Lesson How does David come onto the Biblical scene? (1 Samuel 13:13-14, 1 Samuel 16, 2 Samuel 5:10)

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1 Lesson 1 1. How does David come onto the Biblical scene? (1 Samuel 13:13-14, 1 Samuel 16, 2 Samuel 5:10) 2. What happens to David in 2 Samuel 11-12? 3. What does Solomon s birth prove? 4. What was David s advice to Solomon in 1 Kings 2:1-4? 5. How did Solomon become so wise? 1 Kings 3: What was the Lord s reaction to Solomon s request? 7. How did Solomon prove his wisdom in 1 Kings 3:16-28? 8. How great was Solomon s wisdom? 1 Kings 4: What will Godly wisdom produce? What will earthly wisdom produce? James 3: How did Solomon prove that heavenly wisdom produces Godly character, but earthly (self) wisdom produces earthly character? (1 Kings 11)

2 11. How in this chapter, do you see that God will not put up with earthly wisdom? 12. Who and what is the key to wisdom?

3 1. What is the purpose of Proverbs? Lesson 2 Proverbs What is wisdom? 3. What is discipline? 4. Why are both, wisdom and discipline necessary? 5. What is the fear of the Lord? Why is it the beginning of wisdom? 6. What is Proverbs 1:8 saying? How important is parenting? 7. Why is sin enticing? 8. How can a sinner be enticing? What is their goal? 9. What did Joseph do in Genesis 39? Is doing right always the right thing to do? What may be the results?

4 10. Whom is Solomon calling simple? When is being simple right? When is it wrong? 11. When you do not listen to wisdom s call, what can you absolutely know will happen? 12. What is true wisdom in verse 33? Explain it from what you have learned. 13. What is the BIG, but little word in Proverbs 2:1-4? What does that say to you? 14. What are the results from verses 1-4? 15. How does the Lord give wisdom? Explain

5 Lesson 3 Romans 1 1. Describe the writer of this book. Why does he completely understand and believe what he is writing? 2. Why does he call himself a servant first and then called an apostle? 3. Do you need a submissive spirit to hear the Lord s call on your life? Why? 4. What are you set apart from? 5. What is the gospel? 6. What does Paul mean when he said; the gospel was promised by His prophets all through the Old Testament? 7. How is Jesus both the Son of man and the Son of God? 8. Why is Christ s resurrection SO important? 9. Why is Jesus name so precious to you? 10. Who are called to belong to Christ? Are you a saint? What does that mean? What must always follow faith in Christ? What does He call you to do?

6 11. Who can only give you grace and peace? Why? 12. What is the talk on the street about you? Would they be thanking God for you? If not why not? 13. What kind of prayer list do you think Paul had? Why would it have been wonderful to be on his list? 14. How are we mutually encouraged by each other s faith? Why is the fellowship of believers important? 15. Verses 16 and 17 have been recognized as the key to this epistle. Explain why. Try to memorize verse 16. What is righteousness? 16. Does anyone have an excuse for not believing in God? 17. To know what salvation really is, what must you know first? (verse 18) 18. Why does God give anyone over to his or her own way? 19. Why is it dangerous NOT take sin seriously? 20. How does verse 32 really spell out the heart of men? Do men need to be redeemed?

7 Lesson 4 Proverbs How can you forget His teachings? 2. Name all the crucial instructions in 3: What will obeying all of them do for you? What does sin do to your body? 4. What does it mean to honor the Lord with your wealth? 5. Is discipline fun? What are the results? (also, Hebrews 12:5-12) 6. What is Godly wisdom more precious then? Explain why. 7. How is wisdom a tree of life? (also, Genesis 2:8, 15-17) 8. What should you never let out of your sight? Why? 9. Explain in your own words, Proverbs 3:25-26.

8 10. Why would anyone do those things in Proverbs 3:27-31? 11. How does the Lord look upon that kind of action? 12. What is the key word in Proverbs 4:1? (also, James 1:19) 13. How does Solomon remind you how important wisdom is? Proverbs 4: What should you do above all else? Why?

9 Lesson 5 Romans 2 1. What is self-righteousness? What does it look like and act like on a person? Why does it come so easy to your human nature? 2. Describe these individuals a. Luke 7:39 b. Luke 11:37-53 c. Luke 15:25-28 d. Luke 18:18-25 e. Revelation 3: Why does Jesus and Paul come down so heavy against self-righteousness? 4. What is Paul s warning in verses 1-4 and Galatians 6:1-5? 5. What should the very thought of salvation do to the self-righteous? (John 3:16-18) 6. What is humility? What does it look like on a person?

