The schedule of various events organized in the three days of the festival is shown as under:

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2 Shree Saraswati Education Sansthan has been organizing cultural and sports activities throughout the year. Last year also the celebration of Zonal Youth festival, Xitij 2011 was organized on 13 th and 14 th October, 2011 and Faculty of engineering, Shree Saraswati Education Sansthan bagged Zonal Championship in the year 2011 and LDRP College of Engineering was Runners up. This year also Shree Saraswati Education Sansthan celebrated the Youth Festival of Gujarat Technological University for Gandhinagar Zone on 4 th, 5 th and 6 th October, Shree Saraswati Education Sansthan has been not only hosting the Youth festival of Gujarat technological University but also hosts Sports activities. This year Spirit 2012, Volleyball, Gandhinagar Zone GTU was hosted by this institute and GEC, Patan was Winner where as Faculty of Engineering, Shree Saraswati Education Sansthan was Runners up. The basic objective behind organizing Cultural and sports activities is promoting the talent of the students and nurturing their interest and giving them the platform to excel in the field in which they are interested. In addition to the studies, today what is required is all faceted development of the students of Gujarat Technological University. Both soft and hard skills are required for the overall development of the students as the students have to pass through the cut throat competition in the market. As an Organizing Chairman, it gives a great pleasure to see the response of almost more than 19 institutes involved in the field of Engineering, MCA, MBA and Pharmacy. Almost 550 students participated in this mega event in various categories of events like Music, Dance, Literature, Theatre and Fine Arts. This year Gujarat Technological University added two more events viz. Folk Orchestra and One Act Play. The day wise report is presented along with the event snaps and the result of the competitions.

3 The schedule of various events organized in the three days of the festival is shown as under:

4 The Chief Guest of the inaugural function of Second Youth festival, Gujarat Technological University, Gandhinagar Zone, Xitij 2012 was Dr. Akshai Aggarwal and Prof. M. M. Chaudhary, President of Shree Saraswati Education Sansthan was Guest of Honor. Special invitees were Dr. G. P. Vadodaria, Controller of Examination and Capt. C. S. Sanghvi, Member Secretary, Board of Cultural Activities, GTU. Other trustees of Shree Saraswati Education Sansthan who attended this inaugural function were Shree Janakbhai Khandvala and Shri Rajnikant Patel. Welcoming Honourable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Akshai Aggarval

5 Welcoming Mrs. Aggarval Madam Dr. K. N. Sheth traditionally receiving Dr. Akshai Aggarval, Vice Chancellor

6 The Inaugural function commenced subsequent to the unique and wonderful, Ganesh Vandna. Lord Ganesha whose seed mantra is Aum Gung Ganpatey namah.. known as Ekadanta - the One-tusked God, Vakratunda that is the curved-trunk God, Lord Ganesha was invited to illumine our consciousness and the knowledge. Ganesh Vandna was remarkable because the auspicious performance included the art of sword and art of Painting different postures of Lord Ganesh during the lyrics on which the group was performing. Ganesh Vandna was followed by Welcome address by Prof. Dr. K. N. Sheth, Organizing Chairman, Gandhinagar Zone. Dr. Sheth very meticulously brought out the great contribution made by Dr. Akshai Aggarval, Vice chancellor in bringing the Gujarat Technological University in the world map. His poetic speech cherished all the participants and imparted new energy in them.


8 Dignitaries on the Dias Dr. Akshai Aggarval in his address emphasized the need of Culture and Sports activities along with the studies. He stated that routine life always needs change and change is desirable for inventiveness and creativity. He highly appreciated choreography along with the performance of painter and the performance of the sword artists. He had invited Ganesh Vandna group to perform on 11 th October, 2012 before the provost of Alberta University during the MOU function. Similarly, Shrijit and Tirth Expert students of photography and Ravi Expert in instant painting were also invited by Vice chancellor in the MOU function of Alberta University.

9 Other speakers Dr. G. P. Vadodaria, Capt. C. S. Sanghvi and Prof. M. M. Chaudhary motivated all the participants to perform dil se in all the culture events. Felicitation of Honorable Vice Chancellor by Shree M. M. Chaudhary

10 Felicitation of Mrs. Aggarval by Prof. Seema Nagrani Address by Shri Janakbhai Khandvala, Trustee, Shree Saraswati Education Sansthan

11 Prof. Neha Mehta, Organizing Secretary and Prof Mohak Vora team manager of host Institute while anchoring welcomed and appreciated all the participants for their great contribution in Xitij 2012.

