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1 One body of transformation embracing all people through Christ s love Parish Life July 2014 Volume 12, Issue 7 Sunday Services 8:30 & 10:30 am Nursery Offered from 9:30 am on Sundays Upcoming Events: Independence Day July 4 th Ecuador Mission July st Buchanans Return August 17 th Parish Renewal Weekend October th St. Peter s Episcopal 910 Hudson Road P. O. Box Greenville, SC Tel: 864/ Fax: Website: Newsletter Editor: Ron Shabel Grace and peace to you, my friends! It has been a remarkable journey that has guided me to join the St. Peter s family! Ordination is in one respect a culmination of a journey filled with graces and challenges, valleys and mountaintops. It is a moment that affirms and proclaims God s call in my life, while also holding me accountable for how God is forming me. In another respect, and maybe more so, the ordination is not so much about me, but it is about my life being a witness to the movement of God in Christ through all the people who have touched my life. And I give God thanks for the people and communities who have shaped and formed me into the person I am today and the person I am becoming. The path towards ordination is a remarkable journey. It involves committees that lovingly challenge one to reflect and pray about what it is to be called into ordained ministry. Then seminary is a time of intense formation involving strenuous academics balanced with community life and worship. Virginia Seminary is a quasi-monastic community with a rhythm of class, chapel, and lunch. The thought being that when we gather around tables together (to learn, worship, and break bread together), we experience community and communion in extraordinary ways that are uniquely transformative. And I would love to share more with you about those experiences, so please do ask! Ordination, however, is truly not an ending. It is also a transformative beginning into a new life with God and in community. Receiving and answering this call to serve with St. Peter s is a continuance of grace from God, an affirmation towards who God is calling and forming me to become. And the welcome I have received from St. Peter s has been moving and heart-warming. It was particularly powerful to see so many from St. Peter s attend my ordination! I cannot give thanks enough for your presence at my ordination. And so this is a time in which my spirit and heart have been renewed with a new fire! I am truly excited to begin exploring life in the way of Jesus together. I have been inspired and comforted by the grace you have shown while I learn the ropes and culture of St. Peter s. And so let s continue to learn one another s story together. Stop by the office for a chat. Let s grab a cup of coffee together or sit down for lunch one day. I look forward to growing in Christ with you. Blessings, Dorian 1

2 Our Finances as of JUNE 30 th Numbers in thousands New Faces Pledges Made Pledges Received NEW FACES AT ST. PETERS Dex, Laura, June and Dexter (Dex) Goodwin 304 Longstreet Drive Greer, SC Dexter (Dex) has lived in Greenville all his life and was a member of St. Peters during high school. Laura was raised as a Presbyterian in Baltimore, but has lived in Greenville since Laura works at the March of Dimes as the Senior Community Director, where she raises money and coordinates events. Dex is the National Sales Manager for Robo Innovations, a new start-up company. They manufacture robotic training devices to improve the golf swing. These machines are sold to golf academies and clubs. They currently have a unit at Green Valley and soon will have an additional device at Eagle Zone. It works on the principal of muscle memory and swings the golf club for you. How cool is that? June (age 4) and Dex (age 1) go to school at Sunshine House Early Learning Academy. Both children love Sunday School at St. Peters. Dex and Laura chose St. Peters because it was a great place for the children to grow up, and they love the size of the church and friendliness of the members. Laura looks back fondly on the youth group and trips they took with the church and wants this for her children. When the family has spare time, they love to travel. They visit friends in Charleston, go to the family cabin in the mountains, and visit Laura s family in Baltimore. The whole family enjoys biking, but the expert in the family is Dex, who rides many miles on his road bike with friends. Both Dex and Laura are warm and friendly with personalities that match their wonderful smiles. I know you will welcome the Goodwins into our church. They attend Sunday school and the 10:30 a.m. service. Vestry Highlights June 9, 2014 Discussed The Vestry had an open discussion with Rev. Dorian Del Priore that included introductions, questions and answers. The Vestry discussed Rev. Dorian Del Priore s moving expenses and financial considerations. The Vestry discussed approval of a payment in the amount of $1, for Homeworks. The Vestry discussed evaluating and / or changing church voic prompts, including the emergency prompt to make sure all calls are being answered or addressed. Decisions Approved payment of moving expenses for Rev. Dorian Del Priore up to a maximum of $2, Approved payment of $1, for Homeworks. Treasurer s Report For the month of May 2014, the revenue was $32, versus a budget of $35, Pledge payments for the month were $3, less than budget. Non-pledge payments for the month were $ more than budget. Year-to-date pledges are about $6, more than budget and about $30, more than last year. Expenses for the month were $31, compared to a budget of $37,

