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1 MIZRACHI MATTERS Mishnah Yomit EARLY SHABBAT Minchah at 6:00pm 2 Candle Lighting BETWEEN 6:15pm 6:20pm SHABBAT PARASHAT SHEMINI / PARAH Friday, 21 March (19 Adar II) LATER SHABBAT Minchah at 7:15pm 1 Candle Lighting no later than 7:13pm 1. Beit Yehuda 2. Beit HaRoeh 3. Beit Midrash 4. Bnei Akiva 5. Elsternwick 6. Midrashah 7. Rabbi s Home 8. Goldberger Hall 9. Nachalat David Z manim SHABBAT 22 MARCH 20 ADAR II SUNDAY 23 MARCH 21 ADAR II MONDAY 24 MARCH 22 ADAR II TUESDAY 25 MARCH 23 ADAR II WEDNESDAY 26 MARCH 24 ADAR II THURSDAY 27 MARCH 25 ADAR II FRIDAY 28 MARCH 26 ADAR II Shacharit 7:30am 1 8:00am 1,2 6:25am 1 6:30am 1; 6:30am 1; 6:25am 1 6:30am 1; 9:30am 1-4 9:00am 3,5 7:25am 1 7:30am 1 7:30am 1 7:25am 1 7:30am 1 Dawn 6:12am 6:13am 6:14am 6:15am 6:16am 6:17am 6:18am Tallit & Tefillin 6:33am 6:34am 6:35am 6:36am 6:37am 6:38am 6:39am Sunrise 7:24am 7:25am 7:26am 7:27am 7:28am 7:29am 7:30am Sh ma (גר"א) 10.26am 10:26am 10:26am 10:24am 10:27am 10:27am 10:28am Earliest Mincha 1:57pm 1:57pm 1:56pm 1:56pm 1:56pm 1:55pm 1:55pm EARLY SHABBAT Plag Mincha: 5:50pm 2 LATER SHABBAT To sponsor the newsletter please call the Mizrachi office on Candles: Mincha: Candles: 6:10-6:15pm 7:15pm 1 7:02pm Minchah followed by Ma ariv 7:05pm 1, 3 7:10pm 1 7:10pm 1 7:10pm 1 7:10pm 1 7:10pm 1 Sunset 7:29pm 7:28pm 7:26pm 7:25pm 7:23pm 7:22pm 7:20pm Night 8:11pm 8:10pm 8:08pm 8:07pm 8:05pm 8:04pm 8:02pm SECOND MA ARIV 9:30pm 3 9:30pm 3 9:30pm 3 9:30pm 3 9:30pm 3 Menachot 3:6-7 Menachot 4:1-2 Menachot 4:3-4 Menachot 4:5-5:1 Menachot 5-2:3 Menachot 5:4-5 Menachot 5:6-7 6:55pm Between Minchah and Ma ariv 1 Between Minchah and Ma ariv 1 Between Minchah and Ma ariv 1 Between Minchah and Ma ariv 1 Between Minchah and Ma ariv 1 7:05pm Yahrtzeits Yahrtzeits commemorated in Adar I Brigetta Paneth (Husband) Pinny, Tunni and Kovi Paneth (Father) Robert Lazar (Mother)

2 MIZRACHI MATTERS SHIURIM AND EVENTS 1. Beit Yehuda 2. Beit HaRoeh 3. Beit Midrash 4. Bnei Akiva 5. Elsternwick 6. Midrashah 7. Rabbi s Home 8. Goldberger Hall 9. Nachalat David SHABBAT 22 MARCH 20 ADAR II 8:45am 3 - R Bert Mond 9:00am 2 - R Leor Broh 9:30am 6 - R James Kennard Drashot R Yaakov Sprung 3 Topic: Deafening Silence R Leor Broh 2 R Dudi Winkler 3 R Chezy Deren 9 SUNDAY 23 MARCH 21 ADAR II 8:45am 6 - R Dudi Winkler - Sefer HaKuzari Not this week 9:00am 3 - The Holy Bagel Not this week 6:00pm 3 - Limmud - Bnei Akiva s Learning Program MONDAY 24 MARCH 22 ADAR II 9:30am 6 - R Dudi Winkler - shiur for women Not this week 8:00pm 3 - R James Kennard Judaism: Hobby or Reality? 8:30pm 2 - R Dudi Winkler - Practical Halacha in the 21st Century Not this week 8:30pm 2 - R Dovid Segal - Gemara B iyun 8:30pm - R Chezy Deren - Contemporary Halacha - at 7/93 Hotham St TUESDAY 25 MARCH 23 ADAR II 10:00am 6 - R Yaakov Sprung - Chumash shiur for women 7:30pm 6 - R Dudi Winkler - Chabura Gemara for uni students (for women) 8:30pm 6 - R Dudi Winkler - Rav Kook shiur - Topic: Shmita 10:15-11:30am - Children s Tefillah Groups and Gan Shabbat Kehilla Kiddush 8 after Mussaf 5:30pm - Bnei Akiva 5:30pm 1 - Rina Pushett ע "ה Emunah Shiur Speaker: Mrs Shula Lazar 6:00pm - Rabbi Sprung s Parashat Hashavua Shiur Topic: Bounds of Intimacy Seudah Shlishit - Dov Meir Ascher WEDNESDAY 26 MARCH 24 ADAR II 11:00am - Weekly Parashah shiur for ladies and girls - 7 Morrice Street Caulfield Speaker: Michal Kaufman 6:30pm 6 - R Yaakov Sprung - Gemara B Iyun for young men 8:00pm 6 - R Yaakov Sprung - Masechet Brachot 8:15pm 2 - Chani Winkler - shiur for women Travelling Up North with Our Sages 9:00pm - Michal Kaufman - at the home of Family Lewis THURSDAY 27 MARCH 25 ADAR II 5:15pm 3 - The Great Stories of our Great Leaders for Years 2-5 8:00pm 3 - R Dudi Winkler - Gemara shiur 8:00pm 8 - Mizrachi Committee Meeting 8:30pm 7 - R Yaakov Sprung - shiur for men 8:30pm 6 - Chabura for uni students (for women) Guest speaker Natalie Teller 8:45pm 3 - R Dudi Winkler - Parashat HaShavua in easy Hebrew 9:45pm 6 - Chillen Cholent Daf Yomi 3 : Sunday - Friday 8:45am and Sunday - Thursday 9:45pm

3 MIZRACHI S VIRTUAL NOTICEBOARD We wish a hearty Mazal Tov to Adam & Racheli Schaffer on the birth of their son Grandson to Helene & Jeff Morrison (Melb) Wendy Fielding (Israel) Danny & Sudi Schaffer (London) Great grandson to Freda Zielinski (Melb) Dora Schaffer (London) *** We wish a hearty Mazal Tov to Rabbi Azriel and Michal Blumberg (Boston) on the birth of their son Grandson to Myer and Evi Herszberg (Melbourne), Andy and Aviva Blumberg (Brooklyn) Chaim and Esther Plotzker (Los Angeles) *** We wish a hearty Mazal Tov to Elysheva Lindell (Jerusalem) and Eli Segal (Neve Daniel) on their engagement Mazal Tov to the parents David & Sharona Lindell (Melbourne) Gershon & Devorah Segal (Neve Daniel) Mazel tov to the grand-parents Max & Norma Cooper (Melbourne) Klara Lindell (Ramat Efal) Rabbi Phillip Katsman (Seattle) Robert & Tzivi Segal (Jerusalem) *** We wish a hearty Mazal Tov to Leah Balbin and Moishe Chaiton on their marriage Mazal Tov to the parents Dr Isaac & Leonie Balbin (Melb) and Rabbi Shabsi & Ruth Chaiton (J burg) Mazel tov to the grand-parents Mrs Elka Balbin (Melb), Dr Ivan & Ursula Cher (Melb) and Mrs Jill Katz (J burg) *** We wish a hearty Mazal Tov to Gila Lowinger and Heshy Adelist on their upcoming marriage Mazal Tov to the parents Sally Lowinger and Trina & Yossi Adelist Mazel tov to the grand-parents Toya Rajwan, Jack Carroll and Blanche Adelist

4 MIZRACHI S VIRTUAL NOTICEBOARD A Sephardi boys tallis is missing from Beit Yehuda. If found, please call Avi Gilboa on Chametz Gemach Wings of Care redistribution Pesach project for those in need. When you are cleaning out your cupboards for Pesach we ask you to spare a thought for those who are less fortunate and donate some of your non perishable sealed kosher chametz to Rae at Mizrachi for redistribution. Cut off day and time to leave goods is Sunday 13th April at noon. This project is a donation of food for those in need however you may also like to make a financial contribution to this project. To drop off directly to Wings of Care ring Lorraine on Please note that the chametz collected will be sold halachically prior to Pesach and redistributed after Pesach. If you are in need or know of someone in need don t hesitate to contact Lorraine Bnei Akiva Victoria Bnei Akiva is seeking sponsorship for our biannual Mishelanu publication-a book of Divrei Torah about the upcoming chagim written by Chanichim, Madrichim, Bogrim and friends of Bnei Akiva. Distributed to around 30 shules in Melbourne, Mishelanu is a much loved addition to shules over Pesach and the Yamim Noraim. General Sponsorship If you have an upcoming yahrzeit, birthday, wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzva anniversary, or any occasion that you would like to sponsor Mishelanu or our weekly Be er Akiva newsletter in honour of, or even to simply place a Chag Sameach greeting from your family, please contact Oren Smith on or at