V Q. 88 Analyst Beets, 9s. ny4d. per Ton, $ ESTABLISHED JULY 2, FRANKS. Strange Signs Adorned Flag-- staffs and Trees Sunday. Morning.

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1 L 57 C ff V Q TJ S WEATHEE BUREAU, November Las 24 Hours Ranfall, 00 SUGAR 96 Degree Tes Cenrfugals, 99c Per Ton, $7980 Temperaure, M?c 8; Mn 69 Weaher, far 88 Analys Bees, 9s ny4d per Ton, $870 ESTABLSHED JULY 2, 856 VOL XLVHL, NO 885 HONOLULU, HAWA TERRTORY, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 908 REPUBLCAN SPELLBNDERS WHOLE HGHT OF T Republcan Excurson Tran Was Flled Wh Sleepng Voers FRANKS OF HALLOWEEN, AT SETTLEMENT saffs and Trees Sunday Srange Sgns Adorned Flag Mornng PRCE FVE CENTS TAFT AND BRYAN GONG HOME TO END CAMPAGNS Delegae Kuho and Pary Tell he Voers AH New York Clamed for Bryan by 40,000 Plu The Republcan specal ran whch Hallowe en dd no pass unnoced by wen from Waalua on Saurday afernoon reurned o own a :0 oclock small boys older broher was much n 00,000 Dem he small boy Saurday ngh, and he Abou Words of Sympahy o raly and for Chanler by yeserday mornng Everybody was evdence by he desrucve characer he Unforunaes red, bu repored ha he rp was of hs pranks The small boy had fun ocrac Charmans Esmae successful n every way, and ha Republcans had been gven a heary makng, bu he older broher wen fur and brough older people no hs fun boos her and desroyed propery Delegae Kuho, accompaned by senaor W O Smh, A L C Aknson, had gone back on Ths word snd nghs pleasanry was he changng of hs own behalf, ellng of he way s esmaed ha beween 2000 and Wallac Among he h amusng hngs of he 2500 people of he Ffh Dsrc avaled hemselves of he opporuny of he sgns The sgn n he old (Assocaed Press Cablegrams) berayed he frends who had worked Judge Arche Mahaulu and a represenave of he Adverser made a quck vacan lo for hm He warned he people les n free excurson o vs Waalua and known as he Boardman propery, op lsenng o agaors and creang excemen hey would brng n Federal ran from Honolulu sopped a every Proposed se of he Chldrens Hos lsen o Republcan docrne A specal pose he Normal School, whch read: rp and reurn yeserday o he Molola Selemen, brngng he Delegaes nerference and he segregaon of he saon and pcked up men, women and pal, was found naled o one of he srenuous eleconeerng our o a brgh sexes and severy n reamen would chldren Trans, runnng from Kahana bg sennel rees a he enrance o he concluson Speeches were made by he come hrough Lae, dd lkewse, and a grea Oahu College grounds Anoher For He revewed hs work for he Terrory, ponng o where Federal money he Pleasanon flagsaff mass of humany was landed n fron Sale sgn was hosed o he op of of he Halewa hoel, where hespeeehmakn g n canddae, Senaor Smh and Mr a he Selemen and enhusasm was worked up for he Republcan was now buldng he leprosarum, referrng o he Moloka lghhouse and There was pleny of speakng, las go n cans, aached long srngs o was held Then some enerprsng youngsers THE SQUADRON AT AMOY cause ha s expeced o gve he pary a bg maory of he Selemen voes ponng back o he sland of Oahu, ng unl nearly oclock yeserday hem, and when a Rapd Trans car The rp was made on he seamer clearly dsngushable, and ellng of mornng, bu beween 9 and 0 he bulk slowed up a a corner, a boy would dar AMOY, November 2 Three he grea lgh ha would soon shne of excursonss had lef he meeng housand ou salors Noeau, whch lef Honolulu yeserday and e he were end of he srng o ashore yes mornng a one o clock, arrvng a he ou from Makapuu, a lgh whch he and aken up sleepng quarers n he he rear fender The car bowled mer erday The luncheon gven by he Chnese offcals was resrced anchorage off Kalaupapa abou egh people of he Selemen would see every ngh and realzng ha he ran would be accompanmen whch dsraced res nese navy eneraned Admral Emory ears The crowd looked o he fuure rly along o an clangng o he recepon grounds n fear of cholera Admral Sah of he Ch earspln g, Afer breakfas, he pary landed, beng me by several Tundred resdens A he concluson of hs speech, he a couple of hours on he road comng dens, bu he conducor and people n of he Selemen and by he Selemen band The canddae and hs o answer any queson ha mgh be sofes sde of he cushoned seas Henenes dsappeared, gaes were THE BUSNESS TOURSTS Delegae sad ha he was ready now back o Honolulu prospeced for he he cars heard nohng of he nose pary wen no furher from he landng han he vsors enclosure, makng hand, Chef a asked hm An elderly man acceped The dsrbuors of cards were on found nerchanged, srange appngs he nvaon, walked ou before he Crawford dong hs duy were heard on wndow panes and doors her speeches from he plaform bul crowd and made hs reques: for he Couny Aorney, as usual n some cases benches were broken o KOBE, November 2 The San Francsco busness men who are here for us such purposes Wll you please en us how you They are ellng a funny sory on splners and ohers have no been here as guess of he Japanese Chambers of John laulan Commerce aced as charman and are enhusasc over lcked ha man a Hlq? Bernard Kelekolo, abou four fee nne, found by her owners The sun of made a good nroducory speech, cannng frs upon Mr Smh, who s well hs puglsc experence, whereupon hs nches, more or less The crowd was rolley wres was no repeaed hs Amd laugher, he Delegae relaed and Lo Lane, abou sx fee fve her recepon hrowng rockweghe d ropes over he They have been ourng he nland Sea Efnown o he maory of he people nerrogaor announced: hungry a mes and he pangs of hunger were checked a he hoel Bernard year, a dangerous cusom a leas MOB FOR THE BOYCOTT here Mr Smh made a feelng address, referrng o he work he Fed feel cern ha can sae now ha and Lo had a cup of coffee and a nlo s lookng forward o he vs Afer he explanaon of he Prnce raj governmen was dong n seekng he whole Selemen s Republcan couple of slces of bread each When of Wreless Exper sbell o begn HONGKONG, November hey wen ou he aendan charged 2 Twenys x shops have been looed cure for he dsease and he money work on a wreless plan a Hlo Lo 50 cens Bernard came along and and one hundred arress made as a resul of he anjapane se beng spen o have a scenfc nvesgaon no he causes of leprosy made own afer a delghful sal a seven, was assessed 25 cens Laer he par was charged 50 cens and he dmnu co, he roers favorng s connuance one oclock, landng he pary back n boy Ths money and hese effors were beng made, he sad, hrough he effors care supper, and hen Lo reurned o vou bff man he onlv lle bov charge checked up he expense of her a la ve Bernard only half ha prce Oh, of Delegae Kalananaole The speaker FUBEwOnSsr TROOPS GONG he HOME moneyfake r and demanded why he hm only halfprc e referred o he grea sympahy he Republcan admnsraon a Washngon las for he lepers, havng done for hem wha hey would no do for any oher communy n he world, alered he course planned for her grea baleshp flee so ha mgh sal pas he Selemen n daylgh and close enough n o allow he people of he Selemen o see clearly he greaes flee ha ever saled he Pacfc Mr Smh saed hs sncere belef ha some day he scenss would dscover a remedy for leprosy A L C Aknson was he nex speaker and he was cheered when he sa bs belef ha he people of Kalaupapa and Kalawao had a hear he neres of he whole Terrory and were prepared o voe o promoe he good of he whole counry He hen ook up he promses of CanddaeMcCandless, old of he Supreme Cour decson n he case of Anne Keone and exhbed he ls of McCandess kuleanas Wegh he wo sdes carefully before you voe on Tuesday, sad Mr Aknson n concluson Pu Jhe work Jour Delegae has done and wha we know he can do on one sde and he ho ar and he ackass on he oher sde and see whch weghs he heaver The Delegae made a good speech n PAHKERWEDHESMY HLO BREAKWATER WORK S STARTED NEW YORK, November 2 Mr Taf wll end hs campagn n Oho Monday, and Mr Bryan wll speak n Kansas, geng home n me o voe Charman Connor of he Democrac Commee clams ha Bryan wll have a pluraly n New York of 40,000, and ha Chanler wll carry he Sae for Governor by 00,000 SEOUL, November 2 The hreenh dvson of Japanese roops s reurnng home Ths ndcaes he end of he revol The funeral of Mrs Samuel Parker wll ake place on Wednesday afer VON SCHOEN OUT noon a 2 oclock from he Campbell Hlo Herald Exacly a four o clock of rock ready o be hauled and dumped homesead The remans wll be lad away BERLN, November 2 s n a vaul n Nuuanu cemeery, on he afernoon of Tuesday, Ocober Half a dozen cars were wang n he repored ha Foregn Secreary here o le unl he Msses Murel and 27, he frs large rock n he permanen Hlo ralroad yards and on one of hese Von Schoen has endered hs resgnaon,, are wo lumps Bearce Campbell of rock ha aggregae arrve from San work of he breakwaer was lowered no Hlo Bay weghed whn nearly fory ons Francsco on November 9, afer whch he nermen wll ake place Ths Conracor Mezger and Federal nspecor Brown KEARSAGE LOSES MAST N GALE few pounds of egh ons, bu was ceremony wll were presen on Tuesday be prvae afernoon o supernend he placng of The ls of pallbearers has no ye lfed from he car by he huge crane, swung round and placed n eac poson as quckly as a lady would lf he frs rock, whch was swung been around seleced, and may no be an ll fed no poson suable o TOKO, Ocober 7 The Kokumns and heavy sea, was a lle ahead of he nounced unl omorrow he nspecor Afer delays unavodable n sarng a work of hs magn Amercan flagshp Conneccu sen a blueacke of he llnos, was washed specal corresponden on board he The ls of callers a he homesead her shoppng bag and place flee on he 4h One Mannelch, a on her able! has been very large, and yeserday overboard bu saved by he Kenucky On Sunday, cars Nos 09 and ude, hrough he necessy for procurng large numbers wrless message, whch was receved a of busness men called On he 5h he weaher was fne o offer her Sympahy o he mos modern and approprae he famly were hauled down from he Puna quarry he Shhomsa saon a 5:0 a n Gunner Bendx Johnson ded of hear Many o he end of he rack ha sops only machnery, beauful floral rbues have also work wll be rushed as fas The message runs as follows: dsease and hs remans were commed o he deep On he 6h he flee been sen o he home a he sea There were egh peces as Mr Mezger can rush The flee encounered a norheaserly of rock on he frs car weghed, No Oppose he pon where he breakwaer sars, a Hanale gulch, s a yphoon n he norh of Luzon early on mourned hs sad even by hosng SBERA S DUE THS MORNNG 09, and hey approxmaed hry ons her flags a ne The second car had only seven he mornng of he 2h n he afer halfmas The Pacfc Mal lner Sbera s due whe flag flyng o mark he lne ha from he mole wll ake for a sragh srech noon he wnd ncreased n power and San Francsco hs mornng The peces of rock, bu s ne wegh was MAY YOHE SEEKS of 7200 lner wll brng mal receved a San slghly more han ha of No 09, and fee Lookng o he Hlo sde he seas became hgher The dsance s hard o realze wha a vas DVORCE FROM expanse of waer here wll be o STRONG Francsco up o Ocober 27 The vessel was from hs car, No, ha he beween he shps was doubled, keepng s undersood o have a large frs rock o be lowered was aken ls of form a 800 yards, bu he lne was consderably shaken and s speed much re hs cys harbor, and make of he A he quarry, PORTLAND, Ocober 5 Lvng n passengers, many of whom wll ge off n Puna, work has greaes commercal mporance n he duced Heavy seas washed he decks, here The seamer s due o leave for been gong on seadly for wo monhs reremen as Mrs Fallows a 789 he Oren and here are upwards of 25,000 ons Pacfc Ocean and he condons were ndescrbable a 5 p Norhrup sree, Mrs Bradley Punam m for, a me Srong, before ha Lady Francs Hope, On he mornng of he h he Vrgna, he New Jersey and Wsconsn favore of he London musc hall, ; and sll before ha May Yohe, he CAPTAN CASTNER TO BULD los her por boas The foremas of he Kearsarge was broken, bu repars she may secure a release from he marmonal bonds ha bnd her o Cap were mmedaely execued Gunner Wllam Fuller of he Rhode sland was an Srong s sad ha she a unforunaely washed overboard from eager for a dvorce ha she may marry he aferdeck and drowned Gladdon, a promnen resden of Brsh Colum TORCHLGHT PARADE OF Esablshng a resdence n Porland so REPUBLCANS TONGHT CAVALRY CANTONMENT The grand Republcan orchlgh parade hs evenng wll be formed a he Calforna Feed Co, Honolulu ron Hawaan Sar, Hawaan Carrage Co, drllshed oar Mller and Hoel srees, works, Hoffschlager & Co, Hall & Son, Casle & Cooke, Harry Armage, Club and he probable roue o Aala Park Sables, Unon Feed Co, Alexander & wll be along Hoel o For o Kng Baldwn, Hawaan Elecrc Company, and hence o he park Assocaed Garage, Schuman Carrage All he precnc organzaons akng Co, nerslan d S X Co, McCabe, par wll be provded wh freworks Hamlon & Renne, Macfarlane & Co, There wll be a conngen of fory men Lews & Co, Brewer & Co, HusacePec k on horseback, who wll have a supply Co, and many of he canddaes of freworks, whch wll make her wll have ndvdual ransparences presence n he lne que a specaeclar The, campagn managers reques ha feaure all leaders of precncs mee oday a From all ndcaons s expeced 2:0 a Republcan headquarers o here wll be a leas a housand voers receve orders for unforms, orches and ou The followng frms wll have freworks ransparences n he processon: All who ake par n he parade are nackfeld & Co, Da ves & Co, Honolulu Consrucon Co, Oa & Mossman, ly a 7 oclock hs evenng requesed o be a he drllshed promp Oahu Ralroad and Land Co, Waer On arrval a Aala Park here wll be movng pcures and more freworks Jouse Trus Co, Bank of Hawa, Smh & Co, Waerhouse & Co, n addon o he speechmakng Washngon Cables Capan Humphrey for Daa a blueacke of he Mnnesoa, was also ba, who s wang eagerly unl ho washed overboard bu saved by means sanc0n of he law may be gven o Concernng Mules, Wagons and Teamsers of a sklfully hrown from lfebuo he marrage of he former pe of London socey y he Vermon followng, because boas Avalable for Early Use could no be lowered n he heavy sea Mrs Fallows, as she now calls herself, denes herself o nervewers and The fourh secon advanced al ad, and on he ngh of he 2h reduced hey are old by her mad ha he former acress s unable o receve callers s speed, seamng eas, and fell behnd The man body mananed he Capan Humphrey, depo quarer senger on he November ranspor from maser, U S A, has Tha she s lvng n receved a cable San Francsco Porland for he sole purpose of esablshng a resdence reques from Washngon for nforma Wheher he cavalry s o be locaed prearranged course n he face of volen head wnds $ a Lelehua or near here so ha a dvorce may be secured on For Shafer s a concernng he number of army maer on whch Capan Humphrey has On he afernoon of he h here s an open secre wagons, mules and eamsers avalable no nformaon a presen, he same blew a srong easerly gale, bu he sea n Honolulu for he use of Capan cablegram The barkenne rmgrd depared sang ha he canonmen was no so hgh The weaher cleared for Casner, consrucng quarermaser, U s o be locaed n he vcny of up on he 4h, and he flee advanced San Francsco a 0 oclock yeserday S A, who wll come o Honolulu o Honolulu He s also asked o furnsh nformaon as o he enage he secon aemped o cach up he man ou he harbor of salng vessels, a a a speed of en knos, and he fourh mornng wh a lgh cargo Ths clears supervse he consrucon of he quarers and sables for he Ffh Cavalrv has on hand, bu no oher maerals, body leas deep waer vessels, leavng only deachmen ordered here and s lkely ha he cavalry wll be Havng me such unexpeced weaher he cable companys auxlary schooner The cablegram does no camped ou n emporary srucures he flee wll be unable o ener Yokohama before he 8h mass The only seamer n por Flaurence Ward o show a couple sae when of Capan Casner s o arrve, Ths would ndcae he early arrval of bu Capan Humphrey hnks he wll be a s he roopers of he Ffh The Yankon, n spe of he gale he Mason lner Lurlne pas

2 a THE PACFC COMMERCAL ADVERTSER, HONOLULU, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 908 A A7 V TM 77 A? Some monhs ago we called aenon n hese columns o he unequaled assormen of clohng we have n our oufng deparmen on he second floor Ths me we are exendng an nvaon o he people of Honolulu o come and see he clohng for boys, clohng for young men and clohng for men There has never been such a dsplay whn four walls n hs Terrory ; would be dffcul o fnd s counerpar anywhere ousde of he larges ces n he Uned Saes The assormen ncludes ordnary busness sus, afernoon coas and evenng clohes for men Dnner coas, made from he fnes maerals on models whch guaranee our ably o f people of good or bad shape There s no queson as o syle The manufacurers of SenBloc h clohes for men ge her deas from he prncpal cours of Europe and he fashonable ceners of he manland The combnaon nsures somehng dfferen from he clohng, made by alors for cusom rade and ye guaranees ndvdualy o he wearer The fnshng of he clohes s done by exper bushelmen, nohng sweashoppy abou hem, nohng ha you wll fnd n a shop of a lower grade han ha of Poole of London We have on he upper floor of hs sore he fnes lne of runks and ravelers requses ever shown under one roof n Honolulu Theyre worh nspecng even f you do no wan o buy You wll fnd our clerks us as pole under any crcumsances and you may decde o buy anyhow and we are us as v anxous o sell The goods are here, goods ha canno be duplcaed anywhere n hs M FcBneny9 Merchan and For Srees A Zess Tessar or a Goerz Dagor Anasgmac Lens, when fed o a new MULTSPEE D SHUTTER, wll gve you any exposure from me o he 2,000h par of a second makes an deal ouf for Phoographers CALL N AND LET US EXPLAN THE ADVAN TAGES OF BOTH TO YOU Honolulu Everyhng Phoographc PhooSuppl y Bah Bru Ld y Co For S near Hoel A new sock of he knd hawlsand he waer whou losng brsles We have never shown beer values han we now offer BENSON, SMTH & CO, LTD m Cookng Leh n wegh, brgh as slver, longer man any wuer ucusua, TEA KETTLES VTCTH AUTOMATC HNGED COVER A ThfM Szes p $440 DOUBLE 525 BOLERS Tour Szes $ SHMLESS wll las a lfe JaS & Uensls m OLD DEPARTMENT absoluely Ssr 7 pure, and reans he hpr LPPED SAUCEPANS WTH OR WTHOUT COVERS From V2 Q y SOC S95 TEA AND COFFEE POTS Three Szes me $225 From o 525 Son, Ld TAKE ELEVATOR S BTHEHPEeO R When he Empress Broke Tradons of a Thousand Years TOKO, Ocober 2 The mos sgnfcan even of he vs of he Amercan flee o Japan ook place oday, RearAdmr al when Sperry, hs flag offcers and he capans and commanders of he sxeen baleshps were presened o he Emperor and Empress under crcumsances evdencng a radcal deparure from all cour prece dens n honor o do favor o he Amercans Tha was he mos brl lan funcon ha he palace has ever known s vouched for by hose who have been aached o he cour of he Emperor of Japan for many years The Emperor assumed a mos cordal man ner, and he Empress shook hands wh every offcer Reply o he Emperor To he message from Presden Roosevel, delvered by Admral Sperry, he Emperor responded as follows: Admral Sperry affords me a specal pleasure o welcome your pary as he represenaves of he Amercan navy and o receve hrough you from your respeced Presden hs very frendly message s my reques ha you assure he Presden of he Uned Saes ha mos sncerely apprecae and mos cordally recprocae hs sen mens of frendshp and good wll s o me a source of profound sasfacon ha he mos cordal rela ons exs beween Japan and he Uned Saes, and my hanks are due he Presden for affordng my sub ecs by your vs he opporuny o gve new proof of her sncere aach men for your counrymen also wsh you o convey o he Presden hs message: The hsorc relaons, he good undersandng and he genune frendshp of he Uned Saes coun as a valued herage of my regn and shall be n he fuure as has been n he pas my consan am and desre o weld es of amy unng he wo counres n nds soluble bonds of good neghborhood and perfec accord rus he same success ha has so far aended your voyage may sll be wh you o he end The exchange of messages beween Presden Roosevel and he Emperor was evdenly planned as a surprse When he Presdens message was receved s evden cordal one was a once acceped as he hghes offcal ndorsemen of he peaceful msson and frendly spr wh whch he flee lef he Alanc and s now vsng Japan, hence he unusual one of he Emperors reply, whch has been pub lshed here, was undersood mmedaely as ndcang ha he enene beween Amerca and Japan, alhough unwren, was mos sncere and real Cheers Gree Amercans The processon of carrages conveyng he offcers of he flee o he palace, hrough he srees lned wh cheer ng muludes, was mos: mposng When he spacous grounds oppose he pproach o he palace, wha s known as he double brdge, was reached he enhusasm reached s hegh Thou sands of chldren were agan massed n order o mpress hem wh he dea ha he Amercans were abou o pay a frendly vs whn he grounds of he palace wheren lved he grea Em peror Only a eleced few Japanese ave ever vsed hese grounds, and few, ndeed, have ever been gven an audence by he Empror The chldren cheered connuously and presened a beauful scene n her pcuresque cosumes as hey waved flags and bowed low as he carrages passed The cheers connued even long afer