihii freat!. Have v. h u r r r l Still bit «s-i; ikoet for etery nnl, ftmiljr at the biictil year*. CHECK THESE LOW PRICES WOMEN'S REG $5 H ENNA JETTItK SHOES $2' Alio at ii ONE LOT CHILDRENil SHOES. ONLYaFEWDAYSLEFlj ENTIRE STOCK MUST BE REDUCED-HURRY! BOSTON SHOE CO 82 SMITH ST. PE TH i next TELEPHONE DIRECTORY ffom to prmssoon! K you have a Te!ephoit lor^are."planning on onel THIS HOTKE IS IMPORTANT TO YOU) vi Order^jtelephone^ rwtbookt t ^_ 2 ; Are youlmovlng? 4 * -< l % atwit?lt^low'.-.i.lw«a clia^ 3 4 Nan a Arranp NOW, for Jj_sW to PACK rtuy «r«ct buytr* to yo" COIK CALL VOOR IUSINIM OFFICE TfLIPHONt r f.t

11 EOMMENDS IFETY STEPS Roosevelt Ave. rg ed In Report iarrington Tlit study of traf-,,,,! ha?.arls in this,uiken throughout IVlk-e Department, INDEPENDENT considered by in» few w««k* by an amateur cast fourtitlm. The** M«" IMM made tip of membm of the vere set forth il) the faculty of Carteret High School,,,f Chief Henry J. Rehearwl* are now Under way. I.,r e B» follow*: Itri. W. J. Cbnway play? the plmioi "wacky", lovable and amu&ing Mrs. at CptoK* Sycamore, and John CzemlewicB Is Avenues; Hudwn )nevelt Avenue;,e and PerSRTBf ihs nil traffic tight* form. vtial dangerou* in-,. «t the corner of and Mercer Street. Uiis matter in qu* : with the offlsute* Mit»J«my they would gladi-u'ukh of Carteret a,,f M ken up Mercer Stra«t «><t IC. t., I, should be placed of Perahing lolly Street; traffic «v«'i-liead at P«r»h- > H ki Avenuen. t liirht at the coriiiktnn Avenue and t>t to be movtd to i at the intenection n mid Roosevelt Av». blinker light to be at Randolph Street mi Avenue. t the intersection of Avenue* I* [u-cil by commuter* to t*dmtitst.m\v II a ware itiatallsd It rably. fticn feet ahould be point of Cooke and lime's; truck* making turn from Per»hiflg find it very dtffl lo the right *ide of FRIDAY, FEBRUARY, 939 FACULTY TO OFFER ' Daladier's Son Starts Empire Movement narkiii i n n IT mil * POPULAR N. Y. HIT 'You Cw'tfake It With YoU' To Be Presented B]r H. S. teachers CARTERET "You^fli't Take It With You," the play which had go auccmiful a run on Broadway last Maaon and which is now a popular movie, will be presented Martin, the grandfather, whose h phy app ppng a*-it is, unuiual l Other fharncterh h are: Borii, the dancing teacher, Philip Go*; Tony Kirby, juvenile lead, John SidtlD; Alice.Sycamsre, the fetnal* Juvenile lend, Miss Harriette t* BfiW; Elite, the daughter who w«ht* to be a dancer, Mwx i Helen Wilton; Ed, her xyla phone' pliyttift" hmintnd, Gsorjr? Pleisch- mann. botrit Carpenter in Mf H- WH»*, J who board* in the Sycamore hohie;' Joieph Comba the tax collector, Mr, Henderaon; Francis McCarthy I* Paul Sycamore. Edwin S. Quinn will don blackface to portray Donald the man of all work, and Rheba, I Jean Dalaclior, elde«ion of the French premier, pint an urm bund on ikc neweit recruit to hit recently inaugurated org.niiation called "Youtht of the French empire." The movement, he intitti it not political, but ralher to ute youthful energy in the nation't iar»ice. Membership it increatini rapidly. MAURER IS FETED ON HIS BIRTHDAY With Gift At Party In German Hall Here father, the rich Mr. Kirby, will be presented by Frank I. Ban-ford, Jr., and hi* wife, mother of Tony, There will also be a party Monday night at the Colored Republi- by 'Mis* Marion Kelly. OIKU, the CARTERET Mrs, John Maurer Count***, is undertaken* can, Club in Salem Avenue. The gave a surprise party at German Sadie Ulman, Gay Wellington,'the three candidate* for the election actre**, by Minn Phoebe Conran, " a " day night in honor of her backed by the party, Dr. H. L. and two men who come to inves- husband's birthday. Mr. Maurer Strandberg, August J. Perrt and Charles Sidun, will be honor gueiu. tigate aome of the on in this was presented a beautiful gift and stranjt household, by Thoman a large birthday cake. There W»» Chester and John Popiel. dancing throughout the evening The presentation will be Tor the at the High School. MRS. SENK'S RITES IN POLISH CHURCH G. O. P. WORKERS MEET CARTERET Republican committee men and women a.nd worker* for hte school election next Tuesday will meet at German Hall on Upper Roosevelt Avenue Sunday afternoon-at 2:8 o'clock. Final instructions will b'e given at this time. TO COMPLETE DANCE flans CAKTERET The German-Am-. witpan :Qita mi,, CluKwOL jomlteflwhww night in German Hall to well-knuwn magician, Mrs. make final plans for the dance to was assisted by Mr. and Mr*. Anthony Ulleraberxer and Mr, and be held Saturday night,-february 8. The dance will also be in German Hall and Otto Wollenberg is Mrs. Arlolph Nering. (iui'sts preiient were the followchairman. Members of the club's ing: From 'the German-Austrian Ladies unit will also meet tomorrow VitcnitiH of Elizabeth, and the night. Fords Notes The Men'B Democratic Club will meet Tuesday at the headquarters on New Brunswick Avenue, The Beefs Bar Flies Athletic Aisociation will hold a dance February 7 at Fords Casino with Roy Anderson as general chairman. Half Million Dollart From Taxpayers of Woodbridge auxiliary: Henry Schuetz, Herman (t ni' have H switcht> Headquarter* and William Kuth, Mrs. Dierk, Alfred Many Friend., Relatives i.arik. n^ny ««. J"og Doirr, HEL COMES HOME ELECT >f the desk sergeant Attend Requiem Mast Eckerman, Past Commander of, CARTERET County Purchasing'Agent Edward J, Heil of upper WALTER MANAKER incoming and out- For Local Woman Betsytown Pust of Elizabeth, Arthur (larbowski, Mr. and Mrs. Eu-Roosevelt Avenue, and his son, To Board of Education Dnr calls. recorder Hwltch-botrd be CARTMET Hi* funcial of Mr. And Rev. Edward J. Heil of Highland TUES., FEB P. M. A : Court room and op Mr*. Valentina Senk, which \v*ts Mi. and Mr*. VVUIU Pai'lS, nave returned after g d Paid for by candidate. trl Thu would free held Monday morning in Holy Family Church, was largely attended Ceding, Mr. ObwmulUr, Mr. and MV. and Mr*. Edward ijfg rtveral weeks in Florida. of the duties of erator and (five him and two car* were required to Mr?. Alfred Dzina, MV. and f do his regular duties.! «rry the many flower pieces to the Jonn Michel, John Michel, Jr., Mr. Jonn M,, cemetery. The serviee i wot tun. d BUSY BEE MARKET alh) Mr!, OflCHr ScKultx, Mr. and ducted at three aepeiatt nuiski-s <>r M. s j utui jjoffart, Mr. and Mrs., the Junior Paand' Officer p aced at the head. I hat the Patrol memto attend the home ^s free," :ARDPARTY lor St. Mark's Set 7th For Benefit [bu.xiiu'sg meeting Fri-.']- wag served, present: Mrs. Mm, S. C, Dal-. -un, Helen Canon, Mr*.. Willium Bapp, Mrs: Mrs. Thomas J. MuM lailvs Abel, Mrs. Rich- MIK. Oscar Stein and ley ITS. TO ASHewa ET--Mr. f upper Roosevelt parents of a baby Thursday in Mid-»l Hospital, New earn -extra pocket vering THE INDE- Sce circulation man- TO PLAY A INSTRUMENT Instructions by sexpert teachers Ion all instruments. Let Her- l>!' r t Brown, OR artist give 'you a TALENT TEST Mwic Shop. (It Av«. Cartarel 8-9 requiem, sung at separate altars () Woeiner, Mr. and Mrs. A. by Rer. Dr. "Joseph DmdoHt, pas- schnieder, Mr. and Mr*. Emil Seltor of the church; Rev, Frank nau an(j p ranz Boehm. Zgbrtln*«i, of Manville, and Kfv. From L ol)g inland, the Mi**ei bealbcrtyromaszewski, of White Lydjii, Wanda and Olga Steam,and House., _ Peter Weingarten; from Staten Is- Mr«. Senk, who was fifty-two land, Alex Kaiser; fforn Rin«o*», years old, died fhurnd»y nitfht at Mr. and Mrs. Witt, Mrs. Renkie, Perth Amboy General Hospital, Those present from Carteret wh,ere she had been taken earlier were: Mayor avid Mrs. J. W. Mit- -Plans for a, card In the day from her home, 52 Fred- turh, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hemsel f been made by, theerick Street, East Bahway. She is anil daughter', Alma, Mr. and Mrs. St. Mark's Church, Hay night, at the home ItitiH-hy. Th«party survived by her husband, Andruw, Theodore Knorr and two daughand six children, Frank, JAcob, tors, Mr. and Mr*. Sessa and Andrew, Jr.', John, Jeantiiw and Jo. ; daughter, Virginia, Mr. and Mrs. parish hall March 7, Mphine. Jacob Senk had b.«en : IHp^Blt, Mi', ami Mrs. Steigman riny Kirther a* chairv married in the same church the a^toai\ghtei\ Mr. and Mr*. Sto'ckpreceding Sunday to Miss Anna man,. Mr..nhd M«<JStut«ki, Mr. Corneluk. and Mia. Eifert and daughter. Mr*. Senk was a member of the j Mr. and Mm Eskesen Mr,, and Poltah Rom** Catholic Union of M". Hirt, Mr. and Mr,, F«tes and Ik* Wry Society' ( }? u ** iet *"!,*?" ' of the chukh. Members nf the*c f a " a a«uglt»r two organizations attended the ^ouenberj, Mr-mi Mrs. R^ Bom, funeral in a full.body.. «/ *l i *?- ' Xu ' t - U I'u" *, Mrs. Robert Horn, Mr. and Mr*. Buiiil WM In St Stephen *Ceni-. w l l w M r - and Mrfc A. etry, Ford*. Pall beaws were Ki, au( fc'.ifr, and Mr». J6hn Homciuk, Stephen Barysuk,. Krm^ j r, ( M r. and Mr*. Wm and Mrs. -^.,-.. aj -_ ,._^_.. «..._^. w _iihieadn. Mrjind Mrs. MalwiU, Mr. Peter Bednarandw alter Franicowr unl Mrs.'Stein, Mr.'i..._... *ki. Arrangements- were in charge of Joseph Synowlecki., rlfw, Mr. and Mrs. Goaer»taar,Mr. and Mrs. A. Perry, M. Jurik, M. Knoll, E. Erickson, Mi*se* Martha, Olga and Lydia Nerlng, M. Demjawovitch, William Neriijig, Mr DUBROWSKY BURIED CARTERET Demeter Dubrow sky, seventy, who died from a heart and Mrs. Witt Michael Daonerwiet, attack Tuesday; wa* buried Satur- Steve Petro, John Daly, John Lako, day from the funeral home of Joseph KormeskiMiqhael Berenka Joseph Synowiecki in Hudson and Juliu* Maurer, son of Mr. and Street. Mr. Dubrowsky boarded Mrs. John Maurer. ^ at 39 Hudion Street. # Buri»l wah in Rosehill Cemetery, Linden. Survivors are a daughter Anna of Czecho-Stovakia, a daughter, Mis. Mary Blasko, of St. Michael's, Pa., and one son, Geia, of Homestead, Pa. WORLD'S FAIR A CREAT CITY The amount of ek'i-liic current to be u's«d by the NtAv York World's Fiiir lilsll durink its operation will be ciiuiil to that by ii city of.'5,( pupil AND FURNACE OIL HIGHEST QUALITY FOR EVERY MAKE OF BURNER Prompt and Courteous Service IER OIL & GASOLINE SUPPLY CO.j IUNSWICK AVE. REPUBLICANS FETE ELECTIONJICTORS Mayor, Councilman, Tere- At Celebration CARTERET Aboil 35 per- MoiK iittended the Victory Dance jrjveii in ti't. James Hall Saturday nicht li> honor Mayor Joseph W, Mittueh, rouneilmen Clifford L. Cutler and Joseph Galvanek, and Justin' of the Peace John Terebetn,y f,,r ttft'ir victory at the polls in Snvember. The Republican organization sponsored the dance and Stinilnry Inspector Michael Yarcheski was chairmrn..: The hall was decorated with colored TiphtB and on the stage WHS placed n large G.. P. In white Ivtters. Guests, were seated at inblea in" night- olub 'style and served by threevalwerfe*. A Sound -ystcni was provided for the enil-rtninmont, furnished by Miss.Icnii Marsh of Woodbridge, Binger, ii ml L. S. Krey. Among the gueatu were many Democrat* as well as poll- The Board of Education school budget should be subject to revlalon by municipal authority It'* our privilege to know facts, work unselfishly to right a wrong, that it may benefit you directly or indirectly. 87 MAIN STREET WOODBRIDGE t PHONE GOLDEN WEST FOT 29c lb." rowl blubbus" CUBE STEAKS lb lb. 35c JERSEY Short Shank Skinback FRESH HAMS ROAST SUGAR CURED BACON Hal.-PoupdPkg. BECHCATESSEN'SPECIAL' HOME MADE VEAL LOAF or O fie PRESSED HAMf^ lb. FULL LINE OF FRESH FISH, OYSTERS and CLAMS EVERY FRIDAY Blue Point L. I. OYISTERS The IIFFITH THIS lovely, new style piano Ims a full 88 note keyboard. Small enough to require no more spnee than an average sized throw rug, it is, nevertheless, a real musical instrument. Why not come in and discover how easily you can obtain this charming little piano? A small first payment places it in your home. Allowance on your old piano. Griffith Piano Co. 238 W. Front St., Plainf ield optn i II day Monday (Micaln'i fiirthjay,) Hopelawn -A chanty ball will be held tomorrow fvuning at Ford* Casino for the needy Hungarian resident* ut' Hupelawn. The HoptUwu Home and Sih'H'l Association will hold a ilumi- ut the school March 7 with Mi- Anthony Bosie in charge of tin, iiiiict'nientti. Music for dancnii! will be played by Jimmy Gay HII'I In- orchestra. Election of oflnii> uf thr association will be Iii-Id February 26. A Valuntin* party will bv lielii in tin- choir of the St. Michael'* tiirek Catholic Church February 9 at Stebeledy'* Hall, <mtt Street, Perth Amboy. The Hoptlawn Ortykeund* will sponsor a dance at the school au- di tori urn February 7 with Jinny j GET ACQUAINTED With Prrla taktr'i * " FAINT STORE * Paiatt * W»ll PM»«r * Painter'* ATLANTIC PAINT CO. 29 Srnttk Sl. P.rlt Amboy lisp. Kim AfUur MlrkM I'aoac '. t. PAGE THREE G»y snd his orchestm playing the for dancing. BODY AND FENDER REPAIRING DUCO-DULUX REFINISHING /25 RKUABI I AUTO REFINISHING 4 i \MI Hruua \ < r. I'rrlh Mnl>u) t'buy* IHlll:l COME TO THE STORE OF A THOUSAND BARGAINS GALINJKYM DEPARTMENT STORE 323 STATE STREET PERTH AMBOY. N. J. NATIONALLY ADVERTISED CANNON SHEETS LADIES' IUM. REG. $25 \t t\t\f FAST COLOR HOOVERETTES IW FULL SIZE PLAID REC A I / SHEET BLANKETS PART LINEN-COLORED BORDER DISH TOWELS N LADIES' FAST COLOR, M BIB APRONS BED SHEETS FULL SIZE PILLOW CASES HEN'S DUNGAREE OVERALLS MEN'S AMERICAN LISLE REG, 5c SOCKS BIRDS EYE FLANNEL DIAPERS REGULAR 25c GIRL'S All Color* Including White SOU ARE PfcRCALES SIZES TO 2 PKG. OF KEG. 9. SIZES / '%/ BROADCLOTH SUPS CHILDREN'S REG. 5c FINE OUAUTt ANKLETS NOTHING IS OUT OUREACH OF THIS Electric THE NEW UNIVERSAL does a. thorough job of. cleaning. It cleans and purifies the air, while it is cleaning rugs,^ draperies,.'rnattfesaes "and r " radiators. Because, of, its long handle you are able to get at the difficult places, the high moldv ing, back of pictures, down under low furniture. No need to move heavy chairs and couches. The Universal will go under them and ckan the {loot This electric cleaner, complete with tools, tells for 59.% cash. Carrying charge extra,. 2 TO 4 t i':

12 FOTR PuMUhtd I w y Friday by WD8WDG PUBLISHING CO. N.J. $. Par Yiw UVGH wnxiammu gsttr u* PublJrter CAILB E. QIBOOKT - aunajtet "awani ai awnail f>«** WJ * MM*. ifljtat Ik*?«* *«at Woodbridgt, N. «' MUMf Tkt 93$ Tax Rate h A correspondent to the British Press ' complained recently ttutt tht word "actu- ; illy" u twinf grossly overworked in the j conversation of the yoatk of the eodtrtf \ and thwe appears, to be soae foundation for hk pntnt It seeats that fashion is always isujua* her pjftnrord of tke moment It* meaffnig has Mttle relation to its env ploynjem. Such proceedings do not surely deny juati«(r-te tfee "OK* Jast*,." tor when, to change the metiphor, fashion decks a word in extravagant motley, H may en3ure ignobly, as "awfully" continue* its jest at sense, but its dignity! put off with its ancient homeapun. Eventually it may be We mtaiftly Jujpt^uidfiedi there' founder, for thereporu that the'no more able To U rate in Woodbridee To^ip» to b.jtfc» tofe at I* was able to revertlo rtd d thu veaf ' (JekyJJ; an*, ifl «ffl#wuence, fid finds ltaejf from 938 ex«t«, there seem* on reflection to he few reasons which would indicate-iuch a reduction even though it i* remembered the Board'* budget was materially pared. We say thu«in view of the fact that the county tax rate is to be increased and also in the light of our experience with the State legislature in providing aasuitance to meet tht co-t of unemployment relief. We do know, of course, that the Township has been operated with the accent on economy. Such extraordinary expenses as have occurred have been forced upon us by outside agencies. The construction of the I Fords-Hopelawn-Keasbey ~4kfll.axtr.nva gun! whirfl ^f,«e\ver system, of Hearth, in one of the regrettable projects into which we Were thrown. Re f uaal of the solons in Trenton to recognize their responsibility to the municipalities in the matter of relief creates another critica situation beyond our control. 'pfespite the fact, however, the predicaments these circumstances confound are beyond our control, we are saddled with the expense involved and there is apparently no way we tan avoid it. It is no doubt probable that left to pay the bills we ourselves incur a reduced tax rate would be in tlprder. But to providing for tile extravagances and the inefficiency of outaide governmental agencies, it's a different story. If, therefore, a reduction h not ultimately possible the full blame reals on Trenton. Reading Between the The man of Whom Longfdllow wrote: I "Night after night, He sat rfndi bleared his fr- iyea with books;'* ftas advanced with the times. Nowanights he takes his read easier. He doesn't blear his eyes: he pushes an electric button. He doesn't sit; he lieg dow* in,that perfect composure conducive to getting all there is tol be got out of a book, including a good night's sleep. One no lariger needs a determined character, or a fireman's courage, to underke an evening in.bed with_a book. No. 