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2 WELCOME TO PIONEER THE JOY OF REUNIONS It is with full hearts that we welcome you to Pioneer Memorial Church this Sabbath morning. We welcome the alumni that return to reunite with friends and loved ones from their time here at Andrews University. As alumni of Andrews University you are a part of the family of Pioneer Memorial Church. As we welcome you home this Sabbath, it reminds us of the wonderful reunion of the Second Coming. It is with anticipation that we live this day in hopes of that glorious day to come. It is through these reunions and gatherings that we renew our mission. It is through the process of coming together that we are reminded of the joy that awaits. It is through the celebration of these earthly reunions that we are reminded of our mission to spread the Gospel to the whole world. So as we worship together today let us set our eyes on that day. Ben Martin WELCOME HOME As our students settle in for the semester we look forward now to welcoming the rest of our extended family, the Andrews University Alumni, into our home. (Photo credit: Rachelle Offenback) 2 PIONEER MEMORIAL CHURCH


4 THE FOURTH WATCH BLOG HOLLYWOOD, THE APOCALYPSE AND THE POPE BY DWIGHT K. NELSON Y oung filmmaker Christopher Hudson has pulled off a headline-grabbing feat. Armed with only a $20,000 budget raised through crowd-funding and gifted with remarkable talent for cutting edge camera work and music/script editing, Hudson directs and stars in this 1:26:00 length docudrama, Leopard Vision. Since its September 7 release on YouTube, the movie has gone viral (194,000 YouTube views in less than three weeks). Critics are weighing in, including Hyperfresh, an independent pop culture magazine, which gave Leopard Vision a five-star movie review. For a Seventh-day Adventist filmmaker? It was late in the evening when I got an this week with one sentence check out this link. I did. Turns out it was a news piece written by Andrew McChesney for the Adventist Review online. I d never heard of Christopher Hudson who grew 4 PIONEER MEMORIAL CHURCH

5 up an Adventist kid on Long Island but left it all at the age of 19 to hitch his wagon to another star. Began writing treatments for music videos. Finally caught a break with Madonna s production company MadGuy Films. But in the flush of success God caught him. Again. And now Leopard Vision. What struck me before even watching was the strong review from Hyperfresh: Christopher Hudson. Better known globally as the The Forerunner has done the unthinkable, in which no man has ever set forth to accomplish, publicly and most importantly personally. His newest motion picture/documentary Leopard Vision, reveals the truth behind the biggest hidden agenda in the history of humanity s existence, which is the decoding of the biblical prophesy [sic] of Revelation in today s modern times. And this isn t an opinionated documentary with assumptions conjured forth by his feelings or emotions. Christopher Hudson uses historical facts proven to be correct in verification of his thesis.... By also incorporating Biblical Doctrine and living scripture to confirm this to be evident and true, after watching this film, prepare your mind to be blown out the skull it once rested in ( leopard-vision-delivers-a-powerful-message-all-should-watch/ ). Hudson s theme? McChesney wrote: It s a Revelation prophecy seminar unlike any you ve ever witnessed.... a hip, fastpaced film that has gone viral on YouTube and.... traces the history of the Catholic church while underscoring what Hudson sees as the central theme of the last book of the Bible: that the book is a revelation of Jesus Christ, not of political powers or false systems of worship ( story3250-young-adventist-filmmaker-turns-bible-prophecy-into-youtube-hit). Clicking on to the YouTube link, I quickly realized McChesney and Hyperfresh were right Leopard Vision is powerful stuff! Thought I d catch maybe the first five or 10 minutes but sat in front of my laptop for an hour and half, gripped by Hudson s screen wizardry, his compelling script and emotive sound track. On this weekend when the nation and world are mesmerized by the news media s live coverage of someone who is arguably the most popular human being on the planet today, Leopard Vision is a commanding reminder that beyond charisma and news cycles is the unstoppable advance of apocalyptic prophecy prophecy that is sounding ominously more familiar with each fresh headline. Never read that prophecy before or can t remember it now? Christopher Hudson s new tutorial or refresher movie will take care of that click on to: com/watch?v=gyixc34-fck. In fact do your friends a favor simply forward this blog with its embedded links or send them the link yourself. Either way wouldn t this be the right time for the halogen light of prophecy to illumine the gathering darkness? You can follow Pastor Dwight s blog at SEPTEMBER 26,

