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1 SPOTLIGHT ON MISSION Las Misiones United Methodist Women Newsletter APRIL 2018 We met at Epworth UMC for A Time Apart Welcome from our UMW from Epworth UMC Rev. Raquel Feagins brought the message The UMW of Resurrection UMC 10 strong at our meeting! 1

2 Happy Spring my beloved Sisters in Christ! Minerva Briones President of Las Misiones District UMW Enjoying this beautiful weather? Especially you that like to work in your garden, not me, I don't have a green thumb :( We had our Time Apart at Epworth UMC. Thank you so much for your hospitality sisters. Our speaker, Rev. Raquel Feagins, was very inspirational. We learned about the Women in the Gospel of John. I visited Bulverde UMW, very nice hard working ladies. I ended up being the Speaker because the speaker couldn't come. I shared my testimony with them. Happy to say that they are willing to host us for our Annual District Meeting next year 2019, thank you Sisters! We had the opportunity to visit Universal City UMW. Bernice Jackson, Marilyn Olivarez and Elva Garza went with me. The ladies at Universal City UMC are willing to get more involved with the District and increase their Pledge. This is the right thing to do my sisters. thank you! On March 17 th we had our District Leadership Team Meeting. Some of us brought something to eat and drink for our refreshments, I baked a Cornbread Casserole and everybody liked it and they asked me for the recipe. I told them that I was going to send it to Alicia so she can post it in the Newsletter, so, look for it down below (see page 3). We started planning for our Annual District Meeting in September 15 th 2018 at Oxford UMC. At Annual Conference we will have the UMW Luncheon on June 8 th. (see page 10 for the registration) Our next Conference event is Mission u, which will be July in Kerrville and the Mission project is UMCOR. This time we need to take hygiene kits, so start making plans to attend and take as many kits as you can. Our District has some money for Scholarships, $100. each. As soon as I have the registration forms I will send them. Again, if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me: Call me or text at or With Love, your President, Minerva Briones. And the Peace of God, which trancends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus Philippians 4:7 2

3 Corn Bread Casserole By Minerva Briones Ingredients: 1 Lb. Breakfast Sausage 1 cup Onion (Chopped) 2 packages of cornbread mix 1 can Corn (cream style) ½ lb. Cheddar Cheese (shredded) Preheat 350 Brown sausage with onions in skillet. Prepare cornbread mix using package instructions, stir in cream corn, mix well. Pour ½ of the batter into a baking dish. Layer ground sausage and cheese. Pour the remaining batter over top. Bake it for 30 minutes or until is golden brown. Enjoy! Minerva Briones Our District President, Minerva Briones and her daughter Abby Gutierrez 3

4 In Memory Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. She girds herself with strength, and makes her arms strong. She opens her hand to the poor, and reaches out her hands to the needy Strength and dignity are her clothing She opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all. Proverbs 31: A Virtuous Woman - Well done, good and faithful servant January 12, 1935 February 22, 2018 Barbara Ford-Young was the youngest daughter of Mrs. Norine Russell Ford and Mr. Emmett Ford. She spent her early childhood in San Antonio and Hondo, Texas. Barbara s pursuit of education began in Hondo and continued in San Antonio where she graduated from Phyllis Wheatley High School. After earning her Bachelor s Degree in Psychology from Texas Southern University, Barbara continued her education receiving a Master s Degree in Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University, Worden School of Social Work. In her life long quest for learning, Barbara pursued postgraduate studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. Barbara and Earl W. Young were united in matrimony on October 24, Their union was strong and blessed by God. Together, Barbara and Earl weathered the storms and cherished the sunrises of life together for 26 years until Earl s death in Faith was Barbara s first priority and her family was her second. Barbara and Earl opened their home to her brother, Emmett Ford, Jr. and his twin daughters, Holly and Cicely, whom she loved with all her heart. Barbara s commitment for her family was deep and her care for them was endless. One of Barbara s greatest prayers was to not die before her Bubba so that she could always watch over him. God granted her prayer. Barbara demonstrated her love for her family and gave her heart and her resources unconditionally. Just as Barbara was a role model and mentor for women in her professional life she provided the same for her nieces. She always reached back to bring others up whether it was a child, student, or someone in need. Some people pass away and are quickly forgotten but Barbara s legacy will be with nieces Holly and Cicely, three special god daughters- Jala Adrena Minnfee, Kathryn Young Williams, and Marjoree White, and other relatives forever. At an early age, Barbara professed her faith in Christ and dedicated her life to serving HIM. Barbara was a faithful and steadfast member of St. Paul United Methodist Church, San Antonio, Texas, led by Rev. James Amerson, until the Lord called her home. Barbara worked willingly and tirelessly at St. Paul UMC and represented the Church on the local, regional, and jurisdictional level in many capacities serving as: Trustee, Lay Leader, Communion Stewart, Youth Fellowship Leader, Delegate to the General and Jurisdictional Conferences, Lay Member for the Annual Conference, President - Black Methodist for Church Renewal, Chair for Woman s Day, Woman of the Year, and Member of the Conference Historical Committee and the St. Paul Historical Committee. Additionally, Barbara rejoiced in the opportunities the Lord provided her to serve by working in the St. Paul Food Pantry, and with the United Methodist Woman. She was also instrumental in orchestrating the designation of St. Paul UMC being recognized for its community contributions with the placement of a historical marker at its site. A faithful servant and UMW Member at St. Paul UMC, San Antonio, Texas. She will be missed. 4

