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1 MEETING OF THE BOARD OF IEDICAL ~I'III', ERS OF NORTH CAROLINA Sir Vhlter Hotel, Paleigh, NORTH CAROLINA June 22-26, 1947 The Board of Medical Examiners of the State of North Carolina convened in the Elizabeth Room of the Sir Kelter Hotel, Sunday~ June 22nd, 1947, at 7 P, IE» for a dinner meeting» The meeting was called to order by Dr» Paul G» Parker~ President. Dry» ghaqpg. )~CArmstrong~ 1'1 ~ D. Bonner, Thongs Lealie Lee, Paul G Parker, /J~~1ory 'A ~ T'zttman, and I-."rs ~ Louise J. ISoNeill, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer~ were present. Dr» Ivan Procter, Secretary-Treasurer, was absent due to his physician'a orders ~ The agenda for the meeting was discussed and members of tho board studied credentials of applicants for licensure by comity. At tho request of Dr» W R» Berryhill, Dr» Rosalind V» Ferguson of Chapel Hill, N. C, graduate of Oxford University, England, appeared before tho Board of IIodical Examiners Co aak permission to take the written exar. ination given by the board. Dr. I'I ~ D» Bonner moved that Dr» Ferguson 'be allovred to take tho written examination and that ahe be allovred to have a limited license to practice in Orange and Durham Countiea for a period of one year, this privilege being granted contingent upon investigation through the American Idedica3. Association to determine tho standardization of foreign nadical aohoola and if. bolovr the standard of American classification of grade A, license be autamatioally revoked, This motion wa" duly seconded and passed by a vote of five to one. Due to the proximity of the examination, Dr» Ferguson eleoted to vrait until the 1948 examination. Dr» Thomas Lealie Lee movod that the secretary follow up 3.etter of May 19th, 1947, to Dr»' "ictor Johnson, Secretary of the Council on 1&dical Education, American I'Iedical Association, in regard ~o claasification of foreign medical schools~ and ask that he repl&~ to the same, This motion was duly seconded and unanimously passed. The minutes of the secretary for Che April 30-18ay 1st, 1947, meeting of the Board of I'Iedica3. Examiners were approved aa readi The members of the board signed their names to the certificates ~ The meeting was adjourned» Registration of all applicants for examira Cion was completed Sixty-eight registered, for Part I of the examination, eightynire for Part II, and twenty-three for Parts I and II, making a total of 180. Sohedule for examinations ~md aa follows:


3 IIIonday, June 23rd 10 A ~ I~S» 2 P» IIA» Tuesday, June 24th 10 A ~ I, & ~ 2 Pe I, ~ "A wednesday, June 25th 10 A ~ II~ 2 Pe Irr ~ Anatomy, Embryology, Histology Physiology and Chemiatry Pathology and Bacteriology' Obstetrics and Gynecology' Pharmacology, Pediatrioa, Hygiene I!Iedicine and Therapeut;ics Thursday, June 26th 9 A ~ lr» Surge ry Tuesday, Juno 24th~ candi. dates for licensure by oomity were interyievred and the following physicians vrore granted 3.icense~ a total of thirty-twc ITAIJIE ~ Anohell, I! Bailey~ Joseph Peden Beaumont, Godfrey Luke Herry~ Reginald Vincent Brook~ Vary Hazel ~ Burdette, Fred IIOPhera on, Jr, Cross, Almon Rufua. Edge, Herbert IZonroe Engel, Prank Libman.. Feuer, Abe Lavrrenoe Gasclue, I!Iac Roy. Ha~nnan~ Louis Delfaro~ Jr. Hicks, Thomas Jugarthy Hughes, Samuel Edvrin~ Jr. - Holt, ISargaret Nelson Jaclcson, Benmrd Richard. Johns on~ Hebe r 'Ye 11ingt on Joslyn, Howard Pratt ~ Lynch, Kenneth IIerrill, Jr. 1.1iller, Honry ' Rankin I'Iurray, E Cotter - EtcCottry~ Catherine I'IOKee. Peck, H:, roid Artemua - Printz~ Donald Rat ph - Sch~veizer, Donald Conrad Shepard, Joseph Lawrence Stenhouae, Gordon C. - Verner, Hugh David Vlilliams, Eleanor lscoy ~ Wilson~ Leater Arnauld, Jr. - Winton, Milliam Corne3. iua ~ Vkotchko, John The meeting waa adjournede I.EDICAL SCHOOL Univ» 18aryland lied» Col3. ~ ST Ce Univ. Penn Yale University Univ» Penn Ried» Coll. ST CD Duke University Emory Univers ity Johns Hoplcins Univ. Hahnemann Isled, Coils Universe ty Virginia IIOGill Univera ity Dmory University Mecl ~ Coll. Virginia University Kansas Temp38 University Harvard University VEashingt on Univera ity Johns Hopkins Univers ity Vi rginia Univ» Oklahoma Hovrard University Albany 1!hd. Coll. Ohio St;ate Univ» 1Ied. Coll' Emory University Duke University Johns Hopkir s Virginia University Virginia 1'!led. Col3. ~ ST CD Vm derbilt University Ieffera on Med Coll, ADDSSSS Ba3.timore~ Md Henderaonville~ IT. C ~ I~Tevr