Serving Woodbridge Township, Carteret and Edison. Woodbridge, N. J., Wednesday, August 13, Weight-lifting Program Aids Physical Fitness

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1 TE MIDDLESEX COUNTY TUB Serving Woodbridge Township, Carteret and Edison Ntws Drop - ^ i«f left at tmk n*» Cartent, tfpmlu ierangh alt, nalltd direct K> main *(nc«it W-\ Street, tteadtemie, N. J. *.-# t P. 0. Won<lhrW(t, N. J, Woodbridge, N. J., Wednesday, ugust 3, 969 PlWItlwfl WwklJ OB Wttnwdar TENCENffli i s Slated arteret,., _ ealth Officer s',,,,i mealed today ip,.., itinit clinic is, ll (. rr i. starling in Weight-lifting Program ids Physical Fitness,in-i>o d a y s are v,,,-s iii be sot. The J,,, i,-,.,. <>f any charge, rl M,,-d clinic whiehj,..,, general public in,,,, ;rn. five years or ',',,,, ihe patient will, :,, I weight andj,..,..rumination, ear.,..luihcirs. chest X.,i,( denial screenin hold Ihe clinic [;,il in Roosevelt,,..,, rlrmrinrt for this.,. ^ mini' said,,sitni-. ",,,n be held every,..,,:i,-nt clinics will be ', lm uiitpi-iation with... \!n!mv (ieneral os ] ].; Svts I'icnic X ] I,r _ Star Landing' \.in;ins of Foreign: m,ikins; final arrange thr iinnual picnic to,. ;II at ihe Carteret; I,i inminandcr has m w<r commander iinan and junior PYSICL FITNIvSS: Weight lifters receiving inslruclions left to right are Lester Tschlnkel, Ray Bialek instructor, llen Oleartchick and (ierald Musluch lifting from the bench. PYSICL FITNESS: mateur weight lifters being shown how lo do it bv Kay Bialek. Class members left to right"aft llen Olcartchick, Jeff Ercolino, Lee Richmond, Sandy Stiegman, Lawrence Kedroff, and Robert ertesh. Carteret BPW Launches Francis Tomczuk Tells of Renovation Work Going \knii- Mosquito Drive for New Members First Visit to Poland; Finds On at Public Schools Work ampered CRTERET Efforts on tb* CRTERKT membership ii tlie future is the theme of; CRTKRFT Robert T. COLUMBUS'SCOOL part of the Board of eajth in drive is now under way by the the Golden nniversary pro People Thtfrc ospitable O'Donnell, superintendent of the Paneling of part of the base lit s mosquito extermination minder Edward \s chaiimen of the Carteret Chapter, Business and claimed by the National. State Carteret public schools today men I hallway,rcfinishing of work are being hampered by Professional Women's Club. -and local level, The Carteret made public tlie renovation pro floors for part of the basement Carteret's children, CRTERET Francis Tbm-jpre XVIII Century, gram under way this summer at hallway (polyurethane), remod This was revealed today by The drive is conducted by the,bpw displayed a billboard at c/uk, of 07{ellow Street, i hi Sopot the forest theatre, the public schools. The follow: membership chairman. Mrs. ;K95 Roo.seveh venue, in the na-who recently returned from his]with an outdoor stage as large eling of two roo s for the ealth Officer Kenneth Sandoir,- nne Lucchi, 27 Skitka venue, itionwkie observance of the SOth first trip to Poland, tells here [as Radio City M^sic all's in CRTERET IG SCOOL ipeech and earing Clinic (,D. who said youngsters, ranging Carteret. (nniversary of the National Fedi:s;l r ~ The services Miss Ginger Sherry, president fessiopal Women's clubs, which hospitable, sociabl E..S.), remodeling of the RE. from 0 lo 5 years of age, followed the spraying truck on about his visit: width, presented a Polish Gypsy ddition to parking facilities milable In announcing the campaign, eration of - Business and Pro The Polish people are Very i Baron with a cast of more than D. classrooms,including pan 50 x 00 removal of one section Nurses.sioei*- p, and at 00 and an orchestra of 75. d.-] of wall for parking lot expansion eling, drop ceilings, replacement bicyc\es as veil" as on foot, of the Carteret Club said, mem-lwas founded tu 99 and Ipday' ly every moment ii mission was 30 zloty& v black topping of walkways by of ihe balance of ihe window* "Thesq children do not realize women, cross' Ji E^om the Baltic I went to the the football- *UiK «.';jm)#"p9lytm«- and reaaiaung,.f ^,..-,,~,-,_- T ~ ^ Goldrti nnlver- commented Mrs. Mary CMya, CztchosWakian border.' There Ihane flooring for basement and NTN SCOOL, foiwwfhg thvfrirek" Sand.nsate', "and it makes doubly difficult to carry on operation. (Ml ' ' Mfis Sherry a-lso said that shelsary is being celebrated in thou principal of Columbus School, my hosts were Mr. and Mrs. of old lock Remodeling of the speech and h (Mm rr Kenneth Sanili!-(' i;i need of Such bership she is also a tiers honor the founders and re-visit to Poland. She and her i* more interested in the mem 'sands of communities as. mem- who had just returned from a Rycko and Miss " first and ^nd,hearing room, Rycko, related to my brother-inlaw I/eopoid. Cieszyn is 80 years LINCOLN SCOOL are told to desist from following When some of the children floors of old section of C..S.. f"i- i n icctions etc. State Expansion Membership dedicate themselves to the ob-mother, Mrs. Teresa Dylag, had,>!i!,ut the Board of Chairman, ffiliation with the lo jjeclives of elevating standards, journeyed to Jasliska to visit old and very picturesque. GIRLS GYM Refinishing and relining of!the truck, they become abusive. cal club carries with it membership in the National Federation ing opportunities of business and ley Me/.glewski. It had been 60 pg promoting interests and extend Mrs. Dylag's brother, Mr. Stan Mr. Rycko speaks graceful, New paint job throughout, new gym jm floor fl.inr and two classrooms I O e of ttlcm said: "' can fo '".'MirU ifnl service for legant Polish, almost poetic, finish for floor, repair ami repainting of stands, exterior father is the only one who can low the truck if want to. My for linting. ft iiir,m-.r it will he of and the International Federation. The new members will be about a spirit of cooperation My uncle's' farm was like a as the only locality in Poland struction of running broad jump Oil tank cleaning. cannot do". professional women and bringing years since they last met. 'ith the family travelled to atowice, an industrial city. It lighting improvement, and con- MINUE SCOOL tell me what I can and what t I:<I ihe elderly people I'Mitli. Sandor said. presented with a special Golden among all career women. Some picture postcard, so perfectly i which the air reminded one oftrack. schools will have the stan In view of this attitude, Sandor urged thai parents fitresg nnivr&ary membership card. of the 99ers women who were planned," said Mrs. Czaya. ndustrial Jersey; elsewhere the dard boiler repairs, and cleaning Tht State President, Miss Mary delegates to the founding con )<>itr Crass, nother tourist was Mrs. Wil WSINGTON SCOOL ir was clear, fresh, and dry. well as the general waxingjon their children the need, tot Lou Wetjen, in her acceptance vention in St. Louis joined the liani Niemiec, who had gone to there we came to'krakow, Relighting throughout. and cleaning. 'cooperation. Summons speech, asked for a membership Federation in celebration at IheMoscow, Leningrad, and to Kiev, he ancient capital. :LEVELND SCOOL IllfU T - If you have drive "one for one," to swell the National Convention held in St. where she visited members of In the lobby I met Mrs. Czaya t tiif grass on the tidein front of your prop- New Jersey Membership I/juis, July Founded as anthe Tutin family, Replacement of windows on nd Mrs. Dylag. They were surthrough local levels. outgrowth of several business the top floor and replacement met Mrs. Niemiec iii War )riscd to see me. We went night ^Father undiak Decline* all sidewalks and walkways, i letter do it fast. saw. She hadn't known I was lubbing with some 2 people, ihe suggestion today trange to say, we had to "bribe" Jlili Officer Kenneth he bandleader to play polkas The arranger for our tour was [ Ml s Tiil-.l' I LWMfe.4, _ "PRIDE PROMISE" pride] women's groups established dur in a half-century of achievement ing World War I, the National and promise of even greater ac- Federation is non-sectarian, non complishment as career women-jnofit and non political. coming to Poland, so it was a great surprise for her. Together we loured Stare Miasto, a part of Warsaw originating in the iud obereks, In Poland the mu lie is rhumba, tango, cha-cha, oxtrot, and mod. But a polka! Father John Wroiiskt of Eliza- Offer to Become Bishop pnipeity owntn are beth. e had arranged to say CRTERET The Executive the session of the Supreme in-" ^id Sandor, XVlth Century, the last Mass at Czestochowlamed Chapel of the Black Maccphalous Church wibh narishes near Munich, on September 2- Board of the Ukrainian uto- Council to be held in Ottobrunn, " '*. ar<( not". First id nswers 880 Warsaw is a modern metro Indeed, we" mericans were the ml ih;ii summonses polis. It has wide avenues and aonly ones who I^new how to donna, Matka Boska Czestoehowska. This was a soufelt moment and England, at their meeting With profound thanks for the in Germany, Frar.ce, Belgium 4, 969 I* he issued for vlola- large number of parks. One ofdance. Our gracious tour dirccress from OBS was amazed of deep religiou-, conviction for held in Munich, discussed the honor proposed lo him. Father the cleanest streets I've ever Calls in 969, Record seen is Nowy Swiat, whose build was invited to the Barbakan me, I was within the altar rail matter of selecting candidates John undiak declined, stlung ings are pastel and where nut by Mr. Piotr Platek, chairman on a kneeler. The portrait clearly shows two scars on the lovely demise of Metr&politan Nikanor not accept it and furthermore for episcopal office after recent that in his advanced age he can- CRTERET - The Cartereticeeds the'record set last yeai^ of paper _ r or refuse was toand official of Polish radio. The - The Berklee First id Squad has lespomlcdjby the squad. Thirty five years^ spen [nde d a]; uf Warsaw Barbakan, a medieval outdoor face of the dark-skinned Madonna, the result of invasion and ope is now under the episcopal Stales since 93. he still holds bramovich. The Church in Eur that having lived in (he United. R»>ton. has ea- to 880 calls so far this year ac-lagn. the squad responded to 40 is ^ c, can thal y Sc-luISI menu, age one ^ see: _ theatre, presented a Cracovian cording to the report of Captainicalls for the same period oil a cigai. eue bult he hurries alon, Wedding, with Vitty songs and destruction. The picture was care of rchbishop Metyslaw S. pastorate at St. Dem'etriui Sheet, Carteret, Joseph erron, This by far ex itime. President ndrew J. ilaj for for ce certainly,, hem mee a much dancing. fter the "odczepiny", the young men and worn after, tin:, to the accom- sistory of the Ukrainian Ortho- wish to transfer to another coun- covered by an ornate screen Skrypnyk, President of the Con Church since 932, and does not t Mrs.. Schim- - has slated that the facilities cf merican. ' hinan (Mass of the squad are being taxed lo With my aunt Mrs. elen en came to the spectators and paniment of tympany and bugles. ' >.:( t >rs a B.M. the limit. In 934. the first ycarj Wol ka al! ;f RQM dox Church of'the US with try that would be foreign to him. ja T()m i]»] -. MI Music Ed of the squads work, only one. offered beer and food. We toasted fter Mass we went to a mu-j headquarters ir. South Bound With half his lifetime spent as k a djstant cousin. Mlss in-itiim, and p ambulance was in service. Today, tlie squad has 3 of the fi-i From Krakow we travelled to to reside in Europe Executive the bride. seum. Brook. Since it needs a bishop pastor in Carteret. lie hopes and Kamienski, I visit* prays to God to grant him thft In Warsaw again, Travel by nest ambulances available in Nur n;ul of the E W>m, Tomczuk Ihe family. old honv Zakopane, a mountain resort of Board turned to Rev; John un grace to remain here for the remaining years of his life. trolley, where an honor system I service and are performing with visual beauty that one associates ] diuk, pastor of St. Demetrius on tickets exists. Information VIETNM is an old village of perhaps5> the same number of members. with our Western i-iounuins. about free collude education tor Church in Carteret, with th» proposition that he gives his consen rmy Private' houses. The church was rebuil ny misdell. 23, ithree hundred calls per annum Morskie Oko, Ocean's Kye, is as'mericans of Polish extraction. but still needed pews and a i-lia Davis, 2 Bar I was._.. considered a lot iii the early bkie and unspoiled a lake as in j The cleanliness. The unfinishedllo be consecrated to the high organ. The priest, who had bee I'iu-toret. was asilk'in an with the v.ays (jf the squad's work. This in merica in 966 for two tile Rockies. 'office of isthierareh and attend year's output will in alf doubt months, invited us to dinner. is exceed any previous year's I'lvLsion (irmo maid servant gave us carp, kiel tin rails. ba.s, salami, and tomatoes. I ; During the month of: July,, hi complete '"na. lives at 9; \>M Brunswick :,. lfiy, the squad responded to 8 ^ c ^ tails. There were 9 auto acci-i cious r " homemade. tomato * soup, dents 3 home accidents, 3 industrial accidents. 6 transports, and the dinner of pork and ninny vegetables and fruits tupped Signs reading,7l medical calls, 3 calls that re g p k "''"' and "curb your quired no ambdlance and 3 with a h,ome-made cakv. The " "Wile at the Car-!miscellaneous calls, There were priest and I had many Jun.ebiak] ;' f ealth, free o( 2 DO's during Jl July, toasts to merican and Polish "' (ltl > oificer Kenneth visited were Pirth friendship. WLTER DCZYNSK, IR. ^. 'mmial GETS SlLVKIl 'jl' jlexian Bros., St. { ' tvter. Kousi. Walter P. Bucxyuski, Jr. j*.,j Middlesex General l whose parents live at " -I'id uto Sales, cis, Jersey City, Cranford Re " ; " L ermaun St., Cartei'ft. ir Flower ospital, Sout ^ a iiaticnt at the ceived the silver wines of an i' )l )oy jj m. s ine. Marine llo " ^'i'i'ial Surgery, ""' Vu rmy aviator and was ap- lla!, (,' Url Muumuutn, an '"k ve., New V-.! j The nniia '<! of the Firs ^ l.-mon will take i!ln I'unada on u- ( aneret Branch envers for hi'noptm ^ip- ^presented, by n- ""'k and wife, ttaa. iitcred Clarence <i.-,,. pointed a warraut *»rru«-i July 5 upon graduation U»M the rmy vlatioa School at unter rmy 'irfield. Savannah, Ga. During tlie 6 oitrie, he "was* laught vaiutn tfrt techniques and t.uliml ms»- porttnj ground troops in r»mbat. e also reccvid ]"- atmetion In helicopter maintenani-e a"'l survival m» IlilJUl'fi. rinv lu UKUst,!» «t t'l Of great interest to me were lt,...'_' The _i pre 99 records were all wrjt 'ii in Russian. In them found ir family name several tinu-.s. was pleased to not^ tlial tny ntlfalher FerUyiiaiul liad i;.:"- iiiiue uf -them ki lluucoclai) _ in Polish. It was a first Fair Oaks. The ambulances trvaelled ;. total of 669 miles for th nmnlh. The average man huur impended per call was 2,3 wit! a total of 229 man hours dotwt ed. To date, the 3 ambulance travelled a total of 2,593 miles. ;nan, "and Polish. ;KTS SCOOL POST CMITKKIBT Jack J. Mty,it-i a et&dunk of Carter. ii School and PMw Collets., Kci'ii ppoiiitwi a distant i nily visit in 55 years mong the prettiest siglil arsaw is Wilanow, the p«i King John Sobia-ski II! ioms are in styles lu irientaf, French, Russian. " ' of in Its rooms are exceptionally aurie tv«. Travel by plan is inexpensive. Poland. Local ll (trl-cy). wiili l'.vkvin<i.s: It-ny tiloue Uuw il» tluii«to Inter faith Fete Set for October 4 CRTERKT October 4, has hern set date fur the lnterfaith I which will be held in St. uditorium. Spiritual chairmen of the fair art the Rev.. pastor of St. tlias Cburoh,. I Kcv. John Ctionka, pamer St. ICIi/alirth's Church and j Rev, arry Fax, pastor Lutheran Church ll parishes of the are being Invited lo pale lex Fazekas said. atltissalt Slates ihie-lhiy IF'or CRTKItKT - Carteret Chapter,!atl«nd the imo day "Wise workshop un Thursday, il] U, which will he lielj Jewish Comnuinity Ce ; Ma in Sired. South Riygr;! 0:30.M. 2:30 P.ff, It (iuuicd by Fund Raising', I Relations, and Mem Chainuen of the Southern Iti-yiun of ludu^ah, Ihitt, Mrs. l.awrenca- Mi= Reuben Spec tar,- iiv.iriemlier int ivlkiio V»ll»ul, JuMiniclte iu^ in iisued to contact b Mis. l " "

2 V TE MIDDLESEX COUNTY XtM Serving Woodbridge Township, Carteret and Edison u kid rj«m Mil t P. 0. Woodbndit, N. J. Woodbridge, N. J., Wednesday, ugust 3, 969 Pul>ll»h««ffwkly Do Wedniwfny TEN CENTS Two Visitors from France in Township Observe merican Municipal Government Functions ere UOODISltll.i: Woodbiidge is ent««itiiihig two spctiiil Riifsts Iliis month. They arc 'rnfrssor Marc Vinn, C'ooi-cliiialor of ip meiican Institute of France and his wife, Madame Madeleine Vion. The Vioiis. who arc guests of Winficlil J, I'"inn. Direcliir of Ilic Department of Industrial ffairs plan lo stay in Wnnilbridue- for approximately three weeks. During their visit licit' they plan to observe the functions of merican lit tin ici Koveinmeiit in action. Their visit in the Township came about through the efforts ol the merican Institute-France of Montpellier, France, (he Woorihririge rea Chamber of Commerce and the office of May«r Ralph I'. BaronV The merican Institute was founded by Dr. Ives \. t'hevance. a college classmate of Mayor Barone at ltul"ers I'ni- \ < i sii\. The institute aims lo iiroinote cflinmiiiiicalinn between the French and Ihe merican people, especially through an exchange "I visitors between the two countries. To I isit Sttnlrnts In his capacity as Coordinator of the merican Institute. I'rofcssor Vioii will visit French students who are now in New Jersey through the sponsorship of area linns. Four students in- being sponsored by ' Mnrristnwn Memorial ospital: three by the ("iha Drug Corp., Summit and three by Idealuav Movers, Colonia. In addition to his role as Institute Coordinator, Vioii, who is ii, is Director of Studies of Business dministrator al the Instilule of Technology in ligners, France, llnin al I < ' temple, Vion is a gradttalf of University of Poitiers and ie Sorhonne in I'aris. Madame Vion is a primary education teacher, l!esidin^ it, the Loire Valley, approximately IB miles from Die heail of Paris, the Vions have two children, Christine, fi and.unt- Sophie, 3..Mayor Barnne's office is coordinating the Vions' visk. Th» visitors were met by the mayor and his wife at Kennedy International irport on a Ilisht from llelguiin. on Friday, ugust X. On Sunday, Ihe Barnncs were hosts to the Vions on a tour of the shore resort area, hour Offivvs On Monday the French couple visited various TownMitp offices and were shown many innovations. With John I'litrv, Director of the Youth Employment Service as guide, they were treated to an overall tour of government facilities. This will be followed by detailed briefings 0 all phases*! Ihe Township dministration during their slay. Tomorrow, the Vions will be guests of utgers l,'njv<t*ilv. They will meet with John Morrow at Old Queens, the main administration Building, and go over administrative procedures. Later in (be day they will visit ip Itomance Languages Building with Dr. Watson, chairman of (he Department, as guide. They will also be the guest nf Sue Bass, administrati\e interne, at dinner. Miss Bass also showed the Vions around New York and took them to the welcome of the astronauts. On Friday, the Township's visitors will meet with -Pnlirti Director Joseph. Galassi and will he shown the operations al headquarters. In the evening they will be guests of ie l.i roff family in Colonia. On Saturday, they will be quests nf Louis Tonti at the Garden State il Center with Mr. I'utev and his fiancee, Kathleen Bilbao as guides. Monday (hey will meet with Library Director Edwin P. Beckerman and will be shown the entire library system. In the evening thev will he dinner guests of Carl Palmisano. On Wednesday UM will meet with the press during the mayor's weekly press conference. Next week they expert to vftvn Princeton I'ni versity, the State ouse and tour Township parks and playgrounds with the director of the Department of Parks and Playgrounds, Frank Murphy. NDS CROSS TIC NL: Professor Marc Vi«n, Coordinator of The merican Institute of France and his wile, Madeleine, r. ^ of France, are shown being welcomed lo the township by Business- dministrator George Meholuk. ;in<l Frank Murphy, l)i I W O rector of Parks and Playgrounds. The Vions plan to observe the functions of merican municipal government in action. State Grant of $7,874 Goes io Library to id dult Learning Center WOOUBRIDGK Receipt of- -,i Slate grant of $7,874 by <he : 47. T... Woodbridge Free Public l.i [\ f) ftl IIIO* fill* u/ni'l'l; hrary to establish a reference l "»l~«-l*l ^ I Ull, TT IIJV?) facility seared lo the Board of Indication's dult Learning (enter, was announced today by Mayor Ralph P. Barone. II. i.s understood that the grant i.s the first of its kind in the State in which a public library is participating. For igh Rise Buildings, Mayor nswers Lyncheski Officers Lauded; Nab Two Suspects Wanted in Edison MaybeNamedi By Director f O f WOODBRIDGK The possi bilities of appointing two new captains, one to fill the vacancy WOODKIDCJK - Patrolman dlle t() tne ^nation of former James Kirby and his fellow I <^Ptain oward Tune, will IK- Piitrolnien, Guy Nemara, whojdiscussed wiuun the next few jwas the first 'police cadet inlays with Police Director Jo Ihe department; Patrick Don se P h - Galas*!? Mayor Ralph iodine and Robert Wyher were ' Barone said today. lauded today by their superiors It is known that CJalassi would j for nabbing a couple who were like to create a second captaincy, [wanted in Kdison for two hold Uo that "some of the heavy work jups. I load could-be evenly dktribu I The pair, identified as Clemisltedi." Peterson, Churchill ve rhere - u M d0 bt thal,,, nue, Somerset and PefiK.v Phil nthony VV. O'Brien, who came in u y ' M ' J 7 '' M(, morlal in first in the Civil Service exam, Township Eyes Plan PQQI fa May Buy Swim Club WOODBRIDCK There is asimilar lo Project Bowtie Pool, possibility that lh<> jieople of thelor according to law a miinici Second Ward will.soon have a i lilt at urie ft to bp nnit)iri ),il swimming pnol. Mayor Ralph P. Baroup ad milled lod:iy that the admini.s I ration has considered buying the ighland (Jrove v»im Club, a private club, which is for sale. "owever,'-' the mayor je pal swimming pik»l must he.self sustaining and self supporting, Project Bowtie Municipal Swimming Pool has been very successful and the mayor noted thai, as time noes on and funds are available more pools will he made available throughout the various sections of the Town ('iirsh of Ivan t, Urdivation of Plant WOODBIDfiK - Many dig notaries are expected to be on hand this morning (Thuadayi for the dedication of lcan lu minum Corporations new plant lated, "we are also considering 'alle e W d' y to ha^ve helt'u th^! il>auons with a SCOre of * t m \ the possibility of building our ship. ccording lo Edwin P. Beck WOODBRIDGK "There js: In reply the mayor said: "I oliday Inn Motel at' Route M wi " ^ P lomou>d lo a captaincy.i own swimming pool if the price erman, Library Director, the nothing in (he works for highl'iake no apologies for the ess,,ff ji 'j n street Kdison and (he '^e otners w * l >asset^ The Second Ward is one of hern. ale ''' is not right." older wants in the Township and money will be used in Woodbridae llil Kuilding. 