6 FEATURE ARTICLE STAYING ORGANIZED 101 BY NINA LASSONNIER C ollege is a one-of-a-kind experience. Between classes, homework, friends, and jobs, it can get overwhelming very quickly. Staying organized is one of the most important things to learn while in college. In 1 Corinthians 14:40, God says that all things should be done decently and in order. College is definitely one of those things. Here are five practical tips to help any college student stay organized. 1 OWN A STUDENT PLANNER AND USE IT Keeping track of assignments and due dates is very important. You might think that you will be able to memorize your assignment due dates. Wrong! One day or another you will forget an assignment. Also, a lot of times teachers change the due dates. In order to avoid forgetting important assignments, get a planner. It helps to have everything in one place; it saves time and makes it easier to have a visual for what s ahead. 2 PRIORITIZE Take 5 to 10 minutes to gather all the assignments you want to work on and make a list. Then put the assignments in a specific order. For example you can alternate between long and short assignments, or between boring and interesting ones, but always put one of the hardest assignments first. That way, you will be able to keep the work session somewhat interesting without wearing yourself out. It may seem like a waste of time to organize your homework session. However, these few minutes could be the difference between finishing your work in a couple hours versus a few days! 3 MAKE TIME FOR GOD Despite heavy workloads and tight schedules, it is always important to make time for God. Taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to re-charge your spiritual battery will help you put everything in perspective. It will give you a different outlook on life and allow you to be able to deal with stress when it hits. As Proverbs 3:5-6 says, keeping God in on your life is key to driven, purposeful life. Use God s word as a guide for your present and future; you cannot get more organized than that! 4 JUST DO IT Procrastination: the number one problem for all college students. You may have the most detailed planner and the most thorough to-do list, but if you don t actually do what you planned to do, well... it will not get done (Proverbs 13:4). If you have set aside a certain time for an assignment, anything else that you do instead is a form of procrastination. That includes cleaning, laundry, reading your textbook, working out and even more planning. Finding the 6 PIONEER MEMORIAL CHURCH

7 motivation to start an assignment is one of the hardest things in the world to do but it is important. Find that thing that keeps you going when you have no motivation. It could be as simple as imagining yourself in a cap and gown one day. Find what works for you and do it. 5 BE REALISTIC Finally, you have to remember that no one is perfect even those those students who seem as if they have it all together. The secret is to try as hard as you can and then adjust when you fall short of your expectations. Begin by setting achievable goals; don t overload yourself. Instead, divide long assignments into shorter sections that can become part of your regular homework sessions. If at first you don t succeed, tweak your method a little, and try again. College is a learning experience in more ways than one. Learn how to master the skill of organization; it is one that will serve you for the rest of your life. Nina Lassonnier is an Andrews University graduate. SEPTEMBER 26,

8 PIONEER ONE 9:00 AM WE WORSHIP CONNECT GROW SERVE GO Opening Voluntary Introit Call to Worship The Church Has One Foundation Kenneth Logan Stani Nine Gospodine Traditional Bulgarian / Adela Peeva Ben Martin ('15) O sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth! Sing to the Lord, bless his name; tell of his salvation from day to day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the people! For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised! Doxology Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow 2 Invocation Hymn of Praise Congregational Prayer Alumni Welcome Worship in Music Dwight K. Nelson ('76, '86) Hymns of Light, Love and Leading The Lord Is My Light st. 1-2 of 515 I Love to Tell the Story st. 1 of 457 Lead On, O King Eternal all st. of 619 Ben Martin Blest Be the Tie That Binds st. 1 & 2 of 350 Niels-Erik Andreasen ('65, '66) Angel Band Traditional American / Shawn Kirchner "By the Word of Their Testimony" Children's Story Brian & Becky Von Dorpowski ('88) The Lord's My Shepherd Harold Darke Scripture Philippians 1:15-18 NIV Charlotte Groff ( 65) & Marilyn Bender ( 65) 8 PIONEER MEMORIAL CHURCH