Cumborland, V~'. Va. Durham, N. C. Vtilmington, N. C ~ S out;hport, N. C. High Point, N. Ce Blairsville, Ga. Durham, N. C ~ I'&evr York~ Ife Ye Fontana Dam, IT. C. Troy N ~ C ~ Copperhill, Tenn. Oteen, IT. C. Riohmond, Va. Cleveland, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Oak Park~ Ill ~ Charlotte' Ne C ~ Svvananoa, N. C ~ Topeka~ Kans. Charlotte, N ~ CD Lumberton~ N. CD Asheville, IT ~ Ft ~ Helvoirs Va. Newton Grovel' N. CD Durham, N. CD Forest City~ IT ~ CD Jacksonville, N. CD Durham, N ~ C ~ Lansing, llich. Clymer~ Pa ~ 3N RE ' DR THEODORE ANTOITAKES & Gl eenab crop N Ce NARCOTIC VIOLATI ON On January 27th, 1947, Dre Theodore Antonakea applied for re+registration under the Harrison Narcotic Act, at avhich time the Narcotic Bureau asked the approval of the Board of I'Ieclical Rcaminera before reinstatement ~ Upon investigation through the GuRlford County I'Iedical Society and the Councilor of the Eighth Dist;rict, it was ascertained that it vras the concensus of opinion that due to the fact that Dr» Antonakea vras afflicted with rather severe asthma, the temptation eo uae narcotics would be strong, and that he be denied narcotio license until it vras certain th..t he vras cured of his adcliction. Dr» Vkayne J. Benton~ Secretary of the Guilford County lledical Society, in a 3etter of February, 1947, stated that he had been advised by famil«physicians tlat Dr. Antonakes had been under


5 the influence of nercoiios aa recently as three vreeks prior to that 'i ime ~ Dr» Theodore Anionakea was aummonaed io appear before ihe Hoard af Medical Examiners on wednesday, June 25th, 1947, ai 10 A ~ M ~ Dra. Joseph B~ Stevens and Arthur Freedman, family physioiana, and '. Vayne J ~ Benton, all of Greensboro, vrere asked to appear at ihe hearing in regard io Dr» Antonakea ~ Dra ~ Freedrmn and Benton appeared~ but Dr. SCevena waa unable to appear on. aooount of illness ~ John H» Anderson' Atto&19y of the litw firm of Smith, Leach, and Anderson, at torneys for ihe North Carolina State Sooiety and the North Carolina Board of Medioal Examiners, was presents The following oharges, which had been forvrarded by registered mail to Dr. Anionakes, were read by the president: "l. That you have again beoome addicted io ihe use of narootic drugs. "2 ~ That you are habitually addicted to the uae of narcotic drugs' "You are advised, that at the above time and place you will be given an opportunity to personally ansvrer ihe above allegations and charges and to present evidence and vrianesaes by counsel, if you ao desire» "You are further advised thai after hearing Upon ihe above allegations and charges the Board of Medical Rcaminers of ihe State of North Carolina vrill take such aotion vrith respect io the revocation or suspension of your license to practice medicine as may be justified. " Dr» Arthur Freedman and Dr. Yfa&me J ~ Benton vrere duly svrorn as vritnesaes by ihe president. Dr» Freedman stated that he beg g acquainted vrith Dr» Rntonal-es before the first of ihe y--ar~ ai vrhich e vras treating Dr» Antonakes' mother-in-jaw» Shortly thereafter~.e ruary 21st, 1947, he vms called to see Dr. Anionakea, who had fallen in his homo, and according to the advise of Dr» Antonals a' vrife, he had been taking barbiturates ~ Dr. Freedman stated that from Dr Antonakes' advice he had a cholecyatectomy, followed by a difficult post-operative course, and since that time had suffered vriih frequent abdominal pain and asthma He also said that Dr. Ant onakes has persistent depression. Since Dr Anionakea vraa created following hia fall he haa appeared mentally clear and alert. Dr. Freednan has attempted io assist him in rehabilitation and has advised that he endeavor to prooure a salaried position~ vrhich Dr Antonakea ia attempting. Dr» Freednmn advised he had no information that Dr. Antonakea has taken any opium derivatives other than by reputation and that he h..s no personal experienoe; thai, he did not believe he vras using narcotics. Dr ' reedman advised ihe board thai ne thought if there was good evidence that Dr Antonakes had been using narcotioa shortly before having been treated by him~ that he wait a year from thai date to apply for narcotic license io make certain thai if his physical condition was ihe basis for his need thai the temptaiion not occur» Dr» Ant onakea stated that he vras not using narooiios; that he felt he could trust himself with narcotics ~ Dr» Vfayne J Benton stated 0hat he had no infornmtion Dr Antonakes' concerning use of narcotioa other Clan heoraay; that he onlv savr at medical him meetings. VEHHICT: Dr» B. BE McKnight moved that the Board of Medical Exam'nera does not recomrand re-issuanoe of narcotic license to Dr. Theodore Antonakea until such l. ime as the board is assured thai hia condition ia satisfactory for ihe proper handling and administration of narcotics ~ This motion waa duly aeoonded and unanimously passed.