by Wednesday 26th of March. Advertising If you have a company and would like to Advertise, the price range is: Quarter page: $100 Half Page: $200 Full Page: $400 Back cover: $1000 Wishing the entire community a Pesach Kasher Vesameach. We wish Mazal Tov to the following members who celebrate their wedding anniversary during the coming week: David & Marion Slonim (Sunday) Hadassah & Shmuel Herszberg (Thursday) We wish Happy Birthday to the following members who celebrate their birthday during the coming week: Devora Gold (Sunday) Rachel Saddik (Tuesday) Robert Lissauer (Wednesday) Romi Burman (Wednesday) Benny Berkowitz (Friday)

5 Mizrachi Organisation THE EUGEN YAACOV WEISS MIZRACHI CENTRE 81 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North, Victoria 3161, Australia Telephone: (03) Fax: (03) ª"æÆ MARA D ATRA Rabbi Yaakov Sprung PRESIDENT Ian Waller SC CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Daniel Solomon Adar II 5774 March 2014 MAOT CHITTIN APPEAL * * * * * * * * * * MIZRACHI SYNAGOGUES Beit Yehuda Beit HaRoeh Beit Midrash Bogrim Minyan Nachalat David * * * * * * * * * * BEIT MIDRASH NAFTALI HERC Kollel Torah MiTzion Midreshet Ohr HaMizrachi * * * * * * * * * * ELSTERNWICK JEWISH COMMUNITY Faye Rockman Synagogue * * * * * * * * * * LEIBLER YAVNEH COLLEGE The Joseph & Stera Gutnick School of Jewish Studies A.S. Leibler Secondary School Leopold & Isabella Abrahamovits Yavneh Primary School Abeles Liberman Early Learning Centre * * * * * * * * * * KOSHER AUSTRALIA P/L * * * * * * * * * * MIZRACHI CHARITY FUND MIZRACHI SICK VISITING SOCIETY BNEI AKIVA YOUTH MOVEMENT EMUNAH WOMEN S MOVEMENT * * * * * * * * * * MIZRACHI NOMINEES PTY. LTD. ABN Dear Friends Thank you for the valuable contribution you made to the Mizrachi Charity Fund last year. Your generous contribution ensured that together, we were able to gift over $120,000 to the most vulnerable in our community. Some of these recipients are our children s friends. Their family suddenly found itself struggling due to sudden unemployment, illness or a brave but daunting escape from a violent marriage. Other recipients live on the fringes of our community, both metaphorically or in actuality. They may struggle with mental or physical illness that requires expensive medical assistance. Sometimes that recipient is a loving full-time carer, thus unable to work. Your thoughtfulness allowed us to render timely and often ongoing assistance in the form of food vouchers, rent & utility payments, car registrations, medication, interest free loans or just food for a Yom Tov. Increasingly, we receive referrals from Jewish Care, and other communal charity organisations and rather than work independently, we often work together to complement the assistance we can offer every genuine cry of help. Many within our community rely on our ongoing support. Please give generously to our Maot Chittin Appeal. Wishing you a Pesach Kasher V sameach. Sincerely Yvonne Korbl The Land of Israel for the People of Israel according to the Torah of Israel łøø œł œ Ø łøø łøø ıł