12 Classical Dance performed by the participants from various institutes Light Vocal Solo

13 Theatre


15 Classical Instrumental Solo (Percussion)

16 Fine Arts

17 Participants of various colleges warmly welcoming the Dignitaries

18 Dr. Gitesh Joshi, Registrar, Gujarat Technological University was Chief Guest of the function. On account of other sudden important assignment, he had sent the message of best wishes which was read as under: Prof. M. M. Chaudhary, President-SSES, ShriZhaverilal Mehta, Prof N S Varandani, Vishal, Capt. C S Sanghvi, Prof. K N Sheth, all the coordinator from different colleges of Gandhinagar Zone and of course my dear all participant students. It s a matter of pride for me and GTU that 18 colleges of Gandhinagar zone and approximately 500 students have been participated in the 2 nd Youth festival of this University. I came to know that these 500 students participant in 5 different category of events. This is the platform where the talent of Gujarat Technological University will enlighten and show their courage, ability and culture of Gujarati. I hope you all were perform well and enjoy these three days of youth festival.please remember to participate with sportsman sprit is more important than winning any activity. In Bhagwad Geeta Lord Krishna said कमर णय व धक रस त म फल ष कद चन you all aware about that massage of Lord Krishna. So, I congratulate all students who participated with sportsman sprit in the Youth festival.

19 Dear all the Gujarat Technological University is going to sign a MoU with a one of the world top most University for academic exchange. This event is probably going to be held on 2 nd week of this month. I would like to be present between you and like to share your experience for future improvements in next Youth Festival, but unfortunately due to unforeseen reason I am not able to get between you. I thank the Trustee of the Host Institute and all the members of various committee for conducting successfully this youth festival on behalf of Gujarat Technological University. Thank you very much Prof. M. M. Chaudhary was Guest of Honour who motivated all the participants and stated that it is important to perform like a sportsman. Those who participate have probability of winning. That is why most important is to keep participating.

20 Prof. Dr. N. S. Varandani, Principal, Government Engineering College, Bhuj appreciated the environmental theme, Go green, save environment as he was Head of the Department of Environmental Engineering, L. D. College of Engineering before taking over as Principal

21 GEC, Bhuj, Capt. C. S. Sanghvi, Member Secretary, Board of Cultural activities admired the mega event management of youth festival of Gandhinagar Zone. Shri Zhaverilal Mehta, Photo Generalist, Gujarat Samachar motivated the participants and stated that performance is important, winning loosing is not important. Prof. Dr. K. N. Sheth as Organizing Chairman gave Closing remarks and appreciated the efforts of everyone who directly and indirectly contributed for the success of this mega event. Specifically he stated that. He congratulated while concluding that 3 days, 5 categories, 23 events, 69 brilliant judges, 7 technical members, 7 members of Jury of Appeal, 5 category coordinators, 23 event coordinators of the host institute and 552 participants including accompanists and Team Managers representing 19 colleges of Engineering, Management, Computer Application and Pharmacy areas of studies in crowning the Champions of Gandhinagar Zone. All the 23 events of the five categories were performed exactly as per the schedule except folk orchestra the participation from all the colleges was satisfactory.

22 The result committee was headed by Dr. K. C. Raval, Director, School of Law, Gujarat University. The results were declared by Ms. Himani Mittal, Head of the Result Committee and Ms. Neha Mehta, Organizing Secretary.

23 Runners up Zonal Winner - Zonal

24 MUSIC Classical Vocal Solo (Hindustani or Karnataka) Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar Sabar Institute of Technology for Girls Faculty of Engineering, SSESGI Patel Kripal S. 1 Jyothy Nair 2 Kirtan Dixit 3 Classical Instrumental Solo (Percussion) Gandhinagar Institute of Technology Patel Jinay Atulbhai 1 Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar Saraiya Janam N. 2 GEC, Gandhinagar Nirav Patel 3 Classical Instrumental Solo (Non-Percussion) GEC, Gandhinagar Mauli Dalal 1 Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar Digvijaysinh B. Chauhan 2 LDRP-ITR Krutarth Patel 3

25 Light Vocal Indian KIRC Shastry Divya B. 1 LDRP-ITR Bhatt Darshil N. 2 Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar Patel Kripal S. 3 Western Vocal Solo Faculty of Engineering, SSESGI Umang Raval 1 GEC, Gandhinagar Khushbu Desai 2 Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar Jayswal Jitendra R. 3 Group Song (Indian) LDRP-ITR Venus International College of Engineering Pujan Vakhariya Nirzari Iyer Priyal Dave Nirali Kapadia Hiren Lamba Kirat Shukla Kashyap Bhatt Trivedi Adit Pooja Jha Jaybhadra Rana Bhadresh Prajapati Faculty of Alay Parikh 3 1 2

26 Engineering, SSESGI Kushal Panchal Bhoomi Patel Godhani Bhumika Trupti Desai Kirtan Dixit Group Song (Western) Faculty of Engineering, SSESGI Venus International College of Technology KIRC Alay Parikh Umang Raval Sapna Verma Kushal Panchal Stephen Paul Pooja Jha Trivedi Adit Kashyap Bhatt Aditya Venkateswaran Dwit Hathi Tejaswini Augastya Khushbu Rajiv Mehta DANCE Folk / Tribal Dance Faculty of Engineering, SSESGI Raval Arpit Bhonsle Pranay Suthar Parth Vaidya Neel Patel Parth Mistry Jignesh Chauhan Jigar Patel Chintan Patel Kaushal Gajjar Nehal 1