7 Dr, Antonakes was advised by the board that it would not approve the issuing of n"rcotic license» tary» The detailed testimony in this hearing is in the file of thc secre- IN RE: DR. GASTON B. JUSTICE, Marion~ N» C ~, VIOLATION BOARD'S ORDER. On August 21st, 1946~ the Board of IiIedical Examiners was advised that Dr» Gaston B» Justice had applied for re-registration under the Harrison Narcotic Law» Dr, Justice was directed by the board at its June, 1945 meeting not to apply for narcotic license ~ 1ollowing notification by the I'Jarcotic Bureau a 3atter was written to Dr Justioe by the president of the board in regard to his application, to vrhich there was no reply» The./ollowing is a litter under date of January 4th, 1947, from Councilor D M. McIntosh of the Tenth Dist rich: "I received a copr of your letter of January 2nd, 1947, to Mr, B~ M» Martin of the Bureau of Narcotics, Baltimore 2, 1'Id. in regard ho Dr» Gaston BE Justice» "I have been informed by a nun6er of people that he does use narcotics, also the barbiturates and occasionally alcoholics to excess' "I have been unacle to find any evidence that he dispenses any na rcotics to his patients or others' I did find that he did write prescriptions sometime ago and tried to get them filled at a drugstore in this county, and that he informed the druggist that he would take ~he morphine anc, deliver it to his patient ~ The druggist refused to fill the -prescription on the pretense that he was out of morphine. " Dr» Justice was then suzmonsed to appear before the Board of Medical Examiners on,'vednesday~ June 25th, 1947~ at 11 AD MD Councilor Mclntosh app ared and it was his recommendation that Dr» Justice not be given a narcotic license~ but that he be allowed to practice; that Dr Justice ha" a strong follovring, relatives and friends; that he did not knov that Dr» Justice does any harm; that he has been practicing in I~Iarion forty years ~ On June 6th~ 1947~ the Bureau of Narcotics~ Baltimore~ IId ~ forwarded a llutter from the Bureau of Narcotics, Asheville, N. C., under date of March 28th, This letter stated that Dr» Justice had 26 admissions to Appalachian Yell, Asheville, N. C., from IEarch, 1944 to hiarch, 1947~ The first admissj. 5n, in I'larch, 1944, was for treatment of drug addiction ard all other admissions were for treatment of alcoholism» Dr. Justice appeared with his counsel~ Attorney R. '~V» Proctor, and the following charges, vhich had been served, on Dr Justice, vrere read by the president of the board: "1 ~ That you were called before the Board of EIedical Examiners at its meeting on or about June 19th, 1945, at which time you were directed not to apply for reregistration under the Harrison Narcotic Act "2. That, upon information and belief, you have applied to the Treasury Department, Bureau o Narcotics, for reregistration under the Harrison Na rc ot ic Law» "5 ~ That, upon information~ you have again become addicted to the use of narcotic drugs, and that you are habitually addicted to the use of narcotic drugs'

8 BQ

9 "You are advised that the Board of hledical Raeiiners vrill be g3ad to receive from you written answers to the above allegations and charges if you desire to file tho same before or at the hearing before the board, ard at t'he above time and place you vrill be given an opportuni y to personal3. y snsvrer the above allegationr and charges and to present evidence and witn esses in your behalf vrith reference thereto~ and to be represented by counsel if you so desire. "You are further advised that after hearing upon tho aoove allegations and charged tho Hoard of i4dical Examiners of the State of North Carolina will talce such action vrith respect to the revocation or suspension of your license t;o practice medicine as may bo justified " The follovring answer by counsel for Dr Justice was presented and accepted by the president of the board: "The respondent, Gaston B~ Justice, vrithout vraiving his right to object to tne jurisdict ion of this board to conduct this proceeding and to deal with ho matters and things set forth in said notice, but