'l' n I S- wish we had 0 more ess Service Station 'it Wood Wlllianl F Burns who taliied mong those pxpected t«attend will be Representative F>l : Barone indicated that the inihas not had as much done for 8 ilike it in similar approximately books Township", so declared Mayor loralions. Jt.hWdV ami mhov venu",,^' Detc^f, U ' l R bert. J is a heauliful structure -: tial askinj! price for the swim it as tie newer sections of the both hard uro an.l cover and paper Ralph P. Barone in an emphatic 'certainly mil is; is;,,,.:,,- nt. ar, ihn hp Woodhridjje vvnndi,ri,t un T,.u,n,''hompson, Township' 78,897 and l-t. bai k to support the cumou statement today. brid«e. It js asset to Wood iiinp and nuking off with more; (lrew c - l M^- ward.. Patten (D 5th nisi ) club was too high. Township which grew so fast. 78 -" 2 - f Slate Senator Norman Tan/, "We two sites in mind", Therefore council members have in a liim of the vicinity of dult Kducation!t h im Saw Tuesdav afternoon,i tenallts h ll d VVamlra aml l(ol) ', man, Woodbridge; ssembly ert Ohlson did not take trie tests. the. mayor stated. "One of the! decided to give the Second Ward ( rnlcr. The mayor was critical of"'st;iurants, motels and holds! l»oli<.- e said that initially the!. man Jrthn J. Fay. Jr.. Colonia; sites is Qiiigley Field in Fords.; top priority. Robert F Lvncheski Wood and olhor husiness ilrpas and : woman said she was Peterson's When the promotions are made and Mayor Ralph P. Baron?! The purpose of (lip center. wm We will get estimates and de : l bridge. GOP Municipal chair. n l y.., does 5 ' not degrade tl.c.wife. to the captaincy, one of the sorp ""!'' pai llv " r ( canu wil he raise< rank to; They will be the guests of Ki ir which is part of Ihe Board of cide on the best alternative."! I Education's dult Ki man and candidate of his partv" fter Kdison put an alarm on ««i STOVE (ionk!. tri-fiffs. lcan Corporation n, h ^ Department, Is to (each basi' for Second Ward Councilman. "' '-.vncheski says '! the air. Patrolman Kirbv was: lieutenant. Those who passed the Barone noted that when a decision is reached letters "will I VKN'KL - Someone evident plant, manager.- president and Richard Oibei, c. ) : ) ;mmi.stralion is and nh U I. irii who he and joli skills to Mid - 'preparing '" driving«along Route 7 in vcnei, I lieutenant s test in order of their ' misinlerprried a T,.,, statempnt made bv Council Wooclbndg a city of a car answering the de-' mar ' ts ale E'mer (Ireen, (ieorge he.sent to the people asking if; ly wanted a nice decoration for! of t )e nne sought t)y!' j0c^''' they are interested in providing^ his front lawn For Salvalore The 2^8.000 square fool plant, Victor Balint; Stanley itold the press recenmy lhat he' lns a hlt sl, for a municipal swimming M>O] Bui/aro. 5 Smith Street, repor which employs approximately y,and he. knows lir>. Kdi"son." lie started to trail the!^'"""^ -'"seph Rusbarsky, Zyg in the Second Ward and then jcould forsee that snmr time in IS Jllst )laylng l )olltl(s - vehicle and ;il the same time ask! nulnd ted lo the police that an oh) 25 people, is siluaterl on Crag Wojcik. Slcpden Pochek; W> believe that the dult Ed ; the f uuilp there may he hi K h' a >'. or J have a t r, c ' t r^l""j asking the t'wp'e to back up fashioned pot belly clove was Road off Roosevelt venue, in ierl for help. Radio cars came land Charles Wyda, From all in. mation Center is pioviding an! r j se apartments in Woodbridge. Slbl lly, l " tllp P C0 P le of W their interest with a Ihe nr tenstolen from his varrl The stove the Industrial Park. The company manufactures "*' i from two different directions, jdicabons (ireen will get, the first hrillge excellent approach m upsrad- Township '"wn-ship and wilh ihp, nclr j, R on the waii'led vehicle i^- Tn dollar deposit toward a un-mu;ts p;nnlerl uith 'enosylvania e promotion to lieutenant in? the skills of area resi he bership guarantee Mutch di'signs ;tnd is valued products Mich as patio P oft"* rouncil you ran rest; Rj fc sjfina K, l0 the dri toi wi leave a vacancy for ser ^n s",,a,d Bcrkevman. "In'. ' a! l y 'J h? '" vni ««>n assured that everythmg I do d M ], goltir-geant and the post i.s expected fee schedule will lie * [ un;il Si'l siding, shutters and carporlt. li-ie with our philosophy (hat a "" whal Npn^- Vn s f l(l wa " iha( will be for the benefit of the ma ^ ( llpstioiu, d f w a mot(> ; vr to go to Steven Simon l.".»rv must rp.,pon-l lo thflh, S hr,se apartments were con,,r,(y of the people". jhli Tioiat^ P^rsTm s.^ mnimi'.ni!.' necdn. whether j )! civable in Ihe fulure, hut icd. just across! the line in ah the traditional rule or not, we 'he moment I cann-it see thai vv;u\ (ell up had an obligation,» do' woll d h? economically fe a s In the ear llv local police Local Junior what we could to support thei ibl in Woodbridge". found ii s;i\vp(l-off shotgun al P'oyram. i >p( ]e n) ayor said thai "we Boro Sign lejicdly used in one of the rol Tli,, Library Director nolert.have to consider what the future heries and a sum of money. IS Olympics Set that IP application <for funds I may bring, because evenlinlly lerson and his woman companion <.?* developed in conjunction someone will make an applicant iih Ihe Board of Education tion for such a building per Irks Yatcs J lion * were booked in Railway on WOODRIDCK Pla,i< for and Rov' Valentine, Dirertor of mil". suspicion of robbery and then ihe annual Woodhrirlgp Junior dult. Services for the school YKNKI rouncilman (ieorse lllrne(l (npr lo K'»a"n. (Playground) Olympics, which,s\ stem. When and if that Vates. Third Ward, today took It developed (he car Pcter-on is sponsored by the Town-hip s....,,, comes, all phases of thp qi^st. Carte-ret t'mincilma'n Rov Jack " as tlnvi "g w;is stolen from New Recreation DcpartmenJ Ihe grant, was oma^d under, ion will have to be considered '^i,j J, ^ w " of'a «! 9n Bnin.s«ick. Patrolman Kirhy announced todav. and isned two Woodbridge Scheduled for Tuesday. n such things as location and the l i., rnn ji,p..., in Carleret that cwpla" '* against Peterson susl 9. at the " " Ineccssily.. Such an application wm d tpnr) a, (, ks,, )irni, a h»no ---'- "- for'. of a stolen Senior iih School.Stadium INK RED ( (inns _ Thrp» person* may come a year from now or,, p m R, m, nf thp rar and the other i 0 ymr wp * miis Township carrying a the kick off lime for thp snon; Pient is '.ton M. TIIP local Olympipj are nnt tn he cnnlns cd wirh the Slate widp I' Lyncheski to criticize when he drivers not going to Carlerel / It'll (,ol(tr T] Sets sround Olympics held rei has no responsibility".. to follow a route that.soes,., and won handily )>y \\.>r K e-«road ln his sutement (u IM-OUII Wy«>ciJ>ridsjf". Yaius ^tolfii front Display rivaled at Perth nibov Gen l lr «s last *'"<l«y. I'ynchfski crilin/ aid "The-if giant rigs arc fine U'nuniilillKIK Some bra/ Mayor P.alph P.!:n.,mal ospital were Ktlwa'rd Ktlward L-,:i fun the of«-n ruad. but when ttbe> e, 24, 2» Gurley Road Fdi l ed permit * f r en llneves stole two color \-\ dicaled that nifdals will tjci into the cities many IUIJ s-on; Charles J. BurneK, 26, said: se.ts, valued at $S0O from (Ij,. awarded to first place win lems come up. I oma\ \j i;iiif r Store, ;,l in each event while second S >r>kwnod, the driver and Mrs, ''We already hs^e the \! fizippak, ;>s. m \,ip P edrnt for a hi':h ric huililin : hi the Irickinc Im ii»>- hi'n U.-rii s<r. Ti;es,la\ third \( ill ic, f f r'lth"u : ' I hp inlri iil.-r ' M " ' t nir n rir 2p f> v ;i = namr (he I'.(»,-< llrss (n K Ihr \ I' M l l fll. i rinl'- t n ill on 3 ^iirn rrmui fc»t rzre'tt-.-r-, iiild l? almn:t lr il h rhp ' ',,v lt rri'l Ir r lir:i r L ij >i' r»l (,JM, Z' Ip f l,, p I'-'f, rrri'r t "f Ihf, Irun! t '< n f f I rt M' thf \',x prrm!'- * --'ifm'-lll Unn-i (, r i,, Mam :,t arp flnj; \\ ri'irlh / ' niid IM k lie rlj;co: Mliillk run '.lacdiii-:;uu T WORK, rgd( violation, of promisps i ited a n»cpnl p.xploiion fin ft'mile I'd/II indu,'.. null' btri:id imiiri. arul Ibr VENEf, ear. which she;made to the people of Woodu'ltfl- #titi ;two-wet-fer.- iiii».,v " Tfrt-ff ; u'rif t'i"i'll :,ri. I I i, lui ',9 and a near tragedy oil Wain' I'olice icporle d Ihal IO brick >aifl d.'i-'h. '.;e "rniin. (or had parked, in tb«rear of herbridge, f-t. was; ani.jiitrteljust. *p;irt.mpiri'i house srneaied int there would l» ':i '. ihiri'; a I.MI. un hedi I I'll- >i l.n lie :!l.h. \< ilid'nv inn \ " > 4 «(Viitrl M.liv I liu.' ', IUMUI., n \\.,.,.. li'l'-lt- I ill r,- m Ih,-,,,,. I ' Iml id 'iji'- -i, rl- II II,'I I'.n I'- ni.iiil- IMII ill.,l( \-,-nt-l 'ilirr.l, ft! nii.leil In I lie i\' Mil d Iliri," lit-.un '' '.d II lij. Ih.iu,, In- ii l''i>.: ;; id i MILi ' I' pllllctt, ;l {' Kpitl Illll-lll ", "In i:l II,-d...Vied I y ( I LU. U! " IIit. v MI i:u \-i w w MI,,,,,,,,, Itli'll I'll ' '-II l.'lill l',"i, V,, -,,,. \. I"!-, in -I'",,i,, in il i,,,,,,,,,. l"r, N'.llil \\,,\, I," III till' I ' \ I '.IlllW I, I,- 'I l:.

3 LEDER-PRESS Wednesday, ugust 3,969 \Jur (en Service " U. S. ir Force Master Ser Keant Robert T.Dambach, son of Joseph. Dambach.^r., 552 New Brunswick venue, Fords, -tins arrived for duty at Kindley.MB, Bermuda. Sergeant Dambach, an aircraft loadmaster, is ftsti^ned to a unit of ie ero- ^Ijacc Rescue and Recovery Servuv. e previously served at Tnpo FB, N. C, and has ser- Oil. Notional Brand. 4-hr.»n»n malcm at bumirft tor Fair ttnicm jtut giv9 IU a tall, SIMONE BROS. UNBIN, NJ a and Nor^h Carolina State. Jniversity. is wife, Joyce, is Lhe daughter of Ltster Dunn, 27 Gordon venue, lexandria, Va. * Damage Controlman Fireman pprentice Dennis Vaoth, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Vacth, Sr., of udson Boulevard, venel, is serving aboard the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise now en route to. urday confessions are from 6:30 Walter VI. Feigner is pastor and Norfolk, Va.,- from lameda to 7:30 P. M. Rev. C. Spencer van Gulick is held from 8 to P. M. n admission charge will be made. Calif. The ship is scheduled to Friday, ugust 5 is a oly assistant pastor. undergo a year long overhau Day of Obligation, The Feast Summer Sunday Church School period in Virginia. During that Day of the ssumption of the is hold for nursery through third ON REDUCED SPENDING time the ship's nuclear fuel core Blessed Virgin Mary Divine grade at the 9:30 service only. Government agenda have will be replaced. The new core Liturgies will be celebrated at Nursery and kindergarten pupils been ordered by President Nixon -iid in Vietnam. 950 graduate will give the ship a 0 to 5 8:30. M. and 7:30 P. M. meet in room nine and grades to reduce spending by an additional $3.5 billion to bring soar- jnf St. Mary's igh School, Forth year supply of fuel. The Enterprise is scheduled to make a On Sunday, ugust 7, the So, 2 and 3 meet in room six. ""~iuboy, the sergeant attended dality of the Blessed Virgin The first Fall choir rehearsals ing spending estimates back +«>t<m all University, the Uni-four-day stop in Rio de Janiero, Mary will receive corporate for the Chapel and Chance] down to the $92.9 billion arget Vcrsiiy of Maryland tlantic Di- brazil, before arriving in Nor Communion at the 9:00. M. Choirs will be held on Thursday, he set in pril. folk. * Seaman pprentice Thomas W. Moschberger, 2 Westburg Road, Iselin and Seaman p prentice rnold F. Pebrosino, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Potrosino, 325 Benjamin venue, Iselin, is serving aboard the aircraft carrier USS Bennington which is operating off the coast of California in preparation for its 2th deployment to the Far Reservations may be made East. by contacting Mrs. Mary Demcsak. * mong the young men and Kenn edy forewarned Bet for women who have unlisted in thebm book. Navy during the month of July are arold Bolton, 444 School Street, Woodbridge; Lawrence Walker, 96 Inman venue, venel; James Kostoski, 38 udson Street, Menlo Park Terrace! Phillip Grassi, 46 Westminster Road Colonia; Oharlea Ray- Church Slates Divine Liturgies FORDS The summer schedule of Sunday Liturgies continues at th«st. Nicholas Catholic Church of the Byzantine Rite, Liturgy, Girls are requested to wear capes and veils. bus pilgrimage to Uniontown, Pennsylvania is scheduled for ugust 30 to September, The bus will leave at :00 P. M. on Saturday and will arrive at Unlontown about 7:00. M. It will leave at 2:00 P. M. on Monday returning to Fords about 9:00 P. M. Pastor Selects Sermon Theme VENEL "Spiritual ie ungarian Church Units Set Bus Trips WOODBRIDGE bus trip to Sterling Forest Gardens in Tuxedo, N. Y., has been plan-.september 4, with the Chapel Ohoir at 7 P. M. and.the Chancel Choir at 8:5 P. M. need for new voices in the choirs has been noted. Interested persons may contact David Perkola at cough" will be,the topic of the (ho church office. ned by the Ladies id Society sermon to be presented on Sunday, ugust 7, at the First mer Coffee ouse for Senior Church (Evangelical and Re- "The Catacombs",, the sum-of the ungarian Reformed with Liturgies at 7:30. M., Presbyterian Church, at two igh age young people will hold formed Church) for Sunday, 9:00. M. and 0:30. M. Sat-services, 9:30 and. M. Rev. its last meeting tomorrow ugust 7» The group will leave (Thursday), with a dance being from the church, on School Street at 0. M. Mrs. Steven mond, 8 W. George Place, Ise iin; Danl Lewis, 77 Corey Street, Fords; Francis Cerankowskl, 5 Birch Street, Carteret and Miss Kathleen Me Caffery, 40 N. Madison venue, venel. Simon and Mrs, Frank Kopanyi are in charge of arrangements. The Lorantffy Gujld of the church will sponsor a trip to Niagara Falls, N. Y, on Sep tember 5, fi and 7. Reservations are being*»ken by Mrs. ndrew Nagy, 04 New Street; Mrs. Joseph Pinter, 52 Brighton venue; Or at the church office. OMEOWNERS NEED FINNCIL BOOST? SPECILISTS IN OME E-FINNCING BORROW? 75% OF YOUR TOTL OUSEOLD INCOME ostile Long Branch NY MOUNT UP TO $0, Newark 643Q900 Toms River MODERN CCEPTNCE CORP. i U*. Of. (. ft INI Cedar Grov«Cl.irk E. Brunswick 2 CESTNUT ST.. ROSELIE, N. J. 33 BROD ST., NEWRK, N. J. 368 KT. :3, CEDR GOVE. N. J. 4 KBITN ID., ClRK, N. J. 2 IGWY 8, EST BRUNSWICK, N. J. 265 *T. 36, W. tong BRNC, N. J. MM OOPED VE., TOMS RIVEK, N. J. FLL COLLECTION BCK TO SCOOL SPORTSWER Wa have a complete selection of sportswear for school and collage at low, low factory priced t BR DRESSES CULOTTE DRESSES PNT DRESSES PNT SETS BLOUSES SIFT DRESSES SLCKS SKIRTS ^ PLUS MNY OTER ITEMS! LL FIRST QULITY! NTIONLLY DVERTISED BRNDS! "From whence com^lh tht belt for le» 439 IRVING ST., RWY, N. Dally & Sal. 9,30 I. 4 - Thuri. Ml f P.M f-cirtory Pun IKIIRI If union* Molml MTTRESSES! BOXSPRINGS! SOF BEDS! CONV. SOFS! KINO and LONG BOY Motfr*>* and Boxspnpi 95 QUEEN SIZE SETS.IT SOF--BED Mean's newest aluminum building products plant. It's happening now in Woodbridge. RECLINERS rtiart Ik sot* Irfnir DROP BCK SOF-BED Beautiful decorator fabrics. Tomorrow, lcan dedicates a new 238,000 sq. ft. manufacturing compltx In Woodbrldge. Its products include a complete line of aluminum tiding tnd accessories, rainwear, carports, patio covers, soffits, and shutters. lcan is proud to become a partner In the development of this fast growing area-helping to spark its economic growth through new revenues ; and job opportunities. nd our employees will soon be working with you in community activities. Now, lcan has 32 production facilities in 8 states and a nationwide salts organization. So anywhere you look, you'll see lcan. Not Just here, but throughout the world, where there are 90 other lcan luminium Limited companies. lcan. Your new neighbor with a world of experience in aluminum. lcan luminum Corporation, Building Products Division, Woodbridgti New Jersey MRTIN'S FURNITURE LCN LUMINUM 606 S. BROD ST. (So. Broad Worthaux). ELIZBET Op»n rlnily 9-9 Sol. 'til 6 Trill fl J-73<5 67 WESTFIELD VE. ClRK Doily»- - Sol. 'I * Ftl -688& 52 FIRST ST. ELIZBET (Famurlr WlrM Tgnltarr Doily 'til i t M. Ihuri. 'til LCN '* J \ <

4 Leader-Press Wednesday, Xugust 3,969 PGE TREE Mutz-Lindstrom Wedding eld at St. Cecelia's * ' '~ yt i Miss Diane M. Donahue Marries Richard Farrell MRS. JON B. FREEMN, JD. Freeman-enshaw Rites Performed in Oakhurst WOODBRIDGE The mar ri;iye of Miss Elaine I. enshaw, l Cedar venue, and John B. I'Yeoman, Colts Neck, was solemnized Saturday,. M., at the First United Methodist Church, Oakhurst. Dr. Blair of lioiate-d at the double-ring ceremony. Parents of the couple are Mr. anil Mrs. Ira M. enshaw, 300 limadway, Riviera Beach, Fla. and Mr. and Mrs. John B. Freeman, 4 Maple Drive, Colts Neck. The bride was given in man-iagi? by her father. Mrs. Christian Dale Rittman, si^or of the bride, of West Long I'.ranch, served as matron of liiinor. Bridesmaids were Mrs.. nines Gill. Perth mboy; Miss Carole Paul, Woodbridge; and Mi>s Lillian, Edi- MI Miss Julia Freeman, Westfield, was junior bridesmaid and Miss Christine Freeman, also Westfield, was flower girl. Stuart Steggall, of Plainfield, was best man. Ushers were Charles Gregory, venel; Russell "Yarnell, Clark; and Evan Williams of Lincroft. Christian Dale Rittman II, of West Long Branch, was ringbearer. The bride is a I960 graduate of Woodbridge Senior igh School and a graduate of Frank ton Beauty Scihool, Elizabeth She was emptoyed at Gulton In dustries, Metuchen. er husband was graduated from Westfield igh School and Upsala College. e is employed by Employers Insurance of Wausau, East Orange. fter a cruise to Bermuda, the couple will reside at 729 Drum Point Road, Shore cres. Couple Exchange Vows Saturday in Brooklyn 0OL0NI Miss nita Louise 7 'ikcia, daughter of Mr. and Mi v Vinrent J. Puccia, th Si reel. Brooklyn, N. Y. was nulled in marriage with lbert ymer, son of Mr. and Mrs. lbert ymer, 67 Valley Ifnad, on Saturday, 4 P. M., at si. itnadette Church in Brook- I.MI Urn. J. Garrone officiated iit the double-ring ceremony, with the bride's father giving her in marriage. Miss Dorothy Collura, cousin of tin' bride, of Brooklyn, served ;i maid of honor. Bridesmaids were the Misses Evelyn Mulinarn, cousin of Che bride, and Diane Pulito, both of Brooklyn, and Mrs. Peter Fiore, also of Brook Ini, erman. Reich, of Wood briilm-. was best man. Ushers CIC Vincent Puccia, brother of v bride, Brooklyn; and James Itundy,n>d llen Ilornyak, both of Colonia. Tin bride in a 9fis graduate '>' SI..Joseph's igh School, limoklyn and a 969 graduate if nxiklyn College. She will li-arh elementary school. i r husband is a 963 graduate of Woudbridge igh School. Me Ki-.-nluatpd in 9B7 from the State I til versify of N. Y. Maritime ( 'olli'iie, wilh Bachelor of Scienrp l'-«rec. e is second officer in ll'i' Merchant Marine, and I,t. )i 'iraile in Naval Reserve. Ml or a wedding trip to Swit /<il;ind and Kngland, the couple will reside in Brooklyn. N. Y. "Take The ighway" ihli> School Theme ISF'UN - "Take the lli«h» 'v ' is thp IhPme of the Vaca-l (i'in!imp School being held II"-: uppk at Iselin sembly of ' "I Church, corner Cooper 'iiue and Berkeley Bnulp > " '! Classes are being hold 'Ml' through Friday, ugust I from f>.,\f. to 2 noon. \'' (inline to Rev..Samuel «i'lller, pastor, "the Bible li'">l is designed to help all '"uiu; people to an rfnderstand [ : "f the Bible, and to attain» > 'iiilesmno lifp through the I' hie ^lories that will bp p rf. M-'iled". Ml voung people, agrs three fii',,'li fifteen may atuvid. II ni'lcrafts, Ramos and stir ii'iw>v us well as the Bible iinnrs.ire included in the daily Three Ctrl* Conduct ( haiitnhle uvtum i <>\\u<\ Three l*>ri ' hurilv p"k al 7 old ' ii"k I fjioff. ripbby Swanick.-in'I Maureen l.ane. all of orns hv "rtrept. rrtwrt SIS \vttrrri "wilt!>' c i v n (i. h ' I'I ospital. i i i at the >i\aiuc'k. 