he carrages dsappeared whn he gaes Arrvng a he palace, he vsors were ushered no he grea, audence hall, where he Admrals were nroduced by he Amercan Ambassador, Thomas J OBren, who, wh Admral Sperry, was nved o ener he Emperors room, where he message from Presden Roosevel, whch, of course, had already been submed o he Emperor, was read Ths was ranslaed, and he Emperor hen repled Emperor Receves Offcers The Emperor and Admral Sperry hen reenered he audence hall, he Emperor sandng a one end wh Rear Admral Sperry on hs lef and an nerpreer on he rgh Rear Admral Emory hen approached and presened he offcers of hs squadron The same program was followed by Wauwrgh, Pear Admrals Schroeder and ench Admral akng hs place by he sde of he of he commandernche Amercan f flee The whole scene was repeaed n anoher magnfcen room where he Empress sood and receved he Admrals and oher oflcers of he flee Th presenaon was followed bv an PLES CURED l!n 6 TO 4 DAYS PAZO ONTMENT s guaraneed o cure any case of chng, Blnd, Bleedng or Prorudng Ples n 6 o 4 days or money refunded Made by PARS MEDCNE CO, San Lous, U S of A elaborae luncheon a whch forvfv e persons were presen, he Emperor oc cupyng a poson a he cener of he able, wh Rear Admral Sperry s ng oppose hm, he offcers on boh sdes beng graded down accordng o rank wh he Japanese and Amercan oflcers nermxed The able was magnfcenly decoraed and he menu served was mos elaborae A he end of he meal, he Emperor rered, meeng Rear Admral Sperry a he door, and bade hm a mos cor dal farewell, and presened hm wh a magnfcen slver vase As he Em peror rered, he Amercan and Japa nese oflcers also lef Message of he Presden WASHNGTON, Ocober 20 The followng s he ex of Presden Roosevels message o Rear Admral Sperry for ransmal o he Emperor o Japan: Sperry, flagshp Conneccu, Ypko hama Convey o hs maesy, he Em peror of Japan, my bes wshes for hs connued good healh and happ ness and ha of all he nhabans of hs realm Express o hs maesy he hgh grafcaon afforded me and he people of he Uned Saes a he opporuny whch perms he Com mandernche f of he Uned Saes flee n person o presen my appreca on of he frendshp whch has ex sed from he earles me beween he Uned Saes and Japan and of he honor o he Uned Saes n hs nvaon o he Uned Saes Alan c flee o vs he empre of Japan m s pracse cruse around he world You wll express o hs maesy, he mperor, my earnes wsh for he srenghenng and connuance of he cordal relaons whch exs and have always exsed beween he wo coun res THEODORE ROOSEVELT Weakened Valy mpovershed Blood Read wha Ayers Sarsaparlla dd for a wellknow n cy mssonary, who wres : s was for many years a sufferer from bols and oher erupons of a lke naure, caused by he mpover V shed sae of my blood, My appee was poor and my sysem a good deal run down Knowng he value of Sarsaoarlla by observaon of he good had done o ohers, began akng My appee mproved almos from he frs dose; hen my general healh mproved, and now s excellen feel a hundred per cen, sronger, and arbue hs resul o Ayers Sarsaparlla, whch recommend wh all confdence as; ho bes blood medcne ever devsed As now made, Ayers Sarsaparlla conans no alcohol There are many maon Sarsaparllas Be sure you ge Ayers Prepared by Dr J C Ayer & Co, Lowell, Mas, USA ATEHS PLLS, e bes famly laxave OLLSTER DRUG CO AGENTS FRESH AND DELCOUS ncludng our Famous buercups Made Daly Here a Home Gunhers9 Chocolaes RECEVED BY EVERY STEAMER Palm Cafe HOTEL, NEAR FORT TAHTAN S 4$ SLEEPNG Sof MATS and us he hg for punees and dvans A lo us arrved New holday samples of Poscards HAWA & SOUTH SEAS CURO CO Alexander Young Buldng f YAMATOYA, ALL KNDS OF SHRTS, PAJAMAS and KMONOS MADE TO ORDER 246 For S, us above Orphenm We have he bes Japanese mpor cons n SLKS AND CREPES NOVELTES, Ec AMERCAN AND PANAMA HATS For Lades and Genlemen WAKAM, Hoel Sree Unon Elecrc Co 69 BERETANA STREET Telephone 5 Honse Wrng Bels Dry Cells Specal aenon o nsallng prvae elephones and general repar work Wll Don pu off makng your wll; do NOW Le us draw up for you n regular legal form, and Whou charge M comsr, Ld Fne Resdence 92 For S on Tanalus Beauful grounds, well kep, and everyhng n applep e order Bshop Trus Co,, No 924 Behel Sree Ld Wllam O Smh Trus Deparmen Esaes Managed, Revenues Colleced Loans and nvesmen! Made nsurance GHNT FOB ENGLSHAMERCA N UNDERWRTERS Real Esae FOB KENT T W Hobron premses on Nuuanu venue, now occuped by Mr Rchard Lsenberg Parally furnshed Beauful grounds; large, spacous house Large house, Bereana sree, nex o Queens Hospal FOR SALE Lo wh wo coages, corner Mller nd Bereana srees Fne Lo n Palolo Trac House and Lo, Kewalo Los n Puunu Trac Houses and Los n Palama Los n Nuuanu Valley and Kamuk House and Lo, Kng sree, nea Thomas Square The Yokohama Bank, Lmed Spece ESTABLSHED 880 Capal (Pad up) Yen 24,000,000 Reserve Fund Yen HEAD OFFCE, YOKOHAMA Branches and Agences: Toko, Kobe, Osaka, Nagasak, London, Lyons, New York, San Francsco, Bombay, Hongkong, Shangha, Hankow, Chefoo, Newchan Tensn, Pekng, Dalny, Por Arhur, AnungHsen, Laoyang, Mukden, Tenlng, Changchun The bank buys and receves for collecon blls of exchange, ssues Drafs and Leers of Cred, and ransacs a general bankng busness Honolulu Branch, 7 S Kng Sree Le Us Equp Your Offce WTH Flng Cabnes We are specalss n ha lne Our lne of LOOSELEA LEDGERS and SUPPLES s F superor o any oher OFFCE SUPPLY CO, LTD 9 FORT ST Phone 4 Why Go Yourself WHEN OUR BOYS WLL GO FOR YOUf Terroral Messenger Servce Telephone 6 Casle & CooRe, Ld SHTPPNQ AND COMMSSOJf MERCHANTS Sugar Facors and General nuroa Agens REPRESENTNG New England Muual Lfe bum Company of Boson Aena Fre nsurance Co ; Naonal Fre nsurance Co Czens nsurance Co, (Harford Tw nsurance Co) Proecor Underwrers of he Pko& of Harford Burroughs Machnes Addng The Waerhousc Co Judd Buldng DSTLLED WATER w vuwn mm ar mlo Founan Soda Works Forcegrowh MAKES PLANTS GROW Hawaan Ferlzer Co, Ld, E O HALL & SON, LTD, Mr and Mrs Hashmoo Sellng Agens GlobeWerncke MASSEURS RHEUMATSM, BRUSES, SPRANS, TRED FEEL NG, and oher L, almens quekl RELEVED V 444 KNG ST, Telephone 6V KOJl DESKS and FOUR ROSTERS WNG CHONC CO, Kng and Behel Sun Lee Ta Co Conracors, Bulders, Paners l KOA FTJSNTTUE TO ORDES Kng Sree, near Nuuann f The mos comle and aracve eurl f STENERS sland Curo Sore WJwsSfrafr Eva Ele Buldng, Hoel L Bree Vsors al ways welcome H THOENE coneacos House Panng General JoDbo Carpenerng Reparng Furnure a Specaly 24 UNON ST Telephone 4S For Kmonos SEE ; K Fukuroda ALL COLOES AND PECE Rubber Goods GOODYEAR RUBBER CO B PEASE Presdes Marke Sree, San Francsco, Cal, U S A Gafon, Nell & Company, Ld ENGNEERS AND MACHNSTS QUEEN AND RCHARDS STREETS Bolers reub ed wh, eharcoalr o or seel ubes General shp work Poulry Jus arrved from fnelo San Francsco, of CHTCKENS, TURKEYS and GEESF Club Sables Telephone 09 Townsend Underakng Go Agen of THE HARRSON MUTUAL ASSOCATON, Kapolan Bldg, cor Kng and Alakea srees Phoso 4L DONT WORRY We wll buy your Damonds, s waehes and ewelry for spo cash 08 Nuuanu Are, and Branch, For 8 near Hoel

3 THE PACFO OOMMEECA ADVERTSER, HONOLXJXr, MONDAY, N0VEM2ES 2, 908 r r V agans Phladelpha and was he second me for hm, hs prevous game beng agans Dero Khoades blanked Boson only wo days before whou a sngle n nne nnngs Asde from hese noh bales he low h games have no been as num erous n he Amercan league hs year as las Whereas here were seven games las season n whch only one h was scored off a pcher, here have been only fve such coness hs year Young of Boson and Joss of Cleveland added o her 908 laurels by pchng oneh as well as noh games Joss ou hs sock of soda waer and was dd agans Dero only a monh be seaed on he sde of he wagon wachng he game The box sea was Young dd agans Washngon early fore he blanked he Sox absoluely empy, and wh beamng couresy he owner of he wagon nved he Adverser represenave o occupy The woh games pched hs, year n he season There was an awnng above and a number wenyone, whch s four less cushon beneah A perfec vew of han he record for 907 Smh accomplshed he game from he elevaed poson end comfor n general for he he fea of holdng Washngon o wo hs n en nnngs, and chroncler of evens Who shall say ha he good old fellow dd no deserve o Summers duplcaed ha mark agans sell ou? Le us hope he wll have Phladelpha n he same number of wce he quany nex me and rounds Four mes hs year games agan go home wh empy boles The aenon of several of he specaors was drawn o a remarkable oc dd once agans Graham of S Lous, have been won wh wo hs The Sox senbergcurrence durng he game Paul s Phladelpha urned ha rck on Frank fas rong par were gong Smh, New York dd o Moxe Manuel, and Cleveland was equally lucky round he park a a fas ga From agans Caes of Washngon The games n whch only hree hs have been made off a pcher hs year number only foryegh as compared, FORT SH AFTER FORCES ARE DEFEATED BY RREGULARS Kalh Team Runs Away n he Sevenh, Scorng he Sx Runs by Whch They Defea he Solders All afernoon ll nearly dark Ferce, screamng war was waged On Kanolan feld ha day Two armes were engaged, And when he smoke had cleared away And all he fgh was done, The nfanry was off he map, And General Paul had won Oom Fa ul wh hs Kalh horse, rregulars are hey, Descended on For Shafers ranks, And fearful was he fray The rfles screamed, he maxms buzzed Adown ha hn red lne, The nfanry fough well, bu los! By ffeen runs o nne was a errble bale and fough lay each sde unl was a case of he sde ha was obleraed frs losng he fgh Wh splendd masery of deal and sraegc scence, Oom Taul spread hs force of rregular horse n open order and urged hem forward unl hey held a commandng poson General Oakley, commandng he Tweneh nfanry, held a srong poson well covered by mber, bu he ground was low, and he Kalhs were ranged along he op of a seep kope, whence hey could fre on he For Shafer forces and sll keep n very good cover behnd rocks was n he ffh nnng ha Oom Paul ordered an advance down he slope The nfanry had he range down fne by hs me and looked as hough he rregulars would be slaughered o a man durng ha mad rush down he sde of he kope, bu so rapd was he advance, and he dsmouned horsemen dodged so cleverly, ha hey reached he serred ranks of he nfanry before he laer could handohan d sop hem, and n he sruggle whch followed, he For Shaer forces were caugh n a rap and, hough sandng gallanly and usng her bayones wh dre effec, were worn down o sad defea The solders played ralng good l)all from sar o fnsh, and he Kalhs had no easy ask beang hem Wha really won he game for he Ka lhs was he admrable coachng of her capan, bg Oom Paul Burns When he solders ed he score n he ffh he ook he players ndvdually and gave hem all a dg no o gve up, bu o buck up consderably, and hey dd They bucked up o such effec ha hey scored sx n he sevenh and followed hs wh one n he eghh and hree n he las sure looked lke a landslde for he regulars n he ffh There were wo men down when Oakley wen o ba He swaed a ho one down along he lne o frs ha burned he skn off Moses fngers and wa mssed by Frank Zerbe behnd hm Ths sen Oakley o second, and he sole hrd shorly aferwards Then Lemm sen anoher ho one lown he oher lne pas hrd and Harry Zerbe could no negoae Oakley ran home and Lemm was safe a frs Then McCall bngled and Lemm wen o second Here was a case where a good safe h would mean anoher run Baeman came o ba and swaed down by hrd was hardly a sngle, bu agan he buer was on Harry s fngers and a ech ncal error allowed Lemm and McCall o run n Ths made hree runs, and, as he score sood 4 o a he begnnng of he nnng, was ed and he solders hopes flew skyhg An nsance of he game fgh he Bolder boys pu up s ha score n he nnh Any me a losng eam scores four n he las half of he las, you ean wager your saccharne valy ha hey have no been easly beaen There were several neresng ncdens of he game There are dfferen knds of press boxes some are comforable, some are no, some are respassed no by he publc, and some are really reserved for reporers, bu he boss press box of he lo was he one a Kapolan Park yeserday afernoon An old Chnaman had sold he end of he srech all he way round he bend and well no he oher sraghaway, hese horses kep perfec sep, and looked, n he comparave dsance, as hough here was bu one horse pullng he buggy The game self was a very frendly one n every way was fough o he lm by boh sdes, bu here was no sgn of grouch, and Umpres Edde Fernandez and Walker dd hemselves proud as usual Edde shnes a frs base, bu he s never seen o beer advanage han when he occupes he umpres box Then s ha we realze how he has come o be he only umpre ha Aala Park wll sand for whou howlng The offcal scores were: KALHS AB R BH E Kce, ss 6 Zerbe; f Burns (cap), p Kapo, b Mana, 2b Hussey, c 5 2 Kamana, cf 5 2 Moses, lb 5 2 F Zerbe, rf Toals FORT SHAFTER AB R BH Oakley (cap), c 0 Lemm, b 5 4 McCall, 2b Baeman, lb Ells, f Gongol, ss 4 0 Moran, cf Reckdahl, rf 4 Ramsey, p 4 0 Toals Kalh: Rubs F Shafer: Runs Bases on balls, off Ramsey 4; sruck ou, by Burns 8, Ramsey 2 TWRLERS SET A NEW RECORD Afer gong wo seasons whou pchng a noh game, Amercan league wrlers se a new record hs year by pchng four games whou allowng a safey Tha s more han ever be fore were recorded n one organzaon n a sngle season Beer han ha, he worlds record of shung ou a eam whou leng a basman reach frs base has been ed n 908 Cy Young of Boson, Dusy Khoades and Aude Joss of Cleveland, and Deserer Smh of Chcago are he Amercan league pchers who worked n complee games of nne nnngs whou allowng a h hs year To Joss of Cleveland belongs he honor of equalng he bes possble performance on he slab, ha of rerng wenyseve n men n successon whou leng one of hem o frs Joss performed ha fea agans he Whe Sockngs and made all he more remarkable bv dong n he hckes of he Amercan leagues sensaonal fnsh, hereby akng a game by a score of o 0 away from Ed Walsh of he Sox, and ha game would have mean a champonshp for he Sox f Walsh had won Frs Done by Cy Young Only once before snce he pcher was moved back has ha record been made, and Cy Young, who pched a noh game n hs forysecon d year, dd n 904 When he dean of he Boson pchng saff shu ou New York whou a h hs season was he hrd me he had accomplshed ha fea, bu n wo of he games basmen reached frs Frank Smh made hs noh mark, wh ffyw o such games las season Nne mes a eam has won s game wh only ha modcum of swas n 908 The roser of he low bang games n he Amercan league for he year s as follows: HOW TO SHORTEN A SURFBOARD There was a crowd of bahng sued enhusass n he lana of he bg grass hu a he Ourgger Club yeserday afernoon abou fve oclock They were dscussng plans for full moon day and alkng hngs over generally One mporan decson a whch hey arrved was ha he dmensons of surf boards n he coness shall be lmed o nne fee long, hree nches hck and wenyfour nches wde They also dscussed he bes mehod of shorenng a surfboard some sx nches whle n he surf and one of he pary s sad TM CLOSE MAT AAL Aalas Bea Swee Voles o and Alohas Defea Asahs 5 o 4 ohave blushed seems ha he ds her only chance lay n a ennnn g covered a very rapd mehod whle ou game surfng earler n he afernoon Neher Ho Yup was frs man a ba for he hs name nor he ncden are relaed Alohas and he sngled o rgh feld and for he s an exper surfer and someday was forced o second by Aona who he mgh cacha reporer on a board was safe on a deadly error by pcher and hen well, here are many possbles h o he pcher who agan fell no Alex May was ou a frs bu F Akana The grls canoe race wll be run on rouble wh he ball and Akana was he lagoon The reason s ha here safe whle Ho Yup romped and scored are many fond mohers who obec o he wnnng run seeng her small grls paddlng away was a ense suaon and he fans from shore drecly owards San Fran gave ven o her feelngs wh remen csco They do no hnk rgh ha dous applause when Ho Yup nmbly hey should arrve n ha cy n a crossed he plae Wll Presdge was on deck as usual and aced as offcal scorekeeper o everybodys sasfacon canoe and clohed only n bahng sus he Ourgger crew for he relay surfboard cones wll be Zen Genoves, Guy Eohwell, Harry Horner, Henry Husace, Harold Husace, Kenny Akn o, Arhur Glman and A Myhre They wll compee agans a Hawaan eam The sar wll be made from he Moana per and relays wll be n readness off he Seasde hoel and he Brown resdence LO ON PTCHES FOR YOKOHAMA YOKOHAMA, Ocober 9 Saurdays baseball game beween he Wased a nne and he Yokohama club eam was no a far es of he respecve mers of he eams, owng o he condon of, he grounds a Waseda College Sand seems o be he chef consuen, and quck plays or sharp feldng was mpossble Lo On pched n he begnnng of he game, bu was no n form, havng pched a game on he prevous day n he frs nnng Lo On and Neholl slpped n feldng he ball; hen on a drve o rgh feld Tomeya msudged, and wo more runs were added o he frs wo already scored, makng four runs for Waseda n he frs nnng A large crowd cheered mparally hroughou he game, whch resuled n a wn for Waseda bv he score of 0 o 5 The hrd mach wll be played afer he deparure of he Whe Flee, wh whch he Y C and A C nne are now arrangng some games There was que a crowd ou a Aala park yeserday afernoon o wach he unors play Sam Hops crack Aalas defeaed he Perfume kds by 4 o n a ho game and he Aloha unors had all hey could do o bes he Nppo ns! by 5 o 4 The fans ook a grea neres n he frs game and howled lusly a every opporuny They seemed o be n favor of he Swee Voles and Sam Hop was heard o remark, Say, hey mus wan o keep up he prce of cologne The floweres scored he frs run of he game n he hrd and held he Aalas down n he fourh seemed hen lke a rse n perfume sock bu he bulls go busy abou ha me and he quoaons fell several pons when he Aalas scored wo n he ffh The marke seaded n he sevenh when he Swee Voles made anoher ally and he fans crossed her humbs land yelled wh all her mgh Bu hey go he wrong humbs on op for Sam Hops warrors came hrough wh wo n he nnh and, hough he perfumers dd her bes n he second half, one run was all hey could score and a fas and keen game ended wh he oyful Aalas h wnners by he close score of 4 o Afer he game he Aalas hed hemselves ohe resdence of Dr K F L, he presden of he club, and here hey were guess a a fne Chnese dnner Ths may explan why Tn Chong looked so hn yeserday mornng He mus have been savng up hs appee, The second game was even more ex cng han he frs A he end of he eghh nnng he score sood 4 o 4 and was anybodys game The Asahs came o ba n he frs half of he nnh bu could do nohng and TTAN KDLETS WN ONCE MORE The kdles were ou n force as usual yeserday afernoon a Aknson park and wo fas and snappy games resuled The Gans upheld her repuaon by defeang he Eagles 2 o 8, and he good lle Bullens handed o he Ocean Vews by 0 o 2 Manuel Gomes ook he box for he ans and wrled some errble snorker s over he plae He seemed a rfle off color n he frs wo nnngs and he aere kds swaed hm prey hard, bu he found hmself laer on and held hose Eagles down whou a h unl he las nnng Danny Smoa caugh for Manuel and handled he hard ones very nealy Ths s a mghy good baery and, when boh lads are n form, hey pu up a splendd game beween hem Ther sgnallng work s well rehearsed and hey don ge mxed up Valenne pched a nea gae for he losers bu he sood for oo many bngles and here were only wo nnngs n whch hs opponens faled o score There was no fallng down, however, on eher sde and boh eams pu up a hard game The formaon of he kdle league wll be played for a shor me as man ager Gumbs has o go o Kaua n connecon wh hs work as offcal nerpreer n he cours As soon as he reurns he fve eams wll ge ogeher UpToD ae Gowns Requre oes o HERE S ONE OF OUR FNEST: WHTE U OOZE nncrrnnc o WALKNG PRCE $450 VERY NOBBY AND CHC y Sock No 5 o MANUFACTURERS SHOE CO, LTD 05 For Sree Tel 282 u o and a regular league wh a wner seres wll be formed There s no rophy up for he league o play for as ye Here s a chance for some good sporsman wh an adequae purse The boys are very keen abou he league and a cup pu up for he wnners of he seres would be a nea apprecaon of he spr shown by he newsboys of he own HOE, NOT HO Ourggeres boh grea and small Who spellng crcze, To frs be sure ha you are rgh, Mehnks would be wse The word To paddle should no rhyme Wh po, as you say, Tls HOE no HOL, guess ha s all, Good day JACK DEN SHAM HAWA NEEDS BETTER ROADS The sland of Oahu would be an an oss paradse f he Toads were all fxed as hey, should be Tha s he opnon of many besdes Harry Murray and he oher slands would be he same George Beckley Junor, who ploed Messrs Shngle, Frank Baldwn and Wll Boh rourd Hawa n hs car on a polcal our recenly, speaks very srongly on he subec The rde from Hlo o he Volcano House, sad he, f would be a delghful one for ourss f he roads were only pu n good shape Bound he norh par of he sland oo he scenery s srkngly grand, bu he pleasure of rdng hrough s spoled for auoss by he sae of he road For mles he way leads along he sde of rugged slopes wh he mounans owerng above and he rocky, surf beaen shores beneah, One loses mos of ones delgh n he scenery, however, by beng oled unmercfuully and beng on he consan, lookou for skddng found he lava beds very ryng o cross The surface s errbly rough and, whou proper proecon, res pnch on you all he me usel paen cover whch srapped over he oher easng, and found ha, wh hs proecon, my res sood he lava very well raarvelous ly Pachecos Dandruff Kller s a quck relef for prckly hea One applcaon allays he awful ch: mg THE OLYMPC 4 FOREGNERS The hammer hrow had been anha d nounced; he bugles been blown The heavy hammers flew and bounced, by mghy gans hrown Who wns! cred he eager hrong Who capures hs even! And he rsh enres came along rerng o her en A foregner has beaen us, They answered wh a groan, A foregner Uned Saes A fellow named Malcne A dozen men were crouched o sar and he sarer fred he gun, And as a bow proecs a dar he men were off o run Who wns f cred he eager erowd Who capures hs even? And he German sprners sad and bowed rered upon her en A foregner has conquered us, They sad and wnced a b, A foregner Uned Saes Hs name s Oo Schmd The hurdle race was duly called and he sarer fred he sho, And some here were were overhauled, and some here were were no, Who wns f cred he mulude, Who wns hs las even! And he Frenchmen beaen and sub dued rered upon her en A foregner ouhurdled us, They sad, wh lle hear, A foregner Uned Saes A man named Bonapare The runnng ump was on he card and men wpn hgh alof, And some men h he sland hard and ohers h sof Who wns! cred he eager mass Who capures hs even? And he Swedsh umpers sadly pass ed, rerng on her en A foregner has won, hey sad; Some fellow from Wsconsn He yump lke sxy and hs name Hs name ban Yonny Yonson r S Lous PosDspac The A M Dez Jewelry Co s be ween Culmans on For sree, and Arleshs, a he corner of Hoel Waches are repared here and samp Dg done promply TE Wonderful Moon Pcures brngng o vew scenes from many lands and embracng Comedy and Pahos Tw changes each week Monday and Thursday VAGABOND A SUBURBANTES NJUROUS ALARM THE TATTLER, OR THE MAKNG OF A NEWSPAPER A PAGLACC TALAN CAVALRY A GPSYS SACRFCE BLUEBEARD EMPRE THEAW HOTEL AND BETHEL STREETS PROGRAM CHANGED MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND FRDAYS New Movng Pcures FRANK VTERRA,, pans MRS KNG, swee snger of p ared melodes Admsson 0c, Chldren 5c Repared by men who are expers n her lne No expermen work doa here by amaeurs Careful aenon gven every machne THvpnHammYoun g Company, Ld Send Your Su To U EAGLE DYENG AND CLEANNG WORKS rebp&oso 578 FORT 8TESZX Cenennals Bes Flour uly CO, LTD Phone 22 Goee Pos dm flora Alas CUROS MRS E M TAYLOR, Flors Young Bondng Eepared and keys fed whou delay; also runk locs locks WEBB Cunhas Alley DELVERED o resdences and offces a 25c per hundred afer November W O BABNHAET, Merchan S Tel 46 lew Books Very popular novels All by wellknow n auhors Hawaan News Company, Ld Young Buldng PRECOUS STONES se n rngs and brooches Gold and le slver ewelry made o order a prces Your rade solced SUN WO CHAN CHEW, Manager 808 Maunakea S P O Box 94 Y WO SNG & CO Nuuanu Avenue FRESH SLAND BUTTER P O Box 9o2 Telephone 2S8 BENJAMN CLOTHES The Kash Company, Ld SOLE AGENTS