specifically asserting and relying upon said rights, ans. vering Che summons and no ice of ace us a"i on s aga ins t him, says: "1 ~ That as to the allegations contained in paragraph 1 of said notice, the respondent admits that he was aslssd to appear before the Board of IIedical Examiners~ and did appear at a meeting of said board in the City of Raleigh on or abou~ the 19th day of June, 1945, and that at said time said board requested him not to malce application for a narcotic license for a period of tvro years, and nat he did agree not to make such application for a period of tvro years, it being his understanding at the time that the pro year period commenced from the date that he had previously surrendered his narcotic licensee "2 ~ That as to the allegations contained in paragraph 2 of said notice~ it is admitted that the respondent made application for a narcotic lioense on or about July, 1946~ vrhich date divas, in fact~ more than two years aft'or the date ho had surrendered his narcotic license; Chat in malcing such application he acted in good faith and in the belief that he had complied vrith his agreement vrith said boardi "3 ~ Tha-' Che a13egations contained in paragraph 8 of said notice are deniedi "AND BY VDP~ OF FURT~~ AIISVZR AND DEFENSE~ THE RESPOIiTDLL'Pi AV; RS Ale SAYS: "1 ~ That he is ad~ised, informed and believes, and, upon such information and belief~ alleges that tho Act of the General Assembly of Nort'h Carolina under which this prooeeding is conducted, and the several amendments thereto, violates the respondents rights as a citizen of the State of NcL-th Carolina and of the United States of America in tlmt said Act; d, oes not provide for an appeal rom any action of this board to t;he courts of t' he State of North Carolina and for a trial by jury in accordance vrith Che lavr of tho land. "2. That he is informed and believes that Che failure of said Act t;o guarantee to him the right of trial by jury is a vio3ation of the right.-s guaranteed 'so him under tho Constitution of the State of North Caroling and Che Constitut'ion of the United States of America, ~ "3 ~ That as the respondent is informed and believes, his rignt to practice medicine, which constitutes his sole means of earning a livelihood for himself and his family~ is a definite property right xvhich can not be ta'en from him except by due process of lavr, and he rocluosts and insists that- this entire proceeding be reported and transcribed, and particularly that tho rules of. ' lavr vrith rogard Co hearsay evidence be observed; and that in the event of any adverse ruling by this board, that


11 a record of the exul ire proceeding be made available to respondent in order that the courts, which alone oan take from a citizen his property and rights, may revie;r the action of. this board. " Dr+ Justioe s"-ated Chat he real'zed he should have asked the board before applying for narcotic licensees that he does not l~ve an application pending for narcotic license at the present time~ and Chat ";m;vill take the board's advicoo VERDICT: After consideration of evidence, Dre I'I ~ D Bonner moved that the Hoard of Xledieal Examiners instruct Dro Justice not to apply for narcotic 1"cense; hat count, $5 in Che charges preferred against Dr ~ Justice, "That, upon information, you lm-.m again become addicted to the use of narcotic drugs, and Chat you are habitually addicted l-. o the use of narcotic drugs", be continued; that Dr, Justice be notified by registered mail of the action of the board. This motion vras duly seconded and unanimously passed ~ The detailed testimony in this hearing is in Che f'ile of t.he secretary+ IN 1L: DH. 'i7. R. YOUNG, Angier, N. C ~, NARCOTIC VIOLATION On February 14th, 1947; the Bureau of Narcotics advised the Board of 1'medical Examiners tham Dr ~ 7? Ro Young en ere&1 the Pinecres+ Sanitarium~ Southern Pines, II~ C, on January 30th, 1947 ~ The follovring ia letter under date of I'Iaroh 25th, 1947, from Dr T ~ Gi Peacock, IIedical Director~ Pineorest Sanitarium, to the Secretary of the Board of Medical Examiners: "Replying to your 3etter of February 17th 7riah to advise that Dr. W, R+ Ycung of Angier, N. C, vraa admitted Co Pinecrest Sanitarium January 50th, 1947~ requiring a atahi3. izing dose of morphine sulphate Gr, ~ every four hours' He vras discharged against advice on February 15th, 1947, and at that time vr s receiving morphine sulphate Gr. 1/8 every four hours. Dr. Young appeared before the Board of lfe.':ical