'i Bridge Tournament Club Being Formed ISEUN The dult Fellow ship Club of First Presbyterian Club,which has been formed for {social activities, is planning a Duplicate Bridge Tournament, to begin in early Fall. The tournaments will be held the first and third Monday of each month, ait 8 P.M., in Fellowship all, 295 Oak Tree Road. Members of a similar tournament club, affiliated with St. John Vianney Church, Colonia, will be participating. The club is open to the public, including amatuers. Nine nation sian group shuns anit-red stand. ISELIN St., Cecelia's Roman Catholic Church was the setting for the marriage of Miss Linda Marie Lindstrom, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. John Lind strom, 35 Bond Street, and Wl liam dam Mutz, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Mutz, 303 Martin Road, Union. Rev. John Gorety was celebrant at the Nuptial Mass and officiated at the double-ring ceremony. The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, wore a full-skirted gown of Chantilly lace, delicately high waisted and beaded. er three-tier veil was attached to a headpiece made of handily lace in the form of petals, with beaded trim. The maid of honor, Miss Catherine Dee of North rlington, cousin of the bride, wore a baby blue dotted Swiss gown with ruffled trimming. She wore a blue straw brim picture ha.t and carried a white straw basket filled with blue gladiolas. Bridesmaids were the Misses risen Price of Wi ill' of Maplewj Spqrioe. Union; Joan of ighland Falls, N. Y. Miss Janice Williamson, Jersey City, wa.s flower girl. They ted Swiss gowns of of colors, rainbow ing yellow, mint green, and aqua, with the flower girl in [link. They wore white straw brim picture hats, with matching ribbons as hat bands, and rar- ied white.straw baskets with colored flowers. Richard Perkins, of Sayreville, served as best man. Ushers were Moyd pplin of, Iselin; Ralph olzmiuer of Roselle Park; Norman Prinz, of Union; Robert Lindstrom of Iselin. Kenneth Ipence of Union was ringbcarer and Richard Fleming, cousin of the bride, served as altar boy. The bride is a 966 graduate of St. Mary's igh School, Perth mboy and a 969 graduate of Mkldlosex County Vocational nd Technical School for Nursing, Woodbridge. She wa.s formerly employed by Rahway MRS. WILLIM MUTZ ospital as a licensed practical nurse. er husband is a 962 grad uate of Union igh, Union am is.employed by Internationa arvester, Union, as heav; equipment mechanic. e serve' three years in the U. S. rmy and one year active duty in Viet Nam. fter a wedding trip t< the Pocono Mountains th< couple will reside in Edison. Fords Church Lists Masses FORDS Friday, ugust 5 is the Feast of the ssumption a oly Day of Obligatioa Mass es at Our Lady of Peace Church will be celebrated at 6:00, 7:00 8:00, 9:00 and 0:00. M., and at 6:00 and 7:00 P. M. The Catholic Youth Orjaniza ion has tickets to the pro-football game, "Giants vs. Eagles" on Saturday, ug. 30 at Princeton. Contact Richard Warshany or Joan Koper for reservations. The CYO Is also collecting cancelled stamps. box is provided at the roar of the churh fist purpose. Pre-Cana Conferences for all couples who contemplate mar- iage within a year are to be held at St. Francis Church Cafeteria in Metuchen on Sundays, Sep tember 7 and 4, from 6:00 to 0:00 P. M. Call Mr. and Mrs. Edmund ndick for further in ormation, NMED TOP STUDENT WOODBRIDGE Jeffrey Neuss, son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Neuss, 7 South ark Drive, has earned the honor of top student in lm class at Pennsylvania College of Optometry, in Philadelphia 'or the Spring Semester. Jeffrey is a 966 graduate cf ivoodbridge Senior igh School. lie attended Syracuse Univers ity, Syracuse, N. Y., where he was on the Dean's List. On* of the OLDEST * LRGEST in Union /Middlesex/ Prom»l and rtliablt Unit* MiddUtax Ceunty tirviai. Diaper Service at Lowest Prices BUT... don't choose the first service or the lowest priced service, Male* your choice based on reputation, recommendation and fact. ere are some factt obout Cascade Diaper Service which we consider to be rhe best service available... mi. On. of Ik* oldtit and largait dinptr tarviut in fhit *r».. M«d*n hyfltnli alint*. 4. M««t dott.r'i and oipitnl«i. 4-li»ur ddivary wrvie«. *. Itrvina many htialtah in mttrapdilan mnm. 7. Iraml nam* dlaptn. nui..»r». laky M* Vif M, fn. Color PlwM*, Ntw Dioaor all. INTERESTED? PLESE PONE smia WSING MDICILY PPROVED O*[KTION. First *ro-rinia i: Socsnd Pro-Rinw. Third Pro-Rinto CONTROUfD WTER TEMPERTURE TIME ODoffMi 0 Mm. 85 Doariot 94 DoiroM 4. Pint Mild Soap lath lmdtgrtot 3 Ind Mild Soap Bath,» 3rd Mild So** Bath 9ODo(r««t 7 Pint *t Xin» 9OD«s,reoi I. Socond ot Rinio 90Degroos 9. First Warm Rinto 5OD«gr*«i 0. Socond Warm Rinso?ODogrooi. Soll.ninj llodtgroot 2. Storililina Proctii loodogroof "TOTL WSING TIME 2 taife r J)iapa Smice i I Min. Mir. Min 0 Min. JMin 0 Min 0 Min 3 Min 0 Min Min 4 Min. OURS Suporvod by Catcado't modical itaff mmm SK FOR MR. BPOSITO Now Serving North lerqpy iistomprs in flu Shore rea, 9 * MRS. STNLEY E. KLUJ (I'holo hy Bcjas Studio) Kluj-Ziolkowski Nuptials Solemnized on Saturday PERT MBOY Miss Marie gnes Ziolkowski, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ziolkowski. 339 Bruck venue, became the bride of Stanley Edward Kluj, son of Mrs. nn Kluj, 9 mboy venue, and the late Stanley Kluj, at ceremonies Saturday, 2 P. M., in St. Stephen's Roman Catho ie Church. Rev. Lawrence. anko performed the doublering ceremony, at a Nuptial Mass. Miss Theresa Balut, Perth mboy, served as maid of honor. Bridesmaids were: Mrs. ary Pacansky, Miss Victoria dam, Miss Bernice Rokicki and Miss Donna Majeski, all of Perth mboy; and. Miss Deborah Bryant, Carterot Michael Kerly, of Perth m boy, was best man. Ushers were Gary Pacansky, Richard Rusin, and William Larsen, all of Perth mboy; Robert Dawson, tantic City; and Edward Kluj, )f Plainfield. The bride, given in y her father, wore 4 Jfc lencon lace with a befl-sbjjkxl kirt. er lace train was»ttaeb ed to a satin bow and the gown featured a scalloped neckline. The maid of honor wore *ln*«ni pipe line gown of mint green hen with ruffled neckline and lemltae. The bridesmaids- wonimilar gowns of apricot linen. Mrs. Kluj graduated from Perth mboy igh School in 966. She attended Woodbridge Vocational and Technical igh School for Beauty Culture, and is employed at Lou-Sal's Beauty Salon. er husband is a 964 graduate of Perth mboy igh School and a 968 graduate of Jersey City State College. e is employed by the Perth mboy Board of Education as a fourth grade teacher in School No. 5. fter a trip to Bermuda, the couple will reside in Perth mboy. Religious School Will Open on September 6 EDISON Temple Emaau-El Religious School classes for students from kindergarten through tenth grade will commence on Saturday, September 6. This year Religious School classes will b«bald at the Temple, 00 James Street. In addition to midweek ebrew classes for certain ttudents, there will be three sessions on the weekend: Saturday 8:25 0:55. M.; Sunday 8:25 0:55. M.; and Sunday :05. M. :i:i I'. M. K<>r further information, con- (I Mrs. Murray Flech. MRS. RICRD FRRELL COLONI Rev. Samuel Lupico was celebrant at the Nup tial Mass on Saturday, 2:30 P. M., which united Miss Diane Marie Donahue, 36 East Sherman venue, with Richard Farrell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Farrell, 4.Spencer venue. St. John Vianney Roman Catholic Church was the setting for the double-ring cere mony. The bride who was given in marriage by her father, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Donahue, Jr., former Colonia residents, now of Concord, Calif. Miss Rose Caravello, of Edison, served as maid of honor. Bridesmaids \vere the Misses Nancy Finegan, Jean Corrigan and Lorraine Sandone, all of Colonia. Thoraaa Long, of Oceamport, was best man. Ushers were Frank Donahue III, brother of the bride, of Concord, Calif.; William Burke of venel; and arry Stephens, of Metuchen. The reception was held after the ceremony a<t,town trad Cam pus, Union. Mrs. Farrell is a teller with First Bank of Colonia. er hus- >and is employed by arold J. amilton ssociates, a consult ing engineer firm of Livingston as a frt-kl survey party chief. When You Open Regu!ar Personal CECKING CCOUNT *TFRE RE NO SERVICE CRGES of ny Kind If You Maintain minimum Balance of $200 BNK BY MIL FREE... We Pay Postage Both Ways WRITE OR FIJ. OUT COUPON FOR INFORMTION fter a wedding trip, th«couple will reside in Colonia. Rev. Vautin Listed s Special Speaker WOODBRIDGE Rev, W. iarl Vautin, superintendent of Mculey Water Street Mission, the oldest rescue mission in the world, will be guest preacher at the Woodbridge Gospel 'hurch, on Sunday, ugust 7. e will be speaking at Both the.m. and 7P.M. services. Rev. Vautin was the speaker last Sunday, also. Bible School will be held Sunday at 9:45. M., for cmmrcn and adults. Rev. Charles Lifihtweis is pastor of the church, located at the corner of Prospect and Ridgedale venues. Medicaid costs attacked by Senate and Finch. Word of Nixon's visit excites Rumanians. WEDDINGS Excellent Facilities Moderate Prices CROSS KEYS 37 W. Cherry St., RaliiVay PERT MBOY NTIONL BNK L P FIVE CORNERS, PERT MBOY, N. J. Please send me Information and signature cards on your "NO CRGE" PERSONL CECKING CCOUNTS. O Individual ccount Joint ccount NME DDRESS CITY STTK PERT MBOY NTIONL BNK O I l( t t III' I I M ( i r l n n m i til' ( n i t t (if) I'llttl ltihdv I5RN( II Oil Ml i fiiiv.iv I'.Kd sind IIIST /\v<, IVrth rnlinv! M Smith St. (CoriM-r fif Wnt<<nri V P ) ; S in Springs, ('(itivcry ISIvil. (Nc;ir (iirls' VrM'tionnl SCIUKII.) CIM'KI'/r WVWV'.:!."> Cook*- /Vvf-mir, Carteret CRTERET OFFICE: 25 Cooke venue/carterefr I i'. I edi'r;)! lli'pii'. i't' t ; orp»r:ilim! I Inriil Rpsrrvf Syslrni

5 TE MIDDLESEX COUNTY 20 GREEN STREET, W0ODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY I Phon (IM Cod. 20) Published Weekly On Wednesday By North Jersey Publishing, Inc. 0^ P*r Copy Modi Subscription Rate* On» Year. $4.00 Six Months, $2.50 LWBENCE F. CMPION, Publisher MY P. FBNT, uodam PubltohM Last week, Woodbridge police confiscated a mini-bike being operated by a 3-year-old Colonia boy because muiijbikes are illegall on the roads of it State of New Jersey. The: reason they are illegal is be- <:.iluig they do not have safety features TLE OF WO RE: Mini-Bites Return to First Principals and are a menace* not only to the young operators but to motorists who must dodge them. Only an over-indulgent parent would purchase an instrument of pos sible death for his off-spring. We: are indeed happy to see that everyone... or practically everyone in authority in this country from the president down is talking about scrapping tfie present welfare system to one which]r rewards families who work or encourages them to work. in, Woodbridge Township during the pasvcauple of years great strides have been ifiade in getting jobs for employables «-... but there is no doubt that the prlsent system in the nation encourages welfare recipients to avoid nnplojtment through all kinds of shenanigans. t last the top men in the nation'." administration are recognizing an allimportant factor incentive, is as essential to a successful welfare system as it is in any other human endeavor. Incentive the profit motive is what makes industries as well as individuals progress. Where there is no incentive or profit, there is failure. Those who criticize profits are advocates of failure. The incentive of profit is as important to a successful welfare system as it is to business and the merican worker. The idea of rewarding families who leave relief rolls and go back to work is but a return to the first principle of human existence a principle too often derided by vote seekers and militants of every stripe. Foundation for Blessing Enjoyed We ave reached the "I don't know where the summer went" season,.fall iicsjujt around the corner. The un- fficiatdemarcation line that most of 'is lively is Labor Day and the opening of School. The two come so closely logcthw that Labor Day, which this year is on September, has become flip traditional occasion for end-of- Mjinmei- family outings. Whether we realize it or not, we s-"in tg have reached a millennium of its ow else can the endless stream cosii'v playthings campers, boats, i "i-'i-sj scooters and pullman-sizc ve-! " '' * that will take to the road ' nui'ing Labor Day be explained? f;n ; as material possessions go, no Excellent Idea people have ever enjoyed abundance on such a mass scale. Labor Day is a fitting time to recall that it has been the unique combination of merican labor and merican capital that has made this abundance possible. The objective of youngsters that will be returning to school on the heels of Labor Day should be to learn how to live with the good things of life that have come from the efforts of previous generations. Perhaps in the classroom greater attention should be given to matters of the spirit, respect for persons and property and obedience to the laws of the land. fter all, these are the foun dation of the blessings we enjoy today hr-ifi r, rio doubt about it we system of bonks to "shut-ins" wfirwr f about the most. progressive Lif sy.itnm t In i the state and Edwin ous. Through the world of books and lives can be very* drab and monotoni.7 FSrrKerman. Library y Director and periodicals the outside world will \. Wrrftffht f< i; fine-staff of.f>rf>ff..<!sronfils : af''p In our i lalion it, \$ a most, w.irlh mi!' ral.ulfif Pfl.. while ij.dii The latest innovation is a delivery J. WOS WINDOW ON GREEN STREET (Note: While Windsor J. Lalcls is on vacation this column is being written by Miss Rath Wolk.) Major and Mrs. lbert anson, 67 North Street, Woodbridge have just returned from Fort Bragg, N. C, where their son, Sp/4 Dana anson is stationed with the 82ncf irborne Paratrooper Division. They yisited Dana and his wife, Norma, along with Mr. and Mrs. Francis Nekarda and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nekarda. The soldier has returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam where he was awarded the rmy Commendation Medal the ir Medal, the Bronze Star and three Purple earts. e was attached to the 0st irborne, 8th Cavalry in Vietnam for one year. e is stationed at Fort Bragg for further schooling. > "The Wonderful-World of Women", a television show presented last Tuesday on Channel 7, was produced and directed by rt Browne, son of Mrs. Madeline Browne, Clair vende, Woodbridge. Browne, who grew up in venel and graduated from Woodbridge schools, has produced and directed other productions for television. e and his wife, a nurse at Rntgers, reside in Somerset. is sister, Mrs. Ruth elnrichs, resides on Leon venue, Woodbridge. * * The Woodbridge Office on ging is still seeking Senior Citizens of the Township who would like to participate in the Telephone Reassurance Program a program designed to place daily telephone calls to Golden gers who live alone. John Znllo has a addition to the Smith and Mrs. Baddy Freedman. "Look lives" Keely speedy complete recovery to Steve Kovacs, 8 Manor Place venel, who is recuperating at home after a 2-day stay at Perth mboy General ospital. * The Woodbridge Division of ealth is still accepting applicants aged 50 and over, who are residents of Woodbridge Township, for the Multi-phasic Screening Program. The. tests, which are given at no cost, Include eye, ear and mouth examinations, chest X-rays, cardiograms, blood tests and nrinalysis. Interested? Yon can obtain additional information by calling and asking for the Woodbridge Division of ealth or by dropping in at the Woodbridge Public ealth Center adjacent to Woodbridge Senior igh School. Sorry lo learn that oward TuM, former captain in the Wood bridge Police Department, and now with Kleins Department Store, suffered a heart attack and is a patient in Perth mboy General ospital. Send him a card to cheer him up. is room number is 49. * * Mrs. Linda Ovacz, who for» number of years was a social worker In the Welfare Department, has been transferred to the Mayor't office where she will do work connected with the computers. Meantime her former co-work* ers in the Public ealth Center miss her very much. Young Joey SosnowsM, agaman Street, Port Reading, is back home after Rhode Island. wonderful two weeks in the tiny State of T)* load of Senior Citizens from Iselin enjoyed a delightful day'i outing in sbury Park recently thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walker who made alt the arrangements. i IV > * ati off to Joe Dengelo, Clyde venue, opelawn. tor hi* entirtng efforts In promoting recreational activities for th«youth of his section of the Township. Mr. "D" spent 27 years working with youth,but bv quickly shares th* credit with his under standing wife, Mary. * * * Mn. Louise Vernaehlo, 85, hat returned to her home on Louis Street, Carteret, after a two week stay with relative* In Boston. er plait-trip back to Jersey was the firit in *er life. * * * Township Slow Pitch Softball fans are anxiously awaiting the coming ugust 9th clash between undefeated G & M Trucking and the Port Reading Fire Company both of which sport a 7 0 record. The Truckers are loaded with star athletes, while the Fire Fighter* are restricted to older players with years of experience. The scene is set for Boynton Field. «* * The story Is that Daryl Zullo, Port Reading, recently caught a five-pound bass in Farrlngton Lake. The WOW (Willing Older Workers) has a sizeable number of people willing to take jobs as gardeners, drivers, homemakers, companions, guards, baby sitting, light housework. Interested? Just give them a call at the Woodbridge Public ealth Center. * * elen and Michael Kuchtyak, 580 Rld'edale venne, Woodbridge, are proud parents for their son and daughter, have made their mark in life, Their daughter, Michele. was a bright student in Woodbridge Senior igh School and went on to Newark State College where she received a Bachelor of rts degree, majorin? in education. t present she is teaching school at Iselin. er hnshand, James, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Mullen, Bergen Street, Woodbridge, also Is a eradnate of Woodbridge igh School. e received a Bachelor of Science degree from Moant St. Mary College, Maryland, and continued his studies at Rutgers, receiving a Master of rts degree. e is now teaching at Somerset College. Michele's brother, Kenneth, followed in her footsteps Uirough Woodbridge Senior ith School and graduated from Jersey City State College with a Bachelor of rts Degree, majoring in history. While in college he served as vic«pretident of the Internationa! Relations Club and on several occasions attended seminars ia various cities along the Eastem seaboard. e was also active In Intro-moral sports. Next month, Kenneth will start his teaching career at Fords Junior igh School teaching his favorite subject history. The fifth, and according to the others, the major member of the family, is a dog named "Mnggsy", who accepts orders both in English and Slovakian. lost an ordinary story of ordinary people bat such a nice story! LETTERS (Editor's Note: TexPenry *ent this letter to us with flhe r«- luest that it be published. Perry, said the letter "would stop once and for all the imiendoes and fajsa chargej arising out of the letter we sent to ssemblyman Fay," after the latter'* bouse was picketed by members of tlhe Taxpayers ssociation.) WOODBRIDGE TOWNSIP TXPYERS SSOCITION 77 West St., Cotania, N. J July 0,. 969 Mr. John J. Fay, Jr., ssemblyman 5 mherst venue Catania, New Jersey Dear Sir: We are writing concerning an article appearing in the Elizabeth Daily Journal Wednesday, July 2, 969. ("ssemblyman John J. Fay, Jr., had some unexpected company Tuesday night when about 30 demonstrators picketed in front of his home for 45 minutes to protest his opposition to legislation that would require a referendum for a state income tax. The pickets, representing the Federation of New Jersey Taxpayers and the Woodbridge Taxpayers ssociation, were led by Mrs. nn Miksiewicz of Linden.") Since we are not members of Che State Federation of New Jersey Taxpayers, we do not know what their policy or purpose is, who their officers are, or if Mrs. nn Miksiewicz of Linden has been authorized by the State Federation of New Jersey Taxpayers to organize groups to engage in the abnoxkws and scandalous practice of demonstrating and/or picketing in front of the homes of public officials. We speak for ourselves when we state that we abhor such type of activities to the extent that we consider them unamerican and would not be affiliated with my organization that would ad- 'ocaite engaging in such scanlalous activities. We are enclosing a copy of the by-laws of the Woodbridge Township Taxpayers ssociation for your perusal acid please note in paragraph 2, that scandalizing public officials or employees shall not be permitted by any Dfflcers or members of this association. Therefore, it is our considered opinion that any officers or members of iis association who participated in the ticketing of your home on July, 969, lihereby unnecesairily alarming your family and neighbors, owes both you and the Woodbridge Township Taxpayers ssociation a public apology. Sincerely. TEX PERRY Trustee ELT & BEUTY During summer there is, an nually, an outcropping of intestinal upsets, usually characterized by nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. These "sumr.ier 'diarrheas are frequent occurrances in the hot weather because of inadequacies in food preservation. Much care should be taken in the preparation of foods which could harbor common harmful bacteria. s an illustration, sporadic epidemic of so-called food poisoning are often brought to our attention dramatically where a large number of people have eaten from the same kitchen. great deal of pain, prostration and panic usually results among those involved. Investigative procedures following an episode of this nature usually show one of the foods to be contaminated by a type of bacteria that could have been avoided by adequate preservation and preparation. minute number of these Until recently the military postal service furnished directory common bacteria are normally service for letters, parcels and other preferential overseas PCT found in most food* When fiiven an opportunity *to multiply Uirough a dedayed period of mail received at postal concentration centers in New York. N.Y., San Francisco, Calif., and Seattle, Wash. The service consisted of correcting or supplying the 5 digit PO number so that the mail mi?ht be dispatched to the overseas military post office serving the unit or organization shown in the address. Mail now arriving at those centers without a 5 digit PO number is being marked by military personnel for return to sender. People who end letters, parcels and newspapers tn army men overseas «hou r) make sure that the complete 5 diuit PO number and the proper Pft office are both designated on the face of the envclooe Proper postage should be affixed to letters to prevent duets "and s them being sent back if there should be a shortage. irmail is! care should ten cents per ounce within the continental limits of the United!, ««rf growth in abnormally elevated temperatures, not suitable for food storage, thus resulting increased proportion of bacteria presents a hazard. Proper refrigeration is most important in summer for meats pastries, custards, dairy States, its territories, possessions and POs. Surface mail is sirf ^ C g cents per ounce for the same destinations. Uusually there are no as well as before! Ji facilities for collecting postage flue Where these are available. s the pace quickens to h i the serviceman must gt> to the post office at the post, c»mp wj,.,),,, "' J^, tf Jf prartlrsil for him If there is snv rtouhf. anv clerk in an; are urged to be extra 'carefi/f in "ffiee w^l hr "lad to wri«h trip plpre of rrifiil for you to trie preparation and preservation lire that it will proceed tn its rl"<;t'"''fiori without delay, of food before and a'ter the pit "\ Under the Capitol Dome