4 THE PACPO COMMERCAL ADVERTSER, HONOLULU, MONDAY NOVEMBER 2, 908 THE TAFT PROBABLY WNS Boh sdes clam everyhng n he naonal elecon, bu he Republcan one s he more confden Mr Taf seems very sure of New York, he pvoal Pacfc Commercal Adverser Sae, and of he res of he dspued errory ousde he Sold Souh There A MORNNG PAPER s no defne quoaon on he subec from Mr Bryan so far as we have seen, :::::::: bu he has ssued an appeal o he people whch has he look of a dcers hrow WALTER O SMTH EDTOR agans fae Hawa, whle far from he fgh and wh no voe o ad, wll have much reason o reoce f Mr Tafs confdence s warraned by he reurns MONDAY NOVEMBER 2, Though havng hs grevance agans u9, Mr Taf sands on a plaform whch calls for he adequae proecon of sugar even from an nerchange of producs wh he Phlppnes, whereas Mr Bryan promses a free ls for rusconrolle d nrodcs Rpar benr one T CVC FEDERATON ON CATHCART s Annnmnmallv val n na ha Taf clnnl Jr as s n oher ways The ndcaons are ha he House wll be Republcan The Senae s ours The charges now sandng agans hs canddae before hs communy are of 6uch a naure, are suppored by such evdence, and are for four years n any even so srenghened by he uerly nadequae reply made by Mr Cahcar A voe for Cahcar s a voe for Brown, a voe for Brown s a voe for umseu, ua vao x euerauun uues nu see uuw &uy panuuc eevus caa Crawford, a voe for Crawford roe for hm, and beleves ha good czens should oppose s a voe for Vda, a voe for Vda s a voe hs elecon s also of he opnon ha bs conduc of hs offce durng he pas for Lake, a voe for Lake s a voe for McDuffe, a voe for McDuffe s a voe for Knox, a voe for Knox s a voe for a wdeope own wo years wnouy asquannes mm rom reeecuon n For he Execuve Commee, Some of hose sraw voes were abou as Z K MYERS, Acng Presden, useful n ellng how he people Commee on Legslaon and wll voe as a look a he aquarum would be o Publc Servans, deermne how fsh are runnng ousde he reef C L DCKEY, Charman, D S(JUDDER, W R CASTLE The ndependen voer who defeaed Brown, Vda and A V Gear wo years ago has a duy of equal mporance before hm omorrow : f We receved by he Alameda a large shpmen of Columba Drv Cells and Hylo Lamps The Hawaan Elecrc Co, Ld KNG STREET, NEAR ALABZEA PHONE 90 TOMORROW A CRTCAL DAY Voe for he sragh men on he sragh cke The eases way o esablsh good governmen n Oahu Couny s o make he fac dear, by an mpressve adverse maory omorrow, ha undesrable The blnd man s led by a yellow dog czens are no waned n offce Color he Wood The eases way o esablsh bad governmen here s o defea and dscourage he besma n Boh Qunns should be ns Fbre propaganda whn he ranks of he domnan pary, f Mr Cahcar pulls hrough, he wll become he Republcan leader of CONTRACT SGNED VJ r f f f,f ar Oahu; and hs nex frends and polcal leuenans, Brown, Lake, McDuffe, FOE CLFF HOUSE Johnsons Wood Dyes Wlle Crawford, Vda, Knox, Buffandeau, e al, wll be enrenched n hs camp SAN FRANCSCO, Ocober 9 A The condons overhrown n 906 wll, n ha even, be resored n 909 conrac has been sgned by, Emma L We do no us san he surface of he wood hey Does any good czen wan he nex Couny Convenon o be conrolled by he Merr, represenng he 6uro esae, Wouldn Cahcar and Brown wh more facon wood deeply fghng as he resul? and dye he gran self and he San Franesco Rebuldng Company, for he rebuldng of he On he oher hand, f Mr Cahcar mees he Waerloo he deserves, here They gve an unequaled rchness Cln: of one and permanency wll be no more men lke hm nomnaed by he Republcans for a erm of House The oal cos of consrucon whch wll no hde he beauy of he gran Dare years The besma n propaganda wll save he nex Kepublcan cke from s, accordng o ne conrac, $4,549 hey wll no scrape, rub, or scrach off reproach There wll be no rouble hen n wnnng elecons, for good nomnaons srenghen pares as surely as bad ones dsrup hem buldng, whch s o be of classc syle o make Red Brohers are he archecs of he The elecon omorrow s gong o be a verable crss n he he saemen upon hsory of our Johnsons Wood Fnshng Specales of archecure and one sory n he local Republcan pary and n he cvc hsory of Honolulu f he Republcan pary akes he pah of honor, wll leave rouble behnd and go on whch s o own auhory: bu when avpv are hegh above he grade of he roadway made for every knd of wood and fnsh Thev wll make body face There wll, how who has red hem n g any wood look beaulul bold by forward o a servce so useful o cy and couny and so free from scandal as ever, be a basemen and subbaseme n dorses our prvae opnon, we o wn an mpregnable poson f, on he oher hand, he pary chooses o on he ocean exposure of he buldng feel usfed n sayng: ake he pah of dshonor, he Democrac pary wll wn he elecon of wo whch s o be concree below he sree LEWERS & COOKE, LTD vears nence ucn admnsraors as canear ana srown woulu make a case OUR CE CREAM AND SODAS grade, whle he upper porons of he for he Democracy n hree monhs me ARE THE BEST N 77 S Kng Sree V Phone buldng wll be frame 775 HONOLULU THE WHTE PLAGUE Prof rvng Fsher, he emnen polcal economs of Yale Unversy, ce who n one of hs papers before he recen nernaonal Tuberculoss Congress n Washngon declared ha consumpon coss he people of he Uned Saes more han a bllon dollars a year, s preparng an exhausve repor for he Naonal Conservaon Commssonwhch wll conan no only hese fgures, Lo smlar daa on he economc loss o he counry from all oher prevenable dseases Prof Fsher s a member of he Naonal Conservaon Commsson and for many years has been carryng on sudes along hese lnes The commsson receved leers from physcans all over he counry urgng o consder he bearng of publc healh on he economc effcency of he naon n s effors o asceran he resources of he counry The commsson from he begnnng has conemplaed repors on he economc aspecs of several phases of he conservaon movemen whch affec he duraon and effecveness of human lfe, bu Prof Fsher has underaken o prepare a comprehensve saemen of he whole subec of he relaons of publc healh o he general fld of conservaon, and especally as o he wase from prevenable dseases and unnecessary deahs Dr Fsher, s professor of polcal economy a Yale Unversy and charman of he Conmee of One Hundred of he Amercan Assocaon for he Advancemen of Scence, whch has for a long me been carryng on propaganda for he ncrease of naonal healh hrough he elmnaon of prevenable dseases Ths Commee of One Hundred s composed of physcans and men engaged n acve socologcal work n every par of he counry, and he re ms of her nvesgaons and experence are all avalable o Dr Fsher, so ha hs repor ough o be he mos horoughgong and complee summary of he suaon ever made,, A he Tuberculoss Congress, Prof Fsher declared ha 8,000 persons de of consumpon every year The cos of medcal aendance and he loss of earnngs before deah average a leas $2400, he sad, whle f o hs s added he money ha mgh have been earned wh healh, he oal loss n each case s abou $S000 He poned ou, also, ha he dsease usually aacks young men and women us a he me when hey are begnnng o earn money and vus off her earnng power for abou hree years on an average before hey de Ths subec of he economc value o he counry of a general rasng of he average healh came up n he Governors Conference a he Whe House a May Dr George M Kober, n hs speech on he Conservaon of Lfe and Healh by mproved Waer Supply a he conference, presened fgures whch showed ha he decrease n he val asses of he counry hrough yphod J ever n a sngle year s more han $0,000,000 Typhod s spread by pollued waer, largely, so ha he deahra from hs dsease can be drecly reduced e ly he purfcaon of cy drnkng waer Dr Kober quoed sascs o show ha he ncreased value of he waer o he cy of Albany, where he yphod ever rae was reduced from 04 n 00,000 o wenys x by an effcen flraon plan, amouns o $475,000 a year, of whch $50,000 may be consdered n real ncrease o he val asses of he cy Census Bureau fgures show ha he average annual deahra e from yphod n ces wh conamnaed waer supples was reduced from 604 per 00,000 o 98 by he subsuon of pure Spples Dr Kober ced esmaes showng ha he average lengh of human lfe n he sxeenh cenury was beween egheen and weny years, and a he close of he egheenh cenury was a lle more han hry, whle oday s beween hryegh and fory ndeed, he span of lfe snce SS0 has been lenghened abou sx years There s no sound reason why he Republcan sragh cke, wh he of he nomnee for Couny Aorney, should no be eleced Kuho s ne of he eam ha has done much for Hawa and s capable of Gong more; he nomnees for he Senae and House are needed o susan he admnsraon f Governor Frear; he Republcan canddaes for supervsor and he Republcan lonnee for Mayor are nconesably he bes men; and all he pary nomnees for couny offces, wh he one excepon of he Couny Aorney, are desrable ncals Nohng can be ganed by defeang hem, and much may be los The Sar connues, o make s erroneous saemen ha he Adversers opposon o Cahcar came of hs apponmen of Brown As hs paper sad rohng on he subec when ha apponmen was made, an s he Sar self U he only daly ha hen crcsed, our aserod conemporary would do well rea ha maer wh a burs of slence and go o Cahcar for anoher ssue Accordng o Yomur, one of he leadng papers of Toko, he Uned Saes nd Japan have reached some knd of an a;rcemen, alhough he dae f s rafcaon s unceran was hough ha somehng mgh be done : bou durng he vs of he Amercan flee Peace and he negrv of he Chnese errory are supposed o be he prncpal maers nvolved Cream We make he Fnes ce Cream n he cy Promp auo delvery of all orders for pares, dnners, and recepons MlezaBudor Young Cafe Phone 59 Clearance Sale of Lnen Drawnwork Scarfs and Scudrcs md? Monday, Nov 2nd a 8 a m o 50 per cen Reducon Scarfs 8x27, were 50c, now 25c 8x27, were 90c, now 50c 8x6, were $, now 60c 8x45, were $, now 65c 8x45, were $25, now 75c 8x54, were $25, now 75c Squares 8ncreduced o 25c, 40c and 55c reduced o 55c, 60c and 5C 24nc SOnereduced o 50c, 65c, 75c aud C 6ncreduced o 65c, S and $25 45ncreduced o $ and $250 Varous broken los, assored a grealyreduce d prces szes, Also a large lo of Fancy Rbbons wll be offered a he same me a grealyreduce d prces See our Wndow Dsplay for paerns and prces v Pay a vs o our nnovaon Founan f ll! n h me eaoger, Lmed FORT STREET WHY DELAY f You Need Glasses? Many people should wear glasses who do o, bu who go on sufferng from year o year whou knowng wha he real rouble s coss you nohng lor a complee examnaon of n your eyes f you do no need glasses, we wll ell you; f you do, we wll f you correcly, l F lon X f: ll OPTCANS TwoFf y Wll Buy You a Copper Card Pla Ana ONE HUNDRED STYLSH VSTNG CARDS wh your own name n any syle of scrp leerng F 2 BU Socey Saoners, Desgners Engravers 04: 050 FORT STREET and MS y J, A GLmAN, Agen Exclusve beauful paerns adaped for use n MORNNG WRAPPERS, v CHLDRENS GOWNS AND COATS SEE THESE FRST L A H O Y NUUANU STREET, BELOW HOTEL D f The only Honolulu publcaon accuraely seng forh he beaues of Honolulu n sory and pcure llusraons are from phoographs aken especally for hs work f The arcles, wh he excepon of hose sgned, were wren by Mss Mary H Krou, who also carefully arranged and eded he accoun of hsorcal ncdens, he daa for whch was furnshed by old resdens NO SUCH BOOK HAS EVER BEEN PRNTED HERE Eghy pages wh llusraons on each one Followng s he able of conens: Nave Chefs of Hawa rounders of Honolulu Honolulu Socey Honolulu Clubs Honolulu Chares The Orenal Quarer Bshop Museum Royal Resdences The Aquarum Educaon Churches Clmaologcal Ar and Arss Domesc Servce Waer Supply Camp Shafer, Leraure and Auhors When Came o Honolulu Honolulu n 89 Governmen Nursery The Holoku, Orgn and Evoluons Why s Safe from Earhquakes Three Fne Esaes Beauful Homes Hsorcal Landmarks rood Supply Expermen Saon Honolulu Fshermen Oudoor Spors Rober Shngle one f he bes names on he legslave cke le wll! e needed n he House where ssues of fnance are always comng FOB up and r where SALE AT THE kll s requred n selng hem As a fnancal exper Mr Shnde wll fnd pleny o do U Carlos Long would run he Couuy Aorney s offce honesly 5 Some CENTS one s EACH POSTAGE 8 CENTS ladly needed o do ha Gazee Offce and AH News and Curo Sores

5 THE PACFC COMMEECAL ADVERTSES, HONOLJLJ, MONDAY, NOVEJBEE 2, 908 Oe SO Uned Kngdom, Havre, Anwerp or MARNE whle rescue seamers, one of whch was he Salvor, hen known as he Panue, searched n van for her before he derelc was fnally pcked p and owed o Por Townsend by he seam coller Mneola The CanadanAusrala n lne seamer Mowera had pcked up he seamer some me before and sared o Vcora wh her, bu he owlne broke durng a heavy gale and he CanadanAusrala n seamer connued on her way o Honolulu, Those Transpor Charges THE WORKER MUST BE WELL n hese days of sharp compeon everyone who works shook fc kyd ep o he hghes pch of effcency The rewards of busness lfe go he cleares hnkers, o he men and women who know and do hngs beer han oher peopa Bu who can do hs bes work when he healh s mpared, when e apps e fals o demand he food necessary o susan he body, when srengh s lackng and ambon gone? Surely he par of wsdom s o begn a mm o buld up he body o s normal condon, and hs may be don mcsc ceralalr by he use of Searns Wne of Cod Lver Exrac han any oher medcne checks hackng coughs, sharpens he appee, ads dgeson, enrches he blood, resores flesh o he emacaed, and renews healh and vgor s so agreeable o he ase ha s regular use s a pleasure Ge f a yoor chemss and be sure you ge STEARNS he genune HEREsnshrs bearng he label of a manufacurer of undoubed responsbly value, n ha sands so much experence n clohbuyn g, n paerndraugh ng and n syledesgnn g The Clue mark assures correcness, exclusveness, durably $50 and more CLUETT PEABODY & CO Tro N T, Mleera of Arrow CoCar Goodwn and Drgo Capan George W Goodwn, maser of he Amercan clpper shp Drgo, on reachng hs por from Honolulu, has ended hs ffyff h voyage around Cape Horn, says a Phladelpha dspach Few deense a marners n come anywhere near hs record, and he voyage us ended was probably one of he wors ever saled by he hardy capan The Drgo lef Honolulu May 2, and had good weaher unl July 4 ndependence Day was ushered n by a fallng baromeer, and before many lours had elapsed he elpper shp wa9 n he grasp of a hurrcane Sals were swep away and everyhng movable was carred from he decks The vessel wen hrough he blow whou Berous damage, only o encouner heavy weaher hrough he Pacfc and p o he Falkland slands Lgh souheas rades were encounered unl he Drgo crossed he equaor nneyfour days ou A second hurrcane hen sruck he shp, durng whch a new man lower opsal was los From Sepember 5 unl he Delaware Breakwaer was reached he shp was enveloped n fog No from he me he vessel lef Honolulu unl reached S foque was a sal sghed The Drgo brough n 8,760 bags of sugar Japs May Cu Off Subsdy Seamshp men engaged n he Orenal rade are very much neresed n he rumors of he suspenson on he par of he Japanese Governmen of he shp subsdes and whch, hrough uppor o he Japanese shp owners, have done so much o run Amercan shppng off he Pacfc These rumors have cropped ou from several dfferen nonrces of lae and n a recen edoral n one of he Kobe papers was made he subee of edoral commen Japan has been runnng affars snce he Russan war wh a free hand and hs plunged no deb a a rae ha has reached a sage ha calls for a hal, s declared The cung ou of he grans o many of he seamshp lnes seems one of he resuls of governmen curalmen and wh he whdrawal of vessels on several lnes One of he bgges shppng men a Seale gves hs opnon ha some ehange wll be made n he Japanese lnes and ha Amercan and Englsh lnes wll be quck o ake advanage of any ehange ha offers an openng o shppng frms Mowera Towed Her Tacoma Ledger The sale of he seamer Srahnevs and her rechrsenn g as he Torsdale wheb s announced from Lverpool, recalls he experences of he seamer n he Norh Pacfc when she drfed for over hree monhs, afer breakng her shaf, LOCAL OFFCE OF THE UNTED STATES WEATHER BUSEAU Honolulu, Sunday, November, POS TOWN AND COUNTRT a SHRTS for 7 CERJ LNE (S THE LARGEST Hamburg Amercan Has he Larges Sngle Flee n he World Whle Grea Bran may clam he chef dsncon of he marme world, he larges sngle flee carres he Red, Whe and Black, and house flag s he HamburgAmerca says he Worlds Work n a curren ssue s sxeg dsnc servces carry he world s commerce no and ou of nearly every mporan por of all he ccn MARAMA, C S, Gbb, from Hon for Colones, Oc 7 MANUKA, C S S, ar Sydney from non, ucs 7 MEXCAN, A L S S Nchols, ar Hon from S F Oc 0 MONGOLA, P M S S, ar Yokohama from Hon, Oc 2 MARON CHLCOTT, Am sp, from on lor Uavoa Oc 26 MANCHURA P M S S, ar S F from Hon, Oc 26 MOAN A, Br S S, from Sydney for non, uc 6 lollcan, Am bk, ar S F from Alahukona, Augus 9 MONTEREY, Am bge, from Monerey for Hon (n ow S S Rose crars), Oc ; MTCHLLET, Fr bk, ar Puge Sound from Hon Aug C MUREL, Am schr, sr S F from nana June MNNE S CANE Am schr, ar Por ownsend from Hlo, Sep, 0 MARY E FOSTER, ar Por Townsend rom Hon Aug 0 NCOMEDA, Ger S S, Wagemann, ar o r rom lon Oe 2 NPPON MARU, T K K S a, ar lokonama ro Hon, July NUUANU, Am bk, Jocelyn, from N Y for Hon, Aug 4 OKANOGAN, Am schr, Mahew, ar Por Ludlow from S F, Aug 7 ORLAND, Nor S S, Le, from Hon for Ocean sland, Ang 8 ; OLYMPC, Am bk, Evans, ar Por Townsend from S F, Sep 7 PUGLA, al cruser, from Hon for Yokohama, Oc ROCHAMBEAU Fr bk from Leh, for Hon, June 9 R, C SEARLE, Am schr, from Kahulu for Por Townsend, Oe 22 ROSECRANS, Am S S, from Monerey for Hon, owng barge Monerey, Oc R P RTHET, Am bk, Drew, from Hon for S F, Oc 20 ROBERT LEWERS, Am, schr, Underwood, from Hon, for Grays Harbor, Oc 20 ROMFORD, Br S S, ar Eureka from Hon, Sep 29 SANTE ANNE, Fr bk, ar Porland from Hoc, Oc 2S SANTA MARA, Am S S, ar Gavoa rom Hon, Oc 8 SANTA RTA, Am S S, ar Seale from Por San Lus, Oc 6 SATURN, U S coller, ar San Dego from Hon, Oc 29 SPOKANE, Am, schr, ar Por Town send from Hon, July 28 S C ALLEN, Am bk, Wler, from Urays Harbor for Hon, Oc 2 S G WLDER Am bk Jackson, ar S F from Hon Aug STEPHANOTS, Br S S, from Hon for Ocean sland, Sep 26 SHERDAN, TJ S A T, ar S F from Manla, Oc SBERA, P M S S, from S F fon Hon, Oc 27 TASE