Libi Wolfson Bat Mitzvah ~ Saturday, August 11, 2018

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1 Published monthly 11 times a year, free to congregation members August ~ 5778 No. 11 Libi Wolfson Bat Mitzvah ~ Saturday, August 11, 2018 Libi Wolfson is a twelve year-old rising 7th grader at Ormond Beach Middle School. Previously, she attended Temple Beth-El PreSchool and Pine Trail Elementary School. In her free time, Libi enjoys reading, freewriting, and listening to her music. She aspires to run her own business when she grows up. Her Bat Mitzvah project is collecting donations for and raising awareness of the Whale Sanctuary Project, specifically the Free Tokitae movement. Tokitae is an orca whale that resides in the Miami Seaquarium in a borderline-illegal, small and unsafe tank. Tokitae and around forty other whale babies were taken from their pods in Washington state. An Orca whale is meant to stay with its pod for its whole life unless it starts a pod of its own. The average expected life span of a wild orca is 45 years but they can live to be as old as 100. All the baby orcas except Tokitae have died due to the reduced lifespan of captive whales in poor conditions but much of the wild half of the pod is alive and well in Washington, including Tokitae s mother. One man brought recordings of Tokitae s mother to the Miami Seaquarium and played them to Tokitae, who reacted visibly. The Whale Sanctuary Project has put together a plan to bring Tokitae back to her pod and her mother with massive help from the Lummi Tribe in Washington. If you wish to view more information and donate to the project, please go to In This Issue: Libi Wolfson Bat Mitzvah Page 1 Calendar of Events.. Page 2 Rabbi Berman Page 3 Lynne Ritter... Page 4 WRJ Sisterhood..... Page 5 Religious School... Page 6 Capital Campaign Pages 7-8 August Yahrzeits....Page 9 TBE August Donations...Page 10 Youth Group Page 11 Family Renew Page 12 Brotherhood Page 13 Temple Israel.... Pages August Simchas.....Page 16 Jewish Federation.Page 17 High Holy Days.. Pages Erica Brok Birthright Trip...Page Congregant News...Page 22 Sponsors,,Pages 23-24

2 Page 2 Contact & Services Information, In this Issue 579 N Nova Road Ormond Beach, FL Temple Phone Temple Fax TBE School Phone TBE School Fax TEMPLE STAFF Rabbi Rabbi Courtney Berman Rabbi Emeritus Barry M. Altman Director TBE School Sheri Myers Temple Administrator Jill Brok Temple & Rabbi s Secretary Therese Cirafisi BOARD MEMBERS Temple President Lynne President Elect......Steve Wolfson Secretary..Gayle Belin Treasurer/Immed. Past Pres...Rodd Gould Immediate Past President...Jeff Brok First Vice President.....Diego Handel Judge Michael Orfinger House Chair....Marty Opelt Religious School Director..Trienah Myers WRJ Sisterhood President: Adrienne Grossman. TBE Brotherhood Co-Presidents: Diego Murray Calendar of Events ~ August 2018 Day Date Time Event Friday 8/3 7:00pm Saturday 8/4 10:00am Morning Service & Kiddush Sunday 8/5 10:30am Meet the Artist Tobi Kahn Thursday Friday Saturday 8/9 8/10 8/11 5:00pm 7:00pm 4:30pm Art Auction FRC & Woman s Network Shabbat Service-Sponsored Kiddush Libi Wolfson Bat Mitzvah Wednesday 8/15 6:30pm TBE Board Meeting Friday 5:30pm Tot Shabbat 7:00pm Family Service 8/17 Saturday 8/18 Sunday 8/19 Shabbat Service 10:00am Morning Service & Kiddush NO AUGUST BROTHERHOOD BREAKFAST Wednesday 8/22 7:00pm Preparing for High Holy Days Adult Ed Thursday 8/23 6:30pm TI Board Meeting Friday 8/24 7:00pm Shabbat Service Saturday 8/25 10:00am Morning Service & Kiddush Wednesday 8/29 7:00pm Preparing for High Holy Days Adult Ed Friday 7:00pm Shabbat Service 8/31 TEMPLE BETH-EL MISSION Temple Beth-El Congregation worships God in the Reform Jewish Tradition. We are both diverse and multigenerational, welcoming any person or family wishing to associate themselves with our Jewish Community. We strive to cultivate a love of our Jewish heritage and we actively support the State of Israel. The spirit of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and a vibrant spirituality are ingrained within our Congregation. Our many educational programs reach deep into the community, embracing all ages, faiths, races and ethnic backgrounds. TRUSTEES: Gayle Belin Jeff Bigman Michael Carson Shelly Fisher Michael Furman Ira Heller Lewis Heaster Richard Holtz Kim Lache Dr. Laurence Namdar Dr. Howard Pranikoff Joel Rosen David Sacks Barbara Steinberg Lyle Trachtman Gregory Wagner