By J.Joseph'Gribbini NRCOTICS - United States Senator armon. Williams, Jr. has announced the July alcoholism hearing conducted by the new Senate Sub-commifcteo on lcoholism and Narcotics will ba followed this month by an investigation of drug abuse, ccording to Senator Williams, who is serving on the subcommittee, one early message came through loud and clear during the bearing on alcoholism. Like drug abuse, ajcobolism is a personal tragedy and a social menace, he said "Six million mericans use alcohol in excess, and that many, or more a,re caught in the drug trap," he said, "In both cases, careers are wrecked, families fragmented, personalities destroyed and lives lost. In bolh cases, the economic loss is not nearly as severe as the crippling blow to health, happiness and humam potential." Senator Williams insists tha alcoholism, like other diseases, deserves the best medical care available. e said medieaj men themselves are not adequately prepared to combat the twin threats of alcoholism and drug abuse. "Unlike many of the frontiers of heajth, we know quite a bt about drug abuse and alcoholism," he said. "We know that they are not limited to the derelict or the hippie type. We know that medical science and socia service must be combined in a two-pronged attack on the immediate effects of alcoholism and drugs, and on the long-ranged conditions which cause these killers. In the days ahead, I hope that the Subcommittee on lcoholism and Narcotics can chart a course that will load to effee tive legislative countermeas ures, for the sake of social sta bility and individual dignity." RINS: Recent rains which deluged New Jersey injuring crops and causing financial damage, weire beneficial in the western states for waterfowl. The Department of the Interi or reports that water areas vita to waterfowl nesting success are now twice as numerous as they were last year in the prairie p6thole regions of lberta, Sas katohewa<n and Manitoba. survey by the Interior De payment's Bureau of Sport Fish eries and Wildlife and the Cana dian Wildlife Service late in June showed,260,000 waiter areas camp-aral to 65,000 in 968. JERSEY JIGSW: - Official New Jersey is sadden by the death of former Governor Char les Edison, a great guy... Jcr sey Meadows, Inc. of Ruthcr ford, is the only applicant for a harness track in/cairlstadt this year.,. Sixty eight New Jersey residents have been approved for licensure by the State Board of iviedical Examiners... Former Governor Robert. B. Mcyner claims he is encouraged by the favorable response to his pro posal that New Jersey undertake a revision of the legislative structure... President Nixon's proposed cutback in the fiscal budget for 970 would result ui a substantial loss of funds for mental retardation programs and services in New Jersey... During June there were 92 traffic deaths in New Jersey.,. Dr. Roscoe P. Kandle. State Commissioner of ealth, warns people to buy insecticides from established retailers; ask care fully for instructions about their use. and read the labels before application... lfred II. Fletcher, who was Director of the Division of Environmental ealth, State Department of ealth, since July, 949, retired from State service on July 3... The United uto Workers Union has endorsed the proposal to lower the voting age in New Jersey to eighteen years... New Jersey's economic pace showed some signs of moderating at midyear, but job market tight ness seems to be persisting, according to tbe Governor's Cabinet Economic Committee... The State Department of griculture has placed an embargo on 8,000 pounds of sausage whicli its meat inspectors had found to contain preservatives or ex cess water... Investment portfolios administered by the State of New Jersey produced a record high of $94,33,705 m income during fiscal Earlier estimates of gypsy moth damage in New Jersey this year have proved to be too low, according to the State Department of Jersey's call crop is expected to be 73,000 PRK PSSPORTS Senator Wallacr P. Bennett (R-Utah) has sponsored a bijl to extend the Golden Eagle passport to Federal recreation areas. The $7 annual passport fee has the full support of many mericans. The 965 fees collected amounted to $633,600 while the 969 fees collected has increased to $5.2 million. NERVF <;/VS OKINW during 963, a record low, according to the New Jersey Crop Eeporting Service. CPITL CPERSj - Tha New Jersey Farm Bureau reports the biggest surplus in the country is in "weak knees and tha biggest shortage is in backbone, especially among college presidents... lthough urban influences have lengthened the merican school yeair, it remains one of the shortest in the world, claims toe New Jersey Education ssociation... lthough- local and state governments may be closer to tha hearts and home o most mericans, they receive sparse attention in the political science courses of most colleges and universities, claims {ihe NevV Jersey Taxpayers ssociation. TRENTON Money raising campaigns of both Republican and Democratic parties in Netf Jersey this year have taken oil a special status which is a faff cry from the old days when party leaders put the bit on public job holders to furnish naeded money. Republicans will hold a formal ball on ugust 23 at Sea Girt at a cost of $230 per couple, to enrich the political coffers, Democrats will hold their annual "gala" at Sea Girt on September 0 at a cost of $00 a ticket. gain in late September, Ropublicans will hold a $00-a-plata dinner at the Latin Casino, near Camden. In early October, Republicans will hold a $250 per plate dinner in Newark to giv» Republicans in North Jersey a chance to donate to the Grand Old Party this year. Profits from the affairs will be utilized to pay the expenses ot electing g a Governor of New Jer- sey. Each party is trying to collect a million dollars, which it figures as necessary to come out a winner. /Republicans still owe $35,ooo from last year's presidential campaign, Democrats are mor«fortunate because they havo more than $250,000 in the bank. Democrats have controlled tha Governor's office for the past IK yeairs and hope to elect former Governor, Robert B. Meyner tn continue the Democratic rule for at least another four years. Gov crnor Riohard J. ughes ha-; served two successive terms and is prohibited by the State Con stitution from seeking another term this year, Republicans 'have high of electing Congressman William T. Ca-hill to the Governorship l/> break the winning streak of is Democrats. e will benefit from the Republican activity in raising funds to pay costly expenses, which include radio time, as well as television; newspaper advot Using, *nd thefob-ingof bait? for meetings *nd purchase of signi and stickers and button. ;. CMPIGNS: Midsummer campaigning for the Governorship of New Jersey hais candidates following a well-planned daily speaking and handshake schedule in quest of votes. Usually both former Governor Robert B. Meyner, Democrat, and Representative William T, Jfthill, Republican, start the day of campaigning by attending a businessmen's breakfast. Tours of administration buildings, factories and shopping centers follow immediately. Luncheon is u*- ually had by mingling with th* members of fraternal organizations who meet once a week on different days, Then comes the garden parties and receptions from late afternoon until well into the eveninc. Cottage parties, barbecues, anil awn parties are popular during he weekend. Picnics accompan ed by an asortment of food lightly taken by the candidates, are also a feature of the campaigns. Meeting people becomes a tire some pastime after while. Thn candidates get to look forward to a quiet period, even for on I v an hour. Riding in an assortment of cars in parades, along crowded streets, or speeding throujh parsely settled areas, has ts»- come a part of the gubernatorial campaign. One way or another. it will be over on November 4, genera*! election day. LIVE PERFORMNCES! - Young people in New Jersey from low income areas hav» been enjoying great, music, opt' ra, and top-quajity theatre pei formed by human acton aiul puppets through the aw of» series of special summer udience Development Grants front the New Jersey State Council on the rts. ccording g to an of Byron R. Kelley, the Cnunnl - : executive director, s total nf $8,035 was granted organization< throughout the State to enable the very young, the young and teenage New Jersey resident;.* never before able to attend liv* perforrriarirps topxpprif-rirp fctiprri in a variety of rri'''!ia Thp f'ounrif hn-. 3u;) r (li>rl Trims far theater in Trenton, Thfi U S decision In ri"iri'<>vr f'rinreton. Mpturhfri. ;>ri'l far mil )>rii.son (!,-i'. burnt;- from Okinawa [sir- in Cherry ill. Toms River ' lir llim;h -l '!ise.m.edrrl Ui lhe Mrfiiri ofiand Trenton. ftr>r confmitra-,v»<'f *< >!. of Wr ano* Tvin, B«Ma. (I- home ITrrierlif's; rrin icin.j;i i rflaliofi' ac- itjrig on new audiences among It M» r*"'t"'ent»f? ") cask's of-pfrrflins fif' Flr-fr.'rrrrrirnr ; fri'p yfififis. (Fie rk Cfinricil I'"i^niri3. nffin.-ils. U, K ccmoi'lfil Ihn plans In pncminikc new nnd Df'r'ii-.p F -fi.'i: li' ill h I.-lured K T K T S for ip pc r f<> I in I II.L;,,'ir i panel ','' ' IIIIIIIIIJ.I-, : ilivi p since. iriimii:: i\r\\ J c r s e j ' s sciimr. tvn.ius mm enter the collr^t- of Kt. IteiitMlitt in the I'II as a l-ill i'j IVI.i. ', ( ll I/CLIS. \ \ \

6 SOCIL SECURITY Question ind nswers Bj OWRD G. OUGTON, VWWWWWWWWWWWWVIsVWWWWWt Q. I am a 66 year old dentist ami my wife has convinced me to reduce my practice by taking off the months of February and ugust. In February I will go to Florida and in ugust I will spend the time at my son's cot tage in the mountains. Is it possible to get Social Security those months?. Yes. s a self-employed Individual you will be entitled to benefits for "any months that you do not perform substantial services in self-employment. It certainly appears that if you are away during the entire months of February and ugust, you will not be performing any services and would be entitled to benefits for those two months. Q. I am a school teacher and have already taken care of my Medicare with the Social Security office. fter reading some of the social security literature, checks tor July and ugust when I'm not workiug?. Regardless of how much you earn In a calendar year, benefits are payable (or any month in which you neither earn wages of more than $40 nor perform substantial services In self-employment. It appears that you will be entilled to benefits for the months of July and ugust. Why Bother? bout the only tiling a modern girl takes any trouble to hide is her embarrassment. : News Detroit, Middlesex County Sgrrofils's Court NOTICE) TO CREDITORS Joseph Small and Frances Small, Executors of Carrie FrlUo <or) Caroline Frltze. deceased, by direction of Guldo J. Bhglanl, Surrogate of Uia County Middlesex, hereby lives notice* to the creditors of Uie said Carrie Frltze (or) Carolina Frltze, to brinf In their debts, demands and claims against tha estate of the said deceased, under oath or affirmation, within six montha from this date or they will be forever barred of any action therefor against the said Executors, Joseph Small, Frances Small, Executors. Dated July JOth, 969, arry J. Stevcna, Jr., Esq.. Mlllburn venue, Short ills. N. J. )7078 ttorney. I wonder if I will be entitled to L.P. a/s-i3-2o-j7/6» $00 Over alf Century Of Personal Service To ll Faiths Throughout Middlesex County GREINER FUNERL OME! Inc. Established 899. K. Kain, Pres.-Manage P. W. Borden, Director 44 Green St., Woodbridge. ME Offer Limited Time Only! I REDUCE! TONE-UP! FIRM-UP! success stories since 959 JOY DECERT 4f LII0UW IVL JERSEY CITY started Ml WEIGT OFF LEG. IPS WfllST* RMS DRESS t\tl rzalh bsfori after ) i 9" Jl" Sill" If" If 4" " 4 I r«ir FREE Membership f 000.0,00.000,0000^ Spa **" ii^^i^&i^li^l^i^^!^ Wafohung Bin* Sfnr Shopping ( i Perfect Landing v No matter in what direction tax is hurled, it always hits th ultimate consumer. -World-erald.Oirfaha LEGL NOTICES NOTICE Take Notioa that PETER RDER hu made application to the Municipal Council of the Township of Woodbrldgs for Place to Place transfer of Plenary Retal ConsumptioB license No. C-70, haretofort Issued for premises located at 23 Flor Ida Grove Road, opelawn, to new build Ing to be constructed oa Green Strict, Iselln (street number to be determined by U» Division of Engineering), known U Lots J snd 4 In Block Plans and Specifications of proposed new buildin! to be constructed are on (lie In tha office of the Municipal Clerk. Objections, if any, should be made Immediately In writlnr to Joseph V. Va< lentl, Municipal Clerk, Woodbrldge, Ne< Jersey., (Blined) PETER RDER t/a Radar's Tavern zil Florida Grove Road opelawn, New Jersey L.P. l/f-u/ NOTICB Take aotloe that application hu been nude to the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Carters! to transfer FRNK ND ELIZBET TOT ND JMES ND GIZELLE BBJK fo premise* located at XI oosevejt venue toe Borough oi Carteret, New Jersey, the Plenary Retail Consumption license. No. C-M heretofore Issued to Leon T. Nowak trading as Leo's Inn for the premise* located it #3 Roosevelt v enue, Carteret, New Jersey. Objections, if any, should be made im< mediately In writing to Patrick Potoc< nig. Borough Clerk of the Borough of Carteret. (Signed) FRNK ND ELIZBET TOT JMES ND GIZELLE BBJK P. 8/6-3/69. IO.08 SERIFFS SLE SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY CNCERY DIVISION MIDDLESEX COUNTY Docket No. F.-MU-M Orltanl Savings and Loas ssociation i N. J. Corp.. Is Plaintiff, and John J Swjontek and ntoinette Swlontek. his wife, are Defendants Writ of Execution r tha sale of mortgaged premises dated June 27th, 069, By virtue of the above stated Writ, to me directed and delivered, I will expose lo sale at public vendue on WEDNES- DY. TE 27th DY OF UGUST.D. IBM, at the hour of two o'clock by the hen prevailing- (Standard or Daylight muni) time, In the afternoon of the aid day, at the Sheriff's Office ID the 'ity of New Brunswick. N. J. ll that tract or pared of land and premises, hereinafter particularly des riljed, situate In the Township of Woodbrldie, In the County of Middlesex, and ale of New Jersey: BEING known and designated as Lot in Block 33-B on the map entitled "Plot Plan of Menlo Park Terrace," situated In Woodbrldge Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey, dated pril Louis P. Booz, Consulting Engineer, and filed in the Office of tha Clerk of Middlesex County on June 29. I'M as Map #24, File #429. EIN'. also known sa Lot 7 In Block 5-B as shown on the Township of Woodbridge Tax Map; premises commonly known si 40 Jefferson Street, WiMlbriclgo Township-, N»w Jersey. The approximate amount of the Judg inent to be satisfied by said sale is the sum of Thirteen Thousand Six undred Nlnoty-Kour Dollars ($3.«M.OO) more or less, plus interest together with the coil* of this sale. The subscriber reserves the right to adjourn said sale from time u> tltne tub. Meet only to such limitations or, restrictions upon the exercise of s*m ptrimt u may be specially provkuo "by law r or rules of Court. Sold subiml t«nf sale. FNK G. LSTF.R, ttorney j JON J. FLNGN, Sheriff.. P. 7/30-/G-3-2O/69 $7358 NOTICE OF PUBIIC BLE TO WOM IT MY CONCERN: t a regular meeting of the Board of Education of the Township of, Wood bnd e, In the County of Middlesex Maid on June 30,, 969, I was directed to advertise the fart that on Mondsy, September 5, )69, at B:0O P.M., the Board of EMuction will meet at the auditorium in School #, located on now Street, Woodbridgt, N. J., ind will i*xi>use and sell at public stle to the highest bidder a storm and sanitary «r«er easement on propsrty owned by the Board of Education, laid storm and sanitary sewer easement belnsj located in Lot 0, 47SF as shown on the Wood luirlge Township Tax Map, and being more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at a point in the southerly line of GsrfleM venue and I'lagmin Place (formerly Rco Street), twins also the northerly line of lands of Woodbridge Township Board o* Education, rtlitant easterly along th* 9>jm«20M Int from the southwest cornet- of tald I Garfield venue, Flagmin Place and Woodbrldgi Township Boird of Educ«tinn; thenoe running () Through land* of satd Woodbrldge Township Board of (education. South (M degree*, 4] minutes, 49 seconds Welt. WOO leet to a point; thence () Still Uirough the lime, Norm»5 degrees, 8 mlnutet, ) seconds West,» M feet to aa angle point ther* ni theoea (» Still through the sime, North M degrees, mlnutei. seconds West, 74.4 feet to a point! thence (4) "till through tlve sime. North 0 degree, 48 minutes, 49 seconds East, lest to a point In the northerly line of laid Woodbridge Township Board ef Education snd the southerly line of la.nds now or formerly ef luvenrwt Builders, (9) Inc.i thenoe long the same, «ou(h M degrees, minutes, 5 MSOMJJ East, 79 no (i to an angle point therein, be Ing th* southeast corntr nf lands now or formehy of ssid livercrest Builders, Inc. snd the snuthw»st corner ol lands now or formerly of PB Realty Cot Thcnre hmsj the southerly line of slid PB Realty Co. snd the northerly line of said Woodbrldge Township Board of Education snd the southerly Una ef ttld Oarfleld venue and riagman Flans. South 5 degrees, u minutes, IS seconds east, mil feat In a point, the point and place of Beginning. The foregoing ijesoripuon U in accord am* with a survey prepared by Edwird C. Keilly and ssociates, P.E. k LI isted March 7, MI. The salt Is made subisnt te sueh stsu of facts ii tn aecurau surv*y would disclose, esstments of reonrd, If any, sad tenlng ordinances. The terms o«ssle are on file In the Office of the Secretary of th* loard of Education. Said easement shall provide that the purchaser shall be responsible (or the milntalnlni of ssid tsienent anil shm repair any damage dnna durin«can Jlriictlon, and shall fully and unmnili linnslly hnld th< Board of Kdurallon harmless from any ind all liability The Board reserves the right, upm Mmpl«tlon of said public sale, to sreept nr refect the highest hid made (henst. but such, acceptance or rejeotlon there o* sha.ll be msde not later than the sec ;ond regular meeting of the Board following th* sals. Dstatd: ugust 7, IMS T. C. CDWLDER. tsaretary dministration Building school Street, P.O. Boi 4S Woodbrldfe,.J. L.P. I/IMO/SI mm T II ROOTFS COWT OTICS TO 4> M f*rry ft Jst-'M <r, r) lurry Ji"' *to eent4, hf dlrwtl'fa of OuMn J «ri«im. h*reby gl^et notice t/> fht rredlmr* "f Ui«mid Jerry E.fardot fori Mrry -r-tr dot, In brlni In their <ltbtj. ilwmn'li snd claims igblnjt flie ustate nf the iil'li deceased, under oath or ffirms', within six months from this data or rhni> will be,fwrever h«fr*d nf snv action therefor afalnit (he tlw r.xwiirix Molly.Fariiot VTltn'lel, I uteri ugust nth, I*!) pis StBtn, Street', IVnh \mrxpi-, N.-f JL. P. 8/,20 27/8/J/ffli (I) Wednesday, ugust 3,969 LEGL NOTICES sum Tak* notioe that on Uw lift day of July, M9. to* ZoBlnf Board of djustment at their pamlo hearlnf denied a virltite* to Jowl* It Victoria Chupas for permission to erect a single family dwelling located on Mapls Street. Cok»la. New Jertsy, Lot In,Block Sill G snd that determination of said Board Is filed In tb* office of the Board of djustment, Main Wrest, Woodbrldge New Jerssy. Robert T. nderson, secretary Board of djustment Township of Woodbridfi L.P. /3/8.M ORDINNCE #IM» N ORDINNCE TO MEND N OR. DINNCE ENTITLED, "N ORDIN. NCE TO ESTBLIS, MINTIN, REGULTE ND CONTROL POLICE DEPRTMENT IN TB BOROUG OF CTBRET: TO PRESCRIBE ND ES- TBLIS RULES ND REGULTIONS POR TE GOVERNMENT ND DIS CIPLINE TEREOF: TE PPOINT- MENT OF OFFICERS ND MEMBERS TEREOF: NIK TO PRESCRIBE TEIR DUTIES ND. FIX TEIR COM- PENSTION". \ pproved and dopted ugust 5, IM> Introduced July 3, 969. dvertised as adopted on first reading with Notioe of Public earlnf July 23, 969. earing held ugust S, 969. pproved by Mayor Thomas J. Dtverln. dvertised as flnsup adopted ugust 3, IKS. PTRICK POTOCNIO Borough Clerk L, P. l/u/69 IS.7«MIDDLESEX COUNTT COURT PROBTE DIVISION DOCKET NO. IN TUG MTTER OF TE ESTTE OF OOLDIE OOLDBBRG.i DECESED.. CIVIL CTION ORDER TO SOW CUSE WY LNDS OP DECEDENTS ESTTE LEGL NOTICES utrio* and any and all legal f**s or counsel fees as th* Court may award as well u oommisdons to th* E*xecu trice, and It Is further ORDERED that this OR DER be published In tha Leader Press, formerly known as th* Independent Leader, Woodbrldge newspaper, one of the newapapers published in this State (our (4) times during FOUR (4) con secullv* calendar weeks, one* In each w*tk. CRLES M. MORRIS, JR. JVC L.P. S/^3-2>>37/6» I 4 SERIFF'S SLE SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSET CNCERY DIVISION MIDDLESEX COUNTY Docket Ne. F-M2-«l aysa Savings It Loan ssociation, a New Jersey corporation, is Plaintiff and Roland G. LaTullppe and Genevlav* L. LaTulipp*, his wife. Dorothy Gnankowaki. Trustee for Susan Gnankowski, Trust Company of New Jersey, a New Jersey corporation, David Roth, Esq., Trustee In bankruptcy for Roland G, La- Tullppe and Genevleve L. LaTulIpp* his wife, and Imperial cceptance Corporation, i New Jersey corporation, are defendants, Writ of Execution for the sale of mortgaged primls** dated July Sth, 969. By virtue of the above stated Writ, to me directed and delivered, I will expose to sale at public vendue on WEDNES- DY, TE J7th DY OF UGUST.D., W9, at the hour of two o'clock by the then prevailing (Standard or Daylight Saving) time, In the afternoon of th* aid day. at the Sheriffs Office in the City of New Brunswick, N. J " that tract or parcel of land, situate, lying and being In the Township of Woodbrldge, lit the county of Middlesex, In the Stat* of New Jersey: Beginning st a point In the southerly side line of Valentine Place distant easterly 236,34 feet from th* Intersection formed by the southerly sida line of PV Valentin* Place and th* easterly side Una SOULD NOT BE SOLD TO DEBTS OP TE ESTTE. of tnboy venue and running thence: Upon reading and filing th* complaint () South 9 degrees 00 minutes West of Beverly Kronen, th* Executrioe of the feet to a point; thence Estate of doldie Goldberg Deceased. (2) South 80 degrees 55 minutes East It la on this Mtii day of July, M9 OR- 0.3 feeit to a point: thence DERED that all persons Interested In (3) South 9 degrees 00 minutes West