5 Bracken UMW Semi-Annual Rummage Sale Saturday, April 21 8:00am 12:00noon FM 2252, SA (Nacogdoches Rd) 5 miles NW of 1604 near Garden Ridge Thousands of bargains! Books, Furniture, Kitchen Items, & much, much more! All clothing 50 cents each piece! Visit our website, Thank you, Luanne Schuetze Bracken UMW President 5

6 6

7 Schertz United Methodist Church 3460 Roy Richard Drive Schertz, TX P:

8 8

9 Tell us what your UMW unit is doing at your church! Your story may inspire other units to follow! WHEN WOMEN UNITE, BOLD AND COURAGEOUS ACTIONS HAPPEN UNITED METHODIST WOMEN ASSEMBLY MAY 18-20, 2018 GREATER COLUMBUS CONVENTION CENTER COLUMBUS, OHIO SEE THIS LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION ON REGISTRATION, HO- TELS, WORKSHOPS, ETC. Assembly is created by your elected directors who answer the WHY for each quadrennial Assembly conference. By identifying the themes, vision, biblical foundation and offering focus needed for these times they guide us toward the future. The early registration fee for the 2018 Assembly is $295 with a Nov. 30 deadline. After that date, regular registration fee is $330. This fee includes two healthy lunches for attendees. For more information please click on the link: 9

10 10

11 Mission u 2018 July 13-15, 2018; Mt. Wesley, Kerrville, TX Further information and the registration form will be available in early Studies for adults: Spiritual Growth: Seeking Health and Wholeness, part 2 Geographic: The Missionary Conferences of the United Methodist Church (Missionary Conferences_Overview) Social Issue: What About Our Money? Study for children and youth: What About Our Money? 2018 Dean: Ann McGinley; 2018 Assistant Dean: Tammy Brite; The former Schools of Christian Mission are now called Mission u: Learning Together for the Transformation of the World. The name Mission u keeps the identity with mission and reflects the personal learning experience ( u as in university and as in the text and web language for you ). The tag line reflects the community aspect of learning and the mission goal of transformation. For 2019 and 2020, the standard geographic study will be replaced with a special study celebrating the 150th anniversary of United Methodist Women Spiritual Growth: The Gospel of Mark (Radical Discipleship) Anniversary Study: United Methodist Women History Social Issue: What About Our Money? Children and Youth: The Gospel of Mark 2020 Spiritual Growth: Finding Peace in the Midst of Anxiety Anniversary Study: United Methodist Women History Social Issue: Mass Incarceration Children: Growing In Peace Instead of Fear Youth: Walking With Jesus in Anxious Times 11