3 We have returned again in what seems like the blink of an eye to the season of preparation. That s right: High Holy Days are just around the corner, and there is plenty of work to be done to get ready. The work I have to do as a rabbi might seem easy to identify, and the work our wonderful temple staff does should also be abundantly clear, as well as the work of our dedicated leadership. While it might seem like we who work at the temple should be the ones doing all of the preparation for the High Holy Days, that is just one side of the work. In reality, all of us should be starting our personal, spiritual preparation so that these Days of Awe can be filled with meaning. We should all be engaging in cheshbon ha nefesh, an in-depth accounting of our own souls, so that we can truly do teshuvah, the turning from our ways that leads to growth and real change. Part of my purpose as your rabbi is to help guide this effort, and provide motivation and a sense of purpose along the way. I feel especially energized in this task this year, partially because we have our new prayer books. We will be using them some leading up to the holidays so that they become somewhat familiar before we jump into our Rosh Hashanah services. As we do this, we also From Rabbi Rabbi have a chance to focus Courtney Berman our intentions toward reflection, renewal, and Courtney Berman some of the other important themes of this season. The reflection shared below comes from Mishkan HaLev: Prayers for Selichot and the Month of Elul. This prayer book is a companion to the Mishkan HaNefesh prayer books we will be using for our Rosh From Rabbi Berman Page 3 Before we slip too quickly into the Season of the Soul let there be a Sabbath of Sabbaths for the heart. Before the music of Creation s majesty let there be a silent praise of existence. Before the feast of sanctified words let there be a poetry of solitude. Before we enter the palaces of prayer let us find within ourselves a place of calm. Before we revel in the wondrous and sublime let there be an honest, inward gaze. Before the rites and ceremonies of Awe let there be quieter days, an island of attentiveness. Hashanah and Yom Kippur worship this year, and there are some lovely prayers and readings inside that help to prepare us for the Days of Awe. I will make sure to bring more of these types of prayers to our Shabbat worship leading up to the holidays.

4 From Your Board Page 4 From Your President Lynne Ritter We ll make this space a holy place, so separate, so whole. Rejoice every soul who enters here. Debbie Friedman in Mishkan Hanefesh you have heard, we have new High Holy Day books, provided by the TBE Women of Reform Judaism. Over the summer, we began the reading of the books, in order to get more comfortable with them. Different yes, but full of warm writings and our special holiday prayers. As in: Source of blessings may we open our eyes to the radiance around us; may we open our hearts with gratitude and our souls with appreciation. Come and share readings from the new books with us. Growing up and living in the northeast, summer was my favorite time of year. We lived near the beach and spent many a day on it. Living here, we have the ability to go to the beach all year long and experience the beautiful ocean whenever we can. For me the beach is a place to rejoice and find peace. The Capital Campaign has been ongoing for a year and we have seen a lot of our members come forward and give generously to the campaign. We are not done! There is still more that needs to be improved. It is my hope that as the campaign continues we will have 100 percent participation from all our members. At Temple Beth-El, we have had this summer to get Every amount counts and ready for the holidays. As will be used to improve We congratulate the TBE 5th Grade Graduating Class of 2018! Their graduation ceremony was held after the deadline for the last bulletin but we want them to know we are proud of them for their accomplishments! Way to Go, Class of 2018! our spiritual home. It is up to all of us to make this a better place, a holy space that we can celebrate. I hope that all of you find peace this summer. It is important that we enjoy the fun times and come back to temple renewed and invig- orated. Please visit and experience all that Temple Beth-El has to offer. Speak with all of us, come to services, and be a part of all the good we do. Shalom, Lynne Ritter TBE School Kindergarten Graduation Class of 2018! For their graduation, the 7th grade Religious School Students were asked to write down their thoughts on What Hineini means to Me. Below are the thoughts from Ilari Droker which were mistakenly omitted in the June/July bulletin. Thoughts from 7th Grade Religious Student Ilari Droker Hineini means to be involved in your community. It means to support one another and lend a helping hand to someone in need; to show that you can make a difference; to show you can blaze a path to success and your future. You don t have to go to Temple everyday to show God that you are there supporting, helping and participating. I believe that everyone should do some small action that makes a difference because a lot of small things can add up to something quite special.

5 WRJ Sisterhood page 5 TBE Sisterhood Adrienne Grossman

6 Religious School page 6 Religious School Trienah Meyers Well, the summer is over before you can blink an eye and we are back in business. Religious School and Hebrew are gearing up and I am looking forward to a great year. We will have confirmation class this year as well and that is wonderful. If you have a student in our religious school or are considering enrolling your child(ren), please contact me as soon as possible as I am configuring classes now. We have a new handbook to make our mission and policies clear to our existing and new parents. In addition, Rabbi has created a B nei Mitzvah guide which should help our students and their families in their preparations. There is a Religious/Hebrew/ Family Calendar in print and available to anyone who wants one, just ask Therese. It contains all the Religious School, Hebrew and Confirmation class dates as well as family B nai Mitzvah meeting dates and family and tot Shabbats and congregational dinners (at least those sponsored by the Religious School). We will be adding youth group activities to the calendar as well! I hope everyone will take a look at it and come to Temple and support our children. The calendar will also be uploaded to the Temple website under the Religious School tab. Every year, I learn new things right along with my students and I am excited to see what this new year will bring. Religious School needs volunteers and you can learn right along with us! If you have a high schooler that needs service credit, we need them. If you just enjoy the company of our rowdy group, we need you. Please contact me if you can help. As always, here s to a great year of learning and fun! Trienah Meyers Temple Beth-El Religious School is now accepting registration for Religious School Hebrew Instruction Religious School $ per student Pre-K through Grade 6 (and/or pre-b/nei mitzvah Hebrew Instruction $ per student Grade 4 through b/nei mitzvah (includes purchase and use of Hebrew software) Households with multiple students receive a $15.00 reduction for additional students (after the first student) Registration forms can be picked up at the Temple Office Or Downloaded from our Temple Website (Select Education & Youth Education) If you have any questions regarding our Religious School & Hebrew Instruction, please contact Trienah Meyers, Religious School Director

