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1 From My Open Door Jeffrey Bell, Pastor Over the years, I ve learned (often the hard way) that there are some things that can kill ministry. Sadly, pastors and leaders are as likely to participate in these attitudes as church members. Fact is, these dis-eases are often contagious, infecting the entire church. Just as with a virus, these attitudes prosper because they have a host in and through which they thrive and multiply. It s important to recognize them early and guard against them, refusing to play host, which will eventually result in a healthier church and ministry. There are some things that can kill ministry Part I 1. Rut thinking (or, We ve never done it that way before ). This is a paralyzing fear that stifles forward movement. It is the fear of doing something different that might make someone uncomfortable, but ultimately reveals a belief that this church is my church not God s, and that this ministry is for my comfort rather than the growth of those yet to come. The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions. 2. Pessimism where people focus on what s wrong and gripes or complains about it, and points fingers of blame. A mature Christian s response to a problem is to focus on solutions and how, working together, it can be realized. 3. Control freaks They re easy to spot because they like to be in control and in the spotlight. They like to control a situation and people, and believe that when they are in control, everything gets done properly (and decently). Control freaks are glaringly insecure, overbearing, accusatory and selfrighteous all in an attempt to cover their own poor self-esteem. 4. Bottom-line thinking (or bottom feeders as I call them), are dangerous to ministry because all they do is look at the bottom line of a budget and wonder where costs can be cut. This is not the same thing as being good stewards of people's financial support. Bottom-line thinking leads t o a b u d g e t t h a t determines ministry rather than a ministry that is fueled by a budget. I believe that budgets should never determine ministry. Rather, ministry and vision should drive the budget. 5. An unwelcoming spirit toward those not like us - If it were not for those who are not like us, the church would have died out long ago. Archbishop of Canterbury William Temple once said, The church is the only organization that exists only for its non-members. How true! This list is the first half of a twopart article. I hope that this has generated some thought on your part, and that you ll anticipate the balance of my thoughts in March! See you in Church! In this Issue February Birthdays All in the Family Session Notes Mission Outreach Evangelism Women s Ministry Providence Post Calendar "Dear friends, let us love one another for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." (1 John 4:7) Providence Presbyterian Church

2 All in the family Because we are a people of prayer, who believe in the power of prayer, we ask you to keep in your prayers those who are unable to worship with us on Sundays due to health concerns: At Home Members: Bob Collins Edith Hill Virginia McBurney Joyce Semones Nursing Home: Doris Weber The Oaks of Brecksville, Brecksville, Ohio Assisted Living Homes: Ivan and Mary Ann Cook Westminster Canterbury Marilyn Jackson: Atlantic Shores Inge Keeny: Chesapeake Place TC Rock: Chesapeake Place Please notify the church office if you know someone who needs to be added to this list. Providence has WiFi! This week, a project to expand wireless internet capability throughout the building was completed at Providence! When selecting a network, choose: provpres-guest The password for this network is: provpres Have a cup of coffee or tea in the Coffee Bar area and enjoy WiFi! Fellowship Hour Volunteers February 3: Worship February 10: Choir February 17: Sacred Parenting February 24: Presbyterian Women January Birthday Prayer List On the occasion of each one s birthday, take time to lift them to God in prayer. 02/01 Ron Murphy 02/01 Melissa Yurasko 02/02 Katie Dixon 02/03 Larry Walter 02/03 Jeanette Flickinger 02/04 Mike McDonald 02/05 Floyd Gilbert 02/05 Tracy Gilbert 02/05 Ana Louise White 02/06 Ed Easton 02/06 Brandy Fry 02/06 Martin Moore 02/07 Hilda Dayrit 02/07 Edith Lytle 02/07 Karen Cagni 02/07 Elizabeth Harker 02/07 Lucy Fitzgerald 02/08 Lee Anderson 02/09 Sally Parsons 02/09 Ray Maxwell 02/10 John Briggs 02/12 Jim Goodbow 02/14 Pat Kirkpatrick 02/15 Sue Passarella 02/15 Jay Everton 02/16 Bev Macek 02/16 Rachel Schroeder 02/17 Marjorie Hill 02/17 Jamie Sipka 02/18 Louann Bielmann 02/19 Carolyn Knowles 02/19 Bill Grover 02/21 Linda Baker 02/21 Betty Hanawalt 02/22 Jodi Deck 02/22 Jack Dixon 02/22 Katie Snell 02/24 Meredith Hill 02/25 Sara Hickman 02/26 Sean Grady 02/27 Gary Parson 02/28 Sue Shepard 02/28 Jane Everton Session Notes The Session met on January 14, 2013, and conducted the following business: Received as new members Michelle Rice and Elizabeth Rice. Nominated Kevin Daley and Gary Parson as the Session Representatives on the Nominating Committee. Lost and Found The following items may be claimed in the church office or call Karen, for more information: Angel pin Butterfly pin Presbyterian Women pin Diamond looking stone Clip-on pearl earring Medallion loop earring with topaz bead/silver and pewter bracelet Black button with white dashes on top Child s blue ball glove Black Images sunglasses Ladies silver quartz watch Ladies brown Timex watch with one band/koss earphones in a Chevy Venture Bag (found in parking lot) Accu-Chek Glucose Monitor new in box (found in bag with Christmas food items) 2

