PASSOVER. From the 7 th Day To the Eighth. Be Set Free

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1 PASSOVER From the 7 th Day To the Eighth Be Set Free In Leviticus 23:2 the Lord says these are my Holy Convocations, these are My feasts and He lists them. The food served at these feasts is not food for the body, but food for our minds. Fresh manna is released to each era of the people of God and relevant to their time. Actually it is the plan of God for restoration that becomes apparent for that era of the church and requires the people of God to move ahead in order to stay in His plan, a plan already calculated to take us full circle back to the garden. Over the past few months we have been discussing the role the enemy has had in the destiny and destruction of mankind and how he has hidden this plan of God from mankind. It is at God's feasts that His plan is revealed. Welcome to Passover. If you want to better understand the adversary that stands in the way of our renewal and the tactics he uses, just observe his fruit as he operates through other physical beings. Scripture tells us an evil tree cannot produce good fruit, so the enemy becomes quite apparent if you are watchful. The king of Tyre for instance is an interesting subject to study as he was actually possessed by the devil himself. How do we know the scripture is speaking directly to the devil? To begin with, God said this particular being was in the 1

2 garden of Eden, the home of the original pair Adam and Eve. Since the conversation with the king took place somewhere around 597BC, long after the garden scene, we can obviously see God was not speaking directly to the king who had a human lifespan, but to the being that operated through him. This is similar to Jesus telling Satan to get behind him yet He appeared to be speaking to Peter. With this in mind let us read Ezekiel 28:17. Ezekiel 28:17 17 Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor; I cast you to the ground, I laid you before kings, that they might gaze at you (because he corrupted the wisdom given to him by God at his creation). Notice God said, pride in his looks corrupted his wisdom. Also, God cast him to the ground which the word ground could just have easily been translated earth according to the Strongs Hebrew dictionary number 776. Now, remember the Tree of Life (Christ) and the Tree of Good and Evil (Satan) were both on the earth in the garden. Let us turn to Genesis 3:6. 6 So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes (remember his beauty), and a tree desirable to make 2

3 one wise (remember his corrupted wisdom), she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate. (I don't think I need to explain the tree was not a physical tree any more than the trees discussed in Isaiah 61:3 were.) You see, the original sin was birthed when Eve chose the knowledge of the very rebel God had thrown out of heaven because of corrupting the knowledge of God! On top of that she fed Satan's thinking to her husband as well, and we as their descendants have been freely eating from this knowledge ever since. Do you see it? Do you now better understand why mankind is in the shape he is in? We Passed Over from the Kingdom of God to the world of Satan! We passed over from eternity to time, from perfection to corruption! Everything concerning this world is fashioned from Satan's corrupted imperfect knowledge. All of it! Our beautiful cities, our governments, schools and churches etc. all are built on this knowledge, all inferior, all corrupt. Even the truth released from God to the church in the last 7 thousand year period has been strained through human intellect gathered from the corrupted mind of the adversary, therefore much false doctrine has come about. It is a true miracle the Lord was able to preserve enough knowledge and anointing to take the church to this modern era! Again, all things that have evolved from 3

4 this tainted wisdom during these past seven thousand year period are falling apart, breaking down, and man is losing faith in the world's systems. Humanity is unhappy. More and more people are expressing a desire for change. Eyes of discernment are slowly opening and men and women all over the world are beginning to question the world's condition. Thankfully God has a plan and there is a change, a reversal coming. It's the dawning of a new day. A whole new cycle in man's history is starting in fact. A thousand years is as a day to God. So in His timing we are now in the morning of the eighth day since He created us. The number eight, symbolic of new beginnings, in itself tells us it is time for change. For this change to be for the better, for us to Pass over back into God's Kingdom, do you agree we must reverse things from where the problem first originated, with Eve's choice to attend Satan's feast and dine on the fruit of his corrupted mind? Already there is a major difference being experienced. If you have read any of the blasts in the last few months you are well aware that the Lord is setting us free of Satan's thinking through release of His knowledge, perhaps the very knowledge Daniel was told to seal up until the end days! Truth is freeing us of the veil of deception that has covered our minds all these thousands of years, clouding our spiritual vision and stopping up our spiritual ears. Study of this knowledge has resulted in a decline of interest within the traditional church 4

5 however. As a side note: the very idea it is traditional is the biggest black mark against it, as Mark 7:13 brings to focus. Mark 7:13 13 making the word of God of no effect (all our unanswered prayers are not God's fault) through your tradition which you have handed down. And many such things you do. Through the teachings of the scribes, Pharisees, denominational leadership, in fact through anyone hemmed up by a set program devised by man, there is no room for the Lord's well calculated plan for restoration to be executed! Traditional rituals, traditional holidays, traditional services, are all the result of Eve's choice of knowledge and learned behavior gleaned from Satan. Elves, easter bunnies, witches, goblins all attest to the origin of their beginnings and these did not, I promise you, come from God's feasts! This whole world is one big evil hoax, a prison, an illusion, a state of mind created from the influence of the enemy's thoughts to keep us from God's plan. I don't know about you the reader, but I am ready for change! I want all the Lord has for His people, no sickness or pain, not even death has any place in God's Kingdom. These promises of God are ours, backed and guaranteed through blood covenants made by the Lord Himself. These covenants are 5