7 Capital Campaign Page 7 Capital Campaign Fundraising Update Last year we embarked on our Capital Campaign, titled Building Together. Our goal is to invest in our Temple to upgrade and update our facility. It is hard to believe, but our original building is just about 40 years old. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have listened, considered or answered the call. To date, we have successfully received over $140,000 of the $180,000 pledged! We are at 70% of our $250,000 goal. These funds have already made a much-needed impact. Included in the money received was a generous donation by our WRJ Sisterhood to purchase the High Holy Day Prayer Books. We are looking forward to using the new books during the upcoming High Holy Days services and for years to come. Additionally, Richard and Rochelle Holtz gave us a generous donation to purchase prayer books for our Youth. Again, this is something that will benefit our Temple family for years to come. As for Temple projects, we completed the outside maintenance of the building (including caulking and painting the exterior). We installed a new camera system and it is working beautifully. We were even able to install a few extra cameras with money from a State of Florida grant (also included in the above figures). Our current project is the upgrade and installation of our outside lighting in the parking lot and building perimeter. We hope to have that completed in the next couple of weeks. However, at this moment, we do have a shortfall in our efforts of about $70,000. Without the additional money, we will not be able to complete our wish list. As pledges come in and perhaps, others commit, we hope to be able to address most of our needs. Unfortunately, we must also be mindful that our roof will need attention soon. The Board of Trustees has prioritized the projects still under consideration. Following is a review of the numbers to date and the priority schedule. Again, THANK YOU! Capital Campaign Goal $250,000 As of June 22, 2018 Pledged $182,000 Donations Received $141,000 Pledges due over the next 2 years $ 41,000 (funds not yet received) Expenditures to date: Painting and sealing of the building High Holy Day Prayer Books Youth Prayer Books Camera Security System Lighting update $ 28,806 completed $ 9,419 completed $ 1,442 completed $ 26,131 completed ($12,570 covered by grant) $ 14,350 initial payment & second installment $ 9,000 expected balance on lighting Total expenditures paid or due $ 89,018 Funds available for projects as of June 22, 2018 Pledges due over the next 2 years $ 51,982 (currently held in Money Market) $ 41,000 (funds not yet received) (continued on page 8)

8 Capital Campaign Continued Page 8 Capital Campaign Fundraising Update (continued) Projects under consideration and project estimates: Estimate: Sound system for the Sanctuary and Social Hall $50,000 - $55,000 Lobby/Restroom renovations $50,000 Bema Accessibility $50,000-$100,000 IMPORTANT NOTE: The roof is an item that we will have to address in the near future (1-3 years). We have one estimate to replace for $250,000. We would put that out for several more bids, but we would expect a new roof to cost between $100,000- $250,000. We have had participation from a total of 71 congregants from both temples: 65 from Beth-El and 6 from Temple Israel. Temple Israel donated $25,000 to date and TBE School raised $6,000. A heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to the effort to date. We are still hopeful others might find it in their hearts and wallets to help us reach our goal and complete these worthwhile projects. We would happy to answer any questions you may have. Given our current financial situation and the remaining funds available, the Board of Trustees decided the following project priority: The Sound System (naming rights still available) as this would benefit the congregation by enhancing services in the Schott-Pepper Sanctuary and events in the Doris and Babe Katz Social Hall. This would provide an upgrade for School events as well. Our goal is to do this project within the next 6 months. The Lobby Restrooms (naming rights still available) these are in need of repair and we hope you will help us reach our goal to make this project a reality. Rabbi Barry Altman & Nancy Matczak Gayle Belin & Gary Kessler Rabbi Courtney & Jeffrey Berman Jeff Bigman Jeff & Jill Brok Scott & Debbie Buckwald Mark Carney Howard Carrey Michael Carson Francine & Aaron Chorost Celeste Doliner Clayton & Valerie Duhl David & Angel Epstein Larry & Andrea Frank Shelly Fisher & Gary Spewak Michael Friedman Michael & Suzanne Furman Rodd & Lori Gould Diego & Asya Handel Harold & Barbaree Heaster Lewis & Angela Heaster Richard & Rochelle Holtz Betsy & Jerry Honigman Sylvia Honigman John Hoyer Dr. Leonard & Helaine Indianer Dick & Jeanne Jaffe Annette Jenner Harry Katz Simon & Maria Kaufman Gert Kempner Dr. Michael Kohen Jerry & Esther Krueger Rod & Kimberly Lache Rita & Laurence Lee Allan Levin & Laura Rocco Morris & Sylvia Levy Diana & Chip Mann Dr. Bruce & Barbara Manne Gloria & Ray Max Trienah Meyers Sandy & Mary Miller Chip & Sheri Myers Drs. Laurence & Jessica Namdar Howard Offenberg, MD Marty Opelt Judge Mike & Laura Grace Orfinger Judge Rick & Ellen Orfinger Jackie Peacock Dr. Howard & Cheryl Pranikoff Dr. George & Anita Rimler Dr. Andrew & Lynne Ritter Ron Robert David & Mardi Sacks Evelyn Sacks William Sacks Martin & Pearl Salkin Neil & Linda Samuels Amy Sandler Beatrice Schemer Dr. Alan & Lorna Schlossman Dr. Steven & Mary Ann Serkin Murray & Barbara Steinberg Irma Sue Stofsky Temple Israel Lyle & Raquel Trachtman Greg & Josie Wagner Dr. Richard & Maureen Weiss Regina White Steve & Darlene Wolfson Paul Yamin Warren Zundell We are over half way to our goal and we sincerely thank those who have pledged and sent in donations to the Capital Campaign. We appreciate your generosity!