3 Mission Outreach Evangelism Food Closet gets updated! Soon our food closet ministry will partner with our friends at St. Mark s Catholic church on Kempsville Road (near Indian River Road)! Why? Because they have a much broader ministry to the hungry, and we feel we can better serve those in need by combining our efforts. How is their food closet ministry broader? Each day volunteers from St. Marks go to participating grocers in our area for fresh food items that are overstocked, day old, or out of season. They provide these fresh produce items along with canned goods and allow folks to visit every month. Our food closet only distributes canned goods and does not allow us to do so more than once every six months. Additionally, we ll be working ecumenically in partnership with other Christians rather than duplicating services and working in competition with other food closets. Will we continue to ask for donations of canned good, money, and volunteers? YES we will, so that our participation with St. Marks is a blessing and not a burden. Detention Center Ministry Twenty-three excited and ready-to-start detainees greeted us in January. With New Year s resolutions still fresh, the youth were encouraged to think about following through with changed behavior, thank yous, apologies and even how they might uplift someone with a kind or encouraging word even a smile. Dewey s story of a student pilot practicing to recover from a stalling plane taught how letting go of controls would save the plane and we, too, must turn over control to God s plan to save our lives. Howard, who always thinks of a sports-related activity, came with a plan to guess which team they expect to win the NFL Superbowl playoffs. Donnie called Bingo which the kids never tire of or is it the candy bar prizes that June and Debbie give out that keep them interested? We still get prayer requests for court date outcomes and family needs, but also for staying out of trouble, clearing one s mind of negativity, life-style changes, staying on the right path to achieve goals and for salvation. Carolyn closed with a beautiful prayer. Thank you for your support and prayer for this ministry. Louann Bielmann Welcome New Members! Michelle Rice and her daughter Elizabeth were received by certificate of transfer from Calvin Presbyterian Church, Norfolk. They live at 2442 Jasper Court, Norfolk, Partners-in-Education Volunteer Opportunity Welcome to Katie Dixon, our newest volunteer at Fairfield Elementary school. Katie will be working with students in the Robotics C l u b o n W e d n e s d a y afternoons. She even changed her work schedule to participate and is very excited about being part of this program. Thank you, Katie, and all the other wonderful volunteers who give their time and energy to support Fairfield Elementary school. The staff and students truly appreciate your commitment. Please continue to bring in your Farm Fresh receipts and Box Tops and place them in the specially marked container at each entry to the sanctuary or drop them off at the office. So far this school year, we have collected 5, receipt points and 292 Box Tops. Thank you and keep them coming! Atlantic Shores Ministry Providence s ministry to Atlantic Shores has continued to flourish at both Harbourway and Marina Bay (formerly known as the Memory Center). Worship services are provided on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month for both units. Communion is served to Harbourway residents once a quarter with Marilyn Jackson, an ordained Elder in the Presbyterian Church, providing witness as required by the Book of Order. I also provide leadership for Bible Study at Marina Bay on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month and substitute at Harbourway as needed. You can help support this ministry through prayer or by providing Sunday refreshments (cookies, donuts, cake, etc.). You are welcome to attend a 10:00 worship service and bring refreshments or if you are unable to attend contact Marvin Brangan at to arrange pick-up of your goodies. I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to serve our Lord through worship and Bible study at Atlantic Shores Retirement Community and look forward to the coming year. Thanks for supporting of this ministry. Continued Blessings and in His Service, Marvin L Brangan ODU Ministry Our next ODU meal is scheduled for Sunday, February 17th. Look for the sign-up sheet by the Women's bulletin board. Recipes will come from the new Providence cookbook! Thanks for your continued support of this joyful mission! 3