'longer does the.oil lamp stand impishly empty as you finish your jiu-jitsu 'match with the pillows and prepare to settle down in their conquered comforts. Nor need you risk falling asleep with a candle near the counterpane, an experience which may have prompted Stevenson to. declare that "To pass from bearing great literature to reading it is to take,a dangerous step." Aladcfin'a lamp had lo be rubbed, but you modern reader-abed aummons his Djinn with a finger's touch toil a switch and all the adventures of one thousand and one nights, ail the knowledge, that darker ages left half-hidden between covall the beauty thftt needed only light 'mofe^t'f'^ep''gf can be purchase,d-by kilowatt hour. Of course, there are people who entertain fallacies about there being' better r places to read than in bed. Wasn't it Earl Baldwin of Bewdley when he was Stanley Baldwin who preferred among all places, the fur hearthrug? His-mistake ' can only be accounted for T>y:the probability be had taken too much to heart Napoleon's dictum about an army, marching on its stomach, and thought a states- man, also might better advance that way., But 4a he became even" wiser than to stay "In office. Earl Baldwin doubtyss also learned to take hia books to bed like the rest of us, snap* a switch, forget the headlines about Europe, and thank Hia habit of reading by the fireside in ether days for the fact that he has time or Inclination f to read abed in these....young Americans used to be advised to "Go West." The cinema,.faced with a box-office slump, has been doing very much the same thing by largely going "western." Nor ia thk tendency confined to the lesserknown luminaries of.the screen. In the past the Alms learned much from the technique of "westerns." It was the bucking bronchos, the round-ups and chases, the breathless fights on precipice edges which taught that the primary function of the movie is to move. It is a lesson which, after years of'talkies, the "westerns" may have to teach all over again. " They may ieaeh" ether Europe there is teen controversy over the inclination which Hollywood has recently developed for instructing the Continent in its own history. For example, such attempts as "Lloyds of London" and "Suez" to prove that the well-known figures of the past all looked, spoke, thought, walked, and behaved exactly alike have provoked considerable criticism, culminating in the protenter of the De Lessens family against ih«portrait of the engineer of the Suez Canal. Now, modern "westerns" concern themselves with historical themes rather then with- historical personages* They show things like the development of stagecoach routes and the growth of respect for law, Thus, they avoid fierce personal controversy. It is a hint which roor/ ambitious films might well find valuabl > It Wod4 Be the Hollywood A dark night and a raw-wind. But the "FRIDAY. FKKkl.'AKY Abraham Hmroin bo toefjopc., Cerbentlp botot prap tu\w Europe's Youth Doesn't Want War Th$ $ Tht Condition Young Mmtmi Carton Who Tomei The Continent On A Bicycle Up in the Bronx, New oth.,r York, there is a bright-eyed girl with fluff, hair setting; '- '" and girls who wan? lo of the world they have persuaded their -class ticket few iliillr't frr by any meant a tomboy, but year plain food, but wonderful." she went over to Europe became coal barge Hollywood lay quietly in the It isn't particularly adventurou?. die bad a graduate.'teacher's f el-. Miss CanMt said, but it does irive Qowanus canal, agugly tied to^ a pier in lowahip,jn an institute, under the tmpiee. of I'Ecote Nonn.le g,,.,^ the feeling of freedom and of Brooklyn.. Captain John Roberts, young Perience, r - near Nice, and a chance 'being truly alive. "Especially in six-foot captain, sat toasting hia J&ins be-tfore a coal fire in the cabin and aware of get her Matter's Degree at Colum- atudy, too, at tlpsau University, the countries. * h«rp there is not Sweden. This year she ia going to much freedom, ' and' you think tht nothing sinister in the shadows on the wall, bia, and with the prospect of teaching ahead of her she thought «he ft matrsppeare*"** -ttw-doojyway, pistol in hand, and demanded, money. Roberts stalled a. minute, then threw * umberjacket over the visitor's gun and th^y fell struggling to the floor. Finally the captain wrfibtk^ hia mail to.^ed^e of the boat and shoved him over the aide. "Help! Help!" Came.a.chastened and frightened voice from the water.; "I can't swim." With a rope ladder Captain Roberts helped) the would-be hold-up man out of the canal and turned him over to! the police. [ A skipper should weigh carefully the possible consequences of naming a coal barge the Hollywood. Rejecting Wat In all the current discussion of War and peace, no more useful word has been spoken than Herbert Hoover's, "I wish to talk peace. Our minds 'are being prepared to accept war aa inevitable." Particularly for the American people, who do not live tinder the constant thnatdt bombing without notice, is it useful to reject the thought of war as being inevitable. War is always a choice and, repeatedly even the harassed peoples *>f Europe have - shown how unwilling they aty to choose it Yet it must be reeognteed that mere avoidance of war is Jjot a sound peace. Nor is peace without justice anything men can long tolerate. Love of peace mutt be a positive'purpose;, not mixed with fear of war. To the extent that" unpreparedness causes fear of war, preparedness may help he democracies to find a sounder basis for seeking peace. Arms do not necessarily spell war. But arms programs do increase the necetftty of thinking in, peaceful refusing fi accept war ai inevitable^ hea.d and a nice young cnin j w I """ I " r "',, L!i.;. : >antl *4MM» replacements, and» bike who has no hesitation in say are all they need to make them ing that the people who are mobile and give them the time of waiting for the young people to sanction a war anywhere in the world are in for a long, thin time of it. She is Miss Margaret Carson, and -her father is a Pres- Her fa-way that it waa interesting to meet ^'^^YrlnK people from strange places. In one bam- of peasant?. byterian minister. ther and mother agree it has b««n something for them to get used to the idea of their daughter not yet out of college paddling a folding canoe 9 miles down the Danube, from Uim to Vienna, die and another girl for cornother boy* and girls from hn»tel to hoatel, across a doien countries of Europe. "But sh* eertalnly learned a lot,*' fliey agree, pomewhat doubtfully. The young people nowadays do thing* their elders never dreamed of doing.... Carson ia Blender 'and mls*^*cs~^f8n fllllrqtlt"mr aite'coulci first hand about Eprope while ahe bad the tinie and was In the vicinty. AB Vary»«apl* "It's perfectlj all r%h(l Mother, really it ia," riifj mid to Mrs. Carmapa from tlief nternat Hostels and tun e»t y? on yhmt to go, inmost of England, and northern and central Europe, you can alwayi find a hostel to stay in when it comes.night You juit decide whers- you're going to Wind np mnj eight and then 7a Wind up there." p Thew'e pleflty of company too; h < any r*cia. i.>- fi'ii;: Lomlon *he * ar,«i their yot^th Roosevelt WOODBRIDGE * MO"**" Americas most stehfol p (J in a bit of sword-play which, tothe national welfare, would b e, it so happens, the h Preside United States. Rartly, sir, has any most knowkg anjhjjp.ctf,,.sword-play may ^ ^ f " ««till po-aible. B^the pre p an udderlying^fflie bet, Ji the legislative^ ^ the outcome of the duel may wei;, u nomination. And that may m.. are to have a continuation f the New eriod of social, political, economic r.-f «e are in for stabllitttion, even r>,,,-, lin tinuing change, t #, The first «erioub swrmiih-ir-twktdwl r h-t Friday afternoon when the Senate \ -.' the President's relief recommenda tnotiirh. at that precise moment the Vfce-Pr, tipjr at the Cabinet table in the White Hou-^ pr,.,nf not by constitutional-right or trad/!>n"i.knt's request. It was very convent*!,' away from the Senate. His absence made,- l-t t- taltng. a tie vote would defeat the Adtnmletratim the ho=tti at stratfnrd- ' mi>fhl have forced him into casting an emba: on-avon. p*rha r «bert «f ail "U ^ Mf Garner, g no t ready to come MI- : i ;;rj;;«,r J r..*:«!"'.'.i.hh,»,.p«.iti<.- H '««««- old', and vtrj- "'«when wt ' *'' nl burned his bridges, has not taken the buttm oufthe warden had u«each put a ir, T hjs newgpaper p friends, t» pet in a board, ami when we caw. n' s r ' l I m ' in ir, the afternoon he had a cup <>f, his attitude is perfectly Well hot chwolate lor everyone *h\i U.I nationally tarding-thewholet#mpoofthemeiatdcal a.s an ear-to-the-ground politictan, b thinir? like that, that people do m»lfe us f**l «i hume. And their lives, and an insifrht into if you ever did get caught between American public proclaimed Bllch their time, that the hutory books h«««f anj too tired to go on. you p h he woul(j prefer Mr_ Roow-Velt tn never prepared the fc, ^ ^ r C tl'z mandate himself willingly, but if not, Mr. c, I y«l»d Uiruuflli Europe! I was with students from tvery- wh&re. No one <;ared where any- London hogtel, one nipht' there were 2 Oxford Boys, two *fr<m Cambridge, one from Harvard, on* ffoiti Princeton, and I was frutn Columbia. "A^d you hate to k«ep the rule«, trim for the long- days. Lights oat in the hostels at :3 and you're always np at six. In EnpiJ Holland the lodging- co t cents a day; not much more in the other countries. You pay your money, an«because tht sura is pretty , you do some little task before you. push on; Sweeping or washing dishes. Your meals cost about a quarter and they are good. Juat people look ss if they weren't quite sure they wftnt to be aliv,e. n Eviryona Ii ftit»a\j awi«j.w»**«««t.ib the! pack* an our' back^ when we. cycled," she aaidj "the hostels famish everything elae; the beds are double-deckera, alwaya erer so clean, and plenty of blapkeu, if if: Yoi> get so tired that :3 seems the njiddle of the Bight. Yjiu sit roun3"3ie~ftf«plac«krter*ajipper H and talk; yon apiak French or English or German and get a imatterinjr of Swedish and Danish'and the other languagea. But anyone can get along pretty w»ll on English for then are always others who peasartj vert jurt iron4rrfttl: aj-. \ ng \y aw»*t j n it* execution at first quietly,, wa>» did little things for u.«to ( e f m j^e] v make us feel welcome." Mi*? Car- _,, ' '.,..,,, rh The President, for his part, is also skill: b^ acrobat tumbler, who foresees hard kne relflxen his whole body in order to receive "Jtt** * went domv.the rivet, esii)y aa p^jole. By hil r»iajt»d, attitude, Mr. Roosevelt probably night. They acted as if they'd been etp««ting i everywhere we cycled we found one going by on a bicycle, ehi- ha.< to hoid onto her s*at. Fi'.tif of habit might make her fly or. to join in. Most people know Valentin* \\ tlin his novelist and with Congress. To fight back in the open, brittle muscles, would be to invite the sarm same breakages, that have rained prevu more grappling with a hostile Congreis. i pickings than peopl But at the same time, President Roosov. the war mawrs. And every j n g any round, i? not altering his basic Hi stick to New Deal doctrine, con!;: New Dealers around hhn and appoint adv;t Diary Of A Reporter Williams Puts Down Experiences Of Life As They Happen sives (Amlies) to important posta. He si calm, perfectly assured, as he sends his variou ations to Congress and awaits the result amused interest Underneath, of course, the President : one basic conviction: that he, himself, can >:. rank-and-file voters of the country. Thu.-. thinks, if Congress goes too far in a reaction < he can tu.rn the tahles on them in 94, or pw win«>per8ona! victdry and resdme the com Meantime, Tie is'not going to rafaj himself in :. struggle. He is like the tennis ehampion w t but drofia tha third incarnation, a* 'Sometimes, of course, it doesn't tarn out as writer of my-tfr>].'" y. starie». But before' hi l>.vart to "depict ftfe as r warttot! it tn bo," his task was that of recurring "life By this attitude, the President also d< > bridges with Congress. There k BO open bi' ture ia indeterminate; circumstances may ch:»e;fst*»"w* ' *?» ^J<^»*e*w**4-Wi' World War.,! Still'the quarterback whether oatbe,defensiv> World of Action ( sive. By these unflurried tactici be just : S^^^S' ;;'^:^^ ^'^^' book of thoae new»pap«r ycnn, oan spealit." crammed into a mere 42 mt,, The thiife k Miaa Carson liked most The people he met, the incident* he saw these always stand in-the was the utter absence at all the foreground. Mr. Williamj himself remains the recatiteur a refreshing return to a custom negjected in so many current autobiographies of neu newspapermen. snnnermpn «By his' fidelity to another toolonc-dwarded custom, Mr Williams outflanks some of the modems. ITe writes a dtcont book Sordi.I facts have no particular interest for him. And even in de pii'fmjf the weaknesses.f the.». cial structure of f pre-war prewar Germarty^ " he nu«s tolerance and compassion with his black jhk ink. Sometimes, with petson*liti4t ^.. u.«the pen is quicker than the h eve T Jr.»klln D.Roosevelt "has ch,, he has diplomacy, he has tact he likes to be boas." Mr Vi!lf» m. found H^nry Ford "lack nf W S " p T r sonality." Bv L P - Sir Norman decade ahead he discerned in Kfell a man «rather Ucmocratlc Convention of thti f» might their congressional brethren, or anything Anyway, ' Mr. Roosevelt to itlcking to hipoints and his kind of people, hejuu lees and the regular"democrits, and one.big question attitudes of Cordell Hull and Junes A. Far! important Democrats left la the official fan Mr. Hull's position ia Interesting. He pr with the President on rearmament, <W airplaii' and relaxation of the Neutrality Act to give t i more latitude, yet these are pott of the P«'rt eral foreign policy about which Congress doubts. So Mr. Hull may find hia prestige dimmed if a real Jftght ensuea, for might also knock some holes lp the trade tr< and the Secretary of {ftate then 'iwlrtd find hi xloser to the President's side. Mr Parley, in turn, Is still watching and strengthening his unprecedented political tii* ner of the 'country, still loyil but still m>t certa i ^ stands with the Preddent It remains for llr. RoowrsH to write the week. On that souvenir photograph of him i»»ter, on which the Vice-Preaident had v Calver, for making me try'to behave, f wrote: "For n. Calw. K#ep on ^ ^ r«fu«tto aehort this merlin MM tome propn Lftgue!n its P r fiat of the e«lv«a the nntiir L.-