9 TBE/TI August Yahrzeits Page 9 Here we remember the loved ones of Temple Beth-El & Temple Israel with yahrzeits in the month of August. Thomas W.G. Newman Evelyn Abrams Clara Auerbach Samuel Axelrod Gertrude Barber Simon Berkowitz Michael Berkowitz Howard Block Rhoda Blumenthal RubyLee Borns Abe Brown Edward Brown Shirley Brown Charles K. Brunner Frieda Brunner Alice W Brunner Mary Indig Buch Maurice Burts Louis Butensky Bernice Collins Roger Collins Evelyn Coronio Richard Custereri Isaac Doliner Jeremy Doliner Isidore Ehrlich Michael Fishman Julius Friedman Ross Fryer Clara Geiss Stanley Gersten Eva Goldberg Gertrude Goldstein Isaac Goodman Anne Gordon Helen Greenberg Frank Grossman Donald Haas Lucile Hamner Elizabeth Shoshana Harr Amy H Heller Eva Hoffman Sophie Hymowitz Benjamin Idelson Alma Jacobs Stella P. Jacobson Harry Kanfer Michael Kapinos Victor Kassels Jerry Katz Mollie Kinbar Marga Kirschbaum Masha Kolkey William Korash Rose Kornreich Minna Krutchkoff Raymond W Kruzel Benjamin Kurzman Kurt Kywi Henry D. Lee Dr. Irwin Leider Edward Daily Levy Jennie Liebman Rita Agnes Lussier Morris Malmon Izach Marcus Gertrude Marsh Myron "Mike" Maxwell Fran Meyer Jeanette Meyers Edith Meyers Lois Mooney Harry W. Morse Sam Moshin Sadie Moskowitz Robert Negrea Julius S. Neviaser, M.D. Isidore Oblas Arthur Oppenheimer Elsie Orfinger Arthur Ossinsky Priscilla Osswald Arnold Perry Earnest Pilton Sylvia Pollack Israel Polonsky Dr. M. Leo Pranikoff Rosalee Rabinowe Abraham Ratner Molly Revzin Cyril Rill Ann H Robbins Brenda Robert Marvin Robins Hyman Rubenstein Rose Rubin Pearl Saltzman Sam Samrock Sarah Samrock Jeremy Samuels Leonard Satz Annie Schafer Joseph Schafer Marvin Schild Kate Schwartz Shirley Seiderman Morton Setzer Masha Shenker Beverly Shreiber Harry Shretter Joseph Siegel May their names be for a blessing. John Hudson Smith Helen Solomon Max Sonnenstein Gerald Sorkin Philip Sorkin Abraham Spar Aaron Steinberg Reba Steinman Bertram Streifer Charleen Tompkins Paul Toppino Ruth Schott Trent Clarice Ullman Marvin Unatin Anna Valitsky Nathan Vogel Marvin R Weiner Lee Weinstein Lorraine Weiss Ethel Werfel Esther Wheeler Sarah Yellin Stephen A Yordon Ron Zohar

10 TBE Donations Page 10 Temple Beth-El is sustained by the tzedakah of its members & friends. Thank you to those who have sent donations in the past month. Building Fund: Malka Altman Camp Coleman Fund: Get Well wishes to Minna Kapinos, Barbara Wolfson, Jerry & Esther Krueger, Mike Farb and Larry Lee from Dr. Andrew & Lynne Ritter. In loving memory of Harold Levy from Dr. Howard & Cheryl Pranikoff. Condolences to Amy Workowski on the loss of her mother from Dr. Andrew & Lynne Ritter. In loving memory of father, Zalkind Ziggy Hurwitz from Annette Jenner. In loving memory of Kathryn Opelt from Marty Opelt. In loving memory of Buzzy Glickstein from Jeffrey Bigman. In honor of the 90th birthday of Sylvia Honigman from Carol Miller, Susan Rose & Linda Schraub. In loving memory of Geraldine Weiss & Dorothy Weiskopf from Stanford Weiss. Get well wishes to Barbaree Heaster from Rita & Larry Lee. In loving memory of Morris Miller from Sanford Miller. In loving memory of Priscilla Parsons Osswald, Barbara Parsons Merridew & Robert Opelt from Marty Opelt. Thoughts and prayers to Gloria Max for healing from Rita & Larry Lee. Rabbi s Discretionary Fund: In loving memory of my dear husband, Thomas WG Newman, from Cindy Newman. Music Fund: In loving memory of Harold Levy, father of Phil Levy from Richard & Rochelle Holtz. Wishing a speedy recovery to Cindy Newman from Dr. Howard & Cheryl Pranikoff. Capital Campaign: Donation from Rita & Larry Lee. Donation from Richard & Rochelle Holtz. In loving memory of Harold Levy & Buzzy Glickstein from Sylvia & Morris Levy. Thoughts and prayers to Barbaree Heaster and Minna Kapinos for healing from Sylvia & Morris Levy. Thank you for the Get Well card following my surgery from Jerry & Esther Krueger. Donation from John Hoyer. Donation of Items: Thank you to Dr. Howard & Cheryl Pranikoff for their donation of office items to TBE & TBE School. Thank you to Julian Kanfer for his donation of the beautiful landscape water color painting of Jerusalem that now hangs in the Temple Office.

