John H. Nevill, Former Recorder, Died Last Night. Civic leader Succumbs At 82 Years of Age at Hospital in Elizabeth

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1 frst, Wth Tht tows! AU The Actvty Of The Town Wth Your fcr Value Shop Tht At LttrfMt And B<st Sbopj An4 XXX-NO. 7 CATEET,.N, J, FDAY, JULY 8, 95 f pd ather {e Home By OUr (. r rr*t mporter ((P,. (,to Mountans,,,,,,,t folder sad that you null at dusk and watch,,. m, the deer must have h., junor and were hey are hdng out ", v,.-ks. The same goes fsh. They manage to ho worms ;n a sneaky, r ttng on the hook s : else. t;, ;n.. about fshng, all tt s what read n r, Here and tlmn are bout angle* tattlng V andtbomm "slew,,nr amaartd on a trp. V(. yet to let wth my :,, flsherqj» brlngta* ).rh of fsh, H? to the l t S all hearsay-, ndmt that am the vurst fsherman, But kn,, wn others whd are not (, m( me. One, sunny day ]fd to spend *.6Q for a ;, nshlng trp. came Uh two mnnows ard the,,(-tlme fshermen had, four one-mchek. The,,.,uvrs excuse Wk* that lv, nt runnng today," ) ()W somethng tells me V-.en came to the Poco-,,r vacaton, should harve, fshnn luok or no luck \ n,\ of roamng around Amens and admrng rose," Huht now, m golnp;,l mth a sore and hghly., ftter and have no one,m but myself, rqufd trouble n a Jffy. u Hred of fshng, because,h would not get on the decded to leave Junor, rnok to keep on nshlnsr n vs content and t nut to stroll near the rose s suddenly, felt wha!, bun n my thnnng ;:a^e n, a (Up gh h the t turned owtoo bee and, BlngO. WM. felt lke a needle ; my fnger. remfe Attend rrls Scout Camps Closng Exercses rrl SCOUH Present Skt; Dancng Oaf s Taught by nstructors CATEET A, pleasant. *n srtalnlnt; and nformatve proram conducted by the Cart*r<»t Qrl Scouts durng the past month t the hgh school stadum was rough t to a close Sunday wth pproprate exercses. The Orl Scout Day Camp, as t as known, was attended by 45 rls froh the borough. ts success was the result of fne leadershp nd cooper A tlon hy a group of Carteret women. Gvng much of ther tme to ths propect were Mrs. Loretto Nevlll, who was drector of communt; le and nature study; Mss Zlta Mellon, drector of the camp, wh taught handcraft; Mrs. John Nemlsh, charman of the outdoo cookng, asssted by Mrs. Josepl efchlnsky and Mrs. Helen OBren. Also. Mrs. John Balka, charnan of sports and campng; Mss Florence Brown, n charge of tenns; Mss Joan Tffany, charman of the lterature and drama department and Mrs. Kay Symchlk, drector of dancng. The closng exercses enacted for the parents and the frends of the Scouts, featured a skt enttled, The Part of Every Day." Ths was gven by the Grl Scouts, Mss "tffany was n charge of the skt and Mrs. Symchk drected the d»ncnk. Mrs Helen yan of Staten sland was a truest at the affar. Mrs, Helen Saster of the Natonal Grl Scout Councl at New York made an nspecton tour of the camp. Whle at camp, the grls learned outdoor cooklnk. pottery, clay modelng, and varous handcrafts. They also took part n tenns, archery and croquet. Dancng was also part of the vared {Program. Wns Memoral Trophy amly Breakfast Scheduled Sunday Affar to be Sponosral By Crey Councl n S. Elzabeths Halt JOHN Pctured above la Wn Guntl, wnner of the 8*tff«ft jf Eugenr Olnda Mettoral TTODhT- Gural was awarded th* trafeny for hs outstandng bawb»l jwrf»rm anets.,, 4 eceve Notce For nducton Test X-ay Traler Had Busy Bay Yarchcnk Says Unt Well eceved by Botl ulustry and esdent CATEET The Mddlese,ounty Moble X-ay traler unt had a busy day n Carterst yesterday w.h scores of borough resdents takng advantage of the free chest X-rays. The unt wll contnue throughout varous pther sectons of the boroupl today. Hflth nspector Mchael Yarcheskt sad that the unt was well receved and he was happy to see the many local resdents who responded for the ohest examnatons. The servce was sponsored by the Carteret Board of Health n cooperaton wth the Sate Department of Health and the Md- Tuberculoss and CATEET A famly obmnunlon breakfast wll be held folowlng thu 8: oclock mass 8unay n St. Elzabeths. C. -hureh, under the auspces o! the :.nty Councl, Knghts ofcohmu. De breakfast wll be prepared V the Mothers Club of the church nd wll be served bv raembers of he Young Ladles Sodalty. Alex Such md Andrew Holensack are co-charmen. eservatons for the affar wll close tomorrow noon. Plans are also beng made by the councl for the nstallaton of he newly elected offcer* August B n St. Josephs Hall. County and State offcals of the order wll conduct the ceremones. Tckets for the nlsht baseball nanc- n New York on August 5 are now avalable and may be obtaned from Wllam Teleposky or lt the Columban Club. John H. Nevll, Former ecorder, Ded Last Nght Cvc leader Succumbs At 8 Years of Age at Hosptal n Elzabeth CATEET -John H. Nevlll. former polce recorder and a cvc Polce Athletcs League Plans Two Gala Days for Young Folks CATEET -Two taa d»jr arc scheduled for M* jaunt falk of the tmn(h wfe«n he Polce Athlttk league»( U««US program for the boyg and grl*. Grls Day wn be on Aununt 5 ahd the boys wll h»e ther run on Anrnt U. The event* wll be held n lh«carteret llch School stadum and everythng wll be suppled to (he chldren fre«nf charte. Among the many features wll be pony rde*, aoftall fame*. races and entertanment eclatratlons»re now beng taken, the events are b*ln» held under the drecton of Pollot Ofllcnr Edw»rd Cakowtkl. Zazula-Brechka Weddng s Held Couple on Tour of South; to esde n Borough on eturn CATEET-The Sacred Heart. C. Church here was the scene f the weddng and nuptal mass Saturday mornng n Whch Mss Helen Brechka, daughter of Mrs. Mary Brechka of 675 oosevelt Avenue, ths borough, and the late John Brechka, became the brde of Stephen Zazua, son of Mr, and Mrs. Dmctro Zazua of 49 Maple Avenue, Elzabeth. The double-rng ceremony was performed by the pastor, the ev. J. Petrlck, who was also the celebrant of the mass. The brde was escorted by her years, ded last nluht at the age of 8 at the Alexan Brothers Hosptal. He made hs home wth hs daughter, Mrs. John Dunne; 48 Allurttlc Street. Born n New York Cty. Mr. Nevlll came to Cartrret wth hs parents 8 years ago They lved on a farm where the Metal and Thermt plant s now located. For many years, Mr. Nevlll was postmaster at Chrome. He then entered the real estate and nsurance busness wth ussell Mles, the frm beng known as Mles and Nevlll. The deceased also served as tnx assessor n Carteret and was apponted to the Countly Tax Board by former Governor Morgan Larson. At the tme of hs death he was treasurer of the Unted oosevelt Buldng and Loan Assocaton a post he held for many yeavs. He served as polce court recorder for nne years. Mr. Nevll was a charter member of the Elzabeth Elks, member of Carey Councl, Knghts of Columbus, Carteret epublcan Club Dolores Cecela Corey s Brde Of Thomas Gregory Lss, Lnden CATEHET Four Carteret have tatvtt notcesto report for pre-lnductot physcal examnatons, Draft Board No., Perth Amboy, announced today. Names of those ordered to report for physcals wll not be retme, the fnger was ta«ed or publcaton untl t s pu. lke a balloon. n addl- determned whether or not they frt lke the flnler was, sowng machne, getn fast dam. So off rushed :Mt offce to fnd out ;n- does when one gets y a bee. No one knew bmt a thng lke that.. someone suggested. : tn alcohol. dlesex County Health League. The days schedule began wth the Amercan O) Company where have passed the examnatons. 9 and A. M.; to at James Berry and Sons and the Genera Tank Storage Company; A, M. to noon, Benjamn Moore Company; noon to P, M., Poster Wheeler Corporaton. n the afternoon the unt wen to the. T. Wllams Company Ths s necessary, the board de- (ronl to P M. Meta Thern Company, to 4 P. M.; 4 to 5 P, Mol ddnt aa«m to do ul. Next montffw> the A;S stll n the same nkmtlkeauloyknock- amed to other guests un deflaton of ft fnger -ol one had a dfferent ; An old lady sld! some mud on t, u t was too tw now, A, everybodys Mvce. n alcohol workout, )<> epsom salts, o<lt<ed plan salts. followed wth vlnegar ( Olve ol, m-. Mntan ol. ttttvlog lo- V: every mowa patent - The swellng stayed -longed, although the was slowly dmnshng. " A couple of days de- ut-t some more oompt- ;vu:e. Why foot around, lt to myself. Why npt uco? Why not go to a Why not call up Mke fc As closed W «y«*. nn,tl scene came beore me -rd the doctor say:»»;r must com ol." )!» p up enough tterve,» : nearby tent o see a H wasnt at hl oflloe. " sad the d.pmor was he hosptal delverng showwl her my fnger, she grnned:." she sad..come * go bwsk to the clared, to avod embarrassment for those who fall te pass. The men wll report at the Perth Amboy offce and wll be taken by specal bus to the new nducton center. ndustral Buldng at 6 Broad {Street. Newark. The regstrants who pass ther physcal examnaton wll be sent to camp as calls are receved for manpower. Donovans Entertan At Hot Dog oast CATEET Mr and Mrs. lchlard Donovan of Bernard Street M. at the Carteret Free Publc L brary. n the evenng X-rays wer ven n the West Carteret secton at Klaus Street, and at Wllam and Holy Name Socety of 8t. Josephs Church. Besdes hs daughter, he s survved by a son, Gervase, fl\e grandchldren and two greatgrandchldren. Funeral servces wll be held at St.. Josephs Church Monday. Defnte ararngements are pendug. Lght Opera Group Organzng n Boro Frst Audtons to be Held Tonght at 8 n wore a want; [nwu tsnueu wm o v,.., a sknner satn bodce wth an St. Mark 8 A u d t o r u m brother, John T. wore a whte Brechka. She fashoned wth lluson necklne, long ponted sleeves and a tummouwreltne d Ceremony Performed Saturday at Carteret Presbyteran Church CATEET The Presbyteran Church was the scene of the weddng Saturday afternoon of Mss Dolores Cecela Cowy, daughter of Mrs. Joseph Treflnko of 64 oosevelt Avenue and Phlp Corey of ahway, to Thomas Gregory Llss, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Llss of 6 Orchard Street, Luden. The double-rng ceremony was held at 5 oclock and the ev. Oron Hopper, pastor of the church, offcated. The brde was gven n marrage by her father and was attended by her sster, Mrs. John Aklan of Qarwood, as matron of honor. Mss Wanda Smth of ahway and Mss Matlda Treflnko of New York Cty were brdesmads. John Llss was hs brothers brst man and John Aklan of Qarwood and Larry Clark of llnden ushered The brde was attred n a whm chffon and Chantlly gown wth an lluson necklne, long ponted sleeves and a full skrt extendng n a lonp tran. Her fngertplength vel of slk net wae attached to a pleated chffon cap and she carred a colonal bouquet of whte gladolus, lles of the valley,md stephanotls. The matron of honor was gowned n peach-pnk organdy aver taffeta, ballerna length, styled wth a QueenAnne collar and a pleated organdy helmet. She j carred a bouquet of whte gladolus and pnk stephanotls, The.brdesmads wore smlar gowns n opera wlll a(jua OTgttnfly over taffeta and car- Thomas Jefferson Hgh School n Elsabeth, the Newark Cnllev. of Engneerng and utgers Unversty und attended the Unversty of Nebraska. Durng the war he served n the U. 8. Army n tnly, He s employt by the Lnk Hell Corporaton. Phladelpha. tes Today for Gold Star Mother Mrs. Mary Matreska Des n Hosptal After Bref llness _. _ - r W u T, a«jua organdy over tmetawd car sole skrt wth satn applques am! beonthe-boroughslalland wlntw,: led bol(juet of whlte g ladlouls a long tran, Her French lluson vel was attached to a braded crown trmmed wth orange blossoms and she carred a motherof-pearl prayerbook. adorned wth a whte orchd and streamers. Mss Jean ta Brechka was her ssters mad of honor and was gowned n aqua marqusette, prncess style, matchng mtts and she carred an old-fashoned bouquet of summer flowers wth satn streamers. The brdesmad, Mss Ann Alce French of Elzabeth. Street, and wound up at the Lone nece of the brdegroom, wore an Star Socal Club n the Chrome orchd marqusette gown and the secton. Todays schedule la as follows: From 9 to A. M., Flrehouse No. ; - to U A. M., Vvan Sportswear Company on Washngton Avenue; A. M, to noon, "Vrgna Carolna Chemcal Company on Lafayette Street;- to P. M., J. S. Sportswear Company on oosevelt Avenue and the G, L. the" hosts" at a welne roast Feld Company, _Ud.. On Essex socal agenda. Glbert and Sullvans famous operetta. "Tral by Jury," "H.M.S. Pnafore" nrfd "The Gondolers," wll be presented by a group of local amateur artsts. Ths new lght opera group slnen accessores, a pcture hat und and aqua stephanotls. Upon ther return from a weddng trp to Seasde Park, the couple, wll resde n Phladelpha. The brdes travelng outft nclud- Jed a lavender organdy dress, whte CATEE7T Funeral servces for Mrs Mary otar Matrlcska. 6, of Maple Street, who ded Monday nght at the Elzabeth General Hosptal followng a bref llness, are beng held at oclock ths afternoon from the John J. Lyman Funeral Home, Locust Street, wth the ev. Oron Hopper of the Presbyteran Church offcatng. nterment wll follow at Me Cloverleaf Memoral Cemetery n WoodbrldKe. Members of the Amercan Legon are actng as pall bearers. Mrs. Matrlcska was one of the boroughs Gold Star Mothers, havng lost a son. Mchael, a pararooper, who was klled September 7, 944, n Belgum. The deceased was bom n Hungary and was the wdow of nflate Charles Matrlcska. She s survved by seven chldren: Anna, Mary and Paulne ofar, Margaret and Helen Matrlcska, Ensgn Enul Matrlcska, U. S. Navy, Norfolk, Va., and Joseph Matrlcska, U. S Navy, statoned n Cuba. PCE FVE CENTS St. Elas Day To be Observed lnboroaugust6 Prnts From AU Parta Of Mddlesex County Wll Partcpate CATEET PrlfsU fr«m tl. parta of Mddlesex County and others from Ybnkers. K.-Y., add aha-sy wll take part Uvth* annual observance of at.fellas Day. beng sponsored by St. Ellas Greek Catholc Church here of Sunday, August 6, n the church grounds. The ev, c. 8. oskovcs, pastor of the church, has made elaborate preparatons for the all-day affar. The day wll begn wth an outdoor mass to be held at A. M. and a pcnc wll take place n the afternoon, begnnng at 4 oclock. An altar wll be erected on the grounds adjonng the church. Father oskovcs wll offcate at the mass. One of hs assstants wll be Smon Oalvach, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. faalvach. He!s at present a theologcal semnary student and wll be ordaned nto the presthood next June. Others who wll serve as deacons and sub-deacons are the ev. Leo Pelensky, ev. M. A. Konopka, ev. held at ther home Saturday.nght n honor of her sster, Mrs. John J. Oren of Parkchester, N. Y, who s vstng here for a we«k. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Wlllam Carlsen. Ms. Gertrude Mulvlhll, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sachs and Mss Edna Donovan. Ukranan Chor Lsts Pcnc at Mount Bethel CATEET A pcnc at Forest Lodge, Mount Bethel wll be held ths Sunday by the chor of St. Demetrus Ukranan Church. Mrs. Joann Wtsylyk s charman, asssted by Mss Ann Gftwronsky, Mss- Paulne Spognetz. John Yaremko. Sr.. Walter Konowka, Frank Cholowskl. Mrs. Mare Kubck, M*s. Olga yder and Mrs. Mary Stutzko. Street; to P. M., Amercan Agrcultural Chemcal Company; to 4 P. M., Star 8ervlce Staton on Washngton Avenu*. ftnd 4 to 5 p. M. the two local banks, Elemor KUcy Becomes Member of Teenage Club CATEET Eleanor utcy was welcomed nto the membershp of the Teenage Club sponsored,by St. Demetrus Ukralnjan Church at t meetng held Wednnsday nght. A recepton for th new members of the organsaton wll be held next Wednesday nght and plans wll be made for a trp to New York. The regular week)y teenage dance was held Ust nght at the Ukranan Pavlon, junor brdesmad, Mss Karen Brechka. nece of the brde, pnk marqusette, both styled smlar to tn. mad of honors John French of Elzabeth was hs brothers best man and Leonard Tese seated the guests. Jay Conway, nephew of the brde, was the lng bearer. The couple s on a motor tour of the sou tl and upon ther return wll resde n ths borough. The brde chose a canary yellow sharkskn sut, whte accessores and an orchd corsage for her gong-awy outft. The brde s a graduate of St. Marys; Huh School, Perth Amboy, and St. Peters Hosptal, School of Nursng. New Brunswck, and s employed by the Carteret Board of Educaton. She took post graduate work n publc health at Newark and Jersey Cty State Teachers Colleges. Her husband s a graduate of Thomas Jefferson Hgh School, Elzabeth, and served three years n the U.. Army, ncludng duty n the Pacfc theatre. now formng and rehearsals wll be held n St. Marks Parsh Hal. Audtons and the frst rehearsal wll be held tonght at 8 oclock. Mss Estelle Wentworth, formerly of the San Carlo Opera, Company, wll be the drector of the group. Prncpals and chorus members are to be audtoned and nl voces and ages are elgble. Harold Cromwell of oosevelt Avenue s the manager for the group and those nterested n becomng part of the company are requested to contact hm. Besdes the three Glbert and Sullvan productons, the group wll also present a fourth operetta "Cavallera ustlcana," n Englsh r dec ked to f k fnegenoy Wll Of hosptal. WWl«, the nurse, ;; hdd a t»>>«wm uuuhng! "Bathe and Chef Urges Parents to mpress On Tots Mot to Play n Streets CATEET -Have you mpressed Vour chldren wth the dangers of pl»yk n the street? That queston was asked of parents today by Polce Chef George Sherdan because of the rsng number of traffc accdents Uvolvd wutf upe of ewys," she "n back to, ll l swm, "-lt Of y U looks ] n«6wlden. He also warned motorsts that a great many younger cluldren. apparently knowng no fear whatsoever, wll dash nto the street at the slghtest noton and regardless qf past punshment. "Motorst* must double, even trple, ther cauton when drvng through resdent** """ he sald "On tbelp shoulders to a large extent rwto the responsblty tor kmdlng an we on every chld who jbrtwght dash n lont of hs cau (Wth chldren removed rom «uj>err»o»ot school te<m*k» fflkmssffl ng the school term, t s also essental that the folks at home contnually remnd ther youngsters how necessary t t to fcay out of the street. Ths s especally true duvn«these next few remanng weeks are on are of summer, when the road and more ft lkely to be playng Wm of all Fre Companes Answer Calls at Small Fres CATEET F r e m e n of the two borough companes were busy Saturday und Sunday extngushng two small fres. On Sunday they put out a fre on a Publc Servce bus on the No. Q route n the vcnty of Charles Street and upper oosevelt Avenue. Damage was sad to be slght The companes responded to a call Saturday and put out a brush fre at the ralroad overpass and upper oosevelt Avenue. There was no damage. Ukranan Sodalty Plans for Outng CATEET The St. Marys Ukranan Sodalty, at a meetng Wednesday,, made plans for an outlnt, to Bear Mountan August 7 for members and ther guests The event wll be under the d -ectlon of Esther Klelman and Uella Szmanlska, Also planned by the group s u: lutumn dance to be held n th Jkranan Pavlon on October 4 lckets for the dance were dlsrbuted at the meetng by th«harman, Mss Mae Decker. Mus wll be furnshed by Edde and h; Golden Serenaders. Members wll, attend Ukranan Day festvtes n Chester, Pa., on August 6 and at Brdgeport, Com., on August. sorts out-of-doors, tpnlnff, after a ball, chasng a comarl>n; roller skatng, or pushl«f/* W»«m or scooter oh a w«jl-lr«wm street obvously are most aftnjejrom;yet, chldren can be se«flolbf many of thene thljwf" "" A ~~ n far too many ways. "A sterner attlt dlsobtylng the**, par Terebetsk nfant, Baptsed on Sunday CATEJUJT Joseph Mchael was the name gven the nfant son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Terebetsk of 79 Lncoln Avenue at baptsmal ceremones held n St. Marys Ukranan Catholc church. The ev. Leo Pelenskv offcated, a bt Sponsors were -Mrs. Mwle Oo ehng luow«k- of Newark and Utenael ut THftbMk of South ver. Mrs ftl A the form* corskf of whte orchds. Mrs. Lss s a graduate of alway Hgh School and the Katherne Glbbs School n New York and was employed by the Waller-Wer dvertlslng Agency n New York lty. Mr. Llss graduated from L. J. Petrck, ev. Casper Yost, O.S.M.. and the ev. Anthony Huber, all of CarteTet; ev., Vncent Lcnyl, Woodbrldge; ev, John Slvka, Yonkers, N. Y.; ev. Dr Ernest Dunda, New Brunswck; ev Julus Grlgassy and ev. Albert Oaydos, Perth Amboy; ev. Julus Wojtowlcz, Pords, and the ev. Paul Barnyak of ahway. Specal musc wll be rendered by the St. Ellas chor. Sermons wll be n Englsh, uthenan and Hungaran, All organzatons of the parsh are cooperatng wth plans for the pcnc. Featured wlt be musc, dancng and specal refreshments. Greners Wn ; n Game Tomorrow VFW Auxlary Plans Card Party CATEET Mrs. ose Morabltto, charman of the card party to be held by the Ladles Auxlary Star Landng Post, 4,> Veterans of Foregn Wars, reports "hat the advance sale of tckets s movng along ncely for the affar whch wll be held n Borough Hall on August. Assstng Mrs. Morabltto are Mrsj Ursula Freeman, Mrs. Anna Donovan, Mrs. Mary Thorn, Mrs. Helen Frankowskl, Mrs. Margaret Schon, Mrs. Estelle Kamlnsk, Mrs. Anna Chorha and Mss Jean Lee. New Books Lsted At Local Lbrary CATEET A lst of books suggested for summer readng has been announced by the Carteret Free Publc Lbrary. n the K:oup are "The Stubborn Heart," Prank Slaughter; "The pnk House," Nella Gardner Whte; "Under the Skn," Phylls Bot- That Lorlng Woman," oberts; "The Parastes," tome; Edth Daphne Du Maurler; "Jublee Tral," Gwen Brlstow; "Stvange Land," Ned Calmer; "Call t Treason," George Howe; "Murder s Announced," Agatha Chrste; "The Case of the Muscal Cow," Ere Stanley Gardner; alon." Theoroda Du "Hgh Ten- Bols; "The Baptsmal tes Held For Lawrence Muxyka CATEET Lawrence John was the. name chosen for the nfant sen Of Mr. and Mrs. John Muzyka of 8 Washngton Ave- Kyle Chchton; "Jacke obnson," Bll oeder and "The Story of rvng Berln, Davd Ewen. Otto Efert Jr. Playng Wth Boston Symphony CATEET Mr. and Mrs. Otto Efert Sr. of 44 Post oad are mghty proud of ther son. Otto Jr. and well they mght be. Young Otto, a talented muscan, s now playng wth the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Snglewood, Mass. He s a student at the Curts nsttute of Musc n Phladelpha, as a result of a four-year scholarshp awarded hm by that CATE ET Th* Dart Week saw the fast-stepplnt Grener Grls contnung ther terrlfl wnnng pace by chalkng up three more vctores through the efforts of the amazng Carol Glroud, ace ptcher for the tnayorettes. The grls won a par on Sunday when they bested the Majorettes n Trenton, -. and then n the evenng took on the Dotty Flashes at New Brunswck and shut them out, -. n the afternoon game, the Sewaren mss lmted the opposton to a sngle ht. Flo Commune banged out two home runs and Chuck Potopowltz, a pnch htter, smacked out a blngle for the clr v cult dstance. n the nght game Glroud and Peaches Jaworsk dd the mound work and between them racked up sxteen strkeouts, whle lmtng the Flashes to four safetes, Kazmarek and DeBoer contnued ther heavy sluggng and once agan Potopowtz delvered n the ;ole of pnch htter. n Thursdays game, Mss Glroud had ffteen strkeouts to her credt us her teammates took to task the Gnrdenettes at obeqon Vllage by - count. After the thrd nnng all the substtutes of the local team took part n the contest. The potent bats of Kazmarek. DeBoer and Messer helped account for ths thrd wn, Tomorrow nght at oosevelt Park the Grener Grls wll take on the New York Qhefs. nuc at baptsmal ceremones n St. noted musc center. Elzabeths, C. Church, Sponsors were Mss Kathleen Schuck of He was also awarded a $5 scholarshp by the New Jersey Chldren Plan Sale For Paralyss Fund town and Walter pwcaola of Port.Musc Socety for beng the out- chmond, S.. standng musc student of the Mrs. Muzyka s the former Ella- State. He plays both the bassoon ohaly of town. A dnner.and the pano. Wth the Boston,. of ollowed at the floward Johnson j Symphony he s playng the bas- j" ~ " Bble School Ends At Magyar Church CATEET Closng exercses of the Summer Bble School of the Free Magyar eformed Church wll be held tonght n the church basement, begnnng at 7 oclock. accordng to the pastor, the ev. Alexander Darapzy. The summer school las been conducted n the hgh school wth 9 phlldren enrolled n two groups. Sessons bad been held dally from Monday through Trlday. The closng exercses wll be featured wth a specal program whch wll be followed by refreshments. The two gvoujw of the held outngs last Sunday. The Young Peoples Club held ts affar at Ukje Hopateonq and the, group Vent the da*»t C A T E t E T The Mddlesex for n f^jj *"*? be estaurant. Socal Securty Ades Adept n Trakng Brth ecords CATEET Dfcaolng of ager J rwords has been developed nto a hghly successful technque by members of, the Wol Securty Admnstraton staff whose-prac^ tlces were revealed today by Lous tter, manager of the Perth Amboy offlee. A representatve vsts the borough frequently. Often many, fl^ and women of 65 or oldt apply tor SocUl Securty benen ( wthout brngng proof of ther brth date, Mr. tter sad,, and «re convnced there s noway 9f obtanng a satsfactory reg«4 of brth. The Socal Securty jm successfully asssted many elpuats, h sad. Mr. tter towtf a f»oent case born wdow appled for survvors nsurance based on her late husbands earnngs. She knew her brthday WHS July 5 but dd not know exactly n what yea# the was born. Her chldren couldnt help her. "Fnally we learned tha U«woman had come to ths country over ffty years ago," Mr. tter sad. "She furnshed us wth the name of the shp whch brought her here and the jw t of entry. Checkng lrrungrakta«records, we learned sla wla over 67 years old anq elgble for assstance. "No one should delltf applcaton for Socal Sfounty f nformaton of Wrtfc (tote s not at t&m wll sale of soft drnks, ookes and homemade cakes n Carteret Park next Tuesday begnnng at. : P. M. Plans have also been made by the group to award a servng tray and apron. The mothers of the chldren are assstng and the project s n charge of Mrs. Helen Phllps. Mss Mort* Betrothed To Kamtt Trstensky The enagenjer. uf MlsJ Mare MorU of 48 JUco Street, Elsabeth, to Kamll Trttensky, son of Mr ard Mrs, Joseph Trstensky of «M KoOstvtH Avtaue, ths borough, has been announced by her parent*, Mr. and Mrs. u,- tlo^ph Morlts,,. Mss MorU la a graduate of St. Marys Hgh (School, Ellsaeth, Her fance la a graduate of *xteret Hgh (fottflpl and tdw College, TBentflttlfe U m

2 TAGS TWO FDAY, JULY 8, 9fO &ATBET LOWSAS LETTE Den Lousa; My slsto and had s double *crl(llnt> flvr years ajto. We both nuutrd flnp men but Uey nre vcy rlft^pnt n many wnys. At the tme of our marrage, my sster kept h«r Job and has oontmrr wnrklnu Her husband s ov proud of her and brags about n-. He also helps around the house ml lry are grltng nn tne fnancally and n pvt>ry OUKT wnv. Althnfsh my husbands salary ; more than my brother-n-laws. docs not allow us the lttle luxllos they have, no about a yenr o MKKcstctf to my husband at take my old job back and lp out. for a whle, He wfs not enthusastc but he ddnt ob-,ct. so have been workng as a.ertury ever snce. My trouble s thn: my husband not. only refuses to help nt all uround the house but he s much more rrltoal of the way do thngs nn ever before. He speaks of my b before other people lke t lcht be a harmless hobby have krn up that makes mr nenlcrt v lom* dutes. H? «nore the fact that nm H/lpmn pay expenses and gves oler people the mpresson that just work so that can have morn monoy to throw away on my personal desres. am Ured and unhappy over ths stuaton, What would you do f you were me WOftED-GA. Answer: would ve up my job and let hm support me. Your husband s evdently one of a lanre class of men who set nn nferorty complex f they feel that ther wves have to so out to worlc. They rarely ever worry f she has to do hve j tmes the amount of work at home. The mere fact that she has to work nut.sde makes them feel that they arc not, doln! a mns part and they try to make Unlt of her job. t helps ther feelngs to mn:,ne.lmt she s just, havng fun and n KlctlrK her dutes at home. Personally, thnk that unless a woman wth such a husband fnds t absolutely necessary to work for bread and meat, she s much better ol at home dong wthout a lew luxures. A man lke the above needs to feel that hs wfe s dependng on hm to provde and f.she Hves hm lots of attenton at home, he wll usually rse much faster than he would otherwse. Of course,, your brother-n-law! s an altogether dllterent person, j He s wllln to KO ffty-ffty on everythng, even to prase and V- m; credt to hs wfe for what she j s (JJ and they are, much hap- \ per llvnc and workng as they do. No two meu are alke and wht suts one wll not, do for anuther. j Your husband probably has many \ Jlne trats that your brother-n-law lacks and vce versa, so the best thnt you can do s to fnd out what course (ves the two of your; more happness and follow t, LOUSA. Address your letters to: "Lousa," P. O. Box 5 OramteburK, S. C he shft hes been sgned by portanfc roles n "Duchess of»ho created surh str recently Pan mount to, lrfmt "The t* of daho" ard, opposte obert when sn announced the abandnnftent of her scroen enrper, s one he CloldbflW>." ftlm wwlon of Ue Taylor, n "Devls Dborway.", nr) n Hm Pr«helarn ff. p^ f at -toejwfcu.kjjwllub,,.u. )OB& Wrght, she s 8 feet 7, wood to purs rellton When the cwrt/of "Born Ye.torrny." flew t</ VtfaShnKton. D Jmmy Stewarts newest pcl.urc.; <". for personal appearances wth nches tall, weghs le pounds has lght brown har, blue-gray ryes and freckles. has left for EUTopo wth t*n yotr people from the Frst Preshyternn f!hurnh. of Hollyvonod lo work n reronstnetlon camps n Prance n n As a result of hs excellent performances n televson, chard she returns home,.the wll enter and to spread the gospel. When the rado (lvt-away shows. Ths one cmcprns an unhappy uuv ^l emember BUtty Jenkns, that Bmron hf» been sgned by Oeorge for further rellom tn\n<- wns one of those grnnd pr/.os by lovable lttl* bwt of the moves. Stevens far an mportant role n "lftng yp hs phone and Hvlnn the Well, he p screen n "Mr. and Mss Anonymou," wth rlht answer. Then hs trnublrs "Danny" ph Scott. Joan Fontane, fty Mllland and besln-and how! Jmmy, n prl- Hell play ft -year*old cowboy Theresa Wrght. s vate, though, confessed that he j The pcture.u tygjtd Oft th«story, had nothnu aualnst the nlvn-nwny "de. Cowboy, de." shows. n fact. " lsten to them all myself. T love them." A newcomer to watch wth nterest- s Paula aymond, who nstead of the usual shft from swtched from studyng law to drectng moves to drectng tele-! fntlng. She made her debut n vson, Walter Hart, outstandng; "Adams b" and "E»«t Sde, televson drector, has reversed! West Sde," and then won m- CALENDA OF COMEN f AUGUST 5 PA, Feld Day for Grls at Walter B, Overholt Stadum. 6 Pcnc sponsored by West Carteret Aswlatott at oosevelt Park, _, 6 St. Ellas Church feld mass at : A.M..pcnc at4:p.m. Card party. V.F.W. Auxlary, at Borough Hall. PAL Feld Day for Boys at Walter B. Overholt Btadlum. Pcnc for chldren of parsh n ocky Hll, sponsored by St. Ellas Post Auxlary, CWV. Bus wll leave after 8 A, M, servce. Annual pcnc, St. Marks Epscopal Church. 6 Soapbox derby, sponsored by Carteret Lons Club. Yorl never have these worres f your sewng ulne s a s t a Guaranteed Urand New Snger? f move to a new town, ran stll net servce? NO OTHE MACHNE GFVFS YOU ALL THESE ADVANTAGES. FO YOU POTECTON Look for the red "S" Trade Mark on the wndow! Youre sure ts : new SNGE f you buy here! DEPENDLTY SNGE Sewng Machnes arc bult to last ; lfetme The worlds favorte for H9 years. 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3 /, * - ;. - fay Maty of Carteret WedsV roodtm^^byah r p. A eports Co. Fremen Ulam ujsflpetwr, Sewaren \\ KM.rdl. St. c ther honeymoon. For travelng the Carte-ret, was the brde wore t wht* * sut nnd had nfternoon for the navy nrwgsorlfs and an orchd corsagp. Mrs. Superor attended Woodbrdge schools andtthe Mddlesex Vocatonal School. Bhe s employed by the Superor Dner, tms place.nlll.v -,,r MSS Mary J. Matyl,,,f Mr. and Mrs. John nf 8 Sewaren Avenue,, John Superor, son of Mrs. Stephen Superor, HrlKP Avenue. The dou-. rmony was petformed... c. s. oskovlcs. \ tl n Pastkanck of ths,. m p<l the brde as mad Mss SS Thersa Theresa Kopko of M,n,y nnd Mrs. Mare Jenfr,; plnre, were brdesmads. brdsmds,., smfrlor of ths place,,,f ho brdegroom, served nun wlle John Matyl of nhov. nephew of th«brde,, n(,!l Jensen ths place Her husband s n graduate Woodbrldge Hgh School and at the present s attendng Drexel Unversty of Technology, Phladelpha. He s employed n Johr Hopkns Clmatology Laboratores rvngton. Honey Honey should be extracted only when wll,rpened n tb«comb to asure a low mosture content. Yeasts n honey are klled by B tern- nc was gven n tnarr- perattare of efrtt* F, and (, father. She was attred honey heated Us ths pont wll not U of whte slpper satn, ferment f kept n artghtcontan-,,h h a"keyhole necklne;j ers. Hon * y» U S*ve ofl mosture n d,s ma a long tran, wth a. dry W9rm»*»Phere, but wll absorb.. Fron Pron a crown of ^ under humd con- hssnms she Bud a fnger - :l vel of French lluson.,,,.( prayer book trmmed hc gardenas. f.tslkanlck wore a gown, ml ored taffeta brocade., lluson necklne and a..k she had a plume, tmmed crown as her,, jncl carred a bouquet,, flowers.,,, mad were gowned n,,-h. over taffeta. Mss Jean, : v.-llnw nnd Mrs. Jensen,. -try wore matchng plc-., r, and carred bouquets Of llmvrrs...