13 , I- «*'' K *' ',,ilvt.rt'"f!' venlnti.'i'm tut..,;,.,., MI «P. m (lv >."...i»>..i'f'. ( ' h "B!"* n!a: i ' 'mill to '" ll. f,n, K to term, of»!< I" T wi>«l>ip Clerk <>M«" [" ', bipuwlthr raw,., null-,,,.,. Mil: In I '",'*' r,,l vvlil'l' II. --I' ' I.IHI. ti ' M!,"«'mi m»nnar of ;»m' '" JS Ii INDEPENDENT FRIDAY, FEBRUARY, 939 * l i,;'"'r"i.ilnltn«m, by th.,',',,,.,ih e*. en«the Ray- Li hv Hie (jureh*s«r «' ;,,. with t«r m» "' " '? on lnimry Ilh, tit night at the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dragoaet of Burnett Street. The Junior Womnn'g Club will hold i cfttd party today at the ichool, Mr*. William Baker of Proapect Street wan ho«t«bg to the Sunthine Clau of the First Preeby- i,, H wir«, Hie. unkmiwn l T»o»«l r«p- K \., mvli"london. El, " i iv»f Iholr heirs, fch ;..,,,h,r., artmlnlstra-.'uh. umitkiu or. * - terian ',,,,n or.lir or th*- Court i,,: Ni-w.lerney. m«flf «n I,,!. i<«-r«ir, in a taua* TIIWIIMIIIP "' W.ioriiim.i l )iit rorpor»h»n of ( N,.w l.riiev it onmpl«lni,iu mul (itlmrs ar» the T v.iu nre r«hllm* to i»l>;,.,, iiu lilli pf cupiplnlnt f,, In' Rttl llujt f^ AWlli I H.ii'l IIU will lie luk-n El iinulii.ll v»u. V Hind t" baoluli'ly,, i.xv yim from ill,uir. HI rmlcmirtl'in»f, I"!r, iiilki-s ilnxrllieil In <errt.n -ill.- 'l(ii«'i K«I>ru»ry,.lll(,uta»l lo M In, tafl, m. i»^. n*. I,i,,,i i:si In rjloi'k IHU: H» i»«. i»!. I'L lr '«' In ( in twnrta IWK, < «Miin «'f th* T»wnnhlp,.iniUin, lire nih'l*. \,.ii lirii th» iiwni'i.inlseh tn"ri>ltiiil»n f ii may.'lalm nn In kin Dm-In I/indon, nnv I:, I,I,,.. UBH yuit itrr Ilii' MttnVi- nnniml flutist f*f, ini-mlii-f. h«r*tnii)inve i! MJII hnvc nr limy rliflw, liuiitp right «t dnwer In tli.' r.-mpei tlv«> unknown is ;iinl iiprmiuhl rfprp-.. l'ii\l«ixmilnri, anil your niir hflrt, devlm-o, uxi'- Inmrntnflt, r»nt»e«. n*- In rldtit. ht, tltlf iltl iif I iniiil dnfon<laiil inn an Intcn-xi «i ilfhiiliicil In nnl< lilll f>f iiiuiikcnhorn, Sollrltur :! -:) IS. RNV OP TKW Wllllnm M «lliim Wllllitn uci** JH u-t[«, ut[«, Arthur R Hall. ri!mr! II Mali, Mli hli wife. Iiwn IInd.loiin Boylnn, rin >«ctlr* unknown ihiin nn>t pvrtonal r*p- HVIH»r Nntlwn William.jury, Arthur B. Hill ami Inylnn, and tmr or any,r\)ifli", d«vl«fei,, eieiujji](n]nlnir»tor», «J&nl»e«, I hr Kurceuon In rlslil, ltrd of. an order of ttis Court t nf N«* JtrMfr nia4la on i J»te hereof,tn a came Township of Wqodf punlclpsl oorponitioii of N«w Jersey li aomplalni nn.rnth»rs arc the d«- u are ri«ulr«d to appear,. DIA bill pf said comix, r httfore thi 8th d«v»xt. or th* said bill will IrahfMied afajnit you, till Is tied fo almoiutely. irrctol* you from all ulty of redemption or, In 'omises described IVI cer- :ax nnlaa dsl»d January nuury 7th,»J arul Jan- 3 roverinr ]&\t i to'is. 4SJ-A; U)\u If to ainm.oi 29 In Clock 43!-, 5. 6, 7 and i to ln- ]<nk iil.o. Lots to «.llluck (22O; JjiU.l-to K! inn] 2 In Dlbolc 4t2B; Iiu hicive In 432- «Inrluslvc anil t to 28 Mlork k «2-F; «2F; Lot* S. 3 to 2 Inclusive, uslvi', 3< to!8 ihclu- Kk 432-' U>ta, 4. l<> HI) Inrlualve In. < tu 2, 22, 24 to 4 In- Wi In Illurk 492-; LQU (V' unil 3 In 4B Inclusive J I.otn 4 tn 6 inclusive, I, M, f6 In 432-K; r' In <32-L; Lots InHIvi, In niock 432-M; Ul in Illo.'lc 432-H; I*t«(Id 2 tn 69 Inrhmivo In Lot at In mock 432-M. tun! Zt In lllock 4}2-M a I Tax iirm AmieHiment Wnslilp (,r Wooillirldge. HliMKSx und Btute of _lt!mn Wllllnm MBCCIICBlur U. Hull are mailu do- PIIHI' each of you are the Ion] o( part of the pr«move ilescrlbpil and you Avenel Notes Mr. and Mrs. Harold Moiibon of Manhattan Avetiuit have as their guests, Mi:, and Mrs. Jackson of Omaha, Neb. Miss Ann Dragoset of Burnett Street entertained Saturday night Hr. and Mrs, Raymond F«lter of Dunelkn; Miw Ann Bayus, John Carr, Winton Frey of Westfield; Mr* Elsie Una* of BJaabetkf Arthur Capracio of Roulle; and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Drigo-»et of town. -^A Valentine dance wiu be h«ld February 8 at the school by the At Amlnw'i Building Fund Societfmi* will b«played by Jimmy Gay and hla orchestra. Th» Elm Tree Troop will present a play at the'avenel school Haxeh. Mri. atttier Hansen of Manhattan Avenue *»» hostess last night to the th* flahno Club. tan ^venue will be HditteBi February 2 at a food sale to be held by the American Home Department of the Avenel Woman * Club. Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Bowen and Dr. and Mrs. Edward J Heath of Rahway were gue«t* Wednesday Church, Woodbridge, en Monday. -Miu Lllilan Grant of Burnetj. Street will La hostess at a card party Wednesday to be held by the Giri'i Club. The Ladles' Auxiliary of the veni'l Flrehnune No. will hold Valentine party at the ftrchouae fueidiy. The Avenel Progressive Democratic Club will meet at the home of R. Grover Perier, Park Avenue,, February 27. A tiuciitl will be held by thp Tfilrtl""warU'RcpuBTTcan p "C(ut "It Hb Ji.aH.ta February Winton Frey of'weotfifld ans Min Ann DraffuHtit oi Burnett visited friend.s lit Philadelphia, Pi., Sunday. The A vt'tifl Emprireiicy Squad Inc., will holil a social at the firehome March 3 with Frank Hacker in chargfe. Keasbey The Ladies Auxiliary of the Keatbey Protection Fire Company kill hold a social Thursday at the school auditorium with Mrs, Julia Stilton HH general ahairman. The Hungarian-American Democratic Aniociution will hold a pig rouat tomorrow at the Fords Casino, Baptism services were held Sunday at Our Lady of Peace Church for George Bedics Jr., son of Mr. mid Mrs. George Bedics of Smith Street. M>TUK'Id'' KI KtTIIIN Klri> llutrlr't'nn. I. WooilhriilKr NOTIi'K IH HKIIKHV 'IHVK.V to tlif I "mi I \iiti-r» t>f Plii' IMxlrli't N». I,' of tli(! Tuvvimhlp uf Wiimllirlilice nniry. lslld. nn cli.ll'in will Uf hrm ttt f'lli. HnUllUUttrKTH, Si tlllbl Sll'M't WIIIMIIII'IIIK)'. N... Snjif flprkdii ID for I lie fnlviiwink iuri>uif;«. Ti> el«i I tww (2( C"iimnilH»loiiem for tlii" tprm of tlirpt> mi yi'tit-ji anil to vole HU upprululiuloii lur Hn> ruriit rui'ul year. P'llli will In- upeneil at 3 D. >n :in ' will rliiiti' Ht f p- m UOAIU> UK. BUH. ilu -WII.UAU ri.nn) HIT-RUNNER FINED Partb Auboy MM Pay* $29 At** Cra* In Forda WOODBRDGE Stephen Mul vichill Jr., 26, of SUte Street, Pertb Amboy, charged with hitand-run driving, was fined f 29 by Recorder Arthur Brows. The defendant wai alleged, while driving his ear OB New Brunawiek Avenue pear William Street, Ford*, to have struck a car that was parked on New Brunswick Avenut and owned by Marion Jensen of Main Street. He wai apprehended by Officer Daniel Panceni. In MMitien to h» #»* the man wai aim ordered to pay $6B to cover damage* to the Jensen car., Dork. public sale anil to the hlglmst l>mil.'i RccordlnK t» ter " " r ""'" "!', "' with th«towimwp Clerk open to n- spwllon _ Intofput therdn; p and to be reii'l prlni t \ Mm. Nathan WIllKm to \}e, " Tjotii " ' In" inil Mrs. Arthur I). Mull Woo bridge Township ifi'nilanti heoaum you r Min p. «ly. the tt'lvn uf the T»k(4 further nitl Hint the TIIWII- I owner* of record of the Shlp Commit toil hiin. hy rniilhlloii elnabwe d(icrlb«d and ftnei pura«n< <o l<tw. (l*eil n minimum prli-n at which mild luth In niilil 'may cltlrn to haw an t -Of dower in plrt of blot* will hfs'mm together with ' " icur Brown, aro mario» nine you are the holder iortgage covering ^urt iee hfrclnabove 'ilfli may claim an Interbhn Boylan, are made a ime you are the holder Tux gale Certificate.. tlid prutnlsei herelif rt und you may claim r«ln; i rc»iiei;»lvo unknown.., and iiemonal repre- Nattmn 'William M»nhur li. Hall and John ymir nr any of your eentors, adminlii B»IBII» or iucoe»- mis or Intariit, ara nth ln'i'iiune you may at In the herolnaiove I H O. ii Blankenhorn tltiir for Comiilalnant ii»l Tnigt Building Ininmerce Street rk N. i. i'o thl nt > * " MDrTICH. ) 'HOTICtf 8 HgllKBY fllvkn Dial the Annual A l TlaguInT Haguljir nu'i'ilnn nwi'ilnn uml utni Klcitlnn of the Cccal Voter* <if I'tre Julnlier. Nine (Ui In' the, of WtwdbrlOfc, flounty o( Mliliili'ni'X, State of N.ew J.'i'i-fy, IK to be IIPIII In the Oraen Htffel Klre- Amiac Ln ]»«lrn. on Saturday, Keliru- A p. m. and T p. m. for tht purimse of electing two (S) Fire CommlHlnnvrn r«r the full term of Thrte (3) ymri., and to vot«a Sperlal District Tux to bo used for Fire purpose*. Hlfcntd: HICHATD J. ROWIfF, Bery of the Board of Fir* Cnmm. No. ft. Txulln, N. J. «rtb. tr'tttt. W. I, il-, 7 XOTIl'K W. ^ TO Wl^OM IT MAY CONCBRSi: At n rcictilur mfetlng of Iho Town- Klilp Committee of the Township of Wnoilbrlilim lielu Monilny, Felirmiry «lli, mt, I was dlret'tsd-toadvartlmtlm fact that on Monday evcrliik, >lir«ary 3tli, H3t, th* Towimlilr ('iiminlttb* will Will meet at 8 S P.M. (b«(kstl i in IM«Committee Chambers, Me"' ' rlnl Municipal HulldlnR, Woodbr i p, New.loriey, ond expose and «"' other < p(ull«pertinent, milil in mum prii'fi being npojio plus r of prcplirtnft ileiul and advt)rtlhlnj[ thin nale, Bald lots ln laid block. If»ol<] on termi. will require u iinwn tmywent of %M tli«buliinrc uf purrliasa price to be patil In oiinil rhnntb y Initallments or 5.( i>''>«interest and other term* provlijj-d In i'on triot of talc. Take further notloe tint at milil «nlfl, or any datt to*wliicli It may he adjourned, thfc Township Commit lee rervea tnc rlstlit In ilt dlacretlur " rsject nny one or all bills «n<l to suit] lot! In «<d block tn such bill w It may»el»ct, due regard heln(f Vtvtn to'term* and manner <if paymont, In cbse nnt nr mor«mlnlmnni bids Khftll be recotvort. accepta.iu!e nf the minimum bid tiuav* minimum, by tlid.'ownrfnlp Commltti>6 ahd tha pnyment thereof by tile tuitrlnuor m- ifirillng to the manner of puroliiino In acoordanco with tern of mil.' nn Die, Hic'TllWlllUlp will Hfllver'n Inir- XHli! and sluo tfotd fin aald pri>inl»>«. i Township Clerk. I Dated February 7th, Hit. W..5-, *.. Woodbridge Miw Margaret Klmball of Bal- guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs JantM Hjlbsrt, Grove Avenue. > Edward Slotkin of Main Btreel haa been ill at His home for srv Mr*. John Hunt of r Decker Place was hostess yesterday to the American Home Department of the Woman's Club... The,Fortnightly Guild of the Methodist Episcopal Church will hold a Valentine lurtctsetm fit the church Tuesday afternoon with Mrs, John Gingrich as general chairman. Mrs. J. M. Coddington of Barron Avenue will be hostess February 2 to the Janet Gage chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution." Mrs. William Boylan of Barron Avenuu will be hostess Thursday evening at a card party to be Hponsored by the Court Mercedes No. 76», Catholic Daughters of America/ The Mtn's Brotherhood of the First Presbyterian Church will sponsor a card party next Friday at the home of Dr. W.?. Barrett, wr-trrrgmwriritt ' " the Public Service plant at Kearny February 23. Mm. William Schramm of High Street will bo hostess Monday to members of thy Mother's Club. The international relations do :partment of the Woman's Hub wfl meet February 2 with Mrs. Fred A. Briegg, Tisdale Place. The T u e s day Afternoon Bridge Club will meet this week at th«honu of Mrs, Aghgr Fita Randolph, Rahway Avenue. Mrs, Margaret Fullerton o Grovu Avenue will be hoatass Feb ruary 27 to the Woman's Auxil iary of the Trinity Episcopa Church. Edward KreuUberg ai Higl Street and a group of friond in New YorkVocently. Job Insurance In New Jersey (Ttii» tb*»««nth of Hrin of release* en "Job lnturaacc in Seeking to further simplify the steps Required in applying foi job lugmaiuxg under the Untmpkyment Compensation Law of New (ersey, the Commission, through Executive Director Harold G. Hoffman, thi» week reiterated ill appeal for every New Jersey worker to have a social security aoeount number. Preparing to pay out this week approximately, 4, bety thicks ranging tronj 5- to Stwartn Notts The Sewauen Bridge Club me Wednesday/at the'home of Mr*. Al frtil Sufleld at Perth Amboy. Mrs D» V. F" t ' Avenue was hostess Tueiday to the St. John's Gujld. Mr. and Mrs, A. C. Dodwel of cm Road "eatwtainad Monday nirlit gt a card party held fo the hsi'eflt of Boy, Scailt Troo No'. 24. A tfame -social will be held to nigh,t at the Sewareh school fo: the benefit of the Sewaren F Public Library.. Mi* L i\ BftllMd»w Ug ter, Ruth, of Cliff Road,, are vacationing at Coral Gables, Fla. The Sewaren History Club will meet Wednesday at the home of Mm, F. T. Howell, West Aveiue. Mix. Hn-cll Hnlt will be in barge of the program., ' -Newly-elected officers of the lewaren Democratic Club Bre: irepident, Charlen Shaw; vicejresident, John Sklaar; recording :ecretary, Miss Alice Penderj cor- espon(ling secretary, Bernard ytnhha; ami truasut'er, Miss Grace iucas. The club will hold a card iarty February 2 in celebration jf Geoi'ge Washington's birthday at the home of Mrs. Anna Mullen Broad Street. Iselin Newt The Gulden Eaglet Troop. Girl Scouts of America, will h'old a carer party at the (larding Avenue fliuhuuie Match with Mrs, Go*-' don Gill as uenerul chairman, Mks Murj Mutzer of Silser Avenue will be hostess to th* Younc Women's Missionary Guild of the First Presbyterian Church Tuonday,.,, The Community Club will hold a box social at Brinkman's Tall, Oak Tree Road, February 26. The annual guest night program of the Iselin Woman'e Club will be held tonight at the Perahillg Avenue School. A meeting Of the club will be held at the library Wednesday. * Use eost buns wun a mile* nswnl draft. That it eenda more nsetal heat to TOW living qiurteri-lew waste beat up the chimney. You get more Met for your moaej, Order 'blue coal' trem u today, John J.jBITTING Phone Wdb g : 8-2 'The Shadow" Every Sunday at 5:3 P. M. Static WOR DO NOT TREAT MEASLES TOO CASUALLY.... not.o d.n«erou. In.««!/ % Rtcllon present In the lungs. If your child complaint of light hurting hli \ sirlcx "lilllim Ilu' I'IIMI. tl i I'lir S5., th«foiunii&sion said that us rtpretented approximately 'i of the claims filed in the 'eek beginning January 3. The j maining 9 have either been ; Found not to be valid or subject, further Inquiry because of the ; absence of eawntial information The Coumiaiion emphasized that the social taciirjty account number Is of extreme importance in the payment of benefits, for the number ii the primary method of idvn trfication. It was also pointed out ;hat every Niw Jerwy "WdVkeV should b«regittered under only on* SSliBM/iilOuld u»e th*t one nurnbw in dwllng with «niploycr», and should use that $ame number If h* appliai for benefits. In checking the ten percent of claims let a»ide or tubject to further inquiry, it was found that in some cases the claim bad been filed withqut a social security account number, or"uplicate numbers exiat^d and had not been reported at the time of applying for benefits. WWM Hnunl tn cov«md -,,.,/mtnt are reported to the Cdmmiaaion u&dtr tecial ucujrity ac- ouot numbtrt, and in order \o secure full crtdlt, it is necessary that all numbers under which the worker had bean employed be reported to the Commission at the it»»-<rf*ub«dalbvfar'lmuiaflti. If luch numbers are not reported, it is neoessary for the Commission 'to make extensive inquiry. Th*ae points were akrongly emphaslied by Executive Director Hoffman in appealing to all workers to comply with the regulations In respect to social security account numbers. This week a new and simplified procedure in reijieet t» the handling of cases in volving difflcultws in respect to so cial security numbers became ef rective in the State Employment Service Offices throughout the State. If a worker's social security account number card has been rou tllated, lost, or if the" worker nevei had a number or had more than 5K8TnnhjiEr,«wffl now advise th State Employment Service Offic when he applies for benefits nni the office will take steps to adjust the matter or inform him of thi steps he must take. Claimants who are found eligibl and receive their first checks mus continue to report weekly to th State Employment Service Office 8o long as they are unemployed. The Law requires that the claim ant, if he should secure employ ment, must immediately advrfee th Co^iidlsslon. Unemployed worlcors this week were asked to im- ImedlaWy advise the SUte Employment Service local office should they change their addresses. WHATTA NtRVE. A " h ' ur Bluvul ful liim "«It. uf Wan in is «;*.-. I'aitw*! ' ' nt., finttl fi.i hultt li> Keeordu : \S Hli tu:ul i. I,,.-, ill tl..->t ^SitU. u luicviiful *»o made by Of fit. We are litjwu i«iinliun fur youw tupport by t & r remarkable Anoivertmy FREE! GIFT PACKAGES! ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! BL^CKIffTTOM LAYER CAKES A MtotinatlM i iuil'. f»»d am. ONE CENT SALE! COFFEE RING k LOAF KS BREAD.. lie Total Value 3c SPECIAL BOTH FOR... STRAWBErui, ROLL RAPFS BAKERY % MAIN STREET WOODBUDGE PHONE The New -Mystery Car ~ \ With fluid DRIVE ON DISPLAY Friday,Smrihf E GROSS BOYS 437 AMBOYjAVENUE At Washington St. i PerthJAmboy, N.; tt PACE FIVE I V I