10 7. Will there be a day of reckoning for everyone? When is that day? Do you really believe that? If so, how should it that effect your life today? 8. Has God set up a standard way of living? However, whose standards do you judge others by? 9. In what ways does He make sure you know right from wrong? 10. Do you think that Hitler or Ben Laden are worse sinners than you are? (Be honest and really think about that.) 11. Do you remember when you were lost? Why were you lost? What changed all that? 12. What does circumcision of the heart mean? 13. Is there a place and time in history that makes you see yourself and will keep you in your place? Why should you revisit that place often? 14. Read Psalm 73:3-5, 9, 17. Those verses describe you. Explain these verses, and how do they help you with your human feelings? 15. What is the theme of this chapter?

11 Lesson 6 Proverbs What does discretion mean? Why is that a wise word? 2. Why is a lack of discretion referred to as adultery? 3. Why are you attracted to the adulteress? 4. Why are Paul s words in Ephesians 6 something that you need to go over and over? 5. What are the consequences of righteous living at the end of the day? 6. What should you ALWAYS remember in Proverbs 5:21? 7. If you have done wrong against someone, what should you do? Proverbs 6: What does the Spirit have Solomon to say about laziness? Proverbs 6:6-11?

12 9. What is scoundrel? Who can be scoundrels and villains? What is the guaranteed consequences? 10. List in your own words, what are the six things God hates. 11. What does Solomon repeat from Proverbs 1:8? How does he describe these teachings? 12. Will all sin be dealt with? How and when? 13. Where does Solomon get his words and commands? How and why are they effective? Why are they needed?

13 Lesson 7 Romans 3 1. Where do you have a tendency to think your goodness comes from? 2. What are your credentials? What were Paul s credentials? (Philippians 3:3-6) 3. After Jesus came into his life, what did Paul think of his credentials? (Philippians 3:7-11) What do you think of yours? 4. Can your credentials save you? Can they make you righteous? 5. How can your inside and outside be very different? Are you following your God? From Psalm 139:1-14, write down all that He knows about you from these verses. Be specific! 6. What did Jesus say to the righteous leaders playing the religious game? (Matthew 23:11-33) 7. What can make religion like a game? (Luke 20:17, 46-47) 8. What was Jesus reaction to those playing religious games? (Matthew 23:37-38; Luke 19:41-42)

14 9. How bad is it not to believe that God gave His Son to die for you? (1 John 5:10) 10. What does it mean that the ground is level at Calvary? Explain Romans 3: What words do you see repeatedly in verse 11-18? Does that mean even you? 12. How vicious is the human mouth? 13. By Paul using the Old Testament references, what does that prove about humankind? 14. What do you notice about humanity from Genesis 3-Revelation 20? 15. What does it mean to fear God? Should you? Why? What happens when you lose that fear? 16. Why does Romans 3:21-22 change everything? 17. Explain the simple, non-negotiable message of verses How is that your testimony? 18. What may you boast about today? 19. Whom is salvation for? 20. Why is the law still important even though Jesus fulfilled it?

15 Lesson 8 Proverbs Why does wisdom call out? 2. How precious is it? What should you want it more than wisdom? 3. What does prudence mean? What does intelligence mean? Why would it dwell with wisdom? 4. Whom is wisdom for? 5. What should you hate? 6. What are a few of the benefits of wisdom? 7. When did wisdom start? 8. How often should you pursue wisdom?

16 9. According to Proverbs 8:36, what do you find with Godly wisdom? 10. What if you fail to find wisdom? 11. In chapter 9, whom is wisdom inviting over to her house? 12. How can this relate to Jesus story in Luke 14:15-24? 13. What are the seven instructions in Proverbs 9:6-12? 14. Why is folly loud? 15. Where does she lead her guests?

17 Lesson 9 Romans 4 1. What two men of the Old Testament are used as examples to illustrate the truth of Romans 1-3? Why were they great examples for Paul to use? Is the Old Testament relevant today? Why? 2. What does scripture say about Abraham s belief? Find the good and bad in Abraham s life in Genesis What caused the vast difference between his good and bad days? 4. Even though Abraham s life produced many great accounts, where must all the credit go? Why is Abraham listed in Hebrews 11? Explain Romans 4:18, not only to Abraham s life, but to yours. 5. What is the only reason Abraham believed he could have a son and then could sacrifice Isaac? (verses 19-21) 6. What is the only way you can live a right life? 7. Do you have faith? What is it? How big can it be? Luke 17:5-6 How powerful is it?