- \ uto of Carteret, cousn vdr, served as flower grl.,v a gown of orchd, styled : to the brdesmads. on- [,,;u of ths place, nephew n ul-noom, wastng bearer. newly weds wll resde n,; n after returnng from dltons. Pepper * Pepper amounts to about S5 p*r cent of the total Spce producton. Both black and whte varetes come fom the same plant, botancally the Pper nlfr«m. To make black pepper, the berry pcked before rpenng and ground whole. For the mlder whte pepper, the berry s permtted to rpen, and ts outer husk s removed before grndng. Wajra to Fnsh Brch " Brch s «close-graned wood that does not requre a paste fller. t can best be glvrn «mahogany or walnut color wth a penetratng tan. Whle t s often gven a natural fnsh wth a gloss-or dull varnsh, a lacquer or a wax, t supples an excellent base for enamel and may also be bleached. PCK - UP - DELVEY Call WOodbrdge 8-75 or Perth Amboy STOES WOODBDGE - FODS"*"" HOPELAWN AT PNELLTS HATS FDAY and SATUDAY CATEHffl, MW tatd by all," was the report" of the annual famly pjcnc of Carteret Fre Company No. held Sunday at Bradys Grove. Actvtes (jot underway at noon wth chard Donovan as charman. The affar was held for members and honorary members and ther famles. There*, Was plenty of, roast beef, hot dotrs and clams, and many other refreshments for the young and old. Carteret Grl to Wed esdent of Dunellen CATEET Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Skmmons of 7 Unren Street have announced the engagement of ther daughter, Marlon, to Stanley Tofcarz of Dunellen, son t the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tdkarz. Announcement n of the enac,nent was made- at a famly dnner held at the Skmmons home..the orlde-to-be s a graduate of Carteret Hgh School an;] her fance, graduate* of Dunellen Hsth School, ^s now a student at ldor College n Trenton. Polsh Club Schedules Pcnc on August 6 CATEETVA.bus outng to the.summer damp at Somervlle on August 6 wl beheld by the Polsh Ladles Socal Club. The. uroup wll leave nt A, M. from n front of the Holy Famly school Mrs. Helen Green s charman of transportaton. eservatons wll close next Wednesday. Mrs. Green s beng asssted on the commttee by Mrs, Alex Bastek, Mrs. Wllam Mlllk and Mrs. Nelle Marclnak. Wet Soles Leather sales are water-resstant. Should a ranstorm gve you a drenchng, dry your shoes at room temperature never near a radator or fre! Ste or Arbons The ycararound vacaton state of Arzona has a total area of,- 956 square mles and s surpassed n sze only by Texas, Calforna, Montana and New Mexco, Drnk Mlk There s no age lmt on tht necessty to drnk ml^. Older people need a pnt of mlk each day a cup s not suffcent. Alfalfa aton When you feed alfalfa as a large part of the roughage sde of tre raton, your lvestock usually gets the Calcum needed, V Fred turkey may becofne as popular a.< fred -hcken. accordng to thr U. departmenl of agrculture. HAMONY HOUSE nlad Lnoleum For Just88 sq. Harmony House nlad Lnoleum n the smartest patterns, fnest qualty, lowest prce. uggedly constructed... under layer goes through to back. Famous patented felt back requres no felt lnng. Choce of blue, red, black or vory. BEAUTFUL, SHEE Curtan Yard Goods ONLY9 Yard FDAY, JULY Seek Answer to acal and elgous Tensons Seekng answer tu racal and relgons problems n home comnuntes mrt 5 educator*, socal workers, nurses, polceman and health department workers now attendng fourth annual ntkms Unversty Workshop n Human elatons. Above, Dorothy B. Wrght of Phladelpha. extreme left) tells group.members how her fathern-law, chard obert fvght, slave-born, -year old flmrfla schoolboy;jnsplrd famous quotaton "Tell hm were rllnul^om John Grecnleaf Whtters poem, "Howard Tested and True Mrs. Gray Ah, Penny. wonder CHUCH BELLS JVE GEAT CONAD, ENGLAND f my husband wll love me When townsfolk objected to when my har s gray? hearng "Put Another Nckel n," Mrs. Black Why not?, Hes P la y ed on thelr church bells, the,] loved you already. through three shades bell-rnger of the Pars Church, James Eade, qut n a huff. Lstenng are (left to rght n crele) «on Woleott, co-drector of Workshop, from Trenton; Fay Stollnmn. New York Cty socal worsen Dorothy Jenkns, Phladelpha school teacher; Dave JUppapnrt from Detrot; and Luby Sambonkl, Newark nurse. Workshop s sponsored Jontly by Natonal Conference of Chrstans tnfl Jews, utcers School of Educaton; and N. J. Department of Educaton Dvson Aganst Dscrmnaton. PAGE THU eluctance to ndct n Fatal Auto Cm$ku Jkttgs Crtcsm TENTON -The reluctance of for the fatal accdents." He added ln the 84 CMM Jurors to ndct and convct ther "M mentoned. fellow motorsts, except n flagrant M» "»e drlv(r» h «l b** Provtn cases, was clu-d by Motor Vehttle W"f * two «H>arate traffc»lo- Dlrector Martn J. FVrtwr today M *H M - le of thr «volatons and the prncpal reason for the dearth " 9 our of fatal accdent prosecuton* n! Statng that only n flagrant New Jersey. Nnety n every, case* wll grfcnd Jures ndct and cases are- dsmssed by grand Jurlw pett Jures convct under the and only slghtly more than half nf those ndcted are convcted, he sad. statute. Mr. Ferber sad that t was necessary to look no farther than human nature for the reason. hs fndngs on a survey nf fatal accdent pronecutlona coverng the three years M drve automobles and a number "Most people, ncludng Jurort, and 949. durng whloh perod of them, presumably, occasonally.7 persons were klled on the volate the traffc laws when drvng," Stntes streets and hghways, D- sad the drector. "Thus, t rector Ferber sad that only* 8- n not easy (unfortunately lor.ndletments were returned and of traffc safety), for some Juron ths >number but 76 drvers were Bttng n Judgment ln fatal tedvtntually convcted. Only 5 de- dent cases to exclude from ther fendants receved sentences call-mnds the uneasy feelng that for acunl ncarceraton. The lowesl degree of prosecu- there, but for the grace of Ood, go tons, as reflected by the number "f t were possble to select as of ndctments returned, was n Jurors only those who personal!}, Hudson and Ocpan countes, n or whose mmedate famles, had both of whch jursdctons there j suffered from traffc accdent! were no ndctments n 99 ln every cases, on the average-. On the premse that any serous volaton of the traffc or motor vehcle statutes that s the drect result of a fatal accdent should be suffcent evldencf- for consderaton of an ndctment under the Embarrassng Scrap Book statute, the drector sad that "t s nterestng to note that n 84 "Do you keep a scrap book?" of the.9 cases that were dsmssed ln the grand Jury room, "No," answered Senator Sor ghum. " started one, but t con there was evdence on record n talned so much that was mpolte both the muncpal courts and ln couldnt take t home wthout! the Dvson of Motor Vehcles of havng t expurgated." volatons that were responsble caused by careless or rresponsble drvers, am sure that a reversal of the present low prosecuton trend would follow." Honeydcw Honrydew la the weet vscd «%- crctlon of plant-suckng nsects, such at aphlds nd seal* nsert*. That porton of tha plant Julc* or tp whch these nsects cannot utlze s ejected n the form of a weet lqud. t has a hgh suf»r Ptonttnt and. therefore, s attracttvt to bees when sources of nectar art not avalable. A Pledge to the Amercan People by The Great Atlantc & Pacfc Tea Company We wll resst all unwarranted prce rses wth all our mght We wll make every effort to hold our nventores at the lowest pont consstent wth good servce to our customers, because hoardng, whether by wholesalers, retalers or consumers, wll cause hgher prces. We wll contnue to mantan the lowest proft rate generally prevalng n the entre retal ndustry. Our net proft now s less than one cent on each dollar of sales. We wll contnue to strve for more effcent dstrbuton. We wll fght waste of food, or tme, or money all along the lne so al to narrow the spread between wholesale and retal prces. We wll devote all our energes to gvng you the most good food for your money every day of the week. We wll strve always to do what s honest, far, sncere and n the best nterest of our country and our customers. -. " As most of you know, ths company and the low cost, low proft polces that bult t are under attack. v We are defendng ourselves aganst a sut brought by the anttrust lawyers to put A&P out of busness,,. But the greater conflct n whch our country s now engaged takes prece- - dence over all else... " Today, wth our boys rghtng n Korea, we beleve that all ctzens and all busnesses, bg and lttle, should devote themselves wholeheartedly to the publc nterest. -*» : P Theres nothng qute so -Ft. LADDE refreshng as new curtans at your wndows. ^ Make your own curtans : ( v, lght-weght, defor odd-sze wndows, bllowng bedspreads or van-, l! " for maxmum \ ( hoce ladder grade ty skrts. You can have tlwotul ] ungs, rust-refrosty crsp curtans and hardware. Avalstll pamper your budget. ; "l-» >o 4-ft. addtonal Eggshell, blue, rose and yellow. USE SEAS EASY PAYMENT PLAN,. " * * We promse the Amercan people that we wll cooperate unhestatngly s wth our natonal government n the present crss,. ; We promse you that we wll contnue to do everythng n our power to put more buyng power n your food dollar and more good food on your dnner fable, ;!, 75 HOBAT $T. PETH AMBOY. y. -.*

4 PAOF! FOTT? FDAY, JULY PB, ft!> CATE!. - LOMAX ^^ GVES YOU THE BEST-N EFGEATON txcwsvt! Ths BG 7.4 cu.ft. KK B n ^V K m^ m ^J (Ha l l f lor SMALL KTCHENS end look r all the food f holds!.?. 5 * t:. &. NTENATONAL HAVESTE MAKES T! LOOK AT All THESE FEATUES... theyre ALL H efrgerators are jtmneered planned to brng you more food storagt, new coth. venmce, new utlty! No gadgets! No dust-catcherst Every feature bos a functon! women dreamed them... home economsts planned them., EASY TEMS AOWDOWN PAYMENT UP TO 4 MONTHS TO PAY! LBEAL TADE-N ALLOWANCE t TEMPEATUE CONTOL has sejtfnfl; «wy to operate FEEZE LOCKE holds 5 lbs. of frozen food; ce cube trays t BOTTLE OWNE permanently bult-n -r handy, easy to use MEAT TAY s full wdth; safely stores HA pounds of fresh meat CHANGE-OUT SHELF AANGE- MENTS you can adjust 4 dfferent ways t NTEOS are porcelan enameled w»th acd resstant bottoms; easy to clean f DE#» CJUSK holdt quarts frut and vegetables t "PANTY-BN" stores.4 quarts of food whch requre no refrgeraton "TJ9HT-WA >" FJGATJNG UNT wth 5-year warranty crttached to cabnet "SHAPOWLNE" STYLNG for tapered, space-savng beauty, easyto-clean convenence See the Complete Lne Dont wat Come laodqy and see pur amazng new H efrgerators! See all sx new model-hota 7.4 to 9-5 cu.ft. CBjwty--for famles of to famjjes of. Every nch counts, psde ard out. Thats why tbey bold man food, yet take lm sfate o ygur ktchenl Cgme jj. Look, Compare! Youll say jnttft^ best! And well do the KJt-wth easy terms and bg savngs for you! NO DOWN PAYMENT Years to Pay 6 MAN STEET Corner Fulton Street - OPEN EVENNGS - Home and Auto Su

5 t. l fluss too much about, pffrct uport our heetlth,,v n leave meat plannng...spp to t that ttm»»a.. mlk for every chllu and., fvnry adtlt every dfty, m nn cheese for?oo<f... mt lver to served once Hnt there s an abund-,,: he red, green and yellow,,,,-s salads and fruts, wlttv,..; servngs of fresh eggs, meat, v,,. a leg or rolled; shoulder j, m h us usual. Servft W^Wtft.,, -,,f these relsh**. l,. p am. poupple slces!m> pneapple syrup,.,, brown sugar.,v nlr ClOVefl, >.,,,-h stcks of cnnamon m, mld vnegar! n pneapple. To the dtp of.,,,,, ;ul(l brown sugar, doves. u,- nnnnmon and vnegar. Brng,,l, uncovered. Add pneapple wcn bollmj, remove from chll several hours n syrup. < rrant. Mtat Saaee \ /. Kass currant Jeuy ::::.;:])[)nn.s ([ratted orange rnd hcspoons mlncad resh mnt wll ; fork break UP the curnv Add teh orange rnd nfd mtnt. stuffed r lamb rbletf. mnced ot&tty M lmppeff jsffhtj BKVM, dced pared apples up mnced onon up melted Batter or mar- \ urne,:p cubed day-old bread salt, pepper pondered thyme. bhspoonj water, tc.-poon poultry seasonng!!,.. butcher cut apocket n, hlct. Cook celery, celery..,-.,.ppes and dwon n butter ;; nu s tender, combne wth j bread, salt, neppftr thyme, t, mll poultry swrsonln. Use pcrkcw n rblets. Skewer ml and tla frmly wth a Arrange on ttvet n uncov- J mm pan. Bake n an oven ncs for 5 mnutes, then, heat to 5 degrees and! hour. t and Celery Souffle ) dry bread crumbs Credt Materal Shortages At Tls Prce Only $859 for OL FlKEfr AUTOMATC HOT WATE MATNG SYSTEM th hot water y«u> need for ur ktrhen, bathroom and nl-.v year round wth our nklt^s heater, M:,r n jacketed cast ron! <r wth 5 radators; clrou-», Mnp; ol burner; Mln»ls llemjrweh control*; ^n" heatfnf Bne»; l»- ^ mnpletc wth 75 cal- "> storage teak.! <> VEftTO PAY v <> Deuost equred ^ Munej un 4r Oct. all MArket -7» v or Nght or Wrte HOMESTE/W m m en. NEWAK, N. J. /* cups cooked oanrots mashed!<; cup chopped eatery tablespoons mnced onon egg.* & teaspoon, rat, pepper, S«wfc bread orumlm t moujh. m*h tonfrtsn, add oarrat, oee«y, ontotn. nnd beaten egg yolks a»k «g«wwtne stlt and fold nto mttfttt. Season wth salt and: p«bpro. Pour nto \ greased bakngdan an* bake» an oven 8 d«bmw! to «mtautts, Peppers Stufled Wth Corn 6 to 8 green peppers cupw<ra«aodmt*<rcn % t«ant»ocn9blb, pspp*r % cap tmtot chtue pons butter Gut afl Man mtpat peppers, re» move sfed attfl putell mthutw. ComMw ntnufotng ngredents and fll ptptws wlfcrr mxture. Place n a bakng dtah and bake n an oven 59 dagree* for to 5 mnutes. Broled Tomatoes 6 tomatoes 4 strps bacon Salt and pepper Cut fsmt rota* tomatoes htt» halves and spruh* wth smt and pepper. Wrac «acft btlf tomato n strps at bacon* maud- at rght thgles- to each other, fastenng on top wth a plcfc, Brol n preheated broler untl bacon s crsp. Top each wth a ptar onon before sttvnf. Potato Sala* cups coated) cubed potatoes ontan choused hard cooked eggs slced cup chopped celery cucumber dced!4 teaspoon* stb!4 teaspatn, salt Vj teaspoon paprka /«cup French dressng MayonnalM Combne potatoes, onons, eggs, celery, cucumber and seasonngs. Chll: and marnate m Prench dressng 4 to 6 hows. Just before servng, add mayonnase and mx carefully. Serve on lettuce and BA - nlsh wth tomato slces and cucumber "lnes. NEW HAVEN, Conn Whle Steven Jones. 7, lay unconscous on Hhe street after havng fallen from hs bcycle, a woman came alonn, pcked, up Joness eyeglasses, hs wallet and rode olt on hs b- ycle. All Jones knew ausut t when he awoke n a hosptal s tha he had $7 n hs wallet. Fghtng terran of Korea s consdered among toughest, Hndu OTFrAT. ftuke crowds nw a 5-yeor-old yog), Swam! amdasjl. dug out»hve from an "artght" cement crypt whera he had Been "burled" far 8T houn on a bed of Mlllf!. y-, To make tfctow even tougher. Ok lttle rnagrjph the bj Black beard had btwr^mpletely Ufa. merged" n watmr utjtl bs release after three and one-half day n the rohln-ke nche. amdhsjl clmbed nto the wooden cflffln. He lay on a bed of nal Just lk* you we- n th* mafcartn* oarto»ns-and the sld«of the coffn also hnd nela Jgglnf nto hs fl«bh. The coffn wa«then sealed n-»we an eght-by-etght-by-slx-toot cement crypt. abdslj dlcples then sat by th* crypt <Uy and nght chantng Hndu»M(c pray«r whle keepng a tacredlflrebummg. On top of the crypt they placed coconuts and flowers. Then they bored a wnn" hole nto the crypt. But t ddnt help the yog man, fou* the hole they pushed a hose f*dm a flear-by hydrnnt and mmevkd the ar-starved Hndu fn water. Many of the thousands of people who rose before dawn to make sure of e rtegslse feat at the dlsnterment obvously beleved the Swaml hasd btten <jft more than he eould chew h» tme* They watdhed ( tensely as hfs followers haclsed tfte cement awny wth pcks. Then they crawled down to the coffn wth blankets. They lfted amdasj, stll n a Yog trance and dhppng- wet, onto a dns whew all qonld see hm. They slowly massaged hs head, arms nnd body untl he opened hs eyts. looked slowly around and smled. Doctors pronounced hm all rght. Well Help You Sues* Algernon "Fawncj ths, Percy, a chap here thnks a has four wheels." Percy "Haw, haw! And how many wheels has the Jolly old thns?" Burtyl - Hurry! To Wnom? Stranger fn college town) Are you a fraternty man? Bootl«gger No. sell t. SHEET MEM WOK Leaders Gutters Ar Ducts Skylghts Furnaoe Ppe ^»5.KKHEV ST., (ATEKJET CA 8-65 or 57* SUMME Clearance On AH Our h \ Dresses & Bathng Suts STATS MONDAY, JULY NKW MEtCHANDSE CLUB NOW FOMNG JON TODAV! AJys Dress Shop PESHNG AVENUE CATEET, N. J. FDAY. JULY, 5 $5,m Choce Stoke at Monmaath H TSB> ANYWAY THB $5, CHlrcElTAKEs, ^^^^*7^7^!S^ fear-olds, feature* Saturdays racng program at the seasde tra<*. Otae»f the ftrest felds n the hswfy of he nace s to parade posward, led fry l.lgnta Up, Perd, wd Casemate, thrto? rankng sophomores of the year, shown hungrly eyeng the $, f«ed tub. NO VVOND! KANSAS CTY, Mo. When two raung brothers, passengers n a hot-rod! motor car fell out and *ere njured, polce decded the )oys had "strpped down" the car ;oo much. t had no. body, no lghts, no floorboards, no rear fenders, ud the only scat cushon was not fastened to the frame. UNUSUAL OPEATON CHCAGO. n the frst operaton of ts knd: ever to have been jerformed, surgeons, removed a dseased kdney from a woman paent and transplanted a healthy ddney from, another woman who had ded only ten. mnutes before. The operaton was pronounted a success. Blue Cross hosptal servce rates to be ncreased n August. Well f You Can Afford t- Magstrate Prsoner, you are charged wth habtual drunkenness. What excuse have you tto offer? Offendc- (brghtly) Habtual thrst, your honor. Dr. S. MAUSNEH 94 Washngton AM. Carteret, N. J. (Opposte flkh School) EYES EXAMNED Par Appotatnuut T«, CA, -687 Tme to est "ft the course of mgraton they chopse some place to settle down and rest for a perod of seven to ten days. No brds attack them, BEE WNES AND LQUOS Free Delvery! CaH CA-8-96M OCKMANS MQtTO STOE andolph St. Oor. Pershlng CLKVELAND, <»*>. Whett hb *&** rfljprt over»^ at *u«- : water on hentt. oy Booth*, 8, started for a dru start for helt». Eh route, ht car colfldm wth another. Soothe offered to settle Tnt Z. As he steppfd back from the car, a street car struck hm. sendng hm tn a hosptal for nuts nnd bruses. When he fnally not home, hs wfe had treated herself wth a home remedy. j PAGE SYNTHETC OHtft The wll retctr»u thrte < owned lynttetfc rubber whch wll ncrease the rubba by aopxalmattlj tons. Wtth ther reactrrmfton be * MM of n Oflwmn nynthettc mbbvr phmte H ton amt nm* n standby. mt COW wrm SLACKS! KBDSSN DETOT, Mch,-Tryng on a! Md.