the resl estate of the said Gotdle Goldberg, twt to a point: thence deceased, sa described in the com- (4) South 80 degrees 55 minutes East plaint filed herein, appear oefor* this feet to a point: thence Court on FrMay, th* loul day of October, (5) North 9 degrees 00 minutes East MB, at 0 o'clock In the forenoon 49.9 feet to a point: thence or as soon th»r*iiur as the matter may («) North 80 degrees M minutes Wist be heard at the MIDDLESEX COUNTY 0.38 fset to a point; them-* COURT OUSE, New Brunswick, New (7) North 9 degrees 00 mlnutw East Jersey, to show cause why the said M75 feet eal estate set forth In ths complaint to a point! in the southerly side line of lied in this cause should not be sold to Valentin* Place; and thenoe pay the debts of the said estate, the (3) long the touthtrly eld* line of :osts of Court, disbursements of the Ejec- Valentine Place North 8 degree* 00 LEGL NOTICES minutes West J4 feet to the place of Be- (Inninf. The above description Is* In accordanoe with a survey prepared by II. Thomas LEGL NOTICES and resurfscuig of various streets In various sections of the Township - of Woodbrldfe, Contract #33O8 consist inn of the following quantities: 45 Tons Stabilised Base Coarse 36J Tons F..B.C L. r. Concrete Curb and the necessary appurtenances in accordance with the plans and specifics linns on file In the Division of Engineer' Ing. Bids for the above will be received at tha office of the Municipal Clerk of the Township of Woodbrldge, Memorial Mu- DEDER-PRESS LEGL NOTICES with the Instruction tn I) OI tha Prequaliflcalion ments may be obtained upon to the Municipal Clerk. Bidders who qualify In accord^nrt with the Instruction to Blddeis may i»htain plans and specification at tlv office ol Joseph V. Valentl, Mu,.i'i >., Clerk durtnx the hours of the n-sulir course of business, beginning ugust II, W9, but not later than three (3) (lav.i prior to the final dale fur receiving: Wdi. The charge for all plans and speiifli-atlons is J5.00 which sum hhall not lie* returned. Bids must be submitted on the I'mposal Form Furnished to the nl<fdvr, must be accompanied by con>orate surety for execution of the fontliul award thereof. The bid must Incomimnlod by a Cerllflrtl Check fnr less than ten percent ol the.inuinni 'l The Town Council reserves ihe Carr, CIvU Engineer, Perth mboy, N. J. dated July 7, IMS." Belnj the premises commonly known and designated as No. 45 Valentine Place. Woodbrld e, N. J. The approximate amount of tha Judgment to be satisfied by said sale Is the sum of Sixteen Thousand Nine undred Ninety-Nine Dollars (I6.9M.UO) more or less, plus Interest together with the costs of this ssle., The subscriber reserves the right to adjourn laid sale from time to time subject only lo such limitations or restric- nicipal Building, Woodbridge. New Jersey, until 2:00 P.M. Prevailing Time, ugust to. be opened and publicly read by the Town Council at 2:00 tions, upon the exercise of such power u P. M. Prevailing Time. may be specially provided by 'aw or rules of Court. Sold subject to conditions No plans and specifications will be of sale., given tu prospective bidders until they are prequaillled. Prequalifli-ation period JON J. FLNGN, shall end on ugust 2, %9. Bidders Snarlff. will be notified of their status within j to accept or reject any or nil ')i<! IKER, DNZIG. SCERER, forty-eight hours after prequallflcatiomln its opinion will be In the livst ft BROWN form has been submitted la the Munlcl- ol the Township, ttorneys pal Clerk. Oeorge Mehollck L.P. 7/»-»/«-n-J0/6«SlOB.Mj Rids will be received only from those! Business dminlstra nr Didders who ore qualified in accord-'l. P. 8/3/69 NOTICE TO BIDDERS n Sealed bids will be itemed by the Board of Education of the Borough of Carteret, New Jersey, on Monday, ugust , at two o'clock in tha afternoon, at the braham Lincoln School. Carteret venue. Carteret; New Jersey, for: Bouts D Transportation of pupils to DsTld Bresrle; igh School, Kenll worth. New Jersey, Union County Re glonal igh School District No. and to Mlllburn venue School, 374 MUlburn venue. Mlllburn, New Jersey. Specifications may be obtained at the office of the Secretary during business hours. Bids will be opened ana read at the time specified above. Contract* for transportation routes will run for one () year. Certified check In the amount of lcr: of the bid or a bid bond must accompany all bids. Bids are to be placed in a sealed envelope and plainly marked "BID PRO- POSL FOB BOUTE D." The Board of Education reserves the right to' reject any, all or part nf these bids and to waive any informalities in the best Interest of the Board. George. ell, Secretary Joseph P. Lamb, President CRTERET BORD OF EDUCTION L.P. 8/3/69 S8.64 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that Sealed Bids will be received by the Town Council of the Township of Woodbridge on ugust for the reconstruction BORD OF FIBE COMMISSIONERS DISTRICT NUMBER TWO PORT REDING, N. J. NOTICE t a regular meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners, District Number IVo held on Monday, ugust 4, 969. the following statement of Receipts snd Disburwments for the Fiscal Year March, 9M to February 26, 969, was submitted by the District Treasurer ss follows: Cash Balance March, 968 $ 98. Cash Receipts: Fire Tax Levy ppropriation Remitted by Woodhridge Township Treasurer,...$84,4.53 Loan - Re Purchase of flew Truck 24, Tutal Receipts / $08,4,SJ Total tash vailable W Cash Disbursements: Salaries and Firemen's Compensation add llowance* I 20,0M.M Purchase of New Fire Truck 33, l''lre Equipment Purchased 8, Water ydrants,0.48 Fire ouse Repairs and Improvements 3,66.90 I.awn Maintenance-Memorial Park /55.(0 Truck and Equipment Repairs,.33 Insurance 3, Volunteer Firemen's Group Lif* Insurance Premiums,489.2c Gas and Oil For Trucks 4.87 Expenditures Incurred Re Proposed New Ftr* ouse S.IS7.9O Chief's nnual Budget J General Expenses 3, Interi'st on Note Election Expenses Total Disbursements (7,990*7 Cash Balance February 26, 969 BRICK CURC PPLINCE MUST CLEROUT $250,000 FLOOR SMPLE INVENTORY! BIG BUYS! GURNTEEp SVINGS! ODDS I SBJ. la prior sale' Nt Charge Your Purchase With ENDS! MNY ONE OF KIND! BRICK CURC PPLINCE REVOLVING CRGE r t, 'I DRYERS hfq^m&g&m ~s Sav«up fd *«. MILTON BEC Portable Mixer GENERL ELECTRIC Steam Dry Iron With Teflon, While andle GENERL ELECTRIC Tcxjit-R Overt GENERL ELECTRIC '" "- - (>tra Savings look For Red Tags! airsetter ~iuu7ti NOT]:: Cash BalRnce includes the cost of Items which hava b**n appropriated for during the current fiscal year but not as yet bursed as of February 28, %9. Respectfully submitted, nthony Ragucci, Secretary L.P. 8/6-3/M LL FMOUS BRNDS ll FI.OO MO [)K IS MUST GO! Save up to RWY UNION Q Some Oneand Two of Kind Save vp fo Save up to '/////////mrrrrri m Save up to Save up wont; nipour.mour NFW Nf» SfTIM luntl ''I am-'*',.. BhumftiM SlfiUfi lilnrrl,.. Somtrvllt*

7 Society News S Uio^e on Uie Dean's ' outstanding academic ujueveuie-m in at New '* hvemug Division of Rutgers llwversily are Robert T.'llit l>rive, ' l»rothy Street, Cartcrct; ' 'Mlman, 5( Longfellow udrey J. Wargo, 20 ' Lane and.michael G., ::'J Sandalwood Lqne Co Robert J. Daley, 4i: If STTE JEWELERS»> W»ln St. / «oodbrld»« EXPERT WTC & JEWELRY REPIR Mun.-Sal., 8:30.6; 'ri., 9:3i).g ROOFING SIDING Crows Mill Road, Fords; James T. Uaralta, 240 Berkeley SU'eet, helm; rthur If. Oliristoffersen, 08 Second venue, Port Read mg; rthur Sudfield, 2 Lambert Street, Woodbridge; Ernest R. Ehristz, 7 Karen Place and FLEMINGLOSS&SONS, Inc. WKOYKN ST., FORDS ;$ TTENTION, PROPEUTV OWNERS! WOODBRIDGE TOWNShf" SDE TREE The Township of Woodbii<l",e will now accept orders for street trees from Township property owners for the 969. l!)70 planting season. COST Pl'iR TREK SIT..00 Installation by Township TYPE OF TREES oney Locust Pin Oak mur Maple Modesto sh» Linden ~ " Size 8-2' nigh Depending On Type Trees to be planted in front of property along public street Type of tree and location planted selected by Township' MIL COUPON BELOW TO: Robert E. Rosa, Director Department of Planning & Development Municipal Bnilding Woodbridge, New Jersey ENCLOSE CECK OR MONEY ORDER NME ; j... DDRESS TELEPONE NO $5.00 TOTL $ NO ORDERS CCEPTED FTER UGUST 3, 969 V.f.W. Officials ttend Eighth District Meeting Wednesday, ugust 3,9fi9 J LEDER-PESS Mrs. Marilyn It. Rubinstein, 0 ; %ISELN Mrs. Irene Semasko, of Sayrevflle, district presi- allo Street, Edison. dent, presided at her first meeting as head of the Eighth Dis igh olida mong the nearly 2U0 high triet Veterans of Foreign Wars y school age musicians who have Ladies uxiliary held»t the Tri- Tickets Limited enrolled in a two-week summer Boro VFW Post 5479 of Dunellen. Special guests at the meet- ISELIN rea residents youlh music program ugust (.,., at arlt olmusic_ ing included Mrs. Jean DiGiovanni, Middlesex County presi- ber of tickets are available for of "Raritan Bay Business andjtit application by the Septcm into the State Federation. reminded that a limited m..,. W'(/ /DBRIDGE The name paid and have signed the char- ub will be formally welcomed University of artford, Connecticut, is Susan L. Govelitz, Wood dent; Mrs. Rosemary Mazer, the igh olidays at Conj,'rej<a Professional Women's Club of ber 4 meeting which will'be the Women residents of Wootlbridge, who plays the French Department conductress; Mrs. tion Beth Sholom, 90 Cooper vr Woodbridge" was selected for deadline. bridge Township and surroiiiii.lhorn. Claire Toth, Department chief of nue. Non-members interested the second BPW club being the area at a cocktail rcgular session on September ployed in business'or,, the pro- Thc second mod ing will be the inn area, who are jjainfully cin- in staff; Mrs. lfred Krai, central obtaining tickets may area membership and National contaci co Robert Freeman, financial party meeting hrld at the home at tiie ealth Center whereifos.sions and who are interested Miss lice Jean Matey, 96 president's Special Project retary, at as soon sec a* of Miss IUlth Woik, one of theelection of officers will take I in joining as charter memhers, oy venue, Fords, is one ofchairman; Thomas Lynch, Department Junior Vice-Comman- Charter night and installation of ifrom Mrs. Elizabeth V. Novak, possible., organizers. pluce and plans mado for the I may obtain application forms 'Ml freshmen who wi enter Upsala College, East Orange, dor; John maczi, Distinct Commander with his officers; and about the Religious School. Pro JMCELENE SUE IIRJBRtion to interest area women Persons wanting information Present at die affair, in addi officers, possibly the latter partial the Ford; Coal and Lumber this fall. Walter Zygmuml, County Senior gram may call Rabbi arold who signed up for membership of October. I do., Fords who is serving as Many members of the Raritan temporary membership chair- Vice-Commander. Richtman at or Sol Mar BETROTL TOLD: Mr. were Mrs. Elizabeth Schwartz, kel chairman of the Board of! antl Mrs Bay Club plan to attend the Sep man or from Miss Wolk at Tha - Michael J. rabar, anover, N. J, second vice president of the New Jersey Federa- lember 20 Stale Board meeting; Leader-Press, 20 Green Street. Mrs. Totoh, acting as installing Education, at (il "' Tappan Street, vencl, an' is expected the new' Woodhridgc. officer, installed, officers not DDITIONS Prospective members are ;K < noiincc (ho engagement of tion of Business and Professional Women's Club, Miss Ginger worn in at the last meeting, in ed to contact cither Myers Skol their (laughter, Michaclenc eluding: Mrs. Mazer, trustee; LTERTIONS nicke at ' or Philip Sue, t» George Frank Mirkovich, son of Mr. and Mrs. sion Chairman; Mrs. Wynona Feast of the ssumption Sherry, Carteret, State Expan- Mrs. Margaret Pastor; and Mrs. Weingart, immediate presi Elizabeth Netiel, banner beraer. Mrs. Semasko introduced Schreibcr 'at Me , mem bers of the, membership committee. ppointments will be set up at no obligation to ie 'Raritan Bay BPW Club" Chosen as Name for New Club; Meetings Slated Miss rabar is a 67 gradnate of Woodbridge Senior chairmen, individually, in order!prospective members ll to aquaint the membership will linent information with rcjnrdl Ilitfh School. She attends Newark State College, where she Bay Club. church, Lourdrs and Fatima ISELIN The Feast of thi the various chairmen of the pro to - Congregation - activities, rcli ssumption, a holy da., of iibli- alls; am' 0.M.. Mass celcgrams sponsored by the VFWgious school, youth programs,! is majoring in Secondary The second Thursday of each! sul j on, v\\\ be observed Friday, bratcd in Roosevelt ospital nmonth at the Woofbridgo ealth Vixiliary. They were. Mrs. Mil-etcdred Sayc-r, rehabilitation; Sir: detail. j of Omega Phi Sorority. will be explained in full Mathematics. She :s a member ugust 5, at St. Cecelia's ne\,menlo Park, Ct Center was selectee' lt' a3 the h time church, acording to Very Rev. DiGiovanni, membership; Mr Mr. Mirkovich is a l'jfis graduate of vvnodbridge Senior Thi' Sacrament of Baptism 'Rosalie Fabio, community ser William Maren, president ol: and place for reguu meetings Mon.signor John M. "Wilii pas will be administered at P.M. i vice; Mrs. Krai, public relation the Congregation, reported ;illj of Raritan Bay BPW. owever, lli'jh School. e attends Lclur. Ten Masses wit. bo celebrated, scheduled is follows: 5:30, in older to gel all the necessary babysitting.service, eon [and publicity; Mrs. Judith Dod attcml board University, Bethlehem, work accomplished so that the dueled by girls of the parish, ski, hospital; irs. Toth. Loyalty are held on a > Day; Mrs. Nancy MarquRo, regular monthly basis. The next [ a., Whrrc he is majoring in 6:30, 7:5, 8, 8:45 9:30, 0:5 new club can be formally ac will lie available during all Electrical Engineering, lie is cepted by the State Federation and.m. and 6:0 and 7:30Masses, on Sunday, In Room mericanism; Mrs. Viola Grat meeting will be held Tuesday a member of Sigma Nil Fra-atternitytember 20. at the Winfield Scott its Fall Board meeting, Sep- P.M. The morning Masses will ta, cancer; Mrs, Netzcl. Voice ol ugust 2G, 8 P..M. Bulletin re' be held in the upper, or main, Democracy. ports must be;>ul»mttted to Mrs. n ugust, 97 wedding is otel. Elizabeth, with the Gran church and the evening Masses Gladys Piajjfowsky, editor, no Sh«also introducei Mrs. Kra later th/nnhe date of the board as chairman of the official visi! planned. will be held in Lourdcs. and Fa ford Club as hostess unit, t\vojtj nll. alls, the lower church. mcotuig. ll d;ite of Mrs. nn Flynn, Departmen s of Con-re i meetings will be held in Sep- Confessions, in preparation for gational functions and activities tc» lbe '- I the feast day, will be heard toof New Jersey president. The vi must be cleared with the calendar clearance chairman, Mrs. j Thursday, September 4, at 7:55:30 in the af term, on and, from The first meeting will be held morrow (Thursday) from 4 to sit to the Eighth District will take ptace November 2 at the 7 to 9 in the evening, Stop In Ballroom, Sayreville Mrs. Krai has also been appoin led chairmen of the dinner dance in honor of the District presi dent, to be held in pril, 970. Department officers, chairmen and the District president attend rd the Council of dministration meeting held last month at the War Memorial Building, Trc-n ton. The Department president conducted a school of instruc tion meeting for all district pres idents and lie chairmen at the War Memorial Building in July, with Mrs. Semasko and various chairmen for the area attending, t Ihe school of instruction the students learned what" the tenpoint program for the new term will cover as to programs of the auxiliary, set up by the National directors. The progam was set up at a meeting of the Department Presidents and National Directors-during July, in Kan sas City. Miss DeGiovanni announced she will conduct her first meet ing ai county president, in ugust, at the East Brunswick VFW Post 33. The next District meeting will be held September 2 8 P.M., at the Clark Moetz VFW 239, in Milltown. Ban on largo, atom tests urged. underground TE CCUMULTOR SVINGS PLN IS "MESURED" George E.- Mirkovich, 229 venel Street, vencl. 'Fantasticks' Next Offering t Playl dent of the Metuchen Club and Miss Mary Collins, present pros ident. The Metuchen Club will serve ;ii sponsors of Die Raritan day, ugust 2, 8 P.M., according to Mrs. Ron Roper, decora- ler, pastor of Iselin ssembly tions chairman. Mrs. Robert seems to be tailored for the in-otimacy of theatre in the round, venue and Berkeley Boulevard, God Church, corner Cooper Ordasco and Mrs. Bart Saulino are co-chairmen of the event to as jktformod at the Playhouse. announced services and activities for Sunday, ugust 7. as on Martin Terrace. be held in air-conditioned Direction of the play is in thefollows: 9:45.M., Sunday Lourdes and Fatima alls. Rev. bie and talented hands of Lynn School for all age levels, with John Gerety is moderator to thewinik, of Metuchen, and Music ten classes, Nursery through large ccmtaittee. Direction is by Gary Nair, h«ad dult;.m., r. orning worof the Music Department of isn 'P service;.m., Junior Mrs. Robert Shupper and Mrs. Robert Chase head tfie prize Middlesex College. In the cast Church for boys and girls two committee, whichas been very arc: Sue Winik, as The Girl; through eleven years of age; 6 active in obtaintfjf<i variety of James Imbriaco, as The Boy; P.M., C h r is t' s mbassadors articles, including food baskest. Russell Brown, as El Gallo (pronounced el guy-oh). s the pairs' P.M., Evangelistic Crusade ser- Youth Group meeting; and 7 Mrs. Graydon ancock is in charge of reservations, ranging fathers are Mike Nimetz and vice. from two to 20. Gene Lopez. The Wall, is danced The church nursery will be i dditional chairmen arc: Mrs. and mimed by Marie Norton; available, under supervision, dwaxd Chaw, program; Mrs. The Old clor is Blair Einstein, during the llo'clock services, for Walter Chespak, table tokens- and The Indian is arry Bernstein. of age. small children up to two years Mrs. Lee Wright, food baskets; Mrs. Monica Kemps, tickets; The Playhouse urges those Mrs. Michael ines, refresh Services and activities scheduled for the remainder of the groups who are interested in meuts; Mrs. Ben Vitalc, hostes- fund raising showings of "The ses; Mrs. Vincent Fabricatore, : ood baskets; Mrs. Nicholas Ueto, merchandise - redeemable coupons; and M Edward Jrossmann, publicity. Tickets at a nominal price are ivajable from committee and irea band leaders. Donations of >rizes and use of card tables ind folding tables have been re luested and according to the ommittee, will be appreciated. To Be Observed Friday Lorraine Seiig, at '. M,, at the enry Innian j Branch Library, Inman venue, Other Masses.scheduled for Cantor arry Sender, recently k'olonia, at which time the by-ihlaws, to be drawn up by a spe-tomorrow,!).m.; and Satur- remainder of this week are: affiliated with Beth Sholom, will officially commence his duties louse cial committee named at Sunday. 7 and 9.M Confessions on Saturday, September (i, at Selichot services. ll c will as WOODBRIDGE - From the day's session, will be presented will be heard Saturday sist Rabbi Richtman at all Bar '!i ulliv ;' n ' Sll cet Thcatrc nff to the membership. temporary 3:30 to 5:30 in the afternoon^nd ' and Bas Mitzvahs and all festivals during the coming year. Circle. Playhouse in Woodbridge, retary will be named and a nom-ligious school for public school Broadway in New York, to thechairman and a temporary sec- from 7 lo 9 in tiie evening. Re- is the route taken by the most inating- committee elected. ll children, usually held on Satur popular off Broadway musical area women who wish Lo beday morning, has been suspended for the suinme months. production of the decade, "Thecharter members of the Raritan 'Circus" Theme Fantasticks", book and lyrics Bay Club must have their duos Fourtcei. Masses will be said] by Tom Jones, music by arvey Sunday. u^usl 7, as follows: ] Schmidt. The performance wiil G:30, 7:5, 8, 8:45, 9:45, 0:30 For Card Party be held September 27 and October 4 and, at 8:30 P. M. Pastor Lists the upper, or main, church; also and :5.M. and 2 noon in ISELIN - "Circus" theme will feature the sixth annual card Not only is "The Fantasticks" 9:5, 0, 0:45 and Jl:30.M. party to be held by St. Cecelia's a popular vehicle, but it also is Week's Services and 2:5 P.M. in the lower ltar-rosary Society on Thurs- the very first musical production to be performed by the Circle ISELIN Rev. Samuel Glut Players of Woodbridge, and Bonn President 'serve peace." vows to week of ugust 7 include: Tuesday, ugust J!», 9:30.M.. la- Fantasticks" to contaci Mrs. Ruth Tail at for special dies prayer meeting, 7:30 P.M., prices and seating arrangementsday, ugust 20, 6:30 P.M., Mis special prayer service; Wednes- sionotlcs, junior unit of Women's.".lissionary Council, and Royal Rangers, boys youth unit, semi FRENC QURTERS SVED New Orleans Secretary of Transportation John. Volpc has confirmed the report that the federal government has withdrawn financial support for a six-lane expressway which "would have seriously impaired the historic quality of the French " monthly meetings, and 7:45 i P.M., MidWcek Bible Study and, prayer service; Friday, ugust 22, 8 P.M., rehearsal for lev els of the church choir; and Sat urday, ugust 2.. 7:30 P.M., church open to the public for prayer. WE VE N UNDERSTNDING With the "Eggheads" "KKKhrads"? Yes, that's the modern term used for the intellect ually superior research chemists, who burn up the gray matter in FREE DELIVERY PONE Kl vvr: RK PRESCRIPTION SPECILISTS ILL PRMCY 587 Rooscvrlt ve. Carteiel, N. J. 20G, for small 'children whosa parents want to attend services. Masses, activities and service* for the remainder of the week of ugust 7 include: Tuesday. ugust 9, 8:30 P.M., meeting of St. Vincent de Paul Society. Room 07; Wednesday, ugust 20, 7: 30 P.M., the continuous novena to St..hide, patron of hopeless eases and Ihe noven;i tn Our Lady of tlv* Miraculous of the Most Blessed Sacrament commemorated, afterward. Bastardo MUSIC STUDIO Lessons Sheet tusic Sale* On ll Instruments Band Rentals COLONI: 9 Inman vr., MI-lSSl I.IZBKTI. Ill Rabwaj ve,, seeking "ill modern miracle dru^s, Only after they're proven to us that drug matter is superior lo those on hand and have convinced us that they are BSOLUTELY SFK^will we al low these gems of modern me tlicine on our shelves. Sam Rreslow r(in rrrd rharmarlil, m s*\ings Flan is designed exclusively fur \ou, * il i«f/wpjetely flexible. It encourages regular savings, but doesn'r, demand it- It lets you set your own pace of savings because we realize that individual financial situations vary your ability to set money aside. But we also know that the secret of accumulating money is to deposit regularly and consistently. Plan now to open your "ccumulator Savings Plan" next payday. NUMBER OF YERS t MOUNT SVED EC $2 $3 «WEEK $0 $20 yr ,063.3* 2 yrs SJ 32G.4O 543.8S, , yrs ,6(9.43 3, yrs , ,93.6 5, yrs ,3.86, , ,597.( 3,5.! Owrftrff PERT MBOY 339 Start* Street and loan association of Perth mboy WOODBRIDGF Q EDtBOW Niercs ii bdter way. Get an lone Phone. Why Indr in Ihr do f.'"f vjirn \o\\ u;mm(i br. rilnnc on the photic ' Spcal. oiit.wlii'.persollly. Share secret Vou can do i? all in toial privacy on your own in tfir color you want»(k a month for your own < v t f > ion. Or for j,t pennies a d,t;, moif, ^roovt with your OWI Inn 7'riiiiIinc'piioiK.. fi\ a