11 Youth Group Page 11 We had a great turnout last year for our Simchat Torah Lock In. (pictured left) Youth Group Zach Berman I m really looking forward to another fun filled year for our youth group! We are planning to repeat many of our successful programs from last year, along with a few new ones for this year. The event I m most excited about is an overnight trip to St. Petersburg, where we plan to visit both the Florida Holocaust Museum and the Salvador Dalí Museum. This trip will be done in collaboration with our Temple Religious School. We will be doing some fundraising this year to cover costs. Another new activity will be our Field Day in the Park, or as we are calling it: Tu B shvat in the Trees! And of course, we will once again this year maintain our annual tradition of Trick or Treat for Hunger, where we collect canned goods for the Jewish Federation s Jerry Doliner Food Bank. Please see our tentative calendar for the year on this page. Please get out your datebooks and save the dates! Our temple Youth Group is for middle and high school kids. If you or your teen would like to get involved, please contact me to get on our mailing list at ~Zach Berman Youth Group Director This year, our first event will be a Sukkot Lock In on September 21, Please mark your calendars and prepare to have some fun with the TBE Youth Group this coming year! Are you a Middle or High School student? Do you like having fun with other kids your age? Then you may want to get involved in our Temple Beth-El Youth Group! There are many fun events planned this year! (see tentative calendar of events below) You can even bring your friends! If interested, please contact Zach Berman, our Youth Group Director, at for more information. YOUTH GROUP CALENDAR OF EVENTS Fri. Sep. 21 Sukkot Lock-In Sun. Oct. 21 Distribute Bags for Trick or Treat for Hunger Sun. Oct. 28 Collect Bags for Trick or Treat for Hunger Fri. Dec. 7 Chanukah Party Mon. Jan. 21 Tu B shvat in the Trees (Field day games this is MLK day) Fri. Mar. 22 Purim Party Sun. Apr. 14 Youth Group Seder Sat. Apr. 27 Trip to Holocaust Museum and Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Fri. May 17 Early Shavuot (Cake Wars) Lock-In

12 Family Renew, Donations Page 12 The FRC PROGRAM To achieve their goals, what is required of families who are accepted into the program? While living at Family Renew Community, parents must: (1) Be employed [at least one parent in twoparent families]; (2) Maintain a savings fund for permanent housing with a minimum of 50 percent of income deposited every payday; (3) Meet weekly with a case manager and submit weekly budget sheets with receipts attached, listing all income, expenses and amount deposited into housing fund; (4) Help with yard cleanup; (5) Attend workshops on parenting, money management and nutrition; (6) (Keep children enrolled in school. In addition, apartments are inspected weekly to ensure a clean living environment for the children; parents are encouraged to obtain GEDs, enroll in college or vocational classes to increase their income potential, and enrichment activities are offered to children. Our case management is a holistic approach healing the whole person/family. We have found that many of our adults have been in foster care, and/or were sexually abused as chil- FAMILY RENEW COMMUNITY dren, or abused as adults, or grew up in alcoholic and/or drug environments. They are trying to cope with emotional, psychological and physical problems. Their financial problems are just a visible indication of their other needs. We collaborate with other social service agencies to provide our families with counseling. How do we know that the FRC program works? From Tony Deobil, Executive Director of FRC: We are always curious to see how our families are doing once they leave Family Renew Community. We just completed our first survey process, and we are truly encouraged by what we found out. Since January 1, 2017 we served 57 families. Using two methods of surveys we identified that 95% to 97% of those families are still stably housed as of July 1, We also identified that only one family responding was unemployed at the time of the survey. We also learned that 82% of the families responding to our survey were now earning more money than when they stayed at FRC. And, 50% of the families responding had or were pursuing additional education for better job opportunities. This is our first snap shot of how our families are actually doing after they leave our program. One of the family comments says it best: "If it weren't for Family Renew Community, we really wouldn't be where we are today: able to pay our bills, live a stable life, able to buy a new car and have a savings. My husband has a second job and I am working at Halifax." Remember: Family Renew Community is about a hand up, not a hand out! DONATE TIME DONATE MONEY DONATE to the SECRET ATTIC THRIFT STORE Anita Rimler Barbara Steinberg Temple Beth-El s Trustee Representatives to FRC Almost 30 years ago, our congregation chose to become an FRC Trustee so we could practice Tikun Olam in real, effective ways. For us, that choice has not changed so we can choose to support FRC as a congregation and as individual Jewish families. Mazel Tov to Amelie Kurlander On her Bat Mitzvah ~ May 5, 2018

13 Brotherhood Page 13 Murray Steinberg Diego Handel Mom, what s a damn Jew? When I was eight, a classmate called me a damn Jew. When I got home I asked Mom, what s a damn Jew? At twelve I asked our Rabbi how I should answer my friends when they asked what a Jew is. He didn t go into an explanation about the difference between Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Jews. He simply said, We believe one God created the universe; everything else is tradition. So what kind of Jew are you? Once I had a discussion with a first cousin who is a learned Jew following Orthodox standards. He said many Jews that rarely attend services or rarely say prayers in a traditional sense are cardiac Jews. They are only Jews in their hearts. The next time we met, I told him that I d thought about it. I m a psycho Jew because I believe I m a Jew. I m not simply a Jew in my heart. So what kind of Jew are you? Regardless what we call ourselves, most Jews love to learn, to inquire, to discuss, to debate and to socialize. Temple Beth-El Brotherhood offers opportunities to do just that. We invite everyone in the community to join us. There is never a charge to attend. Purchase of meals is optional. So come and discover what kind of Jew you are! Murray Steinberg, Co-President THERE WILL BE NO BROTHERHOOD BREAKFAST IN AUGUST! PLEASE SEE THE FLYER TO THE RIGHT FOR INFORMATION ON THE SEPTEMBER BREAKFAST, FEATURING DAVID GRABNER FROM VILLARI S MARTIAL ARTS CENTER! Dave will share defensive moves that can be used by all age groups! Your eligible purchases of books & products on Amazon Smile can raise funds for Temple Beth-El. Shop and designate Temple Beth-El as your charity every time you make a purchase. We thank you for your support!