6 Mizrachi Organisation THE EUGEN YAACOV WEISS MIZRACHI CENTRE 81 Balaclava Road, Caulfield, Victoria 3161, Australia Telephone: (03) , Fax: (03) , MIZRACHI CHARITY FUNDS MAOT CHITTEN APPEAL 5774 A. Fund Type: Please tick only one of the following two boxes q I do NOT require a tax-deductible receipt (these funds are used for interest-free loans and for cash that is made available to needy people anonymously.) q I do require a tax-deductible receipt B. Payment Type: Please tick only one of the following three boxes q Cash for $ is enclosed. Please hand this directly* to a staff member in the office 81 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North. q Cheque for $ is enclosed. Cheques should be made payable to Mizrachi Charity Fund. Please hand this directly* to a staff member in the office 81 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North q Please charge my credit card $ Credit Card Type: q Mastercard q Visa q AMEX Credit card No: Expiry Date: Name on Card: / Signed: Date: Please hand this directly* to a staff member in the office 81 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North or post to The Mizrachi Charity Fund, 81 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North or fax to or ring details through on C. Your Details: Please Print Clearly Name: Address: Suburb: Postcode: Phone: address: *The Mizrachi Charity Fund takes no responsibility for any payment left while the office is unattended The Land of Israel for the People of Israel, according to the Torah of Israel łøø œł œ Ø łøø łøø ı ł


8 Naftali Herc s xc at Arnold Bloch k z Memorial Lecture Series presents a lecture by Rabbi James Kennard Judaism: Hobby or Reality? The Transformative Power of Jewish Learning How Jewish learning transforms ourselves, our communities and Judaism 8pm Monday 24 March (all ages) 7.15pm Sunday 30 March (Years 11 and 12 and ages 18-20s) Venue Beit Midrash, Mizrachi, 81 Balaclava Road, North Caulfield Enquiries Beit Midrash 2012 Some of the Regular Shiurim on offer at the Beit Midrash, Mizrachi (all welcome) Supported by Kuzari: Rav Dudi Winkler, 8.40am Sundays Shiur for women: Rav Dudi Winkler, 9.30am Mondays Practical Halachah: Rav Dudi Winkler, 8.30pm Mondays Chumash shiur for women: Rabbi Yaakov Sprung, 10am Tuesdays Rav Kook: Rav Dudi Winkler, 8.30pm Tuesdays Masechet Brachot: Rabbi Yaakov Sprung, 8.30pm Wednesdays Shiur for women: Chani Winkler, 8.15pm Wednesdays Gemarah Shiur: Rav Dudi Winkler, 8pm Thursdays Uni students (women): Chani Winkler, 8.30pm Thursdays Parsha in Simple Hebrew: Rav Dudi Winkler, 8.45pm Thursdays One on one or small group learning with Hesder boys (topic or text of your choice) FiSHeR GRapHiCS




12 Shemini 5774 Issue Adar II 5774, March 22, 2014 Bs d שבת מציוןMiTzion Shabbat Mazal Tov to Rav Avi and Sara Lifshitz (Kollel Perth) on the birth of Ora The Cow Says: "Trust Me" Rav Mordechai Torczyner - Rosh Kollel YU TMT Zichron Dov, Toronto Purim around the world It is a rare person who does not fear death, who will "laugh on the last day." (Mishlei 31) With the rite of the Parah Adumah, though, the Torah prescribes a method for mitigating our fear of matters moribund. The Parah Adumah purifies people from contact with death: A red cow is killed, and then the carcass is incinerated. [This does not happen frequently; the ash of a parah adumah lasts for generations, so that only nine parot adumot have been used in history]. A small amount of the ash is placed into specially prepared water, and that water is sprinkled on a person who has become impure from contact with death. The Jews learned about this Parah Adumah ritual twice, and elements of each appearance demonstrate that this ritual is meant, at least in part, to help us overcome fear. First: After the Jews crossed through Yam Suf, they traveled for three days without fresh water. Finally, they arrived at an oasis called Marah, only to find that the water was not potable. Frightened, the