18 8. Do you know what David is known as by God? Did he accomplish a lot in his life? Yet, why does he write Psalm 32 and Paul uses those words in Romans 4:7-8? 9. What does blessed mean? Why is it something only the Lord can give? 10. Where do justice and mercy come together? 11. What is grace? Can you live without it? 12. If salvation could be obtained through works, what would not be necessary? 13. Was Christ s work on the cross a gift or an obligation? 14. If Abraham and David could walk in the door, what would they want you to know most about them? 15. What do you want people to know most about you?

19 Lesson 10 Proverbs What does the wise person do? Why do you think that would be true? Proverbs 10:1, 5, 8, 13, 14, What are Solomon s wise words in Proverbs 10 pertaining to: a. Lazy hands b. The benefits of righteous living (there are many) c. Integrity d. Hatred e. Slander f. Love g. Discipline h. Lying i. Talk too much 3. In all of Proverbs 11, list all you can find about the consequences of the wicked--- a. What does the Lord abhor? What does that verse mean? b. What is the difference between pride and humility? What is the difference in your character? c. Again, state the differences between the wicked and the righteous choices. (There are many)

20 4. What are the dangers of: a. Mouth of the wicked b. Lack of judgement c. Gossip d. Lack of guidance 5. What are the benefits of kindness and generosity? 6. What are the consequences of putting too much emphasis on one s money? 7. What is the fruit of the righteous? How do you know that sins will be dealt with? 8. In Proverbs 12, prove that your character is very important to the Lord and proves if you are wise or not. 9. What must you be rooted in? (Ephesians 3:17) Why can t that be uprooted?

21 10. What are the words of wisdom in Proverbs 12:15? (Also, read James 1:19) 11. What is more advice for the tongue in this chapter? 12. At the close of this chapter, where will a righteous life lead you?

22 Lesson 11 Romans 5 1. What is the therefore there for? 2. Can you find three benefits of salvation in verses 1-2? 3. What does justified mean to you personally? How can it change your life? 4. Why can you have peace with God? What does it feel like? How has that changed your life? 5. What does it mean that you are no longer guilty and have gained access to Christ? How has that changed your life? 6. What is hope? How important is it that you have hope? What is your hope? How has that changed your life? 7. What is the root word of rejoice? What does that really mean? So, knowing that, how do you rejoice in your sufferings?

23 8. What do your sufferings produce? Describe each one and how each one helps you to triumph even in your trouble. 9. How does God pour out His love into your heart? Has God s love changed your life? Do you need to be reminded that He loves you today? 10. Who is, the Holy Spirit? When was He given to you? How can He be active in your life every minute of every day? In addition, when He is not, who is and what are the results? 11. When did Christ die for you? (verse 6) 12. What has God s love saved you from? How has it changed your life? 13. How severe was the sin of one man, Adam? What were the consequences? 14. How redeeming was the death of another man, Jesus? 15. Describe what verses mean to you personally. Have these verses changed your life? 16. What is the point of this lesson?

24 Lesson 12 Proverbs How are you reminded that wisdom has to be taught? 2. Why should and do the righteous hate what is false? 3. How important is teaching and instruction? Why? 4. Why is picking the right friends a wise thing to do? (Proverbs 13:20) 5. Why can you sing, It Will Be worth It All, when you read Proverbs 14:14? 6. How dangerous is a quick- tempered person? 7. How good is hard work? 8. In Proverbs 14:26-27, what does fear the Lord mean? What will it do? 9. Compare when your heart is at peace or when it is envious. (Proverbs 14:30)

25 10. What should the U.S.A. know from Proverbs 14:32-35? 11. Why should you choose your words carefully? (Proverbs 15:1, 2, 4, 7) 12. What would be very wise for you to remember in Proverbs 15:3? 13. What can you learn about discipline from Proverbs 15:10 and Hebrews 12:7-11? 14. Prove that the Lord is very serious about the proud and the wicked. (Proverbs 15:25,26, 29)

26 Lesson 13 Romans How can sin have a grip on you? 2. Even though you have been saved from sin, why should you strive not to sin? How can deepening your understanding of grace help you with this? 3. What is Christ s plan after He saves you? 4. What is the difference between justification and sanctification? 5. What does it mean to you personally that when you were baptized into Christ, you were also baptized into His death? 6. What is your old self? Get specific! What does Paul say it is in Galatians 5:19-21? What is the serious consequence if you do not get rid of it? 7. In Romans 6:12-14, every minute of every day, you have a continuous choice. What is it? 8. Why is sin so tempting and so powerful in your life?