E-.wminera on January 16th, 1947, and emphatically denied tlat he vms using or had used for several years any narcotic drugs+ Dro Young divas summonaed to appear before the Board of IIedical Examiners on,'?ednesday, June 24th, 1947, as 2 Po.':I ~ It Tea requested Chat Councilor John N ~ Roberbaon, Dr. T, G. Peacocky and Dro C ~ Ri Riner of Glenwood Park Sanitarium, Greensboro, appear. Dr. Riner appeared af'ter having been auzmonsed. Dr. Robertson and Dr Peacock did not appear. The fo13. orang charges~ vkich had 'ceen fonvorded by registered mail to Dr Young, vrere read by Che president: "li That you have again become addicted to the uae of narcotic drugs. "2 ~ That you are habi. ually addicted to tne uae of narcotic drugs ~,"You are advised that at the above time and plaoe you ~vill be given. an opportunity to personally answer the above alla gation. and charges and to present evidence and witnesses by counsel if you so desire ~ "You are further advised thae after hearing upon Che above allegations and charges the Board of IIedical Examiners of the State of North Carolina vii. ll take such action with respect to the revocation or suspension of' your license to practice medicire as may be juati ied. "


13 Dr» Young stated that he was noi addicted to any k:nd of drugs at the present' time, hovrever, that he had used drugs for a very short time since appearing before ihe board, at ihe last meeting. Dr. Young said that since leaving the hospital in Lexington, Ky., three years ago he has used drugs only a very litile; that he has tried io refrain~ but has not been completely sucoessful He was recently a patient at the United States Public Health Service Hospital, Lexington., Ky., for one month, having oeen discharged on June 4th, 1947~ and since thai time has been completely free o drugs ~ Upon questioning, he replied iha 0 he had been admitted to sanitariums 7 or 8 times; that he began using drugs in 1938 or 1939 follov~ing an automobile accident. He advised that he is practicing medicine in Angier, N ~ C ~ p at the present time» Dr C ~ R Riner, Director of the Glenwood Park Sanitarium, Greensboro, N. C ~, testified that Dr» Young was a patient at his institution t he first iime September 1lbh, 1945, at which time he was inking; approximately 5 grs ~ of morphine daily. He vms discharged October 11th, 1945, completely off» He was again admitted Novemoer 11th, 1946, at which time he was receiving morphine sulphate, and was discharged November 29th, 1946 ~ Dr» Riner camo to Glenvood Park Sanitarium in 1944 and has not consulted the records prior to that time. Dr» Riner's statement was, "No legitimate reason for patient taking morphine and no reason why he could noi be cure-i. " Dr» Young stated, "I have really been trying i o stay free of drugs and I have not succeeded ioo well and yei I have done quite a lot better than I have been doing. I am free of drugs, have no addiction, have a good practice and a good home and I hope you will see fit to let me practice ~ I vtant to stay free of drugs and I believe I can because that is what I honestly want ~ It depends entirely upon whether ~hey vent io stay off; that has been my observation and belief; that is my iniention never io use drugs Qgain ~ Dr. R. B~ moved hat Dr» )7» R» Young's license 'oe suspended until such time as ihe board reoeives official notification from i-he United States Puhlic Service Hospital in Lexington, Ky., that Dr Young is cured of his narcotic addiction~ and then his 3.icense will be restored to him; thai this revocaiion. noi be reported to the &merican Medical Association or any of the state boards ~ This action is taken in behalf of Dr. Young himself and in an effort on the part of the board to help him salvage his life» This motion vms duly sec onded, but defeated by a voce of 3to2 ~ VERDICT: Dr. M ~ A» Pittman moved that ihe license of Dr 74 R Young is hereby revoked because of his use of narcotic drugs~ bui the sentence is suspended and shall noi go into effect unless and until the board receives evidence thai Dr» Young has personally used narcotics~ hypnotics or any other habit forming drug, administered personally or oy someone else in any manner whatsoever or until Dr» Young violaies any narcotic act after the date of this order. Dr» Young is hereby ordered to report to Dr Paul G» Parker, President of tl~ North Carolina Board of Medical Examine rs~ every thirty days to show his compliance with this order» This motion was duly seconded and passe; by a vote of 4 to 1» Dr» Young vtas read ihe above motion and he stated that if he could not stay off drugs, he did noi expect anything else from the bra rd» retary The detailed testimony in this hearing is in the file of the sec-