27 LCIT, Bhandu GEC, Gandhinagar Pooja A. Patel Dhara M. Patel Binal J. Patel Tanvi D. Patel Sonal V. Patel Pritika P. patel Ekta J. Patel Monica B. Patel Hetal A. Patel Viral D. Gajjar Palak Shah Nidhi Prajapati Karnali Patel Heena Koshiya Siddharth Halvadiya Hardik Ambaliya Karan Gandhi Komal Panchal Anurag Singh Ankit Shah Classical Dance Indian 2 3 GEC, Gandhinagar Reshma Radhakrishnan 1 Venus International College of Technology Sabar Institute of Technology for Girls Hetal Parmar 2 Ujita Tharani 3 LITERATURE Quiz

28 COLNAME NAME RAN K Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar Faculty of Engineering, SSESGI Devinder singh Mayurkumar D. Gupta Bhagy A. Joshi Raval Vatsal Kaushikkumar Panchal Harshal Satishbhai Shah Zalak Sunilkumar 1 2 LDRP-ITR Mitanshu Kansara Kaushal Prajapati Malav Shah 3 Elocution KIRC Tanya Sharma 1 GEC, Gandhinagar Sukanya Rai 2 LDRP-ITR Riddhi Naik 3 Debate

29 LDRP-ITR Faculty of Engineering, SSESGI GEC, Gandhinagar Jain Bhavya Rajendrakumar Akhilesh Singh Rathore Danani Parth Vinodbhai Shah Rahul Vijaybhai Sumedha Shukla Sudha Singh THEATRE One Act Play LDRP-ITR Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar Prakhar Pandit Mandar Desai Love Patel Saumil Patel Rahul Jain Saurin Bhatt Kishan Prajapati Nirav Patel Vatsal Desai Raval Mihir N. Mehta Lav P. Nayak Prachi B. Patel Bhaumik G. Suthar Hardik H. Deep J. Panchal Vekariya Bansari H. Rawal Varun V. Thakor Hardik 1 2 Faculty of Engineering, Kirtan Dixit 3

30 SSESGI Chaitanya Purohit Nikesh Patel Jimil P. Rami Rahul Patel Bhoomi Patel Chirag A. Prajapati Dhruv Shah Himanshu Jani SKIT GEC, Gandhinagar Venus International College of Technology Sabar Institute of Technology for Girls Viraj Vyas Khushbu Kumari Fausiya Sheikh Preeti Sharma Kartik Raj Ajay Akhani Trivedi Adit H. Sharma Ishan Raval Khayti Mehta Shrusti Jha Pooja Patel Vamir Shilpa Dama Vrunda Gadesha Aditi Valgotar Swati Mishra Bhavna Nama Ruchi Patel 1 2 3

31 MIME COLNAME NAME RAN K LDRP-ITR Faculty of Engineering, SSESGI Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar Harsh Patel Yagnik Trivedi Pranav Mandora Nilay Doshi Nirav Patel Parind Patel Rahul Patel Bhumi Patel Himanshu Jani Nikesh Patel Chaitanya Purohit Tirth Panchal Patel Shreya R. Vaghasiya Pinzal B. Vekariya Bansari H. Patel Palak R. Modi Dipti P. Patel Kripal S. 1 2 Mimicry GEC, Gandhinagar Viraj Vyas 1 Faculty of Engineering, SSESGI Sabar Institute of Technology for Girls Parth Danani 2 Shilpa Dama 3

32 FINE ARTS GROUP On the Spot Painting SPCE, Visnagar Faculty of Engineering, SSESGI Bhavsar Abhishek Urvashi Chaudhari 1 2 LCIT, Bhandu Niti Tiwari 3 Collage LCIT, Bhandu Niti Tiwari 1 Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar Patel Parth 2 LDRP-ITR Amee Surani 3 Poster Making LDRP-ITR Mitanshu Kansara 1 KIRC Chintan Patel 2 Sabar Institute of Technology for Girls Patel Vaidehi R. 3

33 Rangoli LDRP-ITR Pratiksha Verma 1 Manish Institute of Computer Studies Nilam M. Pansuriya 2 Venus International College of Technology Kanani Twinkle 3 Clay Modeling Faculty of Engineering, SSESGI Dhrumil Shah 1 GEC, Gandhinagar Shruti Patel 2 LDRP-ITR Pratiksha Verma 3 Cartooning LDRP-ITR Amee Surani 1 Gandhinagar Institute of Technology Milan Nayak Ashokkumar 2 Faculty of Engineering, SSESGI Suthar Ravi 3 Note: As per AIU rules, there should be more than three teams participating in the event for declaring the results. We had only two teams participating in Folk Orchestra so the results have not be declared. Both the teams will be going for Interzonal level.