27 9. When you put to death your old self, what do you receive in its place? Where does your power come from to live your new nature? What are the results? Romans 6:22 and Galatians 5: What does God make very plain in Romans 6:23? 11. In chapter 7, even though the law cannot save you, what is its profitable purpose? 12. In your own strength, what will you struggle with? 13. What very true, but humbling statement is found in verse 18? 14. What does Paul admit in verses 14-24? Is it a continuous battle? 15. What is your only real source of armor for this battle? Ephesians 6: Have you tried it on? Does it work? Does it really rescue you? 17. Did you notice that every piece of armor brings you back to Jesus? No wonder it works.

28 Lesson 14 Proverbs In every good work, what must you remember? Proverbs 16:2 2. Who is in charge of the plan of life in Proverbs 16:3-4, 9? 3. When you think you are in charge, what does Proverbs 16:5 say? 4. What comfort do you take from the truth of Proverbs 16:7? 5. What did Solomon know that he is trying to pass on to you about wealth and wisdom in Proverbs 16:16? 6. What can you count on when you are filled with pride (self)? 7. What should always guide your mouth? (Proverbs 16:23) Why? 8. What great wisdom is in Proverbs 17:9, 14 & 27? Why would that be productive in relationships? 9. From Proverbs 18:2-8, explain what a fools mouth will do.

29 10. How safe is the Lord s name? (Proverbs 18:10) 11. What always comes before honor? Does the world take that view? 12. What does a discerning heart need? What will a wise person seek out? Proverbs 18: How powerful is the tongue? (Proverbs 18:21) 14. How many friends do you really need?

30 Lesson 15 Romans 8 1. What does it feel like to be set free from an eternal death punishment? 2. In your own words pertaining to your own life, what do verses 3-4 mean? 3. Who is running your life s show? 4. From verses 5-11, what is Paul s great reminder to you? Count how many times the Holy Spirit is mentioned in this chapter. 5. Without the active work of the Holy Spirit, can you really enjoy the Christian life? Why not? What all will He do for you? 6. Can you go as far as to say that the Holy Spirit can do the impossible in you? Explain that you will not be sorry when you do. 7. Why is verse 18 a verse you can hold tight to in life? 8. What has sin done to creation? What do you know will happen to His creation in your hope-filled future?

31 9. In verse 26, what is another beautiful job of the Holy Spirit? What can you absolutely count on with the Holy Spirit s interceding on your behalf? 10. If you really believe that God is perfect, what can you KNOW about His will for your life? 11. From verse 28, what else can you KNOW? 12. What is God s purpose for your life? (verse 29) 13. From verse 30, list in order and explain how God accomplished His plan for you? 14. Why should verse 31 show you His love and give you courage for everyday? 15. What can separate you from God s love? 16. What will make you a victor rather than a victim? 17. What are you convinced of? Not a bad way to live!!

32 Lesson 16 Proverbs 19-22:16 1. How can you have zeal without knowledge? 2. What can you count on if you do not tell the truth? 3. From Proverbs 19:8 & 11, what do you gain with wisdom? 4. What is a negative, complaining, and nagging wife like? (there are three in these chapters) 5. How important is disciplining your children? 6. As you make your plans, what must you always consider and surrender to? 7. If you listen to instruction, what can you count on? If you do not? 8. What does Proverbs 20:6 say to you, personally? 9. Who is a sinner?

33 10. What are you known by? 11. Whom should you avoid? Why? 12. What are the wise words about revenge? 13. In Proverbs 21:2, what does the Lord weight? What does that mean? 14. List all you can from Proverbs 21 about your natural SELF. What are the results if you do not desire His wisdom? 15. Who always sees? 16. How should you train your child? What does that mean? What does it take?