15 HESOL~TEB 4haC She Sta~e Hoard o Lbdical Hxaminers, having corn»lehed one-half of its six year term, the secretary-'sreasurer is hereby directed Co pay all unpaid and past due compensation, salaries, and expenses which have accrued 4o bo0h officers and members o" +he board in their discharge of all duties peri;ainin g Co the regulation of '. he practice of medicine and surgery in NorI'h Carolina. The meeting &ms adjourned' SE



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19 POLICI! S AND H GULATIONS 01' TH HQAHD 0. I'IEDICAL EKAEIIN..HS OF TiL" STATE 01 NORTH CAHOLIIIA PARAGRAPH lo Licensure for i he practice of medicine in the State of North Carolina shall be issued by the I3oard of EIedical Hxa!miners of the State of North Carolina upon "~vritten examinatio. " ~ Lice! se may also be issued bv comit" (reciprocity) or to phy icians viho have been admitted to practioe in other Amorioan ata'-es as hereinafter provided ~ PAHAGHAPH 2 ~ License shall be issued upon tho sati" actory pasaa e of v!ritten examination by gradua:-ea of medica3. schools in tho United St '. es and Car "da reich have been approved by the American Liedical Aa o ocia Li ion~ such app3. ' cents r. :cating re qui rementa as prescribed by tne board and aa hereinaf er aet forth. PARAGRAPH S. Persons desi!ing to tai.e such vrritten examination shall file v~th the secretary of t' he 'ooard all required papers aa hereinafter set forth, not later than ten days prior to its next meeting: A t~rpevrr&tten request.'. or per!isaiol to ta13! the examir!atior. shall be sent by each ocplicont to the secretary con«taining the follo~ving data: A. B ~ C ~ Do Li ~ F App3. icarrb'a cor!piete name Permanent (hor!e address) - complete Date of birth School of gr., duation Date of graduation Ye ra of at endance (2) Letters of recommend;, tior - =""ach applicant must furnish three letters of recor!r. endai-, ion from citizens personally acquainted vvith him~ certifyir. g aa so his moral char ctere (3) ~ The applicant shall have the dean of hia medical school furnish the secretary satisfactory proof of hia medical edl!gati one PAHAGIAPH 4. Applicants for Part II shall ', e 21 years of agei PAHAGHAPH G. Applicants for license by vrritten examination ~vho are graduates of medical schools beyond the limits of the United States, va ich have not been exarch!inod and cia aified by the American IIedical Association may 'be,:.;iven individual consideration by the board+ PAHAGHAPH 6 ~ The vrritten examination ia divided into tiro parts aa f oil ovm: Part I of the vrritten examir~tion may be tal.en by an app3;icant completing the first hvo years of medicine at an approved medioal school ~ Persona desiring to tal:e such!rritten examinasior. shall file ivith the secretary of the board all required papers aa follows not later than ten d ya prior to the next meeting: (l). A typevvritten request for permission to tai:e the examination shall be sent by each app3:icant to the aeoretary containing the folio~zing data: A ~ B~ Ce De Applicant ' s c omplete nar. e Permanent (home) address - complete Date of biroh!medical School and years of attendance (2) ~ Letters of recorrmendation - ~ach applicant must furnish three letters of recon!!mndation from citizens personally accuainted vrith him, certifying as to hia good moral character&


21 (5) ~ The applicani, shall have the dean of his r1edical school furnish the secretary satisfactory proof of his medical educations The vrri~ten examination shall cover Che f ollovring subjects: Anatomy~ "mbryology~ H st Dlogy chemistiw, Phys iol ogy Bact eri ology, Pathology Part II of Che vrritten exar,".ination mav oe taken by applicants vtho have graduated from med'cal schoo3. s approved by!,he American ~wdical Association, said applicants having successfully completed Part I of the vrritten examination given blr ihis board or app3. icants v81o have sucdessfully cor1plesed examination upon the same subjects as prescribed for Part I 'by this st., ';o vrhen given by o"-her examining boards, vrj. th 1vhich ibis board has reciprocal relations. An application to take Paà II of Che 1vritten exar!ination shall be furnished by each applicanc giving i,he inforn!ation prescribed in Paragraph, "?. ",'hen candidates are tal: ing both