JMARU, Jap r sp, Furuya, rom Hon for Suva Sep 2 TENYO MARU, T K, K S S, ar Yokohama from Hon, Oc 2 T P EMGH, Am bk, rsen, from Eleele for Por Townsend Oc 27 THOMAS, U S A T, Lynam, from Hon for Manla, Oc Texan, ah s s, Han, ar s f from Salna Cruz, Oc 8 VRGNAN, A S S, ar S F from : Hon, Oc 4 W H MARSTON, Am schr, ar Hlo from S F Oc 6 W B FLNT, Am bk, from Eureka for Hawaan slands, Oc 20 SHXTJMATSM So lle confdence has he average man n he varous cures ror rheumasm ha he ofen suffers for years whou makng any effor o fnd relef He hen fnds ha has become chronc Ths s a msake, as he ran can alwavs b releved, and n mos cases a cure effeced, by applyng Chamberlans Pan Balm The relef from pan whch affords s alone worh many me s cos makes sleep and res possble For sale by Benson, Smh & Co, Ld, asens for H L D n u NOW READY 5 cens Ready for Malng HAWAAN GAZETTE CO Ld Hgh and Low ALL JAPANESE EEAD THE HAWA SHNPO An auhory among Japanese News oapers, publshed n he Terrory of awa The only Hlnsraed 0pag e Japanese Daly n Exsence 2pag e Sunday ssue s he Bes Adversng Medum Job Work n Japanese and Chnese specaly Dunkrk, 27s G Fregh wll be receved for sland pors by he nerslan d company unl hs evenng, bu no fregh wll be re ceved omorrow The vessels wll saf for sland pors a he scheduled hours The TJ S S Charleson, f she saled from Bremeron oh Ocober 26 or 27 should arrve here abou Wednesday, The cruser s en roue o Manla where he admrals flag wll be ransferred from he Ranbow o he Charleson; The Japanese boss sevedore of he Mason Navgaon company a Hb was crushed o deah beween a scow and he seamer Enerprse las week The bark Emly Whney s prepared hs, week a Hlo o ake on he frs lo of oha es for he Sana Fe ral road The Marson wll ake he sec ond load MOVEMENTS OF SHPPNG ALCE COOKE, sen, Penhallow, ar Hoquam from S F, Sep 2G ARZONAN, Am S S, Tapley, from Salna Cruz for S F, Oc 25 ALAMEDA, O S 8 Dowdell, from Hon for S F Oc 2 ALASKAN, A S S ar S F from Hlo, Sep 24 ALESA, Ger S S, Arns, ar Hong kong from Porland, Ser 29 ALEXANDER SENBERG, Ger sp, ar Porland from Hon, Oc 8 AMY TURNER, Am hk, Warland, ar F from Hon, July 4 ASTRAL, Am sp, Dunham, from Balmore for S F, Sep 0 ATLAS, Am sp, from N Y for Yokohama, Oc 4 ALBERT, Am bk, from Por Gamble for Tawa, Oc 0 ASA, PM S S, from Yokohama for Hon Oc 2 AMERCA MARU, T K K S S, from Hon for Yokohama, Oc 26 ANNE E SMALE, Am schr, ar, As ora from Makawel, Aug 28 ANNE JOHNSON, Am bk, ar S F from Hlo, Sep 2 ANDREW WELCH, Am bk, ar S F from Hon, Oc 4 AORANG Br S S, Phllps, ar Vancouver from Hon, Oc 24 ALCE McDONALD Am schr, ar P from Ahukn, Oc 7 ARABA Ger S S, Neumann, from Hon for S F, Oc 0 BANGOR, Am schr, from Hon for Por Townsend, Oc 0 BOREALS, Am schr, from Evere for Guavmas, Sep 9 BUFORD, U S A T, from Nagasak for S Fv Oc 26 6UCEANTA, Br S S, ar Porland from Hon, Aug L CRESCENT, Am schr, ar Por Townsen d from Makawel, Sep 9 CARRADALE, Br sp, ar Vcora from Hon, Oc 2 C A THAYER, Am schr, from Hon for Gravs Harbor, Sep 29 CHNA, P M S S, ar S F from Hon Oc 2 CORONADO, Am bk, Poer, a 8 F fron Hon (n dsress) va Sana Cruz, Aug 20 COLUMBL4N, A S S, Colcord, ar Salna Cruz from Hlo, Oc 24 CARAVELLAS, Fr S S, ar Yokohama from Hogo, Sep 8 CRAG VAR, Br S S, ar, Comax from Hon, Aug 4 CROOK, U S A Tr from Nagasak for S F Oc 27 CHAS E FALK, Am schr, ar Grays Harbor from Eleele, Sep S DEFENDER, Am schr, ar S F from Hon, July 28 DEN OF RUTnVEN, Br S S, ar Vcr a from Hon, Sep 2 DRGO, Am sp, from Balmore for Hon Oc 26 DX, U S A T, Ankers, from Hon for Manla, Oc 0 EDNBURGH, Br bk, from Leh for Hon Julv E F WHTNEY, Am bk, Goodman, from Kahulu for Hlo, Oc ENTERPRSE Am S S, ar Hlo from S F, Oc 24 ETHEL ZANE, Am schr, from Eureka for Hon, Oc 26 EDWARD SEW ALL, Am sp, Quck, from Phla for S F, Sep, 5 FALLS OF CLYDE, Am sp, Larsen, from Hon for Gavoa, Oc 6 FOOTNG SUEY Am bk, Eanfeld, ar N Y from Eleele, Oc 4 (damaged) FORT GEORGE, Am sp, Fulleron, from N Y for non, Julv 26 FLAURENCE WARD, Am schr aux, Plz, ar Hon from Mdwav, Oc 2S GAMBLE, Am schr from Por Ludlow fy Hlo, Oc GEO E BLLNGS, Am schr, Blrkhol m, from Vancouver for Callao, Sep 4 f GERARD C TOBEY, Am bk, ar, S F from Hlo June 9 GEORGE CURTS, Am bk, Herber, ar S F from Hon, June H C WRGHT, Am schr, from S F for Mahukona, Sep 29 nermston, Br S S,Ba from Newpor News for Hon, Sep 9 HLONAN, M N S S, ar S F from Hon, Oc 4 HONOPU, Am schr, ar S F from Hon July 28 HELENE Am echr, Thompson, ar Gravs Harbor from Hon, Sep 9 HOLYWOOD Br bk, from Hon for Eureka Ocober 22 HONGKONG MARU T K K S S, from Hon for S F, Oc RMGARD, Am bk, Chrsanson, from Hon for S F, Nov NCA, Am schr, ar Por Townsend from Kahulu, Aug 0 NDRAVELL, Br S S, from Vancouver for Auckland, Sep 5 JAS ROUP Am schr, ar S F from Hen, Oc 29 JOHN EN A Am sp, Madsen, from Phla for S F, Oc 5 JUSTN U S coller, ar S F from Hon Sep 20 KATUNA, Br S S, from Lambers Pon for Hon Sep 6 KLKTAT, Am bk, ar Por Townsen d from Hlo, Oc KOREA, P M S S, ar Yokohama from Hon, Oc 2 KA TULA NT, Am bk, Colly, ar Por Townend from Hon, Sep 20 LAENNEC, Fr bk ar Kahulu from Cardff, Oc 22 LANSNG, Am S S, Dckson, ar Por Harford from Hon, Ang 20 LURLNE M N S S, ar Hon fro m S F Oc 29 MARECH L DE NOALLES Fr bk, from Hn for Porland, Oc MARY WNKLEMAN Am bk, Jacobse n, ar a Sound from Makawel, nens f he enre flee were assem ; be unqne neresng wll be aa bled n one harbor would presen an effoh o buld a Rusproof road by eonmposarray of 60 ocean seamers, ; han g he hereofore lle used Mar egh ohers under consruconand 25 ; farnace ag wh asphal or ar rver seamers and harbor eraf a oal 0ne of he expprmena sreches of of vessels, wh a gross onnage road g o be consruced n Chcago of nearly a mllon f hs flee were under he SUpervoa of Chef Engneer welded no one mammoh seamer Vernon f Perce of he federal brea, would be nearly fve mles long, more;and one a Brmngham, Ala, under he han a mle wde and abou a mle ; drecon 0f p p Hedel, frs asssan WASHNGTON, D C, Ocober 4 Quarermaser?General Alshre, when shown he San Franescn dspach abou he repars o he ranspor Logan, declared here was nohng n The facs were, he explaned, ha he Logan was beng overhauled regularly n accordance wh he polcy of he deparmen o repar he ranspors one a a me whenever became necessary and funds were avalable so happened ha he Logan, when examned las vear, was found o requre an exensve overhaulng, far beyond wha could be done wh he funds avalable for such work Thereupon was decded o confne he work o he mos mporan feaures whn he lm of he funds on hand, wheh amouned o abou $90,000 A conrac was made for ha work and when he presen years appropraon became avalable anoher conrac was made for addonal necessary work o pu he vessel n proper condon for servce, amounng o abou $50,000 New Pacfc Lne VCTORA, B C Ocober 5 Ar rangemens are beng made by Easern capalss represened by Jlr Morrson, now n Bellngham, o esablsh a lne of fregh seamers of large onnage beween Seale, Tacoma, Bellngham and Ausrala The promoers nend o shp lumber mosly and brng reurn cargoes of wool from he Anpodes The proec s sad o be n connecon wh he Chcago, Mlwau kee & b Paul Ralway Wreless o Porland PORTLAND, Ore Ocober The Uned Wreless Telegraph Companys saon n hs cy was n communcaon wh Kdhuku Pon, Oahu, n he Hawaan slands, Saurday ngh and congraulaons were exchanged To ar lne dsance beween Porland and Kahukn Pon s abou 200 mles Japan and Pacfc YCTOUA, B C, Ocober 2 Accordng o advces receved by he seamer Lennox, whch has reached por from Yokohama, he Nppon quoes Rempe Kondo, presden of he Nppon Yusea Kasha, as sayng wh all reserve ha f he Japanese Governmen whdraws s subsdes from he European, Vcora, and San Francsco servces, hose lnes wll have o be abandoned, and he Japanese flag wll nc longer be seen n he ranspacfc rade Some people have sad ha were hese servces abandoned by he Nppon Ynsen Kasha and he Toyo Ksen Kasha hey would be aken up by he Osaka Shosen Kasha, says he Nppon Yusen Kasha presden, bu he Osaka Shosen Kasha can o afford o run seamers a a loss, any more han oher companes can would be smply a surrender of he lnes o oher flags The queson of shppng subsdes w! be brough up a he nex sesson of he De The Kokunn says may sound raher srange ha some Japanese lewspapers and a secon of he puwc are now proposng e advsably of reducng he amoun of he sae subsdes o he varous shppng companes a a me lke he preen, when he shppng busness s unpref edenedly dull The Kokumn s of he opnon ha he subsdes should be fxed and graned n propor on o requremens of he sae and Teople owards he shppng concerns n he fuure Revewng he hsory of Japanese shppng enerprses durn z he pas weny years, s shown ha he auhores concerned had onl adoped emporzng measures so as o su he requremens of he occason, and fha he shppng companes had aced n conformy wh offcal nsrucons, he renl bensr ha seamers had ncreased n number and nohng else nsances were no few ha he Japanese shppng concerns, backed by he grea subsdes, had prepared plans far beyond her power and had unnecessarly enered no compeon wh foregn as well as Japanese concerns 7 he conference of ramp seamer owner, held n Toko on Sepember lf, dd no resul n any agreemen The Toko represenaves nroduced a proposal for akng he chater value of he shps as a poolng bass, bu he Osaka owners frankly advocaed unon for he purpose of rasng frecha Boh proposals had o be whdrawn, bu he feelng of he meeng seemed o be n favor of he laer Noce o Marners San Frareo Ocober 2, 90S San Lus Obspo Bay, Calforna Noce s hereby gven ha San Lus Obsp Boll Buoy, Calforna, was repored no soundng Ocober 20 wll be replaced by a perfec buoy as soon as praccable By order of he Lghhouse Board Shppng Noes Th barkenne S N Casle has a charer o carry lumber from Grays Harbor o Manla The Mkahalas cargo comprsed 6 head of cale 5 calves 6 bundles hdes, donkey, horse and dog The Helenes cargo from Hawa ncluded 0 head cale, Z calves, and C cords of wood from he Hawaan Mahogany The Mason lner Lurlne leaves for San Francsco a 0 oclock Tuesday mornng, carryng many passengers and consderable fregh The French bark Laennec now a Fahuln hns a charer o carry whea from Porland or Puge Sound o he deep To load wh bales of coon would requre he average yeld of 2, 000,000 acres; could ake he whea and aspha and ha of Brmngham of crop of,000,000 acres, and half a blla g and ar A Xewon, Massaemlo n fee of lumber would no fll se8 he offce s preparng o lay a Ths s he commercal hyphen ha has candy roa ma,e frorn brgh ed Hamburg and Amerca for lagses whch s a by produc of sagar TFJSRMO e WND : a K s m a 2 2 A!f? 9! 5 s : S 00 lo Ou ho 4 77 C2 68! 0 9W S! J ana 2r 6 s $ 0! w MS M W d J), Jl (5 9 7 ; 4 07 ;00 ) C 9 S s AT fo SB sxyon e years The frs HamburgAmerca n shp arrved n JNTew York harbor n 847, when he rae of posage, o Europe have shown o be an (lla, snrf8ce was hry cens a half ounee, when) Th5s moa?ses s he almos useless Casle Garden an amusemen resor, was of he, grea sugar cane rewh en Broad and Beaver srees were fner;eg 0f e Souh and he bee sugar he dry goods dsrcs and when lower rf,nnores of he Ves and Souhwes, Broadway, beween Canal sree and 5s gdly gwee, nearly as black he Aso house, was he Grea Whe and ag hek a, ar and amos a9 Way Tha frs vessel was he Deuseh powerf ul as a bnder Havng always land, a salng shp of 77 ons The becn a wase pr0luc can be bongh er Presden Lneoln has a gross regser of 8,500 ons Afer deducng cabn space for 0o passengers of all classes and bunker space for 2000 oa9 of coal, here remans 785,000 euba fee for cargo f loaded exclusvely wh one knd of fregh, could carry any one of he followng quanes: 500,000 bushels of whea or 628,000 of corn;,000 bales of coon or 5,000 ons of copper; 65,000 barrels of ol or 82,000 boxes of dred fru n acual pracse, however, hs seamer would carry more han ffy varees of cargo, from greea apples o radaors UNQUE METHODS ROAD GlLD The offce of publc roads of he Uned Saes Deparmen of Agreulur s o make an expermen whch o engneer Chcagos road s o be bul of slag facores Lme waer and rock wll be mxed wh he molasses and expermens ha have been made hus far a a lower prce han coal ar and n greaer quanes n laboraory behaved so well and held ou such promses for deal roads ha he praccal es of a real road wa decded upon Plag as he useless of he blas furnaces and molasses as h uselps of he sugar re fner;esf a crcular ssued by he offce of publc roads says, may n a few years revoluonze counry road bu&rm T fr: a df:u:d for more T?f roads U he ned Saes, wlere l e producs are mos easly o be l ad, and ad mllon o he wealh of hf counry by pang a oaal valaa on hhero wase maera f Whle expers are laborng wfh aud Mddle Wes, anoher scens, also from he offce of publc roads, s engaged a ndependence, Kans, n ryng o devse a mehod of eorsrne g oled roads analagous o he mehods whch have produced he famous oled roads of Souhern Calforna He s mxng heavy ols, possessng pronounced asphal c bass, wh naural ou and sand and compacng he preparaon so formed,wh a ampng roller The oled roads of Calforna have saved mllons of dollars o he farmers an! fru growers of ha ferle Sae n he las few vears by m pressng he dus ha formerly arof n blndng clouds wh he passng of every vehcle Those dn clouds, floang o adacen feld and orchards, deprecaed he prce of fsrm produce and lowered he values of real esae o a sarlng degree The sprnklng of ol was red ard ha dus held n chock Then orne of hn roads were plowed and he ol mxerl wh he earh and he mas frmly rolled o a properly crowned surface Splendd resuls followed n mos H sances WL B STOCKMAN, Secon Drecor TDES SUN AND MOON Deuschland of oday regsers 6,502 ons, and s nearly 9000 ons smaller han he Kasern Auguse Vcora Ths seamshp lne, whose flag s as famlar n Monevdeo, Shangha and Serra Leone as n Balmore and Puge Sound, has made s Xew York home oa hsorc sol A able ereced on s new ofeees says ha marks he se of he frs habaon of whe, p nn he sland of Manhaan There was ha Adran Block, commander of h TgeT, bul four hu n 6 afer, hs shp was burned Ths same sea dog s also creded wh he fr vessel mnd by Europeans n hs counry he Eesless launched n 6 J Bu he home and he hsory of he HamburgAmerca n lne are of far less han he opporunes Thch hs one un of ranspor offers o Amercan shppers s 0 lners and cargo boas may be of no mrce mporance han an equal number of ohr vessels, bu her assemblng under one house flag manes hem more convenen Tl flee ouches regularl v a he pors of Xew York, Boson Phladelpha, Balmore Norfolk Newpor News, Galveson, San Fran csco and Pugf Sound brngs every one of hese wdely dsrbued Amercan pors no drec communcaon wh nearly all he world f here were oher boas on he seas, an Amercan exporer would fnd a ls of abou 00 pors where hs goods mgh be landed Te mgh no n!y shp o every sespr ha he could name, bu he could ge hrough blls of lad n o scores,f such unheardo f por as Pulo Weh Sam; Soloo Eas ndes; Alwa Persa: Nos Be, Eas Afrca: Half Jack Wes Afrca: Bedsed Denmark; Yxpla, Fnland, and Oernkoe?dsvk Sweden The capaces of hese grea seam ers s enormous The express seam a ) F pb xu Sea M C5 522 C 20 am! )! x S22 2 pml W 4 255; S C a n p m L2J: JLl ! B u 428 ;, 7 S ll S 45 9 ) Rfe Full moon Nov 7 a 9:5 p m Th des a Kahulul and Hlo occu bou oce hour earler han a Honolulu Hawaan sandard me s 0 hour mnues slower han Greenwch me, beng ha of he merdan of 57 degrees hry mnues The me whsle blows a :0 p hl, whch he same as Greenwch 0 hours 0 mlne a Sun and moon are for local me or h whole METEOEOLOGCAL EE COED ssued Every Sunday Mornng by he Local Offce U S Weaher Bureau B THERM J WND 2 s S! s s2 s f r H Z l : ; 8 J5 J T4 ;2c 9 (8 T!(T H 80 7c7 V W ( H 8 T V r n HE 80 & 4 Noe Baromeer readngs are correced for emperaure, nsrumenal errors, and local gravy, and reduced o sea level Average cloudness saed o scale from 0 o 0 Drecon of wnd s prevalng drecon durng 24 hours endng a 8 p m Velocy of wnd s average velocy n mles per fcour T ndcaes race of ran WM B STOCKMAN, Sclon Dreo )

6 6 Fraernal Meengs Fraernal Meengs HAWAAN LODGE NO 2, r & A M nfkk WLL BE A REGULAR meeng of Hawaan Lode No 2, F, and A M, a s ball, Masonc Temple, eorner of Hoel and AaKea srees, THS (Monday) EVENNG, Novem her 2 90 a 7:0 oclock Members of Tacfc Lodge, Oceanc Lodge, and all vsng brehren, are fraernally nved o aend By order of he W M, K B, G WALLACE, Secreary Pnn Uuu f Sove S VGOR OF LFE TO THE WOMAN N THE KTCHEN SHE NEVER GROWS OLD Honolulu Gas Go, Tor Sree LMTED Bshop Sree One n a Thousand Edgevorh Plug ftjb SMOKERS rtzpat&cx BROS Below Kng U For Sale b Lcn Choy Cor Smh and Bereana Goes Cols HAWAAN SODA WORKS Phone 56 P M POND General Conracor PLOWNG, GRADNG, HAULNG, EOCK, SAND, ETC Le Us Subm an Esmae, P M POND Telephone 890 SnoRe he,0wl FVECEN T CGAR L A Cuns For and Kng Srees Plumbng and Plumbers Co Supples SNG CHAN CO Kng Sree, oppose Aala Park For a good par of old Buons Yon had beer come and ee u before bayng anywhere else $250 up We have he laes paern he mos subsanal makes nh co 0 Hoel Sree pgt TS ADVZXTD7XX n WORLDS NEWS DALY POLYNESA ENCAMPMENT NO, r o o f Mees every frs nd hrd Frday lo he monh, a 7:0 p m, n?rml Fllnw HalL For Sree Vsng brohers cordally nved o aend R MEXAUGH C P L L LA PERRE Scrbe EXCELSOR LODGE NO O O F 7 :0 n Odd Fellows HalL For : CrM Vncr hrnhpr rnrd slly nted o aend H B BROWN N G L L LA PERRE Secy HARMOSY LODGE NO L O O P Mees every Monday erennfr a s ; preefc v hok urumc uur ally nved o aend J LGHTFOOT, N G E R HENDRY Secy J : J UM T fnrl PACFC BEBEKAH LODGE NO X, L O O P BNfc Mees every second and fourh Thursday, a 7:0 p m Odd J? Fellows HalL Vsng Rebekahs ar cordallv nved o aend FLORENCE LEE N G ALCE NCHOLSON Secy OLVE BRANCH BEBEKAH LODGE NO 2, Z O O P s Mees every frs and hrd 7 a Thursday, a 7:0 p m, n uaa? Felloes Hall Vsng Rebekahs are cordallv nved o aend FRANCS BNDT, N G SALLE L WLLAMS THE PACTFO COMMERCAL ADVERTSER, HONOLULU, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 908 Secy OCEANC LODGE NO 7 F f A M Mees on he las Monday of each Amonh, a Masonc Temple, a 7:0 p m vsng brenren are cordally nved o aend M M JOHNSON, W M W H GOETZ, Secy LEAH CHAPTER NO 2 O E S Mees every hrd Monday of each monh, a 7:0 p m, n he Masono ATemple Vsng ssers and brohers are cordally nved o aend CLARA M SCHMDT W M ADELADE M WEBSTER Secy LE ALOHA CHAPTER NO, O E S Al a he Masonc Temple every Saurday of each monh, a p m Vsng ssers and ace eordallv nved o aend MNNE FRAZEE W M A E WELBOURNE Secy LADES AUXLARY, A O H, DVSON NO Mees every frs and hrd Vh Tuesday, a 8 p m n (J TrCVB U HalL For Sree Val Vsng ssers are eord c any lnvea o aena MRS K COWES Pres 0rmrs&aSJfJOSEPHKE DLLON See, HONOLULU TEMPLE NO PYTHAN SSTERS Mees every frs and hrd Monday, a 7:0 p m a Knghs of Pyhas HalL For and Bereana srees All! vsors cordally nved o aend MARTHA AHRENS M E C SALLE L WLLAMS K R S OAHU LODGE NO K of P Mees every frs and hrd Frday a 7:0 oclock, Pyhan Hall, eorner Bereana and For srees Vsng brohers cordally nved o aend A DEEKNlx, V V J W WHTE, K R 8 WLLAM McETNLEY LODGE NO 8, K of P Mees every second and fourh Saurday evenng a 7:0 oclock, n Pyhan Hall, corner Bereana and For srees Vsng brohers cord ally nved o aend W L FRAZEE, C O E A JACOBSON K R 8 COURT CAMOES NO 80 A O P Mees every second and fourh Tuesday of each monh, a 7:0 p m, n f 4 San Anono HalL Vneyard sree Vsng brohers cordally nved o aueno H PERERA C R M C PACHECO P 8 CAMOES CRCLE NO 240, C O F Mees every aecond and fourh Thurs day of each monh, a 7:0 p m, a San Anono HalL Vneyard sree Vsng companons are cordally n v ed o aend MRS HELEN M PERRY, 0 a MR L A PERRY P S J COURT LUNALLLO NO 6600, A O F Mees every nrs ana nra weones day evenngs of each monh, a 7:80 p m n Pyhan Hall, corner For and Bereana srees Vsng broh era cordally nved T U BLACKWEl, C K JAS K KAULA, P C, F 8 TTOWOTTTTTT AERE 40 P O E Mees on second and fourh Wednesday even UKB Ul UXUVll hmmm r 0 oclock, n Pyhan HalL corner Beerana and For srees Vs ng Eagles are nved o aend W U KALEZ, w xr H T MOORE, Secy HONOLULU HARBOR NO 54, A A of M m f r Mees on he frs Sunday evenng of each monh, a 7 HalL All soournng breh ren are cordally nved o aend By order Worhy Presden, A TULLETT FRANK C POOR, Secy THEODORE ROOSEVELT CAMP NO, U S W V Mee everv frs and hrd Wednesday of each monh n Waverley Hall, corner uene and Hoel Srees, a 7:0 p m By order of he Camp Commander, J K BROWN Aduan MARNE ENGNEERS BENEFCAL ASSO CATON Mees second and fourh Mondays of each monh a he new K of P HalL corner For and Bereana srees E HUGHES, Pres H G WOOTTEN, Secy HAWAAN TRBE NO, O R M Mees every frs and hrd Thursday of each monh, n K of P Hall, eorner For, and Bereana srees Vsng brohers cordally nved o aend A B ARLEGH, Sachem A E MURPHY, C of R HONOLULU LODGE 66, B P O E Honolulu Lodge No 66, B P O E wll mee n her hall Kng sree near For, every Frday evenng By order of he E R W H McNERNY, E R H C EASTON, Secy HONOLULU SCOTTSH THSTLE CLUB Mees on he frs and hrd Frays, kbo cock, n rooms n ureeon Clock, enrance on Un on Sree J r Mrrvvnw r, 54 Za oclock, a Odd JTeuows JOHN MACAULAY Rrv CHUNG WAH LODGE NO 4 K of P Mees every second and las Tuesday a s hall