Jews asked Moshe what they would drink, and G-d showed Moshe how to sweeten the water. Then, we are told, the Jews were taught statutes and laws; Rashi says that this includes the laws of Parah Adumah. [See Torah Temimah on Shemot 15:25, challenging this edition of Rashi]. The Parah Adumah is eternally linked to the thirst of Marah. Second: This week, as we learn the specific laws of the Parah Adumah in Parshat Parah, the sages link this ritual with the sin of the Golden Calf. When Moshe disappeared atop Har Sinai, the people feared that they had lost their link with the Divine, and they created a calf as a substitute. We use a cow for purification in order to counter that idolatrous calf; as one midrash on our parshah (Bamidbar Rabbah 19:8) phrases it, "This may be compared to a maid's son, who dirtied the king's palace. The king decreed: Let the mother come and clean up her son's filth. So G-d said: Let the cow come and atone for the deed of the calf." There is another link between Parah Adumah and these two events: Marah and the Golden Calf provide the basic components of the Parah Adumah ritual. We burn the cow's carcass and reduce it to ash, reminiscent of the Calf which was burned and then ground into ash. (Shemot 32:20) We introduce the ash into water, reminiscent of the water at Marah as well as the dissolution of the Calf's ash in water. We then sprinkle this mixture on a person who has been intimate with death. Inserting the laws of Parah Adumah into the Marah and Calf incidents, and adopting elements of each story into the Parah Adumah ritual, hint that these three entities share a common message of trust: Our fear regarding the lack of potable water was empty: Trust in G-d. Our fear regarding the disappearance Montreal Moscow Memphis Munich Washington Shabbat Times Jerusalem Begin 17:15 End 18:27

13 Shemini 5774 Page 2 of G-d at Sinai was empty: Trust in G-d. And our fear regarding death is also empty: Trust in G-d. The Torah underscores this message by connecting the Parah Adumah's two appearances with Miriam, as well. Miriam led the Jewish women in song immediately before the Torah's account of Marah, and Miriam's death is recorded immediately following the description of the Parah Adumah in our parshah. Miriam was all of six years old, apprenticed to her mother as a midwife, when the Egyptian Pharaoh ordered the two of them to kill all of the Jewish baby boys. As the Talmud (Sotah 11b) emphasizes, Miriam and her mother trusted G-d with their lives, defied Pharaoh and saved the babies. Miriam trusted G-d with her life when she addressed the daughter of the Pharaoh on behalf of Moshe, when he was found in his basket on the river. And so Miriam's leadership precedes the first Parah Adumah, and the conclusion of Miriam's story follows the Parah Adumah, as a lesson for all of us to trust G-d and so override our own fear of death. Bs d In 1969, with the entire world of their day as well as future generations watching, three Americans conquered their fear of the unknown, landing on the Moon in the Apollo 11 mission. They used training and simulators to reduce the unknown; as Buzz Aldrin wrote, True fear is the fear of the unknown, and all our training had been geared towards eliminating the unknown as much as possible. When a human being confronts death, he can't eliminate the unknown; there is no "death simulator" available. Nonetheless, the message of the Parah Adumah, this opaque law which defies rational explanation, is this: Trust Me. Just as HaShem was at our side at the waters of Marah, and just as HaShem was present at Sinai, and just as HaShem was present for Miriam, so HaShem will be with us now to protect us. Submissions to the Purim Chavruta Photo Contest on facebook: DanielGreenandhislittlebrother ShmuelGrossbaumandNathanEsra OriGelman TomerTrabelsyand RavMeirMaimonwithhispartner