8 TOP COVERGE Leader-Press and Leader Shopper top circulation coverage in Woodbridge area. J The Middlesex (County^ TOP COVERGE Leader-Press and Leader Shopper top circulation coverage in Woodbridge ai'ea. Wednesday, ugust 3, 969 News Of The Week s Seen In Pictures IT. WINDSOR J. I.KIS, Jit. J KI.Y. It l I'll MOM NUS Now mis is TIII-: WY MM IM> IT : \[ 'ioji'i I V\in Id \\ ('. illii' iine DeConiock, o I 'ranee, I ~. ncts children Illi' ill Mcnill I'.uk. im-lin (oloiu.i. SV.W TV IT! 0' ll \MICi: l i :. an yii hu',.slers itltrildini; the d;n (,uiip ill KCK KROM VIKTNM: l.t. (j. g.i Windsor J. l.alvis, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Windsor., l.akis, 24( Grove Street, \\nodhiidj;c, is spending K month's leave at home with his parents after completing a >car of duty a hoard Ihr C.S. >S. Caddo' Parish. I.S'l' SIT, iii Vietnam. The shij) op- In. llii'i < Ire China, i, Inmn t(mrliin- Ibe crated in the Mekong Delta. I'lojcrl World Wide I ou to do (him",! type [,i i ii n LJ.S. I the young lieutenant was in charge of an experimental Vietnamese Naval Training program, which has been expiiniled due lo accelerated turnover of United States ei uipincnl and facilities to till* South Vietnamese. e is a I!)li2 graduate of oodhridke Senior igh School and a Lafayette Collide graduate class of IWS where he was a member of I'si Fraternity, lie earned his commission as an rniipon nradualiiir from 0 filers Candidate School, Newport, It. I., last year. Itl.IND i:\\(ii;i,ist TO SPKK: Rev. Ralph IMonlaiiiK, known as merica's hliinl evangelist will speak at' ibn Central Itaplisl Church of Wuodhridge. Township on Sunday, ugust 7, al two services, II. M. and 7 P. M. The church is temporarily located in School T.I, Woodbine venue, in the venel section of Ihc township. Rrv. James (ient, Jr., pastor, said that although Rev. Montunus has no pulpit "Irii congregation would overflow Madison Square (iardrn. Though still a relatively young man, he has already preached lo more people Ihan did Die 2 apostles in their combined lifetime." Itev. Montaniis is heard weekly throughout the failed Slates over several radio sl.i lions. e is hrard weekly over (lie following metropolitan area slalions: WOR, WPOW aiul WI'MIC. KvanjiisI MonlBinn is the president of tho Cospi-I ssociation [or the Blind, Inc., an inlernalioii.i e. angplisli* ininistry ministry ininisn-i im; to (he world's 2 million sightless. Thp public is invited In both services, which will feature music as well as the message hy Rev. Monlaniis. YOU N IMPROVISE: Like children in her f.iunlrv. So savs lusliiiclor l.ucia (.enrii.i, ot I ISII KIIIS: re Ihe "IIIMIR" in Japan. ere.uikn I.iLihashi nl Japan, an inshuctor at I'.-o- Braiil, as she shows Township children at Project World Wide how lo play Jacks uilh stones. jeel World Wide, shows interested \oiin::,liis how lo make the kites so popular in her native ' *"' bind. MO RIO TRINING: n. Thomas R. l.unn, son of Mr iiiul Mr s. < l.ivin I. I.nun of 7 udson llnulcvaid, \.r ml. has (oinnlclcd liun a in i lie at l.acklaiiil Mi! Tex. e has liren assigned in Keesler IB, Uliss., i>r train iim in the adminisli 'alive field. irman. is <i ui id nale of Udodhrid^e Scninr IliRh School. MERICN TVPi; CRMS Miss Nal.ilir /.m.ihl-. pl.n ;, nr-i,,,, (l Piiinns I.ane PlavKinunri how lr> makp inleresline ilems oul of r\n\ ( ay l^ Registration Dates Set By B'nai Jacob School S IO, lots at p of materials Ol III R C I I I I.D I t l'. M i l l F.njoi aits Mud (r,ifts al iinns l,iie I'U> mound vioi M i s s/a n a- lik and SUP \nn ("illis its learhrrs.!' ; Sop'irmbrr 8 from R:'"» to in p. M. and Soptomnp-r Penny Sale Projerlwl Dphorah wifl br held \Vpflnp^fl,i) 9 from 8 to 0 P. M. limiled,,,,... ucust P M. at the VKW number of seats are available BvlhhortihtJmitler ; l!all 4II N(, w Mnin, wl(k _ v(, KOllDS penny kale, spun ; for giuisls and lion mcnibcrs. line. Donation." Donjlioils ami Kills are 'bese inuv be reserved in ad- >0l'cd by tlio Fords Chapter of WK.NKI, ReKislratiun fordtng I lie school may be ohu>» v:iiice by callius Dr. Bt-iki-r (.im-.rcgjlijii BIIJI.Ijcobs IT led bv CJI JIIIIIIJ ti:i4 ;!4IU, :;ai 47.MIS school will be held u-j ccording to tit. Norman n interesting and informative t 27, 28. Scplumbe.?, and 4 Becker, religious vice president, evening has been planned prior n 8 to 0 P. M. School ses tiekpts for the high holiday.vr t.n'skehos swvirps on Sal.nrday. sorvirps on rrr fi n fdiiratif>ri;il pro fd by rtli'fsliirient-, will bt; IVa lined, announced Mrs. Ily llabeiinan, adult education chairman. Thp f.smft picnic h<»ld this heitig accepted. Tickets are available liuin Mrs. Virginia Cjiuitennan, i Kostw Boulevard, Kdisun. Fro eep.i will jo lo the DeJiryrah ospital f n Rpnwn Vilk, winch MORI) TROOP R KIXTIONS aving relurnfd from an in sjn'cmon tour of Vietnam, (ien. Karle (i. Wlii'eler. chairman 'if the Joiul ('luet's." Staff, ub cjlrd the inilitary could pbn lui'tbtr troop redi.cliun The lour star general would not re veal specific findings which war ranted further reduction. Isclincttcs Plan Contest I \WIII,N( I, C. I. : ISKI.IN - Mr-s MIIOII ('. sen, soil of Mi. ami il.'ib CM ski. inm mil if, he Mrs.. ('.,,-u-seii, 23 (,trm hclinrtlr TwirliM's annoiincod l.ane. Wiiodbridge, has hecti I unil will hold ils niter cluhj promoted lo airman first cl.m coipelitiiiii after a "full \e..'ir of in the It. S, ir I'orce. events". The program will inf lu'lc demonstration of "Irillin,'. equipment specialist al Van- irman l.arsen is a training sti'iiitiua. h\irlini> and ilaiire denherr FB, Calif. e is assigned lo a unit of (he ero- I VMII a ^ a Ira in. Individual ('onlpsi.i; will he space udio Visual Service. held for bcs shut and most ac- The airman, a!m! gradual* ruinpli^h 'd Iwirlor of.ljwi9 In. c ili\isions. Medals will be. -..II,led. TIM' ;;irl«v!io wear -tri'cin", ;'inli iiiuf'tiiis. rccr\ ;ef a iipb, for their participalion in ie W'Midhndup (.'hrislm.'is I'aiadf TIIP> piven r\ ; nb:ioii5 n^ Srout funcrions and Women's Clubs in the area. The Isehnelles werp rpprcseniprf in attendance al ie p'ranklin Park Stale conlnst and the Saints Drum and BU^IP f'nrp eompe-tilions, The unit parlici paled in Ibe Iielm thk'lic s suculiiin's I.iltli.' ' j i" ade as ul as (lie Savn-Mllf Loyalty JJJ\ arade and t-utn petition, with the VK*V ost Uli.'jli cnnliii' e:il. and (he T^elin Memorial l)av f'ar.irie Trie '^iru acted.- runner;.! IP Sunay, virps njav IIP pirv up al 5iimiiir>r «,TJ ^ siirrr?:, aminiinc 7. Information rej^r it>nir >l < > Bin Four leave RIUP n;rf-. firnin and Buzlr talk- S«r>tpniber 6 *>vj ft ed ^!r and Vr%. Kmnv Pink. I,'. S, and Sov SUPPORT YOUR FIREMEN lil' I,i\\ rein c : of Woodhridge Senior igh School, rereived a B.. degree in polilical scene? in IfKiR from Tarkio (Mo.) Coliegp is wife, Kllen is the dauali- IT of imr. and Mrs. j_ c\, nr. chill. 5(in Maple Place ers, N. V. Mrs. Galisewski ha<; (ppled as a rpgisterpd ar- with the National cademy of ccredited Twirling Teachers this year. Mrs. Daniel Cannon, flio f 0l - nif-r!'* "> Kolula. pam,\\ i Stale liatuii Twiclini; V\uuu> 0a VMM be^u ibe preparaou for Competition Instructor will! the Iselinettns ln Scp,. (lu)(t Mrs. (annon was hear] rnmpn,. tmn instrurlnr wtlh lh* Rahiv*7 Fpcrpatmn Drpartmenfs Tw-nl- Pvs pi'pv intnl

9 TGE EIGT Wednesday, ugust 3,969 Leader-Press \DU Iim Kalhy Shannon, 'carl Street Playground Supervlsor, right, foreground, Is shown Instructing youngsters at the Project Bowtie pool. Fall Sports Physicals nnounced pates for physi- <.il r!t;iinitiations for Fall Sports li.iw been announced by the jiihlitic department at Colonia Si-mur igh Schools. Parent permission and medilumory forms can be obtain Three Games Played In Medwick League CRTERET Three games were played in the Joe Medwick League during the past week. In one, the G..T.X. tossers had a comparatively easy time rolling over the Boro Employees, 3-, as Johnson hurled a neat two hitter for the winners. In the opening frame, G..T.X. s on seven walks and only Onl hit. In the second game, G. and G. Wdge. Presbyterians Games Played: Excavating trounced the Pal Dadies uxiliary, 4-2, with John at the main o f ficc of Colonia Szatkowski carving out a onehitter and striking out a total of ih igh Shl School from 9: M., to 4:00 P. M. daily. 2 batters. l Lakatos cdntributed four hits and Wayne Spoga- ll football team candidates,ni. lo report for physical examn,,ilions on ugust 22 at :00 In the final contest, Fal netz got three. Ladies J\ M.. in the school lobby. <>n iiriist 29 at :00 P. M., ciinlidatos for soccer and cross ( oiintry learns are asked to re- ]mit in the school lobby. Nixon bill seeks surveys on null) voting. uxiliary beat the Boro Employees, -3, with Lecher and Brooks leading the hitting attack, each getting three safe ties. U. S. sponsors drive for birth curb measures. LITTLE FRNKIE IS LERNING Confidence Discipline Coordination Team Spirit Self-Reipect T JUDO TEC 005 ST. GEORGE VE. COLONI CDEMY OPEN TO SPECTTORS WEEKDYS»-» T. M Woodbridge Rec. League Standings CURC SOFTBLL LEGUE W venel Presbyterians St. ndrews St. nthonys St. James Wdge. Congregational Iselin Presbyterians St. nthonys 9 - Wdge. Cong. 0 St. James IT - Presb. Ise. 3 ve. Prftb. 8 - St. ndrews 5 INDUSTRIL SLOW PITCtt merican Division Kleen Sweep 8 Gulton Industries 4 Tenneco Chemicals 4 ess Oilers 3 Ronson Corporation 3 Natvar Corporation Eliz. Town Gas National Division mato Carpet Service Witeo Chemical Colonial Pipeline Engelhard Min 4 Ohem Eleotro Dynamics Woodbridge R.C.. atco Chemical Games Played: Engelhard IS - Pipeline 8 mato - Eliz. Gas 4 Ronson 0 - ess 8 atco 8 GuMon 2 Kleen Sweep 7 - Natvar 4 Wttco 4 - Tenneco 3 EVY SENIOR FST PITC 2nd alf JGervlns Sport Sho,.. ' Fitzgeralds Kngelhtrd Eagles Local Finance Co. j Kolibas Cardinals.&O. Sweet Shop Eastern irlines IMMEDITE OPENINGS IN CENTRL JERSEY RE ( Fees Paid By Employers) CCOUNTNTS uditors * Credit Managers Budget dministrators Sales nalysts Cost ccount- * Tax ant Managers Managers $0,000 to $25,000 SEND RESUME TO... DR. RLP P. BRONE r. p. barone associates INDUSTRIL MNGEMENT CONSULTNTS 73 Main St., Woodbrldgp, N. J (20) »r*> Central Jersey's only employment organlutton with a (op professional nniiol team providing Industrial management conlnltlng lervlcei for the arei'i 'Mug and largest companies EXECUTIVES ENGINEERS SCIENTIFIC TECNICL Games Played: Local Finance 6 - Eastern 5 Fitzgeralds 6 - & O 5 Engelhard 3 - Kolibas 2 ORGNIZTION SLOW PITCTs Universal Division G. & M. trucking 7 0 P. Reading Fire Co. 7 0 Fords Fire Co. 6 Corona Construction 4 4 Satans thletic Club 3 3 opelawn Eng. Co. 3 4 Rahway Camp 2 4 Little League Mgrs. 2 4 Gene Schreiners 2 5 St, Cecelia's K. of C. G venel Fire Co. 7 Continental Division Brennans Club Purple Eagles Sun, Realty Woodbridge Teachers Nomads Commando's Lucky Spot Don Bosco Council Purple azers Woodbridge Jaycees Games Played: Teachers 5 - Jaycees Fds. Fire Co. 4 - ope. Fire 5 Corona ve. Fire 5 Brefinaiji 0 - Sun Realty 5 Commando's 0 - Nomads 4 iun Realty 6 - Lucky Spot 2 P. Read. Fire 4 Schreiners S Brennans S - Eagles 4 PETERSON CLSSIC BSEBLL 2nd alf illtop Boys Marauders ' W Classic 9 Kings i i Mono's o Port Reading K. of C. 0 Peoples Express 0 KUque o 0 arry Rhodes Scholars 0 o Rookies. C. 0 0 Games Played: Classic 9 - Kings 4 illtop Boys 8 - Mono's 2 Kings 3 - Peoples Exp. Marauders 3 - P. R. K. of C. McGoyern urges full Vietnam pullout in year. LEGUE BOWLING ; St. Elizabeth's Tied for First CRTERET fter several cincellalions due to rain, St. Kli/.ilM'th's and Sabo's Sports Shop finally played off their cru rial first half name, with St. K!i/.il>etli's winning hy 9-7, to tie for first half in the first half Unison and Ward hurled for (he winners, while Mazon and Sosnowski handled the pitching asmniiim-nt for the losers, s a result of the St. Elizabeth's 97 win, both clubs will incot shortly for the Babe Ruth first Imlf championship. In other Ramos, St. Elizabeth's defeated (J.D.O.?9-3. and Sabo's Sports Shop triumphed over the C.D.O. lossers, 3-9, In their win over the G.D.O., St. Elizabeth's gained the victory on four walks and four hits off losing hurler Bob Nicholson. Sabo's Sport Shop, scoring over G.D.O. Ki-9. collected eleven walks and ten hits. In a losing effort. Ken Kascur hit a homer and two singles for G.D.O. Carteret Rec. Results Oldtimers Softball Slow Pitch st. Pres. Mens' Club 8 Little League Managers 9 2 Ernie's Bar 6 3 Knights of Columbus 6 4 Pusillo.C. 5 5 St. Demetrius Mens Club 4 5 St. Joseph NS 4 7 Vinsko's Oldtimers 2 7 Vinsko's Oldtimers 2 7 J & L uto Body 0 0 Commercial Softball Slow Pitch Slovak C. 7 G..T.X. 7 O'Donnell's Tavern 5 Valiant luminum 3 Darab's Tavern Russian merican Club 3 Babe Ruth League 2nd alf St. Joseph 2 0 St. Elizabeth 2 General Democ. Org. 2 Sabo's Sport Shop l 2 Lions Club 0 Joe Medwick League 2nd alf G.B.B.. Local # G & G Excavating G..T.X. PL Ladies uxiliary Bora Employees / and L uto Body Defeats ll Stars CRTERET J and L uto Body, league champions defeated tiie merican League ll Stars, 6-2, In the nnual ll Star game played last week In the Carteret Little Leagut, Tom Coffee was the winning hurler. Mark owel! drove a two run homer to lead the attack. Jerry ughes also homered for the winners. In the National League ll Star game, the Fire Co. No. 2, league champs, were beaten in a close game, 3-2, by the Nation al League ll Stars, with Steve Vi'irz hurling t.hp win. IS FUN JOIN WINTER LEGUE Mon New Mixed andicap 9:5 P.M. Tues 5 Man Scratch, 835 vg.... 6:55 P.M. Tues 5 Man Scratch, 805 vg.... 9:5 P.M. Tues 3 Man andicap 9:30 P.M. Wed 4 Mixed Foursome dcp 9:5 P.M. 2 Men, 2 Women Wed 4 Women andicap 9:5 P.M. Thurs 5 Women Scratch 9:5 P.M. Thurs 4 Man andicap 9:5 P.M. Fri 5 Man Scratch, 880 vg 6:40 P.M. Fri 5 Man Scratch, 835 vg 9:5 P.M. Sat. 4 Mixed Foursome andicap.. 7:00 P.M. " 2 Men, 2 Women SUNDY MORNING... 3 Man andicap 0:5.M. Sun 5 Mixed andicap 8:30 P.M. OWLMOK LNES 346 MIN ST. WOODBRIDGE Township Cops it New igh as They Steamroll i * Over Dunellen Shooters Krum Leads Carteret to Championship in County CRTEKET Randy Krum, pitching a no-hitter for five innings and voted the "Most Valuable Player" iii the tourney, led Carteret to the championship in the Middlesex County Freeholders Little Fellas Tournament at Roosevelt Park over the weekend. Carteret defeated the Fords merican League, 5 to 3. The losers got their runs and three hits in the last inning. Jeff Locker's home "run with two mates on base accounted for the markers. Carteret scored three times in the second inning and added two runs in the sixth frame. Nick Zkcardi was hit by a pitched ball to start the second inning rally. Mike Misko singled. Ziccardi scored when Joe Ba- BaJog, Oberl'dw, 3b rone hit safely and both he andscott, lb Misko scored on an error. Yaros Misko and Forlick had two hits each for the champions Totals while Tom Spernel gathered a pair of hits for Fords. CRTERET The box score: ab r h McD'ald, cf Forlich, 2b ughes, 3b Zic'rdi, lb Misko. ss B a rone, rf Riebis, rf Coffey. c Krum, p. Kovas, p Totals La Ro'ca, ss urly, rf Spernel, e Locker, 2b Nogrady, cf Lewis, p FORDS. L. ab r S 3 Score by innings: Carteret Fords. L b. - Coffey.. R. - Locker. Woodbridge Rec League Schedule CURC SOFTBLL LEGUE Monday, ugust 8 Games at 6:0 P. M. St. ndrews vs. Woodbridge Congregational Boynton St. James vs. venel Presbyterians Merrill Park PETERSON CLSSIC BSEBLL Gamei at 6:00 P. M. illtop Boys vs. Marauders venel Junior igh Rookies. O. vs. Klique venel Park Kings vs. Peoples Express Oak Street ORGNIZTION SLOW PITC Tuesday, ugust 9.Gamei at 6:20 P. M. opelawn Engine Co. vs. Gene Schreiner asoc. Fords Jr. i. Satan thletic Club vs. Fords Fire Co. Colonia Junior igh Corona Construction vs. St. Cecelia's K. of C. Iselin Jr* igh Port Reading Fire Co. vs. G. & M, Trucking Boynton Rahway Camp vs. Wdge. Little League Mgrs. Rahway Camp PETERSON CLSSIC BSEBLL Gamei at 8:00 P. M. arry Rhodes Scholars vs. Classic 9 venel Junior igh Mono's vs. Port Reading K. of C. venel Park CURC SOFTBLL LEGUE Gamei at 8:0 P. M. Woodbridge Congregational vs. venel Presbyterian* Oak St. St. ndrew's vs. Iselin Presbyterians Merrill Park ORGNIZTION SLOW PITC Wednesday, nguit 20 Games at «:20 P. M. opelawn Eng. Co. vs. Port Reading Fire Co. Fordi Jr. igh Continental Div. st PI. vs. Continental Div. 2nd PI. Merrill Pk. CURC SOFTBLL LEGUE Games at 6:0 P. M. venel Presbyterians vs. St. ndrews iselin Junior igh PETERSON CLSSIC BSEBLL Games at 6:00 P. M. Peoples Express vs. Port Reading K. of C. venel Jr. igh Rookies. C. vs. Kings venel Park Classic 9 vs. illtop Boys Oak Street October 2 7 INDUSTRIL SLOW PITC * 0 Thursday, ugust 2 Games at 6:20 P. M. 4 atco Chemical vs. Kleen Sweep Fords Junior igh 4 Witco Chemical vs. esi Oilers venel Junior igh 6 mato Carpet Ser. vs. Engelhard Min. & Chem.. Colonia Jr. i. 2 Ronson Corporation vs. Natvar Corporation Iselin Jr. igh 24 Electro Dynamics vs. Tenneco Chemical venel Park 28 Eliz. Town Gas vs. R. C.. (Woodbridge) Oak Street 3 Colonial Pipeline vs. Gulton Industries Boynton November PETERSON CLSSIC BSEBLL 4 Friday, ugust 22 Games at 6:00 P. M Klique vs. arry Rhodes Scholars Fords Junior igh 4 Marauders vs. Mono's Oak Street B0WCRFT PLYLMD Im II, imtch Plaint fun For ll g4* -07 ENJOY NEW JERSEY'S FINEST MINITURE GOLF COURSE BSEBLL BTTING CGES GO KRT TRCK RCERY RNGE PDDLE BOTING CNOEING MORSE ND PONY RIDES SWINGING CGES TBLE TENNIS Snack Bar Goodies Special Soft Drink Partis* Invited Group Ratei Open Daily 0.M. to Midnight P. S. EXPRESS BUSES TO TLNTIC CITY RCE TRCK KVFRV WED. & ST. TRU UG. 30 & LBOR DY. TEN EVERY ST. Buies Ltave Main It School it. on Wed. at 0:30 a. m., and on Sat. at 0:00 a.m. PUBLIC SERVICE TRNSPORT Trip WOODBRIDGE The Woodbridge Police hit a new high as they steamrolled the Dunellen Police to a,lopsided team-score.' Woodbridge Team Captain ndy Ludwig along with Charlie Banko and rt Dando shared top honors as they blasted in individual scores of 297. Tied for fourth place were ob Curry and Richie lexander with their 29:. The heavily outgunned Dunellen Team took to the firing lino with W. Becker as their top man shooting a 235; than came J. Dugan 274, J. DeBaise 272 and L. MacKenzie 26. This victory moves Woodbridge's standing to 6 wins and 0 losses as Dunellen has 0 wins and six losses. Next week Woodbridge expect* an easy win as they meet tm ighland Park Police it the firing line. COLONI SENIOR TO SCOOL TLETIC SCEDULE 969-tt FOOTBLL - VIBMTY Date School Place September 27 Jefferson.. October 4 Rahway Woodbridge 8 Edison 25 Union November J. P. Stevens 8 Perth mboy 5 J. F. Kennedy 27 imde FOOTBLL - J. V. September 29 Jefferson October 6 Rahway 3 Woodbridge 20 Edison 27 Union November 3 J. P. Stevens 0 Perth mboy 7 J. F. Kennedy FOOTBLL SOP. September 30 Scotch Plains October 7 Perth mboy 4 unterdon Central 28 Edison November 7 South PlaMeld 4 Uokm - 8 Woodbridge 24 J. F. Kennedy SOCCER September 9 PlataJleW 20 Socceromo. 23 Edison 28 Springfield 30 J. P. Stevens Sootoh Plains Woodbrkige Edison No. untankm (J.V.) North uaterdoo J. F. Kennedy South Brunswick J. P. Stevens J. F. Kennedy South PlaJnfleM Perth mboy Perth mboy Woodbridge October November EVY SENIOR FS» PITC CROSS COUNTRY Games it 6:0 P. M. September Fltzgeraldi xs. Eastern irlines venel Park 8 Woodbridge Local Finance Co. vs. Gervins Sport Shop Merrill Park Kolibas Ordinals vs.. & O. Sweet Shop Carteret Park 20 Edison Invitational 23 P. mboy - E.Bruns wick Jeftavon Championship Meet Plsc*taway - St. Joseph J. F. Kennedy - untardon Central Jersey City CVO Edison County Championship County ChMnpkwhip SiyreviBe-Rahwejr Greater Jersey Sectional Madison Township Greater Jer. Finals J. P. Stevens Turkey Trot Plainfield State Sectionals Stat«Finals WINTER TRCK December 3 St. Joseph Mont. Relays 7 Edison 20 State Deval. Meet 22 Perth mboy January ! February 4 ' !.25 State Devel. Meet Woodbridge J. P. Stevens Sayreville State Meet Westftekl State Devel. Meet St. Peter J. C State Relays Madison County alay* St. Group Champ. Stale Individual J. F. Kennedy FI FI FI If