Vneyard aree, a 7:0 p m Vsng brohers are cordallv nved o aend SAMUEL L WONG, C C WONG KM CHONG K of R A S HAWA CHAPTER NO ORDER OP KAMEHAMEHA Mees every frs and hrd Thursday evenng of each monh a 7:0 oclock n Fraerny Hall Odd Fellows Buldng, on For Sree N FERNANDEZ Kuaubau SONS OP ST GEORGE LODGE NO 85 Mees every second and fourh Thursday a K of P Hall Vsng brohers cordally nved o aend SAAC COC RETT W P Tnnv bo pron v am Colds and Grppe cured n one day by safe and agreeable ables of Honolulu Drug Co, Ld FORT STREET, ABOVE KNG Klohana Ar League Noes REPUBLCAN PARADE AND RALLY TONGHT The annual meeng me and adourned subec o he call of he presden, some of he repors no beng rally ongh s he bgges feaure of The grand Kepublean parade and ready he campagn Colonel J Waler Jones has he maer of he parade n charge The November eneranmen wll be and repors very sasfacory progress under he drecorshp of Mr Rudolf Prnce Kulo and all he res of he Buchly, whose own museale came of canddaes wll head he roeessfon and on Tuesday evenng Afer he Ar march on foo Repors from he df League museale s over, Mr Buchly feren precncs assure over 000 men nends o form he league choral and beng n lne, and of hese half wll be all members neresed n he same are n unform requesed o make her nenons Ths parade wll be nearer he old known o he muscal charman, Mr Amercan spr han anyhng n he Buchlv, or leave names a he Ar polcal lne ha has ever been held League buldng any day beween nne here Two brass bands wll be n lne and fve As large number wll be and here wll be all knds of red fre, requred o do sasfacory work, sll Eoman candles, orches and freworks, members havng voces, no maer how besdes humorous suns Several large small, are urged o on hs branch of floas are beng prepared, and pa sayngs wll be exposed o vew from num he league JK erous ransparences Mr Gordon Usborne, who has been Colonel Jones wans all he precnc back n Honolulu bu a shor me, s leaders o be a Kepublean headquarers a 2:0 noon Monday o ge orders preparng some neresng work o ex hb a our nex semannual exhbon for orches, ec The parades wll assemble a he drllshed grounds, corner n December Hoel and Mller srees, a 7 oeloek, The elocuon class of he dramac and he parade wll commence a 7:0 crcle wll mee a 7:0 Wednesday sharp evenng Afer he parade here wll be an enhusasc rally a Aala Park, where 5 The followng s an exrac from a some of he fnes speeches of he campagn are premsed The Aala Park leer sen us hs week from a prom nen resden and ar loverr meeng wll commence a 8:0 Of he many neresng places of 4 hs cy none gve more pleasure han KLOS PNE SEASON he collecon of panngs a he Klo Hlo Herald The Hlo Fru Companys cannery wll soon close for he hana Ar League buldng and, hough none of hese panngs are by any of season of 908 wh, a pack of 8500 he old masers, here are represened cases of pneapples as compared wh here many of he bes sudes of our 2700 cases n 907 Nex year he oupu s expeced o reach 20,000 cases, bes local arss Many of hese sudes, oo, are exceponally good, wh 40,000 cases n 90 Wh he boh n execuon and n desgn, and excepon of abou 50 ons of fru receved hs season from Kohala, grown represen many of he mos neresng scenes of hese slands There are pc by Sam Woods, all he fru used a ures of he glory of he dawn and pcures of he magnfcence of he sunse, suppled by growers n hs dstrc he local cannery hs year has been whch are wonderfully beauful and The Hlo Fru Company has under whch no only show he wonderous consderaon a proposon o on an beauy of he sunse and sunrse, bu organzaon o be known as he Pneapple Facors Company, o be oper are of scenes whch can no be surpass ed by any oher land n he world They aed on he same lnes as he Sugar speak well of he work of he arss Facors Company, gvng he laer he who paned hem Many of hese conrol of he oupu so ha can be panngs, oo, represen scenes ha are n a poson o enlarge he marke and unfamlar, and whch gve he ours move he pack as quckly as possble some dea of he many places of beauy The pneapple facores are a presen and grandeur of hese slands wll confroned wh a growng oupu wh be noced, oo, ha many of hese ou a correspondng ncrease n demand panngs have a lgher and more delcae colorng han pcures paned of scenery n a colder clme Ths s due o he lghness and beauy of he amosphere Ths qualy s sad o be pecular o Hawa, and n hs way surpasses any oher place n he world The ls of conrbuors o he semannual exhbons s no a long one, bu he new work beng prepared for he nex n December wll make many addons o he permanen exhbon whch by degrees s growng no a collecon any cy of Honolulus sze may well sn be proud o show o home folks or ourss 4 A PEET TO KDNEY DSEASE DOANS) BACKACHE KDNEY PLLS BROUGHT BACK HEALTH AND STRENGTH Wllam H Waler, Saonary En gneer, Chasworh,, U S A, says: Abou seven years ago was aken wh a errble pan n my sde and back whch made me cry aloud n agony A he same me he urne was found o be hck, dark, full of sedmen and panful of passage A acks of hs knd followed n rapd successon, each seemng more severe han ever would hardly be ou of bed wh one aack before anoher sezed me was racked wh pan day and ngh, could no sleep or ea, and o cap he clmax, rheumasm came upon me, conracng he mus cles and sffenng he ons of my lower lmbs, so ha was ben and doubled and could no sand erec los fory pounds of wegh, runnng down rapdly o one hundred and hry My hear was rapd seemed blous, my food dsressed me and awoke every mornng wh a dry and parched moun docored fahfully bu whou resul, and fnally began usng Doans Backache Kdney Plls wh really wonderful resuls n a shor me could feel he ense and conraced muscles relax The sffness lef my ons, and n abou sx weeks was able o sand erec agan and even o bend a lle You may be sure kep akng Doans Backache Kdney Plls and n anoher sx weeks was sound and well, eang hearly and ganng srengh and wegh now p he scales a w hundred pounds And bes of all, hough s egh een monhs snce was cured have no had any reurn of rheumasm or kdney rouble, and gve all he cred for my cure o Doans Backache Kd ney Plls Doans Backache Kdney Plls ere for sale a all chemss and sorekeepers a 50 cens per box, sx boxes for $250 or wll be maled on recep of prce by he Holllser Drug Co, Honolulu, wholesale agens for he Hawaan slands The Assocaed Garage, Merchan and Bshop srees, are exclusve agens n hs Terrory for he famous Eepublc res and Sepney wheels BLOOD POSON PEE VENTED There s no danger from blood poson resulng from a wound when Chamberlans Pan Balm s appled s an ansepc lnmen, and unless he nury s very severe wll no leave a scar Jor sale Dy Jsenson, csnun as Co, Ld, agens for H f T S Deparmen of Agrculure,? Weaher Bureau The followng daa, coverng a perod of have been compled from he Weaher Bureau records a Honolu lu, T They are ssued o show he condons ha have prevaled, dur ng he monh n queson, for he above perod of years, bu mus no be consrued as a forecas of he weaher condons for he comng monh: Monh, November, for years Temperaure Mean or normal emperaure, 74 deg The warmes monh wras ha of S96, wh an average of 76 deg The coldes monh was ha of 89, wh an average of 7 deg The hghes emperaure was 86 deg, on he 4h, 2rd, S9; 2s, 896 The lowes emperaure was 59 deg, on he 20h, 892; 7h, 895; 24h, S97; 25h, 26h, 902 Precpaon (Ran; 87794, Years) Average for he monh 44 nches Average number of days wb 0 of an nch or more, 4 The greaes monhly precpaon was 40 nches, n 887 The leas monhly precpaon was 054 of an nch, n 89 The greaes amoun of precpaon recorded n any 24 consecuve hours was 522 nches, on he 0hr 880 Relave Humdy Average 9 a m, 7 per cen; 9 p m, vy per cen xyyu) a a m, 69 per cen; 8 p m, 74 per cen (9047) Clouds and Weaher Years) Average number of clear days, 0; parly cloudy days, 4; cloudy days, C Wnd (Drecon, 24 Years; Velocy, 4 Years) The prevalng wnds are from he NE (87594, 9047) The average hourly velocy o he wnd s 84 mles (9047) The hghes velocy of he wnd was 28 mles, from he E, on he 22nd, 907 (9047) Saon: Honolulu, T Pae of ssue: Ocober 0, 90S Nne oclock averages from records of Terroral Meeorologs; 8 oclock averages from Weaher Bureau records WM B STOCKMAN, Secon Drecor Weaher Bureau TO CURE A COLD N ONE DAY Take Laxave Bromo Qunne Tables All druggss refund he money f fals o cure E W Groves sgnaure s on each box PARS MEDCNE CO, S Lous U S A fvtsyswyyll v Barbecue J and Aucon Sale of ne Blocks 20 LOTS n he Kapolan Trac KNG STREET, PALAMA, nex o KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS, on Saurday November 7, 908, 0 oclock, (afernoon) Sale Takes Place on he Los PRCES REDUCED DOWN FOR THS SALE ONLY o fgures ha he poores work ng man can buy REMEMBER s only for THS SALE THS DAY THS AFTERNOON on Saurday, Nov 7, 908, ha hey wll be sold a slaugher Afer he sale prces go back o ongna valuaon Rapd Trans cars are only 4 shor blocks no and ou of he cy Workng Men Make up your mnds o ge one of hese los Man roads hrough he Trac are now beng macada msed Waer ppes are lad on he Trac Jus he place for homes for he hundreds who wll work a Pearl Harbor or n he cy The O R & L Co, wll carry you here a a cu rae Here s your Home se;, ere s your quck Transporaon, (rgh on he ground) Pearl Harbor wll employ hundreds of men NEVER BEFORE HAS THE WORKNG MAN shown such an neres n he geng; of a home Never before n hs Cys Hsory has been possble for a workng man o buy a lo n he cy for $5000 Tle s Guaran eed Perfec The mauka poron of he Trac s very largely bul on f anv one wshes o speculae, le me show you he gardens, and homes of some of he purchasers already locaed OF COURSE WE WLL SELL o anyone speculaor wse bu remember or oher THS SALE s especally nended for WORKNG MEN Two Churches The Roman Caholc and a Msson from he Cenral Unon are already on he ground, Ample room on land unused for baseball and oudoor spors Two sores on he Trac They are good hard workng czens locaed on hs Trac and we wan none bu ruch o come n on hs bg offer Come o my offce and ge parculars Look a he bg sgn board on he grounds and pck ou your lo, hey are all marked by number Ṁake up r mnd o own he ground for 0ur home Pck ou; hen come on Saurday, Nov 7h, n he afernoon los remember Sale on he JAS F MORGAN AUCTONEER ucon Sale Wednesday, Nov 4, 908, nsead of Tuesday, November, 908 A my Booms, 0 oclock A M, OF JAS F MORGAN AUCTONEER Promoers of Colones Or Anyone nendng o Engage n Fru or conee culure on a Large scale lave o Offe a large rac on he wndward sde of he sland of Mau Noe wha Mr Davd Haughs, he wrellknow n foreser, says, whch s ap proved by Mr R S Hosmer, Supernenden of Foresry, n a repor o h owners of hs land: CTRUS FRUT opnon ha n hs alone a payng ndusry could be sared PNEAPPLES The sol and condons on hs rac are as good as any n he Terrory for he growng of hs fru FOREST LAND Several housand cords of guava wood mgh easly be aken off whou rsk of desroyng fores growh or denudng he land Some of he guava rees on hs land are large enough for ralway es For parculars apply JAS F MORGAN FOR SALE Puunu ON THE HEGHTS A lo 00x200, fronng on wo srees, wh house of sx rooms, for only $500 FOR RENT A coage on he Beach a Wakk Sx rooms nealy furnshed Presen occupan leaves 20h of hs monh Ben only $00 s a new house and up o dae JAS F MORGAN THREE LOTS, KAPOLAN TRACT, wh buldngs Area, 20,00 square fee A my Salesrooms, NOVEMBER 4, 90S FOUR LOTS TANTALUS HEGHTS Area, 8,650 square fee, known as he R C A Peerson los A my Salesrooms, NOVEMBER 4, 908 PELEULA, HONOLULU, known as he Lucas homesead Locaon beer known as Kuku lane Area, 724 square fee Wh mprovemens A my Salesrooms, NOVEMBER 4, FORT STREET, oppose Roman Caholc church, mauka comer of Chaplan lane, 8 fee on For sree, area 6492 square fee; also rgh o pary wall, n Carwrgh Block, adonng A fron enrance, Judcary Buldng, NOVEMBER 2, 908, 2 oclock noon JAS F, MORGAN AUCTONEER

7 l WKnMlr THE PACnO COMMERCAL ADVERTSES, HOXOLTJLU, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 90 r Tren Trus Co, Ld LOCAL BREVTES The polls are open omorrow from 8 a m unl o p m llawa an Temple No, Fvhlan Ssers, wll mpe n K of P Hall hs wll be neresed n he announcemen ha a large assormen of Wach em Grow! evenng a 7:0 Tlere wll be a regular meeng of Harmony Lodge No, O O F, hs evenng a 7:0 : Oar Safey Depos Vauls n Odd Fellows Hall Desgned by an experenced archec There wll be a saed meeng of Founded on he sold rock Hawaan Lodge No 2 F and A L, n Masonc Temple hs evenng a has arrved and wll be placed ON SALE ON Beng bul by an hones MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2 The conracor 7:0 lne s complee and consss of useful and ornamenal peces Trpleproo f consrucon The Japanese Benevolen Socey of (Fre Quake, Burglar) Honolulu held s quarerly meeng WE SUGGEST EARLY SELECTON Saurday ngh Ge acquaned wh em Dr Hada was elec; now ed presden of he Japanese Hospal W W DMOND S COMPANY, LTD Use em afer December h Ho Chan, a Chnese, was arresed Kng Sree on Saurday ngh on a warran sworn LEADERS N HOSE FURNSHNGS o by Pohaku (w), n whch he s charged wh havng hreaened her Wach em Grow! lfe, flourshng a revolver before her and oherwse frghenng her Pohaku s Ho Chans mohernlaw George SnfTen was charged by he Tren Trus MEGM polce yeserday wh larceny, he offense conssng of n Co, Ld 50cehe hef of a pece belongng o Wa Ngee Th complanan and a wness clam ha hey caugh SnfTen comng ou of he $25 Reward formers room under suspcous cr Choces paerns n maerals ha cumsances Japanese who are agang for wear, cu o he fashon ordaned Wll be Tad or he HAWAAN OA hgher wages me Saurday ngh a EETTE CO LTD, for he arres and Pauah sree and Bereana avenue, by he men who dcae syles n convcon of any person found sealng n he Japanese heaer Few were copes of he Adverser from fcd presen No represenave merchans T Areases of subscrbers or professonal men were here A neckwear The dsplay n our C 8 CRANE, dozen or so runners for lawyers showed up Nohng mporan was done wndow ndcaes he assormen Manager Eev Collns G Burnham, for many years pasor of a large church n n our show cases : : : : : Chcopee Falls, Mass, has arrved a Lahana wh hs wfe and daugher, and wll engage n mssonary work here under he Board of he Hawaan Evangelcal Assocaon They wll We would be delghed o Good Meals resde n he parsonage, whch was recenly gven for he purpose by he have your opnon of Served lae Mrs CampbellParke r On Saurday afernoon las abou our selecon ANY HOUR OF ANY DAY wenyfv of Honolulus prees e Drop n and ry one of our young lades gahered a he home of or Order Lunches Mss Margare Cooke, Palolo, o waeh Mss Damons surprse, when a huge baske, decoraed on he ousde wh Draugh Beer vegeables and frus, and flled o he brm wh bulgng packages, was se The Fnes n Town down a her fee Amd peals of laugher, each useful kchen uensl wa9 unwrapped, and held up o he admrng gaze of he onlookers Approprae quoaons were read, and Paface Cafe Mss Damon, who soon expecs o have and Rchards Srees!! a home of her own, was grealy pleased 0 Uned Saes nspecor Raymond C PANT Brown fnshed up hs work here on BUSNESS LOCALS Saurday, havng ssued 5 cards of denfcaon o Chnese durng he Trade a Sachs oday week, and refused seven applcans Slk sale oday a Whney Mos of hose who passed were ehl & dren He wll be a TVaohnu Marshs from Ocober o November 6, a BATH AND BEDROOM SCUFFS Kalua J Blom s offerng exceponal values from November 9 o 2, a Wamea n bed lnen and corses from November 4 o 6 a These scuffs are luxurous, handsome, Honokaa and sanary Uyeda, 02S Nuuanu avenue, has advance syles of fall mllnery from November 22 o 26 He has Some from November S o 20, Kohaland a a ( The soles can be deached and dred whou rouble no fnshed are lned all hs work here wh crash and have braded and wll soles, and See Halsead & Co abou your nvesmens n socks and bonds reurn a a dae laer han he schedule already arranged, as he expecs o some have Vale soles and lnng Go o he Royal Annex, Nuuanu and ssue a leas one hundred more eards Prces 75c o $50 Drop n and see hem r Merchan srees, for meals or drnks o Chnese n Hlo Hlo Herald Lando, he Hoel sree haberdasher, has complee lnes of wear for genlemen M Mclnerny Shoe Sore POLTCS ON MOLOKAL wnkara loel sree, oppose Moloka, Oc, 90S Advrse Behel, has complee lnes of Japanese Edor For Sree, above Kng r: The EepnbKcan goods, speakers who arrved on Moloka Oc Bloms bargans are genune shees, 4 an wao ef bv SKca seamer for hen, pllowcases and corses, ms! Kalaupapa Oc 0, have week made a far beer mpress on on he voers of hs The ls of newlrelece offcers and d drecors of he Oahu Counry Club appears n hs ssue sland han he Democras who arrved Alber fong has some desrable for nvesmen Offce, For sree, below Merchan Gomes Express; baggage, furnure, goods, moved carefully and promply Comer Queen and For srees See he assormen of panos n he warerooms of he Thayer Fano Co loel sree, oppose Bshop sree The Perfecon Home Bakery, on Bereana avenue, nex o Emma, wll pupply you wh superor bread and cake A complee new fall sock of dres roods has us been receved a Sachs Exquse maerals and fashonable colors a bg values Mr? Kearns delcous homemad e mncemea for Thanksgvng on sale a leadng groceres Jus as cheap, and d wce as nce as arcle Slv s Toggery offers some fne sus for evenng wear, as well as dnner coas These are necesses o men who have socal dues o perforn Make he chldren a school happy for Thanksgvng wh a case of sland ams The Lnrlne wll ge here n good me Eng up 0 and oraer some Vs Sachs sore oday and see h new noveles a he same me The Democras are fghng and cung each ohers hroas here, n Couny offces; and sand well o lose, even bough hey have he backng (small as s) of he Dsrc Magsrae who was very much n evdence when he Democrac Senaors, Raymond and Vm Whe, were here, gong wh hem o HTNEY a MARSH On Monday Nex, Nov 2 We wll sar a grea m 7! aj OF fances and plan, n sngle dress paerns and by he yard Ths wll be a, grea opporuny for fancy work and presens for he nearb y Holdays We wll offer : ; JAP SLKS, 20 nch wde n Black and Red only a 25c yard KMONO and CUSHON SLKS, 0 nch wde, reduced from 75c o 55c yard GUARANTEED PLAN TAFFETAS, $00 qualy, reduced o 75c yard CHFFON DRESS PATTERNS no reducduplcaes from $500 o $000 paern, SLVAS TOGG REMNANTS, for fancy work, ec All slks guaraneed or money refunded Elks Buldng Kng Sree : : ROYAL HAWAAN GARAGE HAS EXPERT REPARER The Royal Hawaan Garage, Hoel sree, oppose he Hawaan Hoel, has secured he servces of Messrs 7 Server, expers n he maer of auomobles They have had fourev years experence n he handlng of machnes and n geareun Ther occupaon has been n he Eas and XT fx E2S2 Ā R Veranda corns Wh Ever7 Modern Halawa and o Kaunakaka, alhough Convenence boh he Dsrc Magsrae and he Depuy Sherff were conspcuous by her absence, when he Governor EaMawa&n and Wes, where hey have been n he Moel J pary vsed Moloka some weeks ago employ of he bes frms All work ;s may be accouned for bv he enrused o he Royal Hawaan Garage for repars of any descrpon For W fac ha hey are Democras whle he Governor s a Republcan wll have promp aenon Rng Telephone 9 All work guaraneed JmDER YQflflG TRY MOLOKA BULL Complee Fall Sock NEW MSSON STATON Yeserday a new cener of msson work for he Chnese was opened n Nuuanu Valley A commodous schoolroom has been bul by he ad of he WEAVES Hawaan Board, abou half a mle Andfrom he end of he LATEST COLORS carlne Abou sxy Chnese chldren, mosly from Our sock of new maerals for hs he srawberry farms n he valley, season was never more complee nor gahered a he openng exercses held more beauful han now The exqu yeserday afernoon A number of he parens were also presen Mr Frank se maerals and fashonable colors V Damon, who has been n he Chnese work for wenyegh years, and correcness and exclusveness nve your aenon by boh her Kev E W Thwng boh spoke o he chldren Mr Chng Leung wll ac as FANCY BROADCLOTHS eacher of he Chnese school o be HERRNGBONE CLOTHS held here afer be governmen school hours The Chnese chldren seemed n e Leadng Colors o enoy he exercse NOVELTY STEPE SUTNGS SHADOW STEPE MOHAES THE EMPRE n Popular Colors Manager Ta promses somehng exra a hs heaer hs week, n bu fac, he everyhng ha s new and novel, n has gven he p only o a few of Dress Goods, wll be found hs personal frends As a maer of fac, here s always somehng exra a he Empre The pcures are usually very good and always very new, N S Sachs consequenly here s no dsapponmen You can no fnd a beer way Dry Goods Co, Ld of spendng an hour a he prce han by gong o he Empre hs week Comer of For and Bereana Srees Of YOUNG HOTEL AUTO STAND Auos for hre, shor rps 50c and $00; $ per hour for four passengers Specal raes for shoppng or callng frsclas s All machnes, such as sevenseae d Peerless, PopeHarfor d, sevenseae d Soddard Dayon, Tours and Searn car Eng up elephone 99 THE AET THEATER For your own nformaon, read he ls of pcures o be shown a he Ar Theaer hs afernoon, and for your own pleasure and educaon go and see hem There s o be a lo of fun a he cosy heaer hs week, n spe of he fac ha here s o be los of excemen on he ousde caused by persons who dp no he myseres of sragh or mxed ckes ESrnh or CAFE anor AND KEEP HEALTHY NEWEST New Syle Shapes SHD? DD NOT FOUNDEE Mau News The capan of he Laennee was seen hs week by a represenave of he lau News He sa ed ha he rumor ha he had seen a vessel founder oh he Horn s ncorrec He sad ha was rue ha he had seen a vessel na caa susaned some damage, u ha she was seemngly n no aanaer The vessel n queson was n a sorm a he me and had los some of her sals and a spar, bu he mass also GO TO LANDOS STORE 52 HOTEL STREET OPPOSTE YOUNG HOTEL FOR YOUR TRUNKS, VALSES AND SUT CASES Hs sock of Shlr8, Collars, Cuffs, Tes and Underwear lfl complee AM Has and Caps of a large varey Panamas and Sraw a specaly Prce are rgh and no rouble o show goods Don forge he has moved Trora For sree o he Oregon Mock 2 Hoel sree, oppose Toung Hoel OF WOMENS and CHLDRENS fmb; w f0 AAA mock or numbers r we are no repea ng and odd lnes To be Closed Ou Regardless of Cos Amongs many oher lnes wl be found abou fooo pars of he famous Soross UYEDA FOR W0ME PECES SEASONABLE A U YE DA S 02S NUUANU A VCTO On Onr EasyPayme n Plan Bergsron Musc Co, Ld For Sree, ns above Kng were n good shape, as was everyhng 2nd HAND BCYCLES FEOM $6 TO $20 r YOSHKAWA 6 S KNG STREET A sample par of every number we are offerng wll be found on ables n he Shoe Deparmen Never before has such a chance been offered o save money n shoes Don Fal o, Vs he Shoe Sale A he same me sep no he oher deparmens and nspec our fne new sock The Shoe Sale Begns Tomorrow (MODAY MORNNG) ese on board here a prces ha are rgh The shp Laennee was L B KERR & CO, LTD 6 days from por o por, and carres a crew and oeeers o he number of wenysx All of he hands aboard are well, bu he rp was an exceedngly rough one, and he mos severe sorms were experenced The shp carred S00 ons of fregh for Kahulu an 00 ons of ballas She wll sal for he Norh Pacfc n abou one week HONOLULU DEPAETTEUT ALAKEA STOEE STREET ed lb,