14 Shemini 5774 Page 3 Bs d ISRAtag Arik Speaker Kibbutz Yad Mordechai is located south of Ashkelon and was founded in 1936 by alumni of the "Hashomer Hatzair" Youth Movement from Poland and Galicia. It is named after Mordechai Anielewicz, a leader of the Jewish revolt in the Warsaw Ghetto. Kibbutz Yad Mordechai was originally located on the outskirts of Netanya and was named "Mitzpe Yam" - "Sea view" and had 140 residents who worked in the region. The kibbutz was used, among other things, as a "Lighthouse" for Ha apala immigrant ships arriving at Israel s shores. Lights from the windows of the children s residence located on a high cliff were used as warning signs in order to evade British forces patrolling the beaches. Fishing boats belonging to the kibbutz also illuminated the path for the immigrant ships to arrive safely. In 1943 the kibbutz moved to its permanent location to the Northern Negev. During the War of Independence fierce battles erupted between kibbutz members who were no more than a company, and an entire brigade infantry of the Egyptian army. These battles managed to halt the advance of the Egyptians towards Tel Aviv and after six days of heroic fighting the kibbutz members were evacuated. During a six month period the Egyptians occupied the kibbutz and destroyed it completely. In November 1948 the IDF expelled the Egyptians in what is known as the Operation Yoav. Today the kibbutz has citrus orchards, vegetable fields, dairy and poultry farms and above all is known for its honey. There is a small museum dedicated to the Holocaust and rebirth of the nation as well as an impressive monument of Mordechai Anielewicz - the photo from last week s ISRA-tag. Until 2008 the Kibbutz maintained a total equality between its members, like the historic Kibbutz tradition. In 2008 it was decided adopt the reform of "renewing kibbutzim" while maintaining the principles of collectivism and socialism while not continuing to rigidly adhere to the principle of equal distribution. Yishar Koach to Joshua P. Fogelman, the first to have provided the correct answer Make a donation to Torah MiTzion for one year ( hora at keva ) and receive a gift: For a 54 NIS/month receive a fleece jacket with TMT s new branding (choice of black, navy or red). For a 100 NIS/month receive a Hakol Baseder Haggadah including activity pack to engage the whole family this year at the Seder. [The Haggadah may be purchased for 150 NIS including delivery] To donate/place your order: write: phone: If you would like to advertise in Shabbat MiTzion contact: Ph WorldTorahMiTzion Where was this photo taken? Please send answers to The answer, further information about this location as well as the name of the first person to recognize this site will be published in next week s edition. Torah MiTzion was established in 1995 with the goal of strengthening Jewish communities around the globe and infusing them with the love for Torah, the Jewish People and the State of Israel. Over the past eighteen years Torah MiTzion's shlichim have inspired and enriched their host communities through a wide range of formal and informal educational programs.