4 Providence Women s Ministries H ello Ladies, Wow, 2013 is off to a great start. I hope you are enjoying your new 35th Anniversary Celebration Cookbook. If you did not get one, we ordered extras so please see or call me, Cecilia at I will make sure you get one. The Cookbook makes an awesome gift everyone loves to enjoy those favorite meals captured in a church cookbook. Cost is $15 and we also have the old cookbook for $5. Our Mid-Winter Event, The New Year, New EWE, New Friends, was enjoyed by all who braved snowy roads to join us. We hope everyone went home with some new healthy-living tips, made new friends and were inspired by guest speaker, our very own Lisa Olson who shared her life story and spoke about True Beauty. It was exciting to have women from other local churches join our Providence Women for this special event. Thank You for sharing our Providence hospitality with our guests and to everyone who assisted in making the Mid-Winter Event a huge success. Our next event is open to all our family and friends. Please join us as we host our annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper on February 12, 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall. We need women who are willing to help set-up, cook, serve, and clean-up. Use the sign-up sheet on the Women s bulletin to communicate how you can help. We always seem to have a great time in the kitchen, so please volunteer. For those family and friends who want to enjoy eating a stack of heavenly pancakes and fixings the cost is $6 per person or $15 per household. Planning by our PPWCT will soon get underway for our Spring gathering. We have received some interest in a Spring Retreat. If you have other ideas, please speak to me or send an to our Vice Look forward to another Great Year! Cecilia Women s Book Club What a Godwink... author Liz Curtis Higgs' blog is featuring our upcoming February book club selection! Her Wednesday Bible Study Blog is walking through the pages of her wee book, EMBRACE GRACE. It's a quick read, yet full of God s truth. Join if you'd like; and join us for fellowship, light r e f r e s h m e n t s, a n d di s c u s s i on S a t u r d a y, Feb.16th, at 10:15 a.m. after Courtyard Graces. Contact Cathy w i t h a n y questions and/or ideas. We re always looking for titles to explore! Goodies for College Students. Coming to Providence this summer... KINGDOM ROCK VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL! Look for more details coming soon! Immediately following worship on February 10 we will pack 26 Valentine goodie boxes for our college students. Bring your cookies, candy, soup, popcorn, cocoa, chips, crackers, or other snacks to church by Sunday, February 10. We will use post office boxes so the weight doesn't matter, but bulky things make it tough. Individually wrapped items make everyone happier! Help us show our college students we care about them. 4

5 Providence Post Courtyard Graces prayer. devotion. fellowship. gardening Join us on Saturday, February 16, 9am - 10am. We look forward to seeing you! Hello from Property February is our transition month in leadership as I prepare to step down and Kevin Daley prepares to assume the role of chair for our committee. So, if you see me smiling and Kevin sighing more than usual you ll know why (ha ha). I do plan to stay on Property as a member of the team but please refer all complaints er suggestions to Kevin come March wink! Budget-wise, we re in great shape rolling into We have 11 separate accounts but our overall budget of $58K is sufficient to handle our service contracts (HVAC, ADT Security, lawn & landscaping service etc.), utilities (electric, water, gas, etc.) and maintenance (building, equipment, bus repair, etc.). Volunteer support still plays a major role in helping us keep our costs down. We can t thank the congregation enough for the role you have in this matter too. Speaking of which, I especially want to thank Kempsville Lawn Doctors for their years of pro bono work in keeping our lawn green and weed free. It s been a fun ride. I appreciate all your help, advice and comments along the way. From Property, have a great day! Riley Thanks to everyone who came to help decorate the church for the Christmas season! A good time was had by all as we decorated, laughed, and set up festive reminders of the season throughout Providence, ending with a wonderful potluck supper. Again, many wonderful members stayed after the service in early January to take down and pack up decorations. Many hands truly do make light work well maybe not for the climbers up the attic stairs, but we thank you especially for doing this! Fellowship at Providence is such a joy! Robin Birdwell Thank you to our Providence Family for the cards and prayers during the recent passing of Kevin s father, Rich Daley. Also, thank you for prayers and encouragement for Cecilia s dad, Lester Loges who continues to recover in FL from pneumonia and congestive heart failure. Your prayers during these difficult times were a tremendous strength to our family. We are blessed to be part of the Providence Church Family. Kevin and Cecilia Daley Dear Providence Presbyterian Church Family, I want to thank each of you for your love, letters, telephone conservations and most of all for you prayers following my recent operation on my left leg. Your concern for me has motivated me to continue to have a positive attitude toward life and to strive every day to be a "Good Christian." Although not completed healed, I am on the verge of being one hundred per cent healed-thanks to your concerns and prayers!!! Love, Floyd Gilbert Dear Providence Family, I have many things to be thankful for following my knee replacement surgery. Your cards, extra prayers, flowers, Jeff s visit in the hospital, and the prayer shawl all helped me get through a challenging and painful time. I am healing now and hope to be getting around on my own soon. I am very blessed to have such a caring family. Thank you ever so much for taking such good care of me in so many ways. Fondly, Nancy Lindgren Rick and Karen Moore 1403 Sommerton Way Chesapeake VA Phone:

6 Lenten Soup and Rolls For five Wednesday evenings during Lent beginning February 20 we will meet together in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00 p.m. for soup, rolls and fellowship. Following our meals Rev. Tom Chadwick will lead youth and adults in a weekly meditation entitled Beneath the Cross of Jesus, a look at those who stood at the base of the cross. We need volunteers to take turns making soup and others to bring rolls for these nights. A sign-up sheet is posted on the Fellowship bulletin board. Providence Post Providence Men Invite YOU to our Annual Valentine Dinner Saturday, February 9 at 6:30 p.m. All adults are invited to enjoy a delicious surf and turf meal planned to delight your palate. Bring a baby or wedding picture to share before dinner. Our very own Men s Choir assisted by Valetta will entertain us following dessert. Tickets are $7.50 per person. Sign up on the men s bulletin board and indicate if child care is needed. Volunteers are needed to help set up at 9:00a.m. Saturday morning and to clean-up after the event. Youth Work Camp Lexington, N.C. June 2013 Our Youth thank everyone who purchased or made a donation to our carwash fundraiser. With your help we raised $ to help defray expenses for this year s work camp. Our next work camp fundraiser is March 3 at Ruby Tuesday at Kemps River Shopping Center. Please use this flier on the next page to invite all your friends and family to come. We will have fliers available at church in February. Ruby Tuesday will donate 20% for every receipt when a flier is turned in when the check is paid. The flier can be used all day during the event. Makemie Woods Camp Opportunities Makemie Woods Summer Camp teaches essential life skills in a radically-accepting Christian community. Makemie Woods is our Presbytery ministry supported by our churches. The camp offers adventure programs for children entering 1st grade - Senior High. In addition to traditional camp experiences, Makemie Woods offers specialized sessions in music, drama, caving, horseback riding, hang-gliding and more. Visit for additional information. Do you know a college-aged student looking for a meaningful summer job? Working for Makemie Woods Summer Camp is a great way to develop valuable leadership skills, work with kids, and grow spiritually. Interested candidates should visit for information and an application. Many internship or practicum requirements can be fulfilled by camp employment! Applicants should be at least 18 years old and one year past high school. This could be YOU.. receiving a scholarship from Providence! T h e P r o v i d e n c e Scholarship can be used toward higher education at an accredited 2- or 4-year college or university, a vocational school, or a career training program. If you are a graduating senior, an active member of Providence, attend regularly and participate in church activities, the Christian Education Committee invites to you apply! Scholarship applications can be obtained from the church office or on the Youth bulletin board beginning February 15, and must be returned to the church office no later than April 15, You can start thinking about the essay portion of the scholarship application now: "How do you plan to incorporate your Christian principles and beliefs into your goals for college or vocational school and beyond?" 6

7 Ruby Tuesday is extremely proud to be part of your hometown and believes in giving back. As a fellow member of the community, we invite you to participate in... Ruby Tuesday s Community GiveBack Program. Grab your family and friends and join us at the 1250 FORDHAM DRIVE location on the date listed below. Please present this flyer to your server, and we will give back 20% of your purchase to the organization. (We apologize but we cannot accommodate coupon usage or other discounts in conjunction with our GiveBack Program.) To make a reservation, call us at or visit us online at Organization s Name: Providence Presbyterian Church Event Name: Youth Workcamp Fund Raiser Dateof Visit: March 3, 2013 For directions to the restaurant or a peek at the menu, Visit 1250 Fordham Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia 7

8 Providence Post Seeking Care Team Leaders "A Care Team Leader is a spiritually led person willing to be responsible for a group of five households. This person will contact their household, keep them in prayer, and lend an ear when there is a need or concern. Care Team Leaders will be a liaison between the leaders, minister, and congregation, assisting where needed, helping to resolve problems, and answering questions." Please indicate if you would be willing to serve as a Care Team Leader in Yes, I will serve (name) In the space below, please list other members of our congregation who you feel should be considered as members of the Care Team. Please return this form to Nancy Whitaker or the church office by Sunday, February 10th. Thank you. The New Year, New Ewe, New Friends Mid-winter Event