34 Lesson 17 Romans Paul was a Jew. Why was he experiencing great sorrow here? Whom is he very concerned about? Why? 2. Another reminder: Can anyone be saved by a certain heritage or good deeds? 3. God is sovereign. What does that mean? What did God say to Moses in Romans 9:15? 4. To those who may object to God s ways, what is Paul s answers in Romans 9:19-21? 5. How does this help you to cope when He brings you through a time that does not make sense? 6. What old hymn comes to mind from Romans 9:21? Why is that a hard song to sing and mean every word? 7. Why did Isaiah s words about Israel come out as an anguished cry? (Romans 9:27-29) 8. What is the only way you can earn God s favor?

35 9. In your religion, is it possible to stumble right over Jesus? (Romans 9:33) 10. If you choose to know Jesus as your Savior, what are you promised? 11. Can any human effort, no matter how sincere, redeem you from your sin? What is the only way? Romans 10:9-10-Write it out. To whom is salvation offered. (Romans 9:13) 12. Do you know someone who does not know Christ as his or her Savior? Does Romans 10:14-15 convict or motivate you in anyway? What do these verses say? 13. Where does faith come from? (Romans 10:17) What is each individual s responsibility? 14. Why are some of Israel s hearts hardened? 15. Even though Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles, whom did he still have a huge concern for? 16. Why is the nation of Israel so important to you? Are you grateful today? Romans 11: How important is Israel to God? 17. From Romans 11:33-36, what does this prayer of praise say to you about your God?

36 Lesson 18 Proverbs 22: What are the two things you must do to the proverbs that you have just studied? 2. What is the message in Jesus words and in Proverbs 22:18? 3. What is the benefit of knowing true and reliable words? 4. What is a real friend? Why is it important that you choose your friends carefully? 5. What is Proverbs 23:1-9 warning you of? 6. How can you be guilty of taking advantage of someone? 7. How do you apply your heart and your ears to instruction and knowledge? 8. How can you keep from envying others? 9. What happens when you do not take care of yourself?

37 10. What does Solomon warn against in Proverbs 23:29-35? 11. Who is usually last to know when there is a problem? 12. From Proverbs 24:1-4. What should wisdom make you, realistically realize. Why is verse 1 so tempting? 13. What does it show about you, if you falter in your trouble? 14. What can you count on if you find wisdom? 15. What is the unwise human heart like in Proverbs 24:17, 29? 16. What is the wisest council you have received in this section?

38 1. How is Paul urging you to live? What does that mean? What does it look like in your life? Lesson 19 Romans Why is it so easy to conform to this world? 3. What happens in your mind? Is it powerful? How do you renew your mind? Can you control it? 4. When you have the right spiritual mind, what will your desires be? 5. Why should you work at a healthy God esteem rather than a good selfesteem? What keeps you humble? What keeps you from sinking into a pit? 6. What does God give you so that you can fulfill the mission He created you for? What does He expect you to do with them? 7. Romans 12:9-13 are instructions to every Christian. List them and define each one so that you can know exactly what is expected of you. 8. How do you bless those who persecute you? What keeps you from doing what your flesh would like to do?

39 9. Romans 12:15-16, how does it reflect your real heart? 10. How can you keep yourself from a revengeful spirit? 11. What is the real love of Christ? 12. What does forgiveness mean to you? How is it possible and what does it feel like? (The giving AND taking?) 13. What does overcome mean? What does out of control look like? What can it do to you and others? 14. Do you think Paul is giving you a lesson from Galatians 5:22-26? (Watch this continue in the next lesson) 15. When will Jesus make everything right again, as He promised?

40 Lesson 20 Proverbs Instead of trying to make yourself impressive to others, what is better advice? 2. How do you get a bad reputation? 3. How important is a word spoken in the right way? 4. How should you treat your enemy? 5. How enjoyable is a quarrelsome wife? (Proverbs 25:24 and 27:15-16) 6. From chapter 26, what is the behavior of a fool? 7. How much trouble can your tongue get into? 8. Why should you never boast about your tomorrow? 9. From Proverbs 27, why should you be aware of jealousy in your life?

41 10. What should you do when you spot danger? Why? 11. What does a man s heart reflect? 12. What are never satisfied? 13. Why is a man tested by his praise? 14. What is the only way you can remove sin from your life? 15. What is not a guarantee? 16. What should you be paying attention to?