12 12

13 Officer Reports Hello United Methodist Women I trust that this has been a productive year for each UMW unit in terms of fulfilling our UMW Purpose and adhering to the Charter for Racial Justice. These are our goals and what we strive to do with the activities we plan for our units throughout the year. Let us know what you have done by completing the Charter Club Report by July 1, 2018, a copy of which you will find in this edition of Spotlight. If you have participated in any of these activities and more, you may have qualified as a Charter Club Member: Tutored with a minority child through a local school for a semester Sent one member to the Mission u to take a racially relevant study and present the study in your unit or church Presented a Geographical Mission Study Become involved with a ministry/mission working on human trafficking Watched and discussed a video relevant to racial justice, economics, schooling, jailing, immigration, detention, or human trafficking Invited someone of another ethnic group who is not currently a member of UMW to attend a UMW meeting Used a program from the Program book for United Methodist Women with an emphasis on racial justice issues Given a Special Mission Recognition pin to a person in your unit or church who has done something outstanding in the area of social or racial justice Attended a worship in a church with an ethnic background different from your own Read and shared one or more books in the Reading Program from the category of Social Action Held a Prayer Vigil for the Children of Africa or Children at the Border who suffer the effects of war, ethnic cleansing, or gang violence As a group viewed the movie Amazing Grace about William Wilberforce, or another similar movie Provided school supplies or other items or services to a minority school Created your own activity around racial justice While this list of suggestions highlights some of the things you may do to quality for Charter Club, it is by no means exhaustive. If you are uncertain if your individual activities qualify, submit them anyway and let us evaluate. You have probably implemented many programs we have not even begun to consider, that may be an inspiration for other units to follow. Teresa Smith (210) If it doesn t challenge you, it won t change you. 13

14 Charter Club Report Form 14

15 15

16 NEWS AND INFORMATION FROM EDUCATION AND INTERPRETATION I am going to summarize my challenges for the Mission Today and Study Reports as I hope you are all working on these. I have not sent out specific forms and information to all the units yet as I am still waiting on information from the Mission u Dean, etc. so that I can include all information in one mailing. 1. #8 (Mission Today Report) Write to five people mentioned in the Prayer Calendar (their addresses are in the back of the calendar). 2. #12-(Mission Today Report and it is also on the Approved Study Report) Mission u is July in Kerrville at Mount Wesley. The studies will be: Seeking Health and Wholeness (book: An Earth Perspective for Covenantal Living by Jessica Stonecypher; The Missionary Conferences of the United Methodist Church by J. Ann Craig, and What About Out Money by Susan K. Taylor. Please make an effort to attend. Further information and registration will be available as soon as I receive it. There is available a $ scholarship for each church for someone to attend Mission u so you can be thinking about someone in your unit that you would like to help send. (Forms will be sent as soon as available) 3. #15- (Mission Today Report) hopefully you had more attending the Legislative meeting this past January) and also be talking it up for next January (more information on that when it is received. 4. #17 (Mission Today Report) Implement the Charter for Racial Justice during the year. This is so important as we hear of issues happening everyday in the news. Place a copy of the Charter for Racial Justice on a bulletin board, etc. or somewhere in your church where everyone can see it. The Las Misiones Cluster Study is scheduled for August 4 th from 8:30 AM to 1:30 Oak Meadow UMC. You will be getting information on this meeting soon. I visited Universal City and E.T. Dixon UMW meetings recently they are working diligently on the works and meaning of United Methodist Women. I hope to visit your units and am available to give a talk or program or just visit. Please let me know when and where you meet and also if I get this information I can pass it on to all of you as it would be a good way of visiting other units and getting to know other United Methodist Women. (my information is below) Blessings to all - Marilyn Olivarez, Education and Interpretation Coordinator, Las Misiones District El Sendero, SA phone: / Membership Nurture and Outreach Membership counting for 2017 is completed. I want to thank unit membership coordinators and presidents for their help in doing this. It was interesting getting to talk to many UMW members and learn about what is happening in the units. Our membership declined by only two members in 2017 from 1,574 to 1,572, but the best news is that we heard from 47 units compared to 42 units at the end of Let s stay strong in Please contact me if I can answer questions or provide a program for your unit. I am planning to attend UMW Assembly in Columbus, Ohio in May and hope to bring back many ideas to share. Carolyn Smith, Las Misiones Membership Coordinator