9 It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. The latter do so out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. Hymn of Preparation Open My Eyes st. 1 of 326 Sermon The Pugwash Factor: How to Discern the Pope's Agenda for America Dwight K. Nelson Connect Cards, Tithes, & Offerings Michigan Advance Partners Hymn of Commitment I Will Follow Thee st. 1-3 of 623 Closing Voluntary A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Dudley Buck / Sharon Rogers PRESIDING PASTOR: Ben Martin; ORGANIST: Kenneth Logan ('80, '84) WORSHIP IN MUSIC: Andrews University Choral Union, Stephen Zork, director MUSIC ALIVE ONE FOUNDATION R ising sturdily from massive foundations, grand cathedrals in Great Britain probably were not integral to the inspiration for the melody of today's Opening Voluntary. But at various times in his career, the melody's composer served in several of these stupendous cathedrals. The composer, Samuel Sebastian Wesley ( ), was an English grandson of the widely known preacher and poet Charles Wesley. Samuel Wesley was an organist from his early twenties in several resplendent English cathedrals, including those of Hereford, Exeter, Winchester, and Gloucester. What stupendous understructure must have supported the soaring heights of such awe-inspiring buildings. The text of "The Church Has One Foundation" (hymn 348) emphasizes Christ as the single foundation for the community of believers. The score underlying today's organ setting was composed for the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio. SEPTEMBER 26,

10 SABBATH SCHOOL 10:30 AM WE STUDY CONNECT GROW SERVE GO Song Service Rachel Sauer Opening Hymn Jesus Saves 340 Don Gettys Scripture Prayer Welcome Matthew 28:19-20 Sylvia Marsh Fagal Bill Proctor Don Gettys Special Feature Representatives of the Class of 1965 Fred Myers Joan Starkey Banks Larry Geraty Cynthia Miller Gettys Will Clarke Offering Bible Study Theme Song David Bender Must the Whole World Hear? Classes Make Me a Blessing Benediction Make me a blessing; make me a blessing. Out of my life may Jesus shine. Make me a blessing; O Savior, I pray. Make me a blessing; to someone today. Make Me a Blessing, Ira Bishop Wilson 1924, Renewed 1952 Word Music, LLC; Used by Permission. CCLI License # ORGANIST: Kenneth Logan ('80, '84) See page 18/19 for Sabbath School directory & map Rachel Sauer 10 PIONEER MEMORIAL CHURCH

11 WE PRAISE CONNECT GROW SERVE GO PIONEER TWO 11:45 AM As We Begin Stani Nine Gospodine Traditional Bulgarian / Adela Peeva Praise Even So Come Indescribable Great Is The Lord Cornerstone Prayer Ben Martin ('15) Alumni Welcome Niels-Erik Andreasen ('65, '66) "By the Word of Their Testimony" Brian & Becky Von Dorpowski ('88) Children's Story The Lord's My Shepherd Harold Darke Worship in Music Angel Band Traditional American / Shawn Kirchner Sermon The Pugwash Factor: How to Discern the Pope's Agenda for America Dwight K. Nelson ('76, '86) Connect Card, Tithes, & Offerings Hymn I Will Follow Thee st.1-3 of 623 As We Depart A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Dudley Buck / Sharon Rogers WORSHIP DIRECTOR: José Bourget ('03, '14); ORGANIST: Kenneth Logan ('80, '84) MUSIC DIRECTOR: Joshua Goines WORSHIP IN MUSIC: Andrews University Choral Union, Stephen Zork, director SEPTEMBER 26,