42 Lesson 21 Romans What would this world be like without someone in authority producing order? Why would it be like that? 2. From Romans 13:1-2, what must you always remember about authorities? 3. As an American citizen of heaven, where is your responsibility? 4. What is your responsibility as an American citizen? As a citizen of heaven? Read Luke 20:25. How do you put this verse into practice? 5. Christianity is not a movement to improve government or help society clean up the town. What does the gospel of Christ do to an individual heart? Then, what can happen? So, where does change really lie? 6. Even if you do not agree with every law, what are you to do? Even if you may resent the way your tax money is being used, what are you to do? 7. Even if your person is not in office, what are you to do?

43 8. When it comes down to it, to whom do you put your trust in? Who is your hope in? Who will ALWAYS be in control? Where is He sitting right now? Read Isaiah What is the Bible s view on debt? 10. How are you to live alongside of others? 11. What is at the center of all rules? What are the effects of that rule? Who followed that rule to the fullest? Review Romans 8:29, what is God s goal for you? 12. Why work so hard at all of this? Why is it so important? 13. What does it mean to clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus? 14. How and why will that outfit look perfect on all of us? 15. What does it mean to be ready for the return of Christ?

44 Lesson 22 Proverbs Find the wisdom that pertains to: 1. Leaders 2. The poor 3. The rich 4. The greedy 5. Those who trust themselves 6. Discipline 7. Anger 8. Pride 9. Fear 10. Dishonest and upright

45 Lesson 23 Romans What is a weak Christian? Why are you to accept them and not pass judgement when it comes to disputable matters? How could you help that weak Christian become a strong one? 2. What are some disputable matters? Why do you think the Bible states specifics and leaves decisions to you? 3. Do you have any quirks? What do you hope others will do about that? 4. How are you to make decisions on disputable matters? 5. What are the meanings of these three words? a. Conviction b. Conscience c. Consideration 6. What should these words be based upon?

46 7. What is legalism? How can it creep into all of your opinions? How damaging can legalism be? 8. From Romans 14:10-12, what should you always keep in mind? 9. From Romans 14:13, what should be a priority and something you choose in your life when you are at home and when you are not? 10. If someone is distressed with one of your actions, in love, what should you do? 11. Explain Romans 14:17-18 in your own words, so that you may take on this attitude. What difference can that make in relationships? 12. What should you make every effort to do? What can you say and what do you know about the word self right about now? Here is a new definition of sin for the believer: Any line of conduct or any act which is not the outflow of faith in Christ becomes sin.

47 Lesson 24 Proverbs How does the writer prove that he knows God? 2. How does the writer affirm God s Word? 3. What are two things the writer asks the Lord for that is great wisdom but goes against your sinful nature? (Proverbs 30:1-9) 4. What does the writer remind you of in Proverbs 30:10-14, about your sinful nature? 5. What does the world look like to the writer in Proverbs 30:15-30? 6. How sure is the writer that anger will produce strife? 7. What is the warning and wisdom about alcohol? 8. Whom should you speak up for? 9. Describe noble character.

48 10. What does noble character produce in a woman? 11. Why do you think Proverbs ends with this description? What does it prove? 12. What part of you should you be spending the most time grooming? (also read Ephesians 3:14-20) 13. How do you keep the goal of the Proverbs 31 woman in front of you? 14. Read Ephesians 5: How has the study of Proverbs helped make those verses possible?

49 Lesson 25 Romans What is a strong Christian? How do you become one? 2. Who is your best example of a strong Christian? What did he do best that you should emulate? 3. What are the benefits of studying the Scriptures? 4. What does it mean to make Jesus your Lord? What does it require? 5. What are the benefits of knowing Jesus better? 6. How do you accept others? What does that exactly mean? 7. What did the Jews think of the Gentiles? Whom did He come to save? 8. What are the benefits of trusting Him?

50 9. As the Lord shows you where to give, what should be your attitude? 10. What does Paul want them to pray for in Romans 15:30-32? Why do you think that he asks for that? 11. In Romans 16, do you feel that Paul understands the need of, and approves of, women to be in ministry? 12. Do Christians need one another? Why? Is every Christian called to do something? Is any assignment by the Lord more important than another is? What IS important to Him? 13. What does Paul urge you to watch out for? Why? 14. What is the danger of a spiritually naïve mind? How can you keep from having a mind like that? 15. Is obedience to the Lord noticeable by others in your life? 16. What can you know for sure from Romans 16:20? 17. Romans is the heart of the gospel. What does Paul tell you to do with this gift? 18. For all that this book says, and all that He has done for you, where does all the glory go? Why?