10 \ W.. Sidener To Speak hinday at Iselin Church Tm /y " / L/araten Thli Week Wednesday. 3, lflflfl Miss Maty J. McGowail Weds rnold J. Marchak JFull-Color Film Will Be Shown daughter, Lynn with Mrs. membership tea TIDBITS FROM OPEN OUSE Seattle Two scientists of thesee pollination of flowers and the I tori:; Niemczyk and daughter; Miss Beatrice Pczza and Mrs. for women in the Me-tuchcn Naval Oepanographic Office said (.'imlj. If you're interested in growing a marigold that's uniform in mysterious food manufacturing William J. McGowan, Jr. Jerry U'oodbiidjje - Edison area on that ventures into space have 'liio church nursery will be process in plants." Nappi, cousin of the bridegroom Tuesday. u»ust 9, at «:3l)t; J i l revealed oceanic features on a available, under supervision, e " an ' ( 'fa"'de['icn(iabie source of was best man and George Lasky huge scale not previously imagined by man. Improved satel- wonders to prove that there is a 'God of Creation uses these.luring the 0:5- service Only.-,^ I>. M., at the riol( b a i, home of Mrs. er-! cut f] 0W(, rs, plant 'Orantfe Jubilee' You can't miss it, blaz- and Neil I'olicastro ushered. lz Marlin ve IN,- small children up to lour nu(, East_ Mrs. Marchak is a graduate EdisOn lites will be launched with even God behind the universe, and years n! akc ing away in the ll merica bed. of Cran.ston igh School, East finer instruments expected to that e is personally interested Cburcli Schooi classes u v> i Tho speaker for Ihe eveninq Geraniums from.seed are terrific if you can wait until about versity of Rhode Island, Collcfru oceans. The public is invited to attend. Cranston, and attended the Uni-...:n i._»... j rv jiij. Greenwald, reveal more secrets beneath the in man, is greatest creation." In rn suspended for the sup,.will be.mrs. [,.!' past pre Rdmot iiii'r. with resumption set of July 5 for them to bloom. Better buy plants in the 'Carefree' n Chapter and serving September. Senior and Junior] currently las trcas>ircr of Central New series, though, unless you" want!) Fellowships have also Council B'nai B'rith to lay out about a nickel each suspended meetings. wlml, Sundav, at 3 in the afternoon I vvumti for seeds and then take your philanthropic activities chances of raisin? healthy manv nor Rev. and Mrs. Sid i" plants. on a local level include frequent and family at a picnic, to The wax begonia called 'Patria' puts on a great show, even visits to the New Jersey ome be held of Disabled Veterans and a par Families will bring their own in full sun. It likes shade. ty for the children at the Cerebrat Palsey Center in Mai I'iiid, but grills will be provided. Salvia, which has gained much 'l'b ( program will include of its fame because of s red jmtues fdi' the adults as well as held on July 30 of this blooms, also comes in blue. The the children. In case of rain! i year. variety 'Blue Bedder' is a stand the event will be held indoors' Mrs. arold Pollack is president of Ramot Chapter and out. in I'Vlluwship al!. What to do about galls or Mis. Karl Janke, church sec anyone interested in attending swellings on oak leaves? Just relan, announced that durinj this tea should contact Mrs. plain nothing, because they the month of ugust the office! Ierman Coht ' n at won't do any harm. be open only between the ow do you dry flowers of Ce hours of a. M. and 2 noon, recent New York law hasiosia? Most dependable method daily. Regular hours will be re been used to deny Jackie Gleasiinied in September. son the right to file divorce pro- Speakers for the remainder eeedings against his wife. The of ugust will include: ugust'gleasons have been legally sep- ;:i, liev Joseph (iarlic of theierated for fifteen years. KNIT orcrocet VEST FOR YOUR pr COLLEGE WRDROBE NEW PTTERNS YRNS Open daily 9:30 to 5:30 Thun. 'til 9 P.M. the SEWING KIT 65 E. CERRY ST., RWY large mniclpal parking lot opp. tfor*. WE LIVE WOGDBRIDGE - "God of SKI.IN Rfv. RogiT Silen'Kliznbethport Pn-shytcrial Cen ; We had a lucky break in the WOODBRIDGE - St. Matthew's Roman Catholic Church, member of Delta Delta Delta. picture produced by Moody In- I of Nursing, where she was acreation", a full color molion ;, a l-:w:r' p.i-tor ;i-i I row ti-r. with the topic "The Old iind..'athor for our Vegetable Flow iii'sm,.iifty to Mrv.-o will lie ;i tla New"; ami ugust 3. Scott v Open I Ion sc'he re at Rutgers. Cranston, Rhode Island, was thexiui j<! a physician's assistant stitute of Science of Los ngeles.i Mic'-ul (-'u'.-m ai Kiiit!'! (.!)>' Siillt'ilcr of I'niicetoti. student d fter a brief.shower early in *uitiii j for the -cc'dintf of Mi-,semployed by Drs. S. R. Minicin will bo shown as part of morn < l Cum!. K\>5 Oak Trc-e assistant minister at the local ihe morning we got by with Mary,. McGowan, <J2 Wilry and E. Josoll, Fords. ing worship on Sunday, ugust j KI.KI. for il;e two morning V.-T church. Mr. Sullclider's topic [threatening clouds and a.strong Street, and rnold.. Marchak, \\\.i< M'i vices on Simdav. nviist w'ill be, "(irasshoppers Christ hinl of warm.sunshine. ltogeth GO earthstone venue, Fords, er husband attended East 7, 0. M., at First Congrega n.'m K:45 i»nd K): 5. Rev. Sid uins". IT, pretty lucky considerinfi the Saturday.. M. Rev. Thomas Side igh School, Newark, and tional Church of Woodhridge, fiiit v.ill have as his sermon rains that fell before and after. C. McC-nwan, UIICIL of the bride, served in the U. S. Marine United Church of Christ, Barron ihcinc. " New rea of Mis No lellint' how many gardeners would have come if the wea- The bride is the.aughter of officiated. Corps. e is employed as supervisor in the shipping and re- and' Grove venues. si.ims", with, scripture reading Chapter I.liJintPr Slates "MilTPS ccording to the publicity release, "Through the world's ceiving department of Yechie's from Luke 6: -9. ther had been just right, s itmr and Mrs. William J, Me Janitorial Supply, Newark. Ki'J':rs assisting Rev. Sidcner, was, we estimated at attendance Gowan, Cranston, R. I. The largest telescopes, the audience fter a wedding trip to Puerto Rico, the couple will live ia will include Mrs Karl Janke, i Membership Tea of close to 4,000. bridegroom is the son of Mr. will look thousands of light years 8 (5 srrvifi : and Robert Petti-, You may be interested, in and Mrs. Carl Marchak of Newark. into outer space, view great Irvington. p.i'v, s.-fom! service. M,itli<-r FORDS - Mrs. erman Co nebulae. Flowers will blossom some of the information I picked and a caterpillar will change in anil daughter duets will l>e lien, membership vice president Miss Barbara Newman, cousin of the bride, served as maid SPCE ND OCENOGRPY to a butterfly in a matter of up on a tour and at the information tables: seconds. The audience will even SlliU. by Mrs. lberta Canipbt'll / ivnai U'rilh R;imot Chapter, of honor. Bridesmaids were E-X-P--N-D-l-Nlewaren I [i ureru f 05 Woodbridge ve. Scwaren pplications ccepted Monday - Friday STTE PPROVED Transportation ot Lunches Snacks Open ll Year 4 i. 7:JO a.m.-s::)0 p.m. $ for drying blooms is to place them in a container of a mixture of 3 parts cornmeal and I part borax. Too bad if you missed tl guided tours, but drop in a: time to see the garden. Ever thing is plainly labeled. ope springs eternal in the hu man breasts. Man never is, but always to be, blest. -lexander Pope. FREE! UG. 26 TRU LBOR DY RNESS RCING CTTLE JUDGING UTO RCES STTE 4 COMPETITION GRNGE EXIBITS TRILL SOWS GRNDSTND ND MIDWY TTRCTIONS 7 DYS-7 NIGTS OF FMILY FUN RT. 3 NORT OF FLEMINGTON, NJ. Visit Public Service Electric and Gas Company's nuclear information cervrer. aboard the ferryboat, me second sun Trans World, with yearsof experience, has discovered a new procets that will add as much hair ai you deiire without the aid of hairpiece or toupee. There it no medical operation involved. No tape, or glue is used. Tr^i becomes part of you permanently. This new process never comes off, OUR PROCESS IS COMPLETELY [UNDETECTBLEJ T NY.DISTNCE SURPRISED RESONBLE IN IriNSPUNIS, W rttunc, IR PIECLS NDSCtPCdl. TIS ORIGINL NEW PROCESS IS TE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND IN TE WORLD t S«on TV Channel J WOODBRIDGE TOWNSIP VOTER REGISTRTION SCEDULE ugust 20, 969 7:00-9:00 P. M. Port Reading Library Iselin library \iisust 27, 969 7:00-9:00 P.M. Fords Library, Woodbridge Main Library sptcniber :00-9:00 P.M. Iomaa venue Library. P«rt Reading Library September io, 969 7:00-9:00 P. ft. Iselin Library, Fords Library Srptrmber 3, 969 2:00-4:0* P.M. Port Reading Firehouse September 5-8, 969 7:W-9:0» P. M. Woodbridge igh School, John F. Kennedy igh School, Colonia igh School September 20, 9S9 2:00-4:00 P.M. Ionian venne Library, Ford«Flrehonse «J»pt#mbfT 2, IM» 2:IMM:0«P.M. Woodbrd?e Main Library, lielln Flrrhnns* MtmiMpil Ork'i Office, Municipal Building. Woodbrirfge Monday through Friday 9:00. M. 5:00 P. W. Cvpningd «:M9:09 P.M. ai follows: ugust 5th, 22nd and 29th S'plunder 5th, 2th, 8th, 9th, and 22nd throngh 25th. Joseph V. VaU-nti Municipal Clerk nlerlainincj frne thoa'or Exciting exhibits. See the story of man's struggle through the ages to harness nature's energy, Light up an electric bulb with your own energy. See how nuclear power can produce electricity Oparate a nuclear reactor. Fire the "neutron gun." wonderful treat for the whole family Open now. Don't miss it! Every Wed., Thurs, and Fri.,9M-4PM Sat.,0M-6PMSun..2Noon-6PM., Easy to reach! U. J. Turnpike south to exit. Then Route 49 to Salem. From Salem follow ancock Bridge Road and direction signs to tho nuotaar information center at the Salem fjur.laar Generating Station construction site. PUBLIC SERVICE ELECTRIC ND GS COMPNY NOW 0 LOCTIONS 205 RT. WEST ND CtDWELl VF UNION, N. J. CLL OURS: DILY 9:30 TO 9, ST. 9:30 TO 6 NORTEST 7244 Castor re CERRY ILL Rt CENTER CITY (3 Walnut St MIN LINE 357 Bait. Pit SLT. - WS. - CICGO - MIMI - SN FRNCISCO EW ORLENS Nama City- Phon» FRIII TRNS WORLD NEW PROCESS tins Ron*. SI, (Jtldnpll,\\f, Inlon. VJ. nd ma your PrM Booklet bsolutely No Obligation Sfnta..-,_._ lip L.P.

11 ONLY 75c PER INSERTION 3 LINIi CL.\SMI'i;;i> l) (appro*. 5 words) PID IN DVNCE. 0* each additional line appro*. 5 yords lo a line. TO QULIFY KOU TIS SPECIL LOW CLSSIFIED KIL: Drop off Classihcd d Copy and 'repayment at Leadcr-Press Office, or maij In copy and prepayment lo: CLSSIFIED DliPi., LEUlilUMlKSS, 20 Gtfin St.. WoodbriUge" N J O70U5. Copy deadline: Monday at 4 P.M. CLSSIFIED DS ; (Thursday), 8 P. M.. at K.Vl'US FOR CLSSIFIED DS PIIONKI) IN TO M l l l l l. One time: 30* per line (rain charge $.50). 2 or more insertions: Mt per line (tain, charge $.00 per insertion). SERVICES I'OODl.K: puppies Mack. 5 uk.s. old, KC registered with TI>E PROMPT papers. 2 males, 3 females. $85. F.KVtCK EXPEhTLY DONKlt'all after 6: TREK ESTIMTE JIM MOY I 8/3 KR j - 96 Ford, 2 dr. 6 cyl., auto IT YOUR DRINKING S'matic. R & II, very good run become a problem. lcoholic* inin;; condition. Economical, uonymoui can help you. Call($395. pall: BI 2 55 or writ*.0. Box 2.U 8/3 6/259/7 Wednesday, ugust 6, lice CutliheilMin l(i(l(i Oak Tree Road.IseLin, N. J. Tele B!) mrotiii of VKW Post a3(i scheduled for tomorrow headquarters, oute 27. Miss Elaine J. Kaminski Bride of Roger T. Kuchat poration. In this position his responsibilities encompassed all 'Die Women's ssociation of Park igh School and was em FOR RENT tax payments, preparation of ELP WNTED First Presbyterian Church is ployed by Western Electric Co., consolidated financial statements planning the annual trip to the Family of 3 adults desire a 2 Kearney. The bridegroom was Boy, wa.ued to debvt Leader- Ol. 3 bcdroom house Belvidere ome for the ged, and payroll. j or apt graduated from Woodbridge r.ess, a Cartere, 4Woodbndge for Saturday, September 4. Capobianco's professional ex Parkj a must By Oct.. Senior igh School and is attending St. Peter's College, Jer- Township Weekly. Build y " r Call: The ambulances traveled 957 Gift donations for the guests perience also includes six years route with Samples. (No 8/3 miles, 2,500 pounds of oxygen are being sought, such as toiletries, novelties, handkerchiefs internal auditor by Western sey City. e is employed as an with the Lockheed Electronics charge for them). Give a little were consumed and 75 manhours were expended. Electric Co. he.served as a staff accountant, Company. While with Lockheed of your own Urns and earn prii- and jewelry. Contributions can M, go on trips, and attend ball ttentfoi Job pplkaate be left in the Birthday Basket a financial analyst an<l a tax fames. Call Mr. FUlmor* 634 Th«Middlesex County Laadar Mrs. Edward Babeeki of Ever- venue was accepted as Tree Road. Drivers will also Mixed Bowling League in the church kitchen, 295 Oak coordinator. between* P. M. and 7 P.M. 'rtss deos not knowingly tcc»ptgreen Monday - Friday; or mail your «lp Wanted adj f>-om smploy a member of the Squad. be needed at that time and name.-address, phont number. «r» covered by th» Fair Labor Ed Bromirski, John Facza volunteers may contact Mrs. Set by Temple Women Standards ct if they offer lau ind 3fe to Lcader-Preu, and Meyers Sindet will assis Betty Stauffer, , for further 20 EDISON Temple Emanuthan th«legal minimum wagt with the First id emergency information. i St., Woodbridg*. 3/2^-5/28 WgT CliriStnias Selling Season. Repi!.sent von in your neighbor hood, gall: III /6-8/27 ter 40 hour* a week. Jobs covered as a result of the 966 "w, gee, pop. Do we reall; Task Unfinished, lor SLE mendments require $.5 anhave to move next week?" hour minimum with overtime "Well, everything's arrange DRUM SET like new, tiger son. Why?" ti ipod, crome snare, complete "Well, there's a new kid 0 ith accessories, $25, call: this block and I haven't licke 8/3 him yet." Modern Motel Room a Modern motel rooms for rent bv day or week. Phonej and TV. Call WNTED mbitious BOYS For LEDER-PRESS ; NEWSPPER ' ROUTES -In VVoodhridge and Carterel reas. Earn yonr own spending money, prizes. Samples 0 build routes are free. tall 634- Jbetween 3:30 P.M. and 7 P.M. sk for Mr. Fillmore. or fail to pay at least tim* and one-half for overtime houri. Tha minimum wage for employment covered by the FLS prior to the 966 mendment» $.60 an hour with overtime pay require-! *f pay required after 42 nours week. For specific information, contact the Wage and our Office of the U.S. Department <rf Labor, Room S36, Federal Building 970 Broad Street, Newark, ny Takers? vacation is what you take when you can't take i^iat you've been taking any longer. Record, Columbia.S. C. REDINGS BT SR REDER fc DVISOR a LoY«-Bnfine9s-«kltli M SMITI «T. PERT M BOY Squad Reports On July Calls FORDS Captain Frank Pry beck of St. John's First id Squad reported a total of 63 calls answered during Lhc month of July. Listed were 9 transports, 2 emergencies, B motor vehicle accidents, 2 industrials, 3 fires and 2 community services. coverage required during the New Jersey State Exmpt Firmaji's and 30Oth nmivsary P on September 6. KELLT MOVERS IMC. MDITI TOR NORTI UOOUCM VX LW Ifc. UENTLEiau si tb. moving h- IM). Local ud leaf dlitiut m»rm*. t»<*k M4 rtorift. M NttM JUNK CRS Top dollar paid! Phone: LI YOUNG MEN PRT TIME WORK Must be over 8 and have a car. pply Leader-PrsiS, 20 Green St., Woodbrldge. CLL MR. MENKE FOR PPOINTMENT LEDER-PRESS 29 Green St., Woodbridge, N. J. 07M CLSSIFIED DVERTISING FORM 3 LINES (pprox. 5 wordi) INSERTION.Tl (When Paid In dvance) U Billed, dd 75* CLSSIFICTION NME DDRESS TIMES PID CRGE OPPORTUNITY MEN---NY GE GOOD PY! VCTIONS! SICK LEVE! PENSION Start as a Route Rider with liberal guaranteed weekly salary. Yearround employment. Paid vacation, sick leave, group insurance. Pension Plan, uniforms. We train you to take ovff established lanudry and dry cleaning territory. Morey LaRue, one of merica's largest and finest inmprers and dry cleaners, has never had a general layoff in its Route."..-Iif! Department since it was founded in 889. Phone EL Or apply in person, 9 to 4:30 P.M., at: MOREY L RUE, 2400 Lidgerwood vrnue, Linden, New Jersey. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSRY Members of Iselin First id Squad Cadet Corps will meet tomorrow, 7 P. M., in the squad building, 477 Lincoln ighway. VION EL Rev. Sebastion! t'luago officiated at the wedding ceremony 7>f- Miss Elaine J. Kaminski and Roger T. Kuchar on Saturday, 4 P. M., in the Church of the ssumption, Capobianco s Rosclle Park. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Frank Kaminski of Roselle Its Comptroller Park and the late Mr. Kamin post ski. She was given in marriage VENEL Michael Capobi by her brother, Frank J. Ka anco has been named comptrol ler for Raycomm Industries, The bridegroom is the son of Inc., 283 Prospect venue, ve Young men Of the community, maid of honor and the Misses! between the ages of 5 and' 2, Patricia Megless and Bcrnadette Rodan and Mrs. Philip interested in joining, the volunteer unit may apply for membership at any of the weekly meetings. Sessions are held each Thursday night in the squad headquarters. regular meeting of Boy Scout Troop 47 will be held tomorrow night, 7:30, at First Presbytenkn ship all. Church, Fellow- The Cancer Dressing committee of St. Cecelia's ltar-rosary Society urgently needs clean, discarded household linens, such as sheets, pillow cases, table cloths, any color, to be used for cancer bandages. Items may be dropped off at the church business office, Sutton Street, at any time. * Choir rehearsal will be held for all units of Iselin ssembly of God Choir on Friday, ugust 5, 8 P. M., in the church, corner Cooper venue and Berkeley Boulevard. The final session of the Daily Vacation Bible School, for this summer, will be held Friday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kuchar of 32 Chestnut Street. Miss Patricia Brandas was CappClluti were attendants. Theodore J. Kuchar served as his brother's best man. Ushers were Stanley Berewski, Joseph Gola and Jeffery Kuchar. The bride attended Roselle The annual Carmel Bake Kaiser chief calls aluminum Sale, for the benefit of the price too low. Cloistered Sisters of the Carmel, Flemington, will be held Sunday, ugust 7, after all Masses at the usual location, in the corridor next to St. Cecelia's Church office. ll donations will be gratefully and prayerfully appreciated, according to Very Rev. Monsignor John M. Wilus, pastor. Coal & Fuel Oil «* The Christ'i,,mbasadors Youth Group of^fteiln sscm bly of God Church will meet Sunday, 6 P. M., in the church. igh school age youth, both boys and girls, will b,e partici pating in the tnnua! CYO Trip to Seaside eights, being held by St. Cecelia's CYO on Sun day. Buses will leave the church parking area at 8. M. and are scheduled to return about 9 P. M. Bingo games will be held Tuesday night in St. Cecelia's air-conditioned Lourdes and Fatima alls. Early bird games will begin at 7 and regular games at 8. t Special prayer services are being.held at the Iselin ssembly of God Church throughout the summer months. Services are held each Tuesday, at 7:30 P.M. Members of Boy Scout Troop 48 will meet Tuesday, 7:30 P.M. with Scoutmaster Reinhart Thorsen, Sr., at VFW Post 2636 Post all. Route 27. The vet eran's organization sponsors the scout unit.» meeting of the Iselin Fife and Drum Corps will be held Tuesday night in Rooms 0 and 02, St. Cecelia's School, according to Fred Mess, director. The St. Vincent de Paul Society has scheduled a meeting for Tuesday night, 8:30, in Room 07 of St. Cecelia's School. The organization is collecting usuable clothing, both men's and women's wear for the poor. For pick-up, of clothing only, call Frank Kennedy, telephone * * Bingo games will be conduct ed Wednesday night, ugust 20, by the Iselin First id Squad Games will begin at 7:30 in the squad building 477 Lincoln igh way. * The Missionettes, junior unit of the Womens Missionary Council of Iselin ssembly of God Church, will meet for its semi-monthly session Wednesday, 6:30 P. M, in the church. The Royal Rangers, unit of young boys from the church, will also have its semi monthly meeting Wednesday. 6:30. The new St Thomas quinas igh School, E<lls«i. a TrenVm Diocese school, which students from St. Cecelia's Parish, as well as other parishes, will st tend, Is set. to open September 5. For ffir first two days, helf ():iv ( sessions will he held, from /3. M. In VI nodii. Full day sr.inns will begin on Septem her 7. El is sponsoring a Mixed Couples Bowling League cvory other Sunday night, starting Sunday evening, September 7, at 8:00, at Edison Lanes. There will be twenty weeks of bowling climaxed by a weekend of fun at the Tamiment Country Club on Friday to Sunday, June 2, 3 and 4. Contact Iris Strickler, 3 Timber Road, Edison for further information. Raycomm Names nel. In making the announcement J. J. Raymond, president, point ed out that "Mr. Capobianco will be responsible for all financiali statements, payroll and other related matters." Prior to joining Raycomm, C'a pobianco was an assistant con troller for the Computicker Cor- e possesses a B. S. degree in accounting from St. Peter's College in Jersey City. e also completed the International ccounting Society course in Sys terns and Programming for Business Computers. Raycomm, an electronics concern, commenced operations in June, 968, in venel. Since then it has opened branch offices in many cities throughout the Uni ted States. The company is cur rently constructing additional new plant facilities on Rt. #33 in owell Township. 8ORSE SIPMENT FREEOLD Cyril R. Zor-EDUCTIOnow's Deputy anover heads the Massapequa, N. Y. When PRTS TWINS 8-horse shipment which Eldon the fall school term begins, arner will campaign at/freehold Raceway during the 98-day be separated for the first time. Robert and Ronald Sirota will meeting opening on Friday, ugust 8. arner will be making bis high school and college together The 20-year-old twins attended first stand in force at Freehold. but this fall'ronald will attend Deputy anover was one of the John opkins Medical School most consistent horses here last and Robert will go to the medical school at Yale University. year when he participated in five invitational events winning the Spirit of '76 and Newark and placing in his other outings. BUSINESS July & ugust Only NUT & STOVE $26.95 TON PE COL $25.95 TON GL. Premium Oil. Nttlonal Brand. M hr. MI-VIM on all atkec of human, For Fut Mrrka jut fiv* u* a call. SIMONE BROS. LINDEN, N. J ( Z72«Liquor Stores Telephone MErcwy 4-M WOODBRIDGE LIQUOR STORE, ING. WE DETVER! Complete Stock of DomnUe and Imported Wise* Been and Uqnsrf S73 MBOY VENUE WOODBRIDGE, N. J. Service Centers KONDOR'S MERICN SERVICE * Batteriei M. utomatic Transmission* Rebuilt Rahwi/jve. & Greea St. WOOIIBRIGR ME or V 6-303K Ufler 7 P.M. ow True! Don't go around complaining. You have one less leg to stand on when you kick. -Republic, Marathon, la. [ REDI-REFERENCE GUIDE TO RELIBLE LOCL BUSINESS FIRMS Roofing & Siding T. R. STEVENS Rooflni ud n««mflil Work 6«5 ST. GEORGE VE. WOODBRIDGE ROOFING Repairi of ll Typca GUTTERS ND LEDERS ir taiulrlil Eihioil W»rm ir eat Mttor Gur4i FOR FREE ESTIMTES ME -245 ENRY JNSEN& SON Sheet Metal Work Roofing Gutters and Leaders. 588 lden Street Woodbridge, N. J. Telephone MEreary 4 24 Tavern ROCKMN'S TVERN OUSE OF BEEP The Best In Beet Variety Sandwiches PERSING at RNDOLP CRTERET liader-press "The computer broke down does anyone remember how to think?" BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN IN COLONI NO CS INVESTMENT Join our satisfied group of franchiser! store owner/operators. Ideal opportunity for Woodbridge/Colonia area woman or wife/husband team who like to meet people and are interested in earning an attractive supplemental income. We have a laundry/dry cleaning store available in Colonia. No processing done on premises. Complete professional services provided bylorey La Rue established 889 and recognizecras one of merica's largest and finest launderers and cleaners. For complete, no obligation details, phone: L. W. VILND MOREY LRUE 2400 LINDEN VENUE, E. LINDEN, N. J Watch Repairs WTC REPIRS with Full Guarantee Expert Repairs on all Jewelry FU GOLDBLTTS nhway's Oldisl Established Jeweler «4 K. IKKV n.. KWV Photography 5,000 S& GREEN STMPS if we take your WEDDING PICTURES FREE Film Proceislng GLLRD'S POTO & STUDIO 547 mboy venue WOODBRIDGE ME Slipcovers RWY FSION FBRICS "Interior Deeoratori" Custom-made Slipcovers DKPKKIES «BFlMPIll M!^ CURTINS» TBO COO»S Call For Frc* Estimate FU 8-33 Mason Contractor I 42 Mam st. MSON CONTRCTOR Kimfi of Masonry Work Specializing la STKI'S - PTIOS Repair Work fter.m. Back' oe Service TRENCING By hour, day or week 75.'$ CM, DIRECTORY II. Laundry COMPLETE FMILY LUNDRY SERVICES r.rkf'rke and CONVENI- ENT NSWER lo your wishday problems. Morey la Rue For Imt, dependable, bonded ROUTEMN SERVICE phone: ROCK SLT looib. bag $2.50 PICKED-UP SERVISOFT OF WOODBRIDGE 92 St, Georges venue (Jut Snath tt dmrltao ME 4-85 DVERTISE LEDER - PRESS IIS BRING RESULTS