12 ANNOUNCEMENTS SUBMIT announcements by ing or by going to and click on submit a bulletin announcement. Requests must be received Monday by 5:00 PM for consideration. NEXT WEEK'S OFFERING PMC Operating Expense SUNSET TODAY 7:39 SUNSET NEXT FRIDAY 7:27 PIONEER PULPIT DWIGHT K. NELSON "The Pugwash Factor: How to Respond to the Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Decision" TAURUS MONTGOMERY FINANCIAL FEATURE MICHIGAN ADVANCE PARTNERS LINE 11 OF YOUR TITHE ENVELOPE Today the offering is for Michigan Advance Partners (MAP). MAP offerings provide funding for evangelism, education and capital needs across the state of Michigan. The MAP Pooled Resources Fund receives approximately 25 cents out of every dollar donated to MAP. These funds are available for church building and repair projects as well as other special projects and activities. Your gifts to MAP help to make sure every Michigan Conference church is in good repair. Thank you for being a partner in this ministry. Family Vespers TODAY 7:30 PM SANCTUARY PLATFORM Join us for a participatory vespers, where we explore the work of one of our hymnal's prolific composers, "10,000 Watts and More: The Power of Isaac Watts." Fall GROW Group Catalog The Fall 2015 GROW group catalog is out and it's time to mingle with a mission. Visit to sign up tod ay! There are still openings for you; Discover Your Gifts and Calling (page 36), How to Be a Friend (pages 16, 15), Parents Make Your Children Disciples of Jesus (page 28), Female Survivor of Abuse, Grief or Divorce Care (page 9, 25, 17). We even have online or teleconferencing groups (pages 11 & 30). For questions, Exercise Class Suspended Effective until further notice. The Journey to Wholeness "The opposite of addiction is connection!" If this Ty Gibson quote struck a nerve and you are ready to explore recovery with a safe, confidential, 12-step group, contact Ray or Kathy for more information and meeting times and places. 12 PIONEER MEMORIAL CHURCH

13 Alumni Fly-In Pancake Breakfast TOMORROW 7:30 TO 1 1:00 AM 3898 GRIGGS DRIVE The AU Airport invites pilots and non-pilots to come out for a hearty pancake breakfast. Check out the interesting aircraft or vehicles that show up. 5K Harvest Run + Walk TOMORROW 9:00 TO 1 1:00 AM Register online today by visiting alumni. Check-in and Day Of Registration will be at 7:45 AM. Health & Fitness Expo TOMORROW 10:00 AM TO 2:00 PM Join us at Andrews University for this annual event. Admission is free and includes activities for the whole family, such as mini-workouts, cooking demos, games, community health and wellness opportunities, inflatable jump houses for kids, health screenings and more. Enter to win a spinning bike! Come get healthier! God's Hands 4 Kids God's Hands 4 Kids is sharing another foster care need: Diapers sizes 3, 4 and 5. Please leave them in the Foster Care Donation bin by the PMC receptionist desk. Financial Peace! OCT. 1 DEC. 3 6:30 TO 8:00 PM 1201 MAIDEN LANE, ST JOSEPH, MI The Saint Joseph SDA Church will be hosting Dave Ramsey s Financial Peace University. Visit fpu/locations/class/ /atid/l_ln to register. For more info contact Kena Tennison at Eau Claire SDA Church Health Seminar OCTOBER 2 7:00 PM OCTOBER 3 10:50 AM & 2:30 PM 6562 NAOMI ROAD, EAU CLAIRE Join Dr. Linda Carney, M.D., to learn how to prevent and reverse major diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. There will be a free delicious vegan meal provided. For more information, please call Fall Family Fun Day OCTOBER 4 5 TO 8 PM 5 PINES ON SMITH ROAD Join your PMC family for Fall fun and hayrides. There will be hot dogs and s mores. Donations will be accepted to cover expenses. For questions contact Alina Baltazar at or Family Life Committee Religious Liberty Sabbath OCTOBER 10 8:30 AM VILLAGE SDA CHURCH All are invited to the Village SDA Church for a time to learn how religious liberty may be preserved in the USA. Lincoln Steed, Liberty magazine editor, will speak during first service with a world religious liberty trends presentation during Sabbath School. Conrad Vine will be speaking during second service. After the event, all are welcome to join a potluck. Bring any one of the following dishes to share: Soup, Green Salad, Home-baked Bread and for dessert: Anything Apple (e.g., Apple Pie, Apple Cobbler, Apple Crisp). SDA attorneys will participage in a Q&A on the impact on religious liberty within the USA of the recent decision on same-sex marriage and papal visit to the US. SEPTEMBER 26,