14 (STRENGTH OF NAVY DEPICTED IN FILM Majestic Offering Opening Tonifht Start (Him I dehavilland, Brent I "Wings of the Navy," a Warne Bros. - Cosmopolitan production #hich is declared to be by far th ftat tn date of the rcmarkabli metewion of "iorvire" picture.urneri out at that studio, eomen to he»citen of the Maj-estic tonigh Jrith a cast h<>arted by George Brant. Olivia de Haviltand, John?»jne and'frank McHugly The Warne.r ntpdi$'«prtemtn mce in the fteld of picture* dealing «4Ui UU m ttu iii»f the krnied forces of the nation i first established several years with the production ot "Here omtt the Navy " Since then ««Ji ures is "evil DOJJ Of the Air" lind "Submarine Dl" have en iled this studio to continue iti tupremacy. As its title so aptly indicate!, 'Wing* of the Navy" ii a story laid against a background of ttavil iviltion. It is a powerful tale jhat effectively tranafefi t6 the icreki the spirit and ITIdtftons of (he aerial division of the nation's fuardiam of sea and coastline, ind in the course of telling the itory, the film production impress ively unfold*»ceijes which give the fcnlookervvivid conception of th* itrentrth and competence of the navy's aerial wing. In, obtaining such scenes, the ttudin was given the unstinted cooperation of the United States Navy, with the result that there die breath-taking shots of aerial formations and maneuvers which even the newareel cameramen have never been able to photograph, Aside from the mass flying -JLhei.««re a number of sen- Wtioiml shuts of hair-raising stunts by individual pilots, and, as part of the plot, three marrow-chilling crash aienes. GHOST TOWS RIDERS' FAST ADVENTURE TALE Picture Opening At Cretcent Today Feataret Popular Bob Baker In.sheer picturesque western action, "Ghost Town Riders," coming today to the Crescent Theatre, is declared to be the best story ve- Ucte yet selik-ted by Universal for the popular star Bob Baker. fa indicated in tho title, "Ghost Town Riders," will tell a rapid- Arc tale of the adventurous Bob as he finds himself In one of the abandoned' mining towns of the treat southwest. Joseph West, who wrote the ori- f inai story and screenplay is known tfof his previous Bob Baker euc- eeases. In "Ghost Town Riders," lie is said to have taken an authentic incident for the background of his yarn. The'theme, which has to do with a fake gold boom promotion, jtfdmises 'ot'supply msriif thrilling situations and opportunities for Baker to exhibit his horsemanship and his engaging screen A new romantic element will be introduced with the dehiif of Bake IN attractive new leading lady, Miss Fuy Shannon. In the story, Miss Shannon is seen ai the legal owner of an abandoned tnining town with its fabulous tradi,>tioiis, possible wealth and its mysterious 'brigand imputation. Two jitterbugl which opcm a 2-J*) duinq their ihowing «l itufl in " ihe- Ci-eice ig Suter, Swing" Sunday. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY, 9H9 Nation Swings To New Dance Tomorrow's dance cra»e may have its inspiration m fr#»j> oi.,nun battling at a bargain coun ' i, a baseball player pulling up at third base or s cop directing tiattic, according to Matty King, well-known Hollywood danci direttor. King directed the "Baltimore Bubble," new dance introduced by fa*t-istepping Johnny Downi and Kathryn Kane,in Univerail'i youthful musical comedy, "Swing, Sister, Swing," coining Monday to the Crescent Theatre. Ken Murray, Eddie yuillan, Ernest True*, Edna Sedgwick and Ted W««m«and his orchestra are in the cast.. > "Like «v«r-y «th«r cwative effort, conception of successful dances depends on ideas of their makers,' King Btates. "A major, ity of these Wpgg have their origin in tome simple human movement ; that has a smooth rhythmic flow. At the left; Humphrey Bogart in "King Of The Underworld" the Strand'i preview»how for tultifht. Right; Alexander D'Arcy and Comt*nee Bennett "Topper Takei A Trip" opening at the Ditmat tonight. Blind Gangsters Blast At The Law in'kingofthe Underworld', Strand Blind men blasting away with revolvers, sawed-otf shotguns, Thompson submachine guns that B a new touch in the motion picture situation! Not even the oldest scenarist or director at Warner Bros, could recall anything like it.' i The new wrinkle was introduced in the Warner Bros, film, "King of the Underworld," which stars Humphrey Bogart, opening tonight at the Strand. Bogart led the blind gangsters in blasting away at "the Law" from their hide-uut. They couldn't see because Kay Praneis, as a woman doctor treating the gangsters (under duress) for bullet wounds, had temporarily blinded them by putting adrenalin drops in their eyes. SEVEN ( 7) DAYS STARTING WITH PREVUE TONIGHT READE'S Continuous Telephone P. A. 4-8 rz* A.«ne from "D.rk Rapture" coming lo-u» Cr*.cetit lk«- atre on Monday for 2-day (bowing. La Belle Bennett Again Comedienne In Hilarious Topper Takes A Trip Constanr, Heivnett, the glamor- Rich's laiwt «pm«ly production,,,us blonde who proved hersnlf a -'Tupp^r Takes A Tup," scheduled TEL. P. A ON STATE ST AT THE FIVE CORNERS PERTH AMBOY SEVEN (7) DATS- STARTING WITH prevue TONITEl TWO (2) COMPLETE SHOWS-NOTE EARLY PREVUE (j: "Tradf Windi" PREVUE 7:39 "Topper Taliri 'Trip' 859 "Trade Wind." TIME TABLE :37 "Topper Take* > Trip" Last Complete Show Starts at 8:59 P. M. THORNE SMITH'S F»mbj* topp«r it «I(K*L M M Agiiril...With Mil Vmiihift9'6tt^!8icyd«...Invisible JailSmitf... Dittolving Rhumb* Dintin). s Fifth A,*»(«.FrMch Rivitrl! Mm Mt>r4 rvinfa. MonCtmtif MIJIC t/itn and CHivU "Wi ng Of Th«Nivy" cpeninf»t th«jtitic '»" with preview (howing. At The Majestic INIM-.I filtrate' umcdietine in la*t year's fl " "* "" liil * h " wln > f tl>nl K nt a ' Toppei" i,nd "Merrily \\\- l.ivr," lh< immas Theatie. through I.IUI.I- in the scre.ti in another ifl.ast The cant nia.l ;.ii.l nn-rry * )..rtrayal in Hal "f I'layi i'^ m Wi*» Bennetts sup-! tavch a hand H, port wads like» K»I» X 5' tlf i! "" y ' ) Rillif Bmk....., od's best known teu'bntie*. Roland Young, who scored»' nto»t popular. achieved wide a< < brilliantly in ''Topper" last y««r Mr. Topper's Vi<> all! in "The V»un(C in Henri this able wife, ii* at,, yrm. portrays COMHO Topper, the! Topper who g,- hai'kt-r who mnnair's to slide mto mariul «nd tiwal difficulties whrii Bennett "iihilsnthrupiially" term oi,»tratiw. ii followed tu tli' Topper. 2 BIG HITS ALWAYS CRESCENT PERTH AMBOY FRIDAY - SATURDAY Mid SUNDAY HOL ALSO BOB BAKER - N - " f^the-spideits' "GHOST TOWN RIDERS" CHAPTER NO ijl MON. and TUES. AiSO "SWING SISTER SWING" JOHNNY DOWNS KEN MURRAY FREE; TABLEWARE 5c Till Moa. T«ra Krlda> Kirrpl llulldaia (ODllnunna - r.. II I*. M WED. and ALM) "THE DAWN IWIRQI'I ERRO. F-ns\ TO THE I.M MON. and TLlh STRAND 25c Tel. I'eni. STARTING WITH PREVOE TONITEl Hit Cun Conquered the Underworld... Held C«N>i At Bay! At Hit Command An Armjr of KilUra It Turn**! Loo», Cilitt Raided! He. The Kmg of Killer.! ' HUMPHREY BOGART!!"! H..l..t in (.IHJII Town Hiil-u"..! li.- Cincrnl today. WARMER MOt picked ululc to Unclt Sam'i fint line of'dofcnic.,. and action! wrni KAY FRANC!S James Stephen JohnEldridge] i A Warner Bros. Picture, with GEORGE BRENT OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND.< -.. JOHN PAYNE fhank McHUGM JOHN LITEL VICiORIORY HENRV O'NEILL Lloyd Bacon OMginai screen piay by Mictiatt F«s«iw. A Cosmopolitan Production NORMAN Z.McLEOD 3 DAYS - Starting With PREVUE TUES. NITE! FREDRIC MARCH! VIRGINIA BRUCEl JvmQxs' y With TATSY KELLY n. ; Freiteiir Manh and Virginia Bryce in "Th<reGo«Mr Hearl" lu <li» Strand SPECIAL ADDED ATTRACTION LINCOLN IN THE LAST TIMES TODAY GARY COOPER In "COWBOY AND THE LADY" STARTING SATURDAY WHITE HOUSE ~PREVUE~TI ME" TABLE 5:43 "Cowboy And Hi l.ady" 7-"i "WJn^i Of IV Navy" 8:5 "Cowboy And The Lady" \v:*± "Wwgi Of The Navy" TODAY LAST TIMES' Joan Bennett - Fredric March.._.. i cm ii itiarcft "TRADE WINDT 9 P. M. PARTY NITE CASH PRIZES,._ t, l r, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY M\'"., JACKIE COOPEk In 'SCOUTS TO Till " nm "lu, One Eitra Hour o* Cartoon, and ( To Our R«#«Ur 2 HOUT Sl"< DOORSOPENl2t4»-P. M.SUNP

15 FRIDAY FORI'ARY, 939 SECOND SECTION. PAGE ONE rrons To Face St. Mary's Tonight, South River Tuesday LAINFIELD WIN IN 9 STARTS; ELONA STARS Final Attack Put To Break Long ng Of Defeat! ARE DARK nun * l ftist victory ol t arts, the Darren lli'j "to.extending this «.' very f»r. courtmen will * ' rh school f?* *J on Tuesday nighty wih,, the tough South, Of which teami already the Tamboermen Plainfield, *W* M he Barrens i» th«ir n»ft Colonia **...: S thi. ye.r, bow* to H Collegians 2 35 to 34 Monday night WaodbrUf* Iaterp*4iate ; m g duel In -tht lo»l Won Lost Tony Barcellona and again lid thi former garnering M- I and the letter, town. A«es Cadets anm scored seven points Stewarts B. C. ft period, but the Can-Terrors. four point lead»t the Barrons put on the halt lid frame, however, and their foes 2 to 5»,. point margin. North l,i,l for victory In the rter, in which the Bar- (,ut»cored 7 to 5, fell goal»hy of succeeding. BUlt continued at white the lust toss waa comr T aining 3R-8 and with, to go, Rlchi* h«fcv»d iml«r the hoop to cut tbl points." Ntal «o»» d i g foul to tend hl» hin a sing _ the gong soundedt e-ups: Yoodbridi. (3S) G, F. T. SB PltlnneM (M) 9 li,f 2 34 periodi:...,,7 B nfield Cooper, VICTORS Quintet Clicks As Sullivan And Run Wild. (RIDGE The Corner badly outclaswd in a ith the Holy Name in (v Light Senior Lea-»st a 9-6 decision, forward for the wina guard, scored 26 keen them as they playtheir foes' flimsy deling by the Corner Gang lie with Benson's three id one ace representet determined effort. er game In the same lea- [Uppers tore apart the at) to 8. The Utter look-in as their foes II bottled up. Urand ^ enured scoring laurels flnners on four deuces ccoswful shot from the (S) kippin (8) G. Fi T, ~« ' 4 2, '..2 I Q. F. fi Standings And Schedules Of Teams In Township Basketball ^agues WOODBRIDGE With first-half championships still undecided in the two Fords basketball leagues, play got weil under way this week on the last-half schedule in all Township loops. The standings of the leagues, as of Wednesday night, plus the programs for the Pariah House, high school and School 4 in Fords for the next week follows: HMVJT Seaiar Won Lost Avenel Democrats.'... Fraternity Club Bewaren A. A Keaibey B«mb«rs gewaren Blue Birds,.. < Won tost Rippers. v 2 Deacons 2 Atlas Stars Corner Gang Holy Name Stewarts A. A Bohunks HpmeaUads Weodbridf* Junlon Won Lost Sewaren Jrs, Cyclones Rangers F. C. Juniors P. R. Clovers Tigers Town.klp Girl. Won Lost All Stars 2 Starlets Red Wings Fords Light Senior Won Lost MBar Flies. Eaglei "Atonies Knights Big Five All Stan KeasbeyF.C. Greyhounds Ferft >HI Billys. Jitterbugs Won Lost... For* X*. -,-' - Woodchoppen Bulldog* Ford* Won Lost Arrows Bobcat. QuMtion Mark* Pointers ' First half champions. J Teams tied for first half championship. Schedule for ntxt w*«k VtooAM$» H««*T S» nio ' All games are postponed on account of Senioif Play and Board of Education elections. WowitirMi* Light S.nio*. Btonday at the Parish House F«b lbth-colonia Phtrt! vs. SUwarts A. A. at 8 p. m. D«acons vs. Atlas Stars at 9 p. m. Tuesday Holy Name vs. Collegians at 8 p.m. Rippers vs. Cur- f Wednesday Corner Colonia at 8 p. m, FTiday Rippers vs. Stars at 9 p-m,.atlas l Gang vs. WooJbrWfe l«l»rm«aule Monday at the Parish House Bohunks vs. JoJo* at 6:3 p. m. Aces vs. Stewarts B,B. at 7:5 P- m 'Tuwd>'y-CadsU»a. Terrors * 7:6 p. Hi- ' u Wednesday Homesteads vs.. C,Ja* Friday-rF. C. J«vees vs Bo- Winkiat:6-p. m. Homesteads vs. Stewart* B.C. at 8 p.m. Wo*dbrld. J««lors On Tuesday at the Parish Hoow Cyclones vs. Clover* at 6:8 p. m. Wadnesday-Tigers vs. Rangers at 5:6p.m., -_ Thuraday F. C. Juniors". Sewaren Jrs. at 6:B p. m. Fords Ugh«S^',. Wadnaaday at the Fords No. 4 School-All Stars vs. Greyhoundsy at 7:5 Pi n>. Bar Flies vs. Big Five at 8 pi m. Alarues vs, Keas b«y F. C. at 9 p. m. Thuraday- Knights vs. Eagles at b R, m. o SURPRISE_VICTORY Tail-End*n In lit-htu Down Butt Dogi, 36-3 In Fords Leifue. FORDS The Jitterbugs, after having experienced a pretty dismal first-half schedule in the Fords Intermediate League, started off the remaining portion of their court program* by downing the Bull Dogs, 36 to 3, By their victory they are ensconced, for the minute at least, in a tie position for the loop lead, A dazzling scoring attack, led by Boleca and S. Hedges, gave the Jitterbugs their ample margin. The former had sin field goals to his credit and the latter, nine. The Bull Dogs, newcomers to the league, warely had a chatiqe at any point. In the same league, the firsthalf champion Hill-Billys cut up the Woodchoppers with practically no exertion whatever. The score, was 26 to 2 with Paszinsky and Thomas grabbing honors for. scoring, The line-ups: Woodckopp.n (2) G, F. T. A. Bacskay, f ". Sebastian, I J, Stransky, f J. Nagy, c Kaminaky, g, 2 A. Btansky, g 2 4 HlaJik, f..: 2 Malomwky, f.-. Paszinsky, f 4 Thomas, c 4 " Connora, g 2 Raak, g nmi, I 2 2 Jidtrbufs (38) Boleca, f 6 < 2 S, Hedges, f, 9 8 Jones,* G.Hedges, g 2 4 Menweg, g :.- Serko, g «2 J. Toth, g \ Kocsls, g...,.,.<, J forit Intermedia!. P. Toth, g. Wdnetftf-Sketterp vs. Woodchoppers at 6:3 p. m Thuraday Hill Billys vs. Jitterbug* it 7:6 p. m. Bull Dogs vs. Fords X's at 8 p. m. Ford. Junior* Thursday Question Bobcati. Penaanik, f. Hayden, c Benson, «Burylo, g... Totals 7 2 Heir N.«n. (3») J. Sullivan, f * 2 TobaM ' " FlUpatrick, c,.:..., 4, 7 4 Ur, t ' B. Sullivan-, g,,3; 8 36 Bull Don (>3) F, T Brose] f Peterscak, f Sunquist, c,:,.,.-... i Romer, g r.., 2 Siselok, g.." CADETS ORGANIZE N. BRUNSWICK FIVE! & B m S R 3 k m $ - NEW COURT LOOP; TO MEET KNIGHTS PLAYERS SHIFTED ON COURT TONIGHT WOODBRIDGE Two new tiagues lined up in the Cadet group, afte/ a shifting of players, to even dp the strength' of the various teams', and launched their schedules this week. The standings and results of tha MU>M (M) Sotners, f Jardot, f, 8 Moore, c 5 Kath, g, Herron; g 2 Yafeks (3) Eyeretts, f 4 2 Kenny, f D 4 DeJoy, c 8 Weaver, g 2 Remak, g Giinli (3) G. F. T Finn, f Boyle, f 3 Albertson, c 2 Keating, g». Almasi, g Power*, f..: Fitzpatrick, f 6 2 Romoncl, f Hill Billltt (2«) Sullivan, c RANGERS LOSE J8-9 IN FORM[COURT W? Defeated By Arrows In st Engagement Of ind-hah Basketball?ly FORDS< The Arrows won their first ame in second-half play in Junior twrpnrbjn ing the Pointers in an unexciting contest, 8 to 9., The line-ups: (») Murdock, f, 2, 6 Wada.ll, t Larsen, c ; Menweg, g... Antonides, g. Arrows (IS) C. Bacskay, f 2 Hornyak, t C. Semko, f 4 CarmahBky, c J. Boos, g F. T. 4 2 V SIX "BRODES" A DAY "Steve Brodle" is to jump riot Marks vs. once but sifc timai every day from a representation of Hft Brooklyn Bridge-rfrom, which the real "Steve" made a legendary leap decades ago in George Jewel's "Old New Xork" in the Amusement Area of the World's Fair 93S. New York A FOREST UNDEWlROimb A total of 758 milts of piles, representing the extant of a great foraat of lofty/ trees, have been drjven as foundations ol the exhibit buildings being erected by. the New York World's Fair 3P, National, American Leagues Formed After Detroit Clowns, Engages Local Cateys, Downed By Shifting Of Playeri Powerful Giants / INDIANS, GIANTS WIN -GERITY LEADS ATTACK Gibi (2) Leahy, f : Q P. Boyle, c 8 Carney, g 2 Albert,? :..- U «Campion, g.. Goulden, jr.. Senator! (8) G. F. T, 3 (23) G. F. T, Hunter, f» 4 QUayf Brodnick, Finn, g... Tuthill, _K R.di (S) 2 G Orbrick. f Jardot, f Schicker, c... Rdmond, g... Concannon, g Pir»t«i (S) G.F. T Connolly, f 2 Olbrjck, r» : Schicker, c McDermott, g Jardot, K STANDINGS American League Indians. Tigers :,. Van Dalen; f Senators. Vargo, f O Yanks,.....8Slotkin, f.. r..,. 4 8 ' National Leagu* S. Seyglinski, c 3 6 Giants ).Minsky, g. '..\ -. 2 Cubs... : B, Gyenes, g\ ;...: 2 Reds F. Gyenes,.g : j...:. 2J.... STEWART'S B. C. WINS OVER WhiteHighScorerForWin nets In Intermediate League Tussle WOODBRIDGE The ;Stewart's Boys' Club tamed the Bohunks, 28 to 7, in a Woodbridge Intermediate League jtussle. C. White was high scorer for the winners and Elchert took this distinction for the losers. The line-ups: SUwarti Bi C. (2») G. F. T C, White, f < B H. White* f G, H»M«n,j{ 'SofleW, g Khudscn,.* Ciccone,,t Propper, c C {.i..u>.l *) t (7) Ekhert, g ' Boheleke* g..., 7 3 WOODBR.HXJE Defeated in last week's engagement with the Detroit Clowns, the Knights of Columbus will encounter tthf St. Ladialaus quintet of New Brunswick id St. Janies' hall tonight The Lewis A.' A. girls and the I. W, Co eewt Uaw from Newark will play F. T. in the preliminary. The Clowni had a far. superior, team to the.caseys., Jim HcNally, 'ormar, ^Manhattan College star, who was""ftt center for the Detroit t«am, was th'e- outsuinding tierformer in the CaSeya defeat 23 but Acker and Crawford j the Clowna also played sterling ball. The" high-scorer for Wo(fdbrid(re 8 3 was Gerity who sank five field goals to be runner-up to McNally for scoring laurels, the latter accountng for of his mata»' total tally. Th«line-upa: Catejr't (39) Mayer, f 3 Levi.f,. 