-The brde at & recent < new par of slacks he had bought dnt ww not only U««ent«t Hoffman thrust hs h<tnd» nto j attracton, u uual but sh» the pockfts and, to hs mrprlm. j ranked tn otber mamber pulled out a roll of blls and endorsed pay cleclt. amountng to J. McOratht and habhtnun, brdal party. Tht *M. He reported hs fnd to pollue only Oat Umttenant. Tha el who contacted the dapflrtmrnt lan wan captans bun, but store. Ths money belonged to Ml- j brldt, lha forawr but* Maf ton Plece. who, u-veral wwtcs be- nejlus, la a WAC naor. She forr had ttd on tha Mnt slacks! contnue to «tep h«raull n the Wre and. through habt, had trnnflferert hs mon«y to the Eanamojtn. new pants and forgotten about t. boom wll run teend U OOSEVELT * HOTEL - LQUO STOE MS-MS OOSEVELT AVENGE SPECAL - CLAN CHOWDE CLAMS ON HALF SHELL MPOTED SWSS CHEESE SANDWCHES wth Homemade Plfklr* and Tomato* J f DELCOUS SMF.T HENG CATEBET, t JL FtDAY NKHT FEE Specat Thn Week SCHLFfZ CAN BEE WE SUPPLY ffo* PCNCS LQUO WNE t BEE WTH COOLES BENCHES TLES.., and at tht gu Prces CaH for Steve - f A. 8-97W STEVEN KUTCr, POP. BG PAKNG SPACE N EA home the facts... Step nto a PCWE^^T Chevrolet and enjoy the bg drvng thrll of the day... smooth, effortless, no-shft drvng at Uwat test! SET THE LEVE N "DVE" AND GO St n a Powerglde Chevrolet and enjoy fnest noshft drvng at lowest cost. All you nave to do s: Set tle lever n "DV"-pre» on the accelerafor-and gol NO CLUTCH POAL- Youll move smoothly, slently, effbrtteny from, standstll to top speed, and back to standstll agan, dependng oa th» pressure of your foot oa. the accdecator. Tb«hwHy toxl J DVNG OPEATONS NSTEAD OF 5 Start the engne.,. set the control lever... press the accelerator... and thats all there s to ltt Wtt Powerglde Automatc Transmsson, you steer, accelerate and brake as desred wth no dutch to touch! SMOOTH MWEftFLOW AT AL SPKDS Youll enjoy an absolutely smooth flow of power at all speeds.. Voll have unlmted flexblty and change of pace from m.p.n. totop drvnt jeed, wthout any lag drag or roughness. MUCH PA$«ACCELEATON, TOOr The tjaffl lght says "Co"... you press on the accelerator... and youre away n a flash on a smooth, ever-mountng: wave of power, whle others are shftng gears. /* UVMHOJ- MULTPUHS THtOS You twvt * lq5.-h.jk Valvera-Head Engne* under that hoc4-mau powtrfd n ts> fem. fe flattens hlls am* bootm thrlls, whle PovmgtA adds safety and easef M6M OFCENT O* / CC 6k SNOW Ye* you pan rock out at snow or cy ruts wth th* automatc drve, ctntegbj; from forward to reversa nstantly, wthout clashng. Qther advantages nclude Emergency Low for extra brakngpower. <,, J SO MUCH»MPU»- SO MUCH SAFE) What eom-and". what fl/e/j-conwaref w *h other drveaf Your left foot has nothng to dt>. Your rght foot operates accelerator or brake pedal, as desred.. Both bandt are free totuerj FULL CHfWOtn THFT N OVE-ALL DVNG! n addton Jo all these advantages, ths new Chevrolet wth Powerglde Automat^ Traramsstm brngs you tradtonal Chevrolet economy n over-all motorng, ts extremely tfcrfty U) operate and auntau. CUTS M M K MTOHft- NCUASS CA LW Youfllk* much mow lelaxed on. Hotb, toof sad short trps. Powglde m4et drvng-easer than cva tefnt*. Morewer^ h greatly reduces cw wear MM* gmrtty»> creatm CM lftl

6 PAGE SX FDAY, JULY 8, 95 Hows Your UeaJUZ. By nl SWUM POTECTNG TF SKN By O. SOPHA BUNSON t l«qute amnznt to what m extent women nnv<< bcnuty, and yet utterly fnl to preserve or m- sry. n addton, there may be provr upon Mnt whch nature has Lsome muncpal reflatons enforced where a body of water come* j necessarly nterfere wth the free or careless manner whch wll un- gven hom wthn the Jursdcton of a muncpalty These rubs are a sup-, and proper - - At the WPM tlls stmmvr unnecessarlybdbntfer other craft, Wornru cn bo seen exposng ther plemant, and h some cases are or the lfe or nrab of any person fares to tlr blstrrnc rnys of Old more strngent, than those establshed by the State. upon such craft? or n the water. Sol. Snnr of them nrp screwng up t.lflr oyr. ; md.squntng tn ft The Bureau of Navgaton lsts dent unless damaged boat s n most utbf-omlns manner. Many danger of snkng and then tc Of them return home wth wrnkles accdent must Tat reported to tho nd a rrop «[ freckles and tan that on nland waters above tde: department mmedately. (Mrnft greatly from ther good To operate any power vessel looks. t s foolsh to magne that ether nboard or outboard wth To operate, a power vessel, a coal of powder nnd pant, can pny of ts passengers rdng ot the whether nboard or outboard, (Sovcr up t.hesr blemshes. decks or gunwales of theboat. under the nfluence of ntoxcaton lquor or any narcotc or habt- The eyes arc njured from sttng n the dnvt suns ray to Jead. sew, or embroder; and yet We have seen the women dong flls on the pon-les. Ths not only /Tnkles and drrs the skn around (he eyes lnt the eyes themselves become nflamed and red. When drvng over glarng roads, dark glasses should be worn. You Can lmve a par of.sun glasses { ttrd to your needs. They should e worn whle plnvlnc gamps n tle hot sun. WM tlr eyes are tred. Use an eye cup to gve them a bath n a sootln, dsnfectng soluton. ftlycouynolenp dluted to the oper strrngth n warm water, s e of the bwt of preparatons n fhlcl) to bathe your eyes. ; Exposure to the hot sun dres out &e nturnl ols of the skn. To Bomr. extent ths can be prerenud hy Dp use of a protectve crsam nd a coatng of face powder. t Most blondes have delcate skns that requre great care to prevent Surly crnklng and wrnklng. Many of the cnema beautes take the utmost care of ther complexons They would not dare to Venture nto the hot sun wthout, a heavy creamng, especally around the eyes where the skn s assocated wth youth. ; Today tho art of skn care has jjecom<> so hghly developed that Unany women of ffty and beyond possess faces of frm and elastc Boothness. J Take care of what nature has rven you n.n ntellgent manner, jnd she wll reward you, aw Onons aw onons, as yo«t probably fcnow, contan a flavorful, volatle OH whch may or may not be realned after cookng. f you prefer nlld-flavorcd onons, they should be cooked tn a relatvely large amount of bofng water n an open kettle. Durng ths cookng process, conadtrabl portons of the strongflavored, volntle ol wll pass oft Wth the st*^. Decoratre nterut, ooms that are square and unnterestng n shape can be mproved by havng one wall panted a color that s dfferent from the other three. Ths provdes a focal pont of ntercut. f there s a freplace n the room, the decoratve nterest s Usually placed on the freplace wall. XOTMH TjUc nut th;l Slyplen etrrh ml AmlrW J*-trj-h hunl tn n ply )o tht lluckl Cmmll nf he Hor- OUK "T arttrrl for a transfer nf Plerry Kctl lnsum Ulnll llmlm, lrtttnco.rel n Stephen VrHl, r\c utor nf tle nstate nf An drew lvrl, l-am-l, fnr.prnlhtk thel ll l! MeYLf Street, Cartent, X... OljM-luM. f my, HJK mnle mnvlhtlv n wrtng tn; TMnre. TnU, ArtnK KrnKl Clerk nf tn MKh nf (,urlcret, Njw Jcr- Sgned Sl BHKX lutualll hl ANMSKU PKT!A«!H, CM 7 L\ K/l«Weve Closed for AUGUST Everybody takes a vacaton and so arc we..,. but, well have you n mnd for well be plans fur nn FALL OPENNG nl AUGUST 8th wth a COM4:, NKW {STOCK OF HATS Jt HANDBAGS LEES HAT BA 8 MAN ST. WOODBKDGE HELD OVE SALE! Vacaton Specal, A,L SUMME SPOTSWEA EDUCED OPEN FDAY TLL 9 CLOSED WE). ALL DAY ndk* Club Now V Lake, ver Laws are Lsted By State Navgaton Agences w»#rom» questons, the Bureau of Navgaton. Department of Conservaton and Economc Development, an nounces there are defnte laws roverlnn the use of boats on nln.l above tde) waters n New Jrr- whstle or horn that can be heard for at least, feet dlstnnt. To operate any power vessel ether nboard or outboard wth a sren thereon, except n the case of nspectors or polce boats, To operate ether an nboard or outboard motor boat between sunset and sunrse wthout the proper lghts. To operate a canoe or rowboat between sunset nnd sunrse wthout one clear whte lght rased at least three feet above the gunwales of the boat and vsble from all ponts. To operate any power vessel, ether nboard or outboard, where the bow lght s not vsble for at least, feet from straght ahead at all tmes whle the wat s n moton. To operate a sal boat between sunset and sunrse wthout red and green runnng lghts dsplayed and n whte lght from the stern when beng overtaken. To pass wthn feet of the shore or dock at a speed greater than 8 mles per hour. *To exceed the speed of mles fh.tfe HopntMng. To exceed the speed of 8 mles p. hour n the Channel to or from Landng. N. J. To operate a power vessel, ether nboard or outboard, n a reckless habt-producng drugs to operate any boat or motor owned by hm or n hs custody or.control. For the renter or owner of a power vessel to rent or, loan or allow such vessel to be Operated unless the operator thereof s l-, censed to do so n accordance wth the provsons of Ttle :7 of the evsed Statutes. When an outboard motor l.s attached to any boat such boat, becomes a power vessel, and then s subject, to requrements of New Jersey law. A summary of safety hnts, boat- ng and lcensng regulatons s avalable free from the Bureau or Navgaton, Department, of Conservaton and Economc Development, 6 Broad Street, Newrtrk, N. J. Cow-Catls When callng cows from pasture, the Northern farmer s lkely to sound off wth somethng lke "coboss," whle the mdlander wll call "soo-dow" or "sookle," and the lngustc southerner "so-ce" or "co-, wench." On he "95 CHSTENSENS "The Frendly Store" CAbttendewl SCEEN Father Of The Brde." Accordng to many crtcs, ths s one of the best comedes that has ever come out of Hollywood. Based on Edward Streeters mldly sardonc novel, ts story s of an adorng parents ordeal when hs only daughter decdes to get marred Spencer Tracy s excellent as the father, whle- Elzabeth Taylor s equally as good as the daughter, who casually breaks the news tto the famly that she s gong to many a fellow named Buckley, an unknown to the parents. Joan Bennett, lookng beautful though naturally more mature, s splendd as the mother. Other roles are n such capable hands as those of Blle Burke, Leo G. Carol], Melvl Cooper, Moron Olsen, Taylor Holmes, and last but not least, Don Taylor, who s the brdegroom of the occason. "The Palomno," As the ttle suggests, ths s a story about a horse, but ths one departs somewhat from the stock formula, Beverly Tyler, a rather young actress, s ntroduced as the owner of a horse ranch whch had been developed by her day she mssed the sre of all the golden palomnos on the ranch. She ddnt know that oy oberts, who rased cattle on an adjonng ranch and was presumably a good frend, was really a vllan. He had stolen her stallon and was secretly breedng palqmnos n the mountans and shppng them East to make a fortune. Wth the help o: Jerome Courtland, however, the mystery s cleared up and they prepare to lve happly ever after. John Adams, Marne John Adams, second Presdent of the U.S., once fought as a marne durng a sea engagement, la 778. Tanks are playng a major part n the Korean struggle. A summer treat...the luxury of A Fresh Lfe Bra Every Day! To safeguard your dantness tlesc hot summer days, you naturally suds your bras after every wearng. 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Send TWENTY-FVE CENTS n cons for ths pattern to 7 Newspaper Pattern Drpt, West 8th St.. New York, N. Y. Prnt planly SZE, NAME, ADDESS. 6TVLE NUMBE. Choose your seasons wardrobo from our latest Maran Martn Pattern Book. Send Twenty Cents for your copy today. Smart easysew styles for everyone. A,Free pattern la prnted lu tho hook. MOBLZATON THEF Presdent Truman has apponted W. Stewart Symngton as Supreme Chef of the natons moblzaton program. Wth Congress concurrng, all power ana authorty of the Natonal Securty esources Board were transferred to hm, as charman. Other members of the Board, all of Cabnet rank, merely wfll serve n an advsory capacty to hm. ndustry prepared tor war producton f emergency comes. D A KE EGSTE NOW (or Sept, 5, 95 DAY O\l KVKNlMta (.ASKUS «.lt. AC n v v<; «,;n A < T. SOHTH»\l> TH-M: ) TATKN (-tmptomkthy ( (HUSKS lltl Sll- > col asr.s Arrrrdllfd («r \>termh r rrlnlnk FOO lnrk-nt Fuudld COLLEGE State St., Perth Amboy Phone P.A. 4- Dr. \\. (. ((nc. rmllrlt MrH, A. 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(The authors landlady had had hm arrested for falure to pay hs rent.) ndependent Afrcan* Lbya, scheduled by Unted Natons resoluton to become ndependent by January, 95, wll be the fourth ndependent Afrcan country. The tmree already free of tes to colonal empres Egypt, Ethopa, nnd Lbera comprse only about one-ffteenth of Afrca, Grasshopper Control Chlordane or toxaphene for grasshopper control can be appled wth the ordnary farm sprayer used n weed control. F., SAT., SUN., JULY 8-9- OUTSTANDNG HTS Brought Back llv Popular Kcqucst HT NO Bran Donlevy "WAKK SLAND" Tho Frst Great Story of World War NO. ND BG HT Caudette Colbert Pallette doddard Veronca Lake SO POUDLY WE HAL The Guts and Glory of Our Grls at the Ff htng Front KXTA SAT. A SUN, MATNKE COLO CATOONS AMED FOCES Accordng to befensr ^, LouJs Johnson, the Untn -, Awny s smtltor than t W S " war came more than - "«-"-ww» 7 "4, tnc At"h! about,, men. what wag then the Arm;,,, The Army now has some5 men. The separate Ar p nr 9, mm. 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7 W, property assessment practces brpr excellent n somf New Jersey nrpntte". t»ey have been woefully rn uatc mothew. -)(rnl and publc Concern over the )hl(n, led to preparaton some months a report whch assembled n one ;l seres of recommendatons out- n- n best modern assessment ppractce.. k (,f proper wordng tools for local ^,. ors s a basc fault of many assessng (, S t was found. The booklet then,,.,!,«s the three-phased requrements of adequate assessment records, () tax an,l () schedules of standard values,, lfl, ;llo d by the New Jersey Taxpayers ()lm.on n collaboraton wth state,,,v and local offcals, the report re t le pre-publctttlon approval of the [nl( P al Assessors Assocaton of New sry :nd others. enttled "Practcal Ads to mproved )MM y Assessng n New Jersey," the ()! has become well known throughout te wthn the space of a few months. wore placed n the hands-of the : Edtoral: LETS AVE NO STNGS ATTACHED L nearly, offcals concerned wth assessng n New Jersey countes «Lnd munk&ates. Although many othert tatywutod n the problem, ncludng reprtaentattyea of some local taxpayers a«oda$toh» were suppled copes, requests from ndvduals ard organzatons contnue., Numerous muncpaltes are makng use^ of the report n cnslderlng programs of local mprovement. At least one large cty s reported preparng to place the recommendatons nto effect. n addton to provdng the bass for a long-range program of mprovement n assessments admnstraton, the report s calculated to stmulate greater publc thnkng and understandng of the problem. "Through ths means," states the report, "t s hoped that ctzens and publc offcals alke wll acheve a broader and deeper understandng* of the assessment problems; and that ctzens wll be prompted thereby to encourage mproved assessment admnstraton, and publc offcals n turn encouraged to provde t." Federal Polce for West Germany y t do not know whether t s connected, events n the Jar East, or not, but McCloy, U. S. Hgh Commssoner d many, has advsed the Germans that uton authortes are wllng to redd ther request for a federal polce,t before the Communst attack on the Korean epublc, the Western Alled Commssoners rejected the Bonn resl sayng that local polce unts could unted to meet an emergency. The Bonn emnent wanted to organze a federa^ jee force. t appears that the West German regme e: Potato Bags now note n nternatonal" affars s asoned by the protest of the Sovet mnment whch formauyaccuses Amern arplanes of droppng potato bugs n [t Germany. he charge, t s thought, forecasts a falure n Jfast Germany. That the san Government makes such a slly frge may be* tttken as an ndcaton of Bt the Communsts mght do themes or as an effort to nflame popular non for the purpose of supportng le reprehensble actvty on the part of Communsts. n June, the. German Government s somewhat afrad of an attack frwn East Germany, just lke that n Korea,. t wanted to organze 5, federal po^pe jran offset to the estmated 5, Jaat German peoples polce.. ".. The polce force n East Germany s apparently nothng but a CommunUt-dornnated organzaton. t s qute possble that, some day n the future, uncjer orders from the Communsts, t mght make, an effort to overrun defenseless, unarned West Germany. The decson to let trje West Germans organze a central polce fflrce s probably the best thng to do under the crcumstances. bought some,, pounds of surplus Amercan potatoes to feed the vctms of a crop falure, Observers then speculated that ths dependence on the Unted.States was the cause of the so-called "potato bug" propaganda. Later, n June,; the East German Government notfed aeyejaa.countres of a "crmnal.amercan plot" to bomb ts potato felds. Accordng to news accounts, agrcultural experts assert that the areas mentoned by the East German Government have, n prevous years, been nfested wth the potato-bug pests n the normal course of events. Employment Up As Many Seek Jobs e employment n the Unted States at the hghest level snce the record nth of July, 948, the month of May d an ncrmm of more than, the number of Unemployed. hs somewhat Conflctng statstcal pcattrbuted almost entrely to the y of school-age, persons nto the labor rkct, most of them lookng for temponmer work.