3 July Birthdays 01 Samantha Hansen James Hoskinson 03 Berta Farr Harold Hunt Eric Johnson 04 Allison Garrett Amy Greenwood Lisa Russell 06 Bailey Herman William Lee 07 Christie Kline 08 Alexis Garrett David Lace David Murray Joe West 09 Jacob Greenwood Jan Rhodes 10 Burns Davison 13 Frank Boineau Jessi Davison Connor Garrett 14 Betsy Cummings Young Daniel 15 Brooks Carter Nancy Jones 16 Cameron Beach 17 Jason Cheek Delmar Pagel 18 Lori Berry Ginnie Durst 19 Alice Paige Gilstrap 20 Austin Berry Keys Lewis Jasmine Prince 21 Kevin Lawton Ben Sullivan 22 Austin Ryan 24 John Ice 25 Rachel Morse Larry Tate 26 Randall Fowler 27 Patricia Hitner 28 Heather Jenkins Wes Smith 29 Rick Kettler Joseph Kloss 30 Furman Buchanan Kim Kauffman Ross Ovington July Anniversaries 03 Nancy & Bill Henderson 04 Pat & Ron Adams 12 Ginnie & Thomas Durst 13 Christie & Bobby Kline Martha & Ed Venters 14 Jody & Wayne Fails 15 Cathy & Scott Kemp 22 Dotti & Tom Priddy 23 Erin & Pete Ryan 26 Susie & John Ingles 27 Kim & Anthony Cato 28 Kim & Furman Buchanan 31 Kara & Tony Scalzitti EFM- Education for Ministries EFM is a designed to address our call at baptism and confirmation to become ministers. God calls all of us to become ministers for the church. The EFM program is designed to help Christian lay people prepare for this ministry. As opposed to an ordained ministry, EFM does not teach the skills of ordained ministry. The program helps lay people develop an understanding of their faith thru the study of the Bible, church history, and theology through seminar group study. There are 6-12 participants in an EFM group. The program runs on an academic year of 36 sessions. Typical study preparation time is 4-6 hours prior to the seminar. The seminars meet once a week for approximately 3 hours. There are a total of four years in the program but each participant commits to each year separately. The seminars furnish the participants an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the written materials. They will also develop skills of theological reflection. It is thru theological reflection that participants can learn to examine their own beliefs and relationship to our culture and the tradition of our Christian faith. The EFM program is administered by The University of the South (Sewanee). Study programs are supplied by Sewanee. The cost for registration and materials is $ Pull Tabs For Ronald McDonald House Little things can make a big difference! You can help support the Ronald McDonald House by collecting the little tabs you pull to open soda, soup or other aluminum cans. The funds generated from recycling these aluminum gems help offset the house's expenses for families of hospitalized children during medical treatment. Collecting tabs can be an easy and fun project. A collection container is located on the shelf near Stockstill hall for your convenience. 3