2 2 erity, f 5 Almasi, f i 2 Leffler, g 2 Hurley, g 2 4 Dooley, g 2 2 WOODBRIDGE In one of those games you read s s ia IB 7 39 about but seldom see, the Holy Name five won their fifteenth game of the season when, with twenty seconds to Clown* (46) O. F. T, Malinowski, f " play, Sullivan sank a two-pointer to defeat the Colonia 3 a t jthilnl'f 4 Border Patrol, 88 to 87. Aetner, f 4 O Iii the stiffest competition offered the Holy Name, McNally, c, B Colonia went ahead 2 to 4 in the Stevens, g v«ry ficst period, running the advantage 26 to at the half. At Crawford, g..' 4 Kenny, g this point, however, the Holy Namers let!oo$e with a recklesb attack Referee Caccicola, TIGERS TRAMPLED BY SEWAREN, 2-2 Cyclones Wallop Rangers, 2 T* iab»h Juaier Loop Sclwduli WOODBRIDCE The Sewaren A. A, Jrs. made short work of the Tigers when they met in a "Wood bridge Junior League court game, winning the contest 2 to 2. The Tigers were outplayed and outclassed throughout, with Gindawalt scoring a lone field goal to save his mates from a complete whitewash. Commerton and Kuzma starred for the winners. In another Junior League engagement the Cyclones scattered the Rangers, 2 to 9 largely on the work of Slotkin and SI Seyglinski who" accounted between- them for of the Cyclones' total score. The thrfle forwards employed by the Rangers, Mastrttngelo, Cicone' and O'Connor failed to turn in a single point, The line-ups: Cycl6«ei (2). Totals r 2 Ranfsri (Q) Mastrangelo, f.«a. Cicone, f O'Connor, f. Corcoran, c 2 Poygenn, g... 3 Smith, g 2 4 taint Ms ftwvj for n$tt RMX&MN which netted them points in the third period to their foea' 6. Hrtnvx Sullivan s Deuce In Final Seconds Wins l&h For Holy Name Quintet Dramatic Finish Deprives Colonia Aggregation Of Win Over Woodbridge Outfit; Greyhounds lose Continuing their barrage in the final frame, they rolled up a total of 7 points to Colonia's six to take the. contest. In another fast engagement, Holy N«me downed the Greyhounds from Fords, 36 to 28 with the McLaughlin brothers scoring 2i» points between them. i AH against Colonia, the Holy tie quintet w*s slow getting uiyway as they^lost the first period, to 7 and tied the second lit 7-all. Again the third frame was the turning point in the tilt, with.he Fords aggregation going behind -4 in thitt period and falliig away behind in the fourth, 2-7. more tallies. The Blue Birds wer.. Cipo was head man for the los- nt'\pr in thf miming, Ts on six deuces and one shot from In another independent gume he foul line. the Pioneer Club of Elizabeth The line-ups: tracked down the Rec Tigers and Holy Name (36) gave them u 2- (i shellacking. IJarnas was (he leading scorer fo: I McLaughlin, t 4 2 Martin, f 2 4 'itzphtrick, < : I i 4. McLauifhlin, g." 5. Sulfiyan, g 4 8 K*ima, f Clpo, f... Binder, c... Launhaft, c Orausky, g Thomas, g.. Totals j 4 9 Totals / S. Jeellitki, g. I ColonU A. C. (37) M. Karoks, g 3 Sawartn A. A. in. (2) G. F, T. Mee, f Totals '..,,. j Pocklembo, f. 2 E. Rinkham, f 2. 4 J. Fenlck, f.-...,. Maurer,,f 4 Rac Tijor. (IS) CJommerton, e S Currld, c 2 could concott from its wide array. Ku*ma, g 3 F. Pinkham, g -- Deduck, f 2 4 The Rangers were little better P. Teniqk, g Murphy, g : -j~ 2, Lavine, f off, the balance of victory hanging J. Commerton, g Clurcwtk, f 2 Tl t.«(s) Venerus, f ' Q Petersdn, t ]4tPenU, I Deak, c Sullivan, c' Blndawalt, g,: i o Totals t 2 Totals Greyhound* (2S) v... ft.. F. T EXPERT DIAMOND CUTTING Fuir return to thalr native lands CHILDREN UNDER GLASS A' diamond < cutting laboratory, at expiration Of their visas. Lane" fling' between the Tettile In "The School of Tomorepw" i in which skilled lapidaries will put liuildiiir and the one devtted to the New York World's Fair 989 glittering facets on,gems, vjll be ATTENTION, LAWES! women's apparel. "Fireside.Row' visitors will be able to watch thi seen in the Belgian Pavilion at Half u million dollars worth of lcafheh along the.extensive facade actual functioning of pta-school the New York World's Fair 83 perfumes, cosmetics, powders' and of the Home Furnishings Building, and efemeo^ry classes, polarized It will present Antwerp as the center of the jiiamond industry, pia- to be on oxhlbltlon In the COH- Aviation Bulldifig, and "The Streel other aids to feminine beauty are "Thy Street of Winfrs" leads* to*th< ghss screens making It possible fo: the children to be observed, with; mondfl worth several,, million)! of metk'k Building nt the NPW. York of WhnclB" t<, tht' rnilniad npt out thqh< knowing ki It. I jdqllnir arc to hoi exhibited. Worlil'D Pulr!>39. iniilnr section, Totals irejhohnds Holy Nan«(38) L. McLsughlin, f Martin^f Fitzpatrlck, c 3 J, MbLaughlin, g 3 J, Sullivan, g & 9 Holy Name Colonla A. C VISAS FOR N. Y. WpRLD'S FAIR Foreign visitors to the New York World's Fair 93 must obtain a non-immigration visa, good far six months. This period cair be extended upon official approval. Federal authorities and immigration officials will make a close check-up to b» Hure nil the!>(), foreign visitors oxpected at the REC STAFF DOWNS BLUE BIRDS, 6-32 Keating, Gadek And Gioe Lead Attack In Independent Contest WOOl>BRlF>E - - The lion Stuff, out for a little practice Biime, trounced the Blue Birds o the Woodbridge Heavy Senior League, to 32, Thin pnatim Hlieady has been enjoyed by every leiim in the loop. Keating iind Gadek, forward; for the Rt'f quintut, dropped 2 liefd goals into the basket withou even trying hard and Recreation Director Sammy Gioa added the winifers and Dempscy for thi rthe line-ups: Rec. Staff (6) G. F. T, Keating, f «22 Gadek, f : : JO 2C Cacciola, c > 2 4 Grgjam sr,i ;- 2 Gioe, g '...,... 5 ' Totals : 3,. Blue Bird* (32) G. t. t Schubert, f,.-, 2 Orsino, f :~. 3 McLe^d, c 28 Schwertaer, c,- 2, 'Siinonsoki Sefchick, $~. ~r 6 Totals,...;.'.. :...,...,...: 5 4- Referec-*-Mayer and Gerity. JAYVEES SURPRISE J CADETS TO SCORE 37 TO 22 TRIUMPH ntermediate League First- Half Champions Are Humbled In Upset TERRORS JICK. 4MC* WOODBRIMJE Paced by the timble KuimiaJi, >he Woodbridje ' 'ifld Club Jayveea trounced tk«trung Oadeu 2 in s Woodiridge Intermediate League (MM* Tht results of this contest brought umrtrrinf of * turpriw ** U» C»- --. eta went through their tntire firsth*lf iwheduu without a Htbaek. Kuimiak was not to be denied this match. Shooting with unerring accuracy from all angles h* sank deuees on itvin separate oc-. gsions to lead tht scoring march. Zenobia and Joe McLaughlin alas added authority to the Jayvett' bid for supremacy in Second-halt ' piny. The Cadets were off-form, t must be admitted, but ihls fjwt cannot hide tht.matetuh tmpn%< mctit'their foe* showed ov«r MflU»- perforinances which landed then' in third place in the league's flrtthalf. : The Komest«ada, still struggling ; rom a disastrous opening rouni ' schedule, were no rrfatch for th» - [ Terron and lost another leaf M. game, 42 to 4. Daub hung up t' oop record by looping eight fl«m,,.i totrs and adding another ace from* he foul line for good meaiun. Hubbtrd waa next in line with It points followed* by Patten with I. The line-ups: Ht>m»ittt4> (4) G, Benyel, r:..:... U- ''arrero, f Greco, e :...;...:..., B«n«en, e /...«...?: "ilo, g Salvia, g 4 T, -if. s ~i. 2S Totals, 7 )4 Terrors (42) G. F. T, Piitten, f...,'. 4 9 Haiuo, f,\ IluKbard, «...»>...~v Daub, g Shephard, g OH Totals...:..:«...u:.:,..'9 F. C. JiyvHi (37) G. F. T: K IB 6 3 Kuzmiak, f... Bothwell, f...i Zenobia, f J. MrLaughlin, e. Berry, g Peterson, g Craig, g Totals 7 Cadets (2S), G. F. T, Everetts, f Boyle, f a C 4 Moore, f f......,2i 8 Fitipatriak, f j...,*.., d Brodnick, c ;. Sbmmers, c J). Q Jardot, g ;.., ;' DeJoy, g.' \ '2 4 Totals RANGERS M OUT WIN OVER JUNIORS Triumph 6-5 In Low Scoring Match In Woodbridge Jr. Loop WOODBRIDGE In one of the ovesj-scoring games on local recrds, the Rangers eked out a flimsy win in the Woodbridge Junior Sporting Club (2) eague over the Field Club Juniors, The tally was -6. O. P. T. H. Saakes, t I B BJ ftjerwjn, f Holtwnier, c Ten players were used by the ield Club lads in an effort to - break up the defense combination of their foes, but the assault was j neffective.. Two field goals, one by Royle and the other by Dubay, plus a foul conversion by J, Leffler the bent the Lattanxio troupe their extra Meld foal. Ths lint-ups:,<; F.fc.Juniors # Rusgan, c x... O G. F. J/ ' Movchan, g :.7.L..'... " R. Leffler, f i.. O d t>e'rhpsey, g...* t 4 fl Dunfeey t, '8 Dombiowaki, g Dubay, f V.I f FranM Totals : ~ J, r Leffler, c..'. Hurster, o /..'., Gels, g Nemeth, g.,. Royle, g i FANCIFUL STREET JfAMM Many of the ayenuea and streets of the New York^World's Pair -93P have been named, it is an- Luck, g :...-. nounced by Qrover A.' Whalen President of the Fair, "Petticoat 2!/ e Ra«f*ri (6) G.F!. O'Connor, f l Mastrangelo, f,...,... fl M Corcoron, c J Pogyema, g Smith, g-. i o a 8 8

16 =35. jp SECOND SECTION, PAGE TWO *l* NOTICE OF TAX SALE TOWNSHIP OF WOODBIUDGE SECTION #«>JMttg!X&WiGZ m unevrswwed r.llerler of twin* of tbe Tf>w*ehi itl Wa Municipal Building. MaJn Street, Woodbridge, New J«re*y, Flbruary era iummft Tliaa, to aataifr i»«ai»k*al liens *»w it, armrs. ).._ ^_.").. to b* **M an laatod below swing ae*cr b«s) bp Ut and block a****** **a«b **l Ue-TewwMp iinpipiglmaavaju la i..-.,.* dup55t*^vl«tte o^e"e»»taa * a% *n tbe (*at l*» duaiieaat,taatatkmwttk the total M»«*t 4wttere» *l».!» ' \! ' ** "" ' ' ' r ' ' rill b. mat to auk* <** aawaata a*v*r*tly vamlmmto ««*«taut aaaae on *aid tost «*? a* J«l», lift,j* torn- MtatfTn'.a'kt Hat to»*tta.y wtth IsUr-t on J j*a* «H lr*t.( July to tlwsu»?takvew tft* «*t«f«... la a **»» U Shawn the estimated payment requited to avetd Ml*. % " ' ' SfcW parted w«w %» - Mtoie*>to aw* j*r*s»f ** wig, r*r«kaa* t>«*«*», apmam» iaa*«a><iw X taa l*w«*t rat* *f tsars*, tart»*,*».,- caat «Ml*. w«be eobjact to municipal llena Mc*> af after Jslyl. *4*. that *att* 4*4** JIUI, ma o the rlfht of sartie* to reelee** wmbl* U4 U*B* t**sj 3 HD 7H 7K MO ita»b 24H tla 3P, O 4 mock E 4 Uiijk &4C " 5K! 5SC 6«E Sir ESH 3*) Blork 37D 38K 38R 3F Black 3>K BlO«k 4.Stock - Ut 6 ltt I6t *6A 7 Ml 77E 77E 8D!S, 22H Stock 23 BU»k t,J D ' Blork 273 Stock 275A 27JA' Btoqk 27TA, 27»A 278C 38 Black A 346B 46B S47C S5E 37IE S7IF S7SB 37 IB S76D J«5B 3 39C 93C 393H lock 3t6B 3C6B II6B I94B 3)6C I94D M E HIE MB BJoek Ilia TI L*t xarr Lou **to«m lilt Low utl as* *4 Ut 4 Lota tit to lit * Lou in «M m Lote ft and M Lou 44 and II Lola toi Lote 4 t* II LOW I MB* t Lotf 7 and I Ult lltjl bet A Lots 4 and I IB Lot 4 Lota and Lots II and 4 Lot ID Lot It Lota (I and i7 Street Horn* Btreet XMJuria* W*fcar Worden Anna* Lee A*e»M Aatonlet A Itorr «May Street L»retu Street Juliette ttrnt' N*W B*aa**l<* Avenue JHH*<M street Tim A»«au» La*r*t Street Jeftaatea Street Ubartr atrtct Ubtrty Str«t. Llb»«y Btr««t' Corty 8tr»«l Crows MUl.Rotil King Qegrge* Road Hoy Avenue Homiby 8tr*«t Homiby Street ' Kin( (l«or Road Klni Ueorges Road Oakland Arenua Lot* U wd Lota 74 and IT* Lott 2<4 to 4) Loti t and I Loti V, of tt all o( MDougUi Street Loti A part of It Loli IITC ATA Lot-a A koti I' o( A 4 Lot IS Lota 2 & 22 Lot 3 Lota 23* A 4 Lots :62 A 9 Lot 4 2 J.ot IS 27C Lot <S A If Lot I Lot> 39A A 4A I.otl 46 A 4 Lot Ht Lota to Ul Lots 7ft 7 Lot 2. Lots 25 to II Lots 2ft Lots 68ft III Lois 687 to 4 Lets 7ft 7,(8 72 A M Of 7 Lot 27A Lot 9 Lots 5A A B Lots SC to 5F Lots» A Lots 74 A" 76 * Lois 7. to Lot 4 Lot ID Lot 2. ~ Lot IS Lota 7ft Lota U A LoU ilfta I^oU ft II Lots A,. LoH Lota I t* M Loti II to M Lot* H*H Lota 7 to Tl Colambua Attnua WIlMam Street William BU»«t No Kruniwlck Aiy»nu«Ki-v Uruntwlck Avanua Crowa Hill Road Paul Street Paul Street New Brunswick XfeflUt) Hornsby Street New Brunswick Ayoau*) llaple Avenue Ford Avenue Wild wood Avenue Evergreen Avenue Mary Avenue Ford Avenu* Summit Avenue, Dunbar Avenue Fifth Street. King- Qeorse Road Fifth Street Oakland Avenue Falrfleld Avenue Iiola Avenue King- Cleorge Hold- Hanson Avenue Hanaon Avenu* Elm Street Pine Street Pine Street King George Road Poplar Street Main Street Elm Street Elm Street Warlntr Avenu* Liberty street, Pander Plate, Coddlngton Avenue) I Kin* George Road) Kins Qeorce Bead Ambor AT«pn«Ambejr Avasua Main Street Grove Street Bunni Laa* Oraavlll* Street :, OrenvlUe Stre*t Y~flharry, Street, herry Street '- Mldd4***x Avanu* Bdgar Street Ore«n Street Adlln* Street Oorham Aven^*. UalnSUMt Kllioyla Avenue' ' FA«4, ATfW*. Avenue V Str*«* Ford Avenue'. Fanning Htr**t Ford Avenue afenlo Aventt* ^ BullilBf BfWl Baildtac Building tuilut uilding Butiatng Bulldlag Building Bulldiag BnlldlDf Building BvtlOlng Building Battling Bulldlag Building BiltldlntJ Bntlilng MU AtfM aeh. Irrgeular llxuf Each t m Bach ItxlOt Irregular ItilOO Bach 7.x* Bach MxlOO Bach Itllll Bach Irregular Bach Hxlrregvlar.*, 3x Irregular Irrerular Etch " -' ' " lia-6 llxlrrefular Bach tolosal John Hatducko ChaMee Oeorge Rog»a gtjtt o Carbut...: Q«o. Budanlck Qea. Hudaalck t\»r4a Utwrty Re«l. tt co. : P»rd«Utxrtf Realty Co Ford* LlbertT Realty Co /ord. Liberty Ree.- Co. ' ;".:* Hebert Elsler Joseph IJslton Andrea Koman..,. Nellie McCluskey... Wllhelm ft Bodel Thomsen Bertha Grni* Thorn*.* Egan, Jr. Andrew ft Barbara Raci,. Crampton Realty Co. Agnes Gergaako... John Koperva«a... Louie Kir/eh Johanna Magyar - Randolph aiotr Anton Wafronholfer art Herko Lout* Benl Terrain* tl' Oo; Frank Wacliel FRIDAY! FEMUARY, itss 4. "It* 4.* CIT.II 7.4 HI 4 tti.m J4M» 28.7! IE.95 StS.74 **.««< fj l BrW«*t Howard Wa* ft VeWM Davis atw4ei* -fa «Ust>- llxlrr«iular Bach Arthur Ed I6xlrr*gular Each Nicholas Ftsher Clioyre *6 Anna'A Solola Wrlnt 7.4 *»* It) John Magyar 279.CO 75X Bach Thomas OonVll... U.2S 7SiIrrecul*r Harry A Anna 7>xlrr*.nlar ISxlOO Burkhard J77.2 Harry Burkhard... (3.4 Mary A Jlfern Telesheek 2.6 WxlM 'Alonio Coachln-. barry S82.7 lo.ixirrafttur Jacob Slmonsen WntUt Bach Enevold Jeremiah-, eon SOzTO Bach John A Julia Kanmer 28. Joseph H. Mayers Tnc MztO Xaeh Samuel Oreen U.It t>t»tmtar BaeH Samuel Qfeen 68.7 toxio L»clft Chlocckl 3. x7 KfU-h Lucia Chlocckl HtftO lach Angelo & J. Pel-. I legrlno M.6I ' ll.llt* Each Ada-ro Klemlan , ItTetalar lach Adam Zlemlan.:.. Irregular Each Thonuu Egan, Jr IOXTO Peter Sachet ' Irregular John A. Connelly USxlOO Douglas Fraser... S9.3 6x Each John Wlnant 2.6 6x Each John Wlnant 2*5 HI.I* mil 7.4 Stt.26 Sl.« SS ,54 ltt. 7 «.2* ^ BS IB '.(8 63,5 35.JO, ).S Its Bach Ignati JD^ablk x4 Each Charles Lipka x* Kach' Herman Ha risen *! Chat). E. Jaguart _ I.IT lora* Lewis 8. Jacobson 3.4, lelt.7.47 Aera* Jolin Qllre&n»...«, 83.(fJ h Irregular John CHtrean l ll.e-t M\.H Jkore* AU>i* Scheln B.i Acre* Alois Scheln _ t».4t ' 44X Idea. A Suxanna Malnlchook _ ««u*o Kilt. Connolly._...' 4IXM Owen A Ellt, Dun- * rt Irr*ful*r»xl** Bach x Bach Kacn trrtnuir Each llilft Saab IHIM Each TlM Patrick Campion _ tony Ptekop, John Qublca Jwllui Caubak i frutk.mcdonald _ Sdith llellck Margaret Chlnola _ James Oerek O««rge Halely Ocorg* Hafeljr Lbti ITft It Sldgeley Avenil Perth Amboy B ft IL Asm Cooper AT*«M Ca>oh JSraa Meyer. Juliet Street t. C. OoUy - JnU*t StTMt. Tboma* Mlele. Green ttm*t Anthony AqutU* Lota 4 * 44 LoU Lot LoU I to I LoU tl ft tt Lot* jft 4 fflome Street St. ^George A»*nu* Mai** S*oh SA Aore Horao* Wilson ddlesex Concrete Pro. Co f»«7.8t U.6 O9.»7, 24.S7 4.4 JtIM Lota illtou HIP L*U to 4 Mock (HO LoU 7toM Stock tfetl LQtl U to» lt*r 4* P 4*4 MOT 4HF 48B Bi#* 4»t»,,... 4** Stack 4»D Blork WH Lots IIft It Lots It A II Lot) It A H Loti 42 A 4S ut to 4 Lot l*i Lot LiO H 4» I,Lot!»t Bio. k 4flti Lot 4* - I«*L Lots 46 A Ml 4S*H Lot toi Blank 4ftllf Rlock 4IA. Lots tis to fit Btiwlt 4«C Lat«Hift4J,<. 4Q Loti.lTJ' A ITI 4IA 4 IB piook 44B Blork Blork Black!B 4JB 4lSD 43 4K 4V3K 4ISM 43P 4.l3ii Rlnck 44 lil'»k 4!* Hl..,-k Blnci 4JF I4n. k 4.'IF K.M-k K'-'B HI.,, k 4.'4B "ninck 4;«H'".'k 4J2S Ulu.'k 437C H!. rk 437C Illork 4S7F III... k 4!'.9 lilock 442B.ii k 442B HI... k 442F Black 442 r<!u.<k 443B Hl..i;k 444B Hlork 44A!*(» i:2 A lit - L{>\» 3 A 4 Lnt MB Lot 5t Lot 6A l.r,!.«i A Lots Itft*.. fti r.iti n t» («.!