6 mine, ours, yours! Passover you see is already beginning to happen and we are on the move! You see, the Lord always wanted good for His family. In fact, when you look back at all the things God has been blamed for over the years through eyes opened by truth it makes you sad. Hurricanes, fires, terrible deaths, sicknesses, anything that has caused unhappiness to mankind all came as a result of Adam and Eve's curiosity concerning the dark side of the supernatural and not from the Lord! God forewarned us if we tasted the fruit from the mind of the evil tree, or touched the enemy in any way we would end up here. You will surely die, He said. We tasted and touched, yet blamed God? He doesn't take our loved ones from us through death, or the life of our pets. He isn't causing wars or instigating the crime seen around our globe, and God is not the one starving little children or making people homeless. He created people in His own image, perfect, without intending any unhappiness for them. Jesus came to fix things. He came to set us free of the trap Eve left us in. The dungeon of our own minds where Satan has dwelt unchallenged all these years is now opened and we are running at last straight into a new day, the 8 th day, as precisely calculated and planned by God! We are leaving the enemy behind as well as the thoughts they planted in our minds to separate us from our Father. We are severing off the giants that had us bound to their will and are instead establishing the Kingdom of God! 6

7 To be a part of this Passover we will have to fight to stay free in our minds for sure! The worst war ever is upon us. Satan and his hordes will do the very best they can to pull us back into them, back into the 7 th day where they reign. This is the battle of all battles where humanity is concerned. The Bible calls it Armageddon. The destiny of man and all creation rides on who wins this war. Jesus has already won the battle in the supernatural, but some generation will manifest that victory to the physical earth. It can be us! As we gain our total freedom by closing our minds to the world's thinking, all of creation has the opportunity of leaving the influence of the enemy in the dust also and Passing over to the new day. We were given dominion over creation as children of God, so what happens to us happens to them as well. We are all a part of the whole of creation, perfectly formulated by God as to where we fit in relation to one another. For there to be harmony as in the beginning on this planet we must adjust to the plan that God has for each of us. When we do take our place in God's plan, we enter His rest and the war is over! All of those tucked into God's perfect plan will be restored, renewed and protected. It is adherence to God's plan that guarantees our victory. How? Because the Word of God will no longer be hindered by Satan's knowledge, human intellect, our differences, or even man's traditional way of doing things. His plan sets us free of Satan's world. All God has spoken will be and all He 7

8 promises are quite safe in His plan! All we have to do is enter His rest by submitting to His plan. Sounds too easy? Scripture tells us child like ones will inherit the Kingdom, so it is easy. Easy that is unless you are one that loves control, like Eve. She wasn't satisfied with God's plan for her and unfortunately there are those today that resist walking fully in God's call. They ignore truth where it requires them to change as doing things God's way would mean disregarding their own plans and losing control. Obedience to God lets Him handle the reins. Soon the gap will widen between the 7 th day person and the child of the 8 th day and the difference will become quite apparent. The anointing of God that remained on truth during the 7 th day is about to burn out and a spiritual darkness is setting in. Unless we are open to the end time knowledge of God we will become hard and dry. Lack of the 8 th day oil, the anointing on God's Word, will cause our understanding to darken and our minds will become an easy target for the enemy to sabotage. Without the light of Truth we will slip away from God's plan, be recaptured by the enemy and revert right back to the original sin. It is imperative we pass over from seeking worldly advice from Satan's mind to the mind of God, to pass over from Satan's plan, to that of God's and keep moving forward as truth is released. Remember when old Israel was released from Egypt and the slavery of Pharaoh (symbolic of Satan) they were to enter the promised land (symbolic of God's Kingdom) in 8

9 a few days. Because of rebellion, fear and complaining however it took forty years with the majority not making it! Remember also from last year's study of the feast of Passover, the word Paroh (pharaoh) divided into two words means bad mouth. So whose image are we in when we get angry, curse and complain? Not fruit that will be found in God's Kingdom! It's the fruit of Satan grown from his knowledge. So God's mind, His knowledge sets our mouths free. We also learned from last year's Passover feast that slavery to the world's systems is difficult work. The word for that work is Perach. Again, broken into two words means loose mouth. So a loose mouth guided by Satan's knowledge produces, not only difficult works, but dead works, because we decide for ourselves what we will do or not do and set out in our own strength to make that happen. Again, God's knowledge draws us back into His plan, His rest, where all is successful for not just us, but all of creation. He brings us back into the original harmony. Understanding God is a Spirit we know He will restore this planet through His people just as Satan, who is a spirit also, has brought this world into being through those he has held captive through their intellect. It can only be accomplished through a people set free of the influence of the enemy, that choose the knowledge of God and repent of having walked in the wisdom of the world. Ones that have had their spiritual eyes and ears opened, mouths set free of idle words and whose actions are implemented through the calculated 9

10 plan of God to produce good works. The knowledge of God, the Word makes it all happen. In closing, God's knowledge transcends the systems of man, the world's religions and all personal beliefs. God's Word is a sovereign statement, an unquestionable fact, an indisputable wisdom not open to conjecture. It is what it is. We may be Catholics, Baptists, Buddhists, atheists, whatever, makes no difference, the knowledge of God stands above it all. There is no defense against it, God has spoken! This knowledge as it feeds and nourishes humanity will turn around the effects of the knowledge chosen by Eve, allowing the planet and all on it to Passover to its once enjoyed state of perfection. The world's knowledge fails man. Its society is doomed and the systems of man all crumbling. Intellectual man without God will become fearful and distraught, not knowing what to do. But those who really love Him and choose His knowledge will mature to Passover from the 7 th day to the 8 th and be free of all evil. They that enter His rest, just as He planned, will be set free of this world and its master, and one day Passover from time to Eternity. Don't miss God's feast Happy Passover family of God! 10