4 Worship Participant s Schedule July 6 June 13 June 20 June 27 Ushers 8:30 Greeters 8:30 Greeters 10:30 Ushers 10:30 Terry Dailey Jinny Jervey The Speeds Deidre McDowell Lynn Aneskievich John Wagoner Frank Walker Matt Carter Phil Johnson Eric Johnson Ken Shabel Shirley & Don Kline Loretta & Bill Hartzell Bobby & Rich Nichole The Hemans Karen & Bud Lawton Meta Armstrong Hugh Yochum Gale Roush Chris Dewey Jack Mitchell Marion Sprague Joan Steigerwald Lane Abrams Nancy Roush Betty Walker Dave Strickland Pat Ovington Jason Cheek Al Adams Al Mina Joseph Lawton Andy Morse Fay Miller John Ice Suzann Adams Martha Venters Tony Scalzitti Larry Neal David Leaphart Sandy Wells Gary Taylor Nursery 9:30 Brittany Carr Laura Goodwin Kristen Kauffman Berta Farr Patty Tate Melinda Long Prayers of the People 8:30 Prayers of the People 10:30 Altar Guild Bob James Val Pierce JoAnna Renkowski Bill Hawkins Paige Griffin Sue Bunnell Kirsten Hansen Eric Johnson Kathy Lundy Judy Wells Nancy Wedlake Diane Moore Berta Farr Kathy Siegel Victoria Siegel Delores Smith Nancy Roush Margaret Boineau Beck Sullivan Shannon Lawton Jinny Jervey Jennifer Cheek Martha Venters Pat Hitner Marilyn Richardson JoAnna Renkowski Bobbie Nichols Opener Jim Bauer Ron Plemmons Bill Hartzell Bill Hawkins Closer Phil Johnson George Paszkiewicz Thom Long Gary Taylor Lector 8:30 1 Wes Smith 2 Kathleen Brady 1 Bill Burtless 2 Burns Davison 1 Bill Hartzell 2 Malissa Hawkins 1 Bob James 2 Kathy Laurens Lector 10:30 1 Carolyn Yochum 2 Lynn Woodman 1 Judy Taylor 2 Robert Baker 1 Robyn Zimmerman 2 Meta Armstrong 1 Ron Adams 2 Betsy Cummings Server Joseph Lawton Caroline Yochum Carissa Rhodes Jamie Adams Crucifer Max Adams Owen Cheek Matthew Rhodes Noah Klimkowski Torch Bearers Chalice Bearers 8:30 Chalice Bearers 10:30 James Kluttz Emily Dewey Burns Davison George Garrett Jr. Kirsten Hansen Keys Lewis Jasmine Prince Jackson Gore Kathleen Brady Wes Smith Joseph Lawton Marilyn Richardson Caroline Griffin Owen Cheek Bob James David Leaphart Sandy Wells Robert Baker Jackson Gore James Kluttz Frank Boineau Margaret Boineau Carolyn Yochum Jason Cheek 4

5 Facilities Committee Update We are continuing to work on projects to repair and maintain our facilities. If you see an area that needs attention or a project that you would like considered please let us know. In the past 3 months we have taken action on a number of items: --Repairs were made to the cracked curbing in the parking lots. --Completed lighting and plaques on the Needlepoint display. --Organized and installed the kitchen cabinets/shelving. --Replenished the First Aid kits (after the Girl Scouts audited the building for safety). --Replaced church windows where the seals had failed. We can now see the beautiful garden when coming out of the church! --Installed additional lighting in the Parlor. --Added storage shelving and carts for the Backpack program. We continue to work on areas that need repair or improvements. If you have a suggestion please contact Tom Hemans ) or Wade Smith ). Thanks Decisions! Decisions! There are two ways to make legacy gifts (in a will, trust, or other instrument) to St. Peter s. They are a gift to the St. Peter s Family Endowment or to St. Peter s Episcopal. Which one you choose depends on how you want your gift to be used. A gift to the Family Endowment is placed in a perpetual trust fund. The principal of the fund cannot be spent. The earnings from the investment of the principal can be used only for expanding the ministries of the church, the religious education of parishioners, or capital needs and these funds continue to be available every year into the future. The earnings may not be used for the day-to-day operation of the church. In contrast, a gift to the can be used for any purpose decided by the Vestry including day-to-day operations. It is expected that these funds will be spent within a year from the date the gift is received. If any of the funds are unspent at the end of a year, the remainder will be transferred to the Family Endowment but will be available to be spent if the church is in dire straits. The decision is yours how do you want your gift to be used? If you have questions or need additional information contact one of the Endowment trustees. Dorian s Ordination 5