8 nwtmk: y CanadanAusrala n Beaawra runnng n eonneeon all a Huaoola on or abou ne 0 FOK FJ AND AUSTRALA AOSANG KOVEMBEB 4 MOANA DECEMBER 2 VAKUKA JANUARY 8 AORANG FEBKUABY 6 Wll al a Fannng sland THEO H Oceanc Seamshp O ad afer June 24, 908, he 55; Ecwud Trp, $0 Famly room vwnf SAN FRANCSCO rar NOVElfBEB AXAEJA DECEMBER 4 ALAMEDA OCTOBER 2 rerd o aaue, o nendng passe nulrom, rora can r raneco o u 2w Yerk by any Beamsnp nne xo Royal Mal lne AMERCANHAWAA N STEAMSHP COMPANY FZ&2 NEW YORS TO HONOLULU WEEKLY SALNGS VA TEHUAN TEPEO agfcf reev4 a all mes a he Companys wharf, 4s Sree, Souh Brooklyn HONO DAVES & CO, LTD, GENERAL AGENTS Co Tme Table SALOON BATES wll be: Sngle x are exra FOB SAN FRANCSCO ALAMEDA NOVEMBER S ATAMETA DECEMBER ALAMEDA DECEMBER 0 fumf :v v f Vn he scens are ngers, Coupon Through Tekes by any pumo m mo an xuuou For farher parculars apply o WM G RWN & CO, LTD, AGENTS 8AN FBANCSCO TO LULU TEXAS o al NOV 7 AMZONAN o eal NOV 2 rcom HONOLULU TO SAN FBAN CSCO MEXCAN o sal NOV 4 TEXAN a sal NOV 20 Fregh receved a Company wnarf, GreeawkA Sree FROM SEATTLE AND TACOMA TO HONOLULU TEXAN o sal NOV ARZONAN o sal NOV 5 For furher nformaon apply o DL HACKFELD k CO, LTD, Agens, Honolulu, a P MORSE, General Fregh Agen MATSON NAVGATON CO Vessels ef he above Company wll ply beween Honolulu and San Francsco a or abou he daes menoned below: Arrve Honolulu Leave Honolulu Oc 28 Nov a 8 LURLNE HLONAK Nov 24 Dec TlnVTAM Dec 22 Dec 29 S 5 HYADES of hs lne sals from Seale o Honolulu, drec, December 0 S S LURLNE of hs lne, salng from Fan Francsco December o, for Honolulu dree, wll receve fregh for Honolulu and Kahulu Passenger Eaes o San Francsco Frs Cabn, $60 Round Trp, Frs Clam $0 CASTLE & COOKE LTD, Agens PACFC MAL S S CO, OCCDENTAL & FOB SAN FBANCSCO ASA NOVEMBER 7 MONGOLA NOVEMBER 4 HONGKONG MARU NOVEMBER 24 TH PACUTO OOMMEKCA ADVERTES, HONOLULU, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 908 ORENTAL S S CO AND TOYO KSEN KASHA eemr of he above companes wll call a Honolulu and leave hs or or abou he daes menoned below: FOR THE ORENT SBERA NOVEMBER 2 CHNA NOVEMBER 9 JANCUEL NOVEMBER 5 roue aos H HACKFELD & CO LTD, Agens 6 Queen Sree HUSTACEPEC K COMPANY, LTD GENERAL CONTRACTORS, Dealers n Crashed Rock, Whe and Black Sand, Fre Wood, Sove and Seam Coal; Blacksmh Coal, Hay, Gran, Garden Sol and Manure Drayng and Heavy Teamng a Specaly UnonPacf c Transfer Co, Ld PORT OF HONOLULU Arrved Per sr Mkahala, from Moloka an Mau pors, Nov D L Conklng, ( A llarwell, G Kales, J laleh Geo P Cooke, wfe and nfan Per sr W G Hall, from Kaua pors, Nov M Freas, Rev E S Traoeo, G lnouve, M uzak, sur nngham, J H Ware, W A Knney, Mrs A G Koluakou, ALS Kukaloe Mrs Sng Loy, Mss Sng Loy, John Akana, and 20 deck Booked o Depar Per M N S S Lurlne, for San Francsco, Nov Mss MaryDXlark E J Lord and wfe, F EyThompson Mss Gerrude McCann, Mrs C Col lns, Mrs T B Upham, Mss G Mase ley Mss T H Peerson, Mrs T S Kay, Mrs L A Holmes, Mrs Dodd Mss Dodd, M Dodd Mss de Largue Mss Berha Camp, Mass E D Suher land, Mr and Mrs F H Newell, Mrs, Augusus Knudsen, Mss Colman TRANSPORT SERVCE Buford, saled from Nagasak for San Francsco drec, Oc 26 Crook, en roue o S F from Nagasak Dx, saled from Honolulu for Manla Oc 0 Sherman a San franesco Sherdan, a San Francsco Thomas, from Honolulu for Guam and Manla, Oc VESSELS ET PORT (Army and Navy) roquos, U S saon ug, Moses (Merchan Vessels) Flaurence Ward, Am schr, Plz, Md way, Oc 28 Lurlne, Am ss, Weeden, San Fran csco Oc 29 Mexcan, Am ss, San Francsco, Oc 0 THE MALS Mals are due from he followng pons as follows: San Francsco Per Sbera, oday Yokohama Per Asa, Nov 7 Vancouver Per Aorang, Nov 4 ColorJes Per Moana, Nov Mals wll depar for he followng pons as follows: San Francsco Per Lurlne, Nov Yokohama Per Sbera, oday ancouver Fer Moana, Sov Colones Per Aorang, Nov 4, vdw u LJsle) A moher who s n erood physcal condon ransms o her chld he blessnsr of a erood consuon: sckly, alng mohers, he reverse lhe ny babe brngs o her a lv ng responsbly A such a me oo grea care canno be aken o buld up he mohers ereneral con suon, and resore her femnne sysem o a healhy, normal condon The greaes asssance ha any woraan can have n accomplshng hs allmporwork LYDAEPNKHAVrS VEGETABLE COMPOUND Mrs M Glmer, of Wes Unon, S G, wres o Mrs Pnkham, Lynn, Mass was grealy run down n healh, sufferng from a weakness pecular o TRUNKS anrl BAGGAGE my sex began o ake Lyda E Pnkhams Vegeable Compound, and Delvered o all Seamers and Trans 4 and o all pars of he Cy was no only resored o healh bu PHONE 298 am he proud moher of a fne baby grl wsh every sck and alng woman would gve Lyda E Pnkhams Vegeable Compound a ral Mrs Paul Olver, of S Marnvll e, Honslou Consrucon and Grayng Co, Ld La, wres o Mrs Pnkham: For yearsl suffered from he wors GENERAL CONTRACTORS form of female roubles, and he docor Phone Offce 28 P O Box 54 sad could no ge well who an operaon Lyda & E Pnkhams Vege For S Opp W G rwn & Co, Ld fvc do all knds of Teamng; also deal n Crushed Rock, Whe able Compound resored me o perfec healh, and hare he sweees lle baby grl wll never cease o prase Lyda E Pnkhams medcne FACTS FOR SCK WOMEN For hry years Lyda E Pnkhams Vegeable Compound, made from roos and herbs, has been he sandard remedy for female lls, and hns posvely cured housands of women who have been roubled wh he wors forms ry? Why don you Sale A KamuK House lo conanng 20,000 square fee, cleared, ready for buldng Three mnues from car lne Fne marne vew Prce 5,00000 Manoa Valley Threequare r acre house lo on Wes Manoa Road Lnsurpass ed vew of mounan and sea, The bes and cheapes house lo offered n Manoa v alley Prce,60000 House and Lo Corner Pko and Lunallo srees A fne pece of proper y a ne bargan prce of $2,65000 NewJModern Coage Makfk dsrc, for $,80000 WATERHOUSE TRUST For and Merchan Srees Send Your Frends on ncomng or Ougong Seamers a Wreless Message may Help NTERSLAN D MESSAGES Low Raes RENT TRUST CO, Ld TO LET HONOLULU STOCK EXCHANGE Halsead & Co, lwr ARRVED Honolulu, Saurday, Oc, 908 wh he Canadan Pacfc Balway Co Sunday, November lowng aae; Sr lelene, from Kawahae 4 a n f muslcompanx Capal STOCK AND BOND FOB VANCOUVER Sr Mkahala from Moloka and KAMEdf STuCK CpVal Bd! Ask VOANA NOVEMBER Mau pors, 2:oS a m VAKTDRA DECEMBER 8 Sr W G Hall, Thompson, from MKRCAfTlLE AOEANG JANUAKx Kaua, prs, 5 a m C Brew r & o roeoooo nm MOANA FEBBUARY Sr Noeau, from Kalaupapa, 7 p m Scgae Ewa 5,?000f) 2n DEPARTED Haw Agrculural woo oo; 8 Haw Com J Bk rmgard, CTrsansen, for San uf Co 2 27S) 95; Haw Ssgr o 2,(X) 6! Francsco, 0 a m Honomu 750)00 LOANS 20O00 Honokea NEGOTATES y PASSENGERS 25 KNG ST FURNTURE AND PlANO MOVNG Do You Know s a J LmA lty Transfer Go JAS LOVE Phone 52 BAGGAGE, SHPPNG, Pbone STORAGE, WOOD, 58 PACKNG, COAL LV MJL m he way you have o dg up somemes for havng a few runks and hngs moved or packed and shpped? : Our enorges ore me Mos Reasooo do De mm and Black Sand, Broken Coral, Garden Sol, Ec SAFE MOVNG A SPECALTY THE PACTFO Commercal Adverser &EWre a he Posofee a Honolulu, XL H aa secondclas maer s WJXSCBPTON BATES Ok w J200 Adversng Raes on Applcaon, pkbsbd every mornng excep feaaday by he HAWAAN GAZETTE CO, LTD!T Hal Block, No 65 Souh Kng S n R CRUNK Mnaff 0AHU COUNTRY CLUB A he annual meeng of he Oalu Counry Club, held Ocober SO 90S, a he Alexander Young Hoel, he followng eenlemen were eleced as offcers and drecors for he ensung year: Mr G R Carer Presden Mr W F Dllngham Vce Presden Mr E A MoSm, Second Vce Presden Mr J O Young Treasurer Mr C Carer Secreary Mr S Eeardmore Audor Mr J C Evans Drecor Mr F C Smh Drecor Mr F L Waldron Drecor Mr H Walker Drecor C CARTER, SS Secreary CHAD THE DVEXTSER WOlXDa 7ZWS DAXZY mm Pauoa RdFo r S B R $000 Emma S T Wlder Ave Elm S 2000 Mddle S f 2200 Young S Vneyard S Emma S 2500 Kapolan Park Vneyard S 2750 Bereana S 40,00 FURNSHED Kamuk 2 $500 Wakk For Sree Bakery $500 J RENT TRUST CO, Ld, lassfed Adversemens WANTED EXPERT hand for shr French Laundrv, Bereana sree 884 polsher A BRGHT Chnese boy wh good Englsh educaon; compensaon $5 per monh Applv U S Quaranne Offce 88 WOULD lke one or wo small chldren o board 56 Emma sree 880 FOR one or wo genlemen, or couple, n Kamuk P O Box LOST ON Nuuanu avenue, gray rdng coa, wh four leers n pocke Reurn o Adverser offce $85 CHATELANE leaher purse conanng money and cards Reward a hs offce 05 LAST Sunday, from he neghborhood of Kamchameha Scools, one sorrel mare; shor al, blaze face, unshod Reurn o SO S Kng sree and receve reward 884 BAY col, branded R on hp; hree whe fee, lef fron foo black Reward a S2 For sree 8S Haku 00, 00 low Hucnnson ug o 50C0000 5; Kahuku 5K)000 ao! Kel ha Sygar C &O,C Kooa 5oo,(e 00 no McBryde Suu Co Ld 00,! 20 Oahu Sugar Co,) al Oomea LOOOOO 20: Ookala V )laa Sugar Co Ld 5,000 ooo: 20! y Olowalu ! loo; 0 Puaufaau sug Plan Co 5,04)000 h 2 Pacfc loo 00 ) Paa 75000C; loo epeekeo 750,000; loo 4 PoDeer 2,750,00l! Waalua Agr Co 45o WaUku,500000: 00: v amanalo 2T Wanea Sugar Mll! 25, CO H SCELL ArEorS nerjslan d S 8 Co,50?,000 loo! 8 Haw Klecrc Co loo! HRTA Co Pfd H K r co 50,000 Com loo 68 Muual Tel Co WO00; o ahku Rubber Co 80,000 loo anka Kuuber Co A S8e8 00 J0 O R & Co 4onoooo 00,,CS hllo R R Co 000, Honolulu Brfwnr A Malng co Ld Haw Pueaple Co 40,000 2o 28 Bonds Am ou sandng Haw Tcr 4 p c (Fre Clams) 5,000, Haw Ter 4 pc (Refundng ,00 Haw Ter 4 pc loooooo; Haw Ter pc,000,050 Haw Ter p c 044,000 Haw Gov 5 p c 000 Cal Bee Sug 5 Kef Co 6 p e,000,000 Haku 0 pc , 0 Hamakua Dch Co Upper Dch 8 p C :200,000 0 Haw Com & Sugar Co 5 p c 67C00 Haw sugar 6 p c HlO R R Co f n r 0)0,000 Honokaa Sug coflpc lf non a l 0 p c 647,000 fvahukn f 200,000 McBrvde Sue Co fne 2,000,000 ORAL Co 8 p C 2,r,CO0 Oahu Sugar Co 5 p c Olaa Sugar Co 6 P p l, Pacfc nugar Mll Co6e Paa 6 p c 450,000 0 Ponper Mll Co a n f,20,000 Waalua Ag Co 5 p c pad f6 per cen padsesso n Sales $2000 Olaa 6s, 95; 75 Olaa, 425 Beween Boards 5 Olaa, 425; 2 Oahu Sug Co, 2850; 20 Hon B & M Co, 2025; 00 Waalua, 80 Dvdends Ocober C Brewer & Co, 2 per cen; Ewa, per cen; Wamanalo, 2 2 per cen; Haw Elecrc, 4 per cen; Olowalu, per cen; Hon B & M Co, 2 per cen; S N Co, 4 per cen; Kahuku, per cen; Haw Ag Co, per cen; Haw Pneapple Co, per cen Ocober Sales 658 Ewa, 2625 o 2750; 55 Haw Com & Sug Co, 9425 o 95; 200 Haw Sug Co, 425; 700 Honokaa, 50 o 475; 258 Kekaha, 20; 8 McBryde, 75; 849 Oahu, 2750 o 2850; 0 Onomea, 9; 0 Ookala, 2 o ; 565 Olaa, 4 o 425; 455 Paauhau, 8 o 2; e9 Paa, 60; 5 Poneer, 40; 00 Waalua, 7750 o 8; 70 Waluku, 60; 0 Nahku (assess), 0; 25 O R & L Co, 025 o 0275; 75 Hon B & M Co, 2025 o 2; Haw, Pneapple Co, 2; $9,000 Cal Bee Sug Ref Co 6s 0; $2500 Haku 6s, 0; $20,500 O R & L Co 6s, 0075 o 0; $2000 Qlaa 6s, 95; $0,000 Paa 6s, 0050 o 0; $0,000 Poneer Cs, 04; $2,000 Waalua 5s, 00 Professonal Cards JAMES T TAYLOR, M Am Soc C E Consulng Hydraulc Engneer 5 bangenwald Bldg Phone 5 CHNA PANTNG MRS J LSHMAN MORE Classes n chna panng Orders solced Sudo, Harrson block Telephone Classfed Adversemens FOR RENT NEWLYFURNSHE rooms, wh or whou board 050 Bereana S 88 NCE, ary mosquoproo f rooms Hoel Delmonco Ren reasonable J H ONel, prop 8080 FOR SALE WAGON wh removable op, also sngle harness nqure Wells, Fargo & Cos offce 88 FURNSHED rooms, wh or whou board, HaCkfeld and Prospec Ss Mosquoproof ; elecrc lghs; ho and cold bah 05 COTTAGES wh board Mrs JT!assdy, 2005 Kala Road Wakk 8 FVEPASSENGE R Queen auo; good condon 28 Kng sree, or Phone GAS engne, 5 h p; Oo h p gas v v v,;o engne 8066 ROOMS AND BOARD THE BERETANA, corner Unon and Bereana Also able board AH convenences 880 ROOMS TO RENT FURNSHED, wh board, or for lgh housekeepng 62 Anapun sree 0 COOL and commodous; well furnshed; mosquoproo f Helens Cour, 24 Adams Lane S057 OFFCES FOR RENT THE STANGENWALD Only freproof offce buldng n cy ALEXANDER YOUNG BULDNG Honolulus only upoda fre proof e buldng; ren ncludes elecrc lgh, ho and cold waer, and anor servce Apply he von Hamm Young Co, Ld FURNSHED ROOMS HOT and cold bah, mosquo proof, 84 Vneyard, near Nuuanu 86 Hmar Honolnln sock sb Exchange For Sale a Bargan Prces Los (of abou onehal f acre eze) oa Manoa Heghs Fne vew and sol Los a from $250 and up n Nnuaaa Valley Your own erms Los of dfferen szes, whn walkng dsance of own, on monhly nsalmens Los on Kalh road, fronng Kamahameh a Boys School, a largelyr duced prces Terms, $50 down and $0 per monh; no neres A number of nce homes, a lowes prces, ready for occupancy, n and ou of own, on eases erms or monhly nsalmens J H SCHNACK, 7 Merchan Sree FOR SALE Galvanzed shee seel anks, nk lghs, guer, rdgng, leader and al ppe Any shape, any sze, any wegh n sock or o order Rbbed or r proof wre skylgh glass Esmae as anyhng n our lne Job work n shee meals solel EMMELUTH & CO, LTD, Phone 2 45 rwg c FOR RENT Pneapple, banana or vegeable land m Palole foohlls carrage road nr compleed o hs rac Offce desk and floor FOR SALE space y acres resdence se W HOWARD Room, Mclnyre Bnlda HAWAAN DEVELOPMENT GO LMTED F B McSTOCKER ManaffSJ BTANGENWALD Cable Address: BUTLDLNQ Develop P O Box 26 Alber F Afong 82 FORT SBEET STOCK AND BOND MQm Member Honolulu Sock and Bond Ezc&sagg Real Esae CHAS; BREWER & CO NEW YORK LNE Regular lne of vessels plyng beween New York and Honolulu FOOHNG SUEY wll probably sal from New York on Novem ber, 908 Subec o change whou noce FREGHT TAKEN AT LOW EST RATES For fregh raes apply o CHAS BREWER & CO, 27 Klby S, Boson; r THEO H DAVES & CO, Honolnln Andrew Ushers Scoch Whskey 0 V G Specal Reserve W O PEACOCK f CO, LTD, AGENTS J ll LEVY & CO Famly CROC ER S KNG STREET NEAR BETHEL Phone 76 John Ncll 5 Merchan Sree Dealer n new and second hand ma ehnery Auomobles and fne machn ery repared Shp and general blacksmhmg Agen for Foos Gasolne Engnes ana Hamlon Machne Tools Oahu ce & Elecrc Co CE delvered a any par of he ey sland orders promply flled Telephone 528; P O Box 600 Offce, Kewalo Cabne Maker PETER BERG Cabnemaker and Polsher Reparng all knds of muscal n srumens UNON STREET, NEAR HOTEL STENWAY & SONS AND OTHER PANOS THAYER PANO CO 58 Hoel Sree Phone S TUNNG GUARANTEED 4 s s f

9 vr r m r r r r SECOND SECTON ) SECOND SECTON PAGES 9 TD 2 J PAGES S TO 2? T Zf fl f A ESTABLSHED JULY 2, S56 ff,jf Jf J J Brooches Sckpns Buckles New desgns Exqusely beauful Exclusve and rch Sandard n every respec Good mekeepers A M Dez Jewelry Co FORT ST, NEXT TO ARLEGS COLLAPSBLE Smple GOCA FOE SALE AT COYNE Cheap Durable RT HONOLULU, HAWA TERRTORY, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 908 THE COLLEGE OF HAWA ENGNEERNG COURSES Mechancal, Elecrcal and Cvl Engneerng and he Schedule of Four Years VVork Fne Opporunes for Young Men One of he noeworhy feaures of workng drawngs beng requred where hxrbot owann n hf TTned Saes necessary, s he prevalence n he currculum of Cvl Engneerng The course n cvl engneerng recogsubecs relang o he praccal affars nzes a once hs branch of engneer of lfe Formerly chemsry and physcs ng as he oldes and broades of he were augh as pure scences, now hey engneerng professons comprsng as are ofen augh from he sandpon does, muncpal engneerng wh s of her bearng on praccal affars problems of waer supply, sewage ds v Lkewse, mahemacs and mechancs l and xugnway cmurucuou : nyaraunc engneerng wun us quesare now augh wh reference o he ons of rrgaon and waerpowe r developmen; srucural engneerng, deal a : man s acves upon wacu e va nc a drec bearng These pons of vew ng wh he desgn of brdges, seel are gradually brngng abou a change and concree buldngs,, roofs, foundaons and reanng walls; and ranspor n our esmaes of he value of sub ecs; namely, ha any subec ha mg ; of ralways, canals, docks and un nas a bearng on ne aars or me nas ne TMg wde range of eubee9 can educaonal value when augh wh a no be covered n deal n a vew pon of nellecual ranng Ths fouryea r course, hence he sudens aenon concepon s a he foundaon of our s concenraed upon he comparavely bes echncal colleges and of he echncal courses n he sae unverses of he professon, and he s gven every few prncples underlyng all branches The college of Hawa s offerng facly for maserng hem, by connuous drll n he courses n engneerng ha are desgned o gve a horough ranng n he classroo and by m acual pracse n he feld, he drafng fundamenal prncples upon whch professonal engneerng pracse s based and o llusrae he applcaon of hese prncples by he soluon of many praccal problems n general, he courses of nsrucon are lad ou on unversy lnes and he work requred wll be of equal grade Young men enerng hese courses are expeced o be well grounded n he physcal scences, and n mahemacs up o, and ncludng sold geomery and plan rgonomery, and s desred o mpress upon hem he necessy of horough preparaon n order ha he more serous work of maserng echncal rooms and he laboraory He s augh ha knowledge, when no accompaned by he ably o use, of small value, whle accuracy and neaness n drawngs and compuaons are an aluable ad The deals and cos of consrucon are dwel upon sufflcnel y o mpress he suden wh her mporance n he problems of desgn wh specal regard o heory and economy As wll be seen by he followng oulnes he courses n all hree branches of engneerng are parallel hrough he frs wo years, whle he mechancar and elecrcal engneerng Wll se he women of Honolulu o crackng he queson of wha he word sale, when appled o bed fxngs, really means Wh us s a cleanng ou of shelves conanng goods of smar value bu slow sale f pas prces have been a facor n holdng back he bes shewng and pllow cases ha were ever opened o he sunlgh of hs cy we Ml U L r : W wu mruw cu w me lour wnas ana e you nave ne goods or a song Can you sng? We wan you o come hs week and examne he maerals from whch hese arcles are made We wan? vnn n rnmnaro?h mnv nrro nsw wh Tf urh mn fa uu av a h, pau ll fore, because we know ha when you have done hs we have won you for a cusomer 0 DC 0C d SHEETS PLLOW CASES 90x90 Exra heavy wh lnen fnsh, regular prce $00, now 85c Three excellen grades made of hgh 8x90 Exra heavy wh lnen fnsh regular prce 95c, now 75c er made grade heavy shrunk coon Nohng be 72x90 Exra heavy wh lnen fnsh, regular prce 85c, now 65c 6x90 Exra Regular heavy wh lnen fnsh How regular prce 75c, now 60c 45 6 cases $200 $50 per doz 54x90 Exra heavy wh lnen fnsh, regular prce 65C now 55c 45 6 cases $275 $225 per doz x90 Hemsched $25, now $00 cases $00 $250 per doz 0 0 Q u O LADES VESTS Fne rbbed, qualy unequaled, prce for prce These are woven o hug he fgure Regular 2 for 25c, now for 25c Regular for 50c, now 0c 20c each 5c 25c each 20c 5c each 25c 50c each 5c 75c each 50c $00 each 65c DC C SHEETNG Golden Gae and Pacfc, brands ha are households words, qualy sandard Regular Now 42 nch Bleached 5c a yard 2c 45 nch Bleached lc a yard 5c 6 4 nch Bleached 22J2C a yard 20c 7 4 nch Bleached 2754c a yard 22c 8 4 nch Bleached 0c a yard 25c 9 4 nch Bleached 5c a yard 2c X04 nch Bleached 40c a yard 0c Srong GC 0 CORSETS, FURNTURE CO, LTD GUARANTEED NON BREAKABLE Furnfur J opp & Co 85 UNO STREET Sea Wrens $00 8 Foo Moor Launch WTH 4 CYCLE MOTOR $75 Complee THE CHARLES D WALKERS Boa and Machne Works, KNQ STREET Oppose Souh AUTO AND CARRAGE value of general culure o he successl ran,m o n Thompsons glove fng, he mos celebraed corse: perfec n consruron: su peror n desgn We have