Ein Ha-Yam Wadi El-J mal Trail وادى الجمال. A tour through a picturesque and. multi-cultural neighborhood of Haifa

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1 Ein Ha-Yam Wadi El-J mal Trail وادى الجمال A tour through a picturesque and multi-cultural neighborhood of Haifa

2 Hikers on the Ein Ha-Yam Trail " Byzantine mosaic

3 Ein Ha-Yam /Wadi El-J mal Trail An Arab-Jewish communitybased tourist initiative The Ein Ha-Yam Trail, a community-based initiative to develop a sustainable tourism business model in the multi-cultural and multi-religion Western Haifa neighborhood of Ein Ha-Yam / Wadi El-J mal, is a joint project of neighborhood residents, the Leo Baeck Community Center, the Haifa Municipality, and the University of Haifa School of Tourism. Explore the scenic Trail through customized guided historical and nature outings, visits to archaeological and architectural sites and the adjoining Community Garden. About Ein Ha-Yam / Wadi El-J mal This small Western Haifa neighborhood overlooking the idyllic Mediterranean Sea is one of Haifa s most diverse communities and known for its good neighborly relations. Of Ein Ha-Yam s approximately 2,600 residents, 40% are Jewish and 60% are Arab (Christian and Muslim) Until a few years ago tensions were growing amongst its complex and diverse populations due to a shortage of municipal infrastructure and services. In 2011, a new Arab-Jewish community leadership team at Leo Baeck s Clore Shared Existence Center fostered positive change in the community through a series of projects aimed at civic coalition-building, youth leadership, small business development, and beautification of the neighborhood. They also found that the mixed nature of the community offered numerous opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue and cooperation, such as the Ein Ha- Yam Trail and adjacent Community Garden where neighborhood events and celebrations are held. These projects have created a sense of community cohesion and pride in the neighborhood, encouraging residents to work together on shared goals and serving as a model for interfaith and intercultural cooperation. Award-winning project: 2013: Best New Entrepreneurial Project Award from the National Association of Community Centers 2015: Tolerance and Peace Award from Rotary-Israel Kamil, a neighborhood resident: For me the Trail is an educational community project, an initiative that connects the residents with their past and builds a better future. The project strengthens our ties to this beautiful place and reinforces the bond between it and the residents of the neighborhood, both Jewish and Arab.


5 Lower Trail Tour (1-8) We begin with a breathtaking view of the neighborhood and a visit to the Community Garden where we will chat with neighborhood volunteers. From there we continue to the archaeological site, hiking along the seashore at the foothills of Tel Shikmona and passing by the National Institute of Oceanography, to St. Gregory Church. Our tour continues with a stroll through the neighborhood, mingling with local residents to hear their stories, and ends with hospitality at a resident s home. 1) Mountain viewpoint 2) Community garden 3) Anchor monument 4) Burial caves 5) Byzantine mosaic 6) National Institute of Oceanography 7) Tel Shikmona Upper Trail Tour (9-12) Our tour begins on the northwestern slopes of the Carmel range with a spectacular view of the city of Haifa and continues with a visit to the Stella Maris Church and Carmelite Monastery. We hike downhill on a nature trail to the Holy Heart Chapel of Solitude and continue downhill on steps to Elijah s Cave. The tour ends with a stroll through the neighborhood, mingling with local residents and hospitality at a resident's home. 8) St. Gregory Church 9) Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery 10) Holy Heart Chapel 11) Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum 12) Elijah s Cave 13) Haifa Cable Car


7 About Us The Leo Baeck Education Center was established in Haifa in 1938 as a kindergarten for children fleeing pre-war Europe and is now considered one of Israel's finest educational institutions. In addition to its K-12 schools, gifted student and special needs programs, Leo Baeck has built a close-knit network of education and community centers in Haifa. The Center s schools, Progressive synagogue, community and sports center, and seven satellite centers serve more than 35,000 Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and Baha i who reside in Haifa s most dynamic and mixed neighborhoods. The Center has received numerous awards from national and international organizations in recognition of its extensive educational programming and community service. The Clore Shared Existence Center is one of Leo Baeck s seven outreach centers and is the only community center in Ein Ha-Yam / Wadi El-J mal. The Center provides a wide range of educational and social services to all age groups and cultures and encourages sustained engagement between the different cultural and religious groups. Ronit, Community Garden volunteer: Against the backdrop of a spectacular view, I had the fantastic experience of learning to grow cauliflower, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, and many other vegetables and herbs, in four languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and English. The Ein Ha-Yam staff invite you to explore our scenic trails and discover this unique neighborhood and its residents. To schedule a tour contact: Leo Baeck Community Center - Clore Shared Existence Center, Ein Ha-Yam Monday-Thursday, 16:00-19:00 Tel

8 mootagoc.com