* M--A-ii- «V *. t Jo Lots SI A 7 LoU to II Lot!7A Lot* t * t Lota 27 A 2 Lota 24 A 97 Lot* 8 A /ote 32 A 33 Lot* 48 A 4(8 Lot 2 Lott 47 Lots lilt LoU.I* A E7 Woodbridg* A Lorre* Avtnue Janwn NOTICE OF TAX SALE Atenu* RMnoke Bdvard Street Woodbrldge»» *» ilwat Btre«t Alwtt Street Grovt Avenue Cumpbell Street Campbell Street' A* Avenue Haw bey Mawbey Street Washington Aren«* ucharrh ttnet A»;en.8«Llnc'olrt, Av*nu«UiH-uln Avi-nu*' t,rm»«leas Avenue T 9tr?»t Thomas Hlreet Or*cn Htrpet Itr.kcr l'l»ce tjeoker I'luce l H 8niitn Hill Hoed St, Eait Cliff Avenue Uoad i lioad North Hill Hbad Avenu* Si O. ik<- Avenue Mill Itoad 47JU LoU 9 and.89 Brdadwar Aveiue 473V Blook 479A Bloc^c 479F Blick 48B., 4SC ' "BlAcK '4ITB elta 4'IB niock 4IP IIA 48«B 48 LoU ftt Wwhlajitoa Aveon* x* aueh Alfred CoUgarlo Lot I WHhlngton Atenue ttelll Alfred Colsnrlo... WMhlngton Ateau* Middlesex Concrete Lou ITft II MxlM Bmoh Ltrt* I l» 4 Lota J to I LoU I to»' Bt O«org* W BttvU Hl«hw»r Boulartrd Ttun Jan»en Anna*. Letdnstoo Ar**m VUtugtom A«*a«* at, St. O*4MhT*A«*MM Weodbfldg* Pro. Co. ~ MlddlMex Concrete Pro. Co. Voodbrldge Dev. Co,... Dev. Woodajri^n Bldra Supply Co.. Woodbrldt* D*T, V«odhrldc* D*V. Co. wdbrldff* Dev. i Bh.rk 44«A Blm-k 446R lllock 447B Itlrilk lllufk Bloik Piock TllorV Hlock piock Hluck , 44SD 44'SD 44«B 44SK 44ia 44SH M Hlock 448 lilcick 448O 448P 4SQ 448V 448V 448V 449P Hlo,;k 449J lllock 449J, Illoik E Bli>ck 468F 468H '. Blqck 4*68H 468H 46SK 4«SL 46BL 46SN 4 SUN 46SN Plook 4«8O 468Q ltihrk 4«ST 468U 44SV., 468V 47SL H+ofrJf 47JL 473TT 47XU 4I«K 4IT 4>l 4»t Bleek M* E fi(] f J SUB Blodc (8D IO Bl«(IIP CF Sltr t»h tlok 6 BlocK MM ir 57A I7A Blot* E7A I7A HW U7B S7B ITB SITB Black I7C U7C 67 Black»7D I7D I7O S7F Bloek 67O BIMk I»ta U & 7 Lot 3 Lots A 3 Lota 6S & 6 Lota 38 to 44 Lets 26 to 24 Lota!t A 27 fcou n it **. LoU 4 A 42 Lota <4 & 45 Lots 9 & 24 Lota 2 A 3 Lots 23ft24 Lets 773 & JT73 Lots 9 In lfm'ij Lota 96 A»«3 LoU 86 A 87 Lots 93 A 84 Lota 266 A HT Lots 35 A Lots 48 to 4: Lots 485 to 489 Lots 6 to -H5 Lota 846 to 8S Lots 884 A H;. Lots 7«to 7S5 Lots 74 A 743 LOU till to 273 LoU 73 A 374 Lots 37 to 383 Lots 39 A 4 LoU 496ft494 Lota 5ft LoU 243 A 394 LoU-2299 & 23 Lota 28 A 2S Lots 22 A 223 Lot 26 Lot Lots 4 ft 265 Lot 2 Lota 22 A Lot 22t Lot 265, 968 LeU 92 A 2 Lot lost- ' LoU 4946 A 947 LOU 7 to 4 Lots ESS to 68 LAU 43 to 664 Lot* 57 to 6 LoU 6 A 62 LoU 9 to lotj ^roadway Avenue Eot* l»t to 84 Henhy Pi^ce Lou A lit! Kennedy Street LoU 36 to 2956 Charlea Street ' t LqU 4 to (6 ' NeW - i ", J t»t*>-»tl M4* LoU 5ft2( LoU. 4 ft 2847" LoU 27 to 7B tot M 7 Lot* and ' LoU > to tl Lot IB Lot ( Lot II -Lot II Lots 7 A 74 Lots 3 and Lota and IS8 Lota OIT and III Lot HI Lot III Lot* III to 6M Lota II and SO LoU 428 *,Dd 4 Lot 4IT Lota 4 to III LoU to I LoU 4 and 7 LoU It and 4 LoU II and 7 XiMaj to. LoU and 4 Lots to, LoU 8 to 7 *>n4 II Lot*,, to II Lota H and II LoU toll and Lett* to 5 to 4 Lota U and Woodbrldge D*T. Co. Blork tlto LoU 4 to It BloJk 67g ~*Oto M to - i«in-i/hllu Road I't.ain-M'-llllU Hoad Cham-o -Hill* Road Chain-o-Hllls Koail l^irvitw Av*nu* MltUUifi Kssei Turnpike Canal Street' Ur^n fc firand Streets Hanling Avenue Corr«-Ja Avenue IK*Iin l4<itilevar(l Onti Trte Road Wilson Avenue Trirait t i 'r>'«v Finnic SI reel I >)az Strri-t Klunlf Trli'Hte Hireet Ijiiiuanlli.i Avenue lj(!\iar.lla Avenue Ml'l'llf^ Avenuij, Miiri'onl Avenue place (inoilriili Strrrt Mi l.rtn street Vtriutn Street cvnklt'v Street KHineiiy Street Hunt Street Hunt Slfeet doodrloh Street Auth Avenue Star Strett \Viirvrlck Street M'I*«n Street Talmarine Avenue (juodrich Street Lincoln Highway DIJW Avenue Dow Avenue Star ptreet l.inr^iln 'Highway I low Avenue New Dover Road Berkley Avenue lli-r.kley Avenu* Columbia Avenue Columbia Avenue, Herkte>" Avenue Clarerontit Ave.iua Clarerrront Avenue Chiremont Avenue Claremont Avenu* Kensington Avenue Fulton Afenue Pulton Av*hu* ' Pulton Avenu* Lei and Street ** Inland Street Huffman Boulevard ftohdnfa Boulevard lnman, Grant A Central Ave»U«a Cfntml Av'mue ', * (Irant Avenue,, Hoosevelt Avenue Itoosevelt Avenue «fc*rtee * James Place ' Junes Place Louis Placn Hr'bad Street Louis Place Henry Place New Dover R<j*d- Ajthurjpiac* lnman Avenu* lnrnsn Avenue lnman Avenu* Klein Boulevard Klein BouAtvftrd Klein Boulevard New Dover Road Mutton Hollow Rotd Cedar Street Maple Street Mhple 8tr**f Cedar Street, Mapla Street Maple Street Maple Btreet Pennsylvania Avenue lnman Avenue m L»k* Avenue Cleveland 'AVenue Dukes Road - Dukes Rosa '..syr Arcinielo Avennt isssfsyr Floreite* Avenu* Florence Avenut ArcanMlo Avenue Aroantjeio Avenne> Duke* Itau Carolyn A#enu» Florenc* A»«nu* Florence Avenue lnman AvMitt*- lnman Avenu* Carolyn Avenue, C*.roy n AYeEna ' Carolyn Avenu. C»rolyn A««atM Florence AT«DU* Florence Avtan* Building Builillnf BUli BuildlBC Building Building Bulldlnf ' Buildlnr BulldlBC MllMlw Onlr Baxa lt*iri#ulif.nrn «ilrreful»r Bach Irr. Irr. Irr. Ittlir ililll Ilillt Earh llaltl Each flxlll fcarh IrrefuUr Barh. Acres Irrasular Bach Irrcfutat- B Irrepilar Karh Irrtcular Uh Six Kach 4 Arrn - 2II9O Hxlt* Each lrr*gular EWh Each Irregular Each totlot ItllO* * x - x 6» lift* Kacb lt«l * Bach UUWO. Et h lotlrranlar F.arh. x Buch Irrerular Bach x Bach Irregular Each x Each Irregular Barh 2x* Each x* Bach Mil Each X Each x,, Sacl. lrrtsular Bach Itxtot Bach a I*"*. Kach HxlO* Es»a x Knch Bev. WoodbrWie D«v. ' Q^ J.^.^... WMMfUCO Brr. % Han* Petor D. '* >t*reaan Wa Joseph 4. Wellle n«4s*r Rle* riakbsm Howard Jennlnks Jatin M. Hall4Kk MtchMl K*y Mart* V. l«my OkaadUr B. ft L. ASM. AMto Wn Ella Hyde Nick UalMMM W»». Krrta VijsUr JenbWtr Ann*. Vt,lu*t!k* CanattUo tutte** oelety Joan J. BeWMtt." Prank Moacarelll L J. UBg*rf*ld Frank J. Egan Fred H. BUajen Joseph Demeikl Barry Bauarl* Wn. Bngelmaa.. Mr*. Jenal* Bills Mrs. Bddl* Cotio Frcdarlck 8«P* Frank H. Jeanmti OatTfinm Malaner Ptuil A. wodby '. :? 4 4) Alfrad Smith II > Mary Tlttel... Edward Bmlth Autna R itlk, i Horn* O«*r4JtA, Co ' - V**ry Aa)d*F***> - - l L j^ IOIIOO Back Chrlttian Brewn ; Mx Each 2x Bach Irrecular EU^h 8.ft Aorea g Irregular Bach SOil 5 Bach "««SO Baeh x 6x X Bach 4x6 8x5 Bach. UxlUf Mary B. Orsen Mary B, Bouatree Mary B. Rountre* WlllUm B. Rollln on ; Ulnnle Rose Rmaa L. O»lloway Albirt DeuUchler Albert Deutsthler Adam ihtll'er ;43eof«e Blck ' ttacar Bardund *car B«r«:lund John L**»*«l flkorc* Muller John, L*jopard. ItoxHtok lr > t Milt* SeSLaX taasanua- Adubate U ik Uubste Adubate iflubou Adubat* Adubete Adubate l*r Adubato AflubBto., «. jwabato Wttft BMb ihtotk Adnbato»*nry ^_ Adubatp Inafular Ok Hwry and Caiher- ', la* Saheppler

17 *rww FRIDAY, FEBRUARY, SECOND SECTION, PAGE THRHS NOTICE OP TA SALE 7- I'M N J7d ) 7 J J7P,F T JM' Jti 7 IB 8 fia r.n «n 6H Lots and > I.oU 2 to M Lota II to * Lots 27 to 4 I*tB «Loti 4S t Lot 68 Lot 5» Mr to H Lot! to Loti 7 t» II Lot. 27 to» i, ol, tit Lot.» Flume IM Patricia Avenue Conduit Way Consult War "t* Irregular Bach Irregular Eleanor Murray & «mti«t 4 Conduit Way Avenue Bulldlaf JSaeb. SrrufWar Bach litffular Bach asst: Joseph and Bator Bautrle.' Juinitli and Anna Tujdnnkl Anna Sterner Frank Adubato...'. Frank Adubato....._.,. Frank Adubato.. M»lt* Frank Adubato... 'x Prank Adubato...'... Frank Adsbato Bdfta Seller InnAn Avenue Patricia Avenue i l«ot i. Loti!B and I Lot II SStt Irregular l.» Aim IrwVUr Irregular x4 Ixlrregular Ixlll NSM8 «uh i*i7» oixiof 4*( Realty Co. Bmerit k Fat>P... Stephen Tuhai Franclaeo Fiero.. Coeorete tu July lii:i ,38 lt.w ITS.28 8 «.7» 8.4* lit* U 4. t*4.h I»T 4,4 till 44X.4 li».ll tt.»4 KMWMM8X rut art) IN up Tiff: KSTATI: (**- KbWAfij w. I I'liOHSR, Lit- ". WK HS OF LAKO tttt* #r an urjrr u( th* O«- Court oi Ui«Cuuuty of MW-, «9«4* an tki 2l>lli <l*y of J*» uary, IMI, tli* aub*i.rlt>(i. Krauk E. Cfe! ( l l l U U i ef Mvard W will on the W l»l», - 'n u M i, at t Oi'lu.k in ihr wn «HUUII Buil.l K>j. New Jersey, mil itrtrruouu v*bdu«tli* fl aid Edwuril W r.,n,n, tsln tract of l»ml in oil All that certain trni I <- Iua4 and premlaea. htfici 'leuutrly deiiorllivd, nlluuir b«ln( In tli«tuwnaljlii < County u( Mlddlx, siu l >ulllli I.r tin it ml purrvl uf ifter par > ing ^ud Kmiiun John JnUu HI.*} Morris Ch»»p*r... 4.U Winifred Ryan,... I.., Unknown..-»._. " ** T. F, Dunif Ml ««t. lt.h John C. CaiW.. UJ.TI Kate Tuttla..-*.. UI.Bt dharlei TraUtwiln Sidney p. HoV i -"4..4 MIT illll Sl> 9 *J It. II LoU tit i ) r.. j.oti 7 ana I i^ti «J4 to «n l,gt I 7l totio Lot! T7! M LoU rl ««d K.» Lotn 4 a»4 44 Lotr H * 4* M * Oard«n AT«BU«CUirt A»»niM WaiMflT AVMttM *t r ~* - MI* awn tidiwy r. Hw~- i femt4t*f - IWIfWH lech LJiii* Cturtntek... MHC WIIW fiaek Marl*, ana; JWr* FIRST TKAI'T BSOINNINU *> a posi in the»oulh irty aide of a mud lending fr«j VIBIU PHI. in ixhin. tformerly tlltontpwri) anil the northraal corner of aow or formerly Mm Wuodward'i land running: ilium e III wlili he: line south Ifty-elglu t5sm degree* fatty minute* (4 earn seven hundred ninety three 93) feet tu a Stake In the line of Parsonage land Hl*ace (8) north thirty elau aad oae foyrlh (8V>) degree, «Mt an* theueand one Hundred and aeven 7) feet to a.take: thence 8 north sixty five and three fourth numtw'iwir 4nrt( five.fewuw > (8) feet tn a stone In the line lend Illltt i«h BllkO wmlmasi Frelda' Bal4< 7*.«U.II M. ItfMt Irrifu HtTrall l«ilo4 Bach Loti 7«to Tl,!, B» and «Ixits 66 end II' Lot» 47 aad 4 Lot 4JI Lot 42 Loti 44IC aad D im> 444C a»*j D Lots 44* *»4 B Lnta 46A and B Lot til IM 47 Lot 477 Place fcal a~ ^ A BMSitfc*hf^ mtvhiwt jrtw^niw { ark, HacV Park mac* rukplac* Jafea MtMt John Street Jims Street IISH Bach i Mach Jebn Duaka... Arthur GrlmUy ~... Henry Fanlcfc Philip- BautrhriUB Jr ^..._... r ~.. s._. Franklin Contract. Ing r "..._. Alfred Sharp Manley.'. Alice' K. Hoagland Harry J. Llnde Ul.ll 7 7 Ut,,i i, ^, i J i!., t'l rein smltli M.U > [ ((.'."f iltiieca illh»ll (Sa>) Bill» J tm f,,r iiuiitired ality»l*l id B\e I rut ha Hi* il f*«t W» it«' thr uttnr-hhtd Currl«r lam. tk«lkc i IJ> laid i»u'l luiiih twelve (It*) tglev* tl.dtc*'!) lii'l suftutes wat iftriiis..itt: Hntt IKV tentlii> i IK-I tu Hie vimir ur place «f,:i.,» ninety th tlikkiadi illt>h i>iii»:ii aer«< mate his wile. W V. Kclj KiUliljlvr U.u> lil I' SIII... V l:.v. i! I i-n-i lii.ui, >,- «il, Mui nii> iiij. OXcil, Jam,. «Wiarly,. WIs II i.ii of uitnl \«w uu«j l'<<iii i.t le 3ii<l<ll«a. v I,.uk Iii;.i Km einmk met Ihr ful I),4 m lie premises 'unites to the Hullroad atd mi recorded l<i t'lerk't ofjke in >in tlm second the 'nt where the il t)it> I'nltnl ul I'unal Co»lvHlerly line ( f nf Klixabetli r MI rlflv isin t riulul In and tu Hit' lin milhelly line nf I,mil \'*w Ipmry Kallluiul >u ;IHIIV JIU>«*I» Ihe.inu Itw nil nun ur iniuiiiiy IIHIIIIIU HI I lif h.uu, NIIUIhwai illy Irniu HUieil.U i i(iin iiiik hllulii'it im flie i-ehrer line of tile rallnwd "f Ilic HH I.I IHIIPII K.»w.In «> Hitilrinul uml i'linni I'uiiipany HI ui'vey uutli.n S.'u'il plua ib therein laid point in the n-iile.r line k«la> at.he itlatauve uf all liuinlmd tiguty ve (86) feet mor* ur UM neaaureil wtaterly alons aatd c«ritrr Upe fr«m»u*thn, point therein eppoelte the renter ef jmld the I'nlted H*w Jeruy hallread and t'anal Cumpany'i Iaalln Panaeng-er Station; titendlng (I) i Ud h i r f pnln^ i^ thi 4Ud Auute - S» tmul, wtfi\ uuil tln-lr or any <.f Ih^ii lieira, devisee*. e*e< ulur*,.nl luiniihliidih. iji.iriteeb, IHXIM! ur >th i i'y(.cjfl In right, title <>i K;> \ u.- r an Offltr of Ui* C'uurl til 'lutui «i >' 'il N«w.ItTRvy. ni^ae or: the day il ih«alma her*»r, In a cauve I In. Tueuiatllu of Wu«!i iiiuuu rftrporaiiiiu u Stute ui Nrw JtrKcj-, la i "m miit, iiiut ynu Hiitl uthers ure the ntluiun, >uu uru reijiiireu lo appear Hiul HMKWfr the bill of saitl com plulnmit on ur lieture the lolit itty " Uarcli, nrxi,..i Hie «dl,l I.ill will b«aken ah conlesheil uguttlat yutl. Tte aalrt bill U tiled lu iitihiilut lebar and fuiui'lvmv vuu tioin rlgllt mill I'llilllv u( IPiiiMuption nf and to the pretnjtmh ileacrlbeil In cer of ta«mi leu tinted II 34. February H,!»S5T July li,»35 tivuit n, itii <nd l»3l, covering Lot* IB» t u ia» hot) Imltnlve. In Woi'k 6-<l. l.nt I tit, Lots US* tu UU, bull Imlualve, In 483-R, l.uta and 4«In 4S4-M, LutK 3 4 In Uluck 4««-L. I^it l"-!n Bloi l«l. 2 in tt.,lm* and IS In BiJ-H, I,Ma.46 i 4( In BlOf-k lil-j, Lut 76 In Bin. 62. Lot* i l l and 8i In Ijlock tit iind Lot 4-B In 8 l«k til, on th ihiimhl Map of thi Township U.6I 8.H ohn Gloria 47. 'ty Hall Land Jo hi CTty l»klr«irular Uti 4IA I.ut»B 6A I.qt I6B Lot IHA 78 Lot II* LoU Itl and UA 4 James Jamil Frail Strict ITiWAVenu* fifth* Avenue Fifth Avinue Fifth Avenuellxl javtnue Fourth Avinue rowtk. Fourth tllltt Each'' X Bach MllOO Awh Bach Hill*, Irnpr Co. City Hall Land i Imp. Co City Hall Land. Imp. Co City Hall and Imp. Co City Hall Land Imp. Co C*.ty HHII Land Imp. Co City Hall Land Imp. Co. City Hall Land...iWL.Cn. City Hall Land IPJP- Co JIftll Lttntr B.I. s iui, I.T»,n ,6 8.4 III thence (4) north nine and one fourt t%'\ degree* weat one thoimand ni haintfed eight tll#l) f«*t to th aferasaid road;-thence <6) along th southerly side dl the a'for*a«ld roa two thousand three hundred for}: elgtit TJiliTftet'Tqttit point or plac «f ke*t<mlic. flenuinlng forty an even hundred twenty all ona-thou aaniiks (4JU4U acre, more oi lea. Bounded northefly by aaid road; easterly by. the Woodbrldge " floheet'-land! Mutherly * -um lt«4 wul. Woodward's land.... l jl"g "i" aajna «ramlsm. cobvayad by Frederick Tkornall, et al, to Francl* Cooper by deed dated Nov. 28, 88, and recorded In the Middlesex County Cltrk'i office In book 2 page 4. All that certain tract or parcel of land and premise* hereinafter partlf- VTtny aelcrlbed, Ituaied, lying and being Ih the Township of Wood- Wll.SUX. Imp i Land.. Co. - Lot If* Lotrnt to IW ' Lot 88 Lot 4 * Lot* 4 and 44 Lot, HID Loti I6D and K Lot 4 Lo* 7 Utl to Uti 8 and II. Lot»8- Lot* to Lot TA Lot! 6IT to 64 Utitlt-tOlTO Uti 8 to 48 Loti 8 and,ii Loti 4 aad IS Lot 88 ' LOU Til to fit 6 Lot.iittoiir Lot! HI to III Lot. lot* to INT LoU M to Lot* 8 to LOU JIM to " Lot Itl* Lot UM 84 LoU and lltl i ^. 4.«> (. (.Of. JJ» 3.8 IDi Ml IOIUO City Kail IJind & Y Imp, Co »B x Irr««ular MxitO.x Uary Wemnu John and Elizabeth $oro*... John and Elizabeth Boros City Hull kand * Imp. Co. City Hall Land & Imp. Co Cfty Hall Land & Imp. Co Martin Zwododa City Hull Lund A Imp. Co Bdw»rd Farl«y.. City Hall Land Imp. Co Kl«t» Orand Atran* Thlid * «Pint Avenu* Fifth A»a»«i x' IVX4 5X 6X Ser«Dih AT*** Rarlta^i Avenue "O" itreet Scott Place UelirMt La*ttri«t V L««Itreet Behool Strut Central *HW l IJxl x Bath x ip... 9 t Sewarwn AfNL*t> tssispst IrT.xUO 8Mb Irr. each r irr. Irr. «aob 8x MxlOO aoh x «ach. UsMU W\ 2lxlrr. e«cb. Irr. «'» Irregular trr, faori Irr, iacb City Hall Land ft Imp. Co. E. G. Carlstim Est. gar»b T. Duwater. Florence Y. Green- Walt Morton S. Hill William Hoberg... Waltfer J. Urallllng Rlehfrd, Battler Blohard Sattler... Richard Sutler... Richard Saltier... Rlohard Sattler... Jlobn Frlemufl... Oharles Koberts..'. Charles Roberts... Cjharles Roberts... William -Campbell Marlon Joseph Hansen... Fisher ft Ell 3.45 U.It.T.7I B.S Stephen Bishop. Nicholas Radlch Louis ' Olsen John & Julia Havatskl Oharlei Roberts. Oharle* Roberta. Charles Roberta.» Meh Oharle* Roberts tot I 4. LoU 8* and (IT IrMl*.. LoU Itl and 4 _ Summit ATwm Lot* 4tot4M Lot* and 4 Lot. W H of 2UA Lot 28M Lot* to I Lot 4 Lot I Lot II Lot IS Uti 4 and 4 Loti to HI Lots 4 and It Lot II Loti 6 to 7 Lola 42 and 4 Lot. 4 to I Lot -47 Lot 4 Loti II to ' Lot 74 Loti 8t and 4. Loti 8 to It Lots T and I Lot 25 Lot It Lots 4 and 4 Loti» and II Lot. 74ttlld7 Lot II > Lot» LOt 8 I«t 4 Lot I Lot 7 Lot* II an«t Loti 4 to II ". Lot*» and II Lot t Loti B and I Lot. II to li Loti II and 4 Lou u m u Utl I 'SfxlOO eaalt x aauk Lak«V# CintrH AMBM Captral Avenu«Central ATWni herman Avinua B l t AT%MU bert Woodbridji Bate Ililrr. aaoi SI x lac 6 ew eaok! Woodruff A«oua ff A HHIO eaok UxlBO eft* x7 7S.J ( , ,«6. III Ml. I.IS JJS S.J5 Ii.ff t.pi ( ,.4 Nil!».48 6,»6 57,8 till J8.JI If. IT. 84.3! 8.7 8.8 I IMI ' till p bridge In the County of and State of New Jeraey. SECOND TRACT BHNNINO at the northeast corner of land now or formerly of John T. Manh and on the aoutherly aide of the railroad and from thence; () running north alxty eight (8 ) degree* taat aeven and four one-huntiredtha (7.4) rhttlna to land now or formerly belonging to Joseph Freeman; thence (2) auulh thirty eight (38 ) degree* ea.t two and forty eight one-hundredthi (2.48) chalm to the Eaaex and lllddle*ex Turnpike noad; thenre (S) Bouth fifty two (62*) degreee ten (') mlnuteiiweat eight and nljcfy liven dn«>. hundredth* (8.67) chalm along said Turnpike lioad to lands now or for fr f ^rf f M k *] <4 tout; <M') iterreen thirty (3n>) BiLauUa ea.«t uv nn-w kand asw or. formerly»f KUiaucth Urahsjn twenty 8ve and sixty out oue-huhdnduu (.) feet to a paint dtitant OQ* hundred thirty nine and eventr seven oae-aundredtha <II.W> (eet neaeured north thirty four «4) de tee* tklrty <» ) mlniu*e weet Iron a Mint in the aevtfcweatirly line of fceeex and Middlesex Turnpike; thence.