* total number employed n the week June was 6,48,. Ths was y, less than the record set n y two years ago. t represents a gan of 5u,oo jobs snce May. "employment, Whch reached a postal of 4,7, n February, dropped mprove Lvng Standard at a rate of 5, a month untl the upturn n June. n ths month, the number of unemployed was,84 t. Jfaever, the jobless total has averaged about,, or more larger than n 948. These fgures show very plalrjjjr that the number of people seekng employment n the Unted States s ncreasng, bespte near-record employment, there stll a consderable number of workers who are unable to fnd jobs. We presurte that ths s due, n part, to an ncrease n the number of women employes and ajso to the gradually ncreasng populaton whch naturally presents a larger number of potental workers. entrely feasble natonal economc major type of busness enterprse, support s suffcent to lft the general, the projected level of taxaton wth a surplus suffcent for development Of domestc ml: l of lvng by more than twenty-fve resources, busness stmulaton and human o l wthn a decade, accordng to Lerfn welfare, whch are essental to fowth. }.,! t, charman of the Councl of Eco- n addton, he thought tht;t ths economc!* Advsers, that steady v ^ prosperty ^ can be growth wll enable the Unted States to carry such nternatonal oblatons as, Mr KeyserlngTays that ths may be placed upon us by the foreseeable markets and rewards for every elements n an evolvng world stuaton. When Ptchers Won Games A Year a l fans are sonewhat amazed by scores beng regstered ths year dscusson ncludes debates about.rabbt ball artd the qualty of mod- L- wrters, Wth statstcal turns of attenton to the fact that up to rs ago there were thrty-game. m the ptchng busness. The last [) «y Dean,, W4, but before hs "»»e twelv*jnound star jegla^red aore vloram a season. ( y Young. $as over the magcal "mrk njtfjlypars, wth fve of bs " lls shown.lty or more wns., Chrste Matthewson, betwej 6 and 97, won twenty or more gamw p«r season. He was over the thrty nft n 9,. k 4 and 85 and won thrtj^tren ganes# n 98. The general concluson, Arthur Daley; s that to be done "ether the jack down or the ptchers sped qp sptter." He thnks th%t spo nlng to get ludcrous, there dsagreement as to ths vej hurlers n the bg leagues wlty those, takng ssue wth Mr " : > by Slowed TENTON New Jerseys new State Consttuton, heralded as the greatest document of ts knd n a hundred years after ts adopton n 947, Ls beng scanned for flaws these days as the effect of the provsons of the new charter take hold on everyday lfe of the State. Fve resolutons were ntroduced n the 5 Legslature to amend the State Consttuton n Varous ways, and although not a sngle one was adopted, ther ntroducton reflects deep thnkng and dssatsfacton n some quarters. One of the proposals would change the three-year-old State pqnjtltutlpn t$> grant *6O tax M<tes8men> exempj^,\&$re fcen, exempt flwnrth, Wdowd of war veterans and natonal guard members durng ther servce. Another would prohbt the dverson of motor vehcfe revenues to other than State Hghway constructon, A thrd proposal would have reduced the votng age n New Jersey from to 8 years. A fourth consttutonal amendment proposed would prohbt all types of gamblng n New Jersey, ncludng parl-mutqel bettng at race tracks. The ffth proposal would extend present veterans tax exemptons allowed wdows whose husbands ded on actve duty n tme of war to all wdows of honorably dscharged veterans. A recent nterpretaton of. the Consttuton by Chef Justce Arthur T. Vanderblt proclamng: the Supreme Courts power to make rules on practce and procedure s mmune from legslatve checks or overrders even has promnent lawyers at odds wth the court. They clam such a consttutonal provson smapfcs of despotsm and are talkng of a consttutonal amendment to correct the condton. " Pror to the 947 Consttuton the Prncpal Keeper of New Jersey State Prson had* been a consttutonal offcer and was n sole charge of the prson. Under Under the Captol Dome y J. Jfseph Brfclls the new State Consttuton future wardens wll become mere employees of the Department of nsttutons and Agences, whch s not expected to help n mantanng order at the State pententary when showdown tme arrves. Md - summer consttutonal sessons of the Legslature decreed by the new State Consttuton f the lawmakng body ls delayed n adjournng sne de, have also aroused talk of changng the State Consttuton TAVENS: New Jersey had,4 lcensed drnkng establshments on Julj> where alcoholc beverages were legally dspensed to dry customers. * ncluded among the Bstros wore 9,4 taverns;,97 package stores; 797 clubs; 6 lmted retal dstrbuton establshments, and 87 seasonal" cocktal bars Durng the fscal year from July, 949, to June, 95, 58 alcoholc beverage lcenses were surrendered, revoked or expred n (he State. Accordng: to State Alcoholc Beverage Commssoner Erwtn B. Hock the varous types of drnkng lcenses produced $5,, for muncpal governments n the State. Tavern lcenses brought n $4,66,88.6; package Stores, $76,788.8; clubs $88,.7; lmted dstrbuton places, $9,98.6, and seasonal cocktal, bars, $,9.79. Hudson County, as usual, has more lcensed lquor outlets than any other county. There are.8 places n the up-state county where a man can quench hs thrst. Essex County ls next wth,856, and Bergen thrd wth,4. Thebalance s scattered throughout other countes n proporton to ther populaton. COSSNGS: Accdents between motor vehcles and ralroad trans n New Jersey last. year totaled 67 and resulted n ten death* and 8 persons njured. Durng 848 there were such accdents resultng n GLAMO GLS! tt jwof the re.begnte some but the among tore *w. >wa rutuu U t«:»r«- «F *" "*" U»" v». "What a-wdflder!# yawtontpp! And t was Wtjfn by 7 fataltes and 6 personal njures. alroad grade crowng a n New Jersey total approxmately,64, the majorty of whch are safeguarded wth manually operated gates, watchmen, flashng red sgnals, bells and standard crossng sgns/ f, Collsons between bcycles and movng motor vehcles totaled 568 durng 949, resultng n deaths and 57 persons nonfatally njured. Only one" fatalty occurred durng the year from collsons between sleds and movng motor vehcles. n the past eght years there have been such fataltes. JESEY Jl6SAW:-^New Jersey dary farmers are lookng forward to the one cent per quart ncrease they wll receve for mlk after next Tuesday... Tomato growers are called upon by the State Extenson Servce, utgers Unversty, to keep ther fungcdes ready aganst the blght that threatens the New Jersey tomato crop... Dr. chard E. Shope, of Kngston, ls the new charman of the New Jersey Publc Health Councl... The yeld per acre n New Jersey potatoes ths year wll be about 5 bushels... State polce Detectve Fred H,< Schultz, ah expert at fngerprntng, has retred after 4 years of servce... Effectve September trucks n fleets of over a hundred wll be nspected under State supervson at the companys garages nstead of at State nspecton statons... The State Bureau of Aeronautcs, Department of Conservaton and Economc Development, reports only 7 serous arcraft accdents n New Jersey durng the frst sx months of The tenth annual qualfcaton and examnaton day for flock selectors and pullorum dsease tes&er. wll be held n Trenton on August 8... (Contnued on Page ;) Opnons of Others, ETOTS ON LOTALTT Th«SWfttt ("TVdllfrT wtrcommttee nveatlfattn charges of dsloyalty n the 8UU> Department has reported. The most unfortunate thng about the report s that the commttee splt on partsan lnts; the most fortunate, perhaps, s that t come* after the Korean blow and nfter the admnstratons response to t < to quote thf chef of tlls newspapers Washngton Nrws Bureau! md "converted Senator McCarthy from an agent of dscord nto an herloom," No report, sgned only by admnstraton supporters, whch {ompletely upholds the admnstraton Aganst an attack can rvpr be accepted as free from pollttcnl motvaton. No duent-!nc poston held only by admnstraton opponents can ever be taken as wholly objectve. But the Korean crss, happly, has taken the cruelcst edge ol the whole affar. Most far-mnded persons, wo are convnced, by now are qute aware that Senator McCarthy has moved from one charm to another but. on the bass of evdence made publc, has fallt. to prove any of them- as the majorty of the commttee asserts. But that s not qute the whole queston, The Amercan people have wanted to khow whether or not, on the bass of other evdence whch qute properly should not be made publc, there are dsloyal people close to the makng and applyng of ther foregn polcy. Thsy have, looked to ths commttee for some answer. And the commttee ls dvded. The problem, then s to fnd the l»st answer possble wthn such dvson, Aganst the obvous desre of the commttee Democrats to gve the State Department every possble "break," therefore, must be set off Senator Hlckenloopevs categorcal rejecton of ther fndngs. For Mr. Hckenloopcr had commtted hmself to total attack n hs own campagn for reelecton. t remans to effect some synthess between the majorty report and Sanator Lodges?easoned dssent. Ths ls how t adds up for us; On the evdence made publc and the evdence n the 8 loyalty fles, scanned by the majorty (Senator Lodge scanned only, Senator Hlckenlooper only 9 none of Senator McCarthys charges hve been proved. Ths ls mpressve, to be sure, but not self-evdently conclusve. There s postve reason to beleve that the State Department s run by loyal people and no postve evdence that t ls nfltrated" by subversves. The whole queston of securty wthn the government, hf vever, could well be studed and mproved. Congress, because of pressures of tme and poltcs, s unftted to conuuet a loyalty nvestgaton adequately or mpartally. The task should be entrusted to a nonpartlsan commsson of dstngushed ctzens apponted Why the Woodbrdge Natonal Bank keeps over 6% of ts resources n jontly by aw-frewnfc tatte, And there are other potato oa whch the majorty anl StOator Lodge, tactly or cxplkltly, wea to see eye to eys tmtlctlrtr on how to make Ctaftret a ntorf responsble and effectve cheek on the conduct of (ortmment. We would urge at any Utw, and partcularly at ths tme of crlsu. that the Amercan people Uk» these two reports at lnoentvu and gudes to a saner way, and turn from the fatal mortal of mutual, suspcons, charges, and nnuendo. The ChrtsMsn Solent* Montor. S T SMAT TO DBNKT ts consdered "smart" to drnk socally, But there s a pont at whch t ceases to be smart to drnk ;, alcohotc beverages, even among thone who advocate "the socal glass." that s when (omcbodl overndulges and makes hmtel a nusance or perhapt become* dangerous. :.. s that smart? f one beleves that t s smart to drnk alcohol, where s the lne to be drawn? s t at one drnk, two drnks, three drnks? Someone wll say t depends on the drnk and the drnker.... Wth the knowledge that alcoho JMablt-formlng, and wth repeated demonstratons that many a man who thnks he can "take t or leave t alone" sooner or later dscovers he cant leave t alone, how smart s t to expose oneself frequently to the danger of becomng one of that group? Some ntellgent people have reached the concluson that ts rclly dumb to drnk ntoxcatng beverages. They may not go around tellng people that, but they follow that precept n ther own habts. Nor do they become socal outcasts because of that atttude. They recognze t s a queston whch every person has to decde for hmself. Free Press (Burlngton, Vt.) EDTOAL ENVONMENT Last Saturday evenng. n the presence of some of hs colleagues, the edtor of the Lttleton ndependent was awarded the Crossman Edtoral Wrtng Trophy, whch was es- (contnued on page ) (Eartot by C TO WMhlHCton Avr.. Oarttrtt. K. J, Telephone Cnrtoret -5* Chy-Us E. Qregory Edtor sml Publsher Mulurrlptlon rates br Mall, n- Hudlng pontage, orta rr, months,»,;s. three m»tlh», 6;n. Sngle copes hy tnall, o«ntn. All aylln n mlvanc*. By carrer lellvorj, cttk* N oupy. KUwol n aemnd ulam matter June,, at Carter*!, W.., *ot olht. under the Act of March, S7D. CONSULT US NSUANT COVEAGE CASH AND U. 8. GOVENMENT OBLGATONS The Woodbrdge Natonal Banks statement of condton for the frst half of 5 showed "Cash on Hand and n Banks" of $,4,756,, and "V. S. Government Oblgatons" of $,6,48.85, Ths s a reflecton of the Banks LQUDTY. The Bettef Busness Bureau n ts booklet, "Facts You Should Know About Savng Money," says: "The ablty of any savngs nsttuton to meet the CASH demands of savers depends on the LQUDTY of ts nvestments." On our record,, we nvte your NSUED savngs account. AMHttul BuUnf Hwn fw»» «to $ P. M. BDGE NATONAL m^pffl vpafuka HUUWTp rf»wu. nwowt fnnakc«

8 V\XW FGHT FDAY..TtT.V M, 5 CATEET PESS Co/e Porters k Gay Dvorcee At Prnceton Stortng Monday PNCETON Thf frst muscal n tnc<ly nf thf Summer nwsnn, ol Pnters The (lay Dlvorrv. vll l)f pnjpntecf j on the stn«" of Mr McCnrfpr Tlcnlvp. >"jn>! Monday..nk MA nmnlr)!! throal AumM 5, t was :onu!)crd by Hpbct Kcnwtll. -tlrpcto of (lr rnrplrm Thfstve. No n prlcr" wll he mnrlr. The Ony Dlvnrcm " was One of hn Krnftntlons of Broadway when vlcnnlly pn\nte< nt the Ethel r nymnp Thpntv.starrng FTH\ Astnhc, and <TO(UQK to revews f ll revval tlls snson t has lost nunc of ts popular appeal wth ts new and seasoned cast. Audences,( he nl -cooled McCartp- Theatre hear ft tro of MDK stars.»rk WhlUn;;, Carol Stone and \fln Muscal Cothody CAOL STONE lov /merman, supported by. tumn* and snplns cast rh populnr Cole PortA llts as >fnht and Day" and "Youre n CUT." < A veteran of over a dozen Broad- < way and London muscals as well as of the moves and the serous state, Jack Whtng, the male star of "The Gay Dvorcee," has ap- Denred n such llts as "Anythng CK.V "tse and Shne," "On. Your Toes" ftnd "Very Warm for May." Demonstratng hs versatlty s few seasons ago, he toured, n a straght actng role as tre dramatc crtc n "Arsenc nd ). Old Lace.". Carol Stone was hghly acclamed by the New York crtcs for her brllant performance of Barbara Allen n "Dark of the Moon" a few seasons BKO, and has snce been seen n "They Knew What They Wanted" and the tuneful ht. "Hgh Button Shoes," whch *, chalked up a record run on Broadway. She has appeared at numer-. ous Summer theatres n the East -Year Olds to Ve n Choce Stakes MONMOUTH PAK- -ts Derby Day at Monmouth Park Saturday afternoon. Three year olds, 5 of them, hnve been named for the 5 renewal of the 5. Choce Stakes at de seasde track, a flt- Un fnale to the month of Ju!y and usherng n the bonanza days of August when Monmouth operates nne full days wthout opposton from the metropoltan Neff York area. Thf Choce Stakes, strctly a sophomore teat of speed and stablty, has attracted the cream of the crop; yet, from the bulky nomnatng lst wll come only a handful to battle the ssue. Preppng the colts for the stern Kentucky Derby test n May always exacts ts toll on thoroughbred legs, and by late July, the ranks have been excessvely thnned. Amon Saturdays probables, however, are such as the Bobanet Stables Attenton Mark,the Brookmeadc Stables Greek Shp and More Sun, Wllam O. Hells Selector. Mrs. Walter Jeffords Pot Card, Joseph M, oeblngs Admral Drake, Mrs. Andy SehutUnuers Ferd, and George D. Wdmers Lluhts Up. t s a feld hard to fault on class and talent. Lghts Up won the recent Lamplghter Handcap at Monmouth Park and dd t n the most mpressve fashon by fve lengths. A repetton of that ffort wll fnd hm hard to whp n the Choce. Ferd worked a brllant mle last Frday mornnc clocked at :7, and contnung a mle and an eghth n :5. t ndcates he s back n form whch brought hm home n front n the Jersey Stakes and the Swft Stakes earler n the year, whle Greek Shp won the Metropoltan mle and wll fnd the mle and one quarter exactly to hs fancy. The bulk of support wll fall to ths tro, but others n the parade have races n the condton book to gve them better than a passng chance, and the 95 runnng of the race looms as ts most nterestng and ts speedest. Charly Ball Any Choce Stakes Day s also Turf Charty Ball Day at Monmouth Park. Followng the racng program, sportsmen ard sportswqmen are to gather n- the beautful club house for an evenng of fun and thrlls. All proceeds wll go to chartable organzatons. A sparklln, "Mdway," auctons of stallons, servces, and donated artcles, and dancng wll enjhren the evenng. Last year the Jockey Club rased nearly $5, for charty through the evenng and that sum may be exceeded Saturday nght. "bur Town," and for the week of ; and on the Wets Coast. August 4 s Zachary Scott n The thrd star of "The Ony"Blnd Alley." Herbert Kenwth,, Dvorcee." lovely Lenor* Loner- who s n complete charge of selectng and presentng all of the. an, made her debut on Broadway at the SC of four. Possessed of a Prnceton Summer Theatres attractons has brought to Prnce- deep, husky voce from early chldhood, she made her frst great success as a chld actor n "The Phla- Shelley Wnters, Prarchot Tone, ton audences so far ths season delpha Story." and later had a Larane Day, Eve Arden, Burgess lendng role n "Junor Mss." one Meredth and Marjjo. A veteran then played the youns reason for actor, produced and drector of all the trouble n "Dear uth." plays and rado programs, Mr. Each of these shows ran for two Kenwth has been seen by theatre seasons. She has been seen wth audences n such hts as " emember Mamma" and "My Sster Glncrr ogers n the move. "Torn, Dck and Harry," and more recently played opposte Charles Butteraped the late Dame May Whtty n Eleen," has drected and manworth n JMH Dalrymples producton of "Bruhten the Corner." tres n "Nght Must Pall," and has her last tour of the Summer thea- Scheduled lor The Prnceton co-produced the Broadway producton, "Me and Molly," and the road Summer Theatre for the week of August 7 s aymond Massay n tour of "There Goes the Brde.", 895 CHMSTfeNSENS. 95 "THE FENDLY STOE" Summer Clearance Sale Contnues % on SUMME SPOTSWEA N ALL DEPATMENTS t. 5J l STOE HOUS ftjp. 9-5-T-FDAY TUX 9 CL8ED A l l b*y/wkdnest)ay.*. OPEN FDAY Heres the Secret oj Good SaUd!, Hom-de-lre Mayonnase ft c Fresh from our own ktchem. Top qualty! Try tl ", Hom-de-lrcSalad Dressng:,7c 7^\\ The Weal salad dressng. Unmtched value,#: ACME MUSH FUT vtgltles SugarSweet Large Calforna HONEYDEWS each eally delcous eatng. pe, sugar sweet Featured ot all Acmes! 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Teddys Claws*9c ASSOT** COW Lverwurst b Veol Chops PKjte Hef g&r Bacon Sjquore Your Choke *79c»9c * c > 59c Santary Pads ^ c D6S M n $pray