Part I and Par~ 1I one application vill su ficee The vrritten examination on. Part 1I sha13. cover the follovrinp suogec'4s ' Pharamcology, Pediatrics, Hygiene I'-'!e d icine p The rap cut ics Surgery Qbs '-etrics, Gynecology PAHAGINPH 7. iees - The follovring fees shall 'oe paid by certified or cashier's oheck at ihe time of filing application: ExMilinati on Part 1 Examination Part II (vrlaen Part I has been 'iven by the JIorth Carolina Boa!d of I!edical Examiners) 7 ~ 50 Examination Part IT. if reciprociiy h s been granbed fol ParC Examination Part I and Parb II 15~00 Fee for license by reciprocity 50 F 00 If applicant for license by reciprocity fails Co appear or fails to meet the requirements», ''5 ~ 00 of his fee vtill be rota!ned, ihe balance to be refurded, If applicant for license 'by examination fails to appear or fails to pass the examinai ion,,'"2. 50 of his fee vill be retained~ ihe balance to be refunded~ Duplicate license fee Endorsement of licenoiate to another sta:;e "I5 ~00 lplo, 00 PARAGHAPH 8. To successfully pass '-he vrritten exar..inatior, the applinant is rea!aired Co attain an aver; ge of 75~+ on Part I and likevrise 75 ' on PartII. 1Ieither Part I nor Part II cnv be used. Co elevate Che grade on the otlr r part ~ Tl e fees set f orth in Paragraph 7 for the initial exar..inatior shall be required to be paid for a repe.,t examinat ior. v!hen repet iti on i s all ovled ~ PAHAGI?JPH 9. No written examinatior is allovred other than at a regular annual meeting of the board+ PAIV GRAPH 10. ISSUANCE 0F LICE!ISE HY 'HECIPH0CITY". License to practice medicine in North Carolina mav be issued by the 'Board of i~mdical Examiners as hereinafter set forth: (1)~ "'lhen the applicanss meets all Che requ? rements of Che board+ (2) ~ A. I~!kes application upon t he form prescribed, by the 'ooard properly signed and executed o 8 ~ Signed 'bv the dean of Che medical school from v!hich the applicant graduated.


23 C. Certified by the secre'sary of the sta-'-e examining board vrhich issued the applicant an original license to practice medicine after successfully passing a 7nitten examination. D Signed by an officer of the local county medical society+ (3)~ Rpplicant must be praduated from a medical school vhiich the American IEedical Association has classified as an "aoproved medical schools (4) ~ Rpplicant must oe licensed to practice medicine in a state after successfully passing that state bee rd's vrritten examination and vrhen that board maintains reciprocal relations ~vith the North Carolina State Board of I'Iedical Examiners ~ NOTE: Reciprocal relotions exist vrhen tvro states issue license to each others applicants upon satisfactory presentation of credentials including a license to practice medicine in the original state obtaim d by successful completion of a vrritten ex",mination,, iven by that state' s board of medical examiners. PAHAGI'&IVI- 11 Rpplica' ion for reciprocity license. (1)~ Properly completed application as prescribed by the board must be filed vrith the secretarv of the board ten days prior to its next meeting. (2) ~ Application must be accompanied by three 3stters of recossnendation from citizens persormljy acquainted ~6th the applicant certifying to his or her good moral character, (3). Each application must be accompanied by a certified or oashicr's cheel- for,',&50 ~ 00, PAHAGHAPH 12 ~ This bo"-rd -nill consider licensure oy reciprocity to physicians vrho meet all the requirements prescribed, such applicants having been lice sed through successful wri" ten examination by: (1)~ The National Board of IIedical Exam!ners and are nozv diplomates of that boards (2) ~ Sy all r»edical examining boards in the United States except the states of Fl orida Idaho Rhode Island PAHAGHAPH 13. The board has no reciprocal relations with bhe Gover'nment Services nor ~vith licensing medical boards outside of the United States ~ PARAGRAPH 14. Licensure by reciprocity is not granted vrere applicant has previously failed th! Vrritten examination given by the Board of ITedical Examiners of the State of N orth Carolina PARAGRAPH 15 ~ LII&ITED OH TEMPORARY LICENSE The board is empovvered to and may under cert'ain conditions grant a 1 icense to practice medicine in a prescribed territory or for a pre«scribed period of time. Hwvever~ in order to maintain a high standard of medical practice, it is the opinion of ihe board that such special licenses arc not in the best interest of the public. PARAGRAPH'I 16e PLBLICATI ON OF LICEI&!TIATES: Follavring each meeting of the board f or the purpose of licensure~ a list of licenti"tes is furnished the Rs" ociated Press for publication. PARAGRAPH 17. DUPLICATE LICETISE l'then license is lost or destroyed and proper - f. idavit accom;anies request for duplicate license~ the same may be issued marled "duplicate". The fee for this service is p5. 00~