14 ANNOUNCEMENTS RMES After School Party Are you a homeschooled 3rd- or 4th-grader? We d love to have you attend an afterschool party at RMES. Have a parent for more information. Be sure to include 3rd and 4th grade after school party in the subject line. Adventist Retirees of Michiana OCTOBER 1 1 1:00 PM VILLAGE SDA FAMILY CENTER Come join in good fun, superior food, and excellent fellowship. Ann Gibson and Larry Onsager will present "Adventism in China: Yesterday and Today." If you have any questions, please call Cleon or Sandra White at E.G. White Symposium OCTOBER In recognition of the centennial of Ellen G. White s death, a major scholarly symposium titled, The Gift of Prophecy in Scripture and History will break new ground in biblical and historical study. It will feature twenty-three recognized international speakers as well as a pre-publication of their presentations. This Symposium will launch a quinquennial world-wide emphasis in the Seventh-day Adventist Church for understanding the gift of prophecy. A special student registration rate is being offered to all current Andrews University students. The Friday evening session will feature a special musical suite written by Kenneth Logan especially for this Symposium. Friday evening and Sabbath afternoon sessions are open to those who do not wish to register. For more information or to register, please visit: AU Preview Event Andrews University invites all high-school Juniors, Seniors, and parents to attend a Preview Event on October 18/19 or November 8/9, or schedule an individual visit on a date of your choice. Students will be able to stay overnight in our residence halls, visit academic departments, attend a class, learn about scholarships and financial aid, and hear from current Andrews students. Please register online at Visitor Dinner Volunteers Several of the visitor dinner teams need new members. Each team serves about twice yearly and team members help with furnishing the food, setting up the dinner, hosting and serving the meal, and cleaning up after the meal. Visitor fellowship dinners are served immediately following 2nd service most Sabbaths throughout the year. If you would like to join a team, contact the church office or Bennett Chilson or ). We Mourn Today we mourn with two families that have lost parents. We reach out in sympathy to Annette and Charles Forshee on the death of their mother, JoAnn, on September 10. A memorial service was held on Wednesday here at PMC. We also mourn with Rekha and John Bitterman and their family on the death of her father, Abdul Massey. Visitation with the family will be held today, September 26, from 5 to 8 PM at Allred Funeral Home. The funeral will be held tomorrow, Sunday, September 27, at 9 AM in the Village SDA Church. 14 PIONEER MEMORIAL CHURCH

15 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION AN OUT-OF-THIS WORLD INVESTMENT BY SUE RAPPETTE W hat kind of investments have you made this year? Have you put your money into stocks or bonds, real estate or a business venture? Are you hoping for big returns maybe 5%, 10% or better? Incredibly, in God s economy, we can expect a hundred-fold guaranteed return when we choose to invest in His Kingdom. One of His investment opportunities is Christian Education. In His word, God expresses His great desire for children to know of His love. We can have a part to play in God s long-term goal to see these precious ones nurtured in the faith. When you invest in Christian education, you enable our two schools, Ruth Murdoch Elementary School and Andrews Academy, to give young people an education from God s perspective. RMES is a place where parents, teachers, church, and community unite to bring children closer to God. Striving toward excellence, this diverse family of learners works with heads, hearts, and hands to nurture Christ-like character. Andrews Academy s goal is to continue this process during the high-school years. By contributing to Christian Education, you will be partnering with others and sharing in a vision that God has for our children. The return on your investment will be out-ofthis-world. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Andrews Academy / Jeannie Leiterman RMES / Evelyn Savory SEPTEMBER 26,

16 CONTACTS PASTORS Chaplain / Pioneer José Bourget Discipleship / GROW Groups Sabine Vatel Harbor of Hope Taurus Montgomery Lead Chaplain June Price Lead Pastor Dwight K. Nelson Pastoral Care Don Dronen Stewardship Sharon Terrell This Generation Evangelism Rodlie Ortiz Youth Ministries Ben Martin Media Ministries Music Kenneth Logan STAFF Admin. Assistant Autumn Mincinoiu Admin. Assistant Lailane Legoh Admin. Assistant / Facilities Janna Quetz Interim Media Director Jonathan LaPointe Assistant Treasurer JoAnn Siagian Bible Work Coordinator Tabitha Umali Clerk Jackie Bikichky Communications Rebecca Coleman Executive Assistant Sherrie Davis Graphic Designer Rachelle Offenback Maintenance Larry White PIONEER MEMORIAL CHURCH