12 L^DBR-PRESB. Wednesday 3, PQ9 COMPLY WIT Cl.KR W'Kl* ORDINNCE: Bernard VV. Kreedmaii, administrative assistant to tlie mayor and director of Consumer ffairs, left and Dr. ntoino T. ttalla, head of the Division of ealth, right, examine the new clear wrap packaging of meats at the I'inast Store, Railway venue, Woodbridge. Looking on, left to right are Joseph Malek, meat manager; James Posseill, store manager and John lcaro, meat specialist. Mayor Barone stated he was pleased with the quick compliance and full cooperation shown by all markets after the Township's new clear-wrapping ordinance went into effect last week. Sisterhood to ttend Free Bowling Party VENEL Sisterhood of Con grotjatkm 3'nai Jacob is plan to attend a free bowlin;! * TTICS *DORMfRS BSEMENTS DDITIONS "riykooms * BTROOMS parly, sponsored by the Bruaswick-Edison Bowl, Oak Tree will be held Tuesday, September the beginning of a new season, Road, Kdison, ugust 26 at :309 at 9 P. M. at the temple. The P. M. Interested persons may women's group will start its rontaot Mrs. S. Landkorn, Mrs. winter bowling league on September 9 at P. M; at the Bruns- G. Kkolchick or Mrs. E. Weber. TK> regular mooting, marking wick-edison Bowl. S DO TE ENTIRE JOB! IUMBIRLND O.R.T. Chapter Plans ctivities EDISON Metwood Chapter of Women's merican ORT (Or ganizatjon for Rehabilitation through Training) has announced an early start of the season Losche-Swierk Marriage Solemnized in Iselin with three late summer functions. On Saturday, ugust 6, at a,io P.M., a patio party, consisting of barbecue supper, swimming, games and prises Edison. Proceeds will benefit wilt he held at the home of Mr. ORT's School Building Project, and Mrs. Robert Melworm in membership tea will b Woodland Grove, Edison. The held on Wednesday. ugust 27 nffair's proceeds will gofe theat 8:30 P. M., at the home ci Social ssistance Project of Mrs. Shone. Mrs. Samuel offman of Fords Is mernbershi; IjoitT, which provides needy OUT students with some of thechairman and Mrs. roolc amenities of life while attending an ORT school Co-chair-!ohen is tea chairman.. " Mrs. Jerome blon of ECUS sin, men are Mrs. rnold Cohen president of Metwood Chapter, and Mrs. Gerald Cyrlini-Soth of has announced the season's first Eilisnn. Rain date is ugust 23. board meeting will be held an, Metwood ORT has obtained Tuesday, ugust 26, 8:30 P. M ;i hl<>ck of tickets for the Sun- at the home of Mrs. Robert l;iv, ugust 24, 7:30 P.M. per- Karan of Edison. Observation Our cynical friend observes that it Is not always the coldest girl who gets the mink coat. -Journal-Tribune,Sioux City. SEI.N - Miss Regina Swierk, ia. Patrick Maccia was ring- Montreal Canada man KEEPS IS COOL laughter of Mr, and Mrs. Benbearer. j ja in in Swierk, 85 Benjamin walked into Joe Szczepanski's Mrs. Losche is a 967 graduate venue, and Richard W. Losche, of John F. Kennedy igh fjchoul. CIVII)LT Cl I butcher shop, demanded ' tho sun of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Losche, East Brunswick, were...,,,, shot in tlr. air. The Si^year-old OllJKlV LiL/LJlS days rercipts and thon firod a She attended Middlesex County College, Edison, and is employed united in marriage Saturday, 3. New arrivals recorded r f c <;"» butcher didn't fl[nch -uml the P.M.,at St. Cecelia's Roman :it Roosevelt ospital. Menlo ly at Perth mbuy Geueral lius- C()Ilfuse( ban(] t ^ j k Catholic Church. Rev. John Gerely officiated at the ceremony. Park, as a secretary in the em-pilaployee health clinic. From Woodbridge, a son to include:. a ]y moncy Miss Carol Marzecki served as er husband, a 9G5 graduate Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dilko. Terrance venue. -'-w Joseph Covino, 3G Turner Street. maid of honor. Bridesmaids of East Brunswick igh School, Flolu were Mrs, Ranald Swierk and also attended Middlesex County From Port Reading, a daufjh V ene ' a son to Mr. Miss nn Carlisle and Miss Suzanne Maccia was flower girl. nician ;>t Mercury Chemical Kobylakiewicz, 99 olly Street.! Jan, s t on venue; and a dai'khtit College. e is a laboratory tech- ter to Mr. and Mrs. Chester! :md Mrs - Lnvm «lllnt>r. * ll: Douglas Losche was his brother's best man. Ushers were The couple is "on a wedding to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Mnug, 32 smitli Street. Corp., Old Bridge. From Ilopelawn, a daughter!; Russell Molir, Ronald Swierk and Sil Cerequer- trip to Florida. 45 Florida Grove Road. From Fords, a son to, Mr. and From Fords, a son to Mr. andmrs. Robert,ltiere, 3 rlington Drive. Mrs. Frank Regan, 48 I'JUI Street; and a daughter to Mr. From Colonia, a daughter 0 to Miss Diane Turkus Is Bride of Joseph Dudik former pastor of St. Paul's Church, performed the cere mony. The bridegroom is the son o Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dudik, 3 Ryan Street. Miss Paulette Turkus served as maid of honor for her sister. Bridesmaids wer.e the Misses Lydia Turkus, Marilyn Litka, Jill D. Dudik, and Eleanor J McClusky. Peter T. Krulikowsld was best man with Greg Ciggelakis, Ken Geigel Dan Walter and Peter RinaJdd as ushers. Both the bride and bridegroom were graduated from Woodbridge Senior igh School; the bride in 963 and the bridegroom in 962. Mrs. Dudik is employed by FORDS Miss Diane Turkus M & T Chemicals Inc., Rahway. and Mrs. Robert Jaeger, 462 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thoer husband, wiio graduated mas Turkus, G9 Maxwell venue, became the bride of Joseph Mo., class of 967, is a physi- from Tarkio College, Tarkio, Emerson venue; and a son towest venue. Mr. and Mrs. Santas Varela, 29 From opelawn, a son to Mr. Salem venue. and Mrs. John Wargo, 25 New Michael Dudik, Saturday afternoon, 3:30, in St. Paul's Evan Woodbridge Township school cal education teacher in the From Port Reading, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ko- From Carteret, a son,to Wr. Brunswick venue. getical Reformed Church, Perth system. robanov, 57 Willow Street; and and Mrs. Ronald Cooley, 4 mboy. Rev. Charles W. Krahe, fter a wedding trip to Florida, the couple will reside in Woodbridge. JUST PRGRPS MORE ON DDT lthough the Department of griculture has temporarily banned the use of DDT In its own operations, il has stated that no evidence has been found that the pesticide is unsafe. To man DDT permanently the department would have to find that it is either ineffective or unsafe reports show no evidence of either. TRVEL ESED The Nixon administration has announced that mericans traveling or living abroad will be formance of "P'zazz on Ice" at the Paper Mill Playhouse in allowed to buy goods of Chinese Millburn, under the chairmanship of Mr». arvey Shone Communist origin. Travel to oi mainland China has been resumed in a bid for friendly relations with Red China. Soviet urges compliance with Mideast cease-fire. and Mrs, Donald Provost, 24 Clum venue. From venel, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Constantino, 73 Minna venue. From Carteret, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. ndrew Dahl, 52 a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. igh Street. m~ Mr. and Mrs. lbert Takach, 456 Outlook venue. ' ' From Woodbridge. twin boyi to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frobos, 55 Watson venue. From Sewaren, a son to Mr. BUD'S UT BR & GRILL Cent' On D»wn, M M I Yo«r hltnit t Our C/om and ftaiul l«f v,ti \VK DO UVE MRYLND CRBS NOW! (WE LSO VE SOFT SELLS) ORDERS TO GO BUD'S OT BR & GRILL ROUTE, VENEL, N. J Plenty of I'rep Parking - 3/0 mi. north Wdbg, Oloverlpaf BEST BROS-PINT FCTORY BUY DIRECT FROM OUR FCTORY ND SVE! EXTERIOR LTEX OUSE PINT prtticti yrnir horna with a lang-lattiti vinyl ihulrf. Whilt. Chandler Motors DRT 2 DOOR RDTOP Tip Ms, p«rtn#fl fin vimm, 2 t[m»#r ( M rrt ni(ht, in- Dlrtct from Factory IIICT Dlrtct from Factory _ j^«> PPIVFM VINYL MURLS 0 RRIVED! p, t.«,^. IV IN STOCK! NO WITING! SNITS-WLLTEX-VINYL FLOCKS VINYL MURLS - PRE PSTED VINYL WLLPPERS S«!«t the Wallpaper or Sanitas You Need... Take It ome With You Same Day i Purchaiedl No Need to Go Through th» Fust of Ordering It... Because We av«it in Stockl IN STOCK! NO WITING! FIOCKS e TRUE VNYI SN CR MURLS «SNITS VINYL MURLS GlENDUR WLLPPER FLOCKS FOILS WLLTEX e STYLE-TEX WET LOOK VJtLR ; CCEPTING ORDERS NOW for tho RELLY WTERPROOF YOUR RrMCNT GOftl DRY ONE COT FILLS PORES M N WIT OOODYER PL0LITE RUBIER BEST BROS. «" i,e» DST ELIZBET MONDY, TMURSDY. FRIDY Til 9 I'M.

13 Obituaries KLTTLKK Kuneral ome, 56 tlarleret'v was employed at Gull on Indus ospital. Kdisoli, of injuries VKM,!!, _ Funeral services mie. Rev. ugustine Mcdvig. Church, officiated. Burial was intries, Metuchcn, for ten years suffered in a traffic accident on «''i-ti held in Phoenix, riz, for was celebrant at the Divine Li Clover Leaf Park Cemetery. by until retiring seven years ago. j Route about a month Mc-vimler Keillor, a former turny and requiem Mass offeret She was the widow of Michael She was a parishioner of St. Pe- Uorn in Newark, he had resident of it>8 l»ros )ecl venue. afterward in St. Elias Byzantine J. Clauss who died in 952. Mrs. tor's Romaji Catholic Church, lived in Menlo Park Terrace Ralph P. Barone, Ph. D. Villiin a few weeks it will he Mr. KetLler, who resided in Rite Catholic Church. Clauss died Friday. West averstraw. for the last five years. e was fall planting time. would like I'hocnix, was buried in St. Francis Omotory, there. e died on tria-ungary, anc resided of Rahway, George of Toms Johh Yuhas. She is survived by 40 and the Little- League and section nf the Township plant Mrs. Postak was born in us Surviving are three sons, Louis Mrs. Yuhas was the widow of a member of Boy Scout Troop lo sen each family in every July 27 in Good Samaritan ospital, JPhoenix. since moving from -Port Read- six grandchildren and six great- William of East Brunswick, Cecelia's School. like tulips, jonquils and cro- Carteret two and a half year: River and arold of Woodbridge; four sons, John of Old Bridge, was a fifth grade pupil at St. j al least a dozen bulbs this fall -, Surviving are his widow, Mrs. ing, where she had lived far grandchildren. George of ouston, Texas, and Surviving are his parents, The codfish la\s (en thousand my thoughts was Woodbridge cuses in unlikely places Wra Kcltler; a daughter, Mrs. 60 years. She was a parishioner Steve Yuhasz of Mctuchen; a Mr. and Mrs. Myles Dolan; egks, j'i'ownship and what we can Uoalont; the highways and byways Margaret Bondra of Phoenix; a of St. Klias Church and a mem MRS. ELIZBET YUS daughter, Mrs. nn Macaluso of two sisters, Carol nn and Dor The homely hen lays one.. [to continuously make it a het of our municipality. So, when sun, lexander, Jr. of Colonial b'er of its Rosary Society. WOODBRIDGE The funeral Milltown; two brothers, Steve eon Mary, both at home; his The codfish never tackles jtor municipality. When *ay 'Spring comes Woodbridne will (our.grandchildren and one Surviving are her husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Yuhas, of Kopervacz in Czechoslovakia; paternal grandmother, Mrs. To tell you what she's done, we, mean we, because no be a hlaze of color and win the treat grandchild. John; two daughters, Miss nr Demarest Street, West averstraw, N. Y., who died Thursday three sisters Julia, nn and Mar-maternal grandparents, Mr. While the humble hen we plisli all kinds of improve through the community. ndrew of Kersville, Calif.; Delia Dolan of Bayonne, and we scorn tli ft codfish, mayor and council can nccom plaudits of all who travel Postak a* home and Mrs, Mar MRS. J0IV POSTK Katchur of Carteret; a son, Wi in Ramapo General ospital, garet in ungary; 8 grandehil aw Mrs. ndrew P. Trun/.o of prize,. meijts by themselves. They Then, unlike the hen, we will CRTERET- The funeral of liam Postak, also Carteret; an Spring Valley. N. Y., was held Branchville. Which only ROCS ID show you ;neecl the help of every resident not have lo cackle to adverlisp Mis. Mary Niskaeh Postak of five grandchildren. Monday morning from the Greinor Funeral ome, 44 Green Iren and two great grandchil It Pays to advertise! of the Township. our beautification program. Tim mo Randolph Slroel, who diod dren. MRS. ELEN ODOVNEC I seldom get a chance to re lthough we can welcome flowers will speak for them Wednesday, ugust 6, in Perth MRS. ELEN FIXON Street. high Mass of requiem WOODBRIDGE - Funeral lax, to hike my legs up on a large and attractive buildings selves and we will lind that our mboy General ospital, was CI-USS was offered afterward in St. MRS. RTUR SEGKR services were held Saturday hassock and just do absolutely like the ess Building to Wood effort resulted in free advurtis liuld Saturday in the Synowierki \V( K i[>i!riik'ik Funeral ser- James' Roman Catholic Church. WOODBRIDGE - The funeral mltvn\nu for Mrs. elen (Shagi) nothing. So, the other day, when fridge and we can roll out the of Mrs. Ethel L. L Sei^r of iodovanec, 83 Decker Place, I did find a few minutes to my j welcome mat for hotels like It's just a thought, folks. What Uishopville, Md., a native of. fronl Gagliardi-Kain Colonial self and sank back in my fav-] oliday Inn. unless we make ily you think of the idea? I Woodbridsc, who died d Fid Friday i omc 433 f State Street. Perth' ' orite ch '. n wlt ' cvol ' y lllteil t'on!our (omiminily.. attractive- in really would like to hear from of relaxing, I found that habil'every nook and corner, we can-you and please do not hesi'.ale vices were held Saturday after noon for Mrs. elen Kalian Clauss of 262 Green Street from the Leon J. Gerity Funeral ome, 4 mboy venue. Rev. Theodore C, Seamans, pastor of the Woodbridge United Methodist Wednesday, ugust 3, lflfiff Interment was in St, James' Cemetery. native of ungary,.mrs. Yuhas lived in Woodbridge for 25 years before moving to West uverstraw six years ago. She fered afterward at St. Cecelia's Roman Catholic Church. Interment was in St; Gertrude's Cemetery. Colonia. Michael died Friday at the John V. Kennedy Community The Mayor Reports The Benutification Cotnmittf* of the Citizens dvisory Committee has been doing an excellent job in keeping tbp people aware of. the need "f beautification, but even as th«mayor and council, that com millet', too, cannot do the work hy itself, It needs you, you and F.V.T. MERICN & IMPORT SPECILTIES P.O. BOX #433, RWY, NJ M«mt>«r International Trodira Organiiaiion and Rahway Buiirmimtn knot. BUY LL 3! SVE *2.97! LL 3 ITEMS PENKNIFE TOOL KIT Dohi #2, Siv#n intirchangaabla looli with 3 99 handle. Mad* of t»mp«r*d itol. Carrying plul tent cow. Check SB«*raM tkre*! O #2 T»el Kit D #22 Flaihlight P«n. D #M Ph»rw lnd.x 3.»» I NME DDRESS. CITY ZIP. PONE, Mall check tr i»m «rdtr I* F«b Tik Trader! Inrlmh %% 8>lti Tn llow Ihraa l» four watki for dtlivary. Moil m* application for charge ccaunt,. in Peninsular General ospital,jmboy. divine lituruy ser- Salisbury, Md.. was held at the vice was conducted afterward Watson and Wahley Funeral ;a t st. John's Greek Catrioiic has a great grip on one. In not reach the ultimate in torn stead of relaxing, I found iny-jnnmitics. self thinking., Wc havp f l)llr muvu in K<au. ome, Sclbyville. Del. Buiialchiirch. with the Very Rev. was in a Woodbridse :irca; Msyr.Stephen Sedor officiating, nd, as usual, the subject of jtifvins m. Tmvlishipi We liavc cemetery. Interment was in the church planted trees on the Main Mrs. Seg-pr, 46, was the wife;cemetery. 23 Ford venue. high Ma.s.S;t] O rou S hfares and w c have of rthur J. Scger. She was a! Mrs. odovanec died Tiicsincmbcr of the Con^reRatimialjt!ay at Perth mboy General ward in Our Lady of Peace Ro-]troos -from the municipality at LEGL NOTICES of requiem was offered after-j urycc i homeowners to purchase, advertise good things. Church on the Green, Nor ospital. man Catholic Church. Burial j reduced rates. We have I'lin! * *** «* PI/ iirii T fl f Dni«L (^r* w+-\ rt!._-. i J...* l! l '.. i.. i, walk. Conn., and theladies She had lived in Perth mboy was in Clover Leaf Park Ccme inated tisly, dilapidated build SITKltllllt COURT OF NI-'.W.lERSIT uxiliary of the Bishopvillc ] prior to mvoing to Woodbrdge tery, Woodbridge. CilNCKKY DIVISION inrs in the Project Bowtie area MIDDI.tSKX COUNTY Fire Company in Bishopvillc. J!5 years ago. She was a mem- Mr. Moog was the husband of and encouraged the improve Dtickrt Nn.'M-»IM-i;» Surviving in addition to her her of St. John's Church, the late Francos MOOR, lie is incut of existing structures. S'l'KU. M. RICIT). I'laillliK. \: VIRCL JMES RICiUD, JR., Dflenrt- Rumson; a daughter, ndrea of John odovancc; a son, Ed- grandchildren and three j;re: about Project Green in the Civil ction husband are a son, Gary of I Surviving are her husband, survived by a son Georsc; four When there was a hue and cryant. Norwalk; and her father Max Jward of Brooklyn. NY.: three grandchildren. Main Street area we oikoiir MITKI-: TO BSIINT DUFIONnVNT or roit IM LICIION well Logan of Woodbridge. Iler'tluugrrters. Mrs. elen Carpcn ;wd self hcjp. There-lias heen mother was thelate Jennie!le r By \uiue and order of thp.superior f Chicago, Mrs. Virginia OWRD SRINSKV some improvement, hut ihcro Couil I New.Iplfcpy. Clmncery l)i\isinn,. nia^l July ir>, 94i9, in a riul ailion Demarest Logan of.l'ioi of Long Branch and Mrs. WOODBRIDGE oward 's still much tn be done. bridge. Louise Kourounis of Brooklyn. Srinsky, Route, Fallon. Neva-! 'I'' * :«hrii'in STLI.I M RKiUl) u lh«new post office, nearintf plnintiir and Jou, VUIGIL JMES III- NY.; 3 grandchildren and da, died Monday. ugust nji'ompletion on Main Street and G\!I). Jit, are defciuliint, you rf heirl).v ipniiiind to answer the complaint t*{ MICEL DOLN one great grandchild. there. e had been employed the recently completed Over the iil.mitiir nn or belurt September Ifi. MENLO PRK TERRCE -j ' Funeral services were hold.uenry MOOG Monday morning for Michaeli FOROS Thefunc«'a! of Dolan,, of 7 Jefferson,enry loog, Mary venue. I Street from the Thomas J. Cost, who died Saturday in Perth ello Funeral ome, Grpc-nimboy General ospital, was Street and Cooper venue, ;ln>ld Tuesdiiy morning from Iselin. requiem Mass was of Flynn and Son Funeral ome, as a fireman with the U. S.i Building have helped consider Government in Nevada. jabl.v but, my friends it is Mr. Srinsky. who had lived still not enough. Much, much in Fallon for a year, formerly! 0 -' musl '"' accomplished. resided in Woodbridge. is W(% l:in s(;llt "i" things that father was tile late Michael ' l>s t ' Jl 't litt_lf. We can keep liur Srinsky. e was a graduate of sidewalks swept and papers Middlesex County Vocational! 0 '- f * n S Rutiers. We can net School., '< handyman to wield a paint Surviving arc' his widow, ''rush if we can't afford a etty assard Srinsky; two pamler. It's remarkable what brothers. Michael Srinsky and ; ( -'«: "» r P :lillt *--:tii accomplish! James Lucas of Sewarcn; and :Wo cil " l lt a " :lil lim ' :ln 'l ;l lime sister. Mrs. Sandra Gjul.! liltlp improvement, there and ikdjson. iif each individual does his -share I Funeral services will be hrldi lhc sllln lolil wil ho 'mpres 'Siitui'day, 0.M., from (he!*»» «". il.eon,.(ierity Funeral ome, I mboy venue. Wood hnd^e. Interment will be in ICIiiverleaf Park Cemeteiy, Wnodbriil^e. l''riends may t.ill ;il the funeral home Friday from 'I to j and 7 to 0 P. M. XI It (OND/IIONKI) WU DIDI TITII I «< <f.»> VIUI waccmom * m+> III I I) d\l It hie selection \\ OODttltlDGE i; Lic iior Slorc «I ME I ;;.)7 mhny vr., Woodhrldgr'f I I our nf Ilir bi-st SlliS iirouiul. MIKE'S <;IIN'I SIZK SUi\IRINK SNUVVICIIKS Cal Z OrK-n * i.m. to 0 p.m. jj Wayne TE GREEN BEETS I, a Woman n, II I hr Penthous SL'SGE & MET B.M.I. TURKEY ROST BLI I COLD CUTS CLOSED MON. DINING \lt I \, VENEL ST. lcrosi fr. Cienprtl IlyDamiiil VI.MI to add any thoughts and SUE;- jjeslions nf your own. We want to advertise Wood bridge fnr its beauty an warmth If we work hard w«will find that it really pays to!)'>9. by acrviiir an answer on Sarhar, Sacltar RcmMcin, attoriifvii lor plaintill. «hu.sp, acltlrena ii 3 Walchuiif wniic*, (Miiinlicld. New Jcr.sry, anri in rlciaiilt thni'nr such judgment.vliall rm irmli'icil ;ii;;iinsl yuu as the Cnurt Khali think i>' iiital)!<> and juxt Thi- nbji'ii of said nilion l«in nhlain 9.iudyinrnl of (li^orce between said cornliluiimril and you. S\L'IIK. SCIIR * BBRNSTKIN Miiirncys lor Plaintiff.l Lilihy K. Sat-har. \ Mcmli'M of thp Firm hily?'l. I9iifi l)iiprii.'. 7/iii-»'r,-i:i-jn/ii» t:i:ir«gourmet DINING watermelon is a member of the ^ourd family, native to frica. In the United States, watermelons are a universal ly popular summer dessert, but in the dry countries of frica, watermelons are nnl coiifinetl to thp dessert course. They are an import ant staple food.ind os lircially valuable in conn hies where water is sraice, (.'hillt'd, cut, into wedges, or MTved with fresh lime or Ininon juice, watermelons arc a thirst, quenchins sum UM- ilcliuht. When puri'has in : a watermelon, avoid melons with a hard white ^ i'iik in the flesh. 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