14 Temple Israel Page 14 Simon Kaufman Temple Israel President Congratulations to Joanie Grounds on her completing sixteen years as administrative assistant to Temple Israel. She knows the history of the Temple and has kept the records in outstanding shape. I have never asked her a question that she has been unable to answer and that makes my job all the easier. Every year she prepares the Temple Directory and takes the initiative to keep all our activities organized. In appreciation of those sixteen years, we sent Joanie flowers to acknowledge all she does for the Temple. I hope she continues to give us many more years of wonderful service. I looked at the calendar and was surprised to see that the first day of Rosh Hashanah is Monday, September 10th and the second day of Rosh Hashanah is Tuesday, September ing in Hebrew, opening the Ark and closing the Ark, carrying a Torah, unwrapping a Torah, dressing the Torah, receiving an aliyah, and reciting a Haftorah. You may request more than one honor. I encourage you to participate fully in services for these High Holy Days. Over the last several weeks, we have celebrated the 90th birthday of Sylvia Honigman, the Bar Mitzvah of Andrew Hatten, the 20th anniversary of Rabbi Berman's Bat Mitzvah, and the one -year anniversary of the passing of Hans Wolfer- 11th. Erev Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre) falls on Tuesday, September 18th with Yom Kippur on Wednesday, September 19th. Therefore, I am in the process of preparing my lists of available honors for the Holy Days. The Rabbi and Cantor have already begun their preparations for the High Holy Days. As in the past, we will send out a flyer and ask you to contact me or Joanie with the type of honor(s) you wish to participate in and on which Holy Day. Honors include the following: a reading in English, a readman. During the remaining weeks of Summer and up to the High Holy Days, join us for a Friday or Saturday service in honor of a simcha (happy event) or honoring the memorial of a loved one. On Saturdays, we would like to honor you by calling you up to the Torah for an aliyah. If you are not well-versed in Hebrew, we have a transliteration and someone is always willing to help you with the prayers recited before and after your aliyah. I hope that the remaining days of Summer are a time for recreation and rejuvenation. Enjoy! ~Simon Kaufman Vallis Miller Sisterhood of Temple Israel. We share the honors of candle Temple Israel lighting with our sisters of Temple Beth-El. We work together Sisterhood President to use the kitchen to honor both Two women are progressing traditions.for the Break-thefast, towards the Bema. One is Pesach Seder and many wearing a head covering and other holiday traditions. We still the other is not. Their eyes have some learning to do, and meet as they prepare to welcome the Shabbos bride. Despite their backgrounds and we will continue to plan events that both memberships can enjoy. Our goal is to find opportunities affiliations, they climb the for women to get stairs together. One does the together for social activities and Congratulations to Joanie mystical movements bringing learning as well. Grounds on 16 years of service to Temple Israel as our in Shabbat and the other stands respectfully as the candles are lit. Together they say As we approach our New Year, Administrative Assistant.We the blessing that women have appreciate all of your hard said for thousands of years. work for our congregation As they leave the Bema, all eyes are upon them as they and we thank you for your walk back to the Congregation. 16 years of being a part of So too, this represents our our Temple Israel Family! our Temple Israel Board invites all women in the Congregation to join us and be active. Contribute ideas and most importantly attend the events that have been planned for you. As with the Shabbos candles, our women carry the light and create the environment for Jewish life to prosper in our Synagogue. L Shanah Tovah May you each have a happy and prosperous New Year. Vallis Miller

15 Temple Israel Donations Page 15 Temple Israel gratefully acknowledges the following contributions: Yahrzeit Donations Gary Fox, in memory of father, Robert Fox Gail Gottlieb, in memory of grandmothers, Mina Oblas and Bertha Kaplan Jackie Levine, in memory of mother, Laura Klein Natalie Lipson, in memory of mother, Bertha Berman and aunt, Shirley Greenstone Harvey Morse, in memory of sister, Vivian Morse Gloria Pless, in memory of Sybina Pless Jackie Savedow, in memory of husband, Barry Savedow and mother, Belle Ginsburg Deena Stein, in memory of mother, Ida Gayer Irma Sue Stofsky, in memory of husband, Herb Stofsky; father, Mickey Rothenberg; uncle, Charles Reed and mother-in-law, Lillian Stofsky Paul Yamin, in memory of parents, John & Wadad Yamin Cards & Greetings Condolences to Barbara Glickstein on the loss of her husband, Gerald Buzzy Glickstein, from: Monica Apriceno Bruce & Paula Barenbaum Laren Barrett Sheila Cohen Celeste Doliner Mona Goodman Jerry & Betsy Honigman Sylvia Honigman Jerry & Esther Krueger Amy Mayer Temple Israel Sisterhood Hedy Weiss Speedy recovery to Steve Levine, from Betsy & Jerry Honigman and Sylvia Honigman Speedy recovery to Deena & Howard Stein, from Mona Goodman Speedy recovery to Hedy Weiss, from Mona Goodman Mazel tov to Mr. & Mrs. Steve McCarthy on the birth of their grandchild from, Howard & Deena Stein Mazel tov to Sylvia Honigman on her 90 th birthday, from: Monica Apriceno Laren Barrett Rita Bear Sheila Cohen Mike & Helen Farb Harriet &Al Fritts Mona Goodman Harold & Barbaree Heaster Simon & Maria Kaufman Jerry & Esther Krueger Hilda & Leo Levine Natalie Lipson Marianna Machacek Amy Mayer Dr. Steven & Mary Ann Serkin Howard & Deena Stein Mazel tov to Anna Wolfermann on her 90 th birthday, from Mona Goodman Mazel tov to Jeanne Kanfer on her 100 th birthday, from: Temple Israel Sisterhood Condolences to Paula Barenbaum on the loss of her sister, from Netta Weiner and Howard & Deena Stein Speedy recovery to Gloria Max, from: Harriet & Al Fritts Mona Goodman Speedy recovery to Mike Farb, from Howard & Deena Stein Speedy recovery to Barbaree Heaster, from Jerry & Betsy Honigman & Sylvia Honigman Speedy recovery to Jerry & Esther Krueger, from Celeste Doliner Harriet & Al Fritts Mona Goodman Simon & Maria Kaufman Howard & Deena Stein Temple Israel Mission Statement Temple Israel is a congregation that practices Judaism in the Conservative tradition. We are co -located with Temple Beth-El, a Reform congregation, in Ormond Beach, Florida. We provide many programs and educational activities throughout the year. Our Congregation is egalitarian and welcomes any person or family who wishes to join our Jewish community.