6 July Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 29 8:30 AM Rite I 9:30 AM Adult Sunday School 10:30 AM Rite II 6 8:30 AM Eucharist Rite I 9:30 AM Adult Sunday School 10:30 AM Eucharist Rite II 4:00 PM Labyrinth Walk 13 8:30 AM Rite I 9:30 AM Adult Sunday School 10:30 AM Rite II 5:30 PM Summer Family Fellowship 20 8:30 AM Rite I 9:30 AM Adult Sunday School 10:30 AM 2:00 PM Convocatio nal Meeting 27 8:30 AM 9:30 AM Sunday School 10:30 AM Rite II :30 PM Bible Study 14 6:00 PM Vestry Meeting 21 6:00 PM Daughter s of the King (PAR) 7:00 PM Service Committee (Rolling Green) 15 6:00 PM Endowme nt Committee (SH) :30 PM Bible Study 4:30 PM Mem orials Meeting (Parlor) 6:30 PM WRG (SH) :30 PM Bible Study :30 PM Bible Study OFFICE CLOSED :00 AM Men's Fellowship Breakfast 2:00 PM Vonder Haar (Pavilion) 6:30 AM Feed Thy Neighbor 6

7 June Summer Family Fellowship a Big Success On June 15, 45 members of St. Peter s family gathered for songs, drama, tie-dye, snacks, and fellowship at the Pavilion behind the church. Yes, we sweated a little, and some of us went home with dye on our fingers, but we had a wonderful time! Join us on July 13 th at 5:30, when we will repeat the fellowship inside with a movie and popcorn in Stockstill Hall. On August 17 th, we ll wrap up the Summer Family Fellowship season with a potluck. We still have t-shirts that we ll tie dye in August, so if your family hasn t signed up yet, with date, family names, and t-shirt sizes. Special thanks to the Klimkowskis, the Morses, the Rhodes, Annie & Phil Johnson, and Caroline Griffin. And of course to Dorian for pulling out his guitar. Still Need Volunteers for Children s It s only one Sunday during the summer, for half the 10:30 service. Can you give this much time to read a story and color with the little children so the service is not quite so long? The Summer Children s sign-up still has some empty slots. It s in the lower Narthex on the big bulletin board across from the office. Check out the dates we need you, and take a set of instructions that are hanging next to it. It s an easy way to serve! The 13'" Annual Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Book Sale on August 16 th Preparations for the annual book sale are underway at McAlister square In Greenville. It s a massive used book sale to help raise money for the Greenville Literacy Association's drive to improve adult literacy levels In Greenville County. There are tons of books at the sale - fiction & non-fiction, classic & modem, hardbound & soft cover - all at ridiculously low prices. You can bring your donated books to church and leave them in our donation area near the church office. Don't forget to mark your calendar for August 16 sale from 8:30am-4:00pm. Also, early birds can pay $10 and shop at 7:30am. 7

8 ST. PETER S EPISCOPAL CHURCH NON-Profit Organization P.O. BOX US Postage Paid GREENVILLE, SC ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED Greenville, SC PERMIT #46 Adult Christian Formation - Sundays 9:30-10:15 am, in Stockstill Hall Our mission is guided by St. Peter s Core Value of "Christian Formation: Fostering growth in spirit, mind and body through tradition, scripture and reason. Cultivating a safe environment to challenge and grow in the faith. Knowing that worship, education and ministry are rooted in discovery. Encouraging all to discover their personal talents and ministry. Please join us, as James Hoskinson helps us delve into the Sunday Gospel readings, with historical references and the original Greek! July 6 Matthew 11:16-19, "Come unto me, all ye who are weary " 13 Matthew 13:1-9, Parable of the sower 20 Matthew 13:24-30, Parable of the weeds 27 Matthew 13:31-33, Kingdom parables 8