17 MINISTRIES Adventurers Kemmoree Frame-Duncombe Deacons Milan Vajdic Deaconesses Vida Giddings Elders Russell & Cynthia Burrill GROW Groups Health Givan Hinds Pathfinders Matthew Johnson Public Address Joel Kitchen Sanctuary Choir Jeannie Pedersen-Smith SABBATH SCHOOL Adult Judy Aitken Birth - Grade 1 Claudia Davisson Grade 2 - Earliteen Robert Barnhurst OUR SCHOOLS Andrews Academy Jeannie Leiterman Andrews University or Ruth Murdoch / K-8 Evelyn Savory PIONEER MEMORIAL CHURCH 8655 UNIVERSITY BOULEVARD, BERRIEN SPRINGS, MI OFFICE HOURS Monday Thursday (8 to 5) Friday (8 to 12) PHONE FAX LIVE STREAMING Sabbath 1 1:45 AM ONLINE RADIO WAUS 90.7 FM Sabbath 1 1:30 AM SEPTEMBER 26,

18 SABBATH SCHOOL DIRECTORY ADULT Youth Chapel 11 Balcony Group 1 Group 2 (Portuguese/Brazilian) Group 3 Group 4 (Yugoslavian) Group 5 Group 6 Group 7 Group 8 Group 9 (Spanish) Group 10 Group 11 (Balcony) Group 12 (French) Conference Room Indonesian Class Something In Common SDA Beliefs Church Offices Platform Lobby Board Room 27 Kitchen 26 Commons 2 Main Level KEY Welcome Centers Elevators Restrooms Children s Activities & Lending Library Music Room Coats Upper Level CHILDREN Birth - 18 months months 3 yr. olds 4 yr. olds 5 yr. olds 6 yr. old - 1st grade 2nd / 3rd grade 4th grade 5th / 6th grade Earliteen Youth Lower Level PIONEER MEMORIAL CHURCH

19 JN ANDREWS BLVD Andrews University Campus Map DAIRY/FARM ST JOSEPH RIVER TH PATHFINDER LANE LEMON CREEK IPA SUH DH PATH BURM UT W CIRCLE DR W CAMPUS CIRCLE DR AG TRANS W CAMPUS CIRCLE DR MEIER WWTP POWR HAR PS FARM OVAL SH UNIVERSITY BLVD DAIRY RD MSH HML BEAVER POINT LH FHH E CAMPUS CIRCLE DR ADC CC 30 BUL Park BGYM IS NH JGYM ARCH BH AD PMC BKS Park Park SEM HILLCREST ARB PT CUST JWL ADMINISTRATION DR 32 CSH HH THE GROVE 36 PH HYH Park Park E CAMPUS CIRCLE DR E CAMPUS CIRCLE DR TIMBERLAND DR SFTY AH Park INTERNATIONAL CT INTERNATIONAL CT WALNUT COURT GARLAND B E A B C D MAPLEWOOD A C D F E G F H G BEECHWOOD AA AV RMES GROVE AVE GARLAND AVE MED HORN NTN UNIVERSITY BLVD HPAC Park W CAMPUS CIRCLE DR US 31 IMC 35 AAP UNIVERSITY BLVD GH COLLEGE AVE GRIGGS AVE LUC ANDREWS AIRPARK 4 TH STREET GRIGGS AVE Park Parking passes are required. Please pick up your free visitor parking pass at the Office of Campus Safety. COLLEGIATE 28 H&M (Hispanic Religion Amphitheater) People on the Move (PMC) University Sabbath School (Dining Services) Compass Sabbath School (Buller Religion Dept.) SEMINARY 32 N108 (Collegiate) N110 N120 (New Life Church Choir) N150 N211 (Small Group) N235 N310 (Russian) AU Main Lounge Faculty Lounge Back to Basics Living Word Fellowship Current Events (Buller 135) Bible Journey (Nethery 143) N335 (Spanish) S340 (Upper Room) SEPTEMBER 26,