17 From your treasurer, Donna Roeder Candle Burning time is coming on September 15 th and thou that seems like a long time away, some of the units do not met in the summer. What is Candle Burning? This is an opportunity for you to honor someone or to make a memorial for someone special. A person that has been an exceptionally great UMW member or someone special in your life. The amount this year is $24.44 and represents one minute of the National UMW Budget. If you choose to honor or make a memorial for someone at the Las Misiones District meeting and the Rio Texas Conference UMW meeting, you would need to make two payments. Five Star Women and Units will also be recognized at our September meeting. Five Star requirements are needed to qualify. They are making a pledge, making a gift to mission (i.e. cards), gift in memory, making a World Thank Offering and purchasing a Special Mission Recognition pin ($20 minimum). August 15 th is the deadline for this information in order for us to include the names in our program book before it goes to print. As you meet before the summer break, consider your Candle Burning honorees, Five Star and Special Mission Recognition pins. I have a supply of cards and will be happy to fill your order. Our pledge to the Rio Texas UMW Conference is $45,000; therefore, we have a ways to go. Prayerfully consider being a strong United Methodist Woman supporter this year. Results from the first quarter to the Rio Texas UMW Conference included the following: Jesus Calling: Pledge $ Special Mission Recognition Gift to Mission Gift in Memory World Thank Offering Call to Prayer 1, A Brighter Future for Children Total $9, I am God who gives and gives and gives. When I died for you on the cross, I held back nothing; I poured out My Life like a drink offering. Because giving is inherent in my nature, I search for people who are able to receive in full measure. To increase your intimacy with Me, the two traits you need the most are receptivity and attentiveness. Receptivity is opening up your innermost being to be filled with My abundant riches. Attentiveness is directing you gaze to Me: searching for Me in all your moments. It is possible to stay your mind on Me, as the prophet Isiah wrote. Through such attentiveness you receive a glorious gift: My perfect Peace. 17

18 Mark your calendars for upcoming events! DATE EVENT PLACE TIME April 21, 2018 Saturday Bracken UMW Semi-Annual FM 2252, SA :00am to 12:00pm Rummage Sale (Nacogdoches Rd), 5 miles NW of 1604 near Garden Ridge April 28, 2018 Saturday Cluster Study What About Jacob s Chapel 9:00am to 1:00pm Our Money, A Faith Response 406 Polaris Street San Antonio, TX May 5, 2018 Saturday Women s Tea Party Schertz UMC 3460 Roy Richard Drive Schertz, TX :00pm to 6:00pm May 18-20, 2018 UMW Assembly Columbus, Ohio ster/ May 18-19, 2018 Women s Weekend St. Paul s UMC 508 N. Center Street San Antonio, TX TBA June 6-9, 2018 Rio Texas Annual Conference Corpus Christi, TX June 8, 2018 UMW Luncheon at AC Corpus Christi, TX (Luncheon) 12:15pm July 13-15, 2018 Mission u Mt. Wesley TBA August 12, 2018 M&M Meeting St. Matthew s UMC 2738 MacArthur View San Antonio, TX 1:00pm to 4:00pm 18

19 United Methodist Women Las Misiones District Mission Team 2018 President: Minerva Briones Vice President: Bernice Jackson Secretary: Dina Bermea Treasurer: Donna Roeder Communications: Alicia Leyva Website Coordinator - Kelli Diemert (210) Historian - Elizabeth Lopez (830) Nominations Chair: Eileen Lehmberg Nominations Team Members Class One: Janell Mellieon, Eva Ortiz, Carolyn Twyford Class Two: Carolyn Pittman, Lillie Wier, Ruth Tellez Mission Coordinators Education & Interpretation: Marilyn Olivarez Member Nurture & Outreach: Carolyn Smith Social Action: Teresa Smith Spiritual Growth: Hermila M Garza Program Resources: Lorraine Flakes Teen Mentors Kelly Diemert (210) Sharon Sharp (830) Sharon Curry The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church. 19