() south sixty light (If*) 'degrees w**t by other laad of Edward W Cooper and oth- I tn; on a II(e Karallil with and a*v- I entv-tv* ffh leaf j&ifrfiaksiy: IxaS I andiuuured at right anglei to the l»lt?»ntfjr Una of railroad foiw au»- dred eighty three and ninety one one-hundredth (4l8.t!) feit to a polat In the eaeterly tine of land BOW or formerly of iolomon 8. Oarvalbo and wife, dtitant two hundred altty ilt and thirty two onehuadredtii (tll.lll feet measured north louruu. fu») desriii twenty III') minute. West (mm th* northwesterly line of the Biaex. and Mid dlesex Turnpike; thenca (*) north fourteen (4*) degree* twenty (') ralnum welt by said land now or formerly of Solomon 8. Carvalho and beth vim, And you, JohnYifadl ami beth VaT**t, «wif* W. P. HfiL Ky«a and V."»' "> a "j»l«.tlal T Marphy, K Kill Rafraslnla Wiaeiy. i 'i,iu\)huy. a y unknown! find pefmhmsf HI u. ma**. iitii n.l Hairf rrd their vriejal ^i^i^ hi II' irt>, i. li I [!,. I In. i,[ill ln #ri'l Mm,l ll nil *i»rcti. A ; Ue Court y, mud* «r...f ir..i ciiive ihiialiip oi Wui**. NiiiniM ii9l iur "'ratlon bt if N>w J< rsey ia.'uwplain* uu»nvl uiht-i> dfv the ds< urn iii- rt'ijiilr> t«ldlmlsi t II.r i l l nf su:.l^u;u 'lu!ni In i i>i >. ii..''nh duv at %l ur I he Hild btlt will be Lk«u III Lunfrued.iR»ln»t yuu. Tl..' rul'i hill la flu-. to absolutely i-hai m,a d.i.i li.m: yuu fruxa au iiflu mid «'iiiiiy i.r r^aenplloa if, n mui to the preiiusm deafrlbed la urllflihto or Ui aiilee dated ltiili. miu.,ivbru»ry Uth, Ilt33, Ihirtnl'ii. )>;i4 ami January le. \»H cuveiink l.uta 22 and I?" IB I H H: Lut» la Mr"; Ml 34 In Hluk it B I.ut li!a HI... k i.h-f Luis 4 ami 46 m Blink M-A: l^it. 8 -In IUUIH 54-B. LoU S» HII4 IM m Hl'^k hic IM* Si o 68 In Biw'k I4-A»iul Lota 7 «IP In. luslve "nil l.'l H In Bio. k 4-.n Die nib.ut T«i and Auastnuiit Map < >(- HIP TuwonUlp <>f Wooii*M!dfle> uunlv of Middlesex fnd Hl»t«ol New Jtusy And yuu. (da Miller and Mr MUlei'. lira hum OoliWnlth Hiid^alrs Ahra-, lam (liddib^lth, nrc mtdr defenavata you vre licirn at law ana «mllli, iltii-easvd. WTio wafint ftwhw C\K!'M n H ScliaaC and Annie L, ichaalf, hit wlie. I are mad* defendants bfauw you are lie owner, of record ef fewt ef the reiiiuea licrelnabeve dewrlbed, and nil may have or ma an Inlereat And you, 'amu mey o ho and UUl, IWfttty «vi and tw»»ty three one-hundredthe (is.!)) feet to the aid aoutherly line of land of Ihe rnlted Niw Jeraey Railroad and 'anal Company; thence (4) north Axty eight (It') «egret* paat along 'he aoutherly line of land of the 'nflfl New Jeraey Tinllroad anil 'anal Company parallel with and fty (GO) feet toutiiwurilly from and meaaured at rlsrht nntrips to the center line of the rnllnmit four hundred.emnty rlve-(4ttl) feot to the point or place of beginning containing two hundred and xeventy Rye one-ihou- U^nrtth«lltiJi;. iuittis uiftr* w le»a. nortjt fourteen (I4»") degrees Twenty HO') mtnutea weat four and s ty Ofo onei-fiundrriiths'trm c to the point or place of bejlpnlng; containing two and seventy " one-hundredtha (2.73) acres. Bounded northerly by said railroad; easterly by lands now or for marly of Joseph Freeman; southerly by said Turnpike ltoad; and westerly by lands how or formerly of John T. Marsh. Being the same premises conveyed by William Cooper, et ux, to Francis Cooper by deed dated April st, (854. and recorded in the Middlesex County Clerk's ollce In Book 84 page 238. Excepting from the Second Tract the following described pieces of parotid of land and premlkei. BKHHNNINO at a stake In- the southeastern line of land of said Railroad and Canal Company at a cortjir Of land late of "Elisabeth Curtlor and extending; thenc»-tit by aid Railroad and Ca,nal Company Wll5w»: north seventy (TOM egreee.eventeen (IT') minute* eas.wo hundred fsfty three and five tenths (243.5) feet to a stake; thenci (2) north sixty nine (69«) degree, seven (T') minutes east one hunrtrei forty three and two tenths (43.2 (<tet to «stake; Uietica (3) north six ty six (!«) degree, twenty., (22 minutes east (seventy eight (78 feet to a stake In the corner of land of George Graham; thence (4) by laid land south thirty five (3B«) de greet fifty three (63') minutes eai oni and seven (:7) tenths feet to eteie; thenre (6) by other land oi I Beln(f the same premises which Kdward W Cooper et ux t al Edward W. C'oober et ui, et al con y«d to rrre Hnttwt N»W J*«ey TWirread and Canal (Inrnpany by deed dated Marrh 3st, 93, and reoorded n the Middlesex County Clerk's office tn Deed bonk >K on paa/a Sit, KHANK K. COOPBK. Adhilnlfltrator, PATlKtrn K. NIKIilK^^ Proctor. H'oliart Building. Perth Amhuy,,K. J. W.. 2-, 7, 24; 3-3 IN CHANCERY OP NEW JRHUHV TO lie above named vwuri of rnord of mrt of th«premise! bereinabuve denrllieil, Hud you Have or may claim o have»n inclioati right of dowur II part or aald premise*. And rod. Mr. Murphy, Mr. Tlmm nil Mr. O'Nell, are teftadanu ie<'«uae M>u ure, rupectlvely, the lukliiuirta or the aboved named nwnera uf record of putt of the premise. herelnabove deacrlbed, and you may have or claim to haw a right of rurtpsy In part of aald premises. And you, Otga Nelaon, are made defendant lieihttw you are the wife if Rrllng NelBfltt, whn In an nwnrr if record of part of Ut* prcrrtlati hprelnithove deinrllit'd, null you may Imve or nmy clulm tu have itn in- liobln right of i o»cr In part of.aid preinlaee. And ynu, Lena UlRa. nni Qeorge GIUMB, ar«made ilefendtinti hecauae you ure the helm at Utw inn! nu»t of kin of Max (liana, deceuaud, who wan the holder of a certain mortgage «ev*#jna; pam of th* premise* herelnabove deacrlbed, and you Imve ur may clulm to have an Interest in Anil you, Mugiuia HH«Tttg»r, MUFV Kltilnger und Ledru P. Smuck, are of nrurd o/ part of the lit-rilniili'iv* demrlhed, and >')'! mar claim an iutereat tlieretn; And yi,u, Hiirry It. He h lima bach, aro mad* * dsfondanl beee,uae yeu a«a the holder of a certain judgment which may affect [>»rt of th* premise* kenlhabave dtsoribed, end yt>» hi*y claim ao interest therein: And yuu, Independent RaklnfCoOt* pany, a iiirikimtliin, are made 4** fenilnnt lieiaua* ynu are the holltf of a nrrutti Ju.lgmi-iii which may affert part of the preml.eit herelnabeve. danchbtd. mill you tnny I'lului an In* Tirwrttiprclist ' ' '.' *-' Aed yuu, the reapecllve unknow* imrit WVTWPW «BB DBntoratl n p r r enumvei of Ida Miller, Abreiaay Onldamllh, and Harry It. RchluM*, bach; and your or any of your heir* devisee", executors, administrator* ' grantees, avslktis or luccesaor* I* ' right, title ur Interest, are made! de* rendants h«qalrie you may claim as InUreit Ui part uf Ilia herelnabov* described nremlaea. ' Euirene Hlftnkenhorn, Hollrttor fur and uf i Counsel with Complalnwl, 4 L'oinmcr. ii Htrent, Newark, New Jersey. Dntottl Jsniwiy U(H,'4I, W.i.,M7;i. 8,,7 xmeh «w rtni.ic,«alh TO WHOM»T MAV CONCKItN: At a regular meet Inn of tlietowi* )>> Comrnlttet) of the Township of A'lHidhrldge held Mon.d«y, Febiuarf th, ltsf, I was dirt- ted to advertlii l fact that on Monday evmitmf uary lotb, 3*. (he Towtishjl MnU'lk? wl» meet at I f. M.i_E8Tl II thf Cemltant«n (.'hamlierl, Ksmo> i;il Munlrlpal Building, WoodbfldM ' d d aell ejf >ldd Lena Olftss, widow, Clenrge Olasa tiding helra at law and next kin of Max CIIUHR, decensed, John VaranN nml Kllznheth Varadi; his wife, W, F. Kelly a»d Mrs. W. P. Kelly, MH wife, Magnus KlUlnger, Mary Kltainger, Ledru P. Hmock, Kay ford Ryan and Ltller Ryan, his wife. Celestial J. Murphy and Mr. Murphy, her husband, Fred* Tlmm anil Mr. Tlmm, her huhlmnd,. Sara If. JUrhardu, unmarried, Olsn Nulmiii, Martha O'Nell and Mr. d'nicl, her husband, Frank YV'ltmenka anil Ksfrnslnla W(asenka, Ills wife, Jlimen Wisely and Mrn. James Wisely, his wife, Alexander Wlaely and Mm. Alexander Wisely, hl» wife, John H. Riliaah and Annie L. Hchaab, hia wife, the respective unknown heirs, devisees and personal representatives of John Varadl and Elizabeth Va huliiara of JudctnenU rqverlng {tai'l (if the prmnlnes lierninalmyc di'mrilied, and you may ulalin un Interest therein. And you, the respective unknown helm, devisees and ppmuntil reinesenlatlves of John Vnrndl Hiul Varadl, hla wife, W. K Kelly. Magnus Hltzhiger, Mary lutslnher, I.ciirup P. SmticM, Hayrord llynn umi Llller Kyiin. his wife, Celestial.. Murphy, Freda Tlmm, Martlut O'Nell,.lumtx Wiaeiy, Alexander Wlicly, Jnlm H. Schuab and Annie L. Si IIIIIL'I his wife, und their or any "f their lieirn, devisees, exftcuftorn, aunilu trutors, grantees, aaslgnii ur NIIIC sors In right, title or Interest, d rti d f d t b g, e or Interest, made parties defendant, be<'iiu«i> h li ure p e enant, beiui you have or may claim to have an Interest In the lends described in sal bill of complaint. Eugene Blankenhorn, * Solicitor for and of Counsel With Complainant 24 Commerce Street, Newark, New.Jersey, Dated: January l»th, 939., l-27;2-3,,7 IN CHANCBHV Of- NHW JBHSB / To. Ida Miller and Mr. Miller, hei husband, Abraham Ooldsmlt and Mrs. Abraham Ooldamlth his wife, heirs at law and nex of kin of Jacob Philip qpld smith, ilecfiibci;, Harry It Schlogsbach and Independen Ni>w ug, and expose and t 4 h h 4» * iiirrtlng to" terms of sale on. with the Township Clerk open to lu» rrymottcbtrto-twirihmiiiy wad priof u nnle, l.-i<» It, li, tl, Vt. of 4 if lluik 27HA, Woodbridge Townihii \HBeiiement Map. 'Pake rurthnr notice that thetowiv HIIIU CommlUee has, by resolution tu! purauunt to law, fixed a mint nun pried at whlt'li said lot* In sell lock will be sold together with al nl her dotalla pertlnont,.aid mini* mi in price being,8. plua coat. >r ineimrlng deed and advertuiln*; IIIIH snlc. Hutd lotb In said block, If mill mi let-ma, will require down pay* mint ur IM.O the balance of purr II.IBI. prl>«to be pbld In moflthli liihiiillmentit/of IH.II plus intfrem inl I>IIIIT terms provided for In con* tract t t mile,..,.. Tnkf further notice (hat at sail mile, or ;my date to which il may bt iidluiiineil, the T»wnshlp Opramtttei ft.rvi'8 t lie ri«m to III dlsreuoil t*" Reject,iriy one off all bid* and tavml Hni,l IniH in said black to puch blddei iih It nmy select, due reward belnf jrlvcn lu tcrmii and manner nf pay mini, in matt one or more minimum I.MIM siinii he received. 'puii iicccpiance of the minimum lid, ur hid above minimum, by the Tuwuslitii Committee and the pay uii'iii UiiTBor by the) purchaser acr runiiiik tn the manner of pun-hai«if Hi'curdunce with-tama-af wla»n fll% the Township will deliver a bargali mui BUIO deed for aaid premises, B. J. DtTNIOAN; Township Clerk, Pnlt'i! February Hh, 8, Com* NOTICE OF TAX SALE 7 8 dharles Roberts.-. LudwlB Horwath Lud. ft Maley Horwath '- LutffiB yorwath... B.SS Pbllllp, Livjt... JJ5«Jotenb.BuynUi ,7 4.6 l»l( Moll Anna Andeiaon... <. JS.S6 MCli Flloirieaa LaForenza and Lonli Olien» Henry Paulion... lw-«u A»na Buffer ««*Uompion Drake 43.8 I4,»l ACM* Bonrfon Rl Eat Oo377.4 B. SehmutJer H. Schmutier H. Schmutier ! IU ,.4 Klst5ane Peterson fjatate. a ~ Joan Pfelffer F»«d Reich flewaren Lend and Water Club - John Pfetffer Andrew Larson... Aadrew Larson... Stibecc* Bchamp... RAftColt Schimp... Laiiis Ailffustlne... BUen B. Boelsterll Mtohael Arnold... Jotopk Siabo,. CSarlJi Pokers... Oeerge Welmir... Oeerge Wel.mer... Peter Welmer... Wai. A. Donaldson Satan MoDermoth i Sarah Queer...:..,... Mxl6 *ach NtW York Jewish " Ivangeyoal Boo.4 27, < lt " E U U IJ W Blook 38 «34 > Blook 8* 888 III 889, 88» 8*. 84, Blook 84 i BloeK 845A. Bleek 847U> Blook 8J6D Blpok 8>5R Bll^Ok; (8 858A Blook , %MSL tit Lot* 88 and SO Lot. 8 to Let. to 3 Loti 84 and 85 Lot 6 Lot 6 Loti (2 and 63 Loti It and'2 Loti 2 and 38 LoU 23 and 34 Loti and i, Loti it and II Lot* 4 to 48 Loti (3 and. «* Lot 7, Lot. 8 and 7 Lot 84 ~. L6ts 83 and Lot a iioti: Demoreit Avenue Prospect Avenue Thorpe Avenue Thorpa Avenue Tho*p» Avenue Thorpe Avenue Thorpe Avenue Proipect AiP«nu«Rjmse'n Avenui DeSorelt Ave»ue New State HI sw, Bt Qeorrei AMBM It. aeorcei Areatte Thorpe Avmne Bulldlni BulldltC UxltO eaoh Anna Cohankjr. eaoh Arth & Vera Cole., each Bverett Johnion - to Julyl *8 nut.7j lii.ii i>t. mated Amount to IHdU-eaeh Steph. Jocewloi. " itlpw if. h! Koberger ^ Hxllteaoh Bfenry PurThey._ IUU «aoh J»n«and Lewi* Henvllle... Qlarepce Canfleld, J., Brahm Bet. _ JlxlM each ttslrt,' eaoh Hlllt eioh its. lt.h.88 \.l 4\S8 Avenue 'Arenue T»ppen Stmt Semoreit Avenue Tappea (Meet, LOU.637 and: "I x ^ ^ A,ahu,._A«ay Avenuo LoU low.aid tiiih Avenjie. Loti llso and»u Chaie*Av*nJ«i Loti 83* and 8 Cha.e AvenUe ^ Lou SI apd II Partwan^h Avenuo. er. pi BuHei.. T. each llilrr. llxlio each Bulldlnc 6x,. tn. each fra aanh ftusae. HtntM Mrs. Qeo. Oast. Bruno Wlsneiki... John* Mary Hartman Joseph Zuoker...j..^ SomlnlcK Draco... John A Uary Hart, man* Domlnlck Brunp.-. John W. Balgrle... Stephen Kovaoi..- >ll Blook Ut Blodk HO lit flbl Rlook III»«4 9C Black 968 MOttk 8 Hlonk 958 B&8 Black 9S8 Altguitlae. -78 ArtH. A Fred Kneer Jojin Biabo Beajajnm Clark - Benjamin Clark Fl»nk " Clark... Bfcdkmln C ark... Unknown, Bepjamin Clark... ~ " Clark....Ham Hymp&ge tano Ouarino... itano Ouarino... eat Kcittry... e Bchwarts..... A. Bberllrig.. lie, Thomai and ry MoDermott,8,8 Areb'd Vf, Aren, Jr. I4H- Lot. 86 to 7 Loti II and II LoU III MA LoU 4TI to «T«Loti 47 and 478 Lot 49 Loti 7 to m Lots 88 and 84 Lots 872 and 78 Loti 8 and LoU 3 to IOt Lots I7J to»77 LoU TI and 7 Lot. 9 to 87 Lota 8 and Loti 34 and 6 Lots 37 and 8 Lots and 2 Lots 26 to 829 Lots 42 to 44 Loti IMS t» 94* LoU 584 to 6J U 26 to 8 _ Jl 4 to 4 Loti 8 to 8, LoU 8 to 8 LoU 94 to 9 Lot! to 4 LoU M to IB* Lou Ifr and 88 LoU Ill to 7 Lou ill and 8. Loti 4 and 6 Ut IU M»» Rahway Avenue Blaiini; Star Road Rfthway Avanue Omar Avinu* Omar Avenue Poplar Street Adi Itroet Omar Avenue Sahway Avenue Hahway Avwue Oheatput Street BWgarton Boujevard Poplar Street Morrliey Avenue t iaoh pni«8tn Morrlsey Avenue Uorrliey Avenue Uotrliey Aviaue Willow atfeel lwbt»«let. if and IT Lois if and «Sol* }*, IA, IA Lot W ' Lot* 4 and 6 oti to 7, ots II aftd 7 oti il «pd II at* Md ot vo«u«avinue A*enye AviaOl each Somerset Estates,... umb John Handle each Maple Managem'tTJo. «). eaoh QerJaloy Domlalolt IIXJIO each 8. Baranyar. M i l -" tn. uck Klliabeth Tuako... ^ 4!. 7 Uslll eaoh Hen. «M Dcn.gan m. 4> Irr, eachf Daniel Mciey ^. Mok Kflink Slkulo, Blaglo Pace Prank Sikula Blaglo Pace Laslo Demeter,.. Frank Sikula..-i... - Leonardo Mstrenaoolo Oarmlne Batata... Leonardo Marenaooio Michael Fedorla James E. Boyd Dthel Kovaci.. Bther KOVB-CB.. Itftram Siordl... Iatram Sierdl.. lit ram Sterdl - Iitram Saerdl.. Alex Duda*... iitram Bterdt.. Alex Duda* 6x iftbh Ssvcrlo Matrangelo # li»»li (.Jt3»epb KnouU... iaoh Michael Uuaka... iath ' Michael Muska _ ,7* T Michael, Muska _. MJchael Muska._ Michael.Muaka... Mlchaoi Muaks,... Wchaei MuaKa,... Ifjohael Muaka... ' Louis Hoirsan Andrew Vaie 6x *ioh Joseph Moranek... 6x (Wh SftDhla Marpvak.-. fl-asraasi^-l.....,,, W i,,;«& fa HSjr- 'ibi W _ It7.8t liilm Sintos Campoi lji<hael, Toth.. ildwig Hk. Mary Kalflon UaniMrr» l lin. M. J, TBJaMlR, ', tfm Oottector,