all szes subecs may no be hampered by lack courses p dffer only n he fourh year l : o prop gruunu w Regular 65c, now xwus r The dvergence of he course n cvl 50c he par Regular $00, now 75c he par o, v M v ful engneer, lberal provson has been w Regular $50, now gns a $5 he par he close of he second year nau lur lur xuuauurs w n a vew Regular $75, now $25 he par r 4 Ann nn npa hrnnfrnnnf hn locf o her nfluences upon he sudens Regular $225, now,$50 he par years fuure professonal pracse s he Frs Year Engneers REMEMBER hese are he genune am of he deparmen of engneerng o s Semeser Creds bargan days n hs sore f s graduaes o assum? hose ad Englsh : mnsrave responsbles whch are, 4 more and more devolvng upon men of German or French echncal ranng Rheorcals Rev Alg Geom Mechancal Engneerng Trg 5 Chemsry The course n mechancal engneerng s planned o afford a sysemac Drawng Paern makng 2 and horough ranng n general eng Hrs Reqd, 2 TlPfrn coverng n addon r hd,, 2nd semeser, Creds more purely mechancal subecs, exercses n elecrcal measuremens and esng, n chemcal echnology, n hydraulcs, n sugar engneerng and n he engneerng of power plans Ths s nended o afford an nsgh no acual ndusral and engneerng pracse, and o hs end he correlaed ranng of he facules s assured by courses n he laboraory, he work Englsh 4 German or French ; Rheorcals Analyc Geom 5 Chemsry Drawng Foundry and Forge 2 Hrs Reqd 2 Second Year Engneers s Semeser Creds Englsh shop and he drafngroom Many en gneerng graduaes begn her profes sonal lfe n a drafng offce and o uermab or rencn 6 f hem for hs work he ranng n physcs (general) mechancal drawng emphaszes accu alcxls (Dffer) 0C C DC J,,,,,,,,,,, l,fc,,,,!,t wmm H HMlH nhll Of The Season Seedless Rasns, Sulanas, Currans, Assored Canded Peels, Assored New NuS, (Ths Seasons Crop) Mnce Mea, (Ths Seasons Pack) Cranberres racy, speed, order and neaness n Chemsry, 2 Reparng srucon n he shops and laboraores Surveyng Drawng gves famlary wh maerals and SC HUMAN CARRAGE CO, LTD mechansms, skll n handlng ools and Machne shop, 2 Merchan S, beween For and Alakea applances, an undersandng of he 2nd Semeser Creds praccal possbles of machnery and Englsh NEW OAHU processes, and an acquanance wh German or French Physcs (Eng) Carrage Manufacurng Go shop and laboraory lmaons affecng he prncples of desgn and Calculus 4 TELEPHONE Make and Eepar Carrages Surveyng 22 All goods lef for repars uncalled Elecrcal Engneerng Drawng and Des Geom 4 for Ocober wll be sola o pay ex penses The course n elecrcal engneerng HENRY Machne shop 2 Thrd QUEEN NEAR RTVER STREET Tear Mechancal s nended o gve ne ranng re and Elecrcal qured by men who wsh o ener pro Engneers fessonally upon he applcaons of s Semeser Creds Hres Roo Beer elecrcy o he useful ars, and s de Mechancs (Elemenary) 4 n boles sold nonly by he sgned o gve specal preparaon o Maerals any who may be concerned wh s Knemacs 4 CoDsodQed solo works Co 2nd Semeser Creds Elecves commercal aspecs ncludng elecrc Chemsry (Engneerng) Lmed Seam, Gas and Ol Engnes 5 Hrs Req 2fJ ralways, elephones, elecrc lghng, Seam Machnery 4 Thrd Year CTl Engneers elecromeallurg Telephone 7 and he generaon, Mechancal Lab 2 Seam Plan Desgn ransmsson, and ulzaon of elecrc Hrs ReqcL 20 Engneerng economcs s Semeser Creds ALL KNDS OP rmechancs (elem) 4 power, ne large amoun o ladoraory na semeser creds Power Plan Tesng Pcures work requred ams o educae he su Mechancal (Analyc) 5 Specfcaons and Conracs 2 den n accurae observaon, proper Maerals and Meallurgy Elecves 5 HOLLYWOOD PHOTOGRAVURES order and form n recordng observa Machne Desgn 4 Hrs Reqd 20 COPLEY PRNTS Pacfc Pcure Framng Go 050 NUUANU STREET BO WO JADE JEWELRY Braceles, Pns, Rngs, n nnumerable desgns Bes of workmanshp a he lowes prce HOTEL STREET, beween Smh and Maunakea Srees P O B 007 BEAD THE ADVERTSES WO&LDH NEWS DALLY ons, he drawng of correc nferences Physes Laboraory and he seng forh of hs work m Elecrcal Machnery 4 concse Englsh, and also o mpar 6uch Mechancal Lab 2 knowledge of elecrcal engneerng as Hrs Eeqd 2 wll f hm o ener any of s branches Fourh Year Mechancal Engneers Suffcen pracse s gven n he hand s Semeser Creds lng of dynamos and elecrcal machn Thermodynamcs 5 erv and nsrumens as wll enable he Seam Engne Desgn nden o carry ou ndependenly any Dynamo laboraory 2 es or measuremens ap o occur n Engneerng Lab nrapse The lmwrance of deals s yuraucs, mpressed upon hm by he soluon of Engneerng and Sugar Plans numerous praccal problems n con Elecves srucve engneerng aad desgnng, Hrs E?q 2 Fourh Year Elecrcal Engneers s Semeser Creds Thermodynamcs 5 Elecrcal Machnery Desgn Dynamo Lab Hydraules Elecves 5 Hrs Reqd 2 2nd Semeser Creds Seam, Gas and Ol Engnes 5 Elecrc Power Plan Desgn Engneerng Economcs Elecro Chem and Me H T Tesng and ras MAY a CO, LTD Fo Sree, Honolulu Maerals Geology Srucural Desgn Surveyng Drawng Hrs Reqd 20 2nd Semeser Creds Mechancs (Analycal) 5 Maerals and Meallurgy Asronomy Brdge Desgn Surveyng Drawng 4 Hrs Reqd 2 Fourh Year Cvl Engneers s Semeser Hvdraulcs Creds KWONG Y n HHG GHOG GO CHNESE GRASS LNENS SUPEROR 024 Nuuanu S n QUALTY Sanary Eng Surveyng Engneerng Lab 8 Foresry Elecves Hrs Reqd 2J 2nd Semeser rrgaon Eng Muncpal Eng Roads and Hghways Concree and M?sonry Srucues Waer Supply Elecves Hrs Eeqd Creds & 2 E

10 0 THE PACFC COMMERCAL ADVERTSER, HONOLULU, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 908 DE ATS RST Harwell Prases Hs Wor k Hawaan a Pelp We have a large and very complee lne of babes shoes; all colors and szes, sof soles and ankle es Sof soled hgh shoes n black, an, blue These shoes are made by he celebraed C E Meade Co, he larges manufacurers of babes shoes n he world They are easy o wear, because hey conform o he naural shape of he foo Ankle Tes n black, an, blue, pnk, whe kd, whe canvas, and paen leahers Larges assormen of szes n he slands A shoe for every baby Exper reparng done whle you wa o he Hawaan voers o refran from casng ballos only for Hawaans He urged hem o voe for he haoles equally wh he Hawaans on he cke He asked hem o voe for Mc fl Candless, a hyole, and he asked full suppor for he enre Senaoral cke on whch here were wo haoles and one ) URGNG EDHG5 0 Harvey Denounces he am opposed o he drawng of Color Lne he color lne, sad Mr Harvey Judge Edngs s one of he bes lou nave no busness, as voers, o draw he color lne We are ryng o ngaged hm on many of our bg cares bury ha dea as deep as we can Our on whch he wroe he brefs These opponens are brngng ha ssue up brefs were so good ha Judge Har all he me The Democras are ryng well remarked o me ha he brefs o educae he elecorae agans ha comng from our offce by Edngs we dea exra good n he law busness here are wo ends, he lgh one, where he aorney he cke would raher you voed flashes before he publc eye; and he for all he canddaes heavy one ha does no show on he As o he Legslaure, Mr Harvey surface, bu who does he bg work; sad here could no be a good form of dge Edngs belongs o he laer governmen f was always onesdeclass f was always Republcan, he Re The Couny Aorneys offce re publcans, dd as hey pleased because qures a man of Edngs class because here was nohng o check hem The of grave quesons comng up on he Democras had good men on her Senaoral cke, and hey should be sen nerpreaon of he new muncpal ac Edngs wll save he couny hou sands of dollars From he speech of have any good measures o presen, no Edward ngham a he Democrac Democra wll oppose Governor meeng a Kakaako, quong W A Frear need have no fear abou ha Knnney Edward ngham, a he Democrac Mr Harvey sad he Laborula leaders meeng a Kakaako Saurday ngh, were no sncere Kalauokalan and made a srong appeal o he voers for Ach had seleced a lo of Republcans Judge Edngs for Cy and Couny Aorney He poned ou ha he Cy accep her selecon These leaders o endorse and forced he Laborulas o and Couny Aorney s no merely he apparenly were n he game o make prosecuor on behalf of he publc n money, and hey were lke squds he polce cour, nor even n he cr When you voe for Fern for Mayor, cu cour, bu ha be s he legal ad don voe for he Republcan cand vser of he Board of Supervsors and dae far Couny Aorney, for f you he oher cy and couny offcer and do you wll be plka Voe for Edngs ha n naugurang he muncpal form Mr Harvey concluded by sayng ha of governmen here s lkely o come n he oraory of he Republcans up a number of mporan legal quesons, and hence here was he need publcans were ndulgng n a lo of favorng Kuho for Congress, he Re mudslngnof a capable lawyer and especally agans a As o lawyers and legal maers, canddae who pad hs axes on hs sad ngham, no ones udgmen lands f he Republcan canddae sands hgher n hs communy han could no pay hs axes, he had beer W A Knneys Lsen o wha he no go o Washngon Anyhow, he Regal Shoe Sore par of ) VOFF Don voe for me alone, for f you HOUSEHOLD GOODS do you voe agans your bes neress lawyers n he Terrory Our frm has Table Glassware, Baskeware, Kchen Uensls, Su Cases, Bah Sponges, Porcelan and Tn Moulds, Cas?frnlf Warp Paner Wannc TarHnJprpe Pancr PacM 8 Doleys, Chafng Dshes, Nckel Pchers, Pocke Flasks, ce U Tubs, Table Crockery ) don wan your voe, f you have The las opporuny he housekeeper wll have o buy f any dea of cung ou he haoles on goods a praccally cos These bargans wll clear ou our sock for Holday goods Lews & Company Ld HOUSEHOLD EMPORUM 69 Kng Sree Telephone 240 o he Legslaure f he Republcans H OFF OFF Corner of Kng, and Behel Srees n The good workman The orgnal workman The promp workman NOTCE! HAWAAN SOUVENRS and JEWELRY Owng o he consan ncrease of our busness callng for servce by wagon we fnd necessary o lm he hours durng whch we wll receve orders for delvery n he mornng Complans have reached us of he falure of our drvers o delver mea n me o be cooked for he mdday meal To beer he condon and elmnae such complans we ask your asssance oward a beer servce o he exen ha you elephone your orders n he afernoon, or early evenng, or leave a reques ha you be called before ha hour and your order aken by our represenave n he offce We canno under any crcumsances guaranee mornng delvery of goods ordered afer 8 am The Meropolan Hea Co, Ld BT DL PCKLES RED KDNEY BEANS MDGETS APPLE BUTTER (n Crocks) SWEET GHERKNS Phone 45 HENZ Order hen from your own Grocer Theyve Jus Come There yon are your choce of he fnes Pckles, Beans and Relsh n he world ONCE TRY, ALWAYS BUY H Hackfeld & Co, Ld DSTRBUTORS ) of Frog Skn and Embrod c eredslk Mandarn Coas, S ; Lacquered Cabnes and,( Trays says abou Judge Edngs, he Democrac canddae for Cy and Couny Aorney: Judge Edngs s one of he bes lawyers n he Terrory Our frm has engaged hm on many of our bg cases, ou whch he wroe he brefs These brefs were so good ha Chef Jusce Harwell remarked o me ha he brefs comng from our offce by Edngs were exra good n he law busness here are wo ends, he lgh one, where he aorney flashes before he publc eye; and he heavy one, ha does no show on he surface, bu who does he bg work Judge Edngs belongs o he laer class The Couny Aorneys offce requres a man of Edngs class, because of grave quesons comng up on ner preaon of he new muncpal ac Edngs wll save he couny housands of dollars Mrs Acherley Speaks There was pleny of enhusasm and cheerng a he meeng Frank Harvey and C F Ashford were decoraed wh le mamos by MVs Wlcox, and hs ac brough prolonged applause Among he speakers was Mrs Mary Acherley, who spoke a lengh and made a good mpresson She advsed he voers o cas her ballos for he Democrac pary, rgh hrough As o Delegae Kuho, she asked he voers why hey should voe for a man who faled o pay up all hs axes! She dd no hnk ha such a man could be a good publc servan, and ceranly would no be a good represenave of he people a Washngon f he had pad up all hs axes on he propery owned by he Kapolan Esae, he would be helpng he local reasury along McCandless, on he oher hand, she sad, alhough he dd own a lo of propery, pad up hs axes n full, and o dae All Amercans now Mrs Acherley hen saed ha he sooner he Republcan oraors and canddaes bured he revoluon of 95 ncden, he beer for all concerned was no paroc o drag hs maer on he sump was no paroc o he Sars and Srpes, for we were all Amercans now s an ssue dragged ou merely o rase he color lne, and he rasng of he color lne would hur all pares She sad a pary mus be very weak ndeed o have o resor o such accs o ge voes She sad was no wonder ha Cahcar was o be knfed The lepublcan s hrew Kaea, a Hawaan, down and ou on charges rval besdes hose agans Cahcar Tha would agan brng he color lne no play, and he Hawaans (would be blamed As o John Lane, he had bluffed he Hawaan people abou he leprosy suspec bll He plaed agans he Hawaans As o aukea, he should blame no one bu hmself for he predcamen he fnds hmself n He announced a long me ago ha he would no run agan for offce, and now he comes ou as an ndependen Tha mae hm a hough he people would raher keep her als here n he slands, and hey would see hey go her po and fsh all rgh C W Ashford opened by callng aenon o a nosy auomoble nearby whch he sad was ryng o drown ou he speakers, and herefore mus be a Republcan Devl Wagon The Democrac pary was he poor and la borng mans pary, and s adheren! walked, whle he Republcans rode n! buzzwagon s He sad, also, ha Gov ernor Frear need have no fear abou good measures of he admnsraon beng suppored by he Democras Oher speakers were Messrs Jarre, Charles Rose, Pahau, W A Jall Alber Kauwe presded McCandless and oher canddaes spoke a a meeng a Waanae Home Rulers a Aala The Home Rulers held a bg rally a Aala park Saurday evenng a whch he varous canddaes spoke and prophesed ha a las he me had come when he pary was o have a share of he loaves and fshes of offce Ach confdenly predced hs own elecon as Mayor and he elecon of a maory of hs cke Admral Beckley made one of he prncpal speeches He sad, n par: A such mes as hese when here has been so much alk abou he color lne and open hreas of a governmen bv commsson raher han subm o he mandaes of he presen elecorae a he polls, consder my duy as well as of nose of he maory elemen who beleve n our fness and capables for o sacrfce our own personal senmens by seppng no he breach and offerng our servces so ha qualy, negry and fness raher han color should mer your suppor Culman?LBL SAN FRANCSCO HOTEL SAN FRANCSCO The mos superbly suaed hoel n he World OVERLOOKNG THE ENTRE BAY OF AN FRANCSCO, THE GOLDEN GATE, AND THE RAPDLY JEBULDNG CTY CONVENENT TO SHOPPNG, THEATER, BUSNESS, AND RALROAD CENTERS THE EPTOME OF HOTEL EXCELLENCE Combnng all he convenences and luxures a good hoel should have wh, many unque, orgnal and, exclusves feaures Enrely refurnshed and refed a a cos of over hree mllon dollars Socal cener of he cy headquarers of he Army and Navy Scene of mos of he socal fesves ACCOMMODATONS FOR 000 GUESTS EUROPEAN PLAN Sngle rooms wh hah, $250, $50, $4 00, $450, $500 upwards Sues, wh bah, $000, $250, $500, $2000, $2500 upwards MANAGEMENT PALACE HOTEL COMPANY ELEEMOSYNARY PERPATETC WHAT? Dor know wha ha means? s an expresson recenly speech We have dconares from 2c o $400, and are agens for he Sandard We sell hem on an easy monhly paymen plan used n a campagn E MERRCK BROWN & Corner of Alakea and Merchan Srees f as Deacon Tren says am a polcal scalawag who was only n afrrrn for wha here was, or 4 puhkole as he nawaans would say, us because A Promp Resor TO oseopahc manpulaons n happen o have Hawaan blood or as he bgnnn g of sckness wll von Hol s ellng he nave voers E cenerallv war nff a ha because am a Hawaan should long llness Nearly all dseases have been reaed successfully by be lef a Kawshae, a fgurave ex Oseopahc Praconers; and as a naural resul, nearly fory presson for damn fool, leave he maer n your hands as o who has been Saes and Terrores have legalzed he new professon drawng he color lne and as o wha DR F SCHURMANN HOURS 5 o Sp m O FFCE 224 Emma Square elemen of he communy he slur was nended o be cas upon WhoopngCoug h, (EsobHuhed 79) An nhalaon for Croup, Bronchs, Coughs, Dphhera, Caarrh Cresolen s a Boon AahmaHo Doe no Km more effecre o breahe n remedy for d?se erf he breahng orgn han o ake he remedy no he omach Crrolfn cares bcane he lr rendered ORDER We execue, on he premses, he fnes class of embrodery saff s composed of expers on all work, especally Orenal desgns CHRSTMAS ORDERS RECEVED NOW nsan reamen U nraluabo o mohers PRCES wh urnau chldren REASONABLE Te Those of man of wo ongues a aukea clamed Tendency Jarre Japanese was oo vffcyoung o wll fnd mmedae relef hold e he Bazaar from Cough or nflamed of Sherff, bu n her opnon Jarre was slow and careful and shrewd Send posal for Condon of he hroa ALL DRUGGSTS Bookle Harvey Agans Color Lne VapodrooSe ne Co FORT STBEET Read he Adverser, Worlds News Daly J SO Fulon Sree, Frank Harvey made a srong appeal Xew York Our a f

11 THE PACTO COMMEECA ADVERTSER, HONOLULU, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 908 r ) Oahu Ralway AGENT UDDY TME TABLE OUTWARD rr Walanae Walaloa Kahnk ana Way Saons a m J20 p m ror rcan cy, Ewa MU and Way exauons :so a m, 9:5 a m, :06 a 2:5 p m :20 p m, 5:5 p 0L S:M p, l p m For Wallawa J:5 a m and NWARD Arrve Honolulu from Kaaaka We alua and Waana 8:M a m, : p m Arrre Honolulu from Ewa MC and Pearl Cy 7:4 a m, a xru, 0:58 a m, :40 p m, 4:S p xo :Q p m, 7:S0 p m Arrve Honolulu from Wahlawa : a m and 5:S p m Dally Ex Sunday JSunday Only The Halelwa Lmed, a woho ur ran (only frscla ss ckes honored) leave Honolulu every Sunday a 8: a m; reurnng, arrves la Honolulu a 0:o p m The Lmed sops only a Pearl Cy and Walanae m P DENSON F C SMTH, Supernenden G P & T A HOOLAU RALWAY KAHUKU EAST Saon Dsance Tme J Cahuku 000 Leave 2:5 Xae 255 2:46 Kapapau 47 2:55 Haaula 6 :0 Haleaha 800 : Eaaaaa 00 Arrve :25 KAHANA WEST Saon Dsance Tme Ka&ana 000 Leave :27 Haleaha 00 :42 Haunla 489 :5 Kapapau 627 :57 Lae 845 2:06 Kanaka 00 Arrve 2:7 n effec Augus L Connecng a Kahuku wh he O B A L Cos 9:5 a m ran ron Honolulu Reurnng, leaves Kahana a :27 p bol, eonnecng wh he afernoon raa m ( for he cy whch leaves Kahuku a :20 JAMES J DOWLNG, Sup B S POLLSTER, G P T Agen m G RWN & CO, LTD BUQAR FACTOB AND COMMSSON AGENTS Wn O rwn Presden John D Spreckels Frs Vce Presden W M Gffar Second Vce Presden H M Whney Treasurer Rchard vers feecreary D G Mav Audor AGENTS FOB Oeeane bemshd Co San Fran 4k Csco cal Baldwn Locomove wosa, pha Pa Hakalau Planaon Co Hlo Sugar Company Honolulu Planaon Co Hnchnson Sugar Planaon Co Klauea Sugar Planaon Co Olowalu Company Paauhau Planaon Co Wamanalo Sugar Co Fre nsurance THE B F DLLNGHAM CO LTD General Agens for Hawa: Alas Assurance Company of London, New Tork Underwrers Agency Provdence Washngon nsurance Com pany Wm 6 rwn & Co, Ld AGENTS FOR THE Royal nsurance Co, of Lverpool, England Beosh Unon & Naonal nsurance Co of Ednburgh, Scoland The Cpper Khne nsurance Co, Ld Commercal Assurance Co, Ld of London STEWART SAN FRANCSCO EART sree above ukch square JUST OPPOSTE HOTEL ST FRANCS EUROPEAN PLAN $50 A DAY UP AMERCAN PLAN $00 A DAY UP J A new flown ows hoel Seel and brck srucure Furnshed a a cos of $50,000 Erer comfor and conenfen c On car lnes ransferrng o all pars of c Omnbus mees al rans and seamers HOTEL STEWART Now recognzed as Hawaan slands headquarers Cable Address: Trawes; A B C Gude Sam Wo Hea Co Superor BEEF and MUTTON Kng Sree Fshmarke TALOR MADE Clohng gves greaer sasfacon beeauyou ge somehng made for yowself no he oher fellow J E ROCHA, Merchan Harrson Block ASK Talor For S PAU (A MA TO HELP OUT ALL GEOCEBS SELL T Fall BEAUTFUL Mllnery STYLES NOW ON EXHBTON mss POWER BOSTON BULDNG, FOET STREET PUREBRE D FOR SALE POULTRY EGGS from choce sock n Masoa Adrus: W C WEEDON, Box 658 Hoaolmlx WALL, NCHOLS Hare your ypewrers and all muscal nsrumens and machnes repared ny an experenced workman COMPANY, LTD, For and Mehan Srees VOTE FOR TOM To make you CAMPAGN BANNERS Porra work a specaly SHARP POSTERS Ele Buldng Phone S97 VOLETS A T KUNKYO FORT Telephone 65 STREET Shrs n All Szes ade o Order by B YAMATOYA Pauah Sree, off Nuuana Sree CALFORNA OL The Mllonare Maker We have ns publshed The Ol Book profusely llusraed ells how ou of 5 lsed ol companes are now on a dvdendpayn g bass How Calforna ol socks are ncreasng n value How Calforna ol socks pay 2 o 20 per cen, monhly dvdends Tells how $70 MADE A MLLON How o make profable nvesmens The Ol Book wll faen your pockeboo k and add v your bankbook One copy maed free, posage prepad, f you a; promply and send before he supply a exhaused Wre oday Lncoln Morgage and Loan Co 64?65 Pacfc Buldng San Francsco, Calf Phoographs SLAND VEWS R W Perkns B Sudo on Hoel S, near For MEETS LEE Waerfron Men Have Trouble and he Wachman s Arresed UNCLAMED LETTER LST Leers remanng uncalled for n he eeneral delverv for he week endng Ocober, 90: Abel, Mrs J Jones Mrs Anne Andrews C A Kelly, Mrs E Bernce, Mss Keghley, Geo Benon, T F Lndsay, Mrs Brash, Waler G Sopha Browne R C Lovell, John Jr Brown, Mrs Ellen Mahews, Alber Marn Me, Marn Campon, X G Meyer, Calhoun, J Meadows Frank Campbell, Herber McKngh, Mrs M Laura Cavanangh, Geo Mchell, Mss Chandler, Dr H S Edh Cleveland, Mss Moore, Ms