9 -.m^.r <«TYT8 -<:r!wy :?~\ ^SwyfffflfpflfSff- **<?W^ "?vs7 A» FDAY, JULY 8, 95 P#*>»>r%J#r..."..;: v-:^"*^ ;.-*. are ndebted Her of the Amercan Backer, the only daly bankng newspaper, for permsson to reprnt the followng edtoral, e feel ths message s of vtal nterest to every AMECAN. OU AMECAN EVOLUTON MACHES ON Why We Fght n Korea AN EDTOAL Let no one ever mstake t. These Unted States are the frut of a btter evoluton and that evoluton marches on n the world. And once more t s engaged n battye aganst the forces of reacton and tyranny, th tme t s n Korea. t s the evoluton that began n England wth the Magna Carta, and whch, n Anglo-Saxon tradton, h&a spread across the seas va Amerca to the Whole* world, t s the same old battle for democratc ghts, of Man: free Government by representatves chosen by Free People. Tral bya Jury of Free Ctzens. Freedom of elgon, of Speech, of Press. A Government of Laws, not men, ts mltary power at all tmes subject to the pvl Poorer. No cruel or unusual punshments. The secret ballot and free electons. Fath n God and >Truth. The ght of all ctzens to hold publc offce. The ght to educaton of our own choosng. The ght to own property. A mans home s hs castle. Government, a servant, nof, master of the people. Consttutonal Government. The ght to beleve n the Fatherhood of God and all men equal n the Brotherhood of Man. We aje engaged once more, even n lttle Korea, n the everlastng fght.that, Government of the People, by the People and for the People under God shqll not persh from the earth. Make no mstake about t, ours are the evolutonary Prncples. n Korea, once agan, men are lghtng, men of two races, and dyng, for those prncples.. emember: "Wf hold these truths to be self-evdent. "That all men ore created equal. "That they arg endowed by Jher Creator wth Certan Vnalcnable ghts. "That among these are: Lfe, Lberty and the Pursut of happness., "That to secure these rghts, Governments are nsttuted among Men dervng ther just powers from the consent of the governed. "Tha whenever any Form of Government becottn destructve of these ends, t s the ght of the People to alter or to abolsh t and to stltmte new Government layng ts foundaton on such prncples, and organsng ts povcrs n such form as to them skwld seem most lkely to effect tkjr Safety q»rf Happness.". \hese flamng deals of revoluton, expressed by Thomas Jefferson n the Declaraton of ndependence, nspred toe men who marched wth Washngton, from Valley Forge to vctory. They stll march on, a great revolutonary dea, all over the world. t s a revoluton n whch all classes dd and can take pah, be they bankers or laborers. "God s just," wrote Jefferson n hs later years, and justce as the rght of ther fellow men was as dear n 776 to : wealthy Oeorge Washngton and Tom Jefferson, and to bankers lke obert Morrs and Hayrh Solorrton; as K s to any man today. ^ Unlke the Bolshevk revoluton, whch sets class aganst class regardless of njustce, the essence of the Amercan evoluton s that ts objectve s a classless socety, n whch all men enjoy equal rghts. n fact, the essental revolutonary character of the Jeffersonan dea s that t ams at a classless world, n the fnest Chrstan tradton of the brotherhood of man. How much, therefore, the unhappy dctatorshp that rules ussa must fear the march of the dea that unted the Unted States and wrote the Consttuton to bnd them together n peace n a epublc governed by representatves elected by all the people. How tyrants everywhere must fear the world march of that dea, manfested now n the Unted Natons dedcated to the ghts of Man everywhere, a Consttutonal Assembly, dervng ts just powers from the consent of ts members! The Sovet masters of Muscovy see very clearly that the march of the Amercan evoluton wll certanly set ther people free; perhaps wthn ther own lfetmes. Certanly, too, t wll free the peoples / Poland, Chechoslovaka, Hungary, umana, Bulgara, Albana, Chna, Manuchurla and North Korea, whose governments have been overrun by communst agents supported by the Sovet mltary and secret polce. t wll set them" free n the democratc pattern, even as t has set free nda and ndonesa, n our tmes, and a century ago set free the natons of South Amerca and Cjupa, and even gave to the ussan people, yearnng to be free, a half cevtury ago, the Duma, ther fldt and last representatve assembly. n the nexorable march of the Amercan evoluton, some day the ussan people wll once agan be free to rule themselves. n the certan progress of the lberal deals of Thomas Jefferson, Patrck Henry, Benjamn Frankln, Thomas Pane, James Madson, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and George Washngton, slave-state, communst captalsm s doomed. t fears for ts lfe. ghtly so, for manknd, ncludng the ussans, smply cannot tolerate for long, government n whcr} t trust, justce, human dgnty and honor are dened. Manknd, even the people now deluded by the masters of the Kremln, cannot reman subject for long to a regme n whch les, slavery and cold poltcal murder arenstruments of government and of mperalstc enslavement of every small naton that s Unfortunate enough to be a neghbor. Some day these natons wll be free agan, and t s the March of the Amercan evoluton that wll set them free. Perhaps t s later than the masters of the Kremln thnk. We need no clearer explanaton of ussas mperalstc expanson and ts shameless economc, poltcal and mltary explotaton of ts own and ts neghbor peoples than the psychopathc fear that grps the Kremln gang as they behold the progress of the dea of lberty and democratc government. Marchng on n mnds and hearts of men, t nexorably spells ther certan doom, at the hands of the very people whose lbertes they have attempted to destroy. Ths we know and certanly shall see. ussas leaders know and beleve ths and are afrad. n ther fear they have thus far stopped at nothng, nether the murder of former poltcal assocates lke Trotsky nor the mass murder of mllons of people who ded because they held dear the ghts of the ndvdual man. Ther vctms nclude mnsters of God, teaphers, prests, farmers, trade unonsts. Th«blood of these modern-day martyrs for the deals of Jefferson and Lncoln cres out for justce, Jetterson knew ths when he wrote: "The Tree of Lberty must be refreshed from tme to tme wth the blood of patrots and tyrants." There s not one ussan communst leader, who does not lve n daly personal fear that he wll be the next vctm. ussa s n ths respect a psychopathc State. ts fear complex foreshadows ts certan fall n Gods good tme. t was old Benjamn Frankln who wrote: "esstance to tyrants s the wll of God." Our revo* lutfonary forefathers beleved that, we beleve t today. t s the reason we fght n far Korea. Ths thng called "revoluton" n ussa s about as revolutonary as the obsolutsm of Alexander the Great, Calgula, or van the Terrble. t nvokes the names of Jefferson and Lncoln. But t drowns them n the blood of countless vctms from whom t ruthlessly has taken lfe, lberty and the pursut of happness. t calls tself the Unon cf Sovet Socalst epublcs, but ts assembles are travestes upon representatve government. t clams to be a democracy, but ts electons are mockeres of the democratc process. ussa today s not revoluton, but counterrevoluton. Contrast ussas predatory mperalsm wth the freedom whch democratc Amerca has granted to the Phlppnes, establshed n Cuba, and now supports all over the world. Contrast the terror that s * tftrrlstrumerf of the Kremlns nternatonal polcy wth the free Assembly of the Unted Natons. Who n the long run of hstory could mstake the Sovet slave state for an her of Jefferson and Lncoln and the democratc deals of the Amercan evoluton? mplct n the concept of free peoples and free natons s unon of such natons to defend ther lbertes and the rghts of ther peoples. Wthout some such unon, as s now beng demonstrated n the Unted Natons front n Korea, and also n Western Europe, the alternatve s loss of lbertes and enslavement for the peoples of the world and ther explotaton under the heel of the communst state captalsts. Xmerlca and the free world must fght for ts lfe, as well as ts deals. Free peoples must, as Frankln remnded the Contnental Congress debatng the esoluton declarng our ndependence, "hang together, or we wll all hang separately." s there no hope of peace then? By the March of the Amercan evoluton, under God, some day, Yes: A peace of free peoples n a parlament of the world, whch has ts successful prototype n the peace among the Swss Cantons and the Amercan States, peace under a consttuton* of laws whose frst purpose s the preservaton of human rghts. To the peoples of ussa and her unwllng satel- lte States and alles, that peace beckons wth a lamp of hope, How far down the road of enslavement, mperalsm and wars the communst-domnated peoples wll be drven, only hstory wll tell. But when they choose to jon the March of the Amercan evoluton and replace ther totaltaran masters wth free and democratc^ governments, they wll be welcome forever to partcpate as equals n the peaceful government of the free world. SWltH AND MAPLE STEETS : : Federal tpost ntranet TUST PETH o.:, : /.v";-.. ft AMBOY, N. J.

10 TN FDAY, JULY 8, 5 Applance epars «Trl: WOodbrlde 8-B (flrfcfl ejkr Servce EFOEATON and AUTOMATC WASHNG MACHNES 5 AvHel Street, Avenel, N.. Authorled l.auderall Servce ED*rt Bendl Coal Dealers $5 EWAD wll be pad to anyone who can prove that we delver any other coal than Lehlrh Valley Premum Coal. We handle LehUh Premum and nothng but L. V. CALL JULUS TOTH Natonal Coal & QU. Co. V. A or Met/8-47 Cecrete HGH TEST QUALTY CONCETE Laboratory Approved Crushed Stone - Washed Gravd Washed Sand - Waterproofng Lme - Bref: - Cement - Plaster artun Mercantle Corporaton Phone PE-4-75 FBONT AND FAYETtE 8TS. PETH AMBOY. N. J. Drug Stores Avenel Pharmacy AHWAY AVENUE WOODBKDQE 8-94 PBESCBPTONS WHTMANS CANDES - Flm - Orettlng Cards AYMOND JACKSON AND SON DUGGST 88 Man Street Woodbrdge, N. J. Telephone; 8-55 Funeral Drectors SYNOWECK Funeral Home 46 Atlantc Street Carteret, N. Jf. Telephone Carteret Furnture BUT ON THE HGHWAY AND SAVE! Vacaton at home wth outdoor furnture from Wnter Brothers Wayalde Furnture Shop Hghway Avenel, N. J. Open Daly A. M. to 8 P. M. Phone Woodbrldft S-SH Key Shops ALBECHTS KEY SHOP U WASHNGTON AVE. CATEBET -76 Hand & Power Lawn Mowent Hbumne A Heprred. Bcycles Sales f gerrm Parts fur Afl Mdu. Washlw Mwftlnn MnOted All Make«-#art tmjmf. LH.-kM.ftll Keys tfct Whle Y««Walt, Telephone Woodfcrtfce Weedhrdge Lauar Store - 8. ANDASCK. POP. stock of Domestc Muscal nstnnwts.kan TO PLAY BEFOE YOU BUY YOU ACCODON Just pay a small enrollment fee and learn to play before you nvest. COMPLETE LNE OF MUSCAL NSTUMENTS AT EASONLE PCES LBEAL TADE-NS Eddes Musc Center AND SCHOOL OF MUSC Kd. nko.kl. -- *t»t» at. Muscal nstructon Espostos Musc Shop AUTHOZED DEALE Bnescher, Selmer, Martn Eplpfcotre, SlngerUnd, Ortteeh Maloal nstructon* on All nstruments Bettel Plan for Student* 465 New Brunswck Avenue Fords. N. J. Perth Amboy Ol Burners DELCO OL BUNES YEAS TO PAY AVENEL COAL & OL CO. 454 AHWAY AVENUE Call WDGE. 8-* Pet Shop Joes Pet Shop PETS - FOOD - SUPPLES OHSC MEAT FHKM DALY : C. H. GOVT NSlBCTKD THOPHA. P.HH BS ~ < A<; - SUFPLBS 66 NEW BUNSWCK AVENUE PEETH AMBOY TEL. 4-S49 Plumbng PLUMBNG SUPPLES AT LOWEST PCES! OPEN SUWDAT ALL DAT Avenel Plumbng Supply HGHWAY 5, AVENEL WDGE Plwntttg»d Hetteg Charles Farr Plumbng - Heatng Tdcphwes: Wpodbrld««8-M4 or 8-JM6 SHOW OOM 454 Eakway Arams Woodbrdee, N. J. Mfcs H. DETES MNY DE At Marte Tree Pcnc Crounds Avenel Open DaUjr to 6 P. M. Pones for Chldrens Brthday futle* Pcncs aad Ban** Please Make Ywr m*n#on» Car* Ca W», al* epars AT & 8EEVC AND SUPPLES eal Estate-lurance Donald T. Mannon NSUANCE eprewntlac BornUn Brotkert. Over 49 T«*n Telephone Woodbrdf* t-lfs- otng ml Sdng Henry Jansen & Son Tnnlnr and Sheet Metal Work ftotflng, Metal CeUnts and Furnace 5*8 Aldcn Street Woodbrdge, N. J. 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Wdre Electrcal Work ELECTCAL HOME EPAS ELMNATE FE HAZADS THU SAFE WNG Expert Workmanshp Economcally Effcent No Job Too Small Call BENE at CA. -59 Wara ready wth extra <ah.. for yojur Summer n*»<! LOANS 5-5OO MAP N ECOD TME Phone M. BOOKS WO W-k nl (le OHH. j u u-rl n n lnlf, kffu.. 87 MAN STEET LOAN OMPANY l.rmse 7:,4 at E & L Where Your Car la "JEWELE NSPECTED" t takes specal nstruments»md» real mechanc tu»lve your motor a tp-top tuneup! E&L has everythng needed.., DAGNOSS Ml Kt. HST r,.rt»/ f rtojr Cectrurdeally lemtrates jour t-rulne t«put all raterowople u we! ts major fault*. Thcn^we vaa adjat y»yr motor far the fnmt en«j»e performance rajv^ ever enjoyed. E & L SEVCE: TEXACO PODUCTS AMBOf AVfNS AM) C B l * WftOntDGt CLASSFED Advertsng PtTBtJMlNG OA PlHhMn *C * NDEFKNOTNT- LEADE CATEET PESS K A HT AN TOTVN8HP-FOD8 BftACON, THEE NEWSPAPES Tme,_ 6c vmr ltn> Tlnpg * Wo p«r lft* Tlmrf UP p«r HM Tlme :.>... (YELY CONTACT) lnen three papers c p«r Hat charged S Ue».) 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O,.B»x 97, Wonflbrdte, or telephone Barket (f HELP WAXTO W.MJB lcensed hand fred hlkth.. T. Wllllama and Sons, rtert-t,,\. J. 7-6-tf fl^mts WA.NTl> Fnr Seot<-h-Hte tnma ulhlen for top rot bc>x«s M! 6HnJ AT NraHT. flwn out buy. Bs- pr.jlh. tllumlnnte<l «n Co loot FTl A;vn., Mhfdf>»r«>- *, Mnn. 7-, S, (, 7 HUM «A\TK> FM\,K (lltl WANTK), full»f part tme; experence not nec«««ary. Apply, Florltflftn lt.tnor*!!!. tf^llwnv S, Aveftl. 7-7 HKP WANTED MAN Ol WOMAN, nedhlk wll up; pont nne rtftrtbntar n Cartcf rtxurt mhlfndny naycrllml. Hepent hualnwt. Ton lfpolnt yrmr nwn tlfflern. Opportunty for lkl hcm. Wrte, laf or apply State HM Omc, loom, Clnton APAtTMKKT WANTED.Mll.V NWKDBn bv quet elderly <Hplo; three or four roornn n WKUjrrKc or Av»«el; nfrrnlnt*l; rhmblc rent, c/t\ retersen, 6 lark Av., Avenel. 