16 August Simchas Page 16 AUGUST ANNIVERSARIES William & Margaret Sacks 8/1 20th Jesse & Catherine Greenblum 8/2 31st Rod & Kimberly Lache 8/4 22nd Gary Kessler & Gayle Belin 8/5 12th David & Mardi Sacks 8/8 10th Rabbi Courtney & Jeffrey Berman 8/8 10th Zev & Gail Cohen 8/7 52nd Dr. Aron & Norma Newfield 8/13 58th Jerry & Betsy Honigman 8/15 37th Laurence & Cheryl Tanenbaum 8/16 31st Richard & Jeanne Jaffe 8/18 50th Murray & Barbara Steinberg 8/23 20th Charlie & Lorraine Weisman 8/26 45th Dr. Leonard & Lisa Frazer 8/28 36th Jackie & Steven Levine 8/30 38th Laurence & Rita Lee 8/31 55th AUGUST BIRTHDAYS Judge Michael Orfinger 8/5 Regina White 8/6 Scott Schlossman 8/11 Lauren Oppenheimer 8/11 Jake Heller 8/13 Adam Orfinger 8/16 Barbaree Heaster 8/18 Andrea Tordini 8/18 Cheryl Pranikoff 8/18 Ben Fox 8/21 Ira Heller 8/22 Fred Share 8/23 Chelsea Wagner 8/24 Liane Isaac 8/25 Matthew Altman 8/27 Rabbi Jason Holtz 8/29 Evelyn Sacks 8/29 Gregory Wagner 8/31

17 Jewish Federation page 17 Jewish Federation of Volusia & Flagler Counties Gloria Max Executive Director As usual, we are working very hard helping a lot of people with food from our Jerry Doliner Food Bank. With summer now here, many families with children are not getting the free meals that they received at school, therefore, we are seeing more families requesting food. We are pleased that we received two anonymous donations, one was for $10,000 to assist folks when they are in emergency situations and one from a family that donates $ every month. We are very careful to whom these funds go to and we carefully screen everyone that asks for assistance. Hooray, we met our match for $40,000 for the school supply project. There are a few outstanding pledges for this project but we were assured that funds would be forthcoming. We will be helping over 7,000 less fortunate youths in both Volusia & Flagler Counties. Thank you to Congregation B Nai Torah for allowing us to have our annual meeting at their synagogue. Mayor Bill Partington installed our new Board. We combined this afternoon with the grant that Congregation B Nai Torah received from the Endowment Fund. Unfortunately the speaker s topic is not what we announced, but we nevertheless we showcased the many areas that this Federation does locally and in Israel. We were sad to learn of the loss of our dearly beloved Gerald Buzzy Glickstein. He definitely was a hero to our Federation, giving not only his funds but his manual labor. Buzzy was like a sabra (Israeli born) tough on the outside but sweet, caring and generous on the inside. He will be missed. Our sincere condolences to his wife Barbara and his family. Our Board voted unanimously to have our building named the Gerald Buzzy Glickstein building in his memory. The Federation gives all B Nei Mitzvah youth a Chanukah menorah. One young girl Anastasia Chuven asked if she could have the School Supply Program as her project. We were overwhelmed when she gave us her entire funds collected, which amounted to over $1,500. Bravo! Anastasia. The Federation coordinated with Congregation B Nai Torah Asia Segal Foundation to bring in a Klezmer Band from Gainsville. The full house enjoyed them thoroughly. Bless you, Charlie Beck, for doing most of the work to bring this concert to our area. The Endowment Fund Chairperson, Lynne Ritter, and her Board again gave out grants from the interest they receive from the funds invested. Rules were adhered to and the Endowment Board gave the following grants: Temple Beth-El $1, Temple Israel $1, Temple Beth Shalom $1, Mount Sinai Cemetery $6, Jewish Heritage Festival $5, Since the Festival is every two years, the Heritage receives (if funds are available) another $5,400 the following year for a total of $10,800 making the again have a luncheon for Federation the Grand the elderly and will help our less fortunate Jewish people Sponsor. have food for the holidays. Jerry Doliner Food Bank Hope you are enjoying your $4, for crisis aid. summer. The GI Jews film was a huge success. The film Marvin Miller, President was fantastic and we mar- Gloria Max, veled at the footage shown. Executive Director We thank Temple Beth-El for allowing us to showcase this excellent film. Thank you, Steve Lorenzen and Murray Steinberg, for their excellent help. Thank you to President Marvin Miller for not only purchasing this film but working very hard on this project. Over 167 people enjoyed and witnessed this excellent movnefesh COMMITTEE ie. Thank you Marta Weisberg for baking over 400 If you know of a congregant delicious baked goods and who is ill, in the hospital, etc, thank you to her helpers Sandra Dembinsky and please contact: Minna Kapinos Sarah for all their help. We at had an honor guard from Palm Coast and a 12 year TEMPLE FUNDS old girl sang the national anthem. We honored * Adult Education World War II Veterans, Jer* Building ry Krueger and his wife Esther, Leonard Yordon * Music and Myron Ettus and we * Family Renew had a picture of Leonard * Prayer Book Sacks, of blessed memory, in his uniform. Leonard * Youth Group fought in Normandy and * Malka Altman Camp received a purple heart. The High Holidays will be here soon and we will Coleman Scholarship Fund