Llan Clark Fred Xeer, Joe Clark, Mrs Mary DXeUl, Hallaek J Conner Mss Helen Nugen, W V Cunnngham, Olver Mrs 8 K Maser J C Page, James Curre, James Pne, Mrs Olga MrMr Danel Mss Lucy Preve, s Fel, George Keuer Mrs Nelle Fsher, S Poes, Mr? M Gammon C P Pobnson Tmohy Gehe, Bruno E Holfe Ber Gbler, John Bohnson & Co Graham, Mr Sam, Helena Gregory, Mrs A B Sevens Mss Haas E Favmond Tanna Haven, Mss Sormclff, Mrs Alce C J Hall Mrs W F Tolber Frank Terro, Ms E vtermer, Aug Hodge Mss M AVleelnn P P Hooker vvlfred and Loe Holmes Jm Workman, CRM MrMr s Johnson, Wood, Lous T) M B Zmmons, Mrs M Johnson, F E Packages Krock, Y T JOSErl G REALTY PRATT, Posmaser TRMSlCTOnS Enered of Eeeord Ocober, 905 M Tanaka o F Sekdo CM Bank of Hawa Ld o Lam Wo Sng Bell S N Casle Es Ld o Mary E Clark, D: pr lo 4, land paen 46o Manoa K Honolulu Ubn U 6VS p 29 Daed Aug fos Bark of Hawa Ld o E C Wnson Pel: pc lnd rens, ec Berean a Ave, llonolnlu Oahu, 200 B 9 n CM Daed Oc 2, 90 E C Wnson o Bshop Trus Co Ld, M: pc lanvl, bldgs, ec Bere ana Ave Honolulu Oahu $2u0 B 0f, p Daed Of 22, 90$ Bank of Hawa Ld o W M Mno n Par Pel: lo 2 blk 64 and los and 4 blk 7, Waalae Trac, Ho nolulu Oahu $ B 09, p 4 ed Oc 22, 90 Lo Chan bv r e al o Loo Chuck, A L; n n por R P 22 kul 64B, and pes land Wakele Ewa Oahu $ B p S7 Daed Oc 90S Loo Chock o Ah Ka A L; 2 n n por R P 22 kul 64B, and pc land Wakele, Ewa Oahu $ B p S Daed Oc 22, 90 Helen E Carpener by r o Anasas: a MeDowall Rel; 4002 sq f land, rens, ec, Nunam Ave Honolulu, Oahu B 09, p S6 Daed TO THE PUBLC : Jos T Lddv, agen of he Salors Unon, had anoher encouner Saurday wh Tom Lee, wachman on he Oahu ralroad wharves, he resul beng a penal summons sworn o by Mr Lddy compellng lr Lees aendance n he polce cour on Wednesday mornng o answer o a charge of assaul Mr Lddy saes ha he wen on he wharves on busness, fcr he purpose of gong o he seamshp Mexcan n addon o beng a salors unon agen he holds a commsson from a naval bureau a Washngon as a represenave of he Safey of Lfe a Sea secon, and saes ha be nended gah erng some nformaon on he subec Lee, he saes, asked hm where he was gong Lddy saed hs msson, whereupon he saes ha Lee ook hm by hs coa lapels and old hm o ge off PRODUCTS OF he dock Capan MePal was sandng by and wnessed he affar, and he wll be summoned o cour as a w Loves ness on behalf of Lddy Bakery The laer had an nervew wh Supernenden Denson of he Oahu Machnemanufaenre d Gooda; Baked raroad le was old by Mr Denson ha Mr Lees dues were manly o preven people from smokng on he wharves, he nsurance raes gong up n case ha rule was volaed Oc ;D S Bowman D; n n 5a land, rens (loud Haupu ec Walea, S and hsb (C) Hlo Hawa 25 B e al o 20, p 2S Daed Alber Oc, N Campbell P; 90 n n R P Keala KamakhnkJan and hsb o 22 Makk, Honolulu, Oahu f0o George F Dsves D; 4 n n gr 0, p 22 Daed Aug 4, 90$ 2S46 Honopueo, Kohala Hawa 0 Alee K Kunane and hsb (C K) o B 0, p 222 Daed Mav 25, S0S We beg o announce ha we shall be ready for busness on Monday, November 2nd, a 76 Merchan Sree, under he new frm name of OAT & FOSSnM We shall PERODCALS carry all he fnes STATONERY and respecfully solc your paronage OAT 8 fosshan, 76 Merchan S Saloon Plo Plo and Soda Crackers re for sale by he followng HENRY MAY & CO J M LEVY & CO, T H DAVES & CO, H HACKFELD & CO C J DAY & COGONSAL VES & CO Honolulu rnu: Scrap ron Co C H BROWN Manager HALEKAUWLA STREET s Hghes prce pad for Old Bra, Scrap ron and all meals Dealer n Second Hand Machnery Telephone 642 P O Box 547 GENERAL REPARS Te CARRAGES OR AUTOMO BLES W W WRGHT & CO KNG NEAR SOUTH STREET OFFCE, SCHOOL and SOCETY Saonery 40 OAT & MOSSMAN (Cu hs ou and pase n phonebook ) an GOLDEN GATE, DRFTED SNOW, MYRTLE LEAP, SOUND RNG OR RED SHELD, When orderng flour because has been STANDARD FOR FFTY YEARS MADS FROM THE BEST CALFORNA WASHNGTON WHEAT Rober nnes Lle, RESDENT Gong Fas MANAGER AND Embrodered Pongee Shrwas Paerns and Sus Come before you are oo lae f near ho Pos Offce Robnson Buldng, Queen Sree YEE CHAN & CO KNG and BETHEL PHONE 627 ) COENEE FOB QUEEN STREETS? C BREWER & CO, LTD Bes Fcon and AND SUGAR FACTORS AND HomeMad e QEO O GULD, General Manager TELEPHONE 40 Bread COMMSSON MERCHANTS Laes Magaznes Pecorded Ocober 22 &0S Lr of Offcers Fresh Daly Lous Morel o Anono de Souza B Cakes, Doughnus, a C M Cooke, Presden; George M J S leasehold and bldus $W B 04, A Roberson, Manager; L usnop, Baked Beans Saurday p 6z uatea Aug v ;m J ABADE Propreor Treasurer and Secreary; F W BERETANA NEXT TO EMMA Anono de Smza and wf o Anono Lopes C M; leasehold and bldgs Thrums BooR Sore Lades and Gens Washng Maefarlan Done Frsclas s Audor; P C Jones, C vl CGAR COMFORT! Gloves and Osrch Feahers Cooke, J R Ga, Drecors 0 B 09, p 78 Daed Sep 29, 06 For Sree Wool and Slk Made Cleaner by a New French Process H0S Rchard M senberg by ay Charges reasonable Gve us a ral o Lawrence Barre Helen M von Damm, Pel; lo, blk Old Kona Coffee 58 BERETANA STREET : : : PHONE 49 College Hvlls, Honolulu Oahu $oo o B 09, p o Daed Oc 20 Boased and Ground Fresh Every Day 0c Mld Havana 0c HENRY MAY & CO, LTD COME TO ME wh your old shoes and we make hem as good as new Joaqun F Freas (Successor n von Berg) UNON STBEET ABOVE HOTL Wah Yng Chong o Kn? Sree, Ewa of Fshmarke DBY GOODS AND FUBNSHNG GOODS OF EVERY Republc AGENTS FOR Sepney WHSSS Assocaed Garage LTD MERCHANT AND BSHOP STS, XAD THE ADVERTSES WO&LDS KEWB DAXLT PHONE 2: 908 STYLES A V SPRNG PATTERNS NOW TO BE SEEN AT W AHANA & GO,, LTD FASHONABLE TALORS 2 KNG STBEET PHONE 52 HONOLULU RON WORKS COMPANY Machnery, Black Ppe, Galvansed Ppe, Boler Tubes, ron and SeeL Ed Sneera Snpples OFFCE Nnnann Sree WORKS Kakaako WRAPPNG PAPER, PER BAGS, TWNES AmercanHawaa n Paper & Supply Co, Ld MOUNT TAMALPALS SUNNY SLOPES FOR THE TAVERN FOE DRAWS TOURSTS TO TS THE PLEASURE THE SAME REASON ST CLAR EDGOOD, FOUND N Halewa s Well Paronzed MANAGER

12 THE PACFC COMMERCAL ADVERTSES, HONOLULU, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, Mnn ADVERTSEMENT ADVERTSEMENT ADVERTSEMENT VOTE THE STRAGHT REPUBLCAN TCKET DELEGATE TO CONGRESS J K KALANANAOLE ; SENATORS, ED HENRQUES E W QUNN 7 JOHN HUGHES REPRESENTATVES Ffh Dsrc RUEL KNNEY E B MKALEM A S KALEOPU S P CORREA D K KAMA S P MAELUA n, Fcmrh Dsrc A D CASTRO R W SHNGLE J C COHEN E A DOUTHTT JOHN KAMANOULU E A C LONG MAYOR! JOHN C LANE SHERFF JOHN WSE, TREASURER HARRY VON HOLT COUNTY ATTORNEY JOHN CATHCART :r COUNTY CLERK D KALAUOKALAN JR AUDTOR JAS BCKNELL, SUPERVSORS R W AYLETT ANDREW E COX WM A KAN E DANEL LOGAN J C QUNN NORMAN WATKNS WM AHA SGS OeL, 2,, 4, 5, 6, 7, S, 9, 20, 2, 22, 2, 24, 25, 26, 27 28, 29, SO, 5; Nov, 2 y Auhory mspegrors or elecon and mm mm TERRTORY OP HAWA s Precnc: Pollng place, cor Wamla a and Kapahulu roads nspecors, A P Clark, charman, J S Marques asd Ernes Bell 2nd Precnc: Pollng place, near cor Punahoa and Kng srees nspecors, J L Boyd, eharmac ; S K Kamaopl and Paul Kea Puaaao rd Precnc: Tollng place, cor and Wlder Ave: nspecors, Jaao a Aadrade, charman; Danel Kalauaw a and Abraham Kawahoa 4n Precnc: rollng place, cor Kee enmcka and Wlder Ave nspecors, C F Bass, charman; P Burnee aad Peer llookano 5n Precnc: Pollng place, Thomas Square Band Sand nspecors, T H Pere, charman; W W Chamberlan and Julus A sen Cb Precnc: Pollng place, cor Souh ad Kawaahao srees nspecors, Job Baenelor, charman; J K Pakele and Henry Jleheula Tk Precnc: Pollng place, Kapuawa laodag nspecors, A D Scroggy, caraan; Alfred Eal and E F Waler S2a Precnc: Pollng place, Emma Square Band Sand nspecors, H P Wood, charman; A Verra and Naboolewa 9l Precnc: Pollng place, cor Bere xaa and For srees nspecors, Jaka farcallno, charman; Eober D K? and D K Maluna oa Precnc: Pollng place, cor Keuaaa aad Baes srees nspecors, Kerr, charman; J B Mossman cad OL Sorenson lll Precnc: Pollng place, WamaBal o sehoolbonse nspecors, C C CAarraers, charman; Moses Pp and R rvne EPUTY SHERFF OF HO NOLULU CHRSTAN HOLT FOR THE FOURTH REPRESENTA TVE DSTRCT NSPECTORS OF ELECTON AND POLLNG PEACES FOR THE nrrn represenave dsrc, TERRTORY OF HAWA s Precnc: Pollng place, Koolaunk o co ar Lous?, Kaneohe nspecors, Koa Mahoka, charman; Ceo S Kabd b and John Wason u Voe he Democrac Tcke DELEGATE TO COXGRESS L L McCANDLESS SENATORS F R HARVEY H T MOORE E M WATSON REPRESENTATVES Fourh Dsrc CHARLES GRDLER W A HALL D KAEKA DUKE KAHANAMOKU ROBERT PAHAU E K RATHBURN Ffh Dsrc W K APUAKEHAU EDWARD HANAP DANEL KAMAHU LAPANA KEAWEPOOOLE MOKE KUKAH EDWARD L LKE MAYOR JOSEPH J FERN SUPERVSORS H N CRABBE EDWARD NGHAM JOSEPH U KUHA W H McCLELLAN J K PAELE A V PETERS M E SLVA CTY AND COUNTY SHER FF WM PAUL JARRETT CTY AND COUNTY AUD JCANDERSON COUNTY CLERK GEORGE K LOWE CTY AND COUNTY AT TORNEY W S EDNGS CTY AND COUNTY TREAS URER R H TRENT DEPUTY SHERFF OF HO NOLULU CHAS H ROSE SALE or Lfe neres n Valuable Leasehold STUATE AT Makaha, Waanae SLAND AND COUNTY OF OAHU TERRTORY OF HAWA Fursuan o a Decree of Sale made by he Honorable Alexander Lndsay, Jr, Second Judge of he Crcu C r of he Frs Judcal Crcu, Terrory of Hawa, a Chambers, n Equy, on he 2h day of Sepember, A D 90S, n an acon enled, May K Brown, planff, vs Henry Holmes, Trusee, George R nol, and Valenne S Hol, Wae E Hol, Amela A Hol, James R Hol, Helene A Hol, rene N Hol, mnors, and Helen A Cushngham, guardan of sad mnors; Theresa M Lousson, Marha Berger, Makaha Coffee Company, Lmed, and Fred erck E Seere, defendans Su for Paron (Equy Dvson, No 5S9), he undersgned, as Commssoner, duly apponed by sad De cree of Sale, wll sell a Publc Aucon, o he hghes and bes bdder for cash, subec o confrmaon of he Cour, on JUBSdy, OCf 6, A D 908 Mc W A;, Knney n speakng of Judge Edngs sad: Jsdge,Edngs one of he bes lawyers n he Terrory Our frm has engaged hm on many of our bg esses on whch he wroe he brefs These brefs were so good ha ; Judge me lha he brefs comng from our offce by Edngs Hr vel remarked o were exra good n hjm bu? JL here are wo ends, he lgh one where he aorney flashes before he pumfc v4 A le heavy one ha does no show on he surface, bu who does he bg work; Ju nps belongs o he laer class The Gpu Aorneys offce requres a man of Edngs class because of grave quesons comng xrjon he nerpeaon of he new Muncpal Ac Edngs wll save he couny housands of dollars Polcal MFmouncemen& hereby announce myself as an ndependen canddae for he offce of TREASURER OF THE CTY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU reques he suppor of he 864 GEORGE C BECKLEY have been regularly nomnaed by he Republcan Couny Convenon for he offce of SUPERVSOR, CTY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU, and reques he suppor of he 85 DANTEL LOGAN have been regularly nomnaed by he Republcan Couny Convenon for he ome of SUPERVSOR, CTY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU and reques he suppor of he elecors 85 NORMAN WATKNS have been regularly nomnaed by he Democrac Couny Convenon for he offce of SENATOR, COUNTY OF OAHU, and reques he suppor of he 854 H T MOORE a 2 oclock noon of sad day, a he fron (mauka) enrance of he Jud cary Buldng, n Honolulu, sland and Couny of Oahu, Terrory of Hawa, all he rgh, le and neres of he pares planff and defendan n ha ceran leasehold for and durng he erm of he naural lfe of John Dom ns Hol, son of Rober W Hol, de ceased, as demsed by a ceran nden ure of lease beween Wllam A Ad rch, execuor of he las wll and esamen of sad Rober W Hol, deceased, and sad John Domns Hol, daed he 22rd day of November, S62, and recorded n he Regser Offce, Oahu, n Vol 6, page 0, and assgn DEPUTY SHERFF OF EWA JOSEPH H MAKANAN JR ed by Bad John Domns Hol o Owen have been regularly nomnaed by J Hol by an nsrumen n wrng he Republcan Couny Convenon for DEPUTY SHERFF OF WA daed he s day of March 876, and Vol 249, page 24, bounded as follows: have been regularly nomnaed by he offce of NAE recorded n sad offce n Vol 46, page Begnnng he Republcan Couny Convenon for MAYOR OF a saon on he THE CTY AND he offce of COUNTY R OF L GLLLAND HONOLULU, 4, subec o he reservaons, rens, cener lne of he Oahu Ralway and o SUPERVSOR, CTY AND COUNTY and reques he suppor covenans, condons and agreemens he norh boundary of Waanae; hence of ha OF HONOLULU, DEPUTY SHERFF OF WA n sad lease and assgnmen hereof along sad cener lne norhweserly and reques he suppor of he 85 JOHN C LANE ALUA conaned, and subec also o he 2,60 fee o he boundary of Keaau 864 J C QUNN H H PLEMER leasehold neres of Makaha Coffee ncludng a wdh of 40 fee, 20 fee have been regularly nomnaed by have been regularly nomnaed by 8S2 Oc 29, 0, ; Nov, 2 he Republcan Couny Convenon Company, Lmed demsed by a cer on each sde of sad cener lne Con for he Democrac Couny Convenon for he offce of an ndenure of lease, daed he 7h anng an area of and he offce of 70 0 acres, flay of January, 89, and recorded n SHERFF OF THE COUNTY OF REPRESENTATVE OF THE 2nd Precnc: Pollng place, Waa J Excepng also he homesead prem FOURTH DSTRCT, hole schoolhouse nspecors, C H OAHU sad offce, n Vol 40, page 7, and ses of sad John Domns Hol, bound and reques he suppor and of he reques he suppor of ha Judd, charman; Moses Akawa and J he leasehold neres of Frederck E ed as follows:, H Kukahko 85 Rf ppp demsed bv a ceran nden Begnnng a souh corner of hs lo 85 WM P JARRETT E A DOUTHTT rd Precnc: Pollng place, Yn S hre of lease, daed he 9h day of a angle of heavy sone walls, from Sepember, have been regularly nomnaed by have been regularly nomnaed by Club House a Punaluu, Kapano n 899, and recorded n sad whch pon he saon on Maunala he Republcan Couny Convenon for he Republcan Couny Convenon for specors, John Asng, charman; Joel offce, n Vol 90, page 494, and con hlah bears by magnec merdan S he offce of he offce of Kaahu and Davd K Eaapu J frmed by an nsrumen n wrng W, hence runnng by magnec SENATOR, THRD SENATORAL COUNTY AUDTOR, CTY AND 4h Precnc: Pollng place, Besau daed he s day of January, 90, merdan of hs saon, DSTRCT, COUNTY OF HONOLULU, ran near R R saon a Kahuku n and reques he suppor of and recorded n sad offce, n Vol 22, N 60 5 W, 458 fee along mddle he and reques he suppor of ha specors, R T Chrsopherson, char page 487, n he followng descrbed of sone wall o angle a op of 85 JOEvN HUGHES 85 JAS BCKNELL man; A Kahananu and Sam Paulo lands: slope; 5h Precnc: Pollng place, Waalua have been regularly nomnaed bv () All ha ceran rac of land N 25 W, 45 fee along mddle have been regularly nomnaed by cour he Republcan Couny Convenon for house nspecors, Berram he Republcan Couny Convenon for G suae a Makaha, Waanae, Couny of of sone wall on slope; he offce of he offce of Rvenburge, charman; D K Kauwalu Oahu, Terrory of Hawa, beng he N E, 47 fee along mddle of SUPERVSOR FOR THE CTY AND COUNTY CLERK, CTY AND and L D Kelpo land descrbed n Land Commsson wall a foo of slope; COUNTY OF HONOLULU, COUNTY OF HONOLULU, 6h Precnc: Pollng place Waanae and reques he suppor of he Award 06, Apana 5, Royal Paen S E, 6455 fee o mddle of cour house nspecors, and reques he suppor,of ha D K Wason, 4, and bounded as follows: sone wall adonng James Hol 862 ANDREW E COX J charman; Euha Hu and Kahona Commencng he Wes corner a he lo; DAVD KALAUOKALAN, JR rule Sea and runnng along he Sea 5 0 W, 4525 fee along mddle have been regularly nomnaed by he Kepubcan uouny Uonvenon for have been regularly nomnaed by of sone wall o pon of begn he offce of he Republcan Couny Convenon for, nng Area, 647 acres SENATOR, THRD SENATORAL he offce of DSTRCT, RREPRESENTATTVE, FOURTH and reques he suppor of he DSTRCT, Terms of Sale Cash, n Uned elecors, and reques he suppor of ha Saes Gold Con: en (0) per cen 85 ED HENRQUES of he prce bd o be pad upon he 85 J C COHEN 7h Precnc: Tollng place, Ewa Pa S vlon nspecors, P A Swf, char S man; Vcor Kapule and D Kuhmana, N 8h Precnc: Pollng place, Ewa S cour house nspecors E C Smh charman; Jacob Wakoloa and J P S Keppeler S 9h Precnc: Tollng place, Kalh Pumpng Saon nspecors, E C N Wnson, charman; Wm Kaa and Moses P Punohu 0h Precnc: Tollng place, Kalhwaen a school house nspecors, Geo Barker, charman; Wm Brede, Jr, and N saac Kaopua h Precnc: Tollng place Kng sree near KaJac school nspecors, N Moreno K Hulu, charman; Elsa J M McCandless and S W Spencer 2h Precnc: Tollng place, cor Llh a N near School sree nspecors, L N A Terry, charman; John C CrowderN and Henry Makuaole h Precnc: Tollng place, Kuakn x and Xuuanu srees nspecors, M C S Amana, G W Tahu and A Lews, Jr, N x charman N 4h Precnc: Tollng place, Vneyard sree on wes sde of Xuuanu X sream nspecors, Bernard n Kelekol o, charman; Sam Kaaloa and John K No ley 5h Precnc: Tollng place, Aala Tark Band Sand nspecors, Ed K Kealoha, charman; Ta Gleason and S Syl Akana S E A MOTTSMT SS4 Secreary of Hawa S TlEFERRED BY ALL KeysoneElg n S And S ngersoll Waches N JOS SCHWARTZ, Agen S 9 E, chans 2 lnks; 62 0 E, 28 chans 0 lnks; 84 E, 7 chans 2S lnks; 40 E, 0 chans; E, chans 50 lnks;, 0 0 E, 4 chans 0 lnks; 5 E, also along he Sea, 5 chans 50 lnks o Maunalahlah; hence 7 E, 70 chans along he boundary of Kamale o he sone fence of Kamale; hence C E, 4 chans o he op of he hll Kamaleunu; 2 E, 90 chans along he bound ary of he land called Waanae; hence 25 E, 74 chans alone he on of he mounan and adonng Wa anae; hence W, 47 chans; hence 9 E, 29 chans; hence 7 E, 9 chans; hence 6S W, chans; hence 4 E, 7 chans; hence 8 E chans: hence C2 E, 50 chans o Kaala; hen ce a 28 E, 22 chans along Kaala; hence 7 0 W, 2 chans; hence 499 W 9 chans on he mounan and adonng Waanae; hence 84 W, 50 chans 40 lnks along Waalua; hence 4 W, 54 chans; hence 62 W, 5 chans; hence 2fJ W rn v of Makaha; hence 0 W 22 chans 50 lcks: hence S W, 29 chans o he boundary of Keaau; hence W 8 chans alnnc TTsaqu e hence 40 W, 44 chans 60 lnks; hence 88 W, 5 chans 60 lnks aonr Keaau; hence 4S W, chans: hence S 57 W, 27 chans 50 lnks; hence S 62 W 7 chans 50 lnks along Keaauk o he place of com mencemen Conanng 49 acres, more or less SEA BOUXDARV OF MAKAHA have been regularly nomnaed by he Republcan Couny Convenon for he offce of Commencng a le Wes corner of TREASURER, CTY AND COUNTY he land adonng Keau and runnng OF HONOLULU, Wes mle along sea boundary of and reques he suppor of he Keau, 85 H M VON HOLT S 42 E, 2 mles and of a mle 58 0 along ocean; from hence have been regularly nomnaed by he Republcan N Couny 7 E, mle and Convenon 200 chans along for he offce of sea boundary of Kamale o seashore a Maunalahlah; from DSTRCT, SENATOR, THRD SENATORAL hence along seashorb o commencemen Reservng he Kuleana s 85 E W QUNN and reques he suppor of he of he Naves (2) Tha ceran parcel of land s uae a Waanae aforesad adonng he above descrbed premses, conveyed o J Eobnson & Co, by deed of V, daed he h day of May, 857, and recorded n he Regser Offce, Oahu, n Vol 9, page 2, bounded as follows: Commencng a a sone on he seashore, he boundary runs along he land of Waanae N E, 847 fee o corner of sone wall round Kalo land a Kamale; hence N 65 0 E, 250 fee o peak of rdge; hence S 6S 0 W, o and over black, rocky hll o he seashore bounded by Makaha; hence Easerly along he seashore o commencemen Area, 6 acres Excepng herefrom, however, ha poron of he above descrbed premses conveyed o he Oahu Ralway and Land Company by deed daed Ocober, 898, and recorded n sad offce, n fall of he hammer; he balance o be pal no Cour upon he confrmaon of he sale by he Cour Deed o be a expense of purchaser For furher parculars, apply o A G M Roberson, aorney for planff, a hs offce, Sangenwald buldng, Honolulu; o James F Morgan, Esq, auconer, a hs salesroom, 857 Kaa humanu sree, or o he undersgned hs offce n he Judcary Buldng, Honolulu aforesad JOHN MARCALLNO, Commssoner Daed, Honolulu, Sepember 2, A D 908 The above sale has been posponed o, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 908, 2 oclock noon, a he fron (mauka) enrance of he Judcary buldng, n Honolulu, T H JOHN MARCALLNO, Commssoner S 6 Oc 5, 2, 9 26; Nov 2, 9, W, 2 Don! Don Rub burn ng or smarng eves They need opcal aenon A N Sanford Opcan, Boson Buldng Havng been regularly nomnaed bv he Democrac Couny Convenon for he offce of SENATOR, THRD SENATORAL DSTRCT, respecfully ask he suppor 855 RANK R HARVEY of he Havng been regularly nomnaed bv he Republcan Couny Convenon for he offce of a n REPRESENTATVE, FFTH DSTRCT, respecfully reques he suppor of he 854 SYLVESTER P CORREA S W H McCLELLAN Regular Democrac Nomnee SUPERVSOR CTY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU Havng been regularly nomnaed by he Republcan Couny Convenon for he offee of REPRESENTATVE, FOURTH DSTRCT, respecfully ask he suppor of ha voers 854 A D CASTRO have been regularly nomnaed by he Democrac Couny Convenon for he offce of MAYOR OF THE CTY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU, and reques he suppor of ha 85 JOS J FERN have been regularly nomnaed by he Democrac Couny Convenon for he offce of DEPUTY SHERFF, DSTRCT OF HONOLULU, and respecfully ask for he vong suppor of he 85 CHARLES ROSE W FB5M 0? ESSm 9 Jg are beer ruled, beer prned, beer bound han an any ohers on sale The pars are sronger, beer as sembled and wh a more perfec fnsh We would lke you o come n and examne he workmanshp and ma eral Hawaan Gazee Co, Ld,