18 "if, i ft J SECOMi I'»N', I*AGE FOUR FRIDAY, FKBIU'ARY, 939 EMPIRE THLAIRE RAHWAY FRI ftb SA I 2 N. J MATINFtS SAt C»BtJniiou* Sunday t to H»'a a Dtrcdetil c» the Durrl lam ILOIi BLANE HUGHES SUN, MON., TUE5., WED. 2 4 STAR MIT5 I Tf CHNICOIO*/ LORETTA YQUNfi RICHARD GIEENE WAITER BRENNAN DOUGIM DUMIIlUt KAKMMOfefY MOtONIOUn A 2th C«nluf»-f < fittura Plu. YKARS BEST DIRECTED PICTURE TMIAPY VAMSH S TODAY.nd SATURDAY ERROLFLYNN "DAWN PATROL" Al.o "Charlir Chan In Honolulu" Requett Feature Sat. Nite A -ICE i n 'Music Ii Magic AY ati STATE THEATRE WOODBRIDGE, N. J- fhon«wdb f «. -22 Taniiht and Tomorrow "HI Were King" > Alio "The Chaser" Sat. Nite Play Lucky SUN. -MON. -tues.' Feb. 2, 3, M "Five A Kind" Alio *"DownOnTheFanA w Sun. Nite Caih Nite WEDNESDAY; nn. * "In Old Mexico" AUo, ' "The 3th Man" CASH NITE THURS. ^Rl.. SAT. FEB. 6 -!» -»». "Men With Wing." Charlie Alio McCarthy "Africa Speaki" BE SURE OF YOUR BRAKES TRUST YOURS TO U3 RELINiNG. ADJUSTMENTS DRUM REFACINC TROUBLES CORRECTED RAHWAY BRAKE SERVICE S. J GASSAWAY, Prop. 6 Yn. will, Blue Goote, Newark 7 E. Milton Ave. RAHWAY Formerly Albikiert Cara * X KINDLING - FIREPLACE WOOD FAMOUS READING COAL KOPPER'S COKE MASON MATERIALS FUEL OIL fhoni Woodbrldj* IHM WARR COAL 9r SUPPLY CO. IT. OROROE t WOOUBRIDGI Fords Notes -The Girl Scout Troop No. held»n niniverwy c«l«brarebruary 7 at the Lutheran j Mrs. Arthur Perry of Hornsby j u* will be HOSUM Monday *fj terno-n to the Udie» AuilUry of j th. Harry Huntoo Port, No. 63 Amencto Legion. -Mm Cynthia Sunshine of Maxwell Avenue wu ho»t«m Moti kiv i veiling at te* party with M'ss Esther Paley tl eo-ho.uw. HruiMdt will be donated to the Council of Jewish Junior*. Mis* lren«b*rtok wilf serve a* hostess at the U* to be held by th* Blew** Virgin Miry Sqdality of Our Lady of Peach Church February 9. t K of the James Shaffrkk Aaaotiation *W W WfieTT at the Fordi Casino February 7. A card party»;ill be hel4 February 23 by the ParentTT«*eh«r Assertion of the School No. 4 The association will hold» Found tr's Day prog-ram at the school Wednesday afternoon under the dl r*ction of Mrs. Edwin Deffler. IK <-HV*< KRI u to linrwttiv Vf: *tnrr SIH» Ur aurr,, lier Iniilmnd. Ituae Wli ktr nil I Mr W i< ki-r. tier hunliunil, Km an net V Kihk. unmarried, Ann.hi > S,.ill., i,hi] MIH. Antonio 8'«il.< I,is uid' Mt K»r»l, hiinnanri ' rial Corn, former owner, Kil.ii H Til.ii.II ami Mr Tll(l"ii. ln-i I IIIMIIHIHI, ItuMllK i'ur iura sunl Mi I'ui nir«,, her huatmnd. iln-l inxfi'llorwlti. Lena Mtum»» «ni A'lniinmiralor e>f Hie Kxintr., i>' I M.iv Goldman *n<l an one "I tiif i h.ilr hum ul Mm OoWlman, tic- I, «>nl, Hpd the redpwiive in.-j linrmii h*us, dev)a*ei uti<l per Kfii'xl ret>r«*enta.uves of l*ur»- lti> W M»rr, Hoau Wltker. An- L.iilu Hrerbo, Klla K Tll.lon, FTc ' HHIU- I'ur4>ura, Herman llurwli/ anal ilielr or any of tliclr heiic <li vlsies, elecutiira, admlulstru i"ik grtmteea, Umlgny nr»u. rn Hurs In right, till.- i.r internal: lly virtue, of an "order of tlir Conn if CliHin-et)' of New Jrravy, made mi. Ii. ilny of th«rtate hereof, in u mum- wlif-rcln the Township of Woodmunicipal corporation of Sahara." now allowing at the A nvne from "Adventure In Slate of New Jerney e U complain VIHI " are Empire theatre, Rahway. Ji fimlanu, i7y<hr you»7 e r T#flUirBI'T9-«r leitr and an»w*r the bill i of f Bald romit Man li next, or the aald ) i wilt lie akin ax ruiifobhi-il Hgainat you. Tht- said hill la filed to alutiluk b li-linr and forei 4 lhe you from till i([ln a ml i!i ully of redemption ul. ii ami Li tlie JirellilBL'8 ilre. rllnil In I'rtlfl'uteH nf lux HRlen dated May r.tli Ia3,", July tfitli, 935. Augunt Hli, 936, Ke ittml>er th. 935, Maliif Oi-lnber JOth, 935 and January 6th 936, loverlng I.ol* and n Dim k 4S-M, Lots 24 to 8 Inilu- Hlvi- In Rlixk 48r>-K; Lots ) to IV thi'lunlve III Hloch <Hr,.(i; LI> IK In.i.k f, IU-r. l.oln 262 to Mb. Inclusive In 6-); Lot 5 In Blork r.67; U,t 349-I> in 63; LuU 23 Hint 24 In 838; Lol 9-A In Illoik 89-K, <>n Hie Official Tun mid Ana«Hxment Miip nf ttie Townnlilp or Woodbridge, t'ounty of Mlddkaex unrt Htatp nf Now lersey. And you, Dorothy W, Marr, llona Wicker, Kmanuel! '. Kirk, Antonln Ncerbii, Klla I). Tlldon am) llohalle 'urpura are inndc defendantu bfccau»e each of you are the owners of record of part of the premlaaa here- Inabove dencrlb«d and you may claim an Interest therein; And you. Mr. M"arr, Mr. Wicker, Mr. Tlldon and Mr. l'urpuru ure made defendants because you are, rebpec- Mv.-lv the husband* of the above imimij fim'tirm of record of the urem-" I no; littrtimhove <lencrll>ed und you lifive or muy clnlm to have an Inter- ^nt In said premises by rt-anon of u rlgbt of curte»y; And you, Mrs. Antonio Kcrrbo, iir* niinli- a defendiint because you are the wife of the above named owner of record ami you have nr^mny claim to have un Interest In said prt-mihtu by reason of an Inchoate rlgut of dower; And you, Mr. Fornt, hufbuml of :\ttf Form, are made a ilefcmlant beau»e said Clar Foist was. a former owner of "record 'of part of said premlaeii and I you hava hav«or rhfty claim o have 'an interent In naiillprnnlnes by rmiton of a right it of cui'leny; ' you, Herman HurWIU,' lire made a defendant because you ure the holder of a certain judgment which tuny affect part o( said premfl*«, anil you may claim un IntereBt herein: you, Lena Blum, are made a defendant be'c'iniie you y are a rentttl que trust under A certain judgment ict.) tiy Tiavld T. WMpnU, Truntee, which itdgment may affect part uf ald prcmlae*. and you may claim in Intere it therein; And you, the respective unknown heirs, devisee* and persona) representatives oc Dorothy W. Marr. Rosa Wlch«r, Antonio Scerbo, Ella B. Tildon, l:o«alle 'Purpura, Herman Hurwltn, ami your or any of your hairi, rtvlaeea, eiei utom, admlnlatratora, unlees, aaslgnh or auicesaori aln Ifht, title or Intereat, are made efendants because you mav claim imcrlbdd premise*. Eua*«ne Blanlienhorn. Solicitor for and of with Complainant Kedgral Trust Build. 24 Commerce Street Nawark, N... >atad: January 26tli, 939. V,I, 2-3,, IT, 24 WANT ADS BEAUTY SHore CHOOL GIRL PERMANENT <BNT 7 WAVE.95. Charm Beauty Shoppe, 76 4aln St. Woodbridge J-OJSO ! 2HOOL GIRL PEMANENT WAVE.95. Beauty Items He. 477 lahway Avenue, Woodbrldge Idee 8- «2. f-n-zt BUSINESS DIRECTORY EVISHYXtAKB 8TORRH SELL Waahern, Vacuum Cleaners at lnw- Mit term»; largest service ilp it., purt», luolors; machines. 29 Stale Street. Perth Amboy, WANTED ItOVB to nurry ebtahilnhed n*w«pnr»>r romen, 2 years old or older, Mr.!I. 8chw»rl«, S6 Ahriioy Ave, nr Wooillirldge IndepHtKlent, 8 Orren Street. Woodbridge. FOR SALE LB. THlfl: t> t>> wnslier, wrlqjte'r nun muntflf tf, l'i. llxcelloiit tondltluii used d only ir> muntlia. CllnrlRi N, Van Lrpr, STi 'i..,, HL, Av«noi, Wo. s-m;:-\\ T -i ii, t*carfi lloplmih Ki'iminnv tln«- IIM* englnr, (Sri. ll«i III, I'liic ot pnper. ' '-"* DOMESTIC HELP WANTED ' WOMAN, while, for KI'IK'I'U IIOUHV work. Llvii In. f:cf»>rence«ri. iiulred. Cnll Italian)' lti LOST A O(II,U I'AMGf) IIHIIWBV'Av*. ni rt wnr<l. Mi*.. WoodbrlOf*, N. J, llptwplmi rli Ml. l!r W'nllnco HI, Scenes Front New Films Coming To Rahway At The Empire One of the most unusual contracts ever made in Hollywood was drawn prior to the starting of Monogram's "Numbered Woman" scheduled to open Friday at the Empire Theatre, Rahway. The leading role that of Linda Morgan was an ideal part for lovely Sally Blane, sister of Loretta Young., But, according to Miss Blane, she was satisfied with her role as a mother and a housewife. She is married to director-actor Norman Foster, and has a two year old girl, Gretchen, Loret'ta before she screen name of Loretta Young. Despite the fact thai Miss Blane named after assomed the WOODBRIDGE Mi-s. J. E. Hsrned of Green Succt is visiting at the home of Ih niul Mrs. Robert Hanson at Un.-M Hilt, Pa. The G. E. T. Club of the PirBt ikrv'k»tion»l Church met Mon- l;.> night at the home of Mrs. Wayne T. Cox, Cedar Avenue. MJS* Katherine Harned ol tiri'hi Street is visiting at the horns if Mrs. Irving V. Demwest, Metuthen. Miss Elisabeth Baker, student at the New Jersey College for Women, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Haker Jr., Freeman Street. Mrs. Abraham Neiss of Rahway Avenue will be hostess tomorrow to the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Congregation Adath ltm\. Mrs. H. A. Tappen of Schro-..mill h. hmfraj Fl ary 2 to the Tuesday Afternoon i-sfrs. Asher FitzRandolph. Colonia News A meeting wat held Friday «hi»i the home of Mr. James H;.uk «f Patrfca Avenue % the jujrpijse of reorganiiinf the Co* oi.u Mtn's Democratic Club. Tem- i.,iaiy officers were elected M f«lli,ws: Pre*ident, Howard Fletehtr; lie president, Nathan Vickttf; ii easurer, Frank lmportieo; CorW- ; iiondlny *ecreury, Jam** BUek; j recording secretary, Jairtes Chert;co; sergeant-at-»rmi, Max Alljiuii; membership.chairman, Richard Polhemus. Aft«r th«buiinei* >et-sion a social hour wasenjoytd and refreahmenta served. Another ineetinf will be held tonight at the home of James Chere O, AtehtBgel Avenue. - -Mr. and Mrs Edward Nadler of Chaino'-Hills Road have return ed from three-weeks vacation in rtorid.. - Mrs. George Anderson x_ Of Dover Road entertained at luncheon on Monday Mrs, Arthur Hilfcpot of Metuchen. Mr. and Mrs. Mont*om«ry Kimijall of Dover Road wer«new York City visitors recently. Miss Betty Saywell of Fairview Avenue was the over-night guest of her aunt, Mrs. Florence Harris g N«w York recently. Miss Florence Schunsberg of Chain-o'-Hiils Road entertained on Sunday her sister, Mrs. Charles Peterson, and nephew Charles, of»t the home of Mrs. George Hajedorri with Mrs. Winneld P.L-U as assisting hostess. The Coloriis ifttjb?'^-* Women's New Deal Club met Wednesday with MK. Ruth Smith, nate to the Boy Seotit. Mrs. Uwrence Suit wai designated distribute clothing to needy their granddaughter ihiri- wlm was celebrating her fourth birth* Jersey City. I day on Friday night, duetts were Mrs. Henry Lavin and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Cruppo ami Joseph McAndrews of West Hill ^Mr. and Mrs, Helnuith Nestler <.f Road were guests at an evening j New.York City and Herman l,uilt-rer bridge at the home of Mrs. William Finn of Woodbridge Thursday. of town. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wilkersim Miss Jeane Woodward of Fairview Avenue had as her guest over of Woods Lan«have as their gut-t> Mr, and Mrs. Maxwell Pot of New, the week-end Miss Barbara Soule Britain., Conn. of Hartford, Conn., and John Bell of New York. Mrs. Sydney Beaujon of Col- onia Byiulevard hail as her ituest ut Mrs. M. M. Pattisorf, captain luncheun on Monday Miss Ruth f the Colonia PJne Tree Troop Girl Morris of Highland Park. Scouts was welcomed into the Girl Mrs. Joseph Hamilton and Scout Council at a meeting held daughter, Dorothy, formerly of I illthahome of Scout ComrnJMloner I Kairview Avenue, Culonia, am! dh I MM. Jane Cran«.e( Colonia Avenue Mrs, was William hostess Finn Wednesday of Grove at sister, Boulevard Mrs. was James the Cook guest of of Jersey her a card party held by the St. Margaret's City, recently. Unit of the Trinity Episcopal Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ander- Church. son of Colonia Boulevard were J A car«l party will be held to- guests Saturday of Mrs. James! night by the Ladles' Auxiliary of Burnet of Jersey City. the Woodbridge Fire Company No. The Colonia Women's Republican club met Wednesday with at the honie of Mrs. Harold Whitaker, Alice Place, Mrs. Joseph Taylor of Washington Stephen Bonalsky is recuperating Avenue. A resolution of con- at his home on Wallace Street dolence was paaa«d by the club on after a recent operation at the the death of Mrs. Benjamin Ellison Perth Amboy General Hospital. and was forwarded to the Mrs. Dorothy Phillips of San family. The club will De host to Diego, Calif., is visiting at the the Second Ward Women's Republican Organisation Thursday home of Mrs/Anna DeWorth, Jean y at the Court. K Mr. and Mrs. Edward Trout of Schroder Avenue will be hosts has two capable nurm, she *»efl- (Thuraday evening at a card party nite stated tha't she wanted to look, be held by the. p angh after her Jjabj; personally. Ultimately, E. B. Derr, the producer, bargained that if she would play the part, he would arrange his shooting schedule to conform with the baby's sleeping hours. At The Rahway For the first time in the history.,,of tjie Motion Picture, the Kentucky Derby will be seeii on the screen in full natural color when "Kentucky," the 2th Century-Fox Technicolor production featuring LorettH.Young. Richard Greene and Walter Brennan opens Sunday at the Rahway Theatre.. In the many years that newsreel companies have been filming the running of the Derby, no shotg have be«n made in anything but black.and jwhite. ' The, huji*e Teehnicolor cameras have qowj capturedevery glint of briluatit'colujir to btffbund in Aroer- With the dd of race'officials and,stabte ownlm, Director David Butler was given \ev«y facility to make. th,is one of the roost dramatic sporting events ever filmed., INDEPENDENT advery^r^ get home delivered, paid circulation plus intense reader, interest. Republican Club, «f Kft. Af(h«r Brown of St. George Avenue. The session will be in the form of a Valentine Social. The dark horse prize was won by Mra. Brown.. The next regular meeting will be held March DR. HERBERT I MOSS OPTOMETRIST «> " ^"uni.ei the opening of kit office (or «xaj»jn*tion and orth'optic trca^icbt i Office Hours: -2, -6, 7 r 9 PHONE WOod Majn St., Woodbridfe, N. J. 64/HESeCIAL EVEkY MONDAY NIGHT - "*"~ St; Jjtmes' Awiitoriurt > Aroboy Ave. ^ Woodbridge -2 GAME $2 -"LUCKY" JA«POT $2 $35 IN MONEY AND PRIZES DOOR PRIZE $ ADMISSION 4c Romance Is Our Business Some times we feel like Cupid himself. Folks trust us HO completely with their flower mossntfes. They know that when they ask us to say their intimate words with flowers, those flowers will whisper bewitchin&ly and with just the right finesse. We've helped quicken many a heart liealt May we help you say it with flowers'.' Valentine's Day, Tuesday, Feb. 4 Basket* of Choice Spring Flower*. Corsage* of Camellias, Gardenias or Orchids; Rotes, Violet* or Sweep Pea*. Roses Red, Pink and Yellow. Boxe* of Spring Flowers, such a* Daffodil*, Tulips,, Rotet, Sweet Pea*, Gladioli, Iris and Snapdragon* of the Best Quality, Baskets of Growing Plant* that your Mother Love* *o well. We are the only Flori.t Tolefraph Delirery RapnMnUlivu in Railway, anu can take c«re of your ne«d> to any part of the world oh ihort notice. JOHN R. BAUMANN FLORIST 9 ST. GEORGE AVE. TELEPHONES RAHWAY RAHWAY, N. J, Mr, Avenue.. Auxiliary Unit No -Mrs. Arthur Saywell of Fwr- home of f Mrg. Am Chain-o-Hilk o Mr. and Mis ] of Enfl«HRoBd etl i.' Mrs. Otto confined to her _Mr. and Mrs. Brpckwn biik> l^l H. Mrs Byrnatd HieRen of to M h t wi«street, ami her daughter, MMartha, children. Th. M»rj:h meeting thf of f Mr, and Mrs. be devoted -to *h* exhibits of United SUtes at the New UrWij. /of Hobokon on Sunday. A. w*i»----. with each memb«mr, wul M»- Henry Uew of ttleir co Sbui information on th»; West Street had as. Mr. and Mrs. Herman subject The April meeting *'" Sunday of Unwn. be a diacuseion of the foreign exhibiu U at at the the fair.. fair.a A p«m p "Ameri- \ _ E velyn and Ldward McC«.- " a was read bv Mrs. M James J St Steel ; mlfk l)f Pnn.etun Avenueand fcd- 'llowed by a paper by Mr.. Hen,,,., M»d«.n of.-..luhibia Awnuv. rv Lavirt entitled "Political R«fu- mm[, n *»f th.'»enwr russ o! the ajes/! Mrs. Hilda Denwrest. of Colonia Cinmunity Sunday School, Wi5tato. iffll«trt r«l««m*-t^ to the Boand of Education.-ail-'Bishop (iardntn- at -ht. *au!s drsed the Club. The dark horsrthtrn*» lultway. was won by, Mre. Martha' Mi>. Adolph i»«k«r and sum priie Feugn«r The next regular meet-,htnry.of Columbia Avtnue, wire ng will be held on March at the. ^Ms»i Mrs. Jae Ker'i mother, home of Mis. Howard with Mrs. I Mr*. Theudun- AppenYi-lIer of Irv- Charles Scott. Mrs. Janif* Staun- ), lftnii Jlniiilay. y ton and Mrs. James Steel ns hostesses. p Sfii-kh- of Kim Stici-t ha- ntiimh'il fri'iti a trip'to ttu?- Mr. and Mrs, Riehurd l.u«le«; Ulll of Pan-view Avemi* at\ family dinner party in honm of Mi- Stanley Smith ami <lul- Sunday of Mr. anil Mr?. Harry Ellis of Fairview Awnw. Mrs. Albert RehberK of Rutgers Avenue has been confined to her home with illness the past two weeks. Mrs. Edward Schubert of Highfitld Road hus been confined to her home due to illness. Robert Knauer of Fairview Avenue has returned to his studies fyuti ail mas ijleaky ROOFS DIAMOND PuOFlNC IMETALWK5 from Jersey city u, ( Mr. and Mn i Sunday. - > -4Ir. aad blood of arhr the tuaita of thtn hi«family in K IMYRADS REPAIRED U7I PARTS ir i CAS N 'eir SHER RADIO P. A. Joseph Andrascik 562 ST. GEORGE AVE. WOODBRfl FREE DELIVERY PHONl FRESH SPECIAL FRIDA>-vid SATURDAY ONI > BUTTER ju 3c KILLED GENUINE CAPONS lb. BLADE CUT PRIME RIB ROAST Genuine Spring 97c LEGS LAMB u ' lb. FRESH KILLED MARYUND TURKEYS 38 PRIME "BEEF BOMIISS CHUCK KOAST JERSEY FRESH PORK tib END FRESH BILLED Fricttiec CHICKENS JERSEY FRESH HAMS lb. 23 WOODBRIDGE LIQUOR STORE 584 ST. GEORGE AVE. Nut Door to A.,dm HIGH GRADE WINES, LIQUORS, BEERS At Reaiona.hU Prices Open Every Night 'Till P. M. Free Delivery from 7 a. m. to 6 p. aa. -S«lurd»yi 9 p,» :>'M &«,..,.The standard of service set telephone men,nd women hy^odore N. Vail in 879 h.» 3 Wridn. B basis toda y * «^as then." -jthe tfny creation. 7S bec me e ; V IELL TILErillE sot;:" force of three hundred thousand «kle* *oaers, usii«mike tdephoning in E range of your speech to the ljmta of the t of ' you'^ish... quickly, dearly, chwi