7-7* >r.m< ANHHl: FO SALE «JKNUNE flaholk «ft(!.,.sl?.e Bxlf. Pmctlenlly Mew. Onod huy. Tele- h<ne Wuolbrlrtge H-MSS betwes!»:no nn r.:(m» p. M - GOOD NOSE SPOTS STLL ^ BMKQHAM, Ala. ussell K. Orty,. S. retenue trent smelled a suspcous odor as he atonf a street t was rrrtsh cookng. As a result, a modern, gas-fred stll was a#strotfed n a nearby house, 8 gallons of moonshne sezed and a man arrested on makng and transttaunk charges, NO SUGA SHOTAGE Brokers say that there should be no hoardng of sugar, due to the Korean, war, because there s approxlntefcsly a mllon tans of surplut raw su«ar on hand n Cuba alone. Ths s n addton to the 7,5,*Oft t»t«the Unted States s expected to use ths yenr. WHh J Fol Hll Cellar.. WVN V, landscaped lllflllvw nh- 65x V lot 9,99 VETEANS! NO DOWN PAYMENT $ 5 8 A MONTH PAYS FO ALL Nomnq) down poym«nl w Non<V«MroM-cw Curryng ChorgM OQUND Beautfully shrubbed, landscaped 68 x lot m AMM 4 x ft. clear pace for recreaton room, S PtQQMl Goodtsltd rooms wth ctrtner fraparound wndows n two. Choce of wallpapers. Sldng doors on closets n st and nd bedroom*»nd l MOOMN DMAM KTCHN Luxury equpped wth GE anee, GE Snk and Dshwasher, spacous GE Steel Cabnets, GE Hot Wat«r Heater, GE Ktchen ttmjc. Generous work surfaces, Tld- Ulte Toppj asphalt tle floatsg, eh»ce n colon. JUST. Paragraphs Hto eward «#ho rupn,#ay r*ad about hmself th»t he n(fter pwted. DaljfcsHftws. Modern evsed for the traler age: "What s htfne wthout ft motor." St. Lous Ster-Tmes. He s A psychologst s a person who uses $ words to explan a falure caused tor l!fc, Buffalo Hugged ndvdualst: One who etm tot cllcken wth hte flrwrs wthout rnukln* tbf excuses. News. Advfce To Borrower^ f you must borrow, do t from a pessmst. He doesnt expect to get the money back, anyway. Answers, London. We Do Durng the catnpafn we call for ften of vson;- afterward we call them vsonares. Norfolk Vrgnan Post. Over! The honeymoon s over when jwu dscover tort your Pet Lamb s really a lttle Bossy. U. S. S. Nevada Cheer-Up. Bad Company ts ho wonder the underworld U to rotten when you observe the knd of mportant ctzens t pals wth. Chtco, Calf., ecvord. A Falure - A new novel s descrbed by the crlttcs as beng sncere, refresh- ng and clean. Thf author s n despar, Punch (London.) furth MMMUMS Many of the poltcal speakers who make adddresses over the rado should be taken off the ether and put under t. Provdence News-Trbune. Merrly We oll Along Cvlzaton s the condton n "ma OCK, Al P > taken try a neghborr,,. thef and was strm-k n,,, 46-c»lbpr hull,., M. n*tn the wound HM m actvtes, A,, montlls ago Danels n,! JJysfftl coordnaton,,,",, lllls the bullet and was «, wa«found that the H,! r!" n hs head but h ;lrl totrtrd the back or h,! dowswaw, wheh u." wth that porton nf n, Whch controls thr m,, :, geons. *ho petformed n,,.,,.^ Danel* prospects f(>]!<,! "good." FOflf UPPLY DwMrlng that tluc > for fmntc buyr or ), the Agrcultural Depart nl that the country s bch,, so far as food s conenn,. t was before Pearl Hurl, farm economy.s,, sounder and better ab, Just tself to any rn M> that mght be demanded declared the food mmkc stand some pretty stvm by the mltary befor. would be severely anv,., TOE OltFATtlST HOMEBUY NEW JESEY HAS EVE SEEN! BEDOOM hllyl vll nutrton standpont >, fro duct of all foods s Up per - ml 94. to r ha) <>llc "to COTTON ACEAGE Cotton acreage s an p or, less ths year than the ran acres of a year a«o, KTHK the Agrcultural Drp;rtm- m ttotal Of 9,4, nn-fs n, ton were n cuttvaton on j, No forecast of -- gven. KSS, $ EWAD LOS ANQELES LauTM ley, 49-year-old cab dv celved a hug, a kss and $ W he turned n a purs- contan $5,64 cash, whch btlm Mrs. C. C. Carson, vlm l purse n hs cab. whch one generaton pays last generatons debts bv ^ bon^s for the next KPe-; pay. Troy ecord. BEAUTFUL HGH PONT MANO EAST NEW BUNSWCK N. J. GENEAL^ ELECTC "DEAM KTCHEN" AND AMPLE DNNG AEA QE MMflE CE SNK AND (HMWASMC GE STEEL CNET* CJ HOT W»T HUTU E KTCHEN CLOCK NSO AND OUT.,.OOM Y WOM... AND YOULL KNOW WHY THESE HOMES AE SELLNG N ECOD T>K Pltstc wall tle 4 ft. on wall, «ft ar«m4 sb«w«r; medcne c*wn*«, «wl beautful ewramc ftccetorles. Asphalt tle floor- ns... CkolM ( colors. tnwt letm Spacoas, n M* srry, wth p( rtture wndow at front, and large sde wndow, Choce of wallpaper. HAlNO Thatcher ar condtoned - automatc ol heat, fwttd «urrn ar dtcujl General Electrc 66 gal, hot water heater. * numuno Copper plumbng throughout. ) FtegkMl*. bnt Manor a good reason lor the record qrjck Sale of these homes... New Jersey has never known a home value to match Jt See them for yourself, and youll agree... never before SO MUCM bw)k for SO LTTLE money Youll be thrlled by the spacous ury rooms,«the dazzlng bg "dream ktch m" Wth roomy dnng area... the superb beauty of appearance, tnsoldty of constructon. And Hgh Pont Manor h the beautful, con venea>to-e?eryffcjn kt! ofcommu njty mv* dre**»# of Mtln n. NO WONW JtWEftYOWK WANTS W MOV NTO HGH fcbft MANO:

11 -,«: 7TEET EAL FDAY, JULY 8, 5 v-rvngt<>fl, ahway lke Start Gontknt Wnnng Streak Ml Blp Splt ht [.^px-fhe 6* Stars, newcomers n the Junor nntlnuol ther *lttt ng,, v trfnnclng tle Kll Boys,,n,. HP latter te«rh tbok the,,r the cobras n another snrs won on Nafeyjs lne.,. ntd the costly etora,, hy the- HUBdyfe, who, nne Stars, 7 to 4. -,,, n.hnr game tre nl Boy mn behnd n the last frame,,, roc runs and nose out (nbns. Stsko started off tlje uh a long double, thjjn m onrle Mdvetn * sngle,. nok a base on an error, arfc nd MSdVStt r.snows (Jfnfcte... rf!). r.... b f.- nk, ) ::.. rf. f (,l,. t Hll Boy () cf.l: «pv-tn. lb nll;s. b.. r.:m ) hmb. rf \. o, b by nnngs: [ll Bovs, D H, stars CoVhu ) s. b. r> n(. ss calv. f <-v cf f :: kv. j. 4,. - * nsko Hurls Two (ltter For Grls fflft ftflh Bellak, b j SfeAort, b _,._ J Wakb. Ss... " Srrd*, *., tbaele, t Sopno sqpnos. t m, ;;;;;;;;;; Kasha, rf b / Score by nn ", _ SH Boys d -- SPOT!* NfeWS (by Benny) tbs s de A graft *#<H of sports s fcrow ng today. vm krt Hjnfons ol *8J*BM rh ths s Hnrng s Cards, ^; _ n a senor n tre ecreaton League hefe the Ckrds nosed out the amblers, -, behnd tlt^ fve-hlt ptch of "lchy" Mlgjecz. Hs mound opponent, Satbaek, showed plenty of stuff to hoklln the, Cards to three sttkles, but a valk and ah error n CerrfeHleM Harked the ldne tally aganst hm: h the Grls Keagle thfr ftebs howed constoerhble!hd canjertear snappng trftlr hg streak, blttne nrnblettes levertheless rd Srblfth ltht to ftke the game. 5-n. Wth the scow- tec at 4-all «olfg nto the sftth. he nmblflttes made ther ttn- ln«! tallsy when Marty walked, tole second, and then thrd, and ame home on a felders tlroto. the Cadets were bombarded by te W.C.B.C, n the Junor league»me wth the latter makng ts ;lx hts count for even se nveruns, or a 7- trumph. Although thje. Cadets outht the wnners, wth?eten blngles they could only get me run acrffss,the plate. amblers () parks, vw«ls ebyrts ahd basebal felds hvt ma m\y. J. esko, f 4 One wants to be :utter, b Vo^l OK ^ spec t to partcpate JUAU^, AU...J.,. u Wt yoongstr; ayduk, lb ".. k th"rtttjgh ho fa(n 5. esko, cf rehfe shotf Oorke, rf rteatlons ahr g*t out ahr TroSko, c form of spott J. esko, p b and thf ^talback, p... VHm tn* «, the»rl m.* better ft to fee fq f»oe tob8h(sws world. There fl^ 6h h t6wn for mm tat cah help the S! Oarteret. y gn^lzed t>al s try- <g tq help the chldrb from 7 to, Sttt (t Wust Have the s)pot th W6MU Mal flnshcfal, of rf Kasklew, b.! Vnskos fne twour:". was too much for theway, have won eght straght, and Bonowsk, cf loslng v to rvlngton, who, by themesqutd, rf. ) ;r> they went down to defeat to ahway, who have won ten f Yulasz Grls - n the ec. straght, are dle ths week due to rl Snfthall League. he Ohon gwne beng cancelled.!;, (ld a credtable Job on Now gatrtes are left; one wth : M for the losers alolwlng..!!me hts. Vuhas fj) K" P!-;j.v.-l{l, lb :. ss,, h.rl, b llrl Cf..:. f,. :;"P f! -).Mn. f ;luu, b! *, n-s,,) "l;k, lb n rk. c!;l nvsk, cf t rf Deba, ,? 7 () A] j j S...»! O by nnngs:,. POTS TENNS ACKETS Was Now $. 7.5 &...$4. Womens TENNS SNES n;«5... NOW.45 GOLF CLUBS & DltMn CLUB ENTALS 5c PE DAY SPTM6. nwst Haye revehue ahd. can Operate wonderfully f everyoen would retflsttr, so that they can expand nto many felds of sports, such as basketball, boxng, wrestlng «nd ftames. There are only two organlzatons that cater to our chldren one s the ecreaton League sponsored by the borough, and t s dong a great Job. The two tenns courts behnd the Cleveland school are very busy these days, and a basketball court s beng erected next to them. Joe CoWb and Max ftamlret are dong a good Job. Tlte t»xl baseball team, after Newark, and orle wth Wlnfteld. Both games ate away. The team s stll n fourth place, and stll n the runnng for a playoff poston, tfemy Wlker, one of our PAL playe, left for the Army ths week. Good luck, uddy. Dont forget August 5th s PAL day for the Grls and August th U PAL day for the boys. ec Schedule Week ef Senor League f :» P. M. Sonday-amblers vs. Ukes Josephs vs. Cloversl y d vs. Clovers Mens Softball Uebets, 6:$ P. M. Wednesday C.W.V. vs. Foresters Frday Sltars vs. Nu-Way ( Mdlfet U»f ue p»r*. lo:sb A- M. Monday Bus Boys vs. Falcons 5 l, B ^ Boys vs. Ealcons Frday St, Josephs vs. Falcons Grls Softball Columbus School, 6: P. M. Monday Debs vs. Farmerettes Wednesday Yuhasss vs. amblettes Junor Leacue Pu-lc, 6: P. N. Monday-Blue Star vs. W.C.B.C. Tuesday Cadets vs. Hll Boys Wednesday Cadets v». Cobras ThuwUy--Blue Star vs. Hll Boys Frday Hll Boys vs. Cobras CubUmtm Tuesday ockets vs. Emerson Jets Thursday Cypress vs. Emerson»~w-,-, trtertt Wednesday Orant AveMtre Thuraday-rColurobUfl School tmmtk ftreel Wednesday Wheel Day, Grls, Cartoret from nl Cklna acroa Bur pt nto».» *» w«ttj«e loutfl *ha product of Chln wer* tnt ntroduced tc Europe. Carts () Sabo, lb.:.-.. Woskal, ss Kolloas,» vrnc f Pluta, b 8 ^oerhan, cf, KoloJewskl, c,...:. t Jorrente, rf ; Mlglecz, p b > oo o Q Score by arhfkfs... 6 o J 6 b o Cards Debs (4) Uedvetz, b Gl. ss 4 Danes p Ward, U Mate, b- Zdnak. Campbell, cf.$ ODonnell, f Neder, lb Koval, ss,- rvng, p :.. Estftk, c ularcy, b? edorco, b ; heres, rf. Qlnda, ss SB ««Score by nnngs: Debs, P 4 amblettes t f * l 5 Cadets. (),> «Meyers, ss Lukach, lb... :.,... M, Yavorsky, p...j?...a. Mandchak, cf... L.L loore, c.. Kovacs, rf S B, tavorskl, H... Czyakowsk, b Leahy, b 7 W. C. B. C. (5) Dofceg, b «4 Gtoda, f dmla, c,-.. D. fayko, p Wlzna, b, Bohacs, lb 6 Skltka, lb D.Zurlla, cf Fkrks. ss S Ur, 5-f, feaya, rf D 5 Score by nnngs: Cadets W. C. B. C 7 Fll for Caoklnf Are you pennywlse n the matter of fats for cookng and table ue? Bnttfer ^ rhavgrflt, j^t course, are preferred (6T gprtmhg bread nd roll. But Urd,. Vt^table dl{k are Tfre ror bakng, whle fat Vt wefct lent meat pes, sod Mr cal foods. l t l tett aha wan Whle Oho has none of the glm more than that of all the gou. luvat tnd precouj gtqne produced n tht Unted State* tor a lke perod. fl CACKep W He SUFFEED WHLE n? BEAK up LAST S PEAKNG OUT SPOTS by Meyer The televson of Major League baseball s once agah n the lnjelght, wh& wth ndecson n the natonal captal over televsng next seasons Nat games. The ndustry s also faced wth the loss of the more lucratve sports events, as the Theater Owners of Amercas to move n and corner the lush attractons. -July Tele^Vfews magazne reportefl th t the v«ry foundaton of the free wave length televson ndustry was beng shaken by TOA, whch wanted closed wave lengths, over whch t alone could televse bg sports events. These events would nclude champonshp boxng matches, baseball classcs, such as the All-Star game and the World Seres, choce football games, etc. Tele-Vews sad all that would be left to the home set vewer would be "second class vaudevlle, bwt^hftt ntervews, and a successon of cookng, sewng ahd needlework classes." Meanwhle, mnor league owners reported a couple of weeks ago that the broadcastng of Major League games was hurtng ther busness at the Meal parks. The mnor owners shutder to thnk what teftvson of Major League games mght mean. The argument remans unsettled n the Major League ctes. Those who argue that telewsmg the home games costs customers are refuted hy bthfcrs who say that the poor team s responsble for b^elr attendance fgures. n nearly every case of smlfer attendance fgures, they can pont to a weaker hall cub. Ard So t gbe The answer wll have to be touhd sdrjh, slhce 95 contracts arent too far off, and ^ohows of televson shows want to know now what thky cah ld about next year. Catholc WaY Vvteruns Humble Sweet Shop Aggregaton, -t CATEPT The Catholc War ^ts noved closer to the lea^ n the ec Mens Softball Uefegue Here when they scored an easy - truttfh over the Stars Seet Shop combne. We vctory was attrbuted to the the fne fve-ht ptchng of Moe Kolusek, who kept the oppqsfton up wth fls fast delvet. B«hny Bo^howsk Vks tagged for tert nts. Olelly led the wnners at bat wth thret bngles n hs fve drps to the platter, wth atnenz rght behnd, gettng two for three, Stars S. 8. (). b ftfe*#, f MfeMfefc. lb Hldl 4.»d9. c Balog, cf The ftmou tn road Cornwall to the»hore where eavred by bp to Denmark tn road then followed the roads to the Medterranean a; Boll Where toll blowng s a d«flrow«m. lummartallow houhjbt worksd n ttrlps. on slopng U a eontour trlw aw advl«abl«, C«O>en»r Myno, rf 8 Sosnowsk, p.. ty. edel. b Lee, rf )lelly, f 5 ^amena, ss Curdella, b.c dos, cf S lolusek, p" 4 ulck, b Mttr Vjr -!?«strlest. tl* Mballers Scon Lose t /Vome m t. M by brte t th* ahtrfey WBlS-B, ald thr they «bm thm ft» 8 crck ott- At that mowed down St. Ellas by a -4 Aotnt tt\ ute hotfw MntftH TW; rlurrlph «t Brooklyn was the frst road W»rne for the l( Maselk and Wojcflc sharefl thfc ^ttehtng honors *-htle Caval agan was the bg Man Wth thb stck fcettrk thn*e hts and stortng two runs. At ahwuy, the ctrteret aggregaton playetl a d o* eontst untl he ffth when ther bats etploded ayer the plce ahd they racked up nne runj. Johnny Hala Merwlck led the battng onslaught and Herbv Vahtly was credted wth a home run. Left; Wojck ptched the entre- gam for hs fourth wn aganst a slnel h the horne game. lh the local church league, tre St. Joe ^ evee* up wth ther *h b<w felks, Earh rpw hfts a Wn ovethe fcthfev. Meadlfeskl pltched a 4 htter for the trumph ard Steve Lucas helped the wlnftrrg team wth two twely hts, St. Ettas (4) Wurtna. f Prepqthlok, f Oalamb, c 4 Qarvl. b Medwlck. cf jozk, SS Ccha lb. folowach, t> rt rf.. MulleV, cf Wantoch,.rf Boland, cf Lucas, t Kamocof, ss Catrl. b Jackson, lb jvllw, C Medaelskl, p S. Joel S 4 ( Aft , , Wojdk. p 9 Score by nnngs: artert;»hwsy... 4 Soore by lnnmjs: St. Ellas T J 8 7 St. Joes 6 x asway Parh (S) SasSohe, ^b 4 pxon, B ejxj, ss COles, 6 4, Spotta, c 4 Masfcell, f jb cl % (Choce, rl fhocdharo, p SE St. Ellas () ȦS Oalamb. c ahaly, b Medwlck, rf Halas. f Magella, f Yavorsky, cf Brlttan, b!. Kfona, lb u, lb **ak, «$ ftolow tch, ss allv b un f ttal nnng Wns»r St. W s Nne Wth the scon ted at 4-all gong nto the sev nd nnal frftmft, St. Joseph a rally thftt rletted fo rurfe to wn 8-4 and tafce the mea of the ErHerson Jets n tn Cub League, ptchng for the losers, after hdrln;, nce ball weakened n tnt jnal two frahes nd gave up sx Walks and four hts. Kurtlafc, ftft felder for St. Josephs, fld «t bat for the vctors, polng Wt ttlrtje hu n that many trp* U) ms pt8te St. Josephs (8) Af t) tmm. n 4 OfaMhopper Caktrtl r tootrol U most f Tex t hode would b. W Hmot 7»,,, ^- K»wtt*ky, tf ^ ;rn«t. ss,. Petrtk, b Breezy, cf Kudlak. p Onrer. b, Pustay, Sb Zhay. c tan&uk, f Varga, rf Oalamb, rf tfahaly, b Medwlck. lb Preputnlck, lb Oarv, cf Holochuk, cf. Selbert, c O. ChOban, Yavorsky. f... Lozak, ss Brlttan, b... Wojck. p... Mfcffella, p B!ft. BtM () S Orteret St. EAM (!) J a J 4 Sewrf fk Over j of te&cta tr league co thfl t6 mke m«t*r» vtre «M], llot UM Wtwrfd U«* M ouncnm umr run n tne atam att twshm aew*s ttt \ n vnr oray nmtt n th«y scored but t was M WM the ffcrt* hrdly by a cbuht. Wt boy* ftett a 6- ««tt ftut Mm Wtt the aggregaton fttt enough hts to jamer 8 run* and take the Ml me by a j\ the feahway uame the second nnlr* aaw ffteen swatters. to bat.oluqnowskl started on ^ mound for the local group but Mm gave way to rvng, who turned the asttfnment ov;r to Oural. 6ual flnuhtd the game and held the team gtoftless for m Vfctthce o the «n«ouhter The hffee pltch^n n that faul nnng gave up UX walks, srx hts ard were u6t htfp^d by a half dozen errors from 7 U 8 thplr team mates,. - Score by nnngs: Carteret 4 b 5 got off to a ftrw tg*" Brooklyn * J B wth a three-run lead n «w fl)rt Star Sweet $hp Uses tb Carteret Sacred Hearts, - CATEET Scornu easly throu»hout the contest, the Carteret Sacred Hearts posted t - vctory over Stars Sweet Shop n game played here. The wnnng combne scored a tn n every nnlns. and bunched n even half dozen n the ffth to boost ther score. Moe Kalusek was on the mound for the wnners and ave up sx hts. t *a$ Sacred Hearts nneteenth yn of the Season and was vctory No, for Kalusek. Joe Oelly led the Carteret attack wth three hts n fve trps to the plate. Sacred Heart (S) Olelly. f 5 amerlz, ss $ Shulek, b Kurdella, b laplk, c 5 J. Br-echka, lb 5 6 Kutney, b 4 E, Jftrchka, rf Kalusek, p 4 5 D Wllguckl, b 4 p PaVlowSH, t D lb 4, Horeskyjss j. Mdel, c a 6 Balog, cf Mynlo, b SoBoskl, p W. Dledel, rf Lee, tf fffttfe when Mtllan khd YHv sngled and Ourals sngle scarld Mullan. Marochhl ht a homkr wth Vavorsky tallyng ahead bf hm for the thre*-rur leafl. n the rvlnsrton garre, tre Carteret lads were leadng by a njn when a repetlton or thf ahttlj encounter took place. Twelve r* ngton players came to bat ard scored eght tmes on alx walb and three hts. Carteret outht ts opponents, nne to sx, but the wnnng ptcher, Strychnqwltt had twelve strkeouts to hts credt, allowng only one walk. Crtwet (8) Af 4 4 " c Mullan, ss Yavosky, f. lb Gural, b, p Marocchl, B Domlnguez, f Oluchowskl, p, b, Lesky, rf Weber, cf trvlng, b. p. 6 K»9Ww.C, b Mandchak. b at luhway <rt) Cf 4 > Abate, lb ujtejty, c 4 AUdrewlcn, ss Dlprtle, b War*>, ^ Kloss. rf, Zobro, rf ZlelSak, p B t k tk score by tantnm: «w o o o o Mb CsrUret S -*.... ss Tratt.* Yavorsky, f Matt<flcnkk Otttal, b..- Score by nnng: Sacred Heart. «-S Stars 8. S.» Marocerd. lb d Krftfly, Lfe njar^nce companes have c J made more tfmn a bflfoh AoBars cf -a avalable to state, county qnty muncpal governments for ther f- Leaky, rf Walker, p nancng rees--used for hghways, auchowskl, p A water works, publc buwrhf*, brdges, schools and many otber publc servces. LEVNS Perth Anby Days FDAY & SATUDAY Specal! HKAVf tevclotl 9 rvlnton () PoCtmahsky, b 4 Novak, cf rteedrtam, b Talker, f JUast*rsoh,lb W ss Karlrto, ss Zelles, r...: - unchhey, rf GMter, c Strychnewllz, j) by 6 o o 9 k z «l t>5 \%\ b 4 S % tq ptone mll that ground oak btxk nverted n 6 by Petal of»few fcork. HAVE YOU CLOTHES] CLEANED GHT Fft Tour SetfHok Conaal Ua A. 4- Our Drwr WU ClU

