Rob has accepted an ADM position with the Ministry of Jobs Tourism and Skills Training.

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1 Not Responsive From: Zacharuk, Christina PSEC:EX Sent: Thursday, September 25, :39AM To: Mayer, Fay PSEC:EX; Wilson, Barbara A PSEC:EX; Bergthorson, Sheena PSEC:EX; Sorrell, Angie L PSEC:EX; Draper, Kindree PSEC:EX; Rathbone, Chris PSEC:EX; Bhatnagar, Pratibha PSEC:EX; Smith, Rhonda M PSEC:EX; Dawson, Ken PSEC:EX; Jah, Tim PSEC:EX; Foweraker, Jonathan PSEC:EX; Coburn, Lindsay PSEC:EX; Wilson, Barbara A PSEC:EX; Mayer, Fay PSEC:EX Cc: Mingay, Rob PSEC:EX Subject: FW: Welcome Importance: High Hi Everyon Rob has accepted an ADM position with the Ministry of Jobs Tourism and Skills Training. Thanks, CZ Begin forwarded message: From: "OM JTSTLJTST:EX" Date: September 25,20.14 at 8:31:23AM PDT To: JTST All Cc: "Mingay, Rob PSEC:EX" Subject: Welcome I am pleased to announce Rob Mingay's appointment as the Assistant Deputy Minister of Workforce Development, effective today. Rob's position is new to the Ministry and will bring a sharper focus to our work to ensure effective measures are in place for developing British Columbia's labour market as our economy expands. This will include leadership of a key government priority- the Premier's LNG Working Group Secretariat. Rob's extensive experience in the public and private sectors, most recently as an ADM with the Public Sector Employers' Council Secretariat, provide him with a unique and demonstrated ability to develop 1 Page 1

2 strategic relationship and leadership in complex multi-party negotiations. He also has a range of important contributions associated with the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games venue productions, provision of strategic policy, program and communications advice to industry and organized labour groups and leadership role as a senior advisor within government. Please join me and the rest of the Executive team in welcoming Rob to the Ministry. A thana 2 Page 2

3 Not Responsive From: Draper, Kindree PSEC:EX Sent: Thursday, September 25, :38 AM To: Tarras, Lynda PSA:EX; 'Blair Littler'; 'Anita Bleick'; XT:HLTH Marchbank, Michael; Mike Roberts 'Thomas Marshall'; Carroll, Sandra AVED:EX; 'Deborah Stewart'; 'Renzo Del Negro 'Peter Cameron'; Davison, John C PSA:EX; 'Georgina Johnson'; Lancaster, Michael PSA:EX; XT:Thorpe, Roy HLTH:IN; Patterson, Ted HLTH:EX; Howatson, Evan HLTH:EX; Porter, Rodney GCPE:EX; McGaghey Jones, Stacey GCPE:EX; Sutherland, Scott GCPE:EX; Pauliszyn, Robert GCPE:EX; Lowther, Brett GCPE:EX; Shubhneet Ark; Avison, Claire AVED:EX; Fraser, John Paul GCPE:EX; Byng, Dave A EDUC:EX; Gleeson, Kelly T GCPE:EX; Hughes, Trevor LBR:EX; Foster, Doug FIN:EX; Brown, Stephen R HLTH:EX; Jabs, Ryan GCPE:EX; Anderson, Kristy GCPE:EX; Miniaci, Mario EDUC:EX; Menzies, Brian FIN:EX; Edwardson, Jamie GCPE:EX; Moy, Greg W FIN:EX; Abbott, Kim EDUC:EX; Stewart, Janet GCPE:EX; Plummer, Glen GCPE:EX; Umpherson, Rahel AVED:EX; Jensen, Jodi EHS:EX; Brazier, Heather M CSCD:EX; Clark, Heather L FIN:EX; Wenezenki-Yolland, Cheryl FIN:EX; Tkachyk, Mary FIN:EX; Corwin, Lucas LBR:EX; Sweeney, Neil PREM:EX; Delisle, Corrie EDUC:EX; Tony Collins; Adrienne Hook; Leanne Bowes Vinning, Gurpreet S EDUC:EX; Chandler, Penelope E FIN:EX; Alaimo, Marie FIN:EX Cc: PSEC; Vincent, Tom PSEC:EX; Mingay, Rob PSEC:EX Subject: FYI - PSEC Staffing Changes Good morning, I am writing on behalf of Lee Doney, Interim CEO, to inform you of some exciting changes taking place at PSEC Secretariat. Rob Mingay is departing PSEC to focus on new horizons that include the Premier's LNG Working Group Secretariat as the ADM of Workforce Development in the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training. Rob's contribution to PSEC began as a consultant before his time as ADM. We benefited greatly from his experience and particularly from his good humour through the past few years. He will be missed at PSEC and we wish him well on his next endeavour. 1 Page 3

4 On behalf of PSEC, and to Rob in his new role. Thanks! 2 Page 4

5 PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA ORDER OF THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR IN COUNCIL Order in Council No. 538, Approved and Ordered September 24, 2014 Executive Council Chambers, Victoria On the recommendation of the undersigned, the Lieutenant Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, orders that (a) the appointment of Rob Mingay, Assistant Deputy Minister~ Public Sector Employer's Council Secretariat, Ministry of Finance, inade by Order in Council 273!2013, is rescinded, (b) Rob Mingay is appointed as an Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, and (c) Christina Zacharuk is appointed as an Assistant Deputy Minister, Public Sector Employer 's Council Secretariat, Ministry of Finance. Presiding Member of the Executive Council Authority under which Order Is made: (This part is for administrative purposes only and L not part of the Order.) Act and section: Public Service Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 385, s. 12 Other: OIC 273/2013 September 23, /742/2014/27 page 1 of l Page 5