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19 High Holy Days Volunteers, Memorials, Book of Memories Page 19

20 High Holy Days Information page 20

21 Erica Brok Birthright Trip to Israel page 21 Erica Brok Birthright Trip to Israel, Summer 2018 I honestly did not know what to expect when I went on my birthright Israel trip. For years, Katya Droznin and I have been talking about going on this trip to Israel and this summer was the first summer that we were both eligible (age-wise). I also went with a girl who was on my beach volleyball team at FAU whom I had just met this past year. When we arrived at the airport I was nervous to see who was going on the trip. Of course, there was a Facebook page for the group so I was able to get in a little information about the other people, but I still had no idea what they would be like and if our group would all get along. Many of us had seats near each other on the plane and we started talking and getting to know each other better because what else is there to do on a 13-hour plane ride? As soon as the plane landed, I knew that the people I was traveling with would become life-long friends. The first day was a little rough because we were running solely on the sleep that we were able to get on the plane. We arrived at 8 am Israeli time in Tel-Aviv and had a whole day of activities planned. Our first stop was to see the CEO of Sachlav, our trip provider. He introduced us to why they do what they do and where the money comes from. He also gave us a brief synopsis of Israel s history. Our next stop on the trip was Caesarea, which was home to many Roman ruins- including the famous amphitheater which has one of the best acoustics in the world. After that, we headed to Kibbutz Hakuk. A kibbutz is a communal living area in which we had a set time for dinner and had to clean our dishes. The next day we got to go hiking through the Jordan River and white-water rafting. As the day was winding down, we had to have a preparation meeting for the Israeli soldiers that were going to join us for 5 days of our trip. All of the soldiers were around the same age as us and it was cool to meet locals and get their point of views and to become friends with them. This was my favorite part of the trip because they became part of the family. They taught me some Hebrew words, what their favorite music is, what they like to eat, and what they like to do in their free time. It was great to have their perspective on the trip especially when we visited the cemetery on Mount Herzl. They told stories about their friends and family members that were buried there because they died in the line of duty. It was also interesting to celebrate Shabbat with them in Jerusalem because I thought that everyone there was going to follow Shabbos, but only a handful of people were shomer shabbos on our trip. However, this did mean that on Shabbat we had a candle lighting, a dinner and a free day. We walked to the Israel museum, explored for a little and then had the rest of the day to relax by the pool. The next day we went to the Western Wall, which was a memorable experience especially since they opened up an egalitarian side in which both men and women can go to the wall together. It was very sad to see the Israelis leave, but they had to go back to their bases. After the Israeli soldiers left our group, we went to the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea was by far the prettiest place that we traveled to in Israel. We all ran straight to the water and for many people it was their first time ever being in the Dead Sea. It was really cool to see how happy and astonished everyone was when they sat back and began to float. The coolest part was when we went deep and could not touch the ground, but it still looked like we were standing. There were many times when I tried to sink myself, however I was never successful. The next day we had to wake up at 3 am so we could get to Masada in time for the sunrise. We hiked up Masada and screamed our war cries to the mountains, which echoed back. Then we went to where we would spend the night- the Bedouin tents. These tents were on top of the mountains in the middle of the Negev desert. We were able to ride camels, star gaze and meet other birthright groups. Over the course of the trip, I never felt unsafe. Safety is very important to all Birthright groups. We had a security guard/medic that was trained and armed. They also made sure that they did not take us to potentially dangerous places. The closest we got to the Gaza strip was the Gaza lookout and the town of Sderot, which has bomb shelters everywhere, including the playgrounds. They just wanted to show us how the town used to have to always live in fear of being bombed. Due to an increase of technology, they have not had to live in fear for a couple of years. The last day was the saddest day, we went all around Tel-Aviv and then at the end we had a talk about the (continued Page 21)

22 Erica Brok Birthright Trip to Israel Continued page 22 trip and had to say our goodbyes. Most of the people extended their trip, so this was the point in which they left the group. By this time, we had all become friends and many of them live in South Florida so we were already planning Shabbat dinners at each other s houses. I did not extend, which I regret, so I had to go back to the airport. When we got to the airport some of the Israeli soldiers were there waiting to surprise us. They brought us homemade cookies and gave us a gift to take home with us. This was a trip that I will definitely never forget. I have become friends with many people who go to the same college as me that I never would have met if it was not for this trip. This is not everything that we did, nor everywhere we went, but I hope it gives you a taste of what a remarkable trip this is for a young adult Jew to learn more about their heritage. It is a life-changing experience and if you have the chance to visit Israel, you should seize the opportunity. Erica Brok and her Birthright to Israel team mates pose for a group picture around an artistic sculpture in Israel to commemorate their amazing birthright adventure. Congregant News Mazel Tov to Sarah Orfinger Russell & David Russell on the birth of their beautiful new daughter, Emma Oliva Russell! Emma was born on July 6, 2018, weighing 6lbs 13oz and measuring 19 long. Her grandparents, Judge Rick & Ellen Orfinger, are thrilled to welcome their granddaughter to the family! Welcome Emma! Installation of the TBE & TI Boards for We are happy to share your milestones in our Congregant News! Contact Therese in the Temple Office to have your news included in our Bulletin! Oneg Shabbat following Tot Shabbat!

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