9 9:00am Merry Bells 11:00am Communion 12:15pm Blood 3:00pm NA Group 6:00pm Youth Group 9:00am Merry Bells 11:00am Youth Sunday 3:00pm NA Group 6:00pm Youth Group 17 1st Sunday in Lent ODU Ministry 9:00am Merry Bells 3:00pm NA Group 6:00pm Youth Group 24 9:00am Merry Bells 11:00am Installation 3:00pm NA Group 6:00pm Youth Group 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:00pm New Elder 7:00pm Committee Chairs 7:30pm Committee Night 11 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:00pm Session - 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:30pm Bells of 12 10:00am Dorcas Circle 5 & 6:30 Project Light 5:00 pm Shrove Tuesday 7:00pm Homestead 7:30pm Bells of 7:30pm Bells of 7:00pm A 7:30pm Bells of 4:00pm VA Children's 6:00pm Kirk Night 6:30pm Kirkmusik 7:30pm Chancel Choir 13 9:45am Mary & 6:30pm Chancel Choir 7:30pm Ash 4:00pm VA Children's 6:00pm Soup and Rolls 6:30pm Kirkmusik 7:00pm Chancel Choir 4:00pm VA Children's 6:00pm Soup and Rolls 6:30pm Kirkmusik 7:00pm Chancel Choir 7 5 & 6:30 Project Light 12:00pm NA Group 3:30pm AOM 14 5 & 6:30 Project Light 12:00pm NA Group 3:30pm AOM 12:00pm PW Mission 12:00pm NA Group 3:30pm AOM 7:00pm Care Team Lead & 6:30 Project light 12:00pm NA Group 3:30pm AOM 8:00pm Narcotics 7:00pm Miriam Circle 8:00pm Narcotics 15 Newsletter Deadline Providence Scholarship Applications available In Church office 8:00pm Narcotics 8:00pm Narcotics 8:30am AOM 3:00pm AOM 8:30am AOM 3:00pm AOM 6:30pm Valentine Dinner 8:30am AOM 9:00am Courtyard Graces 3:00pm AOM 5:00pm Avalon Hills 8:30am AOM 3:00pm AOM 3 February 2013 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Pressure Screening 10 Transfiguration of the Lord of Elders 4 Training New Members Received 18 Church Office Closed VB Schools Closed & 6:30 Project Light Providence Pancake Supper Civic League Providence 19 5 & 6:30 Project Light Providence 26 5 & 6:30 Project Light the Well Providence 6 Chorus 20 Martha Circle Wednesday Service Chorus 27 Chorus 21 5 & 6:30 Project Light Work Day ers 1 8 Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous 2 2 Serve Meal at JCOC - Bring food to church 9am-2pm Anonymous :15 am Women s Book Club Civic League Valentine Dinner 23 9

10 5497 Providence Road, Virginia Beach VA Phone: (757) Fax: (757) Church Staff Pastor.Rev. Jeffrey Bell Parish Associate..Rev. Tom Chadwick Director of Christian Education..Donna Rae Barrow Director of Music..Valetta Fellenbaum Organist..John Dixon Administrative Assistant..Karen Cagni Sexton Melvin Jones Kitchen Coordinator..Terrie Wichrowski Nursery Supervisor..Michelle Wofford Moderator: Jeffrey Bell THE SESSION Clerk of Session: Jonathan Hyslop Administration Committee: *Ashley Schroeder, Gary Parson, Don Reid Christian Education Committee: *Emily Pursel, George Fitzgerald Congregational Care Committee: *Dawn Hill, Harry Rogers Fellowship Committee: *Rich Lindgren, Rose Farr Mission/Outreach/Evangelism Committee: *Sandra Rushton, Carol Hickman, Property Committee: *Riley Hensly, Kevin Daley Worship Committee: *Tom Barrow, Brent Nielson *committee chair NEWSLETTER INFORMATION Newsletter articles, joys, and announcements should be submitted no later than the 15th of each month for the following month s edition. Please Newsletter submissions to: Upcoming Events Check out event details inside Kirk Night : Wednesday, February 6 at 6:00p.m. Valentine Dinner: Saturday, February 9 at 6:30 p.m. Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner: Tuesday, February 12, 4:30 p.m. Ash Wednesday Service : Wednesday, February 13 at 7:30 p.m. Courtyard Graces: Saturday, February 16 at 9:00 a.m. Soup and Rolls: Wednesdays starting February 20 at 6:00 p.m. until Easter week. A the Well: Tuesday, February 26 at 7:00 p.m. Save the Date Men s Fellowship Thursday, March 7 at 6:30 p.m. Easter Sunrise Breakfast Sunday, March 31 following Easter Sunrise Service in the Courtyard. 10