12 PAGE TWELVE FDAY, JULY, 95 Chandler Opens Hall of Fame Wng CfTonmSTOWV, * Y.-*BB.Wball hl«lfs dedlmted new $75,- wlr \x) the Natonal Baseball Hal! of Fume ths wprk. n thr annunl stnmp nt Dnublrdy Feld, hf Boston cl flox plnycd thr New York ntftnl.t nnr won. 8 n 5. The hl n>w wng for the Ky covered musrnm wll penult lytu>r dsplay of cmntlps. bulls, bats. Hlovrs. ulfnrms, nm trophc"; Hnt hnvp beon nrnlnulntrd snce 9 n the slvlnr of the natonal spol. Commssoner A B. Chandler wll make thr dedcaton address, am tokfthcr wth Ford Prck, the Natonal ^nxur Presdrnt. Wll Harrldftr, Amercan LfBKe Presdent, and Oeo-gc Trnutman, P-esldenl. of the NtUlonal Assocotlon. wll cut. thr red, whte, and blue rbbon openng the door of the new Fve of the men who are honored wth bronze plaques n the Hall of Fame have promsed to be present: Cy Tounf, Charles.George SSCT, Trl» Speaker. Curl Hubbell. and Ed Walsh, Potash Defcency VVhrn the edges of th leaven of growng corn plants turn brown and scorched-lookng n appear- ance, ths may be a lfn of potash defcency. LEGAL NOTCES KOTHK OK lmm MA.K JO WHOM T MAY CONCKK.N: At a rfkulnr mootng of tlte Cnunr nf tlm Horomh nf Curtrrpt lpll July n, S.O, wm (llre tcl lo Hdvrrll.Mf the fuel that on Th»r«- <lny VtlnK. AUM, tr>, He Mayor nn) Councl wll nuft ft»:(l ". M n he Cnunll Chamber*,Mtnlrl[u Ht d UK, <"»kp Avonu, Cartrr. N., «n. o«l>o«o anl nc nt [lllr mll.hd n th. hlfrh«m bcllr! HTordnK to ternb of HAG on fl wllt the lonnl Clerk open to nmprln unfl n he ptlllly "renl >rlor n HHC,.H ll-lf>-h, K\w h n l. MdroKl of < temt Ant*f«Knnt Mup. ; Take rnrlher nollcc that the Cnr-,teret HOK Councl lfts, hy resoluton H puratnn to l»w, fxed a nlnln prle.t whlh oalm lot* n K llccu wll le sold loetler Take further notce that at lr.l *ale or nny fnte to whch t adjourned, the Mayor and Councl rehppp. the rl^m n lt«dlbre tlun to re>cl any one or all blln»nd n nl Hfll lots n H.ll block lo Hr hllde.r H t may Mulect; due rekunl henfr Kven tn ternm and manner nf pnyment n cade one or tnoro mnmum bld.s slhll \)a ru- Cetved. tpon arhnpe of the mnmum bd, or hd above mnmum, hy the Mayor ammoounrl nnd the payment tloreof t»y the purlaaer accurdlk to tho lunnner nr nurclc n n-- corlant wth tornm of Hale on fle, the Hnrnugh of Cnrlprot wll dpllv-r a HtKLl and Halo deed for «ald PANCKH TAlBN, A^llnff UnrntKh ChMk, To l.<- tulv-rl Htl.nly l, llr.ll, fnd, n v JX. \[K><\ n the arlvrct LEGAL NOTCES NOTCE OF PBl.lf Mf.K rn WHOM T MAY ONCKHN At n rcglft nrrllntf "T t>o ("mr ll nl hr fnnmkl of ll tern hrll.luh n. jr.n. n llr-lvl to nlrnr tlr fm n t>» Tl>ur»- lm rvplhk, Alltl,!!tfl>, (lp Mayor dtll nunrll Hll tlrl (n r M n ho rmnrll (luml Mrll >nl HulMlf, luhp Avf r m f M. N.. tnl fxpoflf rx PP\\ n< MM- nfllp Am n ll> KKH Mller nffordlk to»rm«or "nlo n (le «ll l)<" HK Clerk d n> ^on jnl to hf pulllr v r W prm n «nln, Lnm!> n JT, nrl, Hm k f.-<c, HnroKl <>r CrlrTf Vsr^frnen Mp Tflkf further nnlr llw*t (le Car K>wl HMUK CdnrH lnn, ly rc»- n M<n Anl nsmjnnt (<» hnv, nx<*d ;L mnmum prlr nt wllrl) «njl lots h num Mnk wll n H t. Kf cf wlh tll ltf T,rrnfnt (Mull* Knll mnmum >H<< flnt t?. r >u.fl< l l Hll l o t s Pllll K null g,l MC, f sul m frum. h,\w p.wht ot rt.fhl, tlp pftltu lp pull, >f,ur<lm«jl <"l!,ll lll,, llmv llllnlltll ltlllllh )>\U* ":( unt umr UMtM l l t n lr (.nl lrl uf H;lp. fllllll.r nulrn HlHl ft "Hll nnv <HH lo whch t nny lf l fl, hp Mnynr and Cotnefl nrrxph thf* l(ht n n <Uncratloh flrcl any (ns or all blrtt and tn ll fjll nta n ^a(d hlork tn nvch llcr HS t may aelftrt; due reghl clnjt gln to termn nnd manner of payment n case one or more mnmum hd* hal! ha receved. Upon acceptance of the mnmum lld, nr ttd a^ove tnlmmum, by thr»nd Councl nntl thf> pnymenl httor hy the p«rr)m«*r nc.nrdlng ft the mnrn«r of nurehme n nc- orlance wth term* of «ne un (le lu Borounh of Curteret wll delver a Mnrtfnln and Snle deed for»a!l FANCWH TAMW, Actng tlorokh ^l<rk. T> h«bdrltrtled July, l!»l>, uml.nly *, 95, n the Cnrteret rexa. NOTCE OF rlb.c»a,e TO WHOM T MAY CONCKN: At a regular meetng of He Cnun-lt of the Horough of C&rtexot held July, 9. r.(t, H WHS dlrctod lo adv^rtlhtj the fn:t that on TlurHdav evenlnk, AUKUH, l!)!>, te Mnyor nnd Councl wll meet a! S: p. M. n tlo t.ohhl Clambern, Munldpal bulldlnk, mke Avenue Cunerel, N... ano expose and al pulllc talc anl to tho hlghem tjdder affordng to terms of «ale nn fle wth tle noroukl Clerk open to nspecton and l> he publcly rend pror n sale,.k J-U-M-r nrl., mock (Jf-H), ltoncl of <"artfret Take furtler notce that the Carleret Borough Councl nan, by reotutlon and pursuant to law, flxfd, mnmum prh-e lt whch»nd lon n mld block wll le noll together wth all otner pertnent renlp Hall mnmum pr<e lnn (5. plun cohtk of preparng deed and advertlhng tlls sule. ad lots n nald wltl nl nthfr pprlnen lptll". snld block, f "old on term, wll requre mll prlrc :. nh tn,(h,m plm n down pnynkml of, the balance of PUTHHC prce to he pad COHtK of preparng fleul anl tulverp!un nterenl am otler terms provlrlel for n the f.vntrm-t of Hale. Take further ulce that at sad aale or any dale to whch t may be adjourned, the Mayor and Councl reerves the rght n lt» dlacretlon to rejrot»ny one or nl bds and to sell sad lots n mld block to.nch». bnder us t may y Melect: : duo rckur K beng" gven to terma and manner of payment case one or more mnmum Mls ahull he receved. Upon acceplunce of the mnmum bd, or bd alove mnmum, hy the Mayor Hml Cunnll nnd the payment thereof by the purchaser accordng to tl»e manner (f purchase n accordance wth crn of snle on fle, the MoroKh K of Crteret wll delver B Bargan Andd Sl Sale deed d f for sad premlma. FKAXCKS TATN, Tn n le July Arthur J. Murphy A rk HoroKl Clerk. dvertlsed July, nfll, :S :,, n l,lc Cnrteret Plumbng & Heatng Of Qualty Automatc Gas and Electrc Hot Water Heaters Ol Burners Servce and Supply 7 MAN ST. AHWAY Call a 7-6 "N-LAWS" AE WONDEFUL, BUT Nothng Can Equal The Feelng Of Beng A Kng anl Queen n VOU OWN "CASTLE" You Can Buy THEE BEAUTFUL OOMS OF BAND NEW FUNTUE Plus Your Choce Of: A NEW 95 PHLCO TELEVSON SET A NEW 95 AUTOMATC WflBlE A ENEWED EFGEATO All For Only $79 WTH NO MONEY DOWN*. A BEAUTFUL MODEN C. LVNG OOM SUTE Covered n Heavy Duty Tapestry Ft For A "Castle" YOUS. ONLY $5. COMPLETE Payments $.5 Weekly!. A GOGEOUS PC. WALNUT BEDOOM SUTE Fnshed n ch Walnut, Stykd To Beautfy Your Bedroom ONLY $5, COMPLETE Payments $.5 Weekly!. SOLD, SOLD OAK 5 PC. DNETTE n A Velvety Natural Fnsh ONLY $9. COMPLETE Payments 9c Wcrkly! And A Truckload Of Accessores FEE End Tables - Cocktal Tables - lluor Lamps - Mrror - Pctures - Drape- Table Lamps - Vanty Lamps - Nte Table. - ugs - Pc. Set of Dshes - 4 Pc. Set of Slverware - Glasses - Lnoleum and Mure! FEE STOAGE FEE DELVEY SUPSE STOE 7-U FONT STEET, KEYPOT, N. J., KEYPOT 7- Star* Hnur» MonU}, Tursdn} and Thursday 9 A. M. to 6. M. Wcdm)*) Krllay B A. M. tu ). M. Sn( u A. M. to S V. M. Vet oulr; lnn-ven need uul> a m nl drn.h. OL BUNES a n d u p CALL John J. Bttng FULTON ST. Woodbrdge 8- FUEL OL "blue coal" SEVCE Hoppers Coke Complete Heatng System Qulted Jewelry Case Takng a trp ths mmmer? Th drum-shaped caae makes a compact nestng place for your costume Jewelry, Use qulted satn or (aftetn to make l and renforce t top and bottom wth cardboard. The sdes are opened by a zpper that runs almost the crcumference of the case, A drecton leaflet for makng ths JEWELY CASE may be obtaned by sendng a stamped, str-addressed envelope to the Needlework Department of ths paper, requestlne Leaflet No. E-496. Behnd Wth Hs eadhe The ralway was flooded on account of heavy ranstorm, A traveler on the tran put up at a vllage. As he looked out at the ran n the hotel dnng room, he sad to the water: "t s lke the deluge." "The what?" "The deluge. Havent you heard about the deluge Noah and the Ark and Mount Ararat?" "No, sr," sad the water. We havent ha,d any paper here for a week." FAMES CONTBUTON BDOETON, N. J. n order to convnce merchants of the contrbuton ther workers made to the sconomc lte of ther communty, the Seabrook Farms, a vegetablepackng and frosted food frm pad ts employes n slver dollars -~ a total of $5, of them. Ctzens nd busnessmen wll recognze the cartwheels as farm -workers dollars as they "roll" nto local stores and shops. No Extra Charge Ansry Dner-: "See here, water, whats ths button dong n my soup?" Water: "Not so loud, sr, please. Dont let that gentleman at the nsxt table hear you. Hes dned here regularly for two years and weve never thrown n anythn? extra for hm." Opnons of Others Tntlncd from Fdltorlalh Page) t.-blhhrrl t.hls yenr by the wdow, oh.hf founder of thr- College. <rf fmnr^lrn tn BmMer Tw factors must, he recognzed hy your LHUpton edtor n search- K for the rrnsons ths honor has come to hm. The frst s the pwple of the LHtleton rndon, especally the busnessmen. n the past quarter rpluy only one Lttleton odvcrt.wr has wthdrawn hts acrount n protest of an edtoral. Scores of advertsers have dlskrend wth the polcy of ths newspaper, but thfr belef n a foc press has been larger thfn ther dslke of a few edtorals. Ths broad-mndedness and revrrenre for Amercan prncples exsts n most ctes of the naton, but where t s nbsent you wll not fnd newspapers reachng ther peak n publc «e vne Only last weevwe talked wth one of Lhe most capable edtoral wrters n the West about ths problem. A commttee of powerful men had Just decded hs fne newspaper s expendable because of ts progressve edtorals. They so notfed hs publsher who had the personal strength to nform the commttee that he was operatng hs paper for the people and not for a few specnl nterests.... The most capable edtoral wrter n Colorado, on the contrary, has never reached hs pnnacle because hs publsher has blue-pencled every phrase that mght jar some readers. The edtor of your newspaper ha6 never had ths frustraton, for n all these years hs publsher has had confdence n a full and frank dscusson of ssues. Ths s the Amercan way. t s the trend n our professon. n the bg dalles we fnd more and more consultaton between the publsher and hs key staff men, callng on socal sclenttsts and others to fll n the background. The day,of the selfsh and dctatoral publsher s wanng. A new sense of trusteeshp s developng across, the land. Wrtng edtorals that wll reman sensble tll 96 s not easy. Sut t s less dffcult f the envronment for the edtorals s warm and sympathetc. n acceptng the Crossman trophy, your edtor expresses hs grattude for the Lttleton clmate. Lttleton (Colo.) ndependent. Truth Wll Out "How dd the Smth weddng go?" "Pne, untl the preacher asked the brde f shed obey her husband." "What happened then?" "She repled: Do you thnk m crazy? and the groom, who was n a daze, repled, do." Evdently "s your sster gettng good marks at college? Korean crss s called a spur toj "Yes you ought to see her trade wth Asa countres. neck." JACKSONS BOYSDUNGAEES...,$.69 P r. BUY AND SAVE PK..5 eg. Value $.95 pr. BOYS SANFOZED WASH SLACKS...$.49*. BUY AND SAVE,. P eg. $.95 Value BOYS SHOUT SLEEVE SHTS...$.49 BUY AND SAVE... % FO.75 eg. $.95 Value JACKSONS 46 SMTH ST. PETH AMBOY NMY NGHTS Parrot Bathng Sut ayon elastc led fabrc s a pcrrenal favorte for rx-afhwear, for ts sleek good looks are extra fgure flatterng. ts economcal too, and lends tself well to smart prnts such as the two colorful parrots on ths pretty suk Ths sut, made of Avlsco yarn, may b«worn strap-!<«*, or wth the halter-tle shown here. Haste Makes A sororty cottage. The telephone rngs. Twenty grls flock to answer t. n the mad scramble one fnally gets the recever u5 the hook and answers. "Hello," she coos. "Hello, s Boo there?" "Boa who?" "There now, dont cry, lttle grl, Central must have v gven me the wrong number." Captol pome Contnued from Edtoral Page) The New Jersey Taxpayers Assocaton urges ctzens to wrte m n Washngton to secure a cut n nl non-mltary appropraton*... New J«r»eys WS crop of Apples l beng harvuttd n South Jersey,.. Lma httt\ (trowem n South Jersey are btlfg alerted tjo the clanger from downy mldew New Jersey* unemployed workers arc now beng pad from $ to $8 weekly untl they return to work... hododendron s n bloom at Stolws State prwt and Hlth Pont Park... Thrtyseven lltrt stllu were sezed by Stole C agents n New Jersey durk the fscal year wllcl ended on June, PSONES: Three hundred sneond, thrd and fourth offenders at he New Jersey State Prson are pleased wth the new 96 law removng the requrement they muat serve commutaton tme granted for good behavor durng prevous terms. The new statute, sponsored by Senator Anthony J. Caflero, Cpe May. epublcan, also removed the prohbton n the law aganst grantng commutaton tme for good behavor to prsoners servng thrd and subsequent sentences, rrespectve of whether the pror sentences were mposed n New Jersey or n some other Jursdctons. As soon as Attorney Oeneral Theodore D. Pardons offcally nterpreted the law on July, forty prsoners were released mmedately as the act specfcally stated t appled to all prjoners n confnement. State Prson offcals were also pleased wth th«new law because they got rd of many old-tmers whoae length of sfervloe made them self-appotnted leaders of the convct*. Ther exodus made room for new "flan" who are not so troublesome, that s, for some tme after ther arrval. STATE CAS: New Jerseys fleet of 4, cars are travelng about the State these days under new regulaton* promulgated by Governor Alfred E. Drtscoll effectve July., Hereafter when State-owned vehcles are to be used for travel to potau n excess of 5 mles beyond the borders of the State, permsson must frst be obtaned from the Governor. All State-owned vehcles or New Jersey, for Offcal Use, together wth the ttle of the offce or abbrevated name of the department or nsttuton for the use of whch the auto s assgned. The new regulatons requrng that the markng or letterng be n letters at least one nch n heght on each sde of the vehcle. Exceptons to ths renulatlon must be made by the Governor. Whle usng curs n offcal atal* busness, the State of New Jersey refuses to pay for non-day lunches for drvers and others. f employees work overtme or are" n travel status for a perod Vo your taste a fever-serve mytomatojuce, rch n flavor! says Farmer Flagstaff of three houn or mm,,,, *or dnners wll be nnt,,,. u,, thteol per prr-fn \te tp. CAprrotCAPtH.,, School of Poltc* wn, New Jersey n Septcnn,,,." tare votws n bg h,,,,,,,, New Jer«y tomatoes tt,,, n the world, get K flllp.,, at luncheons and dh, nm sectons of the Suto Ml,... Of the pprsn; for alcoholc bevprnr, u, " Uttu n New j e r w y, fscal year flndlnn,!n n,., were charged wth boon,.,,,,, Chldren throughout. New wll be admtted ter u,,,, Jef-sey State Par on Fr, v tember 9, the swond fn,. Day of the week. From pre-wnnfng tomatoes, Flaguaff take, the pck of the crop! Thaf why FUftlag Tomato Juce t «o appelng, so grder. fre»h!...tastel, became tattng belevng! $ ONLY BY YOU FENDLY NCGHODHOOO GBOCES What Dd Yon Pay For Bread Today? When you rode downtown n a bus today, dd you buy a loaf of bread at the store? Dd that bread cost the same as t dd years ago? Of course, t ddnt! Bread costs twce as much as n 94. But your Publc Servce bus rde costs the same! Not only bread but butter... coffee... sugar... shoes everythng has skyrocketed n prce. But not the Publc Servce bus fare. To Publc Servce ol, tres, gas, wages, buses everythng that s needed to gve you effcent dependable bus trasporta-, ton has skyrocketed n prce, too! Wages have been on a steady ncrease. Snce July,94?, fjhey have rsen by about $4,75, a year-and over $,5, snce 94. > We cant meet rsng co&ts and stll charge only a 5-cent fare. Pnblfc Servce fl«d a petton on July,95, wth the Bofrd of Publf Utlty Commssoner* for relef from tl «Aye «4ftt fare untl auch tme as permanent rates *h*ll have b«4n (wublalted by the Board.. : \ The company feel* that you can readly understand lllftt effcent and adequate transportaton servce U n jeona>dy W «n we face the loss of nearly $4,,6.a y««r., PUBLC SEVCE f"