25 PA RAGHAP H 18~ QUORUM Five members of the board constitutes a quorum. PARAGRAPH 19' Ki&JDOHSKEIQ OF LICENTTMTE TO ANOTK"H STATE Fee for this service is.',) PARAGHAPI» 20' RECORDS The follczving records of the Hoard of hiedical Examiners of the Sta~e of Ilorth Caroliru are kept in '-lm office of the secretary-treasurer: (1). IIinutes of each meeting (2) ~ Hook of Licensure of all physicians licensed in the State of North Carolina (5) ~ Complete file of al 1 bus ines s and correspondence (4) ~ Complet;e records of the treaaureri PARAGRAPH Rl. HOIID The i.-reasurer and the assistant treasurer of the P. oard of I'ledical ~maminera of the Stcte of. Iforth Caroli:a are bonded in the aum of!j2~ each. PARAGBAPH 22. AUDIT An annual audit of the books of the treasurer of' Lhe Bo rd of IIedical Examiners of the Stai-, e of North Carolina ia made by a certified Pub li c accountant ~ PARAGRAPH 25 ~ FIIIAICCE CV.»I,iITTEE fi nance c ommittee of the members of the boa rd ia appointed by the president so serve for one year. The committee examines the records of the secretary-treasurer and reports to the board» PARAGRAPH 24e REPORTS (1). Following each meeting of the board a report of business transactions is forvmrded to the secretary of the I~lorth Carolina State Medical Socioty. (2) ~ The secretary-treasurer of the board mal-es an annual report of all board meetings and actions to the l»ouse of Delegates of the North Carolina State Medical Society in regular session. at '-he soci;ety's annual meeting (5) ~ A copy of the annual audit is filed vrith the secretary of the North Carolina State Iledica3. Society, (4) ~ The American I&~dical Ass ociai'ion is furnished a liat of licentiates; also the name of any unsuoceasful candidate through failure on vrritten examination. PARAGRAPH 25 ~ MKETIi~GS: (1)~ Annual meeting of the board for the prupoae of vrritten examination, lioensure by reciprocity, and other business, is usually held in Raleigh during the month of Juno. (2) ~ Special meeting may be called at any time by the board or its officer ~ (5). ileeting for licensure by reciprocity and to conduct special he..rings may be held semi-annually, quarterly or monthly~ according t;o the requirements ~ PARAGRAPH 26 ~ HMHIll'GS Ai'JD I TQUIHIES BEFORE THE BQEHD Upon receipt of inforl+tion by the board concerning alleged or reported violations of the Medical Practice Act or of gro."aly irregular or unprofessional conduct of physicians, the board is enpovrered to con-


27 duct such inquiry as it deem" advisable through the of icers and physicians of the county medical society, through the councillor of his district, thnough any officer of the State hiedical Society or mern'oers of the Hoard of Ledical Examiners ~ It may recpest investigai, ion through tfe Attorney General and the Sta-e ureau of Investigation. The board may summons and examine witnesses before it as a vrhole or before one or more of the members of the board designated by' the board f or that purpose~ The board may receive from any physician, who is the subject of any report or information regarding unprofessional conduct, such explanation as such phy. ""' cian may desire to voluntarily make to the ooard concerning such information, The license of a p1.ysician shall not be revoked or suspended, ho.;- ever~ except after due hearing before the board+ The accused phy" ician may be represented by counsel, may present witnesses in his v'm behalf, may cross-examine witnesses, and may testify in his os behalf, if he so desires ~ The board may take evidence concerning any matters to be considered by the board, either before the entire board or before one or more members of the board designaced by tne board for that purposely PAHAGRAPH 27 ~ 7'ihen a physician's license has been revol ed the same is reported to: (l) ~ American Ass ociation (2) ~ Secretary of each State 1Iedical Examining Hoard (5) ~ Secretary North Carolina S4'ate LIedical Sooiety (4) ~ In the case of a negro physician~ to the Stace Negro l.ied3. cal Soc3.6cv (5) ~ Councilor of the phy ician's district (6)~ Secretary local counsy medica. l societv